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 - Class of 1928

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" "' k V -,- ' ' -" . - ' 4-A. f -, ---A-A Af- -A--- ---- - - - - ----V ---, V-k A---Y -'-'Y - '-' 'lr was qv 7652 I ,Y-A . ff T f, Q, ' A H . ul. " EX W KQSF, xxx' ' : N? 5 -. C ' 5 Z ,, , ,' 2 Z9 AL' I , ,X ,A I Q' 'Al -ef' ,,.f1- 15" - 'Q P x f '-Q-iiN"wf.-ifsvr .gi ,.. N L X.,-rilsik ' 'S' , 'Y ' 1-i.'i,,f', ...,. SW' ' 7 - y Xe '. X' -51,1 -6 1- A i ll: i i I 1, , A Cf 7 f ff? 714 WMV f K C f K D fx ca,,,z,xig,H, mf f .f X611 4 f J . Qjq K JD , kg + H MIIIN - ik f A 4 4 N - 4 ,, 2 32' The K 1: Nw: X ' 'L K. ,, x ' .fi 9 2, 8 gl w pugusl-IED BY K STUDENT5 0 F ' f ' 4"l'4 WE ITY li , RIN an lkllw HIGH' 50400 .1 ' gc i f it IN' X' 11:-Q! -D Z5 5629-f LC! ul 1 1: A --+ I f X 'f 2 fax ig? 7,9 ,mx ,gm Q V ,. f- ff? ."'3'x,7v'W' ,Y EmQQmmmQvULYWIPUSQQQQQMQQH Q U Q W Q N .ffw A 5 I 5233 X5 f91ff'f1vre:6s"i tn- U 4 F e st 1 ' X ' 7 ' 5 E W E 1' 51. , -f Ego-f, R 1 R 1 1 l -L: ' w 11:23 Q ra Q L Li J K' ' '-JN X - X if R 7 7 N :.Ws ,y-,-Wwgqyrtw Q Q ., N nw ' y - tx 4-HW n X 973 Q V? W W2 QE 4.53 PAGE xx Q . Q Tltle ........, .......... 1 Q Contents ,,,.. ,. 2 7 is fb QQ Foreword oooo., 3 Dedication , o.,,,. 4 Q Faculty ...,.... ...,.. 7 Classes 1 ..vo,. 13 faq Seniors .o,..,.o, 15 7 ' tea Q1 Juniors ......,., iZ5 Sophomores ...,,. 57 Freshmen .......... 41 Activities .... ..,..r.., 4 5 QQ Athletics . ,,.,.. I 57 gig Literary .........,,.ee ......... 6 9 Q52 Advertisements ..... .......... 8 1 Q W Q N , 7 ' is-L1 ei Q m A P1190 Two 'gf' 'I tw 4 " 7' 'V' " '7 ' "' 'VT FTVT 'ft' TFT 7TI"Z7T' V775 i'Zi"Zi TZWZHTFA ' QQQQQQGQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ53663 EQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSEQQQQQQQ M Q Q Q Q Q Q TU KAI KT Q 'U Q Q Q Q Q I- Q Qi !'T Q Q FI 0 EH Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S211 OR L y Q QQQ fyw? Q T EEE !P'UX 55 3 .3 Q , I O 33 Cb 'Q A H25 SMs,,52g, 3 2 W is QQfQ I O I vf, 4.5, rn 0 5 Q!-. If s?gwi2??1f E E CI l I . I O E D' 2 42 F' Z 2 f O W +-I " I. - QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q H Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QA' MQ TRINITY HALL MILITARY ACADEMY, WE, THE CLASSES OF '28 AND '29, OO LEAVE THIS -'OLYMPUSI' AS THE ME- MORIAL TO THE NEW TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL HUQUHKWUHD fame asv my as as O w '-4 E w Q Us as as be gnu wig Q 9 lr 31. 'M E v x 5 K SWK 5 Q 1- K' fx T M 52 G X 1, Q5 M X QQ as E3 Yagi EM S 52 Q Q S2 35 555 25 53 QQQQQQQQQQ QQGQQQQQEQ 3653 AW' , ,. 51.4 NN .,, ,Wi. X a,,L,Lm Tmx l'1'Y Hmu Scl-lm nl. 'l'mNx'1'x' HIGH SCHOOL CAM:-Us Page Five ? 5,9 .Ll li Ca-,QNX kk 9 Gionni Vves. Grand Gunn Nah! The Cvuwmm and or uw xu,, X W1 f.Q..m me-Q....xx -,-up--La ocnupued Nm-, mom Cwm aG s v-1 Town BMX this voom G-om LSQPQ.-. .,. Sqr-u,15l.fx Sz y u .a,1u,q f-xqw, vo Se px.-5,1511 ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' -'-l "'l ' J...-.1-s!: 5! 112142122 , 1 Nl I 1-iff:-1-ld' I . 5 L J 4 A 1 ' '3 N , Q! 1 , 1 F,xcUI.TY i 5 u , gi X, 4 ' 1 f H , w 1 V , W 1 , Ti V A Y ,, . 1 . x J ' v -I--I--I--l-I--m-lf-I--1--I ' 'l0l0l"l0l0l"l"l"l"l' ,, MART!! EQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Page EQQQQQQQQOLYWlPUStQQQQQQQg all KENNETH H. GORDON Waynesburg, Pa. A. B., Waynesburg College WI'l'H a thought for the future, challenged by the problems that con- front it in tl1e present, and inspired by the wonderful growth and unquenchable spirit of the past, Trinity High School, in the presentation of this year book passes another milestone on it's march up the road of progress toward the summit of achievement in school Work, athletics, sportsmanship, and all other lines of activities in which its members are engaged. It is my hope that the splendid co-operation given by the School Board, the Faculty, the Students, and the Patrons of the school may con- tinue and shall be productive of still greater growth in the working out of our educational program until Trinity High School shall be recognized as the foremost secondary school for rural girls and boys in the State of Pennsylvania. Eight S15 Q Q Q Q tit M G 4. M M W W G H H E H E Q if? Q Q H Q H Q Q H M H A :Aff wx? W4 53-rpg-7..'a."jzl-Hina f--f-:..fv:-'7f- T- - -.-. - .- -em f EQQQQQQQQOLlWlPUSkQQQQQQQE U 5 hw , Q I0 Y 105 V i in E. PAUL DM., HARRY' I. BARTGES, , VVashington, Pa. Stale College, Pa- 10 State Permanent Penn Slate fn, California State Normal School B- - D l Mathematics Assistant Agriculture Supervisor hx :This is a wi,,ci,1ence.v "Get your books and follow me." y 105 t ' 'I IG A 5 101 V Q 'P 4 'G Y I0 Y I0 ks NELLIE DALE CURRY. . JANE ANABEL DAY, so XVashington, Pa. Claysville, Pa. Thiel Muskingum A. B. A' B. Graduate YVork Graduate Work gina J University of Pittsburgh D'M. dl I 4 Sigma Theta Phi Let? U' Mathematics a m v "Park that chewing gum in the waste- "A ow, then, we'Il try a harder one." paper basket." bf' 4 4 QQQQQQ y I u - 4 f'WffWWi0LlWlPUS fQWiQW'3 EQQMQQQQ, QQ QQ QQL Q Q to Q A D Q Q Q Q Q Q Q .T Q Q Q Q REED DUNN, MAn.1omE ANNE DEBoL'r, W so Dunn's Station, Pa. Washingt0Il, PH- 43 lim 5, Avi B' S' Alpha Gamma Theta X QTY Delta Tau Delta Phi Sigma Biological Fraternity "NglIs bells," EJ fr Science and Athletics Director .X 'Nom boys, I'fI rather we'd win this My fifxi game than any otherf' bo E 32 Q Q Q Q f Q W Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Tuos. C. Y. Form, Mas. MAXINE Hunsow, by gf Honeyhrook, Pa. YVashingt0n, Pa. EE, 92 State llartllanl 8: Cincinnati . KX QQ qmdugte Work I Logiglggggxcrsy of Music and My Ilzggnvn Xsmglge School of Social XVo1'k Qaaiugfe vvork EE, QQ Qlglgfiolijllll Tggxfulture English and Dramatics E53 33 "Check up, boys, 'fhe inspector is com- HMM, is the master of his fafef, mg." 'X Q g Q Q V Page Ten y QQ , ,, QQQ Q D 5 u X . all ,Fr ei W Q Q52 45352 QQ to QQ? to Q ea QQ Q el QQ ea SH tel i no CLEON Sco'r'r HALLAM, VVashington, Pa. XV. 8: J. A. B., M. A. Graduate Work W. 8: J. English, History, Civics "All right, Iefs get quiet." Ros!-: IRWIN, Washington, Pa. Indiana State Normal VVashington Seminary G d t W k ra ua e or Grove City College B. S., Ph. D. Inner Circle of the C. L. S. C. M mb-' ftl A A. U. YV e u o me . History and Biology "A word to the wise is sufficient." "So much for that." JosEP1-I Klum, Canonsburg, Pa. Evanston University Evanston, Ill. ANNA E. MALONE, VVashington, Pa. VVestminster College B. S. Music Instructor English, History, Science "Seniors should know beiler than thai." Page Eleven 55 4 E173 til lil 4, if-it bl by E9 E535 39 kit hiv 5:35 E155 as be 59 55 ff? ifjl is lil 5:31 59 Q35 E9 lil E9 B531 of of ,Q mfr no Q:,Q,Q?,Ql,Q,Q3, OL YM P US ,.Q3.Q3,c,,Q2,Ql,Ql,Q,6 nl 552 E695 Q-2 W1 f, LJ Q I fm-'M'WW'i ' ft ' xx RQ g til a X So i ' 3 5-3 tang l hiv Y A , ' 3, if by f'TN' H. el to ' 4 gk M L! t ix gg EMMA M. BICKEAN, DEI-I-A PLANTS, gy Cleveland, O., Toas, New Mexico Washington, Pa. N02 Baldwin University XV Q , , ,Lf A. B., A. M. Yashmgton Seminary Liu Graduate VVork Xhgstel' College , ' ' ' v f cl' . ' ' . . Q Q gf Neufygfgxico slept? of Education U. of CO1l1Il'lhl1l 7 Am ierst ' ' . Sauvepl' .school of Languages, "Under any circumstance she always F1-Iggeilli, Literature has G Smilef, 4534? "Vous n' ave: pas etudie le Iecon pour f a11j0urd'I1ui." " ta Q3 "'1+""" iii' Vx K 4 BSE ff Y A ew 1 -f a pw 05 R 11 f Iv W ei A Q 1! fr: V3 Q0 R4 Q5 1. w gf, :eg 1232 5:1 fs? tr? fix? y Mus. HELEN SCHROYEIK, GLADYS O. XNILKIE, fy fs Bay City. Vtlashington, Pa. fs Kin 4 W. s. Mich. I Y, S C H f tw Margaret Morrison Carnegie Col- Bowsd tate 0 ege jf' lege H' ' E . 4 K0 l Carnegie Institute of Technology Gome c0n.Om1c5 QQ B. S- eneral Science my .N HWa5'iZm,ileEiZI:ZI2iC5 "Now, girls, take these notes." fed C533 Page Twelve x 7 6 4, WNV if W 'fi YET' YQ? 'DQVQU 'QFWEW if f75'f'5Q if ef QQ if if ,A 3 af Lia' 4 Ga e AX Ll Scum Wvzs annul G ani Xaxd The Ghana! wma or us. use we gm . ska mac wx pu army ed thu umm C ov.. of sw-1 'foxvn SXQH Wh 5 voom G nm apt-,an qt-u ,543 K r,,'nBlEiA Lxytni io52Q1nblB'll P-gp-x. Hs.. Cl xssl s QT 'lvl' Ill -I Ilwlllfll-'Ill' 'l0ll'l"l0l"l"l"l"l"l' Q ... . G - ' I ' i .Uh -xv ... -mn-mu. .'.Lf4'A' gzf v Nr I Lid- -:Q Z' . E if 1 w . 1 i Q 5 if . fl 1 ' . Q W, i Yf MARTIN H QQQQQQQQQQ EQ EE! QQQQQQQRULYWJPUSRQQQQQQQ TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION AMWELL- FRANK SHRONTZ G. L. WALKER HARVEY E. MAPEL FRANK BAKER BAKER WATSON CANTON- J. B. MCCLAY GARVIN WYLIE ROBERT WALLACE JAMES LUTES CLARENCE ELLIS NORTH FRANKLIN- S. H. HAZLETI' H. W. GABBY MRS. AGNES VANKIRK S. W. VANCE JOHN CROSBIE SOUTH STRABANE- WILLIS MARTIN T. Scorr PEASE H. MINOR MOCLAIN WALKER WYLIE PHILO PAUL ROBERT CHARLETON 'President of Joint Board. "Secretary of Joint Board. """Treasurer of Joint Board Knot a memberl. Page Fourteen Amity, R. D. 1 Washington, R. D. 5 Amity, R. D. 1 Washington, R. D. 5 Ten Mile Washington, R. D. 8 Washington, R. D. 9 Oak Grove, Washington Washington, R. D. 7 Washington, R. D. 8 Washington, R. D. 5 Washington, R. D. 9 Washington, R. D. 6 375 West Maiden Street Park Avenue Washington, R. D. 2 W h'n ton R D 4 as I g , . . North Main Street Extension Washington, R. D. 2 Washington, R. D. 3 Washington, R. D. 4 QQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ 5 'nf in ,va g - ' , 1 YK Vx W xx L -1 gr I ILE ig I 1 X ,f X ff lla, j! sy! 2, . v a sf V v-, '1 -,- , QA f ,JV , 1 tn, '- , 1 . 1 , wg '11 4? . 5- 1 L l Ri. J S .4 ,4 v - l I L5 - F , V , 153 -F Qi .-A: H, , an -.N-M-qu l ' ' QQQQQQQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ E ,. M . 5 ff , , ,gpg-y-gggmI.