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 - Class of 1939

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d""V,I 1 Q 2' F , s 'f 1 4 1 x ' 1 4 I' Y 1 Q 4 ,K - V, , 4 1 ' A i f M J ' 'PL .1 4 ,js fx 2 ,f gn z, I v 1 4, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 3 1 11 1 1 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 Il 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 IFE ff' f QHIJN- 5? 2 ' vi' , , If fi W fff , 2 4 QE. If 1 f 'F 1 l ap 42156133 if '. ,L ' .1 I I, f 3 :. ,.' -' .' 7. EJ Af 1, . I V , ,vpn-f'?. It 1 V , f f, ffbvjfy. ,. F ' ' ."'If"'V , '24 4' ,,f "ff, I .V . 3, fr ,f ..-, - 11: ,, 'x,v,,'.'-up gf: ., I d ! 'li , f , -yy' ' I ,. 3 .1,-T,fa,r4 'f f , Q -- ' 5f .',u1Z'?, 5 v,,, ' ' 4 fy if ' 5 .-5 ggi, f ,fffffhf 5 1' 1 f f 1 ,:w' I ...M I H4 -L V' 1 I 1' 2 me 455-0,75 hu ff! j"'5f!fD X' 5' - 'jf "f I Eq,'A.w -r, If I a ,f .HF'..' ull' ml ln. f . .. A, -,.f. .I , -Q lg! 135' falfffh. '. l A '--l- 72 ,-I ', 1 ,- ., f 1 ' a'-v, , 'vw , A -- ug. . 4- , . ' - :-1 - - ' Y! 4' F" if .5547 1 1 ' II 7,-X ' fb", -f-' ""- 151- ' M- H 1 --"""'i1 ' 1 - ' 1 -, C'-:' i Jin. '. . I J' ' - ii , , v , " - 4,.,,gf . - - f . r-., f 1, ., - . Z: - I 1 , ' 1 si ' 'I--"-Q51 -19 f' Huhi -'I 1" 5-ff fn ," " 1 I I ' 7 - .A 1, A,"-I :ll I , --wal! .rl 5 1 95 V w ' - -3, -, ff 'ff ,I 4, af. 5 -' I ah 4 , 1 . fs -li af' af l iw , I A' . . '-T f :iii Q .V-ii rx r., ' 'af Liga? h Liz. ".:-...ig .vu 'G f ' 1 U, Hg-'1 ff v f'-ifffin-11164 I , , . . I I Ka," -V wif -'fl q Q -.-as.-qg,.':1Zf4i -F il 55 . f 4 1- g ' - - fx,-, In .1 ff . U, f 1, gif ,L . , ,.f:j: ,744 4x'.Q5..14"f..,Ly,,'-T1 V-3. . V 's 1: ':g,,: .H ,gif 7' f 'f, -Q X1 --15.11"-,Vik - , , - -IPL: rw' pgs.: ff., Lggjgi f. ,. 2 I f ,, 1 , 7-1:5- V 'f -"' ,- f,xvgixl5L.' ,Q UML, 1 . Mt: A .:-,F AFL! 14,51 I ' f ,- i --'Q fi --g-,1:- Q, r , pai, - Muf.. ' ",:'Tf1-.2r.,j fm. , -, . "N . "1 1 fi ' , vig, Z-,,!3::'.,, TY,,:,, E .Q .L J., if , K , - , ,A-43, A 'fpdf' he 'L!1,"i2'1-3' r"':g,f'5 V I ,ff ,,' -J-Qi" ' .gl WITIV1 Ij,'f1u,:'.f?x5 Z 3' , - , A 17.35 1.,.,f,- qw.-"""' 'I I, A . '. 'ff,g.m.fl:I .1s!'g3l1q,,:1fAf,,fyQ V, if .- 1, '1 " 5514" '-f.ifl- '-if-U' '-9' , A A' , :' f- 5 'Ky-ff if!! 'J 1 'P nf' ff 'e 'I rwrffi? ' "'Kl:I'f- 71, r if L - ' 'Aff ' .21,,,,.:Jf-f'l2l A' , M , QQ .. , K... .l I K 'Lr..4,.V54'jii,34i -Y . 'A f.-I. ,dgf v A40 9 Q,-n I A he f .dx r Wg 3' 9 ai 5 'I I KF' ' 14. Yg I I. 1 , -I qffllllllllll :L- K llllllllllllll' ' l"lfll lull' 9 I I Q"-V' -'gy HMI sit I I SKK: l I fr W It frm x , ,J ,1 X A F W I 1145 IA lxb , Ugff 1 Ixfgbilrvfgf wif, .4 I 1 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL i KDEDICATIC In the past, it has been the custom ol' the Olym- pus Staff to dedicate the annual to some group or individual having a strong interest in Trinity High School. This year we have chosen an alumnus who for the past 11ine years l12lS devoted his time and ener- gy toward establishing a finer feeling ol' friend- ship and cooperation between the faculty and the student body ol' Trinity High School. He has yearly volunteered his time and ability toward the completion ot' the school annual and he has helped to maintain its high standard ot' quality. Q In the past years the Ilitle Club has become a stronger and more enterprising organization through his friendly guidance. As a mathematician his ability is recognized by his colleagues and the students who have re- ceived his aid in overcoming the ditticulties in mathematics. Making no unfair discriminations in his rela- tions with the students, to us he represents the ideal teacher. As a true friend Zllltl sportsman, he l1as earned the respect of all who know him. THEREFORE: C50 J. ARLEIGH JOHN VVC Dedicate This, the Twelfth Edition of the Olympus A MESSAGE rom the BOARD 0 EDUCATION is X. , X. ' iii? tit t it it tiiiitlf - Witt -V f.2i',-ezfitf 2.412- It Takes a Lot to Make a High School Trinity High School started with an enrollment ot' approximately liitl pupils with but two or three teachers. Today we can boast ot' approximately 1,000 pupils with over thirty teachers. XVe consider this a remarkable growth over a period ot' a few years since the High School was organized. NVe attribute this growth to the fact that the High School is situated in a good location, has good buildings with new additions being made yearly, and mostly to the fact that our principal, teachers and pupils have whole- heartedly cooperated to make our liigh School one ot' the outstanding High Schools ot' its kind in Pennsylvania. XVe wonder how many boys and girls ot' this generation realize what an opportunity they have to get an education? XVhen we older folks were young, when we finished common school we had no High School to attend and we worked in the summer to get enough money to go to school in the winter. Then when we had what we thought was enough education we were particular what kind ot' a job we took after working so hard for our education. Today when the student finishes High School it is not the question ot' what job he will take but the question ot' what job he can get. To the members ot' the Statt' who have worked so t'aitht'ully on the publications of the Trinity High School Year Books from the time ot' their beginning and to the 'teachers and pupils who have given their time and ettorts to make a success ot' these hooks, we extend our sincere congratulations. In conclusion we feel that the Board ot' Directors should not be entirely forgotten for their contributions in making Trinity High School what it is today. Their meetings are sometimes long, full of smoke, disappointments and disagreements but when the smoke has blown away, everything turns out OK and we have good meetings with all members taking a keen interest for the growth ot' the School. To the principal, teachers and pupils let's make our slogan-Forward XVith Trinity High School. jf I H. XV. GABBY M. Il. I'Rmo DAv1n STENHOUSE Il. A. RANKIN pft'SI'fIt'I1f Vice President Secretary Treasurer North Franklin Canton South Strabane Annull Gxconmi ll. Arusox Hman Bnowx II. H. Cnlu-1 Canton South Strabane Alnwell XVILLIAM DAVIS Cant on .l. S. Gmsox D. XV. Hronrzs EARL .Lxcusox I. XV. I.1f:r:cH J. O LL1FS Alnwell North Franklin Amwell South Strabane Canton J. M. NIC.-XI.IS'l'IiH XV. L, Mc:C1ncREx' DR. G. H. XICISINSTRY S. R. ltlclsnx' F. NV. SHRONIII Canton Canton North Franklin South Strabane Annsell A. I.. Surru C. E. TAR11 I. Il. 'l'H0x1rsoN South Strabane North Franklin North Strabane BIARGAIIET F. VL:-:R Canton . . l939 ALMA MATER Here's to you, dear Trinity, Mug we not ltr et z V 'm , That to your fair nalnc, clear school, VVe still owe a debt. Ciionlrs Our love we give lo thee We pledge our loyalty Three cheers l'or colors, hlue and Oh, let us oft repeat Those words that are so sweet "Dear Alma Mater, herc's our ple And in years that are to come, Our prayer shall always he For the school ol' which we sing Dear Old Trinity. while clgc to 5 thee 139'-3 '53 1f'4X 1 31 ff AW, Q22 ff!! IZAQX ,ffyf r DSX C ff if ff I 'A X' Xff f fl Nj?-f'f 1 f fi 1 , " Q 1 f ll V , ff '-. 'X V f 2 A 551' f X , ' ' -4 ,152 , 1 tr E ' Q' si i,gg91 ix - ' A . 4.93 ' 'N-. ,-1f' 'fT if y N W ngrffff Vx ' v ' ' ,"" A :Y I L lf V , ' ,.-fx,.,: -ff if'-W fi " f- H ' A Six r "bA 2, wg 51' ,f I If V 4,.U,-vvfvr uni' f Na IQ' 21-U, v 1 Li !V,.'j,f:'1 l K If fi If I ,X-X., ,X ,o I 1 'Y J 4, f 14: xl K ' X . if V ? 'K ' ffm RQL' f' -"2 -4 f" If 'I' F ' fft A WN. 31 f' 'V ff, ' , ' X. X -N I , fx A '- QX4 'Q 6,11 , .5 Q 13 '- ri v 'Xf51ggf,,-5' gif i 1. 'fQ,'7'f' XA XX Y 'W . 1' , 1 1, ffl" 'N ,"' 1 A Xi, , 4 + 1.517 1 r,Fm . A Vgvyk- I X N X f , gill if I lj ,hffz 1- 1 ' ' 1 x V' ' ". 'if' 'XI A' f I: 1 iw? f 4' f Li I ', ' :I .Q 4, All H wma "Tl1af'II be enougl James R. Braden Principal Universitv of Pittsl V ' Jl1I'gl1QXV11Sl1- ington and Jetterson College. A.B.g University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. lVe'Il see 11111111 we can do alwiif il." Milton T. Decker YVuyneslrurg College, B. 5- ."l'z 'z at- Cll Ralph Barbour CZlilioinizingiutesilleilclieiis Catl- Pennsylvaniu State College, li. legeg Graduate work, Pennsyl- S.g Assistant Supervisor of Ag- vuniu State Collegeg Foothallg riculture. , XVrestlingg Truck' Physical Ed- 1.11117-rimulg ,H Edwin S' Day ueutiong Coach ,of Freshinzxn ' l A I l I' Hiram College, A.lS.g Director l31lSkCUD2ll1- of Ilrumuticsg Senior Class Ad- .IIN me Show HOU--,H viserg Chemistryg Pliysiesg A ' Senior Scienceg English. James R. Clark HI lUl1SIl,f serious-I was jl1Sf Juanita College, B.S.g Graduate feflffffflf' Mary E. Dempster work, XXvilSlllI1glUl'l and Jetfer- University of Pittsburgh, A.B.g son College, University of Graduate work, University of Pittsburglig Member of Olym- Pittsburghg Adviser of C pus Staifg Director of Cheer- ingg Adviser of Junior Hi-Y Cluhg Matlleinzt' " ' ' om- mercial Clubg Typingg Junior Business Truiningg lylemher of IICS, Science. Olympus Staff. 'The la ll 011I of you!" dy with a smile." Robert S. Wilson Asst. Principal Xv21Sl1lllgl0I1 and .le-tl'erson Col- lege, B.S.g Frenchg Algebra t'Yo11'II find it on page .,.... . Mary Donson YVestminster College, A.B.g Ad- viser of Junior Paperg Adviser of Freshman Classg Journal- ismg English. "Did y0ll see lllhllf llyl:'SlHlillSfl'f did las! nighl?,' Grace E. Griffin Carnegie Institute of Technol- ogy, B.S.g Pennsylvania State Collegeg University of Pitts- burgh: Drexel Institute: Ad- viser of Freshman Girl lie- servesg Vocational Home Eco- nomicsg Art. "Bea11fif11l red hair-temper ?" Cleon S. Hallam XVashington and Jet't'erson Col- lege,, M.A.g Graduate work, XVilSlllIlgl0l'1 and .lCi'l'L'l'- son College, University of Pittsburghg Member of Olym- pus Statfg Problems of De- moeracyg Algebra. "Now if you lllflllf 1Ic'le11lio11f."l J. Arleigh John XhYllSlllllglUll and JL'l'fCl'S0ll Col- lege, B.S., MA.: Adviser ol' llitle Clubg Member of Olym- pus Stuff: hlZlill0lll1lilCS. "I always have Io fllilllf which 1111111 io work ihis prohlemf' Amelia C. Jones Indiana State Teaiehers College, B.S.g Head ot' Home Econoin- ics Department: Adviser of Junior Class: Adviser of Home Economies Club: Home Eco- uomies. "What shall we serve ill Ihr' cafe today?" I939 Institute ot' Technology: Di- Amba Kiblinger Ohio Northern, B.S.g Graduate work, University of Pittshurghg Adviser of "Tv Cluhg Girls' Coachg Physical Education: Biology. Always willing Io oblige." Mary Louise Martin YVheaton College, A.B.g Gradu- ate work, Columbia l'niversi- ty: Adviser ot' Girl Reserves: Librarian: English: Latin, I'll be buck in fine I71lllllfl'9-- lime marrflies on !" James A. Moninger YVashington and .Iet't'erson Col- lege, B.S.g Graduate work, Ytlashington and .letterson Col- lege, English. Do what I say, nel wha! I do." Donald W. Moore Duquesne University, B. S.g Graduate work, Duquesne Uni- versity, University ot' Pitts- hurghg Basketball Coachg Base hall, History, Mathematics. I'm no! so sure nf the boys io- nightf' 'I'Y J. William McKay YVayneshurg College, A.B.g Ad- viser ot' Freshman Classg Eng lishg Civics. "The idol of the fair sex." Norman C. Mohn Carnegie Institute ot' Technol- ogy, Duquesne University, B. S.: Graduate work, Carnegie rector of Music. "Take if home and umocl-shed In Charles R. Morrison YVashington Business Collegeg Pennsylvania State College, B. S.g YVashington and .letterson Collegeg Adviser of Future Farmers of Amerieag Super- visor of Agriculture. 'The man who brings home lhe prizes." Emily E. Myers University ot' Pittsburgh, A.B.: Graduate work, Washington and .let't'erson Collegeg English: Civics. "If's immaterial fo me, bu!-." June R. Phipps University of Pittsburgh, B.S.g Adviser of Commercial Clubg Bookkeeping, ComniereialLawg Typewriting' Business Fn flisl K, .. . 5, ,i. HY :I "' " on s muld be 111111. in Ituzder- garlenf' Irene Elizabeth Robertson Geneva College: l'niversity ot' Pittsburgh: Carnegie Institute ot' TCCllll0llbgy, l5.S: Graduate work, Columbia l'niversity: Adviser ot' Soplioinore Class: Adviser of Coininereial Club: COIIllllCl'ClZll Geograpllyz Junior Business Training: Typewrit- ing. "Tri11i111's 1.1181111211-1I1ll1t'.H Mary R. Ross J. 11 l'niversity ot' l'ittsl1u1'gI1, .-LB.: Graduate work, l'niversity ot' Pittsburgh: Adviser ot' Coni- niereial Club: Sbortbanrlz llis- tory. A1111 so 1111. 111111 so f11r111i.' H. YVilson 'l'hiel College. B.S3 Graduate work, XYashington and Jeffer- son College: Biology: Vocation- al Chemistry. 1.1'1's l'll11I'l'1111'll1K'.H H. Ruth Zediker "rn Muskingum College, A.l3.: Gracl- uate work, l'niversity ot' Pitts- burgh, MA.: Adviser of Go-io- College Club: Adviser of Sen- ior Class: Member ot' Olympus Statl: English. ere's Il1e same 111111111111 of 1111111 111 energy 111111." E. Vaughn Ross xXvlISlllllgi0I1 and ,let't'erson Col lege, l3.S., M.S.: Graduate work, l'niversity ot' Pittsburgh: Ad viser ot' Senior Hi-Y Club Adviser ot' .lunior Class: Mein ber ot' Olympus Statf: History. "I 11111111 1111 11111 so111111i11' 1111're."' Mrs. Cora Barney Cafeteria Cook. "This 111111 Ive 1111111-iozzsf' Margaret Campbell Spriggs Geneva College, AJS.: Graduate work, University ot' Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State College: Latin. 'tI1's 11.1710 11111 gel f1lI1l'1.y' John L. Stewart XXv2lSlllllgl0ll and .lett'erson Col- lege, l5.S.: Seienee. "Is e'111'ry11111111 here? C. Verner Gayvert Supervisor ot' Buildings ancl Grounds. UI,1l'llSt' Ifeep 1111' s1'1111111 l'1L'Illl.H A. Vincent McKee Trinity High School: XvilSlllIlg- ton Business College: Penn State Coininercial College: Sec- retary to Principal. t'I'l1 see 11111111 1 Fllll 1111." H139 SCHOOL Scorned, till its very walls are soaked ee Envied, till the burden ot' both VVill never lighten the everlasting strain, And yet it will always reinaing But yet Seornede- By the Youth ol' Today! Laughing at the heart-broken teacher' t Hissing at her wolnanly leatureg Disobeying their parenl's eonnnand, Refusing to lend a helping handg But yet Laughed atee By the Youth ol' Today! Planning to elude the detention roomf' Fearing they will be caught soong Wlaiting for the next day, To escape school and run awayg But yet Plannedfe By the Youth ol' Today! ' Always caught and brought lJklCk-'- Stirring trouble behind our baekg Throughout their varied life, They will remain minute as a piccolo or tile But yet Liked- By the Youth ol' Today! Sfl U39 D. IQXPIS, Eng. I2 jf!! J??l34f?'.:-l7QJ wx' f 5' if' 154 'saturn A I f 4211 9 YHCI A-' 4229" N I Rec 442 425 ff Q figs ? J-A-. 9 -v award' 320 ?'Q?f?'-eff W' an Zffaf '19 vfffgib' We bfi fgggj if af cf 9 ff 1 if ,fi if? I igg 5Z26 9 :gil 5 gow in ! . cfm Q22 vii ls gi f' 533. Sf ,rf ' fe -Q65 34416 2:50 agwfgiii '5i,Wec3'f-!f4990f 194 iw :fi aw fnajef 6 ga Qaiffey ji Zfgiggiga JVCX ' 'W f vu u E - " ' 957 ,3"n'1gQ ,Q'?1uw4qf - - ' ' . S 4. ,wg-E ' 0-i1,,,i1,,,ff.. it r-,Vw . , 3."' ,b L 4 SS, z S V ' . , S S ,V ,L 4 7194, ,-,fy .sn , . - . pu f ,- N , If 1,1 S M. 1:39 ,F 1.53-3 R 5 5 S I N4 ' gf,.,,,,.5q - . ff-.ff .,, vm-, , I- F, 1,-' 5 1.4 " A if A' " . oe. 1' A I if ? M f i. Y il ,f ve'1l' , mfv, ,i , , 4,3 ,-nz, , L -J I I ,,I.l-.'. 1 -Q 4. . , aa f-, 6: . -, 4 -V . ' Aff! QV, " :V if -N 7, S , 3 9? 06 QNX' 'y A S, 1 : . ,k. 7 i . bi y vci fr .i vbh 1 Af, ,ge ', A---1 9f:..s. ,, ,I -A .1 .' f ', CS 4 US X H lim, U 1 - uf ., . ,- M599 M 51 -f I ' 'JI' J 'gi Q ing ' , TF-QI fb.. -' J 34 - gin 1 ,V -. 'fig' - A 2 S, f is -fm I 9 S2111 1'-6 ' I I ,' . -1 ., ."2' " 4 S f?7fi'J S -11: S -, " 2-P U- fu' " " . - 1 ,. 24- ,Mc 'f 'J--'lg w mx, 4 ' ' 1 ' -' -4 X . sl' Q . -4 . ,va ', fy ,, 441, , I, H f -A 5 WW rn 1 i f ,S Sy, f m1.g,g , fsiiir ai-,S I .,,,H A , QL , jx I fy 4,5 Y: .Ffh -ff :H L , ' ai'--, if ZZISJ. 1 U4 ff" ,' "Q 4. ,nc ,ff K' ' , QQ ,,- -,L-,fc , ,V ff. - . 3974.51 -L' ' '-614.14 . ' 5 rfi, Q f, '- , 'T' vy, 1 I- , Q59 ,Q 'ffaxg , If if Intl .1 j' .,fx.f.:.,wA. N 111,51 l,f,,'-Mx ,J I, X f.,3v ,f ,V V If X 5 5 971.