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' ' Ju ' thMtZJ tX.-x-x. i-t. ' fy ' ' 7 1 O . 3 [OLYWPUS Published by; £ the students TRINITY hirth school volume ihree k (vv T y r- iy fy! .. J OLYMPUS kT irCIRIEW ' OIRID A PPROXIMATELY fifty-one years - have passed since Mr. W. W. Smith (then owner of the Trinity Military Acad- emy which is now Trinity High School) erected the stone gate-way which faces on Maiden Street. At that time it was a symbol of protec- tion and safety as the gates then were kept closed. As time passed and civilization spread more they were thrown open and we now use it as a symbol to represent knowledge for those who may pass through them to at- tend our school. In a large sense our school can well be called a memorial to its first owners so we the classes of ' 30 and ' 31 leave this annual as a small memorial to the future Trinity High School. [2] rSSS sJM OLYMPUS 4SSSl:«XSaS C € N ¥ IE N ir S I ' aculty Calendar Classes Seniors Juniors Sophomores l-reshmen Student Repartee Acti " ities Athletics Literary Alumni Advertisements Afterword 9 18 19 21 33 47 51 46 55 71 81 93 99 100 ti. U2 i -rj iJ«,JTi viR-iio iiu c«i faj tJi .jhj iM-d j jki.shj .»u li iiiu •JtSJti OLYMPUS kT. ®l|e Srniiirs anh 3)iuiiors of ®riutty i l] Scl|nnl rcspectfiillg btbtcatc litis luilumc nf Wi]i (Dlympxis tn " {[t 3[aculty of ©rintty tglj ' duml bljost capable supervision lias greatlu aiiteb our efforts iu securing a Ijigl] tupc of eburation ■i fTV 7 ' y,- ' " " ' i [4 1 K : S SXS OLYMPUS ¥TkS: 5 5fS ¥ S¥ S S ?tS SJ " S5fS OLYMPUS k j ' ' . i-i Ui. M m ' 4 h- B S H - ' t 1 ■H PJ2 r ' W P as v i r.v, -: ..■ ' jtxv ..-w: ' - StuDENT AsSE.MbLV The New Gy.m.nasium Ty- T? -)jj?--ii7T-j - r ■v5, " j; ' ' 5y ' " " ' ' ' " ' IS mj •r. " " -i ? T5i ' ' sir U L S XXa M LY M P U S kSJzWJtTkK , The Main Hi ii-UiNG I ' Ht SCHHIIL l AKKTBHIA tsk JiiA } •Jr.sLi imAj ' kJciJr , uiijio oiiAj jkj«. tA tT tSiiiiT (7] OLYMPUS k SILNSimiNIE When a bit of sunshine liits ye. After passing of a cloud. When a fit of hiugliter gits ye And ye " s sjjine is feelin ' proud. Don ' t forget to up and lling it At a soul that ' s feelin " hlue. For the niinit that ye sling it It ' s a boomerang to you. — Captain Jack Chawford. Home endured as long as there were Romans. Trinity will endure as long as we remain Trinitarians in spirit and in thought. f Mmm I OLYMPUS k The Board of Education THE Board ol ' Education ol ' Tiiiiily llitili Scliool is composed ol ' iivc (lircclors Iroiii cacli ol ' the lollo viiii lo vnsliii).s : Aniwell. ( " .anion. North I- ' raiiklin and South Stral)ane. In tiie year li) ' 24. Trinity Ilii h School was known as the Joint Hi,s(li School and was located in the Uoal Estate Building on Main Street. During that year, the Board of Education was represented by only two townshi|)s. After the school location was moved to the present situa- tion, the four townships united and the school board was composed of twenty members. We feel much credit should be i!;i i ' n to the School Directors as they are largely responsible for Trinity as it stands today. Their time and etforts have been given willingly for the bittermint of the school, and the students feel greatly indebted to them lor what Ihey have done. This year the oulslanding work of the Board was the addition of the new (iym and ( " aleteria. Both have been long needed, and have so far proved a great success. Of the two, the new (iym has proved more popular, as it has made many things jjossible for tiie health and |)leasure of the students and ])atrons of the school. It has done away with the overcrowded conditions and has made it ijossible for the entire student body 1(1 allend assembly at one lime. The Cafeteria also comes in handy as |ni|)ils who do not wish lo bring their lunches can secure suf- ficient food for a very small sum. We, as the student body ami ispecially as the memliers of the Senior class of Trinity fligb School, wish to express our many thanks to each and excry member of the Boartl of Directors for what they have (lone, bolh for us, and for the school in geniral. We fully realize that withoul lluni Trinity High School would not have been what it is today. — Helen G.vbhy. KpflSf li lJTU uilj 0 jklPf L«lJ j tJ ' Ri ' fcu li . kj cca 10 : ■T S MCK OLYA PUS Tc-K ' - -K ' km , T T- Z X fyi X- " T ' X T-,- ' X " V ,;tj tj , ' to oilifej u iJRj ijkjtii ' uiRiiii ow., ' u jiiiii.i [11] ■ OL YMPUS kTkTkTkS. sM KENNinll H. C.OUDOX Vi ' aijnesbunj, Pa, A. B. Waynesburg College II ' . miiiil)t ' rs of oiii ' st:ill this ycnr li;i c worked loiis and diligently in preparing tills luiiiiher of the Olymjuis. It is hoped that in years to eome a reading of these pages will hring haek |)leasant memories and a feeling of pride in having helonged to the school whose activi- ties are chronicled hy word and picture on these pages. T M im ; 12 ' kl. ' kS. ' kS. ' k OLYMPUS kSCK KS: E. PAIL DAY Amity. Pa. As ist;lTll I ' riiKi|»;il Califtuniii Sl;ilc Noiiiuil Grove City Collctic — Three Surnnur Terms W. .T. One SiiinniLT Term Kxtension Course W. J. Trca uier i»t ' Aclivities Accnutlt Ali-ehr;! I. II ' Whtil ' s HDiir c.rnisc for fbal? ' SARAH ADAMS Waynesburg, Pa. Wayneshury A. H. Wavncshurfi Cnllej e Suiiiiner Session 1U2H Latin and M:itlu-ni;it ics " You ' re cndrchj toti notsij for Seniors. ' JANE ANAREL DAY Claysville, Pa. Muskiiijium Cnllejie A. H. Graduate work ; l ' ni ersitv of Pittshuri Ii Vashini?t()n and .letTerson Collei e A. L Memlier .)f the A. A. V. W. Sophomore Class Ad iser Latin " Tbaf ' s n tiuminn ' s firii ' ilri i ' . " THOMAS E. ELLWOOD WashinRtnn, Pa. Penn St;ile C .lle.ue H. S. Omei a Delta Kpsilon Athletic Director AIi, ' el)ra " Ri ' memhcr lun s, no intltr. " " ■ itf ji j -Juikj iAAj (ikiRj lAiUj •Jr. likiRj -JfuLj •JllJl j U«,JRj OtLiRj [13: l._§5 :Km OL YMPUS kS:,:.. THOMAS C. Y. FORD Washington, Pa. Penn State li. S.. (;r:uluatL ' Work N. Y. Schnol of Sufial Wi.rli Alpha Plii Sifinia .luninr (llass A(l iser Adviser Af rifulturi. ' Council President Vashin} ton County Vipcatinnal Assf)cialion Adviser Trinity F. F. A. Supervisor of Agriculture ■•Lvl ' s iiuilth that. " CLEON SCOTT HALLAM Washington, Pa. Washington and Jei ' ferson Col- lege A. H.. M. A. Graduate Wurk: W ' asliiiigtoii aiul .lef ' fers{in C dlege I ' niversity of Pittsburgh Senior Class Adviser Senior Adviser of Olympus Latin and History ' All right, I ' ll be agreeable. ' MRS. MAXINE HUDSON Washington, Pa. Earlhani Ctdlege — Hichniond. Intliana. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Drama Extension (bourse — ' ashington and Jef- ferson College . J. One Summer Term Play and Debate Coacb English anti Dramatics " Well if i}tm iiiit coiiiunve me — " ROSE HiWIN - t73i Washington, Pa. W ' a sh i n gt i » n Se m i na ry Indiana State Normal drove City College B. S., Ph. D. Course in International Relations Inner Circle of the C. L. S. C. Meml)er of the A. A. V. W. Dean of (iirls American Problems and Biology " A ' o( ' ii ' Hh rffcrfiire to that — " UXi.JTXj i-W.JTU tiKJJRU U l [14J itSJtSJtKM OL YMP US iSXSXSXS ' L AMDA J. hllJLlNGEK Ada, Ohio Ohio XcrtlitTii L ' nivL-rsilv Ti. S. Frfshnian Class Adviser Assistant (iirls ' A(l iser Girl Rescrxes Ail ist ' r Girls ' Hfaltli Education DirLtt.i CiviL-s and IJidlntjy " I.ft ' s fjft si nn- pi ' fi in this twercisv. MARY M. LEECH Washington, I ' a. Muskiniiuin Cnllt-.iic A. H. (iiMduatc Work: ' asliin:4liin and .lelltTMm Cnllei e American Assdciatlnn nt [■ni iisitv Women Delta Kapjia Kir lisli " I.fssi ' iis IH.i ' Ihis ii ' ill nist {} m a lest. " fA ANNA E. M ALONE Washington, Pa. Westminster Odletie H. S. Eiiylisli and Science ••Ttvo fHT rciir ,,jj fur thut. " EMMA M. McKEAN Clevfland. Ohin; Toas, New Mexico. lialclwin riii ersilv A. H.. A. . L (irailuate Work: riii ersit of (Ihicai o rni eisity of New Mexico Amherst Sau eur School jf Lan.nuaj-es — Paris. France Adviser French ( luh French and Kniilisli Lilei ' aturc " iiu should tivt like Seniors iiislctnl of fi,urfh ' jniilcrs. " jhu ijhA j 3 f5 5lKJi j 4j iJnAxj ijxijkj imifoj UTijkj Kjkijhj Kj!i.skj •jk.jLj ¥i r N)- ■K OLYMPUS k. CAMP R. PIPER Washington, Pa. W ' jisliington and Jettcrson Cnllet;e B. S. Gradunte Work: Washington and .iefferson College Pittsburgh School of Auto Engineering Physics, Chemistry and Science " Good morning — get nuHiii from I hose fish Earler DELLA PLANTS Washington, Pa. ' ashington Seminary Wonster College A. li. Depaitmcnt of P ducatioii Coluinhia University A. M. Member of the A. . V. V. History and Civics ' 77 not give you another te t unless I tell you. " MARY BELLE RANKIN Washington, Pa. Margaiet Morrison Carnegie (College Carnegie Institute of Technology Assistant Supervisor of Home Making Department " Xow yirls, lei ' s he more quiet. " E. VAUGHN ROSS Washington, Pa. A ' ashington and Jefferson College B. S. Graduate Work : Washington and Jefferson College M. S. Assistant Football Coach Civics. Geometry and English " Let ' s go to our rooms. " 0 r_ 1 6 ] jy T Sm OLYMPUS kSJkSJtSCkSa JOSEPH I). KVBURN Washington. Pa. Penn State B. S. Delta Si};iiia Phi National H(in irary .lu(ii;in.i, ' Society Adviser Trinity Future Farmers ' ice r resick ' nt ' ashini, ' ton ( tiunty ' ncat ifiiKil Association Assistant Supcr isor of A.L rieuIture " The office is ii ijinnl plme to stiuly. " MRS. HELEN SCHROYER Washington. Pa. Margaret .Morrison Carnei ie College Carnegie Institute nf Technology Supervisor of Home Making Department " iiw then, for fo-morrou " CHARLES R. MORRISON Washington. Pa. Trinity High Sch..r)l Washingt tn Business (College " s there somethimj I can do for i}im? X.9 Mk who try to IH) SOMETHlMi AM) F II. AUK INFINMF.l.Y BETTEH THAN THOSE WHO THY Tt UO NOTHING AND Sl XEED. LlOYD JoNES W r -J ' A FY 5 ijhj uii- ' tu liRjIij iJmkj ij iAij tjtii— TO ; 1 ■ OLYMPUS kTk: € A IL IE N ID aV 113 September Sei)lember 3 — So many pupils onrnll they cannot even jjuI tlu in in the Gym. Scpto ' mbor !) — School is in lull swinii. Many new laces arc seen. We can easily tell the Freshmen, " Yes. that ' s the dyni. " September ], ' 5 — Every one is still happy; boys are practicint " lootball. Oh my, what a life! Tlie Freshmen are still trying to adapt tlieni- selves. September 22- Hain, rain, rain, what an array ol slickers there are; even concrete ones (we mean cretonne). September 2. " The rain made cverythinff Iresli and green, bnt still it doesn ' t have anything on the Freshmen. OCTOBEII October 4 — East Washington and Trinity |)layi(l on the College Field. We won, and how ! October 9- Oh! what a lile, nothing to do bnt study. (Show me the way to go home.) October 11 Dismissed early lor the Redstone game at Uedstonc. October ' i Every one is blue to-day, the cat didn ' t even come in the otlice. October 19- -Had a tough game at Monessen. Carter came out with a bi ' oken ankle. October 2. ' i -Big Sophomore hallowe ' en paity. No one there but Sophs. October . ' 31 — It ' s rather lonesome without Carter, iiope lie ' ll be back soon. XoVEMBEli November . " i— Oh! what ' ll we do now they are tearing away the Cym. November 11 Le Cercle Francais is organizetl. November IS -P very one is catching a cold. History contracts are com- ing right and left. November 21 -Exams but, " we don ' t care. " Novemiier ' iT-Sure need Ibis Thanksgiving vacation which starts to- day. Decembeb December 2 And are we going to work for the next two weeks? December (i — Basketball practice is being held at llu ' Armorv oi- the Y. W. December 11 — Bring your gill for the |)oor relief barrel. December 1. ' }- Ray! Two weeks vacation. May Santa be good to every one. December . ' JO School again, but of course we don ' t have to study. December 31 — We hear another girl got married. ( (juiliiittfd oil Pafje . ' f-V OLYMPUS kTkr. Who ' s Who In SENIORS CI asses James Murphy President Jonathan Day Viee President Bessie Hebbon Secretary Guy Timmons JUNIORS Treasurer Leslie Naseb President Maynard Lacock Viei ' President Arna Barb Secretary Joseph Kimmons SOPHOMORES Treasurer Wll.l.lAM HuiiHES President STE VAin- Dague Vice President Nelle Dayis Secretary Maxine Phillips FRESHMEN Treasurer Herbert Dunn President H() YABD Ferguson Vice Presideid Stanley McWreath Secretary Franklin Carey Treasurer - ■▼■ ▼■ M mw £ii,ss l ' JZ ' - ' aifi - OLYMPUS kWJ . . . Senior Class Officers Jamks Miiiphn Jonathan Day Bessie Hehron Guy Timmons V V I ' lrsidcnl I ' rcsidi-iil Secretary Treasurer Senior Class History EAHLY oiu ' Scptcnilicr iiKiniing almost four years ago several hun- dred boys and girls gathered on the large and beautiful eanipus of Trinity High Sehool. Among the boys and girls of this blithsome as- semblage were a group, somewhat not at ease, known to the others as Die Freshmen. We, the members of this group, at first considered our high sehool life as a very easy and inviting journey. But soon we learned that liiis was not the case and that high school life was very (Hlferent from that to which we had been accustomed in the gratles. As days and weeks rolled by we became more accustomed to the school with its routine and then we felt (|uite at home. Later we organized our class and selected for our class motto, " Duty before Pleasure, " and for our class colors Old Hose and White. We soon found that what we had su|)- posed to he an easy journey was beset with many dillicult tasks. I)e- sjute our inexiierience in school activities we were infused with the " Trinity School Sjiirit " and we were looking forward to the oncoming year, but perhaps more so to our vacation. September, 1927, having returned after a much enjoyed vacation we resumed our tasks with a greater degree of contidence, our somewhat dogged journi ' y of tlie first year wa s replaced by an enthusiastic domi- nation of the supijosed to be impregnable upper classmen. Prosjiects began to irradiate and our untiring energy instilled within us a desire to raise our standards and the standards of Trinity High School. Now we were at liberty to look down upon the Freshmen, a joy whicli we had anticipated all through our vacation period. The .Juniors and Seniors soon lound that we were able to take care of ourselves and for this we won Ihe adniiiatiou of tlu ' iijjper classes. t Cunlinued on Pai e 31) [22] ■!■ OL YMPUS kTkSJtTk Helen Ahuis " Addis " Basketball 1, 2. ' i, 4: Track 3. : Historv Club ii: Audubon Club 4. Helen worked hurd four seasons. At a sport for muni reasons: Then tt (lbur!eroi one daij. She showed us all how she eould idaij. Joe BEI.CASTRr) " Bananas " Latin Club 2; Debat- ing Team 1, 2; His- torv Club ;S: Glet- Club 4. ' e Ihink Joe will he a fi r e a r h e r. al- though he s o m e- times s h o w s the amhition to be a Big League pitcher. Pailine Bi-ackblrn Audubon Club li ; Librarian 3. Serious, silent and smiling at her tasks we find her working, and from duty nener shirk- ing. Louis Collar • Collar " Latin Club ' 2 ; bon Club 4 torv Club ' A Club 4. .4 fine worker sincere man. Audu- His- : Glee anil a Helen Collteh " y ulter " Latin Club 2; Audu- bon Club 2: Glee Club 4. We ' ve seen her red hair and wonder if She has a temper. TRIMITY HKiu scncci Helen Ashmore -Sally " Audubon Club 2; Go- l.)-ColIege Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Le Cercle Francais :J. 4: Glee Club 1. 4 ; Librarian ' . . Helen ' s small, hut she ' s mighty in the class room. Hose Bellino " Petey " Audubon Club 2; Latin Club 2; Le Cercle Francais 3. 4 : ' ice President 4: History Club 3. With her laughing eyes and dancing toes we ' ll see her soon in Zeig field ' s Follies. Edward Bblce " Zaney " Fo.itball L 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Track L 2. 3. 4: Audubon Club 4. Ed has served us well in sports, and he likes to prove his point. Arihlb Cooper " Babe " Latin Club 2: Foot- ball ], 2: Orches- tra L 2; Vice President of Class 3; Glee Club 1. 4. UV expect him to achieve greatn ess either at typing or ba.- eboll. Carl Crah; " Firpo " Senior Play. Let ' s raise Cane; be can stand a n y- t hi nil. M, i ¥i n itL. i 2 3 : Ti.. OLYMPUS kW. Hern in-: Crak; " icr i c " Lii)rari:in ' St-crf- tarv i r Auduliiin Club 2. yeeil (1 friciiii. ' here ' s oiw. Dai-.he ■■Helen " Ciirl lUservcs 1, :f, 4: ' ici ' I ' resitient 4; (Ici-to-CnIleKe Cluli 3, 4: Audulicin CAiih 4; History C.lul) :i ; Senior IMav; Dc- l)atinK Team 4. .S7u ' ' ,s iiiiiet, hill slill .s ?e ' .s- seen for til- ivaifs fjninl iixirk she does. DoNAl.l) DlNSMORE ■■ Jo;, " liaslcetljall 4; Iraeli 4. yol Inng ago he iras a .■ilrtinyer. h ii I now he is eiierii .one ' s friend. - ' iAjnj ' f lU ' TH Klliot " Huihie " Iluiicsl iiihI I nil ' III luT iiuirh. she will tjiiin [frt-at ri ' wurd. Ruth Fair " Riithie " Audubon Club ' 2: Latin Club 2. Fair Is her name. fair is her work, if it ' s her duty she ni ' iHT shirks. Kmmir JHJtJU-lMlHCCii J r Merue Crowe " Red " F. F. A. Club 4; Agriculture Club 1, seems as thonifh Red is always late, maybe he ha s trouble with his Ford. Jonathan Day " Johnny " Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2; Latin Club 2 : Audubon Club 2; Hi-Y 2; Vice Presi- dent of Class 4. Happy and gay that ' s our Johnny Day. Saha El. I. is ■■.Sa y " Audubon Club 2; Latin Club 2: (lo- to-College :i, 4: (lice Club 4; Girl Reserves 4. Working, working all the while, greet- ing enery one with a smile. Elvar Espey •■.4 " Football 2. 3, 4; Audubon Club 2; Agriculture Coun- cil 2; Agriculture Club 1, 2; History Club 3. At is our linlies ' man. Josephine Fowler -Jo " Latin Club 2; Audu- bon Club 4; Class Secretary 3; ActiN- ity Editor 3, 4; Girl Reserves 3, 4. Pretty, laughing and She ' s popular with the boys any day. [24] ?s :ts s ' £s;s4 OL ympus sasisa - ' i ¥. ¥. ¥ Helen Ciahbv " Gubhfi " Aurtiibiin Club 2: Cik-f Clul) I. 4; I.c Ccrclc Fr:iiK-;iis :i. 4: Baskelball 1. ' - ' . ;i. 4; Histmy C.lul. :); A sistant (iirls ' Spurt Kditor :! ; Girls " Spiirl Edilor 4. Heli-ll ' x II tjiiall SJiiTl imtl tiltt ' iuis looks as Ihiiiitjh she has Sdtuctbiiui up h T sleeve. (Iaiihkit " Ernie " Au lul)..n C. 1 u li ' J; History Cluli :!. Ernie is qiiile io;mi- ;,,r irilh all the tjirls unit hiii s: I it in his etir they itii ride li ijnther tuts uf jofl- Betty Cilenn ■■Bnhlyif Audubnti r. 1 u b 2; Latin Club 2; C.irl Kescrvc-s 1, 2. :i. 4; Histiiry Club :! : Librarian :) ; Cm-to- Clles!!.