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"For God and Country" mi nifg I-IIGI-I SCI-IUQI. BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS 1 9 4 6 ,Maxim iwzr, My Q ,2 1 Q. as :N u AO ilkxxtk an .1 , In S' Yi' G t 5 'ai "' xg Q k A 'ah 'if MM ,, :v . 5, v it U F 'vm X A A Q - X. A ,yq X gb Xwvix Aff' im fx. V MQ ,Q fri., 95 Ani-WAQQS V . F 'F 3 M ,gg 512 Fgiifa, S, if Y 'f A' if xxx? I rf : e ' .9 G1 in Q1 WSQZ. aw Q1 Q A N355 W A-igx vwgwg 121, Ama yup ftiim Q My NBQ-Q WEA L If 'Q m Y 'X L, AA... tditatiun My dear Boys and Girls of the Class of 1946: I have been asked by a representative of your Class to contribute a few lines to your Memory Book - The Trinitas. Perhaps I should have something to say to you on this occasion, your raduation from Trinity High School, I mean some- thing that should be placed on record, for the spoken word is soon forgotten. Why was Trinity High School ever built? Or any other Catholic Hi h School? Obviously to teach by word and example that we were created for God, and that unless we return to God we shall be everlastingly miserable, we shall lose our souls for all eternity. Moreover religion is more than salvation, it is par excel- lence a way of sanctihcation. lt not only seeks to save but to sanctify. Yes: "Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect." That is what jesus Christ wants of all of us. Not just a matter of barely getting into heaven! Shame on us if that is our highest ambition. "In my Father's house there are many mansions". This means that there are various degrees of happiness in heaven according to our deserts during life. Moreover how are schools such as Trinity High School maintained? First, by the contributions of good peo le who believe in religious education, secondly, by the self sacrihce, of a corps of, religious women, our good Sisters, who were your teachers during those four interesting years at Trinity High School. They gave up everything, their homes, their very names, to become slaves for jesus Christ. Were it not for their sacrifice and devotion we could never have either Grade or High School. Perha s these two things, the generous support of a wonderfully cooperative laity and! the self sacrifice of our dear Sisters, will help you realize the cost and the worth of your Catholic training. May you never forget the great debt you owe to both. Q Do you know that hardly one-half the Catholic children of America enjoy the blessing of a Catholic Grade School education? Not one-fourth of them ever et to attend a Catholic High School. So it is evident that you have been higlgly favored religiously. Now of course religion means a life to be lived, to live according to God's plan, to participate in the Divine life here that we may enjoy it forever in the life to come. Therefore, let nothing ever separate you from the love of God and jesus Christ, our dear Savior. May you be ever faithful. Sincerely yours, 5, dll dlfloou rmirg ssistant S 'S' asturs Rev. Fr. R. Raney Religion IV Rev. Fr. I. Loha Trigonometry FACULTY Sister Mary Philip Neri, Principal - American History Sister Mary Alodia Rel?on II, Library, Latin I, Mo ern History Sister Mary Anne Junior Boys' Homeroom, Reli- gion III, Chemistry, Geometry Sister Marv Christina English III, English IV Sister Mary Coleta junior Girls' Homeroom, Relig- ion III, Junior Business Train- ing, A vanced Typing, Ad- vanced Shorthanci, Bookkeeping Sister Mary Enrico Freshmen Boys' Homeroom, Re- ligion I, Physiology, Ancient History. Sister Mary Leonardine Senior Homeroom, Algebra, Physics Sister Mary Manuela Sophomore Boys' Homeroom, Re- ligion II, Spanish I, Spanish II, Sociology, Ancient History Sister Marie Helen Freshmen Girls' Homeroom, Re- ligion I, English I, English II Sister Mary Vincent de Paul