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V .ir A f my rg il' Q A: 15 ' . 'MVN -'i L . y.,- 3.3, 6- ,' "f M1 'ff My? .yr f Y. Xu.. ,K -, ,K . 1' .ff ,V - ' .41 M' 1' 5 rdf xff V- .,. 1,71 f y Tl 'fu . . X, .. .f ,fx vf , .r.., . M, , J?- "' "R YQ L fx f ' ': 4:5 J , -n ., ,- An . -1 - I ., -, 1, Y. -1 . Y- . H., 1.-,t , -. , ,. ,f, . ff f ' v xw ' J J: A ' -Q' 'I ui 1 1 ,Q .Sf -,vV' ' 1 . t' ' 1 1 : , ag, wmv --x"f:2f' 'fiflf H531 ' , , ' ",.",91 :aw x-P, xfyl., 45' 'rfl 'Lf ,X ,, , .pw 1, -.Wx - iv 3' x gx' Q ,xi ' K' .KN ,w1"- -f I F . X, A 8 . -. .Y N, ,X ..,,A X. . A, N .fv- n'N. -" ' -K 2 U7 L-, A. 'W f- -- f- " ' f , .K L,-1 M., .v 'Y ,Q .. A I -5, I ,A .. . . 1,'.K.u', A .V ., Mi fx 'K-F -NA, .1 ' D.- .Nxuq 1 4 may V , X kv-:lil ,.,l,1.:, hy ' XX... . ,, fx ,-. ,gf un, - . -1 V , , ff-V V xii " ,gm .rf ,V f ,lv x f' 51, 1 4, ,, V V . . V. .X 9' ' -4' , . .51 .4 lx .,- .X . "' ,-.ur .x - 5. ki 1. , K ,XM fu X -- -f ..f HH x ' '12-. 15+ -1 ' -fag: - . 14,4 , 39, ' - gm.. x ' , ' 5 - -'-.fin ' yf- .-- 'k 'xl . .-1f':,2" , , x , uf- A. ,I . f-Ax. " ' , .wwf , ,-,..-!.g,." ' ' l Qlff'T"U""' -.:,gg..11-' V... 1 ' , ,ff . vxnw-1 . ' ,if ,QNEZ1 ,.g,57j.- .4 X ,fx 'l., - ,x-. . ,,,. .- ,gs I A x. ,, .- fq' ff xl ff - 'u. v he .f' .. , .- . . 4,-14. 1 , .. Ns-: ,qv Jfffm Yff x,3:,,1Nf .,,A . J... A I 15 :::- ,fn X . ff' u'1C': 3 1 .. Zigi A Q31 fy- V , , fx, :gg r ' I 1 I . Jz. " 'S' Q 'Q . iv pg' i Q IA. -,. . .M 1 QW? can Wffaw A , Q fQ1 fa6 Q xg 7Qqei,,fQ,,.x,Ql Q ' oukQQQQ JL 1 bw W6 i fgiw fails f2?,55T , Lf? 3 We Qi f QQ W Pfwgffnff gil Tw ,'SXM ?:QiQ1Q5fWmiQf i ww 'ww Q Ragga? fi-Q2 E lqmjjhq mlm Qi, RULE! OQQ 24 L?'Li'LfgSLQafQ Wie, fffQ,jffm, Laqjebw wgafggb mam nn, K ,a7KqvyQqfk4QiLvQ,9j5LLiiXf'1g9LQqS 3 5ftff'2f1Q 3343333 i fx Qw m fiqw we ,?f.v76'1?1 .1Lj 0914 gi? q ,Z 2gMi1w?V g if ffi-1,33-1 + q l983 Aquila Volume XIII Trinity Heights Christian Academy 4800 Mooringsport Road Shreveport, Louisiana Trinity Heights: A Counter Culture Our culture can be described in many ways both from Chris- tian and academic perspectives. But when the bells ring sig- naling classes to start, it's nice to remember that our culture still means commitment to simple things. Our commitment to Christian principles makes the difference at Trinity Heights, and that difference is evident whether we are in our home rooms taking part in the daily devotion, or on the football field praying before a game. on S-1 ""qf"'g"l vw ilwf l' Each weekday is marked by the predictability of going to classes, gathering in the quadran- gle for lunch, and at night, studying for the next days' test. Although this routine charac- terizes every high school, we are still de- scribed by a difference that shapes the l983 people into a family. Friends jostle each other in the lockers between classes and meet to complain about teachers or homework. Opening 3 It's the little things that make the differ- ence. Like classes pulling together to work on a homecoming float, or pledging alle- giance to the American and Christian flags in chapel, or just smiling and saying hello to friends in the mad rush to the next class. T.H.C.A.-take away the 550 students, 40 faculty members, and what's left? Twenty- five empty buildings, one noiseless stadi- um, and a few hundred vacant parking places. It 's not the architecture or the loca- tion that makes our school's culture differ- ent, it's the people. M 4 Opening Opening 5 W L S Q H , ,Q , aa iw-i1bs'1fwwfi'xgg1bW, . 1... a ' f a - f ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' K Ang? - f - out-QL-X51, f--mr: Punk Day Every now? and'athen',the administration de- clares ay spirit day at school and announces a themegof,theffdayQ We have had western day, Vfiftiesfday, ,' crazy sock day, and button day. 'But thissyeaijr we had something new. They called' it. 'punk day" and everyone was ex- peetecljto dress like a punk. The idea behind it wasto have an activity that was a lot of fun that would get everyone involved, but it also showed us what the punk rockers go through every morning just to get dressed, Some paint their hair, or shave it off. Some mix -blue eye shadow with lipgloss to make blue lipstick, itfsioutrageous. We had a good time that'day4spirits' were high, and here are some pictures tot, show you how we looked. Km: 4 mm ga W 'E kia 9 Av s , , e X W , A ., 1 - , Q ff: iigia'-fl: 'KPa"i-mi.-was ,, , ,,,,, ,, H , ., tf,f ,, 1 V-,-, , ,',, , ,rfs -iffrz e ,, f- -, V, 'f 11 WEVTGZ -TMQEQU ' 'lii55Y59'3" at ,.,,,f, ,at,i,m asa is-fi g ym aww-ii 'SWWQ El 4 awww-1 f?A'5Lf?'W1 wwf mam ,f A v!,!'l1T iv-N, ,, ,lkiala , ,4A,,1fq,,'-:ada it ,- mffx-'ff-ff Q1 :,,:f 2 f,f::,-,yi " ' ' ' " frrr , , Eeafsefm, ,am :fp 5 ,ff , -1 A - -b fa f iffy-2? -wi?Y'HXifiiNKaUe?fNEESiNi5 -W5535?? mi 1. bigiifgg ,L 3 3 5 E ls f '21 L 5 'fr . f , '1 4 P 1-f , ,f Y V ,K . ,A fry. .gi Amin' . ,K- L ANI- , .f. -E , . ' fy SE 5, 2 -W-.Q M V f, Vx. 'if , wif. rf ff. .4..4,:3,, , lgf'iEiiQfI, .f V Mews-5.1 1 1 ,ax MP2, 'And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, and it fell notf for it was founded upon a ROCK." "Now this is my version of the English language. " Opening 9 Georgia Elizabeth Adams Lit. Rally-If French Club-If Math Club- l,2,3f Science Club-l,2,3t Latin Club-2,31 Z-Club-2,31 Softball-3g Yearbook-4: Newspaper-45 Mu Alpha Theth-4. Timothy Wayne Adgate Football-l.2,3,4: Baseball-2.4, Track- 2,3,41 Basketball-4. Roysan Allen Golden Girl-L21 FHA -2, Spanish Club-If SGA Sec.-34 FHA Treas.-31 Z-Club Chaplain-45 Basketball Man.-4, T.H.C.A. Most Beautiful-31 Who 's Who Among American High School Stu- dents-3. Mark Douglas Allums Football-l.2,3.4f Baseball-23,41 Basket- ball-l,2,3,4f All Dist. Baseball-3, Most Valuable Player 3. Carol Dene Bordelon FHA-lf Pep Squad-41 Z-Club-4. Karen Suzanne Brown FHA-L31 Pep Squad-25 Art Club-I. fr Class Officers Mimi Golsby-President Leslie Hutchinson- Vice President Catherine Spivey-Senator Ka y Dick-Secretary! Treasurer Liz Adams Tim Adga te San Allen 10 seniors Mark Allums Dene Bordelon Karen Brown Jeff Crow Ashley Deckard Kay Dick Amy Douglas Greg Eaggn Kay F3I'lE'SS Class Favorites Leslie Hutchinson and Mark Lambert Lisa Francis Jeffrey Alan Crow B3l'7d'l,.2.3.4: CBPI.-3: 4H'l,2: Gdlf-la Mu Alpha Theta-3,45 Nat. Honor Society- 3,4i Lit. Rally-34 Newspaper-4, Year- book-4g SGA Rep. 4, Boys State-41 Sci- ence Club-4. Ashley Liddell Deckard FHA-21 Z-Club-4: Pep Squad-4. C hoir-4. Kay Lynn Dick Basketball-l,2.3.4: All Dist.-2,3: All State-3, Softball-L21 Track-l,2,3,4p FCA-l,2: Band-l,2,44 Honor Band-l,2,4f National Honor Society-3.4: Band Sweetheart-4: Choir-3: Eagle A ward in Basketball-3: Lit. Rally-2.3: Newspa- per-4f Yearbook-4: FHA-l. Amy Elizabeth Douglas SGA Pres,-45 Lit. Rally-lf Mu Alpha The- ta-4: Pep Squad-35 FCA l.2: Softball-2: Basketball-l,.?.3,41 SGA V. Pres.-3: Treas.-2: Class Sen.-I1 Newspaper-It Football Program Staff-4: Z-Club-13,44 Treas.-3: V. Pres.-3: National Honor Society-2.14: V. Pres,-3, Pres.-4. Gregory Brian Eason Leo Club-L35 Basketball-l,2.3.4p Base- ball-4: Track-L25 Golf-3. Andi Kay Farless Basketball-I.2,3,4f Softball-l,2.3,4f All Dist.-2.3: Most Valuable Player-3: Band-l,2,3,41 Track-l,2,3.4t FHA-I4 Ten- nis-2. Lisa Carol Francis Pep Squad-l.4: Beauty Pageant-l,3f FHA-I: SGA-24 French Club-2: Newspa- per-3.4f Yearbook-3.4: Choir-3.41 Bas- ketball Statistician-4: Close-Up.2f Most Friendly-34 Citizenship Award-l. Lee Ann Fuller FHA-l,2,3,4f Pep Squad-I,2f Golden Girls-3,45 Basketball Manager-3.4: Newspaper Staff-4. Lee Ann Fuller Seniors 11 Carlos Ron Gipson Football-l,2.3,44 All Dist.-3f Baseball- I,2,3,4: All Dist.-2: FCA-1,25 Nat. Honor Society-3,4f Mu Alpha Theta-45 Boys State 4f Yearbook-2,3,4. Karen Jane Godwin Pep Squad-lf Golden Girl-2,3,4i Co- Captain-4f Jr. Maid-3, Homecoming Queen-4, Z-Club-4: FHA-I. Mary Alice Golsb y Editor Yearbook-41 Class Pres.-4, V. Pres.-3, Pres.-25 Sen.-lf SGA-l.2,4f Na- tional Honor Society-3,44 5ec.fTreas.- 4, Girls State-4: Lit. Rally-l.2.3,4f Speech Rally-4: Close-Up-4: Band- l.2.3,4, Honor Band-l,2,3,4f Sweet- heart-3f Drum Major-3,41 Newspaper Staff-l,4t Basketball-l,2,3: Softball-L24 FCA-If FHA-L21 Choir-3,4. Rebecca Suzanne Hauser Basketball-I.2.3,4f FCA-l,2f FHA l,3: Sec-45 Z-Club-3,41 Football Program Staff-3.4: SGA Treas.-4. Christy Ann Holbrook FHA-l,3,4, Pep Squad-L21 Golden Girl- 3.4: Capt.-4: Lit. Rally-31 Spanish Club- qt Z-Club-2. Donna Lee Holt Softball-4. Teresa Louisa Ann Howard Basketball-l,2,3,4p Softball-l,2,3,-'lf Track-L21 Choir-l,2,3f Pep Squad-l,2.3g Cheerleader-4, Football Sweetheart-4: Jamboree Queen 4, Soph. Maid-2, Beauty Pageant-l.2.3.4f Winner-4: FHA-l, FCA-l,2. Leslie Lynette Hutchinson Pep Squad-lf Golden Girl-2.3, Head Cheerleader-4. FHA-l,2,3f Class V. Pres.-41 SGA-41 Yearbook-3. Ron Gipson Karen Godwin Mimi Golsby nm-wesnfsw' my Teresa Howard 1 2 Senm Leslie Hutchinson a Ron Gipson: silenced at last! Becky Hauser Christy Holbrook Donna Holt Larry .lanes Malcolm Kahre -LSI? KilP8fFiClf Mark Lambert Toni Lal?oux Jeff Luce Alice Lynch Steve McClure Mike McDowell Larry Janes Football-l,2,3,4, Baseball-l.2,3,4f Bas- ketball-l,.?,3,4, Track-l,2.3,4f Newspa- per-l.2f Boy's Court-3,4. Malcolm Owen Kahre Band-l,2.3,4f Honor Band-2,35 Year- book Staff-l,2.3,4t Class Pres.-3: News- paperelq Footballf3.4p FCA-3,4: Spanish Club-l. Jan Jenise Kilpatrick Pep Squad-l,2,3f Col.-35 Z-Club-.?,3,41 Pres.-45 Class V, Pres.-l,2f FHA-l,3,4, V. Pres,-4, Co-Ed, Newspaper-31 Cheerf leader-41 Beauty Pageant-l,2,3,4: Pep Squad Sweetheart-3, Senior Maid-44 SGA-4. John Mark Lambert, Jr. Football-I,2,3.44 All Dist,'3, Baseball- l,2,3.4f All Dist.-35 Basketball-l,2,3,4t Trackf3f FCA 1.2: Newspaper-3. Toni Denise LaRoux Pep Squad-lg FHA-lt Golden Girl-2,3,4. Jeffry Donald Luce Band-l..7,3,4t Class Favorite-l,2,3f Mas- cot-2,3f Yearbook-3,41 Newspaper-4: FHA Sweetheart-2: SGA V. Pres.-4. Alice Wyntre Lynch FHA-It Pep Squad-If Golden Girl-2.35 Class Favorite-I4 Beauty Pageant-2nd Place-If Basketball Manager-4. Stephen Kelly McClure Football-l,2.3,4t Baseball-I,2,3,4t Bas- ketball-l,2,3,4f FCA-L2: Spanish Clubel, Charles Michael McDowell Football-l,2,3,4f Baseball-l,2,3,41 Bas- ketball-l.2f Yearbook-2,3. Seniors 13 Counter Culture As we grow up under the shelter of Baptist based rules and regula- tions, the world outside remains hectic and confused. The seniors are one group who probably feel this the strongest. With plans for launching into the world as full- fledged adult citizens, the nation- al and international issues be- come a reality that must be faced. But it 's these very issues that help to shape our culture, and our commitment to Christian princi- ples makes the difference. Thirty five of the seniors were polled in the government class, and here are some of the results: 25 plan to register as Republicans when they reach I8, IO plan to become Democrats. President Reagan would win a wide majority of votes over both Sen. Kennedy and Vice President Mondale in a Presi- dential election. 30 of the students favor the death penalty in extreme cases only, 20 favor gun control laws, 25 favor raising the drinking age, and 25 favor teaching Creationism in the public school system. I5 seniors like the blue laws while 25 are against them, and IOOZ of those polled favor voluntary prayer in the public schools. Commitment to basics doesn 't always adapt to trends. The contrast of our choices show that we are still in the midst of life-shaping decisions about our culture versus the worlds '. David Brent McGee 4H-I. Angela Lorice McKinney FHA-l,3,4f Z-Club-2.3,4: Officer 3.4, Class Sec.-2, Pep Squad-l,2, Newspa- per-l,2,3f Yearbook-2,31 Golden Girl Man.-4. Mary Ellen Methvin Pep Squad-If FHA-l,2,3, Pres.-4, Z-CIub- 2,3,4, Beauty Pageant-2,3,4f Jr. Maid- 3: Sr. Maid-4, SGA-4, Leslie Erin Metzelaars Pep Squad-l.2,31 Capt.-3: FHA-If Beauty Pageant-2.4. 14 Seniors Oh well, not everyone is meant to succeed in life. U8 Vld IVICCJBE Angela McKinney Mary Ellen Leslie Mefzelaa,-5 Methvin i Jhckie Morgan Randy Murphy Jaqueline Robin Morgan Editor Newspaper-41 Bible Fair-lst Prize-If Band-l,2,3,4, Honor Band-2.3,41 Sweetheart-2, Lit. Rally-2,141 Nat. Honor Society-3,4, SGA-4, Yearbook-41 Z-Club Chaplain-Ji Beauty Pageant- 2.4, Rusty Pipes M Randy Shea Murphy Football-I,2,3,4, Track-l,2,3,4. Walter Terry Pipes Jr. Football-l,2,3,41 Basketball-I. Perry Pippenger Here you see our class sponsor Ditto Dyess. There are two pictures of her because we think there must be two of her. You see, no one person could do the amount of work that she does in the time that she does it. We count ourselves lucky to have her as our sponsor and appre- ciate all the help she has given us, and all the hassle she has put up witb. Mrs. Dyess tells us that in one years' time, every student that attends T.H. will have spent over KID bours in school, and in our four years, the seniors have spent over 46117 hours here. To all under classmen: "Have funlll" Seniors T5 Basket o e Base- Z-Club SGA 4, The Senior Class Song is "The Ea- gle Song" by the lmperialsf the class flower is a water lily: the colors are maroon and gray: and the class motto is "lf you can 't do great things, do small things in a great way" - Freeman As the sun sets on our last few days of high school, we look back on all the fun we had and all the friends we made, but we also look ahead to the future and wonder what it will bring our lives. We are no longer considered children, driven by the wind, but are facing the world as adults. The culture we have been trained in will do much to determine how our lives will be spent. Seniors 1? . E A Yfs 'il 95 5. 6 557: fi 5 ff ,. if Z5 'E 211 Yl- it s ? A ,, if Ei S fi if Qs Z 1, Q ,A E 6. 