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Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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, isis, M Ma. The River lMha's . . Aquffa 4985 Tnhify Helghfs ChHsHan Academy 4800 Ola' Maarlhgsparf Road Shre vepam Louisiana 22 4 -2697 Edf Kuyc p Sp L B TT - O T I i'Time is a san' of river of passing evenTs, ana sTranQ is iTs current no sooner is a Thing brougnT Ta siQnT Tnan iT is swepT by ana anaTner Takes iTs place, ana This Tao will be swepT away." Aurelius L Q S .a.,s.s ,, '..., - .,.v s as ,, n . 'FQ' A , A- ... ,274 'Y Ji ff1' ?'ff"wa ,WW ' ww favikk' ,mg , A G' Y ix 4 I So.-2 . ' o 'We' I QRS 'II sow o mon pursuing The horizon: Round ond round They sped. I wos disTurbed oT This: I occosTed The mon. 'IT is fuTiIe,' I. sold, IYou con never-' IYou Iie,' he cried, And ron on. STephen Crone A,-, .v.v.v.v.v.v.N.v.v.v.v .v.v.v.v.v , Jar, gr Mm x i F- 1 E? xl X I -,SXgQ' g UQRQ 'TThey ThoT woiT upon The Lord sholl renew Their sTrengTh: They shell mounT up wiTh wings os ecl- glesp They sholl ruh, ond hoT be weory: ond They sholl wolk, ond noT fcJinT." Isoioh 410134 so, S -SWG' ass i em Con Tenfs lfwhdhg Rivers . . People 8 Down The Lazy Rivers . . . Sfuaenf Life o2 Mfghfy Rivers . . . Compefifion 82 AT Rivers Leaa To The Ocean . . . Parfiobafion 4 48 Rivers Of Our Afhhas . . . Academics 434 Rivers Thaf How Togefher . . . Communify Ana Ads 452 i'The flow of The river is ceaseless and iTs waTer is never The same. The bub- bles ThaT fIoaT in The pools now vanish- ing, now forming, are noT of long dura- Tion: so in The world are man and his dwellings." Chornei lMho7hg x X I - f WW 1 l wwe People fi' " , ?iH' 'T' 1 1 1 -x f . Q . ' J '. KP 6 .yup C '14 .. v, af? , N ' . .mr 'nk F' Aw I ' .fy wc f 4. , flfvtf'-: , M - ww., V , fb'-fl 'J'-'-nie' 1- - .,- , 'f f Rfb A 4 , 'e ,-'.nz:+f -." A Y A ' -' 'Q P vw- f ' , 8' i 4. 1 A-v f a ' ,SX r Y Q , flag 'M , A' -a'fQA,v.,. ', , A nf 1 " ' R R a' , V ' n -. ,W I' ' ' n' ' v ay, H J ., ' 'sf-Ei. 'k If !,,, .Quik 44 45554 - , f -A jp 'p - .. ' 5 - . . iv.: , .- 4 ' 1 - . " - X . . . ff bf "'L - .V fr --emwg- Q0 ' , ., yt. K 'Sty ,X It ' gil fi!! V 1 - ' 'Y 1' - ' . '- NVAX WAX . - - 1,1 uv.-df 'FP N ' P A ,, V lv fm 4ff'f"P1: My H f Mia ' my u:g' .1f ' Mj,fg' 1 f .' V w , JW W A H "-W? 'Ffa p"f' , - Q Y 5' " Y j 1f',al , 'f y,fk.. '91 , '- ' s.. tn ! if Q7 ' , i V 4 N U 4' ' , ,f,.,'gffg.,n wvifn,5 . -: 'Y v X43 Mr. Ano' llflss fl-l.C.A. Doyle Dempsey Doyle, o 47 yeor old 6"l", blonde hoired, blue eyed Senior, is The son of lVlr. ond Mrs. Doyle Dempsey. Doyle oTTends FirsT BopTisT Church in Vivion, ond enjoys ploying fooTboll, collecTing knives, ond being wiTh his '56 Chevy. Besides being hondsome ond odmired by his friends, Doyle hos ochieved mony occomplishmenTs Through his yeors oT T.H.C.A. Among Them includes being nomed closs fovoriTe for Two yeors, All DisTricT in fooTboll ond boseboll, honor roll, copToin of The fooTboll Teom, ond mosT oThleTic in Who's Who. He wos olso involved os The Junior closs presldenT, o member of The French Club, ond sophomore mold in The mole homecoming courT. In oll These occomplishmenTs, Doyle hos been successful oT giving his besT ond iT is o sure focT he will do his besT in represenTing The school os This yeor's Mr. T.H.C.A. Con- groTuloTions To Doyle, ond we would like To wish him dll The besT for his fuTure. K el Grohom Kelli, o 47 yeor old 5'o", blue eyed, bruneTTe Senior, is The doughTer of Mr. ond Mrs. Normon Grohom. Kelli oT- Tends TriniTy l-lelghTs BopTlsT Church where she is on ocTlve member. She enjoys cheerleoding, collecTing snoopys, cooking, ond going ouT To eoT. Besides being preTTy ond loved by oil of her friends, Kelli hos been involved in mony ocTiviTies ThroughouT her yeors oT T.H.C.A. ond hos re- ceived mony honors, Some of her ocTiviTies include being o member of The Lody Eogles, NoTionol Honor SocieTy, LiTerory Rolly, ond lVlu-Alpho-TheTo. She wds chosen Ju- nior lvloid, Senior Mold, o flnolisT in The BeouTy PogeonT, cheerleoder, closs rebresenToTive, ond closs senoTor. To odd To her honors Kelli wos chosen, Miss T.H.C.A. 841-85, o TiTle she well deserves. CongroTuloTions ond we wish for Kelli The very besT in The fuTure. -,gl Seniors The Seniors of '85 ore more Thon jusT 0 closs, They ore o group of reol friends ThoT hove grown up TogeTher ond sioyecl close Through The good oncl The bod, AlThough This is our losT yeor os- sembled TogeTher, we believe we will olwoys sTgy unlTed in our heorTs oncl spiriT. Soroh Brezino M1149 Bufyson Brion Buffer Cose y Coggel Le'Anne Bonner Liso Bussell Michael Chisolm Kelley Cooper 1 .v , ' f.- ' ' - " ' ,. 5 ' - - Afim -p f-if wk.:-5, -1. - , N. . , l....- -. ... . Class Officers: Pres,-Brion Voilesg Vice Pres,-Joey Porfer, I.e'Anne Bonner JON Dovls Sec,-Treos.-Brion BuTIerg Sen.-Kelli Graham JOhf7 DGVIS Doyle Dempsey Jule Frozler EW ff-ililf x f' Y Y M, sam: ws " ' A' Aww! I -wx 1'fX1h-5'-1 wwf 5 '54 -.. W 1 'AIP A vm, 425 X Ang' -W . . . .Nags ,W MJ, , ,K V mm ,fi 'Wi'-"WW ' 1' ' A W A may Ziff -fm 1 A-va. 'cz-162' M .. : ' 1 4 Wm. if 6 kv. 4 'MVX 'Q f,,-.-vw ' 2- , ! N.. . f 9 v. 1. W m f, mama 4,fw1, .x J . ',, r ,. ,W if aug Swag? 'Wy Q S ,gl 'gfiq 1-44333 : m,-. f' ,JIM . ie' M ,Q --v Troy Moore X, qv X ,f We Scman fh mi Afhchael Q. if w K ug, ! Wm aj ,ix Joel shfmng Debbie Waffs Brian Wreyford Brian Vo17es Pam VWQQIDS D70 Young Bobby Warren Whifne y Vwgglhs X f gg 2 , ' V N we ' WY X ff 4' wx ' ' I ll a , we if M e Lone Le Anne Bonner Hugh Flyers 1 Golden Gurls 23A Z Club 3 Luterary Rally 3 A SGA A FHA 1 2 3 A Pres Lu brary Staff 3 Class V Pres A Beauty Pageant A Calender Gurl 3 Honor Roll 1 2 3 A Sarah Kathleen Brezlna Hugh Flyers 1 2 3 A FHA 1 3 A Z Club Parlumentar uan A Speech Club 2 Mlchael Brlan Burluson Football 1 2 3 A Track 13 Agruculture1 Llsa Ann Bussell- Band 1 Drum Mauor 1 Aquula Staff 1 Newspaper Staff 1 Football Program Staff 12 Baseball Manager 12 Softball1 Luterary Rally 123A SGA1 V Pres 2 Sec 3 Sec f Treasurer A Golden Gurls 2 3 Cap taun Scuence Bluc 2 French Club 3 Sec A Z Club2 3A Servuce Chaurman Cheerleader A Beauty Pageant 2 3 A Mu Alpha Theta 3 Sec A Youth In Government Days A Computer Club A Most Lukely To Succeed A Quuz Bowl A Top Ten Senuor A Brlan Kelth Butler Band 12 Tennus 2 3 A Scuence Club 2 Computer Club A Class Sec A Cassandra Lynn Cassel- Basketball 123A Softball 123A ZClub 23 Treas Natuonal Honor Socuety 3A Most Dependable A LA Gurls State Rep A Ann Guulbert Scholarshup3 Luterary Rally 123 SGA1 Rep 2 Pres 3 V Pres A Pres Aauula Staff 3 Football Top Ten Senuor A Michael Wayne Chlsolm- Chour 12 3 Speech Club1 Aquula Staff 1 Luterary Rally 3A Close up 3 Show Band 3 Honor Roll 3 A Kelley Raynelle Cooper Aquula Staff 3 A Edutor SGA 3 Hustoruan Z Club 2 3A V Pres Newspaper Staff 3A Tennus 3 Basketball 123A Softball 1 2 3 A Beauty Pageant A Honor Roll 1 2 3 A Top Ten Senuor A Most Athletuc Janlce Sue Davus Basketball 123A Softball 123A ZClub 23 SGA 3 Pres A V Pres Mascot 3A FHA 1 Top Ten Senuor A Brlly John Davls Student Councul 1 2 3 Golf 1 2 3 A Luterary Rally 1 2 FTA 1 3 FBLA 1 2 Math Club 2 3 Yearbook Staff 2 Mason s Award 3 French Blub Doyle Lee Dempsey Football 1 2 3 A Band2 Baseball 3 A Class Pres 2 3 Most Athletuc A Class Favorute 1 Honor Roll A Top Ten Senuor A Mr T H C A A Julle Ann Frazrer Class Favorute 13 Homecomung Queen A Homecomung Court 1 3 FHA 1 Class Senator 1 SGA 1 Parlumentaruan 2 Z Club 2 3 Sec A pres Honor Roll 1 2 3 A Pep Squad 1 Scuence Club 2 Beauty Pageant 2 Beauty Pageant Wunner 3 Class V Pres 3 Jamboree Queen A Cheer leader 3 A Golden Gurl 2 French Club 3A V Pres Close up A Most Fruend luest A Mark Leon Green Symphonus Band En semble 1 2 Jullute Jazzers 1 2 Stars of Tomorrow 1 CCHS Marchung Band 2 Communuty theatre Orchestra 2 Wyo mung State Jazz Competutuon 2 Eagle Band 3 A Pres All Dustruct Honor Band 3 A Drum Captaun A Computers A E A R S A Most Talented A KelluDawn Graham Hugh Flyers 1 Base ball 1 Luterary rally 123A FHA 12 Aquula Staff 1 Golden Gurls 2 Class Senator 2 3 A SGA 2 3 A Newspaper Staff 2 Beauty Pageant 2 3 A Cheer leader 3 A Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 A Mu Alpha Theta 3 A Sec Homecom ung Court 3 A Muss T H C A A Top Ten Senuor A Debbie Gall l-larrlson Badketball 123A Softball 123A ArtClub1 AH 1 Hugh Flyers 1 FCA 1 Aauula Staff 3 Newspaper Staff 3 Close Up 3 Beauty Pageant 3A SGA A Rep Z Club A Senuor Board Member Honor Roll 1 2 3 A Jarrod Wayne Horton- Tennus 23A Baseball 1 French Club 3 A Class Pres 1 Luterary rally 1 Michael James Hughes- Soccer Team 1 Art Club 2 Honor Roll 3 Tennus Team 3 A Computers A Dean s Lust A Lubrary Staff A Mike Evan King- Football 1 2 3 A Track 123A Class Rep 2 FCA 123A Sonya Annette Lawrence Hugh Flyers 1 Newspaper Staff 1 Honor Roll 1 2 3 A Golden Gurls 2 Class Favorute 2 Beauty Pageant 2 3 A V Pres 2 Cheerleader 3A Head Football Pro gram Staff 3 SGA A Close Up A Most School Spuruted A Computer sA Home comung Court A Kimberly Dawn Marshall- Homecomung Court 1 Class Favorute 1 Band 12 Flag Lune 1 2 Cheerleader 2 Drull Team 3 Yearbook Staff 3 Softball 1 2 A FTA 3 Football Program Staff A Beauty Pageant A Betty June Matheny NHS Band 12 NHS Pep Squad 12 Golden Gurls 3 A Captaun SGA A Most Talented A Muss Congenualuty A Steven Heath Mltton Football 1 2 3 A Baseball 2 3 A Close Up 2 A Luterary Rally 1 2 3 Top Ten Senuor A Most De pendable A Samantha Jean Mobley FHA 1 Hugh Flyers 1 2 Hugh Flyers drummer 2 Honor Roll 123A Golden Gurls 3A Golden Gurls Chaplaun A Computers A French Club A Stephanie Ann Moore FHA 1 Hugh Fly ers 1 2 Hugh Flyers Captaun 2 Hugh Fly ers drummer 2 Art 3 Beauty Pageant 2A Calendar Gurl 3 Honor Roll 3A Golden Gurls 3 A French Club A Troy Wayne Moore Aquula Staff 12 Newspaper Staff 1 2 Sugma Alpha Chu 2 Close Up 2 Natuonal Honor Socuety 2 3 Treasurer A Treasurer A SGA 3 A Hustoruan Mu Alpha Theta 3A Pres French Club 3 A Lusa Rally 3A Tennus 3A Honesty and lntergruty Award A Honor Roll 1 2 3 A Dean s Lust 1 2 3 A Top Ten Senuor A MrchaelScott Newell- Football 1 Band 1 Class Senator 2 Marla Thomas Patten Football 1 2 3 A Track 3 A Mlchael Joseph Porter Football 123A Track 123A Class V Pres A Art Club A Lubrary Staff A Joseph Benedlct Prusslano Football 123A Track 13A AH 1 HonorRoll3 Most Fruendluest A Jlmmy Wayne Roberts Basketball 1 2 Track 1 2 3A Aauula Staff 3A Com puters A Speech Club 1 Robert Joel Shllhng- Football 12 3A Basketball 1 2 Baseball 3 Track 1 FCA 1 2 3 A Most School Spuruted A Brlan Kreth Valles Basketball 1 3 A Baseball 1 A Tennus 2 A Computers A Class Pres A Track 3 A French Club A SGA A Top Ten Senuor A Most Chrustuan Spuruted A Robert Curtls Warrerr Football 1 2 3 A Track 1 2 3 A Baseball 3 A Debra Faye Watts- Fha 1 Basketball 12 3A Softball 12 3A Z Club 3 Ten nus 3 A SGA A Sec Most Athletuc A Pamela Jean Wlgglns Pep Squad 1 Class Rep 1 A H 1 2 FHA 1 2 Newspa per Staff 12 A Z Club 2A Chaplaun Beauty Pageant 2 Volleyball Team 2 Most Chrustuan Spuruted A Storybook Gurl gl Aqgnla Staff A Honor Roll A Lubrary taff Whltney WIQQIDS Football 1 2 Basket ball 1 2 3 A Golf 1 2 3 Tennus A Track 3 A FTA 2 Mu Alpha Theta 2 French Club3 Treasurer A Pres SGAA Publuc Relatuons Offucer Luterary Rally 1 2 Brlan Samuel Wreyford Scholastuc Award 1 2 3 Class Treasurer 2 Close Up 2 Sugma Alpha Chu 2 Tennus 2 3 A SGA 2 Treasurer 3 A SGA Scholarshup 3 Natuonal honor Socuety 3A Pres French Club 3 A Mu Alpha Theta 3 A Shreveport Optumust Club Award Most Outstandung Student A Deans Lust 12 3 A Chour 2 Luterary Rally 2 3 A Honor Roll 3 Top Ten Senuor A Most Lukely To succeed A Tlla Yvette Young- Hugh Flyers 12 Golden Gurls 3 Beauty Pageant 2 3 Homecomung Court 2A Football Sweetheart Chour 12 Art Club 2 Track Stats A Computers A Honor Roll Program Staff 1,25 Newspaper Staff 3: A I I I A A I I I I J ' J I , J I J I I A: , , l - I' I I I , A I I , , ,lf Y . 