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A - li:-:I Lx " VIV. V I IV ' 1 - I- I -E V II Q .-"-'J V ,V . ' "VT 4- V V V . .V My FIV 5fm.,VIV,,"- Q' V -V J L V I V. V VV . V: V v .-a, . V.-. V- ,V . I - .. I g .W ' 'BWV f I I V I .vJ.A3,,ni ' as-' . A . ,V V. . VV. VV I I G-V I, . , V V -VC I. I,-'g J' -V: VL I V ,. I- 'V. U .,V,v .. . .. -V ' .,g"' VIN: ' ' ', 'IV' -Q". I. If.- fl 114 , V 3 J' 1 E-:IQIIII-'Pr . .. pw V., .I . ,J V" -' -. V '- ' J, .V V, :"I .1 V lx IIi'f'..N fTIn1HQ.' ' I - ' .I:" ' . Q . If'..l .L u-I- 'I V .4 V V. -,II-.. r' V V ,. g .I . VMV'-I' - I ..-I. wr V ' I . V4 VV- V.-5,4 Li...i,?7.,,+ V-- L - .-1 ,Jjf 9-lf'--r " .. 1514 " 'V I4-Va .VIII I. . - . gamut: 1 I ,VlfIV.b'I " IVl 1 'L' i. .1 .' IV I 5 Q. :-V IL -.I- :.' 1 I 1. I"'u,V" ':-I" - I VIT..-.VV,:Y:-Vi I' . Fa-I 'I' .?2"'I '. VV'.'I4'-, gpg, ' 5 V-I 5 EV I NV -.J ' -S' YV?- A. V V I.V. - ' 4 I ' J ,- I 'VIHV . I VA .14 V V . V..-VI I V IFJ. V VV. V VV V '45, '. In " N WI 4- .W pl' 'ff -V 'AI I I V IV. I ' 4 IV I, I . . I Vg V ,Iii 915' VL! I' .VV I V. I ! I V I V. 4.-, V II V I I I . I I I E . V I 1 If I I-V V V I 1 'V I V p V V Ll- -J-px I K I I V V , 'I -I IV V V V .. -I: . VV: , V V V V JV' VV fly V-I 1 " wx V, ,x.I If V 'WI 4... , In I .IE . 'f. . . .. ..-...V IIAQI. I- ,V, IS 'IIVEIII .-.rl if - 1 I V . r bi VV 'VV - V VMV V 4 1 ' 'VN I Y .V , V VV V c J ,I I I I V VV.. 0 I I2 V V V ,V V V . E- R 1 V . r f,-:V VI V J, I .' V V V, 'I V. .A -- VIV - V V V-- I' '. I V I V.V. . V- . ,,. egg! '-IV:..',V,2 .Vi 51 qi., .-V -yi. -V, Wbw .Ili .. . . V. I. .- ' 1 IV. VI. .V V V " ,V - V V . V V -M nr ' r .V 44.3, 'r V A , W . AV 1- -I' V f .1 :III V- I VfVVV .:- V: In LV V. I5 V. V 1- -" "1 ' V-. "II I' ' 1 I I' :. 2' gV:Q1. " - '- 'Liv V. 'VI'?" 'f 12? Q "I i , I' - .. V V- . 7: . IV, Ig " VV. IVq V,IV - N' 5- 5 "' "III I II .' lp- V .-V V- V -.- .- V" 5 ""J -- I' I' V I -I I .. I ' V V I,. Y4l1I1VV5wV'-IIE: -. - I I 'VV 'l ' .5.':..f' :"" ' V I IMIVIVV I .1 V-I .-r .yi 'V :YI ..,VV. 1- ii -V we VII hi .1 'Q FAN I' -f YI K.. . V I V, VII, hu"-F 'V UI. . V1 :I V.. ' A I' ' -V I .AV VV 'L .- V IV. . U. A.',ii"I' V . , IV F "7 ,.. .. ' III VI. ' V' ' I .. V- H527 V... I . . - 5 YI ,MV ,V A -1 V , V . . I VV Vfrigjj 'If II l,:' F'-I EV V Q "V -fy .1 l ..y ff -fix l.f.,"I: I' ' I ' ru . L AYI Y II1'4 I :Vw H I 'I ., . L. . V .. . .MSIE ,' IVIAI- . . .JR ' fl 'n V vi '.'.-1 I V.. ' Vu. n . 'RIILI5 IV A " ' E 4 Ii! IV . mfr Y."-i 'I ' ,,.As 'ia 'ra F 'Ei' 5 iz., ini.. . -Vrv. IIA V Vesxf ' .HI in VA 1.55 I. . .W I ' ., V. . . -V-' V. gs.. -1. I .fV.. iff ' 'T V V17-V 1 V, LII 'ff , .' :E MP7 Q- .,,VVI4-IVV.-F I I I-VIII LVIIWHIVI- I. -f IVV - Jn, ,. 'Cs ,.3. A I -I , . .V.,y5,A. JLI' IIVVV . - .V .3-.IV ?fV.13I? 'VV ' 9' I I' ',,J,. V 4 .4 I +0 LYMI IUJI 1937 ,Li-24, 5 - 1 A ,, .-fm i 'W X MQ Q 'Q??A'i" Mil M -. M H'-' H ff. . EBM 'i'f'7" Published by the STUDENTS of TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Washington, Pennsylvania 9 0 VOLUME TEN 0 ' DEDICATION V HAIJITIONS T0 AN INSI'I'U'I'ION OI" LEARNING AIIE AS IIISTOHY 'I'O A COUNTRY. 'l'lIE MEIVIOIIY OI' A GOOD MAN IIIIINGS I'I.EASAN'I' 'I'IIOUGII'I'S Ol" FORMEII SUIIROUNDINUS. ISEIJEVING 'l'IIA'I' GOOD MEN MAKE 'l'IiAIlI'I'IONS, NVE AIIE PROUD TO IJEDICA'I'E TIIIS YOLU ME Ol' TIIE OLYMPUS 'I'O E. VAUGHN ROSS IQECAUSE OI" 'I'IIE PART IIE IIAS PLAYED IN 'l'II.E IlEVIiI,OI'MEN'l' OI" 'I'IIINI'I'Y IIIUII Sl1I'IO0I,1 AS A MEMISEII OI" 'I'IIIi FIIKST CLASS TO KiIiAllUA'I'l'I, HE IIEl.I'ElD 'I'O CIIEATE 'I'IIE 'I'IlAIJI'I'lONS 'I'I'IA'l' ARE TIIINITY. . . . AS A IVIEMIEER OI' 'I'IIE l4'ACUI.'I'Y, IIE IIAS ISY IIIS FARSIGII'I'EllNIiSS ANII IIIS I"AI'I'III"UI, IDISCIIAIIKIE OI" DUTIES INl"I.UI'INCEl1 TIIE PROGRESS Ol" 'I'IIIS INS'I'ITUTION. .... . AS A TICAIIIIEII, IIIS I'OPUI.AIiI'I'Y IS U-IIEA'I' BECAUSE IIE ISIIINGS IIIS EN'I'HLTSIAS'l'IC IN'I'EIlES'l' INTO THE CLASS HOOINI AND STIINIU- LATES TIIE STUDENT INIIIVIDUALLY. . . . . AS A I"IilENlJ 01" THE STUDENT AND AS AN ADYISER OI-' EXTRA- CUIIIIICULAR AC'I'IVl'I'IES, IIE HAS IMPAIITEIJ TO THOSE ASSOCI- A'I'EIl WI'I'II IIIM SOME OF .HIS GENIUS FOB ENJOYING LIFE AND IIAS BECOME THE IDEAL OF A TRUE GENTLENIAN E21 1 9 , 3 7 Alma Mater I-Iere's to you, dear Trinity, May we not forget, That to your fair name, dear school, - We still owe a debt. CHORUS Our love we give to thee We pledge our loyalty Three cheers for colors, blue and white, Oh, let us oft repeat Those words that are so sweet "Dear Alma Mater, here's our pledge to thee And in years that are to come, Our prayer shall always be For the school of which we sing Dear Old Trinity. l41 Cur Campus 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increasesg it will never Pass into nothingnessg but still will A bower quiet for us." E51 keep KEATS THE CJLYMPUS :Ht IGI CAMPUS VIEWS E71 H.. 'A ar-xx A,'ll'c' . I THE OLYMPUS ff 4, Ns ii J if 'X Y 1l.lI 'f" L--"""2 X .,f:,x.'1.G.' I 1 CAMPUS VIEWS IHE OLYMPUS 1331225-f , CAMPUS VIEWS Zin jlilemnriam JOHN RUSSELL Born-March 19, 1918 Died-November 25, 1936 Of all those who daily attended, The Senior classes at Trinity High, There was one whose life was ended, Ended, without a sigh. J-stands for Jolly and always he was, 0-for Obedient, but let us not pause, H-the Honesty for which he was known N-as in Name, with our love has grown. Although these letters spell John, Due to grim tragedy from us is gone. Oh Science! Why did you fail so soon? For John was to graduate with us in June. I opened his book and saw on the cover, Something that made me stop and ponder, For there he had written, "John Russell '37." Please, Lord, convince us he's listening in Heaven. What is there about immortality That makes some dream with reality? If all our assumptions are really true, My heart was sad, my eyelids heavy, And on my mind I could not levy Thoughts of a lesson, study, or books, For suddenly from our midst God took Our friend-so good, so kind, and true. All who knew her loved her too. It was not long after Thanksgiving When we were told, we the living, That our dear friend had passed away On that dark and dreary day. It was so hard for us to believe, And diflicult for the teachers to conceive, That a girl so young, laughing and gay Could have left us on that memorable day She had brown hair and laughing blue eyes Now in her flower-covered grave she lies. Oh, the weeks have come and the weeks hase gone But our thoughts of Betty still linger on. Now that she is gone we must bear the sorrow And hope to meet her on the "Great Tomorrow JEAN BIGLER BETTY MONINGER 2 h, . Then John, I on eirt do envy you Born-February 10, 1920 And now, dear John, to you I'Il write, Inviting you down on graduation night, And when our diplomas are handed to us, Consider yourself a Trinity Alumnus. JACK S. BELOTTE i121 Died-November 28, 1936 i ADMINISTRATICN He is wise who can instruct us and assist us in the business of daily virtuous living. :: :: :: :: --CARLYLE Trinity High School Board of Directors H. XV. Guam' ........... ....... I ,I'l'Sfl1l'lIf D. S'l'l2Nll0l'Sl'1 ................. Sm-H-1111-y North Franklin South Sllwllmzlllv M. li. Plillili. .. ...,......... Vim' I'1'1'.wifI1'11l ii. A. IMNKIN ................. 7'rf'us111'1'1' Cunlon Amwcll ANlXYlCI.I.f J. S. Gihsnn. IC. C. llurn. F. NV. Shmnlz. A. B. xVL'1lYl'I'. CANTON VV. Davis, J. 0. Lutvs. J. M. McAlislvr, XV. I.. Mi'fJl'l'l'l'j', Mrs. NIill'g2lI'1'i l'lvry. li. S. VVz1llz1cv NUIKTII Fn.xNKl.lx J. N. Crushing Dr. G. H. Mcliinslry. C. 'l'. 'l'au'r. l. li. Thompson. S0l"l'll S'l'liAl4ANli'--H, Brown. H. ll. Iloolmzm. S. H. lic-oily. A. I.. Smith. i151 James R. Braden, Principal . University ul' Pittsburghg Xllnshinglun und .lcilerson College: Gracluatc wurk, Universi- ty nl' Pittsburgh. "Hui lwfnre lim! I Iuwe ll rulher unpleasant mailer In bring up." FACULTY Robert S. Wilson, Assistant Principal lVHSllill1.flUIl and .lcllcrswm Cnllcgc, li. S. Adviser nf Scniur Class: Member ul' Ulyln pus Slaffg French. "ll'11al! Lula again?" lE16l Charlotte Bair University ol Pittsburgli. A. li.: Graduate work, University of Wisconsin: University ot' Pittslmrgli. llead of Comlnereial De- part lnent . "7'lirow your randy on! Ihe wimIow." .l ulius H. liiery AvilyIl0Slllll'f.f College. ll. S.: lnternz-tional Y. M. C. A. College: University ot' Pitts- lnurgll. Athletie llireetor: lfoothall Coach liaselnall Coach: 'l'raek Coach: Adviser ot' Soplloinore Class: Science. "Hill you say cookies?" John C. Hillick Pennsylvania State College, IS. S.: Super- viser ot' Vocational Agriculture: Adviser oi' F. l". A.: Graduate work at Penn State College, "Go join lhe .Yr my and gel nal." Margaret Campbell Geneva College: Graduate work, Vniversitg ot' Pittshurgllz Pennsylvania State College. A. li.: Adviser ot' Senior Class: AlClllllL'l' of Olympus StatT: Latin. "A'om for lomorrouf 1ve'lI lmm'-" James R. Clark Juniata Coll Stall' 1 Di reeti ege: lAlL'IllllL'I' ot' Olympus rr ol' Cheeringg Adviser of .lunior Hi-Y Cluli: Mathematics: Seienee. "Une .' Two ! Three! Niglils clelenlionf' Esther E. Crowley Vniversity of l'ittslmrgli, A. li.: Assistant llead ot' Coinmereial ll0lNlI'llllL'lll1 Gradu- ate work, l'niversity ol' Pittslmurglig Typ- ingg Shorthand: General Business Train HAIR Blum' mg' lilI.l.lCK CAMl'liliI.l "I'Il be glml Io help you." CLARK Cmmmm. DM' lfl.l,XVUOD Edwin S. Day Ohio State University: llirani College, A. ll.: l'niversity of North Carolina: Carnegie Institute ol' Technology: Cornell Universi- tyg l'niversity ol' Alalxania: Washington and .lelterso n College: Graduate work, University ot' Chicago: lbireetor of lJl'ilIll1ll.- ies: Physiesg "Oli we never Chemistry. do anylhing anyway." Thomas E. Ellwood Pennsylvania State College: University ot' Pittslmurglig Seienee: Matlielnatics. "Gel ou! of rluss unlil you can lN'1lllUt'.H l17l Cleon S. Hallam xvZlSlllllQ'lOl1 and .leffersoii College, A. B.: tx Oracluute work, Washington and .letlerson College: NVashington and .letlerson College, lil. A.: llniversity ol' Pitlslmurglig Member ol'Olympl1s Staff: l,l'OlJlClllS ol' lJen1oe1'aeyg Algebra. "Here I Illllll' so111ell1i11y I 11111111 you fo do." William B. Hawkinson AV2lSllllIglOll and -lL'l'l'0l'SOll College, A. B.: Civiesg Historyg Algebra. "Cul out Ilze foolislzlzessf' J. Arleigh John NVashington and .let't'erson College, li. S.: flfiltlllllltl work, XVtlSlllllgltlll and ,lel't'erson College., M. A.: Adviser ot' llitle Clulmg lllt.'llllll'l' of Olympus Staff: Mathematics. "Hom 111111111 of lo1lr1y's l1llt'SfiUIlS did you gd?" Amelia C. Jones Sara M. Irwin XVooster College, A. li.: Graduate work XVZlSlllIIglOll and -lL'il'Cl'SOll College, M. A. Sponser of l"l'CSlIlllilll Girl lleserves: Arl- viser ot' the Classical tluilclg l.atin. "ll'e'Il 11411111 Ihe IIt'.l'f lhirly lines for lo- llllH'I'0Ill.H Indiana State Teaeliers College, li. S.: Atl- viser ot' Fresliman Class: Adviser ot' Home lieonomies Cluhg Assistant Head ot' Home Economies llepartnlentg Home l'lCOl1OllllC5. "7'l1e mrllfer of the coolciesf' Amba Kiblinger Ohio Northern, B. S.: University of Pitts- burgh: Adviser of "'l"' Club: Girls Coach: Physical liclucationg Adviser ot' .lunioi Class: Biology. "Quiet, please." HALLAM. HAXVKINSON Imvm JOHN JONES KIBLINGER l18l Anne M. Linn Carnegie Instituto of Technology, ll. S.: llvzid ol' Home Economics IJopz1rtlm'nl. "Hurry up girls, 1114- periods ora' short." John M. Lowry l'nivcrsily of l'iilshul'gh: kSSlSlIl1l Colnmcrciul llvpul'l1iia.-lil 3 lomnn I ci il Law: CUlllllIL'l'L'llll Aflllllllt' liookku 1 ing. "Now lel's gr-I busy." Mary Louise Martin XVIM-alon College. .M B.: Gmclllulc work. Colulnhin l'niv0rsily: Adviser ot' Girl llc- scrvcs: Lihruriun: English. "I'nliI you boys url- inlerrslrd you may go Io slucly hall." David R. McClay PCllllSylVill1l2l Sizzle Collvgc li S I uzitc work, P0llIlSylY1llllll in Col Lfl Assistant Supervisor of Vocation il Sql lnul ture: Adviser of lf. F. A.: :kllXlSLl of lunloi Class: lilcmbcr of Olympus 1 "Good morning, gvnII01m'n." James A. Moninger XV:ishinglon und Jcllcrson Callvgc, li. S., Graduate work, Washington and .lcllurson Collcgog English. , "Oli, I guess you l1von'I Imm' Io luke lhal dvlvnlion lonighlf' Donald W. Moore Duquesne Univcrsity, li, iso. C01ll.'lIQ History. "Your good enough, go lulcc ll shower Emil E. M ers Iwxs lnwm Y Y NI c University ol' Piltshurgllg Grauluntu work, Mflbnlilsn Dllolilal XVnshinglon and .lcl'l'crson Collcgcg ling- , lish: Civics. "Nom do you gc! lln' poinl?" Robert K. Paxton Pvnlisylvzlllizi Slate College. I3 Cm n nil' work, Clllllllllllil Univcis 'ilcmm of Olympus Stall: English. "l llvurll ll good slory onto." E. Vaughn Ross xV1lSilil'lf.fi4lll and .lcl'l'cl'son College, B. S.g Gramlllntv work, Xvllfiillllgiilll und Jcffcrsun Colle-gc, M. S.: University of Pitlshurghg Advisor of Hi-Y Cluhg lllc-mlncr ol' Olym- pus Sillilfj .Xdviscr of Frcshmzlu Clzlssg History. "limp Il wimluw in 1110 Imclc, pleusvf' Frederick VV. Schmidt Curncgic Instituto of 'fcclinologyz XVHSII- ingion und .lclicrson Colln-gc: Music. 7 9 "ll c'lI 1111 pruclicc Iogullzvr if H. Ruth Zediker llluskiugum Collcgc, A, Ii.: Grurluulc work, Columbia University: University ot' Pitts- burgh, M. A.g Adviser of Go-to-College Cluhg Advisor ol' Sopllomorc Clzlssg Eng- lish. , "lYIly rIu11'f you lmm' your work dune?" A. Vincent McKee yo ll plcasc. ' J. Howard Wilson 'l'liicl College, li. S.: Grzuduulc work, NVRISII iuglun and Jcl'l'crsou College: Adviscr Stump Cluhg Biology: Vocational Chcmis try. "JllSl relax." Trinily High Schoolg Xv1lSiliIlgi0ll Busi- ncss Collcgcg Penn Slulc K l0IlllllCl'Cl2li Col- lcgcg Sccrclary to Principal "Wl1ul did you maui?" C. Verner Gayvert Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds. "Wilh ihe grcalcsl of pleasure." Ross SCH'l!llDT J. H. W1LsoN Zsmiusn RICKEE GAYVEM' i201 ol nl! Ill I Inu A 3 ark? I Ill ll.: 1 Ill Ill ' la E E- l l I I I . I -553221 ll .a All gf--f-gf -f-Q rv : '-.- cj"-:Tl-"f 'S' S 29"-S3 vo -N A - ... 'N . -, H, I ff. CLASSES The foundation of every state IS Dromzrxns I the education of its youth. :: :: R SENIORS Robert Gayvert "Bob" Commercial Class Vice President Zi. -lg Basketball 2, 3, 4: lli-Y 3. 4: Colniner- cial Club 4, President -l. "Ile glides as smoothly as W rr y n e King's music." Daniel Brown "Dan" Vocational Class President 4: Baseball l, 2. 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Varsity Club 2, Il: l". F. A. 1. 2, 3, President 41 K e y stone Farmer Degree 4: Hi-Y Club 3: Gym lixhibition 2. "The meeting will please come lo order." Betty Craig "Queen" Commercial Class Secretary 3, 43 Girl Reserves l, 2. Il. 4, Secretary 4: "'l"' Club Il. 4, President 44 Commercial Club 4. Secretary -lg Go-to- College Club 3. 43 Junior Paper Staff 3: May Day l, 2, 3, -lg i ij Classical Guild 23 7 , Basketball It, -lg Gym f' A -X Exhibition 2. 'N fin V "A haslcetbnll slar." Senior Class History As the day was 11ot far gone, there came to Trinity High School a new and dif- ferent group of workers, two hundred ninety-six in number. Each was possessed with the desire to do his very best in all that he undertook. Although the surround- ings were strange and we looked in vain for some one we knew, we were soon fa- miliar with everylhing. Having goal in mind and being endowed with the utmost confidence and courage, we thus started on our long journey to success. During our Freshman year we worked with Jack Martin, Sidney Hoffman, Helen Poten, and Margaret Stcnhouse to guide us intelligently in all that we did. With a good start on our journey we were very happy to come back in the fall of 19311 with even stronger determinations to do our best, but to our great sorrow, a few of our number had lingered behind, leaving only two hundred tive of us to continue our great task. Yet eager to reach our goal we pushed steadily on, choosing as our leaders, Wayne Ferguson, Thelma Dunning, Nell Butcher, and Mabel DeWitt. With our many accomplishments as enlightenment, we were ready to leave at the school year's close but hope to return again soon. After school we held a picnic at Sunset Beach. Every one had an enjoyable time. In the fall of 1935 we again returned to Trinity to go a little farther on our jour- ney to success. There were only one hundred fitty-six of us now, but our ambitions increased as our numbers decreased. Alter all, we can never attain success in any- thing 111 life if we give up before we have even tried. Conlinuezl on Page 34 l23l A Mos Amnausos ANIHIEXVS B.tYl.lss BAYNE lieu. Robert Amos "Bob" Vocational F. F. A. l, 2, 3. -lg Trinity Ite- porter Stall' 4. "Boll flidn'l seem lo like school." Arthur Anderson "Bud" Commercial Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 35 Hi-Y 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 2. "Some people have all lhe lurk." Evelyn Andrews "Windy" Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: May Day 2, 3: Gym Exhibition 2. "Evelyn is very neal and efficient" Annabelle Bainbridge Vocational Home Economies 1. 23 Cafeteria 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 2. "No flonlrl she will some clay ln' a famous cook." Dorothy Baker "Dot" Commercial Girl lleserves l, 2, 3, 4: May Day 1, 2: Basketball 3: Sports Day 2, 3: Gym Exhibition 2. 3. "l just have lo :lo Ihis llllllllllu LeMoyne Banlield "Bonnie" General Rifle Club 3. 4: Stamp Club 2, 33 Traffic Squad 3, 4, "Does l.e.lloyne prefer lII'llIlCllUS?H Anna Barrows "Ann" Com mercia I Girls' Chorus 15 Operetta 1: Gym Exhibition 2. "'SiIcncc is golden'-lhal's what Ann thinks." 5 l 3 Eunice Bayles "Eunie' ' Commercial Home Economies I. 2: Girl Ile- serves 1, 2: Gym Exhibition 2. "I gol here in lime for lhe first period today." Esther Bayne Vocational Home Economics 1, 2: Home Economies Club 2: Cafeteria 43 Girl Reserves 3. "Do you wan! somelhing goozl lo eal? .lust look for Eslher." Frank Bell "Bell" Academic Trathc Squad 3, 4. "Yes, I have my lesson today." J ack Belotte "Jack" Academic Tennis 1: Football 4: Basketball 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Home Room Otlicer 4. "lVe lhink lhal .lack is a regular gentleman." Frank Bevec "Steppie" General Basketball 2, 3: Football 4. "I hope" . . . 3 Jean Bigler Vocational 5. ' nn 'Q ini. r'rr: , . . I UIIQTKFIIJQ IBFQLF Home ILCUIIIIIIIICS l, 2: Home laco- lhgrllfln Blr,li,l'R nomies Club 2: Cafeteria 3, 4: Bximogxgs Bmlvllln, Cafeteria Club 4: Home Eco- nomies Demonstration 3, 43 Edi- tor of Home Economics part of "Trinity Reporter" 4: Girls' Chorus 3, -lg Olympus Staff 3, 4. , X "All peaches rlon'l grow on lrees." , Kermit H. Bonner "Fritz" Commercial Smithfield High School 1. , "Why of course, l'lI bel you a nickel." E241 . 1 liovi vz linnm' lll"l'CHlill CINIINU Cmzxiizss Coon Pearl Ethel Boyle "Pebble" Commercial East Pike llun High School 1, 2 "A Scoleh lussief' Mildred Brady Vocational lloine Economies l, 2: Home Economies Club 2: Cafeteria Il, 4: Girls' Chorus I: Uperetta I: Gym lflxhibition 2. "The enfeleriu eomedienne." Nell Butcher "Connie" Commercial Class Secretary 2: Librarian 3, 4: Girl Reserves Il, 4: .lunior Paper Stall' Il. "Uh, I 4lon'l llzink llml is fair." Francis Cain "Junior" Academic lli-Y Club 2, Il, 4: llille Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary and 'Treasurer Il: President 4. "I"rru1eis refuses lo lel girls inler- frre will: his work." Ethel N. Carlisle Commercial .lunior Paper Stall' Il: "'l"' Clulb 4: Sports llay 2, Zi: Gym lixbibl- tion 2, 3. "Elliel Iilces lo play lruslcellmllf' Florence Caton "Pup" Commercial Girl lleserves Il, 4: Girls' Chorus lg Science Club lg Gym Exhibi- tion 25 May Queen 4. "Her inleresls are oulside of Trinilyf' Frank Chmiel "Fai" cmnmei-cial Gym Exhibition 2: Trallie Squad 4. "Frr1nlc, do you lnwe un e.x'cuse." Mary Louise Cimino Commercial Basketball Il. 4: Sports Day 2, ZS: Girl Reserves l, 2, Il, 4, Treas- urer 4: "'l"' Club 4: Go-io-College Club 4: Commercial Club 4: Olympus Stall' 4: Librarian il, 4: Junior Paper Stall' Il: May llay Jig llome lloom 'llI'l'1lSlll'L'I' 4: Gym l'.Xllllllllllll 2, .L "lin you wunl ri friend? I.nol: for Mary." L. Erwin Clemens "Clemens" Academic Boys' Chorus I: Ili-Y Zi. 4: 'l'railie Squad Il. 4. "To slmly or nol In slmly. llml is my queslionf' Frank Cook "Cookie" Connnereial llille Club 23 Commercial Club 4: Ili-Y Club 2, Zi, 4: Olympus Stall' 4. "ll'hull Yo11je11lous?" Chalmer Cowen "Cowen" Academic Band I, 2, Ii: Iliile Club 3, 4: Stamp Club 2, Il: lli-Y Club 4. ".-lnolher one' who lilfes l"resl1men." Opal Cole General XVest lll'lllll'lll'lll I: Commercial lg Home lieononiies 2. CAIN CUWNN "Sln"s as quiel us Il lomlnslone." C,inLlsLE Col.:-: CATON Clnkllli llllillllil. IilAVlS Edward Clark "Ed" General E251 Baseball 2, 3. 4: llaskelball 3, 4: Music 2, Zi: lli-Y 4: 'l'raIlie Squad 4. "lid lilses lo argue in l'. D. Class." James Davis "Jim" Commercial llifle Club l. "He lil.'1's lo lense Ihe girls." DAY lJ1cFAz1o DEXvl'l"l'E, B. DuNN1N1z lJvKsTn.4 l':l.l.XVU0ll v Dorothy Day "Dots" Commercial Home l':CUl't0llIlCS Club 2, Presi- dent 21 Olympus Stall' 3. 