-43 Eff.: H ,,j6, 'f If ,fa q!qfG'. ,Aa 4-Q-'gpg .411 v.,,,l -final. I. ,Ajt .r . ff, .J I gf 'QY x f S ,:- 'K'17Q4 "I, . I-Q, I1 rf' Gif,-Lgu. gs! .395 ' f ' f- 'LZ' 1: uf ,3""' CLASS S George Marta Hoppie Commercial "George is rising, see how he soars, Helping a Io! to roll up the scores: In f,oo1'!I1a'll, basketball, and baseball, too, lfVe counted on him to pull us through." Norman Spiegel Spiegel Vocational "lVorrg was not made for me, I'm as happy as can beg If today if ean'l be done, There's another dag to come." George J. Bryen Jimmie A Kenneth Wilson Kenny Academic AC2lll0l11iC "llis monllz is like a mouse- Illllghlllfj and gay, f1'f1I1- .tlwmls full of fun, Thai works upon springs, S0 13119535 Hug day He 0116118 ii Ijllile Uffvll As happy as begun." And says sneh funny fhingsf, SENIOR CLASS HISTORY This ponderous history of the valiant deeds ot' the Nineteen Thirty-Nine Class of Trinity High School has been written so that those who come in the future ages may read it and he guided by our numerous trials and successes. THE DAWN OF HISTORY SEPTEMBER 3, 1935-On this day one of the largest, most intelligent, persevering, industrious, and withall the most handsome class, entered Trinity High School and were known to our admirers as "Freshies." During the second semester the class became well rep- resented in sports and clubs--thanks to our capable officers, Ethel Ross, John Allsopp, XVillard Hartley, and Donald Tharp. Miss Zediker and Mr. Biery, our class advisers, showed innumerable qualities of leadership. APRIL 9, 1936-This date marked our greatest social event of the year-The Freshman Class Party. Continued on Page 29 Maxine L. Adrain Max Vocational 'tHer eyes are gray, her hair is brown, You never catch her with a frown." John Allsopp Johnnie Academic "Oh, John, sure is a worthy youth lVho nobly pushes ong lVhat will all the teachers do lllhen they find he is gone?" Janet Andrews Jane Commercial "She is dainty and neat and sweet as a rose, lVe think shc'll he famous some day: Bat we're afraid that before she succeeds Someone will bear her away." Betty Armstrong Betty Co m mcrcial "Her silver voice is the rich music of the summer bird." Harold L. Balser Peck Commercial "He keeps the golden mean between saying too much and too little." Bertha Barbour Bertie Commercial "Here,s a smile for those who love me, And a frown for those who hate me, And whatever sky is above me, Here's a heart for any fate." Ralph A. Allison Alexander Commercial "Now I lay me down to rest Before I take tomorrow's testg If I should die before l wake, Thank Heaven, I'll have no test to take!" Frank Andredas, Jr. Frankie Commercial "Knows how to flirt and knows il well, And that's not all there is to tellll' Theodore L. Andrew Ted Academic "Ted is sure a ladgfs man, He'Il do for them whatever he can, ll'ith a fair dame in love he did fall And he'd best look out for his stern rival." Freda A. Ashmore Freed Vocational "Who is it walks with quiet grace lVith studious air and serious face lVho is a joy in every place? -Freda!" Donald Banfield Banny Vocational "I don't bother work, Work doesn't bother me, And I'm just as happy As anyone can be." James F. Barker Jim Academic "You can always discover a true gentleman by his arl- dress." Betty Barrows Betz George Becker Commercial Vocational "A very merry and charming His accent is so pleasing, brunette He brought it from New York. lVhom to know is ne'er to Half the day he spends in forget: school, Her curly hair the spring The other half in work." wind blozvs, Attracts attention zvherever she goestv Grace Bennett Gracie ' ' . Commercial Edith Bellmv Edie "Never forward, but modest . C0mm01'C'11l like a dove." "Small and sweet, Pretty and neat, ThaI's Edith." Albert M. Bigler Murphy Vocational Margaret Beton Pffg "Albert is not a great big man C0mm0l'ClHl .Yor has he yet won fame, "Talk, talk, talk. from morn But you just give this lad a till night, cl1ance- Trying to uphold thc right, He's going to win h name." If I ever cease to chatter, Wonder what will be the mat- ter." Paul Bodnar Commercial Matthew S. Biss Buzz "They say our Paul is rather Academic Slfflv, . "The only male librarian, Le' lt be HS If multi, Ite's a football hero, too: Anfmuflh he 'S not In U nffh' An all-round star he has been, H011 get 'hem some day' Prompt to do things for you." Rose C. Bof Becky William Brandt Bill Commercial Commercial "Horn ivell her name doth suit "Not that I love study less, hcr cheeks! But that I love freedom Did you ever see such red? more." The color of those facial sides Could melt a heart of leadf, George H. Burke Burke Kathleen Brice Kitty Vocational Commercial "He's not strong for society, l'Kitty travels a fair distance And it is strange as it can be, To board the train to school, For he has a car of monstrous She likes her very existence, size She's calm, collected, and That m cool." akes the fair sex raise their eyes." Nellie Carlton Nell Commercial "There was a soft and pen- sive grace, A cast of thought upon her face, That suited well the fore- head high, The eyelash dark, the down- cast eye." Extell Clemens Axle Academic "lVe don't know much about Extell He's new this year I guess, But we are glad he found his zvay To our famous T. H. S." David C. Core Dave Vocational "Big of stature, Bold of mind, Few were like Our David's kind." John Craig Johnnie Commercial "In every deed of mischief he has a hand to execute." Edwin Crosbie Eddy Academic "Eddy will surely roam far away from home, Playing the piano for kings in Paris and in Rome." Adela C. Davidson Del Commercial UShe always seems so quiet, She speaks no needless zvord. And by her fellow classmates She's seldom ever heard." Mike Cherpak Marmie General "There are meters iambic, There are meters in musical tone, But the meter that's neater ls to meet her alone." Anna Marie Cook Cookie Commercial "How sad that there are only Seven nights in every weekp. Me thinks I could use eight or ten, lVith hardly any sleep." Joe Cornell Jo-Jo Commercial "To the girls in Hallam's his- tory class Joe was a lively beingg He likes to pester and to razz, His loss will be felt at leav- ing." Hughes Cree Baldy Commercial " 'Hughes Cree, will you please be quiet?' We hear most every day. 'Tis Hughes who makes the fun for us, We're sorry he can't stay." John A. Czadankiewicz CZ Commercial "John's last name is a compli- cation, To pronounce it is really easyg We only use a little subtrac- tion And say just simply 'C.Z."' Joyce Day Jo Academic "A daughter of the gods most divinely fair." Helen M. Degarmo bbie cial lol ,' jus! Bu Commer "Helen can su . rely lalk a It sometimes seems she won'l slop. She will never fall behin Her moulh a d ' Il mind are llCflI76 kindf, d-- lh e Chester Deprosky Ch Commerci HBe lhyself, never imilaleg That which each man can do best, Only his maker can t him." GS al each William J. Di 1 A Katherine Deyell Kay Academic "Katherine makes lhe honor roll,' Quainl pictures ran she draw, And when yo11 first behold her works I l does FII one T If wilh awe." "Ka Of l Kathleen Donalds on Katie Commercial A "Sing a song of high school, sfo A locker full of books, Some of which we carry home .lust for the sake of looks." Anna HA nna Stanley J. Duskey D uskey IU e d l 11 oul, . 0 il, lhere's no doubt. If it's managing or deeoralinr l'll do it u1'l ' J. 1 houl hesllalingf' mg, a And gre Helen Lucille El y Toots Vocationz I "A sil 1 ent longue and a true heart are the most admira- ble things on earth." "I would Nol study For with Illl Acad 'A finer fell Kat crci y is hap Jl ' d ez Il dancing, h I 0 l lVhe .ll A go I' Sl ll Academic ljllahe "l'rl jusl love lo help uo ' S1153 fm l will d ' . a bodyf' Regina M. II be lalzg Josephine DeLost Commercia "She is prelly, she is gay, She has a most delightful way She is joyful , , always But woe lo you if mad." Louis De Com "Ile is a m '. quiet fellow, And l ' msn l much lo say. Il's generally this kind Thal will be great some ow we've II known, nd our love grown for our 'Bill' ill wel ofl en wonder w 1ve'1l have done lo T. ll. he hadnll com herine D Comm 1.1 with lhe mel ales a ' bou od lime', is Kalh erine's ll- Mary Ellis Stooge Academic Jlary's a girl in whom elighlg ends each game wlih r might. ld of basketball, dam:- nd slurly, lly admired by every- Farley Jean Commercial live lo study lo live, ly learning ht lo give." smond Han llon W ragan Ka ll weel. she has l ,. glad, she gels dsome crcial day.'l ussy emic ever has hal en ll ul t s e is in her flli Judith Fazzolare Julia Academic "She would only be a Junior, But I guess she couldn'l rest,' Tivo years in one make a Sen- ior, I suppose she likes us best." Dorothy Estella Ford Dot Vocational "lVell-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." Kazimiera Garbinski Kay Commercial "Kay, Genevieve, and Joe stick so tight, If one should try with all his might, Vin afraid that he couldn't separate The friendship of this trium- niralef' Romain Gibbons Gibby Commercial "Curly hair and laughing eyes, She came from another school: .-tlony with the rest she chose lo abide, And obey our enery rule." Susan Goga Sue Commercial "She's a very active memberf An all-round worker, loo, She pals with Kitty and Anna Mary-- llle seldom find her blue." Mary Jean Goode Irish Commercial "I'1n not what one would label .fan .Vor am l very thin, I like to laugh, I like to chat, And any fun to join in." Walter Fedor Walt Commercial "He speaks not, and yet there lies A conversation in his eyes." Florence M. Fulton Flossie Commercial "Speech is great but silence is greater." Ruth Gaus Ruthie Commercial "Her thoughts are as the angels are, And lo know her is to lone her" Richard Goebelbecker Dick Commercial " 'Tis above the crowd in the hallway The top almost touching the light,- Pupils stop and wonder, but say- lt's just Dick in his full clad height." Diana J. Golubowsky Danny Vocational 'tSoftIy her fingers wander o'er The yielding plank of the ivory fl0or.' Francis Gowern Cicero Vocational "That man is blest who does his best, .-incl--leaves the resl, then does not wrong." Edward Floyd E. Graham Vocational "Oh, Floyd! Oh, Floyd! Why is it That you never, never fuss? Things dou't seem to worry you As they do the rest of us." Gurney Ed Commer' 'tWh ' ' Clfll y lt lt, Ed, you seem to fear Helen M. Gru mmick Grummick C ommercial "A girl with a heart and smile, Who makes this bubble of life worth while." Betty Guthrie Bet lVhenever the fair sex near? Never mind, they think fine, And them you'll lear s es, smiles, une smiles , comes In radiant l lnes for mile miles." you're n to like omtzmef' Roy Hamilton Commercial "Smil ' nding s and R O!! Commercial 4'Speech is Florence Hamilton great, but silence is greater." Commercial "Through s unshine and rain Shels always the same." Ruth Hamilton Ruthie Vocat' Hof ional course our Ruth likes us all, 'Tis natural that sh But t e should: hat she lil' les one best o all ls quite well understood." Emma Herceg Emma Commercial "Why clon't you speak, why don't you laugh? You're dreadfully, dreadfully quiet. We don't know how to give you mirth And don't know where to buy it." Leona Blanche H oover Louie Commercial 'She that wa s ever fair and proud, Had t ongue at will, and yet was never loud." At f Jack H Charles Haught Chuck Commercial "Charles I'l' ' ' ' 1 .es lzrllth m and Pal- er, With them he was always seen,' Now we wonder, Charlie, W'ere you a go-between?" Olga Hervol Bebe Commercial 'tShe's so calm and quiet You don't even know she's there. Not the t ype to cause a riot, Always ready and willing to share." orne Jackie Comm HJ , ercial ack never t alks so ver: much J Nor does he waste h' At b ' IS time' ezng good h e beats the Dutch., blushing he's sublime." Rosella Hribal Zel Commercial "Be to her virtues a little kind, Be to her faults a little blind." Dunning Isiminger Vocational "I used to think I knew, But it was only a guessg The more I think I know, I know, I know the less." Florence Jordan Bobby Commercial "Of zvil, her store lvas over- flown And she did shine with bright- ness." Edith Marie Kauffeld Edie Academic "Pretty clothes I like to sec, lVith the men I like to be. School surely is a crime, It takes up such precious time." Lewis Kenamond Lou Vocational 'iTo Lewis we award the prize Of popularity and I'eTl01Ull,' His big car does take the eyes Of all the ladies in town." Tony Kozal Unt Academic "Don't do today what can be done tomorrow." Ethel Mary Hunt Peaches Vocational "She was a phantom of delight lVhen first she gleamed upon our sight, A lovely apparition, sent To be a moment's ornament." Richard Johnston Dick Commercial "In English our Richard stays on top, Studying he just can't stopg What he does he does with might And we are sure it will be right." Dan Kapis Danny Academic "At tennis I have not won fame, Nor in a school basketball gameg But in the orchestra I have my seat And I must say I'm hard to beat." Florence Kelly Jerry Academic "This Iassie with rosy cheeks Has always a laugh for all she meets. Her home is here but we prophecy She'Il go to larger fields by and by." Rose Gladys Kocian Kocian Commercial "A 'Rose' without a thornf, Joe Krall Krozac Commercial "Rare compound of quality, noble and true, lVith plenty of sense and good humor, too." Ludwi g Krizay Lud Earl Lacock Lay Commercial General HA lillle nonsense now and "W'h0 is it runs about ihe then halls ls relished by the besl of And loudly to his neighbor menf' callsg lVhom most oflen the lcacher enlhralls- Earl Lacoclrf' George Landock Landy Vocational "Forever forelnosf in the ranks Anna Lebnick Ann of fllfl, Commercial Ilia laughing herald of harm- HHH eyes like Stars of Iwi- ess pun. light fair: Lilce fwilighl, loo, her duslcy hair.', Aldene E. Lemmon Lemon Commercial . ,,, ,. , , Irene Lesko Let's Go 715 said we canl change C I nature, ommeicia ,Tis quite beyond our reaclzg 'She Seemed 115 IIGPIJU US 11 B111 we Icnow fhal a Lemon YUYIUU, Can also be a pew-h," Thai dances on lhe sea." . Jennie Lockman Jennie John Llkar Johnny , . Academic Commercial NWI II 1 A 'In our eighih period English Wien every Img goes U00 ' vfifffsa dal did I IN ,aw And seems inclined lo rile, Y 'fl L . 'I I "' lJon'l kick, nor fuss, nor fidqel, 1 .N or did I qo lhere unprepared, i i . ,, ' ' . . . Jus! you smile. l Bu! always in fhe discussion ' , sharedf, Josephine Marko Jo Commercial N James Lutes Jimmie "A form more fair, a face 1 Commercial V more sweel 4'lVho is il ihat defies all care 59W 1313 been OUP 'Ut 10 And of if he is not aware? 177091- lVho is a nuisance everywhere? --No! Jimmie l I" W . l Angela Martlncheck Gale N Commercial R - - "E I 'l . , Genevieve Martin Jane jflfefgrgf ffll Of self all for 1 Commercial Ever lhe same kind friend and "Her hair had a manner, her true, m01'6mef1fS fl llffllfe, Ever a worker, a planner, a You furned from the fairesl hglpgry lo gaze on her face." Ever lhe s ame-fhaf's You." William McClenathan Bill Vocational 'AAs a Freshnzazl he was so bashful, Quiet aml dignified too,' He is now very sociable, Likes to tall: to the Senior crew." Olive McCullough Giggles Commercial "Quiet, clemure, a maid of bliss, The kiml whose lips invite a kissfl Mary McGovern Commercial "Silence is more eloquent than words." Gladys McKahn Micky Academic "Her ways are ways of pleas- antness Anil all her paths are peace." David W. Miller Dave Academic "Here is a man who is quite bright, But never likes to show il. Iiut after the rest can not recite. 