2 I 2 L , 5 ' ' lg , 5 42 I I Who 's Who CongraTulaTionsl Your efforTs, your drive, your in- volvemenT and your dedicaTion To your place in our school , . . have led To success . . . And To This rec- ogniTion. For parTicular characTerisTics your peers have chosen you for This year's Who's Who. As a piece of advice To each of you Take God wiTh you as a parTner down The road of life, and IeT him help you make The decisions and do noT jusT Turn To him when your back is againsT The wall, buT make him a viTal parT of your everyday life. Reach ouT and Touch a life and you will feel beTTer for iT. Remember To give yourself and Then some. lvlay all of you be amply rewarded and may your fuTure be ever brighT and fulfilling! lvlosT AThleTic Debbie WaTTs Kelly Cooper Doyle Dempsey lVlosT ChrisTian SpiriTed MOST Spififed Brign Vgiies Pgm Wiggins Joel Shilling Sonya Lawerence xx MOST Frieridliesi M051 Dependable Jae Prussiarwa Julie Frazier Heath Miiiarw Casey Cassei H, X, fi i ff i a RWM M. ff f , e M , f ,A 9 ie iviasi Likely Ta Succeed Mosi Taienieci Brian Wreyforci Lisa Busseli Mark Green June Maiheney Qur Top Ten Brian Keith Vaiies Kelli DOWN GVOVWOVTW Song: "Friends" Colors: Peach Ano' Burgandy Flower: Peach l?ose Ke-iievwovrieiiec p Mollo: 'Gafher The l?osebuo's While Ye May, Olo' Dme ls Sfill A Flying, Ano' Thar Some Olo' Flower Thor Blooms Today, Tomorrow Shall Be Dying. - James Thompson Casey Lynn Cassel Sieven Heaih Miiion L Janice Sue Davis Seniors Doyle Lee Dempsey Troy W ayne Moore Brian Samuel Wreytord Lisa Ann Busseil L. Junior Ring Ceremony x. fig? ,. , ,T H Z Mike King receives his ring Seniors dwaiT Their presenTaTion. --ual The 4983-811 school year broughT many new acTiviTies and evenTs To The life of The school. Among Them was The Junior Ring Ceremony presenT- ed by The Seniors. Each Junior had anxiously awdiTed The ddy when each would receive ThaT special ring. The arT club pro- vided a huge ring To walk Through as each ring was pre- senTed, Also, The skiT "Memo- ries" was performed and lefT no one wiTh a dry eye. This wds d firsT for The school dnd we hope iT will be a TradiTion with each upcoming Junior class. ,NM K cw .N SGA Pres Becca Goisby gives speech. Missy Burns shows off her acTing TaIenT. 21 Junior Favoriiesz Missy Burns and Palrick Weldon Juniors Ricky Alraway Melanie Atkins Sieve Arnold Junior Officers: Represenlalive- Michael Roberfs, Vice Pres- David Corley, Secretary- Jeanne Davis, President- Palrick Weldon. Carol Baillio Karen Benner Monty Bobo Ver Brown 22 X, On The Mover Mk Don Brown Siacy Brown Angela Buckalew Missy Burns Cnip Calhoun Melissa Clark David Corley DeAnn Craig Lynn Cramer Jeanne Davis Krisii Dick Cyndi Drake Julie DuCoTe Patrick Ellers Andrew Fergerson Tim Gibbs Pam Giddings Darrell Gorman Sharlo Hale Kainy Kamm Stacy Larkin Paulo LeBlanc Chrislie Melzelaors John Morris Janel Nunemaoher Chad Oswald Kyle Pailerson Fred Porier Michael Roberls Slacee Roberrs Philip Robinson Marie Shelley Brandi Srroiher Ronnie Slewarl Rhonda Valles Suzanne Walker Pafriok Weldon Brady While Chris Woollen Andrew Yarbrough Juniors E . . . One More Year To Go! ' ff , 17 5 . ,. V :Zi In V,-nw in s X We IOVG WWTUGYF Surprase, Philrpl E 4 L f m I ii Q, QE- gig s kkhk ss MU rules! "And This my de-or is cu full house." We-'ve Q01 The cutest liftle "Baby faces." "ALOHA" Rhonda' A new Oddihom To The pep squad, Tammy Anderson Karen Atkins Randall Anthony Tina Attaway Bridget Bahm Joshie Banks Vim Barker Brad Batte Tracy Burlison Michelle Byrd Neil Carlisle Brian Chapman Todd Childs Christie Craft Scott Davis Brad Dominick Sherri Duncan Darren Dukes Sophamores Q We re On Gur Way' Julie Ellers Dania Flefcher Slacy Giles Shelley Gipson Linda Glenn Belh Good Chris Gorman Janis Gresham Yveile Harringion Bryan Hauser Jay Hinton Karen Hopper Karen Jansen Josie Johnson Kelly Kilpalrick Sonny Landry Jerry Mann Randy Miller Beth McCullough Jamie lvlcDow Kim Noble Candee Presion Shane Roberison Evan Rudnick Jason Sardenga Marina Spivey Angie Spurlock Mike Sumrnerlin Adann Tale Eddie Tomkins Bo Vice Dee Dee Ward Angie Warren Corby Walls Brad Webb Mark Weldon Lon Wiggins Tiffanie Wilkins Holly Wrignr Robert Zukowski -9 rf .Ml , V? K, EZ? ni Sophomore favorites: Josie Johnson, and Neil Carisle. Sophomore officers: Mark Weldon, Tredsurer: Tracy Burlison, Vice President Josie Johnson, Represeniafiveq Adam Tate, President "Ain'1 he cute." "Wake up Shelly, class isn'f over yet!" Spirir Contests are SO much fun! Todd Adgdie Lisd Allen Mendee Allen Tosno Allen Rdndy Allurns Missy Bcinkdrd Jdnd Bell Sieve Bodfner Kenneln Bruce Trdcy Byrd Trey Clark Freshman . . . Fresnmdn fGVOflT9SQ Neil Owens dnd Melisd Greening . . New Fdends Ano' New SsHlQ Classes Liz Clemence Meionie Couch Hile Doke Hope Ddnford 10363336.79 Q '. lY2?L L.- J' H, .-4 e X ZH- Plflfnf AKA". . AKEQVQVLVQZQ3 Officers: Hank Johnson, Vice Presidenfg Scofi Ryon, President Robert Doles, Senofori Keifn Secfireos. Qnof picfuredp Wilford Dempsey Aoron Dever Poul Dovis Roberf Doles Amdndo Dukes Lyn Edson Togon Fergerson lviooy Flosh Doyid Flefcher Elizobeih Fullerlon Meliso Greening Eric Hole Brion Holi Karen Hendricks Dovid Hicks Dorron Hinion Shown Horion John Howell April Hunter Honk Johnson Judy Moyer John McClure Cyndi Meshell Gerry Moore Troy Oliphinl Neil Owens Penny Pollen No Phcfto Available l A Ne, ff ,ME X Keiih Paiierson Stacy Pickard Michael Pierce Amy Rennie Brian Richard Scott Ryan Shane Saulsbury Sieve Springer Damon Siroiher Frank Tale Cissi Terrell Kelly Thomas Kellie Townsend Christie Vaughn Brian Woodard Daphne Arledge Amanda Bailey George Beck Cliff Bozeman James Broussard Jonoihon Bryon Angie Briery Price Bundy lonla Chapman Dane Clark Kellie Daspir Melissa Dealon Lee DuCoTe Paulelle Dukes Slephdnie Fosler Luci Fowler Tammy Gaull Slephne G-ipson No Photo Available S X Blh graders have lols of spiril or The pep rallil Blh Grade Favorilesz Angie Briery and Slam Hood 4' B fQ ' 3 .L,1 A X , S Q X ss Officers: Slode Hood, Lee DuCote, Ross Roberts, Luci Fowler, Stephne Gipson, Don Wolters, orge Beck. Louro Good Kellie Holvorson Kim Holes Elolne l-lorp Slode Hood Brent l-lope Potsy Hill Stephonie Hunt Stephonle Knutson Ben McCullough Chip Poddy Ross Roberts Kristi Shelby Sherry Stephens Bobby Tobey Don Wolters Kornmi Vllhotley Miss Boykin served os the eighth grode sponsor. Tom Barnes Sheila Bonner Bryan Doles Jennifer Chapman Tammy Clark Rachel Dempsey Don Drake Monica Dyess Leone Fitzgerald Brian Foster Shannon Edwards Shannon Fox Sheila Giles Tommy Harrison Stacy Hood Clint Hutchinson David Kilpatrick Meg Kirkharn S e Ven th Grade S+ is-ss iw' gina' .,,'oa .4 Sponsor: Mrs. Barnidge Class Favorites: Don Drake and Meg Kirkhc . . . Qn The Move! 7th grade class officers: Tommy Harrison, Bryan Dales, Kevin Johnson. Kevin Johnson Julia Mayer Ben Miles Keena IVlcCalrnan DeLisa McGee Paula Nelson Greg Pearce Wayne Pickard Failh Ruff Emily Ryan Chrissy Slaudl Shellie Thomas Charles Walker Paul Webb Kara Zukowski L QI, 0 f',V Srbrfh Grade . . Mrs, Hisaw Lindsay Axfora Randy Balenline Kale Barnwell Amy Bonner Kevin Boulanger Wade Bozeman James Broussard John Bullock Dalton Danfora Michael Duggan Shawn Ellison Mandy Fead Chrlsly Flowers Curr Graham Cnrislian Guier mmm nu-as f- .- M m m,,,M,w,,W, I. .M , A-fW'32gA.i'i23.:::smms:LW,,. M fin wV.WfW.ww4v7Mwyw mfg ml I M The sluaenls are very enfhusiaslic aboui learning. Q On Our Way' 7 ,, Q at Heainer Hardy Bryan Hendricks Scoiiy Henron Clay Holi Wendy Howard Kim Husi Carol Bern Land Amy Malone Amy McDonald Hunter MiTTon Bobby Nuckols Angie Perry John Rennie Mandy Sanders Debby Scaife Pafrick Spain Shannon Thomas Bonnie Townsend Hffh Grade . J A y Q if J l 2 Miss Johnson The sludenls of Miss Johnson's class lisien alle-nlively Brian Bailey Carole Bailey Shane Bell Carole Crafls Brian Drake ' A l-lealher Dukes Kim Larkin Jackie Mann Sieve Marston Juslin McGoldrick Ali Mclnlurf Joby Ogwyn Joey Pallen Bulch Porier Benjamin Resler Laura Stevens Jason Walker Wes Wynn Ms. While New Learn ng And Friends! Calhy Bailey Angela Bonner Jimmie Daspil Jennifer Dent Danny G-old Brian l-lisaw Brandy Hunler Richard Karnm Courlney Knutson Darla Monroe Chris Morris Jennifer lvlunlzel Chris McFerrin Wendy McKenzie Phillip Spain Allen Sykes Ricky Vaughn John Wells Wendy Wells Brad Whiilinglon Belinda Woodard Faurfh Grade . Mrs. Emerson Fourlh graders, learning and laughing Together Casey Aldridge 'Christopher Baillio Jason Barnidge Amber Barnwell John Duggan l Mlsfi Dyer N 1 Jeremy Dyess Alicia Ellis Slacey Fedd Shelly Good Chrlsfopher Graham Shane Harr Carrie Hendricks Suzanne Holcomb Robert Horlon A Year Of Chaienges! Fourih graders enjoy learning how To draw Enihsiasm makes The day more fun Chrisiy Howard Garrett Kruiihef Reasha Lambert Eiysia Lowiher David Lyons Melissa MCDOW Jennifer McKenzie Ashley McKnight Dedra Ninemire Corey Oliphinf Brian Skinner Ryan Sfroope Jammie Thompson Heafher Topkins Kim Watson Third Grade . Mrs. Hefner Brefr Bahm Slacey Beck Andrea Boling Courtney Burns Amy Crews Ryan Edwards Julie Graham Phillip Hardy Hunler Hari Clif Holi Kim Hun? Heaiher Hunrer Shannon Land Jennifer McCain Danielle McKnighT Ashley Ryan Kristina Tucker Anna Wooclall The Third grade enjoys reading and learning L Reoohfhg New llonZons! Mrs, Morrison The students enjoy listening to Mrs. Morrison's lesson. Christopher Allen Mott Buriison Jeffery Broussdrd Dovid Deoton Brondy Fenton Edrnest