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Q1 W T4 ' pl .L , , tif 4 ' it 5 M ., W: ar f. in X, vw ' mp . FW 5 Aim A . K ' X i ' . x .,. 4 f , , AA' , A Y is 4 i A 9 . 3 T I , Q 4 P3 ' if A A fu y - H .15 ,UQ M ff X -. ,gfggfawwi fm-ffzf' , ff'-wil' 'V 9 N Y ,-.5 :gig-, in .em " 'M . .4 ws... wi- M Q 'fgfaf' N 1 . 5 Nw T 1- ' f 'li I. .45 l Y 7:1 Y. 4. J, , LK J t 4 o -vu. 5.1 inf x . 5,5-Q , - nr' V" ,H W axe' Ng, , ,N , . . AA X I fx ' . s V 1 -. 'F 9 'li'-,t' ' aj ,I 1 , 1 , . '1 Uh . . t 'A , ' ,, Q ' - , . ....,,,. A -5-. pfhv... ,V V ,,-H, ,, - .ffw 5.-nga -sh. V Y., v K . k . . ,r H - N , L, A Q- . . , , , 5, F 1 Q H- u' .5 W' L- 'J f ' 410, -: A ' , 22 5. , . ' Ke, fa! A .jf fa' , if. f'Q"a??'.'s1, - A ,. 1 , Nj, 'Ah ,L 3 A f", v"T'l'fw'?' i ,- --Q , 4. ln.. ' " ,H --.,J'.-' Q? ' '-LNV --in ' 454-3 aw. .'SfffJ,r ' f".4' n 'N fix, ' x"'- 1 . I' t I in ,v as 1 iv. ,ly I Y N., . ."f.,'ks -.QB . yy,- x s 'im is 'I A 9 'AX ' 80-A i .. .. 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My if fm1.ii2l75if'f ? l ig 'oyijgyygg y is S553 24 iii. 'Y-32 E 6 1 , 1953 ULY 491 f7lI!7!IAS!IUc! L11 THE STUDENTS of TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL XV8Sl1il1gtOll, Pennsylvania ol clication . . . lfarly in its existence Trinity's Department of Vocational Agricul- ture established a record that has been the pride of the Department of liducation. To maintain that record throughout the years has required careful organization, inspired leadership, and unusual cooperation. Charles McClelland coordinates the work of this department so that our school shows a remarkable accomplishment in the maintenance ot our proud record. His leadership and the inspiration ottered our boys has encouraged them to work harder toward the goal ot their organization "Learning to do and doing to learn." lle ranks high in the councils of the lfuture Farmers ol' ,Xmerica where the competition is keen. The honorary degree of Keystone Farmer has heen conferred upon him. The increase of membership in this depart- ment to one hundred fifty pupils reveals growth and accomplishment. His counsel is carefully considered in the homes of our townships. ln the Department of Vocational Agriculture Education he has served as a critic teacher. He commands the respect and cooperation of his associates and the l3llSl!1CSS men of our community. 2 i i y . o s y s Il. 'I j h , CH.AxRLr3s 1NICCL1cLL,fxNn ,ww W A ,, . ,W , 4 ' v A The ADMINISTRATIGN of 1953 Con ratulations. TO THE CLASS OF '53 lt is your good fortune that you are about to step for- ward into a world which is overflowing with golden opportunities. It is also true that this same world is sick at heart with conflicting ideals that are fast verging on the edge of war. But above these warring factions, there are two issues which stand out. The first has to do with your adjusting yourselves to your new position in an adult world so as to put into vital practice the preparation which you received at Trinity High School for real American Citizenship. The second has to do with the place you will make for yourselves when the present world turmoil has ended. Many of you who are about to graduate will Hnd your- selves entering into the services of your country. Yours is the task of catching and carrying forward the burning torch to new victories and brighter tomorrows. Others of you will be going on to higher education, others taking your places in industry, and still others taking your places as home-makers. But whoever or wherever you are, yours is the task of counteracting the devastating forces of evil in the world today, and of restoring the fundamental principals of justice upon which this great country was founded. Whatever the part you are called upon to play in the con- tinued preservation of the blessings of Democracy, go forward, unafraid, believing that freedom shall and will prevail. May the path you choose make you a living advertisement of your Maker whose favor we earnestly and sincerely ask for each one of you. May the Olympus serve to remind you of your days at Trinity and of the high regard your Classmates, your Faculty, and the Board of Directors have for you. HARo1.n M. BRHNNIER, Prixeidrnt. HAROLD M. BRENNER Moss RUTAN Al. Hama GUTHRIE Wu,l.1s L. RAMSEY South Strabane . Canton North Franklin Amwcll Prrsidrnt VIN' Prr.r1d1'nt Szvrflary Trfa.fur1'r EARL BROQKMAN Canton j. S. G1EsoN Amwell jfm1Es MARTIN North Franklin 'TONY Romtwo Canton KQEORGE BURY WYLxE CoURsoN JOHNATHAN DM' Enwm j. GAUL Canton North Franklin Amwell South Strabane ,.--. -.h. ..,. , ,, , ,val REED HANEY Wu,1.1,xM HEATLEY PAUL LEWIS CILENN MANNON South Strabane North Frankhn Amwell South Strabane A S'rANI,EY NICNVREATH ExxERsoN I',u.MEk VV. H. REDD South Strabane North Franklin Amwell ANTHONY SnUl,Tz jomr A. SMITH IVIARGARET ULERY Canton Canton Canton Pri E. N 0 TL 195 ncipal VAUGHN ROSS Washington and jefferson College, B.S.. lVl.S.g University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. rrally grrat man ffurr thought himself xo. Dean of Students J. ARLEIGH JOHN Washington and jefferson College, B.S.. M.A.g University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed.g Geometry, Algebra. Crm! mrn stand out likr solitary Iofwfrs in Ihf wily of God. Director of Activities JAMES R. CLARK Juniata College, B.S.g University of Pitts- burgh, M.Ed.g Algebrag Biology. Thr gr1'11ff.r! tru.ft h1'Ifw1'1'n man and man ix Ihr lrurf nf yiming rounwl. ELEANOR COLUSSI Trinity High School. Secretary to the Principal. Brauty and fwisdom arf rarrly tonjoznrd. GARNET R. WITHROW Trinity High School. Secretary to the Principal. ' .-In ounn' nf Jorrafic. BETTY JEAN EWART Secretary to Mr. Ross of fwil is fworih 11 pound FA ULTY Q., H . fl ' 'f Trinity High School has a spirit that is unique. lt is impossible to express in words the reasons therefore: they lie embedded in the hearts and minds of the people making up our community. The Vocational Agriculture Department is a typical example of this spirit. We have surroundings that are not adequate, one classroom is in the basement, the shop space is very limited, the tools insufficient yet year in and year out the boys in the department who compete with all other Vocational Agriculture Schools in the State rank first in projects and many other worthwhile endeavors. The only reason for this is the spirit of the teachers, students and members of the community. Let's hope that this quality in Trinity High School will remain as long as the community exists and in the future we can have physical surrounding to match the spirit of the people who make Trinity High School. l Marie Alexy Bethany College, A.B., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Physical Education, Mathemat- ics, Science. Hrallh and liappinrmv mutually lwyrl earl: alllvr. 44.5, Norman Allison VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S., University of Pitts- burgh, M.Ed., Wrestling Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Civics, Earth Science. Thr fworld knofwr nothing of iI.f grrzzlrxf men. Mrs. Emily Auld University of Pittsburgh, .-LB., Graduate work: Washington and jefferson College, English. I.iI1'raiurr is Ihr thought of lliinking xnulr. Tl1e...195 Mrs. Beatrice Carmichael Margaret Morrison, Carnegie College, Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.S., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Advisor to F.H.A. Chapter, Home Economics. .-llfsfnf in lmrly, but f'l'f'5flll in spirit. Milton T. Decker VVaynesburg College, B.S., Grad- uate work: Pennsylvania State College, California State Teach- ers College, Physical Education, Athletic Coach. Thr man lim! lofufx and laughs mutt .rurrly do fwrll. John N. Crosbie Pennsylvania State College, BS., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Advisor to F.F.A. Chapter, Vocational Agriculture. Thr' prirr of fLci.filuln ix almfvr rubirx. Beverly Dunn Washington Seminary junior College, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Co-Advisor to Freshman Y-Teens, History, Civics. .45 mrrry as flu' day ix lung. Mrs. Garnet Allison Slippery Rock State Teachers Col- lege, University of Pittsburgh, A.B., Graduate work: Washing- ton and jefferson College, Ad- visor to History Club, Olympus Staff, VVorld History. Then' ix a lfirlory In all mrn's lifvrr. Mrs. Agnes Auld University of Pittsburgh, B.S., M.L., Physics, Chemistry. .-Ind fwhrn 11 latly'.v in thr rasr, you knofw all things gi-'Ur plurr. Irvin Behanna Trinity High School, Assistant Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. Thr nolzlrxt mimi, tllf lfrxl frm- lrnlrnrni har. Jennie M. Ferralli VVashington Seminary, Pennsyl- vania College for VVomen, A.B., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Advisor to Trinity Historians, Advisor to Senior Class, Olympus Staff, American History. Bruuliful in form ami frafurr, lofvrly or Ihr Jay. Werner Gayvert Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. Nffvrr idlf Il momrol, hu! thrifty ami thoughtful of othrrs. Mrs. Dorothy Grimes Washington Hospital, Duquesne Unihersity, University of Pitts- burgh, Nurse. xl llII'I'l'y hmrl iiorlh good lihr mrdirinr. .Ioan Foster Westminster College, B.B.A., Advisor to Go-To-College Club, Advisor to Freshman Class, Typing, Bookkeeping. Humor has juxfly hrrn l'I'y!Il't,!'ti III lhz' fmxrl pl'l'fl'I'fi0ll of fiofllf grniux. William C. Good Carnegie Institute of Technology, A.B., Graduate work: Carnegie Institute of Technology, Direc- tor of Band, Music, Orchestra and Mixed Chorus. Iiluxir it fwrll ,mid Io hr Ihr sprzwll of angrlx. Cleon S. Hallam VVashington and jefferson, B.S., M.A., Graduate work: Universi- ty of Pittsburgh, Advisor to Olympus Staff, Problems of De- mocracy. Not only ir thfrz' an arf in knofwing a thing, hut also a l'l'I'l1Ii!I orl in ffllfllillg ii. 4 5 FACULTY Mrs. Lucille Heil Margaret Morrison, Carnegie College, Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.S., Advisor to F.H.A. Club, Advisor to Cafe- teria Club, Home Economics. Nothing is morr Jimplr than jlffill- nrsx. Mrs. Frances Huffman Indiana State Teachers College, B.S., Graduate work: VVaynes- burg College, University of Pitts- burgh, Advisor to Sophomore Y-Teens, Advisor to Commercial Club, Shorthand, Typing. .1 grrar mind hrromrr ri grr'11I forlunr. Floyd H. Hootman Washington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S., Graduate work: VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, Senior Science, General Science, Visual Education. lforrh, rourayr, honor, tlzfsr' ilnlmul your suxlrnanrr and birthright arc. Bertram M. Isenberg Washington and jefferson Col- lege, A.B., Graduate work: VVashington and jefferson Col- lege, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State College, M. Ed., Director of Senior Class Play, English. lI'hfn you roll mr' lhnl, .vmilcf Marian Kuzy VVashington Seminary jr. Col- lege, Margaret Morrison, Car- negie College, Carnegie Institute of Technology, B.S., Advisor to Senior Y-Teens, Co-Advisor to Commercial Club, Advisor to Sophomore Class, Typing, Busi- ness Techniques, Commercial Law. From Ilfl' Jl111ll I'l'II1l Illz' fiI'ff1'l'f fwnyx of 110711112 Mrs. Lillian Manor University of Pittsburgh, B.S., General Science, English. llu111'JI labor l1r111'5 II lofufly f11ff'. Charles M. McClelland Pennsylvania State College, B.S., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., Supervisor of Agriculture, Ag. Shop, Advisor to F.F.A. Chapter, Advisor to Senior Class. lvllflllflfl ix lIIlfHlJ.fllllI' I0 I1 fwillizlg llI'IlI'f. The...195 Mrs. Mary Merrin Indiana State Teachers College, B.S., Graduate work: VVashing- ton and jefferson College, Home Economics, flrrrwding to hrr rlolh, .vhr rufs l11'1' foal. James A. Moninger Washington and jefferson Col- lege, B.S., Graduate work: Washington and jefferson Col- lege, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach, Base- ball Coach, English. With A'fI'l'7lgfll and pntirnrr, all 1115 gl'il'1l01I.f load! arf borne. Mrs. Wilma Mitchell Waynesburg College, A.B., Grad- uate work: University of Pitts- burgh, VVashington and jefferson College, Bookkeeping, Elemen- tary Algebra, Advisor to junior Y-Teens. On Sahbatical leave. lX'illd7I1'.Y.f har fwan l11'1' lrzfvf. L Martha E. Moninger Pennsylvania College for VVo- men, University of Pittsburgh, A.B., Graduate work: VVashing- ton and jefferson College, Eng- lish, French. 11131 ofwn fflllllflhfl' arf my mm- plllllllllf. John Lowery Vilashington and jefferson Col- lege, Pennsylvania State College, B.S., Vocational Agriculture, Advisor to F.F.A. Chapter. .-In lmnfst lllllll ix Ihr llllllllhff fwnrle uf Gull. Mrs. Mary Mansbarger VVaynesburg College, A.B., Plane Geometry, Algebra, Advisor to junior Y-Teens. fllll' lllingf ir fHl'I"'l'I'l' ynml, 111111 nnr' lllillg ir J11r1'1'.r.r. Mrs. Winona McCullough VVestminster College, B,B.A., Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Typing, Business Techniques, General Business Training. lViIl1 Illllllfl' lr11u'111'1l rmnr, fwilll 1'l1111'ily for all. Ruth A. Myers Muskingum College, A.B.g Grad- uate work: Muskingum College, University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed.: Advisor to junior Class, Advisor to Hiller, Englislig Library, journalism. i hnfur a hrarl fwilh room for f-vrry .Wy- Mrs. Mexa Roberts Cafeteria Manager, Advisor to Cafeteria Clulw. Smiling airway: fwilh a fatlizzy J1'l'1'nily of rormlrfzzlnrr. Mrs. Robert Smith VVestminster College, B.S.g Grad- uate work: VVashington and jelierson College: Advisor to Freshman Y-Teensg Mathemat- icsg Algebra. Honor lim in honrxvl foil. Jack Rea Trinity High School, Assistant janitor. 'Tis only nolllr lu 111' good. Paul Sedlak California State Teachers Col- lege, 15.8.5 University of Pitts- burgh, M.I.itt.g Advisor to junior Class Play: Advisor to Sopho' more Class: Advisor to junior Hi-YQ Advisor to Cheerleadersg Commercial Geography: Gener' al Science. .-I man of rourayr' is also full of failh. Mrs. Margaret Spriggs Geneva College, A.B.g Graduate work: University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State College: Ad- visor to S.P.Q.R. Cluhg Latin. li'-zlrryflling tha! is good, .tumnzml up mio om' frrrrnn. FA ULTY John Syrek Canterbury College, B.S.g Driv- er's Training, Advisor to Senior Hi- Y, Advisor to Freshman Class. The hand Ilia! follofws inlz'll1'd mn arhzrfw. J. Howard Wilson Thiel College, B.S.g VVasl1ington and jefferson College, M.A.q Olympus Staff, Biology. For his llrar-I lwas in hi: fwurk, and thr hmrt gwrlh gran' into 1'-vrry aft. ELECTRICITY K DA! S 1- The CLASSES QI 1953 The IOR... Earl Murphy Pete Academic Pete likes all sports which is so well known by the fact that he has played Football 1, 2, 3, 43 and Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Other activi- ties: Class Ofiicer 45 Student Council 2, 4 -Oliicer 43 Senior Hi-Y 3, 4-Oflicer 43 Home Room Oiiicer 1, 2, 43 Senior Playg May Day 4. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The story of the Class of 1953 goes down in the annuals of history as one that is different in that we represent, in part, the first group to have spent five years at Trinity High School. Years, our pleasant memories now tell us, that have flown by much too rapidly. In the remote Fall of 1948 approximately 95 of us entered Trinity as Eighth Graders. And we had quite a time! That year we considered ourselves quite im- portant in that We sponsored two social functions - a lively Class Party, and a successful Football Dance. Helping to indoctrinate us into a loyal Trinity family were the following ollicers and advisors: President ........... . .. .......... James Hoy Vice-President ....... ..... A udrey McAdams Secretary-Treasurer ............................ Marlene Mounts Advisors ................ Miss Jennie M. Ferralli, Mr. Paul Sedlak As Freshmen in 1949, we were 290 strong. How Trinity survived that year, we'll never know! However, when all the "lipstick" had been washed away and the "elevator" legend exploded, we began to love Trinity with all its new and different experiences. Highlighting this year were a Football Dance in the Fall and a hilarious Hobo Party in the Spring. To make our first year of high school a successful one we elected as officers: President ........ .. .... Scott Renner Vice-President .... ....... D onald Warne Secretary ........ ..... E leanor Kottner Treasurer . . . ............................... Kenneth Farabee Advisors ...... ..... M iss Jennie M. Ferralli, Mr. Carlton Harry CLASS of 195 Our Sophomore year we returned to the campus with much self-assurance and a definite feeling of having a good year at Trinity! Une of our first tasks was to organize, as well as to elect an advisor to replace Mr. Harry who left early in the Fall. The result: President. ....... .... G eorge Applegate Vice-President .... ...... R onald Hart Secretary ....... ..... S hirley Gamble Treasurer .......................................... Martha Riley Advisors ...... Miss Jennie M. Ferralli, Mr. Charles M. McClelland This year we felt a little daring in some of the projects undertaken. VVe con- ducted a scrap drive. Yes, we made money and used it to sponsor the "Pre-Prom Parade", our first "big" dance. Vile closed our social calendar with the Class Party in the Spring. Then came the most exciting year of all. VVe were Juniors! Our play, "Honey in the Hive"g our lovely prom, "Spring Mardi Gras": the receiving of class rings, and those "never forgettableu class meetings gave our Junior year at Trinity a treasured spot in our page of high school memories. Serving as ofiicers and advisors were: President .......... Vice-President .... Secretary ...... Treasurer.... .... ...... ......... . ..Ge-urge Applegate ......Richard Gorby ....Helen Dragan . . . . . .Jeanette Miles Advisors ...... Miss Jennie M. Ferralli. Mr. Charles M. McClelland Richard Gorby Dick Commercial-General Dick is a boy who always has a smile for everyone. He has dark hair and dark eyes. He does a grand job as Vice-President of the Senior Class. His activities: Basketball 1, 23 Football Manager 3, May Day 3, Class Oth- cer 3, -1-. Evelyn Olinger Evie Commercial Evelyn is the Senior Class Secretary, she has short brown hair and blue eyes, likes to dance and eat good food. She was a member of the Home Ec. Club 1, 23 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: and Home Room Officer 2, -lf. Evelyn would like to be a hairdresser after she graduates. continued Angeline Veltri Angie Commercial This little miss with beautiful black hair and dark eyes was a Class Officer 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. She likes to have fun, dancing. skat- ing, and swimming. She wears chic clothes and is a very likeable person. Melvin Anderson Wilma Anderson Loyalty 4. Bud General Melvin likes to roller skate, but he is known around Trinity for his musical ability. We under- stand he has chosen music for his profession and are sure he will make a success of it. Academic The saying "All good things come in small packages," is cer- tainly proved by this brown-eyed lass who is very active in the affairs of our school. She has taken part in: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: S.P.Q.R. 1, 2, 3, 4-Oflicer 3, 4: Science Club 33 History Club 2, 3, 4-Otlicer 4, Olympus Staff 3, 43 Home Room Officer -I-3 Go- To-Gollege Club 3, 4-Officer -1-3 Nurses Club 3, 4, Ofiice Girl 4: Program Seller 3, 43 Spirit of Maudie Baker Meam James Barney Barney Academic Mt. Lebanon High School 1, 25 Go-To-College 3, -1-3 History Club 4g Y-Teens 43 May Day 31 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 31 Senior Play and Library 1, 2 are the activities this tall brunette has taken part in since coming to Trinity. Edith May Barnhart Academic Her willingness to help others makes Edith a favorite with her classmates as well as the faculty. Y-Teens 43 Commercial Club 3, 4, and Future Nurses Club 4 have been her extra-curricular activities. Music is one of her many enjoyments. General Barney says he likes girls, strange but true, and from what we hear the feeling is mutual. Studying does not seem to appeal to jim. Kenneth Beckner Kenny Commercial-Vocational As the VValt Disney of the Senior Class, Kenny's talent as an artist is always in demand and it's always given with a smile. At the head of Kenny's list of dis- likes is studying. He has been active in: junior Hi-Y Ig Senior Hi-Y 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, Mixed Cho- VUS 45 Wrestling 4, Track 1, Senior Play. John Bedeski alize that here is a you have discussed 1953. Gordon Bell Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4 and 3, 4 have been the Gordon, that good who stands at the stairs in the lower the girls who travel didn't know!! Jack General VVhile talking with jack you re- person who thoroughly enjoys himself. After he has gone you find yourself in a much more cheerful mood and things don't look so bad after your prob- lems with him. He certainly is a credit to the Senior Class of Joe Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, activities of looking lad foot of the hall. Asif in that area Robert Anderson Dink General At home with a football, basket- ball or baseball, Dink is well known around Trinity for what he can do with them. He played Football 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2. French fries seem to be what he likes most. Rose Marie Apache Rose Commercial This dark haired Miss has taken part in: History Club 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 2, 33 junior Play: Com- mercial Club 3, -1--Otiicer 45 Stu- dent Council 1. Since travel is her main interest, we predict she will become a well-known Arctic explorer. Helen Dale Bedillion Dale Academic This dark haired brown eyed Miss is active in most of our clubs at Trinity. Among these are: Nurses Club 3, 43 Go-To- College Club 3, 45 Hiller Staff 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, -I-Q History Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play, S.P.Q.R. 1, 2, 3, 4-Officer 4. She likes the last day of school, and doesn't care much for getting up in the morning. Debra Lee Berman Debbie Academic Debbie has been very busy in Trinity by belonging to the: Go- To-College Club 3, 4-OHicer 3, +3 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4--Officer 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Home Room Officer 2, S.P.Q.R. 