4: "'l"' Club 4: Commercial Club 4: Home ltoom Viee Presitlent 4. "ll'1' ure 1'1'rl11i11 Il111I llorolhy will get 'IPI' llll.Sll.u John Defazio Commercial "John S1-1'111s lo be ll I111sI1f11I IVIIIIILH Blanche DeWitte General Operetta I: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Music Contest 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Paper Stall' 33 May Day 3. "Sl1e's ll 11111111 slzpporler of 1111r l'1llSS.U Mabel DeWitt "Toots" Conlmereial Class Treasurer 23 Junior Paper Stall' Il: Commercial Club 4: Gym Exhibition 2. "Why is .1l11b1'I so 1111i1'I?" Joseph Lawrence Dobeck "Joe" Commercial HJOSPIPII 1111111111 11111l:e Il fine judge." Thelma Dornberger Commercial Basketball Il, 4: Sports Day ll: "'l"' Club -1: Gym Exhibition 1. 2, 3. "Thelma is ll girl of 111111111 inlet- exits." Milo Drakulich "George" Comlnereial WVrestling 3: Boxing 45 Stamp Club 2. "Ile llt1l't'll Illt' In 1lo il." ll1aXV1'r'rE, M. FEnol1soN llonlick FHnnA1.1.1 llonsnl-:noun Fnnn DnA1cU1.11:1-1 Fowrsnx' we .sf it 1' ' " ' a A fe 1 . I 1 5 1 - X. ,, , up .L if is., X ::. ' i i l26l Thelma Dunning Comlnercial Class Viee l,l'L'Slll0lll 2: Girl lie- seryes 2, Il, 4: Go-to-College Club Il, 4: May Day 2, 33 Gym lixhibi- tion 2. 'ifrllflll 1111l11r1'1I 111111 Iil.'1'1I by ull." Dorothy Anna Dykstra "Dot" Commercial llome Economies l, 2: llome Eeo- nomies Club 23 Gym lixhibition 2. "A fri1'111lly smile for energy 111'1'11- sion." Ariel Ellwood Commercial Basketball l, 2, Ji, -lg Sports Day 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, Il, 4, President lg "'l"' Club 3, -tg Com- mercial Club 4, 'Treasurer 41 May Y -,w. 1 --' .1 Day l, J, Gym ILXlllllIll0l1 2, .l. "Ariel 11I1111111s St'l'IllS In be Illlllllllfl Wayne Ferguson "Fergy" Vocational Class l,l'CSlllL'lll 2: Football 2, Il, -lg Varsity Club 2, 33 Boys' Chorus l, 2: Operelta 1: F. F. A. l, 3, -lg Hi-Y Club 2, Il, 43 Gym Exhibition 2. "A sim-foo! 1111111 with plenly of sl're11gIl1." Anna L. Ferralli "Ann" Commercial Classical Guild 2: Commercial Club 4. H.-lllllll is very lIl'1H'lllIlIlJIt' 111111 1'1111rleo11s." Kenneth Ford "Kenny" Vocational F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4. "Why iSll'f t'IH'l'!1 one 11s 1'11l1fe11l 11s I?" Rachel Fortney Commercial Girl Reserves 2, Il, 43 May llay 2, 33 Go-to-College Club Il, -lg Gym Exhibition 2. 2.4111111115 ready with ll smile." I-'nliznen l:UL'l'0Y Marian Frazier ' Commercial Gym Exhibition ll. "So quiel. lllll II good uvorl.'er." George Fulton General Washington lligh School 2, 3: 'l'rinily lligh l, 4: Cheerleader 4: lli-Y l. 4: liaskelball 4: llillc Club 4: Olympus Stall' 4. "'l'riniIy is the hes! ufler ull." Sophie Garbinsky "Sally" Commercial Girl Reserves l. 2. 3. 42 -lllllifll' Paper Stall' 3: UINUYIYUS SHUT 41 Girls' Chorus l: Gperella l: May llay I: Gym Exhibition 2. "Hoes Sophia like lo Hype?"- Gladys A. Gowern Academic Classical Guild 2, ll, 4, Prcsidcnl 4: Go-lo-College Club Il, 4: .lunior Paper Slall' Sl. "Quiel and sludious. II good umrlcer. und u ln-Her friend." Jane Green "Green" Vocational Girl Reserves 2. 3, 4: Home lico- nomics Club 4. I "June prefers Ille ll'nsll-High girls." Jack Gregg "-l0!I" Vocational ' ' -1. r r Hi-X 1, -, I. I. A. 3, 4, "Jael: surely keeps his cur shined." Edla Hager "DiIYlDl0S" Commercial Basketball 1, Il: Girl Reserves l. 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 1, 23 Gyln Exhibition 2. 3: Sports Day l, 2, 3, -l-. "Always lullcingf' Gixnnlsskv IIANAM GOXVERN ll.xn1'i.EY. V. Games HAR'l'l.l'IY. R. Gluaoo Husrrzn Hman .harm-:nsos f Y J . . i lj 4 li-' . Q .f.-viii E271 llmin. iiAliI!l4IN Freda Hanam .'xl'1lGl'llll0 XV4.-st Alexander High School I, 2. 3: Trinity 4. "l"rerlu 4luesn'I like orul Iopiesf' Caroline Hamil "Carrie" Commercial llaslaetball 2: Gym Exhibition 2. "She is quiel ulul Sllll'l'l-l1'llllH'I'4'li." - 'ii it K L Leona Harden A d.'f0nie" Coiiinerciiil XVashinglon lligli School l: Go- lo-College Club 15, 4: Girl Ile- serves 2, Il: Classical Guild 2, 3: Commercial Club 4: .lunior Paper Slafl' Il. ' "Her lonl: of inlelligeliee does lllll belie ils ll70l'lll.n Virgil Hartley "Hartley" Academic Liberty lligh School I: lli-Y Il. 4: llille Club 4: Classical Guild 2: 'l'rallic Squad 3, 4. "Virgil seems Io lilre Nnrlli lllnin Sfreel E.1'lensinn." Rea Hartley "Hartley" Academic Hi-Y I, 2. ll. 4, Treasurer I : Junior Paper Stall' Il: Olympus Stall' 4: Tratlic Squad 4. "Every rluy is 'ladies' day' for Ren." Gladys Hunter "Hunter" Vocational Home Economics Club 2: Cafe- teria Club 43 Girl lleserves 3, 4: Go-to-College Club 3. 4. l'resi- dent 45 Junior Paper Stall' Jig Girls' Chorus 3: "T" Club 3. 4. "Reading poetry is lwr Iml1l:y." Wilhelimina Jelferson "Willie" Commercial Classical Guild 2: Junior Paper Stall' Sl: Go-to-College Club 4: HT" Club 3, 4: Music lg Commer- cial 3, 4. "She is ll mmlel secretary." .Ions .lonNs'roN, IJ, JoHNs'roN, M, KUnr.IUwEi'r linN'rz Klrrz D. Earl John Commercial Agriculture 1. 2: Rifle Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Il, 4: Olympus Staff 3. 4: Trailiu Squad 4: Gym Exhibition 2. "Ile is llll ussvl Io Ihr- Rifle- lfl11lv." Dorothy A. Johnston "Dot" Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, Il, 4: Gym lixlli- bition 2. "A smile for every our." Margaret E. Johnston "Peg" Commercial Gym Exhibition 2: Commercial Il, 4. "Thai var is nflvn u grew! IIPIII of trouble." Ralph Kendall "Tim" Vocal ional l". F. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: Trinity Rc- porler Staff' 4: Judging 'l'4.-am 2, Il, 4: XVrn-slling Manager Il: Olym- pus Stall' 4: 'l'r:li'Iic Squad 4. "A lll'Ufl'SSl'llllIII rurloonisl in Ihr' making." Julie Kepics "Curly" Commercial Comlncrcial Club 4: .lunior Paper Staff 3. "llmmsf vonfvssinn is goorl for lhv Smmvf KraNnAl.I. KUZY Km-ics Lmvnnm' Knlesrmmc Lixsic Kozfu, IAWRI-zsuxe, Betty Jeanne Knestrick "Betty" , Acarlcinic Librarixin 4: Girl llcserves 3, 4: . Go-to-College Club Cl, 4, 'I'rcusurc-r 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2: Opv.-retla l. Y "One of Ihr' iIlSl'IllIl'1lII,l'S.H 5 i Walter Kozal "Ludge" General "Waller misses so mnrh schonlf' E281 Amelia Kurpjuweit Commercial XVashinglon High School l. 2: Girl Ileserves ll, 4: Commercial Club 4: Olympus Stall' 4: Gym lixhibilion 3. "If's .'l.'.'l0, Don is coming." Edward Kuntz "Kunlz" Coinlnercial Football 4: Hi-Y l, 2: liiile Club 2: Commercial Il, 4: Gym Exhibi- tion 3: Opera-lla I. Ufrllllll-lll1llll'l'fI l':1llII'l'." Sasia Kutz "Kutzie" Commercial Home Economics l, 2: Commer- cial 3, 4. "She is one of our rliynified Seniors." Frank Kuzy "lnk0y" Commercial Hi-Y 4: 'l'rafliv Squad 4: Commer- cial .l, 4: Gym l'.XlllllIiIOll Z. "Frank munfs Io he un uniulorf' Sylvia Landrey Commercial Olympus Staff 3, 4: .Iunior Paper Stall' Il: Class 'Treasurer Zi: Go- to-Collegc Club Il. 4, Secretary 4: Librarian 4: Classical Guild 2: Commercial Club 4, Secretary Home Iloom 4. , "The olher of the insepurublesf' Stella V. Lask "Stasia" Commercial Home Economics I. 2: Junior Paper Stuff Il. - "WP rvomler why she' hlnshr's!" Betty Lawrence "Betsy" Commercial Girls' Chorus 1: Opcretta I: Gym Exhibition 2. "They make me fired." I uvm,.v.l, J LW,-ON Loqv h'lAll'l'lN M ,iso N MCA umm s Jane E. Lawrence "Red" Commercial Basketball 2. Il. 4: "TH Clllll 3, 4, Vice President 4: Girl Reserves 4: Sports Day 1, 2, 3, 4. "June lcnolns horn lo nmku ufler rlinncr spveclwsf' Louise Liston uLi8t0lln Vocational "'l"' Club Il, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Girl ltcserves 1: Cafeteria 4. "What lime do me practice lo- niyhl?" Opal Locy Commercial Commercial Il. 4. "The clay-alrwnm'r." Alexander T. Lockman "Ted" Commercial lli-Y 4: Commercial 3, 4. "Quiet and clignifiwl, lhul's Teil." Patsy Manfredi "T0l'!I,' Commercial Music 1, 2: Manager 2. Il, 4. "What will the rom-h do nvilhonl Palsy?" Emil Markow "Aim" Commercial lli-Y 43 Stamp Club ll, 4g Boys' Chorus 4: Western Pennsylvania Chorus 4. "Yon shonhl hear Emil sing buss." Edward Marks "Pete" Commercial Music 45 Football 2, 43 Baseball 3, 4. "Just :mother Irashfnl Senior." I.ocKMAN lllCCl.ENA'l'llAN hlANFllEDl McCoy' Mnikow Mc:Gowl4:N MARKS lhlCIiAl'lAN . x E291 John R. Martin "Jack" Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice President I: Football 45 Cheerleader 2, It: Class President lg Olympus Stall' 3, 43 Tratlic Squad 43 .Iunior Paper Stall' Il: Gym Exhibition 2. "Who is .lm'l."s funnrilv rlullring partner?" Kathryn Manon Vocational Girls' Chorus l, Il, 4: Girl lte- serves 4: Home Economics Club 2: Cafeteria Club 43 Gym Exhibi- tion 4. "She Iilccs In rlrine o cur." I ,hh.42'c.i Eleanor McAdams Vocational Girls' Chorus lg Operctta lg Home Economies Club 2: Cafeteria Club 4. "Tonighl is ll'cdm's1loy nighl." Sara McClenathan "Sarie" Commercial Basketball 3, 4: "'l"' Club Cl, 4: Home Economies Club Il, 4. "She nnznls Io In' some gum! man's goorl wife." Lois Jane McCoy "Gracie Allen" Academic Girls' Chorus 4. "She is fnilhfnl In the rlnly of lhe hour." Ruth McG0wen Commercial Girl lleserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Paper Stall' It, Music 2: May Day 1, 2. "Wonder why Ruth Iilccs a Tcrrra- plone?" Lois McKahan "McKahan" Commercial Basketball 2, 3, 4: Junior Paper Stall' 3: "T" Club 3, 4: Music 2g Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "Dnn'l look now hut-" Alll.l.lCli AIINTIIN Ml1'c:HEI.l. RIUNN I,AS'l'EltCHAl.K l,lC'l'lCItNIil.l. Ruth Irene Miller "Rim" General Girls' Chorus l. "Ruth likes the F. F. A." Ruth Minton Commercial Basketball 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3: Sports Day l, 3: -May Day l, 2: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym lix- hibition I, 2, 3: "'l"' Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: .lunior Paper Stall' 3. "She mill make on effieienl secre- hug." Sevilla Mitchell Commercial "Hasn'l much Io sag." Joseph Mogentale I "Joe" Commercial lntel'-lnural 'Tournament 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Gym lixhibition 2: Comma.-reial Club 4, Vice Presi- dent 4. "Single, sound, sensible and srien- tifie." ' Harry S. Morris "Harry" Vocational F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary' 42 Editor of Trinity Reporter 4: Tratlie Squad 4. "A polenliul erlilor, with brains and nlxililgf' Dessie Mounts "Pee Wee" Commercial "Silence nvilh ri sweet smile." William L. Mueller "Mule Ears" Academic F. F. A. l. "A second .'llillon." M ooisN'rAI.E PEES Monms PmozAK MouN'rs Po1.EN, H. Sll,lLl.l-Ill l'ol.EN, V. if i301 Alvin A. Munn Commercial Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4: Ititle Club 2: 'l'ratlie Squad 4: Gym Exhibi- tion 2: Junior Paper Stall' 3: l Band . ".-tlnin's vor gels lhe girls." Elizabeth Pasterchalk "Lib" Commercial Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4: Sports Days 2, 3, 4: May Day l, 2, 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 2, 3, 4: .lunior Paper Stall' 3. "Eli:'ul1elli has a sweel rlisposilionf' Lawrence Peternell "Lolly" Commercial Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball. "Anolher .lleudowlumls Romeo." Richard C. Pees "Dick" Vocational F, li. A. l, 2, 3, 4: lloys' Chorus l: Stamp Club 4. "l.iI.'es fo argue." Steve Pirozak Commercial Hi-Y 3, 4. "Sieve is silenl lrnl wise." Helen Poten Commercial Class Secretary l: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Go-to-College Club 3, 4. Secretary 3, Vice President 4: HT" Club 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 3, 4: May Day 2, 3: Gym Exhibition 2, 3: Classieal Guild 2, 3, Secretary 3: Assistant Editor ol' Junior Paper Staft' 3: Home Room Secretary 4: Sports Day 2, 3: Olympus Stall' 4: Com- mercial Club 4: Girls' Chorus 2. 'lSlll'h ll duinlg person." Virginia Polen "Gin" Academia: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l: Operetta l: Classical Guild 2: Gym Exhibition 2: Librarian 3, 4: Go-to-College Club 3, 4: "TH Club 3, 4: Olliee Girl 2, 3, 4: May llay l, 2, 3. 4: Junior Paper Stall' 3: Olympus Stall' 3, 4. Editor 4. "Brooks lllinlcs slie's ll grunrl per- son-uncl so do me all." PULHN, li, Ponnov l'oN'roN Ihann ROR!-1Il'l'S Room-1 Raymond Polen "Ray" Academic Hi-Y 2. Il, 4, Vice President 4: ltillc Club 2, 3. 4, Secretary 3, 4: Olympus Stall' ll, 4: Junior Paper Stall' fl: llomc Room Prcsidcnt 41 'l'rallic Squad 4. "His Ford lcnums lhc may In Ileucli Sfl't't'I.n Russell l'odboy "Russ" Vocational l-'. lf. A. l, 2, Il. 4: Agriculture Council 2. 3. "Why do Icurlzcrs always pick on him?" lda Mae Ponton U Com llll'I'CI1ll Gym Exhibition Il. "She is u nniqzw hunmrislf' Mary Porter "Mernio" Commcrcial "Hoy, um I slet-py."' Marjorie Post. "Marge" Academic "'l"' Club 3, 4: Sports Day 2, Il. 4: I,ibrarian IS. 4: Go-to-College Club Il, 4: Otlicc Girl 2. il, 4: May Day I. 2, Il, 4: Junior Paper Stall' Il: Gym Exhibition 2, ll, 4: llomc Room Secretary 4: Olympus Stall' 3, 4: Girl llescrvcs I, 2. Il, 4: Secretary l. Vice Prcsidcnt Il, President 4: Opcretta l: Girls' Chorus 1: Manager 3, 4. "The DlIl'llt'SS." Edna Pratt "Eddie" Commercial Commercial Club 4: Girl lic- scrvcs 2, ll, 4: May Day 2: Gym Exhibition 2: Girls' Chorus 2. "lt isn't Archie any more." Ada Lee Reynolds "Alle" Academic llominy High School 1: Classical Guild 2: Gym Exhibition 2: Girl llescrvcs Il: Junior Paper Staff Il: Olympus Staff 4: Librarian 4: Otlicc Girl 4: "'l"' Club 4. "Her moods rule her day." l'on'rI-in Iloum: Posr llovr Hr: N nano PuA'r'r llrsn Ruvsorns SANDERS l31fl Margaret Redd Vocational Cat'clcria Il, 4: Home Economics Club 2: Sports Day Il: Gym Ex- hibition 2, 3. "Quicl und serious." William Roberts "Bill" Academic Football 2.'Sl, 4: Basketball 2. 3. 4: liascball 2. It. 4: Varsity Club 2, Il: lli-Y l. Zi, 4, 'Vrcasurer 4: Class President 3: Gym Exhibi- tion 2. "Being Imndsnnw is ll sci-Imcl: In un industrious hog." Martha Roche "Sin" Commercial XVashington High School 1: Gym Exhibition 2: Commercial Club 4. ",4lwr1ys II7iSP-l'l'!If',iillg.H Cecelia Roble "Lee" Commercial Gym Exhibition 2. "A serious girl from l,im'uln Hill." Fred Rothenberg "Hiller" Academic Concordia .lunior College l: Classical Guild ll, 4: Stamp Club 4. "An fiulogmph rnlleclorf' Ralph Rush "Rusty" Gcncral Basketball l. 4: Football Manager Si: Manual Training l: Agriculture 2: Commercial Collcgc 3: Band 2, 3, 4. "You mlghl In see him prinI." Esther May Sanders "Esther" Commercial Gym lixhibition 2: Girl llcserves I, 2, 3, 4:' "'l"' Club 4: Junior Paper Stafl' 3: Opcrctta 1. "Does Esther wall: up town? No, shv rides in a I'unIiuc." Susan: SIIAXVINSKI Snowvnos SUXVAK Tnmus 'l'o-uqlp Edward Sharik "Ed" Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus l, 2, 4: Hi-Y 4: Operetta 1: Junior Paper Stall' 3: Commercial Club 4. "Ilan he read Frem'h."' Helen M. Shawinski "Tommy" Commercial Classical Guild 2: Go-to-College Club 4: Librarian 4: Gym Exhi- bition 2: Sports Day 2: Junior Paper Staff 3: Olympus Stall' 4: Commercial Club 4, Vice Presi- dent 4: Girls' Chorus l: May Day l, 2: Operetta l. "Always ready Io help." Wa'ter Skowvron "Walt" Commercial Commercial Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. "Small, bat he has brains." Ruby Spiegel Vocational l-2 Commercial 3-4 Commercial Club 3: Home lico- nomic Club 2: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. "Ruby nener shirI:s her work." John Stavovy Vocational F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Agriculture Council 2: Judging Teams 2, 3, 4: 'l'ratllc Squad 4: Trinity licportcr, Senior Editor 4. "Holds himself in reserve, like a stick of dynamite." Margaret Stenhouse "Peg" Academic Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Classical Guild 2: Music Club 1, Secretary- Treasurcr 1: Go-to-College Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Class Treasurer l: UT" Club 2, 3, 4: Opcretta l: May Day L, 2, 3: Music Contest 1, 3: Editor .lunior Paper 3: Vice President Home Room 4: Olympus Staff 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: YVestern Pennsylvania Chorus 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. "Trinity will miss its talented musi- cian next year." - Ethel Stewart "Shorty" Commercial Girls' Chorus 1: Gym Exhibition 2. "Ethel is small, lint it isn't size that counts." Football 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3. 4. "A future football coach." Frances Urbanik "Frances" Commercial Girl llescrves 2. 3, 4: Junior Paper Staff 3: Gym Exhibition 2. "Always ready for a good time." Dessie Vester "Vester" Academic Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3: Operetta l: Music Contest 2: Librarian 3, 4: "'l"' Club 3, 4: Gym Exhibition 2: Basketball 2, 3: Junior Paper Statl' 3: Classical Guild 3: Sports Day 2, 3. "She studies and plays with all her heart." Samurai. URHANIK S'rAvovv Viasrsn STENI-lotus!-: XVAsml.E.sKl STEXVART Wi-mum' John Wasieleski "Wf1sie" Commercial V, 2 ,X "A brainy boy." Blair Wherry "Dutch" Vocational 'tllidden talents with a mirthful front. E321 Nick Suwak Hgwankye Commercial "Little but mighty." Joseph Thomas "Bud" Academic "Tall, silent, and serious." Jacob Tomsic flaky" General all WVILSON Wilda Wilson "Billie" Genera-l Girl Reserves 1, 2. 3, 4: "'l"' Club 3, 4g Basketball 4: Gym lixhibi- tion 2, 33 Home Economics 1, 2: Home Economics Club 2. "Crazy about baslcelballf' Albert Wise "Fat" Academic "Absence makes the liearl grow fnllderf' Jean Wolf "Wolf" Commercial Basketball 1, 2, 4: Girls' Chorus 2g Gym Exhibition 2g Music Con- test 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer lg May Day 2. "One of WolfdaIe's charming girls." Helen Wood Vocational Home Economies I, 2: Cafeteria 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4. "Such beautiful eyes!" WVISE Yonlux SQ .. Q N 1 NVol.r lVoon Y H n lil! H U n H us If-fd -Hx A v, X A 1ljgMg'1- X Las 1 Zlnmsusx J oan Yorkin Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, ll, 4: Go-lo- College Club ll. 4: Gym Exhibition 2: May Day 2, Zig Junior Paper Stall' Zig Librarian ll, 4: Classical Guild 2. "Talenlefl, jollg, and gag." Mildred Zrimshek Home liconomics "Tall and quiel." William Yereb Basketball 3, 4. njuidgen Commercial 1, 2. " Will" Gen e ra l "A regular fellow!" - Thomas Hughes "Some people do grin." ln in Academic n'l smile lllcy Senior Class History Conlinuezl from Page 23 So with William Roberts, Robert Gayvert, Betty Craig, and Sylvia Landrey to lead us on with their guidance we were anxious to accomplish all that we could. Among our achievements was the publication of the "Junior Crier". a school news- magazine which was very successful. The proceeds went to our class treasury. At the close of our third school term, it became necessary for us to leave for a little while, but we did so with the hope of returning very soon, this time to set an exam- ple for the rest and to continue on through our last year in our journey toward our goal. After school this time we held a picnic at Sunset, again having an enjoyable time together. In the fall of 1936 we returned to Trinity for the last time as a class. Our num- ber had now diminished to one hundred forty-one, but we started in with our cus- tomary high spirits and high ambitions. Having Mr. Robert Wilson and Miss Camp- bell as our class advisers, we realized the excellence and necessity of faculty coun- sel. During this year we held three dances, two Senior Dances and the Commence- ment Dance, the latter to be held just before the close of school. We selected as our leaders: Daniel Brown, ltobcrt Gayvert. and Betty Craig. Although our class had now decreased to one hundred thirty four, we must strive onward, for wc have nearly reached our goal. We do not know what the future holds for us, but we can hope with true sincerity that, as we pass each milestone in life's journey, we shall have achieved just a little more than before. -ELEANOR McAnAMs. LEAVING Taking leave- Of the old school upon the hill To which we'll owe an unpaid bill. Happy- To make our wayg to earn a name Worthy to enter the Hall of Fame. S Orly- To end our glorious happy years Alma Mater, we leave you with tears. -Enwann Snixnlx. t34l JUNIORS ' Rudolph Chehovin "Rudy" Vocational H1-Y 3: Class President 2, 33 F. F. A. 1, 2. 