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-.4 94 Q? -fail 5 r '-KQV -. fi! ,l l P- ? F puuzuwn by Anwumm Jwlju, rfiy. Jclwof Pvnnwymflfvwnla A i s 1,1 , 4 F"""" "' l i K E, 2 if k i 5 V w ! Z r r r r i i P V I E r r n w I v I r x x 1 3 I 4 1 I 4 4 Q 4 ' ,. JJ DEDICATION V In keeping with a tradition at Trinity High School, we, tl1e staff of the t'Olyn1pus," take a great and sincere pleasure in dedicating this, the fourteenth edition of our annual, to: MR. ROBERT S. WILSON our Assistant Principal for five years and a nielnber of the Trinity faculty for the past eight, years. During these years, he has become fanliliarly known to the entire stu- dent body as "R.S.,' As a teacher of French and Algebra, we have seen I1 leader of a classroom, as our Assistant Principal, we have watched an executive skillfully perform his duties, and, as a friend, we have found in hini those qualities of consideration, sincerity, lllld cooperation. To Mr. VVilson, as treasurer of our athletic association and of the "Olym- pus," is deserving of the deepest appreciation a11d the 111081 hearty thanks of the entire student body. I 1 f 3 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 I .M g J TRINITY x " 2 f I -. 'f , E2S1525ifE , wiv 515151313 . 4 I W 1. " , I f Q 0 if 0 0 lfllffllfdl ffm" 'l N 'fx i""--,, I. ..X. 'J ff, nf' fx A"' ff, Y f ! ' , QQ ff 'JM '-" ax: X ' ! 1+ 5 0 ,, X f hgfwf Pj, , Q V ,il , y It 11 ng X ff , nf , M Q w mf fly Q' V- f 'f4 ,'f7i4f HN W xl HJ W I-V: 'Ll' Wilma: 1' qflwp JI f I ff! Inf!!! ix xni 5' 5 ' y x QC? fx X4 , .J J Z o!!! 'W k Ili' ' X QV , 'Y f 52617011 wfff M 5 Mqfaigf W Y if 5 ' f 5" f lf"W wmfl'luF 'yi Q X N A uw- f Q2 1 "N ., ff ,ff , , ? 4 QW 1 fMWff uf X , Wrap? 4417? Q2 ', xx ,S Lrk " Ski TN ,jfpfjf gx 1 Q33 i5i, -X '- T ---Jff" !f1'!f4'f?! NN 42,20 9 "fry ypfiign Y X sk Q J Vi X! ffffy 'J l 1 ,f A N A Wfjflsv ' Aff if ' I Exec, Rv- X, 47,-"M fy! ' 1 ,.-' 0" , 7 2,2 LA g x , x 'QQ f- .1, , f ,. . fx A 1 X Y '15pirgf5,fg: 5, f jffl ki fff f ql. Y,x K ,xxxyx -gl .l 7 , l,, 6 - , X - 15 ' ,,,,, .-Alf, XX Q ' V ,, , - f g 1 - , , A f , A ff f , 1 fff 4 , f C A ' ' ,ix wif 'ff f . ,iff lqjG N ,G ' V ,ffl ngi f x , 1 ' 1 1 - I f " X Q? 4 ,gy l ...! xi mu " 'ff' ffm K' ' 'xx aff? A YS g jeff . X X , Q 5 X FiEg X, x r! N-.X - AA , .',T-7:Ff.f ' -,." ! .xlxx-jFRg Z4 - Y YW Y N W ., ' -lil- H, VV. GABBY Gnonou D. ALLISON DAVID S'rnNHoUs1-: ll. A. ltA'xK1N Presideni Vice President Secrefarr TI'e'f1SL1r6I' J North Frankhn Canton South Strabane AHIWGH H. H. Cn,n.n J. S. GIBSON D. XV. HUGHES EARL JACKSON Amwell Amwell North Franklin Amwell I. W. LEECH RALPH LOHR J. 0. LUTES W. I., FwIc:Cn151nzY M. R Pmu South Strabane North Franklin Canton Canton Canton S. R. REI-:DY ANTHONY RoMANo E. VV. SHRONTZ A. L. SMITH C. I IAHR South Strabane Canton Alnwell South Strabane North Fldlllxllll MARGARET F. ULERY J. H. XVARNE Canton North Franklin RICHARD YVARAHICK South Strabane GARVIN XVYLIE Canton , A MESSAGE EROM THE BOARD of EDUCATION The Directors ol' Trinity High School appreciate the work ot' the Principal, the teachers and thc pupils. You are all working togethcr for the same goodfto make Trinity a better school. VVhen there is so much uproar, and so inany unscttlcd conditions in the world, when one man, without respect for anything, is trying to dominate the world, it is time for us to stop and think. You boys and girls who are leaving Trinity this year should take this little slogan with you: "Think twice hetorc you act." ,yr President Trinity High School Board of Education. W An HE FAC LTV James R. Braden 1933 Robert S. Wilson 1933 Principal Assistant Principal UniversityofPittshurghgXVash- VVashingon and .Ietl'erson Col- ington and Jetterson Colllege, lege, 13.8.5 Frenchg Algebra. UniV'3"Sity Of Plttsbultlh- "lVhere is your excuse bI11nl:?" "Come lmelc fifllz period." One ot' the characteristics that has made Trinity such a unique institution is the cordial relationship between students, and taeulty. Visitors to our campus have noted that this quality seldom exists in a school of this size. The teachers are always willing to join with the pupils in the various social activities that are held during the term. As - t'or the more serious side ot' the program, we know that the instructors are ready to help the students with the many problems that arise dur- ing the course ot' the school year. The Trinity students have developed this same loyal spirit in their relations with each other. Il' this were not true, it would be impossible to carry on the many extra-class activities that enrich the school pro- gram. This same cooperation and team work is shown in every phase ot' the organization. 0 Harry J. Brown 1939 lGrove City College B.S. and C.: Adviser of liitle Club: Adviser ol' Commercial Club: Com- mercial Law: Bookkeeping: Business English: Typewrit- ing: Salesmanship. Lef's be serious about this mul- fer." James R. Clark 1935 Juanita College, B.S.: Gradu- ate work, NVashington and Jet'- ferson College: University ot' Pittsburgh: Adviser of Sopho- more Class: Member of Olym- pus Statl': Director ot' Cheer- ing: Adviser ot' Junior Hi-Y Club: Science: Mathematics. I.el's gel quiet back lherP." Edwin S. Day 1931 Hiram College, AB.: Director of Dramatics: Science: ling- lish: Mathematics We're going lo fry ll new idea." Milton T. Decker 1937 1Vayneshurg College, B. S.: Graduate work: Pennsylvania State College: California State Teachers College: Civics: Phys- Mary E. Dempster 1938 University ot' Pittsburg, A.B.: Graduate work, University of Pittsburgh: Head of Com- mercial Dcpartment: Adviser of Commercial Club: Adviser of Freshman Class: Member of Olympus Stall: Typxvritingg .lunior Business Training. "Ii should be done Ihis way." Mary Donson 1938 lVestminster College, A. B.: Graduate work, XVashington and Jefferson College: Adviser ol' JuniorClass: Journalism lNov- el-TD: Director ol' Dramatics: Adviser of Senior Girl Reserves: Sponsor ot' May Day: English. "Sc11rry uronnrl, and 1-onie in ilie dance." William Ellwood 1939 Pennsylvania State College, B. Grace E. Griflin 1938 Pennsylvania State College: Carnegie Institute of Teclmol- ogy, B.S.: University ot' Pitts- burgh: Drexel Institute of Technology: Adviser of Fresh- man Girl Reserves: Adviser of Freshman, Home Economics Club: Olympus Staff: Art: Vo- cational Home Economies. "ltd like io see if in pencil first." Cleon S Hallam 1926 NVashington and Jefferson Col- lege, A. B.. M. A.: Graduate work, XVashington and Jel'l'er- son College: University ol' Pittsburgh: Member of Olym- pus Staff: Problems ol' l3'emoe- racy: Mathematics. "One of my friends said. .. ' J. Arleigh John 1930 1Vashington and Jefferson Col- lege, l3.S., M.A.: Member ol' Olympus Staff: Associate Ad- viser ot' Rifle Club: lilathemat- ical Education: Football: S.: Assistant Supervisor ot' Ag- lies: Earth Science. 1Vrestling: Track. Ficulture- f'The bell has rung: IBIUS ge! 'I'Il be back in ll ITLlI1llf8.,y "Gel busy, fellows." qniel" A-L . .av-1.4. .u.m...Q. ' 1 re l 1 .l 1 'l 1 1 fa .il 'i 1 i .l 1 4 .4 l i 4 el 5 a l .gl Amelia C. Jones 1936 Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, B.Sg head ot' Home Eco- nomics Department: Adviser ot' Home Economies Club: Advis- er of Cafeteria Club: llonie Economics. Come Io Home Room on lime." Amba Kiblinger 1929 Ohio Northern, li.S.g Graduate Work, University ot' Pitts- burgh: Adviser ot' Sophomore Class: Adviser of WP' Club: Girls' Basketball Coaeh: Phys- ical Education: Biology. Goodbye, . -.... ." Mary Louise Martin 1930 Vllheaton College, A.B.: Grad- ute work, Columbia Universi- ty: Librarian: English, Latin. On Sahhatical leave, attending Fniversity of Chicago, Librar- ian School. 'Our last year fueully member who left us lo offend a Libmr- ian School." J. William McKay 1938 lVayneshurg College. A. B.: Graduate work, Slippery lloelt State Teachers College: Advis- er ot' Junior Class: English: Civics. "Good morning .... " Norman C. Mohn 1937 Duquesne University. B.S.: Car- negie lnstitute ot' Technology. BLA.: Director ot' Music. "Do you want io buy ll lielcel io fhe musical festival?" James A. Moninger 1931 lVashington and Jet't'erson Col- lege, B.S.g Graduate work. YVashington and Jetterson Col- lege: Adviser of Senior Class: Member of Olympus Staff, English. "You better gel in your riglzl seat." L .. s. ...Asz....... - . . An HE FACULTY Donald W. Moore 1936 Duquesne l'niversity, li. S.: Graduate work, Duquesne l'ni- versityg Vniversity ot' Pitts- burgh: Basketball Coach: liase- ball Coaehg llistory. "Could bite his jingermlils wlzrn the boys :Io sonzelhing wrong." Charles R. Morrison 1937 lVashington Business College: Pennsylvania State College, ll. S.: XVashington and .let'l'erson College: Adviser of Future Farmers ot' America: Super- viser of Agriculture. "This is the may I won! il done." Ruth A. Myers Muskingum College, B. A.: Li- brarian: English. HG0 fo ihe office for Il Iule rur- case." Emily E. Myers 1936 University of Pittsburgh, A.B.: GI'LlCll12llC work, YVashington and Jefferson College: A1ne1'i- ean Literature: Civics. It's immaterial to me." Irene E. Robertson 1937 Carnegie Institute of Technol- ogy, B.S.: Graduate work, Co- lumbia University: University of Pittsburgh: Geneva College: Adviser of Commercial Club: Member of Olympus Staff: Ad- viser of Senior Class: Type- writing: Junior Business Train- ing: Commercial Geography. Illl dictate some more material tomorrow." E. Vaughn Ross 1929 XVashington and Jefferson Col- lege, B.S., M.S.: Graduate work, University of Pittsburgh: Ad- viser of Freshman Class: Ad- viser of Senior Hi-Y Club: Member of Olympus Staff: History. 'Tomorrow ure might have a friendly little quiz." Mary R. Ross 1937 University of Pittsburgh, A.B.: Graduate work, University of Pittsburgh: Adviser of Coln- mercial Club: Shiorthandg His- tory. "Come on, be honest about il." Margaret C. Spriggs 1933 Geneva College, AJS.: graduate work, University of Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania State College: Adviser of Camera Club: Ad- viser of S.P.Q.ll. Club: Latin. "The lardy bell has rung." John L. Stewart 1938 lVashington and Jefferson Col- lege, B.S.: graduate work, XVashington and Jefferson Col- lege: Adviser of Camera Club: Science. "There will be Il qui: lomorrowf' J. H. Wilson 1933 Thiel College, l3.S.: Graduate work, NVasbington and Jeffer- son College: Biology: Vocation- al Chemistry. "All right nom, will you gel quiet!" H. Ruth Zediker 1933 Muskingum College Uni- versity ot' Pittsburgh, M.A.: Adviser of Go-to-College Club: English. "An honest confession is good for Ihe soul." Mrs. Cora Barney 1933 Cafeteria Cook. 'H-llzouys mulcing somthing good." C. Verner Gayvert 1931 Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. "Refrain from Iliroming papers on lhe l'!ll7l111ISn A. Vincent McKee 1936 Trinity High School: XVasbing- ton Business College: Penn State Commercial College: Sec- retary to the Principal. "Oh, how me wish he could sign our t'.l't'lISES again" Dorothy Mounts 1939 Trinity High School: Penn State Commercial College: Ol'- tice Girl. "What Illtlllul we students do milhoul hen?" 4- . l E E. Y E N ,X 7" l P ,1, mf AN f Y f - - f' ' X If ! , . If k ' D 9 f I U , - Y :vw -- wx gi? f Q X -X A' A ' WM. 84.-A ' i x M 'pez'-THTQQ V ' X - 0-' , , Q up X M1 v.,5g.3a, I l' . spin? Ex X 4: f'-can 13:1 J: :Jaws -if -illliih x. 95434 pgkmfa4-22,-Q'-sh-'.' pi A -X we-f 5'-' 22",-'f ' . a! ',2Q3???g4fo'ffbjQ,2y.1, F, -' 'Z 'sl 4-Mui 'f '99 xz X X 4.-fu., Za' My A. U 1 :Q A u xx w ' 1 1' - - f H X ' f A . ' ' " ' gif, f f X - A ' f HG . f, 'wif ' f fi'ff f ' , - "L .. , - 'f ff f u V7.5 'A , , f' " L - X ' X - W f , . u f , gw f. f,, ,, ,1 if f ff, ,X ' f' 1'-, ' ' ZX X Aj ff ' M , " , .3:.,i 3 K , ' , ,ff-1 ---ff., if WwXgf,,,,W ffm f ,X 1415 , --fi f-if-Y . ff -Qglifgf' ,g2i 'i"-if'-irgrll. y il? L fT-ilifll'-'1 1:: gif? I QF-Qfif, ,7 ,V 4 2' -....1g...- kim 2 sf Ili ..,, ,. ,, - 3 V , -v?:,-1192 -,ini W -H' '+L--Q ,...... nh, - 7-----V-V vhs' x L,.-.--- f'."5jYf,,gA-' , rn- WL ,, V 1- V -V W Y Ai-if EJ JT-ri ?--- V ii- WV , 'ff'-'--.., ....,1- g, - 1 R. 4 f , ,7 4 7 Z , IIE HE l ,, Wallace Comer Wally I 0 Rl C0ll1IllG1'lC2ll ' liancl lg Orchestra lg Home Room Otiicer 1, 3, -l-Q Com1ne1'- cial Club 3, 4. Vuuglllllt 11111 nice." SENIOR HISTORY In the illllulllll ot' the 111e111orable year 1937, when the su111111er su11 was retreat- i11g to a I1lOl'0 favorable region to the south, we e11tered the lnonstrous halls ot' this, our Alina Mater, to begin our 1lI'Ill12ll'y course in preparation lor our respective parts o11 the stage. VVell do I reineniber that first year, a year ol' work a11d yet a year ot' play, one ol' failures and yet characterized by success. VVe elected as leaders: Advisers, Miss Robertson and Mr. Bieryg Preside11t, Sani- llly Swartg Vice President, Bob Porter, Secretary, Mauvclyn lltllltllllg Treasurer, Harold Porter. The early days ot' that year were stamped in the ineinories ot' all by an unco11- querable sense ot' fear, we doubted our ability to cope with the big things ot' life- wl1icl1 lI1ClLlCl8ll dictio11aries Zlllfl certain nicn. Nevertheless, through all the trials ot' that year ot' introduction, with all the fears ot' authority in the person ot' seniors and teachers, through all this, I say, we lived successfully, like the i.I'0Illl6l'Slll6Il ot' 48, in forging a passage through the unknown regions. Our sophoniore year was really but a continuation ol' the preceding year. As a matter ol' tact, the introduction time was past, and we strutted through the halls witl1 as lllLlCll dignity as that llllCI1ll6d to be conveyed by the 1ll0Sl humble ol' the faculty. VVe had discovered the characteristics ol' our surroundings. Again we chose leaders: President, Samuel Swartg Vice President, Robert Por- ter, Secretary, Peggy Morrison, Treasurer, Harold Porter. Due to the tact that Mr. Biery C011lll1l,lCll l1is education at State College, Mr. Moninger became adviser. A lew niolnents i11ter111ission Zlllil We continue witl1 our history, this time with the lnolnentous junior year, a year when only those who are willing to spend tive years im. Michael Goga Mike Commercial Track lg Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Home Room otlicer 4g Class Vice President: Hi-Y 3, 4, liand 1, 2 "He 111011161 make an efficient of- fice boy." Betty Peterson Bet Commercial Girl Reserves l 2, 3, 44 Go-to- College Club 3, 4: Home Room Officer 1, 45 Class Sc-ccrtary -lg Commercial Club Il, -ig May Day l, 2, 3, 4: MT" Club 4, Librarian 2 3, 43 Olympus Staff 3, 4g Junior Paper Staff 3. "Sweet things come in small przclcagesf' Joseph Puskarich Joe Commercial Hi-Y 2g Commercial Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 45 Band Zig Olympus Staff 3, -lg Student Patrol 4g Class Treasurer 45 Senior Play 4. "A boy whom we can depend on." in high school can afford to lead a "butterfly lifef' But the glorious thought of being just one year behind the seniors, and of sitting in chapel seats exactly like theirs, gives such an air of importance to this state of existance, that juniors go round with a broad grin and all-important skip. This yearstands out because of the Junior-Senior Prom and Junior Play "Keep Your Fingers Crossed." The otlicers were: President, Williain Drenickg Vice Pres- ident, Loyal Weziverg Secretary, Peggy Morrison, Treasurer, Martin Cook. V Now I am reaching my climax. The seats in chapel so enviously eyed for three years are at last attained. Wliat a difference four years has made in them. Notice especially the change in their walk from that self-conscious, unsteady step to a confi- dent, pompous tread. The seniors presented the annual play, held a dance and participated in other social activities. We elected Wallace Comer, President, Mike Goga, Vice President, Betty Peterson, Secretary, Joe Puskarich, Treasurer. The Goddess ot' Fate has done wonders to help the progress of humanity, but when, through her undiscovered artifices, she succeeded in the uniting for further preparation those honorable personages, who compose the Class of '41-when she had done this, I repeat, she accomplished one of the finally decisive steps in the progress of socialistic achievements. For this class, besides its bright hope for a glorious future, it has recorded itself in the social and educational history of the last four vears. 25229 1 , nu. . . l,.i.7,,, A, 7,71 1 ' l 1 1 4 1 I w 1 l 1 411. Irwin Amistade Star Commercial Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Olympus Staff' -lg Home Room Officer 2, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 23 Junior Paper Staff' 3. "Our len-o'eloelc scholar." Lee Andrew Lee Academic Latin Club 2, 3, 43 President 43 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4: Student Patrol 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Home Room Officer 1g VVrestling 1. "His girl friend lives in Gun Town." Jacqueline Arcure Jackie ' Commercial Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3. "Une of the roller rinlc's lnesl ezzs1'omers." Phillip Arlotta Two-Ton Academic 'Football 2, 3, 4. "Oar feature football star." Lester Ault Hammer Head Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Football 2, Penn State 1. 