'Tis David who will know it." Thelma L. Miller Lutie Vocational "I have room in my heart for every joyf, Floyd R. McCullough McCullough Commercial 'fHe's never heard from very much But when he speaks bewareg It is at this time you will find There's n oth ing lacking there." Wilbur McCullough Red Vocational "Goodbye, my notebook, fare- well to l1Oll,' One last fonfl look on your words so true: Hallam is calling me to re- cite, Still I am longing for one last light." Howard McGowan Mac Vocational "This Senior so stately and so tall All the girls for him do fall." Ann Milavec Honey Commercial "Ignorance is bliss, they say, But I 1lon't get my bliss that way,' ll'hen my lessons I have ilone Then is when I have my fun." Guy J. Miller Knowledge Commercial "I'm not seen much with any boy, When with the girls I am in ivy: I love the lailies, small and tallf Yes, I love them, love them all." Sara Moninger Sally Commercial "Sara is gentle and loving She is kind and polite: She is thonghful of others, She is sure to do right." . I939 Janet Morris Jan Robert W. Commercial 'fShe 0ff8I , 1 glances at the boys- s- ' ehool life to her is a bundle of joys- She er own quiet way. And glea ss from each day." Morris Until he works in h is envied b ns happine Betty Marie Mounts Mary Jo Morris Jo D Comm Academ HH ' "Her presence is as the s in winter Y Her ninaei ous presence is th lwesf tonic." ic ianner and rn gentle of heart." un 0 Maynard Mur Eleanor R. Mounts Snooks Commercial tTl1e happiest people on earth are those who are interest- ed in taking care of the welfare of others." ray Fa is Commercia "Maynard could eat no His ' , al no cream Because he spent all his mon- ell, For his fliner's gasolinefl Ann Louise Nicastro Tunnie Commercial "Come and trip as ye go, On the light fantastic toe. I'm a dancing jilterhug And the boys I lone lo hug." Ross Palmer Commercial "Ross is 1 ' . q lite a heart lhrob, He's always polished and nealp friend to all who know him, Edie says he ean't be beat." A Dorothy J. Pa sterchalk Commercial "Her hair is wavy dark, her eyes Bright stars to a sparkling Sam soul,' Who, till we meet her, could at-.10 ever surmise be Her heart sweet music doth hold." Paulowitch Sammy General ll 0 f few words are the st men.'l Dorothy Pearl Dot Commercial A'For she was ' . just the quiet kind, lVhose natures never nary, Like streams th ' at keep a sum- mer wind S . . nowhzd in Jan Wilson Pearl Vocational mind s have sought per- al motion' iVilson Should tion." "Great petu , , chewing gum, furnish sur-h a uaryf' 110- erc zldest of n Bob Commercial "Hobert's hair ' just curls and curls, y all the girls." ial ost 0 I candy, l girl could e , l Gwendolyn M. Pees Gwen Vocational "Her voice was ever soft, gen- tle and tow, an excellent thing in a woman." Carl Podboy Dodo Commercial "As brimful of mischief as the day is long, And often do we hear him crooning a song." Joe Progar J oe Commercial "Your modesty is a candle to your merit." E. Louise Rankin Rankin Commercial "Louise is Anna's "side pant," you knowg lVhereuer Anna is, there Lou- ise will go." Steve Ridosh Rip General f'In after years, when Steve becomes great, Who will we find to always come late?" Madelyn Risbin Commercial 'IA smile, then a giggle, then a laugh outright, Will tell us that Madelyn is not out of sight." John Piechnik Jolmny Commercial "John is a picnic in more than one way." Anna Prebak Ann Commercial 'AA close running mate for Louise: And erery where that Louise went. Anna was sure to go." Harry Prowitt Harry Academic "Tho' modest, on his unem- barrassed brow .Yature has written, gentle- man." William E. Renko Squire Commercial "Billy attends most all the dances. He gives a smile with all his glances, Ile dances from morn 'till 'way past elenen, He'lI surely dance his way into heaven." Pearl Riggans Peg Commercial "To follow knowledge like a sinking star Beyond the utmost bound of human thoughts." Joe Rosmon Douglas Commercial "To those who know thee not, .Yo words can paint: To those who know thee, All words are faint." Gaylord J. Ross Ross COll1Il'lCl'Cl2ll "Girls, yo11're wasting valu- able time with Gaylord, for he prefres the All1I11IlI16.H Harold Salsb erry Salsberry General "The girls all like him-so do the boys, His I e s s o Il s and girls are amo11g his chief joysg Though we know him slightly, nevertheless lle hate lo l Mary E. Saunders Betty Vocational 'The tall and slim girl who eateels in baIcetl1all." see him leave l'. H. S." Betty Seal Betty J une Comm auf! , - Albert Commercial "A fllllllllf fello Q , IU from T. H. S. Qaiel? Ilis friends thinl: nol, The Seniors lilce him, .Inniors like him, A certain S1 1 Jphomore l him a lol." the Pete ilces "Pete crcial ia! s 111 a 1 lame? 'Tis only hearrl- She'll ehange that soon, with one little word." Shawinski Al C. Shaulinsky Caveman Commercial is ' . realy olcl Illflllll' ' ' Charles Simpson Chuck Vocational "Il is quite plain that the olrl flame is slill hurning.', Marget "A Illlllllfllg II smile, 111 all, anorlh Stanley Skrabski Shrimp Commercial "A mecl1anic with an ambi- tion Io excel i11 l1is trade." Leo "Smitty is H Carl Hubble." Virginia Smith Ginny Eleano Vocational "My tongue within my lips I reign, F or who tallcs mach, mast talk in uai11.'l "Her , falure 0 man- zazn 111 person." Skogen Mar Commercial :az ' J, a friendly a gi rl who' while." s quite nard Smith Smitty cational a step behinrl Vo onl r M. Spence Acade mic e's to o11r speaker, May she always fare well. In the to co ' me f great fame m ay she tellf' Betty Irene Stewart Ginger Commercial "A clever young lady, who's witty and brightg She loves to play basketball, From morning till night." Helen Stewart Lou Commercial "Her future, whatever will it be? I've thought and thought, but I'm still at sea: But when 'Here Comes the Bride' is played soft and Iozv Just remember, I told you so." Sarafino Tallarico Talley Commercial "He's an all around athlete as well as a swell fellowf' Rudolph A. Tomsic Kyser Commercial "His hair, brushed back so nice and sleek, Gels him a new girl every week." Joe Urso Happy Academic "At all our parties it is grand To see how Joe is in demand,- He dances with such manly grace That the other fellows can't keep pace." Ruth E. Valenson Valensou . Commercial "Her hair is glossy and sleek And ringlets curl upon her cheekf' Calvin Stewart Bud Vocational "A fool is he who thinks by skill That he can turn Calvin's willg He will be remembered ever. For in the shop he really is clever" James Sumney Jim Academic "He lives near Eighty Four. but d0n't hold that against him.', Inez Thompson Tommy Academic "Inc: almost devours every lesson, Her brains to such altitudes climb, That we think of Socrates and Plato, And the wise men of former times." Clara Urbanik Clara Vocational "She's pretty to walk with. witty to tall: with, and pleasant, too, to think about." Charles Uselton Chuck Commercial "He always seems real quiet, And speaks no needless word: And by his fellow-cIass- mates, He's seldom ever heard." Betty I. Vankirk Betty Academic "Betty's voice, so sweet and clear, Made quite a hit at school this year. Into the chorus she came each day, Helping along the music gay." , . 939 5 l Betty Ruth Vankirk Betts Betty Ward Betsy Commercial General "Betty has a place in her "Betty is serenely modest, we heart for a cerlain 'Farm- all think so, er'-" She's one girl we're happy to know." Martha Lucille Ward Mart Donald Ward Donk Commercial Academic "Take off your hats to 'Marlf "Don is his firsl' nameg ,my l"'e"'lSr Ward is his mst: lle eall her one fine sporty In newness he has Seldom le,s,' basllellzall from IIlO"Il been surpassed." hu mghfy K, W'hat matters her report? ' Mauveline Wheeler Mauvie . ' 'zl Helen M. Weaver Blondie H . , Commelcll . 31511117188 a member of the Commercial I H 1 I U earn, A fall- Ifllfghlllll llffl 1111111 A forward who always shows golden hair, some steam,- AS !1fUffl011S Und fflimllllll HS lVe know in life shelll he the she is fair." same, Firmly and fairly playing the game." June Widener June Nevada Wilson Tex Commercial Vocational "June in Commercial class -rpm. if She will, She will, 7 does SIUIH1' Yon can depend on iff We 110199 Slfe fl fffllolv HU' lint if she won't, she won't, Sfe'm!1VUl9h1f'l"'f'- There's an end lo iff' Sarah Irene Wright Irene Commercial Helen Wright Tootie "If yozfre seeking a friendly Comme,-cial girl in the class. HA pleasant girl is she, .lnsl look for lrene, shes sure- And so all are sure her IU the lass' friends lo be." Paul Yates Cocky Vocational "Lives of great studies re- , mind us Mary Ethel Wrlght Hayseeqs lVe should strive to do our ' Academic best' "Although a newcomer to our And, deparling leave behind cIass,' us She made her share of friends Notebooks that will I in the past." r ' " zelp the est. all Robert E. Young Bob Vocational 'tYou can fake away my school books, You can false my movie ma- chine. But for goodness sake, I beg you. Please leave me the girls I've seen." SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Conlinued from Page 1.6- ANCIENT HISTORY Throughout this period we were faithfully guided by Samuel Perry, Theodore Andrews, YVillard Hartley, and Norman Spiegel. Many were the extra hours of slumber that we enjoyed during the longed-for vaca- tion, but we paid double war prices in return by extra studying. This hangover of idle- ness resulted in many being detained after school but the willing teachers impressed a few facts on our minds. YVho could forget l1ow we envied the Seniors who occupied the seats no under- elassmen could possess in our Chapel Services. But to ponder o'er our capable officers and advisers-cooperation of the student body-all our accomplishmcnts-our leaders in sports, clubs. and class work-we find we were not surpassed. At last we had earned the privilege of occupying the Sophomore seats. MEDIEVAL HISTORY Again we entered the Door of Opportunity with James Barker, Kenneth YVilson, Angela Martincheck. and George Bryen as our new officers. The period showed a great advance in Dramatics, with the presentation of the play "Spring Fever." "The Hiller", a Junior scandal paper which made public all secret heart-throbs and deftly hidden weaknesses. showed great skill in editing. The outstanding social events of the year were three dances, including the annual Junior-Senior Prom, sponsored by our class. MODERN HISTORY Three months scurried by and we re-entered the House of Knowledge. Soon after coming in session we elected Kenneth YVilson. George Marra, George Bryen, and Norman Spiegel as our new leaders. This period showed menv characteristics of our dignified and privileged Seniors, Much responsibility was shown in conducting our affairs. Our scholastic record was at all times commendable. Our social activities for this period included several dances which were held for the benefit of the student bodv. XVe were also active in the field of dramatics, having presented a three-act comdy, "Three Sheets in the YVind," a college ghost story, written and directed by Mr. Day. Leadership, sportsmanship, cooperation, school spirit were also prominent factors that contributed to the success of our class. Members of this period, 1935-1939, have always done their best in securing honors for the Alma Mater. Let us make a survey of the past four years. YVe recall defeats and triumphs-our student hopes and fears-but we will bravely face the future and whatever it may disclose. WVe now wish to voice a final word of appreciation to our facultv, officers, and especially to our advisers. Miss Zediker and Mr. Day, for their untiring efforts in making pleasant our years in Trinity High School. -NonMAN SPIEGEL I939 Earl Roupe Roupe Vocational "The meeting will now come io order." JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Un August 29, 1936, a group of voung people entei l T ' ' u 'ec rlnity High School, eager for knowledge and with hopes of a great future. NVe were told to assemble in the Gymnasium, where we made our first acquaintances. After becoming better acquainted, we were faced with the task of choosing class officers. At our second class meeting we chose: Gail Ellwood, Presidentg Katherine Scott, Vice President, Louise llosing, Secretary, and Alberta Green, Treasurer. VVe also chose Miss .Iones and Mr. Ross as class advisers. The great event of the year was, of course, the Freshman Party at which many of the class joined in the entertainment and helped to make the party a success. This was our first big affair and will zl ' " " ' iways remain a glillld memory! VVe returned to Trinity in the fall of "'i7" f l' f . . ee ing somewhat more confident, because we were now Sophomores, which moved our seats up a little in assembly and we could Continued on Page 43 Frank Carmen Peewee Duane Day Day Vocational Academic t'0h! Snoolcsf' "Unp11nei11al? And how!" Elizabeth K. Mrkvar Liz Commercial "The meeting was called fo order by-.U Lewis Ray Adams Pap Commercial "He says he praclices his sam." Wayne ainer Speedy Vocational "The pr pecliv bridcgroomf' Cleo Barnickel Commercial "A friend indeed." Dora Jean Bayne Dodey Vocational "A smile for everyone." Frances L. Besseck Bonnie Vocational 'thlezvellyn is her buddy." Katherine C. Boucher Sonny Commercial "A pleasing personalifyf' Mildred B. Asbury Millie Commercial "Modest girl." Glen Baker Grasshopper Commercial "ll'oman halerf' Richard Barnickel Pich Commercial 'tHe steps high, wide, and noi so handsome." Charles Bebout Chuck Academic "Such Izeaufifzzl hair!" Adolph A. Biss Professor Academic 't.lI11fIIw11r's bro!her." Verda L. Bridges Bridges Commercial 'tSl1e likes Manifold." Clyde Bainbridge Commercial "HWS so very q11iel." Marjorie Baker Marge Commercial "She's our Mom" Stella Bartusick Stelfie Commercial "A friendly liffle lady." Clara Bennett Red Vocational "Carroll-fopf' Betty Jean Blackhurst Snooks Commercial "The baby of lhe Baker family." Florence Bruce Sis Commercial "She speaks when spoken fo." 1939 Frank Calabro Clam Samuel Caldwell Sam Roy Calvert Rip Commercial General Commercial "Our Junior football herof' "He's mastering the trumpet." "He must be Gorby's half broth- er." Joe Carmen Cotton Margaret Jane Carter Margie Emma Chatman Chattie Commercial Commercial Commercial "He misses so much schoolf' "lVliere's Betty Jean?" "So sober." Mildred Jane Chesnic Anna May Chontos Mary Ruth Clemens Commercial Commercial Academic "Always with Chontos." "Always with Chesnicf' "Silence is golden to Mary A Ruth." Gerald Clutter Clutter Leland Condit Condit Dorothy Jean Cook iw Dot Vocational Commercial Commercial Hlvllsh Hi girls like him." t'O11r future business man." "She's so quiet!" Joseph Robert Cook Snipe Bill Craig Saucer Mary Alice Crawford Mac Commercial Commercial Commercial "We wonder if Joe likes schoolf, "Sitting Bull." "Let'3 go to Golden Oaks " Betty Louise Criswell Bert J. Richard Crosbie Dick Dorothy Crouch Dot Commercial Academic Commercial "Dignity in all its glory." 1'He'll be a master violinist some "The Lone Ranger." A day." H 9 1 Creel L. Crumrine Steve Sara Jane Davis Academic Commercial "Scenery Hill's ladies manf' "Yes, I'm here today." Helen M. Day Juanita Day Jerry Commercial Vocational "She has high hopes for her fu- "Canonsburg and poelryf' ture." J. Malcolm Dinsmore Mack Mildred Drakulich Millie Vocational Vocational "He's I1 mysfery io the girls." 