- Club :t. 4. Bettii is a iicAi; ijirt. stie iiluHitjs h II s Kenneiii Hamii.tiiv " Kennii " Auilubi n Club 2; Washinsjtoti Couii- tv Muvic Cnntfst ;i. 4 " : llrclu-slra L 2. :i. 4; Track Team 4; " icc President td " Class 2; Olvnipus Staff 4. Kennii itint his s f t lire line iif tlie m It s t ( ' e I e i w e thinijs in Trinitij. (iKBTlu UK Hewitt •■f.ertie ' Latin Club 2; b.m Club 4. She nener hits tvrectis iitthitiigh her Essex turns itri ' ttnd onre in 11 while. TRIMITr 30 DilXAEl) CiASTZ ■Dnn " Asjricultuie Club L President of As!i culture Council I ' oolball 4: F. F. :i. 4; Vice Pre dent 4. Don itiiesn ' t mi tii ' ii ilates as tn as tlieu ' re not fbe same niijht. Artiuti CiAVVERT ■■.S,;.e.(c " Audubon Club 2. ■ Swell es are not so dumb. " so s a fl s .Arthur, who is to beeonie an eniji- neer i. e. if notbinij interferes with his plans. Forslor I)u? Neii. Haoertv ■Self liaskelball 1. 2. :i. 4: Auilubon Club 2: Latin Club 2: l.e Cercle I ' rancais ;i. 4: Co-to-Co 1 1 e g e Club :i. 4; Girl He- ser es 4 ; Orcliesira 2. .1. 4: Cilec Club 1. .Sijicc " ' ( sniilinij. happii and gaii. llmfs w h y .V c ( drives bines away. Bessie Hebron -Hess " Audubc.n Club 2; Or- cliesira 1. 2. :i. 4; Secretary of Class 2. 4; Librarian ii ; Co-l.. -College Club :l, 4: OlyEUpus Stall :i; (iirl Reserves 4. It ' s some one short ndth golden loeks and I i !i h I bin e ei es — Itar I ' r i ni a ihtnna. DoRol MY HlXON " l),„,dle.s " Auilubon Club 2. Hoodies does not like Freneh. she ean e.v- press herself belter in Enijlish. n K n mi j jtiAj Ajfej yJfi.skj uiiiRj liiij [25 :S i OLYMPUS i tX ' TRiiMinrT 1I11I€11,, CM€€IL Ci.ahp:nci-: Ihiui; " F(7 I (_f " Autluhon Club ' 2; Fnuthall K 2. ;i: Ajfrit ' ulture Clul) ' 2: Aj, ' rii-ulturL Council :t; rrinitv ¥. V. A. ;i. 4. He hits frouhle rim- ninvinij his teiich- I--AHI, .IdNES -Silas " Hislr)ry Club W. He ulivays ma naif es l he a mile late t(i class, perhaps he I hinks he slill has ei)j)s privileges. Geobc.k Kl ' Zy " fiuzfi " Audubon Club 4; Football 4; ' IiUK-k ;i; C.lff Club 1. (ienrije aliiniys has ti neu) theory to tell the teachers. May- be he ' ll get one across sonic day. JosKi ' HiM-; Marua Audubon Club 4 ; History Club ;i ; H;isketbal! 4. Black curls and dark hniirn eyes nuikcs life n ell worth while. Lois McClay " Ao .s " Audubon Club 2; Latin Club 2; liaskftball W, 4; (lo-to-ColIege Club ;i. 4 ; Librarian ' . ' . She sees her luiy friend ei ery night. Yet tn him letters she must write. Lillian Jones " lieckie " uilul)on Club 2; Latin C.lub 2; His- tory Club ;i: Co-to- Cork ' i,a- Club :l 4: Librarian ' . . Does Lillian k n o w Iter English. Lalin. Math. Science — ask the teachers. Ckohc.e Koontz " Yawk " Audubon Clul) 2 ; Le (ATcle Franca is li, 4 ; T r e a s u r e r 4 ; History Club ;i ; C.lee Club 4; Or- cbcstra 1, 2; Foot- ball 4. .4 slam ' s all right a.i lung as H comes from George. Mamle Mahklhy " Mchs " Audubon Club 2 ; Latin Club 2; Lc Cercle Franca is , 4 ; President 4 ; History Club :t ; Libi ' arian W. In French she ' s a wizard, in English II nujw. And she ' s a girl of whnni nw are proud. .loHX Masara liasketball 1. 2, ;{, 4; Football 2, ;t. 4; Debating TeaTU 2, ;t, 4; Lc CcrcIc I- ' r a n c a i s 3, .4 : Audubon Club 2; Latin Club 2: Or- chestra 2. 3. Either the nwakness for curly hair or, great orators, cause some freshmen la turn his way. HiTH McDamkls Audubon Club 2 ; Olympus S t a If W; LJhrariaTi 11. A rrrlaiii hoy. with a liuick, who hails from Canonshurg is her weakness man. 26 f OL YMPUS kEJtTkSM r m I- ' rancks Mt:C,i.Ki.i.AM) " I ' rnii " AuHuhuii (■ I u b " i : Latin C I u 1. ' 2: inr IUscr cs 1. 2. :t. 4: Lihraiiaii .). llrr sirvfliifss tttul cbiirm inoiiUl cfiuse ijri ' iil itlarw if thfi} lI ' tTl- lint nihil ht ti sniiiiil n}inil- ThEI-M A Ml LdNKV -Piil ' (iirl lU ' stTvcs 1. 2. ;t. 4 : Pi-csiiient 4 : Audubon Club 2. I,atin Club 2: (i " - tn-CnIIcj;f Club ;i. 4; (Jlee Club 1. 4; Washinifton Cnunty Literary Conlt-st L 4 : TrcasurtT n f CJass :t. Busy (ill (I M ( I " n y- still she f " i ' -s " hfifi- ftlh iil ' iini. NktIIK MnoRK Audubon Club 1; Latin. Club 2: (iU-L- Club 4: Basketball 1. :i. Tht-re nrr nuimi sniiij ' hinis nrniiiul iriii- itii. I ' lil uu- stilt lihr tn htiir ftlif. [• " tMM:! S MiiRBliW " Le Cercle Franeais ;i. 4. Fninrcs sb ' iuld h iin- If ijiiinl cdufiilidii (ifltT sf mufli tis- sniiti t i ' I II It ' i f h srhuul tcitrluTS. .ItlHN i:l.AN V. I ' . A., state 4; Ajirieulture CnuncJl 2. ;i. 4; Treasurer 4: F. F. A.. Trinity 4: Fc.ntball 4. Jnhn is a nenj pnnui- nent figure in liu- Af department. TRIMITI IlKlL iOlCCl .IaMKS .Mt;( ' ,I.KNATHAN Latin dull ' 2: Aijri- culturf Council 4. .lini is mile (inil shi; ht ' ll stiiii-fil b !l ttnil ht). Cl.ARK Mll.l.KH " Cldre " Auduliciii C I u 1) 2; Latin Club 2; Girl ' - RestTvc-s 1. 2, :t. 4; History Clul) :i; Basketball :i ; Li- Jrarian -i. name .s Clare not lura. . ' lis Ihink - „f Je-cliirf mill i nii baiK ' it. I ' l (ivn MdHC.AN ■MiHlie- Auduli.iu Club 2: Baskelball . 2. ;!. 4; F.Milljall 4: Agri- culluri- C.lub 1 2. :), 4; Spurt Eilitc.r Olympus 4; Secry- tafy F. v. A. Tune in nn file radio nn l hear all about him. .Tames Mrm-HY " i ' .rtnt ' bar " Auiiubon Club Presi- (lynt 2; President of Class 1. 2, 3. 4; Latin ( lub Presi- dent 2; Basketball M a n a u e r 1. 2: K.,.,tball Mana s; e r :i. 4; Hi-V 1 ; As- s i s t a n t K d i t ' I r Olympus :i; Debat- ini; Team 2. ' A. 4; Senior Play. .Sm ,;,.,.,( (■,■( but onltf two leiis — our I ' resnlenl. MaH(.aiu:t Phi. an ■I ' e.r Audubon C 1 u b 2; Latin Club 2. Marij ' irel f-s suwel. .•ierions. .silent aiul a true anil loninij friend. I.neki will be tbe man to H ' ifjni she jires her hand. 0 . ' S S ' S S ' S S ' r 2: 3- " ■I- OLYMPUS k HkLKN PtlHH ' , ' ■Priijyy " (liri Uescrvfs 1. 2. ;i. 4; Secrt ' Uiiv 2, H ; (In-to-CIU-jic Club :i. 4; Gk-e Club 1, 4; History Club 3; Librarian 3. Vriijinj (fcfs fihtnif jiisl fine Iryiiuj (o he al- iniiys kind. Aiuit:i, Ra ' S(i Auduhnn Club 4. success is ijained thro u ( h war k, AnjL ' l will he suc- cessful. Rinr.LE " Lucky " Audubim Club 4; Co-to-Collfjle Club ;{. 4. Helen ' s nickiiante is " I. u c k y " . w h o wouhln ' t he if they h „keil like her. N ' j.ASiA Sam-:k L;itin Club 2 ; Autlu- bnn Club 4; (lirl lU ' servcs 2, 4. The expert IHoloyy (irlisl. Maiu ' .ahet Shipe Audubon Club 2; Latin CI u b ' - ; Histm-v Club ;{ ; Glee Club 1 : Basketball 1. People who lumjh are usually fat, so why is Peg so small. Joseph Kasefske " Pnntiac " Football 1, 2, ;i. 4; Captain 4; Basket- ball 1, 2; Track 2. 3: Olvmpus Stalf ;(; Glee ' Club 4; Le Cerele Francais 3. 4; History Club 3; Basketball Manaj er 4. Joe rides across the sea just as safely as can he, liul he ' ll yine a helpiny band so that you. too, might laud. Violet Reilly Audubon Club 2: History Club 3; Cio-to-Colle{ie Club 4; Latin Club 2; Track 3; Girl Re- ser es 2, 4. Violets are mil l flowers, b u t w e know Violet isn ' t. Eugene Roth " Gene " Ohinpus Artist 4 ; ilistory Club 3. dene has never broken the record studying, but he has done some clever drawing. U ' lLl.IAM SCHAN " Billy " Latin Club 2; Audu- b in Club 2; His- tory Club 3; Glee Club 4; Hi-Y 1; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3. 4; Olvmpus Staff 4; Sen " i..r Play 4. Billy is guile popular with all the ' oy.s and girls, for be is usually trying to pull off one of bis jokes. Edythe Sim " Edo " Audulmn History Head up, back, C I u b 2 : Club 3. shoulders that ' s t b e way she each task. meets Jf j ld j tiVlj: [28] :XS: S1:SM LY M P U S TkTkTkSa Kknn ' eth Srimwis " Kenny " ' Oivnipus St;iff ;i : Hi - tiirv CIul) ;{; Au lu- hnn Club -J. (icnlli ' mcn prefer hliiiuls. is III) ji };e. iisl; fiennij. Maxink Stewaht -Max- Audubnn Club 4 ; C.lee Club I. 4; His- tory Club a; Li ' Cercle Franca is ' . . 4; Basketball 1. Marine doesn ' t mal e miirh noise exrefl li ' heii s h e ii ii II t s her ' iii ' ii ii ' iiij. Kin I H Sii ' i.KH •He ' ' Audulxni C. I u I) 2: Latin Club ' _ ; IHs- tnry . ' f. FAlith iiseil In hhe llu- fiieiilly, hill iKiii ' lis the seniors, espe- vinlly one HiinKriT Thmmi ' siin • ' lii h " Audubuii Clul " ' 1. liiihert IS II hiij ijiis Hint oil ntmi mi I ' lirk Ai ' euue. (iuY Tim:mo s " (JUlf " E(Iitor-in-C b i c f 4 ; Assistant Kditnr H : Treasurer nf Class 4; Aubuduii Club ' J ; President I ' rin- ity F. F. A. ;i. 4; Treasurer ' i " rinit F. F. A. :i: Aji Cf.uncil 2. : , 4: Treasurer W ; Agri- culture Club 1, 2, .1; President State F. F. A. liny is kept very busy, fending to his niork by day : ami fjoiny out a( niyhl. they say. TRUMITY lIlICH iOlCClL _j130 Rl ' TH SteU ' AHT Libr;trian ' ,i; (lirl Rc- siTVfs 1. ■ ' . :i. 4; (;..-l,,-r.nllui;c ' Clul) :l; Cilcf Cluli 1. 4; liiiskctlKill 1. Ilnrs Rulh hl.c In hii ' ftt ' riti ' ' . ' |M| 1 1 Si i M. ■llu::, ml " iiiliiliMii ( ' . I u I. 4; l.:illll Cluli ' J; r„i- l..-(, " lkm ' Clul) :i, 4 ; Lihr;iri;iii H ; Lc (]iTt-li- I ' i;i lUMIS . ' 1, 4; Stcrtt iiv 4. Shr iiilisl sliuhl u Inl fur sln ' ' :i It slinrl. in h,„ln.,,l. l Vll S ui liillil .iTi Club •- ' . SI,, ' IS ,IUI,I III,, si „l III,- ,i,hil, liiil sh,, ulii ' iiijs luis tt ,1,1,-. Ki-.r.n TnHiM kmoim f) Vi I.jlin Club ' 1 His- |mt- Club ;:. w U ,■ think Heed ' s more seriiiiis than k ' A ill 1 lilt K TlCKKR ■7{.•. ■■ HisliM-y Club ;i. Itors -lie,!- ii ' alk to :m liiisiness Cidleyc? Xfi, she riilcs in a Pnntiae. tA-, A vJ Li»ij tjiL iu ' c ' v jy - v Jy s j, _Z ..IKJ M..CKj a L fe. •JXIMJ OLYMPUS k Blanche Vanck Audubnii Club 2 ; C.o-tn-CoIk-Uf Club a. y }f hinij ago she li ' ff us and is now drin- inij her father ' s car. .Ia NK Walker " Janie " Audubon Club 2; Latin Club 2; Ciil Rescr L s 1. 2, ' A, 4 : Go-to-Collejfc Club 3, 4; Librariiin . " 1 ; Glee Club 1, 4; ' asb!Tl}, ' t(»n County Lite ; |■ ■ Contest 1. :(, 4; llisturv Club a; Senior PUiy ;i 4. Janie is inlereslc l in Wash Hi. hill to us she ' s iilwai s true. Alheri Ward " Ginger " Basketball 1, 2. :i, 4; Traeii li, 4; Foot- ball 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4. He ' s full i f pei . Vhyiaas ' HnE Audubon C I u b 2 ; Latin Club 2; His- tory Club ;j; Girl Beser es 2. ' ; Olympus Stair 4. She supports the alumni, although her choice some- times imries. Myhtle Vru;ht " Myrt " Glee Club 1, 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4 ; Senior Play ; History Club 3. .4 friend in need is a friend indeed. CORWIN ' ANKn(K AiMliibon Club 2; Irack 1 ; Aj ricul- tiire Club 1, 2; F. !■ ' . A. 3, 4: Orcbes- tra 1, 2. 3, 4. Anif thing you want to knoiv asli C.orwin. IsAHEi, Walters " Hope " Latin Club 2; History Club 3; Audubon Club 4; Girl Re- serves . 2. They say every one has a talent. Isabel has f Hind hers. n}usic. Stella ' Asn-:LESKi " Slel " Basketball L 2, 3, 4; Track 3. Friendly and hapjty with eyes of blue. to her bashethall sifuad she ' s always hren true. Feurv Wright " Perry Winkle " Audubon Club 2 ; Lalin Club 2; His- tuiv Club 3; Track 1, 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4. Perry and his little I ' lird are often seen around the campus with a certain .lunior iiirl. Cl.ARA VoJ T " liabe " Audubon C 1 u 1) 2; Latin Club 2; His- torv Club 3; Go-to- Coflci c t:iub 3, 4; Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3. .S ic ' .s got a giggle all of her own. ■4 OLYMPUS i-S. ' TtSJii-K SKNIOl! CLASS lllSIOm (( " .(HiliiiUfil front I ' mji ' Althouitli iiiii- joiirm ' y during llir .liiiiinr imi- Ikis liccoiiie more struiUKius it Ikis l)fL ' ()mc hritjlilfi- also :iii(l w r l)rlir c its lldiTscciuT is indiciitix !_■ ol ' the I ' uturr. Our riiiijjt ' ol ;K-ti i(irs incrtMscs and nui ' Herfukaii devolioii to task joiiu ' d witli our cvci- (l(■v •lo]lin skill made our |)artifi|)ation in all aclivilics ol llu ' scliocd a ilal inlUirntT. Our influoncr in foothall. haskolliall. dcliatini . track and orclustra was very noticTalilc. In our rrlalions with otiur flassrs in the scliool vr lia f so condlklod oursi Ives as lo enjoy their iispeet and to merit the approval ol ' the laeuHv lor our ability to aeeoinplish those things which we ha e attempted in a manner in keeping with the standards of the school. As the year drew to a close we were looking forward to tlu ' hnal year of our association with this school as a part of its student liody. September, lit. ' iO. we ai ' e now in llic liiial year of our journey, all too soon our high school days will be past foriM i. In the beginning ol this year we reorganized electing .lames Murphy as the class president for the fourth time. We now occupy the position of superiority from which we are |)rivilege(l lo look down upon the under classmen, we have |)re- cedence in leaving " the chapel programs, because they ha e tailed to measure up to the high standards eslablished for them b this class. Throu.ghout our entire association with Iriiiily we ha e n(d lost sight ot the necessity for conslani improxemenl and we feel that there has been a notict ' able achiexi ' meni in this respect. . nd now llie end of our high school journey is tinished. but the journey of life just beginning. The memories of our work here will linger always, lime and disillusionnieni cannot destroy the happint ' ss created and Ihe friendshi|)S formed here. Some of our number have been compelled to lea i ' oiu ' raid s. but Ihe feeling of comradeship and the interest aroused through these associations will continue in llu ' minds of each. Whatever the future may have in store for us we feel confiilent we will be able to cope with any problems which it may ])resent; we are ready to meet the stern realities of life. Nor is this spirit mere egotism, our record of achievenienl stands in e id( nee that we ha e utilized our op|)ortunities to the fullest. This in itself wciuld indicate that w t ' are not merely overconlideni and Ihal om- claims lo distinclion have been justi- fied in the past and that they will be justified in the future accomplish- ments ol ' our members. — John Ma.s. r. . rV ' M JTO • jkiA j u-fe.7 Skj U iUJ iiijwj imihj im. ' ii. j mj jfc..»L ukkXij - OLYMPUS k C A L IE N ID A IR ICniiliniu ' il fnini I ' liij,- IS I Jam ' aky January 1 — Some |)( ' ()| 1(. ' arin " ! starting the year out ery good. Only a lew at scliool. January (i — Basketl)all— slilV giils and boys. January 12 — Wo should have some expert swinmiers alter Miss Kihlin- ger gets through with her swimming class. January 21 — Hay! the Gym is Hnished. We ha e lirst game with Waynesburg. Fi;niu AHV February 1 — Juniors are ordering their rings. February 8 — Every one is still ' and sore from gym classes. F ' ebruary 14 — Valentine Day, hearts flying around everywhere. February 18 — Juniors order Le ( ercle P " rancais pins. February 24 — Snowing hard, many students snowed in. Mahcij March 2 — We had moving pictures in Chajjel. It w(jn " t be long now and we will be able to buy our own picture machine. March 5 — A lot of excitement at the basketball game at noon. March 11 — Big time in Cha|)el, all the girls who played in the Tourna- ment, Saturday, at Charleroi gave a speech. Marcii IS -Heautiful day. Tops go down, girls go out. March 21 — Boys Tournament is in full swing. Our Cafi ' teria is of good use. March 24 — Home Making girls think they should get a day otf alter working so hard in the Cafeteria. March 28 — Stall ' meeting. Every one working hard. .Vl ' HIl, April 2- What was that? an Easter Vacation. Oh! Oh! April 4 — Snow, rain, and simshine. April 8 -Seniors i)racticing hard for the play. April 10 Lecture about Penn State Business College in Cha|)el. April 11 — Mr. Gordon takes a day off. April 17 — Matinee instead of classes. Play was a howling success. April 18 Easter Vacation, we get a whole day off. April 21 — Well, Olymjjus goes to press today. So long. ijwifej fjXiJKj kPHjkj im«- 13 ' : OLYMPUS kS: :.% Junior Class Officers Leslie aser Mavnari) Lacock AllNA Baiu! Joseph Kimmons Prcsidrnt Vice I ' rrsidrnt Secretary Treasurer Junior Class History On one bcaiitirul niorniiiif in tlio first wi-ck of Se|)ti ' mlKT. 1927. about two luindiTd and live girls and jjoys assenililcd to JKgin tlieir liigli scliool careers. Aithougli we were looked u[)on as " green-horns " hy the upper class- men we I ' elt proud of ourselves. We were assigned to our class rooms and began our duties as " Freshies " . . s the time went on we proved that we were worthy of a better api)ellation. In the arious activities we soon proved that we were capable of doing great things. . s we proved that we had the energy and the determination to do tilings in a successful manner, tlu ' upper classmen could no longer look u|io n us as just green " freshies " . By the latter jiarl of tile year we liad become fast friends with all the classes. The appellation of " Freshies " were left off our names and we became a member ol the great family of Trinity Hi, thus ended the first year of our High School liie. Here we arc permitted to pause bi ' fore we start the second lap of our journey. Si|)teiiiber, 1928, after tliree months vacation we have returned to assume our duties as So|)homores. We are no longer the " Grcen- Freshies " . Our worth lias lieen recognized and we are one of the lead- ing classes in all com|)etition. We look disgustedly upon the freshmen because we feel that they cannot attain tile mark that we have set. Since the .funiors and Seniors have seen how capable we are of doing big things there is naturally a feeling (tf rivalry bi ' tween us. Thus we play a leading |)art in all activitiis. Kven tlie l- " reslimen must admit that we are leaders in all branches of com|)(ti lions. The Sophomores do not lu ' lieve in following tlie rule of " Wliirc tliiy go we will follow. " Instead they have a motto of their own. " We will had and you can fol- low. " Now that we liave (irovcd our su|ieriority in acti ities and taken a second step forward we will again |)ause and prepare for what is probably the most important lap of our journey. A lap in whicb tbe (Cnnlinucd on Pat e - ' i5l ;34] :Sl:SlriSM OL YMPUS 4:XgS ' l:SlSl MiKK An .i :i Im.uIImII ' i. Ha Ul■l- !i;ill L ' ; li;iMl.;ill 1. ( ' niisisl r II I W " r I. i,„uie l ,1 ( .