Sophomore Girls' Homeroom, Sewing, Latin II, Latin III, Latin IV I TRINITY Senior Class Here are the light-hearted, fun-loving, carefree lads and lassies of the class of '46. ANN ALLEN Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Trini- tas Staff 4. EILEEN AUTH S anish Club 2, 3, Cxlee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Cllub 3, Commercial Club 4, Trinitas Staff 4. MARGERY BARKER Sodality 3, 4, Cvlee Club 3, Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Trinitas Staff 4. JAMES BAVESTER Spanish Club 3, 4, Cvlee Club 2, Football 4Q Basketball 2, 3. EDWARD BENJAMIN Class President 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, Basketball 3, 4. DAVE 'CARMODY Spanish Club 3, Glee Club 2. MARY CONDON Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Cmlee Club 2, 3, Commer- cial Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Trinitas Staff 4. M ARK CONLEY Class treasurer 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4Q Track 3. MARY COUGHLIN Soclality 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Commercial Club 4. MARJGRIE COX Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Glec Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Debator 4, Trinitas Staff 4. PATRICIA DITCHEN ROSEMARY DOOLEY Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Cwlee Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Red Cross Representstive 4, Trinitas Staff 4. BILL DOW Latin Club 3, 43 Football 23 Finance Mana- ger 3, 43 Debaror 4. PHYLLIS ENGELIOHN Soclality 1,2,3,4Q Cvlee Club 2, 33 Dramatic Club 33 Commercial Club 43 Trinitas Staff 4. MARY ENRIGHT Commercial Club 4Q Trinitas Staff 4. HILDA FEIST Latin Club 3, 4. GERRY GOULD Spanish Club, Glee Club, Home Nursing, Sec. Student Council, 4. JULIA HAYES Sodality 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43,GlEC Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 43 Trinitas Staff 4. JOE HOFFMAN HAROLD HUBER Football 4. JOE JULIAN Football 33 Basketball 2Q Track 2. JOE KELLY Glee Club 3g Dramatic Club 3Q Track 3. GENE KERBER JIM KILLIAN Class President 33 Cvlee Club 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Debator 4. FLOYD KINSELLA Glec Club 2, 3Q Track 3. MARY KINSELLA Sodaliny 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. GENE KISTNER ANNA KOCH Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Commzr, cial Club 4, Trinitas Staff 4. 105 LENAHAN THERESA LENAHAN Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Home Nurs- ing 3, Red Cross Representative 2, 3. PEGGY MACKESSY Soclality 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Latin Club 3, 45 First Aid 25 Home Nursing 35 Trinitas taff 4. MARTHA MADLINGER Sodality 1, 2, 35 Cvlce Club 25 Commercial Club 45 Trinitas Staff 4. JAMES MERNA Basketball 4. GERTRUDE MERRICK Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Czlee Club 2, 35 Commer- cial Club 45 First Aid 25 Home Nursing 35 Trinitas Staff 4. MARDELL MOORE Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 Com- mercial Club 45 First Aid 25 Home Nursing 35 Debator 45 Trinitas Staff 4. ANN MORRISSEY Sodality 1, 2, 3, 45 S anish Club 3, 41 Glu Club 35 Trinitas staff 4. RAYMOND MORRISSEY Glee Club 2, Football 4. JOE NEVIN Football 2, 3, 4. MARY F. NORTON Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, Cvlee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Home Nursing , Red Cross Repre- sentative 1, 2, 3, 'lsrinitas Staff 4. ROSEMARY NOTTOLI Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Home Nursing 3, Red Cross Repre- sentative 1, 2, 3. MARY T. ORENDORFF Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Trinitas Staff 4. BILL PENN Glee Club 2. MARY PETERSEN Sodality 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Latin Club 3, Trinitas Staff 4. JACK RADKA Class President 