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. , 3 ' ' n J'Jz.1k' M 5 ",1-. b JAAQV- '- if -- i ..'4'V f 1 . M' 'K 'f M s if .,. , A, 14- I , mf: G1 V, 1 Y F . V , .. 'bw Mow was beads Tlwns :Fd 2- 3 4 5 U-aww C212 H " 5 We VI x2 Vi 2,19 2-L A f 2A as Lb 2,1 Z8 261 X95 :sa 33 35x 38 391513 f' .rf-v-I "v,V- , . , V, Y f f - J r A 1 .,l, 4... ., Ghz A A ' l f 1-H' xl ,'N-- .fil I , X -, ' A-'. " ' 'A A"' ' f 'Q A ' ' f 05, Marine5 , M . . A ,fi Sisfef fem' S9565 55' 56 2 0 Nxi, Mem M 'fi A !,,.,,, A L V . f 'm f r 1 f V , ,, .fps- We The Senior Class of Trinity High Now Present PIONEER '74 1 4 v W A1 cg ' -.1 fr 4 ff l 2 M THE WHITE HOUSE WAWHNGTON TO THE l974 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES: As you complete your high school education, you will discover that the real journey of your lives has just begun. And as you travel the paths you have chosen, I feel that experience will teach you that life is not a book with old age as a last chapter, but rather a series of short stories, each with its own unfolding. Through each new adventure on the way I know that you will learn that true happiness comes to those who give fully of themselves to what they believe in and to their fellowman. We live in a time that offers unparalleled opportunities for each individual and for our nation. And I am con- fident that you will take hold of these opportunities to achieve greater good for yourselves and for our country. Where there is life, there is hopeg and in you -- the graduates of our high schools -- there is the fullness' of life. Your fellow citizens place the fullness of their hope in you. And on their behalf I wish you every success for the future. D I Y 4 The Senior Class proudly dedicates Pioneer '74 to Mr. Thomas J. Spaulding, by popular demand. His singular efforts in understanding the individual student have been appreciated by all of us. Through this yearbook, we offer our sincere thanks 4 "And now I'm the only guy I know with rum undershorts," "WeII, I had six bottles of rum in my suitcase of N 4 "The school should always have as its aim that the young person leave it as a harmonious personality, not as a specialist. This in my opinion is true in a cer- tain sense even for technical schools. . . . .The development of general ability for independent thinking and judge- ment should always be placed foremost, not the acquisition of special knowledge. "It is essential that the student acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling for values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautitul and of the morally good. Otherwise he - with his specialized knowledge - more closely resembles a well - trained dog than a harmoniously developed person." Albert Einstein. "The one exclusive sign of a thorough knowledge is the power of teaching." Aristotle "The highest function of the teacher consists not so much in imparting knowledge as in stimulating the pupil in its love and pursuit." "To know how to suggest is the art of teaching." Amiel l 7 Rev. Brother Robert John Daszkiewicz F.S.C., M.A. Principal Sister Felicia A. Nic Kone R.S.NI., lVI.A. Vice- Principal. X Mrs. Berube, Secretary Sister M .. ary Myles Mc Hugh R MAN M., M.Ed Mrs. Mac Farlane, Bursar Mrs. Mahoney, Bursar Mrs. Thibeault, Secretary 9 MISS JANICE Nl. KENNEY, IVl.A. SISTER MARY BARNEA R.S.NI.,Nl.A. IVIR. VICTOR A. SONIMA, B-A Head of English Department English Department English Department SISTER RACHEL DUTILLY, B.A. BROTHER DENNIS J. RYLANDS, English Department F.S.C.,M.A. English Department IO MR. STANLEY M. GORSKI, B.A. English Department To Q . 4... N, ' '-an . .L I ' ,paw-wfgtps - , Q. rf :Lx :St 'tfgiii'-if i o En eb' 'K Qwvf. Ds in MR. MICHAEL J. DOYLE, M.A. English Department MR. WILLIAM F. MC GURREN, A.B. Mathematics Department MISS ELIZA BETH KUD RICK, M.A. Mathematics Department BROTHER GERARD DAMMANN F.S.C., M.A. Mathe- matics Department T BROTHER THOMAS LEHNING F.S.C., M.S. Mathematics Department SISTER JANICE TURNER R.S.M., B.A. SISTER THERESE M. ST. PIERRE C.S.C., Mathematics Department M.S. Head of Mathematics Department NIR. MICHAEL A. MORGAN B.A. Head SISTER ARLENE M. CALLAHAN P.NI of Social Studies Department M.A. Social Studies Department 1? ' " + BROTHER ARTHUR WHA'-EN, F-5-C-I M-A- Soda' MR. THOMAS J. SPAULDING, M.A. Social Studies Studies Department SISTER FLORENCE R. PELLETIER C.S.C., M.A. Social Studies Department Department w M, ' MR. KENNETH A. SCIACCA, B.S. MRS. KAREN A. CHICADERIS, M.Ed Social Studies Department Head of Art Department 13 SISTER RITA ST. LAURENT C.S.C., B.A. French Department MR. JOHN J. KELLEY, A.B. German Department SISTER IRENE C. PA RENTEAU C.S.C., M.A. Head of Foreign Languages Department MR. MICHAEL E. MORIN, M.A. Spanish Department ..........qn- MISS MURIEL A. BOUCHER, B.A. French Department MISS ELAINE C. GUILBEAULT, B.A. French Department W f0fLf2msNE NIRS. H. LOUISE NIATURSE, Nl.S.T. Librarian 'un SISTER M. BENITA BARRY R.S.M. M. Ed Assistant Librarian MISS DONNA SCAHILL, B.A. French Department FATHER LOUIS F. ANGELES OSB, M. THEO. Theology Department MR. MICHAEL DERY B.A. Theology Department FATHER RICHARD CONNORS Theology Department MR. GEORGE GIANOPOULOS B.A. Theology Department MRS. NANCY C. ZLOTEK, B.A. Head of Theology Department FATHER PAUL POULIOT Guidance SISTER LUCY A. ROY C.S.C., MISS NIELVA I. NEVERETT, B.A Department IVI.A. Guidance Department Driver Education fa T aa BROTHER BERNARD BARRETT