Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1987

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Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1987 volume:

L N 3 'ftwf 1 iyjs' D, x W.. A: gxxlil' Q, w Q. , ,ea ,es Q 'rv - . M . . ,S Vik , V f Huw v-. ' f .f.f??ffz'.w1 V' 1 V . . . 1 .Ile ' , Aqx A 1 x ' w 4 A f L, I "',r"i " X - 1 Il A a 1 4- : ak ' U . -. I, .1 'Tl A I Q.-',, .5 .yu A-ff' - Q ,351 , it ' fx R .4-K A L -. -gay-T 1 1 Q. J . I "s w wmv ., ,BM xx Y 1 ,M 1 -' "R, J' .. A ". , . . U . ' A 2 '- Q v I U I 'wi' - ' 4, .Q t. ' -A ' 'igfie uf ff 1 ., -' ' - .qv fu, ,'5. . Y- A 4. :. ' e' ' gifs.--feh Q2 , .' ,,,,,,,,,- ,Q I nf N- " ' ,, .3,1,,l,,-Nm. .L I ' A ' , ..A , ,H 9 , '-Qg:.'g:,Z.f2f, ' .S:2.."F' 4 ' tn' K ..- jr? 'Q ' " 55, N, 1 ' v , ff -.,-."' 1..Q ' f.,g-gg" -, . " ' fx, . . 1: 'QKVQ-5 Q , ffawa THE RECGRD TRI ITY CGLLEGE SCHCOL I :J H ., 15. " K 1 -f If, , .-.Q-5 .3 .gh lli -lf Nh-45113 n 'rl F kv '1"'-545 N-, - x15 .' fe A212 f if s . Alf: U ,T o , , ,A :gfg,,w::.::..--- I vk .bp A Iv, J . Pif, if' ,,.,flTF,', 'vu . t l I ' '. . .,o',- .F ' , 1 Q, Y- Pr- ,. 'Fifw . ' 9215. f, .- ,. ,I iz' ,.s,f"' wg' x V , 1 - ,ie :gf - C. -4 NE ik- ' . t i gbv .fi .. YJ '-,. 'V 3 'L , , 'V' ,.,g"'3g u Y. .Wi k 'Qi-.5 12124 'hs- ,li , I. ',g.Ai-'-f , " Q H Ai ' Q . . A v . I I VQLUME 90 I 98 f , Y I . fx .1 I 1 i . 12' . 'War -mfr' My X If ! .1 I X! I f A Vancouver Uohn Dyer Form Vlj Perspective Shifted Uohn Heyland Fonn VD Sunset Uim -, - . .4 , -- iv ,. - W , f I ,I L .I 1 fj U, sp Y' ll '4- , r' if 5 .I Je' - .'f . I - .. J ,tm I ? ' . X kffsif Q- 5 ' : .1 '. l . ' ' 13, . I , gl I E F? .. y' -A-'I ' n t lx 35 I pw S. l f '- , -- 'Q ."1f9i 1 it 5. W l I "FFT 1,5 1 4 H , F 5 P.. in Ur.. I A via " V : Nei.: 'V I -5- 4 .A 1 '. :"z' ' . F t ' - i x -me t ' ' rr 5' - a 'Tg t- r at Af-ff . A . 4 Cover Painting by Eoin Finn Endsheets by John Saul Warren Fonn Vlj -.,-1-"' - M Q -. as-fr H . fr., Y uh, .Q w l I ,Q 'fl-211: ,,i. . . ,N ' 8 ,fy yi' rf' 1' , Q 'F .3 1 r. f, ..,,n rl vet 1 1 , ' I: J pai, 'fs 'l 49 - ialxg ' . . . Andflllerel Was . . . lCorey Wells Form Vl Talze Ouer lGraham Douglas Form lllj D "l'lq -I I ,.. l I . K' Y gr 1 'Y-:U 1- '23- lll ..., ml, 462 I 1 ,.. 1' l 'na A , Q P 1 ' . lk J 0 , . 1. Q h E ' , rs. hx gi' '. fi 1 w-A? ,, 75' 1 K, r' g I. t - . FN ' 'iw ' ix 'G-1.'if'j'I :fx r ' V, ' "Twig .fax ' y. , 'lui Rf,-4 . 311-1 3 ,L x - f ff'-N -1 A P 4 'Ll' "i 'Ili I ' f 'fa-1, 'W' gli - ' 4 lf -' ' , 44- ,. "4 N273 1 X "4 1.4 . W: 5,5,v-,ri .Xi In hi, Jew V if' l fr TABLE DF CO TENTS ZQL .ny 4 ng. ' ...- 'QI' iv Michaelmas ....5 New Boys Picnic. Black Coffee. Oxford Cup. Fall Sports. Lent ....3 I Headmaster for a Day. Ski Day. Winter Sports. Trinity Houses Term..... .. .. ....55 Oklahoma. Slave Day. House Plays. Spring Sports, Literature. oooo sooo ooooo Q on no 0 ooo oooooooooogl Andrew's Kangaroos. Dickies Disciples. Bam Bam's Boys. Bashful Burns. Happy Hodgetts. Peter's Rabbits. Graduates ............... ............ . ..l I9 Speech The largest Graduating Class in TCS. History. Day ..... l46 The Headmasters Address. Special Presentations. The Head Prelect's Address. Award Winners, R I! Z Y Q ,Xu " 7 0 W: J4,, lidrll. ! X L-JY "7 -l I- 9 W ,YQQ1-,. br' .L I wr , , Q Stix IJ? 'Zu-. :I 5 , 1 , ,if ,xl 'afllip ,iff I., N Q, j . Ns. N j 1'fan'f .fam..- -f' . ' M-Qi., f' 1 ' g, . Mn.. 6 1 i 'v b H a vii. ',.f7'H1:p' 1- Q - 1 . . v - ,, ' - . . ,f ' ' ' 1, - f' iw: M 'ra 11, f ,gif-',Qav:. ,-,IQQY3 R 4 ,,. ,L-:Af . sl: . AJ' Hitt, ,I , 1 -...L5444 30,15-i Yrigfka , ,115 Jig-. ,w if Q fm-' as .-'A ,, 3-.-3:51-',-v. 4 Q fu - ,. H2 I - , -, . : ,K ,Q 1 .L-g,, sm .3 ','.,i gk XIV-s,1'.AA ni Vx " 1 X X. , - :git 1 i,-in -'13 . 1, ,ip ,yflirvv . X Y. .'.o.x .A . K , f. - . , s 1 I . ,XXI . .f . -'vip mfg- L15 Ag '- -X: -2 1. . T ,,,f : '5,z.. H -'f. - M. - 1 ' f.,. , , -.xv -, HF" JM 'Q'l-5.1 ,' ,- Va ,on v. -1- ' , L' -Y' MA' " ' Tu. ix f 4 -" --4 1.s4.fx'Gj' V, 'Q .K,'k' 13,151.1 .5 ff ' ' N 'ly -I Q fi 1 1 fi I hh' H--a .'. f -4'-2' -,Sf Ex' N 1-.'-'1' 'fa -Z. gf'-X v. L -1 R -mx, . 5. g .A ,119 ,Qfzl ',4fI1f, jf-455 af, k 5 . '. - f".'a.'v , v 1 f 1' 4 1 -" .I tg?-' - -- '- - 'V ' ikki L.' 'H 'h' "'. . 1' . 4 '- . if K I ant T17 fXX-in 4 -fir? -W" -V xx -M " " ' 'v V lillll f- uv 'XZ ,A Q Amy- I , v .Vt ' I. ,, g V X - . WNY N , f .. . ,- A ' nw, SX-.-'-.'7' - 1 'g'- x . . -,:. .QI -A, A, Q , I wx- 1 ' . - -1. - I' ' ' n M fe -'f I Q Y- . I tg-sv: , ,Z W -fl :A I ,-' 5 . J I Y .. 1 ,Qzt - ' , " ' l .w 1 ' y ,,o. ' ., ui . lf, ' 4 ' v ' 5- ' 2" 'I Vs .' - A A- ,. f 'KN-ff , .' -I J, . ,l p x -- ' ' ,A in fr K 1' . . . .. .xv I i 'V -XJ 1: - 0 f. . hi: , if .hr 'font "f2'E W-1. - N ' , Q . I- 'x' . - .N .gg . ' -' ,K A h J' 0 gx' im: -V , X N W 4' ' ' - '.' . x Q 1 x ' A s F N-1 S - Q58-1,f.-Q ' I .A " .' Y . - - ' i 2 vf :Y 1 W ,, ri"-shi., :W , 6 E MICH 25455 MAS- 1. NEW BOYS' PICNIC l986 M..-+ 4: ' r A . Lg uv' 1 , 'x if H44 X-i - -ph Q 2 -J .QL. in Q QS? J -4 x 0 F 'sh' ml.: 3 7 1 .1-'- ' ff' 11 145 -sa - l ,xx THE PIT I! 1 i . -5 vb" hi. 5 1. V Ls , f1"'17.-- LE? x- W0 nl! 151' if-"Luv :V aw , .9 Q. Q.. f. 41 A 5 1 , cf , 55 y 'Q 1 1 V . . 1- ' 1 -'xg f .1 8, .. ,5- . 19: , 1 fm GF' WS'-f N. 'S J ' ff - l I 55 1 N ,-,pr as - Sis RECQRD Editor-In-Chief R.R..l. Pinlttrt in Associate Editors DD C. Gray BG. Olcdlliglldll Business Manager LA. .lohncox Business Assistant Al. Cowan Sports Editor Bruce Barber Graduate Editor D.G.M. Jemmett Cover Painting E.M. Finn Endsheets J.A. Saul TAFE Photography Editor N.B. Saundcr: Photographers P,J.C. Dalton EM. Finn Mr. BC. Hedney D.G. Hildebrandt C.N. Holtby D.M. Huffman LR. MacDonald C.D. Moise C.I. Narinesingh Mr. B.D. Proctor T. H-S. Soh Mr. R.C.N. Wright Staff Advisor Mr. N.B. Grandfield ADMINISTRATIG Headmaster Mr Rc N Wrt ht Assistant Headmaster Head of Junior School Mr JB Geale Director of Admissions Mr BD Proctor Director of Guidance Administrative Assistant Mrs K Vasila FACULTY Masters Mr, D. Allen lEconomicsl Mr. D.L.G. Blackwood lArtl Mr. M. Campbell lEconomicsl Mrs. S. Casson lClassicsl Miss K. Cogswell lMathsl Mr. K. DeFazio lAthleticsl Mrs, P. Dew lEnglishl Mrs. S, Douhnev lMod. Lang.l Dr. M.T. Dubroy lEngIishl Mr. T.P. Elsley lHistoryl Mrs. S. Finlay lMathsl . R. Gleeson lComputersl . N.B. Grandfield lEnglishl . A.G. Gregg lArtl . M.A. Hargraft lMathsl . A.T. Hay lAthleticsl . B.M. Heaton lGeographyl . B.C. Hedney lChemistryj , R.K. Holt lBiologyl . R. Honey lBioIogyl . P.R. Kedwell lMod. Lang.l , R.M. Kirkpatrick lGeographyl , F.R. Large lEnglishl . l.G. Maclnnis lMathsl . D.J. McCord lCIassicsl . A.D. McDonald lChemistryl . J. McGee lMusicl Mrs. P.H. Papp lArtl Mr. B. Phillips lHumanitiesl Mr. J.A.M. Prower lMusicl Mr. R.G. Ramsay lMathsl Mrs. J. Renny lFrenchl . R. Reynolds lGeographyl . C.E. Robert lHistoryl . T.M. Stevens lMathsl . H.S. Stevenson lMod. Lang.l . M. Sud lPhysicsl . l.S. Taylor lPhysicsj . L. Thornton lMod. Lang.l . T.C. Tottenham lHumanitiesl Archivist Mr. J.D. Burns Chaplain Father P. Poole Librarian Mr. E.B. Heaven Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr i Mr 1 Mr ' Mr. TW. Lawson lEnglishl gf' Mr A Mr S 'A Mr . Mr t. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. G. Jones Mr. P.E. Godfrey THE ENTHLISIASTS fu A T14 x EM -of -Widifi 'li-'Q-, ' 4. al 9 'Q I - v P' ' i 1- , ' a- I Opposite Page. Starring from Top Left, Watch out UCC. it's Baby Face John Bellamy and Johnson belore Black Coffee: Dereklg Jamie. wasting yearbook nlm, Bottom Left: Don't blush Greg. we understand, Holtby, relaxing after a race This Page. Starting Top Left, Charles She doesn't know l'm looking at herq Oh Tim, you're so photogenic: Bigside Soccer I988, Hogan and Finn after their Han ard acceplances. 11 I -W Y I R.-P' N- K E 5 nv X' THE CAST Tredwell Lucla Amory Mass Carolune Amory Rlchard Amory Barbara Amory Edward Raynor Dr Carelh Sur Claud Amory Hercule Polrot Laptam Arthur Hastm5s Dr braham Inspector Japp Johnson Anthony Dew bylvua Fmlay Pamela Dew Timothy Mabwood Lwrebory Squares Jonathan Heyland Davud Lwray Richard Pmkenon Lorey Wells Jonathan Saul Ian MacDonald Todd Johnson John Bellamy 1 lil 3 , if' 5' X4 ,in li, - 'f J. " ,f f. ,II-' 'Gif f -49 Q Nb, 1, If , 3 A 'Ol O OI 'IO . ' 1 H .. . ,. ,,u 0 , an TIT . . , , . WH I I vi, ...- -1 PY i ' M s - . . Q 1 7' 'R j"i , s... xx X 1 '1 ,- A . I ISHS II Q1 112 IQ LID IQ IHDQ Ill' -IQ' X Exulement before Ihr rare 43 gl "1 ..L num and Vloorhmm Frm and Nerond Frm hers Tln ummm or tln T L S Famnlx Oxtord uup were xolm I num trom Quun N Llmxerxllx and Ian Noorhouw uho 'ridumd II1 IQHI The QOtI1 mn mr OI Iln Oxtord Luv max Iamex Ixllburn XX umm- Holm Hunt Houw Tln top tm sdwol Iumlnrs NMR 'N I In I 1 w.N Holm vu y lx Lmxon Loxxm H Hkx 3 SOL L N umm -XCI1IT1LIXxIx X XK1 W5 'D N f' ' 'g '-A lx M . 'r , I , ' f- '- . I 1. .j X ' 'A- ' . ' I-w-"T I , . TH' 1: L. "' III ,. lv ,- 1 ., I, x- . ll' .' 'fi s ' Ti- K .X 'P . ' , , j yr It I A 1 Y! ,Y 5 T P l ,. V ' X ' I I I n " I N .53I -Cf .fih "" .x- ' , :xl "- Dug . 5' 3 . f' S ' ' ' . ' . - DS U , S. is I :'. g. . 1 ' .C . - - " Q. Q A 5' '. lIurl I7:2I fb' ' ' II I7:-I5 .I .. .I HX f. I IT: ET . 5 ISQOS AI 4 . ISIIO DT, ol IS I-I ' 'L' TC xrgr N1 :sw P 3 ' . ' IS29 TC . " ' IS:-O .IX .llacc IS SI Jamne wms the Oxford Lup agam Ouumet stops for a break HARRIER W? W .- Q u fu .- B' I O 5 2- P cn m E fn 3 I 2 P 5 'U O 3. I" gf, Cl 5- fx tu Sl rx m D. D. N P Cl 5 'J -1 O Q O 7 W 5- Cn m I E W fn 2' 3 S Ca. C: fb E O E ? .. 7 I I m Cn. 3 fn I L. L.. I : ft 3' at 3 m P 5 -. I .. V7 I 2 3 3 ?' fu O 5 of :I 3 vu 'll Z 5- ZS 5 C -1 3 'Ft D E Q T5 S 2 :T 0 9 fx Z I 9. 6'- f Z F7-7 an ua C 3 CL m 17 7'l fx 7 .- ru ar S O O F'- JP U' .1- m E 'J F ft 'U 'L 5' P 5 P fl -v O v. v. 3 tu :J ft 0 -4 P 1 P' N X 'fr- 2 v, Z -2" 9' ,J s 9 fu -w ? .- n X fu :Q E 9 79 Cu 'U O -Q E. F 7 T' P' fn ut 5, .- P' 3 fl f- A Z O 3 O F 5 -l E :- O O F3- W yt -J. fi 3' A 5 J 54 -4 :r rr, I m cy ct. 3 m Z2 fn 1 11 -t 9 70 0 E -4 L.. 7 I 0 w 94 'U -4 I COLOURS AND RESULTS Bugstde Full Lolours A l Lowan L N Holtby NJ Kllburn T L Magwoodn Bfgstde Half Lolours S L1 J Larscadden W B Lhsn SENIORS 3rd at Trlnity -lth at Heart Lake 2nd at Northumberland l2th at High Park lst at Kawartha 2nd at COSSA 2nd at ISAA 23rd at OFSAA M A Lrossman P J L Dalton TJ Moses D W Pomtt N B Saunders Mlddleslde Lolouri D T Holmes LJ W Proctor JUNIORS 6th at Trlnuty 9th at Heart Lake Sth at Northumberland l7th at High Park lst at Kawartha 4th at CGSSA 2nd at ISAA JA Saul JW Wallace Mndqet Lolouri AJ Korpela MJ McLox ML L Morton F' Meken If MIDGETS 9th at Trlnttw 9th at Heart Lake 9th at Northumberland 2 lst at Hlbh Park 6th at Kawartha Ind at ISAA BIG IDE SOCCER 1' Had. Row L B RusdaIeIM5rI MW Laubhlsn LJT K Lawton PD Bolton L D Wells MD Hull JT Ikonen SM Nweatman MW Bernard Mr M Stevens ILoaLhI The Hudmabter Front Row IAF Heyland PLJM Lram L R Lotion ILo LSPII AF Ntrallord RRI Punkerton ILO Laptj IL Luarland 'M R Shanks ,Q ' Srdtnne UNLUCKY A Nudg Tour Ist pIaLe X9 Lrhunl Vmn AL won ULL dnvx 1 r Plnlnrlnb won Applnby anw Rnilu I nw NAL won Hu d won N! Lnurses won x KL Inu LL mn xa Appldvw or Won II Dum I los! I S 1 1 Ind In INAA s.. - , tw ,,, '- ' : v. ' '.'.., '. ,'. .. .ff , . ' -6. '. '. , '.'.' 2' ' --' ...f ---...'.' .r,. V I ' . Q 'a.g Q' 4' . 9 l . Ax ' .Ii 11, ' .' :" 30 JIS ' lvl 'A xsAIbv:rI won 9I - 4 ..' at " - II ' 5' 'J , ' BI '- ' 7I f ' an -I 1- II BH 'I X at 1 'I' I-I lg II. xsf A -I-S . xs Ilhel 32 ', Isl '- ': ' -I-O SU" I' II xsU4' 1 JO A ' ' III I2 Y ' I ' , 1' . I ' I LITTLE IDE SOCCER at Rtdley won 3-I ss Crescent drew I-I ys SAC lost O-2 ys Holy Tnmty Iost I-O at UCC Iost 2-6 at Pnckertng drew I-I vs Appleby lost O-I vs Lakeheld drew O-O ys Rrdley drew I-I at SAC lost OAS at Rosseau won 3-O ys St Georges won TAO ss UCC drew 3-3 at Appleby lost 2-3 Won 3 Lost 6 Drevyi Mr. Roberfs furst year as coach of Ltttlesade was a disap- potntmg one. Hts team seemed only to get oy-er IIS bad luck as U L-ywy: W are the season closed. Back Row RL Hammond. O P Sweatman. MA Nayarro. B M Basttn. Middle Row Mr Robert ICoachI, .I R Brown. B G O'Callaghan, IX R Thompson. Ix Lee-Suv, Cm E Ptlgrtm. The Headmaster Front Row. T WY Vshtke. R M G Steyens ICO-Capt I. C R Currer. CP Conrad: ICO-Capt I. J Lee-Sul U DER I SGCCER Ta I C HI tue IX! I e C XX Mn Pu Buthanan Nmrth The Headmaster Front Rout NL Fraser M XLI KL 5 at Rrdley lost 3-5 ss SAC lost 2-3 ys Toronto French lost I-6 at UCC lost 2--I at Pnckertng won 5-0 Rrdley os 'I L won Laketield won LL won Appleby won Dr Hawluns PS won Won 6 Lost '- Drew O A dramattc mud season turn about ratsed Under I9 s record aboye a Iey el ol medrocnty Luts Ptetrtnr was the flashy star of the team Ileaguej scorung rn almost eyery bame Rumour has tt he played tor Mextco rn the WorId Cup ys I t .-3 dl SA' 3-I ys 5-2 vs U" 5-I at -I-J ys ' 9-0 7 . Rusk Rout NI NI Ik Ram, L If Pwtrtnt SB Sneli. R Cu Cnatchtte 'Vltddle Row Mr T Tottenham ICoachI. D I JC, , U, , V - at V . , - . h I La ig Capt I R ol -Xbrahaml P R Grab" I-X51 I, J-.I Ltu U DER I4 SOCCER l ,lm Back Row: SD. Williams. D.B. Maxfield. S, Cosio. J.R W Jones, Middle Row Mr, J Ganlew lCoaehj. P A Jomm. JJ Rnibht, A Nl Nl Dumas. Rl Mac- Donald. MM. Bassett. BA. Proctor. C.G,H. Cragg. The Headmaster. From Row J Bersbusch. AS Moss. J R XX Jones. D Lee Sui. Sit C Nl Bowen, J G Simmonds. Mr. Ganley s Under I-l Team Won 4 Games. Lost 4, and Drew T SDCCER COLDUR Bigside Full Colours P D Bolton C R Cotton P G M Lrane J A F Heyland JT lkonen AF Stratford Btgside Half Lolours I C Garland M W Laughlin JT Ward Mrddleside Colours JR Cisneros T M B Deely T D Earle D R Hassanali D LJ Hildebrandt R T Hyxarinen D LJ M Jemmett A R Mmartney D A McConnell M A Rawson P W Van Eybergen P N Williams A C Letten Littlesrde Colours BM Bastin JR Brown C P Conradi L R Currer J Lee bui K Lee bui M A Navarro B L1 O Callaghan R M L1 Btexens T W Whike RJ Abraham P L: Buchanan Smith SL Fraser P R urabec M M K Kam M Layub JW Lee LE Pietrini SB Qnell D Taxlor U W Yin Under l-J Lolours J Bersbusch 5 an L M Bowen A M N1 Dumas J R W Jones J R W Jones A 5 Moss Ju aimmonds D Lee Nui 5 LOSIO D B Nlaxlield B A Proetor JJ Knight O O 1 . :J , E-t s - A C , . J f A - , N Pinkerton KJGJ McDonald Under lS Colours Cragg SE IDR CDLLEYB LL B1 is R w Vlr T Hax LL Nadu N1 B NahlblN1k,rT IP Mom' L XX 'Vlluhdl R UNI -X Stedman LIN LPFHE The Headmabter Fr1nrRow PNL Yarn BIuSIDE N L Ll':Ku.r'lI Hvllmld Ex NI USOFEG Hlllluld ULL -Xpplrbx NAL gh I IN-X-1 Tgurnnmnt WON ON HGH LU 0 MOH Ln HGH n W LI Tr W Team INA -K PI mon N5 N-XL M Lrbuenl Os H OPI Trd m IN-X-X out t N Team: MIDDLESID x N L Xb -Xpplebx x LL x N L INA-1. Fu r T lln 4 3 on L E won won L5 non Lum Tourlmnnnl tw Ib e Was Sponsored bx the LaERALIMON A ITJILLYLTSIF1 xan Orm nd AC 0 -L ' . , S T ' , . ' . T ' ' . 1 S I , - . ' L X deli' Xeulleux, S Ormond T-X551 1. P C Cweraclmo, P ,I McCarthx ALTEC!!! .1 BS Cole tfapt I. C-A Xellleux. H M Xaslla. M G knnll. N1 R Dunnlll , - ' I nf' 9 ' . . A . - ' atf-X' SAI 'Q ' I nl 1- 'Q xs ' 5" I :I 2.3 3' 5' IO - xs -Xlberi non 30 Von S Lost 3 - ' at ' I T 3,2 - Q 0 C ' xsf ' ' 's xv 3-I b xs f l st I-3 5 f-X' 3,0 xs " 31 ' 3-O 1 1 at ' xv 3-0 S U" I1't 2-3 xsf ' S-I s I-X' 3-O E' y t - 5' 5 - 1 , Vo SLN 2..dLl9 s Los Fnl ' V Q OSI I 5 Th" Pag 1' ' I : XT A ' f iss 1 '. W f' 0 LITTLE IDE VOLLEYBALL bi ,tn .Q- 3 TVB fl, Back Row Mr R Holt lLoaLhl JDA UOOLI lllly-,r L D Mouse JK Taylor Du Tornble JW H Bateson A 'll Punktrton ILaptl HN Ham P R NIL Larthy The Headmaster Front Row DA Lunnmbham KD Bruun IR Nlnhaud P OE,den VID lhatlumon J DeFa no Lrestent AL Holy Trnnnty ULL Hllllleld AL Holy Tnmly Nt Lneube s LL Appleby INAA Tournament Isl Oxerall IS-'KA Fmals lst Oyerall WLFI WON WON WNI1 WON W Tl W I1 WLFT lhLl'l IALN SLulh Kawartha T urnament Isl Oxerall Kawartha Fnnals . d Oxerall COSSA Fmals End Oxerall CDLOLIRS Brgslde Lolours J B S Late P C Lneracumo PJ MLLarthy S Ormond L A Vellleux V de? Vellleux P S L Yam Mlddleside Colours LK. Cirne J.P, Mouse R.M.Sl.A. Stedman HM, Vasila MG. Knill MR. Dunnlll C W Mitchell Llttleslde Colours A M Pmkerton P Ogden P B McLarthy JK Taylor D A Lunmngham D LJ Torrlble H-S, Ham K.D, Bruun J. Delazio M.D. Watkinson J.W.H. Bateson CD, Moise JR Michaud BIG IDE FOCDTBALL 11 lv 1 ws , E - I . l E A 5 l S , h I , x ,-.Q X , ' P I xfrl ' FD A ' ' F- . :N , - .fa- ' ml ' ' ' ' all 'E J . n it . ' Jai' ',F', ' f .,. .,, A 4 . - 3, A. ' 1 V . f , . 4 1 Q. P fl'n .- . t - - Q ' Q J ,J ll .- rj . ' li 2 ,- ' J I-.A 4 Cn. ' ,IV ' A ' - QR. A PLZ4. I f' ' . " ' rv A ' , . .I 5 . V , S , . - . l . . -1 I J f' "gl g ,T - 'ez ' .' " T' . r 'gs f . . 5 55' 'K l - 'lf' ' A 'T 5 1 'ffl . ' 2' . A. f' r ' 3 . X ' r' . - - 2 .. . , rr' , 1. A . tl lg 9' . ' rw' 1, fl n ' fl ' 'L - . - ,' lj. , '7 ' I . .' ' O '. C5 - ' 2- ' 11. ,' 5 , .QL ' , - 'ct.. , , - lf. Q ..,, V 2, , ' , 1 ', if , ' ' .' n ' , U xx' f, . D- , K X .' x ng.' ' . ro ' lf I .fl . , rl' ,h gd! A XJ . Z 2 . ' Z' 4' ' . 21' ' Ig- 1 o ' , : ll au. '- ' ' E I I 2 2 I 2 I ' 2 I . Q' . 1- 47: I - I I ' . f , ,575 . ' . l ,E . , ' .Q V' cp . : --'- - - ' -1' 3 -2 3 .. . CV x , Q-' 5 . . --- --f..1..w.,.w-t.. 5' 4-+ 'I-'1-LQQ4 .aww :.1 Ut UIUY 1 - T W. Bad: Row T B Llark ML Purcell JD McVean M P Pug: Ps Mahon Jb Bellamy T A Johnson Z Dutton TL Adamcryck C L Bull Middle Row The Headmaster Mr k Dela IOlLO3LhJ 5 P Lampbell Jusnn Ravmond JM Read L H Lwrant L 5 Axey L D Hopps Jonas Raymond PJ Saedal JR Danko JP Lvttle QLO LBPIJ MJ Lann lLo Laptl M L M Hogan KLO Laptl 5 D Fleming Wood QLD Laptl J D Armstrong, lLo Capt J JM vanB Stal lord LJ XX ukardt Ab ent RE Danlelson JL 5 Lake L J 5 McLann A 17 ' fi 'eb Rldlex won ,gif S L os Appleby won 0-0 ULL ost R dley won T NAL ULL Appleby os 10- Exh b 1 o s Adam Scott won 440 s :AL INAA Record llon 3 Im 4 ned O Thus wear s Bugslde Bears enloyed thelr best season since l983 when the team won the ISAA Champlonshlp ln a vlctory over ULL MIDDLE IDE FDDTBALL .,. , q Buck Row: J.S. Dyer. M.D. DePencier. G.F. Duff. IR, MacDonald. R.P.D. Hunter. E.B.B. Barber. W.A. Halls. S.T. Hellman. CS. Hall. M.G.J. Turner, T.B. Erisby. T.H. Trollope. IW. Code. RM. Todgham. Mr. T. Lawson ICoachl. Middle Row: Fr. P. Poole ICoachj. DA. Collombin IMgr.l. R.I. Waddell fMgr.l. JM. Warren. R.B. Campbell. S. Marcoux, DR. McCaig. J-F. Newroth. G.B. Keeling. M.M. Wende. R.L. Price. P.B. Blyth. G,G.D, Fraser, IG. Mason. J.W. Whalen. AR. Sud. The Head- master. Front Row: G.E.H, Wilson. R.K. Trollope. l.A. Grant. T.H-S Soh. D.S.T. McDonald ICo- Captl. J.A. Hamilton. SR. Goodall ICO-Capt.I. R.C. Davis. M.M. Coons. J.W. Marshall. P.D.C. Smith M.S. Page. LITTLE IDE FDDTB LL Bach Row SD Birt TJR Deacon RW Hawrish CC Meda GS Cameron GD Hale JE Rees CA Slmurda WIH Crawford RGO Wadds DE Pickell RG Douglas JML Glbb Larsley JTJ Tamblyn FM Grant DW Christ The Headmaster Front Row MB Noble EH Chart SW OConnor C Piper C A Hobson IAsstl M V Armstrong ICaptj AD Hogan HG Bowen SB Maloney TC btiller A--fy ' 1-1. il -H- ., ' , Q V. F353 CHAMPS AT LAST' ISAA Record Won 5 Lost 3 Tied O This ear was Littleside s first ISAA hamplonship since the l983 season Their success this year can be attrlbuted to strong defence capable leadership in superior coaching o K.A. Craft. Renhiel. B, Phillips lCoachl. Middle Row: Mr. Hargraft'ICoachI. PIR.lITretonI sph-ing' determination- and RECGRD I Ll DERI FOOTBALL Back Row BF lX6IS8f. J C1 R Maynard. B A lxerun. P J Roland. A C Crawlord. W Tablonskx. Cl R Danes, C R Hunter. R Perez, Mr. B Heaton lCoachl. Nlrddle Row The Headmaster. W DL Bomn lM5r l, XX Hobbs, E A Brown, C 'Vl Rae. A C1 lklebe. C D Scott. DE Lummack. lx I Ramsay. D B. McKen- :ue. R lnrr, A Cu A Buntaln. Mr Nl. Campbell lCoachl Front Row C3 W Hodbep. B Pulbnm. D Noble.C1E Bnsaullon lCo-Captl. MG. Bennett lCo-Captl C C Vlax nard lA::t . S' Ho. M B. Connell Alwcnt .I Nl. Peterson. Mr. Campbells Under l5 Football Team had a difficult year. They lost S games. and won O. FDGTBALL CCDLOLIR Btq :de Full Colour: M C M HC Campbell Cann Flemlng Wood Armstrong u Jonas Raymond P N 'llahon J P I Ile N W Danlto Bm :le Hull Colours C H Cvrant Justm Raxmond Nl P Publ P B lxeelex J D Nld ean TC -Xdamtrxtk T A Johnson Z Dutton Cn J S Barker MC Purcell C J N MCCann C M West Ertm JN Bellamy Mlddlesrde Colours P B Blyth R B Campbell Cm Cx D Fraser W A Halls JA Hamnlton R P D Hunter D 5 T MCDonald IR Mal.Donald R C Prute N K Taylor R M Todbham MM Wende C1 E H Wnlson JW Whalen Extra BR Caoodall Extm :T Hellman Extra D R MtCal5 :tt C :de Colours MV Armstrong, 9 D Burt P R Breton Cu S Cameron DW Chrust T J R Demon FM Carant J M L Cubb Carslew C A Hobson A D Hogan Meda C Pnper C A Svmurda T C btvller Evtra JTJ Tamblyn M C1 Bennett CJE Blsatllon CAL Hodges BF Kelser RJ Kerr C C L Maynard D B MCken re JM Peterson BJ Pllbflm Extra C D Stott . ' 'gan , . 1. 1 . . 1 SP. ' ' I . ' CC. M.J ' .' '. , . A '. A SD. ' 1- ' .I. " . . ' ', JD. 1 '. , " ' ', . ' '. ' CCBII . . ' C D Hopps Extra. JC.S. Lake Extra: GB. Keelmg Under I5 Colours I J 1 L' l1s' 1 ' '. , ' Lt . . '. . . 1 ' ' 1 FALL SPDRTS AWARD Harry L Symons Trophy for Laptain of Bigside M J Lann S D Fleming Wood JD Armstrong JP Little J W Kerr Trophy for M V P of Bigside Football M L M Hogan Headmaster s Lup for Most Improved Player of Bigside L L Bull Coaches Cup for Best Defensive Player S D Fleming Wood Loaches Award for Middleside Football LJ Lx D Fraser R B Lampbell Jamie Eaton Lup for Laptain of Littleside M V Armstrong E J M Huycke Trophy for M V P of Littleside M V Armstrong L1E Bisaillon LaE Bisaillon M L1 Bennett AF Stratford 1 D Burns Lup for M V P of Under I 5 Football Dr R McDerment Lup for Laptain Under IS Loaches Award for Btgside Soccer Loaches Award for Middleside Scccer Loaches Award for Littleside Soccer Dennis Lull Lup for Most Useful LOfIIl'ILWUII0l'l to Under I S Soccer lformerlx Boulden Housel Loaches Award for Under I-I Sorter M V P of Bigside Volleyball M V P of Littleside Vclleyball Loaches Award for Senior Harriers Loaches Award for Junior Harriers Loaches Award for Midget Harriers Oxford Lup Winner Special Award for Riding DISTINCTION AWARDS Rick Cotton Soccer Everyone who has seen Rick play this year acclaimed him as the best centre back in the I S A A Whenever the ball was in the air Rick literally rose above every player and his supremacy in this area was never challenged' it could only be described as 'awesome Rick is a strong fast and aggressive player who instilled confidence in his team through his leadership by example. His covering defensive play was magnificent and it was indeed a rare occasion when Rick did not repel the attack by the opposition. He is arguably the best centre-back Trinity College School has ever seen. Simon Fleming-Wood Football Simon was Defensive Captain. During the season Simon had four interceptions and was the team leader in tackles. Simon's level of intensity. concentration and enthusiasm affected the entire play of the defensive unit. He was a tough and aggressive player. versatile and willing to play at any position from defensive-back to middle-line backer to defensive line. From my perspective he was a valuable player-coach. Without hesitation. I highly recommend Simon Fleming-Wood. Marc Hogan. Football D LJ Nl Jemmstt L P L tnradi P Lx Buchanan Smith M N1 lx Kam J Flergbusch I B S Lote S Ormond D L: Torrible lk Taylor NIJ Kilburn D T Holmes WJ MLLON NJ lxilburn A S L Dew Marc is a leader of leaders He wore if I on his iersey and he was the heart and soul of his team His coura e and breathtaking runs kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Marc epitomizes the word desire." He played every game with intensity and continued to play even though he was iniured. No one will forget his back-to- back game eighty yard punt returns for touchdowns. He ran for nearly two hundred yards in two other games. It is with pleasure that I recommend Marc Hogan for a Distinction Award. Richard Pinkerton Soccer Richard is a player of exceptional quality. This year he captained a fine though inexperienced team. and inspired them to an outstanding season through his leadership. by example. He played in the mid-field and dominated in almost every game he played. He was a very creative play maker and he provided excellent opportunities for his strikers with his accurate. precision passes. As well. he was able to "take on" opponents and beat them regular- ly. thus splitting apart defensive systems. In a defensive role. he was a tough rugged tackler and he didn't know the meaning of the words "to quit." He gave one hundred percent effort all the time. 1 L .f .2 ,N S Q., QQ MR. T.C.S. il' 'ff-'G-r 5 X 'Y' f"' R YP G,-mln. VT' 0 - - 79 H s 1- x 4 J -Q,--5 .- 4 9 'I Opposite Pune, Smrrmg Top Lon ,lake Deacon Top Rrghr Charles Robison pnsenls Rick H3l1S6I1NIIh.3 gm lrom the school, Nhddlc Ley! Bethune Roxs aher the Oxlord Cup. Rorlom Left Brgsudc Soccer team males .lell XX ard and Seb Sxsealman Rorrom Rnzh! Scotts Mr TCS. This Page, Smrrunl Top P31 x1OSs workers. onthe1ob, Mnidlf Le!! Les and Nhclnncs Nhddle Rnyhr the Trnnndad Connecluon, Left XX hat 3 ruce Iookung gux -Move Jason IN MEMGRIAM It is with reat sadness that the Convocation of Trinity College School records the death of Mervyn M Anthony a dear friend of the school on Wednesday December 3I l986 fs MERV Anriionv 1925 lose BEATI MUNDO CORDIS ' o D l Q 9 9 9 9 ' - 5 N 5 -'n X . 7 x . 0 X s , . .sl r - Q N 4 A xx I' if X riff V 7725k,""ANe.""'45.S'4 "Herb's Dad" ID control The Head Per1ec1 on his Throne O if Suxth Form Ballet-for-a-Day Smoking IOI it c '1 'I .J .-A.--U--- " " c ff I. ,,.,.4i 9 I ,WH .1586 JI O O FDR A DAY!! FEBRUARY. 1 V in. Top LJ! 'Vlark Km!! helping the ik: Team wm rates Top Rlqht Mr Nimuuheon In LOHIFOI Mvddh Rnqhr Beiore the snhool picture on Htadmamr fu a Dau Bonom Rrqhf Pat Mmarthy and Ntexe uoodall belore a raue Above Rmk Talk nexer abam K -. X s I xxi 7 W X , 'w 1 .. f ' ' -1 ir I ' ' .579 .. 51 1 - -, , - 5 I V L ' cud' L ' l " ' .. ' - KLIXKBY - ..u...- 'JI . 1 y , 1 , , 'D 5 . 1 v Q v 1 , Y I ' k -' : , ' TRI ITY VISITS WASHI GTD On a cold February morn at a l'ICllLUl0llSly early hour an tntreptd Eroup ot Trnmtx lads et olt to not Washington DL under the BLIILISHLE ol Mr Andrew Luregg and the expert naxtbatton ot Laptann Earl bus drner and trouble maker Alter 1 resttul evening, at the beauttful Dans Inn thus crew set out to see. gust what makes DL 'reat the Whtte House Atter narrow scrapes wtth White House securtty and Ltbyan subver stves they lett to see whatever else the Lapttal Lnty had to offer Thts Involved vusuts to the Library ot Lonbress the Senate Butldtng, the Smuthsontan Institute the Na tional Luallery ot Art Burger Kms, the Supreme Lourt Bulldtns, and the lnlamous FBI Butldlnb where everyone tv ness Also h r p made a day trap tc WIlll3mSbUfg Vlrglnla where lohn Baldwin bot wlbged and the group was given a tour of the Wllltam and Mary Lollege campus by Lhrts bpurllng Perhaps the htbhllbht of the tour was an evemng at the hlstorlc Ford s Theatre where the group saw All My Sons by Arthur Muller From the halls of the Whute House to the streets ot Lweorgetown the boys learned what D L was all about Particular thanks go to Mr Lwregb Laptaln Earl M President and Mrs Knull of upstate New York who graciously hosted a mldmght feast en route home .T -.-.ffl TopRlql1t In lront ot the Lapltol Butldtng lhashnngton P L Left On the steps ol the LIlTI'3l'X ot Longress Above Leaung a Luoxernment Buuldmg tn Lolomal Wtlhamsburg O O - ' '- - , 1 , 'I . . 1 T . Q Q ' ' 1 ,l ' 5 - 'rf A t-. F F I T . - J., , I - t, t V 'I l t : ' 1 muh, B - A :I lllllllll .V ' : ' Q U -E f - ', ' H . "' "' ' ' I T v H Q " H, I 'V ' ' ' 1. I ' : ' " . - 5 L-- ' ' ' . - ' 1. I ' .rf ' ' 1, ' I ' ' ' w' learned how to operate a machine gun to its utmost effec- t' e . ' . t e g ou f ' w I I ' A . A V ' I 1 V17 ' - - . - . b Q .w ,a . '. . r. , F l 4 . i ff ' l ' 4 "X , I ' " A I 'tx' x I . Y ' A , , . Q . XX. hal the Tull u going, wn hm. THE RCDGLIE GALLERY 'Tb Nnp ladun ld luke to ,ax 5 ew words about thu On Kano Legislature Thank lor mmmb ou I xe posted a tentalne exammanon schedulx .F J I I " - s ' ' g"' - . I " s ' ' 1 X y DH 3 1 , I" 1 '- f T - - 1 n I K 1 1 x B. T "-TOO times Two "Gun, I wanna tell "Hlguy" 'Goood Day" ,becauseit reminds : al" , , . ' T N Y I I T f T '-X :' " . , " s - ' ' " ' - , . .uh. ly, . Wu' ' ,. T I" Dollars Th 5 3 umnd FIXOIM' WED FUN X you un my opmuon thue as a reallx neat Lause Ok Ok No more mpx ot photo X1 hat us thu some. Thus ns a dawg exam kund of polm. ple of emnomu atupudu Ergo u re a OU me ot the Lemmon Room 90 And um uh um uh um um uentlemen Q- You new er sand e were responstble lo t at' Mmmm Mmmm How was Reagan s posed to know? un- If you thunk about at all exams are are but, tests Frtes' Amazlng' QI- What are we domg an school these days7 PART II uuys I hate to harp about the orange une Bbaln Ns... Yeah but you re poor peasant' NL Frankly I dtsagree You have to look a ltttle deeper s splneless spinnaker 14 Cheep Law aw A Martus Lharles Llll lord Morton The axerabe erson goes through la mules L telet paper an a llletume Q G.. ery funny laubhmk, hysterltally Q- Wanna dm e Down town ,qu .I T xg f. X X V 'W ' K1 1' B .- , 5 - '- ' ,t 'ef - e - A L ' ' V W " ' , "A , "Hg' 3 ' H " I 1 r . 1 l - 1 1" . - jf - h "A 1 ml wr ,V 2 Q. VL. I 5, ,L 1, J . Q Q A gf L.- m 'Q 1 kk W.. .ff X W ,I an A I A A fm SIQ-EY D Q - I 9-X 5 X 1 X 1 Q' - ,ll vi! li .4. 1 I lil" - I I . , ' . , . - I ' I .. . JI. - 90-'QQ' I wwf WINNER OF STRONG CUP DOWNHILL RACE T C Magwood WINNING HOUSE Bums House PIZZA CUP DOWNHILL RACE RESULTS I. PJ. McCarthy 2. .l.S. Jacobs 3. P.F. Deely 4. D.A. Collombin 5. T.C. Magwood BIG IDE HCCKEY gl lx 1 JNL hex Bark Row MM Wende TL Mabwood JN Bellamy L A Hobson ALJ A Buntann Mfddle Row Mr B Proctor lLoaLhl M D VaseylMgrJ JT Ward RT Hyxarunen ML Punell KP Foley L1W Prouor PJ Naedal Ab LnttenslM5rl The Headmaater Front Row AE Pollack MJ Lann S Ormond ILSPIJ JT lkonen TA Johnson Ahsmt WDL Bowen LH UFSTTT Mr P Trehenche fLoachl ULC lExl SAL lExl Lakefueld lExl Lrescenl St Peter s lExj Lakefleld Old Boys Ayax lExl Nlcholls Radley Appleby Lrescent ULL Nucholls Lrescent UL Rndley Appleby vs Lakefleld an SAL ISAA Regular Season RECGRD OS OS WOT1 WON WOl'1 I9 WOT! WOTI 0 WOT! WON WOI1 I9 OS OS WOT1 WON WOI1 WON WOT! 0 Won 8 Lost 4 Tied 2 2nd in ISAA 4 O 6 MIDDLE IDE HDCKEY - 1 ' Q V I ... n lake-tn-IA n tt 3 I I. ' JI Xlbvrl x n 3 I at I.skrIIeId wan I3 f If Rosrcnn tn' 6 G T .tt I'n'kcrvng Int I G JI SGC tu' I I at 'Nndwlf Int 'I 5 .lt RMIIM tx n 4 I Is -'xIIu't't non S 3 Is SAC I0rI 2 at UCC non R " Is NtcIwIs Inst E' ' ss -'slbert wen ' r ts UCC lost 4 6 "" xs Rldlex non 5 ' xs -Klbert won H I A at -Xpplebx lost at Lakeheld non IO-I at 5-XC lost 3-4 Back Row Mr R Ramsax ICoachI. Cu C1 D Fraser. C C Bull. .I S Dxer. S 6.1 Carscadden. Cs F DuI1,MA UCC TOLIRN-Mtfxt Rawson. RB Campbell, Mr, R Large ICoachI. The Headmaster Front Row B XX E Jackson, B-C A Broun, CH-MIPIONS N.K. Taylor. IBS Cote. ICapt J. TD. Earle. W B Chun, G E H Nkvlson. D XX Porrutt Absent C ,IS Mc' 3f.1mt5AA Cann. Cu. Jehhcka IAsst.I. SW, Danko. Lk Cnrne. M C M Hogan IAsst I. LITTLE IDE HOCKEY l"'I u-e Back Row The Headmaster Hu Bowen L R Lurrer C A Numurda uE Busasllon uE Ptlbrum JTI Tamblyn Mr I Maclnms ILoachI Front Row Xl. IH Lrawiord JR Brown Mu Bennett ICaptI BN Schwart EW OLonnor RCD Wadds Absent ID Boxle JDA mood AD Ho an REBUILDING YEAR ISM Reeord on o Lost 0 Plano!! Retord on O Lost Tted L OuemII Reeord on N Lovt B d T INA-I Ntandfnq th ot I I Teams ' -C - r X IX ' -, Ttedl li V ,. ' . xx' -2 1 - I I ' A x 5 n , ,. XX I '- Tue - . ., ., I ,- , , , A, I , ' . z.'