3: Agricultural Council 2, 3. Secretary 23 Demonstration 2, 33 Olympus Staff 33 Junior Paper Staff 35 Trinity Reporter Staff 3. "A good sport." ' Anthony Spin "Tony" "Ace" Commercial Class Vice President 3: Football 1: Basketball 2, Wrestling 21 Base- ball 2, 3. "He glides on the dance floor." Frances Paul "Fran" Academic Girl Reserves l. 2: Librarian 3: Class Secretary 3: .lunior Play 33 .lunior Paper Stall' 3: Basketball 3: Gym Exhibition 1, 2: "T" Club 3. "I-'ranees' thoughls are always of Bob." Margaret L. Mazie "Marg" Commercial Girl Reserves 3: Class Treasurer 3g Librarian 3: Junior Paper Stall' 33 Gym Exhibition 1, "She likes the Meadowlands Trio- cspecially Smith." Junior Class History Early in September of 1931, two hundred eighty four hashful Freshmen entered the portals ot' Trinity Hi. Entering high school was a new experience for us, but rather than pretend we didn't know thc ways ol' Trinity. we pretended we knew it all and we must have looked very comic to the upper classmen. Soon we settled down to our daily routine and in the second semester chose our advisers, Miss Evelyn Thayer and Mr. David McClay. Our officers were: President. llobert Morrison, Vice President, Milton XVilson3 Secretary, Carrie Wilson, Treas- urer, Betty Dagg. In April ol' that year we beld Olll' only class affair, the Freslnnen Class Party. A good time was had by all On a September day ol' 1935, the same backward boys and girls entered Trinity again, but more expcricneedHand Sophomores now! Our number had now dimin- Continued on Page 62 . E351 nf iw.. - A ASHNIORE li.xu.r:v liAINllllIIlGl-1 liiusnn I A1.L1soN Anmsnsos A NliSB'l"l'l ANTONIOLI Eula Mae Allison "Mae" Vocational Home Economies I, 2: Cafeteria 3: Cafeteria Club Il: Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "Angels voices urc sofl and sweet." Marion K. Anderson "Marry"' Commercial Football and Basketball Manager 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. "Tha Thin Mun." Anna Anesetti "Ann" Commercial Music Contest l, 2, ll: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3g Go-to-College Club Il: "T" Club 3, Junior Paper Staff 33 Gym Exhibition 2. "A future opera star." Tl-I Edith Antonioli "Edie" i Commercial Girl Reserves 2, li: Junior Play 33 Sports Day l, 23 Gym Exhibition 1, 2. 'H-lllvrlys dancing." Lydia Elizabeth Ashmore "Libby" Commercial Gil'l Reserves Zig Librarian 33 Gym Exhibition 2. ".'lllva11s willing lo oblige." Ruth Bailey "Ruthie" Commercial HQIlI't'flIt1l' rules." Mary Jane Bainbridge "Janie" Vocational llome Economics l, 21 Home lico- nomics Cluh llg Cafeteria 253 Cafe- teria Club 3. "Just Iilce a Illillgtfffy Lois Bainer "Rainer" Commercial Home Economics l, 23 Stamp Club Zig Junior Paper Staff Il. "Has ll Irrsle for lllllfllfy Richard Baker "Dick" Vocational Band 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y lg Stamp Club l, 2, 33 Home Room President 3: .lunior Paper Stall' 33 Agriculture Council 2, Zig Agriculture Demon- stration 3g Agriculture Treasurer 3. "lVilling lo do his slmref' Georgia Esther Barney Commercial Girl Reserves 2, 3: May Day 23 Olympus Staff Il: Junior Paper Staff Il: Classical Guild 23 Class Secre- tary 2: Librarian 33 Home Room President 34 Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "Happy go Illelcyf' V Doris Mae Barnickel "Doris" Academic Girl Reserves 2, 33 Cheerleader 2, 35 Gym Office 3: Reserve Basket,- ball 3. "Quick as ll flush!" i361 E JUIXIIO BAKER BARNEY li,xnNu:Kl,lc BAnTI.EY l llmrrusuzu lmzzom Rrzauosn 1 litlGOCHl'INKtl John Evan Bartley "Berdie Aeademi Zanesville High School l, 2: .lunio Paper Stall' Il: .Iunior Play Il. "Ile would be Il good Englislunulz. Sophia Bartusick , C0ll1lllCl'Dltl Classical Guild 2: Gym lixliihitioj 23 Sports Day l, 2. "Quiet, bul II good worker." Alice Bazolli "Shorty Commcreia Girl Reserves lg Gym lixhibilio l, 25 Home Economics l, 2. "ll'1u1l ll girl!" Stanley Bergosh "Stan Genera "Another seen bill no! l1e'1rrI." Louise Bogochenko Commereia Girls' Chorus 2, Ji: Gym Exhibi tion l. "So l7t1Shflll.U CLASS of 1937 ' ' CAl.lHVl'1l.L C.urricn t.n.xrvm. CHAlll.'l'ON, li. BOR.lil.l.O linowx. ll. Ilnows, V. linnss Arthur Rorello -- "Art" General Boys' Chorus 33 Wrestling 2: "lines he ever gel serious?" Robert Roy Brown "Waldo" Academic -Classical Guild 23 Stamp Club 33 .iViee President 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 83 .lunior Play Il: Olympus Statl' 33 -Junior Paper Stall' Il. ".-l yuozl luinmrlslf' Viola Brown "Brownie" Commercial Girls' Chorus 1: Girl Reserves 1. 2, ll. "Baby of llle class." Helen Burns "Honey" Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 23 Junior Play 33 Home Economics 1, 23 Gym Exhibi- 2g May Day 1. "S1uea'l as honey." Della V. Caldwell Vocational Home Economies l, 2, 3. "Easily amused." Howard K. Carter "Huck-Han" Commercial Hi-Y 33 Stamp Club 1, 2, 33 ltille Club 2, 33 Science Club lg Home l Bind l 2 l Room Treasurer Z: Orchestra 2, 33 Footba 2 "lla-'s a friendly chap." Harry Chappel, Jr. 4 -, 4 s'a ll 3. uclutpn Com mereia l Band 2, lt: Orchestra 2, 3. "Always in a hurry." Beulah Charlton Home Economies 1, 2. Com mercia I "El'idf"'Hll she lwelienes in silence." Glenn Charlton Hi-Y 3. "lIe's rallzer slow al Albert Chesnic "The thinker." Earl Clark Shn Commercial rl hand." "BertJ' Commercial Academic ' I 3 Band 1. Hi-Y 2, Il: liovs' Chorus l 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Football l, 33 Science Club l. "Music is his hobby." Gerald Condit "Jerry" General F. F. A. 1, 2. "Jian of fem words." Margaret A. Cramer "Marge" Commercial Girl Reserves 33 Gym Exhibition 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 33 Music Con- test 3. "SI1e's happy l'llt'l'l1llllll'l'l'.n Betty Dagg "Betz" Academic Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. President lg Class Treasurer 13 Librarian 33 Home Room Secretary, 33 Junior Paper Stall 33 Junior Plav 33 Gvm Exhib Baslietball lilanager 23 Sports Day 1, 2. 33 "Gone wilh the wind." l37l Treasurer ition 1, 23 May Day 1, 1 w 11 1-IIAIILTON. G. CHIQSNICK CLARK l Co-Nnrr Paul Day, Jr. Crm M lan limo DAY Di-zrnosav Academic Stamp Club 1, 2. ll: Science Club 13 Olympus Stalin 33 Junior Paper Statl' 3: Junior Play Il: Gym Exhi- bition lg Band l, 2: Orchestra 1, 2, 3. "Anolher lzanflsmm- ladies' man." Anton Deprosky Band 33 Tratlic Squad Il rlT0,nn General "Always in a ynml lllllI10l'.,, i 9 . L THE JLJNICD 1 EHXRNEST Florence M. Dunn l2l.I.lS Commercial Girl Reserves l: Gym Exhibition limsmool-'1-' EXVING 1' 2' "Why is she so quiet?" Ionabell Earnest "Peg" Commercial Home Economics l, 2. "Who's her beifer half?" Ralph Ellis "Flash" Academie Hi-Y l, 2, 3: Junior Paper Stall 3: Olympus Stall' 3: Junior Play 3: Cfheerleader 2, 3: Music 1: Baseball l, 2: Basketball l, 2, 3. "Our fulurc basketball slur." Mary Ermacolf "Mamie" Commercial Girl Reserves 3: Go-to-College Club 3: "'l"' Club 2, 3: Home Eco- nomies l, 2: Demonstration 'l'eam l, 2: Junior Paper Editor 3: Girls' Chorus l: Gym Exhibition 2. "Quite stuiliousf' l l ' Betty Jane Ewing DEVORE X General DONAHOO ' Classical Guild l. DORNHEINER ' "Lost wilhoul Betty Lewis." DUNN 1 Ethel W Fabian Ferne Devore Academic Girl Reserves 3: Go-to-College Club 3: Stamp Club 3: Classical Guild 2, 3, Secretary 3: Junior Paper Stall' 3: Gym. Exhibition l, 2. "Une of those bashful Juniors." Commercial Girl Reserves l, 2, 3: Manager 3: Junior Paper Staff 3. "ll'hy did she quil?" J. Lloyd Donahoo Academic Rose Faiella C In I i 1 St. Cll 1, 2, 35 B: l l, 2, 3: "ll "VC 1' f,,l221,,.au1', 2, 3. 'H' if...'oQ'i1ji..1 High School 1: Girl ne- "CIarinei Kid." Wlfb ' ' . " y "Chewing gum is her hobby.' Mildred Dornberger Phyllis L. Fine "Phil" C mefcifll Academic Hmlle Room S0Cl'0l1U'Y IRICSGVVC Ilonora High School l, 2: Olympus Basketball 3: Gym Exhibition 1, Sum- 3- 2: 'Iunim' Paper Staff 3' "A new member of our class." "Can she play basl:elImll!", Kyle Fuller "Pete" Academic lli-Y 1, 2, 3: Junior Paper Staff 3: Olympus Stall' 3: Home Room Vice President 3: Music lg Gym Exhibi- ' tion l. "Perfeel genllemenf' E381 FABIAN l FAmI.1.A FINE Fin.1.nn GARRE'l'I'SUN G r11"r1o, A . Gn'r'rm, R. ' Gm-:oo William Garrettson "Grapenuts' Academh Hi-Y l, 2: Stalnp Club 1, 3: Rilla Club 1, 3: .lunior Paper Stall' 3. "Triuily's number one pesl." Alice Jane Gettig "Dane' Commereiaf Girl Reserves l, 2, 3: Go-lo-College Club 3: Librarian 3: Junior Papel Staff' 3: Junior Play 3: Rescrvx Basketball l, 2: Gym Exhibition l 2: May Day 1, 2: Home Room Vic: President 3. "Whom does she prefer?" Richard Gettig "Dick' Commercial Hi-Y l, 2, 3: F. F. A, I, 2: Foot- ball l, 3. "He is ll good semblance of a real t'0I1lf'lH11Il.H Charles Linn Gregg "Chuck' Vocational Hi-Y l, -2: Olympus Stall 3: Junior Paper Stall' 3: Trinity Reporter 3: I". F. A. 2, 3. "One of the Gregg boys." :LASS ol 1937 1 HAINES, C. HAINES. S. HAL1. Ham- Glnnnr, C. Gmnm. R. liltlMliS Guzzo Clyde Grimm "Grimmy" Vocational Ulvfllllllll-lllllt'l'.U Raymond E. Grim "Ray" Academic Trallie Squad 3. "A good salesman." Madaline Grimes Commercial Girl Reserves 1: Gym Exhibition 1, 2g May Day 1. "She llUf"Sll'l like lo be leased." Marie Theresa Guzzo Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2. 33 Go-to-College Club 33 Girls' Chorus 13 Home Economics 1, 2. "Has ll pleasant disposilionf' 1 "Haines" Academic Junior Paper Staff 33 Baseball and Football Manager 2, 33 Gym Ex- hibition 1. "Tall-slory teller." Carl V. Haines Sarah Haines "Sally" Academic Classical Guild 2, 33 Stamp Club 33 Junior Paper Stall' 33 .Iunior Play 33 Gym Exhibition. ".-lnollzer slndious Junior." Robert Hall "Bob" Commercial "Always on Ihr' gn." Nellie D. Hart Vocational Home Economies 1, 3, Treasurer 33 Girls' Chorus 33 Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "Pleasing smile." Lloyd R. Hartley "Bud" Academic uS0lIl8lUhlIf of Il yenllenmnf' Anna M. Hartsell "Ann" Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Junior Play 3: Junior Paper Stall' 33 Gym Ex- hibition 2. "Small but migl1Iy." James Heatley "Jim" General Hi-Y 1, 23 Basketball 2. 33 Foot- ball 33 Football Manager 2. "Fulnre baskelball star." Frank J. Hendricks Commercial "He's a litllc langue-tied." Ruth E. Henderson "Ruthie" Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Junior Paper Stall' 33 May llay 13 Gym Exhibi- tion 1, 2g Office Manager 3. "One of lhe gang." 1391 W HARTLEY l'lAlt'l'SEl.l. lli-:,xTl.laY l'lENllltJCKS W 5. fu 4 ra Hsnm-:nsoN Hinmman ' HUDAK H Uni.:-:Y Olive Louise Hinerman Academic Girl lteserves 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Music 1. 2, il: Holne Economics 33 Home Economies Club 3, Presi- dent 3. "A true friend." Harry M. Hudak "Hudak" General Music lg Gym Exhibition 2. "He flrzllers Ihr' girls." Virginia Hurley "Ginny" Commercial Girl lteserres 1, 2: Holne Economics 1, 23 Gym Exhibition I, 23 May Day 1. "Her hands are like w11.z:." X f Q51 Iilaslmm. limmcn, I. KINDEH. M. Krauss JANOVICH JoNEs -l0llNSON .lUS'1"lN , Eli Janovich "Red" Vocational F. F. A, 1, 2, 3. 4. "lVhal's flu' ll1ir1l f1lll'Sll0l1?ll .1 Ruth Jones l HJonseyn Commercial Girl llcscrvcs l, 2, 3: Gym Exhibi- tion 1, 23 May Day 1. "A good frieml lo h!lI7t'.H Marian Johnson "Meri" Com lllL'l'Cl1ll Girl Reserves 1, 2, ll: Home Eco- nomics 1, 23 Gyln Exhibition 2, 3. "ls her Ienipcr IIS fiery as her hair?" Tl-I Russell W. Justin Academic NVQ-st Technical lligh School: XVcst High School 2g Wrestling 2. "He 1'an'i make up his mind where lu' wants io go lo school." Stella Marie Kendall Vocational Home Economics I, 21 Cafeteria 33 Cafeteria Club Zig Girls' Chorus ll. "S1un1' llllll sl1c'll lzccolne ll lI7!lllI'CSS.,, Irene Kinder "Skeeter" Commercial Music 1, 2, 3. "A youd talker." Myrtle Kinder "Myrt" Vocational "T" Club 3: llaml l, 2, Ii: Orchestra 1. 2, Zig Gym Exhibition 23 Home Economics l, 23 Cafeteria Zig Cafe- teria Club Ii. "Will slze be ll musician?" William Kerns "Bill" Vocational Canton High School lg F. F. A. 2, 3. "Ile uses flI'llll'l'U for l'hl'llllllg-gllIIl.H Edward Krafchek "Ed" Commercial Boys' Chorus Ji. "A brainy chap if lie studied." John Laharnar "Sheepie" Q General ".llr. 1fl'llt16ll,S pei." Grace Larkin Commercial Girl Reserves 2, 3: Gym Exhibi- tion l, 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. "She lilies frm." Steve Lebnick Vocational Agricultural Council 2, 3. "lIe's our famous sheep raiser." E401 E JUN I CD liimrrziilcu l.AHAnN,xn I.An.u1N Liens 111K Ll-:I-: 1 Lawns 1 lllIEl.l.l'1N ' llflAli'l'lN Wendall W. Lee "Windy Commercial Basketball 3: Gym Exhibition 2 Music l. "A Iranian loucl-speaker." Elizabeth M. Lewis "Betty Genera Classical Guild 33 Junior Play 3 Girls' Chorus 2g Gym Exllibitio 1. N,-lllU!ll1S milh lielly l'I111ing." Russell Wilson Luellen "Rastus Com mcrcia Hi-Y l, 2: Junior Play Zig Drur Major 3, Gym Exhibition 1. "lle's our INIIIIISIIIIH' llflllll-lllllfllf. Delmar Martin "Martin Vocationa F. F. A. l, 2, Il, Boys' Chorus l, 2 3. "A regular fellow." ILASS oil M c A LISTEN llrlCCl..-UN McColm MCCU I.l.0l'Gll J. Stewart Mc-Alister . v 1 w . - 1 . .- 1. U I . ltlrzllun Mc:Cl.l4:l.1.,x ND Melia HAN MCVAY "Bus" Academic HI-X .lg Stamp Cluh .l, Band 1, 2. l Oulicstiil 2 3 lld Il, Vice President Il: Il: .lunior Play 33 Stall' 3. "An cnrccllcnl aclorf' Mary Jean McClain Classical Gu' Olympus Staff .lunior Paper "Jean" Vocational Girl lleservcs 2, 3: Home Economics , , . . . . I. 21 Latctcria .lg Librarian Zig Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "TI'lIl'-l2llll'.U Shirley McCord Academic Classical Guild 2, Il: Girls' Chorus Zi: Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "Always has a fminkle in her eye." Harry A. McCullough Band 2, 3. "Dall-rlrean1er." Commercial 937 Eugene McDaid usllllln General Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3. "Ile can also sing." Mildred McClelland "Midge" Commercial XVayneshurg lligh School: Girl llescrves 2, 3. "Can she laik!" Donald E. McKahan "Bud" Commercial lli-Y l. 2: llillc Clnh 2, Il. "The unlsnown genius." Mabel Caroline McVay "Mabel" Commercial Girl Reserves 3: Home Economics 1, 2: Girls' Chorus I, 2, Sl. "Playing llw piano is her pasIinu'." Mnnmr l M ILAVHC M rrcHnl.i, lhl0N'I'GOMlCllY t Thomas J. Merritt "Deacon" MORRIS Commercial MORRISON Football l, 2, Il: Boxing ll. MOUNTS, D "A Salurflay Kniylllf' Nl0llN'l'S, M. , , Robert Morrison "Bob" John J. Mllavec "Miller" Cmnmcrcial Cfllnmfwilll Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Class President 12 Hi-Y 3: Cl1lSSil'4ll Guild 2- Junior Paper Stall' 3: Gym Iixhihi- "He could on!-lallc a woman." tion 1. "Good flag, Sir." Robert T. Mitchell "Bob" Dorothy I. Mounts "DOI" C,,m,m.,.cial Commercial F. F. A. 1, 2: Home Room Presi- dent 3, "Good-nalmed." Ray E. Montgomery Vocational F. F. A. l. 2, 3. "A second Bob Burns." William Morris "Reverend" Commercial Gym Exhibition 1. "Do you have your history?" i 41 l Blaine High School 1, 2. "A pleasant disposilionf' Mildred Mounts ufuontyo Taylorstown High School Home Economics l, 2. "Sweet-Icnipcrerlf' ClMidH General 1 1 1. 2, Mrnns , NAwo.I V 0,BRlEN ' O'llnvAN NIOUNTS, Il. MoUN'rs, W. M luivan M imma i Ruth Mounts "Shorty" Commercial Blaine High School 1, 2. "ll'hal dimples!" Wilden Mounts Commercial "His inlelliyenrc will bring him fume." Marie 'Mrkvar "Mitzi" ' ' Commercial Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Home Eco- nomics 1, 2: Gym Exhibition 1: May Day 1, 2. -"The 'Zasu Pitts' of the class." TI-l Hugh M. Munce General Hi-Y 35 Classical Guild 2. "ll'ilIiny and olrliyinyf' Harry Myers General ".-llwuys smiling." Carl M. Nawoj "Nay" U General Hi-Y 2, 33 Football Manager 35 Baseball 23 Basketball 3, "Popular gI'llil!'lIl!lIl at rlmu-es." Dan 0fBrien "Buck" Commercial "ls he here today?" Ethel 0'Bryan Commercial Music 2. "Never says ll word." Margaret A. Paraska "Pedgy"" Commercial Girl Reserves 2, 3g "'l"' Club 3: Go-to-College Club Il: .lunior Paper Staff 3: Basketball 2, il: Gym Ex- hibition 1, 2: Sports Day 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. "A sure ringer at basketball." Mary Jane Parrino "Parrina" Commercial Girl Reserves 3: Go-to-College Club 33 Junior Paper Staff 3: Basketball 33 Sports Day 1, 2: Gym Exhibition 1, 2. 'til-'hy lines Mary get sleepy so often?" Francis L. Peterson' "Pete" Academic Hi-Y 33 Home Room Vice Presi- dent flg Stamp Club 2, 33 Science Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Boys' Chorus 3. "Jael: of all trmlesf' "Charlie" General Charles Pettit F. F. A. 1, 2. "Cool as a cucumber." 1 E421 E JUNICD PA nsslm PAmusA PE'rEnsoN PETTIT Pmzns PI.YMmla, A. PLYMIRE, I. RAI.s'roN Victor J. Plizga "Joe-Joe Genera F. F. A. 1. "Why doesn't lie grow?" Albert Plymire "Ab Vocation: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. "Just get him started." Iva Plymire Q ' Genera Home Economies 1. 2. "She's H shy girl." Wilma R. Ralston Commercir Girl Reserves 3: Junior Paper Sta 3g Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 33 Gym Ex hibition 2. "Sl1e's ll good sales lady." CLASS of T937 Ronnnacman Ross, A. Ross, P. ltusn Haan Ronewrs llocun, li. ltooun, J. Ophelia Reed "Fen" Commercial Gym Exhibition 2. "GoollflIllIllrc4l." Edward Roberts, Jr. - "Ed" Vocational Ili-Y l. 2, President I: Varsity Club 2: F. F. A. 2. 3: Manager 2. "Ile likes clenilrnenlf' Betty June Roche "Betz" Commercial ' Girl Reserves l, 2. 3, Secretary 1, ' 2. Vice President Il: Go-to-College Club Il: Olympus Staff 3: .Iunior Paper Strll' 3: Librarian 33 May Day 2: Gym Exhibition l, 2. "A good helping l1111ui." John L. Roche "Johnny" Vocational lli-Y 1, 2, Il: Agricultural Council 2, Il: Class Treasurer 2: Home lloom 'Treasurer 3: Project winner 2 'S , . . "Iliff lo Hu' women." Frank Rhorbacher "Frankie" Commercial Wrestling 2: Junior Paper Stall' Il. "A good uvresIIcr." Pearl Ross "Kitty" Commercial Cecil High School l. 2. "Anolher new lIll'llllH'I' of lhe .Iunior Class." Pearl Poss "Kitty', Commercial Home Economics l. 2. "She lilies n1iscllief." Ada Evelyn Ruse "Adu" Vocational East XVashingtou lligh School 1: Junior Paper Stall' Il: Home lico- nomic Club 3. "Quiet buf attentive." Denver Sayre Academic llille Club 3. "Are you Donald or Denver?" Donald Doyle Sayre Academic llille Club 3. "Is your brolher here today?" Margaret Jean Schan Academic Girl lleserves 1, 2, 33 Junior Paper Stafl' 3: Junior Play El: May Day 1, 2: Sports Day 1, 2: Gym lixhibi- tion l, 2: Basketball 3. "ll'e can hear her before we see her." Ruth Schweinebraten General Girl Reserves 3: Stamp Club 3: Home Economics 1, 2: Home Eco- nomics Club 3: Gym Exhibition 1. "Whul's her lIfll'lll'ii0Il ul Parochial?" .Helen Scott Commercial Girl Reserves 1: Gym Exhibition 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 2. "Short and sweet." E431 Savnrz, D Sarnia, D. ll SCHAN SCIIXVIZINlillllA'I'EN 1 Suo'r'r Sunosrz Sllllill'l' SIERACKI Virginia Shrontz "Jinner" Vocational Home liconomics 1, 2: Cafeteria Il: Cafeteria Club Il: Music I: Gym Ex- hibition I. 2. "ll'lmI's the menu lotion?" Edna Sibert Commercial Home lioom Secretary Il. "Our plolinum l1Ion4Ic." Louise Marie Sieracki t. Commercial Home Economics 1. 2: Sports Day 1: Gym Exhibition l. "Hourly ol basl:eIhnII." .buf vi '.. Sniom SMILEY. E. SMILI-xv, .l. S M :TH Teddy Sikora 'Miseh ie1vo11s." Emma Jane Smiley Gym Exhibition 2. Sowians SPIKAGG Si-aowns S'rAvovY Q- "Shorty" Commercial "Janie" Commercial "She's tl good messenger girl." James Smiley Agricultural Council "Slow but sure." I 2, 3, Vocational TI-I Alene Louise Smith Commercial Girl lleserves l, 23 Girls' Chorus 1, ill.-lYI.tlll 23 Gym Exhibition 1, 2. "Her interests ure ontsirle of Trin- ilg." Woodrow Sowers "Woody" General nI1fIlI7'S morrierl life, ll'omlg?" Mildred Spragg "Dynamite" Commercial Cleveland High School 23 Girl Ile- serves l, 33 May Day l. "She lilies Clf'I7E'lllll!l.U Marguerite Sprowls "Marg" Vocational East lVashington High School 13 Gil'I Reserves 33 Home Economic 2, 33 .lunior Play 3: Girls' Chorus 2. "Bothing-Ifeulztg of lhe Junior Class" Cecelia Stavovy Commercial Home Economics 1, 2. "Silent wise-n1onmn." Alberta Stoner "Midge" A Vocational Girl Reserves l, 2, 3: 'treasurer 1: Home Economies 3g Cat'eteria 33 Basketball 2, 33 May Day 23 Sports Day 23 Gym Exhibition 2. "She has all the symptoms of good health." Bernard Swart "Bee" Commercial Hi-Y 1, 2. "Does he propose to all the girls?" "Ruthie" Commercial Home Economics 1, 2: Sports Day 23 Gym Exhibition 1, 2. Ruth L. Taylor "A sweet smile." Ray Tennant "Chum" General "His freckles are attractive." E441 E JUNIOR Sroxnn SXVAIVI' 'l'laN NAN1' i , 'l'l'IYSSllill 'l'YLlan l'1.Lox1 VANEK Gertrude Teyssier "Trudi' Academim Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3: Classica' Guild 2, 33 Science Club lg Go-to- College Club 33 "'l"' Club 33 Li- brarian 2, ll: .lunior Play 33 Mag Day 1, 23 Gym Exhibition 1, 2: Junior Paper Staff 3. "l"l't'llt?I'l1'll ! l l l " Albert H. Tyler "Smokey" Commercial "IJueI:, hogs! Here eonws .llr. Wil- son." Iletty Ullom "Betsey' Commercial Girl Reserves lg Home lloom Treas- urer 3g Junior Play 33 Gym Exhi- bition 2, 'Yfrnnpns SlUl'Elllf'llI't.,, Mary Ann Vanek Commercial Go-to-College Club 33 Home Eco- nomics 1, 23 Junior Paper Stafl' 3. "A good friend for any one to have." CLASS oi'l 937 Carl Whipple "Major" YVALKER W,u.Knn Wum XVnnm.i-: Edward Walker, J . 1 . Joseph Walker Classical Guild llome lloom "Jlr. Ross's grrulv - Randall Ward "Seen lml 1 Eugene Weddle Rifle Club 35 Ulluppg lo line." i Mildred Wilson "She run ensilg mulce A's." David Zanolli Hi-Y l. 2. 3: Junior Pa "Ten o'elm'l: svlzolnrf' "Ile likes lo argue. Junior Play Il: .lunl r. "Doe" Vocational l. l. A. 1, 2, J. v. "Joe" Aeadeinie 2, 33 Treasurer 31 Vice President Ii: or Paper Stall .l. sl rival." Kllkei! General ml Iwurzlf' "Squeeje" Commercial Band 1. 