F.S.C., M.A. Guidance BROTHER ALOYSIUS MYERS F.S.C., B.S. Head of Department Guidance Department 17 MR. E. CA RON, Custodian IVIR. A. SINIARD R.I.P., Custodian .amz wr if Bidi S38 My SchooI's Dieticians 18 SISTER DELIA GUIIVIOND R.S.M. Visual Aids Depart- ment : i IVIRS. VERONICA ROBERTIE, B.A. Biology Department MRS. J. FAHEY R.N. School Nurse NIR. EDWARD P. NIONGEON, B.A. Biology Department 20 GRS 5 We few, we happy few we band of brothers . . V I e . L - 2-1. GAIL ARCHAMBEAULT CHERYL BAROODY BARBARA BAUER GARY BAXTER 1 "lVl9m0fY is the diary that "A smile can bridge the "It's nice to be important, "Nothing succeeds like l l we all carry about with us." biggest gap." but it's more important to excess." be nice." "Now it's on Tobin Dr. and don't tell anyone because it's invitation onl 22 LISA BEAUDOIN "Can we ever have too much of a good thing." MA RIE BEDA RD Live today...cherish yester- day...dream tomorrow." sg i U 1 A s RICHARD BEDARD SANDRA BELIVEAU THOIVIAS BESSETTE MARC BISSONETTE "Beware the fury of a "The best is yet to be the "When you have nothing "Aiways do right, grat fy patient man," last of life for which the to say, say nothing." ing some, astonishing the first was made." rest." DAVID BLANCHETTE "What is natural is never disgraceful." JO-ANNE BOUCHARD "Be good, if you can't be good, be carefuI." "I can hardly wait PETER BOUCHA RD JEANNE M. BOUDREAU PAUL BOULAY MARY-JO BOURQUE "To do easily what is dif- "Man is the only animal "Ribbit" "Success is getting what you ficult for others is the that blushes or needs to." want, happiness is wa,-,tmg mark of talent. " what you get." as-QM' I u l "As shuchs, fellas, I m speechless. CHRISTIAN BREAULT CELESTE BROCKWAY "To each his own, different "Kindness is the sunshine or indifferent." in which virtue grows." ROBERT BROWN LINDA BRUNETTE "Can this really be the "A merry heart makes a end? To be stuck inside cheerful countance." inside a Mobile with the Memphis Hues again." I WILLIAM BUOB BRIAN CAPRON IRENE CARON JAMES CASHIN "None is a boob always, "It takes a great man to "A good heart is better "LiCker talk mighty lo d everyone sometimes." make a good listener." than all the heads in the w'en it git loose from de world." jug." "Hey, Cathy are you bored?" "No, I love Consumer Economics." GARY CATERIHA ELAINE CHOLETTE "The Wild Italian." "I am a part of all that I have met." KATHLEEN CLARK "If there be sorrow, let it be for things undone. undreamed, unrealized, unattainedp to these add one love withheld, restrained." HELEN COMEAU "Love is only chatter, friends are all that- matter." "Hey buddy, are ya interested in a good time?" JOHN CONNOLLY "Life is a Blur" 'L f is 241 ' ' ,,,,: E is A ' DANIEL COTE MARIE COTE "-Let us wet our whistles." "HaPPin9SS is N0 laughing matter. " 26 bf 1 , Q fc 1 x' We . M T ELIZABETH COMER "What has she got in that lit- tle brown head? Wonderful thoughts that can never be said?" PAT RICIA CONWAY "The best way to secure future happiness is to be as happy as is rightfully possible today." CHERYL CRESTA "To love the game beyond the prize." CHRISTINE CROTEAU "Man has his will, but woman has her way." ROBERT CUMMINGS "A man devoted to pleasure." PHYLLIS DANIELSON "Friendship is the wind of Iife." MA RY-ANN CZAJA "We have been friends to- gether, in sunshine and in shade." DONALD D'ANJOU "Wise men say nothing in dangerous times." 27 "Not if it means giving you a ride t PinardviIIe." ANIDA DEMERS ANN DEROME ROBIN DEYO "The laughter and fun "Love, and a cough are not grew fast and furious." concealed." " Bite..." MICHAEL DINEEN JA MES DOHERTY "Don't worry about life, "If you wish to be good, you'Il never get out of it first believe that you are alive..." bad. " KEVIN DOHERTY KATHLEEN DONAHUE "Rejoice, rejoice, we have "To know her well is to no choice but to carry on." like her better." BRIAN DONNELLY THOMAS DONOVAN "Hell is more bearable "The great are dying than nothingness." young, and Idon't feel so well." l 28 Wir THOMAS DOY LE CHRISTINE DUBOIS PETER DUFRESNE CHARLOTTE DUHAIME "Let every man look be- "Remember the good "I require myself not to "Nothing can be purchased fore he leaps." times." be equal to the best, but which is better than a firm better than the bad." friend." R E we DENISE DUMAS "Were it not for love, poor life would be a ship not worth the launching." MARCEL DUPUIS "The only way to get rid of gemptation is to yield to it." LYNN DUPUIS "Life is far too important a thing to talk seriously about." JULIA FIFIELD "Reach for the heavens and hope for the futurep all that we can be is not what we are." "The Jocks 29 gr, N...,,. M CAROLE FAVREAU "The man in the moon isn't half as interesting as the lady in the sun." There's nothing like a cigarette before class." MARK FLANDERS "Prove all things, hold MA RK FLECCHIA "I don't use either alcohol fast that which is good." nor tobacco and I'm 100 per cent efficient. " f PAULINE GARDNER "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." JA MES GERARD "Everything in excess is opposed to nature." 30 CAROL GATELY "If it was woman who put man out of paradise, it is still woman who can lead him back." ANNA GLEASON "If you see someone without a smile--give him one of yours. " JOAN GRAHAM "Experience is the best of LYNN GRIFFIN "Shake 'em." PAULA HAGAN "There is not a dream school masters, only the which maY not Come School-fees are heavy." true, if we have the ener- gy to make our own fate." 4 .',','.5-g, I .N ,mi V' w 415 1!".k 5-mg K' S swf- - - -W CATHERINE HA MILL CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS "Cheerfulness can never be "Half the people drowned excessive, but always and the other half are good." swimming in the wrong direction." JA MES HA RLAN "The individual is always mistaken." DEBORAH HEBERT "It's twenty times better to be friends with some- one than it is to be in love with him." "How ab0Uf two cigarettes before class?" 