. . " ,.',, , 1, ' , g U DER I HOCKEY '- l 9 . Ecoko 4 r V vs lakelield won ' vs Ridley lost vs Lakefield tied ' ' vs Pickering won ' vs Whitby won vs Ridley won vs Port Hope won ' vs PH. OMHA los! vs UCC won vs Pickering won vs UCC won vs Pickering won vs Selwyn House won vs UCC tied . . vs Holy Trinity won vs Lakefield won 1 vs UCC won vs Lakefield won vs Ridley won Bach Row' The Headmaster. OR. Davies. J. Sheppard. P,J. Roland. A,J. Korpela. C.C, Meda. M.R. Fraser. VS ECC IOS! W.J. McCoy. SP, Williams. Mr. J. Cwanley ICoachl. Mr. S. Taylor ICoachl. Front Row: BJ Pilgrim, BA Kenn. R.J. Kerr IAsst.l. CLA. Cameron ICapt.I. S. St, C.M, Bowen. H.-S. Ham IAss1.l. A.H, Buntain. W.G. Hobbs. 'SAA Ch3mPI0l1S HOCKEY COLOUR Bigside Full Colours K P Foley W D L Bowen S Ormond MC Purcell R T Hyvarmen T A Johnson MJ Lann PJ Saedal JT lkonen AE Pollack Middleside Colours C C Bull R B Campbell S L1 J Larscadden L K Lime J B 5 Cole S W Danko Lmlesrde Lolours M ki Bennett JR Brown W I H Crawford J D A Liood S W O Connor R G O Wadds Under I5 Colours S S! C M Bowen A H Buntain LJ S Cameron M R Fraser H S Ham W G Hobbs BA Kerin RJ Kerr AJ Korpela WJ McCoy L C Meda BJ Pilgrim PJ Roland BIG IDE BA KETBALL Back Row The Headmaster JMI. Lubb Larslev MD Hull DA Lunnrnbham AD Beck IM5,rI Front Row MN Lleland JL N Lake Ifhsxj 'Mr R Holt ILoachI 5 D Flemrng Wood Iuaptj P 5 Mahon IMA Preseason Tournament 'nd Plaee ISAA Leaque Record Won 7 Los! 3 Uled tor Ist Plaeel IBAA Overall Reeord Won ll Los: o Ouerall Reecrd Won I7 Lost I' IBAA Lhumplonshlp Tournament Is Hrllheld os no 04 vs Rrdlev won of -I8 A blend of the experleneed and the rn experlenced Left Laptam and Iourxh year Brgsude veteran blmon Flemrnb Wood drwes to the hoop Rrqhr urade IO rookie and Full Lolour Wmner John Lubb Larsley agaunst Lobourb West I A ' Q I X., ' , 1' KSA ,f.'.-, 11 be .:' - it , fa' A ' - w ei I I V A 1' ,..v' , x - . .. ' 1 'Q -B . - , e ,f or MIDDLE IDE BA KETBALL '11- l "fr '32 A 2ND AGAIN 'FI--'.?.S"7-' :anti small: - I- '.':'.1"' at ' rx. , ':: , RECORD 113 ar-sa n HDS as. c Y v:YLtY W! , at Radley won 70-2 I 1 at Albert lExl lost 32-39 1 at Paclterang won 39-38 20 vs Appleby won 72- I 5 vs SAC won 55- I 5 - at ucc lost 30.35 nu vs Radley won 46-32 " vs Albert won 52-39 ' T vs Paclverlng won 5I-3-l ' - - fl . at Appleby won 75-I-I at SAC won 79-I-I I vs UCC won -I5-36 Won IO Lost 2 I X lst an ISAA Regular Season " ISAA Tournament I , vs Holy Trinity won OI 'Nc vs Paclverang won s L " vs UCC lost 2nd an ISAA Tournament Back Row Mr C Robert ICoachj. E B B Barber, P B Blyth, M Ca .l. Turner. The Headmaster, Front Row. N B Saunders. SP Campbell. R R J. Panlverton lCapt I. M D. de Pencler Absent T W Dallon, IP. Mouse L ITTLE IDE BA KETBALL ICI ISL- ,glam 101 fat' 3 his I ua r lley lCoath Cmeraunao ICoC'1ptI l Raymond ICU Ca tl FM Carant JK Iwvl r The Htadma ter Trvat Row DW Chrat Du Hale AB Sallah IMgr R Thompson CB hle AI ant DC: Torn C CONSISTE T RECORD 4038 39 -IO ss wg 38 32 -l9 22 Radley won Hallfaeld os bt Caeorge s won Radley Appleby Crescent os C won UCL Crescent os won won WOR WOI1 239 WOR 2I7 3l3 UCC Hallfaeld Sb 27 3622 Appleby C won Won I2 Lost -I 3rd an ISAA ISAA Tournament vs Appleby won vs Radley os WON 93 2-I 303l T ! T . V .J7 ' lx , ,. P ., vs ' - ' X ' at ' I t - .n N'-' , at'. ' " ..-- : at ' - - - . , at - ' I ys ' I t SI-37 a f vs SA' -I2-38 "'J':' X a vs U -IC- ," " ' , ., .Q 1 at ' I t ll-57 , , ,' , ,- at " -8- '. .ts ' - ' Q vs ' -l- - 1 f vs '-- V, , ' at SA' - - N V A- Ti -if v 4 Btaclcllo Nl Pls- '.'l.PC ' ' '-'. ,. '-' . .' .. " It - , 0 ' ' .s ' t ' 5. ' . f ' I. ' . ' Rule.. ' as' A bl' U DER I BA KETBALL ,ng .in J Back Row: Miss K. Cobswell lCoachl. CD. Moise. B.F. Keiser. M A Layub. TW Whike lCo-Capt.J. J M Peterson, D S T NlcDL nald lCoachl. The Head master. Front Row: D R, Drew lME,r l. M D. Watkinson TCU-Capri. SL Fraser, D K Bruun. C Sumen. D Francis My ' Bigside Full Colours DA. Cunningham SD. Fleming-Wood J.M.L. Gibb-Carsley MD. Hill J.C.S. Lake P.S. Mahon Bigside Half Colours MAS. Cleland Middleside Colours R.R.J. Pinkerton BASKETBALL CDLOLIRS TW. Dillon MD, de Pencier S.P. Campbell M.GJ. Turner N.B. Saunders Lirlleside Colours J. Raymond PC Cveracimo lk. Tavlor DW. Christ FM Grant W R. The mpson DG Terrible Under IS Colours KD, Bruun BF Keiser MA. Laxub C. Sumen MD Xlatkinson TM, Nlhike Y " 1 I -L f l bil iy1l i l ' Ui ' A jk i 'H P lj Oi V S F , f s.. ' L vm . 1 , . x. A L 1 I I K l i . X ISAA Record: Won 3 Lost 3. Overall Record: Won 7 lost 8. Fourth Place out of Seven teams in ISAA ALPINE SKII G Back Row A X H Baker. P R McCarthy. PF Deely. H P Jones. ,I M Rend, P Cu Potwn. B M Bastun Middle Row Mr M, Campbell ICoachl. OP, Sweat- man. C S Booth. T .I Renme. R P Near. S D Bun, Cn W. Hodges, JJ kmght. A C Crawlord, E S Mnckelson, The Headmaster. Front Row SR Goodall lTlmerl, A S C Dew lTlmerl. SM Swealman. .I M Boughner. ,I D Armstrong fCapl I. JA Carleton IASSI J. M V Armstrong, MG. Kmll flimerl. STYMIED SENIOR A OFSAA "Closed" Champvons RCMP Trophy Wnnners COSSA Champlons ISAA Ind by one pount Won Hrghland's Sk: Club Imutatuonal SENIOR B ISAA 2nd by sux pornls JUNIOR A ISAA -Irh lace . 'eh JUNIOR Ep F: ISAA 2nd by 6 pounls Q- Left New Boy Make Boughner was a welcome addruon to the experienced squad GRDIC SKII G 1 . Bach Row IA Johncox FA Damelson LJ T K Lawson K A Farah EM Fmn ILO Laptl HM Vasala ILO Laptl R 5 bheardown PJ ual Mr B Hedney lLoachI LP Lonradn RL1M Kmdbom LA Whuke GNCE AGAI . 1 Front Row I I . . s N ll I P I I L I 4 IJ I ll ' ' Il ' ' ll E 'I Q I I , -QI. 4 4' -Q -5 I ALPINE SKIING R.M. St. A. Stedman PJ. Gay I I A L, . - ,-, , ' f 1 1 -i 1 -U ' A .. g Q JCCI Q I .I ..I.' L. I. . I I I . ,R f .I ' RECORD SENIORS ISAA lst Place Kawartha lst Place LGSSA Ist Place OFSAA 9th Place JUNIORS ISAA 3rd Place Kawartha -lth Place COSSA -hh Place Veterans Hennk Vasula and Eoln Fnnn led thus year s Norduc Slu Team whale Yukon native Sean Sheardown was unbeatable Blgsade Full Lolours JD Armstrong JM Boughner JA Carleton SM Swealman Brgsrde Half Lolours M V Armstron P B McCarthy Maddlesrde Colours H P Jones T Lu Julian J P lttle JM Reld Lvttleslde Colours J E ees TJ Renme W P bweatman Under I: Lolours R P Near A L Lrawford LJ W Hodges JJ Knight NORDIC SKIING Brgsrde Full Lolours K A Farah EM Fmn IA Johncox La T K Lawson R 5 Sheardown H M Vasula C A Whuke Blgsnde Half Lolours R L1 M Kmdbom Lrttlesrde Lolours L P Lonrada Under I5 Lolours JJ u PJ McKen me M L L Morton Under l-I Lolours A M M Dumas J R W Jones J R W Jones JU IOR ORDIC SKII G . .I ru. ,I R W .Io 3 Back Row Hr .I Cweale ICoachI. NI C C Menon, I' ,I Mckenzre. A M M Dumas. .II Buchanan. The Headmaster From Row JR.W Jones. TTI. Bolahood I I nm BIG IDE WIMMI G .3 lsr il n lrlD'4' mis. .Fi K xs Radley al Rrdlex xs A pleby xx Q C at UCL rs UCC x -Nvplebw 3 N L INAA Fmuli and Plane B014 Ixawarrlm Ma! Lhampronx BDU? LO55A Mu! Lhampnons Bow OFSAA Meet Damehon Bron e MedaI ENCQRE, ALMOST RECORD WON WOO WON N071 NOD VIOH VNOH WOI1 I 'I s. III' 'fi' 5 -A . . IL -N' I rv ' he : IM L, IM Fark Row Ihe Hcadnustvr. NI A C Smuth. C D Innes. .I .I Graber. Mr Ix Detaxro ICoachI Front Row This year marks the end of l e I' P C Snmh. ,I V. XX hah-n. RE Damclson ICapl 3. Cf-X Xerlleux. .I XX Wallace ARSENT .I D Md can dlsllngulshed careers ot Rrck Dannelson an Crank, Luna MIDDLE IDE WIMMI G gllllf Bach Row Mr B Heaton ILoachI PR Lnrabee JR Mlchaud KJ Ramsey JA Lnrant L W Harvev Read Front Row RLJ Douglas RJ Abraham L 5 Avev lLaptI MA Navarro PN Wnlllams uP Watkms LITTLE IDE SWIMMI G fx in Back Row The Headmaster AMM Swann RN Hadeed M Wmter DH Morley SW Lee RN5 Scot! DT Holmes CM Rae LLaH Lragg KA Lee Mrs P Dew ILoachl From Row JLwR Maynard M M Bassett JR Perez A L1 Wlebe lLaptI M B Noble lAsstI D N P Yemthuk M M K am MIDDLESIDE SWIMMlNLn at Alben won at Rndlev won vs Awplebv won xsN L Os at ULL won vs Alben won vs ULL vmn vs Applebx non at NAL won N INAA FINALN Tnd Plane LITTLESIDE SWIMMINU Won 9 Lost I Tied O Rndleu Inurtanorml Tournament Lhamplons W M CDLOLIR Bvgsfde Full Lolours RE Damelson L A Vellleux L D Lnnes JW Wallace Extra J D McVean Brqssde Half Lolours M A L bmlth JW Whalen JJ orabec Mtddleslde Colours L 5 Avey RJ Abraham JA Lxrant M A Navarro L: P Watluns P N Wullzams Llttleslde Lolours D T Holmes M M K Kam B S B Leung M B Noble JR Perez A Lu Wlebe D N P Yemchuk Under I: Lolours JW Lee Under I-I Lolours M M Bassett L Ln H Lragg J L1 R Maynard N I 43434 57-29 If - 47,39 S f I -I -ll-45 . - " isis ' v 40-37 ,- - " 4146 -I 49437 u 1 T li! PIDIC. Smith 'ff fi ' ' - , . 'fig' -' - . 9 - . .' ' ' - 3 , BIG IDE SQLIA H 15" .Q RECORD -, ' BIGSIDE souAsH qsonbam Season Record Won IO Lost O I ' ISAA Tournament . Won 2 Lost J I .I ard in :SAA fa , Ouerall Record 5 , x .I ' ' Won I2 Lost 2 E ' N MIDDLESIDE SQUASH lSoftbalIJ Dt ll . X Season Record - . - A won no Lost o X' ' ' s- ISAA Tournament li ' f A D H I Won 4 Lost O T' "" I "" ISAA Champions F I Ouerall Record . Won I4 Lost O '--5.Ti- , HARDBALL SQUAD N , L 'lfi'-fasts-,L ,,,,jj1e1 Season Record Won O Lost 8 left to Right: The Headmaster. DR. Hassanali, MW. Laughlin. MM. Coons lCo'Capt.I. P.J. McCarthy. JA. Saul. DG. Htldebrandt. Mr. R. Reynolds lCoachI. MIDDLESIDE SQUASH ! ' I pf.. .4 ir' Baek Row The Headmaster M W Bernard W Y T Tse NJ Kllburn RL Davls M 5 Page Mr R Reynolds luachl Front Row AL btmlatr PW Van Eyberben PB Keeley Bu Oxallabhan Dl Franco U DEFEATED Muddlestde Star Brtan O Callaghan For Mrddlestde Results See Above V772 , I I ' -I ,- x. 'I " 1, K I Q 'tx Y fl I . ' fl-BIT . - A ' k I T' v 4 el ld K w, I , X I I , I ' T I TI LITTLE IDE SQUA H Y ts Ridley won at Crescent won ys Albert won at SAC lost at Appleby lost vs Crescent won vs UCC won at UCC won at Ridley won ys SAC lost Quebec Independent Schools U I 6 Champions ISAA Record Won 9 Lost 2 ISAA Hardball 3rd Place out ot 6 Teams Back Row: CCL. Maynard, EW-S. Yeung. G-W. Yin. M,J.J. Terpstra. S.K.P, Lin. Cl Stadelmann. RG ISAA Softball Gatclifle. SB. Maloney. D, Lee Sui. R.l. MacDonald. The Headmaster, Front Row: D Taylor, K Lee 4th Place out ol 6 Teams Sui. A.M.M, Swann. HA Podlewskt. lAsst.I. J Lee Sui ICapt.J. SB. Snell IAsst J. A.S Moss. RR, Ramshandani. Blgslde Full Colours B.G. O'Callaghan SB. Snell M.J.J. Terpstra M.M. Coons AC, Sinclair S.K.P, Lin C.C,L. Maynard DR, Hassanali P.W. Van Eybergen R,M.G. Stevens C.H.J. Yue D.G. Hildebrandt Under I6 Colours Under IS Colours Under I4 Colours M.W. Laughlin J. Lee Sui G.W. Yin R.l. MacDonald P.J. McCarthy A.S. Moss RG. Gatcliffe A.M.M. Swann J.A. Saul H.A. Podlewski D. Lee Sui EW-S. Yeung Middleside Colours K, Lee Sui M.R. Redwood P.B. Keeley SB. Maloney D. Taylor WI TER SPDRTS AWARD The Ted Savage Trophy for Alpine Skiing J D Armstrong The Stfton Cup for Nordic Skiing R S Sheardown Andrus Vastla Cup for Junior Nordic Skunk, C P Conrad: Charles F Bullen Trophy for Best Squash Player M M Coons PJ McCarthy Philip Ketchum Award lor Contribution to Squash M M Coons Ernest Howard Trophy for Under I5 Squash A S Moss Arnold D Massey Award lor Most Promising Newcomer D Lee Sui JW Barnett Trophy lor MVP ol Bigside Basketball JC S Lake Coach s Award lor Middleside Basketball M D dePencier R R J Pinkerton D Hadley Armstrong Trophy for MVP ol Littleside P C Creracimo Coaches Award for Under I5 Basketball M D Watkinson R W Cm Cwoodall Trophy for Captain Btgside Hockey S Ormond J W Kerr Trophy for MVP of Btbside Hockey J T lkonen Coaches Award for Mtddlestde Hockey S wJ Carscadden Coach s Award lor Littlestde Hockey J R Brown CJ Tottenham Cup for MVP of Under IS Hockey H S Ham Dr R McDerment Cup for Captain Under I 5 Hockey Pat Osler Trophy for Best Btgslde Swtmmer Coach s Award for Middleside Swimming, Housemasters Cup lor Best Ltttlestde Swtmmer Coaches' Award lor Littleside Squash ...,....,,......,... -Lee Sui I I S . I. ' V ' - ,t..,r..r.,.,.tr. - ' ' - - w a.,. fffaf.f'.ff.ri,i. R J Kerr C1 N Cameron RE Danielson Abraham A Ca Wuebe WI TER DISTINCTIO AWARD John Armstrong Alpune Skuung Iohn Bam Bam Armstrong has been a senuor member of the Alpune Sku Team for tour years In that tume he has amassed an uncreduble lust of honours John has receuved hus Full Bugsude Colours un each of these four years He has held the Strong Cup emblematuc of the School s Alpune Champuonshup for the last three years Thus year he was narrowly defeated comung a very close second John was elected Assustant Laptaun un l98S and un both l986 and IQQ7 he was unanumously elected Alpune s Captaun Last year Bam Bam won a Dustunctuon Award for hus con sustently dustunguushed performance at the Bugsude level He also won the newly tnstututed Ted Savage Trophy for makuno an Outstandung Contrubutuon to Alpune Sku mg Thus year John was consustently un the top IO un all of our races uncludung one furst one second and three thurds John fell only once un the enture season It would be redundant to add more but ut must be saud that John Bam Bam Armstrong us the most dustungutshed Captaun thus team has seen sunce l975 Muchael Cann Hockey Muchael Cann had a tremendous season on Bugsude Hockey He mussed only 3 practuces and un 36 games scored 30 was therefore unvolved un over 3000 of the teams l72 goals He was a deducated hard workung player throughout the enture season Hus decorum was ever posttuve and always spnnkled wuth good humour He was also a two way player and never shurked hus defensuve responsubulutues Rack Danuelson Swummung Ruck was the captaun of the Bugsude team for l986 87 Ruck led hus team the enture year wuth consustently out standung performances Ruck won ll out of Sl races un the ISAA He achueved four gold medals at Kawartha three gold medals at COSSA and a bronze medal at the presttguous OFSAA champuonshups the largest swum meet un North Amenca Asude from perfonnance goals Ruck was unstrumental un settung the strategy and placements of all has teammates for all the swum meets Durung practuce Ruck set the tone and gave advuce wulltngly to all of hus peers A fune funush for an outstandung athlete Juha Ikonen Hockey Juha lkonen us the most skullful player Mr Proctor has had the pruvulege to coach un hus l7 years of hugh school hockey He led the team un scorung wuth 26 goals and 39 assusts for a total of 65 pounts I2 ahead of Muke Cann who funushed second Thus means Juha was durectly unvolved un over 37 lo of our goals thus season Anyone who watch ed Bugsude Hockey thus ycar was always thrulled several tumes un any game by Juha s quuck stnde physical strength deft stuckhandlung and deceptuve shot Juha you brought your skulls wuth you thanks to your natural abuluty and outstandung coachung whuch exusts un your country We hope that you have enuoyed your hockey here at T C S and go back to the runks of Funland wuth a greater understandung of North Amerucan hockey and wuth a but more polush on your great wheels Sean Ormond Hockey Sean Ormond captauned a Bugsude Hockey Team whuch went 8 4 2 l64 Sool whuch ts the best record for a T C S Bugsude Hockey Team sunce Geoff Bertram s team un l97l 72 I5 years ago' ln addutuon ut should be noted that despute havung 6 defensemen for most ofthe season Sean was used regularly every other shuft There us no ques tuon that he was our best defensuve defenseman Hus pount totals are quute respectable assustung on 27 goals and scor ung 2 himself Sean Sheardown Norduc Skuung Sean us one of the best skuers we have had on thus team un recent years He us wuthout questuon the best skuer un both COSSA and the ISAA He was more than two munutes munute ahead at the ISAA He placed thurd at the Halubur ton lnter Duussuonal Race a competutuon whuch attracted all of the top Ontaruo skuers ln January he competed un the Eastern Canaduan Champuonshups un Ottawa and plac ed 9th un both the Classucal and the Freestyle competu tuons Sean was unable to sku for us at OFSAA thus year sunce he was selected to represent the Yukon at the Canada Wunter Games Although we mussed hum at OFSAA the Norduc Sku Team was very proud to have one of uts members selected to compete un such a prestuguous event Hus deducatuon and enthusuasm for the sport has been a real unspuratuon to all members of the team Paul Smuth Swummung Paul Smuth became the talk of the ISAA wuth a record set tung -lOO metre race culmunatung un shavung eighteen seconds off hus old tume and lappung many of hus com petutors Paul was chosen the athlete of the meet un the Kawartha Champuonshups wuth four wuns un four races the maxumum you can enter Many people wull remember hus excutung races where Paul seemed to go faster wuth every stroke resultung un 30 lst place funushes The rest of the ISAA us un sertous trouble wuth thus athlete racung for TCS Out of the pool Paul us a true gentleman un every way We all look forward to havung Paul Smuth lead the way to success un 87 88 .. ..' R 1 . I I n A 1 Q . . . . - ' seals lmvsf On' the leanll and 3SSlSf9d On 23 0ThBfS- H2 ahead of the second place skier at COSSA and over one I I T I 1 ' 1 I n . l. . . . . W I ' , I 1 . I . k r . l I ' . . , A 1 . A . v . , I WI TER S HEROES H4 RMI Pm X.. '79 Us -.9 ,f ,CW Slartmj Kp Ley! New Bu MIKE' Afmflf ng T p R gh! lan J hnc x and Grahame Lan: n, WMI' R u Xeterarw fwumf mmg Star Rusk Damelson, -Xbcw: Pusrmcncn mnner Xhke Cann In Iron! ol the net, Left Xir -Xlpme Skumg John Armstrong FRIE DS '. 1 , in a 1 'Q X . ' 0 mul Aamhe Hoban and Mr Heaton durunb Headnmmr Dave Drew and Eom Fmn pak fo' U Daw Annslve aqam and bkldder Larscadden Roolmg for rm rnqhr team Q 5- If I H f ok -x fo P' . A .. ,.r N ' ' 1- fn, I ,J Y , X I Q - 0 ' ' ?fh , - .H lf H Q. ' 1 ' 51 -Q . ff! 1 1 -0.2 Yu..-fp 2 f" Q79 '55-3 Q.'. 'I U ,fu my .. rf. 'f-i,"- . .-f 25.0-. Trjd' Ytxd- 44,f ' rx . ,V , sf--4-. 1 'ou r 1 ,1 ,QQ v ,f ' .1 Q ' iv '.' . 1 1 ,Q ,f sg, fr .49'. ,,J, , . ,, if 4. .Af li '-.Q 14-1 . 5 4, oi ' Q 'L' ' ? - Q mm iq v K u .1 i .5 4 0 r 5 - .. 'Q' , R 0 ' i Q N L.. Q i l 4 . If Ao- I ..v, I . s L ? I- QL L I V 110' . I 's H Ui . J h I OUTDOORS AGA! ,419 ,Al ,,,,,.... 1 'tan -1'-' , sf :Qs-uQl'flH1 -' f ' ,V '3ieu4"".Jqa-.,.' " , I if ' ' rx 1 1 , f "' x ,,.1, -ti w,g,Q NM. , .fn 5 Oppostte Page. lop loft Bellamy. Armstrong and Magwood on board lor RE trip H1 Toronto. Bottom left Mr. McGee. scoring at Y- - - - , - xgns ULL1 Middle Top Mtddlesnde Lrvcket. lrte, Mtddle Rottom uettung 1 ready to rung Bottom Rtght, Reud. Saunders. Forbell and Ptnkerton, Below: Jemmett and Geracumo on Slave Day. Q , li A W "Q - 0 P' ' Ng? t l :acl xt fl 1, X, H 1 N xy . ,, I ' X . '57 . .aP"4' w-'- ' B ,A X VIQ0.. K! Y . V ' ,," "'k'9rf11', - 'ir - ,g .. .,.., , .5 If M407 --L . N , b .K -,A ..' .4 1 . 1- tg' at l'-r 4, A E E. Y ,. Rodgers S Hammerstein? .X r - A , .wwf y,... r l n April 9. lo. II " f " I 87 9 I ..f,.. 5 Smivypf g , ff., I, x O REM' if N it 5 ut DQ CAST AND CRE The Couvmen Curlx Milam Vull Parker re N lm Nam Oz' Lord Jumor ess XX as ne XX. xatt Andrew Other Folk Aunt Eller Jud Frx All Haknm Andrew uarnes Llem Larnes Judge XX. endell lounb The Farmer Bo Mark I x Jebldlah lk :ke rm e e am The Lurls Laurie W rllrams Ado Annre A551 ate Armuna en Ny lue Judlth Helen Mary Beth Prudence Joanna Lhann Lt hunt, bet Lonstruttuon and Backdrop Lostumes Lhoreobraphw Put Bandmaster NJUBILBJ Dlrentor Dureator Rack Cotton rm Nlagw Nod Gerrx lflranllwn Nlark dt Pemnr lem dark u wry XMI n rexor Juluan Dated Drew erdtn Fraser Trexor XL hike ll allx Hobbs Barrie Ptlbrtm James Bourne ox uleese n Loren Lteberman Jonathan Naul Brad nhwart Jonathan wood Rodger lk rtbht Jake Deaeon Lhrls Bull Dwub Hale uraham Daublas Daxnd Bowen Lhrus Nlolse Jamre urant Alexander Nwann Leaxnne Lonnollx Mnehelle N1aLDonald Tran Edwards lane Hepburn lxnn Prnme Deana Nheeler kathy lknlhams Nusan Hull katrma Nloore Susanne Patex ultra Frnlax kathy korlmsek Loulse V. rush! Angus Lowan Ntephane note Lampbell Hall Andrew wreak, Patmna Papp Deanne Nltfadden Susanne Paeex Jett Nltuee Anthom Prower Brotk Phtllrps l . F d , s. e ' fl , f - V J I , ,. u . . t' NM Q1 .r J . 'et -- so ." - xg' ' V V I , J r l Ike U Cv W A ' J ' , V , . .. , - ff ' X ' I . - W , ,I ' ew I S 1 n ,,,,,, , ,. ,. b ,,..,...,. f.W .,,s ,,., H ,W., . f BH VV V,.V,,,. ..,'.'.v , V ,. , V L X 1 .,., ,'.'.A,J T A, T . ,,,,,,, ..,. ,, ,' Z k ,,,,,t .. t..,, . ,,.,, ,. , , ., ., , , ,. ' Te . ., ..,.,. , ,..., , , , I Sb T ., ., ,.,,...,. , ,,,,, .,,, . ' T ' IK V . ..,.... .V.,',V. ,V,. Vtq, , .'.'.',..V,,A A ,bb, A , .. I mmQff,fffwfff, l"s' nmmmm EII .. .. . ,,..,.,, ,.,.,.,, , . I X V.,,..t....,,. , , , ,,,., ,. , A A g 1 ,...,.,., , .....,,,,,,,. . , ,..t... , Q A 1 - 'M I Dpposnte Page. Startmg Top Rrght Wull Parker blows a ktss. Mtddle. Rrght z.a' C Ali Haknm. the traxellmg salesman. Bottom. Left Curly Nldlaun Oh what tz beautiful day. Bottom. Rtght' Jud Fry IS dead. Thus Page. Startmg at Twp Joe and Slum look onq Middle' The Cowmeng Bottom Guess who? SLAVE DAY Humiliation Day? l , 'R-'kg ' A.,A, HOV' I U 1 Just wait 'till 6:30 tonight 'N-vw I , ' S E. n 1 1 . , . But seriously folks Tabernac! What are you doing after breakfast? My CODIBCIIS in here somewhere Q' M.. ' ffm' 7,5 '14 ' JIL1-1I'.s4.' '. A 61.41. . U 'A ix X ,. I'd like - no. I'd love all you slaves to come and gltch me l .U-' QW be My lace IS peeling olf Higher! u v 'K . " X Z' 4 X Youke got quarters tomorrow Oh no you don'l' .gig :L . lu f 'r'5x-4i:ng,v . vfff-f l +574 9 .-1-.4 - .1' ,S . s " Q' 5'- ' '- - 'fall , Nfl- l xi X 4 'B Q x , 2151- -N. A F. , I .ss e-,1-me -.. - ,V - . gifs! ' 'a S -1, A , xx, J K s x V . ' . 1 ' 1' ,. A 'ljb ' . ' 4 - .D - U , .1 5' R: 'e if ' - SN' -1, - xg ,A . P 4 .,-mr' k, ', K. un... ' -' 0 4,11 ., 40" ' 4 'Y ' f I ' f Jg- ,, - 4, xx E .g'f'?lf-Jvc' :g,.,J5fJ4'. -gs! lc- JA 'Ae 4 A fbi I1 pf, .11 x ' ' ,I AL. If .. ., - '7"...5,E,p'W,A ' - I AJQ- 4 r 1 Q I Lv'-xb I-' 1-V r,,,,.,, ,fn A . - -QQ' 4, -,' - .J-' 2 .,,-1' ffr., i -my if .I4."A4,.' . .4 ' - .- :lg A -1 ,l xgxu, axle HOUSE PLAY FESTIVAL KETCHUM HOUSE Ketchum. showing its usual interest in another world. took us to the anteroom of Heaven for a philosophical view of the dif- ference between foreordination and predestination. And you thought it was just for fun! Jonathan Heyland played Steve the murderer in a suitably brutal style. and Greg Squires played Peggy. his moll. We're all getting a little worried about Greg's collection of dresses. Jamie Grant and Peter McKenzie were strong members of a good supporting cast. COMING THROUGH THE RTE by William Saroxan directed lvti Iiiclmrti Dutton Butch Peter Mckenzie Nlr Carroll Jamie Grant Stexe Jonathan Heyland Vliss Quicklex Graham Douglas Roosexelt Mark Skoczx las Hastings Nlark Coons Peggx Greg Squires lxids Tres or Bolahood Bobby Hunter James Sheppard Others Warren Chin Cameron Mitchell Michael Page HODGETTS HOUSE The Hodgetts House play was set in Vichy. France. an ap- propriate setting for Head of House Sylvain Marcoux who. in typical fashion. played a German. Creditable performances all around by Wally lMadamel Hobbs. Chris lSimonl Moise and Jonathan lStrangerl Good. Vive la France! THE PEN OE MN AUNT BICKLE HOUSE Bickle won this year's competition with a very strong perfor- mance of a powerful play. David Gray managed the difficult feat of directing and playing a principal part. Best actor of the competition went to Brad Schwartz as the brat. Johnny ltypecast?l. Simon Fleming-Wood. Chris Brown. and Darcy McDonald gave the principals excellent support. Eoin Finn chewed more scenery than any other actor in the history of TCS., and almost ruined the close of the play. Special mention must go to Rob Scott. who was great as the stage crew. For- tunately. we did find Chris's American flag. so the play could go on! BETHUNE HOUSE The showamust-go-on award easily goes to Bethune. More than half the cast had to be changed at the last moment. and Henrik Vasila kept us all in suspense by almost missing the curtain. An- thony Dew creditably filled in as Daniel. and Randall Waddell won the best supporting actress in a fine performance as Mary Stone. Kevin Foley was solid as Jabez. To give the devil his due. lan MacDonald was born to be Old Scratch. Raymond Gatcliffe and Peter Dalton ieopardized the play by their inability to either remember their lines or keep straight faces. Still. it was a brave effort. THE DEXIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER bs Stephen Xincent Benet directed by Anthony Dew Jabez Stone Marv Stone Daniel W ebster The Devil Guitar Player Justice Hawthorne Kevin Foley Randall Waddell Anthony Dew lan MacDonald Barry Lawrence Henrik Vasila by Gordon Daxiot Clerk Mlfhafl LBYUE directed bu Suluonn Nlarcoux -'UD R-Wmond Galdme ' ' Peter Dalton uaaame vain Hobbs Tvwfispfvvls Chris Cuffsf Simon Chris Moise Doug Jgmmell Stranger Jonathan Good Andffw MCL-9'1f'9Y Corporal Sylxain Marcoux 5lSPh5n9 SPT? BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME DT QUITE STRATFDRD FIRST PLACE by Terrence McNally directed by Dauid Gray Johnny Susy Mother Father Jimmy Mr. Home Delivery Man tl I Delivery Manlll Brad Schwartz Simon Fleming1Wood Eoin Finn David Gray Chris Brown Darcy McDonald John Michael Statlord Michael Bernard Stage Crew Rob Scott BRENT HDUSE The first play of this year's festival was a farce in every sense of the word. Nonetheless. "Teacher's Pet" was an enjoyable if unrealistic romp through the world of education. An ap- preciative audience was treated to the acting savoir faire of such luminaries as Scott lHettyl Lake. Paco lRamonal Gallo. John lGoodiel Armstrong, and Oliver lWinstonl Sweatman. And who could forget Mike lPenrodl West? Superb performances were also turned in by Guy Bowen. Steve Goodall, Dave Bowen, Mike Armstrong and an annoying Charles Robison. It's too bad T.C.S. was never quite like this. TEACHERS PET by Luke Lownsbury directed by John Armstrong Hetty Grey Libby Lawrence Goodie Fairweather Iva Fish Betty Knowlson Hortense Allen Winston Ringrose "Shrimp" Brown Chuck Hicks Penrod Fuller Ramona Goldstein Alonzo Pettie Scott Lake Steve Goodall John Armstrong Michael Armstrong Guy Bowen Charles Robison Oliver Sweatman Michael Noble David Bowen Michael West Paco Gallo Marc Hogan BURNS HOUSE The ambition award for this year's festival must go to Burns House who undertook a stage rendition of the Monty Python epic "The Life of Brian". As if that weren't enough. they tried to get the whole house in to the act, so to speak. All things con- sidered. it was a more than creditable effort, even though one would never have known it by Richard Pinkerton's face when the whole house walked off stage and suddenly realized they were supposed to be following him. or when the lights came up to reveal Dunbar struggling with a mattress. Truly wunderbar performances by Jonathan lBrianl Saul, John ljudithl Whalen, Trevor lDeadly Dirkl Julian and, of course. Darren lMandyl Cunningham, Always look on the bright side of life. MONTY PYTHON'S THE LIFE OF BRIAN by Graham Chapman et al directed by Paul Blyth and Richard Pinkerton Brian Jonathan Saul Mandy Darren Cunningham Wise Men Scott Carscadden Derek Porritt Norman Saunders Xerxes John Bellamy Reg Paul Blyth Stan Richard Pinkerton Mathias Doug Hale Pilate Jason Taylor Judith John Whalen Francis George Wilson Deadly Dirk Trevor Julian Crowd The Juniors AWARDS Best Play Bickle House Best Supporting Actor Randall Waddell Best Actor: Brad Schwartz BIG IDE CRICKET 1.95 A L - Bath Row The Headmaster M 5 bpencerIMbrl LK Lvrne MW Laughlm DA MtLonnell Bu Ouallaghan La T K Lawson Mr R Reynolds Iuoachl Mr P uodlrey Iuoachl From Row AI Cowan T Mtckleborough PB Keeley Ml Lann ILaptI PB Blyth IAsstj NB iaunders K bethl LEAGUE MATCH RESULTS T. Lb. Opponents 23 L -- vs Appleby Iwonl at UCC Iwonl I 38 7 at Rrdley Iwonl 2-I3 5 vs SAC lwonl IGI 25 Won -I Lost O Drew O ISAA Champions ISAA TOURNAMENT vs Appleby lwonj 93 8 92.7 vs UCC Ilostj 67.7 Znd rn ISAA Tournament 6936 ISAA Champions Notables Cann 3 I-I Blyth 737 Mickleboroubh Cowan 26 ethi 2- Cann 3. Cann I Set i 5 Saunde s 3I'2l Cirne 39 97 5f'9 Cann Blyth Keeley 2-I Blyth 455 MIDDLE IDE CRICKET HDW 'S THAT I O 7 , vs Lakelveld won 72 9-7 I i vs Castle Frank won 36 7-3-I Q at Appleby won 36 I-3-I ' 1 ' at UCC won IO3 9- IO2 'I ' 3 I at Rtatey won 147 8.22 I ft I Il vs U ol T won IO-I-85 9 - ' , L X 1 vs ucc last sz-139 tg' A ' r 'fi at Lakelleld won 77 6-68 ' ' N f ISAA Record x Won 5 Lost I Drew O ISAA Champtons Ouerall Record v s E Won 7 Lost I Drew O Best Bowler, Campbell, 46 wkts, 23l runs 5.0 avg, Bach Row: The Headmaster, R,R.J. Pinkerton. M.D. Vasey, B.W.E. Jackson, J-C Poncelet. A.E. Pollack. Bm Balsmml' 5 no Hildebrandt. KA, Edwards. R. Oumarally tmgry. Front Raw- A.G.A, Buntain. 1. Hs. son lCapt.j. Bum" '44 'uns -8 8 mga Mr. A. Gregg lCoachl. R.B. Campbell lCapt.l. S.C. Coppen. G.W.J. Squires. LITTLE IDE CRICKET x Baclz Row The Headmaster Mr .I McGee lCoachl P Sabadtkarl JM Peterson W R Thompson RF McWhtrter BM Bastln Mr R Large lCoachl Front Row MB Noble KA Lee RN Hadeed HA Podlewskt lCaptI B S Schwartz lAsstl M L1 Bennett E A Brown AL os Radley won Lakefueld os UCL os -I IU 2 Radley won LBRGIIEIU drew Un os vs Lakefueld drew Wuerall Record Won I Lost -I Drew T Best Bowler Podlewslu 26 wltts SOS runs I I B av, Best Barsmen No e 78runs Il I avi, IOb 8 W7 699-I I-I7 8 T' 65 IO I E13 I-I-I6 74 IO I-I-I 6 Notable Scores Podlewslu 3 wkts I I runs vs Ridley 3 wkts I mn vs Radley Bastm 30 vs UCL S wkts S runs vs Rtdley Schwartz -I wkts I run vs Rndley Bennett 32 vs Lakeheld atS ' I t 65-IIO vs ' -- at It .- at " I I 2- .., at ' --. vs . -4' vs " I t 60- L a - 5 I 1 I S k if - . ,, . ., 43 bl f V- ' x A , -e.