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 - Class of 1954

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'H 4 +1 1, , x sfykk if . A ,Q 0 1 ' ' 1 K1 2 if nh tw, ff, . 'Q FE-jg 4 v ,Q Q K " 'F ' MQ ZW , wi V - is Q1 Z 5 A , as in X ff 1 N V - - 4, Ax .?'r 5 A N :A I , . 3 V, 'W I 5 W 1 1 4 A e h U V V W 9 ' 'W gr ff? J- Q Q A . 5' gg W . . ' K 3' 1 'Y La W i ' "2 si. gk K , win ? Qi , V ' 9' Mx ff 3 ,Q Q 5 N v 1 ' A 3, if g K 1 45 M, 3 . fy , 5 , J V 9 A .jk 5. ' aff ' up fi bi, lg Y, ' nun -I 'W 2 "fa, . x Vw in 'M '3 1, . i 1 3,3 ?.:m5 W , 5 I 5 . 6 - ki- L D Q ., 4 fx f 1, M 5 Ik Q 5 q ' 15 f if 3 g Ji ' a M vw. -fi? , M . 4 .Z M ,,,5s f ,S 34 I 7 5 V Y, 0 .A 1 X f N V if fi il. A' , V VA, ,, :Q ,wi af . f if qifm X ' 531 -,n s S , W my ,rn ff . f ,AZQQQQF Wm ' ,, ' k fr 1, ... ff 5 ' f' .f P 1 Q- Q ,..+- , gg 5? S9 ff W www , W gg -. '7f"?fiy5" , U, I A My an K my rf 'Aj -4"1.Jy,syv:' 719 In Airy, E ' ri Lily, 1'7"'lj Y ' f ' I 'Mu it ' K- ' ,:f!!'!'n.f. -w rw A U, A ,L um S -l L I A J " Y'aq 'IS-os' W" ."'h' ' as M I wif., 5" .f Jr ' ff' W ' -rl J cf' , ,N A r. 4, 1 ...dig N' H"-'N""' f 'aw as , fc J? 5 x 5 " ."' 'TE . f J Q M ' A Q- A A' ' ' ,QQ iyw . 8' " A mix s 4. 1 , af fs, 1 - Q , C '- , uf' if .Y N I , v Q 5 F iff' A , I 'C' .' av 1 ' 4 tin! ' 'Q Q' V AR' I ,A N ' 1. "f.. - QQ L, 119' qs 1, . .515 mr - - W a. . , 4' X 6 1 F, - - -QFWQO'-100-aww , Q ,.4ff s 0 iw- ' 4 J 4 K ,, ll 'x 3 in I ni' S N A A missy 'st V, ' '-it Y' A ' .. IW 4 3 i I 0LY I9 jvllfrflsflmf ,uf THE STUDENTS OF TRINITY I-HGH SCHOOL Washington, pennsylvania DICATION img K M... f..4 or In dedicating the Olympus, the members of the staff use certain standards by which they govern the selection. For her quiet efficiency, for her courteous consideration of her associates and pupils. the measure of her instruction is reflected in the enthusiastic reaction of her students. One appre- ciates her guidance in association with the activi- ties of the History Club of which she is the advisor. The Olympus staff is indebted to her for in- spiration to stimulate the advertising staff which she directs. ln her home life her love of hospitable enter- tainment, her natural friendliness as a hostess charms her guest. A gourmet whose creations delight and surprise even her friends. Mrs. Garnet Allison, it is our pleasure to dedicate this 1954 edition to you in appreciation for your service to the Olympus and to Trinity High School. Mr' s. GAIQNIVI' A1,1,ls Q91 QU TEMQRIAM We shall meet but we shall miss themg There will be the vacant chairs. We shall linger to recall them As we breathe our evening prayer. COMPENSATION l'd like to think when life is done That l had filled a needed post, That here and there l'd paid my fare Witli more than idle talk and boast: That I had taken gifts divine, The breath of life and manhood hne, And tried to use them now and then ln service for my fellow men. ICDGAR GVICST From 1949, until his death in 1953, lWoss Rutan served the people of his com- munity as a memher of the Board of lfldu- cation. As a member of the Board, and as Vice President, his devotion to his duties and his sincere interest in the welfare of the schools was a source of satisfaction to his associates. Moss Ru'1',-xN Charles YVagers, son of Kathryn Delaney and Lee Wlagers, was a senior in Trinity High School at the occasion of his untimely accident. His happy disposition, his thought- fulness, and his clearness of mind were admired hy his schoolmates and friends. CHARLES VVAGERS AIINIINIS TMTIUN fini I . is i Congratulations. TO Tl-IE CLASS CDF m 1 1-JI 9 5 ll Yours is the task to counteract the devastating and Godless forces of Communism and to restore to its proper place a return to the funda- mental and elementary principles of justice and to revive a great spiritual and religious resurgence in the world today. One who believes that money can buy anything and that nothing in this materialistic world is beyond price has not looked very deeply into the simpler things that bless mankind. You can buy a man's time, his skill, his energy but you can't buy his enthusiasm, his loyalty nor can you bargain for his initiative. There are many things beyond price, and in the last analysis it will be found that these are the simpler things -- the things of heart, the fibre of sentiment, the roots of faith and the essence of human souls. The Board of Directors salutes each of you individually, knowing that whatever the part you are called upon to play in this Democracy, you will always endeavor to live up to the high esteem we have for you. HAROLD M. BRENNER, President. t Il.uuu.n M. liiuawuru hlouu A. Surru Wvruc Couusow I'l'f'.t'itlr1lI l'irr Prrxitlrlll South Strahane Canton t S-,.f J K- Ap 1 v l " L iss lil ' Q1 I l .L " li , W . -A W Q I i x I 1 si .. if .5 f . , Q .. Iituu, Hkoomrw Grsokor Blum' Canton Canton linnw j. G.-wt. Al. S. Gmsox South Slfllliilllt' .-Xnnvell North Franklin I. H.-xoftu GU'rntuta hVlI.I.IS l.. Rixrusar Sf-rrrlary North Franklin I 'I'rru511rrr' .X nt well hlonxfvrnfxu IDM' jonw lfkxztatz Antwell ,Xmwcll S. Riatcn llwrzr Wu,t.1.-txt ll1a,xT1.m' lil.lENN lY1ANNON South Strtlhanu North Franklin South Stmlmm- 'Mugs MARTIN S'l'.'XNl.liY lNlCxvRli.-Yl'Il Iixmksox l'.-xmttfk NU,-th lr,-Zmklin South Strnhnne North Franklin if . 'XN'rnoNv Roxmno ST.-XNI.Ii't' Snoou LXNTHUNY Snutxrz Cammy Canton Canton W. li. Rlcnn .Xtnwell IN1.-uuzmutr Ut,nRv Canton FHBULT! YOUR FUTURE Have you ever stopped to think how important your record for these four years in Trinity High School are to your future? livery name. every action, every thought during this period of your life will affect you in the years that lie ahead. Not only are these factors important to you, but to the people who will make up the future Trinity. Remember when you first came to high school you looked up to the upperclassmen and graduates. ln some cases at least your ideals are patterned after theirs: in the same way people w'ill look up to you. is it not important for you to leave contributing influences that will help others in the years ahead? .-Xs one looks back over the twenty-nine years of Trinity High School's history, it is the students who have worked and played with Ifnergy, Fair- ness, Loyalty and Honesty, who have contributed most to her rich heri- tage and who have succeeded in their own endeavors after leaving school. YVhat you are to be in the future you are fast becoming. Let each and every student try to do his best while in school and after graduation go out into the world proud to be a Trinity graduate and a graduate to whom Trinity can point with pride. MRS. WlT.M.'K ANDERSON UROSS NANCY I'HILLIl'S Trinity High School, Trinity High School, Secretary to the Principal. Secretary to the Principal. .lflirlll in lmily, lful pl'r.w11l in xpiril. .I frirml in mwul ix a frirmi iznlnul. MRS. BE'l"I'Y JEAN EWART MORGAN MRS. N.-KNFY HERSf'HELT, ff-KSTO Trinity High School, Trinity High School, Secretary to the Principal. Secretary to the Principal. .'l,r lIll'l'l'j' Il.C ilu' Jay ix lung. fillIl'l'I'fllllll'.f.f mul gum! quill mukr' lulzur liglll J. ARLEIGH JOHN JAMES R. CLARK Dean of Students Director of Activities VVasl1ington and jefferson College, B.S., juniatn College, B.S., University of Pitts MA., University of Pitrshurgli, M.l2d.Q lwurgh, M.Ed.: Algebra. Geometry: illgellfa- Slufw to -zn'l1g1'am'1',' .vfwiff to I-illdfzru. Trulll ix lniyhty and will pri'-vail. E. VAUGHN ROSS Principal VVashington and jefferson College, B.S., M.S., University of Pittsburgh, M.FLl. SllI'l'l'.W.f in-fvrr yifwxr ux a youd opinion of our- .vrl-l't'J,' it nnly l'lIlIfl.I'lll.1' it. il it Mas. Cnoss Mks. Mokrmw NANCY llIlIl.l.Il'S MRS. CASTO Marie Alexy Bethany College, A.B.g Gradu- ate work: University of Pitts- burgh, M. Ed., T-Clubg Senior Y-Teensg May Dayg Physical Education: Biology, Vocational Science. Conti jilrffllllfllf in all fllillflj rnakrr lifr illlf-rmlizlg. Norman Allison VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S.g Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, M. Ed.g Foothallg Wrestling, Sen- ior Class Advisor: Civics, Pennsylvania Historyg Earth Science. I will rilllrr jimi or Illllkl' ll 1-way. Mrs. Emily Auld University of Pittsburgh, .'X.B.g Graduate work: VVashiugton and jefferson Collegeg Senior English. I luwr a llf'!Il'f fzvith room for rfvrry joy. Mrs. Garnet Allison Slippery Rock State Teachers College, University of Pitts- burgh, A.B.g Graduate work: VVashiugton and jefferson Col- legeg History Cluhg Olympus Staff: Yvorld ilistory. Inlrllig1'1lr1' anrl l'i1ltlm'.c.r gn -wrll lug1rll1rl'. Mrs. Agnes Auld University of Pittslxurgh, B.S.g Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, M.l..g I' h y s i c sg Chemistry. :I kil1Jl1r'.r.v is IIl'fl't'l4 lnsl. Mrs. Marian K. Bartusiak Carnegie Institute of 'l'echnol- ogy, B.S.Q Graduate work: Uni- versity of Pittslmurgltg junior Class Advisor: Co-.Xdvisor to Commercial Cluhg Shorthand, Typingg Colulnercial l.:lw3 Bus- iness linglish. Iiruuty ant! qci.nln1n yu quwll fn- !l1'IlII'l'. rrlBU..Tl Irvin Behanna Trinity High School, Assistant Supervisor of Building and Grounds. .'Ilfl.L'llj,'.f IllIJj', alfwnyx rnntfnl. Milton T. Decker VVayneshurg C ol le g e, B.S.g Graduate work: Pennsylvania State University: California State Teachers Collegeg Physical Edu- cation, Athletic Coach. Thr rrmll jusiifrs tllr drrd. John Crosbie Pennsylvania State University, l'i.S.g Graduate work: Univer- sity of Pittsburgh, F.F.A. Chap- A terg Vocational Agriculture. .-I frirrni ir nnnlln-r rrlf. Mrs. Margaret Downie Grove City College, HA., jun- ior Class Play. Trur happinrrs i.r found in rnaking ulhrrx happy. Beverly Dunn Washington Seminary jr. Col- lege: Slippery Rock State Teach- ers College, B.S.: Ed: Freshman Y-Teens: Freshman Class Ad- visor: Go - To - College Club: Librarians: Library. I.a+z'r'tl lay ull. Werner Gayvert. Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. IV1'-vrr rrsls unlil u tluyfv fu-url: is tlunr. Mrs. Dorothy Grimes VVashington Hospital: Duquesne University: University of l'itts- burgh: Nurse. lx mwrry as Iln' Jay is long. Jennie M. Ferralli VVashington Seminary: Pennsyl- vania College For Women, A.B.: Graduate work: Pennsyl- vania State University: Univer- sity of Pittsburgh, M. Ed.: Olympus Stall: Sophomore Class Advisor: American History. ll'lmI ir lo-zwly III'1'I'I' dim but pu.r.w.r info tlfllfl' l0'Ul'llIll'5J. William C. Good Carnegie Institute of Technol- ogy, AB.: Graduate work: Carnegie Institute of Technol- ogy: Director of Hand: Orch- estra: Mixed Chorus. By .rlrrngth and skill. Cleon S. Hallam Vllashington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S.: M.A.: Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh: Advisor to Olympus Staff: Prob- lems of Democracy. Thr kf1of1.elrtlyr uf unruuqurralllr. Ur- df" Mrs. Lucille Heil Margaret Morrison: Carnegie College: Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.S.: Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh: F.H.A.: Advisor of Cafeteria Club: Home Economics. W'hat Lwirtlom mn you jimi fha! ir grrrzirv' than kirnlrlfss? Mrs. Frances B. Huffman Indiana State Teachers College, B.S.: Graduate work: VVaynes- burg College: University of Pittsburgh: Sophomore Y-Teens: Commercial C I u bg Olympus Stall: Shorthand, Typing. Digniiy is a rrmarkalwlr fvirlur. Floyd H. Hootman VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S.: Graduate work: Vllashington and jefferson Col- lege: Visual Education: Senior Science: General Science. Br fwllat you Jrrrn. John Lowery VVashington and -letferson Col- lege: Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, B.S.: F.F.A. Chapter: Vocational Agriculture. Labor l'07IQ1Il'I'J all lllingx. i' -...ft James A. Moninger VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S., Graduate work: VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, .Assistant Football, Base- ball, Basketball Coach 3 Fresh- man Class Advisor, General Mathematics, English. llr liq-rr Ifwirf fwlm lifvrs usfll. Ruth A. Myers Muskingum College, A.B., Graduate work: Muskingum College, University of Pitts- burgh, M. Ed., Senior Class Advisor, May Day, "Hiller", English, journalism. Um' lhiny is forrfvrr youd: Tha! our fllillfl ix Surrr.v.r. Richard IJ. Lyons Pennsylvania State University, B.S., junior Hi-Y, Vocational Agriculture. gl frm foundaliun ir Ihr' baxir fur hart! Quark. Mrs. Mary McGowen Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, Carnegie Institute of 'l'er'hnology, Penn State: Sum- mer Sessiong Home lieonomics. .I thing of llrnuly i.r a joy f1ll'I"L'l'l'. Mrs. Lillian Manor University of Pittsburgh, B.S., English, General Science, Art. .llimiful of God, !ll'1lff'flll in frirml.f. Mrs. Winona McCullough Xvestminster College, B.B.A., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Typing, Bookkeep- ing. lVr' lfrlrn Io ilu lly ilnfllg. William R. McLhinney VVestminster College, l'l.ll.A., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, M. lid., Assistant Football and Basketball Coach, American History, Civics, Penn- sylvania History. Grraf person.: arf' alrlr lu Jo grral l'1ntlnr.f.v. Mrs. Mary Mansbarger VVaynesburg College, A.H.,jun- ior Y-Teens, Algebra, Geom- etry. - . l'11lrA'.f Gnd IJ flL'IIh you, all your toil ir in fuuin. IBULTI Martha E. Moninger University of Pittsburgh, A.B., Graduate work: VVashington and jefferson College, French, junior English. lm! drrdr lrrofvr. Donald Nichols Trinity High School, Assistant Supervisor of Buildings and Ground. Jul: -wrll dune. if -4 21: -. '3 .5. Mrs. Mexa Roberts Advisor to Cafeteria Club: Cafeteria Manager. .4 frirml lu all. Mrs. Lillian Smith VVestminstet' Co I I e g e, B.S.: Graduate work: Vl'asbington and jefferson College: Fresh- man Y-Teens: Mathematics: Algebra. Noi for .wlf,' llul for Coll. Dorothy Sten VVashington Seminary: Pennsyl- vania State University, B.S.: F.l'l.A.: Home Economics. Ortlrr um! mrllmtl mukr all Illinyr rary. Dr- J Paul Sedlak California State Teachers, B.S.: University of Pittsburgh, M. l.itt.: junior Class Advisor: Cheerleaders: Commercial Ge- ography: General Science. lm! u,r ln' jtltlyftl by our arliollx. Mrs. Margaret. Spriggs 'iii Geneva College, A.B.: Gradu- ate work: Pennsylvania State University: University of Pitts- burgh, M. Hd. S.l'.Q.R.: Latin. .-I frirml both fwirr null tlrliylltful. H John Syrek Canterbury College, B.S.: Sen- ior Hi-Y: Assistant Football and Baseball Coach: Sophomore Class Advisor: l7river's Train- mg. llv fouqurrs who rrzdurwr. .I. Howard Wilson ton and jefferson College, M.A. Olympus Staff: Biology. l'royrr.v.r in mimi mm' thought. Thiel College. B.S.: VVashing- N 1,1 Q- Margaret Brosius Wylie VVashington Seminary: Cathe- dral School of Florida: Penn- sylvania College for VVomen: California State Teachers Col- lege, B.A.: General Business Training: Business Arithmetic: Business Techniques: Filing. True muistiunt rrmsirts nal in .effing uhrzl ir immrdialr-ly llrforf our fyzxr, bu! in fnru-ring -what it to mmf. CLASSES 0111954 fi..lllUJl3 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ,IiIIL' class of "5-l" was the second group of Iiighrh Graders of Trinity Iligh School. Our main events this year were an assembly and a class party. The follow otlicers and advisors were elee ted: l,l'f'8IdPlll ..... . ..... ......... I iill Levers View l'resirlvnI Secretary ...... Ann Gersna . . . .Dorothy Ann Paige Treasurer ...................................... Chappie Chatman In the year l95ll the class of "5-V' hit Trinity with a bang. Xlle were the victl of the lipstick initiation. Our main events this year were our Freshman party and 1 dance in the Spring. The following othcers and advisors were elected: Prr-sident ...... .. .. ............. Richard Martin Vice Presidrfnt ...... Joanne Hayden Svcrrftary ...... .... I ieverly Redinger Trffasurvr .. . . .Frances Adams DAVID VYAIKNER Daw' .Xcadt-Init' Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, -If, Football 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, -I, Urliccr 3, +3 Home Room Orhcer 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3, 4: IIi-Y 3, 41 I.atiu Cluh 1, 21 History Cluh 3, 43 Othccr 3, 4: May Day 2, 3, -I. xlflrr you arf rr111r1'ir'J, ln' .turf to .rrml your rhililrrn in lln' .rrlmnl fu'ln'rr Dnfzir' ix Inari:- Illfl. llr' muy pun nnfu fflflll his Ulu' of Pfnjlfr. GEORGE MILES George Vocational F.F..'X. I, Z, 3, -Ig judging 'I'e-am Z, 33 Sr. IIi-Y 3, 43 F.F.A. Demonstration Team +3 Olympus Staff 3, 4: Class OI-Iieer 43 Hall Patrol +3 May Day -I. In flu' fulurz' you fwill ra! fll'f1tIllt'f.I' yrnfwn hy Gr'ory1', fwlm fwanlx lu ln' Il f1U'mr'r'. lli.s fzuifr had llrlffr llr' Il youll wok for ln' likfxv M rat -:wry ficrll. .IOAN DAVIDSON I0 Commercial Commercial Cluh 41 Y-Teens 3, 41 Student Council -I-3 Class Urhcer -I: Oihce Girl 3, May Day 3. Ju will look rulr Jitting on ilu' husxzzr' Ivuw' Hiking tliffnfinn. Sllr lflvxr alllllfillfl, 'unru- finrm, and ll0f1.L'lIfI!1. Hrr only Jirlikr is run- rfifml profllf. .IUNE GIBBONS June Academic-Commereial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, +3 Home Room Otheer 31 Flag 'I'wirler 43 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, +3 Future Nurses' Cluh 43 Class OI'I'icer -I1 May Day 2, 3, -IQ Maid of Honor -I. .llIlIl'l.f IIIIIIIHIYIII is lo go lo 1'nllr'yr. Sin' Ili.:- likrxr .fl1u'I'-11,15 proplr. Sopl Ur- JT - Returning for our seeontl year, :is Sophomores, we eleeted the following oflieers lor this year: l'r1'sid0nl ...... .... I David Warner Vin' l'residenl .. ..... Orville Varley Seerelary .... Joyce McWilliams Treasurer .. Howard Morrison Our inalin events this year were il Penny Carnival, 21 alnnee in the Spring and our loniore l':1rty. illl ien we returned ns Juniors. we felt we were renlly :1 part of the school. Our utiviries were :1 alalnee after il football game, the .lunior play, "All .Xmericun l'lz1mily," I 7 e elzlss party, :intl the l rom in hlzly. XX e also received our elzlss rings in Deeemher. Our oflieers for this YCZII' were: f 1 I'r1'sid1'nI ...... .... I lavid Warner Her' l'resid1'n1 ..... Orville Varley Secretary ..... . . . Barbara Hootman Treasurer ..... Thomas Hayes lhis heing our lust yezlr in Trinity, we hope to make the hest of it. Wie started our soeinl eallendatr hy sponsoring il ll2lI1CC in December. XVe are looking forward to r Senior l'l:1y, Senior Party, Penny Carnival and Clrnduution. Our ofiieers for the it ill' NVLTL' ' l'residvnl ....... .... I David Warner View I'residenl .... George Miles Secretary .... Joann Davidson Treasurer ..... June Gibbons l Sherman Ackerman Sherm Academic Football 3, 4, Reserve wrest- ling 1, 23 jr. Hi-Track lg jr. Hi-Y 1, 2, Sr. Hi-Y 3, +1 Latin Club 1, 2. .lnolhfr sportr' Jlar fwho lilnxr ram antl moury ax many tlo. Shfrm is oozng lo Jflltly rornmrrrial afvm- IIUII or rnglwvrrug. George Adams Hoot Commercial-General Basketball lg Football 2, 3. "lVrIl, Ihr rml of anothrr boring flair," .vayy Goof, our of Ihr t'llIlll'4llll7l,f of Ihr' Srnmr rlass. Frances Adam'-x Ookie Commercial-Vocational F.ll.A. 1, 2-otlicer lg Home Room officer lg Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 43 May Day lg Student Coun- cil l. aim Io marry Lloytl Rainy fufalh rr spoil.: hrr tlay un .rhr ra IJ l"l'I'l'1'lllII' HRll'h'I'!'.l' Franrrs lrrmwzv Trinity with Ihr' ' 1 I l .lohn Ames Johnny A. wt-mimml F.F..-X. 1, 2, 3, 4. Johnny fwanls ro hr a .uu'1r.f.cful farrnrr' aml his lllll'l'l'.ff.Y .front lo lar Ill l:'ll.f+u'or'Ih. fl..lllUJl3 Margaret Anderson Peggy Academic Nurses Club 33 French Club 33 Usher 4. l'rggy'.r amhilion is ro ln' a and :ho .wrmx to ltkr to .rfwnn antl tlanrr, fwhilr hrr pf! fvrwzu' .fI'I'IIl.f lo ln' ron1'rlI1'tl pfoplrz Richard Anderson Desmund Academic-General Intermediate Band lg Senior Band 2, 3, 4, jr. Hi-Y lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Rirhartl ir a fan of Ihr ratlio anfl likrs Io tlanfr lo ChiraBoo. So zf you tlou'I likr 'what hr likrx, hr'll my "l.f you a fool?" Fred Ankrom Sonny Vocational Uul of Ihr many boys fwho .rlrrp in study hall fomm Sonny. I'l'llr'n and if hr fu.'ak1'.f.up, hr fwanls Io lzfromr a marhimsi. Phoebe Anderson Febe Academic Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us l, 25 May Day lg Latin Club 1, 23 History Club 2, 3, 41 Go-to-College Club 3, +3 Olym- pus Staff 3, -I-. Our of Ihr "ln'ain.r" of rhf fla.v.r lx qulrl Fflw. nl Ialzoralory lfrh- uoloyisl .rhr alms lo hr. Thal'.v a lug joh, hu! .sh1"ll muhr ill Frank Angott Frankie Commercial-General Band l, 2, 3, +5 May Day 1, 2. Cl1m':1'hurg1'rs and niilkxllakrr rnakr up most of his diff. If you go fo Nrfw York somr' day you might hm! Frankir on our of Ihr' lu-.rl hamlr. Floyd Ankrom Floyd Vocational Visual Ed. 2, 3, +3 Football lg F.F.gX. 1, 2, 3, 4, Exhibit Team 33 Sheep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Floyd would likr to go lo South fllnrrira .soma day and likr mos! boys, hr likr: to rlfrp, ral, monry and lol.r of girlx. David Applegate Little Dude Academic-General Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling l, 25 Sr. Hi-Y lg Home Room Vice-President I. Undouhlrdly fzw' fwill hour a lol uhouf Dafw as his amhilion is Io hr' a good rollrgr foolhull playrr. Richard Auld Rich General F.F.A. I, 2, 3. Rirh is our of Ihr' more quirt boys of our srhool. Cars uri' in good slandlng mvllh him and hr s1'rms lo ha-'or no tlislil-rs. Michael Ardeno Mike Commercial Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. This hungry, ofvfrfwright, thirsty, rundown, bu! one of Ihr ln-sl fwri'sllr'rs of T.H.S. is Mikr. Hr has doin' a lol for our srhool and fwr all hopz' hr dom ns fwrll in 4'ollr'yr'. Willis Baldwin Willis Vocational Visual Ed. 2, 3, 4: Chair Com- mittee 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. On Il rruisr Io Soulh 14I7ll'l'il'H you migh! find Willis as lhal is his amhilion. llr likvs Io mt, slrrp, hut "fwho tIlll'.fll'f?,H Q Q Q Ur J- John Barale Jolm General John is trying to dilrh the draft to gr! n good job and gr! rirh. English is his pri pfrvr. Dorothy Barrett Skip Home Room Oilicer 1, 23 Stu- dent Council 1, 2, F.H.A. Club 1, 2g Officer 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 3, 43 Olympus Stall 3, 43 Cheerlead- er 2, 3, 4, Head cheerleader 4: May Day 1, 2. ".4rr fwf going to hafvz' rr I1'si?"' asks Skip, our rfdlifadrd rhfrr- lradrr, as shr rntrrs rlass. Hfr amhilion is Io marry Rirhif. Shirley Bayne Shirl Commercial Y-Teens 43 F.H.A. lg Hiller Staff 3. .fin rfrirlll srrrdary Shirl fwill mnhr. Takr noir, shr likrs danf- ing, mosvirs, lrlwvision and Don. Julia Barale Julie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 History Club 3. Julia is om' of Ihr morr quiri girls of Ihr- Srnior rlass. Hrr only dislihr' srrms lo hr' ronrrilrd pro- plr. Edward Bayer Ed Vocational br. H1-X 43 Vis. Ed. 2, 3, 4, Ag. 1, 2, 3, 43 Exhibit Team 33 Basketball lg Demonstration 4, Project winner 3, Keystone farmer 4. Ed is n good mlrh for Ihr' girls as hr is lall, blond and furry good looking. Rose Ann Bednar Rose Commercial May Day lg Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Rosr -'wants fo hr a nufnhrr plrasr' girl or a lzorzsmuifr. flnyonz' who llhrs spaghrlli will lihr Rosr. Irene Bird Rennie Commercial Y-Teens 4, F.H.A. 1, Hiller Stall 3. "Oh good llI'1I'UI'7I.l' lo l71't.vy" rays Rrnnlr ax .fllr fworlex for a lug ojfirr' ax a Jfrrrlary. Frank Bochek Bo General Band l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President of Home Room 4. Sn' that professional baxkrfllall playrr nfvrr illrrr? TlIHl'I Bo, hr Theodore Bober Ted General Tnl didn? join any club: -wllllr' going lo Trinily. Ili: rfllfllllflllll 1: lo lu' an I'lI'l'll'lf!ll I'Il!llIll'l'I'. Good lurk, Trd. Catherine Braden Falhy Academic-Commercial Latin Club 1, 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Officer 31 Home Room Olli- cer 3, 41 Olympus Staff 3, 43 Hiller Staff 3, Oo-'I'o-College Club 3, +3 Future Nurses Club, fwrnl lo Trinity. rl ' l i Mary Jean Brice Jean Lloyd Bricker Little Brick Commercial General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Home Ec. Club 2, 3. Mary .lran'.f ambition ir lo ln' a .wrrrlary and mer all llllllk .vln"ll lllllkl' a good onf. Gayle Briggs Gayle General-Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -I-1 Usher 3. ll'rll fwlmf do you knofw, Gayle larolv' rlfr fworldlv rrrord for type ing ilu' fasiosl. Mary Lou Cain Mamie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home EC. 1, 2, jr. Class Play Usher 35 May Day 2. "Oar of illfsr days" .rays Mary Lou, l'm going to lu' a tflrpllom' ojlrralor. Mary Lou .rrrlnx Io like ll'aym':l1urg. ll'f' fwum1'rr fwllyf Did you llI'IU' Ilia! Brlfk llulll Illfs nrfu: .rrlmolf Thal'.f fwlmt lu' alfways fzuarllfd lo do you knofw. Samuel Bruckner Sam General History Club 3, 4, Olympus Staff 3, 43 Home Room Presi- dent 4. llfr' fwish Sam lolx of lurk in aulo drxvignlng as that is hi: ambition. Margie Calcutt Margie Commercial May Day 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -lg Commercial Club 3, 43 Oflicer 4, Home Room Oflicer 3, +3 Student Council 4. Prrily lilflz' Margir ll0Pl'J' to gf! marrird fwhirh fu.