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Olympus Staff 2, 35 Senior Play. Nancy Berry Nancy Cl Academic "I wish I had that," students ex- claim as Nancy walks down the hall. The girls mean her golden hair. The boys mean Nancy. Besides being in the Y-Teens for four years, Nancy has also been active in F.H.A. 1, 2, May Day 1, 2, 4: Office Girl 4, Y-Teen Officer 23 Go-To-College Club 3, 43 Science Club 3, Librarian 2. arence Boswell Sonny Commercial-General The Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, Science Club 33 Football Manager 25 and Home Room Officer are the or- ganizations that can claim this tall dark haired lad. Sonny is known as one of the better dress- ed Senior boys. He has made a motion that over-stuffed chairs be put in study hall for the stu- dents' comfort. Paul Binder Paul Commercial Football 3, VVrestling 13 Hi-Y 3 were I'aul's activities. You could always count on a good time when Paul was around. Richard Boswell Dick Commercial One of the more handsome boys in the Senior class, Dick is easily recognized by his short blond hair and his athletic ability. Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, VVrestling 2, 31 Sr. Hi-Y 43 and 1, 2, 3 have been his HCUVITICS. John Braden .lohnny Academic-General Besides jr. Hi-Y 2 and Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, johnny played basketball in his sophomore year. He says he likes girls and a good time, and this must be true since wher- ever you find johnny you find plenty of both. Richard Brenner Dick Academic Dick has taken part in: S.l'.Q.R. Club 1, 21 Science Club 3, His- tory Club 2, 3, 4-Ufhcer 3, 41 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4-Ofhcer 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Officer 33 Home Room Officer 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4-Othcer 45 Student Patrol 3, 43 May Day lg Olympus Staff 3, 4. Floyd Brock Floyd General F.F..'X. 1, 2: History Club 2, 3, 4: Sr. Hi-Y 3, 43 and Track 1 all can claim Floyd as a member. He says he likes blonds and bru- nettes, that doesn't leave much for dislikes, does it? Donald Brown Don Academic At any athletic event you'll find Don. If a contest were held to select the perfect sports' fan, this tall.lad would be our nominee. Besides sports, Don was inter- ested in Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4 and the Student Patrol 4. William Brookman Bill Comme rci al Inseparable, Bill and his jeep have become a tradition around Trinity. Besides running an air taxi company, Bill has been in the Senior Hi-Y for two years. He was on the hall patrol in his Senior year and a Home Room Officer in his Sophomore year. Mary Burnette Chicken General Teaching would be a good pro- fession for Mary since talking to people and helping them is ber chief interest. Mary was on the Hiller Staff her junior year, and as you probably know she has written poems in her spare time. John Branczek Jay Bee General-Commercial Being one of the quiet seniors, john is very well liked. Hunt- ing and fishing seem to take most of his leisure time. Studying does not seem to be one of his likes, however. James Briggs Jim General lhe jr. H1-X 1, 21 Sr. lli-X 31 Baseball 2, 3, 43 and Football 1 have taken up some of jim's extra time, The kind of a stu- dent you will like to remember, jim is always willing to help, and his friendly smile is known to all. William Corbly Bill 1 Glenn Chambers Glenn Academic Aside from belonging to the F.F.A. 1, 23 S.l'.Q.R. 2, 33 Sci- ence Club 31 Football l. 22 and Home Room Ulhcer l, Glenn is interested in making money. He is also an outstanding student. Hettty Clemens Clem Commercial Our prediction for this pleasant lass is a large cattle ranch be- cause among her many likes is barbeques. She also likes bowl- ing and tbelieve it or notl boys. Her activities have been: F.H.A. 2, 33 Commercial Club 4. Peters Township High School claimed her for two years. Marilyn Lea Burns Lea Commercial One of the few quiet blonds, Lea wins friends easily with her pleasing personality. She likes dancing, but doesn't care much for homework. Lea has been a member of History Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 41 and Y- Teens 2, 3, 4. Thomas Carter Tom Commercial This quiet senior was a Foot- ball Manager his Sophomore year and in the Science Club his junior year. Tom is inter- ested in swimming, mechanics, and music. Could the music mean piano playing, Tom? Patricia Burns Patty Academic Stnall but mighty, this dark hair- ed saxophonist is one of the few members of our band who has marched for four years. Un top of all that she has been in the Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4g Nurses Club 3, 43 Go-To-College Club 3, 45 and llall Monitor 3, 4. Donald Casio Don Academic Don went to Hickory High School his Freshman year and then came to Trinity. VVhile here he has been in the Band 3, -I-3 Senior Playq Visual lid. 2, 3, 43 and Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4. Although it has not always been so, movies are now an important part of Trin- ity. Don, as head of the Visual Education Department, is respon- sible for their showing. William Cherokee Brytus Bill Commercial-General Sports and dancing are Bill's two main pastimes and we un- derstand he does both very well. Aside from these, the Hiller Staff 3, Home Room Oflicer 2, Sr. Hi- Y 3, 4, and Band 1, 2 have been Bill's interests. Homework is one of the things Bill least likes to do. Nancy Colosi Nan ' Commercial NI1nCy l I easily beco e arehxlt a'sma 'e sit e o'in 'an se 'i A h r ests d s lt . b on t e H1 er m . Hs. She al. k a l mginitor her lap 'o y rs. Teresa Combi Commercial This tall brunette is a credit to our class and it is a student like her who helps to make our school one of which we can be proud. Y-Teens 39 Commercial Club 45 and OH'ice Girl 3 make up her extra-curricular activities. George Coughenour Coker General George, one of the good looking lads at Trinity, has been an ac- tive member of our band for four years. He says he is deep- ly interested in Saturdays, but studying, he can either take or leave-and he prefers the latter. Commercial Bill didn't belong to any clubs while he was at Trinity. VVhen it came to getting into mischief or trouble of any kind, Bill was always around. Geraldine Craig Gerry Academic Verv active 'n affairs of our scho Q. ' . 1, Z, 3, 4-Ul'h- ce , Y- s 3: lrchestra l,, Q e om O 'cer 2: t rses fltb 4' . er 4 l I u 1 erry is iked H all r her easing person- ality. Dancing is one of her favorite pastimes. o 1 I. , i i Pla stu d c l,l2. 1'- bv ' Linda Crile Linda Commercial F.H.A. 2 and Commercial Club 3, 4 take up some of the time of this "easy-to-look at" brunette, who is one of the prettiest com- mercial students. Boys seem to he a subject in which l.inda is both interested and well informed. Charles Darragh Chuck Academic Chuck likes baseball, girls, and swimming, and he was a member of the Sr. Hi-Y 4, History Club 2, 3,41 Student Patrol-tg S.l'.Q.R. Club 1, 21 Science Club 3. He has dark hair and dark eyes. Ile is outstanding for one thing, the fact that he has a knitted skull cap for every day in the week for school and two for Sunday. Betty Lou Davis Harry Davis Pele Conuner "1 It is always with a nile a Betty Lou greets he o c ss- mates. lt is a ,' ik 's who rnak 1 . oo s f nd- ly. Nia? J be n 4' e to the rest t us. e 39 as 1 the F.H..'X. l r tirs t o year: and a Y-Teen girl her -lunior year. Vocational Harry, one of our four year F.F.A. boys, doesn't seem to care much for studies, although wres- tling seems to be his main in- terest. James Davis Jim General jim was a member of our Sci- ence Club his junior year. Our prediction is he will head a lost and found department in a large department store as hunting is his main enjoyment. Betty Donaldson Betty Comme rcial-Vocational Home Room Orhcer 2 of the few quiet girls to her. HC Il if Uilx, John Dubelle Herky tj 'C Vocational General F33-:Y 1. 2. 42 Kfbefffllf' Fflflll' He comes to school, he attends 43 Exhibit Team 33 Project N'inner 3, 4: Calf Club 3, 4 are -lack activities. Ile has a great fondness for being a Fu- ture Farmer and be's done much to make our Ag. Department the best. John Durila Ape Vocational john likes football and has a great interest in agriculture. I-le likes study hall, if he can talk. This lad has blond hair and blue eyes. He was an F.F.A. member for four years. classes: he goes home. And that is about all the extent of Herkls school life. Once in a while he gets into an argument. His ac- tivities weret Basketball 1, Z, and Home Room Ol-Hcer 2. Louise Earnest Peggy Lou Commercial Louise is one of those calm, deep thinking girls, seldom heard or seen, but her pleasing person- ality wins her many friends. She belonged to F.H.A. 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, and Y-'I'eens 1, 2, 3, 4. F.H..'X. 1, 23 Commercial Club l Z 3 4 nl Donald Dillie Don Commercial-General If you don't know Don, just ask the nearest girl, she will surely know! Don likes eating, sleep- ing, and girls-And that's the life if you can get it. Helen Dragan Commercial Spirit of 'l'rinitv 41 Student Coun- 3, 41 3-leens , , , gat are the activities of Betty. She is one ll'l Olll' class. She has a very sweet per- sonality and her blue eyes and smiling face are a great asset cil Zgllome Room OH'icer 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Commercial Club 3, -lg History Club 3, 4, May Day 23 Otlice Girl 25 Olympus 3, 4, and Class Otticer 3 are Helen's activities. 'l'bis blue- eyed, blond-haired miss is the editor of our yearbook. VVe know it will be a big success. Vocational-Commercial Kenneth Elliott Kenny Vocational Many things about Kenny seem to be different from the average. He is outstanding in his lessons, as he is our Number One stu- dent. He is also a rather quiet boy in our class. Best of luck, Kenny, in whatever profession you choose. His activities in- clude F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, and Hall Patrol 4. Thomas Ellis Tom Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4--Officer 3, 43 F.F.A. Band 2, 3, 4, Demonstra- tion Team4, Band 1, 2, 3,45 Key- stone Farmer 4, Hall Patrol 4, junior and Senior Play: and Home Room Officer 1, are Tom's activities. As we gaze at these we see, he is one of the most kenneth Farabee Imp David Fattman Dave General jr. Hi-Y 1, 2: Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, Hiller Staff 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Ufli- cer 1, and junior Play are the activities of this tall, brown-eyed, brown-haired fellow who is an- other one who seems quiet. In reality, he is continually mis- chievous when fun is afoot. Shirley Fielder Shirley Jo Academic Did you ever hear of a person being compared to :1 Dynamo? VVell, Shirley is just that. She is quite a bit of restless energy. Her activities include: Y-Teens 2, 31 Future Nurses 3g Go-To- College 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Monitor 3, 4. General Ethereal strains of music are pouring from the stage! That is what you will hear when Dave's lingers are running over the 88 keys of the piano. You didn't know he was going to be a pianist, did you? He played in our Band 1, 2, 3, 4, and was in Mixed Chorus 1, 2. Donald Franks Don Vocational Don is one of those many fellows who thinks all women-blond, brunette or redhead-are quite nice! We can see he gets along with the opposite sex pretty well. He took Ag. during his Sopho- more and junior years. interested boys in our F.F..-X. Lucy Elliott F.H.A. 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 43 History Club 3, 4, are the activities of Lucy. This young lady is one of the many energetic girls in our class. Her lingers have hovered so busily over many typewriters. She will make a grand secretary for some big business firm some day. John Eustis Jack Commercial-General The first thought that comes to one's mind when one sees "jack" is, "Wonder what he'll do next. Did you ever see him when he wasn't teasing or tormenting somebody? He belonged to the Senior Hi-Y 3, 4. U 4 Linda Frazee Pat Frazier Pat Academic Disposition and willingness to lend a helping hand give her a lasting place in the hearts of her friends. She also has been active in many clubs, including: Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4-Ollicer 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Go-To-College 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, May Day 1, 2, 3, 43 Olym- pus Stalf 3, 45 Student Council 1, 3, 4-Officer 4. James Fullick Jim General Approaching is heard the roar of a racing motor. Drivers aban- don their cars, honest burgers rush for cyclone cellars, women shriek hysterically. Pandemonium reigns! It is not a bombing raid but only jim in his Nash. He sure has that thing souped up. He was a member of the Hall Patrol 4. Commercial Patty has red hair but th-at doesn't mean she has a temper. She has one of the most pleasant smiles and personalities on Trin- ity's campus. Pat was in Y-Teens 4, and Olympus Staff 4. Shirley Gamble Punk Commercial Punk is one who has certainly been a great help to us during her four years at Trinity. She belonged to the Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, and was also a Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. We remember the latter most because she has surely done her best. Punk is the best of sports and has a sweet person- ality. Dolores Gniewkoski Dolores Commercial This well-dressed young miss is liked hy all those who know her. She has a very quiet personality. You would hardly know she is around. She thinks that a certain green Pontiac is real nice! She belonged to our Y-Teens 1, 2, 4. Charles Gradert Slim Academic-General junior Hi-Y 1, 2-Orlicer 2, Sr. Hi-Y 3, +3 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Science Club-Ofhcer 1, are the activities of this fel- low who thinks women are pretty nice. His ambition is to make easy money and he likes to have a good time. Constance Gorby Commie Commercial This lively young miss likes danc- ing, cokes, and green Plymouths, and reading. She is a very neat dresser and thinks conceited boys and people who agitate are terri- ble. She belonged to Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -l. Jennie Lee Gray Academic This brown-eyed miss likes mu- sic, swimming, and convertibles. She attended Centerville High School 1, 2, and belonged to the Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, and Future Nurses Club. Shirley Greer Shirl General This brown-haired, brown-eyed miss would be well satisfied if she could sit down and listen to the best Hillbilly music. She thinks it is just wonderful. She belonged to F.H.:X. 3, 4, and was Monitor. Paul Guidos John General Behold! Another one of our fun- loving, wise-cracking classmates. But with this fun, "john" likes well-mannered people. He likes school too. His activities include the Latin Club 2, 3, -I-5 Hiller Staff 3, and Hall Patrol 4. Ralph Hagar Robert Hagar B011 Academic You hardly know Ralph's around. He is rather quiet. Ralph thinks motorcycles are pretty nice but he dislikes homework very much. Can we blame him? His activi- ties are the Science Club 35 Band 1, 2, 3, +5 and Senior Hi- Y 4. Robert Hamilton Queball General Queball is another one of those fellows who is always looking on the sunny side of the street, making wise cracks out of any- thing that might be said in class, or, anywhere for that matter. He belonged to Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. Vocational Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, Hi-Y 3, +3 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 -Officer 3, are the activities of this tall, dark and handsome lad. Bob was a great help to us dur- ing his four years as a football player. Glenda Harris General Glenda enjoys skating, dancing, and swimming. She doesn't like to get up in the morning. Her activities included the Y-Teensg Library Club, and she went to VVash Hi 1, 2, 3. James Grimm Jim Vocational This fellow likes football, base- ball, and wrestling. He is always ready to get into mischief. He belonged to Student Council 1, 2. Jeanne Hagar Jeanne Academic-General Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -4-3 Band 1, 2, 3, +3 Nurses Club 3, +5 Oflice Girl 3, 43 junior Play, Student Council 4, Olympus Staff 3, 4, District Band 3, and State Band 3 are jeanne's activities. She thinks that dancing is tops but she doesn't like lectures. Wonder why? Nancy Herschell Ree Commercial Nancy has participated in Com- mercial Club 3, -l-Q Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Hiller Staff 33 and Olym- pus Staff 4. This young miss has l'ed hair, but don't be misled be- cause she is just as jolly and good-natured as a girl can be. Lee Hickman Lee General liating and carrying on long dis- cussions are the favorites of He doesn't care for people who don't state what they think. He belonged to the following cluhs: Hiller Staff 35 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 3, +3 llall Patrol +5 Home Othcer 3. l Patricia Harris Patty X ri c Edna Hewitt Eddie Edna has been helping in the cafeteria, too. She likes dancing and of brown hair and brown eyes. Wayne Hixenbaugh Hix Track lg Mixed Chorus 3, -lg and F.F..