- Bennett T2 runs IO-I avg '45 - LI- ' J- - C ' 5 - - ' -- . RECORD U DER I5 CRICKET 4 I 1 at I.akeIteId lost 61 I I2 8 1 at Rtdlex won 90 5-B5 ts UCC won 82 I-BI ss Rrdlex drew I27 I-I'IO ts Lakeheld won I2 -I-IO xs UCC lost 52-I26 xs SAC drew SI 9-9I 6 ts Lakeheld lost S-I-57 5 Ind In 6fA-Sade Tournament Oucmll Resort! Won 3 Lost 3 Drew 2 Best Bowlers Lw Sur 22 I89 runs S 6 avg Mouse I9 360 runs I2 -I axg K- Best Batsrnnn 5 1 I 1 1 li Tw Lee Sur 184 runs 460 avg 2 . . Notable Scores . :E E I I Mouse 5 wkts 7 runs vs LCS I . I X f Lee Sur -I wkts 9 runs ws LCS v "v 5 , , 5 Swkts I7 runs xs LCS 57 no xs Rrdlew 55 n 0 ts UCC 50 ss Rrdlev Buck Row. Mrs P Dew ICoachI. A RL Chen IMgr I. .I G R. Maynard. C D Scott. D O Mckenzte. O R Dawes. The Headmaster Front Row J. Lee Sur, A C Crawford. C D Morse ICQ-Captj. A H Buntam, .I J. Luu. C C1 H Cragg Absent M .I..I Terpstra ICQ-Capt I U DER I4A CRICKET 1 IIQDS li ICSC I1 'i ISIR li :- 1 lil '11 l CU -sq 5 R1 kRow Mr D MCC0rdICuaChI N Costo EW N Yeung UM Blank IR M1CDonaId The Headmaster Front Row IC Nheppard IRXX Jams NL Fraser AN Moss ICapt D Let Nut RP ear Appleby Irrsh White Rrdlex UCC R INAA Retord 05 Us WOR WOD WOR Won 3 Lost I Drew O 'nd tn INAA Beer Bowlers 2 63 6-I 70 -I R7 msn Jones 'O IO? runs N T att, Moss I4 7' runs -I 8 avg Best Batsman Moss 9 runs 7b 4 ax, Notable Stores -I wkts Whrle' tv wkts -I wkts I wkts While -I wkts -I' n 1 Jones N oss 53 runs xs Ins U runs xs UCC 7 mns xs NAC I3 runs xs Irtsh I9 runs vs Rudley xs Rtdlev -I wkts -I runs ws SAC Fraser I0 n 0 xs UCC I Y Q . I , , rs It tt-4 3 l ' vs I I - I I YS . '. ' I at " st I-so t srsnr . .--- 1' 5 I ' . - . 31 A - - I ,J .nr - - Z . 1 - , . L ' f ,Q fr,' h- 1 ,IA r t I - I I. I I . -L -- 4 ' r It 2 'Qi A L tc I 'A ' ' .f 4' . f ' '. '. '. . .' , A f . ' '.f . I ' I. ff . N U DER I4B CRICKET Applebx ' Ridlex UCC S C - ISAA Re'ori Best R wler CONSISTE T R os f' vs .7 .' drew -96 ' lXwnOLvst3DrevsI Simm nds 9 vxkls 4 runs N - :ng Best Bursmen Sladelmann -3 runs ' ' ' Simm nds -- runs ' 3 axe N mtl' Sc res Simmends 3 wkts IO nms ' Applebx vstslfruns 'S T Stadelmann IO runs is Ridlex I3 runs is UCC Y I xs I I I8 a' xa lost ' Bt' 'I at IL I 1 I I I at A -IW I :- F 0 I' - 1 1 T atb 0 11 v No It 0 'V X5 R L L L , 5 -I K ' xs -AL Back Row The Headmaster. BA. Proctor. C.P Noble. J.J Knight. MW. Skoczwlas. JR. Perez. SP. Williams Mr. A. Lewis fCoachI. Mr. B. Sexton lCoachl. Front Row: JC Coleman. A C Alexiou. A MM. Dumas JG. Simmonds lCapt.l. DG. Zimmerman. A.M.M. Swann ' ' T B.M. ' .'. ' - Q . . M.'. . . . . . . . ' ..' M.B.N .'.' .. ' .. z .. H.A. ' . - . 1 '. . . . . U ' Ll I 1 I 'Q :I I I E ' Brgside Full Lolours P B Blyth MJ Lann AI Cowan P B Keeley M W Laughlin T Mickleborough B L: O Callaghan N B Saunders K. Seth: Bigside Half Colours LK. Cirne J.A. Hamilton G.T.K, Lawson DA. McConnell OP. Sweatman Middleside Colours A.G.A. Buntain R.B. Campbell KA Edwards R.R.J. Pinkerton A.E. Pollack T.H-S. Soh G.W.J. Squires Littleside Colours CRICKET CDLDUR Bastm u Bennett oble Podlewski B S Schwanz W R Thompson Under I5 Colours A H Buntam C G H Cragg AL. Crawford O.R. Davies J. Lee Sui J-J. 'u J.G.R. Maynard CD, Moise CD. Scott M.J.J. Terpstra Under I -M Colours GM. Black GW. Hodges S.L. Fraser J.R.W. Jones J.R.W. Jones D. Lee-Sui Rl. Macdonald A S Moss R P Near JL Sheppard E W S Yeung, Under I-I8 Colours AL Alexrou JC Coleman A M M Dumas JJ Knight L D Noble JR Perez B A Proctor Ju Simmonds M W Skoc ylas A M M Swann SP Williams XA Bark Row JP Lmle DNT N1rDonald uuD Fraser L D Hoppa oF Duff Mnddle Row The Headmaster RL Pme 5R uoodall ML Valous SW Danko ND Flemnn5XX.ood Mr T Has Qnoarhb Front Row N1 A Rawson JN Bellamy ID Armstrong, Kuo Laptj 'VILM Hogan Quo Lapty TA I JLIRIES' WON WGN WON OS WON OS OS kltktllf A Nrde Tou WON WON WUT! WON WON OHS a 7 L VO:- M- 30 7 4 O ION mmf!! M 'v o L 2-o 4lh In INAA Regular Season MIDDLE IDE RUGBY nw-unuimsnsa '. . -V U- Q ,-L+.-zzz.-.2-.: N X ,L -1:-.L-: f' REMEMBER - s. fllhlirh " ' D"""!ll':H - ' ROSSEAU LAKE? I vs Old Cracks lost 8-20 vs Plckerang lost 6- IO at Rosseau lost 3-I-I K J at Pickering ned 3-3 g' vs Rosseau lost O- I 4 ' vs Albert won I3-O 'L at SAC won I9-O ISAA Regular Season Won I Lost O Tued O ISAA Champrons -' Ouerall Record 1 V Won 2 Lost 3 Tled I Back Row: N.P,F. Gray. I.G. Mason. W.A. Halls. TH, Trollope. CJ. Wuckardt, RM. Todgham. E.B.B. Barber. Middle Row: The Headmaster, FJ. Gallo. H.T. Lynn, J.M. Reld, KA Lee. JM. Boughner. T.D, Earle. Mr. D, Allen lCoachI. Front Row: KG. Lee. R.K. Trollope. HP. Jones, ID. Code, P.N. Williams. GD. Hale, U DER I RUGBY '1 BACK FROM THE UK RECDRD Bowmanvllle won Dunharton won Selwyn House won Lobourk, East won Appleby os UCL won Rldley I8 Lrestent won L won ISAA Reeord Won 3 Lost I Tned I 2nd In ISAA Wuerall Record W n 7 Lost I Tued I And what a UK Tour' O -I6 OO 9 2-IO SO Bach Row CH Grant MA Navarro CIW Kume TW Dillon TG Julnan DA Lollombm Mrddle Thgg Page was Qponggg-gd by Row The Headmaster SAS Bogyay M Lewls ID Boyle JDA bood AM Pmkerton ML Purcell MR BEV COLLUMBIN MV Armstrong Mr M SlevenslCoachl Front Row R Enzmann RL Hammond MR Skanks RM Stedman ICO Captl L S Hall lCo Captl TJR Deacon AC Letten vs I-I-O vs 34- 4 vs ' 2 - vs ' 1 3 - vs I t -I3 at M - J at I d 6-6 , I at ' ' I-- I E vs SA' 38-3 L -- - f v sv wr 0 U DER I 5 RUGBY , - "" RECORD I 1 Y I ' f ts Bowmanwllle won 3-I-O ts Dunbarton won 57-O xs Bellesnlle won I-I--l at Rrdlew ned 4A-l U at Appleby lost IO-I8 at Rosseau lost I-8,2-I at Crescent won 26.4 A I xs UCC won 3217 at SAC won I9'3 ISAA Record A Won 3 Lost I Tled I Overall Record s ' S Won 6 Lost 2 Tued I Judgmg by thus years success Bl all Back Row. D Taxlor. C A Rae. lx ,I Ramsay. EM, Grant. J.T,S Tamblyn. RG Gatcllfle, D B Maxlleld IFWIS- The T0 'USP' P"0S'a"' has Middle Row The Headmaster, E H Chart, W,l.H. Crawlord, P G Buchanan-Smith, SB Maloney. Mr, A F"e"'l O' depth McDonald lCoachl Front Row M B Connell. G E. Pnlgrum. GS. Cameron lAsst.l. M.A. Lavug ICapt I. BF Kelser. B.J Pllgrlm, Blqsrde Full Colours JD Armstrong JS Bellamy S D Fleming Wood T A Johnson J P rttle D S T McDonald LE Robeson JM Warren Extra Full Colours Blqslde Half Lolours RE Danielson S W Danko GF Duff S R Goodall L: Lx D Fraser Extra Half Lolours M A Ravsson Mrddlesrde Lolours JR Baldwm E B B Barber JW Lode RUGBY COLDUR N P F Gray W A Halls IL: Mason JD McVean L M West CJ Wlckardl T H Trollope Under I7 Colours M V Armstrong S A S Bogyay T J R Deacon T W Dtllon R Enzmann L H Grant L S Hall T LJ Jullan C I W Klme AL Letten AM Pmkerton M L Purcell RM St A Stedman R M L: Stevens Under I5 Lolours Buchanan Smith K D Bmun Cameron E H Lhart Grant Kenser M A Layug S B Maloney GE Pllgrlm J TJ Tamblyn D Taylor C M Rae BJ Pllgnm R Lx oatclrfle ,-L N59 A A ' FM. ' ... . --A Pcs. - ' B.F, ' . I 5155- ' Ill 'F ffl' Qf A -' " I ' ' ' ' n' D - ., 1: ' A L A A Q: " v 3 M.c.M, Hogan D.A. couombm f 'SPX -A I . - , 'A' . i N -' ,J '- fe -, . A 3. I - I .Q lie- , , . ,. AH, I ' , ' X BIG IDE TENN S I I vs Lakeheld won 3A I vs Pnekerrng won -I-O vs Appleby lost I43 - ' - - - f 9 at ucc :ost 0.4 at Rrdley lost 3--I at Crescent lost I-3 vs UCC lost O4 Standing from Left to Right: The Headmaster, Mrs S. Fmlay ICoachI. IK Taylor. PJ McCarthy. J.M.L. EMIU BWI T0Hf'1I'f'w"f Gibb-Carsley, TC Magwood ICapt.I. W.D.L. Bowen. PB. McCarthy. Mr, L. Adamcryck ICoachI. 8 Wm 7 Losses ' 3rd mace MIDDLE IDE TENN S BL5, 2 vs Lakeheld Plckerlng Appleby UML Radley Crescent ULL tred won me os os os Os 2-2 A vs -I L 5 Q vs I d 2-2 at " I t I43 ' , A at I t 2-6 I Q at ' I t O--I -- 1 13 i V Q .F . g 9 vs I t L x for "' y ' ' Q' ' 3. , HOUSE SPORTS I ff , fe, A Biathlon SwimI'Run Burns House 'F , 45,1 Jr. I . ' I TIS - - W, Q-4 ,- Ts- Sr, ' Jr. Sr, ' : - . . . '- 4 . 4'l-' ,A,, A , , , . .E . .Ir. ' X- Q Back Row The Headmaster Mrs S Flnlay ILoachI Ae Snnclatr NJ Malumdar AD Beck MM Maurer T B Clark Mr L Adamcryckkoachj Front Row Io E H Wrlson T B Frrsby M D dePencrer P S C Yam Baseball Toss Shootlng S Sr Trrathlon Commando Commando Rugby Rugby Crrcket Cncket SPORTS DAY Brent Brent Bethune Burns Bnekle Burns Brent Brent Burns Brent House House House House House House House House House House LITTLE IDE TENN S .. I 1 -I Bach Rom The Headma ter B 5 B Leung P R UFBIJQC M D Walkrnson R R Ramchandam Mr E Heaven ILoachI Front Row LU Forbell JR Brown ILaptl HL1 Bowen K Lee bun Bach Row The Headmaster TW WhlkeICaptI BKP Lun TJ Rennie SB Snell RJ Kerr IAsstI Front Row b5tLM Bowen AJ Korpela LLL Maynard LE Pretrrm Mb Khoury LITTLESIDE TENNIS vs Lakelleld Iued BI Ridley lost vs Appleby won vs UCC lost vs Ridley won vs Crescent lost at UCC lied Season Record Won 2 Lost 3 Tied 2 3rd Place in ISAA UNDER I5 TENNIS vs Lakefield lost at Lakefield lost Rrdley won Appleby won UL os Rrdley won Crescent won UL os ISAA Tournament Won I Lost 7 5th rn ISAA TENN S T C Magwood JK Taylor Brgsrde Half Colours J M L Gibb Carsley PB Mccanhy PJ Mccanhy Mrddlesrde Colours M D de Pencner NJ Malumdar AC Smclalr PS C Yam Lrttlesrde Colours JR Brown PR Grabec K Lee Sul B SB Leung MD Walkmson Under I5 Colours S StC M Bowen RJ Kerr AJ Korpela S K P Lan C C L Maynard L E Pletrlm TJ Rennie T W Whrke IT Nl I I 4,5 4. f' b fc I I , 1 I 'C I 1 , H . f - is Ll DER I TENN S CQ'-QURS G, I Enfijl I my If X . ' , Bowen I' 'I ' fs xx, T .1 ' f -. It 'I' - I I " ' E Ii J 11 M Queen s l3th ot -U schools TRACK A D FIELD ,C Back Row J Raymond JW Wallace M Lewus J Raymond L18 Keelung MA Rawson RLw Douglas DA Lunnlnbham Rl Maxfueld DL Kmght HS Ham JW Lee PR Breton Mlddle Row Mr S Taylor lLoachl K Ahmed Mr K Delfazlo lLoachl PJ Roland WJ MCLOy RST Ho WJ Davldson DW Lhnst MA Lrossman PD Hodgson SP Lampbell LT Lnardner PL Lweraumo LuW Yun PJ Mckenzle WFL Bam AAOD Francrs Mr l Maclnms lLoachl Mr L Thornton lLoachl The Headmaster Front Row DLm Zimmerman MB Sahub L B Rsdsdale TT Bolahood LJE Bvssalllon JW H Bateson DJ Bourne lLo Laptl L N Holtby lLo Laptl AF Stratford IL Luarland DT Holmes JA Saul L1JS Barker TL Stlller Absent TM B Deely lLo Laptl CDLDURS Brgslde Full Colours DJ Bourne C N Holtby M A Rawson A F Stratford Extra Full Colours P S Mahon Brgsrde Half Colours C R Cotton M A Crossman Mrddlesrde Colours K Ahmad G J S Barker S P Campbell T M B Deely A A O D Francns IC Garland JS Jacobs J Raymond JA Saul JW Wallace Lrrtlesrde Colours P R Breton D W Chnst D T Holmes TC Stlller Under I5 Colours J W H Bateson G E Bvsalllon T T Bolahood D A Cunningham WJ Davidson HS Ham R S Y Ho JW Lee M Lewls WJ McCoy PJ McKenzne PJ Roland G W Yun South Kawartha Lhamprons Kawartha 2nd Place COSSA -hh Place ISAA Lhampuons OFSAA 3 Qualllled ,. 39x PI KAYAKING .... he l in., . 1 K- 'E-Q. Q.,, 'I ,I A 'H -I I- . ,4- ll, ' 'nn 'nib 'bmi 'Uhr nah, 8 ...A+ Bulk Row Mr D Norman lLoaLhl L N Alex JF Newroth M Wmter W N Mnkelwn Mr B Heaton lLoaLhl Mnddlt Row MM Basset! MLL Morton IA Larleton PDL Smith PW Van Ewberben Al. H Baker L L Meda The Headmaster Front Row L 5 Booth KA Lraft JB Madn nes JF Rees :D Burt JLF Robmson CGLOUR Bngslde Full Lolours L S Avey JA Larleton J E ees P D L Smith P W Van Eybergen Bngsfde Half Lolours 5 D Burt Mvddlesvde Lolours L 5 Booth Eb Muckelson JF Newrolh J C F Robinson M Wrnler PA ? -'51 Ss ,PA coke Pm! Slalom Ist lssrsssppu Slalom Beaver Slalom I st Elora Slalom lst AA Gull Slalom lst E 'L-ou-5 Ban:- ii' li.. 1-.4 - sn I 1 1 'il-1 :ti Li .,. All ll 1 ,, 1 ' I :Q f ' nl A- iK- - A 44 1 l l ' ' - ' V ' . , . ' , ,-,-. ' " ' 1 ." . '. Inf ...' '- ' 'Q -- - --'-... ' V ,,-. it .' , " ,- - V ' ' ' A zlst, J - orra Downriver: lst"" " , A - W n , i - . " ' C - ' A ,Li ' i - M, ,---5- L . , - , , - ,' :" V " N S.- 'A I 9 Q --'- L -in -- ' vi F ' -clk.. - I 41 .. ' 1 ' 'Q , .. vb ' ,.Q- l ' .. Q . A . ' - 4 l- A ' S' a., -g. ' ' 1, . , -DAY RDWI G Qi Q 'und WB fl. Wu 'QQ an - . Bach Row JL Todd PJL Dalton JAF Hevland L A Whnke Mfddle Rou The Headmaqer JI Buthanan RN Nheardonn LE Mallet DL Puckell RMN Faur Mr J uanlex lLoathl Front Row MAL Nmuth PD Bolton Z Dutton lLo Laptl AL Thormon L -X Xellleux lLWk3pll S Marcoux TL Adamtrytk PETERBOROl Sensors 3rd Junuors 3rd CSSRA CHAR Sensors Sth Jumors I3th Q -L... CCDLDLIR Bfqsude Full Colour: T L Adamcryck P D Bolton Z Dutton 5 Marcoux AL Thomson L.-A, Nenlleux Bigside Half Colours P.J.C Dalton J.A.F. Hevland MAL Smnth Mlddleside Colour: RMN, Farr C.E. Mallet DL. Plckell RS. Sheardown GULF ll L FL? bg 'ei Q. Lakefield Invitational Tournament: 7th Place SAC Invitational Tournament: 7th Place -nf xr 5 Q . A r is I O Standing from Lett to Right Nlr R Gleeson ICoachI. NIM Coons. C A Srmurda. ,I IX Whalen. 'II G ,I Turner. C P Conradr, P A P Zakarow The Laptarn s Lup lor Bibsrde Lrrtket Lrrcket Lhallenbe Lup tor Best Bowler E L Lurrre Lup lor Best Batsman Wld Bows Lup lor Best Fielder Loach s Award lor Speual Lontrrbutron to Brgsrde Lrrtket Ltath s Award lor 'kliddlestde Lrrcltet Lalcutt Lup lor Best Bowler on Lrrtlesrde Lrrcket IBO' Lup tor Best Batsman bpecual Award tor Best Fielder Dr R NIcDermot Lup tor Laptarn ot Under I Lrrcket Loath s Award tcr Under I Lrrtket Leach s Award tor Under I-I A Lrrcket G SPGRTS AWARD Lann B yth Lann Ltrne Mlrckleboroubh lx Nethl R B Lampbell H A Podlewskr M B Nloble P barbadhrkarr L D Morse MJ I Terpstra J lee but A N Moss J R IX ones Loach s Award for Under I-IB Lrrcket Loach s Award for Rowing, Loach s Award for Kaxakrng Beck Trophx for Laptarn of Bibsrde Rueby Peter Kelly Bowl for Outstanding, Lontributron Loach s Award lor Vliddlesrde Rugby Loach s Award lor Under I 'f Rubbx Loach s Award lor Lrttlestde Tennis Fred T Smythe Trophy lor Under Ia Tennis bprinter and Hurdler Award lor Track and Field Jumpers Award Throwers Award Middle Distance Award Lmeale Lup lor Badminton Mcuee Lup lor the Unde Athlete ol the Year rlqew ' ' ' 1' R ' ..... ..,. .... . .,.,,. A 1.1, ' ' " ' " ..,,..,...,.....,..,.. .'. A A ' 1 ' .t,.. . ,..., P B. I ' ' 1 ,,., .... ..,......,,......,.... . , ' , ' . ' ' ,,.. ..,, , , . .... MJ ' ' " r " ., .,,. .,,.....,,..., ........ , . .'. . ' L A . , ,, ... ..., L lx. ' ' ' '1 1 ....... . . 1 A ' - , ' . its ,F t,,, ..,., ,.r.r - ' 1 ' ' A Arll lf'.'fff.ff'.'.'.'.' ' D ., Y Buntarn ' ' ' U '...... A.., . H. .....'.l.l. .l... Brown l 1 1. N 5 - H Q A - - .,... , . A. ., . ,,., sh, ., ,,..,...,... ...,. .,.......... . . .. Jo Simmonds C A Verlleux J L F Robinson J D Armstrong M L M Hogan J D Armstrong E B B Barber lo 5 Lameron T W Whike LJ W Yin D A Lunmngham M A Rawson D T Holmes V de? Vellleux W J McCoy PRI G DISTINCTIO AWARD MIke Cann CrIcket The name ol Mtke Cann has become synonymous Wllh the best to be expected In LanadIan school crIcket To add to hIs prevrous achIevements A place on the Lanadran Youth Squad A 337 run battIng season A rare lbAA century and a near mIss 2l wIckets In a vastly Improved bowlmg performance FIeIdIng we now take for granted Outstandlng leadershIp as Captam of BI5SIdE Mlke IS a fIne athlete and sportsman who has surmounted all the barrIers wIth hIs competItIve Splflf vocrferous en thusIasm for the game of crIcket and hIs ttreless capacIty for sheer hard workl Very few past or present can begm to compare wIth hIs enormous contrIbutIon to T C 5 CrIcket Jason Carleton KayakIng Jason Carleton has demonstrated great abIlIty and deter mInatIon as a member of the I 987 T C S Kayak Team wIth exceptIonaI performances at both the ISAA and Na tIonaI levels Jason was the only member of the kayak team to race In the Expen Class fthe hnghest racIng class BVBIIBDIEI at OntarIo level races ThIs was due to hIs sIxth place fInIsh at the l986 SenIor NatIonal ChampIonshIps that he attended last July In WhIstIer BrItIsh Columb a As well as competIng and Tfalnlng as a member of the T C S Kayak Team Jason was also traInIng for the l987 NatIonal Team Truals whrch he attended on the May 23124 weekend near Edmonton Alberta In preparanon for thIs slalom Jason traIned on hIs own each mornIng at the Ganaraska traInIng SITE before school At team prac tIces Jason was a valuable source of InformatIon on pad dllng technIque and traInIng methods to the other senIor members of the team It IS a testImony of hIs BDIIITY that at I7 years old he IS ranked suxth overall amongst senIor men In Canada He IS also the l987 IndIvIdual ISAA ChampIon and a member ofthe three man ISAA K I team champIons Although he faIIed to make the four man Na tIonal team whIch wIll represent Canada at the World Champlonshlps Jason s contInued effort to Improve demonstrates an athlete of dIstInctIon Darren Cunnlngham Track and Fleld Darren has had a remarkable season The track team has competed In eught track meets thIs season and Darren has won the mIdget hIgh Iump each tIme In fact In SIX of these meets Darren set records HIs personal best lump of I 97m or SIX feet TIVE and one half Inches IS l6cm hIgher than the school s senIor record and only 3cm shy of the All Ontarro Mldget Record Darren IS currently one of the I 5 best hIgh school Iumpers In Ontano at any age He IS an OFSAA ChampIon He has well earned a Track and Fleld DIstInctIon Award Todd Johnson Rugby In hIs second year on BIgsIde Todd Johnson agam played outstandmg rugby Ill hIs role as assIstant captaIn and IIFST fIve elghth A measurc of a player s true class IS more evldent when the cIrcumstances are not Ideal ThIs season Todd lost hIs experrenced half back partner Marc Hogan In the early season John Bellamy dId well as hIs replacement but Il takes tIme for a partnershIp to develop Most of the season Todd played wIth varIous an noymg InIurIes but was stIll a stand out player In nearly every game he played In defense Todd IS a strong tackler and he can always be relled upon to relIeve opponent s pressure by good IBCIICBI kIckIng In attack Todd can set up trIes for teammates by tImIng hIs passes and makIng devastatmg breaks up the fIeld He IS a very fIne player deservlng of the award Paul SmIth KayakIng Paul SmIth has been the brIght cheerful face of the T C 5 KayakIng team for the past four years Durmg thIs tIme he has contInuousIy Improved In speed and technIque to the poInt where he has become our If I KI JUNIOR pad dler In thIs dtvIsIon he captured fIrst place In all of thIs year s slaloms except one and the maIorIty of these wIns represented clean runs He IS a valuable member of the team In that he IS very self motIvated when It comes to hIs own traInIng and generous wIth hIs tIme and skIlls when Il comes to helplng others HIS Bblllly to work well Wllh other members of the team IS demonstrated In hIs Involve ment wtth a Wlnnlng K I JUNIOR 3 man team Hts desIre to work hard do well and set hIgh standards has enabled hIm to attaIn 80 potnts from racIng and makes thIs charter member of the T C S Kayak Team a most deserv Ing dIstInctIon award wrnner Paul Van Eybergen KayakIng Paul has been a conslstent soIId member of the team for the past three years ThIs year was hIs tIme to really shIne as he became our II2 K I JUNIOR paddler Paul was always prepared to work hard at our practIces and Im prove on hIs technIque and speed He had a tremendous amount of energy and enthuslasm for the team that combIned wIth a sense of humour always helped to make practIces enloyable and adventuresome for all as one never knew when Paul would be Inventlng a new game or makIng sure one stIll knew how to do an Esklmo Roll When It came tIme to work Paul always gave hIs best and won most of the practIce slaloms At the actual race slaloms he traded wIns wIth Paul SmIth and came In second behInd SmIth but the margIn was a very fIne one wIthIn seconds on 3 to 4 mInute courses For contmuous dedIcatIon and outstandrng achIevement thIs year Paul Van Eybergen deserves a dIstInctIon award I I . . - Q v Q , . QQ .a. y. I I I . ' ' . .'. I ', , ' '. ' ' . . , I- . ... 3 I Q . - - I , , . . . I . . . .1 - . . . I - . . A . .1. . . I . I . . . ., .. . . . . D . . . . . Q . 5, . .1 Q i Q . . Q ..1. . . I I , I ' I I . . . . .. I .. . , I. ' ... I - ' ' . . ' I , ' ' I . . I . . . . , . I . I I . I , . . . . . ' , . ' I I ' Zi"?'v--5:5-T"-vF'4?1'0' -qv" ' V ' 'r V ' ' '5 43: Q.:2.'.12.L.'il1.L LIL'-' 1' .. 51 - wg L' - n ,.3-TU -' TRACK S FIELD W NS ISAA PRMKPW 3 Darren Cunningham wins GFSAA I U 4 va ,, an Q 2-Q -' ld' an , 4' -614, ws , X- -11-., - ..g1. Top La!! Parrcn Cunmngham on has max to an OPS-X-X gold medal. Top Rrghr Dan Holmes. durung a steeplcchase. Above Left Graham Nm. Iollc-ned hx Peter Round. Right Capt.1uns,lnn Bourne, Chrus Hollbx, and 'Hutch Dcclx holdungIheIS-'kAxropI1x Thus was the hrs! nme exvr that TCS has won the ISAA an Track and Fueld ANGMUIR WRITING CCDNTEST First Prize Essay HANGING BY THE ELEPHANT'S TAIL by Dauid Gray In his controversial I97O treatise Lament for a Nation: The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism. historian George Grant declares that . . Canada has developed into a northern ex- tension of the continental economy." I ln making this state- ment, Grant implies a loss of identity - and even autonomy - on the part of Canadians. However. not content to chastise the circumstances of the post-war Canadian nation. Grant undertakes an indictment of the obiectives thereof. express- ing a belief that . . the aspirations of progress have made Canada redundant las a nationlf' 2 Grant's view while harsh. is far from unique. Similar sentiments have often been put forth - albeit in more diplomatically clothed terms - par- ticularly by international observers. Since the Second World War drew to an end in I9-45. Canada has generally endeavoured. both out of necessity and through effort. to maintain a close partnership with the United States. While unequal from the beginning. the rela- tionship between what was at the time the most powerful na- tion inthe world, and what could at best be termed a 'middle power,' quickly took on ridiculously unbalanced propor- tions. As historian Paul Bennett argues. . . Canada's postwar policies have reduced the nation virtually to the status of a military. economic and political satellite in a dependent relationship with the United States." 3 Even former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. who espoused a loosening of the relationship during his tenure. readily acknowledged Canada's role in the 'partnership' as one of subservience and dependence. In his now famous I969 ad- dress to Washington's National Press Club. Trudeau told his audience, . . living with you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant: no matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, one is affected by every twitch and grunt." 4 This dependence can be found in moral. political. economic. cultural, and military spheres. As such. it may well represent the sole hope for the survival of the Canadian nation as any kind of entity, nominal or otherwise. This idea has become increasingly central in the minds of Canadian leaders as the postwar years have progressed. While moves have occa- sionally been made toward the assertion of Canadian autonomy. it is generally taken as given that such actions should do as little as possible to undermine the 'benevolent dictatorship' the United States seemingly exercises over Canada. In fact the nature of this relationship is such that the Canadian nation. such as it is. has effectively become little more than an American colony, a supplier of resources malleable to the whims of the 'fatherlandf The colonial relationship is one that many Canadians regard as irreversible. for better or worse. lronically. it began in earnest as a result of the Second World War. a conflict which had considerably enhanced Canada's international prestige. The nation had distanced itself from Britain. and was beginning to celebrate its 'North Americanisms.' As Ben- nett explains. . . as continental neighbours sharing a tradi- tion of friendship. similar political ideologies and comparable economic systems. Canadian and U.S. policymakers since the war have sought to fashion a 'special relationship' unique in international affairs." 5 Achievement of this objective was facilitated by a compatible working relationship between the wartime leaders. Roosevelt and King. Together they created a Permanent Joint Board on Defence, which led to later agreements on the United Nations in I945, NATO in I9-I9 and NORAD l958. The common impetus toward these ac- tions was the apparent Communist threat emerging from China and the Soviet Union. Historian Stephen Clarkson ex- amines these circumstances: Under the Cold War pressures ol the Forties and Fifties. when both coun- tries' perceptions of the Soviet threat emphasized their common interna- tional goals and mutual economic needs. quiet accommodation characteriz- ed the way the two capitals dealt with each other. Gttawa acknowledged Washington's pre-eminence in the Western Alliance. deferred to its foreign policy positions. reserved any oblections it might have for friendly discus- sions behind the scenes. and assiduously avoided. in the words of the Merchant-Heeney Report of l965. "raising a row in public." 6 This general trend continued and intensified throughout most ofthe l95O's. and into the l96O's. As it did so. its im- plications disturbed many members and segments of the Canadian populace. University of Toronto Professor Kenneth McNaught elaborates on this idea: While most Canadians supcported the general lines of postwar foreign policy. many were uneasy an warned that the country had not moved to inde endence. but to a new colonial relationship in which an all-powerful Washington had replaced a waning London. 7 Such fears were not unfounded. During the fifties and six- ties Canadian sources of foreign financing were overwhelm- ingly American-based, and the U.S. was the undeniable focal point of Canadian foreign trade. At the end of the l95O's. 7O0fo of Canadian imports were American and more than 7500 of direct foreign investment was from the United States. 6006 of Canadian exports travelled south of the border. while more than half of Canada's manufacturing in- dustry. and an even greater segment of resource-based in- dustries. were American owned. The domination was not only economic. In l955, a Royal Commission chaired by economic nationalist Walter Gordon . . made clear that the economy was under a domination almost as complete as that of diplomacy or culture." 8 American culture had become pervasive in Canadian life. as had Canada's 'entanglement' in the American Alliance system. These. accordng to McNaught . . could be seen as irreversible signposts to the future. By the mid- I 96O's more and more Canadians were asking whether their country was not simply a province of the vast American "'informal empire'." 9 This reality is lamented bv Georgie Grant: Our traditional role - as an ex- porter ot raw materials . . with hig ly protected industry in Central Canada - gradually lost its importance in relation to our role as a branch-plant to American Capitalism Our ruling class is composed of the same groups as that of the United States. with the single difference that the Canadian ruling class Imlts across the border for its final authority in both politics and culture. IO As the I96O's began in earnest. the 'Quiet Diplomacy' that had developed between Canada and the United States began to falter slightly. As a succession of Prime Ministers and Presidents who found their counterparts personally distasteful ensued: Kennedy and Diefenbaker. Pearson and Johnson. and Nixon and Trudeau. Diefenbaker. for instance. refused to endorse. and even publicly criticized Kennedys handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis in I962. as well as resisting membership in the Organization of American States IOASI. For his part. Pearson expressed doubts to the Press about Lyndon Johnson's bombings of North Vietnam at a high-profile American conference. Proceeding immediately after this speech to meet with the President. Pearson found Johnson enraged. "The President grabbed the Prime Minister by the lapels and raked him over the coals for telling the Americans how to carry the burden of defending world freedom, when the Canadians did so little to shoulder it themselves." I I In another allusion to the same incident. Lawrence Martin. author of The Presidents and the Prime Ministers. speculates that he . . couIdn't imagine Johnson doing the same thing to Charles de Gaulle - or any other foreign leader." I2 The fact that the incident took place in- deed belies the degree to which Canada was regarded as a satellite by the Americans including, in this case. the Presi- dent himself. Pierre Trudeau. despite his great aspirations for Canada. seemed to recognize the colonial reality of the Canadian- American relationship. As Professor McNaught chronicles: "Prime Minister Trudeau described his govemment's attitude succinctly when he said it was prepared to BCI vigorously within the 20 per cent of independence that remains to Canada in its American century." I 3 However. it can also be said that the Trudeau govemment extended the perimeters of their 2000 significantly. After clashing with the American government on issues as diverse as energy, FIRA. the Auto Pact. the Alaska pipeline. inflation and high interest rates. acid rain. fisheries and boundary disputes, culture. and NORAD and NATO commitments, Trudeau came to be con- sidered a confrontationalist Prime Minister. especially where the Americans were concemed. Trudeau nevertheless recognized the limitations of his position within the colonial relationship and was careful not to transgress these bounds. In l984. Brian Mulroney was elected Prime Minister of Canada with a huge mandate. In a March 3, l985 interview with Mulroney. the U.S. magazine Parade outlined his policy with regard to the United States. One of his priorities was "to refurbish the relationship of trust that has to exist between the government of Canada and the government of the U.S.. our Greatest friend. neighbor. and ally." Mulroney noted that Canada's Liberal Party . . believed that more cordial relations implied a degree of servilityf' He added: "I reiect that." Still. as Mulroney said. the equation is unequal. Consider that in l983 Canada accounted for only l90o of total American exports. while the U.S represented 730o of Canada's world sales. Nothing illustrates more dramatically the dependence of the Canadian economy on the U.S. market and the political and psychological problems stemming from this uneven state of affairs. I4 Mulroney's appearance would. in actuality. seem to signal a return to the unquestioning subservience and deferrence with which Canada has treated the United States during the maiority of the prosperous postwar period. His govemment has largely abandoned the relatively nationalistic endeavours of the previous Liberal regime. ln the field of economics, this has meant moving toward Freer Trade and an abandonment of the Foreign Investment Review Agency in favour of a vir- tually impotent lnvestment Canada. With regard to culture. it has manifested itself in large funding cuts to the CBC. the NFB. and performing artists. Finally. where diplomacy is con- cerned. Mr. Mulroney is noticeably less interested in world markets and conflicts than his predecessors, notably Trudeau and Pearson. The Prime Minister obviously feels that the cost inherent in these actions is far less than the benefit to be received by Canadians. In many ways. he is probably right. as long as we can resign ourselves to remaining essentially an American colony. As one of Mulroney's aides stated recently in The Globe and Mail. . . we should give up the idea of complete political independence. We live in an interdepen- dent world and we are lucky that the people we are depen- dent on are the Americans." I5 ln many ways. the suggestion that Canadians reject the concept of independence is a wholly sensible one. Perhaps then a true partnership could develop between like entities. In l96 I. the new America- Secretary of State, Dean Rusk. had told President John F. Kennedy that. . . on the one hand there is Canada's wish to be known as truly indepen- dent and different. On the other hand. the Canadians desire. and believe themselves entitled to a privileged relationship with the United States." I6 Perhaps it had been largely this ambiguity in the first place that had forced Canada into an instantly subservient position in her relations with the United States following the Second World War. ln that period of rapid growth and great prosperity. Canada had been unsure about her position and. thus. relinquished the ability to decide. As George Grant writes: "As Canadians we attemp- ted a ridiculous task in trying to build a conservative nation in the age of progress. on a continent we share with the most dynamic nation on earth. The current of modem history was against us." I7 ix. Six gt '--'W "2 ,X g 1:41 I Q C1 P' .Gi 7 i b I ,lx 7 fhl..xV- A f -I .'N!l"6 if :M N X X Xt! ENDNOTES lScarborough. Prentn:eAHall. l98-ll. p 395 Q McNaught. . 