-on't hr hard for lwr. Sho likzuv In sfwim and to skate. Monitor 2. 3, -lg May Day l, +3 Honor Attendant 4. I gums Ca!l1y'.v dn-am farm' Iruf. llfrr .sllr ronwx Ill a llI"1.L' pofwdrr lflur Pnnlrar. ll Patricia Caldwell Patty Academic Latin Club 1. 2: Go-to-College Club 3, +3 Nurses Club 3, 4, lVl0nitor 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. Party is a masir lofvrr and shi' plays Ihr piano lihr I.iln'rarr. Sour uolrs lia-vw no plan' in hw' lifr. Chappie Chatman Chappie Commercial Band I, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 -lr. District Band lg Dis- trict Band 4. Chappir is our of thr morr arlifur IIlt'llIhll'I'.F of Ihr Srnior Class of Trinity. lla' wants io furihrr his studios' and hrromr somrthing. Thosr in Shorthand rlass ran if-Il you .flllllfllllilg ahoul Chaplfir's in- irlliyrnrr. Carl Chadwick Carl General Student Council 1. Carl's srrn and sz-ldom hz-ard, hu! hr is quitr a nirr guy onrr you gr! lo hnofw him. Paul Checonsky Blondie Academic Student Patrol. You ran find this fwfll-drrssrd lad in thi' hall learping Ihr .lrajir go- ing in Ihr righi dirrrlion. Don'l br too shofkrd if you find him solnrday playing a musiral zn- strumrni. llir plays thrm all.j i Q 0 Ur J- Walter Chester Chet Vocational Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Music Club 3, -l. "Don't mrss around" Chr! or you might ln' sorry. Hr dorsn'l lihr snohhy proplr and hr lwanls to hrromr a Navy Carrirr. Guy Conklin Guy General F.F..-X. 1, 2, 3, 4. Guy is onr of our Futura Farmrrs and avr fwish him a lor of lurk. Lihr hr allways says, "Man oughl lo do as hr srrs lil," so hr 'wants lo hr a U. S. Marshal. Floyd Craft Floyd Vocational Football 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, +5 OHicer 1, 2, 3, 43 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, Ofhcer +3 Student Council 33 Home Room Oflicer 33 F.F.A. Exhibit Team 3. Floyd will ln' driving a sport rar around rollrgr Ihr hoprsj for hr Iilrrs sharp rars. .K James Coen Jim Avademic-Commercial Senior Hi-Y. .lim's amhilion is Io graduatr. This tall, dark, handsomr hoy fwas a loyal Illflllllfl' of T.II.S. Doris Conner Doris Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, +3 Music Club 3, Home Ec. Club 1, 25 May Day 2. "l mran, ah," Shi' also mrans a rrrlain soldirr, Jimmy. Shr dorsn'I lihr pirs hal randy, sl1ofu.'s, and soldifrs mahr up for il. Richard Craft Dickie Commercial Claysville High l, 2, F.F.A. 1, 2. Difla fwould lihr to mahr a million dollars somrday. Good lark, Dirk, fwr hojw' you mahr ii. A fl n Willard Curry General Football l. 2, 3. 43 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Il'illar.l': ulnllifion is Io grI ouI of .rrhool. III' rujoyr mcillllrlirly, huuliugf null othrz' .rporI.r. III' null hi.: prrily ryrx quill hr orfully lni1.rrJ ul Trillily. Shirley Dague Coming-rcial Y-Teens I, 2, 3, +3 Librarian 2, 33 llllice Girl 3, 43 May Day 23 l".ll..-X. l. No .fluy al holnr' i.r Shirlf-y.' Shi' iIi.rlil'r'.v noixy ffroplr hui .rhr .w'1'1ll.v lo lfhf nfl .fliorlx IIA' you .wwf hrr nl moxl of Ihr r'4'r11I.f. Donald Davidson Huckle Gene ral "IJ zu! xo!" .iuyx Don fu'ln'n you ml' him o Ulllbfflllll. Louis Craig Louie General VVrestling 2, 3, 4. l.oui1' ir knofwn aI T.Il,S. in rou- m'4'Iion fwilh 'LL'l'I'.l'fliIlfl of fwhirlf hr har o awry good rI'folul. Iilloxl- ly fFill.Y.j lli.r anzhiliou ix Io yr! u lol of huof1L'lmlgI'. Shrimp if hi, fa-z'oriI1' food oml you r1m'l nfl' him II Ihing fwilhoul glrlling Ihr ou.vfu'rr "You fwanun hnofu' illlllif yu?" Patricia Crawford Pai Commercial F.ll.iX. 1, 4. "Numl1rr l'lfo.v1'?" Lu-ill hr Ihr f'!l.l'.F auoril for Polly. Shr lilrfxv Io ful llllrl .vlrrfr ur moxl of ux Jo. 1-I Eileen Cramer Shorty Commercial and Gem-ral F.l'l..'l. l, 23 Y-'lieells I, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus Z, 33 Future Nurses Club 2. 33 May llay 2. "lJou'l juilgw othrrx hy you1'.wlf,' .myx KI'r1uy'x fluifw, lfilrru. William Crispin Bill Vovational-.Xgrieultural Ag. l, 2. 3. 4, lilll IJ u I1llII'f hoy uuil llll urilrul 1rn'1nln'r of Ihr I". I". .I. 11101353 Roger Dague Roger Vocational Football 2. 3, 43 NVrestling 2, 3, -I-3 Sr. lli-Y3 Agr. Officer 1, Z, 3, +3 Home Room Ofliver I, 2, 3, 4. llr ix u llllllaijllllll' fair lllliffzi man of Ihr ouliloorx. Rllflfl' Iikm- fool- holl, .ffwinznlillgf and fwrr.s'Ilil1g. lliy umhilfou ix lo go to I'llllI'!lf'. Norma Jean Dahl Janie Commercial If Irnfurlingf around Ihr fworlil you miyhl ruorl up with Janiv, ax John'- iluy hor ulnhilion ix Io Irafvrl. Margaret Davis Peggy Commercial l'rg1gy hu.r Ihr' Illllllifilill of lzring Il .w'4'I'r'Ir1l'y. Shi' muy! ln' fu'f'll pl4'r1.v1'J ax .rho hux no .Ii.clikr.v. David Duy Spark Academic Sr. Hi-Y 3, Ir. lli-Y 1,25 Latin Club 1, 2. ll'hr'n you gf! rirh "Spark," lrll ox hofw you .Ii.I il. Gui Desmond Gunner CouunerviaI-General lizlakelball l, 2, 3, +3 Baseball 2, 3, 4. llrrr ix anolhn' .ri1m'1',f.ffiil lnil- lionairr from Trinilv. ll'r hopr Gunnrr .rinw'r.l,r in grllino hix lnillion. Monty Denman Bones General ll'hrn "Bonny" gris his monry from t'Il!ll7Il'l'l'l!Iy, thi' good foml, good Jrinhx, and good loolzing fxuznmvi -will ronn- natural. Joseph Desmond Lenny Commercial-General Band I, 2, 3, 43 Mny Day 1, 2. Lrnny fwill .ri1r'1'nul in golfing hix first. inillion hy living Il famous nio,m'mn. i S 7' Ur J- ig ' Norma Jean Deyell Hon Hg, General ' , F.H..-X. l, 21 Y-Teens 4. Hon fwanfs to ln' a faxhion tlrxign- 1'I'. Shi' likrs food, ilixlihfs un- friwntlly pi-uplr. Eli Dille Ike General bl. Hi-X 3, +3 jr. Hi-X 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, +3 Vis. Ed. 2, 3, -lg Mixed Chorus 1, 33 Hall Patrol 4. Eli Ku'anl.r lu lu' a ilraffxman. llr lihi-J lo Jlllllll, flanrr, and sll'l'l'1' antl mos! of all hw likrx girls. Phyllis Doak Phyl Academic Future Nurses Club 3, -lg Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, +5 Go-to-College Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2. With Phyl as Ihr lioslrss on your planr, you fwill nrfufr hfww Io frar. Sho lihrx ilanvinyl. .vfwin1min!l. onli 'Utll'llll0II.f. , 1 Kenneth Dicks Kenny General VVrestling 2, 3, 41 Football Man- ager 3, 43 Band 1, 2. Krnny likrx anything ronnrflrd fwiih fooil and hr fwanlx Io gr! rirh quirk. Thai is prolly impor- .vihlr tllrsr ilayx. Beverly Doak Bev .-Xcademic-General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. -lg Future Nurses Club 3, 4. lirfv is going to rnakr hrr fulurr ax a nnrxr. Shr hoops in lrim hy going hofzcling. Mary Dubina Mickey Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Flag-twirler 3, 4. Mary fwill hafvr to go to Holly- fwoofl fo niarry a lllllll07l1llI'f'. Shr ran go .lanring and .ffwilnming fwilh hirn Ihrrr. Good lurk, Jllary. Patty Dubina Pat Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Hiller Stall 3, Home Room Oilicer l, 29 Student Council 1, Home EC. Club 1. TlIFI'I' 'will br' a lol of good Innk- ing 41,L'IlIIlI'71 iwhwn Pai grlx dum' fwiih Illrnz a.r lll'l' alnllilian is In ln' a In-aufirian. Slu' Jislikfzv .flatly- ing aflfr .fflmnl IIOIIFJ. Nancy Ealy Rusty Commercial-General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, F.l'I..'X. Club l, 21 May Day 2. You l11't'l1'l' .rfarl .flllllffllillg for Nanfy'.f name in llglfir Juan, as llfr amllilion is Io lu' a famous tlmzrrr. Sin- likrs la .rfwim and .rhr di.vlil'r.r sflzool. James Dunn Jim Academic jr. Hi-Y I, 2, Sr. lli-Y 3, 4, Olympus Staff 3, 4, Latin Club l, 23 Hall Patrol 4, VVrestling 3. This founiry fu-ill ln' in youll Illllpl' fwifh .lim ax fu'r.viJr'n1, hu! a prrx- itlrnl hay In yr! up rarly fwhirh .lim llalvx lu Ju. Mary Ann Edens Tex Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 41 Monitor 2. Tax ln'!I1'r yri rauyhf up unlhrr .vlrrp brforr .fllr lllI'l'llllIl'.f a Sfwltrll- board Rfrfpliurzlxl. Sin' llkfr roll- rr .rkafing lfui .rllr tliylikry .l'l'llll0l. 5211101353 Phyllis Elliot Phil .'xCZ1ll6lIllC Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -lg Latin Club I, 2, Future Nurses Club 3, 4: G0-to-College Club 3, -I-Q Stu- dent Council 4: Oilice Girl 4, Majorette 2, 3, +3 May Day lg Monitor 3, 4. Pfllpll' -will hr' fwrll Hlkfll farr' of if Ihry yr! Pliyl as thrir nurxr. Phyl likrx daufiny and all ,vporlx aml Jhr tli.flil'rs 4'lHH'l'lfI'tl proplr. llrl' faqfariir saying is "Tl1ai'J 0.lx. Marilyn Eustis Mar Academic Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 3, 4, l.atin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Play 33 Usher 4, Olympus Staff 4, Monitor 3, +3 Gflice Girl 4, Mixed Chorus. Marilyn aimr lu br a "Lady in ll'hiIr." Sin' likrs Jpaghrlli and frrnrll frirxr and :hr Ji.rlikr.f ran- rrilrd lnrnplr. George Fallinger George General F.F.A. 1, zg jr. H.-Y 1, 2. Grorgr ha.: all Ihr qualitirs In fulfill hi.r ambition lo br a good rilizrn. Hr likrs .vporfs and mrs and hr has no tli.rlik1'.f. Fred Engle Windy ' Vocational 3, 4, Exhibit Team 3, Demonstration Team 41 Ag. 1, 2, 3, -I-3 Oflicer 4, Sheep Club 3, -lf. lffimly likrxr girls .ra iwrll, uv' lmpw ln' nnv'!.r .vrnnr lo-vfly .w'nr1rilax 'LL'hl'7I ln' yor: lo Souih .'IIlll'l'll'll. Hr lilwxf lo slffff and ral alnl ln' tliylikfx Sfnior IZNIIHHJII. Karl Evans Babe General Karl Jnr'Jn'f lllI'UI' any .vprrial am- lzilion. llix falvoriir .saying is "Liam happy afirl' English flaw." Mary Jane Ferralli Jeannie General Hiller Staff 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 F.l'l.A. 1, 2. Vaughn ir going In hafvr a fwon- tlrrful hnusrfwifr fwhrn hr marrirx Mary Jran. Sllr' likrr frrnrh frirx and fliylilzrs ranrrilrd proplr. Hrr fa-'uorilr saying is "Wait for mf Shirlfyf' 3, 4. Ronald Fonner Ron Academic Band 2, 3, 4. Grnr Krupa hrllrr look to "hi: laurrl.r" hr1'au.w' Ron is going fo grl rlrh fax! and rasy hy lwating his All'lllll.f. Harold Fullerton Herk General Football Manager 45 Basketball Manager 15 Baseball Manager l. llrrk ainu io ln' an .-lir Forrr Pilol. Ili' likrx .flvorts and .lixlikrs Srnior Srirnrr. Edwin Frederick Eddy Academic jr. Hi-X l, 2, F.F.A. I, 2. Ed'i hard io got along fwilh. Hr has no .rprrlal lnlrrrsl or dom' hr? lllayhr' hr' has a Sfrrrt Lofvr. Eunice Gallagher Babe Academic Latin Club 1, 23 Go-to-College Club 3, 43 Future Nurses Club 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Orlicer 33 Monitor 2, 45 Program Seller 35 Hiller Staff 33 May Day 1. Pr-oplr fwill hr ahlr to und1'r.tfaml tlijrrrnt languages a lot hrlfrr hr- fauxz' Eunirz' if going lo be an infrrpr1'!1'r. Shr likes lo .rfwim and ilanrr hut a'i.vlikr.r Jl'lf-l'l'IIll'I'l'Ll proplr. Har fnfvoritr .raying is Ufllrighl! .-llr1'arly."' Ur- Sf Edwin Gaul Latin Club l, 22 Sr. Ht-X 3, 43 Olympus Stall 3, 45 Football EJ likrs Io hxh and hun! and hr' flislikrs r'om'ri1rd Pfllplf. Hr aims lo go lo rollrgf. Hi: fafvorin' .ray- ing ix "Yo11'1'f' a good group." Billy Ann Gray Billie Academic Centerville 13 Monitor 23 Lat- in Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 43 jr. Class Playg Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Future Nurses Club 4. Billir aims to go to rollrgr and nu-rl nrfu: proplr. Shr dislikr: night-'work and hig fwhfrls. Fa-vor' ilr .raying is "Y1'ah." John Greenlee Jack General F.F.A. 1, 23 Sr. Hi-Y. John wants to br a .vuruwsful doa'- Ior. Wi' Ihink hr ha: wha! il takrx Io do 11. Good lurk, John! Hafwng-iw, Charles Gilmore Chuck Commercial Sr. l-li-Y 3, 45 Vis. Ed. 2, 3, 43 jr. Hi-Y 1, 23 Baseball Man' ager 23 jr. l'li Track 15 Hall Patrol 4. Thr' nafvy is going lo haw' a ruff looking .sailor fwhrn Churk joins. llf'hr'n hr ffm .f0lIlI'0Il1' in 'Ihr' nafvy fwith a hrokfn lag, you mlghl hfar him say, "Na.rly hrr'ak." James Greco Speedy General Baseball 13 jr. Hi-Y 1, 23 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 45 Home Room Ol'l'iCer l. .flnyonr rwanl Ihrir rar fixed? llfrll juxl Iakr' it Io Jimmy br- muxr' hr -'wants lo ln' a II1I'l'll11lll.!'. Spf-nly likrs fast rar: am! llfgilllll luis: his faivorilr rlasx, rhrmulry, and Mrx. .-luld 'wry murh nrxl yl'lU'. Harold Gregg Hal General Football 1, 2. Harold likrs nirr looking ram and hr' aim: lo ha-vr' a lrawrling joh. Hr dislikrs "phonir.r." Hi: favor- itr' .raying if "Thai looks sharp." Go-to-College Club plw " lloxxiul. Mary Guzel Babe Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Oflicer 4: Teens 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Future Nurses Club 3, 4, Monitor 3, 4, Program Seller 33 Usher 4. .-lntly'.r going lo hum' ll goml llllll,fI'fLL'lfl' fwlirn ln' Nl1ll'l'll'J illury. llrr fnfvorilr saying ix, "You'rr u rrnzy IlIlXl'tl up kill." Shi' lilers In tlllllff' llllil ili.tlil'1'.t l'llllt'l'lll'il pro- Linn Hamilton Linn Band 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Oflicer l. If Linn kfrps up llli' good fworl' of fzcinning prizfs for his rulilw, hi' fwill llI'l'0llII' ll millionuirf, Ili' Iikrr foorlfall and tli,tlikr,f living Lois Hallam Bugger Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: History Club 2, 3, 43 Officer 33 Latin Club 3, 41 Ollicer 3, 43 Olympus Staff 3, 43 Librarian 4, Home Room Officer 3, Go-'l'o-College Club 3, 4, Future Nursea Club 3, 4, Moniter 3, 4. gl frifmlly and fun lnfving tlixjwo- .virion .vhoultl flll'f!lt'l' l,oi.r'.r nmlli- lion lo IHFUI' Illllfll munry. Shi' likin- .vlirirnp untl .lifliki-.t llon1i'ftt'ol'l'. Kathryn Hampson Katie Commercial Y-'lit-ens I, 2, 3, 4, Colnmercial Club 4. Knlir'.f umlfilion ii In go Io vol- lrgr. Sin' llA'I'J nirr t'llll,II'.f, footl, nntl lfoys untl Jlu' tlixlikrx nigh!- flL'IH'l' untl .vnollby pvoplr. llrr fu- fuorilr .toying ix "You oltl lIll'llllll'.u 'B 'llU ld -..l to Barbara Hartzell Barbie Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4, Home Room Orlicer 1. linrll -will lnakr II wfry ruff' .r1'r'1'1'- lury .ro Barry you llrtlrr fwnfrll .Chr tlor'.rn't -'work for n young lfo.tJ. Burl: lilerxr Jnnring and frrrifli frirx untl grufvy. Joanne Hayden Jo Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council lg Class Officer lg Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Thi: liftlr' miss is small lzul lm.: I1 lat of prp. Shr 'would makr' a vfry rfrlfnf frrrflary. Slzr likri frnil and tllxllkfs mrrolx. llrr fl!-'UOI'll!' Juying ix "0 ll1'llo." Richard Headley Rich Academic Latin Club 3, 41 History Club 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4. Rirh iu.'un'I ha-ur lo fwork Io ful -whrn.ln' lll!U'l'll'.l' u fwornun fwiill u million tlollurzv. Hr' tli.vlil'r'.r liornmcork. Commercial-General Commercial Club 3, 43 Y3I'eens 1, 3, 4, Usher 3. Nanr'y'.r ambition i.r ro lzrromf ll "numbi'r' plrnxr girl." SI11' llkl'J tlllllfllly and skating and flu' dl:- llluxr ronrrltml proplr. llrr fuqfor- :lf ruying IJ "Cornr ou! of Il." Thomas Hayes Tom Academic Latin Club 1, 2, History Club 33 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 43 jr. Hi-Y 1, 21 Orlicer 2: Class Oflicer 3. If anynnr has lhr alliliry to ln'- fomf a dortor if: Tom. Hr' likr: f'I't'IH'h frifi and ln' tliililw noixy pfoplr. Donald Heist Ducky General Wrestling 2, 31 Manager lg Score keeper 43 Vis. Ed. 2, 3, 4. Durky ir u happy ga lufky boy. II1' Iikrs .tporlf untl Jixlikvr homo- fworlf. Ili: fa-vorilf' saying ix "You fliflflnl your lid." Eileen Henry Ike Commercial Y-Teens 2, 3, 41 llome Room Oflicer 2, 3: May Day 2. 1kr'.r iunlzilion ir In br a n'u'4'Ir11'y. Shi' llfwzv good fnoti uml tlllilfillg and tllslzkrx .rlmfwoffx nml .rlurk up propif. Wayne Hewitt Waylw Couuuercinl lll'l.L'flj',V Jays, "I Jitln'f lurun lo. Ili' likruv In Jri-vi' :mtl llix only dix- Iilw' i.r ll0Illl'fLL'1lI'l'. Ifuym' aims to gr! into tin' rlrr- lronifzf will uf radio ami T.l'. llr Rachel Herron Rach Academic Go-to-College Club 3, 4: Ullicer 4: Cafeteria Club 3, -I-3 Otlicer 3, -lg Nurses Club 3, -lg Y-Teens 3, -lg F.H.A. 3, 43 Demonstration 'l'enm -l-. Rurhfv amlfilion 'LCIIJ' to marry lx'runj' fwllirll .vllf fulfillfti juxt ri'- rrully. Sin' likfr .rporlx um! dis- lilwxv !ll'tlUl'lIy jlroplf. Zenobia Hill Teelfnby Qltlllllllk'l'Cl1ll-.'xCZltlt'llliC Commercial Club 3, -l-. T1'1'Bal1y'.r alllbilion is Io lu' II pri- -zvlh' .rrf1'f'I11l'y. Sin' lil-,xc lillllfilly :Intl .ringing ami yin' tlislilwx llosxy llroplr. ui N. 'F I I Ur J Phyllis Holmes Phyl Commercial Cheerleader 2, 3, -lg Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: 'l'-Club 3, 43 Future Nurses Club 3, -lg May Day 2. l'l1il'.r main ilIfI'l'l'.ff is Tmltly. Sin' fltlf tlll imporlnnl ring nn luv' lffl lmml, Sin' likrx Tmltly null xln' Ji.vlil'r.v srliool. Joan Hudak Blondie General F,H..'X. l, 23 Y-'l'eeus 2. fllix blur'-1'yf'fl blond -will yo for Ill Iln' fwnrlll In -wlnilmirr .elif tlnrr. Marolyn Hufford Mimi General O rchestra. Jllnrolyubr amlzition is to l1l'l'llIfI1' ll "7HIlIIllI'l' plraxr girl." Shi' likrs hofwling and popular musif and Jin' llixlikrx rorzrrilnf proplr. Barbara Hootmun Hootie Academic Latin Club I, 2, 3: Mixed Chor- us l, Z, 33 tio-to-College Club 3, -tg Officer -lg llistory Club 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -tg tlflicer -lg jr. Play 33 llome Room Urli- cer 23 Class Oliicer 33 Olympus Staff 3. 4, Future Nurses Club Z, 3, 4, May Day l. Ilonlirfr llllllfifillll ix lo go In rol- If-yr ami IIIIIAV' Il Illini nf lllllflfy. I"lI'1'lII'ifI' .vaying i.r "Tlmnk.f a llllIlI'll.H Sin' likfzr .ffI'l1A' ami Jfwirn- miny nml llfl' tlixlilw' ix .vlurk up proplf. .IoAnn Huffman .lo Academic Nurses Club l. Jo.-lnn'.v ambition is lo lffrnnxr an- lifllfl' UF1lH'l'lIl'l' lvlflllfl'll!llllI'.H Shi' llA'l'J tillllflllfl and 5flL'IlIlllll!l!l nm! tlr.vlll'r,r rfllool. llrr fafvorllr lily- lllgl 1.r "Sl1arp ,H .lune Hull June Conunercinl X-leeus 2, 3, -lg Band 2, 3, 4. fum' har made llfllllfiffll musir in our bam! for lhrrr yrars. Ilrr am- bition is to ln' a .vf1'rr'I11ry. Hfr fafvorilr myingz ix "Do you haivr your l:'ng1li.cl1 1,IlIlI'.fn Louise Johns Lucy Commercial Lury ln-'Urs In ilflllfl' and lI!l'Z'I' Il good Hlllf. Prnjrlr' Ihal hragf maler Lury angry. I.ury is surf In nmhr Jlllflfffllllg of ln'r.vr'lf ay ,rhr is furry llffI'I1lifI'l'I'. Robert Johnson Bob Vocational Sr. Hi-YQ F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. "Thr Irulh ix fwhal hurI.r," Jrlyx Boll. Ili' Lu-ill prnhallly ln' fiyiny high Jlllllftlfly ar hr' fwanls In ln' a pilol. John Julos John General Hall Patrol 4. JIIIIIIIJ only Illlllllflllfl-ii' In grmlu- aIr'. I'.0.D. rlr1.v.f is fwhwn hr' mlrhrs up on .wrnr slrfp, flllllij why hr lihm il. Summers Hunter Summers Academic Sr. Hi-Yg jr. Play 3. Summer.: is rrrlainly up in Ihr' air 0fUI'l' planr: and girlx. llr Ji.:- lihzxr flrnplf who fall' Inn murh. James Irey .lim General Student Council 1. .lim likrs In mhz' lifr Huy and lllllkl' IIIIHIOIIX in Ihr yrarx Io rornf. Senior English tlor'xn'I agrrf -with him. To girl up in Ihr nmrning if Ihr h1u'ilr.fI flllllg for him In ilu. Margaret Hurzon Slick Commercial 'I'-Club 3, 43 Office Girl 2, 3, 4. W'iIh Ihr .rfwrrl -vain' Slirh has Jhr -will nmhr Il gum! Irlrphum' uprralor. llrr fa-vorilf' .myiny is "Slmrp." Karol Jacobs l'nrol Cuuuuvrciul Band 1, 2, 3, 4. If you arf uul flalirilzg In Il .mcfll lmntl in ll nightrlnh .mllzflilrlr in Ihr futurr, you miyhl rrrvynizr lx'arol'.r lmnfl. f1-IllUill3 Shirley Johnson Shirl Commercial F.H.A. Club 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Demonstration Team 23 Ollicer l, 3. Shirlry fwantx In gr! lnarrir'fl aml rrarleing gum .rn'rn.r In gr! on hrr 1n'rLvr.r. "Good llra-Urns" you'll hfar hrl' .my fwhrn .mmrlliing gow fwrfnry. Shirley Jordan Shirl Academic Future Nurses Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 35 Cafeteria Club 43 Uflicer 43 Y-Teens 1, 3, 4. Shirl is alfways frying Io hflff 0Ihr'r.f out. If you fwnnf In gr! your hair fixrd, loolz up Ihr Jordan Brauly Salon. Nancy Keenan Nance Commercial Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Librarian 3: Ofhce Girl 43 May Day 2. Nanfr 'will hr a good .rrfrrtary. fw1"r1' surf. Musif and ,rfwimming .wfrn Io hr lop: -with Narzrr. F i Thomas Kelley Tom Vocational F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, judging Team 1, 2, 3: State Project VV1nner 1, 2, 3: Dairy Club 3, 43 Hall Patrol 43 Olympus Stall 3, 4. lVh1'ri' Ihr'r4"s a good farm, yoa'll fiml Tummy luwausr a tlairy farm is his amllilioa. Stark up praplr ilon'I ayrrr -'wilh him. Roy Kinder T-bone Vocational Deniomlration Team 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Project VVinncr 4: F.F.A. State Band 4, Orchestra l. 