Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1986

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Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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'fjgq' jkqmvji-.5 A v f "V " -1 . TA ., ' y Ml- ,4' h. "4 V 4 4 -.+ L .0 -o P A B I -. If 'a ' , ' 1 1 'X . . , I A v I , IN YA '-1 I , I P . S Q' 9 .,-- I ' fe " -1 n XL... . K ,L V b , ' v .',: 2 1- , 1 . I , ' 0 . uv, Q V " ....-A-1q.gspv1,"' ' f D , 'latin' ,V-45" y- YM X "' . .fu , 1 I s" 'LA - I QB ' 4 M 'gp Y You . J f 4 Q s , 4 ' 5" ,S " ARG' .1.- G' 0 lx ff' , ' . ' V W ' t,T,.,.. J k 4'-p-s I Y Q-Or. , A 3 ' 4' '1 1 .J vw " if . - . . as ' p - K' 'M ' 'N-v F.. . ' C . A ..v- ff Q-- Q.. V' 51 " 0 'Q ' TSI'-ff , ' v if Obi ' 6. , ' ,Qs ., , , lr. "Q s.Q a K bw I -.t 4 -' cur if sh' iv- 'K 0-11" " ns' Cn ' - I ' "5 , . O -Q-I J 't' 1- 5 , 'P x s J. 4 , , ll gf Q. ti new ,, , --' 'Q , Q N .. 'S pd. A , ' , 0 V, 1 9 '- vt E - N915 i ' -f - "Hz -fa-'P '.-V . -Q - . ... U' - , .- .,., "' V- 6' 'Q ,- ,:,,, 5 0' - , ....-.........,.. -M X uk, ' r-o-9"'v-s- . www ,..r' ,r -sf' 1 F .1 gf' ...xx ,Q -4f"""' WEB. P gl' -.J - TRINITY Pg THE COLLEGE SCHGOL RECORD OLUME 89 f 'E THE SMART ET 'dix fr' V 3.1: li 5 . gi? l ADMINISTRATIO ll nlmuxlti Director ol Admissions Mr BD Prottor Nlr P E Godlrey ni 1 Slim lrlmnzisliatite Asslslanr c Mrs lx Vaslla 1 . cv Q . ' ff, l . . I I 0 . Ut i- ' 1- . A f 't ' Xlr, Rl Wriglrl . . . X 1 fsmnf lltwlrrztisiwt Direvmr of Guidance All, lv, llrllts t . . . 1 T fl:'ilfi"ni' f'l ri' ' nl .' A ' 7' u. All' l.H,lvL'Ltl' . r. Q.. FACLI LTY Masters Mrs. I'. Mrs. Mrs. I'. l'. Mrs. D. Allen iliconomicsj D.L.G. Blackwood CArt3 K.E. Burr 1ComputersJ W.A. Cameron iPhysicsJ K. DeFazio 1AthleticsD P. Dew Qlinglishj . . DuBroy lEnglishJ . . Elsley QI-listoryj J.C. Forward lMod. Lang.J . . Grandfield QEnglishJ . . Gregg QArtJ M.A. Hargraft lMathsJ . . Hay lAthleticsl . . Heaton QGeographyJ . . Hedney fChemistryj R. Honey LBiologyJ P.R. Kedwell lMod. Lang.J R.M. Kirkpatrick QGeographyJ F.R. Large 1Englishl T.W. Lawson fEnglishJ l.G. Maclnnis 1MathsJ D.J. McCord 1ClassicsJ A.D. McDonald QChemistryJ J. McGee fMusicJ D.W. Morris QMathsJ P.H. Papp fArtJ J. Peacock fMod. Lang.J J.A.M. Prower CMusicJ R.G. Ramsay 1MathsJ J. Renny lMod. Lang.J R. Reynolds iGeographyJ . . Robert QHistoryJ . . Staunton CI-listoryj . . Stevens fMathsj . . Stevenson 1Mod. Lang.J I.S. Taylor 1PhysicsJ T.C. Tottenham fHumanitiesJ Archixist Mr. J.D. Burns Chaplain Fr. P. Poole Librarian Mr. E.B. Heaven Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr M T M T P Mr Mr N B Mr A G Mr Mr A T Mr B M Mr B C Mr. R.K. Holt 1BiologyJ Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr M M Mr Mr C E Mr E G Mr T M Mr H S Mr Mr . . . A D THE RQGUES' G LLERY nrv4 If' . f 5 u I X I I x "PrrrncclcwY" "Lorne nn, you guys." Xl.wx1m NIJ-cc 'XIllCIIUNIV,'IlUx1 Uk.-I... hi.-1-k1'. 1 M ll XQN LLII U Hg um k H1 Q llumn N n N Ln pwplg mm mu 4 L fl uqumd mu 2 sul: ik """ 7 Y I d N Jlkh Ylkl N x L sn .0 R u r , .L na mLIr.1mxN Hu Y If Y L YK . I 1 ! ' x "-X J 4' - "ll l ha ' "-Xh, H'unaxn "NK, Iwxncuvllcrx. "II1' IIIXI .4 ' ' . 1 'R I ' ' ' ."' M 'Il gxlxngp b' an y.u1lls!cll.n"' 4-Iu,4r1Nr uh ' x l 1 V, r" " Q 1 5 1 .x V :L - tr X "N1ukcxlLur1xc.nl1w "XM HJIHCIN "ix thu .1 Jqgpur I "I'w u.-1 .1 uw!! "I'u.N::M.:,r '-Y una mr ,buy QICI lr Nix I -nh cc Iwi -rc rn' l'l1rl.luvI1:N xmr ' wllw PMXUYL. ll dm III u ur- gall mc Pu hu L4 func, lui mu Jnmh INI , nm 1,.Q..'w rw 1 uv!! llwgw' 'lf' gall ' ' ,lklll 9" "I lm will: .4 gum! humhb N " 'p--2 'vw ru 53 " x1z.1.I1xmc7x rxmlxwr. " 'HI Sectional piece Make My Day lForm lly Osler Hall Kllandall Waddell Form Vj YQ' ' 1 i , . ll ,I Q A 1,1 fftff y .1 ... J ,f'L,"', 'Lira-nal' " I A .,f P iw l l 1' .I A X , i THE G LLERY dia FDA Sectional piece Spacecrafrs lForms IL, IU, 3Bj seg-Ponmn HI TCS QPat McCarthy Form lllj V.. 1 V 1 l L- ,X W :vw if .1 I AU ri AF-5- "" nm ,gli LJ'g"" 'F 'jj . , V V N I, rg.. E r - ,-n-.,I1 A View Of Boulden House QDan McCaig Form V3 Seclioned piece The Slarry Nighl Qafler Van Gogh! 56 sq. fl. QForm IV, I . l.2"'Y .Q rt - "' i v -f' ,iid 1 3 Q ,K A ' . 1 Hu f e A " Q- X- K ' 3 fegxs. , I, , l NI ,KY V AJIBOX Ki! f 45 xi X X if X fs. ,Q l l A FUTHEY ",.1-,573 r t ,QQA XNQ N' X ..A- K4 Jfi 'tak' fl iw X li, IX I . XXV' ,af IA, g glttvt ,ff D F r fl rp 6 I f I I if "C ff . f p N l l fit, XX i ,l' rt r ts, X x s ' xxx . , I s xxx y j f l at h. Zigi? l lit ,t t Silly ,7 SW N W 1 1 . Whatever happened to the T.C.S. Otters? As seen in the photo on page l, an otter is included in the school crest. But where is the famous bear, hero of our sports teams? Was it ever in- tended to be a part of the school? The otter should be adopted as our permanent symbol. Not all of our teams are growling and ferocious as the bear image suggests. Some of them are rather humble while being beaten into sub- mission by Ridley's Tigers and Whippets twhippets?l from Appleby. An otter is certainly not a ridiculous proposition considering the Blues of UCC, the SAC Saints, and Lakefield's Chiefs. s 1,1 N N , Has anyone seen a bear skate? He may play football, but certainly 'J Nix' nothing like cricket or squash. l"Well, our junior racket Bears lost another Nt Y l I close one on the weekend . . . "J An otter can swim, and certainly would be R " K at least as representative of other teams as a polar bear, of all animals. Q. ,g't - - l An otter historically has represented not only the devil but the it V resurrection of Jesus Christ, certainly something to consider when pon- ! A -, , . dering the fates of our sports teams, noting that the bear symbolizes wanton I i t lust, hardly an attribute twe hope!J of a boys' school's sports teams. Let's I yi EW go Otters! M l .N pp!! I ADS IDI AD 5IOk lx hLRYlLI Free remm .rl of fresh dead ur dl .1 led servne Iharge un small I rlvex .md prgs CALL Iilmer Bugvav I.-Xlw wplu tanks pumped I WHERE IS KINGSTON' IFInd out next weekl EWSMAKERS '7 Condensed from the Port Hope Rag KIRK PATRlCK'S BAGELS DON'T COLUMN GROW ON TREES. I :fc rs O K Weaghgf Road heel IS O K Dogs andrals .an-O Ik Iluvr..rm-- r..rrr.r.1.-.-- lrml-Iyer, I... Qieoxraphv I5 -.In--r snrws .and Irllwr ..rlr ru .rr I- II T L- 5 I5 K I--I I-rrrmrrrrv. '-umm .md P44 , , b large .mxmals There wrll he .r S5 00 I'orl Ilwrpr rs .rglrm muh Ihr md mwu Ih.aI Iln- Irmn hus fullrn xnlrrn IU Ihr n.nIx I-flvrh .ul nnl1.1Iwn Thr- sr-urw UI Iha- r.nIm.nIrw m.rIr-n.rl rs Ihr srluml Hn Ihr hull ry-I-d ul I I S 'I'he'n'Iurr' Ihr m.n-wr ul -:ur frm' Ir-urn lux urrlcn-rl Ih.II Ihr xr-Ilmvl lu- dv NIYIIXVII M .1 rr-sul! ul Ihn- RIIIIINIIIIXIIX .I num In-r UI xlmmgr xrrvrrlvrrls hun' I- rn .rhuul Irr-rs growing upuda- Ilrwxnl In la-ndurx drrrumdrng udr-v4.rlL xluhx .md l1Ult'llN EILIMIIILC 'III IJlIlIkIlIl4'f dum.-Is I,l'llpIQ' .Arr wrru-vIh.1I upv-I .II Ihr Inu -rf tha-rr Inch .md In-ww .rx Ihr-rr hdnr Ilrulslv-Ihrflrmr ,J-- Q s X W L+. I 'a TID PL MGUE If ! Cumbmg hair Ian be hnardous Dr P Canisler Sars xnu shnuld cxhr- mx left rw fr-ll mul rm nghl .arm fr-II hit Silverware- and your hair wrll grow nfl .md nn rar just splash:-d into nn I-up back Dr Fmgfmljc sau val drrt, smell nf mffr-r Thu radmlmrr rs aura- lh.m xour nld Addidas and Shclr penula rn xour und In XdSPIlll" ears thas vnll mah- xuur hair grow hack Dr jesus Dnnlrwatr-r recumnu-mls wrap ping xour lips around the exhaust pup:- uf your car He also rruommcnds that th-- englne should be runrung and IhaI Ihr Whilc' I have been IVDIIIR Ihrs rr-port Jo . vgpai' I' I I A I -, -.- T. ' - , '- , .1 ,J 2 ' ' ' .ff '. W - ' , f' I rrldvrn 4: I In .' 9 'N A 'ff . V- .1 r 'JI ,. 4 jf. ' . L- l 'll un 1. "1,"IIl 1' jllllxl Il nu , Snmc luughx Irom thc humour werrorr ul Ru unl 19:1 , h tw,-'. fillktf, 76 ' I '-1""Q1i "H ,, pn' 1 iv 'Q 4 s 'V I "iff , is , ' A .1 . I 4 gi i . ..-H: 3' N K .2 Q lg. I s ' M - ... J ps Y A .. . .,- 'i .5 "I" . 2 -l "I L ab ti I V.. AP' r "' v V 1' fx fa 4-,XJ ' J . ,s' ul- O A E Q 1-4 1 - 1 5 EW BUYS ""'i"i Q , "f" ,ll Y 242 ffwff' .7"'7" --'fo' .N V r 'V' , Iii: 1 JI 31- ,' -' u'6v'7-Q',y" ' H .'dQ',?.," . ,-, .Q'If'l If sv- . -4 , . -33' I BUF , , .,, a' , - . n , " - ' . A .v Y,s J -,A,. .. ,. 1 - s ', 5 g . Q.. 1 I .an n ., . X . Q V A uf ' . I ,, Q. 1 95 n J I ..X. , A' 4, ' F 4 ,,, u-. :V mx1-ulzxlnmvmuvwmlulIl1cuIYlw."14111 9 - sb 'K lwu, "Nm11wu,xuL1pl1u,"' lull 6 willy ' J' w KX 21, IX-HNHLI - 'il -v - , .1 '-'- "' Picnic 'T' " K Frolic .. -es - ,- valfv "-5 ' ' Q.: " ' , 'Aa an -'44 . ,Q ,Q-Q9'a.f - 2 Vi I r "' ga" ' I 'lil I 5 -'. X v .vj',,. "" 1 3 ' "qv Fw . n J I J . '-b- gs, 1 'll J .', ll 1 fla- P Jy :- -"fl-L -.V 'kv' Q -A.: . ... n. J, Lg' , ,- ',, -vt- . E - A Q -D ,' ' Cm - - :Lx-L-,i 4 2 2' ' A ' Ll Q-va :" . -.' - i, . f' lrff' Nlmc Xcuiluux ru,wz1k1!L' Pmxmxdi iv- N1 X 1,u..w VN: .'.. lk " mmm 'll-my IHINxl.h1I.l!lHlll1.1fNUII 5, -.., 2 P : EDITCDR S NOTE Thtre rs no question that I-lllllll L olleun School ls rxerx thtterent lIlNIlIllll0Il ol learmng now than Q te xt trs tgo Thus lS IIOI o lntatnst ol tht eh urge rn HL idmasters and a large llt turnoxer but ll rs also due to a dlller ttnerunon ot students Thus rs most eudent ln fi Lltnee through the school s chromeles of the last ten xg ns The Record ol a decade ago does not look is sharp as last xear s lor rnstanee but rt strll rs in enjovtblc magazrne Not to crrtmze prurous edrtors the last few xwrbooks I feel han hardlv eaptured the mood ol the sehool rn a trme ol change not only rn admxntstratxon but also rn the approaeh of students to hfe at T C S For example chapel IS xerx drllerent trom what ll was lrve years ago Our yearbook has been crltrcrzed for contarmng too mam prctures ot groups of people lclasses tnrnsl and therelore w as labelled unrepresentatrve ol the year at Trmrty Thus some changes have been mstltuted 1n thrs years edrtlon of The Record most sport wrnteups have been dlsposed of to glve the sports pages a cleaner look, and the book has been enlarged sllghtly to Include more pletures of the school and what really dld happen Thrs change rs mdeed hard to fashion bustle of T C S llfe we are bound to fall a ltttle short tn our arm However I hope subsequent edrtors wxll continue ln thus way to make The Record not only an attractrwe chromcle of the way thlngs were las rt always has beenl but also a true Record of Trmlty College School IH that parttcular year, and most rmportantly the people herem John Futhey Edrtor 9 it was the wr n fz i tg . ' nly ' .' ' ' ss s ' 1 . . ,s' sf w w - ' N U 1 L k c c , sta U l', ' .. ' ent ' ' ' : L - .,. L . C ' V ' 1' . after just one year, and, due to the hustle and at f ' j. ' g ' . ' ' . -'sc K' 's ' 'u 1 w ' ' ' , .1 l ,C D ' . ' , .R 1 . I . . . .l , T - h . ' I 2 ,' 'Q , ' , at 5 ' ' ' ' 7.1 MICHAELMAS TERM F LL SPORTS pm f 'V 1 ' r 5 F . L . , . I .gHf,1,,- 'V L, f .ifff-, T. 'fail . A . 4 li "'f5?"?"TI-!"?3,f1j'f"" wb L f" -" Q1 flrgqm- .'1Se1'?7:3r'Q'w.'l wx.: K u 31 1-riwiifirs' l - gl., .ugvf---. . 'g .nA-41. ., - ,UA xx.. 'H hgbxzfrff-1 X" ',.,' .x t ,?S555s'2's-:TT P- , xq . -- . , V ,J 'll-, m,,.33qfx'5: xi? .uf r'.gr.g'd12,, , . .J ....f-cl"9lu-M.: 5. . f . , JW ia. .Url ' 'Ning IA t mm llIls-- f i ISAA Champions Semor Volley ball Lnllesnde Socuer Junior Volleyball -91 MINI :alan l" .f .-f if , i I ' ep f ga n A K K r.rl7f' . . N4 .fri 1 Lama 5: Q e ffeiv, J. .- .A T5 21. A4 I Q -A' ..-V! .,.':,. u i .,' 1 . Q e e , rs A "' :-Sf:i4'- gf:1'?"'1,'l'vv?""fz,i . . .. , , ..,,,we. X-,,,, 'Lau ., " . -Lf-Jimi -1 LQ:,g"!i.1 What an experience! GXFCRD CUP '8 ,wud Qin' 'Q 'mf ,": , - A Nm X , V 0. 5 M 5 ' 3 le i . I Q 'Fs h x I as 1. e S L' X L ef 1 -6. 0 ,, f A 'K A v . . , , r.. 54:51. 51' '84 4.3. A ' 1 I Q' DQ A lr n v -5. a- W 1 -H . 1 , Q V 1 , 4 i an , MG... '59 ' .. - 05.2-"--L "'-. -..'--J' 'I :'4 "" 'Q T7"3'1'S5r N., A f .Eire The winner of the T.C.S. Family Oxford Cup Race was l. Moorhouse, xx ho graduated in 1981. 89th Oxford Cup winner: James Kilburn. Winning House: Brent House Top len school finishers: N.J. Kilburn l5:l-1 R.G. Taylor 16:26 T.C. Magwood l6:2' P.G.Nl. Crane 16:28 A.l. Cowan 16:-12 LW. Wallace I6:-18 D.T. Logan l6:55 G.T.K. Lawson l6:55 D.M. Hopkins l7:05 CD. Wells l7:l0 I- 5, - n l'. ,EY ax,- S1 ' -fl - I JE 29 ' ri: ., I at av IN MEMORIAM lt is with great sadness that the students. faculty and family of Trinity College School record the tragic death ot' Nicolas A Haralampidcs a young Old Boy ot the School on Wednesday November I2 I c '11 I 1 tcii nliiin Q K : . L L J: L U s : . -. QQ Q . "! L "Rev eternal grant unto hint U l oid and I i light wcrwctugtl xhii ' two ' RECORD STAFF E ditor In L hut lui Associate lrditors X D Li 'ii O C. ill ie lx R I Pinlsertwn Business Manager A I Cowan Business Assistant S I Boifd Sports L L Bx ers Painting Coxer T R Ellis Staff Adusor Nlr lN B Grind ield llptl, Y hey . . 'rg B Ci. ' Ri zghan ' ' L Lndsheets: ,I.B. Broadhurst . '. . Ra fe Artwork S R. Goodall I raduates I R. Reilly '- 'hzin P P. ' xo I Q . Daxie tx 't url X.D,fiI'l1y l l .. l. 4 t I NIR. Lee N I, Nlaji idar R Xl. Nzixarro Nh. ISD. l 'tot V . ' iek l X liwlirieox Photography C H C Co s ldls ' N Iohns on in 'rua X Rum ttmr il Assist mu px SCHDDL DFFICERS Head Prefeet CD. Spurling Prefects I.F.G. Futhey A.D. Gray M.D. Grimshaw CL. Heenan D.M. Hopkins G.E.M. Hospital L.P.M. Johnston CIT. Maynard KJ. Nassief I.D. Seal R.G. Taylor .I.,I. Vaughan J.E,R. White Proctors .I.C. Davies IR. Gordon D.M. Hopkins CID. Spurling Editor of The Record J.F.G. Futhey Head Choirboy CD. Spurling Speaker of Debating A.D. Gray Heads of Houses Bethune: R.G. Taylor Bickle: K.J. Nassief Brent: C.L. Heenan Burns: D.M. Hopkins ...a-""'d Hodgetls: M.D. Grimshaw Ketchum: J.E.R. White Head Sacristan Y.G. Bonnardeaux Head Librarian S.A. Morris BIGSIDE FOOTB LL ,, . Q QL 4 .. I k. N- A u M I , ' x E4 35 .new J-vo ,, ,3, 4 .91-2 ?7a-G , H, Cl E8 9- 8993 4 Run AC Haxdnn IL 5 l ka RI ll 1 vm. ' HOPP S D 1 M XX 00d Ullfrlfa Run XII' -XIILI1 K 0.1s.YlP NI IMI U T L Jon.1Id C mn mmm nn! Ron L H Q mm S L wnnpglkx R Ja 1 glmn L L u I D X1 n 1 Q an w 1 1 'Af ' Q ' -. l v S Iii , r ft' Q 'f ' ""1 ? I Q, l AY Q Q nn -- '19 . y -S ' u. '. 2' l R " . . 5 'I f. fl' . 5- '73 -- fa 2 S FSS.. 4 ' 7 l 'W X ,V 1--X 4 u ' 3' - fx ' 5 A .O K x 1 Y il ,. 5, - UWA . . 4 . 1'- ' . n .il ,I .I'IS'n J C2 'l JI l p . A Q 4 . N W . J n ' " ' ' , I -' uh - ,' 4 '51-.1 0 - . 'Y '9 . - A ,A A . ,V ffl? - . I . . . - E Q" :fit I 6 . L T 5' Ba'k . I " - . .. '. I ,a '. ..I'fi1lC ,T.R.Ellix,Cl.f'x.Iicul1.,l.l5. -Xrnxlu Nl,l . Pugni -X L run N X li L IN C'.D. s, .I:ICl1II:- ,, ' , .. ' ' ' A ., r. "Annu K Light, .l.l' R. Whuc. L Nl XM I R N NI: ul DS. . Nl'l ' . '..I. Doyle, Z. Dutton, IJ.I:.A. Wil .CIC . Bull, I1 , .-Ml. 'I 'L Xl.5.NPL'IhCI1IIl3:I I Im lh 1 ima ur Fr '. . i' , Q. Kg ' -. .F. I 'ri' , .l.HC'HLll1lC -Cglplq, ,l.,l. Xgu1g!mr14lu,t.a5I u I I lmh ll Cap . ,. .J.Can .N .C.N1.H1g' ,S.J.D11nkn.Abxcnlzkll.XI:nyx1.xrd,i-.l.N1.Hmp11ul, C MIDDLESIDE FOOTBALL Back Row: W.C. Rado, .l.C. Cutting, R.O. Lovi, R.B. Campbell, T.A. Johnson, W.A. Halls, B.C.A. Brown, W.D.L. Bowen, P.B. Blyth, K.W. Watson, A.D. Gray, A.B. Lynn, J.M. Warren. Third Row: Fr. Poole tCoachj, C.D. Lines, G.F. Duff, C.L. Byers, V. Rinco, P.R. Reilly, A.G.A. Buntain, J.D. McVean, R.W. Todgham, J.W. Whalen, S.R. Goodall, J.A. Hamilton, D.D.C. Gray, S.G.J. Carscadden tmgr.J, The Headmaster, M.J. Weinstein m r. , Second Row: Mr. Burns Coachj, G. Jehlicka, D.M. LeMoine, J.R l E I l Q - Baldwin, D.M. Hopkins lCo-Capt.J, C.D. Shepherd tAss't.j, H.M. Vastla QCO-Capt.l, D.R. McCaig, Y.G. Bonnardeaux. Front Row: S. Marcoux, l.R. MacDonald, D.A.W. Ross, T.H. Trollope, A.H. Bryant, B.B. Flande. Mr. Burns' farewell The Middleside fChicagoJ Bears had an excellent season, losing only to CI-low did they win?J SAC. An impressive receiving game led by Bon- nardeaux and Byers and engineered by QB Hopkins supplemented the powerful run- ning of Jehlicka and Lines. A truly incredible defense was led by Vasila, Shepherd, Trollope and a bruising Angus Lynn. The impressive supporting cast kept the one-sided wins as lopsided as they turned out to be. at Ridley tied 6-6 vs SAC lost 0-6 vs UCC won 27-O vs Ridley won 24-6 at UCC won 31-0 at SAC lost 0-24 Won 3 Lost 2 Tied l 2nd in ISAA LITTLESIDE FGOTB LL - ug .t, 1- - , rg- v , -,V L H71 1.1 " QL" -x xi. Z' Buck Rnivj D.C. McNeil, CJ. Zolumoff, R.L. Price, A.D. Hogan, G.G.D. Fraser, T.G. Julian, R,P.lJ. lluntcr, NLM. Wendt, N.K. Taylor, J.A. Grant, lVl.lVl. Coons. Middle Run: the Headmaster, Mr. Hnrgraft tCoach3, T.C. Stiller, C.S. Hall, D.A. Collombin, CLD llalc, l , Lieberman, l',D.C. Smith, ll,'l'. l.ynn, Mr. Phillips lCoachl, .l.C. Poncelet tmgm. I'mn1 Raw: I.B. lrrisby, T.B. Clark. C.S. Avey tCapt.J, A.P. Campbell tCapt.l, PB, Kat-Icy tC'apt.l, GLS. BzirkcrlCapt.l, Cl.F.H. Wilson, J.W. Code. Surprising us all 'SSW 712 J Nl VN arren U DERI FCOTB LL Continued success C? R A ' J ,Q 5 .--J ,,...:-r. .4 nu-.,A.-.-',- Buck Row: LA. Watson, F.Nl. Grant. T.J.R. Dcttcon. ILA. Ctttttttttgltatrtt, l'.R, lirctort. D.D. Mckenzie, RAY. Haxtrish, J,P. Panncton. .lllrldlv Rong' lhc llcatdrnatstct, Nlt. Heaton tCoachl, J.T.J. lamblyn, DMI Christ, lull. Chart, lk. lttylor, .li .ln Robinson, W.T. Yablonsky, LM. Peterson ttngm. Mr. .lurnus tfoaclti. Iron! Rong N11-. Bennett, S.D. Birt, D.G. Torrible. R.G.O. Wt1ddstAss't.J, CA. llohson 4L'ttpt.1, ,l,Nl, Gibb-Carsley tAss't.l, J,E. Rees, B.W.E. Jackson. atslxc inet 14.26 -VS lldlfl' . lost 23-56 atfppplelyyk, won 8-6 tvenkefield :yin I4-7 at ucc- tan 1 o-zi lllikefitld Won I4-0 at Ridley lout t64l9 vsAppleby .."'fa ' ,fi-ltr 'vsSAC -'wo "lb-L4 -'1won4Lon-winds -- 4tltin BAA , Editor's Note: As a result ofa recommendation by the Athletic Director. all hops on Under 15 and Under I4 teams now receive colours. FGGTBALL COLCDUR FOOTBALL Brgsrde Full Colours J D Armstrong G A Bean M J Cann Heenan E M Hospital Nasstef Vaughan J E R Whtte Brgsrde HaU Colours S W Danko CJ Doyle S D Fleming Wood C H Grant C M West Extra C A Green Erlra C D Hopps Mtddlesrde Colours Y G Bonnardeaux W D L Bowen A G A Buntatn Byers Campbell Cutting Duft' Flande A D Gras D M Hopkins G Jehltcka Johnson DM cNlotm Ltncs Lost Lwnn MCL atg MLN L30 Rado Rctllx Shepherd Trollopc H Nl Nastla lllllesldm L olours C S tex G J S Barker X P Campbell D X Collombtn Cub J l asc Ha R D Hunter T L Ju an ' lxeelcs DC NltNul N1 N1 NK cndc L E H Nkrssn C l lolumott . . : . . T.A. . A , . . . .' . . . . L t - ' . ' C.L. . . R.O. " A ' G. . , ' . . . ' A.B. 5 '. ll. -' -r J.P. Little A.H. Bryant l.R. MacDonald CS. ll K.J. ' . . . ' D.R. ' .P, , - .l.J. C.L. ' J.D.. ' '- , 1. lt . . . ' R.B. W.C. l.B. ' I A ' J.C. ' P.R. ' 5 Q., 1 '- . . G.F. C,D. . .. . ' . . B,B. T,H. i. . . 'lt BIG IDE SCDCCER Hu4A Run X IJ Ihkkfnury S I Bond C R QOIIOII S VN NX elgh M R Nhbrumr S N Nlorrls J VN Spemcr T Maklnen Nflr n xx rn 0 R L n w n ll x. P D BOIOI R T21 or C D Spu SS R mm N1 XX Bun ,ln 44, , -- -o , ffl--v-5, ''uh . "' - .,,-. '- 7' A' iyhfl MIDDLESIDE SOCCER Middle ofthe pack Buck Row: .-X.S.C. Deir lmgr.l. Nlr. Ramsay tfoachl, laxsson, NIA. tioslw: NG. McDonald, B.H. Lawrence, LR. Cisneros. Llli.. Robison, N.l'.l , into tnigrl. lhc Headmaster. Front Row: E.Nl.K. Lee. 1.31. Milne. PM. X an l yhergen. l .l'.Nl. .lnltliston lAss'l.l, J..-XF. Heyland tCi1pl.l. Ci.D. Wells, l.D, Seal. IIR. llttsstttiah. vs SAC lost 0-I at Ridley won4-I vs Pickering won I-0 at Appleby lost l-3 at l akelield lost 2-1 NUCC lltidz-1 is I akelteld mon 6-tl NN Rldity ltnsl Is-I .ll l Cl lost I 2 X s Appleby ii un -1' l Won 4 lost S licdl -Sth in ISAA LITTLE IDE SGCCER Huck Row: l'he Headmaster. NR. Nlciartney. KQINN lsnnc, XI Ntrattortl. l ll X Nicholls, .-X.Nl. Pinkerton, 1.5. Jacobs, Nlr. Ntescns tt oath! lfont Rott Xt lettcn NIR, Slsutlks. SM. Stseannan, .l.l. Ward tikiptq. l.t ii.nI.ititl t Mit 1,4 X XX hike Wow! Mr. Stexens' team finally h the season he's been xsaiting lor. A IU-I-l record gaxe him his first ISAA championship in soccer. .left Ward anchored the defense to protect an itnpressixe young goalie Ashley Nicholls. John Saul and Nlark Skanlss led the tnid- field. and lorxsards lan Garland and Sebastian Sueatntan kept enemy goalies despondcnt all pear with their many goals. lntpressixe perlormances came also from .lerenty Jacobs. -XII- drexs Pinlterton. Andrexx Xlc- Cartney. Ashley letten and Charles Kinte. .-Xt last eierything cante together, and Nlr. Stexcns is to he congratulated lor his patience, Record J..-X. Saul, NLR. Laughlin. X, I l'1dil0r's Note: Before l985, TCS had won at this level in '78 and '82. r- X t x X N LI DER I5 SQCCER Robert's rats at SAC tied 2-2 " vsRidley lost3-5 at Pickering tied I-1 won6-l , ' won 9-lf X ' vs UCC lost 3-4 ' - I E I I - , lostl-2' at UCC - , .tied 2-2 x i aIAppleby. N , lost 3-4? n llt1iA Rimg Nlr. Ruhcrt ICoauhI, O.P. Sweatmun, CG. Forbell, J.D.A. Good, CR, v,,a1SACf 1' H6534 ' turrcr. I ID Hoyle, RL. llzimniond. K. Lee Sul, The Headmaster. Front Row: B.M, - KW0n3L0st4Tied4' ' ll.m1n.B,S mlmgirtz, R,NI.Ci. Stcxenx ICO-Capt.I, CIP. Conradi ICO-Capt.I, CIS, Booth, '4th in ISAIA , I Nl -X l,.tyttg.J R. Brown, WR. Thompson, CLE, Pilgrim. - Y '. 1' LI DER I4 SOCCER Gaining ground 4 Q , 7 -- '41-u 'vain uf O Q Html lfffn Ihr'r, IFR frrtthcu, C IJ. Nluisc, CLE. Bixulllon, RJ. Abraham, at SAC X, X It w.uII, NI Nl lx Run, A t , t mwlortl, Mr. Iottcnluirn Ifoaclil. I'r0l1IROw,' .l,P,S. St. VS Ridley I ,R I X1,ttIMn.tItI, t. XX lm, IS I, Pilgrim, I,W. WhikcIC'apt.I, .I. l.ecSulIAss't.1, at Pickering t I 1 ,r,, x XI XI I7i1rn.i-,XI N ittmttry MAPPIERY atRidIey ' vsAppleby at Hillfield Hliturk Nutt-: lt's hard to win with such a small selection, and these m1?n4lg-Xi3T'Sd0 It-:um ilu rt-markahly well cunsitlering this handicap. . Y, lpst 0-8 3- will won 2-lm lost 3-8. ,. won 7-2Q won 9-3 won 5-2 . . wr T ' 1,-I "W, SOCCER Bigsizle I-'ull f'oluur.s S.J. Board P.D. Bolton . . NI'll.ll ' NLR. Nlclircpwr R.R.J. PIIIKCIIOII SIN. Welch IR. Cisneros J,A.I". Hey and l,.P.M. Johnston C.I'.K. Laxuon .N .K. fc IM. Milne S.A. Nlorris .l.VI. Spencer C.D. Spurling R.G. Taylor Bigside Hull' C oloum CR. Common SENICDR GLLEYB LL l.n ' : J r lylwl C Nix In IJ XKC N J I I 1lIlu,'NI.A.Clox1 c w N 1 frl.'KC.Nu'71I'm -R5l-ll llllluwrla' C 'uluurx I S Il u . .U'Ir' ., 'sumrr ,Incl . IN '.l.XK. 'I v ,X NNI . .M lung ' lc' I P . un NIJ ' ku X R NI ' I' NK N ru p rn I II X L II X X1 I I I lr I X III A.L.A. Lcd .IIulrll4'.suIa' Vulurzrx I xl I I I I 1 .II I Nl . 'I I ' I I L . Land 5 NI I S rhx I I I C lx III L E I I lu NI I hlm 'K L IILII Bark Row: Mr. Hay ICOachI, NIR. Dunmll, P.I. Duncan, CA. Tucker ICap1.I, H. Brunel, NIS. Cleland Imgm. Ihc Headmaster. Fronl Row: CA. Ycrllcux, PS. Grhwn. IBS COIC. M.D. Grimshaw, S. Ormond. .-Ihwnl: B.Il, Nlanmng, P.J. McCarthy, C..-XT. Wardl.-Xss'l.I. xx 5.-Xl u ,Xlhcrr xx Sl. lrcor xxl Q C' ul rcwcnl gck 2 XKUII NNUII Null NKUII null -l 3.1 ,..f.. x Il wlmkcrrrr I Il Il' lfll ullllllrnll K l s xx -Xppfgl I II II lxrm Il XM-mill IU IN .lu l0R V0l.l.EYB l.l. Twofortwo I5 V 12 5 ll WWI, I ,', Ns 5 'J N U f A is lv C' Buck Row: Nlr. llolllCorml1l, 5.0, Coppcn, P,D. Hodgson, V. dc P. Veillcux, J.P, Morse, Rl! Q-. 5lQXHHlll1lgl.l, The HC2iL.llllilNlCl'. I-mn! Row: L.K. Cirnc, RM, Sl. A. Stedman, I' L Ucr.mr11o1CapI,b, P.S.C. Yam 4Ass'l.l, MD. hhlLlllKlI1NCIH, P.B. McCarthy. vs St. George's vs Crescent vs UCC vs Hillfield vs SAC vs Appleby Won 5 Lost I lsr in ISAA won lost won won won won 2-2 2-3 V 340' ' 3-0 341 3-1,, l'l RRHERS The Wright moves Wwkw IMA Run I K Xlrlgxwml, R.R.W1ss,W,l'.C . Bunn, J.W. Wallace, NB. Saunders, D.J. li Nvw. num m llfflfllv lam Xlrr lludncx lflkhlflll, NLC. Wulkcr, B.ll. Davenport, lf.l,. Nl nwrluu. 