-X. 1 are the activities of "Hix." He likes swimming very much. He doesn't like study- ing or homework. He would be an exception if he didl Malgynn Horn lb i 4 Y-Teensfll , 3, . l, 2g To 'cial' Q tu nt Coun ', 5 Home O er 21 Hil r Staff 3, nd ed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 I re the activi- ties of Patty. As we gaze upon her countenance we can see a serious, studious, and ambitious girl. If we look into her heart, we'll see that she is fun-loving and very good-natured. Robert Henry Bob Academic VVell, we have come to a lad who is not afraid to let the girls know he likes food! VVe hope that he will Find a fair maiden who will supply him with plenty home cookin'. General course, food. She has General Cousin D Commercial Her llrovm-hair and eyes and her fri ly dispcf ' n help to make ' 'ery popular. ' e has taken 7351? t s: Y- Ll' ns 2, ,F ' fsher -tg lvmpus - . 'Cer , g ' rttati I.ilwl'aria D' Day 13 Spirit of Pots , ixed Chorus 2, 3, -ln hyllis Jean Houston Midge Commercial Midge ' so :nies thought of as a refi ge ' n "Gulliver's Trav- s." ' he'd'p of the cheer- eiy. h been an active mberli lr ass: Y-Teens 1, b 3, -I-g Student Counci i Ho e Room Urhcer 2, 35 Cheerleader 2, 3, +3 May Day 2, -I-g Olympus Staff 3, +3 Com- mercial Club -lg tlrlice Girl Z. Ronald Hart Herman The activities of this young fel- low are: Ili-Y 1, 2, 3, 4-Utiicer 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, Z, 3, 43 Olympus Staff 3, -lg Ag. Utlicer 3, +3 Home Room Othcer 2, 3, +3 Class Othcer 23 and Student Council 2. He likes "Gals", "Gals", and more "Gals." Can you blame him? He also thinks swimming is great fun. Rose Ann Herrmann Rosie General This brown-haired, brown-eyed miss has been helping to prepare food in our cafeteria for quite a few years. She must be a pretty good cook, fellow, because no one has gotten indigestion vet! Carol Horne Carrie Commercial Carol stands close to six feet tall. She loves horseback riding and dancing. She was a member of the Hiller Staff lter junior year and a member of the Sr. Y-Teens her junior and Senior years. Shirley Howard Ticky Academic-Commercial Shirley likes singing and danc- ing. Her likes are many, her dislikes few. She especially dis- likes rainy and dreary days. She played in the Band for two years. An active student of Latin Club for three years, Shirley is plan- ning on becoming a nurse after graduation. She has been a mem- ber of the Future Nurses Club her junior and Senior years. Donald Hull Don Commercial-General Don is a good looking fellow with wavy hair and blue eyes. He has played the snare drum in the band for four years. Lawrence Insana Larry General-Commercial Larry, one of the best-dressed and among the handsomest Sen- ior boys, is working his way through high school. Norma Hupp Norma came from VVash High and we do not know much about her. She attended ,Trinity two months, then quit. She is happily married and has a nice home in VVolfdale. Constance Jennings Jet Commercial Constance likes dancing and walking. Her favorite sport is basketball. She was a member of the F.H.A. her Sophomore year. She does not like rainy days. Virginia Kavolak Ginka Commercial-General Virginia likes dancing and swim- ming. She is an attractive bru- nette with brown eyes. She was a member of the Mixed Chorus 2, a member of Senior Y-Teens 4, anti a member oi junior Y- Teens 3. Marjorie Joanne Knestrick Marg Commercial Margie-'s friends know her for her gentle and quiet disposition. Margie likes to travel. She was a member of the Hiller Stall her junior year. ll riscilla Kenimond Patty David Johnson Dare Hazel Johnson Haz Commercial-General Dave-'s pastime is traveling. May his dreams of traveling all come true. Opal Johnson Genevieve General-Commercial Opal is one who likes summer sports and dancing. She was a member of the Home Ec. one year and a member of the Y- Teens for two years. Academic Priscilla came from VVest Beth- lehem High School to 'l'rinity during her Senior year. She likes Trinity and has made many friends. At VVest Bethlehem she was class treasurer, a member of the Girls Chorus, and the Mixed Chorus. She took an ac- tive part in the Home lic. Club. Eleanor Kottner Ellie Academic Eleanor is perhaps the busiest person in the Senior class. Her activities prove she has been mighty energetic: Class Utlicer 13 Home Room Otiicer 2, 3, 4-3 Stu- dent Council 33 Otlicer of Latin Club 3, +3 Oflicer of Librarians -I-3 Urlice Girl 43 Go-To-College 3, 43 T-Club 2, 3, -l-Otiicer 3,43 May Day 1, 2, 3, -I-3 Olympus Staff 3, 4. Commercial Hazel likes letter writing and no wonder for she is at very pretty and neat writer. She likes swim- ming and was Il member of the junior Y-Teens, and the Home Ec. Department. Carolyn .lohnso Ana gnic Blue a d re he .vorite co ht- has t n part in th x ctivities' in Cub 2, 3, -1-3 lo-'l'n- ' ege Cl b 3, +3 F.H.A.p 3 Mav Da l, 3, +3 M ' ,horns -l-, ' lub 3, +3 S ce C lb I ns 1, 2, 3, -l-3 Demo s on Te. 23 Nurs- es Club 3, 3 Home Room Officer -l-3 Usher -l-. Dolores Littleberry Dolly .Xcademic-Commercial Dolores has played in the band for four years. She was a mem- ber of the Future Nurses Club her Alunior and Senior years. She was a member of the Latin Club her hrst three years. Duane Locy Loco General Duane has dark and wavy hair. His eyes are brown and he has sparkling white teeth. His favor- ite sport is baseball. He played in the Band his last three years. He played in the F.F.A. Band at l'enn State during his junior year. He belonged to the F.F.A. his first three years. He also played football his Senior year. C Michael Kudaroski Kute Academic Michael's hobbies are dancing and swimming. He is planning to go to college after graduation. VVe all notice Mike's wavy hair and blue eyes. He has taken part in these activities: Student Coun- cil lg Senior Hi-Y +3 Football Manager 2, 33 Senior Playg May Day 4. Robert Leech Bob Academic Bob usually has a neat crew-cut. He likes girls, cars, and food and does very well with all of them. He doesn't like to do home- work. Bob has been in the band for four years. As a junior and Senior he was a member of Sen- ior Hi-Y. In his Senior year he was on Hall Patrol and Home Room Oflicer. harles Locy Chuck Academic VVhen school is out this spring we might find "Chuck" in Holly- wood or some place - but that just depends where Marilyn Monroe is at that time. He thinks she is pretty nice. He.also likes Roller Skating and Swimming. His activities are: Latin Club 1, 23 Science 33 Band 1, 2, 3, -lg Howard Locy Howdy Vocational-Commercial Howard likes roller skating and dancing. Some kids call him the "lady killer of the Arena." He dislikes being broke. He has taken part in these activities: F.F.A. 1, 2-Otlicer lg Football John Lusk Jack Vocational -lack is an ardent member of the F.F.A. He also likes to dance. He has belonged to the F.F.A. Club for four years. Albert Lyons Beanard General For some peculiar reason he likes trouble and fun. He has played the trumpet in the Band for four years. Beanard would make some girl a very nice "catch" for he is quite handsome. Richard Kuhlman Dick General Dick likes music, sports, travel, and arts. He was a member of F.F.A. 1, 2, 3g a member of Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Football 33 Track lg and Hall Patrol 4. Gerald Lehmer Jerry Commercial jerry was a member of the Sr. Hi-Y his Senior year. He likes to tell jokes and he also likes girls. jerry is not very big in size but he handles a mighty big car. Eugene Lyle Ernie Vocational Ernie likes music. He has played the violin in the Orchestra for four years. He has belonged to the F.F.A. for four years. Harold Maloy General Harold was a member of the F.F.A. his Freshman and Soph- omore years. He was a member of the Tratlic Squad his Senior year. Evelyn Mansfield Evie Commercial Evelyn likes dancing and travel- ing. She belonged to the F.H.A. her Freshman year. , 1 . -V , I lva McCu ugh Elv Academic-Vocational Elva has sparkling brown eyes and brown hair. She likes to write leters. Her activities are: History Club 2, 3, -lg Latin Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 23 Go-To-Col- lege Club 2, 3, 4, Usher -1-Q Edi- tor of Hiller 3. William Mersky Bill General Hill likes baseball and golf. He played baseball his last three years. He was Home Room Otii- cer and a member of the Hall Patrol his Senior year. Dolores Miller General Dolores says she likes sleeping and money. She has belonged to the Home Fc. Club her Fresh- man and Sophomore years. She was an Usher her Senior year, and she belonged to the Future Nurses Club her junior year. Clara Lou McClure Susie Commercial Clara has gone to Trinity three years. Her Sophomore year she went to Monongahela. She likes dancing and clothes. Here are her activities at Trinity: Y-Teens 1, 3, Senior Y-Teens -lg Com- mercial Club 3, 43 Home EC. lg Spirit of Personality. Mary Ann McMurray Mary Ann Commercial Mary Ann, a majorette I r un- ior and! Senior7ye ., s hair ,a d ' ' eyes Sh i e Mix ' s I st the y he also elonged - e s for four years. She vas in ay Day her Sophomore year. I l Mary Jane McVay Janie Academic Mary jane likes dancing, driving, ing, and swimming. Vllalton said, "Learn to be quiet." Mary jane Science Club 3. has learned her lesson very well for she is very quiet and well- liked by her classmates. She cer- tainly has not been idle: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, +3 Orchestra 1, 2, History Club 2, 3, 4-Oliicer 43 Go-'I'o- College Club 3, -l-3 May Day lg Hiller Staff 3, Olympus Staff +5 James Meek Jim hair. Jeanette Miles anie 1 .MW jeanette is a autiful b nde who is abo it feet, e' t inch- es ta l, a she was p' ed to r xle asyeen of ying' on ' Ii- ity" ampus. er ct' ' a ' Flagtwirle 3 Hi r Club , -l-Ofiice " -T . 1, 2, , -Oliicer 4 ' ,lub 3, o- To-College, m 3, 4- r 4, May Day 1, 3, 43 Oly s Staff 3, 43 Class O er ' ixed Cho- rus 2, 3, 4: 1 rirl +3 Home Ec.1,2g juni r P yg May Queen 45 Future Nur. ' Club 3, 4- Otiicer 4. Mildred Miller Moth Commercial Mildred likes horses, dancing, and cokes. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Her activities are: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Oliice Girl 4, May Day 2, Hiller Stall' 3. jim likes girls and cars. He is dark and handsome, but, not too tall. He has brown eyes and .'k1 ,, 135. ' Barbara McWilliams ,. Red Academic This energetic young lady, with bright red hair, has become a permanent fixture in 'l'rinity's Hall of aine. Her activities are: Y-Teens 2, 3, -l-3 Go-To-College 3, +5 Olympus Staff 3, +5 Senior Play, Future Nurses Club -I-. Harold Mehaffy Harry Academic Harold likes sports of all kinds. Harold has belonged to the Hi-Y Club for four years. He has be- longed to the Latin Club his first two years, and the Science Club his junior year. He played foot- ball bis last three years. George Morrison Samuel Academic George, one of our honor stu- dents, has brown hair and blue eyesg he played a trumpet in the Band 2, 3, 4. lle likes brunettes. lie took part in: the junior Play, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 41 Home Room tlliieer 2, 3: Student Patrol 43 May Day 3. I Joann Mosier J - Juzi Cifininercial One of .nn's stat c mpan- 0 d ring twall seas n was ier ag.QSlie was a twirler 3, , i and 21 ' eens'1, 2, 3, thcer , Commercial willy 3, 4-J cr 4, Home oom Uflicer 2, 3, Student bb Council 1, 3, ay Day l, 4. Shirley Minnear Shirl Commercial Shirley is a quiet girl who likes homeless dogs. She also likes to read good books. Eugene Moninger Gene Commercial You can always tell the new styles or fads by watching Gene to see what he will wear or do next. He is very particular about his brown hair and his laughing eyes. Gene was a member of the jr. Hi-Y 1, 2, and likes popu- lar songs. Norma Morrison Norm Commercial Norma will be happy when she has graduated. She says she likes to sleep in late each morning. Norma was in May Day lg Cafe- teria Club I, 25 and Home Ee, Club 1, 2, Marlene Mounts Mar Commercial VVith her cheering, Marlene has helped win many of our games. She has lovely brown hair and brown eyes. Her activities: Hill- er Staff 31 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, May Day lg Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Ralph Munce Vocational Ralph was also one who didn't join any clubs while he attended Trinity. He is one of the quiet type who never has much to do. Good luck to you after you grad- nate. Louella Myers Lou Vocational-Commercial Lou already has her future de- cided because she is married and is going to be a homemaker. She was a member of the F.H.A. 1, 23 junior Play, Y-Teens Ig and Cafeteria Club 4. Donald Minor Don Agriculture If there is any mischief going on you will always Find Don around. He likes football and baseball: has brown hair and snappy eyes. Don was a member of the F.F..'X. l, 2, 3, 4. Robert Morgan Bob Agriculture Bob was one of our football stars. He was on the varsity 2, 3, -I-3 he likes to hunt and fish: reminds you of the roving kind with his brown hair and blue eyes. He was a member of the Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4-Officer 3, 4, and also Home Room Ofhcer 2, 4. Audrey Murray Poodle Academic-Commercial Audrey likes poodle haircuts, has brown hair and blue eyes. She spends her time at the skating rink and enjoys dancing. She was a member of Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Go-To-College Club 3, 45 Future Nurses Club 3, 4, and S.l'.Q.R. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Lilly Nixon Lil Vocational Lilly Nixon is a very quiet girl and is a very loyal student to 'lirinity in all the ways possible. Trinity will certainly miss Lilly after she is gone. K' en O'l nnell Kathy Commercial Mfjwvk Kathy has pretty red hair and brown eyes. Although she is Irish, you won't tind the tradi- tional temper to go with it. A quiet miss, Kathy belonged to the Y-Teens l, 2, 3. +3 Commer- cial Club 3, 4. She likes to dance and swim. Marilyn Jean Pallett Jenn General-Voc tional jean has dar' br y and snap in b yn yes, likes to big, ,oo time. She was a me 1 er o Y-Teens 2: Fil..-X. 1, and a Home Room Othcer 2. John Pettit Johnny Vocational john likes girls and dancing. He is always around when there is anything going on. Ile was a member of the F.F..-X. 1, 2, 3, 4 -Officer 23 and Senior lli-Y 4. Laura Phillips Penny Commercial l.aura went to Claysville High School her Freshman year, and to Trinity the remaining 3 years. She says she likes butterscotch sundaes. She was a member of the Home Ee. Club 2 and Com- mercial Club 3. 4. Genevieve Paciorek Jenny Col mercial jenny is one f ' ir nga ed girls, who likgq alwa J e or sl . You w' 'n tappy t 1 as a member 1 '- '-T ns 2, 3, +1 Com- nercial Cluw 3, 14' s ry Club 3, -lr. L- William Pallett Bill General Bill and jean are twins. Bill also has dark brown hair and snappy brown eyes. He likes to take things easy and to sleep in study hall. Edward Phillips Flash John Paluda John General You will very seldom hear john make any noise, he is always quiet, and says he is interested in making money: likes cars and girls. Nancy Maxine Paul Nancy Academic-Commercial If you hear someone speaking to you and you can't see her, just look down and you will see Nancy. Blond hair and blue eyes are a pretty combination for her. She was an Usher-tg in May Day 1, Y-Teens 2, 3, +3 Latin Club 1, 21 G0-To-College Club 3, 43 History Club 3, 4, Future Nurs- es Club 3, 43 and Senior Play. She likes people, and dancing. Commerci al-General .X . s fry ace. She ' s a mem- the If you see a tall, blond-haired, - smiling, blue-eyed boy coming towards you, you'll know it's Eddie. lie was a member of the Sr. Hi-Y 4, and Latin Club 3. He likes cars and girls. D Nancy h ll Nancy lllEl'Ci8i 'an.' li es ncing aid swim- . She s rich b wn hair d spar' g eyes d always ber Y-'I' s 1, 2, -tg Ho e EC. C 1 ,Zl Commercial Cluw 3, 4: Oly us Staff 4: and Ofhce Girl 2, 3. I Jacob Passo .lake General You'll always find jake with it smile and a friendly word for everyone. Ile likes any class that doesn't assign home work. He is a member of the Student Patrol. Barbara Ann Pettit Barb ' C I mercial Barbzra " e 'rl. t is s n and nor hear I ' t b owif ' c a smile at u of na Lisa. Agpeiqiie of Y ' ens l, 2, 3, , sie likesgiic and swim- ming. 3 . Keith l'I'iCC General Keith likes VOD class and Study Hall. Don't tell anyone but we suspect he likes those two periods because he can try to sleep. You never hear him say much. fi? ,f H e M ' Prowitt Hon Commercial ou go into Murphy's on Fri lay nights and Saturdays, you will be sure to see Helen. She likes horses, cats, and dogs. Joseph M. Plymire Joe H Vocational If you hear a noise that sounds like a tractor coming at top speed, look out! It's joe. He has changeable red hair and is al- ways getting into trouble with something or someone. joe was a member of the F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, +5 and Mixed Chorus 2, 3, -I-. arley Ponzo Junior General Harley has snapping brown eyes and is a happy-go-lucky boy who likes to do whatever he takes a notion to do. He likes to make money and as an after-thought he says he likes girls, too. Keith Margan Lester Prigg Morgan J. Academic Morgan has bright red hair, and he likes good food. He was a member of the Band 1, 2, 3, 4: and was Band Manager 3, 4. Daniel Puskarich Danny General Danny is a tall boy with light brown hair and is forever get- ting into mischief. He seems to have a knack for it. John Ramsey Jack Vocational jack was a member of the F.F.A. 1, Z, 3, 43 and Sr. Hi-Y 4. He likes to eat and sleep. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and can always be found in his little brown Ford. Joseph Rankin Joe Vocational joe gives you the impression of being a quiet lad, but don't be- lieve it. He likes to farm, was a member of the F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Officer 2, 43 Demonstration Team -1-g and Exhibit Team 4. Cary Polen Cary Commercial If you ever wanted Cary at noon, all you had to do was go to the gym and look up near the back and there he was. He was a member of Visual Ed. 1, 2, Football 35 Sr. Hi-Y 3, +3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Patricia Powell Patty Commercial Patty, with light brown hair and brown eyes, likes good food, swimming, and dancing. She was a member of the Hiller Staff 35 May Day 2, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Usher 4, Future Nurses Club 3, +3 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Monitor 4: Student Coun- cil 3, 4g Oiiice Girl +3 Senior Plav. Mary Ramsey Mary A Academic If y ant to know anything abo 'this brow -haired green- e e sk an Fnghsh member of , M horus 1 flrehestf , 2, 33 History Club y irl ju: : . t er is ' e Y ' 2, 3,43 Latin Club ,2" ' dC C.2,3,41 '- ,"4,fGdo-To-College Club 3, 4- f"' flicer 45 Future Nurses Club 3, -lg Monitor 43 Hiller Staff 3. Academic Scotty class romeo who s e lue eyes likes to Q , ' Club ificer 3 ' -Class . cr ' ' a t Counci ' Home Room Oflicer lg Baseball 3, 43 May Day 13 Olympus Staff 3, -1-g Senior Play. V Scott Renner Scofiy .' r J, ' J s im nd 4 ce. He was a f ' of iY1,2,3,-0-1 .