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 4. I garss Ihr first prrson in our rlass to mahr a million fwill hi' Roy ln:- rausr lhar is his amlurion. His fafvorilr ilish is T-hom' slrak. Shirley Kimberland Shirley Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 'I'-Club 3, 4, F.l'l.A, lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3. Shirlry lilers to go plan-s with a frrlain hay narliml Difh. Nosry proplr makr hrr unhappy. If you fwanl Io hnofw anything about a mosvir just ask Shirley, sh1"ll hnafw. Jean Kler Jeanne Commercial Commercial Club 4. 7'lIl'l'I"J .lrannr .fllllllfl al Ihr' flash of our of our rilirs largrsl ojpifrs. Q Q Q Ur J- X William Kirk Bill Academic St. Clairsville 1, 2, 3, Trinity 4. Bill lihrs P.0.D. rlass antl hr' also rnjoys playing pool. llis othrr spr- fial lil-r is any Italian food. Barbara Knestrick Nutty Academic Latin Club 2, Go-to-College Club 3, 4, T-Club 3, 4: Home Room Uflicer 2, Student Council 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus l, 2, Future Nurses Club 3, 41 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: May Day 1. Barh's Iwo favoritr past-lilnrs arf 4'hr1'rlfading and lor. Shr plans lo marry Jar' and hafvz' a happy lifr. Wi' -'wish hrr all Ihr lurk in Ihr fworlil. Frances Kulla Fran Commercial 'I'-Club 3, 4, Home Room Oili- cer 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Club lg Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, T-Club Olli- cer 4: Librarian 2, 3, -I-Q May Day 1. Fran 'will main' a nirr numhrr plrasi' girl. Shi' dislilers snohlvy pf-oplr. Slwimming and danring arf thy- 'way shi' sprnils mos! of hm' limi' fwhrn shr isn't with Dasvr. Mike Kolycheck Sonny Commercial Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2. Mil-r"s frwaritr saying is "God hrlps Ihosr fwho hrlp thi'lnsrl-'v1's." Good looking fwoinfn arf lllile1"s iilols. Girls tha! arf' haril Io gr! along wiih, Miki' dorsn'I mmn givr fhrm a glanrr. Robert Korowicki Luck General "IJon'l judgr olhrrs hy your's1'lf" says Lark. Food is his holzlzy, hr- siilrs Ihaf his amhilion is Io go Io fworh and makr a lol of monry. Beatrice Lahosky Bebe General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, F.H.A. 23 May Day 1, 2. llfhrn you hoard a planr for snlnr- +whrrr, ilon't In' surprisrd if B1-ln' ordrrs you to fastrn your safrly hrll as thai is hrr amlzilion. John Ledger Johnnie General Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3. .lohnnir is happy ax long as Ihrrr is plrnty of musir and girls around. If your airplanr'l landing right, frll Ihr pilot, Johnnir. William Levers Little Bill Academic Football 2, 3, -l-Q Sr. Hi-Y, jr. Hi-Yg Latin Clulu 1, 23 Home Room Oflicer 1, 2, Student Coun- cil 23 Baseball 2, 3, -l. Bill lilzrs to drink rhrrry .rnzaxluns lly thr gallon. Go.f.fiprr.v don'1 hit it of too fwfll 'with Bill. Giddy girls how' him. Tr-ll him .mmf of your trouhlr: and hr'll .say "Na.vly lIl'l'IIh'.H Ronnie Lenthall Ron Academic Track lg jr. l'Ii-Y lg Home Room Oflicer 1: Vis. Ed. 23 May Day 33 Olympus Staff 3, 43 Sr. Hi-Y. Ron likrs souprd up rar: lull Slatr Polirf dou'I lihi' thrill, .ro fwhat, hr' do1'.fn'l lihf Slalz' l,lllil'I'. Mildred Littleberry Milli? Academic-C'omtm-rcial Monitor 2, 3, 4: Latin Clulv I, 2, 3, -lg Go-to-College Clulv 3, 4, Footliall llsher 4. .llillir fwill lualw' a .r-'uwll fI'lIl'ilI'l' .mmf of lhfw days. IVhf'n .vlirfr not danring or .rl-aling, .rln".f ruling hllllllllll Jplils. 51-111033 Wilma Lyke Wilma Commercial Y-Teens l, Z, 3, -l-Q Mixed Chor- us 2, 3, 4. ll"ilma 1-will hr' ll .vfwrll lloiinlwifr' lo Dirk and if .fhr ha: any .fparr limr, .shi-'Il prollallly ln' lyping for .mmf rxrruli-vf. Wray Malone Wray Academic-General Airplane Club 3. W'hrn H'f'ay is piloting planrx around Ihr fworld, -'wr hopr' hr ri'- lm'lnlu'i'.r his old I'l!l.l'.l'lIlllfI'.l'. Betty Marra Betty Commercial Y-Teens 3, 41 Olympus Stal? 4: Commercial Club 3, 43 Othcer 4: May Day 1. You ran rxpr-rl lo .rrr B1'lly'.f ar! in Ihr ,4rI Gallrry a.r hrr amliition if to hr' an ariisl. Edith Lyons Edie Commercial F.ll.A. 1, 2: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: 'I'-Cluh 3, 43 History Clula 2, 3, -lg Home Room Ollicer 2: Student Council 2. Don? llr .rurprisrd fwhrn you pid- up your frlrphonr' lhi.r fall and hrar lfdir' .my "lVuml1r'r pl1''." Marie Maloy Sis Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 May Day 2. Si: if going fo hr' a .tfrrrtary and a good onr al thai. Wr fwixh hrr lolx of lurh. Richard Martin Dick General Home Room Oflicer 1, 2, 3: Class Officer lg Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 23 Ollicer 1, 2: May Day 1, 2. llfomrn and rar: arf lowrd hy Dirk. Ili: ambition is Io brromr a jfr pilot! 'TY' Richard McClay Butterball Shirley Martin Sam Academic Home Room Ollicer lg Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -l-1 Latin Club I, 21 Go- to-College Club 3, 43 May Day 1. Sam lriauzv In ral, mcim and tlanrr. HH' fwlrli lirr lurk fwlirn .vlir grnxv fo rullr'g11'. Wilma Mayne Winky Couuncrcial Mixed Chorus l, Z, Y-Teens Z3 lnbraruan 2, May Day l. ll'ilnm fwill uxr lirr ffwnrilr .my- Ill!! "I Jo" aml .man lu' l'r'f'lHl1y houn' for Jann' lurky num. Dorothy Mayne Dotty Commercial Y-Teens 1, 3, Commercial Club 3, 41 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Business Leaders 3. Iffvrzi though potty ix .r1'f'i'rml'y-In ll lfiy 1'xrfi11l+vr, flu' fwlll rnjoy fliirlw'li, Jwllllllllflffy flaming mul Jkllllllfl. Janet Mazzie .lan General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council I3 District Chorus. .lan fwill inrrf luis of rrlrbrili1'.s in in lirr mrrrr as an airline strfw- aiuif-,v.r. Sin- may rfvrn mfr! .mmf Fl'I'lIl'h proplr' 'who -will llrlp lin' avifli Ilia' lllllyllllgf, hm' main ills- lil-r. i Q T Ur J- Joann McClay Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -lg Commercial Club 3, -l-Q 'I'-Club 3, -l-Q Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, -lg Home Room Ollicer 45 Student Council 33 Flag Twirler -l. .lo fwanly lu ln'rv1m' lllrr. Paul Rush, and rank frrnfli frirs and youll food fur him. Ju likrxv in rnarvh -wry fwrll and .rlir dum ll 1'1'l'y yvml job of lf. Jean McCollum Jennie Commercial May Day lg Y-Teens 43 Com- mercial Club 3, 43 Latin Club 32 History Club 3, 4, Home Ec. l, 2: Olympus Stall: 3, 4. Jmnir rnjoys dancing and rook- ing, .rllr 'lL'i.l'lIl'.l' In brrnrnr I1 .rif- noyraplzrr. .lfruiir alfwayx rzgrrrr fwifll r-1u'ryIliing by .myiuy "Tlmf'J Ulf." Rae McCullough Rae General Home EC. 1, 25 Y-Teens 3, 4. ".4r1' 'wr' lllwirlg II l1'.vI?"' aslnr Rm' III .vlif mmf: into flair. .4 lorvrr of ll'lom'.v harm' ranking, Jin' fwants lo lfrromr Bill'J fwiff. Vocational Hand 1, Z, 3, 4, Vice-President +3 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, +1 Secretary 23 President -lg Sr. Hi-YQ jr. Hi-YQ -lr. lli Basketball lg F.F.A.3 State Band. To gf! lhruuyll full,-gr is ilu' am- liilion of Dirk, lirtlrr krmfwn ax HBllffI'l'lHlll.H .-I lmy nf no parfiru- lar tlislilefs arllnir1'J ll Pt'l'J0ll -'willl yoml srlixr. Jesse McConnell Jessie General WU' lzopf .11'.r.vi1' -will form- In visit ru uulifn lir inrzlnxv his million. Pflirn lir's rirli hr mn hun! and slrrp all hr fwanlx lo. Frances McKean Frankie Academic French Club 33 Future Nurses Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 21 F.H.A. l, Z1 Y-Teens 4. l"runrr.r, n girl of many likrs, fwrznly to rvifrl' Ihr' fn'ofr.v.rion of nurring. MW' fwirlz lirr lurk in llrr mrrrr. fl n Vivian Mihalovich Viv Connncrcial Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 41 lliller Staff 31 Student Council 1. Tin. umrry hrr .vailmg ir l'ifv'J am- lfilmn. Shi' fwill ln' glad fwllrn hr' ix mil of Ihr lVa4vy, Slu' rnjuyr tlanrrng and mclmmmgf. Dewey Morris Dewey General Football 1, 2, 3, 4. llruvy llrllrr IIIIWI' JIIIIII' rirh rrl- alwrs ll llr fwallfs Iv .r111'r'n'tl in ln.: amlzllmn fwlufll It In lzrromr Il mzllmnnlrr. Glenn Morrow Glenn Academic Band 2, 3, 45 Latin Club lg jr. Hi-YQ Sr. Hi-YQ jr. Play 3. Glrnn fwrmls to llrromr Il Cllrmi- ml linginrrr. Mfr knofw ln' :will lllllki' a gum! um' :mtl -wr' twirl: him n lor of lurk. Shelby McKelvey Shelby Commercial Olympus Staff 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 History Club 2, 3, 43 Ofiicer 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 41 Officer 4, T-Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, -l-Q Substitute Ma- jorette 43 Home Room Officer 4. Somnlrly, fwf arf .HU'l', Shrllly fu-ill br Jrrrflary fo tha' prrurlflrnl of Il largf' fliflll. Sllf t'lIjlIj'.f yuml frmtl, tlanring and mcllnlnlng. Mary Jo McWreath .lo Academic Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Oflicer 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Monitor 3, 43 Usher 33 jr. Play 33 Olympus Staff 3, 4, Go-to-College Club 3, -l-3 May Day 2. -Il Jn -'will probably br' tf'ar'l1ing your lzkr. P Thomas Miller Tom General "Say fwhnl you think" to Tom .llfllfr 1-rpm-ially slnrr ln' fwanls In br a l'llI'Illl.fl. Howard Morrison Howdy Academic jr. Hi-Y, Sr. Ili-Y, Latin Club 1, 23 Vis. Ed. 2, 3, jr. Play 35 Class Oflicer 2: Home Ronin OH-icer 2, 43 Student Council 43 Olympus Staff 3, 4. Ilofwtly ix a lljoy fwho likrs ffvrry- flung and tl1.fIikr.r nulhing. II1' fwnultl likr fo Irnfvrl in Europr. Donald Muncie Munce Academic VVrestling 3, 4. Don is 1Jl'I'y runlliliotu and hr fwanfx tu build 11 homf for his POI'l'7lf.l' in Ellfwood Park Plan. Hr' lfllllkj il's zilfwayx a gum! iflra In l'I'l'P.llll1' jump ahrad of your l'I'l'Lllf0l'.f. flliltlrfn in flu' fulurr. Spaglrrfti, dnnfnzg, and munf arf llrr llkfs, fonrrrfrd proplr arf lin' mum ills- Joyce McWilliams Pug Academic Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2,1 Go-to-College Club 2, 3, 43 Oflicer 3, 43 Future Nurses Club 3: Student Council 2, 3: Home Room Otliccr 2, 3: Class Otlicer 23 Clteerleader 2, 3, 43 I.ibrarian 4: Monitor 2, 43 May Day 1, 43 Honor Attendant. Cullfyf, Illllllfy aml nmrrlagu' arf lllf' fu'l.fhr'.f nf Pug. Sln' likf-.r rl1r1'r- ing awry murll null fwrinlr In yn on lu follryf. Richard Merwick Rich Agricultural F.F..'X. 1, 2, 3, -l. Srlmul uml lr'1u'l1r'r.r pl'I"l'I' Rlrll- artl. llr 'LC1lllf.f In marry If-vflyll aml fLL'n1'k al ll youll job. 10133 .loan Newlyn Ioan Academic X-leens 1, 2, 3, 4: F.ll.A. 1: Otlice girl 4. f:llIII'l'lfI'll flruplf' llllfl'l' Illl plan' lll .loau'.r llfr. Shu likry lmml1urgrr.r run! .rhr lllwzr lo tlonrr. Shir ilr- ritlrtl Io hrronu' an l'xfl'II.fl0lI of- fifrr. lim-rnadelt Orhin Bernie Commercial 'l'-Club 3, 43 Latin Club 2. Soonulay you fwill pirl' up Ihr phono uml hrar lifrnir .my "Num- hrr pl4'u.rr." Sho fwlll lhrn lu' Mfr. nlllzfrl l'nr1uk11. Sam Oliverio Sam Academic Basketball 3, -lf: Baseballg His- tory Club 33 Latin Club 2, 3. "Dorff pill lf off, do ll llllfllhn ls Samir motto. llr' fwanlx to ofwn his IILUJII !1l'0l'l'l'y 5llIl'l'. Dorothy Paige Dolly Commercial 'l'-Club 3, 4: Home Room Of- ficer 2, 31 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -lf: Majorette 3, -l-3 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, -1-3 Student Council 2, 3. Srhool on lllontlay and jraloux profllr arf al Ihr bottom of Dolly'.v lixf. Bill, ,I04lL'l"'Ul'l', lr at Ihr toll :mtl .fhr f1.L'rmIJ lo lzrromr his fwiff. i Q 5 Dr J- Clilford Pallet! Pele' General Sfoior linglish ix Prl1".r ffl prrfuf. II1' lo-ltr.: lo .vlrffi mul lIl.l' frworllr .myiny is, "llofw rlozxr Ihnf .ffl'lh'l' you!" Angeline Patterson Angie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -lg Latin Club I, 23 Commercial Club 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3: May Day. "Can I lmfzw' ihr for limi?" oth.: tlllfllf. ll"r' hopv Jhr girls nor of hrr ofwn .rr11m'tl11y. Hrr ambition lr Io lu' a .rrrrrIury. Mary Ann Patterson Toodles General VVash Highg Y-Teens 43 Home Ec 1, 2, Wash High. Tootllfnr Fllllll' lo Trinily from lf'1lJll lligh. IV1' hopr' .Ihr llhml our rrhool juxl as fwf-ll or lrrtfrl' fhau Ihr olhfr onf. William Parkinson Pnrky General Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, -lg Baseball 2, 3, -l-. Porky ltorlirllmlrtl in mos! of Ihr .rporli and luv' opprrrinlr nll thi' Ihlugx hr' hay flour for our .l'1'llII0l. lI'r hopr hr fulhllx hi.r omlzilion lo gf! rirh quirk. Donald Patterson Don General Don fwanlr fo yr! u yoml joh and Ihrn hr ltoflrs fo br alzlr to buy Il llrnml nrfw rar. llf'r' hopr hr grit Ihr jolt and Ihr rar. Ruby Patterson Ruby Commercial Home Ec. lg Y-Teens 3, 4: Usher jr. Play 35 Y-Teen Of- ficer -l-3 Usher 4. Boyxl Boys! Boys! luwr fir!! plan' on Rully Jrarfx lirr. Shf fwanls to hz' II flflilllll' Jr'H'rI11r'y. Glenn Pattison Glenn General Glrnn -will dig up a lot of nl'0ll1'7l lurk" -whrn ln' ir a landsraprr. Charles Polen Speedy General Track. In fhr' fulurr you fwill hrar "Sf1r'rtly" roaring past in hir rorle- rt. Hr likr: lnajorrttrr and hr also likrs to Jing. Myrna Loy Paul Proxy Commercial Y-Teens 4. Bring a xtrnogrophrr fwill get Proxy all llir prolly rlolllr: .shr -u-anti. Hrr 'lL'Ill'tll'llllf Jlzoultl in- rlutlr a pair of riiling pant: or sln' likws to ritlr lzorsrr ivory murh. Susanne Postgate Suzie Commercial X-leens l, 2, 3, 4. rl Jfrrrlory lilw' Suzir mn rofnr in mighty hourly rsprrially fwllrn sho ron tlonrr so fwrll. 51-111033 John Preston Johnnie Academic Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4. Slmfw! Tl1at'.r Jllllllllll' Prrxton, an ambitious and also llll.H'llII"7Jl0ll.l' mrmlirr of fhr Srnlor floss, fwllo fwanlx lo llffllllll' on arrllrologzsl. Cora Lee Kenner Cork Academic Go-to-College Club 3, 43 Officer 4: T-Club 3, 4, Monitor 2, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Officer 23 Hiller Staff 33 Majorette 2, 3, 4: Head Majorette 43 Home Room Oflicer 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Officer 4, jr. Play Usher 3, May Day 1, 2, 3. Dill you nofifr? Tllf p1'r:id1'nl'.r wifi' is fwraring R1'nnfr'.v lH'fLL'l'.I'l Jfylr. I muxl lmfvr' om' matlr for mr al onfr, Nancy Rillle Blondie Commercial Y-Teens l, Z, 3, 43 'I'-Club 3, 4. This ruff' lilllf miss will malu' a go of Illings no nmllfr wlmf .tlzr dors. Slzr -'will alfwoy: hr' rrlnrm- brrrtl ol Trinity for lzfr prrxon- nlily. Beverly Redinger Bev Academic Latin Club 1, 23 Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Officer 2, Home Room Officer 1, 43 Student Council 1, 43 Ollicer 43 Class Oflicer lg Hiller Staff 3, Olympus Staff 45 Monitor 3, 43 Majorette 45 May Day 1, 45 Maid of Honor 4. Thr' only girl in lllr' -world qlillllli' lort lim' glaxrrs mon' llmn ll hun- tlrnl limfs. Bl'1Jl.S omlzilion ix to go lo rollogr, and oft Iliis, sllr olmx to ln' o good .rrhool trarhrr. Jane Reynard Janie Commercial F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Cafeteria Club 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 May Day 2. .-Iftrr living marrinl, .lanir lworlerd as a danring irutruftoi' at flrtlzur lllurrnyhf. Dorothy Ritter Nink Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 41 F.H.A. 1, 23 Home Room Officer 1. lllhrn you gr! your ofwn homo, fwr llojrr you fwill bf' a good inlvrior tlrrorotor. Richard Roberts Dick General F.F.A. I, 2, 3. 'Tis a frat fn ji! frrf' Dirk one of Mnry'.r Jimi' l'll'I'A'J rays ar hr tryx :hors on praplf' all day. Bonnie Ross Bonnie Academic Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Go-to-Col- lege Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 21 History Club 3, 4. Binmil' fwantx Ia lrafvrl and muhrn .rlir goizv xln"ll fake ln' fvfl dag 'with her. George Robinson Hicey Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Sn' tha! engineer' ofvfr there? Tl1aI'.r Hicry Robnzxon. Hr gradu- aird juxl las! year. Connie Ross Connie Academic Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Y- Tecns 1, 2, 3, 4-Q F.H.A. 1. flllllflil' drafwr -vrry fwrll and her aim in lifr ix Iv br' an artisl. Shi' alxn 'would likr to frafwl a lol. Dr- Jr' l Jacqueline Rubick Jackie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 OH-icer 3: Home Room Uflicer 1, 2, 4. lf'1"r1' glad you like baking, br'- rau.v1' you .rurr fwill lnwr' ru urr' il ax a"LUlfI'. Richard Salsbury Dick Academic IIi.r nffw Cadillac would go 'LCifll ilu' fwmr, fwomrn and sony: ln' 'Ll.'ll71fJ'. William Schaffer Bill Academic Band 2, 3, 4. His ambition ir Io go to milf-gf on hir 1nu,viral ability of fwhirli ln' fwill yn fur-ry far. Frances Salat Frances Commercial Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 4g Secretary 43 Home Room Of- ficer 1, 23 F.H.A. 1, 2, Treas- urer 2, Demonstration Team 2, Commercial Club 43 May Day I, 2. Ilrr ambirion ix lo br a lrlfplmnr' nprralur. Sln' likrs xpaallrlfi and Hugxy. Katherine Sanders Katie Academic Olympus Staff: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Olliccr 43 Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Oilicer 4, Future Nurses Club 3, 43 Olliccr 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 2: jr. Play Usher 31 Monitor 43 pl'0gl'ZIlTl Seller 4. This urfifvr girl fwill make a good 7l1U'.fI' al lln' ll'a.vl1ingtan lloxllital llfraurr' of hiv' 4-mllrn 1'm'rgy. Thomas Scherick Tom Vocational Ir. Hi-YQ F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, -4, VVrcstling 2, 3, 4, Tllix artifw' frlln-w fwould like lo lu' a Jll1't'l'!.ff1Il farmri' and IIINJI' a girl around Ia rock his fafvorilr' foodx. Bernard Scott. The Rock General-.'Xc'adeinit' Football 1, 2, 3, -lg Baseball 1, 2, 3, -lg Vllrestling 1, -lg Basket- ball 3g jr. Hi-Yg Sr. Hi-Y: Home Room Ulhcer 3, -lg Stu- tlt-nt Council -lg President -l. Ili' 4'LL'1Ulf.I' lu llllllfl' lllx flrxl million by an ifzliwitmirr. ll'r lmpr you ilu Hrrnlr. Slzookie General Joseph Shook hVI'L'Slllllg' 1, 2, 3, -lg llome Room President 3. .lu1".f Illlllllflllll lx fu yr! ll lol of lllllllfy uf fwllirll ln' fwlll mwul if ln' l'llllllIlIlI'.l' In liler girls. Ill' .li,ililw'.v Illilfl' jirufvlr. Sally Se-ill-rt Silly .'Xc:uleiiiic Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -lg Home lic. Club 3, -lg Monitor 2, -lg Nurses Club 3, lg Usher 4. llrr umlfllinn i.r lu pau Srninr I.llrr11I1u'r. Sin' iIi.rlil'r.r llll.l'1'j' pru- fflr :mtl .vllr lllwxv lmyi :mtl iurx. Sam Shuba Sam K it'llt'I'ill-CUllllllt'I'l'l1ll llistory Club 2, 3. 4. .llllmuyfll Sum lmx nn umlliliun ln' .lnrx awry ftcwll in filing rlu.v.v. .lloy- lfr' Illwlv' lx lily fuulnlullull for rl furrrr. fl I fl Patricia Sickles Pat Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -lg May Day 3. Jllfllllllyll .vllr Inu nu 4'I'lAl!lllI am- lzlliun, Jln' lilflxr tlllllflllfl :mtl Ill'01" nav. llrr ill.rlll.w'.v art' 4'um'1'111'il jrrnplr. Elma Special Elma Coinmercinl May Day lg Conunerciul Club 3, -lg Y-Teens -lg Usher -l. llfr amlzitiuli is In bf' ll gfoml .wr- rfiury. ll'r lllllff' .elif .riu'rr'ml.v. Elma Iikr.r tlanring and .rlir Ju- likf-J rally pfoplr. Wayne Sprowls Herky Vocational F.F.A. I, 2, 3. -lg jr. Hi-Y. ll'hrn ll'aym".r Drill rrlirfx, fwr lmpr ln' ran krrp Ihr lvlumlnng IIllJlIl1'.f.i going. uni llljil Tillie Skariot Willie Vocationsl-Commercial Home lic. Club l, 2g Y-Teens I, 2, 3, -lg Olympus Staff 3, -lg Home Room 0H'iCer 2g Com- mercial Club 3, -l. Tlllx lllflw mi.v.r -will lllllkl' Il youll .vr1'rflary for .mnir lurky man. Sln' lilw: frrflfy t'luIln'.v and tllxlikfzr ru1lf'1'iIr'tl flroplw. lie-tty Ann Sprowls Ann Vocationsl-Commercial Home lic. Club l, 2. .-lx elim fwalllx fu ln' ll tlrr'.v.i ill'- Jlynfr, .flir 'will ln' in grru! Jr- lllflllll lzy rfurryunr. Vivian Sutherland Viv General X-leens 1, 2, 3, -lg Ofhcer 3, Home lic. Club l, Z1 Home Room Officer 2g May Day 1, 3. This prflly litrlf miss fu:ru11.v In ln' Il rliilnllrr plnur girl mo. ll'r' llupf' .rllf .rIlr'4'1'r'4l.r lil flL'lluir'fl'rl' XIII' ilnrx. JoAnn Swead Jo Commercial Commercial Club 3, -lg May Day 33 Home Room Officer 3, 4. Say! Did you llflll' about Jo.-'lun? Sllr' ir nwrrtrlry lo ilu' prr.fi1lr'nI of rlmr lurgr Frm in Nrfw York. Sophie Turbuck Soplt Commercial Student Council l, 2: lliller Stall' 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4. Soffhir rwill nmfrr ln' forgottru by Iln' .vlutlrutx or lln' furulty at Trin- ily l11'r'1l11,vz' of llrr jim' prrxonolily Illltl all Iln' fworl' Jin' lmx tlonr lo nmlw' Trinily u lfrllrr xrlmol. Uootl lurk in 'lL'llllll"l't'l' you .lo Sojllzir. Adesta Tarr Dusty Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -l-3 Monitor 2. Duxfy'.r tlrligllfrj-tl1r.vr arr made of banana .vllllls and fllorolatr rolfr. Tllrnrz' ara' .ro popular that lllry ora' t'QVI'II oil-v1'l'Il.fml on TV. l.1ll1'l' lzrr xpouxor nmrrzrx hor. Harriet Taylor Harriet General llome EC. Club l. Dorf! you leuofw fwlzo Ilmt nurxr' i.r in Dr. .llllllhfi ojfirr? ll'hy- lhol'.v llorrirr Taylor from Trimly. Ur- :lf Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. Emma Jo Thomas Emma Jo Commercial-General Tllal jlolilr fuoifr .toying Ilvlllllllfl' pl1'" may bv, In ilu' future, Em- ma Jo. Donald Turk Don Academic Sr. Hi-Y, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Il'ln'n I look my tlllllglllfl' In flu' llospilol quill: a llrokru lrg, tlirrr -wa: Dr. Turkr, from Trinity lligll, my oltl rla,v,rln11t1'. Orville Varley Pooclz Academic jr. Hi-Y: Student Council 2, 3, Home Room Otlicer 2, 3, 4, Class Otlicer 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Sr. Hi-Y: President, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, +5 May Day 2. Gu:-:J fwlmt! Poorlz madz' Ihr nlll- .'1lI1l'I'll'll7l Fuullmll Tram! llf'5 alxo flu' fl'l'.l'ltll'IIl of his frrllrrnify. William Townsend Skip Academic jr. Hi-Y 1, 2, Sr. Hi-Y 3, F.I'.A. l. Sn' that llig building 'I'ofwn.r1'nd ix hufuing bull!! Ili: llfall Sll'I'1'l lmmls finally fmitl of null ln' matlr' II million tlollorx. 