- • ' I filiicc in III) ' itiliiu- lics .. ,,■ srhonl. I n Ai.K A Mllu ; v , •■Dun " ()ielu ' str;i ' J. :i ; Hand L»: Koolhall :i: A. ricnllurL ' C.luh I. 2; F. l- A. ;i; Ai ' riuultural Cnun- fi ' l 1, ' 2, ;i; TnillR- Squad ' A; C.Iee Club ' J, : . ■•( h iH-. h in ' . liMK ' is siirh a ilizziness : II won ' t Iff u jiinir hiiih} iji) (ihniil his business. " l{nuSl-: KM AllM TRdM, " Armstriintj " History Club :i ; Lc CtTL-lL ' I ' l-ati c a i s : Audubnn Club 2: Cat-siu Cluli ;i. " As tih ' niiisf rendfi an (icconni of envrti idle inttrd. sii uw iiiiist tii-i if ei ' crii iille iimini-nl . " KSTELLA !i, KKB " Aiinl Fnnnie " Audub.iii Club . " i: ( ' urrcnt K l- n t s Clul) 1 ; Histnrv Club :i. " He is oiili stniiiiiij iiii ' iitj I ' lir siiilr. " M iiKi. II umu ' i( -Mar- Audubnn C I u b ;i ; History Club .( ; CurrL-nt I-] f n t s Club T; Cirl Hc- ser es 1. -A loyal supporter of the alumni. " TRIMIITT nMLJgSClllCClL I lll-.l-.M A! M S ■■7ci i .i; " AufluliMii Chil) ■_ ' . ' I rl US rrnii-nthiT — thill iinln all inrii flinnlij IS iliif. (iivf irluti inc iisl;; ami pill], inluil tin- hliimt ' . ' n I IS t SI rtiiM, " 1 rmij " ■rrmii dull :!; Audii- lioii CInl, 1: li- uk :!. ' Sitnic jifuj ' li- iirnt-r smtlc. lliri imlij grin.- inow A. A M " Ti ' itii " l- ' i...lli:ill .1: (.lull ■2: Hisl.uv Club :i. Spftil; mil iiiiiii if it nisi llur llui hjr. ihiiil hr .ilriiiil. I. in IS IJ Kl:n ■7ii ,i ' ; " I ' . F. A. rniiily :i. ■.ti- o i.s N ' i ' i .- h ' liilrr limn ii ' onis Auiliilinii C I u li ' J ; (ik-i; Cluli :i; Im- tii-Ciilli-.m- C.luii -J; Secrc ' tiir - ut " ( ' .l;iss s. ' il Ciil- I lUsciMs ■_ ' ; ' jHistmy dull 11; ' • ' ' rklrii.iil H V e n I s , .(.Ml ■2: I. ill in dull ,, af " J-W-lfen il ,;,i,irs l„ J U Lmj tj mj U ilV iJ1 i1 uiljtXj U iTLi KM XVu 0 lJTU JXk, 1 ;i 5 J I OLYMPUS kS. Ola Hell Auduhnn Club ' i ; (iirl lleserves 1, 2. 3; History Club ;) : Current Events Club 1. " Siiujinn ami ddncimj is her fame. " Hv ' VH Brady " liuthie " Audubon C 1 u b . ' i . Co-To-Collej e Club ;i; Current Events Club 1. " She likes Chenroh-t sport rotidslcrs. " HALr KN Burns " The nifin ii ' hn enii hltish is not ( iiite a hrute. " Ray Chipps •■Chipiiij " Current E cnts Club 1; Agriculture Club I, 2: Audu- bon Club 2; Seere- t:irv Sopb o ni n r e Chi ' ss 2, :i. " ' Tunis but a ilreaiii : let it pass, lei if iHinish I i k e s nianif others. " RiTTH Clark " liools " Glee ( " ,Iub . ' i ; I- ' rench Club ;(; Candy Committee 3 ; His- tr)ry Club 3. " Make the future fairer than the past. " TRllMni Sylvia Bkmc.i-,r " Vinetjar " (ilee Club 3 ; (Lui rent Events Club I ; Audulxin Club 3. " Ahnays stririnij fo he ahead. " Klizareth Brown ■7.(7 ' (ilee :,C i ) r ' I .(M) " 1,, 2, 41 (flibon ' Club ' 3;-. ]li ' ,j tc)n U,J . -(ilub 3.,; " " U ' ' ?( ( ' awake ' she seems, perhaps she sleeps ivhile she dreams. " Ollie Carter -Sapp " A|, ' rlculture Club 1, 2; E. E. A. Triiiitv 3; History Club 3 ' ; ' ice President ot " Junior Class ; Track 1 : Audubon Club 2; Baseball 1; Tei-b- nician 3. roiild s„eak annnul In-hiinl nnj- self where I could net full swing I ' d kick and kick about etJerifthituj. " JnilN CniINO " Johnny " iM.utball 2. 3; Track 2. " The flavor of meek- ness grows on a s cw of grare. " Clarence Closser " Soak " Aijriculturc Club 1. 2; E. E. A. 3; E MPt- ball 3; Historv Club 3. " lie not sinifilif good, but be gooti for something. " jy " OLYMPUS TRJMITl I)oi:i HA C(i KLIS -Dttltie " l.iU-rarv Sol-u-Iv 1: C, vv CIul) 1 : Aiichi- ix.n Club 2: His- t-.rv C I u l :t: i:i U L- t h;i 1 1 •- ' ; 1. ■ ' iJffils arc hcttiT Ihinijs tluin ivtinls. (irtiinis niiij h I i e r than hhisfiiujs. " Mkhi-e Cbau; " . f AiV " AiiiiL-ultunil ;nuiu-il 2, ;i : Aiirifulturo Cluh 1. 2: Irinitv v. v. A. H: l- " not- hall 2. ;{. ' •Seme all hut h-rr onhj ftic. " " Suicctn " Librarian ;i : llislMr Club ' A: Latin Clul 1 : Audubon Club • . " (;ine the hesl you V J hum- III sniiw tinc it nunj he heifer than y u d a r c thinl.: ' LiM.i N Dye •Lihr Latin Club 1; Cirl ur es . ' i ; ( " m-t I lU ' surves 3; ( " i-tn- lT J i CullL-ijc Club :it7 Ci iT liasketball 1. " iry Current E cuts Clul) 1; Hi Iorv Club ;l " We ncrer siifi fail, there ' s ni sueh u oril in the ilie- tiunurif. " KiHKi- Ferrell •Eeir " When the heurt ijoes before, like n liim}K tintl illumines t h e imfh w (I y, ni u n ij things are uKule clear. " John Colrson [ " C.ourson " rvN , Au(lub .n CI ub 2: i Cik-c- Club 3. ' " We read of huf one wise m a n. a n what he knew u ' as that he knew nolh- Thdm A Crosbie " Tonr Audubun c; 1 u b 2; Current Events Club 1: History Club ;i: liaskt ' tliafl 2. ;{. " Let n »ne i resume to tnear an unileserred ihijnity. " I H DiiHNhEBOER " I ' ollif- Le Ccrclc Francais ;i. " Ruth is fond of the name Kenneth. " Frances Felin " Fame only comes when deserned ami then it is as in- eritahle as destiny, for it is destiny. " Rlth Fdbu " Fliiuier " History Club . ' i : Audubon Clul) A : Track 2: Latin Club L -.4 flinm Chevrolet {food pair. and make KCkStij Mi.tRj liUiUJ JR.ifej J lifej UieiSkj iJUJfcj J»litoj iJUJlij (JRJRj ;37i OLYMPUS k WlI.M A FrAZEE Candy Committee :i: l.e Cercle Francais :i; (■.o-tr)-Co 1 1 e t e Club ' . ; Current Flvenls Club 1 ; His- tory Club ;i. ■ ' U ' i r j will it he a Sophomore or (i Senior? " Siiiini) (lAYVEHr ■ ' ■ ' ' ! ! ' ■ (iirl lU ' serves 1. 2, 3; (lo-lo-ColIejii- Club ;t; Histr)ry Club ' A. " F.njoy tl ij ijtiuth, ii will not slay, en- joy the fray ranee of Iby prime, fur oil ! il is nut alinays youth. " AsV.ElAt CiHKCO " Anije " liasketball 1. 2, 3; Football 1. 2, ;j; Audubon Club 2; Le Cert-k- I ' " i-ancai; ■ : History Club ' A. " Don ' t despair of a man who has one clear idea. " Lkova -Lee " Girl Reserves 3; Go- to-College Club Ii ; History Club H; Le Cercle Fraiu-ais 11 ; ( Tudv Conniiittec ;{. " She has an eye n} on a Senior. " DOHOTHY HaZLETT " . ener idle a moment but thrifty a n il t ho uy h I f u I of others. " TWMllirT ULTON rent Events f ' .lub 1 ; Latin Club 1 ; Audubon Club 2 ; Football 2, ;■{. ' Tall as a lamp post and a wee mite thinner. ' ' Esther Gibson " Irish " Current Events Club 1; History Club 3. " The enenings are dray. " Anna Hackney Go-to-College Club 3; Current Events Club 1 : History Club a. " Gentleness and lone and trust, prenail o ' er angry wane and gust. " Glenn Harris " Harris " Current Events Club 1 ; Audubon CIuIj 2; History Club 3. " Remember k n o w l- edye of human nature is better than knowledge of t ' .mks. " Grace Heiney " Heiney " Librarian 3; History Club 3; Audubon Club 2. " We think Grace likes dancing. " [38] 4 ' I OLYMPUS TRIMUTT .1(111 HiNKKM Asi-icultun- Clul) I. ' •_ ' ; K. F. A. ;i; (Ik-c- CIuli :); K.i.itliall .t. " .U(f.s - s ic nu ' ili- fific " I n hrfiil.iin 11 II n ltr Hi r.HKs Audiihim (1 I u h 2 : liasketliall 1. 2. :! : I ' odtball 1; Hisluiv Clul) ;). " U7t( " N nol in II limn riiniutt cnnn ' out iif him. " Li-n ' i II I U s I i:i( " llunU-r " Aj rii ' ulture Cliiii ' ■2: v. F. A. Tri ' A: Current E ' Cluli 2: 1r Si|uad :i; Hi l ( ' .lull :i. " The uuirhman kiintt ' ii l II liuirk.- V M v. Ihf.y " Fcrnic " Auduh.m C I u li 2: l.aliu CIuli 1 : His- tory i;iul) :i; Cur- rffU Events Chili 1. " Hill in quifl .s(7 - rnnlrid. linl. In- tji ' lber soul aiul sunt. " (lit i K ,inH S(i " Sluirl lull nnijUltj. ' F-TnvAnns Hi ' FFonn " Sjtct ' ii ii[): spveil up ' f lull how slniu In l.-ll ' ,1 j„l.,-. h,- I i .r.s full hull iiu hnui. " .liis|:|.n Hi NIKR ■•. .„■■■ Aiirieult n r e C I u b ; I-, I- ' . A. I ' l-iciity :i; (iui rent E e li t s Club 2: Trallic S{[nail ;{ ; . et i ities ;;: Hisliirv Club :i. ■Ill,- iin-iilfsl Inilhs iiri- the siUiplcsl iiiul s,, ire 111, ' iiri ' uti ' sl lufii. " It I ssi:i I Ibii SI i) ■7(, ■» ■.■■■ I. 2: Auiiu- bnii Club :i: Aijii- lultnre Club 1 ; I .lass Treasurer 1 . ■■; lilllr luhi.r. lillU- till ' niir iiniiis: Muu ' s jnrluiu- urr urrnriliuii In his tiiins. " IEl. ■T ■ .biHN " Shnrln " Ai, ' i-ieulture Clul) 1. •- ' ; F. K. A. :i. ■■ iini I ' t ' iii siiiull, hill unlu ' ilhsliintliiui. I hl.c In he Willi Ihi- Imlics. " V ' ri i .bijlN.soN Latin Club 1; C.irl lieser es 1: His- l " r Club .t. ■Tn fni-mh. ,i frieiiil: mill i i-l hnw l.iiiil In uiir xJXlSVkJ KjXlJtikJ (_W,iftj U I RJ iJ l-«ij i?l Rj xjfll LP(UVi [39] OLYMPUS k iFRiiMinni ni€lL §-ClHCi)H., MAmu ' EHiTE Jones Audulxjn Club 2; (In-to-College Club 3; History Club 3; Le Cercle Francnis 3 ; Librari:in H : (Hc ' c Club ;j. ■ ' ( ' ( Come here 1 hdt ' i ' sitjiu ' lbiiuj t(i tell ij " ii- " Joseph Kim m ins " Professor " Basketball 1; Audu- bon Club 2; Debat- ing Team 2, li ; Olympus Stair ;i ; CJass Treasurer iJ ; Current E %■ e n t s Club 1 ; Historv Club ■ . " .4 cub reporter on a one hoss sheet. " L UC I LLE K N ESTH IC K " Toots " Current Events Club 1 : Histury Club S. " Confident that what the future holds, will he riijht unless I mifself he inronif. " DoHOTHY LaCOCK " Dot " Le Cercle Francais . " J; Historv Club ;i ; Glee Club 3; Cur- rent E ents Club I ; Basketball 1; Co- to-CoIlege Club ;i ; Librarian li ; Olvrn- pus Stair : Girl Reserves 1, 2, ' A; Vice President Class 2. " Does any body hane anything I could borrow? " Olca Lindberg " Lindy " " Be noble in every thowjht iind every deed. " Lucille Kelso " Iaju " ;()-t(i-Cullege Club 3; Latin Club ]. 2; History Club 3. " SHU nchieniny. still pursuing, learn to labor and (o waif. " Joseph Kisella " Wbitey " Football 3; History Club 3; Current Events Club 1. " Silence is the safest course for any man who distrusts him- self. " Mary Knestrick " ' Shrimp " Le Cercle Francais 3; Glee Club 3; His- torv Club 3; Go-to- Coflege Club 3. " Oh! Which one shall I choose. " Maynard Lacock " Bud " Agriculture Club 1, 2 ; Vice President Class 3 ; Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3; History Club 3. " We tire born with two eyes and hut one tongue in order that we may see twice as much as we say. " Franklin Lloyd " Pinky " Audubon Club 2; (Uirrent Events Club 1; Historv Club 3. " One pound of sense requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it. " [40] 5M OLYMPUS TRJMITT (jLrNN MaNC» " .Uri lo i " Fonthall • . :i: Track 1. 2. ;i: President Trinity F. I-. A. :i ; A riculturc■ Clul) !. li; Ayri cultural C.iuncil ■ . :!: Or- chestra 1. 2; Olym- pus StalT :t. ■W ' hal raijf fur fiime ultemts both tjretit tind snmll. better he dentl than nien- lioneil Itnf tit all " Wai.tkh Mum in ■Pelock " HistoFA- Clul) :t: (ilee Club :); Orchestra ;): Olvmpus StalT 2. 3: " F.x.tha 1 I Mana.Her 1. 2. ' .i: Track :i. " For eren t b u u g h nan q a i s b e tl. b e vaiitil artjne still. " Kkwkth McAkke " Kenny " Aiiriculture CAult 1. ' ■ : Trinity F. U. A. :i : Current Kvciits Club 1 ; History Club a. " liei-aliae it is a [ttirt aj tbe bead, enrlij bair daes nut indi- eate a ' lenel ' head. " l- " l.nHENTl K McNaRV ■ " F oss ' V History Club :). ■U ' io ' .s Fhis.sie ' s btiy friend naw? " (lEiiRiiE Mei-:ks " Uuss " Football 1. 2. :i; A Audubon Club 2; „ ■ lA Clee Club ;i : His- r ' torv Club :): Hasc-- bafl 2. .!. " Men in tjeneral are but ebildren iirt U ' n " Sanvv r up. ?4 Frances Marks " Fr ' icof.s ' ' " l.alin Club 2: Le Ceicle I ' rancais ' .i: Librarian :i ; ;o-t .- Colleuc Club :); Ck-e Club :i: His- tory Clul) :i. ' ■.She leai ' es a marl: adieri-rer she ijaes. " Maoii. Maxwell " Majie " Audubon Club 2; History Club :!. " .She ' s It dandfl little maid. (; iad fur sunshine or far sbinle and maie eauld e per b e truer. " 1:mma M( Kinney ■ ,S ior(; " Audubon Club 2: Latin Club ll Librarian I!: His- tory Club :i; Cirl Reserves 1. 2. li. " Whaterer hatb been written shall re- main, the unwrit- ten " ulif still be- lamjs la thee. laLe heed and pander well w hat that shall be. " .InSECIllNK McNaRY ■■, .),■■■ Track 2; History Club :i. " There is nidbintj fair ni r beautiful, luit same- thini} frani thee, that makes it beau- tiful. " Hebtha MEtmiNOs " Meddimjs " (■.o-t.i-C dle. e Club :i: l.c Cercle Francais .S ; Librarian 3; History Club :!. " Knaw tbtlself is nat enaui b. and nerer. nener lr;l ta bluff " iA j ' jiimj :4i] OLYMPUS k HoSK .Mtl.LEU " Short ij " Current Events Club 1: Orchestni 1. 2; Ciirl Rest ' C cs 1. ' 2; Ainlubnn Club 2; Latin Club 2; (lo- to-CulIege Club :i ; History Club : . " She mould nithcr hilU to ti mill) Ihiin (III iinyc! anij day. " UuTH Miller -Ruth " " Dil ' ilH ' li ftnr Olid most dioindu loll. she is looked up and adored hy us nil. " HicHAnn M miu» v " Dick " Current Events ( lub 1 : History Club ;t : Audubon Club . ' t ; Olympus StatT ll ; Assistant Football Manager 3: Assist- ant B ' a sK I- t ba 1 1 Maiiaj er ;i. " The w u r I d must have minds, even as great spheres Iheir suns. " James N ' " Jim " Ai riculture Clul) 1. 2; Trinity F. F. A, ;{ ; A iric u 1 t u r a 1 Couneil 1, 2. ;t ; Secretary ;{; IJasketball 2 ' ; Foot- ball -A. " A ' cc ts his niiiulh shut and minds his itU ' ii hiisiness. " MaEIY I ORTElt " Porler " Lt ' CLei ' de Francais 3; Historv Club 3; Audubon Club 2; Latin Club 2 ; Glee Club 3; Girl Re- ser es 1, 2, 3; Gu- to-Coilege Club 3; Current Events Club 1. " Oh! I am so scared. " TRIIMITT mEJl lCIlCClL Roy Miller " Shrimp " Trinity F. F. A. Aj riculture Club 2; History Club " Work is a monsi or so frightful mien, as to hntcd needs but hi- seen. " .]i: Morrison Latin Club 1, 2; Audubon Club 3 ; History Club 3. " ive knew the meaning o f h e r smiles and what her tliougbts miijht be. " Lkslie Xaser " Joe " Class President 2, 3; Agricultural Coun- cil L : Agricul- ture Club L 2; Le Cerde Francais 3 ; Football 1, 2; Olympus Staff 3. " The path of ijlorg leads III fame. " Mary Phillips " Sallif Latin Club 1 : Cur- rent Events Club 1 ; Audubon Club 2 ; Rasketball 2; Glee ( lub 3 ; Olvmpus Stair 3; History Club 3; Go-to-Cof- lege Club 3; Class Treasurer 2. " .4 jollif girl who is full of pep. ' ' EiiM H Pratt " I)e " Current Events Club 1 ; Glee Cluli History Club 3. .4c , that each morrow (iinls farther than dag. " 3: [42: ok. S: S1:XX«1-| OLYMPUS S. ' TkT ' k:. I ' " MA r,E I ' HATT ScL-i-ftary ( " u r r f n t KvL-rils Clul) 1 ; (Hl-l- Clul. .1: Auclu- Clul) . ' i: His- liirv Clul) :i: (iu-li.- C.iflc.Mi- Clul) :i. " Thi- sunlwams nf u rlieerfttl sitiril, tlw lii h( of iiu-xhtiiisl i- h ' lc I,,,;: " l-J.LIS I ' HVDH ■■M,,iil; " Ai;ikulturi- Clul) 1. •J; Irinity T. I- ' . A. :i: Au(lul)..n Clul) ■2: His( iry Clul :! : Chirrcnl H f n I s Clul) .!. ■The lbiiii,iht ;f i-iil- iruj ! II It I in m s makes nn- inish. " El.l AHi; I II Hl NNKll ■X ' l ' - Audubon C, I u b " - ; L;itin Club 2; Hi - tury Clul) ;t: Libra- rian it; ()rcbestr;i ' .i : (lirl lU ' scrx fs . ' i ; C.Iee Club :t : Cur- rciU Kvt ' nts Club 1 - " She pri ' fvrs Dai} tn- iilijht . " ThKLMA HoOCiERS Cui ' r ' ent E cuts Club 1 : Histnrv Club U; Olympus ' StatT :i. ' The Inlcnf nf sue- cess is DiithiiHj nmrt- llxiii ilniini irhal i tfU can tin ii ' fll. itnii tliiimj IIU-II Ilihillt ' l ' tT IJiili d i . ii i t h u t II Ihouiihl iif fiinii ' . " I-n[.A Scm T -Scoffi So. ' 2 " C..-tc)-Colk-i;e Club li; Histi.ry Club ' A: Currt-nt Event s Club 1. " ll ' s jus! niij huh o ' he ' n ti ttvin. " TRIMITT BKljLWSOlW)! W ' viTEll I ' mcK ■I ' ricc- C um-nt K ' cMits Clu 1 ; Ai riculturf Clu 1. 2; Tririitv I ' . I A. :); K.. .ll);Ill 2. :i H;i.slu-tl):ill 1. 2 Hist.iT-v Clul) :i. ■7,-j()f.r . ' .) .iv . .ilir ill tfnur brciis, that little S[mrl: n eetesliiil fne calle (jellitls — ill jnl:i:uf. lU 1 11 UKlUMiif " Suinc jirefer ii life .. .v.;i,, ,- hliss. lull I lit, 111,1 , refer I,, he II Miss. " MARfllV HlSHKR " Sf, nie lieitjile hil nil Ihe hiel:.- I-ILA Scott ■■Seiiltji " Audubou C 1 u li . ' I ; Trt ' asurLT (i ' p-t o- Colk-fje Clul) :i: Li- brarian ;{ : Histiiiv Clul) :;. ■nil ' Mil hair. " M( :{j. :l.LAMi Shiidn r . ■Shraiil: " Aiiriculturc (Ilub I. 2; Trinilv K. I ' . A. 3. " To net an example is a resiiansihiltlii tint li, he shirl.eil. " [43 OLYMPUS k Lena Sim " Peanula " Le Cercic Francais W; Latin Club 1; dice Club ;i; Girl Re- serves 1. 2, 3: His- torv Club ;i: Gn-to- Ccjfle e Club :i : Basketball 1. •■Altimys eating pea- nuts and talking. " Ruth Sten house " Scottif Latin Club 1; Or- chestra 2, 3; Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3 ; Li- brarian 3: Audu- bon Club 2; Olvm- pus Stair 3; His- tory Club 3. " Mfl car has ( naon fumitiar a ilh ifinir snnij. I listen and it cheers me alfmj. " IUth Thomas • ' Red " Current Kvents Club 1 ; Latin Club 1 ; Audubon Club 2; Librarian 3 ; Go- tn-(:(.llei, ' e Club 3; Histnry Club 3. " Quiet and gentle, we could not {jet along without. " Charlotte N ' arneh " Pat " Girl Reserves 1, 2; Latin Club 1 : Audubon Club 2 ; Track 2; Basket- ball 3; President of History Club 3. " The name sake of a fire truck — her red hair. " M HY ' En[ LE -.Marii " Girl lU-serves 1. 2. 3; Audub.Mi Club 2: Latin Club 1 ; His- tory Club 3. " Go forth to meet the shadou ' if future without fear, and with a maidenly heart. " TRIMIITT Anna Sten " Stennic " Current Events Club 1; Latin Club 1; Girl Reserves 1, 2. 3; Treasurer 2; History Club 3. " Who knou ' s what mail happen ' ? Hare patience ami shuffle %% the cards. " Ro SwAnT " Sport " Trinity F. F. A. 3; Agriculture Club 1, 2 ; Current ?- ents Club 2; Histury Club 3. ■ ' ,4 hoy who is nener studying, but al- w a y s telling jokes. " ' ii,MA ' anKirk " Hill " " Always merry and thinking of him. " John Warne " W ' arne " A};riculture Club 1. 2; Basketball 2, 3; History Club 3. " A true Knight is fuller of bravery in the midst than in the beginning of danger. " Riith Weir " t ' .an she drinc Ford ' . ' " Xi j vi l,J U iS dSfij J JTU L»li IJ+U Ij5kU :SKS:feXJrJ OL YMP US, i XSXS .SL?! •rRllMlTl J I ' V ' ' " - Qf Le Cercle Fraiicais Librarian ' . . " Aren ' t Dodge cars nice? " Lnis Wilson Audubon Club 3 ; Go-to-CoIleEte Club 3; (liii Reserves 2. 