1 N llwllhy, lil lugnn, MW. l'rocIur, C .lJ.W. flllll'llllgl0H, The Head- '1 l lwfff lwn l I Nlwsus, l' It , lhulmn, Nl,A. C'rnssrnzm, l',K, Sirnpsun, ,l.B. , lzw.ll1mrwl1.1pr 3,-X l fmurn, Nl lxullmrn, l'.LLNl4l'rur1c,lJ.l. llolmcs. Harriers had u great year, as seen in some of the highlights: 1 9 l w , HARRIER A D VDLLEYBALL CDLDUR HARRll:RS Btgxule Full Colours .I.B. Broadhurst .X.l. Cottan N..l. Kilburn Bigside Hull' Culourt NIA. Crossman P.,I.C. Dalton P.K. Simpson E.tAlra.' CN. Holtby l:'.x'lra.' D.T. Logan Xllrlrllvtlfla' I 'uluurt L'.lJ.W. Q unmngton l.L', Nlugttood N, . Ntundcrs . Q W'tll'tec R.R. Wtss VOLL EYBAI. l. Btgxlde I'uH Colutzrt ll, Brunel It ' . Dune. S, ht tsou I Nlann 5 A. lue ' I. Ru Hlttule' llull 1 nlnurt N .R. llunntll NLD. Lirunshatt S. Ormond Yci c Irtulrt I I . ll! ' ' .let Nlteltaud Nlutse' . . ' out S ,X Ntcdtttau ' ' Net c Nl IJ. Watktnsort 'ye I- I ll N Ile fill :Inuit NN I L B.un l'l I ut l It t tne ' I' l S 1 I llllll A ' ll I ut' l'l tret tue- P.G.M. Crane TJ. Nloscs l',,I. Nlei uttltt I' ll NIA .utht ll . L ker I R J KN . . L N rd I I' t ' S xx U1 lnl l R Nl t . X de I' ll ut L ll ut l S Nam FALL SPDRT AWARD Harrt L btmons Trophy lorfaptaln ot' Blgstde Loaehes Cup for Best Delensite Player, . . , . . ....l .l . llccnutt .I.l'. l tttle- ,I.J. X' ,..I.D. .-Xrmstroug J NN lserr Trophy tor Nl,Y.P. ot' Bigsidc ......,..... IP. ltttlc Headmastefs Cup for Nlost lmprot ed Player . Dunbar Russell Nlemorial Prize tor Nl X P ot Nltddleside ................ Janne Eaton Cup tor Captain ol' littlestde ....,.., AX.l L J Nl Hutclee Trophy for Nl.Y.P. ot' Littlcsidc .. ll.Nl, Yats .. .,.L'.NI, West .. Dftl. llopkttts '. ikttttpbell ,-MP. Latttpbcll Dr. R. Nle'lDe'rntentl up lor L upturn ot l ndcr 15. Q ft Hobson Ihc l'aute-rson Trophy tor NIA .P. ot Btgstde Soccer , R it latlot ioueltcs' .-Xttatd lor Ttl.X .l'. ot Nltddlcstdc ....... l..f'l..l-. llctland C oaehcs' Award lor Nl.Y.l'. ol l tttlcstdc ,,.. .. , l, .I, I tt .ard Dennis Utll Cup tor Nlost Llsctul Cotttrtbutton to L'nder I5 ....,,,.. '. C onradt fX,.I.R. Dcnnts' L'aptattt'sCttp tor l, ndcr I-S. . .,,l,XK , NK luke NIA ,I'. ol Sctttor N ollct bull ...,...... ,. ,.,, C A. Iuekct Nl.N .l'. ot .Iumor Yollctball.. .,. .....,,. ..l'.Sl lam Coaches' ,Mturd lor Nl.Y.l'. ol Setuor Hatttcrs. .. .N I letlbuttt Coaches' .-Xtsard tor Nl.Y.P. ot ,Iuntor llurrters. Coaches' .-Xttard tot NIA .P. ot Nltdgct Ilarrters .. .lNK.XK.1llaee .Nil NN, Pre-etut J D Burns Cup for Nl.X'.P. of ljnder I5 Football .,....... ...I I ,Nl tnbb-C ttrslct Dtsttnctton awards C D Spurltng, Soccer For three tears Chrts has retgned as the Btgstde goalkeeper Durtng thts ttme he has made mant great sates and alttats been a souree of strength to the team At etert letel of hts goalleeeptng eareer Chrts has been wtthout doubt the most fztlted and sueeesstul goalkeeper tn the ISAA The hteh standards he has set htmself hate neter ttatered Hts qutet conftdenee and eonsummate sletll tttll be greatlt mtssed R G Tatlor Soccer Rteh has led hts team to a second successtte ISAA ftnal Durtng a tert bust season he has plated a tert tmportant role tn the TCS mtdfteld Constantlt suppltmg hts torttards and teammates tttth preetse passes he las generated mant seortne opportuntttes H h ts troubled goallseepers on ntant oeeastone tttth hts aeeurate tree lsteles and superb penaltt shots tk htle eompettntz tatrlt and l1Otlesllt he has been a ltne example to all soeeer platers at thts sehool durtng hts three se tsons on the team C A Tueker Nollethall Plttmu Btestde tor s plater tn the SXX X eonststentlt coo s ter he also exeels ts 1 erttee reeetter pt er an bloelser ltt these three respeet he tt ls mo t ormtdable He sa o e e t ottledtzeable e apt un I tts tssts others . U ' ' ' I 1-y ' D u f '- - ' M ' 's ' C L ..' . ' ' '. N , - ts t g t I' sw ' ' ' ' " , tes..-p ' ' ' ms tl 1 sf I ' ' 1 g " ' - w -' " the third year and captatning the stdc. he was the '. . bet A ' l.'.- f . .- ' ' , , d Crt' .. L lx, ,'x tx. .fn .. .- I ', ,V -K ,, .d e ,Y ee .. . .-N . 1 N ' ' , ' ' ,' l' ' ' '. ' al e pr t 'd t t be a cry 1' ' 1" 1' Y ku ' 5 " ' 'L L' , a tn, tttlltttg to 4 t -' CA- g ' -, I. MORE SPGRTS hx -fy I . vo-lk I y 'xii-if :pq A iz-QI... -11 xii? O ky'- T5' 'WW .', , .ull IL p4A,Ai P f , 5 Mu- A. fl I , Y zs.,r" ' "' 'l E Q A -Q X ' bs, 1 , . .. . ,- ,J , J, Y Q.. J - . A If " it .K - r ' -- A 5 .1 N." fa 1-4 - V' . - 1isu..s'. - f' - '. -, -- . - I- ,... F ' Q.. ,v . v I ,I 1. A . 'I' Q ' . U . 'J . 1 -1 ' , x .A,.f'-2aa1rf--'PL -- - - v 1 .. x. ... . . - r . -AJ A ' '1' ' . Jyik- 4 L '. ' ...AL . ' -- ' -4 mn, I . Y-. , t-aug . v aw, - -if--J 'H' v ,V '.', U' , ' . . - --,v.., w' '5 . . f -,.-J X .. - 1 . VE -Z 1 1 . V75 f -f .6 3.1 Q- - -af -I . .I . ' Al. , - " diff-', a '4. 'Ps ' Q, '4, - 1 -.,J s ,X , N Ek .r . 'YA ...J t Ln' H4 v WA' 0 1 - ,. 1' v 'H 1- , so . ' YS' FA LLTHEATRE I H 5,3 J ,J-1. L-alincy, Judge Umar Claffrmcy. X x x lm r um 4. Xlyrllc,I.iucxywul1dnmHAT c, R A' Q p v 0. fx ll I nr nmkc me IIUIXL u - - cxpccmllx uno lh.1l JIICUI plwu ' ,x di 'Aww X 1 . 6 'D L hm Broun the lea L l lChCfIllLill you CLIICNQAPIC PLAY PRVLE E PUUT-I'ER ASE ,L TH MARY CH 64 l ly .Nu HARVEY 17 X11 --41,4 u xuu ucn Imn ' INK wx Iuulul1g'.lllIIul1L' Iml! IIMIIUNI L Iilcklc IIul1wwrc11.uIr "XX QII you Nev. XII IM-u.i.w:1 I I. Mm Tho Cast XI.'II XII' I1 I X'1II-A'X'1' XI II I .x.w.1I' Ir, ,- lr! 14' I.-LI Im :Iwi X ' In XII I:w.1wi1II f ia I IirIIx1I,.I4X I I IIw.II.I. XX I ww IN. X ' I I '.m.Ir.N.arI,i ' .It NI Il I ' XII XXI1w,Im1!w1'I L-.XI IJ Ii ' I", " I1u:I.1!IIm.I, I www I I' I- I I I'I.I:" IIIIw.x'I:,I'II., I -',I I I1"' I I I-IIJII: XXV! 1: , II-- e'II'Iv1 Iv' 4' wr' I ' . In :xg SAY HCHEE E" vw 2 , Q .Q ,A M V 'J W- ' Ng ' ,I ffz-53 L 3 J ' 4 it 'V - ""' 5 . 4- T , 3: 'f, A Poor Simon doesn't like doing the downs box ET .-, EIR' 1 1" Tamblyn enjoying the severe abuse Stroker Ace I' L . :iz-f - 'Q -.2 Y,' 'EEL-'T "vi H' vw lt .:... V' 'akamai rf' g if Q1 ' 'H'!l'!."i'i ' 1 'xlun-r working ix!! quurlcrx AGAIN Glamour Boy McCarthy vx"v' ""'f' J 9591- . XML uI1m'llJw.n!lzr1g xxzl?1.n11lulmJ se 1-f Q," ,il I X in X 4 gc'l1l"' w 4-- I ,,.- , QQJWQ 915 , '30, x" ,r 1 !L:U.1 E x - H+-Q' f K- I RYNX ' l ! 1 1 N1 HM liqrxlm-Lum KXMN1- x.m1l111.: ' '.',: A .xx ' , 'Na s ALIVE AND KICKING? In .HIIMIPAIIUII ul un-cduuallon Let's hear it for the '50's I X X x R ' ' ' n . l K X X- .4 4 A A K' V ' A ,A dx K l X X sz.. A x x N, -E . A ' A X Xfx ' F : Li' Alxlx-, x, A . ' ,N f X L V ,H X ' -,- x, , I, , x . , A' W, xx . XA .Tale A -X 5 N, r 'X u X- .y'.'v -' Q , ,z,, 'ls Aw we ' ww A 'N A ,,9,M ,A 9. ' Q :U - 1 x hw Q. . L, V X .mga - ,ry K. .., , .. I:1kct1n.1lly swrcx ThcT.Y, F:1nClub "And rhu Nllifllllg luncup ax. , "They Ciillll keep mein here! 'S 'tb 'fix n -Jw' W ll ni, 1l:,"U,u f ' ww e' '. I but Jw f'L'1'I Im ?wg.a.i 1- 1'1" fm' .12 ' L Iww,--w1',1-w:,:X I , . -ff" Ng... LITER RY EDITOR S CHOICE 9 0 9 Poetry A PAIR OF SPECTACLES byD'1VL Wilson Silent sounds that soar . Seemingly at zero g And due to them the Lion s roar Seemingly the hero VR herefore art thou might Granting us our sight Like shattered lenses in his hand A pair of spectacles on the sand i X it 9 5 1 v C ' :lf E V Qi l ' ' ' l i I l I t le . fl ' . KX - Ax. Q '--.-.,., i in-M General literary THE BEAl"l'Y OF LOGIC' by Daxe Wilson Whole truths do not generally require proot' to he accepted as true, However, unw hole truths do generally require proot' to be accepted as true. Generally, logic is used to make proofs in general, that is, to proye the argument to be true in general. Therefore, logic is generally used to make unw hole truth appear as truth in whole, that is, in general, to show that what is DOI pure truth is generally true. Thus, one should be wary ol' logical arguments in general. as .gffr 1- -- an ' , -, . - ' '-'P'f7'f .. ',- I Ani: E- - ji I ' I " l 1225-,auf Q ' -,, - 1 -- Z J- wp- wr sf H3455 :ss Ia' 2':.-.lQ',,r" l I is I I ,' gs N 5 -N t , V1 l Q x 'L' A-3 4--T 13 ' 1 X vu t -1. " 'Q' , H: t X - s ,fu ' K ull' - gil iq? I ff x L L .A KN ,A l- A 1",- . Q - L-,1 1 '1:'x-I 5 ' - -'L' Q Q ' fl l'l i I Poetry SOME SEEK TWO CARS by Richard Taylor Some seek two cars Others get a Lada Some have slums Others have none Ronald wants freedom Mikhail, equality One is for you One is for me , V, Neither is wrong Neither is right But tell me, Father, Why must they fight? If ,Z-1 ki ffl!! :Wien f Nl'-1'-. , , A taerx if "M 5 ff " '- f 'gn - fl, ll ,r - Q -R -4-- T s-lff ' xr sq. Essay I III-Q IQTHIOPIAN CRISIS by lirittn O'L'allaghan Ilicre is currently a major crisis in Ethiopia. For several years now there has been a drought and millions ot' Ethiopians have died as a result of starvation. There have been many attempts in the past to improve the situation. I believe I have come up with the ultimate solution: Ethiopia should be "nuked"! It is a problem which I often think about if I get bored of terrorizing old ladies or run out of matches to light my hamsters on fire. This problem must be dealt with sensibly and logically. It is not at all practical for us to continue to support the starving Ethiopians. lt is time for them to fend for themselves. After all, we do live in a capitalist society. Let the Russians spoonfeed them! Millions upon millions of dollars have left North America to try and help that useless country. Even the music business was out donating hundreds of millions of North American and European dollars. We saw large contributions from such concerts as "Live Aid" and "Farm Aid". It almost became a trend to form a group or concert for the Ethiopian cause. I think the money would have served better at home. This money could have tested the tracking and seen how accurate the ICBM's are. There would also be the marvellous benefit of being able to use them on real people and find out actual results first-hand! It would be a major breakthrough. We would also have the op- portunity to sentence criminals to Ethiopia, where they could be bombed, or die a slow, painful death from radiation sickness. They could be joined by the Ethiopian sympathizers. These actions, which some unreasonable people may call cruel, should not bother anyone. Who needs the Ethiopians anyway? In this world where it is survival of the fittest, the Ethiopians have evidently failed, thus not deserving our assistance. Besides all this, I am sick and tired of being turned off my dinner by clips shown on television of the starving people! Being the constant churchgoer and God-loving Christian that I am, I believe that Ethiopia was created by God as a blessing in disguise. That is why I feel that we must carry out my plans, not only because they would be greatly advantageous to us, but also because otherwise it would be an insult to our most merciful God. Point of view :gm f X-- . M f sf '- f ' , . . 4 ,I N " ' ,- xx ll' .Q A I wt 4- 1 1 'Lf xy lsaf A LI-W .4 XX, V -. a---I. 4 . LF I' ,fix . """""f'., 1 W 1 N K N' ffg X L f X L ' ' ii f , E ? T ' f N. . If 'MW A A :T i X jxxm E-I! T - " XFX -XT 'Q f .EX .E A ,,,.::.::.Z+ W Q X f in iff L . in I, .QI-I ri . x ' I' I, x ,X b XyX,f.' A i K lz E I 4 -T 'L gf . 1 . ff.'.1'-. ' . 1514 ? Q 'Tia QM, H S41 X' "T " 4' JS " x H.. THE NEW TRINITY COLLEGE SCHOOL P- A Disregard for Tradirion? 5 7,2 Q Q Q -7 q ' 112-..... A ......,-f n 11. ASQ? Q 3 ' x L 'JI L11 First Annual! FILL-YCDLIR-FACE CGNTEST 12' r lf v ,.. 1 .Q X. x 40 ADMITTANCE in lhuxc with wrong xtoniuchs H'inner5: Shepherd lbananal Cutting lpiej Julian lwienersy. Nexl Year: Kilburn, Little, Lines, Dutton, Avey, Lummack, Lieberman andothers. -lv ,X K ' Sl" J fb L 5 2 'iii - ' f X A V i,.' 'Q , s 4 AQ' .I M A-.rf ,gfiii -'vw il iwk H A4 gf fd I 'Quanz- --5 LE T TERM fwvx Qgs '53 ' 1 Moments to remember Cleo!! Hospnal s Btgside Basketball 42 points vs St George s Lntleside Bakketball s Tremor Lynn. his first basket. Senior A Alpine Skiing s trip to OFSSA in North Bay. Bigside Squash s incredibly successful season Littleside Swimming s first meet ticiory in a while. The fans winning it for Bigside Hockey against Ri ev, 341, wwf- It iust 9 f' doesn't matter U X I4 A ,ef ' I" 5 A 'NJ J! ISAA champions .Iumor Nordic Skung Littleside Basketball Middleside Squash Bigside Swimming BILTIDE HCCKEY Y 'I ll il -s 7 IIA Run Xl.,l l.1rker lmgr J, l,I , hlllkllltfll, I .I . L mo, CIM. Proclor, L A. Hohxon. .llnlfllv Row: Mr, Proctor lloam Xklrd, N Ormond, I ,-X. lohmon, .-X.Li.A. Hllllllllll, 51.314 Wendt, SLI. Konopelky. The Heznlnmslcr. Frw11Ron H Brun NIL Nl Iloglm, IJ l Iogglnl.-Xw'l.l,Nl,L',log11I1lCa1pI.l,Nl,J.CL1nn,P.XX'.Rowezlu,NX'.D.L.Boxxeh. .C X -.3 , at Appleby lost 2-5 at SAC lost 0-10 at Creecenl lost 2-5 al Lakefleld lost l-4 vs Appleby lost 4-6 vs UCC lost vs Nichols lost vs SAC low! - vs Lakefield won 5-3 at Nichols lost 4-7 at Ridley won 3-1 vs Ridley won 3-l vs Crescent lost 5 at UCC lied -6 Won3 Lost I0 Tied l 7th in ISAA The Raiders up Hmfx Run X RIIIQU IIIIQI I, IN Ilxcx. X I lux, N XX ILIIIII-, II Xl Iiruxxrx N I Ix1IbuxI1,k I5 XX cIIx, Xlnidfu Rm- XII R.n1xIx.IxIIu.IIIxI,XIr I .Huy I4 xI.x.III. I I XII-wx, N I NIJIIIIIILIJI, XI I' Ixklyl, L K Hull, I XX XI.IIxIx.III. XI R Xlxhluu-I II Ii Ilmxlu IIII5!I,I, Ihc IIc.1LI111.mcr lmm' Rmx X II IIIX.IIlI. R II 4.u1xpIwII IX 'I I I I' XI InI1rxxlm1Il .Im I, ,I Ii N L me I XN1 I, XX I R.I.II- I.'IxuI11 4. IUIIIIILI. N lu I 1.1: u'.ixIxIL'II vnu LITTLESIDE HOCKEY Nor quite Hunk Run -X I SIr.1IIIvrxI, R If H XX.1xIxix.X III I' XI'IIfIx, R I' II II , I , , III' II Ir.1xcr,,I.l I Rnlmxxxxrx XIIIMIQ Rm. XI' XxI.x:1:,".J 1lxx.xxZII,Ix X II I I XI 1' IICIIIXCII, II XX I IJXKXUII, XI X R.Ixx..x1x, I I f-IIIIIIIWI, XI I4 Nr.:r.r , XI? NZ: .:' ' ICIILIQIII. Ihc IICdxIIII.iNICI' fr.fr1.'fx'fIIx I R Ivm, I I XX Ix IIIL' I X I ' I I II Ifw Il .1pII,N lx I.Ixl.xI1Xxx I Ll. I II XXIII.-1. Edilur's Note: Middleside Inst won in '72, ljtllcsidc in '85, 1 9 Xr J , I, I X ,Y 'I' ir-he .II 'Xpph-Ixx wo! 4 .1 .II N-Xl IuxI'! 'I-4 xx -Xpplchx nun 11 xxl it lxcd V5 xx NIIIIUIX Iosl 3.5 XNNXI muh 4-3 .II NIXIIIII ' Q IIIXI 7 X .II RILIILUI un!! - I xxkxdlgx xuxn 5-3 .II I KI Inxl 3-4 XX III! 4 I IxsI CLI I -IIIIIII INXIX '-XI,1IgIIL'. X ' x-I 'tux X xxH.I:IL4. '.-XXI Xswwx- I .IILIIHII x xxl Ixwux' I. xx IILIIIIX x- II 'Ik I'1'I,' u I .I-U Uxi I, II II. I-' ' , I II '- X: I' I ' I . I4:.I ,. ' I xx I 41 -- I .:, ' I Q' IXXX LI DER I HGCKEY Maclnnis' muckers ll ' 11 v ld' 1 in - FIA :Q "'l-u- 1,15-. XIH 1. ,N If Al Ix INI ILILY UIIIIIIQI I Q QI I urlwll, l IJ IIxxxIc,I'.IJ. IIxxdgxuI1,l3.fXI BLMIIII, I Ix IIII-Ixvn Ilnlflh' Run II1uIIu.nxI111uxIc1, Riu, D0lIgILix,Cl.I'. Blxg11II1xxn,:X.D. Hogan, x XX 114 xxrmx-I, XI N Ixhx-urx, XII XI NN I I.II'IxIIINIxX, I II Imxlxx I Xxx'1 I, I ID,-X Qmod If IPII IR Iimxxn I Xxx l.I, .I,I..I. IIIIIIIIXII II'xw.'l 1 IJ N.Ivll,I I N NIIIIIII .xklnmx IC xn1xI1I. Nlr I.1xIor rLIxxz1uI1I.lrunllxhnv, xx ,-Xppldiy LlIROxxCLll1 I,aIxc All Lalxcfucld xx L41IxeI'1cId .xl LCC All Lalxcflcld xx Ridley xx Roxxc?L1llI,dIxC Lll HxxIyTrm11x Xx .-Xlhcrt xx UCC Won I Luxl 8 Tied 2 61h in IS.-XA Ind all tournament Ioxl loxl IOxl loxl IOxI usd Ioxl lied xx on IOSI Ioxl i 3-, -I-5 3-6 2--1 0-5 3-3 5-I0 343 5-Z I-7 1-2 mf I1 ff nlrn :rx Iiru L Ix r if xnh Half! uffmrx iuxx LXI H 11 fll' J Hun In xI I Ixl XI X Rnxxxxn Nlfil UI' IX L Xu Lux II XXlxm 1 Lnrhr IF I ulrmrx xu Iixxx L R Iiruxm , I Jung :xx , mu' J 15 IIuLII.x XII V , Ilxxxxm X S Ix IILHX N XX ' xvll um I A ah Hx IIUlIxIX I K. me C, III, am Ina ul I 1 R.I'.l lcr II nur Is XX ,Ix 1'Ix an I I X,.lxvI1I1xuII C I X, me IJ I lxwym , L I X14 I xvg.m -X.I. . I LI 4. I I' XILI :xcn N.Ix Ia-lor "I ' lu V X,IcI' 'II' XX IJ I I un in I , 'I WI I N IIIIIIUIILI ' f ' ' I I Xkard Ii NI Iiuxlm Ilnflfll' flu! wi urx U.I1.IiI z Ilon IG X4 IIIIINHII I IJ rl' X II IIIXIIIII IP I - I I III II IR Iirx xxn Ix II I IIIII IW II R Xl I x 'I IIINLIIII IQII I II X I I I li Irxxbx xXX IMIII' IID X Cn IwxI I x II I I' D 1 I I I XI I IIIII wr 'X ID ' x I 'xI IIIII I I1 ' XI IIC nm I fx I I I I Ilxn I XX I X lu Ixx BIG IDE BASKETBALL RIII Y -' mum 5 X IIIIIIV ax 8 Z TIIIIU 1 X D In kim I ll I XI.nr1.mI.l X t.r:ux1,1 IJ Npmlm IX Il hw I IXII II I Il 1 I IX NI XILIIIII I1 N I IIXL I I XI II I I.II1L.m1l,XN II.III,NIJIIumu11 XX I In Q 2 u, "'5-- 1 sl--...-:iN I X , n O i llih' Hb. L- -ull al S C H LII H III'1cId Ixx A Ichy t ZS! :MU L I fre ALI -' dl .1 Crcwcm f ! .Il Ridley I X CICNQCIII '. K Nl. XICUISCIN 1 .IILXC A I XAUII XX OKI X! UII XX OII XX OH 'NUII Iuxl XX OII un II xx-III XX Qu 9 I uxl I l1uI1 P fIrdmIS-XX X I MIDDLESIDE BASKETB LL ITU' -uckless indeed vs UCC won 53-39 vs SAC won 30-27 vs Albert lost 44-50 vs Appleby won 62-26 '- vs UCC lost 46-61 ug vs SAC won 46-35 :L vs Albert lost 39-40 """ 'Q vs Ridley won 57-34 vs Ridley won 53-31 vs Albert won 45-36 vs Appleby won 65-25 vs UCC won 42-30 Won 9 Lost 3 Tied O 3rd in ISAA Hunk Rong- Nlr. CircgglCoach1, R.1. Waddell tseorerl, P..l.C. Dalton, P.1. Duncan, E.B.B. Huber lnigm. The Headmaster. f'kf0I1lR01t'.' C.R. Cotton. H. C-C Chan, C.A.T. Ward tt aprt. R,R..1. Pinkerton, NB. Saunders, P.B. Blyth. 1-H7S?Hl.' P.G.lN1. Crane. Ll-LTLESIDE BASKET-B LL Return to glory 717' -'-!'- ' fa' 5 1 vs Holy Trinity won 55-24 .og 4- vs SAC vvon 67-22 s "' N vsSAC won 44-30 vs Appleby won 36-31 , . vs UCC lost 32-33 vs Crescent won 59-56 vs Ridley won 40-19 vs Holy Trinity won 53-32 vs Crescent lost 37-38 vs Ridley won 48-29 vs Appleby won 49-43 vs St. C-eorge's won 54-33 vs UCC won 43-37 vs St. JOhn's WO1'1 40-16 vs UCC won 47-36 vs Crescent won 48-41 14.1.1 Run Nlr Llslev ft ouelit, 1.51.12 Gibb-Carslcv tiki-Czipt.1. D.A, Cunningham, .l.P. Xliiisu Il it-L .tpt 1. I,Xl I N1.irtin, Nliiwl, Turner, The Headmaster, Fran! Raw: J.A. NX .if viii tiny: r. l'C tierzteiiiiu, LK. Taylor, PNK. Yztm, H.T. Lynn, A.A. O'D. Francis tii.4r 1 lffvtnl A 1' lgtrnplwll. I-Lditur's Note: Eleven years ago Middleside and Littleside pulled off the double vv hummv: hoth were ISAA champions in I974-75. Won 14 Lost 2 Tied O lst inlSAA Lent term sports Student Coach Awards: A.l, Cowan, D.S.T, McDonald, M.S. Spencer, H.M. Vasila. Manager Awards: T.C. Adamcryck, A.S.C. Dew, K.A. Lee, J.M. Peterson. U DER I5 BASKETBALL Darcvsdudcs 5 I5 ,K L :L III-, NX: NXl 111 Nm R111 BA KETBALL CGLGLIR Nkl I IX hulalm lull! nlnufx IIL XXI u IH I5 ID Npur j Ifluwrh' llulfl wluurs S L' .1 I 'x ru ' , . Un fllwnlrl fflwnrx Iiy LRNUII-111 I' I I7um.m R R ,I I'xukc:Iun L X I NKJILI llllltwlllff nluulx -X I' l .1mpIwII IJ -X K I'l Q-cr.nx1rn-I I NI I InlI'IX-I .lf-In II I lxnn INI I XI.arr1n I I' Xlmw lk I.nI-vr XI Q. I Iurncr I' Nl Mum 'a I' I J, .1 .. I -ugh -ral! CRGSS CDU TRY KII G 11: ' mu QI :nr ig -J I suv' , 'Y 'I IA lxrm , I , 1,, . ' . ' ', ' 1 , fI,HL1lr11cs,.Ilul1 UI 1 ' . . L ., , . ' , '. .. ', ..M'lcD1 'lla,Mr.GCulCICo'c I 1 U fx, 1 . ' I " ., , , fn 1 'Y 1 ., . ,I N , . PS, Glhxor1IL'L-C X C CGLCDLIR NORDIL SRIINCI Bn, WA' I- ull l 'nlnurs 'Lx 1 I 'xxx x Nea ' Nl V, - Ilnl lfe'11rl4' C 'nluurx I 1' I IIIIL wh C nluurs LIP, C'or1r'1d1 I-A. Danielson I.C. liar and ,.I. i ' I.A,Iohr1cox Q.A.W1'lxC Lllllflff IJ I 'nluurs I.Ju11cx ...In - Results SENIORS NorlI1York1 3rd ot' IO Coll1r1511ood: 3rd of I2 LIdur'1:7 1 1' .. Imcn 20 'md ox cry COSSA: lx! of .. ISAA:2r1d r1I'7 OISAAZ 8tI1oI.. .Il'NIORS '1 1r1gm1nd:Ix1oII . L'dor'1:3rdIr11er1l9 and underb COSSA: Isl of IU A1 ISIL1' OI-SAA: 6111 oflfw A ' I 1 I I " ' K x f ' ! 1 I I X Ir1I1r1nx I NI IIIIII L X Vkhrku ll Lr.1rI1r1d D llakfm In Hgadrrmxler I Innu NI II rr1 R4 NI INIIILIIWUIII C1 I R I mmm NI R DLIIIIIIII S I Board L D Nlom R I . 1r1. I .1 hy I rr I Iwm I X IJu111Iwr1IIur1mr QJPII R Q1 I.11Inr IC o C mtl ID Xml IX I I 1 aplb C P K rrrrr :dr L I Nr1dcIr11ur1r1..-Ilvwzrrql.IJ.XN.L'11r1r11r1gIL1r1,Ix,.-X Iuruh, PHI. 0411. DB. Blucluxood. I I I I I t I I II LI I' Ix X I rxh I I, I' S h1Im1r1 I' Q ax cr I lx . on 77 I IJ fl I1 Rn.rr1l.., UH II lu! I X1 Irnn ' I I nu s1r..m1 Illlu ISA- '7 LPINE SKII G Y .IMI , .I r. 'I . , . X, I . .IxLIk'. g . , . ', .. ' . lv- lx 'II II R I IM I I3 XI XIIIII X R XI N Nu Im III XII X IIIII XI l IIIILMIII II IIIIIII I I Ix II I I I X I r I. L I I' X XI XX I I I5 XIIIIXIIIIII Il IIIII II' I IIIIQ I X I IIIIIIIII II X III III I' K Im II IX I I I II I II XI II -,XIII I X XI.IgXX -III IIA II I' Nxw.III11.x:I. I' II XIJ .IIIIII-, XII IIIVH Il II.I,IIl I f-ff JJ KIIII XI XI ISI I N I II I IIII Xl X IXVIIII I N III-III1 NIH IIII II'II+IIII IIIII III I, I II IX I KI II XXI XXII I I I xl II III XXI IJLXIII I Results X.f,.I' I I IINZQI' IIINXXI' INXXIIXI X, ",, Irffl IQNIQI' INXXIIXI l'.f'II" I I II xJ'I1.I IN X X I IXI lsurfffflf I IXN-lIII,I INXXIIXI ,A .II.4I.III-II,I. I .IUIIIQ -I .IA ' x ...I ..,L, RX I, , .N.,. LI I. ...I. I 'I 1 XIX . 1 I I -Z" IL XI I NIN., I WWII XI I- xi IINI I XI III-.I.I,I I I' X XI xx. IX XI I I I IfI.'+..'IiI lzff. If f4'f I' IX 11:14 mn I I II I II X I I II XVIII-1III1.g IfI'I.IlIu1' I X X.l7IL'II'I- I lv IIIf:.nI. IXXII I I IIXI II.-IXIIIII II I I I I X I I K XI. "AI-III! II I' N-X,'.x" 1 'Jill I' II XI.l .,III,I. X XI NIXLJI III4 IIN I IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII' If ,.I.I1. 'II I, Xl II. I I lv X IIIIII XI I IX III IIIIIIIII IIIII. BIGSIDE SQLIAS The Headmaster, 1.51. Nlilne, KJ. NassieflCofCapt.t, P.J. McCarthy, M.K. Brewer 1Co- Capt.J, S.,-X. Morris, M,lXl. Coons, Mr. Reynolds tCoacht. MIDDLE IDE SQUAS .Tj an 'h' 15.1 a YI evra llutk Ron: lhe llcadniaster, l7.R. llassanali, JA. Saul, M.W. Laughlin, P.B. Keeley, Nlr. Rt-snr-lds lf oatlit. Imri1Rmv: IR. Liordon, SW. Welch, DLI. Hildebrandt, P.W. Van l xherecn l-1ditor's Note: Thirteen years ago Senior Squash won the ISAA. ln light ol' this alarming fact. this season was certainly incredible. Middleside won. and liigside only lost to a strong Crescent team. The best in years Bigside results vs Appleby vs UCC vs SAC vs SAC vs Crescent vs Ridley vs UCC vs Ridley vs UCC vs Crescent Won 9 Lost l Tied O 2nd in ISAA won won won won won won won won won lost Middleside results vs Appleby vs UCC vs SAC vs SAC vs Crescent vs Ridley vs UCC vs Ridley vs UCC vs Crescent W0l'l WOD WOl'l WOl"l WON WOI1 WON WOR WON WON Won I0 Lost 0 Tied O lst in ISAA Junior results vs Appleby won vs SAC lost at Crescent lost vs Ridley won at SAC lost vs UCC tied vs Crescent won at Ridley won at UCC tied Won 4 Lost 3 Tied Z 3rd in ISAA JUNIGR SQLIAS Ei P36 U' TA? 3' 13'-"2 :-1' ..-L, i '-0 F' .I b'A '-at I Q Buuk Run: HHN. Podlciwlu. NI N, I'.igc, I.,I.R lluumm, I Iimnn IllIl1llI'lI'mI XII II.Ix Ifouciii. CfKQI,. NI4iyl1amI,Ku.NN. X In, NI NI.Ix. Imam, XII Nm-II, h I cu Nm, IIwIIc.1.I n1guIcr,I-nm1Rung AL, Ihmnwn, I ,NM XX Inks, II li UK .III.IgIu.m IC .IPI I, I I cc Nui I.-Xw'l.I, BS. Schwnrll, R.R. RIIIIICIIJIRIJIII, -Ilvwnt K .II Km.z11II, R NI C. Nlcxcnx CQLCDLIR NI Ill! Xl 'N Illfawlh nl: I I Lk mli 1 lil n nun N N1 ix .mx ILL N ull d IS mini If 1 Sl L R 'N CI Slunm I NN KN IIIL IIILWIIJI I .4.. 'I II, ,I XI h II' 1--- . I: NI I II-II, III. IIII.Iv!Iv.Iw.II' I' I NIJ .iIlII. I Xl NIIIIII' N X XI--:II IN I Nm Ir! flu I' all I frlwnr- Il R II.Iw.Iu.ll1 NI XX I.iI1I'IlIlln I 'X .ull I' NK X .III I xiwryun I ' 'f lufx C II lm: III I I "Nun Ii li u'c.IIl.IyI1.m I ' . I I , f K K "Sui 4 C I 11, and II 'X IM lcxukn I . . I NIS 1'II ..I .. ' ' . . In - BIG IDE SWIMMI G Team ofthe'5O's ai? ..--S-'51 'i iii I I fF"'..1"'..": I ' Q: 2 'S 2' , Il . 'J 71 - IB QI IH ll - v.- I :-- Q Hunk RUM, Ihc IIc.1dm.1XIcI', Ill NI,Xc.I1I,l -X XL'IIIL'IIX,I II I Haw, I I IIIIIITIQ, NI' Ixnrkpairngk1L'o.1.'In lnfnr Rm. I' Di Nrmrh, R I Ihsrm-Iw11ml.Ip' I, XI II 1.1111-!I.I'.I Q ..I. Doyle -Ifmvzi, ,X Ngl-XXVI I Edit0r's Note: This is Bigsidek first championship in 2731-urs. NN Rldlux s x X N X1 II ', I-I I 'M 'XPPIL'I". x N ul I I I , tw xx Rrdlu .I 1- xx N Xl .x I' i xx Xppfyhx IUI J -I -mi Inc NNN X IN--'Irv I -'x'4I I .Ii I IX' IIINXX MIDDLE IDE WIMMI G 1-,E as lux . ,. .U ' ' f.. al ' T hui Huck Rim, ,IM Whalen. R..l. .-Xbrahum, CN. .-Xxex. AC. Hayden, LLM. Eclxcl. .I..'X. Llmnt, Mr, Heaton tCo.iehl. f'fHlll Rmxx' AI Coxxun, C.D. Dilluue, IW. Wallace, IB. Bl0llkIIllll'NlILL1Pl.I.g-QI,K.ICllllg,.I.K,I.,LlllllTlL1CIx. LITTLESIDE SW MMING -f- :gi-,, 5 in ff. We f' lull lxmxx Xlrx lhexx tixmtlit, IVR. Uraihee, W, Xielunlxxi, D.N.P. Yemchulx, DUI. II'llllllC, Ill luiixiixdllt, N R liertox lmgm, lil Ruuixux, ,NC letten, Al Cuxxtm ti -i.i,lit lfttfil lx'ful Il N-Il Ieuug, R.l. NlLWlurter, IR, INIICIILIULJ lAss'I.I, l.. IlL'IK'llllx1IlIf.lllI I, I li N Nt ltu1ix,NI.l3,NolNle,lll.R.fNIt1ylturtI. liditork Note: Nliddleside and Littleside have never won the ISAAQ Up until IIJXI, there were Senior and .Junior teams. MlS, LlS results x x Ridley' x x S.