4 , James Ulery Jim Academic Band 2, 3, 4: History Club 2, 3, 41 Latin Club l, 2: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. In lln' fxllurf, lln' airlllom' zoom- ing ofvrr your lnfatl may lu' pilolrtl by .lim Ulrry. Jacqueline Vinisky Jackie Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, +1 Latin Club 1, 23 French Club 3, -lg Oflicer 3, 4, Go-to-College Club 3, 43 Monitor -4-g Majorette 3, 41 Fu- ture Nurses Club 3, 4, May Day 1, 2, 43 May Queen -lf. If you should fwfr land in o lla:- pztal, that prolly uurxr hy your bmi is Jarkir. You fwon'! mind faking your lIlI'Llll'llll' fwhrn .flll".l' fllfrv. General George Vitek Hunch Academic Grrnrgr, you pirkrd lllr right nirk- llllllll' Jinrr' your hunrhzxr 11lfw11ys pay off. Shirley Watters Shirl Commercial Home Rc. Club 2, Y-Teens 4. ll'1' lmpr all Sl11rlry'.f Iroublfzf arf liiilr II!lI'5 H1111 llkl' rnflk-Jl111k1'.v 11ml mkr ar fwrll 11.1 flu' Jars. Patricia Wade Pnt General F.H.A. 1, 2. You ran g1'111'r11lly fini! Pllf 1'11Ii11y frrnrh frinv and .fhrimp -wlzilr li.v- hfrring In pflffllllll' lllllxlf. Donald Weaver Mechie Comme rcial-Geeneral If Don ran lllllflllfll' In 1511.15 Srniur' Iiilljllljll, ln' may yrmlrnllf' ufirr ull. 521110113 James Weaver Hoggie Commercial-General Sr. Hi-Y, Home Room Officer 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, VVrest- ling 3. llufu' 'lmul Nm!! I 5IlfLL' Jim ll"f11- WPI' in Il nrrw blarl- l.'a1lill111'. lVofw ln' 1.1 .f11rr1111mlml by grrlr, lllllllfy, and !'lll'.l'. Edward Wigman Eddie Vocational lfildir likrx tu hun! and flvfll. II1' lIHIIf llflqll' II girl .r01n1'fu.'ll1'r1' ln'- 11111.r1' fllfl' lmyx 11rrn'! just llflllllltl ll Ilj"LL'll rrf. Charles Williams Chuckie Academic-Commercial Claysville l, jr. Play, F.F.A. 1. Thr' time 1111111 in Ihr lI'l1if1' Huusr ix I,l'l'.l'itII'IIf f:!l1ll'Il'J lI"illian1.r. Yrs llr run on flu' K.G. lifkrf. fll'I'7lfIll'l'-1' GI'7IfI'II!Jl. Charles Whitehill Stretch " I Football 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Home Room Othcer 4, Sr. Hi- Y, Student Council 4. Cl1111'l'i1' lrw1'.rl1'J in 11 fwilrlral oil- fwvll 11ml it I11r111'J flllf to bn' ll !llIJ'!II'l'! Nofw Ill' 11111 II gold- l'0fUl'l'I'n! l111Jl'1'1l111ll flour. Mary Jane Wiles MJ. Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Hiller Staff 3, Editor, Olympus 3, -1-, jr. Play 3, Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Future Nurses Club 4, Home lic. Club 1, 2, Otlicer 2, Dem- onstration Team, Future Teach- er's Club, Oflicer. lll.J. lmpfr Io ln'1'orn1' fl .rrhnnl lI'tII'hI'l' aflfr .rllv gl'11J111111'J from Sliplrrry Rurl' Collrgr. Jay Winnett .lay Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y. liar! C1U'l'0l'J .rur1'r.r.vor-Jay Win- m'II'.c l'1u1iti1'.r. Girlrl Girls! Girls! ' -'N , . 1 , I f' Mm' ' Carol Wooten Commercial-Academic Y-Teens 3, -lg Future Nurses Club: Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Carol is lllnnning Io malau a ln! nf Illflllfj' am! lllrn mln' off for Purix or .T0lll!'flL'lll'I'l' ami lnmw' u lllllfl 'l'lII'llfi0Vl. .,,:2Q2:,,. 568.0 Q Q T Ur J- llalph Hanna Bill General Bill i.r looking fnrfwarll In grmlzm- lion .rn ln' ran ralrh up -on ll-II xlrrp. Ill.v fll'l'1ll'lfl' .ruymy is, "llnfw flour llml .VfI'IA'l' you!" Those for whom we have no pictures. John Ward Herk Vocntionall If.F..X. 3, 4. Truth ix .Yfl'llIIjll'l' than fiffillll. Ilrrl' Iltllljllll u Grigrr Cvunlrr and fuuml uranium in llix lmrl' yard. Nofu' ln' llflullyx in ilu' Cuunlry Club alnl ail'i'l'l'.l' a Cmlillrlr. Hooley Ralph Mcfartney Ralph General Ralph fwill lu' rnnlrnl fwifll a gum! jul: and ll mr. :lull uf rourxr Il plum' ln' rut aml xlrrff, hix frmfrw- llr fvn,vllfnf'.r. JJIIIUBS Paul Hatfield. President Eg General Senior Hi-Y 35 Foothall 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 21 F.F.A. l, 23 Home Room Oliicer l, 2, 33 Class Officer 2, 33 Student Council 2, 3. llofw qufvr nm our gfl. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Une line autumn day in the year 1951 the Class of "55", which then numhered 392 students, entered into the halls of Trinity for the first time. .-Xt lirst we were overwhelmed and astonished at our new adventure, hut soon grew accustomed to it. Our class soon organized and elected the following class ofiicers and advisors: President ....... ..... I 'aul Hatfield Vice President .... ...... J udy Kleppner Secretary ..... .... M arlene Koskey Treasurer ................... Arla Hallden Advisors ..... ...... ..... M r s. Bartusiak. Mr. Sedlak The main events of the year were the "Dance of the Green" and the lfreshman Class Party. As Sophomores we were happier to enter once again to Trinity, knowing that we wouldn't receive lipstick as a "welcome" this year. At our Hrst class meeting we elected the following class officers: President ....... .. ................ Paul Hatfield Vice President .... .... W illiam Miklic Secretary ..... ............... B arbara Miles Treasurer .............., Marlene Koskey Advisors ............................. Mrs. Bartusiak. Mr. Sedlak The most important events were a dance and the annual class party. Entering Trinity as Juniors we felt older and had much more con- fidence in ourselves. We elected the following class otiicers: President ....... ........ I 'aul Hatfield Vice President .... .... J ames Ritchey Secretary ....... ....... J anet Bristor Treasurer ............. Catherine Mosier Advisors .... . ..... Mrs. Bartusiak, Mr. Sedlak Dr - Our .lunior year reealls many memories - and some note-worthy to mention. For the first time we had an opportunity to feel as important as Hollywood when we presented our Junior l'lay: "Our hliss Brooks." .-Xnd when we received our elass rings in Deeember we were thrilled. The old semester faded out and into the new we sponsored a sueeessful round and square dance, - and then our big presentation: "Doe VVilliams and llis Border Riders." But the outstanding memory of our Junior year was our "l'rom." The tinishing toueh ot' the year was the annual class party. James Ritchey, Vice President Bimbo Commercial lfoothall 2, 33 Class Ottieer 3. Janet Bristor, Secretary .Neademic-Commereial History Cluh 2, 31 Latin Cluh 1, 21 Go 'l'o College Cluh 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 Ottieer 2: Home Room Utlieer 1, 2g Class Utiieer 35 junior Playg Hiller Staff Editor: Olympus Statf 33 Librarian 33 May Day 1, 21 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 31 l'rogram Seller 3. 1 IMI., Catherine Mosier. 'Treasurer Kuslz Aeademie-Commereial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Student Council 1, Z3 F.H..tX. lg Majorette 2, 31 Future Nurses' Cluh 31 Home Room tlttieer 1, 2, 33 Class Uttieer 33 May Day lg Hiller Staff 3. You .1on'I knufw, do you! Kathleen Antel Kitty Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 35 May Day 15 Oliice Girl 25 Home Room OfHcer 3. Boy fwouldrfl that kill you? William Arnal Bill Academic Latin Club 1, 2, 35 History Club 2, 35 Olympus Stall 3. "LrI'J go." Samuel Ardeno Student Council Wrestling l, 3. .4in't that rrazy? Sara Auld Y-Teens 3. You xllour. THE JUIIIDB William Bane Bill Academic-Commercial Football Manager 1, 2, 35 Wrest- ling l, 2, 35 Baseball Manager 1, 2, 35 jr. Hi-Y 15 Sr. Hi-Y 3, Home Room Ollicer 2. I lmtf you, I nmfrr did likr you. Vernon Barbour Little Vernon General Home Room Ollicer 1. llofw did fha! .flrikr you? Sammy General Football 25 Sally Commercial Steve Rarale Academic-Commercial F.F.A. 1, 2. Comr and :fr mr xomftimr baby. Margaret Barlow Squirt General Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home Room Officer l, 2. l'I'h1'rr"J Pops? Commercial May Day 25 Y-Teens 2, 35 Go- to-College Club 35 Monitor 35 Program Seller 35 Future Nurses Club 35 Home Room Oflicer 35 Hiller Stall 3. ' Whfffll lirrxrhrl? Lois Beatty Lo Academic Latin Club 35 Olympus Ad Stall 35 Go-to-College Club 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 35 Monitor 35 May Day 25 Home Room Oflicer 15 junior Play 3. Y'-wanna bfi? 1 Wilma Barnhart Ronald Batson Shorty Aca demic jr. Hi-Y Treasurer 3. Srhool ix just a bofwl of r'hrrrir.r. Norman Beeler Basketball 3. Norm General It might br silly, but nin'i if fun? Robert Berry Bob William Bigler Bill Vocational Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Exhibit team 2: F.F.A. Oflicer Com, on ,,,,,,,- 25 Band 1, 2, 3: Wrestling Manager 2. 44 girl in a fur is fworlh four on Ihr sul:-fwzilk. Delphine Bredniak Del Reita Brewer Academic-General jr. Y-Teens 1, 2: Ollicer 33 May Day lg Home Room Oth- cer l, 2, 31 Librarian 23 Hiller Staff 3. Sharp! Commercial Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 May Day lg Olympus Staff 3g junior Play 35 Office Girl 23 Home Ec Club 1, 21 Home Demonstration Team 2. l'm .fo glad. f BLESS P 1351.- Margie Academic Future Nurses Club Vice Presi- dent: Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 jr. Play Committee 3. Nair. Marjorie Brice N Carl Brock Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. lirlla boyx. Joanne Bungard Jo Carolyn Burns Academic Academic Latin Club l, 23 Librarian 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Hiller Staff 35 Y-Teens 2, 33 Go-to-College Olympus Staff 33 Future Nurses Club 3. Club 33 Band 2, 31 May Day 1. Comz' on nofw. "O, Jura" Raymond Bushmire Porkey Richard Camp Dick General Vocational "IIr'llo Girl.r" F.F.A. 2, 31 Football 33 Basket- ball 3g Baseball 2, 3. To bf' alonr. Elda Briggs Commercial Y-Teens. lVouldn't you like to know? Eleanor Bryson Elly Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 junior Play Usher 3. 1.1 that Jo? I Patti Cooper Esther Capenos Gerald Chadwick Academic General Y-Teensg Hiller Staffg Future jr. Hi-Y 1, 2. Nursesg jr. Play Committee. Drop dmd. You just arrn't a brain. Eleanor Chandler Tessie Sue Clutter Suzie Commercial Commercial "Now hrrr." Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 F.F.A. 1, 23 Librarian 2, 33 May Day 2. Like hrrk you arf, THE JUIIIDB Patti Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Majoretle 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 33 Y-Teen Uflicer 3. 0 howw murrl. Evelyn Cox "l deff! kuofw." Evelyn Commercial Jeanie Coughenour Jeannie Academic-Commercial Y-'l'czms 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 31 Latin Club 1, 21 Go-to-College Club 33 Future Nurses Club 3. Uh :haul fwilh it. Helen Cox Red Commercial "Brat: mr!" Mary Jane Edwin Crites Little Bulldog Commercial -General Football 3: Baseball 3. "l 4,can'l buy that." Mary Jane Crile Home lic. 1, 2. "Holy Cofw."' Joan Crowe Joanie Dorothy Culbertson Dotly General Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 31 Y-Teens "Say-Thafs Il dandy." lv 2- 32 May Dal' 1- .."0h, I flon't knnfw about thai." Charles Dague Charlie Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 33 Base- ball Z, 33 Vis. Ed. 2, 3. Brnix mr. Jack Day Jack Vocational l7.F..'l. I, 2, 33 l'll-Y l, 2, 3. Thafx ulloul Ihr Jizz' of il. Ray Davis Ray Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Track 1. Smilr and Ihr 'world fwill :milf with you. Larry Day Larry Academic Home Room Officer 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Olympus Stall. lV1uma bfi? rl rl BL'1:n' 954 Laura Donaldson Laura Vocational-Commercial X-Ieens 1, 33 F.H.A. I, 2. .ss .4 .rmilr ix likr nn frho, il alu'ny.v rolmzr lmrl' to you. Fred Drabeck . Smitty General If .vhr fwrrr only minr. ior Play. "l'uu'il ln' Jul'pri.wil." Dorothy Doty Dot Commercial "Uh link." Florence Dragan Posey Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Oflicer 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Oflicer 23 History Club 33 Oflicer 33 Home Room Uflicer 3. "0h! That kill: mr." Priscilla Dean Patty Nickie Dclsignorc Nick Commercial Xc1dcmic Latin Club 1, 2,3 llistory Club Band 1, 2, 3 Iumm 33 Go-to-College Club 33 Y- 23 junior y Teens l, 2, 33 Ollicer 33 I'ro- H1-hu, WU ,M gram Seller 33 F.H.A. 1' jun- Patrick Deyell Pat Sarah Deyell ay Vocational-General locational heneial F.F.A. 1, 2. Claysville l me '-1.-j,1,f1,J,j,.1,.J" Cafeteria 1 luter 1 ub 1 "Oli my gosh Ruth Elliott Y-Teens 33 junior Arr you kidding? Patty Faiella Y-Teens 1, 2. Dafvr. Ward Dran Draw Academic-Vocational Latin Club 1, 23 F.F.A. 2, 33 Officer 3. Tha!'s my srntirnzfnis rxartly. David Dunn Dave Vocational-Academic F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 junior Hi-Y 1, 23 Senior Hi-Y 33 Band 33 junior Play3 Wrestling 2. DUll'f lvl ilu' slars gr! in your vyrs. Dolores Duball Dee Vocational-Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 1, 23 Oilicer 23 Home Room Omcer l. 2. Om' of lhrsr days! Dorothy Earnest Dottie Vocational-Commercial Home Ee. 1, 23 Officer 23 Cafe- teria Cluh 2: Cafeteria 23 Y- Teens 2, 33 Hiller Staff 3. "Ho-'w's lrirk.f?"' THE JUIIIDB Ruth Commercial Play. Patty Commercial Hayward Engel Hayward Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Project Winner 13 judging Team 1, 2. Exprrirm'r is Ihr brst lrarhrr. Nelson Ferg Nels Academic Latin Club 1, 23 junior Hi-Y 1, 2g senior Hi-Y 3. While Ihr fat's away, the min' must play. 14: James Ferguson Fergie Academic junior Hi-Y 1, 23 Student Coun- cil 1, 33 Home Room Oflicer 1, 3. "Life is just a bofwl of fl1z'rri1's." Betty Fonner Red General Y-Teens 1, 2. "What gon?" Marlene Ferralli Mar Academic Y-Teens 33 Future Nurses Club 33 Home Room Oiiicer 2, 33 Hiller Stall3 Olympus Staffg Junior Play Committeeg Oflice Girl 3. "You should know." Doris Ann Foor Doris Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 May Day 1. "No leirldinglf' Eugene Foster Little Roo Roo Vocational-Academic Home Room Officer I: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. l'II takr ii. JoAnn Gajarsky Blondie Commercial X-lee-ns 1. 2. Gam! girl. Mary Ellen Fullick Mary Ellen Commercial -lunior Play 3: Y-Teens I, Z, 3: Home Ec. 2. l'ln hungry. William Gallo Gesseppi General VVrt-stling 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3. I I 1 I I" LLHSS -13:14 Carl Grimm Sonny General I think xo. Fred Grose Fred Vocational junior Hi-Y 1, 2: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. I um my.n'lf. Room Ofliccr 2. l'll1 Jlwpy. Edward Grimm Eddie Academic Football 2, 3: Wrestling 2, 3: I.atin Club 1, 2: Vis. Ed. 2, 3. IVouldn'f kid mr fwould you? Richard Guthrie Gus Academic Football 1, 2, 3: Wrestling 1, 2, 3: junior Hi-Y 1, 2: Senior Hi Y 3 .-Ilrighl buddy up agaim! thx' fwall. Richard Garber Dick Shirley Garner Shirl Academic Commercial junior Hi-Y l, 2: Senior Hi-Y Y-Teens l. 2, 3: F.H..'X. I. 2: 3: Latin Club 1, 2: History Club ,Iunior Play: Olympus Staff 3. 7' 31 OIYYUPUN Staff 32 Hmm' Uh man, rhrrh lhnl. Ronald Grahan Shorty James Gregg Jim Academic Vocational llome Room Olhccr 1: F.F..X. 1, 2. 3. Solnrhuily gonfnl. Betty Hagerty Girl 3. I 4,011.1 buy flml. Robert Hale GN' -whiz. Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 3 Home Room Oliicer 33 May Day 23 Utiice Commercial-General William Hair Bill Academic Vis. Ed. 2. 33 Senior Hi-Y 3. Do you ha-vr Io .vprll it right! Bets Bob Arla Hallden Arla Commercial Class Officer lg Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Ollicer l, 2: Student Council lg May Day 23 lliller Staff 31 Olympus Staff 33 junior Play 3: Go-to-College Club 31 Office Girl 2, 33 Program Seller 3. 011, lmlw nirr. THE JUIIIDB Shirley Hancher Shirl Lorena Harris Lorena Commercial Commercial F.H.A. l, 23 Y-Teens 3. Go-to-College Club 3. Crazy lnixnl up kill. l'rry funny. Shirley Harter Chic Patricia Hartzell Pat Vocational-Commercial Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Future Nurses Club 35 Y-Teens 1, 3. I.: llml Jo? David Hatfield Dave David Hathaway Dave General Academic-General Football 1, 2, 33 Senior Hi-Y Football Manager I. 2, 33 3g Home Room 0H'icer 33 Bas- Wrestling Manager 1, 2, 3: ketball 1, 2, 33 F.F.A. l, 23 Stu- Baseball Manager 1. dem Council I' Tllllflj handy. D0 you rrully think su? Lois Heatley Lo Paul Herron Paul Commercial Academic Y-Teens 1, 25 Ollice Girl 3. junior lli-Y l, 23 Senior lli-Y W'l1rr'r'J Dirk? 33 Student Council 25 Band 33 Home Room Uflicer 2. Oh hm-vrn.v.' Esther Hewitt Esther Gene Orchestra l, 2, 3. 011 Johnnie! Jacqueline Holmes Jackie Commercial X-locus l, 2, 3. .llriylll lu' Ilml fwuy. BLESS JoAnn I-Iixenbaugh .lo Vocational Home Ec. 1, 2, 33 Cafeteria Club 33 Y-Teens 3. I tlitllfl mrnn Io do il. Ralph Horne Ralph F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Dun'I you llrlirfur il. i I Daniel John Danny Academic lli-Y l, 2, 33 Student Council I, 23 Home Room Oihcer I, 23 May Day 13 Band l, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus l, 23 junior Play 33 illyllllilli Staff 33 NVrestling 2, 3. lf'l1y.' Emily Johnson Commercial X -leens l, 2, 3. ll'lmI.'!'!'!' 954 Phillip Hoy Phill Ruth Huff Ruthie Vocational General lVr1l, I l'l'I'A'07I Ju. Y-'Ik-ens 1, 2, 3. You ilun'! my! Nancy Hulford Nan William Hutson Bill Commercial Vocational Home EC. Club I3 Music l, 2, 3. Stage Committee 33 l".F.A. l, Srfiny is brlirfuing. 2' 3' lI'.r a .vnmll fu-nrltl. Kathryn Johns Katie Academic 1 Latin Club 23 Y-Teens 13 His- tory Club 33 Go-to-College Club 33 Student Council 33 Band 2, 33 Home Room Ollicer 3. .-Ilrighty! Robert. Johnson Bob ,-Xcacleuiic Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 13 Hi- Y l, 2, 33 Home Room Olhccr 2. Tlmfs humly! l F.F.A. 2, 3. fvo. F.H.A. 1, 25 Y-Teens You i1on'l my! Robert Lee 'Johnson Bob Academic-Vocational You'd lfrllrr romr in out of thc Yolando Kawha Dee Commercial Marie Kanzius Kansas Academic-Commercial F.H.A. lg Y-Teens 2, 33 Latin Club 2, 32 Go-to-College Club 3g History Club 3: Flag Twirl- er 3: junior Play 3: Student Council 3: llome Room Oflicer 1, 3. ll'lml's lwifh you? Allen Keirs Bub General lli-Y lg Home Room Officer lg Basketball lg Student Council 2. .llrfr you nl Krau.w".r. THE JUIIIUB Edward Kelley Ed General Visual Ed. 2, 3. W0fHfl1??ff Josephine Keron Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home Room Officer 33 F.H.A. 1, 2. llo-u' rlmrp! Myra Kelley Mike Academic Latin Club 1, 21 Y-Teens 1, 2. 35 Band l, 2, 33 History Club 2, 35 Home Room Officer 2, 3: Go-to-College Club 35 Librarian 3: May Day 1. Holy Cofw! Marian Kilgore General VVithdrew. I rn' ilu' moon. Judith Kleppner Judd Prrlty Tough f Commercial Student Council lg Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Home Room Oflicer 1, 2, 33 May Day 1, 23 Class Officer 1: Office Girl 23 Olympus Staff 33 Librarian 2: Cheerleader 2, 3. Edward Krishack Eddie Academic Football 35 VVrestling 3. Lifr ir just a bofwl of rlzrrrirs. Marlene Koskey Moke Academic-Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Class Ofiicer 1, 25 May Day lg Home Room Officer 2: Future Nurses Club 33 Majorette 3: Hiller Staff 3. Cor, !hal'.r nifr! Phyllis Krocker Phil Commercial Y-Teens 31 Home Room Officer 2. llry, Jar! Carole Krofcheck Squeek Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: F.H.A. lg Olympus Staff 3. xllriglfl, .-llrighl! Nancy Jean Lapp Commercial Oh, jiddlrx! Barry Laight General Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 25 Hi-Y 33 Stu- dent Council 31 Home Room Of- ficer 3. I 'IUIHIIJ if I roulil llul I fllllif .ro I fwon'l. William Lee Bill General Dramatic Club 25 Horton High 1, 2. llnnry hush. BLESS -1954 Clnrance Lindley Bill Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. ll'ln'rr' lhrrf ix ll 'will Ihr-rr is ll fwuy. Donald Lockwood Don Academic Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. Slmmr' on you for a fwhulz' fwrrk! Robert Lemley Bob General Hi-Y 1, 2. Plrrzrr, may I hafuz' flu' far? Frank Lesnock General Dorff Imllfrr mr. Jerry Lemons Jer Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3: Hi-X 1, Z. 0.K. IlI'0fllI'l'.l Robert Lightner Bob Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: May Day 23 Band 35 Olympus Staff 3. Liff ir just n lm-wl of rluwrirs. William Lindley Bill Academic-Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 2. Taka' it waxy. Myrna Locy Dedalee Commercial Y-Teeens 1, 2. Yuu'tl llrllrr lll'lll'1H' il! Sally Locy Somr' of thfsr days. Charles Lyons Band 1, 2, 3. Gm' whiz. Commercial May Day 23 Y-Teens 2, 3. Sally Mary Loughman Mary Academic Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Latin Club l, 23 Y-Teens 33 Go-to-College Club 33 Future Nurses Club 33 Monitor 33 Program Seller 3. l.i1w' nnil lrurll. Phyllis Lyons Phil General Commercial Y-Teens 2, 33 Home Room Of- ficer 2, 3. If at fri! you iIon'l xurrrnl, fry, fry again. THE JUIIIUB William Lyons Bill General-Commercial Football 2, 33 Basketball l, Z, 33 Baseball. Br surrrxxful in fwha! you du. Lee Mansfield Lee Vocational Wrestling 3. Hou' dull! Andrew Mack Andy Academic Football 33 Latin Club 1, 23 VVrestling 23 Vis. Ed. 2, 3. If at fist you d0n'l .furrfrd try, Iry again. Mietek Markow Miet Academic Vis. Ed. 2, 33 junior Play. xl prnny srnwul is ll prnny mrnrd. Hiller Staff 3. 1 flan'l buy that. Isabel Marra Subbie Eugene Martin Dutch Commercial Vocational Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 May Day 23 Lol: of lurk. F.H.A. l, 23 Student Council 1, 2. llnfw xharp! William Mayne Bucky Donna McCarthy Donna General Academic-Commercial Y-Teens 1, 33 Librarian 33 Nurses Club 33 Home Room Of- ficer l. xllrighlyf . www.. Betty McClain Robert McClay Bob Academic-Commercial Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Nurses Club 3. Latin Club. G1-r fwlliz. llofw dumb. Melvin McConnell Mack Donald McCullough Don Vocational General F.F.A. Krrp quirl. Lifvr and lrarn. BLPIS? - 1951!- Donald McDowell Duck Vocational-General F.F.A. II'.r brflrr Io ln' a lim- l'lIll'kl'lI than a drnd rlurk. William McGowen Bill Academic Latin Club 1, 23 History Club 2, 3-Vice Presidentg Olympus Stal? 3: Home Room Oiiicer 33 Football 3: Basketball 3. ll'lmI'.r fwrongf William Miklic Bill Barbara Miles Betsy Commercial Home Room Otiicer 2, 33 Class Oliicer 23 Track. Un 'with flu' xhofw. Commercial-Academic Latin Club 2, 33 Librarian 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Go-to-College Club 35 Class OH-icer 23 Y-Teen Oflicer 25 Majorette 33 May Day 1, 23 Home Room Oflicer 2, 33 Student Council 33 Hiller Staff 3. 1'm ylml! Nelson Miles Richard Miles Rich Vocational General Vis. lid. 2, 3: F.F.A. l, 2, 3. Vilrestling 2, 3. Nun! Pin him! Robert McGowen Bob Academic Wrestling I, 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Olympus Staff 3. Br .rurr'r'5.vfl1l in fwhal you do. Marlene McKay Mar Commercial-Academic Y-Teens 33 Latin Club 2, 35 May Day lg Go-to-College Club 35 Band. 1. 