295. l. George Grant. Lament for a Nation. The Defeat of Canadian Na- Grant, pp. 59. tionalism floronto. McClelland and Stewart. I97OJ p. 8. 2. Grant. p. 53 3. Paul Bennett and Cornelius Jaenen. Emerging Identities Scar- borough: Prentice-Hall. l986. p. 466. 4. Bennett and Jaenen. p. 477. 5. Bennett and Jaenen. p. 466 6. Stephen Clarkson. Canada and the Reagan Challenge Uoronto Lorimer. l982l. .6 7. Kenneth McNauggt, The Pelican History of Canada llondonz Pen- quin, l978l, p. 285. 8. J.L. Finlay and D.N. Sprague. The Structure of Canadian History Finlay and Sprague. p 420 Lawrence Martin. The Presidents and the Prime Ministers lloron- te: Doubleday, l982l. p 5 McNaught. p 288 Tad Szulc. "Is Canada Our Friend7". Parade, March 3. I9S5. p I2. David Bundy. 'Should Canada Cozy up to the US V. The Globe and Mail, October 9. l984. p. 34 Martin. p. IS4. Grant. p. 68. Honorable Mention Short Story A DAY IN THE LIFE by Clayton McCann And then this NAZI grabs me. holds my arms behind my back. and his buddy turns .luice Newton on I scream. it's no use They know I know what they're looking for. and I know that they know We all realize this at the same time. so naturally the yolume goes up . . 'Tlittiiii' with the queen of hearts . l scream again. but this time it rolls off my tongue like a Knobhill receipt. then "It's 25 after. now get up." Yikes. it's my mother. l prefer the Nazis to school at this point. "lf I come up there again. I'm bringing cold water!" The ramifications are endless. Breakfast - no sign in - lust half an orange. toast with butter. peanut but- ter. and iam. and a cup of coffee. I'm thoroughly exhausted in the morning and. if it isn't because of my dreamland NAZIS. then its my arch-capitalist history teachers. one trying to keep us out of university. the other determin- ed to show us what it'll be like when we get there. "Hey. all you boppers out there in bopper land, it's 7145" The guy on the radio sounds like front man Chris Brown loined at the ear with rear man B. Proctor. l'ie got to go. Mr. McDonald leaves the corner at 7:50. and if anything. chem-men are rarely tardy. All the way to school. we parley about the weather. how the teams did. why butter melts so fast, etc. Once l learned that by the time I'm dead, life expectancy will have increased by l2Uo. I've got this craving for a dart . . . I reach IDS at 8:0-I on the average. From the appearances of the people in there. one understands deadlines and their long term results. Finished smok- ing. I usually linger to see il anything exciting will happen during the day. This practice may seem fruitless. but . . . listen . . . to . . . this: l. seeing a chance to vacation from school and possibly learn something applicable. go to the New Conservatism conference. Great. The only thing I missed was Headmaster-for-a-Dag. Sest Lah Vee. Chapel starts at 8: I 5. and it starts at S: I 6. and the dayboy species signs in at S: I 7. and then chapel starts at 8: I 8. Finally. at 820. the doors are closed and things get underway. I guess the only person who ever really knew about my knee problem. until now. was Jehlicka. See. my knees have always been iuicy. and this guy was the only one who realized what discom- fort I was in. So he. whenever possible. sacrificed his spot on the bench so I Honourable Mention Essay ALWAYS OVERLOOKED BUT ALWAYS NOTICED by John Dyer All of my life I have considered some particular parts of my body to be of the most importance. They can make or break one's self-confidence. and more importantly. one's social life. If mistreated in any way. these little things can make one look like anything from a pepperoni pizza to a victim of Hiroshima or a chemotherapy patient. If these little devils are abused in any way. they'Il soon flake out. and one's head will resemble a pink bowling ball with a face in no time at all. What. you may ask could be more impor- tant than huge biceps. a large bulge and the "John Travolta School of Machismo Swagger. Version lI"? l'll tell you: it's your follicles! You may scoff now. but read on, dear people. and I'll tell you how follicles shape your life. and how you can help them do a 'ob to your liking. foll-i-cle lfol'i-kall n. I. An approximately spherical group of cells cgntaining a cavity. I Follicles are the places where your hairs grow from - on people's arms. legs. chests. faces. and their heads. Sometimes. however. they won't grow any more hair for a person. ln fact. whole tribes of them sometimes get together and evict their hairs. When this happens "bald spots" are the end product. In some cases. tribes unite. form nations. and expel all foreign in- truders. That is when entire heads experience the baldness phenomenon. could stretch out. Oy Vay Meanwhile. back in the PCR . . . Classes start with a thud nowadays. I can remember when they used to start with a iinbys?. and then end with a zang! But nowadays. they stan with a thud. and everything following is anti-climactic. I think it was Huxley that said something to the effect that the greatest aspect of education is that it teaches one to do one's work. when it should be done. I'm sure there was more to it. but that was the thrust anyway. Regardless. Huxley obviously never had mid-morning break. The time work should be done is before the day it is due. the time work is done is during break. Of course. the adrenalin lIow is quite high during break anyway. Period four turns out to be Writer's Workshop. If ever the double stan- dard comes into play. it is here. under the myopic eyes of Ganley. and the omnipotent ones of Lawson. The prelect in class is the only other guy who hasn't finished his assignment. He is crooned over because of the terrible strain he must be under: yet I am chastised because the only strain that af- fects me is the shift between pre-sleep bodyheat loss. and post sleep eye- twitches. Hannibal's elephants had it better: speaking of which. lunch is next. I slap myself on the landing. for I'm sure I saw one of those Nazis retreat into the confines of the master's common room - nah! Lunch was written up on the board as chop suey. chocolate pudding and pineapple. But before you know it. those crazy kids have gotten those magic letters all mixed up into: chop sue. pud. and pins. Well . . . in a matter of minutes the menu has gone from service . . . er . . . M.A.S.H. food. to can- nibalistic dreamscapes. I can see Wally in my nightmare tonight announcing dinner as "chopped up kitchen girl. Mr. Hargraft. and Hallowe'en surprise treats!" Lunch went fast. but so did Veilleux. Anyway. I have a spare and I pester Mike the ianitor for awhile. This guy is so street-wise that he makes me glad he's here to serve and protect and not causing real harm down at the pool hall. Today's topic for discussion is why there aren't many professional black hockey players. I offer Grant Fuhr as an exception. but it's not good enough. Apparently. Mike's met his parents and they're both white. My retort deals with the DNA, but Mike pounces. "What does the Neighbour Association in Detroit have to do with it?" I yield. American History discussion period. I think someone coined the phrase ln many well-known cases. celebrities have experienced mass hair-loss. It has caused them great anguish. heartbreak. and embarrassment. often ending their careers or sending them to the newest toupee store. This. of course. is not to say that it is more devastating to lose hair if you're in the public eye then if you are Joe Average from Conoga Park. Nor am I saying that only famous people go bald. Anybody can go bald. Baldness is more than a state of mind, it is a mutual agreement. After all. follicles have feel- ings too. One of the maior causes of baldness is stress. People who have taxing ex- istences. or must deal with the general public on a constant basis are under a lot of stress. One way that people deal with stress lie. prevent themselves from hurting other peoplel is by pulling on their hair. Not with gentle tugs. mind. but cruel and violent perks that spell death to many unfortunate hairs. This puts the follicles under a great deal of stress too. and soon. due to their flaky constitutions. they give up on the hair business. and lust up and quit. Baldness occurs. stress increases. and people get iniured. So remember. a stressed lifestyle leads to a stressed scalp. and then to a shiny pate. Follicles are also a cause for teen-age suicide. You may ask how. One doesn't ever see a teen-ager sporting the Yul Brunner look unless he has safe- "easy" when they described this setup. We sit in the Canada room and talk about the latest reading assignment. Thank some deity that we don't have to do something as difficult as take notes. No. indeed it is rather similar to a competition. Those who haven't done the reading went to bed early. thus they can pick up on kev phrases and speak using presumed fore-knowledge Those who have read the damn thing are too tired to talk. and they spend the period supporting their heads with their hands and staying low out of the line of fire. When the gap between the two groups finally becomes noticeable. class is over anyway: and yet another reading is handed out. The rest ofthe day follows a similar pattern and by 3:30. the academic in- frastructure is clogged by disscussionists who are only now grasping what few new ideas emerged earlier that day. The end is near. however, and sports are on the horizon. Practice with the Raiders is never dull. Why I still remember the moment Raidermania was conceived. It was on the bus com- ing back from a pre-season victory. Wally and l were discussing the future. or as I have since termed it. tomorrow-morrovy land in Wally world. Regardless. he threw out the idea of hockey cards. l countered with hot cheerleaders. he brought up a team song. I surfaced the team video idea. After excruciating minutes. the RAIDER REPORT was born. "Game Friday Versus Lakefield". Mr. Large. after announcing something like that always looks around to see if someone has anything to add. I ney er know quite what to say when the coaches eyes drop on me Sometimes I'll bite. - "Yeah and golly we'Il win!" Other times I'm dumb- founded. and the only thing that comes to mind ns the Mr. Bubble theme song. With practice over. l have no reason to stay. so l go home. Homemade leftover dinner. cold because I wasn't home at 5 o'clock lwhen all respec' table Canadians eatl. awaits me on the table. After eating I go upstairs to my room. Everytime I enter it. l decide that it looks more and more like a boarder's room at school. This thought makes me strangely happy. Homework . . . "You dayboys have it so easy. Why you can stay up as late as you want". Well, the world needs ditchdiggers too. l think as the clock wavers around 2 a.m. Instinctively. I finish up my work and slide into bed. If anythnng. my bed is huge. and because of that fact I start to nod off with a smile. My grin ebbs. however. and from somewhere in the house icy fingers take ty pins stuck in his face. But the facts of their deaths do remain. their social lives were ruined by their follicles. You see, follicles are the outlets of the fluid one's pores secrete. If the skin surface isn't kept clean. they are block' ed, and the fluid dries up. That is a dreaded blackhead. More fluid is secreted fpores weren't too brightl. a pimple occurs. It gets worse - a zit. then a few more- then acne, and the worst of all evils - PIZZA FACE! lt has been proven that you will need one hell of a personality to be able to overl come this unfortunate facial condition with the girls of today being as they are. Many a poor child has lost the battle with his or her face, and can no longer stand to live on this earth. They take their lives. So remember. a clean face can save your life! Now you can see. healthy follicles are easy to spot - a shaggy mane of hair and a clean complexion. Those are among the first things you notice when you see someone. Of course. you may overlook them if you are looking at someone who has a nice set of pulchritudes. There are many ways by which you can keep your follicles healthy and save the lives of other humans. In some countries follicles are believed to be little demons that live under one's skin in order to torture evil-doers. Animal sacrifice and orgiastic feasts are their recommmended course of action. I do the Juice Newton album out of the case Then the stairs crcak. and my mother enters with a glass ot water. followed by a NAZI Behind both of them. in the hall Wally is yelling to the school about lunch. but hes got a really familiar mustache under his nose C.J.S. McCann believe. however. that washing one's face twice daily. keeping a well groom- ed head of hair, and lots of luck are necessary to keep your follicles. and your life. intact. But perhaps the most wise advice I can offer you. the one action that will never hurt you to try. the one guaranteed method of lite and follicle maintenance that so few people follow. is as follows - RELAX' I American Historical Dictionary: Publishers Clearance House of Sweeptakes. New York: C l97-I First Prize Short Story A SHAKING OF THE HEAD by David Gray Giles sat with his cheek and part of his mouth pressed against the filmy glass He distractedly drummed the window with his knuckles. all the while musing over the unhurried and casual folk milling about the main street - pamaltv obscured by the grime on the pane. lt was Saturday evening in Eagle Lake The first big weekend of the summer. Giles was beginning to get the feeling that he was watching the same old movie he watched ei. ery year at this time Being there was an acl of resigna- tion Forks were clanking incessantly against their plates for last scraps of Nlrs McGillicutty's a ple pie. As if in collusion. straws slurped tormentingly' tor every drop of Cllubby Charlie's one-of-a-kind Eagle Lake shakes. To make matters worse, the air was saturated with the babbling of local yokels usm' their hmterland drawls. Giles sank down in the over-upholstered boofh. crmging. He was defimtely not in his element. - How'r ya now? What kin ah gitcha? Giles turned. A buxom brunette with a greasy apron stood waiting before him. pen and yellow pad in hand Her nametag read 'Margie,' and her smile revealed a gap between her two front teeth. He fought off an urge to mimic the accent. - Nothing yet. thanks. My friend will be loining me in a second. - Suit yerself. lf ya need sum 'n list holler. As she walked to the next table. he heard her above the clamour. - How'r you folks teday? What kin ah gitcha? Cap sat down across the booth from Giles. He lived in Milwaukee and his real name was Neville Schnarb. Cap. like Giles. had a cottage on Moose Lake. Five years before. when his family had first bought it. Neville would only answer to 'Captain Marvelous.' Later. this became 'Cap.' - I forgot what a hole this place is. Giles looked at him silently for a moment. - How the hell did I ever let you talk me into this? Cap became worried. - You can't go backing out on me now. Besides. what kind of question is that? When have I ever failed you before? - Once. From the time I mel you until now, Giles felt himself quite clever. Cap pretended to take offence. If guilt was the only way to keep Giles there. so be it. - Just wait. friend. You'lI be begging forgiveness for that remark before the night is through. - If I had my way. it already would be. C35 felt himself losing control over his friend. A ill you iust relax for chrissake. No one knows us here. and we're virV tually guaranteed success. I don't even know why I bother with you. There was nothing Giles hated more than people like Cap telling him to relax. It made him feel nervous. In Toronto, Giles ignored people like Cap. On Moose Lake. however. Cap was the nearest facsimile of civilization - even if he was an American. Under normal circumstances Giles prided himself on his calm. cautious and reserved demeanor. Around Ca . however. situations often exceeded his control. It was quickly becoming ob- vious to Giles that this was going to be one of those times. Cap. on the other hand. regarded Giles as more of a disciple than a com- rade. A cohort in crime. perhaps. who could shoulder any b ame. The sense of securit with which Giles provided him made him reckless and daring. Suddenly they were startled by the sound of smashing dishes. - Yer a disgustin' Creep! Cap and Giles turned to see a plate of Chubby Charlie's World-Famous Down-Home Country Fish n'Chips shattered on the gritty tile floor. Margie the waitress stood over it red with rage, She was glaring contemptuously at the patron who had inched her. and a chill ran up Giles' spine. V Sorry 'bout that lloney. Let me make it up teya over some dinner? Margie fumed as the other customers laughed, the brims of their truckin' hats bobbing up and down as they did so. This was a social event in Cottage Country. - I don't understand why you couldn't take this girl out alone. - How many times do I have to tell you this? - You haven't told me. Schnarbl All at once. they seemed to realize they were yelling. Cap and Giles looked around People were staring at them. In the background. Anne Murray was whining 'Snowbird' on the tukebox. Giles thought he had heard someone mumble 'city sIickers.' Cap thought he saw a tumbleweed roll by. Cooler heads prevailed. - All right. humour me here. Why is it you felt the need to suck me into this? - As I told you before . . . Giles shook his head in disgust . . . Plum told me that she couldnt come unless I found a date for her friend Lindsay. V There are no other fish in the sea? - Plum is really special. - I don't doubt it. Giles was trying very hard to be cynical, V Should the fact that this friend of hers can't find dates of her own in- dicate something to me? - She's iust sta ing with Plum for the weekend. Cap could smell victory. V You never have to see her again if you don't want to. Besides, Plum tells me that she's a lot of fun. Giles felt nauseous. Cap sensed his concern. - And cute too. Plum says she's really cute. Giles shook his head resignedly. V I don't suppose this has anything to do with the fact that I'm the only person you know in this country with a car? Cap knew he had won. - You call that heap a car? - Plum and Lindsay. eh? How quaint. Giles decided to order a Coke. Margie was still angry. so he made it two. He looked out the window into the street. The twilight was casting long shadows. He tapped the Armorite table with his father's school ring. A few locals seemed to be eyeing the cars at the curb. Evidently, there wasn't very much worthwhile for one to do in Eagle Lake on a Saturday night. Giles hoped all that would change now that he was old enough to drive. He lingered over his Cokes as Cap examined the jukebox and the yellowed food illustrations which adorned the walls of Chubby CharIie's. and which seemed to advocate the renaissance of the beehive hairdo. Cap came back and sat down. - It's seven already. Where the hell are they? Giles saw his opportunity. V Relax. Cap. They'll be here before you know it. Cap didn't appear to find anything out of the ordinary in the statement. Giles was disappointed. Two girls came in and looked around. One of them spotted Cap. and made a bee-line toward him. A broad smile came over her face. and she seemed full of exhuberance and anticipation as she approached. her compa- nion in tow. Giles' mind was racin . He feared this type of person. - Hi Cap! You must be Giles! l've Eeard so much about you. I'm Plum. and this is Lindsay Fitzgerald. We're both from Belleville. We have a place on Moose, too! She giggled irrepressibly, Giles was dumbstruck. - Pleasure to meet you. He shot a quizzical look at Cap. - You must consider yourself so lucky to have a friend like Cap. Giles resisted an urge. - It's a constant source of comfort to me. He found it difficult to envision a situation in which Cap and a girl like Plum would meet. and find one another even remotely interesting. He could think of only two. It must have either been a kissing booth. or some type of fundamentalist religious event. Either way. Giles felt like a victim in 'The Twilight Zonef Giles sized her up. While she was good-looking by any standard. with medium-length dirty blond hair and pixy features. Giles found her to be ut- terly unappealing. Everything about her intimidated him. Her clothes. her laugh. her manner. her hair, and even the way she talked. He could only en- vision her as somebody's daughter. A cheerleader. A student council presi- dent. A Prom Queen. To him. Plum exuded frigidity. Lindsay seemed different, however. She was by no means a beauty. with dark. curly hair and subdued clothing. but she nevertheless conveyed a strange air of sexuality. Her manner was quiet. but confident. She was friendly. but. unlike Plum. exuded warmth instead of 'pep.' Giles felt an at' tachment to her. He smiled. She smiled back. In the background. the tukebox played 'I Never Promised You a Rose Garden' The 'irls sat at the table. The upholstery squawked rudely. Everyone pretended not to notice. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence as the four of them sat smiling at one another. They had obviously decided to put the best possible face on things. This was too much for Plum to bear. - Say. Ca . . . do you want to dance? - To this hick stuff? Cap didn't know how to dance, - Yeah. you're right. So . . . what did you guys have in mind for tonight? - Well. l thought we might all go for a drive . . . if that's okay with you. that is. Plum and Lindsay looked at each other quickly Cap watched them close- ly. They came to a wordless consensus. Lindsay spoke quietly - Have you guys got anything to drink? Ca and Giles were slightly taken aback. - Tse were planning to stop off along the way. Plum and Lindsay smiled at one another - l knew you guys were okay Cap and Giles looked hesitantly at each other. Girls were always a lot dif- ferent in the summer. The four of them ot up from the table. and left the diner It was still somewhat light outsise. and people loitered on the main street. idling with friends. Giles' car. however. was in a dark shadow cast by the Town Hall ad- iacent to Chubby Charlie's. Cap and Plum took the back seat. while Lindsay took the passenger side. As Giles got into the driver's seat. he noticed two locals. a couple of years older than they. leaning against a dirty pickup truck and looking amusedly at him. - Thet's quite a car ya got ther. lt was a brown Ford. Giles got in These people made him nervous - Don't think she's gonna run too good fer va tenight. tho They laughed. Giles looked up. He tried to start the car lt sputtered. wheezed. and died. He tried again. He got out - What the hell did you guys do to my car? - Wasn't us boy. You wanna watch who yer damn well accusin'? - Who the hell did it then? - Take it easy boy. We pst saw a couple kids siphonin' yer gas - Well. where can l get gas? - You kin get it right over ther. He pointed. - But it ain't open til eight tomorrow. Giles dropped his head - lsser sump'n we kin help ya with? Giles walked back to the car He told the news to Lindsay, Cap. and Plum. They already knew. After a moment of silence. Plum piped up - May be we can get the booze and go back to the lake My parents are at the Regatta Dinner. They won't be back til one. Giles ran his finger along the window. He felt more like cutting his losses Cap liked Plum's idea. Cap liked Plum. ' Can you guys maybe take us to the Liquor Store and drop us at Moose Lake? Cacp was sounding a little too vulnerable for Giles' tastes He did not like the i ea of these people thinking they were depended on They were not the type. They looked at each other and smiled treacherously Or at least that's how it seemed to Giles. s You got money? - Oh yeah. We've got enough to maybe even buy you guys a few Giles shook his head The locals chuckled. -Well. that's mighty kind of ya. buddy Why don't ya give it here. and l'll go in for ya when we get ther They opened the doors to their old pickup Cap handed over the money These guys would stand a much better chance of getting served Giles was not convinced Plum and Lindsay smiled in anticipation A I shur hope you lellers dont mind roughin' it There were some wooden boxes in the back - I think we shud be able te fit four of us in the cab You two kin list hop in tha back ther Cap and Giles looked at each other. They climbed in lt was extremely dirty. Giles felt humiliated - Hope thet doesn't hurt yer clothes They chuckled. The girls sat up front. Plum had to sit on one of their laps Cap was begin' ning to have second thoughts Giles was on a box of apples Cap hadn't worn socks. Giles had forgotten his pen-knife. The truck started with a wheeze As it moved forward with a perk. Cap and Giles were hurled into the sidewall lnside. they could hear Iauvhter The truck drove out of town. and off the main road. Cap and Gilesklooked anxiously at one another This was a place neither of them had been before They were heading away from Moose Lake Giles tapped his ring on the box Soon they could see no houses. All around them were trees It was rapidly 'etting dark. Giles could no longer see Caps face He hadn't heard anything Trom inside for what seemed like a hall-hour He considered eating an apple The truck whined to a stop. They were in the middle of nowwhere Giles' mind raced. Cap tried to speak. The locals got out. The girls turned around in the cab to look at them. The driver grinned at them - Enda tha line. boys. The locals leaned against the sides of the truck A What? Giles' voice cracked. Y Get outa ther. Cap and Giles got out. Both of them lelt like crying. but there were con' siderations. Cap straightened. - What about our girls? The four of them looked at Plum and Lindsay Plum stepped out on the far side. A l don't know what to say . She looked around. and then at Lindsay. - We do have to be back by one She paused and bit her lower lip. - l'm really sorry about this guys. l'll see you around The locals chuckled and 'ot into the cab Plum and Lindsay looked at them for a moment. Plum shut the door They honked three times as they drove away Cap and Giles watched them until they were out ol sight. and then turned wordlessly toward one another Giles shook his head lf.A if First Prize Poem 'Lit lx. MY Bom Musr SAIL jifr by Henio Podlewski f yu 4 My boat must sail upon the gentle waves. Its task to save those poor men lost at sea. . And help them to escape their yearning graves. Are all men worthy to be saved by me? -, - Their souls do fight against the swell and tide. f The water's grip does pull and drag them down. They shout and struggle hoping not to slide. . Beneath the ocean's dark and rippled frown. And if they sink into the dark green world. From which they cannot possibly escape. Their human forms are squeezed with force then hurled. ,.-,g V To where death's laws do wait for them agape. s Your soul is safe if you but reach the boat. Which bravely dares upon such seas to float. lx xxx Xxx X XX .I .Agjf Second Prize Poem PERMANENCE by John Dyer Spider and I, We used to be close The two of us did Whatever we chose But those days are long gone Spider never came back I last saw him walking Through the window crack He was a friend As good as friends can be Lived in a web near the window Left most of the room to me A million years. l couldn't find For me a better friend Spider caught me half my meals I. XX -ef t X S 00 Z Shared all the time he could spend 2 l often played Old Spider chess A tx On a board I only saw N The games went on lor days and days .l V ' But ended up a draw ' ' Nm , D -lx , , All things have changed, now Spider's gone ' H ' 1 P - - N, " I seldom speak to anyone ' yt TZ F bb But l know in my heart that he will come back Y . g 4 ' X V Making his way through the window crack. XX Q ff - I fx f XX In A . 