31 "Hey, you guys, Ijust flunked Gothic." COLLEEN HOEY "With a little help from my friends." DIANE HOULE "Trust is love unsaid." i l ROBERT HYBSCH SIMONE JANEL LE "Be good and you will be "Caught shorts" lonesome." ANGELINE JODOIN "If there were many more like her, the stock of halos would give out." 32 SHEILA JORDAN "A good party is better than the best man." LEO JOY DANIEL KA LINSKI MICHAEL KEANE MARGARET KELLEY "Great joys, like griefs, are "Friends, if we were honest "Tyler Palmer would have "All right who split e silent." with ourselves, we shall be been prgudf' pumpkins, Mac? honest with each other." NANCY KENNEY "To have friends, you must first be one." PATRICK KENNEY "The Hawk flies high, but only by popular demand." "Welcome to the crowd, Guy L "I didn't use my anti-per- spirant today, and I might not tomorrow." ELAINE LAMY "We are put on earth for a little time, that we may learn to bear the beams of Iove." CATHERINE LAFLEUR "Her heart is as great as the world, but there is no room in it for the memory of a wrong." LISA RAE LAFRANCE "I finally decided my future lies beyond the yellow brick road." 34 PAU L KIR OU AC "Great actions speak great minds." SUSAN LEBEL "Art is nothing more than the shadow of humanity." CONSTANCE LEBLOND "A woman's guess is more accurate than a man's certainty." LOUISE LESSARD "When you say Cuddles, you've said it all." JOHN LOVEDAY "Merit is worthier than fame. 'ami A MONICA MACEK "Our words are our own if we keep them within." MARC LUSSIER "Be silent and safe - Silence never betrays you. " FLORENCE MATHEWS "why me, Lord?" 35 "Marcel . . ., use your antiperspirant tomorrow!" WILLIAM Mc CANN "The man worthwhile is the man who will smiles when everything goes dead wrong." KEVIN F. Mc CARTHY KEVIN C. Mc CARTHY , PET ER Mc GINNIS CATHERINE Mc DEED "The only reason we are here " lVIe and Pret did, who did "Silent, and soft, and slow, lsrivlirfngflong Vlihers fhev is to promote general rowdin- you think'?" descends the snow." C e' eag GS e Ong ess, and we may never pass where they can fly." this MARY S. Mc GRANAHAN "Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other, both in mind and body." "Do you want to go Jogging after school or not?" MARK Mc LAUGH LIN "There is no Rose without its thorn." 36 LINDA Mc MASTER "Art is the conveyance of spirit by means of matter." JAMES MURPHY "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing." KENNETH MONTY JOHN J. MORAN III RONALD MUNSEY "A timid dog barks more "He who hesitates is lost." "Muns" violently than it bites." "I've already been Jogging today, Brother!" 37 JEANNE NOONAN "To mourn a mischief that's past and gone is best way to draw new mischief on." MARY NORTH JOAN O'CONNELL MAUREEEN 0'CONNOR "Be atpeace with your- "The hardest habit of all "GentIeness succeeds self and put aside all to break is the terrible better than violence." anxious thoughts and habit of happiness." imaginations." "Hey Sue, we have a Deviance test next mod." 38 THERESIA OJENDYK "For my part, Itravel not to go anywhere, but to go. The great affair is to move." DENNIS OUELLETTE "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be side." PATRICIA PA LMER " Munchkin. " DANIEL PELOQUIN i-The Choicest pleasures of REGINA PETRIN PAU LA Jo PAQUETTE SUSAN PARADIS life lie Within the ,ing of "It is the nature of a great "Unthinking, idle, wild "Live all you can, it' moderation... mind to be calm and and young. I danced and mistake not to." undisturbed.." laughed, and talked and sung." i DIANE PARAD'ISE "Nature has always been stronger than education." "I just lost my appetite." NORMA PARISEAU "Youth is not a time of iife, it is a state of mind." 39 And then the Brother Bear said, "Who's been sitting in my chair?" DONNA PARADY "To laugh, with kindness in your heart, is to Iove." THOMAS PATNODE "The strength of twenty men." KAREN PERRY --He has eehievee Sueeess susAN PINDER MICHELLE Plow who has lived Well laugh, "Take thine case, eat, "Vice makes virtue ed Often and loVed'much... drink and be merry." shine." JEAN POU LIOT ERNEST PRINCE "Put not your trust in princes. ll "Me, Brother," said Guy Goldilocks Cote. SHEILA REED "Oh, I wasn't in school that dayuu js: WV" ,pg my 0' A 1 "' ff- . 'fi W fs e f DONA LD ROY DO LORES RICHARD SUSAN ROB1'l'AIL LE "The Mystery Man" I-It is the pan of a good "Beauty is not caused, it "If others have not been general to talk of Success, is." foolish, we should be so." not of failure." 