3 Coin mereial "Chicken" General per Staff 3. Coin ine reia I Hi-Y 2. "Ile sugs girls ure his lmblzgf' Oscar Whitfield "Wl1ilHe" General "lle's ll f'l'llUlll'l'.H Bessie Wiecheck "Bee" 2 Commercial Girl lleserves 2, Il: Gvm Exhibi- tion "ll'lml llllll.'1'S lzer giggle so?" Carrie Wilson General Girl llc-serves L. 2, Il: Go-to-College ' Club Il: Classical Guild 2, 33 Class Secretary lg Home llooin Secretary 33 Junior Paper Stall' 33 Home lico- noinivs 33 Home Economies Club 3, Prcsirlenl Il: Girls' Demonstration .l. "I lmm' lu Slllllllfl John Yosinski "Yush" Commercial Boys' Chorus 2. Il. A "Class Slwilcf' Virginia Zoeller "Ginner" Voeaiional Washington High School lg Girl Reserves Zig Go-to-College Club ll: Home Hconmnics 2, 3: Home Eco- nomics Club 3: Cafeteria 3. "Virginia gels ll lol ofifnjngnzenl ou! of life." WILSON. M. Yosissni ZANOLLI Zo!-:1.l.i':n E451 YvHll'l' W Hl'l'FIlil.D Wirzcnllzcn XVILSUN, C. SOPHOMORES 5 Samuel Perry, President Sophomore Class History In very l'ew words Iqlll going to toll Why thc Sophoinores have done so well. With hearts sincere and words so wise Miss Zcdiker and Mr. Biory our class advise. Our Ag. hoys have made a name And to Trinity High have brought much tann- For when they went to our Capitol town Smith, Kt'llilIlltJlltl and Spiegel brought thc prizes down. Our athletes Urso, Marra and Biss Have brought to our school nluch added hliss. Ol' Harris and Talarico, too, wc'rc proud, When praise, they'd win, from thc cheering We say when the Iinal curtain drops As a clever reader Eleanor is "tops". Many ot' our nuniher have furnishted glee As they sang in the chorus for you and mc-. As all ot' us know how to play We made our dances and parties gay. With bright decorations and orchestra loud crowd. The Sophomorcs were sure ol' drawing a crowd. Ol' course wc-'re good in our class work, Principally because we did not shirk. So right to the top wc're sure to go For, that's why we are hero, you know. Theodore Andrews, Vice President Willard Hartley Treasurer Norman Spiegel Secretary E461 No1:M.xN Slillitilil Sophomore Gids .Mlri:in, Amlrcws, .Xl'IllSll'llllg, Aslnnnrc, liner, linlwr, linrlmur, liairruws, lin-llinu, Ilen- ncll, lla-lun. liuf, lluylu, Iiricc. Cul'llm1-M.. il1ll'llUll N.. Hunk, llnvimlsun, llnvis. Daly. lk'- ll1ll'Illil. llclmsl, lk-vclilicy, lk-yell, llnmllmlsun-l.. llunalclscm fli,, lJl'ug:nn, lillis, lily, l":u'lcy. l"in'ml, Fulton, Gnrhinski, Guns, Giccek, Gogu, Gulubowsky, Goode, Grummick, Grzy- lmwski Grzylmwski-S.. Gnthric, llzlglw, llilllllllllllfli., Hzuniltun-ll., llcrccg, llcrvnl, lluom-r, llout. llrilmul, llunl, llupp, .lordun, lizlulfclil, Kelley, liuciun. LL-lniiula, Lcinnmn, l.1.-sim, Lewis, Lucknmn, lllzwlm. Marlin, Mairtillcllock, Mcliriclc, lllcllailinunl, ML-Culluugh. lNlcGovcl'n. Mclianlmn, Milzivuc. Millcr. Milhoun. Moningcr, Morris, Mounts-fli., Mounts-li., Nicaislru, l,1llIllL'l'. l,llSl0l'Cll1llli'AlJ., l,ilSll.'l'l'lllllli'M., l'uttci'sml, Pcarrl, Pm-nn, llI'L'llllli, Rankin, liuiclicri, llcynnlcls, Riggilis, llisliin, lluclic, lluux, Rush, S1llllllll.'l'S, Seal, Sllruntz, Skngun. Smith, Spvncc. Ste-wzn'i--li., Stn-wan'l-ll., Slulcr. Sutu, 'l'lnnnpsm1. 'l'umzuzin. llrlxunik. Vanlcnsun, Vainkirlv- lh-ily, Vuiikirk-lioity lhltll, XV:n'clfll,. XV:u'cl' M. Sophomore Boys Allvn, Allison, Allsupp, .'Xmli'ud::s. Amlrews, Applcy, lllllSL'l', llnnilvlcl, ll:u'kcr. Ilan'- ringcr. lic.-lmui, lin-Il, liiglor, liiss, limlnair. Iiranrll, Iirycn. linrclmk, Burk, Cailazlwu, Calli, llu1'ncr, Clicrpuk, Cornell. Craig, Ci'uwI'ul'cl, Crcc, Cronin, ilrnshic, Czzulankiuwicz, llcpruslsy, llcsnwml. lJv:tll'ich, l,l'1lllClU.'I', lluskcy, llyc, l"cdoi', Gamble, Guchcllwckn-l', Guwcrn, Gru- llillll!l':., Gl'Zll1llIll-F., Gruncy, Hamilton, llurris, llurllm-y, Huught, Horne, Hupp, lsimingcr, Jenkins, Johnston, Knpis. Kenumoml, Kozol, Krall, Krizay, Lzxcock, I.ckwni't, Likair, Lutvs, Murrai, Martin, llllL'Cl0Illltll1lll. lNlcCullougl14l"., NcCullo11gll-XV., lxlCGlIXX'Zll1, McQu:ulc. Mvlwiil, Miller, Mmitguim-ry. Moore, Morris, Murphy, Pearl. Pcos. Perry. Pctlncli. Pliillips--ll., J Pliillips-l"., Piuclinik, Podlmy, l'm'lur, 1051. Potupisliin, l'rng:1r, l'i'nv:nncv, Rawlings, llvnlm, llidnsli. llosnmn. Ross. Slmwinski, Slmnlinsky, Slwaulmlii, Smith. Spicgvl, Sicvcnsuli, Slcwurt. Stoppcrich, Stulcr, Sulnncy, Sw:1i'tsfegcl', 'l'ullzn'icu, 'l'lnnnpsnn, 'l'mnsiu, l'rsu. XVui'cl-VID., xvilI'Kl-Ll.. XVUZIVCI'-CllI'0l. XVOIIVCI'-ClZllI'U. l 47 l ""F1',"" FRESHMEN Emery Ellwood, President Freshman Class History On August 31, 1936, a very frightened group ot' boys and girls ap- peared in the gymnasium ol' Trinity Hi school. Finally they conquered their fears of the upper classnlcn and settled down to work. The Freshmen have responded to athletics, musical events, and current activities, and have acquired the Trinity spirit in a very com- mendable way. On February 9, we held our tirst class meeting and were fortunate in securing Mr. E. V. Ross and Miss Amelia Jones for class advisers. We held our Freshman party April 22 at which we became better acquainted. We are sure that we will try to make Trinity Hi School proud of its 1940 class. Louisa liosmn. Katherine Scott, Vice president Louise Rosing, Secretary Alberta Green, Treasurer i481 Freshman Girls Asbury. linlu-l', lluruiclwl, llurrult, li2lI'illSll'li, liuync. llcnucll. liluuk, lllxnclilrursl llluzic, lluruwslii, ll0llL'llL'l', Ilrzullcy, llridgcs, llrucc-lf., llruccf-W., Caldwell, Camplrcll Carter, Clmtumrr, Clrcsuic, Clmntus, Clemens, Cole, Cuuk, Cruwfm-cl. Criswcll. Cl'lPllk'll lluvidsuu, Davis, Huy--ll., Day-.l., lin-Mark, lk-NVitic, lll'lllillllL'll, llurlmiu, lluskuy, lily l"uzzul:1rc, llilrsnu, fiilIlllDl'0, Glcusuu-lflurcm'c, filL'ilSUll4l"I'1lIlL'L'?i, Grznlrzuu, Gruv, Green Gslriusky. Gurney, llurtscll. lloruc. llull, Hultuu, llupp, .lcll'n-rs, Jennings, .lum-s, liumivn ski, li:u1l'l'clcl. licllcrmzur, licpics, licruu, licrr, Kimmius, King, Kncstrick, Knight, lim-lrlvl' lir:lfclr1:k. Leu, Lewis. Llcwvllyn. Lnlringcr, Lutcs, Illauclrucck, Murlmw, Murslr, Martin Mzlvriclr, Mdlullum, Mcliury, Mclicu, McMillan, Illiklic, Mikuta, Miller-A., Miller-li.. Mil- lvr-G., Millcr,-XV., Milclwll-'.l., Milcllcll-M., AlllIlig1llll0l'y, Morris, Mowl, Mrkvur, Mucllcr' NL-lsnn. 0'liryun, Uliugur, Owens, Pucynu, l,ill'S0llS, Pzlsicrbck, P:1tlcl'smr, Pellicy, Penn lllutt, l'm'tn, Pratt. lluvuivn. lluclrl-l., llvrlml S., llccr-20. RL-ich, liClllllL'I', lloaclr, llublv, llus ing, llullr, Sulori, Simms-ll., Simms-ll., Smilh, Sprowls, Stcnlmuse, Slulur, Surnnvy 'l'ulrucl'. 'l'urr, 'l'ursiu, 'l'lmmpsuu. Truhzl, XYUFIIUII, XVulclygu, XVull1-rs, NVQ-uYcl', XVL-lslr, NYil Irollu, XVinsvck, XVrigl1l, Young, Zuft, Zurulmruwsliy, Ziulm, Zitlm. Freshman Boys .lll1lL'I'S4Ill' li., .llrrlclwmrr-li., Arcut, llillIllll'lllQ.fL', lf1llIlL'l', llill'Ilil'lil'l, llclmul, licsscrk hiss, llrzullcy, llrucli, liruwnlcc, lll'llllllllg.Q0. llucllcli, Czllulrm, Caldwell. Calc, Curvy, llznrumu l1l1ur'ru-sky, CllI'lSilll1lII. Cl0llIL'llS, Clutter' C., Clultcr-G.. Comlit, Cook, Coullvr, flux, Craig llruslmic, Crumriuc, Dany-A., Day-ll., Dc'l'cmpIc, llcvorc, llisnmru, llolcuc, Duff, Dugan lluun, Iillwmmd, lfnzzoluri, l"crlcrull', l"0l'gllSHll, lfcrlm, lfurlicli, Vullecns, lfrannc, Guirlu Gurlo, llorlry, fi0XYOl'Il., Grolrcy, llawguu-li., Hilgllllr-I., Hllllglli, llcmllvy, llUli1,.fL'IlS, llulmcs llmmli, llurluy, lsinriugvr, .lzulrmwir-lr, -IOIIIISUII, KL-ru, limlncli, liL'llllL'I', l,L-rch, l,uslmx'ic lAlllQ'lllIl2lII, lmwcry, Main, lllulunc, lllunfrcrli, Mzinun, luillilllfs., lllurliu-NV., Mchluurs Mcllrimlc, lXlcCul'rl. Mcliulruu, Ilh-Qllzxrlc. Illcclrlings-lluy, llln-mlclilrgr,-Iluy, Mikus-J., Illikus-S. Murrow, Mnliclm, lllull, Mycrs, NL-lun, NL-wma-u, 0'llrion, l,ilI'1lSli2l, Pzltrick, Pullisun Phillips, Poulun, llurlcr, Pratt. Prigg, llrogzlr, llcivlr. llc-nuviclr, lliclrmoucl, llullwll. Roth-ll.. lluupc, llusccllo, Sulslmurry Sclrwurrolwutcrr, Sl'1llllilll"l':.,, SUHIIIZIII-ll., Scnkinc Svsll. Shuuk, Sim, Smiley, Smith, Snyder, Sulrzlusky, Swullic, Swilrurt, Th!!lllllSlDIl"liL'll0L't'il TlllllllllS1lll-R0f.fL'I'. TllUlllllSllllfxV., 'l'ul:1ud. 'l'wul'dy. l'rlmnik, Urso, Uscllnn, X70l'llL'I', Vu1.:'0l Vraln-l, XVl'ilill, XV:ltson. XVC1lVCl'fFl'CIl, xVCilV0l'fl"I'Cll, VVL-lls, XVilliams, Xvilfillll-ll., XVil- suu-XV., Wiusccli, Wisu, NVitlrruw, Wulf, XVuml, Zn-noni, Zrimskvk. l 49 I N 5 ALUMNI If Absent in body but present in spirit ALUMNI ASSOCIATION E. Vaughn Ross, President Charles Morrison, Vice President Ruth Driehorst, Secretary - V' ,p Arthur Gayvert, Treasurer I Classes of 1935-1936 Since the Alumni Section this year is devoted to the classes ot' 1935 and 1936, it was necessary to do some extra work to obtain information concerning the graduates. We want to thank all ot' the former students for their support in replying to our inquiry, which has helped to make the Alumni Section a success. In the future we hope to make a greater improvement. A majority ot' the graduates ot' these two classes either are going to college or are employed in various industries. Those attending Penn State Commercial Col- lege are: Carl Kwaezek, Arthur Landrey, Joe Tomsic, Mary Hazlctt, Keith Bigler, Margaret Ross. Charles Razok, Alice Ferguson, Cleo Gray, Edith Dague, Flora Cros- bie, and Louis Cimino. Five are going to Waynesburg College: Robert Swart, Etta Mong, Boyd Keys, ltuth Mounts and Dominic Mancini. The following are enrolled in W. 8 .l. College: Myrl Stulcr, Frank Biss, Matteson Bash, Edward Adams, Charles lliggins, and Thomas Ellwood. Richard Allsopp is attending the University ot' Pitts- burgh. Dorothy Martin is going to California State Teachers College, and Lena ltungo to Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa. Sara Zediker and Jennie Ferralli are attend- ing Washington Seminary. Louise LeNassi is enrolled at Thiel College, While Chris- tine Podlmoy and Jolm Pedicord are attending Grove City College. Albert Wilson has deserted our fair city to enroll at the University ot' Southern California in Los Angeles. Jeaniva Allison and Josephine Watson are taking a beauty course at Pittsburgh. Donald Ralston is attending Wooster College. in Wooster, Uhio, and Glenn Harvey is enrolled at Missionary Institute in Nyack, N. Y. M331 Donald Blake is attending a Badio Enggineering School in Pittsburgh. Addi- son Smiley is taking a course in Diesel Engines in Detroit, Michigan. Three of the girls are training for l1llI'SCSI Thelma Lueosky. in the VVashing- ton Hospital, Evelyn Knestrlck, in Cook's Hospital, Fairmont, NV. Va., and Eleanor Schimmel in Canonsburg Hospital. Many of the graduates have been fortunate enough to obtain jobs. Those work- ing at one of the three Hazel-Atlas plants are: Wilda Clayton, Edna Crumrinc. Emma Baer, .Ioanne Clllllllll, Mary Clark, Hazel Crowe, Frances Devenney, Harold Hunnell, David McCombs, Arthur Hart, Mary Bartusick, Eva Mae Charlton, VVilliam Heatley, .lolm Mosier, Frank Sobansky, Floyd Peterson, Brooks Beynolds, Kenneth Truby, Charles Alcxy, Marjorie McAllister, Helen Mrkvar, Eugene Thompson, and Eva Lou lliginbotham. Dominic Bellino, Lawrence Zanolli, Louis Oliver, Salnuel Mazzie. and Edward VVright are working at the Jessop Steel. Martha VVeirick is a sten- ographer in the otlice of Jessop Steel. and Harriet Scott is elnployed in the ollice ol' the Molybdenum Corporation. Doris Sten is Secretary to Dr. McDonough, M. D.. Vtlashington Trust Building. Lawrence Cooper is Assistant Chemist in the Jessop Steel. Helen Deprosky is working at Tygart Valley Glass Company. Bay VVeaver is employed at the VVashing- ton Tin Plate. Margaret Brown and Buth Brown are telephone operators in Washington. Jessie Craig is working in Boyer's Grocery Store. Ann MeNatch is elnployed at Patterson and Bobins General Store, and Joseph Drenick is working at the Dairy Store in Can- onsburg. Paul Day is an attendant at Texaco Service Station. Kenneth Hager and Pele Ferralli are employed at the Duncan Miller Glass Company, Helen Bonham. at the Dollar Store, Ethel Dagg, Betty Marlin, Helen Hartzell, Louise Bonnell. and Evelyn Walters, at Murphy's. Tony Tomazin is workingat Guy VVoodward's Garage. lIa1'old Ward has undertaken the task of being a superb salesman. Kenneth Bayles is now an usher at the State Theatre. VVilbur Hager is employed at VVarrick's green- house. The following' are working in a coal mine: George Ermaeotf, Grover Mikesetl, Frank Watassek, George Golubowsky, John Chunderlik,and HenryMcCartney. The temporary farmers include James Day, Edmund VVylie, John Creighton. and Harry Dunn. Mathew Dykstra is employed at Whitinsville, Massachusetts. Mary Draku- lich is waitress in a restaurant, and Mike Zubenko is a waiter in a Canonsburg res- taurant. Edward Kern and Cha1'les Wood clailn the profession of clerks, and Donald McCartney is clerk at Gaido Brothers' in Meadowlands. Charles Skrabski isa machin- ist at the Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation, at llolnestead, Pa. A few have joined the list of truck drivers. These are: VVilliam Howden, Victor Pelernell, VVilliam Carpen. and Clarence Ewing. Fannie and Nick Kutz have moved to Detroit. Michigan. Vera Larkin, Grace Barrett, and Anna Paraska are doing house- work. Edward Navoj is working in a steel mill in Detroit, and Patsy Guzzo is also employed there. John Zitko is Deputy Collector of Internal Bevenue. Jolm Frazee is employed at the Telephone Co. i Robert Ganier has gained the position of Assistant Manager of the Kennedy Cut Bale Drug Store on Jefferson Avenue. Bill McCrerey is employed at S. A. Meyer's Jewelry Store. Charleroi, Pa., and Parker llootman is an orderly in the Washington Hospital. Muriel Horner is giving piano lessons, while Buth Hazlett is continuing her music study at home. Those staying at home when our information was obtained are: Jack Baker. Helena Bellino, Lydia Bigler, Eleanor Brice, Dorothy Hart, Jean McClenathan, Frances Jolmson, Dolores Seiler, Buth Berry, Betty Jane Brice. Naomi McCoy, llelen Paraska, Julia Day, Margaret Hunter, Stanley Sams, Donald Morrison, Henrietta Garbinski, Monica Jacob and Anthony Veltre. Many of our former classmates have already reached the altar. These are: Martha Keys and Frank Beynolds. who are living in Detroit where Frank is elnptoyed in the steel mills: Mildred Newland and Bill Weirich: Mary Helen Allison and J. D. Smith: Elizabeth Dragan and Bob Franksg Florence Phillips and Glenn McAdamsg Edward VVright and Helen Podboyg Lenore Elliott and Boy Hart, Carl Cooper and Martha Mankeyg and Betty Horn and Woodrow Sowers. We have been unable to obtain information concerning the rest ot' the Classes ol 1935 and 1936. We hope that through this Alumni Section many will learn of their former classmates' whereabouts and will give us their Sllllll0l'l again next year. ---Am 1.1215 li1svNo1.os 1,55-l Xgx.. QX . iii-l ' 'I .' . ..... . Q., .... . w,.....?.,........,::.... . ... efwv X . .. . . 0 A .f f . X ' - 0 - - X...N..NX . .N,.N,N,. ..xx. . ...NN .,.s . N... ..x. . .Qx,.mN,..M,QM N v ' s . -.. ...,....x.,x.......w..9 x.N.x X www .xNxN, N A- 0 , xm - K lx 4- . M AT HL ETICS 5. Play up, play up, and play the game -Sm HENRY NEWBOL1' fav, I f :TX Football Team It is the easiest thing in the world to support a team that wins every game, but when one is called upon lo support a team that enters every game with all the odds against it, one needs, must ha vc plenty ol' patience and courage. This was the position Trinity's group of boys faced this year. However. such a line spirit of loyalty and endeavor was shown by the members of the tealn that the defeats they suf't'ered were ot' minor importance to their loyal supporters. lnexperienee and lightness proved such a handicap to the boys that they 'were defeated in every game but the one with Clark lligh School. Graduation will again take many' of the members of the team, hut the reserves tll'6 waiting to prove their ability. Mr. Biery, the coach, was assisted by Mr. Moore. Those who will graduate this spring are: Co-Captains, ltoberts and Brown, Bevec, Tomsie, Belotte, Ferguson, Anderson, Kuntz, Martin, and Stevenson. ee Dono'rnv DM' 1936 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Trinity ..... tl XVashington ....... ... 28 Trinity .. ll Georges Township Trinity .. 2 linrgettstown ..... .. Trinity ., tl Monongahela .. Trinity .. 25 Clark ..... . . Trinity .. tl Braddock .. .. Trinity .. ti Canonshnrg ,... Trinity .. ti New Brighton ... i57l Vardty BasketbaH Under the excellent eoaching of Mr. Moore, the boys' haskethall team won fourteen games and lost but six. livery hoy on the team is to he congratulated for his line playing and his support that made this successful season possible. The fact that Mr. Moore was a newcomer did not seem to trouble any of the boys. Co-operation on the lloor contrib- uted greatly to the successful season. The varsity took second place in the Washington County Tournament. They defeated Canonsburg and East Bethlehem, hut lost the third game with Charleroi by only two points. These games were exciting and very close. Reserve BasketbaH Tlie reserve team consisted ot' the following hoys: Carl Nawoj, .loe Urso, ltalph lillis, Steve Ridosh, George Marra, Tony Spin, Pat Malone, Blair Ferguson, L. Smith, .lames Heatley. The team had a successful season and pulled the higgest upset ot' the season when they heat XVashington High School lteserves by the score ot' I7 to ltl. All thc boys hope to make the Varsity squad this coming years. The lteserve team won eleven out of fifteen games, losing one game to YVashington High School, XVayneshurg,g, and two games to Canonshurg. Later in the season, the Reserve team was strengthened hy the addition of John ltoehe and Bud Phillips to the squad. Nawoj and Urso having a little action in varsity games this last season, the Reserves hope to make as good a record, it' not a hetter record, next year. -CARI. NAwo.r l58l Girls Basketball "A task well begun is a task well done," seemed to Ire the motto ot' the girls' basket- hall squad when they started their sueeessful eampaign this season. Out of ten regular games played during the season. only one tie-game and one defeat keeps the reeord from being perfeet. The girls played exeeptionally line haskethall this season ami displayed a spirit ot' true sportsmanship at all times. Mary Cimino, a Senior memher ot' the team, was handicapped by an injured knee for part ot' the season. This year Trinity participated in the A. M. A. Tournament and defeated St. Georges and liurgettstown hut was eliminated in the semi-iinals hy West Newton. Miss liihlinger was often eomplimented hy ottieials. eoaehes. and reporters upon the skill and sports- manship ot' the girls. The following members ot' the varsity will graduate this spring: .lane l.awrenee, ltelty Craig, Thelma Dornherger, Ariel lillwood, Lois Meliahan, Mary Cilnino, lidla llager, Sara Melllenethan, Louise lliston. Wilda NVison, and .lean lVolf. M a n a g e r s -Ilonorin' DAY The managers are the "stooges" ot' the athletie teams. They must antieipate the wants and needs ol' the players and eo-operate with and assist the eoaehes. They are plaeed in charge ot' the dressing rooms and assulne responsibility for dispensing and eolleeting athletic equipment, The Illllll2lgCl'S this year are: Marjorie Post, Betty llagg, lietty Mellride. Palsy Alllll- fredi, and Marion Anderson. .- sri' , latlj n.ionn': l'os'r is I BasebaH 1936 The baseball lealn had a rather dittieull schedule but they came through with a fail record after tying Wash lligh, and winning games from East Washington, XVaynesburg and lientleyville. 'l'he teain's co-operation was very good, and the spirit and 'morale ot' the team was excellent. Early in the spring the team suffered from lack ot' experience, but, under the very capable coaching ot' Mr. .lulius liiery, it soon developed into a smooth-running, hard- hitting group ot' boys who could hold their own with veterans. -DAN Bnows CheeHeaden The cheerleading staff was augmented by six new members this year. Mary Cllllilltl and George Fulton successfully tilted the two senior vacancies. 'l'he tradition ot' electing two sophomore members to the stall' was changed to electing t'our members. The new policy was started to put the senior membership on a more competitive basis and to stimulate greater activity by our sophomore and junior leaders. lt is the aim and purpose ot' thc club to organize the spirited support of our tealns and to develop strong, true sportsmanship ot' which Trinity may be proud. 