3 ; Current Events Club 1 ; History Club 3. " Somethiny remains for lis to (it) or dare; indeed each life siiine fruit nuisf I ' ciir. " Carteh Woods " find " Le Cercle Francais 3; History Club 3: Track L 2, 3: Foot- ball 2. 3; Baseball 1. 2; Basketball L " Trull} Ibis world ran get on withmit us. if we would but think so. " Elizahi-:! II ' ii.i iii) " Short!! " C.irl lU-scrves 3; His- tory Club 3. " Too busy lo he talli- ed about. " John ' ithuo ' " Withn.w " Aifriciilture Club L 2; ' I ' rinity F. F. A. 3 : At;ri cultural Council 2, 3: Audu- bon Club 2: His- tory Club 3. " Little hut mifiblii is our traffic ro t. " Walkeh Wyi,ie " Walker " Secretary C u r v c n t L ents Club 1 ; Audul)on Clul) 2: Debatinjf Team 3. " Sf)cechcs cannot be made loiuj enomjh for the speakers, nor short enough for the hcfirers. " t :. jrXlOP, CLASS HISTORY t ' .ontiuttcd from Page . ' J ' ;; path grows more sleep ami rugged, but leads to the prized goal that we are all desirous of ri ' aehing. That great goal being success. Sei)tember, 1920. We are back again and reorganizing for our Junior year ' .s work. The goal draws us on as a magnet draws a ])iece ol steel. Ve give the job of persecuting the Freshmen to our successors, the Sophomores. Ve feel contident that we can eoiKjuer our new duties just as we have done for two years. . s we gather knowledge, our achievements become greater and greater. Who would recognize us as the F " reshmcn of two years ago? . s our knowledge has increased so lias our outlooks on life jjecome brighter. .Mthough our .lunior year is nearly over we still have that " Trinity Spirit " and loyalty that lias made this school one of the leading institutions in the country. To those who will take our ])laces in years lo come we extend our friendship and best wishes for a successful and happy school career. We sincerely ho])e that they may be able to do still more for the school that has done so much for us. Jo.SEI ' II KlMMINS. kJus " f 45 : S l OLYMPUS k Student Repartee Mr. Day: Alver, did you work the odd exercises on page 17? Alvcr: No sir, the} ' all looked (juecr to me; so I did not know which you meant. Kenneth Hamilton: " Gee whiz, don ' t vou liave a clean handkcr- chiel? " Hilly Schan: ' " Yes, but I don ' t lend il lo strangers. " IVIr. Gordon: " Why are you always late? " Guy: Because of a sign I pass on mv way here. Mr. Gordon: " What is it? " Guy: " Why it says " School Ahead, (io Slow. ' " Mrs. Hudson : " Tse Ihi ' word lioycolt in a sentence. " Billy Sclian: " It rained last nigiil and the hoy-cott an awful cidd. " George Koontz: " Pontiac gave me an awlul dig yesterday. " Espey: " Yeah! What did he say? " (ieorge: " I showed him one of my childiiood i)ictures with my father holding me on his knee, and he said, " Well, who is the ventrilo- (|uist? ' " Margaret: " " Didja study last night? " (iantz: " Yeah, hut 1 dichi ' t liave much time- -had to wind my watch, fill my fountain pen, put a new blotter on my desk, clean my spark plugs, call on my girl, find my eye shade and read the Hi-life. " Don ' t l)e afraid to invest a smile, it ' s always worth face value. Mr. Pi|)er in chemistry class: " Does any one know the dilf ' erence between lightning and electricity? " (larrett: ' " You don ' t have io |)ay for lightning. " Her teetii were like stars; they came out at night. Teacher (history class) : " Maynard, will you please awake Arna. " Maynard; " " Do it yourself, you ])ut her to sleep. " P lizabeth Henner: " ' Mrs. Hud.son said she could read me like a book. " Arna: " Well, 1 suppose you ininiediatily got red. " Jayne: " Would you like to take a walk? " Johnny : " Sure. " .Jayne: " " Well, don ' t let nie detain you. " Miss Kiblinger: " Did you take a bath? " Midge Bayne: " Why, did some one lose one? " skj uki .46] ■s OLYMPUS kK -? i !.. «B hIB 1 Sophomore Class Officers WlI.I.lAM HlllHES Stewart Daoue Nelle Davis Maxine Phillips President Vice President Seeretary Treasurer Sophomore Class History (lIisloi- - of the Soplumiorc Class witli apologius t i Kt-nncth rii-ahnm) Whnl makes the teachers all so glad, when to our seats wc pass? Because lliey are so very glad to see the Sophomore class. When it comes to s])onsors, name a Ijctler one-who dast? Tlian our Miss Daj ' , adviser to this wonderful Sophomore class. Who was tlie lad that caugiit the hall and made the Fo rward pass. And saved tlie game for Trinity? He ' s in the Sophomore class. Then at liie county track meet; " Who ari ' they, those girls so fast Tliat all the otiiers pant hehind? " " They ' re in the Sopliomore class. " And wiien we give a parly. h)ok out at tliat swaying mass 01 ' people sighing gustily, " We aren ' t the Sophomore class. " And now the cafeteria, look at every busy lass! You ' re pretty sure to tiiid that she ' s of the So|)liomore class. If you want some lovely ajjples foi- delicious apple sass. Just ask a " Future Farmer " of this marvelous Sophomoie class. Now comes the word, " The president! Salute him as you pass! " " Is it Mr. Hoover? " " No! He ' s in our Sopliomore class. " And when a teacher ' s giving A ' s the higgest (uics she has. Are almost certain to belong lo us — the Sophomore class. — Jean Bash. §MMM LOLYMPusksmT Sophomore Girls A„.os Baker, Bash. Birch, Blake. B.,w,na„. IVaner, Hris,,,, Carr,,!! S. : M M ■ ' ■ m " " " ■ ' ' ' " - ' " ' - l ' " --- li " t- . H. Moore, .,. S i ps - r ' n- ' ' 7 " : ' --- " ' --y- l- ' - Noble. (.„, Pa,„so„. M ' li ' llip.s, I. Phillips. Reiik,.. K. Shronlz, N Shroiil Sw.rl ' n, Vaughn, Weirich,,urn.W,.,„|.s,Zi„ko. • l-n,pso„. 1 i9 I r - - 1 P y - OLYMPUS k ' l Sophomore Boys Balknlyiu ' , Biiwtl. Bedillioii, Bidiunski, Hcny, Bon;izz;i, Bristor, Rrownk ' c, Bricc, (U)cliiiin, t ' .rumiine. Curnin, Dague, Davis, Doak. Ely, (laiiicr, (iarbinski, datloiu ' , (iillespic. (lotschall. diithrii ' Hamilton, Hartley, Hazlett, Holmes, HuglKs, Hunter, Janovich, JeH ' crs, Jones, Koontz, Kutl)er, Larkin, Lekwart, Libertore, Lusk, A. Marriner, F. Mar- riner. Mazza. K. MoClay, U. McClay. MeClosky, Mesta, A. Miller, W. Mil- ler, U. Miller, Miteliell, Moninger, A. Mosier, P. Mosier, Xewland, Peter- son, Petrone, Polan, Roberts, Sef ' ton, Swaylock, (i. Sweger, J. Sweger, Tershel, Ward. Wiiilill, Zelt, Zuroskv. 30 ] :f OLYMPUS ks: ■ Freshman Class Officers Herbert Dinn Howard Fer(ii son Stanley McWheath Franklin Carey I ' rcsidriil Vii-f President Secretary Treasurer Freshman Class History On Septfnil)( r llio lliird. in the year ninclecn liundrcd Iwuntly-niiu ' , a new class entered Trinity High School. This was the Freshman chiss and tlie largest class that had ever entered Trinity High School, there heing two hundred and seventy odd |)ersoiis. Wlien we the students entered Trinity it was a new lite to us. Wi ' met in the gymnasium where we were separated into gi ' oujjs and taken to our various report rooms. As we went through the halls we soon found tratlic cops trying to regu- late traftic. We did not always obey as we thought they were ujjjjcr classmen trying to act " fresh " . We soon found out that these were proud Seniors and acted accordingly. The rules of the school were soon learned and we began to get along fairly well. Tile up|)er classmen seemed to think they had the privilege ' of initiating the freshmen, but were stopped as our principal, Mr. Gordon, sided in with us. We, the freshmen class, were one of the first classes to have the privilege of using tiie new g ' mnasiuiii. We appreciate the new cafeteria wliicli means a great deal to the school. This is the first year that the girls have had regular gym classes. The freshmen girls have shown tjieir appreciation for this as they have shown wonderful basketball games and other activities during the year. The freshmen boys also have shown good games, having beaten the other (ex- cept Seniors) at least once during the season. The Freshmen expect to make one of the finest So|)homore classes that has ever attended Trinity High School. — Herbert Dunn. :52] :S S. ' kK hi I PL YM P US kSJkT S:km ' V C ,j( f% Freshman Girls Adams. AsliiiHirc. Raiif. B. Bavnc. M. Bavne. Beattv. BiMiiotT Ben- lu-tt. Blake. Boniull. Boolh. BiadlVv. Hreclnick. K. Brteso. { Breese Bin U.S. M. Bii.wn, M. K. Brown. B. Brownlto. C. Brownlee, M Brownlee ' HiRhla. BuimIi. Cain. Carey. Carlisle. Carlson. Carv. Caton. Closser " Conistoek. (.onkhn. Crowe. Dailey. Davis. .1. Dolinar. ' S. Dolinar, Dunn " )uiHiini . Dye. Elder. Klliot. Kvans. Feiszli. Ferrell. Fowler Fulton " .ames. (.alley. (Talvin. Cleason. (Hover. Hague. Hartsell. llillljeri-s- Houston. Howard. Hull, lluniphrev. Irev. Janovieh. .lollev Keele Keeney. Kelley. Kerns. Kolanko. Korobushkin. Kosharskv " Krizav " I-an.lrey. 1 angley. l.i.i-.yett. Matroj. Marklev. K, Markow. M ' . Markow Iarr,,w. M.arsh. Mazier. MeF,ri le. MeClearv. MeClenathan, .Me(;ar MeKahan. MeNateh. Mellor.l. Merrilt. Miller. Morninostar, Moninoer D . lo(ne. H .Moore. Mounts. Noble. Osborn. Patterson. ' Paul. Pease ' Piatt ' —piela. Porter. Post Pratt. PressUr. Prigg. Basel ske. Beek. Bobinson! Iiobison. Hodgers. Salisberry. Samida. Scott. Selvaggi. Sikora Smiddle Snirekar. Sprro. A. Stcnier. L. Stoner. Stuler. Szwvdek. Tarr tawzel " ance. d. ance, Vester, Vicen. Walsi " • • ■ Zeinbroskv. Ison. Welsh. " Williams. Woodburn. ' pM W A ; ¥:s2s s¥¥«i5 s : 53 ] OLYMPUS k Freshman Boys Aiuliors. RaiiuT. Biillcntyne. Barbour, Baylt ' s, Baync. Bariu ' y, Biss, Borowski. Bianor, Brice, Bricker. Brown, Bruce, Buicliak, Cain, Carey, Cai-lisle, Charlton, Clnipinsky, Clayton, A. Clnsser, K. Closser, Collis, Coni (r, Conklin, Cooper,, Craig, Creighton, Czniiel, Deems, Devore, Din.sniore, H. Doak, W. Doak, B. Donaklson. W. Donaldson, Wni. Donaldson, Dunn, KUiot, Ferguson, P ' erko, P ' orrest. Fondulas, Frazee. Fulton, (lalrie, (iallev, (iaus, (lutlirie, H. Hamilton, Howaril Hamilton. B. Hart, V. Hart. " Hillberry, Hoover, Horner, .larosik, D. .Johnson, ,J. .lolinson, K. .lolinson. Kendall. Koski, Kotiviea, Kruczek, Kuzy, Laeoek, I.ankie, Larkin. Loliingier, I.usk. Lynch, Marchette, Margien, Marklev, Marriner, Martineliick, MeCaiilev, Mel ' adden, McKee, McVay, iVleWreatli, Meddings, Minton, B. Miller, 11. Miller, Morgan, Morrison, Morton, Mull, Myers, NawoJ, Newell, Paciorek, Pat- terson, Pease, Pelernell, Peicknik, Plizga, Powell, Prandini. Piandolph. Beichert, .1. Beynolds, B. Beynolds, Bice, Higgle, Bobh, Uoinano, Boss. Sandor, Schultz, Seanion, Shilling, Sim, S|)iegel, Stoner, Swartsleger, Sykes, Tantlinger, Tarsia, .]. Thomas, K. Thomas, B. Thomas, Thompson, Toland. Tomazin, Virag, Wasieleski, i . White, B. White. Widland, Wright, Zembrosky, Phillips. ' J - Lfci55 SCJ OLYMPUS k ii ' s.j-i t K. The Olympus Staff of 1930 We. tlu ' .luiiior and Senior classes of Trinity High School in order to let outsiders know ol our school work and activities, have puhlished the third volume of the " Olympus " " . To do this, nineteen niemhers were chosen Irom the two U|)per classes to represent tile yiar book stall ' , with Mr. Ford and Mr. Hallani as class advisers. We, the niemhers of llie stalf feel tiiat niuch credit should go lo tlie editor, who has so faithfully and willingly given his time and effort to the |)ublication of the book. Each member of the staff was given work to do and to the best of his ability carried his task through to the ind. Meetings were held rigularly in whicli iiiiporlaiil matters wt ' it ' dis- cussed. Allliough tile book will be a pleasure to us and to many others in later years, llu-re have been many ditlicullies in assembling it. Mem- bers of the staff were sent to the ' ashington merchants in particular, to secure " ads " to help finance the book; it had to be seen to, that all mem- bers of the different classes and organizations had their pictures taken; the ])roofs then went to the engraver from which cuts were returned and |)ut in a " Dummy " year book. After being carefully gone ovi ' r and corrected they were sent to the printers. Class " write-ups ' " and histories had to be written by the dilfireiit students. In spite of all these dif- ficulties and many others of their kind to face, tlie staff has worked hard and as a result put out what we think is the largest and best book of its kind in the liistoiy of tlu ' school. So this modesi publication is siMil forth to its own limited |)ublic. Our aims at least whatever our achievements- are such as to ajipial to the pride of our school and our friends: and, we hope merit the emula- tion of any class that may allempt such publication in the future. — Helen G. iiiiv. . S x £Sr4 OL YMP US iTkS.lcT ' tK OLYMPUS k Trinity Agricultural Council Glenn Manon Stewakt Dague James Xei,an John Mh. F(ihi) President Viee President Seeretary Treasurer Fdenllii Adviser Triiiily Af rifiillur;il Council, one ol ' Trinity ' s niwest oigtinizalions, v;is eslahlisiK ' d in I)fc ' cnii)cr, 1!)28. It is really the honorary society of the ai rieultliral department. Meniljership to this society is oj)en to all l)oys who can secure hoTior Cor Trinity and themselves, lither through project work oi- liigh scholarship and so only the best ari ' eligihle to liiis society. This council was organized wilii sixteen cliaiier mendjers and now lias Iwenty on tlii ' roll. Kaeh mend)cr is given a cerlilicale of member- ship stating tin- honor he has conferred upon the schocd or himsell when he ( ' Titers this society. It meets twice each month and phins for social galiierings, directs tlu ' business and aclixilies and aids in the disposition of whatever prizes are awarded by the organization. To lielong to the Trinity Agricultural Council is surely an honor to be coveted by any boy. — Lloyd Hunter. iAj IJRj : 58 : ;i:S: Sl:«l- OLYMPUS i XSSjSXSrf Trinity F. F. h. (llY TlMMONS Donald Ga tz Floyd Moroan John Xllan Pri ' si(lri)l Vicf Preshlfiii Srcrctdri) Trrimiirrr Tlic hoys ol our ;ii(riLuUurt ' (lc|);niiiHnt weiv ;iiiioni tlir tirsl in Peiinsvl ;ini;i to ;il)|)ly Tor a cliartci- in the national organization: Futuir FarnuTs of America. The local chapter is known as the Trinity ( " .hapler and represented Pennsyhania in the National contest. Three of our hovs Donald (iant .. (iuy Tirninons. and .liihn Nelan were granted the state degree, and (iu Tiniinons was electi-d state presi- dent of the organization. Floyd Morgan won the gold walcJL awarded to the boy scoring the greatest nund)er of points during the year. We are proud ol the Trinity ( " hapler and will work for its advancement. C.oKwiN V wKniK. Ai ' w-r yj ' F -iV ' ' ' " 5i : 59 : OLYMPUS k Audubon Club Nei.i.k Hams Bkti Wi:imii;ii President Virr I ' rrsidrnl The Au(liil)()ii ( " ,luh was (irsianiziil in our sdiool under llu ' cajjaljlc suiUTvision of Miss Irwin. 11 was started again this year under the (hrcction of Miss Irwin and Miss Kihiinger. Tile diflerent biologj ' elasses elect their own oflicers for the clul). When first ors ' aniziil tlie cluh was very small, but now the largest portion of the Sophomore and a few of the other classes ai ' e in the clul). The . u(lul on ( lub last year planli ' d a tree on the campus and we tliis year ])lan lo plant tlowers and in other ways beautify our campus. The Audubon Club has become a national organization. It has be- come well established and has some by-laws such as the object of its members shall be to learn all they can about the wild birds, and to trv to save any from being wantonly killed, and that tlie eliih shall havt ' al 7 TSii ' " " ii rn , 60] jh i t3:jt3Jt3C%3 OLYMPUS kSJtSJtS. kSm Audubon Club r.i. ;ii lI Mii.iiiN Joi: Ki 1 Si-i-rrhini Tiffisiircr k:ist one nu ' i ' lni,i rxcrv muntli. Thcrr iwv nthrr- iiy-laws. I ul thrsc arc tlir most important. Sunu ' things that arc slii(ht l hcsidis hirds and nature arc: bird nt ' sts. nesting boxes, and teetling boxes. John J. Tigert, lornier ecUieational eoniniissioner. said. " 1 am greatly intcrestetl in the aims ot the . iidiili(in Societies, and believe tile i lca of tile .societies is good. " The society was first organized by .b)hn .James . ii lubon. a wander- ing naturalist and a gi ' cat lover of birds. His famous woik consists ol one thousand sixty-fivi ' natlU ' al sized, ccilored ligures of .Vmei ' iean birds. It re(|uired ten years to make them and at a cost of ■ 1(I0.