-XL x x .-Xpplebx x s UCC xx Albert xx St, Lieorgek x x Ridley x x SAC x x Appleby x x Albert Won S Lost 2 Tied Znd in ISAA ww Appleby at Ridley xx Ridley at Appleby Won I Lost 2 Tied 3rd in ISAA xx on xx on lost WOII won won xx o n XX Oll lost xx on O IONI lost WOR tied I -10-3-I 45-29 24-50 58-I6 63-l I 70-4 54-20 60-l-1 31-42 67-7 8-47 I5-26 36-32 33-33 SWIM CDLDLIR SWIMMING Blgside Full Colours J C Cutting R E Danielson C J Doyle M D Grimshaxx C D Lmex J D MeVean ANg P D C Smith C A Veilleux Mtddleszde Colours C S Axey J B Broadhurst A l Cowan Dtllane G M Eclxel K Leung J lx Lummack Wallace Whalen Ltllleslde Colours DJ Bourne P R Grabec B SB Leung L Lieberman J G R Maynard R F MeWhirter J R Miehaud M B Noble RJ Ramsav D N P Yemehuk Cfu. ' J.A.IGrant S-C. . JIW. J.W. WI TER SPGRT AWARD lhc led Savage lrupliv tor -XIpitrcNktitig I It Xrtnstrt-ng Sifton K up tor Nordic Skiing I' N tnl-sv-it R tt l.iv lui Andrus N .tvtl.i cup tor .luniur Nordic Skiing t I' t utiratlt Charles I , Bullefi Irophv for hcst sqtiash plavcr ls I Nassiet The Philip Ketchum -Xw.trd lv I Naveiet . XI lx lltevxct Coaches' Award tor I rtrlesude Squash ll tt tt'l Ernest Howard lrophv tor L nder I5 Nqtiasli . I XX lk Inkt- .-Xrnold ID. Nlassey .AXvv.trd lor most promising new corner ..., . , 'vl NN I .tuglilru L'oach's .-Xward: Nl.l.P. Bigsitle Il.isketh.tIl, It N I .Ike JM . Barnett Trophy for NIXQI' ......., . . L. I Nl. llospital Coach's Award for Nliddleside H.tsketlv.tIl ,..., t -X, I NN .trd . ,R.R..l Pinkerton Distinction awards I J.D. Armstrong, Alpine Skiing. The captain, an expert ski racer, and a keen competitor, he led by example. John has been invaluable in setting courses and helping coach. He was our best skier in six of seven races this season, playing a key role in an excellent finish at OFSSA, and winning the Strong Cup again! M.K. Brewer, Squash. One of Trinity's terrible twins, he ranged from good to brilliant, and often produced when the challenge was greatest -' I making him a formidable match and tournament player. His one loss was handsomely avenged in a tremendous ISAA tournament effort, capping a superb season. Joint captain this year, he com- pletes an outstanding TCS career, having been instrumental in lifting the squad from mediocrity to the best in memory. R.E. Danielson, Swimming. He captained this year's team, whose success depended on his leadership and enthusiasm. His performance in all strokes ranks him in the top three swimmers in the I school's history. For the fourth year he has performed with consistent excellence. G.E.M. Hospital, Basketball. He showcased his incredible talent and leadership in the l985-86 season. Geoff lived basketball, sometimes to his detriment. Either practicing or playing seven days a week, he was a tremendous inspiration to others and his talent is unquestioned. A 25 point average IJ llntllcv Xttrtsttt-rig Xvv.ttvI It-i I ittlt'-nlt I X1 I 1-.VP 4.1 tt-.tvli's Xwattl t--t I nvlct lx X Nl l'.:n" i R NN It tit-tnl.ill Ir--pliv l--I 1 .tpt.ttti vt Iltysttlc II--tkcv X14 I --y rr I NN lxcrr lr-vpltv tv-r Nl N I' t-t Iltp-title ll Itrunti I-niclitw' Xvv.ttvl lui Nlrvltllcstvlt' lltmkcv I ll N 1 i K vutclics' -Xvuittl lui I ittlcsivlc llmkcv K II lit tlil Special -Xvv.trvlt.ttlt'vItt.tt1t-rtt N lx l.rvl r L .I It-ttetiliarrtt uptttr Xl X I' tit I ruler I4 I ll lit lv lJr R Xlcllcrrnetitt tipttvt t .tptaitil rider I4 l It ,X tr- d I he I'.it Uslct I rupltv ttvr tlic best swtrnmcr 'N Ny tu.ith'v 'Xwartl lui NlidtllesitleNvvitnritiriy I XX Xkalli L llvvttscrn.tster'st up tor the best I ittlesrdeNwrrrirner I' R trratw Special 'vwatd lnr leatlerslnp til I tttlcstdc I I rrherrii in included a school record 42 points against St. Georges By helping all through selfless dedication, he has outdone himself. LID. Lines. Swimming. A Bigside colour for three years, he has developed into a very fast, reliable freestyler. Having served as anchorman on winning relay teams, he won the 200 free at the ISAA by edging Otll his opponent, the only swimmer to beat him. He dominated the 100 yd. events, and now has achieved three years of dedicated consistency. K..l. Nassief, Squash. He has continued to provide magnificent leadership and inspiration to the squad. He marshalled the team into a for- midable unit, spending many hours drilling and helping younger ones. Seeming to improve each outing, he was an almost inevitable winner, losing only three of 20 matches, each to a top-ranked player. He himself surely is among the top few in Canada. Karl may well be the best player ever here at TCS, having also been largely responsible for the betterment of the entire programme. A. Ng. Swimming. Anthony is the best swimmer in the school's history. His speed and versatility added needed flexibility to the lineup and he has represented us in eight of ten possible events, and has won in each. In view of this most remarkable performance, a distinction seems hardly enough. .X K X x 'NO ' . r , , lx' . I , fi ig J 1 1 f '. . .- ..- deiaxiifi Y' x E X J f N5 ,.....? re Q wg. ... FT q THOSE STUD TYPES mm fi I ll 7,.,.-,ATT TTTTT I ,mx L T ,T I C2 Q . 65 WI TER MUSICAL v Nnrncl"m'l1.lI1Icd I-x smug W .., G .WN A I . 5 ' ' 'Nh ' - X ' X Blllls and Bracket! ,pm l Xcel fffl Npur lang gow I unklnexc ea e .- ' N l KT 'V l , . , , 27x l ll. Xlmml .xx Pltll Buzz Adams tells ir like ix is 5 .lx Summon "Honeybun" Stevens SQUTH PACIFI "'L""S' .-X Trinity Collcgc School Drama Socicly Presentation April IU. ll,I2,I986 Pacili 11- I S I .. I"1 'gil .177 bs .-' The churux lic!-wruII1cNI1.-In Xlv, ., II' I I II 'I'- I I' I'- I 'NIIIIIIIQ II"' IIIII. II II ,,. I I I ' IIIII-MI. XII' I.:' 'IW Nr' I I-I1. 121 Ng .If ' ' II.1I.I: XIIIMI II ..I XII I XI'.nI'I'I II--If II:-MII I'I l.'1. Ii.IIIxII4rlfI.r.1I-IfIIN' XI I ,IIYII XI 1,,I', Ir y' g, NIL-IIIIIII I,:w'xI.I..-. I-I I IIIIIQI IIIIII I' Ii- 1' I I'I-III UI IP I, I4 II In-IIIIII .IIIII IIA HI um III .--. 'IIIIILIII Y IM., l-IllIx1I.III.IIr NN :IEI.mI II.IIlw 'III Hum 'X I 1-- Nri RUIIIUII XMIM: II' I1,.I Nu.aIwI Num I .nr -rn 1 -'.I Mm IJIII.. .I NIxuIwcR1III.xx.IXNI I I'.m.X.II I .I '. - NLHIIILK NIIIIIIIIIXNI I III-QN, In-l1u.nlI III'zI'LII1jI..I:L I'-I ISI-1.I..w XI.Uxk'I I!u.I" II II Im! X1.'-+I:.IliI.I,'.I-nu NL'.nIwcI ful limb IIL'--'I NK I Ib' Nm!! Nm IIIIIIIIAX II.1wmuu1 I.II1mIix-MIIIIIIII ' Ny! lxuI1m'III I--Immun limrlu IFIIIJIIL lul-vllL'IRl11wIIXI.1xw I-I1u.1III.x1IlnwII NNInplm1ulII.ImIcl II-1-1Im'Ih'.nl RIII-I ll.m1ulh--In NxIIl.lxIIUII I Inulux RI-Ikx Ilwxnpwn Imrul mm Null Ny! IuII-II'cpIlr1Nkl Iulm Ihr: II Iiufx XII.u11x 'XII XXrIuIx1 NI.IrIm-4 urpIu.Il IIJIIIIIIUII NILTNLW IJ.u1dI5Imu1I IIUIIUXIVIIII XII NIL"-CII NL'.lIWL'k'N lump Ihlkul, lIL'II'- ISI .IIIIIIIL Il.IuIII Cullmxalwlm, 1.1M-Ik-.IwxI,lI1rux IIIIIIIII, I-IrI.11II.1:I IICXIAIILI, XII IUIILW, luI.1I1.1IIIL' IJNKNUII, NI' XIX Ilmmld, XII XILRIIIIIINI, IIIIIK NI--mx III-II R . . XII Nwxulxx, IM'-III Iurrzhlu Nmwx .md 'N.m'.ul1lxlN Xx.H.I lJ'.II..'uIV', I,I.L IIk'I'I'lIIII, Iam' IICIIINIIII, NIINIIL IIu.I, t.I1I.'- I" dup, NIM I'.1pp, I xnxx I'r1lI.Iy Ixm. XIII-III, lI::. Npmgyc.Il1IIuRuIwxIx-'II I IgI1Ix.ImIv.1yrIvI-xx Xa: III I IIIIIJI .x 1 41""II III Nw: I1. ILIIMIII-IIIMIIIIIIII' XI' M' QIMIIIIIILN NI' I' it NI' II.1.m' I , . II. NI.1kvIIp X'II'1,IlI':- 1' I' I I N XIJII .1 I IIIHII-g XI.II..xwI INK, NI.Il '. X.Imr'I:1'.' NI' kdfu IAI41 XI' I LH XIIIWN I.I" . II ' I1 I' Iv- XI' I" I. XIII-.1III.'..' NI' I' -M In. -II-.-.". Im. I .ww -- Il .I:- NI.I.I.1,1 N, .1"LI',L.1 Ihrcm NI' I" J A .J A - bo is ' 9 K' xc K .5 ,, in UVB I , R+ K 'Q 91' k-ALJ A -lp' KI DAY At Mt. Ste. Sunegga STRONG CUP DOWNHILI. RESULTS l. J.D. Armstrong ... .l.A. Carleton 3. T.C, Magwood 4. CLA. Bean 5. P.J. lNlcCartliy 6. T.G. Julian 7. D.M. Hopkins 8. J.P. Little 9. P.B. McCarthy 10. P.R. Reilly 7 PIZZA CUP RACE l. E.lNl. Finn 2. A..l. Ellison 3. NLD. Gritnshuw R.R.J. Pinkerton Q, Q---AE 'G L C t CUT GF CLASS 'T all WQamaHm wmuds 3- -r'4-I '41 744cmb n 1 ,- I 5. 1 LA GMUIR WRITI GCONTE T Second prize essay THE TECHN0l.0GlCAl. UTOPIA by Dayc Wilson lt has been said ot the tireeks that the reason xyhy they produced so many great thinkers, such as Aristotle, Plato, Pytltagorzts and countless others, ls that the Greek citizens, as opposed to the slayes, did not hate the bttrden of surytyal. tood, cleaning, or anything that yyas necessary bttt trivial. ln- steatl, the Cireek slate xsas stttck yyttli these encumbrances yyhile tlte citizens' tntnds xyere tree to deal with a yytde range of things, such as art criticism. political theory, mathematics, and all those things xyhtch seetn to tall under tlte general heading of philosophy. We sliottld also note that by the same token the Greek age xyas the posscssor of a large number of artists and it therelore produced a great deal of art. We ask ourselves why Or hoyy did the Greeks manage to produce all this philosophy and all this art. I am conytnced that it is because they had time xyttlnn yyhtch to concern themselxes tytth these matters. Barrett says in ltts book, lrrulionul Alun, that the only philosophers xyhtch exist today are professors ol philosophy. This must be because only philosophy professors have llttltf for matters of philosophy. Barrett also ltlCI1llOt1s at this point the professional detotmatton, which is the idea that a doctor, for example, will only see the yyorld in terms ot the ltuman body, the general idea in tlte professional deformation is that in the modern age xxe as lturttan beings haye been redttced merely' to our functions in society and tn lllls deformation xxe are losing ourselves. lloxyeyer, technology ls tn the tntdst ol creating a solution. ln the same yyay that the tireeks dodged the professional defor- mation by haying their slaxes do all of their trixtal but necessary tasks lor them, modern man ystll dodge the professional deformation by hating machines perform all of his triytal but necessary tasks. The greatest problem lacing the adyancemcnt of technology today is capitalism. Xlachtnes. yyhtch can perform simple and repetttixe litsks such as putting in a screyy to tyyo thousand of the sdltlc objects on an assembly line, haye already been created. But under the capitalist system, xxe cannot ttttplement these machines unless yye cart ttnd another means by which the -.sorkers xsliotti tliesc rtiachittes yytll be replacing yyill be proytded lot lhe problem ts that technology is replacing xyorlsers faster than tt ls creating new robs. llttmately there yytll be yery' few ttilas ttlnch need doing because technology will haye replaced them. It ts not tttsl assembly line xyorkers which are facing this problem either Stanford l nixersity created a machine in l984 tylnclt could then diagnose hundreds ot diseases more quickly and more a..urately than ltlttsl doctors. The LS. government and yatious l S. oil ltrtns are currently using electronic ptospt-.tors xylttcli can outsyit the sharpest ol geologists at locatirttt mineral and otl deposits. Some may argue that r:t.i.littie- .sill .ilyyays need sotnebody' to operate them, but even w. old belttt -.artttot be held anymore lor example, there was i toke 'hat ttayclled .itnongst liltltslt Tclccom's Post Office l:tct:tt.'er'tie l rttoti .ylticlt yxerit as lollttyssi Utiesttori llttyy many tneti do you need to run system x'? Xnsyyer flnc man and tt dog l,lics'trtrt XX h.1t's the dog lot.' lo keep the matt .i-.yay from the machine. ill One might be tempted to say that this machine did not have to make decisions that required any use of logic and that it only made decisions it had been programmed to make. One could easily say the same thing about a lot of machines. However, in the field of artificial intelligence, research has gone further than H1051 of us would imagine. There are machines, such as the brainchild of Dr. Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. which do regenerate their own programs and do think in a logical manner. These machines, says Dr. Winston, are far better than humans at analysing complex problems mainly because of their attention span which goes on as long as the power does. These machines do make small and entertaining errors, however. For example, when Dr. Winston's machine was asked what the purpose of diet soft drinks was, the machine concluded very logically that since most people who drink diet soft drinks are fat, diet soft drinks must be for the purpose of "fattening" people. ln spite of present shortcomings, Dr. Ray Reiter of UBC is quoted as saying: "a truly intelligent machine is between four and four hundred years away, and I tend to lean toward four hundred." 421 But the point is that there are machines whose technology is well on the way toward producing what will be as intelligent. logically speaking, as man. These jobs which are necessary for the running of a society will then be able to be done by machines. The question of division of labour, a capitalist question in itself, will not exist because there will be no labour to divide. The machines which will allow a technological utopia either exist already or are being created. However, with no labour, capitalism cannot be the distributor of the wealth. So, society is in need of a system which will distribute the wealth accordingly in the technological utopia. Clearly, the government will be responsible for this distribution and the people will be responsible for making sure that it is done fairly. Another problem facing the technological utopia will be the problem of food for the people and fuel for the machines. Professor Bob Needham of the University of Waterloo notes that there is potentiality in the farmlands of North America alone to produce enough food to feed the entire world population three times over, and that the only reason farmers are holding back is not soil corrosion twe have the technology and resources to combat thati, but the farmers themselves know that if they produce that ntuch food, they will flood the market. Food prices will drop tremendously, and the farmers would end up making next to nothing and they could not survive. C31 Once again capitalism is the culprit. As far as fuel for the running of our machines is concerned, it will be nearly all electronic power that ssc will need. The abundance of power produced by the rivers of Canada alone is enormous. lf the power plants are built with proper biological care and with aesthetics in mind, both of which man is already capable, then their will be no problems with power. Failing this, there is nuclear power, which, although not perfected as far as waste is concerned, is to our minds a seemingly infinite source of energy. Again, power plants and power lines can easily be made so that they do not scar the countryside, if we keep aesthetics at the forefront of our minds. s 'E The lmul problem mcrrrg man m lrrx lcqlrrrolugrml rrrurmr Ihr: mme problem llmr hm llx-gcd m.m wmv rlrc lwgrrrrirrxv irmc llhll rx llrc prublcrrrol"'NNl1ul Arc uc gurrrg ro llrr"' Nr' rlrrx hgh been ll rclarrxcly xrmplc problem, Nrmc m.m lrm br prrmarrly concerned xxrrh Nurxrxal llmwwr. wlrcrr rlw rrmllr mkcx thc mcnral musk vi' xurxrxul .mm Irwm rrr.rrr. xxlmr lk rlrcn gurng ru dnf Tho .xrrxxwr rx xrmplcr rlmrr um- mr: rx, lil.. ..r.. .L..A. Nrnwrw lllx l.rr rr-rr ,rr rrdllrrd lf. . r - I lrr' ,rrrrum 'Q lrrwrrrrur 1, Nlls mr 'r:.-rrglr rlrr- rr-rrrrrrrlrrgrwrl rrtrrrm rx rrrrllrnl lfrz X1 'ur ru .alt lurrgrrrl lm rrlqr' l l' rw rlrcrrrgvfl 'r ' rr r N'rr blurrrx rr rm mrrr rr rm' ru llllUlr"l I ' 1 l - lr, lf'g'lk'.1lxlllULl'lr'l'li'l'x-l.l.x rlrrrl .rrw.1. .1 r ll, rmngrnc XX u gun do cxagrly uhur rlrc Crrcck rrrrxurrx llrri Ir 'l ltr rr' rlw rv zrrrm' 'l'r'l'.x'Il X, 'r,.rrr .rml 'rbrrl r. ' " L -X' qlawmrl Qrrcck age, XM: urll wulpr. .md rw wrll rmrrm, .rr..l .r urll XKTHC play .xml pucrnx. .md uc wrll llrmk .lb--rrr rlru r..e' ' or rlrc urrrwrxc, Ilru rrmylrrrrc urll bc uur N.-my :rr.r'. .rr4r., that the rrmqlrrrrux urll and up rgkrrrg mu: vm .rr' lim wur. our maghrnc- .arc cwr :Arable ol .rrr, ulnrr MMrrrl.l rw 'l.. gr.-N: rn wur gcrrmg rlrum rr- do rr rr-r rrx sz rm- r-remw prrrzr' rr? 'PN cwrnxc rx ro ocsupy nur rrmc' N-'rm' mm, .rim .r-rm, 'F .rr r-rr' lxll V' l'CUPlC urll Ilvl lxrum mlm! rn Jn rrrn: rrrrr U-grr-rrrp A l! lm' 'l' l'l"l'l4l' l'll l ll l- l .rrrm.L'lc.1rly rlrc rrmplrrrrqx urll mud rrxrrzg rwrrr ' rzrv, :rr r rm' M lflfllfl "l' fl", l 'l fl vu ' 'K' N rhur rhmc who dunk mmr r-' P.rrrrr Mrrr 'x lr.:' lT,l5l',.llIll. ,.w .,ll..lhl,L ., MI, lx ,. xorncbudy IN wrrrplqrrrrrrg lwlrrrrw mum lil- r. rl Arm-'rn '-xl:.r' xr- .IM 11, 'VN L,x3,,L , Iv., ' 1 wunlcbudy clw urll bc mwrc rlmrr r-urllrrzu rg-fl lzrm '.u9:.rr tr- J- yL.L.k1yu,H.. Xlsigsjr- rruf. There xlmuld not be .r rrublurn rr: rvlrrry r-zr' irrrru rr. ' lcclrrmlogrrqrl urupm. llc First prize short story IDI-QAI. OF Sll.lrlNl'Ii by Rob Stew art The policeman fell back in horror, clutching at the point where a bullet had hit him. He was on the ground. His assailant turned and ran from the scene, his role over. The policeman's partner was already on the radio, calling an ambulance. He turned and ran to the wounded man. As he reached him, he cried out, "God George, why did it have to be you? Wlty'?" The wounded policeman George spoke. "Don't Phil. Don" shout. I'm going now. Take care of everything, man. Ijust . . The words stopped as George fell unconscious. George awoke. "Funny," he thought, "my eyes are open but I can't see." He looked around. He was in a hospital. There were doctors everywhere. There was Phil, his partner. Everyone was looking at him but nobody seemed to realize that he was looking back. Phil was now crying. George tried to console him, but no words left his mouth. He tried to turn his head, but it wouldn't move. "Dear God," he thought, "They think I'm dead. But l'm not dead. If only they could hear me. Please . . All of the people left the room. A young intern entered, sat down, glanced at George, and proceeded to read a book. George went to sleep. When he awoke again he found himself moving down a corridor. He tried to stop walking but he couldn't. He was being controlled. He came to a door and it swung open. He entered. A large man in a white suit sat in a thronelike chair. He smiled at George and bid him sit down. Georgek body sat in a nearby chair. "George Iudaeson, I take it?" said the white man. Astounded, George nodded. "Very good. I trust your death was not too painful?" Ihis time George spoke. "What do you mean, rny death? Where am I? And who the hell are you?" llie white man laughed and replied, "I assure 5--n, Nlr. ludaeson, that hell has nothing to do with this. You are in HEAVEN, Mr. Judaeson, and I am GOD. You will come to understand." George gaped. He eventually recovered enough to ask several questions which had already been answered. "You mean I'm talking to God? Oh Jesus, please forgive me for the time that Italian guy paid me to . . ." GOD cut him off. "Let me explain, Mr. Judaeson. As I said, you are in HEAVEN. You physically died in the hospital. Your soul has been brought here for evaluation and study. We want to learn from your experiences." "Wait a minute," cut in George, "what kind of heaven is this? You want to evaluate my soul? What does that mean?" "Let me continue. Heaven as you would expect to find it doesn't exist. I mean, there are no angels running around here with harps. This is an ex- periment station. A HEAVEN base. "What is a HEAVEN base?" "HEAVEN stands for High Elevation Advanced Soul Validification, Experimental Nonentity. All this means is that people who have led interesting lives come here upon their deaths to have their intelligence stored for our use. Throughout human history we have used your planet as a kind of computer.' "But what about religion? What about Jesus? How do you explain him?" "Jesus was a rather humourous man whom we sent to plant the seed which would, we thought, result in many useful discoveries." "What happened to him?" "Last I heard he returned to Earth in the form of who you call Bruce Springsteen. I do believe he is quite popular with your youths. Did you have any of his records?" "Yes, one or two. But I have to ask this. What happens to us when you have no need of our knowledge? Where do we go?" GOD smiled. This was one of the usual questions. The person usually merely asked it to find out his fate. "Well, unless you are rather funny, you will have your soul erased, re-programmed, and sent s back to Earth in the form ofa baby." "So there it is," thought George, "in a plain brown wrapper. My only chance of survival is to keep him talking and to find out more." George spoke again. "So who are you? What is GOD? What is GOD's job? Where are you from?" GOD spoke. "I am GOD. GOD means Governor of Destiny. My job is to run HEAVEN. As for who we are, we are the Thought Dealers. We sell good ideas throughout the universe." George thought. He wanted to know what chance of getting out of here in fact existed. George spoke. "Can l see my body, GOD? I want to know what's happening to it." George's vision shimmered and he was back in the hospital. The same dumb intern was still there, reading. But then George really jumped. The clock was the same as when he had left. No time had passed. He shimmered back into HEAVEN. GOD spoke. "You are not entirely dead, Mr. Judaeson. We have trouble keeping you here. You will stay, however." "GOD, l would like to go back to my body and live again. Could l do this? Could l live some more?" "You are young. We don't return many. l don't think that we can return you. l have told you far too much already." "What do you mean?" "lf men know that this is death, they will stop dying. lt's as simple as that." "But men can't just stop dying, can they?" "All men have believed that they will die, always. lt is almost impossible now for a man not to die. But if he knew it was possible not to die, he would live forever." "GOD, if you return me to my body, I won't tell anyone, ever!" "Very well. You are very lucky. Those who are returned from HEAVEN are few indeed. Most men, when they die, go to HELL." "What's HELL then?" "HELL means Home Especially for the Less Learned. They're a bunch of idiots down there." "Does anyone ever come out of HELL?" "Plenty do. They make deals with the DEVII . That's the Diubolically livil Vll.lain. He lets them go if they promise to make misery for him. DLVII. thrives on misery." George grinned. He was beginning to actually like it here. However. he really wanted to get out. lt was time to spring the big question. "Well GOD," he said, "it's been fun and everything, but may l go home now? They'll be burying me by now." GOD smiled. "Yes, you may go. Remember this though: always pursue wisdom. Remember these also: Imagination is more important than knowledge and justness is the first priority. Go now, my friend, and return to your world. HEAVEN faded before George's eyes. The intern jumped a foot when George Judaeson's pulse started up again. The doctors weren't as surprised, though. They acted unin- terested and apathetic during George's recovery from his wounds. lt was the day of his discharge when George heard something about people who had returned from the dead. He had been wondering about those who had come back from HELL when he realized just whom GOD had spoken of. One of his doctors came in and disconnected him from his machines. He was a charming old man and talked with great experience. George listened vaguely until the doctor mentioned something which made him jump. "Aye, sure. l bet that you didn't know that both President Reagan and Premier Gorbachev haye been in your shoes!" "What did you say?" cried George. The doctor was not slighted in the least hy George's rude questioning. He merely replied slowly: "Aye, both Nlr. Reagan and Nlr. Gorbachev have been in accidents like yours. Both came back from the dead. l thought everyone knew that!" George Judaeson hadn't known. He had known something far more important. hit' Rtvlzurd Taylor In Teddcr's last year as Housemaster, Bethune distinguished itself as a house of class and style. Hating our share of intellectuals, we cleaned up in debating while taking quite a few sports championships. Trinity was blessed with Kommissar Pelky who made sure we were within reach of his fist. The Frog and Leprechaun were a little more docile on third flat, so some managed bathroom festivities. On second flat, females flowed through both Ross' and Hayden's rooms while Pugi looked on. First flat survived floor hockey, catapaults and hacky- sack all while the bands from lVlurrock's stereo played on. Who'll ever forget latenight T.V. busts, Burns' fire alarms, and Pelker singing Monet' For Nothing at House Dinner? We can't forget the "Abuse" dinner that took place in the third term. Everyone was unmercifully abused, including the various duty masters and the characters of the house. Good luck to Ted as Headmaster of Balmoral Hall next year. Certainly Mr. Gregg doesn't know how lucky he is, or what he's in for, by becoming Bethune's new Housemaster. Q, Q I I w- J lQg Y5. 