'l'he sophomores elected are: Martha XVard, Katherine Dragon, Edwin Crosbie, and George Bryen. ln support ot' this staff there are two junior cheerleaders, Doris ltarniekel and Ralph Ellis. Mr. .I. lt. Clark is the supervisor. -Mun' LOUISIC Cmmo i601 a "T" Club Bli'l'TY Cmnt ..... , ...... Presidenl JAN:-1 LAXVltliNlIIi .,.. ...... I 'ire President llm.1aN Po1.lcN. . . , . ,Ser-refury-Treasurer The "T" Club is an organization consisting of girls who have earned a script or block letter by participating in sports and extracurricular activities, and by maintaining a high scholastic standing. The main event of the club is a banquet given in honor of the football squad. This is made possible by a dance held earlier in the fall. h-BETTY Camo l lntramural Sports Boxing The following boys were on the boxing team this year: l'rso, Fazzolari, Craig, Merritt. Whitfield, Carman. Brownlee. These boys had one bout in which they all came out ahead. Under the coaching ot' Nr. liiery, they had a few practices which made them much better. Each boy boxed boys in his own class and had a successful season. XVe hope that Trinity will have a better boxing team in the future. -Jos Faso Volleyball This year marked the second season for Trinity Hi's volleyball team. The tealn was under the supervision ot' Mr. .lulius H. liiery and had a very eventful year by winning games from XVasb High. liurgettstown, the Y. M. C. A. and a XV. K J. fraternity team, Then entering the W. P. I. A. l.. tournament at Pittsburgh, they won second place and silver medals by defeating New Kensington. The members who constituted the squad were llcvcc. Belotte, Tomsic, Martin, Roberts, Marra, Brown. Clark, and Mogentale. -Hsnnv Monms Summary ot' .Xthletie Activities continued on Page G2 l 61 l Junior Class History Continued from Page 35 ished to only two hundred twenty-two. YVC were not quite so flighty, and were ready to settle down to serious business. We took a great liking for extra curricular activi- ties, some of us choosing sports-both girls and boys, and others of us joining clubs to which we were eligible. Toward the close of the first semester we elected the following otticcrs: Presi- dent, Rudy Chehoving Vice President, Milton Wilson, Secretary, Esther Barney: Treasurer, John Roche. During the latter part of April weheld our Sophomore Party, which we know was better than our Freslnnen Party. In September 1936 we entered Trinity as Upper Classmen! Our membershigp had now diminished to one hundred sixty three. Early in the year we elected ot'- ticers and a new adviser, since Miss Thayer had resigned her position here. We chose Miss Amba Kiblinger to take Miss Thayer's place. Our otticers chosen for this year were: President, Rudy Chehoving Vice President, Tony Sping Secretary, Frances Paulg Treasurer, Margaret Mazzie. Our activities this year have been presenting a play. "Guess Again"g publishing four issues ot' "The Hilltop Gazette", holding a class party and dance, and sponsor- ing the Junior-Senior Prom. Trinity... Trinity. . . Trinity. .. Trinity... Trinity. .. Trinity. . . Trinity... TriIIity. .. Trinity... Trinity.. . lloherts . . Brown . . . Bevec .... Martin . . . Belotte ... Tomsic .. Trinity. .. Trinity... Trinity... Trinity... Trinity... Trinity... Trinity... Lawrence Craig .... Cimino .. Mcliahan llornberger . Hager ..... Seasons Summary Continued from Page 61 BOYS BASKETBALL Trinity... Trinity.. . Trinity. .. Trinity... Trinity. .. Trinity. .. Trinity... Trinity. . . Trinity.. . Trinity.. . INDIVIDUAL SICORING Gayvert . . Yereb .... Urso . . . Cilark . . . Nawoj . . . GIRLS BASKETBALL 24 Alumni .. ..... 26 24 Ambridge .. .. 36 29 Claysville . . . .. . . 21 29 McDonald . . . . . 17 17 Ambridgc ... ... 41 22 Washington .... . . . 27 35 Burgettstown ..... .... 2 2 25 Cumberland Twp. . . . . . 19 22 Canonshurg ...... . .. 16 21 Waynesburg ........... 31 1".ti. I". Pts. 54 31 139 43 15 101 44 12 100 40 14 94 29 6 64 23 6 52 24 Alumni ....... ....... 1 6 21 Burgettstown .. . ... 21 30 Elizabeth . . . . . 22 19 Cecil ............ . . 12 17 Elizabeth ......... .. 8 .18 Findley Township ..... 11 7 Burgettstown ..... .. 8 TOTAL SCORES G. F.G. Tot. . . . . 51 45 147 . . 54 14 122 . . 16 5 37 5 3 13 . 3 ti 6 0 1 1 162 Trinity. .. Trinity. . . Trinity.. . Trinity. .. Trinity... Trinity... Ward . . . XVheeler . Paraska . Paul .... Ilornberger Donaldson 50 23 18 47 30 30 25 37 26 32 31 28 25 39 26 25 - -ALICE JANE GETTIG. Claysville . .. Cecil ........ YVashington .... Mcllonald ......... Cumberland Twp. .. Canonsburg ...... XVayneslIurg .... Burgettstown . . . Cecil .......... Centerville .. 0 1 0 0 0 -lJono'rHY DAY Cecil .,............ Findley 'Township Centerville ........ St. Georges .... Bnrgettstown . . . XVest Newton .. RESERVE TEAM G. F .G. 6 2 3 3 9 0 3 0 1 0 3 1 22 22 29 24 27 1:24 ..1s 22 21 8 8 7 6 4 2 13 17 6 15 25 30 Tot. 14 9 18 6 2 7 xysf-1 'N ,JJ l' V ,V x ' U QL ll -NN -- -" "2 - N H :N MW Qf LITERARY Of all those arts in which the wise excel Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well. -JOHN SHEFFIELD Faulty When I entered High School four years ago I wasn't very smart. And oh, the things I still don't know, It almost breaks my heart VVhen I think ol' the chances that I've had To acquire knowledge free, Gosh, I've been a stupid lad That's plenty easy to see. The trouble was-e-it's an awful sign But in this we're all so prone It's very true to a much quoted line, 'tHe won't keep his nose to the stone !" A remedy for this is hard to find. But I'1l try to be calm and cool, I'll study hard-Pye made up my mind If I go on to school. There's a moral, along with this jingle I've decided to relate: With all our troubles we usually mingle, Until it's far too latee- To recover from disaster And climb to higher ground And use a healing plaster Which is very seldom found. So, when you undertake a job, Ill the beginning do it rightg It will often prevent that wailing sob That comes from disaster and plight. --FRANCIS CAIN t65l A Chivalric l.'Allegro If I were given a day at ease To do whatever it would me please If 'twere in the power of God I'd go Back to the days of lo11g ago, To knights in armor, to maiden fair, To the Castles with their lofty air, To see the actors and the stage anon While I, to miss nothing, rise with the sun. From n1y castle window I see below The horses praneing to and fro. The eoek is erowing far away To announce the coming ot' the day. The trumpet blows, the Castle wakes, Each of his breakfast now partakes. The knight then dons his armor bright To battle nobly for the right. A page assists him on his horse A maiden sheds a tear ot' remorse. The porteullis raises, the drawbridge falls, The knight has left the eastle walls. His fame and fortune, he will seek In lowest valley, on highest peak. Having eaten, with naught to do We'll go hunting for a deer or two. The air is crisp, the hunting fine And, now, towards evening we go home to dine. Coming home, we meet the knight. His soul is filled with vast delight. He has met the foe along the way And conquered him this very day. The night is near the shadows fall As we approach the castle wall. Tonight, a feast has been prepared For all learned how the knight has fared. The feast is done, We drink our ale The knight is asked to tell his tale. His story done, the fire dies down, It reflects in the eyes ol' the sleepy clown. Up and up the winding stair. Slowly past the walls so bare, Sleepily into bed I creep, And soon I meet with slumber deep. The day has seemed like a dream from heaven But I'm glad I'm hack in '37. ----4Wn.1.1AM L. MUELLER l66l Senior Class Prophecy SENIOR CLASS or 1937 This is no great poem, but just a few lines To mention all the Seniors' futures, if we tind time. And if you don't like our mention of you, Just smile a11d laugh, but don't feel blue. For we got all the "info" fl'0lll Ali Ben Hagen, Who, from a crystal, gives advice for the takin'. Now the room darkens! Wait! NVhat's this we see? Patsy Manfredi. manager of the Boston Bees. And lo! graduating from Duquesne. with highest degrees, That's Wilhelmina Jefferson, if you please. The shadow fades, but no-t for longe e Again old Ali rambles on. "Louise Liston and Nell Butcher as nurses, kind and gentle Are always thoughtful and never tempermental. And Gladys Gowern's name in history is down, For doing good deeds, she's a lady of renown. 5 - 1 1 Somebody s stenog was the call ot Ifreda Hanam s heart I And for Lawyer Edward Marks, we see she's doing her part. The scene grows brighter, as Ali l'oretells ' X Q V f f 1 1 ' J . lhe gleat suttess ol Lawrence l eteinell. "We see John Stavovy as a farmer, not a baker, He gets plenty ol gram from every little acre. To pilot a plane was always their aim, In that, Vester and Skowvron have gained much fame." Ali exclaims, "Now what do I see! A dancer on the stage is Helen Shawinski. As Minister ot' the Gospel, Fred Rothenberg does preach, Telling people of Heaven. a place that's hard to reach. Ariel Ellwood her tealn does coach, Her teclmiques are always above reproach." Now the brightness of the crystal again grows dim. He sees Gladys Hunter, Dean at Muskingum. "Who's that? Mildred Brady and no other, A second Gracie Allen. who talks of her brother. As Stewardess ot' the S. S. P. A. Jean Bigler is always happy and gayf' "And now. another five dollars. if you please. I now behold the great Richard Pees. A mechanic with General Motors, is Kenneth Ford. He gained this fame ot' his own accord. Florence Caton, who is known by her own sweet smile, Now types at a desk and goes through a file." t67l Brighter and brighter the crystal does gleam. Ali says, "Jane Lawrence is o11 a professional team Russell Podboy is ow11er of a ranch in the West, Of all the ranchers, he is known best. A great playwright is Mabel DeVVittg She picked a career that sure is her tit." A shadow now crosses the great silver ball, But Ali Ben Hagen sees and tells all. "And there in a famous laboratory, Experimenting on a great discovery, Works a man both grave and sane, This is the noted chemist, Francis Cainf' "A very neat housewife, working all day, That's Anna Belle Bainbridge thinking it play. Esther Bayne now is a restaurant owner, And you may be sure she isnit a joner. And here is a lawyer of great renown, For Jack Belotte was never a clownf' "Another of ours-a modern homemakere Is Anna Barrows, a cook and a baker. Joseph Thomas is a famous secretary, But once in a while he gets contrary. An office girl is Opal Cole, She digs into work, just like a molef' "Dorothy Day's dreams have finally come true, For she has said the usual 'I do.' Blanche DeWitte, I too can see, In a white uniform looking at me. There's Thelma Dornberger as a basketball coach, Her vigorous assistant is Martha Roche. "To give you this reading and make it just fit. Another five dollars will help quite a bit. Far into the future, I can see Another Gracie Allen from Trinityg This young lady is Lois McCoy, Although her last name now is Loy. "Evelyn Andrews has neither broom nor mop, For she is the boss in a beauty shoppe. Dorothy Dykstra is a t'armer's wife, But she doesn't chase mice with a carving knife. Anna Ferralli is teaching literature Even though she is so miniature. "A beautiful manikin I can see, Rachel Fortney is i11 New York City. And Thelma Dunning is still her pal, Rachel says, 'She's a peach of a gal.' William Yereb is a contractor who is much sought, For in architecture he was well taught. H531 "Jane Green is so light and fair, She's a chorus girl without a care. Dorothy Johnston has gained neither fortune nor fame, But to Mrs. Munn has changed her name. A noted leader of a gay swing band, Is Julia Kepics with her lively hand. "Edla Hager is a cigarette girl I11 a night club owned by Governor Earle. Sophie Garbinsky chose to be a wife, A11d now is living a happy life. Caroline Hamil lives all alone In her beautiful little country home. "Frank Cook as a lad was very neat, He now has a job at the county seat. Marian Frazier, always jolly and gay, Has never let a millstone fall in het' way. Virgil Hartley at his ease, Still likes the little girls to tease. The vision now is growing obscure As Ali Ben Hagen repeats his lure. We give him ten dollars, now, at this time, And Ali again the praises does chime: "Gay and petite is Eunice Bayles, While through her debonair life she sails. "Ethel Carlisle is charming and shy, And she never stops to think of the 'why' Mary Cimino, a gay dancer will beg She has opened a school in Kansas City. Betty Craig is known as every one's pal, And Jack Martin still thinks she is a nice gal. "Esther Sanders, who was never a preacher, Has beeolne a successful Commercial teacher. Wilda Wilson and Sevilla Mitchell are tive and ten workers At their duty they are never shirkers. Sara MeClenathan's career is one of average life For she has settled down to be her llllSll2lllll,S loving wife. "Ruth MeGowen has taken to aviationg A T-erraplane caused this great sensation. A G-Man of talent is Joseph Dobcck, Who solves the mysteries by the peck. Stella Lask is still just a blond, And of her friends she's ever so fond. "Graduating l'I'0lll Temple in the year of '41, Betty Jeanne Knestriek's career has just begun. Lois McKahan is still a gay lass, She Works at the Atlas, sorting glass. Stenhouse and Minton as nurses ill'Cll,l failing, They know what to do when patients are aillingf' i691 Ali still talks as the crystal does glow, Each student reaps just what he did sow. "Albert Wise is gifted as a court crierg He sings out the names as if from a lyre. Nick Suwak is now driver of a truck, At this occupation he has had much luck. "Betty Lawrence and Ethel Stewart have each other's heart Nothing, so far, has kept them apart. I see Ada Lee Reynolds as a mathematician3 At her occupation, she's quite a magician. Mary Porter is a clerk at Brown's on Main Street, Her customers all think that she is a treat. "There is Ida Mae Ponton in a large lobby, But berry-picking is still her favorite hobby. A ll9tll little housewife is Cecilia Hobie: She does her work well, and her thoughts are all noble. A very nice person is Dessie Mounts, She knows her figures in all her accounts. "Margaret Johnston is like Jennie Wren, She still likes to chatter whenever she can. Steve Pirozak is now Washington's Mayor, In all his dealings, he always plays fair. Edward Sharik is just another Longfellow, His work is pathetic and so very mellow. "Alvin Mu11n as a chaulfer his life did not mar, Ile was allways a worker when he had a car. Kathyrn Manon is a prim little housewife, She cooks very well without any strife. Virginia Polen has fallen into Miss Flotto's way, As a Girl Reserves sponsor, she now has her way. "Joan Yorkin in Hollywood has the same name, And as an actress, she has gained much fame. Blair Wherry as a farmer is keen, His horses like him because he's not mean. Bud Anderson is a forest ranger, he works for the U. S. A. He's always in the mountains, be it night or day." Oh that crystal, how it does blaze. For a moment it puts us in a daze. "We see Coach Jacob Tomsic heading the sports news, World football men like his fair views. Elizabeth Pasterchalk is known for her books, Just as she is known for her tidy looks. "Emil Markow is recognized for his funny orations, And as an amuser is sought by all stations. Eleanore McAdams never took Latin to heart, But with Virgil, now, she is doing her part. Sasia Kutz lives in Detroit, far from here, Even so far away, she has never a fear." l70l But now the vision is steadily failing, And again old Ali t'or money is wailing. A few dollars more makes it just right, It sure is a good thing that we aren't tight, "There is Ruby Spiegel playing her violin on the stage, And, as you guess, she gets a good wage. "Helen Polen is now i11 college: for good marks she does not grieve. As she is among that few who highest honors do receive. Marjorie Post wants to be a nurse, but will she this fulfill, When the one thing she wants most is a guy by the name of Bill? One thing Rea Hartley will never do is try to become a sailor, Though it wouldn't surprise us it' he became a second Taylor. "Frank Bevec gives the people lots of joy and cheerg He tends a little garden, in which he harbors beer. Thomas Hughes is a grappler, of course you know the rest, lie won the heavyweight wrestling bout, and is now the world's best Edna Pratt is an air hostess, brave and daringg She's never at home unless she is airing." The light again dims but not for long, For Ali is going just as strong, And in I,ife's little Theater of Time, He sees each one's life so very sublime. "There's Alexander Lockman who dresses very fine, For he's a big stock owner in the Lincoln Hill Coal Mine." "Milo Drakulich is an accountant, his rating is very higbg He also is a detective, so when talking to him, don't lie. Jack Gregg is a business man, the autos do not pass NVhen they see his advertisement, 'Buy that Good Gulf Gasf John Defaziot is a factory man, he goes to work each day: And, as an operator, he draws very good pay. "Wayne Ferguson is a craftsman, his work is of matchless skillg Anything he is asked to make, he can do it if he wilt. As an actor at Trinity, Jack Martin was so good That he now has a contract out in Hollywood. Earl John leads an expert ritle team, they travel far and nearg They tour the U. S. A. once every other year." Now the visions of the argent ball do wane, Old Ali begs again, but not in vain. As we give him tive dollars, his mind again wanders, And over the speculum he stops to ponder. "Leona ltarden is an interpreter, she's very hard to beatg She works beside the President when foreign councils meet. "Irwin Clemens works in a laboratory Alld is always ready to tell a good story. Bill Roberts likes gravel, but he likes sticks the most: He's a clerk at the Keystone-and a prop to a tPost'. Raymond Polen is a mechanic with motors of every sort, He also has a hobby which includes most every sport. t7ll "ln choosing his occupation. ltalph Hush was no fool, For now he's teaching lI1'l in Trinity High School. ltobert Gayvert is a two-stepper, he teaches students to dance. If they have an old pair of shoes in which to take a chance. Frank Kuzy works as a pilot whenever he possibly can, And when he's not doing this, hc's radio's fumly man. "A dependable reporter is Frances Urbanik, Always there to take notes, whatever the panic. Jean Wolf, who is now Bud Anderson's wife, Is now in the prime of a happy life. A modern secretary is Mildred Zrimshekg She takes all the notes and writes out the checks. "John Wzisicileski, a comedian so bright, Keeps his crowds laughing on into the night. An expert dietician is Margaret lteddg She keeps many formulas in her head. Of vocations, Sylvia Landrey has chosen the hardest, For she is now living the life of an artist. "Frank Chmiel took up a profession that was very hard to learn, But now he's the chief executive in a big business concern. Chalnler Cowen has a half interest in Carothers's dairy, Half of the time he eats ice cream. the other half makes merry. George Fulton is a draftsman, but from this course he'll swerve, Ile'll be a politician, he surely has the nerve. "Joseph Mogentale owns a steel mill, his business ability ratesg lle's known as a business manager all over the States. Amelia Kurpjuweit is a housewife, a stenog on the side, Also a professional typist, so in the home doesn't always abide. Ralph Kendall's profession comes straight from his heart, He owns a cozy studio, in which he teaches art. "Ruth Miller lives in the country, she is a t'armer's wifeg Harry Morris and she together lead a happy life. Dan Brown is governor ol' his state: He'll reach the White House before he's forty-eight. Frank Bell in his spare time drives a taxi-cab, But the way he makes his living is by his gift of gab. "A few more dollars will complete this great job, And after all, there was quite a mob. I see a triln little housewife, that is Opal l.ocyg She keeps each little room so very neat and cozy. Edward Clark is now in the U. S. Marine Bandg He helps make its music, stately and grand. "A budding young genius, lct's watch him flower, William Mueller doesn't stop thinking just for a shower. James Davis owns a dairy farm from which he does sell milkg His income is such that if he wished, he could easily dress in silk. Edward Kuntz is an orchestra leader, the quality of which is fine It's his delight to make the swing and make the swing in time. l72l "Kermit Bonner as a lawyer is wealthy and wise: He wins all his eases without telling lies. Le-Moyne Banfield is a reporter of air seoopg He always lets us know when Earhart makes a loop. Dorothy Baker is still a very good girl, She gives permanent waves and puts hair in a curl. "Catherine Knestriek runs a eomptometer, she never uses force, She multiplies, adds, and subtraets, and she divides, ol' course. Frank llungo's a handsome guy, and might be a romaneerg But one thing he will always be is an excellent tap dancer. Osear Whitfield is master of a gay swing band, His musie is heard all over the land." Alas! the crystal is again slowly fading, And we're glad old Ali has not kept us wailing. "Eli .lanovieh is the owner of a large dairy farm, lie always does his friends kind deeds, never any harm. VValter Kozol has invented a new kind of maehineg It will read a mind, no matter how keen." That is all Ali can see of our Senior Class now, So