'tHe likes our SUlIIl0I1l0I'l3S.U Joseph Backner Buck General Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. f'0ne of our baslzful athlelesi' Erma Bainer Ermig Commercial Home Economics Club 2. "You wouldn't know she was around." El8aIl0I' Baker Punkie Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, -lg 'Home Room Officer 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. "She tools a horn in lhe l1a11cl." if 1-.I , if . l!t'ig.4"" , if that HE E lllll Charles Batson Bud Vocational 1.I .A. 1, 2, 3, 4. f'lVlzere's Margaret?" Yessser Commercial XVasbingon High School 1. 2g Home Room Officer 3, 43 Girl Reserves 3, 4. "Wash Hi's loss lvas Trinityts gain." ' Gayle Batson Jack Batson Berr Vocational .lunior Hi-Y 1, 2g F.F.A. 1, 2, J, 4. 20111: of our fulure farmers." Evelyn Bayne Evie Lee V Vocational Home Economics Club 1, 23 Cafeteria Club 1, 2. "She will soon be Mrs." .-.,.ti,.m. . .--1-?- V B Doris Jean Bedilion G G' Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Play Day 1, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer 2, '6'l"' Club 4. "lVhat will Kib do without her?" Harry Bell 3 Bell Commercial Claysvillc High School 1, 2, 3. "A nice boy from Claysuillef' James W. Benjamin Benge Commercial Boys' Chorus 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 3. "Can he singll' Pearl Bennett Pete Academic Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, S.P. Q.R. 3. A2-1 future uuialrixf' Roberta Bennett Berta Commercial Go-fo-College Club 3, 43 Li- brarian 2, 3, 4, Girls Chorus I 2. "Always willing to cooperate." ff fr? ' a ry ' Frank Bernotas Miler General Track 2, 3, 4, Boxing 2. f'0ne of Trinily's track stars." Robert Blake Cooney General Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Junior Paper Staff' 3, NVrestling 1. "The Batson flame is still burn- ing. Robert Bleifus A Robin General XVashington High School 1, 2, 3. "lf he isn't absent-he is late." Kenneth Breese Colonel General t'Quiel as u mousef, Wallace Bruckner Champ . General Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Boys' Chorus 2, 4, Boxing 1, 2. "Anxious to get a punch at Joe Louis? Margaret Buchte Buck Commercial Commercial Club 3, 45 "Tv Club 4, S.P,Q.H. 3. "She will make someone zz good secretary." Mary Jane Buckels Buckels Academic Home Room Officer 3, Roches- ter Junior High School 1, 2. "A future Tennis Star." Hazel Irene Caesber Susie Commercial "So Quiet." Margaret Cain Maggie Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Go-to- College Club 3, 4, President 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, "Tv Club 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 3, Olympus Staff 3, 4, Home- Room Officer 1, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. "Our honor student." Q 1 Doris Mae Carlisle Chick Vocational Cafeteria Club 3, -1, Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, Girl Reserves 3, Go-to-College Club 3. "She will make some man a good wife." Ruth Carson Ki! Commercial Girls' Chorus 4, Claysville High School 1, 2. "We hope you liked our school." Milford Chambers Mitzie General Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Track 1, Boxing 1, Basketball 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3. "He makes a good Master of Ceremonies." Helen Chmiel General Girl Reserves 3, Basketball 3, 4, Home Room Officer 3. "A frue friend of eueryoiiefi I rs Richard Church Dick General Hi-Y, Baseball, Basketball, Boys' Chorus. "Action speaks louder ihan words." Lloyd Clemens Commercial Hi-Y 3, 43 Commercial 3, 4, President 4, Olympus Staff 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 3. :May I read the annoncements?" Betty Jane Cook Cookie Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4, Go-to- College Club 3, -1, Commercial Club 3, 4, Olympus Staff 3, 4, "T" Club 4, Junior Paper Staff 3, 4, May Day 1, 3, Home Room Officer 2, Librarian 3, 4. "She likes io rifle." W Ani ni Elllli Mildred Cook Cookie Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 2, 3, Olympus Staff 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Home Room Officer 3, 4, Play Day 1, 2, 3, 4, Mav Dav 2, "T" Club 4, Sec- retary 4. "A flash on fhe Basketball floor." I if-,K Isabel Costello 4 'rf Subbie Commercial Home Economics 1, 2, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Girl Re- serves 1,-2, 3, 4, Olympus Staff 3, Play Days 2, 3, 4. "Small, buf mighfyf' Martin Cook C k, William Crawford Bill 00 ie . A . Commercial H,Y I 2 ,S 4. H cademlb Boxing 1,2, :rig Football man- 1' i 1 H ' Ome Room ager 3, 4, Basketball 1, 3, Officer 1' 3' 43 Olympus Staff Home Room OHTCCI' l, 2, 3, 4, 45 Rifle Club 1' 2' 39 S'P'QjR' '11-.wk 1, 2, :sg Volleyball 3, 3, 49 Camera Club 3, 41 Jumoi' Class Treasurer 3, Junior Pa- Play Cast' per Sinn' 3, "He likes the college girls." Dcckcrls side-kick." John Crosbie Vocational Home Room Officer, Vice Pres- ident of Ag. Consul, Student Patrol, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Camera Club. "He is a whiz at phofographyf' John N. Daugherty Vocational 'Aho you like Trinily, John?" Carl Davidson Chink Commercial Baseball 3, 4. 'IA future .lo DiMaggio." Lillian Mae Donaldson Lilly ,Commercial Cirl Reserves 3, 4. "One of the few quiet Seniors." William Drenick Bill Commercial Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, Il, 45 Class President 3. "An all llfllllllll atlilelef' Frances Drezewski Pinky Commercial Vocational 1, 2, Girl Reserves 3, 4g Commercial Club 3, 4. "Olga is her pal." Marion Duvall Buck General Senior Hi-Y Zi, 41 Track 1: Monitor 4. 'lHarclly ever heard from."- Duane Elliott A Red Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, -ig Ag. Council 4. 'A0ne of our farmer boys." Weezie Commercial Louise Faiella Girl Reserves 1. "She hates to make speeches." Leona Ferguson Fergie Commercial Basketball 2, Il, 45 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 31 Olympus Stall' Zig Commercial Club 3, 45 '4'l"' Club Sl, 4. "She is the tallest girl al Trin- ity." E AV,,V ... 3,1115 ,af I .V .QR William L. Flagle Geezil Commercial Basketball 1, 3, 4. "His bus is never on time." Fred Folkens Fritz Vocational Basketball. 'fHv likes to skip school." Clara Fowler Caddie General VVashington High School 1, 2, 35 Olympus Stall' 4g Girls' Chorus 4g Girl Reserves 4. "She likes our English teacher." Sarah Fowler Sally Academic XVashington High School 1, 2, 33 S.P.Q.ll. 4. l'She will make a good school teacher." Bruno Franks Hink General Olympus 3, 4. "He will win fame in drawing." Virginia May Frye Ginger Academic Girl Reserves 4. "A Hazel Atlas girl." Willis Fullerton Bud General Olympus Staff 3, 4, Home Room Officer 3, 4, Senior Hi- Y 4, Student Patrol 4. "One of Miss Gr'iffin's star url pupils." Freda Fulton Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, Home Room Officer 1, 2, Girls' Chor- us 1, 2, 3. "She is lzeacled for mal1'imony." Sammy L. Gaido Snuffy Commercial Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Vlfrestling 1, 2, 3, Vol- leyball 1, 2. f'The main spoke in the football wheelf' , A "si,-H . Ethel Ruth Gettig Butch Academic YVashington Seminary 1, Girls Chorus 2, 4, Go-To-College Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 3, Olym- pus Stafi' 3, 4, Band 4, May Day 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Li- brarian 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4. "You hear her before you see her." Olga Giecek Q Okie Commercial Home Economics 1, 2, Girl Reserves 3, Home Economics Club 1, 2, May Day 3. "Silence is golden." Jean Gorby Commercial Commercial Club 3, 4, Band 3, 4. "A friend lo all she meelsf' Darrell Grable Gmble General hVZlSlllHgtOl1 High School l 2, 3, Boxing 4, Student Patrol 4. "SlilI wafers rim deepf' 2' . , .,. W Ani lll0ll David L. Grimes Doc Academic XVrestling 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, Track 1, Volley- ball 4. "A fllfllfe head of a big hospi- falf, Margaret Grimm Maggie Commercial Go-To-College Club 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Commercial Club 3. "True io her one and onlyf, Mauvelyn Hanam Mickey Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, May Day 1, 2, 3, Drum Major 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Class Secre- tary 1, Home Room Ollicer 1, 2, 3, Girl llescrve Council 4. "She is alrearly spoken for." Nrargaret Harvoth Shorty Commercial f'Sma'll bill m ighfyfl HE Ruth Harriet Haught Ruthie Commercial Girl Reserves 1: Commercial Club 3, 4g Play Day 2, 3, 4. "She leads a life of silence." Jean Frances Headley Jeanie Commercial Go-To-College Club 3, 4g Treasurer 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Rooln Officer 1, 2, Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 G. R. Council 4g Junior Paper Staff 35 May Day 2, 35 Com- mercial Club 3, 4. 'tDo you like our facnlly Jean?" Harry Heatley Flash General Track 1. "High skipper." Josephine Hendricks Jo Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2g Librarian 1. "lVe think she would malce a gnozl hair slylislf' Mary Holmes Honey Commercial Home Economics Club. 'tShe didn't like school very well." Kenneth Hootman Kenny Academic Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Play 33 Band 1, 2, 3, -ig Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, 43 President 4, Vice President 31 May Day 2g lVrestIing lg Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Home Room Olli- cer 1, 23 Junior Paper Staff 2, 3, 4, Olympus Staff 3, -lg Student Patrol 4. HHis inieresl is in lhe Junior Class." Aldene Horner Dene Academic Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4: Mixed Chor- us 4. "She likes lo sing." Robert Horner Deacon General Student Patrol Il, 41 Wrestling lg Basketball lg Home Room Officer 4. t'He has a sense of humnrf' John Hughes Academic Band, Orchestra. t'His eyes sparkle lnilh mis- chief." WM , Q in 1 rL,i1'f l Paul Hulton Percy Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, si, 4, Ag. Officer 4, Ag. Council 4. Wine of the F. F. A. Boys." Betty Jane Jackson Jackie Vocational Home Economics Club 1, 23 Cafeteria 3, 4. "A problem lo a cerlain he." Marie Jeffers Jeff Academic Girl Reserves 2, 3, Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2. "Girls, she has a handsome boy- friend." Arlene Johnson Arlene Commercial "A quiet liflle Senior." John Johnson Gilk General Inter-Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball lg Softball 3, 4. f'Likes red no mailer what color it is." . ' 1 J' J Lucille Kendall Ken Vocational Home Economics Club 1, 2, Girl Chorus 3, Girl Reserves 1, Cafeteria 4. "Has her cap set for a cerluin last year graduate." Ruth Kimberland Wiz Commercial Girl Reserves 1 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Majorette 3, 4, Jun- ior Play-3, Librarian 2, 3, 4, May Day 1, 2? "Come on Ruth fell us who Jael: zs " ' .. Kathryn Kinder Kitty General Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, String Quartet 2, 3, lnterclass Tournament 2, 3, 4. "Our Senior songbirdf' Elizabeth Klein Bez Academic Girl Reserves 2, 3, Home Eco- nomies Club 1, 2, S. P. Q. R. Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Home Room Ofiicer 1, 2, 3. "Our platinum Blond Senior." Wanda Kolanko Wanda Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4, Home Room Officer 2, 4. t'Has rhythm in her feetf, Margaret Kosey Peg Commercial Home Room Officer 2. "She has plans of becoming ll housewife soon." John Kostic Dud Commercial Track 1. Mille wonder if he likes schoolf' Helen Marie Kozal Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. 1, 2, Harrisburg Pageant 2, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Day 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 3, 4, Olympus Staff 3, 4, Library 4, "T" Club 3, 4, C0111- mercial Club 3, 4, Go-'l'o-Col- lege Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Basketball 4, Senior Play 4, May Day 4. Beezie "Always willing lo help ollzersf' fy, A ' ., A -',' e ,H 4 'e A 5 El Szihrf. lil? W ln E lllll Frank Krigline Hickles Academic Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, S. P. Q. R. Club 3, 4. "A smile that cheers everyone." Helen Kuzy Kuz Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, "TH Club 3, 4, Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Play Day 1, 2, 3, Jun- ior Paper Staff 3. HKnown by everyone for her friendliness? Geraldine Lauther Jerry General Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, See- retary 1, Home Room Otiicer 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, May Day 1, 2. "Noi a care in Ihe world." Frank Lesjak Cagney V Commercial Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. "A quiet boy for his age." Mi. L..-..Lh..m,, Edward Lesnock Ed Academic Track 1g S. P. Q. R. 3. "W'e wonder if he likes school too.', John Lockman Lockman General Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. "Doesn't make himself known." Richard Long Dick General Attended XV2lSlllllgfOIl High School 1, 2, 3. "Three days a week of school is enough for him." Carolyn Lutes Shorty Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, -15 Band 4, May Day 2, 33 .lunior Pa- per Staff 3. "Our hair stylist." Donald Lyle Mike Commercial "Woman hater." Wanda Lysh Tiz Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, -Lg Mixed Chorus 4g Girls Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Home Room Officer 1, 35 May Day 2, 3, 4: "T" Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, -ig Junior Paper Stall' 3: Junior Play "Boy can she put swing into a song." Grace Maloy Gracie Commercial Commercial Club 3, 4. "Quiet but studiousf' James Maloy Jim Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Timirl in front of peoplef, .lean Mankey Jeanie Commercial Junior Paper Staff 3. "A faithful friend to someone." 14 VX' Frank Markinac Frankie Academic Donora High Schoolg Home Room Officer -13 S. P. Q. R. -1. "Our A studentf' Helen Marks Marks Commercial Basketball 2, 3, -lg Home Room Officer 2, 3, -lg "Tl, Club 3, 4g Play Day 1, 2, 3, 4. 'ATrinityls haskethall starf' Q I Emma Marsh "- Emmy 'Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 2, Vice President '1, 23 Home Room Officer l. I K "Has a smile for everyone." u Doris McAfee Dot Vocational Home Economics Club 1 23 Girl Reserves 2, 4: Girls' Chor- us 2, 3. "Seems that her interests are outside of school." Mary McClenathan Dot Commercial Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Commer- cial Club 3, 4g Win' Club 45 Olympus Staff 3, 4g Junior Paper Staff 3. "A heart of gold." i i r E 1 E E l i 1 e A l is E 1, 2 . E i , , G . 3 L 4, W., A Daniel McCormick Hank General lV1'6Stllllg 13 Track 13 Basket- ball 3, 4. "Small and mighty." Catherine McCoy Kitty Academic 1'J11st as quiet as a lcittenf, Jimmy McGregor Salty General Dormont 1, 2, 33 Band 4g Rifle Club 43 Boxingg Vilrestling. "Say, do you know what was on the leslf' Thelma McKay Shorty Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 4. 'fllome is better than school." Elma McMillan Millan Academic Librarian 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Rc- serves 2, 3, 43 Camera Club "VVants lo be izzrlzzctezl-rzs a IlllI'SH.U Carl McNary Ben Vocational Home Room Officer 23 Boys Chorus 1, 23 F. F. A. 3, 43 Student Patrol 4g Agricultural Mushball Team 3. "Like to 'talk' Io Iha girls lvliile on duty." David Merchant Dave Academic llille Club 1, 23 .lunior Paper Staff 3g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Or- chestra 2, 3. HA problem Io Mr. H!l'll1Il77.l, Agnes Milkovich Aggie Commercial Commercial Club 3, 4, Treas- urer 43 Home Economic Club 3, 43 HT' Club 3, 4. "Does anyone have II lll4IlfTll.n 511 .llli 2:5 -ff illlii HE l0ll Anna Miller Ann Vocational Home Economic Club 1, 23 Cafeteria 3, 43 Girl Reserves l, 3, 43 Junior Play ll: Demon- stration Team 2, 3. "Her interests are with llze Armyf' Lester Miller Les Commercial Band l, 2. 'KA quiet and lmshfnl boy." Mary Miller Mary Vocational llolne Economic Club l, 23 Music 4. y. "Silence is golden. Ruth Miller Ruthie Commercial Girl Reserves 4. "Lil:e's to croon sweet songs." .. A..-. W- l , -,Q4. Letitia Mogentale Lettie Commercial Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Home Economies Club 1, 2, S. P. Q. R. 2, "TU Club 3, 4, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Paper Staff 2, 3, 4, Olylnpus Staff 3, 4, Librarian 4. Has a winning smile." Robert Morrison Bob Vocational F. F. A. President 4, Agricul- tural Council, Agriculture Musbball Team 1, 2, 3. 'Seems 10 go for a verlain soph- omoref, Sara Margaret Morrison Peggy Academic Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 1, Vice President 3, Sec- retary 4, May Day 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, S. P. Q. R. 2, Editor of Junior Paper 3, Olympus Staff 3, 4, Go-to-Col- lege Club 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Inter-Club President 4, Librarian 1, 2, 3, 4, Holne Room Officer 1, 4. 'A lonely little red lwaflf' John Munn ,lack Academic Rifle Club 4, Camera Club 3, Student Patrol 4, Rand 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Junior Paper Staff 3, S. P. Q. R. 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 'Has Ironble in finding the right girl." .