2? is i K ,, - Y Studer Host Boar Mary Ellen Meth vin, a senior here at T.H., was the only girl to take Home Ee. IV this year. That in itself is an accomplishment, but when she was asked to host a banquet for the Board, she really had her work cut out for It was a lot of hard work, but she did a fabulous job. Mary Ellen really has to earn her grade in Mrs. Dyess' class!! ---f W as-sf -1 ns. l982-83 Board Of Directors Our Board of Directors this year was really a supportive and helpful conglomerate. Each member contributed his full energy and much valuable time to making decisions and upholding the business end of our school. There are many responsibilities a board member must accept. Responsibilities to the school, the students, the faculty, the parents, and to the other members of the board, in helping them work out the problems that inevitably arise. Over half of our I4-board members are chairpersons on the IO committees that the board is in charge 06 so they are all kept very busy taking care of our school. Our Educational Committee officers this year are: Don Duggan, Chairman, .lohn Franks, Vice-Chairman, and Darlene Drake, Secretary. Among some of these officers' many responsibilities is the administration of several smaller, though important committees. The Executive Committee, headed by Chairman Don Duggan, governs all transactions of the board. John Franks, Joe Rossett, and Ben Terrell are our other Executive Committee members. Joe Rossett and John Franks help Mr. Duggan oversee the finances of the academy. They are in charge of appropriating all the funds for new equipment in both academics and athletics. The purpose of the School Properties Committee is to oversee all property owned by the school. This committee is headed by Ben Terrell along with members Wayland Carlisle and Bob Hauser. The Chairman of the Job Description Committee is David Wilson and he works with Marilyn Light and Molly Duggan. Chairman Wayland Carlisle and member Chris Dominick make up the Bus Committee which is in charge of all school-owned buses. Our Insurance Committee works closely with the school's insurance policies, making sure that all property is adequately covered by insurance. It is led by .loe Rossett and has one other member, John Franks. The members of the Curriculum Committee oversee what subjects are taught here at T.H. This year they added Art, Journalism. Physics, and a Resource Room. Members are Darlene Drake and David Wilson. The Chairman is Ned Wynn. Molly Duggan heads up the Financial Aid Committee with members Ned Wynn and Marilyn Light. The main purpose of this committee is to seek out families needing financial aid in order to attend Trinity Heights. The Uniform Committee provides guidelines for the schools uniform code, and heh1s maintain the traditional appearance of the students. Darlene Drake is the Chairperson, and other members include Chris Dominick and Bob Hauser. L M.,-,.,,,,,t Dr. Freeman, Melanie, Priscilla, and David. Dr. Roger Freeman Pastor Dr. Freeman is a native of Memphis Tenn. He attended Belmont College where he received his B.A, He received his Master of Divinity at South western Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Freeman has served as pastor of Trinity Heights Baptist Church for seven years. Dr. Freeman speaks in chapel periodically at THCA. He always has something to share, in and out of chapeL and always has time for people. Dr. Freeman 's hobbies are golfing, tennis, and reading and preaching the Word, But, his favorite pasttime is being with his wife, Priscilla, and his two children, Melanie-8, and David, two months. Rev. Kim Hall Minister of Youth Kim Hall is a native of West Monroe and graduate of LSU in Shreveport. He has been a member of Trinity Heights Bap- tist Church for six years, and has been Youth Minister for four years. Kim's de- cision to be youth minister and chapel speaker at THCA came from his com- passion for young people and his desire to lead them through important deci- sions in their teen-age years. As chapel speaker, he leads services for Jr. high and highschool students on Monday and Wednesday. Kim has been an inspira- fion to everyone through his music and chapel illustrations. Lonnie Wascom 1 Kim's hobbies include: duck and quail hunting, drawing, and playing the gui- tar. He also enjoys being with people and being involved with them. Kim is totally committed to working with youth and will not be satisfied until he sees the Lord magnified in their lives. Kim says he loves his work and wouldn 't do anything else. His favorite pasttime is being with his family, whether in traveling or just spending quiet time to- gether at home. Lonnie Wascom Minister of Education Lonnie Wascom is a native of Hammond Louisiana and a graduate of Northeas- tern. He received his Master of Divinity degree at Golden Gate Baptist Theologi- cal Seminary in Mill Valley, Ca. and his Master of Arts in Speech, at San Fran- cisco State. Lonnie has been Minister of Education at Trinity Heights Baptist Church since June, l978. He has been teaching in chapels here at T.H. for five years. He speaks to elementary students on Tues- day and Thursday, Lonnie's hobbies include hiking. collect- ing model trains and reading. His favor- ite author is Ross McDonald. Lonnie also enjoys being with and ministering to people. At home his favorite pasttime is being with his wife and two children. 4 Mr. And Mr Qrxfafrn vmtofy gnu must work rogether as a beam holdmg the hen zffefeat threatens Webster defines team wark as the actin ei' 025' ima ar more peapie to make :heir work successful and e Tfmf Her his defines teamwork s M ri W-h'L, X .ak-U gvlwgiggi D.1W,.g-.4,,3ygh55hq,.3w va,,, :buggy fa ,www ..,U ':,S.,z5gfH- Qxhv , MW Mm . LQ - f I W 9 2 L 3 I y gr ac Qeve. . -,sg:g:A1::gg-5 L311fvfff:5,g:1v2Lw .,f1 vfxf ' Q: A vkhrk W attached to Mr and Mrs, S wens and respect them for the acc Q f,,,Qw5,5 gg , 4, a,MW,L,1 5QWa 4 l b,nQ . 4em, ,SL W M 5 A 35mggggggg:1f5::?ii12QhzVw WWW gwfm Q9 ggessszzmh Qqwww ,X - "I dare you to try it! Mrs. Shilling Mrs. Kilpatrick Mrs. Ha Administrative Staff Norma Jean Brown LSU, NSU, Southern Methodist Univ. Clerical Office Practice Kaye Dyess Miss. State, Centenary, Delta State. NSU, Southern Miss., Home Economics Kay Butler Mike Cranford LSUS, La. Tech La. Varsity Basketball Algebra I, Math I 5 ll World Geography Business Math Betty Greening Ann Guilbert La. Tech, LSU La. Tech, Librarian, Library Science Chemistry, Biology General Science Terrell Harvey Frank Hess Southern Ill Univ. Penn State Go vernmentfFree Enterprise Instrumental Music Linda Hughes NSU Social Studies Skipper Resource Tech, Souther Miss. Justin E. Kidd Bambi Lee Rice Univ., Univ. Va, l-8, College English Ill 5 IV, Journalism English I 5 ll, Speech Apphia -ferry Kathy -Waters Bob Jones Univ,, McGill Hendflx COIIESE Univ., SLU, Auburn Univ. Vvfal Music Bible, Journalism Stephen Ponder lsus, La, Tech, South- wester Baptist Theo- logical Seminary Science 5 Physics Patsy Weldon LA. Tech, LSUS Geometry, Algebra Il Advanced Math X1Hpinl1T5' Gilllfivlf-,I 1 ' 'xx 'J' ' ' V ' 'Q I I il . f.'.xW ' .fb ' fi Op M SI 55 r Anlfffw T F' !'n"F"" ' Iuuisiann N en ks-,Q Seniors This Cn-lilirs Elm! Hi rw The TOP TEN SENIORS are very special peo- hu -.a..fmn-fax, .....,m.a ii.. c...,., ,,, Q, , . ple. Among them we have Jeff Crow, who I inf ...A a. 'nv-ff-im f..l:fi:x':u,fl""'m will be the first graduate of THCA to receive ' ' ' "' an appointment to West Point, where he will matricu- late in the Fall l983. These students must not only show academic excellence, but they are also judged on char- acter, courtesy, spirit loyal- Jeff Crow Eiplnlnaz 65" 'F' """': dgflq. mn ..ci4e-A--2' K ty, patriotism, and integrity, The Administration and fac- ulty, by means of the secret ballot, nominate those whom they feel deserve this honor. This information is then placed with the academic standing, thus arriving at the TOP TEN. Each one of these top students has taken hisfher place among the leadership of the 1983 gradu- ating class. STUDENTS WE SALUTE voul Wm, Gabby Amy Doughs Kay Dick Ron Gipson Jackie Morgan Kay Farless Becky Hauser ,lan Kilpatrick Da vid McGee '1 i l 1 1 F K I 1 2 I I F x E 5 1 I i K, , 1 L A 4 A GA President A my Dougla Amy Douglas, our I9 -83 SGA President has contributed her all for the betterment of THCA. She has been extremely active in many school activities. Her favorite hap- pens to be basketball, at which she worked very hard to help achieve the titles that they 've won. This past year she took part in Louisiana Girls State, Mu Alpha Theta, Z- Club and the Literary Rally. Am loves to spend time with friends and play all sports. She especially likes getting others involved in student activities. Her plans after she leaves THCA are to study Pre-Med at Tu- lane. Congratulations for doing a great job as our SGA President and Good Luck in the future! ,: .-.5 : l , . .. 0.,.,.,.,:,.,.,,.x,.:,..,,., .... , .... . 455:- ,:, ,- 5-:-5 5 . -- 5-g -.- -55 . ---- ,,,, - V,,,,,,, ' -. ,,V-VVY ,..,,,,, ,Y,... .L - . ' ., Q, , - , 'f'r-g--- -- --.f-N -. vw- . . ---- .. .. -- 5, 5. .... , ,, . .. ,, , 5: s- :5:5 :5:,.5:5 ::: .5:5:5555: - 55535:52:555s55i5g,ag5g,5:5:5,:5:5:r:r-2:11:55:5:5:51515,15:5:-11:25:12:5:5:55:Z:Z:51,1555-1251525:5:5:5:g5:5g5:::21::grg:::5:5:5::5:5:5:Z:rg2115:f:5:5:5:5:5:5:g:,g-5-551:155:2:I:212515:5:--:+:8EvQ2:fis53ErE:ff5:Ig521:s.5, 3:35:2:13524-.z:i'.-t15's'ssf:f.g:I525::,rzfia:5:5:ia-5:ws51::s-s5:f-r-:25:gfg:5,:a2s1?3-.5.- as 1 5'.r5.'2'2 , . . 491555:5-'-:-:-:mmf.:-:5-5+1:5315224-vqgqa2:-:-1-1-g2--f:-:-:-:-:-:-scc-c.c--- ..e':":r':':15:-:r?f:f:f -w's9.55"' if- 'WW-505 ' 9 "'-"-1'f--:-M-rot'-51-"fr . .-' --- -w 55 5555555 55555555-5555 zf555:5:5:5:5 2555:55-T' -i"-'-' 5 ----- 5. I--.5 535,15 . 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'IWW' ... - .-.-,:1:E'f""'-'-f'-f.:c:I:I:I-I4-5455111 -5 "" '-2212,-,-5551-bb. ':'.-3:25:111:-:5:-:-:::1:I:2:f:I:15:f-55:1-I-I-I-:..-:f:f:f+f5E:E?'25 --'f-'-'-'I-24-2-:E-:-:-:VJ ,' ".-:-11:2-2-I-21-L''5:-:2:2:?:1:-.-.-:-:- '-.5.1.-:-:QE2-Pr'-':1E-ii:f:f:2:1-51'f'f'f'3'5'1f'2-I-2' """' ' ""' ' " """ ' " " ,. ' : - : - 4 -25 5 :55-:-5 5 - g:5: :5: : : - I- 1-1 1 555: - :-:3535 s::-5w:55- - - -f3:g:p5:-1 2:2- ssmg5q:5:5:5 92530 WN' " ...H-2 4, 45:6 5?-ff uw no-nw. Aquila Editor Mimi Golsb y Our 82-83 Aquila Editor for the school year is Mimi Golsby. Mimi has given her all to make this year's yearbook the best that it's ever been. She has spent hours and hours of her time making sure each detail is perfected. Besides being the Aquila Editor, Mimi has also been in other various school activities. This past sum- mer she participated 'in the Louisiana Girls State, and she is also in National Honor Society, SGA, and Band. However, when she is not tak- ing part in school activities you may find her reading a good book or playing piano or flute. Thanks Mimi for all the time and effort you ha ve put into our yearbook this year! You did a spectacular job. A N e t . ,,,, t we ,,e, , www Eagle Beak Editor Jackie Morgan Eagles Beak Editor for l982-83 Jackie Morgan has successfully turned the paper into one that we can all be proud of Her other accomplish ments during her years at THCA have been fantastic! Over these years she has been in Honor Band and the National Honor Society Jackie loves Trinity Heights and has enjoyed being the Eagles Beak Editor Collecting uni corns and horseback riding are also at the top of her list. Jackie s future plans are to tra vel on a three year tour of Germany where she will attend school and major in Biological Science The Best of luck to you Jackiel Head Cheerleader Leslie Hutchinson All of our games would not have been the same without our Head Cheerleader, Les- lie Hutchinson. Leslie has done a tremen- dous job with the cheerleaders this year. Many long hours were spent practicing, trying to perfect each little pyramid and cheer. However, when she was not prac- ticing, she was probably busy with the remainder of her activities. Leslie has taken part in FHA, SGA, and she was a contestant in the annual Beauty Pageant, She loves to collect mice as well as spend much time with friends. But, most of all, she enjoys cheering! Following this year she will attend La. Tech. She plans to ma- jor in Business Administration. Have fun and Good Luck, Leslie! , 1 TM iw!! 1 ,E 2 1 A I Pep Squad Colonel Melanie Vldlkins The High Flyers this year were under the supervision and guidance of Melanie Wilkins. Melanie, a Senior this year, has put a lot of time into making sure the High Flyers do their job superbly. Melanie loves to support our Eagle teams and has done so as our Pep Squad Colonel. She also participated in the Beauty Pageant, and is an officer in Z-Club and FHA. Her main loves though, include playing tennis, skiing. cooking, and go- ing out with friends. Melanie plans to attend college after her last year at THCA. The best of luck in the future, Melanie, and thanks for a job well done! Golden .Girl Captains Christy Holbrook Karen Godwin Mary Ellen Methvin Who is Christy Holbrook? Christy Holbrook is a I7 year old senior who has a special talent for dancing, Maybe that's why she 's our Golden Girl Captain for the l982-83 year. She has done a wonderful job with the dance line. Christy loves to spend time with friends and read, She has been a mem- ber of the National Honor Society and has participated in many other school activities. Christy didn 't do everything by herself, howeverp she had plenty of help from Karen Godwin and Mary Ellen Methvin as Co-Captains, Karen loves to dance and be with friends. She was our '82- '83 Homecoming Queen. Her side-kick Mary Ellen was on the SGA, Z-Club, and FHA, She was also our Sr. Maid, She enjoys talking on the phone, skiing, and above all, being with friends. Mary Ellen intends to attend La. Tech and major in fashion merchandising. Congratulations and the best of luck to our Golden Girl Captainsll Miss THCA - Kay Dick Every year at Trinity Heights, we ha ve a new group of people that make up the Senior class. Those people work together all year making plans for their Senior Party and ultimate graduation. During this time, they all form impressions about each other that they will carry with them for many years to come. One tradition our Seniors have is the selection of Senior Personalities. Every senior is voted into a category by his classmates, and this makes up the Senior Who 's Who. The highest honor is to be chosen as Mr. or Miss Trinity Heights. Not only do the Seniors vote on this, but everyone in high school, along with the faculty. This year, we have two remarkable people serving as Mr. 8 Miss T.H.C.A. They are Kay Dick and Mark Lambert. Each of these students has shown school spirit and has excelled in many areas of their lives. Kay Dick is one of the most involved seniors we have at T.H. She is a member of the Nat. Honor Society, the Basketbalb Softball and Track teams, the Band, the Yearbook ad staff and is one of her class officers. Kay has been chosen as one of the top ten seniors, has won the Honesty 5 Integrity Award, and has received academic scholarships. But her most outstanding achievements are in the sports arena. Kay has played Basket- ball for TH. for eight years, and has started on the varsity team for three. She has been chosen as All-District, All-State, All- Tournament, and M VP in tournaments. Kay received the coveted Eagle Award as a junior, and is loved and respected by her teammates. Kay plans to continue her physical education in college, and plans to major in that field. Her ultimate goal is to teach Physical Education in a Christian oriented atmosphere. Kay is an active member of the First Baptist Church of Bossier, and plans to attend Louisiana College after graduation. Mr. T.H.C.A. - Mark Lambert Mark Lambert is another senior who is successful in many areas, but sports is his main point of interest. He is a member of the football, baseball and basketball teams here at FH. and has received honors in many of these. He was chosen All-District in Football and Baseball his junior year, and All- District and All-State in Football his senior year, Mark has been a member of our school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is active in many areas of the school. After graduation, Mark plans to attend college where he will major in either engineering or computer science. iii Who 's Who DEPENDABLE BeckyHauser, Chris Spain - 1,8-WQ lv SUCCESSFUL Mimi Golsby, Jeff Crow, Amy Douglas X V ,,,, L V, RELIABLE Mary Ellen Methvin, .lan Kihwatrick awww ATHLETIC: Kay Dick, Mark Lambert, Steve McClure, Kay Farless NEA TEST: Karen Godwin, Larry .lanes CHRISTIAN SPIRIT: Mark Allums. Lisa Francis, .Ieff Luce FRIENDLY: Leslie Hutchinson, Mike McDowell STUDIOUS: Jackie Morgan, Jeff Crow in FLIRTATIOUS: Catherine Spivey, David Warner HF " SOCIABLE: Lee Ann Fuller, Scott Tobey , if zz XF: W ,wk 1, 4? , Z Y, 'M , ,V A L' E124 L ,:fi'2w P 1 tf QUIET: Melanie Wilkins, David McGee SCHOOL SPIRIT: Leslie Hutchinson, Ron Gipson, .lan Kilpatrick Jeff Luce HELPFUL: Liz Adams, Tim Adgate, Leslie Merzelaars CUTE51' COUPLE: Mark Alfums, jeresa Howard OFTEN OUT OF CLASS: San Allen, Greg Eason, Jeff Luce SMILING: Toni LaRoux, Coleen Watsonf Perry Pippenger SMIL ING: Ashley Deckard WITTY: Lee Ann Fuller, Rusty Pipes, Chris Spain UNDERSTANDING: Dllvld Wilmer, Angell! McKinney David McGee, Donna Hon 1 CAREFREE: Mark Lambert, Alice Lynch, l Teresa Howard - ,Ldv . . LAL TALENTEDI Malcolm Kahre, Christy Holbrook 4'I A Look At The Past , A Glimpse Of The Future The l98l-I982 graduating class consisted of forty-five students. Of these students, thirteen were eligible for the T.H. Harris scholarship, ten students applied and nine received it. Thirteen students maintained a 3.0 average or better and this group was awarded approximately 5l7,CXD in scholarships. In addition, six were awarded athletic scholarships and one received a music scholarship. Thirteen students were members of the National Honor Society. Seventy-eight percent of the class went to college and twenty-two percent went out into the working world. Of the students