he makes his exit with a quaint little bow. For each and every Senior we think we've done our part, It' you don't think the same as we, don't take our lines to heart. Our advisers, too, we must not forgetg For two as good and kind as they will never again be mel. There is loving Miss Campbell, we've found her so sweet, She is the knld ot' a friend that is hard to beat. As lor Mr. Wilson, you all know how he rates, lle has been so very helpful, we ean't blame him for our fates. We hope that the same kind ot' happiness I'or each ot' you is in store. And now with our parting wish. we shall say to you, "Au Revoir." --JEAN Blouin - .Fn,xNe1s CMN P Gl,Anvs llllN'l'lilt f-l,if:0NA l'lAltIlIiN i731 Senior Class Will We, the Class ot' ot' 1937 ot' Trinity lligh School. County ot' VVash- ington and State ot' 'Peimsylvania, being ot' sound and disposing mind and memory. and realizing that we must part with sundry honors, talents and emotions, do hereby pronounce this our last will and testa- ment: Evelyn Andrews and Dessie Mounts will their quietness to Sarah llaines and Mildred VVilson respectively. Annabelle Bainbridge wills to her sister her position in the cafeteria. Jack Belotte wills his dramatic ability to Paul Day and his feminine attraction to Angelo Calli. We bestow upon Bob Brown, L. Erwin Clemen's humor. Opal Cole wills her ability to blush to Baymond Grimm. The friendship ot' Thelma Dunning and Bachel Fortney is willed to Betty Dagg and Frances Paul. Gladys Gowern wills her mathematical ability to Betty Lewis. Dorothy Johnston passes on to Eula May Allison her pleasant dis- position. Betty June Boche is just the person to inhcrit Marjorie Post's dignity. Ada Lee lteynolds's t'riendliness and willingness to help others is passed on to Ada Ruse. Frank Clnniel leaves his disability to write legibly to Carl Nawoj. Nell Butheer passes her vivacity on to Margaret Schann. Margaret Stenhouse passes on to Myrtle Kinder her interest in music. Helen Shawinski tLlI'l1S over her library duties to Jean McClain. Esther Sanders passes on her quiet charm to Esther Barney. Amelia Kurpjuweit's ability in typing is willed to Mildred Spragg. Sara McClenathan wills her seventeen-cent treasury from Boom 14 to any Junior who will care for it next year. To Margaret Mazzie we will Wilhelmina Jett'erson's knowledge of typing. Sylvia Landrey wills her brilliance to Mary E-l'llltlL'tlll'. To Betty McBride we will Anna Barrow's romance. Steve Pirozak wills his quietness to Donald Mcliahan. We will to Stewart McAllister, ltay Polen's bashtulness. Betty Lawrence wills her typing ability to Pearl Boss. Jalnes Davis bequeaths his mischievousness to Steve Lebnick. Iluth Mctlowen trusts her giggle to Grace Larkin. Kathryn Mannon wills her ability to cook to Stella Kendall. Leona llarden wills her ability to make A's to Mary Ermaeoff. Ariel Ellwood passes on her skill as guard on the basketball tealn to Louise Sieraeki. Ella Hager wills her tardy marks to Betty McBride. Thomas llughcs bequeaths his laziness to Thomas Merritt. ltuth Minton leaves her ability to talk in study hall to Doris Barn- ickel. Earl John passes on l1is ability to get adve1'tisements for the Olympus to Stewart McAllister. Betty Jean Knestrick bequeaths her brilliant school work to Sarah llaines. t74l Thelnia Dornberger leaves her basketball career to her sister Mildred. Sophie Garbinsky gives her chewing gum wad to Anna Anesetti. Edward Marks wills his singing voice to Francis Peterson. George Fulton bestows upon Ralph Ellis his ability to be a good cheerleader. Sevilla Mitchell wills her quiet nature to Grace Larkin. Jane Green bequeaths her merry giggle to Olive llinerman. Rea Hartley leaves his ability to entertain the girls to Rudy Che- hovin. To Betty Dagg goes Ethel Carlisle's sincere friendship. Julie Kepics wills her shorthand talent to Allne Ross. Frank Bell wishes John Bartley to carry on his mischievous pranks. Jean Bigler, Mildred Brady and Esther Bayne leave their positions in the cat'eteria to Hula Mae Allison, Virginia Shronlz and Mary Bain- bridge. LeMoyne Baneld bequeaths his job with the Press to Wendell Lee. To Ruth Baker goes Florence Ellen Ca lon's sunny disposition. Frank Cook passes on his ability as a salesman to Raymond liudak. Dorothy Day bestows her pleasant slnile upon Alice Jane Gettig. Anna Ferralli bequeaths her silence to VVilden Mounts. Challner Cowen passes on his shooting ability to Denver Sayre. Kermit Bonner wills to Mary Parrino his ability to skip school without being caught. Lois McCoy wills her ability to do shorthand to Wilden Mounts. Richard Pees leaves his ability as a sucessful farmer to Richard Baker. Jean Wolf wills her merry giggle to Betty McBride. We wonder if Mary Porter would leave her friendliness with Mary Ermacotl. Albert Wise leaves his ability to irritate and confuse a teacher to Tony Spin. Russell Podboy bequeaths his noise-making ability to some rowdy Junior. Caroline Hamil wishes to transmit her typing ability to Ionabclle Earnest. Virgil Hartley wills his ability to tlirt to anv bashful Junior. Joan Yorkin passes on her dancing skill to our little blonde-headed Junior, Betty McBride. Emil Markow wills his ambitions to any deserving Junior. Cecelia Roble wishes to leave her ability to write poetry to any Junior who can take it up. William Yereb wishes that Frank Rohrabacher will keep Strabane represented in sports at Trinity lligh School. John Defazio passes on his paper selling to some worthy Junior. C Tyayne Ferguson will gladly share his ability to argue with Arnold .ros ne. Kenneth Ford wills his primping to Robert Brown. Jack Gregg passes on to Steve Lebnick his ability to "jew" dealers down. We think Marion Anderson should have Ed Kuntz's time-keeping job in Senior English. Ralph Kendall wills his pool playing to Rudy Chehovin. l 75 l Eleanore McAdams wills her ability to do etlicient work in the cafeteria to Stella Kendall. Ruth Miller olfers Eula Mae Allison her sweet and thoughtful dis- position. We, the Class ot' "IW", confer to the Class ol' "ISS" Joe Mogentale's excessive use ot' enormous words. Elizabeth Pasterchalk passes on to Jean McClai11 her ability to make friends. Margaret Redd would like to place her quiet disposition upon Lois Bainer. Jolm Stavovy thinks the most logical person to have his ability to work arithmetic is Paul Day. Ethel Stewart will give her cute little giggle to Anna Hartsell. Joseph Thomas, the big game hunter, wonders il' some ol' the Trinity faculty would care to share his honors as a hunter. John Wasicleski. the Canonsburg lad, wills his story telling to Carl Haines. Blair Wherry thinks that John Roche should have his taxi business. Mildred Zrimshek wishes to give her shyness to any .lunior who wishes this quality. Arthur Anderson wills his football prowess to John Craig. Frank Bevec gives his football shoes to Thomas Merritt. They both wear size 13 shoe. Dan Brown wills his executive ability to "the capable and indusri- ous" Rudy Clll:'l10VlI1. Francis Cain bequeaths his markmanship with the ritle to Doyle Sayre. Mary Cimino leaves her dancing qualities to Anne Nicastro. Betty Craig donates her ability to Margaret Paraska to shoot a basketball. Milo Drakulieh wills his commercial sagacity to VVilden Mounts. Robert Gayvert leaves behind a smooth style ol' dancing to all those interested to take it up. Gladys Hunter bequeaths her poetic ilnpulse to Gertrude Teyssier. Frank Kuzy wills his loquaciousness to Stewart McAllister. J-ane Lawrence leaves her skill in shooting a basketball to Martha Ward. Louise Liston passes on to Alberta Stoner her remarkable ability to play guard on our basketball team. Alexander Lockman leaves his distinguished. gentle manners to Arthur Borello. Patsy Manfredi has been showing Carl Haines around the dressing room for the past two years so we suppose that Patsy will leave Carl the job ol' manager. Jack Martin wills his wisdom to Paul Day, but don't get lazy, Paul. Harry Morris wills his executive ability as a11 ellicient member ol' F. F. A. to Richard Baker. Alvin Munn passes on the taxicab business to Richard Gcttig. Lawrence Peternell will let High Munce inherit his loyalty to Trinity. Helen Poten will let Ada Ruse inherit her habit ol' carrying all her books home. William Robert gives his basketball ability to Ralph Ellis. Fred Rothenberg leaves Gertrude Teyssier his art ot' acquiring auto- graphs. l76l Ruby Spiegel donates to any Junior the art ot' studious concen- tration. Nick Suwak's interest in the athletic department will be taken up by Sam Manfredi. Jacob Tomsic wills Angelo Calli his gridiron generalship. Bessie Vetser passes her dramatic ability on to Frances Paul. Eunice Bales wishes Esther Barney to take her place in the com- mercial department. Dorothy Day leaves her abilities to Edna since E. Sibert is so capable. Rlanche DeWitte wills her good looks to Alice Jane Gettig. Mabel De Witte lets Frances Paul inherit her passion for hero wor- ship. Robert Morrison inherits Joe Dobeck's quietness. Dorothy Dysktra gives Ada Ruse her Economics interests. Anna Ferralli bequeaths her studious nature to Sarah llaines. Marion Frazier gratuitously leaves her good will to Ophelia Reed. Freda Ilanam thinks that Anna Anesetti should have her bashful- IICSS. Margaret Johnston is glad that Charles Pettit can take her place as taxi driver. Julie Kepics wants Alice Bazolli to take her place as a commercial student. Shirley McCord receives Sasia Kutz's quietness. Louis McKahan wants Louise Sieracki to continue her basketball activities. spe: list. Virginia Polen wills her Olympus success to Paul Day. Ida Mae Ponton wishes to will her quietness to Dorothy Pearl. Edna Pratt leaves her boy-friend dicussions to Mildred Spragg. Jean Wolfe makes the same bequeath as Edna Pratt. Edward Sharik leaves his French accent to any one interested in tking French. Martha Roaehe leaves her humor to any Junior deserving it. Ralph Rush wants Jim Heatley to take his place on the absentee Walter Scowvron wills his commercial ability to Howard Carter. Frances Urbanik leaves her secretarial abilities to Helen Burns. Wilda Wilson lets any Junior who wishes it to have her quiet dis- position. William Yereb bequeaths his aritlnnetical ability to Stewart Mc- Allister. Mildred Zrimshek wishes Alice Razolli to have her shyness. Stella Lask leaves her good-nature to Stella Kendall. We appoint our princpal and assistant principal executors ol' this will, and revoke all former wills. ln witness whereof. we have sub- scribed our names this 31st day ol' March, 1937. - -Biarrv .Ii-:ANNI-3 KN1as'rmc:k Ginxnvs Gowrzniv - -Inwm Cu-:MEN ---H.-mm' Monms ---JACK BEl.0'l"l'E l77l Trinity Calendar 1936-37 AUGUST Monday, 31-!l'he doors of Trinity were again opened to its students. SEPTEMBER Monday, 7--School Holiday. Friday, 18---All School Hop, Sponsored by the F. F. A. and featur- ing Bed Carter's Orchestra. Friday, 25 Football game at home with Georges Township. Tuesday, 29'--We were entertained in assembly by Pamahasikas' Pets. VVednesday,30'eAn assembly program featuring Brown and Beneley in some very entertaining musical numbers. OCTOBER Friday, 2---Football game away, with Union High School. Friday, tlWMonongahela Football gilllll' which was played at Mo- nongahela. Friday, lti---Sophomore Dance held in the gym. Friday, 23,--Clark football game at home. Thursday, 29e4A very amusing assembly program with the Hanley Marionettes the chief attraction. Friday. 30 Braddock football game played at Braddock. Also the Hi-Y sponsored a dance in the gym. NOVEMBER Tuesday, 3-School held an election which favored Roosevelt 2 to l. Friday, ti---Canonsburg football game at homeg also the Hi-Y-Girl lleserves party was held. Friday, 13-We held our second Amateur night in the Trinity audi- torium with a full house and a very good performance by the students taking part. Saturday, l-cle -New Brighton football game away. Friday, 20 --"T" Club Dance held in the gym. VVednesday, 25- Home Economics and F. F. A. party was held in the cafeteria. Thursday and Friday, 26-27e Thanksgiving Holidays. DECEMBER Friday, Ale-Junior Class presented "Guess Again" both afternoon and evening performances. Tuesday, 8-1-A--Alumni-Varsity basketball game both boys and girls. l73l Friday, Tuesday, VVednesday, Fri day, Monday, 21, JANUARY Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Tuesday, Friday, 1lMBasketba1l game for the boys with Ambridge High at home. 15--Basketball galne with Claysville. 16 -The football banquet was held in honor of the football team. Also, E. C. Ramsey gave an interesting talk in assembly about present day conditions Ill Europe. 12P'Senior Dance. Also, McDonald basketball galne away. to Monday, el-4Christmas Vacation. -1-V-School resumes after a very pleasant vacation for all. 5.. First game of W. P. I. A. l. with Washington High, away. 7M-E.. C. Ramsey was back in assembly with moving pie- tures of European countries, which he had taken him- self. 8-dliasketball for both girls and boys with Union High School at holne. Also, Blind Henderson entertained us in assembly with some very clever musical numbers. 12-Cumberland Township boys basketball at home and 15- Elizabeth girls basketball at home. -First Selnester Exams start. Canonsburg basketball, tl XVII y. Monday and Tuesday, 18-l9eFirst Semester Exams. Tuesday, Friday. Monday, 20-Waynesburg basketball at home. 22-Claysville basketball away. 25N4Shakespeare plays were put on in the gym both in the afternoon and evening. The afternoon performance was "The Merchant of Venice" and the evening perform- ,ance was "Macbeth" Tuesday, 26-Cecil basketball both boys and girls at home. VVednesday, 27-Frank Douglas gave a very interesting talk about Alaska in assembly. Friday, 29-Washington High basketball at home. FEBRUARY Tuesday, Friday. Tuesday, Friday, Tuesday. Frida y, Thursday, 2-A-McDonald basketball at home. 5-Cumberland Township basketball away. Girls at Eliz- abeth for a return basketball game. 9-Canonsburg basketball. home. 124Waynesburg basketball, away. 16-Union basketball, away for both girls and boys. l9ECecil basketball, away for both girls and boys. 25eeCentervilIe basketball for both girls and boys at home. l79l Friday, 26 Saturday, 27 e Senior Dance featuring Lee Barrett and his orchestra. . C. I. A. A. basketball tournament starts in the Trin- W ity gym. MARCH Monday, lee-W. C. I. A. A. tournament. Wednesday, 3 eeee AW. C. I. A. A. tournament. Thursday, -la-VVe were entertained in assembly by the Abraham Lin- coln Players. Friday, 5 -W. C. I. A. A. tournament. Saturday, 6eeW. C. I. A. A. tournament. Thursday, 11, We were entertained in assembly by the Tamburitza Serenaders. Friday, 12a-Senior Girl Reserves Dance. Friday and Monday, 26-29-Easter Vacation. APRIL Friday, 9-Senior Girl Reserves and H.-Y. Party. Friday, 16-Gym Demonstration. Friday, 23 -Junior Dance. Friday, 3fHSenior Play. MAY Friday, 144Junior-Senior Prom. Friday, 21---COIIIIIIEIIC-6111011ll Dance. Sunday, 234Baccalaureate Sermon. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 24-25-26-Final Exams. Friday, 284Commencement. l80l Honor Roll V The Faculty ol' Trinity High School are pleased to announce the Honor Boll tor the first semester. Of the forty-nine names on the roll, fourteen are Freshmen, nine are SODDOIIIOFCSQ eleven are .luniorsg and fifteen are Seniors. The following gl iding., method is used: Sylvia l.andrey .. Lois Metloy Dorothy Day ,... . Margaret Stenhouse Betty Knestriek ... XVilden Monnts .. Stewart McAllister Sarah Haines .... Mary l':l'I1HlC0l'l- .. Anna Cook Susan Goga ...... Diana Goluhowski Adolph Biss ..... Ferne Caldwell .. Frank Carman Geraldine Bavoira . . . . .. Stella Bartusiek .. 4 4 3.84 3.8 3.75 4 4 4 3.83 4 4 3.8 4 4 4 4 3.8 A-4 Excellent Ci2 Fair B-3 Good D-l Doubtful SENIORS .lack Martin ....... Helen Polen ..... Sara MeClenathan ...... W. Jefferson .... .lean Bigler . .. JUNIORSN Stella Kendall ..... Gertrude Teyssier .. .... Bohert Brown .... SOPHOMORES Inez Thompson .. Matthew Biss . Mike Burchak .. FRESHMEN William Ferliek Mildred Asbury .. . Marianna Mueller ...... Margaret Carter . . t 81 l 3.67 3.67 3.6 3.56 3.5 3.75 3.66 3.5 3.8 3.6 3.5 3.8 3.75 3.67 3.6 Gladys Gowern Bea Hartley Gladys Hunter .. Virginia Polen .... Ada Lee Reynolds . Betty Dagg .... Shirley McCord Joseph XValker David Zanolli .. Ludwig Krizay .. . Angela Martineheek Pearl Riggans ..... Anna May Chontos Helen Day ...... Harold Beich .. Agnes Young .... Thomas Sohansky 's Home Room Officers, Seconcl Semester 1936-37 ltoosr No. l'nEslmsN'r V. PRESIDENT SncRE'rARY 'l'nmsunnn 2 l.. Kenamond N. Spiegel Burk Goebelbeeker . li. Mrltvar E. Zembrosky Reese lleese 4 M. liiss li. Crosbie Pastercha YVright .m li. Hagen .L Malone Day llavoira li ll. Brown C. Haines Lewis Lewis Ill G. Landock J. Allsopp XVard Urso ll .l. Horne W. Brandt Moninger Piecbnik 12 .l. Dye C. Phillips Craig l-1 ll. l'olen M. Stenhouse Post McClenathan l5 J. lielotte XV. Skowvron Polen lti ll. Cayvert ll. Day Landrey Cimino 17 ll. Baker S. Lebnick Wilson Zoeller I8 M. Mueller W. llenovieh Besseck Gibson 20 A. Cook li. Kaufleld Milavec Milayec 22 J. Andrews I.. lleichart Ellis Seal Cafe Boys A. McQuade ll. Crosbie llosing Ellwood Cafe Girls A. McQuade ll. Crosbie ltosing Bridges 30 R. Corby K. Salsberry lloupe Paraslta 40 lt. Morrison NV. Mounts Sibert Roche -i2 ll. Barniclacl li. Ashmore Burns Carter Home Room This year, through the efforts ot' the principal, Mr. Braden, the students ot' 'Trinity successfully planned a home room period for the purpose ol' promoting a real "Home ltoom Spirit." Every Tuesday after lunch, the members oi' each home room mel together for the purpose ot' becoming better acquainted and, at the same time, ol' presenting programs planned to enlighten and to entertain. Oilicers were elected l'or each semester, and as each room endeavored to make its organization the best, school profiled in general. fllonornv Du' i82l Iiditm'-in-Chivf .. Assistant liclitm' .. Senior' Editors.. . Juninr Editors. .. l'if:turL-s. .. l.itor'nry and Activi Clympus Staff Student . . .V1nr:lNlA POLEN ....l',u1r, DAY NIARGAIIWI' STF1Nlllll'SIC Hmr-:N Pnr.r4:N .Inn N M,xn'rrN Rum' Crrranuvrx Es'rnran BARNEY KYLE Furman H1 S lu.-tlt.Itll1ll'I Pom' I Bm"rv ltumm tics. ...... .IRAN Brurnzn v Personnel Sport S .... Art .... Business. .. Stcr1ogl'upl1cr's .... Faculty Advisory Board Alumni .... . . .ADA Lara lil-:x'N0l.ns General Itlurrzlgcr' .... .... I Imax S. H,x1.r.Ax1 Piciurcs .... .... I E. Vrwmrx Ross Alumni .... .... . I. ARl.lilGIl JOHN l.iturnt1ll'c. .. Business Mnnzrgcr. .. . . .ltnmanr K. l'AxTnN ...Janus CLARK Art .... Sport S .... 5 llnnrvrnv DAY I Frmxlc ROHHBACKER Arm-:r. lir.r.worm SYLVIA LANnnm' lt,xr.PH KreNnAl.r. CH,xru.Hs Grmuu Efmr, .Imw Rr-:A H.ur'rr.riY 'KAY I'ur.rsN Runrsrrr' Bnowx BALI-H' S'rmv,xn'r Mr:C,u,r,rs'rrzn HELEN Sr-uwrxsrcr A:uHr.rA Kurrl'.ll'wrcr1' Mun' Cmrxo I"n,xNrc Conn Suvurr: Gmnrxsrn' .. . .DAVE MCCLAY .. . . A MHA Krrxrrxman gcnim' mviwm sxIAlIGABE'l' Curr-ru4:r,r. ' ' ' ' ' " 1 RUISIZIYI' S. XVILSUN Junior' Advisers ....... 5 lhvr-2 Mc:Cr.Av 1Amm Kuu.rNcmn Trcnsurc-r ...... ...ltonrzm S. Wn.snN T851 The Home Economics Department The purpose ot' our Holne Economics Department. one ol' the highest ranking in the Stale ol' Pennsylvania. is to prepare our girls for the future and for better home making. Subjects studied are l'oods, clothing, home furnishing ami decorating, child care, laun- dering. home nursing. and improvement in personality, appearance. etc. This year the llome Economies Club, which had been discontinued for the past few years, was reorganized. Interesting and educational joint freshman and sophomore lnect- ings are held semi-monthly. This club has held several social functions. including the llome lfconomies-l-'. lf. A. l'arty,Halloween Party. and are planning future activities. including Vocation Day. Our girls have edited the Home Economics corner of the Trinity llcportcr under the management ol' .lean liigler, Editor: Edith Kaul'l'eld, Assistant Editor. and the managers ol' each division. One hundred twenty-eight girls are on our roll under the instruction of Miss Anne Linn, Supervisor. and Miss Amelia Jones, Assistant Supervisor. The Cafeteria From the small beginning ot' this organization in 1930. it has grown until it is one ol' the largest and linest high school cafeterias in this section ol' the country. NVe are assured that absolute cleanliness exists and that highest quality foods with properly balanced menus are available due to the supervision ot' Miss Linn who has succeeded Miss Thayer, an etlicient teacher ol' last year. She plans the meals, does the marketing, keeps the books, and oversees the work in general. The foods are prepared by Ml's. liarney with the co-operation ot' the .lunior and Senior Holue lieonomie girls, who are: E. Allison. A, Bainbridge, M. Bainbridge. li. liayne, .l. Iiigler, M. Brady, G. Hunter, S. Kendall, M. Kingcr, l.. Liston, K. Manon, li. McAdams, M. lledd. A Stoner, V. Shrontz, V. Zoeller, and .l. Metilain. The course offers valuable experience to thiesc girls, who receive free luncheons in return for their work in the cafeteria. -S'l'l9l.l.A KENDALI. l36i Home Economics Demonstration tllll' llumv licunulnius mlcmnnstratiml this your was cntitlccl, "l.t-t's 'l'alli Salads." lt was prcst-nlctl hx' loan Iiiiflt-I' 'i sc1iim"t"1x'i'iv.