-.4 . John Murdock Johnnie Commercial "One of Ihe three shadows." Eloise Murray Sis Commercial Basketball 4. HA pleasing personality." Judson W. Neill Jud Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1 Agricultural Council 2, 3, 4. "1Vanls lo be a future farmer." Joe Oliverio Joe General VVrestling 1, 2, Volleyball 4, Home Room Officer 2. "Mr, Deelcefs handy man." Eleanor Paul Cheat Academic "Likes fn square dance a lol." Eleanor Petlock Pet Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 4, Vice President 1, Commercial Club 3, 4, Olympus Stalt' 3, 4, Home Room Otticer 2 3, Junior Pa- per Statl' 3, Librarian 4, May lJ'ay 4. ' 't0l1r personality girl." James Phillips Jim Vocational Football -1-, Track 3, 4, Vol- leyball 4, Demonstration Team 3, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3., 4, Secretary 4, Student Patrol 4. HLil:es fo lall: a lol." Martha Phillips Mart Commercial Basketball 3. "A faithful friend io Josephine." Ross Phillips Ross Academic Basketball 1, Interelass Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1. HCIIIIOIISIIIIFQ is his se1'nnd11ome." Mary Plizga Honey General Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Harrisburg Pagent 2. 'f0z1r talkative Senior." ff., '- . l 4 1 l l i 1 4 f 1 1 J l Herman Ponton Zeke Commercial Football 2, 3. "VVill someone please donate him an alt1rm clock." Edwin Popeck Ed Vocational F. F. A. 3, 4. "Has a knack for giving speech- CS. - . Robert Porter Bob Academic Class Vice President 1, 23 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 S. P. Q. R. 2, 33 Student Patrol 4g Cheer- leader 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 2g YVrestling lg Junior Paper Staff 3. "A little boy wiih Il greal big rough voice." Josephine Porto Jo Commercial Librarian 3, -13 Olympus Stall' 43 Home ltoom Officer 1, 33 Girls' Chorus 1. 2, 3, 43 Junior Paper Staff 3g Commercial Club 43 "TU Club 43 Mixed Chorus 4. "Likes fo wrife her boy friend's name." Virginia Postlethwait Porky General Home Economic Club 1, 2, Sec- retary 13 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Girls, Chorus 2, 3. "Belief Iaie than neverfl Frank Potopishian Frankie Commercial Football 23 Track 2g Baseball 3. "0ughI io make I1asebr1l'l II pro- fessionf' John Prandini 'IA Iiflle shy in girls? Frank Puskarich "One of Ilia lhree if 5' ,On ,zf . sis' 15? Johnnie Commercial company of Pushie Academ ie sliadoznsfl 'Q E if li J 5 22-44:1 l f ' Ani ui lllllt Nellie Queer Squink Commercial Band 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Coln- mercial Club 3, -1. "Can'i be judged by her lasl name? Jack Roberts Jack Co mmereia I Boys' Chorus 1, 23 Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 43 Vice President, of Hi-Y 23 President ol' Home Room 33 Junior Paper Stall' ll: Student Patrol 4. 'ilusf nuizirallg roinicfl Mary Helen Ross Academic Librarian l, 2, 3, 43 Girl Rc- serves 1, 2, 3, -13 Treasurer 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Camera Club 3, 43 Secretary 3, 43 May Day 2, 33 Junior Paper Stafl' 2, 33 Junior Play. "lVe love Io hear her giggle." Robert Rutan Bob Vocational Agriculture 2, 3, 43 Mononga- hela High School 1. "I wonder who slle might be." .Q 'G William Sams Bill Commercial Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. "The hig league is calling him.', Richard Sargent Deckie Commercial Music 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Room Presi- dent 2, 3. 4'He values his horn." Edward Sasek Bud General Track 1, 2, 3, -1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3. 'There is no Ioue if you can't holrl her hanrlf, Betty Jane Scott Betsy Commercial "Always Il smile." Anne Shumar Annie - Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Libra- rian -lg Commercial Club 3, -'lg Olympus Staff 4, Home Room - Secretary -Lg Junior Paper Staff 33 May Day 4. "Her smiles are always sinceref, James Sibert Jim Commercial Rifle Club 2, Hi-Y 3. "Go Illlllly with that stuff." Tom Skariot Bay Commercial HAre you going to home roomy? John J. Skowvron Johnnie General Track 2, 3, 4g Olympus Staff 3, 43 Student Patrol 4. "He has U way of getting the girls." Frances J. Skrabski Francy Commercial Home lic. Club 1, 2, Home lioom Secretary 2, Home Ec. Club Secretary. "A cute lillle red lierulf, gl Iznkfx 1 I x. ,f 2 in 1 f 1 .-, --"' 7 in 5 i ' x 2,311 Agnes Barbara Slesh Aggie Commercial Home Room Secretary 2, 3. "You can't shut her off like you can a radio." Joseph C. Spence Joe General Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Play 33 Jun- ior Paper Staff 35 Senior Play 4. "The ladies, pesff' Edith Sten Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Olympus 4. "Our future nurse." Leroy Sten I Swede Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 4. "Small lrnl mighfyf' Earle Stock x - Gus .r " Commercial Football 1, 2, Track 2g YVrcs- tling 2. - -"SIcipping"is his hobby." Margaret Sumney Peggy General "Always looking for ll boy friendf' Ann L. Suto Ann Commercial Holne Economics 1, 2, Home Room Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 43 Harrisburg Pageant 23 HT" Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 4g Junior Paper Stall' 3. "Ann knows mlzal' il is fo malta A's" Mildred A. Sutton Middie Com m ercia l YVaynesburg High School 1, 2g Commercial Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3, 43 S. P. Q. R. 3. "Her boy frienrl is in llle army." Samuel R. Swart Sam CUlllIllCl'Cl2ll Class President 1, 2, Home Room President 1, 2, 3, 4, May Day 1, 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident ol' Hi-Y 43 Commercial Club 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Olympus Stall' 3, 43 Junior Pa- per Stall' 33 Football 15 Stu- dent Patrol 4. "A girl in every perl." L Q" George Thomas Syner Si Commercial Football 2, 3, Baseball 23 Track 1, 2, 3. "The girls are his big inlereslf' Gladys Mary Szakal Mary Academic Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Pa- per Stail' 3: Home Room Oili- cer 23 Mixed Chorus 3, May Day 3, Office Girl 3. 'KA sweet counlry girl." Joseph Levi Thomas Titanic Academic Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Room Vice President 43 S. P. Q. R. 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3. "A frworila fnolball player." Ada Helen Thompson Tom Commercial Varsily Basketball 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, "Tn Club 4. "Slat llaskellmll player." if ei 2 A :gl:lq,,,Qj., if llni HE E I0ll Alfred John Tiano Al Commercial Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. "All excellenl foollnall end, lm! he ll70llIll make ll better hus- band." Juanita Vankirk Sweet-Pea Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Cam- era Club 2, 3, 4. "Lives for love." Joseph Veltre Speedo General Home Room l'I'L'SlIl9lll 4g, in Club 33 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4g Monitor Squad 4. "Slow lull sure." Rose Evelyn Vorum Tootie Commercial Girl Reserves 1: Go-To-College Club 1, Junior Play. ".lleLiclo1ulf111zl's Highligliffi I John L. Walker Johnny Vocational Jr. Hi-Y 25 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 lleporter 45 Agricultural Cou11- eil 2. 3, 45 See. 3 45 F. F. A. judging team at State College 1, 3. Aznericatls fllfllfll farmer." Betty Warth Betty Commercial Girl Reserves 45 Commercial Club 3, 4. Ever so qlzieif' Natalie Henrietta Washinski Nate Vocational Cafeteria Club 3, 45 Home Economics Club l, 25 Demon- stration Team 35 Harrisburg Pageant 25 lnterelass Tourna- ment Basketball. Iiaslcelball flash." Loyal Weaver Moose E Academic Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 V. Pres. 45 Junior Paper Stall' 35 Camera Club 35 Rille Club 45 V. Pres. of Class 35 Student Patrol 45 S. P. Q. R. 2, 3, 45, May Day 35 Boys' Chor- us 45 Home Room Pres. 45 Mixed Chorus 4. - llc lives up Io his IlClIIl6.U Phyllis Weaver Phyl Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 25 Play Day 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Harrisburg Pageant 2. "One of her boy friends is in the armyf' Marguerite Weddle Peggy A Vocational Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 25 Cafeteria Club 3, 45 Go-to-College Club 3, 4. "The other of the singing fwinsf' Marjorie Weddle Margie Vocational Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, President 15 Treasurer 25 Cafeteria Club 3, 45 President 45 Go-to-College Club 3, 45 Vice President 4. t'0ne of ihe singing lwinsf, Eva Marie Wells Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Go-'I'o- College Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 May Day 35 "TN Club 45 Junior Paper Staff 35 Office Gi1'l 45 Senior Play. ll'Iu11' would we do million! Il bossf' n - .4 , Charles Westfall Westy General Track 15 Baseball 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Home Room President 35 Vice President 4. "Do I like lhe girls"! Sarah Louise Wilhelm Sally Commercial "The boy's fanoriie red head." Romaine Wilson Popeye Commercial Home Room Officer 35 Cheer- leader 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3. 45 Play Day 1, 2, 3, 45 f"l"' Club 4. "Romaine likes fo ride motor- cycles." Wilma Wilson Toots Commercial "An efficient seereiaryf' Grace Wright Gracie Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 2. "She likes square fIl1IlCiIlg.U Mary Wright Emmys Commercial Flushing Public School, Flush- ing, Ohio. "A new member of ihe Senior class." Ilah Yoders Samuel Michael Zampan Sam Commercial General Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 45 Monitor 4. "Very quiet bill ever so atfrae- '4He isn't always bashfulf' fivef' John Lazek Cue Ball Commercial Band l, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2g Hi-Yg Rifle Club 3. "Likes fo fall: to fhe girls." SENIOR SERMON TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL VVASl'IlNC'l'ON, PENNsY1,v.xNi.x Sunday Evening, june l, 1941 8 :UU o,eloek PROGRAM Processional March ..... SSS,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.AY,SSS,,,, ...... I , AKE HIKRH Scuooi, ORCHESTRA Invocation SASS..............,S.....nSnS.......S.II.....,......................,,n.S. HIEVEREND W. li. MoK1M Pastor: Chartiers Qllillj Preslmylerian Church, Canonsburg, R. ll. 2 t'To Us Salvation Has Come" ................. ..,..., ...nn.. .....nnnnSSS.nS...,.,....nn4nnSS. B 1 1 AHMS G1R1.s' CHORUS MR. NURHAN C. MOHN, Direclor Scripture Reading-Y-Proverbs -1:1-13 ,,,,, ,.,,,,, K ENNETH 1'IOO'1'lNlAN Prayer ......,n.........n...................,..u.,.4u...,... ..... M ARY McC1.EN,x'rHAN Senior Ensemble-"Ivory Palaces" ....,,.r,,,,.r,,,,,,....,,,,,.,,,,rrrr,,,7,,r, BARRACLOUGH Q JEAN LIEADLEY, ELEANon BAKER, ALDENE HORNEII, INIARY HELEN Ross, ISATI-IRYN K1NDER, XVANIJA l.YsH, MARo,xRE'r CAIN, JUSEPHINE Ponrro- Hynme"Con1e Thou, Almighty King".,. ..,rrr WESLEY 1 Colne, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy name to sing, Help us to praise: Father all glorious, O'er all victorious, Come, and reign over us, Ancient of days! 3 Come, holy Comforter, Thy sacred witness bear I11 this glad hour, Thou who almighty art, Now rule in evtry heart, And ne'er from us depart, Spirit of pow'r ASSEMBLY 2 Come, Thou inc'arnate VVord, Gird on Thy mighty Sword, Our prayer attend, Come, and Thy people bless, And give Thy TVord Success: Spirit of holiness, O11 us descend! 4 To the great One in Th1'ee, The highest praises be Hence, ever more! His Sov'reign majesty May we in glory see And to eternity Love and adore! S9I'1110ll7MGClll11g and Givingu .....,.c.... .clcc......cccccc l REVEREND VV, H, MflKIl'I Intermezzo from '4L,Arlesienne Suite," No. 2 ccccc ,,ee,l B 1zE'r Iflinn Scuoor ORCHESTRA Mn. Non,MAN C. ITIOHN, Direclor "As Pants the Hart" ..... .,V......................,.ee e,,,, S N ow Cmrs' CHORUS Benediction ....l,,,,...... ee.,,e, l IEVEREND NV. li. Melinxi Pteeessional March ...... ,,.EEE.....,..,,,,,.,,..,....,..,,ee,,.,., Y Y A .,,.. LAKE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA CLASS DAY TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL WASIIINGTCIN, PENNSYLVANIA MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1941 . PROGRAM The Senior Scoop SCENE I: A Setting and Introduction Special Music SCENE II: Class History ,,,,,,,,, ......... H ELEN KOZAL Class Advice ,cc....o. ..c................ M IKE GOGA Class Will ,,,,,c, ........ I JETITIA MOGENTAIIE Reading ,,,,,,,, M ARY HELEN Ross SCENE III: The joys of journalism or the trials and tribulations of a substi- tute editor. SCENE IV: Class Prophecy as revealed in a dream to the student editor Saxophone Solo ..,.V,,.rc,.......................,..................c..,,....,,,, VVALLACE COMER Class Song ,,,,,,.,,,,,,ll,,, .....c,cc S E NIORS CAST oF CHARACTERS: Owner of a Local Newspapercc S... W Student Editor ....ccccc.c.....,, ccc... Secretary to the Editor .cc,cccc.c L Office Roy cccccccccccc....,,.ccccc.... ,.V,t,. Radio Announcer ....cccc....ic..cccccccc.....,.c,..,...,.,,,,....,,. .... CLASS COLORSYIIHII and VV1u'te CLASS FLONVER .l..,,cc..,....,,ccc....,,c.,c Red Rose IRWIN AM1sTAoE .LLOYD CLEMENS ,,.,,,.HEl.EN 'KUZY FRANK KRIGLINE ....LE'E ANDREWVS CLASS MoT'r0eeW11at we are T0 RE, we are now BECOMING COMMENCEMENT TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL VVASHINCTON, PENNSYLVANIA Wednesday Evening, june 4, 1941 8:00 o'eloek Proeessional March eee,.,,,,Ieeeee,...eee,,,,,,,,ee,,Ieee,,,,e,e,,,,,I ...,ee. I ,AKE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Invocation .I,,..e,. ,e,,,,. 7.,,. - A --A---ee Allegiance to The Flag le,,.,,l,,eee,ee., ,,,,....e,ee.,ee,,,,,,,,..,ee,,..,...., C LASS OF 1941 Led by XVALLACE COAIER, Class President WCICIJIIIC Address .... , ,.,.,,......s,.. l..... W ALLACE COMER Ballet Music from 6GR0S2l1HuI1Cl6,, .............,........,,... ...,.. S CHUBERT HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA MR. NORINIAN C. INIOHN, Director 'The Keystone State" .......... ,..s.. H ONOR SPEAKERS "Early Pennsylvania" "Pennsylvania in Later Years" '6Pennsylvania and National Defensei' "The Hills of Pennsylvaniail l,,.. GIRLS, CHORUS Address ....,,....,..,,..........,eCss,..l,....s.,,..........,.......I DR. RALPH COOPER HU'FCZI'IISON President, XVashingtOn and .Iefferson College, Wlashington, Pa. Minuet in E flat ..,s.. ..tssv.....C.,,ss.... ....., M 0 ZART HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Presentation of Awards ..seee.,ss C,ICessisssssee,.l,se...,.s,............ ...,..s M R . J. II. BRADEN Principal, Trinity High School Presentation of Diplomas .,,e,se,e.,C...C,,.s,ss,s....,,,,.I,s,ss. MR. H. W, GABBY President of Trinity High School Board of Education "Alma Mater' .... ss.... . SENIOR CLASS Reeessional March .s,s. ..,, .....w . . s.,,,.. I JAKE HIIIH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA E i i r x t I it i K. E V ,1 gg V. 1 r E r I s. T i r li u i l L, i k. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY On August 29, 1938, three hundred twenty-live excited and not a little bewilder- ed newcoiners awaited entry into Trinity High School with high hopes for the coin- ing year. After the usual ribbing from the upperclassinen, we started our class activities in earnest. At the beginning of the second semester we inet and elected the following otticers: President, Sain Calabrog Vice-President, John Martin, Secretary, Olive Jane Fuller, and Treasurer, Joe Engle. Miss Mary Donson a11d Mr. Williziiii McKay were chosen as our advisers. Otur only events ol' importance were the Fresh- nian Party and the "Fresh Flingf' our tea dance. This dance established a prece- dent for successful freshman tea dances. In the fall ot' 1939 We again canie back to Trinity. We now had the cock-sure- ness that is characteristic of Sophoinores, and set to work accordingly. To this end, we proceeded to elect officers for that year. They were: President, Paul Crompton, Vice-President, David Morrowg Secretary, Virginia Rossi, and Treasurer, Joe Engle. In the Way of social activities, we sponsored two tea dances, the "Hot Chocolate Hop" and "The Spinster Skip? These were preliininarics to the biggest event of the year, "The Golddiggeris Swingoutf' Our Third year at Trinity was destined to be our most eventful year. We wasted no time in getting under way. Our otlicers this year Were: President, Paul Cromp- tong Vice-President, George Osborneg Secretary, Virginia llossig a11d Treasurer, Joe Engle. Paul Crompton Academic Basketball 1, 2: President 2, Zig Home Room Officer l, 21 Senior Football 2, 33 Hi-Y 3. Hi-Y 3. Hl'lI'IlIllflil'I ll. Roosrfrwll .lUlIt'S.' . , ng'-,-I W "r,,,.5'.7' l 'ily ii We published six issues of the revamped Junior paper under a new title, 'The Novel-T." VVe were ver ' Jroud ol' its ori inalitv and its unusuallv lar e circulation. 3 K . . Our class play, "Little Geraldine," was successful from every standpoint. To coni- plete our social activities, we staged one tea dance, our Mid-XVinler Handicap, and topped these with the Junior-Senior Prom. Our prominence, however, was not limited to social events, for we were more able than ever to boast of' the athletic prowess of this class. We were well represent- ed on all of' the athletic teams. We have yet to face the final rung in the ladder of scholastic success, hut we have every confidence that we will be one of' the most successful Senior classes Trinity has ever turned out. e' "., l 5 Q, 13 . George W. Osborne Ozzy Virginia June Rossi Ginny Joseph Engle Joe Vocational Academic Vocational Class Vice President 33 Home Basketball l 2, Il: Class Of- liasketliall lg Junior Class Ronin Otliccr 2, Zlg F. F. A. 2, ficer 2, Zig Girl liescrves 2, il: 'l'r4.