-,,.:?mHmmEw,,,,,,-M7123, ,, QQQQQQi0LYWlPUSkQQQQQQQg W 53 ev Q Q E57 2'-'53 93 , T33 ew Q W Q E 0 l Senior Class Officers KENNETH G1LMoRE, President WA1,LAcE W1NNE'rr, Vice President HILDA CREIGHTON, Secretary and Treasurer Motto: To-day we launch, where shall we anchor? Colors: Gold and White. Flower: Yellow Tea Rose. sl LTD 9 Q ev 39 99 E57 as lil 53 sv ev as as 'zcteen Q 65365 g QQME g C, g W.. far , .. , WQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQW MARGARET ALLISON llpegif Audubon Club 25 Go to College Club 4. "What's going to be Peg's future in life? We know it's going to be somebody's wife." LAVERNE BARNEY "Barney" Football 45 Track 3, and Basketballg Senior Play 43 Audubon Club. "Six feet of Man." Donon-iv BRISTOR unotsn Girl Reserves 45 E. P. S. Club 49 P. D. F. C. Club 4. "A saucy little girl with a naughty little curl." GERALDINE BLANK "Jerry" Editor -in - Chief o f Year Bookg President of Girl Reserves 3g Libra- rian 3. "Always striving to be ahead." .loslsrumu Bmsron , IKJOH E. P. S. Club 4. "Always getting th e complete results from a chemistry experi- ment." KENNETH W. BALENTINE , "Bud" Basketball 23 Presi- dent of Class 3. "Just what life required and nothing more!" NORMAN BEDILLION "Stump" "Is as noisy as a tomb- stone, but we love to hear him play the mouth organ." Joi-IN Bmsron "Shrimp" "Napoleon was short- so is Shrimp." W. J. Buncu Ulayil Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain 43 Editor-in- Chief of Year Book 43 President of Agricul- tural Club 4g Vice Presi- dent of Occupations Class 43 Treasurer of Latin Club 43 General Manager of Banquet Campaign 4. "All hail! Thane of T. H. S." NORAIAN A. Ci-1E1.QU1s'r "Swede" Debating team 3 and 4. "The orator of the Senior Class." Page Seventeen Q5 If L-5-4: n -I ..,..,, IW, 4'- , ... FQQQQQQEQQQ OL YMP Us iraeraraerarass GLENN CLARKE lKTaxiY! Audubon Club 4. "His hobby is girls and we suspect he has had a date." INEZ COLE "She looks when she hears a martin." LENA MAE CRAMER HRD-gy!! Basketball 1 Go-to- College Club 4. "The first hundred years are the hardest." NAOMI CROWE "Nomie" Glee Club 2g Girl Re- serves: Secretary 3g President 4g E. P. S. Club 43 Librarian 3: Plays lg Go-To-College Club 4: Audubon Club 25 Track 1. "Like sunshine she brings happiness to every one." ALICE DUNN "Brown Eyes" :'Brown Eyes should never be blue." Page Eighteen MILDRED COFFEY "Mill" Girl Reservesg Go-To- College Clubg Glee Club 1. "Does she like taxi rides? I'll say." ELIZABETH CONGEH "Betty" "Keeping up with the Jones!" H1LoA G. CREIGHTON HBO., Class Secretary 45 Treasurer 43 Glee Club 33 G0-To-College Club 45 Treasurer of E. P. S. Club 4. "She would rather talk with a man than an angel, any day." VmG1N1A DENOEMAND1E "Gin" Glee Club 35 Treas- urer of E. P. S. Club 3g Audubon Clubg Go-To- College Club 4. "She is as intoxicating as her nickname im- plies." PEms1EL1A GANTZ ..Tiny,, Glee Club 3. "No! I'II never go back with him again." 9 Q '51 53 Ph hs lb hw v HUGH wgqgggtm iw 'aff 'fgffffflkfiwwwxllf A 'g1'L1'W'-wrzef-it -fffggf , C EQQQQQQQ XIARY GRAY "Shorty" Audubon Club 25 Glee Club 3. "Little but mighty." KENNETH GILMORE npapy, Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-YQ Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class President 1 and 3 President of Oc- cupation'sg Sales Man- and 4g President of Oc- Athletic Editor of Year Book. "The answer to a Maiclen's Prayer." ANNA HART "Ann" "Yes, Ann has a heart." JANE HUGHES "Lemme" Scholastic M a n a g e 1' of Year Bookg Go-to- College Club. "Never a minute, she isn't in it." HENRY LUCIANO A "Hienie" Football 3, Latin Play. ."He knows whatever's to be known, But much more than he knew would own." OL YM P US QQQQQQQQW HILDA GRAY "Becky" Chorus 23 Go-To- College Clubg Audubon Club. "Little said is soonest mended." HAZEL HAMILTON "Peanuts" E. PQ S. Club, Go-To- College Clubg Art Edi- tor of Year Book. "Do angels eat Pea- nuts? Hazel thinks so." NIILDRED HENDERSON HMid75 Vice President of Oc- cupations Classg Go-To- College Club: Vice President of E. P. S. Clubg Business Manager on Year Book Staffg Audubon Club 2. "Always a loyal sup- porter of the Blue and White." JANE LYTLE "Irish" Basketball 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Editor of Year Bookg Captain of Basketball Team of 1928. "Green is the sign of Irish." ANDREW M. M1LAvEc "Miller" Football 3g President of Occupations Class. "Does he look like the prophet which he is?" Page Nineteen 11r-1gu.f- vi . mr' ng -px. WQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQWW IHENE MCCLELLAND "Rene" Advertising Manager of Year Book. "Life is too serious to be wasted." ILA MILLER "Giggles" Vice President of Go- To-College Clubg Busi- ness Manager of Year Book. "The apple of the teacher's eye." MADEHLIA MoRToN UDee!l Go-To-College Club. "I wonder if it's my fault or his! But never mind." JAMES Mvaas "Jim" Football 4. "He's a rattling good fellow in his little old Ford." MARTIN PoLnN "Luther" "Slow but sure." Page Twenty ALDINE MILLER "Dean" "The time to be happy is now." Scorr MoLLENAuEn "Scotty" Football 2, Sales Manager of Banquet Campaign. "All great men love solitude." DoNALu MOUNTS l6DOnl! Class President 23 President of Audubon Club 23 Debating Team 3. "Don is vaccinated with love sickness. Thinks he ought to have some consideration." JOSEPHINE PAUL IIJOU Go-To-College Club. "Where is the brake, and OH! what'll I do next." MAUDELINE Palos "Maudie" President of G0-To- College Clubg Treasurer of Class 3g Vice Presi- dent of Girl Reserves 45 Treasurer of Audubon Club 2g President of E.' P. S. Club 4g Glee Club 3. "Roll on, thou big brown eyes." Q66 13 WQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQW GLENN REED ulieedyn Audubon C 1 u b 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball lg Track 2, 3. "To study or not to study, That is my question." JOSEPHINE B. REYNOLDS KIJOH Glee Club 1, 2g Audu- bon 23 Girl Reserves 23 Basketball 1, 43 Go-To- College Club 43 P. D. F. C. Club 33 Chairman of Banquet Commit- tee 3. "Why work? Life should never be wasted thus." ELVA SANDY "Smiles" "I lost four pounds last week." FRANCIS SEAMAN "Dizzy" Hi-Y3Circulating Manager of Year Book. "I never knew what the moonlight could do." JOHN THOMPSON "Johnny" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Football Manager of 19272 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 43 Audubon 2. "Got a cigarette? I want to keep mine." XVILBUR REXRODE "Squibb" Football 43 Basket- ball 3, 4. "Give him a fast car and a girl-then beat il." CHARLES ROSIN "Chas" "Is possessed with a surprising smile." HARRY Sco'rT "Scottie" "Don't disturb me, I'n1 thinking." BEATRICE THOMPSON "Beattie" Go-To-College C l u bg Secretary of Class 23 Vice President of Audu- bon Club 23 Scholastic Manager of Year Bookg E. P. S. Club 4. "She is a woman: there- fore to be wooed. She is a woman: there- fore to be won." CATHERINE SWEGER "Kate" Art Editor of Year Book. "Kale is a real all- round student. 'Our ArIisf."' Page Twenty one 5565i EQQQQQOLYWJPUS 'BT 1 . . LABAN WARDLE - MADLYN VANDEVER "Lab" - bf "Madge" I0 I Football 1, 2, 3, 4g ' "Speech is silver, silence Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 uf 'is golden." Audubon Club 2g Track 2, 3, 4g Cheer Leader 1. Di "His only labor was to 4 kill time." . ,' Q-Q ln W WALLACE WINNEXTW H N lk! ll H Q32 Sales Manager of 5 Banquet Campaign: ,' I Q32 Xxcepliresxdent of Class Q g resident of H-Yg Q32 Vice President Class 2. :Q ' "The man that blushes v BA IS not a brute. E9 I W E fi 'off E9 If. W B9 f Cl W , Q Q a Q ' f .K Q 1 W Q W1 E2 A DI Ea., 'I C 5 W S Q w Q 9 W Q Ii W w w Page Tweniy'lwo ? E566 ,. , A ., 1 N 9 E QQQQQQQQQQQH QQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQ HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1928 The Age of Ignorance ON September 4, 1924, a tribe of about eighty children assembled from all parts of the country, set out in the hope of finding and cup- turing knowledge. We wandered over valleys and hills and at last we reached Joint High School. As soon as possible we selected Kenneth Gilmore, President, Arthur Steed, Vice President, Ethel Breese, Secre- tary, James Mounts, Treasurer, and Miss Della Plants as class adviser. Having thus organized our class, we started on a tour of inspection and we were surrounded by unfriendly tribes, who started calling us "Freshies" and "Greenies',. This at once started a row between the freshmen and upper classmen. Then there appeared on the scene a man, who the others addressed as Chauncey and as we later learned that it was Chauncey Ewing, the Principal, who informed us that our studies would now start. We struggled and labored over the complicated pages of a Latin book, or perhaps an algebra book, elaborately decorated with hier- oglyphics. Teachers were creatures of great importance, who when their tempers were side tracked merely meant that we were expelled or, perhaps, in danger of corporal punishment. Just about the time we became really acquainted with this strange building we received orders to get ready to move. "No Spring moving parade" either, and so both curious and interesting we came to Trinity surrounded by rural scenery. They began at once to remodel and to make larger, so as to accommodate the pupils more satisfactorily. We were a little bewildered and things were a little difficult at first. That feeling ot' antagonism finally wore off, and the freshmen soon became subdued under the weight of so many tiresome studies and stupendous knowledge. Then even taunts of the Seniors, no longer irritated us. In other words, we were Sophomores. THE AGE OF USOPHISTICATIONH When we entered school the second year, we immediately voted Donald Mounts, President, Wallace Winnett, Vice President, Beatrice Thompson, Secretary, and Mae Allison, Treasurer. QQQQQQQQQ5555 Page Twenty-three QQ Q E 'fi Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Qi Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQQQQQQQOLYWIPUSQQQQQQQQ Now, we were on second step of success. We were at liberty to feel as if the freshmen were not entitled to come up to our plane, but to wistfully gaze at us with their eyes magnified with desires. We didn't care. We pitied them for we realized the task they had before them. Mrs. Hudson, our brave and loyal English teacher, taught us all we ought to know, and sometimes more, a few extras thrown in. In Geometry we were deluged with planes, circles and triangles efficiently hurled at us by Mr. Day. But still we existed until we became reserved J uniors- just at the place where school was a bore and not worth much concentra- tion. TI'IE AGE or INDEPENDENCE Now we entered that independent year, the Junior stage, almost perfect with Jack Hurley, President, Alice Dunn, Vice President, Jane Lytle, Secretary, and Maudeline Prigg, Treasurer. We spent our time writing compositions of all sorts and natures, they were comedies when looked at from a natural point of view and when registered in the grade reports they appeared as tragedies. But Mrs. Hudson safely directed us through that year and at last with one great effort, we were members of the Senior Class. THE AGE OF SUPERIORITY But now we are Seniors with Kenneth Gilmore, President, Wallace Winnett, Vice President, Hilda Creighton, Secretary and Treasurer, Miss Della Plants, Class Adviser, and Kenneth Gordon, Principal. We are more awed than when we first entered as freshmen for though we have had four years of High Experience behind us, we have before us unknown worlds to conquer. We are about to become ac- quainted with the serious side of life. It is with fond recollections that our thoughts turn back to those first experiences in the earlier years of our high school career, and now that we have accomplished our task so far and finished the work set be- fore us, we pledge our allegiance to this school to which this book is dedicated "Dear Old Trinity". -Ai.mNE MlLI.ER, '28. Page Twen ly-four Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQH X x YCUN10 R5 " EW u QMXB Xxvtf N X ff I X T1 ' ' . - '-w 'A 1 zf wfmg51w:-vw' - "" - - -".fr4fv1arav1g51Furf:g,q:v1Mw-1111 QQQQ QQ QQQQQ QQQ QQQ QQQQ QQ QQQQQQQQQ QQ HQQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Class Office ALBERT rer KEN Vice Pre lt MA Mott ' We lead, not -f , lm.: Y 5? fn as asv an 33 Q Q w hs E he Q fo CFB' Q-sv as as as as as .. Q QJQQQJQJSQ Q QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQ QQQ Q S3 Q 99 Q asv Q QQ 5,Qgvg'gr1gg:g,34 4- V N- 1. .