'Tis bftlrr In br' part of somrflling ilmn all of noihiny. Think lmforz' you xprak. I Barbara Miller Barb Donald Moore Commercial Withdrew- F.H.A. lg Orchestra 2, 3. Look hrforr you Imp. Mildred Moore Millie Ethel Morris Academic-Vocational F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens 31 F.H,A. Nurses Club 3- 1l'.r ll :mall fwnrltl. THE JUIIIUB Jacquelyn Mosier Jackie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. Oflicer 23 Demonstration Team 2. Oh! Hofu' .vharfvf Richard Mowl Commercial Hiller Staff 3g VVashington High School l. Llvr and lrurn. Commercial Richard Mounts Dick Academic F.F.A. 1, 2. Crazy man rrazy. Rose Munchie Munchie Vocational-Commercial F.H.A. l, 2: Cafeteria Club 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. .Alin'I Jhz' Jlmrp. Eugene Murray Gene Academic Latin Club 2, 35 junior Hi-Y 1, 25 Reserve Wrestler, Interme- diate Bancl 1. "Uh llI'l'k.n Phyllis Newland Phyllis 1 Academic-Commercial Latin Club 1, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Go-to-College Club 35 Fu- ture Nurses Club 3. llr'afw'n.v! Marilyn Newland Vocational-Commercial F.H.A. lg Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3. Uh my gush .' Lewis Nichols Football. Yuu tion? my. Lew Commercial Patricia Nyswaner Patti Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Home Room Ofhcer 23 Student Council 2: l.ihrarian 23 Otlice Girl 2, 3. Noi I'l'llHj', llmuyll. Herbert Parasko Herbie Commercial-C Peneral Nutty lrrfak. Carmen Oliverio Carmen Commercial-General Yau'r1- crazy. Patricia Parkinson Pat Commercial Y-Teens 2, 33 Librarian 23 Monitor 3. Ulf my .rIur.v. BLESS? '-1954 Loreen Phillips Lori Avademic-Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 l,atin Cluh 2, 33 Cheer- leader 2, 33 Hiller Staff 33 Olympus Stall 33 llome Room Uflicer 2. Ili Ili llry Ili-lin 71lII'l'I'.I Helen Plany Academic May Day l, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2. 33 Latin Cluh l, 2. 33 Utlicer 3: Go-to-College Cluh 33 Fu- ture Nurses Cluh 3: Program Seller 3. .lrrlH'1',t.'!! Num' fwllulfff Mary Louise Phillips Y-Teen l, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1. Ulf! Ilu-u' Ju lllll. .Ioann llazvoza Tools General Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Student Coun- cil 'P Hull! 2: l.ihrarian 25 OH-ice-r 23 l".ll..AX. 1, 23 Uilicer 23 Demon- stration 'liezlm 2g May Dav 1, ' O David Patterson Dave Vocational F.F.A. l, 2, 3: Home Room Of- ficer 35 Olympus Staff 3. 1,I'!H'lliIlfl lo lifvr, lifzfiny in Jrrqfr. Grayson Paul Bud Vocation a l F.l7..'X. l, 2, 3. ll'lu'rr arf' uv' jlilillflf Commercial 2, 33 Home Room Oflicer 1, Hice Girl 2. Richard Patton Dick Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Oliicer lg Ex- hihit Team 35 Home Room Of- Hcer 33 Student Council 33 Sr. Hi Y 3 lI'lml'.v quill: ynu?!'! Herschel Phillips Crazylegs Hersh Vocational Basketball 1, 2, 33 Footlwall 2, 33 F.F..-X. 1, 2, 33 Home Room Ullicer 1. U.K. lfu.rIr'r! Luke Mearl Rhoades F.H.A. I, 2. You l'7l0"LL' A-ill. Eugene Riggs F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 lmarn by lluiny. Luke Redigan Vocational Football 1, 2, 31 F.F.A. l, 2, 3. Oh Xlly Papa. Raymond Reese Ray Commercial Du unlo ufhfrs as lllfy do unlo you. Reese Vocational John Reese F.F.A. l, 2, 3. You rnuld lnlfvr fuulmf mf. Elmo General Eleanor Reihner Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 F.ll.A. Z. Things arr'n'l as lnnl as lhfy may .9'l't'llI. THE JUIIIUB Windy Comme rci al Gene Vocational M ay Day 2. Evenlyn Richmond Penny Vocational-Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Home EC. Club l, 25 Hiller Staff 3. IVWH. Shirley Rinehart Sllirl Commercial X-leens 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 1, 21 Home Room Ollicer 1, 2. llaildyp Plrnrr may I IIIIQJI' Ihr rar llllliflllff Anna Ritchey Polly Academic Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Latin Club l, 21 Orlice Girl 33 Hiller Staff 3. Bu! fwhy ?!'? Lloyd Rush Rusty Vocational-General F.F.A. l, 2, 3. Coil! l1aml.v-fwrlrm hfart. l Vernan Roach Vern Academic Latin Club l, 2, 33 History Club 2, 33 Vis. Ed. 2, 35 Olympus Staff 3. ll'urry is likr Il l'lIl'L'ilI!l flmir, il l'1'r'px you IIIIA'-Y, hul ii1Il'.fll'l gr! yu u any-'u.'lu'rr. Duane Salsberry Commerciall-General Band l, 2, 3. Dorff do rmyilling I 'I.U0llllllI'f ilu. Carl Sanders Vocational Vis. Ed. 2, 31 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. You .rhould krmfw. Ruth Saunders Academic Latin Clubg llistory Club 2, 3. .-Ill for llIl',' lllllll' for you. !3Ll1w John Sanders Jolm Commercial Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. Small ,IIN rnigllfy. Patty Scarff Commercial F.ll.A. lg Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 May Day 23 Office Girl 2. I lilv' you u lot. rl rl Marian Sensky Marian Commercial X-leens 1, 2, 3. Suy frofw. Jack Shultz Jack Academic Football 2, 3: Basketball 3: junior Hi-Y l, 23 Officer 23 Senior lli-Y 33 Band 1, 2, 31 Student Council lg llome Room Ul'l'icer 1. I lluy il. James Schmore .- IJ, T54 Jim Marilyn Scott Hon Academic Vocational-General l.rI'.r go. F.H.."K. 1, 2, 3g Y-Teens 2, 31 Cafeteria Club 3. I likf you ll lol. V Reed Scott. Leonard Sensky Lenny A Vocational General F-F--N 1. 2. 35 vii Ed- 3- lmmaculate Conceptiong Foot- I.rt'5 go. ball 3. Virginia Shrontz Ginuybelle Academic-Commercial Latin Club 1, Zg Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 Hiller Staff 3. Oli, llvlllff Sarah Sickels Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. You 1u'lh'r ll1'lf1"'v1' il. Peggy Six Quit. Tom Sickles Tom Myrtle Simpson Meri Commercial You bf-tin' In-Iimw' il. General Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Hiller Staff 3. Drop dfml. Shirley Skariot Vocational-Commercial Y-Teens 33 F.H.A. 1, 23 History Club 2, 3. Brllfr In-lirbvr il. THE JUIIIDB James Smith Jim Vocational F.F.A. I, 2, 3. llflmlf Dale Snyder Vocutional-Commercial F.H..'K. l, 2. Brllrr fI1'lir'fl'r il. William Smith Bill Commercial I,rl'J yo xkating. Gale Snyder Commercial Band 1, 2, 3. lfr'llr'r llI'llI'4'l' fl. Marianne Snyder Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Oh no! Hfhai nrxl? Gladys Special Y-Teens 3. lfhai? Gladie Commercial Roy Sowers Academic Baseball 1, 2, 3: VVrestling 3g Olympus Staff 3. ll'hal Iimr ix it? Anthony Spossey Sonny Academic Band 1, 2, 3: Home Room Of- ficer lg junior Hi-YQ Senior Hi-YQ Baseball 2, 33 VVrestling 2, 3. Tlmfs laugh. Mary .lane Spragg Jeanie Shelvy Spragg Shelvy - ' Commercial General-Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 33 May Day 21 Band lg May Day 23 Home Latin Club 1, 2. Room Othcer 33 Student Coun- eil 31 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Hiller Staff 33 Usher for jr. Play 3. TlmI'.c all riylll. I Jun? r'1ll'1'. Donald Sprowls Don Robert Stafford Bob C0lllIllt'l'ClZll .'Xeadetnic VVrestliug 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 31 OHit'cr 31 History Club 2. 33 Football Manager 3: . Tlmlfr Iuuyh. . VVrcstlmg Manager 3. Ilflllfhf yu. BLHS? P 1954 Stephen Stanko Steve Academic Quit. Latin Club 1, 2, 31 History Club 2. 33 Olympus Staff 3. I.r!'.r yo man. Dorothy Strawn Dot Edwin Strawn Commercial Latin Club 1, .-lfw, .wt-ip il. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens. ll1": rm! gone. Kathryn Strawn Katy Ronald Stumpf Ronnie Commercial General-Commercial Y-Teens. Senior Hi-Y: Basketball. Dig Ilmxr rrazy kitlx. Tl111l'.f for Ihr birth. Frances Suhay Fran Barry Swart Scooter Commercial Commercial Band. luuior Plavg Senior Hi-YQ Base- Tllinyx arf not as bail ru Ilzry lmll 1-2,31 llmm' Room Oflicfl' nlfwnyx .w'r1n. .llrwt mr al lx'rau.rr'.r. Ruth Steins! raw .lim Academic Julian Taggart Julius Roland Taggart Ronnie General Vocational gi Band 1, 2, 3. F.F.A. Officer 2, 33 Home Room 5 A4 ,.w,,,.d M ,hr ,wma OHicer 2, 3: Student Council 3: VVrc-stling 2, 3: Track I. lI'anI'a bfi. Betty Taylor Shirley Tennant Cknuum-rvial I,rl'.v flL'1Ifl'll lflf-z'i,rinll. THE JUIIIDB Beverly Thomas Bev Eliza Thomas C0lllIl1t'l'l'llll Quit. X-lvens l, 2 Hiller Staff 3. Uvml lll'l1'l'l'll.f. Marlene Thomas Jlllll? Robert Thomas Bob CUlIllIll'I'l'llll l'I1IIlIlll'l'ClZll-liCIll'l'1ll Nr4'rr .clap unlil your fLL'1ll'A' is Band 3: Senior lli-Y. folnfrl1'Ir'. Nu kiillliug. Floyd Thompson Pork Robert Tichnel Bob Commercial-General ihl'ZNlt'llIll' Tliry fwrnl Ilmf afway. Latin Club I, 23 Olympus Staff. Girlx, Girlx, Girlx. James Vcrdcrber Fish Mona Walker General Commcrrizil l,fl'.r yo uul. Patricia Watson Patty Janice Weaver Janie Academic-Commercinl Academic S.P.Q.R. Club 1, 2: Band 2, 3: Latin Club 2: History Clubg Go- l.incoln Branch Y-Teens. 'lio-College Club: Y-'IQECIFEQ Miy , .. , ' Q wom I " Q UML mi Jun? l.ilwlaEiz1iiHiCllsiilsRlllliceiq Lliilbrzl- riun 2. Uh, -'wlmlf Connie Weirich Ace Lawrence White Bunny 14 Connncrcinl-.Xrzltlvlniv Commercial Go-'I'o-College Club 31 Mixed lfoolbull l, 21 Musit' lg Student Chorus l, 2, 33 lliller Staff 31 Council l. Olympus Staff 31 Y-Teens 1, 2, HUM Nm, fiqn.. 3: Officer 23 May Day lg Home ' Room Oflicer l, 2, 35 Cheerlead- er 2, 31 Latin Club 2: junior Tlmlk Iln- ulil figlfl. J rl rl rl 'I 9 I' I lu L I EJ EJ " T J fr ' Lilly Wierny Lil William Wiley Bill Commercial Academic . I am ylml lu llf llfrr. Latin Club 1. 2: Band 1, 2, 33 l".lf..X. 2, 3. Q Gu man, yu. Shirley Williams Shirl Donald Wilson Don General Generali May Day 13 Home Room Oflicerg VVrt-stling I, 2, 33 lfoolbnll Man- F,ll.A. l, 2, 33 F.H.t-X. Demon- nger 3. de ' stration Team 25 Y-Teens 3. 7'1m,'Q, ,,f,,,,,, i,- I.r11'! hr sharp? 3 . nas ? Lu Ella Wise Fhee Chee Robert Wolfe Wollie Cotnmercial VOCZlil0llill-C0lIllIlCl'ClI1l Clic-erlender 2, 31 Y-Teens 1, 2, Drur John. 33 Home Room Officer l, 2: Student Council lg May Day 1, 2: l.ibrnri:ln 1, 21 Band 1. ll'lnll .lu you lIll'tlIl, jrlly llfllllf Richard Woolslon Dirk Enoch Wootten Wooly Band l, 2, 3. Academic I .lun'l mrr. Olympus Stall 3, l'nu'rr nully nx a fruit 1'ul'1'. Clcodale Wright Dale Stanley Zavatski Buck CommercialI-Academic Cununercial Y-Teens: Future Nurses Club. Band 1, 2, 3. l'ru1'rf a mul nur. Yllllift' ll rrnzy lllll'. Donna Zimmcrs Donna .'xt'1lllClllll' Y-Tccm l, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2: Flag 'Vwirler 2, 35 Go 'l'u Colin-gc Club 33 Olympus 3. JUIIIUHSS-1954 Those for whom we have no pictures. Shirles Williams Windy James Verner Jim General Vocational .Ma 'J lc B I Y ,B sopiioiiionzes George Robinson President Gene Rush Barbara Parkovich Eleanor Miller Vice President Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Un September 2, 1952, there were approximately three-hundred and six red-faced Freshmen going through the halls of Trinity High School. ln the Fall we elected the following oflicers and advisors: President .............,......................... George Robinson Vice President .... Evelyn Poellet Secretary ..... ................ . .... I lonna Walker Treasurer ............................ Carla Weaver Advisors ................... Miss N. Joan Foster, Mr. John Syrek ln order to secure funds for the class our first year we sponsored two successful record hops. To close our Freshman social calendar was a lively class party. ln September 1953 we came hack to Trinity as eager and loyal Sophomores. .-Xt our organization meeting we elected the following: President ....... .... G eorge Robinson Vice President .... .......... G ene Rush Secretary ..... .. .... ......... B arbara Pavkovich Treasurer .... ....,......................... E leanor Miller Advisors ........... .... M iss Jennie M. Ferralli. Mr. John Syrek A "Sock-Hop" in the Fall and a class party in the Spring marked the major social events of our second year at Trinity. f T Sophomore Closs1Girls S. Alvzijziee, II. .knelt-rson, li. Andrew, 'l'. Angott, j. .-Xnkrom, Ii. Antel, M. Barlow, B. Heck, C. Iiell, D. Bell li. Bennington, M. Bleifus, I. Braden, D. lireese, I.. Brewer, M. Brewer, Ii. Brock, D. Bryner, VV. Caldwell Ii. Charlton, M. Christopher, YV. Christopher, C. Clelnens, I.. Clemens, M. Colosi, V. Cooper, C. Cornetti R. Coughenour, Carol Ann Cox, Constance Cox, P. Czmiel, S. Davis, C. Desmond, V. Deyell, M. Dille j. Dulaney, D. Duvall, C. Fielder, V. Filby, li. Fineh, Ii. Fonner, I.. Ford, Foster, IC. Freeman, D. Gaus . Gibbons, C. Gray, IC. Gray, I.. Greer, j. llaekney, S. llanam, R. Haney, R. Hardie, j. Hart, j. Ilatbaway . Ilayden, C. Herron, C. Hewitt, M. Hickman, li. Ilogg, B. Howard, C. Hutford, A. Ilunter, S. Hurzon S. johnson, XV. Karaula, C. Kelley, R. Kenimond, YV. King, P. Knestrick, B. Kottner, C. Laws, I.. I.evers ,I ll S. I.indley, M. l.inn. Ii. I.oar, C. l.yke, j. I.yons, V. Maine, S. Maryland, M. Mazza, N. McCauley, M. Me- Caughey, j. McKay, G. Mellars, IC. Miller, K. Miller, M. Miller, M. Moore, j. Morris, B. Morrison,-S. Mounts R. Munebie, IC. Myers, I". Myers, I. Nelan, Il. Noble, M. O'Donnell, I.. Uliverio, I.. Park, D. Patterson, 'l'. Paul II. Pavkovieli, F. Pettit, j. Phillips, Ii. Plany, Ii. Poellot, Ii. Porter, I.. Powell, R. Quail, j. Razvoza, I.. Rea Y I D. Reed, G. Reed, pk. Reighard, I. Riggs, C. Ringer, B. Ritchie, IC. Roberts, I.'Robinson, S. Rush, V. Sals- berry, Rosalyn Stott, Ruth Seott, 'I'. Simms, D. Slaviskosky, S. Smith, .Y Spino, R. Sprowls, ll. 'l'aylor, D. llnrue j. Vajentiv, S. Veltrie, V. Yeltrie, D. Vester, j. Voytek, D. VValdygo. D. VVaIker, D. VVard, C. kvilllilllb, C XVeayer, N. VViley, j. NViIkinson, .Y VVilson, M. VVorlyn, S. VVylie, D. Yost, II. Zeeker. Sophomore Closs Boys R. Avkley, XV. Adams, D. .-Xnkrom. R. Bayer, VV. Belcher, Ii. Bell, F. Braeh, j. liungartl, M. Iiurehak G. llurnette, II. Byrd, 'l'. Carter, V. Carter, F. Cass, I.. Ciletti, R. Clemens, VV. Clutter, D. Coen, M. Comito D. Crawford, I'. Crile, 'l'. Critehtield, G. Cvmiel, D. D:tRe, U. Dague, D. Davidson, VV. Davidson, R. Day C. Derenney, D. Doiclge, Il. Dolnan, j. Dunn, VV. liekels, j. livens, R. Iivelsizer, C. Faust, C. Fralee, IC. Friend Ii. Georg, XV. Gilmore, R. Graham, R. Gregg, VV. Groitsch, 'I'. Harrington, C. Ilathaway, S. Hallett, George lllflilllllll, herald Hickman, If.. Ilull, R. llupp, Il. Ivery, j. jaekson, .-X. johnson, D. johnson, R. jones, j. jubas M. Kanotz, I.. Keenan, j. Kelley, D. Kiger, Al. Knestrick, .-X. Kasavieh, II. Laird, R. I.infsay, 'l'. Linton, II I.1ston, R. I.ittlc-berry, I. I.1ttleberry, j. l.oughman, R. l.oughman, G. Mancini, D. Martin, C. Maurer, j. Mt'- .'YtIams, Ii..MeCullum, McCormick, D. McKay, C. Mr'Nary, j. MeVay. R. Meek, .-X. Metzner, G. Mihalo- vleh, R. Mikuta, VV. Miller, A. Montgomery, VV. Morgan, D. Mosier, R. Patterson, R. Phillips, VV. Phillips D. Pollard, G. Postlewhait, D. Powell, XV. Renv, Il. Riehmond, C. Rinehart, 'l'. Roberts, St. Romanotl, D. Ross R. Roupe, G. Rush, C. Seargeant, I.. Seibel, I.. Sensky, j. Sickles, A. Sphar, G. Sprowls, R. Stiekle, j. illilll D. 'I'enney, ll. 'I'hoinas, j. Vinisky, R. VonSeio, VV. VVade, D. VVard, R. VVardle, I.. VVeax'er, R. VVhite VV YVhittieId, D XVilson, j. XViIson, M. XVintieId, R. VVright, C. Yates, R. Young, Al. Zipke. r' J .I -r 1 1 1 1 1 1 Mary Lyons Vice President Victor Miscio President Patty Brooks Secretary FBESHIIIEII Ruth Kirk Treasurer Q . 'A N ts FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On August 29, 1953, three hundred and thirty excited and bewildered boys ant girls entered Trinity High School to become the Class of "57." They received tht usual lipstick initiation. A class meeting was held and the following oflieers and advisors were elected: President ......... . ..... Victor Miscio Vice President .... .... M ary Lyons Secretary .,.... ............................. l 'atty Brooks Treasurer .... .................................. R uth Kirk Advisors ............... Miss Beverly Dunn. Mr. James Moninger kVe sponsored a sock hop after the Trinity-Canonsburg football game. Uur Freshman party is planned for April. lve are looking forward eagerly to our Sophomore year at Trinity. Freshman Class Boys T. Aeor, C. Anderson, j. Andrew, A. Angott, j. Ashmore, G. Ault, j. Ault, P. Bowman, j. Boyd, D Brookman, j. Buehanan, D. Burgess, j. Bushmire, F. Capenos, R. Chadwick, L. Collins, D. Coughenour, D. Cox T. Cox, D. Culbertson, j. Culbertson, VV. Demshar, D. Doak, j. Dudash, H. Dunn, R. Durila, D. Draper C. Eckles, VV. Eustis, R. Farley, L. Feather, A. Felix, j. Felix, B. Fonner, I.. Frazee, R. Frederick, j. George: 'l. Gallo, D. Gorby, R. Grayson, j. Grimes, E. Guidos, R. Haines, j. Hancher, R. Hanna, H. Harvey, R. Hat field, R. Haught, C. Hemelrick, D. Henderson, C. Henry, j. Herron, P. Herschell, B. Hillberry, R. Holmes j. Hoy, T. Huffman, R. Hunter, D. Iams, j. jackson, R. jackson, F jagnick, A. janflone, VV. johnson, C johnson, j. Kearns, VV. Keener, j. Kelley, A. King, V. Kiskadden, D.. Kopp, F. Korody, D. Lane, F. Larimer K., li. Lemley, D. Lightner, H. Lindberg, F. Lindley, j. Lindley, V. Long, L. Mahanna, K. McAfee, j 1 v f T' Freshman Class Girls l. .Xt'kroyd, S. .Xtlams, I.. Alley, QI. .Xndc-rson, .V Antlrew, M. .Xnst-Il, P. Banvhi, j. Barrett, II. Behanna I N. Bell, I . Bt-lotti, I". Bennett, M. Borkowski, li. Braner, V. Brock, P. Brooks, B, Brown, I.. Brown, C. Bryant P. Ifllllllll'l'II, Al. Bnshmire, -I. Camps, -I. Cape, S. Charlnesku, .V Chattnan, C. Clayton, S. Comstock, B. Conner M. Craft, Margorie Cratner, Mary l'ramer, R. Crompton, M. Cruniek, S. Hague, N. Davidson, N. Derrow Margaret Dicks, Mary Dicks, I.. Dille, I.. llurilla, N. Ilurilla, Ii. Dralmeck, B. liarnest, I.. Ellenlwerger, hl. lin stron, ll. Fattman, B. Fielder, R. Foringer, il. Fowler, IC. Frank, .X. Franks, li. Freedman, R. Fritv, F. Fnlton C. Gilmore, M. llolash, R. Gottschalk, K. Grim, I.. llagerty, VI. Ilainer, S. llanna, j. Ilart, K. Hartley, P llarvey 'l'. Ilanght, M. llazlett, C. lliekman, F. llorner, I.. Ilnghes, QI. Ilunter, IC. Isenlmerg, Ii. johnson, ,I -I ohnso tt, li. jones, V. Keenan, joan Ruth Kelley, ,loan Vivian Kelley, V. Kelley, I.. Kern, V. Kerr, B. Kita 5 x R. Kirk, Knestriek, B. Koraeie, M. Lemons, j. Lesnoek, F. I.ightner, I.. Lindley, I.. Livingston, C. l.oey, l Lovejoy, M. I.nstik, M. Lyons, XV, I.yons, M. Maere, B. Maine, M. Maleski, F. McAdams, C. McBride, M. Me Burney, B, IN1c'C:lrtney, j. INlCGury, P. MeKelvey, Ii. MCNurIen, R. Merwick, I.. Miklic, V. Miles, M. Miller M. Mitchell, K. Moon, II. Moore, C. Morris, P. Morris, S. Morrison, I.. Mosier, Myers, C. Napolitan, M Naytor, -I. Nt-el, B. Nelan, bl. Newland, S. Ohs, B. Uzarowsky, I.. Patton, N. Patterson, A. Pettit, II. Phillips S. Phillips, B. Pollard, -I. Pomykala, P. Proyanee, Ii. Ray, C. Reese, VV. Reese, j. Riggle, IE. Riggs, S. Roberts D. Roessler, vl. Romano, R. Romano, F. Rosen, R. Rutmion, C. Sakirka, S. Sampson, S. Sargent, S. Sealzi, V P. Sibert, I.. Sieraeki, II. Skariot, IJ. Snyder, M. Spino, j. Springer, Y. Sprowls, .-X. 'I'arr, A. Tatterson on N mol ' Sensky, B'l"1vlot P ll . .H ', , "1ompson, I.. 'I'oth, -I. Varner, C. VVats , Nl. W'innett, I.. VVt ts, l. VVolfe, C. VVojcinit'h, S IVoods, II. Ynyan, ll. Zavatski, ID. Zevker. Freshman Class Boys-IContinuedI INlt'C'artney, C. McConnell, R. Meliary, II. McINlurray, G. Mt'VVilliams, A. Medlen, R. Mersky, R. Merwiek P. Miles, G. Miller, M. Miller, V. Miseio, N. Mitchell, R. Moniger, Ii. Moore, -I. Murn, AI. Myers, Ii. Nagy, V. Nasa-r, .-X. Nemeth, .X. Newman, F. Noble, R. Nnly, R. Owens, R. Pattison, j. Patress, C. Penn, VV. Pettit R. Poellot, ll. Polan, .-X, Priee, R. Price, R. Randolph, R. Redinger, j. Reynolds, R. Renko, 'I'. Renv, R. Riee l'. Riggle, D. Ross, R. Ross, C. Rossi, R. Roux, D. Sanders, S. Santek, .-X. Saunders, R. Seott, IJ. Selway, V Sensky, S. Sieler, P. Sileott, 0. Sims, XV. Six, ll. Smith, P. Smith, C. Sprowls, H. Stickle, R. Strope, R. Snpler R. Swinntek, D. Taggart, R. Teegarden, E. Trevena, R. Tripp, G. 'I'wardy, G. Umphrey, ll. Villers, R. VVay- ehoff, VV. VVayel1otI, R. XVestfall, 'l'. VVilliams, II. VVilliams, R. WVilson, S. VVise, C. VVright, I.. VVright, VV. Yoders. I' ' ll -.r William llevore Martha Keys Reynolds Walter Nawoj President Secretary Treasurer THE ALUMNI OLD TIMERS Kg iii fi--,.. ' I The Class of '53 has now been given the title of "Old Timers." Some have married, some have entered college, and some have entered the armed services. Dick Gorby, Edith Barnhart, Jim Briggs, Lee Burns, Don Casto, Louise Earnest, Jeanne Hagar, Patty Harris, Norman Hupp, Patty Kenimond, tlohn Pettit, john Ramsey are happily married. Those who have taken their place in Uncle Sam's Services are: Melvin Anderson, Gordon Bell, John Braden, Clarence Boswell, Mary Burnettc, John Dubelle, John lfustis, Charles Ciradert, David Johnson, Chuck l,ocy, Howard l,ocy, John Smith, and lfvelyn Mansfield. Other members of the class have chosen to further their education and are attending various schools of higher learning: l'ete Murphy, Maudie Baker, Debbie Berman, Donald Brown, Nancy Berry, Patty Burns, Charles Darragh, Bob l.eech, Mike Kudoroski, Harold Mehaliey, Xvilliam Mersky, Marcia llorn, and lflva McCullough. The Alumni .Xssociation of Trinity lligh School held its annual dance and meeting in the school gymnasium on june -l, l953. New otlicers were elected at that time to hold oflice for two years. The ofiicers a re : Presideni ....... ....... W illiam Devore Vice President .... ........... l Jonald Lutes Secretary ....... .... M artha Keys Reynolds :Treasurer .. ..... . ......... Blaine Morris 'Blaine Morris moved lo Florida during the year, presenting his resignation. The president a ointed XVz1lter Nawo' to till the othce left vacant bv his resi nation. PP J . f2f'5CNfD?sQN 'S X, AUTIVITIES ...0Fl954 D -a W Ill J f T V 9 ' , 51 L i 7 ' f Egg: . JACQUIELYN VINISKY May' Qlll'l'l1 Illaids of llonor Honor Aitrndants JUNE Ginaows, BEVERLY REDINCER CATHERKNE BRADEN, JOYCE MCWll.l,lAMS Spirit of Trinity, Dorothy Barrettg Beauty, Betty Marrag Friendliness, Tillie Skariotg Loyalty, Sophie Tarbuckg Personality, Frances Kullag Poise, Phyllis Elliotg Wisdom, Barbara Hootman. 'V -we -as 5z:f.vvD nf . KL ' Z' L Q JH- Q en 5 L AL m Lf,-sl m ? , X X 1 H . i, kxkr .ef "'xw5' X I K Xt --mf' : ff fff i -.. , M, 'rilff wr ww ,P Scenes from May Day 1953 TRINITY CHAPTER PFA. 'l'lu- lriuitx Cllznplvl' lfuturv l',1ll'lll0l'S of Alucricu l'lllllZll'iil'li upon thcix' 2-ith war of orgunivauiou with tlu' following ofriccrsi l'r1'sidc'nl ........ Richard ML-Clay Viva' l'rvsid0l1l . . Ronald 'l'aggart Svvrvtary ..... .... I floyd Craft Trvasurrfr .. .... Roger Daguc Rvlmrivr Linn Hamilton Svntimfl .. .. .. . . .... Edward Bayer :X full yvzu' of work was plzmm-al, lllCllltllll" various zlctivitivs, such :is 21 Round I5 :ul Sqlizlrm- llulmx si -loin! l".ll.fX.-l".l".A. l':1rty :uul formal Initiation, :ui Arm 1 . . , . 1 l.ll.:X.-l'.l'..AX. lzlrti. lwltlivi' :mud bon liziuquvt :uid mum' others too numerous to nu llllllll Rm ' ' . 