- XYilsnn. a junior' :incl NliIl'liIlIl1I Slut-llur, .. L.. h.-. ... i I . a l-I'L'Nlllllilll. lilll'Iltlt'il1l li1llll'l'L'lll. also a l'l'l'Slllll2Ill. was alta-rnati' aml lll1lllilgt'I'. tin xYUllll0StlZly, .lllIlll1ll'y Qtl, wc platcuml an vury tempting array of salads lN'l'lIl'l' thc jllilgcs at thc Stain- l'ilIl'Ill Shim' liuilmling at Ilarrislmrg. lllll' salatls wort' placcil tm a two-slwlvctl staml, just nppusitv nur salaxl clock, also un a twu-slwlvcrl slaml hultling a salad t'lllllNHIl'll and haslwts ut' i-l'llll. NYC wi-lm' happy tu hc awzirtlt-tl sccuml plact- in thc slatv. Hui' ilclrmilstmtiuli was Nllllt'l'YlNl'tl hy Miss l.llllI and ll0l' assistant, Bliss .lnm-s. Trinity Chapter, F. F. A. lhx limiws ...... . ..,.... l,I't'Stllt'llf lluzlmalm liuilcli , . . ,Tl't'l1Slll't'l' W.n'sic I-'1amzl'sus. . ...Yirv l'rvsiflcnI filitllitil-1 lll'ltli .. . ..,lft'1lUl'fl'l' ll.KItItY Mamas ,... . ..... . .St'1'1'f'If11'y .l. tl. lill.l,ltIli 1 . Q . l .. ...'ltll7lXl'l'N IJ. It. Ml.l.l..XX L Mulnlmi' ut' llatimlal nrganilaltitm thi' lmys stumlying Xlllflllltillill .lgl'iL'lllllll'l'. .Xttcr thi- initiation ut' a gruup at' appruximatcly thirty-tivu lllltltllllgf l'iI't'Slllllt'II thu 'l'i'inity llllilplifl' ut' Ifuturc l'l1lI'lllL'l'S ut' .llIlCI'll'tl l2lllllL'llL'tl i'4ll'ill Ull 1lIl4llllt'l' XVIII' ul variccl activity. tim' ut' thu tllllSlillltlillQ accumplishmcnts nt' thc year has hm-a tho puhlicatinn ut' a sclwul IHIIIUI' "'l'hc Ylll'lllily lh'p4rl'tL'I'." lts puhlicatiun slartv.-il in tlctulrcl' :intl has hccn vmltilllicil llltilllllly llll'llllglltllll thc sulimvl yuar. ln app0al':lm'1' tht- papvl' clusvly VCSUIII- hlcs tllumlicystmlc l"al'lncl'." whivh was puhlishcil hy this tlliszptcr in ISHN. lluwuu-i'. tlw ulmjcctivc ut' thi' prcscnt papcl' is slightly tlil-i'L'l'L'lll in that wc aim tn maltc il ot' init-rest tu k'YL'l'y sturlcnl in thc sclmul hy inuluiling thc activitics ot' cach class. uluh ami tlontinllctl nn l'agv ltitl . LSTQ Boys Demonstration lfulluxviiug llu- L'lllll'SL' unlliiu-il hy nur pl'cxlccussu1's, wc., llu' .lQl'lk'lllllll'l' lim-pnrlnu-nl llIl'IlL'll Hlll "L-n IIIIISSUH lm' llu- lryunlw lhlll' llu- lll'HlllIlSlI'illlUll lL'1llll. Nlr. llny, NIV. liilliuli :incl Mr. Nlclllnx' nvlvml 'iw illfl"'CN :nfl wlcclcll lllll'l'V Murriw, RlL'lllI'fl li lu, linlul :li ., . . . : an Q -' 4 I . I rv . Ulu-lnwin mul l.vwis llL'llillll4llltl :ls llu' group lu curry on for uni' sclnunl, "lll'Zllllll'j'lIlQ llu- l'lill'IllNlL'2lllu was llu' lillc ul' uni' tl0lll4lllSll'2lllllll lliix yn-nr. :incl Nu lwgnn Ill'2IL'lll'lllg curly in Nm'clnlu'l' ululcl' ilu' cmlclling ul' Mr. Mclllxly. XXX- wul'lu-ll Iinirl nnrl pl'cp:ll'crl an gmul 1lClll4lIlSll'1lllllIl. NVQ lirsl lllilllllltil :ln illunl l,l!I'lllNlk'lI4l illltl llun Ill2llIl0Kl lrovs :uul slirnlms in nrlislu' lll'l'2llllll'lIlClllS l'4n' our zzlulicluvs ul' L'lllll'?wL'., nul Ill VL-nlily, lnll in llllllllIllll'L'. NVQ- llnal n cnlluclinn nl' Slllilll pines on llu- slaufm- will: nw nlul ilUIlllllISll'illl'Kl In llu- :nuliciu-v si-w.-ml infnrmzll 2ll'l'ilIll1l'lllL'IllS ul' planting. Wlu-n our mlcnmnslrzaliam was prcscnlcrl nl llu' l"zn'n1 Slurw, 'l'1u-Q 4 ', .: ' " 2 , . .dig Iinn.n5 l .ul 22:50 uulncli, il was l'm'cix'c4l willl grunl npplullsc. nlul wc lllClllllCl'S nl' llu- 'ic-:lm wcrc Nllll .. .. lun llml wc lunl nunlv an llil . ll4rwcx'L'l'. llu- jlulgcs cvirlcnlly lllllllfllll nlluwwisl-, fur xx' llu- linzll rm-snlls nl' llu- rlvllml1sll'nlim1s wa-rc pllllllSlll'Kl. wc l'uuncl lllnl nul ul' llu' -ll lllnl wcrc pm-svlllcrl, wc wc-rc givcn lli,lL'L'Illll pl:u'c. Ol' cnnrsu we were clisnppuinlcil in nnl gclling an IllgflIL'l' ruling, yul llu' lll'llIl1ll'y lllll'llllSl' ul' our IlL'lllUllSll'llllIlIl wus lu 'mlm-sc-lil nn L'lllll'llllUlHIl xlcllimlslmlliuli wsmnu- fncls lllnl wuulrl lu- ul' nfu' lu mn' :llnlu-iu'm'. 'l'll:ll l lu'lil-vv. was :uwnnplislu-fl. - llllili llllilili Exhibit 'l'lu' 'I'l'inil5' lligli Sulnml .xPll'll'lllllll'ill lk-1:n'lnu-nl 5llC'L'l'0lll'll in xlzu-in-1' :I 'U-: 'U 5 I ,, X L nl: .-lgl'lL'lllllll't' lixliilril nl ilu- Punnsylvzenin Slaulc lfnrin Slum' again this your. This cxliilmi mu- nl' sa-vcll. was svlccloil from scurcs snlmlnillcml lry lligll Suluuil .-Xg.5l'icull1lr:ll llcpnll nu-nls from ull on-r llu- Slnlc. "I":n'm Skills Vllllfllllgll l,I'llL'll1.'L'H was llu- lIu'nu- ul' llu Iixliihil which wax lxnilt in llu- mclmnl shop uiulcl' llu- ilircclimi ul' Mr. IJ. Il. Mn-Clan llu- 1jll1lgL'N :1w:n'cl1-ll llns cxlnlnl sixlli plauw- annul an cnslm prim' ul' 53250. l88l ft 1 5 , lg! iyw Q-if The Agriculture Council I'rvsinlvnI ..,.. ........, I ,AN BIUIXVN Sw'l'a'lu1'y . . .llAliliY hltiltltlb Vim' l'rvsiflvnl. ., ..,Itunul.l-n CIIIGIIUYIN Tl't'll5lll't'!' ...... .. . ..llItIllAltll thru-xii lfvpurt1'r ........,.. ..,. N VAYNL-1 l"lc1mi'sm4 Thu .tgriculturc tluuncil consists ut' lf, I". A. mornin-rs who Iuirv won in thu Stutt- Itrujcct cuntm-fat, whn llzlvu hucn lll0llllt0l'S nt' winning judging tcrnis, wlm lmvc In-on nwln- ln-rs nt' lJcnmnstl'ntiun tennis, or who have ll sclmlnslic RIYCITIQC nt' EIU or ulmrc. 'l'ht' purpnsc nt' the Council is tu prulnutc thc lIlCl'0ZlSL'll activity and l'Illllll5iilSlll nt in li. A. lllCllllK'I'S. --llUlltll,l'Il Classical Guild til.,un's Gown-:ns . ,.., ...... I 'rvsirlvnl li'l'Illil, l".u:1Ax .. S'rl-:w.urr hltZ.Xl.l.lS'l'I'1ll. ..,... Viva Prvsiilvnl -lfISI'1l'll xvAl,KI'2It ,,..,....,,,, 'l'I1c lllaissiczil tiuiltl is nn llUllUl'ilI'j' club fm' illlVillll'L'll Latin stnclcnls. tirst svnicstor thu vlulm was L'0llKlllL'll'Kl hv the nltl members, thcn nt thc I lmnur students ut' thc scrum! your Lzitin class wort- ntlmittutl. this llllftlllllilllilll hns spniisurvtl nulny interesting and ctlucznliunnl prngr' inuctings which are hultl thc lust Fritluy nt' cnrli month. The club has :ilsu sncizll functions which have hcun In-lil at thc hnmcs ut' thc IlIL'IllllL'I'S, The purpose nt' tht- rluh is cxplnincxl in thc niuttn: Tu strivc, lu scvk, not tn yield. The clnh is unilcr thc supurvisinn ot' Miss Surah Irwin. flil,.tDYS Cincnuvis . .Sf'r'l'i'lury . .Trvusizrvr lluring tha.- nitlycnr, thc urns :lt lhcir hzul scx'L'l'nI tn lllltl, hut Gown-:ns HQ" 7 89 i E Go-To-College Club Gl,.un's H UNTHI: . . . , . .... President Svnvm LANnnv ........ . . .Secrclury Hi-JLHN l,0l.EN ......,....... Vice Prcsidenl l5ii'r'rv JEAN KNliS'l'RlCli .......... Treasurer 'l'he Club this term has done much to fulfill its purpose: To encourage members to pursue a higher education and to prepare them for a better participation in college life, and to arouse and maintain interest in college training among those who might othewise not go to college. The meetings are held every two weeks at 3:30 in ltoom H. 'l'hc programs have included talks by two guest speakers, Mrs. 'l'. G. Miller and Ml's. A. XV. XVishartg and Continued on Page Illtl Library The library staff had twenty-three members this year. These student librarians, under the supervision of Miss Mary Louise Martin, take charge of the library and perform the routine duties of a librarian. They are taught not only to sign out hooks t'or students use, but also to l'epair books, to check overdue books and collect lines, to prepare new hooks to be put on the shelves, to classify hooks as to their subjects, to arrange books in order on the shelves. and to do research for teachers and students. 'l'his group has been very capable and willing in their efforts to serve the student body and to make our library as etliciently managed as possible. The fifteen hundred books in our library consist of many reference books, two hundred books on history, two hundred fifty books on science, two hundred books on civics and economics. two hundred books on literature, and three hundred fifty tietion books. All the books in the library are arranged according to the Dewey classification. We were very fortunate to have thc VV. P. A. this year repair books from the library. They did wonders by changing two hundred old, worn books into attractive. durable ones-making them our closer friends. Vtlc feel sure that in the future the library will increase in the number ot' books and in popularity with the student body. 1. E., V0.- f9tll Senior Hi-Y luzu Nlmrris ,. .,..... Presidenl Arvis Nlrxs ...,.. ...Seerelury vunsn l'nl.las ....,.. ...,. l 'ire Presirlenl Wn.l.l,xu llolncnrs ..,.. .,,..,.. T 'rensurer 'l'he Trinity lieta lli-Y Club started the year with twenty members. 'I'he lirst business ut the elub was to ehuuse its new members. This is dune aeenrding tu the usual eustum ut voting in, un the basis ol' seholastie rating, lhuse buys who are eligible. After the n indidates had undergone an inl'nrmal and formal initiation, they were deelared members the elub. Our Viee l'resident, ltaynnmd l'nIen, was elected tn the lli-Y Council at an early lilly in Claysville. This eouneil meets regularly tu diseuss problems common tn all -Y Clubs. A number ol' speakers enntrihuted tn our elub programs. .Xmnng these were: Mr. Wilbur llaird, Mr, Brady Marble, and Mr. .l. XV. Mnninger, all ut' the Washington Y. M. Cuntinued un Page ltlll , Junior Hi-Y 'l'he .luniur lli-Y under its new Adviser, Mr. .l. Ii, Clark, eleeted the fulluwing ollieers at the beginning ut' the sehnnl term. t nwis CIHISIKIIC ................. Presiflenl tiianmna liawzx . ...Ser-relurgy tons .xl.l.Stll'l' ...,,...,..,.. Vive Presiclenl .lfxxilas HARKEN .... .....,.,... 7 'reusnrer New members were informally and furmally initiated into the elub at the beginning nl the til'st semester and again at the beginning nf the seeund selnester. Meetings were hnld every two weeks at the Y. M. C. .L where the use ul' the game ruuin and swimming ul was permitted. 'I'he elub has had an aetive year, sending delegates tu the Hi-Y unnferenee at Canonsburg, having several parties, and balding one danee. 'I'he purpose t the .luninr lli-Y Club is to ereate, maintain and extend tlnwnuglwut the sehmml and Ktblllllllllllly, high standards of Christian eharaeter. -linwix Cnnsnuc tml Q. G i rl R e s e r v e s M,tn.lulnii l'ns'l' . .,......., I'rt'sftIt'11l t n . Stt it lllllf lll'1'l"l'X' llllllllli.. ...... l'it't' l'rt'sitIt'nl il in flNlIXO Irt usurti Miss M. I.. lNlAn'riN., , fttlnistr lnspirt-tl hy tht' tlirl llt'st-rvt-s purpose "'ln lintl intl tint tht lits ring., itlt-as wt-rv t'al'rit-tl nut in this yt-ar's t-luh wtnlt lht L,l I ni a:., a court trial, an int'urinz'l initiation: a inusit tmnt mst txt ' nistn sucial st-1'vit'c work, Illillilllg scrap htmtrks antl suptixisinq 1 pntx tm pit t s attcntlant't- at a wintt-r t'tnlt't-rcncc in New tlastlt, 1 thllli Slllillll I itl mt untl St l tlllt t Day tlant't-sz tlisclissimisg an liastcr ln't'altl'ast tltxtr in Yllllll., -.tixlt iso various paint partit-s with tht' lli-Y Cluh 'l'l1t- May llay ct-lt-ln'atitnn, which is spunstnttl ln tht 1 annual t-vent in which all tht- stutlt-nts tit' tht stlnml pntltlp t tht' Quct-n ul' thc May, antl hcl' attt-ntlants itll. thtustn liuni tht t lit-t-ausc ut' an increasingly lllllllllL'l' ut' inttltstttl IIlLlllllLIS intl tht spttntlnl It it ship nt' tht- nllict-rs. tht- t-luh t-iijoyt-tl a vt-ry SllkLLSSlll st is The FI'CSlIlTI6l'l Glfl Reserves 'l'ht- l"l't-slin1t'n Girl lit-st-rvcs Int-t antl om, lllltl t lUllIHXlIlg ntllt -, wt-rc t-lt-t-tctl: l':l,lZAllIi'l'll lllltliVAlt . . ...... Prt'sitIt'nI sl A S ut lr: 1 Visitlm BIIIIHEICS .... ..... ...,. l ' irt' l'rt'sitIt'nI . lil It x Irtusurt r Miss Irwin actctl as nur faculty atlvist-r, iss t x Y. XV. tl. A., actt-tl as tnur atlvist-1' thcrt-. 'l'host x in t an tn tht mtttmf t'njtiyt'tl t-vt-l'y tint- ut' tht-ni. NVQ also hcltl stxti nl tnlmablt p ltlt t t l ui we t'nlvl'tainctl tht- Junitn' Ili-Y lmys. Our purptmsc is "Tn l'at't- lift- squarely." t f tnrganizatitm. 4 lllllt Hilltop Gazett The .lunior l'apcr Stall' this year was one ot' the most co-operative on record. NVith such a spirit and with the direction ot' their capahlc class advisers. Miss liihlinger and Mr. Mctllay, they were successful with all four issues ot' their paper. The student hody gave the paper wonderful support, for which the stall' is very grateful. Perhaps thc stall' scelned pretty "snoopy" at times. trying to get some inside gossip. hut il was all in fun. The reporters on sports, cluhs. and other activities were very thorough, for they themselves were in on everything. The features were exceptionally good this year hecause ot' thc natural originality ol' the feature editor. This is the fourth class which has pulrlished a .lunior papcr at Trinity. With better equipment, keener competition, and greater interest on the part ot' the whole school. the paper has lncen hettcr in quality each year. We extend our best wishes tor continued llV'lll'lbYL'IlIl'l1l and success to future paper stalls. -ltltuw lfltftltttltblfll' Ri l l e C l u b The Trinity ltitle tlluh, which was organized in lfehruary. 1935, is completing its third successful year. This year's membership numhers twenty-three, and every member is doing his utmost to carry out the aims ol' the cluh and to uphold thc record set by the club in the two previous years. Through the courtesy ot' National Stores Company, the cluh has the use ol' the range in the store basement and holds weekly practices there. Ammunition and targets are providcd hy small weekly fees paid hy the memhers. A method ot' individual rating. introduced hy Mr. John, our adviser, has aroused keen interest and a lively competition among the memhers. The ten memhers with the highest ratings lnake up the team l'or matches with other cluhs. The club is scheduling a numher ot' matches and expects to eompele for the county trophy. -t1ii,xi.ui-in tlowi-:N p sm p f. v. Stamp Club PAUL DAY .... . ..... President FI.oRr:Ncn KIQLLY . . .Scrrelary-Treasurer Rom-:nr Bnowlv .............. Vice President Mn. .I. H. XVILSUN ................. ,Adviser The Stamp Club was organized in November, 1936, for those who were interested in stamp collecting and stamp trading. The club advanced rapidly in the collection of ditterent stamps and was aided by Mr, J. H. NVilson. who secured many stamps from outside sources. The members met in Room 6 XVednesday every second week. The club this year, was very active, and, with the co-operation of fellow students, secured many valuable stamps. This year the club did very well, and it is hoped that next year many more members will be added to our roll. -Ii0nEnT linows Commercial Club This year the Commercial Club has adopted a new policy in its membership and purpose. Senior students whose grade average in commercial subjects is 2,5 or above are eligible for membership. A very fine group has worked especially hard to make the elub worthwhile. As well as supplying each member ot' the faculty with private secre- tarial serviee, the club undertook thc publication ot' the Trinily Ili-Buul.: a student handbook. Tile club hopes to establish the publishing ot' this handbook as a tradition. The club members are eager to gain practical experience which they feel will help them in the business world. i94l 'W' Q iazkfi' Traffic Squacl 'l'lu- ll':ll'lic squad nl' 'l'i'iuily lligli Suluml is llll Illlllllllllilllilll ul' UIIIBUI' c'lalss.liu'i1 cliuscli lu Illlkll nlul lllSllllLl IILXX lBllllIlN ln ulwxuu llu in llllll.f ll nllu ilmuul ilu ulnml mssilmlc. --i - - " 'luwf-z"gllz'g 'Q "1 xquaul lo su- lliul lrullu' is lllI'L't'l1.'Kl :is urrlvi'ly mul Cl'lIl'lCI1llj' as ll is ilu' mlulx ul' llil Xl llllNLlll llu- squul i-misisls ul niiu-in-on lmys SllllZllL'll all l'Cl'l1llll places 111 S 0 1 5: mils' -. .v ' 'ff' ' - ' f' u lkgllldlt ll iliu lmolh in tli hills xml lmlm Xi tlu lllhllllllllg ul ilu silimrl tum ll lllL'llllN.'l'S ol' ilu- squaul wi-rv pre-xciituil with zirmlmziluls. signifying that tlu-y wc-rc nu-mln-rs ol ilu' SlllIlL'lll pallrul. llu' squzul illllll'CL'llllCS their duly fm' llu-y l'l'illlZl' lllul llu'y :irc lncing ul' great hcnclil in ilu-ir sa-luml. -liwxiosin l,IDl.I'iN The Senior Class Play-1936 "'l'IlIi xixxiu-:ls lclxcr' Ry lu. S. lin' 'l'lu' Llama nl lSl.llw was vcry prnucl In lu- zllmlc In pimilllcc an play wrillcn by llll'll if " 0 slurx' ul' an num who Ill'l'1llI10ll lu- was il f 1 - clilii- llllllllbl All I S ll.i3 lli 5 ling, and tlu cullics lu- 0XpL'I'lCllL'L'll l!l'4lYllll'Cl :ui cvclling ol' rlcliglilfnl cnl1'l'I:1innu-ni. 'l'lu- fulluwillg umliilnutul lu cl lmllu llli I 1 x 1-nsl's ullcctivc actin ru " ' 1 'gi' 5' 1 - s "usa ul' lu' mln-': Clow Gray. Nlunirar lxlcnlrs. livliy Martin. llulli Klnunls, liluuiiui' Sclimicl, livclyn xV1llll'l'5, llulwrl fiamicr U-ilu lmolilvl' l"iul lXllLlll'l', William BlcCl'c1'4:l'y. lluininic Manu-ini. licnncllm 'l'rulxy, :nu William WL-iricli , U5 Girls Chorus The Girls' Chorus has ilnproved very much this year. Many more girls have joined making a total ol' sixty in the chorus. YVc have taken part in lnany assembly programs, have sung at thc l"irst Christian Church in NVashington, and have participated in the NVashington County Music Contest at lientleyville, receiving second place. VVe are now practicing for an operetta entitled, "ln Old Vienna," to he given early in May. NVe wish the chorus next year even greater success and more improvement. -.lima lfllildilt Boys Chorus At the heginning ot' the school year, the Boys' Chorus consisted ol' ahout twelve boys. At the beginning ot' the second selnester this number was increased to approxi- mately twenty-llve, and each boy has given Mr. Schmidt very line co-operation. The chorus has made several appearances this year. They sang in several distl'icl churches and in student assemblies. In addition, the chorus was entered in the County Music Contest, in which they came out near the top with the second place. The chorus will play an important pal'l in the i'til'lllL'0ll1iIlg operetta and also in comlnencelnent exercises. It may truthfully he said that the Boys' Chorus this year has heen the lwesl Trinity has ever produced. -l"nANr:ls l,li'l'lillSON ,yn .. 'iv i961 Q 1 l Band And Orchestra Although many important members of the band and orchestra were lost by gradua- tion. their places have been ably tilled by the oncoming Freshmen and upper classmcn. The hand enlivened the proceedings at pep meetings and assemblies, and also all home football games. As the season progressed, the hand jllatlllflllj muged into an orchestra by the addition of violins. The orchestra, this year, is bigger and better than ever. we think. Although the number of members is limited, it is the quility thlt counts. XVe are rapidly progressing under the leadership of Mr. Schmidt: and. having already played in assemblies, we also are, in the future. going to play in the operetta. at commencement and hope to play in many other social functions of the year. As very few of the band and orchestra will be lost this year by graduation. next year we will have both quality and quantity. lTl1e Trinity Reporter played at 1 ' 1 -S'mwAn'r'mn "The Trinity Reporter" is a monthly paper issued by the Trinity Chapter. Future Farmers of America. The tirst issue was put on sale in November, and it has been successfully published every month since. "The Trinity Reporter" has three aimsg they are: To give the students training in paper publishing and related activities: to give the school a much needed monthly paper: to five the F. F. A. iublicitv in school and throu fhout thc s lv . in tate. Financing the paper is most complicated, but we succeeded in selling advertisements to patrons and friends of the school. The income from these advertisments added to the selling price ot' the paper has lnade the paper self-supporting financially. XVe expect to keep this paper going next year bcause we think it is a good plan. -llfuntv S. Mounts, Erlilur Senior Play-1937 After a month. of practice the Seniors produced their successful play. "Growing Pains" by Aurania ltouverol. The enthusiasm with which it was received at both performances proved that both the play and the acting were excellent. Deli fhtful humor Jervaded the mlav and aided its Jresentation. Georfe and Terr ' l-. i .I . it la 3 Mclntyre tound themselves tossed in the cataracts ot adolescence and were reluctant to heed the advice of their bewildered parents. The end, of course, was bright and prom- THE CAST: using. CIIALMIQR Cowmi. . . . . .George .llelnlyre lil'I'l"I'Y Camo ......... . . . Terry .llc-lnlyre ltIAaoAua'l' S'rr:x nousre ...... Jlrs, .'lleInl11re lixin. MAHKUXV ........ Professor .llelnlyre Mftlrrnfx Ronnie ...... ............ S ophie Saas Mt:Cr.lcx,vrH.xN. . . . ..llrs. Pullersnn VIRGINIA l,tll.l'IN Elsie Pallerson .buzk Blil.0'I"l'li. . . . .Traffic Officer limvxun Suamk . . .Lune lllAlt'I'lN . . . ........IJuleIr ....Briun FRANK KUZY. . . . . .Omar ALVIN Maxx. .. .... Ilal ltoiusar GAYVl'Ilt'I'. . ...... Pele lllARY Cmnso .... . , .Prudence lima Hitman . . . .... Fully HELEN Ponies. . . ,,,, Jam, hlAlt.l0ltIli l'os'r. . . , ,jlfriqnn Euwima liAYl.las. ., ...Viviun li. S. ITAY ..... ............. I lireclor -Dono'r H Y DAY girls. The qualifications ol' ll Queen are: beauty. poise, personality, friendliness an May Day Festivities 'l'rinity's spacious campus forms un ideal background for the May Dany festivities Many Daly was first held in 1934, and is fast becoming il cherished tradition ot' the school l'he Girl Reserve Club is the sponsor ot' this beautiful and impressive ceremony. 1 The nominees for Maw lueen are chosen bv the senior bovs from anion f the senic . . . A oyulty. 'l'he entire school votes upon this list of nominees, and the girl who receive the highest number ot' votes has the honor ot' becoming the Queen ol' the Many. l93l nd bvrjfs .lbkknxt May Day Festivities Thu Girl licsclwcs form an aisle through which thv proccssiuli passes. 'l'hc lI1L'l'lllll'l'S ot the fJllL'CllqS court arc: hllllli-Uf'llUllUl'., Beauty, l'crs1mulity. Puisc, lmyulty :mil l-rlvmllincss, Spirit ut' Trinity. Spirit ut' Spring. Class Attumlnnis, Fluwvr Girls, Cruwn li0tlI'L'l', Hn 'rnlils, llngus :incl lilziy Pole clnliccrs. Each your thu May Daly festival has gained the :ittontinn ot' many visitors and patrons of the school until ova.-n our facilities :irc taxed to cure for those aillcmling the l'L'I'L'lll0lly. E991 Trinity Chapter F. F. A. Continued from Page 87 organization. Thus far, the "Reporter" has been well received by the students, alumni and patrons, and we hope to be able to continue our venture with even greater success. Another accomplishment of the chapter was the winning of third place in project contest sponsored by the Department. of Public Instruction. In doing this we had a total of ten winning projects. Three of our members were awarded the honorary Keystone Farmer degree at the annual meeting of the Keystone Association ot' Future Farmers of America held in con- nection with the Pennsylvania Farm Show at Harrisburg. The three who were so honored are Dan Brown, Harry Morris, and .lolm Stavovy. Harry Morris was elected secretary ot' the Keystone Association. Albert Bigler and Richard Baker were chosen from among our ranks to play in the Keystone Band which entertained almost one-halt' million visitors at the 1937 Farm Show. This band is composed ot' one hundred pieces, and its members are chosen from various F. F. A. Chapters. The Chapter is now busy selling seeds to help finance the sending of judging teams to the annual Future Farmers' week which will be held at State College in .lune. The Chapter will send approximately twenty representatives to participate in the various contests. Go-To-College Club Continued from Page 90 talks on various subjects, pertinent to college life, by several members of the Club. A brief resume of all the colleges in which members of the Club were interested was reported by the information committee. The program committee, headed by Helen Polen, has done much to furnish the Club with interesting programs throughout the year. The social events of the season have been: Candlelight Service for the initiation of seventeen new mmbersg a Hallowen Party in the dining roomg Christmas Party with gifts for all, held in the new music room, and a very impressive Afternoon Tea in honor of the Seniors on Valentine's Day, by the Juniors of the Club. Miss Ruth Zediker is Adviser to the Club. -GLADYS HUNTER S e n i o r H i - Y Continued from Page 91 C. A.: Dr. James B. Anderson and Mr. Adam Sanders, ot' XV. J. College: and Mr. E. S. Day and Mr. James Clark, ot' Trinity High School. The club engaged in numerous activities which included the building and giving of a Ping-Pong table to the school. Our social activities consisted of a Hi-Y dance, two parties for the Trinity Girl Reserves, who in return held one in our honorg and a Best Girl party for Hi-Y members only. Trinity was ably represented at the State Conference at Harrisburg by our leader, Mr. E. V. Ross, and our Vice President, Raymond Poten. XVe were entertained later by hearing about their interesting experiences in the capital city. At the Southwestern Older Boys Conference, held this year at Canonsburg, Trinity was also well represented. Our club sent six delegates who returned with interesting reports about the managing of other Hi-Y Clubs. On February 22, forty boys went to visit the Y. M. C. A. in Northside, Pittsburgh. The boys owed their delightful trip to our faculty member, Mr. lt. K. Paxton, through whom the invitation was received. March 23 was the date on which the club had charge of devotions during a Hi-Y Rally at Cecil. The club has enjoyed a most successful and inspiring year. It is earnestly hoped that it will continue to prosper in the future. ALVIN A. MUNN. Secretary L100j f! Q af ADVERTISING ACKNOWLEDGMENT A We wish to thank the following organizations for their efforts and co-operation in helping to make the Olympus a success: EVANS STUIJIO--MF. Vincent Evans. ROBERT RAWSTTHURNE Co.-Mr. Charles Sprankle. S. K. SMITH Co.-Mr. Earl Evans. WARD PRINTING Co.-Mr. Dale O. Miller and Mr. Ed. Gaul. To those whose support have aided in making the Olympus possible, we wish to express our appreciation and to call to the attention of the students and patrons the many organizations which place advertisements in this Olympus. BROWN 86 HUSTED, Inc. FORD 1: LINCOLN :: LINCOLN ZEPIIYR :: lVlO'l'0ll CARS Day and Night Service PHONE 2800 235 liasl Maiden Sl. VVashinglOn, Penna. JUDSON WILEY 86 SONS Waylie Feeds Cement Contractors Builders Supplies Ready Mixed Concrete 40-1 South Main St. Was?hington, Penna. PHONE 423 Know Your Ice Cream Pay us a Visit For Your Next Suit Eat T H E H U B IMPERIAL Corner Chestnut and Franklin Streets lll' Colnplilnents Of LANG'S FUR SI-IOP Storage Fur Remodeling Fur Cleaning 25 West Chestnut Street NVashingtOn. Pa. PAUL 86 POST P. Can please you and furnish you with your Sulnlner Requirements for the Home and Farm COME IN t103j TIIH S'l'RONGI'IS'l' EVIDICNCH NVIIY "TliINI'l'Y SENIUHSN SHOULD Continue Their Educzllion ul PENN STATE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE W.xsnlNu'roN, PA. It is evidenced by tho incl thot thoso who wore gnulllzuicci l'roin Trinity and who conlinucd their cducalion nl Penn Slntc' :Irv now l'llllJi0y0d as follows: Arthur Rnylos., ,. ......NiK'iiGi'S Bakery Ofh0P....... . ...Mnrtin's Ferry EIYIKJQQQIIQ Cziton ,,..,,,, , ,A,, Rod Cross Oftire ..i.,, ,,,,.... W ashington Umm- Burney ..i..,.,,,,,,, ,,,, . WV:1shington Rrewvry.. .. .. ,,,,,.,. Washington Mabel Jane Svhmulz ...A,. Margzlrvl IVICCTGHIIIIIIIIIH. , . ,,,, Contrz1ctor'S Ofiico ,,,,,,, , ...Attorney Mcllvaliiiclw... ........CIlll0I'lSblll'g ........XVZ'lSi1iI1gt0ll Elezulor Condit ...... ...,..,,. . .. ,.,,. Pau-km-d Motor r.,r,,,.. .....,.. W ashinpgton Emogene Post ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, TIIIIIUEIII .Q Miller Glass... .. ....,.,. Washington Donald Seiler., ,.,,,,,,, Nickel's Bakery Office ,,,,,,.. ,.,,i. . Washington John Zitko ........ li'0oP1'al Revennm DPDZIITIII-lffllf.. ....,,,, Pittsburgh Albert 1VIcKe-Q ,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, ,,,, I jl'il1CiIl21i,S Office ,,.,,.,,,, Trinity H. S. Laura Mae Byers.. , ,,,Re-EJi1111loy1ne11t Agency ,,,,,,, . ,,,. Uniontown vguzifiim if SUMMER Ssoc 'no i FALL g:fW'J6W2 TERM A J TERM June 7 Ruff SEPT. 7 Ghefnmblem , tum.: Efficient -School PENN STATE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE li. B. MUNTZINU, I'1'1's1'1If'11I PnoNE C1220 : VVIRITH Box 255 : On C.xl.i. IN Plcnsox LH!-li Greetings From S a m i l s 0 n ' s 'N LADIES' READY T0 XVEAR Stl North Mnin Street VV:ishington, Pu. WASHINGTON , MOULD, MACHINE and FOUNDRY CO. FORGE SHOP MACHINE SHUI' FOUNDRY Specialties Glass House Moulds, Machine Parts. Acetylene VVelding, Electric Welding BELL Pnomss 3210-3211 Madison nnd Green Aves. VV:ishington, Pa. McNARY'S S JEWELRY STORE Q . i Showing at wonderful selection of the new LOIIIIJIIIIICHIS ot things in jewelry and novelties for both men und women. 1 : 1 : 1 2 2 2 - Elgin and Hamilton Watches in their latest model eases: all prices. See them before buying a wzitvh. It will be a pleasure to CO. show them to you : : : : 2 : White gold filled link watch bracelets of every description : : : : : 1 I 41 North Main Street The Store with the Street Clock VALENTINE 86 MURRAY PHARMACISTS COMPLIMENTS of ESSOP STEEL George NV:ishington Hotel J Building ,l I 1052 Greetings from Washz'ngf0n and Jefferson College COIlgl'iltlll2Ili0llS and Bos! VVisl1cs lo the Grzuluuling Class JACK IIART xxVZlSllil1:Ql0ll'S l,l'1Nlillg Monk :md Boys' Slorv "Always First With the Latestn COMPI,IMIiN'l'S OF George B. Sprowls 81 Sons Cluysvillv :mel XVZlShil1Q'l0ll, Pcnnsylvamizn M061 W. R. DAVIES AMIGIRICAN Ull. tlUlN'lI7ANY l'li0Dl.lt1'l'S XN'Il.l.AlllJ lSA'l"l'l'IlllI'IS 820 NVOst Chvstnut Strccl VVusl1ington, Pu. COMl'l.llVll'IN'l'S OF G. C. MURPHY CO. "Tha Slow' tl'l11'1'f' Your .llonvy liovx l"1u'lIu'r" .13 North Main Stu-ct VV2lSlllllgl0ll, Po. JAMES M. LYDIC 86 COMPANY liquippvt 35 linst Pint- A PliIN'l'lillS I to Furnish All Printing ticquira-nlcnts 'l'la1.l5v11oNla 225 N'0lllll' Washington, Pu. lCS'l'Alil.lSlllilJ 1860 l'll0GllliSSlNtl 1937 lt is wllh much grntittult- that Cnlctwt-ll's has notctl cvcl' lllL'l'CllSlllg llllIllllCl'S ol' young pcoplc who nrt- making this pro- gressive- store their shopping In-zulqllnl'tc1's. Xou will linal Cnltlwcll's nwnkv to t-nch nut qfu ery mlcnnnnl ol' tho youth ol' today. l 107 l ROBERT C. CROUCH c1o1v1P1.1M1eN'1's OIF IIELI, PUUNIQ 1006-.I S. T. HOUGH DAIRY Paint Glass Wallpaper -1 The Sherwin Williams Cu. Gm, JcH.crSUn Avcnuc 219 West Chestnut Street Vvushinglmls pu. Wustllillgtolln Pu. PHONE 954 CUMPLIMENTS OF LEWIS PAINT AND GLASS CO. 239 West Chestnut Street WQISIIIIIQIIJII, Pu. PIIONE 251-I COMPLIMENTS OF S. B. MCWREATH DAIRY QUALITY SERVICE PHONE 3478 VVhen You Think ol' IIlSlII'IlllL'C Think ol' ANDERSON 86 POLLOCK 1,1-18 VVest NVIICCIIIIQ' Street NNQISIIIIIQTOII, Pu. Bell Phones 1295 or 1296 FIRE LIFE ACCIDENT AUTO ll081 SCOTT MOTOR CO. WASHINGTON MILLING COMPANY C H E V R O L E T fm. 1937 Mlllllll'ZlL'ILlI'L'l'S oi' Iligh Graulc Flour und Focal Thr' Cwmlllvif- Cul' my wlw1-L- Your lmlm- VVill Cmnplvtcly Nvw Give u Dollar Valua- CIIRYSLER PLYMOUTH OLD TRAIL MOTORS, INC. 26 Ezlsl Muidcn Slrcct XVUSIIIIIQIOII, Ijil. PHONE 997 VVHEN ITS FLOVVERS YOU WANT, OUR FLOWERS LAST LONGER DELIVER ANYVVIEIERE WM. J. WARRICK, JR. 15 East Rcuu Street Our New Location Plmmz 337-1 ARE YOU A COMMUNITY RUILDER? If Noi, NVl1y Noi? l'rzIr0n1':1' Your IIOIIN' M1'l'1'l1ul1Is WASHINGTON BAKING COMPANY P11oNla 1604 ' IU!!! It Is WASHINGTON LAUNDRY THOMPSON,S 305 West lVlllilll'll Struct If It IS Pliouc 315 Hardware in Washingtoii AH Kinds of Laundry l,llUNli 1021-.I tiiasioimczic Piioivia 1021-M GEORGE M. WILSON Auto lit-pziiring ol' All Kinds Towing Service Auto Inspcclion 32 Host Chestnut Stri-rt, xV1lSilllIgl0ll, Pu. Ross Independent il Ce. I. v Distributors American Oil Company Products Quaker Stulc Motor Oils General Tircs Pittsburgh Stccl Products Philip Curt-y Roofing Mutcriuls Willurcl Bzittwics Drlco llzulios Complete Lino ot' Autoniolmilc Acccssorics Coluplctc Lino ot' llomc Flll'lllSlllllgS Huy tlicm from your ncnrcst Amoco Drulcl' or Authorized NVillu1'il Scrvirc Sllllillll XVASIIINGTUN, PA. PIIUNIC 2500 i110 it VARNER'S SERVICE STATION qv 3823 XVICST Clll'1S'l'Nl"l' bl'lilil'I'l' Twenty-four Hour Service NVASlllNG'l'UN, PA. 1115 8557 OFAL1. ICE CREAMS PHONE 4250 Ylll! CUlVlPl,llVllCN'l'S UF DUNBAR 86 WALLACE LUMBER COMPANY llll5 .I0iI.l'l'SUll Avo. XXVZISIIIIIQIOII, Pu. Puoxlf .151-.152 liVl'lliY'l'llING T0 BUILD ANYTIIING YOU'LL NEED IT SOME DAY 'Fllore will come an time when f' ZNIUIIIIZIIG Lilo IllSlll'illll'Ki protevtion . will Iwo as vital to you as the clothing you WQL11' Zlllll the food you eat. This being truo, it seems logical ha11'1'ic'z1de tlQ,'1lIllSl uluny ol' the huz .7 ' urtls to which 1112111 is exposed. gl' nu: -u . . . ,IQRUIIENTIAL The Pl'lldQ'1lfll1I has 110110108 c-sue .'5YFf'4GTN0' uiwll devised for ouufft 1' lllfill, to 11 smnAl.'nn I y y 7 if lllillll 1 gf, ollalilv them to gut. il "flying start' JUNK I' DHYDIN to start uow. in youth, to erevt this ' in 2lL'l1llIl'ill2 protectioll. M. C. I.lGlil'I'lVI", Supf-rin!M1111-111 XVllSlllllUlUll Trust Bllililillff XV:1sl1i11fflo1 Pu. D U' 11 I' THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY llomv Ullliicc Newark, N. J. KEYSTONE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. l5L1ild01's' Supplies Coal 1 Coiicrclt- Blocks 1 SI: Prompl Dolivcry Sc-1'vicc 387 XVQ-sl Chcslnul Sl. PIIUNE 2123 llvalllllful HL'l'l'L'Slllllg I SI' GI,AllS'l'0Nl'I l,l'Sf!'I'I7lIfUI' FINE Fl,UXVl'ZliS lil oumii lil , Milli., ,ffMl, :uid llorul url ztwull your Ul'Ill'l' l9Q'clL U t Q 15 if McDONNELL'S lltilgx J ill, FI,0VVI'Ill sum' kool' it 27 NVcst Chestnut Slrvc-l IN YOUR Iil11FliIGlill.X'l'iill WzlSI1illgli,ll. Pu. AT HOME P1-1oN1a 733 'll2l Compliments ol' ISALY'S DAIRY STORE ICE CREAM and LUNCHES KNESTRICK BROTHERS l'Il.ICC'l'lllC SHOP VVIIRING and SUPPLIES 60 East Beau Street VVnshiugt0n, Pu. PHONE 1000 I'lVlillYl'IllNC FOR 'l'lllC OFFICI J. A. RUNGO ' llendqunrters tor FIWITS :mtl VICGICTABLFS All ninkes ul' Typewrilers :Ind trll0ClCllIICS Umm, Supplivs and n Adding Muehlnes, Safes MEATS PHONE 2281 233 South Main Street VVushington, Pu. Telephone Your Order VV1' XVill Give It Prompt A'l"I"EN TI I JN Steel Files, Shelving Desks, Chairs, ele. WASHINGTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY P1IONla 2919 57 West Chestnut Street XVnshington, Pu. J. K. LAWSON Huy : Grain : Feed 1 Coal 2 Builders' Supplies FUI.-0-PEP-FEEDS 320 East Maiden Street XVnshingt0n, Pu. Blau. P11oNls 76 llllll KEEP THE MEMORY UF THIS MOMENT FOREVER FRESH lmli.-KR S'rUmf:N1's: Thouylzls yo slmying lmvlc, lllosv days, lo lhul so-long-rlyo lime' 1011011 you 011l1'1'1'rl svhool us om' of llur frfslwsl of 1"l'l?S1IlN!'ll. HfJlIlI'l12b!'F:, W'1'lI you l'Ul'I' forgot? xvllllldllyl fl be yroul lllough if you had u plzoloyruplz of yoursrflf on lhul PUl'lllflll 0l'l'lISl0I1 I' H'l1y uol lolvpllomf rfylll now for on uppoizzlmmzl? XVI' will llI'l'llllyl' llu' limo lo suil your l'0llI7f'lll-l'Ill'!'. The uumlwr is 2100-J CX, Cffjhe 'Uincent Evans Studio UU N. MAIN ST. VVASHINGTUN, PA. Complimvnls ol' The Youghiogheny and Ohio Coal Company V ENTERPRISE SIZED COALS DOMESTIC and STEAM V Phone VVushington, Pu., 1568 or Call Your Dculvr fll4j Complimemf of A Friend BUNTES NVorld Famous Puckal fc Chocolzllus and 5-Cont Bars 5 Also GOl,IJSMl'1'lI Entire Line ol' Sporting Goods BASEBALL : FOOTBALL : TENNIS : GOLF Made in lllc NN70l'lll'S l1Zll'gl'Sl Sporting Goods Factory Arc llislrihulcml lixclusivcly by E. ll. Sackville Company 176-18-l South Main Strcct XKVZISIHIIQUJII, Pu LHB! Washington Union Trust Company WASHINGTON, PA. Checking, Savings Accounts and Certificates of Deposit l- l TRUST DEPARTIVIENT Acts in All Fiduciary Capacities Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation School Savings Depository Deposits Insured Trustworthy Nlerchandise P E N N lleasonable Prices Sanitary gleaming "" Dyeing Pressing Repairing Instant Service No High Pressure Individual Attention Truly Tested Feeds Your Logical Trading Place i i RUSSELL BROS. Zip Service Call 112 Pnomc 952 133 South Main Street Wzlsliiligtoli, Pa. Washington Plumbing, Heating and Supply Co. Acetylcne VVelding and Supplies 67 West Cherry Avenue WVashington, Pa. Sears Roebuck 85 Co. v NVE SERVE THE NATION SHOP AT SEAITS HETAII. STORE lilvctric Gasoline VVnsl1cl's "C0IcIsp0t" llvI'rigvrutors lizulius, Tuhos und Batteries Stows Furniturm- Plumlming and llvating Systcms TTZlI'IlNV1ll't' lioofing Poultry Supplics "Dz1vicI Bl'aulvly" F2ll'lI1 lVlilCllllN'l'y llurncss and Supplies NS0l'OL'Ou Paints xvllll Pupcr Automobile Parts "Allstate" Tirvs Slums Molm' Oil Kitchen lltcnsils Auto l'l:1ttm-ries XVurk Clothing. Fishing :md Camping Nom-mls, vtc. VVH l7l'll.lVl'fli P. C. PALMER, Manager BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND Il QI! 33 7 'D ILY M1 ID IU S V PrintedBy WARD PRINTING COMPANY OBSERVER BUILDING WASHINGTON, PA. IIITI WIIIQAWIEIL BVI :Us " O ' ,WNW af upnm M1110 11 00! W N FIIIJWMIK A v. N 3 P . 1 Wu! - -fr , 3 A K ff- TN- J ' vig. ' 5' in ?I!.+,, ln ill 34- ' f- 0.-, -ii 'W - i I. l 4Jr -I , r-.-.w -' " ' xxx, moi 1 Nfff, i1.Q'f"z"": A "-5'?liy. X "4 'J 18 I LUNV FAIRICS-MODERN BUSSICS CllAlt'l'lCli SERVICE FliliQlll'lN'l' SClll'IDUl.IiS CONSl'l.'l' Yfllfli LOCAL AGICNT Congratulations, Class ol' 1037 PLAN YOITH Wu' Ur! livery success- l'ul career has been a planned career. The wise business lnan sets sensible ohjectives I'or hiniselt' and niovcs toward them every day. As l'asl as one objective has been gained, a new should he established. Thcrv is always plenty of room ul llzc top-so "hitch your wagon to a star." CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK VVtlSlllllg101l. Pa. M EM lllill Mellhank Group Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation N tt c WL! DeSoto ck Plymouth Passenffcr Cz D and Plymouth Connnercials CHARTIERS MOTOR CO. 20 North Franklin Street Phones 1500-1501 Al.. G. S'ric1:11, Mgr. IFS 1118! TYGART VALLEY GLASS C0. V Manufacturers High Grade PACKERS AND PRESERVERS GLASSWARE 'V WASHINGTON, PA. VVH0l.lCSAl.E CONFECTIONERS J. W. BIRCH 86 SON DAGGI'l'l"l"S CllOC0l,A'l'liS Coinplclc line ol' Candies und Fountain Supplies P11oN1z 729 28 Jefferson Slrvcl Bell Phone 2900 GUY WOODWARD Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Brothers Trucks -ll I1lQlStjMlllIlCll Street VVashingt0n, Pa. WM. CLARK MORRISON Gi-ncrzil Farm VVork 'l'ln'cshing, Bnlcing, Silo Filling Plowing, Disking, and Trucking VV:1shington, R. D. No. 1 PHONE 2488 I 1191 CLASS RINGS CAPS AND GONVNS IIERFF-JONES COMPANY Mc:CAR'l'IIY AND MOORE C5716 Emblem ompan I111ril'1'x you In izzsprwl llufir' 1-nmpI1'11' Iim' of CLUB PINS F23 FOR YOUR PERSONAL SATISFACTION. DEFER SELECTION UNTIL YOU HAVE OUR REPRESENTATIVE CALL ID. A. ENIQIX, I7Vfll1llgl'I' TROPHIES UNION TRUST BUILDING MEDALS PITTSBURGH, PENNA. L 1201 HE FIEUJ Eh ylillx Autographs Nl - -, -l'fi1f'4lv14 4.1 ' "':9 .-1, . ' 1 v. 4 'Eu , I . Ti 4,-,rp , S Ti 'Hn' W .- 2 im' J in. , z In - 1 .W 'B W. . kr. . 4 H lea .nw-.--,1. ..- . . Wifi 2-- , 11,1 In A-ii , TY' , , IME! TEE!!-5" In 1 af'-1' - Agia' 5771: V 'LI' ,. ,. - - ' ws' . ,,. LAPDIF- , lib-Jn.. I+! 'll ' ??l1.':i Q-. - 1 fj ' I '-rf.L'g' 5,1 ii.. . 'rr '- ,. H-, 'S fm I I' V. Lf v f C . , ,- 'N A 1 W 4125 .L lj J " ,f , -I' . .1--r-, - , ,. Q ,1 M5 ,.f-5 I N., ,,. N J -.. ' ' Uni ua? ales M I X M T I 1 I Y In J lcjv W A K x " "-- 'if- " "" 7'.51?4-f"" -"ir'cAf' '. -5. - - -V . I' I I nw . a LI , w " " 9' - 6 "lr -fu . 133 ""'1'fi!' ,z.'- ,wc- . WF! Q K 1 -an 1 413 n -4 rim 'ul' f . 2 -1: 'Ia l . ,F ,Ui I' ' ,V ' w fl' in .ka . ...., Z . d km wp I 'X A - T ' -J' Y. ,ge V- 1 :- i "-1 ,.,A--1- L.. , .' A- 3 1- ,. , . A ,. lf ..!.! , ,,, ,A -uf f- ' r . -" f-gni-lf.. 3: ,n 7'.fi,, N A. ' ,Q J Q ' .X ,I H1 .1 nv ' L., ,, r .1 X 9-5 :- il- U- , ' . A , J-1 , f 1 ' L -va 5' . ' . ,E-. -. v ' . . H L U 1-'EQ X' fy ' ,,. 3. d -Inq! . Zh. --gill, , .1 .- 'Pu ' .. ,a.4!.-. - V ' - V- .' -' IFF' 1 k..,,L.-1? A '- 'rl- ' 'y' -'- I.. , . Q, . .1 , V. .vi LV -f N ui , L ' gh' ,L 'f H , . , - 5 ' g .X ' ,sf-X 'l. T- , ,' , 1 Mi W' 'LQ 'Ji' ' lily Q ' ' -" -'l"'A7'i IQWS., -...lx .1 .V ,- 1. . , V - in - , ' Y 5-' ' . Q ' Lf' ' IV' - I ' H , I' ." ' 5 V ' 4 11 lv 0' - Pi - -- -e 1 g V . , gifgq " - 1 . - , nl f: x - . " A - , . -1 .- 1' N", .F wk rj. - . A ' A - .wif 4 V. " -L. w , ,: Y- ,, ' - 3 I g. ,U ' . 1 A ':H f- Y - .'f'1i'g u, - ., .,-x x - -M131--,. 1 4 -- A 1 , !g,. - '--Gif -" . 1 7- . .. . 4 "-i,':'1: T J.1""' ' F ' It ..., - 0 ITU"-- '5 ' 5 F ..,,. jg--W ..i 4-, TL. V 5 4: V - 5,1 xl 1 ' , 4- I, 1, - K gg..- ' ' X n V if fi- f"-ff " fb 'J' JF- EH ' w I, J , 'P' .1 1 -ww l.1,y-.-,J ' .Y " -'?TfA?' 'L Pfji'-:-. .,-::Q+,J. '. Q- - 1: -T: "H f . . , v- uk rg' . t . - , 4 . 1 42 '51 . , , -- ..J f- If . v.y YG, - u, ,. v fl, .- - 4 Q f . , ,- P' ' V N ' wi--'H H . - , . A .15 Vw , ,. V . -' - -'-- 'JI' E. - -'11-gi: , f 4 P. ' 'fir-ai L Wi". - "iff .- ' 4 4 fl ' link .- -4, I .. .1 -- ,rg . t qt L. .2 f .. . V -fffzz, ' 2 'Z :P , . - -un A . -1 -:':'f - ', ,I 2 nw -N-'VV .fgq X. ' 1:3 , W F W V l ..v,,u, , " " SQ I I , -M . . , - 'rf'-' '."f4H1,-qu-g.,,Qaff,,.'--'vii W'maW4wm.,m4AmNww,n+,+wWw- T 'TSASHHTAQS 1 " . -. 'A in-Q54 -'ff N 4 .J A N- ri F- -yA +- ..ff,-si!11p.f -. .. JU. I 1, N- -' ,M 1 u, " "+' " vii '?!!..,.n ,-'2.f1':i-if P V . . "Ma" 234-.if'.-Efripriifif .21

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