'fShe likes hill-billysf' Josephine J. Dusky Jo Gail Ellwood Pop, Jr. Commercial Vocational "She gels around." "Campus Romeo." Wayne R. Everett Jean Fail' Comme,-cial Commercial --The Sdwol slcilme,-jf t'1Ve seldom hear from Jean." Stephen Ferko Fefko F. Ferlich Commercial Affldcmic --The brain sfo,-m of Trinity "Sui-I1 a bushf11lJ11nior." High School." Arthur Day Academic "Deep in his studies." Martha E. DeWitt Witt Vocational HSIl6,S not inferesled in our boys any more." John V. Dulff' Bud Commercial "He's looking after an Alumnae." Dorothy Ely Dot Academic "Is my nose shiny?" Blair Ferguson Fergie Commercial "High and mighlyf' George Frame Georgie Commercial "He simply does nothing but laugh." O . f l 1 1 I939 Fred Gai do Bobo John Garlo Gal Jean Gibson Honey Commercial Commercial Vocational "Bool:lccvping is his specially." "Deep in a dream." Francis K. Gleason Fran Elinor Goebelbecker Ralph Gorby Duck Commercial Academic Vocational Hlflli definitely." "Just another bashfnl JllIliOI'.U HGQPIIQIYII nuisance," George E. Gowern Georgie Virginia Graham Ginner Helen N. Gray Commercial Commercial Commercial "Ladies man." "All ideal houselcecperf' "Pretty but stubborn." James Finley Gray Jim Alberta Green Angel Mary Theressa Gshinsky Midge Commercial Commercial Commercial "Harmonica Jim." Hyffjhf 01111-" "Did I ask you for anything?" Julia Gurney Judy Edward Hagan Rlld Joseph Kehoe Hagan Joe Commercial General General "A singer of songs." HTIIII, flflflf H1141 flfSl'UIlIlC'C'f6d-U "He's such a sweet thing." Muriel Viola Hartsell Hurts Frank G- Hiillght Shark James Headly Jim Commercial Commercial Vocational fW1,efl,'s Ilelgnj' 'Alle shows a spark of intelligence "Hall go plug ' now and fIll'Il.U les with the soil." 177 Robert F. Hodgens Bob Carl Holmes Holmes Commercial Commercial "Quiet as an unobserved star." "Our olzoeistf' Emma Jane Hull Pete Elizabeth J. Hulton Bettie Commercial Commercial "Eucryone's friend." "A popular blond." Jack F. Hurley Johnny Thomas Janovich Tom Commercial Vocational "Slow but sure.', "That million dollar smile." Carrie Etta Jennings Slim Thomas Johnson Tom Commercial General "Carrie doesn't like school." "Always quielf' Stella Kamienski Stush Burndetta Kauffeld Burney Commercial Vocational "She sp:-mls her leisure time "A lll'lHJl?Kljlllt'I'l?1lg.H dancing." Mary Kepics Shorty Mary Kerna Mae Commercial Commercial "Jian hater.." HA perfect picture of quietness." Dorothy R. Horne Red Commercial "My hair isn'i red." Edith Hupp Eid Vocational "She's got rhythm in her tongue." Margaret Jelfers Tootsie Commercial "She has rhythm in her toes." June Jones Jonesie Commercial "Call me Butch." Mary Jane Keeney Blondie Commercial "Her interest is a Trinity Alum- nus." Rosella P. Kerr Commercial "fl model of quietness." I939 Barbara Beryl Kimmons Bab s Laura Jean King Skinny Dugan Thomas Klopack Tommy Academic Academic Commercial "Fowl of Taylorsfolmfs boys." "A SIUl'l'flIiS1l0Sl'ii0Il.U "I wish I mulrl rlancefl Anna Mae Knestrick Denton Knestrick Goldielocks Emma E. Koehler Koehler Vocational General Commercial "I'II be seein, you." 'The boy from lVash Hi." "She corresponds with a boy in Missouri." Jack Martin Lehner Edward Lekwart Ed Ruth L. Lewis Ruthie Commercial Commercial Vocational "He's a radio bug." "Sv1d0m in School", "She,ll sing in the Meiropolifan some day." Helen A. Llewellyn Helen Richard H- Lowery Dick Libby Lutes Lutesy Commercial General Commercial "Bom social girl." "Just fog swgef for wo,-ds." f'AI111ays fallcizzgf' Anna Machacek Hon Anna Jane Maize Sis Alvan Malone Pat C0H1lH9l'Ci21l Academic Commercial f'lVhere's Stall?" "Absence makes lhe heart grow "Bill R0bfllSOI'l,S profegef' fomlerf' Sam Manfredi John T. Manon Jack Wladyslawa I. Markow Gladys Commercial Vocational Academic 'He can 0111-fall: any IUUDIIIILU "His inferesls are in lVash Hi." UTIIQFCXS a lol 1 b of ialenf in thai loml headf' Emma Marsh Emmy Wayne Martin Russ Commercial Commercial l'Small and sweet." "He goes hunling for while deer." Charles W. 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"Her first dance is reserved for H5119 likes blondes-U Johnnyf Clifford Painter Painter Robert Paraska Bob Mike R. Patrick Pat Vocational Commercial Commercial 'He's nol as lI!1Sl'lflll as he looks" ".lIanifolzl's Romeo." "A prospecline baslccfb I a l player" l Edith Patterson "Her inleresfs go lo iugfou Hi." Olive K. Penn "Quiet, buf always Grace Plott "Silence is golden." Billy Pratt "Hey, Vogel." Iverna Redd Edie Com mercial East Wash- Olie Vocational helpful." Sis Vocational Bill Commercial Macaroni Commercial "Are you going, Bellgf' Elizabeth M. Reich Cupie General 'l.lIr. JIohn's secretary." George Pattison Pat Vocational "Lover of Scoffy flogsfl Robert Phillips Bob Commercial "Boll doeslff like lhe lurliesf' Duane Porter Porter Commercial "A regular he-man." John William Progar Beetle Commercial "Hi, CI'lf1'8l'.,, Sarah Redd Sarah Vocational "Our quiet buf slullious Junior." Harold E. Reich, Reich Academic "Triuily's s1uee!her1rl?" 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Snyder Sneezy Vocational Commercial Commercial "You ain'z' lying, I befcha 'l "lVI1ere's Jimmie?" "A true II1l1I'lCSII1l1Il.,l . Tom Sobansky Tom Laura Jean Sprowls Jean Betty Ann Stenhouse Betts General Commercial Commercial "Tall, dark, and some slufff' 'tCa11'f forget ll ride in a black "A quiet but friendly girl." Forflf' fi f ' J J. Ed Stewart Ed Betty Ann Sumney Babydoll Charl , S. ihart Chick Vocational ' Academic ' ' ' Vocational "He likes the girls from Dewey "AI1! Geelu " il 4 reelheartf' Avenuef' x V L! l l l 5... Lola L. Tarr Lola Laura Mae Thompson Tom Rebecca Thompson Rebecca Commercial Commercial Commercial "A near Junior." "A Junior on the varsity." "Do you have your history?" William A. Thompson Bill Emma Tomazin Em Stanley J. Twardy Stas Vocational General Commercial "A promising future farmer." 'AA model of questions." "Our star drummer." Frank Urso Monk Louis Urso Lou Leonard Uselton Len Commercial Commercial Commercial "His longhand looks like short- "A teacher's pest." 'AHe likes a good argument." hand." Charles Vogel Charlie Norman C. Warth, Jr. Norman Walter Watassek F udgu Commercial Commercial Commercial "Cute, isn't it?" "Yon should see him draw." HA clarinet player in Frankie lValt's Orchestra." Lloyd G. Watson Watson Fred S. Weaver Lanky Adam H. Wells Barney Academic Vocational Commercial "Now what?" "Teucher's pet." "A mathematical whiz." Evelyn Welsh Evey Gladys I. Wilhelm Skipper Allan Lee Williams Albinsky Commercial Commercial Commercial "Evelyn nener makes much "Red hair and a sunny disposi- "I.augh? I thought I'd die."' noisef' tion." I939 Frank Wise Wise John Emil Withrow Doggy Frank B. Wolf Bumps General Vocational flC1ld9miC "Does he know his Latin?" "He fool: honors ul lhe Farm 'AWho said so?" Show." Agnes M. Young Sister Bertha Zaft Bertie Vocational Commercial "Yes, Fm 1ll1lll,S sislerf' "Does he ever stop faIlcing?', Eleanor Zembrosky El John Zenoni Zenoni Dorothy Zitko Dot Commercial Commercial Commercial "The 'Belle' of lVyIie Anemia." - 1'Xe1v York b0llllll.H "Look ul her slrul, would you." Frank Zrimshek Harpo Commercial A'Does he folk?" PICTURES NOT IN YEAR BOOK John Slesh John Richard Wilson Dick ' Commercial General "Is Jo, John's big moment in 'fYoz1don'lsay" iyping class?" Q l JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Continued from Page 30 now look back at the Freshmen, feeling a little sorry for them, for they would take up where we left ot't', XVe became more interested in the school's activities, and could boast ot' members in most every activity. XVe were also well represented in athletics. XVe again elected otlicers which were: President., Gail lillwoodg Vice President, Adolph Bissg Secretary, Elizabeth Mrkvar, and Treasurer, Duane Day. NVe had our Sophomore Party which was greatly enjoyed largely as a result of the fact that we had gotten over our last. ycar's bashfullness and were eager to join in all the fun and the boys seemed to take an interest in dancing. XVe also had an assembly program in which we imitated various faculty members. In the fall ot' "ISS", we were now what we had long strived t'or4upperclassmen. XVe were determined to become a class long remembered at Trinity. NVe started by issuing a Junior paper. "The Campus Chroniclef' XVe also presented a Junior play, "The Ghost Train." Our big event this year was the Junior-Senior Prom, which brought a happy year to an end, and we will return next fall to take the place ot' our Seniors. Our otlicers this year are: President, Earl Roupeg Vice President, Frank Carman: Secre- tary, Elizabeth Blrkvarg Treasurer, Duane Day. --l':l.lZAl4E'l'l-I blRKVAlt ' T v"7' fi Qu Vi C :fs 111. ' ' e . I939 Samuel Swart President SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY On August 30, 1937, we, the Class ot' '41, entered upon a new voyage, a cruise of Trinity High School. During the first semester of sailing, we encountered many storms, hut the upperclassmen helped to end our distress, and re- store smooth sailing. The second semester of our cruise, we chose from our shipmates, the following leaders: Samuel Swart, Robert Porter, Mauvelyn Hanam, and John Day. As our advisers, we selected Miss Irene Robertson and Mr. Julius Biery. We cruisers presented an assembly program on April 22. with many shipmates demonstrating ability. On May 6, a party was enjoyed by the crew. Continued on,l'age -18 Robert Porter Vice President Peggy Morrison Secretary Harold Porter Treasurer X SOP HOMORE GIRLS Areure, Rainer, Baker, lialser, liayne, Beclillion, li. Bennett, P. Bennet, Blakey, liuekels, Iluchte, Bullotta, Caesher, Cain, Casper-son, Carlisle, Chmiel, Congie, Cook, B. Cook, Costello, Cushman, M. Davis, li. Davis, Dillon, Donaldson, Dougherty, Drezewslii, Duvall, Faiclla, Ferguson, Fowler, lfrazel, Frye, Fulton, Gettig. Grecek, Gorhy, Gray, Grimm llolmes, Hanam, Harvoth, Haught, lleaclly, Henclrielis, Hervy, A. Horner, Irwin, Jackson, letters, li. Johnson, Kendall, liimherlanrl, Kinder, lilein, Kolanko, Kosey, Kozal, liuzy, Lauther Lawrence, .l. Lewis, Lutes, Lysh, G. Maloy, Manfrecli, Mankey, Marks, McAfee, Mcfllenathan, G. McCoy,' Mcliay, Milkovieh, M Miller, A. Miller, ll. Miller, Mogentale, Monteealvo. Morrison, Mounts, Ulesliy, Peterson, Petlock, M. Phillips, 'lizga, D. Porter, Porto. Postletllwait, Premro, Queer, Riggle, Roche, llomano, lloss, Royal, li. Scott, lf. Scott Shcekler, Shumar, lf. Sihert, Skrahski, Slesh, li. Sten, Sumney, Suto, Swart. Tliompson, Vankirk, Vernon, Vorum, XVarth, YVashinski, l'. XVeaver, M. XVemldle, XVedclle, XVells, XVilhelm, P. XVilkinson, lt. XVilson, NV XVilson, G. XVright, XV. XVright, Yoclers. M. l'. M. SOPHONIORE BOYS Amestatle, Anclrew, Arlotta, Anll, Buckner, .l. liatson G. liaison, Benjamin, Bernotas, Blake, Boyle, lireese liroek, Brown. Bruckner, Camps, Chambers, L. Clemens .l. Clemens, Comer, M. Cook, Crawford, Crosbie, Da lle Davidson, Day, Drenieli, lilliott, Fazzolzlre, lflagel, Fuller- ton, Gaclio, Goga, Grimes, llarris, Heatley, Henderson Hook, Hootman, li. Horner, llughes, Hulton, Humhert, J Johnston, ll. Johnston, Jochyneli, Knestrick, licirs, liostie lirigling, Lazeli, Lesjak, Lesnoek. .l. Lewis, Lockman, Lyle Malik, .l. Maloy, McCormick, McNa1'y, Merchant, L. Miller Munn, ll, Morrison, Murrloek, Murphy, Nicastro, Neill Oliverio, Palurla, li. Phillips, J. Phillips, ll. Ponton, li Ponton, R. Porter, H. Porter, Post, Powell. Prandini Prowitt, Pusliarieh, lioherts, liutan, Sasek, Sams, Sar- gent, Shuster, Sehwering, .L Sihc-rt, Skariot, Skoczylas Skosvron, Spence, L. Sten, Stock, Swart, Syner, Thomas 'l'iano, Veltre, XValker, L. XVeaver, XVL-stfall, M. XVilkinson XVoocls, R. XVright, Zampan. , 1939 Sam Calabro President FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY In the tall of 1938, three hundred forty verdant F1'csh- men serged through the doors of Trinity High School. This -wasfilie largest-eta ss' in-the histoigu of iliiseschoole Yyitlwut exception, they were excited and eager to begin their four year course ot' study within its walls. As is the custom with large classes, it was necessary to separate them into groups of forty or fifty pupils, in order that all might obtain tl1e hest instruction. During the following months the Freshmen settled down into a quiet, orderly group ot' students. It hecame possible for them to distinguish hetween locker room and cafeteria, and they were ahle to find their way from one classroom to another. So great became their dignity that on a few occasions, some of them were actually mistaken for Sopho- mores. Continued on Page 48 John Martin Vice Olive Jane John Engle President Fuller Secretary Treasurer FRESHIXIAN GIRLS Alexy, .I. Andrew, L. Andrew, Andy, Antol, Arlotta Barr, Barrows, Beard, IE. Bell, Bennet, Blaze, Brady, Briggs, Brownlee, Rueheli, Ruehte, Burns, Cain, Calvert Larter, Lasprson, .I. Chambers, Lhanev, c.llCllUV1ll, Clav- ton, Colditz, M. Cole, Costello, Crile, .Cushey, llavidsoli Davis, Desmond, Dragan, Drezewski, Duvall, lickels, Ellis, limerick, Findley, Forgas, Fuller, Fulton, Gajar- sky, Gnagey, Graham, Grim, llarvotli, M. Haugllt, S Haught, Headley, Herceg, Hinerman, Hodgens, Hoge Hulton, Humhert, Il1g1'ZlllillIl, Jaeolxs, Jedrejezak, B. John- son, F. Johnson, Jones, Julius, Il. Kearns, H. Kearns, Kenimond, H. Kern, R. Kinder, M. Kinder, Kirschner A. Knestriek, Knisely, Koklieli, Kunkle, Kravets, Lasli S. Leitman, Lesko, Lestan, Lewis, A. Little, V. Little Longstreath, Lustie, Mandieh. Marra, E. Martin, M. Martin Meliride. McClelland, McClure, U. McCullough, Melialian McKee, McMillian, MeNary, MeQuay, B. Miller, M. Miller Mills, Mitchell, Monro, H. Mounts, I. Mounts, Mosier Newell, Niekles, Parkinson, Patten, M. Paul, Pease, Pence M. Plymire, Ponton, Ponzoo, Popovieli, I'otoeer, Rankin M. Redd, B. Reese, Reiellert, Renner, Roe, Romano, Rossi Rutan, Rutkawski, Seaman, Sehalie, Senieher, Silnurt, Ska- riot, Smollar, Stainlirook, I.. Stock, IJ. .I. Sumnev, I., Sum- ney, Swart, A. Szakal, M. Szakal, Tallarieo, Teyssier, C Tlloinpson, H, VLIIOIHPSIJII, l'rso, lvllfllll, AYCIIZIV, Veltre Vineek, Vance, AVllliiC1', Avthftll, NVarriek, NVQ-bln, M. XVid- ener, V. XVidener, YVier, XVilson, XVineland, XVise, XVojeu- ieli, XVrigl1t, li. Young, Zaremha, Zimmerman, Zipko. Zrimshek. FRESHMAN BUYS Armstrong, Beck, H. Bedilliou, l'. Bedillion, Beleastro, H. Bell, B. Bell, Bot, Rrezezinski, Brown, Balls, Calaliro, Camella. Cana, F. Chambers, Chniilwski, Cliitter, R. Cole, Comstock, II. Cooper, .I. Cooper, Cox, Crompton, Czad- ankiewiez, Dean, lJemintot't', Ilosse, Elliott, Engle, Fairley, Iforis, Fillinger, Iford, Frank, Furda, Gaus, Gibson, Gil- more, Goga, Gorhy, Gray, Hainer, Hammond, Ilarris, Harsllman, R, Hilllglli. IIill, Holmes, Hoover, Horn. Horwat, Hribal, Huggins, Hunt, Hupp, XV. Johnson, Kearns, A. Kern, .I. Kern, King, Kuviek, M. Knestriek, KostaI'.Kl1upp, A. Leitman, D. Leitman, Leppert, Liliertore, Livingston, Lucero, Luskoski, Maholline, Mancini, C. Mar- tin, .I. Martin, Maunski, McAfee, MeCleary, .I. McCullough, H. Meritt, M. Meritt, Millioan, .I. Miller, .I. Miller, Mon- inger, Morrow, F. Mounts, .I. Mounts, l'. Mounts, Morris, Munee, Murray, Oldfield, Oliverio, 0'Rourke, E. Paul Paveie, Perkowski, Piatt, NV. Plymire, Polinsky, Popeek, Pratt. Prevuznik, Puskarich, Queer, Beck, .I. H. Redd, S. Reese Ridosli, Risliin, Rodgers, Ross, Searlierry, Sellultz, Sliawinski, Shipe, Sikora, Sisul, Slavikowsky, Smith, Spara, .I. Sproxvls, NV. Sprowls, Staley, XV. Stock, Tanner, Tolley, Tolusic, Tush, Vankirk, XVeave1', YVilkin- son, XVuletiel1, YV. Young, Zatt. . 1939 In th SOPHONIORE CLASS HIS'l'ORY Continued l'l'tllll Page 44 e autumn ut' '38, we again launched with our eapahle leaders at the helm. Since Mr. liiery was attending college, Mr. Braden appointed Mr. James Muniuger to Iill the vaeaney. A 'Sl-leart Hop" was spunsrrred hy the erew on l-'ehruary 17, and pruved a huge SllCL'L'SS. XVe, the erew ni' Htl. hupe la make reeurd cruises in the future, for whieh we shall he rememhered hy future Students ot' 'l'rinity High Selltml, for many years to come. fAlAIKY AlCCI.liNA'l't-IAN FRESHMAN CLASS PIISTORY i r Continued from Page 46 ln January, several ut' the Freshmen were privileged to go to Harrishurg. Here they helped in making sueeessful demunstratinus for the Hume liennoinie and Agriculture llepa rt ments. lhe tirst elass meeting was a momentous ueeasinn. The meeting was in eharge ut' Nlr. llrwden. what advised the elass errneerning methods ut' eleeting oltleers and elass t 1 advisers. The eleetiun was held the frmlluwiug week. l The elass advisers are Miss Mary Dmisun and Mr. YVilliam Meliay. l'reshman aetivities hegan with the elass party held on April 28th. and a l'll'CSll1ll2lIl assembly put on at a later date. It '1 good heginniug is a sign fmt' a grind ending the lfreshmen will make a line Senior elass. Wllorlsia Axmuew WMA QW Ria qffw Qygk X 1-if f .7 2.9, , I Wm ,fx 2 5 XA 5"'g6-"Y -'ST 'Y" I' X fdjf' Z' w f '7' . . ' X I 'iw . i . I ll -x 'q . B M .Y 2 jg, x - .AVN .1 "0 xtf ,ln '-' -'bin fl V if I 9 f a .. , , ' ' '3 " X ' I " . ffl' V VX I, ' Y ,fin-I, ,pf 1. ,- I - 1' I AW, - fn ' - I Nu fff ." Q ,mf . ' ' Q - ,, -'f' . . I - - . .X f "'- 'A X 1 . x -- ,. . 