-asurerg Football 2, 3g F. F. Ii: Treasurer 23 Reporter Nov- Home Room Otlicer l, 2, Il: A. l, 2,31 Otlicer 1, Agriculture vel-'l'. Novel-'l' 33 .lunior Play Il Council lg Home lioom Officer "On II pen and 1wm'iI fflflll in HYUIIIIH' ,lll1SIIllSIliI16'.U 2, 3' I'c11llsg1l1rr1l1ir1.', "UNI Iilucl: Joe." .Ill ltlll e, I 4 n l l l, 1 1 l ' .1 -4 1 1 1 1 l x 1 I t 2 it l 4 Evelyn Amos Linda Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 25 Washington High School 1. "Linda Lou." Louise Andrew Commercial Associate Editor Novel-T 35 Band 35 Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Librarian 2. "The School-marmis D'HHglllCT.,, Corina A1-lotta Cora Commercial Home Economics Club. 9011 a Dielf' Jack Armstrong String Commercial Home Room Officer 2. HI.onesome Louerf' Allen Bails Buck Commercial H0101 .0alfe11 Buck-et" Harry Barringer Dillinger General "I'm lVild Abou! Harryf, Myrtle Barrows Myrt Commercial Girl Reserves 1. "Myrlie.'l Lois Beard Lois Academic Basketball Manager 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Vice President 1, Treasurer 25 Home Room Of- ficer 25 Mixcd Chorus 25 May Day 1, 25 Sports Editorg Nov- el-T 35 S. P. Q. R. 3. "Beautiful Blue Eyesf' John Beck Commercial Track 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 'f0ur Basketball Herof' Harold Bedillion Red Academic Junior Hi-Y 1, 25 Senior Hi-Y 3 'ilusf a Roamerf' William Belcastro Bill Commercial Basketball 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 1. "Tobacco Bluesf' Billy Bell Bill General HLeffy." Evelyn Bell Blondie Commercial "Nobody's Darling." Jennie Bennett Shorty Commercial Girl Reserves 25 Home Room Officer 2. NSweef and Low." Joe Bof Commercial i'Lil2'le Joeief' June Brady Commercial Cheerleader 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Home Economics 1, 25 Demon- stration 15 Home Room Of- ficer 35 May Day 15 Reporter, Novel-T 3. HB6llllllfIll Dreamer? Ruth Braner Angel Academic Feature Editor, Novel-'I' 35 Go-To-College Club 3. "Angel in Disguise." Sigmund Brezinski Ziggie General F. F. A. 1, 2. f'Lonesome and Blue." Bernice Briggs Briggsie Academic Club Editor, Novel-T 3, S. l'. Q. R. 2. "A Charming Lady for Me." Robert Brookman Bob General Senior Hi-Y 3. "Me and .liy Fiddle." Virginia Brownlee Ginny Commercial "My Home in Virginiaf' Carl Bruno Flash Commercial "Be Careful, Girls." Chester Brzezinski Chippy General Baseball 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3. f'F0olbalI Hero." Ruth Bucheli Ruthie Commercial "Ruthie and Me." Rita Cain Rita Commercial Band l, Girls, Chorus 3, Girl Reserves 3, Library l. "Su1cel Senoritaf' Sam Calabro Chopper General Basketball 1, 2, Football 2, 3, Freshman Class President 3 Home lloom Utlicer 2, 3, Track l, 2. 3. "Football Ilerofl Robert Caldwell Robert Commercial "Little Pal of Mine." Philip Camps Phil ' General 'fCI1e1vi11g-Gum Bluesf, Dale Campbell Camel Academic Football 3, Senior Hi-Y 3, Track 2, Volleyball 2. "Riding a Hump-Baelced Camel." William Canan Cannon Ball Commercial HlVI1lH1Sll Cannon Ball." Eugene Carey Carey Commercial Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Monitor 3. Hsllllflfllllg Blue Eyes." Ruth Carter Ruthie Commercial Alumni Editor Novel-T 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Go-to-College Club 3, S. P. Q. ll. 3 "I Love Ruthie." Frank Chambers Curley Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. 'fFraul:ie and Johnnyf, Jane' Chambers I Commercial "Alone lViIh Janie." Margaret Chaney Peggy Vocational Cafeteria 3, Camera Club 2, 3, Girl Reserves 3, Go-To-College Club 3, Home Economics Club l, 2, Home lloom Officer 2, Reporter, Novel-T 3, S. P. Q. R. 2, 3. t'.lIargie." Milena Chehovin Commercial Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Home Economics l, 2, See- retary l, Home Room Ottieer 1, Librarian 2, 3, May Day l, Reporter, Novel-T. 3. "Charming Little Falcerf' .Ill l0lt A , , ,W Vincent Chmil Skinny General Rifle Club 3. "Old Timer." Mary Clayton Libby Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Go-'l'o- College Club 3, Home Room Officer 2, Junior Editor, Olym- pus, Office Girl 2, Reporter, Novel-T 3, S. P. Q. R. 2. "Sweet Mystery of Life." Junior Clemens Take General "Take Only Me." Harry Clutter Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, Junior Editor, Olympus, Reporter, Novel-T 33 Orchestra 2. "The Donkey Polka." Bertha Colditz Min Commercial Go-To-College Club 3, Home Economics Club 3, Reporter, Novel-T 3. "Sweet Min und Me." Mae Cole , General Home Economics 1, 2 "Sweet Mae." 0' Ray Cole Coke Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "0l' King Cole." Harold Comedy Duke Commercial Band 2, 3. "Happy-go-Lucky." Herman Cooper Commercial Boys' Chorus 3. "Herman's in Love." Rose Costello Roe Commercial Basketball 1, 2, 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, El, Sports Editor, Novel-T 3 'flieautiflll Rose." Dorothy Crile Dot Vocational Home Economies 1, 2. "You'ue Been Ilnlrzzefl Cleo Davidson Keats Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2. "DauirlKsonj and The Giant." Mary Desmond Commercial "Mary and Her I.llI'l'Lb.,, Bruno Dosse ' Dosse Vocational Track 1. "The Sleeperis Blues." Marie Dragan Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 2. "Rose Marie." Carolyn Drezewski Carrie Commercial Girl Reserves 3, Home Eco- nomics 1, 2: Office Girl 3. "Carr-ie Me Buck to Old Vir- giniaf' Nick Dubina Commercial "Yeah Man!" Julia Duvall Julie Academic Club Editor, Novel-T 3, S. P. Q. R. I.. 3, Go-to-College Club 3. "Julia, I love yon." ,4. Hilma Eckels Tillie Vocational Home Economies Club 2, 3. "Tillie, My l.nm'." Glenn Elliott F. F. A. 1, 2, za 'ilusl Ll Happy-go Marie Ellis -Llwlc Tony Vocational y Farmer." Marie Academic Band 1, 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Ollicer 2g Home Room Of- ficer 2, 33 Picture Girl, Olym- pus 3, Reporter, Novel-T 33 S. P. Q. R. 3. "Rose .'llurie." Betty Emerick Betsy l General Girl Reserves 2, 3. "BeIsy and Our FIr1g.', James Fairley Jim Commercial XVrestling 1. ".'Vol1mly's 12l!l'llI1g.U William Fillinger Bill Commercial "Billie Boy." i Alvin Ford Corky ' Vocational F. F. A.1. 2, 3. "My Brolcezi-11011111 Ford." Sylvia Forgas Commercial "Curly Hemlezl Baby." John Fulton Sluts Vocational F. F. A. 3. "High mul HIlIlllSllII1C.,y Caroline Gajarsky Juggie Commercial l3asket,hall'1, 2, 3,5 Beginners Band 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3g Go-To-College Club 3. "Lillie Brozmz Jllg-gief' Martha Gnxfey Marty Vocational Cafeteria Club 35 Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 3g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Home Economics Club 1, 2g Reporter, Novel-T 3. "The .llarflm Pollen." John ,Goga Johnnie Commercial Home Room Officer 2. "Wild Jolmny Jones." William Gorby Gorby Commercial Band lg Home Room Officer 1. HSll7f'l'l lVilIiam." Annabell Graham Ann Commercial "Annie Doesifl Live Here Any- l7l0I'l'.H V Eugene Gray Beanie Commercial Wrestling 1. 'llilne and Ilie Gray." Mildred Grim Mitzie Commercial Band 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 2g Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. Play 2, 3. "All-American Girlf' Allen Harris Rooster Vocational F. F A. "Daniel Iiomwf' Paul Harshman Harsh Vocational F. F. A., President "Melody Farm. 1. JU lllll l l -4 11 l 4 I 4 E 1,393 ga ei li A 1 Z -1 2 . f i i x l 1 1 l -..1 Mary Harvoth Vocational Home Economics 1, 2, Cafe- teria 3. "lVhirligig.,' Mildred Haught Mil Academic Basketball 1, 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Feature Stall' Novel-T. "One Hamburger for Madame." Robert Haught Muscleman Commercial Camera Club 2. "Cut, cur, cut, gel a haircutf? Shirley Haught Commercial Home Eeonomis 1, 2. "You ca.n'i judge a book by its cover." Genevieve A. Headley Jenny . Academic Camera Club 3, Girls' Chorus 3, Home Hygiene "My Silent Mood? Virginia Hinerman Commercial Marjorette 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Girls, Chorus 2, 3. "Tu1irliug Cuiief' Jessie I-Iodgens Dopey Commercial Camera Club 3, Girls' Chorus 2. 'filly Mommie Sent Me fo the Store." Wayne Hoover Commercial Band 1, 2, 3. HA-Hunting I will go." Roy Horn Birdie Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. ' "I Get a Kick Out of Cornf' Stephen C. Horwat Ty Cobb Commercial Track, Vllrestling. UHand in Glouef' Charles Hribal Hnibal Commercial "Take Me Oul' Io ihe Old Ball Game." Romaine Hulton Mainie Vocational Cafeteria 3, Secretary, En- semble 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Home Economics 1, 2, Secretary, Home Room Officer 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Reporter Novel-T. "Moonlight and Violinsf, Ellen Humbert Ella Vocational Girls, Chorus 1, Girl Reserves 1, Home Economics 1, 2. f'TraUelin' Light." Betty Hungerman Com mcrcial Warren Hunt Hunt Academic Associate -Editor Novel-T, As- soeiate Editor Olympus 3, Hi- Y 1, 2, 3, Home Room Officer 1, 2, s. P. Q. R. 2. "Meer the Future P'resideut.', Walter Hupp Bud Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, t'CurIey Top's Birtlidflyf' Juva Ingraham Commercial Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, Home Room Officer 2, Junior Editor Olympus "I Give You My ll'nrdf' Lottie Jedrzyczak Lar Colnmercial Home Economics 1, President 1. f'You Gorgeous Dancing Doll." Betty Johnston Bet General Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Girl Re- serves 1, 2g Home Hygiene 3. "The lllise Old Owlf' Gertrude Grace Jones Gert Commercial Basketball 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Home Room Otiicer 3, May Day 2. "Dance illifh Me? Dorothy Kearns Dot Academic Home Room Officer 3, Char- tiers High 2. Hdly Heart lVan1s lo Dance." Hazel Kearns Dimples Academic Girls, Chorus 1, 2. "Picture You lllithouf Me." Dorothy Kenimond Dorf Vocational Home Economics 1, 2, Treas- urer 1g Cafeteria 3. 'fScrapi11' Ihe Toast." Adolph Kern Alphie General Basketball, Fotball. "There's a Lllll in My Life." Hilda Kern Commercial Girl Reserves 1. Joe Kern Bull General Baseball Manager 23 Football 2, 3, VVrestling 3. "Radio in Heaven." Mary Etta Kinder Vocational Girl Reserves 1, 2g Go-To-Col- lege Club 3, Home Economics 1, President 1g Home Room Officer 2g Reporter Novel-T. "I'11e G01 Music in My Heart." Ruth Kinder Ruthie Vocational Band 1, 2g Girls' Chorus 1, 2. 3, Girl Reserves 25 Home Eco- nomics 1, 25 Olympus Staff 33 Reporter Novel-T. 'Tm Nobodyls Baby." James King Jim Vocational F. F. A, Secretary 1. Max Knestrick General Band 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, Olympus Stall' 35 Orchestra 2. "Bashful Lover." Jean Knisely Jeanie Commercial Camera Club 3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Reporter Novel-T. "Sweet Is Ihe ll'ord For Youf' Clyde Knupp General XVrestling 1g Hi-Y 1. William Kostar Bill General Home Room Officer 2, 3. Jean Kunkle General Home Room Officer 2. "I Lone To Rhymef, Mildred Lash Commercial Librarian. "Vile Can'f be lVr0ng." Alex Leitman Ing Commercial Band 1. "Small Fry? llNl0lt , ,.., - .SJ .A ,,..-..,...... .... . ... V David Leitman Dave lack Long Peter Lletus Martln Clet Commercial -XC NIL mu Iluml l, 2, Ilg Camera Club 2. nu li om Ulhui ' 7 Ufifl' you in llie nwod for mix- H1 1 ,es chief?" Oll Iullu 111111 bull INA-SURE 'ii IT Sarah Leitman Sally Com mcrciul George Leppert Lepp Commorcizll Frmotlmzlll l, 2. "You Gnll"u Be ll Fooiball Hcrnf Ann Lestan Army Com me rcinl Girl llc-serves l, 2g SCCl'CiLll'y l. "Annie llocszfl Line Hera Any- 11m1'e." Martha Jane Lewis Lairie Commercial liuskellmll l, 23 Girls' Clmrug 1, 2, 3. "Dain-i11g 'Till Imran." Ralph Libertore Pooks Commercial lizlskctlmll AIHIIZIQCI' 2, 31 llomv liuoni Otiieer fig Track 1, 2. "1'z'nnivs From Ileazrellfl w Thora McClure Vocational Home Ecollomies 1, 2: Presi- ClClll 2, Home Room Gtlicer 2. "I'm ill a llllllfjlllg mood." Donald McCracken Don Vocational F. F. A. "Cowboy from Iiroolciyllf' Dorothy McCullough Dot Vocational Band 1, 2, 3, Home Economics 1, 2, Orchestra 2. "Crazy as a loonf' James McCullough Jim Academic Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 'l'reasurcr 2. "I'll get by some how." Carolyn McKahan C0llll1161'Cl1ll Girl Reserves 3. "Sl:alilly down llllf old mill sireamf' Mabel McMillan Commercial "All you Illfllli Io do is lilllltflhu .P . Marian McNary McNary Academic Band 1, 2, Girls' Chol'us 1, 2, 3, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, Treas- urer 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3,'S. l'. Q. R. 3, String Ensemble 1, 2, 3. 'flfissus from lily violin io you." Margaret Louise McQuay Peggy Academic Camera Club 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Go-To-College Club 3, Home Room Oilicer 2, Reporter Novel-T, S. P. Q. R. 2, 3. "Life of the parfyf' Harry Milhoun Cockly Vocational F. lf. A. ' "I love io rifle lhc ll0I'Sl'S.H Laurene Blanche Miller Blanche Academic Girls' Chorus 1, 2 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, Exchange Editor of Novel-T, Mixed Chorus 2. 'flloes a duel: like water?" George Miller Academic HT1lGI'CiS a gold flllilllf ill llle sky." Mabel Miller VllCllllllJ11ll I Home Economics 1, 2, Home Room Otlicer 2. "A serellade fo lhe slam." i!r's Hazel Mitchell ' General Camera Club 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3. UTIIL' Camera doeszfl lie." James Moninger Jim Comlllercial Band 1, 2, 3. "l've yo! my mimi on music." J. Blaine Morris Irish General Band 3, 0I'C1lCSll'Zl 3, Rifle Club 3. "Down .llelody L!lI1U.U David Morrow Dave Academic Cheerleader 2, 3, Class Vice President 2, Home Room Ol'- ' ficer 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, News Editor, Novel-'l' 3, Olympus Staff 3, P. Q. R. 2. "Yolz're all IfClllCIlll0Il.,, Ruth Mosier Ruthie Commercial Basketball Manager 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, G0-To-College Club 3, Home Room Officer 3, Reporter of Novel-T 3. US1idlL'I"S, lValiz." Frank Mounts Whity Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Reporter. for Novel-'I' 3, Track 1. "An old straw half' JU lllll A 1 Helen Mounts Mounts Commercial Baud 1, 25 Camera Club 35 Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus IS, Home Room Officer 33 Reporter for Novel-'I' 3. "The beauly of llle .llounls Family." Ida Mounts ' Commercial Paul Mounts Allie Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3g Keystone Farmer. "Fm jus! a counlry boy at hearlfi Jack Murray Vocational F. F. A. "Fm in a happy frame of mind." Willard Murray Bud Commercial "A Illlllflllg I l'Vill Go." Stella Olesky Effie Mae Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, May Day 1. "Nobody makes a pass al me." John Oliverio Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Margaret Patten Basketball 1, serves 3. "S1:afers' ll'all:., Earl Paul x Johnny Commercial 'Peg Commercial -, 3g Girl Re- Paul Commercial Band 1, 2, 3g l'li-Y 33 Orches- tra 2g Rifle Club 1, 2. William Pavcic -Pouch Commercial "Along llze Sanla Fe Trail." Dorothea Dale Pence Academic Girls, Chorus 1, 2, Elg Girl Ile- serves 1, 2, 4g Vice President, Go-To-College Club 3g Home lloom Officer 25 Library 2, 33 s. P. Q. a. 2. t'If I Never Saw Phil Perkowski Novel-'l'. 'Ally Dear" a Star again." Tiny Commercial Mary Plymire Commercial Ted Polinsky Fazzo General Basketball 1, 2, 3g Football 2, 3g Home Room Oilicer 1. Claire Anna Ponton Wig Commercial "Tuxedo JllI'll7ll0Il.H Julia Popovich Poppy Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Home Economics 1, 2g Home Room Officer 1, 2, May Day 1, 2. "Wallzing in the Clouds." Herbert Pratt Hub Academic George Frank Puskarich Puskty Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "Belly Co-ed." HE i 'Q Charles Queer Queer Commercial "Sleep, sleep. sleep." Martin Quinn Cutter Academic Basketball 1. 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, Home Room Officer 2, Il' Volleyball 1, 2, 3. Alice Blanche Rankin Vocational Cafeteria Club 3: Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2: Novel-T. "I'm Stepping out ll'1'lI1 fl lllem- ary." Frances Rea Frannie Commercial Camera Club 1g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 3. HJl5ll7l3'lS in the Sky." Angelo Reck ' Commercial John Henry Redd John Vocational If. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "Trike mc oul lo flu' bull g1unc." Martha Redd Commercial Sam Reese Sam Vocational F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "Running ll'iltl.', Caroline Reichart Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, Novel-'l' 3. Rita Risbin Pat Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 2. "A bicycle lzuill for l1vo." Archie Rodgers Commercial Jane Romano Janie Commercial Girl Reserves 1. "Slurs fell on Alul1a111u.'iA Q Kathryn Romano Kay Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2. "I can'l gel storied." Joseph Rosinski Joe General Football 1, 2, 3, Ping-Pong 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. - "Poor Bllllcrflyf' Lois Rossell Commercial Home Room Officer 3, Junior Play 3. "Pennies From Heauenf' Mary Ellen, Rutan Spike Academic .. . M... . a-'s's ' s9'e Camera Club 2, Girls' Chorus 1 9 3 Gill Rescuesl 2 3 Home Room Officer 15 May Day 1, 2, Novel-T 3. "Don't llzc Moon Loolc Prelfy?" Johann E. Rutkowski .lo Commercial Home Economics Club 1, 2. 