'lTl'l'Sl'lllilllXl'h of tlu' LQIIIIPIUI' also :im-mlcd the l,CllllSj'lY2llll1l State' l"2lI'lll Show in llzuiislunrg, 'lllu' lfooil Show in l,liiSi7lll'l.fll, :uid will lic in :ittcml:1m'0 :lt tht' l'n-umilxunizx Sturm' l'uix'vrsily during l".l".A. wvclc in juuc. Ulu- of our hols, Iiill l,imllc3. was :I nu'lulwr of thc livestock -lllllljlllll tczuu which won :l gold uuwlul in juulggiugg compvtitiou :lr 'ilu' lllil'l'll1lil0llZli l,ix'cstock Show lu-lil in K1lll51lS Citi during: Sl'l1ll'IlliN'l'. A wry successful l'C1ll' was Cll-llllffll hy flu' Junior lllll Scnior hops cnrollvil in thc Yo Ag llc-pzirtuuuit. Roy Kinder Richard Mcflay John Loughman Bass Drum Trombone Tuba U III J rl D J SOPHOMORE F.F.A. llnder the leadership of Nlr. Lowry, the advisor, the Sophomore l".l'i..'X. eleetetl the following officers to represent them during 1953-5-l term: President, lion lYard: Vice l'resident, lVard llrang Secretary, Richard Bayer: Treasurer. llruee Richmond: entinel, -lohn liungardg Reporter, Harry 'lihomasg Sophomore Area Representative, ,inn lVeax'er. lVith seven hots sent to the Farm Show in january and two field trips. one to Xlorgantown, XV. Ya., and the other to l'ittshurgLh, the Sophomore lf.l".A. considers its year quite a successful one. GREEN HAND F.l:.A. This was our first year in l7.F.A. After successfully passing the initiation, otheers were elected and under their guidance the Greenhand program was developed. 'lihe oflieers this year were: President, Rohert Swaintelc: Yiee l'resident, 'lohn l,indley3 'weeretaryg Rohert Chadwick, 'l'reasurer, James Herron: Reporter, lluane lzigggartq Sentinel, llonald lloali: Advisor, Xlr. Lyons. Xlany activities were carried out. The major ones were eooperzitne seed selling, raising of IUU hroilers, and entering the Chicken of 'liomorrow contest. ,ms FFA. DEMONSTRATION TEAM Ihr- Iriniry I'.I'..-X. IOS-I cIenionstration teani presented its rlenionstration, entitIe1I: "'I'aIcing the Grind Out of UrimIing," at the State Ifarni Show in IIarris- Iiurg. 'I'hese hoys, I"renI Ifnggle, Ifmlwarml Iiayer, I,inn IIaniiIton, George Kliles, anal Roy Kinder, also presented the denionstration at several IocaI farni nieetings. 'lihe clenionstration shows the :uIx'antag1es of an automatic feed gfriiiding system that can he :imI:ipte1I to any farni and how it can he instaIIecI hy the farmer himself. I TRINITYS EXHIBIT "I"arin I"eetI Grindingg, the I".I".A. XVay" - convenient, Iahor saving, and eeononiieaI - Ifretl Grose, XViIIiani I,in4IIey, Rohr-rt Iierry, Iliek Patton. 'I'he new "junior Ag Boys" were called into Trinity one day in july to try out for the Ifxhihit 'I'eani. After tests on answering questions, sawing Iwloeks to size, inalting wire spliees and the Iike, the aliove four boys were chosen on the hasis of their merit. 'I'hey coiistrueted the exhihit for the XVashington County Fair and reniodeleml it for the I"arin Show. 'I'en mIoIIars was won at the XVashingLron County Ifair and 7th plaee at the Farm Show. Only nine exhihits from :III of the I".I".A. chapters in the state were aeeeptexI for the Ifarin Show. This makes I-I consecutive years that 'I'rinity I".I".A. was so honored. 1-...-..--V IJ III J rl EJ 1 KEYSTONE FARMERS This year the Trinity F.F.A. had six of its memhers receive the next to the highest degree, the Keystone Farmer Degree. Linn Hamilton was chosen as Regional Star Farmer as well as Keystone Farmer. He has a well-rounded farming program hy taking sheep, heef dairy herd, corn, and small grains as projects for this year. Linn took his heef steer to the Pittsburgh Live- stock Show this year. ln the past three years he has heen on the dairy, poultry, and livestock judging teams that went to State College in June. A gold medal in dairy herd and wheat were awarded to Linn in the State Project Contest. Hicey Rohison also was a winner in the State Project Contest. He received a gold medal for his dairy heifer project. Along with this project he has several others which include sheep, sow and litter, strawherries, and dairy cow. His hack- ground in dairying helped him to he on the dairy judging team in his sophomore ve'n' 4 . George Miles is active in the F.F.A. chapter. He is serving in the Calf Cluh and is chairman of the Banquet Committee this year. George placed second in the Ciuernsey Breeders Award. He won a silver medal for his dairy herd project in the State l'1'oject Contest. His other project contest winners were small grains and corn. lfdward Hayer holds the office of Sentinel in the F.F.A. chapter. His well- rounded farming program, of which a truck garden of tomatoes is his major enterprise, helped in winning the Keystone Farmer Degree. He won a silver medal this year for his Tomato project in the State Contest. Oats and calf raising are in the farming program also. Tom Scherich is an active F.F.A. memher. He is chairman of the Sheep Cluh and was on the Beef Judging Team in his Junior year. A farming program of sheep, oats, heef, and corn led him to the Keystone Farmer Degree. He was awarded a silver medal in the Corn Project Contest. Tom Kelly has developed leadership ahility in F.F.A. hy heing chairman of the Calf Cluh, Jacket Committee and serving on the Banquet Committee. His farming program consists of dairy heifers, dairy records, sow and litter, corn, and small grains. He has also served on the poultry and dairy judging teams. He was a project winner in the corn, dairy records, and sow and litter in 1953. The ahove mentioned things have helped each boy become a Greenhand Chapter Farmer and a Keystone Farmer in the F.F.A. 4. WCRTHY PROJECT WINNERS Iront row, Ieft to right: Craft, Paul, XVard, Louglnnan, Redigan, VVttx r Seherieh. Second row, left to right: Martin, Lindley, Smith, Patton, Bayer f N Kelly, Kinder. I'atterson, Dunn. 'lihird row, Ieft to right: Rohison, Conklin Igllllll gardner, R. Bayer, Miles. NIiIIer, Ifngle, Hamilton. With the project year changed from Novemher I tItrough Octoher .Il to Itnu try I through December 31, the State Project Contest wasn't held in time for the winners to receive their trip to Harrisburg. As a suhstitnte, the three Ag tc te urx checked all of the project hooths and picked out the hest in each type of pro e I'hese then, were the boys who received a trip to the Farm Show in Jann te efforts of these hots once again put 'lirinity in first place in the State Projett Lon N with a total of '70 points. 'lihis makes the oth consecutive year that 'l'rnt x s heen on top. Actual Dl'tlll'k'I XYIIIIICYS N'l'I'l" lieef- XViIIiam I.indIex Riehard Patton Corn- Home 'I'honms Kelly Rieha rd Patton Improvement- liny l'onkIin slames Smith Bees- Conse Dairy Dairy Llaek llran blames Smith rvation- .Ierry Lemons .laek Dran ,latnes Smith Heifer- Iliey Robison Herd- l.iun Hamilton George Miles Pullets- Donald Martin Small Grains- l.inn Hamilton George Maneinni Truck Gardening- Edwnrd Bayer Richard Bayer David Dunn Broilers- Luke Redignn Sheep- .Iohn Bnnga rd Sow and Litter- FIoyd Craft David Patterson Vegetable Garden- Rohe rt ones A LWKN County GH FHA. DEMONSTRATION ililw l'i.ll.:X. lJi'iimmIi':itioi1 'lil'1lIll consiatilig uf Rilk'lll'l llm'i'i'1m, Rulwi xlllI1Cllll', llvtty Clizirltmi :mil llorurliy l':ittc-i'smm im-su-im-d "Safe :lt lluinci' at tlw l,l'I1l1iXlY1lI1lIl Stzm' l"zu'm Slum' in tliillllilfy. 'lilic ilcllionstrzltimi plzlcml fmirtll in tlw l'i'nmylx':mi:l lflc'vti'ic:1l Association Cmitvsr. Rvitn liwwvi' :mil lmis Rvzi pzwticipzltcil in tlim- pmgrzxin :lt tlw Stun- l".ll.:X. l1ll'C'TlI1jl. 'lilwy sung Il lllvsllvy of songs ulllvml tllc' "lntcrpi'ct:itimm uf tlu' Sc-Jimiisfl CAFETERIA CLUB 'lilw L':1f0tci'i:1 Clulv is cuuipusc-ml of girls wlm Quill in flu' pi'c'p:u':ltiun :xml scrxiiig of tliv noon lunch and the zumuzil school lmmiiu-ts. 'l'lu-3 lizuullc tlw mum-vim: for :ill limm' lmslu-tlizlll gzlnics, wrvstliiig mzitclics, :mil mlzuicvs. 'liliv pmcvc-mls from tliiw pi'u-irct urs' used fill' Clulv :lctix'itic's. llllll' flulm is 5lIl5l'l'Yl5l'tl lu' Hrs. Xlvxzl llulwrla. Xliss l7urutlly Stvn :mil Hrs. Lucillc' Heil. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ills l"lllllI'1' iiUIl1K'llIilli1'l'N uf .'xIl11'l'ik'1l li opml to :ill girls vnrollml in Hmmm' IKHIIUIIIIKN wlin urn' lIllK'l'K'5lt'kl in alillllllllllllgl lu-ttvr llmnc lI1l'llllN'l'5l1lD :xml PIIITIUIPII' I lm' i',k'1lIlUIlllk'5 Ilia im am' Iwo rlmptm-rx lwvluw nl ilu' lzlrgc vlimllliicllt lm! lmtli wnrlq lmntlx mi all IKIIXIIIKN :xml pmim-ch. 'l'lu- S1lPlIUIIIUl'l'5 p:1rticip:m'1l :ll tlu' Slllll' l":lrm Slmw, :mil it Ill: Nlilc l'.ll.:X. k1ll1Xl'I1Illlli In-lil :xt lllllws lizirrv. Utlwr zlctlvltlvs mluring Ilia in ll umm tlw l'.l'.gX.-l' II X l'u'tx Illfllltilliif NX lNllillifl0ll :mal fi1't'Q'Ill' County 1 ilnplux mil :I xiUllll'I"i,'lllQjllil'l' l':u'tx'. 5 Hicvm : l'rvsidvn! .... Vim' I'r1'sid0nl Svrrvlnry .... Trvnsurvr .. l,l'l'8fdf'IIl .... l'ic'f' l,l'l'Sfdl'Ill' Svvrvinry .... Trvnsilrvr .. SOIWIUINIURES l"llI'ISH MAN . ..l4el1y l'harllon ... . .. Lois Rc-an ..... Lila l'1m 4-ll Phyllis fzmivl .... Carole Morris Ruse Ann Ronmnn .. . Priscilla Wulfo Priscilla lineslrick U Ill J rl PJ fl mtl ORCHESTRA 'l'hv string sc-ctiun of this group practices during thc- pc-:ir :mtl nicnihcrs uf thc ul till out thc- rc-st of the instrumcntzition whvn iwedcrl. Ihr- Ul'Cill'SYl'2l participates in Huy Ilzly, Ccmtiiiiiviicc-im-tit. :mtl huth thx- Alunim mtl Svnim' Plays. mit QXAJ N 1 E 1 -!E 1s 6 HXITERMEDIATE BAND This grmip, which was orggzuiizcd hy Klr. flood, pi'0pzlrv5 its tiiviiihvrf tm' thc iior Raimi. lliis is 'lcv l'XK'l'l'lS1'S. miiplimlwml thruuggh ailpplcwiivlitiligl thc hvgiiiningl lIl1lT1'l'i1li with sfilivw MIXED CHORUS 'l'he Xlixed Chorus is one of the outstanding organizations in the school. It consists of ninety-two tueiuhers from the l"resluuan, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Classes. 'llhey take part in the Christmas Assenihly, Spring l"estix'al of Music, Senior Sermon, and other school functions. Outside of school, they have sung for several churches in the conununity. 'l'he student director is llavid lVarner. The accoinpanist is Patty Caldwell. THE BAND The Band started its lqil-5-l season with sixty-two iuetnhers. This year, in addition to marching at foothall games and in pep parades, the hand also participated in the Armistice Day Parade at XVayneshurg and a Halloween Parade in lVash- ington. The following oflieers were elected for W5-l-55: Student Conductor, -lulian Taggart: Assistant Student Director, Anthony Sposseyg Secretary-'l'reasurer, Myra Kelley. liaud Conuuittee: Carolyn Burns, Margaret Linn, lVilliani Xlayne, Carolyn l,ylie. These otlicers were installed at the Annual Hand Banquet in February. 'llhe Spring Klusic Festival clintaxed the season for the students in the depart- ment. IJ III J rl EJ 1 SENIOR Y-TEENS Thr :innunl QlIllltllf'llQIllf Svrvicc opem-nl xi successful ya-:ir for the Sc-nior H lu N 'lllw clnlw :ulvisors :ire Nliss Nlziric- Ale-xi' :ind Xliss Ruth Xlycrs. Among rhf- vwlits of tlw yvzlr wvrc' tlw New Yv:1i"s llnncc' :mal the S llznicc. lictty Nlzirrzi was cliosc-n :is the Senior Y-'l'c'r'ii SXYK'1'TllK'2lI'l'. 'l'lu- X'-'llt'l'lIS also liziw clulrgm' of rhf- lwuutiful Klan' ljily' pziggc-:int wlnili ls li rv:-ry spring on the school czunpus. A vc-ri' successful activity of the club was thc' selling of jc-rscys :incl l sn s 'liliv officers uw: Presidefnt ....... Vive l'reside11I Secretary ..... Treasurer ........... Program f'llflil'llIllI1 ..,. 2 3 Barbara Hoot man ... Kathryn Sanders . . . . .Mary Guzel .. Ruby Patterson ..Shelby lVlcKelvcy -'Al-B S . JUNIOR Y-TEENS llu' -liiniur X--,lim-its is :ui org:uiix:ilimi zitliliaitcil with tht' Y.XV.L'.A. :mil lx I1 to :ill hlunim' girls in lriliity lligll St-luml. illlll' first iiivvriiigg uf Ilia' yr-:ir was :1 wviiwr must ht-lil :ir flu' Img Czilmin .lt ixliingtmi l':ii'lQ. kl1llllt'l'llll' Xlusivi' was rliosmi :is wht- hluiiim' Xi-'lil't'Il SXYt't'tl1t'Ill'l'. Sliirlvi Slizirint was tlic' i'c'pi'n-sm-iitxltiw uf tlic' Aluniur Y-lvl-:is :it tlw Prom l 1 uint lJ:lm'4'. Om- ut thi- liigliliglits nt tlw yt-:ir was thc- tln Rim-lawn xlll'SlIlgl litmu- 'l'lic' uHicc'rs: l'r1'sidvnt ...... Vin' Prvsidvnl Slwreirzry ...... Tl'l'l1Slll'l'l' . . ........ Prugram l'lmirman ............ .itssislnnl Program t'lmirman. . . .btdrzsvr ........ . ............. pri-pzirzirion of LlllI'lSTlllilS lmxes . .. Florence Ilragan ... . . . . .. Patti Uooper ...llelphine liredniak . . . .Kathleen Antel .... Janice Weaver Patty Dean ..Nlrs. Mary Mansbarger 9' ,... 5 'x I '7- U Ill J il I -A I III J f T' SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS The Sophomore Y-Teens is an organization afliliateil with the Y.XV.C.A. and is open to all Sophomore girls in Trinity High School. The lirst meeting of the year was held in the gymnasium of 'llrinity High School. Guests included the tnenihers of the newly organized I'1I'f'Sl1lINllI Y-'lieen Club. After a devotional period, an initiation ceremony was held and a social hour followed. Other highlights of the year were the Candlelight Service, the Christmas Party, and the Sweetheart Dance. Our project for this year was the making of favors for the hospital at Christmas. Joyce Vajentic was chosen as our canclinlate for the Sweetheart Dance. The oflicers: President ...... .... I 'aroline Cornetti Vice President. . . .,.. Betty .lane Porter Secretary .... ..... I ,ily Clemens Treasurer .......... .... I Donna Waldygo Program Fhairman .... ...... I Jorothy Patterson Advisor ............. .... M rs. Frances Huffman QX WZ l ff!!! FRESHMAN Y-TEENS The Ninth Grade Y-Teens, an organization afhliated with the local Y.lV.C.A., had the largest enrollment of many years this year. 'l'his cluh, open to any Freshman girl, had ll0 members on the roll and all were very active. Among the most outstanding activities of the year were the annual Candlelight Service, Sweetheart Dance, and Easter Sunrise Service. The cluh meetings featured such things as playlets, movies, swimming, dancing, howling, and discussions. At the Christmas meeting the girls packed hoxcs for local convalescent homes. Patty Brooks was chosen hy the cluh to he their Y-Teen Sweetheart and several memhers took part in the Xlay Day Program. The officers and co-advisors of the club were: President ............................... ..... .I udy Myers Vice President .......... Shirley Wood Secretary ............ ....... I iuth Ann Crompton Program Fhairmnn .................... Virginia Miles, Ruth Kirk Fo-Advisors ........... Mrs. Lillian Smith. Miss Beverly J. Dunn W WM A Y' Z 2 5 -HU! SENIOR l-ll-Y llils war, as Ill tlw past, tln' SUIIIUI' lli-Y llzis lwvn X'l'l'y' actiw. 'liln' L-lull, wliil-In nw:-ts tln' lirst Nlomlay nlglil of Q-:itll llllllllll, sponsorvll rhl- Rvcowry llzilwv. llllkl scx'vl'al swiinniingg pzlrtivs tllis svzlson. Klr. Syrvlc, Ili-Y allvlsor, plays a wry important part in tlic' clulfs :u'tlx'itl4's 'l'ln- oflicc-rs: l're'sidf'nl ...... Vive l'residenI .. Secretary ...... Treasurvr .. .. ...Orville Varlvy . . . . . . .Floyd Craft .. Richard Mm-i'lay ....William l,1-vi-rs JUNIOR H l-Y 'l'lw .llllllllf lll-X IS an organization of nlntll anll tvntli ggrallc lwoys. Ar thn- lwginnlxigg of tlic' term tllvrc' were alwout 1-1 glit sopliomorl- lmovs lrom tln clulw. :Mlllitlonal sopliomorl pwvloiis y'l'2ll'. llu-sv lwoys Ul'Q12llllZL'll .mal lormvml tlw lioys wvrv inirizm-ll into tlw lll'QlZllllZ1ll'l0ll tllus lllCl'l'1lSlllQl rhl- nwnilwrslilp liw. lfrom l,l'l'SIdPIll ....................... tlic-so tlu- following oflicvrs wcrv 1-ll-cu-ll: to twvnty ....... G4-no Rush Vive President .... James Knestrick Secretary ...... .. Dennis .Knkrom Treasurer .. ....... Ronald Day l'Implain . . . ... Michael Vomito Advisor ......................... ... . . . .. Mr. Lyons At thc- lwginning of thc- scconml svuiwsrvr, lrcslnnvn wc-rc lllClll1lC'll in tln- clulw lhl- prograni for tlll' wal' lllL'lllllK'4l rcggulai' liicwtiligl pzlrtivs. 'l'lu- group also set up chairs for Klux' llzup s, lwzlslu-rlmall, swimnnnp, :mil LIBRARIANS Signing out lmolw, cl1:'cl:lng ln lmnks, In-lping stmlvnts llml l'l'fQ'I'l'llL'1' lll2lIt'I'lill, l::-1-ping tha- hunk cnrlls in prnpvr urlh-r - rh:-sv zm' just il fvw of thc mum :luties pe'rfm'nn':l hy rhv atmlvnt lll5I'Zll'l2ll1S. 'l'h:' Trinity lligh Sclmul l,ihr:u'y n1:u1:1g1:':l hy the-sv stumlvnt lll1I'ill'lIlllS. umlvr thc' mllra-ctiun nf Nliss lgl'YQ'l'll llunn, has il XYt'ZllflI of 1'f'fc'1'Q'lw:' mzltvrlzll zlvzlllzllmle :lml Il lzurgm- lllllllllfl' uf lmrh llvtlmm :lml lmn-llctiuu l'L'1llllllM lmnks. 'l'ln- l.ilu':u'Y :mlm sulwscrilu-5 to tw:-my pl-rimli:-:als :mal two mlnily nrwspxlpcrs. 'l'Iu- l,ihr:u'i:ms c'ntcrt:1im'nl thc' faculty :lt :L ton un XIZll'Cll Ill. T-CLUB 'l'ha' 'l'-Cluh is mxuh' up of sixteen girls from thc .lunior :incl S:-niur classes. 'l'h:'ir mlutics consist uf llllilllpl cam- uf tha- ggynx olhce :mal thc girls' :lrc-ssing mum. 'llhr cluh nu-lnlu-rs l'a'cvlw SN'i'2lI'Q'l'S in their xlunlm' yvzn' :lml :L in thvlr Senior y:':u'. l'lIlCll nmntlm they sponsor :1 skating party :xml prcsvnr lmlf nf their earnings tu Ihv :lthlctlc SXYl'2lN'l' fuml. 'lxhv ufhccrs: Pl'f'SidPIIf ........... .... M argaret Hurzon Secretary-7'reasl1rer . .. ...... Frances Kulla l'lub .-lrlrisur ....... Miss Marie Me-xy III J ra E 1 STUDENT PATROL A group of hoys, 'selected at the end of their .lunior year on the hasis of coopera- tion, dependability, and ahility to assume responsibility, serve as the Student Patrol. 'lihe chief duty of this organization is to keep the traliic flowing smoothly through the halls between class changes. ln addition, tliese Ul11li'l'UlIllf'IlH help to direct tratlic for May llay and during the Coininenceinenr season. I - af- K X , rr OFFICE GIRLS Always willing to do any ofiice chore for Mr. Ross, Hr. John. and Xlr. Clark, these girls answer telephone calls, carry announcements, and perform numerous other office duties. 'l'wo girls are assigned in the office for each period. The group for this year is as follows: Caroline Cornetti Shirley Dague Florence Dragan Marilyn Eustis Arla Halden Lois Heatley Margaret Hurzon Sophie Hurzon Frances Kulla Rae McCullough Marcia McGaughey Marlene McKay Beverly Morrison Patty Nyswaner Lillian Park Mary Louise Phillips . tl STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of :1 Student Council Representative and the Prcsiilent from catch home room. An :advisor and ollicers elected from the Student Council hold meetings with the nieinhers to discuss and tzdce cure of the many proh- lclns that arise during the year. 'lille Student Council has lu-en very successful in the past years in its inziny contributions to Trinity. The amplifier and loud speaker, the piano, the stage im- proyeinents, and the drinking fountains :irc ll few of the projects in the past. This yezlr new hlmds tor the gym :uid :ui ziutonizitic sign clock to control the lighting of 'l'rinity High School sign represent the Council's must useful undertaking. The Student Council holds meetings :ind discussions in which decisions :ire made concerning the faculty. the students, :uid the school :ls :1 whole. The purpose of thc Student Council is to tczich It-:uit-rsliip :uid dcinocraitic government. The following oflicers were clcctcd to scrye during the IQQ3-l95-lf year: President .... Vice Presidenl .... Secretary ....... . Treasurer . . . .-ldvisor. . . . ...... Bernard Scott . . . . . .David Warner . . .Beverly Redinger . .. Cora Lee Renner ... Mr. E. Vaughn Ross ine VISUAL AID DEPARTMENT ,1.1Il' X'1s11:11 1'f11111':1111111 171-11:11-11111-111 111-111111 1111- 105.1-l'15-1 N1'1111111 NVZII' 111111 1111 1111111w111g S1-111111' l1111s: 1"1111'11 ,"XH1iI'UI11, XVilli5 11:111111'111, 1'111XY1lI'l1 111lfl'I', I-'li 131111- 111:11-I1-1 11111111111-, :11111 17111111111 111-151. 1111- -I11111111' 11111-1':11111'w w1-1'1- L11IllI'1K'S 131111111-. 1'111XYJ1l'11 f1l'1IIlI11, XY1111:1111 111111 11111':11'11 1x1-111-1, A111111-w K1:11'11, N111'11-11 X1:11'141111', X1-1x1111 X1111-5, X 1-1111111 R1111111, :1111 K ll'1 51ll111l'l'h. '1111' 111-w 111115 111 1111- 111-1111111111-111 W1-11-: R1-1-11 511111, il .l1lIl11ll', 211111 1111- 1111111w111g S111111111111111-s: 131-11111s fxl11il'Ull1. 1':1111 Q1l'11l'. 1J1111g11:1s 19111111112 111111111111 f11'111ts1'11, 11111 111111-s x1CXv1lj. 1111- 111-xv 1111-111111-rs w1-1'1- 11111-11 1111- ll5lI1l1 111111111111 111 1111- 11111-111111111 111111 1':11'1- 111 111:11 A111 1'11lll1Pl11l'l1T, 111111 1111-11 w1-1'1- :1ss1g1111-11 111 11Pl'1'1ll1l11l 111-1111115 11111- 1111- L1l1lI1llI 11111 S1-111111' 1111-111111-rs. 111 111111-1' 111 1':11s1- 11111111-1 111 11:11 1111' p11a1:1g11- 111111 111s111':1111'1' 011111311-N 1111 1111- 111l11N -11 111 1111- 1'1:1ss 1'1111111s, 11111- f1-:11111'1- 11111x'11- :1 S1-1111-S11-1' was S1ll1XYl1 111 1111- 5111111-111 1111111 1lSSCl11111j'. X1:1111 111 1111' SYlI11l'l1f 0111-1':11111's g1:11'1- 111-111-1'1111a11 11f 1111-11' 111111- 111 11111-111111111 111'111'11 1111111-1's. 1,.A. S1511-111s, 111111 11f11l'I' 1-11111111111-111 1111' 1111111115 1'1:1s:-1-a, L'1lI1T5. :1111 111111-111' 1-11-111a. '1'111s 11-:lr 1111 111-W 1-11111111111-111 was 1111111-11 111 1111- 171-1111111111-111. 17111-1-1111' 111 1111- X'1Sll1l1 A111 111-1111111111-111 1s X111 11. 1". 111111t111:111. SECRETARIAI. CLUB llu- gurls lm' ilu' 5t'L'H'I1lI'IJll L lulv Jll'l' M'll'k'll'Kl ilu' wcuml Nf.'lIlK'Fl1'l' ul lllK'II' lunlur ' wir nf ll'Jllll'l'Nllll5, inlvgrity, loyalty, mnpcrallima, :unl xx lr. llwx zlrm' rlmwrr on tlu lvl mlmlamlr zllwllllx. 'l'llm' fiuclvnlw am' qwigru-rl an M'k'l'l'l2ll'li'h to faculty llIl'lIll7l'l'5 :lt tlu' lwginni " : ': 'A 5 ' 4 A 1 position. rlillix gglxw. ll11'lll ilu ul llH'lI' 51'lll4ll' wxu' IlN1l PHIWII llmx xlcp lm an ullm Ufllllllll In apply slalssrumn ll'1ll'lllI1L1 In przlcticzll situations. ng lu thx- Spring, tlu' .luniurw wvrc' K'llli'IAl1lll1l'tl lu tlw Scnim' I1ll'IlllN'l'S uf tlu' clulw IT lll Illlllllflthll pzlrtx. ln l'l'fllI'I1. flu' tluninrs lllll1Ul'1'll tllm' Q1IA1ltlll1lTl'S :lr il l1:u1q11m't l llm' lllhk'l'l'51 I'rr'sidf'n! .... Vin' I'r1'sirl1'nl .... Sf'r'rr'Iary . . . Tr1'nsurf'r .. ,ld1'isors. .. ...Margaret Valcutl ...Angeline Patterson .. . .Bvlly Marra Swvud ...Mrs. ,Xnrlrow lizwlllsiak, Mrs. l'aul Huffman D Ill J EJ fl SENIOR PLAY 'l'l1c Senior Class prcscntcnl "Spring l"cvcr," 1lircctc1l ln' l':111l Scnllzili on l in April 9. 1954. 'lilll' plan' ccntcrcal Zlfllllllll ll group of college students and told of the l1I'ClllLlIiN N they can get into. lr was ll howling success. 