(HHI. Let us lio|)e that IIk ' good work of this societv shall continue. Wii.i,i M llr(,iiKs. ' jk.j Aj cflUtO M.St j iJU-Tij U L tU liRifaj vJ«.ifej (JtlAj KSti-Mj U»l. -j™ L 61 OLYMPUS k French Club Mabel Marki.ey Rose Beu.ino Violet Sumney George Koontz I ' rcsiilcnl Vice I ' rcaidcnt Srcrctai j Treasurer " Lc Cercle Fr;inc;iis ' " ol ' ' I ' riiiity Hi,t(li Scluiol was orgaiiizi ' d in November, 192S, uikIit tlic supervision ol ' the Freiuli leaeher. Miss Me- Kcaii. Tlie |)iir|)ose of llie oij ani ,ation is to iiiablt ' the memhers to l)eeoiiie i)etter aeiiuaiiited with the l ' ' reiu-li hiiii ua,i e and customs. The elui) ol ' this year consists ol ' tliirly-two memhers, ripresentini, ' hoth llie first and second year French chisses. Heifuhir mcelinys are luld on llie first and third Wednesdays of every montii. Many interestinii topics are given eoncerninti F " rance. Pins, designed lor tliis cluh, are worn l)y the mend)ers. Although this organization has been carried on only during the last two years, it has i)roved very successlul. and we hope it will continue to he so in future years. — Violet Sumney. K ' k-Klt-K S. ' ?tJ OLYMPUS SKSXSKS Girl Reserves THKI.M M(,L(IM. Helen I)a(.i i; Betty Wkihh h Janet Minton I ' rrsidcnt Yirr Prrsidriil Srrrrhiril TrrdsiiriT This year llu- ortjaiiization of dirl lu ' servcs has gained more reeoi;- nilion tlian in the past years. Due to the beiielits ileri C(l Irom tile i, ' irl IV ' serve camp at ()glel)av Parli. Wlieeling. V. Va.. tlie girls iiave sliowii improvemeiiis in tile (iirl Reserve work. Tlic inemliersliip has grown very mueli. due lo tile altraelions and conveniences of tiie new Y. W. C. . . i)uilding. hiny original ideas have been carried out and this cluh was tlie first in tlie city to piucliasc (iirl lUserve jackets . The girls have taken jjart in such activities as tlieatre parties, an Faster lireaktast. rolKr skating jiarties. joint dances and otiier types of enjoyment. In tile liilure years the girls of Trinity High School, who are inter- ested in liirl Heserve work, will have the opportunity of making tliis organization bigger and better than ever. — TUELMA h LoNEV. ' iUJ O lilVj Mi.Ai jJfiA j ' 6:i : ■ OLYMPUS k Go-To-College Club The (l()-to-C()llcge Clul) met in the fall under liie supervision of Miss Irwin and elected the following girls as oilieers lor the year: Bhssie Hkhhon Leona Ha(;eh Thelma McLonev LiLA Scorr I ' rc.sidrnt Vice I rrshlent Sccretani Treasurer At the first ol ' the year, among the social activities |)lanne l hy the clui), was the F " aculty Tea , whieli was held in the l.ihrary of the High School. The room was decorated with leaves, autumn (lowers and candles. A reading was given hy Tlielma McLoney and lea was served to memhers of the faculty. In March, tlie cluii had the privilege of healing a talk on College given by Miss (ireen. Dean of Women at ( " arnegie Tech. Miss (ireeii gave a very interesting and instructive talk. Hcfori ' the ending of the school year several activities are being planned. . t the May meeting tlie niend)ers of the club are to be guests of tlu ' Washington A. A. U. W. At this meeting the girls fidm tlu ' three local Higli Schools will be in charge of the program. — Bessie Hemron. «4[ 4 . ri - -:g:g££s[ QL rMP6 ISIJC S-Xf?; Librt arians Helen Cr().ss(in Irene Wilkinson Emma McKinnev DoROTIfV LACOflK Frances Marks Ruth Stenhoise Xkli.e ) (iRACK HhINEY MAR(iL lrite Jones Rl ' TH Thomas Lii, Scott Behiha MEniiiN(,s Ki.iZAisETii Henm;r e ibn.ry of Inmtv Higl, School lues been removed Iron, tlic main Iniil.lmg to a room adjoining, the study hall i„ the gA-m„asium vea7the%T . ■ ' " " ' " ' •l ' ,= ' »S " ' i " » g ' ven to the li],rarv durini the pasi tai. theietore, very few hooks were added " . i„ V ' ' " ' f ' i " I " ng ' " enlarge the library next vcar. This will be educational benefit to all the pupils ' " J ' ll. Mlllx m I 6 5 j ______ :s; ;M OLYMPUS ¥3 rf Orchestra The Trinity Higli School Orcheslra composed of twenty pieces under the direction of Bessie Herron, is closing a very successful year. Many nienihcrs of the orchestra are freshmen, but with the aid of Ihe ohicr memher.s they have been able to cn-operate very successfully. During lliis past year Ihe orchestra has play lor the senior class phiy. closing of several country schools, and I ' or various otlier social lunctions. It has been an unusually busy seasf)n. and has been enjoyed by every person connected with it. — Bessie Hebron. 66 :S:fe g OLYMPUS k-K S H] M f4 m Senior Play ' ■ )LI)-FASHI()NKI) IU)SE " I Dirnlcd h;i Mij.iiiic Iluilsun i CAST SISLKY liEXNETT KDSI-: MARSHALL Helen Daijuv •JACK HDRTON " ■ ' " ' ■ " ■ " " • ■ ' • HI.ANCHi; HAUTE. . ■■ ' " mes Murphii BIl.LV ARCHER . ' ' V. " ' " • " ' ' ■ " ' " ■. ' " ROZO " CrILL ■ ' ' ' " ' ni Srh iii EI.MER BOcics ' ■ " ' " ' ' • ' ■ " " ' ICHARIID I ' IKE In,:„ll,„„ 11,1,1 ELSIE SMITH „ l-n„,s (:„n„r .1. CHESTER HORTOX ' " ' ' ' ; ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ■ iiHT Fs[tey romance and modcn bulhl ;. ' An. " m, ' ,,:!!.. ' ; ' ' H,:;V " " " ■ ' " " ■ ' ■ ' " " ' " ' " " ' " ' • " " " - story running thidugh the comcilv. ! is a (k-linhtfully fascinating Iom ' :i OLYMPUS kS ■T Girls ' Glee Club This ytar Trinity lias had an I ' xtia activity that lias not iwisted since 192(). It is the (lirls ' Glee Club, composed of 40 students of the school on the hill. This year the sopranos number 20, yet the altos with only 1 1 to their list are able to e(|ual the sopranos in (|uality and volume. Tlie conditions under which the Glee r.lub works are very unfavor- able, since there are no periods in the curriculum for Glee G.lub work; but by [iracticing at eight-thirty until nine and thirty minutes at noon, three times a week, the club has made an exce|)tionally Ihie beginning antl is indeed promising and witliout doubt will i)rove its worth in com- ing years. The (ilee Club of the school is under tlie direction ol Miss Sarah Adams, instructor in mathematics and Latin at Trinity, wiio has proven liersclf cai)able and very ellicient, lliis being shown by the good work done by the chorus under her supervision. — J.WNE Walker. ■■i TJii ' P) Jkj 68] f :£ l PL YMP US kSJtS:kS:kS2 Boys ' Glee Club The Boys ' (Ik ' c r.iul, was not oi;i niiizr(l imlil lale in tin- school year and so we did nol jiet lo make much headway. For a while our progress was hindered iieeause we lacked a |daee (o i raetiee. Some of (he hoys lost interest and dropped ,ut. Init we are sure that our successors will accomplish a great leal under the capable leadership ot Miss Adams. Next year the club will he well or-ani ed at the heginnmg of the year an.l it will make a great number of ai.near- ances helore the |uihlic. — Wll.l.lAM ScH. N. Jr.. - - j ii _i lA. ' J lJ j oiliRj 0 94 9 69 i OLYMPUS k Debaters . l]irn ative ,I(ll; KlMMINS FlIANC.KS MlTCHKIJ C.vui. Chak; Hl-I.KN Da(1UE Negative Jamks Muhi ' Hy John Masaha Walker Wyi.ik, Jh. I)uriiij [ho past year wf iiri ani A ' (l a class in (lfljaliiii . Wc have lia l hul link success (luriiisJ llie (Iil)atin4 season, havini» won but two and losint; lour (khales. In tiu ' first debate we broke oven with Wash- ington Ilii h Sciiool. the allinnativo team winning and the negative team losing. In the encounter with Kast Washington the week later we again broke even, this time the negative team won and tlie alllrniative team lost. A weik later in the final debate witii ( " .anonsburg i)oth teams lost. Altiiougli we have not made a showing in tlie ])ast year followers of Trinity leel sine we will do much better in the years to come. OLYMPUS k ■X: Girls Basketball Team of ' 30 Till ' t ii-|.s " Ijusketball tiaiii of ' I ' linily High School, ;ilthous h under ni;iny liandicaps, caiiie llirough witli waving colors when they com- pleted the most suecesslul season in tlie history of the school. Practice started on the evening of November 25, 192!t. at the Armory. Due to their own gymnasium being under construction, practice was held at the Armory, Y. W. C. A., Trinity Parish House and various other places dur- ing the tirst six or eight weeks of practice. On the Mllii of December, practice was held in their own gymnasium, although the workmen were slill working on the building. I ' nder the supervision of Trinity ' s two I ' aithful and energetic coaches, namely Mr. Klwood and Miss Kiblingei ' , the girls practici ' d regu- larly every evening from 4:45 to (iidO, Saturdays from 11 until 1 -. ' M, and even on New Years Day. From twelve to sixteen girls were out for every ])ractice, even during Christmas vacation. A practice game was played with tin Jfi J Lmj liRmj U»lJ Li •JXi.Aij iJ L«- iJi OLYMPUS I- Tlic second smiiic beint! villi Ihr Allinini girls sccnii ' d i:illu r an ivisv Insk lor llie xai ' sily Icaiii, lluv won liy llu ' (ncrwlu ' lniiny score ol ' !!: ' lo ( " i. On Hie 7tli oT .laniuii-y. llie team traveled to Hui-i ettsto vn. hut only lo meet dcleat by the sad score of l(i to 14. alter playini lour hard but exciting |uarters. l- ' riday night ol the same week the team traveled to C.laysx ille. but lor some unknown reason seemed imable to settle down to good plaving. and as a result took a bitter (k ' feat Irom their old rivals 1(1 to 2.S. I ' hen the blue and while sextet started on the road to victory bv win- ning the next thi-ee games in succtssion; the tirst being rather a one-si(k ' d game when the girls Irom " ■ ' Ihe School on the Hill " delealed KasI Wash- ington 32 to 1. ' !. the second being the return game with llickorv. Trinitv sougld revenge and beat them 22 to IS. the third game of their victorious peiiod was with Benlley ille. ' Ibis game was [dayed as an opening game at the di ' dicalion ol the new gymnasium. It was a well played game, and Trinity managed to make the winning two points, the score being IcS to Ki when the llnal whistle blew. ICi, Illumed nil I ' ai f SU ) liR.) tfki ihj mmj " 3 - OLYMPUS k -it-ii tt Boys ' Basketball Team of ' 30 Our basketball team was handicapped at the Ih-st oT the season because our gvninasium was undergoing repairs. Practice was held in tlie Y. W. C. . and the Armory. Tlie first game ol the season was with Hickory at Hickory where we met defeat. We next went to Burgettstown where we met defeat atter a fast and much better played game by a tew ])oints 20 to 17. Claysville nosed out a two-point victory alter one of the fastest and most thrilling games of the season, the game ended 11 to 9. Trinity showid real form and strength wiien we defeated East Washington on their own lloor by a score of 1, " ) to 22. Masara, the cap- tain of the ttam. and Bruce made most of the points. Trinity ])assers next played Hickory with the same result, a score of 25 to 13 in favor of the visitors. Waynesburg played Trinity in the new gymnasium, the fust game to be played in the remodeled gvni. The hill boys did credit to Trinity in a fast and i ' urious game which they lost, but only in the last few minutes, Waynesburg drop])ed through some long shots which spelled defeat by a score of 29 to 20. Washington Higii School defeated Trinity at the . rmory by a score of 3t) to 13. It seemed to be Trinity ' s " off night " . [74: m -K ' -TkTki ' OLYMPUS I ' S:X :£S1::2?5 Tlic gi-fatcst ganii ' of llic season was played at Canoiishurt " . The trains were evenly nialehed and at the half Trfnity only had a oiie point lead of ' .) to ,S. The t;uardinf, ' on hoth sides was exeeplionallv elose. ' iiie fans were on their toes most of the i aini ' . Trinity eanie llirou.i h the vielor amid much excitement and the score was ' 2 ' . ' to 20. HiH-ifeltstown came to I ' rinity on a return game. This oame is con- sidered one of the high sjjots ol Ihi ' season, only after three extra periods of fast and exciting plaving (hd Trinity hv one field goal, the score heing20l()l,S. (Taysville met defeat al Trinity 21 lo 1. ' ). it l)eing an unusually in- ti ' resting and tlashv game. Kast yashinglon lost lo Trinity in an alternoon yanu- li - a score of 21! to 1 1. The score was tied in tlie third |)erio(l. hut (he ■ ' llill team " surged to the fi ' ont in the final period. Beidleyville proved loo fast for Trinity. They had an experienced and rangy outiit. hut only won hy a score of 1. ' ) to 1(1. Trinity ' s outfit met Washington High in the return game at Trinitv (Ctiiiliniwd un f ' ui e SO ' ■SX X XS S X ; - OL YMP US k MS© 5 i « «S sr» Trinity High Football Squad ' 29 l-iisl linw. Ifft to right — Wintell. White, I ' ricu. H:ui(i..l|)li. liarru-v. Ci ' iii;. Sliillinjf. ( ' .. lii-ucc. I " " cnTest, Hincrman, Brownlce. ScciilKl Wave, left til riKlil — Day, Masara, McWc ' u, liiijLC. I ' ;s|)iy. Canlz. Daptain ISasi fslic, McClav. Martin, Mccks, (Irccn, Cai ' ter. Third How. left to right— Coat-li Flllwood. Kiizy, K itz, I ' ohiii. Amlr-ews, Colscliall. l)inski. X. Morgan, Woods, C.iiiiiiio. I " . Morgan. Davis. Zurosky, .Assistant Coat-h ' auglian Ross, l- ' ourlh liow, luft lo righl — .lidin Xclan, (luthiie. Ward. IC. Culhrie. Stoncr, Harllc-y, .Swcgc-r. . l)a jaci. iMflli How— .Assistant Managci- Martin, Kisscia, Miller, Doak, Wright. Brown. Manon, .lames Nelan, Donaldson, li. Huston, . inan. Morrisc.n, l.iherlore, Managei- Murpliy. . new coiK ' li ;ni(l practically all incxpcricncod men was the outlook 1(11- the Trinity nii l(lers at liic l)eginniiig of tlie season. Most of last year ' s team was lost diic to iiradiiation. Tlie new coach. Thomas " Poi) " Ellwood, coaclied lormally at Hctl- slone where he liad championship teams in hoth footl)ali and basket- hall. About a week before school started a footl)all meeting was called and practice started immediately. There were about lorty-five or fd ' ty candidates rci)orted wlio were willing to do tlieir best to make an out- standing eleven. The material was ligiil and green and Coach Ellwood [ 7( 1 llrSi ' k-K ' kKJt OLYMPUS 4S£S»S; filled ii (linicult priililcin in iiKikhifi ii j nid iiiniliiii;itiiiri liuil livnls would l ' r:ir. Alter :i lew days uiidci- the liot sun in shcriuoiis |ir:n-liiT a ' v nl till rillii .s (|uil, thus Icaviiii the liesl iiumi to pii-k lidin. .l(iM ' |)li liasrfski ' was rlccti ' d i ' a|)tain liii ' llir 1!)2!) ijrid oullil. Scplcmlici ' ' idlii till ' i-dinhiiiation went into action ajfainsi ( " rnlrr- villf. Tiic li ' ani won a splendid icloi y liy the tune of ' , ' ] to K. The out- look was favorahli ' l)eeause the team had shown rial form and slrenjith. ' I ' riidly Joiu-neyed to Donora on an unusually hot day where they met defial after a haltle that few teams of their size can match. Bruce sniashed throUL ' h the line lor the lone touchdown aflei- Masara had eai- ried into scorini; distance. 1 he score ended al . " ili to (i, hid this doesn " ! mean thai Donora wiin an easy iclory. The next week the Ihimdeiing herd gained ictory at the hands of KasI Washintjton. Maitin and Meeks were on the end of a llashy aerial attack which i aine l much firoinid lor Trinily. Bruce r ' an for a touch- down on a kickoff with splendid intei ' ference from his leammales. . l the end of Ihe hatlle llii ' sciire stood ' ,Y2 to in fa dr of Trinitv. Iiedstoiie ijave us (|uite a surprise, upselliuf, ' us by the scoi ' e of (d to 0. They were too lartje and e |)erienced ioi- our small and ine |)eri- enced team. We i)attled CharlcKii on Ihe ( ' .(dleije I ' ield the following week. The first half Ihe defense was poor and olleiisive plays ijained little ground. The second half the home team scored a touchdown and held C.harleroi al hay the rest of the tjame. Monessen had quite a job to li.yhl their way to victory IK to It. Ollie Carter, one of the most promising l)acks. had his leg hi ' oken in the earh part of the game. Brownsville hoasled they had an easy game when Ihey |)layed Trinily, hut they came on Ihe short end of a ii to (I victory. The game was close and hard fought with the crowd swarming out into the field part of the time, keeping linemen and Mr. (ior ' don husv kee|)ing them oil. (iunlown upset ' trinity on Iheii ' own lield on the oulskiits of C.anons- hurg. Canonshurg had luck and the hieaks which was (heir means of winning Ihe game. l ' ' ,llw ood ' s men played a llashy and fast game throughout, hid lost to the score of IcS to (i. Novendier 22 ended Ihe seas on when W ' ayneshurg met Tiiinlv on our ow n field. It was cold, wet and muddy. Both teams got a cidd halh with plenty of mud lo liool. The game liitter-|v contested ami Wavneshui ' g pi ' oved Ihe victors hv one touchdown, making the score (i loll. Mr. I!(]ss had a reser e leam thai acc(]Unled foi- themselves crv well. We have proxen that we had a clean playing, hard lighting, lormid- able outfit leil hy Captain Basefske. Ne.xl year ' s team our hest wishes and wc feel conlidenl that they will make a name for lhems(d es and for Ihe school which Ihev re])re- senl. — Fl.ox II MoiiovN. imiRj imiRj imiRj jxiJ j 7 7 ?it_J :S1: OLYMPUS k Ila. -Q B.C. R.s..... -H Brvcc-T «. Li --TI- L 1 Rcu mwcci: n.»,.,-L.c.; T«.n.T -35 Dob.., .Ji TR,«.T,.3i t£Di ' »ni-4 Ll«CCO-H CHt. CkUlCo.- O »(■ ' •■ ' (JrAj imi [7! yt-Kit-s. ' M Jt OLYMPUS kSJtsntni-s:: uc«ur.,,,s -0 ZM, niNiOETon-O n,.,.-,-RC n=.0A,-RT„ tm 1 - ' -ji ; . ■I OLYMPUS h: GIRLS " BASKKTBALL TEAM OF ' ISO ( C.fiiditnu ' it jcftni I ' ltiji ' . ' { TIk ' Ciinonsljurg girls piovtd loo last lor the Trinity girls iiiul here tiiev Mgaiii iiK ' l k leat, li) to 1 1. Tiiev also lost their next i anie to Clavs- ville. 2;! lo l(i. Trinity then eonies to the lead liv defeating East Washington. Ill to Ki; Bentleyville, 20 lo li), and the Wayneshurg College (iirls, 21 lo 12. F " ri(lay night, Fehriiary 2(S, lii:!(), liiey met thi- Canonslturg team in a close and exciting game, tin Trinity girls taking tlii ' lead I ' rom the l)i ' - ginning and only losing hy one point, ( " anonshurg ' s good luck being with tliem near the end of the game when they made the foul wliicii won the ganu lor Ihem. Tlie linal scoii ' was 115 to 12. This was the last gamt ' to i)e played hy tile Trinity girls for this year, and the last game to ever be plave(i lor Trinity by six members of the squad, four of llie lirst team and two suhslitiites. On Saturday. March S. lil. ' M), the girls tournament was held at Char- leroi. Tile Trinity girls won their- liisl game from West Alexander. 21 lo ' .