'fl Gel a Kiel: Out of You." James Joseph Searberry Strawberry Commercial Band 3. "Baseball, Amcricu's Favorite SIJUI'f.n JU lilll , f' Elmer Schultz Dutch Com mcrcial Marie Seaman Mickey Commercial Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girl lle- servcs 1, 2, 35 Go-To-College 3, Novel-'l' 3. Stanley Shawinski Stush Commercial Band 1, 2, 33 Football and Track Manager, Hi-Yg Home Room Otticer 2 33 Olympus Statt' 3, Orchestra 2, 33 VVrest- ling 1, 2. "If I had a Talking Picture of You." Edward Sikora Cheek and Honey Commercial Rifle Club, Track 1. "Shoot the Sherbert to Me Herbert." James Semiol Smith Greek Commercial 'tlieal me Daddy Eighllto the liarf' Marian Scott Smith Shorty Commercial "ltd loue lo Line in Loveland with I1 Girl lilce You." Louise E. Smollar Weasel Commercial Band 1, 2, 33 Home Economics 1, 2, Orchestra. "Catlin in lhe Slay." Stanley Teddy Spara Ace Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3g Football 1, 2, 3g Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Home Room Officer 2. "W'oodpeelcer Song." Jack Sprowls Sprowlie l Vocational Basketball 1g F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "There I Go." William Sprowls Bill "lVaIlcing My Baby Back Homef, Mary Lou Stainbrook Commercial Camera Club 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Home Room Officer 3, Home Economics Club 1, 2g May Day 3. "Alice Blue Gown." Betty Jane Sten Stennie Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Go-To-Cob lege 3. "Same Old Sloryf' Lillian Stock Commercial Home Economics 1, 23 Girl Re- serves 1. 'Siveel and fresh as a lily." Dora Jean Summey Dumb Dora General "I Cllllyf Resist You." Lois Summey Do Commercial "Swingin' AI the Seancef' Erma Swart Commercial Go-To-College 35 T-Club 2, 3. "What would Sllakespeare have said." Rebecca Ann Szakal Becky Academic Band 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 25 Girls Ensem- ble 2g Librarian 2, 3, Novel-T 33 Home Room Otiicer 3, Olym- pus Staff 33 S. P. Q. R. 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2. Hbldllllllflll Dreamer." Antionett Tallarico Tally Commercial Basketball 1, 2, 3, Gi1'l Ile- serves 1, 3. "Dance and Slay Young." Earl Tanner Elmo Commercial Football 1 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, Home Room Qllicer 1, 2, Rifle Club 3, Junior Play 3. "Or a Reasonable Facsimile." Aleen Teyssier Tislz Academic Camera Club 2, Cheer Leader 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, ll: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, President 2, Vice President 3, Go-To- College 3, Librarian 2, 3, Nov- el-'l' 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2: S. P. Q. R. 2. "S1mdows." Virginia Clara Thompson Ginny Commercial "All fhis and Heaven Toof' Helen Thompson Speedy Academic Band 1, 2, 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Home Economics Officer 1, 2: Home Room Officer 1, Novel-T 3, May Day 3, Home Economies Demonstration 2. "Dancing on a Dime." Bill Tomsic Archie Commercial Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, XVrestling 1. Rose Turkaly Rose General 'Girl Reserves 3. "Slamp on my Heart." James Tush Shorty Vocational Track 1, 2, 3. "I gel a Kick om' of Corn." Evelyn Ullom Susie Commercial "The Three Lilfle I"isheS.', Angelene Urso Ang Commercial Class Team 3, Girl Reserves 1, 3. "Now I lay me clown to Dream of YOU." Ethel Jean Vance Academic Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, Home Room Ot'- iicer 2, Librarian,3, Novel-T 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Quartet 2, 3. "A Deah, Deah Lady." Norma Vandegrif Vamly Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, VVashing- ton Hi 1, 2. Mary Veltre Stubbs Commercial Home Room Oflicer 1, 2, Nov- el-T 3. "A Smcel Little Somcbodyf, Joseph Vercek Tuddie General Football 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3. "Sailin1 thru the SllIlbCll11lS.,, .I Sophie Vinsko Snowball Commercial Girl Reserves, Pittsburgh School 1, 2. "Dreaming Ollf Loudf' Dorotha Walker Dotty Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3. "Polka Dots and .lIoonbeams." Doris Warrick Vicky Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, Go-To-College 3, Home Room Officer 2, Novel-T "ll llfas llfrillen in lhc Stars? Orabelle Warth Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. "A Prairie Hliry Tale." Ellwood Weaver Retl Academic Hi-Y 2, 3, S. P. Q. R. 2. ,lu lon vi .fn ,L K at ..., , Wi--1. li vi -1 1 21 ' A 1 1 1 Morga Widener Marge Anna Wojcuick Academic String Ensemble 1, 2, Ilg Or- chestra 2, 25. "April playerl the FI'rIrIIe." Martha Wright T ' , sera Wldener Home Ronin Otlleei' tra 1. "I Hear a Rll!11?S0lI!l.U Academic String Ensemble 1, 2, 3g Or- chestra 2, 3. "Fiflv0n .llinutes lIlf?I'I1liSfS0Il.U Elma Young Gene Wilson Commercial Camera Club 2, 35 Boys' Chor- us 1 2, 33 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Olym- pus Stall' 3. Novel-T 3. "99W Temper, 1? ill?Ilf!1l,, Henrietta Wineland William Young Commercial 'Hrisr' my Lovef' ".Y0f Yeffi Dorothy Wise Commercial Ann Zrimshek Ulvllllfillg my baby bark home." ii 4,7 COIl1ll1Cl'Clill Martey C0l'llll19l'Clil I T23 Orclics- Marty Vocationzil Cafeteria 33 D'rum-lXIajm'et,te 2, 33 Home Economics Club 1, 23 "Forever and AIIDIIUSX, Dubouy Commercial Ann Com mercizll JU ltllt "MY MOTHER" XVho tied up my wee, cut linger, And kissed away the tear, And took me in her loving arms? VVhy, it was mother, dear. She told me fairy stories, Then tucked me into hedg She kissed me then and said "good-bye" After my prayers were said. She kept my dresses tidy, And curled my hair at night, She told me that she loved me, And her eyes would twinkle bright. Ot' all the things she gave me, VVhieh were many and beautiful, too, Was a golden haired red-eheeked dolly, With eyes ot' royal blue. The kindest, dearest, and best of friends, That ever I did see, Is my saintly, darling mother, Wlio means the world to me. HIJLEN Komi.. Wi' i 4 1 1 4 Q .A-.3 1 l Y l l 1 1 3 , ovnoiion HISTORY OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS In the early part of September, 1939, three hundred and fifty nervous fresh-- men entered Trinity High School. VVQ assembled in the gymnasium where we were instructed by Mr. Braden. After a few days of heckling from the upper- classmen, we realized we were high school students with many busy days ahead. On February 12, 19401, We had our first class meeting for th-e purpose of electing advisers and class officers. NVe were quite pleased with tl1e selection of Miss Amba Kiblinger and Mr. James ll. Clark as advisers and with our officers, President, Ellsworth Hunt, Vice President, Homer Chivers, Secretary, Elsie Ross, Treasurer, Betty Chambers. A Freslnnan party marked the end of a successful year. We returned to Trinity in the fall with a loss of fifty students. Chosen as our leaders were, President, VVilliam Davis, Vice President, Joe Patrick, Secre- tary, Alice Green, Treasurer, Mildred Yorkin. Later in the year Joe Patrick took over the duties of president, upon the absence of Davis who moved to another city. Our t'Sophomore Tea Dance," was one of the most successful in the his- tory ot' the sophomore class. This led the way to our important evening affair, "The Sophomore Traffic Jam Hopf, VVe the class of '643," feel that we are privileged to be a member of the fine student body of Trinity, and will try to bring our next two years to a successful end. William Davis Alice Green President Secretary Mildred Yorkin Joseph Patrick Treasurer Vice President SOPHOMORE GIRLS Audia, Azzto, Barbour, Bauer, Beatty, E. Bennett, M. Bennett, Berry, Bigler, Butcher Carson, B. Chambers, J. Chambers, Chmlwski, Church, Clark, Cole, Collis, Comito, Condit Cooper, Cronin, Crumrine, Dalton, Davidson, Marvene Davis, Maxine Davis, Ilfeprosky R. Desmond, R. M. Desmond, Deyell, Dollish, Dosse, Drakulieh, M. Dunn, P. Dunn, Eagon Elias, Elliott, Engel, Evans, Farahee, Frye, R. Fulton, F. Fulton, Galish, Garbinsky, Gat- ten, Grast, H. Gray, V. Gray, Green, B. Grim, J. Grim, Groves, Gutln'ie, Halnilton, Hanna Haney, Harris, Harshman, Hart, llarvoth, J. Hathaway, R. Hathaway, Haught, Hoboken Hughes, B. Hungerman, D. Hungerman, Jereb, Karner, Kerna, Kline, Knestriek, Krajacie Kurczek, Lawrence, Lewis, Mankey, Maleski, Maloy, L. Mankey, M. Mankey, Martin, Matteson, McCready, McCullough, McKean, MeQuade, Miklic, Miller, Mitchell, Mounts, Myers, Nagy, Noble, Oller, Usborne, Pacario, Paluda, Pasierbek, Paul, Pethtel, Podboy Ponton, Potiopishin, Powell, Presto, Puskarieh, Rankin, Redd, Rennie, Rishin, Roberts Rock, D. Ross, E. Ross, Salat, Saveikis, Sayre, Scott, Seal, Semon, Seiler, Shankgovieli, Shipe, Skillen, Smith, Spara, Spiegel, Spillman, Stanko, Steffiek, Stevens, Swartzfeger, Szakal, Tarsia, Tarr, Tharp, Tripp, Truby, Urso, Van Nuffelen, YValker, XVardle, YVarth YVashinski, B. Vtlatson, Z. XVatson, NVhite, XVieeheek, XVilhelm, XVilkinson, S. XVilson V. VVilson, YVolf, YVoodburn, Yorkin, Young, Zedik, l SOPHOMORE BOYS Barr, Bartusiak, Bash, Basnett, Rayne, Bigler, Blake, Borowski, Braddock, Branczek Bridges, Black, Brytus, Cain, Caton, Chalfant, Charnesky, Chesnic, Chivers, Chmil Chupinsky, Chunderlik, Collins, Comstock, Cooper, Cornell, Dare, C. Davis, XV. Davis Day, Delost, Dentzer, Devenney, Dinsmore, Drezewski, Efaw, Engel, Ford, Gibson, Grim Haines, Hamilton, Harshman, Haught, Heatley, Higgins, Hill, Houston, Hull, Hunt Hunter, Huston, Iaquinto, Johnston, Junge, Kenimond, Klopack, Krehel, Lendway, Leyda Loane, Lockwood, Longstreath, Lucosky, Manfredi, Martin, Mavrich, MeClenathan, Miklic Minton, Mitchell, Monte Calvo, H. Moore, P. Moore, Murray, E. Myers, L. Myers, Nixon Paraska, Patrick, Phillips, Plazak, Pomykala, Powell, A. Progar, L. Progar, Puskarich Ramsey, Ratwovich, Razvoza, Redd, Reed, G. Roberts, J. Roberts, Rodgers, Rosmon, Ruscello, Rush, Rutan, Sanders, Saveikis, Scott, Sensky, Sibert, Sik.ora, Sisul, Smith, Stafford, Stainbrook, Stanley, Stephonac, Stolze, Swartzfeger, Thompson, Topka, Truhy, Turkaly, Urso, Uselton, Van Nuffelen, Vorum, Walker, XVaters, XVilhelm, WVill, Williams XVilson, XVithrow. s a s 1 1 s. a s i i l 1 4 i 1 , FRE HNIE Vivian Beton Audree Ellwood President Vice President Elinor Rossi ' Louise Collins Secretary Treasurer HISTORY OF FRESHMAN CLASS We, the Freshman Class upon entering Trinity High School, September 3, 1940, had a vague feeling bestowed upon us by the new surroundings. The class incident- ally, happens to be the largest ever to enter 'Trinity High School. On November 15, 1940, we held our first class meeting where we chose advisers Zllld officers who are as follows: President, Vivian Beton, Vice President, Audree Ellwoodg Secretary, Elinor Rossi, Treasurer, Louise Collins, Advisers, Miss Dempster and Mr. Ross. As we went 011 through the year we learned more and more about our Alma Mater. Assemblies were somewhat a new experience to most of us. It didnlt seem possible for so many students to he enrolled in one school. We all remember well Mr. Braden's explanation of our curricular activities. On March 14, we held our first tea dance which proved to be a success. The other big event of the year was our Freshman Party. As we go on we will become more acquainted with the ups and down, ins and outs of school life, but we'll endeavor, with the help of our advisers, to make ours a most successful class. V FRESHMAN GIRLS Adams, Allender, Amos, Anderson, Andrew, Armstrong, Bainbridge, Balog, Balser, Bamherger, Batson, Beard, Beatty, Bednarsky, Beton, Betonte, A. Bosak, H. Bosak, Brown- lee, Bryner, Burt, Calahro, Caldwell, Camp, Campbell, Carlton, Casey, Carson, Chambers, Cheese, Collins, Comedy, Conkle, G. Cook, B. Cook, Cooper, Cox, Crawford, Creighton, Crowe, D'ay, Dayak, Dicks, Dulmiita, Duff, Dunn, Eagon, Ellis, Ellwood, Evans, Faulkner, Fisher, Folkens, Fowler, Frazee, Frazier, Fritschle, Fullerton, Fulton, Gajarsky, Gallagher Gallo, Gatten, Getzik, Glenn, Haney, Harris, Hatfield, Hawkins, Headley, Heaps, Hender- son, Herrman, Herron, Higgins, Hochkraut, Hodgens, Holmes, D. Houston, M. Houston, Hughes, Iams, Ingraham, Jackson, E. Jarosz, J. Jarosz, Jones, Kelley, Kenamond, Keron, Koklich, Kopp, Kulla, Lazek, Lash, Lehetz, Leftwieh, Lestan, Lewis, Lindley, Line, Logan, Lldvik, Lynch, Lysek, Lytton, Manfredi, Mankey, Marchinok, Martin, Martineic, Maslik, McCalmont, MeCarrell, MeCartl1y, McClure, McFall, MeGover11, A. Miller, B. Miller, N. Miller, Mitchell, Moore, B. Morrison, M. Morrison, Morrow, Moskavish, B. Mounts, .l. Mounts, M. Mounts, YY. Mounts, Mull, Neal, Nixon, Olinger, Onopiuk, Opatt, R. Pease, T. Pease, Petloek, D. Phillips, E. Phillips, Paden, Pangle, Paul, Pinchak, Plants, Plazak. Poehiha, Pollock, Popovich, Porter, Post, Prigg, Prime, Randolph, Rankin, Rea, Reedy, C. Reese, P. Reese, Reichert, Reighard, Rennie, Riser, Rossell, Rossi, Ruseello, A. Rush, D. Rushn, Saeco, Sanders, Sayre, Schoenherger, Scott, Senkoski, Shrontz, Shumar, Simal, Skariot, Slahe, Slesh, Slusser, Smiley, L. Smith, R. Smith, Spears, Spencer, Sprowls, Sumney, Swart, Tallarico, D. Tarr, P. Tarr, Z. Tarr, Taylor, J. Tomsic, Z. Tonisic, Throck- morton, Vester, XValker, XValls, D. YVhite, .l. XVhite, N. XVhite, XVagner, XYonsettler, B. XVright, NVynn, YVybeck, D. Young, Margery L. Young, Margaret L. Young, Zappi. FRESHMAN BOYS Adams, Adolph, Ashmore, Baker, Barbish, Barringer, Battistole, Baumgardner, Beck Bedillion, Beecham, Belcastro, Bonus, Borkowski, Borreli, Brzezinski, Bright, Buckner Calahro, Chadwick, Chaney, Chesnie, Chupinsky, Closser, Cole, Cossu, Crawford, Crosbie Crumrinc, H. Davidson, K. Davidson, Danley, Day, Delost, L. Desmond, S. Desmond Drezewski, D'unkle, Elliott, Ellis, P. Ely, YV. Ely, Fahert, Faiella, Fickulak, Filius, Fisher Flyn, Frazee, Galley, Gallo, Gayvert, Gildow, Goehelbeeker, Gowern, Green, Grove, Gruhhs Grzyhowski, Hainer, Hamilton, Haught, Hawkins, Hellman, Hixon, Hodgens, Horne Hrcka,'Hughes, Hunt, Insana, Jackson, Javornickey, Jedrzejezak, Johnson, Kovacic, P Kelley, YY. Kelley, Kerna, D. King, K. King, Krisehner, Krizay, Larkin, Leitman, Lewis Liston, Loar, Karman, Maloy, Maleski, Mankey, Marshall, Massack, McAllister, McCalmont McCarty, McCord, McCoy, McFall, McKee, McMurdy, Medovieh, Mikesell, Miles, XV. Miller C. Mitchell, D. Mitchell, Morrison, G. Mounts R. Mounts, Munn, Murray, 0'Brien, Oliverio Penn, Pettit, Paulowiteh, Poland, Polk, Potoeer, Puskarieh, Riggle, Robson, Ryan, Sargent Sayre, Seaman, Seihert, Skillen, Skowvron, J. Smith, H. Smith, L. Smith, Snyder, Solo- mon., Spence, Sprowls, Stanley, Stenhouse, Straka, Stolze, Strnisha, Tarr, Tershel, Thom- as, Thomas, Thompson, XValters, XVard, XVasseloff, XYatsula, YVear, C. XYeaver, XY. XVeaver E. VVellington, R. Vtlellington, Vtlheeler, VVick, D. YVilson, I. WVilson, NVithrow, VVojcuieh ,YVolf, XVoyicki, NYright, Yarkocky, Young, Zaremba. s t ALUMNI William McCool President J. Howard Wilson Ruth Driehorst Ivan Sargent Vice President Secretary Treasurer THE CLASS OF 1940 Will you come with us on an imaginary tour. The purpose ot' this tour is to see what has become of our last years graduates. As we start up Main Street, we see a group of boys and girls entering the Hazel Atlas Glass Company building, where they are employed. They are Anna Mae Knes- trick, Violet Mikota, Emma Koehler, Kenneth Salsberry, Frank Nelan, Lloyd VVat- son, Katherine Scott, Libby Lutes and Bichard Stolfer. Further up Main Street we see another group. These are the ones who are pursu- ing a higher education. They are hurrying to be in time for their afternoon classes. In this group we find Marjorie Baker, Geraldine Bavoira, Lola Tarr, Eleanor Zem- hrosky, and Margaret Carter all attending Penn Commercial College. and Betty Jean Blackhurst, who is attending Washington Seminary. The boys in this group are Craig Morrow, Adolph Biss, Richard Crosbie and Creel Crumrine. All these boys are at- tending VV. Sc J. College. Other members of the Class ot' 'HIV who are attending college are Duane Day at Muskingumg Blair Ferguson at Duquesne Universityg Fred Wezlv- er at Penn State Collegeg Anna .lane Maize at Pinkerton's Business Collegeg Dorothy Ely at Indiana State Teachers Collegeg Laura .lean King at California State Teach- ers Collegeg and Mildred Asbury at State Teachers College, Cheney, Pa. Before continuing our tour we stop at the Pyramid Service Station and are effi- ciently attended by Joe Hagan who is employed here. Several ol' his former class- mates are also elnployed at service stations. Lewis Adamsg Leland Condit at the Fair- view Service Stationg Prichard Snyder at the Sargeant Service Stationg and Thomas Klopack and Bill Thompson, both of Whoinown their own stations. . t t As we continue our tour we see three girls coming from the bank whe1'e they have just cashed their weekly pay check. They are Emma .lane Hull, Dorothy Horne and Helen Luellen who are employed by the Bell Telephone Company. Passing the State Theater we see two boys who are employed by the MeClane Mining Company, Edward Hagan and Malcolm Dinsmore, talking to two former classmates, Ralph Shunk tllltl Sam Caldwell, who are now employed at Tygart Val lev. If time permitted us to visit three of our local dairys, we would see Gail Ell- wood employed at Foster's Dairyg Norman Wlarth at Hough's Dairy and Denton Knes- trick at the Snee Dairy Company. Unfortunately, our tour does not take us beyond the city ot' Washington and for this reason we will be unable to see several members ot' the Class ot' 'S-til". They are Frank VVolt'e employed at the Universal Steel Mill at Bridgevilleg Mildred Drakulich employed as a waitress at Columbus, Ohiog Mildred Chesnic at Murphy's in Canons- burgg Frank Calabro at the St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Farm, Stephen Ferko at Beese and Beese Mens Clothing at Canonsburgg Joseph Cook in the Air Force in Cali- torniag John Slesh at a CCC Campg and James Headley and .lack Manon in Com- pany H. We now focus our attention on a large group who are returning home t'rom vari- ous jobs. This group i11cludes Tom Sobansky employed by B. F. Drakenteld and Companyg John Duff working t'or the West Penn Power Companyg Frank Haught cm-- ployed at Penney'sg Robert Hodgens at tl1e A. :YL P.g Fred Gaido employed as a grocery clerkg Verda Bridges at the Keystone Shoe Storeg Kathryn Nelson employ- ed by the National Youth Administrationg Judy Gurney working for the Kress Box Companyg .lack Lehner, who owns a radio shopg Clark Roth employed by the Patsch Garageg Helen Gray at Kirby's Shoe Store and Alberta Green working at Murphyis. Several members ot' tl1e class have entered upo11 the sea ot' matrimony. These are Louise Rosing married to Mr. Norman C. Mohng Joseph Hagan to Ruth Vtlilliamsg Margaret Jetters to Clark Rothg June Jones to George Whiteg Martha DeWitte to Harry Hudack and Ray Meddings to Dorothy Mounts. Now as our tour is drawing to a close we see a group ot' girls who are doing house- work. They are Clara Bennett, Mary Gshinsky, Geraldine Miller, Grace Plott and Agnes Young. As we pass alo11g the street we see llltllly familiar faces belonging to members of the class who are at home. This group includes Anna May Chontos, Betty Owens, lverna Redd. Eleanor Piatt, Mary Ruth Clemens, VVayne Rainer and Vilagrace Randall. The bus stops and our tour is at an end but several ot' the class, about whom we were unable to obtain any information, are unaccounted tor. The Alumni Editors extend their thanks to all the members ot' the Class of 1940 who returned their cards and helped to make our section ot' the yearbook a success. Margaret Cain, llelen Thompson. N 15. f0b1i3PfLL 14 4 . 