4, Spanish Club 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2. JOE RAYCRAFT Dramatic Club 3. ELAINE RICHTER Commercial Club 4. JACK RODGERS Class President 2, Cvlee Club 2, 3, Basketball 1 , Student Council President 4. ELLYN RYAN Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Commercial Club 4, First Aid 2, Trinitas Staff 4 , HELEN MARIE SCHENK Glee Club zg Commercial Club 4g Trinicas Staff ' 4. GENEVEIVE SCHUERMAN Sodality 1Q Glee Club 2. ROSE SHEEI-IAN Sodality 3g Commercial Club 4. JOE SKELLY MARY SKELLY Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4Q Commercial Club 4. JOHN SLEEVAR Crlee Club 2, 3Q Dramatic Club 3g Orchestra 4Q Trinicas 4. IEROME TOTTERER Latin Club 45 Chemistry Club 4. GEORGE VENTURA AGNES WALSH Soclaliry 1, 25 Spanish Club 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Dramatic Club 3Q Commercial Club 45 Tri- niras Staff 4. BETTY WALSH Soclality 1, 25 Glee Club 25 Commercial Club 45 Dramatic Club 35 Trinitas Staff 4. MARY L. WALSH Soclality 1, 2, 3, 4Q Class Vice-President 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Glee cial Club 4. Sodality 3, 45 Glee Club Trinitas Staff 4. Club 2, 35 Commer- MARY WARD 35 Dramatic Club 35 SENIOR MEMORIES Freshman 'Year ln September of 1942 seventyfsix awestruck pupils entered Trinity's portals. Except for a few things like confusing the time and place of some of our classes, and walking past our destination because one of those won- derful Seniors was strolling ahead of us, we were off to a flying start. That immortal scene from "Romeo and Juliet" on initiation day will never be forgotten. Thus our Freshman year passed quickly and we were ready to take our next step. Sophomore 'Year Once again we were back, only now we felt like old hands at the game. We condescended to lance occasionally at the "green Freshiesf' We sponsored the "Shamroci Shuffle" which helped raise the funds for the Senior Breakfast. joe Ensenberger and jim Bavester represented us on the athletic fields. Another year had slipped by and we were then half- way through our high school career. junior 'Year They say that the Junior year is the hardest year of all, and we heartily agree. Those dear old formulas such as HzO, H2594 and HCI.. in chemistry, and those first words "Tengo mucho sueno" in Spanish had us coming and going. Our biggest thrill was our unior-Senior prom. Before we knew it, final tests had come and gone, an we joined the ranks of Seniors. Senior 'Year Our last year! Bavester, Nevin, Radka and julian gave their all in football, and Benjamin and Conley in basketball. After Christmas vaca- tion wc made our retreat. It meant a lot to us because we knew that it was probably the last retreat for many. Near the end of February we began preparations for graduation. As wc look back, we can say that on the whole we had a grand time together, and as eager as we are to get started in life, we regret leaving our many friends. ROW l: Bill Fnrtino: Thomas Staszecki: Philip Henehry: ,lack Capmlice: james Neirynclc: Delbert Williams: Ed Thoen- nes: Dan Van Huss. ROW 2: Lyle Pisell: Nlarta ,lean Harwick: Rose Knapp: Marguerite Flink: Mildred Sheehan: Martha Walsh: Betty Ensenherger: Pat Heller. ROW 3: Agnes lwlintus: Marv Gould: lviary Helen Dennis: Helen Stekbauer: Mar- tha Stone: Mary Flynn: Biarilyn Wood: Charlotte Schultz. ROW 4: Patricia Prescher: lrene Biurphy: Marilyn Jetton: Mary Edna Johnston: Charlotte Kinsella: Rita Reeves. ROW 5: lNlary Kidwell: hiargaret Wagner: Estella O'Neil: Paula Hunt: June O'Brien: David Ewert. ROW 6: Hugh Henry: ,lacqueline Fenton: Frances Hansen: Mary Straub: Mike Kniery. ROW 7: l'-fiarty Wieland: James Dee: Dan McNertney: Edgar Schenk: James Sarantakos. TRI ITY uniovf Class President - Martin Weiland Secretary - Marilyn jetton VicefPresident - Betty Ensenberger Treasurer - Mike Kniery This year has been an active one for us. We had class representatives for the junior Red Cross and the Rotary Club. ln the field of athletics Mike Kniery and Dave Ewert represented us on the basketball court. lncidentally our ability in athletics was further proved when we defeated the team which starred Father Raney. Our various studies came in for a goodly share of our attention too. Strange aromas were always detected in the building during chemistry lab period, and from the sounds heard near the typing room, some people were working very industriously. To be sure we are ready for a well earned vacation. ROW 1: John Walsh: David Brady: Benny Reed: James McKin1ie: Bob Weber: James Carlson: James Jacobs: Norbert Pierceall. ROW 2:'Marilyn Weber: Rae Ann Roberts: Mary Sue Ensenberger: Patricia Crawford: Ellen Reeves: Catherine Rapier: Domini McNamee: Mary Jane Lee: Theresa Ferrara. ROW 3: Jane Orendorif: Joan Downeyl Mary Parkerg Elsie Totlerer' Marie Feist: Alice Cleary: Ernestine Madison. ROW 4: Mary Brennan: Helen Feger: Loretta Thoennes: Mary Cahill' Mary Bentfeld: Mary Ann Seiler: Joyce Epple. ROW 5: James Wood: Joan Dolley: Mary Ann Nelson: Emily Har- , kinsaguzanne Heinzmang Mary Murray: Mary Ann Augsburger. ROW 6: Murray Schueth: Joe Davis: Ed O Keefe: Ralph Carter: Bill Grammy Bob Hoifmang Bob Gildner. ROW 7: Bob Penn: Donald Borclersg Ed Kilmarting John Hagan. T RIN IT Y Sophomore Class President - Bob Hoffman Secretary - Elsie Totterer Vice-President - Jane Kelley Treasurer - Murray Schueth If it weren't for geometry, we could say that we had a grand year. Of course, bookkeeping was rather difhcult, and Spanish lg and then again Ancient History had us wondering. Now that it is down in black and white, we think we must be pretty good to get through this year. Buzzy Schueth, Bill Behnke, and Joe Davis gave a lot of their time to basketball, too. So, we feel that since we survived this year, we can tackle our Junior year with confidence. DW 1: Io Ann jenkins: Colleen Kelly: Alma Schauerte nthryn Kinsella: Connie Carter: Mary ,loan Kane: itherine Hartwick- Paula Dal . ROW 2. Maril n Perl v ' V ' V ' an: Margaret McKeown: Mary Ann Meyer: Shirley oben: Martha While: Alherto Carhery. ROW 3: Frances aleiden: Kathryn Bentfeld: Mary Kathryn Merna: Bar- nra Wilson: Ruth julian: Dolores Lenegar. ROW 4: O'Neil: Martha Harkins: Mary Therese Weldon: Ur- la Hermes: Mary Jo McAvoy: Pattie Heinzman: Mar- rie Kniery., ROW 5: Mary Lucas: Rosemary Ditchen: ary Jean jenkins: joan Merrick: Lois Gildnerx Mary 'ancis Christian: Marilyn Butler. ROW 1: James O'Brien: Paul Goulcl: Mark Gould: lame Henebry: James Bell: John Schultz: Arthur White: Joe Lehman. ROW Z: Dick Denman: Edward Weis: Billy Cashen: Phil Dow: Tom Downey: Rohert Kidwell: Davil Augshurger. ROW 3: John Quinn: Bill Crnke: Jim Dana- hay: Gene Neal: Francis Heinz: ,lerome Wannamachert Frank Kerner. ROW 4: Delmar Morrissey: Bill Fit:- gerald: Frank Penn: Louis Kraft: Richard Burns: Paul Kennedy: Rohert Mullare, ROW 5: Sammy Cottone: Ronald Jensen: Jack Wannemacher: john Tenzer: Bill Dorsey: john Cunningham: Edmund Staszecki: Walter Pe-try. TRI N IT Y Freshman Class President john Schultz Secretary - Alberto Carberry Vice-President - .loan Merrick Treasurer - Thomas Downey At the beginning of the year we were known as the "green Freshicsf' But we have outgrown the term now and here's our proof. We have mastered our fractional and quadratic equasions. The "Merchant of Venice" we can practically recite from memory. The marks of the physiology students have hovered around ninety. Latin and sewing were quickly picked up. These are but a few of our accomplishments, but we feel that we are justified in calling ourselves Sophomores, don't you? A, TRINITY