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m , 1 1 j ,U 1 , 8 . 1 ' , 'V ,. ,.-,ff ,- - , V A h X' A 1 Y . LI 1 y J, AJ ' f.f,,L AQ W , ., . , .gyg A mx y 1 - f :Q -. . A , . gf' , . mv Q ' u 'Q' . 4 .- Z ,, 1 '. . L, , . . 0' . 1 4, W....y,w 'n , V . .- Y," f XV . is . ' .-1 F! .- ,x- I " wg X ' 9 , 4 .fr Q., . . .V .' I-',. ,, A-v,v'f',-X '. mf' .Jim , M!" :-,,.a,e'1lf,':m..A , ,, A 5, 1 -rf JkQ:13yR . f I ,, W., W ,. . ?71 A -'7 ,-qw" . in 1 'W 1.52, s , I W, - ,- A 1 w , ,ip it 2' v K . . A' 5 -.3 .,x,, - ' fl.. A if 23 e.,.- ' J ' uw .if if f, Lf' w . . - .,f , ,. V .1-V, - , ' . 'sv , A ' ' '?5'Qw'zL f '. Q,-Q -Y 2. 91, Y . ,, , ., THE NINETEEN FORTY-Two ' if v Q s wi , 9:- Z1 1 1 3 I I E 3 V4 .1 i Q Z w 4 i J 3 a Zfzeyeafuat TRINITY COLLEGE fluid cmd Pictufwd- THE NINbE,TElfN' FORT YHTWO ROBERT P. NICHOLS Editor-in-chief B. MCCLELLAN BEATY Business Jlflanager I HARTFORD ' CONNECTICUT :mmm Adwayn bring the old grads back to the campus. They drop back to see old friends and to note new changes. They love to gather in groups, just as they used to do when they were in college, talk about their jobs, and reminisce about college days. In those days they called them 'bull sessionsig now when they get together they call them reunions, but it really amounts to the same thing. The old grads are a swell group of fellows, sometimes we donit appreciate them. In the past years they have shown a great deal of interest in the college and have spread its name and reputation. The two new dormitories were built with their support, and future expansion will certainly gain their approval. In the meantime we still have our bull sessions, and old grads sometimes surprise us by dropping in on us. Just the other day when we were talking together, a loyal grad dropped in and started a long bull session by simply askingw- ,A Aw Q , D . ' sf 1x3,g5ff Hi f wif Y W -.,,,3, f M G 3 X- . A . I. ,Q A Hn...Q-nn-Q.-un-HHN.uw vu,-NMA -. Q ,ima N 1 1 ix! t , lm! me A 2 ,N is 3 5 W 'Q ,fs W E uf ::w.,ga3y- J. E 3? uv 5 4 K, .. me. . mm. 5 s t . 1. .? I f5iA3'f1 ji YN, M, ' if K 9 fy iw, '15 i 'H'-Q. , ,' . , 2 , x I 21, lik, - Y gsgxgqi, -- A . f fk W, A--- ig 1' S 3 1, V fm vw K P , .fzx-fzyxsf f wggym, 2, ,"ff5--wi" fa i . " If: Q, X 'film g1anww,,g9'1L ,W , W, , 'f .N ' X,-M, X. M01 1.-. f,1.,:wT2Q3v-Maw: 1 - 'ff.ifYf 'glt was swell of you, Bob, to drop in on us like this. X'Ve were just getting to- gether to talk about the year at Trinity and to plan our yearbook. It's a big job, but it gives us a ehanee to talk about all the happenings on the hill. Illl bet you can see a lot of changes, es- pecially with all the new buildings. But college life goes on about the sameg therels the same old bulletin board that gets overcrowded with notices until some fellow gets too close with a match. And then there's Doctor Adams' desk. They say he can come within an inch when he's looking for some particular letter. And Prexy has a wonderful habit of carrying on conversations from his of- fice window. We have the same old changes in seasonsg you had them too. And I suppose we did the same things that you did, but with a modern twist. "In the Fall we hated to do much work. The weather was swell. Hated to go inside for classes. Between Classes we gathered outside and made the most of our live minutes. The campus was beautiful, a paradise for a camera. Slowly it got cooler and we had to put our coats or1.'! Y l "Ii .rem you played 10111711 fouzfball on Ihr' ra1nj1u.r." If "XN'intcr made us button up our coats. It also brought El lot of snow. Ono morning wc awoke to find a huge snowman on thc ofllcc stops. Classes went on as usual and wc plodded along thc icy walks. But soon we had Spring." -tl 'A "This was the time we loved to loiter. But at the same time we had to think about ehapel Credits. VVe were in the home stretch now. llaster grades were due any time. It was fun to stand around and talk about vacations, trips to Florida and to Nassau, but we knew there were only six weeks to HH21lS.,, Lafv .S'jz1'i114g "During our first year at college, we were always looking for our mail. But as the years went hy, we forgot about our letters, we even forgot about the dean's notices that waited for us in the hoxes. The Union was one of our favorite hangouts. lt was hard to get around one of those tablesg Humphreyson and his gang seemed to monopolize them with their 'bridge' games. They used more than four players though. Sure, and we doped out politics while eating CIarp's sandwiches. 4'But wc studied oucc in a whilc. 'l'hc library didrft have comfortable chairs, but thc dcsks made good foot- stools. lt didn't matter much: wc usually got tossed out for making too murh uoisv. 'l'hc trots were' awfully good in helping us with our trans- lating. just ask Mulcahy thcrc. It was too had the lights wcrcu't brighter in thc cvcning so that we could see. "Oh, and those double doors. Wie just c'ouldn'i learn. The Lady or the Tiger? Usually the closet. But Prexy was always in rare form. I'll bet the skunks thought that tobacco was foul smelling. After we heard Prexy jiving away on the piano, we began to wonder if he were responsible for 'Beat Me Daddy Qhight to the Bar.j, M "Crook 4 stzxrtcd out with rx lot of ztddi- tionztl chairs. Soon thvrc wats no nc:-d for thc fhztirs. In fm-t they would have rc- rnovcd some of thc lnfllvlivs ztftcr mid- yvztrs. Rumor said it was ll snap ronrsc. YYhut 21 lic! But Profcssor Notoponlofz pointcfd out somv intcrcsting passages. just :ts Professor Bzn'rt't scmllccl to find znnusinff portions in thc' clzlssivs. Surf: wc tricd to do some ztpplv polishing too. Yliilkff Swiderski thcrc, hc' was good at itf, 111 l'f'1'fIl.i7I!X' lnolti lilo 'l'ofmf'z'o Rozuf" "You see, we have the same old bencihcfs that you had. But there-'re beginning to show wear in places now. Boy, we certainly had trouble in our physics. but Professor Wadlund was a good And we got good breaks from Professor 'l'z1ylor, too. Most of us didn't have a Chance to take any Courses with Profes- sor Morgan. All the freshmen liked his classes 21 lot." "There was only one way to get out of taking the finals. That was to get out at midyears. Some fellows took this short cut, and then headed south. "Physies with l,I'OfCSSOI' Perkins had its 2IdV2'tIltZlgCS""'21t times. Need I say more? Of eourse there were 21 few misplzteed notes on the elztrinet every now and then, hut, after all, it was it free eoneert, no extra eharge on our Luitions. Queer how some people were ztlxle to sleep through the eoneert. "You ciouldnlt help but notice all our changes. The new dorms, Goodwin and Woodward, were opened in the Fall. Now it is hard to believe that we used to take the path between Cook and the Chem building to get to Boardman. But other things are new. There are the weekly radio programs. The ex- lieutenant governor from Wfesleyan spoke on one program. And then we were kept busy for a week looking for Cinvading planes., Pictures of this were published in Life. Along with this we had courses in flying. I guess we have gone air-minded. But then we were always light in the headf' . "gf: "No sooner is one building completed than we have another started. At this rate they ought to start construction on the field house next March. That eertainly would please Dan lessee, but he wouldnat be the only one. I heard that Professor Troxell hated to see our newest dorm get under way because it spoiled all his nice rocks. Last year it was interesting to see how all the fellows in the C section of Cook got up early in the mornings. They were always on time for chapel. That riveting seemed to work wonders. This year the Alpha Delts were up early. Next year letas hope the people down on Broad Street hear some rivetingf, M .oh.,h, W- ...Q 1. W, ' ,ii Q , levi ifjvwfff - ,..ez,1:f:sgw ,. . ,45i9s,,5f5fH3 "' ' ie 2 ,PNK V V, ,, . . ii 1 M g.. fgjsgfgh ,1gifw3f f3,1 ' ,1 . F' ww my,f:g,1fQffa2xf5s2s'.fg?: f . ,S M, 'N:s4?i37??TS'.'-17 1 A I 'w?..,,m,x f- , wg .,-1 . . "'v raaxfirswviy Nw.-U...-Mvnuk ,-nmuny, 4, li, L 'QE3 -.1 M E135 QF? .ih- 1 S an M. , 'fl , A i s 2 A uf Q Q Q 3. ' 2 , :.:: S1 J 3 . SBR , . iw .1 . --sf? 5 -iw " .,,.,. L Egg 2 -L., ,,-fa ,x!5i:g137Abx25 1.3. as , Q , wif-if w,'2fQ,f.Is5gg' Q AY' as fQff'2,,.,f. P- Y K -L .. K e ff ,,.1 a, An N1 ww.,'.,f,'.g'. mf- .2,Hw,m,w. Wie. 5 A, ,M vm f, f T, -WH' 'I Q'-Qfw'ff1-Q Q",--ffigww fs in 1 5 wg, wk-'ff f LX gm 2 gf J e.. 3, 12, ffm 3. QQ. w,ew1.s., 45 Wgi w 2 -Q 31,1 53 .M ,iw . 1 -nwlbf Q my gms , ,, . . 3 . I F few 1 ..-, , , .5 .WM :W . x V W.. , A, .f.V,,....,l.,5, ,L Q ,gfwq " f.,,"'fg f Nga? Q,-fm-'Q Y' ,, , e,f312riy?"2rw'21g,,- f .. ' wr,-3 . .. '-'Wim ,,7f,,'.-? ff.z1,5s5'sQ, , 1 N22 4Igfig?'e2,g?gggi1'1f4Ia22,1:fQ::f ffm, wwf" H341 ' ff S W wg, 2: -f' W K .ffgwu A f V 'H f V ' T-:J 3 ,. ", . ' ' - - ' V, Q- X Xl 'Q 5 . 'M .fa ffl: SQ, ai H. M, - '. ' ng ,wi , V . 1 - av , 3, f, f . 1 ww fm M 5, , - R ' ' .e 'k"r-,125 f 1 - 'f f afl fgizf E Y "'l'he houses started rushing with a hang. ,got about eighty pledges in the hrst few weeks. They didn't lose many in the February purge, either. Some of the houses had perfect hatting averages, for example, Delta Phi. They ran the Sen- ate, jesters, Newman Club, Seabury So- ciety, and the swimming team. Did you see 'l'yler in the relay at XN'eslc-yan? Hihat a man! Speaking of Delta Phi, you should go down and see their new wall- paper. If there is a fellow sitting on the front steps, don't let him ing he wants either his money or the wallpaper." vw Dr. Aflams Still f'I't'lfIIt'Ilf.Y Delia Phi. rome ll 'wrln 1111113 1211 Thar chair didrfl Jw to agwv with the feflloztzr. c'speL'ialIy Stark." I22I "As usual the Sigma Nu house kept the varsity teams going by contributing fel- lows like Al Will, Joe Beidler, and Frank Fasi. 'T.B.,7 the Mighty Mite led cheers, while Stark Taylor kept the stands active with his 'Whistle Boom., Socially, the house had all but four members at the lnterfraternity Ball, and that's a darn good record. The group singing was really good this year due to the directing of Ed Vignone. Judging from the way they tried in contests, they Certainly wanted that singing cup, and the intramural cup toof, "'l'l1is is thc un' lrz1lc'1'nity. Vlllllfll' front fllfll looks like 21 parking lot. Plcnty of lzig' lmoys in thc' frcshlnzln group, but thc little' onus of Psi U gut along. 'llzzkc livstor or Middlchrook. 'l'hctn Clnslnnan runs thc Tripod. Ncill has in1pmvn'cl in cliving. 'l'hcy had thc' lzlrgust numhcr of plcclgcs this year. niu' llOllSl' panties. worm' wcll represented in sports. fxsk thc- lmys at St. Anthony about sqnushl lYith lhm' Trijmzl for thv CllSSt'IlllIl2lllOIl of propzlgzlmlzx, they should do well next ycar, or is Lherc El code' of jOl1I'I12lllSfYl?,l "IAM but you lfnozu Pvf I' 11f'z'1'r ldv II fodw fffllllfl fix .v AKE "The Dekes are always unusual, and this year they came through with something good. Chas. Thenebe became the hrst ward- heeler in the history of the eol- They say he lost to F.D.R. by two votes. Jack Crockett played hot basketball, and in his cooler moments he ran the Tripod. 