5 l H4 "Love is a many splendored thing. DIANE SHAW "Cherish yesterday - dream tomorrow - live today." PAU L SCHIBELHUTTE "A friend may well be rec- koned the masterpiece of nature." JOYCE SH EA 'It matters not how long we live, but how." 42 LINDA SARGENT "Me miss a sport's event!" ELLEN SEIFFERT "Take from our hearts the love of the beautiful, and you take away all the charm of life." DONNA SIMARD "To know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything." GISELE ST. GERMAINE "There is no sinner like a young saint." MICHAEL STEVENSON "There is a time of speaking, and a time of being still." JOHN TWARJAN "As long as you live, keep learning how to live." JEANNE THERRIAN "The most completely lost of all days is that on which one has not laughed." l KAREN VAUGHAN "Believe one who has proved it. Believe an expert." '43 "I know" COLLETTE VENNE "You never have a second chance to make a good first impression." E DONALD SIMARD PATRICIA THIRSK DANIEL TRUDEL MARCEL VEILLEUX "A man of virtue, judge- "We never know what we "Let any man hold his "Every man has a sane ment, and prudence speaks can do until we try." tongue and he will pass for spot somewhere," not until there is silence." a sage." "Oh Norma, you look so nice today." R SUZANNE VILLIARD GARY WATSON STEPHEN WALSH CHRISTINE WHITE "All succeeds with people " Mingle your cares with "He is free from danger "Whatever sky's above me, who are sweet and pleasure now and then." who, even when he is here's a heart for every cheerful." safe, is on his guard." fate." LYNN WILEY JOYCE YOUNG PIERRE BEAUDRY "AIl it takes is a little "AIl that we may see or "Neither give offense to confidence," seem is but a dream with- others nor take offense in a dream." from them." PIERRE CHOUINARD "The wisest man is he who does not fancy that he is so at aII." GUY COTE "He carries an old mind with a youthful body." "He always says the sweetest things..." 45 ROBERT BERNAICHE "I consider the world as made for me not me the world. I II for WILLIAM CULLEN "Brave men are brave from the very first." KEVIN DELAHANTY And he was nicknam "THE HANDSOME"," ed RICHARD DOUCET "I only want to be your friend." "Trish, what's a seven letter word for TORTURE'?" FRANCIS GAW "It is always safe to learn, even from our enemies." l l WILLIAM HALLAHAN CANDIDE KANE "A fresh, a free, a friendly "Come dance with the man." west wind and touch on mountain tops . Sail o'er the canyons and up to the stars, reach for the heavens." ROBERT J. HALEY "A drunken night makes a cloudy morning." ROBERTA KEEFE "Remember, con't follow the yellow brick road." who could think for two min- neither wise nor QN- JOSEPH LEBEL "I have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight." RICHARD LEVESQUE PAUL MAC DONALD "I never could find any man "The mass of men are A ll utes together. "How about PHYSICS BRIAN NORDLE PAULINE PELLETIER DELMO ROUSSEAU "It is not enough to do "Virtue is its own reward," "He is good without goody one must do it the Qfeaf without H f0e. right way," 47 effort, SENIORS Cheryl Baroody Gary Baxter Lisa Beaudoin Pierre Beaudry Marie Bedardw K Thomas Bessettel, David B lanchettega Peter Bouchard Jo-Ann Bruchard Jeanne Boudrear Paul Boulay Mary-Jo Bourque Christian Breault Cleeste Brockway Robert Brown James Cashin Elaine Cholette Pierre Chouinardfl , Kathleen Cilarkjiygi J J Helen Comeau ' John Connollyg'gQgiLE'f' . Daniel Cote 1, f' Guy Cote Marie Cote ' Christine Croteau William Cullen Robert Cummings Mary Anne Czaja Phyllis Danielson Donald D'Anjou Kevin Belhanty Anita Demers l - Anne Derome' Robin Deyo Michael Difneeri j Kevin Doherty i James Doherty ' Kathleen Donahue Brian Donnelly Thomas Donovan Richard Doucet Christine Dubois Peter Dufresne Senior Hike Lynne Dupuis Marcel Dupuis Carole Favreau Julia Fifield Mark Flanders Mark Flecchia Pauline Gardner Jeanie Gauvin Frank Gaw James Gerard Anne Gleason Allan Goodwin Joan Graham Lynn Griffin Robert Haley ABSENTEES William Hallahan Catherine Hamill James Harlan Deborah Hebert Colleen Hoey Robert Hysbch 'Angeline Jodoin Sheila Jordan Leo Joy Daniel Kalinski Candide Kane Michael Keane Robert Keefe Margaret Kelley Nancy Kenney Patrick Kenney Paul Kirouac Catherine LaFleur Lisa Lafrance Susan Lebel Richard Levesque John Loveday Marc Lussier William McCann Kevin C. McCarthy Kevin F. McCarthy 48 Day Peter McGinnis Mary McGranahan Mark McLaughlin Ronald Munsey James Murphy Jeannie Noonan Brian Nordle Mary North Joan 0'ConneIl Denis Ouellette Patricia Palmer Paula Paquette Sue Paradis-2 Donna Parady Richard Payne Daniel Peloquin-2 James Perry Karen Perry Fernando Phaneuf-111 Susan Pinder Michele Pion Ernest Prince Sheila Reed-22 Dolores Richard Philip Robert Susan Robitaille Delmo Rousseau Donald Roy Gisele St. Germain Paul Schibbelhute-2 Ellen Seiffert, Joyce Shea 'ff' Donald Simard Donna Simard Daniel Therrian Patricia Thirsk John Twarjan Karen Vaughan Gary Watson Christine White Lynn Wiley Joyce Young "Hello, this is Mrs. Boudreau. Nly daughter will not b in today . . . " "Where have all the seniors gone?" 49 b N Y 3 w w 1 Y l IH 2 fbi' Y 1 Y V Y w V Y Y P Y 51 Cjlass 'Under Men , my ' 5 3 i 1 4 4 J il 21 '1 1 w N 3 I , 1 1 1 1 1 4 w Y ii in ei 4 I I r 1 4, . V W , Y ,.,,, , , .,.,,,,,-, . ,,,,,, ,A ,,,, ........... ,,,,., ,.,- .,.. .N Y .f MY Y.., ., . .-,M ,.,,,, ,.. x HW-. ,,.,.N. ,.. , W, , , . . - - W, Y Hold it, Sheila, Ithink we're being watched. 1 5 1 p 1 i W. Christo, J. Daillaire, D. Cochran, J. Couture, O. Cote, M. Chauvin. Seated'V. Auger D. Ashooh M Ashooh D Aumand, P. Bellemore. Standing: K. Bardin, H. Bernatchez, D. Beiiveau. C. D'Anjou, V. Burke, B. Delahanty, A. Delessio, D. Derome, P. Denutte, S. Dinwoodie, S. Brown. 1 J. Brent, R. Breault, G. Barrett, R. Burke, R. Bolieau, D. Belanger, S. Burke. 54 4 W. Doucet, T. Fahey, J. Fadden, A. Dupuis, J. Fifty, R. Duhaime, P. Duclos. R. Bradley, S. Hamel, L. Hout, M. Houle, L. Finnigan, C. King, K. Krochmal, L. Girard, M. Fremeau, P. Frost, R. Greenwood, W. Faucher, P. Fredrickson. Jolicoeur. C. Jalberlz, A. D. Doucet. 