1 ,,v4.,.M oncngsuif C9551 X Dre IVIMM7 fd PL EY ,G 'fmwfry , ,, , , .-. DAN CE wg ,' mem P,,,,,,,, 1.1 y2cdAs7r1f zAAc7l'1- . W ,,,..-..,.-. 5 afvfaz f -4-5+ ff, 16049 iggawiwo A ADF' si.-and 35 X 4 SQ M, , L52 -'M X - 'uwfv' f X X xwwwg vmllfl, W iw ,AWI J laik' J I ff , . 9 , I ' , inf ,gf 15, X X , , - . . ,:7x ,.'.-vu ,, f' ' f" '42ff W7 ,J CD 0 0 ?J Y D Y 1940 'S sg? H., E W QX am MESA MAY QUEEN 1941 SARAH MARGARET MomusoN GO TO COLLEGE CLUB President MARGARET CAIN Vice President MAHJORIE YVEDDLE Secretary HELEN KOZAL Treasurer JEAN HEADLEX' Advisor Miss H. RUTH ZEDIKER The Go To College Club has a very worthy purpose. Being encouraged by the motto, "Aspice Finem,', its members pursue a higher education, and prepare themselves for a better participation in college life. The motto itself, means more than "Think It Through." It means suspended judgment, open-mindedness, and a courageous spirit that sends one forwardg that even college, the immediate goal, is not an end in itself. The Club has Worked toward these ends and does not feel that its efforts have bee11 in vain. Meetings are held every two weeks. The programs have included talks by guest speakers on various subjects pertaining to college life. The social events of the season have been: A Candlelight Service for the Initiation of new members, Christmas Party and a Tea honoring the faculty. As a part of the Com- mencement activities, the Juniors entertained the Seniors at a formal dinner. s. P. Q. iz. Caesar said, "Veni, Vidi, Viei," but the Latin Club says, "Scientis lspsa Est Auctoritasf' tlinowledge Itself is Authority.j A group of juniors and seniors, who be- lieve this motto, have spent an enjoyable year, suttering with Aeneas in his adventures and hardships. One day out of each week is devoted to a club meeting, unraveling the myths and improving their understanding ol' the classics. December 13, before the Canonsburg basketball game, the club sponsored a tea dance, which was a great success. I11 February, the freshmen and sophomores, who ranked high in their Latin, were admitted to the club with much pomp and eeremiony. The initiation made an interesting spectacle, with the new and old members wearing togas, the apparel of the ancient Romans. The club is planning an assembly program to award the senior members with pins from the National Classical Association. L CAMERA,CLUB Presirlent KENNETH HUOTMAN Vive Presiden! BILL Cimwronn Secretary MARY IIELEN Ross Treasurer BETTY CHABIBERS Advisors Mas. Sl-'RIGGS AND MR. S1'EwAn'r As anyone can see from the above picture the primary requirement for membership was proof ol' access to a camera. In the second year of its existence, the Camera Club underwent some revisions. More time has been spent discussing pictures taken by club members and some very enjoy- able slides were shown by the faculty members and persons connected with the school who are amateur photographers. In our projects we have ventured into the realm of night photography, having rc- ceived our introduction to that project at Christmas time at a party at Mr. Stewart's home. Some interesting pictures were submitted for discussion in our project on "novel- tiesf, Instead ot' a cash prize for each project, the money was awarded for the best pic- tures of all projects, The grand finale of our club year was in the form of a hike which terminated at XVashington Park. THEIJBHARY Knowledge consists of not only being able to state facts but also' in knowing where to Iind the facts one doesn't know. One of the best sources for the facts is the Trinity High School Library. During the past two or three years the library has been consider- ably enlarged through the addition of fiction books and encyclopedias. At the beginning of this year, Miss Mary L. Martin was in charge. Due to her sabbatical leave of absence, Miss Sarah .lane Zediker took over for a short time. At present, the library is functioning smoothly under the capable management of Miss Ruth Myers. She is assisted by a well-trained stall' of librarians selected from the student body. Let, us all take advantage of this splendid opportunity to enrich our minds and vocabularies by spending more time in the library. 1 L , -, ., RIFLE CLUB President LOYAL Wi-:Avian Vice President EARL TANNER Secretary-Treasurer ED SIKORA The main obstacle in the Rifle Club's path to fame, this year, was the inexpe1'ie11ee of its members, none of last yearis team returning. After many trials and tribulations, however, the club has achieved a fair amount of success, if it is to be measured in the satisfaction resulting to its lnembcrs. 'llhis has been due in great part to the ettorts of our advisors, Mr. Brown and Mr. John. Matches were scheduled with other teams of the district, including Waynesburg High School and NVashington High School, and the boys enjoyed the competition they encountered. Messrs Brown illlll John have great expectations for next year's team and we sincere- ly hope that its every shot will be a "bull's eye." STUDENT PATROL The Student Patrol of Trinity High directs hall trattic between periods. Each mem- ber of the patrol goes on duty at his appointed position. For their services, they are awarded emblems at the end ot' the year. The Patrol is made up ot' the following boys from the senior class: Andrew, Crawford, Swart, Crosbie, Fullerton. Grable, Hootman, Horner, Lazek, McNary, Morrison, Munn, Philips, Porter, Puskarich, J. Roberts, XVeaver, Skowvron. This year, a new system had been devised where by "Monitors" guard the locker room. 'tMonitors,' on duty a period each day a1'e: liackner, Carey, Duvall, Folkens, Veltre, NValker, XVestt'all, and Zampan. COMMERCIAL CLUB President LLovo CLEMENS Secretary AIARGARET CAIN Treasurer AGNES NlILKO'VICl'I In order to become a good secretary one must have experience. Tl1e Commercial Club has been organized to give the commercial students this necessary experience by assigning to each member a teacher for whom he performs secretarial duties. This year the membership is composed of sixty-seven seniors and second semester juniors. The meetings are held every other Thursday in ltoom 30 at 12:15. The club enjoyed many interesting programs, namely, outside speakers, speeches by members of the faculty, and movies by the Bell Telephone Company. A trip to the Observer Office, a Tea Dance, and a Tea for the faculty were among the social activities. The juniors brought a successful year to a close by giving a party for the senior lnembcrs. CAFETERIA CLUB This year there were fifteen girls in the Cafeteria Club. The four officers were President, Marjory YVeddleg Vice President, Anne Millerg Secretary, Romaine Hultong and Treasurer, Evelyn Bayne. Two girls, Doris Carlisle and Alice Rankin, rep1'esented our Cafeteria at the Farm Show at Harrisburg. The Cafeteria with the aid of some Sophomore Home Economics girls, served at the Football and the Father and Son banquets. The Cafeteria also served at several play days during the year. Each year is terminated with a big party at the home of one of the members. I l 4 I 1 l P i TRINITY CHAPTER F. F. A. President Itonarci' MoRR1soN Treasurer Genuine Osnoamc Vice Presirlezit JOHN Caosnna Secretary .Mules l'Hn.1.1rs lteporler JOHN YVALKER Watch Dog PAUL IFIULTON Member, National Organization ot' Farm Boys Studying Vocational Agriculture. The one hundred and tive members of the Trinity Chapter F. F. A. are individually and collectively responsible for the outstanding record of the organization. The club holds regular weekly meetings for the t1'ansaction of all business matters and any sub- jects which might properly come before the group. Following the meeting instructive programs are conducted by the students. For two consecutive years we have won first place in the project contest conducted in Pennsylvania and the office is now displaying the beautiful plaque which we won tl1is year. VOCATIONAI, WINDOW EXHIBIT Vocational NVindow Exhibits are built for the purpose of teaching a specific lesson in agriculture or related subjects. VVith this in mind, our exhibit, entitled, '6Nat.ional Defense in Agriculture" was designed and constructed by members ot' the Trinity F. F. A. under the supervision of C. lt. Morrison and XV. T. Ellwood. The exhibit consisted of a large map of the United States, dark blue i11 color, mount- ed in front of a light blue, semi-circular background. The story was told by enlarged, revolving photographs. The display this year was shown at tl1e XVashington County Agricultural Show and late1' at the State Farm Show at Harrisburg, where it placed third in state wide competi- tion and received a cash prize ot' forty dollars. The Trinity club is exceptionally tortu- nate to have had six exhibits entered at Harrisburg in as many years. Ti HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economies Club consists of all freshmen and sophomore girls enrolled in the Vocational course. Each class is a separate unit, but united by common interests. During the year, the freshmen, under the guidance of Grace li, Grittin, study cloth- ing construction, nutrition, best methods of cooking, management of the home, and other related subjects. The sopholnores, under tl1e leadership ot' Amelia C. Jones, study fa111ily relation- ship, child care, advanced nutrition, and methods of cookery. The majority of the girls plan and make their Easter Outfits. This year the girls re-decorated the dining room and then had all their mothers in for tea. VOCATIONAL HOME-MAKING The exhibit, Vocational Home-making, was designed by Grace E. Griitin and Amelia C. Jones, instructors of the home economics. Aiding the home economic girls in the preparation of the exhibit, were the F. F. A. boys, with their knowledge and mastery of tools. The exhibit answers the three questions most often asked about tl1e home eco- nomics departmentg HVVhat is vocational homemaking?,' 4'Of what value is it?" "VVhat is to he learned by taking it?" Appearing in the exhibit are six phases of homemaking set on a background of blue, and illuminated by a lamp. Miss Jones and Miss Griffin, with a group of four girls: Peggy Armstrong, Jean Elliot, D'0ris Carlisle, and Alice Ran- kin made the trip to Harrisburg, where tl1e exhibit was awarded a cash prize of forty dollars. American Farmer Keystone Farmers Keystone Farmers . JOHN RO-CHE ,, l PAUL HARSHMAN JUOSON NEILL JOHN XVALKER PAUL MOUNTS AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL President PAUL MOUNTS Vice President GEORGE OSBORNE Selfrefllry JOE ENGLE Treasurer PAUL IIARSHMAN Reporter LLOYD lNlYEI'tS The Agricultural Council at Trinity High School is made up of mcmhers ot' the Future Farmer Organization who are Outstanding in Vocational Agricultural Activities. Those eligible for meinhersliip are: members of winning judging teams during Future Farmer XVeek at State College, memhers Of clcmonstration teams, winners in the State Project Contest, Keystone Farmers, memhers of the State F. F. A. Band, and all otlicers of the regular chapter of Future Farmers. The Council acts as an advisory group and tl1e main purpose is to create and main- tain interest and enthusiasm in chapter activities, and to promote leadership, scholar- ship, and cooperation. l ADVANCEDtHRLS'CHORUS Forty members represent the Advanced Girls' Chorus of Trinity High School. This year, more than ever., we are stressing the tine points of expression and diction. Our Chorus is proud to be wearing Maroon Choral Robes, which were acquired through a Music Festival in the fall. This was the great event of the yearg in that each division of the music department played an important part. Success is due in great part to the excellent direction of Mr. Nprman C. Mohn, whose untiring etlorts and unbounded vigor is inspiring. BOYS'CHORUS Due to graduation, the boys' chorus lost several valuable members, but with the oncoming underclassnien, Mr. Mohn has worked out a Chorus that sings four-part harm- ony. It consists of ten tenors, nine baritoncs, and six bases, making a total of twenty- Iive voices. During the year the boys sang at the First Christian Church and at the annual Music Festival. The Chorus was entered in the Music Contest, held March 19 at Burgettstown. l 4 l l l 4 5 E J SENIOR HI-Y President SABIUEL SYVART Secretary XVILLIAM Cnawronu Vice President KENNETH HOOTINIAN Treasurer lloi-nam' Poarisn Advisor Ma. E. VAUGHN Ross The Trinity Beta Hi-Y considers itself among the useful and instructive clubs of Trinity High School. Through the guidance of able leaders and fine cooperation of the members, we believe that the Senior Hi-Y l1as attained the heights of success. Being primarily a Christian organization the club was honored to have the Rever- end Mr. John C. Teyssier lead the devotions at each meeting. Among the guest speakers of the year were Mayor Brady Marble, Mr. Hinkens, and Mr. James R. Clark. Group affairs consisted of the annual Recovery Dance, a Joint Girl Reserve-Hi-Y Party at the Y. VV. C. A., and a swimming party at the Y. M. C. A. VVC were also guests at a Junior Hi'-Y Party. The Senior Hi-Y boasts a one hundred per cent delegation to the Southwest District Conference at Johnstown, and also a basketball team which made a very creditable record for the season. XVe wish to extend our very best wishes for the continued success of the future Hi-Y Clubs of Trinity High School JUNIOR HI-Y Hi'-Y Clubs strive for success and ithe Junior Hi-Y Clulh of 'Trinity High School is no exception. At the beginning of the year, the club consisted of about six old members. Later, with on-coming freshmen, the membership rose to twenty-tive. Representatives of the Hi-Y to the Southwest D'istriet Conference, at Johnstown, were VVayne Minton, James Reed, Clifford Kenimond, John Hunt, and Frank Myers. During the year, the club elected John Hunt, President, Frank Myers, Vice Presidentg YVayne Minton, Secretary, and Bob Dentzer, Treasurer. Mr. Clark served as faculty advisor for the club. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES President XVANDA IAYSH Vice pFl'Sl.f1l'Ilf ALEEN TEYSSIER Secretary Pizoov Monmsos Treasurer MARY HEL1-:N Ross Program Chnirmrm ETHEL RU'rn Gnrrio Advisers Mlss IJoNsoN, Miss FLo'ro- Following our motto: "To Find and Give the Restf' the Girl Reserves had a very successful year. XVith- the capable help of Miss Donson and Miss Floto, Y. YY. C. A. Sec- retary, the club has sponsored many activities. These were opened by a formal initiation on the Trinity Campus. Activities of the club included the fall Inter'-Club Council Con- ference at Gglebey Park, Candlelight Service, Girl Reserve Roundup, Christmas Service, the Girl Reserve New Year's Formal, the Annual Easter Breakfast, the G. R. 60th Anniversary Party, an afternoon tea, spaghetti supper, several joint parties with the Junior Hi Y, and an overnight hike. At Christmas time the club filled boxes for under- privileged children of the city. The theme for the second semester program was "Per- sonalitywg several guest speakers entertained the club. JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Presiflenf Ensns Ross Vice President HIiIiEN SZAKAI, Secretary BETTY CHAM1niRs Treasurer PATTY DUNN Progrzuzz CIIIIIFIIIIIII RIONA LU DUNN Advisers Miss GRIFFIN, Miss FLo'ro The Girl Reserves, a branch of the Y. YV. C. A., participated in many activities this year. The club has approximately ninety members, all of whom belong to the Fresh- man and Sophomore classes. In the early autumn, the officers attended the Intent-club Council Conference at Uglebey Park, near VVheeling, for the purpose of planning the activities of the club during the year. Some ot' thc major activities in which the club took part were the Candlelight Serv- ice, the joint Girl Reserve, Hi-Y Rally and Church Service, the Girl Reserve Roundup, the Christmas Service, the Girl Reserve New Year,s Formal, the annual Easter Rreak- fast, and the Girl Reserves 60th Birthday Party. t ' 1 --v l A SENIOR PLAY On May 9, 1941, the Senior Class presented "Devil May Care,', a fast moving story of a group of motherless young moderns, who are bent on having their own way. They succeed for a while until'Grandpa and Grandma step in and teach them a lesson. The story takes place in a beach house during summer vacation. The cast was as follows: Tony, James Mcflregorg Annette., E. Ruth Gettigg Betsy, Gayle Batson, Mary, Helen Kozalg Dr. YVayne, John Crosbie, Grandpa 1Vayne, Robert Porterg Grandma NVayne, Mary Helen Rossg John Nolton, Loyal XVeaverg Carol, Betty Petersong Martin, Kenneth Hootmang Patricia, Doris Bedilliong Penny, Eva XVellsg Mrs. Burgess, Clara Fowler, Gabriello, Robert Horner, Mr. VVarrcn, Joseph Puskarieh. JUNIOR PLAY The Junior Class, on March 21, after several weeks of practice, presented "Little Geraldinevf, a three-act comedy, under the direction ot' Miss Mary Il-'onson, assisted by Mr. .l. YV. McKay. The cast was composed of: Lois Rossell, Earl Tanner, Virginia Rossi, Cletus Martin, Margaret McQuay, Paul Crompton, Aleen Teyssier, Philip Perkowski, Milena Chehovin, Blane Morris, Ethel Jean Vance, and Ann Szakel. - Also supporting the cast were the various members of the Junior Class who served on the ticket and program committees and the indispensable back stage workers. BEGINNING GIRLS' CHORUS The beginning Girls' Chorus is a promising group consisting of approximately thirty-five voices, under the direction of Mr. Norman C. Mohn. The Chorus is progress- ing rapidly in music appreciation, diction, and three-part lnusic. The group has also studied about the lives of many well known composers who have contributed much to the World. The Chorus is now making a very interesting study ot' "The History of Musicw and "The Comparison of Music of lliiterent Countriesf' STRING ENSEMBLE In the fall of 1938, a string ensemble was organized for the first time in the history ot' Trinity High School. It was composed entirely of girls, twelve in all. The next year the ensemble was reorganized. Boys were admitted to fill the vacan- cies of those who had been graduated. During that year the group achieved much through experience. This year, as tl1e year previous, the ensemble is composed of both boys and girls. Our playing l1as been done mostly at churches, commencements, and banquets. This is our third year of competing in the annual Forensic League Contest. For those students who desire to learn to play the violin, a beginning class has been formed. They are given instruction every Friday, during the ninth period. As a group we believe that the string ensemble will continue to grow in both the art of playing and number. VVe also believe that the string ensemble will always be in the curriculum of Trinity High School, since it has proved very helpful and educa- tional to us in the past. l CHEER LEADERS Whiz! Blue! White! - Fight! Fight! Fight! Very well represents the cheer leaders of our Alma Mater. For the very first time this year no junior leaders were eliminated for the senior year. Senior leaders were: Romaine VVilson, Helen Kozal, Sammy Swart, and Robert Porter. Junior leaders were: Aleen Teyssier, June Brady. David Morrow, and Cletus Martin. At the beginning ot' the second semester the following Sophomores were elected by the student body: Mary Comito, Helen Szakel, Robert Dentzer, and John Hunt. They have already shown signs of leadership by the response their yells demanded at their few appearances in assembly. The success of the school teams have been due in part to those leaders who have given themselves, wholly, to encouraging the teams and fighting right with them. ii ip."' Z i i TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL BAND YVithin the past year the Trinity hand has attained several of the goals which were Set before it by its enthusiastic leader, Professor Norman C. Mohn. Among these were new uniforms and some new instruments including drums and a bell lyre. A number of drum majorettes have become a part of the band adding much to its appearance. The hand began a successful season by parading for Lewistown during the Elks Convention, which was held in Vtfashington in August. The band received honorable mention and also a check for seventy-live dollars. Then later took part in the Armis- tice parade held at McDonald. There is 110 doubt that, under Mr. Mohn's direction, the band will continue to ex- pand and grow better. N X 'N X 'nw- JL1? 2 LH XXELQXMS f-ff-f Kiy ,fb . C Lby l 2" 1 A Ya I fs fr Q Aix? W, 5271 xi X + k 5 l m i wf SS f 'if '55 2 2 W f fi 1 fa .WffQ fff Q 4 Q ' ,NR A A'f, rp,y X. ' xff x X f w 23 , f P9 V m ff ' L X A , 'ky 1 ,TQL - ' Ll! if ' Yff ff' 5 CX ,Q ,Hifi ZJZ QQ 251' XX X 152 V F ,,, - , f. BASEBALL After losing the season's opener to llonora, the baseball team came back to win fifteen consecutive games and the NV. P. I. A. L. championship. The boys evened the score with Donora by shutting them out 6-0, in the last game before the playoffs. Faced with a rather diilicult schedule, the squad got down to business early and swept through all sectional opponents without a defeat. In the semi-final game played on the last day of school at the XVashington High School Field, Trinity defeated Browns- ville 5-0, the latter getting only one hit and that in the last inning. The final game was played at Forbes Field two days later, and whereby, we defeated Midland 3-0 to become champions. Billy Sams proved to be the outstanding pitcher in the VV. P. I. A. L. In ten games, l1e allowed only 13 runs and 32 hits and easily led tl1e league with a strikeout record of 140 in G6 innings or better than two an inning. The boys who saw the most service were: Calabro-Catcher. Sams-Pitcher. Carman, Drenick, T. Brytus, Sisul, Baekner-Infielders. Potopishin, Davidson, A. Kern, Progar-Outfielders. Careyklnfielder, Pitcher. Veltre-Outfielder, Pitcher. Of this group only two, Carman and Calabro, were graduated and prospects are bright for another successful season. 1 .'.- .2 ., V X Vw 1-f. :Gig X3 ii y isr. j1.!:.laf,,.1?" , 5 J5, 4 ww, ,. ,, D. XV. Momma Coach BASEBALI, lrimty .......... I'1'inity l'1'in i I y l'l'il1i ly Trinity Trinity 'l'rinily Trinitg Trinity Frinity. .. .... 'l'1'inity... 'l'rinit5 'l'l'ini'r5 lrinlly 'l'1'inily Tri xi i I y 11 8 .5 19 .m Sl Ii 24 1 l 1 l I4 Ii 6 3 S UM M A H Y Hmmm ..... .Xvvllu Morris . llickury .. Klluysvillu lizlst Pikc .. Wash High . HurgcHstown Hickory .... Avcllu ...... XVZISII High . Morris ..... Hurgvttslmvii lloliom ..... Brownsville Midland .,., P. I. A. L. Ch llHlli0llSlHll 'l'l'ophy l,l.1,xA1 SA Pilcllcl' TIANO CooPER K1-:RN Gfuno SISUL End Tackle Guard Center Guard MILTON DECKER Coach h VARSITY FOOTBALL Approximately seventy candidates answered the first call for football practice. After several weeks of intensive training, Coaches Decker and Moore had molded a fast, hard- hitting team around only three regulars from the previous year, Sparra, Tiano and Gaido. NVhat the team lacked in experience it made up in light, and the season's record was a creditable one. It showed five victories, three defeats, and one tie. From the squad Gaido, Tiano, Syncr, Phillips, Chambers, Sasek, Arlotta, and Thomas will be lost by graduation. VV f 1 fe fe , ,V Y ,Vu fl . :fl13'ia:2fi." C. 1 AlKI.0T'l'A Bnvrus Slcxs KY SPARRA B srl NI It Pum An K ooh Tackle End Qlml'lcl'I1ucli L. Ilalfhuck r N1 in lgtl SUMMARY Trinity CHomej .... ...12 Avella .... Trinity CAwayJ . 0 Washington Trinity C.-Xwayj .21 Georges Trinity CHomeJ .... . . .26 Brentwood Trinity CHCJIIICD ,... . . .12 Curmichzlcls Trinity fHlJI11CJ .... 0 Cununsburg Trinity CAwayJ .... ... 6 Union ,.... Trinity QHumej .... li Mulmngzxlicla Trinity CAwayJ .... . . .27 Cilliiillflliil Trinity ....... .110 Opponents 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Moore began a few weeks before the close of football season to drill the cage squad for a strenuous schedule of twenty'-five games. The season's record of seventeen victories and only eight defeats proves that the effort was not in vain. Outstanding among the victories were two wins over Canonsburg High. At the close ot' the regular W. P. I. A. L. season, Trinity was tied with Cecil and Burgettstown for first place in Section 14. In a playoff, the latter defeated Trinity 27-24 on the NVash High Floor, and later beat Cecil to become champions. One of the satisfying features of the season was the improved play of the second team composed entirely of underclassmen. They should be a great help next year because of their experience gained under tire. Five seniors will be lost from the squad, namely, Backncr, Blake, Drenick, Thomas, and Veltre. SUMMARY Trinity Alumni ........ Trinity .... -15 Carmichaels . Trinity 1Vash High .... Trinity .... . . 47 'McDonald .. Trinity Claysville ...... Trinity .... .. 17 'Burgettstown Trinity Centerville ..... Trinity .... . . 52 NVaynesburg . Trinity YVaynesburg Trinity ,... . . 35 Canonsburg . Trinity Canonshurg .... Trinity .... . . 47 Centerville . Trinity Ellsworth ...... Trinity .... .. 56 'Cecil ...... . Trinity Claysville ..... Trinity .... .. 44 Carmichaels Trinity California ..... Trinity .... .. 40 'Mcllonald .. Trinity... ... Donora .. . Trinity .... .. 14 'Burgettstown Trinity. .. ... California ..... Trinity .... .. 24 +Burgettst,own Trinity VVash High ..... L Trinity Ellsworth ...... Trinity Cecil ..... Total ...... 902 'Section 14 YV.P.I.A.L. Games. TSection 14 Playoff. F. Pts. Long . . . 26 228 Veltre ... 26 132 Blake .... 13 115 Backner .. ... 20 114 Progar ... 13 99 Brezinski 9 51 Drenick . . 7 51 Polinsky ... ... 7 45 VV. Tomsic .... . 11 25 Carey ...... . 5 21 Quinn ..... . 4 18 F. Tomsic 1 3 Totals .... ....SSO 142 902 VARSITY TRACK Our track season might well be called successful for in three dual meets Trinity was victorious three times. The victims were Georges Township, lvionongahela, and Bridge- ville. In a triangular meet with Donora and Central Catholic of Pittsburgh, we finished second and placed second in a quadrangular meet with YVashington, High, Brownsville, and Monongahela. FRESHMAN TRACK The freshman thin-clads in their preliminary meets defeated the eight grade teams of the district. As their big test, they went to the Junior XV.P.I.A,L. meet, at the Pitt Stadium and came hack with third place. There was a ditference of less than a point between the first three teams in an extremely close contest. Trinity swept the pole vault event copping all four places. , ,V , 44,4 , 7,, .4 RESERVE BASKETBALL This year's reserve team boasts a better record than any other in the school's history. Coach Moores little varsity ehalked up a total of eighteen wins in twenty starts. Included in the win column were two victories over NVash High Reserves and two over Canonsburg Reserve. Having made a nalne for themselves, these boys will be battling for berths on the Trinity varsity next season. It is hoped that their basketball future will be as bright as their records indicate. Members of the team were Saunders, Patrick, Dinsmore, Davis, Stafford, Stanley, Cornell, Pomykala, Paraska, and Puskarich. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 'l'ri11ity's second intramural basketball tournament was held on Saturday, February 15, 19-11. The field ot' seven teams narrowed itself to two, the Yhudies and the Pushovers, ln the finals the Pushovers won by a score of 17-11. The winning team consisted of: Paraska, Queer, M. Stanley, Sta1't'ord, M. Goga, .lohn Beck, Adams, Joe Puskarich, Polny- lcals, and Ted Polinsky, Manager. T-CLUB The T-Club, noted for its awards to outstanding Trinity girls in scholarship and aetivity, has, for the past seven years. made it possible for the school to show its appre- ciation to the varsity football team. This year the club staged a Football Dance on November 15th, and honored tl1e team and coaches at a banquet in the school cafeteria. On December 18th, Coach lloark ot' NV. and J., was guest speaker at the affair. The girls elected Letitia Mogentale, Presidentg Helen Marks, Viee Presidentg Mildred Cook, Secretaryg and llomaine YVilson, 'l'reasurer. l'nder their leadership and the guiding hand ol' Miss Kiblinger, both the dance and the banquet were huge sueeesses. Expenses of the banquet were defrayed by means of the dance and the proceeds from a giant skating party. Wiz" CD L y M , I3 U 5 ' 216. gf r y X, .3 ,ffl L "V f A ' lg f 3fZ5:,, i M- U: ,'.-, nggigiggfi' '- ' 55335 FIKESHMAN BASKETBALL The freshman basketball team ended a very successful season with a record of nine victories and one defeat. Coach Ueckerts boys suffered tl1eir only defeat at the hands of Bentleyvillc Junior High. This game brought about a playott' for the Section IV champion- ship which Bentileyville won. This team showed much improvement during the course of the season and some ot' its members should be valuable additions to the reserves next season. The following boys made up the squad: K. Adams, N. Robson, .l. XVassilotT, P. Calabro, H. McKee, XV. Tarr, E. Bedillion, H. Ellis, F. Karman, R. Gayvert, and G. Sprowls. MANAGERS To this group should go a great deal of credit for their untiring efforts in caring for the athletes and the athletic equipment. They are the boys who answer all the questions and their job is a ditticult one. No sport could exist successfully without them. ln fact, they are what might be called indispensable. Two senior managers, Martin Cook and Mike Goga, will be graduated. Slaying on the job will be Charles Caton, Fred Blake, Paul Calabro, and. Don YVilson as football managers, and Harry Moore, very etticient basketball manager and his freshman aide, Harvey Mcltee. l 4 N 12131312132 55:Z:Z:f:2: 1---15-fi Z . Y Y 1' ,g .,, Q gi 'Ti gy, I, ,fff , 1-ff Q 'r ' 5 ff 'Zf C, fX157fK"'!ff'f Li!" 5 2 5 5553 :EI iiassiizisa. WW f Q' W X fill ,g,?fzga, ix .1.4AH , Aq..:1 XX X X E, N S ff Q -AW f-aw -'xv ' v -- ,Q 3WK , 1903! X' ,ggff fy nv -- ' ! 4' " A Cl OLYMPUS STAFF STUDENT PERSONNEL Editors LLOYD CLEBIENS I.ETITIA BIOGENTALE Assislant Erlifnr XVARREN HUNT Senior Edilors ELEANIIR PE'I'I.ocIc JOSEPH PUSKAIIICI-I BETTY Coma .lIlI1fUI' Ezliiors HARIILII Cl.lI'l"l'liR .IIIVA INGIIRANI Al,-XIQY CLAYTON Sporis Edilnrs INIILDHED Coma Business Erlifors SALIUEL SXVART KENNETH Ho0'rMAN PEGGY TNIORRISON ETHEL RUTH GETTIG IHXVIN AMISTAIIE XVILLIAM CRAWEIIRII CLARA FOVVLER Faclllfy Advisors STANLEY SIIAWINSRI AN Pirlnrv Ezlilors BETTY PE'I'ERsoN LIARIE ELLIS Alumni Edifors MARGARET CAIN HELEN THOBIPSUIN Typ 599'-N DAVID AIORHOYV CI.E'I'US RIARTIN .101-IN TVIARTIN GENE XVILSOIN ANN SZAKAL NIARY ISINDER Business TXILIIILIQCI'--J. R. CLARK Senior Class-J. A. NIONINGEH IRENE ROBElI'1'S1lN Junior ClilSS'hrIABY D0-NSON J. VV. MCKAY Pictures---E. V. RUSS Steuugranphy-AMARY DEMRSTER 'I'I'ezIsuI'cI'fH. S, XVILSUN BIZIHZIQCVEC. S. HALLAM Art-GRACE GRIFFIN Eflifnrs STEVE I'TUlUVA'l' JOI-IN SKONVVRUN isis MARY 1uCCl.ENA'l'HAN ISAIAELLI-: COS'l'liI.L0 HEIIEN KUZAI. ANN SIITU JIISEPHINE PIIRTII 16 -nj? ' 4, HL , 'if' T2 Exmfi.-I S fi , f flza. I 1 ' '. . J,5l'2,'Q'lf'f1 ' . 