that went to college, the majority went to Tech, Z4 MW" ,., 9 V g W V w 4 I it ,JV +3 , A W7 ' f , Board Chmn. L. Wreyford 5 speaker DR, SULLIVAN Homecoming Queen Karen Godwin 982 Homecomin Court Football sweetheart Teresa Howard C. Horton 5 C. Latham present Sr. Maid Mary Ellen Methvin Pep Squad sweetheart Liz grown. Sr. Maid .lan Kilpatrick Band sweetheart Kay Dick So what was different about this year's Homecoming? What made it so good? What made it better than it's ever been ?? We won!! The THCA football team, led by coach Steve Horton and assistant coach Tony Bone, mutilated the Briarfield Rebels I8-Q Way to go Eagles!! But there were also other things that made it special, and number one among them was the spirit and participation of everyone involved. For example, a new light seemed to shine when the Homecoming Court was spotted parading around the field on the class floats. These were surely no "lean on the fence" floats! For the first time in TH history. the classes decided to go all out in their attempt to build moveable floats, and they were successful!! Spirit points were awarded to the Sophomores, and the Seniors, Juniors and Freshmen came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. As halftime approached everyone was anticipating the show, and were definitely not disappointed, The Eagle Band and Golden Girls put on a dazzling performance and the Pep Squad joined them to form the path down which our maids, sweethearts and queen walked, As the court reached the end of the path, their flowers were presented to them by Mr. Owens along with a '7ittle" heh? from Robby Horton and Crissy Latham. All in all the halftime show was exciting. Jr Maid Gloria Moron Soph Maid Tila Young Freshman Maid DeAnn Craig Court Seniors on Senior Float 45 By the way, who besides the football team was responsible for the excitement in the stands? Who worked all week long to design posters and signs, sell spirit ribbons, put on pep rallies, make goodie bags and a whole lot more? The cheerleadersll This spirited group was accompanied by some special alumni guests at the games who quickly caught on to the new moves. Speaking of new moves, lheard there was a lot of that going on after the game at the dance, Everyone was jammin' out to the Kevin Stewart Band at the dance which was held at the fairgrounds. With all the excitement about the game and dance, it seems we sometimes forget the real reason for this event. Even the name: Homecoming, should give it away if you think about it. We are welcoming the alumni to take a journey back in time and remember their high school years. To remember the special moments and the people who made them special. To remember how important and influential these years were to their lives. It is for them that we do this and it is for us that they accept it. May they always be remem- bered as an important part of our school When Homecoming is over and everyone is back in school that next Monday, there usually seems to be a sigh of relief from most, fBut only after the latest Homecoming gossip is heard of course, Q Every- one feels a great deal of pride because of the victory, the floats, and all the things that were accomplished. Everyone also remembers the panic that went on in that crazy, exciting Homecoming week. There were dates to be found, corsages to be ordered, outfits to be chosen, and tickets to be bought. Don't leave out the long hours devoted to the huge floats, or the halftime show either. So what's Homecoming at Trintiy Heights? lt's people working together to create a very special time that all can share and remember forever, Mr. Owens crowning Karen 46 wN2.JlN TROPI CAL PAR GDISE Soph. float 5 maids 5 ,. . www 2, 5 New Jr. maids 8 float Freshman float 5 maid VD G'0Uff 982-83 THCA Beaut Pageant San Allen, last years winner, crowns Teresa Howard as "Our Lady of Lee Ann Fuller is awarded Miss Congeniality by San. She also CameI0t" was our 2nd runner-up, The Trinity Heights beauty pageant was held on October I6, l982, with 26 lovely contestants compet- ing for the title of "Our Lady of Camelot". The pageant featured sportswear and evening gown competions as well as a group production number set to the theme song from the musical "Camelot". Mr. Sentell, our guest entertainer for the evening, provided an enchanting magical show and en- thralled the audience with his amazing pets. Miss Waters, Choir director here at THCA, also kept the onlookers happy with a lovely song. She was accom- panied on the piano by Mimi Golsby. The pageant was made complete with the an- nouncement of the winners. Beginning with Miss Congeniality, Lee Ann Fuller, and the runners-up who were: 4th, Sonya Lawrence: 3rd, Sherri DuCotet 2nd, Lee Ann Fuller, lst, Erin Evans, and then finally the winner was made known to the eager crowd: Miss Teresa Howard, a striking blue-eyed blonde- haired senior, is our reigning "Lady of Camelot". ....... Runners-up: 4th Sonya Lawrence, 3rd Sherri DuCotef 2nd Lee Ann Fuller, lst Erin Evans, and winner, Teresa Howard The 26 contestants presented a group production number using flow- ered hoops they made themselves. Magician Sentell entertained the audience while the girls prepared for the gown competition. Miss Waters sang as the judges compared notes. The judges of our pageant were: Tom Carlton, Magaret Martin, Tracy Ward, JoJo Meyers, and Emcee David Carnal, Knot picturedj 49 Sophomores: Sonya Lawrence Julie Frazier Kelli Graham Stephani Moore Lisa Bussell Tila Young Juniors: Kim Dominick Becca Golsby Erin Evans Sherri DuCote Suzanne Williams Gloria Moron Wyndy Wynn Liz Gorman Seniors: Coleen Watson Leslie Metzelaars Kay Dick Teresa Howard Leslie Hutchinson Lee Ann Fuller Jackie Morgan Amy Douglas Mary Ellen Meth vin Karen Godwin .lan Kilpatrick Angela McKinney Jeff Crow X 3 s Amy Douglas Kay Dick Mimi Golsb y Honors Each year, certain Seniors are picked out of the crowd to be honored because of their outstanding records. This is when the years of making good grades pay off, The first group to represent our school consisted of four sen- iors who were sent to Baton Rouge over the summer as State Delegates. Mimi Golsb y, Amy Douglas, Jeff Crow and Ron Gipson endured a grueling week of intense study and participa- tion in our state's governmental system. Mimi was elected to the senate, Amy served on a police jury, Jeff was a representative, and Ron was a city engineer. The nest to be honored were Kay Dick and Mark Allums. They were selected for the .lop- pa Masonic Lodge's Honesty 5 Integrity A ward. They are pictured below with the lead- er of this organization. In November, Mimi Golsby and Jeff Crow were selected as the schooI's outstanding Sen- iors and participated in the Shreveport Opti- mist Club's scholarship competition. Amy Douglas received the DAR good citizen- ship award and placed first in the district in the competition. Jeff Crow is the first graduate of T.H. to be accepted to West Point, and we congratulate him for that great achievementlll Q f 5?-gif?-f'f l?l??Fi'?fQ?iii!f?i?gfif 5Ff'ff?3 UU932' we ff?-'?ffl Bifiiefilf?fl9:?!Sf5f??fEi"Yfa' fregbf fb? 51333 ?5QlfXnsff?2551!f6?.f?H1'?91-'Sef.fwd1rf?fU54 af!i4!f2fs?ii?fz5'feefiff2f2f'fwfiwbeefff .ParffQ42?1:' iWif'X?f?i?f'?f9f5fl?? l'?8f7?sf l7'?"'?" 513 f K"L 5211135i'igfisigfiZ3ffg5Ralljf,5 'which wa? "heId.Jinl by feel vi 5 EFHQSQ flfiffrivi l'HGf8'f?f2+ i f A fEf2f1if59fg,111'Q2ei2Cfrsiefciff 'IQ wt'- B :QM 5 f'4ill5?5??f45f?F?4? F91 ?ff'?ff? 'W"'e"c ' QW fAffwe1ffQ.f2ess'2fQen.lSrvdenrsffefwfrvfed ' ifflffezffwffffiefgfxrs we 4124-Raffw which f Y A M fffl 2 f' . f3:?f'i':,f fl . K KSTANDINGQ A. Gilbert, H. Mitton, B. McDonald. R. Gipson, I Allen, G. Corley, J. Crow. L. Bussell, A. Holloway. KSITTINGQ S. Ritch, M. Golsby, C. Morgan, B. Wreyford, D. Warner. CSTANDINGQ A. Gilbert, C. Morgan, K. Graham, R. Gipson, T. Thomas. M. Atkins, H. Mitton, C. Hollis, B. McDonald, G. Corley. 71 Allen. C5lTTlNGj M. Golsby, J. Morgan, C. Watson, A. Holloway. 2 H iem: iiiiwif . in NTIP .ggz f-! 11 KSi Y 'Sw i 2 f 'iiis.w:5 giim ,, Z.,-. Q QZEEQ 'QZSQQUEQQ ai i.?5g,x23 was 252. xmisii 22.1 545222155 miss. aw k Qs img 2 2 212.22 A Uv ': CFront Rowj C. Spivey, J. Frazier, L. Bussell, J. Kilpatrick, L. Hutchinson, A. Douglas, B. Hauser J Morgan M Golsby B Golsby ISecond Rowj Burns, C. Tucker, K. Kamm, M. Allen, J. Crow, C. Morgan, J. Luce, J. Gipson, W. Wynn, S. DuCote B McDonald M Wilkins C Cassel B Wreyfo A. Guilbert. X ' .525 'iii , k r- X' . .,., 5 X T 1: The Student Government Association was sponsored by Ms. Anna Guilbert for this school year. The l982-83 SGA 's main goal has been to get everyone involved and to raise the school spirit to an all time high. The SGA sponsors all Homecoming activities. They are re- sponsible for the pledges and prayer in chapel, the skits for pep-rallies and the publication of the school calendar. For the first time, Trinity Heights joined the National Association of Student Councils. The SGA has done a great job and has represented our school admirably. Student Government Association Chris Morgan, Chaplain Julie Frazier, Parlimentarian Becky Hauser, Treasurer Amy Douglas, President Becca Golsby, Historian Lisa Bussell, Secretary Jeff Luce, Vice-President They look really excited!" The of Jeff Luce fills in when Amy is busy, SGA sponsors the Homecoming Dance each year, here you see some the finery of the occasion. O O Behind The Printed Page L Adams T Moore C Drake L Zysek M Golsby K Kamm .I Morgan J Crow C Watson Have you ever stopped to think about where the book that you are holding in your hands came from? Or considered how much work was involved in getting it put together and printed up for nearly 5617 people? If you've never been on a yearbook staff then you probably wouldn't believe all the screaming, moaning, ripping up and running around that went on this year to make this book available to you Members of the staff soon learned to ignore everyone else talking to themselves. And they learned how to laugh together to ease up the tensions of a rush deadline This year the stafh comprised of I0 inexperienced but eager mem bers, plowed headlong into the tedious work of yearbooking Mimi Golsby Aquila Editor With Mimi Golsb y as their vlrllous leader and under the sup vision of Mrs Terry C alias yearbook sponsorj they so learned to rue the day they selected Journalism as an electlv Seriously though these dedicated students did a fantastic job planning designing and creating the best yearbook Trln Heights has ever hadl We e L 4 ,,, ,ft A.,,f , Lisa Z ysek and Liz Adams work on printing the newspaper. 4 Y wLTQ??'i4?'a, Don't laugh , . . my finger's stuck!! Summer Yearbook Camp sent some of our staff to the treesl Its not all work however . . . l Mrs. Apphia Terry, Aquila Sponsor The opportunity to actually record a school year in the student body 's own words and in photographs is an opportunity to make something that will always have a tremendous value. We have enjoyed being such a special part of the unique society of educa- tion. especially in the highschool area. The last 4 years of that long I2 year haul are a truly once-in-a lifetime experience for everyone. To share it, and preserve it for the years to come has made us very happy. We hope that you come to love this book as much as we have . . . and thanks for letting us 'take your picture' 57 I Wnpmii Nat'l Honor Society members: J. Morgan, B. McDonald, .L Crow, A. Douglas, I Allen, K. Dick, M. Golsby, R. Gipson, and .l. Gipson. , Y W Membership in the National Honor Society has become recognized nationally as one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a high-school student. Membershqv is, however, more than an honor, it carries with it a responsibility and should be considered the beginning of an obligation, not merely the successful culmination of an effort to achieve recognition and honor. Once selected for membership, a student is singled out. He should not only continue to demon- strate those outstanding qualities which brought about his selection, but he should also exert a new influence to improve conditions about him and promote the qualities of Leadership, Charac- ter, Scholarship and Service, for which the National Honor Society stands. NHS officers M. Golsby, A. Douglas, and B. McDonald. NHS Sponsors: Dr. Kidd, B. Lee, N. Brown, and Mr. Owens. Mrs, P. Weldon is the chairman of the NHS sponsors. - Eagles Beak Staff CL to R Q L Adams L Zysek .I Bryant, C. Watson, T. Moore, C. Morgan, J. Crow, J. Jackie Morgan, editor of Eagles Beak, is pictured with the Shreveport Times editor, Mr. Raymond McDanieIs. The l982-83 Eagles Beak had a successful year that included a lot of firsts for the school newspaper. Under the direction of Dr. Kidd and Mrs. Terry, and with the help of the staff, the paper gained a new image. On a bi-monthly basis the Eagles Beak held contests for artwork, seasonal stories, poems and covered all sports events, as well as the stu- dents academic activities. As the year progressed the paper acquired a more professional look and kept our students and facul- ty up with the times. Thank' you Eagle Beak staff and sponsor for a really great paper! Jan Kihaatrick Amy Douglas Melanie Wilkins Angela McKinney president Vicgpresidenf Secretary Treasurer What IS Z Club? Z Club IS a com munity service organization spon sored by Zontlan Club of Shreveport The l982 83 Z Club contains twenty one members and meets twice a month at Mrs Klhwatrlck s house Every Monday the Z Club vlslts nursing homes and takes goody bags They supply cookies for teacher s lounge and work with several civic charitable organizations Begky Hauser Catherine Spivey Kim Dominick Kristie Wilkins 59,-Wee Chairman Sr Board Member Jr Board Member Soph Board Member Mary Ellen Meth vin Historian Theresa Allen Jahnieene Bryant Pam Freeman sa Bussell Casel' Cassel Kelly Cooper -'HH Davis Julie Frazier Z-Club holds a can drive during the fall for the needy. Working at the Red River Revel is another yearly project for Z-Club. Z-Club raises money for the Kidney Foundation and they make food for a walk-a-thon for diabetics, This year a Halloween party was held for the kids in the children 's ward of Willis4Knighton Hospital. Z-Club is a very worthwhile organization. 1921! Ahvha Theta Mu Alpha Theta is a national honorary mathematics club. Its members are dedicated students who have received their membership by special invitation. Mu Ahaha Theta members participate in area math tournaments and math bowls. Mem bers meet once a month to discuss mathematics and relating topics. Mrs. Weldon, sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta for the past six years, is regarded as irreplaceable by both her Mu Ahrha Theta members and the faculty OFFICERS: Jeff Crow, Ron Gipson, Da vid Warner, Amy Doug- las, Jason Gipson. SPONSOR Mrs Weldon TOP RO W: Liz Adams, Amy Douglas, Theresa Allen, .Iason Gipson. BOTTOM RO W: Jeff Crow, Da vid Warner Ron Glpson McDonald. ...K i 2 , ..,. .V W., --,.,......, .t ...,. ,. .. -,..,g.f..',,i.. 2 2- ,E .ss H, 5 , f E g gg- A , .,..... . 5 -SP2 . as .'-14: .g .,. .. .sn .fk,. 5.3.5. .sf I ff... .sf 11.54. 1 f A ., X E S 15 :., ,Q ? gf 1 NY ! M X gt-2.1,.a. .- I 5F A .X R.. 5 Q I ss W is V. 5 H TNQ mi ,, Nxgs S N' . , U .... 5 zest "' ' -' in .f " 5' . 'KKAA f . K - 5 Q w as 2- A s f kh' I 3 5 . f .Q 3 -7-ss-s .grffss .I A K 55 L... . 