Furgeison Notolie GGDCY Cioy Gregory Adom Guier Jennifer Johnson April Kent Bridgette Moore Gregory Perry Liso Stevens Tdnyo Stubblefield Jored Voiles Louro Woscom r Kyn Allen Rose-Ann Barnidge Joe Barnwell Casey Boyler Tommy Deity Eric Evans Ashley Fullerlon Stephanie Kenl Kendal Land Kimberly Liddell Tracy Malone Amy Mclnlurf Mickey Moon Jennifer Morrison Jason Ogywn Ryan Oswald Roberl Paddy Randy Wnillinglon . . A Year Of New Encounfers! Mrs. Thigpen inlay Bruce Boling Angie Bryant Troy Copa Michele Courlney Brian Crenshaw Barbara Davis Candace Denl Wesley Dyer Heather Kleckinger Sarah Lowrher Amber Miller Zach Ninernire Ashley Preweil Laura Tatum Brenily Terrell Cynthia Walker Gary Webb Hrsf Grade mf J Mrs. Brown Scoll Caffery TC. Causey Jodie DeLony James Denham John Gill Jason Hayes Courtenay l-lisaw Cody Jones Jason Jordon Jessica Lowe Donny McKnighl Mary Beth Morris Joey Ryan Todd Springer Trey Slevens Trey Toups Debbie Vaughan Shane Von Senaen Patricia Ware Chris Wilkinson The siudenfs enjoy The challenge of a lesson iv, Growfh Ana' Learnihg The sludenls in Msr. Yarbrough's like To learn and read. l Ab in as lx -,. Mrs. Yarbrough Grey Aldridge Daniel Calhoun Douglas Campbell Todd Carroll John Chambers Sieve Chandler Charlie Fenner Emily Hardy Laura Hardy Johnny Johns Megan Lodge Nick Manning Emily McGowan Jack Todd Miller Aaron Normand Belh Poole Rebecca Resler Stacy Slroope Seakrisi Thompson 'Sli Andy Copa Brad Crenshaw Kaci Gilberi Joshua Good Alena Greening Joshua Guier Chad Harr Christopher Horion Tiffanie Hunier Christy Kent Nikki Knuison Erin McCain Melissa Mcwaliers Krisiopher Oxford Krista Quaid Jason Rudolph Jennifer Thurman James Tippeii Kimberly Tucker Mhdergafren . W4 J M. ,M,,,M, , , f" ""' '1"'f" I 1 ,rf, 5 Q 'W .ofa nf , Wierkx ,, Egg ,.- an ,ff gy-My ,rw WNY c ' 'C ,P ,W77 ,..,, 7 ,,,, ,M :lf 'L 2 4 K ff Y Q fe e Ms. Cramer 'inn-we A. 2 Z 6 zili i.i, ,i,,Z: ri, ,,, -ur ' , Lia in W if i MW J V V If ,sz',,3'1' Z 5 dm! H V A- I A New Begihnlhgf Mrs. lVloHafferty f, E , I g K ,.., y J Allison Allen Jacob Chamber Christine Conway Tia Disbrow Jill Evans Brook Franklin Jason Free Katherine Green Eric Longmire Christopher Morrison Luke Oliver Grant Shelton Heather Speigel Salana Taylor Sarah Tullis Amy Williams Shania Williams Elemenfery - "We C9of'c:hczf" Closs is out "Look like I goofe-dl" vi Q 'X"'i"""'Xww- WW W... . "I wish Pollon could see This." Big things come in llllle pockoges. -Ak' "This is noi Biology." S-5 "Yeo! We're cute! " "Gosh! This is fun We're full of spirit!" "Mon, l'm great." A Deoicafed Educafor Ano' Onnsfran Man Prrnckn al Cecil Owens IT is wiTh greaT pleasure ThaT The Aquila sTaff cleolicaTes The 4985 Aquila To our principal, Mr. Cecil Owens. This being Mr. Owens lasT year as our principal, we wanTecl To show him our greaTesT of graTi- Tude for The many Things he has done for TriniTy HeighTs over The lasT Twelve years. Mr. Owens has been a fine ChrisTian example for all of The pasT and presenT sTu- denTs aT TriniTy HeighTs, ana a well- respecTed man in his com- muniTy. The Time and efforT he has spenT in making This school The besT iT could be is unending. Thanks again To a fine person and a superb principal Asslls Tanf Pnhcba! Mrs ifwn Owens Mrs. Owens is ofTen found very busy. She is The counselor for ali TriniTy HeighTs sTudenTs. She enjoys helping wiTh schedule changes and many oTher needs of The sTudenTs as The year progresses. She is a dedicaTed person and is well-liked by everyone. Having been a counselor for TwenTy-six years, Mrs. Owens has TaughT for nine years wiTh four of Those aT TriniTy HeighTs. She conTinues To be a dedioaTed person To The TriniTy HeighTs adminisTraTion. The crediT of spiriTuoI leodership in The school is indebTed To The sToff oT TriniTy HeighTs BopTisT Church. Dr. Roger Freemdn works in The copoc- iTy of posTor ond hos been here for eighT yeors. Since 4978 Rev. Lonnie Woscom hos been MinisTer of Edu- coTion. The music is under The direc- Tion of Rev. Dovid WorThingTon who hos been wiTh us for l yedr. The newesT oddiTion To The sTdff is Rev. Dove ST. Andre, who occepTed The posiTion of lvlinisTer of YouTh. The sTu- denTs reolly enjoy IisTening To Dove preoch os well os sing during chop- el. Thdnk You SToff for being o viToI porT of The ocodemy. The School boord is The governing body of The Acddemy ond consisTs of T2 members who ore ocTively in- volved in mdking decisions iT Tokes concerning The school ond The sTu- denTs. They go by o chdrTer ond by- ldvvs oT Their meeTings once o monTh ond eoch member gives o reporT every meeTing. AcTuolly, The boord policies ore dll vvriTTen down ond kepT in d lorge book. They ore odopTed ond updoTed whenever rules need To be chdnged. Leddershb Dr. Roger Freemon Rev. Lonnie Woscom Rev. Dovid VVorThingTon Rev. Dove ST. Andre Shirley Grohom, lvlorilyn LlghT, Don Duggdn, Joe RosseTT, Sondrd WhiTe, Lonnie Hordy, Dove ST. Andre, Lonnie Woscom Doug McDonald, Chris Dominick, Bob Houser, Don WhiTe A dmrhis frafion Mrs. Harmon, Finanical Secrefary Mrs. Shilling, School Secrefary nln .ilu Joel Shilling, Parn Wiggins Sonya Lawrence, Doyle Dempsey, Kelli Graham Angela Buckalew, Brian Bufler The school owes aloT To Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Shilling for keeping The school running as far as records and financial affairs are concerned, buf every once in awhile They will gef so busy wifh Trying To geT everyfhing done ThaT They need a IiTTle help from sTudenTs who are willing To give up an hour ouT of Their busy school day jusf To help in The office. The sTudenTs help by answering The phone, running errands, and jusT being available if needed during The hour. Thank You Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Shilling for keeping The office TogeTher, Faculty Cassandra Barnidge BS., Louisiana Tech Jr. High Mathematics, Business Mathematics 'QW Tony Bone B.S.E., Louisiana Tech Pshychology, P.E., Football, Golf Lisa Bonnette Sandra Boykin Fronie Brown B.A., Louisiana Tech BA., MA., Louisiana Tech BA., Louisiana College LSU-Shreveport Eighth, Ninth English First Grade Journalism Seventh Bible I I Norma Jean Brown BS., M. Ed. LSU, NSU, SMU Typewriting I, II Bookkeeping I ,. EMF? A 4, 3 ' I Jud Copeland June Cramer Pauline Emerson BA., M.A. B.S.E. B.S. LSU, Arkansas, Centenary University of Arkansas University of Oklahoma English III, IV Kindergarten Fourth Grade French I, II , I 5 3 X Raymond Evans BA., Gen. St. Music Applie Louisiana Tech, I LSU-Shreveport I General Music, Inst. Music Carla Goben Merle Gore LSU-Shreveport BSE, Golden Girls Southern Arkansas Athletic Director Girls Basketball l L. Betty H. Greening Terrill Harvey B-All MA- Southern Illinois, Louisiana Tech, LSU St. Louis University Librarian Civics, American History. English lil, Free Enterprise Jamie Hefner Diane Hisaw B.S.E. B.A. East Texas Baptist College Louisiana Tech Third Grade Sixth Grade Steve Horton Llndq Hughes Southern Arkansas B,A,, NSU P.E., Football PE., Pep Squad Sponsor Claya Lea Johnson Ann G. Kent B.A., BA, B.S. Arkansas State, Louisiana College, Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech Fifth Grade SGA Sponsor, Chemistry, Biology, General and Physical Science N901 KWWQ Darlene Mcl-lalffey Kevin Marks BS. M-5' B.A. LSU-Shreveport B.A., Louisiana Tech, Kansas STOTG Kindergcffen Gymnastics Baptist Christian Civics, Boys Basketball Catherine Stinson Linda Thigpen BS, Centenary, BA., NSU Peabody Second Grade Second Grade Carol Morrison B.A., Louisiana Tech Third Grade J. Robinson Tinsley .B., lvl.A., MLS., Ph.D. Centenary, East Texas State, Alabama, University of London World, American and Louisiana History, Civics Lisa Montgomery B.S. Loyola, LSU-Shrevepor Physical, Life and Earth Science, English I Stephen Ponder B.S.E.E., lv1.l?.E. Louisiana Tech, Southweste Baptist Theological Seminary Physics, Math l, Il, Algebra I, Computer Science June Tobey TCU, NSU, LSU, Centenary, Louisiana Tecl Art I, II Patricia Townsend B.A., NSU, Baptist Christian College English ll, Speech, Language Arts Dorothy White A.A., B.A. Dodd College, Louisiana College Fifth Grade Mary Yarbrough B.A., NSU First Grade Patsy Weldon B.S., Louisiana Tech, LSU-Shreveport Algebra l, ll, Geometry, Advanced Math Michael Whitler Bossier Parish College, Centenary Boys Basketball .L .sig if is is J Cynthia Williams B.S., MS. Louisiana Tech, LSU- Shreveport Home Economics I, ll, lll, IV, Career Planning, General Science PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE sf QC, ,. ,f i W? D S 5 3 f Lee Roy Woodard BA, lv1.A. East Texas State, Centenary Baptist Christian Bible Down The Lazy wwe 5fUO'9l7f Life 4 Ii?-E H 0 ifafi new ova 7 984 Homecoming Queen Juie Frazier Our 1984-85 Homecoming Queen was Julie Frazier, The daughier of Mr. and Mrs, Kenneih Frazier, Congraiulaiions Julie, we are prou of you and we are proud io have you represeni us, Homecoming Couri- Carol Baillio, Tracy Burlison, DeAnn Craig, Kelli Graham, Tila Young, Julie Frazier, Sonya Lawerence, Jeanne Davis, Melisa Greening, lvlenaee Allen. h Becca Golsby, Wyndy Wynn, Kim Dominick, Erin Evans, and Sherri DuCole returned as Alumni Cheerleaders. The football Team excifingly awaits The game. Eagle caplains anxiously await the oulcome of The Toss, Dia Young Fooibaii Sweefheari Jeanne Davis Junior Maia Sonya Lawerence Senior Maia b,s9:W"' Keii Graham Senior Maia fa ' DeAnn Craig Junior Maia Trooy Burhson Sophomore Mold Corol Bollho Pep Squoo' Sweefheorf Mendee Allen Bond Sweefheorf Mehlso Greenlhg Freshman Moio' Homecoming week wos filled with mdny exciting doys. We enjoyed Mosh doy, Nerd doy, Let's Go Crozy ddy, South Seo's ddy, ond Blue ond Gold doy. Eoch ddy students portrdyed The theme by dressing up in unusuol clothes. AT The end of The week d Pep Rdlly wos held ond The Boy's Homecoming Court wos onnounced. Nerd dciy involved students GS well os teochers. South Seo's ddy ended with o Huld contest. Mosh Doy begun Homecoming week for mony spir- ited students. As The week went on, students got o little crozier on LeT's Go Crdzy doy. Blue ond Gold doy ond the Boy's Court ended Homecoming week. Casey Cassel and Jan Davis hung up sTreamers. Kelley Cooper and Le'Anne Bonner enjoyed working as a Team. l dance ever. The STudenT C5overnmenT AssociaTion sponsored This year's Home- coming Dance aT Chimney Hill. Everyone meT The niQhT before and decoraTed wiTh sTreamers and balloons. Thank you SGA for The besT As everyone helped, The decoraTions began To look greaT. The fun sTarTed when The balloons were all blown up. Mrs. KenT, SGA sponsor, enjoyed decoraTing, Too. Q X Af aw e Yu E S2 is ti ' ugh . -5 '1 t xgif 3 L. , E if ,. F' . ,':.V K K ..' S- Q f df li.. ., is J .a ffxfkr at QR? M 'Me ,... rv. L"a :r1K W Q Q K ,E . Q, ax W N Wiamgwsf 'X-X . Q - --551. . 