4 I N3 hut' Karl Nassief Bickle House rose to the "Heights" this year. Nlr. Honey, nicknamed Tricky Dicky on account ot' his latenight prowls, tried to straighten out the house, with sotne success. However, gen- tlemen such as Bull, Watson, Stafford and others always managed to "sneak a butt". The West Indian conglomerate increased in numbers, as did illegal substances and events. Darcy McDonald, Simon Fleming-Wood, Angus Cowan, Eoin Finn and David Gray headed The Bukkhui, whose junior members included Brad Schwartz, David Collombin and Chris Hobson. The grade nines, headed by "Big Nose" Gibb-Carsley and "Ul4 Soccer" Trevor Whike, were known as "the Bickle group". Bickle kept up the tradition with many achievements this year. We won both the Junior and Senior House Debates, the House Play lestix al, and many other House Competitions. Atltletically, academically, and in regards to ncst ycar's house positions, it was a great year. x 'Q lv at 1 X X J JW EH, s, ' u ' 1 A K . '4 J -A l ,Q 'Q . ex fi by Charles Heenun Brent House '85-'86 was another incredible lot. Strong leadership came from the sixth formers tall 17 of theml and from the sixth form-to-be. We have kept up all of the great tradition in Brent House again this year, win- ning the Oxford Cup, continued excellence in all House competition, the most original House Play Ui, staying up late, getting up late, and generally having a good time. Participation in House Competition deserves a special mention this year, as we won two of the three awards in the Oxford Cup and, as Mr. DeFazio puts it, "cleaned up in all participation" in 2nd term. We'll never forget some of the faces around this year's Brent House: Doug "Coke-shots" leXloine, the K-town connection tTorrible and A. Pinkertonl, "Fast Eddie" Chart, his neighbours "Flying Al" Cox, Hoags and Armie, Cireeber, Willie, A. Gray, Loren "Lysistrata" V nes Lieberman, Ram Chan and Nobes, "Sasquatch" Rawson, Byers and Board, Hospital tour silent sportsman and leaderj, Trollie, Phil "per- manently-injured" Gibson, and the infamous third floor grade nines. Not to forget "The Beast Connection", Code and Wiss, "Penguin" Bowen, Kime, Birch and Silent Steve Goodall, Kerry "It's been real" Simpson, The Canadian Crew tSkanks, Watson and Boylel, "Perm" Birt, Greener, "Mirror" Hallam, Bonedo and Henry, Tamblyn, "Rocker" Stiller, "Pat Moss" Robison, Van Eye, Dunnill tCigarettesJ, the obnoxious Sweatman brothers Cand their clothesl, Zolumoff, "Prock's son" Logan, "Nice Head" Lake, Holtby, West, Tiny Frank, Mason and Todge, "Crust" Ward, "l've got all my work done" Nicholls, and Silent Mike McGregor. Special thanks to Mr. Hargraft and the duty masters. Congratulations Brent on another great year. Here's to the future! L U-, . by David Hopkins and John F llllltfl' 1985-86 proved productive for Burns thanks to contributions by' all. Maxfield and Johncos headed downtown again while Danielson llron Mani started the trend ot' putting leaflets on Crossman's head. Pink and "Wardrobe" Saunders slated away' while Lines blasted the tunes and "Peaches" Flande kept pace with his guitar. Letten and Hall were their usual obnoxious selves and receiyed the required punishment. What can we say' about Hildebrandt and Buchanan? remembers hard-hitting "Truck" Grabec and "7:-14" Walker. Vlad "six tackles behind the line" Rineo and "Suomo" Chang were awsome fire marshals. Paul Blyth. emulating Rinco to a tee, chose the Hammer's old room. Meier led the way' in the House Quarters' parade all year while Martinez wrote another letter. 4'Nice room" Sadler and hilarious Croz along with "Fudge" Scott and "Boy, l'm smart" Brown rounded out the top lloor. Jeff Gordon proyed that lwguurs can't be choosers and Davies beat on juniors with his stick. Downstairs "Stork the wonder geek" Cun- ningham and Jeremy "l'm learning to walk" Peterson went with "Headbanger" Grant and "Maybe my voiee'll break nest year" Taylor. Carscadden and Baldwin. bathroom yentilation experts, lived next to "Pin" Johnston and . . . Nothing. League Soccer "Where's my caddy'."' Welch. llerb and Squcbc liyed next to "Bathtub" Julian and "l'll help" Deacon. "Beast" Stedman endured a year ol the house annoyance, Richard Hammond. lt is indeed hard to forget Cieroninio, Marcus the man Kam, and "Cireeber" Thomson. Nlagwood and Nlcfarthy won the late lights' award. the breakfast-cltapel skip award, the disturb-study award. etc. lgyeryone remembers the night Nliami lost and "Tos" Lynn was on llgltls, Stradiyartus Cirabec and "Phone-a-pina" Dunbar rounded out the flat. "Toad" Hale and "Thunder Bay " Wilson liycd next to "Petit" Yeilleus and "House Play" Saul. We wish Renwick luck tn his "l"rotesstonal Pranksters" business and .-Xlan lee luck in breaking the three-toot barrier. The house was disappointed at Eddie's poor academic showing. but graced by the presence ot the LiardnerlNinta1 group, which included Nlallet. Knight and llilton. "Phone" Rouyia roomed with "Bone" lcung "Nice hair" Stewart and elder Yeilleux lised nest to the cleanest room in the house inhabited by "Slob" toppen and "Gated again" Nlciltllis NlcN'ean, a lrequent chapelgocr, and W ailing Whalen rounded out the hottse nobly. Notorious lor the "Cooking Caper". Hopkins and l-uthey set an example lor the house under thc disapproying eye ot Head Prelect Spurhng. la are tn order lor "Hikes" RR and MTD. f gim l Mi, '-Qipiig..- M- i nf, v,,, - ' ' -- - JH 'fp L, . ,f , I by Keith .llc'Dom1ld This year T.C.S. saw a new beginning in the day boy dotnination, that being Hodgetts House. Based across the campus in the old Tuck Shop, Hodgetts was the second home for 37 boys from the area. With a large influx of new boys, Hodgetts fared tnot you, Matty well. We received some fine imports such as Jeff Ward talong with his hairy, Timo Makinen tlvlr. Proctor's prize from Finlandj, along with many other younger but promising day boys. The year was good in athletics, as we placed many of our members on first teams and most others on some school team. We were especially promising in hockey, practising constantly in the locker area, tnuch to Mr. Ward's displeasure. Hodgetts House was also unique in that it was the only "residence" that possessed satellite T.V. Thanks to Tslr. Heaton, on many Friday and 111 1- , A 'S Saturday nights we utilized this fine resource by watching educational biology films. Un- fortunately these films were only shown late at night. It was certainly a house of characters as well: from Coleman, Smith and Zakarow to McCaig and Jehlicka, Sandy Campbell and Jason Carleton. We were lucky to reclaim "hand grenade" Lawson from Brent and to have the third form intellectuals Cirne, Hodgson, Dillon and Garland. We have many people to thank this year: Morris Grimshaw, our first Head of Houseg the fifth form for helping out with the workloadg Dave Blackwood, Matt Fair and Jeff Ward for con- stantly showing us the latest rebel fashions and haircuts, and especially Mr. Heaton for working so hard for us in our first year. Watch out, T.C.S,: the day boy domination has begun!! 5 .. hp.: va n ,I 5' A 1- The naming of Hodgetts House Tllix, lrinityk xixth ltouxe, mix named utter Birnie Hndgettx. at legendary hixtory tnuxter ut the Nehool and one ot' Curtaduk leudrng etwn- tetnporary ltistorianx. During Nlr. llnelgettx' twenty-Nix yeari at TCS txxhielt Npttnned three deeudeil, he wax a history teaelter. later tlte Department Head. and a eouelt ot' otttxtttnding rnertt. lt wax during ltix tenure at 'lrtntty tltgat Nlr. Hoelgetts establixheel the Cltrutelgt Stutliex Foundation, and publixlted the lnxtury text Deetstre Decades, xxhieh ix will rudely ttxeel among Canadian xeeortelury xeltnolx. lor lnx work on Nttttltex lte t ICeL'tNCtl llte Ultlet UI Q.lll.lxl.l. ll etgltteen xe.trX Nun e Nlt, ll--tlgefix le' ltelt.1xtetn.nneelne.ttl'x :'t 'tze lk-ri ll lmt ltm Nltttteel lt: .ftettitttzw 1 'E Nutrient tntpx llw tm- X tt" . x '-'-ex' tl.1 lrtntty .tnel, ttpt-tt efleelwtzr .t' 'lie eetetnttztte- tt ll-ttleeiw liwf. ' putting meta tt! Ilntt lt-In-g tw XNCIL' lu lte -llNlL' lu L'I'.lt"- mttlelxm t el.t lm-Mwst l1N 'Wei- liwt' Chris ,-lhdtllltz lt xx as an ex entliul year in Ketehum House -- few could call it boring. Much ot' the house returned from last year, and the new boys quickly learned all the tricks. Ketchum flourished in house sporting competitions: among other sports, the house won hoth iunior and senior mile and biathlon, junior toueh lootball, and senior ultimate. Good par- ticipation accounts lor much ofthe House's success on the playing lield. ln House Debating, Ketchum tinislied a xery strong second to Bickle in both Junior and Senior Competitions, A 3-2 split decision cost ,lainie Broadhurst and lain Seal the championship. Speeial thanks go to Mr. Kedwell and Mr. Stevenson tor then continual support ol' the house. Everyone had Inn tlns year -- nntiortunately a levi had too much lun. Ciood luck to .lon Heyland and the rest ol' next year's Sixth lforni. A , 4 5- I o x N ' ' 5-. il XS I 79 5-'S-4:22. EI A I R 4 W 53 H, U1 Mu ' 9 sv ,f-1 4"3r'? ffss 3 .2 Y af f Q .V . 'I 4 r ', nb' Z 1,1 CHGIR An incredible trip to England 3 C0 5322:-o IPSE2:'9.:'l - 5235: nf! OO '5'UQO"'rn 3""""ro"'g4 asia- Q .mg-1 Q".'T.mPOE'U 03f"o'E.,ru.-..9,, -n 7 Om gg--O f? 3353: l11:r :.o. Q:ru -1 """of'i nUQ'Ug'o':n:'4 og: 0:3 :1-.0-ZAUQQ.. "'.Ni1'- 0 "-'f'o'o:'i gtg: -.f 0-9'!'l:-2 Q. mm -wp 1- 1-w...o3-O 0 on::3n-. bf ,, aj perform well. They were part of the first annual T.C.S. Music Night spearheaded by Mr. McGee. An- thems on Sundays were done very well, and the Carol Service was among the best in years. Although Spurling and others leave, a strong nucleus remains for future choirs. 3 :- TA 69 mr-'A - 'sd ' x .Y DUNKING CCDNTEST Nluny gulliered on u lriduy night in February to witness "dunkings" or wine ol' the rnaxlerx, Prefeets, and anyone else who wanted a cold lunh. Mr. Wrigln, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Allen, Mr. DeFz1zio, Mr. Large, Mr. Nlelllnnxr und Nlr. Kedxxell all went on the "hot seat". lWhere were you Nlr. lloneyfl Crowd participams included Simon Fleming-Wood, Eoin linn und 9-.mliony Beck. Ted Wrighl almost had a swim, much to exeryuneX dixuppoinlmenl. We'd also like to know where Andrew Gray L1IlLi.iCl'l'NXillIS were. QW' wg - 'i:v"1e' . E ' '-f'-mv Dow n goes Del-uno F bi 1' ' H' 5 'Q eq' in nm- X P n ,ul.1, Xlr XX mln' A worried Nlr. I urge Mr. Kedwell before and after 1 i' X A " .AM X i if I 'S 5 Z., ,. af f? ' 'aff Q TRI ITY TERM PRING SPGRTS ug :SAA Ni champions J Bigside Rugby Under 15 Rugby W Y N Kayaking -fi Littleside Cricket 'c S 1 fu Rick Cotton wins GFSAA 'T gf-H' xt il 1 ---'wa - 1 , E-bg-433: - .P '-43f, , ,,cA f .. 1 -f, u-v1urL-v----3 r---4 . - zgyihw - ' g,...-If H"--v 1 "" , c Y 1-'fffc' ,7 M I A fs 'ff .a - ' - , - .year-4' l Q Q Q- 23 99, ,A -+ 5' - ""5+-. . ,A B IGSIDE CRICKET L L K xv-1- 1. .gia- ' I I S A I I x I . 'I . I I . I I ' - - , I ,X X ' X G. F, . - I I I - "V Q. - II X -'I f 1 ' HJIA Run X I lmx.1:1,I7XI IIwpIx1l1N,I'Ii BIXIII, II I1 ILI1I1:x.NIi NIIIIIIIUX II.IfIi.I IJIIII III. II'.'.1.IIII.I XI' wut' . IL --.1.I1I. 8 K mdI'r1rnjrm. I X Ihxmxlrnu. XIIX Iiruuur. in I lx I.uMun, XI XX I.m:!1.:I., XII Ru:1IvI.IX4lw.1,ru l'fIf,x II' X I X I cc, N XX XX'IxI1IXv'I Ll IJ Npurlmg IL .1pl,I, I' II Ixcclsx, XI I hmm .ix .- .II .V XX :MII lx XX I XIII I XIXIC IIRINI I IN I I N 'lygh ",. 1' N ' HAIR". I X II II" . II XX It nl,-xo 'I-XX XX NXI MMIII I1""1 i'II XX XI'I'Ig'IX'I IA I I II I ' 1I1"IIH'..X INXX XXIIIIIQNXNIINI XMI' V' IX' I I i ItI.xmo I 'XX INXXIIJ' MIDDLESIDE CRICKET Stumped! xx Lzilxeficld xx on 6518-64 xxApp1eby xx on 4517-43 xxUCC Ioxl 12418-13719 xx Ridley won 2211-19 if fx rx occ' won 5712-55 , ll lx j .LA I X rx 1.1116151014 :mr 30-3118 h l SN. Q ' . . I Won-1I.oxt2 Drew 0 X K' ' I 2nd1n1SA.-X I IB , Li -.J Bexl Bowler: ,X ' I ' , ' ' ,I vu. Collomi ZH xslxlx. 111 runx 4.0 I PI K M 1 If "X avg. , tx ' II 1 Bexl Batxmun: 1 I I Nw Campbell: 112 runx 18.7 axg. I. 1 Notable Scorex: . -.. Collornz 8 ulxlx 10 runx xx UCC Iohnxron: 26 runx not out vx UCC lfurk Ron R R I PIITIXCIIUII. 1 II-N Noll, 1 17.HcuI,L1.XX'..l. SQIIITCN..II,l!iKH1.'R1lIl'.' The l1c.1.1r11.1x1ur,lill 1.mrcnrc.RIi.C.1n1pIveII.R..l.CImng,I'x.-X.Edxxa1rdx.C.NX'. H I urxey- rung: I lmfrl Run XIXX Bern.uL1.l1.NI. I-ckel, 1.1.N1. .lohnxlon1,'Xxx'r.l, CNN. collom tl .npr I. X11 L-regg Ik o.rC11l, N111 XX .111-rer,D..-X.NlcConneII. LITTLE IDE CRICKET Success at last xx I..iIxCI'iCId Ioxl T3-8017 xx Radley won 51-46 A I x UCC dren 5319-6-1 x x UCC xx on 2617-25 I x.'Xpp1eby lox! S6-114 I Nl.LlIxCIx1CILj drew 6719133110 lxl 111 ISAA Best Bon lerx: Won 2 Loxl 1 Drew 2 Bunlurn: 23 xxklx. 123 runs 5.3 mg. Wulxonz 23 wklx. 138 runx 6.0 , . axg. . I ,IMI .1 Bexl Balxman: I W V V: Bunlain: 92 runx 15.3 avg. ' 'I' ,Q A A Notable Scorex: FL! Q ti ' .- Wauxon: 5 wlxrx 4 runx vs UCC f ' ' 1 Bunlmni 35 runx xs Lakefield 11 ..'1 A from X11 1.1:4e If --nelly, N11 N1.hre1fo.1e11n. 1 13. ITINIWX. xi Coupon. .I-C. 1'1:..r1.r. 1 X I,xl111L'I -rn, Ilue IIC.1kIIII-15Ik'I lmn1Rrmx lx..X. Ice. NI.1D. X'.1xv:y, I.K. , 1 X ff X 11-rermnl 11 .api I. I X xx.lI5UI1.IiXk I Lnelxxon, Ii l.RUI7II1NUl1. -Ilmwlj TIIIIIQCI term sports X 51 I1 X114 Ilrzrrmll I-.dilor'x Nulc: Nlr. Gregg ix learning to smile even ss hen he loses. Mgr's Award: SC. Sadler 1Bigside Cricketj LI I 5 Rigs last hurrah 3 Au --5 -ns., an L um - I.Iv II If I I I XXI I Ill . 111 -, . IQIIIII '. II 1' Q III XXIIIIIII-'III'-'JI -IIII III IN X X III I III+.xII'I II-IIIII I'II1I III,I.I' 'Ii XIm.III.' IIIIIII-I-.I,.' J- III' I II.I' III.1II I I II XIII IIN IIIII I NIILII-II N.-III I IKCNIII JI 'IIII k I.II IIII III IIIII . NX' IQ :Im '. I I I II IIIII RIIIIII. NIII'-k.II!.' III-I I-I. I.1I'I:'I.I 4 I.-I 21 IX xv IB IIIIIN II-Il -IIII NIIIIII IIAIIIIX 11 Iwi If I .IIIIIIIII Hunk Run, Iii, llunlxu IIIIIII I, MI ISIMIIIIIIII. X X IVII lmmxx, XI IIUILIII Ix I -I Im :II IN RIIIIU 'XI'IJIl.lIlI, XX R. Ilmmnpwrm. II X I'uIIIcxukI IK wk .IPI I, lhu III-.IIII11.IxII-I lfwnf IMI. I'I-IIILMIII I Im I1 I Il IHS. Iiunlh. lx, loc Sm. I lac Nm, IIN. NxIIXN.IfI! IK ofk.IpI I. NI Ii Nulvlu IK uk nm I I7-IIIIUIWYI QI-I1 :J KIJICI- IR, Broun. RI. NIAX Imlcr. U DER I 4A CRICKET Dew's wormburners .1 :QE , ud- -Q! jd ' Huvlx Run Xin, lk-xx It n.1ghI,I I I XI,I5n.uII, I II I IIJIIAI II NK.-It. II I I IIr,vrII.1Ik, DIJ,NI4Kcn1Ic. II1cIIu.Idm.INIcr lmmz AMI. I I I III. R I NI.I.II-II..Il.i. NI I I II-IgH'rI C D Nimw If 0-1 .IPI I, I CI R X1.nI1.1rd. XI tI.I'.xIumI I'-ww NK I I.IIII.IIIII1.nI.I lupI.I I-ldit0r's Note: lisery year we gel closer in l'ndcr I4 frickcl. XX XIIIIICIWX IIINI :V III- xx I .Ilwincld II--I 4' III I X N Xi II-X1 I 'J ulll II--' -NI' ' xx RIIIIU xx-II: 4i W xx 'XIIpIL'I'w IIIXI I' II' XXIIII I I wr Q Ihuw II :III III INK X IIUN' II.II.I II" XIIIINL' :II uk? , Huw II.xIxIII.1:I Ir:1H'I.I -1-2. Wi.:-I NIILIIIII XM, XIINIL' N I ' :W -- 1.1, tw IIII -N x- RLIIIV. N.IIII IIIIKIIIX- I.II1.II. Adicu to a coach XII, Nlorrlx Imam-N m.I.I11nu IIAXIIIII gum' lIIInIL'IL'.IICxI .agmxm RIIIII-5 Im IIIL' Im: INNCIIII yum U DER I4B CRICKET Test match-bound Qu 1986 Bt1tARo1r:Nlr.JarneNIC'oachI,D.B.Nlnxtteld,.I.P.S,St.Iou1x,D.R.Dren,K.J.Ramsay It o-L .1pt.I, I.I1.5. Snnth, The Headmavter. ICFUIII Row: J. Jonex, J. Jones, A.M.M. DIIIIILIN.CYl.l.SlliLlClI1ILlI1IllfO-fliPl.l..'X.C. AlCXIOLI,.l.Cl.COlCl'T1llIl..-lhSL'lIl.' M.M. BasSett. CRICRET Bleilde full Colours P B Blyth N I Ca n D NI Hoplvmx N1 NN Iaughhn X C D Spurllng Blgxule Half f olours 'Nl lx Bfuul' C Iut T B ken tx N B Stumlerv Ilnlrlll mls C nlnurs R II L amplnll CRICKET CCDLGLIR C VN Collom I P M Johnston D A MLC onnell R R J Ptnlverton I D eal T H S Soh Cr W J Squxreb Lzllleslde Colours A C1 A Buntarn B NN E Jaelvson NI D Yasu I A Watson L ruler I7 Cmlrtl RJ Abraham C1 E Brsatllon C S Booth .IR Brown A A O D Franers J Lee Sul lx Lee Sul R F Nlewhnrter M B Noble Al Peretra H A Podlewskt B S Sehuarlz Under 14 Colours A C Alexrou NI M Bassett E H Chart J C Coleman A C Crawtord D R Drew x s Appleby lost 9-90 x s SAC' lost 30-6818 xx UCC' lost I7-10714 x s Ridley drew 6616-7716 vs Appleby lost 22-5818 Won O Lost 4 Drew l Sth in ISAA Best Bowlers: St. Louiiz 9 lor 67 7.4 avg. Joey Jonex: 8 for 77 9.6 avg. Best Batsman: Stadelmannz 63 runs 12.6 avg. Notable Score: Stadelmann: -I6 runs n.o. vs Ridley A M M Dumas J Jones J Jones J J u D E Lummack D B Maxfreld C C L Maynard J G R Maynard RI MaLDonaId C D Morse lx J Ramsay C D Scott T E S Smtth Cl Stadelmann M J J Terpstra W T Yablonsky g I Qu .l... ' n . .S . .. ' ' ' . . sfvxf 4Welch ,bC'lrne WRR. Thompson McKenzie f hey " .1 . . . N -. I J- Q ',.l,-I 1 1 V 'fx-1 ' ' ' I . ' ' BIGSIDE RUGBY QE! 1:45. W 5-ul 1' IIN I XLID11111111, H H Il111h Xl W1 R111v.'Xlr. Hay lfddihl, T.'X,.l11l111m11,R,l,lJu111clw11.N1,X R.m 11111, R NI N.1x.11111, 11 li I .111gI1I:11 U ldv--1 H11 lh M1111 11 lmf1fR1111gQ.ll,SI1cphc11.i.S,,I, Hu.1rd,k,l Hcv11.111 4 XNCL1. lx .I N.1w1cI 11.1111 D, XC H.1x.iv11, 11 X lk-.111 X14 X1 H 11 Hurk Rnug R5 Shoul, .l.X1. XX .nr1c11, VD, -X1111xl111111:, lx K1 NhlJu11.1Id,L IJ H1111 .,..q.3..4 ra-,.,- ,.Jo f- 'O -V - r.v,u.L.wg..,- I . B I Q'-J: fi xx 415- It Results xx Ht N '-N liL'l,w..1. - 1 11111.14 1.-J. .N I311.1'1.1f'.111 lil 1, 1, lg1'x'-'V11 1 Ka XN1111Wl 1-N' 1' l .lr ,H A 11: :11xxyx' ' - all v "'74P- B L- zx MIDDLE IDE RUGBY Htltk Run l, ltclwtmqn, lf Nl, Wext, VN..-X. Halle, lil. lN'1i1N0ll.C.P. Walker, W.R.A. Ntelmllx, l' R Rctlly, I D. NleX'eun, .klnlfllu Rami' The Headmaster, J.R. Ouimet, LW XX lmlen, RR, XX rw, IR. Bttldutn, Nl. AX. Crmbie l.Mx'tl, T,H. Trollope, R.W. Mackenzie, Xlr -Xllcn tlkmelrl, lrunr lx'mv: Y. Rmeo, N.P.lz Gray, PM. Roujzi, J.A.F. Heyland it .mtl IV.,-XXX, Row 1 -MCH. DRI, lCfNl0ll1C. D.K.K. leung. Maulers? xx Albert lost at Albert Imt at Pickering lost x sPicker1ng won at Bowmunville lost at SAC lust vs Rosseau Luke lost at Ruwcau Lake lost Won l Loxt 6 Tied ll -ith rn ISAA 0-30 0-20 IO- l 2 I4-8 l9-20 l-1-I5 0-34 3-34 U DER' RUGBY Trynextyear Iwi ICI'-1 N Nl Nl-kt'.lllll.tll, N lx l.txlur, I l Ward, NNN. Datnko, R.l'.D. Hunter, lfli I .l,1't ID X 1-tllttmlwzz ll1r!f!lt'lt'fm lhe lletttlttttmct, Nl.l' Pttgl, CLD, lrztxct, R,l l': N R trrrtmtll, lx X, -X R Nlti .umm-5, Nl l . Ygrltm, Nll',5lL'XUIlNlfUl1Clll. .' 'N ' ' lflrr X' l 1-tturt, l N ll.tlI tt .IDI l, N -X NA Iiugxtty lfkxftl, l.l' tklilkllldl, Ck l4rr'r I-.diturk Note: VN ith promisingjunior teams, rugby is looking up. vs BCS won x s Bon mam ille won x s Ridley xx on xx Appleby lost x N Crescent lost xx SAC' won Won 2 LOSI 2 fied 0 3rd tn ISAA 25-0 6-O 40-0 0-I4 8-I5 I8-6 .Q U I The realmaulcrs Ihnk Run I7 Xlckmmul, I II II-Ixlc. X R Ilxlrnu, IXX IIIII-In.k N Xwx, I llx IJc.1mn, L .I XX hum-. III Pulgrxm Xlnhllv Rfm Ihc III-.n.Im.mur, R XI 1- Nu-xr D KI IOIIIIWIC. ' ' B ,I Pllgr 1 s I XX. IIN, X XI IHIIMIII n XI IX NIRAIIIXN, XI X I.1xug,R XI 'N I III. I. XX I'1.uI--1 I DAX hood, R X N NgUII. XII XI.lDnu.Il.I ll U.I!III lrwnl lX'wu U I' NXXc.xi1u.I11, I I !nIumoI1, R Nl, Nlcdrlmll. k X IIII un IXM II. Ixl II.nmm mi Il api I, I XX 1-Hia, IIII BIESIIIQ I ull C nloun -Xrnmmm. C1 A Bunn 'SJ Board I Iandg Hunan X L XI Homin HOW Johnxon D 9 T Nhlhvnxld Nawgt C D Shgphgrd R S Shoul X XX .nrrnn Bmwrh Hail L uluurs R.E. DLIHICINUII KG. XIcDonald RAI, Naxarro NI..-X. Rixuon .XfIll!Ht'XIlfl Culuurx .I.R. Bildmn N ..-X. Crmhlc X ..-X. JIIN , '. Hcp 'nn D.NI. I cNImnc - x D Ix lx Lgune P R RLIIIX X Ruku D X XX 0,5 C Xl X xl L lllftl' I C nlourx S X S Bozmx S XX Danko L D Imx r boodall Ha IIIIIJII Xlaklmn XILL .mum . .Robison f',,XlftI.' DA. Cullombm 1' mf LQH. Ur Lmlcr If Cnluurx - X' . . Bn, c ,. .R. Den . .4-X. Good R.I , Hammond , .HIIIUIX CHX. IIOIMOH IXX Ixl I xx D 'Xhlmu In I PIIH X 'X mku OI R N S mon III N IIN,-. rx IIw.+.rz,.I III1:IIv.n: I I I Il IQMIIIX XMIIH- IIa .JI XXI IUJI -' II: INX 1,III-, I I-In I I If-I I I 4:1 A14 RNIX Nu 1 1 NILXu L III ' 5 I . '. I. ' , Lf , I 'mc XI, , .mb J.D.. g . . " , NIA, gug R XI Vim. x... ' f I' .. " L R,XI I " ,. . ' . '. R ' BH. xrxm U I' Nu'.1Iln.1Il ' ' ' . Xe f .. Il 'l I U Ll In IXIL' .-X.C. Hayden fZ',Xlftl.' ID. XIuX'can CLXX1 I'rocmr 4 I II-Ium-III CL, "1 ' ' ' ' ,. CD. . ' T..-X. 1. . c .. ' A SR. ' ' KJ. CIS. 'II ,., I .Q ' ' ILE. , ' I Pri' 1' Q T.P., ' 1 ' J..1. " - .-X.R.. ' ' '- , 1 Q L ' . I xl AIII . 4 s x U "' ' I D Xl . I I . on I I D X H I X I I. d -X R BIGSIDE TENN S 5 lfutlt Rini' Nli, .-Xdainuryuls tioadil, PEI, Nicfarthy, IM. Staitlord, IR, Gordon, Mr. Nmunton IC otiulil, The Ilcadriiiistci' I-'rur1lRou',',I.K. Iliylor, SD. Iflcming-Wood IC'a1pt,p, It Nlagxsood. Overpowered x s Albert is Lakcttcld vs Crescent vs Ridley N s SAC x s Appleby xx on won lost lost won drew ISAA Consolation W inners 60 47 04 O4 51 27 MIDDLE IDE TENNIS Hut! leon XII -Xdtiiiikiyds ICogiL'I1l.9-4 , K, Lenny, PIC, Dalton, R.l. liriucll, Mr, Nuiiiiiiiui it mitlii. lliu lIz.idin.istcr from Row, Nl. Nlainimdzir. All Sinclair, Wil Ratio, R It I.ixI-ir I X-Ut Ll NI lx lcv FQditor's Note: Inspired hy the enthusiasm ofthe coaching duo of Messrs. Staunton and Adaincryck. Bigside and Middle-side Tennis are looking forw ard lo increasing siicccss in future years. Same old story .. ,. , Cu, is Lakcticld drew x s Crescent drew xs Ridley won x s SAC' lost 0 4 isAppIr:by lost 04 Won I Lost Drew 2 -lllt in ISAA No tournament participation S COLlI'IIl1g disaster Hum Run XI! IIr.1wr1Iku.14Ixr. I Il X Nlelxullx, III I'.mm-I-um, X .Ie I' Xwlium IX . l1n Ml I41 I.II !wI.1 IQIIII '. NXI XX,w,,,l JIJM.-.I EI' INXX R M U XX JIILIN. I I' Xlmwc. IIwIIc.n.Ir11.mer 1111111 ,X,4'II I II kI.f1IX,l I5 XI.NL-11, I' li xx.n..Ifmu.,p:1.I.1 II xx11X.m.n x xxrme- I S u DER I5 TENNS CQLQUR 4 g, Hum Run XI' Ikle'-Ik--.1.I11, K R R.1Iz1,,I41- I7-v.IgI.n-. I XI I K-:'f"1 ,I'- tk Iv-Q JV' r. I' L ln:r.1,:rno. Ihr IIc.1.I:11.1X!w l'ff'J,' ffm. I XX XX M -Q H Il mg" P, I' Ii lu'.1IX' IJ II.1.L'. II N Ii I,u1z.g.l lv I.