---1: -,ff ,fi ,Z , EQQQQQQQQULYWMPUSQQQQQQQQQ 4 is DAvm ANDERSON "Davie" MARY BAINER Football 1, 2, 33 Librarian 33 Dedica- Baskethall 1, 2, 33 tion 1. Vaudeville 2g Base- f-Few things are im. X ball 11 2, 3- possible to diligence E? "0hI how I hate to get and skill." , up in the morning." EEQX Q ' ARLETA HAYNE RUSSELL BEDILLION "Hon" "Red" Basketball 1, 2, 33 Audubon Club 2. . "Children should be Class Programs. "Yon never catch her napping' seen and not heard." RIILDRED BEECH f-Midgev ELIZABETH BERRY Librarian 3. H , .Bcity ushe has a smile for Theres no car like lhe Buick." every one." 0 LAWRENCE BOONE HOWARD BREESE "Boone" Football 33 Audubon Chimes Club 1: Audubon Club 2. ' "Big buiier and egg A staulgghliugffiorter of man from ihe west." GEORGE BEIGE MARTHA Lou BRICE ffgudv "Marlye" "A man of few words." Girl Reserves 2' "Darnl I missed that X ear again." E31 l 4 Q55 .,Ei!?"fP"'1'i-Q.,-ga -, an EQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQW 4 to C ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q E EDWARD BRIDGES llLucky!! Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3. "The best of wishes from the Junior Class." RUTH CI-IIvEIIs "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men." JAMES Cos'rEI.Lo uJin,ln1y.n Basketball 1, 2, 33 Captain 3g Football 1, 2, 3. "Ol Captain! Our Cap- tain." ADAM DIVINCENZO "John" Debating Team 3. ' "Calhoun the second." EMILY FIFE HFife!! Glee Club 1, 2g Sec- retary Audubon Club 23 Librarian 3g Activity Editor, Annual. "Ambition is no cure for love." Page Twenty-eight VERBAL BUCHANAN "The apple of the teacher's eye." OLIVE CHARLTON "A little bird wants but a little nest." RUTH Cox Glee Club lg Go-To- College Club 3g Libra- rian 3. "Somebody's Stenogf' FREDA FERIIELL "Fredd i e" Audubon Club 25 Glee Club 1. "Deeds, not words." THELMA FONNER npeggyn Glee Club 15 Audubon Club 2. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." QQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQM S ,' -, , . -- , ' - V H: k V , ,Q -, , . ' I ,H V' "' X 1- F If ' . VF ' ' - C. Y w w -' 'a 4 A :. , 4 vm. it,':. ' ' ' . '- 1 ' " ' W' I -1 7 '. WQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQW FREEMAN FRAZEE HFrezyH Basketball 2, 3. "Freeman's our basket- ball star and ladies man." MARGARET GARIJENER upegxs Audubon Club 23 Basketball 3. "The more acquaint- ances the more dan- get." RICHARD HANA "Dick" Orchestra l, 2, 33 Ex- temperaneous Speaker 1. "Some people can get away with anything." XVILLARD HARRIS "Harris" Basketball 2, Track 25 Glee Club 1. "Harris has won laurels in other schools than this." A N NA HARTER IIAHHH "And they said no one loves a fat girl." HoRAcE FULTON upisgyn Latin Club: Ol'- chestrag Basketball 2, 3. "He is as essential to T. H. S. as the reed in his 'sax'." ' LAURETTA MAE GoRaY Itcorbysx Secretary, Audubon Club 25 Librarian 33 Nsp. Editor 3. "Music hath charm." REED HANEY "Professor" Advertising 'Manager Annual: Footoball 3g Glee Club 1. "I wonder how I look when I'm asleep?" OLIVE HART Glee Club. "Always ready with a smile." HERVEY HAZLETT "Hazlett" Agricultural Club 3. "True as the dial of the sun." Page Twenty-mne QQ me ...,. I I 2 I 'rrqzfver WQQQQQQQQOLlWlPUStQQQQQQQW ORA HILL Audubon Club 3. "Quiet and industrious. We are sure Ora will reach the goal." ALICE MAE HILLER Glee Club lg Libra- rian 3. "All peaches don't grow on trees." EMERSON HoI1N "Al Acres" Basketball 33 Or- chestra 1. "Emerson drives a pri- vate bus line between Trinity and Business College." FLORENCE JENKINS IKFIOU HA soft answer turneth away wrath." KENNETH JONES ".lonesy" Football 1, 2, 3g Base- ball: Oratorical Con- testg Vaudeville of 1927. "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Page Thirty MILDHED HILBERRY "Milly" Audubon Club 3. "Silence is golden." FREDA HOOTMAN Basketball 1, 2, 3g Glee Club 1, 23 Libra- rian 3g Oratorical Con- test 1, 2, Girls' Sport Editor Year Book 3 Audubon Club 2g Treasurer Go-T o-Col- lege Club. "When it comes to dancing-she's there." ALBERT HUSTON "P. O." Football 2, 35 Base- ball 1, 2, 3. "We co11ldn't get along without P. O." FORREST J OHN "Frosty" "Where you worka, John?" DWIGHT LAcocIc Basketball 3. "Prominent in class room, in gym and with the ladies." QQ M .frm V - . -wg'-url WQQQQQQQ OLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQW IRA l.AcocK "The best of success from the class of '29." lVlAR'l'HA Lou LACOCK "Lou" Glee Club 1, 25 Ora- torical Contest 1, 23 Librarian 33 Debating Team 2g Secretary of Class 3g Jr. newspaper Staff 33 Audubon Club 2g Girl Reserves 33 Sec- retary of Go-To-Col- lege Club 3. "Always striving, faith- ful and true, If any one succeeds, Martha, it ought to be you." ' ESTHER MARKLEY "MarkIey" Latin Club 23 Or- chestra 3g Librarian 3. "Esther is her name, Wc're sure she'll rise to fame." JAMES McConMicK "Jimmie" Basketball 3. "To climb sleep hills re- quires slow pace al first." HARRY NICKEE Audubon Club 2. "I never dare to be as funny as I can." EVERETTE LUTES "Our blushing student. He says il's sun- burn." KENNETH LUTES "Sadie" Football 3, Baseball 2, 3. "Nothing hinders or worries me." DAVID MCCLAY "Davie" Football 1, 2, 35 As- sistant Sport Editor An- nualg Class President 3. "It is always good, Davie, to have two strings on your girl." JAMES RICKEE "Jimmie" Cheer Leader 3. "Always a booster for the Blue and White." Enrrx-1 MESSENGER HI,-dy., "Just another Saxon maiden." Page Thirty one QQEQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQM 'pri ,. W.-To--1,53-pug-Ey,9uy!? WQQQQQQQQOLYWIPUSQQQQQQQQW JUANITA BELLE MINTON "J, B." Latin Club 23 Libra- rian 3g Girl Reserves 2, 3, Newspaper Staff 33 G0-To-College Club 3. "If a thing is worth do- ing at all it is worth doing well." PAUL MORGAN "Lucky" Football 1, 2, 3. "A favorite of all." JOSEPH Monros nsugarn "He has a lump of 'Sugar' down in Hous- ton." SARA NEILL "One who travels far to attend Trinity." HARRIET PAUL KIDOCH Audubon Club 25 Glee Club 1, 23 Librarian 35 Go-To-College Club 3. Page Thirty-two FLOSSIE Moons 441-foddyn "Five foot two, Eyes of blue." CHARLES Monmsoiz "Chuck" Dedication I. "Charles is one of the strong silent sort. He is very well liked and a jolly good fellow." Huxxrz MUNCE "A comely man, as busy as a bee." Doaornv N swam. lKD0tYJ Glee Club 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3. "Here I am broken hearted." 0nv1L1.E PAXTON "Paxton" Audubon Club 2. "A quiet boy who loves books." QQ Q 111 OL YM P US 1.5552 4 K X 4 .7 A 4 fill Q QQ V. 4 H X, ei Q Q N. GENEVIEVE PLATT HGenll Audubon Club 2 Q Basketball 1. "We're proud of our class artist." SARAH PETRONE usallyn "She helps others out of a fellow feeling." Rosa PE'rnoNE "Gently to hear, kindly to judge." GLADYS RIGGLE Librarian 35 Latin Club 3. "The pen is mightier than the sword." MARY Romsos "Peggy Jane" Audubon Club 2. "As quiet as a little mouse." HAROLD Pwzlsn "Pil:er" Basketball 3: Audu- bon Club 3. "He just needs a little c0a.ving." MARY Pos'r "Libby" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3: liibrarian 3g Latin Club "Talented, jolly anrl gay." OLIVE PA1"rxsoN Audubon Club 2. "The best of luck from the Junior Class." HELEN RIGGLE "We wish you health, wealth, and success in future years." RALPH Ronosns "Rodgers" Debating Team 2, 33 Audubon Club 2: As- sociate Editor Annual 3: Junior Newspaper Staff 3: President Class 13 Dedication 1. "When there's hard work to do lt's Ralph we loolc for- ward to." Page Thirty-three 'I C 36' 3' 3' ks '55 51 5' 5' ks PM hw ks hw ks B ks r an lil f ' if Q A 5 . 2 we MQQQQQQQ?OLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQW K KP' gg MARY Scorr K ..ScO,ty,, Go-To-College Club 3. "Mary, Queen of the Scotts. Long liue the queen." LELAH STEWART X Basketball l, 2, 33 Q Audubon Club 23 Glee S2 Club 1, 2. oy "She still wears her 4 crown of glory." EDYTHE TUCKER UECIOU Glee Club 1. "A fair face will get it's praise though its owner keep silent." Q 4 XVADE VANKIRK "Banty" "May Wade receive in- spiration, health, and HJ, wealth from his field of toil." Q DIANA DxxoN XVEIRICH Q "Dixie" "This Diana chases a bugle boy." I Q Q Q Q Page Thirty-four Ross .Sc0T'r "Scott y" "Youth is ever a care free thing." GEORGE TAN NE1-ilu. ' "Coach" Football 3. i'SmalI but powerful." ALICE XrANKlRK 6KTommgJ! "She'lI never get a pennyworth that is afraid to ask the price." OLA VAN KIRK t.B0b,, "Short but sweet." CATHERINE VARNER uKa,yss "Size is but a small matter." Q QQGQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUM ,, Q ., -.-.-4V . ,,. - . ,. ., , t . 1, .. VJ -A , . - t A if , . g, -:.,p5.,,fH . I .,. , W-.A . , . 1 -. ,., , Ky , 4 n- .-- .-'. - ' f. - M., A ,N , f .4 , W . ea- . f I EQQQQQQQQ OL YMP Us QKEQQTGKGQQS QQ 123 Q 1 e E9 fab? bv Q Q Rosam' WYLIE PAHK HENRY They are never alone I K I6 fha! are accompanied Foothall is l 2 3 Q unfh noble thoughts." B2lSk9ibHll 1, 2, 3- "None buf the brave de- serve lhe fair." RALPH RICHARDS "Rich" E E V Q G Agriculture Club 3. Laugh and lhe world E laughs rv th you," D 105 Q EVELYN VAUG1-:N y "BushfuIness is un orna- SAMUEL WELLS Q ment to youth but a "Accordion Sam 5 Q Q NPFOUCII t0 Old U90-" "Sam, Sam, the old ac cordian man 5 ETHEL Manmrr Our newcomer from Cleveland." Q lv Q 3 l W Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 1Q Q Q Qi fQ QQ Q9 Qi 49 Qi QQ E? Q E 5 Q 49 5? Page Thirty-five ,AE SQ HQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQQ 5 5 Q55 HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1929 LS, Y Q ON a beautiful morning in early September 1925, one hundred and E3 Q twenty-tive ambitious boys and girls gathered or rather collected as G2 with their friends and upper dlassnien 'on the vast and magnificent B3 campus of "Dear Old Trinity". We soon learned that our four years ot' , Q future education were to be entirely different from that which we re- 63, Q ceived in the grade school. Instead of a few associates, as in the grade B13 schools, we had come to enjoy the association and companionship of 5 Q several hundred friends. Our celebrated Sophomores, when they saw Q Q5 our 'snumber and quality" decided that a class fight or initiation was un- ED Q necessary. Our new studies revealed to us that sometimes 3 and 4 are y Q not 7, and that Christopher Columbus was not the first man to cross tl1e EE QQQQQQQQQQ 5555555555 Atlantic. We soon learned that our class was blessed with some very promising