4 an -- IN MEMCRIAM lt IS wlth great sadness that the Convocatnon of Tnnlty College School records the death of John D Burns on Sunday May Sl I987 and Archlvlst at the School from I943 to I987 He will be massed by all who knew hum John D Bums lozo-losv REQLIIESCAT IN PACE Mr. Burns was a master, housemaster. coach. CHAPEL LIFE Chapel Irfe had many hlghllghts thus year Among the uest speakers we welcomed our Pnmate Archbrshop rchael Peers Canon Davud Bmdon Solomon Islands Selwyn Collegel Father Dennis Do loff Rick Tobuas Evergreen Mrsslonl and a former TCS Chaplam Father elth Gleed Vnsmng Cathedral Choirs came from St George s Kmgston and St James Toronto Remember the 'gurtar songs the hymn slngs and the chapel skuts lGray mn et al? A cha Advnsory Commrttee lStaff and Students, recom mended a number of changes and the Tnnlty Term gave us an opportunity to try a few of them out More boy Involve ment rn leadm chapel more vanetz an the format of week day chapel ls Its open pulprts wrt staff and boys House PBTIICIPZIIOI1, and no announcements after chapel were a few of these changes This combined wlth an assembly rn the Lower gym each onday mommg has created much dlscus suon fa more penod one classes startrng on trmell The Sacnstans lco heads Grahame Lawson and Mark Dun mlll and Sunday School teachers fled by Paul Blythl con tnbuted much to the llfe of the chapel The chapel servrces contmue to seek ways of challen mg thhzl bpys to look at and take senously the spmtual sa e of t r rves Thus pa e was sponsored by Mr and Mrs .I Dunbar and by the avrdsons Artwork by Nigel Gray :rag st' Ia, ---.:-.r 'W 'hiai-:'Z -A' ' '- -59 I W 1 n ll 'Ln ill- 'll- ill! -Ili: 'IIE '1-:: qsll :ll- 'gli 'illl 1n:: ng , Jill I IIS -I -rf, I OS Q Q 4 202 -fo its 434 412 B 4a?.':f 042-2 ll! Ill -.I jll Il. Il I I -ll Il. ,l ' H . x is 2 of f v 'ff fllk I - Q 3 , 5-,ew fig.. gy .Q R - ..l E N o 4 R AU' - if ..Q, W0 5. 1, 1- 1. xg P-N, Qu 7 'a Debating Burk Row E -X Brown RL Hammond D D C Gran P Rlrch N1 N1 Maurer CE Robuson P B Binh N1 C Xl alker -X C Letten Pr 'VI Dubrox From Row BS Schwartz VI C C Vlonon Al CONNBFI RX! Hawrush MXL Skoczxlas A S C Dew 4Spcaker5 .i N1 L Cwlbb-Carslew C A Vhuke Opposne Mark Cross- man. debanng tor Burns House, Rrghl Amhom Dem. Speaker oi Debatnng Photo by 'Hr J Bums ,fn 91 ,A Proctors The Headmaster M C Walker C-A Veilleux P B. Blyth RE Danielson BXS Smoking Sealed Mr P Godlrex ICoachl Standing. Right Center M5 Spencer CCapt J Bigside Full Colours SGJ Carscadden F.J Gallo C H. Giraud NPF Gray J R. Ouimet MS Spencer T H Trollope Extra Colours J R. Baldwin H C Daudson JD McVean Half Bigside Colours H G Bowen JS Dver WA. Halls LJ Huneke K G Lee CJS McCann Distinction Award FJ Gallo Sr. Band Raw R R HS Ham l Ix QIVIIC R NI Sluhwmn XI P Xl JIIRIIISOII P P Hvdgsuu K1 X -Xrmslrung R I Hxxarmcu R I Vaxllsld P R Gmbcc X1 Lexus ,I f IOLILI R I kcrr SL Fraser Xhddlc ROLL! NIr .I N1c6cc I N1 L GlbIr'CarsIex P .I Gm P C Gcrarrmo R F C.3mpbclI The Hcadnmsler From Row P ,I Bourne EXX S Icuug I HAS SOI1 C -X XXIWIIQ ,I C Robunson N1 C XX alker T XX Xlluke Jazz Ensemble Rad: Row R F NIQXX hnrter Lk Crrrme R NI Slednmrr R T Hxxarunen RI 'Haxlveld N14Jr1Ic Row Ur ,I X1c6ec I N1 L Gibb Carslex F' ,I Gm IH-5 Sch R F CampbcII F' Q Geracrmu IIN Hcarimaster Front Row P 3x P Iakaroxx NI Lawn D I Rourvw C X XXIMKC 15 -,..-V'-.., , -' ,, , , , . h .-., -. Q. In Qu: . , W . - , . , - D A ,I 11431 'f-'fhX ?dQLi4l'r.L,- ' .5,"'.gif-Ziff.: Jr. Band Bark ROLL' ,I If ful-:nmn Rl MacDonald -X NI NI Dunn: ,I G R 'Vlaxnard -X H Runtann T ,I Rcnnse D R Haxtneld AC Menon P -X P lskaroxs V C! Hvhbs .I R XX ,Innes Nhddlv Row The Headnuaster -XX H B3Iu3T ,I NX Lee R ,I Kerr C G H Crsgg .I .I Luu N1r ,I NIcCsee Frou! Rau' 'NI XX Skoc:xIas 'VI N1 Bassett .I R XX .lanes B ,I Pllgrlm CI Sladelmann TT Rolahood N1 B Carmel! Beginners Band Buck Row Mr ,I N1c6ee D Lee Suu .IJ knight JR Pere: SP Xlnlhams JJ Buchanan The Headmaster Front Row JG Summonds B -X PFOCIOI' S Cosno S SI CNI Bowen PJ Rowland RSV! Ho DG Zimmerman :K - - -35. QE I if Ju ,.-Y ' Y - by Marla Knill Bethune House came to be this year with another green housemaster. And yet again the 6th form "training commit' tee" succeeded in producing first class results. With our visiting Head of House Henrik Vasila heading us we could not lose. Strength in the lower forms was shown by Rob Kerr. who couldn't do anything poorly. Andy Buntain led the house in sugar consumption. while Raymond Gatcliffe won the Best Attempt at Speaking English Prize. The middle forms of Bethune were represented by some shining Stars like Jeremy Jacobs and the ever studly Ryan Abraham. The seniors of the house were men like Randall Waddell and lan MacDonald. Craig Hopps won the Housemastefs Favourite Cup with of course Matt Vasey and Angus Buntain tied for a close sec- ond. We had Steph Cote and Sean Ormond for contrast, and Doug Jemmett lor a laugh. Colin Narinesingh illustrated the extended break concept all year with impressive consistency. Nigel Gray and Rene Ouimet impressed all with their voluminous consumption of 'butts'. Mark Spencer came sec- ond. The year was highlighted by lno, not Sports Dayl a Senior House Debating win, two Triathlons, and many more ol those skill testing house competitions. Bethune proved to be a very comfortable place to live and will be missed by all who are leaving. We also received the 75 Coolest Guys Who euer Lived with an Aussie. Good luck next year Toad and Mac. Long liue the Penthouse!!! ' IYI 11 ' ' i fs -' X..-ll X-' if Q' X.. "N K.: 1 2' I v,- A 1 . . 'iii -' X X . .g-9 " 'Su s PO 'li . I X ' . ."f , ,U gr, M Vt . - AA, in A . Hue 4' . . ,ge V- . 'Q 4. -f 'gp :WA V Q 3-f Liv. .'i' . ..a fm- '- if '- 1 1 -. -- 143-ga :,saQf:Q3..A!4L'g,' , i- st ,' V - .5 ..i A' ' Q '- r- .' ' .Li ji I5 'ig' rwtplg. ' I .:.'Q.,."'- f. , , l gr, ., ' .qi 1 .A ,. t tg .Fl-P-.. fx . ' . Mu. 'wg 1-frail' 5 v lim f.+ by David Gmti Bickle House. The reality? Hmpl. This should be a challenge, To parlay the whole schmeer into a coherent but idea-packed thriller. l'xe heard it's uselul to put these things into some sort ot perspective. So let's make that "hmpf" piercing and high-pitched. and lollow it with a crisp but indignant "What the liell is going on here?". Yeah. that's the ticket. Now that the atmosphere has been established we should write in some characters. A Housemaster is needed. Call him Mr. Honey tor some irony. He'll need a P.R. liaison. Let's call that guy Fleming-Wood. Later on he'll quit the iob. I think. We should get some contlict in there. How about Finn? No? Well then. XX hammv? Politka? lablonsky? Somebody has to be above all this. How about Cowan and McDonald? No. wait . . . may be they should be Heads oi House. Oh. hell, we'Il have them be both There should be some guys that really love it. I guess. We'll call them Morton. Bennett. Thompson. Forbell. Schwartz, Watkinson. Scott and Bull. No. scratch Bull. This is getting complicated. Apathy. That's what we're miss- ing. Let's say . . . Little. Wells. Duff. Hamilton. Davidson. Cowan and McDonald. Hold it. we've used them already. l'm losing touch. Maybe that's appropriate. Somebody should be reasonably normal, I think. We'll throw Turner. Reid, Brown. Deely. Maiumdar and Edwards in there. Edwards? Oh. what the hell. There's lust a little something needed to touch it all on. There really should be somebody smiling. l know . . . Collumbin and Spud. Yeah. we've got it. Now we'll go toss the whole assortment into an undistinguished box to live together in harmony or acrimony, whichever is easier. I think l'll call it Bickle House. or maybe even 'Club Dickf Might have possibilities. you know. 7-It QQ J fly LI., Y ,, Y, . by Andrew Pinkerton Brent House had another banner year in '86-'87. The house was blessed by a Sixth Form fifteen-strong. under the direction ot .lohn Armstrong. Our co-operative Grade Nines tollowed the example ol some of these Sixth Formers. and collected an impressive number of gatings between them. Brent House accomplished a lot this year. We won Sports Day lagaint. we dominated in Wrestling. and somehow won Senior House Cricket. as well as several other House Com- petitions, Our House Play was memorable. and Mr. Hargraft even quit smoking for two months, For some reason Brent was home to a number of brothers. These included .lustin and .lonas Raymond. Heath and Kent Trollope. Dave and Guy-rod Bowen, John and Mike Arm- strong, Mike and Dan - the killer Nobles - and Seb and Ollie Sweatman. Some other characters in the house included 'Space-Cadet' Kime. 'Smiley' Simurda. Fast-Ed Chart. Robison and Birch Y the barber-brothers - Mim. Fetus, Pablo Van Eybergen. Shawn Jovi, and Kentucky Fried Holtby. Who will torget AA Bolton. 'Checkered Flag' Jones. Paco "Got a but. man?" Gallo, or 'Squid' Morley? We were lucky to have Andrew Ritchie and Tim Mickel- borough from Haileyborough in England. and Rudy Enz- mann from Brentwood in BC each for a term as exchange students. The house will never be the same without Mr. Hargraft. We welcome Dr. Dubroy as next year's Housemaster. 9 A V' K 47 . l EU' U- A fig A ' X V-if by Rtchard Pmlzerton Burns House thas year was a real motley crew One could tell what ktnd of house II was gotng to be when Vlnce I can do anythtng because I have mono Vetlleux and hatr Buchanan decided to room together Trouble was brewmg Next door Rambtll and Dun du dun dun bar remained fatthful whlle Rohit Ispeaklng of Motley Cruel blasted Rob all the way to Buckle House Across the hall Alan was usually busy pull mg plugs out of vacuum cleaners whale Jeremy kept the Doc tor company Meanwhlle Kat Schwarzenegger and Colm the opttmlst bardner survtved another happy year Across from the washroom Lrossman was constantly redecorattng has room Dave and Steve rapped Trlnt style next door Whale Derek I feel suck Knnght grumbled and Coppen taped more albums Sktdder and Porrltt entertained M O D s After try mg every other location In the house Tummy and Petee decld ed that their own room was the safest place to sktp chapel Upstalrs Lanes Introduced Lmtdeon to some new frtends whsle John and Jason vacatloned early to evade thelr 32 combln ed excesstve House Quarters Whale Pete uera ktmo was get tmg htmself unto trouble Browner was debatlng whether or not to start workmg Russ rock and Ham face talked rugby all year J Cox and Volkswagen Rob were amicable nelghbours for IBM Whalen and Bnan Saul Across the hall were measles Paul and "look what happened when they cut Samson's hatr' Davts "Caddy" J J and Jesse lnot Joeyl Jones founded the 6 44 Club Jerry and has roommate fmally came to terms, whale "Syn ,-.4 -'..! K ,Z incl' j I .X 'I-I l tax Error Walker and Spun Bowl Blyth entoyed bangtng on the wall Next door Fabtan tutored Marcus In math whale Schooner Letten and Campbell Soup cleaned up their room Around the bend Chuck one of us was adopted Vetlleux subdued hyper tumors and Danlelson let has hatr down Downstalrs agam In Lrttle Toronto Bellabut hogged the telephone whale Rex slept showered and smtled Ruta' Cun nnngham reached new heights whale Cutte requested late Ilghts to work on has serve Moose made hts bed whale dodger Rodger trted to fugure out what he was dotng here Hlldl kept the quarters book fllled and Munch kept the Tuck Shop tn bustness Hey maaan Wllson practtsed for the Luong Show all year and Dougu gu bragged about Brockville I mean Florlda Jaker helped matntatn a study atmosphere In the House and Dua want to go back to Toronto wrote songs about Htldu Ltghts out Pat and meet you ln the ltbrary Herb drove thelr nelghbours crazy When Yun wasn t wnnntng races Lee Sul wasnt hltttng stxes Snell wasnt ordermg puzzas or Crawford wasn t makmg Punk s bed they would all barricade themselves Inside thetr rooms Stormtn Norman was etther sleeping or developtng puctures of htmself Shut up Herb I m trytng to study Rtcardo trted frultlessly to get the House to bed before mtdnught He gate up by Thanksgtvmg Several T Y s land a few whtstlesl go to R R All the best and adleu to Dr D Wuth a house luke thus no one was the least surprised when we won the House Cup Were we? " .T t 'T ' 6 T' . li , .r . li I Q9 F- I .r ' 1 ' T- ' ., f . Abi, Q f . ' X ,J ' U ' ' A . ' t t it ll ft ,. .gf I x I I ' ,-I' W ' . A L 'nk R gf' I 'P 4- - Q ' 1' " ' .F 5 V te--J '- .x pf V' 5, A 1' ' .- if lf Ag 1 1 y All T K ,I J' . I I - ,IA .5 . I r. - f.,..?," ,f ' .- ' . I V ' tr' 1 L- M , B I - F.- 'pl st I l V ' A' .itzlxll 'A ir? A ' ' . L' Q. -F-IN N . ' . . I I . I . . . . . . 1 . D . - .. I - , . , . . ' . 1 . I . . 1 I EE4 I Ill -is 1 In ' - 1... u-. I fu- . :- -5- M Q '1"53. 24' v'1l . 1 .L -i . A 1:15 . . S- U'-. . .!' - -f' . . ' ..'.'flQ-f. 'c-6,4 by .lolin Moise You know it is a banner year for Hodgetts House when George .lehlicka makes it to chapel at least twice each week. This year Hodgetts House grew in size lwe're gaining on the rest of the housesl, and in spirit thanks to our house characters. Start- ing with the inseparable Paul Hodgson and Dale Huffman lwardrobe hx Paul Birchl, we moxe on to our house cruiser Tom 'Easy Rider' Dillon. And who could forget 'Big Boge'? Then there is our house lock. Sandy "l know l'm black" Camp- bell. How about Dan. "Did you sign nie in at chapel?" Miaig or Stoner or Brendan 'Farmer' Kerin tending the Hodgetts' Homegrown for Matt. Nobody will forget Grahame 'Dudes' Lawson. i-Xt exery hockey game Hodgetts House was represented by 'Louie the Lips' Cirne. and along the musical lines we had our own little drummer boy Peter Snackarow. With the addition of Mr. Proctor's latest proteges. Juha and Remo, we skated circles around the other houses in . , . debatingY7 Hodgetts entertainment reigned supreme at T.C.S. with the satellite dish. .lust ask Jeff 'XXX' Ward l"tell me if my girlfriend is coming"J. Sylvain "'Odgetts 'Ouse" Marcoux did a great job this year but he continually frustrated the school with his announcements. This was Mr, Heaton's last year as our Housemaster and we will all miss his ice cream parties. He did a lot for our house. taking us from being an insignificant part of Bums House to a major force in the school. We had a terrific year with Mr. Heaton - next year with Mr, Maclnnis should prove to be iust as good. 5.5 -N midi - s 'sf Cu. 'sv sq lt was an exenttul year in Ketchum Housez few could call it boring or commonplace. Two-thirds of the house returned in September and the new boys quickly settled in to learn all the old tricks. Ketchum flourished in house sporting com- petitions lhighlighted by lst place in the Oxford Cupl. and fielded competent teams in end-of-season play. Debating did not show as well as in previous years. just missing the finals. The house play produced some new thespians but. alas. no awards. Manx time-worn traditions were continued: staying up late, getting up late and generally hating a good time. Unfortunately. a few had a little too much fun. We sax farewell to the Kedwells and welcome Mr. Steven- son as Ketchunfs fourth housemaster. Good luck to Mark Coons and the rest of next year's Sixth Form. E1 AN INSIDE LOG The Art Room F .t my . ' Ek- ' S X I ff- , 'WN fi Clockcwrse prom Top left Sean Danko applues the tmushmg touches. Jonathan Saul gn- ung the arttstuc touch under the expert exe ot Derek Porratt, kenneth Edwards. pleased wth the outcome Corex XL ells shows the resemblance 5 .537 '1-L9 2 I, -fi! 'cr 44, rg' X ,n Osler Hall if 75 " The Classroom -HX' . Xxx ' 'JIU .lf v O 1 K n, f - ,, A "' 'll ' N , of .. 9 .. .L w no--V-lg xl 't NN 6-ff 3 y" X l may . we I 1 as Cloclzwise from Top left: The Kttchen Staff poses proudly wuth thas creatne cunsunep Goodall stuffing hrs laceg "Not bad - lor Western food". Lee and Ma- lumdar paytng no attentton to physicsp Graber: marvels at the mtracle ot lute, Venlleux. Lawrence. Yam and Malumdar havtng a pre-class chat. Ptnkerton and Knlll sit patiently as Armstrong rambles on. FIR T FORM ydw-' r' X 2"'o-lx. 99" 4,0 t-Wi li Y. S Top A handful of thi boss Above Staunton Bowen In th.. Burns House Lommon Room Ruqhr uraham Snmmonds haunt, a pu a ..6'pPm5'l9n.. mg., l'95,."v,,, J 0-,x!Q -ug,-N, 5tfQ7'x!"lg'?4' ww 'H' K 'AJR 'af xi, ,J M5418 ou, go I V 'A K. 1 ' 'Z Q o f fn.--u . gi zz . ' , .., ,f v y.. ' iq- i!,g, ., Q 'ij f ,. IKY' 7, - ' . v- 'nj ' ,. ' v .... ,r " 'Q . , fi , V A - , . 1 f 7 e ,na Fr .V 1 - ' ' . .T Ty - fn F A 4 - , ' 4- .g , I D 59+ ' uw . . ., , ,AT I -.I A 1 '-.1 -' ' ,lj . - A . 1 Q - ---,,.. . .. - of -vw-'T' . ..- .Wa ,,1., Q. L f' ' -'Y -zfff-1-2 kraxuikxw 5 X .f .Akin A " - .f - fm-ml --Q 'Q' h ' K., J '-rf 1 ff iff, -' A 1 " ,I ,fs ,ffv r , ' -,1,. .5 -X P- " ' f.-.La -, -1 fig M ' ' :""' . ." 1j1Lyg,. 1, . I' . s., V V. in . Y A K-.I .,-,fxgglqg-3 I 1 .. 1.'.'.-I ' x 'Zig , ' !i'r':-inf ' '. fff' v '-.Ulf '." A- "5 Y - -.-'-. 5 1,-".'-' . vi I .- H ' A L' ' M1 'vs-nn - A' - W . in-, ' , f , ' ' 1 ' I 1 ' f . 1 zz h 1 V SECGND FGRM X, lr? f QD i g V-ll 1-ss-1 Top Left: Grade Ntne Abuse. Top Right Pass 'em back, Bottom Left J-JW: Aboue: lan Crawlord Gated agmn THIRD FORM 'WQPT N ,g If-H tix 5 i-T A", C6 . 4 4 . ,A ,J 'g Y P "' "r -'5'.2x4-YQ" .- 1' F, is SS V-'Edna' K I QP J This Page. Starting Top. the whole radelg Above: Alan Thomson. up to his old tricks: Right. Tason Taylor. getting his due?: Opposite Page. Starting To Left. Dan Holmes. in training. Top Right: Brad Schwartz. tfuring Rock Talk. Mid' dle Right Darren Cunningham finally gets his picture in the yearbook. Bottom our Finnish friends. Remo and Juha. Z' if 6-'X fs, wx " x FGLIRTH FORM v ' -" in ' W 'r Q wg A' r .L 1 - f KW 1 I 'L V Lan' , 5-' ' ' at-'., 33, if 5 P Q gl--v , . 0 'K ' 'Mum ' 4.lll- 'E sas, 3REA -n Y .3 Opposite Page. Starting Top the vahole gradei 'Vlnddle Left Trexor Julnanz Bottom left Paul Hodgson. Mvddle Rnght Rush Hammond, Bottom Right Pat McCarthy This Page. Smrtmg Top the bow, Left Jake Deacon: Abou.: Mark de Pencuer FIFTH FCRM S' 1 ll! 1 ll' URM vu A vx 'Y C2 Top Left LOIIHN8I'If184lDgh Msddle Left Larahame Lawson Top Ruqhl John Saul Above Kewn Foley and John Beilamy Rrqhl Tum Magwood 1 1 , r C H .l, ' ,. , ' N . Mr 1 4 W' Z. 1 , WZ- 'A . , .. .f ' Y ,fa Q E w ' - to: - I H ,X x I , -' 4 IQ b f H U ,4 1 , . 1 n n I i ' n ' 1 I PN if . I, - 4 4 N 40? Q Q S S . K A X IMAGE Ji!! f fv-04 'xi' f" ' ..2- UL..." O'-QQ l..,.v-H.- WWW 'UR -W4 ff' SIXTH FORM i E, Ninn, 1 , 1 1 ' qc 'x N--. B n.,- ' A Y Q. ir? sr" '7 .. 3 at X ,F- K 5 9 3- -,' k q,'kLimQ Opposite page. Starting Top Left Nigel suffers Irom cotlee withdrawal. lan Mason Ali what a beautiful spring dag. l think l'll driue to Edmonton. Barry l'd like to tulle. hut Vue got u iam session with Stevie Rug, Scott They ning laugh gt me now, but l'm gonnti own this bus somedng. Clayton lan. Dont fool with the cool. cu: the cool dont tool This page, Startling Top Left Another picture ol The Record Photographs Editor' The Bethune Boys try to dissaude Outmet trom ending it all. Randall He had the broadest shoulders: Armstrong Gee l wish l could lool: as intelligent as George und Skidder' Blxth uses an inanimate model to illustrate bahybtrth techniques. Crow gets donn to some Soul Train repeats, 8 PREFECTS l l ' ' --" 1qf'.r" 51-1 Back Row RE Danielson. R R .I Pinkerton. SR Goodall. S Nlarcoux. M G kntll, ,I D Armstrong. D S T 'klcDonald Front R u. H N Xa Cate. The Headmaster SD Flaming Wood 1Hcad Prelectl. -Xl Conan Head Prefect Heads of Houses Head 58CriSIan SD. Fleming-Wood Bethune: HM. Vasila M-R. Dunnill Prefects Bickle: A.l. Cowan G-TK. l.3wSOn JD. Armstrong D.S.T. McDonald Head Choirboy J.B.S. Cots? Brent: JD. Armstrong DJ- BOUFHE A.l. Cowan Burns: R.R.J. Pinkerton 5Pe3kel' of Debating RE. Danielson Hodgetts: S. Marcoux A-SC. Dew S.R. Goodall Proctors Head Librarian Mo. Knill PB. Blyth P.J.C. Dalton S. Nlarcoux RE. Danielson MC- Walker D.S,T. McDonald C-A. Veilleux EdlY0l' Of The Record R.R.J. Pinkerton MC. Walker R-R-J. Pinkerton HM. Vasila i, 1 1. N-5173 W -X ,Rs , A , .1-L ,f -ff- fv ' I .5 .N . W 1 ' 4 X a!i.L. KA -uh ft John D Armstrong 83 87 ' en: "uc . 'N ' 5 " ' it thug the ui -. John R Baldwin 80 87 e Bob Nlarleii C 1 .li int 'reite the world in :cum i gs . . . He blew it off for six and l floated jn- LIIHWJ Ill dllvlllrllllff I ngafed ground. - The Gospel according to Trinity ftfhapter XVIJ .MQNJ -di 'df E Bruce B Barber 85 87 Baseball it has been said is a game of inches But euen more it is a game or innoeeme The father as his father before him knows full well that baseball is as mueh business as sport Hz also knows that the world is not gust and that life is not fair But amen the sli htest encouragement mind md hear beep to their separate orbits A fatger and son pass throuqh the turnstile theii share the excitement that todau is something uerg spetial for both of them The parent passes on the wonder and awe of his vwn youth to his hiltlren and in domq so renews it within himself Anthomi J Lonner Then I floated out, Mike W. Bernard '84-'87 Sugar arrived at Trinity in I984, bringing new meaning to the words Suck, Spaz and Stud. Most oi his spazzing was taken out on James Jockman his roommate, but he was often known to give the quiet S az to others. The Stud label stuck from Bigside Soccer. Squash and Crictet as well as the notorious Gillian. The Sucking was mainl contined to class time. but every once in a while slipped into the Bichle House M.O.D. Room. Well Mike, it's been a fantastic three years and l wish we could do it all over again lreallyll. Best of luck at Western next gear . . . too bad they don't have a Group One! o 9 . . wood tri ds uit hail mod yritntls wt ui. lo- t S ' ati ln this areal liitiire, ' 7 9 lou can cl pt I . . '01 A e A S " la ' r i 1 - Q X . Q 1 ol I r . ' i ' I . I ' 4 -1 ,l 'N . 7 y I 1 2 IJ - .., 8 9 O Paul Birch 83 87 Well l m feeling neruous Now l find myself alone The simple life s no longer there Once I was so sure Now the doubt inside my head Comes and goes But leads nowhere - Dauid Sylvian Peter B Bolton 84 87 I am a roclz Simon and Garfunkel were happy Dante Alighieri lt s what you learn after you lmow it all that counts John Wooden Paul B Blyth 80 87 Paul was born three weeks late, Arrived at Trinit on a sunny. autumn alttrnoo in l98O. late Usually went to ed . . well sometimes Lelt lor breaklast, hall dressed. at 7:4-l a.m. Blyth went to Gooey's History. late. Liked to go Chapel. late. Yes. he finished most ol his assi nmenls, late. To practice he was always . . a . He even put the Grade 7S8's to bed. late. Better late than neuer. 4 MC W. ,ark James Bourne 82 87 lt's been a blast guys. I'lI give Brent a break from Beethoven. Who could for et ISMF 86? I'll miss those all-nighter-early-morning iam sessions. Ric . and our Pie Jesu. Loren! "I want to be in MontreaI": University visits and ghez Paree: lrey at the RS and thrashin' at the Latvian looh. my poor earslj. So long Trinity. I wouIdn't trade these three years for anything. Uh could you tell me how l get from. uh. South Ken to Sloane Square? 1.8. England. l986 fone hell of a nightlj. 1 1 - s 9 L , ,, its o V Q 'I t is 9 R sg, .. x' ,K D ' ' 0 . 9 9 . . There is no greater sorrow than to recall. in misery. the time when we Rob B Campbell 82 87 It ha: teen tile war: and l y In learned a lol Cricket is interesting. not i i-get them' learninl, i 1 play thc Sax . . iust sittint, and iamminb in Sixth F rm Xlusic with Jett and the -zreat pre-recorded rhythm section was an expcrien - - Hu-1 1 Musician. they never get to dance.- Source Unknown Michael J. Cann 'Sl-'87 l'ye spent six enioyable and valuable years at l',CtS.. but all good things come to an end. Thanks to all those who made them possible and may the luture be prosperous, Failure is a learning experience. which is measured in relation to one's suc- cess. and thus failure can be as rewarding as success. V O e w N ip - ' boring' Soccer how about player-manager? The Raiders - I'lI never 0 . . K . . . Q , . A . Ll L A , . . l Scott GJ Carscadden 84 87 lt I leave here tomorrow would uou still remember me For I must be trauelling onwards cause there s too many places lue got to see L Qlzynard Thanks to Burns House who were bood friends Very special thanks to The clad Bunch and The Happy Lampers who were my brothers some old letters you smile and thinlz how much you ue changed All the money in the world ouldn t buy back those days The The Nlax good lertune Lorne to all those l shared thet ree best years of my lile with A v 9 . The calendar on your wall is taking the days off, You'ue been reading Jim R Cisneros 84 87 When l wake up early in the morning Lift my head. l'm still yawning When l'm in the middle of a dream Stay in bed. float upstream No doubt wake me. no doubt shake me Leave me where l am. l'm only sleeping Everybody seems to thinle l'm lazy I don't mind. l think they're crazy Running euerywhere at such a speed Till they find there's no need Please don't spoil my day. l'm miles away And afterall l'm only sleeping. - Lennon 'McCartney l 1 - ' ' 1 9 ---- - Y ......-g,,, - - Tim B Clark 82 87 Grade 8: De-D with C oppen Grade 9: War with Squires Grade IO: -I-Year Track - "l'm out a year earlier." Grade I lp 36 Weeks of Late Night with Keeleit Grade IW: Didn't haue to go through it! Grade I3: Bourne's music. University Visits. trips to Trafalgar with Fred and Rishi. Darts. Midnight Madness. Cobotrrg with Crazy Keu, Ketclnnn Floor Loclwuts . . . et cetem. lt's been casual - Life on the Edge! '-im-X .I B Stephane Cote '84 '87 Yup' I shur do remember ol Steve Cody well Yessiree' He was the fastest equation buster in this here territory He was more than a match for the most ornery neutrons around And quick on the draw? Why Steve could rattle off a molecular diagram in no time flat' I remember how the young boys eyes would shine with admiration at those Math Rodeos as they wat ched Steve whip up a graph Boy it seems like only yesterday Steve went out to Californ i ay to try and strike it rich in the research Rush of 87 I remember the last time I ever saw Buffalo Steve He was warming his Physics texts by his fireplace He said Yer ne r gunna fergtt me pardn r and I knew he was right Yessiree' Mike S Cleland 83- 87 America is Gods crucible. the great melting pot. where the races of mankind are bettering thetnseluesl God is making the American. - The Melting Pot iAct lj So there! A C Richard Cotton 85 87 Rick came to Trinity two years ago as just another pretty face, He leaves us for reality as a true friend. We knew it was the real thing the day he stopped brushing his hair. No one has euer had an idea in a dress suit. - Sir Frederick Ranting Prudence keeps life safe. but often does not malee it happy. A bnmuel Johnson ' 9 9 . O 0 9 9 9 Q , Y N , K. 1 N f N f es ar c . , 3 's'..a' ,. as X 4 ,-4 I f ' wt . Qr- L. ' 9 9 Q - 0 . , . . . , . . . . . i . Anvus l. Cowan 80 87 Xngiis arrned at Trinity sewn long years ago with a cute smile on his lace .ini protect stamped on his torthtad. This stamp remained despite is ..i'li'ati .i in attempting to erase it Gus exctlltd in runnin . swimming .ind c. i 'lt -t. as nvll ag holdin the gre. at honour ol being the iarriest Har' painiully endured iretectship and 1 desire to study the Art:. Angus leaves s : 'liool mth nn lions of friend: and the same cute smile. Anyone know o a :uiralile unntrsityl rn.. 1 V . D K . , . . h U X ,. . , . , , tier XL ith his senior year came not one. but one and a half girllriends. a I . . s 1 ln st s I - 1 r . ' . I . .Q 1 ' n I i s Q". 1 . I ,I , PeterGM Crane 85 8 lad who longed to serve the Lord. To this end. he eagerly awaited the day he could spread his wings and broaden his horizons at Grenuille Christian College. But the devil was at work there. and Arnie turned to the dark side Soon the time came for him to pursue more advanced studies in this area. so he came to T.C.S In homage to the hei 'hts for depths, he had already achieved. Arnold was placed in Ketchum ouse, a move which led him into Dyer straits. What with drinkin' libations and singin incanta- tions to the Dark Prince, Arnie's years at rinity were a howl. his is the day your life will surely change: this is the day when things fall into place. - The The 9 v Once upon a time. there was a young tyke named Arnold. He was a pious ,1- ' ' Peter J C Dalton '83 '87 Mark A Crossman 8I 87 Th Authentic Man is one who seeks truth both on the surface and down to the most minute detail imaginable He is one who has learned to care about all th.ngs and all people He has become aware ol the ultimate meaning that lies within the existence ol all things in time and s ate and truth the Authentic 'llan sees when he looks up to the stars at a line piece ol art or at the symmetry ol the numbers in an equation describing the path a proton should take The Authentic Man seeks truth in all things and spreads it vtherexer it is absent This is the only purpose lor intelligent lite and the will ot God beyond By doing these things he becomes an agent ot God. wlio is the l hate this place! These were the words ol Peter Dalton when we first met him in Grade Ten, This negative attitude wore olf as Tedder looked on. Maturity with Nigel in Grade Twelve was followed by female dilemmae at the top ol Trinity where we rapped with the American to the wee hours. Remember. it's hip to be square - your very contented roommate. l 5 X x Y .1 A 0 0 - Richard E Danielson Sl 87 the old pictures. their hair is longer. Shuck. w o was supposed to get the tray today?' Allons. ' Face piles of trials with smiles for it riles them to believe that you perceiue the web they weave and keep on tlnnlzmg free M B Harris C Davidson 85 87 There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. - Bertrand Russell He who hates vices hates mankind, e Thrasea asleep. Above all. he was the epitome of everything, a hood Imnd should be. He will be sorely missed. I' L- Simon Delagrave '86-'87 Sans Commentaire. mes amis. ' - 9 9 f ' 1 Q l l Dicky: "Get up, we're going swimming!" "Eeee-gg!" "Bur if you look gr When Harry wasn't talking about girls. partying or his marks. he was SN T. Mitch B. Deely '85-'87 Anthony SC Dew 82 87 Okay. Okay! l'll lo my homework and my grades will go up. But this puts 1 Prim: cramp on my li estyle, Whit 1 Guy Comte Strip lo Pete. Nite. Rene. Mark. Mr C., Aleks. and all the rest. it was a breat last year! as -fb' 1 T-imimntix Qs: -arse. f x . -gn ., um-W wp- ws s l i ' N Q s ez " Wi UUQQ A-it .gk bl. S. L, Zak Dutton 83 87 Graham F Duff 82 87 Roses have thorns and shilling waters mud And cancer lurlzs deep in the sweetest bud Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and sun And history reeks of the wrongs we have done After today consider me gone - ting Knowledge Understanding Unity Peace John S Dyer 84 87 Turn Ons Montreal Weekends Kim Basrnber A moment of instinct is worth a lifetime of experience. Turn Offs 5 uid lack ol heat lat women Physics Pastimes Lrr ba e Rowlnb Favourite Films lf! Wetks Fletch Favourite TV Qhow Moonlrghtrn Family Tres Favourite Food Pr za Pret els lganzerottos ooals To bet a brad Date to make money lots ot money To all my frrends it s been a blast Let s get together in JO years and do rt all ouer agarn Take care 1 9 1 Q . t s tuna I' 1 I X1 1 1 0 4 pm .M . ay K A. I f R ,. U' " fn If A Q 1 v,' 3 '- 4 is V ul Q, meh 9 .. 