- ce - 454' e 1, Stu - Y l 1, Phyllis Richmond Plzyl COIlllllt'l'ClIll-Vtlfilllllllill Phyllis, with light brown hair and blue eyes, is a quiet girl who likes to drive cars. She was a member of the Home lic. Club l, 23 Usher 41 Future Nurse:- Club 33 Office Girl 4. Charles Steve Roberts Sunny .Xrademie Sonny has dark hair and dark eyes: likes hot-rods and is for- ever getting into somehody's hair. John Sargent Newt General -Iohn is greatly interested in sports. Football 2, 3, 41 Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 43 and he likes to go hunting and seems to have an uncon- trollable appetite. He was a member of the Hi-Y 3, 4. johnny would be lost without a basket- ball, football, or baseball near him. Richard Shrontz Bugs Vocational If you are ever in XVolfdale and see a black Ford coming at you, you know that is Bugs at the wheel. He has been in the F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Demonstration Team 43 Band l, 2, 3, 4: State Band 3, -lg and May Day 4. He is amazing to watch at that snare drum. l 'atricia Rinehart Pnl Commercial-Vocational You will always find Patty smil- ing. She has short brown hair. She was a member of the Home Fc Clubl 2' Y-Teensl 2 3 4' May Day 1, 2, Otiice Girl 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Home Room Officer 2, 4: Student Coun- cil Zg Nur,-ffs ' 3. , ll! , ll Fern Roberts Fern Commercial-General Fern has long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She is always neat, likes to dance and swim and was a member of the Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 41 May Day 4. Mildred Louise ebe ajor e. g the band each game. 'he and likes ibles. ette 4. 4. Vile can give june thanks for helping to our Year Book. Sondra Shillito Academic This very active and "easy to get along with" little miss is a member of the Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Go-To-College Club 41 Science Club 31 Nurses Club 3: S.P.Q.R. Club 1, 2, Home Room Officer 3, 45 Usher 43 Senior Play, and May Day. VVe can also boast of her being one of our May Queen candidates. Norman Sickles Sonny Vocational Norman likes to live and have a good time. He is a care-free person who we find is very easy to get along with. He has been a member of the F.F..-X. l, 2, 3, 4. He doesn't like hot-rod drivers and we've heard he's a pretty good driver himself, head jorettes dark hair She was a member o me Y-Teens 3, 4: Majorette 33 and Head Major- Grace June Sanders June Bell Commercial June likes dancing, cars, clothes, and Monongahela. She was a member of the Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Oliice Girl 3, 41 Commercial Club 3, 43 and the Olympus Staff a vote of type for Lloyd Salsberry Connnereial-General l.loyd is the quiet sort of person you saw standing in front of Room ll this year. llc was ri member of the Traffic Squad 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 41 and can proudly say he was in the District Band this year. Congratulations, Lloyd. That is quite an accomplish- ment. Shirley Sanders . .X I' oi nereial VVe have e a girl w 1 . .' a ver ii 1 ent i 1 er ircl fin eft ia l le b onged to the Conn cial Club 3, -l-- Ofiicer 43 X -Teens l, 2, 3, 43 History Club 41 l'sher 4g and Olympus Staff 4. 1' ranklin Sobansky Frank General Football 1, 2, 3, 43 VVrestling 1, 23 and Home Room Orlicer his Freshman and junior years were Frank's activities. He quit school before his course was completed. Robert Stumpf Shot-Gun General Bob has played Basketball 2, 3. 4, and Baseball 4. He was in the Hi-Y 3, 4. He likes French fries and dancing, and if you've noticed, he seems to get along very well with the girls. E Ralph Smiley Smiley Vocational This lad likes farming, dancing, and hitch-hiking. VVonder if he has had quite a bit of experience with the latter? He was in the F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, and we predict a very bright future for him in farming if he keeps up the good work. John Smith Smitty General Smitty was very active in Foot- ball Z, 3, 4. He likes girls and doesn't care much for "stuck-up" people. Girls! Smitty resides at 114 Elizabeth Street but we weren't able to tind out his tele- phone number for you. Richard Sprowls Chicken Genera l-Commercial Chicken is more fun than a har- rel of monkeys. He likes girls and cars. He was active in Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Hiller Stat? 33 Hall Patrol 45 and junior Play. When there is merriment to he found, there is Chicken too. Beverly Swartzfeger Bel' General-Commercial Bev was in the Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, and on the Olympus Staff 4. She likes music, traveling, and convertibles. She resides at 106 Naser Avenue, and has light brown hair. Curtis Smit.h Jerry Vocational Curtis likes all athletes, and was a member of the F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. If you ever need help or need a friend just call on him. He is Certainly a person who would be right there! Martha Smith Red Commercial-Vocational Pretty red hair! She hates to get up early and doesn't like to he teased. She was in the Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4, and Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 4. She likes to eat and dance and for some strange reason, she likes xkvella. George Tarbuck George Wilma Teegarden I ea ie Commercial Co cial George was engaged in Basket- Behold a girl v o i' . Cadil- halll 3, 4, and a member of the lacs, boys, nt an . She was History Club 2, 3. He likes girls, a member X Y 'eens 3, 43 and is a person who is very easy Hom E . ub . u could to get along with. alw yn 1 he 'the - ond period ru i the ii graph ma- chin . , 'x x X I L! P ' Betty Jane Thomas Betty .lane up Academic-Commercial , X This pretty miss was in the jun- N ' 1 ' , im Playg May Day 1, 4. She L also was in the Y-Teens l, 2, ' 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4: Go-To-College Club 3, 45 Ofiice Girl 33 Usher 4g Home Room Otlicer 1, 43 Olympus Staff 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, Future Nurses Club 3, 4. She was a May Queen candidate. Wahneita Thomas Commercial-General VVahneita likes company and doesn't like school or conceited people. She lives at Dunn Sta- tion and has brown hair. Anna Mae Tolbert Jo Commercial Anna likes chilli, dancing, and boys. She has brown hair and brown eyes. VVhere you hncl Lor- etta, there is where you will find Anna. Leona Vincek Lee Commercial This high-stepper was at VVash- High for Sth and 9th grades. She was a member of the Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club l, 23 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Home Room Ollicer 33 Majorettc 3, 43 and Student Council 2. She likes marching and shrimp. Ruth Ann Wheeler Ruth Academic This girl is one in a million! She likes school. She's traveled greatly, too: VVashington High School, VVest Alexander 2, 3: and Trinity 4. She has been a member of the Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, and Usher 4. Norma Williams Skeet Commercial Norma likes dancing, swimming, and eating. She has been a mem- ber of the Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Olympus Staff 4: Spirit of Beau- ty. This pretty miss has beauti- ful brown hair and very dark eyes. Shirley Verner Sis Commercial This tiny miss was on the Hillcr Staff 3. VVhen Sis is around, the atmosphere seems to tingle with her presence and every thing there comes to life. Bernard T. Ward Bird Eye General Bird Eye likes girls and was a members of the F.F.A. 1, 2. And girls! I don't know his phone number but his address is Box 137, VVest VVylie Avenue Ext. Loretta Williams Sunny Donald Warne Don Vocational He proudly marched before our hand as Drum Major 4. Other activities: Uflicer of Class lg junior Play, Senior Play: Olym- pus Staff 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 and Hi-Y l, Z, 3, 4. Don likes food and marching, James Waychoff Jim Commercial jim is one of the many devils in the Senior Class this year. He is never satisfied unless he is in some sort of mischief. Commercial Loretta likes music, and spa- ghetti. She has been active in the F.H.A. 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: and Hiller Staff 3. She plays the piano for Mixed Cho- rus. Charles Willison Chuck Academic Chuck feels right at home with a football. He played Football 2, 3, 4, and was a Home Room Officer 1. This tall, handsome, dark-haired lad lives in Lone Pine. If you boys want to keep up on the latest styles, just keep your eye on Chuck. James Watson Jim General jim wasn't active as far as being a metnber of any clubs was con- cerned. He was always very quiet but a true friend in all ways possible. llwaine Welling CBeneral-.-Xcadcmic Dwaine likes most sports, music, girls, and was a member of the F.F.A. 1, and Science Club 3. He doesn't like homework and enjoys mixing things in chemis- try lab class. You can always tell when he is around because of his deep voice. THOSE FOR Joseph Wonsettler Joe Vocational We predict a bright future in farming for joe. He has been a member of the F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4-Officer 2, 33 Football 1, 23 May Day 2: Student Council 1. He has gotten much recognition for many of his projects. .Iohn Zavatski .lohnny Commercial Girls!!! johnny likes girls who look sharp. But you will have to ask his opinion on the require- ments. johnny was a member of the Hi-Y 3. He is a band leader, no less. WHOM WE HAVE NO PICTURES Donald Young Don Commercial Don likes cars, girls, and food. He doesn't care much for school home work. He was a wrestler 1, 23 Hi-Y 4. William Zlatrich Bill General Bill was so quiet that you never knew that he was around. He was one of the many loyal stu- dents who will always say some- thing good about Trinity. Isaac Lewis Zeke-Ike General-Commercial Isaac likes sports and dancing. After graduation he would like to join the Air Force. He was on the Varsity Basketball Team his junior and Senior years. Margaret Barnett Marg Commercial Although Marg was only with us for this year, she has been a welcome addition and faithful member to our Senior Class. Other schools she has attended have been: West Alexander High School 13 Claysville High School 23 and Centerville High School Jack Elliott Lightning Commercial Food is one of the favorites of Lightning. This fellow is also interested in all sports. He is seldom heard or seen because he is so quiet. He took agriculture for four years. Shirley Ford Pickles Commercial F.H.A. 2g Librarian 33 Y-Teens 2, 3g are the activities of this slim, well-dressed young miss. She likes dancing and boys very much. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Now, as Seniors, we are looking forward to so inueli in our last year at Trinity. Our social calendar is lilletl with events that will not only bring happiness, but also will make Trinity a place a little tlillerent for us to leave. Our Senior Dance, the "Autumn l"rolie", was quite a sueeess. lVe are now busy making plans for our play, class day, and finally - Ciracluation. YVe hate to leave Trinity after tive very pleasant years, but, we hope the Class of l953 has made a "mark" at Trinity that leaves no question as to our love for our school and all that it represents. Tl IC ollieers who are steering our course to graduation, and progress for the YCZIF, 21I'C ' President ...... ...Earl Murphy Vice-l'resident .... . . .Richard Gorby Secretary ...... .... P Evelyn Olinger Treasurer ......................................... - Xngreline Veltri Advisors ...... Miss Jennie M. Ferralli. Mr. Charles M. McClelland .1- n 1. I ..g::.g::L .,,. fa! ,, I 1 K, 'Af ,Q J 1oR , David R. Warner. President Dave Academic Football 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Home Room Officer 2, 33 Class Officer 2, 33 May Day 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 Hi-Y 33 History Club 33 Officer 3. King Knjafn. Orville Varley, Vice President Pooclr Academic Latin Club I, 23 Hi-Y 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 33 Home Room Oflicer 2, 33 May Day 2, 33 Class Officer 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2, 3. King Thruyhbrard. Barbara Hootman, Secretary Barbie Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 2, 33 Future Nurses Club 33 May Day 13 Home Room Officer 23 Class Officer 33 Olympus StafT3 Program Seller3 junior Play3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. Thr Cliatlfrbox. x 7 Thomas G. Hay easurer Tom I 1' K, Academic ' Y Offer ' i-Y 42, 33 History - l 3 Oly us S 33 Class Officer , atin C b 1,12. om, Tom, t e iprriv Son. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the Fall of 1950, we, a class of 298 confused, but eager freshmen entered Trinity High School. To get off to a flying start we held our first meeting and elected the following officers: Richard Martin, President Beverly Redinger, Secretary Joanne Hayden, Vice-President Frances Adams, Treasurer We chose Miss Myers and Mr. Allison for our class advisors. The main event of the year was the Freshman Party which went over with a bang! By our second year, we were more accustomed to the Ways and laws of Trinity. As our officers We chose the following: David Warner, President Joyce McWilliams, Secretary Orville Varley, Vice-President Howard Morrison, Treasurer The highlights of our Social Calendar were a Dance in the Spring, the Sopho- more Party, and a Penny Carnival. Returning as Juniors we walked the halls of Trinity with pride because we felt we were really a part of the school. Our activities were a dance after a football game, the Junior play, "All Ameri- can Family", the class party, and the Prom in May. VVe received our class rings in December. Our officers are: David Warner, President Barbara Hootman, Secretary Orville Varley, Vice-President Thomas Hayes, Treasurer Q Sherman Ackerman Sherm Academic junior Hi-Y 1, 25 Senior Hi-Y 35 Home Room Officer 15 Foot- ball 35 Latin Club 1, 25 junior High Track 15 Olympus Staff 35 Wrestling l, 2, 3. Bohhy Shafto1"x gum' to wa. George Adams Goot , Commercial-General Basketball 15 Football 2, 3. If fu.'i.vhfs 'LL'l'I'1' horsrs. Margaret Anderson Peggy Academic-Commercial Nurses Club. flfway, lzirdr, I1M'Hj'. 1 fjbyfff Frances Adams Ookie Lou Vocational-Commercial F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home Room Officer 15 F.H.A. Officer 15 May Day 15 Hiller Stall 35 junior Play 35 Student Council l. This is ihz' fway Ihr Indiv: yu. John Vocational John Ames F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Bai, hal, romr undrr my hal.. Phoebe Anderson Feeb Academic Latin Club 1, 25 History Club 2, 35 May Day 15 Librarian 2, 35 Nurses' Club'35 Go-To-College Club 35 Olympus Staff 35 junior Y-Teens 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. Lifilr Polly Flimirrs. Richard Anderson Kitty Commercial-Academic junior Hi-Y 15 Sr. Band 2, 35 Intermediate Band 15 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Ofwr thr fwairr and undrr Ihr fwatrr. Frank Angott Frankie Comme rcial-General Band l, 2, 35 junior lli Basket- ball lg May Day l, 2. fl liftlf fork .fparrofw .mt in ll Irr'r'. Floyd Ankrom Fred Ankrom Sonny Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Oflicer of F.F.A. Ed. 2, 35 Exhibit Team 2. 2. fl c'r1'Iain young farmfr of Jyr. Vocational Football 15 F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Visual :I fznvnrr fwfnl Irolling upon n gray marr. David Applegate Little Dude General-Commercial Football 1, 2, 35 VVrestling 1, 25 Senior Hi'Y 3. .45 high ar a rafllr. Michael Ardeno Mike Academic VVrestling 1, 2, 3. .lark lu' nimblr, lark hr quirk, OF 195 M. Gayle Briggs Gayle Commercial jr. 1-'I eens 1, 2, 3. lJr1Hy-rlnfwrl-dilly har mmf' lu tofwn. Samuel Bruckner Sam General History Club 33 Olympus Staff 3. I mfw ll .whip n-sailing. Margaret Calcutt Margie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 May Day 1, 23 Home Room Otlicer 3. SI'l".l'llflL', Murgfrry Dafw. JUNIOR Theodore Bober Ted General Taffy fwrzr a W,l'iJlIll1IIIl. Catherine Braden Cathy Academic Y-Teens 2, 3: Otlicer 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Home Room Otlicer 3, Go-To-College Club 33 Fu- ture Nurses Club 33 Hiller Staff, Olympus Staflg junior Play: Moy Day 1. Thr' hriyhl xilfurr moon. Mary Jean Brice Jean Commercial Home EC. 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, Or- chestra 1, 2, 35 Home EC. Club 2, 3. Lntly hirii, fully hirll, fly nfwny humr. Halden Bristor Jim Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Visual Ed. 2. Thr' firm ami Ihr unimrlz. Mary Lou Cain Mamie Vocational-Commercial Home Economic Club 1, 23 May Day 2. Mary hail ll prrlfy hinl. Patricia Caldwell Patty Academic Latin Club 1, 21 Go-To-College Club 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Nurses Club 3. 1 illy Lady aciml. , ,A Frank Rochek Bo General Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. Thr IIIIIII in fhr' nmon. Robert Breese Bob Vocational F.F..-X. Thr rofle tlolh rrnfic. Lloyd Bricker Little Brick General Thr fux and Ihr fnrmrr. A if -1 Richard Auld Vocational Bring out Yhf rarriagr. John Barale General .4 man of fwnnl.r and not of drmlx. Dorothy V. Barrett Skip Academic-General May Day lg Home Ec. Officer 1, 2, Student Council 1, 23 Home Room Oflicer l, 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Olympus 3, Cheerleader 2, 3. Old Lady ll'iml. Y 46 5 . Willis Baldwin Willie ' Vocational Visual Ed. 2, 35 Chair Commit- tee 35 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Willie boy, ll'illi1' boy. Julia Barale Julie Commercial Y-Teens 23 History 3. Litilr' Nanr, Iillimal. Edward Bayer Ed Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Basketball, Visual Ed. 2, 33 Exhibit Team 3. Thr' ginnl Jim. Shirley Ann Bayne Shirl Kenneth Bedillion Kenny Commercial General Home Ec. 2: Hiller Stall 3. May Day lg Home Room Olhcer Thr' Voir is rrd, Ihr qfiolffs blur. 2' Plny, play, r-'vr1'ydr1y. June Beddow June Rose Ann Bednar Rose Commercial Commercial Liitlf .llixr Mujfr-I. Y-Teens 1, 33 May Day l. l.iI1l1' H11 Prffl. ,A iff' .M riff 1 V af Irene Bird Rennie Patricia Bi d Pat Commercial-Vocational Commercial-General Home Economic Club 2. Tliix is Ihr fway lllr Indiv: yu. Onrr I .vafw II lilllr bird. OF 195 Carl Chadwick Commercial Snail, snail, mmf' out of your hola. Paul Checonsky Junior Academic Denho High - Detroit - Swim Cluhg Tennis Cluh - East Beth. Helen Clark Hedy Commercial Fr. F.H.A.g Soph. F.H.A.g Hiller Stall. SFLUIUI, 5'ZL'!Ill, 01'I'l' fllf' 5c"l1. Guy Conklin Doris Dawn Conner Dede General Vocational-Commercial Future Farmer of America 1, 2, Y-Teens 23 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. F.H.A. 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3. Bad litllr mruquila. l'fuf .wfn you fwhrrr you nrfvrr fwax. Floyd Craft Richard Craft. Dick Vocational General F.F.:X. 1, 21 Claysville 1. Wlmf: tlzr aww: of tar day? F.F.A. Exhibit Team, F.F.A. Officer 1, 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Wrestling 3, Senior Hi-Y 33 Home Room Ofhcer 3. Polly, Dolly, Kala, arm' lllolly. Eileen Cramer Eileen Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home EC. Club 1, 2, May Day 21 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Thr' fair maitl fwlzo, tllf fri! of illay. Louis Craig Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 VVrestling 2, 3. You .rlzall llafur an apfflr. IU IDR Chappie Chatman Commercial Band 1, 2, 3. Was l"'Ufl' .fufh naisr and clamor! Walter Chester Bus Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, junior Play 3. Farmar in lllf' Dale: James Coen Jim Commercial Thr giant Jim. Patricia Crawford Pnl William Crispin Bill ,f Commercial Vocational F.H..-X. 1. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Pil, pal fwfll a-Jay. Billy, Billy, romr' and play. Willard Curry Willie Roger Dague General Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 31 Senior Hi-Y 31 Football 2, 3: Home Room Olli- cer I, 35 Student Council 33 VVrestling I, 2, 3. Football l, 2, 3: Baseball 1, Z, Old King lfnlr. If fwixhm fzcrrr horxrx. Shirley Dague Norma Jane Dahl Janie Commercial Commercial F.l-IA. lg Librarian 2, 35 Y- illrrryarwlllr hrllx. Teens 1, 2, 33 May Day 2. I.illlr Quvrll Pippin. Nancy Danley Nan Commercial Litrlr girl, Iittlr girl, fwhrrr lmiw' you brrn? Joanne Davidson Jo Commercial jr. Y-Teens 33 Ollice Girl 3. Litilr Brllr Bond. David Day Spark Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Student Council 2g Latin Club l, 2. Onrr I xnfw ll liitlf bird. I Donald Davidson Huckle General lf, iff, and audi. Margaret Davis Peggy Commercial Pry, Prg, 4.L'lflI Il uontlnz lrg. Monty Denman Bones Academic-Commercial-General .-I frog ln' fncnuld a-'warming go. OF 195 Gui Desmond Guy General Secretary in Eighth Gradeg Home Room Ofiicer 1, 2, Varsity Base- hall 2, 3. .-I yilfvfl' rup '7.L'ifll nnnu' ullon it. Jeanie Ileyell Hon Commercial F,H.A. 1, 2. jfllllfl' ronu' Iii' my I'l'll'L'!I1. Eli ni ie ,wk Eli LM ' General Vis,Q d. 2, 33 Senior Hi-Y 35 ju ' i-Y 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 35 Mi ed Chorus 1, 2. Sin!! lifllr' rollin, Jfnfl. Phyllis Doak Phyl Mary E. Dubina Mickey Academic Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Future Nurses Cluh 31 Latin Cluhg Go-'1'o-Col- lege Clulm. jr. Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 33 Flag Twirler 3g Home Room Ofiicer 2. Ding, Dong, Dnrrrmu. .llnry Ima' ll prffly bird. James Dunn Jim Academic Junior Hi-Y 1, 2, Senior Hi-Y 33 Latin Club lg VVrestling 3. Uh! ll,lI0 ir .rn merry! Patricia S. Ilubina Pat Commercial junior Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Hiller Staff 3, Home Room Oihcer 1, 23 Student Council lg Home Ec. Clulw 1. Pal-n-fakr, lfal-n-ruler. Nancy Ealy Red Commercial Mary Ann Edens Tex Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 3: May Day 21 Y-Teens 1, Z3 Monitor 2. F-H-fx 1- 2- Litllr Polly Flll!ItfI'I'J. Latlylfirtl, l.mlyl1iv'tf. JU 1oR Joe Desmond Joe Commercial-General Band 1, Z, 3, May Day 1, 2. Uh, flmf I 'wax "LL'fH'l'I' I fwuultl br. Kenneth Dicks Kenny General VVrestling 2, 3, Band lg Foot- hall Manager 3. I limi II lilllr llilxllnmi. Beverly Doak Bev Academic-General jr. Y-Teens 1, 2, Usher in jun- ior Play 3g Future Nurses Cluh 3. llvy, nnil killrnx, my kilirnf Phyllis Anne Elliott Phil Academic-Commercial Majorette 2, 31 Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 Latin Club 1, 23 Go-To-College Club 31 Monitor 31 Future Nurs- es Club 31 Usher Sprin F ' al 1 2 f JMU ' , . r Ying Il .rang of .fj.uffr511'r'. ' A rw u Uyw . 'i clfw ' 'K Cry' l i K Marilyn Eustis Mar Academic Go-To-College Club 31 Future Nurses Club 31 Y-Teens 2, 31 Latin Club 3: Program seller 31 Mixed Chorus 2, 31 Monitor 31 junior Play 3. I fwi.fl11'.f fivrrr' ll0l'.Yl'f George Failinger Eugene General junior Hi-Y 1, 21 F.F.A. 1, 2. Dirkury, Dirifnry, Dark. Fred Engle Windy Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 31 judging Team 21 Exhibit Team 21 Senior Hi-Y 31 Sheep Club 1, 2, 3. Thr fox am! Ihr farmrr. Karl Evans Babe Commercial Ding Dong Brll. Mary Jean Ferralli Commercial Home Ec. 11 Hiller Staff 31 jun- ior Y-Teens 1, 2. Mary, rllary, quilf ronlrary. Pearl Fisher Babe Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2. Daffy Down Dilly. Edwin Frederick Ed Academic junior Hi-Y 1, 2. Ba Bn Blark Shrrp. Harold Fullerton Herk Commercial-General Home Room Officer 31 Football Manager 1, 2, 31 Basketball Manager 1, 21 Baseball Man- ager l. Humpty Dumpiy. u Ronald Fonner Ron Academic Band 2, 31 May Day 2. Lifrlr' Boy Blur. Dean Fridley Dean Vocational F.F.A. 2, 3. Simplf Simon. Eunice Gallagher Babe Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 May Day lg S.P.Q.R. Club 1, 21 Go-To-Cob lege Club 31 Future Nurses Club 31 Hiller Staff 31 Monitor 21 Home Room Orlicer 11 Student Council 11 May Day lg Program Seller 3. llry Ditftllr Dititflr. OF 195 .lim General Hi-Y 1, 2, 31 Home Room Oth- cer 1. Grorgir Porgir. James G reco Harold Gregg General Football I, 2. .lark Sprall. l . Lois Hallywj Bugger jf A, Academic Y-Teen. f, 2, 31 History Club 2, 3, , 'cer 31 Go-To-College Club 1 Home Room OH-icer 21 Future Nurses 31 Olympus Staff 31 Latin Club 31 Officer of Latin Club 31 F.H.A. 2. Tfwinklf, Tfwinklr, Lillie Star, Edwin Gaul IVN' Willir l'l"ink11'. June Gibbons Ed Academic Latin Club 1, 21 Football 31 Olympus Staff 31 Senior Hi-Y 3. Ann Gersna Annie Commercial Y-Teens 31 Home Room Officer 1, 3. l!'inkum, Hlankum, aml Nod. Charles Gilmore Chuckie Commercial Visual Ed. Club 2, 31 junior Hi- Y 1, 2, 31 Track I1 Baseball Manager 2. Curly Lorks. Billie Ann Gray Billie Academic Latin Club 2, 31 Y-Teens 21 Monitor 21 junior Play 31 Mixed Chorus 2, 31 Centerville 1. little Bo Prrll. Academic Y-Teens 21 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 31 May Day 21 Home Room OH'icer 3. Cry Baby Cry. Ronald Grant Foss General Band. Yfl7IkI'I' Doodle. l s l John Greenlee .lack . Vocational F.F.A.1 Senior Hi-Y. .lark Br Nimblr. Mary Guzel Babe Academic Y-Teens 2, 31 Future Nurses 31 Latin Club 1, 2, 31 Go-To-Cob lege Club 31 Monitor 31 Program Seller 3. Xllnry lim! Il liltlr' Iamll. Linn Hamilton Vocational Band 31 F.F.A. 1, 2, 31 Home Room Officer 1. Little To m my T1ll'kl'I'. Kathryn Hampson Kale Commercial junior Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Our, tfwo, llurklr my .vl1of. Hope Harris Hopeless Commercial Y-Teens 1: Home Room Oflicer l. .rl ilillrr, n ilollnr. Nancy Harvey Nan Commercial Usher 3: Y-Teens 1. SN-.fr1fLL' lllargnry Daluz William Hanna Bill General Pal-11-rzlkr. Barbara Hartzell Barb Commercial Y-Teens l, 2, 33 Home Room Ollicer I. 1 ' . Pusry ral, puny ral. cf ' ' 1 ,Lee f lf! -w - v s J 11,00 ,M qi., Evalyn Hatfield ' Commercial Y Teens 1 2 P ky . L K' ,.---2'i: i vi -3, 'V i a fi I 'N A ' - . . 3- I A Ernlr, .llffn ', .l inf ", Rflzyc! " 414' V ! Z, 'V A --1. .1 A K X2 i f L I f Joanne Hayden Jo Richard Headley Dick Commercial Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 Home Room History Club 2, 3: VVrestling 3. Ofllcei Class Oflicefi Cheeflead' Mastrr of all 1na.r1r'rs. f'- ery junior Play Committee. .ilu L' i .ea Lllllr illlu llluffrll. --' r - x- Donald Heist Duckey Eileen Henry lkc Wi General Commercial Visual Ed. Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Home Room .lllmlian and Magic Lamp. Ulhcff lv 33 Mai' DUB' 2' Snofw llf'l1ilr. S! fir' X Rachel Harron Rach Wayne Hewitt Wayne Academic-Vocational Commercial Go-To-College Clulwg Home Ee. F!Il'IlH'l' in Ihr dalr. 99" - 33 Y-Teens 3: Future Nurses Clulm 3. Thr fwifr of 11 farmrr. ,ff 1 CF 195 Q J Zenobia Hill Commercial-Academic Thr 0141 Ilfonmn in Ihr Shar. Joann Marie Hudak Blondie Vocational-General F.H.A. 1, 23 Y-Teens 2. .-Iliff' in lVomlfrlaml. 5 Marolyn Hufford Mimi ' " 'E Commercial Orchestra 1, 2, 3. mf- Cm and Thi' Ffddlf. l Summers Hunter Margaret Hurzon Slick ,'xl'2lCll'llllC General junior Play 3. 'I'-Club 13 May Day lg Orlicer ,1ml,,BUJ,Bju,,. l, 23 Olympus Ad Staff 1, 3: Usher for junior Play. Um' of lflr' lflrfz' lifllf' kifl1'IIJ. Paul Ireland Irish James Irey Jim Academic General Tm- 1.inl,- Tm Sulrlirr. Sflldwf Council 1- Kingf Millar and Goldrn Tuurh. Karol Jacobs Curler Emma Louise Johns Emma Commercial Vocational-General Band 1, 2, 3. F.l-LA. l. Thr' Pfrrl Pipfr. .rl Jillwr, ll dollar. JU ICR Phyllis Holmes Phyl Commercial 'I'-Club 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 2, 33 May Day 2. 0111 Mullin' llulzlzanl. JoAnn Huffman Dee Acadeniic Nurses Clulm 3. .-f , . Run' Rlul. L.,,"'.Y?""' Zig OZ6' X. L! I sC,'L,,,m June Hull Commercial Home lic. Clulwg Bandg Y-Teens. Slfrjlirlgf Brnufy. . m: Us y- Barbara Johnson Shirley Johnson Shirl General Home Ec. 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Y-Teens 1, 25 May Day lg Home Room Ol'hcer I, 33 Home Ec. Demonstration Team 2. Coldyloclex. Academic Thrrr' 'war II litllr girl in our lo-wn. Bob Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3: Senior Hi-Y 3. Bah, had II lilllr job. Robert Johnston Shirley Jordan Shirl Academic-Commercial Y-Teens 1, 33 Mixed Chorus 35 Future Nurses Club 3. Slfrping Braufy. John Julos Johnny Nancy Keenan Nance General Commercial Thr Tnlr of Ihr Dfwarf. Y-Teens 2, 3: May Day 2. Lilllr Bo Prrp. Thomas Kelly Tom Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3g Olympus Staff 3. Thr Farmrr in fhr Dalr. Shirley Kimberland Vocational-Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. lg Stu- dent Council I, 33 T-Club 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Lililz' Rfd Riding Ilvod. Joan Kiskadden Jo Vocational-Commercial F.H.A. l. Thr Liltlr Kitlfn. OF1 A l Joan Kern Jo Commercial jr. Y-Teens 33 Hiller Staffg May Day 2. Thr First Lady. Roy Kinder T-Bone Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Band 35 Orches- tra l, 2, 3. Thr' Farmrr in Ihr Dalr. L Lois Jean Kle V' fdjc Jean JL' qfngommercial U: r ln' lay 3. Th aughi Prim'z'.r.f. 95 Ronald Lenthall Ron Academic jr. Hi-Y lg Home Room Otlicer lg Visual Ed. 2. Liltlr girl, lilllr girl, fwlzrrr llllflll' you bmw? Bill Levers Little Bill Academic Latin Club 1, Z3 jr. Hi-Y 1, 2: Oflicer 23 Sr. Hi-Y 33 Home Room Otlicer l, 23 Band 1, 23 Football 31 History Club 33 Stu- dent Council 2. Wrr' Ifl'ilIir Winkir. Jameela Long Jimmie Commercial Future Homemakers of Americag Y-Teens. Lafvrmlrr blur' and R0.l!'NI!U'j,' grrrn. JU 1012 Barbara Knestrick Nalty Michael Kolycheck Sonny , , e'1Yiic , - General Y-T ens 1, 2, 36M Club V Sr. Hi-Y 3: Football 3. G0 0'C l 9 Uh 3' ' Liltlr Boy Blur. er ' 2' nt Qu -1 May ILE? 1. cj Cimlrrrlla. Robert Korowicki Luck Frances Kulla Fran General General Rzunprlrtillxkin. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3g Home Room Officer 1, 2, 35 May Day lg T-Club 31 Librarian 1, 23 Home EC. Club l. Lilllr' Min llluffril. Beatrice Lahosky Bebe John Ledger Johnnie Vocational-General Commercial Y-Teens 2, 35 Home Room Ol'l'i- Band and Orchestra 1, Z, 3. cer 1, 35 F.H.A. 1, 25 Mixed My S,,,,, j,,1,,,, Chorus 1, 2, 33 May Day 1, 2. Tllr Laughing Prinrr.v.f. Philip Levato Phil General Senior Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra for May Day 1, 2. Thr rats fliiflll out to sfrrnrillr. Mildred Littleberry Milly Academic-Commercial Latin Club 1, 2, 35 Go-To-Cob lege Club 33 Monitor 2, 3. Oh, fwho is .ro mfrry! Wilma Lyke Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. Smiling girls, roxy boys. Edith Lyons Edin Commercial Y-Teens: Home lic.: History Clulag 'l'-Cluhg Home Room Oili- cerg Student Council. In marhlr hallr as fwhifr as milk. Marie Maloy Sis Commercial Y-Teens 2: May Day lg Home Iac. Cluh 1. Thr Bright Silwrr Moon. Richard Martin Dick General May Day 13 Home Room Oflicer l, 2, 31 Class Oihcer lg Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 F.F.A. Officer 1, 2. Bring ou! Ihr mrriagr. ' we if as C F LS' Wray Malone Acadetnic-General Hr Ihat fwlllliti Ihriwr, mu.fl riff at fifvr. Betty Marra Elmer C Commercial Y-Teens 31 May Day 1. Lilllr Brlty Blur fort hrr hnlirlay .rh0r'. Shirley Martin Sam iii Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 31 Home Room Officer lg Latin Clulw 1, 25 Go-To-College 33 May Day 1. If -'wi,rh1'.r fwrrr ' 4 W Dorothy Mayne Dolly Wilma Mayne Wimpy Commercial Commercial Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Y-Teens Y Te ' , l.i " an 25 Mixed Thr man in rhf moon. Tn aWp'1r 1 rl. Janet Mazzie Mazie .Ioann McClay .lo Vocational-General Commercial F.H.A. 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, Y-Teens I, 2, 31 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Home Room Officer 13 l, 2, 33 'I'-Club 33 Student Coun- Y-Teens 2. cil. - Thrrf fwzzx II girl in our lufwu. If'nJn'I il fullnyf' Richard McClay Dick Jean McCloud Jeanie Vocational Vocational-Commercial Senior Hand 1, 2, 3g junior Play F.H.A. 1, 21 Y-Teens 3. L ' ' i Jramzir, fllllll' Iii' my 1'I'lI1'Ilf. Greenhand Chapter Oflicer: F. FA. 1: Basketball jr. Hi. 1. Litlif' Boy Blur, rolnf lllufw your horn. 1 OF 195 Jean McCollum Jeanie Commercial F.H.A. 1, 25 Latin Club 2, 33 Olympus Staff 3g May Day 1. :ln npplf pie, 'LL'llI'lI il looks nite. Mary .Io McWreath Gary Mo .'XCZlll6Il'lll' Mixed Chorus l, Z, 33 Y-Teena 1, 2, 33 May Day 21 Olympus Staff 33 Go-To-College Club 33 S.l'.Q.R. 2, 31 Future Nurses Club 35 jr. Play 3g Program Seller 33 Monitor 3. lllrrry arr lln' lwllr. Vivian H. Mihalovieh Mimi Commercial lliller Staff 33 Student Council lg Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Bobby Sllaffofs gone Io sm. Thomas Miller Tom General Tllrrr fwai Il jolly millrr. Rae McCullough Commercial Home Ec. 1, 2. Sing, Jing, fwlml .vlzall I ring? N Shelby Mc ve Shelly Commercial Y-' ' .' , ixed Chorus ..l ' 2,3:T- lW' ub ,gvojfflr lin uffrl. of . James McConnell Jessie Commercial-General jr. High Track. Ilfhrn I fwas a litllr boy. Frances McKean Frankie Academic journalism: Future Nurses Club. Thr ron' is rnl, the lviulrfs blur. Joyce McWilliams Pug Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Latin 1, 23 Go-To-College Club 33 May Day 1, 25 Class Orlicer 23 Home Room Officer 33 Student Council 3g Monitor 23 Substitute Cheer- leader 2, 3. Thr' fail' maid. Richard Merwick Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Solomon Grundy. George Miles George Vocational-Agriculture Olympus Staff 35 F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 Calf Club 33 Sr. Hi-Y 33 judg- ing Team 2. Farnxfr in flu' Dalr. Dewey Morris General-Vocational Ag. 1, 23 Football 2, 3. lVlm .flulf flu' biril',r nut? IOR Howard Morrison Howdy Academic jr. Ili-Y l, 23 Sr. lli-Y 33 Vis. lid. 2, 33 S.l'.Q.R. I, 23 junior Play 33 Olympus Staff 33 Bas- kctlwall 13 Home Room 0H'ic'c1' 2. Uh, "lL'!l1l ix .vo lllI'l'I'-V! Donald Muncie .Xcadeinic 171 Irll you Il .ffnl'y. Samuel Oliverio Sam Academic lrlistory Clulv 3 33 l,atin Clulw 2, 33 Basketball 3. .ll11lfiplir11tio11 ix fz'1'x11l1o11. X . :,, v- ' ' i , v ' ii A R Q Glenn Morrow Tubhy - Academic jr. Hi-Y 1, 23 Band 2, 33 junior Play 33 S.P.Q.R. l. l,ilfl1' Boy Blur, Fflllll' blofw your lmrn. Margaret Newlyn Joa11 I .i General F.H.A. l.,3'iYQ'l'eens 3. T,lI'l'5' 3u11'.r II' fifth' yirl. x, ,P L' liernadetta Orbin Bernie .fornmercial 'I'-Clulu. Girlx 111111 l1oy.f Kllflll' 1111! In pluy. Dorothy Ann Paige Dolly Clifford Pallett Pete Commercial Commereial-General Majorette 33 Home Room Oflicer Play, play ffvrry lllly. 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Y5I'eens l, 2, 33 Hiller Staff 33 May Day 23 T-Cluli 3. This 11 fill' fway Ihr l11tI'i1'.r 1111. William Parkinson Bill Angeline Patterson Angie General Commercial Football l, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3. Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 S.l'.Q.R. flulm 1,23 May Day 13 Orcliestra 3. If you Ill'I' In 111' ll 111'11ll1'1111111. If'Ul'l'-1' lady in Il1i.r land. Donald Patterson Don c'0lI1IDCl'Clill-cit'Il6 ral Ruby Jean Patterson Jen C0lDlDl'!'l'iIli C'11111' me-11111 jftllllfl' 1'11ll1'11. Home lic. 13 Y-Teen 3. D11111'r Iilflr lzally, 11111111 Ilff high. I I I I I I I H . I I I l l I l If L l Cora Lee Renner Cork I Academic Y-Teens I, 2, 35 T-Club 35 Home Room Orlicer 2, 35 Student Council 35 Monitor 25 Go-'l'o- i College Club 35 Majorette 2, 35 Head Maj0rette5 Librarian 3. ,Thrrf 'wax ll girl in our tofwn. I Nancy Riliie 5 Academic-Commercial I Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 T-Club 3. lTllat lilllr babr you rrrall. QDorothy Ritter Nink I Commercial ' Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home Room I Officer 1. ,lf all tllr fworltl 'LUI'l'I' fwatrr. Jane Lorraine Reynard Janie Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Cafeteria 2, 35 May Day 2. Oli! .rho is so mrrry. Richard Riggle Dick General Band 1, 2, 3. Rollin and Rirlzard 'worn tfwo pretty mm. Richard Roberts Dick Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. Thrrr was a man 'who rode througll our tofwn. Glenn Patterson General Camera Club5 F.F.A. 25 Am- bridge High 1, 2. Ilr that fwoultl thri-vr, mutt rin' at ffvr. Charles Polen Speedy Commercial Track Team 1. llfhal God nffvrr srrx. John Preston Johnny Academic Sr. Hi-Y 35 Football 35 Wash Hi 1, 25 Camera Club 25 Basket- ball 2. For ffvrry 1'-vil undrr Ihr Jun. Vocational-Commercial JU IQR I Myrna Loy Paul Proxy Academic-Commercial Wrm' your hat. Suzanne Fosgate Suzie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 F.H.A. 1, 2. .4 prrlly liltlr girl in a round-rarml rap. Beverly Redinger Bev Academic-Commercial Latin Club 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Go-To-College Club 35 May Day 1, 25 Substitute Majoretteg Hill- er Staffg Student Council 15 Class Officer 15 Home Room Officer 1. I'fvr xrrn you fwhrrr you nffufr Lwas. I I George Hicey Robinson George Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. 1-I r1'rt11in young farmer. Connie Ross Academic-General Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 May Day lg F.H.A. lg Go-To-College Club 3. Ezffry day in lhir land. Peggie-Jo Rush Peg Commercial Y-Teens 33 Home Ec. Club 1. April in all ity hlo.r.rom.r. Bonnie Ross Academic Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 1, 25 Go-To-College Club 3g His- tory Club 3: May Day 1. Thr CIl!'h'00'.f lmnny hird. Jacqueline Rubick Jackie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 Home Room Officer 1, 2. Handy spandy, Jarle-a-dandy. Shirley Rush Shirl Commercial Student Council lg Home Ec. Club 1. If, ifr, and ands. Frances Salat Richard Salsbury Dick Commercial Academic-General Home Room Otiicer 1, 25 Y- Track 1. Teens 2, 33 Mai' Day 1- 23 Thr' man fwilh .rf-fwfr wifvrr. F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Band 33 F.H.A. Demonstration Team. Thr' far1n1'r'.r fwifr. Kathryn Lea Sanders Katie William Schaffer Bill Academic Acadelnic Latin Club 1, 21 Go-To-College Band 1, 2, 3. Club 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Future 11,,,,I,.l. Nurses Club Officer 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. Ruff Rml. K Thomas Scherich Tommy Bernard Scott igybdrii rnie Vocational ip leneral Football l, 2, 3: Basewall 1, 2, 33 VVre-stling lg Basketball 3. Prinrz' Charming. Hi-Y 1, 23 F.F.:X. lg Chapter F.F.A. 2, 3. Tom Thumb. OF 195 Leo Siler Vocational History Club 3g Student Council lg Olympus Staff 33 F.F.A. 2, 31 Chorus lg Clairton High School. Di.n'r1-rl lIan.r. Elma Special Commercial May Day l. Rapunzrl. Hurk Vocational Wayne Sprowls junior Hi-Y. Thr l"armrr in Ihr' lJr1lr'. Joe Shook VVrestling cil 3 Jnringfl. Pat Sickles Tlmrnbrlirza. Tillie Skariot Y-Teens 3. Irene Sedlesky Renie Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 31 Hiller Staff. I.ittlf Min Mujfrl. l,2,31S Shookic General tuclent Coun- Commercial Til Vocational-Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Home Ec. Club 23 Olympus Staff. A1511 gllniilfn. l Betty Sprpw Ann J! Vonw 'onal-Commercial e Ec. Br 'RIIIIZ Vivian Sutherland Viv Vocational-Commercial May Day lg Home Room Officer 2g Y-Teens 1, 2, 3-otha Home Ec. Liltlr Rm! Cap. IOR er 3: '-L-so' . S Sally Seifert Silly Academic-Vocational Y-Teens l, 2, 33 Nurses Club 31 F.H.A. 3: Monitor 2. Jnrftln. Sam Shuba General History Club 3. fflwfvrr Sum. Glen Siler Vocational History Club 35 Olympus 35 Band 2, 33 F.F.A. 2, 3g Basket- ball 2, 31 Clairton junior High School 1. Ru n1ju'l.vlilI.rkin. Joann Swead loc Commercial Home Room Ofhcerg May Day. Snofw W Iliff. Adesta Tarr Dusty Commercial Y-Teen Club l, 2, 3. Thr Sim' Wifr. Emma Josephine Thomas Emma Jo i Commercial Y-Teens 3. Dolly Dimlflr. Sophie Tarbuck Sis Comme rci al Hiller Staff 39 Student Council 2. Thr Fairy Maidrn. Harriett Taylor Commercial Home Ec. Club 1. Thr Country lvlaidrn. ,4QL,l,f747y , 921.42 74'fTl.fL,4k'77f William Townsend Skip Academic junior Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. lllaxlrr of all Mrulrrs. Donald Turcke Don Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3. Lilllr Boy Blur.. Jackie Academic Y-Teens 1, Z, 33 Latin Club 1, 25 Go-To-College Club 35 Ma- jorette 33 May Day 1, 2. Pun in Boolx. l Jacqueline M. Vinisky Pat Wade Vocational-Gene ral F.H.A. Tfnry Tiny. 0 James Ulery Jimmy Academic Latin Cluh I, 23 History Cluh 2, 3: Band 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 3. Thr boy fwlm nr-'url' fold a lir. George William Vitteck Bill Academic Thr' Harrly Tin Suldirr. Charles Wagers Chuck General Butlrrrup. OF 195 John Ward Herk Shirley Walters Vocational Commercial F.F.A. Greenhand Chapter 3. F.H..'X. 2. Iron John. Lifflr' Rnd Riding Hood. Donald Weaver Mickie James Weaver Jim Commercial-General Commercial-General Thr Tin Solilirr. Hi-Y 35 Football 1, 2, 33 VVres- tling 35 Home Room Ullicer. Efnir, Mrrny, Minry, Mor. Charles Whitehill Whiteowl Abner Whitfield Commercial General Basketball 2, 3. Tllr I.n.vl Boy. Thr ll'i51' Ulu' Ufwl. Mary Jane Wiles M. J. Charles Williams Chuckie Academic Commercial Hiller Staff 33 Editor 33 Y-Teens ,lllYli0I' Play: Cliiywllle High 1, 2, 33 Go-To-College Club 33 School 1. Home EC. Club 1, 25 Demon- Clfiv,-,A H,,,,,1,, stration Team 25 Olympus Staff 3: junior Play 3. Liltlr Rmf Ilrrz. .lay Winnett Carol Wootton Academic-Commercial Commercial-Academic Band 33 Hi-Y 3: Home Room Go-To-College Club 3g Program Oflicer 2. Seller 3. Thr ffililfllllllll. Slrfping Bfauly. JU 1012 THOSE EOR WHOM WE HAVE NO PICTURES Shirley Ford Isaac Lewis General General Lilflr- Rnd Riding Hood. My lfrzrnrii frirml and nrigllbor. James Gray Ralph McCartney General Commercial Lilllf Boy Blur. F-F--'X 1' Olil' King Calf. Edward Sienkiel Shuirg-Hi General Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2. Rip Van lfinlalf. OE 1953 op omore Paul Hatfield, President Herman Miklic. Vice-President SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY l Those high-stepping, peppy teen-agers you see skipping lightly and quietly UD through Trinity's halls are the Sophomores. Our hopes and aims are high, our past gay and our futures bright. 