(. At 7 o ' clock that evtaiing tliey played the most exciting and most in- teresting game of tile touinament wlien Ihey won from Bentleyville in an extra two-minute period. lil to 17. Tiiis put liiem in tlie senii-linals to be played tlie following Satin- !ay. . l I! o ' clock the following Saturday, March 1. " ). tlie girls met the small, but fast California sextet. Trinity put up a fast game and held them even the whole game through, hut Cali- fornia came out victorious with tlie score of 17 to 15. The Trinity team again met defeat that evening when tiiey played the Burgittstown girls lor the Consolation Cu|). This completed the Trinily Ciils ' season, the team breaking even by winning nine games and losing nine games. — Helen Gahhv. BOYS ' BASKETBALL TEAM OF ' 30 (]itutitiiiiul jnnu I ' aije 7 ) and lost 22 to l(i. The game was close and a fine (piality of basketball was displayed. The veteran outlit of Wayneshurg downed Trinity on their home floor rSS to 18. The first half was not very fast, but Trinily held tliiir own in the second half. In the lasl game of the season Heiitleyxille won from the Blue and White |)assers 2() to 15. In the tournament the boys played Cbarleroi, but were defeated. Trinity was ahead most of tlu ' game, but a sudden rally ol Chaileroi ' s team spelled di ' feat in the latter part of the game. We lost many games, but v e also won from some of our most bitter rivals. A line (piality of basketball was maintained and clean sports- manship was shown to all teams at all times. — Floyd Morc n. ua.JKj vmifcj ' JXi.Mj u LJ L u Lifc_ ufimj tMiMj (Juitoj ' M..C I 8o; OLYMPUS hi. Senior Class Will Till fhiss of " . ' id wisliis lo express its regrets in leaving Trinily and wants t(i tliaiik Mr. (iorddn and llie laeulty lor all they have li)Me Icir us. Certain personal leqilesls are made and read as follows ; F ' irst. .lames Murpliy lieiiui ' alhs the olllee of Class President to Leslie Naser. St ' eoiid, to the Junior who is best fitted, Lillian J ines wills lur ahilily for making A ' s in the class room. Our Senior nuinhers of the girls hasketball team: Wasieleski, Hag- gertv. (iahby. Addis, McClay and Marra all of whom wish to will their good sportsmanship and ability to play good basketball lo next year ' s team. Then Fiancis McClelland gives oxer to Klizabelli Henner, her luek in getting Physics notebooks " Okayed " . Eugene Holh is a very promising artist and he leaves his ability to some talented .Junior and wishes him success. Violet Sunmey and Helen Ashmore give over their power to speak Flench well lo Dorothy Lacock and Marguerite .lones. Frances Morrow wills her power to Huth Clark, also a good Fi ' ench student. Our in luslrious editors for the " Olymi)Us " ' . leaxe their and)ilions to some .luniors that are not afraid to work. Arthur (iayvi ' rt has facialistic princi|)U ' s which he willingly leaves to George Meeks. The debating team comprises four of our Seniors, Helen Hague, James Murphy. John Masara, and Cail Craig. They will all their ponits and decisions to Jose])h Kimmins to enlarge his powers. To Albert (Iraesar, ( rwin VanKirk wills his readiness in giving answers in Miss Plant ' s history class. Beatrice Tucker and Isabel Walters will their ability to sjjcak |)lain- ly in occujiations class to Huth Brady and Wilma Frazee. We have some promising larmers t i graduate. They are: Morgan, Timmons, Nelan. Crowe, (lantz, McClenallian. and Ibrig, to the oncom- ing farmers they will their success in growing corn. Bessie Herron, George Koontz ant! Kenneth Hamilton, all members of our orchestra, relin(|uish their claims to musical instruments to the other members of the orchestra. Our " argutiers " . Gaily Bitchey. Larle Jones, Buth Fair, and Joseph Belcastro give over their argumentative dispositions to Walter Martin. Many of our boys basketl)all players who graduate wish to will their hope that next year ' s team may win the cham])ionship. They are: Bruce, Masara, Morgan. Dinsmore, and Ward. Bose Bellino, a favorite in class, possesses a talent lor dancing w liich she be(|ueaths to Beatrice Brownlee. Kinest (iarrett and Gertrude llewiti run a taxi-cab lo and from school. They give over to some .lunior Iheir present " taxi-cab " business. Bced ihrockmorton is in the p islal service, and wishes to will this position to Jack Hinerman. If there is any one who has paliinci ' it is Kdilh Sim, Margaret Polan and Helen Coulter. This asset thev bestow upon Catherine Xelan. T pr ••. 82 ■ ¥i y OL YMP US • - Tjr. W: ¥ i ¥ h f% ..J Kcnnelli Sprowls. .siiccfssrul " ad " collector, leaves liis convincing line to some Junior who will use it to a good advantage. Helen Higgle. Phyllis White, and p:(iith Supler. vou will find are girls having sweet (lisi)ositions. Thev hate to part with this assel. Inil thev give it over to riielnia Rodgers, Grace Heiney. and Ola Bell. Mahel Marklcy is a " whiz " at French. She wills her abilitv in this sLil)|ect to Mary Knestrick. Maxine Stewart. Huth Elliott, an l .Arthur Cooper will their poise and dignity to .Jean Morrison an l Huth Doinberger. We have some very hard working, studious Senior girls, bv name- lasta Sanek, Sara Klli.s. Vi,det Heillv. Clara Yost, Bernice Craig ancl Hetty Clenn. We think it only right " that tliev give over this nuahtv to some very ambitious .luniors. ' ' Perry Wright leaves to some .hmior, the i)rivilege of taking care of Anna alter his de])arturi ' . Day. Hasefeske. Bruce. Masara, Ksjjev and Kuzv have plaved good loolball and need considerable mention. However. " they wish " to leave their good wishes for more and more success in the coming year. To Charlotte Varner. Merle Crowe wills the title of " Hed " . They say. " Still waters run deej). " Well, in this case thev must for here are two quiet girl.s. P:velyn Swart and P,uth Stewart. Thev wilhng- ly be(pieath this ([ to .lanet Minton for the future. , , .i ' : " " ' I ' ' r ? ' VI ' ' ' i " = li " l il " ' ,s;i.i, ' ,£;ling in school and she wills this habit to hlsie Baker. Helen Prigg is a friend in need and deed. She is alwavs willino to liel|) some one in need of it. Helen leaves this title to Betty Weirich. Pauline Blackburn gives over her gay spirit to her frien.l and chum. J- lorentine McNarv. . rgel Haw.son leaves his speed in tvping to some future speed deiiKiii. ' ' Helen Dague. Jayne Walker, Thelma McLonev. an.l Mvrtle Wriajit are tlic ladies ot our play. Each one showed good acting and this skill they be(|ueath to the actresses of next vear; so here is your on- |)ortunily. " • ' Billie Schan and Kenny Hamilton, having shown great interest in Ireslimen girls, will their interest to Bob McClay. Jo Belcastro has found Latin (|uite diliicult. To Miss Dav he wills Ins latest poem entitled. " Latin, the sure killer. " Jolinnie and Alver are in.separable pals. To John Warne an.l Dick Hug es they will their motto. " Chums we are. chums we ' ll be. one with- out (lie other you II never see. " ■ ' ' DonaldAndrews, Floyd Morgan wills his station in life as an " uo to date larmer. ' Huth McDaniel will make a good housekeeper. She gives over her talent m (Ins line to some luture hou.sekeeper. Nellie Moore be.iuealhs her talent for singing to Arna Barr Louis Collar wills t., Walker Wylie his strong and keen mind. — Claha Mili.ek. 8 3] ■I OLYMPUS k Prophecy--Class of ' 30 Sonic yuars luivc ijonr ;iii l lliriiui«li my mind Fhisli pic ' lurcs ol ' tlii ' i);isl, Ol ' all my Trinity t-lassmaU ' s; And while llic piclui-cs last. I shall tell y iu ol lluir rortunes As thi ' y a])|H ' ar to dalf; Sonic have found their happiness And some still wait r ii ' late. The first I see is our Jimmic In Congress now is he And close hy his side is " .loey " Just as he used to he. The next I see is our (iahhy Flip i)ancakes with a sigh. Wondering why she ' s not able To keep up with her Guy. On the ne.xl slide is an oHicc And " Fran " . " .Jo " . Nell and Clare Are busily typing letters And longing lor fresh air. Stella and Addis are shining With all their medals galore — The ones they have rigliliully earned For vict ' ries on the lloor. I see a large crowd has gathered — Johnny. Helen, and Craig, Greatest orators ol their day Smiling and unafraid. There is our handsome " I ' ontiac " A ladies " man is he. Then there ' s our own little " (icorgic " , A sailor on the sea. Bessie now a Prima Donna Sees Kinny from the stage. As he gracefully waves his arms — The Kaufmann of his age. Morgan a prosperous farmer. Viasta still the same; While Eugene Hoth our artist. Has made a worthy name. Johnny and our own , lver , re jiartnirs in a firm; While Sara, a business woman. Tries to look grim and stern. [84: ■s: ■SXS I OLYMPUS ¥JJtT -K] Corwin ' s ;i niaii ol ' leisure; (iayvert, ;ni engineer; K:ii ' lc .lories. :i iKindsiiine s,ilesni:iii ; Hilly iin iiiielionec r. .hiiiit ' is niiw ;m aiircss. . n(l Tlielnia is one. tofi; While ' " Hea ' " has taken Doiinie ' s name . n(l is a gddd wile. Iiue. I he ne l 1 see is Donnie (ianlz Mis dreams eanie line. I see — To lie the owner ol ' a plane A[id tly aeross the sea. Helen liigf le " s a I ' ldl-lledged nurse; . shmore " s helping the poor; Hiley and Ste .ii-t are high selionl ma ' ams ' ery w ise and demure. There ' s our handsome (iailev Kitehie. The hero of the sereen; " Mo " Marra, MeC.lay and Supler The Inight spots in eaeh seine. Collar, a noted in entor; ■Vnd I lixon on Ihe sereen ; Cooper, a rough-riding eowlioy. Handsome, slinng. tall, and lean. Hi ' uee Is tlu ' Dempsev ol his dav; Kuzy ' s gral ' ter ol li ' ees; ■ ' (iing( r " a whiti-eapped hotel eheC; I ' erry a keeper ol hees. . Freneh k ' aeher is our Mar kley; Sumney, eonneeting ealls; Our- Nelan and MeClenathan, I ' arririrs irr oNcr ' alls. MeDaniel. Alyrtli ' . and Mori ' ow . i ' e thret- dutiful wives; While our ' (iara ' cl is a har ' hii-; I Seed a shar ' p ' nei ' ol krri es. Sim and I ' air are soeial workers; Yost runs a heauty simp; Hetty is eooking lor her Hill; Our Crowe, an Irish eop. HIaekhurar elerks in a elothing stor ' e. Hawscm is a tailor-; Walters is on a eoneeit tour ' ; Prigg, haking for- her ' sailor. Rer-nice and Lillian ai ' e leaehers; Phyllis is Coui ' son ' s wife; Our Sprowls is a famous lawyer. Fighting to save a life. ijiij L yjuskj imi4_ urAj •Jo.jk imj i 8.T 4 OLYMPUS k K Swart and Sliipo liavc l)ecoiiu ' modistes; Moore runs a l)arl)eeue; Hewitt, who owns a restaurani; Is famous lor her stew. Elliott now in politics. Is fighting for the Drys; Coulter and Margaret i olan. Two very hai)py wives. Tiionipson is now an astrologer Studies the peeping stars, Ilirig, a lively policeman. Smiles and directs the cars. There are no more, the lights are dim. The pictures slowly fade; And now Ihey are entirely gone So I will draw llie shade. — Rose Bellino. Class of ' 30 Our year is done, we graduate From the halls of Trinity High, Another class will take our place ' Mid these trees ' neath Ihe smiling sky. The time has come when we must part. And each be on a dilTerent way; Yet on whichever way we start. We ' ll do our work before we play. Our motto was our guiding light. It led us night and day. It always kept us in the right When we ' d attempt to stray. Our ideal led in mighty grandure. Wc followed in its train. It taught duty before |)leasure And you are bound to gain. Another .joylul lask is ended. Another step in lili ' we measure. In this ste]) our ways we ' ve mended. And have followed duty before pleasure. Let us follow this thought Ihrougiiout life. It will lead the way. We ijut need to do oiM ' work lirst Then it ' s time to play. JlMMlE Ml ' KPHY. .y :S ' f OL YMPUS 4S; S ' : S: : 2 Optimist I ' m ;m f )|iliriiist ' Why? Well wlial clsr iNiil :i IrlldW lie il lir spciKls lour yrars nl ' his hlr :il a wondrrl ' ul phii-c hki ' ' Iriiiily Hi? TiiiTt ' AW s i many tliini ' s al I rimly which make an inih i(hial li ' i ' l happy thai il can ahiiosl lie calli ' d Ihc " Laml oi Opiimisls. " " For inslancc, the newly ri ' miidcU ' d yymnasinm. (it is one ol the hesi Symnasiums in W ' asiiinyton Ciiunty) where the hoys and girls can play haskelhall. hast ' hall. and volleyhall to Ihiir hearts content. Then. lIuTc is the new tennis court, which will he in playing condition in ahout a week. Who knows l)Ut right here at Trinity there may he discovered a second Tilden or ,lolins(jn? Ati other tasty item is the caleUria which every one uses. Here yon can huy good wholesome meals fo|- a minimum |)rice. serxcd to you hy girls who are always neat and courteous, and (lie hest thing on their menu, " Smiles " , is Tree. Trinity is a notahle scliool and ils pupils sliould tee! thai lhe are Icirlunate in attending such a hnt ' inslilulion. )iu ' hoys agricidluri ' department is one ol tlie hesI in I ' ennsylvania. and it has nalion-wide lame, hecause ol ' its prize winning wdrk. Our literary eluh ranks with the leaders ol the county. Our musical dipartmeiit has several medal winners .ind really has lo he heard helore it can he I ' ldly appreciated. ()ui ' atldelic depai ' tmeid has jnendiers ol almost e er sporl, on all- star teams. Our pi ' incipal. a man who gi cs e el ' yhody a S(|uare deal, is always ri ady lo help those who ai ' e in dilticulty. ()ui ' lacnlly aic intelligeid hardw nrking leaclieis. and not only teaclu ' rs, hut I ' riends who ai ' e always willing lo go oul ol Iheii- wav to help a pupil. Our seni n- class, a tine group of hoys and girls who, 1 led sure, will go out into the world and sweep all op|)osition aside lo hecome inUlli- gent and wmlhy leaders of llu ' ne [ generation. So heie 1 will take the opportunity to say that the training we received at Trinity will ni ' ver he loigotli 11, and thai training will lud|) us a gi-eal deal in oxcrcoming our oppositions, and in making ol us heller men and women. Our juniors, whom we hope will he aide to uphold Ihe liadilions llial the senior classes have set in the past. We also hope lliat they will ac(|uire some ol ' the dignity, which at |)reseid they are sadlv lacking. Our sophomores, who have some very line qualilies, hut slid ])eisisl in keeping some ol ' llieir " Ireslimen " ideas, which lhe ' should have losi when liny hecame sophomores. Oui ' Ireshmen, who are gieeiU ' r Ihan any other ri-esliiiien in Ihe world, hi ' cause they come Ironi uiisuperx ist-d rural schools, lia i ' glial things in store I ' or them since lliey came to Triiiilv. and lour veai ' s ol training al Tiinily should make Ihem gentle inough to lace Ihe ci ili ,e l w (irld. So ol all these lliings and many olhers, of which I lia c no lime or space to write ahoul, we should he proud and liappv. In closing I wish to say that lo he sad and hlue at Tiinily is im- |)ossihle. hut lo he happy and glail is only natural. — .losi:i ' ii (l ' (mli,ic) livsiisKli. Liflj u l. ; 87 : : OLYMPUS kTk: Pessimist Bt ' lievc iiic Trinity High School is some place. I know of only one hctlcr jail In Pennsylvania. Tliey even liavc cops up here to keep the students from liurrying fnini one room to another. They stop you and tjive you an ovi ' rhauliny and tlien you are late to class and the teacher sends you lo the oliice wlu ' re Mi ' , (iordon sentences you to l. " ) minutes in the detention room for every minute you are late. Tlien |)eople say you sliould he friendly with Ihe cops. They don ' t even have system in this school. Mr. (iordon says, " Every one should stay in ins i-ooni after the eii lit-lliirly bell rings. " One of the teachers tells you lo come lo her room about ten to nine. Wlieii you ask vour report room teacher lo go, she won ' t let you go until nine o ' clock. Down at the ol-!ce Mr. Ciordon, Mr. Day, and Charles are supposed to tend to ringing Ihe bell. One of the teachers will come in and if it is time for Ihe bell. In- rings it. Pretty soon Mr. (Iordon tells Charles to ring the iirst bell and Charles says that he thinks it has been rung. Then tliey argue for about tin minutes and tlu ' periods are run over. You go to class and tlu ' teacher grow Is ali(Uit the irregular periods, and is cross for the rest of the day. This school is sure tight. They won ' t evi ' u furnish sweatshirts for the track team. Mr. Ellwood gives you an old pair of shoes and says that if thev rip, you may take llu ' ni to a shoemaker an l ha e them sewed. F.ven some of the football team ha c lo play withoul any helmet. Since we started taking physical education, I mean physical torture, the boys play basketball duiing the noon hour, and to think that Miss Kihlinger had the ner c to lake |)()ssessi()n of the gym three days in the week to londuel a girls gym class that already had its regular period. She even chased the boys track teaiu out of the gym so that her little girls could practice. Then Ibere is Mr. Kllwood, our boys ' coach, who acts as if he luigbt be hard boiled. Me " kicks " and " bits " the boys as though he weri ' a dog. He must he a poor sport because when we lose a game lii ' gives the team a scolding instead of giving them encouragenu ' nt. He doesn ' t always use good Knglish as a teacher should. I wish Miss McKean would catch him once and give him a raking like the one she gave me. Believe nie, be would bi ' careful how he talked. They think we ought to havi ' a good orchestra, but if you could have beard what Mr. Day said you would piaise them. He said that he hoped he nexi ' r had to sit and listen to such a nois more than once. 1 think he should have gi en them encouragemi ' nt instead of discouragement. Our teachers are— well, I hate to talk about them, but 1 must. Now there are Misses Day. 1 eech, and Malone who Ibink that the larger boys are nicest. Mrs. Hudson will insult you (|uick as not. Miss Irwin and Miss Adaius send you to Ihe oltice every liiue you are the least bit late. Mrs. Schroyer and Miss l ankin wmi ' t recognize any one down stairs. The men teachers are all alike in that they are afraid to punish a boy so they send him lo Ihe oliice. Mr. (iordon sends him back with a note say- ing, " I ' unish the hoy in any way you please. " I don ' t see any use in talking about things, because no one will pay any attention, but there is one thing that 1 am glad for and that is thai this is my last year in this old school. N. B. For the information of some who may be " P ' nglish " , let me slate that this is a joke. — Kennev H. MII,T()N. SX X XSM OLYMPUS «2 A Life of Adventure Oni ' l)rij»hl spriiii " l;iy two boys, Jolin Aiidirson and Frank Mc- Kpigll. in a small sail l)oat wii-f sailiiiSJ westward on Hudson Hay. Tin- wind. Itcinji contrary, made tx|)irl nianiuxi ' rinti and liandliiii; ol llir li.i ht lioat ncfcssary. .I(jiin was a tall, strong youth alxiut eighteen years of age; in spite 111 his liglit hair and sjjarkling blue eyes he was " of a serious nature. I- " rank was of a diH ' erenl type altogether; he was short and stout, his face was round or nearly so; his eyes were dark and the top of his head was covered with a shock of black unruly hair. These two boys were the ])est of friends and had bein so for many years. Thev spent most of lluir time togetlu ' r liunting, fishing, trapping and sailing " As they neared the western shoi ' e tliey could see something farlher west floating towards them. John took up his telescope and liioked •;e(l in- to and us it Iv an- " They ar they in the canoe and that he was either move whatever. They lowered the TIk ' framework of the canoe was wooden appear- tenlly at tlie floating object for a long time, at lengtii ' he turin ' d coTn])anion and exclaimetl: " It ' s a canoe of some description, looks as if there was some one or something in it. " Frank took the telescope and. in a short time he excitei nounced that he could see a man " s hand hanging over the edge. a|)i)roache(l the canoe as rapidly as possible, and as thev drew ni coukl see that there was some ont ' dead or very sick, for he made ne sail and drew up beside the canot niade entirely of light wood which was fastened together with wooden pins and covei ' ed with skins. The entire craft was very ncal i[i ance and was evidently the work of a master craftsman. Tln ' jnan was lying down in the bottom of the canoe with his iiead on a roll of blankets, at his side was an empty tin box which had evident- ly at one time contained food, and at his feet was a large chest-like box made of a soft yellow metal. ])robably gold. The chest was bound at the corners by broad bands of the same metal. The entire box was literally covered by strange markings that resembled Chinese or .la| a- nese writings, . cross the top were crudely drawn animal pictures. 