'Diamond Glover' Swcetser starred in another Jester play with his expert mug- ging technique' with ll tennis rar'!wt." And I .vixjlposff lfVa7'd is still pretty ' g0O "Has Bill Ryan go! a twin brothcfr, 01' am I srdrzg double?" "The Crows were a versatile buneh this year. They had four varsity Captains and a few good letter men such as Harris, Knurek, Thomsen, and Mills. And then there were Fink and Black on the freshman teams. The Trijmrl business staff looked like a house project. Barnes and Russo had the Glee Club under their thumbs pretty well. When the house lost 'Dueki W'alsh to the army, he said, 'Wait till I get you guys in the ranksf Buck Private-to-be Knurek wonft have to wait longfa H51 as AAO 5 A "Didn't they have enough rhzzirx to let Ollflallwy d0zc'n?,' "The Alpha Delts sure played good water baseball this yearg Sand- wirh john, Carpenter and Cully Roberts starred with their double plays. Ned O'hlalley and Dick Tullar were among the sharpshoot- ers on the varsity basketball team. 'Mae' Beaty was still tops on the fairways, and between rounds man- aged the business end of the Ivy. liver since the Vfesleyan game 'Monk' Moore has been listed in the books as a one-man cheering section." l 1261 Has Charley Cook !'0IIK't'IiI'd the re'- ll'l'fl.0II of Rooxzwwlf yf't."" k h Deltu Psis were darn active this year. A IF "Between trips over the me s t e . . . , , The 7l7'lfI0ll' staff was bolstered up by the presence of Pete Gorman and Andy Weeks. Bill Cleveland was captain of the tennis team, and Cappy ' " ' ' ' " X Q Ais fave LlSIlZ1ppy jones threw at mean hummer-loek III urestlxng. lhc St. 3 'l'ez1 Dance over the Interfraternity Week-end." l27l COMMONS CLUB "Looks like llfl'ft'lI!11j'Q7'0Zlf2. As for the barbz'r. Norlham rzwds 0m'."' "The Commons Club is still under the Dexter regime. Itls rumored that they are not going' to let Ned graduate until there is another Dexter to Carry on. The club held one of the best dances of the Amherst week-end. Also held meetings regularly. But the foundations of the club were rocked by Certain reform meas- ures. Ask Bond. And thatls Peterson, barber deluxe of Northamf, l28I "Old A T K is hack in Middle Jarvis nowg half the windows are broken already. Harry Johnson resides on the premises and keeps the home Hres burning. Pledged Al VVallaee. Did you see his flying block in the Coast Guard game? Yes, A T K is small, but they all have their share of funf, A'l1'lzz'rh one is Klo.v.v.'l I hear that lwlx a politirian l29I INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL "Wall, what did the Interfra- twrnity Council do this year?" "First of all, the council looked over the rushing situa- tion and decided to keep the rules unchanged. Schedules as to when rushing was legal were made, and off- campus rushing was outlawed to protect innocent freshmen from the wicked fraternity men. But the big- gest thing the council has done in years was the Inter- fraternity Ball. It came after Mid-years. Each house was taxed to raise funds for the dance, then tickets were sold to non-fraternity men. The committee hired a good band, the MacFarland Twins, and the dance was held at the Hartford Club. We have the hoys to thank for a fine dance. And it was financially successful, too. Wie had real Interfraternity spirit that week-end. Yes, this year the council has worked hard to draw the fraternities to- getherf, i301 may "'I'f-wg 15 3' 'W 'Kilim ea-uunmwwnsaairwwma cj 0 , I AI. ,M 1 f , f-.. gb 1 'W ' 1 as L 3 11. if vw.. 5.9 Q31 fi? f . v x 'K K M Ii D USA SENATE "I was speaking with my senator. You know, it's a won- der how they spend our money! This year the Senate underwrote the Ambulance, Ten Nights in zz Har-Romn. the Review, and a new sport coat for Foley. He became president of the Senate after 'Duck' Walsh left. They also ran the Spring Dance so that there would he no slip up in getting a name hand. Then there were Senate dances in the Commons. Not had! We wish that they could underwrite a new field housef' "There weren't many chances for the 'four old men' to assert themselves this year. Of course they did a little in- vestigating on the fire extinguisher episode in Wfoodward. And they acted as bottle patrol at the dances, but their policing stopped there. They started that pep rally the night before the Amherst game, last fall. That was a sweet idea: ought to keep it up, band, torches, cheerleaders, rah-rah Prexy, and all. It certainly made Blood run cold the next davll' SOPH HOP "Yep, these fellows were picked by their fraternities and student groups to run the Soph Hop. Randy Sharp was il task master, and incidentally the chairman. But they produced! liveryhody enjoyed the dance, Bunny lierigztn, and everything. We have to give Randy and his group 21 lot of credit for that dancefa TRINITY REVIEW "The 1f6'Z'fI?Zll came out this year with a new cover joh. Looked less intel- lectual, 'l'here were some good stories in it, especially that one hy Dickinson. 'l'he editor said that he wanted more contributions. I know that they had a hard time, hut they deserve a lot of credit." TRI POD "The Trijzrnlf' Well, this year the 'l'ripe' covered most of the school activities. Did 21 better job than ever hcfore. 'l'here was more humor, too, and that didn't hurt a hit. Jack Crockett and 'Chinkl Flanders, editor- in-chief and business manager up un- til Fehruztry, were followed by Jac Cushman and Bob Morris. Jac has adopted a policy of pictures and more pictures: Boh has been on the hall too. Welve had several six page editions which are impossible without the old lzfrre. And let's hope they continue those novel week end edi- tions." GLEE CLUB "Professor lNatters handed the Glee Club over to Frank Hagarty this year. The club is small, but by far the best in years. Sang at Prep Schools this year. With Dick Barnes and Joe Rossi doing tenor and piano solo work they kept things moving. Their scheduled concert with Connecticut College was postponed, but a touching write-up of that concert appeared a week early in the Times, thanks to Ladner. The club gave an invitation concert here at the school. About timeln L, CHOIR "The choir earned their 899.99 per man this year. They really sang some beautiful services, even when they had cheered themselves hoarse for the football team the day heforef, SEABURY SOCIETY l'These fellows are mostly pre-divinity students. At their meetings theyive had several good lectures, and sometimes they just 'talked shop' among themselvesf' NEWMAN CLUB "The interest in the club was pretty high this year, especially at that talk Father Hayes gave on marriagef, "So 1'h11f'.x' flu' man, zt'fll11 ll rountry. Lvfs IIOIIH' he gets if 12r1r'l.'." POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB "The Political Seienee Club is open to everyone on Campus, and oc'c'asionally they get large crowds. Last December Dr. Paul Van Zeeland gave the most informative speech we have heard about llurope. In ease you didn't know, he is the former Prime Minister of Belgium. Then in INIareh the Speaker of the State House of Rep- resentatives, Hugh Alcorn, Jr., spoke before the elub. The club has certainly been doing things this year." PI GAMMA MU "llhese are the social science stars. You might call them social Phi Bets. Itas an honorary society so they don't have much to do. Next year they plan to be more aftive as a group and hold discussions on topics of in- terestf, DEBATING CLUB 'LThese boys have had the busiest year that the club has known. De- bates with two women's colleges, St. Josephis and New Rochelle. Over Easter they went down to Columbia. Kaplan, Ward, Cooney, Clarke, Meshenuk .... YN'onder if they ean talk their profs into giving them A's?" SCPHOMORE DINING CLUB "As usual the S.D.C. did little this year. They conducted a Trinity tour for about go Bulkley girls. And then of Course the new mem- bers got stuck for the annual ban- quet. An old Trinity custom, give the other guy the cheekfl ff' PHI BETA KAPPA "Here are the 'brain trusters' for this year. They went through the hard way, no short euts. It's al- ways nice to know that there are still some fellows who come to col- lege to study. And if you don't think they studied, try and get Phi Beta Kappa withoutf, CHEMISTRY CLUB "The Chem Club is still young, going into its fifth year. Wlhen they start giving us beefsteak in pills remem- ber these boys." JESTERS "We,ve told you all about the Jesters, l guess, but before it's too late I guess we ought to mention the fellow that does the real work, the director. He's Professor Helmbold, 21 top-notch man for the job. Besides being an actor himself he can teach others the ropes." .M nun ...nun . , , ' . ? X 1, 65. , ,A vawskggelfw- wgfmgaf ,,..:f-ws W- Q .- wx ,K ,nw 3 n, ,. mpg: ' 721 Q . WLV, 7 . Q J L Y' Eff . 4' iff 7 f :,L. vfr, 5 1 f QQ jf 'fi I M - X 3 Pk 232, 25. 1' ,W-awk 2 xii 4 Y,-M, A. . , . U., 1, I pw . f t . W : I 1-M if 'S . E., f AE! L ., L, ' 'miff' 5 I my mm 3 W 2 1 3 , - 2 Q 53 s JW J , 'si' f fag 1 .,, . 4 H ,ig Q f Sf Je, wig.-'skE3'A' . q Q "This year the team outfought every team they played and they beat all but two of them. That opening game against R.P.l. was too bad because we were good enough to beat them, but we just didn,t start to Click until too late in the gamef, "4 M'7llJ7l,l Ryan cap- tain this year?" "'l'lzm'ff:s Dan giving 'em the old fight talkfl "They do use those lighttv, dmft tlzcyfl' l "But after that first game the team perked up and handed Vermont a licking. See, that,s a picture of the game up at the top. Then the boys hit the road and took Worcester Tech and Hobart into camp. That Coast Guard game was a wow. It was really full of action and the boys opened up with their passes. In that picture at the bottom of the page you can see one of the pass plays. See, both the ends are wide open down there. No wonder we won that game, but it sure was close. lNe didn,t win until the last minute or two. And that was the game that Jack Fay jumped off the stretcher to get back in the game, remem- ber? Then came the Amherst week end. Everybody got steamed up about beating the Lord Jeffs. Dummies were hung up and signs posted all over the campus. Friday night there was a big torch parade and rally. Tom lNood led cheersg VValsh, Ryan, and Jessee spoke, then we sangf, "Prexy played the bells, and ar- rived just in time to say his piece. It sure was great and we beat Amherst! That left us with old Wes to deal with, and they sure did deal with usf' "Tha boys look as though theyre out for blood thzmff' 45 L'YYes had a mighty good team that was undefeated all year long, and they just outplayed us, that's all. Were all look- ing forward to seeing LBlaek and lN'hite' out with the varsity next year. That White is one sweet ball carrier, and Blaekie's no sloueh either. Yes, football was plenty good here this year. It was too bad about Bud Killianis leg, but it's pretty swell to see him up and around again." l44l KWYIZ, Porky and Don .surf z'rz7'l1c'd th1'z'1' Ir"llw1'.x' Iliff ye'ar.' SOCCER "VYith so many hard heads at Trinity, we should do better in soecer, but then you need brains to play this game. VVe lost to Yale but took Amherst. Played water- polo with Coast Guard and WVCS. Remember 'Hey Ref' Tul- lar,s swan dive? This year the A.A. gave major letters to John- son, Williamson, and Roberts? BASKETBALL "Ray Oosting gave up coaching basketball this year so he eould do more towards getting a new field house Qwe hopej. Ralph Erickson took over and turned out a team with plenty of ginger. The fellows had a tough seheduleg came through with Hve wins, seven losses. They would have done better if there had been a play-maker on the team, someone who would be eool enough to furnish and set up plays in the pinehesf, "Ania boy, Curly, you fell 'vnzfu "But fight? Gosh, that team put everything into every game. Several times their last minute rallies made their opponents look silly. The Mass. State game was like that. Diek Tullar won that with a foul sho. after the final whistle. That's a picture of Dick going after the ball. The first VVesleyan game was nip and tuek all the way. Lost it by one basket. The second game with Wes proved they had the better team. Their baekboard shots lieked us! Next year welll get some good material from the frosh quintet, Black, Conant, Dubovictk, Danielson, and a few others. A fellow like Danielson would fill Thomsenas shoes. L'And hereis a picture of Thomseng he looks tired, doesnlt he? 