1 ln the Fall of 1951, as Freshmen, we organized and elected the following class ofiicers: President ........ ......... T ed Davis Vice-President ..... Judy Kleppner Secretary .... ........ ll larlene Koskey Treasurer .... ............. A rla Hallden Advisors .................................. Mr. Sedlak, Miss Kuzy Sophomore Girls E. Allen, K. Antel, S. Auld, M. Barlow, W. Barnhart, L. Beatty, R. Beleastrn, M. Bissett, D. Bredniak, R. Brewer, S. Brice, E. Briggs, j. Bristor, E. Bryson, j. Bungard, D. Burk, C. Burns, C. Byers, E. Capenos, E. Chandler, M. Chandler, S. Clutter, P. Cooper, j. Cough- enour, H. Cox, M. Crile, il. Crowe, D. Culbertson, P. Dean, S. Deyell, L. Donaldson, B. Dorsey, D. Doty, F. Dragan, D. Duhall, D. Earnest, R. Elliott, P. Faiella, M. Ferralli, B. Fonner, D. Foor, M. Fullick, joanne Gajarsky, joAnn Gajarsky, S. Garner, S. Golulvosky, G. Grosley, B. Hagerty, A. Hallden, E. Hampe, S. Hancher, L. Harris, S. Harter, L. Heatley, E. Hewitt, j. Hixenbaugh, j. Holmes, R. Huff, N. Huflord, K. johns, E. johnson, K. Kan- zuis, Y. Kawha, j. Keener, M. Kelley, j. Keron, M. Kilgore, A. King, -I. Kleppner, P. Klinzing, M. Koskey, P. Krocker, C. Krofcheck, M. Locy, S. Locy, M. Loughman, P. Lyons l. Marra, D. McCarthy, D. McCauley, B. McClain, M. McKay, B. Miles, B. Miller, M.Moore: E. Morris, C. Mosier, II. Mosier, R. Munchie, M. Newland, P. Newland, P. Nyswaner, P. Parkinson, E. Phillips, M. Phillips, H. Plany, j. Razvoza, E. Reihner, M. Rhodes, E. Rich- mond, S. Rinehart, A. Ritchey, E. Sampson, R. Saunders, P. Scarii, M. Scott, M. Sensky, V. Shrontz, S. Sickles, M. Simpson, P. Six, S. Skariot, D. Snyder, M. Snyder, G. Special, M. Spragg, S. Spragg, R. Stienstraw, D. Strawn, K. Strawn, F. Suhay, B. Taylor, S. Tennant, B. Thomas, E. Thomas, M. Thomas, B. Varner, M. Walker, P. Watson, -I. Weaver, C. Weirich, L. Wierny, S. VVilliams, L. Wise, L. Woods, D. Zimmers. I . L, Vw LL! f W -VA Lf! Wifi Class of '55 Barbara Miles. Secretary Marlene Koskey. Treasurer During our Freshman year we had a class party and a round and square dance on March 17, called "The Dance ot the Green." ln September, 1952, we entered as Sophomores. :Xt our iirst class meeting we elected the tollowing class otheers: President .................................... ..... I 'aul Hatfield Vice-President ...... Bill Miklie Secretary ....... ......... I iarbara Miles Treasurer ..... ......... M arlene Koskey Advisors .................................. Mr. Sedlak, Miss Kuzy lVe were fortunate to have the same class advisors as before. Dur- ing the year we held a dance and the annual class party. Sophomore Boys S. Ardeno, VV. Arnal, VV. Bane, S. Barale, R. Barbour, R. liaison, R. Berry, VV. liigler, VV. Brewer, C. Brock, R. Bushmire, j. Calvert, R. Camp, G. Chadwick, F. Chase, A. Comfort, F. Cox, F. Crites, M. Cummins, C. Dague, R. Davis, J. Day, l.. Day, N. Delsignore, P. Deyell, T. Dickinson, F. Draheck, W. Dran, D. Dunn, H. Engel, N. Ferg, j. Ferguson, E. Foster, W. Gallo, R. Garber, R. Grahan, j. Gregg, C. Grimm, E. Grimm, R. Gromo, j. Grose, R. Guthrie, VV. Hair, R. Hale, A. Hartzell, D. Hatfield, P. Hatfield, D. Hathaway, li. llenry, l'. Herron, R. Horne, P. Hoy, VV. Hutson, D. john, R. johnson, Robert Lee johnson, li. Kania, A. Keirs, E. Kelley, B. Laight, T. Lehmer, R. Lemley, j. Lemons, F. Lesnoek, R. Lightner, C. l.indley, W. Lindley, D. Lockwood, VV. Loey, A. Ludwich, C. Lyons, VV. Lyons, A. Mack, ll. Mansfield, M. Markow, YV. Mayne, L. McAdams, M. McConnell, D. McCullough, D. Mc- Dowell, R. MeGowen, W. McGowen, H. Miklic, N. Miles, L. Mitchell, D. Moore, VV. Morris, R. Mounts, R. Mowl, lVlundell, A. Murray, L. Nichols, C. Oliverio, H. Paraska, R. Patter- son, R. Patton, G. Paul, H. Phillips, R. Phillips, L. Redigan, Reese, R. Reese, C. Riggs, -I. Ritchey, V. Roach, j. Roberts, R. Roche, l.. Rush, D. Salsberry, C. Sanders, j. Sanders, j. Schnore, R. Scott, E. Sedenka, j. Shultz, T. Sickles, j. Smith, H. Smith, VV. Smith, .-X. Sny- der, R. Sowers, A. Spossey, D. Sprowls, R. Stailord, S. Stanko, E. Stetson, li. Strawn, R. Stumpf, B. Swart, j. Taggart, R. Taggart, R. Thomas, F. Thompson, R. Tiehnel, j. Verderber, j. Verner, C. VVaycotf, L. VVhite, VV. VViley, S. VVilliams, D. VVilson, R. VVolfe, R. WVoolston, E. VVooton, S. Zavatski. George Robinson President Evelyn Poellet Vice-President Donna Walker Secretary Carla Weaver Treasurer IGS II1611 FRESHMAN ci.Ass HISTORY Three hundred and six freshman students entered Trin- ity High School on September 2, 1952, to become the class of "56". VVe received the usual lipstick initiation from the upper classmen. ln the Fall we held an organization meeting and elected the following oflicers: President ....... ..... G eorge Robinson Vice-President ..... Evelyn Poellet Secretary .... .... ..... I J onna Walker Treasurer ..., .............. K Tarla Weaver Advisors ...................... Miss Foster, Mr. Syrek To make money for our class, we sponsored two record dances, one after the Trinity-Nlidland football game, and one after the Trinity-Xvash Hi football game. Our Freshman party is planned for biay. VVe are looking forward eagerly to our Sophomore year at Trinity. Freshman Boys R. Ackley, VV. Adams, D. Ankrom, K. Barney, R. Bayer, VV. Belcher, G. Bell, VV. Bos- well, F. Brach, YN. Bradbury, N. Buckland, J. Bungard, M. Burchak, D. Burgess, G. Burnette. VV. Burnette, II. Byrd, VV. Caldwell, A. Camp, N. Carpenter, T. Carter, V. Carter, F. Cass, J. Caster, L. Chandler, I.. Ciletti, R. Clemens, VV. Clutter, D. Coen, M. Comito, D. Cough- enour, R. Cox, D. Crawford, P. Crile, T. Critchlield, J. Czmiel, O. Dague, D. DaRe, D. Day, C. Devenney, E. Dobscha, D. Doidge, H. Doman, J. Dunn. VV. Eckeis, J. Evans, R. Evelsizer, R. Farley, C. Faust, VV. Flowers, B. Fonner, Ii. Friend, J. George, Ii. Geory, VV. Gilmore, C. Golubosky, C. Graham, R. Grayson, J. Green, R. Gregg, VV. Groitsch, C. Hague, D. Har- rington, T. Harrington, R. Harton, C. Hathaway, S. Hazlett, J. Hemelrick, Gerald Hickman, George Hickman, E. Hull, R. Hupp, H. Ivery, J. Jackson, R. Jones, D. Johnson, J. Jubas, M. Kanotz, VV. Kark, A. Kasavich, L. Keenan, J. Kelly, D. Kiger, J. Knestrick, H. Laird, R. Lindsay, T. Linton, H. Liston, R. Littleberry, T. Littleberry, J. Lougbman, G. Lowden, G. Mancini, B. Mansfield, D. Martin, C. Mauer, J. McAdams, E. McCollum, K. McConnell, I.. McCormick, D. McKay, J. McVay, R. Meek, A. Metzner, P. Midili, G. Mihalovich, R. Mikuta, J. Miller, VV. Miller, A. Montgomery, W. Morgan, L. Morrison, D. Mosier, J. Mowell, Noble, J. Pando, Ray Patterson, Roger Patterson, VV. Phillips, D. Pollard, K. Ponzo, G. Postlethwait, D. Powell, T. Renz, VV. Renz, B. Richmond, C. Rinehart, G. Rob- inson, T. Roberts, S. Romanotf, D. Ross, P. Roupe, R. Roupe, G. Rush, A. Saunders, E. Sear- geant, VV. Selvaggi, L. Seibel, C. Sibert, J. Sickles, F. Smith, G. Sprowls, R. Stickle, R. Supler, J. Tau, L. Tennant, D. Tenney, H. Thomas, M. Vinisky, G. Von Scio, J. VVade, D. VVard, R. VVardle, L. Weaver, R. VVhite, VV. VVhittield, A. VVilson, D. VVilson, J. Wilson, R. Wilson, R. Wright, C. Yates, G. Yerkey, J. Young, R. Zack, J. Zipko. Freshman Girls S. Abajace, E. Andrew, T. Angott, J. Ankron, E. Antel, C. Antill, D. Arent, B. Beck, C. Bell, D. Bell, G. Bennet, B. Bennington, M. Bleifus, I. Braden, D. Breese, D. Brewer, E. Brock, D. Bryner, D. Carpenter, B. Charlton, M. Christopher, VV. Christopher, L. Clemens, M. Colosi, M. Comfort, J. Cook, V. Cooper, C. Cornetti, R. Coughenour, Carol Cox, Connie Cox, Sue Cox, P. Czmiel, Dailey, S. Davis, C. Desmond, V. Deyell, M. Dille, D. Duvall, S. Edgar, C. Fielder, R. Fields, B. Finch, L. Ford, J. Foster, C. Frazee, E. Freeman, D. Gaus, J. Gibbons, C. Gray, E. Gray, L. Greer, J. Hackney, S. Hanam, R. Haney, R. Hardie, J. Hart, J. Hathaway, B. Hayden, C. Hewitt, M. Hickman, B. Hogg, B. Howard, C. Hufford, A. Hunter, S. Hurzon, D. Johnson, E. Johnson, S. Johnson, VV. Karaula, N. Keener, C. Kelly, R. Kenimond, VV. King, P. Knestrick, B. Kottner, M. Korte, C. Laws, L. Levers, S. Lindley, M. Linn, E. Loar, C. Lyke, J. Lyons, V. Maine, S. Maryland, M. Mazza, N. McCauley, M. McCloud, J. McGary, M. McGaughey, J. McKay, N. McMasters, G. Mellars, E. Miller, K. Miller, M. Miller, P. Minton, G. Moore, M. Moore, B. Morrison, S. Mounts, R. Munchie, E. Myers, F. Myers, D. Nagy, I. Nelan, H. Noble, M. O'Donnell, L. Oliverio, C. Paciorek, L. Park, D. Patterson, T. Paul, B. Pavkovich, F. Pettit, J. Phillips, A. Plany, E. Poellot, B. Porter, L. Powell, B. Quail, L. Rea, D. Reed, G. Reed, A. Reighard, F. Richmond, P. Riggs, C. Ringer, B. Ritchie, F. Roberts, P. Robinson, S. Rush, V. Salsberry, Rosalyn Scott, Ruth Scott, T. Simms, D. Slavikosky, S. Smith, A. Spino, R. Sprowls, B. Taylor, J. Thomas, R. Thomas, D. Unrue, J. Vaientic, S. Veltri, V. Veltri, D. Vester, L. Vester, J. Voytek, D. Waldygo, D. VValker, D. VVard, C. Watkins, C. VVeaver, E. White, N. VViley, J. Wilkinson, M. VVorlyn, S. VVylie, D. Yost, J. Zecker, E. Zgorliski. 9" at H539 I fi lla mill, lr.!4 lr 'E .W fy AIN! l Xxlpfllliiil 1 'rf an 1' H im! cg Mr. Thomas Thompson Mr. Reese llam: President Vice-l'resident The Alumni 'YESTERDAYS NEWSREEL' Come with us now as we watch Yesterday's Newsreel. .Xs our reel starts to unroll we see that many members of the class of '52 are happily married: Betty Vlloods and Paul Lewis, Betty Bissett and -lack Crites, Betty Brookman, Gayle Ackroyd, Mabel .AXndrew, Mary l.ou Clutter, -lean Redd, Dora hlankey, Nlary Conner, and Richard lllilson. Here we see the students who are continuing their education. The following are attending various schools of higher learning: Matthew .-Xrmstrong, lfnod Barnhart, Glenn Carter, Dale Bowne, Lynn Croft, Marjorie lfnstrom, Carol -lean Henry, Charles lVilliams, and Orville XVilliams. Mrs. Claude Hallam Mr. Anthony Tomazin Secretary Treasurer of 195 Now as we continue our ncwsrecl, we come to those in the service: Bert Baralc, Doris .-Xnderson. Gary Bigler, Franklin Craig, Wlilliam liinos, lfrcd hlcClenathan, Kenneth hloninger, Carl Patterson, james Gallo, .-Xnthony Swead, and hlargaret YVelch. The newsrcel camera discloses that two classes held reunions during the past year. The class of 1927 met August 10 at the Nlansion House at Old Concord to celebrate its 25th year since graduation. Mrs. Dorothy hlounts McClay was in charge of arrangements and Max Hagar was toastmaster. hlr. Moninger and Mr. YVilson are memhers of this class. The class of 1933 held its annual meeting last -lime at Yvashington llark. lfifty-live original members were present. They plan to hold their Ztlth reunion this year. Future newsreel material will he gathered this .lunewhen the annual dance for all Trinity High alumni will he held. F.. A . gg! ' o y lc! A my W W N ll' in 'I ill 'W Ma? ,MEL V it . CQ i.- The ACTIVITIE S of 1953 A lg if r F f lrfwl milf wt! 'i . i i " l Lg 1.- F. F. A. The lf.l"..'X. .is a National Organization for Farm Youth studying Vocational Agriculture. It is designed for training Farm Boys whose interest lies in agriculture and related occupations. lt is truly American in its ideals and has the following objectives as its main points of em- phasis: 1. I.eadersl1ip Training. 4. The development of a worthy Super- visal Farming Program which aids 2. Modern training in present day farm . . ' in the establishment of farming. operations. 3. Chapter Co-operation activities. 5- The Cultivation Of Woffhl' ideals, morals, and Social outlook. Some of our chapter activities were: l. F.F.A. Concession Stand. 4. Father-Son Banquet. 2. Round and Square Dance. 5. F,F..'X. Activities VV:-ek at State Col- 3. Pennsylvania Farm Show. lege. The Utlicers for the past year who led us so capahly were: .....Joseph Rankin President ........ . . Vice-President Thomas Ellis Reporter ...... .. . Linn Hamilton Secretary .... ..... F loyd Croft Treasurer ............... Roger Dague Sentinel ................. Gordon Bell Advisor .... .... ll lr. Charles M. McClelland State Keystone Farmers and State Band Members These boys were the members that were selected to go to the Farm Show at Harrisburg. They are: Jack Dran, Keystone Farmer: Jack Mounts, State F.F.A. Secretary and Drum Major for the State l".l".A. Band: joe Rankin, Keystone Farmer: Tom lillis, Keystone Farmer, and tuba player for the State IQF..-X. Band: Richard Shrontz, snare drums: and Dick McClay, trombone player. The four boys played in the State l".l".1X. Band which gave concerts in the large arena of the Farm Show Building in the lforum of the lfdu- cation Building and the Potato Growers' Banquet at thc Zembo Mosque. Our Drum Major, Jack Mounts, gave a Baton Twirling Iixhibition in the large arena, the opening night of thc Farm Show. g x illlvili x 'N C1 I- li mer .-+"'1?:f .Y , , vii. i ,QI . V Y fag .l- 1 X 093 W, 413-5-, .4?N T- W V' ,-17, N i Y ,F f i , iw aialll lil. 'ivfs-s:.gXai,Jv:?.. if till.. V' ' V1.4 ls- Trinity's Exhibit ,frruplfd for 13111 Slraighl Year Trinity F.F.A. was one of the nine schools in the State of Pennsyl- vania to receive the privilege and honor of having their exhibit accepted for showing at the 1953 Farm Show at Harrisburg in January. This makes the 13th straight year that one of Trinity's exhibits has been selected for showing. A record unparalleled in the history of the F.F.rX. lvindow Exhibit Contest at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. Trinity's exhibit this year is built upon the idea of a Father and Son Agreement. To put across the idea of the value and also the contents of such an agreement, the exhibit contains two mannequins, representing a farmer and his son who is an F.F.A. boy, shaking hands. To the right of these mannequins is a large legal book opened to show the eleven im- portant items that should be included in a good working father and son agreement. Mounted on the background is the title "Keep Him on the Farm" and also a large legal looking paper representing the Legal Father and Son Agreement. The exhibit was constructed this year by Floyd Craft, Fred Ankrom, Ed Bayer, and Fred Engle. These boys were chosen from this year's Junior F.F.A. class by competing in a Farm Mechanics Contest. This contest was held last July in the Trinity High School Shop. Our exhibit placed fifth in the Vocational Contest at the Farm Show. The boys were supervised by Mr. John N. Crosbie. r Trinit School raiuaty F if A Sf rw WG 5, couvmzem rms PROTECHON eucmsfo Pnooucnox 1 ef-:anew iiousfuow Pumamo W "WGS AG Demonstration Team The l".l"..'X. Demonstration Team consisting of .loe Rankin, Richard Shrontz, Tom lillis, and .loc XVonsettler, presented the demonstration H20 - 2 - V at the l953 Pennsylvania lfarm Show Tuesday, January 13, 1953. Competition was very keen and they tied for sixth place in the con- test with thirty-eight other schools competing. The team also presented the demonstration for the Canonshurg Farm lnstitute, lNlarch 3. They wish to express their thanks to Mr. lsenherg for his help in coaching them with their diction and pronunciation. The boys were supervised by Mr. John G. Lowry. fl' Ill' """ Q5 ls! ,gg kill '- I "I Zi ' State Project Champions lfior the lifth consecutive year, Trinity lf.l".,X. won the lirst plaee plaque in the State Project Contest. The winners all journeyed to the l9arm Show. 'lihey are: l'll'1Illfl'U"lL',ll'ff fu riglffi llaywarcl Engel, jimmy Smith, XV:1yne Sprowls, Linn llamilton, 'l'om Kelley, Eugene Foster: Sl'l'Ullif ro-ze, lrff In rlylll: -Iohn Durilla, jack Dran, Davis Mounts, licl Bayer, 'loc Plymire Harry Davis, Reed Scott. Tlliril rnfw, lwfr to l'ifl,lf.' Guy Conklin, Alot- VS'onsettler, ,lack Mounts, 'l'onnny Selierieli, Hen Wfy W- Hamilton, llieey Robinson, joe Rankin. .Q wi -gmiuiiiw' nf, Special Awa rd Winners , E, ,, This group accumulated enough points in the Dairy lrojeet Con- test to "Cap" the l"irst Place Plaque in the National Dairy lftlieieney Contest. .Xlso pieturetl are three inclivitlual wimiers ot S430 eaeh in National Dairy Contest: Ben Hamilton Joe Wonsettler Linn Hamilton Xvinners of the Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders awards were: Joe Wonsettler-First Place-S150 Linn Hamilton-Second Place-S100 Pennsylvania Crow lm rovement XVinners are: . l P CORN SMALL GRAINS .lack Mounts-First Place-Gold Trophy lien Hamilton-First-Gold Cup John llurilla-Second Place .loe Rankin-Second Harry Davis-Third Place .loe Won:-settler-Third Dther hoys pieturetl are National Dairy Xvinnersz Howard Engel Tom Kelly James Smith Hieey Robinson TRINITY CHAPTER C6 A ? Trinity Greenhand F. F. A. The lfreshnian Ag. hoys, this year, joined the Trinity Circenhand l'l.l'i.i-X. lllllffi. They elected the following otlicers: President ...............................,........... Odell llague Vive-President .... .. . .. . ......... Bill Gilmore Secretnry ...... ..... I leorge Maneinni Treasurer .... ........ . lack Wilson Reporter .......... Bill Eckles Sentinel ................................ ....... l iruee Richmond Advisor ...................,........................ John Crosbie I hleetings are held during the regular glg. classes whenever husiness warrants such a meeting. 'img intl .Xctivitics tor the Greenhands are many with cooperative sc-ed sell- ing and raising lllll chicks tor hroilers leading the list. ii ln Sophomore F. F. A. 