RELIGIUN CLASS TRINITY HISTURY CLASS This year the Senior class had the privilege of having Father Raney as their religion instructor for the last four months of school. He gave them derailed explanations of each Sacrament and also of the Mass. In previous years he had taken the entire class during the hnal six weeks of school, and instructed them only in the Sacrament of Matrimony. Colonel Father Schueth honored the American History Class by talking to them a number of times. He related some of his own experiences, but dwelled mostly on the wonder- ful work of all the Chaplains, and on the marvelous faith of our Catholic boys. He also gave a short history about Chi- nese civilization. TRINITY SCIENCE GLASS TRINITY MTIIEMAIICS CLASS ill' To the average highschool youth, the most interesting phase of any science is the experimentation work done during ah period time. So, too, with the chemistry students of T.H.S. Numerous tests made under the guidance of Sr. Mary Anne increased their alertness and accuracy, not to mention their knowledge. The geometry class seemed especially alert this year. They learned their theories and equations very quickly, and applied them easily to their problems. Construction work afforded them much pleasure, although at times it was rather difhcult to be accurate. TRINITY LANGUAGE CLASS Special emphasis was placed on grammar in the English classes. They began with the fundamentals and went through each phase step by step. Diagraming was stressed too. Besides grammar, they devoted part of their time to Prose and Poetry work. Each class studied one classical work. QW' During the spring of '45 the Senior Class proudly gave Uncle Sam three of their fellow-classmen. They headed for the Navy and have since proved themselves worthy of the title "sailor" First to bid Trinity farefwell was joe Ensenber er who after finishin his boot training and receiving the rating of Petty Ofgcer 3fC was stationed in the Pacific. He's now a Mailman in Aiea which is about three miles from Hawaii. Seaman 1fC Larry Feit is now stationed at Hunters Point, Calif fornia, after having spent quite some time on Guam and in Hawaii.- However, he expects to be back in civies by the middle of july. The Navy dungarees of Gene Flynn will also be laid aside late this summer when he will leave San Francisco and come back to Bloomington. Holding the rating of Seaman 1fC he's performed his duties on Japan, Manila, Guam, Luzon and Leyte. All of these boys have been perfect representatives of Trinity and we want to wish them luck and say "Thanks Fellasf' TRINITY SUUALITY CLUB TRINITY IIBRARY ClUB Cn the first Sunday of each month during the school year, the Young Ladies' Sodality attended 7:30 Mass in a body. Social meetings, which consisted of entertainment by different members, dancing, and refreshments were held monthly. In contrast with previous years, the officers were elected from the Senior Class rather than one from each class. The current year, it has been happily reported, brought forth an increase in activity as well as enrollment from the Library Club. Four committees were formed, namely, the book, scrap- book, publicity, and social. Each group had a special responsibility. The members of the book committee gave interesting reports on best sellers, the scrapbook lads and lassies clipped every item of ublicity pub- lished in local papers, and ofcourse the duties ogthe publicity and social committees speak for themselves. TRINITY LATIN CLUB TRINITY SPANISH CLUB rf '1 Y - v .---Q.,-,nw-mf-w,,.q , , .i Maw. .,,.....r,,-m,-'.