athletes, not only boys but girls also. To counter balance the drudgery of constant study and the preparation of lessons, we gave a party in "Our Gymnasiumn following the Washington-Trinity football game. The upper classmen will never forget the delicious bowl of "punch" which was served by the Freshmen. The semester exams be- ing over we thus completed our first year at Trinity High and received our much deserved vacation. September 1926. Back again after three months of vacation. We glanced over the new "thundering herd" and declared they would have to hustle to equal the dignified group now known as Sophomores. New subjects, new teachers, new dances and parties. Boyd! High School is not so bad after all. Football and basketball seasons revealed the pep and quality of the Sophs. We played an active part in the orchestra, debating teams and our champ basketball team won the admiration of Q the entire school. EE Q Back again in early September 1927, to seek that which fate holds E3 in store for us. We tried to live up to our resolutions made in the sum- Q mer months but sometimes we fell short. Our class was reorganized B139 G2 and the candy sale began. Some of the survivors in the grand rush at C19 noon for candy will probably star in the Olympic games next fall. Q Then watch us next year. "It won't be long now." Far visions of E149 Q32 the future remind us that in only a year we will be at the stage of gradu- E9 ation and ready to enter life prepared for the better or the worse. v Q -DAVID MCCLAY. LOD 5 5 EQQQQ 55555 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Q- n Q . W Q. w, 1 -1 . l . SOPHOMQRE v.1y y ,J iw . , 1 1 WH! '.. - F 4,-Q: N i .1 , ,I - 1 . .- , - 4 1 N ,, . 1 -:.,.:o.:',, X .1..g -im 1 gl A 'CMJ , . my N1 i Tn.. 'e x sq Y We 1, 3 Hg! L., 1 Qs. LJ r 'GJ -x 2 K. 1. NA. 'A Sophomores Class Officers . JANIES MURPHY, President Kr:NN1s'rH H.XMlI.'I'ON, Viva' PI'l'Sl'df"Ilf BIESSIE HHHHON, Smwflury Nrzruf Ielrxux-:u'rY, TI'l'llSlII'z"I' Motto: Duty before pleasure. Colors: Old Rose and VVhite. Flower: VVhite Rose. Cmss or 1930 Page Tlzirly-Uighl ,frm :R Q ,1?RxHin1WfWf?wEwa,ffiGwfEHRHfifiRwE?TffffVkvq RH I QWQQWQQQOLYWUPUSRQQQQQQQWIm F53 Q.. ,Q ' 'g, 9 to , PM ADDIS, HELEN AsHMoRE, HELEN BEAL, BERTI-IA BBLCASTRO, JOSEPH BEIQLINO, RosE YBKIQESE, CLARENCE BRUCE, EDWARD BQRD, ADELAIDE CDLLAR, CHARLES CGOPER, ARTHUR CDULTER, HELEN CRAIG, BERNIGE CRowE, MERLE DAY, JONATHAN DELANEY, LouIE EI,IAs, LEo ELLLIOT, RUTH ELLIS, SARAH ESPEY, ALVER FAIR, RUTH FOWLER, JOSEPHINE GAEEY, HELEN GANTZ, DONALD GARRETT, EARNEST GAYYERT, ARTHUR GLENN, BETTY GRAY. ELLIS HAGERTY, NELLIE PIAMILTON, KENNETH HANNA, LILLIAN HERRON, BEssIE HEWlT'l',, GERTRUDE II-IRIG, CLARENCE JOHNSTON, GRACE SOPHOMORES JOHNSON, LLOYD JOHNSON, ROLAND JONES, LILLIAN KOBUCHI, JULIAN KooNTz, GEORGE LEwIs, ROBERT LLOYD, WILLIAM Lux, ROBERT MARKLEY, MAEEL MARRA, JOSEPHINE MARTIN, WILLIAM MASARA, Joi-IN MGBRIDE, ROBERT MCCLAY, Lols MCCLENATHAN, JAMES MGCLELLAND, FRANCES MCDRNIEL, RUTH M'CLONEY, THELMA MENEELY, ELIZABETH MILLER, CLARA MILLER, RUTH MOORE, NELLIE MORGAN, EARNEST MoRRIs, RALPH MoRRow, BERTHA MURPHY, JAMES MUSTARD, LoIs I NELAN, JOHN . PAcIImREIc, RUDOLPI-I POLEN, MARGARET PORTER, RALPH PRIGG, HELEN RASEFSKE, JOSEPH REILREY, VIDLE1' uQ.m46CQ.9n RILEY, HAZEL ROCHE, RUTH RDTH, EUGENE SANER, VLAsTA SCHAN, WILLIAM SHIRE, MARGARET SIM, EDYTHE SPENCER, GRACE SPROWLS, KENNETH STERLING, MORGAN STEWART, RUTH SUMNEY, VIOLET SWART, EVELYN TIMMONS, GUY T1-IoIxIPsoN, ROBERT THRocIcIvIoRToN, WILLIAM TOLAND, LEE TUCKER, BEATRICE VANCE, BLANCHE VANKIRR CORWIN WALKER, JANIE WALTERS, HENRY WALTERS, ISABEL WALTERS, PAUL WARD, ALBERT WARD, WILLIAM WARDLE, MILDRED WASIELBSKI, STELLA WHITEMAN, ANNAS WRIG1-IT, MYRTLE WRIGHT, PERRY WHITE, PI-IYLI.Is YosT, CLARA J .,, ba .II A Page Thirty-nine hw 5 Zh U , fi 10 ' Q: W ? hx ' .il ka 'if' :RI I rr ks Fw ks 1 fb i I . fi 105 V f 9 v M '1 -:fi M E M , -A PM ks km ks ks QQQQQQQQQQQEQQQQQQEQQQQQGH I "Q '- ..-L 4 .Q HF EQQQYTEQQQQ UL Y M P US QQZGQQQQQ Q fa 5 QQ ta ta 3 gl Q23 it Q-fl Q I ta 3 ca 3 Q GT Qi w 52? HISTORY OF CLASS OF 1930 THE class of 1930 is a traditional class of Trinity High School. This class is going through the year of 1928 with emphasis placed upon quality but not upon quantity. Upon April 10, 1927, we gained a victory, which we shall never forget, over the Sophomore class. This victory stamped our group as well able to take care of its interests in school. The determination of the Freshmen in carrying out their plans for parties even in the face of serious opposition from the Sophomores indi- cated that their spirit was undaunted. The Freshmen parties were more elaborately arranged than those held by any other Freshman class in the history of the school. Much of our prominence during the first year in high school was due to the overwhelming victories in basketball and baseballg victories won at the expense of our traditional foes the Sophomores. This year our number has greatly diminished, some of our mem- bers have not returned to Trinity because they were transferred to other schools, others have left because of ill health, while the reasons for the failure of a few others to return is unknown. 115341011 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa E E32 53 Q9 sa tif at 1151 W Q Q o Q Q Q 93 W Q Q Q 9 Q Q Q Q fa . ef. 1 1 '13-ik, we f ' ,W ' I . .', ' ' 7 h' Fai ' "'.3'1j . ' 1 Q11 f , 1 ffl' 3 ' E :- L , 1 T5 1 ,. W 'AVL . I 1 WU U . l . , -. .I 1 P,-'cvQ'f' . 1 gm , 1- 'fig-g.: -1' 3 -'YQ 1 Eff:-'E . 1 -r. , s., 1 1 -1 . ,. - 1 U I .5 W . ,ww w .. I ' l I 1 V 'fit 1 - , 5 1 1 :H 1 1 h- wy 11 1 11 - '2 1 ' 5. .tif 1-1' S -1 J .1gw,J 4. 1 - ' " 1 A- In-A ' 1' - ' N , -1 1, 1 - . -1 21. 'hui 1 f 1: 1 '- 1 1- ' ' '11 , 1 M . Q K 'R ", -1 1. Q., 4 Q f' ' 1 , 1- , ' 1 i Q. - , "wr ' 1. , A A 1 1 1 ' 1 fg 1 1 .. A f ' . 1, Q ' - I 1 V ,S , iv, 1- 1 1 . an .151 . . Mi.. . 1 1 '13 V A, . 1 1- , :1 ' 1 Ri: 1,5 . f ' ur A ,-,.-..' W. '. il' . V-,Id 1 ,A '- ICQ 1, 1 1 gi. 1 ' .F 3 - 5' , , 1 ..4. -1 A5 L , , U71 .. 1 Q T .9 . 1 1 5 f - .- 1 x -E., .1 A 1 -. 1:1 H 1 ' 7k ' i an hs- A ' gf Q, ' 1 ' 4 v ., 5-1 , .. A .1 - - gif 7.2 1. 1 '11 4 ,, . NV 1. 1 ,.. - i""L 1 ,lx , 1 1 -'. , 'P '. F' . - ' 1 " 485. 1, f ' 1 ' 115' 1 ' ' 'f.. 1 '11 Y I I W ' -L' 1 '21 1' 1 . ' fu' ., 1 PS- '-f,,:11 fe.. 1 -.1 1 S1 if .' ' ' 1 I , "1 , .""' ' ' 511 ' H1 . . . 1.1 ' 12. 'z 351, , , 1.5, i.. . , 1 Y - 1 131.4 1 , ' Llf, .CN ' 1 , 11- fa' an - 1 ,EJ Le ,. 1 QAQQQ1 PQ' , , ' 1 Fu C Y' - ' 1 CLI, . 1 1 ., ' - ,, 1 . it ,,lJ.J 1, I-1 n 'A,,. I .1 Y,-Ai 1' ' 41 715' fm, lj 9 ui, 4. 1 '11 r- 1 1111. -r ,.L 1 '. . 1 1 ,. L-. ..5,lwi.:, 1,4 A 1 . K 'iluik,'uSrI- .1 ,iq . 1 1 -LAM ww? - 1 , 1 '11 A ' YW-. 1 , 1 1 -, mx. . 5 1 . I E hi -J.- I ff ,-. 1 . 1' . . I -V' ' ' , 45. .1 . 41 ,- I x , ' 5. Freshman Class Officers WESLEY MlI.I,ER, President 01.1.15 CARTER, Vice President JOHN HINERMAN, Secretary RUSSELL HOUSTON, Treasurer Motto: To undertake and to finish. Colors: Blue and Gold. Flower: White Rose C1.Ass OF 1931 Page Forly-two ' -7"' 1' ' l' T 1' abajace, mike adams, thelma allison, rex andrews, donald armstrong, roosevelt azman, anthony baker, james baker, estella harbour, mabel barr, arna beal, elizabeth bell, ola beniger, sylvia bradley, kenneth bradley, mildred brady, ruth bucheli, margaret burns, william carroll, charles carter, ollie chipps, ray cimino, john cimino, joseph clark, margaret clark, ruth clawson, vivian closser, clarence cochran, alfred courson, john cox, dorothy craige, merle crosbie, thomas crosson, helen davis, ralph delost, margaret dornberger, ruth dye, lillian dzikowski, nellie fair, mary faye, philip felin, frances ferguson, mary ferrell, ethel ford, ruth frazee, wilma fulton, james gayvert, sigrid gibson, esther graeser, albert greco, angelo gruden, tony hackney, anna hagar, leona freshman roll harris, glenn hazlett, dorothy heiney, grace hinerman, john hufford, edward hughes, alice hughes, richard hunter, joseph hunter, lloyd huston, russell irey, ida john, melvin johnson, velma jordan, mattie kelso, lucille kimmins, joseph kissela, william knestrick, mary knestrick, lucille knestrick, william knotts, mary lacock, maynard lacock, dorothy lenard, joseph lenassi, lenard lewis, ruby lindberg olga lloyd, franklin lohingier, clara lutes, ellen manon, arthur marks, frances martin, helen martin, walter maxwell, magil mcafee, kenneth mccartney, walker mckinney, emma mcnary, florentine mcnary, josephine mcwee, william meedings, bertha meeks, george miller, wesley miller, rose miller, roy moninger, donald morrison, jean morrow, richard munce, watson murray, neil naglosky, john naser, leslie nelan, james pannell, oscar parsons, ruth patterson, faye petrone, dominick philips, mary porter, mary pratt, edith pratt, frances pryor, ellis prysuchowski, walter rawlings, virginia reihner, ruth reilley, william richards, john rifgan, pearl risher, marion rodgers, thelma ross, addie ruschel, bertha scott, lila scott, lola shaw, alvin shrontz, mcclellan sim, lena skovranko, george sten, anna stenhouse, ruth stollar, della strike, arthur stockley, leo swart, roy swartsflgure, harry thomas, ruth thompson, florentine thorton, robert vankirk, wilma varner, charlotte varner, violet ward, virginia Warne, john weddle, mary wheeler, thelma Wilkinson, oren Willard, elizabeth williams, anna williams, anna m. wilson, lois wise, katherine withrow, john wolfe, simon woods, carter wylie, walker Page Forly-three as as as as as as as Q Q w as E he Us QE' is ev as as as Q9 sa 36 T BC' hw 'C '57 '56 3' 3' ks ? V 9 3? 3' 3' 51 3' 3' 3' 3' 3' 7 BQIQJQEZQZQJQZQQQQJQQQQEESQQZQCZQQJQJCZQEQ '1?"W"vV'F"0lFfHl' - gf - uri 1'- .VF gf QQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQQ FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY ON September 6, 1927, the freshman class enrolled in Trinity High School. We came from all sections of the country and were un- acquainted with each other. We were assigned to our different report rooms. Of course, just like any other Freshmen, f"Green Horns", as we were calledj we were frightened the first day of our High School life. The upper classmen were not so rough as they were pictured to us. About one we were assembled and asked to organize a .freshman class. Mr. Gordon was chairman of our first meeting. VVe selected officers, as follows: Reed J. Dunn was chosen class adviser, Wesley Miller, President, Ollie Carter, Vice President, John Hinerman, Secretary, and Russel Huston, Treasurer. A few weeks after our organization, we held our first Freshman party. We played games, danced, and had all the fun that could be expected. Freshmen have responded to athletics, and have "taken on', the spirit of the school. The freshmen are rapidly be- coming one of the outstanding factors in the school. They are inter- ested in education, and have a desire to see their school in the position of leader. We are practically on a par with any Freshman class that has gone before us. We are proud of being just "green Freshmen" as the faculty is of having us for pupils. As we go to the other classes we will try to keep our reputation for having been one of the best Freshman classes. HlSl0Pl3H-WlI.LIAM C. MCWEE. H 9l Q E E E Q E as ev as ev ev ti? ev 9'-it as is ra ei ev ew ev is L19 oi Ge-and U S Gunn Pres, Gnuunl Gwen! Maid The Grand and ov nw xx S we mm-v no-.Q msQ nuup.