1'kk'L V "" 13' 1 i s Q N s 2 589' :fam FH Home Ec Classes are designed to help indivi- duals become acquainted with the domestic form of life. Home Economics I emphasizes clothing construction and basic foods. Home Economics Il emphasizes diets, nutrition, and studies of Textiles. Home Economics Ill em- phasizes Housing, Home Furnishing, and in- fant care. Mary Ellen Meth vin, Home Econom- ics IV, along with Mrs. Dyess, the sponsor, hosted a special banquet for the Board of Trinity Heights Acad. This was her main pro- ject for the year. C5ee page ISQ. Home Ec. I Cbottomj Row one: Christi Tucker. Angela Buckalew, Christi Metzelaar, Janet Janssen. Row two: Tammy Burns, Missy Burns, Lynn Cramer. Janet Nunenmacher, DeAnn Craig. Home Ec. ll Cleftj Kelli Graham, Renee Jones, Le'Anne Bonner, Alison Kirkham. Home Ec. Ill and IV Cleftj Mary Ellen Methvin, .lan Kilpatrick, Catherine Spivey, Wyndy Wynn, Christy Holbrook, DeeDee Hope, Me- lanie Wilkins, Angela McKinney. Officers Ctopj Kelli Graham-reporter. Wyndy Wynn-Representative, Mary Ellen Methvin- President, ,lan Kilpatrick- Vice president, Catherine Spivey-Program Chairman, Angela McKinney-Historian, Liz Gorman-FHA Hand- book Chairman, Knot picturedj Becky Hauser- Secretar yf Treasurer. Mrs. Dyess, Sponsor 63 Cfitandingj Pam Freeman, Dene Borbelon Gteadedj Mr. Harvey, Jeff Luce, Tim Sallie Willett CAboveQ Chris Morgan, Mrs. Owens, Brian Wreyford Troy Moore, Brian Brewer, Mimi Golsby. Wyndy Wynn fpictured belowj Coleen Watson, Lisa Bussell, Heath Mitton, Joey Porter, Mimi Golsby, Patrict Lowery. Librar Staff The library staff at THCA does a great job of assisting the librarian. The staff does such various jobs as, controlling the return of books, running and delivering equipment, and organizing books and cards. Besides helping the librarian, the staff members receive an education in library science. They learn how to catagorize books, use the card catalogue, help students find books, and learn everything dealing with the library. The library staff members are doing more than just helping the librarian though, they're serving the student body! Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi is an organization created for students who are interested in furthering their education in science. The club, which is affiliated with the Science Clubs of America, began its first year at THCA by sponsoring the l983 Science Fair. Mr. Ponder, the clubs sponsor, hopes that, through the club, more students can become aware of science. OFFICERS-fAbove Leftj Sponsor: Mr. Ponder, M. Allen, J. Crow, J. Bryant, T. Allen. C Top Rowj J. Frazier, L. Bussell, S. Larkin, D. Corley, T. Briery. C. Morgan, B. Wreyford, T. Latham, L. Adams, L. Zysek, K. Kamm CSecond Rowj T. Allen, M. Wilkins, K. Dick, H. Taunton, J. Janssen, P. Giddens, J. Bryant, P. Freeman, R. Keen, B. Loflin, C. Orton, P. Crafts C Third Rowj L. Francis, B. White, M. Roberts, D. Gorman, B. McDonald, M. Allen, K. Dominick, W. Winn, J. Gipson, B. Butler CBottom Rowj M. Atkins, S. McClure, A. Douglas, D. Warner, M. Kahre, J. Kilpatrick, A. McKinney, J. Morgan, T. Moore, J. Crow, D. 65 McGee. fStanding1 Mr. Ponder. Choir l982-I983 The vocal music department con- sists of 262 students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Only 27 of these are members of the Concert Choir drawing its membership from grades seven through twelve. The Choir performed several times during the year, chapel services, Christmas concerts, and spring concerts. The repertoire of the choir is wide and varied, including l6th Century German Chorales, the Baroque music of Bach, sacred church music, the popular music of the 40's and 5O's, and even country western. A few select members of the choir joined with a few select band members to form a Dixieland jazz ensemble. Added to the Choir's schedule this year was participation in the LMEA solo and ensemble compe- tition. Choir Sponsor Kathy Waters The i983 Concert Choir: pictured above, Front Row I to r, Stacy Pickard, Sherry Walls, Lisa Craig, Tracy Byrd, April Hunt- er, Susan Strickland, 2nd row, Tasha Al- len, Christy Vaughn, Jana Bell, Karen Janssen, Alan Gra y, 3rd row, Beth McCul- lough, Kim Barker, Andrew Yarbough, Ron Gipson, Brian Wreyford, Mimi Golsby, 4th row, Coleen Watson, Chris Spain, Ricky Dees, Randy Murphy, Steve Mc- Clure, .Ioel Shilling, Hope Danford, Not pictured: Lisa Francis, Mendee Allen Speech Class I982-I983 The IQ83 Speech Class is com- posed of students in grades nine through twelve. During the year they studied public speaking, oral interpretation, drama, and parliamentary procedure. One of the most exciting events of the year was the two-day trip to Baton Rouge, to see LSU 's the- atrical production of Charles Dickens' '24 Christmas Carol." After the play the group was treated with a personal back- stage tour by one of the cast members. Everyone enjoyed the trip and looked forward to their own drama production in the spring. Speech Class Sponsor Bambi Lee The l983 Speech Class: L to R, Back row: Brad McDonald, Chris Spain, Dene Borde- lon, Mimi Golsby, Scott Tobey, 3rd row, Bambi Lee, Jackie Morgan, Robby Keen, Pat Greene, 2nd row, Christy Tucker, Missy Burns, Greg Eason, Hannah Taun- ton, front row, David McGee. ., 3 , ,,,, if f s QQ is Q "" ' was f- t k ,,,,,, - - f 5, ,, ,t Staff members: L. Bussell, D. Watts, A, Doug- las, C, Cassel, and B. Hauser, Becky Hauser, Manager Football Program Staff This year the football program staff worked really hard. There was a lot of work that went into the programs that you saw every week. Over the summer they sold ads and spent many hours laying out and designing the program. But after school started there was still a lot of work to be done. Of course, the hard work paid ofi because the program was a big success! The staff members also wanted to express a special thanks to Mrs. Kilpatrick for her help this year as their sponsor. Mrs. Kilpatrick, sponsor J I 1 ! San Allen, a 5 '4" blue-eyed brunette was one of our 4 senior cheerleaders this year. She was the manager of the Lady Eagles and enjoys shopping and meeting people. San loved cheering for the Eagles because all the players and coaches were so special to her. Teresa Howard is a 5'4" blue-eyed blond, with many interests and hobbies. She not only cheered the Eagles on to victory but participated in Varsity athletics as well. Collecting ribbons and spending time with her friends are two of her favorite pasttimes. ' Our head cheerleader this year was Les- lie Hutchinson, a lovely 5 '5 " brunette with brown eyes. She enjoyed being such an important part of leading our school spir- it. Her favorite things to do are talk and cheer. Leslie also collects mice. Jan Kilpatrick is a lovely 5'2" sandy blond-haired senior who said the best thing about cheerleading is the fun of being together with her friends. She loves to cook and collect wicker fans. .lan also fulfills the many duties of being Z-Club president, so she is really a busy gal! Kim Dominick is a 5'l" blue-eyed blond who enjoys many pasttimes including dancing, talking and playing basketball, To her, cheerleading was especially ex- citing at the football state championship playoffs. Her other hobbies are wet paint- ing, and swimming. Sherri DuCote is a 5 '5" junior with auborn hair and brown eyes who loves being around her friends and cheering for the Eagles. The best thing to happen to her as a cheerleader was going to the state championship playoffs in football. Sherri also enjoys rodeos and wet painting. Erin Evans is a 5'4" junior with auborn hair and blue eyes, She loves cheering for the Eagles, especially at away games, eat- ing chocolates, and collecting Ziggies. Erin says that laughing and goofing off are two of the best things about being a cheerleader. Wyndy Wynn is a 5 316 " brown-eyed bru- nette who enjoys a cheerleader's free- dom to laugh and talk. She also likes to paint, cross-stitch. and be with friends. Wyndy says that having fun together is what makes cheerleading such a great experience. This year's cheerleaders were a really fantastic group of girls. Our school has seldom experienced the kind of spirit and enthusiasm that they projected, They put ev- ery bit of energy and effort they could into the games, the pep ral- lies and in all the other "spirit" activities at THCA. Their hard work over the summer at the cheerleading camp at SMU in Dal- las. TX was rewarded with three Superior ribbons and one Excel- lent. They were led by head cheer- leader Leslie Hutchinson, Cbelowj. Great work, girlsll V This years varsity band includes forty stu- a dents, ranging from grades seven to twelve. These students were under the direction of r Mr. Frank Hess, who was formerly band direc- S ' This year, the band members learned the ba- ' sic fundamentals of marching, and marched at t four games during the football season. Besides playing at football games, basketball games, and pep rallies, the band performed three con- y certs including one at St. Pius. tor at Parkway High School. Several members of the band performed with an All-Star group in April. Also, a stage band and show band were formed to pro vide enter- 3 tainment at various functions. I7 DIRECTOR. Frank Hess E mmg 5 K s . sf... SS .....mW.ssm KFRONT RO W2 C. Morgan, L. Glenn, E. Fullerton, J. Mayer, K. Barker, M. Bankard M. Golsby. CSECOND RO W2 P. Lowrey Butler, D. Dempsey, S. Springer, W. Dempsey, J. Howell, D. Corley, K. Farless. C THIRD RO W2 B. Webb, J. Crow, K. Dick: Anderson, M. Weldon, B. Woodard, S. Larkin. S. Ryan, E. Tompkins. CBA CK RO W2 R. Gray, J. Luce, J. Morgan, M. Kahre, Calhoun. A. Yarbrough, B. Strother, D. Gorman, B. White, D. Dukes. fNot pictured. Mendee Allen2 a , fi? f , if Q : 2 5 J 1 lf' 5:iiQJ:fIiii4'. ,fix-Ski 2 i X I 3 i E I 2 .f, gm n ip 5 One, Carol Baillio, Melanie Wilkins, Lynn Cramer, Missy Burns, Row Two, Tila Young, Angela Buckalew, Dene Bordelon, Samantha Mobley, Pam Renee Jones, Stacy Brown, .lanet Janssen, Cindy Drake. Christie Tucker. Row Three: Sandy Stoudt, Paige Lewis, DeeDee Hope, Sonja Vice, Tyler, Sara Brezina, Stephanie Moore, Kathy Kamm, Christi Metzelaars, DeAnn Craig, Hannah Taunton Row Four: Ashley Deckard, Tammy Burns. Who bra ves all elements to go to the football games? The THCA High Flyers. Along with the cheerleaders they help to promote spirit within the THCA fans. At the football games, the Flyers make the victory line, and at Homecoming they perform a routine. Also working with the High Flyers is Mascot, Alison Kirk- ham. Shannon Rahm is sponsor of the Flyers. You've done a great job, High Flyers! I ,iit so A ' A 5 -"'- , K 15, K N ,aita . T ,,.' ' A "F: pg" ' A ' -"f-n- A' A 2 if 1 aita i 'f5i'i3?ii? 1? 5-5 xiii' f fl 'QQ 33, 65229512 iigiifigil no , Qi N F aac' A r 2, 5 - V -c'a WW , Uizmt 2 Y' 'f , sq L ' N 2 ,.,. 1 , ,, , a VWQT J ,gwlius -4 is ffm, 1 a,,, ,str 2 S , 55 Colonel, Melanie Wilkins Captains: Stephanie Moore, Hannah Taunton, Sallie Willett. Co-Colonel, Janelle Tyler ss Louisiana Blood Center Dracula Strikes At TH.C.A. NWN Last spring, Trinity Heights had the opportu- nity to help the Louisiana Blood Center with their annual blood drive, All students seven- teen years or older were asked to donate one pint of blood in the spring of last year. Our school did a terrific job in getting students and their parents and friends to volunteer for this cause. As a matter of fact, last year's juniors C this year's seniorsj had the highest percentage of donors in the school! The blood center presented Trinity Heights with an award for having the largest increase in the number of donors. The Blood Center is planning on returning in the spring of each year. If you were not old enough this year, plan now to show your spirit and caring by supporting next year's blood drive. C oachin Sta ff Grows The Trinity Heights Christian Academy's l982-83 High School Coaching Staff has hehved to add new spirit to Trinity Heights by making this the best year yet. Our Coaching Staff includes Athletic Director Merle Gore. Coach Gore has taught at Trinity Heights for eight years. He is the head coach of the girl's basketball team. Coach Steve Horton taught at Trinity Heights from l976-80 This is his first year back at THCA. He is the head football coach. Miss Shannon Rahm is the Golden Girl sponsor, the Pep Squad sponsor, and the Cheerleader sponsor. This is her second year at Trinity Heights. Crightj Athletic Director Merle Gore - Q53 N Coach Tony Bone is the assistant football coach. This is his first year at Trinity Heights. Coach Mike Cranford is the boy's basketball coach. He was the assistant coach of the Lady Techsters for one year. This is his first year at Trinity Heights. Neal King is the gymnastics coach. Mr. King teaches gymnastics to grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade. He has taught at Trinity Heights for eight years. Q T in 'W - XX : ' yiiigghiiifgf v 1 X6 '- 5 ww. ,.:, . f .- - -X wiki? FEIS-k ""f.fE?5fI.:E5. 55 : E r f-15555 gr 5- -5 1, . X V1 . X R? S? -f E s .X X Q . ..?, , , X S o gg si s K K i .krt E wx N. Va , ,' A X X .--sl 5 sw 1 . Y it X g , X as X3 g H S X C XSX if SSSEQQQW5, 3. X Sq X K K' S555 w YW , is L55 is Rig 5 T 3 NX Sf QS ' 9 . six E gi f.,..- f .,-,. 1 - t -2 g -- .SEE f -if ..., g ,., Q. X, , ., 1,2 X 55:5 : ig? 5 X, - X' X' w ,S si H ,.., 5 ' - --.. sr .E , s 5 X X sr..--'if' f ' Q EEQ55 -..X,.:.,5,,t.ggg -wg fs.w,,s1.. f.,-,-. ,iw jig Si S5 Q , S Q' s .2 gs 5 , .,t..:,t. gs . A. ,. K 4 X , Qi? . . X was 7 I . X , - K Lrwwxgsv 5:21 fe ' XS- ,. - - .- 3 ..,. a ss 81 -83 Football Flies H1 Front row Mike McDowelL Doyle Dempsey, Rickey Dees, Tim Adgate Da vid Warner Chris Spain Mark Patten Robby Keen 2nd Jason Glp pl S M Cl pes teve c ure, Randy Murphy, Mark Lambert, Scott Tobey Joel Shilling David Boone Bill Farrar 3rd Steve Horton Jeff Luce Brad Mark Allums Ron Gipson, Larry Janes, Joey Porter, Todd Latham Malcolm Kahre Heath Mltton Tony Bone 4th Darrell Gorman Chad Oswald White David Corley, John Davis, Chip Calhoun. 8f26f82 Jamboree 9X3 First Baptist 9flO Riverdale 9fl7 Claiborne 9f24 C-IlenGIook l0fl Briarfield KZ68 FV3h1LD88HHg lOfl5 Calvary k2Z22 luiendkhyw KVQQ Behnont MX5 cedar Creek llfl2 River Oaks llfl9 Riverside MKJ6 VaHey Forge Won Won Won Won Won Won Lost Won Won L ost Won Won Lost Coaches Steve Horton and Tony Bone, after only their first year here brought their team to state. Hours were spent planning and going over each play until it was perfected Congratulations and thanks to both Coaches for the time and effort they put into this year's winning season E 2 ful, S 5 X2 5 ' 3 mf ft f 1 Mark Allums 5.5 2 S S ,,EE , W S 5 5 yin ,S A3 sf a n wx M 4,9 hm ,, Wana i I , 'S we Y V . ai I Z 1 be Ni x ,, 4 wif Z H- ' C 1 ,, , wp is ff if , , A I , me i W' 52752 2 W? 1 2 3 A 53,3 5 a WSJ i l 3 , .f 1 L " f , 'f s Steve McClure Rusty Pipes The Junior Eagles played a great part in helping this year's team advance to state. They are: from left to right, front row, Brad McDonald, Jason Gipson, Todd Latham, John Davis, back row, Robby Keen, David Boone, Bill Farrar. Jason Gipson was awarded All-State and All-District for this season. Robby Keen was named All-District, Whereas Brad McDonald was named All-District on the second team. Congratulations to all the Junior players for an outstanding year! 83 Playing football must ha ve been quite an experience for this year's Sophomore players. All of them have established firm places on next season's squad, Doyle Dempsey was named All-District for the 2nd team. From left to right. they are: front row, Rickey Dees, Joey Porter, Mark Patten back row, Heath Mitton, Doyle Dempsey, Joel Shilling. All our Sophomore players seem to be really looking forward to next year's season! 5 lla , 2 M the Malcolm K ahre-Sr. Mike McDo well-Sr. 