5 , - 1 - .. A id' , f V, Mix ' ,,',j'f IX " f 'x N jg, ' f f fl, , X4 'wig f , ff "ff L "7 ' f If aiu W .2 x fl I ,' f W 'V' f ,If I ,ll , I , xg , H- 1 f V f ffnfjf ,rx ,, w fn- , ISA V! . xxf ,l if nr JM ff .X s-' , . I .',,'jf ,' ' , ' 'f',' ' 'Af X 4 ' 'L f ff X " " fi " 1 ' x yf. ' N' ' f' ' ': .f f', . U, I . .U K .W V K LA. 11- t, 25,1 f , M ft b -L ax, 9 f, K 1 1 -?',,. Ns 2 A ax , 4 1 , ' . , A v- K- 'ink' ' 'n ' 41 .fel 'T "ff .l ' 74 4' ' . Q "4 , sf , is " ' 1 v ' A .. . if f' V ' -1' "'l" -1' ' 1 A x A ,yy , , 1 ,V Q - ,.f f 4 "-L 1- 0 -' ig 'X' .1 i! .5 ' f I " ' ' ,,r . '. '. ix if , I . ' 11-9 l- ' I - 4 P - fx' iv ,I ' f Q-.7- N kiif' iff' ' , F lar, -' ir, X iq- ' ' l ,Wu V- Sf , , A gi ' ,h ggfiy Q vxr x . :xx f WNV., L Mx ,ly 1 X Z.. If , x ' ' I xg V ,IW J. A KXHX I , " 1' '. I 'N I MUNI 1 Charles Morrison President William McC0ol Vice President Ruth Drlehorst Secretary David McClay Treasurer ALUMNI ASSOCIATIO CLASSES or 1937-1938 As we sit in our easy chair let us take a few minutes 'to gaze into the past to see what has become of our grrduates. Leafing through the pages we find such students as these attending College. Ralph Ellis, Joseph YValker, and Stewart McAllister are enrolled at XV. 81 J. Those attending State College are Gladys Hunter and Margaret Redd. Raymond Grimm and Earl Clark are going to California State Teachers College, and Howard Carter to Steven's Trade School at Lancaster, Pa. Rea Hartley is enrolled at XVooster College, XVooster, Ohio, while Fred Rothenberg is attending Concordia Theological Seminary, at Springfield, Illinois. At XVaynesburg College we are represented by Ruth Mounts, Gertrude Teyssier, and Francis Crin. Those going to XVashington Seminary are Evelyn Andrews. Ruth Jones, Helen Scott, and Betty Lewis. Four are attending Penn State Commercial College. These are: Olive Hinerman, Dorothy Mounts, Martha Roche, and Ruth Mounts. Edna Pratt is a student at Gritiith's School of Beauty Culture. in Pittsburgh. Ralph Kendall is studying photography at Overton, Texas, while Irwin Clemens is studying music at the XVashington Seminary. Richard Baker is taking a postgraduate course at Trinity. Four of the girls z-re training for nurses: Jean McClain, Alice Jane Gettig, and Ada Ruse, in the XVashington Hospital: and Marjorie Post at the Shadyside Hospital in Pitts- burgh. Many ot' the graduates have been fortunate to obtain jobs. George Fulton has been made Assistant Manager of one ot' the A. X P. stores in XVashington. Jane Green and Glenn Charlton are employed hy the same company. At McCanns Food Store we find Freda Hanamand and Frank Kuzy. Two of the girls have been fortunate to obtain jobs in the XVashington Court House. They are: Ruth Henderson and Mary Parrino. The girls employed by the G. C. Murphy Company are: Thelma Dornberger, Ether Rayne, Frances Paul, and Betty Roche. Mildred Dornberger, Virginia Hurley, and Sevilla Mitchell are working at Autenreiths. Florence Dunne is employed at XVoolworth's. Rudolph Chehovin is a clerk at Jack Hart's. Robert Morrison is employed by the Chartiers Motor Company. while Edward Roberts is at the Scott Motor Company. XVorking for the Vitro Manufacturing Company we tind llarry Chappel. Ruth Minton is working at the S. B. McXVreath Dairy. and Eula Mae Allison is a waitress at Voorhes Restaurant. Ethel Carlisle is employed by Mr. NV. A. Donaldson. Jacob Tomsic is employed at the Hazel-Atlas, while Virgil Hartley, LeMoyne Bantield, and xvlllllllll Roberts are working for the Kress Box Company. XVe find Earl .lohn at the Citizens XVater Company. Grace Larkin is working at Resnick Cleaners and Dyers, and Ruby Speigel for R. F. McConnaughey Company. At Pittsburgh we tind XVilliam Verb employed by his brother. and Bernard Swart in New Jersey at Perth Amboy. James Smiley is working at the Downtown Church in YVashington. Charles Pettit is working at Myriek Bakery, and Anton Deprosky at the Tygart Valley Glass Company. A few ot' the girls are doing housework. These are: Dessie Vester. Iva Plymire, Louise Bogochenko, Stella Kendall, Edith Antonioli, Anna Ross, and Alice Bazzoli. Those staying at home are: Virginia Polen, David Zanolli, Sarah Haines, Carl Haines, Theresa Guzzo, Beulah Charlton, Gerald Condit, XVilden Mounts, Helen Shawinski, Margaret and Dorothy Johnson. Amelia Kurpjuweit, Arthur Borello, Victor Plizga, Betty Ewing, Edward XValkcr, Ophelia Reed, Sophia Rartusick, Marion Anderson, John Milavee, Esther Barney, Lois Jane McCoy, John Roche, Richard Pees. and Robert Mitchell. A few ot' the graduates have taken steps in matrimony. These are: Margaret Sten- house, married to Irwin Emery: .lean NVolf. to Arthur Andersong Mildred Spragg, to Val Pacillag and Eleanor McAdams. to Virgil Phillips. YVe have been unable to obtain information concerning the rest ot' the class ot' 1937-KS. XVe wish to thank all of the former students for their support in helping to make the Alumni Section a success. -Rosie BOF . , I939 Iv UNSEEN FRIENDS Ott' gazing thru my lxrmkezlse, l see Zllllll0I'S wlmm I'ye Veztclg 'l'hey've helped me through the lcmely lwurs, .Xml suothecl my jumhlecl llL'lIKl. For when I t'eel like tl':lv'ling, There are hmiks to sulve my plight, 'l'wn ur three hy Hztllilmurttm, .Xml one hy l'IllgL'lIC Wright. XVllL'll I :lm hnltl I'm sure l flilll rezicl mystery stories too: Of Severy, NV:tllnee, Green, Vain lline, Doyle, liuhmer, Queene, Leroux. .Ks fur llllSL'0ll2llIL'OllS fiction, I have mzmy writers who Supply my evei'-elmiiging whim, .Xml thrill me lllI'0llgll :tml llll'UllQll. I write ut' humor Izistiy, 'l'huugh I like il mme-tlie-Iess, I eluim 'l'u1'liinglrm :tml XVestcutt flllll supplant ull lisllessness. So this poem I have written .ts zu trihute to my friemls, XVhu have clrme so mueh to help me In my ever-Veatless tremls. -Gisrmulc BIKYIEN f Mr' X fx fn M XXX ff 4 ,f f K W If fd' vff H775 Q 2, f f ff ff ff ,W X f 429' J V ff! Off!!! X 1 ,J X X0 xff' , ,Z , I , V f I , V f lf, V' f t- ,V I I , f f , , , G- ' gh: W, L' . ' I .f. ' f f ,' jf? 145 .:- x, 1' 1 I V pill I if If I if 1 I X 5-W , X li ' i xzggi I! IA -' 5 V , 92, ,ff-'K ff' 'J pi.. V . M" I .. Q "ffF'4'Q-'X V , ' ' , 41 ,N 3 1 " f f , P ,' fg , . ' ,Asus V , fwfve, 4 V , vm, , - if Q, 1 f, Q, X' ' L, I, 'A ,-:V - 1 P EY 'ir ' " I, ,..,i . , is ..- , fr - , ,711 f 1 Q n I N Xl, W If I, K kg Q,fj,,1ff,5Q 1 Z, ,Z A x , l , jj" pl , , Q -X WX' I, ,Q f'g,y',51 t , ,X V, , if f 1, XX' ' If , fy., if Y fy , JZ X ,Z I If X , 1 41 , ,, V :Jr '.f' f"7lf'! ,I I I .11 'J ',f?fj',f 'ff V, ' ' 'ff . ff . V A4 ff' 2 ff ,A -' if f ff If . 1, ,f.,f. . 'ff' A f-1' .,. ff U 7 :I 1: ' ff 7,54 Iii!!! J ' f 1 ' fr' ,, ' , ' 'V ',--" fz, ' 5 131, J l ew A .I ,J W X YQ, , xr' fa' ' y ' ffl' f 'rffli in 2- , , 4 . ff ,I 1 ,f ,f v,:,f7f, f" A 4 V ,iv g - f 1, . - I X A H, ,f, ,f ACTIVITIE mf X L? w rw 'fx n eV 'Q 4: RINITY F. F. A. Member, National Organization of Boys Studying Vocational Agriculture. LEXVIS KIQNAMIIND President NUIIMAL SPIIiGIsL Treasurer Giaonoe Beam: Vice Presidenl CALVIN STENVART Reporter .lons Cnosizn-1 Secretary EMIL WITHIIUW Watch Dog Massns. Moinnsos Axn Bfnnsorn Advisers The 'Trinity Future Farmers again carried away from the State Farm Show more prizes than any other school in the state. ln addiiton to these activities the Trinity boys placed second in vocational agriculture projects for the second consecutive year, for which we were awarded Zlll original painting. -CALVIN S'I'EwAn'I' AGRICULTURAL COUNCIL GAII. El.I.XVtl0Il Presialenl .Ions CIHISISIE Secrelury lisin. Xvl'l'l'lll0XV Vice Presidenl KICIIARII .lonxsox Trerzsurer GI-Lonulz PA'I"I'IsoN Reporter The Trinity Agricultural Council is composed ot' Future Farmers who have won in the State Project Contest, who have beeII members ot' tlIe denionstration team or a winning judging team at State College. or who are lll0Illllk'l'S of tIIe Keystone liand. or Keystone Farmers. Trinity sent seventeen project winners, three Keystone Farmers, three Keystone Band members, a llemonstration team composed ot' four boys, and a vocational window exhibit to the Farm Show at llarrisburg. .tll ot' these participants are lllL'lllllCI'S ot' the Agl'lCllillll'ill Council today. . -!CAI.VlN S'l'l'IXY.Xlt'l', I". F. A. lteporrer F. F. . DEMONsTRA'rIoN Following the annual course outlined, we, the Agriculture Department, presented "Farming on tl1e l.evel', at the annual Farm Show at Harrisburg. The boys who were selected to represent Trinity were Richard Johnson, Lewis Kenamond, .lohn Crosbie, and Norman Spiegel. The purpose of the demonstration was to present a new angle of cropping for erosion control purposes. We Inade a model ot' a Pennsylvania hillside, laid it' oft' in contour strips. and established a program of crop rotation on these contours. The demonstration was prepared under thc supervision of Mr. C. R. Morrison and Mr. Barbour. Presented at the Farm Show January 18, 1939, before a very appreciative audience. the demonstration was accorded ninth place, and the team was presented with a cash award of twenty-five dollars which was divided equally among tl1e four boys. -LHXVES KENAMoND CAFETERIA CLUB DIANA GoLU1sowsKv Presidenl FREUA Ast-mtoinc Secrelary I.l'CIl.l.l'1 Em' Vice President XYIRGINIA Sxirru Treasurer Miss Josus .llanager Mas. ISARNEY Cook Under the efticient management of Miss .lones and Mrs. Barney, the Cafeteria Club in its second year of progress has expanded greatly. The club consisted of fourteen girls until Helen lteese and Hilda Montgomery decided that married life suited them much better. The Senior Class is well represented in the club by the following girls: Virginia Smith, Ethel Mary Hunt, ltuth Hamilton, Freda Ashmore, and Diana Golubowsky. Sara Redd, Edith Hupp, Anna Mae Knestrick, Clara Bennet, Agnes Young, and Juniata Day represent the Junior Class. XVith the addition ot' the new steam table and the former library as a store room we know the club will become a larger and more helpful organization. The club has been active throughout the year, serving at banquets, play days, and the like. The social activities in which the club participated were a ltoller Skating Party, a Lawn Party, and the annual Cafeteria Club Picnic which climaxed a highly successful season. --FHEDA Asuslomz iljl,-XNA Gonmsowsuv THE HOME ECoNoM1Cs CLUB The Home Economics Club is an organization consisting of the students of the Home Economics Department. YVe are organized for the purpose of having and giving enter- tainment and also to learn the finer arts of homemaking. The Freshmen and Sophomores take turns in presenting a program to the group each month. Refreshments are usually served at this time. During the winter months the club was favored by talks on cosmetics and care of the hair. given by a beauty expert. XVe are now looking forward to a movie on housing and a talk concerning Cillllletl foods. +LlE'l'l'l'IA J. hltitll-lN'l'Al.l'I HOINIE ECoNoMiCs DElt1ONST'RA'l'lt3N TEAINI The demonstration this year was an entirely different one than any given in previous years. It was given in a form ot' a play entitled "Made Overn. In this play it told of the perplexities of a girl without a quiet place to study. It gave many helpful sug- gestions on how to overcome this problem by the remodeling of old furniture and the different uses of crepe paper. Some of the things which were made more cheerful, by the use of crepe paper, were the covering of an old ink bottle, utility box, an old lamp shade, a letter holder, and book ends. These all were made more beautiful by the use of a brown and white color scheme used throughout the demonstration to make an attac- tive, girl's study. The girls taking part in the demonstration were Agnes Young, Diana Golubowsky, Annabel Fowler, and Anna Miller. This demonstration competing with approximately thirty other demonstrations won tenth place and a cash prize of twenty-tive dollars. The girls of the demonstration team wish to express their sincere appreciation to Miss Jones, Miss Griffin, and Mr. Day for their able assistance in preparing this delightful demonstration. -DIANA Goncisowsuv but M2535 MER" z'g zmfq mqn sem W.5x5!'ilNG-TON PA GIRI, RESERVES JANET ANDREWS President ICDITH KAUFFICLD Secretary BE'l"l'Y .ANN STENHUUSE Vice President :ANNA RIARY Treasurer Miss RIARTIN AND Miss FI.o'ro Advisers Being encouraged by their motto, "fo find and give the hestf, this club ot' nearly a hundred members helps to promote a spirit of friendliness and cooperation around school. They engaged in many varied activities: A musical comedy, "It's a Knockoutug a Christmas play, a Christmas party for the small children ot' XVeirich Avenue Settlement House, attendance at a mid-winter conference in Mclieesport, a chili supper, an Easter breakfast, a spring dance, joint parties with thc Hi-Y, and the May Day pageant. As a result ot the large membership and interest shown, the club has enjoyed a most successful and inspiring year. It is earnestly hoped that the cluh will continue to prosper in the future. -JANET ANDREWS THE FRESHNIEN GIRL, RESERVES QJLIVE JANE FUI,I.l'1R Presiclenl AIARIAN lAlCNAltY Treasurer Lois BEARD Vice Presirlenl HELEN Tnoxil-soN Progrrun Cliuirmfm ANN LEs'1'oN Secrelary Miss GRI1-'if1N, Miss Fi.o'ro Advisers The otiicers and advisers ot' the eluh attended the Ohio Pyle conference last fall. The club took part, in the musical'-comedy "It,s a Knockoutu, the Christmas Play, the Girl Reserves Fellowship Meeting, and the Joint Girl Reserves and Hi-Y Fellowship Meeting. They also gave a party for the young children at the lirownson House at the Christmas season. Other activities were dancing lessons with the Hi-Y boys, the joint Hi-Y and Girl Reserves Rally, the Girl Reserves Easter Breakfast, the joint parties with the Junior Hi-Y Club, and the Spring Play. --hlAllY li'1"rA liINDIiR I939 I939 SENIOR H1-Y CLUB IUQNNETH XVILSON Presizlenl Lunwio Kmzfxv Secrelary hIATTl'IEXV Buss Vice President Gxaouol-1 BRYHN Treasurer Mn. E. V. Itoss Adviser At the beginning of the first semester, ten new members were formally and infor- mally initiated into our club, making a total ot' thirty-eight members. Meetings are held bi-monthly. XVe had four active committees during each semester. Activities began with the selling of school pennants, which added color to our school and were greatly in evidence at the football games. Later, a Hi-Y and Girl Reserves masquerade party was held at the Y. YV. C. A. The annual Hi-Y dance took place on January 21. This was followed by a ping-pong tournament among the members of the club. A spaghetti supper with the Girl lteserves added zest to the activities. Joint meet- ings with Charlcroi and Canonsburg are in prospect. Guest speakers for thc past year were: Rev. J. Paul Graham, Mr. G. XVilson Hayes, Mr. YVilbur S. Baird, Mr. Heston Hill, Mr. J. lt. Clark, and Mr. lt. K. Paxton. XVe extend our very best wishes for the continued success of the Hi-Y Club of Trinity High School. -LUIHVIG Kinzsv JUNIOR H1-Y CLUB blll.FORD Cnaxrmans Presirlenl Rom-:n'r l,0R'I'ER Secretary JACK Romznrs Vice President XVILLIAM Cimwronn Treasurer Mn. .I. R. CLARK Adviser The purpose ot' the Trinity .lunior Ili-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Due to the supervision of our worthy adviser, the club has been very successful this year. Activities in which it participated were a swim party for the Freshmen Girl Reserves at the Y. M. C. A. and a weiner roast at the XVashington Park. The membership has also been greatly increased. In the future it is hoped that our club will continue to be an active one and that we lnay do our part in the Senior Club. -ROBERT PORTER U 3 fr Q fx A me cms -qgilw H H CLUB SUE Gocm President Berry STEXVART Secretary M. XVI-IEELEIK Vice President DIANA Golmlsowskv Treasurer Miss Kmuxm-:R Adviser Girls who have earned letters are members of the "'l"' Club, thus giving the elub its name. In order to receive a letter, one has to have an average of 1000 points. These points are earned