'L.,A,A:g?jjz1 TVILLIS FIILLERTON BRUNII FRANKS ANN SIIIIAIAR l':Dl'l'li STEN UN IRIIT H Y M ow L AIAHY SZAKAL NOVEL-T The Novel-T, a publication of the Junior Class, went to press six times this year, bearing all the luscious news of current happenings from Campus romances to the weights of the basketball players. This year a precedent was established in that it was made possible for a customer to secure a subscription for all issues. Each issue had a certain theme whiich was featured on the front page. The April issue was the only exception. The main staff was made up of Juniors, but the reporters came from the two lower classes. Miss Donson and Mr. McKay were the faculty advisors. IF YOU CAN FCRGET lt' you can forget detention at noon If you can forget the teacheris tune If you can forget how we thought we were doomed lt' you can, you're better than 1. lf you can forget the poems We read lt' you can forget what all they said It' you can forget how we wished we were dead If you can, you're better than I. If you can forget the bell that saved us If you can forget all the bother and fuss If you can forget that home then we'd rush ll' you eau, you're better than I. If you can forget at the end of the year li' you can forget the report cards so dear If you can forget in many eyes a tear If you can, youire better than I. SARAH FOWLER. t ALMA MATER Here's to you, dear Trinity, lVlay we not forget, That to your l'air name, dear school, YVe still owe a debt. C1ioRUs Our love we give to thee We pledge our loyalty, Three cheers for colors, blue and white, Oh, let us oft repeat Those words that are so sweet, "Dear Alma Mater, here's our pledge to thee." And in years that are to come, Our prayer shall always be For the school ol' which we sing Dear Old Trinity. ANOTHER SUGGESTION Dear Trinity, we hail thee, Our songs lo thee we raise. YVe otTer love, and homage great Amt lit'l our hearts in praise. Forever we will treasure The memories so true, And in our dreams, our thoughts will turn, Dear Trinity, to you. Dear Trinity, we hail thee, lVIay honor e'er be thine, For in these old historic walls You've been to us a shrine. Oh, fling your colors to the breeze, Your banners white and blue, Long may she live, Dear Trinity, So glorious, grand and true. M4'Xltl,'XN lVIc:NAln GOOD OLD U. S. A. Over there, lhey're out on the line lflere the air is pure and tree, So l'll stay in this land and dineg n v 1 - lts good old L. 5. A. lor ine. No bomhs to tear our hearts away, No airplane raids for us to tearg So let's he happy and all he gay And give l'. S. A. a rousing cheer. Americaerelionie ol' the hrave. And ever the home ot' the free. lts Democracy we will save, lt's the good old tl. S. A. for ine. T. Pouxsii v OUR LAND VVhere is the land that men most cravef- 'l'he land ot' the tree and home ot' the brave? America is this great land lt reaches out to grasp the hand. ln regions t'ar across the sea VVar has caused great poverty. This sorrow is unknown to you and nie Because we live in the land ot' the tree. Neither king, nor dictator to us does preach Because democracy is within our reach. VVe sit in peace at tiresides bright And are t'ar removed from t'ear at night. XVe must he thankful t'or this gift And never from our home land drift. Together we must keep this peace, For in America it must never cease. Am 'l'noMPsoN f. LIFE Une awfully queer thing I'm finding outg As deeper into experience I go. That the more I study und sprout, The less und less I seem to know. li. HUll.Nl'IR TEACHER You seem to me an slave-driver, but I know that really your doing your bestg To bring me out ol' ignorance und rut, So I can live in harmony with the rest. li. HOIKNER Cl 77 TREES I never wus tl poet, And, I never expect to be. And all in vain, I try to write, A poem, about an tree. All day I sit in study hull And write, sueh lines us these, VVhen I know that spring is eulling And the birds are in the trees. I know I'm not El poet, So why pretend to be. I'll just let Joyce Kilmer XVrite poems about the tree. Jfxek Sruowrs MEDITATION lVIy ehoieest melancholy shelter Is not amid the helter skelter Ol' the eity crowds, oh nog Nor at the motion picture show I'd rather find a place that's quiet Away from all this noise and riot l'd slip away to a quiet spot To be alone there in my thoughts l'd think of what I'd like to be To dream of what life holds for me But on returning home I see I have to face reality. Piiouv Wiinnru HREMINISCENCE LANE" For just a little while, Dear One, VVe could pretend again, And walk along that dim old path Down Iteminiscence Lane. We'd know our tree when once we saw Initials deep-earved there. Perhaps we'd how our heads a bit At time for evening prayer. The years would fade and we'd he young! No lines upon our face. And ol' the sorrows we have known Therekl be not one small traeee, - For just a little whileg hut then VVhen dreaming time was o'er, NVe'd l'eel again that trysting thrill We knew in days ot' yore. XVe've lrudged the daily path ol' liI'e Together, through the years. VVe,ve had our days ol' laughter and We'v'e had our share ot' tears. So let's walk slowly down the lane Ol' memory tonighteee 'Twill not he long until we tread Lanes ol' eternal light. LUt1ll, IiliNll.Xl.I. "WILD FLOWERSI' All thc busy hurried throng Havc plucked the roadside clean, 'Till not o11e modest hlossom's left Nor one soft pclal seen. They always take the easy way And scramble for the nearestg But you may have them, hasty souls, For I shall pluck the dearest. In deep retreats and silcnl shade, There hlooms the tlower I seek, NVherc nonc despoil with manners rude The innocent and meck. No roadside dusl their petals shower, VVhere men and cares go hy, Only the peaceful forest there And lhe Cilllll contented sky. T1lfClI,l,Ii KENIJALI .lkf P L' 1- TRINITY 3- W -.'.'.'. .'.' .'.'.'.'-'.'.'r.' PPI'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Zf'Z'Z'Z'Z'I' 'Z'Z'Z'Z+Z'N "' ...lzgzz-13.,...,.::1:,., gzgtgtgzg:-:g:g:g:,., ,4.,4.3.:.-.g.:.3,:,5.:.:.1.g.:.:.:.g.:.- - ,.,.:.3.5.g.:5.x.F ,, 5.3.:.:.::g.:.:.:.,.:.1.1., , .-.5.,.:.g:3.g.g.g.-.- , ,.g.g.g.g:35.,.g.4 , -.-4.1.5.:.1.1.g.g.g.E. ,'.Q:. g.1.g.:.g.1.,,g.v 4 'zfiffffgre 512522525 .- 13225151513 3355535235 31222222 5152755535 ' 'P 9 H5 W f -si 'A G w -Q Q N 4f Mff X V Z, ,, ly f 'AV z 7 ll 9 3:3 P - r O X ,pf 'sbt 4' Ex 'Q ff -M 69044 AQ reQA o . 9.6.5. ' Q D 9 'O '4 A. Y 9.435 Q, 5"O 'v'4 'Off 'Q Q 'J ,QQ g'5'of'i A 'AEM R t flu H EW -1?-uE. 'bn . . - y 1 - .44 ,K 1 'N " Z . . ..... . I I 4 fax rh- fif " X .mf A . 14 f , - 1, ,' bag! . I' f. A W L 3" . I 7 W vw n.-L!-121 7 UY ff f 1-sn f an F2 US ff Q,kefgi,-PRO0"C'5 ' f f NN X , - JW'mxl ,x x v m K 1 L , 3 x i H 1 X M rf, k v x N z a l J , .Q 4 ,L Y - I NJ 1 " ! 1--1 r- ,L rn I 111 I "A COMPLETE GRADUATION LINE" EsTAu1.1s111sn 1917 'NIE EMBLE CUNIPA Y -Al DCDN ENEIX HERFF-JONES CO. Jewelers and Stationers COLLEGIATE Caps and Gowns CLINT W. LEE CO. Diplomas Union Trust Building PITTSBUHGII, PA LESTER R. MORRISON GARAGE AUTO REPAIRING AAA Service State Inspection PHONE 770 Congratulations 'l'. H. 1941 FINE FLOVVERS WOODWARD - WRIGHT and floral art await your order Prestige Quality MCDONNELUS . O Nf,l'th MZlil1 Sfrcxcl xxrest Clleslllut Street XX72lSl1lllgl0l1, Pa. PHONE 733 J. K. LAWVSON Hay 1 Grain 3 Feed : Coal 1 Builders' Supplies FUL-O-PEP FEEDS 326 East Maiden Street XXYklSlllI1g'tOIl, Pa. Blau. PHONE 76 MONTGOMERY WARD CO. ffrhe Friendly store" 66-70 VVcst Chestnut Street XX7ZlSl1lIlgt0ll, Pa. e Galdwell Store, Inc. Complimvnts ol' WARRICK FLORAL CO. Gcorgc XTVZISIITIIQUJII H0101 17 N' Mum St' "UW grow 1110 f7UlUf'l'S Im' svll' Coluplimenls ol' W. T. GRANT CO. VK asluuglou, Pelllhl. DelwL,I.y Anywllwe PHONE 10,1 1946 OLYMPUS Ease- 282,991 , , X NX T -' 22 5. 1 X3 W' Flfiggi X v Tinted by VVARD PRINTING CO. National Stores Company "Sp0ri5men if H md quarters " CLOTHING OUTFITB FOR ALL FOR ALL OUTDOORS SPOPJI 5 M. L. WXIEISER, .11 1 46-48 VVest Chestnut Street XfVl1Sl1iI1gtKl1l, Pcu G 1' e e t 1 n g 5 from :washington and fefferson Gollege N E R S Servicer Station TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE 383 VVest Chestnut Street VVlxsH1Nu'roN, P1aNNsY1,vANllx IIISIIIYIIIVI' llfilh Tlwee Q O , S W MILLER AGENCY Is cz l,l'Ufl'SS'l'0ll and No! fl Side Line AUTO FIRE LIFE BONDS --10 North Main Street WASIIINGTON, PENNA. Pnoxlc 1094 1 ' A For Hvfzllh Sala' f Roller Slffzlz' l40lllllllIlll'I1lS ol S A M I L S O N , S Washlngton Roller Rmk N w Y H X I7 VV. Beau Sl. l.ADIInb HEAIH IO XX RAN wvusllingmn, Penw- 91N 'll Ma' St' Ht . . OI I lm let Special Nantes to P2lI'l1CS Wzlsl1i11glo11, Pal. PHONE S1832 liilyllllllld Smith, Mgr Don't Spend It All Anyone who earns money owes it to lllIllS0ll' to save part ol' it. Financial independence can only he zlehievetl in this manner. He wiseeluke cure of your future NOYV. Citizens National Bank NV.xs H lNo'1'oN, PIQNNA. M e m b e r Mellbank Group Federal Reserve Bank Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. HITE . .. FAMOUS FOR QUALITY and CUTTING VALUE Bc-cause of our splendid 2lSSUI'lll1Clll, plus planing mill llucilitivs, we olfcr thc users ol' OAK unexccllccl service in straight or mixccl quuutilics. NVQ iuvilc your use ol' llwsc iNlVZllllilQ'6S. MARTIN'S LUMBER CO. VVcsl Chestnut Street lixlcnsiou XVASIIINGTON, PICNNA. Puoxla 591 COMPLIMENTS OF HSIQTIQQBQD up laEQ onppalp f WASHINGTON, PENNSYl.,VANlA WHEN YOU THINK OF INSURANCE THINK OF ANDERSON Sc POLLOCK FIRE LIFE ACCIDENT AUTO 14-18 NVeSt XVhe-eling Street NNIZISIIIIIQIOII, Penua. Bell Phone 1295 or 1296 ze-:msrzv . . . "Q. ga The Glfr Most Tlmllmg to Glrl Graduates I Lane Ghests Home Furnishing Division A"' 1 RUSS INDEPENDENT UIL CUMPANY Elect 'i ' Se " 'J Ce ll " DICKS SERVICE STATIONS ' L mt ' " XNYZISHIH tton D' U' GETTIG 3 . , . INOIIIOSIIL' and E40lI1ll16I'Cl1ll , S I - . 1 NIIIOLU l Illlllltlh Xvlllunl Bammes Stewart NNYZIFIISI' Dual Tenn l House Furnishings lielrigerutors -- . , - '8e- e 4' Phone 21529, 9811, 3316 nb Pimxlh 8 3 NVuShmgton, Pa. ,f . f' . Q? Q? ee . ea Aatg' Invites You to Come and See ,ati if -Q-4' . . . . . Wm?-141' A The Sherwin-Williams Color Styling Service h iwi tie' A Distributor ol' SHERWIN - WILLIAMS PRODUCTS 111 North lviillll Street PHONE 1096-I Washington Plumbing, Heating and Supply Co. Aeetylene Wlelcling and Supplies 07 VVest Cherry Avenue VVashington, Pa Stanilarfl Barbecue Try Our Delirious Barbecues 1079 East lVlaiclen St. Blackburn's Service Station "Try Our Service" 1075 East lVlaiden Street VVashington, Pa. WASHINGTON MEAT CAROTHERS-- MARKETS Two Home Owned Stores HW B081 Oi All 28 N. Main sr. 144 S. Main st. ICE CREAM5 Phone 32200-3201 Phone 1406-1407 Special Prices to Fraternities and Schools PIIONI-I -1250 VVashinglon, Pa. Conlplinients of O'BRIEN Steel Construction Company vVilSl1lIlgl0ll, Penna. Phone 2188-R 106 Highland Ave. KECK'S BEVERAGES, Inc. G. E. S-ltllll, Distributor Natural Mineral VVater Beverages 19 Flavors XXTilSl1lllQ10l1, Penna. Af fig tw--wan H ' Wt! De Solo Sc Plymouth Passenger Cars and Plymouth C0111l1lPl'ClZllS CHARTIERS MOTOR CO. 20 North Franklin Street Phones 1500-1501 Ai.. G. S'r1-11:11, Jlmzuger ..i HE new mens nH,GmHTE Compliments ol' IMPERIAL Gjfwose wifi: 'vfhe Cream of All Ice Creamsz' Za 4 ,H 1 X. " M Plmllc xX72lSllillfVf.0ll SIU i w Mlm COHN Q UF 17 C0l111J1i111Ql1lS oi' g., THE f KURTZ MONUMENT CO PEOPLES NATIONAL BANIQX Washington, PH. XxYZlSl1i1lgt011, PUIIIIQI. Czllmllshurg, Pu. B10llOllgilllCl2l, 1 JESSOP STEEL CO. COMPLIMl'lN'1'S OF Cgygart Talley Glass Gompany J FI.UVVEIiS COHSAGETS Floral! lleuorantions Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association WM. J. WARRICK, JR. 15 ICQISI Beau St. VVQ Give Gold lioncl SILIIIIIJZL Tlley Save You 21672, Estz1bIisI1ecI 1841! F. B. MCKINLEY Presenting a Large Selection of Hamilton, Elgin and Belmar Wrist Watches DIAMONDS and .IISVVICIMY 1847 Rodgers Flatware The New I51 Parker Lifetime Pen -and many other items of interest You A1'e Cordially Invited to Come In and Look AIUIIIHI I5 N. Malin Sl. W2lSiliIlgllJlI, Pax. JAMES M. LYDIC 86 CO. PIiIN'I'IiliS Printing For All Business Iiequiremeuts Phone 225 35 East Pine Avenue XXIUSIIIIIQUJII, Pelnisylvanin P A U L 86 P O S T IIAliIJVVAl1Ii u I1 d FARM SUPPLIES 172 South MIIIII Street YV.xsH1Nm'oN, P14:NNsY1.vAN1A C o in IJIIIIICIIIS ol Pittsburgh and Fairmont Coal Co. I'I'IITSBUIIGII, PENNSYLVANIA Judson Wiley St Sons Cement Contractors Ready Builders, Supplies Mixed Concrete llll Soulli Main Str ect XYVLISIIIIIQIUII, Pennu. Pnoxic 123 PENNZIP and JACK HART PENNZOIL are 16 N. Main Sl. XXY2lSlIil1gl0Il, Pa. PERFECT PARTNERS Be Sure lo Visit HART'S Sportswear Center 0 See the New Kilpatrick Tweed Sport Coats Hart's Tweed and Gaharcline Slaeks Portage "Monarch" Nuliuek Shoes and The Latest Loafer Coats Quality al Low Prices 0 Ask about our NEVV TIME PAYMENT PLAN f i xx, ffswfwffr V, ,f f' F ,, 5 , t "j5"Jsf5'g1f 'g' 1 i V Vv TX - Pi f if XA Z 5 r IUST LIKE FINDING MONEY He1'e's a real way to save on driving sosts: Switch to Penzip gasoline! You get a smooth-running, carbon-free motor .... no power Wasted because Penzip burns clean .... faster piek-up, more pep, real no-knock action and EXTRA MILES with Penzip, the perfect partner of PenZoil motor oil BE WISE .... USE PENZIP z 9 7 Minter s Fine Candies Lovell s 86 Covel Chocolates JONES, COLWES Sc KRALL WHOLESALE CANDY Puoxii 1786 955 VVest Chestnut Street Washington, Pennsylvania Once again i6MUI,l,OX'-M,XIJIi quality and workmanship" seores as the O1,x'MrlYs is eased in a iVI0l.l.0Y-lVl.XlJl'I eover l'I'Oll1 THE DAVID MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North VVestern Ave. Chicago Illinois LAN G'S FUR SHOP FURRIERS and VVOMIiN'S APPAREL 0 25 NVest Chestnut Street IQ1219 the eyffemory of this G9XComent forever Clresh ITE.-XII S'1'l1n1c1N'1's: T1I0llfj1l1S go SllI'fl11gl11 b111'1f, 1'111fs1f 1111ys, 10 111111 S0-101111-llgO 1I'lIIP 111111111 11011 1'1111f1'011 s1'1100I 11s 0111' 0f 1111' f1'1's111's1 0f F1'1'S1IlIlf'11. If1f1111'111I11'1'? Will you 1111111 f0rg1'1? Vvfllllflllyf il be 1111111 1110111111 if 11011 111111 fl p1101f0g1'11p11 0f y0111's1'lf 011 111111 !'l7f?1l1fll1 01'1'11si011? IV1111 1101 11'l1'p110111' 1'1'g11l 110111 -101' 1111 1111p111'1111111211l? U70 1171.11 111'1'1111g1f 1111' 1111112 10 .SIII-1 yfllll' 1'OIlI76?I1ll?IIl'l'. The IIUINTJCI' is 2100-J C6718 111012111 51101115 51111110 SIU NORTH MAIN STREET VVASHINGTON, PA. 1. A. Rungo FRUITS AND VEGETABLES GIIOCERIES und MEATS 0 Phone 2281 233 SoU'rH MMN S'l'REli'I' NV,xs1i1N1sToN, PA. 0 Telephone Your Order We NVill Give It Prompt ATTENTION Wi! CQ Buy it in the 13 'WIT HANDY SIX BOTTLE CARTONS For Your Home Majofs SHOES FOR IVOJIEN Sizes 2M lo 10 VVi1llhs 1111111111 lo 0 XVAS 11 1N1a'1'0N, IJENN s YLVANIA ,4 Compliments ot' Compliments ot' ELLIQTTWS ISALY'S DAIRY STORE DELICATESSEN ICE CREAM 2 l VVashington, Pa. LUQIQLES VVashcrs Sweepers WASHINGTON LAUNDRY 305 VVest Maiden Street 0 PHONE 315 All Kinds of Laundry Electric Irons WATTERS ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRIC VViring and Contracting Repairs on All Electrical Appliances 26 East Beau Street Phone 16-1-L -VVashington, Pa. VALENTINE 86 MURRAY PHARMACISTS 0 George Wasliingtoii Hotel Building REED 86 CAMERON The place to buy Farm Seeds Hardware, Harness, Dairy and Root Bee Supplies Vtlashington, Penna. Axfos KNi5s'rmcK Al'sT1N KNESTRICK Distributing Agents for Edison Mazda Lamps KNESTRICK ELECTRIC CO. Contractors VViring and Supplies 60 East Beau St. Phone 1000 VVashington, Pa. C. H. SCOTT SERVICE Gull' Products and Goodrich Tires Called tor and Delivery Service PHONE 9845 27 East Maiden Street Al ,WY EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE CRAIG SERVICE STATION H0Hdf1u21fl0fSf'01' PHONE 4181-R All makes ot' Typewriters and Ottice Supplies VVolfdale, Pennsylvania Adding Machines, Safes Steel Files, Shelving Desks, Chairs etc. 0 WASHINGTON Compliments of TYPEWRITER COMPANY PHONE 2919 WOOLWORTH 86 CO. 57 VVest Chestnut Street Wzisliingtriii, Pa. H. E. SWARTZ BliRT' BosWEL1, E R ROEBUCK 85 CO. WE SERVE THE NATION SHOP AT SEAR'S RETAIL STORE 0 0 Electric and Gasoline VVashers 'tColdspot" Refrigerators Radios, Tubes and Batteries Stovcs Furniture Plumbing and Heating Systems Hardware Roofing Poultry Supplies "David Bradley" Farm Machinery Harness and Supplies "Seroco" Paints Wzlll Paper Automobile Parts "Allstate" Tires Motor Oil Kitchen Utensils Auto Battcrics Fishing and Camping Nccds, etc. ofa WE DELIVER 1934 A PHONES Ae 1935 COMPLIMENTS OF Home ualit Launolr TELEPHONE 400 Hemlock Street vVElSlllllgt0ll, Pa. MCNARYE JEWELRY STORE PEERLESS SALES COMPANY Showing a wonderful selection of the new things in jewelry and novelties for both men Division of Peerless Incorporated and Women' Manufacturers-Distributors Elgin and Hamilton watches in their latest PEERI-ESS model casesg all prices. See them before BQII-ER FEEDWATER TREATMENT buying a watch. It will be a pleasure to fm-the Slww them to YOU- prevention and control of corrosion Gold Hlled link watch bracelets of every 1H10W D1'eSSu1'e heatmg Systems descupuon' Post Office Box 436 31 North Main Street Washington, Pennsylvania The Store with the Street Clock R. T. F OWVLER General Contractor and Builder Plans and Estimates Furnished PHONE 1705 VVasl1ington H. D. 3 Washington, Pelilisylvaliia COIIIIJHIIICIIIS of TEMPLETON'S DRUG STORE 33 North Main Street XN2lSlllI1gt0ll, Pu. WASHINGTON MOULD, MACHINE and FOUNDRY CO. FORGE SHOP MACHINE SHOP FOUNDRY GLASS HOUSE MOULDS MACHINE PARTS ACETYLENE WELDING ELECTRIC WELDING Bell Phones 3240-3241 Madison and Greene Avenue Washington, Penna. QUALITY SERVICE , P E If N , F L O W E R s Sanitary Cleaning Dyeing Cut Flowers Floral Designs Pressing Repairing Potted Plants PHONE 952 V1's1'lo1's Welcome al Our 0 Greenlioizses 133 South Main street FRANCIS GREENHQUSE Wzislliligtoli, Pa. WOLFDALE Phone Washington 2681 CUMPIMENTS OF S. J. T. HOUGH DAIRY PHONE 964 600 .Icfferson Avenue VVnshingtOn, Pennu. Washington Union Trust CO. COMMUNITY BANK VVASHINOTON, PENNsYLvAN1A on-0 Checking, Savings Accounts, and Certificates Of Deposit Trust IJCPEIFIIIIBDI Acts in All Fiduciary Capacities O-0 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SCHOOL SAVINGS IJEPOSITORY I l Reliable Jewelers Standard Prices and s. A. MEYER co. 011 Dispensing Easy Credit Opticians S. A. MEYER Co. Terms S. A. MEYER Co. S. A. MEYER CO, 9 O 9 S A MEYER CCD 64 VVest Chestnut Street, XV2lSlIlIIgl0ll, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF Dunbar 8s Wallace Lumber Co. 1045 .l6ll'6l'SOII Avenue VVashington, Pu. PuoNE 451-452 EVERYTHING T0 BUILD ANYTHING Compliments of Washington County Fire Insur- ance Company Washington, Pennsylvania F. O. VANCE, Florist Flowers for All Occasions Cor. VVest Maiden and Hamilton Washington, Pu. PHONE 112-J FOR "Complete" Business Training Bell Phono 2900 A DODGE and PLYIVIUIUTH CARS T T G W cl d E ll 00 Wal' N D Dodge Brotllcrs Trucks PENN COMMERCIAL 235 E381 Maiden Street XX7t1SIlIIlgI0ll, Pa. WASIIINMON, PA. More EIIIIJIOQIIIPIII Calls Than IVF Can Fill FEEDS FEli'I'II.IZEHS PE'l'liOI.EUM FARM SUPPIES WASHINGTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU 268 VVEST VVHEELNG STREET PHONE 1720 "THE STORE OF MARSHALL" DRY GOODS AT THEIR BEST ALSO Conlplvtc Lino ol' Ladies Furnislliugs 20 North Malin Street PHONE 177 I For Quality Meats and Prompt Service- PUONIQ 3646 YENKO'S PURITY MEAT MARKET BIGGER BETTER REl"lfESIllNG Q Pepsl - Cola Solcl in li lfoille Curious ul Your Local Grocers BROWN - HUSTED Compliments of lNCORl'0liA'l'ED WAs111Ncs'roN, PA. WASHINGTON BAKING lVafc'11 lhe Fords Go By COMPANY Phone 2800 AN APPRECIATION -+?'i'4+ - To those whose support has aided in making the Olympus possible, we wish to express our appreciation and to call to the attention of the studentss and pa- trons the many organizations which placed advertise- ments in the Qlympus. cyflutogmphs in W 'u -4

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