55 Bailey, T. Roy, "What's the matter, Jon? Don't you like my uniform?" Standing: J. Hastings, J. Kokoszka, J. Kalinski, P. Gau- det. Kneeling: A. Hoben. Sitting: M.J. Jennings, N. Graham. Standing: A. Labrecque, P. Mc Laughlin, C. Kalantzis, S. Lafond. Kneeling: G. Lacroix, G Lavalee. Top Row: K. Lavery, D. Leblanc. Middle Row: S. Lemire, E. Bois- vert. Bottom Row: S. Lemire, D. Jodoin. 56 Standing: J. Murphy, D. Myers, J. O'Brien, M. Moritz, C. Mitchell, D. Montplaisir, D. Mil- ler. Kneeling: D. Desmarias, P. Mattaini, R. Mercier, D. Girard. Top: P. Leary, O. Lamontagne, Middle: M. Letson, J. Marier, S. Longshamps. Bottom: Kukla, J. Mac Donald. , k Z V,, i I I Top Row: M.A. Doyle, K. Kelly, B. Poznanski. Second , Row: K. Kopriva, S. Manning, J. Stanton, M. Dunn, D. Knight. Bottom Row: J. Donahue, M. Lynch. D. Boisvert, S. Noury, C. Mc Quade. l l 57 Top Row: A. Bolton. Second Row: P. Dicarlo, S. Yob. B ' 1 3 .5 -.. Third Row: D.Anfhony rvl. weeks Bottom Row: R. TOP ROW: M' QU"k- Secomt Few: P- Pe"Vf T' Sack' Connolly, M. Cavanauzgh. I Third Row: M. Pope, R. Poirier. Bottom Row: M. Pat- terson, Ellen Petersen. -. , i at . . 'S' ' 6 Y 6 1 an rf' 5 fix iii ix St M. Paquette, D. Otis, S. Naud, S. Mills, M. McGarvey, S. Oullette The future of T.H.S. lies in their hands, P- Paradis- Eillen Petersen. Kneeling: L. Mandeville, M. Wescott, R. Guevin, Seated: D. Bois- vert, P. Aubert, R. Brunette. 58 Ooo-, who's that nut with the hat on? Standing: B. Yanco, M. Yanulis, M. Wi- ley, J. Williams, M. Winston, Kneeling: G. Willusz, P. Yerrington. You got it. It's only me, little Betty Fong, Mmm, It must be one of the Fong family. Standing: G. Sysyn, R. Samson, G. Roy Kneeling: Q. Sink, M. Levigne, Seated G. St. Onge, D. Soucy, L. Sanford. Standing: G. Streitburger, J. Mills, R, Walters. Seated: W. Van- Anglen, C. White, G. Stergiou. Then I must be Priscilla Pong, 59 Standing: J. Bee, Kneeling: E. Ashooh, J. Armbruster, K. Allen, Seated: P, Aaron, S. Anctil. Standing:J. Blake T. Blanchard B Biver F Bouchard D. Bis- sonnettep Seated: Blake, S. Boucner. I I I Standing: M. Barrett, J. Bellemoreg Seated: J. Barlow 60 I Don t come any closer, Top Row: C. Cashin, S. Cavanaugh, Middle Row: R. Brasley, P. Collins, J. Cashin, Seated: M, Collins, R. Chenette, A. Charest. Standing: R. Boudreau, W. Carroll, Kneeling: C. Caron, J. Byk, D. Caron, Seated: J. Bourque, D. Boudrea. 61 Standing: D. Culleton, P. Devine, C. Comeau, B. Doherty Kneeling: P. Couture, F. Dodier, M. Cronin, Standing: J. Durning, M. Fifty, Kneeling: D, Duval, G. Emond, M. Esielionisp Seated: A. Fortier, P. Fenner. J. Kszepka, K. Kopriva, H. Korsland, A, Huot. ...pi-'nm-w.-T..M,....,. Qmwhw- ,aw- Standing: M. Goulet, M, Gendron, V. Gagnon, Seated: C. Goddard, S. Gosselin, B. Gerard, Standing: H. Janelle, B. Jones, G. Kirouac, J. Houle, J, Jas- Standing: P. Foti, F. Fosher, M. Fredrickson, B. French, J, Gilbert, Seated: G. Fucci, S. Foster, C. Fournier. "Oh, I get it" Standing: J. Gardner, L. Hastings, C. Gulag Kneeling: K kolka, Seated: E. Jaczuk, L. Jacobs, L. Kudrick. 62 Hebert, B. H8-93117 Seated: E. Grueter, C. Hellings, C. Hamel. iff 4' ' Mi ' : J :ig nt JM ,fn 5 f 1 N K 4 5: S514 K' - . ,:," ..., L M Qfffgifggifgvm 'J E rs 25 gi -iv viii? 'N fazmdaa Top Row: P. Pouliot, D. Provencher, G. Pouliot, K. K, Perry T. Letendre T, Patteson, Y. Lacroix J. p- Ott R . p I p h Pelletierf, R. Picard, Pepin, R. Paul. I plgjfgt' B om ow' G' mu X' C' rovenc er' S' .W W A, ,vw ,QW .Hi R. Searle, L. Richards, K. Rousseau, M. St. Germain, L, Shaw, D Shaw, D. Robitaille, P. Riley, D. Roy. Iam the mighty jelly,-Ogl- Top Row: G. Smith, L. Seavey, Second Row: B. S Lll'a- bian, D, Smith, Third Row: M. Swist, D. Szarek. Bot- tom Row: D. Smith. Standing: J. Mitchell, L. Frink, C. Corvo, D. Mele, Seated: D, Auger, R. Dumas, M. Robitaille. Standing: R. Auger, L. Gardner, R, Berube. Seated: R. Be- dard, K . Herbert. Yuk - Yuk! J. O'Loughlin Gimme a break Standing: L, Tierney, C. Tierney. Seated: J. Thibeault, M. Taillon, P. Tierney, A. Szafarz. 65 Top Row: G. Wenger, R, Wurtele, D. Worniak, P White. Bottom Row: J. Winston, J. Vigneault. i 4 1 5 E I r P I 8 I V K r P "Who do you think you are?" Standing: R. Dubois, D. Finn, S. Ferguson, C. Duguay. Seated: K. Finnigan, M. Fenner, E. Fifield. i "A cross between Cybil Shepard and Picasso." Standing: D, Gagnon, M. Frichette, Seated: C. Frisella, G. Gagnon, D Fredrickson, "Are you rea I ly? " Standing: P. Griffin, L. Gagnon, P. Gleason, L. Gagnon, Seated: G. Goulet, D. Gelinas, M. Goulet. Standing: J. Gryval, J. Haigh, H. Hokenstrom, M. Houle, Standing: C. Hurst, R. Joy, R. Jelley, P. Keefe, M. Seated: M. Hamilton, M. Hastings. Houle, Seated: Y. Janelle, C. Jones, C. Huot. Standing: R. Hanscom, D. Lein, K. Kenney. Seated: Standing: P. Kilrain, B. King, K. Kolslund, R. Knapp, J. Miller, D. Laliberty, D. Corbeil. Seated: M. Lacourse, M. Kelley, G. Kopriva. l Standing: R. Mayot, M. Lavigne, P. Lemire, P. M. Marchivitz. Lynch, M. McCallan. Kneeling: M. Letson, D. Mc "Sister Janice, do you want a Conville, Seated: B.. Mc Conville, D. Mc Lean, Karate chop?" .K. Mac Donald. SBtj:k?'irlCgnei'IiEg?fIiortlg'iI-l5Joi3?JebR:I-ru, Top Row: K. Bourgeois, M. Boisse, J. Connolly, P. Chenette, J del 6 Bee ' ' ' ' Brenap Second Row: M. Betz, D. Biwer, J. Bowie, R, Couture. 