-,.W..,.Nt,,,-.......,.W, "Aquilae" was a Fitting name for the Latin club. lt means "Eagles," and like eagles the students' minds were always among the clouds instead of on their books. The "Res Gestaef' a Latin paper, was a new addition to the club. Each issue had a cross word puzzle, which was faith' fully worked out every week with the aid of Sister Vincent de Paul. They say Latin is a dead language, but the "Aquilae" seems to deny it. "Buenos dias. Como esta ud?" ' "Tengo mucho suenof' Yes, it's Spanish-Conversation Spanish. If you have attended any ofthe El Popocatpetl club meet- ings, no doubt you are familiar with the translation. The purpose of the organization was to develop Huency of speech in this foreign language. This end was accomplished by means of Spanish skits, songs, and games enacted by the group. TRINITY BHEMISTRY CLUB TRINITY IMMERBML CLUB 1 The chemistry class under the direction of Sister Mary Anne founded a very active organization this year called the Albertus Magntxs Club. At regular meetings held every three weeks the members discussed the use of chemistry in the modern world. uite naturally through these discussions interest in the Hel of science increased. lncidentally, the question of the Atomic Bomb was definitely settled. So much time was applied to studies that the Commercial Club did not have very many social meetings, although they learned how to play "Santa" at their Christmas Party. Something new this year was the dramatization of the one act play, "A Saturday Morning in an Office," by Ethel Rollinson. The purpose of the skit was to introduce points of ofhce etiquette and business ethics to the commerce students. Left! RihtDaMNn:Ma B BbHi'f I illl Mn Stn Dolores Bob Ciildgerl CaTheri:neeRKpier:rllobfxnflrxellgrx P: :ll:::yg.?::el:nKHaErrl3 jam Slegsdn Robertbssxz CDRCHESTRA Some of the students were curious as to the melodious sounds issuing forth from the club room between 8 :oo and 8:30 everv Thursday morning. Investigation revealed that practice hour for the orchestra had been changed from the noon period to the morning period. The fruis of their labor were displayed before the Parent-Teachers Association, the capping of the nurses from St. joseph's Hospital, and also on Commencement night. STAFF Editor-in-Chief. . . ..... ..... P eggy Mackessy Assistant Editor ................................ Mardell Moore Literary Writers .... Mary Condon, Marjorie Cox, Ann Morrissey, Mary Norton, Mary Orendorff, Ellyn Ryan. Typists. . . ...Eileen Auth, Phyllis Engeljohn, Gertrude Mer- gcllc, Rosemary Nottoli, Mary Petersen, Helen enk. wry C, Q53 'if' Fw' X X S ,,,.-sf gf, E 1 ,YXV Aga 45 QF! ,gig Q 431 '. A .nf ., 'UF ' 5. 'riff -A! In K 'sm ' S4 Q x .k--6 sf' TRINITY Athletics FATHER RANEY Athletic Director ROW I: Fr. Raney: E. O'Keefe: 1. Bavener: J. Killian: J. Nevin: B. Behnkc: J. Sarantakol: M. Conley: M. Weiland: M. Knierv: D. Ewen: 1. Schultz: J. Carlson: D. Brady. ROW Z: 1. Capodice: 1. McKinzie: B. Gramm: D. Borders: J. Davin: J. Wood: J. Jacobs: B. Fortino: P. Kennedy: D. Morriuev. ROW 3: T. Vogel: D. Willianux B. Gildner: P. Henrv: H. Huber: F. Penn: W. Perry: B. Kidwell: A. White. ROW 4: F. Heinz: L. Pilell: E. Schenk: 1. Dlnnhan: L. Kraft: M. Schuelh: J. Hagan: B. Hoffman: T. Downey. TRI ITY FOOTBALL TEAM 1. Building up team spirit. 4. An opponent trying to elude a host of "Saints" 2. Father Raney gives the fellows n a few line fun- damentals. 5, A scramble for a free ball. 3. A Spalding W man takes off a- , .