'Tommy' played some darned good hall games this year, but he's a hot-cold player. All good or lf W 4, well not so good. That white spot? Uh, that's the ball. Sure had to take a heating to get that picture. That Swarthmore game was a thriller. We won it all right, but that wasrft the point. 'llhat was the last game 'Duck' NN'alsh played in, and how he played that night. W'hcn he left the game every- one stood and cheered our new soldier. 'Duck' was missed, all right, but 'Clroc'k,' 'Porky' "l'hommy,' and 'Nedl Carried onf' INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL i'After that slow Haverford game it was heartening to see real basketball. Those intramural games in Alumni Hall were hot. The Alpha Delts came through in the National League, the Neutral Colds in the American, and talk about your ringers, youtd think half the fellows were varsity. The Crows were ac- cused of using a ringer, but Curly Erickson took one look at Mills then denied that he was ever varsity material. Fresher was putting odds that the Crows could take the varsity, but the best they could do was to take a second in their league." T481 bWIMMING "The teztni started the year with two wins up in Boston. 'l'yler and Conway were plenty hot, and Morhztrdt came through in his new assignment, the hreaststroke. First time he butterflied in varsity competition he took Z1 first. Lots of records were hroken, Tyler of course! And with fellows like Bonee and Con- way we took firsts. We didn't have enough power to take those needed see- onds and thirds, and that showed up when we niet teams that were well hal- aneedf' "jimitt'hatA'i11rlofa dzzf lox 4 ll thi If H7 ls f 0 so thing we did in tht' old sttnrzruzrzg Ol t lt Il I tax zz f'The Union meet was a walkaway. We took all the firsts except one. Joe Clark switched the relay teams around and tried to work out the fastest possible combination. They all looked pretty fast, but those tenths of seconds count. Bonee, Sharp, McClure, Earle . . . all good men. Those things arenit frogs, they,re breaststrokers. After five straight wins we came up against Williams. Five records fell in that meet. Those fellows, Bacon and McClay were plenty good. But Williams had that extra power. Neill and Taylor improved as the season went by, and next year with Fearing in there we ought to take more points in diving. In swimming little things count, take turns for in- stance . . . Tyler can make up a stroke on a turn. There he is hitting the wall at fifty knots. You'd think he had an outboard tied on his back, the way he goes. The boys went down to Wesleyan with high hopes, but a win just wasnlt in the cards for them. It was pretty even all the way through, and the deciding relay kept the crowd on its toes. It was the best relay of the year, even though we lost. Dave did his darndest .... The freshman team is sending up some good men for varsity next year, Jack Tyler, Peabody, Fearing, Tor- rey and Barthelmessf' WRESTLING "There's wrestling, not much appreciated by the students. Have some good men out, all the way from T. B. WVood to Art Manice at 240. Middlebrook in the 45 class is fast, was captain at Andover. Sophomore Bobby Wells coaches at Loomis now. We took them over, but lost to Wes, which seems to be a habit. What we need is more even weight distribu- tion. Nelson, Tyler, Schwartz, Balf . . . good men! But Coach James could use a few in the 160 classf' SQUASH "That squash team is certainly coming along. Had three matches. Only won one of them, but the others were close. Next year squash will be recognized as a minor sport and the boys that play will be rewarded. In the tournament Cleveland had things his way again this year, but Cunningham was a close secondf, TRACK "The track team got off to an early start this year. all right. They were out doing those exercises a couple of weeks before liaster ya- cation. At first everybody had aches and pains all oyer. No wind, and some guys even had shin splints from running on the board track. But those things came around and so did the weather, so the team was able to move out- doors. You can see the squad working out in these two pictures. 'l'here's Pcdicord and Marty YVood doing the 'bicycle ridef There were a lot of good men out for track, but there were a great many others who should have been outf' "Who? VVCII, thereis jim Caffrey, the captain, right in the picture there, Then there are lilriek, Rosen, and Ryan for the dashes. Hodgkins hurdles, Weeks jumps, and Al VVallace tosses the javelin. The team had a fairly stiff schedule this year with three good tripsf, 4. "The team took Z1 swell trip south this year, but it was tough going down there without any real practice. Boy, we sure do need that field house." BASEBALL fits! 55134 ,wr N "I1'hat'.v Dan fvlling Xml' all about his f'XfH'IAlf'IIK'f'Y in flu' 'Crnju'fr'z1i! I,!'llLLfIlt'll Il'l1y if Dm: roulrlrfl fm .-',for1. Iltsfl 1211111 .goof ' ,nf f V ' ' ff' 2 ' V3 '.- ' W5 Aw:-4515: ,, :ef 7' -f. '- .' ' -' . 'I.". 893356 Fl: :Suv fegwx 1 gi ,L V 'fm xr' ff? K Q , A - Y . .mu 915- ggwgff A m m y A xx H2 HE 4' 1 MM...-W LL,A- V 3 '1 1 . , M i ,, g M MW 1954 gf f an ff M an , T , ., t . S ? i vw As H j f? 1 .A V, f f? . . -11 f" nl. , a , -- . . ' -t K"2f6 2z 5f1 1 - 5 ,. I ' ' if 5 1 . , ag -iii H 1? f , ' 2-J. -- ' ' Q fi .1 M, Q. A 5 Q B 2 . 4 I 'S ,V yy .5 1 i . fu X I Hi 'ius.-..,.,. U LIESTERS "The jesters had a good year, During the hrst half they produced a swell meller- drammer, 'Ten Nights in a Bar-Room., The prohts went to help the Trinity Ambu- lance Fund. As usual, Sheen, Swiderski, and Sweetser turned in commendable per- formances. Then for a change, several of the jesters took parts in 'Chick' Austinis Hamlet. And that was really Hamlet! The season was finished off with a bang-up pro- duction of SMurder in the Cathedral., The boys were fortunate to have the St. Joseph's choir for this play. During the year Getz was elected presidentg took Sheen's place. The stage crew remains the unsung heroesf, "lVh0's that handing thc check to Prcxg P1'0fr,1mm' ll'v11flcIIf"' FACULTY ENTERTAINMENT "This year the faculty has taken a new lease on life. First sign was an evening of movies about traveling in South America which they showed to about half the school. After the show there were eats in the lounge. Then they came through with a magic show. Chick, Austin, the Great Osram, proved that the hand is quicker than the eye. Before the performance one of his Canaries got loose, and as it flew around the auditorium I heard a freshman say: 'Don't believe itll After the show we had eats at the Commons and Prexy played and sang? songs." "ll's a good thing to get together with your profit mm' and Ilzwn, but flwn . H ENGLISH REFUGEE DINNER "You should have been here last January. Prexy gave a banquet for Refugee English boys. Had a chapel serv- iee, paraded down the campus to the tune of blatant 1. bagpipes, and ended inevitably at MaeFall's. The Com- mons was dressed up like an old English manor hall. 'llhey piped the Old English Roast Beef on with due ceremony. Prexy, with his apron on, hacked and muti- lated the roast. The upshot of all this was the cricket and trumpet rnateh with tea down by the swimming pool." .-yn' W Liga-a SOPH HOP "Randy and his gang of Sophomores put on 21 swell hop for us this fall. That's Randy and his date in the pieture there. Bunny Beriganls new hand played sweet and low, nice for dancing close. Then they'd break out, Bunny on his trumpet, and hold a jam session. lt looks like Joe lnk liked Bunny, or is he selling insurance? 'l'he dance was as good as the table service was bad. Al- ways that way at the Hartford Club. lt was so had that Prexy donned an apron and helped serve eokesf' INTERFR.-X'I'ERNI'1'Y BALL "At last wc' had our Irltcrfrsttcrllity Bull, and it was well worth the effort. 'l'hc I. F. C. hircd the iXIZ1CF21Fi2lIlLl Twins, 21 coming band, and they furnished smooth music' with an ovciztsioliul song like 'MaciNzunz1rz1's Bzuidf Jack Fay and his Sigma Nu's really murdcrcd that song. 'l'hcre,s their table. The Pipfrs' sung during intermission. just as good as vvcr, amd thz1t's plenty good. And thCrC's Bzirthclmcss cutting thc rug. Hvy, kid. wake up! Tha' music"s ovcr." ... Mawr g,..--M WK ,W- W b 8 ,ge 352-A Q W SK' ,K EMM U31 ,,.- , '32 if 1 A, ax X -5l'?Eaf . mfg, f ul 32215: 3 Q., ew: f AQV 1.1-9 in 1 wg, Y Q a Q "Here are the fellows who leave in June-varsity captains, class presidents, fra- ternity men, neutrals, 'brainsf all around good fellows. Some are pre-med or pre- divinity, others pre-not-much-of-anything. They'll be those who are drafted, those who enlist, off to the tune gThere,s a Long, Long Trail., Vlelll miss them in September. 'Where's Joe? What's Ed doing now?' Won't see them on the campus, or read their names in the line-ups, or hear them read the lesson at Sunday vespers. We're kind of used to seeing them around. Theylll go, but then one day: GSay, I saw Joe last nighffaor 'Ed,s coming up this weekend., Occasional glimpses of old faces, then they come back, for there's always re- union." l63l RICHARD HOLLAND BARNES Lakewood Village, Cal. Major Subject: English, Choir Q2, 3, 45, Glee Club QQ, 3, 45 , Student Director Q45 g Trinity Pipes Q3, 45, AXP. Transferred from Fullerton junior College. Prepared at Brea-Olinda Union High School CHARLES BAYER New York, N. T. Major Subject: Chemistry. Prepared at Stuyvesant High School IVAN FRANK BENNETT Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Track QI, 2, 3, 455 Cross-Country QQ, 3, 45. Prepared at Hartford Public High School 64 RICHARD TILLSON BLAISDIELL West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Philosophy, Radio Club QI, 2, 3, 45 , Treasurer Q35 , Vice-President Q45g Choir QQ, 45, Glee Club QI, 2, 45, Co-Librarian QQ5j Sophomore Hop Com- mittee, Freshman Swimming, Political Science Club Q45 g AXP. Prepared at William Hall High School GERARD ANDREWV BARNABY MORRIS LOUIS BORSTEIN Simsbury, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Classics. lXlajOr Subject: Chemistry, Freshman Prepared at St. Thomas Seminary Baseballg Baseball CQ, gjg Freshman Bas- ketball, Basketballf2, 3, 4jg Chemistry Club CQ, 3, 41. Prepared at Weaver High School l ROBERT ERNEST BROATCII, JR. LOUIS ERNEST BUCK Milford, Conn. Iiast Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Economicsg Glce Club Major subject: Economics: Debating CI, 2, 4jg Choir KI, 2, 413 Swimming Club CQ, 3, 47g Newman Club CQ, 3, 45. KI, QD 5 Sophomore Hop Cornmitteeg AKE. Prepared at East Hartford High School Prepared at Milford High School 65 DAVID ETHELBERT CALLAGHAN JAMES MORAN CAFFREY, JR, Brooklyn, N. T. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, Political Science Major Subject: Chemistryg Cross Country Club Q4j5 Sophomore Hop Committee, QI, 2, gj, Captain CQ, Track ll, 2, gj, ACD. Captain Prepared at Adelphi Aeederny Prepared at Weaver High School l JOHN TAGGARD CARPENTER HERBERT IRVING CHAUSER Burlington, Vt. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, Freshman Foot- Major Subjects: Physics and Mathemat- ballg Freshman Basketball, Freshman Ten- ics, Baseball Manager lij 5 Football Man- nisg Tennis C2, 3, 45 5 Soccer lg, 45 5 Soph- ager omore Hop Committee, Interfraternity Prepared at Weaver High School Council f4.j 5 Winter Ball Committee QQ 3 Manager, Basketball f4jg AND. Prepared at Burlington High School l66l JOSEPH ANTIIONY CLAPIS Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Classics, Track fl, QD g Glee Club QQ, 3, 45 g Political Science Club Q4j5 Newman Club lg, 4, g fDl3K. Prepared at Hartford High School JOHN LYONS CLARKE Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Mathematics and Phil- osophyg Freshman Football, Junior Varsity Baseball lljg Tennis 121, Debating So- ciety C3, LQ, Secretary-Treasurer lgjg ATK. Prepared at Bulkeley High School WARREN EMI-IRY CLOUGH FRANK WILSON CLow Tolland, Conn. Geneva, N. T. Major Subject: Chemistry, Commons Major Subject: Historyg Political Science Club. Club QQ, EN. Prepared at Rockville High School Prepared at Geneva High School l67 GEORGE STEDMAN COMSTOCK III Bethlehem, Pa. Major Subjects: History and English, Sophomore Hop Committee CQ1, Inter- fraternity Council CQ1, Secretary C31, Football CQ1, Tripod CQ1, Assignment Editor C31 , Assistant Swimming Manager C31 , Sophomore Dining Club, Chairman, AW. Prepared at St. james School EDWARD JOSEPH CONWAY Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Freshman Swimming: Swimming Team CQ, 31, Cap- tain C41, Freshman Track, Track CQ, 3, 41, Political Science Club CQ, 31, New- man Club C213 Sophomore Dining Club, Varsity Club, Medusa, Class President CQ, 31, Athletic Advisory Council, Secre- tary President C41 , AXP. Prepared at Hartford High School JOSEPH REMI CORMIICR Newington, Conn. Major Subject: Economics, Freshman Baseball, Golf CQ, 3, 41, Newman Club CQ, 3, 41 , Political Science Club CQ, 3, 41 , IIFM. Prepared at Bulkeley High School 68 1 JOHN FRANKLIN CROCKETT jackson Heights, N. T. Major Subject: History, Tripod CI, Q, 31, Editor-in-Chief C41, Basketball CI, Q, 3, 41 , Baseball CI1, Track C21 , Soccer C3, 41, Political Science Club C41, Inter- fraternity Council C3, 41 , Sophomore Dining Club, Senate, Medusa, AKE. Prepared at Mourzt Vernon High School DAVID HARVEY CUNNINGHAM DONALD JEWETT DAY Hartford, Corin. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Mcdicalg Freshman Major Subject: Englishg Tennis QI, 2, 31, Basketball, Freshman Track, Track Team Swimming CI, 2, 31 5 T.C.C. CQ, 3, 415 Squash Team QQ, 413 Varsity Prepared at Bulkeley High School Club. Prepared at Hartford High School PROSPICRO ljIiBONA, JR. MARTIN JOHN IJESMOND Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Englishg Freshman Bas- Major Subjects: Physics and Civil Engi ketball: Freshman Baseballg Baseball CQ, nccringg Newman Club C2, 3, 41. 3, 41 1 French Club C3, 41 3 Debating Club Prajzarvd at Bulkeley High School K31 3 Newman Club CQ, 3, 41 g IVY Board. Prlfparwd at liast Hartford High School l69l WILLIAM BRYCE DEXTER ERNEST NEXVTON IDICKINSON Rocky Hill, Conn. Major Subject: Scienceg Freshman Foot- Freshman Socccrg Soccer QQ, 3, LQ, Presi- dent of Class C I, 4D 5 Vice-President K3, 4D g Glee Club CQ, 35, Librarian fgjg Secre- tary of Scnatc f4j g Freshman Trackg Track Q21 g Sophomore Dining Club, In- tramural Athletic Council Qgjg Commit- tee on Student Affairs C4jg Radio Club, Interfraternity Ball Committee, Jesters QQ, 33 : Too. Prepared at Wethersfield High School Mystic, Conn. Major Subject: English. Prepared at Robert E. Fitch High School FRANCIS josEI-H PAUL DoNAI-IUE Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Classics. Prepared at Hartford High School H01 HERBERT BERNARD FIQLDMAN Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics and Mathema- ticsg Swimming QI, 2, gjg Debating Club c3w1wBK. Prepared at Weaver High School JOHN GERALD FITZGERALD Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: History and Economics: Political Science Club C3, 45: Newman Club QQ, 3, 45: Freshman Basketballl Freshman Football, AXP. Prepared at Bulkeley High School ALLEN FLANAGAN Harrison, N. T. Major Subject: History: Political Sci- ence Club f2, 45 5 Tripod 12, 35, Circula- tion Nlanager Q45 g Trinity College Cinema Club, President C45 g AXP. Prepared at Brunswick School VV.-XLTER Lou FLANDERS, JR. .lfIr1j'z'ille, X. T. Major Subject: Philosophy: Tripod QI5, Assistant Business Manager CQ, 35, Busi- ness Manager K45: Interfraternity Coun- cil 135, Secretary C451 Varsity Manager Baseball : Varsity Club H352 Political Science Club CI, 25 3 Senate C45 5 AXP. Prepared at Majftiille High School EDWARD MA'F'FHENV FOLIQY Hamderi, Conn. Major Subject: History: Senate Q35, President and Treasurer C455 Interfra- ternity Council Q25: Jesters CI, Q, 3, 45, Political Science Club 125, Treasurer C45 5 Tennis CI, 25 :Tripod Q15 g Newman Club CQ, 3, 45 g AID. Prepared at Hamderz. High Sohool Rocco ANTHONY FRANCHI ALFRED EMANUEL GAVERT Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History. Major Subject: Economicsg Glee Club CQ, Prepared at Weaver High School gj g Manager Of Track Team C45 . Prepared at Bulkeley High School ROY FRANCIS GILLEY, ju, Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: General Scienccg Glcc Club CQ, glg Chemistry Club Prepared at Weaver High School 72 LEE DANA GOODBIIXN Newton Centre, Ma55'. Major Subjects: English and Philosophyg Tripod QI, QD, Editorial Staff Qgj, Fea- turc Editor C4jg IVY Board Cgjg Trinity Ambulance Fund Committe C4j5 Jcstcrs C37 45- Prepared at Country Day School for Boyx CHARLES BANCROFT GOODRICII ALBERT GORMAN, JR. West Hartford, Conn. Baltimore, Maryland Major Subject: Classics: Freshman Soc- Major Subjects: French and German cer: Trinity Review fgj. Tripod f2j, Editorial Board 131, Manag- Prepared at Loomis School ing Editor C4j 5 Review fgjg Interfrater- nity Council C4j 3 Senate f4J 3 AW. Prepared at St. james School ' I ROIJNI'1X' lJI2NNIS HALL, JR. JoIIN WILLIAM IIARRIS Fluxlzirzg, L. I. Barton, llflasx. lXIajor Subjects: Philosophy and Psychol- Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Trinity Re- ogy: Freshman Soccer: Hockey 62, 3lS view Qgjg T.C.C., Secretary Cgjg CDBK Crew 14D 2 AIP. Prejrared at liriglish High School Prej1arz'd at Kent Sfhool I 73 I ROBERT PIPER HARRIS West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Historyg Freshman Foot- ballg Football CQ, 3, 45 g Baseball CI, 2, 35, Captain l4j g Basketball QI, Q, 31 g Sopho- more Dining Clubg Secretary-Treasurer CQJ g AXP. Prepared at Kingswood School STEPHEN DAVID HART Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics and Chcmistryg Chemistry Club QI, 2, gj, Secretary Cttjg Science Club CQ, 31. Prepared at Bulkeley High School HAROLD ALSTON HEAP SETI-I POMEROY HOLCOMBlf Adams, Mass. Hartford, Conn Major Subject: Historyg Political Science Major Subject: Classics. Clubg Cross-Country fI, Qjg T.C.C.g Sec- Prepared at Loomis School retary-Treasurer, Senior Class. Prepared at Adams High School 74 WILLIAM EDWARD HowARD CHARLES RAYMOND HUMPHREYSON Hempstead, L. I. Poughkeepsie, N. T. Major Subject: Psychologyg Jcstcrs CI, 2, Major Subject: Historyg Manager, Fresh 3, 4D g IVY Board C3jg Student Carillon- man Footballg Political Science Club. neur CI, 2, 3, 41 g A111 Prepared at Poughkeepsie High School Prepared at Trinity School EDWARD JUDAH HURWITZ HERBERT EUGENE HUNGERFORD, JR. Hartford, Conn. lVest Hartford, Court. Major Subject: Chcmistryg Chemistry Major Subjects: Physics and Matherna Club C2, 3, 4j. ticsg Glcc Club C3, 4jg Radio Club C41 Prepared at Weaver High School French Club Prepared at Mount Hermon School I 75 I THADDEUS FRANK JESIONOXVSKI Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Biology and Pre-Medical. Prepared at Hartford High School ALDEN VERNER -Iorrisois West Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics and Chemistry: Chcmistry Club C3, 4j 3 Scicncc Club lgl : Track lil : Socccr li, 2, gj, Captain C4j. Prrfparvd at William Hall High School HARRY' VVILLIAM JOHNSON Pine Plains, N. T. Major Subjects: History and Civil Engi- neering: Football CI, Qjg Soccer lgjg Political Scicncc Club, Interfraternity Council Cgj 3 Senate f4j g ATK. Prepared at Pina Plains High School 7 PIIQNRY MORRIS KAl'L.XN Hartford, Conn. fvlzijor Subjcct: Prc-lXlc-dical: Cross-Coun- try QQJL Frcshman Football: Cbcmistry Club: Political Scicncc Club: Dcbziting Club QQH, Vicc-Prcsidcnt lgj, Prcsidcnt Q43- Prrfpared at Bullfclffy High School GCI JOHN Joslcrf-r KARP Suffield, Conn. Major Subjects: History and Economics: Debating Club QI, 35, Manager QQ, 4J: Political Science Club QQ, 4j, President Q3j g Newman Society QI, Q, 3, 4JQ UVM Q3, 45- Prcjmrcd at Loomis School FRANCIS ALOYSIUS KELLY lVcst Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Historyg Political Science Club QI, 2, 3j, President Q4Jg Tripod QI, Q, 33 g Newman Club QQ, 3, 43 5 Les Amis de Marianne QI, Q, 3D 3 Freshman Soccer: Manager, Soccer Q4J: HFM Q3, 4jg CDBK: T.C.C. Prepared at William Hall High School KENNI-ITII -JOSEPH KIrZI,LX' JOHN COLEMAN KIL1cY, JR. Hartford, Conn. Boston, Mass. Major Subject: Chemistry: Chemistry Major Subject: History, AT. Club QQ, 3j, Executive Committee Q4j: Prepared at Andover School Science Club QQ, 3J 5 Newman Club QQ. 3, 4J g Manager, Freshman Track. Prepared at Weaver High School 7 EDWARD FRANCIS KILLIAN, JR. Hartford, Corin. Major Subject: Chemistry, Newman Club, Football Prepared at Hartford High School and Suffield Academy RONALD EARL KINNIQY, JR. Uppw- Darby, Pa. Major Subject: Philosophy, Frcshman Football, Football CQ, gl, Freshman Track: Track QQQ 5 Sophomore Hop Com- mittee: Glcc Club CQ, gjg jestcrsg Intra- mural Sports Cornmittceg IPY. Pr'rfj1ar'ecl at Haverford School ana' the Hlilliam Penn Charter School EDNVARD TIIADDILUS KNURIQIQ ADRIAN KINGSBURY LANIQ Hartford, Corin. Noarzk, Conn. Major Subjccts: History and Economics, Major Subjects: Civil Enginc-cring and Football KQ, 3, LQ, Baseball QQ, 3, 4j, Physicsg Cross-Country CID : T.C.C. Basketball QQ, 3, 4j g Sophomore Dining Prvjuarvd at R. E. Fitch High School Club, Politiral Scioncc Club, AXP. Prepared at Bull-czflzfy High School 78 Josiamr LEONARD LAVIERI THOMAS JAMES MALLliY Barkhamsted, Corin. Thompsonville, Conn. Major Subject: hlodcrn Languagcsg Jes- Major Subjects: Physics and Mathcinaticsg ters 11, 2, 3, 41 1 French Club QI, 2, 3, 41. ballg Chemistry Club C3, 41 g Science Club Prepared at Gilbert School lg, 41, Newman Club lg, 41. Prepared at Enfield High School IRXVIN TUCH MANCALL LAWVRENCH BERTRAM MARSHALL Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Chemistry Major Subject: Historyg Political Science Club K3, 41 g Science Club C315 Manager, Club 12, 3, 41 g Glcc Club C3, 41 g EN. Tennis Team K31 g KDBK. Prepared