1 he man looked to be about ninety years of age. He was of medium height, broad-shouldered and viry muscular in s])ite of his age. His face was tanned by wind and sun, " and had deep lines around the eves and moulh, denoting much hardship anil suffering in the past. His long gray hair hung down around his shoulders, hi.sclothing was made entirely ol skins, and at his belt he carried a lo}ig hunting-knife, the handle of which was made of yellow metal and had carxcd ligures upon it. but they were nearly obliterated by long usage. The boys lifted the old man and his possessions on their boat. Rousid by the disturbance, he slowly opened his tyes and looked about, tiien he nnifterecf somi ' tfiing about being hungrv. i " he liovs brought him some soup which they had. He ale a little and ' then went " to sleep " . John and Frank spent the ri-st of the day discussing their adventures and fish- ing from the boat while the old man sle|)t. That evening he awoke and asked for something more to eat. He .seemed to be a little better, but he was very weak, . fter thev had brought him more food, which he ate hungrily, he went to slee]) again. The boys took turns at watching their i)atient ail night. He was reslless and talked in his sleep a great deal about gold and chests. The next iRj Jtkj ukjiLi ij ij u jii.A. ' Jeukj 89 OLYMPUS k council to ole- fin d asked F " rimk a I ' l ' W inoniints iiu ir in (U ' cp morning tlicy gave him food and water. Tlie boys lield a cide whal liad l)est lie clone. They deciiled that they should return home with their patient. The weather had changed and Ihe .sky was overcast; the v had marly died down. Tiie hoys turned around and started lor home. Since Ihe wind was light, the sailing was slow. Towards evening the old man seemed in a talkative mood. He asked lor his chesi, and when tliey brought it to him he looked it over carefully before he spoke again. Ihen he htoked al Ihe l)oys and smilid weakly. .lohn, encouraged by this sign of friendship, said, " 1 hope you will pardon me, but will you please tell us who you are? " The old man looked at the boys for a long time before he said, " Boys, I don ' t know how I am ever going to i)e able to re|)ay you for what you have done for me. My life is nearly done any way, but I must thank you for your kindness lo me. Now to answer your (jueslion, if you will pardon the delay, my name I never could (|uite renumber, because in all my life I have never had much use for a name. I guess that is all there is to it. " " Could you lell us anything about your life or your experiences ' ? " The old man " s keen blue eyes searched Frank ' s face for nd Ihen he answited, " Well, since you have been so kind lo me, 1 will lell you about my life, but |)lease do nol inlerru])! me or ask any (|ueslions or 1 will slop and you will never be abli ' lo persuade to begin again. " The old man closed his eyes for a few minutes as lliougld, and Ihen he began, " I was born many years ago near Ihe border between the good old l ' . S. A. and Canada on Ihe Canadian side. Our house was on the northern shore of a small laki ' and was of the conunon | ioneer type, having i)ul one room with a large fireplace llier and mollur bad come north a few yiais before I Ihey died w hen 1 was very young. I never knew much hbors look care of me until I was about sixteen to work for my living, which was loo hard lo suit nie, so I just left, or in ot no brolhei ' s or sisters and no oilier relatives ing lo lie me down so I bi ' gan my free life as a wanderer, adventurer, hunter, trapper, and treasurer-hunter. My love for wilderness and un- inhabited |)laces has led me all over Ibis northern land. " Up to the time I was sixteen, I had iuinled, fished alone. I would sometimes stay away from whal was iioine lo me llien for months a I a lime. 1 had nol a care in the world, so il did not matter to me how long I stayed away or if 1 ever went back. So you see I was prejiared for my advenlurous life, . fter I started out for myself. I found Dial life was a more si ' rious mailer Ihan I liad Ihouglil. I found llial during Ihe summer months 1 could, wilhout any troulile, get enough lo eal. Bui when winter came, living was very slim; however, I was voung then and did nol know enough to lay in a supply of food for the winter. After alioul two lean winters, when I nearly starved lo dealli. 1 |)Ul up enough food lo last all winter. This saved me the trouble of going out in Ihe cold to hunt for food, and nearly starving lo death if I iailed lo tiiid il. I never stayed two winters in succession in Ihe same place, lucause I usually was several hundred miles away i)y the lime winter set in, and anotlu r reason is that I was forced to follow Ihe game. " I never could return to my old home. When I got anyways near it, something urged me lo go in tlii ' opposite diriclion, which I |)romptly did, for fear llial 1 would miss somelhing thai was happening in the op- in one end. My la was liorn, and since about llieni. Sonu ' neiglihors vears old. Then 1 was ri ' (|uirt ' d to w Dtlier words, walked out. Since I had hat I knew of, 1 had noth- fished, and camped .Aj A j ijk [90] S -K SlM ' OL YMP us ■) ' TkTkS:kS3 posite direction. At times I felt dissiitisfied with my WLinderinus and solitary life and my primitive modi ' of living. ■ " Oiie hriiiht day I met a girl. To my mind she was the [jrettiest girl 1 had e tr seen. " The old man ' s eyes lit up at the remembrance of this liright spot in his youth. He closed his eyes as if to keej) tile memory from fading from his mind. He was silent for a lew minuti ' s tlun he began again once more. " She was the daughter of an old trapper. Her mother was dead and her father was in very poor health. The tirst lime I ever saw her. slie was standing in the doorway of her home, a rude log cabin on the west bank of a small stream. . s she stood there in the doorwav her long llowing yellow hair glistened like g dd in the warm spring sunlight. I went to the house anil soon became accpiainted. She was tall and slender and had blue eyes, not the conunon blue, but a dif- l ' rent shade tluui any 1 have ever noticed. I xisited them often until her father died. . lew months later we went into the nearest town, which was about lifty miles away, and were married tree tops sing on a uniform (l- Ji aloud wnicn was aijoui niiy nuies away. an i were married. Then we went ami livi-d about live miles southwest of the dreat Slave Lake. My hunt- ing and trapping supplied all (mr needs. " F " or about two years we lived very liai)pily. Tlieii my wile died. . fler her death I was sad and discouraged and e irything seemed to be against me. For a few years I stayed close home, but after all this bad luck I began my wandering again, and 1 am glad 1 did for it heljied me to forget my troubles. The ccdd winters with their long dark nights, sudden storms, great de ' p and invincible snows, and low moaning, cut- ting winds that wduld swell to a raging blizzard or com|)letely die down in an horn ' s time, worrit-d and dejiressed me. On still clear, frosty winter nights, the wolves howled, and the big cats wailed and S(|ualled. Life to me was useltss and the dreary winter took all my courage, but the return of the bright warm spring days, when myriads of insects hum and tly about in the bright sunlight, while the birds in the ' their most beautiful songs, and the open ])lains take on a vety green, renewed my hojie and interest in life. " How beautiful spring is! The brooks and streams lallg if .glad lo be free from ice. while in the deej) |)ools the ravenous fish lea]) clear out of the water with the sheer exliulieraiiee of renewed freedom. On any still warm spring e ening. a musical clKiriis of frogs remind one that there is still life around us. . fter all the thing that has saved me many a time, when I felt like giving up. was the thought ol spring with all its beauty. " In my wanderings 1 tound many things which 1 thought were of use to me. but they ri ' ally were not. although 1 colU ' cti-d them and stoi ' ed them in many places around over the country. My greatest lind was made one day whin I was walking along the bank of a small stream which was llowing northward. In the stream I found this chest em- bedded in sand at the base of a clill. " { the mention of the chest the old man looked at it. Then he traced some of its (U ' ej) markings with his foiclinger. He was silent for a few minutes, then he resumetl his narrative, " . fter a lot of trouble I raised this chest out of the sand, washed it in the s tream, and set it on the bank to dry. . fter this was done I wint towards the cliH ' . . t the foot of it was a low cave. When I came to the cave I hesitated a few moments and then 1 entered it. In the dim light I could distinguish heaps of stuff tlia lishes; then as my eyes became accustomed t " ' Is. I began to sort over iiie piies oi ruooisn lo tound both the skulls of human beings and of it resembled broken lu ' light. I began to dis- ■ i ' ijcLiiiiie at I. urMoiiieo lo uu ii iu. i oei au lo uis tinguish individual objects. I began to sort over the |)iles of rubbish ti see what I could tliid ' ' ' ' ' ' " ■ " ' ■■ " ' ' ' ■ ' . u_» •j . ' io a j M.skj ijiiA.! jii.£to.i ijiijiL ' jkiJi j ■jiiA.i •JdiKj imito-) ik sk ijiL»--35 91 -I OLYMPUS animals, knives wliose handles were made of gold, golden dishes, and largi ' bars of what I look to he pure gold. Later I found l)eads and other ornaments, all made ol gold and inlaid in eurious designs witli a white metal which I was. and still am, unable to name. I worked for over two weeks sorting and piling U]) anything which I thought was of any value lo me. I spent the remainder of the summer i)acking my treasures southeast to a |)lace which 1 knew. Ol all the many things that were left out of my makeU|). superstition was one. so 1 did not lusitate to take these things which had at one time belonged to a now extinct race. They probably lound them here when they came. Some people I know of. would not have touched them for fear of angering the dead, but I do not believe in any such nonsense. I did not have quite a chest full, so from time to time 1 would bring the most valuable articles from my various scattered ccdlections. 1 liad ahnost forgotten lo mention the bars ol ' solid gold which 1 lound. Do not think that 1 carried them away with me. because I did not. They were so heavy that, try as I would. 1 could not raise one end of any of them. Every year or so 1 would spread my treasures out and look at each piece indi idually. Such things fascinati ' me for some reason or other, but why I do not know. ■ ' . fter 1 made my second great find, for I think tinding my wife was my first great lind, 1 spent about four or live years searching for more, but 1 was unsuccessful. After the gold fever had passe l ttW. 1 lived much the same as 1 had lived before. " In the spring when the days are warm and the nights are cold, I slept in a rudely constructed cabin. Ouring the sununer I slept wherever 1 liappened to be and traveled when the spirit moved me. There was nothing else for me to do. Since my life has been such a simpk ' one and so full ol leisure, I have had time to contemplate nature and all its won- ders. As my age has incriased. my tendency to wander has lessened considerably. Within the past few years, my wanderings havt ' not, in the true sense of the word, been wanderings, but more followings. for 1 havi ' done nolhinin but follow the game, " ' ear alter year it is the same: north in the sununer and soulli in the winter. I decidi ' d that 1 would like to spend the latter |)art of my life in civilization, so I packed my most prized possessions in the chest and put in the canoe, and started down along tlie shore to lind Ihe nearest town. By some ill-chance I lost my paddle, and have been drifting around ever since. Now boys, this is my story; and thanks to you. 1 hope to spend my last days among civil- ized men. " — Wai.kkh M. W-m ih, ,Ih. j 92: •Tk» OLYMPUS k j V ©id© TRINITY I HIGH SCHOOL 1925 Ahi.kic.ii John Malcolm Hazlett Verna Clemens Frances Rkicle .loscpli AndrrsDii Kdith l ick Verna ( " Jcnuiis Kvclyii ( " onger Mary Crosbie Btrnard Day (u ' orgf Dunn Willuir Klliott (icrlnule Filbv Olive Filhy Margaret Fritschlc Paul (iarrott Jesse Hagar Maleolni ' Hazlett Floyd Hootnian Arleigli John Madge Jolm Myrtle John ArlliiM ' Johnson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Opal Keefe Sarah Keefe Herman Kendall Ste|)lien Kuzy Josephine Lenassi Kendall Lewis Elizahelli Marklcy Arthur Marklev Mazie MoCoUister Catherine MeDonough Ernest Myers Helga Nieliols Marv Pence Mae Piatt Elizabeth Reynolds Frances Higgle Clair Taggart Bernard Ward SJtS:k: m- OLYMPUS kSJtSOtK kS i g QLQc " k Q §1 ft 1 OT0 « -4- J V ' " 11 ' €0 J xi " t ( f aS lO --% " " iyv }Ju ; w IImiuiij ' i:iiii(;ii I ' vrsidcnl Wit 1,1 KM Wali.ack Xii-c Prcsidiiil li ( nil. M( (;hf:kv Srrrrtdvii SrsxN BooNK Treasurer FiMiiklin I ' larliciiir Ijlwiii .Idhnsdii Margaret M(]cire I.cIIki l anu-y KalluriiU ' Kai-.iliuskii Marian Paul ( " .laia Hidillioii William Kiil .ii Stewart Paxlon (lli ' iiii Bcciillidii Fred Liylitiur diaries Seoll llilt;li B iriy .lean L(il)iiinicr Nina SeftoEi l.iuillr Blake Mario l.ucia no Flovd Sliaw Susan Bodiir Fn-derii-k Marlin Opal Swart lUilli DricliDist Allen AK-Collmi. li Faye Swart Lucille Dunn Frank MeC.olNiULSh .lean Titus ' ir,i inia Fowler (lerlrude MeC.lay William WalhuH ' Klizal)eth (iartley Baeliel Medrc ry John Ward Louise (larlley Kt ' nnetli MeC.i ' ory Dorothv Weirieh John V. B. liana (iraee McLonev Harold Weirieh Boy Hart Lillian McKaluin John Welsh C.ailierine Humbert Helen Messenger Alice Wise imiRj ■3: JR,-t»i_ iJK.,TL) JXUtij iJR.JtL •JX SfXj tJXlMj ' MlMj JXlSt tj|i«— " a OLYMPUS k se 1 MoRCiAN Carter Homer Lewis Joanna Zei.t MiiiinHii Dunn Christirn ' Armstrong James Biiiie Iri ' iia Honham Fldwin Booiu ' (ii ' orgc Brislor Roljcrl Brown Morgan Carlcr Mabel Cliarllon James Courson Margaret Day Mary Doak Mildred Dunn Russell Durliin Nelson Fattman Max Hagar Pearl Hart I ' residcnl Vice Presidi ' iit Serrelari] Treasurer William Hawkinson Bcrniee llillljerrv William llolzapfel Wilma Ilootman Lewis Home Jack Hurlej ' Elsie Keei ' e Havel Kilgore Homer Lewis Marve Marra Dorothy McClay Hilda McClay Mary McKee James Moningcr Freda Mvers Elizabeth Phillips Leroy Prigg Kenneth Bexrode Lyndon Hoach Leona Sel ' ton Vivian Smith Irene Sujjler (iladys Truby John Tucker James Ulery Floyd Vance Henrv Ward Ellen Ward Howard Wilson Evelyn Wilson Alvena Winters Kathleen Winters Joanna Zelt S6_»i»lj KPuJfij (JRJRj im SXSXSlrSXI OLYMPUS kTkSjtT SSS i f TEINITY i % HIGH S 1 ® m ti i . m tt is i •fi 5 u i f i a ft ! , Cf, f. ' Cv % X : A. W - Kenneth Gilmore I ' vrsidrnl Wallace W INNETT Yirc I ' rcsidcril HniiA Cmek. HTON .S •cri ' liirij-Tmisnvrr Miirgart ' l Allisdii Virginia DcNorman lie Donald Mounts W. J. Birch Mary Gray Si-ott Mollenauer Niirnnm Hcdillion Pcrniclia Gantz Maudeline Brigg diraldiiu ' Blank Hilda Gray Martin Polan l)i)ri)tliy Bristol ' Kenneth (iilmore Josephine Paul .loNt ' phiiU ' Brislor Mildred Henderson Charles Bosin Kfiuutli Ballrntinc Anna Hart Josephine Beynolds .lolm Bristol- Hazel Hamilton Wilbur Bexrode l.avcnu ' Barnej ' .lane Hughes Glenn Beed (;Unn Clark Henry Luciano Kathrvn Sweger Klizabetli Conger Jane Lytle Hairy ScotI I.ona Cranicr James Myers Francis Seamon Hilda Crcighton Andrew Milavec Fllva Sandy Inez Cole Ila Miller John Thompson Naomi Crowe Aldine Milhr Beatrice Tliomijson Iildre(l Cottey Madehlia Morton Madlyn Vandiver Norman Clu ' l([iiist Irene McClelland 1-ahan Wardle Alyee Dunn Wallace Winnett OLYMPUS k rw @§i60 David McClay Horace Fulton Mahv Post Mahtha Lou Lacock President Viee President Secretary Treasurer I);n iti Andfi ' son M;iiy liaiiKT Arleta H;iik- iUissc ' II Ik ' dillion Mildrt ' d Beach Klizahc ' th lierry Lawrence linonc Howard Hreese Edward Bridges (ieurjie Brice ' erl el Buchanan Kuth Cliivers .lanus ( )SteHa Ruth Cox Adam l)i ' incenzo I- " reda Fei-rell Emily Fife Tliclma I ' lmner ' H .raco Fulton Mari;aret (lardner Loretta Gorby F- ' reeman Frazee Ricliard Hana Heed Haney Anna Harter Olive Hart Hervey Hazlelt Park Henry Mildred Hi ' llberry Ora Hill Alyce Miller Fineison Horn F ' ' reda Hootman Albert Huston Fbjrene .Jenkins Forest John Kenneth Jones Dwif ht Lacock Ira Lacock Martha Lou Lacock K eret Lutes KenjH ' th Lutes Esther " Marklcy Edilh Messenger Juanita Belle Mintun Flossy Moore I ' aul Morffan Chardes Morrison David McClay James Me( ir-mick Harry McKee .lames McKee Hultz Munce Sarah Neil I Olive Paltison Harriet Paul Orville I ' axton Hose Pet rone Sarah Petrone Mary Post Rali h Richards Margaret Robinson Ralph Rogers Mary Scott Ross Scott Lclah Stewart George Tannchill Edythe Tucker Alice VaiiKirk Ola VanKIrk Wade Van Kirk Catiierine Varner Dixie Weirich Agnes Winnett Robert Wylie Gladys Riggle Evelyn ' aughn Samuel Wells Edith Moten Ethel Merritt 98 1 I OLYMPUS k m Vlf¥lEIRW€IPID " [■ " HE Olympus staff wishes to IB call to the attention of patrons and friends of our school to the list of advertisers in this volume. 