'fi Ron Gipson-Sr. 1 The 82-83 Freshmen of the Eagle team redefined the name Freshmen. Their hard work and determination distin- guish them as the future leaders of the Eagle Football Team. They are: left to right front row, Chad Oswald, Darrell Gorman Chip Calhoun, back row, Brady White, David Corley Gm Chris Spain-Sr. Frm Adga te-Sr. Da vid Warner-Sr. 85 Scott Tobey-Sr. Jeff Luce-Sr. 5 l C3 BC wer pro Sc Allu Randy Murph y-Sr. Seniors Fourteen special people led our Eagle team this year. They are lled Seniors. These Seniors played a key role in the complishments that were made The were reat leaders and Ol Jeff 86 ' Y 8' e determined to reach their common goak state. These ud players are: Larry Janes. Mark Lambert, Steve McClure, t Tobey. Rusty Pipes, Randy Murphy, Da vid Warner, Mark ms, Ron Gipson, Tim Adgate, Chris Spain, Mike McDowelL Luce, Malcolm Kahre. We 're going to miss you next year! Mark Lambert-Sr. Larry .lanes-Sr. Managers Managers for the Eagle Team were Brian Hauser, Chris Gor- man and David McCartney. All three worked extra hard to help both the players and coaches. There help and sup- 'port were greatly appreciated. A Very Special Thanks to Man- agers of 82-83 for doing a job well done. State Bound Summer time is usually a time for rest, relaxation, or just having fun. But for the Eagle Football team it meant long hours of practice in the scorching sun. Twice a day all the players met at the school. From 4:00 to 6:30 and 8.00 to IG3O they ran the exhausting wind sprints and went over each play until it was perfect. That took Dedication, for most of their friends were either sleeping or spending their time at the lake. However, all the hard work payed off when the Eagle team advanced to state. It was rumored that this year 's team would probably not even go to the playoffs. However, that was not to be the case. There were I4 guys on the team that were determined to make this season one that the people of Trinity Heights would Never for- get. A few years ago the Juniors and Seniors of this year were also the same players that went undefeated when they were in 7th and 8th grade. Since then they have improved remarkably. The weeks of summer practice passed slowly but soon school was to start. The dreaded morning practice was to be no more. the 5-Star Jamboree, held at Cedar Creek, atgwhich our oppo- nents PDA and Glenbrook turned out to be a little less than some people anticipated. The season then started. Everything started off with a bang. First, First Baptist, then Riverdale and Claiborne. Glenbrook was to be next. The rivalry that had built up since a former coach, Chuck Kelly had left THCA to become Head Coach at Glenbrook was one that the team was looking forward to. Especially since the cheerleaders put a sign to hang on the side of the bus that read, "Coach Cupcake's Crew." That was not to be the only satisfaction they were to have. With the record 4 and Q the Eagles soon made it 5 and O by defeating Briarfield. The dreaded PDA game was not to be so feared after all. For the first time in 3 years the Eagles were victorious! This game made headlines for days. 7 and O? 87 That was not to be the case. Being defeated by Calvary was a low point in the season, but they were still on top. Friendship and Belmont were easily defeated. Cedar Creek, an arch Rival of the Eagles, sent a funeral wreath to the Football players that said, "Cedar Creek No. I". Needless to say, this made our football team more determined to win. The cougars, however, had different ideas, and our record dropped to 8 and 2. Now with the regular season over, finals were moving fast. After defeating the number 2 team River Oaks, the Eagles were anticipating playing the number I team, Riverside. All the newspapers picked Riverside to win. Once again headlines were made when the no. 5 team beat the no. I team. No one could believe that the team that no one even thought would move on to the playoffs had beaten the top two teams and were state bound. For the first time in the history of Trinity Heights, the football team was going to state. No one could even begin to express the enthusiasm of the players and all the students. Valley Forge was to be the victim. Buses were arranged to take loyal supporters to Amite to watch their team play. The spirit was unbeatable! Parents of the players wore blue and gold shirts with their sons' numbers on it. Balloons, were also a part of the excitement. Nothing could beat the support given that night in Amite. The Eagles didn 't win state, but they were still winners. And after every game, the players knelt and thanked God for the game and for each person there. The football team was not just a team, they were friends, also. When someone was hurt, all were concerned. A very special relationship was formed between the players and coaches. They didn't always agree, but they stuck together. From now on, people will remember Trinity Heights for football as well as other athletics. Congratulations to our Eagle players and coaches for their accomplishments. But especially thanks for rais- ing the spirit of Trinity Heights and setting a new goal for all the future teams. To the seniors, a special thanks for your determina- tion and guidance for the rest of the team. We will miss you next yearlll MQESQQ. .1 J yzD.wj?LfjN' 1- ::..: wwf we, WMS , 1:31 , A W ,W E E ' ESV' 5 SWS we my Q'fiZ5g?1i 1 MMM 'G' Mb , .1 A We ' gg.. W 9 Wy ,, , ,MM 1 Q . ,. ,,,,m. - ,,,UW.W,UN..w, W E Nb.vpwwwgvgwgg-Q55isgxggggwyazgmwwfa L aisfifiam H'-' 1' mgsgggz giiiwm' " . mum 1 wesewiwsz SQZZZZZZ' " 'PSV gvswwxs Hmmm Mfeiiviif fzmgiik M ELS V-It :mf mx mi :iw M ,Q 5 ffm 55 of fa N awww: NELS hwwwfw' KL new 1 we'2253:ZZLS3Ziwmw2Qf"ZE:lELSi?,2f2,W"f 7 Ziiihimysmgggggi 4 g Wiliiliilv,sUsw'1f,e5Zf2ZSEZQASLHZF.M,nys-wif,zzhawswwwmgggggwww f4,,gfn,M ,U 4 4 ..A. WW v A ak , Mwwqeww ,lmwmml a.q,.4N. , X MN ,M.MQ. , .W me M: Lzgfizxct-wif'isiwwqzezfiziiiimmw252135332szwwwezggzwUzfffawzbgwsyhfg? me b i UK" . W Q, K A W , ,vv, W A E3I:QiQ2ZQI,::,,,.,"" """"' """"' 1 """' " " -:V::.::-55ji,ji'.,S'i..2g"f',g.-531,121-1:-e-:-:::r: "' '3-':e,::E.',' "'-'- ' """ -'-"'-----'-'-'- 1 - - "-- ""' ""' -'-"-'f - - :-::::::-::'.:'- """ ' --'-' . V:-fgs.f:,g:g: ::F:s: :-2g2:sgg1-53fg5-g:,- "-' I 1'11'-2'-1-2- 33.35 '- 'W Y: ng ' - N mf5:V E m W f H ' W 1 - V"' w w mf I "" mgmw ' ' ,.,. i2.!:?gg, ww J " V 5 . QM ' I ,.,, WA PLL m 4 I-2 If' 1' ' HQ V 4 H W Vi W mtv f W, My 1 yi ser-em ,. L ,ff -' , Z M 4 55523 -N' QR w ' F, , - ff W "ff My , q .... , 5 fre, ' -. I ,L i, 4 , , .,.. H A 4 ,A mf' 'A" Wu wa' lN""7"" JW' wi l KN' fwl' pf" ,,.., H., 'V 'Mu Iva-4. IWW 3 kg mm WW W " 'M ..QfT"W"M'W'k 'W Wfmlf' 'M' I S i M-siiijw. Sffwwwqlikfk - .:iw-fmszewvzrfgzfwmnzwf1-WziiiLlwfmzfesww ' w, gQ 2 1 ' ...,,. -Y .,,,, H me - E, , Q., ,,,.....N .:.5:x.g.., My mm f - v vv... N . .. MM g iam, ..,.. . ...,.. sex Q W W. Mzwwswa 3 2 3 9 w x IZVZ :'E' I W ' " 5 ' Y, ga wma pg .:.,5,.. .......:,-,.,.,,:.,E,,.,:,,::- I V at Z W Q lm E E 'Ea ' V we 'I' DA TE No v. Dec. Jan, Feb. 982-83 Basketball Schedule I7-20 26-2 7 2-4 7 9-II I4 I6-I8 2 7-28 4 7 I4 2I 22 25 28 29 4 8 ll I2 I8 25- 23 OPPONENT Trinity Heights Tourney Riverdale Doubleheader Plain Dealing Tourney Central Glenbrook Tourney Central Cedar Creek Tourney Belmont Doubleheader First Baptist 'Glenbrook 'Plain Dealing 'Cedar Creek Friendship First Baptist 'Glenbrook Grawood 'Plain Dealing Friendship 'Cedar Creek Riverdale Bi-District State Tourney SITE H T T H T T T T T H T H H H T H H T T H La. Tech we .,... .,.:-. .,., .. V X l98 -83 Girls Basketball I974, l979, l98Q l98l, l982, , . Why are these years special? What makes them different from any other years in our school histo- ry? Who made them special? Well, even though the whole world isn 't turning their heads most people in the state of Louisiana would crane their necks to see the girls responsible for making these years special by winning one first runner-up, and four state championships. Certainly, they did a good job of making "winning " the name of the game at Trinity Heights by forming the highly respected reputation of our athletic program as one of the best in the state. You may ask yourself who led these girls down the long, hard road of success? Who kept them together when the going got rough? Who is still leading today? The man 's name is Merle Gore, who has had a lot of experience when it comes to winning. Since coming to Trinity Heights, Coach Gore and the Lady Eagles have an enviable record of 2l5 wins and 29 losses fprior to the '83 seasonj, which includes 3 straight state championships and a Shreveport-Bossier record winning streak of 84 games. Coach Gore believes in setting high standards for his girls and can often be heard saying, "lf you want to be a winner, you have to pay the price". He is joined this year by assistant coach Tony Bone who also hehred to lead this year's football team to the state finals. The girls definitely feel they are getting the benefit of the best program and staff around. They also feel that they can uphold the winning tradition at Trinity Heights. Coaches Merle Gore and Tony Bone T 2 f Ft s Kay Dick Amy Douglas Kay Farless Teresa Howard Z 4, , uc! ,J M, - f... wi-71: Senior Making decisions they know that will last, Looking back satisfied into the past, Reaching the end of their high school career, Knowing we'll miss them so much next year, The seniors step into the future . . . Our senior players this year are outstanding leaders, talented athletes, and best of all, great people. As thoughts of them leaving after this year come to mind, there's sure to be a few teardrops following. Kay Dick 's dedi- cation, Teresa Howard's determination, Kay Farless' desire to win, and Amy Douglas' lead- ership have all made the team special this year for all the players. Kay Dick, a starter since her sophomore year, was on the all-state team in l982, and Kay was one of the first players ever to receive the Eagle Award as a junior. All four seniors are also active in other sports, such as softball and track. They have all main- tained high grade point averages and some have received academic as well as athletic scholarships. As you can probably guess, Kay, Teresa, Kay and Amy will be missed greatly next year. But, as always, the team will live on and continue to win. And when they are remembered Either laughing in the hut, or working in the 87ml Memories flood our minds, Of how great it was with them , . Z7 Q ,f W ,Q , f -.wwf ,,,-' , .. Z .1 I f f ff , ,ff ff f 'W Kiss 95 96 Juniors Out of the I3 girls who played basketball with this year's juniors in 7th grade, there are only two remaining on the team. Out of the six who played in the lOth grade, only two remain. These facts were not meant to imply that the juniors are part of a dying race! These facts were were meant to illustrate the law of sur- vival. No, the other eleven players didn 't die, but their spirit and desire for basketball did. Over the year's, this class has not been the only one to lose players, In the process, the ones who really want to play and really want to work for victory remain. Since this year's team is smaller than usual, there is no question of any individual's loyalty. I Not to mention the added space in the hutj. The two remaining juniors, Kim Dominick and Becca Golsby, plan to be next years two re- maining seniors, With their dedication to the game, next year's team can be nothing less than great. ophomores Freshman are excited because it's their first year in high school! Juniors are excited because next year's their senior year! Seniors are excited because it 's their last year in high school! Sophomores - well, they're right in the mid- dle. But this year, the Sophomores on the team have created their own excitement. When you've got a combination of Casey CasseL .lanKFishQ Davis, Debbie Watts, and Debbie Harrison, you can't help but sit up and take notice. The whole team feels that practice would be dull without them. Two of the five Sophomores are starting this year: Debbie Watts and Kelly Cooper. and when Coach Gore wants good reserves, he looks to the rest. All of the sophomores plan to attend T.H. next year, and continue contributing to the team. This year 's managers are Alice Lynch and San Allen. The team would like to thank them for their help this year and let them know that they are appreciated. Sometimes the manag- ers are overlooked because they don 't appear on the court. But what they do off the court enables the team to operate smoothly, and usually, with no problems. Keeping up with the water bottles, towels, shot charts, medicine kit, basketballs, and scorebooks all at one time is quite a tough job. lt's also the little things that makes a team thankful for a manager. For example, an en- couraging word during a time-out, lifts a play- er's spirit and restores confidence. The man- agers often heb the players out in other ways, too. How many times have you seen the man- ager rush to the dressing room during the pre- game warm-up only to reappear with a pair of shorts one of the players forgot to put on under their warm-ups? Yes, little things count in basketball, and the managers keep things 97 smooth. Freshmen lt 's hard being a freshman. The dirty work seemed always to fall to you. You took orders without com- plaints, you're always last in line. you always had to fill the coke machine and clean the hut. Well, it hasn't been too difficult for this year's freshman: Melanie Atkins and Kristi Dick. Actually, the whole team loves them. They seem to have that 'Tresh" attitude that can't be mistaken. As the freshman grow older and eventually lead the team, the attitudes, personality, and traditions of the upper classmen are passed along to them. Me- lanie and Kristi are eager to move up and become tomorrow's leaders. 3 Call it courage. Call it guts. Call it desire. There are many names for it, but what is it really? This undefinable quality that makes a person put out that extra something just when it seems there is nothing left to give? It takes courage merely to stay on the team. It means willingness to suffer. to sacrifice, to work harder than other teams. It means you ran the plays a few more times, practiced the foul shot a half-hour longer, it means you got home a little later, a little tireder, a little hungrier, and with a few more aches and pains. It means you ran the last sprint as fast as you could even though you felt like you'd run forever. Maybe you thought it wasn 't worth it. Maybe you considered not trying any more or just quitting the team altogether. But you didn't. That is courage. It takes courage too, to become a champion in any sport. It not only means you played better, it means you played harder, sacrifieced more, practiced longer, ga ve more of yourself, and had more courage . . . guts desire A winning tradition at Trinity Heights was started ten years ago, and reached a peak in i980 This sucess was not accomplished by accident. To play good competitive girls ' basketbalh much preparation is needed A player must devote many hours and days to practice. That's where we come to this year 's team: a group of I3 young athletes and 2 coaches striving toward a goal-never to give up. Says Coach Gore, "l have never coached a team that hustled and tried as much as this year's team." Whether it 's taking an easy victory. or playing three tough games in one da y, the Lady Eagles ha ve the desire to pull through on top. You could call it a "burning desire to win." by: Becca Golsby Gr? l Baseball And oftball I982-83 ack row Q Tim Adgate, Rusty Pipes, Larry Janes, Ste ve McClure, Mark Lambert, Scott Tobey, Pat Green. C Front rowj Rickey Dees. on Gipson, Lisa Bussell-Manager, Mark Allums, Brad McDonald, Scott Tabler he I982 baseball team, coached by Buddy a yes, and Mr. McClure, was nine and one dur- ng their regular season. The Eagles won in dis- rict over Plain Dealing, but lost to Glenbrook in he quarter-finals. All district players include: rad McDonald, Gary Gill, Mark Allums, Mark ambert, and Steve McClure. n district Mark Allums had the highest batting average, and Steve McClure was named co- Most Valuable Player. Last Year's softball team coached by Merle Gore and Dickie Gibbs, had a difficult season. In the l983 season, however, the girls plan to im- prove their record. l98 Varsity Track The l982 varsity girls and varsity boys both placed 2nd in district and 5th in state. They did a great job and had an outstanding season. Teresa Howard, Kay Dick, Becca Golsby, Kay Farless. Standing: Tim Adgate, Larry Janes, Ron Gipson, Greg Corley, Jerry McClain, Seated Chris Spain, .lasnn Gipson, Jimmy Roberts, BJ. Davis, Not Pictured Rusty Pipes. 