145 A i- -fff'if5Qf'f" : x-- ! M81 ':':-' 23:55-11 Q, ,Q -' K 1 if w. Our fed Pqncess ol BQMO '6'0'O'0' , Q 0 The TriniTy HeighTs BeouTy Pog- eonT sponsored by The Journolism Q 0 DeporTmenT wos held on OcTo- D Q Q ber27, 4984. The Pogeor1Tbegon Q Q wiTh over 50 girls nominoTed by , . orgonizoTlons. These girls wenT Through on inTerview ond sToge Q judging. The Top fifTeen were ' Q chosen To be in The pogeonT ond Q Q The nexT Ten were STory Book Girls. The conTesTonTs were foced wiTh inierviews, sporTsweor, ond evening gown compeTiTion. They were TreoTed To o nice luncheon wiTh The judges oT T.S. SToTion, where Queen Julie Frozier wished Them l'Good Luck" for The finol compeTiTion. The nighT culminoT- ed wiTh Corol Boillio being crowned "Our EnchonTed Prin- cess". June MoTheny wos chosen Miss CongenioliTy T Corlo Goben, Miss ShreveporT, ocTed oy The oTher conTesTonTs. She wos olso o Tino- os MisTress of Ceremonies. isT w ..... . 1 .ss ., . Q .... T .. - , ' i'T f S Q, T . A bt T . nxt X fa. fm- . O53 T T s.Th . 1 3 B W? my X WAX? .wh 5 S Q TTT' APT Q T 3'- 7, X my :Q-4 T v Q 997 .. . K ... T Q "" f Q -R LQT .f T S ss: Tessfsfmsffi iw K Z .,,. Y E L W' R S . TT- .',.. S - ' 3 '31 J' .,,- ' -N: NTT 'SSE-3"'9?s?xx?X H K. H D , ve - .. .kkk K Ok rl .xiii -,, .j..S : " . X T Tss . Q f g f as TTT' ' - 9 , :,, fag 17 4-Q54 x'l7sTT'!-'F 2- Qi ff ,gh-, Y jfs-sk R . :J -T' STORY BOOK GlRLS: Melisso Clork- LiTTle Bo Peep, Pom Wiggins- Sleeping BeouTy, KoThy Komm- Goldilocks, Rhondo Voiles- Ropunzel. DeAnn Croig- Rose Red, Jeonne Dovis- Alice-In-Wonderlond, Missy Burns- Thumbelino, NOT PicTured- Jono Bell- Snow WhiTe, Shelly Gipson- Cinderello, Kim Noble- LiTTle Red Riding Hood. , -ff. ,Q k, ff 'L ' A Af , if . ,H ,. M, my 6' 1' H , 17 ' if AM" J, , :VY ' I , ful 1 W2 , 1 ifiyf, with ,jf 7 ,i 13,3 1 ' 4 ' L fn, 53' 9 ' , 1 '?M"2f1iWff , 1, K ,Q ii ,yifi f N Qi '72 . , L V H A wh LW' V f lf, ., fn Mfr' ,V 4 A ff 1 ff 24,4 'Q 'Mr ff 1 w I 'Q K wi N S HI, , . 0 Liso Allen Kelli Grohom Kelley Cooper Le'Anr1e Bonner Julie DuCoTe Shorlo Hole K K .K ' LS - Kim Borker Debbie Harrison Kim ivlorshoil Tears, Tosserls, G-rodudTion hdd finolly orrived. iT seemed jusT like yesTerddy They were siTTing in kindergorTen Trod- ing lunches. Junior High wds only d sTep dwdy ond Then High School. The memories of spiriT breokfdsTs ond pep rdllys would linger in Their minds forever. No more Tdrdy bells, ldTe ddmiTs, or who would geT The fronT row pdrking spdces To worry dbouT. No one would forgeT The Almd MdTer ThdT They proudly song in honor of Their school. The grddudTes oil hove Their memories, buT The ones of Their Senior yedr ore The mosT SpeCiOl. , , Theresd Allen. cldss VGIGGICTOTIOD, en- courages her fellow clossmoTes To sTrive for Their godls. Groduofes onxiously owoiT The Turning of Their Tcissels. W? Take Their Iasi walk as Seniors. Ano' Gowns Wyndy Wynn, class Saluforian, delivers her speech. Dr. Pierre Guiilerrnin and Don Duggan were ine guest speakers for Graduation. Senior class Presideni. Jason Gipson, ac cepis an award from Mrs. Owens. SGA President, Becca Golsby, proudly ac cepis an award from Mrs. Owens. Memodes Qf. .arois Gras Marais Gras is an exciTing Time of The year for SouTh Louisiana. However, This pasT year TriniTy HeighTs goT in on some of The Marais Gras spiriT, when The eighTh graders formed The "Crew of Amour" and paraded around The gym. Kinder- garTen Through sevenTh grade enjoyed caTch- ing beads, dabioons, and canay. This is an- oTher TraaiTion ThaT is looked forward To by every eighTh grader. ScoTT Ryan and Alicia Reia were king and queen of Marais Gras. i E 5 5 Mr. Tinsley lea The Marais Gras paraae. i Q i 76 EighTh graders were exciTea and ready for The parade. WCKSDUTQ, A Cify Of Hedfage The sevenTh grade class had an exciT- ing Trip lasT year. They Toured The Vicks- burg baTTlefields. Mr. Tinsley and Mrs. Ter- ry wenT along wiTh The sTudenTs and as- sured Them a Trip They would never for- geT. ' 'WV' 'W- ' x I if l -- ". ' tag - ,tif i-Till? 50.21139 SevenTh graders and Mr. Tinsley were involved in shopping and Touring. A visiT To The baTTlegrounds was especially educa- Tional. Sevenfh graders enjoyed sighTseeing on Their Trip. 77 Behind The Scenes The lunchroom sToff yvhioh in- i cludes Mrs. Glenn, Mondger, Mrs. I Spoin, Mrs. Rudolph, ond Mrs. Good I hove done o good job This yeor of preporing lunches ond snooks for The sTudenTs.,This is The sixTh yeor ThoT They hdve worked in The lunch- room ond we hope They will conTin- ue To do so. i This is The firsT yeor ThoT Mr. Chorlie Jones hos been The CusTodion oT T.H.C.A. His job is To keep everyThing in working order. We dpprecioTe oil of his hord work. Mrs. WiTTingTon hos been d big help working os on did for Mrs. Hi- . sow, The olh grdde Teocher. She geTs here every doy oT Twelve o'clock ond sToys unTil Three o'olock. Thdnk you for dll of your help. Chorlie works hord To keep eyeryThing in working order. if ' E ?x yi 'sed , we . Joy Hinron ond Brod Webb help The cusTodion during 5Th period. Mrs. WhiTTingTon enjoys helping Mrs. l-lisc in The oTh grode. l Q" 'Q mmm. ll 'O on I I ,dx 3 ,u T ' 4 A N x- - I Mrs. Spoin ond Mrs. Glenn counT The money QT The end of The day. s. Spoin helps ouT wiTh The occounhng. Mrs. Glenn plons The meals for The dcys clheod. Iris Chnls fmos Dine Again! ChrisTmos is one of The mosT owoiTed Times dround T.H.C.A. The High School geTs inTo The spiriT by seeing which cldss con deco- roTe Their ChrisTrnos Tree The besT. The seniors inviled SdnTo Clous To come ond visiT wiTh The Elemen- Tory, buT The high school goT in on iT Too. The ldsT doy before The HoIidoy's everyone come To school dressed up ond hod o Chrisimos porTy in Their horne- room, Rhondo Voiles, Lynn Cromer, Corol Boillio, ond Shdrlo Hole siT on SonTo's lop 'Yqq' if SixTh groders geT inTo The holidoy spiriT by mdking ginger Dredd houses. The children get ready To sTorT The Chrisfmos program. During inrermission children ehrerroirmed by singing "All I wohr for Chrisfmos is my Two from TeeTh". fssrwu The shepherds line up To sihg. 4 HEY.. XT r Z lvkyhhf xl x 1 -Ml fmw . 'H LUQRQ Compefifion Vorsify Foo fool Cofoh Thof Eagle Pddelll . L. -W-sL..3iJes f1.gEf!iil?s2iFl -4 . ..n. as. Sal M ' EAGLE FOOTBALL TEAM: l-lonk Johnson, Mike Sumrnerlin, Heolh Millon, Joel Shilling, Joey Porler, Doyle Dempsey, Mark Pollen, Josol Sorclengo, Fronk Tole, Brion Woodord, Mike Burllson, Bobby Worren, Mike King, Chip Colhoun, Todd Aoigole, Adorn Tole, Brody While Dovicl Corley, Dorrell Gorrnon, Neil Corlisle, Lon Wiggins, Roberl Zukowskl, Chris Gorrnon, Sleve Boolner, Brion House-r, John Howell, Eric Hole, Dorron Hinion, Neil Owens, Scoll Dovis, Wilford Dempsey, Don Brown. SEPT. 7 Riverfielo 6 - 27 SEPT. 44 Firsl Boplisl 'l5 - 27 SEPT, 21 Ploin Deoling O - O SEPT. 28 Glenbrook 8 - i6 OCT. 5 G-rowood 28 - O OCT. 12 Tensos O - 6 OCT. lf? Colvory 26 - 6 OCT. 26 Belrnonl 36 - 2'l NOV. 2 River Ooks 6 - 23 NOV. 9 Cedor Creek 34- 8 'NOV. i6 Ook Foresl 7 - 411 STATE PLAYOFFS Cooch Tony Bone ond Cooch Sleve Horlon ii EAGLE RECEIVERS: Sieve Boofner, Mike Burlison, Joey Porter, Honk Mike Summeriin, Eric Hole, Dorron Hinton, Neil Owens, Neil Corlisle Johnson The feom spent mony long hours procricing for eoch Friday Night "Tell when They're gone, he Eogies were cheered on of The COCCW' feginning of each gome wiih o viciory shaun i C i EAGLE LINEMEN- Frank Tale, David Corley, Don Brown, Mark Pollen, Chip Calhoun, Robert Zukowski, Johi Howell, Adam Tale, Wilford Dempsey, Todd Adgale, Healh lvlillon, Joel Shilling, Jason Sardenga, Doyle Dempsey, Brian Woodard. JUNIORS- Darrell Gorman, Don Brown, Chip Calhoun, Brady While, Foolball boys, we finall David Corley. caught you smiling ai The Hc waiian Pep Rally!! FRESHMEN- Dorron Hinlon, Neil Owens, John Howell, Sieve Booiner, Eric Hole, Todd Aclgole, Fronk Toie, Honk Johnson, Brion Woodord, Wil- ford Dempsey. EAGLE BACKS- Brion Houser, Chris Gorrnon, Lon Wiggins, Dorrell Gor- mon, Sooll Dovis, Bobby Worren, Mike King, Brody While, EAGLE SOPHOMORES- Neil Corlisle, Lon Wiggins, Chris Gormon, Brion Houser, Adorn Tole, Mike Summerlin, Joson Sordengo, Roberl Zukowski, SCOTT Dovis. 'Ea Hz ' W . .f 'if XQ!!! ffm 1 z mg, ,A I - ' w if Z Z iff' 5? ,aw , L ody Eagles Boske fboi Debbie VlloTTs, Angie Spurlock, Cindy Droke, Debbie Horrison Jon Dovis, Arnondo Dukes, Togon Ferguson, Melonie ATkins, Cissi, Terrell, STocey Brown, Donio FIeTcher, Gosey Cossel, Kelley Cooper, Josie Johnson, STocy Giles, Tino ATTowoy, Shelley Gibson, Meliso Greening, KrisTi Dick, ond Cooch Merle Gore. The Lody Eogles enjoyed onoTher successful seo- son, They finished wiTh o regulor seoson record of 30-O ond owdiTed The sToTe ployoffs wiTh high dn- TicipoTion. The lodies were winners of The TriniTy l-leighTs, Ploin Deoling, Bienville ond Cedor Creek TournornenTs. Cocich Merle Gore ogoin led his Teom Through o greoi seoson. Gooch Gore is going for his sixTh sToTe chompionship This yeor. Freshmen One of The ToughesT roles To fill on d Tedm is ThoT of o freshrndn. This yedrs freshmen did d gredT job of conTribuTing. They were. Arnondo Dukes, Meliso Greening, Cissi Terrell ond Togdn Ferguson. Managers A good bdskeTboiI Teom would noT be possible wiThouT dedicdTed rndndgers. Mdngers Cindy Drake, Kristi Dick ond STG- cey Brown were dsseTs The pldyers gredTIy dpprecidTed. , if , f. . " X 2 . ,, ' ,W x X! TPS. QMS 'wma TT STQTTEQCTYF iff 33 " riLC13sa5!7Yf 35 ,, a ml imgsuwz,-e41w1!1i'f ' ' ' J V ,- -K ' j, kirby 'Zh,,,v,6 Mrlrfi fm , .4' ,5qr::HE?,'1:'.WZ- girrlfzg f- ' 7 "'- rug, - ' - : ' "" f "'f -,1,,1.:'jgv- 5 Q T -, I -""' - My W . fr ,,, ,Mir gi g? ..,.M, - F,.Ml g5s,r5,5,y5,,.,z-,i5,, 9,f,,,,,: ,,. . 1 -23. ., T QW T '3 in i . . I-5' :W .i use Q. ,, -,... IQL. 'T K r . 5 x,i 'E ' sw 1 Varsity Bo ys Baske fbal if M' :Nvggm 'istie Metzelaars, Brad Dominick, Keith Patterson, Neil Carlisle, Carol Baillio, Mark Weldon, Lon Wiggins, Kyle Patterson, Randy Allums, Steve itner, Scott Ryan, Steve Springer, Hank Johnson, Monty Bobo, Brad Batte, Brian Valles, Philip Robinson, Whitney Wiggins, Patrick Weldon, 'by Watts. Coach Kevin Marks, Coach Mike Whitler. Carol Baillio, Shawn Horton, Christie Metzeiaars. . 93 Philip going in for o Ioyup. lb Seniors - Whitney Wiggins, Brion Voiles - 1 wi 5? .. S: W i X ' Juniors - Kyle Pofierson, Philip Robinson, Poirick Weldon, ivioniy Bobo. AGL:- NT' - Q sw A 7 X- - f 1- ms? XS: . iw 52 3 Golf Soffbal Ana' Tenns Roberlson, Chad Oswald, Brad Dominick, Whilney Wiggins, Monry Bobo, John Davis, Brandi Slroiher, Lee DuCoTe, Coach Bone. fnn Cramer, Cindy Drake, Becca Golsby, Shelly Gibson, Pam Giddings, Slacey Brown, Missy Burns, Tina Allaway, Bridger Bohm, Jndy Sloudi, Coach Gore, Kelley Cooper, Jana Huckaby, Julie DuCoTe, Angie Spurlock, Debbie Walls, Janet Nunenrnacher, Christie leizelaars, Melanie Alkins, Michelle Byrd, Josie Johnson, Debbie l-larrison, Casey Cassel. 