through sports, extra-curricular activities, and by maintaining a high scholastic standing. The custom each year is to hold a dance in order to raise money for a banquet in honor of the football squad. This year each event was a big success. George Roark, Head football coach of XV. 8: J. was the guest speaker at the banquet, Sue Goga presiding as toastmistress. l . Me are very proud to have produced the biggest club ever. -Br:'r'1'v STEWART. IABRARY The Trinity High School Library seeks to create a quiet, restful atmosphere for those students who enjoy reading. The new room, a very attractive place with its book-lined walls, indirect lighting and comfortable chairs, is visited by approximately twenty students each period. These students come to the library to do reference work, to find fiction books, and to read magazines. Of tl1e two thousand books in thc library, nearly four hundred are fiction. The cir- culation reeords show an average of four hundred seventy-five fiction books signed out each month. The routine duties of the library are performed efficiently by a capable staff of student-librarians under the supervision of Miss Martin. These girls are trained to prepare new books for the shelves, to arrange the books on the shelves in order, and to help students to find reference material. During Book M'eek the student-librarians presented in Assembly a program in which each librarian was dressed to represent some famous character of fiction. W l939 TRAFFIC SQUAD In August, when school began, we, the Traffic Squad, had a chance to show our etliciency in Trinity High School by directing the uninformed Freshmen to their rooms. This was not an easy task, since the Freshmen roll registered a record group. They went through the halls. running, shoving, pushing, and sometimes falling, in a frantic etTort to get to their rooms on time. The tratlic problem would have been an amazing one had it not been for the cooperation ot' the upper-elassmen and the well organized Traffic Squad. Our adviser, Mr. Hallam, knew by experience the most strategic places in the building and assigned the "Tratlic Cops" to their proper beats. Their courteous service has earned them the respect of the entire school. -Louis D1-:s MUND. RIFLE CLUB XViLLlAx1 Tuoxlrsox Presidenl XVAl.'rlsa FEDOR Secretary Ll,oYn XVATSUN Vice Prcsidcnl DUANI-3 DAY Treasurer ALLAN XVlI.I.l,uis E.l't'l'1IfiIl0 Officer Mn. .Ions Adviser The ltitle Club is completing its most active as well as most successful year since its inception. It's activities were along three dittcrent lines, shouldcr-to'-shoulder matches, competition in hi-weekly matches, sponsored by the National ltitlc Association, and medal qualification shooting under N. R. A. supervision. In the shoulder-to-shoulder matches our team was undefeated in eight starts. The members of this team are: John Allsopp, YVilliam Crawford, Edwin Crosbie, Duane Day, XValter Fedor, Kenneth Hootman, Harry Prowitt, Richard Snyder, XVilliam Thomp- son and Allan YVilliams. Letters were awarded to each of these men. Two teams were entered in the bi-weekly postal matches in competition with teams from all parts of the United States. XVhile the records in these matches are not im- pressive, the first team made a creditable showing by advancing from Division C to division B and finishing 73rd among the 239 teams entered in the four divisions. Gicoluua liltYliN Presiclenl A11'1'111t11 IJAY Viva l,l'6Si!i6I1f Miss lATAlt'l'IN AN11 Mics. R. CLUB G1f111A1.111N1z RAVURIA Secretary ANNA Mail!-1 Treasurer Sriumas Acluisers "Senatus Populus Que lifblllilllln, S'l'he Se11ate and the lloman l'eople,', was tl1e inotto ot' tl1e ancient lloinans. lt is now tl1e nanie ot' the club for advanced Latin students and Sophomore students with a l1igl1 UB" average. Tl1e club inotto is "Ipsa scientia potestas est", meaning, 'tlinowletlge itself is powerf' Tl1e purpose ot' the club is to stimulate interest i11 the study ot' the lilllllilll classics, language, and customs. Meetings are held every second Friday during Lrtin class. Its inembers llilYC held several social events i11 tl1e last SClllL'SiL'l'. -HA110-L11 ltislcu. Go-To-COLLBGE CLUB liL1:11No11 Mo1rN'1's Presiflenl ANNA MA111' liLL1s Set-relury .IAN1a'1' ANDIRIENVS Vive Prcsirlenl .lovers DAY Treasurer Miss R1:'r11 Zlillllillll A flniser Tl1e purpose of this club is to encourage its ll1CIllllL'l'S to pursue a lllgilfdl' education, to prepare them for a better participation i11 college life, and to arouse and maintain llll llltL'l'CSi in college training among those who 111igl1t not otherwise go to college. The club 111eets every two weeks i11 llooin l-L. Tl1e prograins l1ave inclutlecl talks by guest speakers till various subjects pertaining to college life. The social evc11ts ot' tl1e season l1ave bee11: A Canrlelight Service for tl1e i11itiatio11 of new IllL'lIllJCl'SQ A CllI'iSiIllilS Party at the ll0lllL' ot' the president: and an Afternoon Tea ill honor ot' the Faculty, As a part ot' tl1e Ctlllllll0llCL'lllCIlt activities tl1e Juniors e11tertainetl tl1e Seniors at a i't7l'Il'I1ll dinner. CONIRIERCIAI, CLUB Ser: Gum. Presiflenl l'lliI.IEN AVIIIGIIT' Vice President fANNA AIAHY liLL1s. .ANNA AIARIE Coon Scerelrzry lfli'l"l'Y STICXVAIIT Treasurer The purpose ot' tl1e Coininercial Club is to give its n1e1nbe1's practical experience in general oltiee work, through acting as eonnnercial secretaries for tl1e teachers. The 1ne111bers consist ot' Seniors and scco11d semester .Iuniors who have attained a 2.5 average i11 their CtJIllIllCI'Cllll subjects. The club meets every two weeks in Room 40. The prograins have included a Penn State tlen1onstration of tl1e otlice inachines, moving pictures through the courtesy ot' the Bell Telephone Coinpany, and talks pertaining to eon1n1ercial work. The social events ot' tl1e season have hee11: A Tea Dance in tlll' gym, a Valentine party, and a11 initiation ot' new lIl0llIlDCl'S. --SUE Gom. H 6 1.1 9? 5' 7 LC I V .-,W A ' I 'v I939 THE CANIPUS CHRONICLE YVith a fine spirit of cooperation and responsibility, the stall' ot' the Junior Paper, under the capable supervision ot' Miss Donson, Miss Jones and Mr. Boss, enabled the Campus Chronicle to have a very successful year. An outstanding improvement in the quality and appearance also contributed to make it one ot' the finest papers ever pub- lished in Trinity High School. Previously the Junior newspaper was mimeographed, but this year, for the first time in the six years in which it has been published, it was printed. Each of the five issues had an attractive cover, hut the inside was even more ap- pealing to the eye and the funny spot. Interesting news about the clubs, sports, social activities, and the ever-popular gossip gathered by our alert snoopers, tilled the twelve pages from cover to cover. The staff' headed by Duane Day, Editorg Steven Ferko, Assistant Editorg and Louise llosing, News Editorg extend our sincerest appreciation for the support given our paper by the entire student body and the faculty. XVe hope that the Junior paper statts in the future will successfully continue the tradition started way hack in '33 and publish a finer paper each year. iflEltAl.DINE RAv0mA. OLYMPUS STAFF STUDENT PERSONNEL I-Iditor-in-Chief ' JOHN LIKAR .-tssistunt Editors Joi-iN ALLsorl' DUANE IJAY Loelsli llosiNo Senior Editors hiA'l"l'HEXV Buss SUE tiotm JANET Moinns .lzuzior liditors S'rEvic FEnKo BIARJURIE BAKER AGNES YOUNG Sports Editors ADOLPH Biss A NGELA AIARTINCHECK llusiness Editors KENNETH YVil.soN ELEANOR hi0UNTS lJono'rHY l'As'1'Enr:ilAi.u Glaoltnr: I,ANDot:K Alumni Editor ltoslz Bor A rl Editors Fl.ovn hiCCl'Ll.tll'tilI hllI,Illtl'2ID Asnrnv l'ltlt'lI'i1l Advisers Business Ma nager-Mn. CLARK Senior Class-Mn. Junior Class--Mn. Alumni-MR. .loHN ArtfMiss GRIFFIN ManagergMn. l'iAi. Typists hiADYl.IN RISBIN JUNE XVIDENER Hi-:LEN STEWVAXVI' CAHL Pomaov Mfximm' SlcouEN lhv, Miss ZEDIKEI1 Ross, Miss JONES LA Xl I939.. GIRLS, CHORUS The Girls' Chorus has l1ad a very successful year under Mr. Norman C. Mohn. There were so many girls interested in chorus tl1is year that Mr. Mohn was forced to organize a beginners chorus as well as a senior group. This beginners group is showing great improvement. The advanced chorus has been able to have a more complete and ad- vanced repertoire. XVe have sung at several churches and at the State Theater. YVe also participated in the Forensic League. -lim-:Axon SPENUE. THE BOYS' CHORUS The 1939 Boys' Chorus is by far the largest and best Trinity has ever organized. It sur masses those of former vears not onlv in numbers but in the cualitv ol' music it l . . . produces. The chorus at the present time consists ot' ten first tenors, fourteen second tcnors, twenty haritones, and twelve basses, making a total ot' lifty-six voices blended into very close harmony. This chorus has prepared a repertoire of over twenty songs, consisting ot' classic, spiritual, and popular songs. lt has appeared a the State Theater. the annual Music Festival at various churches, and other eommunitv fatherinffs. 9 . 4 D The chorus entered the Music Contest held on A xril 5, at liurfettstown. in They will lose few members this year and with all the under-classmen taking an interest in their music the loss will not be noticeable. The boys are doing their utmost to produce a choral group that will he long remem- bered at Trinity High School. iS'l'liVli lrliltlitl. HONIE ROOM PERIOD The students who attend Trinity come from widely scattered communities, for this reason there is a definite need to acquaint the students better with each other. So, in 1936, our principal Mr. Braden, instituted the Home Room Period, chiefly to fulfill this need. The Home Room Period is held every Tuesday at 1:20 o'clock and lasts 20 minutes. Ollicers are elected at the beginning of each semester. The president of each home rolom appoints certain members of the room to plilll an appropriate program for each week. The Home Room Period is helpful in giving students valuable experience in plan- ning programs and in public speaking. XVe also try to develop cooperation during these periods. MAY DAY May Day has heeome a cherished tradition of Trinity High School. The charming old ceremony of crowning a Queen of the May was initiated at Trinity five years ago hy the Girl lleserve Cluh in the helief that the campus formed a lovely natural background for sueh an outdoor pageant. Year hy year the number ol' students participating has grown and the ceremony has become more elaborate. The procession as it makes its way down across the campus creates an lllli'Ul'gCl2llJlL' picture in the minds of the lie- holders. A group of May Pole dancers clressecl in pastel colors do the traditional wiml- ing of the May Pole. The Queen is a Senior girl chosen for her lmeauly, charm, personality, and poise The girls are nominated hy Senior boys and voted upon hy the entire school. 1 Q. K -1 V,-g Q' ?' 4' .Qi ' X' .V za Lf, Q 5 ,,?.-....-.....Q v-.....m.. 0 X "THREE SHEETS IN THE WIND" On May 5th, the Seniors presented the first production of a new three-act mystery comedy about college ghosts. The play called "THREE SHEETS IN THE XVINIY' was written and directed by Edwin S. Day. The members of the cast were: Ezra Dixon, played by Robert Young, "Flunky" XVhipple, Floyd McCullough, "Peg" Howard, Betty Armstrongg Miss Henrietta Madison, Diana Golubowskyg "Libby" Green, Helen XVrightg "Vicky" Green, Ethel Mary Huntg "Lanny", Harper, Lewis Kenamondg Patricia Young, Eleanor Spence, Ellen Mitchell, Sue Gogag Charlie, David Miller. In the play the girls are members of the Omega Gamma sorority. Ez and Lanny are college boysg "Flunky" is a professorg Charlie is a negro janitor who is troubled by haunts. i6THE GHOST TRAINH On March Iilst, after about four weeks of practice, the .lunior Class, coached by Miss Mary Donson presented "The Ghost Train", a three-act mystery by Arnold Ridley. The play is centered in a train station, a number of miles from the nearest city and the action takes place late at night. Those in the east were: l"rances Gleason, lietty .lean lilaclthurst, Lola Tarr, Alberta Green, Duane Porter, Duane Day, llarold Reich, Clifford Painter, Edward Hagan, Thomas lilopack, Ralph Shunk, Richard Crosbie, and Steven Ferko. -Velllcziunlm Cnossni. THE MIXED CHORUS For the first time in its history Trinity has a regular mixed chorus. This chorus, under the capable direction ot' Mr. Norman C. Mohn, has progressed greatly in the few months that it has been practicing. It is composed ot' twenty-two boys and twenty-seven girls, making a grand total of forty-nine voices. The chorus has appeared in several assemblies, churches, and at the State Theater, where they were well received. It will compete in the Music Festival held this spring at Burgettstown. Next year Mr. Mohn hopes to have a special period devoted to its p1'actice. -STEVE Fl-IRKO. E HIBIT Fm' lhe l'uul'll1 eonseculive yean' the Agricullurzxl rlepzlrlinent ul' 'l'i'inity High Sehcml izxs sueeeeclecl in placing an exhihit all the Pennsylvunizl Stale l:1ll'Ill Slmw. This exhihil was one ul' seven zlecepterl l-I'UIIl the enlire slzxle. XVhen prizes were llXVlll'ClCil ul Il2lI'l'l5lJllI'g the Trinity exhihil was uwzlrrlecl lhirci place, wilh il ensh prize of forty clullurs. 'l'he exhihil, enlitlecl 'llfnlure l:ilI'll1CI'S Seleel Hens fm' Egg l,l'1l!lllL'll0Il,,, wus plzlnnecl lncl huill unclei' the clireelun ul' Mr. C. ll. AlUI'I'lSllll :incl Mr. ll. A. lglll'll0llI'. Trinity is l lhe only sehlml in the stale lo uttuin the clislineliun ul' linving hzlcl funn' ennseeutive l exhibits place :lt the l'lllI'Ill Show. flncwis KEN x xmxn. 1: .i E 'l'rinily Girls in Pageant P0llIlSylYZll1lil Farm Show 5 N""'N-III -M Vi 5'-'v"gff"""'--F' f -v-pf J fgnff ff' f P41 Fi .LHYQQ f if iw ,L 2 Q - f I ,f ,, L 5 ' ' V b Avfevf :Q V " " 1 " " " A' l' if I ' lg f' iff ,T V , I' I, J I f- 'ij' f ' A1 , A X Q W if m,,ffv1A -ff' 5 ' '? Q' if i Af it 14 L ,, , 5 - A V , :, ' ,, , 1 P g ' I V 'MNA Y 1 1,1 V X Q Q Q ' iff ' ' v f ,:w S. f - '1Xi 2f1- H J g ' 4. Y-: TT Wu! vm 1 J. A 'Qin' -' . - . f -f V , .ir ' ffjgf, finasi L1Tr....,1' iA:A A I LYVIA K" -fy --f-Hr , 4, Haj- g . x 3 1 , K xml, 1 114, W , LLL QA 11 A I X X if fd A 3j:.J, g , fmri . . u f fa-+11 f wr- -M I , I - LITERARY SENIOR SERMON TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL vVASI1lNG'I'0N, P15NNsx'1,vAN1A SUNDAY EVEMNG, TXAIAY 28, 1939 8:00 O'1:1,o1:1c, li. S. T. PROGRAM hgPI'OCCSSIOll2ll March" ,4.,,...SSSS....,.,S..,...,.,,.SS,Vw,...SSSSOOOO,,, SSSSS VN 'oo1111oUs1i 1111111 S1:11oo1, O11c1111zs'14RA Iliyoeatioii SSOS, SOOSSOOSSSOSSSOOS.O1111O.11111111......11....,O11........ I lIiVIiliEND CA111, J. K1ss1.1Nu Pastor: Mt. Prospect United l,I'L'SllylL'l'ILlH Church "My God Ilow WlJI1llCfl.lll Thou Art" ,,,,OvOOOOO 7. OSOOOO ClIRlS'1'l.XNSl'IN M1x1511 CH0ltl'S Mn. No11MAN C. Mo11N, Direvlor SCI'IlJll1I'O'- Matthew 19:16-30 ....... ...... If I1,1i,xN011 Mo11N'rs Prayer .......................................... ..... G 1110114111 B11Y1cN Alto Solo-A "Come Unto Me" ,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,.. ,,.,,,,,.,,,, H ,xNn1i1, Do11o'1'11Y l'As'1'1-:111:11.x1,K llylllllf "Day is Dying in the XVest', ............,.,. ...... I ,,XTlII3l7ltY A sn Nl 11 IA' I 3 Day is flying in the west, XVhile tl1e clelfning sliaclows fall. IIOIIXJII is touching earth with restg Heart of Love, enfolcling all, YVait and worship while the night, Thro' the glory and the grace ' Sets her CV,lllllg lamps nlight Ol' the Stars that veil Thy face Thru' all the slay. Our hearts aseencl. 