'lilic L'll2lI'IlCil'I'S arc: Howard Brandt .... Ed Burns ........ Vic Lewis .... Lou Herron .... Mrs. Spangler . .. Anne Purcell .... Vivian George ..... Henry Purcell . . . Phoebe Purcell ..... Maude Forey ......... Professor Virgil Bean Dr. Dixon ............ Assistant Director .... . . . Prompter . ......... . ,. . . . . . .David Warner .. . .Howard Morrison . . . . .Thomas Kelley ....Dorothy Barrett . . . . .Patricia Faldwell . . . . . .Jackie Vinisky ......lean McCollum . ....Summers Hunter . . . . . Mary .lane Wiles , . ..Mary Jo Mcwreath . . .. . . . . . . .Donald Turke .............Roy Kinder .Glenn Morrow, Eli llille ... . . . . . . .loyce McWilliams JUNIOR PLAY The Junior Class Play, "Hur Nliss Brooks," umler the ilirecriun of Xlrs. Klar- f11lI't'T Downie, was press-ntenl on Nurexulwr' llirwteentli and twentieth. The play, il three-act comedy, com'vrm'cl the trials and triliularimms of Nliss Brooks, a high school lfnglislr teaclier. 'l'lw cast was as folio Miss Brooks ..... Ted .......... Mis.-r l"inrh .. Elsie ....... Elaine ......... .lane ............ Hugo Longacre .... Sylvia ........... Mr. Wadsworlll .... . . . Doris ............ ..... Stanley ........ Marge ....... Rhonda ........ Miss ,-ludobon . .. Marlin ........ Faith .......... Mrx. .-lllen ...... . Prom pter ......... Student Direrlor NVQ ' ....Connie VV:-irich . . . . . Barry Swart . . . . Reita Brewer Judy Kleppner ... . Shirley Garner . . . . .Lu Ella Wise ......lack Shultz .. . Barbara Miles ........Mietek Markow ...... . .. Priscilla Dean Fred Grose. Have Dunn ...........Arla Hallden ......... . . .Lois Beatty ....Mary Ellen Fullick ...... . . . .Danny John ....Catherine Mosier . . . . .Marie lianzius ......Janet Bristor ,... Loreen Phillips D III J S3 il GO - TO - COLLEGE CLUB lfur svwrzll yvars tlic flu-'lin-Colli'g1c' Lllulw has lim-li :in uutstzlmling vlula at l riiiity. xli'IHl14'l'5 of tlim' cliilw arc zicamlvmic Senior :mil tlimiur girls wliu lizlri' :lr lvaist 1 "li" :ix'm'r:lgc' :mal :irc plzuniiiig to cmmtiiim' rlwir mliication lwinml liigli srlmul. 'lilim' 'urls lllllst al:-in pussvss certain srzlmlarcls of loyalty, cmvpc'i':itiui1. :mil lN'l'SllHIlllTX. llic' Pl'IljlI'illIl Illls yvzir cunslsrc-nl ul sclling prugraims at tfmrlmll Qlillllvs. sc-llmg surtwl cliurulzilvs at L'lirist11i:is timv, il mlailicc after tllv 'llriniti-Hr. l,i-lwzinmi gzuiw, mul glivsi spc':ilu'rs frum vzirious colleges. llw liigllligglits of tlim' year XX'l'I'i' tlw trip is fil'I1l'YIl L'ullc"c' :mel Slippcri' Rncl' Stare' ,l'l'2lL'llC'l'N Cnllcfrv. 'lllu' faculty tml, :mil 9- , X - 1- tlif' zllmual l51llHllll'f In-lil to lionur tlic Senior iiwiiilwviw uf tllc' clulw. Girls from tlu nlula also scrw as munmws in flu' llalls vavli pcriml uf rlu- mlziy. Xliss llc'x'c'rli lluiiii is tlim' cluli ziilrisur. 'l'lw uflicc-rs of ilu' clulw arv: l'r0sid1'nt ................ ...... ........... Q ' ora Loo Re-nm-r Vive l'rr'sidr'l1l. .. ...... Rachel Herron S1f'1'rr'lnry ...... .. Kathryn Lea Sanders Tr1'nsurr'r .......... .. . Barbara Houtman l'rngrrm1 !'lmirmnn . . .. .Joyce McWilliams 1 'l'h torinns. TRINITY HISTORIANS e History Cluh is il hrzuieh of the lN'l'lll1Sj'lV1llll2l Federation of Junior His- . . , . , , 'llhe purpose ot the cluh is to ll'1ll'I1 more :ihout the State of l,0HIlSYlY2lI1lZl. lhi- eltupter is composed of Sophoniores, Juniors, :uid Seniors who have an outstanding average for the semester in history. The j'l'1ll"S :activities started with zx picnic for the initiation of new members. Uther zletivities during the year were zi chili supper and Zlffflldlligl a court trial. 'l'o mise funds at hzxke sale :uid the selling of lndiztn nioeensins were undertzilren. ln April rlu- eluh attended the Southwestern Conference of the l'ennsylx':n1izl lfederzttion of .lunior Historians :lt the Ljllllfllflllll State 'l'ezxehers College. A l mnquet held in Hay in honor of the Seniors :ind the newly elected oflieers elosed the iltflvlflvs for the year. President ....... ...... l lavid Warner Viee Presidenf .......... William McGowan Vorresponding Secretary .... .... I' 'lorence Dragan Reeording Sefretary ..... . . .Shelby Melielvey Treasurer ........... ....... I ionnie Ross Program fvlllliflllllll .... .... l 'hoebe Anderson Advisor ........... ...... M rs. Allison U -A N H1 J 1 S,P.Q.R. CLUB 'lihe Latin Cluh says, "Scienti:1ips:1 2lllCfUl'lUlS est" llmmvlctlgc itself is :ui- tliurityl. The lmlcs of March is il very importzuit clay in which :ill lirst yczir Latin stuilvnts with at high zivcrzige :ire initiztted into the cluh. The activities of thc' cluh throughout the year were: selling 'liriniti llillcr liumpvr Stickers, :i hzikc sale of which the proceeds went tu lu-lp finance mir :uinuzil trip to Pittsburgh, :tml our :mnuul picnic :lt the park. A silver key is zlwzmleml :lt commencement to the Latin stinlent who has ztttziineil the highest ziverzige for four yours. This year it will he ziwzirclecl to Nlziry fluzel. llmler the very czlpzihle supervision of our advisor, Hrs. Spriggs, thc fullowing uflicers were elected: President ....... ....... M ary Guzcl Vice President . . .... Robert Stafford Secretary .... ... ... ......... Marilyn Eustis Treasurer ........... .......................... I mis Hallam Program Flmirmen .... ....Mary Jo Mcwreath. Helen Plany FUTURE NURSES CLUB 'l'lu- girls in thi- junior :mil Senior claissvs who :lrv iim-i'1'stvil in nursing :irc in- ml to join the liururc Nurscs Chili. Xlvvtiiiggs :irc comluctcml umlcr thc s-xc:-llvnt lv:ulvi'sliip of Mrs. Dorothy Grimes, - school nursc. Rcquircnwiits for mliffcix-lit schools of nursing :intl :ilso collm-go itiilizitvil schools of nursing :irc discussa-ml. On thx' :lrilliiul trip to Pittslmrggll wc' Visitrnl Xlcrcy Hospital, 'lihv Xvvstvrn l'cnnsylx':uiizi School for the liliml, :tml othcr points of intcrvst. 'l'hc' zictivitivs for thc yvzlr wa-rc' closed with Il party in March. 'l'hv lfuturc' Nurses Chili is il viral factor in stimulating intvrcst for nursing n irvvrs. l hm' ofhccrs: l'rf'sidvnt ....... .... I Cathryn Lea Sandi-rs Vive' l're'sida'nl .. ....... Marjorie Brim- Svrrvlnry .... ......... I 'hyllis Elliott .fhlvisor .... . ..Mrs. Dorothy Grimes i U III J rl EJ 1 THE l-IILLER 'lihe school newspaper is an important part of every high school student's life and the staff has tried to make the Hll.l,lfR interesting to all. janet liristor, editor, beads the stall' of twenty-three, and Kliss Ruth Xlyers is the advisor. lncluded among the features of this year's paper were: Klublicity Koluui, News 'liravels Fast, Place the Face, Costumes Comments, Couples Corner, l'air Tree, along with pictures of many people and events. 'l'he November issue was the first time the Hll,l,lfR had eight pages. 'lihe February issue was printed in red, to carry out the Valentine theme. The HILLIQR for the school year 1952-53 won fourth place in the l'ennsylvania State Press Association contest for printed newspapers published by schools of 'l'rinity's enrollment. 'lihe stall wishes to thank everyone - students, faculty, school board, and adver- tisers for their help and interest. XVithout them the journalism class could not publish the HILLER. OLYMPUS STAFF lzflmlr, Lois ll.1xl.1,,u1 .-l.v.v1.v1m1f lfzfitnr, fxkl.,-X l'l,-XLDIEN SleNloR lffnrrons Plioelue Anderson Mary jo McXVreath Catherine Braden Mary june VViles Thomas Hayes ,lane Reynard CIRCUI..-Yl'l0N Kathnyn l.ea Sanders Reita Bremer ALL' xml Dorothy Barrett l.oreen Phillips Dorothy Ritter Beverly Redinger Barbara llootlnan, lfIl.fillt'.l'.t' .l,lHlllflI'l' Shelby Mvlielvey George Miles Ronald Lenthul David Applegate lloward Morrison Wlznnes Dunn Donna Zlllllllffx 'l'Y l'lS'l'S Betty Ma r ra AIJY'lfR'l'lSlNil David Patterson Florence Dragan Robert Tichnel 'l'homas Kelley jean McCollum Lois Beatty -lanet Bl'lSfUl' llarrv Dax' RlL'lllll'll lllarlwnr FACULTX JUNIOR l'lDl'l'0RS Vl'illialn .Xrnal Caroline Burns Marlene Ferralli Andrew lVlark Roy Sowers Carol Krofcltevli Shirley Garner Enocli XVooten l'RlZS Tillie Skariot Shirley Skzlriot Sl'oR'I'S Rolvert l.ightn1-r lidwin Gaul liarlmara llartvell ,loann Davidson Connie YVeirit'h Daniel 'lohn Myra Kelley xlndy Kleppner Rolu-rt Mt'Uowan xvllllillll lN1cliouan Vernon Roach Stephan Stanko l.lIlillll YVIN- Slcxlok Cluexss Anvisoizs AlJX'liR'l'ISlNKl Ruth Myera. Garnet .Xllison Norman Allison 'FREASURER xlt'N1oR Cl..-XSS A1JX'lSlJRS james Clark lklarian Bartuaiak Copy IJRIQIY-.XR-.x'l'IfjN Paul bedlnk Frances Huffman Al.l'NlNl Com' CRITIC lloward YVilson -lg-nnie IFN-1-nlli Glsxlsk.-xt. Anvlsom' C. S. llallain ATHLETICS ..0Fl954 N ,, ' 2 , . f , , V ' ' Kc. . . , FOOTBALL - 1953 The "Hillers" of Trinity High School find themselves graduated from Class A to Class AA rank. To meet this challenge, the Board of Education added to its coach- ing staff two new assistants, John Syrek and VVilliam KIcLhinney. This l953 team was faced with one of the toughest schedules in the history of the school. WVith the spirit of the student body behind them, they came through their schedule with six wins and three losses. XVe wish this fine group of boys all the success in the future. CHARTIERS On September 12th, we opened our season with Chartiers at College Field and played before a very large crowd. For an opening game both teams played exception- ally well, but the Trinity team proved the better by coming out on top to the tune of 26-6. REDSTONE The following week at Republic the Hillers beat the Redstone team in a Class AA game by a score of 7-6. The conversion point made by Paul Hatfield held the one point lead over Redstone. WASHINGTON On September 25th, the Trinity Hillers won their third consecutive game before an estimated 8,000 fans. The game ended with the score 38 to 13. Trinity's 38-point total is the biggest registered by either team in winning. VVhile practicing for this game Robinson injured his leg and was unable to play the rest of the season. MONESSEN At College Field on October Znd, Trinity lost a heart-breaking I4-13 game to the lhlonessen team. The defeat dropped the Hillers from the Class AA struggle for the W.P.l.A.L. championship. CHARLEROI Traveling to Charleroi for our game on October 8th, we met and were defeated by the Cougars, who came from behind with two touchdowns in the final period, to make the final score 25-13. mlm fur l'AI.ll+'0RNl.X 'l'rinitx' lliuh llillvrs inst ht-:tt tht- hzilfrtiinc clock to sctm' thc- winning touch- vn :ls tht- llillt-rs toppml Llatlifurnizt li-7. lr wats the fourth victory in six timvs Xlilt llvrl4c'r's llillvrs this sczisnn. CANUNSISUIUQ 'l'lit't'c tnuclttlowns in tht- lust liw minutes of tht' gznnc hrottgltt Trinity from l lil-ll tlvlicit tn :1 .fl-Ill victory UYVI' tht- powerful Ql2lll0llSlNll'Ql tvznn :tt Colle-gc lfivltl ill has Uctulwr llrtl. This gguim' pmvm-tl to lit- nm- of the most thrilling ggztnws that 'llrinity plzlwtl. BURGE'l"l'S'l'0WlN Un Uctnlwr 30th. tht- ll:-cl4c'rxnvn lust tht-ir thirtl gzitnc' of the scztsnn to the Blur- lh-rils of llurgcttstuwn. 'l'ltt' finxll scnrt- wats 211-ll. UH .NMURIIJGE 'l'Iw 'lirinity Hillt-rs ltmugltt :l fitting vntl to the initiztl sc-:tson in Class AA ranks Nun-tttlwt' Oth, hy tlvfvzitittgl an spiritvrl Atnlvritlge team, l-l-O. 4 ,,.4 5,- ... D xl N Ill J I' 1 CHEERLEADERS S-l'-L'-L'-IGS-S was thc- :lim of thc- clivvrlc-:lmlvrs this yvzir. XVL- lu-Ipi-il in 4-wry way to cliccr 'l'.H.S. on ru victmy with tha' :lhlc :issismiicv of our zulvisur, Hr. Paul Sl'Kll1lli. llw hciimr clivcrlczulvrs were: Ilurutliy Skip li:1rr1'tt. hvzul clicc-i'lc-:ulvi': liar- hzlrai "N:1rty" Km-strick, Juziniic "Jo" Hziyclc-n, Phyllis "Phil" llolmcs, and .Iuycx uplllln NIcYVilliz1ms. substitute. 'l'hc' Juniors were-: Cmmiv MAC:-H Xx7i'lI'lL'l1, Lure-c-n "l,m'i" Phillips, -Illily' Klvppncr, :mil Lu lfllzi HLllli'K'Clln YVisc'. 'llhc' Cllt'CI'll'2lll0l'S sponsored thc 2lI1!1ll2ll lfuuthzlll lizliiquvt in Novviiilwr. 'llhc following Sflpllillllllfl' girls were chosen to tallu' thc plum- x':u':m'1l hi' thi Sc-niurs: Ruth Smtt, Llllllil l,c'vz-ix, Nlmlvlyri XVorlyn, :mil Carolyn llc-rrmi. HS D L Y III P U I" 9 ,I -r Nli for ilu- varsity :ltlilctvs :iml rn rhv Chi-'l'mi-Lbllvgv flllll. 'lihis chih vzlcll iczir pri-sv US!-IERS ,M thi' lwgjllllllllg ut vzicli hmllmll svusun Z1 group of hvnlur "urls llll' si-lm-if-il 2- ' - ' ' . " ' - "sm-:wc sm-all svcliuns :rr :Ill lmmm- fuutlwzill gunws. llnm thi Nnnim il lv to uxhci 111 thc in l'hv lim-:ul llSlll'I', Shirley lJ2lQ1llt', whu wus :ippuiim-ml hy Klr. Russ, plum-il thu girla III thu- most rivvmlvll Stwflmvliw :iml Ulla-wil zisslstziiicc' wlicrvu-1' iwvilvml. :lt thi' vml of rhi- svzisuii Il stvzili mlinnvr was In-lil fur thc' uslivrs tugcllwl' with thx- harp whn worlqwl :lt rhv l'm'l1'csl1l1wxit Slilllll. 'lihc' llhl11'l'S XYl'I'K'Z Xlzirgzirct .'Xmlm'rm1i, l'l1m'hc' .'Xl1ml01'snl1, Hari l,uu fain hwvl, -lmXnn lluhfmzm, Shirley -lUI'll2lI1. Xlihlrcml Littlchvrry, Slwllwy Xlclivlw-5 Xlziry -Io XlcNYrv:1lli, Klum' Rvinzlril, Szilli Svifcrt, :lml lflmzi Spcfinl. PROGRAM SELLERS 'l'lll'5l' girls, alll l!H'llIlN'l'5 of thc flu-'l'u-L'nllvgv Chili, zuhhwl thvir hir tu thc lunthnll svzlsun hy selling prugrzinis :lt :ill uf thc- liumc' ggzuiivs. 'lihm' worm-m'lls uf thi- 5I'U"l'1lIl1S wld :it thi' "1lll1l'S -fu in wart tu thc' swvaltcr fuml P- I' PN 1 llll1Illk'llll IlXY1lI'll tu thu zlthlvtc' llJlYlI1Q thi' hcwt hL'llUl1lSlIk' :ix'c'i':lg1'. 'lihm' girls lll'M'lAYi' il grvzlt alvxll uf crvnlit :mal Dllllhl' fur thvir spirit in rhiw vii ilvalxmx irlvy lizlyrw, lrcm' liiril, Putty L'zihlxrvll, Shirlvy llziguv, Xlaxrilyn lfustis, NIIIYX Hts U Ill J fl BASKETBALL SUMMARY - 1953-54 'lihe 1953-54 Basketball season of Trinity High School is among the best the school has ever experienced, having a splendid record of 10-2 in league play and I6-3 for the season. Klembers of the squad, the varsity composed of seniors, were YVhitehill, the center: Desmond, guard: Parkinson, forward: Bocheck, forward: and Uliverio, guard. Reserve strength centered on Laight, Lyons, and Robinson. Wliitehill and Desmond were chosen as members of the All-Star Team repre- senting Section IV, composed of Burgettstown, Canonsburg, l,0I'Ill0l1l', Ht. Lebanon, VVashington, Waynesburg, and Trinity. The combination of height, speed and alertness helped to give the team a balance that made our record possible. S u m m 0 r y Lmaus aruvms Trinity -I2 Canonsburg Trinity 57 Burgettstnwn Trinity 51 Dormont Trinity 67 Wayneshurg Trinity 66 Mt. Lebanon Trinity 40 Washington Trinity 88 Canonsburg Trinity 62 Burgettstown Trinity 44 Dnrmont Trinity 65 Waynesburg Trinity 59 Mt. Lebanon EXHIBITION GAMES Trinity 76 Flaysville Trinity 59 East Washington 'Trinity 63 Chartiers Trinity 73 Claysviile Trinity 72 East Washington Trinity 62 Chartiers Trinity 56 Redstone U RESERVE BASKETBALL 'lille Reserve Baskethall Squad had a successful season in that the hoys gained a lot of experience that will help them next year when most of them will more into the varsity which was riddled hy graduation this june. The mainstays on the Reserve Squad were ll. Hatfield, R. Camps, li. Laight B. Lyons, and VVm. lieehler. 'I'hese hoys played regular in the reserve game and remained dressed for the varsity and saw some action in almost every game. Other hoys who played Reserve hall and showed a lot of promise were: lyory Stiekle, Rush, Stnmpf, lirookman, johnson, VVilliams, Xleflowan, Polland, ant Shultz. PXNITQ- ? ' 1 BASEBALL 'l'he hasehall team representing 'l'rinity had an in and out season in IWW. They defeated each team in the section and were in turn defeated by each team. Une might say they hroke even. ln non-league or exhibition games the team fared hetter. Gradu- ation took a heavy toll from the squad hut the outlook for this year is good hecause of greater reserve material, especially in the mound staff. 41, K' .. 'l - . L ,, Mx 4 " S -4 . i f 2:11 E' V E ' 5 31112 Q WRESTLING Section A champion, VV.l'.l.A.L. champion, "mythical" state champion, sums up the wrestling teanfs IQS4 lanrels. 'l'he season record: I0 wins, three losses. Xlost outstanding was the 36-5 victory over Washington High School after a previous .fl-I9 win. VV.l'.l.A.l,. champions were Bill Bane, Aloe Shook, Bill Gallo, l,ouis Craig, with Roland Taggart runner-up. ln the Stare finals: Bill Bane, 95-poinnl class, and joe Shook, Ill-pound class, emerged State champions: with Hill Hallo, runner-up. 'l'he Reserve wrestling team gained experience. compiling a 3-5 record. Seniors on the squad are: joe Shook, Mike Ardeno, Roger llague, Louis Craig, liernard Scott, Kenny Dicks, and Toni Scherieh. X I" 49,1 'J' COMPLIMENTS OF MUILYBDIENUM CCCORPOIRATIION OIF AMERICA w If P ' cf I as "'9'g:mP2:'J G 'ss HENRY G. HOOD cf soNs 1-1 AllKindsof --l GAS an ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PAINT . GLASS . WALLPAPER ' 138 South Main Street WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 107 "THE STORE OF MARSHALL" WASHlNGTON'S YARD GOODS STORE The Right Goods at The Right Time at The Right Prices 3 Floors of Quality Merchandise 56 NORTH MAIN ST. LOUIS BERMAN Realtor .... Insurance 7 WEST WHEELING STREET Phone 1388 Q COMPLIMENTS OF DUNBAR Cr WALLACE LUMBER CO. IO45 JEFFERSON AVE. WASHINGTON, PA. 451 - Phone - 452 Q Everything To Build Anything Q CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES To The Graduating Class Ot l954 I "5 si , -5' 2 2 z - -1 I . K 4' 'S "Hn 5 Formost Producers of -Fine Quality Steels WASHINGTON, PA. , DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES cf. - E321-we BRQOKMAN cuu.ET co. ZH ' Deoler in Broken Gloss go' Phgne 3577 OFFIOIAL B. a o. WATCH INSPECTOR Nick Bindas Main 81, Wheeling Sts. 101 South Main St., Washington, Pa. Phone 1443 COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 31 EAST CHESTNUT STREET WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 6905 Trinity STUDENTS Prefer... "' f? 'Q GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL BARBER SHOP PHONE SERVICE FOR EVERY CHAIR NO WAITING FOUR BARBERS WASHINGTON'S MOST MODERN AIR-CONDITIONED BARBER SHOP Phone 6161 Phone 2600 REICHART FURNITURE COMPANY ll8 West Chestnut Street WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Washington 1640 Your Favorite Furniture and Appliance Store 2644.6 74? paving OAKLAND AVENUE 0 WASHINGTON, PA. BITUMINOUS MATERIALS GENERAL ROAD CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT RENTALS Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY , 42 -50 North Main Street Washington, Pa. M c N A R Y ' S JEWELRY STORE F.w.wooLwoRTH co .WA-I-CHES. 4-6 SOUTH MAIN o Hamilton and Elgin o S T R E E T 31 NORTH MAIN STREET WASHINGTON, PA. Washington, Pa. c. H. scott ssnvice coNsTRucTioN co. E550 "'0"""S O'BRlEN STEEL Steel Fabricators T Main and Maiden Streets WASHINGTON, PA' WASHINGTON, PA. Congratulations C7 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class i ilf iblu -, Eli illll' iil ilmffls ifiriiic-t'Y:f'? 'll I . ' i o K V up pwisgnlrltgtlin Wyvi ngsaugg ' bgiiqqngsunrgi 'VIIHAIQLQIIIINEQ B Wt w4w'i'.lll. .' it ... ilf lx l ' , . fw iQ '4 fmEf. .u -xF '5 Make S. A. Meyer Company Your Headquarters For Jewelry - Furniture - Photographic Supplies COMP!-IMENTS GF WEST WASHINGTON CALDWELL'S CASH HARDWARE VVASHING-I-ON,S 485 WEST CHESTNUT STREET LARGEST DEPARTMENT O STORE Model Airplanes Phone 3700 Kit, Engines and Accessories COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL Special Party and Banquet Service W. R. Lippincott, Mgr. C. H. JONES 5' SONS MEN'S WEAR Since 1900 Washington Theater Building THE ARROW STORE MILLER BARBER SHOP 2 EAST BEAU STREET Compliments of McVEHIL'S 9' Washington Trust Building PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA 325-327 Washington Trust Bldg. WASHINGTON, PA. R. W. RUFFNER. C.L.U. District Manager Compliments of GIBBUNS MUTUR EXPRESS 0 TRUCKS HAUL TODAY 0 WHAT YOU USE TOMORROW Compliments of MOORE'S RADIATOR SHOP Harvey E. Swartz H. William Swartz "Everything for the Office" NEW and USED TYPEWRITERS, DESKS, CHAIRS, FILING EQUIPMENT FIRE-PROOF SAFES, OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES REPAIRS ON ALL OFFICE MACHINES WASHINGTON TYPEWRITER CO. 57 West Chestnut St. Phone 2919 COMPLIMENTS Ritchie 8a Piatt Funeral Home Ralph E. Piott, Successor AMBULANCE SERVICE P1-1oNE1s6 Helen Brice Buchanan 955 BROAD STREET Washington, Pa. 31 West Chestnut Street Washington, Pa. . "FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS' CARDS - GIFTS " BOOKS Phones 3521 and 3158 GRAHAM P. COWIESON FUNERAL HOME 395 East Maiden Street at LeMoyne Ave. C " 1 , Q. ' it -A- 'QN' 14- Ambulonce Service Washington 730 LARGEST SELECTION OF CQMPANY MEN'S SPORTSWEAR IN WASHINGTON ' 53 North Main Street WASHINGToN'PA' ,I -, I Cp"',- X G O 0 d DRINK I ff ,fsx ow' 05 1-T 1 " M US W .H T.