-. -round end for a "short" gain. l A 6. Can't say our Trinity man did- n'r rrv K , Sf ww X xg: xi' 0 Y v ,I gy gk , 4 lfvi I x , E. I'+ar W Here is our high point man of l945f46, Mike K n ie r v. Mike sparked the team into its winning streak. T h i s l a d , Mtirray, was alf most irreplacef able in his center Eosition. He olds the record for the largest percentage of free throws. Ed's superb ref bounding made him an impor- tant figure on this year's team. Whenever Ed w e n t out 0 n fouls the whole team felt the loss. Dave was one of the best ball handlers of our past season. He was the boy who held the team to- gether throu h victory and ci- feat. One of our most prominant defensive players this season was Mark "l"lerlc" Conley. Through his outstanding defensive ability we were able to overcome our o l d r i v a l s , Bloomington and Spalding, on the home court. When called into action, jack Capodice, our ready substitute, had a cooling ef- fect upon the fi- ery Saints and thus pulled them out of many a tangle. SQUADMEN AND MANAGERS TRINITY ASSEMBLY PRUGRAM The question of Jnesty became the all npottant thought uring an assembly rogram held Mon- ay. March 25. George Qelley's "Finders- Qeepers" dehnitely set- lVIrs.Aldrid . . Mr, Aldrid . CAST . . . . . .Maryward , jack Radka Mrs. Hampton .............. Eileen Auth ed any dilemma which might have previously bothered the student audience, This onefact play proved that a dishonest character can never be a lovable one, nd can only bring disillusionment and grief to those who place their trust in them. Moral: Play fait f Be honest! TRINITY DEBBIE TEHIII Four members of e Speech Class took irt in a debate on De- mber S, at Illinois ate Normal Univer- Afhrmar ive Speaker Afhrmative Speaker Negative Speaker . Negative Speaker . Ly. The topic of dis- ssion was the current oblem of Compulsory Military Training. Our debators won five out of eight discussions t their initial experience in the field of debating. . . . . . . . . . MardclIMoore . William Dow . Marjorie Cox . james Killian which was considered pretty Hne l l "THE GDDSE HANGS I-HGH" CAST i Bernard lngals .... ....... j ack Radka Mrs. Bradley .... ..... J ulia Haye Eunice lngals ..... ..... R osemary Dooley Hugh lngals ...... .... E loyd Kinsell Noel Derby . . . .... Jerome Totterqr Ronald Murdoch ..... .... -I oseph Julia Leo Day ..... .... I ohn Sleevar Lois lngals ...... ..... M arjorie Co Rhoda ........ ..... M argery Barker Bradley lngals .... ..... E dward Benjami julia Murdoch .... ..... M ary Norton Dagmar Carroll ...... ..... M ary War Elliot Kimberly ..... ..... I ames Killian ' At 8:oo P. M. on the evening of May 13 the Trinity Auditorium lights were dimmed, the stage curtains were parted and our Senior play night became a reality. The theme of our choice of play this year evolved around the modem theor that the children of today do not show appreciation and gratifica- tion lybr the many things their parents, through personal sacrifice have done for them. This false assumption was corrected during the course of the play. The grandmother, who shared the views of many of the people' today and who judged only what she saw and heard, did not believe that her grand- children, the Engels brood, would be willing to give up college in order to help out Mom and Dad. Of course she was wrong. The thoughtless, fun loving co-eds became responsible young men and women. Thus they upheld the pride and character of youth. T RIN IT Y uni01'fSenio1f Prom KING MARK CONLEY QUEEN GERALDINE GOULD May 17 will always be remembered by the Seniors, for on that memorable day they went to their last high school prom. Mark Conley and Geraldine Gould reigned as King and Queen. Syl I.egner's orchctra blended in with the lovely seasonal setting of a May-Pole, the highlight of the decorations. This May theme was chosen by the juniors after some deliberation, and was well effected by them in the short space of time which was allotted to them. L. .QQ- 1 1 . Hwy.. L, f-:I 4. f ' W, - 4 -Q E'-F-.5552 1 'fif' , JS. -.f .-ml. v ,.. -X, ' 5 41

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Trinity High School - Trinitas Yearbook (Bloomington, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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