1 o o G. Hallahan Your basic fresh man. K. Stevenson, K. Spaulding, K. Shea, J, Stack, C. Sheehan, Top Row: S. Nealon, C. Roy, J. Rozamus. G. Sheehan, S. Smith, P. Nordle. Bottom Row: D. Rene, K. Raiche, E. Proulx, R. 70 Raiche, F 'Q A S VW Y AN in - N ' N 'L ,, X 'Vixxtg i7l A f , mm , 'vL C055- .Q WSE E50 S35 553533 Q D , EE f V w Q .. if A S ..... 5 f f 5' P C L .Ja X? K,f,Qf'Xi-,kk "ll'!!7 fm W Vg -fx V x 3 X' ,, x - 1 -M J F-.X - vs 6 si ' - Jkgm, 2-Y.. L f 'KW Xxxgi '36 of l buick ggblu UUVX 4-et,,JV ED 1 ,,.4... xii U EVELBTL, , Fw ff x UXXQLJX , xg 'mA ,iwgk mn- 049' 910' F , ' ,X f .f f lf: .QV M i --f, "' , aff, af H , 'Kr ' .. l ,,,,, '.f, , - "" ws aa Q '55 5 'r P if , 5 I 'vw-,w,,,, Q iw z, 'if 5 46' L. QNX uf A1 ' 'Q ".LKl3 SK, ' " F Y 'I xg, Lf f I 4 f 2 K My I f, W 1 2 " Q IV in .f :gn vggzk hmm '2 ww 'K 's ,"' H f., 2 llwlfv' ' KI'- I Q f K3 ,NSW W 'ww +L., um?-ay., I I 9 w i 1 1 i A ia i Cross Country Believe me Dan, this hurts me more than it hurts you. The F.T. D. Florist Man 9: YK was .V gn -r 1 xv R 3' S .My 1 QXXA ,J -.16 - g .-. Q ,.-L 'SPH' w -. -V-'rxw A. , A . , , ,, 'vw J, N ,5w?iK'.?4i,S.'Hi'TT'a',' , 'bp ea, F 'f' ' A 5, ,,-wigdffg-f ,X + + .. M536 gf' "W" 4 15' X. ml' I Soccer Row 1: L to R, D. Provencher, F. Bouchard, P. Mc Ginnis, P. Bouchard, D. Otis, R. Chenette, D. Provencher. Row 2: C. Clark, P. Collins, T. Jolicoeur, R. Dubois, P. Auger, H. Janelle. Row 3: J, Stevenson, J. Cashin, D. Turner, P. Schibbelhute, W. Nlurphy, T. Patteson, E. Prince. Row 4: lVlr. John Kelley, K. Kopriva, P. Chenette, P. Chenette lVl. Collins, R. Jelley, R. Walters. Last Tango in Derryfield 80 MX f- , , 5 . ,K X1 - Q- , ' f - L. . QQ ' fi? - ' . M, 5: if . T W L J ' f ' - ' l- ' ' 5"T ... K ,ar E 6 , E 5 W, M i , 4, W K in ' Aim wk 5- 1 4'-9' I .gpm " an 5.1. ' W -5 D I F 1, ws' Q .V ww' if R? x,, ,Q v F W ,gtwfn aw ,, . .23 Jw ifl 54:5 LD ff we Y mga ' A' Wm 'S mr Rf -1. 3, mr, fi ng 'QRINITI' 15 'f i--' T N-ff , ,ff W 2 Quinn, m f? K 1 Hey you guys, I wanna play too . . Basketball Seated: T. Riley, P. Lynch, S. Mankiewicz, D. Coughlin, K. Butler, Kneeling: P. McCarthy, P. Bailey, R. Jelley, K, Allen. Standing: B. Hagan, H. Korsland, G. Wenger, Nl, Frechette, R. Paul. " Did I do S0mGU'1il'19 WV0n97" "WATCH those elbows, Coughlin," 90 nd there'lI be no Gatorade if we lose." "Trapped like a rat." 39 mf' 'Q' , Y J ,. ., Hy , 1 1 ! 1 z 1 g' TIM? Mufti f a 1 . , 1 K A 1 X .,,,,... , . 6 . arg, 9 ,gi WA , 2. L Q V , Q- ,'t'. viii!! if 2 W wif U W f"f"!f' W ff wg' if '75 r,. 1 'M ifiai W,-, . vimfli MA. 91:11 C Girls, Varsity Basketball C'mon baby, do the " Locomotion. Back Row: Coach, Dick Hellings, N. Kenney, P. Perry, M. Macek, C. Kane, C. l Cresta, Asst. Coach: Miss Guimont. Middle: S. Janelle, J. Bellemore, M. Hamil- l ton. Front: C. Frisella, N. Graham, L. Matthews, D. Couture. l l O.K. Graham, we all know you can palm it. l l Rear Action by Matthews. 94 l l Y J as ff? iw 5 y Da, , X 2 I, 5 . 5 -Q.. f 6 ,ff ' 4: f A 'b 'W M' ,E gd 5 Q Hockey Row 1: L to R: Kneeling, D. Belanger, J. Fadden, C. Clark, Y. Lacroix, R. Waurtele, N. Provencher. Row 2: L to R: NI. Pelletier, J. O'lVlerrill, D. Boisvert, D. Desmarais, G. Stergiou, P. Nlattaini, F. Gaw, N. Athas, Peter Jay CCoachl. Row 3: L to R: R. Nloquin, P. Lemire, J. Bee, D. Otis, L. Seavey, IVI. Nlc Laughlin. K 96 Paul Mattaini in action. Do I get a penalty just for knocking his teeth out? -:anus-. S I . Nm"x f 5's.--4 5'-...,,, 'f--.,,,, 95,5-Q few. "'ssuw-s- wsmwa Vin Fd:-If 3 - I WMWYYQ, K X gms xW 3? S f ,, ,fa ,,x,,.L,..4g,, ,,,, 3 -X- . with . 51,6 ,. N 33 NEW .xx - .Q e Baseball "Here I come." "Here he comes." Seated: J. Doherty, R. Nloquin, B. Fosher, D. Boisvert, M. Fifty. Kneeling: G. Caterina, P. Lemire, D. Rousseau, C Breault, D. Duval, D. Otis, M. Frechette. Standing: Coach J. Reilly, K. Doherty, E. Prince, K. lVlc Carthy, J. Twar- jan, P. Schibblehute, J. Stanton, R. Hebert, P. Reilly, R. Cote, Assistant coach. 99 ry 5 Q Eig a, ., L37 'zwix A ywx, K. . .xv S He: Wi' I S SM 'Do you think we'lI be home in time for supper? The Prince of Baseball Players 101 Boys, Track s w , A an , 5 T Seated: P. Kirouac, L. Sack, D. Roy, P. Bouchard, G. Streitburger. Kneeling: T. Patnode, A. Bolton, M. McLaughlin, J. Girard, W. Van Anglen. Standing: T. Nemeth, P. Yerrington, L. Seavey, J. Cashin, T. Blanchard, P. Schibblehute, K. Doucet, P. Dufresne, R. Greenwood, D. Kalinski, Coach Mr. Ed Mongeon. g-alll " Leaper" 1... eeee I "All right, I'm up here. Now what do 102 I do?" lst Row: L. Pepin, D. Frederickson, S. Testa, D. Smith, S. Cote, M. Muzerall, C. Sheehan, K. Kenney, C. Huot. 2nd Row: M. Czaja, M. Turner, B. King, M. Wiley, T. Letendre, L. Lafond, P. Foti, M. Hamilton, G. Emond. 3rd Row: K. Finnegan, P. De Lessio, S. Monnelly, C. Frisella, S. Smith, L, Lamontagne, C, Magnuson, K. Eisaman, D, Boudreau. 4th Row: Br. Dennis Rylands, Coach, J. Noonan, P. Thirsk, E. Fifield, C. White, M. Houle, S. Anctil, T. White, C. Provencher, Donna Guimont, Assistant Coach. 5th Row: A. Charest, Y. Janelle, M. Macek, C. Cresta, S. Janelle, Mr. Stan Gorski, Coach. Missing: D. Anthony, A. Demers, J. Rozamus. "Wanna play catch?" "No, I'm playing leap frog." . 7 M.. GITIS Track it mi . xx ifc- -xv QR? -1 -, . -, K- fr. f-ff,Q1 '- ' ' m 'k'1 TFC- . A L E' ' FIV! X ,tg-gr' Q 1 3 K E4 X f m, S 5 Q ' XM V - ',.,1. ' Q X wg 1 if ,J wg A X sf lk N. , A FX .f ...,,. ff-W ,4- Q W 5, . Av :R Q 4 X, ig QP' E W xxx 1 1 W 1 4 -Q-A..,,.,,, n. 3, ! Q WL fa-mi' Q' 1 ff X Q ' r s A gg NRG ff 109 sfgwwgs ,mai SM ...X " Q L u un. Mm ,.,. , MMM WX me well and the people, wished ll W Q , S ,., . ,uw ' f iiitg :ESF xt 4 ' Q .?'fli!' 3 'sa i VL, , 2 , are Ng 'S M f 1 gg 1 I- 1. .,., an m 'S Swat: at ill H lx L1 but sq ,D gwvii W :HANK , , f l C- I 40" 50 f --- " s,,..,... V- ' W VN., ,.,, ,.. 