100 Sports Gymnastics dergarten through tenth and was instructed by Mr. Neal King, pictured above left. The program is strictly recrea- tional and does not participate in gymnastics competition. However, the students are instructed in the use of the trampoline, bars, floor, and mini-tramp. The classes are designed for fun, safety, and skill building, and they pre- pare students for a future in gymnastics. This years gymnastics program ranged from grades kin- az S 'a I98 A thletic Banquet The l98l-82 Sports Banquet was presided over by Athletic Director Merle Gore. Dale Brown, Louisiana State University's head basketball coach was the guest speaker. Entertainment was provided by Trin- ity Heights students Mimi Golsby, Kay Dick, Teresa Howard, Greg Corley, and Da vid Hoffpauir, Mr. Kim Hall directed. Student Coaches Tim Tobey and Mike Whitler intro- duced the members of their Junior High girls' bas- ketball team. Three Eagle Awards, two Outstanding Player Awards, two Most Valuable Player Awards, and one Spectator Award was presented. above, Athletic Director, Merle Gore right, Most Loyal Supporter Ben Haygood left, Guest Speaker Dale Brown below, Eagle Award Boy's Basketball below, Eagle Award Kay Dick Mike Whitler I 1 above, Outstanding Track Greg Corley left, Outstanding Defensive Gary Gill 2 1' 9 gs syn s below, Outstanding Offensive Football Eagle Award Wade Wynn below, Most Valuable Player Boy's Basketball Wayne Smith A ,L M 104 above, Student Coaches Jr. High Girl's Basketball Tim Tobey and Mike Whitler above, Most Valuable Player C-Iirl's Basketball Teressa Thomas 1 x X22 V i ,q5.:f:fr Xa I z 1 2 . ::,a1fi Qi if Q 33? fl ,ffgiih 1 , 5 , p X1 zz QHQ??f11?S???,? f15i 3 E , Q 4QZ.a,.,w, , m b,,f :sw v--UZ.S,.. , .w,, 1 4k-G1Af. -HQI K L4-'w.v.. . A - -'Q:Aw fx sis 523 EE ,E - fs a 5 ifvfivshfbg Q2 '1'? 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E digiw fw' "" ' 1- -Ei?5gKQEi??,3??F'4M ""' l f -,azQz1f!?'QZ E 'fdx Style how And now, here it is! The l983 FHA Style Showl On February IQ i983 the l982-83 Future Homemakers of America present- ed a style show featuring the Home Ec. students and some of the clothing that they had made during the year. The Style Show was presented to the girls in grades 8- l2, teachers, and parents. The emcee was Mrs. Dyess. The Style Show also featured a luncheon prepared by Mary Ellen Methvin, The luncheon included a Baked Potato with a choice of shrimp creole or cheese sauce top- pings, a combination salad, chocolate delight or lemon delight deserts, and iced tea. Much thanks to Mrs. Dyess and the FHA students for doing a spectacular job, Da vid Adams A Sz- Nf c . .e K , f. iz' x at-1 f 4 C ' gg i Q , : x.,,x E, . fn Q JZ s ig 5. QQ in 5 ' - 7 'QF IUNSXLK ii154f2L?:Qi ,gf K - :Qty--6 . .,55?'I5fjxf5 ' f st ' ' 4 'N' K fi Si' WMI: - .f-'12 sGf?:N5::qj'ff h51 .5::,:, , " Connie Byrd Mr. Copeland New Faces Arrive In Time For Mardi Gras We would like to welcome to THCA five new faces. These people soared to new heights with the Eagles during the second semester of this school year, They arrived in time to participate in the Mardi Gras activities. WELCOME TO THCAI E Ashley Faullf 2 we X Patrick Weldon 119 Barbara McCartney, Sue Glenn, Patsy Spain, and Linda Gipson, the "boss ladies" of the M, geldon BH-d THCA 5 mggf Valuable man lunch rooml UWM Behind The Scenes . . . Mr. Seldon Bird has been the custodian and maintaince man for THCA for the past three years. He came to THCA after the sudden death of Mr. Buck DuBose in November of l98Q Mr. Bird has many duties that he has to perform daily to keep the school running efficiently and smoothly. He arrives at 6:30 am each day while most of us are still asleep. He then begins the tasks that get our school ready and rolling for its customers. Mr. Bird works year round, keeping all the lawns mowed and the buildings in good repair. He has done a great job for us and we hope he will be here at THCA for a long timel . The lunchroom staff this year has been a terrific group of ladies. For the fourth year in a row they have provided many of our students with good inexpensive breakfasts and lunches. The manager is Mrs. Sue Glenn. Barbara McCartney, Patsy Spain, and Linda Gipson also work in the lunchroom where they all share the various duties of running a "short order kitchen". The lunchroom has special meals each week commonly called 'plate lunches" which feature a hot well-balanced meal. They also prepare salads for the faculty every day except Wednesday, fusual plate lunch dayj. Set up and funded by the P.T.O. the profits are used to improve the school. Last year the profits went to provide such things as banquet tables, record players, televisions and athletic equipment. Thanks a lot, gang! We really appreciate it! When deciding on a school to send their children to, parents often look at the teaching staff first. They are concerned with the kind of instruction their children will receive, and at Trinity Heights, they ha ven 't been disappointed. lf you ever walk into Mrs. Terry's room when her desk is piled high with papers and' yearbook work, don 't fail to notice the sign on her desk which was given to her by a student. It reads: '34 cluttered desk is a sign of genius." Apphia Terry has been with our school for eights years, and has been teaching for thirty. She has seven children, eight grandchildren, and her husband is pastor of the First'Southern Methodist Church here in Shreveport. She has served on the federal grand jury, and as conference-wide president of the WMS. She also teaches at her church and holds a degree in religious ' education. With all of this, you would not expect Mrs. Terry to have time to teach Jr. and Sr. High Bible and sponsor the yearbook, but she somehow does. Mrs. Terry influences over one-hundred students per year at our school, and many more at her church. In eight years, she has helped to shape over a thousand young lives, and she is greatly appreciated. We would like to dedicate the .lunior High section of the yearbook to Mrs. Terry and her husband who supports her in all that she does. Kaye Dyess Miss. State, Centenary, Delta State, Sou, Miss, Home Living John David Martin La, Tech Science. Jr-Hi Coach Sou. lllinoist St. Louis Univ, Penn State Language Arts Band Charles Metzger Colorado State Univ. Math Stephen H. Ponder LSU-Sf La. Tech South Western Baptist Theol. Sem. Sciences .l. Robinson Tinsley Centenary, East Texas Univ. Univ, of Alabama: Univ, of London La. History. Am. History. Bible. Apphia G, Terry Bob Jones Univ.f McGill Univ. SL U5 Auburn Bible. Journalism Kathy Waters Hendrix College Vocal Music 123 Jr. Hi h Student Leaders The Junior High SGA is an organization which has as its purpose the development of student leadership among the seventh and eighth grad- ers. Members take various responsibilities for the betterment of our school. Among their re- sponsibilities are the keeping of the Junior High quadrangle bulletin board up to date and the keeping of the Jr-High Quadrangle clean. For this latter activity all students from grade five through grade eight are assigned to "clean-up duty for a period of one week. At the end of the week, these students are encouraged to scrub the tables and make things ship-shape for an- other week. These young people hold the annual election for the officers of the ensuing year. The activities of the year are closed with a banquet or other special gathering to install the new offi- cers and to honor those who have worked dili- gently during the year just completed. For the past three years, the students have tried to make TRINITY HEIGHTS A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO LEARN. Josie Johnson is President of the Junior High SGA. She is an,eighth grader. , , Ywmemw' QQ. Mrs. Apphia G. Terry. Sponsor ,ni Shelly Gipson, Head Cheerleader Seventh Grade Officers: Missy Bankard-vice-president, Wilford Dempsey-President Greening-Secretary Treasurer NSS High SGA. C Front Row 1 Josie Johnson-president, Scott Ryan- treasurer, Stacy Pickard-Secretary, Mendee Allen and Bridget Bahm-co-editors Those absent included Macy Flash and Allan Gray, High SGA leadership includes: CFront Rowj Stacy Pickard - Secretary, Scott Ryan- , Mendee Allen-Co-editor Mini Notes, CSecond Rowj Bridget Bahm- Editor Qi Allan Gray-First Vice-president, Josie Johnson-President. Knot pictured Macy Flash- Vice-president. ' f5econd Rowj Neil Carlisle, Brad Dominick, Damon Strother, Alicia Reid, Martha Spivey, Stacy Hood, Keith Fenner, Ben McCullough, . 1Back row2 Michelle Byrd, Tammy Anderson, Wilford Dempsey, Karen Atkins, Hank Johnson, Brad Batte. Melisa Greening, Missy Eighth Grade Officers: Brad Dominick- vice president, Michelle Byrd- secretary-treasurer, Neil Carlisle- president, 4-H Club The THCA 4-H Club is a community service organization. The members participate in projects for the good of the community. The club meets once a month to discuss past and future projects for the betterment of the individual and the Community. Mr. Charles Metzger is the 4-H Club sponsor. Their motto is: I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my club, my community, and my world. The 4-H Club members would like to thank Mr. Metzger for his time, his help, and his support. Officers: fleft to rightj Chairman-Susan Stickland, Treasurer-Brid get Bahm, President-Jana Bell, Secretary Michelle Byrd Vice Pres: dent-Scott Ryan, Reporter-.leff Lynn --Mm Row one: Emily Ryan, Paulette Dukes, Jana BelL Mark Weldon, Jeff Lynn, Scott Ryan. Row two: Susan Stickland, Stacy Pickard, Shelly Shirley, Meg Kirkam, Kellie Daspit, Laura Goad. Row three: David Cook, Martin Sloan, Liz Clemence, Bobby Reid. Row four: Mr. Metzger, sponsor, Michelle Byrd, Bo Vice, Ron Clemence, .lay Hin- ton, Allan Gray, Bridget Bahm. Jr. High Football THCA OPPONENT O Rl VERDALE 6 22 GRA WOOD O O GL ENBROOK I8 I2 CENTRAL 26 I2 CAL VAR Y 28 0 PDA I8 22 FRIENDSHIP O 22 BAPTIST CHRISTIAN 8 COACH. John Martin S 5 2 C TOP ROWQ D. McCartney, C. Howard, E. Dunn. S. Douglas, H. Johnson, J. Harris, B. Batte, CSECOND ROWQ J. Howell, K. Patterson, N. Carlisle, B. Hauser, R. Allums, W. Dempsey, J. Graham. KBOTTOM ROWQ Coach Martin, M. Flash, B. Dominick, C. Gorman, M. Weldon. T. Oliphint, S. Ryan, B. Webb. r H1 h Boys Basketball The .lunlor Hlgh Boy s Basketball Team coached by .lohn Martln I the one ln the mus tachej has both the potential and wlll that a good team needs Under the leadership of Coach Martin they learn not only the basics of basketball but excel ln every aspect of the game These young men give their best work for the best and expect only the best With that determination who can doubt them Picture below Ctopj .lamle Dow David McCartney Hank Johnson Lyn Eason Stuart Douglas Brad Batte Craig Howard fmlddlej Keith Patterson Randy Allums Brad Domlnlck .lerry Moore Nell Carlisle Scott Ryan Michael Pierce Jeff l.ynn Cbottomj Coach Martin Rl chle Compton Shawn Horton Troy Ollphlnt Steve Springer Shane Saulsbury Damon Strother Macy Flash 0 O .. , 1 , - 1 1 I 0 I , . , s 7 1 1 1 , 1 1 Q t 1 , , I , P ' I- , 1 1 1 1 f - E 5 2 53 E x QE' lit ,Z E .1 mi m HEAD COACH Merle Gore Jr. Hi h Girls Basketball CIirl's sports is becoming a popular thing, es- pecially basketball. This Junior High girl's basketball team is a prime example of the kind of sport which can encourage excite- ment and enthusiasm. Coached by Tony Bone and Merle Gore, these girls are showing the initiative that takes people to the top, and you can expect to see these girls starting on the varsity team in just a few years. Pictured below Cstandmgj Merle Gore T Chapman S Knutson and Tony Bone CSeatedj 5 Terrell T Attaway L Meyers J Johnson M Byrd B Bahm 5 Glpson 5 Giles and M Madole ! ii. , f " ws ww-pf.wwwpwwfw.mwm1ww-.vaw-,W .fm we ww.,f.Mw,WAw,mw i ..,. ,. . f we ,iw ., ,, A .M . , f f - H, ,,,.sf''W1-fgwwif,Mva,:. .gW:'fG?2ww:p:ffww-M-vfiw-,.:ggmff.wffrzwf,f:,yfg,,,,..f.w-QM-w1:wW,f , ,4 . W gg M . - ff,sw+fm J1f-wrgmW-bfwwwfww-Myif-Wim 1455, Leash-wwf' , - ' - M5 1-- ., gg. ' we y,g.w1w,,w H if 4, if Ziff ,, if-4' 'V l , , W rw an 41 1' 3 J if gr . K' k - ff . . H i www , .3 ,,,,, 5.4. . ......, ,,,, ,.', , ,,.,.' 5,54 ,,,r A .L W A fm. , ,,-- Q1 ,,,., M., . .... ,, .,,,.m,, ,.my,,,. A 4,-M, HW, ,ww ,.i,.,,, m,.,,v f 1 f 5 ,,,,, ., . , ,M V ,, .wg .ww ww M-..:,a,3,,, e W, fum in :iz f :vfifilWMI-f'KKfJ+?5'5i7ZfffJ TPFQQXP' , .WH h,.,,,., ,,MM,.,g,Q,,M nwmwff Shelly Gipson, Lisa Meyers Jr. Hi h m mf- f ,Qu fly,-fff?'Y,::?3'.F 9,557 f..:"eJ,:, V' A.. W-, .Q , if ff ,fi.'1. -, 35 V' 5' ' ' 5 z4fff'.+:- ,ygffwv wvfw?f?mwf4e:1n'p:m.W:'ez,.g me fv -3ww,iwipivzygmwagg:gqgS.w:ffQwgwfmfw 4 ffgx.-V -in -f . , , , .. L2 - - f , , ,wlqgiwepr .v,1"Qw5g,,g,g.i.,g-fif,,.w'3.s.i,.fzv . 4 ' jg, f f, f ,. f x f ' W wa fi Mg. gee:nL,f::.14.e:! 5.45m -I f f:1w.y.'ef-me.frfe-S-SWQLwf6f'1.Mwaww pf. . - . W rg mf 1 , W . , , 1, , ,, , , . , f m 'Wff. M, w iwz ww Jn,-ia, ' ' -- ' ' 1 Y -wwww 'Mei 5 , ' nm -' , :F if, 1 ., v ' 1, ' 1-:iw ,I "fa .,. H, mv , U? W 4 M Q H f f, 5 . . M- ' Ji .. , L. v,f. f-ff Qfmf.. vm.-Aww .. ' - ,,,,, , W mf 'lm N , .. W ,,..,,, ,,,. . M ,... M ,,,,,, ,,,,, m L ,rfawm Josie Johnson, Bridget Bahm f WMfM rfgw... Kiel X mm - , f 1 1 1' M' Cheerleaders M ,E -dm Liz Fullerton, Mendee Allen um, ..,,, wwqwe , . A Melisa Greening, Tasha Al- len Row One: Tanya Randolph, Michele Morgan, Linda Glenn, Karen Janssen, Candee Preston, Jana Bell, Missy Bankard, Michelle Madole, Tracy Byrd. Row Two: Kelly Kilpatrick, Susan Strickland, Lisa Craig, Amy Renee, Michelle Byrd, DeeDee Ward, Stacy Giles, Tammy Anderson. Row Three: Paula Boney, Judy Mayer, Tiffani Wilkins, Sissy Terrell, Karen Trice, Janice Gresham, Amanda Dukes, Cindy Meshell, Hope Danford, Alicia Reid, Chance Brewer. Jr. Hi h Pep quad J J The '98283 PRP Squad , , C ,., 122 works ver hard rv rv- , V f,eV,, ,,,,,, ' . . . . ,zv s i , 1 mote S lrlt within the Jr. 3 , ' -':- 1 Q ril - ' ,,,, T Hlgh' They af e 3 ver y enef' ,, "r'rrVVr't r - - ' , getic, school spirited group , who always Hffends the ,,,,, J. rr r lr games and "00f fhell' haf' e"a W, rrrs ,,,,, ,rver yyru ,y s C Vzziv dest for the team. Also we fr : -fff , am ,.,' . . o f y, ,,ii C q "ii Q must mention Miss Shannon iir A ,J , Rahm, the sponsor. Without her assistance, the Pep squad would not be possi ,lrrr ble, Thank you Miss Rahm We appreciate your ? Ii ff, 2 '- -- .,,,, 4 ,, srtsu V.A 'V A urrt, Q 0 as J i The head of our Byrd, Captain an l982-83 Jr. High Pep Squad is Michelle d Stacy Pickard, co-captain. if!lf?f5Zf!41S!f?5 -?H4T!eacned,??Quf:f0? Qeieffvlriffiiqfflfwisiafiai'5 RW! NX 3 ea.-5 5 N N -'-Q-may S.. . W Randy Allums Tammy Karen Atkins Anderson Y AN N X X a Y we Q S? ,, .::.--..,N: x x N A x S Y. Stacy Giles Shelly Gipson Linda Glen nn n as nnnnn Q ,::.. S T? S ffhexfiieassedfxhrovgh an ' , 55 ' " in' ,S iff 'jiiff.fI,',lffQ ,m,A, W fgfifgvilfl gifiwafiiifififffcfalfvfaieifffif'r?Bff2fe?affdifffieffffefiflfhfy'MS ilarvfiffdfffsafi ssyfffffffwaferfhe2?3ifi5fgfa4?gifiaif Lelffsffffrafigfhefeiffeffyfiififisem-?dei,ai 59447522 59?fff?f'?5fWf'?C?i ff?'+?Ya i13?f?if545f???'?Jif 3 lfllfifcilf nn'n 5 Bridger Bahm Chris Gorman Kelly Kilpatrick Kim Barker Johnie Graham 4' .Q Sonny Landry N is X X X N K X 3 V kv X Q Kim Noble ,Q X Karen Trice . s i ' A f Brad Battles Allen Gray NX S 1 if s. gc , :,, , .. ..,,,. . SQBQ S Q Q XXX XX X x xxx Michelle Madole xx X SX F S X S1 X A a X x 4 S W .. , Candee Preston John Vice j3ffg,5jf52fQ11 552335 S55-254212 Y 'Iii '.., I J V w as ,.g Tp 7 , aw Y Re 6 X Sf Q Y 4 X X as 23 x R Paula Bone y is 211 ' .. Janis Gresham Da vid McCortne y a V .EEL E ,r 555535 . S S Evan Rudnick F X M X5 N X , X a X Q 3 . X w: ,1.g,,,,z. A N Ra 2 A N 'fa Dee Dee Wa Y QMS-2 x y is ,I . ,x kkk.. i fy.. 15 X ,A X N Q s. R S 3 gawk XXX X 4 ' ' A . Q5 2-, L if ' 4 Lf.. S Michelle Byrd as Amy Harris sf McCullough Martha Spivey Brad Webb if Neil Carlisle Jim Harris ' Nw :F as X X k Si x -is Y Xxx Q 'E Q Xa? Lisa Craig ? is 1 X sw 42' zo, i if if Bryan Hauser J Jamie McDow L isa Meyers H Susan StrickL and Eddie Tompkins Q M,q: :Y Mark Weldon Tiffani Wilkins , s, 5 xx xx ' E 7 3 Zeb X X' . . 