-ia ocguywd thu umm Umm of s ng Town Sl-AX this room G-om ifaepm Q. Sqm.x.wm.q sf v s,.a,uam 'aqns we Se pw.-5,1511 ' f ' ' f ' -' - 1 ,14 5y ' -A V 5 - - V n u.. v. 5 1 ,,i,,? 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Form, Club Adviser . . .Pl'f's1'df'11I . . .SPf'I'l'fllI'y . . . .Tl'l'lISlll'PI' . . .Clll.f"f Edilor Assistant Editor 9f:gf:g':9f:gf:g':g':g': f: f:9':9f:gf:gf:gf:gf: Tl fzgfzgfrfzgfzgfzgf E-fi, -'J si 'hm ,Ju ,nfg S R. O 4-3 C ' ' nib, We Na ,x,z Hin ilu 53 iff? ff'-Q31 FTF rfsf, R-Tu Fr? an Tv? kia 513 ff? F-Us . , E v , ,fix -,. Hx .ul hh "I ,. ,f-Pg ... y Q. .nh SW nb, rl .-. 21 . I3 9. . , . - x:!:'.!x:f'x:-'kxf'.:.-'xx--'xLf'x:-" v EY, .iff Jr? . ,WT , J-'T . J,-I . ',".'k X ,r'T.! P I W J,-5 k yy,-5 N fn. if.: XYJ,T X if-5 Xvffg- x 4 xv, :ag cd C :,c :,c :.c ge :,c :rf,c:,c:,C:4c:,c:,c:51ff3 iw. FTF 75532 A I ' . .. v - x 'X ' . nf - 5 ' 1. A fi L -.Nut 5 ,iw ug N .. y - X 358:14 ., 5 . 4,5 T M 3 ,, , . . L nu 5 'I ,1 ' :- - OX "ft Z- vfx .Max M 3 , 1 .- , :fra ff . J y N tg-5 , u ., V A N I 5 'g'.,1w We T if LL L 2. U my NK t Q In Q. 1. . .11 --P. GO TO COLLEGE CLUB vii '-If-'Q MAl7nH1.lNr: Pmuu .................................... ...... I 'rrfsiclcfnf L? f' I .- Q ' 1-Lua. 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HuH'ord ........ ,ft N . cccccmcliigllt lind ,Quarlcrback cc,.,.,IIigl1t Half ,,,c,'t Hall' ........I5'ulllJack .mliigllt End lall'lJack ,..,.W.I,cl't 'llacklc .......Ha lflmack ............fA'Ill0I' Right 'mklc .......l,LIt land Right Tackle Right Guard't Guard ,Quartcrlmack ,nn..,'t Tacklc Page Fifty-ninc 'TVB 'H L bk. .1 V5 ,nh .-qf Ha fi y. .Nh Agf vt'-. ,na fl' R-GFA r-I ' P-Sa 1-gf Zvi? my lv? but Lf V' I ffl my ai f lf-We :Rl ' ull' Hb, :,,,, lffle 3- Q lnlt sa, sa to You fx 1 f Ffh 5 row! ,r , . ffffe 11 l ' Iv? T63 A? f H1-all F I ' iff? ft-Ca IN ' ff-fe Hia A I ' H3 1- 1 ' tri? 4 ax 4- 4 ,V 4,- - ,-,, - - - -. . - . , . . .- . y 925,gflgjgfl139.1gigflgflgglgflgflgfgq-,3gfZgf2gfZ9f3j.l9i,Zgf2gf3gigfbd ,f 1 '-Lf a:2"t.'.-1 I-2-'!l-1f",Lf"l'.LffLL2fX2?'iZ1h!X..!.2'vlk1?'l'.L2'IX.2-"AL1.7,XQL2fX.'.-',lI.Li!lI,L4'tX.'.x"iAXJ.-'II.22flXLx"ll,' 1 I . , , ,. nl- .- pt,'4N,,ie.-Q , , , Wag. ..., EQQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQE Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQQQQ QQQQQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q NEY GILMO Q ckle Guard E53 QQ QQ Q 555 Q U Q Q Q RGAN WARDLE LE? f-Q uard Quart ck EE? QQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQ IATT LLoYn ckle Cente Q Q Q W Q 3 55 Page sim 53, Q J Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQH - H+' V fm- , if Yff"'H12w+f' f' ,JJ-,-, -Ju -I r - I 1 . ,1.,. 1 'L 1 - V- - V EQQQQQQQQULYWJPUSQQQQQQQQH Q E9 Q Ev Q E53 Q92 E537 G2 E1 LLo E3 'B E Q ED Q E51 Qi E33 Q Uca HE ED Q lck Fu S253 E3 E Q 5:5 4-Q E53 Q E53 C-if-Q LAY JON ES? Q nd Ha E9 Q ED Q92 E55 Q 5 Q Q53 42952 E5 Q soN Hu E59 Q nd En Q Q 5557 Q E9 Q E3 KG? E533 Q E3 Q my Q Q EM Q55 ' .A . OL YM P U S ,Q Review of Season QN September 6, 1926, some forty candidates reported for practice G32 and began preparations for the coming season under the ever care- . iw ful and able Coach Reed J. Dunn and Manager John Thompson. KD Q Coach Dunn faced the ditlicult problem of filling several vacancies E9 due to men graduating the preceding year. X QQ The season opened on September 23rd with Bridgeville High Q School. The Blue and White were in perfect form and Captain Burch led his fellow sod eaters to a fine victory-25-0. Wardle and Henry Q were the stars of the day. We lost our second game the following Friday to X7VllSlllHgt0ll High , ig-Q School. Washington scored on long passes and fumbles. Our only LS? counter came in the second half when our sterling guard, Gilmore, ya QQ picked up a fumble and raced fifty yards for a touchdown. The final ,237 :Q score was Washington 31, Trinity 6. EE, 'f Saturday, October Sth, we surprised Canonsburg by completely QQ playing them off their feet, although weakened by the loss of our regu- lar end, Anderson. We scored two touchdowns the first half by the sue- Q cessive line bucks of our "Four Horsemen", and a completed long pass. QQ Canonsburg partially wakened up from our attack and managed by E59 sheer luck to get two touchdowns the second half by lucky long passes. Q The live work of Barney, Burch, and Gilmore was outstanding. The A final score was 12-12. The following Friday we won from the Union High team from E3 Burgettstown, 19-0, despite the furious playing of our opponents. Q Q , Jones and Costello starred for the Blue and White. QE, Q We motored to Brownsville Friday, October 28th. The Riner team P completely outplayed us the first half. In this stanza Bruce and Wardle Q began running wild and together with the fine work of Reilly, end, we 7 netted two touchdowns. The score, Trinity 12, Brownsville 0. , Q November 4th our bright hopes were dampened by a defeat at Red- fill Q stone. The field was sloppy and the Blue and White failed to score, al- though within their five-yard line several times. The score being 12-0 Q in favor of Redstone. CThe students who "cut" to attend the game will X probably never forget it.J QQ Saturday, November 12, we met the Steubenville High Team at Col- lege Field, Steubenville. We met a sad defeat, although we played a 'N fine brand of football. Steubenville 40, Trinity 0. E9 Q3 The following Friday we met East Washington High at College S' " Field and suffered a sad defeat from them. The fine work of Captain Q Burch and his fellow followers will not be forgotten. The only touch- ESQ down came in the second half when Martin, of East Washington, skirted .X Q our right end and ran sixty yards for the only touchdown. The final EQ Q score being 7-0 East Washington. Ei? ' The season cannot be entirely called a success, speaking in terms Q of games won, yet it cannot be called a failure because of our victories. ya ' VX Q92 Q35 Q . bit Q Page Sixty-two EE -qy"sc -4' Nt -1 'wr YV 'sly ' -1 I tv 0 1 "- - rf - -f . . - - -- 5 .f'tf"7 VT? 'Nfntf' We FwfTwfTv,'Tnwf' 11" Y' 3 Q1 :,c :ir ne 211221911323 OL YM P U S 15111211112 :ic :inc nc :aff iw Ifrii 152 W1 Q92 351 ft-1 M fmt Uv Y tw 311 'fty we Wh ia I 'T v 1 X sv? W 'f'-if y 7 iff? 170' . . . Trinity High Basketball Team gegw wx ,Of ,Q 1928 V ursity SllbSfl.fllllf'S QA-,x kffgj Fulton ................. Forward Rexrode ....... . . .Guard L., 7' Frazee ................ Focrward Reed . . . ..... . . .fluard ',-Q13 . L, Bruce ................... .enter McC0r111ic . . . . . . Yenter my ' Costello fCaptainD ........ Guard Henry ...... . . .Guard ,053 Gilmore ............ .... C iuard Anderson ..... .Forward je Y 4 DiVincenzo . . . . .Guard .1 'T ff' R11 BASKETBALL SCORES frll 1 4 . 7 ' 15,91 1. Varsity . . ........ 25 Alumni . . . .... 36 A0251 .Q 'af 2. Trinity . . . ..... 25 Hickory . . .... 29 v ' kj '11-inity . .. ..... 17 Claysville .. . ..,. 19 Q01 4. Trinity . . . ..... 30 McDonald .... .... 2 9 f ' L Trinity . .. ..... g.klI10I1ibE.1I'g .... .... 1 ' 1. rnny ..... urge sown... qi Txfaf 7. Trinity . . . ..... 16 East WVashington .... 36 Q? ' 8. Trinity . . . ..... 32 Qentleyville ...... .... 3 7 :I :aj 9. Trinity . . . ..... 30 ltasl Washington. . . .... 22 H H. A 10. Trinity . . . ..... 12 Union ......... .... 2 8 ,J 11. Trinity . . . ..... 15 Hickory ........ .... 1 7 'ffgj 12. Trinity . . . ..... 21 McDonald . . . .,.. 31 L., I lit: 1552531 31: Iflffiii ?ii1Fy1'l?ltEr?. 1 1 ii 1 1 3 532 FTW gpg 15. Trinity . .. ...- Bcntleyvillc .... H- R-C1 QQ: 5' . Page Si.r!y-Ihr:-c 27: 9753 DFID? 2? ffl Qfg jfljf' jflfftf 5"jf'j'7jfZ ffl 513 573 513 bf! jfl Q71 Q . 5-.1 X.:-'rw' 1.w.w.5fww fafwlwySJi2affafiafwm.f1..,fu.f fy .fi B3 'A 1- H "V 2 ' .- '-,,41u.5'i ig, ,gf , 1.1 -. rv- fl wi. - x gf-2 S 'Q Q ' M I 0 1 ki? +4 fl I 5 f M 2 :Q K0 ng, . 1, Q Q Q Y , Q Q Q Q M Q L' QQ ., . ,fr R311 M Q ,WFT ggxi-zj KK? M K fb 'i Q f"L ' . A , REQ iw Luo? Ni- x KJ.- Qi fx. M 151 M Q 'L -, . ,frv IQKKQ ' Lv K ,dv ' - 1 ,'1x- Quill s S. Yr 1 ., Y ' fq S, 'il 1215 Q .xl 'Zi 'W iigzx K QQ by 5- .fax GWB s- va P Slaf -F K J age lr y our f - Mgr? -D tg J Q QT: IN' w QW ep FS KW Q ei Q l 4 fill f"Y few li-'E faj-Q ee 15.52 ffm: iff sa 7 sf-52 f1w ta QQ G2 Riff? 425: QQ Q Basketball Season '28 HINITY HIGH SCHOOL again supported a basketball team as it has done in the past. Although they have 11ot had a very enviable record, they have at times flashed forth a brand of real basketball. In previous years Trinity was never lacking for an experienced bunch of basketeers as it was this season. This is due to the fact that several vacancies occurred by graduation. Nevertheless Trinity did not give up hopes, but when the first call for practice was given fully twenty or thirty recruits answered. Out of this bunch perhaps fifteen had ex- perience either in other schools or have played for amateur organiza- tions. So with these few experienced players Coach Dunn set forth to pro- duce a team that would represent Trinity. Although not an easy task Reed went at it cheerfully-as much as could be expected. Every night he would go through the daily routine of weeding out the poorest, and this could almost be termed "The survival of the fittest". Because it was one steady grind during the weeding out process. Through the untiring efforts of our coach a team was organized to represent Trinity for the season of '28. On this team there remained the one regular from last year's team and that person was none other than Captain James Costello. Although we have lost the majority of our games we cannot entirely consider lt an unsuccessful season. Our logical reason for tlns IS the second game played between East WlVtlSl1lI1gl0l1 and Trinity. Trinity and East Washington have been natural rivals ever since the beginning of our existence. And every game played between these two sc ools has been a spirited affair. For the first time in four years East Washington was victorious on the gridiron over Trinity. So to avenge this defeat Trinity just had to do something. The first game this season between East Washington and Trinity ended in a decisive victory f'or the "Galloping Ghosts". But the "Thundering Herd" was not to be discouraged and i11 the second game between these two rivals the "Thundering Herd" trampled the "Galloping Ghosts" almost as decisively as they were beaten in the first batt e. - The "Galloping Ghosts" up until this ti111e remained undefeated, something that they have boasted quite a lot, but just leave it to "Little Ole Trinity" to bring them down off their perch. In concluding this review there remains one important thing un- said. That is, Trinity had a green team to represent it this season, but Lust wait until the season of ,29. Everything will be wiped off the map y Trinity. You don't believe it? Well you just wait and see. -Kr:NNiz'rH Gn.Mo1u-3, Sporting Editor. i Page Silly-jim' few 'fe Q F E he x at-'2 E55 t 1 I :,r:'fX,"7'ftJrf1xxxf'mXX Jxfxswfrzxx Jynxx Q 0 L S Q ffxexflsxxfiktxfif W'-rf:1Nx,r53'xxr iw 5wglQe:,Q:,Q2,c2,c:,Qz,Q:ti L f vf,Qa,Q:iQ:iQ?iQacuQ:g'i iw fill A 5 f R-R3 f"Y 4' eq N L P13 Ee? Ht ef lfftw x eff gb? fav: intl f" Y 1' ei Fifi 'Q f'TXf y -' 141504 fowl! . 