19' 5 v-,,,M,,.A" suv' it if 51nd 5 ist ,.-,pf si uf' LY- ..1'-if -N hill kv ge-, g ff shui: hi: fl 5-,tr 1 sIf.'E XSE:-b HQ:- 64 f? fag 4: ,sf f 3265 ' W,.53g-jf"2,, 4 , W H 1 ' W , 1: I 1 f j 1, 1: mv .W ,,,1. NVV, Milf? , ,r,r A F5 s ,ejy 'fy' f ea cffjolf A ax V 1 oymme -ft..-'.1-'f.-2 Q pci 6 5049? Wai? QA f 'DQYMIV5 0 L41 75l 524 'lil'- pevl 15 52,41 df SW' b5vvX'fjfl6 5-J S'-5 C9 3. M Student Council 1973-1974 E. .- 1 KI. 1 116 w x Mc, J L .. W f ,f in f 7752.1 ,Q X f W A 4 gf' V ,, F , - Q arg N A . X x ' jg.. I ' ,gf , ,mg ' ff . ' A gf W .. W . . ,,V.,,,h ,Alk A Qu. xg f fhhu I . . S . n at Q Vqrr ,E V. N:,.- E. I E ff 4 . f up "'k' , ,, -I f , 'A' I N 1 4, ms ? wb if I 1 L Q 1X'1 ., .VXL - H Q 1 0 1 X ' - - ' . Q .W,Z o W W V 7, 3 A QQ . a' A ff' J ' V9 4 -. 6 af . 9 v-4 qqgbi i L ,A V i , A 1 H at KBQG' I Q in Yearbook Staff Front Row: S. Pinder, J. Fifield, T. White, L, Wiley, Middle Row: M. McGranahan, C, McDeed, T, Ojendyk, R Deyo, T. Donovan, Back Row: J. Noonan, L. Lamontagne, D. Dumas, P. Thirsk, NI, Yanulus. Swim Club Seated: J. Rozamys, A. Demers, D. Doucet, N. Graham, B, Yanco, T. Za- pora, L. Sack. Standing: M. Yanulis, V. Mahan, M. Hamilton, S. Long- champs, C. Jalbert, R. Connolly, M. Dunn. Youth Senate Hugh O,Brien Youth Leadership Triangle Staff Seated: S. Longchamps, R. Lajoie, S. Gosselin, D. Ashooh, Kneeling: J. Gryval, R. Walters, M. Yanulis, S. Naud, K. Kopriva, Standing: D. Kalinski, W. Van Anglen, B. Poznanski, D. Dumas, T. Nemeth, L. Sargent, Nl. Lynch, A. Bailey, C. Jalbert. 1 we it , 1 Q E 4 X., , 151 If xl X.. X' sms:-., , y ...- --', 1 N,:, N if ' , . Fif a qi If 'x X2 V 6 ,X S3 5' " 'Q 3 x Sli R N 'sxffn ?E?S'L f1.z.'ssmf.5 f my 1 -i ziffeaav, -, -if-1 X A .Wx,. A 3 ' ZL. qggiwza s xg EQ X M 'F K ' Sli , gi kihh. Q1 b I M- ,.., 2 N ,, ad, 5 1 . , iv: K ,g'gi15E2EK5:iE?'!5?2SYz5Efl1,:.I If' ' ' " WWW "mi-7' ' 1 .. , Lx, if i 3- 4 - ,,-, -fwfrqkw,-Q fff, ..m,:.,, ,fm-7, gn S my ' 2 ' .- ,A , , -W if 11 I 1 'WET XR ff TT Q 2 mu i 4,1 Qs -Ad nf 1 .e IR A .ilk 3 S5- : In 1 A-5 aff we 'pw 1 Q 1' 'K If IX!! ,, NYU f xfvmfx. H21 -ev L VAL w i xiii ?'1f t XS 1? is m it L R ,-5 - x gl swfaggnga A 9? E www M S f 33 fx? I' wf ' WZ s, 4 , 2 ,gkzfflgm V ,,y,L,,, ,,., A fx f ,na .,,, V J U x M, Q if E M 15? 1 -fi W 3 A 5? wr .xi K Cast and Crew, Kneeling: M. Moritz, L. Sanford, D. Walters, P. Palmer, P. Frost, R. Bradley, L. Weiczorek. Stand- ing: M. Quirk, J. Woodring, M.Wescott, J. LeClerc, T. Roy, Mr. Doyle, director, T. Sack, L. Jacobs, C. Jalbert, R. Samson, H. Comeau, C. Pariseau, M. Pope. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 125 "Let's go to the Hop!" A I I I N wr I ., . 13 uw- sa? as ,,-' Vw if ,gy fp .- 'Y . ff A' 4 ,WJ af Q' I 1 ,wil , M W Vi 3 92 .,4. .. . ,. X I ,,A,., ' N H es, K! W 'K H 4 1, A r ,k X X i K .gs-S Xi: E- 1 iw -Q 5f"4-NA.. V . ,. '1...: , ... .... 5 s 3 2 'oss ' 0 Q2 ooo: O , s 0 0 Q g 'g r 0 . sooo sos n Q - 0 s Q I D C O Q u nose some some D M EI VISITUF RWM. 1 iw, A 1:1 1 . 1 1 J' If 'R .f e g ff GH W e Nga? """-v Class Officers T Marianne Hastings, Patrick Griffin, Cathy Huot. Peter Dufresne, Joan O'ConneII, Norma Pariseau. Cynthia White, Michelle Wescott, Absent: Sheila Burke. 5 Ron Chenette, Pat Fenner, Nlark Fredrickson. 7 , 7 Boy s State Glrl S State e.4:f- 1-nzzzvw-If i nW-wf'fv-eff, I1 Mark Flecchia Mary Sue Nlc Granahan, Betty Comer. Denise Dumas, Monica Nlacek, Jean Pouliot. -N., St. Paulys Winter Carousel Her Majesty: Susan Mannin :af - 1 ,,, .mam ,M if , ,, ,,,,, , ., 3 , M B ' .5 aff? ,,g.1W5Lgg5, f ax 1 4.2 ' li 1 N 'N . "Have you ever tried a Black Cow all-day sucker?" "Delmo never had it this good." K "No, but have you ever tried Colt 45 Malt Liquor?" "WelI . . . , I guess it's just the two of us." EQ viz? 5 R: , , .A ,-. NXANS ' ,ff ' D - V R V '45 W 5- 55 51 in F-'NS Ma'9.fLH1fa ga. iv? ,, .1 f ,N ill . ,Y i 3 Y x Rf W, Qin w., e l R f f iff Q xl A rg nv! Q 'Q Sf' l yn , Z-L V W fs. . fig: I ""'7'1 X "9 i ' A ' . ' iff! M' Y W 5 ' . I ' 57 1 ,f--:s-5:-Q-swf-Xwwtfzwf aww - I? ZQ,: "f 'U v .A A , ,v 5 , .1 i ,gg N 1111 Trinity Week 42 B gie woogie Bugle Boy Talent Show Oh my God, how'd I get up here? X Q 5 X I X15 N-Sw !!' F1-sf a U69 xv,-4"" .5 , 3315 ff 5 2 fi 4 QA ? M953 Q. ,X si 3 R '55 A E ws S f af Q new 'i as Nw 3 if ii if 2 gf K 45, ,Q 5 .3 M21 M W, Q WP in :A ! 7 H - Z , 1 v a Z? i Q f ',, Lie ' ',,f"! A. da 10.4, mf X .ae-'Pk 2. K X48 ' gm 338 x 1 N, XM x u QW V M, I -Jim 2 A' W Q gf f f .Fw ZS ,N ,,.xx. - -- .1--5"" "-w...,,, Z . S 4 S? . A , 26 . .5 -Q W-3 S A Q - ., L B 1 i iwaiygswg if S Y? Nw -3522. Wx -- -2, -i .,,, ff-N. , LL.,1 , . ,L2g, 'L-- ' 2 aff' X ' P ' I' J M au.. ,Eff 'X iq- U ,W " wr' 2 'wav I Xxx' G ""'x-.vf Mg , J , a uw 3 .Wg -PS G X Y Y 2 5 4 CHN1HgfF63H1 Seated: J. Burke, G. St. Germain, L. Lamontagne, Standing: J. O'Connell, D. Smith, P. Palmer, D. -'J A- f Lambert, K. Lafleur. Fkench lub S. Naud, C. Venne, D. Dumas, L. Lessard, J. Beli- veau, J. Pouliot, P. Pelletier, D. Roy, R. Doucet. i 150 4223, . Nt, AJ .mg 1? 5 f"5""?' TM, ,:.W F, , ff I I . AxxA , wx X I- K ! lx K X 3 S S A B 3 N . - .fr 5 I E M . x L,.i M5 w .. xl kk- ,, A,... gm 1 l qw. .Q 2-' ,Bw , . 1 ' I 1 1 , 'f +1 avtvk tw' any M 'V 5 'Bn a w 1 M Q 8 2, ' ir ' , H Y lff?fi?f4W 1w V ' , XL M Q, , M - 17? A 39 im f Q W ""' . - ff r W . Z .K .5 , .. 