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Secretary Coimnerce Building. Washinglon, Pcnna. Pjionr !()3 1) H 1 X K IX BO T T L E S WILFRED CAMEROX BOTTLER OF SOFT DIUXKS OF ALL KIXDS The Covf.m roit This Anntm. v;is created by THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 X. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois J. Beriis Baker 20 West Chestnut Street YOUXG MEX ' S CLOTHES At Popii.AK Phichs Phone 1082 WALKER ' S Xews and Stationery Store Book. Ollice and School Supplies Li ' lax Store 85 South Main Street WASHIXGTON, PA. SMART MILLIXERY Silk I ' nderwear Bahy Bonnets Winsor Stockings Mrs. J. R. Kelly ;! ) Xortli Main Street F " irst Flooi- Phone 3188 William H. Siiiitli Company Ruheroid Roofing and Shingles Dayton Water Systems B. P. S. House Paints Roof Paints, and Cements EIGHTY-FOl ' R. PA. THKIU-: WU.I. BK A SUMMKH SCHOOL BEGINMN(; JINK •) FOI! moil SCHOOL POST ( ' .UADLATHS Tile Patrons and Scliiilais and Frienils ol Trinity High School Wc (. ' xtcnd Id yciii an invilalimi to isit onr sloi ' e Paul Post 172 South Main Street (iKT C.OLOlt INTO YOlli IIOMK Use Water Spar ' Lae(|iioi ' s and I- ' .naniels PLAIK CLASS. PAINTS AND PALMKUS- SUPITTES Le vis Paint and Glass Conii any ' ill West Cheslnul Street Hii li Siliool I ' irst. Business Collei i ' Next. Tiien Ciillei e or Work Washington Business College COBNEB L IN AND BKAL STBKKTS yuiilifies muiiil; | i- i|iIl- tnr | li-;is;int . I ' lMmiin. r;il i u st-r ice ;in l i|]tiis t lu- ciimr it ' uppurluiiitN lo ;mil)iti us sluikiils. Mi-riaiitiii- tr;iinini; is tlu- lit-st ;issL ' t ( L-M-c|it cliarai ' tf I ' ) ;i youiii pL-i-suii can Iki c. Write I ' m ' Imukk ' t ;iii(l U-r-iiis. pons VAN OBDKN. Prineipal. Waslnnolon. l a. ' ■am J. m f i THK HEEm 1 tm r i- -Elk. ■•! - -%Mg!. y W THECANTON tN6PAVIN6 ELECTROTYPE CO. CANTON OHIO ENGRAVERS OFTHIS ANNUAL (104; Washington and Jefferson College WASHINGTON. PENNSYLVANIA Fdimdfd in 1 S7 COl.l.KtiP: F()14 MKN ONLY Collejir of Arts and Sciences Special i|i|iiirtunilirs nllrred in prcparaliDn lor Law. Mfdiciiic Business and Ministry. C.iinipK Ir and inodian ciinipnunl im a hcaulitul campus. 1 )i]iini 1(11 atcdninidda licms Icjr I ' rcsluncn. Slroiiy I ' acultv ol suiruicnl nunili r to handle class eurollinenl in niall ,i;riiups. Fcir lnrcirjnati(Jii Write 1 ' iii;siiii;m S. S. Bvki.I! . (lniinislrali(in Secretary and Hesistrar. Mit. L. A. Foi st William J. Warrick, Jr. FLORIST 9 East Beau Street Phone 3374 " Our Flowers Ldxl Liijxjcr " CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS DECORATIONS ' BETTY BEAUTY S H O PPE Sprcidlistx in I ' t ' rnutncitl V irin( Our Special Wane !t 3.75 Siir; " s All I ' lI) iL ' s Not Iiu-liulc Sh;inipoo) (iiiar:mtfi ' (I f ' nr Six Muni lis OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT 225 Sitgel Bldg., East Wheeling St. Phone 2569-.J, Washington STEAM und OIL A. J. PARSON AUTHORIZED DUCO REFINISHING 45 North Franklin Street PHONIi 203(3 •WE SAVE YOU MONEY " Ben Reynolds Company " lu ' eri tliinfi Musical " On Main Street, Ahove Chestnut R U S H ' S GARAGE General Auto Repairing and Battery Recharging P E N N Z O I L GAS OILS GREASES TIRES ACCESSORIES Gabby Heights Phone Washington 2()43-R complimp: ts of TEMPLETON ' S T)rug Store : North Miiiii Slnel Washiniilou. P:i. Eventually You Will F.(|ilip iiuv ( ' .;ii ' With a (iiiiid 11111% Whv X(il l.niik at Some (.F.NKHALS Tl )-l)AY? Vf will illi.« v,,u iri.l. AHI-; r..r ..ur 1.1(1 lirc-s. ()V { lUII.DINd iiiiii LOAN WtcKl ' v I ' .iviiKiil I ' Uiii allnws vnii n huv (iHNHHALS i.llt ..t v.iur INCdMK. Ask ;i " l).ii,r ,,,11- (:HAMii;() ' l;ii I ' Unl ' OSlTKIN ..n NEW CARS. BK HAPPY lUDl-: ON OFNFUAI.S Miisl Aiisliti-rnlii- iu d Tinn lirsl Tiic Hiiill T(i-D(ii General Tire Sales Company ' lioiif l)(ll. " ) ;i7 Fast Clirrry anil SliatVci- Avfiuifs (;ooi) FSFI) TIRES— ALL MAKFS. ALL SIZFS Refrigerator Sales Corporation CorniT Main and W ' aliuil Strrrts W ' asliinj ton. Pa. (iFNFllAL FLFCTIUC LFFlSUd ' .LA K )I!S The Refrii eratrir that has imt L-nst the itwiieis .me cent im ' ser ice or repairs. More CKNKHAI. ELHCTRIC HKl-rUCKli ATORS are imw ■j.uiuf. iiit.i homes than any other make. THOFBLl ' . I ' BFF NO FANS NO BELTS NO STFFFlNc; BOXES Ti; ' I1iim: ; ' 7M(» Open Excnitios ( " till and Sec Tlifin F r P j Club The Fair Play Cluh is ;in aiixiliarv to tlu ' Coniiminity Builders. It has already ahout Three Tliousaiul Meni- hers. The card, which yiill are asked to siiin, asks no ()i)ligation only to sui)|)ort your own C.oni- niunily wliich every good citizen is willing and .s, ' lad to do. CoMMrXITV Bl ' lI.DER.S. gl!g BSl!gl!yiliy!IMi!Jil!Lai ' iJlg iiyil»4[M!yi MMieJi g liU ' i ' .Uil!yil M K ' ' n!K,«:K ' K K ' tf w;« jfi: « k k k it k k k ' k,:::« ' k ij ' u ififK » j£ k jt Jt ' ;K]!Klg][S]ll[K]§lgl[glg][ 108: Community Builders Till ' ( " oinnuiiiity Builders, ol ' V;isliint;t()n. P;i.. fxltnd 111 tlir cilizeiis ol ' dur ( " oniimmity their ;i|)|)rfciatiiin dI ' the splrmliil su|i|)i)rl givi ' ii to our niovomfut. The ( ' .(iiniiUHiity Huilders arc williiij; In sup- port every niovenunl and or anizalion in Wasli- ingtoii that has the jJood ol ' tile Coiiintunity at heart, and wliose purpose is to make Wasliing- ton more pros[)erous and a Ijetter |)laee in wliieh to hve. CoMMlNlfi Bin.llERS. " ' " tT 7t jTT? ' TTt " i7 f}? f , " ii iT tTTt f7 n rTTir ' ii u ' uw fTii 77i 77 " t u i?TTi t7Tt iTTi jj ' it tTi I 1 {» :i EAT CAIRO THEIR THE BEST OF ALL ICE CREAM PHONE 425 COMPLIMENTS OF Reed Cameron HAHDWAHE, FARM SEEDS AND FARMERS " SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY 54 West Wheeling Street WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 387 Courson-Burson Motor, Inc. No. 1 Higlihind Avenue WASHINGTON, PA. " tfiL CjoJAuJI Q t(yit Jnc EsTAisLi.s)ii;ii 1(S()(I Piui(;m;s.siNi; 1930 The junior miss will find our sizes 13 to 19 fit perlVelly . . . nnd come in the sort of g;unicnts smart juniors like to wear. Complete out- fits lor young men, too, in our men ' s department on the third lloor. [ 1 lU] Flowers p For Better CT GUERNSEYS For a floral Servico Tliat Sal- See islk ' s Kvcry IU ' i[uireiiU ' nt M JAY G. NELAN ft Call w The Warrick Floral Co. I ' hr Hiilrl l- ' lowrr Shop t ' .laysville. U. D. 5 PlloNi; 1(11 Phone ' ashin. it(in r)(ll(i-r-2:.i COMPLIMKN ' TS OF BUY BETTER WEAR IT PAYS Fulton ' s Garage C. H.JONES " Si ' i-virr Will) (I Smile " ? 7 North Main Street A ( ()()l) STORE Cut Flowers and Pot Plants lor For All Occasions LADIES TO HIY Fl ' .OM Presentation B(iU(|Ueis a Silk Hosiery. Ciloves, I ' lulit ' S, and Specialty Yardage Malerials McDonnell ' s Flo A ' er Wash Dresses for Oirls and Ladies Shop The Braden Store 27 West Chestnut Street PlIONK 7153 (111. MONtTMKiNTS Any I)u-sii ii or Material ni Want at the Price You Expect to i ' ay Simon White ' s Sons (58 West Maiden Street WASHIXGTOX. PA. WilHaiii G. Johnston Company MaM ' I ACTUHKHS AM) DiSTHTlUlTOU.S Of School Scppi.ius Our Reputation Has Been Estab- lished by Quality and Service Sdtisfdcloiy Malfrials at Modrrale Prices We Have .lust What You Need in Gli thin; and Furnishini s Hahi ScHAi ' iNiiH and IVl n. Clothes for Men Ri:ni. Hals Mont ro Sox The Men ' s Shop GINSHL ' IiC RIU)S. ( ' )7 Nortli Main Street WASHINGTON, PA. • ' EVERYTHING. FOR THE OFFICE " lif;i l(|u;irters for all Make of Type- writers and OfDce Supplies Aticling Maeliines, Cash Registers, A. B. Dick Minieograpfi Macliines and Supplies Safes, Steel Files, Steel Slielvini, ' , Desks, Chairs, Etc. Wjishiiij lon Typewriter and Office Equipment Company 57 West Chestnut Street Phone 2919 Washington, Pa. PENN " SANITARY cleaning- Dyeing PfiESSiNC RePAIHINC Phones 3152 952 133 South Main Street WASHINGTON, PA. ' Printed in If ashington T III " , (•(lildi-s (il Till. ()i Mi ' rs Iki ' IouikI IIkiI il was tjoiiil rnaii;ii;cnirlil Ici li,i c liiis l)(M)k ininlrd ill ' :isliiiiol(iii (jiy ' :l (| I ' rinlinj; (lonipam ). I lu ir work has liccii made casirr liv JKinji in loiK-li wilh llir piinlrr. Thry iia c Imcii li-ce liuni uneasiness and uiireiiainly as lo delivery " II liiiii ' - I ' ll! ' qiialily of tii, ' printini; is perhaps liiller Ihan .ml (il lown w.irk, and Die e.isl lias llol lie( II " realer. Ward Printing Company [113] COMPLIMENTS OF The Peop es Nationa Bank WASllIXCnON, PA. Service and Ouality First DICKS SEHVICK ST.VTK )N One Mile Fast (il Washington, Pa. Routes 10 and 1 ' .) AMOCO PRODUCTS Fraternity, Collej e and Class Jewelry Conimencc ' iiK ' nt AnnouiKeinonts aiul Invilatidiis Jcwl ' Ilt lo the Junior ( lass oT Triiiity High Schtiol L. G. Balfour Conipanv Manuraciuriiif Jiwckis and StalidiuTs Altleboro, Mass. Nearest Hraneli Odice Located al 517-18 Slate Theatre IUiil(Hiig PITTSBURGH, PA. H. A. (iAHIlAlU C. W. (lAMItAliL Washington Paint and Glass Company Paints. Oils. Varnishes and Mirrors Window and Plate Glass Auto Glass, Wall Paper 138 South Main Street WASHINGTON, PA. Phone 107 THE Don F. Matsoii Co. Printing Matagraving Engraving 113-115 Fourth Street MONESSFN, PA. Bell Piioni: 287-R 1 1 4 COMPLIMKNTS OF Jessop Steel Company ONE BILLION PIECES I ' iddlicrd .[iiiiiKilli Fl.lM ' . AMHKl!. OI ' AI. AM) HI. 11-; (.LASS HAZEL-ATLAS GLASS CO. WHKKI.lNCi. W. VA. S;ilr.s OIHl-cs iji All Priiiri|i,il C.ilics . iiir l- ' tichirics M LoiiK roM Tin; f P l Mvhk hi ()i litv [115] Graduation Dayi f Krrp Ihr lui ' mory iif litis inoinriit foirvri j ' rcsli. Deah Student: Thoughts go stiMyiiig hack, these (l:iys, to tliat sn-kjiig-ago time when you filtered school as OIK ' of the Ireshisl ol Freshuun. Remeiiiher? Will you excr loigel! Wouldirt it be great though if you liad a |)liotograi)h of yourself on that eventful oeeasion? NN ' hal ])leasurc it would give you to-day! Why not tele|)hone right now lor an a|)- l)ointnunt ? We ' ll arrange a liiiu ' to suit your convenience. Tlie nuinher is ' ilOO-.I. EVANS STUDIO 90 NORTH MAIN STREET WASHINGTON, PA. [ 1 IB J Washington Engineering and Construction Company BUILD ERS Washington, Pennsylvania I 1 1 7 J LINCOLN f yjH FORDSON THE UNIVERSAL CAR A New SIdndard af Ydliir in llic rn Ford Car A DEMONSTHATION WILL CONVINCE YOU McGIBBENY MOTOR SALES, Inc WASHINGTON. PA. PiioNK 2800 Phone 2800 Tygart Valley Glass Company MANUFAC.TrREKS HIGH GRADE Packers and Preservers Glassware WASHINGTON. PA. [118] White Star Lines MODKllN COACH SKHVIC.K TO PlTTSBUBdH VF.I.LSBri{(i STKrHKNVII.i.K WHFEI.INC; MOlUiANTOWN FAIIIMOXT CUMBERLAND HACKRSTOWX BAi;riM()i!K WASHIMITOX, I). C. OAKLAND. Ml). MT. LAKE PAF,K MONESSEX. PA. GliEEXSBUBC. P. . WHITE STAR LLNES, Inc. 7. " ) Eiisl Miiiilcii Strict Wasliinytoii. P;i. FoH Imdhmmiiin Pikim: llilll .K tVcshiiKin v:is riMdiii!; the t nllow iny scriliiu ' e: ■ " On llir liorizon i|i|n;irr(l :i splondid " ' " BniMiur. " ' |ir ' ()iii|)tt l Lcei-li. F ' ri-s]iin:Mi (.startinji) ; ' " Xo. " " Bariiuc. " ' |H ' r.sistf(l tlu ' teacher. " Bow-w ci . " saiil the i ' r- Nhmaii wcaklv. Si)|)li: Dill vdU ( rr take elili)r(jti)rin? F ' resli : Nci, wim leaelies it. B U N T I E S WORLD FAMOUS PACKAGE CHOCOLATES AND 5c BARS Also GOLDSIVIITH ENTIRE LINE OF SI ' ORTINC COODS Baseball Foolhall Tennis Golf Made in the World ' s Largest Sportiiiii; Goods Factory Are Distrilmled I ' .xchisively by The E. H. SACKVILLE CO. 17C -1S1 Soiitli Main Street Washington. Pa. NEW CLASSES NOW BEING FORMED Call. Write or Phone lor Details Pittsburj h School of Accountancy Law and Finance Building 429 Fourlli Avenue Ati.antk; 01)2:5 BO Y E R ' S " (Jf Conrsr " MORE GROCERIES FOR LESS MONEY 110 South Main Street 102 West Chestnut Street [12 0] J. K. L AW SON HAY. taiAIN. FKKI). COAL AND BLILDEKS- SUPPLIES ei ' l-()-I ' i:im-t:eds ' 23(i E;ist : Iai(lcn Slivcl Wasliiii.i t( n. P;i. Bki.i. Piiom; 7(i Parrot Art Slioppe A COOD PLACE TO iU ' Y GOOD ;il Wtsl Chrslnut Street FIHNITIHE HeiukiiKirli ' r.s lor Clni ' tiiisi Cards Artificial Flowers (lilts and Art Nredirworl; The Daniel Scliiieider Free Lessons in PaintinjJ Co. Join Our Linding Liiirary All the new hooks al . ' ie a day ILinslitelniiii Pleating VASIIIN(,r()N . PA. COMPLIMENTS OF i - • If If • ' (ll ' ltllll s L. H. nium Beaiily Parlor Eui ne PennancTit Wavinji Dialer in Kilf, Pure Paint aii.l Wall Paper Hair Cullin.g Manicuring Maicel and Finger Waving Paper Bordir liy the lioll Same Priee as the Paper WASHINCTON. PA. Piiom: 2! Mi. " ) Are You a Comniunitv Ruilder? IF NOT, WHY NOT? PATRONIZE YOUH HOME MERCHANTS WASHINGTON BAKING COMPANY Pik.m; KiOt A. M. VANKIRK Novelty Shoe Store 107 South Main Street 71 North Main Street Specialist in all Kinds ol Shoes and Hosiery for Waleli Hepairing the Entire Family KEYNOTA SURE RISE Wt ' nianiilaelure and sell the following " Balanced Ration Feeds " Gain More Milk Gain More Hog Feed Cain More Cliicli Starter Gain More Cllicli Grower Gain More Eggs Mash Just Right Calf Meal Also carry a full line of good, fresh reliable ingredients enabling us to machine mix any formula that your school projects might call tor. Allow us to help you. WASHINGTON MILLING COMPANY WASHINGTON SPECIAL NEVER FAIL A S B U R Y the WASHINGTON MEAT MARKETS SILIDENTS ' BARBER TWO STORES Under the Washington Tinsl Building 2(j East Chestnut Street Phones 3200, 3201 TEN CHAIRS Ten First Class Workmen 140-142 South Main Street Phone 1407 WASHINGTON. PA. MEAT POULTRY GROCERIES F " resh Fruits and Vegetal)les ATIILKTIC K(jl ll ' MKNT lOli TlilMTY ( ' .oiujjli-lr Oiil itlfis for lOOTHAI.L BASKHALI. TRACK HASKKTHAl.l. (lOI.F TKNMS C.VMNASUM " Eviniithiiuj fur llir Allilfti ' " THEMA KING A: CO. 2(I1-21.S Fulldii Building l ' ill liui-i li, P;i. COMPl.IMKNTS OF Dunbar Wallace Lumber Company ,S ' 29 JtfTtisoii Avenue Washington. Pa PlKINKS 1. ' )! 4. ' )2 " EVFHYIHINC. I ' O lUlLI) ANY IIUNC. " Id J Sdi 111 Main SriiKKT I ' ikinh 42:i JUDSON WILKY ! SONS NVAYNK FKKDS W) E r L Ey ' Nv ( .( »AI. AND HlILDINd SUPPLIES „, : VASI1IN(.T()N. PA. FEEOS Washington Mould, Machine and Foundry Co. FORGE SHOP MACHINE SHOP FOUNDRY SPECIALTIES GLASS HOUSE MOULDS MACHINE PARTS ACETYLENE WELDING Bei.i. Phones 3240—3241 Madison and (Jreen Avenues Washins lon, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF First Bank and Trust Company MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA WHEN YOU THINK OF INSURANCE THINK OF ANDERSON POLLOCK 14-18 West Wheeling Street Washington, Pa. Bell Phones 1295 or 1296 FIRE • LIFE • ACCIDENT • AUTO I 124 J hum: 71(1 . " )fi Vi;sT C.HiisiM I SiHioi-n IS THOMPSON ' S IF IT IS HARDWARE IN WASHINGTON C.OMPl.lMKXIS OF LEE SCHOENTHAL TAILOR Foil YorN(; MKN 27 East Htau Strict Washini t iii. Pa ZELT ' S DRUG STORE Kl ' .l Sm 111 Main Stki;kt Prrsi-riptions accurately CdniiKJUiKlril liy llciiistcrcd Pharinacisls. I ' sini ' only the best Drills and ( " lieniicals Dial Hrrr and Sai r Monri .lOHX W. ZFl.T. P. D. Sharp ' s FurnitureStore 111! Vi:sT CiiKNiMT Sthkkt GOOD FFUMTHiK AT HFASONAHFE PRICKS I)i( ni iftl Crrdii C. L. SUAMH Hoi I) S. Sll Mil ' Trinity:- You ' re goiii.a; In lliiiik about us If we think of you; And that ' s wliat we ' re trying to do So we ' re taking tliis .s|)aee lor you. English and Anuriean |)ersiinal tailoring service Suits to your individual mtasure • ' ii25.00 to • ' r-lO.OO Rcpirsentcd in Washiimlan hij JACK HART CiiAMi.Ks Haht Hahvev L. Gromo RoiJicHT H. BiiowN Dave Anderson She: A ear humped into me the other day. He: Oh yeah! where? She: Well, if you must know — He : Yeah ! She: In hack of the school. ( ' oaeli Klwood (trying a fellow for the tiani) : You don ' t smokt cigarettes do you? Carey: No, hut I can give you a cigar. Day (translating Caesar) : Sla c where is thy horse? Pelock: llight hen- hut I wasn ' t using il. really. Johnny Courson : I saved my Dad ' i. Johnny Warne : Your kidden. Johnny Courson: He ])roniised me • . ' if I passed all subjects. ; 1 26 J G. B. WOLFE .1 K W E L E H P xpcrl W ' iiUli. Clock, .Icwrlrv IU]);iiriiit and Eiigravin! . Autii ii-i .i(l cin all makes ol S|)ri.(liiiiukrs and auto Key Serviee. Eirsl Floor 1(13 Soulh Main Slreel Vasliini ton. Pa. SPALDING m EQUIPMENT CORRECT SPORT Spatding hoi been making orjthenhc olhletic equipmenr for 53 yean. You con choose your complele oulHl with ihe knowledge VALENTINE and MURRAY Pharmacists Gi;uu(ii; W .shim.kin Hini;i. Biii.iiiNi; Mr. l)av : lla e yon made up yonr nnnil lo .slay in? Peg Jones; Xo. I ' ve ma le up my laee lo go oiil. A sludenl knoeked al heaven ' s gale. SI. Pelei- said: ' " Where arc you Irom? Prinily, " was llie reply. " ' ell, you may come in Ijul you won ' l like ' il. " Mr. Hallam: A eorpcn-alion is a partnership plus whal? Dick; Surplus. Slie ; Do you lake biology, loo? He : Xo, I ' m slill taking biology one. Af ' ler the ball is over. Touelxlown! Touchdown! 127 J J. SAMOLSKY SON Sole Agints lor " QUALITY FIVP: " and " FREEMAN " $5.00 Shoes lor Young Men Snappij Sli lrs for lite " Modern Miss " 52 West Clieslnul Street WASHIXdTOX. PA. Haney ' s Service Station AirnioRiZEi) Gulf Station General Tires Eiglit I.unelies Candy and Tobaeeo National Highway East PiioNi- 987!) S. HEED HANEY. Proprietor The Citizens National Bank WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA RESOURCES l.cKins and Discounts S 7,,Sl)li,7(l4.(iri Due- from Kcd. Rcservf Bank 412.9:i,S.:i ' J Cash and Due from lianks.. 5115.241.111 Redemption Fund Due from V. S. Treasurer. 25.(11)2.5(1 lionds and In ■cstments 4,9811.541. 7S lianking House 4S5.(I(I(I.(I(I Otlicr Real Estate (i5.(l(l(l.(l(l $14,373,517.75 LIABILITIES Capital Stock if 1,(10(1,(1(1(1.11(1 Surplus Fund 2,(1(1(1.(1(1(1.(1(1 I ' ndix-ided l rr fit and Reserves 1N7.254..S4 National Rank Notes Outstanding . 488,(1(1(1.(1(1 Deposits i),407,H(i2.!ll Hills Payable 1,2(1(1,(111(1.(1(1 ?14,373,517.75 TRUST DEPARTMENT Mortgages S 393,542.00 Otlier Investments 4,438,(587.43 Cash Balance 82,909.79 Corporate Trusts, !51,220,OOO.On $4,915,139.22 Open a Sai ini s AeeonnI With Us ANY TIME IS A GOOD TIME TO SHOP AT MARSHALL ' S DRY GOODS AT THEIR BEST QUALITY, VARIETY, VALUE AND SERVICE FRED S. MARSHALL Not the Liirgest, linl Hie liest Drij doods Store [12 8] i) b Ij R a «f -5 ir e (3 —?x

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