-'NIL IIN: "' XI N INIH-'1"-. N II Nm' Edilur's Note: Although lhexe leams were lem Nlll't'l'NNflII than they hoped. they included sewerul promixing pluyerx. II NNIN L Kult: Iemxm. XXIM LX! X KJV I Half! ,mn K UI I :fm L X N N I lirumflnll un N D. I ' j- LLI I I XI.1j wud I' I I. thx I IX I.nInr Hlgx Ifx Ili' IR I don U11 I' nlui 11111: I' XI IX Ive XX RMI-+ R Kr I.1xIwr fJ.'I'IIz'M'zf1'l Imvllfx I II 1 I.e:I. I' II Xlel.1zxII, I I' XI-me I Ii X Nf,I1.'II- K X XXIHIQ ll I II XXIIX-'II lm11m'F1-'w..f R lv I7-w1uI.1x L 1. Iwi-er! IW Ivc7.I,rr1w I XI I l:I'I'K.1'fIgx I' R l.r.1I'L', If II IIAIL I Ix'wI.r'. II N Ii Iexlzap R R H.a:x'1.1m.1.::.: li I I XX XX ur, TR CKA DFIELD lftltl Iron 1 IJ lltlltnt XI NI Is, Ixunt, R. Nlctcr, I.,l. Nuugltun, I',lNI. Clrztnt, AMI, Cox, P.l. Duncan tC'o-C':1pt.I, D.A. Curt u1tt:lt.1ttt.l X int-un t li ke-cl1ng.L .'X,l, NX.utI.C.N. Holtby, P.5.Cnbsun, T.Nl.B. Dcely, fX.P.Ctunpbell, I.C,Sttller, P. Mun Ilnllllt' Ron Xlr DLI mo IC tmeltl, Mr. Tnylur Itonelrl, IW. Wullttuc, IFD, Hodgson, DC. Kntght, SA. Morris ICO-C'a XI X t IUNNIII-Ill, I t tuttunu IC wt .tpt.I, NXQI .Lf B.un, Rl Matxfieltl, A.D. Hogan, D.VN'. Christ, CIE. Mullet, S.H. Hallam tt I Xl llospnnl. I l XIJTIIITCI, L .T tf.ntlncl, YU. Bonnatrdcztux, Nlr, NTLIUIIIIIIN tC'o.tcl1I, The Hcuc.Irnt1ster. From Row: D T Ilulntt-, I' lx Nnnps-tn. I X mul, XI.NI Bnssett, BH liuxcrtport, DLA. Wilson ICD-C'apl.I, PR. Breton, l.A. Johncox, Itntxlw, I XX XX.trIwtntt n Q I N liurltcr, BR. l,tutwl1s,C'.R,C'otI0n,D.N,P. Ycmchuls, D..I, BULIFTIC..-IhSt'IIl,',l.D.AI'I11Nll'Ol1g, 1 ttlllt ,Tx .,. ,. A-gf. time ez TRAC lx AND FIELD Blgfsrrle Full Colour: Cann C R Cotton J C Cut ty, C D Dlllane Pl Dunmn Ct E 'vl Hospttal S A Morris C A T Ward D L A Wnlson Hzgslrh Half Colours Y C1 Bonnardmux A J ox T M B Denlw P S Cnbson C X C1rc.Lt P ls Simpson Illzlrlle Sul: Colours I A iaul COLOUR J W Warburton Llltlevzrle Colours G J S Barker DJ Bourne A P Campbell A F Stratford J W Wallaee P S C am Urzdrr I5 Colours P R Breton W Chrtst Cunmngham Daxcnport Grant Hogan Holmes M NA lx lxam T C Stlller D N P Yemuhult G VN tm Mfj. N I . f ' ' , tn Y ' Q , f D1 f 'Q ff. , 'f D.A. ' Q. f A ' B.H, ' " 'A . 1, , . .Cf A.D. . '. . 'rj D.T. p , , f.::.a.g,-giyi 'I .l '. l i Ml RQWI G 7 I X1 . I. N I X 1 . I 231 lf.:.klx'1fu Im-IIu.I.i1w1x IU, I' Ii1x,Iw.Rk,Xl Ixm.IIwl1w, II NI X4-11.1, I K NIAXII--rI.IIII. IH I' Ixmw:'z I' II IIN," I II V I-IIIIIIIIFUIII I""fffN"'1 IN IIXU. Il Xiamr I K X X IIIIN Xl III. II I 1 II III 1 II II' I 'IU' I' X NI NN.1.q1Ir 4 lunmrx lN1.z11J -lm R .I x , - C gm NUIIIUIN -mi.amI 11.1 5 Nd IXtIXXINl 'Q' f I.., 1 I' lb II.vI:.w f ll,,:w:' IN IIN' 4 X NU . ' If .x'.,. ' I ll.. '4 . Ii X.1.I-,'.,- X IK XI.1,II .:,l Xl :. Q I' x xy xx.,,. Il.4.u.'I. ,Jr 1 -H I' I'.,'.'. 1 IIKK I ' 4' ' fr. ,111 .H II' IV, Rf NI Ix V' Ill I'Py.1,". KAYAKI G .li ' xx? 'i Si V n nv- 3 Zh I EIL' 31.1"-all , , pl-'wav RHF le urmr I X Qarluon P VS x1I'lEXbt.I'Lt,Il P DL Slllllh IE Rm CGLGUR lwr SIL 1 L '.l'- ' ' I I I .1 . I IN' KAYAKING Bigsitle Full Colours J.A. Carleton M.D. Grimshaw P.D.C. Smith PAN. Van Eybergen Middleside Colours J .E. Rees Lilrleside Colours S.D. Birt P.J. Gay S. Marcoux .W I k 5 1 0 41 I 4 , w I my I 4 1 P I ...Q I 7 , x mf I v I , . Q N .- ll I v 4 Q 1, I XIII' I 1 V Bulk Row: The Hcadmawlcr, NLD, Grlmxllaw lCupl.l, S. Marcoux, S.D. Birt, PJ, Gay, Mr. Heaton lC0achl. Fronl R014 M G .I I ' ,.'.l . ,Tj ,...Rees. Hum llnm Ixl wl 9 ICSluuldI1m1lI lxl ul 5 I IslI1IuvIxL Puol Slalom Isl ul Q HL gr Rxmr Slllum Iwl ul 9 XIIN zwnpp1SI.lluu1 Isl ul 5 Iiu Iulh I.1IIx xml ul 4 NI llm uk: Iwl lvl N I I 'Il I lvl N 1 fl rlll lrm XX ' GULF .. . ' . . . 'Vi .. ,:..-if 1 1 , .,,,,. JJ. , Imax lwfu'IhcHc.1dm.1Xlcr.l .I.IDm1c.N1.R Nkhrcg--s. XI: Nlgmmrxr IK u.1Jm1, Nh l.v:.x.u.l1lU.,Ly1, fvwfu lq,,,. x1x1 1 1 XI NK nd L l Burnt ml I L P Lnmuim H ul I' X I' fxkuuu LIOLI I N flfkk Hluvzlc lull C nlnurx XX C L Nah n gr Jfaln rx Hlgsllle Hull fulnurs L P Conrad: I Results l"'1.. N . , Xu fm lux R 1.1 - ' L A' I 'M' ra!-.Max V. , ., y NIR lg 'jur , :V Y H " j ' 4 -NI .nd ,K H. 'Mug cm: In ,HM 'r ' V h I' X I' f.nk.u-vu It N1 ' ' xX l,. CQMMA DC TEAM No sophomore iinx ..'C Hd!! ill' Once again on relatively short notice, the T.C.S. Commando Team pulled off a strong finish at the National Commando Team Challenge in Winnipeg, winning the schools' division and coming second overall. Anything is a comedown from last year's record-setting pace and victory. John Vaughan and Geoff Hospital both competed for the second year in a row, mixing well with newcomers Jamie Kilburn, Peter Duncan and Angus Cowan. 'M' The Team would like to thank the irrepressible Mrs Wright and the great organizer Mr Wright for I I k L N N L WNW I IIXIJNIINTON Hiuxizlt' fir!! Colours Il. Brunel L l Doyle I I'.Nl lohnston IN I Naysicl Iam: Rb Iaylur OTHER CULCDLIR I,1lIlt.wz1'e Colours cl. Lee ui IA. Saul Y. de P, Yeilleux P.S-C. Yam COMMANDO Bigsrde Half Colours A.l. Cowan P,I. Duncan G.E.lNl. Hospital NJ. Kilburn .l.J. Vaughan making this trip possible EQUESTRIAN Middleside Colours T.H. Trollope Lirlleside Colours C .H. Giraud PRI 'rl.1I1rr'. 'C rip lor llc-t I ieldcr on Iiigsidef, ricket I Inu Fttthey' 1 ' ,y "1 :r.i.lf:r1gct up ttir liek! Iii-wle C IJ SPIITIIIIQ I I f writ-1 'iplrrr IiL'rlIILiIklll.1ll .Tyl .l, Cann IJ Nl,Hopk1ns ls, Mig 'ttlir trip . CID, Sptirling Xu. i:.l I I' fttit miritltnci oiitrihtirrtrii X1 C, . V., r , ' r R IS Lampbell C, NX , C ullom i"l :ig tri: I i'!le-tclt' N Iicsl Iltrwler . .lyk Xkitsurl I ',t':r.'t-4 rip lor lit-sl li.ilsrn.iri pk lr 'X Iiuntain 1 X.-.,i'.,Zf rr llc-' I little! trnl ilt-ide Il XX I, lackson J NI It ra'f .rr lr r 1 .1DI.l1Il til I ruler If , . XI Ii. Noble Il -X Ptrdlewski I3 N NQIIXKLITII' K ' I' I title' l-XXI title' C ID Xloise W. 'I 'I r,,l.f I-llll "JL , I ,lumix X1 ri' 'I1.. uitfr-ill Q I.IiyCl'x J " 'R tc I Dutton G SPORT AWARD Coachk Award tor Kayaking .................. ,..S,D. Birt The Beck Trophy lor Captain ol Bigside Rugby ..... K.J. Nassief The Peter Relly Bowl lor outstanding contribution .... G.A. Bean Coachk Award for Nliddleside Rugby' . .,...... J.A.F. Heyland Coachk Award lor Linder I7 Rugby ..,.,........, G.D. Fraser Lioachk .Award for Under I5 Rugby. I , ....... C.A. Hobson Q oach's Award tor Bigside Tennis ......... S.D. Fleming-Wood Coachk .Award tor Littleside Tennis . .......,.....T.B.Clark Iered T. Smythe Trophy Tor L'nder I5 Tennis J.Nl.L. Gibb-Carsley rw: yvhrite Coaches' Award lor Senior Track and Field ,,..i... SHA, Morris L oaehes' Award for Junior Track and Field .,,,.., C.R. Cotton C, oaehes' Aw ard lor Midget Track and Field ..D,A. Cunningham Special Award lor the most promising athlete .,,... D.T. Holmes The most improy ed rider at T,C.S. ...,,........, C,H. Giraud The Lieale Cup tor Open Badminton i............. C.J. Doyle The Nlagee Cup lor Best Lfnder I5 New Boy .J,Nl.L. Gibb-Carsley Distinction awards SJ. Bourd, Rugby. An outstanding performer at centre, his open-field running was as exciting and penetrating as any seen at T.C.S. He was the ideal link between the stand off and the rest of the backs, where so many of the team's tries came from. On defense he was a strong tackler. and against S.A.C. and Appleby made cover tackles that prevented sure scores. Simon is a thoroughly dedicated and skilful player. M.J. Cann, Cricket. Continuing his remarkable record of authority as an opening batsman, he accumulated 207 runs for an average of 23, in- cluding several decisive performances against rival schools. His batting was supplemented this year by vastly improved bowling whereby he took ll wickets for an average of 16, as well as by very sound, occasionally exceptional, fielding. Mike's boundless enthusiasm completes a most valuable season for Trinity cricket, and he remains well worthy of a distinction award. .l.A. Carleton, Kayaking. Jason learned his craft at T.C.S. through three years of dedicated hard work. Now he is Canada's Number l-ranked paddler under 19. Handling his training in a professional manner all year long, he now must paddle in the K-l Expert class in order to have competition his equal -- five classes above the majority of boys on the team. Even in this class he is consistently in the top ranks against senior paddlers who have had far more experience than he. A truly distinguished performance in a young sport by a young paddler. C.R. Cotton, Track and Field. Rick is the best high jumper, triple jumper, 400-metre runner and long jumper presently at the school. His gold- medal performance at OFSAA ranks him with the best in the country. His astonishing jump of seven metres one centimetre was the 9th best ever recorded at these prestigious championships, which have been held every year since 1954. He is a truly distinguished athlete whose ac- complishments speak for themselves. M.C.M. Hogan, Rugby. ln his second year on the team, Marc has been an outstanding serum half. He has all the necessary skills for this position and has been a key player in the mold of this team's forte -- exciting, running rugby. Some of his tries were the best ever seen here and the crucial one he scored at Appleby was typical of his great determinatioit to win. ln delciise, although sittaller than most at this level, he never avoided a tackle and was lttosl courageous in difficult situations. One of the teain's best drop-kickers and penalty-takers, he was a fine all-round player. D.M. Hopkins, Cricket. David emerged in last year's Bermuda tour as one of the finest buts the school has produced. A most valttable and consistent performer in tlte l986 season, he opened the batting with application, deter- mination and positive stroke-play, often setting a winning pace and example for the team. He is also a thoroughly reliable fielder with the courage to challenge close to the bat when required. A major contribution in the team's year-end tournament win climaxes a career that has reached the pinnacle of homegrown success. T.A. Johnson, Rugby. Coming to T.C.S. from Australia, Todd has a wealth of experience that shows in his ability to do the right thing at the right time. His deceptive running and in- terceptions of opponents' passes resulted in some excellent solo tries. While kicking was not the team's style, he used this ploy most effectively when necessary. Stand offs are not generally associated with tackling ability, but Todd was first-rate and particularly so against S.A.C. and Appleby. C.D.Shepherd, Rugby. A truly dedicated rugby player, Colin established himself as the best hooker in the ISAA. He was capable of winning the ball each time it was put into the scrum either by T.C.S. or by the opposition. This helped compensate for our lack of possession from line- outs, and gave us a platform from which to launch our attack. Training and practicing with l00f"o effort, Colin's match enthusiasm is frightening. He is able to win the ball in rucks and tnauls as well as being an excellent tackler. S.W. Welch, Cricket. ln terms of technique and all-round ability, Stephen is probably the best ever to represent the school. He is a complete batsman. sound fielder and skilful bowler of probing persistence on whom the team often relied for stability. As vice-captain he demonstrated and inspired the finest values of school cricket and sportsmanship. Stephen has indeed been an athlete of quality and integrity, and a team player and model cricketer for T.C.S. SLAVE DAY Ihts .mnutl lbuse du reallx began the nteht belore wtth the sltxe tuetton On thts nt ht the Qehool was ttmllx Ewen the op portumtx to txenae the oppressne SlXlh Form tll ol whom were ltned up tn an ttetpttton ot whom thetr master mtght be Lharles Dtllane tn partteular was seen to ertntze when Crate Hopps boutzht htm Due to sexeral prtee rarstng taettes tneludmg false btddtna bueleets ot water and uneensored dtsplax Jett Gordon and tnot surprtstnglvl Stexe lxonopelkx tetehed the htahest prlees Thursdax began earlx tor most of the eraduates to be sexeral of whom eould be seen runntne to Beeleers at 630 tn the morntne Nexer betore hate so mam students made tt to brealetast bv 7 OO' Whlle most ot the Stxth Form were eattng off the tloor and Nladtmtr was helpmg the leltehen stall make waltles Osler Hall was wtbratrne ln ehapel Dase Collombm and Olwer Sweatman reeewed red earpet treatment trom johnnw Hospttalttx whtle Rob Frtzzell and Nltlee Taxlor san2the1r ode to Under 17 Ruebx Xa tradttton had tt push ups s eed bumps and obnoxtous elothes were the order ol the das Ntrtuallw exerx bed was lltpped at least onee bx dax s end but there were sex eral slat es axatlable to remake them Slaxes earelullx planned thetr rexenge thoueh and mans an unlueley slaxe owner tound htmsell swamp dtxtntz at 7 00 tn the exentna Howexer just belore slaxes had been ordered to parttetpate n the same swtm tn order to wash otl anv leltoxer gel shavtng eream or lettuee leases lett tn their hatr trtght Jett VN httell Stephen Renwtek was the best equtpped lor the swtm hawtng worn seuba equtpment tlldax Xlts the das was too ong tor at east three Stxth lormers thex had to resort to buxtnu thetr freedom NNLXLI L ll XX d YUOSI SUL e ss tt tx helm: both luerattxe tor e tt orm tntteta x and sattslwt t p ws: tllx lor the rest ol the set v ' ' ' 1 t W aj " j 1 Ae Q K' . ' " - I -. L , 5 - ' . ". 4 1 N ' ' . 3 I - , . . . L . 1. V , . . 3 r .1 ' ,'. W 'W ' W I N 'L V - 4 ' , , . , , ' ,' , 7 ' V . -2 .I V - . . " . , " , , ,' ' .Y- e ' V A . v A . v - I - .A T 4' ', N - , ,p -' ,- w t .. x V R- I 1- 1 Q v ' f w ' F U, t , m ' 11' ' ' v - M. , . , , . .- L . 1 5 l ' l 5 xx 'qi' Q 1 3 It v l xl Y E1 Ht ' inthe 1nd, ' 'as' e ' '- 'e- l' I dt-', 1' 5 " ' the Sus l lf l" tt lli' . ' f 'fng ll et V' ' - l ' 'loel. . '---"?lv. va' ... bs 'U A CQ llkfiiiliv BIRTHD Y res Death ofa Hired Man llnx nm thu ycnrk school entry into the ln tlepentlent Sehoolx' Drurnu lfcxtixul in Toronto. llle play. hy .Ito Rcidllonld, L1LlVLiIllLlIl1L1IlOIlOl the Rolwrt lroxt poem, was directed by Mr. lxutlnull amd xwll receixctl in loronto and at XX,t::f.'1l,.1l.nm-yr I ll'll Nlngwood Nl.n u, lnw utlt' Simon Board l tl,.tnelul1hot1r I loyd.lOlmNtOI1 mm-. .1 lnted lmnd Dalxid Ciriiy' L Specual programme l Tl C haptl Xlll -l 'lll 6 llll 'l 8 Oil 9 Nl Brunth lluzm C QIIHIIPEIIIIIJII L lllllldll l lm. Footb ill Ball Hotku Suffhall l eaeut Xll bttxrs Home Commando Tum Challenge Dinner S tntr l 5 D l Deu1lzOf 4 Hlftlf Hun Mr Band Show Pop and Cake Ili. l ' ' X llillkl ' lillll 1 l .3 I . ' xx. glasters 71,0 T,CIf, f ym rel ,Y X, t lvl Q30 T-W f., Mt., I I 4-by 5' " IIINJ 5. O4 ANGIVIUIR WRITING CONTE T Editors choice RICFILCTIONS OF A COUCH POTATO by Lhris Byers Une ot the tundtnnentals ol Ittyysortian doctrine is that original Cssttys must be ol the subiect matter lit lor dinner-party con- ycrstition Not only do Saturday morning cartoons lit the bill, where Trinidtid and Wintlstirling do not, they transcend the realm ot the dinnereparty .ind suddenly become a pitiful comment on our grotcsquely yiolent sttflely, a NOCICU so addicted to such yiolence that it places it belore the eyes ot the most impressionable audience possible, the Saturday morning cartoon y ieyyer, Why do we subject the tnturc leaders ol' our society to the sort ol' programming dedicated to blowing up the Coyote yyitli kilo upon kilo ot TNT? Xkhy do ue subicct our little darlings to the brutal yiolence in- dictitiye ot the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour? Why do yye find il hurnourous, ol' .ill things, to uatcli Elmer Fudd rearrange Daily lDuck's lacial structure yyith his tyyelye-gauge? Are yye a society yy hose model citizen is Rambo? Lyiclently yye are, Indeed. it yy ould appear that yye are serious in our attempts to pursue a successor to President Reagan. Yet the problem remains hoyy Ll generally good, clean, pious. trusting and all-round nice society has been trttnstorincd into gr wretched lnyc ot scum and yillainy. The ansyyer lics buried yyitlun the captiyating poyyer inherent in the Saturday morning cartoon, an institution solely responsible for the glut of crime, murder, prostitution, and politics found in today's sickly sadistic society, a society that has deemed it morally suitable to drop a megafton yyeiglit on a furry little bird running down the Ingltway. Our seemingly bottomless slide into the deep abyss of social deyastation has been dictated by the eyer-increasing destructive influence of such Saturday fiascoes as the Flintstones, Casper the lfriendly Ghost, and, most significantly the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour, Indeed, an Oryyellian social atmosphere is all too eyident in the penetration and domination ol' the young mind by the eyil inherent in the Saturday morning cartoon, making the poor, unsuspecting "couch potato" a disciple of the new, in- creasingly violent sociofeconomic makeup characteristic of today. By disguising such brutal violence in a yisually appealing wrapper. ue sink to the lou est common denominator of existence in life on earth in general, risking an infiltration of the most dangerous sort, that ot' the moral rigidness crucial to a healthy existence in society. One needn't look any further than Casper the Friendly Ghost to truly eyaluate the magnitude and severity ot' our steep social I - I 'I tf"AI' .LT V I ' 1 1 f' u f f X ' l' . I It 'Z :fl 'I I. ' If " f mia!- 'Q 1 , of . ?' y If Q Q 5 31: , 1 Q ffl 1 li' -7- on hc f f f""A 1 ', 1 ,-, " ff 2' .g 2 'X f f 'C ' ,- f 14 if ' '-N A 2 ,. 'Q ' ,', . f H ff t 17.1 if 'ff , 1' N' 49 17 -' , I 4 Q 6 ,J ' IIY I X fl, T I I i dc " , ' ' ' - tt tg . -, 1, to S,-4 A: . ZAI A I L Aizvf g in as ,, i 443 ' ag . ' gd , , X S' ,X I if P V kg e 's i wi T' ' v 'T ' ' I t V E f X fl .X 'x. i .A U ,- tau. 1 if 1 Coram Sari oi if .1 -. t5.t. f N t X ' ly ,Nt X ,. i, ' 'tt I I J N I 1 'A "" r X ,I ll x Q M t' 'Ut o X C s ' r I Qnomlalhlf ' decline. Can there really be arty doubt tltat Casper yr as one of tlte 111051 sought-after underworld crime figures itr Chicago before his death? After all, he ysas the father figtrre of an illegal prostitution and counterfeiting ring before the F.B.l. shot him up dtrrtng a raid on his operatiort. ls there any' doubting the relative non-existence of integrity in this programme noss? lfurther testimony' to this lies in the subliminal nature of Casper's yery' rtarne itself. Simply drop the "C" and the rearrange the remaining letters and prodttce the bottom line in the nature of Saturday morning cartoons: RA- P-E. Surely there are no optitnists rerttaining to endorse the "integrity" of this sadistic attempt to cultiyate mass-rnurderers through the captiyation of the rely. ln addition to this. the sery' subject matter of the programme, xisually deceiying to say tlte least, is at the root of the eytensiye moral decay suffered at the hands of the Saturday morning cartoon. We are led to belteye Casper is a friendly. concerned, caring irtdiyrdual yshose sole purpose is to ensure tlte happiness ofothers. Yet tn truth tyhat he ts effectiyely' doing is setting up his "friends" as easy targets for his gang by' Iulling them into a false sense of security and making thertt susceptible to a bust by the other ghosts, ts ho are. incidentally, packing assault rifles nowadays. Hence, the subliminal nature of this programme has thrust society' into the throes of a moral crisis. Further testimony to the dilemma facing today's sttctcly hes within the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour. lt' the subliminal nature of Casper the L'nderysorld Godfather was potentially damaging to the social Fabric, then the Bugs Bunny' Road Runner Hour is positryely life-threatening. Nowhere is such a blatant display' of flagrant yiolence more eyident than in this Saturday morning tribute to homicide. Indeed, should tse delsc into sym- bolism, rt ysould not be difficult to recognize tlte Coyote as an animated Al Capone, possessing tlte same rats desire to lay ssaste to human form as the man himself. with an hour detoted to tlte latest techniques in total annihilation, kiddies cannot help brit he molded into the form of brutally masochtsttc meantes. chained to a life of crime or general no-good. Certainly the effects or this hour- long glorificatron of the dying process, typified by the L oyote's fondness for speeding trucks, masstye boulders, sky-scraping cliffs, and, needless to say, inordinate quantities ot esplosrses. could hardly he called cortdttcise to .ocicts' ttrtlttt.' rtttr t lot sL'll lfc'ttetIlIc'ttl tlllkl cltutttetrry' lltttg 'iii lt "t'trtt'rt.ririttrc ytetyrng serycs .rs trothtttc' else lint .r tItc.tlr' tslrcrrflrt. r..r 1, tri-tr tt strryc to control and dotnrrrate thc- rrirrttt- til our lrel--ned .lttltlt- :. dclotnrtttg, cletricrrtttre, .ind tr.rrr-lortriirrc tht-in into thc t.rtr srl c'trrrntt.tls destined to ltyc lite ysrtlrotrt eycr exert tc-ter'-trip .t -lttirtcr patty rttyttaltort 'Ks .r strpplernertt lo lltc' stolencc .ill too csrdent in the Sarortlas rriorntrtt: cartoon, it should he .ill but olistous that the .t' tetolttttort ol tlte ststtes tlcrrycd its rrrrrrtot.rl lotrrrdatiotrs frorn tlte dcstttrcttye rrtlluences ol, tor ottr purposes, lot our purpose-., ssliat syrll he callccl tlte "N.tlttrd.ty rrtorrrrtrg cartoon cItect", the rnethod yslrcrehy young trtrrtds are graclually surrertdc'red tri those or tlte l Y they .ite ysatclrrrtg Ihc' I lrntsrortcs rs concrete proof ot lllls phertotnerron. .