'l'rinity's Sophomore l".l"..'X. had a very successful year in V152 and 1953. lve elected the following otiicers: President .................................. .... l Coland 'l'a1.rgart Vice-President . . . . . .... William Lindley Secretary ...... .... l iohert Berry Treasurer .... ...... I Ronald Hart Sentinel ................. ...... . . ..... Paul Hatfield Advisor ............................................... Mr. Lowry Several activities that we were engaged in were lield trips to husk corn and a very successful square dance on the 27th of lsehruary. lvc are also participating in the annual l".l"..'X. Banquet. Several of our mem- bers that were project winners enjoyed a rewarding trip to the lfarm Show at Harrisburg last -lanuary. Several more activities are planned this year, including a trip to Pittsburgh. wi 5? tl lnmlli fi?fT- Huw. .eq l ,I Q!! l" F. H. A. Demonstration lilectric Comfort in the Bedroom was the title of the demonstration presented at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. The members of the team were: Shirley VVilliams, Mary Louise Phillips, Jackie Nlosier, and Rieta Brewer. Cafeteria Club The Cafeteria Club under the direction of Mrs. Mexa Roberts and Mrs. Lucille Heil is composed of girls who aid in the preparation and serving of the noon lunch. The girls handle the concession for all home basketball games, wrestling matches and dances and the proceeds from this project are used for club activities. Future Homemakers of America The Future I-Iomemakers of .-Xmerica is open to all girls enrolled in Home lfconomics who are interested in stimulating hetter home mem- hership and participation in Home Economics. This year the Trinity Chapter was divided into a lfreshman and Sophomore group because of the large enrollment. Both Chapters held their formal initiation and installation of ollicers jointly with the l".l".,X. in October. Their main activities during the school year are participation in the State lfarm Show. a hlother-Daughter Party. and a l'i.l'i..'X.-l'i.H.1X. l'artv. fi ,If-D A D- W W ll n 3mli'l""'1'7""' III ,aff ' li rf, W T ellfl' 'Hull Ml May Day at Trinity . . . ! a JEANIETTE MILES Xi Pirturerl, iojw right: MAY QUEEN AND HER CQURT. Queen, Jeanette lllilesg Maid of Honor, Betty Jane Thomasg Honor Attendants, Joann Rlosier and Sondra Shillitog Maid of Honor, Eleanor Kottner. Pirturnl. bottom right: SPIRITS. Spirit of Wisdom, Debra Bermang Spirit of Trinity, Helen Dragan, Spirit of Poise, Nlarcia Lynn Horng Spirit of Personality, Clara lWcClureg Spirit of Friendliness, Phyllis Houstong Spirit of Beauty, Norma Williams: Spirit of Loyalty, Wilma Anderson Olympus Staff 'WX Ass1s'rAw'i EDI roi: H Lois Hallam uw ll qlli!'i!lFP"N SIZNIOR EDITORS SPORTS Dick Brenner PICTURICS lifleanor Kottner Tillie Skariot CIRCULATION Betty Jane 'Iihomas IQIDITOR ,... , . , A CC L A I , , f V ' .l- AI : w w Q- II4' 'W . ' I . F 1 I - ' . ean Hag,,ar Charles Locy VVilma Anderson Charles Darraugh Jeanette Kliles JUNIOR l4IlJl'l'ORS Phoebe Anderson Catherine Lee Sanders Nlary -lo BIcVVreath ALUKINI Catherine Braden Phyllis Houston Klary Jane Wfiles Dorothy Barrett ADVERTISING Nlareia I'Iorn I-Iowarel hlorrion H elen I Jrag: Donald Warrie Linda Frazee Dehhy Berman Scott Renner Barbara lIcVVilliams Mary ,lane NIeVay George lliles Ronald Lenthall Nancy Colosi Nancy Hersehell Norma Williams Pat Frazier TYPISTS Glenn Siler Barhara Hootman Sherman Ackerman James Dunn Ifdwin Gaul Klargaret Ilurzon 'llhomas Kelley -lean XIeCullom June Sanalers Shirley Sanmlers Nancy Phillips Ill tl' l 'XW T I1 e H i I I e r This year's journalism class is composed of seventeen junior girls with Miss Ruth Myers as teacher. Among the features added to this year's HlI,I,l'lR were lfashion Fads and individual pictures of the various editors with their columns. The class held the Hll,I,l'lR Hop, a record dance, after the NVash Hi wrestling match. The class has enjoyed putting out the paper and wants to thank the students for subscribing to the paper, the advertisers for advertising in it, and all those who have in any way contributed to its ellorts. A -If I , Y Kim, 15,3 if fsa ' 1-,A I ' ' i.. l s ,Q ls ai' fglmiiim " lin WT KK in-'Illt' I 'Q 11 43? Ti' , 'W- -fillflf iiilllx X '--xialw' f, if' ., ..'. WF all W fi!! ls H i s I' o r i a n s The purpose of the Trinity Historians is to become acquainted with our State of Pennsylvania. The eluh is Composed of Sophomores. lluniors, and Seniors who have attained an "A" average in History for the semester. This year the cluh made a trip to the Xllashington Courthouse to see a trial. iVe also had a bake sale, a ehili su er, and fuest sneakers. I To .Xetivities for the season closed with a picnic for the purpose of initiating the new members and electing otlieers for the eoming year. The following served as ollieers for the 1952-1953 term: President ................ . . . Dick Brenner Vice-President ............ .... I David Warner Forresporldirlg Secretary .... ...... L ois Hallam Recording Secretary ....... ...... . leanette Miles Treasurer ................. ....... . . ........ Mary Jane McVay Program l'lmirman .............................. Wilma Anderson Advisors .... .......... M iss Jennie Ferralli, Mrs. Garnet Allison X l i StudentyCouncil ln the Fall of the year. home room oflicers are elected. The Presi- dent and Student Council representatives from each home room and a faculty member make up the Student Council. Since the origin of the Student Council, Trinity High School has shown a more democratic attitude. During the years, Student Council has been very successful. The amplifier and loud speakers in the gymnasium, the piano, and the repair- ing and improving of the stage, including new back curtains, have been some of the projects of the council. The council holds discussions and have decisions to make on the different problems which concern the students. The purpose of this organization is to create a better understanding between the faculty and students and to help the school run smoothly. The following ofiicers were elected to serve during the 1952-1953 year: President ....... Pete Murphy SUD! iQu- mee Q-fm MQ' 23? '41 'PH22 -S.: :-Q .': .j-- L52 rv'- ....., S-.. ... e-155' "B Q-D14 :Nm -1-42 0-129 592-1 E33 '1Q"l px V All ll I . i, lbw! . ' .. ., Faculty Advisor ..... .... M r. E. Vaughn Ross Q llffz X S 2 X t S l f f M in .r N mi- n- 'f -QL rg v 1 i lf' a , J IJ if W 1 giiliiq jul Future Nurses Club The lfuture Nurses Club is made up of junior and Senior girls. 'lihey expect to enter nurses training. hlrs. Grimes, the school nurse, is our advisor. .Xt our meetings she directs our discussions on the requirements for nurses training in various hospitals and colleges. XVe look forward to our annual trip to Pittsburgh. This year we visited Presbyterian Hospital and other points of interest. XVe feel that the Future Nurses Club is a vital factor in our prep- aration for nursing careers. Urlicers: President ........ . ........... Jeanette Miles Vice-President .... .... K atheryn Lee Sanders Secretary ..... ....... E leanor Kottner Advisor. .... ' ...... Mrs. Grimes The Library "NYhat do you have on Rocky Mountain spotted lever?" "XVhere can I find something on the divorce laws of l'ennsylyania?" "Do you have the hook that tells about a hoy white-washing a fence? - I d0n't know the name of it." These are typical of the many questions the lihra- rians are asked each day, and an ellort is made to locate the material requested. Although Trinity's lihrary is not large, there is a wealth of refer- ence material and recreational reading matter availahle. In addition to the hooks, the library receives eighteen periodicals and the daily news- paper. The lihrary is managed hy student lihrarians under the direction of hliss Ruth Myers. The lihrarians held a Valentine Tea for the faculty lfehruary 17. Utlicers: President ...... ........ ..., E I eanor liottner Vice-l'resident... .... ? .... .... S hirley Hague Seerelnry ..... . .... Mary I.. Phillips Treasurer .... .... J aniee Weaver W' ll vc iliu'll1 :-ily? Ilrlwif. I , for Rlxln x, g?x I' ' . if up 'lib fx rx' iulllil I X 'Q gal fm' as ii if Wil sf? NQll'l'5" .K if L2 lb 7 'F'-'ff-ref:,sf5f,f't Q 'U ' Audio-Visual Ed. Department Visual lid. Department started the school year with nine old mem- bers. Don Casto, the only Senior, and lfloyd Craft, lili Dillie, l"loyd .Xnkrom, Xvillis Baldwin, lid Bayer, Charles Gilmore, Don Heist, and Howard Morrison were the Junior members. New members taken into the Department from the Sophomore class were: Charles Dague, lfdward Grimm, lvilliam Hair, lid Kelley, .Xndy black, bletelc blarkow, Nelson bliles, Vernon Roach, and Carl Sanders. The usual feature films were shown each semester in order to raise money to pay for shipping charges and insurance on all the films. The new equipment was a new hanging microphone and complete rearrangement of the stage microphone system which was brought about due to the allocation of funds received from the school magazine cam- paign. .Xt the end of the year the customary A.V.S.O. T-letters were granted the new Sophomore members, and service stars given to the Junior and Senior members. Secretarial Club The purpose of the Secretarial Club is to provide some practical experience for club members. This is attained by assigning the girls as secretaries to the faculty members. The girls are selected the second semester of their junior year and are chosen on the basis of leadership, integrity. loyalty, cooperation, and scholastic ability. The club sponsored a round and square dance and also sold Christ- man cards. The highlights of the year were Initiation Party for new members, a trip to Pittsburgh, and the annual .lunior-Senior Banquet. The oflicers are President ..... .... K 'lara Lou McClure Vice-President ........ Rose Apache Secretary ,... .. ........ ..... .I oann Mosier Treasurer ............................. Shirley Sanders Advisors .... ..,Mrs. Frances B. Huffman. Miss Marian Kuzy X fiiiw W xml E i lil: . ill, ,J h 'amlfill i'lIh,sN"'5 S e n i o r H i - Y The Senior lli-Y has heen functioning very smoothly alue to the line cooperation anal participation of all the hoys who are memhers of the cluh. The lfall aetivities of the eluh are over anal the Spring activities will he starting. The cluh is planning to have speakers at the meetings for the re- mainder of the year. The Senior Hi-'l' wishes to thank all of the students and faculty who attended the "Recovery Dance" anal helpetl make it such 11 success. Their aclvisor is hlr. Syrck. J u n i o r H i - Y The Alunior Hi-Y is an organization of lfreshman and Sophomore hoys. This year the club activities were the electing of members to serve in hlay llay, the initiation for all the new memhers, and having speakers at different meetings held for the hoys. The following olhcers were eleetetl for this year: President ................,....................,.... Diek Guthrie Vice-President .................,.,... .... E d Sedinka Secretary ........ .... .I ack Shultz Treasurer .... .... l ion Batson Advisor ............................................... Mr. Sedlak Senior Y-Teens The annual Candlelight Service opened a successful year for the Senior Y-Teens. The club is advised by bliss Marian liuzy. Some of the events of the year were the Christmas Grab Bag l'arty and the Sweetheart Dance. -leanette bliles was chosen Sweetheart from the club. The Y-Teens also have charge ot the beautiful May Day pageant which is held every Spring on the school campus. Other activities of the club were the selling of jerseys and scarlis, a bake sale, and a party for the Senior Hi-Y. ' is , . Junior Y-Teens The .lunior Y-Teens is an organization of the 'l'.XV.C,.-X. This vear the clul x L f l is ver' organized from eaci individual class. .Xny junior gil-I is eligible to join. The club's membership consisted of 70 girls. 'Xmong the activities of the year were the Candlelight Service, Sweetheart Formal, Picnic at XYasliington llark, and a swimming party. .lackie Rubick was elected Sweetheart ol the club for the Sweetheart Dance. President ....... .... .I aekie Rubiek Vice-President .... ..... C 'athy Braden Secretary ............ ..... I' Eunice Gallagher Treasurer ............. ........ .I oanne Davidson Program l'lmirman .... ........ V ivian Sutherland Advisor ................................... Mrs. Mary Mansbarger xx New wma ,,v.1,sw,.::j I 5 : . i' ' . ffl 1.- Sophomore Y-Teens The Sophomore Y-Teens is an organization arliliated with the Y.XV.C.,'X. and is open to all Sophomore girls in Trinity High School. The lirst meeting of the year was held at XVashington Park. Our guests at that picnic were the members of the newly organized l"reshman Y-Teen Club. .Xn initiation was held and a social hour followed. Other highlights of the year were the Candlelight Service, the Sweetheart Dance, Christmas Party, and the lfaster Sunrise Service which was held April 5 at the Y.XV.C..-X. Barbara Miles was selected as the candidate for the Sweetheart Dance. Oflicers of the club are: President ............... Connie Weirieh Vi1'P-President ..... . . .... . . . ..... Barbara Miles Freshman Y-Teens The Freshman Y-Teens is an organization arliliated with the Y.XV.C.A. Any Freshman girl is eligible to membership. This year we had eighty-two members. The outstanding activities of the year were the Candlelight Service and the Sweetheart Formal. This year Josephine Voyteck was chosen hy the cluh to be our Y-Teen Sweetheart. The oflicers, advisor and co-advisor of lfreshnian Y-Teens are: President ......................................... Beverly Finch Vice-President .................................... Margaret Linn ,qw T-Club Sixteen girls from the xlunior and Senior classes make up this cluh. Caring lor the gym othce and the girls' dressing room are the chiel duties ot these inenihers. lfach cluh nieniher receives a sweater in her .lunior year and a "Pin" her Senior year. lvc sponsored skating parties once a month and presented halt ot' the proceeds to the athletic sweater tund. Nile have had both a satisfac- tory and successful year with the aid ot our worthy advisor Miss hlaric .Xlexy. A The othcers are: Presidenl ........... .... lt ileanor liottner Secrelary-Treasurer .. ..... Mary llurzon Office Girls .Xlways willing to do any otlice chore for Mr. Ross, Mr. slohn, or hir. Clark, are 2-l girls, from the junior, Senior, and Sophomore classes. Selected hy lNlr. 'lohn and hir. Clark, these girls take telephone calls, carry announcements, and other otlice chores. There always are two girls in the otlice for each period. The otliee girls are as follows: Wilma Anderson Shirley llague liathleen Antel .loan Davidson Debra lierman l'at Frazier Nancy lierry Connie Gorhy Reita Brewer Jean Hagar llora Burke Arla Hallden Margaret Hurzon Judy lileppner Eleanor liottner Mary Jane lVleVay Jeanette Miles Mildred Miller Patty Nyswaner l'hyllis Richmond Shirley Rush June Sanders Patty Searff Luilla Wise fx ' ' fu, V ., x ,gimp N Q, x , 4 egkic va tagj 'll in f 'i-wi mlm - it df ,g', Mlxed Chorus g ' WAI The hlixetl Chorus is Composed ol' lfreshmen, Sophornores, Juniors ill-' W ull' fifalllll W, ' , . , .. . . , . , . . and SCIIIOFS. lihev pzlrtlelpzlte IH the Musical l'est1v:1l Senior Sermon K l mtl 1 " xus ll1lSXLll selects three or four people to enter in the District Cho' ' it wus held ut lien .'Xvon, llennsylvnnizl. Those chosen were lXl2lI'Cl1l llorn Sontlrn Shillito, :intl Duvial XV:u'ner. . A 'tx e X Qt Y a tl'Herent assemblies throughout the veur. lfverv vezu' the ehorus an ' ' ' ' , Orchestra This group, thc string scction, purticipzitcs in Nay Daly, Commcncc- mcnt, and both thc junior and thc Senior l'l:1vs with some rncinlicrs of . . . . ,. ' wr l' ,fm thc lmml filling out thc 1nstrunicntzition. lhcv :irc rczlllv ll grunt hclp to liinity. sqiiikgliw . 5 Intermediate Band This Ofgllllllllflllll prcpzircs its mcmbcrs for thc Scnior Band by thc usc of scnlcs and cxcrciscs. Thcy wish to thank Mr. Good for ull his llI'lLlL'I'Sf1lI1kllllg in hclping tlicm to licconic prcpnrccl for the Senior Bzinnl. JW l M 1911, .sv V I ri A. r' I 'A I iid Junior Class Play On stage in the Trinity auditorium, November 21, 1952, at 8:15 o'elock, eleven Juniors presented "All American lfzlmilyu, ll three :ict comedy drama. The play, directed by Mr. Paul Sedlak. was il tremendous sueeess to both the grade school :md high school student. 1Nlr. and blrs. Sedlzik entertained the east at their home with games and refreshments. The members of the -lunior elnss chose the following people to rep- resent their elass us follows: Rodger Butler.. Farrie Butler. . . Caroline Bill ........... Bobby .......... Grandma Butler Widow Smith .... . .. Peter Smith Bruce Ford ..... . . . . .Dick McClay . ..... Mary Jane Wiles ......Lois Hallam ..Walter Chester Howard Morrison Barbara Hootman ....Cathy Braden . ..... Charles Williams ... ..... Summers Hunter Lucy Middleford ..... .. .... Billie Ann Gray Avis Middleford .... ......................... I' 'ranees Adams Prom pters ...... .....Marilyn Eustis, Mary .lo McWreath Assistant Director ..... ....... . .............. . .Glenn Morrow Senior Class Play The Senior class presented "No More Homework", a comedy in three acts, written by John Henderson and directed by B. M. lsenberg. on Friday, Txl2lI'Cll 26 and 27 in the Trinity auditorium. The play will be long remembered because of its overwhelming suc- cess as a production and because of the splendid manner in which it was gTfiilil'll'g received by the audience. The cast of charact Miss Goodin ...... Mrs. f'lemlenning. Miss Ugilvie ..... Mr. Harper .... Coach Guthrie .... Mr. Lundquisl .... Pamela Jones "Buzz" Bailey. . . . . Shalimar Ames . . . "Midge" Murphey. ers follows: Faversham Lightly .... Tallulah Ploelz .... Ronald Sassoon Miss Dill ...... "Tick" Tok..... Mrs. Ratchet .... Elmer B. Ames Prompiers ...... . . . .Patricia Powell ... ..Nancy Paul . . . .Maud Ann Baker .........llon Casio . . . .Kenneth Beckner . . . . . Earl Murphy . . . . .Debra Berman . . . . .Donald Warne ... .Sondra Shillito . . . . .Phyllis Houston . . . .Scott Renner ......Mildred Miller . . . .Michael Kudaroski . . . . . Dale Bedillion . . . . . ...Thomas Ellis . ...Barbara McWilliams .....Mary .lane MeV . . . . . . . .Charles Loey ay. Elva McCullough A XX QW' illliiii TNQ 121 UQQJ. 'R nw? T ' wfilltl g?"TT.T'iUi'1' 'sf I , k iw Q2 i. s.P.Q.R. Club "Scientia ipsa auetoritas est" tknowledge itself is authorityj is what the Latin Club says. An important date on the Latin Club calendar is the ldes of lNlarch. That is when new members, consisting of first year students who have maintained a high average, are initiated into the club. The main events of this year were, a bake sale to finance our annual trip to Pittsburgh, the initiation, and the annual picnic at the park. VVilliam VVylie made an exhibit of the Parthenon which took second place in the Buhl l'lanetarium annual Latin exposition. A silver key is awarded to the l.atin student who has attained the highest average for four years at commencement. This year it will be awarded to Wlilma Anderson. Under the very capable supervision of our advisor hlrs. Spriggs, the following oHieers were elected for this year: President ........................ ........... .... I ' aul Guidos Vice-President .... Dale Bedillion Secretary ..... ...Eleanor Kottner Treasurer ............ ................ W ilma Anderson Program Fhairmen ..... ..... G eraldine Craig. Lois Hallam Student Patrol .Xbout one month before school was dismissed, eighteen junior boys were informed that they would form the new "Student Patrol." Selected by their able advisor Mr. -lohn and a group of faculty members, the boys were chosen for their willingness to cooperate and above all their ability to assume responsibility. The first job on the new patrol's program is directing traflic for May Day. Next came one of their most important jobs, graduating the Seniors with all the ease and comfort deserving them. .Xfter these jobs are completed with a traditional excellence, they look forward to directing tratlic in Trinity's Halls when they are Seniors. Although there are some hardships and troubles connected with the job, the boys will look forward to it with pride, and it is an experi- ence they are not likely to forget. X l 'll nil, N ,,.. X 4 ihlillhiiu i f fy lvl r m I f 4 X. Go-To-College Club For several years the Go-To-College Club has been one of the most outstanding clubs at Trinity. The members of the club are .