1 . fr, 4' an Baller, Michael Newell, Troy Moore, Brian Wreyford, Jan Veiler, Jarod i-lorron, Bridger Bahrn, Josie Johnson, Angie Spurlock, Kelley sober, Debbie Walls, Coach Bone, Q Junior Ana Senior High Track wil iil ME This year's Track Team had success in boTh running evenTs and field evenTs. BoTh Junior High and Senior High Track Teams finished firsT in The disTricT meeT which was held aT River- dale in CoushaTTa. T s Varsity Track- Brady WhiTe, Patrick Weldon, Fred Porler, David Corley, Whifney Wigg Jimmy RoberTs, Joe Prussiano, Bobby Warren, Mike King, Manager Melissa Clark c Coach Tony Bone. Q .. .3 A L 1 l Jr. High Track- ScoTT Ryan, Billy Moore, Corby WaTTs, Adam TaTe, Hank Johnson, Lon Wiggins, Frank TaTe, Lynn Eason, David Depingre, KeiTh PaTTerson, "'1ndy Allums, STeve Baillio, Neil Carlisle, Bryan Hauser, Brad Dominick, Macy Flash, Shkwn HorTon, Lee DucoTe, Dane Clark, BrenT Hope, Troy OliphanT, Shane Saulsbury, Manager Melissa Clark, and Coach Tony Bone. .K V. VVVV, , it N we ,, , . , gm' fwfr-'v,z,f:g . . T if ' 2- f ,, ,K ,, ff. , A - A Q 4 ' " ' A V 4 L W: V ,, , " , fu iq ,. 5 , ' My 5. ,pq MQW - 1 . , 1 , spwV,,,,' , The sky was The limiT for Joe Prussiano he won all-sTaTe in The Triple jump. Varsify Basebal The many hours of hard work paid off for The Eagle's Baseball Team as They ended Their season being disTricT runners up. All dis- TricT parTicipanTs for The Eagles were Senior, Brad McDonald, Senior, Jason Gipson, Junior, Doyle Dempsey, Sophomores, Ricky ATTaway, Brady WhiTe, and Freshman Darren Dukes. Their suc- cess was owed To skill, TalenT, and Coach STeve HorTon. inning All disTricT for The Eagles in varsiTy baseball were Brad McDonald, Jason Gipson, lurren Dukes, Brady WhiTe, Doyle Dempsey, and Ricky ATTaway. - sTaTe for The Eagles was lefT fielder ld McDonald. in f VarsiTy Baseball- Brad McDonald, Brady WhiTe, Doyle Dempsy, Jason Gipson, Joel Shilling, Heaih MiTTon, Ricky ATTaway, Mike Roberis, Tod Chiles, Darren Dukes, David McCarTney, Hank Johnson, John Morris, and Manager Bobby Tobey. Our Annual A fhfe fic Banauef This year's aThIeTic banqueT was one of The nicesT in The schooI's his- Tory. HosTess Sybii KiIpaTrick planned The delicious meal while everyone was enTerTained by speciai music and coach's speeches. Dr. James Farrar was The guesT speaker. The pasT yedr's aThIeTes were some of The finesT and TaIenTed young men and women. NoT picTured was Joe Prussiano who received M.V.P. on The Track Team. '5-Hi' Coach Bone and Coach Gore awarded Becca Golsby and Kim Dominick Paula euier and Becca Golsby enter The coveTed Lady Eagle Award. Tained everyone by singing and play ing The piano Kyle PaTTerson was The recei- pienT of The boy's baskeTbalI Eagle Award. Brad McDonald received The ouTsTanding offensive and de- fensive player for The fooTball Team, and The lVl.V.P. for The boy's baseball Team. Jan Davis was awarded The M.V.P. for The Lady Eagles BaskeT- ball Team. Kelley Cooper was given The M.V.P. for The girl's baseball Team. Chad Oswald was given IVl.V.P. for The golf Team. David Boone was awarded The M.V.P. for The boy's baskeTbalI Team. Golden Eagle Band Ray Evans - Band Direcior Mark Green - Drum Major Brad Webb, Brian Chapman, Aaron Deavers, Jonaihon Bryan, Lynn Eason, Wilford Dempsey, Sieve Springer, Andrew Yarborough, Cl Bozeman, Brian Foster, Tom Barnes, Missy Bankard, Kelly Thomas, Holly Wrighi, Tammy Anderson, Ray Evans, Mendee Allen, Sher Stephens, Lee DuCofe, and Roberi Doles. Junior I-ilgh Ano' Hemen fary Bands A 3 4 - nnifer McKinzie, Shelly Good, Amber Barnwell, Ashley McKnighT, Case Aldridge, Stacey Fedd, Jason Barnidge, Healher Thompkins, rianda Johnson, Chris Graham, Robby Horlon, Melissa lVlcDow, Elysia Lowlher, Alcia Ellis, Corey Oliphlni, Chris Baillio, Shane Harr. remy Dyess, Ray Evans, Dedra Nlnemire, Suzanne Holcomb, Jamie Thompson, Misli Dyer, Kim Waison, David Lyons, Brian Skinner, irisly Howard, Carrie Hendricks. ey Porter, Brad Whillingron, Wes Wynn, Carol Crafis, Jennifer lvlunlzel, Heather Dukes, Phillip Spain, John Wells, Ray Evans, Shane ll, Richard Kamm, Kim Larkin, Carol Bailey, Jennifer Deni, Brian Hisaw, ny Holl, John Blackwell, Chrisiian Guier, Patrick Spain, Wade Bozeman, James Brousard, Hunrer lvlillon, Dalton Danford, Jeana rmpsey, Ray Evans, Curl Graham, Randy Balenline, John Rennie, Debbie Scaife, Michael Duggan, Amy Bonner, Carol Beth Land, vin Boulanger, Wendy Howard. Our Awo o'- ifwhh hg Golden Girls JUVW9 MOTVWGVW - CGDTOWW Kim Borker - Co-Copfoin Le'Anne Bonner - Senior It ., , , -AAN A , :ein ' ,, e .af Sonnonfho Mopiey - Senior Steph Moore f Senior Melisgq Qlgrk f Junigr Julie Ducoie - Junior Koren Aikins - Sophomore Beth Good A Sophomore , f z. M rl. "W 8 . 'Y ,-, if if Kelly Kilpairick - Sophomore Kim Noble - Sophomore Cahaee Presioh - Sophomore we .27 val" ' ' 'i' 'Ui me f X 1 lly Kilpairick, Melissa Clark, Karen Aikins, Julie Ducaie, Beih Cahaee Presioh, Kim Barker, June lvlaihehy, Steph Moore, Sa aad, Kim Noble mamha Mobley, Le'Anr1e Bonner, Spiiif . . . Reach For The I-leigh Ts rv. sim Pafricia Ware, Missy Burns, DeAnn Craig, Lynn Cramer, Jeanne Davis, Lisa Bussell, Kelli Graham, Jan Davis, Sonya Lawrence, Julie Frazier. Sonya Lawrence served as Head Cheerleader This year. She enjoys snow skiing, being wiTh friends, dancing, cheering, and Talking on The phone. Sonya says The besT pan of being a cheerleader was The friendship she and The oTher cheer- leaders had. pew ' sl Lisa Bussell Julie Frazier Kelli GVONOVTW l V1 N 'ln Fha -T'-is P 2 lzf- is ,-e 3 i X-:lik Missy Burns DeAnn Craig Lynn Cramer .gg 0,44 o Q j""""'.J W. Mid ,Q vv OQ0 fo so ofa. Q O . 4 'is 4 4 4 L Q 4 5, i 3, r WWKAW: a Q 'Q Q4 QWLQ " s K . .7 .K F 9 4 5' 'Y' WH' 4 "infix , 6, 5 dx -Q, Eg K 5,...,f Q I x 4' A' 9 Q '-.. . k if X - ,ff L' rv siwg ,.,,r., . ' " - '5 4 A Q s fs I 9' 0 ,x O J 4 .,.: , D A Jeanne Davis Jan Davis Patricia Ware 0 4 high Hyers L eodershio Josie Johnson, Co-Colonel Christie Metzeloors, Copioin Lindo Hughes, Sponsor Corol Boillio, Co-Colonel Cindy Droke. Copioin Rhondo Voiles, Colonel KW 5 Trocy Burlison, Mojor Shelly G-ipson, lvlojor M Z Allison Allen, MCJSCOT Sarah Brezinq, Senior WM Karen Benner Jonel Numerwmocher 4 Stacey Giles Morrhc Spivey Slocy Brown Bridget Bohm Karen Jcnnsen Dee Dee Word Pom G-iddlngs 1 'Z Michelle Byrd Beth Mccullougn Merldee Allen Poulo LeBlanc 5 Chrislie Crofl Yverle Harrington Tosho Allen l09 J E Q. X 1 Q uso Allen Melanie Couch April Hunter Joshie Banks 110 Missy Bdnkdrd Hope Ddnford Cindy Mesheli Julie Eliers Trocy Byrd Liz Clemence FS Meiiso Greening Koren Hendricks Penny Pollen Amy Rennie liwifib six AQQQXY57 fed ill! i 'laik ' ' ' SWF , f i ik .fi fi mx L... .iii fm 'N aiff k.,k. . XSS W ,.--. .,.' A X,.. ,Q K V - : N I K I X K V . Ji-fi x - g g, g z k. -gg v . " X N i K X A A A , V 5 g k ' 4 X V i K 5 ,V Qs I g --ww X - . La 4 - F . :-Yi' . 'f?:' 55- .52 .X..kk 5 if, 531' ' .,-' - f-My - + Q, .- - f " - r - 1 1 ---- H A , xx . is . a iw ' 1 2 Wi 6 X k X ' :1-EEIE F Q .: K K : f-T k..- f : Q, H fi- A L iijg A fi? f- - L. M- ' g Jun or I-hgh Foofbdl ii xi Poul Webb, Ciinr Huichinson, Kevin Johnson, Brion Doles, Done Clork, Geroge Beck, Cliff Bozemdn, Ben McCullough, Don Drdke, Le Ducoie, Greg Peirce, Ben Miles, Tornrny i-idrrison, Price Bundy, Brion Fosier, Chip Poddy, Don Wolker. Cooch Tony Bone i Junior High fooiboll DICIYGTS owoiiing gorne Time. Jun or H gh Cheerleaders ephne Gipson - Head Cheer- Daphne Aldredge Angie Briery Stephanie Knuison Jder Shannon Edwards Emily Ryan Chrissy Sioudi Meg Kirkham iaphne Aldredge, Emily Ryan, Siephne Gipson, Meg Kerkham, Siephanie Knuison, Chrissy Sroudi, Shannon Edwards, Angie Briery, Sponsor iiss Boykin, 113 4 Junior High Pep Souoo' 4 'G' ,,. .-J ' - Pauieife Dukes-Colonei Laura Good-Colonel Karnmi Whaiiey-Co-Colonel Jennifer Chapman-Major Tarnrny Clark-Major 4? Sheila Giles, Leone Fitzgerald, Siacy Hood, Jennifer Chapman, Sheila Bonner, Monica Dyess, Srephanie Hunt, Krisii Shelby, Kim Haii Kamrni Whafley Hffh Ana' Si fh Grade Faafbal xp, 1 , .Mvf 'f" " . . . f r " " 4----F-r...-..,.,!' ,a- , r--ff'f" -. ..- -iff 'K fi' ' 3 1 Ax 1 W e ' M ,ww 3 3 x .S ww j'v5g:5:'l', 9 ' NG ug, N' Hi " ' 'G-in ,- ij' ' Pg ', fj , A - Q75-. gif , V ask ,4 :J Riga if 2-I WT f . , 7,2 . f . gf :iw ii' I 5' , if 411 is, ze " - I xy' ., I sf' f gf! I 14? V . IF, xx K l d- ., A J 3 "4 n J. gf' Q pi' -. . .' - . - -, - fs' J-JW-E V R' L l ' A "V- ' -:..f.s 'i.4"" . A F5 . f if 15 . -P'-" ' M in MCG-olddrick, Chris ivlorris, Wade Bozeman, Shane Bell, Balch Porter, Benjamin Resier, Joby Ogwyn, Randy Baleniine, Curl Graham, s Wynn, Bryan Bailey, Brian Drake, Sieve Marsron, Brian l-lisaw, Joey Pollen, Chrisiian Guier, Bryan Hendricks, Michael Duggan, John nie, Kevin Boulanger, Richard Kamm, James Broussard. Hfrh Ana' Si fh Grade Cheerleaders Head Cheerleader- Mandy Mandy Sanders l-lealner Hardy Kale Barnwell Fedd Belrnda Woodard Courlney Knulson Darla Monroe Brandy l-lunler Courtney Knutson, Mandy Fedd, Darla Monroe, Belinda Woodard, Brandy Hunler, Kale Barnwell, l-lealner l-lardy, Mandy Sanders u, S AVL' BQQQ ' P 1 -' fx QW LUQRQ Lead Te The Ocean Pedfcbefien Student Go vernmenf Association Among the many different organizations at Trinity Heights, one particular club stands above the rest. Trinity Heights' Student Government Association is consistently the most active and in- volved organization to participate in. SGA sponsors a workshop at the beginning of the school year in order to welcome back students with a big pep rally. Homecoming, spirit contests, SGA Secret Students, Student Government Week, Spring Fever Day, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, and Elementary Field Day are a few of the projects SGA promotes. Many activities the SGA sponsors are very orginal and need an explanation in order to clearly understand their purpose. One such project is the spirit contest. This is a semester divided stu- dent involvement activity in which all four high school classes compete against one another to win spirit points. The spirit games vary from week to week ranging from bobbing for apples to water balloon fights. The class with the most points at the end of the semester is allowed to wear blue-jeans for one week rather than wearing uniforms. Also, at the end of that week the class goes