5 rr is ni- I 'GN z Q we 5 1 s-are eu : - - XX 'Q QW!! v F N X109 x S x K X t Us - 1 gil --.. :nah 3 xvl .N . Xl . .. f ,Lt 7 iv XX xi f siihs g A Xe tl . at xt -tt t ,,. Qi - Q.. . , X F. x xv X xx Y Q 5 1- it V 9 9 . ' ' , . :pi ,1 ' , , I , , ' 1 'z. : . 7 .' ' A 1 . 9 1 ' - S I 'Q Aa Y 9 9 . 4 1 o Kenneth A. Edwards 8 5- 8 7 When the rains get hard to run. lt means you iust cnn't take the pace. Then you stop and think a little. Are you the victim of a system. Any day now they are gonna let you down. Many a times l sit and wonder Why this race so So very hard to nm like the ship that tossed in grievance. Battled by the angry sea. . Bob Marky Work hard. pany hard and try to stay cool. - I i 1 - - EoinM Finn 82 87 Tnnity l love you lve taken 38 888 653 breaths here eaten 3467 delicious meals and 708 pizzas gone to 30 U2 dances made lOJl ol Remember there are no strangers in life only friends we ave yet to meet Simon Angus Darce Zoober the Fetus Bros Choke Huh Corey Henrik Mark Harris Putt Spudster Mr Campbell Mr Steuenson Mr Large Mr Wright Mrs asila and ofcourse Reu Hill oh hell' Eueryone' Peace Love and Big Waves E Bud KirkA Farah 83 87 Squeaky began his career at Trinity in September ol l983. when he en- countered such characters as Trestrail, Laurence and Jerry H successtul- Kirk enioyed his ration ot local lemales . . "a ccrtain ' ' win. " Amonl, clubs. he became a patriotic member ot tht 744.59 siynlin. and the Midnight Movie Express. Kirk has decided to extend his Sunday Cane ing career to the university lexel. We wont toryet you buddy. "Meet yuh at de fountain," Give them hell! -f W1'...,... - 9 Q . , . , i e ly joined the Trini' Table. Sunday Soccer and Windball Cricket In IQB7. ' ef T s s . And all that Memory loves the most Was once our only hope to be And all that hope adored and lost Hath melted into Memory Lord Byron l8 l 5 l am an idealist I don t know where l m going but lm on my way Larl Sandburg Simon D Fleming Wood 82 87 If you can wait and not be tired by waiting Or being lied about don t deal in hes lf you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubt too lf neither foes nor loumg friend can hurt you lf you can dream and not make dreams your master If you can till the unlor iumg minute with sixty seconds wort of distance run And which is more you ll be a man my son Rudyard Kipling Thanks to John Marc Mark Steph ous Darce Daxid Scott and Eoin Take care I loue you guys All the best to exeryone Watch out Hopps' Thanks Trinity for it all f - 9 i 0 I , , A - ' V -V ' - the best lriends I could possiblyyhope lor. and had countless iood times! ysms 'is me earth. and 3, that-5 in it' ' Davidl Franco 86 87 David flew north Iroin Trinidad in l986 to establish his first long-distance relation:hip Retort lit knew it he was breaking rules in Toronto with the li x: and. as a result. having his first bout with Ronbo. Although he stru - bled at the btginning under the slack influence of Sadler. he soon ma e Croup Oni. He could often bt found avoiding the cold under his covers. but neuer during classes. He often said. "Bee Wee take me home". so it seems he meant Giselle A train ride with Christine blues in the couch and a Hot Rocks showdown are memories, All the best for the future. f"'? .... -it Cedric H Giraud 83 87 Cedric will never have very much to worry about He didn t worry about T L 5 and things took care of themselves rather nicely This confounded Cedric to the heights he achieved although that undoubtedly played a role but instead a sense of perspective that allowed Cedric to get further standing still than the masses of his contemporaries could running circles around him Creative minds haue alwaus been known to suruiue any kind of bad tram mg Anna Freud Paco Fl Gallo 86 87 lt's no fun being an illegal alien. - Genesis ls it progress if a cannibal uses knife and fork? - Stanislaw J. Lec - Z'-2 Steve R. Goodall 82- 87 l really couldn't tell you. Sir! You hate it. because you always return immersed in it. away from laying down your wandering hat. At the same time. it's irreplaceable . . . the characters. the craziness the good times. Trinity has made us all gar- ticipants in life instead of spectators. and this is al important. Remem er- ing bizarre Brent. cheelps. L-Seltzers Birch Jemmy and Co.. Matt Parker, the SSSS, and Brown op Slaloms. I will! Semper Ubi Sub Ubi! 9 9 Q . . N ss, s v L., . 1 . .. .. . 5 Q , , v 1 K oo ' . . . . x I KT fn'.0 he V dx X .iv , 4 a , Q ,. I' X ' I L 1 , , I i 1 9 . . .. ' ' ' 9 1 manylof his peers. but it shouldn't have. It was not brilliance that pushed .lerry.l Grabec 82 87 Now that l'ue gone through hell. all that awaits me is heaven. H 8 7 There are a lot of thin s that I want to do in my lifetime and I m not going to sit around waiting or them to happen. I'm Boing to make them happen. David DC Gray 84 87 Help' l have been dragged into respectability But never screaming because it is always more graceful to be an oblector flowing along with the current And I really haue enyoyed myself on this ride Trinity has ova Scotia has dealt her cards I only hope l have been a friend I love you who have been more than friends Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge Kahlil Gibran lt is true that liberty is precious so precious that it must be rationed Lenin What the hell is going on here7 Richard Haney We an. Fam-i-ly! - Sister Sledge . I Humankind cannot bear uery much reality - TS. Eliot Most likely to succeed - Baldwin. Edwards. Lieberman fail - Blyth, Cote. Smith become rich - Kilburn. Ouimet. Sadler receiue welfare - Carscadden. Fleming-Wood contract STD - Bourne. Gallo. Goodall. Hogan become Prime Minister - Marcoux. McCann. Saunders become First Lady - Cleland. Heyland. Waddell work in Swiss Chalet, Clark. Holtby, Stratford escape from prison - Grabec, Jehlicka, McVean, Whalen live with squirrels - Bernard. M. Deely. Dyer be influenced by PeeWee Herman - Crane. .lemmett. Kee y lip synch to Don Ho - Campbell. Crossman. Dalton. ee deuelop breasts - Danielson. Hill. lxeelinb, Todyham reach puberty - Farah. Soh. Spencer. Squires become absolutely cool - Delagrave. Dew. Johncox run for the NDP - Davidson. D. Gray. Mason become a yuppie - Lake. Trollope. Wells. lam get electrolysis - Franco. Halls, Harvey-Read. Hassanali get fired - Cann. Finn. N. Gray. V. Veilliux become a monlz - Cotton. Giraud. Vasila. C. Veilleux get married early - Birch. Duff. Lawrence. Watkins become a beautician - Hildebrandt. Hopps. Knill become a pro athlete - Barber. Maxfield. Ormond. Walker marry a man - Mahon, Pinkerton, Robison deuelop some natural rhythm - Armstronb. Cowan. Little become an exhibitionist - Leung. MacDonald. McDonald get excited - Cisneros. Jones. Maiumdar. Warren ioin AA. - Bolton. Dutton. McCaib. West become Headmaster ' P. Deely. Lines. Newroth. Stafford Y 9 - 0 Y T 4 Q - 1 1 Q F I u 0 9 U O 1 a 1 ' l 1 1 1 i 0 1 ' 9 1 the art form of always finding the straightest line.. Kentville. Nigel PF Gray 82 87 I nn a chill. 'll last a ul i. l ui cant coitcuue o the p tn:un. in my sim c. lou hold my hand. rough ut my lmtr t': ot: o lun to haue you there. gnuc to you. now give to me. lld like to know what tiotfut learned. XR hit i: th' ctltur when llacl: I: lvurne . 'Ita i. ' colour: I tit are 1 inin. you undi.r:tand. lou pick me up. then you lay tllo. down again. l vu make the rules. you san lultnt's nit. It's lot: oi fun to have you there. - N. loimg X Q ff ve" Q' Jonathon Heyland 82 87 Warren A Halls 82 87 Warren is either a very mellow or a ver borin person. depending on how you look at thinbs. In this spirit. The .C.S. ecord is very pleased to bring, you the following moment of silence in his memory. What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch? - W.C. Fields Donald G Hildebrandt 'Sl-'87 Turn Ons Montreal Weekends Money Kim Basin er Shotbunning Thus. though we cannot make our sun Turn Offs Fat Broads Chemistry Squid Warm S Sldtld still. gel we will make Iiim fun. Pastimes Lribba e Qleep . Andrew Ma,-Den Favourite Films Eelirious 9 I 7 Weeks Favourite TV bhows Moonlighting Family Ties Favourite Foods Pizza Panzerottos Goal To make money Lots ol Money' When I do my standup l ue got rules straight up old people who ne! of fended eastlu aa ll gust get Iexplettvel out now' Eddie Murphu :tue Zak Warren and the rest it s been a hell ol a time' 1 a 9 I 0 - i L l llll' L s 1 I - ls e - I I i si - it I 9 1 t 1 1 V . I The sky is lilac and so is the sea. .. t ww I s -d'Xl tstiit ' . -. . -. . I ,E . . Y s ' I , . N. Q' I 'iw Sw . 1 U V' W ' . -I I .1- . . -,V .. . MarcCM Hogan 79 87 To sum up eight years in IOO words is impossible, That which did not kill me made me stronger. What I have experienced is unique. and no power on eanh can take it lrom me. Yet. that's another story in the 'oid ol the stems from his waking environment. Always remember the Fetus heoru. hshes. Fetus. Pink-peace. Chaloid. Chalungis, Clmlin-gnlangalenglish. Linguistic Comicon. too girly girly. GD.. Cheeepl The Fetus Brothers Live n! Cheers to all my friends and all the times we have shared throughout these ears. Hill pany at the bowl in IOOI lweather permittingl. Keep in touch. could haue but I didn't! 4, 41 If I leaoe here tomorrow Would you still remember me For l must be trauelhng onwards Cause there s too many places I ue got to see If I stayed here with you now Well things gust couldn t be the same Cause I m as free as a bird now and this bird you ll neuer change and this bird you cannot change and thts bird you cannot tame lord knows I can t change L Slzynard ChrtsN Holtby 82 84 85 87 II you think fishermen an the bibbwt liars inthe world, ask .1 runner how lar he runs each morning When you wish upon it Midnibht Star it is wisest to wish for continued good health and u Ions life Natalie l-5l9-7-I-I-2-ISO Train. Train. Train 4 Lars J Huneke '85-'87 I will always remember Trinity for the good and the bad times I had here. The latter usually followed the former. It is the peofle that I can never Iorbet, Thanks to NJK. Spud. Sid, Digger. West an all the others. s 9 . . . s 4 9 U 9 O A 0 . . subconscious flip zone. Man lives in a perpetual state ot anxietly. This . , .. . O ' ' Y Y I W I , -4 , . s 1 no I V gig Craig D. Hopps '82-'87 George Jehlicka 82 87 SA-T-U-RD-A-I Night' S-A-T-IIAR-D-A-T Night! -I-I-I .Iu:t Cant Wait. lvl-l-I Gotta Date. llith the Good 'Ole Rock n' Roll Roni Show I Gittt Go. Sttturlay Night. Saturday Ni-ight. Saturday Night. Suturlay Ni-ight. Saturday Night, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! - The Bay City Rollers 1 Q- Tl rp-Q.- lan A Johncox '82 '87 uhemrstry with Davenport and Delagrave Wt iks and Mr K Do you observe dy diutded bu dx bleeping in Lmumby s class Trig is lor nerds meme Olympus Debating in Aiax Oxford Lup with Scotty Meter and his Trans Am les RR lm goina home to the Arettc I need 8 debaters Belinda and the Semi 7B -I2 William Bill and Rob Javelin with Andy Morris Thanks to Messrs Reynolds and Taylor I Lan never thank Messrs ueale and Hedney enough lor the skiing Look lor the gmd in others be honest respeet your neighbour light with your brain and not your lists and strive always lor extellence The Sthool is what you make ol it Thank you TU? For who would bear the scorns that patient merit ol the unworthy takes Xlilliam Shakespeare Hamlet DougM .lemmett 83 85 86 87 It has been wall to wall lun here at T.C.S. lBut seriouslyl . . . Led by llter the Wonder lizard leisure time seemed to abound. and with it went all the fixings. Thou h he couldnt speak he said. "Remember, the trick in life will be to avoid al the pitlalls. seize the opportunities. and to get back home belore six o clock." But as well let us not be struck down by vinyl shrapnel from a Kiss album - Steve. And his last words were. "lile's a game: Thanks for coming out." Just relax. talze it slowly. - Cat Stevens Thanks Doug. for everything. - C. Brinkley Jerlzs. You re all ierlzs. - I. MacDonald Hunter P Jones 86 87 In an insane world. it is the sane ones who appear to be insane. When the green llag drops. the B.S. stops. ' 5 9 9 1 1 1 s l s s s V 'W 1 K L l K t 1- P Q,-. I - - N ' I P Ns 5 s C5 I W S Y 1 1 1 1 s k a i . " . . I ' . Z . . -1 . . . . Y. - . I . . - Q X .. V 1 Q g . . . iv - , '- Greg B Keelmg 83 87 Ma name's Greg Keelin' and I like boats. Its been PDT, Farewell to Silent Sam, Giuseppfs house wine, Apple Juicef All ot our Christmas wrcsentsl Boatin' Boatin' Boatin' Etobicoke hear I come "Dad" I4. hui! Great literature, Flyint, Loaltmza . , . Sunday nishts art better than S1turday nights! 302 boss and 2.-I EFI. what a air. Greg. have you started study- ing yet??? Pseudo! T is lor Turbo . . . nchead Puppy! The orb ol desire. chin plants. Nick? What a Peach! Turbo Max and BBA. I'm not trying to c ange the world. I'm just looking lor Etobicoke. Sperry prints on wo0gie's head . . . it's been a great -I years. Good Luck! Suriit is watchint, ou!!! - Selwin Cullins .S. I couldn't haue made it without CIN. Q Mark G Knill 82 87 china shop I ll pay for the broken stuff N Jamie Kilburn 85 87 It was the best of times. it was the worst of times. Clmrlcs Dickens Keep partying PK. LH. CG. PC. RC. and especially BB I hear you all, - Matteo CI '87 L . V Al JC Scott Lake '84-'87 I don't haue time to look to the past For thinqs that didnt last, I can only look to the future. - F R. To Trinity and the Iriends I hate made here - I will never Iorbet - n 9 . . u ' t ss 1 . I i T x 4 T K a I A m , N - ' 9 1 beacons in the night and chicks with ijs Burning Old Spice and tor- 1 K ' vw ,vu-'rua-x x t K 1 C I , X . U .R st, , I q I . ., I s ' Q 9 Fiye years well spent. Thanks to all those who helped lead a bull through n Barry H Lawreme 85 87 Xl .itch out lan Halen. lu rt c Wines Law renee' Bar: toined us trom Trinidad in l9Nf armed with his buitar Xl ith entertainment in his genes. his musical talent tr-:quentlt stunned audiences Hi. also bot the ball rolling earlt with the tennlt population ot Ontario. with whom he became werv tm-.wdll Fne months later lu emerged trom the Chapel Basement a man Latthtul det ttitn to pumping iron as well as his studies has brought htm rewarding results Barn has alwaxs been well res ected bt his peers. and we will miss hitn as he cxcles south to Florida "Fe las. slte'll never ever say no " -Xre xou sure Barn, n X S C Kenneth Leung 84 87 Hi Fi Afro Lhtnese lperml Kenneth N ho is he7l Ahhh' Happy Birthday W Bunner Mitch vou Ameman Maxtield the Marine D Lenny s U15 to Boston on exerx break Anthonx s Volxo Henry and Tania Mr ureby s uo to Breakfast Ken' and the Lhoir Thanhs Tub uou are some kind of experience ' 9 o "SU", waiting tor liat's phone call even Sundav. Eddyfs at.-erage?. go' A- Q V 1 A l Kevin G Lee 85 87 I met a tourist lady from a Canada I said Tell me what yult come here for ls it the lovely beaches and tlte sun? De hard cold reggae an' de white rum? She said I love de sun an' de booze De reggae an' de beach l can't refuse But Young Man let me tell ya sum'tin' What I love most is de Saccarin' flql -at -I", Craig D Lines Sl 87 Rose up this morning Smiled at the rising sun Three little birds sit by my doorstep Singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true Singing this is my message to you Don't worry about a thing Cause every little thing is going to be alright. - Bob Marley .l Patrick Little 83 87 look how white everything is. lThanlts for lun and Caluertll 11' Pat S Mahon 86 87 Pat brought a rare commodity to T C S in his only year here but what it was is hard to say lt could be sanity positive rationality dry understated humour or perhaps even something as simple and powerful as friendshi This was no meekness but a strength of character found in so very few n this way Pat made as much an impression with his actions and expression as he did with the lorce of hope that always accompanied them Virtue perhaps is nothin more then po tteness of soul onore de Balzac Only the shallow know themselves Oscar Wilde lan R MacDonald Sl 84 85 87 Give me ten reasons why l'n1 plastic . Okay. so you have ttn. I st ll don't believe you. Schltunen. Zellers philosophy rules! Darla. art you bt- ing a lizard again? Toby. who are you to mess up Ronald's plans? Too much lish food. King lish ? .Iimmy Dean was right . . . Live Fast. Die Young and make a wood- ookinb Corpse Two out ol three ain't bad. I hear urination at two in the morning! So you're in Grade Eight, are you? lke and Spike Forever. l plan on returning in twenty years and building a masstvt statue ol myself. Why. you ask? I dunno. -an Lg-an . Nickl Majumdar 83 87 Education is what suruiues when what has been learnt has been forgotten. - B.F. Skinner I neuer think of the future. lt will come soon enough. - Albert Einstein One generation cannot bind another. - Thomas Jefferson He was a cat that really was strong. ' Boney M O V . 4 V Y a 1 K t s I s s s 1 s t n s 4 o 9 9 I - 1 L 1 s A o t s 1 s 1 f g i i I I- ' I - Q yy. , 1- 1 .aye ,M iv A Q sq.. ,R . ev rt. ',r " we ' ' 9 9 . Q V ik, . " an-,1' 9 9 ' -. f .La , Sylvain Marcoux 85 87 .le :ui: ienu ici il x a deux ans pour apprendre Vanblai: mais ie n'ai rien appris ct fat perdu mon francais' Vive 'Odgetts 'Ouse 1, is. Robertl Maxfield 84 87 My three years at Trinity hate been qrent' Thanks Box it s been cubular' lan roominb with wou was so cool and wicked' Bit, Bill quit wigeling your ear: at me oino it s been real lA natural not A flatl' Nice eomment Delabraxel 1"?' X ' . ' 'Q ' V 9 Ian G Mason 84 87 Wow! For a Iimitecl time only, our Trauel Bonus Plan offers you so much! Wur TCS Plan includes: - an annual trip to scenic Bracebridge with a Middleside Ru by Team! Stupendous! - liirinonthly flights to metropolitan P. .l. where it's all happening! Fabulous! - collect enou h points and spend Christmas in sunny Edmonton! Holy Cowl emember act now! Zowie! Call the Superduper Travel Agency llan G. Mason. Agent Provocateurl. 4-S - Dan R McCaig 8I 87 came studied worked I partied I never thought I'd have my freedom An a e ago my maker refused me the pTeasure of the uiew. 9 9 ' 9 9 kv N N , T N E ' , i W X X 1-h 'Vx "N,-Q N Q . T Q , l I I x A JU 'Y 1 ' Y 1 . - l l l Q ClaytonJS McCann 82 85 86 87 . . . go to hell' or at least as close as your lat little vacation accounts can get you. Me? l'll loin the rained-out parade. or better. lead it when the minstrel slips and his 300 pounds of cholesterol hit the concrete. Sec how far he gets with crushed incisors and a torn sergeant-at-arms iacleet. Mr. Fun. Art and Aht. This is my friend in whose sweet praise l all my days could gladly spen - My Song is loue Unknown rs- Q . 1'- Jason B McVean '84 '87 Someone tool: a grapefruit wore it like a hat l swear l saw someone under the kitchen table talkin to the ol Tomcat Muh head s a like a Football Ah think l m gonna die' Tell me me o me o my Wasn t thatta Party' The Rovers I haue nothing to hide The White House has nothing to hide Richard M Nixon Darcy ST McDonald 8I 87 G71 Ellvv N J Fred M Newroth 8L-82 83-85 86 87 l lon't diet and l don't put strange things on my face, - Paulina. Thanks to Mom. Dad and all good triends. Sean Grmond 84 87 ln the world there are only two tra edies. One is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it. A scar Wilde The past always looks better than it was. lt's only pleasant because it isn t here. - Finlay Peter Dunne Les Canadiens sont la. 5 15: .' , ' 1.,f'ffQ f , J v.. 803111 'THB N . I wood times for a change fee the look lue had To make a aood man turn bad 80 Please Please Please Let me Let me Let me Let me get what I want tlns time Haven t had a dream in a long time Qee the life lue had To make a aood man had So for once in mn life Let me get what l want Lord knows it would he the first time The Smiths 4 J F H+ .8 .6 'J rx' . J. Ren? Ouimet '84-'87 'Qs Richard R J Pinkerton 82 87 What should l wear to the revolution? , 9 9 O I 1 3 9 Q 0 9 9 t ' . X XX ' I . if , I ..-4 1' :rf " N 'mba . 8. 1.5. N wie ., , 4.0. S 'iv f- I 4, T . ' ' 9 i Q s Q Charles E Robison 84 87 Tell Pud and Mamie and Trickie and Mr. McDonald and Gareth and the rest of that barbarous gang that I cut my hair. The dau after Speech Dag What I leamed and experienced here can be summed up in sexen numbersi 885-63 I 3. It was incredible. tun. and Hawaiian. Finally. an Active com' Helmer: But no man would sacrifice his honour for the one he loues. Nora: Thousands of women lmue. - bsen - Norman B Saunders '82 '87 There are two choices in life one can dissolve into the mainstream or one can be distinct To be distinct one must be different To be different one must strive to be what no other person can be Thanks to everyone who has helped my time pass so quickly Oh yes thanks Mom and Dad Steven C Sadler 85- 87 Greasy Steue 'pulled out' ol the ire-lanel in lJBf and glipi ed int Fe nl Territory Some thoubht he was Sainpsoii. tecause he newr cut hi, ltair Others thoueht ltr. looked like Chewbttcct lStar liars creaiurei lui all concerned quickly came to realize that he was a Scammer lt soon was ob' xious that showering and playinb on lc 'ims were thines that Steve could dows and tennis racquets. He also detelopeel many brilliant savin s in his s are hours. such as "Stacie don't tear me?" a d "Sir. please o 't let t rem gitclt mel" Well. best ol lucle next year in Florida, Steve. We under- stand that hairdressing can be quite a challenbe A 'ui Y Mark A C Smith '83-'87 Smitty settled into the Ketchum T.V. Room very quiclely upon arrival tour years ago. Good looks. good humour and modesty are virtues lor which Mark will always be remembered. When Pay-T V. was removed in Ket- chum House. Smitty's interests were diverted toward Harrier Trails and Swimming Pools lwhere he received Hall Bigside Coloursl. 'vlark Smith is neuer to be forgotten in Ketchum House , , , v v . , . t s s s s e 1 kt 'D ,O . , , s ,s , . , , . , . . , . . , ment from A Doll's House: not abide. His pastimes became rille-ry, as well as the buying ol rear win' K . . F ' ' n ' ' il, ii u l 1 I as - A S Ill' J . st , . -5 ri , W ., X - i l X . . u o Tom H-S Soh 82- 87 Sniuirli Slice. it I oiincd Hull and Port Hope. IRI rent out Port Hope and lin in L . ."Q'.'Qg if5.,l.t.. Mark S Spencer 84 87 , I - , A-B-C . . . easy ns I-J-3! - Jackson c 'i-1 C i: ii.itcIiin!, xou alinxs. or 'it least since Grade ine. Aah. aah, aah. aah. Stagin' AIiue. Stauin' Alive. aah. aah. aah. aah. Icali lui Nr , , thanks .I NI, tor .lam Staitivt' Ali-i-i-i-ive? IImnI: You Trinity for it unliinblv. mid uiiforgettilble fill? gears GregWJ Squires SI 87 Six tear- use ureb came through the bales of To onh to be greeted by Junior Burn and tour xiuous proetors After two years there it was off to tour more in Bunmdom the Ixetehum ieebox Iwhere the fun IieqnnII Peo ple Iike Eppx and Bourke The ketchum House motto B I A D In the dinh onimhtri. Xl ith EIII in the Ioxenest Rootrunninc, S: ureat Lmket The Tu at midnisht Squab and Egg tobether linally The R six nears Imm been renlliy arent u time not ensilu torqotten and vent reiunrdiim - Bee Gees To all those who helped me along the way . . . thanks. Later. John M Van B Stafford '83-'87 It's hip to be square. Studly Spudly Iorever. 4 1 o i I ' . ' H'll F N 7 9 th rg 0 ' I Ittusi L untiI it pus-es Ik lp .IIN kwin ' ' S III In I e ' . . ' ' N Iona 1 V , . . 'X e 9 9 - 0 0 ' - -hw ' w 1 w " . . is . . . -N , , f. A. - 4 1 1' - S ' " I. 05. ' , . ' 1 w ., Q. . A . -Q 1 Q , 'Q ' Andrew F. Stratford '83-'87 Ron M. Todgham '83-'87 DDT did a job on me Now l am a real sickie Guess l'll haue to break the news that l'ue got no mind to lose All the girls are in love with me lm a teenage labotomy - Ramones Thanks to the TED club lor making my four years even more memorable. Heath T Trollope 84 87 lt is sometimes pleasant to act like a madman . " I X . I 'I P+ 5 ' I 9 ! , - Good Morning! A little piece ol atluice In a multiple choice quiz, il ou have tour answers the same in a rovi. you probably made a mistake. llyou ever write one ot these types ot contest. ave lun with it as much as possible. You may indeed be surprised by your result! Here's hoping you all linue a very Merry Christmas and an extremely lvorf ing life. Henrik M Vasila 80- 87 Schliemen came to TCS way back in Grade Sex en, when he was lust a little guy in Boulden House. Since then he has become a bi guy in Bethune tribute is having lan MacDonald as a friend! He will always rtmtmher things such as Buh sayinv 'Henrik is in the bathroom tuitli the rest of the QW MC all L floor' e hides well in the bathroom and tnloys :caring the cleaning ladies! We can be sure he'll lind another system to beat, Puhsid Malia Annu Musi Toronto! 4 0 , Q . g 1 House . . . from a twelve-man to the penthouse. Perhaps his greatest at- , , 1 . I is i, i if , , . Charles-A Veilleux 84-87 l -H -r Heat 'ante t Trinity as lust ancther Frenchespeaking pan-time tw JfLlV1lf. :kr-me-rfter ant stud svnnrmer He leaxes as Shuck lrenglish- .' rrti Sc tty. l 'ant lvl, you in Uniueri' - Xin'ent beliat ' ii urselt ns - ' a v . H we . t 0 t ' ' ' Y s K s X , ' " speaking dude and 3 good friend NC O t L ' 'llll n lr. O -Kllo ou' . . I X W - -4. X . 'Cz' I Mark' C Walker '8 I '87 latourite substance. J-methyl. 3-chloro-lmtane tatounte spot Front Desk tayourite place library laxourite sport Debating latounte class. all of them laxourite saxing Syntax Error latounte comersation' :Q when u IS UQTTT Q' fat:-urite position on top The answers are in the stars. - MCM! Randalll Waddell 83 87 would be cold! Il it weren't for the superior s opping facilities we might hate lost him after year one. Well here we are. four years. S7 50.000. and 8 wardrobes later . . . Ra - dall is a graduate ln lust a few short years his name will be likened with such greats as Calvin Klein. llhy he wants to work at Wendy's is a mystery to me. Good luck in all you do in the future. and by the way. are you being a lizard again? i 1 Randall armed in Canada four long years aio . , but nobody said it n I James M Warren 82 87 Buh' Where s mg bed? Fne years a o Buh arrived at Tnmty askin the same question Nleed l say more a' Tears to laugh' Driving to O oyemighting in TO and passing out in TO I have pictures' 5X7 Chapel laughing at people on Bethune Beach The Royal Bank of Buh seafood Subs and being mellow that s Buh Turbo ureg Woogie Darla Hopps Mark Henri Duke lan Bruno Buh l987 in Hennsroom good times friendship for life It was well worth it Couldnt have made it this far without Buh Thanks 1 1 ,T I 7' - . . V I . . 7 . Glossies! Tea. tea, and more tea! James Buh. 'O00. Assassinations in lt was fun here between the hours of 8:-IO a.m.-3130 p.m. and 7:30 .m.-9:30 p.m. reedom is iust another word for nothing left to lose. - Janis Joplin C. Mike West '85-'87 F 'ISR Qin, . V "2-..-.. W , PS Calvin Yam 85 87 Who? Calvin Yam? Yeah . . . we all know him. The little nipper . . . rebel . . . Ninja! The little Bi Man! Calvin enioyed it at rinity and claimed success academically. socially. extra-curricularly and nocturnally. He had weekly abuse sessions with .l.C.. fortnightly ranks in Bethune House, and he was a dedicated member of the :lf-4.59 Breakfast Club. He flourished with the women of several sister schools lespecially Hauergall. An all 'n all crazy but cool kin- da dude . . . you'll be missed. Good Luck. Maybe we'II hear from you again. John W Whalen 84 87 John iWlmler. "ls this your boat?"i Whalen camt to Trinilx in Grade I I as a very quiet and alnisable New Boy Ht was. howtxtr. soon to bt knocked into lile by Crosbie the Wondcr Ntwfie Alter this ordeal. John decided to mellow out with Jason 'Wowl' McVt:in, Euscnt is the man single-handedly responsible lor tht bigantic TCS Class ol l987 raduae tion lund. It is perhaps lor this reason that 'Guido Goldstein' elieves himsell to be lar superior intellectually to mortal man, and especially Computer Science masters. At least where the latter is concerned. he is partially correct. Good lu.h out among the Froggies ll gg e,-.- ,xg E v 9 - H -if F If 3 - V Q " 'Q Y ti ' 'L .ee - gif? tai Grad quotes they should have used LHRIS HOLTBY Which came first7 The clnclizen or the eau? Ancient Family Prouerb CRAIL1 HOPPS Oh Oh liuin on a prayer Oh Oh we re half way there Bon Jovi More like 97 300 therel ETER CRANE Friend of the deuil is a friend of mine Grateful Dead ROB MAXFIELD what s this? lt s Mayfield on the inside in Volltswaqen Number 3 Ju tlool: at lnm ower shifting into first tlnrd first fourth reuerse RILHA D PINKERTLN With a rebel yell l cried more more more Billy ldol MARC. HOCAN You we loue a bad name bad name Bon Jour MAR WALKER We don t need no education We don t need no thoiiqht control Pink Floyd ANTHONY DEW lm a little bit country lm a little bit Rock n Roll Donny and Marie Osmond MIKE LANN Oh Lord its hard to be humble Folk Song SIMON FLEMING WOOD Put your Headlmasterl on my shoulder Paul Anka PALO uAl.LO Pleased to meet you hope you guess my name Rollmq btones DARCY MCDONALD Take this job and shoue it Johnny Paycheck , A AX +H!s D 'Q ,A Q 'X A.. ' 4 45 ,, R . , . .1 , Y K if' s' ,, ' ' ' ' 1 I N . , ' ' ' T . , ' - ' -X ,, ff at X 3 27 - , ' U Dy, A ' ' 1' JE ' Q ' ' we 1 M cle K,-151' And into the for turn it's Petty. followed by Unser and Yarborouyh - but ' Q v I - - . - I - - ' V . - . - . . Peter F. Deely '86-'87 Peter tollowcd his big brother to Canada in the lall ol l986. Not to be outdone honey er. Gideon soon established his own close circle ol friends, Clue! among these was his roommate Lines. who wut his mind at ease with his contagious mellow nature. Gideon may have lween quiet. but he was a lriend IIOI soon to be lorgotten. Just relax. take it ensu Cul Stevens ' " ..... -., -. ... ' I Lawn.. , 54 I . -1, Charles W Harvey Read 85 87 ll w' What else is there to stty Ont might s1y tall dark and handsome but that wouldn t be the truth Om mibht say that he was a Bisside Smoker and Triple Lea ue Star but that would be all too true We can only hopt that someday lie Il get oter Elltn and Iind a real bird All the best next ueur at the Florida Weight Loss Institute Darren R. Hassanali '85-'87 Priggy entered Trinity in l985 with enthusiasm. a roti and a bird. He leaves in I987 with two Grade I2 diplomas. depression. no bird. and a big head. The fur-powered Haitian excelled on the Soccer field and in the Squash Couns. but the classrooms didn't really agree with him. We all wis:1 gl:elHairy Haitian the best of luck in the future . . . at Ryerson and wit: ta ini, Mike D Hill 86 87 You should have education enough so that you won t ltuue to look up to people: and then more education so that you will be wise enough not to look down at people. - M.L. Boren l . 