4 H , f Ti Y 41,51 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SQUAD ff? .lane Lytle fflaptainj Dorothy Newell Helen Addis Stella Wasieleski if-.Qi Josephine Reynolds Grace Spencer it A Nell Hagerty Margaret Gardner ONS! Freda Hootman Lelah Stewart Mildred Wardlci Helen Gabby Lt f ea Wt N COACH'S S'l'A'l'l+IMENT Success, according to the "won and lost" column, is neither startling nor llll- pressive for the Trinity Girls' squad in 1927-28. Consider. however, love and ,131 loyalty for their school, the spirit of fair Kiki play, and strength gained through facing adversity. Certainly, the merit of these plrineiples makes "Vietor'ies VVon" less 1 QY significant. gf' f Q' X' 9 il Mamoms DEBoL'r, Couch f H v f' . tw rr? no , 'rf Page Si.z'ly-six 'bf' I ei ff-fi 9 jqy-szyfvyf-cyfzyf17-N-cadcyffscyff-cyfvy-N17 vffv --cf4f7f"vyn-cy-1-cy'1'y"v'y'-4'7fn47A-17fzgll- 9 9 QA it Dmiltjf Q-.9-. Qf 9-,539 931Qt-.LDXQO-Dr?-i33+91. 9-- ,I n x '. 5 .NV X ,iv Ju 1'I x as X n X f'l X . K1 F 1l X OL YM P U S fr 7.1 x, ,jf i 2 l XL I Ki'-Q 531 3 . F3 Q L l A I ,fy f Q2 SLK ., . .,. WSF K VVLL m IEZY 3 QP W ' ',25zzrAN 'W '-YQTJ-:ii Xczf:f:,2.':f 555 tif: 557 453 E 3 6:35 QF 1f,'2lO"D5 HA Tv E9 5. J Q S5558 Ei ' Q ' 3 ggi: 3 X E3 1 f 53 ' 52 Q E52 L N5-YXCEPYJ' f?.,'?..i?,'S' W'Efi'5iz5 K 5 Inga' .S1.zIy-nvmn 125531, f"f'a'f"f fffffzf 1 ""' 'Y ' ' f 1 1" fr 2551.33fK3f52ffZf5,2fQfxifflf52fQfQ2QJQf53fS2f52f52f52!353fQf5Z252f133. EQQQQQQQ2OLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQH 3 Glrls' Basketball '28 Q Q32 '1"HE lack of experienced material made the girls' basketball team Q53 Q get away to a slow start this year. Miss DeBo1t's task of turning out E9 Q a winning team has been accomplished only by her hard work and the 59 complete co-operation of the girls on the squad. Showing a fighting Q spirit traditional to Trinity, the girls came through the season with fly- Q9 Q ing colors. Taking in hand what material was available, Miss DeBolt E3 turned out a team that gave its opponents the hardest games of the year. Q Not only did the team show its loyalty to the school, but also the student Q Q body which accompanied the team and cheered it on to greater efforts. ki, With this fighting spirit and the coaching of Miss DeBolt, whose Work QQ this year has made this team one of exceptional ability in passing and lg Q team work, the team which takes the Iloor for Trinity next year will be Q one which will be feared by all its opponents. Q To the team and to the majority of the student body, the year was E9 Q quite a successful one, for East Washington, Trinityis most bitter rival, E fell before the onslaught of the Blue and White and was beaten by an Q overwhelming score. The second game of the two scheduled was can- E9 Q celled by East Washington. Even though the record has not been im- E5 pressive in the lnatter of games won, the team and student body are well Q satisfied if this rival is downed by the Blue and White. Trinity's double EE Q win over Claysville made their record more impressive and the team KE, work and spirit shown in these games assures the school an exceptionally Q strong team for next year. EE, Q The girls had many good times on their trips to the schools of their ki, opponents and many new friendships were made at these schools that Q will in all probability last forever. 57 Q -JANE LYTLE. E-D Q2 GIRLS, BASKETBALL scoaes, 1928 E35 Q Trinity Alumni ........ . . . 7 E9 Trinity Hickory . . . . . . . .23 Q Trinity McDonald . . . . . . .34 ED Q Trinity Claysville ...... ..... 4 E9 Trimty Canonsburg .... ..... 2 1 Q Trinity Burgettstown ....,.. .... 3 2 E9 Trinity East VVash1ngton .... ..... 0 Q Trinity Bentleyville .... ..... 2 3 Q37 Trinity 11 Burgettstown . . . . . . . .37 Q52 Trinity .... ..... 1 2 Hickory ...... ..... 20 E9 Trinity .... ..... 1 0 Canonsburg . . . . . . . .17 Q Trinity .... ..... 1 3 Claysville ..... ..... 1 2 E9 Q Trinity .... . . . 5 Bentleyville . . . . . . . .15 E9 si at Page Sixty-eighl ie: W ,l l cmmxu 9.25, G1mwlG-.ns una we Guxuux Ma ov Nw us .mxm-:G-.-.v we mm-Y new rw-Q .Mn .,q..p.u uccup-ad Wu mom C-om aC the Town NXQH Whxs vonm Qvnwx ,sayin-,ro 51712-1.x,le4.A SzyhB,xU.A Gkqhfy so 50. pt.uB,lB'h ' ' f - - - -- -- Bair - - :,.,.'f,.:n-aevgfx ' - ' ' i X51 NI l ,f r- -:-l' V , Nl 1 X 4 I A ' -' w .l w x T j I,1'r1f:1mnY 5 e w , rl 2, , W ' 1 X , . q V x 1 Q , 1 A Y' h 1 1 f P+ ww , , .1 'I'-ll'l0I0l0l"l0l"'l"l' , W1 MAKTIU Fm Hr. . . .W u 4. rv., - HQQQQ Q Class Will WE, the Class of "'28", have now reached our educational goal and after having spent four or more years in constant study and prepa- ration for our future work, we take up the last will and testament of our guiding spirit in which we read. First, the Senior Class wishes to express their regret in having to leave Trinity High School and the guiding hand of its worthy and peer- less Principal, Kenneth Gordon. Second, we individually make the following personal bequests and hope that they may be accepted gratefully: 5 First, Kenneth Gilmore willingly gives over his honorable position as Class President to David McClay. Second, Andrew Milavec wills to Reed Haney his ability to close the trap doors to the Clothes Press. Third, to the oncoming Senior, Ralph Rodgers, Norman Chelquist leaves to him his ability to debate. Fourth, Glenn Reed wills and bequeaths to David Anderson his favorite motto, "My dinner for a dance". Fifth, Peg Allison donates her happy and carefree disposition to Ruth Chivers. Sixth, John Thompson willingly bequeaths his grumbling disposition to Kenneth Jones. Seventh, Josephine Paul wills and bequeaths to her sister Harriet, her ability to drive a certain Ford roadster. Eighth, W. J. Burch faithfully and willingly bequeaths his most honorable position as Captain of the football team to'Jimmie Costello. Ninth, Henry Luciano, our poet and genius, wills this power to any one who is capable of using it to a good advantage. Tenth, Giggling is a hobby for some people. So the Harts have taken up this hobby. Anna willingly gives to Olive this much desired bit of pleasure. Eleventh, Dorothy Bristor leaves her high standing position in Chemistry Class to a very brilliant and intelligent Junior. Twelfth, Francis Seaman wills to any one interested in school teach- ers, his privilege of seeing them home from school activities. Thirteenth, lla Miller passes over her title as English shark to any Junior who can justify their deservance of it. Fourteenth, Naomi Crowe leaves her name of Red to Russell Bedil- lion. Fifteenth, Hazel Hamilton wills and bequeaths to Emily Fife, her popularity among the girls. Sixteenth, Wally Winnett gratefullly gives up his position as Vice President to Kenneth Lutes. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Page Seventy Hn. ng. - in -J, is is QQ O e -Q E as Q Us 5 is is is is 3 aaaeazaaaaaeiaaaaeaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaereeaaaaast E Q QQQQQQQQULYWIPUSQQQQQQQQW Seventeenth, Maudeline Prigg leaves her sweet disposition to Gladys Riggle. Eighteenth, Do we all love to ride in taxis? Of course we do. Mil- dred Coffey bestows upon Martha Lacock her privilege of riding beside the taxi driver. Nineteenth, Jane Lytle bestows upon Joe Fowler her popularity among the Junior boys. Twentieth, Laverne Barney leaves his high standing on the football team to any lower classman who is willing to work diligently to attain this position. Twenty-tirst, Catherine Sweger, our hard working artist, leaves to Genevieve Piatt her rating in Trinity High School as an artist. Twenty-second, Irene McClelland, our matehmatic genius leaves this title with some one in need of it. Twenty-third, Squibb Bexrode wills his "pull" with the cops and highway patrolmen to any one who can "handle a line". Twenty-fourth, Martin Polen is a wonderful actor and he bestows upon Charles Morrison this much desired talent. Twenty-fifth, Josephine Reynolds gives over her willful standing on the basketball team to Dorothy Newell. Twenty-sixth, Aldine Miller, our class Historian, wills this honor to some Junior capable of undertaking this task. Twenty-seventh, Mildred Henderson wills to every member of Trinity High School her lasting friendship. We hereby request that those of us who die at an early age from "over study" be granted the privilelge of having our funerals religiously solemnized by our dear Principal, aculty, and School Board. ay the inscription on our tombstones read, "Here lies the body of one who took his studying as seriously as the teachers suggested. May his soul rest in peace and may he abide in heaven without the aid of his Latin, twhich is a dead language and a 'sure killer'J, Mathematics and English." Amen. -vMlI,llIlElJ HENDEllSlJN. nQ,v"45'3?:6Y'u.9u The Olympus Stan' wishes to take this op ortunity of expressing their appreciation to the members of the Faculty and the Student Body for their support and co- operation in the publication of this Annual. Page Scuenly one WQQQQQQQQOLYWlPUStQQQQQQQ Senior Class Prophecy One eve, I sought to know the fate Of those who form our class, But slumber came, as time grew late And brought each lad and lass. I saw a change, for they did dwell In all that dream, so true And each has bid that I should tell The life that waits for you. Our "Maud', now lives as Don's late bride While Norn1an's known to preach, A d C ' t'll th "Y' " ld 'd n rowe IS s 1 e s o pri e, As Ila learns to teach. As Inez clerks in store in town, And "S uibb" and "Dot" are tiedg While lglva fights for "heavy-crown", Our John with booze is spied. While Mary works in foreign lands, And "Chuck,' by trolley tracks, Our "Jimmie" speeds by crowded stands, As "Peg" is bride-with sax. When Barney works with wood and blocks, To house our "Ginn the maid, Then Clark is busy-watching Cox, And Hazel taxi trade. As Mildred tills the Coffey land, And "Wally,' heals the pain, While Henry plays in Andy's band, Our Harry's morgue will gain. With Jane and "Jim" now settled down, And "Tiny,s" sought to sing, As Scott still hunts a wife, not found, Our Madge is Woolwortlfs king. Now "Dizzy" flies for girls and fun, But "Stump', with tools he plies, As "Joey for Pauls the errands run, With Reed a judge-of ties. Q? 4 .. 