to eat at the resturaunt of their choice. Activities such as these keep students interested and active in their school. In order to finance these projects, the SGA maintains a very active fund raising plan. Some of the money raising projects include: Santa Grams, bluejean Day, bake slaes, and M81M sales. The Student Government Association cares a great deal about the people that support them and the school they repre- sent. The following activities are done in appreciation. to their supporters: SGA hosted a luncheon in which they presented a microwave oven to the teachers: a calendar of events is placed in the main quadrangle to keep everyone informed of what is happening: a newsletter is provided for all SGA members to keep them aware of the club's activities. Also, a trash cleanup has been organized to help keep the campus cleaner by assign- ing a different school club to clean up each week. members are generally elected by their peers to represent each different organization in the school. One may also obtain membership in the SGA by volunteering their services in the required number of activities. Members have the opportunity to attend Student Government workshops and conventions throughout the year. These promote students to actively partici- pate in making their school a better place to be. The success of Trinity Heights SGA is based largely upon the leadership of sponsor, Mrs. Kent and president Casey Cassel. Between these two people and a group of responsible, caring members, the Student Government Association has established itself as an outstanding organization at Trinity Heights. Debbie Harrison 120 ' l Casey Cassel-SGA President Mrs Kent-SGA Sponsor. sa Bussell, Fred Porter, Missy Burns, Casey Cassel, Kellie Graham, Patrick Weldon, Kelly Cooper, Adam Tale, Lynn Cramer, Troy Moore, :sie Johnson, Brian Wreyford, Sonya Lawrence, June Maiheny, Michael Roberis, Rhonda Valles, Whiiney Wiggins, Kaihy Karnm, Brian alles, Cindy Drake, Andrew Furgerson, l.eAnne Bonner, Scoii Ryan, Debbie Walls, Jan Davis ifficers: Brian Wreyforcl- Treasurer, Debbie Walls-Secreiary, Jan Davis- Vice-Presideni , Casey Cassel-President, Whitney Wiggens- Jblio Relaiions, Troy Moore-Hisiorian. The Z Club is o dedicoTed group of girls ThoT provides mony services Through The yeor. Some of These ore visiTing nursing homes, visiTing The chlldren's word oT Willis KnighTon HospiTol, operoTing The school sTore, ond supporTing The con food drive. The club is sponsored by The ZonTo Club of Shrevepori. The officers This yeor ore: Pom Wiggins- Choploin, Cindy Droke- Treosurer, STocy Brown- Junior Boord Member, BeTh McCullough- Sophomore Boord Member, Soroh Brezino- PorlimenTorion, Julie Frozier- PresidenT, Tino ATTowoy- HisTorion, KoThy Komm- SecreTory, Kelley Cooper- Vice-PresidenT, Liso Bussell- Service Choirmon, NoT PicTured- Debbie Horrison- Senior Boord Member. Z- Club Our officers worked hord ond served os The bockbone of The club. Mrs. KilpoTrick served os The Z Club Sponsor for her fourTeenTh yeor. l 1 E X Koihy Komm, Cindy Droke, STocy Brown, Julie Frozier, Liso Bussell, Pom Wiggins, Tiffor Wilkins, MorTho Spivey, BeTh McCullough, Soroh Brezino, Tino ATTowoy, Shelly Gipson Julie Ellers, Kelley Cooper, Melisso Clork, Joshie Bonks, Koren Houper, Poulo LeBlonc Michelle Byrd, JoneT Nunemocher, Josie Johnson, KrisTi Dick, BridgeT Bohm, Trocl Burlison, Holly WrlghT, YveTTe HorringTon. Nofionol Honor Sooie fy Brion Wreyford served os PresidenT of The NdTionol Honor SocieTy with The help of The other officers, Kelli Grdhom, Troy Moore, ond noT picTured- Kyle PdTTerson, Michoel l?oberTs, Missy Burns, Liso Bussell, Brion Wreyford, Kelli Grohom, Philip Robinson, Cosey Cossel, Troy Moore, noT picTured- Kyle PoTTerson. Membership in The NoTionol Honor SocieTy hos become rec- ognized ndTionolly os one of The highesT honors ThoT con be bes- Towed upon o high-school sTu- denT. Membership is, however, more Thon on honor: iT cdrries wiTh iT o responsibiliTy ond should be considered The beginning of OD obligdTion, noT merely The suc- cessful culminoTion of on effori To ochieve recogniTion ond honor. Once selecled for membership, o sTudenT is singled ouT. He should noT only conTinue To demonsTrdTe Those ouTsTonding quoliTies which broughT obouT his seleclion, buT he should olso exerT o new influ- ence To improve condilions dbouT him ond promoTe Those quoliTies, leodership, chordcTer, scholorship, ond service, for which The NoTionol Honor SocieTy sTdnds. Here oT Trinity HelghTs ChrisTion Acodemy, we ore espe- ciolly proud of our NoTionol Honor SocieTy sTudenTs. Eoch yedr The high school fdculTy members sponsor o luncheon in The Home Economics DepdrTmenT honoring our members. Mrs. Weldon devoTes mony hours To The Ndlionol Honor SocieTy cis Their sponsor. Mu Aloha The fo Mu Alpho Therd is o noTiondI hon- orory moThernoTics club. iT is for Those sTudenTs who show d speciol inTeresT in rnoThemoTics. To be inviT- ed To join Mu Alphd TheTd, o sTudenT musT hdve oT IeosT Two crediTs in college preporoTory moTh ond rnoinToin o B+ overdge in dll moTh courses. The Mu Alphd TheTo meeTs on The Third Tuesdoy of eoch monTh, AT The rneeTings, The sTudenTs work on speciol projeoTs ond geT speciol lunch orders. We ore proud of our Mu Alpho TheTo sTudenTs. Mrs. Weldon- sponsor 124 Officers- Missy Burns, Troy Moore, Kelli G-rohorn, STocey Lorkin, Brion Wreyford, Pofrick Weldon, Liso Bussell, Missy Burns, Troy Moore, Kelli Grohom, Brion Wreyford, STocey Ldrkin, Liso Bussell, PoTrick Weldon. lllil ll s E Z t 5 llfirst Semester students- Somonthd Mobley, Lisd Bussell, Mdrk Green, Brion Butler, Monty Bobo, Sonyd Lowrence, Tild Young, Mr. Ponder. I -mf' ,gf iecond Semester students- Dovid Corley, I-leoth lvlitton, Stocey Ldrkin, Troy Moore, flike King, Bridn Voiles, Joe Prussidno, Brion Wreyford, Joey Porter, Jimmy Roberts, Chip Zolhoun, Mr. Ponder. Computer Progromm hg With toddy's knowledge explo- sion, students must ledrn skills rdther thon just fdcts. The computer is o vdludble tool for tedching ond rein- forcing these skills. ln Mr. Ponder's Computer Science closses, students ore presented chdllenges ond prob- lems for which they must use the computer ds d tool in the solution of those problems. Mr. Ponder- Sponsor. 125 French Club The French Club is planning iTs sec- 5 ond annual field Trip To souTh Louisi- ana on March li, 42, and i3Th. The members will sTay on The campus of U.S.L. in LafayeTTe and meeT aca- alan sTudenTs while siudying in French language lab and visiTing classes. Melissa Clark- Se-creTary, Julie Frazier- N Mr' Coplin Served GS The French Club President, Adam TaTe- Treasurer, And Sponsor 'S year' Ferguson- Prime MinisTer, NOT picTured VX ney Wiggins- Presideni, ! F i l I - -Y L Troy Moore, Brian Wreyford, Jarrod HorTon, John Davis, Neil Owens, Andrew Ferguson, Fred PorTer, Adam TaTe, Frank TaTe, Don Brc Melanie ATkins, Jana Bell, Kellie Townsend, Tracy Burlison, Lisa Meyers, Shelly Gipson, Lisa Bussell, Melissa Clark, Chrisiine Meizelaars. Frazier, STeph Moore, SamanTha Mobley, KaThy Kamm, Kim Barker, BeTh Good, Kelly KilpaTrick, Kim Noble, Candee PresTon, Dania FleTc STacey Giles, Mr. Coplen, Mike Summerlin, Doyle Dempsey, Hank Johnson, Chip Calhoun, PaT Ellers. 126 Fufure I-lomemokers Of America Mrs. Williams served as The new Home Economics Teacher This year. The Home Economics DeparT- meni has been a busy place This year. STudenTs have found The home Economics is noT jusT sewing and food preparaTion. Home Eco- nomics involves developing lifeTime skills ThaT are very necessary. Having experienced assignmenTs and ac- TiviTies ThaT used goal-seTTing, re- search, planning, Time, and energy managemenT, problem solving and socializaTion, The sTudenTs will be beTTer prepared for Their fuTures. Our deparTmenT has enjoyed helping wiTh on-campus acTlviTies such as, luncheons and SGA acTivi- Ties. We hope To have an abun- dance of Home Economics sTudenTs nexT year. l l y Brown, Sissy Terrell, Tina ATTaway, KrisTi Dick. Melanie Alkins, Melisa Greening, Mrs. William, Angie Warren, Amanda Dukes, Tagen erson Sarah Brezina 127 Footbal Prog am Staff The football program staff has been tremendous in helping our spirit and loyalty to our team. Lisa Bussell, Debbie Watts, and Coach Gore have worked very hard over the summer selling ads and working on program layouts. Ev- eryone at the games enjoyed reading and looking through our excellent pro- gram. gg, .. : xs-x-x lgjrfiffflf-E335 S9538 mem S "K rm ,l 2 vi W ' 4 , 'A' Lisa Bussell and Debbie Watts Library Staff g g l l Karen Benner, Steph Moore, Marie Shelley, Kathy Kamm, Joshie Banks, Robert Zukowski, Chip Calhoun, Brian Valles, Mike Hughes, Joey Porter, Steve Arnold, Randall Anthony. 128 M. S. Redd-A - Thon i ,ffsmsg - - Gi-W 1v,.g,:v:jegFi1f"w ' . f QW'-I A X e LW- 4 , , H r J: .-V , f.J"l "161':,,f,,, -E , f L .-xisgf 'X -14 .. T .51 -s we ,?2i',f . T - ' 1' :rw ffl -Q TE :af 0 1 f llflf Q5 ' A RE AD ' 7' . Yg?f?e' , - Q x 2 4 ix .-. 1' sf.-X e -in 1 T, N, L The NdTiondl MuITiple Sclerosis SocieTy held o MS Redd-A-Thon in which The grodes of flrsT Through sixTh pdrTlcipdTed. Our sTudenTs reod o ToTol of 4,506 books ond in The process rdised 82948. The pdrTicipoTing sTudenTs ore Brody l-lunTer, Leone FiTzgerold, ChrisTy Lizyness, HunTer HorT, Tonyd STubblefield, Vikl Doumon, Susdn Doniel, Rochel Dempsey, Foye Von Hoose, Wes Wynn, Shone Bell, Eric McDode, Poul Webb, Shonnon Ldnd, Chris G-drreTT, Bri- on FosTer, Joby Ddvid Ogwyn, Richdrd Komm, Connie Sdsser, John Wells, Brion Droke, Corrie Clemence, Amy Soucier, Cloy HolT, Shori Erwin, Rdndy BdlenTine, CourTney Burns, ChrisTidn Guier, Amy Michelle Crews, HedTher HunTer, Jdckie Morrison, BridgeTTe Moore, Tyson Hoynes, Tino Wi- singer, Angie Bornord, PouleTTe Dukes, Wdyne Grundu, Shelly Shi- vely, Tommie Bonner, Kim Ldrkin, Bobby Nuckols, Amber Cldrk. -55 ,-We usa x .Iv I ...-.a....,3zm1 'MZ-Za W ,ff xv Pnoiogrooners - Bo Vice ond Kelley Cooper Orgonizolions - Rondy Miller, Corol Boillio, Poul LeBlonc, Rnonclo Voiles ond Bo Vice. lnfroduclion - Kelley Cooper ond Porn Wiggins Poulo LeBlonc ond Cindy Droke worked nord on The Beouiy Pogeonl. 1 31 Junior I-hgh Sfudenf Governmenf Assooiofion E Brian Doles, Pauleile Dukes, Dane Clarke, Kammi Whalley, Tommy Slade Hood, Lee DuCoTe, Dan Wallers, Ben McCullough, Kei Harrison. Johnson. Nozionol Honor Sooie fy STADIUM Sleven Springer, Scotl Ryan, Slephne Gipson, Shawn Horlon. Kellie Dospil, John Howell, Hile Dake, Melisa Greening. 