2 4 l Lorcl ol' lite, lD0lIC1llll the Cltillll? XYhen t'orever lLl'tilll our sight Ol' the universe, Thy holne, Pass the stars, tl1e clay, the night, Gather IIS who seeli Thy face Lord ot' angels, on our eyes To the folcl of Thy einhraee, Let eternal lllllflllllg rise, For Thou art nigh. .Xnd shadows end. HICFIIAIN Holy, holy, l1oly,I,o1'cl Gocl ol' lloslsl lICZlV,ll ancl earth are full of Thee, Heavtn and earth are praising Thee, 0 Lord lnost, high! SC1'lll0lI-fHCl1O0SC'e"... ,.... l'IEVliltliND CA111. .I. K1ssL1N11 Hourree in G Minor ...........................,...........................,..,......,.......... J. S. BACH Ifroin the Second Violin Sonata H1111-1 Sclflool, 011111-11es'1'11,x "God So I.ove1l the VVo1'lfl" ....................................... ...... S '1'.x1N1a11 G11115' CHo11.1's Mn. Nolmmn C. INIOHN, l1II't'l'fll1' Beneclietion .............,.. ...i... I t12v1z1115Nn CA111, J. K1ss1.1N11 "Rc-eessional Mtll'Cll,,... ..........,.,...,,....,,.............,...... ,.... W o0n11011s1i fllllll Scnooi. 01111111-:s'1'11,x The auclienee will kindly I'ClIlillIl seated at the Cllfl ot' the services until tl1e IllCIDllCl'S ol' the Senior Class have innreheml out. COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL VV.xs11lNuToN, Pi-:NNsY1,v.xNlA FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 2, 1939 8:00 O'C1.oc:K "Pi-occssional March" OOOOO..OOOOOOOOO...,.............,....O.....I.,O. .OOOO X VUOIIIIOLYSIL HIGH Senool. Olu:HEs'1'n,x Panel Discussione "A Two Billion Dollar Enlerprisc" .,.. KENN1i'rll XVILSON Class PmcsnniN'r 9 1 - 1 "Valse l.ClllC,.,, AO....OO.OO,OO,,,.OO,,,.O,..,,.....,...O.I., I.... I .ous A. f,OlullNl: lluzu Scuooi. 0RCllliS'l'llA "The Purposes ol' liclucation in American Democracy" faJ "Iiducatione The Key to De1nocracy" Chl "l'lmlucalion -feThe Key io Sell' Realization" CCD "Emlucalionf The Key to The Ahundanl Life" Piano Solo- A"Second Hungarian lihapsody" ,ww, Y,,ee I .ISZT .Xmlclresse f'Tho Time Capsule" IOOO.eeeee,e..........e,O,.O,, ee,eeee B lilIN.XlilJ C. Cihxrsrzx lNol lo he opened 'llll 69259 A. Ill Minislcr: The First Baptist Church. Pittsburgh, Pu. NPOIIIIJ and ClI'CUlllSl.ZlllCCv ,YO,.,,e.OO7ve......,,Oe........... .. ,,OO7, E1,o,xn Hum School. Om1Hl4:s'1'1u Presentation ol' Awards YOOO. ,..,OOO........,Ye. .,.OO M 1 1. J. li. BHADEN l'niXc1r,xl, Presentation ol' Diplomas 77OO...,O...,.......,7OOOO77....,...,iiOliiOOO,,,OOO,,,, Mu. ll, VV. Gluam' l,liliSIlDEN'l' or 'l'1uNi'rY TTIGH Scnool. lioann ov l'Il1u1,xTioN "Alma NIatcr".e .e.. ,Sexion Cllxss 'il'iCCCSSlOll2ll March" .... ..................eee,ee,e....e...e,...,,,... i.,e. X 'K VOODIIOUSIQ llluu Scnool. Omzul-:s1'nA The auclicncc will kindly remain sc-atccl at the end of the services until the mcinhors ol' the Senior Class have lnarchcrl out. l939 OLD TREE For all your worth and with all your n1ight, bend Against this mighty wind, old tree I can stand up no more, So you can expect no l1elp from me. Out ot' the wind, l'll run and hide, But out in the wind still stands the tree, Tell me, old tree, how you survive, Stand there and answer ine. And when the dark clouds and wind have died, The tree still stands, even though it did not hide. -4 Eiixxon Zmnsuosicv. A ' T' l HouGHTFu1. DAY Deep Thought, a pleasing companion Thou art, To the things that lie nearest to my heart, l linger in some dense wooded dell, NVhere signs ot' Nature seem to tell, That it is a day when the entire creation ls reverently howed in deep meditation, Somhre shadows fall gently across the grass Near a stream that doth silently pass To channels unknown in some wide sea, Uh, it' I could hut only go with thee! Then soI'tly and mournl'ully there comes Through the stillness, the cooings ot' many ringdoves, Away vain laughter and joys from me llence also all happiness and glee. Contemplationf what peace Thou canst give, ln thy pensive mood I wish to live! The trees in a vast multitude Seem to join me in 1ny solitude Let me dream as the day calmly goes To join the night in quiet repose. -f--INEZ Tuomirsox. HDIES CoN'r1aNTUs" CA Happy Dayj "Smile" is a lovely little girl Who drives your cares away, Alld that is why lim asking her To live witl1 me each day. We rise together at dawning And walk 'neath the sky so blue, Together we chase away the clouds And start the day anew. So then, when we face our brothers Who walk with Grouch and Fear We chase tl1e111 away, then XVL'l1ll our way For our brothers 11ow walk with Cheer. Oil' to school we go hurrying Meeting our friends on the way The boys wa11t to leave lllltl go fishing But till twenty to four they'll stay. VVe recite through the hours of the 1norni11g VVe can tell wl1e11 it CUIIICS lunch ti111e, To tl1e cafeteria every one rushes YVithout aid of the dinner chime. "Finished eating?'s stroll 011 tl1e campus Never 111i11d. there goes the bell." Calmly we walk to the main building VVhich all know and love so well. Uur evening is spent with the family Around an open grate TllCl1 oil' to bed the children go For it lllllSi be growing late. VVe Smile a11d I, trudge up the stairs CHaving to get some sleepy VVe try to stay awake to read But soo11 are i11 slumber sleep. The night is filled with beautiful dreams In the morning I awake with a start Somehow I find myself laughing And a rollicking song i11 llly heart, for- "Smile" is a lovely little girl VVho drives your cares away And that is why l asked her To live with 111e each day. +liU'l'H Hnlixxrox. NIGHT SYMPHONY As the evening shadows fall Over crumbling garden wall, The owls begin their nightly songg The frogs ehur-ump from the pond. The ehirping ol' the Cricket. Sounds in yonder thieket. These, the sounds that come to me Are the nights sweet symphony. lVIore melodious than song, Nights Serenade moves alongg l'nnotieed hy you and me She sends her music to the sky, The heaven lists and replies Hy twinkling her starry eyes. All these impress ineee Nights heautitul symphony. fr DVNNING lSlBllNGl'Ilt. LA NUIT' VVeleome! sweet nighlq at last you are hereg Now I can huild dreams so precious and dearg Or lie 'neath the heavens ot' heauly delight And gaze at the wealth ot' stellars so hright. Now l may hreathe t'ragranee ol' flowers so fair That's summoned hy dew to the soft summer's air These soothe away all sorrow and pai11 And give us the strength to rise again To lace the world burdened with trouhle and sin XVith a little more smile and uplift ol' chin. --T E'l'l'Ilil. Nlixnv HUNT. WHAT Is WAR? NVar is really an earthy hell, VVbat else could it be? It causes us to sound the knell, VVhich sends our youth to eternity. War and its niost bitter fruits- Wliieli are sorrow and woe- Pierce the very, tender roots, Nvhere delight a11d happiness grow. XVhat has war given to civilization? Nothing, but grief and despair, YVhich causes a democratic nation, To be a thing most rare. XVbat has war accomplished by its ravages? No more than to destroy mankind, And make us act like brutal savages, XVhen we stop to look behind. llow can we forget the terrors ot' warg Or deride this earthy hell? XVhen we, ourselves, are broken and sore, And await the sound ot' the knell. VVho can restore the minds ot' the inen, As they were before? And return to lIl0tl16I'iS, their children, That were killed by war? -Louis DI'lSBIONlJ. WAR Put all destroyers together and I will outhxe them 1ll I l1ave destroyed a11d outlived David, The Romans, Napoleon. My 11211110 has lJ8Cl1 spoken everywhere Not i11 glory, Not with reverence, But with hatred. For I destroy countless Men, XXTOIII e n , Children. I leave countless others Homeless, Dying, Crying for food But I ani not avenged. Many have tried to destroy me, But I ani yet to he destroyed. I am tl1e destroyer ot' humanity. I am Wzlr. WST II x Bxmrslclx L , in Xxx- QW H XE 4 JF1 'x .K .. 4' 1. 5, 1 Ai 'tf1'?i" 1 Q-fi ' ,wa 7' QI-,gf fl KJ 'FM My 4, - ' ff -, f X "-f 1 ,.,,f , ,Lf U q.,f,f .A " l'.a"",' 'Z U -ig , 1 'H I I nl 5.3 N L fx v ff - W , l ,fx 5 ff. f' rv eg , I W V , , f Y, I, fxffl ' ,', 1 7,m,l f'l ,' ff '- -"f -V 551: r 1 ' Q Ib- W7 5-13 ,ki 'M l4 - f 2 5, 4 CY, ATHLETIC 939 3 'l' all1U'iC0 Cornell naught PQYKU' Coach Ueckcv FOOTBALL 1938 Bodnar Out ot' the numerous candidates that reported for football practice at the opening of the school term, Mr. Decker formed one ot' the finest teams we have ever had at Trinity. Our hard-hitting boys won six games, tied one, and lost only three, totaling ninety-two points against fifty-two t'or the opponents. The tealn will lose the following players: Andrews, liiss, Bodnar, Burke, Core, Cornell, Dillon, Tallarico, Hazught, Marra, llidosh, Sll2lll1illSliy, and l'rso. Held in reserve for next season is a line group of prospects ready to take to the he Our school was henetited this year by the school hoard,s generous pioxision ot flood lights on College Field which enabled many spectators to come to the games who had not had the opportunity to do so previously. Cow Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity 'Trinity Trinity T ri nit y Tri nity Cuwuyb Qhonicj fhomej 01011105 . .. Qhoincj QTIOIIICD Choincj Qhomcj Qhoincj fZlYVZly, Burke .s. U-'SH FOOTBALL ..0 ...,12 ...ti ...2-L .. 7 ....18 ....12 6 .. 7 ..6 M ax 1' I' ll Miss Czxhxbft' SFMMARY Brownsville .. ...13 Avclla .,........... ... 0 Georges Township . . . . . . 0 L'llion-Burgcttstown .. ... 7 Czlrlniclmcls .....,. . . . 0 Cunonshurg . . . . . 6 Mzlplcown . . . . . ti California .. .., 6 YVz1yI1l:sburg ......... . . . 7 Mt. Pll3iiSllI1t-RQIITISZIQ' ........ .. 7 SA. Buss. Hagan lillwood F. Vrsu Smith Dillon Andrews E . A swf 5 ywqs x mf 0 KWWL 1 N 45 r 5 ? T mr H, W. an mia .,,. ' We St Yi: 1 .. ' 'K : .. - ,fg . r 3 , fy z, -, if., V ' ' Si ' EF155-kr' -' 43-.QM gf ' 5 4 H K airs- X A yi',.5 gif., f if 5 51' 21. Q if ,, ,y -- 15 Y -B my ., QW' f 7 XM E .E -p .B ww" 3 1:1 A Q. if 1 5 up 'Q N fp X x 2. i. LJ 1 Ap . f 4 Q1 U 1 ex? A Ujfff N' Q, Xxiugliu tw! lr X19 I lz , iffy 5 x .ah--. .N VARSITY BASKE1 BALL The basketball season this year plow xelx llNOl 1blL to oul te which attained a record Ollly oner. axulled hx 11 ol ou1 piuio s leains. VVe won four out ol' eight ll lg L 1 totil ot tvxc games out of twenty-one. The boys must he Lu11g11tul1tec o11 llLlI fine playing Zlllfl their leainworh whith n11dL this sucusslul suis 1 possible. 'l'rinity took second place honols lll oui su 1 The senii ' ns who will be lost hx L,1l Laeock, Marra, Ridosh, Smith, and U1 1 1 hne L51 oup ot dnpendxble prospects are being counted on for 1Lt1o11 1 Y s te X 1 1 Mr. Moore's expert coaching, Iiaekmi 1 L 1 lllxxoor L1 guson, Lewis, Patriek, Schwering, . 4 shol pile up 1 go record for Trinity next year. Individual scoring: Urso takes top ho11o1s yu 1 1 tot 11 of 113 P011 Marra is second with 124 points, a11d tht othcis Ill Ollill llL Feigusoii 107, Krall 65, 111111 Clemens -17. .1 1114 01113 O11 -11,11 Tllli GAMPS Trinity Trinity Trinity 'l'1'i11ity Trinity 'l'1'i11ily. .. ... 'I'rinity. ,, ... Trinity Trinity 'l'ri11ity... ... 'l'rinity Trinity Trinity. .. ... 'l'rinity Trinity 'l'1'inity V Trinity 'l'rini1y Trinity 'l' ri 11ity Trinity Alllllllllgllilfdll MeDo11ald .. Mcliees lloeli Claysville .. Centerville . Georges 'l'wp liurgeltslowii xvlllillillglllll Cil1'IlllL'll1lClS Canonshurg Alllllllli .... XV2lyllUSllllI'g Fayette .... Burgettslown XVilSill1lgl0ll CZll'Il11Cl1il0lS Monongahela Ca11o11sl1u1'g XVay11esl1urg Cecil ...,.. Melloiiald. .. S 1.-1. Biss l I 1 CHRLQ BASKETBALL The 1938-39 girls' basketball season was a remarkable one, ending with a complete sweep of victories. Under the outstanding coaching of Miss Kiblinger and the capable managing of Anna Nicastro, Anna Mary Ellis, Martha lJeXVitte, and Burndetta Kauffeld, the team was spurred on to victory after victory. Graduation will terminate the basketball careers at Trinity for the following girls: Helen Grummick and Nevada 1Vilson in the guard positions: Martha XVard, Mauveline XVheelcr, and Betty Stewart, in the forward positions. The group of girls whose ability and etlieieney was displayed along with those graduating, and who will be in demand next year are: Helen Marks, Stella Olesky, and Leona Ferguson, Sophomoresg Laura Thompson, Katherine Scott, Elizabeth Mrkvar, and Verda Bridges, Juniors. These girls will carry on the work which those graduating have so successfully accomplished. The completely successful season qualified 'Trinity to enter the A. A. U. Tournament in which 'Trinity had taken a part for two previous years, but each time was eliminated in the semi-tinals. This is the first time in the history of the school that 'Trinity has taken the cham- pionship. The following teams were defeated: Verona, 251-203 XVcst Newton, 28-21, Elizabeth, 33-193 and Sabelles, 32-21. The girls are now the Junior Champions of the Allegheny Mountain Association, a division of the Amateur Athletic Union. Individual trophies will be awarded to each player. Individual scores: XVard 191, XVheeler 124, Stewart 115, Olesky 52, 'Thompson 44, Ferguson 13. SUMMARY Trinity 26 Alumni 'Trinity 37 l'nion ... ... Trinity... .... 'Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity 'Trinity Trinity... .... Trinity. .. .... Trinity Trinity... .... 32 27 44 40 32 42 49 34 32 19 Findlay ... ... Cecil .,.. .. . Fayette Union ... ... Findlay Fayette ... ... Midway Midway ... . .. Oakdale Lecil .... . . . 1 'i 4 5 Q N . I .. K xx QQ aw- if 4 3 ef .cgi 1 111412. '.,, ,,,,, the yly. .,,,, Q l 'Mcseawe,J N RESERVE BASKETBALL The potential stars for the season of 1940 are Backncr, Blake, Drenickv, Ellwood, Ferguson, Lewis, Patrick, Schwering, and Veltre. The Reserve team attained an excellent record for itself, winning sixteen and losing only two. -A. Biss F RESI-llVIAN BASKETBALL Under our athletic director, Mr. Decker, a Freshman basketball team was organized again this year and entered into competition t'or .lunior XV. P. l. A. L. honors. Although we were rather unsuccessful, the experience will prove valuahlc for the varsity squad. -A. BISS BASEBALL 419385 Our 15338 hasehall team was very successful under the capable coaching ot' Mr. Moore, as was shown hy its brilliant record. Trinity won ten games and lost only four, giving us the title in our section, composed ot' YVashington, Trinity. Canonshurg, and XVaynes- burg. Our chances for winning the XV. P. I. A. L. honors were knocked into a cocked hat when Burgettstown defeated us in the semi-finals. The squad retained many ot' the most eapahle players: Calahro, Marra, lillwood, Sams, Smith, Tallarieo, F. l'rso. and J, Vrso. P, i IRECORD 119335 ll'lIllly ... ... tl llurgettstown Trinity YVashington ..... Il Trinity. .. . . .125 Morris ..... Trinity ..., .. T XVayneshurg .... Il Trinity. .. .. 5 XVashington Trinity lieallsville ... 2 Trinity.. .. 8 XVayneshurg Trinity ' Maplctown ... .. 4 Trinity... ..,1ti Mapletown . Trinity 7 Canonshurg ..... 5 Trinity... .. 4 Canonshurg Trinity ' Donora ...... .. ti Trinity. .. . . .15 Morris ..... Trinity .... .. 2 Burgettstown .... ti -A. Blss BAND The Trinity High School band has increased to over fifty members this year. Undu the direction of our instructor. Mr. Norman C. Mohn, the hand has enlivened the pr ceedings at pep meetings, assembly programs, football games, and also took part in several music festivals. At the beginning of this school year two new instruments were purchased: a bali tone saxophone and a pair ol' cymbals. For the first time our music department has had a student director, who in oul estimation is very good. Although many important members ot' the band will be lost by graduation, we expu t to be able to replace them with oncoming Ifreshmen and upper classmen. This enablts us to have both quality and quantity. '-El.IZ.AliE'I'H ihcuzn VVRESTLING SQUAD The YVrestling squad finished its season on March ltt'-ll, when Mr. llecker enter 1 three ot' our eapable grapplers in the tournament at YVaynesburg Tomsic and A. liiss lost in the quarter-linals and A. Shauwinsky lost in the semi-tinals. This year's ie: made fairly successful showings in their mat-meets. were Gray, Paluda, Farley, S. Shauwinsky, Tomsic. P Biss, Landock, ll. Porter, M. Biss, .l. Cornell. lillwood, of their weights. Although wrestling. as a school sport, is still new much valuable experience. They will probably put neck next year. Those who saw action in lnatehcs Stock, A. Shauwinsky, .l. Craig. X lferwootl. and SllZllll.lIlSliy in 0l'likl , our grunt-and-groan artists gain - -A. lilss 1939 Illl a t'ew new twists in somebody s "C HEERLEADERSH XVhen the season opened this year the cheerleaders were two Seniors, Martha XVard und Edwin Croshieg four Juniors, Katherine Scott, Elizabeth lWl'liVill', Ralph Shunk, and Leland Gondit. Later there were tryouts for the Soplmolmwes under tl1e supervision of Mr. Clark. The new cheerleaders were elected by ballot in assembly. The cheerleaders for next year are two Juniors, Elizabeth Mrkvar and Leland Cunditg four Suphonmres, Romzline YVilson, Helen Kezul, Sum Swart, and Bob Porter. ,Wfivg A E1 RW a if ,L x .. 