-Xlthotrglr rt may not he trrinredtatelt ohstotrs tltat botlt Wrltna and lictty are sc-sually c-splortcd cotrttritralls throngltotrt each episode, these ladies are more than rust tlte suhtect of cursory glances hy lrccl and liarrtc-y's lusttul and chauytnrstrc boyslrng partners ltirtlterrrtore, tlte presertcc of llino the Dinosaur irt Illtlsl episodes ts Ul'Xttttts and hlatatrt -.estral symbolism, rnsr as thc lion sytrtbolrsed lttst tn classical Rornancc and rtryth. lrt addition to this, tlte ahtrrrdartcc' ot phallrc strriliols tri tlte tortn ol trccs further trricoyers tlte I ltrrtstones' corrrpletc- and total dcyotton to the potentially cleyastattng uorld of sublrrrtrrial sensttaltsrrt ct rdcnt in Saturday morning cartoons. lihtts, to cortclttde, tlte dcctcprt state society ltas tcrttporarrly asstrttted at tltts poirtr ts a product of nothing more than tlte preyrously outlined "Saturday morning cartoon effect". llrc alarttttttg increase of such thoroughly tttimoral social behastour typified by estretnc' yrolcnce and sensualrsrrt rs tostered by thc completeness and totality of tlte destructrye forces at ysork on today's kiddies. All tltrs has combined to deal the social fabric a set ere blots and somehots catise tt to temporarily lose sight of strclr ideals as lrutlt, .lustrcc attd Peace tltat haye characterized rt tor so long. Society already' ltas tnore than its fair share of Rantbos and Presidents bttt it ts, at this point, missing tlte programming tltat truly' reflects its compassion and all-rotrnd nrceness, Perhaps an t h inquisition yyotrld be ttseful. I All 'N'l'WW IL. iff" y ycnsocks ', LOOTI mix 6 Q, 5 50oimlll5Q Second prize poem ULD POKER FACE by Date Wilson It' ever in your travels You come across St. James Place Beware ofa joker Called Old Poker Face He'll sit you down And tell you things funny He'll play you a game of cards And he'll steal all your money Just listen closely And you shall see How he pulled his old trick When he played cards with me He said stranger let's play cards And let's have a bit ot' gin He said stranger let's play poker Who knows you might win He said I'll deal the cards And you can call the game Five card stud I replied That's what I'll name He looked out the window As he shuffled with speed He cut the deck, dealt the cards And he said let's proceed I looked at my cards And I had a pair of kings I said hey in five card stud l could win with these things l dropped three cards ln hope ot' getting Another or two kings Then l could start betting Sure enough Iwo kings I received And yoti can just bet Ihat tny heart was relieved tinly one card lhitl Poker Iacc take f W A. ,i g TS 'y ,Wes X , ' R sf ll ooooitt mm. Inc. I thought that a straight Was the best he would make I said I'll bet a grand Without much trouble Then Old Poker Face Said let's make it double I thought for a minute Two thousand was all I had But for five card stud Four kings wasn't bad You're on Poker Face I said with a grin As the old joker Sipped at his gin I laid down my cards And announced my four kings I said surely I win With four of these things Poker Face smiled Three aces he played But it was his other two cards Of which I was afraid Sure enough He had the other ace Sure as his name Was Old Poker Face He said you lost stranger I'll take that two grand I stared in disbelief At the four kings in my hand I had only one answer He must have stacked the deck But the hand was now over There was no way to check So I gave him the money And got up to go He said how about another And I replied No That's my story From St. James Place And if ever you be there Beware of Old Poker Face First prize essay DEARLY DI-IPARTEIJ by Charles Dillane One bullet is inserted into the gun. The cartridge is spun and the barrel placed to the side of the head. The eyes are blank and the face is devoid of all expression. All is silent as the finger toys with the trigger, savouring the confrontation of death. The decision is made, the eyes close and the trigger is pulled. Nothing happens. The chance was one in six. The game is Russian Roulette. lt is played for testing manhood, and it is played out of despair. ln both cases it is futility begging for an honour it cannot attain. Even played for money, the luring thrill is the deluded satisfaction of having beaten death, or at least cheated it. There are stories told of gruesome tortures eventually resulting in death, and yet none are so horrid in their senselessness as Russian Roulette. lt is the act of a man insecure as to his own existence. This and his unwillingness to take responsibility for it are the horrors. Death strikes the secure man when an infinite number of elements are brought together to forge the sword that kills. lt is this uncertainty, this innocence that surrounds the death in a certain honour: death can show respect. To take a chance on one's own terms is one thing, but to play live or die with a bullet of anxiety is another. The secure man, the responsible man, does not need to take the bullet out of the gun after having cheated death and spit on it in defiance. This is the most gruesome of tortures: it is for the living to bear. Though the odds are one in six they are taken to death, it will have its revenge. The man begs to die with no other purpose than to satisfy the ego and horrify the living, it gives no additional meaning to one's life. Even as an act of desperation it ends in dishonour. There is no pity, only horror: not the horror of sacrifice, but of the ultimate act of self-indulgence. Death is meant to be continually hiding and contriving and not to be contained in a single shell to see chance and fate materialize before the eyes. The persons who play these games represent the worst of mankind's anxieties, dwelling in them until they die and return their misery' to the world. They even refuse to take their anxieties with themg they hang them on L hance lo parade them lwetoie the innocent. lhey escape without leaving the smallest scratch ol' human dignity on the yytitltl. lt is a senseless waste. l he Russian proyes ltiinselt to no one. He is no man. lhe desperate die denying the living pity with which to cover the anxiety. Spin the cartridge one more time and nothing happens. What a lucky man he is. First prize poem COMMUNISM by lan MacDonald Revolutions blood spilt in vain nothing is different not even the pain binding freedom loveable hate open your eyes see your fate look in the mirror look out the door look in your cupboard look on the floor give away your freedom you don't have anymore kill the tyrants swim in their blood kill the tyrants create the flood of hate, love, anger and pain you needn't try for it's in vain the cold red hand will close its grip and to the ground the blood will drip of men, w omen, people of all ages like animals all locked in cages but for the reyolution they did sacrifice for the resolution they paid the price 151 DEBATING hy .4 ndrew Gray As usual, debating has had another busy year. Dr. DuBroy has taken over as Coach, and he had an exciting start by hosting the first round for the Fulford Cup. Imagine trying to make 98 debaters do the right thing at the right time! Vlad, you never will know what your score really was! However, we all survived, and by the final Fulford, we were in eighth place of I7 schools, less than four points behind the fifth place team. Our Fulford seniors were Gray, Birch, Dew, Rinco, Wilson, and Broadhurst. The juniors were Bisaillon, Hammond, Chart, Whike, Cirne and Collombin. Our best successes came in impromptu rounds, as shown by Broadhurst's first at the Toronto French School tournament and Wilson's first at the last leullord. We did place second in two novice tour- naments, one at Trafalgar with Hawrish and Nlciiovsan, and the other in Ajax with Brown and lohncox, so the future looks good. We tried a new approach to preparing for debates in the second term by introducing a debating team. lhose who were on league sports were allowed to nllxid' M3 choose Debating instead. Everyone felt more con- fident and more ready than in the past. The team was made up of Gray, Walker, Holtby, Birch, Hammond and Crown. The plan is to continue this approach next year. There was almost as much debate internally as externally this year. Bickle got off to a fast start in both the Senior and Junior House Debates and the question became "Could anyone catch them by the end?" Bethune did by a hair, and was in first for the year. However, Bickle and Ketchum triumphed over Brent and Bethune in the semi-finals. Bickle won both finals, with Gibb-Carsley and Schwartz beating Hawrish and Wallace at the junior level and David Gray and Cowan beating Seal and Broadhurst at the senior. The junior round was on Canada's approval of the U.S. raid on Libya while the senior was on "Ignorance, like a delicate flower, should never be tampered with." The School is firmly anti-Libya and narrowly anti-ignorance. The highest individual scores for the year went to Gibb-Carsley at the junior level and Dew at the senior. If next year is as interesting as this, it should be a really good one. K c 45 ICJZTHII ll Lal X Lx XML ll.. E HOUSE 'ln l XX11h num x lux ol outdoor rmk lrnlxu1l11pr.1Ll1u.N ww gn..- bloklum. xlgdx ind ku llxII1Lblll1 Ji .aw -Q? -'r Xgvf mx 'il thu Y C S In 1 th K uxdul prodmlx xukh 1 rlu,Ixm1Lh1I1u Llldorwd IN thy l9NN HIL ldu Hx. 1fN DE FAZIO UTILU Mlllullluu-ills 1.1 lf N lIlllIlX'x llmcd ot tl ncllnny "" WW' X"-'VL lx I I . .Wd In my IIIICXKIIINIH 'xuxlx-11gIL111 k lh' N .ubllxllulclxl ol '-'N'."1f"X'1H""1 k .n Nl lh'.'41N 'X 'mhl' lc i'lliC I , 4 7 Q L V 4-' ' v "NN-xrcNllllv1 . . :M I: -I , fs? S 5 ' ,J , -'I A .,.-z." , o . F: , ,, J '5SY. ' - . .M ' ' ' 'f . . I V . MQ- ,. 1. 'z 'I ' ' . L' 'L " ' 4' ff "'E g aa4'a'x J "-L- " oe xx f,T ,, V Y XXX ' ' f , o U I xX v ' .- ,,,,- i . , 7, 5 V x V X' XX I " X X f 'X , X x X Q ! X X. 4 L.. J' N9 X f Ti -nw 1 V . 'gl 'lub x - ,' . . LN ,. Q , ' , - , . ' , NA' 'JN' . .L 1 7 HQUSE PLAYS BICKLE HOUSE lliis yeur's award-winning production was u hrculh of fresh mir from thc usually hastily-composed farce. X! ritten and dirt-ctcd hy Ilayid t.r:iy. the play introduced us to the rcniurlsahle slalgt: talents of such preyious unknowns as Nlichacl laylor. Roh loyi, and the winner of the Best Supporting -Xctor award. hrcig Laughlin. ll INL XRLADO LHP 'IOP B.-KN.-XX-X bt lD.tttt1ttr.ty rivet fur! bt lntlllll Lfrtlrt tmtl Simon I fL'HII!lU- lliiotl lttrtco 1 lt lxlltl Greig l .tugltlin ttencral lose-l tits I Jrttf Day td Gray lfgpy CntxtnTt1rnet l'cLlto XX tltou Thompson "lltt.1to" Xlntitf, rebel lcttclct Brad Schwartz ttuuttl John Staltorcl Xlexattclcr lI.ttKcx Xtttlxtsntciot Robert XX mtctgrccn Chris Bull Simon l-'leintng-XX ood Nltgttcl lreyorlklttlse liezintrtl ttr.tlt.1tttDult l 'ctl Harris Daiytdsott Rosct Higgins l":-tolcttt ot tlte L ttttecl Status Xlcsct lmtsbtttlst Nltuhttcl Yulots Rob l oyt lolm Cobb-Carslcy Xl I cuts Q llrts Hobson skip NX c-.ttlterall lames Tay lor Corey XR clls loo: lrexorlynn l'::s:det1'-wt tltcl NSR Pat l tttlc,o RobcrtSbot1l llrtttkt-Nixtttttott lJ.txtdCollombm lst.l Don Nlcliowan BURNS HCDUSE This year Burns proyided a change from their usual play: instead of eyeryone in hilarious drag, a well-orchestrated play held the audience's attention. Richard Pinkerton was most conyincing in his role of housewife. while John Saul drew rayes for his portrayal of the paw-bearer. Jeff Gordon, in his first stage performance, Dayid Hopkins the happy-go-lucky son. and Lloyd .Johnston the aged father all were strong. The mood of the presentation was perfect thelped by the haunting piano melodyl. and the actors can draw small consolation from the fact that were it another year, it would haye easily been enough to win. THE NJONKEYS PAW by' XXQW. Jacobs zllreclvti ht' John l'ull1e,t' Nlr, White Lloyd Johnston Mrs. White Richard Pinkerton Herbert Dayid Hopkins xlkbflls jghn Saul Sampson JeffGordon BRE T HOUSE Certainly the most bawdy. lewd play at the Festiyal, Lysistrata suffered from lack of preparation. The characters ol' Brent made it hilarious nonetheless. Simon Board, Loren Lieberman. and a wet Mare Hogan made sure there was ne wer a dull moment. LYSISTR,-X'l'A by Artstophanes tl1ret'lec1'ht' .-l ndr l yststratzt Nlyrrhme L alomcc Ntratyllts, leader VK'omen's ehorus lamptto, tt woman ot Sparta Nlenk L horus Nlagistrutc cu' Grunt' and Paul Rosseau Loren Lieberman Simon Board Yycs Bonnardeaux Charles Heenan P:1ulYanEy'bergen Mark Dunnill Doug Lehloine John Armstrong Daxid Bowen Mart. Hogan John Milne Chris Byers ol women's chorus HODGETTS HCUSE lil Xlll lit Vomit Xlleo tllfu inf fit Kuff! Vt In 'fran' klcxtiittati l lxlcuimuo I lxlcittmao T FE TIVAL CDF LALIGHTER lull K :mul ticotpc l'1lurttti lhiu llolmcx ll.ixxk lttti k llllllly Xl loliti Xlotyc Nam I.iuLi.til.iiitl ll.teltc! Xzicltcyy Nlhlllulcl ltvlm llirtx Nl-me X tcm: lawn Xllclhllltl Xllll.l Nloltiyluitityli.ixy Ittktoi tir.ili.tit1e l .llyatlll Xlutt 'sxlxulii Nlattotix K up New lloigntx lltll let! Q olcrimii l tank lcyyiyt tluc Dori Nlicltacl llilclc lleitix limo Xlulxittcii Xviytant Q lllly Nt.tdclm.inti Xlyc lJ.ilc llitlliimti Nluttltext lair KETCHUM HOUSE lhe other -eriouy play ol the lestiyal was yery yycll recciyed. -X raging Jonathan lleyland tool. the Beyt -kclor award. and lircg Nqulres as Nan shared the prile for Best Nupporting Nflllf. lhc othcr three players were intpressiye as well: John Dyer yecmy headed for bigger and hctter things on account of a yery credihle performance as AI. Graham llouglay showed uy some preyiously unshoyycased theatrical talent ax the Suhyyay Nlan, and Warren llallx itypeeastfl made a conyincing wino. lxetchum, not giyen much of a chance to do well. actually gaye Bickle a run tor their money. Illl XINNHN llll lllNk ll hy Xmlrca lklxilxk: lima fu! li. fun Punt llnlmlz lyk-J Io1t.ttli.t1t llcyluttcl gym t-rec Nqiiitcx M lolm Ilxef gupttm, xtkm 4it.ilt.iui ll--ztelm Ipk-kxmu Xkittcttllally BETHU E HQUSE lltc lioys ol nl'llllllll' gayc in all gi lllllull ax, although I tlitln'I quite tolloyy the wript, they tlul X! ooily Xlleti llls Nigel t.ray in drug made a tote young tart, and yylto t torget lieu tleuxl lbayenport yyymging dont pulling oll u hat looketl like u pohshctl play. i lroni tht ui in an tht lll'Llll'llN, or Nleye lumopelky the olmoxtoux 3 autliencel' Rich laylor and 'Slark knill were mute-ytttl in will lyx XX Ml. i.'it1tt,","t lfl'l' wi I' i- ll1.tltt'lL'y lxlclmttf l,t l llctnttitix Nlail, lv ll llwtlylcyim Niccll ti ltitlittituit Xiitlti-ox llc x Xltlll cxclx-vtitvtcll lllllyllly l4ctilJ.t'.e1ti tt lUlk'll.'tlXlIllk'l l'ctct Rcill lhoitititcl lomw li llttittly l'L'Ia't 'ti Nlurk Ngu 1 c loli1iXl.t.ltim Xtttwttx Xlc lurk l c lricrtcl li.llt ol it Nlmtci llciirql. 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L . 3. , . , .L L . y , V T C S stands for courage and service Never forget that something else . . . truth, "He has coached more championship teams than any other cricket coach at TCS . . . lhej is probably unparalleled at any Independent School." The Headmaster Speech Day 1986 We welcome Mr Morris to our staff and hope that . . . lhisl time with us will be a happy one." The Record, September 1944 lille' Rt.'n'Ufll.' Nlr. Staunton The Re't'0rrl.' Mr. Staunton The Record: Mr. Staunton: The Record: Mr. Staunton I 1 A . I 'GF MR. STAUNTO llhi' Hvlllllllltfff, llay lllL'I'l' lui sub-polar posuion arallalvlef' l turned down Headntasterships in Nlalihu, Maui. and Montego Bay. There -lllsl wasn't the challenge. And furthermore. l'ni a hockey coach. ll'1ll your morejroni Ihe urlvane amrosphere of Por! Hope Io ilu' parochial Winriipeg injure your 'Yuppie ' image? Not at all. The clothing shops at Portage and Main specialize in yellow xest sweaters and peach button-down shirts. .-ire you realli' a carfl-carryirrg Liberal? Now you should know this is a well-guarded secret, but it is going to be difficult. As you know, Winnipeg is N.D.P. country and three-quarters of the Board of Governors of Balmoral are Tories. lf you keep this quiet I would appreciate it! Will you inzplemenl any traditional or I-l',UiL'Ul TCS programs at your new school? Well, Mr. Burr is going out West to Balmoral as well. He is going to implement great things in the computer area. Also, l am going to give the Advisor system a try. lt is one of the strongest aspects of a TCS education, in my opinion. There will be a Club t"" I973-I986 Tha' Mr. Staunton: The Record: Mr. Staunton: ' V I 1 I li .4 lp'-on L A ll llay sonietiuie during the weel l only hope there will he .ii niaiis options its gil ll S. How do you think an Ice lashing C luh would lit in? ls llien' any lrulh ln ilu' rumour Ilia! .Slew lxonopellswi has alrearli ilflfllllfll for ilu' juli of .fllltlulu Director al lialmorulf' No, Steye will he the llean ol Residence. H'h1lc' many have liven ldlllllll lit' .lIr. Sllllllllllll, wha! has .llr. Sllllllllllll been ldllflll lit' Tflllllrl I' TCS has taught me a great deal, in lact, probably more than l wish to admit. The school has equipped me with the knowledge and experience to be a Head- master. Thanks to people like Rig Morris and Charles Tottenham, my preparation for this role started early. Boulden House was something else -- coaching and advising boys -of different backgrounds and capabilities -- they all taught me a tremendous amount about education in general, and adolescents in particular. The school has at- tracted and kept a great staff and to be in their company for a dozen years or so has prepared me well ll hopel for the job ahead. fi ii S N CITY 5- ,iv Vxni 1,4 -B-""'45 X' N qw! N3 Q. givin Hn 0-54,4 I PUNCH? Na -M in QW. A--nvT4"'n rf5""W Q. As"'t. 4'- -2- xf nail W w.,g,...g,lv0lv '. . zu ? 'LH' ' Q n W uw .,,. n ,. , - M-'ff -1 1 'E wlmxlk fm- -1 gf-wir' Q X Q N5 it 1 1 4 . , .'..v .n 4 's ...A..",L4Qf .. ,, . . . V x . M gg 3 ts' Q""""": ...uf-il TH FCJRM Buell Row: R.R.J. Pinkerton, U.Jehlicka, l.R.N1acDonaId, T.H S. Solt, P. Birch, All Hayden, E.B.B. Barber, J.W. Warburton .l.Nl, Statltord, NJ, Kilburn, N.P,lf, Gray, P.W. Roxseau, J.C.S. Luke, I .J, Hunelte, CA. Green, K.G. McDonald, .l.R. Baldwin RB. Blyth, NLS. Spencer. CIN. Holtby, l.G. Mason, R.B C tintpbcll, S. Ormond, Z. Dutton, D.T. Logan, J.B.S. Cote. P.D Bolton, l.N1. Warren. Tltircl Row: R. Meier, MA. Crosbie, CLF Dtitt, S-CZK. Leung, KA. Furt1h,C.R. Cotton, J.D. Armstrong Nl ti. Knill, T.H. Trollope. S. Mzircouw, GB. Laughlin, CD linux, L .D. Hopps, .l.P. little, DR. NlcCatg, 5.0.1. Carxcadden HB. l-lainde, P..l.C. Dalton, P1P. Covo, M.S. Cleland, R.M Mtteltert1te,.IS. Dyer, RI, Mttxfield, .l.R. Cisneros, Secmtzl Row NB, Stiundcrx, M.A.C. Smith, NIJ. Cann, S.D. Fleming-Wood DSI. Nlullonald, H.M. Vastla, SR. Goodall, D.A.W. Ross I XX. Vkltulctt, NIL. Walker, Al Cowan, Mol. Parker, CM NN ext, l I Nllllllllfl, RE. Danielson.l'1'rntlRmt'5P.G.M.Crane .-X5 Q. Den, 5.4 . Sadler, NLW. Bernard, ,l..l, Grttbec, Y-H.T Kuttn, Nl.t'.fXl. Hogan, A.H. Bryztttl, R.S. Shoul, M.A 4, towsrtnttt, .l.R. Outrnet, .l,.AX.Ix Heyluttd, D.D.C. Gray, D.R .-llm'n1.' HL, Daxtdxott, WA. Haillx. Rl Waddell. 4TH FOR ,V' If L.'L A AH'-I X111 I I.I1:1ur. R I I":.'c, XI I' I'II::. if II Imw XI IX I II'.IuIu. II II l.I'-Xrumc. X .lu I' XL-III,-XIX. x XX IT.I:.p,' X I3 Iiun.. lu Ii kuuI1Z1g,II XX Iiwull. 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I lf.. ig , air: 4 115 FSL? P ' fffigsbfeigfflo 5 - , gf: I' - A fywv ff! ized ' .vi ' V g - Ak p r . in ,Y 4 1.4, ...P 0 MASTER, LET ME WALK WITH THEE A collection of those too eager to please fl-.uf wg rf. N 9 . JN? L -P! 5 3A linkRon:IJ.NluUoxxal1.P.D.Hodgson, R l, l'+l,1mmond. C,.-X. Wlnke, CA, llulwon. ,-MM. Pinkerton, H,A, Pmllcxxslu. .llnlzlle Row: C.l,W. Kimc, ID. Boyle, NR. Bcrtox, AR, Hilton, C.S. Hall, l.W. Dillon, OP. Sweatman. fron! Row: R.Nl.G. Stexenx, CLE. Pllgfllll, DM. Huffman, LK. CIVHC. K. loc Sui, l.C.Uarland,Nl.R,Slu111k5, 3N Bark Rrmp' ,l-P. lfollell, DHA. Collombin CS. -Xxey, T,J.R. Deacon, CT. Gard ner, CG. Forhcll. .lllddle Row: E Broun. C,R, Currer, A.A.O'D. Francix Pnl. Clay, R.Nl.N, l-mr, LW. Code lmnr Row: ,ILL Dunbar, CS. Booth Nl..-X.Ruxuon,,-X.P.Cz1mpbcll,S.D,Birt NNI. ,-Xlcxlou. 35 limi Run RHNI. Klllnlhlllll, C.I' Nllllvr, IX ilmnl. 'XS Hull. RNX ll, ll. lx X lcc Ulllflll' Roux' ,l,K l,l:nm,1,l, lXl I Xl.1lllll, X,i,,lclIc11 l M ll.llIlll, I l' Nlnkmrlcrx, li4VN,l' la L 2 flu!!! Nun l' R lrl.ll'VCC, l.B 'ull l' ll' 'l ll, l N I.lColw,N1,XN ' w l".:'fsl Nlll luu1,Xl.ll lf..'.I IIHIII Ii IQ Ii sw. ,nl I-. NIJN Imfw, I XX XX 1 Hx If NI m.I'I, I I NI-I I, , IJ I- I I 4' NIINNI IlIm.',- IIN.: X Ii XII I' N Is I,xXI-II, XI XI XNIJIJI I I X' XI I XKMIII inn, ly I II IN I' I Nun I I I ICIIIVII-.'I,. XI II N I'IIl NIIIIIIIL I I fIIII:'w" NIJ .Ir'I1x,NI N I'.4uI l1'.1.AlC.fu IDI IIIIIIIILK. Ix I Kmr I I IJ X I 1.-I- II. I I4 XIMII1 1.2. k11lII1l!IgII.lII1, If NN I'TfI.1I". I IJIIIIIIXII, NX R II:-vxuxpw-11. IIN XMIIIJ fHf!J.' Run Il II IiI.x,e-w II NI IMNIIII, L I' 1 . NhIxc1:,fIc, NI X I.1'-I.:, III Ii,-1 I R Iiwmwm IIN 'JJ I NI I I I .IINIQL XI I5 XN.III::I-wi lf x,4, . j,j,,,, N xx III I' 'I I'l IIU2, 'I I'I I IDR I7'L.x. I XI II, I 'I I IIN I' I.II,' Ir .I" I- ' I'.I:.r.'wr.. I II I I I' X XINIIN IMI:-, II K., , I NI In X' .u I I 124 2C Burk Rmv: ITR. Brclon, AI Pereira, C-..I.5, Barker, R.G.O. Waddx, R,N.S. Smn, RHI, Abraham. I-PI., Marsh. ffllfll Kung' .-NC, TIIOUMOII, B. S-B. Leung, DLYP. Khoury, NLG, Bennett, R.G. D0ngIz1x..l.Ii. Taylor, IU Buck Raw: BR. .Iacobm CLW, Yin, SB. Snell, AD. Hogan, AC. Cram ford, LQLIL. Maynard, NIS. Khoury, Fran! Row: I-J. Liu, I. Jones. C.l. Sradelmann, ,l,P.S. 51. Lounx, NI,.I.J. Terpslra, J. Lee Srxr..-Ilue111.'XN',T. Yablomky, IL HIM? FHM -X.XI.NI IJIIHILAN, NIZIIIII. IJ I5 XI.lXI1L'IrI.l IJ, Suill, NIIXI IiIw:", I' X I' f.1I.Llrmx lrunl Run. I M R XI.r'.n.nrI. R I NId,IDm1.IILI. BWI E" "rn, I 1 lr-Iv.-nhnn, IR XX. Innes XI Xu'-nn: LEAVIN G CLASS Chrts G Abdulla 85 86 ,ps 4412. 'Qyg I if-'I' " , v n .1 'U' a :AFS ffiri Geoff A Bean 84 86 L tr mn NIIIIIIII., mt l 1 ll til fl? ll' Ht frftllt fllf Dttltf ' N l I t Ut tl llorll tltttttlwlot the mood ttrttu YL Vtncenl Ann 84 86 Xtneent armed at T Q S ttxo years ago to an enttrely new en xtronment than hte home tn Hone kong In hrs qutet way Vtneent made lrtends and lound hrs ntehe tn sehool ltte An excellent xtudent a keen member ot the eompurer badmtnton ballroom danetng and math elubs Ntneent wtll be mtssed by all who reeogntze a true ktndred sptrtt Best ol luelt and happtness tn the future Gary S Blanc 83 86 lhree yetrs ago Bob bottneed tnto lxetehurn mth hrs stereo to play Calypso lor Nlr Honey A det out member of the Soccer League he alxo ueelled tn Ltttlestdf. Lrteket lbortngl and Rugby tklaulersl Always a tollx student bars struggled at ftrst vet tn hrs laet mar xt te able to put tll hrs tsorlt tnto a eoherent whole tell you getttng thro eh T C S vta a clone s v tespeetallx around the rtght leg: Next wear he'll be headtng to l I I No' He doesrt t want to go there, he ll be at U of Mtamt No' He down t want to go there etther He does ltke U of Flortda though lt N too had he ean t get aeeepted there It was an ex pertenee hard lorms ' 7 7 I I - . - . , - l , , 1 .. . .V .y . jg I ' i ' ba Q w ' ' ' 4 M' . , K-I V . ,' 'yi , . - .. ,I , . - .. - H, - - tN.-ettttttrtcttlrl . "' 1 , ' ,, ' ' , b n , Q 5 J V . '. 0 'Q ez lf' , ' .'. . A ,143 Q - , ,Sail run' .mfs T.L.,?' Tingti P. .. -.area ' . " ef -f ' tw' ,. 6. Z ' uf? ai -, '3' . 1 ,QV-f? Q. Q' L k .lf ' il ' 4 1 ld ' ' V- V .-1 'X - l. H 2' ' K aff- ,f - x--a. 4 f'rr A, . , ' . af"1a'.i4t'r U -4,1 6 83 . V-fe' afar , 4, . ,',:'Z.:, -,QL-Y .-. -.u4.-"' "' Wk .f A f X Y f .f ' rf Y 1 7 7 . . Nttrr.'r'HH5z'x Iflt' flu! 'I nit' l "eg ' ' A ' ' " V Nwtlf 'ww .tr tm no lrrultl lft I I ull 'I wt' ' ,' 8 - - ,.. t , l.1.'t'.t s. I fnt rrtl lu mt' ' ' ' X ' ' .A ' ' 4 U wut fflfl :IK Itrtvt . 1 .. 1' 1" , ' ,' ' ' , A I I .,, , A lm 1 A - Y - r ,' U t e . . l" 8 ' lle'll ' U' ug . ' s " , ha e" Simon It Board ,82-,86 Yves G. Bonnardeaux '83-'86 lu111:e11111x!111l11u.1:1,1: lrlxlllx1111.1l11u11.11.! .11lw1 ll. ...,Af,11u.",11.1.'11f:.1.1..-11: N11 1.'.1.1- .l1.. ..f. 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Q1 . , 1- V: ig., . I, ilu., . . I.. - 1 1 V- . h 13 1 4 g x N . N . . 'S 1 - '- ,. - ' , . A - , T 4-.. A ' 1 In AT, I." 1 186 ' 1 1 . . . 'xx , Nl 'l Q 'k ' U N .Nl . J 'kul11:l.11:1 lc'.1'e' lc'-Ul X lv " "L nnd rn hu la1rc1 yeah wuldiwll-undm1rw.1111l111g llllllx Held lah' QA, 1 , wld H 111llr1e1.111r1,1!1 11,l111t1. HmL,,jl,IA1mI,A,,h.H,-lil, ,k A14 H1,Hh,v1,,,,H rcgg' ' ' ' ' '. . .lll111ll111111leI11l1Xl1 N'.111x1:11111 h ur . ' , .x Nu1ll1C.l111ll11.1 Hugues Brunel '84-'86 rl . 4 ...i lt N .x lintlxnxe, hriyht I'xox'tot xixxxdxxet nml noxx C. x-x zip, .xxlrrxt:exl, .xml tix-tslxtppeel lix .ill ol his peers. 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EMI: x A' , . 1 1 llt-rxr.'s het ot .xelxiexerm-xxts .ire oxxtsttxmitnei letters lrorxx Txxnxxxg tri rrxxrnxte nmldl 'sixlki liaxslxutlxxll xxetortesg Itxxtig xxrth lies, ami llll lil lttlil l.r' lmnuine txtt xsxtl Ht-l'tg '- all' :.v xx' :li inc-I, llx ' txxll C I - g ' x 5 Six, l ul 'lxr'ltetxsx'ixxllu' Chris L. Byers '82-'86 No way! It's Tricky Diclxy lt's griddle cakes lt's a green frog lt's Allan Nevins lt's Oskar Nice. 'x 'S , 4 5 ,ss ,SJ ,A R Y Tw-+ rage:-ff' i iq? . Russell J. Chang '84-'86 'Kxxblxe' joined the Jungle Bunny loree in '8-l. He survived the cold heather in Burns while meeting ax lot of good friends. He left his roti and pelxxu at honxe lor 2 years ol' His two years taught htm some xgxluable lessons such as hon to rearrange a eaddy's rgnorzxnee and teach him respect. Good luck to everyone including 'Arixioxxs' Ellison, ll 23 Charles Tucker. Andrew Morris fpartner in erinxe in the lihraryl. and the rest ol' the jungle bunnies. C. Bill Collom '81-'86 Al I Cox '84 '86 Lim! IK ulrnf Mm if m' xalfl unix ur! Um: ,'wxlzl1.'.4f' ll .f.f.Im ' -I H171 Rmpmmfulxlu IN .1 Irwin fcxpI:fmlvII1.'x 1 Inu if .xmlc IIIMIL' CIAHITInIAc'IlPnlrJIl4I!4IlIfllxlullfnf, I'I1'm'Ill'H X1-'I1.uf' 'uvx 'un ul 'w' www 'I 1" Hu In "M Un lin' rrcxl mn'.lml.lur1'1 ln' Am'' III mlm www ..'v.:.'r: - p l .Lan- -5 kt... llm C Cutting 83 86 ral Davies 80 86 QUIIIHE drum: HIIHLIIIL dwpplm. spullnrxnu NIIIICIIIL drmxnnnu Runmm founduxng II n hrnnn n NINIIIHE P ILNJUIIIHL b.:rbru.xk1lw EYJXIIJIIIIL moaning I1ur-unc Pummg puuxudum xx unrnmb xIIlH1IWIIlIL C muh HIL IIII ummm IN! U L Upppy 1L ' s I K NL Ik HIL 1 II xml PIJIIIIHL nrrmqtum I mlzmu I Imrm r .N x L NKFIPIIIE pulmu IIIUIL mzuxum IrmI,mL 11 'fu 'I rung Xnnoummu xlnhnng NINWLIIIIIL trnumm L nu I 11 1 I '- C IlN10I'I I 'n 1 lm ul I1 C ming word mth mu d Xu mu I 1 I wntnnu. II hun .1 x In 41' Q",- ..,- 14.5 ' . , . - ad' ' - . , IH . ,V flri " - " , . A 1 . ,, 9 ' ' 11 'x N X X 1 B 8 ' ' 1 7 J C ' ' 7 7 . . g ' H. I' 5, ' 5, ' :,' 3 N Q xpl. Img. XIm,IJ.u1N Imm Ii IIIJ-n IIm1wluIIu1I1NIlwu-uI"I-JI" I'.1I ' ' 5. Q. x. j. j, lj, .nur.1gcII if Plluh yur -ck, .I I um- rmffw wr, 4' .1 I 1 X I ' . In I g I g, N, 'I I Q, I. jI mg sI1IIIICI Hu um .1 IIIUIIIIIIUIII my IIICI wr Im I .II rp .IMI NIM I .' O ' j. ' " K, 5 ' 3. NPIJIICIIIIQ NXYL'.lIIIIg, I'I 1.11: ,IuIx.smIII1uIM'f! u'.nIIn1xI:.