5 Y' ticers-DeAnn Craig, Lynn Cramer, Melissa Clark, Michael Roberts, Matt Gullett, David Jrley. a Allen, Stacy Pickard, Bridget Bahm, DeAnn Craig, Lynn Crammer, Melissa Clark, immy Anderson, Linda Glenn, Brian Hall, David Corley, Jay Hinton, Patrick Weldon, ey Porter, Penny Patten, Michael Roberts, Darien Dukes, Matt Gullett, David Hicks, Mrs. ibey, David Fletcher. Aff Club lb If K , 1 1 Q- ' ' 6 The Trinity Heights Art Club was started this year, 4984 with students throughout the school interested in promoting Art at school and within the Community. We are affiliated with Y.A.C.A. CYouth Art Council of America, a state Art Ciub.j Mrs. June Tobey is sponsor. The Art Club was hard at work to prepare for the ring ceremony. 133 xl x 1 141113, 1 Q fu QW ivefzs Of Our Mhds ,, , , , - ,A , .. ,W A , .A , .- , .A ,W vA, vA , V A A cademfcs Jun er Hgh- "We Gef'chaf" Mr. Tinsley - speechless? "Is There film in ThoT camera?" Hllhsley Time OQOHT' "Who sTuck The gum under my desk? "1 ' ,i .A , , W "Isn'T love grand?" Homecom:nQ '34 'WND MN sq,-Q ,wax af Y 1 Gas-,.gfb.,::: , 3 .W-.N Z i "Karen, who is The new girl on cc1rnpus'?" Raise VOUV N000 if YOUT9 HSUREHA "You dorm 5Qy" Mr Owens puts Mike Burlison To work. Q92 'we "I sure wisn ne would give me my lunch book!" "Eddie, what ore you up To now?" U "' 'S vi' , W .,,A, 1 'hw if E Q V! in 5 1-W. f , I w B 'Wil QE I E i Brian as Lisa's escort at The 1985 THCA Beauty Pageant. Finally Seniors! .Al Those are some handsome guys! Joel did his share. Good Job, Jimmy! 13 years bring close friendships. Smile, Hecfh! Close-Up To Wash hgfon D. C. On December Q, 49811 The close up members lefT . a-Av .. f4 iq' as on o week long Trip To WoshingTon D.C. The sTu- . denTs spenT mosT of Their Time Iedrning firsT hdnd E obouT our governmenT from SenoTors, RepresenTo- Tives, lobbyisTs, ond odminisTroTive officidls. While The sTudenTs were There They oTTended seminors, briefings, ond quesTion ond dnswer sessions To help Them undersTdnd more obouT our governmenT. They were Token on guided Tours of WdshingTon where They sow The WoshingTon lVlonumenT, Lincoln lvlemoriol, The Supreme CourT Buildings, ond mony oTher ndTionol londsighTs. The porTicipdnTs dlso hod Time To Tour on Their own. For everyone iT wos on experience never To be forgoTTen. a s E Joey PorTer, Dovid Corley, Bo Vice, Rickey ATTdwoy, Julie DuCoTe, BrondT STroTher, PoTrick Ellers, Chip Colhoun, Chod Oswold, C Gormon, HeoTh lVliTTon, Shelly Gipson, BridgeT Bohm, Koren Hopper, ChrisTie lVleTzeloors, DeAnn Crdig, Andrew Ferguson. Mr. l-lorv Sonyo Lowrence, Liso Bussell, Kellie Grohom, KoThy Komm, Julie Frozier, Missy Burns, Doyle Dempsey. Liferary Raly Owens along wiTh Mr Ponder and Mrs Weldon helped To organize our liTerary rally. One of The highesT academic honors a sTudenT can receive is To be inviTed by a Teacher To par- TicipaTe in The rally. Our sTudenTs parTicipaTe in four rallies: The NorTh Louisiana High School Rally aT Tech wiTh Those placing in The Top five going on To parTicipaTe in The Louisiana STaTe Rally aT LSU- BaTon Rouge: The Louisiana Inde- pendenT School DisTricT Rally wiTh Those placing in The Top five go- ing on To be judged in The LISA STaTe Rally. We call These sTu- denTs our "Rally Teams" because They are parTicipaTing academi- cally in a way ThaT is jusT as impor- TanT To The school as our aThleTic Teams. iela Buckalew Marrha Spivey Kim Barker Melissa Clark, BrandT STroTher, Missy Burns, Neil Carlisle, John Howell, John Morris, Tammy Anderson n Wreyford Adam TaTe Kelli Graham KaThy Kamm, Troy Moore, ScoTT Ryan, Frank TaTe, STacy Larkin, Andrew Ferguson, Mr. Ponder, Mrs ens Sarah Brezina Michael Newell Mark Green. 143 Our Hrsf QUIZ Bowl This yeor's Quiz Bowl consisled of Polriok Weldon, Andrew Ferguson, Hedih lvliiion, Kelley Cooper, ond Lisd Bussell. This yedr's sponsor wos lvlr. l-ldrvey. This is our firsl yeor To hove o quiz bowl ond we were proud To be represenied by These fine ond oulsionding siudenis. X 1' KES 711 ll fd HKRHQEK ,Q ff? wil l l A New Aa'al77on - Wolh Classes 4, 4, QXXS Y, , im!ElEE!ElElEl X s X5 X -Je-Q M I , YY ,Y V V"4L-A I ,-9-' 4 ' F, "M -if - - X M - , Q is il fgg' ,A X. ! . ,N KE V7 5 , - X ,,f - , tr ff , ., -- ,fr gn of f if 1 4 e A if -1 S 1 Xi E ig: i,Y,1if-,-d Y o Z Xl: f"' 3 ieeeeziiiiei 'x- ' er? ' 7 .zfnvv Q Allison Allen, Stacy Srroope, Laura Hardy, Rebecca Resler, Amy Tatum, Kimberly Liddell, Amy Talum enjoys playing The violin. Ryan Slroope, Jann Duggan, Anna Woodall, Emily Hardy. W f' 1 42 , M , , , , ,if , 3 wi 145 u, X Agfa' 5.341 -QW, WQRQ Thai How Toge fher AdverHsemenfs Nw X.....w-M 911 QBU' c.fc?Pcf' fl al Q.. X..x V ,nj ' QP 1 :bfi Q f as ' 1 , v fel 1- 'lk I K, .3 S ' ' ' f1i31fQ5'1- 7' 'viiiffi 3? -W .uv J - ' wx, .- '25 LU' was ' fi - W S , - ,f X f S ww: ' f ' A . A , . W ' . . - . - , ' 'W '- . A Af A ' L- A ' fwfiii -5-Si-'ifivx 2 1 A -V -5 Q K .. ' ..,. , . I Ks- f . - . J A A ' . 1 4 Lk T f .,.... L , - l M V , , . t W , . nw. - - ' ' N. K f f 4 L m if Y - -- - " SM ' if xmlww'-f '1 sf G , i Q 'FQ - -. - -53 4 51 Ng f- if-f .ij i i g K - 7 , :F ik: 1 L -3.5 f ig, f U K , X , 1. g Q E- ah . 1.11414 Q3 wanna! EN ,fy E 'U tball 33329 if 11, , 2 J 3 .:.x.,. 5 Q. r Rusty Miller Prcsident Office 929-2329 Post Officc Box 567 ,,,, Blanchard. Louisiana 71009 2695 " X no 084' PA TRON ADS Daisy A Day Flarisf Narfn I-rgnlanas Beaufy Salan Camprrnen fs Of Class '73 Special Thanks Fram The A aur7a Sraff Ta Nea! rang Mrs, Be Hy Greening Mrs. Mary SnrMng M N J B rs. arma ean rawn Mrs. EOZabefn Harman Comphmenfs Of BRAD MCDONALD C-30 Eagles Comphmenfs Of Of AL WN 84 BE TTYE MIC!-INA Comphmen fs Of MOFFITT VOLKS WA GCN PQRSCHE AUD! MAZDA INC. 888888885 Comphmenfs Of ANN BAMLIO Comphmenfs Of MR. AND MRS. E. J. COOPER m88888E 5 "Aye The People H7190 Buy From UV' teacfmcuab 742-1763 porn, 601 BENTON ROAD SQUARE BOSSIER CITY, LA 71111 enter ? 5 Comphmenfs Of PO WEI? CLEAMNG S YS TEMS Lookfhg Forward HSE: SS! l Q 0 ' M885 0 Camplmenfs Of GQQQ' Lugk E l '85 J rl-15 RED BARN ages Q1 I I Camplrnenls Of tx N Blanchard s Only 0 Two Slary Sky Scraper THE KEENS 0 Qcbd luck complrzenrs Of 0 , LEONARD S BURGER 84 Eagles BREW Camplrnerrfs Of QOOO' Luck THE DOYLE DRAKE FAIWLX , 50995 - EAST I-HG!-ILAND ' Maelf HOME PARK W ' 5 800 Ferraale Blvd Haughlan, LA 77037 I3 482-949-2456 O O O YIM-vrcolors povftarfs OOO OOOO W- E O, AMW, . ' Culikctu. Ark IN erik ' ITOO Q-aswell 0 Cilmxxvcfporf' ' 7110? 318-Q'2Q'Q91Q ' mondsw 9-5' --A ---fpwurfdav 9-if I L O 0 O 0 Custom Scum Apparel 'WQQQ 0 Cuttom Monogrummlng Q7 B 0 I 0' if ig 0 'c Q' W 'fue 1 . - .4" Q: Iurk P D I P I8 a 5'5"53:?7 " 0 ' 0 'md' Jon" CHILDFIEN'S APPAREL 'sgkfi , , , . A HANDCRAFTED FURNITURE ' O 0 GIFTS O JEWELRY, BUS. 13181 424-9892 1318, 865.5455 DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES 4655 N, MARKEY 4430 Your., Drive . I . SMH SHOP SHREVEPORT' LA' 7"07 Shreveport. LA 71105 Sherri Gates, Owner ' .- 0 O RED SAND GRAVEL . TOP SOIL WASH OUT I fic 1 . at 1001 BENTO ROAD 0 BOSSIER CITY, ISIANA 71111 may 742-5035 INGFIID SAFIDENGA INTERIORS 8. ACCESSORIES Poser ff? Sundown FINE OIL PORTRAITS MONDAY . SATURDAY 227-2357 Mvofinssporr, Lu. 71060 gy APPQINTMENT 10 . 5p M Unit 589 C3183 996-6043 I I 160 YV"-'vw-VY """"" 161 PERSONAL LOANS O 1st 5 2nd Caddo Mortgage 81 Investment Inc TRAVIS W. FOSTER Manager 111 F esta BI d S t 112 Sh eveport, La. 71107 Ph. 226-0997 diff 'lyfvlllf .WIN JZZW4, Ifffilldsmy Mfdfhlldf K' 6316QQ1aZfr0a1 Mhz an11'.Z57muncJJ Cglamly Hama' 318 861-3595 Besf lfwshes Eagles A ffomey Af Low BRMI? WOOD 6 405 Line Ave PLANM NON Mr. 84 Mrs. J. M. Dnsle y Dr. J. R. Dhsle y 5 e C90 Eagles Comphmenfs Of THE Rye!! FAMILY M12 AND MRS. TEER 888885 COMPSEXAENTS JANA AND SHANE BELL BELL MACHINES CO., INC. 940 Grlmmel Dr. Shreveporl, LA 74 'IO7 Themes J. Bell Jewell C. Bell Presiclenl Sec. Trees. 888 ' i i YOU CAN HAVE PEACE TODAY 1. mw""""""H 2. MHVWMWW 3 ,pw- 4. Dr. Roger Freeman Lonnie Wascom Pastor Minister of Education ' unity 54905 B 3820 Mooringsport Rd. Shreveport, Lousisana 221-2695 24-Hour Intercessory Prayer Line 425-7869 THROUGH JESUS CHRIST' God is love. and He cares for you personally John 1010 John 3.16 Sin mars every life. All must repent of sin. Romans 3:23 Romans 6,23 The blood of Christ is God's only provision for sin. 0 Romans 58 ll Corinthians 5 21 Christ must be personally believed and received. ' John 1.12 Reiielotion 320 SUNDAY: 9:30a.m. Sunday School 10:50a.m. Morning Worship 5:45p.m. Church Training . 7:O0p.m. Evening Worship Tuesday: 1O:00a.m, WMU 12nd and 3rd of each monthl 5:45p.m. Visitation flst and 3rd of each monthj Wednesday: 5:30p.m. Family Dinner 6:00p.m. Sunday School Teachers and officers. G.A.'s and R.A's 6:45 p.m. Youth Prayer Meeting 7:00p.m. Mid Week and Prayer and Praise I Graded Choirs 7:45p.m. Adult Choir . Weekdays: Christian Academy K5-12 Kindergarten Ages 3-4 ' Day Care Center Toglelelrg-fSyrsAndre Minister of Youth ' 4 a . David Worthington Minister of Music , I O C C O 3. I aflfiif Crgwzc 2 1 1 ! 166 -'vv'-'V-YY Congroiuioiions Seniors From Ti-IE KNUTSON C GMPAIXIES, IVC. GISPONS DISCOUNT American D 84 I-I CENTEI? T I mmunicofions MANUFACTURING 1870 Airiirre Driv 9706 Si. V' i 4234 Direcfor Dr. Bossier Cify, LA Shreveport LA Son Anionio, Texos B Ei Comphmen fs Of THE BURLISON FAIWL Y W W,,,,, ag , v 4 5559 ' , , , .,A. 72,5 0 ,,wr - s 4:zw wM A H Nxsmwssws 3' , ,, V5 W "SR 11 5 f 5 sf V2 SGW rrss 3 GAS COMPREE3 B RRUZL Gnmpressmn Servxce Inc SHREVEPORT LUUISIANA l318D425 3500 7530 Norrh Marker Sfreef Bob Carrol Wayne lVloCool Manager Service Manager 65 SalesfServioe Ana Renfal Of Gas Compressor Packages .A ON MD C gm WZ. My M ff 1 7 , 4 fwf' fa 92' :W Jw Z, ,, 1 K uf . ff L fl ?:?f ' M. ,X iii 1 M ,, , , i 1' 1' X22 K 4,5 . ...1Qm'X9f, f N if ,MQ Q ,,,,,faiL?ZiZ, 1 M + ' ffl 4453, 4711+ a 2 , My-, J I W -ff as 4 M f v M 2 4 -elm, 1, if A f 13183 965-9876 WinRight Farm Ar Hurricane Bluff Training Center 8 WEST LAKE ROAD RAY OLSON BENTON. LA 71006 SUZANNE OLSON X55 Xa S5SSSSSS 'FJ' S SE 5 i 88888888 Comphmen fs Of Sl-IVELY AC-3-AH? SERWCE CHOO Y Selecting each student who attends Centenary College is one of the most important decisions we make. Qur students are achieversg they are motivated to succeed in challenging scholastic programs. They are leaders, shaping and directing a wide variety of extrafcurricular activities. They are open to new ideas and talk frequently and freely with faculty, staff, and peers. They are fun-loving - they reach out, care, and take a personal interest. Selecting the right college may he one of the most important decisions you will ever make. 