-Xeademie Senior and Junior girls who have a "B" average and are planning to con- tinue their education beyond high school. The girls must also possess certain standards of loyalty, cooperation, and personality. This year the club was supervised by our new leader, Miss -Ioan Foster. Nlrs. Robert Smith, who was the leader for several years, felt that the club needed someone who was fresh out of college, so Miss Foster became our new advisor. The program this year consisted of selling of programs at football games, the selling of caramels at Christmas time, various speakers from colleges, a tea in honor of the teacher, a dance after the Trinitylvaynes- burg basketball game, a trip to VVestminster and Grove City, and a party given by the :X.:X.U.VV. at the lfirst l'resbyterian Church. Nlany of the members served as hlonitors in the halls each period of the day. The following oflicers were elected to serve during the 1952-1953 year: . if President ....... .... X Vilma Anderson Vice-President .... ..... M ary Ramsey Secretary ....... ...... J eanette Miles Treasurer ............ .... L Tarolyn Johnston Program Chairman ..... .... I Debra Berman Advisor .............. ...Miss Joan Foster rss 'ff A tk.- X Ushers .Xt the heginning of each foothall season. a group ot' Senior girls are selected from the Senior class to manage the seating in the reserve seat section at all home football games. The head usher. Helen Dragan, and her assistant, Pat Powell. who were appointed hy Mr. Ross, placed . . . . Yw l 'Q the girls in the most needed sections and ollered assistance wherever .ff U, 1 . needed. 'lihe ushers were: llale liedillion Gerry Craig Helen Dragan Carolyn .Iohnston Eleanor Kottner Elva Mefullouyrh Dolores lVliller Nancy Paul Nancy Phillips Pat Powell Phyllis Richmond Betty .lane Thomas Shirley Sanders Ruth Ann Wheeler ,giilllh ii .f W The ATHLETICS of 1953 1' rf! l'Cl SCL' Wrestling l hc outlook :lt thu l7L'gllllllllg,f ol thc ll15.lSk'1lSUIl was tlim, consitlcring that only thrcc l'Cglll1ll'S haul . , . urnctl to thc Wl'CSflIl1g,I tczlm. lion XX llS0l1 ht-Id wn thc IHS spot with -loc Shook ut 112. :xml Milan' ,. . . 'tlcno nt 120. With an nmcxpcrlcncctl tcum, thc rccortl of S wins :mtl 7 losses is quitc rcspcctzlhlc. ln thc llrstrlct lournzlmcnt. lilll lizlnc won hrst in Sb Bull Cnllo hlst Ill IM ln 1' ', ' 'z ' . ', 1 tl -loc Shook took ck to compctc in thu XY.l'.l..X.l.. linnls in which - Q ok zmncxctl thc ll2 tirlc. Ciullo :mtl lgilllk' nc in sccoml. Shook a1tlx':1m'ctl to tht- Sturt- 'fouru- cnt :mtl won thc Stutc titlc in 112 class. A N ft ,tw if JJ Isla ontl in ll2. 'llhcsc grzlpplcrs rcturnctl thc ncxt qv. gif we 1 . av 5 WM Y ,x V' 'Nm ' hm ,, A fy "NN 'mf' .vim , A .x l'm' tllc first timv ilf 'I'1'inity, ll XYI'k'SfHl1Q Rcscrvc squzul was Sturt- ul. IIICII' om' win :md tlwcc loss l'k'L'0I'Li is not iIllpl'L'SSiYL' but flll' tcxlm mrkul Ililfli at lk'2lI'Ilil1Q thu f-LIIIKIZIINCIIYQIIS of rlw spurt. Um' 5k'Ililll', Kun liuckm-r, wlm xwcstcld 155 this yczu' is tluc unly lllcllllwl' not to ruturn to the Sllllllkl ncxt f'L'2lI'. Band 'l'l1e lmnd opened its 19524953 season by pzlrtieiputing in lout gxunes, pep assemblies, and the pep parade. H F The lmnd oflieers who were installed at the nnnuzll Band Bzlnql t lmeld on lfelvruury ll, ure: .-me Sll!'!"ll: President ...... ...... . Inc Desnmnd l' Iliff'-l'Tl'Sidl'lll ...... Richard Meflay Secretary-Treasurer Frances Salat Puhlic Krflntilms ............ .,....... ............ ll I yra Kelley Illme lnglmlight for the VC2ll' was the Spllng lfestivzll in wlliell the lmnd played il great part. 3 'M-fxlp , I l Q-' ,1 H. f' ,f -J'--" M a j o r e t t e s The "High Steppersu of '53 were leatl hy hliltlretl Ruggerio, hezul me -qw, I majorette. and Donald XVarne, tlrum major. They participated in parades. issemhlies. and all the football games. The majorettes graduating with the class of '53 are Miltlretl Rug- X gerio, Maryanne McMurray, Leona Vineelc, Joann Mosier, anal -leanettt Miles. llonaltl XVarne. drum major, will also he gratluatetl with the elass of '53. WW iffy r y, x' 'r i we hull Wil .- fV'v f lI,Q,g't"w r .X X, 'r .., .. Football- 1952 The 'fHillers" of Trinity High School faced a challenging schedule of ten games, losing eight of them and winning two. Although we had a good team, our opponents seemed always to have the luck on their side. Trinity was hit by bad luck even before the season opened when John Sargent received injuries which kept him out most of the season. In spite of what looks like a bad record on paper, We, the students of Trinity High School, know our team played hard, and that the experience this year has been preparation for a strong team next year. We are proud of our boys: our hats are off to them. CHARTIERS ln the lid-lifter of the season, September 13th, we met Chartiers on College Field. The Hillers played a good game and a hard game, but Chartiers came out on top with the score l-lf to 12. Frank Sobansky, one of our very best players, was seriously injured in the game and was unable to play the rest of the season. REDSTONE The following week we met a strong Redstone eleven in another home game and managed to hold our own until, in the final period, their half back ran 75 yards with an intercepted pass for a touchdown. The game ended with a 6-0 score. WASHINGTON The Trinity-VVash High game was the biggest and most exciting of the season. The Hillers played a much better game than the score would indicate, but Wash High capitalized on every break offered them and chalked up a convincing 33-0 victory. PEABODY On October 3rd we suffered our fourth defeat at the hands of Peabody. At the outset it looked as if it was to be a winner, but the visitors scored two touchdowns in the final period and when the whistle sounded, the score was I3-6 in their favor. GERMAN TOWNSHIP yVith our chances gone for ending the season in the black, we faced a tough game with German Township. The l-lillers threatened to score twice, but German Township proved too much for them and the game ended in another defeat for Trinity with a score of 39-0. CALIFORNIA In a thrilling air-tight game, the Hillers defeated California on California's own field. Three plays after the opening kick-off, the Hillers intercepted a pass, scoring a touchdown on the first play and making the extra point. ln the second quarter another touchdown was made on a twelve yard run. Cheered on to victory, the Hillers recovered a California fumble on the six yard line and in one more play scored the touchdown and with it another extra point. California scored one touch- down in the last quarter, making the final score 20-6. CANONSBURG Traveling to Canonsburg for our October 2-lth game, we met and were defeated by the powerful Canonsburg Gunners who ran up three fast touchdowns in the first quarter. The Hillers put up a grim fight but were unable to score until the fourth quarter. With the Gunners making two more touchdowns, the scoreboard showed 34-7. BURG ETTSTOWN In a close, well-played game with Burgettstown, the Hillers battled their way to a near victory. The first half was a hotly contested one, ending in a 0-0 tie, but the second half was something to shout about. ln the waning minutes of the third quarter the I-lillers took their lead of 6-0, and in the opening play of the fourth quarter the punt was taken on the twenty-four yard line and carried seventy-six yards for a 12-0 score. However, before the quarter was half over, Burgettstown came smashing back with passes that spelled pay-dirt for them and a 14-12, hard-to-take defeat for Trinity. MIDLAND The lylidland High gridders held their W.P.l.A.L. Class A crown by defeating the Hillers at College Field in a 39-7 game. Trinity played against terriHic odds and went into the game expecting the loss, inasmuch as Midland had already won eight of their nine games. WAYNESBURG The last game of the season brought us our second win. Waynesburg proved an easy foe and suffered defeat at the hands of the Hillers to the tune of 38-13. V ll z I -. Sf, asv Q - , ' ' 11-f 2 4X me-1 f vrgxp missin. II 'fz3!, 'x " if T fs x9W'Ff , W-fn, fl 4 Q I KQINIU, , 11 mmm, 'v'1"" VRINIT ' gm 7, IIN if B a s e b a I I 4 , 'Iihc I952 lmsclmll sczlson for Trinity was not ns succcssI'uI :is in hast yfurs. In cxhihition gznncs wc haul wins own' XYcst ISL-thlchcni and Scott I ownsh 1 p. i I , . . . - - . 614- Our XX .I'.I..'X.I,. compctition consistcd oi' four tcznns: QZIIICJIISITIIIQI Clin:-tiers, Trinity, :ind XVZISIIIIIQIIOII High Schools. In our rcgulzir Iczlg play wc played "SUN" hull, tICfC1lfIIIg unch tczun oncc und hcing III-fcaitcd hy czlch tcznn. NYc ended up in ll tic for sccond plucc. UL i I X3 Cheerleaders lfight, Team, l'iight, was the aim of the cheerleaders this vear. XYL' helped in every way to cheer them on to victory with the able assis- tance ol our advisor Mr. Paul Sedlak. The Senior cheerleaders were Phyllis "Midge" Houston, head cheer- Z-' leaderg Marlene "Mar" Mounts, and Shirley "Shirl" Gamble. The .luniors were as follows: Dorothy "Skip" Barret, Barbara "Harb" Knestrick, Phyllis "Phil" mi llohnes, and .loanne "lo" Hayden. The cheerleaders sponsored the annual lfootball Banquet held in T Q ,. the Trinity Cafeteria in the month of November. The following Sophomore girls were chosen to take the place vacated by the Seniors next year: Connie XVeirick, l,areen Phillips, -Indy Kleppncr, and l,ul'illa XVise. Program Sellers .lunior members of the Go-'lio-College Club aided the athletic season my selling programs at our football games. By doing this the club members help to provide a part of the fund used for the purehase of sweaters for the varsity athletics, and the finan- cial award to the athlete having the best scholastic averages. These girls deserve some praise for their spirit in this endeavor. Basketball The Hillers stalrtetl the season very successfully. winning 6 out of 7 exhibition games. ln league play we only won 4 out of I2 games: ilefeuting XV:1ynes ,WiNiTfj7?. lmrg twice, Czinonshurg, and Burgettstown onee. WH W-I im ul' ln the county tournunent 'lirinit' -l' ' ' - " U ' 7 ' ' ' . y e innnateil Qaliloinm .intl Bin - . . ' . f ' gettstown, but were elefeziteal in the hnzlls hy llonorzi. Gia li . . , . l,e:uhng scorers tor the fC2llll were Robert Stuinpl, Rohert ,Xntlerson :intl George lzirhuek. lll2lyCl'S he-ing gl'2lLllI1ll'CLl ure: .Xntlerson, lfzirzihee, Murphy, Sargent Stumpf, and Tzirhuek. The I'CC0l'kl-l3I'C21lClIlg game of the yezlr was the game with XV:1ynes hurg in which il new game score record was mzule for the school, 87-70 .Xlso :in imlivicluail reeornl for the szime season was mzuie hy Bob Stumpt with ll seore ol' 38 points in one Qillllll lloh ,Xnilerson :intl lloh Stlnnpl' gi 11 mth mmhincd scoring points, lnauic :mothcr high school rccmxl with thc 1l of 64 points. 'lthc scorcs for thc SCLISUII wcrc' t'luysviIle ........ East Washington t'hurtiers ........ West Bethlehem Vlaysville ........ East Washington .. Canonshurg ...... liurgettstown .. llormont ...... Walynesburpg .. Mt. Lebanon .. VVashingt0n ... Canonshurg ... liurgettstown .. Vhartiers ..... Dormont .... Wayneshurg' .. Mt. Lt-hanun .. Washington ... 'l'RINI'I'Y 0l'l'0. . . . 53 t-I . 71 218 . 18 19 . . . Xl 237 . . . til 57 . 57 50 . 57 50 . I7 65 . 52 tit . 76 G2 . -tti 53 . 37 57 . 58 76 . 71 36 . . . til 59 . 51 62 . . . 87 T0 . VII? 87 . 57 69 .Quin f " fn Emu! N6 v ll! 5 -A -Q", 8 ati ' x - X Q V V' Q TB' x' 'fu D . :N 1 fx, ty: -. L . 4 s The ADVERTISERS of 1953 PHONE 64 W. A. LITLE 1- Lumber -l- Building Supplies 222 HALL AVENUE WASHINGTON, PA. "Ford Forming Headquarters" WASHINGTCN FARM EQUIPMENT, INC. R. D. 3 . . . ROUTE 40 WEST WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 2664 FORD TRACTORS DEARBORN FARM EQUIPMENT NEW HOLLAND BALER 86 FORAGE MACHINERY AN DY B ROS. Expert Recapped Tires Phones: 4118 or 4119 332 WEST CHESTNUT ST. WASHINGTON, PA. USE OUR EASY PAY PLAN GENERAL FEED Cr SUPPLY 236 EAST MAIDEN ST. Phone 76 l FEEDS-SEEDS I BUILDERS SUPPLIES M c N A R Y ' S JEWELRY STORE 0 WATCHES O ' ev 0 Hamilton and Elgin 0 31 NORTH MAIN STREET 95509 Washington, Pa. When You Think of Insurance -ll-THINKOF --l ANDERSON G' POLLOCK FIRE I LIFE 0 ACCIDENT O AUTO Bell Phone: 1295 or 1296 14-18 W. Wheeling St. Washington, Pa. Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY 42 - 50 North Main Street Washington, Po. ASHMORE FLOWER SHOP BEN REYNOLDS 8' CO FLOWERS IN THE MODERN MANNER O 80 South Main Street Phone 4887 0 Magnavox Radio C1 Television 0 Baldwin Pianos O WASHINGTON, PA. THE CITIZENS WATER COMPANY WASHINGTON, PA. LYDIC PRINTING CO. PRINTING FOR ALL BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS Phone 225 35 East Pine Avenue WASHINGTON, PA. l CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS S. A. MEYER COMPANY Make S. A. Meyer Your Headquarters For JEWELRY - FURNITURE - PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Washington Charleroi Monessen Canonsburg Waynesburg COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS AND CARDS C' H' 6' Designed and Made by MEN,S WEAR Since 1900 MERRELLS, INC. CLARKSBURG, W. VA. 0 Washington Theater Building A R R W S T O R E 0 Stationers to the Class '53 O T H E 0 COMPLIMENTS J A C K H A R T OF 0 Congratulates the 1953 Class of Trinity High School - High School men have worn Jack Hart clothes G' since 1897 . . . Wfe would like to 52 HIGHLAND AVE. Serve YOU' 16 NORTH MAIN ST. Phone 145 Washington, Pa. 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Phone 1443 KURTZ MONUMENT COMPANY o ROCK OF AGES MEMoR1ALs o Rljlik WASHINGTON MONONGAHELA CANONSBURG 906 40 145 COMPLIMENTS OF WASHINGTON MOTOR EXPRESS 0 Trucks Haul Today 0 What You Use Tomorrow FIELDS IMPLEMENT STORE AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR Case G' Ferguson Tractors Cr Farm Machinery Esco Farm Freezers and Milk Coolers North Main Street Ext. and Patton Ave. WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 4364 Evening 7516 R 3 Congratulations To The Class of 1953 ROSS INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA 1041 E. IVIAIDEN ST. WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 9870 MARTIN'S LUMBER C0 Manufacturers of 5' CURB SERVICE HARDWOOD FLOORING COME DRESSED AS YOU ARE AND TRIM BE SERVED IN YOUR CAR Homemade Ice Cream and Frozen Custards Hot Sandwiches, French Fries Milk Shakes 0 HOME OF JUMBO BANANA SPLITS o West Chestnut Street Extension Washington, Pa. Phone 6030 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED . . . OUT OF THE CONGESTED AREA Our Nlortuary is easily accessible from every section of the Community G. EARL McCOY MORTUARY 835 Allison Avenue Phones 840 Jefferson Avenue 50 and 5847 PARKING IS NEVER A PROBLEM AT McCOY'S BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '53 A..Y-39. 7777- ...T- OLD CONCORD MANSION HOUSE FAMILY STYLE BANQUETS OUR SPECIALTY Birthday and Anniversary Dinners By Reservation Phone: Prosperity 2-R15 Compliments of ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE, INC. FRIGIDAIRE - APPLIANCES Phone 4168 65 East Wheeling Street Washington, Pa. C. H. SCOTT SERVICE Esso Products if Main and Maiden Streets WASHINGTON, PA. GIBBUNS MUTUR EXPRESS 6 TRUCKS HAUL TODAY o WHAT You use TOMORROW COMPLIMENTS Ritchie 8a Piatt Funeral Home Ralph E. Piotr, Successor 36' AMBULANCE SERVICE PHoNE1a6 ROBERT VANCE AGENCY INSURANCE WASHINGTON UNION TRUST BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF cALDwELL,s COMPLIMENTS OF g KlNG'S WASHINGTON'S J EW E L E RS LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE ALEXY SERVICE STATICN A N D E R 5 Q N ATLANTIC BARBER SHOP HI -ARC - WHITE FLASH 134 N. MAIN ST. Washing, Lubrication Q Q Tourist Information Q B QQ 9, A , I RIDGE 3 SHANNON AVE' ernard Red nderson Prop Washington, Pa. Phone 9622 Class of 42 REX BARBER SHOP F. W. WOOLWORTH C0 ll FOURBARBERS 1- 4-6 SOUTH MAIN 15 WEST CHESTNUT ST. S T R E E T phone 9639 WASHINGTON, PA. We 795 Printed by the flglf,-NXEE, WARD PRINTING COMPANY Comp! imenfs of WASIIINIVIIIN GLASS UIIMPANY shi.. ALL KINDS OF ROOFING FURNACE REPAIRS ORLEY R. WHITE Q TINNER Q SHEET METAL WORK - SPOUTING - SLATING - PAINTING BUILD - UP ROOFS Phone 2007 R. D. 1, Washington, Pa. WILLIAM J. WARRICK, JR. OlUQTS CIVIC! 1 QCOVCIIIISOHS 15 EAST BEAU ST. PHONE 3374 Member Florists Telegraph Delivery Association TRI-STATE AVIATION COMPLIMENTS I N C. OF Box 238, Washington, Pa. SUWAK TRUCKING Phone 6153 COMPANY 1- ' 1- LEARN T0 FLY G. EDGAR GEORGE E. INSURANCE FOR EVERYTHING Phone 23 12 19 EAST WHEELING ST. WASHINGTON, PA. JEAN MacLAUGHLIN'S HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Y. W. C. A. Building Washington, Pa. 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THE OLYMPUS STAFF toke this opportunity to express their oppreciotion to the odvertisers ond to those who helped in the production ot the i953 OLYMPUS. AMM'?f- WWW 'a!f9JQ, A' yw f. W -W X 1 AA"""'3J2cb YM if 6 QV gUj WM ff ff A QM? 'U fb 3 "JDJ ' Q - ' A Qfsfz? WQZQW wwff Jw! W wiffffwlwywp Q5 ww Wkmlfgigyg if f Q Eg ,Y . xx-3 Q WQSE Z,uvf,Jp'lJfr5u" I R -, QW 3i',WM1' ' A W 5+ -qlopytl -.iA 63,2 wg.,,7'w, 'S Ziff? vw 5 MM E Qilh 5v"M , 151 diff' ' '3 Q l A J' ww fsejWf WM ASQ' 4 I , M: Ef 7 , ,F 3 5 .5 I Q 5g k3iE,ff 1 WM x , U K 'Q Q "" J . 3 ii? 'K 4- , f S Y - ' 4 g, I ,I ba, 4 - , 6 7 , W Q ,W , xnxx ..:,., ii?p x A rl' .ind A Y-S if I ,K ., f wgg-g,. f W x , mn W ' if a ' ,Y . ., K V VY Y K F v M ,. ts , :X ,M , xismfxviww rv D ' L' 4 a 4 ' A iff' 7152 f j. hs 3' if ,Q ,l . M .Y MM 1, A new .N ax, ,QM . , . , 4 f. ti Y I , , .f V L f V ni ,gi x M AD, . xjrjl Eg' If . yac- ' f . 'w, W.5, fr ' -wwf, KJ.. N i .D , i , X ,f ,lx . Y M . u - 'X Q 5 4 X X ,u .L f - 3 f i , M. ,QQQN ,. WW ,MN .2 at.. .T LL A ur in ' , 4 ,q, . A Q . , y , , , I .f - X W n ' J J- -vi yu ' ' , . . 1 . .Q ',, , QA lj, - I , . ,A X , 'nv f 4. X N. hyfgyii' Xxx' i , I Q K Mya .1 ff: ,..-cf c N' 4? X. X. 5-' 'f fl , gt '. x u, -4 I w p L+- n xr R BK X A K ix Q N. K a , ,1 M I' U x' 4' qgyi, z ' It 14 ,,i'9 vu - Q , , ig- ,Y Q. ,J 1 L ,:. - .Avi 5'3p,,g - .- ,f , 5 , Aff .,... "1"9-'QCA ,sk f . ,1 V , - 1' N A "' "A "Q . f" 51 ' Us 'lf IN 5. K xv , I , . .P 'A .Y , xl .Map 1.49, 1 ' . m' .. ' '- 7-" K 4, ' N 'K' ' "7" X""" Hg, 'f 5 W, 'nn 1 Ndurif' ', i .. . .. N , 1. , ' p ' Q x . S KW . Hs. ' , l ' SW:-Q .. H 1 1- ,sw mv , , 5 A . A ' . ' 1 ' ' 4 . " . x f f ' A i.. ,, Q K f Q vu-Q. . Q an ' 4 .Lx RQ' . x K. ,hay Q. Q . Y 'XA -,' . I: , 'T s v VL Y . D -f' -eu -,wx . ' X A-1 '1-. ' W "v wiv' W 'M v' W' 1 -S V-. , X - . 4 bg. H., gy x 9 4 an ...N V , M. ' 1 - ' I .' - f. N A I -1? ' 5 ... ' , N I ii Q' ,wfts ov i . x . Y ' f 'I I mg! , V ZXQN ig 6 if ' ,, V6 Ns - -. r 'l I, T., . 1 , A ' ..- X . 1 " , X . T Q ,LN "'fu:.x ' M clash, H I f' . 3' wif' 1' 1 ' ' if ': J 2 . , , jg -av " - N' .W I 41, C r " - 'F E .5 P 1, . ' 'fy P, , nf. . lg Q Q Q QR ' . c Hq W .5 Q '- . 7 JT' 1 ' I fu v 5 A if 'Y Q K o , . J gl, P J . 'fl 0 ?,l, av , ' v ,1 ,, - Q, 11 W x -A ., ' U A "New "w,f,,i --qgmi. N ' - "ku ,wow ,- 'W -ft' 5" ". m N - 1 a 4. Nia -V 'Rbiwwk 1 .ld usa. :,,, ,, Q -A I W .YU -W,Y,Y-,-. ,Y V I n My 1 0-rf. z F' 4. 2. qrgiar xnnnmnnus-vnnww-ww-w.f rm.:

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