2: 'ami H QQQ Q55 QQQQQQQ9OLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQH Our Madlyn greets the otiice boss, QQ And Hugkhes the Broadway lights, E9 And "La " a "star" with ball to toss, EE, Q As "Joe" and Baker fights. Q As John is here with mail and fun, Sl IQ And "Pap" now iills those shoes, Q57 Our "Jerr 'i works for Wards-the son X Q And Burch for Pancake News. E9 Q52 Now, Hilda works in bank with loans, hi, QQ And ffnenev at "Hubby" rage, ED Q 4 As "Lib" now hails as Mrs. Jones Q Our "Kenny" takes the stage. EET Q With Anna Hart a nurse for life, itil Q And Gray in music fame, Q9 With Alice known as "Priggy's" wife, QQ And "Joe" a dancing dame. ESD Q While "Kate" at art no end in fame, EE Q As "Beatie" gets her man, E9 Our Lena keeps her books, and name Q As few not often can. Q And Irene seen as Martin's bride, Q37 For Cupid came their way. 4 Q Last Morton to the barber tied, bil Q Then came the dawn of day. Now, friends, the aths of life ou tread X Q A road of toil andpstrife, y Q So, lead the way-for don't be led, E53 DP D Q- "1 FD N 'U FP 'D' FD -we "S C :J m O H: II -va 9 QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQ RQ Q Q Q Qi Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Qt Qs Qi QE QQ -DONALD MOUN'rs. nQ.3Q4W:.9l The Olympus Staif wishes to take this opportunity of expressing their appreciation of the work done by Grace Spencer in soliciting advertisements. g QQQQQQQ3 QQQQQQQQQQ QQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ HQ I--"s -Q 1 - .gef'-2s,f-v- if f QQQQQQQQOLYWJPUSQQQQQQQQ Optimist SPRINGTIME is here. This is one time when everything is in har- mony with nature-or should be. The birds, flowers and trees all harmonize with nature and so why should we not harmonize also. Be- ing a pessimist does not agree with the optimistic nature of spring. Be an ogtimist, look on the bright side and don't Worry. ne of the favorite expressions of Trinityis Seniors is, 'cl just know I'll flunkn. This is especially true of the Senior English Class. Do you really think that you will fail? I don't think you do. You won't f'ail if you just try. How the pupils of T. H. S. dread that quarter to one bell. When that bell rings ou are supposed to go to your room if you are not al- ready there. Why do you grumble about that when you know that you need that fifteen minutes to study. Study periods. How our pessimists growl about them. What if you had study periods in the class rooms and you would have to study there, then the teachers could watch you. But in the study hall you can do almost anything and the teachers don't see you. That's nothing to growl about is it? "Trinity Tubes". What an improvement to T. H. S. But still some find fault with them. Just think about how we used to walk to study hall through rain, snow and mud. Now we can go through the "Tubes" and not get a bit wet or muddy. That's nothing to grumble about either is it? Our pessimists can always find fault with something. Some find fault with our basketball team. VVe know they didn't win every game, but did you try to help them out by going to the game and yelling for them? Then what they did lose they only lost by a few points. We hear the upper elassmen speaking of "Green Freshmenn. They don't have any room to talk about them being green. If you recall those days when you went strolling through the halls looking so wise because you were freshmen, you will recall that ou did just as our freshmen do now. You don't have any room to make fun of them. The new janitors. Everybody went about complaining that the room was too cold or too hot. That was nothing to be pessimistic about because that gave you a good excuse to leave the room to get your coat or a drink of water. I think that you had better thank them in- stead of knocking them. What a lot of grumbling there was when Mr. Gordon made the an- nouncement that no one except the football team would be excused to go to the Redstone game. When rules are made they are to be obeyed. Some students did not heed this rule and skipped school to attend the game. Then when they received their sentence the next day, we heard them complaining about the school board, Mr. Gordon and everybody else. Rules are made to be obeyed. so when you broke the rule what was the use of being pessimistic about it when you knew that you dte- served to be punished. So you see after all, when you grumble about the disadvantage there is always an advantagJe that greatly excels it. I advise my pessi- mist friends to look on the right side of life and all your troubles will disa ear. pp -KENNETH BALENTINE. Page Seventy-four QGQQQQQQQQH 55565 .Q K . QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ H Q 55 ii Q P N E N Q fo Jil' E 5 W Q G 3 QEGQQQQQQQQQQQQQH QQ QQ ' Pessimist CWith apologies to Longfellowj Listen, dear school friends, and you shall hear, Of the tales of woe from the Seniors dear, 'Tis the springtime of year when I start my tale But our woes are so heavy they make us all wail, But wail as I must or wail as I might A pessimist wails to set things aright, To begin m story, no matter the weather I'll begin where the "Birds start their flocking together". Behold, our new principal, Mr. Gordon, by name, Before school began, we felt sure of his fame But by letter and phone Orders spread an alarm To Pancake and Amity and all nearby farms, So the country kid could be up and to arms, Then he said good-bye to his old Ford car For he saw old Trinity standing afar, For Gordon, Trinity's man of war, A phantom guard each minute and hour Stops our fun like a prison bar And his moustache would have to be magnified To make a reflection on each side. 5 ff 9255 'Dial' lung 5:-'-Ez' SSW! ummm 9.55.5 .D m 5252 E152-5' :CCE Lime I-2.2: ggi-JE S2532 55155- ::"'f'-1 S3235 2.33: 2- 5 O S ST Pi 13 -4' The sound of chatter and Juniors feet Tramping up and down on the floor, Then he turns to his desk in the ofilce so bare, Feeling his temper is going to flare And he thinks of the cell in the attic so cold, And wonders how many Frosh it will hold, And he pauses a moment and takes a look At a poor green Frosh chewing up a book. Besides the office in a little old room Enough-to fill Seniors with deep gloom, Wrapped in Silence so deep and still That we could hear like a sentinel's tread Miss Malone as she does her beat ' Creeping along to Glenn Reed's seat, The11 impetuous, stamped the floor And said he must sit on his desk no more, Weire Seniors by the office files And think we're goingito travel by miles, We gallop to Miss Mc ean's English class "Shakespeare you know before you pass." ' ' IT'1WMw? ,. , ,. W. 'V 5 'UN ' 0 areas tif 5? of as as ea as GH' Q w as E -s Q To as fa ta of ev ia ia S55 aaa Q A hurry of feet through the "Bridge of Sighs" Q Q A walk up the incline and dash through the door, E9 Treacherous folding chairs scraping over the floor Q This is the place where we study, play ball, E9 Practice for plays, assembly and all. Q52 Many new buildings for a school of our kind, Ep Q "Teachers and school board, please bear this in mindf' Q -VVILBUR fSquibbJ REXRODE. ED QQQ QQ Q56 EQ QQ nQ,v'Q?W"w.9l E9 The Class of '28 Q We, the class of '28, ED QQ Will spend our lives to propagate ES, In every land that we may go QQ The love of knowledge that we'll sow. 53,7 Q For weire the ones that will be known ESD Q As leaders who have steadily grown KD QQ In every branch that we did take 5 By working hard and eier awake. Q And always watching, seeking to gain EVE Q The top-most berths which few attain E9 Q We'll be the ones that sure will rise, E And capture many a coveted prize. Q For in this world the goal, "Success', E9 Q Is clear to those who brains possess. kg And, too, for those who faithful climb Q The rugged road, though it takes some time. ED 5 99 O lil D9 m cn O v-n U' '1 217 :I 99 5 FP 'J' O C 5 Q-I In Q22 Shall stop at nothing and know no bounds. ED We're on our way and the top our goal, Q Our ship sails on, to stop at no shoal. E9 Though the going be rough and our struggles be hard, Q Q Q The rewards go to those who just "highest" regard. 6,3 Q3 -HENRY LUCIANO. E9 Q Q Q Page Seventy-six E59 4 QQ Qi QQIQQZQQEYEE 'i3lEr3iE,Qf'i?QQ,'i'3fi'3QfQ.Zl3iEQQQiEQ1Ql , fel, Q if 'W If fIfTQ'f?3iE,'f,If'Q fi? Q :grasses ggggssrz gags? sas' me-OI-I OB I--I-p II: Z B DD H- "' D '-3' 0. :SD 5"""--rn 014 75 "' 'Umm 'U 'J'--fp Di Emwg I-I '47-D',:',: Gag mon :IO5n.5'5'.": C22-15 'cn 'N 5-Q-2 'ITD' 51- EF' 3' geo gf-I ,Ogg 2 ,T on,-. U1'1:w:.zs sezfeso asses is mrs :x"O'1g.-I w I-Igggg.. I5 I-.I-I-mn "" UQOI 5 3 5 9: oxv-5 :E Q I-UU I I-g fp :I :E 5 I I-I-VII-v Il. Cav-3... 'Ir' W D' C In I+- I Q.-. DD -I I-,,,, S'-'JD"uI I- 'DI rn .H-I- 2 : -I 5 D' ' - "'f'-3 I: - - O - C: 14' - no cu .f':- ft- -co 0: : "': Ogg- I : 553: - : : :I of-: L "III" f'f5:Q:g,D5: ::,D:::m 5::gI5: CQVIIH 02-Q ss5s5s'f1'f1,L' WWII: QSEPEE via: 2-52 I I I I I I I I O I I I I I O I I I I I O I I I C "'P-'PS I' ' I I I I I Z ' I' I I Z I I ' I I Z I I I Z 7.5.26 "-'gSa,s'isSg -:E 'SQS 2 2 I ' 5 -U Q. ' 2 UI was S Q 5 ' I C E W 9,52 :zines O Iissa Z Iii Eggs -: : : I I : I 3 : : 1 : : : E -: : : : Q : : : Q ,Drug 333333353 333335355 :U 33553232 W D7 F570 C2 O or" E 3 2 2 wg-gg U-Il ir' 5955525555 E 3531555 Z 5559545 S F5925 :IQ ELS' Dffgl-I Engl, E.-Nl'-U-: C 3-Jugs: H 39. 'I - -I D --:4,.. :J I gg!! -I I... 'CS -I -'- QL 33 DP Sf' afhse - ies 'is I' 'svn-Isis' 5 ESQ: Q is ig ZWIMZIUEWI 5 41?-WE w EMD-I r- 5-9 wa' r- -'E f- 225' III-12: II" 039 Q dmv, H -' Q'-is I-1 me :rmmgf 55.-I-'-NT: 7 '-' 35256 I-I :Ivor-'-3:5 ' 51 :IA giiiqs src?"-EFI' F EQUOIDQS I- SOE-1 0222- wagon 2--' gms as 5:9 ggrf rf,7iiE.5-Q ffgmss 5.52 mga Ir :E :Six-Imimim Esoflw:-IE 535w,,'r. 565:12 5... : m: : :'4: : : : O : : 2: : : O : : : O: I O :P-s: FO 2- : : : I : I 1: : I Z : I : : I : 2 : I I IIS: : Z :: I : Z '-114 I I I I I I I I I I S I I I I I Q I I I I I I 2 II I I S Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f'F I I II I I I I I I I I I I E7 1 E E rw? ,: I - I-I I: 53,0 fl: '10 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I II I I O' E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III I 'hc 1 ""fD Q :s ' cow- - - - - - - - - - ' ssssssssss ssssss ssssss swiss sa C Q , 'C' Y XC' T C' C' 'I Y 4' XC I xl I I Nl' C C' Y f Q C 95' 9 WWC QIQKZIQ Q Q29 QQI5 I5 QQQQQIQ 3555 JJQMQJV Jssfgvisffydsafsaff sfgaf IJ Lf OL YM P U S 553, E55 Student Honor Roll earned during the first semester of the school year 1927-28 only. The basis for awarding places upon the honor rolls is as follows: The grades upon which the rating for this honor list is based were E535 Approximately ten per cent of the students earning the highest grades E9 QQQQQQQQQQH . 