1 H A fi ay x- X 2 Z Q .vl- TXX' , If .L jg , I CE B 17 , I '15, N SXFRQQX E3 ' audi , haf f A ' X- li?" iw 15' yr' LW QW , Q , . K' ki N1 - 1 , I, ' fefwfsi-ff? ' ' X1 ii.f-f2w'O 'Wm N -f""N f 'T P . Q V ,:,fW ' i v ' 1 vena KXLB algal! V , 'J , ' 5 'x J 1 " T5 ' ' :ss F- I 1 ' 1 - :Cf rj," f qi X ADVERT! l G -, X 1 ., 1 1 ,Q ' " V 1 5? ' L 11!'lI"ll l 111 a 1 If lglxiii wlbix -fg awe zsigfir' g J lzflllf. Qagj- ai UWM 119111111 C1 13 We 9 Zffwwmfnw 0 mf 11 WW' S. A. DIEYEB C0. 'l'l1Q .lcwclc-1's VVl1o Supplied Your Class Rings HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU VVill1 Zllly pl1l'CllilSC ol' 51415 or ovvl' llllllll' by you, your lhl'lCllllS or your l'Cl1lllVOS, you111:1y choosv as il glfl . . . il 5 Falcon C11111l11l Typo 111111101213 il P011 and l,CllCll Sol lay SllC2ll'l'C1' or il lJC2llllll'lll Cloissoucc 'l'oilclwz11'c Sol Pl'l,0Y.X XV.X'l'Clll'IS . . . E1.111N VV1x'1'c11115s . . . l'l.XMll,'l'0N VV.x'1'c:111is 111-:.x1f11:11 PENS . . . lTNo1c11wo011 Ty111cw111'1'11:11s . . . lflxm 14.111105 I 11111111115 S11.v1f:11w.x1111: . . . PE111f1f:1:'r D1.x31oN11s . . . F1N1s .I1QW1c1.11:11v Special Easy Terms-Greater Savings ix ' K A 4 X ""' lg' .'," ' I Iul .1pw,?'21.1.f1.. fx 11 A M J laal 64 CEMCE1-EESFNEJF ST Q a--WASH I N GTO N , PAQ-"""f' n W 1 li U .11 11,55 . 1: J any '-- ,F 1. ii.: ,.,WnA ii.-.'E, 414 'l" 4 1 , , 0 0 C W House oPPerR':c1wr1 Blue Whik i?111fffsmm1f1lf'2 I-IERFF-JONES CO. CLINT W. LEE CO. Class Rings and Club Pins Disllnclivc Diplonlas COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Medals and Trophies llllll lllllllll Union Trust Building Pittsburgh, Pa. A'lil..XN'l'llZ 0381 Q? E. R. MOORE CO. MCCARTI-IYE SIMON Cups and Gowns Caps und Gowns EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE Headquarters for All makes ot' Typewriters and Otlice Supplies Adding Machines, Safes Steel Files, Shelving Desks, Chairs, etc. WASHINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY Piioxic 2919 57 VVest Chestnut Street VVashington, Penna. H. E. Sw,xl'.'l' ISEHT Boswliu. F L O W E R S Corsagcsetiril'ts-Bridge Prizes Floral Decorations Local Deliveries or Anywhere Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association Flower Seed, Fertilizers Lawn Seeds WM. J. WARRICK, JR. 15 East Beau St. VVe give Gold Bond Stamps They save you 29Q96 For Frigidaire Authorized REFRIGERATION SERVICE CALL D. U. GETTIG Phone Washington 943 Shop Phone 4168-J 33 'VVest Maiden Street FINE FLOVVEHS and tloral art await your order at McDONNELL'S FLOVVER SHOP 27 Wtrst Chestnut Street VVashington, Pa. PHONE 733 Coinplinlents ot' LANG'S FUR SHOP Fur Storage Fur Remodeling Fur Cleaning 25 VVest Chestnut Street VVashington, Pa. ANDY BROS. Tire Shop and Garage ltetreading Recaping Distributor ot' U. S. Tires 332 VVest Chestnut St. PHONE 889 Andy Bros. Service Station 220 North College St. Phone 9670 Wzisliiiigtoii, Pa. PONTIAC CARS G. M. C. TRUCKS 'sXX7llEl'C your dollar buys more" WASHINGTON MGTOR SALES 65 East VVlu-eling Street Xxy2lSl1lllgt011, Pa. B. Inwlx l':NlliliY, Mgr. All XVork Guaranteed in Service Department P H oxlc 489 Cars Called lol' and Delivered CE1x'l'11-'lxin Fslin Cams COIUC and see the New Home ol' Color in XXY2lSl1lllgl01l Q? ROBERT C. CROUCH Q P2 PAIN1' SS GLASS w,x1.I.PA111an P12 y 111 North Main Street , ,tttaggt Pnoxe 10945-J ,tvsigl A 'V' A llistrillutor ol' Sherwin-YVilliains Products A 'N A Compliments of W O R K ' S Fur Storage, Cleaning, Repairing, Reinocleling 65 VVest Chestnut Street Pepsi-Cola GARAGE LESTER R. MORRISON AUTO REPAIHING AAA Service JACK HART XVz1sliil1gloi1's Lozidilig NIGHTS and Boys' Store for I' . State IIISPCCIIOII LIIIJIPCI' Cirailt Sulls PHONE 770 ivhlllililliilll Shirts Styli-park Hats Porlagv Shocs , Uucc again "Moi.i.m'-Mximis quality I ,V ' . , . Y i . ,, . V fbllillmlil limi' and NVOI'klll2ll1SilllJ scores as tl1e19.S9 lg. y' D' 1'ml0l-WOM. I,I.YiVIl'lFS is cased in ai Mo1.i,oY-M.x1x1c V W cover i'1'O1l1 iVla1cC11'0gc11' SIJOVISXVCZII' TUE DAVID MOLLOY PLANT 2857 Norlh NVesle1'11 Avo. Palm lic-:ich Suits :incl Nvckweul' All Priccs You Like lo Pay Chicago Illinois CHA IPIO COAL :'IT'S TI-IE BEST" wwf 'A ' More Heat! ' M A My Cheaper l vi, M54 W! I Less Waste! A Per Wlnter ilu Q J il? ,mjI5-BURQH'- COAL no ICHA PI N COAL PITTSBURGH COAL COMPANY RIi'1'AIL DIVISION A117 VV00d St. Pillslaurgh, Pu. GRant 3121 JUDSON WILEY 86 SONS l Wayne Feeds Cement Contractors Builders' Supplies Ready Mixed Concrete 401 South Main Street VVushington, Pennu. Pnoxl-1 -123 P WASHINGTON MILLING COMPANY lxltlllUi'2lCllll'CI'S ol' lligh Grade Flour und Feed Buy where your dollar will Give ii Dollar Value Washington Plumbing, Heating and Supply Co. Aeetylene XVelcling and Supplies 67 XVest Cherry Avenue XX72lSlllIIglUll, Pal. P E N N Sanitary Cleaning, Dyeing Pressing, Repairing PHONE 952 133 South Main Street WX72lSllIllgt0II, Pu. A Mos KNliS'l'lil41K Al'S'l'lN IiN1cs'l'1uc:K Distributing Agents for Edison Mazda Lamps KN ESTRICK ELECTRIC CO. COIlI1'ZlL'l0I'S XViring and Supplies 60 East Beau St. Phone 1000 VVz1shington, Ijil. COMPLIMENTS UF S. J. T. HOUGH DAIRY 500 JCi'i'OI'SUll Avenue XRTZISIIIIIQUJII, Pennu. PH ONE 964 NATIONAL STORES COMPANY . "Sportsmen's I-Ieaclquartersn CLOTHNG OUTFITS FOR ALL FOR ALL OI"l'DOOliS SPORTS 'A' 16-48 VVCSK Chestnut Slrcel xXv2lSlllllQlOll, PCIIIIZI. M. L. XXVICBICR, Alllllflfjfl' KEYSTON E BUILDERS CRAIG SERVICE STATION SUPPLY CO- liuilclvrs' Supplies Phone 4181'R C0111 : Concrclo Blocks : Slug Xwolfclale, Penna. Prumpl llelivcry Scrvice RST West Cfhesxuut Strvel Phone 21213 M1flf"fl5 Jones, Colwes 81 Krall 1'0VM'l' 'X If IB In COVI-,L CANDIES Wholesale Candy c:Hoc0LA'1'r:s Puoxxs 1786 E355 XVvsl Cll0SlllL1l Slrvcl VVusl1ingtuu, Pu. WASHINGTON MOULD, MACHINE and FOUNDRY CO. FORGE SHOP MACHINE SHOP FOUNDRY S11I'I'I.flIlll.f'S Glass Hou-so Moulds Machine Parts Acelylcnc XVclcling Electric XVelcliug Blau. Pnoxas 3240-3241 lvlaclison and Green Avenues XXY2lSlllllglOIl, Pu. Your Druggist Always liozuly to Serve Prmnplly fEco11o1nica1lly LEWIS PHARMACY XVI5 n1c1.1v1511 Corner .lellerson and Chestnut P110N15 465 C0lIlpllIl1Cl1lS of ISALY,S DAIRY STORE ICE CREAM and LUNCHES W 1 il l M JAMES M. LYDIC sc Co. IWW P1115 114,115 l l I .li fQ liquippccl ln Furnish ull Printing fl' fl ip ll licq11i1'c111c'11ls ' ' Buy 11 111 11111 pH,,N,.3 225 Q L "iff .- . . Hxxln SIX 301 U I4 L UH ,XS 3.1 li. P1110 Avo. XxY2lSllllIgl0ll, Pa For Maur ll0lllC REED 86 CAMERON 'l'l1o plucc to liuy F2ll'1ll Souls ll1Il'tlXV2lI'C. llzirnvss, Dairy und Root Hoo Supplies XXv2lSlllllgl0ll, Pcnnu. VALENTINE 86 MURRAY Pl IAIRMACISTS lil'Ul'gE' XX7ilSl1lllglOll llolcl Building COMPLIMICNTS UF DUNBAR 86 WALLACE LUMBER COMPANY lUl5 .l0ll'c1'sc111 Aux XVz1sl1i11glo11, Pu. -'s Pnnxiz 151-1.12 liYl'1liY'l'lllNG TO BYILIJ ANYTIIING Washington Union Trust Company CoMMi'N1'i'Y BANK XKY2lSlli1igl0ll, 1321. Checking, Savings Act-oilnts, and tlcrtiticutcs ole' Deposit Trust Department Acts in All l"icluciai'y Capacities F ran WJ. 1 wld,-KQW 32:1 Member ol' Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation School Savings Depository ' ' 4,-fsfsfsr 0FAu. 1 ICE CREAMS PHONE 4250 lilolm-iilai1'y und ixiiVllllCCii Business 'iizlillfng PENN STATE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE George X7V2lSilillgtUll ilotcl Building XXYQISIIHIQIUII, Pennzzylvziiiiu VARNER'S SERVICE STATION I 2383 XVEST CHICS'l'Nl"I' S'l'liIiI'I'l' TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE XYASHINGTUN, PA. J. K. LAWSON Ilu : Grain : Fei-cl : Coal : liuilmlc-rs' Supplivs Fl'l,-0-PEP FEEDS 3213 lizxsl Maiden Strccl XXv2lSilillgi0ll, Pu. BICLI, PUUNI-1 76 e EAR ROEBUCK 85 CO. WE SERVE THE NATION SHOP AT SEAR'S RETAIL STORE I leetric and Gasoline XxvilSllCI'S "Coldspoi" RCl'I'lg6I'ill0l'S Radios, Tubes und Rzilleries Stoves Furniture Plumbing und Heating Systems Hzirdwzire Roofing Poultry Supplies "David Rrzidley" Farm Maeliinery Hziruess and Supplies "Semen" Paints VVull Paper Aulomoliile Parts "Allslule" Tires lVlolo1' Oil liilelien Vtensils Aulo Batteries Fishing and Camping Needs, ele. WE DELIVER 1934 A PHONES A 1935 IPIEEIJS iw Q FliR'l"ll.lZl'IRS Pli'l'ROllEIfM FARM SlfPPl.lES WASHINGTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU 268 XVEST XYIIICEIJNG S'l'RliE'l' Piioxis 1720 Compliments of GEORGE B. SPROWLS 86 SONS HARDWARE AND AUTOMOBILES Claysville, Penna. WASHINGTON MEAT MARKETS Two Home Owned Stores 28 N. Main St. 144 S. Main St. Phone 23200-23201 Phone H06-1407 Special Prices io Fraternities and Schools WASHINGTON LAUNDRY 305 NVQ-sl Maiden Street Piloxi-3 315 All Kinds of Laundry McNARY'S JEWELRY STORE Showing a wonderful selevtion of the new things i11 jewelry and novelties for both men and women. Elgin and Hamilton watches in their latest model 4-zlsesg all prices. See them before nfuyng ii watrh, it -.vill he Z1 pleasure to show them to you. Gold fi led link watch bracelets of every description. 31 North Main Street The Store with the Street Clock C0llIl'2lCl0I' and Builder FRANK J. KURPJUWEIT Telephone 2918 XVusliington, Pa. MUSICAL HEADQUARTERS O "KING, Band Instruments Selmer Instruments Drums and Af.-ccssmics 'LGIBSUNN String lnstrunicnls Magnavox IJll0Il0gl'ZlIJlli Plionogrzipli lic-cords Excelsior 4XCL'0l'4llUllS Strings and Reeds liepairing ol' Musirill IllSll'lIlllGIllS Pflplllfll' and lflr:xs1'f'c1I .IlllSl.I' BIIIIII and 01'f'l1f'si1'r1 illllsflf' Iflmrus 111111 ffl1o1'1'.lll1s1':' Jluil Orders Sol1'f-1'l1'1I O VOLKWEIN'S 632 Liberty Avenue AT 1701 Pittsburgh. Pu. mum afvfwra wmmmafunmnnwnvnfwnfn rafnzfpfzfnvml -X mm, C r Q 4 X ,wf"- 1+ an-1111, - 'V 'L al --iii xr mo S . . A in YL 4, A ,V X , .NR NEW SUPER BUSES Over .NIIIOIUCZISS Most Hisloric Houles liHGlTI,AH LONV FARES FHEQITENT SCHI'1Dl'I.ES MONEY-SAVING CHAli'l'EIi RATES Consult Your Local Agent BLUE RIDGE BUS LINES Keep the Memory of This Moment Forever Fresh llmu S'rlimcN'rs: Thoughts yo slruiylzl Iulvlc, llwsr' cluys, lo llmf so-long-ago lima' lUlIl'II you r'11lf'1'f'd .whool as om' of flu' fwsllrfsl of F1'PSlIII?f'II. If1"lI1l'1I1bf'I'? U'1'IIyoue1n'1'fo1'yf'If' xvfllllflllyl il be yreul lhouylz if you Izud ll plzoioymplz of yourself on flml f'l7f'IlffllI Uf't'flSI'0lI? U'I1y Izol Izflrfplzoue right now for an Il1I11UI.IIlII1f'IIf? We will lll'l'llIlfjf' ilu' lime lo suil your t'01lI1l'Ill'c"lZf'K'. The 1lUll1hl'l' is 2100-J The Vincent Evans tndin 90 NORTH MAIN ST. XVASIIINGTON, PA. S'l'ABI.ISHliD 1860 PHOGRESSING 1939 lt is with much gratitude that Cz1lrlwell's has note-mt over increasing uuiuhcrs of young pcoplc who ure making this progressive store their shopping llCZldtIllElI'lGI'S. You will iind Czildwt-ll's uwakc to t-sich and cvcry drlnzuld ot' thc youth ot' today THE CALDWELL STORE, INC. Teetings Tom., Washington and Yefferson Gollege Ask For McWreath's "Dacro Protected" Pasteurized Dairy Products "lt's Better Milk in ai Bt-tter Bottlcf' WHEN YOU THINK OF INSURANCE Think ol' ANDERSON 86 POLLOCK 14-18 VVest VVl1eeling Street VVushinglon, Penna. Bell Phones 1205 or 1290 FIRE LIFE ACCIDENT AUTO V A Bell Phone 2000 DODGE and PI.YMOl'TII CARS 7+ A A T2 Y I . , GUY WOODWARD De Solo K Plyllllllltll Passenger Cars 1701130 BVUHWVS Tl'Uf'kS and P1ylll0ll1l1 COlNlll0I'C1tllS fx CHARTIERS MOTOR CO. 20Nortl1 F1'2lllkl1Il Street Phones 1500-1501 235 East Maiden Street XXytlSl11l1f.-21011, Pal. Al.. G. S'1'1sc11l, JIIIIICIQPI' AT YOUR COMMAND E BANKING is our business und we take gre-at pride in trying con- stantly to serve the needs of our customers 'ro 'rnlim s.x'l'is1f.xc:'l'1cJN. To do tlns, lll0llCl'll TKEICITIIICS, courteous service and collservaxlive nulnagenlent are lll1lDCI'Z1t1Y8. VVe believe you'll iind all three at THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK XXYHSIIIIIQIOIL Pal. MICMBEIK Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Complimvuts THE SHARP'S FURNITURE STORE pE0pLES NATIONAL BANK 110 NVcst Chestnut Stu-el XXY2lS111l1g10ll, Pu. XXYilS1lIl1g10l1, Pal. Complimvuts ot' ami tscm' 5 Ladies' Ready to Wear COATS SUITS DRESSES U1 North Main Strcot XXYZISIIIIIQIOII, Pa. J. A. RUNGO FIiI'I'l'S and VIitlE'l'ABl GINJCERIES and MHATS Puoxlz 2281 233 South Main Street XXY2lS1l1llg10l1, Pu. Tclvplmonc Your Orctcr YVO XVill Givc It Prom' ATTENTION 4 .LS PAUL 86 PCST IIAIRIJXVARIC and FARM Sl'I'Pl,lIiS 172 South NIQIIII Strcct XVz1sl1iugton. Pu. mt CUNlPI.IMEN'l'S ot' A FRIEND COMI'I,IMIiNTS OF MONTGOMERY WARD CO 'QThe friendly storey iifi-70 VVOsl Chcslnul Slrcel XXY2lSlliIlglOll, Pu. wwf! The Housewife? Choice ww Enjoy ALI. 1110 lelcullhfulncss .'xl,I. llw lfluvm' ol' NU-RICH Bread Tlu' 1IUllSf'IlJI'fl"S IIl1o1'f'1' WASHINGTON BAKING CO. wXT2lSlli1lgtOll, PUIlllSylY2llll 1 S. W. DIILLER AGENCY AUTO FIRE LIFE BONDS M -I0 Norlh Muiu Slrcel, XXYZlSllil1QtOl1, Pu. PI IONIC 1091 COMPI.IMIiN'l'S OF G. O. M RPHY CO. Washington's Leading Sc to .S 1.00 Store VVQ Invilc You To make this Store your HOZl1lflll2lI't0l'S wishcs lo lhc gru Clllilllllg C0llgI'illUl2lll0llS und he-sl Class ol' 1939 NVQ- thunk thc boys for thc privilc-gc ol' lmving oulfitlcd them for Grzuluuting Daly CLOTHING - FURNISHINGS -- SHOES Il0I'lll'I' flllCSllll1l Zlllll l'll'lllllillll Slrvcls C. H. SCOTT SERVICE The Gulf- Pmducls Educatlonnl Supply Company Zlllll Goodricl1 Tires P11"1f'SY111f'i Ohm 1: 'K- -4,..v'4 '.,. Czlllccl for :xml llelivcry SL-1'x'icL' I Hmlngl l"1b"'f"'g' pnlu dm' School Supplies PUUNE 9345 Extends C'O1lgl'21ll1l21tl01IS to the 12339 Ilfililllilllllg Class 27 lizxsl Maiden S111-ct fi ' g:agfr-25.551 +"r....':m...aaL .. .,l,..,.,.,,. .,l,,,. AA.,., ,.,.,.l:: 5 I M .,.,.....,., -... f .. ,W .pAp.....,.,...... .. Y E40 4.09 0 -W P .M J I . r "' ' 4' " 3 rw '7 f -f JI' I5 -5 V: N -I-DCF:5'1:3:737'2?'I3:7:Ftf:7523335-f-f5P33J325:3.3:3f52fff'fff:-5.7f5f'f""5.3fc3'5 . N 555255552522 ':aaef52asss:sfa- -1:2f::5rfr2:2:--1f:f:ff.1:':ff"fff f1fi':'-P1-1+-'ff 316135 S J '-irgorfr:-3 '.f:T:3m'2f5:I:?FP?f1:I-I'.?F:2,C:ff?T?Ifif5Eff?5'E+f-3,-f , ' - N . .i ,gg.g.,:.,,5.: -: f-'-' 'N-' 'f ,,,, I4 '14--.v Y, . ,-1 -, ,. -"f :-'-I ':-: af' iz- ,,. -1.1233 ,.- r- - 3:5-., - 'EQ 5 ,-:-.f .-21 515.1 3 ,e9SS::::: -:,5.g::: ,.,::.,., ,.::f- I , ..g :-:Hi -:g.:.. :gk .g::::- -g 555152 'gEgE:5:, g:g5E:55' giaw:-4 1:f'I. 52515255 5132:-. -,5:' r5:- -2:45 ii: -:frf :2.,:1:!f!'- E2-25' ' ' '2:Z2'I-. "3:5:-.v:1- . :5:,:-: 4.5 5. :-. .1:-.-:-:-515: ,iff . -.-'K ,. ,. -- ,.g:g:-c- :5-.4-5:-. 2:11 - P ' :'Er1:1:2:1:r:1: ,,.. . -:mir ' . -25:51. 'alfa 1: 1:1 .1-x M2211 g:E:5:1:1:2:2: ,'-25:21 'I-135'-. :f, " . Z:Z"::,'1.g':Z:17Z ,.::?22r:2:1::::as:z:s:s: ?.- F --'-''-515:-:1:7:Z:1:7g1-II-aE:5:3:2g1:7:.:b1 '- '.-sp-SI-tg:-g: .52:k7:3:N' X':-- ,yn f' ,:3:::,:::3:Q:-:-:I -2-Ig.::::5:,":':q -. 1139:-. - '- +52-ff - -:---A+ 1473- 7I7Z5:f:1:5:335S:15:3225 1,215 .- -,-:-:-:fI'f-i-.- .- - - .-.-sz-:.1.54,-. 4.59 -:-1+p:-g:7:,,:-:-p:-,-.-.- 4 : - 3 : ' "" L J' .- W, F AH -- " 1 1 Q 4 X..,..,-M mar ' The Gift Most Thrilling to Girl Graduates LANE CHESTS I'1'o111 the g Division Home Furnishin IL COMPA ROSS INDEPENDENT 0 NY EWU ,gfns nmmnms H '1 ! Qmtographs X C9 ' " , we grainy.,-lo40w41'5ff" . 0 ,,?'b62Hh'. . WN Qawfff W Qmtographs ll 0 f, Q ,ov . avid -gl. Ze. WM? WML 'W' Elf " 47M Clvvlfv ?"' N o!v'Cf47,r'- 1'Cb474'Ulf 7!! Bu-:K DUYHL1, Hifi? , . If 1' f -Ld S 7 , 4974. 4fhv,,0l,v:f., 4f'.f jaw 'H 5" V ,, cfr1fg,,tj',, fb,-,, M 4, ff ff' x ' - jvzf' +3 P ,fr 4 f Q is wil 1.53 61" fVf':i'A'ALAvdfVI NT 2 ll U u 2 1

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