1 '-JS'W7I:s1f ii1f5x:Y5l:fpizgfgsffisw-gel A - -f J S , ' .. fixes Q, . , VKL, 5 A .sf Y K ff is 'S X R , Brad Dominick Q is-Q N L gag' 1 Y Joseph Hinton . :A.: Lx Q 15 i Randy Miller Tina A Ita way Stuart Douglas Craig Howard X X ., Q kk R .5 Darien Dukes , , J aoiyli ' ,Xxx gx 9 X .1 f X s 'YW' X 1 E. i A ,S E vin Dunn Q Qs N is N S 'R , Km X 5 Q S WEN' X Q nw. xx A ,H K Karen Janssen Josie Johnson Q! 'K 4 , 5 de favorites S. Gipson and N, Carlisle are 8th gra I Ei hth Graders Explore L ouisiana On March 362 l982, the Trinity Heights eight graders left Shreveport to tour Louisiana. They brought back with them many lasting memories. Caj The trip was long and tiring but the students were so full of excitement at the things to come that they never even noticed, Cbj The teachers and chaperones had many opportunities to con- verse on issues, things to see, and the overall success of the trip. Some of the memories the students gained were Ccj wading in Lake Ponchatrain, Cdj walking down Bourbon Street?, fej eating many strange, new, and delicious foods. They returned home on April 2, I982, a very happy but exhausted group of students. The students said that the entire trip was the most enjoyable part of the whole occasion. While on the trip, the students saw Caj three plantation homes, museums, and Bourbon street. They visited New Orleans, Baton Route, and New Iberia. fbj They saw many forms of blues and jazz. Ccj They took a steamboat ride down the Mississippi River on the riverboat the Natchez. C d and ej All the excitement finally caught up with the students on the return trip. Forty-eight students, seven parents, one teacher, and one counselor made the trip. One student said the most memorable part of the whole trip was Avery Island. Another said that it was jumping up and down on the step that contained the name of the state that they most disliked while they were at the State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge. While still another said that the most memorable part was visiting the shops in the French Quarter. All in all every student agreed that the trip was a lot of fun and a great success. X ax Q58 -.'1: ie wk V L isa Allen Robert Dales Mendee Alen Tasha Allen X W S 11 X was A i Amanda Dukes Lyn Eason ..k 5 : lr -a -Q A . DME- L 5 V .5515 -: DNS? . ,,,.. Q X S If. 5 s 5 , is X W i is N Jag, 3, Deanna Baker Macy Flash Missy Bankard Jana Bell K Qs is Elizabeth Fullerton Melisa Greening QQ. X NM w X ,. A ,QL Jerry Moore Michele Morgan Q. ga X S X Egg Q X XB X x w X Tracy Byrd A 5 Shawn Horton Troy Oliphint S x s Tanya Randolf Alicia Reid Ste ve Springer Damon Strother Amy Rennie Sissy Terrell x W t as it X Nc N K Liz Clemence L we Qt ek.. 1 K ll S9 Q NY A X John Howell X' 'KS f. Ss of is af Keith Patterson I-IES'--+, , ,. ' ww X iw Richard Compton Q ,, X X X W X X X S X X W x it A X --.435-, . Sr:-1' aa N xx Y Fx S to Q S 5 Da vid Cook April Hunter Derek James Stacy Pickard 5 1 i Scott R an Shane Soulsbur Y Y a t ii S Christy Vaughan Sherry Walls ,As----"' "'N. x.. Q.. 0 Michael Pierce . .,.gf:: .. 1 I ' fl H A it 5 Martin Sloan NN l X sg X X .S X git N 'Swv' 3 S the S Wilford Dempsey Melanie Couch Hile Dake Hope Danford 1 it igfiiilivfzi Sf W as N te si ::" sg X it xv 5 Hank Johnson Jeff Lynn Judy Mayer Cindy Meshell wt twat iwfeiw Newt MJfi?Y'1iHf- MW.?53L" 'wwfwals45'3f4?w1w-NwwZiwixiwswwvwas:SiTf:Z'E'i"'ffaMw1Qsihlifwwnnewimwifzwwwsm,mgggg Zim. mm Y- U J W iiilf 1ffJ,g,'z' f ff.hZwi5'3:':awwn:551,5"Qw'M4Slwziaiifza.,txisisiiiiszwzmzm.24 zswyfwrisffssw N mm Fifuif .xyIN:is::f3y:,mgW.it2274:gg1gfwififzfzgivegw W' zggfgzifwg .f Q x ge as v' f L Sai? fwlsiiiyi .gwmtglg 22325535 gm' 4 2 ? x X if 4gi1f?f::g,eSa?XE. ewsrwiifiaiiii X' Ztisi rgiiffmgx egm S. .. uisigfi QS Sgt 1 W 3 WW 5 iii x Elementary Dedication Catherine Stinson. That is a name that everyone at T.H.C.A. knows. Through all thirteen years of our schools existence, she has been "one of the fixtures" When you hear her name you automatically connect it with the second grade. Hours of hard, repitious work are involved in her duty as a teacher, However, she has done a tremendous job coping with the everyday duties as, grading papers, listening to the constant chitter-chatter of the young ones, and of course the tedious job of developing patience. Mrs. Stinson is well known for patience. For this reason and many more, is why we dedicate our elementary section to Catherine Stinson ,sf - 'Q E ., 2 :MM -.MWQ-,gjwmwf 32 WV 'N N mwww Wm W f S L p ik, Aw if Q 'ffm , 35 in 1 H -in A 4 5 .wif I .M v,.,, 12' iw? . , .. Y Z ww I 2-E f Q Wa: " 34 V V , Y A ' 1 , za' 6' Mi Zi X 04' f M 5 M iff O wr 51' f ,A 6 f V iw ' ,V FW, A. ' .,...' 'v" Q ,,,,, ':" Z IAVZVEA 1 'V E . xf, 3, ' X i 4 M' M V A Wv5 ' f 2 A J ' W ' 1' L' A A " A16 A A V A A ' " V V--ff' - ""' A 1 5 WA A igv A ,..,, A A A V li k,,k J HM I, , A V ' ' I-V ,4 I ..,, - A AAAA A J AAA if AA A AA A l ' i 1 S A A h hm 1 n ' Ak- ' A A A , A A. ' A A 5 5 M 1 1 1 iff Q' ' - 1 ? Qfjjm " g Vv AA 1 A I ' A A 2 - ..., - - V 4 TSP- AAMQA, ..A. A ,A .AA ,A A ' A A, , - Aw, M ff- A Q A IW ,A LQ - K ' pai.-ww Q Wi, ,gAfg42LAVggqLqg,u1 7 A-Lk -U 'sz A AAAA A 2 ' AA... '- .A Q A A f I N- AA"""" V , jfs ' Jfiggf 'fAY w:A:zz:uvf1fAA4A2 ' 1:-01 aj'-QQ, X ?f- X A iii 1 1 2 A 131341fE1QmQ!1Earxf1z54F?4FIQI!fC5912 A AAAAA AA AAAAA A AAA AAAAA ,AAA A A .A AKHA VVVAQ z Am AAA AA A , AAA ,AMAA 'Ag A AA AAAA 3 Q fW,flzggqdlfyjggvflggqiggfgQielifQiAjfiiiAA-fg2'f-,5iifALAl.312 . ? Ag A - a T V J wi- 1 f ---, z ' , 5425334 fi-'4:f.HffE',:.::f1'cgglfAAy 'K" :'1.i9f' fb W . A . ,A A f YAAA I f 5 '," 5 ,if f A :Q-.Vggg:1'Azfi:tgz:AAQf?.fzAgf Qaw'fifAg:fLAfjjg.A ' 'liila-Agfjifgiilargg 2 V 1 MA 'Z S ' "ffAiqzigiQagfa-i'A1ygLjiQ':':,F1gz'2f f W N ' " ,fl AA,,,,,, 1 5 1' , Wm H , .,,.A A1 an Y ' m: " ' . ' w "': " '-2 'iigggf-iL:i'2 ,Q 1, fl, WQA, "" " W I: " ' " X9 79 "1i..'-95 , Ay, QAA, jd hir". 3121, ,. 2 , W ' iT,.Zif7 Iilifigflc f 'QAYW7 wif' 1471. W " 'W ' ' ' 'Q'1A5flV51fEiaAgA1a-L'wg A+iiN?i?25AgA5ff1A A A ' if A1' I '-' - ' f iA?iAef2f1 . ? v 5 k i Af' " QA.-U1 'Q 7 3' 1' 47 T mV A 3 W l 2 1, ' ' 1 AAi1QgATS'f?Aif1A A AAAA A A ,AAA A A - "4 A f 5 awmsg ' y .Ami -f-vV gi F "" T1i 14fi1iE5iE:5i5Yf:?'A:Af12i1ff11Wff W gg3wmffwQ A fi? : M ...AA L, - " ,A A A A A A 2 Q f A .Aix :Ag . i f fg mmf" 5 WML' - ' Efww Aww wzflkf if ' i k , Y ' WA JWQEAWIA QM1- f 2 1 1 'IWSJEQ Ffh f .vs ' 'fgwiffml 1 ez ----- ' 'Nfiw --f' 1 ff - 255 W: A,:fA:5?f u:w,CfA. Fi wa? fl ...N A A S:-M4 .WX H: I 4 : 1:21-2.4: - - P:-sf f f ,vf -::.- 'S 5- A. ,,.A g A1 A,AA wid A, A,A, with 5,5 EA V. A Twin AL A, Y Y V .,w,., , ..,,. . ,,.,, ,. E , A,.A.UA.. -V figwk . N i EE H .. 7' , t J EA Q V gig. , 2 L-A,,A..A,...... , 141 ,AA SA Grade -QA: A A f A. ' M 4 A A S ' A h ' A W ' A J 4 T- m h A L ST! A m AA m 3 m A .,.X A:, A Q ..,A. JF Ml -if X X' ' liliw A 'if :SQ .- AA - i ff- -N '--' 1: Af ' 'I' X -- 1 A L A S K U ..,.. -:AAA 5 ' L A i A S A AA A , A A AA " ' ii. , 5 :gifs " A Q AA ' LW f if' A 2 I AA A1 fb? 2 SHEEAFKHQSQSQ1??sfQ3tK??3ChiiiEA55ll?AAgZ'3dei-ff ' K 5 ' X ' ' A f A d0lnglap XeXcelTw A EA 1 ,..A VVIAI Q r A'2wi1L1- 'Vi L'K?k7f 1 A-" FVAfS'il1A QS' ' I ' 1 TZ, ' ,Ml-1 A A 5I4'???A5j1529GT5Vel1V?f?F3!!Sh1:h'3FiS5355 'h35gAAAA 3 H A5 f A A 5 f 'K" M ' Y f H 7' U' 2" A7 A - lf f f A A ' fr -- i?2lQeAszdYiBf?'?16 1fQdiaalrlffSireAhasmvre W Q Gvod ' 31 A - 'zzxz 'wif' L-,. ' I W 'AA 25 A+f1AJA+7-QA ' ' ','ff A A ET?4Z4?hf2Eig?15l!i?flA'35ELMf'54'fAXf0ffd'-BV? 3 5' ' 1 M pi W1 ' 'A,W n iw Av fi 1- IA A- - A 1' H eff A A "M -A 11? sr-f:a r,1A and A2 f 'A 22 f 2 A AA A A v"A A. A A H -A ' f 1 ' - A L ii' A A A AA ,,,, A A f 5, ,A AA-V' A ' I '-1' A Q yi A ,AA A, A A " A Q AAAA A ' A ' ' 'A vv A' Mbiieeyg5L53AfjffggfafdgggAS.A3A:SfephensQA LLAQV V' X' A f f I A " LLAV 55 7? A' ' fl H i f Y A f f 121. 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A LM A- wgggwf E g g 1 WW ffgiw Wg 5 A W WMFQ W ' X Q5 5 Q A A ASA ,K .hwz .f M wr : -,-1. ' 1 .Wig A f. 'IEE-.' . J -... '19 :: .2553-452.5151-'H?: gtg' 1 A N ,Q , : 1 '- -. .. ,.. '- ,:. - -:, -1 . "P ' f Q, ar:--, av 'I: 'wa 7 x . T 41' - A A . W 'S ' :ai N r 'Nm 'Gif V K M -- N R .Q . is Q ,ii J M. . A 'EYEQ-M-21' f ,. .v k -if W. wg.: si - K K EG: zg' - L E 3 X i f , j W 1 ff. 6 ,L ff S 4 7 1 K ,Mae .5 x f J , , , gf 1+ 2 f J f I gf f A, f 42 f f qi f x f Qi :"' kg'I ' 2 1 af 1 Ziff 54 7 Q7l5,f55?f7g5,v vii' VV-, mug Y! ,,, . WM ,,W, , ,, ,E Q ff! 2 . ,... 221' ff gif wx H ,, ., .. . . ..., f .M ' My f f, 2 ',i" f 2, 'f "L' ff' f fm zz' 'Lyz 4 L,., 2 A Kg lm f 4 4 7.1 5? 2 f ns Q 'f 'M MQ' ' A1 955592 59 5fWHwi kl'fff? wffw mf 'Q w- ggvggg x M gmwgigji 1 "":xW33i . W,f:- f " W 352555. '12 nfs-V, 3afzszm?2?REQ1w?:?5' V ? 56.4 ,WH .B B ,nn M 4 s E 2 VW' WM X x W, V M J H, ,,, - l . ,Wig-f'Z 1- ' Z 74 ' V ' -f I N M i ,f ,, , ' 1 54 ,W 1 3 '5 " ' Af " W , Q 'J H ,Z in A F' f V it 'Z f , , 1 V '35 aw , . ,. W y f ' ,, f Q gi I rw ,M MM Q ' gs ,L L, ' f , ., ,, ,I ga A ,. ' ,,,., E H' W X , L, , 2 5 1 bmw X X Q f X X X 2 Q KTAX L -.X X'--Saw as XX 5 N' 3 X Q X R X 'S x XXX fX:. -,uv -- Q :X YV . :..-M- .4- X X Akrk gy. .,.. 2 iikk I it QS. , 3 X g X 1 5 5 .. Xi' 'Fi 5 X X X X X X W xx. X XX X XX if N E? 1X R .MQ XX , X X X X . gxX..f ke X xxx XX X X X K W H1 X X ...XX X X X 'GX is X We X gl i ' E ., -X 3 X XXX Rx X X XX X WA Yr Xi X 5? X X X X X HX -: :Sims , .XX XX NX X N. . , N' X x 'ex 6 2 X Us X XXX f X XXXX '5 .. ,ye . 4 R1 Xb Q Q k 2 Q K k 1 Q f iw W Q: Q X Xewx f .5 Q92 WR Q , Q -X .f.. i A. -:Q M an X S MK Q .A+ X 5 I F x QR 2 i ws? , 1 , 1 ,if ---.- . T 44. iv fig A - . kg - 5 5 Q Q wg! Yx Qi- Q A XX S 5 5 x f Sap-f-'Q Q Rik - X s 5 5 v X Q X x X x vi f q W fry f 5 xc ,,L, RH , f k ,L M N 1 M ,f xg, 'W?f"h W AQ f W' A 5 L W f ff! f Q 1 J lily i ff f N, ,W f X A 4. E 'CZ 5 if , -mL, .- ' W 1 " 5542 'AA' , ex., Aw ,- W , QQ uf may A xx N P if 23, ff, r W' ' J ,sr , . 1 XM f R f , WM , ,x 1 41 f wi 1 4 L , ' i sm .. ,Lk.,,,,. A :ff M qw t f if A A fi 2 Jh W f' iv wiki! 4 ':" , 12' l "' WW: f xg f My f fy 369552755 ' E 5 ffiesffm , A ww, , X , XM 4 , K kv E x QXX 3 sg E A X ' 3 22 M3412 ' 37. an . ,W WV -, W, Bruce Boling Michelle Brown Dent Candace Robin Carroll Ashley Colbert Michele Courtney Brian Crenshaw Wesley Dyer Eric Evans Tommy Fruge Ashley Fullerton Bret Garrett Claire Jenkins Kendal Land Kim Liddell Amy Mclnturf Shannon Melton Amber Miller Mickey Moon Jennifer Morrison Jason Oswald Ryan Oswald Robert Paddy Erin Shaver Erin Walters Emily Williams Kindergarten Mrs. Lisa Bonnett Being a teacher is not easy. But, this years teachers are special. They have an unique talent with their stu- dents. During the year they are plan- ning to learn their number, how to write, and some will be able to read. A very special thanks to Mrs. Bon- nett and Mrs. Kramer! 152 L yh Bonds Casey Boyter- .lordan Burnette Allison Carroll Jeremy Clay Barbara Davis Sherri Harrison Heather K leekinger Troy Copa Tracy Malone Donny McKnight Zach Minemire Lori Nixon Vicki Owers Bradley Stevens Bo Rutledge Tarriel Post Tommy Petty Lane Palmer. Sarah Walker Garry Webster Robin Williamson Randy Whittington Stacy Windsor .::f -r'-- ' Q 5 X Q 3 s s w? Ns X 15 Ni x .Na X 3 .ff is 3 5,a a C C , wg x as ,. , . fm 1 - .5 ,K X 'SN' x ' ' '-,ig blk " x M 5 N t.:: -w-:H - . F N x Q Sl N me if 3 R wi X X W X we S x X j ww? ,, X Lf. ' Sf 1- . XXX . 'S W. as xx KSU i jo. When you're a teacher, you're also a leader, which is a very special '-Il za. fs, SX 'sw K we ., J x M ++ X K 1 'mica X N ff X sk 1 X Q-s o hw. W ---v - at ., XX 'f: Q N . - li XX Q Mama A ms wx W Q X S Thi S xXx: gli K E gt 5 X .X s ae X X X . 5 51 + b Pegg W Kindergarten Mrs .lune Kramer . HW f ftop: L to RQ Kevin Schmidt, Jason Putnam, Lee DuCote, Paul Webb, Kevin Johnson, George Beck, Ron Armstrong, Cliff Bozeman, Dan Walters- Coach Bone. Cbottomf L to R2 Ben McCullough, Don Drake, Wayne Pickard, Bryan Doles, Ben Miles, Tom Poston, Keith Fenner, Clint Hutchinson, Tommy Harrison, Brent Hope, 5th And 5th Grade Football 5th And 6th Grade Girls Basketball ftopf L to R2 Monica Mimms, Luci Fowler, Daphne Arledge, Stephanie Knutson, Mandy Bailey, Tonia Chapman, Audra Reid, Laura Goad, Angie Briery, Paulette Dukes, Steph- anie Foster, Brenda Gray. Cbottomf L to RQ Stacey Hood, Leone Fitzgerald, Emily Ryan, Shelley Shively, Allison Gates, Meg K irkham, Rachel Dempsey, Coaches: Toney Bone and Merle Gore. 5th And 6th Grade Boys Basketball' Hop: L to R2 Jonathan Bryan, Tommy Harri- son, Brian Foster, Kevin Schmidt, Lee Du- Cote, Kevin Johnson, Greg Pierce, Jason Lowe. Cbottom: L to RQ Tommy Barnes, Brian Glare, Dan Walters, Nathan Mimms, Billy Moore, Don Drake, Clint Hutchinson, Brent Hope, Keith Fenner, Paul Coplen. Coach: John Martin. 'I54 T J 1 a 1 4 w A 1 w 1 I i i i 1 1' BK BGGER FREEMAN LONNIE WASC-GM Rzzsiar Minister of Education XZ ,.-' f Av' ,:..,-U' 'zinizfy ezfgfrzfrs, czpfifi C ame 3329 Moorirsgsport Rd, 65 Shreveport, Louisiana 1 r rw EACE S CHRISTY 3. Gad is Serra, arm? Hr rrrrr rm' you gzerssfrnaiiy. Jarzrr ZGQEQ Jrsrsrr 3:26 2. Sin mars every Eire, ME rrrrrrr reprrrr ar rrrr, Rcfmarrr 3:23 EQ?'?'3Q?'!5 5:23 3: The biaod of Chris: is Sandys Grrig: prwrrrrrrr: rrrr rin. Romans 5:3 if Scnrrrrrrzrsrrr 5:21 4. Chrisr mrrsr be prrsorraiiy believed and rrrrrrrrd: Jshrr 1:22 Serraimrferr 3:25 SUNBKYQ: 9:35 a:rrr: 3342525355 Srrrmoi 35:55 arm., Mmrrrirrg wmrrrp 5:35 p,rrr, Qhrrrdr Trairrrrrg 53:36 ?:rrr: Srrrrrirrg ,Warship TUESDAY: 38:55 airs. WMU Qirrd and gfg Tuesday Harb Marrrrrg 5:45 para, Visiiarrorr iirr and 3rd Trrrrday Each Murrrhb WEDNESDAY: 5:39 prrr. Efarrriigr Sinner 6:33 p,rrr: Marrrrrr and Acrerrrr 6:45 p,rrr,, 'Mid 'Week ?ra.g:er and Weiss Serfriae 245 para. Adair Qrmir r WEEKBPQYS: Cirrisiiar: Aradrmg: K5 -r 3,2 Kindergarten Ages 3 Q- 4 Day Care Center Teddiers -+ 4 yrs. ARCHIE CGPLEN KIM HALL Minister af Music Minisier cf Youth '-- ,...'. . " FRANKS PETROLEUM INC 244 Montgomery St P O Box 7665 Shreveport LA 7llO7 Telephone 22l 2688 493395 D AJ A ww Z !Z0. 5 A TIPPETT TUUL CORP SHIEVEPORTLA RIG TOOL SALES sazvacf cr-muse C3185 742 4616 ' e ' - :ex : RENTAL C ompllments Mlchael and .lohn Duggan l509 Grlmmet Drive H U G Shreveport La 7llO7 Ph K3l8j 222 83 7l machme company Don Duggan President and Chairman of the Board Jack Jerome Vice President and Manager Machinery 8 Engineering AN Alvoto ENERGY COMPANY L 1 IVAIYTICAL LOGGING :Nc P O. BOX 7467 SHREVEPORF LA 7ll07-046 7 Manufacturer s Analytical Instrumentation Operating ln the Free World with the Oll lndustry TRINITY HEIGHTS BOOSTER N DON WEATHE RSBY REALTOR Assoc ATE RCN FAYARD 81 ASSOCIATES INC MULTI LIST REALTORS P O BOX 6202 1828 OLD MINDEN ROAD OFF CE 746 6666 BOSSIEFQ CITY LA 71111 RES 7 2 5573 Glfts Fruit Baskets Corsages Green Plants KINGS FLORIS T 2 GIFT SHOHR, U Cecil and Mn 5233523518 Rd 2804 Southland 3l8 687 2200 Park Drive Owens 313 essaooo We re for the Eagles Compliments of YARBROUGH s PHARMACY INC 1937 EAST 70!h STREET SHREVEPORT LA 71105 Ph MEMORIAL RICKM CULLOUGH R Ph Re Ph 687 3617 ' METHODIST Ml-S Church muon' ggmmj ggmghj 520 Herndon Shre veport, La, 7lI0l 4615 MONKH D L 7' 9 Ph 318-22I-5207 UCY BROA W O 13 81636 7065 ' 13 85 35 O5 5 2 MMM I X Rf AL YO K1 , . 6 5 2 Blooming Plan ts- Weddings-Funerals-S ilk Flo wer is Arrangements 1 I , . One . . S. One - lux WPA I US 'WG Silvlfl Q I V 164 Compliments of Pos y Compliments of the Car Corley s Mart . Y N wi fk'kkL ' V:,7 V C, , 3 M C mpliments To Seniors '83 TREAD WA YS A U TO SUPPL Y COMPLIMENTS OF DONALD DEA TON FAMILY .36 ...