1 "1 i'rfrwism'.7rsea'a5':4' QQQQQQQaOLlWlPUStQQQQQQ Alumni Associations MARCUS HAZLETT ..... .. BERNARD DAY ........ SARA HAMILTON. ........ .. MARGARET FRITSCHLE .................. ..... OFFICERS .......President -..Vice President .....Se'crelary . . . . .Treasurer CLASS OF '24 Helen Bedillion Q Helen Bluebaugh Q32 Mildred Brice Ralph Caldwell Q Lloyd Clark ko Helen Crosby QQQQQQQQQQQQ Eva Dailey Madge Dunn Walter Fowler Sarah Hamilton CTreasurerJ Walter Hawkinson Marcus Hazlett John Hunter Gladys Ihrig Paul Jones fPresidentJ Virginia Keeney Daniel Lytle - Beatrice Markley Emmett McCollum Jennie Munce Raymond Munce fVice Presidentl Esther Nichols Walfred Nichols Anne Pasterchalk Madeline Rodgers Vaughn Ross Ivan Sargent Walter Snyder Russell Stewart Albert Strawn Francis Wells Sidney Wells Thelma Winnett fSecrctaryJ CLASS OF '25 Joseph Anderson Edith Beck Verna Clemens fSecretaryJ Evelyn Conger Mary Crosbie Bernard Day George Dunn Wilbur Elliott Q32 Gertrude Filby R Olive Filh Qu Margaret Fritschle HQQQQEQQQ Paul Garrett Jesse Ha ar Opal Keefe Sarah Keefe Herman Kendall Stephen Kuzy Josephine Lenassi Kendall Lewis Elizabeth Markley Arthur Markley Mazie McCollister Catherine McDonough Ernest Myers Helga Nichols Marv Pence Malcolm J-Iazlett CVice Presidentb Mae'Piatt Floyd Hootman Arleigh, John fPresidentJ Madge John Myrtle John Arthur Johnson Elizabeth Reynolds Frances Riggle fTreasurerJ Clair Tag art Bernard Ward Q Q H QQ66QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ QQQQQQQQH Q Franklin Barbour Letha Barney Clara Bedillion Glenn Bedillion' Hugh Berry Lucille Blake Susan Boone tTreasurerJ Ruth Driehorst Lucille Dunn Virginia Fowler Elizabeth Gartley Louise Gartley John V. B. Hana Roy Hart Catherine llumbert Edwin Johnson Katherine Karabuskin William Kutzer Fred Lightner Jean Lobingier Mario Luciano Frederick Martin Allen McCollough Christine Armstrong James Bane Irena Bonham Edwin Boone George Bristor Robert Brown Morgan Carter CPresidentJ Mabel Charlton James Courson Margaret Day Mary Doak Mildred Dunn Cfreasurcrl Russell Durbin Nelson Fattman Max Hagar Pearl Hart William Hawkinson Bernice Hillberry William Holzapfel Wilma Hootman Lewis Horne Jack Hurley Elsie Keefe Havel Kilgore Homer Lewis tVice Presidentj CLASS OF '26 Frank McCollough Gertrude McClay Rachel McCrery CSecrctaryJ Kenneth McCrory Grace McLoney Lillian McKahan Helen Messenger Margaret Moore Marian Paul Stewart Paxton Charles Scott Nina Sefton Floyd Shaw Opal Swart Faye Swart Jean Titus William Wallace CVice Prcsidontl Jolm Ward Dorothy Weirich Harold Weirich fPresidcntJ John Welsh Alice Wisc CLASS OF '27 Marye Marra Dorothy McClay Hilda McClay Mary McKee James Moniger Freda Myers Elizabeth Phillips Leroy Prigg Kenneth Rexrode Lyndon Roach Leona Sefton Vivian Smith Irene Su ler Gladys 'lliuby John Tucker James Ulery Floyd Vance Henry Ward Ellen Ward Howard Wilson Evelyn Wilson Alvena Winters Kathleen Winters Joanna Zelt Page Seventy-nine QQ Q Q E Q G Q Q O F N E E Q To 5 E E Q Q Z3 55535655QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQGQQQQQQEQQ Sri? 1 Page Eighty OL YMP Us 4 x - , 'Q A 1 ma M ate r Here's to you, dear Trinity, Mayyve not forget, 1 ' . That-to yourhiir :ga-me, dearschool, We. still owe a- debt. f ' 4 ' 'Cnonus ' 'Our love give to' thee I We pledgefour loyaflty, V 1 ' 'I Three cheers foreolors, blue and White, Oh! let us oft repeat is y Those wordfs that are so sweet y Q "Dear Alma Mater, here's Woui' pledge to ihee And in years that are to come, 'F' Our prayer shall always be For the school df which .we.siHg, Demj Old Tripity. V V . ' f ' we '95 , .,g.f4,?!!-Italy, pg. QUE! 7:1-, A L : -, fs 1 QJQQQJQJGJEQEQQJQJQQJQQJQQQJQ - ' . ,.: , ,.1. ex "Mlm LOTHCRAFT M -l l? Tailored Clothes l I Smartly Styled Moderately Priced 1529.50 to 545 Whether you are headed for pleasant, profitable years in college or are planning to take on a new job-it will pay you to dress Well every minute of the day. QV' In CLOTHCRAFT CLOTHES you'll get youthful style plus quality at a price that represents pleasing values. WASHINGTCN PENNA. 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HUliI,liY, Pll0l'lllE'l'0li Open Day and Night WW' Do Our Own Bulfilzg Page Eighty-lhree hz- 5, ,H . ig-A If you write a lbetter bookg or preach a better sermon, or make a better mouse trap than your neighborg tho you build your house in the wil- derness, the public will make a beaten track to your door. THE CLUB GRILL V. B. P. Bell Telephone 2900 You can Always D0 Better at T H E H U B For Your G u y W 0 0 d W a r d SUIT, HATS AND FURNISH- INGS DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR VEHICLES GRAHAM BROTHERS TRUCKS 41 East Maiden Street Corner Chestnut and Franklin WASHINGTON, PENNA. Streets H I . i Th1sIs the Man WHO MAKES THE WONDERFUL PRICES POSSIBLE HAINES The Shoe Wizard 192 South Main Street Washington, Pa. W LEROY RYAN, MANAGER Page Eighty-four Men's Wear of the Nicest Kind A New Arrow Shirt "THE TRUMP'-331.95 The Best Shirt Buy Possible' C. H. .I 0 n e s A37 North Main Street The Patrons and Scholars and PHONE 2246 Friends of Trinity High School Woodward-Wright Furniture Co. 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HAYS PHONE 3047-R Hays' Cafeteria IN WHl'l'E House DINING RooM GOOD HOME COOKED FOOD 80 East Beau Street Washington, Pa. One Square East from Court House Page Ninety 2 ARTISTIET 3' ERADLIATIIIIN FIETLIREE COMMENCEMENT Your graduate daughter will always want to see her- self as she looked 011 com- 1 .Us mencement clay. Get in touch with us and thus as- sure her of a perfect por- trait. 35,5 "A Real Likeuessu A 1 EVANS STUDIO Photographers qi 00 North Main Street VVHSlll11glOll, Pa. F 5 if 'I Phone 2100-J . I FHDTDERAFHY Valentine SL urray Pharmacists .115 George Washington Hotel Building J. Berns Baker Always Reliable Ml-n's. and Young lVlvn's Suits 342250, 4227.50 and 2532.50 Huis 53.95, 345.00 and 5147.00 SF 01 North Main Street Puowic 1082 Page .Yilwly-um 1 WASHINGTON SEMINARY College Preparatory, General, and Secretarial Courses For Catalogue Apply to Mrs. Louise Hendry Hughes fy CAROTHERS' THE BEST OF ALL Ice Creams FIRST BANK 8z TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Reserve System WASHINGTON, PA. Resources S7,500,000.00 LINGULN FURDSUN A New Standard of Value in the New Ford Car A Demonstration will convincc you McGIBBENY MOTOR SALES, Inc. WASHINGTON, PA. PHONE 2800 PHONE 2800 CALII 2123 Compliments of the Ofiice of County Superintendent S. V. KIMBERLAND . , , Superintendent Builders Supplies . G. H. WILLIAMS Coal . . Feed Assistant F 8I'tll1ZB1'S J. L- ROBERTS Assistant l' W. G. Burkett Assistant A. B. BENN Agsistant GEORGENE MORTON C00 Clerk Page Ninely-lhree ' x A. S. 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RODGERS SERVICE STATION Sterling Oils, Gas and Greases Gabby on the Prosperity Pike Phone 3292-R PLACE YOUR INSURANCE IN A RELIABLE COMPANY AND WITH A RELIABLE REPRESENTATIVE Our organization satisfies both requirements MacDonald Weaver Room 322 Washington Trust Building Phones 2989, 2873 Page Ninety-five RCA RADIOLAS ATWATER KENT RADIO THE RADIO SHOP Main Street, Below Maiden Phone 631 "Ask Us About Your Radio-Everyone Else Does" The A Horn Farm Simon White's Sons GUERN sm' CATTLIQ MON UMENTS and VV H ITE LEGHORN CHICKENS Stock and Eggs for Sale Hatching Eggs in Season Claysville Pm. D. 5 Phone-Washington 5016-R-23 Phone 656 G' 68 West Maiden Street PRoPmEToR Washington, Pa. CAPITOL HAT SHOPPE EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY Rose Ofterdinger 53 North Main Street Second Floor Phone 2501 I age Nllllfll 1 WHEN YOU THINK OF INSURANCE Think of ANDERSON Sz PDLLOCK u 1-1-18 West Wheeling Street Wzisliiilgtcill, Pal. 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Page Ninety-eight l ze safzs clcfzon o cz sermw me fuer 011110 zs I ze on u us1'u1c5 zeaompemse 0 111 Lash 11 CQ' anion ng: cwmg unc! C3 echofyfne anion 0 1oc Home o Ile Q11grcx1n1g911z1Iz1s woun- The abou e zlluslrulzun rx llze Hrlxmlm Uemonal erecledat Canton, A meteen hundred slr 4 ,AI A, N" X ,-.1 33 ff a Q'-2 TJ nn -4 . - Xk6.,X.,.A1s-K. .w Nxx-.,.. ff ., w U1 . WY mf.-4 ,X f I, kg 'vc-if ' '- 1 k V .gn J, naw 'J--1 fm LP z.wi'fQmQ.-JLIM H!T.0YlfQ!T.lY!TAT!T1W!f.0!QT!m!RT!Tl1!Q' ' Pagv .Yinely-llim' Ride in Motor Coaches- C0-OHDINATED SERVICES to Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Waynesburg, Wellsburg, Morgan- town, Old Concord, Monongahela, and Bent- leyvillc. You'll Save Money Using Motor Coaches White Star Lines, Inc. CHAS. F. EGLI, General Manager Phone 3238 Office: Citizens National Bank Building, Washington, Pa. Waynesburg Waiting Boom: Fort Jackson Hotel Pittsburgh: 345 Boulevard of AlliesfPhoue Court 9030 BEAUTY PABLOR TONSOBIAL PABLOR PERMANENT WAVING John C. Griffin Dermatician 62 North Main Street Phone 2965 Washington, Pa. William J. Warrick, Jr. FLORIST 9 East Beau Street Phone 3374 "Our Flowers Last Longer" CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS DECORATION S Page One flllllllflfd ANDREWS Restaurant and Cafeteria EQUIPPED FOR YOUR SERVICE South of Court House on Main Street Compliments ol' JAMES VV. EMEBY 9 H al s Main at VVheeling Street NV,-xsmNu'roN, PA. J. C. S t u ll Specialist in Eye Befraetion Slater Building, Washington, Pa. DN""lMy m5 0 .9 Z. '7' Accnosnrefnntm f" Ll .94 ' by e FRED'S MARKET "For A bsolutv Reliability" 208 West Chestnut Street Augfsguu Phone 717 Ann N BAUMBERGER BROS. 1. 5 - PROPRIETOHS 'F ruzme Sharp's Furniture 110 VVL-st Chestnut Street Store GOOD FURNITURE AT REASONABLE PRICES DIGNIFIEIJ Cnrznrr Page One Hululrml mul 01 SEE THE URANT -Q-2 Courson-Burson Motor Co. No. 1 Highland Avenue PHONE 3260 Compliments of Dunbar 8: Wallace Lumber Co. "Everything to Build Anythizzg PHONE 451-452 Aftermath THE Staff of The Olympus and the Faculty appreciate the courtesy and patronage ot' our advertisers. This volume has been made possible through their co-operation. In buying-buy from those who were interested enough in Trinity to aid us in the production of our lirst annual. THE OLYMPUS STAFF. Page Une Hunclred and Two Auto mplzs - f -. - ,f . Cf". main! Q Xfflicf-fL"57l LY! "J "" ' 'V AL It f Page Om' Hundred and Three -I U ,U' "Tl r n. v f 2 . i' .. 1 HQ. . 'EN' ,, W 1 .gil '4- .1 :Lili-1 ' F -2- ,-'P n "-'F Y n .,-gi 1.4. " 37" -F .V Le--31 wx ., ., , L, , 2 .J. " Sk-. , .,,1. . .fy XV.- .Aim-E? . ,uw Adi, -5.4.4 p mgfmlz. -:.,. " . 1 ..u ,. P 'J ...A V ,V 'Wrt I ,-?- Q. 'L-,. , .'i..Y:: '. ,ISV i"LY'f:-1, -L , , ' .rf f-lp ,wa -4, :ff 1-... A-1 f- 1, - N Tii'3Z.,L'f'- If ,,7..,g--. -' V 4 'vf",l1. .ri-' 1 , . ,. . ,. ' Z-V ,.i,..-'f-.:'f:' a ' W-, 1 - , 4 . .A,'i,.. -. 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