'W Pre choosy. We are. it Qentgairy A Friend ofMm1.L - 175 PK I H ' 3 :M , 5 2 b f S. - ' Wien W3-W. mam , i .,k49t11lS.stff,. ,S 4 Q- 4 QW ww X YQ QE, N 5. N. l',g,E'x Q5 . X51 ' In . M43 5 1 T5 V R, O ii ' W P. : h:H..'f:?5!SEsiEE::.:., 1. as ww W N WK.. if'-K MH X I .fm L . Q. G :T '- Qiiaiif-1 V ,,,,,,,- x Ave. 7 'I 'IO7 M... ,f M-Q ' ' 55555 ' 555559 s. Congrafulaiions To Our Special Seniors Comphmen fs Of Tl-IE SECGND GRA DE 0 W Northwood H H , G H 0 Fanlily Pmcriceozinic me J David W. Hudson, M. D. xx DENTAL cumc di 1 Diplomat American Board DR. J. RICHARD BROWN, JR. ' of Family Practice FAMILY oermsrnv 04 3602 Nonh Market, Shreveport, LA 71107 asoo Noam MARKET oFFlcE: 4 Phone 13181 226-9181 snnevepom, LA. 71107 42445405 0 Day Iwening 81 Saturday Hours By Appointment 0 p "wE'vE GOTCHA COVERED" 0 SadIer's BAR.B.QUE -mg 'J TOP SHOP KENT ORRELL ' 1 227 3909 CO-owner .1 .3 ' zfsxsseszm I BODY SIDE MOLDING RECOVERED O CARPET REPLACEMENT O SEAT COVERS 1146 Shreveport Ba ksdale H y. 1915 North Market : pxggavrizg : ggrgsillgkgggps Shreveport, LA 71105 Shreveport, LA 71107 REPLACEMENT 13181869-3371 13181222-7480 Q E5 4470 Borksclole Blvd. Bossier City, 74444 Comphmen fs Of 4 45- 4 47 Mhgs Hwy. Shre veporf, LA. 7 4 404 868-O5 45 X I EAGLES I78 888 888i Comphmenfs Of IWCHAEL And JOHN DUGGAN PHONE 222-8317 -vm eee azf if ' ,f k -' 1 I Phone. 742-1646 I faffacfiona Emflazma I It I. . Q Bossier City, LA 71111 . 1 Bank 29 81 TRUST CO. Progressiw Printing Service PQ. Box S355 K? ShrQvQporl,Louisiana WGS 'Q Q S 5 L ,L ,L ,L RJR, HARRIS SERVICE R SUPPLY INS, We!! Cgwlyofefdwi gql1lffl7Z07lf Wreyfgycl GL Associofesl Inc' Bugnvnf ffjorfagfc .Buffcfing CONSULTING ENGINEERS 5305 EAST TEXAS P. o. Box 7911 - 226 North mance: sr. BOSSER Cm' LOU's"'N"' 71 1 12 Shreveport, Louisiana 71137-7911 Phone 13181 221-8485 PLANNING - DESIGN INSPECTION - DANNY WEAVER RALPH EARLES PROJECT MANAGEMENT 747-4870 742-2170 COMPUTER SERVICES 55351: 6SSSS SSSS I XQQJ DAN WA I 0 . FAIWLY HAH? CENTER GI T BOUT! .. H F ' Mm STREHQIUARE . I For Fun 07 The Sun 4859 North Market In Shreveport I Country English Antiques E f1.V19'f'Ce"U1fy-'f"'e"iCH" 1408 FAIRFIELD AVE. Old Fashzoned Candles, Preserves 8 J ll ' 0 Unique Handcrafied GMS - S H R EV EPORT - I- A - . boudoirpillows, dolls and quilts. 3 1 8- 2 21 - Come Visit The Store Sz Enjoy The Country Atmosphe Twin Lakes Day Camp ' 'Z 5 NN - GCI rf I G N " . N an I Q Il ll . K 4.5 FOR FUN IN THE SUN I ' 5 Q K MOORINGSPORT, LOUISIANA AFFIIEIATED WITH BOSSIER CITY NURSERY , DIRE TORS: GEORGE 8: EVELYN O'NEAL Q PHONE: 746-4898 MOORINGSPORT: 996-7459 TI swimming, Hshmg , Booflhg, I-Wcfhg Boys And Girls Ages 7- 42 L11 888878888 0 0 0 0 0 0 d ,Q ffl N fe' , , , 4, .M i X f W 2 fyfff' ' fi ak W Hffwwflf, , W gk, QW 5 , Q.Wf Y X e f , gy ,iw .fbf Vvzl ,,L,.. , 4 if X f ? fm ff , 9 5 IQ V4.7 Q is f ,4 ff 9 ,W W R X X! Q 0 G -rs ing ' ww 7 Q V ,W ,A Z, f f ll ,I ' L .1 H MV, ' ' 43 f I' 9 4 f ff 3 Qf'88P888 W Monhe Dalton Ill D D S Go For lf Juniors , 5 185 w e . 22 '23 dial' lf? 'fn . 1 if 4 X P Comphmen fs Of AEHLLLA TED NDI? T!-I AMERICAN VAN LIVES QGBG W nh, fl ' My ,f 74? W 'fin if ,W MBHNNEBHMNEWSMNBE Comphmen fs Of WEFHCA. '84- '8 5 HIGH FL YERS 8G88 888 ' Comphmen fs Of 7TH GRADE CLASS fwe L ay Back lfwfh THE S.G.A. - X x ,S 5. . 3:5 , f-1-A Q J x Q X " QQ Q ff x .gf 3 sl? I , Y- . tw . ,b , . www 9 K- K, S gg. Lk . K .kfgigr ,fs . fx 5 . ,E l is sf -.K 3 . f . .X 12 l Comphmenfs Of THE NED wwvfv 888 Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ri ESX g-iw QE 3 5 Q 3 W 9 if A FHA.. asp: m Q 9 as X . YN iw if -L nf. an f' gf fx 'a A Ls. 1 5 . Q at K 1 K Q W , a 5 e L15 'vis Kiki! Qfhih f U , i' W il L Mx' Q G' 1 . Q S I - Q 1 ' .9 9 1, ,. , , . A w , S. 3 i f Y x i ' f r' . R 5 . Lmm ' 1 fx' h a K. . ff Q i . ' " 1. fi Q K K X- K his , X if R g W s, it ' g 3 Q K W- 'K ' S .xx 5 Q I . j Q . . ' Q - 1 .M f X px - ,E 5 A Q f K V A, x - K 3 k A , M NWS ew K, ,W , K .K K kg M , 1 E! Q N. m W A Q5 6 .Q ,Z 4, 1. X sw' QXX ' if 'WI' X A . . I! ' k . Ex . Q v ,wk ww -X 5.,.KQii,Q vt? . -fi -f 1-gi sf 1 X R X 5+-is x rqgpl is qi.. an N U THQ DM 195 Xt. X -1 .Qmq SX -XX ww N sw' wi 5 QUQFASQ Q K xy 4-1 Q t Of Q aw 4? M Q 4 4 '51 3: , .Q Q "' AWN? 1 , Mex, IZLA " qiwkkfwf 2 .U ' ,MA W f? ff' 1. dy 4 'W . 1 ,F 4, .I A, W if ,f j H, 9 WVR 37 5 may wyjh, 5A V Wi? I V K Q 1 4 W " 1 1' ,fir I Vi ,I guy WW ,,,.,. z . .g,., 'AT ':Z-: -'-- v -fvfa ,, ,. - ' 1. -' -I ay- W., 'f k, ,rj A mr,,a-kmgg W 135 V 5 Z? ' Q4 Vg'W am, . f 'U "' - -Q'-x 'Mc his 5.4 ,Q "1 'i.g , ,, V I ' 'Y 'min 4ff:1nfi..1.m 4. ,wav 19,9 S E ai 1 R- f F x xx Q1 um-Q I ,H K SEQ!-N A X wk Tl-IE LONME HARD Y FAMIL Y Comphmenfs fi-.Ein v Jw 1: AWA u Complhven is Of JUNE AND ,L YNN CRAMER 22 l-0290 Speciolzing lv l-lmoloyon Cois P.. .uiinzzzmsl Phormocisis: Tommy Bolle, Sieve Bolle 'ln Our 2oih Yeor Of Service To Norih Shre vepori We Offer Complete Lines Of Cosmeiics For Your shopping Convenience l?evlon lvloybellne Mox Focior Morcelle Chonel Frogronces Wsii Our Giff Deporfmeni v Discover The VWo'e Seleciion Of lfems We Hove For Every Member Of The Fomily The Fui Service Drugsiore 221-2656 2009 Nelson 8Gi HANDLING TOOLS OIL TooL AND INSTRUMENT REPAIR SERVICE FOR THE OIL 84 GAS INDUSTRY ici ie: Bei Q '. MID SOUTH DRILLING I00lS, INC. Shreveport, Louisiana 71134-4043 I J. L. TIPPETT JR. P, o, Box 44043 RES, PHONE 929-7538 BUS. PH. I31aI 742-4616 'f . TIPPETT TOOL CORP. SHREVEPORT. LOUISIANA 71104 . ll all 55 UAL: . ,. .Ah ,. J. L. TIPPEI I JR. P. O. BOX 4163 RES. PHONE 929-7538 BUS. PH. 1318, 742-4616 f 74 N QA W mwfasw K W N: Sk 4 f May, :eff R202 G u. on fX'i'5u 'QS P I R f ' f N f T f I f N f 203 Student lvdex O49 Adga Aldrid Aldrid Allen, te, Todd 30, 84, 86, 87. ge, Casey 42, 403. ge, Grey 49. Allison 54, 408, 445. Alleh, Christopher 45. Allen, Kyh 46. Allen, Lisa 40, 73, 440. Allen, Allefl, Meridee 30, 65, 67, 402, 409. Tasha 30, 409. Allums, Randy 30, 93, 95, 98. Anderson, Tammy 26, 443. Anthony, Randall 26, 428. Aronld, Steve 22, 428 Arledge, Daphne 34, 444, 443. Atkins, Karen 26, 404, 405, Atkins, Melanie 22, 89, 94, 97, 426, 427. Attaway, Ricky 22, 99, 442. Attaway, Tina 26, 72, 89, 94, 97, 422, 427. Axford, Lindsay 38, 447. CBJ Bahm, Bridget 26, 97, 409, 422, 442. Bahrh, Brett 44. Bailey, Mandy 34, 444. Bailey, Brian 40, 445, 447. Bailey, Carole 40, 403, 447. Bailey, Cathy 44, 447. BOilIiO, 430 Carol 22, 64, 65, 67, 70, 80, 93, 408, 434 Baillio, Christopher 42, 403. Balentine, Randy 38, 403, 445, 447, 429. Bankard, Missy 30, 440. Banks, Joshie 26, 440, 422, 428. Barke Barne r, Kim 26, 73, 404, 405, 426, 443. s, Tom 36, 402. Barnidge, Jason 42, 403. Barnidge, Rose Ann 46. Barnwell, Amber 42, 403. Barnwell, Kate 38, 446. Barnwell, Joe 46. Batte, Brad 26, 93, 95. Beck, George 34, 35, 442. Beck, Stacey 44. Bell, Jana 30, 74., 426 Bell, Shane 40, 403, 429. Benner, Karen 22, 409, 428 Boatner, Steve 30, 84, 85, 87, 93, 95. BODO, Monty 22, 93, 94, 97, 425. Boling, Andrea 44. Boling, Bruce 47. Bonner, Amy 38, 403, 447. Bonner, Angela 44, 447. Bonner, Le-Anne 42, 43, 69, 73, 404, 405, 424 Bonner, Sheila 36, 444. Boulanger, Kevin 38, 403, 445. Boyte r, Casey 46. Bozeman, Cliff 34, 402, 442, Bozeman, Wade 38, 403, 445. Brezina, Sarah 43, 408, 422, 427, 443. Briery, 204 Angie 34, 444, 443. Broussard, James 38, 445. Broussard, James 34, 403, 445. Broussard, Jeff 45, Brown, Don 23, 84, 86, 426. Brown, Vet 22. Brown, Stacy 23, 89, 92, 97, 409, 422, 427 Bruce, Kenneth 30. Bryan, Jonathon 34, 444. Bryant, Angie 47. Buckalew, Angela 23, 57, 443. Bullock, John 38, Bundy, Price 34, 442. Burlison, Matt 45. Burlison, Mike 42, 84, 85, 88. Burlison, Tracy 26, 29, 65, 67, 408, 422, 426. Burns, Courtney 44, 429. Burns, Missy 24, 22, 23, 74, 97, 406, 407, 424, 423, 424, 442, 443. Bussell, Lisa 42, 49, 20, 72, 406, 407, 424, 422, 423, 424, 425, 426, 428, 440, 442, 444. Butler, Brian 42, 43, 57, 97, 425, 440. Byrd, Michelle 26, 97, 408, 422. Byrd, Tracy 30, 440. CCI Calhoun, Chip 23, 84, 86, 425, 426, 428, 442. Calhoun, Daniel 49. Campbell, Douglas 49, Carlisle, Neil 26, 29, 84, 85, 87, 93, 95, 98, 443. Carroll, Todd 49. Cassel, Casey 42, 49, 20, 69, 89, 90, 97, 420, 424, 423. Causey, T. C. 48. Chambers, Jacob 54. Chambers, John 49. Chandler, Steve 49. Chapman, Brian 26, 402. Chapman, Jennifer 36, 444, 444. Chapman, Tonia 34, 444. Childs, Todd 26, 99. Chisolm, Michael 42, 440. Clark, Dane 34.98, 444, 442, 432. Clark, Melissa 23, 74, 98, 404, 405, 422. 426, 433, 443. Clark, Tammy 36, 444. Clark, Troy 30. Clemence, Liz 34, 440. Conway, Christine 54. Cooper, Kelley 43, 48, 20, 69, 73, 89, 90, 97, 404, 424, 422, 430, 434, 440, 444. Copa, Andy 50 Copa, Troy 47 Corley, David 22, 23, 84, 86, 98, 425, 433, 442 Caffery, Scott 48. Couch, Melanie 44, 440 Courtney, Michele 47 Craft, Christie 26, 409 Crafts, Carole 40, 403 Craig, DeAnn 23, 65, 66, 74, 406, 407, 433, 442 Cramer, Lynn 23, 80, 406, 407, 424, 433, Crenshaw, Brad 50 Crenshaw, Brian 47 Crews, Amy 44, 429 Dake, Hile 34, 432 Danford, Dalton 38, 403, 447 Danford, Hope 34, 440 Daspit, Jimmie 44 Daspit, Kellie 34, 432 Davis, Barbara 47 Davis, Jan 43, 20, 69, 89, 90, 404, 406, ' 424 Davis, Jeanne 22, 23, 65, 66, 74, 406, 4l Davis, John 43, 97, 426 Davis, Paul 34 Davis, Scott 26, 84, 87 Deaton, David 45 Deaton, Melissa 34 DeLony, Jodie 48 Dempsey, Doyle 44, 43, 48, 20, 57, 84, l 88, 99, 426, 442 Dempsey, Jeana 403. 447 Dempsey, Rachel 36, 444, 429 Dempsey, Wilford 34, 84, 86, 87, 402 Dent, Candace 47 Dent, Jennifer 44, 403 Detty, Tommy 46 Dever, Aaron 34 Dick, Kristie 23, 89, 92, 422, 427 Disbrow, Tina 54 Doles, Brian 36, 37, 444, 442, 432 Doles, Robert 34, 402 Dominick, Brad 26, 93, 95, 97, 98 Drake, Brian 40, 445, 447, 429 Drake, Cindy 23, 89, 92, 97, 408, 424, 42 430, 434 Drake, Don 36, 444, 442 DuCote, .Julie 23, 73, 97, 404, 405, 442 DuCote, Lee 34, 35, 97, 98, 402, 444, 41 432 Duggan, John 42, 445 Duggan, Michael 38, 403, 445, 447 Dukes, Dukes, Dukes, Amanda 34, 89, 92, 427 Darien 26, 99 Heather 40, 403 Dukes, Paulette 34, 444, 444, 429, 432 Dunan, Sherri 26 Dyer, Misty 42, 403 Dyer, Wesley 47 Dyess, Jeremy 42, 403 Dyess, Monica 36, 444, 444 CE? Eason, Lyn 34, 98, 402 Edwards, Ryan 44 Edwards, Shannon 36, 443 Ellers, Julie 27, 440, 422 Ellers, Patrick 23, 426 Ellis, Alicia 42, 403 Ellison, Shawn 38 Evans, Eric 46 Evans, Jill 54 CF? Fedd, Mandy 38, 446, 447 Fedd, Stacey 42, 403 Fenner, Charlie 49 Fenton, Brandy 45 . 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Suggestions in the Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) collection:

Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 193

1985, pg 193

Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 179

1985, pg 179

Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 27

1985, pg 27

Trinity Heights Christian Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 84

1985, pg 84

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