at Weaver High School Prepared at Weaver High School I 79 1 RONALD RAYMOND MERRIMAN SIDNEY ALVORD MILLS Bloomfield, Conn. West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Mathematics, Baseball Major Subject: Psychologyg Vice-Presi- lgj 5 T,C,C, dent, Freshman Class, Football QI, 2, 3, Prepared at Hartford High School 41, Baseball Qljg Basketball CQ, 3, 41, Tennis CQ, 3, 4j g Sophomore Dining Clubg Varsity Clubg AXP. Prepared at Oakwood School FRANCIS WILLIAM MULCAHY PAUL EDWARD MOLUMPI'IY Wethersfield, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: English, Soccer fl, 25, Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Freshman Basketball CI, gjg Baseball QI, 2, 3, 41, Football, Basketball Newman Club C3, 45. Prepared at Kingswood School Prepared at Wethersyield High School l80l RICHARD FRANCIS MORAN MARSHALL N1-:AD Hartford, Conn. Norwood, Mass. Major Subject: Philosophy, AXP. Major Subject: English, Tripod CI, 2j Prepared at We5tmirz.Yter School Trinity Review fgj, Associate Editor Q4 T.C.C. Prepared at Holdernesx School ROBERT REA NEILL liICHARD ALVIN NOLF ildanchester, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Mathematics, Freshman Major Subject: Economics, Football CI Football, Football Q4j, Swimming CI, 2, Track CID g T.C.C.g HFM. 3, 4D g Varsity Club, .Iesters KI, 2, 3D 5 Glce Prejrared at Bulkeley High School Club C35 g Track QI, 2, 3, 4jg1PY. Prepared at Lenox Sehool l3Il DANIEL FREDERICK NORTH New Britain, Conn. Major Subject: Englishg Football Qljg Track fgjg Debating Club fgj. Prepared at Avon Old Farms XVILLIAM GEORGE OLIVER, JR. Pittxfleld, Ilflass. Major Subjects: Mathematics and Philos- ophy: Swimming QQJ: Track Assist- ant Manager: Soccer f4.j 5 Sophomore Hop Committee: AKIC. Prvlbarrfrl at Pittshcld High School VVALTER JAMES PEDICORD, JR. GEORGPI JOSEPH PRENDERGAST, JR. Germantozcn, Pa. Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and Biology: Major Subjects: Mathematics and Physics. Track CI, 2, 3, 4D g Political Science Clubg Prepared at Bullfcley High School Tripod QI, QJ Q Chairman, Sophomore Hop Committee: AXP. Prepared at Germantown High School l82l MARK RAINSFORD. ALAN DOUGLAS RANDALL Rye, N. T. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Philosophyg Track fl, QD g Major Subject: Creekg Swimming jesters, Vice-President and Secretary Cgj g Prepared at Hartford High School IVY Art Editor and Photographerg AXP. Prepared at Middlesex School ROBERT JOSEPH REBMAN Torrington, Conn. Major Subjects: French French Club CI, 2, 3, 4j CI, 2, 3, 455 Glee Club CI, 2, gjg jcsters CI, 2, 3, 4j g Track Q21 3 Tennis Cij. Prepared at Torrington High School and English g 3 Newman Club 83 GEORGE KENT STODDARD, JR. Philadelphia, Pa. Major Subjects: English and Greekg Glee Club fljg Jesters C4jg Swimming lljg University of California fgjg Trinity Re- view Prepared at Christ School and Fork Union Military Academy CHARLES CULLEN ROBERTS, JR. West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, Soccer CI, 2, 3, 4,3 Baseball KI, 2, 3j, Basketball CID, Tripod f3Jg Sophomore Dining Club: Varsity Club, Senate f4J, AND. Prepared at Raymond Riorden School JOSEPH NICPIOL.AS Russo Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and Biology, Les Amis de Marianne Q3, 42 3 Glce Club QI, 2, 31, Manager C45 g Choir CI, 2, 3, 4jg on, Manager cog Golf cg, ing IVY, Newman Club, AXP. Prepared at Loomis Institute WILLIAM JOSEPH RYAN, JR. Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Economics and Historyg Sophomore Dining Club, Sophomore Hop Committee, Track CI, 2, 3, ALJ, Football CI, 2, 3j, Captain f4j, Newman Club, fIFlVlg AXP. Prepared at Bulkeley High School JOHN FRANKLIN STLIQRS Brooklyn, N. T. Major Subject: Economics, Football QI, 2, 3, 45 g Baseball CI, 2, 3, 45 g AXP. Prepared at Erasmus Hall High School LEWIS BURLIEIGH SHEEN EDWARD ARTHUR SMITH Springfield Gardens, L. I. Wethersfield, Conn. Major Subject: Classics: Choir CI, 2, 3, Major Subject: Economics: Newman 4l: Glce Club QI, 2, 3j, President MD: Club: Political Science Club. Jestcrs QI, 2, 3j , President My g Senior Ball Prepared at St. Thomas Seminary Committee C3j: Seabury Society K3, 4l: ND. Prepared at Trinity School EDWIN SELDIEN SMITH Talesville, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry: Chemistry Club Q3, 4,j: Science Club Q3, 4b. Prepared at Lyman Hall High School 85 FRANK KINGSTON SMITH, JR. Philadelphia, Pa. Major Subjects: Philosophy and Psychol- ogy: Jesters CI, 2, 31 3 Football QIJ g Swim- ming QI, 2, 3, 415 Baseball fljg Interfra- tcrnity Council CQ, 33, President C455 Chairman, Interfraternity Ball Committee: Glce Club KI, QD: Political Science Club CI, 2, 35 3 Tripod QI, 2, 3j 5 Varsity Club: IVY f3j 3 WY. Prepared at Episcopal Academy PHILIP CRANE SMITH JOHN LUTHER SPANGLER, JR. Hartford, Conn. Devon, Pa. Major Subject: Civil Engineeringg Foot- Major Subject: English: Interfraternity ball fljg Cross-Country C2jg ATK. Council CQ, jjj, Treasurer Q4J g Jesters 13, Prepared at Bulkeley High School 4J 3 AID. Prepared at Episcopal Academv JAMES CLARK SPENCER PAUL SIIERMAN STENBUCIQ Wethersjield, Conn. Mount Verizon, N. T. Major Subject: Civil Engineeringg Socccr Major Subject: Pre-Mcdicalg Cleo Club fI,2J. CI,2,3,4JgChoir l3,4J. Prepared at Wethersheld High School Prepared at A. B. Davis High School l86l JOSEPH ANTHONY TEDESCO IQAYMOND EARL THOMSEN Eaxt Hartford, Conn, Hartford, Conn. lN1ajor Subject: Civil Engineering, Track Major Subjects: History and Econornicsg 135, Wrestling 13, 45, Political Science Football CI, 2, 3, 45, Basketball CI, 2, 3, Club f45g Radio Club QQ, 35, President 45, Baseball CI, 25, Sophomore Dining C453 EN. Club, HFMQ AXP. Prepared at Ifasl Hartford High School Prepared at WUdL'8T High School PXDRIAN joslcvii TYLPZR, JR. NVILLIAM BRICVVSTER VAN WYC14 Rocky Hill. Conn. Hartford, Corin. Klajor Subject: Civil Engineering: Foot- Major Subject: Classics, Cleo Club CQ, ball rj I, 25 : Soccer Q3, 45 1 Track CI, 2, 3, 35, CO-Librarian l45g Scabury Society 455 Wrestling 63, 45. Q35, Vice-President C45, Trinity Review, Prepared at PVeZher5j5eld High School 'l'.C.C. Prepared at Weaver High School I87 1 ALTON JOSEPH VVALLACI-1 IQICIIARD PARKIL VVELCHER Southirzgtori, Conn. lfllest Hartford, Conn Major Subjects: Physics and Mathe- Major Subject: Chemistry: Chemistry maticsg Football CI, 3, 41 3 Track CI, 2, 3, Club C41 1 Newman Club C41. 4l S Radio C17-lbg ATK. Prepared at Loomis Prepared at Lewis High School WILLIAM CHILDS XNVILEY Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistryg Football CI15 Track CI, 2, 31 3 Soccer CQ, 31 5 Chemistry Clubg Science Club. Prepared at Hartford Public High School 88 IQAYMOND WALKLEY' YVILLIAMSON Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Historyg Soccer Manager CI1, Soccer C2, 3, 415 Varsity Clubg Po- litical Science Club C41 5 Senate C41 5 EN. Prepared at Bristol High School and Jllount Herman School PAUL Joslcvn HOYLEN VIQIIOMAS ARTHUR KEENAN lfVr'st Hartford, Corin. East Hartford, Conn. Major Subjmfts: French, English. Major Subjcct: Econolnicsg HFM. Prepared at St. Thomas Seminary and St. Prepared at East Hartford High School Suljriccf, Pa ris JOHN HATHl'1WAY LANCASTER, II Litchfield, Conn. Klajor Subjects: Philosophy and Econom- ics: AND. Trarzrferred from Rollins Collegag Taft i891 RICHARD EDMUND BRAINARD Windsor, Conn. Major Subject: Economics. Prepared at Loomis NORMAN HAPGOOD, JR. New York, N. T. Major Subject: Chemistry. Prepared at Lincoln School WILLIAM JAMES HOFMAN East Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: English5 Track Clj 5 Cross Country Prepared at East Hartford High School THEODORE ANTHONY SWIDERSKI Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: English, Glee Club QI, 455 Choir QQ, 4j 5 Jesters 13, 425 Sen- ate Prepared at Hartford High School CHARLES TRACY COOK Kingston, N. Major Subject: Philosophy, NP, Prepared at St. Mark's School YVILLIAM ANDREW HASKELL, JR. Newton Centre, Mass. hlajor Subjects: Philosophy and Psychol- ogyg Football C155 Jesters CI, 2, 31 5 Rear Commodore of Trinity Yacht Club CQ, 3, 4j5 Flying Club5 1PY. Prepared at Lenox School HUGH LAWRENCE SOWARDS, JR. Hartford, Corin. Major Subject: Englishg Golf C35 4j 5 WY. Prepared at Hotchkiss EDWARD DONALD WALSH Waterbury, Conn. Major Subject: Philosophy, Football CI, 2, 3, 45 5 Basketball QI, 2, 31, Captain f4j5 Baseball CIJ5 Vice-President Q3j5 Sopho- more Dining Club5 AXP. Prepared at Crosby High School "End Chwe aftethenwct y,eaJz,'4L bP,emlcuzzL?" KENNETH IRNVIN ALBRECHT Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, Manager, Fresh- man Baseball, Assistant Manager, Varsity Baseball. Prepared at Cheshire Academy and W6dU1??' High School ETIIAN AYER South Hamilton, Mass. Major Subjects: Philosophy, Fine Arts, English: WY. Prepared at Brooks School GUSTAVE WALTER ANDERSON Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Biology. Prepared at Bulkeley High School BEECHER MCCLELLAN BEATY Providence, R. I. lVIajor Subjects: History, Philosophy, Soc- cer Q15 gi Golf fl, Qjg Interfraternity Council: Sophomore Dining Club, Chair- man, Sophomore Hop Committee, AAfD. Prepared at the Ridgefield School l91 JOSEPH BI:NjAMIN BEIDLER Runnemede, N. Major Subjects: Civil Engineering and Mathematicsg Baseball QI, 2, gjg Foot- ball CI, 2, 35, Basketball QQ, 3DQ Sopho- more Dining Club, Athletic Advisory Council, EN. Prepared at Audubon High School and Germantown Academy MATTHEW TIIOMAS BIRMINGIIAM, JR. New Haven, Conn. Major Subjects: History and Economics, Baseball UQ, Business Board, Tripodg Treasurer, Sophomore Class, Track CQJQ Swimming lljg IPY. Prepared at Hopkins Grammar School 2 lQICIIARD CRASl'l BESTOR West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Soccer CI, 2, gjg Baseball Qljg Tennis CQQ, CheIII- istry Clubg WY. Prepared at Kingswood School JOHN KNOWVLES BLAKI2 Dedham, Mass. Major Subjects: Psychology and General Science, Freshman Track, Captain, Track QQ, 3D , Newman Club QI, 2, gl, AIP. Prepared at Noble and Greenough School JOHN AVIQRY BOND Lakcjield, Minn. Nlajor Subject: Historyg Political Science Club CI, 2, gl g T.C.C. Prcparcd at Lakejiclcl High School and Woodstock Community High School FRANK SPALDING BURNHAM South Wirzdsor, Conn. lN1ajor Subjects: Economics and History: Political Science Club fgl 3 Baseball Prcjfarcd at Ellsworth High School josiai-H JOHN BoNs1oNoRE East Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: History and Englishg Basketball Qijg Manager, Track Qljg Po- litical Science Club lajg Newman Club Ci, 2, 353 Debating Society Cgj. Prepared at St. Thomas Seminary RALl'H ORLANDO CALACETO Brooklyn, N. T. Major Subject: Historyg Rifle Club, Sec- retary Cgjg Football Qijg Assistant Bas- ketball Manager QQ, 3jg Political Science Club fgjg AXP. Prepared at Trinity School 3 JAMES NIILTON CJANNON Wethersheld, Conn. Major Subjects: Civil Engineering and Mathematics: Soccer fl, 2, 3j, T.C.C. Prepared at Wethersfield High School JOHN ALvoRu CHURCHILL Mt. Lebanon, Penna. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Wlrestlingg Political Science Club, Chemistry Clubg Glee Club, EN. Prepared at Mt. Lebanon High School JOHN MIiRXN'IN CARI-Lx' Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Glee Club CQ, 3jg Basketball tip, Golf Qi, 2, gjg Les Amis de Marianne CI, 21 g AXP. Prepared at Bull-:eley High School MICHAEL OLCOTT COLTON Flushing, L. I. Major Subjects: English and Latin: jes- ters tgjg Assistant Basketball Manager QI, 2, gjg Newman Club, Secretary, QQHQ AID. Prepared at Mcliurrzey School 94l JAMES DIRICKSON CUMMINS, JR. Swampscott, Mass. Major Subject: Historyg Political Science Clubg AKE. Prepared at Lawrenceville Academy LEO Jost-:PH CZARNOTA Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Track fl, Qjg Cross-Country fljg Newman Club C I 3- Prepared at Bulkeley High School JAC ALLERTON CUSHMAN New York, N. T. Major Subjects: English and Journalisrng Tennis CI, Qjg Squash CQ, 3j g Tripod ti, QD, Editor-in-Chief Cgjg Political Science Club Qgjg WY. Prepared at Trinity School ROBERT BLACKWELL DILTS Philadelphia, Perma. Major Subject: Historyg Football Man- ager QQ, gl g Tennis tlj g Jesters Q31 5 Po- litical Science Club Cgjg AXP. Prepared at Northeast High School and Brozcn Preparatory l95 ROBIQRT EDWARD DUPUIS Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Trainer CQ, 31: Cross-Country C11: Track CI1: New- man Club fi, 2, 31: EN. Prepared at Hartford High School RQBERT MERRIAM ELRICK Wethersfield, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry: Rifle Club f31: Chemistry Club 131: Track fl, 2, 31: EN- Prepared at Weaver High School LYON HOOl'ER EARLE, JR. Hamden, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Swimming CI, 2, 31: Track Q31: Varsity Club: ln- terfraternity Council: Jesters Q21: Sopho- more Dining Club: Interfraternity Ball Committee: WY. Prepared at Hamden High School CHARLES Hl41RBl2RT FISHER New Tork, N. T. Major Subject: Philosophy: AW. Prepared at Hun School 96l THOMAS PATRICK FORD Hartford, Conn. lX4ajor Subjects: Economics and Historyg Basketball fgjg Baseball li, 2, 31 g Sopho- more Dining Clubg Varsity Club. Prepared at Weaver High School JOHN RICHARD GLYNN, JR. W'est Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Biology and Chemistry. Prepared at West Haven High School HIQNRY BERNARD GETZ Philadelphia, Penna. Major Subject: Philosophyg Seabury So- ciety lij, Vice-President CQJ, President C315 Choir CQ, gjg Glec Club CQ, 355 Jesters QQJ, President lgjg Intcrfraternity Council CQ, gjg ACD. Prepared at Germantown High School ALVIN RAYMOND GOEBEL Iflrrzsford, N. T. lkiajor Subject: Civil Enginccringg EN. Prepared at Alexander Hamilton High School l97l ALPHONSE PETER GRANATEK Hartford, Corin. Major Subjects: Chemistry and Physicsg Football Cgjg Chemistry Club Prepared at Bulkeley High School HENRY GHAGAN HALE Rocky Hill, Conn. Major Subject: Classics. Prepared at Wethersfield High School 98 MAXWELL ERNST HAGEDORN East Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Biology and Chemistry Cross-Country fljg Tennis CI, 215 EN Prepared at East Hartford High School josmfu WASHINGTON HOTCHKISS East River, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and English Allf. Prepared at Phillipx Academy WILLIAM PARKER HUNNEWELL Boston, Mass. Major Subject: Historyg AACIJ. Prepared at Noble and Greeriough School GEORGE MCCALL JACOBSEN Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: English and Historyg EN. Prepared at Bulkeley High School FREDERICK LYMAN JACOBS Warehouse Point, Conn. Major Subject: Chcmistryg Chemistry Club fgj. Prepared at Ellsworth High School WILBUR FREDERICK JEHL Clifton, N. j. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Intcrfrater- nity Council Cgj g EN. Prepared at Clifton High School l99 CLAYTON EVHRETT JENSEN Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Mathematics and His- tory: Track f2jg Political Science Club fljg Tripod CQJQ EN. Prepared at Hartford High School WILLIAM WOOLSIQY JOHNSON Andover, Corin. Major Subject: History: Political Science Club CI, 2, 3jg Tripod CQJ, Editorial Board Qgj g Football CIJ 5 IVY Board QQD 3 Soccer C2jg Jesters CQDQ WY. Prepared at St. john's School ri HAROLD GILMOUR JOHNSON Hartford, Conn. Nlajor Subjects: Economics and History Political Science Clubg T.C.C. Prepared at Bulkeley High Sehool ALIQXANDLR OGDEN JONES, JR. Cooperstown, N. T. Major Subject: Philosophy: WY. Prepared at Phillipx Exeter Academy lioo 'I JOHN RICHARD JONES Roselle, N. Major Subject: Chemistryg Choir fgjg Glce Club Prepared at Abraham Clark High School STANLEY JOSEPH KRULIKOSKI, JR. Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics and Mathe- maticsg Radio Club fgj. Prepared at Bulkaley High School PAUL CONVILLE JORDAN Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Philosophyg Baseball Crj g Soccer fx, 2, 331 ATK. Prepared at Wr'.s't Hartford High School CQHARLES AUGUST KUEHN West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Mathematicsg Soccer QI, QQ. Prefrarffa' at Willianz Hall High School l IOI l FRANC LADNIER Watertown, Ma.fs. Major Subjects: English and Psychologyg Glcc Club CI, QQ 3 Tripod CI, Qj. Prepared at Watefrtozmz High School JOHN MCCLllNliX' LOUTREL South Orange, N. Major Subject: Mathcmaticsg Track QI, Qjg Trinity Yacht Club QI, 2, gjg AIP. Prepared at Phillips Academy IO2 TRUMAN GAT1cs LATIMI-LR, JR. Bloomfield, Conn. Major Subjcct: Modern Languagesg Los Amis dc Marianne fl, 2, gl. Prepared at Bloomhvld High School ROBERT IQAYMOND MADAMA Hartford, Conn. Major Subjcct: Iiconoinicsg Baseball QI, QD g Newman Club. Prepared at Bulkeley High School 1iICHARIJ KICITIX MADISON West Hartford, Conn. Major Subjctct: Chcmistryg Chemistry Club Prepared at Hartford High School RAYMOND ALAN MANNING South Windsor, Conn. Major Subjects: History and Economicsg Political Scicnce Clubg EN. Prepared at East Hartford High School ROBERT STEPHEN MANION West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Economicsg EN. Prepared at William Hall High School JAMES WARD MARLOR Naugatuck, Conn. Major Subject: Historyg AIP. Prepared at Manlius School i103 I JOHN PIQTIQR MAY'NARD THORNTON CLEMONS MCGICE Poughquay, N. T. PVindso1', Conn. Major Subject: Historyg Glce Club Cllg Major Subject: Physics: EN. History Club Prcjzarvd at Loomis School Przfparrfd at Pawling High School ARTHUR IJONALD MCKIBBIN Garden City, N. T. IAN Ifloroniuss MCLARIZN Major Subjects: English and Philosophyg Hartford, Conn. IVY Board lgjg Circulation Manager, Major Subjects: Physics and Mathc 'l'rij1od,' AXP. maticsg Radio Club Pwpared at Garden City High Sohool Prepared at Bulkeley High School l104l ARCHIE MESHENUK West Hartford, Conn. Major Subjcct: Economics: Debating Club KQ, 3j: Political Science Club Cgj. Prepared at William Hall High School JAMES DAVID MIRABILE East Hartford, Conn. Major Subjcct: Economics: Newman Club CI, 2, 35: Football f2, gj. Prepared at Enfield High School YVILLIAM THEOPHILUS MIDDLEBROOK Northheld, Vt. Major Subjects: History and Economics: Wrestling CQ, 3j g Glec Club CQQ 5 Political Science Club 135: TY. Prepared at Phillips Academy STANLEY FRENCH MOORE Manchester, N. H. Major Subject: English: Glec Club KID: Scabury Socicty Cljg IVY Board Cgjg T.C.C. Prepared at Manchester Central High School lIo5l ROGER FRANCIS MORHARDT Hartford, Conn. ming QI, 2, gy, Sophomore Dining Club EN. Prepared at Hartford High School ERNEST JOHN MosHER South Dartmouth, iMass. Major Subject: Civil Engineering. Prepared at Dartmouth High School 2 Q42 Z 2 ? 2 , 5 e a ROBERT THURLOW MORRIS Paterson, N. Major Subject: Philosophy, Seabury So- Major Subject: Civil Engineering, Swim- 5 ciety C355 Jesters CQ, gjg Swimming CID, Class Vice-President Qzjg Class Secretary fgjg Assistant Business Manager, Tripod CQDQ Business Manager Qgj 3 AXP. Prepared at St. Bernardis School RODERICK MURRAY Hartford, Corin. llajor Subject: English, Newman Club Crjg Track fljg Review QQJ, Tennis CID. Prepared at Bulkeley High School lg 106 I ROBERT PAUL NICHOLS Herkimer, N. T. Major Subject: English: Glce Club QI, Qjg Tripod CQJ, Editorial Board Qgjg IVY, Editor-in-Chicfg Intramural Ath- letic Council f2j g Tennis CID: ACID. Prepared at Utica Free Academy ORLANDO PETER ORFITELLI Manchester, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Swimming CQ, 35, Captain fijg Track CI, Qlg Foot- ball CI, 21. Prepared at Manchester High School HARVEY MARTIN NILSON Rocky Hill, Conn. Major Subjects: Chemistry and Mathe- matics. Prepared at Wethersjield High School RICHARD PADDON North West River, Labrador Major Subject: English: Trinity Ambu- lance Fund: WY. Prepared at Lenox School l 107 l JOHN HONVARD PAYNE, JR. Newport, R. I. Major Subject: Philosophy: Seabury SO ciety Ci, 2, gjg T.C.C. Prepared at Rogers High School GUSTAVE EDVVARD PETERSON Greenwich, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and Psychol- ogy: Jesters fljg Seabury Society C2, 3D Political Science Club fgj 5 Cross-Country QQ, 31g T.C.C. Prepared at Greenwich High School FRITZ PHILLIP PETERSON Branford, Conn. Major Subject: History: Political Science Club: Baseball CI, QQ. Prepared at Branford High School ALDO MARTIN PULITO Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry: Chemistry Club Qgj. Prepared at Hartford High School IO8 j MILFORD FOSTER RHINES Hartford, Conn. hlajor Subjects: Economics and History: Political Science Club fgj g 'I'.C.C. Prapared at Hartford High School EDWARD GI'1ORGE ROSIEN Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry: Cross-Coun- try QI, Q, gl: Track CI, Q, 3j: Chemistry Club fgl 3 Sophomore Dining Club. Prepared az' Weavcfr High School FRANK CLE1-:LAND ROLIAINE Philadelphia, Perma. Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Jesters f2j, Vice-President-Secretary Cgj: Sophomore Hop Committee: Tennis Cl, 2, gj. Prepared at Lewis and Clark High School ROBERT ROSENTHAL Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry: Chemistry Club Prepared az' lfl,FClZ,'f'7' High School l1O9 l I'IENRY GEORGE ROTHAUSER Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: German: Newman Club C 1, 2, 33- Prepared at Hartford High School IQOBERT HOWELL SCIIUMAN lfVakefield, Mass. Major Subjects: Philosophy, Psychology, and English: Seabury Society QI, 2, gl: T.C.C. Prepared at Wakeheld High School l II MELVIN HOWARD SAINT-CYR Mansheld, Ilflass. Major Subject: Philosophy: Baseball CID Seabury Society CI, Qj, Secretary Qgj Tripod QIJ. Prepared at Mansfield High School WILLIAM FRANCIS SCULLY, JR. Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: History and French Basketball QI, 2, 35: Baseball CI, 2, 35 Sophomore Dining Club: Varsity Club Political Science Club fgjg A111 Prepared at Hartford High School Ol IQOBERT OXNIQR SIMPSON White Plains, N. T. Major Subjects: History and Economicsg Political Science Club lgjg Jcsters til: Tripod fijg Trinity Troubadors Qgjg WY. Prepared at White Plains High School VVILLIAM Josx-:PH SMYTH Hartford, Corin. Major Subject: Historyg Newman Club CID g Political Science Club Cij. Prejrarvd at Wzfaziffr High School ROBIQRT HI'1NDERSON SMELLIIQ Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Chcrnistryg CrOss-COun- try CI, 2, 35, Track CI, 2, 355 Varsity Clubg Chemistry Club, Vice-President C355 President, Junior Class. Prepared at Hartford High School OTTO ALFRED STAEHR Hartford, Conn. lVIajOr Subjects: Economics and History, Tennis fl, Qj 5 Political Science Club Prejrarcfd at BLlllYl'lr"'y High Srhool S Q liiij GEORGE DWIGHT OTTY STOUGHTON West Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Modern Languages Football lljg AXP. Prepared at Rothexay Collegiate Sehool JOHN FRANCIS STREMPFER Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Chemistry and Physicsg Chemistry Club Prepared at Hartford High School I PETER VAN CORTLANDT STOUGHTON Wext Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Modern Languages AXP. Prepared at Rothesay Collegiate School JOHN ANDERSON SWEETSER III New York, N. T. Major Subject: English, jcsters QQ, 35 AKE. Prepared at Groton School 2 l j JOHN LONGWORTH SYVIFT Madison, Conn. Major Subject: Chmistryg Trinity Tri- pod C21 5 Jesters QQjg WY. Prepared at Raymond Riorden School VVALTER STARK TAYLOR Rochester, N, T. Major Subjects: Economics and History: Clee Club C2, Sl? Choir f2, gjg Swim- ming CI, 33g Sophomore Hop Commit- tee: Football fljg XN. Prwparcd at Brighton High School TIIOMAS HENRY TAMONEY lfVe.ft Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Economics and History: Newman Club fl, QD, President Cgj 3 Jes- ters ft, 2, gjg Political Science Club C355 Adi. Prepared at William Hall High School CHARLES ELLIOTT THENEBE Wext Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy, Economics, and History, Baseball CI, Q, gl, Political Science Club C325 AKE. Prffparcd at Loomis School j-II3j v NICHOLAS NOLAN TURLEY Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Historyg Newman Club Cgjg Political Science Club Prepared at Weaver High School DONALD SCOTT VINCENT Whitesboro, N. T. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Freshman Cross-Countryg Glee Club CI, 2, 35. Prepared at Whitesboro High School V114 DONALD JOSEPH VIERING Collinwille, Conn. Major Subject: Historyg Football CI, 2, gjg Baseball CI, 2, gjg Varsity Clubg Sophomore Dining Clubg Political Sci- ence Club fgj g NIJ. Prepared at Canton High School and Kingswood School JOHN HUNTER WAMSLEY New Rochelle, N. T. Major Subjects: Philosophy and Psychol- ogyg Swimming QI, 2, gjg Tennis fljg IVY Boardg Seabury Society CI, QD 5 AKE. Prepared at New Rochelle High School l ANDREW GRAY WEEKS Chestnut Hill, Mass. Major Subjects: Philosophy and English, Soccer fIjg Tennis CID, Swimming C215 Track f2, gl, Class Vice-President CID, Tripod Cgj, Managing Editor fgjg AIP. Prepared at Brookline High School and Rivers School IQOBERT CRAIG WHITSITT Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, Choir CQ, 323 Glee Club CI, 2, 35, Soccer CIjg Wres- tling fgjg Political Science Club f2, 31. Prepared at Weaver High School F OWLER FELIX WHITE Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and Eco- nomicsg Tripod CQ, 315 Glee Club fgjg Interfraternity Council Qgj g AKE. Prepared at William Hall High School ALBERT KOBER WILL Philadelphia, Penna. Major Subject: Philosophyg Football fl, 2, gl, Sophomore Dining Clubg Class President Cgjg EN. Prepared at Frankford High School II5j JON MILTON VVILSON MARTIN DEMARIQST WVOOD New York, N. T. Old Gree1zzL'ich, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical. Major Subject: Psychology: Soccer lil: Prepared at Horace Mann High School Track CIjg Swimming KID: Trainer CQ, gjg Class Secretary-Treasurer CID: Soph- omore Hop Committee: NTP. Prepared at Hebron Academy THOMAS BAILIIZ VVOOD Westwood, N. j. VVILLIAM FRANKLIN WVOOD Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Soccer CID: West Hartford, Conn. Swimming Cljg Track fl, gl: Wrestling Major Subject: Chcmistryg Basketball QQ, gjg Class President Qrjg EN. CIJ5 Sophomore Hop Committee: AXP. Prepared at Wertwood School Prepared at Loomis School l1I6l JOHN RANDOLPII BARBER Windsor, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and English: Soccer Cljg Glee Club CI, Qjg Tripod l3D: EN- Prepared at Loomis School HORACE GILLETTE CLEVELAND III Darien, Conn. Major Subjects: Philosophy and French: Choir CQ, glg Glee Club CQ, 35: Pipes CI, 2, 3D 5 Fall Tennis Championship Q2jg Runner-up C31 g Squash Championship fgj 5 Tennis, Captain C31 g Squash f2, gj, Captain Cgjg S.D.C.g AW. Prepared at Phillips Exeter Academy and Ridgefield School HENRY FRANCIS COONEY Hartford, Corin. Major Subject: History, Political Science Club, President Cgjg Debating Club: ATK. Prepared at Hartford High School I II FRANK FRANCIS FASI Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: History and Modern Languages: Football CI, 2, gjg Basketball fi, gjg Track QI, 355 Choir Cgjg Soph- omore Dining Club, President: EN. Prepared at Weaver High School CHARLES NORBERT FRESHER East Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Civil Engineering, Foot- ball CI, Qj 5 Baseball Q15 g Basketball CID 3 Sophomore Dining Club: Newman Club C25 5 AXP. Prepared at St. 'lohrfs School WALTER KLOSS Thomaston, Corin. Major Subjects: Economics and History: Political Science Clubg ATK. Prepared at Thomastori High School STANLEY ARTHUR LIGHTFOOT Warehouse Point, Conn. Major Subject: Civil Engineering: Track C25 g ATK. Prepared at Ellxworth High School 7l FRANCIS PAUL LINENDOLL PAUL SALVATORE Pizzo Bristol, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical: Cross-CouI1- Major Subjects: Biology and Pre-Mcdi- try QI, Qjg Track Cijg Political Science cal. Club: ATK. Prepared at Hartford High School Prepared at Bristol High School EDWARD ROBERT MAXWELL JAMES PROULX New Milford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Economics: Newman Major Subject: Historyg ATK. Club. Prepared at Hartford High School and Prepared at St. Thomas Seminary Mi. Herrrwrt CLAYTON EDWARD OLSEN PHILIP W'ADswoRTH SCHWARTZ Newington, Conn. Sumeld, Conn. Maj01' SUbjCCt3 ChCmiSU'Y- Major Subject: Philosophy: AW. Prepared at Nefihlgton High 5011001 Prepared at Phillips Andover Academy f1I8l CHESTER PETER SIEMS, JR. MICHAEL ANGELO ZACCARIA New York, N. T. Oakville, Conn. Major Subject: Philosophyg AW. Major Subject: Philosophy. Prepared at Pomfret School. Transfer Prepared at Georgia .Military Academy from the University of Virginia I1191 . II IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TRY IT TASTE THE DIFFERENCE HOMCGENIZED VITAMIN D IVIILK THE BRYANT 8g CHAPMAN COMPANY Since I896 Il lI Hartford, Conn. Tel. 2-0264 WHAPLES, VIERING G' CO. 129 TRUMBULL STREET HARTFORD l wagj, , INVESTMENT BANKERS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 120 I Briar Hill No. 6 Brownstone used to toce the Chemistry Building ond port ot the Connecting Wing with Cook Dormitory, is ci beoutitul oncl duroble sondstone from the guorries of THE BRIAR HILL STONE COMPANY Glenmont, Ohio Compliments of BALDWIN-STEWART ELECTRIC CO. Electric Engineers ond Controctors 210 Pearl Street Hartford, Connecticut IllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllll IIQI PionoseRoclios-Radio Combinations Music ond Records Expert Service on All Instruments GALLUP Cr ALFRED, INC. MUSIC EXCLUSIVELY Agents for BALDWIN PIANOS ZOI Asylum St. Hartford, Conn lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IllIllllllllllllllillIllllllllllllllllllllll llllll ill Designers and Builders of Special Automatic Machinery THE HALLDEN MACHINE COMPANY Thomaston, Connecticut Telephone 6-244l FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE1 THE SUPERIOR LAUNDRY 59 Fenwick St. Hartford, Conn. HUNTER PRESS, Printers A Complete Plant Geared for Service Lk Printing of All Kinds , .... Linotvping ..... Embossing 'I Art Work and Engrossing, Direct Mail Printing I Addressing, lvlultigrapning, Mimeograpning A AFFIIJATE l BUSINESS SERVICE BUREAU Complete 45 cr 80 Column Insurance and Commercial Punch-Card Service Statistics' Agency, State, Reinsurance Companies, Reserves, Classifrcanons and Reinsurance in Force Llnearned Premium Computations, Comptometer Calculations. 302 ASYLUM STREET Tel. 2-7016 HARTFORD, CONN. lIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIII Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illll IlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll l122l HYGRADE OIL COMPANY, INC. WHOLESALE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MAIN OFFICE 22 CHARTER OAK AVENUE HARTFORD, CONN. Sl Farmington Ave. For the Best Deal in Town SEE US FIRST HARTFORD MOTOR CAR CO. Ford Sales C1 Service Tel. 7-3125 69 Wa rd Place Hartford llllllllllllllllllllllll THE LINCOLN DAIRY COMPANY Better Milk, Cream and lce Cream Visit Lincoln Dairy Ice Creorn Bars Franklin Ave. 568 Franklin Ave. 2092 Main St. Hartford Hartford Hartford llllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIlllllllllllllllllIIIlIIlIIlIlIIlI Illlllllllllllllllllllll D231 20 LaSalle Road West Hartford IIIIIIIIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllll IIIlIIIlII IllllllllllllllllllllllIIlIIIlIIIllIIlIIlIIlIIII WISE SMITH'S EXCLUSIVE HEADQUARTERS FOR USE :IEEE EE I ywmfalfw X EEEEEE OUR ZEZ., TEN- I., I ,.,,1.,11: PAYM E NT ,E,.:E111.1: PLAN I ,EEIZZ I ZZ1- , .Af,, 1. ,.:.W1:: it5s51IIQ2522525ia?52ze52aess5eie5e5s115sziiiaeseieisgzsaziii2a222eQf1sasi2p'ie22z21:2e1::a zli 1'f1 TORE S3350 with 2-I-VOLJSGVS STREET FLOOR Comaliments at SCHANZER'S SERVICE STATION y Makes a Specialty at Catering to Trinity Men CHARLES C. GOODRICH fy Insurance Agent Socony Vacuum Products Sold Exclusiyely I-Iere J See Sol or Joe Phone 7-5802 for Personal smite I25 Trumbull Street Hartford ll Ill lIIllIIllIIlIIlIIIl I124 IlIIIlIIIIIlIllIIIlIlIIIlIIlIIIllIIllIllllIIlIIIlIlIlIlIllII I I IIIllIllIIllIIIllIlIIIIllI lll r llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Compliments ot THE STERLING MARKET We Serve tne Best Meats and Give Excellent Service vi+ We Cater Specifically to Fraternities ancl Trinity College Compliments ot Compliments ot THE HARTFORD NATIONAL NEWTON TUNNEL COAL CO. BANK 5' TRUST CO. Main and Pearl Streets 218 Pearl St. Branch 70 Farmington Ave llllllllllIIIIllllllllllIIIIlIIllllllIIII,l llllli Iillil IllllllllllilllIlllllllllllllll llllll l 125 l llllllll Illll Illll Illlllllilll Compliments of THE HEUBLEIN HOTEL For Complete lntormotion on Todoy's Historic Events START EVERY DAY RIGHT with Americds Oldest Newspaper in Continuous Circulation Mhz 'gliafifnfh uufzmt Connecticut's Most Valued Newspaper K 1777 I 'CCY' Y VVVVV W7 - 7 C V i l gg ! 