-- An! I 1 N Unk ,I' Y., ', k, ' , ' Q. 1 ' '. NIIHIIIZIU, Kung l0'l 5. ' -', 5 j, hc I A, .Hlllllly IJIIIIIIIII, ng, Rm: hun, nw: X4 ,fvfmm uni, I. nm: .,'..If...f'.x,'..4 'I pq-J. U '- U 13 13. J K P' I-Jung, , J' H. A wr.. rl- .n,flIu,nw:u.'.'I If-11:1 ..:I:, .' fc 'w.:'mf',1,,'I'.. bo .' ' . A , ' 1. I . jf XX - I. -IU 41l,fr'.L'rr:fm'1 ffw nf, lfumhw 'UI' I ,J1n,I'uIuc5wllu !1CIHIIIIIgHIICuI 'I IIKI1'-I nu ml ' N E ,Jn ' I - -I .hop xuu ol! 1:1 1111 1 --I 'N -. ! -- T. Mitch B. Deely '85-'85 Nl r.:, Nwm.xulnc1c1mmlcduw .xllwl1l1c'Nlronga1l1d NIICHIH type N V .lwlx lglmlull lml llxll I0 bc lungollcn. One ycair is CC'l'l2llI'lIy not lm.-llglw XX u'll we lum wnmwxllcrc down thc road, Ill IHIIINII lu Ll 'mmm pc.a.uIul x1L'Nllll.lllUll, Y, "VN-,1,,-7 .. -. K W t f'ur"" i llw sau"- ..JE,.. .1 K1 -9 Y' :all fs A 1 K f Q i Chnsl Doyle 85 86 n 1 r Hum lx LUll.1lllN wdull ou! Dur x v nun Quin Lxbrl gL lv L l Cmwrmlwdx llnd w Ll Spun: lllll1 N D l and uid Charles D. Dillane '83-'86 .-l smull man van he LIMS! as exlluuxred ab a grear man. Arthur Alillvr. Pelerl Duncan 83 86 Siu all lUllflflllhq1llt'lfl und Lleurlx .E x 4 ll lin dull um! lermrunl Thu frm haw lfhlf slnrx llmmnluus A l A551 ' . . ' A .. i I , , Q .k - 4 - ' I -s A' ' QQ r ' ' 1 9' - ' A - 716' , L- ,. ' .- , l, -G - ,J ' ' ' lr' L 'l ' " , . ,' l x ' L sg 4 ' - ,' ' N - ' . -4 h , ,. , 8 , . 'Q . 'A ' , . , "-. L 7 , ,. "' . V 5' . 8' H '8 8 , v Q. , ' 4 ' H v -" ,Y-'--7.2 G ' -f- - y y 7 -1 , . ll l A li rl,-fxmxllwr my lrrumlx, S um -A ylll ulcg 'kc -- f ' Q Q ' j 1 - ,H-l.lQu mm. QL-lux - Xrg ' 1 1' and .'1l1lfII,5f!'l1 lr1r1Il10rS, 1 llrm- lm uuys Llllllvl ... NM ' -- 11 F d ' ' , - N ' UXL'm.1,lX,XN nj lllun- mn . ' A " " ' ' -'J fm1,fv.11ll!lx.nrl- 'ANLIIVICNU lull" 'Al 1 lx V' , 4 lf y.l'r', llllllwu' llxcr llllllllL1lUNY 4 j . X lor , - - - -ml. u 1' ll lf Nlnlmr11culuml1l::. I lUXCl.'Ullllllf Tlm R Ellls 83 86 xl. IX 11111 s 1 1111 Xl1HNlflnll 1 In 4 11lNML1l.1l11 Xlllll x xl: l t III I A HILI L 1 U fldllllfllfl . . , , II11' 1 ' 1 11111 2 lflll ' xf11t1f1l Ill Il 'l.1 1' ' 1 11 Iln' unllrl rum 1111.111 1.1111 I1 1' 111111, Jn' ll lu, 1111! - 7,11 , . John rc Putney ao as ,L r r friendship ltlIl10llIdE'C?lI 411 4,-1-' Sylvam Gingras 85- 86 Jack's best ami came to T.C.S. in the fall of '85. Aside from being another faithful member of the Hong Kong six-pack club, he distinguished himself by always wearing the latest fashions so popular in Quebec. Probably the best student Mr. Stevenson's ever had, Sylvain was true to Ketchum to the bitter end. Bonne chance whatever you do, youngster! 1 1 ,rt t fuxl tm 1 Atl! mt mlm Acerba er ingens est amicilia sine fraude. ff Fierce and powerful is ""xf5Qf'5 wV,bs?R4g,, N V 5 ' il'-we . 3 M . , if X xx - A lit is t - ' 1 1 Jeff R. Gordon '83-'86 Ill Ins Ihrcc wars hun' lwxxdcx lc.rgr1cNr-.8cr. xqumfl, IcrHllw,.m.1 proclorml dulucx, L-orrh-.m luund rum- rr- Irclp our lI1ulwgg.rrxu! lhrs world Whrlu Pllfllllgl up urlh lkunrw' rwmlmrrr im nmlu pholm, hc rrnnlmgcrl ru Und more rum' In phone trruugcl. I ll: un N and lnclorrka, .ull the um mr-r rn lxcldnrrn liuuw I'L'L'Xl'k'IIk'llxL'x1 .-Xuroruk bc-I .md lx prcrmrmrrg lo u:lcbr.rrr hx- ln! I'1rrI1d.n not month. Bvguurs .'r1fr'l!uwirmm'fx lrmmt' lf: GN Andrew D. Gray '83-'86 I u.rf.'If ,ff fr,v,1,f, rx flfrg ,J rr r,,-',j ,rf MNH, frm, gl nIH1.'Hr'1", u'r!'N.1lm' 'wr frm' xfuu lf'lr"J ff' lsrfw ff' .f, llflllllIHlHJj'r11'1'Vlrr Hr rfr If f- rmvrr rllI1If'rA'L'NN .mr .' 1'1Nl1H JM fr K In H! rl g'rm.lA1rl:.r'n.' urn! rlwf X- - ff ', rr. ,J L' 1' 1iHllf7IIllL'N f r 1 1 1 5, K" Morrls D Grlmshaw 83 86 Srmon H Hallam 83 86 LPI ui nal look hunk in uma r mu lnrngnl nr fun lmf ,fmulm ru awareness Jann s Hmrhr r u x 1, 1 x ,- ' A 1 U' g , 4 1 , 4 , - . 8 Q 555-5 f r ' ' rl , I r I H p If u. 5 . r ,N 1 , x 1 ' - r 3 l ' ' Y 7 ' Y 1 I . D - - ' ". ' ' . ' llmnkx mr cxc:xKIm1y I 1 N l'Y Pun!! mr! Xu UH 1w:rf.'.'f1r ur.: l! w :wr rw' JM 'u f r fv .rf .rf - nap r rm 111. H 1 Charles L. Heenan '82-'86 David M. Hopkins '79-'86 The world Is an oyster, buryou don '1 crack rr open on a ntallress. . . . .-l ll I Wfllll rs our llrere, warring for me lhe minule I say I know l ld x I I' wr 'ough drops. who lam. .4 fIf1lll'AfiH?f, Deallr Off! Salesman. l t N lNlllCh'JNlllllIlglIll1CkkOl' ,c ucp t I. Geoff E M Hosprtal 84 86 llk lro tlrt :Io Ill Ikrrrt rrt rrrtprtr Iml'llLL1l rulx on tht sports su L I vth all and ll rskoth Ill stir L orrrrrtarrdo mam ha. lm s rtltotslrrp lt tx is Ihrs war too tha tort I Ihr kulull mth -1 lll om Ld t Lulu Arno Lloyd P M Johnston 84 86 Lloyd rode Into town rn a blaze ol glory There wasn I enough room In Port Hope lor Martrn and hrm so somebody had to go It twasn I Pm Lloyd rodt on rn two years to beoome a stellar student oaptarn ol three teams a xoroe rn the Lhorr a great contrrbutor IO tht Grad oommrttco and a Preleot Certarnly hrs weakness for SILISOH hats and brush outs mll not soon be lorgotten known for hrs propensrtw lor throwrng wrolted partres we adxrse htm to tlwnys look on tha brrght srde ol lrfe Spaghettr Souvlaltt Alan L.A. Lee '84-'86 1 1 XIIUI11-ll!ln.u.n'l4 N D1 1 Steve G. Konopelky 82- 86 x, . .' . .: 'AIIU1!I.lI1L"xkNlJl'.U"..NH .6 'ww ,ll-1' lhuk'1w1lllYlL".g.aIlIu mr 15 XKJJ1 ..u Xlllll, .llul IIlxL'I1IlL' lla. luml1'.'IMImmmw lcdmc Hum luku-W unlw I!lY4',lY.1..lKu11U! M, .H N , I go! wrcwcd NIIIIJIIUIIN, XI.m .nlw Q ML1lulw!lIizx"M14 ww , 1,,1.', llc!! llc!! Puml I u.k Ill Iuluzu-.'lxdv.ux--111 ,ugu.:.M. .r w 1 Edward M K Lee 84 86 n roullm rouum vm uh N mlad hir I In u 1 N u L Co l L L Q c lun uhun e xm vu 1 px BIYIIIJH H 5 ! ex A x IOUN xtudenu l m n x w i Doug M F.'w.x1' Hx .1 ,ll s 1 I LeMome 84 86 Donald K.K. Leung '84-'86 Mike C. Logan '85-'86 l lxuxrna llmc lllrcc xuwcxxlllcx nl lllc at LCS.: E1.l .L,, E.l,.T.. and Hockey isn'I everything, or is il? Long live Denis Savard. lfrom x L N277 32' a rf .85 f-""" x,.,-f S P1 A -Q ob 0 Lovu 84 86 Angus B Lynn 79 86 IN xx luclaulcaml Tin du IS can Julms Caesar v Ll lx mmxumx llm ll Rub lx ix Lradultgd tron T 1 1 an ll'l nxllhlx OlllllbUllUI1dLSPIIkINN short lxxo xg lm urur xxn lux xumn on Blgsl n L x xx IS xml r L mu llu lllons on xx Hur x l 1 N V. Ti' 7' ,IL , 'V i f -MXN x'- . 0 ' ' ' , Xxx ' -- .I 7 ' l " Q- R ' v -1 1 -1 lie,-llrNlr .xr1dNI .I xx, ' ' ' 4' . XM-xlruyl-gwxl u " 1 ag' L3 ' 1 LIS, ll: :xl mllu. c ' -Q ' ' ' A -far lm. lllu lllylxllplxl nl 'L " . '. ' dn 31.1 .srllfl.r"-lllllllgllllxlllflllxixllx,HC1llS0lCd Buckle Houxe as l' ' 'xnxx-:Ll ll.ll xup-r IXUI .md 4 g' -nllx' ul lClld KH all, lll lx-llxwx xxlllxll pxwmlxwx Cx LVL IL , ,nur . -L'lllk'lll l' ul l'.lxwL-Nflxnxl 1' l' l fl Lfsulwllu upll1cXI-xl1lrc.1lcl1d,l . "Kill, Barton H. Manning '80-'81, '85-'86 Clem T. Maynard '81-'86 So ll cndx. mx wmcrmrmrr mrh mln- mug Nr-l an mr-ullx .rx ll lm fl .wr .- I f. ff. f. bcgan, but will plc.u.mllx llllllllpkllhllll l .rlmwl mul In umku .l lv fm ,JH l ,lff ,f. ,, . hung mth ll k'h.u1gc .ull .uuuml .md umku :lm gmyv .nl llfff. .-1 -H..f.f,' rw. l...f N lll1lllL'l11Ul qlmngc, I'x1l.llhL'l lmcn ru mum-llnng flw Q ulmgll mmf. .ffl .,'..ll1..w..' Wm. nf. llllN alll to CC!L'lllllCllX -Xlllllll lllclrmurmr-.'.nr11, uxcrwm- lllhr: I wxfsrffs .ffm l'..:.. llll ..'f.'f'. 1 Mlke R McGregor 84 86 CHI Nlrke. lIl'Nl :mud Bram N lmllmsrd lmllx an N4 Q lil! on the manlx worn trout-all I1 nku and Lull hm rr 1 mard to thu lam the n Xl s .ir mr N . u un-N 8 amplon ISXK BlL.NldL Nomar nun ll ll N R vl L ol tha room RALLY Lmzllxh llldkfll n 'I I rn ml rx Ill 1 narol Nlr Forward 1 'ui J-f lo LA if hn M Milne 80 86 I l I I 1 .- H 4 . r i I A ' ' l .4 ' Y 4 . I -b j g, ,, ' 1 I ' Y -Y . . Srl' , ' " S ' " - ' ' - . ll ' X . cd mf ...Hr 4' Jw fvr. 'f.uw.' fvl' , -- W ' . x' 'I . Q . . uc u Nlr f,rfr.'i-xr' '4 ,ww',",r In "1 Fo ' , g lc' l ' ull 'h 'd I0 .IU .l IRL' L-uf ,uf gr rm' .xuj "f.:-1 " - X 'h .- ' ' f '. . Q' mn N r 1.1113 xl um lfmclzf Unk' mir, . - fx. .1 lf':.. 1 hall' 8 ' , V h N - X, . .l L- .w . .Y lm Nr ln! xf,:..Qf T-avian' - S. Andrew Morris '82-'86 Iill IIRODIK I. lt's been tour good years. Good luck and keep on pusliiiif ,-ff Y Roger M Navarro 83 86 Iii i ally 4 huuttr was a modal student He uroti. good essays IL in cut intl tQQlt1llisoyH1yN3y tbroyxn cords ind preppy r in el rsi Ilt ilso extclled on tht sports field gaining colours in iii in thc xieinit ol Bond Place The fountain Collcgi n I ll mcscr lic ncicr quita managed to sc ucc t .t I C S still ncxer be the same and mi I iii Karl I. Nassiel '81-'86 Mr. Squash strolled into Bickle House in the summer of '81 im- pressing everyone with his 'electrifying' personality, and starting his stay by receiving 22 quarters before half-term. Well known at all the girls' schools, particularly BSS, Karl established a reputation of being as good with the ladies as he was in sports. However, his plans for a career in Jamaica were quickly switched to St. Lucia, but that did not stop the Bears' rugby tour. He oc- cupied his time at T.C.S. collecting Bigside colours, and will be truly missed by Mr, Forward. Well Cal, good luck in the future, especially with the Cherry hat trick, and remember, small islands are the hardest, Anthony Ng 84 86 Untortunately I came here two years ago Fortunately I am about to Ieaye Unfortunately my marks aren t yery good Untortunatelv I haye to live in 1 dormitory again Fortunately there will be more freedom tUntortunatcly vie haye to publish this Fortunately therc aren t too many of these I A I - i VV ' 1 1 I 'J ' ' ' 1 1 r 1 w'-its Q A. -' 1 1 i ' ' ' L 5 1' 3 ". 1, M C V .Q . is . s 's I 1' ' ,- K' - ,' I, ' , 'I I Nlitlcllt-side Soccer and Bigsidc Rugby tyeah really.I His spare time Fortunately, I got accepted to university, sim- - - -I ", ' " ' 1 'ate ' I, ' ' V . ,' . dui x,1,,iy,, A A-N A , .I . . . . . . , .d ., , ,' U It-mf iii ni t- were , ' , 1 1 i g - other i ' ' ' ' - N' I 1' 'stiiititlx lil-,cf it ter. ' ', ' ' ' A w. Rohan 11. 1111110115 'az-'ae Wi" C- Rado '33"36 'lr.l111 11111 l1'1f:.'.'.M1 111 lx'1J11'1 11111'.111r11 1111 1 5 1 .1 1 , .1 hm alun '1 hh' ll hrrv !11141I11f1'1!1A.'111111111 H111 .l11r1'11-111l1'..111', 1'f111w11f111'1.'11111111111.11 I4 U sfvlulwiv11r1lpf11f1g1111111111161'Ix'lI.l1'l1 'NJ Xl.1N'"Nl1111111w1.11111111-111u " 81 1' ,4 Pete R Rellly 82 86 Stephen A Renw1ck 84 86 From boon .md unnxx b.1ll..111N -1 - 1 To Sumour and h1- 111 p1r11.1p111 L From Tedder and 1111 Nunn 14.11.- 1 1 1 Duwu u1ll1ne11uN111 111111111111 1 1111 1 rom the NNNIQIH 1h..11 1 ehillnlllr. To the people xx 110 411.11 I 1' 1 lm sehx ll hex! u " fi Y V- , f , 1 , . LI f' ' ' cv ' .8 - 'f. , ' . U' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 . . 8 'I ' ' ' , I 1111-2111 11. 11113 li'.i.1e 1,1 .!,1:1.g, 4 1.-1 -1' 1' .1.1 fj ' 'kv - 1 A 1 , -, IY1' 'l'I.1xl1x' 11? l4:1:1.e 13.11. 1. P'1:",11 . ' 8 " ' " '. 1u11 .11k.1I1Ic 1.-K1 :1: 1,1:v111q 1 :..ix " g -1.. ' N ' -1 To I ' ' ' 5 ' Q - 11 , P- .1,l,,,11eg 1.18 f1L'. 111.17 711' ..1"'1.'1f 1-Z. .1171.,'x.1' 1' .1 " ' " mf ' ' F ' 1 ' ' ' . 1 ', l111111w111111u111--111.:1.' Hg -11 " . Il. QFXIW 1 .1' N' l .1 ' ' ' ' ' ' , l.111f1x1ilP'c'1x1lu 1:1.M.'.1 J' 'I ' :"Ih1X IN Ihc cud, bc.11111r11l !11u11d. 1111- -1111 " 131111111 fl,1'L'N -1. . 111'.1:.:f :f I-1:.'.'..'.'. I 1 ll N Chrts R Robtnson 85 86 Vlado Rtnco 84 86 Often seen wandertng atmlessly through the halls Chrts soon round hrs vear at T C S to be better than he had ftrst tmagmed l rom expertemtng konopelky tn the halls ot Bethune to utpertenung Mr Grandfteld s Engltsh glasses Chrts knew that ltle here was eertatnlx entertatntng tf nothtng else Also a frequent vtsttor to the basement of the Old Classroom Bloelt Chrts leaves lkl'l0Vllllg that there s always that ltght at the end of the tunnel Q tt ll ttmttu X I td the l td lrom Lentnb us X tlh l t Xl tth lts mth I tldtt Nltdtllutde Hoeltu trt s tus llot t tt tm nent looked be Q 1 tltlllllrll ltuus tm tmp! uuut Sllllltl tm Phtltppe M Routa '85 '86 lam D Seal '82 '86 I' on Ullllfx t ttrtllung IN grunt: fmt' mu ulmmult don 1 Anon OFSAA '85 and 90 mtle marehes Charterhouse "Howzat"' 'nl' 'Ht In PM www wt 1lllflUff0fUllHt'll 'What already' Engltsh weather "lt ou must make allowances for them not getttng bored mth non stop ram and Scrabble " lbtles andl C W T , 'Goodbye, and thanks lor all the ftsh "3 ' ' 1 1 . ' 1 1 ' U 'V I 5 4 .. , V.ttlQtlt1..v,tlt'l'.tstct L ', 'L ' ,L ' A Wild. 5 "" A " " ' ' ' law stunts .uc .tlttt t cttough. llamgittg out ut .Ilm's x' the ' " " . ' ' '. ' ' , ' '.utlw:tt ltgtuts . c. s 1 it ' ' ' 'p. H f " 4 -' ' A I ,A ' . i.-ttt1tt,t:t- tan ts-1 R. . --A - -tt-r. .- - ' I .1.w't'r l'tIlt'f ff 1 - 1 -' fl' g ' ' " Y ', ' f ' ", 'tffstww :fs pw fm Ill, l,unm1rtl C Ulrvrt. Good luck. ,, , 1 wt.-1 ,k sg .' is I QW! ,W--f if :Sf- .Y Y .- iipx' X ,S '- , ., 7 1 ' ,- gi 3 ,, ' , f Ni . V1 . .l ' . , C. 4 t 00 K . 1 . . . . . . I - O - 140 Colin D. Shepherd '81-'86 P. Kerry Simpson '84-'86 S0 .FUN rldm' x'mrru'lu'x mur Ihr' Hvlrlx um! mn Hrrrkr' .nl mm Ulllllldllffdfi unrl mur ulu' mcn rlun '1 Alum hum rf lurlx nf lu' rlmk dxu brlrk, .lvlhru lull, lr'-. bg-gn M-41 naman Chris D Spurlrng 79 86 James M Taylor 85 86 'Wake lhc mosr mrh whdr sou ham L 1 mur mlum uhm nr lr 1141 r 1 xku they may be IO thu fullml Xpplx xourwll lx but xou L in .md dt hr rm L. r 4 Lonfldenca ml! tollow Do nor lov. wnzhr or uhrr 1 rnrpururrr r Jnurnrr lnhfmf mr. mr has been a xen Lnrosablu and xaluablr nun xv. :rx Ill I u X vm 4 r 1 14 un muh r r ll If I 1 L . 'uf 41 I L... r v K ' 1 'a Z I .,... P Q ' , . 5 . ' ' .1 I. i I : I. XX N ' 5 ' ' 7 I 1 1 . . . . . ' . Y ' .' ' '. 'NQ ' , A 'NU lin 4 xr 'rf 'r mm .' . ' F " ,, ' ka ' , 'Q X' - fill! 'Il 1 'ff,'fr:vrl'f'r:f'1'r' ' I ' A h , ' 5 4 N ' U I " ' ' Ifrr' xlfwrl 'rj slr!! you, but mon: lITlPOI'l3I'lIlj, don'1 change yvurwlt rm orhurx lr H! rl IVJIHIHII mn w.1rfrr'.,'.ww n ' U ' ' ' ' ' 'A Ur ' f ' urf nl, nhvr rl Unk .rr flu Hr 'IH ' ' 'mf 'nw' 71, sf 1111 I rf' num fm'f'.'f2 :ml .fur rf' r 'J1"'.,V N gl!! nun hull firming rm: !-dwrlj r 111 lx nm .lun Hu' IMI! nr' R 'H' H If 'ls Richard G. Taylor '81-'86 lf' .1 rffrllfl imp, 11's rl sururrlu mfr, wr' Lfrlllrl ,uw our while u'u'rc' rm, ,ggi 141-mySyrrllrgslvvlr. lohnl Vaughan 83 86 S re rr r ple N ou ear L 1 rlwugl that L 1 ru s ' me 1 rrd p llr mlm IU uerwom lor .1 good XXrrLlrr lor hrs urrderslrrrdrnr. 1 Charles A. Tucker '83-'86 Flving so high, lpvmg lo renzenrber, how many cigarelres did I bring along. Jellrro Tull. Chrrs P Walker 85 86 A ku member ol the Arby s elrque Chrrs could always be found -.lad larrhlul to hrs eounlry baseball hal and leather jacket In hrs vrurerbed ol jello or rn lhe smokers Chrrs was always musrng over hrs lates! Englrsh glass lelashl wrth Mr Lawson Later' fyeah rc x 'J rv - ,. X . Z ' ' ' . a 8 L ' 1... I l mf wNm8:,.2 r Q Q Q as ,Q Q sr 'U 1 1 ' 1 1 Xlr,-ygr,.rw. .rr l K S., l1l'hl'15lxCi1llLl.ICIIl, false: " ' B" !"g "Q ' 'A , ' lr' elrmrr .rrrrl uc! lrrry"g "l,lgl! I ll . 'ow drCd"1 H M ' '. ' 4- , ' . ' xr1',:,:llrr,-,IL 'sf Nr: or Nlrnl.NO-D3l3urrlLl"1NllII'n.lcl'l'1 " 1 M ' . ' .', ' ' ' 1.17 :rlrrrrxx .1 lA'lI N. IINNYH, L ' ' ,' ' 1 ' ' l. ' . I. ' ' . " . . . ' vfrranrgrllu 'rr 'Nlr ' uj ' L 8 j lild llllj. " ' I ' 1' ,1:r:',l.rsr'.u,rr Paul A.M. Waque '85-'86 Chris A.T. Ward '81-'86 In SCPlL'lllbCl pf.-uplc x.lIIL'xI mr New Iiux wx um "hu I-vu" uI1.11 mm mg Ip I,-ll,mg Nun muh IIJIIICN Inks Nmlxkx Iduc In mx IIIXUIXCIIICIII III the dhrung .nxplnru ur .I xmum Immmmlu. I'.nu I'uu-vtwnmx-II NIIx'.lk, IIlu!-J.l'- In-qw-I-r . XMIh.m. mu' pm Ifrom my HIIIIJINI. .1 m UI p m mduprmisny I-xx the rum- I-I In I, Iuny,InyIlxIleIlu1lIumluil,HHHNIII-III" R I II Im- I 11.5 I- and l'0lu:1lrunllI1u Ir1lmI.nI1.u1x, I ncwl llllsIx.'INI.lIhI llwm XKIICII Immlu 'knm.uN, IHIII yu, lm-I , Nur. 'II II.-Ir, II-II-In they UN IU cxpI.un ul. Xlltl Ilkkllllly .III rm-Nu rmrmw I uc: Nw J-vuI'lc1vuuI'Ic..nmI I'InI, .11 I1 .Ip.un" I 1.I.I+:.u1x-uxc. :muh IU: cunluwd I haw In gn .md xmlqlm I ,X K UIIXIII'Ul.lIUIUIL'N1.'I' UXCIXIIIIIIP' " I' N KuuIl1L.lIIUl1lNI-11lIu' I.--.II.nII'.IIq'vI'.u1" 4 s'- L Stephen W Welch 84 86 Jeff E R Whlte 81 86 man armed AVN 1 .I mlm ru I mx ' I Un H I X me all non belluu- but IIIJI quu I. x I I mu nur IX I II Hu N I 1 0 N Hn mlund Lmdmalmm. NU mueh IL mum I 1 ' " hu PIJIXPII re na . ur II I dw "X nnbo Uuaxx pInh..II1I .md mn ummm L L Il Lv uhh mx umxu Nun Q 1 rx N I mlm II K L .1 X m u x L I I I I 44 1' I 1 r ' Y I , . . Pu ' ' I yu .g I Q Q I,1nIunl -I1 , If rn Iwi hum -I-111.111 .I--'rn In ymdu 'I II fb- tfzrznpw, IRI,"-w .Iv I1 Cr! " - ' ' ' . ' L IA I- j'J- ' . ,cnt XII Ik A Iulilg IIk.'I1UfIXIII.IIIf,I l'v 'Iu.' lic. v7Y',-muy .Iv F g. ' ' Q j ' ' I 'J' 1-1 Tx .in :max l.I.I.I, l.1Ix,n- 'NY I.-um.: Iyar, -rw -." Lcrxhcrccordxtmu II141I1uuuN.mcx,uIlzm,:1.kc1I"I.1yL"..:u:dx1 XIIHICC. 1 Ifcf lima ihrrv 'wwe 7111 'ax . I I V 'X - '- IOK ' , N. -III .1 I I'I ' nII.1ICI1,'I1I.7lekcI : -N with Thin ,Hwuu lx .md rfivg I,'1.u, mw, I"' ' A 8, 'I' 1' R . -. I '. ' ,' ' , NP'g.I1x xsxrh Y' ld XI1'I!'VJYY1-If' bra" ' ,uc h I -ll I I - h- mu X Ihu .win-I XX.II:cr- .11 NI NIJ Y' ..l1dI1ug ' V I N .Ik ' II1 III XII-px n k1n,1uIIurxJ.1 14 Raymond E. Wong '85-'86 Raymond, Wong, Chem and Onn. all four of them, stayed at TCS for one year. Abdulla was the one lucky enough to room with the happy family. Although the family was large, they still had extra cash to buy a full line of household appliances which included a heater, fridge, toaster oven and even a T.V. Known better as Ana Wong, this Jamaican was pretty smart and even applied to Harvard, but has received no reply as yet. Good luck in the future! Most likely to sueeeed SPURLING HALLAM tail ELLIS HEENAN Lrash WILSON SEAL NICHOLLS DEELY becomeaHitler Youth GRIMSHAW SIMPSON WELCH astar athlete NASSIEF DAVIES R TAYLOR aeab driver I TAYLOR DUNCAN BEAN in a rock group MANNING CHAN COLLOM barber CUTTING BONNARDEAUX LOGAN gigolo RINCO COX GORDON boumer RADO A LEE GIBSON sportseaster BYERS LYNN MCGREGOR Lough potato LOVI WAQUE sueceed Mao Tse Tung WHITE LEUNG beeome mayor ot Searborough HOPKINS WALKER beeome a comedian MAYNARD ECKEL take over im s Pizza LEMOINE RENWICR take over Lawson s job RONOPELKY BOARD takeover r DeFaziosjob VAUGHAN CHANG take over Stevenson s job GINGRAS ZIELONKA take over lxirltpatrtek sjob NG REILLY ROUJA take over NIeCord s job FUTHEY MORRIS take over Cameron sjob E LEE ANN takeover r Godfreysjob NAVARRO ROBINSON take over Staunton sjob BRUNET WARD SHEPHERD take over Gregg s job BROADHURST take over Proetor s job JOHNSTON DILLANE take over Redwell s job WONG ABDULLA ta cover Reynolds job BREWER WELCH ta eover Jones job FRIZZELL MILNE take over Wright s position HOSPITAL BLANC be sued when others read this GRAY FUTHEY be . : ' , , , be ' ' ' : . , , be ' : , , be a z , , be a A 1 , ', bea ' : , . , be a ' 1 ' , , be a ' ' : , ' J' ' : , ' ' Mr. ' ' 1 ' , ' M . ' ' A : , ' Mr. ' . ' ' : , ' ' ' Mr. " ' " ' A : , , ' ' ' Mr.. ' ' ' : , ' ' Mr. ' ', A : . , ' M . ' ' A : , ' Mr. ' A 1 , , ' Mr. ' ' ' : ' ' Mr, ' ' ' : , ' ' Mr. ' ' ' : , k ' Mr. ," : , k Mr. " ' z , ' ' Mr, ' A ' " : , Peter P. Covo '84-'86 I'r.rt'.rt1Ixtttttwrrtr-. III ,It.r:t .1 I 4 X ' NI - I. t' .-lrlx tutvxhrt .rv--.rrr-I ,rr utr t.,rrt I. ft. I rt I I Andrew H. Bryant '31-'35 f.Z.'fi'1'.'.L IlI"J'r'I'II'I' 'It 'QIJ I I tttr .tt ., Itx rIrIltr III txt XX Itwt 'II I- t't CMUI .tt Ilut ' . I .MII 1 . ttrcrt- null tw untrue tum' 1-In rm rt ' ,I III III ttf 1-I--tr I' -- ll IX u umm: an tltl U-Um: trflrHlr1ut':.1fm', I: .ult'lvm mrm A.-fr lh,mLt, It-1 ,I put-.rt mu .mr 1 w, .r I' ,r, ,-U, I, H I . 1PfHfc'll I L'NIL'N, IL' .llllu Hlrtltttlt n., . r.t. .. L 1 I Ytiviww' o-11 ,L . , 4 .0 , n. '14 .L Ben H Davenport 84 86 B Brett Flande 84 86 ILIIIINUN Bourne plaxrm. puma e X t 1 I IIIILNLYIUYLLI - ...4ui- ', 4 V. ' I A a J . , ' Y Y nv. I ,.. , I ' U ' I . , H I L g I 5:1 1 f , s er I 'A' A Ex 9 I . Va .4 . .fd - Q. . - .I 1"l - I 7 7 ' 1 Y . . CI' ,L ' ', J - L "IIc'x .rn .r mr. IIUI .r nun ltr 'II .r11I tux tmw r',Iu.1'-I. ,zr.g". 1' It X KINIUQ C ulxpwv Burk Iwmg Inmwlt, IIN hccn .r t!fL'.tI run mxrrx ttmt rrucr.1g.rrnurllxu'rut:-grrwrt--tIrI,t 'rw I.r ' :ww It, y ' ' A ' ' ' j'. NI: I.rxurr1Y I 1ruI1xIr eI.r -. Ihr me R,Ip'r'. mt. vt ' I . rcrrrcrrrtwr rutrrrrrm' xurttt mtg I ,nt 14 Chris A. Green '85-'86 lltt- Iollx trruun t-uint lctl his mark on ITS despite his short 'sntut Nt-t tmlx tirdk hits ix to suhdriu tollomhm -- an equally cliallcngrng task. llrough sttefcssttrl on .intl ot! thc playing field, Chris has been spirited lnrelt to krrrgston to .1 lidllllililf court und u larger hed, :S Rowland M Mackenzie 83 86 lls slr t lrrnrlx in the hope le qureltlx settled in tntlh:.i.1rne imem rr Na I thle md plt L n lx xull is ru in t Q L tl C llld in L in illerrialrxe o llor cup opposing athletes in cheek, but he Greig B. Laughlin '83-'86 James Jockman came from the 'lre'land in '83. His faithful devotion to League left him lots of spare time to take those well- known half-hour showers. James decided to beat his roommate to graduation by leaning a year early. Rumour has it that this is the last year for basket-ueaxing at Florida universities. Just remember. you'll be missed in the kitchen. Good luck in your further education and don't drive that Pirogue KOO fast! ALL Fernando L Martrnez 85 86 The trust is uluuis gfreemr wer the sipna lanlt Erma Bombeck 8 sr I in-fx H. 1 P I, ,. ' K . h ' is " 4 A1 - I 77 R I I 5 5 1,5 ' I 'mats . A, . Li ' Y i a 1 iq ai . 1 'WD' , . Q. , I., . I . -5 f ' 1 1 ' 7 7 . . X ll.tll's! til lrrrirelud, R mltiml sehoolctl art ' n ' ' ol Af , . A ' ' ' 4 " '. ' ' . iL'tlllllllL' stlrrtrl llQilNil l ' V ' ' t "1 'L ' bel' lil 'hu rrrrstiuit-its lriui C, luh. ln his last your uc suis Rowland go ll' lll this .lt-rltl, he had lu- tm 'at au the lrtnr 1 '1 zycd lqrg tl. Nil Nm: -other. V1.1-lterlmrll .rn l l uschall lt ' 1 ghyl. Xi: r tw.-. limits l-t illllIlN. Rt lgrul lccrdml the 1 'drum r 1 ' tml lllllxil. llc tt-ilk the " t'llj'nt"t ' ' ' I 1 .1 1 . :i ilu litrlr rr-rm .mtl going 1-lille lkrrxursrri ol - rdu. rl-1 lg' 'tix ,rid Doug A.W. Ross '82-'86 I U1Il1l 1g1llVf11'111f Url hur 111 H1111 111 J .,,l -1 Paul W. Rosseau '84-'86 V111 11111 Ir11f11'11f!1.11.'f:1'1 lmll11111l1111.'111u 1.'11111q1'1 1111111 '1.1.'11r1 111'11n11'1I1.1r1 H11111f111111'1111111I111111 1f11'1,"H11111' 111111111 .-v"""' Q' Robert S Shoul 82 86 1111 11.11 11.113 .1 111111111 IIXL .11111 11111111111. 111 5 ,fa 11m W Warburton 80 86 kI1 K 111111111111 I1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1XLd 1111111 1 11 N vu R 1 uuwlu 11 1 1. 1 K 11111 111111111 11111111111111111 1 1 1 NHL' 111 1 1 xx 11, 1 .,,.-us' !': 1-'SH X W4 . I, ' 1 , , 1-iz-. Q . K I. 1 , 4 X A luv a 1 X, - . - 1 , 4. g AIX .1 - AJ . 1 1. - . , I 1 A 1 11 I. -- -eff- I 1 .-L , . Q ! 7 ' 7 7 . . Qh' 1 ' ' 1 1 V' 1. 1l11iN XI11l1f111k' lic' 11L'1'1U!1l11'11U1i111Q1'-11, 1111: ' 111 B 1k1' H11L111' 111111 111C XX-1-1.-111111:1111111t111-, 11L' l11111111111111-.11'1.1.11 1.1111 11111., 0111 .' 11 l11CNC 11111111 '111111 111 1111- :11L1111i R1111111 11.11 .1 N1 11111.1:11-1-1111:11.1-11 11" 1 . 1111'Ic, p111y11j 111 H1g1111- I1111111.1I1 .11111 11:1111111u 111111111114 11111-1..11111.1-.1 1111111N11,.111:11' 111 - 14111 1 1' . 1 111ig111'R11g111 1111.1.11i11? 1'M1- 11114' X11 f11L'1l1X111l11C1'1 V11 .1111111.1'111-.11J1.11, 1111 1 .111'.1 gfC.11 '111'111111111111111111111-1111g11IC1111111111-1-1.111111 x.11.111f.111.:.1k1-111-.1-1 11c'1l1w111111c1.111ux' 113111 N11 1111111-11.1111 11-11g ,1-11:111'-. 1 1111z1'11.111,.11L11 1'1 11 11'11x . 11. 1?--11'1 111'1111111111.1111!11 111 -111111. 