3 ,. k ' 7 ' ' 517' g I f A -. QS W lf Speech Team Seated: C. White, R. Guevin, D. Ashooh, C. White. Standing: W. VanAnglen, C. McDeed, D. Dumas, Miss Kenney, Coach R. Brunette, M. Lynch, E. Lamy, T. Donovan. Seated: M. Letson, S. Gosselin, P. Fenner, L. Pepin. Standing: R. Chenette, J. Bee, D. Boudreau, T. Otis, J. Byk, B. Biwer, J. Muset, T. Nemeth, M. Fenner, P. Chenette. Swim Team Folk Group W M SS I -' r "-I Fw? ik fD1foThQf N1 dw Gel mm, Q Tame? 0? Q WOT he Qooldhqf MAE Cfr We Same ima Lark Femeam BENQ ever QQQWQ 'VQKXQ UP To am. , ...lil f ' SJW cl mem so QM O5 LOOWYWM md WQQQ 'f Bulk ings SWMG U8 WVGWUPTCA 50 Sw L3 fm flibe- 6 'SSQOUCZK WwevQ,VOUfNJVffC5, he f-OAL, Heuer see oxxcfvhfgr ck og wQfrc3,c,x5 :Wx M3 l awe me Mem fgof mfwrng bw We 1061613 SUT we Ughb beirlovwaed JYCJ Wm Q5 wah C15 me eeawged To Us we My new WW3 t QD YEVWSMBQW 'Tvwgse SCGUMJV, wwf JEDOMUKMDQ ijgafg VLQg6fCLC6C1g U5 wffew. A 1 R393 C 2952556015515 QM 2 Myra Q5 Ok mo CQXOO, 'WW Qovffffk YWQ6 XNGCX W5 Tb We vq bo Kash We Ms in SX., A .LQQLQU QFOOWC! wodd Cx Sm Q50 53033415 CNDUUCX T916 SUD C15 UDEEH. 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SIMARD 1910-1973 Daily Repairs around school. 161 Morning Conference with Mr. Carron ,M , A, ,....,....w... L x X xx , K v W3 4 lx? QQ fag Q 1, ', ffl L 5 .ty ' D 2' ,Q iQ'?Q55f M, , x X I My , S uf, Q ' . V , ' 'V L V 1 ' I x so W' 'bbs-Q., . 5: qw , M 'ww af 21 f Q K iq gf, 4 rig? 579' -if R X 'lR 2. ' ""' 55 . X! rf I I' Q I' I' Wi 1 Y ', i ,g 7' 1 I f X Q 'Q "4 an 122 4 IIHm "Life is a parting, and not a meet- ing A clomradeship ofthe lonely mile Only an hour for a passing greeting, Only a friendship for awhile." m . . . Iwonder if Ishould streak now or later?" "You know Ann, I could sure use a n cold beer." The happy man is he that knows the world and cares not for it. " Academic Council Seated: Sister Irene Parenteau, Sister Felicia McKone, Brother Robert Daszkiewicz, Sister Myles Mc- Hugh, Sister Therese St. Pierre. Standing: Mrs. Nancy Zlotek, Miss Janice Kenney, Mr. Michael Morgan, Brother Aloysius Myers, Mrs. Louise Maturse, Mrs. Karen Chicaderis. Absent from picture is Mr. Edward Mongeon. Trinity High School Board Standing: Mr. John Hastings, Mr. Joseph Carrol, Mr. Nathan Bowen, Mr. Michael Mlorgan, Mr. John Sar- gent, Mr. George Perry, Mr, Gerard Robitaille, Brother Dennis Rylands, Seated: Elaine Lanny, Mrs. Bride Van Anglen, Mrs. Jeanne Durning, Mrs. Mary Gaw, Brother Robert Daszkiewicz, Sister Felicia McKone, Sponsors AL LEMIRE PLUMBING 84 HEATING DR. 84 MRS. RICHARD T. O'NEIL BUDD FOODS INC. SAND INDUSTRIAL INC. DR. 84 MRS. OVIDE LAMONTAGNE SEAL TANNING CO. FERNAND LESSARD 36 FAMILY SOCHA CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. R.G. LETENDRE CORPORATION STARK ENGINEERING INC. PAQU ETTE SUPER MARKET Patrons ARTHUR F. LAPOINTE INSURANCE AGENCY MR. 84 MRS. EDWARD F. MELE JR. MR. 84 MRS. EMILE ASHOOH D. DONATI 84 SONS DR. 84 MRS. PHILIP C. BAROODY DRS. DUPUIS, MICHAUED, COLLINS, 84 MR. JOHN BRIDGES NOURY CAPTAIN GUY R- CARON DR. MARCEL R. DEPUIS CLARICS HARDWARE MR. G.J. FOURNIER GOODE REALTY MR. 84 MRS. JAMES B. GLEASON GOSSELIN'S SUPERETTE MR, 84 MRS, LEC SACK GROUP5 T.T.K. BAKERY JONES DESTRUCTION INC. MR. 84 MRS. CHARLES YANCO MRS. OVIDE R. LAMONTAGNE YOUNGSVILLE MARKET Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Aaron Mr. 84 Mrs. Melvin Arsenault Barry Aluminum Products David Befenvaro Mr. 84 Mrs. Armand L. Berube Mr. 84 Mrs. Maurice Blanchette Mr. 84 Mrs. Alfred Boucher Miss Cecile Boucher Henry Bourgeois Sr. Ferguson Brick Co. Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Alpha A. Cheverette Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Conway Jon Conway Mr. 84 Mrs. Jack Deyo Mr. 84 Mrs. J. Richard Deyo Dick Jolicoeur's Superette Dr. Armand Duclos Geraldine Dufresne Paul F. Dufresne Paul Dugas Mr. Edmunds Mr. 84 Mrs. Stanley Fasholha Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. John T. Fifield Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Ford Louis J. Fucci Bertha Gampton Mr. Thomas Garrity Boosters Jas. J. Gaudit Mr. 84 Mrs. Wilfred Gilbert Gosselin's S. Main St. Pharmacy J. W. Gowell Mr. 84 Mrs. Wm. T. Graham Jr. Mr. Ray Groulx Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul Guimond Dr. 84 Mrs. Raymond W. Hamel Mr. 84 Mrs. Norman Herbert Mrs. Margaret Hoben Ideal Market Jason Jewelry Inc. Mrs. Mary Kenney Mr. Maurice Labbe Mr. 84 Mrs. B. F. Lubelczyk Mr. 84 Mrs. Anthony LaFleur Jean A. Lambert Mrs. Lariviere JoAnn Lavigne Mr. 84 Mrs. Maurice E. LeBel LeBlannc's Shoe Store Alida Levesque Robert Longchamps The Macivlavicius Family Mrs. Stella Macivlavicius Magdalen College Michael C. Malloy Harold E. Martinson Realtor 167 Mr. 84 Mrs. Leo Mclaughlin Mr. 84 Mrs. E. F. Mele Sr. 84 Family Mrs. Merz Mike 84 Kim's Market Mrs. Morris Charles B. Murray Mr. 84 Mrs. Leo Muzeroll The O'Connells Mrs. Grace O'Meara Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles O'Neil Mr. 84 Mrs. Normand Page Diane Pelletier Robies Store Mrs. Rouleau Mrs. Rumpf Tonya Rumpf Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward St. Germain Mr. 84 Mrs. John J. Sargent Mrs. Ann Saunders Mr. David Saunders Mr. 84 Mrs. Gerald Smith Mr. 84 Mrs. Ted Smith Mr. Trainor Mr. 84 Mrs. Jules A. Trudel Mr. 84 Mrs. Leo J. Trudeau Mr. 84 Mrs. Fred Young Anonymous , 'THINK OF FUN 422. CLEPXNJ

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