1 . t' 7 Q 4 . N ,ff 5-. L ' it , Q at. 4 y l 1 - - I --. 9 9 0 1 g , O . . O . o W ' , , L L . 1 1 i tx l Q x w x l Patrick B Keeley 83 87 In four years at Trinity I leamed a lot and made the best friends l'll ever have. The good times from the classrooms to the sports tields to naughty midnight ranks are things I'll never forget. Thanlzs T S and thanks to all those people who made it possible. 1 pm-uw Glenn P Watkins 84 87 Wally said his oodb es and shed some tears on Kelly s shoulder in l984 when he left TET to in his stay in the civilized world After only three months he had hardened his body and become a ualified Ninpa Llnfor tunatel Sgt Dwight pulled out and Wally retum to his bad habits with Marla ogether they kept the cleanest ig sty in the school while main taining the closest possible relations wit Tricky Ducky Alas Wall had decided to continue his li ht for birds in Flonda next year so he ll e at tending The Guide to Girs Institute ol' Miami We wish him luck in the future and we hope Kelly gives him t e go ahead I X " use t Q Loren Lieberman 85 87 Then I was inspired. Now l'm sad and tired - After all I tried for two years. - Jesus Christ Superstar Corey D Wells 85 87 Recipe for a Trinity Gentleman Ingredients: a sprinkling of intelligence, I generous haircut. 3 Cups of Good Intentions. 4 Cups of Self-Interest. 2V. Cups ol Serxitude. I shovelful of Baking Soda. I hellofalot of Imstration. I promise of success. Instructions: Preset oven to a higher pur ose.' Bring Good Intentions to a boil mixing in Self-Interest and B.S. Stir igorously. Add successfully ' Q telligent haircut 1 remixed with servitudel and skim fmstration, Let sim- mer indefinitely. gon appetit. mes amis, lDesert should consist of cheesecake and after-dinner drinks and cigars and bonrdrooms and cadillacs and the right side of the traclzsl Thanks and love to the smiling laces. Corey. o Q 1 ' T 9 O - . - l 1 - I 9 9 0 Q C .n THE HEADMASTER' Welcome to Port Hope - the Land of Opponunity. Today we have the op- portunity to salute the accomplishments and character of our student body. bid farewell to some distinguished men. and thank lalthough l'm ashamed to sayl all too briefly some of the people at the root of the success of this School. As you've probably surrmsed by a quick glance at the programme. we have no guest speaker today. SACRILEGE - no guest speaker on Speech Day! This was done because we'll start summer holidays earlier. and enable us to focus more on the leaving class. and give us a chance to put a lace on this group. and give each one his rightful place in the sun. As lar as speakers go - I thought about getting Brian Mulroney or John Tumer or Ed Broadbent or lim and Tammy Bakker. I rejected them all for the same reason. Really. who'd be interested in what they have to say! Actually. I had Trudeau on the hook before the Meech Lake Accord broke. but Pierre really wanted to say something to us. so he is writing an article which will be simultaneously released in the Cobourg Star and the Port Hope Evening Guide. But. this is a day for our graduates! I can't conceal the pride and affection I have for these fellows. I know them very well - many were new boys with me -I years ago. This class always respected and honoured good scholar- ship. and "iumpin' toadstooIs". we have boys off to Harvard. Stanford. Dartmouth. Comell. Middlebury. Tufts. and a host of other equally good Canadian undergraduate faculties. On top of this. eleven boys from this class have already received scholarship offers from Canadian universities. and over twenty will be Ontario Scholars. Outside the classroom they have been fiery athletic competitors giving us many thrills. and have demonstrated a great appreciation for sport which will serve them well for the rest of their lives. As well. you'Il see in a few moments. during the prize giving. the extent of their contribution to debating. art. theatre. and the choir, but I am particularly proud that many of this year's leaving class have played such a large part in the remarkable development of instrumental music recently at the School. Getting to know these boys has been getting to know a cross section of what is good and hopeful about young people these days. The fact that they are from all over the place and that they have brought such a tremendously vital spectrum of backgrounds. talents. and ambitions is so enriching for us who live and work here. and so important to their own development as well rounded citizens. lt was pointed out to me lvery welll in a letter from a grad ldelivered at 4: IO a.m.l the differences in people are the most valuable traits of the ideal society. The boys have learned from each other as much as from teachers and books. and when the quadratic equations fade from the memory. when the proper construction of English prose is factored routinely into the everyday report they are writing, when books are picked up for pleasure - not because they're on the exam. when quarters are something they put into machines - not something they run: what will remain is social tolerance. the honour associated with dealing honestly with people. the accountability for one's own actions. and above all - life-long friendships - the great gift of a boar- ding school. lt's like my Dad used to say. "The only difference between a shark and a comb is the size of its teeth". To this day I don't know what that means! Anyhow. it is interesting to speculate what this class might be doing in Gl- teen years: - will Paul Birch have got his hair cut? - will .lohn Armstrong be playing the lead in The Flintstones. The Movie? - will Scott Lake have ioined the NBA? - will Stephane Cote have whipped off his fleur-de-Iis and become Steve Cote - super anglo? S ADDRESS - will Peter Crane. like his namesake. become an endangered species? - will Marla Crossman host a talk show? - will Zalt Dutton's dimples devour his entire face? - will Warren Halls ever grow side bums? - will .lon Hegland ever grow? - will Marc Hogan have become a pro prize Gghter? - will Chris Holtby ever open a Kentucky Fried Chicken? - will Lars Hunelee have gotten out of bed? - will Jamie Kilburn have gotten into bed? - will Sylvain Marcoux have found true 'ealth and 'appiness? - will Rob Maxyield have leamed to drive? - will Darcy McDonald have married Wendy? - iudging by his hickey. will Simon Fleming-Wood have married Mark Knill? and finally - will Eoin Finn have designed a new sailboard in the shape of a couch? Lots of unanswered questions - stay tuned! We will miss this group of characters. but I think we are graduating a very capable. very exciting group of young men who will be movers and shakers in Canada and throughout the world. We will never forget them and l feel fortunate that our paths have crossed. The faculty is the comerstone of any school. Therein lies its academic in- tegrity and its educational sensitivity. It is our lil resource. and all the physical plant in the world. all the well meaning govemors in the world, all the enlightened management in the world. amounts to zip if our teachers are not delivering a first-rate product day in and day out in the classroom. I am so proud of these men and women behind me who work flat out for the School - far beyond the normal terms of employment for a teacher. That is why they are at TCS. That is why our School is so strong - plain and simple. Their strength is summed up so smartly in my right hand man - Gareth Jones. who. as Assistant Headmaster. is not only a pillar of strength to me. but to the whole TCS community. At the risk of naming names. four other men. Erik Norenius. Brian Pro- ctor, John Geale and Paul Godfrey deserve special mention in dispatches. l leave the management of our extensive support machinery and much of the business aspects of TCS to Erik Norenius, not only because I don't under- stand it. but he does a better job than l could ever dream of doing. And Brian Proctor. Director of Sales. is usually the first person a prospective family meets and what a first impression ol TCS! They say. "This has got to be a dynamic. interesting. enriching and caring institution" - and that's after they've only seen the arena! John Geale takes thorough. sensitive care of the Middle School. His ad- ministrative capabilities are also very important to TCS. And Paul Godfrey - as Brian Proctor looks after incoming boys - Paul looks after the outgoing ones. There is no better Guidance Director in the independent schools system. Many thanks to these key members of the management team. I will be making a special presentation to a few leaving Masters in a minute or so. and we will be bidding farewell to them and also to Mohan Sud. Dr. Harrison. and Susan Casson as a staff this coming Wednesday. But we should all pause - particularly the graduates - and express our apprecia- tion to this exceptional faculty and thank them lor yet another Gne year. Hand in hand with the faculty. and fundamental to an excellent school. is a first-rate support team. We cannot take for granted the loyalty and effec- tiveness of our secretaries, sewing ladies. grounds-keepers. maintenance men, mail room staff. cleaning ladies. food service crew. laundry ladies. in- tinnary staff - it is an amazing list and they do an amazing iob. and for the most part they are unrecognized: but most of them feel the same depth of commitment to the School that we all feel. and will always go the extra mile for TCS. Here's to the support staff - the unsung heroes of this t H ..,c . . ...V V. on-It -. .-.. .ff-Vt. c... -MM . M + -. arg.: 1. - sy, ,+ G. - yrs - X w..,s .M .asf-' ".'fQS'x'51 is 'fs . so ' '-f , ff ..,frz ' F ' S'.f"f2g5si, f'gsys'f-,,,g he-Vsgggieetsaxvif nj ,.-y-y L. 1-iiszfe :asf ei 'f - . establtshment We are also tery tortunate to hate at our dtsposal a yast group ot yolunteers who support the School In a wonderlul way Many do ll wtth money Many do tt wtth tame and counsel Many do It wtth both Thus hack :ng emanates from our Got ernors. our Commtttee XX orkers. our Old Boys, and our current parents They proytde so much belund-theescenes support that the boys neyer realize. Many ol these people are present today and I thunk the boys should show thetr appreclatlon lor thenr etlorts Ftnally. there are two people. whom l'ye been ordered not to thank but l'm the Headmaster and l'm not used to taking orders our Chatrman, Dayld Hvggtnbotham. who continually remtnds me and dlrects me to run a hrst rate academic tnstvtutton an a setting ot good humour and enloyment. and my wute - tlny. pertect Louise f who lakes great care to know all the boys and supports me and provtdes so many happy' opportunltles lor entertain- ment ot boys. parents. Goyernors and Old Boys I thunk we should salute the two key members ol the TCS Executtye. my two bosses. Daytd and Louose' I would luke to close wuth some unsoltetted adytce to the Leayung Class- rt's my perogatnye. It as much luke what I sand last vear, and probaby' much ltke what I'Il say next year and eyery year lrepeutuon as Important tn educattonj ll Be gratelul lor what has been gtyen you Thank your parents lor this op- portunity. lor this Investment an your educatuon You are pnyuleged. we all are. to be here and to be an Canada an l9S7 Therelore the onus as on us to be sensltne to those less prntleged. ll Never blow your own horn Modesty ts a great yurtue It you are carnng and honestly l13ltllA0flxIllg, youll he notncetl eyentually Someone else y-.ull blow your horn and the sound ls more true il Neyer, eyer get so wrapped up un your work that you torget your tarntly Il you haye kuds tn the tuture, and the axerage says you wtll hate I 8 klds don't uuss thetr chtldhood Toull sadly regret at ell Ftnally. strlye to be successlul not rn matermahstrc terms but wuhtn yoursell You can go a long way down the road to success by surrountltng yoursell wuth lntellrgent lruends and honest cnttcs and hy betng able to laugh at yourselt and leel real pam when someone else us Ill trouble Success IS being able to apprectate the best tn others and acknowledgtng the short comtngs an ourselyes Aboye all. ll rs to know that you haye enrtched the Isle ol ey en one person because somethung you sand or dvd eley ated that person nn some small way Thus ts to haye succeeded Class ot '87 - I wash yfou tons ol success an the luture .... Si. Y 14 f gf 'I 'ffv.'j'.. zar eivfm- '1' . . JIS- WT ."'T4if' PECIAL PRESENTATICDNS Today marks the end of .in era Roger Kirkpatrick retires after thirty years at ICS and vvoll have to find someone else to fall asleep during Nlasters' Nleetings ipreterahlv someone who doesn't snorell Roger. an Old I-lov ot Trinity I'-I I -'-I6l has been teaching for thirty-two years. thirty of them here He is geography at TCS. founding the department in I957. and developing it as a bona fide high school credit Over the years he has also taught social sciences and People in Politics He has coached Bigside swim- mers through a million IO yard laps ot our pool. most recently coaching them to an ISAA Championship last year Living in Port Hope he has involv- ed himself in a myriad of volunteer and church related protects and has pro, bably done everything there is to do in politics. except get elected' Now in Petersons Ontairo. he is even willing to admit that he is a Liberal! He has been a supportiy e. loyal. contributing colleague. and a model of good tudge- ment in this community We wish htm all the best in the future. Hugh Vernon has worked formally for TCS for six years as Executive Director of Convocation. but the School has never really lett his heart since he graduated in I9-l9. He is first and foremost a teacher. and very proud of it He spent twenty-two years teaching for the North York board. finishing as Head of History at York Mills Collegiate. He was lured away from teaching in l9Sl and ever since he has been in charge of fostering goodwill. Iiasing vvith over four thousand Old Boys and orchestrating our Annual Ciiv- ing campaign. which has increased 2 I 2 fold under his direction. Hugh knows what makes a school tick. how present and past "boys" think and how to make people feel important. needed and relevant. In this way he perfectly fits my definition of success. He also has a real sensitivity for nur- turing an Old Boy population that spans ages nineteen to ninety-nine. From my first dav as Headmaster. no one has been more helpful. constructive. loyal or friendly to me and to the obiectives of this establishment. He is one whose opinion I value immensely. I will miss him dearly. and this whole com- munity has been enriched by his input over the last six years. A week ago I never dreamed that I would be saying a formal farewell to Tim Tottenham. Just last Monday. Tim was appointed the new Head of Junior School at St. Michaels University School in Victoria. BC This sud- den development has not allowed us time to contemplate the full impact this will have on TCS. but iudging by the long faces on all his grade 7 and 8 students. his departure will be deeply and emotionally felt. Tim has taught English. History. Geography. and Computers to our "babies" for eleven years. but more than that. he has watched ov er them and molded them with lust the right mixture of firmness and compassion. He has been truly loved and respected by his students and has been a happy. purposeful faculty member putting his cheerful stamp on a great variety of protects such as the Tuck Shop and the dreaded pink sheet. But above all. he has been a wonder- ful counsellor for our younger boys and even some Old Boys as eight year veteran. Marc Hogan. will attest Tim actually volunteered to be Marc's ad- visor for life. however. the sentence was commuted to eight years for good behaviour. Tim will leave a huge gap to fill on this faculty. but he leaves with our fondest thoughts and best wishes for success in his new adventure. I have been looking forward to saying something about our Junior Master Department for some time These young men. three "Brits" and a "Canuck", have added so much sparkle and intrigue to our community and have been so useful that we wonder what we did wsthout them. The pro- nouncement "hand it over to a Junior Master" has bailed out numerous Masters' meetings These young men have the most exploited 'helpful col- leagues you could imagine. The boys whom they individually helped and in- deed the whole TCS community owe them so much TI1e Junior Masters are Jim Ganley from Trent University. Alan Lewis from Kings School. Chester. Bill Sexton from Harrow. and James Robinson from Westminster. Our burgeoning exchange programme received a real shot in the arm this term with six boys from other schools living among us and learning about the mysteries of TCS Actually. it has been as enriching for us as it has been for them Two boys from Brentwood have already escaped back to Van- couver lsland. they were Rudy Enzmann and David Muth. We also have from the West. Mark Lewis from St. Georges From England we have Tim Mickleborough from Haileybury College. and from the Doon School in Ina dia. we have Kabir Sethi and Karim Ahmad. There are two other boys about whom I would like to talk. Reino Hyvarinen and Juha lkonen. both from Espoo. a town outside of Helsinki. have been with us since September on a special one year programme in- itiated by Brian Proctor. They are our fourth and fifth Finns over the last three years and by some strange quirk they all tend to be fine hockey players. Both Reino and Juha can do far more than lust "dipsy doodle" around lumbering Canadian defensemen. They were both fine students. and they endeared themselves to this community and their host families in Port Hope. Juha was a strong player on Bigside Soccer and Reino is an important member in the Jazz Band There is lust one more person that I would like to recognize. Joanna Rees. the past President of the Toronto Ladies Guild will be very embarrass- ed but I would like to induct her into the "Ladies Ciuild Hall of Fame" for her creative and effective leadership of that important group over the last year. AQ l TL-iiial'Zli1is HE D PREFECTS ADDRESS Mr. Chairman. Mr. Wright. Masters. Parents. Guests. Students. Herb. and fellow Old Boys: The Leaving Class of l987 is unique in many ways. Graduating today are a fetus. a chicken. a spud. a skidder. a limey. and. of course. a shameless pretty boy. The Headmaster has been telling us how much this Class has meant to T C.S. This is the one responsibility we do not mind accepting. because this feeling is most definitely mutual. Although this Class is undoubtedly com- prised of individuals. our common bond has been T.C.S. While everyone of us has had our share of both good and bad times here. I can say without hesitation that each one of us is a better person for this experience. - "Even Angus?" Yes. even Angus. You see. although we all leave today ready to move on in life. not one of us will forget what the school on the hill has done for us. - "l will." Okay. there is one. but there is always a rebel in the Class. As the curtain draws on our days in these hallowed halls. the mists of time are shrouding our memories of the days we entered T.C.S. as boys. for to- day we graduate as men - yes men - of Trinity College School. - "What about Randall?" Please gentlemen. ah. coeducation has been put on the back bumer for a while. As we move out into the world. we hold our heads high - Holtby - know- ing that we have been properly trained to foster and communicate our ideas - - "Pnco?" Paco knows the important things: "Hey man. I lost my green card." As you can see. this is a Class that is not afraid to stand up and be heard. - "This speech stinks!" And that reminds me. Clayton will be choosing volunteers for the "Head Prefect's Speech Correction Committee" next week. as expected. Ladies and Gentlemen. it would be impossible to say what this school has meant to this Class without including fun. Although it would be a lie for me to stand here and tell you that we all en- ioyed every minute of our time here. I can say in all honesty and seriousness that T.C.S. has been a positive influence on every graduate before you to- day. Trinity has been our home. our school. our cradle. and our life. Each one of us has become an intrinsic part of Trinity and there is no doubt that Trinity too. has become an intrinsic part of each one of us. This is why the School will change when we leave. and why each one of us will change too. Trinity has given each of us so much - we only hope that we have returned as much. And so today we graduate with the tools the school has given us. more prepared to face the future and make a positive impact on that future. In past years l have listened to Head Prefects give advice to the students of T.C.S. Finding myself in a similar position. I hope I can do the same, because there are a few thoughts that I would like to pass on to those who remain at T.C.S. Don't allow yourself to search for only the bad in either a situation or a person. lf one searches hard enough. one will find it. and in so doing one will be cheating oneself. There is something to be learned from every situation and from every person we meet. By being positive and searching for the good one will be a more constructive influence on those around and. above all. on oneself. It is all too easy to pass something off as bad. The extra effort involved in seeking knowledge in both situations and people will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life. for we leam by experiencing and not by iudging. Remember that being an individual involves being true to oneself inside. Although one's beliefs might differ from the norm. one must be careful not to cross the line of being different for difference sake. This does not mean that everyone should be conservative. it merely means that individualism is something that occurs inside. not something that must be proved on the outside. When I stand up here now, realizing that I am spending my last day at T.C.S.. I feel many things. Above all. though. I feel the bonds of friendship to those I have come to know here. It is the friends each of us have made that has allowed us to enloy our time here. Talking directly to those who remain at Trinity on behalf of the Leaving Class. I would like to offer this advice when you find yourself sitting where we are today know for yourself that you have made as many friends here as you possibly could have. Before I conclude. I would like to make a few thank-yous. I would like to thank Mrs. Vasila for the often unnoticed help and support she gives so many of us. lwould like to thank Mr. Godfrey for finding places for all of us next year. And. of course. I would like to thank Mr. Wright for the genuine interest he takes in running this School. and the personal support he offers us all. Above all, though. l'd like to thank our parents for the opportunity they have afforded us by sending us to Trinity as well as for their undying love and patience. Good luck to all those who remain at T.C.S. - "the future is in your hands." For those of us who leave here. let us always look back with pride on our days at Trinity. so that those after us have the opportunity to do the same. iii. Trinity Prizes First Form: IL .............. .......... D , Lee Sui IU .,........ ........... B J. Pilgrim Second Form ..,.,.... .................. .............. W . A. Hobbs Third Form ..........................,.............................,. C. Sumen F.A. Bethune Scholarships Second Form .,.................................................. W.A. Hobbs Third Form ....... Sumen Fourth Form ......... .............. I .D. Boyle Cirne Lee Sui Fifth Form ..,.,........................................... B.G. O Callaghan Subiect Prizes in the Fourth and Fifth Forms D'Arcy Martin Prize in English ...,.... ...............,. L .K. Cirne Lawson French Prize ............................ ...............,. L .K. Cirne ......,..Jonas Raymond Special French Prize ......... .......... M .R. Skanks German Prize ............... ......... M .M. Wende .........M.K.E. Thiele Spanish Prize .......................... Environmental Science Prize .....,.. Music Prize ....,...,.................... Economics Prize .................. Social Science Prize ........,. Ouimet Boyle Cirne Boyle Gay History Prize .................... ................ P J. Gay Law Prize ............................ ......... M .K.E. Thiele Dr. Forrest Prizes in Art .......... Dillon Porritt The Hugel Prizes in Geography ......... ,........... M .W. Laughlin Poncelet The Armour Memorial Prize for Comp. Sci ............ L.K. Cirne B.G. O'Callaghan Physics Prize ............................................ B.G. O'Callaghan Chemistry Prize ....................... ................. I .D. Boyle The Ingles Prize in Classics .......... ............... N .R. Bertos Physical Education Prize ..,....... ......... J ustin Raymond Bellamy Foley Canadian-American Relations Prize ......... .....,.. M .D. Hill Headmaster's Awards for Academic Excellence in the Fourth Form I.D. Boyle L.K. Cirne K. Lee Sui General Proficiency Prizes THIRD FORM RJ. Abraham K.A. Lee BM. Bastin S.K.P. Lin M.G. Bennett .l-P.L. Marsh J.R. Brown D.H. Morley C.P. Conradi B.S. Schwartz J.M.L. Gibb-Carsley J.T.J. Tamblyn J.D.A. Good W.R. Thompson D.T. Holmes M.D. Watkinson R.T. Hyvarinen T.W. Whike M.M.K. Kam A.G. Wiebe M.A. Layug C. Wing King SECOND FORM K.D. Bruun M.C.C. Morton A.C. Crawford TJ. Rennie H-S. Ham M.W. Skoczylas G.W. Hodges A.M.M. Swann RJ. Kerr D. Taylor M.S. Khoury E.W-S. Yeung J-W. Lee G.W. Yin J-J. Liu C.H.J. Yue WJ. McCoy UPPER FIRST FORM C.G.H. Cragg R.S-Y. Ho J.R.W. Jones J.G.R. Maynard P.A.P. Zakarow LOWER FIRST FORM S.St.C.M. Bowen JJ. Buchanan S. Cosio B.A. Proctor S.P. Williams Special Prizes The Choir Prize ........................................... The Marion Dsler Prize for Head Sacristan .... The Archbishop of Toronto Prize .................. The Headmaster's Purchase Award ........ The Fred Martin Memorial Prizes for Art and Music in the First Form ........... The J.D. Ketchum Music Prize ,..............,.. The Stevenson Award for Best Actor ......,.. The Butterfield Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Dramatics ........ The Head Librarian s Award ..........,.............. The Armour Memorial Prize .....D.J. Bourne ....M.R. Dunnill .G.T.K. Lawson ...,C.E. Robison Wells Lee Sui ..R.B. Campbell ....D.D.C. Gray .....T.C. Magwood ......A.l. Cowan ...P.J,C. Dalton M.C.C. Walker for Editor of The Record .............................. R.R.J. Pinkerton The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating ....,..... P. Birch The Speaker's Gavel .......................................... A.S.C. Dew The Most Promising Junior Debator ....... J.M.L. Gibb-Carsley The Gavin lnce Langmuir Memorial Prizes for Creative Writing .................... lEssayl D.D.C. Gray ...........lShort Storyl D.D.C. Gray ..............lPoetryl H.A. Podlewski ..................,....lPoetryl J.S. Dyer The Archbishop Prize for Photography ........... N.B. Saunders The Chess Prize .............................................. M.M. Maurer Jubilee Awards for Math Second Form .............................................., Third Form ........ Ham ...M.M. Morton ........J.D.A. Good Wing King Fourth Form ......... Fifth Form ......... Centennial Prizes for Effort and Progress M.W. Bemard J.J. Grabec J.T. Ikonen J.R. Perez Lee Lee Sui Tse Sixth Form Subject Prizes The University of Toronto Prize ................,.. R.R.J, Pinkerton The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English .........,.... R.R.J. Pinkerton The French Prize ............,........................,.. R.R.J. Pinkerton Special Prize for Contribution to French ...,.......... S. Marcoux The German Prize ....................,..,..,....,....,....... D.D.C. Gray The Spanish Prize ......... ,...................... .......... C . R, Currer The Rigby History Prize ,................... ....... J .D. Armstrong The Kent Canadian History Prize .,..... ............ D .D.C. Gray The Music Prize ........,.,........,......................... R.B. Campbell The Economics Prize ........................................ D.D.C. Gray The Jubilee Exhibition Prize for Mathematics ......,. J.B.S. Cote The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art ..,.,.................,............ JS. Dyer The Hugel Prize in Canadian Geography ........,.. D.D.C. Gray The Hugel Prize in World Issues .............,..,.......... M,J. Cann The Founder's Prize for Physics ..................... M.C.C, Walker The Peter H. Lewis Prize for Chemistry ,,......,..... S. Delagrave Walker The Ingles Prize in Classics .................... ............ P .B. Blyth The Classical Civilization Prize ,.,....... ......... C .H. Giraud The Biology Prize ......,........,...............,......... M.C.C. Walker The Physical Education Prize .............,........... M.C.M. Hogan The Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for English ...., D.D.C, Gray The Governor-General's Medal for Mathematics...J.B.S. Cote 151 Outstanding Contributions U to the Lite of the School The Philip lxetchum Cup A...,......,.....4...,....,.....,.,. Bal. Pilgrim The Hamilton Bronze Medal ......, ........,........... H -S. Ham The Margaret lxetchum Prize ..,...... ....., l .M.L, Gibb-Carsley The l9'l5 Challenge Trophy ......... ....,..,......., L .K. Cirne The Langmuir Challenge Trophy ....... ...r.,.., G .T.K. Lawson Athletic Awards The Heber Rogers Memorial Trophy tor the Most Outstanding Under l-l Athlete ...,.........., A.S. Moss The Patterson Trophy lor the Most Outstanding Under l 5 Athlete ........ The FG. Osler Cup for the Most .DA. Cunningham Outstanding Littleside Athlete ....,....,,.,... J.M,L. Gibb-Carsley The de Pencier Trophy for the Most Outstanding Middleside Athlete ........ RB. Campbell The Stewan-Haralam ides Award for s P Good Spirit S Achievement in Athletics ...,..... M.A. Crossman The Ingles Trophy lor Keenness in Athletics ..................,......,...........,...... The Jack Maynard Memorial Trophy .........E.B.B. Barber for Leadership in Athletics ..,..,...................... JD Armstrong The Brian "Toby" Kent Memorial Award ...... J.D Armstrong The Grand Challenge Trophy .,..,,............ Maior Prize Winners Left to Right S D FlemingeNX ood, The Bronze Medal M .I Cann, The Grand Challenge Trophy MC C Walker. The Head Bott and Cliancellofs Prize R R J Pinkerton. The Jim McMullen Memorial Trophy Cann . "'Y 'PG' 527:-'lv' 'fl-"l1."SlAQ Academic Excellence in the Sixth Form J.B.S. Cote S. Delagrave D.D.C. Gray R.R.J. Pinkerton M.C.C. Walker Major Awards The Boulden Award for Integrity in the Middle School ..,...................... ......... P .C. Geracimo .........J.D.A.Good The l97O Trophy for the Most Outstanding Contribution to the Arts .,............. D.D.C. Gray The Lutra Award for an Outstanding Creative Contribution to the School ................... D.J. Bourne The Angus and Lorna Scott Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Life of the School ..,.....,..,...... A.S.C. Dew Knill The Merv Anthony Award ..................,. ......... J .M. Warren The Jim McMullen Memorial Trophy ........... R.R.J. Pinkerton The Head Boy and Chancellor's Prize ............ M.C.C. Walker The Bronze Medal ................................. S.D. Fleming'Wood The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Trophy for Inter-House Competition ...........,............. BURNS HOUSE Ee t3c,,1-go4,g11,,, ,- ff- we f-fefaf-1' -'Y -- I wi, .. I .. ,e..,.Y . .. 1 .. ' ., , P? 'A '-.:.xn1.'.:,n e.:'f4 -.-v .L.'-'- .-,c- ..., - Contribution to School Life Awards Lett to Right PC Cweracnno, The Boulder: Awurd for Integrity H-S Hain. The Hgnnlton Bronze Medal B .I Pilgrim, The Philip ketcliurn Cup CrTlx Lawson. The ltrngnnnr Chnllengc Trophy .IDA Good. The Boulden Award tor Integrity .I ML Gibb-Carslex The Margaret lxet churn Trophy Athletic Awards Left to Right D A Cunningham The Patterson Trophy AS Moss. The Helier Rogers Memorial Trophy R B Campbell. The de Pencier Trophy M A Crossman. The Stewart'Hnrulurnprdes ALUMNI E B B Barber. The Ingles Trophy Special Prizes Left to Rtght .I M Warren. The Mero Anthony Award ASC Dew, The Angus and Lorna Scott Award DJ Bourne. The Lntrtz Award D D C Gray. The l97O Trophy MG knill. The Angus and Lorna Scott Award ID Armstrong, The Brrun "Toby" kent Memorial Award 54 FOR SALE ONE USED OLIIIA BOARD tulrlt :IPL L L Nhduu Itt to 4 O 1 m XX ttkmd Onlx ' Reath Out and Touth Someone MR SUBMARINE Opw Danly ION AM W OO PM 'Stl RA ILSIDE REST 1 URANT Hu! and C ofa' Subs Burgas Cfraek Uousalxu Delnerx tor C1roupOrders Onlx Te 88S 'WX ll'PeterSl COFFEE WAY Wpen 74 Hours a Day" Donuts Pabtrtes Soups All the Other ooodtes You LSD! met an the Krtthen ' 07 Peter Street Port Hope PHARMACY Open MSS Days a Year N Mull Street South S89 -lb-H ISS Peter Street Port Hope YORK SUPER - : 4:2 r "YE ' V 6:3 14' ' x . ,f I. 5 'ar-' b . xl , N, Eng 's n trstn Wnlxz v - .- ,L Y . I, 'nw 03' S S ww A- Ps.. A eb' ,L D' A-em ' L 5 RLU"'F'1 Hum l -5 lluflun fJl.Sf1l'.S, Greek cl-VFUS, .- 1 , , -1 7. D . , . xl , , ,, , 5 ,,,"!,w' X , I 3 7 V " x - - ' x an . . fl: 'Ah 5 M Q S. L . C A ' . U - . - , . . , THE ZW SOLUTION 7' In an etfort to control the ever tntrtasmy, cost ol new automobiles and to sell more cars Frank Laurla Pontlac Bunk Llmlted ls pleased to Introduce THE 7 sOIUTION Most new North American Buult Pontlac Bunk and OML Trucks can be purchased by a member ol the Tnntty Lol lege Lonvotatlon for only 7 t oyer the Lnneral Motors mvoute amount For example I987 Butcl. Park Avenue Ilor tllustratlon we haxe used pmes IH elfect as of January ICl87I M 5 R P 4 73 Q-I8 OL Inuotce Amount S70 977 3b -I I 9 wi bpecral TLS Prlce S7 I 306 9I Dascount S2 -lil O9 Thus speclal PTICIITE poltcy IS not available to the publlc at arge Maul orders accepted' Deltvery can be scheduled to colnclde wlth mayor events at the school Vlslt your son and puck up a new car at the For more tnformatlon call Laeoff Ltrne at I4 I 6I 885 8 I 54 durtnb normal business hours Iln my absence ask for Frank Laurlal Please mention thus ad The dealership reserues the rtght to make chanqes or to cancel tlns offer as circumstances man dlctate FRANK URI Pontiac Buick GMC PORT HOPE 152 Peter S! Port Hope 885 8154 WDW 2 Wffffiw W W7 eff: WWW Introducmg the new An tntcrlockmv Hcxtblc system substructure Itts rteht into floats Superior buoyancw stabtlttw Hull shape vytth keel easy to launch and rcmoye Reslsts vas oil vylldlltc dantage abraslon punctures NEVN DOLB. OR EXTENSION GET THE FACTS BEFORE TOL BL ILD Ifor the dealer nearest sou phone In Metropolttan Toronto 967 1402 Outslde Toronto area 1 800-268 1121 or ask Sandy Hamilton V - 1 x ' - 1 ' 1 ' ' a -. ' - '. s . - ., -ov 1 A - ' . -03 1 Ts - T ' 0 .'. . . 1- .e . 7 - , . V, 200 .f- I . . . . , . Q ' , . -' N ,IH , 1 I ' I ' x v x ' 1 Same "me ' Fast easy constructton-dock , , Q 1 ' 1. ., ., ' ' , - 1 . 1 ll - 1 ' l Q A' 1 1 1' 1-.-. -1. L- I , , . s ,, l . .7 cf tl. h w ,I 4 Tx . I ' - 1 1 Q 1 1 kv' Q s -,pt ' I - L ' L sr I . n - - - - - - UC4 3 AIRLINES .-K-AJ..-., STEAMSHIPS ,322- RA1LwAYs a, I CRUISES "HOC" CAR HI E'HO'TELS TOURS RANGED PASSPORTS SEURED F-"E"f"!"""i?':2'5 Lf.iE'-.ik --z: """"' 'wnmf smwcs COUNTS ' LENT TRAVEL 11982 LTD 5652525 Eff SZHYQBYS 885 2453 ' M 11g mi I . ' . . . . .f ff ,- ,, ., 7 -, 2 F 'Wfk 4 sf 'Q fx, K rom wlm.-I l1I1lfx'l'l!lN rw ilu ' te' xx Q , ,fx IJIVNI .lL'NlL1Iu' ' . V L' -: t f N 1 X954 gifg 'L' Bmxlllln N Y i .JIUUX1 k J, E ' H H ,ll mx .Mxnuxs 1 ' H- ',"5 ffl .A ' 4' Vluu: ' T gxu-111.1 ' .lf f V nf.- llkt I I L4 ir 4 i.-1: ""' . 1 4 I ' Y, - V, -- b Q - +1 ax.- .- l'l'- I 3' - .. Q 1 ' -. I- , A 4 - Y -Q Q pf .' ' . ' Lf ' G ', , A - - E g Pm' A N T 'x RESTAURANT ICECREAM PARLOUR A Restaurant and lu Lream Parlour Fresh Homemade. Burgers and Fries Homemade lee Lream Mexnan Speualtnes Salads tn an Edible Bowl Sandwlthes Desserts ureat Musn Appetu mt, Food and mood Times Take Out Avatlable Q-l Walton bt QS! 9911 pen 7 Days a Week I I 4 y mnnlll alllnalamht IIDIIEIIEI ' la' lar! B IIIQIIIJ I he Carlyle 0 I I U A 6 86 JOHN STREET PORT HOPE Elegant Dmunb ln Hlstom Port Hope Fully Lltensed Ranquet Fauluttes Avallable ONTARIO 416 885 8686 8: o ' " WE 5- 1 Ao- I -0. ' el vm :gc of ae W l I 3 ,gig R I 44165835.5264 W ' W' , T Lomplnments ot RJINDMES BOL lx 5 e xI4lwt.1I1x1lxl IIIIN-X. "HAPPY HOME BAKERY" v r I VN HUEBNER X JIM S PIZZERIA Ht me Made Pu a Our Npeualtk NpaEh ttu La a na Raxloll uarlnt Bread or Lheeae ureek and Lamar Salads Lall Us for Fast Delnery " The Royal Bank M I4 ONTARIO STREET PORT HOPE ONT LIA TTD T 'M to all your K' 5 " bankmg needs XY: ii -6,- l4I6l B85 Bl 4 l Home Hardware CA ,vwlom NEILL S MEN S AND BOYS WEAR Q7 Ontario gl ev ,OPI Hope Om LI -X 'T7 84 4568 ZIP MARK ve WALTON SYRE L" 'N3 Phonel-11678 CHAR PORT HOPE ONTARIO K HIIIIINIIIIIIN NIH F2 xx X Im NI. G, . . - ' NIXIISUI IIURI IIIWI IIXINI J " w I 1: " I ' e I- s g 0 Q - l or I N' 0 S V 063' ii' 1 " 1, 'X says Cando ' rrrfeifmf .: I I v-:J 0 N N 'lxgi-fl if, . Tl A 8 aj. . ar . O . ' 1'- -. ' - -- I ,E . . .. PROPRE'OR v, V C omxcdnl BRIDGE RESYALJQANV L YANERN S3PfYfQSYQifY P091 HOPE ONY Phone 416885 SBS! v-4nNfSE POLvNlSvAN CANAOIANFOOOS , ucmms foe ALL occnsuoms ow-Nc e. CAYERINLJ j TAIKE UL T Si RYIL F LUNCH BUFFET NOON YO 2 AHW1 THURSDAY S FRIDAY FLQWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GWENEL FLDWERS f Q Q ' " ,S N 1 , I cf NX f XM 1 eQD 62 Walton Street 885-6355 Port Hope Vanderstoop 's Floral 62 Gzft Shoppe l vvlllpluryl I1-r.HNuu1.y 1-llrupxxfilblbtw mirvfwf miwwll NN.4Il.mN11uw.P011 I1-vpu.1ll1:.1rwl I X INI .m.1'h Fung Nl XX l X-Ywuru 1",'-Fl-l "The Better Care Flormv' Ibn Cfhcning Gbuibe founded 1831 Scrxmg Puri Hope Dally Smcc H478 f5OfSUbNCflDli0I1S or Advertising 8850-17l Rhapsody in Blue. 4n,151.,L A uhm' Qnly at B I RKS EQ: I 4 'J' ff' 'SM' "HAVE A HUMPTY DUMPTY DAYIV' REED SFEN HOUSE A MEMBER OF VHS lexander ' Iexanderc O APOP 'ur'u1c'f'Hmkf'r'S.YO Box 950 T , Dr minion Q. ' 1 Tk rr I1I0.C,Y1l'lI'10 MAH l lf' Phi nz' HIGDHGSH 5.100 OFFICF9 IN ALL MAJOR CITIFS AC ROSQ CANADA XX :mal N lsbett s OF PORT HOPE 4 WALTONQ ufrb bl Speuall mE nn Fwrmal Rental and Sale Freeman Fwrmal Wear an Lla sw FL rmal Wear tOLrl1Sll, Q OVIIPIIIIICIII ol SOXVIXWER VILLE S SPOR TINO GOODS A ND THE TOY STORE -1 XX .1ltonSt wmsou s nnung zsLmxn:3yAL 8854588 Phone 885 2101 MILJILII I .LJ41 PHOTOGRAPHY MEN S COSMETICS Mmm 68 Walton St PORT HOPE L Fl U Ins . ' 'WYWIWIU v "-'r.!r1 1 1 . F . m m '- U 0 , , NH' 4 UW I 5 f.C2.-'S' ' I ' 1" L . s I s ' ' - Pon Hope, Om. L d - w "Vis: 1 .ear S105 Llp Top" 4 rcrmlvw, Q I x i U . - -Y ' if- . 3 OUR BEST TC THE CLASS GF I987 TRINITY CCJLLEGE SCHGOL JJ LIMITED ' REALTOR 4OI Bay Street, Suite 3 IOO. Box 37, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4 Telephone: I4I6I 863-I2 I 5 TIME IS MONEY 5095550 RICHARD s X I PRINTING 885-4551 X N NND XXUNI 'N 336 WARD STREET sox 210 Pom HOPE oNT W' I I L1A3w3 TRENTWAY fm WAGAR I 1 lrantwgx was nnuc srom: E T-1 Speualnzlnb In Quality in Lharter Leach Servne aujla to Any Point In North Amerlca 8 8 5 2 I 5 5 Daily Scheduled Loaeh bervuce to Peareon Internatnonal Asrport W I Su I u mnmw wvwm IE QLIANTRILL Lhurolet Oidsmobult Ladullae Ltd Chev 0165 Tiffflff Su e Lea nm Purti Serum Lar Rental 5-II William Street t 3 Ontnno Street Port Hope Lobourt. KQA 3A4 HILI SQ? 4979 I IIIXII' Nl l'L4l.'Xl ISIS I-UR ll-fff A . lx' I INN-,I IN XX.tlIul1Nl. N.IIl1IxI.IX PUII Ilnpc, Um. , . , ,H IQIIII I' XI I'Itul1c:.'.'f-.'33f -,...,,.I-.l I gm..-.'t--I L - I i N T, Y ,Y ' if 4 A xl S14 - . ,, , , 3 - I - ' ' ' I I n iv . T., , - , .Q lf XNQIIUI1 f 'cet Port I pc fl'sS ' ' s . ' ' I Rx ' : ww, 1 A 1 h 3 .-- - - AWN: I 644 BUS f' ,A f f Windsur Finn, Haliburton Ont.. UOSJ 457-FINN Helping you with your future is Why TD is here today. E T.Q!1QlEE5Q.P.,9lY' ' N 'O N - J rm llltl ,ww ' , 'lmli' PT I 'I ' 11 viva. ,W ' O lllUMl5ll1lAND fll l6lll6 'f0l-TNTKY INN Gurnan Co' L umullart J J wrt RLNLRX mums t tu 1416134 130m N A use I l"f"" Qwamood Joww nn Holphlllfy Plus LMHACL LJ Foml Nl?- Q E 1472 Bu nham S! 011401 Hwy 1.3 930 Burnham St Cobourg Ont K9A 2X9 l416l372 2105 WELLOME As Old Boys of TCS We lnvtte All Vusrtors to Enloy the Fine Faculttres of the Lobourg Motor Inn Bradley l 8 ll C Lyall l 821 Wlllcocks Nughtly Entertalnment 0 Modern Rooms ' Dmmg Room Meetmg Rooms ' Lounge 0 Indoor bwnmmmg Pool ' Sauna S Whurlpool 0 Banquet Facrlmes PARKEN PHOTOCENTER LTD 48 WALTON STREET PORT HOPE ONTARIO LIA INT TELEPHONE C4161 885 9747 For All Your Photographic Needs Top Qualuty Photo Funrshmg ln our own Lab Same Day Fllm Processing Enlargements Passport Photos Whlle You Walt Dlreet Lourler to Kodak for blade Proeesslng Q, AL I 51" l o , 1 I 41 , xl 1 -'.'.l 7 A f . Q " A 95 1 l struttl l1:'1.mjlu14'1,jt' - 1: x1...l.1.,. Am.-1 Rnnms A I H U 0 I lijjrtnms L'mts , ' Ulu lotus Nvflunvn' ' klxlfvxvxg ml.uvgt'tmJ ' U ' ' Xmtzll l'.ntu'x ' l,ltu1unl Putm 0 111' altugx - Lurgr nr Small I A - . ttrnmgv tuuutymu unhus . V 5 -.Z--- W 1: 517 1.-v,rur.t1lhulu ,T-for f, ",f,kJ,x.:- H 14 - 'Q1'1Q K. 1 1 l" llw 1"I.,t XX'1 '1w'Ne,.l ' X ,tw -tt1l'1ttl, 'Xl,t: 1 t lhwlxz 'l lw:.Ntl1:'.' 't .1 im '11 fn-.1trrtl',1y,, Q-Iii 'lt I W 'XX 1'yl4,t,yw': . fr" 'XM All U ' iff- 1 l' , Xklll, r V7 l L im mnameun , 'I E 37 'Irnlttw l',t,,..t mn. lffhiuh A ' 'L tllttlll l X 'lll't't'll,t.l'lr.l1xf, ' ' ' 'Xl,lr, l.-,lun '1 tr All l 1'--tt 'l--.":w1 NIJ" L D XX",XK.1" ,, , l":-1 r Nwv- ,1lltlNl.xl.t 1411- li. '. tw-rf lvyg ,uw-.l ltuxr' ll.: llw-. I l""llt-gt' JIHNUQ-ill PATRONS General Patrons Drs Leslle and Margaret Bam Dr David Boyle Mr J Cralg Davles Mr and Mrs Mlke de Pencler The Drew Famnly Dr and Mrs J A Kmght Dr Keuth Morley Dr and Mrs Bnan O Callaghan The O Callaghan Boys Dr and Mrs Geoff Tornble Janet and John Whalen Special Patrons Mr Bev Collombln Andy and Peggy Geraclmo Page Patrons Mr and Mrs Allan Davidson Mr and Mrs J Dunbar DDRESS S RT AN ABRAHAM I I Antigua Prno Inttmttmrt Park P.-rt at rt-.tin Trittniatl Vttst mail.. 509612 V59 THAT IS AOMICRYCK 'S ir.-tt Sim-t. Port Ho Ontario IIA IZ2 -II6-9,85-698' RARIM AHMAD The Middle East Barth PO Bot 5547 Dubai. United Arab Emirates ALEXANDER ALEXIOU P O Box N 4805. Nassau. Bahamas 809-324-IDIS ANTONY ALEXIOU PO Box N 4805. Nassau. Bahamas 809-3I4-20I3 JOHN ARMSTRONG I I0 Stthbard Avenue. Toronto. Ontano. M-IP IC3 -H6-4BI-9809 MICHAEL VAUGHAN ARMSTRONG IIO Sttbbard Avenue. Toronto. Ontario. M-IP IC3 4l6-48I-9309 CHRIS AVEY P O. Box 952. Port ol Spain. Tnmdad. West Indies. 809-636-2081 WILLIAM BAIN I I0 Rvron Street North. Whitby. Ontano. LIN -TNI -II6-668-6-ISI ASHLEY BAKER -I I6 Fairview Drive. Whitby. Ontano. LIN 3A8 -ll6-668-9412 JOHN BALDWIN I8 Douglas Dnve. Toronto. Ontano. M-IW 283 4I6-9II-1459 BRUCE BARBER I5 Summit Avenue. Sault Ste. Marie. Ontano PSB ISI 705-I56-2400 GREG BARKER 457 Montrose Street. Winnipeg. Manitoba R3M 3MI 204-284-3951 MATTHEW BASSETT 76 Btnscarth Road. Toronto. Ontario M-IW IY4 4l6-925-IE-77 BRETT MICHAEL BASTIN 33-I3 Credit Heights Drive. Mississauga. Ont. L5C IMI 4I6-96-I-3328 JOSH BATESON PO Box I4. Maitland. Ontario. KOE IPO H. 6I3-348-369I ANTHONY BECK 33I Riverview Drive. Toronto. Ont. M-IN 3C9 4l6-483-9100 JOHN BELLAMY 403 Glencaim Avenue. Toronto. Ont MSN IV2 -H6-787-3I56 MATTHEW BENNETT R R I. Kingston. Ont. K7L SH6 GI3-S49-5 9l MICHAEL BERNARD 5 Honzon Dnve. Bel Air. La Romain. Tnnidad. West Indies. 809-65 7877l NICHOLAS BERTOS RR 3. P O Box 64. Dalkdth. Ont ROB IEO 6I3-874-2393 PAUL BIRCH 646 Village Pkwy' II4 Unionville. Ont L3R 157 4I6-477-4335 SHAWN BIRT I0 Belvedere Road. Trenton. Ont RBI 4AT 6l3-391-7920 GERRY BISAILLON P O Boi ISO. Kingston. Ont K7L -IV6 6I3-376-3904 MONTE BLACK 23 Wilket Road. Willowdale. Ont MIL IN7 -II6--I4I-T242 PAUL BLYTH 99 Sawmill Road, R R. I. Caledonia. Ont NOA IAO 4 I6-679-6956 STEPHEN BOGYAY 36 William Street. Pon Hope. Ont LIA IKI -IIG-885-S761 TREVOR BOLAHOOD 6 IZ Dundee Avenue Oshawa. Ont LIJ Eli IIS 'IB S000 PETER BOLTON -T540 Iirsscndrn Place. Virtona. BC TSN 3K4 604 477 -T515 CAREY BOOTH IOSI7 I33 Street. Edmonton. Alberta ISN IZS -I03-452-OI09 MICHAEL BOUGHNER I26 Trt-lawn Avenue. Oakville. Ont. LBJ -IRI 416-844-ISIS JAMES BOURNE Clithroe Road. Gralton. Ont. KOR IGO 4I6-349-2I73 GUY BOWEN 32 Tranby Avenue. Toronto. Ont. MSR INS DAVID BOWEN 32 Tranby Avenue. Toronto. Ont. MSR INS STAUNTON BOWEN I5 Chestnut Park Road. Toronto. Ont. M-IW IW-I 4I6-912-4908 SIMON BRAY 38 Cumberland Terrace London NWI En land IAIN BORLE R.R. 7. Old Norwood Road. Peterborough. Ont. K9J 6X8 705-743-I II PETER BRET ON SIT Kensington Avenue. Westmount. Que. H32 IHI Sl-I-93l-9l39 CHRIS BROWN 76 Florence Avenue. Willowdale. Ont. MIN IG3 4l6-III-3I90 ELDON BROWN T66 Wobum Avenue. Toronto. Ont MSM IK7 4I6-48609-II JEFFREY BROWN 4938 Coolhrook Street. Montreal. Oue. HBX IK9 SI-I-485-I T50 DAVID BRUUN 3-I5 Hsgh Street. Carleton Place. Ont. K C IW9 6l3-157-4696 JOHN BUCHANAN Mayfair Mansions. 398 Avenue Road. Ast. 32I Toronto. Ont. M4V I 4 4l6-962-S930 JONATHAN BUCHANAN P.O. Box 75-I. Elliot Lake. Ont. P5A IR6 705-46l-9656 PETER BUCHANAN-SMITH Pttcaple Famt. R.R. 22. sock S Vitginiag Cambndge. Ont 3C 2V4 . I9- I2-T859 CHRISTOPHER BULL 4I Edenvale Crescent. Islin ton. Ont. M9A -IA5 -II6-I47--T684 ANDREW BLINTAIN T293 Greenoaks Drive. Mississauga. Ont. LSJ SAI 4 I6-SI3-4056 ANGUS BUNTAIN lI93 Greenoaks Drive. Mississauga. Ont. L5J 3AI 4l6-823-4056 GRAEME CAMERON R.R. I. Millbrook. Ont. LOA IGO 705-932-5309 SANDY CAMPBELL 44 Bedlord St . Port Ho e. Ont. LTA lW3 4l6-835-9I7I ROB CAMPBELL I T76 Old Post Drive. Oakville. Ont L6M IA6 -II6-827-7873 MICHAEL CANN SIS Moberlev Rd Apt IO07 False Creek. Vanc. B.C. V51 -IG3 604-872-4533 JASON CARLETON RR I. Orono. Ont LOB IMO -IIS-983-5826 SCOTT CARSCADDEN IOS Old Yonge Street. Wtllowdale. Ont MIP IR3 H. 4I6-223-3936 B 4I6-363-866i EDWARD CHART T60 Strathgowan Avenue. Toronto Ont MTN ICI 4 I ti 4 8 ' ' 6 ' tl ARTHUR CHEN I0 'Ilan Ilan Road 3A Ilarrison Court. Vtatrrloo Hill. Kowloon, Hon ' kong 3 ' I 339'O w Austen cnliv I I2 Bcllroclt Drive. Scarlntrou 'h. out suv sos its :terms DARCY CHRIST R R 1. Claremont. Ont IOH ITO 4l6-593-6739 LEWIS CIRNE 47 Peacockcglgdul In Port . . L A 4 I6-mB36I JIM CISNEROS O0 bid apartado de correos 14344. Caracas. IIIOIO-A. Venezuela 58-I-979-7026 TIMOTHY CLARK Box 397 Madoc. Ont. KOK 2K0 6I3-473-42I7 MICHAEL CLELAND 2l305 S. Shannon Lane. West Linn. Oregon. USA. 97068 503-655-T696 JIM CODE H655 Cham 'on Forest Dr. A t. l403. II:uston. Texas. 7T069 7 I 3-5800294 JEFFREY COLEMAN Bellwood Drive. R.R. I. Newcastle. Ont. LOA IHO 4I6-987-5142 DAVID COLLOMBIN 56 Weyboume Crescent. Toronto. Ont. M4N IRS -II6-484-0333 MICHAEL CONNELL 370 Avondale Avenue. Ottawa Ont. KIA OR8 6I3-722-8275 CARL CONRADI clo Bell Northem Rese. P.O. Box 35I I. DTL 3 Pio. Stn 'C'. H7 Ottawa. KIY MARK COONS 267 Sulphur Springs Road. Ancaster. Ont. L9G 3L3 4I6-648-T654 SHAWN COPPEN II I Geor e Street. Toronto. Ont MSA 2Mg4l6-86I0336 SANTIAGO COSIO Monte Antuco 305. Mexico OF IIOOO. 905-5-I0-7626 x I7 STEPHANE COTE 690 Clairval. Charlesbourg. Que. GIG 2T8 -IIS-628-0804 RICK COTTON 887 Perc Crescent. Kingston. Ont. KNIT 4P3 6I3-38-I-I T97 ANGUS COWAN P O. Box 493. CFPO 5056. Belleville. Ont. KOK 3RO KEVIN CRAFT P O Box 276. Bedford. Que. JOJ TAO 5I4-248-TIBI COLIN CRAGG 30 Rid e Dnve. Toronto. Ont. M4T IB7 4I6-485-9546 PETER CRANE I36 Glencaim Avenue. Toronto. Ont. M-IR IM9 -H6-498-6387 ANDREW CRAWFORD I4 Stratheden Road. Toronto. Ont. M-IN IE3 4I6-482-II83 IAN CRAWFORD 76 Weybourne Crscent. Toronto. Ont. M4N IR7 -Il6-485-9I85 MARK CROSSMAN R.R. 3. Carryin Place. Ont. KOK ILO 6I3-E92--l7I6 DARREN CUNNINGHAM IO2 Centre Street. Kingston. Ont. K7L -IE6 6l3-54 -3588 CHRIS CUNNINGTON 385 Tralal ar Road. Oakville. Ont L6J 3T'l6 -II6-842--T991 CHRIS CURRER 4I Holmcrest Trail. West Hill. Ont. MIC IV6 4I6-I8-I-9109 PETER DALTON I I5 Gore Street. Kin ton. Ont K7L IL6 6I3-548-753 FRANK DANIELSON 2I7 Maki Avenue. Sudbury. Ont. PSE IP3 705-S22-0206 RICK DANIELSON IIT Maki Avenue. Sudbury. Ont. P3E IP3 705-SZIOIO6 SHAWN DANKO T52 Yictor Avenue Toronto Ont Al4h IITI -II6-l6l '986 HARRIS DAVIDSON II Whitney Avenue Toronto Ont M-TW IA7 'IIB 91-I 6491 WILLIAM DAVIDSON P O Box HM T50 Hamilton. Bermuda Hrnat 809 196 O93I OWEN DAVIES RR. I. Dale Road. Port Ho . Ont LIA 3V6 -II6-885 sdlfo RICHARD DAVIS S York Ridge Rd.. Willowdale. Ont. MIP R8 416-III-49I6 JAKE DEACON 38 Lawrence Crescent. Toronto. Ont. M4N IN! 4I6-483-98lI PETER DEELY P.O. Box l39. Ktngneld. Maine. 04947 I07-IGS-2406 MITCHELL DEELY PO Box I39. Kingheld. Maine. 04947 IO7-ISS-2406 SIMON DELAGRAVE 5740 Lavotsier Street. Montreal. Que. HIP IC3 SI4-324-43I8 MARK DE PENCIER II Highland Avenue. Toronto. Ont. MAW IAI -II6-925-B452 ANTHONY DEW R.R. 6. Cobourg. Ont. K9A 4J9 4I6-342-3265 TOM DILLON T20 Dorset Street West. Port Hope. om. LIA 162 4 I6-885-99I8 GRAHAM DOUGLAS 64 Cheltenham Avenue. Toronto. Ont. M4N IP7 -II6-485-II60 DAVID DREW 3665 Arista Way. Ste. IBOI. Mississauga, Ont. LSA -ma -H6-277-9053 GRAHAM DUFF I4-I Ridgewood Road. West Hill. Ont. MIC 2X2 4I6-ISI-I I02 AUSTIN DUMAS 46 Emeline Crescent. Markham. Ont. L3P 4G-I -II6-294-608i JOHN DUNBAR Bott 438. West Hill. Ont. MIE 4Y9 4 I6-ISI-5520 MARK DUNNILL 7 Waubuno Crescent. Parry Sound. Ont. PIA 284 705-7-I6-5-II3 ZACHARY DUTTON Ms. Sherri Clarkson. 3577 Atwater Street. A t. lO06. Montreal. Oue. H3H IRI, H. SI4-935-B204 B. 5I4-93l-39I0 JOHN DYER 5988 MacDonald St . Vancouver B.C V6N IE3 60-I-266-l566 TIM EARLE I08 Wimbleton Road. Islington. Ont. M9A 356 4I6-I33-I3BI KENNETH EDWARDS P.O. Box 238. St. John's. Antigua. 809-46210622 RUDY ENZMANN 286 South Beach Drive. Penticton. BC. VOR IPO MATTHEW FAIR 28 Bedlord Street. Port Hope. Ont LIA lW3 -IIS-895-5700 KIRK FARAH 25 Sunset Dnve. Bayshore. Tnnidad. West Indies. 809-637-4308 EOIN FINN P.O. Box l58. Minden. Ont. KOM IKO 705-457-2404 SIMON FLEMING-WOOD 5 Sharrowbay Court. Scarborough. Ont MTW 3TI 4I5-492-7OJl KEVIN FOLEY l2I6 Priory Ct.. Oakville. Ont L6M IB7 -Il6-827-3089 JEAN-PIERRE FOLLETT 7I3 Onole Parltwag. Toronto, Ont. M-IR ICI 4I -484-4578 CHRIS FORBELL Il I4 Devon Road. Oakville. Ont. L61 IN2 4l6-8-IS-2263 DONNIE FRANCIS "Ardon". Knapton Hill. SmitIt's Pansh. Bermuda. 809-I9-30572 DAVID FRANCO 33 Verbena Road. Ttctoria Gardens. Die o Martin. trinidad. Writ Indies S09 637 3603 GORDON FRASER 225 Jellrey Street. Unit 6. Whitby. Ont. LIN 6E-I 4 I 6-668-97 55 MICHAEL FRASER 84 Stomwood Ct Brampton LOW 3W7 QSEVEN LATIIIITER FRVASER ' ral. IIIWAHG. ont. ml :tit Ile-445-satis Ii'M2'I'ftf.'t na myri- . i ck a . Rtsd. Nepean. Ont KIH 5 I STS-B20-5309 PACO GALLO P0 de Perez Galdos. II-'I-0 Residencial "Los Sauces". Santander ISBOOSI. Espana. COLIN GARDNER R.R. I. Vankleek Hill. Ont. KW IRO 6I357B-3524 IAN GARLAND Danforth Road. Grafton. Ont. KOK IGO 4I6-349-2532 RAYMOND GATCLIFEE 30 Windsor Road. Goodwood Parlt. Trinidad. Welt Indies. 809-637-4375 IQQTIRICK GAY and 5 I nt .. tldbtlfx. Ont. PSE IK7 705-673-706 PETER GERACIMO I4-I Ahviniton Place. Kingston. Ont. K7L P8 6I3-S49-3335 JOHN GIB8-CARSLEY 68 Wilson St. Wat. Perth. Ont. K7H IN6 6I3-267--IBII CEDRIC GIRAUD R.R. 5. Oranfeville. Ont. L9W 222 S 9-94I-9495 GRAHAM GITTBIS Brinons Court. Reservoir Road. Brittons Hill. St. Michael. Barbados. 809-429-4826 JONATHAN GOOD R.R. 4. Port Ont. LIA 3VS 4I6- S5-B777 SIT" "?"""P.... wr.. ount DIS . . Ont. L61 IB7 4I6-846-764 JERRY GRABEC P.O. Box 2427. Al Jazeira Hospital. Abu Dhabi. United Arla Ernirates. 32l-799 PAUL GRABEC P.O. Bott 2427. AI Indra Hospital. Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates. 3II-T99 CHARLES GRANT 433 Ma Street. Beaverton. Ont. LOK TAO 705-426-7984 EABIAN GRANT 480 Agnes Street. P.O. Box 424. New Lislteard. Ont. POJ IPD 705-569-3640: 705-I37-BBG! JAMIE GRANT I03I Royal York Road. Toronto. Ont. MSX IG5 4I6-23I-I I27 DAVID GRAY I I Parltview Road. Kentville. Nova Scotia B4N IPS 901-678-8I33 S'I'i'LG'?' E... rt...9..... in troet . ' . Ont. K7E SA6 6I3-S46- T83 ROGER HADEED 88 Goodwood Avmue. Goodwood Park. Pt. Cumana. Port ol Spain. Trinidad. West India. 809-637-86l2 DOUGLAS HALE Dug's Trading Ltd.. R.R. I Athens. Ont. KOE IM P.O. Box 238 6I3-924-97I8 CAMPBELL HALL 26 Oriole Gardens. Toronto. Ont. M-IV IV7 4I6-927-7065 WARREN HALLS 262 Palmdale Drive. Scarborough. Ont. MIT 3M7 4I6-494-43l6,M . r rive. on . Ont. LIA T5 4I6-885:37 SANDY HAMILTON 24 Kilbarry Road. Toronto. Ont. MSP IK5 -II6-488-8924 RICHARD HAMMOND N655 Hardisty Dme. Edmonton Alberta ISA 3T9 403-465 496i CHARLES HARVEY-READ No. 7 Frere Pilgrim. Christ Chureh. Barbados. 809-437-9073 DARREN HASSANALI I Almond Road. do Texaco Trinidad hc.. Pointe:-Pierre. Tnnidad. Wert Indies. 809658-22l2 RICHARD HAWRISI-I 2948 Glenwood Averuie. Windsor. Ont. N9E 2X8 5I9-966-3905 SHANNON NELLMANN 3455 A Street. 405 . Que. H2X 2 S JONATHAN HEYLAND R.R. 3. Metcalfe. Ont. KOA 2P0 6l3-82I-3372 DONALD HILDEBRANDT General Namao. Alaena. TOA 2M H. 4 3-9735463 MICHAEL IILL 635 Rtchrnrlll Road. Townhouse 44. Ottawa. Ont. KIA OGG 6I3-728-537l RENNY HO 2l Femride Court. Willoadale. Om. M2N 6A2 4l6-224-l075 X'i?lI'r"o"5 O.. LIA 3VS 4 I2-T53-2407 CHRIS HOBSON 5l Silver Erch Aveme. Toronto. Om. M4E 3LI 4I6-69I-4340 GREGORY HODGES 79 Bruton Street. Port Ont. LIA IVI 4l6-885- 2l7 PAUL HODGSON RR I. Port Ont. LIA 3V5 4I6- 53-2308 AINSUE HOGAN 6 Susex Drive. Etobicoke. Om. M8V IW4 4I6-233-9758 MARC HOGAN 'Ii 7 26 Rumcongen isoissauga, . I IY5 4 I 6-822-236l DANIEL HOLMES 240 Victoria Strea North. Port Hope. Om. LIA 3N4 4 I6-885-4657 CSISRIS HOLTBYMM I Durrvem . Toronto. Ont M-IV 4I6-489-8630 CRAIG HOPPS 926 Wyldevrood Drive. Oshawa. Om. LIG -IGI 4l6-576-0702 DALE HUFFMAN 48A Crossley Drive. Port Hope. Om LIA 375 4I6-885-4205 LARS HUNEKE AM Mullerberg 24. 4934 Bad Mdtbet-8. West Germany. 0523-If 9424 BOBBY HUNTER do Dept. ol Social Service Govt or N.W.T. Spetoe Bay. N.W.T. XM IK 403-979-2245 22221 ""u.t....g."'E' 0... IDC lK04I6-8 2-72I3 REINO HYVARINB4 Hrirlalidslie I. 02230 Espoo. Finland. 90-80378I3 MA WDNEN2 02280 Espoo amtityntie . . Finland. 90-880405 BRADLEY JACKSON The Galleria Residence. Ste. 823. 77 Finch Avenue East. Wrlcnvdale. Ont. M2N 6H8 4 I6-225-5890 JEREMY JACOBS 46 Beaverhall Drive. Willowdale. Om. M2L K9 4 I6-445-4909 GEORGE JEIIIJCKA I9 Parkwood Drive. Cohour . Ont. K9A 4H9 4I6-372-6523 ?3".?.J5?'lJ'...? ' t. . ' on. Ont. KTL 3Bf5I3-549-4 9I :N JOHNCOX T o General Deivery. Irasalon. Ont POR ILO 705-842-3804 PAUL JOMM 7l Royal Ordiard Dvd.. Thornhill. Om. L3T 3C7 4 I 6-88 I-9657 TODD JOHNSON 295 Monaco Street. BYOAIXII Haters Queensland. Australia -l2I8 O'5 3I5269 HUNTER JONES I I9 Pincgroie Place. Thunder Boy Ont WB SN 80' 767-392-I JESSE JONES Pangntrtungi N lil T AOA ORD 8l9-473-8. 39 JOSES JONES rangmnmg N tt t tort oko 8 I9-473-8 39 TREVOR JULIAN 255 Charland Dnie. North Bay. Ont. PIA IS3 705 472-6808 MARCUS KAM 42I6. Bllt. 42. IGF Baguio Vida. HoniKon 5-5I8.23 PATRICK EELETN 44 Heathdale Road, Toronto. Ont. MSC IM6 -ll6-789 3924 GREG KEELING 60 Bumhamtho Parlt Blvd.. Isliraglon. Om. JSA IJI 4l -239-28I I BLAIR KEISER 62 Ellen Street. Port Hope. Ont. LIA IY2 416-885-69l8 BRENDAN KERIN Aishling Farms. R.R 2. Baltimore. Ont. KOK ICO 4l6-372-5359 ROBERT KERR I l57 Greencalts Drive. Missisnuga. Ont. LSJ 3Al -I l6822-4238 MATTHEW KHOURY 205 Church Street. Fredericton. N.B. E38 4E2 506-454-3585 JAMES KILBURN I63 Burlie Street. Cobourg. Ont. K9A 2K7 4l6-372-4576 CHARLIE KIME l38 Hunt Club Drive. London. Ont. N6H 3Y7 4I6-922-6842 MATT KINDBOM 95 Woodlawn Avenue Wst. Toronto. Ont. M4V lG6 4l6923-6982 DEREK KNIGHT 2SI5 Bathurst. No. IOS. Toronto. Ont. MSB 2ZI 4l6-789-9277 JONATHAN KNIGHT SI3 Byron Street South. Whitby. Ont. L N 4R-I -II6-5680289 MARK KNILL P.O. Box 308. Clayton. New Yorlt I 362-l U.S.A. 3 I 5-686-2205 ANDREW KORPELA 62 Sir Williams Lane. Islington. Ont. M9A IV3 4I6-23l- 600 JAMES CONRAD LAKE Canadian N.M.R. Illelgiurnl SHAPE c.r.r.o. sms Icastf.-up. sat.-vmei Ont. KOK 3R0 0l I-39-6-592-374I Local 224 MARK LAUGHLIN 83A Bel Air Drive. La Romain. Triniihd. West hdies. 809-65-79245 BARRY LAWRENCE 3 Dorchester Walls. Petit Valley. Trinidad. West Indies. 809-63-75452 GRAHAME LAWSON Fainnount. R.R. 2. Port H . Ont. LIA 3V6 4 I6-885-36 MICHAEL LAYUG I Winterton Drive. Islington. Ont. M98 3G-I 4I6-23l-I838 IOON-WON LEE Avda Ramirez Betltencourt 67. Edeticio 6-B. Las Palmas. G.C. vain SOR- ON LEE Avda Ramirez Bethencoun 67. Edeticro GB. Las Palmas. GC. Spain KEITH LEE 20 St. Patrick St. Apt. 9I I Toronto. Ont. M5T IVI KIRK LEE 20 St. Patriclt St Apt. 9I I Toronto, Ont. MST IVI WN Lf' D... um.. R... E. I Foufzhozf Diego Martin. Trinidad. West Indies. 809-632-CD93 DEAN LEE SUI 40' Ontano Str.-vt Lt.-st Lthitt-i Ont I IN E14 415665 252-I JASON LEE SUI 40' Ontano Street that Llhitbi Ont IIN EJ-I -IIE 665 2534 KEVIN LEE SUI 693 Glenrnanor Dntr: Osluna. Ont lIJ 5-A3 H6433 4230 ASHLEY LETTEN I30S South Cranston. II-el Air. Maryland USA 2IOl-I 3OI-73-I -I I-I0 BRIAN LEUNG 4I Conduit Road. Pans Court IIA. Hong Kon . S-495493 KENNETH LEUPIG 4I Conduit Road. Pans Court IIA. Hon Kong. 5-495493 ALAN LEWIS 69 Somertord Road. Broughton Chester. UK 0Il -I4 244 53694I lin U KI MARK LEWIS I4636 55A Avenue Surrey. B.C V35 IBI LOREN LIEBERMAN II Ravertsclille Avenue. Hamilton. Ont. LBP 3M3 4I6-529-756I PATRICK LIN 240 Prince Edward Road. Gallant Court. Flat F. 7:FI. Kowloon. Hon Kong. 3-372470 LINES ill ornt. Fairylands. Pembroke. Bermuda. 809-295-2004 PATRICK LITTLE St. Davids Anglican Church. I2 Blackstone Street. Toronto. Om. M6L 387 -lI6-24I-5940 JUI-JEN UU 8 Gloxinia Crescent. Ont. MIW 2C-I 4l6-299- l73 DAVID LUMMACK I35 Aberdeen Avenue. Harnilton. Om. L8P 2P3 4I6-523-I82I TREVOR LYNN 428 Trepanier St. Thetlord Mines. Que. G66 368 4I8-335-3098 IAN MACDONALD Town House No. 8. I5 Holmes Avenue. Willovnlale. Ont. MIN 4L8 IAN MACDONALD 39 Chestnut Park Road. Toronto. Ont. M-IW IW7 4I692I0986 ISS? MPN? S w Calfaryprama T2T 0X3 40 -245-l793 TIMOTHY MAGWOOD 64 Binscarth Road. Toronto. Ont. M-IW IV-I -lI6-9GI-69I8 963-35l3 PATRICK MAHON 268 N. College Avenue. Sarnia. Ont N77 687 5I9-3-I-I-9782 NIK MAJUMDAR The Limes. 8 iddermtnster. orc. ngland. 0562-747-SI5 KIT MALLET RR. I. Cassbum Road. Vankleek Hill, Ont. X08 IRO SI 3-678-37-II SEAN MALONEY The Royal Bank ol Canada P.O. Box N 7537 Nassau. Bahamas SYLVAIN MARCOUX I028 de Belleme. Boucherville. Que. J-IB SV! SI-I-655-8995 JEAN-PAUL LOUIS MARSH 22l Geraldine Avenue. Peterborough. Om. K9H -IVI 705-7-I5-8I3I JEFFREY WAYNE MARSHALL 173 Maple Street. P.O sat 752. Uxbridge. Orlt. LDC IKO 4I6-8 2-389I IAN MASON PO Box 55. Hunter River. P.E.I. COA lN0 902-964-2086 MARK MAURER IOI Wellirgllon Street South. Goderich. . N7A STI 5l9-524-2478 DAVID MAXFIELD co Klrx I't-bra I O Klart INCL' ltmitett I Iirst Plate Toronto Ont NIS! IC4 ROBERT MAXFIELD to Nln Debra I C Hearn 'ilurt INCO Ltmrtnl I lirxt Place Toronto Ont NIFX If-I CHRISTOPHE MAINARD PO Box N 'SIS Nassau Bahamas 809-322 I08' JULIAN MAYNARD PO Bot N 7525. Nassau Bahamas 809-322-1087 DANIEL MCCAIG 326 College St.. Cobour .Ont. K9A 3V-I -II6-372-7585 CLAYTON MCCANN RR 5. Cone. A. Pan Lot 28 coming. om K9A us 4l6-349-2300 PATRICK MCCARTHY 82 lawrence Crescent. Toronto. Ont. M-IN IN-I -IIS-485-9539 PETER MCCARTHY 82 Lawrence Cracent. Toronto. Ont. M4N IN-I -II6-485-9539 ANDREW MCCARTNEY 580 Eyer Dnve. Apt. I05. Piclenn .Om. LIW 387 4I6-428-604I DAVID MCCONNELL 65 Highland Avenue. Toronto. Ont. M4W 2A2 -H6-923-2627 JAMIE MCCOY RR. I. Millrroold Ont. LIA IGO 705-932-2729 DARCY MCDONALD l6973 - 95 Street. Edmonton. Alberta. TSZ IEI -IO3-456-40I8 DAVID MCKENZIE Bear Island, lalte T ami. Ont. POH ICO 705-23773293 PETER MCKENZIE Bear ldand. Lalte Tema ami. Ont. POH ICO 705-237-8923 JASON MCVEAN 52I Oxford Street. Wimipeg. Manitoba. R3M 3J2 204474-2l24 RICHARD FRANZ MCWHIRTER 224 Briar Hill Avenue. Toronto. Ont. M4R IJ2 4l6-48I-5364 CLIFFORD MEDA 23 Nanton Avenue. Toronto. Ont. M4W 2Y8 4 I6-920-866i JASON MICHAUD 98 Ontario Street. Port Ont. LIA 2V2 -IIB-885-2 52 TIM MICKELBOROUGH 5 Warwidt Road. Btshopk Stortford Ilertford. Herts England ERIC MICKELSON 28 Winnipeg Avenue. Thunder Bay. Ont P.B 3P7 807-344-7468 CAMERON MITCHELL 59 Edgevalley Drive. Uoyal Isllrgton. Ont. M9A -SP2 4I -239-2I3-I CHRIS MOISE IIS Dorset St. Wert. Port Ont. LIA IG-I 4l5-B85-978. JOHN PALMER MOISE IIS Dorset St. West. Port Ont. LIA IG-I -H5-885-978 DAVID MORLEY 5 Valley Dnve. Barrie. Ont. L-IN 2AT 705-737-3480 MARCUS MORTON 3925 Ansell Road. Victoria. B.C. V8P 4Wl SO-I-477-OI33 SPENCER MOSS 'Yertiz'. Garthowm Estate. I5 Garthovren Road. Devonshire DV07 Bermuda 809-292-732I DAVE MLITH 6I0 8th Street. Nelson BC. VIL 3A7 COUN NARINESINGH 75 Broadway. San Fernando IMonicaJ Trinidad. Wat Indies 809-65-786-ll MARK NAVARRO 5 Hillock Terrace. Blue Range. oat-go Mama. tmvaaa. wat Indies. B09-532-IOBI ROGER NEAR I22 St Leonards Atenue. Toronto. Ort. 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