11111 11"'111 .111 1.1111 1'-111 IL111 111.111.11111-11'1:111'1z1'.111. I N 111111'1.111'1' lv 3... sg? 61 'R TB SPEECH DAY Y- .C ng... THE HE DlVlASTER'S ADDRESS , ,fb , Nlt Chairman. Nlr. Johnston, Goyernors, Faculty, Parents, l rtends and young men of Trinity College School: Xkelcome to Port Hope, the land of opportunity. Today we have the opportunity to salute our scholars, to highlight some ellsllttgtllslteel careers, to bid a formal farewell to our Leaving Class, and llttisl importantly to the boys -- to begin summer holidays. I want to begin by describing the revelation of the year. We have changed the format ol' our report cards. We did some research, looked at sotne examples from other schools and at past report cards issued at TCS. We catne across Kevin Clarke, a grad from the early 30's - late in the "Orchard era". Back then we used to report height and weight on the report cards and there was a tally kept on each successiye report. Looking at the Christmas report of Keyin Clarke it read: Clarke, K. Sept. - Height -1'l0" Dec. - Height 4'9" lihat's not the outrageous part. The Headmaster wrote on the bottom - "Kevin has settled in well!" lam breaking tradition and not making an extensive report on the School's health and welfare. My triannual Head's Letter makes a report of that kind redundant. Feel free to browse when things get boring -- you cati start any minute. l do want to issue thanks though, to three groups of people at TCS. The faculty is the cornerstone of any school. A school may haye a magnificent physical plant, its independence may be quite intact, there may be a well-honed support staff and an enlightened Governing Body, as we haye at TCS, but without a first-rate faculty it cannot be a first-rate school. I am so proud of these men and women to rtty left who work flat out for this school - far beyond the required hours of employment for a teacher, and that is why they are at TCS, and that is w hy our school is strong. Their strength is reflected in the Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Gareth Jones, a man of great principles and insight, without whom the school would not function as smartly as it does. Seven of the faculty are leaying us this year. Rig Morris and Ted Staunton will be receiving a special presentation in a few minutes, but also Ken Burr. Sandy Cameron, Jeremy Forward, Callum James and Nigel Nledhurst are off to other pastures. The faculty will be saying a proper farewell to these men and others on Wednesday, but just now l want to thank them for their varied service over the last few years. I hope the grads will take time to thank all their masters because the quality of your experiences here varied directly with their teaching skill, extracurricular talents, stamina and judgment. There is a very warm, supportive feeling toward TCS these days despite the yolatile nature of the current co-ed debate. This support emanates from our Governors, our Committee workers, our ladies' Guild, and the present parents. Never was it more in evidence than in the recent National Scholarship Fund Raising Auction where there was an incredible outpouring of volunteer work and generosity. The Goyerning Body at the top of the pyramid are a group of committed men and women w ho loye this school and are willing to tnycst their yaluablc time and thought into maintaining it at its pre- eminent position in Independent Education in Canada. Their le-.tdct tnty boss! ts at wise. ttstutc, optimistic tnan. To show you the extent ot his iutlgmcnt, he bid S600 at the Auction for a day-long .sttidstirtitig lesson donated by me. He knows yalue when he sees z' lJ.i:id lliggtnbotham is such a pillar of strength to me and this .ottiziinttttisg we should all be indebted to him for his service to TCS. Gentlemen of TCS -- here they are -- the Governors of the School. l know you'd like to show your appreciation to them. The final group deserving recognition and thanks is small -- perhaps the tiniest group you've ever seen -- my wife, If l seem fairly flexible and cheerful to the TCS community during the day it is because l can unload the other side of the ledger on my wife at night. Not only is she incredibly supportive, but she essentially works full-time for TCS herself providing so many lovely touches and special do's around the school that I hope nobody takes her for granted. I love her very much and wouldn't be able to Cope without her. Now l won't be so mushy with the Leaving Class. This year we have been blessed by a stellar 6th form tl don't just say that every yearl. They have added their own achievements and friendliness to the history of TCS and l am very proud to be the Headmaster of the Class of '86. l have no doubts they will distinguish themselves in the "real world" outside of the ubachelors' paradise" tto quote the Globe and Mailj, but will they realize their dreams? Will David Wilson become Prime Minister? Will Bill Collom become a rock star? Will Vincent Ann head the Chinese Mafia in San Francisco? Will Chris Byers make it to the Masters'? Will Yves Bonnardeaux ever cut his hair? Will Morris Grimshaw get his Masters in Speech Therapy? Will Simon Hallam ever stop smiling? Will Stephen Welch graduate for a third time? Will Anthony Ng marry a lake trout? Will Stephen Konopelky ever open his own pharmacy in Cochrane, and il' he does, will he dispense male hormones without prescription? There are lots of unanswered questions. l can poke fun at these fellows because they are good friends, mature and ready to tackle the next challenges. I want to give alittle advice to the Leaving Class. l. Be grateful for what has been given to you by your parents You are privileged, Be sensitive to those less privileged. 2. Maintain your sense of fun and your sense of humour throughout every'thing. 3. Never blow your own horn. lf you are caring and hardworking you'll be noticed. 4. Never get so wrapped up in your work that you forget your family -- you'll sadly regret it. You have given TCS much -- l hope we have given you much in return. , The very best in the future to you all. ' "' if SPECIAL PRESENTATIQNS Une ol the ttrost yalrrable and ttrrlretalded bonuses ol It N rs tlte belttnd-tltesseertes nork ol our I atltes' trttrld tlrre ol the happtes' pteserrtattorrs I get to make on Npeetlt Ilax ls the rrrdtttrrort trtro the l aeltes' Liutld Hall ol I ame ol tn o more presrdertts ltttly Rttss, .ts Past Presrderrt ol the IUIUIIIU lirarrelt has been st' sttpportrse and so IIIDIUIIQII. -X rrrettrber ol the learrrtg K lass ntll present Ittdr ntth lter ptrr, R-tllrarr ,lorres as I'ast l'resrdent ot tlte I'ort Ilope Iirarteh has added her onrr eharm and etlrtterrer ro rlte post X rttetrrber ol the laettlty nrll present lrrllratr nrth het pm Ihts Speeeh Day Nltke Ilargratr eornpletes 24 tears ol trrrsttrtrrtrg seryree on tlte laettlty. 'X grad hrrrrselt. Ire rerrrrrred to I t N rn I96l, Srnee then there has been .t strrng ot .teeorrrplrslrrrrettrs XX lrert eadets nere rn yogtte. Ire tools ottt preersrorr squad to rreyr herehrs Ile otelrestrated the lrtgltbox dtsplay erery rear, Ile nas the toundrng drreeror ol' the ICS Hockey Sehool. Nlthotrglt he eart'r skate. Ire eoaehed I rttlesrde Hockey. Ilrs most stellar ae eomplrshrnent tt as as eoaeh ol Btgsrde Iootball lrorrt I966 to IW-1 He nas the ltI0sI sueeesslttl Iootball eoaeh at the llrgsttle leyel rtr the hrstory ol' the seltool. He led them to 5 elrarrrprorrslrtps, -Xt thrs potnt he ts a l'rrst-elass head ot the Nlarh Deparrrnertr, Iookrrrg alter both ends ol' tlte settle -- oyerseetng the prepararron ot ottr rrrost exeepttonal students, those dotng speetaeular norle rtr open contests, and also arrangrng extra help elasses and rneelrarrrsnrs tor those less able to eope. Nlrlee rs also rrearrrre the end ot' hts retgrr as Head of Brent, n here Ire has been a strong torrndatton rtr otrt House system. As tradttrorr derrtatrds. Nltlse Hargralt ts non berrre giren hrs onn eharr tor hrs loyalty and eomnrttrrretrr to ICN, Another induetee rnto tlte qttarter-eetrtttry elub rs Ruth lirrsbrn. She has worked rn the Bursar's Otltee srnee l96l on 'Xeeotrrrrs Payable tytth speeral responsrbrlrty lor' eo-ordtrratrrre student brllrng. She ts the one you parents spoke to nlrerr you san on your son's monthly statement -A Xlrseellttneotrs -- S6-li, Rtrtlr has been the model or dependabtltty, ellreretrey and eheertttlness, atrd somehow nas atlnays able ro .ttrsrrty that S6-15. For the second year rn a ron a prtxate gtrls' sehool has stolen one ot' our taeulty as its nen Headmaster tthere's a rrroral rn there somenheret. Ihe Staunton tarnrly nrll be leasrng ICS artd Port Hope shortly and mottng to the bearrtrltrl strbrropteal erty ot Xhnntpeg yyhere led nrll assume hrs dtrrres as Ileadtnasret ot Balmoral Hall. The trnpaet Ire ltas had on rlrrs sehool ts renrarlsable and nrdespread. He spent hrs ttrst sererr years rn Ilotrlden Ilotrse. He has been Head ol' Htstory srrree NSI and trr that ttrrre has totally reyamped the course ottertrrg. He nas Iitgsrde Hockey eoaeh lor seten years, hating a nternorable eareer' nrth a trrp to Russta. He has most recently been llotrsernaster ol liethtrne House, hayrrtg .t real depth ot eartng, tudgenrent and uns derstandrng ol young people. Ile ls rlte l'rrst Ilorrsernaster nhotn I hate ltad the pleasure ro appotnr and Ire Itgts dettned the postrtort. He has also brought aeadernre lrottotrr to TCS and to lrrtnsell through norlt with the Canada Studres I otrndatton. Ile n as one ol the the eenrres rtr Canada trhe otlter lout nere deparlrnerrrs at untyersrtresl set up to deyelop teaehrng and learnrrrg trtaterrals nr Canadran Studtes. Nlany htstory seltolars dorr'r lerron nhat It N rs. but they knon tx ho led rs. Obyrously ne nrll greatly rnrss ,lane Nrartnrort, too. as tsell as nrll the whole Port Hope eommunrty, the benettetaty ot her brarns, charm and ettterertey most reeetrtly as the l'restdent ot the Xt' ehrteetural Corrseryartey ol'Ontarro. Ielltms ltayt' Iteetr tett. ltrelr. to l1a.e I-vert l.e't .ylrar hr .ya I eart t tlrartlt Irrrrr errtntt-Ir tor the etrat t sarrrtrlt --t '- .t t.,:r,' .tt .', and .otrtp.tssr--tr Ire Ira- hontt tht It N et-rrtrrrttrhtr. Ir rs lrard to ettloet 'e .t leeerttl, ttarrtt rrlarlt. nlretr that rt-ut-rrtlt .- t. rtrrtelr alrre Rte Nlortr- tartte to It N rrr I'lJ-I .trttl .elelrt.r'-,rl ltr :Isl btrtlrday -trr the lattrltx ol II-ttrltlerr Ilt-tr t I-rrt. 'nrt .eat later the rrtarr retrres nrtlr lrtetallt. tlt--tr-arttl --t trrertd atttl .ttl rrrtrets Xke sltortltl tll he so tortttrtate ttrads .rt It N learn: tlretf Nlatlt the Nlorrrs Nletlttttl .trttl nertt on to trtteesfttrl ertrrrretrrrte, rrredteal .trrd sererrte eareers Ile ls trr tartrl I-trerrto t .t reaetrer I-rt' really att arttst lrorrr the ters trarr, lre tatrelrr rrr Iiottztterr llt-tr t. and rs sttll teaehrtre tn ltrs onn ertrerrarrrrrtp, derasrarrrtelx etteetrst nat In the sorts ol rrtartx ol hrs early students Ile nas .rl'rs.t. ltrronrt tor hrs skrll nttlr reaelrtrre yortrte Ittyys ltrsr ttrte rrtdteartotr ol lrrs partetree and abrltty rs that Ire aerttallx tatteltr and pa-sed Xlt Qtodltex tn Xlatlt nlterr I'artl n as .r boy tl es, Ire nas tttte orteel Rrg has been llte lllttyl stteeesslttl eoaelr ol Ittrrtor learrr- erer at It S and ts probably ttrrparalleletl at any ltrdeperrderrt Neltool Ile has eoaelted more tlrartrprorrslrtp teartrs tltarr arty other erteler eoaelt at It N tottr Ilead Preteet nas Xree-t aptarrt or hrs last llotrlderr Ilotrse teaml. Ile also Iras a strrrte ol tyterttx ettttseetttrye tretotres oyer Rrdley Ihe Nelrool tarr't repay sortrettrre lrl.e Rrg Nlorrrs. Ile eare ltrs ltle to It N, XII ne eart do ts tty srrreerelx tlrartl lrtrrr and pledge rrerer to toreer ltrrrt 8325035 me Za5.Na,e,r.2Qfft,f,,,3b,1:,.1 Qaao oooa f I x westmor wvf7'wdnd:117nu4t1Wmrand har... UW: 'Bank I . . . 5, NK rthrn nrt trrst year at IL S, I lrnen led Srattrtron nottld leat e to L - ' X head hrs onn sehool someday. I rust nrsh tt neun r so soon, you 52 Trinity prizes lst I-orm: lL: B.,l. Pilgrim lLf:G.W. Yin Intl l-orni: .l.R. Brown 3rd Form: L.K. Cirne NLR. Skanks F.A. Bethune scholarships Form 2: J.R. Brown Form 3: L.K. Cirne M.R. Skanks Form 4: B.H. Davenport Form 5: .l.B.S. Cote M.C. Walker Headmaster's awards for academic excellence in fourth and fifth form i85Wvand overl 4th Form: B.H. Davenport C.H. Giraud D.G. Hildebrandt l.A. Johncox J.P. Moise Sth l-orm: E.B.B. Barber PB. Blyth .l.R. Cisneros ,I.B.S. Cote S.D. Fleming-Wood R.R.J. Pinkerton NLC. Walker Subject prizes The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English French Prize Special French Prize German Prize Spanish Prize Social Science Prize Dr. Forrest Prize in Art Armour Memorial Prize: Computer Science Physical Education Prize The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English French Prize Special French Prize German Prize Spanish Prize Music Prize Economics Prize Dr. Forrest Prize in Art Ent ironmental Science Prize History Prize Geography Prize The Armour Memorial Prize for Computer Science Physics Prize Chemistry Prize The lngles Prize in Classics Special prizes The Choir Prize The Marion Osler Prize for Head Sacristan The Archbishop of Toronto Prize The Headmaster's Purchase Award The Fred Martin Memorial Prizes for Art and Music in the First Forms The J.D. Ketchum Music Prize The Stevenson Award for the Best Actor The Butterfield Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to Dramatics The Head Librarian's Award B.H. Davenport D.J. Bourne C.H. Giraud A.F, Stratford C.R. Currer B.H. Davenport B.H. Lawrence D.G. Hildebrandt T.A. Johnson R.R.J. Pinkerton R.R.J. Pinkerton J.B.S. Cote D.D.C. Gray N.P.F. Gray M.C. Walker S.D. Fleming-Wood S.R. Goodall A.S.C. Dew D.T. Logan R.R.J. Pinkerton N.B. Saunders M.C. Walker J.B.S. Cote M.C. Walker P.B. Blyth M.C. Walker C.D. Spurling Y.G. Bonnardeaux A.D. Gray C.D. Wells B.J. Pilgrim J-J. Liu B.H. Davenport S.J. Board C.D. Spurling S.A. Morris R.J. Chang The Gai in lnce Langmuir Memorial Prizes for Writing tEssayJ C.D. Dillane tEssayJ D.E.A. Wilson tShort Storyj R.B.G. Stewart tPoetryi l.R. MacDonald tPoetryy D.E.A. Wilson The Armour Memorial Prize for the Editor of The Record J.F.G. Futhey The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating J.B. Broadhurst The Speaker's Gavel A.D. Gray The Most Promising Junior Debater R.L. Hammond The Archbishop Renison Prize for Photography .l.C. Davies The Chess Prize N.J. Kilburn General proficiency 3 rd form .-X.Nl. .-Xlexiou N.R. BCHUN I.D. BONIL' UR. Currer l'.XX', Dillon LIU. l-'orbell I.D. Unrluml PLE. Guy P.R. Llrubec .I.A. Grunt CIS. Hall R.L. Hammond C..-X. Hobson P.D. Hodgson D.Nl. Hu llrnan 2nd form NLG. Bennett CLE. Bisaillon DAY. Christ CIP. Conradi J.Nl.L. Gibb-Carsley .l.D.A. Good D.T. Holmes Nl. Nl-K. Kam Nl..-X. Layug lst form IL' NLS. Khoury .l. Lee Sui J-J. Liu S.B. Snell Cl. Stadelrnann L'.l.XN, Kline R.Li.Nl. Kintlhorn NLW. Laughlin li. lee Sui P.B. Nlcfurtliy .-NR. NIcC'artne5 Dil NlcNeil .-X.Nl. Pinkerton HA, Podlexxslti R.R. Rzxrnclmndani R.Nl.U. Stexens O.P. SWCHIIIILIII LW. Wtllace C..-X. Whilte J-P. L. Marsh CD. Nloise J.E. Rees B.S. Sclnxartz IK. Taylor XXIR. Thompson NLD. Watkinson TAY, Whike D.N.P. Yemchulx fXl.J.J. Terpstra IL NLNI. Bassett D.B. Nlaxfield J.G.R. Maynard P..-X.P. Zalxarou Outstanding contributions to school life I ll I lll II It lx 1 I I Intlli-initIl1cll.i:ii:l'- ll I Nl I IXII :itil-urnillu XI.l!L'.llx IN I I 4 X II -ltlil-1rnItIln'l'l-lill1.II I li gl I I1 Xl iIIlIUlllllIIlL'Iilllvlllllll K li Ili I it I l l I I V I .,. - , 3,, ,.1 ,. 4 4,1 ..V.h5,r?-, 'I -1 b ,- f W wa . . Academic excellence in the sixth form X.L.X. Ann LB. Broadhursi P,l. Duncan J.lf.Ci. lfuthey S. Gingras .-X.D. Gray CL. Heenun, Lee Y, Rinco I.D. Seal LID. Shepherd LID. Spurling -','-'Wi' " X ' 'wifi' .' ti, . ' ' t' ' 1 .' f2'z'.i' ' tiff'- " r "": fs.f--2-xx Sixth form subject prizes l it Ix't'XIt1'Z'lIll!IlsIlI'll,'x' I NI lx lee l' ll' liiiy i Xit l'ii.i'e I ll llrtititlhttrst ll o liqt "w' , llttzt-it l'ti.'t I ll liiotttlltttrst .NX IJ tirtty lx' l tliilt-el mliiliittititl'ii.i'uttit Nl.tlh X l X..-Xnii I Xl lx ICU lyl 't1!ZtleI'NI'l!.'t'lt'lI'lIXslxw I Nl lx Iva' l ' i. l't-ts: ll lewis lot t ht-tiiisttx I 'Xl lx. I ee ll. liisles l'ii.'t' ittt lmsits I I CI I UIIKN lltiut-l l'ii.'e tot L Q iuogmiplix R H, I mt XX .iiltl lwitt-X I ll lirtnttllttiist l I' Xl ltilinston ll'elieritlil'ti.'t N Liittgms llte Ntymtxlt I'ttft' l,I Ci I titltey llietieitiiaii l'ii1t- 1 .IJ llilltine Ilt4'l,ltiw1e.tlllXlItl.tl1Ul1I'lllL' l.l .li I tttltey :X.IJ. Cirtiy llie I turiottttts l'itle Cfllr Sltephertl llie llitiliigy Iylllk' ID, Seal lltel ietitetmttt-CitixetttorK lot I nglish -XD. but's Nletlal lot XIIIIIIN I- NIR. I ee Centennial prizes for effort and progress SD. Birt P..l.C. Dalton .l-P. Follett B.H. Manning W.R. Thompson H.M. Vusila .l-.l. Ltti P-S. C. Yam Jubilee math awards 2nt1l'ortn:,l.R. llrtmtt 3rd l-ornt: K. l eeSut -ith ltormt lill, Dtuettport tlll I .l3. Clttrlx I l ll ith Iorttt: IBS. L ole Athletic awards lhe Nlagee L tip tor C ross Country and ltatelt and liieltl -- L rider 15 Next Hoy l.Nl,l ,Liihh-Qtirsley lhe lleher Rogers Xletttotitil lropht tor the Utitstartdirig I lltler I-I -Xlltlulc ttl llte wlttiul TNY. Wwltllxc lhe Pqitterwn Trophy tot tltefltitstttttdtrtg I ntler I5 Athlete in the Ntlttitil L .-X Htthwn lhe lxti, tlslet' L tip lor the Otitsttirtdittg Iittlesitle Athlete in the Sehool ,l.A. Saul 'l he dePeneier lrophy for the Otttsttintling Nlidtlleside Athlete in the Sehtiol l..P.M. Johnston The Stewart Attttttl lor CiootlSpir1t tindAcltiexement in Sports l.P.Nl. Johnston The Ingles 'I rophy lfor Keenness in Athletics AH. Bryant The .ltttk Nluytitird Xlemorizil lrophy lor Leadership in -Xthleties LLLTXI, Hospital ar., , , ,V ,tx x tl, A lv p, , I ebls H . s - e',e2""', :T'w!i1',! b f ' x A Maior prizes liwL..XZ,':: X.s,:. iw: '. .f.1. .' I Vu H'..x:s' Iwlw' km ' Xlu: 1' .L XY 1, -,.,, ,.,,,, . , ..1u.n! - 1 x w. N 1, ,X my nz.. . .. . ,X , . ,, I nw X ,Aww WH' y x'.s U .IM 'M " ', ' YA' fx' Cnhl Hw.'k..1xm lun I ,1lz.'rnw.m lwvlvm v ,.., , ,,,., . w MV xwx ,awk .w Mew Anthony award u . :L ' ' X H7 ' 1, . .. , ,, Xu , . .w,,, 1 X. .L ,n.-,xx .m wx, ,. Vuzww. .'.. n.....u- 1 'U 1-I X1 llwN1wV.mY f- ft. -to.-1 ., it AS- .M 'uv Sb..--ff-J ,ut .Q -. 'avi F 71.23-.'qj,g.5jP' 0 'Y Iii J:-5 ffgdl Q v 4,' I' 'Q .542 -V g l if f, ' A 156 1' U A L"-?1'fff"f'Ty. K " Q ' f ,L. N1 N. gg. ,..' ' ,Ira -:-t'3'Q'.f.t.- 1"'-K-A U DER THE BIG TGP TTQWST-75. A 1-43 t ,V ' ,,. ML, Debating ll' i.'. A f-' ll NIJ, l1'.'. X11KX,. Rl H ,1" ' 1Xf" wi ix' HX1 Xl..K,' Ixil .. I' H .' 1llXX1 X Xl N. 1 X XX' . H V Hp" I li' -N N 't.L. ' U lu X 'x Xl. .wx NW, 'V in W X , .lazz ensendde II., I IH In XI' XIJILL I II'w.wI IQ I NI.XN?I::lu: I Ix tum Ii XI NZ,'.Im.m K I XI.1xIII'III IIIIIIJIIL HHH III, III-.IIIIu.IxIIr XII Xx.IIIxUI I II-N NIIII Ii II L .IIIIIII'L'II N Hmm I lx IIIIIIIIIAXI I X I WAHI lrw'1CHIm II Ii II.1mIL IJ I III-mm I XX IIIIIIIIII II II XI.m1IIu: II II'l1.c Band XI: NII.'.IIIIIr-I I Iirwww IQ XI NIL'IIHI.II'I I Ix l um Ii I XIJN Imwr H Ii I4.mI,II.1I:II.1III Il XI IIIIIIIIMIII I' IJ IIIM: Im Ii I XIII'-IICILI I-I IJ fIrIIrI,II.I.x NI' XIJIIL I NN I ',Iw::I II. I 11I,Ir,.II HIIIJ II I II I I' I . 1 1 I, ,V . I I- In 1 II 5' II I N I NN 1'I I'I III I, I I ' WWW I - 1.- 1 P Y. " 0 L.. 4 ' Wi., l" "W"""i Prefects IMA lx'-fu I I' NI Iwrxrw I I I4 xkrw Ii 1. I.1,Iw I I NI.I,II.1 I I in I IMI Ix I NJ I X II Mm. N111 Imam v,,v.s ,HHH ffwn I I IIw.II.1Iw IP NI IIIIVIIII I IJ NIYIIIIIIIE Illp IIr.IIIzlz.1:u I I X.1m'I1.m cyl XI IIN-1wI.II I Il NAI Proctors IIQ nwxi' 1IlN3 IM lI,I1 I ww Ilwgr II IM, : GY-4 ' .', , .', -Y 'I DDRESS S Irma Unlulla A- I ' , I NN , I I. II . I NI I" 5 IJ, .Mhz---. Rull Nhrahalll X I. ,I III I,'.!l':.II-I-:I in - I' H+ N1-..:: I' I,I.l.Il! N -. M33 4'--I Iruue uI.llnlrwL 'Y I -2 N1 Ikwvt llwrl, UH! I X Ifl 411. ui Nav XII-under. knlnns ill-nun I 'I II fx NJMW X4 nm. aw: 124 1111? X Inu-nl knn Ir- I .lw.l.Il Rd . lilmn J, 'lm I I..II ll, Il .-.x I .-.x II. ll.-In AI-'ve I Irwin? .Iunn krm-lmng fl-1 N1I"I'.lr.1 Mu, II-vuxllw, IIIII Xl-ll' :K I -llli -IMI 'MIN 4 llrls hex I' 1' Il.-l -742. In-rl lil spun. I f Iliad.: mv 616-IDR: William Hain IH llulvr NI N . XNIIIIM. Ilfii I IX JNI JI6 668 6-151 .lnhn Baldwin IH I7 If-I gui- Ibr , Iwr-vnu-, tml XI-Ill IMI -llh-5412 345-I Bruce Barber I5 mulllm' Mu . S,luIl Nw Xld' I lm: Pr-Is :NZ 347. gm- hreg Harker 15' XII-:um -.L- XI . Xklrlulpcg, NIJ' RHI TNII Ill-I-I!-I N52 Slallheu Bl-lssl-ll 'P' HIM-l.l:'rI RJ Ilimn ilu' XI-INN IIJ Hrl-ll Haslln IM XKuII.lIld -X'-c, Ilwllmlli. Ilya' XI-ll II6 Jlh WN-I UI! heal! Bean '45 I -Im III'-d NN , Xhllcllmv. Um XII It I 5154 5'-145-II knlllonl Ilelk Zh I-www: IIIII R . II-mul-I. lun XI5I' ZN5 -lln .Isl Ffllll Nlallllem Iiellllell R R 12. klllgxllvn, Hlll ICI illll lwll 44-I 52vl Nllke Bernard 5llIwrlmnlll,IIc1 -XIV, l.l Rlvrllalxl, Ilvxudud XIII!-hf 'dvi Nick Berlu- R R .1 I' U lhvx 64, ID.1IkcllIl,Ulll IXIIII IIII I-I La'-1-ZW3 l'auI Bireh 1-1 -'kxllglun Xkus. l nnvnxlllc. lull l3R I-X' -llh--I" 4336 shawn Blrl III liclxcdrlc Rd. Iluullmn. um RM -1-V 613492-"alll berry Bisalllnn I' U lim I54l, klngxlull, Um k"l -IX h 6I'I W6-JQII-I Uuxid Hlarllvlllud JI lung Sl . Pl-rl Hope, lml I I-X ZR5 harp Blum- '5 I.Il.llun Dr , Hel -Mr, l.l Rnmalll. I rxnldlld NIV-65-7N3lI3 Paul Hlylh -N S.mnnII Rd R R el. I ,lIudunl.l. Uni NIJ-X IMI 4l6v6'1l-N156 Nlnlnn Ilnard ' -Mllus Mc. Ilmvnllv, Un: XI-HX IIS! -II6-913-4939 slew Bngpay In NN Illldm Nl . Porl Hope, rim ll,-X lk! 4Ih,ax5-SMI Peler Hullon 4540 Bnwlldcll Ill . I lelurlu. Il Q N KN lk-I 60-I-I"--ISI6 hes Bunnardeaux JU-l Alelluc Rd. . 'K. Il1rIlrlIll,UnI Nl-ll' 2I5 I I I I. I I I 1 I I I I I I I X -II6 962 351' I url-l Ihmlll lull' Ill NI , I dllllvnlwll, XII.. 15N IIN Jill--152 IIIIN .lllll Blrllrne 1Illllluu'RI.I,llI.lIIlvll,UllI Nik lim -Ilh 1414-2I'3 Dale Hlmen Il lvullbx -hc, Iumllllv, Uni KIRK INF -Ilh 9hI-'I-19X lain Bugle R R 17 Old Nlvrnlvod Rd . l'clcrl1lmnll:ll, lllll Id!! SNK 'Ili '43 I'I2 Pell' Hrelun IZI lxqnxlllgmll -Mc.. Vkcxl- llmunl, Que H31 2HZ Nlurruy Brewer I' U Bux 252. Ilanllllull 5. llcrllluda RIN-295-Ilhll .lumie Bmadllursl lI9X lambclh Rd . Oakxlllll. llnl I 6H 2124 -llh-X45-lllfh Chris Brown 76 I Imcuce Alu, NK lllulxdalu, mn NIZN 11.3 -llfw-121-Nw lxllinll Brlrvun R R 12. lklulby, Onl LIN 5R5 -llfv-655--416-I .Iefl Brown -will Q oolbruuk Nl . Nlunlrcul. Que INA 302 SI-I--IX5-I ISU llugues Brunel RI97 Alxcrllc, Sl Lcunurd. Que HIR 2R6 Sl-I-31-I-308.3 Andrew Bryanl P U Box -lfsl. Lcall Rzlpldx. XIQIII ROB INALI Juhn Buchanan P U Box HNII Shl, Hulnlllon BL'IlIlUkId 2409--lXUl'I C hris Bull -ll Ldcnlalc Crux . lallnglun, Un! NWA -IAS -316-247--1684 Angus Bunlain Ill!! Cnrccnoakx Dr . Nlmmaugll. Uni L51 3Al -IIh,x23-44156 L Ilris Byers I3K Alexandra Bhd . Iomnlo, Ulll NI-IR IIN'Il-316-4KI'I-SKI-I9 Sandy Campbell J-I Bcdlord Sl , Porl Hope. Uni, L I -'X IW3 416-B85-927I Roh Campbell IIT6 Old Ijoxl Dr., Oakllllc. Ont, I,6M IA6 -II6-827-7873 Mike Cann 35 Alblon Rd , Halllax, N S HIP IPR 902-477-KI6I .lawn Carlelnn R R srl, Urunu, On! I IIB INIU JI6-983-5826 Nmll Carscadden F6 Xlclroxc -Mc . Turulllo. Ulll NISM IIS-llfw-481-2lI5 Henry Chan I limnnlsporl C rex.. Sunr- Imrlnlgli, Ont XIII IIVJ -H6 Illllllflfl Russell Chung 3 IIuug.mlxlllc.I Ilr., PCIII X ulluy. Illllldad IIKI9-637-9202 I'.d C harl :Il Plunaell: Rd . Nklllolsdulc. llnl XIZI IVT -SI6-4-I-I -IISXU Darcy C hrisl R R I-I. C Llrcnmnl. Ulll I IIH llll JI6 BRI-6759 I evsls I irne 4' l'c1nmk Illxll , Pull Hope. Ulll , LIA IXI -llfl-KRS-IlJ6I .lim Cisnerus ll-ll .lnavludo dc eulruos rl-lfl-N L ullrllm, Venezuela lim Clark 96 Vlllldllcld Q lux. lxlngxlnll, Ulll INR 60-1 full-547-2292 Michael Cleland 211115 S Slunnon lane. View I llln, Urgcon. Lf,S.A, 9706K 503-655-6313 Jim Q ode I-8655 L hamplon Forest DL, -Xpl I4ll3. Houxlon, Tcxax 771169 713-580-III94 Jeffrey Coleman Bellwood Dr., R R ul, Ncxuaxllc, Oni LOA IHO -II6-987-5142 Hill Cllllnm 77 Dundas Sl , Kingston, CIDI. K7l IN5 613-5-ll-7569 llalid Collombin 56 NN cyhournc Crex , Toronlo. KIIII. 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Suggestions in the Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) collection:

Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Trinity College School - Record Yearbook (Port Hope, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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