-.X r- ,ani I 1 Wifi a lf: Wf-5 -13 were M QRS! if-""' The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon but only to hold a man s foot long enough to enable hlm to put the other somewhat higher THOMAS HENRY HUXLE Y XX, TFII - STATES X A DISTRIBUTING ccJ.,lNc. W N IIO7 BurtSt Shreveport,Loulsiana 7ll66 I AIVIANA KITCHENAID ZENITH in J ' 'I . , -nn-N ' ' ' E Y ,t""1 P 'Y-.', 'Xi ,, 71 -' .Q :1 - f V Q. - H - H S11 5. it -- ., I. If BQ: .432 1 ' '- V4'Im 'ffi' f " "AEN .,.. .lsr --If., -E f - ' Zi-4 'I -...., ....!il X. v-- . f V I dll ,"', .-1 , 'T' .1.. .7 fill' 1 at f ,' nf f .-t-.. . ,f A 1. 'I , , , . x 1' ,' 1 ' -,, I ,JI 9 --' . u f -' . . , Y X, Q. I ffl 1 ll .' 9' , fx :1 , -ug - a-.up.,5i1! , 1 9" f ' I , I ff' " I . ,f 4 f . XM' v 5 .af I t lf , 1 . If Af- E , X I J . UBRI UP 3 2 SAM BQRDEL ON, 3 8 S O O Graham C on ve yor Belt Servlc compllmen ts of Y f Benton 's Farm and Home Hardware, Garden Seed plants Baby Chicks D F 965-0955 Roffl3r?H3itigei1ter 22 -8704. The Terrell S Casten 's Restaurant open 5:00 a.m.-l0:O0 Ben Wanda .m. 7 days a week Randy and 5lSSy IIII North Market ,vw ,fzmf my W zzzifiiiffa f J, f Qngw y 4 my , fe Aww W w in JW M522 f fd 2 wfafsvf Qywiggww S Sagzyfgfiiy S W-Nm amy-ww mn wats wiv'-wx WM Myijfffggg We M W rZl9Wg6 M if ffl K 145503 WWW fiqwggfg gf jawn, ww! WW f f ,, Q Wm, ff Awww , M M WAN A jf, - f MW?-Q2 min I W f, 5 495 ,wry M 4236, 2 Aw? 1 2 e 42 Compliments of the Gary Gwen Family X W fgfygd fffff f f My 435522 5 Qfiyvexmw New f Q VH W MQW My: M 2 fa nf 3222, fm? 31 ,Z wwf ,Q I W I , -,11,,W.--'f - :. 4Z,:E :,.,, ,. ,. up sa W 6 ,f , ,. fm! ' fiaf J ' f 'Aww H ,. 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We offer insurance, manage nursing homes, and may touch your life through various other investments. 29 cm... 9 Q" zzz-osos L AFFILIATED Q lf we hold you up we put you W bd Y d p yl AMERICAN I Experience rn local long drslance and wofld wide moving An agent fo nor!hAmerlcan Van Lrnes I Skull In packing crallng and bulky arlrcles I Efllclency In office movrng eleclronlcs and compuler equrpmenl movlnq I Securlly ln storage handling Full Value Proleclron I Commercial Sloraqe!Pool Car 'CC N0 'C107012 Arr Frerghl Service paaol mod r Ask y nm A r m 125 FINN CHARGE ora vruage west End smce 1902 DELI VER Y SEI? VICE BIG MAN TALL MAN REGULAR MAN Serving NOVUW "soon Luck Shfe vepvff SENIOIQI 3181983 " 25 years O . UP In a room al Hol' a lnn-ll we don! deliver your lunnure on hme. e guarantee to d l ar on lh ay we promised or we a lh rooms I I 1 b - ' ' r ' ' 5 . . . . , ..-.... 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'SIM' I , I li, I ' - I -- .T-. ff 47 If I E E PLANNING - DESIGN -INSPECTION - PROJECT MANAGEMENT - COMPUTER SERVICES Compliments of The Oswald Family THE GARY OWENS FAMILY Compliments Of STEADIVIAN S INC 6O'I BENTGN RD BCDSSIER CITY LA 7'I 'I 'II PI-ICDNE C3'I8D 742 'I763 SPORTS CENTER ' ..MLQ Congratulations Seniors Compliments Of THE R. A. DOUGLAS FAMILY Grandparents are EAGLE BOOSTER5 too CQ OP!-195. Young Years West Monroe, La. 5 as 1 S 1 s Compliments Fitzgerald Production C o V ' YOUR CASE SALES -- PARTS -- SERVICE HEADQUARTERS ED III IIEIBDBEIE BEEIIII 4300E.Toxn8t - 13181741-0882 WEB EIJUIPMENT G0 01'-M 'I 5' :AX xl P 57361 ,U HallIl""' fx f W HQRHHEERRH Form UTIIITV Consfruchon , 3 ' . -Y - fy A ..... L , 'L D , I V X UN ' ' , 1 . ' I I ' R ' ,f ' " ' My x"i's.. 5, . . A In - I - ........-X I ' A D ll - I A K 350 Donn 350 Louder 450 Donn 450 Louder OBO! Donn BOO! Loader 1180! Donn 1100! Loader 14l0 Dourl 1450 Loader 39 nel hp TS yol 53 nel np 1 yu' 75 nel np 15 ya' 105 ne1hp 1 75 ya' 130 nes np 2 25 yu' capaclly cinacdy cspacny cuplclly capacny 179 I I I EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL SERVICES 333l Youree Dr. Suite I Shre veport, LA. 7ll05 858-2664 Owners: Sue 5 Howard Cro "Good Luck Eagles" compliments of D yMac Industrial Supply and The McCullough Family X L0ulslANA .J BANK a rnusr ca K I3 A W - 5 I MEMBER F. D. l. C. Where good food is fun!!! 55 FROZEN YOGUR T SAND WICHES Q SALADS 5 SOUP , , Q-f,,,,, 203 E. K' H . 850-3512 ' Q gay , 400 Mcwgfivmvg-xp 221-2510 Q. -280' Shreveport, La. 0? 645 ell yu? Compliments Of THE CHRIS DOMINICK S SHREVEPORT 0 RUS TON ' BATON ROUGE l982 PONCA CITY GRA ND NATIONAL CHAMPION 250 CLASS Compliments of Jimmy P. Dempsey Oil Production and Well Servicing Co. Doyle Dempsey Sr. Oil Production Compliments of the class of 2000 Congratulations Seniors 83 MR. MCCOLFS CLASS IS COOLES T ON CAMPUS SEVENTH GRADE HEA DING EOR 8 th GRADE 5 2 M EIGH TH GRADE WE' VE G OT THE SPIRIT r I 197 7 Y COMPLIMENTS Jana and Shane Bell BELL MACHINES CO INC 910 Grlmmet Dr Shreveport LA 7II07 Thomas .I Bell Jewell C Bell President Sec Treas O, O , O L A FRESHMEN SAY GO FOR IT EA GLE5 BECAUSE . . . WE ARE SENIQRS 756 Bgmb KOVS 0 vo '29 Good Luck Seniors compliments of the Rahvh Golsby Family GOOD LUCK EA GLE5 Compliments of Dr and Mrs R Don Brown .lr wmnow Z SHOPPING 00 Be An Eagle Eagle Supporter! "Get In volved! " GOOD LUCK EA GLE5! Darrell Mitchell C ompllments of THE MILLERS Rusty K lm I I I I I .Q S . 1 1 as ' a 5f,BiQ,BO Glass 51311 bio Q g I I I I I EE Y i a H i s ma A' Q 1 . E C M L 1 29291-1921 X20 t lfrzg H 'J og SLIDDIIGS Llflsses C OMPL IME N TS OF ' CARLOS GIPSON DRAFTING SERVICE Compliments Of THE RI TZ BOUTIQUE For All Your .lunior And Missy Fashions 2Oll Nelson That which we look on with unselfish love, And true humility is surely ours. Even as a lake looks at the stars above, And makes within itself a heaven of stars. M. Brainard wm- he "GOOD LUCK GOLDEN GIRLS" BILL BROADWAY Mary s Hallmark Shop BROADWAY BUILDERS INC C NTRACTORS U LDE S 5- F2 ja FF 2013 Nelson 400 Mllam Serving downtown and 3 8 636 7065 318 635 7 O5 HOUSE PAINTING FIEPA RS WALL P PER NG CUSTOM BUILT CAB NETS POWER WAS NG MALONE CONTRACTING COMPANY P may 226 B897 209 DE WOOD EN E DAN MALONE S REVEPO T Chrls Kalstone Pharmacist Chuck Sn yders Pharmacy 3176 N Phone Market 221 6175 Kirk P Dot Pat 6 Brenda ,fled Handcrafted furn Bus 318 424 9892 Gifts Decorative 4855 N Market accessories S port La 71107 N Shreveport area Compliments of K UR VIS BURNS PHOTOGRAPHERS 896 1261 RESTAURANT O N M k 7'I Homemade B1earlDa 111 Home Cookm Our Speczaltu WDSFS PHYSICIANS Er SLIRGECJNS HOSPITAL 22I 4350 ' get 09 K 1 I 2 - I I - o - B I R . 1,1-WWE' ' fi- W, f vw '71 M . 'l,g5,,-Rf. -1':.-1-,if ' JQ5L,7f..... , A. 615 MONKHOUSE DRIVE, SHREVEPORT, LOUISIA A 711 9 - - Rss. . Q . I . I - . hone - 4 LL AV U H FI LA 71107 ' 9 1 a . MC I28 orth ar et Shreveport, La. IO7 ' I , ' g . ' L Q Ginnie 8. Marvin Deeter O . PODNUH S BAR B Q S IC RI' LKLI ENTTP RIS IOP GI LI? KL O ORS DIF PNG NES l RBO IFS LI ILL SI' 'I X 'ITR IP SIXRTING SYSTEMS H N O A OLID S XTE IGINIFIONT Two Locations 869 3371 1050 GRIMM T DR Bus 22 8432 North Market SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA 222 7480 PHONE 318 8691206 6 BIMNI-ISIIE 3 I IJ P P I- Y C Q SUPPLIER OF ALL TYPES OF EXERCISE DANCE PEP SOUAD8 CHEERLEADEFI EQUIPMENT P O BOX 5374 P O BOX 5549 BOSSIER CITY LA 71111 FRANK PERNICI JR 4727 LINE AVE SHREVEPORT LA 11106 PHONE 746 0932 HAFIRISBUFIG 'YOON J O 'XX' :L+ C ompllments Of Oll Fleld Specialty Products I252 North Market 22l 8 751 Steve Harvllle s Radiator Shop Debbie 826 Grlmmet Dr Robby Shreveport, La Ch"'5 222 7996 I 1 1 nfl, I"I'Z. ' aj' - S if ' ff 'AR 'Hi S ' L A 1 "U ' , ' II. i,'HT ' S, f'I'2 ' ' ' ' . , . - E . . 2- X - D . L . . Q . I ' ' . v I I C , , , , 5 Q1 Pe .ff ZW ' ' fm- M V A 1,,.A-i,fIi?2if,'i' " S 'pzigaif .- 0 f K QL- ' ' I P-S 'Il I-ai, X ' ,- 4 0 O SENIORS OF '85 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CASSEL '5, DAVIS '5, 5 WATTS' L A Compliments Of Compliments Of C. L MORRIS COUCH'5 JEWELRY Sophomores Caught Up In The Spirit GOLDEN PA TRONS Compliments of Mrs. Spain, Mrs. Glen, Mrs. McCartney, and Mrs. Gipson Here's to a great Senior year! Compliments of Wilton 8, Sybil 'Kilpatrick Good Luck to the Gipson kids Compliments of Mimi 5 PaPa Good Luck Eagles!!! Archie, Pene'and Paul Coplen Compliments of Dot S Troy Moore Best wishes for the future Compliments of Donald Barkley Compliments of Lem 5 Demetria Dial Compliments of Amador, Guilbert, Ken 5 Pam A National Shirt Shop '34 Daisy A Day" Florist l525 N. Market Compliments of North Highland Hardware Good Luck Eagles Compliments of the Doyle Drake Family Breelahd Texaco Ryder Trucks l9O0 N. Market Compliments of the E. T. Tobey Co. Good Luck Seniors. ll Tim. 2:15 Lyn 5 Joy Eason ' Best Wishes Robert 5 Donna Pennington To the Seniors. The world will step aside for a man or woman who knows where they are going. Compliments Of FUTURE HOMEMAKER5 OF AMERICA THCA l982-83 Quallty at przces fy Flowers you can afford fy! for all Q fl occaszons xx R Brass s X M , Crystal Y! , ,I Giftscg ' Q! Decorator ee 6' Items ,ax Florist Sz Gifts 5:12 815-A s. Pine I TELELIZRA Vivian, La. 71082 NEW CREATION FITNESS PH. 375-4631 CENTER Come in this wwf: und bmzc'sc'. P' IQ ' ' ""g1'fZ Ioof LC UWM' fm 1609 N. Market r .. , ' ' C14 'LIVE K s n r Govf A wi? : api 5 E. KINGS HWY. - PHONE: 855-8424 vale. IBIL LQ CL EMENCE 3 Box 3 Belcher, Louisiana 7I004 Dozer Work 3 Phone C3182 3 78-4220 216 9-V-9 JOHNSON MERCURY MOTORCYCLES VIVIAN MARINE CO. , INC. 1 11 East Arkansas Vivian, Louisiana 71082 HAROLD WALKER vavsm on. 31a-315-2431 Sw- Mlvww 31a-375-aasa 3153556 smvfpon 31a-222-sms STATE FARM STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICES: BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS TOM WOOD Agent 1939 East 70th St. P. O. BOX 5972 Bus. Phone: 797-2282 Shreveport, Louisiana 71 'IO5 Res. Phone: 797-3993 Product Of . . . Four Years At THCA ,Zig-Q Lf gf adm. ff WMU I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 4 Blkff TRUCK EQUIPMENT CO.. INC. 2460 MID WA Y P.O, Bax 3l435 PHONE 3l8-535- 7567 SHREVEPORT. LA. 7ll3O There is unrest in the forest . . . I982 . , . The Year ln Retrospect l982 was a year that stirrdd and intensified the emo- tions of the world. One moment would be full of happi- ness while the next we would be saddened or outraged. In l982, we laughed together, cried together, united, seperated, complimented and complained. We watched as technology increased our productivity and efficien- cy, and as conflicts tore apart not only cities and build- ings, but people as well. We sat and watched "E. T. phone home", and we clenched our teeth at rising un- employment and inflation. We endured the football strike, claiming to never watch a game again only to find ourselves in front of the television watching the play-offs or the Superbo wl. l982 was a year burdened by the problems of the world, but aided by the intuitive reasoning of profound people found across the globe. We want to take one more look at a year that played an important role in our lives and in the lives of those to follow . . . l982. Technology invaded the homes of many people as an estimated three million personal computers were sold for use in homes and schools. Utah doctors implanted the first permanent artificial heart in a human. Made of plastic, this device may someday save thousands of lives. The NASA Space Shuttle continues to demon- strate the ingenuity of our scientists, and through its performance while orbitting the earth, we realize we may not be far from the ultimate space technology that was only dreamed of before now. 218 One of the bloodiest wars between Israel and the Palis- tinian Liberation Organization CPL O2 in Lebanon took place in l982. The Israelis rolled to the outskirts of Beirut and bombarded the city with artillary and gun- fire, forcing the beaten PLO to withdraw. Eight thousand miles away, Great Britain fought an improbable war to retake the Faulkland Islands, off the coast of Argentina. After seventy four days of fighting, the British retook the Island, and Argentine President Galtieri was forced to resign in the face of defeat. W The Soviet Union faced a new change in government after Leonid Brezhnev died of heart failure at the age of 74 in November. Yuri Andropov presided over a faltering economy, diplomatic difficulties, and other problems when he took office. About twelve million American workers were without jobs by November of l982, as continued lay-offs in the auto, steel, and machine-tool industries pushed unem- ployment to IQS In a bizarre outbreak of poisonings, seven people died when they swallowed Tylenol capsules laced with cya- nide by an unknown killer. Wayne Gretzky put together an unbelievable hockey season, and was named sportsman of the year. Sugar Ray Leonard, one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport, retired when a detached retina hampered his performance. A major death occurred in the ring when Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini fought Duk Koo K im. Boxing fans everywhere where shocked when they found out that Duk Koo Kim never recovered from that fight even after two and a half hours of brain surgery. 219 i Steven Speilberg created and produced what could easily be called the best movie of l982. "E.T. a movie about a homesick extraterrestrial, broke box office re- cords and "E, T. phone home" became the overworked phrase of the year. "The Who", a popular Rock and Roll band, gave their farewell tour, and Keith Green, a Christian Rock singer, died in a plane crash. l982 was the year we paid 40qt for a coke, 53.50 for a movie, and anywhere from SI5.-S50 for a pair of blue jeans. H5532 On the local scene, John Hussey became 5hreveport's new mayor, and Bossier opened its first shopping mall. Wayne Smith, a graduate of Trinity Heights, became the starting point guard for La. Tech 's men 's basketball team, though only a freshman. Here at T.H., we spent time listening to all kinds of music ranging from that played by KMBQ to that of KEPT. Arcades became an important part of many of our lives, and Burger King, the official hang-out after football games. "Time" mag- azine topped the year off well by choosing a machine for the man of the yearll 220 A Final Word . . . The events of 1982 that shaped the future of the world are all important, yet it would be quite impossible to name them all. Even the smallest detail of the year probably produced great changes throughout the world, and altered the course of history by a significant degree. It has been said that those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it over and over, but by learning from our mistakes, we can continue to go on to the greater achievements of the future. "These dark days will be worth all they cost us if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered unto, but to minister to ourselves and to our fellow man." Franklin D. Roosevelt l 2. We of the Aquila staff have attempted to record an accurate history of this school year that reflects the uniqueness of our culture. We would like to dedicate this edition of the Aquila to Mr. Cecil Owens, and Mrs. Win Owens. We feel that they are two of the main reasons for the spirit and success of this year. We would like to thank them for the things they ha ve done and wish them all success in the years to come. 221 ji rx ff kgyWiWkNJWMfL 505 XC? OO' XXICL QVXNYXG xQ0f X286 4 xy O xgbwyx , KX fi' xt QX QW? W QW Y x N N X A M Q 53 is sfg gk fx-NRE 'mwsf w Qs Nmii 355 Q x?Qii5ESwgx m?iG Q gX Q?Q EQESW? 5 Dir YE iSf21s. s?i S in Q MQW nfl-to M4 dlfjxu 4551? MW W AQDEK? K Q .yi ' U N Q CN -. X all x NK .1 - 7 w W., ' jx X if 35.3596 ww, Q we QW X lj, ,lfv Ki K i lf f f K 7K 1 A LEvC77,5+J' V ' 1Q ff1 i ? JUJ QRQNV ik J ii V V x- KN ' Kvi , I ' Gig LQ f 'Q gy ix up N Ur ' x H VX N X . 'R ' .N 'ix ml RMT! 5 fbi w KJ U KX ff" X k'W ' mp by 33 KN L x i X! J 'X B, Tw 1 flu 5 5 V 'DP X by X UQ My VL QQ af fbx 'I .5 x N XXX-,XJ OW? ' K, Q5 cy 09W2OC?'SKff05Q AWQX woo QQQQXXOJ SK my 54953, 0 93 . X XX . x W N, V 1 'M NM W ' Sy wx M is MW , NP AUX' ggxigw NRM Qygpwy 5 W my 'N XX M My 5 . 9? xf EVM Qs XQ Jfijyxgw AMX fs XR Nkwbf wwf N QMQKQSSVX 59 W 'X JJ X M X U QQFNVQM FG' ' "A Y R ,. 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