-. q 6,355 2 or TV x T X ' ' x ' Q NDER AUTHORITY OF IME COCA-CCH MPANY IV Y JUDSON WILEY Cr SONS QWAYNEFEEDS I CEMENT CONTRACTORS 0 BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 0 READY - MIXED CONCRETE 404 South Main St. Washington, Pa. Phones 423 and 3044 II CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS S. W. MILLER AGENCY Insurance 40 NORTH MAIN STREET WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 1094 Compliments of .. J . A . R U N G 0 217 SOUTH MAIN ST. WASHINGTON, PA. Phones: 2281 - 2282 - 1775 The Food Market Complete The Uniformity of Gauge in , O STAINLESS STEEL SHEETS PROVIDES 0 More stainless area per ton 0 Excellent surface finish MicroRold stainless steel is rolled to exceptionally close tolerances in continuous form with micro-accuracy and uniformity of gauge throughout the entire length and width. This "Thinness Control" offers many advantages in both application and fabrication. "Thinness Control" gives you more stainless area per ton or an equivalent area with lesser weight, and a significant reduction in breakage. Lower polishing costs are obtained because of the excellence of surface conditions - Washington Steel Corporation E WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA which are dense, clean, smooth, and even. Q", H fav. . : 2 . X distributed through steel warehouses everywhere S HAR P'S 0 F u R N I T u R E s T o R E Qislgignfhgjfnut Sm" We Invite You To VISIT OUR STORE C L Sh p Boyd S. Sharp Charles L. Sharp, Sr. Wm. B. Sh p FIELDS IMPLEMENT STORE AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR Case and Ferguson Tractors Cr Farm Machinery Esco Farm Freezers and Milk Coolers North Main Street Ext. and Patton Ave. WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 4364 Evening 7516R 3 74a 7954 Uqmpm TT Priifed by the X,-, R X SETSO' WARD PRINTING COMPANY 82 - 88 SHAFFER AVE. WASHINGTON, PA. BEN REYNOLDS Cr CO. THOMPSON HARDWARE U Magnavox Radio COMPANY G Television 0 0 Baldwin Pianos WASHINGTON'S BEST 5 HARDWARE STORE WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 710 Washington, Pa. C. BENNETT Cr COMPANY REAR 121 s. MAIN ST. PHONE 4752 WASHINGTON, PA. Burclox Industrial Gases Fire Extinguishers Oxygen and Refills Acetylene Parts 81 Service on Pyrolene Briggs 66 Stratton Cog Clinton G. E. Welders 66 Electrodes Continenal Victor Equipment Pincore Meco Equipment Power Products Gaswelcl Equipment Lauson National Equipment Wisconsin Compliments of DR. J. F. DUNN DR. JOHN F. DUNN CHIROPRACTORS JACK HART WASI-IINGTON'S LARGEST MEN'S and BOY'S STORE 16 N. Main St. Washington, Pa. S. B. MCWREATH DAIRY 365 Donnan Avenue Washington ---- Pennsylvania Better Milk ina Better Bottle PHONE 3478 WARNE FARM SUPPLIES JOHN H. WARNE, Owner Authorized Dealer MASSEY - HARRIS G NEW IDEA Better Built Form Equipment Phone 2245 Complete Line of Feeds, Fertilizers, Farm Supplies Sherwin - Williams Paints 1 Mile West of Washington. Pa., on Route 40 HIRES BOTTLING CO. of McDonald BOTTLERS OF TEE-GEE SODAS Take Your Favorite Date To "THE RANCH" on Route I9 North of Washington FOR SNACKS MEALS SUNDAES or DINNERS We Also Cater To Banquets Si Parties For Reservations Phone Can. 9884-R-4 COMPLIMENTS OF ELVIN L. SALSBERRY SilLSllllllllY'S lllllll 81 FENDER Slllll Phone 4604 WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Res. Amity 6-R-23 COMPLIMENTS OF HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 185 E. Pike sf. as s. Main sf. CANONSBURG WASHINGTON U Y B E s T B E T T E R VIBRAPAC BLOCK BY E s T UILDING T LOCKS CHARTIERS CINDER BLOCK COMPANY Manufacturers of QUALITY CINDER and CONCRETE BLOCKS PHONE: 1269 Canonsburg HOUSTON, PA. 1' TRMN, Corner Cut-Rate Store N6 Nr. . lv: PATENT MEDICINES , l ' I T l H . SUNDRIES 61, i owomuuu ' A V-O - Main-Walnut Sts. -X ""' Phone 9641 q X I SUMMER TERM OPENS Q J U N E 7 Q Beginning and Advanced Classes in V A R I E T Y shorthand, typing, accounting, ofhce B A K E R Y machines and allied subjects . . . Monthly tuition rates-day classes ,S30.00g evening school, .Sl2.00. Phone 4220-J or write Penn Commercial College 82 South Main St. Washington, Pennsylvania TASTY DOUGHNUTS Birthday 86 Wedding Cakes a Specialty 990 JEFFERSON AVENUE Washington, Pa. COMPLIMENTS or UNION DRILLING, INCORPORATED P. O. Box 281 WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA HALL'S AMOCO SERVICE J. R. Hall, Prop. Tires - Batteries ond Accessories Road Service Phone 6928 1533 E. Maiden St. The SURE way to HAVE is to SAVE . . . 0 REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS - For immediate needs O PEOPLES ZMU CERTIFICATES - For surplus savings Save With Safety at Peoples First National Bank fr Trust Company Washington Office 6 South Main Street Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Member Federal Reserve System. With on Eye to the Future KIMMINSI M01-OR SALES Jom the ' ' ' USED PARTS and USED CARS Washington County 0F ALL KIND5 . D 1 K' ' - . OI13 d IIITITIIHS, Mgr R. D. 1 on Route 19 63 South Main St. Washingtoxm, Pa. phone 3843 Ages 18 to 40 Behout 65 Barnhiu M O R T I C I A N S IZI Ridge Avenue WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA '1,"x ',',f' Phone 204 N. RAYMOND BEBOUT 0 A M B U L A N C E S. F. BARNHILL O SERVICE Floor Covering Appliances Beddn COMPLIMENTS OF REMEMBER YOU PAY LESS AT ANDREW'S COFFEE SHOP P E E R L E S S 0 Noted for their O 144 West Chestnut Street 0 Home Baked Pastries 0 Phon 6640 Washington, P WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL TRUCK SALES Cr SERVICE, INC. Complete line of Parts, NEW and USED Trucks 1105 Fayette St., Washin Phone 470 gton, Pa. SUWAK TRUCKING CO. Common Corrier of Generol Commodities Service to and from Washington, Cleveland, Akron, Ohio with connections for points beyond 1105 Fayette St., Washington, Pa. Phone 9200 FEEDS SEEDS FERTILIZERS PETROLEUM FARM SUPPLIES DEEP FREEZERS AND PAINT WASHINGTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU 264 West Wheeling Street Phone 6370 Burgettstown: Phone 9560 - 60 Center Avenue Compliments of METROPOLITAN SHOE SHOP 0 209 South Main St. WASHINGTON, PA. 1041 E. MAIDEN ST. WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 9870 INTERVAL'S DINETTE Cr CURB SERVICE COME DRESSED AS YOU ARE BE SERVED IN YOUR CAR Homemade Ice Cream and Frozen Custards Hot Sandwiches, French Fries Milk Shakes 0 HOME OF JUMBO BANANA SPLITS 0 Compliments of COOK'S Grocery and Dairy Bar Phone 6782 R. D. 6, Prosperity Pike WASHINGTON, PA. ANDERSON BARBER SHOP 134 N. MAIN ST. 'Q Bernard "Red" Anderson, Prop. Class of '42 Compliments of FRAZIER - SIMPLEX, INC. CONTRACTI NG ENGINEERS WASHINGTON, PENNA. WASHINGTON CALCUTT'S MARKET BURIALVAULTCO. Ge0r9eF-Calcutt 259 West Wheeling Street Groceries G- Meat-5 Washington' Pa' Phone 1840 1059 Jefferson Avenue Manager John M. Roedel WASHINGTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF WASHNGTON DEALERS ASSOCIATION WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Cars and Trucks BOLYARD GARAGE ..,. . . . . . . . . Federal BROWN 86 HUSTED, INC. . . , .. . .Ford HAHN MOTORS, INC. . . . . . .Oldsmobile - Cadillac SCOTT MOTOR CO. .,....... . . . .,... . . . . . . . . . . .Chevrolet W. D. GARDNER . . ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . Packard COURSON - BURSON MOTOR, INC. . . . Studebaker WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL TRUCK SALES 86 SERVICE, INC. .. . . International MINNEMEYER MOTOR CO. . . . . . . . . . . Buick CHARTIERS MOTOR CO. . .DeSoto - Plymouth OLD TRAIL MOTORS .Chrysler - Plymouth GUY WOODWARD . . . Dodge - Plymouth FULTON GARAGE ..... . . Nash MCCLELLAND MOTOR . . . . Hudson WASHINGTON MOTOR SALES . . . Pontiac BEATTY . . . . . .... . . . . . . GMC Truck REICHART'S MOTOR SALES Kaiser - Frazer 1 i iii l l C. 5. HUNTER Co. wAsHlNGToN Tool. cf MACHINE Co. B U I L D I N G M A T E R I A L S Builders of Special Machinery R E A D Y ' M I X E D Welders and Fabricators C O N C R E T E Rosewood Avenue Washington, Pa. Phone 133 Free Estimates Phone 2336 J. M. LANE AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance J. M. Lane Perry M. Lane Paul F. Lane Ben F. Brehl, Salesman 433-34 WASHINGTON UNION TRUST BUILDING Phone 12 NATIONAL STORIES HONUS WAGNER SPORTING GOODS EVERYTHING FOR TH E OUTDOORSMAN WORK CLOTHES - SHOES - SPORTSWEAR - CAMPING EQUIPMENT 'U 46- 48 West Chestnut Street WASHINGTON, PA. Phone Washington 2995 CARMAN'S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION 362 West Chestnut St. Washington, Penna. Phone Wash. 9608 Atlantic Premium Oil Firestone Tires 86 Accessories Washing 86 Lubrication C. CLAIR NICHOL F I o r i S T Located in Ailcens Greenhouse CORSAGES, A SPECIALTY Phone Wash. - 4267 Res.- 546 - Wolfdale Pa. CONVENIENTLY LOCATED . . . OUT OF THE CONGESTED AREA Our Mortuary is easily accessible from every section of the Community G. EARL MCCOY MORTUARY 835 Allison Avenue 840 Jefferson Avenue Phones 50 and 5847 PARKING IS NEVER A PROBLEM AT McCOY'S Compliments of PYRAMID OIL COMPANY A. J. "Jeep" PARSONS SALES AND SERVICE DITCHING . . . For Water, Gas or Sewer, From 8 to 24 inches wicle ancl down to 8 feet I Post Holes I Light Grading 0 Winch Work 80 W. Maiden St. Washington, Pa. Phone 1795 COMPLIMENTS OF KELLEY INDUSTRIES INC. EIGHTY FOUR, PA. Compliments of the SMART GOWN SHOPPE Dresses - Blouses - Sportswear 10 Court Square Arcade Washington, Pa. Phone 3335 COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS AND CARDS Designed and Made by MERRELLS, INC. CLARKSBURG, W. VA. I Stationers to the Class '54 O G E O . L . L E N K Realtors 8' Insurers Property Management - Appraisals Building Sites - Farms "We Rely on Fair Prices to Obtain Business Fair Treatment to Retain It" 443 Washington Trust Bldg. Washington, Pa. Phone 4877 Robert C. Crouch Paint G' Glass Company -- Distributor For SHERWIN - WILLIAMS PRODUCTS Wall Paper, Paints, Enamels 86 Glass Artists' Supplies . 111 NORTH MAIN ST. Phone 1096 COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE STAR POTATO CHIP CO. HOUSTON, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Canonsburg 593 Attention Teen Agersl , , Want a Better Wardrobe ? VACATION SEWING CLASSES now forming for girls 10 to 17 years A of age. Classes limited. 8 LESSONS FOR 58.00 SINGER SEWING CENTER 47 West Chestnut Street Phone 2879 Washington, Pa. Phone 5202 KLEPPNER WELDING 5' SUPPLY COMPANY FIRE EXTINGUISHER REFILLS WELDING EQUIPMENT OXYGEN AND ACETYLENE ELECTRODES Route 40 West Post Office Box No. 7 1375 West Chestnut St., Ext. Washington, Pa. cf K ff? I X kffbff CJD OEAKXKX flu. . 5li.g3gI keeps the ofthe FOR A HAIR . DO forever THA'I"S FRESH AND NEW ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR YOU PLYMI RE BEAUTY SALON 182 South Main Street Phone 1484 Compliments of TEMPLETON'S DRUG STORE 33 North Main St. WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 2675 Estimates on Repair Costs WASHINGTON COLLISION SERVICE Frame - Axle - Wheel Straightening Body and Fender Repair JG? Ir- . . lv" The priceless l'vro1'4l of your Auto Pamtmg M wedding day lives on forever in your . wedding portrait. Call. or visit us now, to make your 2llDlj0lllllllClll. 1 0 9 E L M S T R E E T EVANS STUDIO WASHINGTON, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF TRI-STATE ENGINEERING COMPANY Fabricating Division XVASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA ALEXY SERVICE STATION ATLANTIC HI- ARC - WHITE FLASH Washing, Lubrication Kimble Fa rm Equipment OLIVER and NEW HOLLAND FARM MACHINERY Hanson Broad Jet and Q Tourist Information Q Boom Type Sprayers RIDGE 86 SHANNON AVE. Phone 6675 Washington, Pa. Phone 9622 Wolfdale, Pennsylvania Canonsburg Milling Co., Incorporated MASTER Mix GILT EDGE -- FEEDS PATRORIAT SEEDS Courtesy of A. G. Shannon Motor Sales Rt. 19 North Near Drive-in Theater Phone 7771 JOHN SEXTON 6' CO. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 1677 PITTSBURGH 30, PA. L... WEST EN D TEXACO 815 West Chestnut Street Route 40 West FIRESTONE TIRES and ACCESSORIES Lubricating, Washing and Road Services Open 24 Hours Daily Compliments of E. K. BECKLEY METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE co. TRI-STATE AVIATION INC. Box 238, Washington, Pa. Phone 6153 .M 0 1. LEARN TO FLY MARTIN'S LUMBER CO. Manufacturers of HARDWOOD FLOORING AND TRIM West Chestnut Street Extension Washington, Pa. Phone 6030 GENERAL FEED 5' SUPPLY 236 EAST MAIDEN ST. Phone 76 0 FEEDS--SEEDS 0 BUILDERS SUPPLIES ENGLE'S RADIO fr MARINE SERVICE TV SALES AND MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS 75 E. Walnut St. WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA FOR '54 . . . WITH MOTOROLA YOU GET MORE DAVID O. CONGER Wholesale Candies and Confections Phone 898 S4 SEMINOLE AVE. WASHINGTON, PA. Congratulations To The Class of l953 ROSS INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA ANDERSON MOVING AND STORAGE 178 West Wiley Avenue Phone 119 WASHINGTON, PA. Colonial Dining Room WE SPECIALIZE IN HOME COOKING AND CATER TO BANQUETS AND LUNCHEONS Second Floor, Y.W.C.A. Building 42 West Maiden St. Compliments B. F. GOODRICH STORE W. T. GRANTS Home of B. F. GOODRICH TUBELESS TIRES , , . Known Puncture Sealing - Skid Protection Blow-out Protection 21 WEST MAIDEN STREET Washington, Pa. Phone 2415 For Values When You Think of Insurance l--THINKOF - ANDERSON Cr POLLOCK FIRE Q LIFE a ACCIDENT Q AUTO Bell Phone: 1295 or 1296 14 -18 W. Wheeling St. Washington, Pa. A BANK IS YOUR PARTNER At your side, all through life, whatever your plans or needs, your bank stands ready to serve you. Call on us to Finance your home, farm, auto, or business, for a personal loan in emergencies, to arrange a convenient checking account, to safe-guard your valuables in a safe deposit box, for sympathetic and capable trust service, and, of course this bank is the safe place for your savings faccounts insured to 510,000 by F. D. I. C.l May we be your partner? Washington Office 40 South Main Street MELLON NATIONAL BANK Cr TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Asn-iMoRE FLOWER si-lov WA5""NGT0N MEAT MARKETS F l' O W E R S 0 TWO HOME OWNED STORES 0 IN THE MQDERN MANNER 28 North Main Street Phones 3200-3201 Q 144 South Main Street Phones 1406-1407 80 South Main Street Special Prices To Fraternities Phone 4387 and Schools LIGHTNER RADIO - TV SALES AND SERVICES RCA vlcToR TELEVISION Big ' BOY Bfead AND CAKES MclNTYRES 47 E. Wheeling St. Phone 3034 ACE AUTO STORES Your Headquarters For All Sporting Goods GEORGE D. IAMS PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER BASEBALL HUNTING BASKETBALL FISHING T AUTOMOBILE ACCESORIES 100 Court Office Building 88 South Main Street Phone 1180 Phone 5050 Washington, Pa. REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE Paul W. Fritz A Complete Realty Service "It's Your Town - Own a Part" Phone 5234 78 East Beau Street WASHINGTON, PA. HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Specializing In HAIR STYLING HAIR CUTTING PERMANENT WAVING 6316 South Main Street Phone 3109 Betty Bedillion 86 Francis lVlcClay, Owners and Operators seam N :cc ul f 5, 1 stron: ' X YOU BUY -' V 1 af You owe it to yourself to see the Miracle Sewing Machine that 0 Saws on builonsl o Blindxlikhes hemsl 0 Makes buiionholesl 0 Does all your sewing more easilyl WITHOUT ATTACHMENTS. Call for Free Home Demonstration SEWING MACHINE SERVICE CENTER 29 East Wheeling Street Phone 4830 Washington, Pa. 9 Fon FLowERs Q 'U William J. Warrick, Jr. 15 East Beau Street Phone 3374 O Warrick Floral Co. 535 Leonard Ave. Phone 104 JEAN MacLAUGHLIN'S HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Y. W. C. A. BUILDING Washington, Pa. Phone 2587 Compliments of LOU E. SPOSSEY BARBER SHOP ass WEST CHESTNUT STREET Washington, Pa. PAUL 8 POST 172 South Main St. PLUMBING 66 HEATING HARDWARE and SPORTING GOODS Phone 77 "Congratulations and Best Wishes" From THE MEN'S SHOP 14-16 West Chestnut St. HOME OF BOTANY - 500 Phone 1 786 JONES Cf COLWES WHOLESALE CANDY and Grocers' Specialties CLOTHES MfgFe"S so E. Chestnut Sf. L0V"' ff me . Covel -landi Candies Wlashmgwns Pa- Chocolates I BOSTONIAN SHOES W. A. JONES GEO. J. COLWES Fine Flowers... AND FLORAL ART AWAIT YOUR ORDER AT M c D O N N E L L ' S FLOWER SHOP 27 WEST CHESTNUT ST. Phone 733 I COMPLIMENTS OF WEBER FU RN ITU RE CO. 134-36 West Chestnut Street WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 4941 Estimates Furnished The Caldwell Wall Paper Department Phone 3700 WASHINGTON, PA. A. J. Lauer, Manager Phone 642-M Compliments of ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE, INC. FRIGIDARE - APPLIANCES Phone 4168 65 East Wheeling Street Washington, Pa. .I NIEHJI BOTTJLTNG no Bottlers of 0 ROYAL CROWN COLA 0 NEHI ORANGE 0 UPPER IO PHONE 652 45 FORREST AVE WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA "Ford Fo rming Headquarters" WASHINGTON FARM EQUIPMENT, INC. R. D. 3 . . ROUTE 40 WEST WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 2664 FORD TRACTORS DEARBORN FARM EQUIPMENT CHIEF GARDEN TRACTORS TITAN CHAIN SAWS JONES 24441664 ICE CREAM Manufactured By JONES Cr GRIEST, INC. WASHINGTON, PA. KURTZ MONUMENT COMPANY Q ROCK OF AGES MEMORIALS Q RQ!!! 'IEES WASHINGTON MONONGAHELA CANON SBURG 906 40 145 Compliments of TYGART VALLEY GLASS COMPANY WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA ALBERT PACKING COMPANY WASHINGTON, PA. 0 Tasty Hams 0 Tasty Bacon Brand Brand 0 Tasty Luncheon Meats Brand IMPERIAL CLEANERS 5' DYERS WE HAVE FIVE STORES IN WASHINGTON TO SERVE YOU AT YOUR CONVENIENCE . . . 182 North Main Street 151 South Main Street 244 West Chestnut Street 994 Jefferson Avenue 118 North Main Street For Service . . . Call 2566 or 2567 Compliments BEATTY MOTOR EXPRESS, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF FAYETTE CANDY Successor to Fayette Candy Company -l Wholesale Distributors 1- SCI-IRAFFT'S CI-IOCOLATES BRACI-PS CANDIES TOBACCOS SUNDRIES PAPER PRODUCTS Institutional Grocery Supplies Pennsylvania Avenue, Uniontown, Pa. Representative: Mr. E. I-Iessler, Washington 3531-J Washington's Finest Jewelry Store BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 - ..- , -1- ,.- , ..-,.. OLD CONCORD MANSION HOUSE FAMILY STYLE BANQUETS OUR SPECIALTY Birthday and Anniversary Dinners By Reservation Phone: Prosperity 2-R15 HUDSON'Sl-U 9-l- J e w e I e r s WASHINGTON, PA. 93 N.Main sf. Owned and Operated by "Pete" Grossman "Si" Jacobs STAR MOULD MACHINE 8' FOUNDRY CORP. Manufacturers of GLASSWARE MOULDS GRAY IRON CASTINGS -landi- GENERAL MACHINE WORK Washington, Pa. P E N N Sanitary Cleaning 0 DYING - PRESSING - REPAIRING 0 Utllllll Inman WASHINGTON - - - - 952 0 P H O N E S WAYNESBURG ---- 952 CANONSBURG - - - 10788 THE LYDIC PRINTING CO. FLORENCE BEAUTY BOX PRINTING FOR ALL BUSINESS Helen A. Pikunas REQUIREMENTS COURT OFFICE BLDG. Phone 225 Phone3457 35EastPineAvenue WASHINGTON, PA. WASHINGTON, PA. PHONE 64 W. A. LITLE il LUMBER i Building Supplies 222 HALL AVENUE WASHINGTON, PA. KOZY KOTTAGE COMPLIMENTS We Specialize in OF ehiekioli ZofliZdMT5Z'Lm1i CHARTIERS CLEANERS sede Feiiieiiean Service G FURRIERS OPEN s A.M. TO 12 P.M. 52 HIGHLAND AVE' QOpen on sundayep Phone 145 Greetings From REEDGCAMERON REX BARBER SHOP Dairy and Bee Supplies Power Lawn Mowers Garden Tractors WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA 15 WEST CHESTNUT ST. Phone 9639 H. T. CASTO WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 495 LOCUST AVE., WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 4015 ARCADE BEAUTY SHOPPE Betty S. McClain, Owner PERMANENT WAVES SPECIALIST COMPLETE BEAUTY CARE Facial, Manicure, Hair Healments Coloring 86 Scalp Treatment 24 Court Sq. Washington, Pa. Phone 2064 HATHAWAY'S FRESH PIES ond Pastries QGABBY HEIGHTS Q Phone 1586 f-X """""5X fs I'QCli1illgS lllyl-s Q am E VO lf lu It X WNW L ef Washington ancl Ieflerson College G. C. MURPHY CO. 43 North Main Street WASHINGTON'S MOST MODERN VARIETY STORE Lefty McClain Art Miller Phone Canon. 9867 HOUSTON SERVICENTER Washing - Greosing 322 East Pike St. Houston, Pa. Phone Canonsburg 1000 Donaldson Supply 6' Equipment Company Compliments of Lumber and Builder's Supplies I. C. Cr Coal-Paint Transit Mixed Concrete HOUSTONv PA- Oil Well Supplies COMPLIMENTS REX ALLI O WEST END AMOC0 820 West Chestnut St. WASHING, LUBRICATION, GAS OIL 84 ACCESSORIES Let Us Service Your Car While You Work WE PICK UP AND DELIVER EMERSON G. PALMER Realtor - lnsuror 44 W. Wheeling Street WASHINGTON, PA. CARL CO0PER'S MARKET Amity, Pa. FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone: Amity 10 - R - 30 FRANK'S BEAUTY SHOP Permcmenfs Thor Sclfisfy Specialists in Hair Cutting Shaping, Styling and Waving Phone 4849 FARMALL TRACTORS BOLENS GARDEN TRACTORS International Harvester Farm Equipment REFRIGERATORS sc HOME FREEZERS SOMERVILLE FARM SUPPLY 88 Murtland Avenue Phone 6630 Across From State Highway Building Compliments of JOHN L. STEWART Painting5'Decorating PHONE 1911-J WASHINGTON, PA. Knestrick Electric Co. Phone iooo 60.70 SOUTH MAIN STREET WASHINGTON, PA. M fd' El 10? 9509 5 P- at Q ANDY BROS. Expert Recapped Tires Phones 4118 or 4119 332 WEST CHESTNUT ST. WASHINGTON, PA. USE OUR EASY PAY PLAN Compliments of YODERS POULTRY MARKET Martin A. Yoders, Proprietor FRESH HOME-DRESSED POULTRY FRESH EGGS Free Delivery 212 WEST CHESTNUT ST. Washington, Pa. Phone 4192 ,. .. u. I .. x,..,, , 1 '1 if . -,, 3 , ur. . I, .f - 1 , ,, 1- Na- - ni,- .- .. .., :,,,,,v!, , W.- , -i--:'1-fy. f' A . Yi- -F ' a- - 4- , 4,1-..:. '-was , ' ' -.M -- x ,S H. ' 3' f'. - ,". fl 1,1-45 :- F.i,w.1,,,, L-, - .,-. -. f .- ' '-'ff-I, . .1 -' -.. ..,. -'n - 4, ' ,: .'7"f-'N-1 .H JJ, -- 1, . -, X 'fi l , if ,v -1 T r --T.:.' ,mt fi-Y'frw 'L 5 fifi . vw- L w.,1 ' :-7' jiri' - f' - 1 . -rL"" 11: -.' "lf ffl.: 'P' ' ',--'41 :- N - S: f- ' . . . . -, r., -' , '-.r'g,..- --, " 95.5 -' V ' ff s . ... -.. Q 'J' Q. ...- -, --N, -' , IU' 'X v 4 n -. lk . R .f f , ' .+- , , 4' Lf I' , , ', ,- . ..- , " . . S lw'L' 'Yf'- 'l V. A .kj s,..f,.. ., - , I 1.1.4,--3,-Ff'1 I 1 ':-1 f'3!.,.,: n xr:- ff f , .. . 1, , ..., ,,,. .- - . -W-v 'I mr 1 ':, v , 1,9 lv- 3 n . , N- .L- .,- v. LH N ETF L nu S- .5 sq ', if' -x I - -, ,,:-B .. '- -- V ,,. Q.,- 'tfs '--F .Q ' .fl - ., ' E, 'ill ' . , . -L . L , n.,:. .--. . Wy. , . -V .M 'E 4. r , , . V- 4 ,V H,-,,A..V..L-5 f,4:Q lA1'ij'fi. .' 2" -Q- JI -L-. -up . 33351, 3 -1. N-'ali .. 1-f'-4 ' W .-- NJ " 64' xT. 1.2. , .fx - w'- ff--,,.-'rj ,. m ,fr t . H'-"Mm . -- .:A-- , lg- :' f an .. ,V , , -13 ffivilf , ,Lx f,-,' .Sm-4 -, . -1 N, llwi 'L' ., ,' N. , , .. -5. :--1. -' 1--zi, ' pa ' Y -- f . fi F- -if -...J -'Qu' .1 A-.f?Q, Q'-.. -sf - - 1- if-xi: .. 1 'I ..u:,'. ' F J-r - 5, . .- -L, -fi ,' f, ,n'D. ,X A ' Y.. ,f-4 . f 4 D Q- x fr if q'ii'3lQ'l. I, ...- , , 41: -iff" l',If'f 1. ,Meg 1 Twp - , .. ,- 5. '. -, , -If-1.5 12? - V . ,. .. , . ., , '--9. 1-I." - 4-1 "1:v1R.-ES ' - Q., 5. ya f , it , A ,x.3...f1 E Q'j,s.,h9- , '. .1 L -.'. , ' , " hyd--3,-3 .L -!! I i , 4-...,. k ,J A ,, ., , .. , ,. -. V- - - I - .777 Ei- , -5, lo- 4 U, -, mr- - v f- A V! .1 ,. .J , '. , -,L , e , .,, -.- ' P ' 1 f' - , . ij gms" 41 v I -1 . ,. ,h xl. V ' 'la --gum A . I l' --. rn A ' -if 'A , -A , J 'B' 1, .Q 3 1 - I HLA. . , :iw-, V- N ,, WA. 1. . --: L , ' ,N , O . . -Q---. . 'I - V . , -'Nfl' ' -'C' .E ' . 5" .,'r: .. x 1 - -- . . ' "'- ' - .1 M: - , - ,f-'r 1- ,- 1 :f-- Y . 4 AQ' V'- 1 ,Q . ,,'f',4- : W -., - '- l'!:.' ' Ijv' - -.: ,Q-,K 1- A ' I 1. - Q, . . ,Q--. U Q ,. . ' Al, ff-r v ,N -, ,r . 5' f . - - ' I - - - I , - , . ' ' A' a - : , 11' E . I Y :.- . 1.43 -1 .f -. xa Q ,A ,I , X ' Q U 'U ' 4 N5 f ww 1 v ,, 'QQ 9 f l' .T 'tg 0 4' ' I. .4 av -I 1 , 1 ,f - N s', gl. I YI- 5' .rw w fit 3 Vg '2"L'.rI 4 o 4 X ' 3 4 1 vi' S s, ,tw A . 1 . :fu 9 it wah, ?1jg,.- gf. rn Him: Ax if i41'i.':1 Q N f 1.15 1 1 3 Q .Ax - v ,' 1 ' Sai I V ' lil '49" 1'.' OI 0- ' -'v' ,QI pgs? . n 'ills ill ,rl 'f AJ , p 0 I' AN G ' 1 y ' " 'Y i YM JK 1 'fl r-'."L:'5 In-A A 'I ? M .gs- -wy 1' 1 '4 my ll 1 '5' MSU 1 4 ' aw, 5 I og: RZ cr 5iB!x -dx ,Q rx PM 2 wg 3143? Q J' ,, Qew A, JA ,W V ' Q 'Hr- sf .ffax :gf Q Q, m. N L -g,,f. ...N as -4 X ,jf -Sf' .w,.., . :gi VHS Ni 'S QC! ,fa Q -, Q 'M 'X K S 1 fs lx N ' u F3 1.

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