3,9 A S THE i i C0mf0rt, e00rl0my. con- PLIMPTON AND HILLS CORP 1 i venience, safety-we get h0U0fS in CVCTY course. Wnolesole Distributors Five Rzde For High Grade Plumbing, Steam and , ' The Price Of One GUS 5lIPPli9S , . T i Puone 2-0234 A J H Mk St l nn, ewe , an IC s . , YELLDW cnn iiiiiil i ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiii LI261 Officio! Photographer To The 1942 Trinity Ivy NA , Gif? 520 Fifth Avenue New York IIIIHIILIIIHIHIIHHI I 127 I A. F. PEASLEE, INC. BUILDERS Hartford, Conn. Builders of the New Uppercloss Dormitory HART, SCHAFFNER Cr MARX CLOTHES O U Q YOUR APPEARANCE IS OUR BUSINESS A glimpse dt the smdrt new tbree button drope model suits will give a definite ideo ot wby your oppeor- omce IS our business . .,... . Sport Coats and Sport Slacks a specialty HORSFALLS, INC. Quality Boolc and Publication Printers Since l905 THE BOND PRESS 93-99 Asylum St. Hartford 94 Allyn Street Hartford Conn IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlbllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllll lI28I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IlllIllllllllllllllllllll IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllll Particular Trinity Men Use COLLEGE Y xi NPT CLEANERS sill see PETER TORREY, J-2I Trinity Agent Special Student Prices Opposite Trinity Drug Phone 6-3l5l Pressing While You Wait We Use DuPont Tri-Clene Solvent Exclusively WILLIAM R. PENROSE AND COMPANY .al GENERAL INSURANCE FOR BUICK SEE W. HART BUICK COMPANY, INC. HARTFORD, CONN. W. l-IART 59 FARMINGTON AVE. President Telephone 7-9195 Compliments of MAX W. SCHER Lewis Greasing and Washing Zll-hour repairing and towing ser ARMORY GARAGE L. 6' S. CORPORATION 252 Broad Street Telephones: 2-Ol95-2-GIQ6 vice Salomon, Mgr. Expert Electrical Work illllllllllllllllIIIlIllIllllllIllllllIIIlIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Il2Ql lllllllllllllllllllll Established I 847 THE ROURKE ENO PAPER CO. Paper ot Every Description Hartford Connecticut THE TRACY, ROBINSON and WILLIAMS CO. 281 Asylum Street Hartford, Conn. HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES GUNS AND AMMUNITION Distributors tor Delta Woodworking Machinery Yale and Towne Hardware Oyer o Century in Business Telephone 2-7213 IIiIIIIlliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII.IIIII I3O IIIIIII ALLEN'S CUT RATE LIQUOR STORES Corner of Main and Church St. Some Trinity Men Buy Their Liquor Right Why Don't You? Where Compliments of TRINITY MEN Buy Their Clothes smart but conservative clothes college mon MAX PRESS CO. Main St., Middletown, Conn. ALLEN, RUSSELL 6 ALLEN for the Insurance Agents Hartford Office-Hotel Bond 31 Lewis Sf. Harl'f0rCl PFGST-O-LHS BGTTGHGS Goodyear Tires Accessories Phone 5-9270 STAFFORD'S SERVICE STATION l67 New Britain Ave. TYDOL VEEDOL GASOLINES MOTOR OIL A Hartford Institute PHOHGS Serving Hartford Merchants SWlFT'S COAT, APRON Er TOWEL SUPPLY CO. ,9, Frankun Ave. ziMMERMAN's RESTAURANT CGA-I-S! XWRONSI AND TOWELS formerly Lavalette Restaurant FOR BUSINESS USE Telephone Dey or Night . 2-4426 Days N334 Omg' T'meSl5-5531 vez wushangfon si. Iillll Ililllillilll IIilllIlliIllllliIIIIIIIIIIIIIillilliiIIIIiIIIIliIIIIIIIilliIllillillllliIlillilllilllllilllillil I 131 i Hartford, Conn. VIIiIlliIliiIlillillillliiillillillii Compliments of X TH E HARTFORD MARKET A GRADUATION PRESENT ot 0 ROYAL PORTABLE T Y P E W R I T E R in ci TAN AIRPLANE LUGGAGE CASE would certosnly be on IDEAL GIETI , ff!" -YL, 5' 'Im A QQTEQFSXLQ fi aaiaaagcgayfg Q6 965a2g9a29? fl I"'a-P.-fl' 'P , . Write or Telepnone 7-l l l5 tor complete intormotion NATIONAL TYPEWRITER CO., INC. 247 Asylum St. Hartford IIlIIIlllllllIIlIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllll lllllltlllllllllll Illlllllllllll l I i l 132 Compliments of THE SISSON DRUG COMPANY 729 Main Street Hartford, Conn. J Wnolesole ond Retail Drugs Points ond Lubncoting Oils Illlllllll l f .,.,,.. fl ET' "' I 5 f - 'UAHN 8. 0llIIER AGAIN" I 4 1 3 .mum s. nlufn IENCRAVING cnQ 1 B1 15:5 F J. LYON G' SONS Plumbing ond Heating Contractors Hartford CONTRACTORS FOR THE NEW DORMITORY BRUSHES EOR EVERY PURPOSE PERSONAL HOUSEHOLD ,NDUSWAL c. H. DRESSER AND soN, :Nc "Fine Woodwork Since 1880" THE FULLER BRUSH COMPANY Hartford, Conn. 49 Pearl Street 287 Sheldon St. Phone 2-3870 Hartford, Conn. VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllll-HHIIHH IIllllllllllllllllllllllll IlllllIlIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll N341 Comphmems of F. F. SMALL AND CO., INC. ALI. FORMS OF INSURANCE 95 Pearl Sf. Tel. 2-3I7I COMMONS .M' How do you want your accident? Prepaid or C O D P Best of Food Seryed We have an accident policy that fits your needs. Trinity College Dining Hall I-law about your personal effects? Tlwey represent a good deal of money but we can cover them for a small premium against fire and theft. MAKES Tl-IE NEXT SMOKE TASTE BETTER IV15I5nIRh"s Toffee de Iuxe John Mackintosh 6 Sons, Ltd., Inc. Boston, MOSS- Compliments of Compliments ot SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO. SPAGHETTI PALACE ISI Asylum St. RE TA K. A. Woodford, Mgr. AND S A. DARNA, Proprietor Paints Wallpaper Painters' Supplies 67 Asylum Street Hartford, Conn. We Cover the Eartn Telephcne 5-9442 IlllilllllIIIlllllllllIlllillllllIllllllllllllilllliII1llIllllllI Illlll niiiiili lliillliiliiiillillml llllllllllllllllll I 135 I Compliments of THE TRINITY UNION For Maintenance New Work Call 3-5249 C. G. BOSTWICK ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK SKYLIGI-ITS-VENTI LATORS Residential-Industrial-Institutional "Always Ready to Serve" 41 Francis Ave. Hartford, Conn. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 136 Compliments of THE CAPITOL APPLIANCE CO 402 Asylum St. Hartford I I1llllll1Il1lllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllll1ll1ll1llllll1ll1ll1lllllI1llllllilllllllllllIllllllllllIlllll1lllIlllllllllllllllllllll1lIllll1lllllIllllllIllllllllllllllll l1llllI1lll1llllllllilllllllll1IllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllil 95 YEAR X Established 1868 A5513- SPEAR Cr McMAN US Florists 242 Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut 2-4191 0 In CDependable CPerformance ln 1846 a group of Connecticut men founded 5 Connecticut's first Life lnsurance company, The Q Connecticut Mutual. Since that time, its protection, now standing at 5 over S1,000,000,000.00, has come to be enjoyed 5 throughout the United States. Many Trinity men have contributed in the past 5 and are contributing now to its management, many Trinity men and their families have received 5 and will receive the benefits of its protection. Truman M. Huffman, '39, Representative THOMPSON and TAINTOR, General Agents E Judd Building, Hdrrfdrd Z THE NEW ENGLAND LAUNDRY CO. l-lartford's Complete Launderers and Dry Cleaners Rug Cleaning-Fur Storage 441-455 Homestead Ave. K Hartford, Conn. Phone 2-3151 2 THE GOLDEN OAK PACKAGE STORE Our prices are low, That's no joke So do your trading At the Golden Oak Corner Broad and Madison Phone 7-6588 Compliments of THE PINEHURST GROCERY Manchester, Conn. l1ll1ll11llll1Illlllllll1Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllll1IlllIlIllIlllllllll11'1lllIllllllll1Ill1Ill1IllIllllllIllIlllllll1Ill1Ill1ll1Ill1llllll1lllllIlll1Ill1Il1ll1Ill1ll1Illll1II1Illlllllll1ll1ll1IllIll1Illlllllllll1Ill1llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 137 llllillillIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll To the Class Illlllllllllll at NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Congratulations-on your achievements to dateg our most sincere kind wishes tor continued success in whatever you cnoose to undertake. Appreciatively yours, SYLVESTRE'S TEXACO SERVICES Broad and Vernon Streets Washington and Lincoln Streets The Ives, Upbam ive Ram! C0. UPHAM'S DEPT. STORE Winthrop Building MERIDEN, CONN. Colony Street 0 Une ot New Englancls Oldest Stores Founded o Member ot Syndicate-Alliance Group i836 COBURN AND MIDDLEBROOK Investment Securities 66 Pearl Street, Hartford Specialists in Securities ot Connecticut Companies I llllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllIIlIIIIIlIIIIlIII l 138 l Trinity College Men Meet ond Spend Their Spore Moments ot THE TRINITY DRUG CO. Complete Drug Store Service THE D. F. BURNS CO. Meots, Groceries ond Provisions Home-Mode Bokery Products ond Vegetobles in Seoson 654-660 Park St. Phones: 2-3I65 Hartford, Conn. Z-3I66 ii JEPSITZOEL4 -...... g B I G G E R BOTTLE iff. B E T T E R K F L A V O R mmlu Pepsi-Cola is made only ghmn by Pepsi-Cola -Company, Long Island Cnty, N. Y. .QQlQ'q7:7 Ayigffl' H! . T. .3 , Bottled locally by -.PJ Q.- thurized bottlers f I rye-,,i ,int-vjZ!'l: coast fo coast. hi , Ji, F275 1,151.3 .,,. ziziiggg. T f.ifWgxfii. As.'v:.::i: . LI Mi' TI l 0 ieee - ,3 - .ifnnlnsf """ no 'If 'f . REFHESMING-sATlsrV' , ilk , uf .. lz auucu X liiiiiiliiiii 139 T HiHiIiiiIiiItiiIii" HIIHIHIHIYH THE D. G. STOUGHTON CO. A Sate Drug Store HARTFORD AND WEST HARTFORD CONNECTICUT Compliments ot ERNEST PETERSON Sheet Metal and Rooting 1830 Broad St. CLAPP AND TREAT, INC. Connecticut's Largest Sporting Goods Store Specializing in Equipment tor Fishing, Boating, Camping, l-liking Tennis! Badminton, Target Shooting Hunting, Baseball Outdoor Sports Clothing Bicycles 4 American Row Hartford, Conn IIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i140 l IIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Toke Core of Me I. ,,-.Y,f-,eff IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I 1Qa5Z1?"' ,'gi,: :,',I ,IIp,rr,,1 -,, . If of iq, I -5' XT' if TRUEX-ERNSTROM, INC. I ia Opticians 4: 3 .5 155 flip Soeclolists In Eye Weor I 831 Farmington Avenue All GIOSSGS West Hartford Mode on Premises REFRESI-IIVIENTS 739 Main St. Hartford LUNCEIEON - TEA - DINNER HAROLD J. E L O R I S T S Telephone 2-I I I5 I 85 Asylum Street DILLON, INC. Hartford Conn Wsrt SPORTLAND SHOOTING GALLERY I 354 Asylum St. - Hartford - l62 Asylum St. I For Some Soort ond Amusement Before or After the Trteotre IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII II41I EstobIIstted I9I9 STERLING PRESS Speciolizirtg In SCI-IOOI. PRINTING 284 Asylum St., Corner Ann IlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 5 THE HUBERT DRUG CO. Louis Richman, Ph.G., Reg. Pharmacist .S .P J-R QV -'sfo 1. ' fs Trinity Mem Are Always Welcome at l-labert's 213 Zion Street Pharmacists to Trinity College Smce l927 Hartford, Conn. FLOWERS tor all l Compliments ot i SOCIETY FOR SAVINGS occasions l "The Pratt Street Bank" KENNETH T. MACKAY lfhlpha Delta Phil Hamilton College lhcorooratecl lol? 31 mari sneer Hartford, Connecticut Tel. 7-H57 332 Asylum St. H421 THE CONNECTICUT CO. N. J. SCCJTT, Manager Deluxe Motor Coaches tor all Occasions We Solicit Your Patronage Visit KATTEN AND SONS I02 Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn. Clothiers tor 72 Years Uniform Specialists An Impressive Array ot Sport Coats and Contrasting Slacks Always Something New PORTLAND BROWNSTONE has been used in Jarvis l-lall, Driing Hall and Cook Dormitory at TRINITY COLLEGE and in many other prominent buildings through- out the United States tor the past three centuries PORTLAND BROWNSTONE QUARRIES A Brazos and Sons, Ina Portland Connecticut lllllllllllllllllllll l lllll lllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Compliments at HARVEY AND LEWIS Photo Supplies IIIII H431 SAGE-ALLEN'S Convenient Saybrook Branch opening about June l3tn will specialize in- slwennanigari slacks breezy polo sl'1irts action swim suits socks 'n' ties ibut louclll in tact eyerytning you'll need tor busy weekends at the snorel -3, --Q...-. yr... --EQ..- Compliments ot THE ARROW LINE HARTFORD-PITTSFI ELD-ALBANY HARTFORD-PROVIDENCE THE HARTFORD CEMENT CO 51 Homestead Ave DeLuxe Coaches tor Charter 157 Allyn St. Tel. 5-8579 D441 Hartford, Conn Compliments ot BELMONT IRON WORKS New York City JOHNS-MANVILLE ll-lome lnsulotion Division? 29 Bartholomew Avenue Hartford, Conn. Tel. 5-3030 Compliments ot A F R I E N D CONNECTICUT SECURITIES For mony yeors this firm nos specialized in the underwriting ond trading ot Con- necticut stoclas ond bonds. Our record, we believe, are complete on Connecticut componies oncl we welcome inquiries. P U T N A M C1 C O. Members New York Stock Exchange 6 Central Row Hartford, Conn. 145i Compliments ot THE EDWARD BALF CO. Don't drive your car uniess you have adequate insurance? it doesn't pay. FRANCIS GOODWIN C1 CO. Francis Goodwin, II James Lee Loomis, Jr. I5 Lewis Street Hartford, Conn. PLEASE PATRONIZE Compliments ot THE MICHAEL KANE OUR ADVERTISERS BRICK CO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II46 I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIlIIlIIlIIIlIIlII IIIII Estoblished IQO4 57 ' 05ff6el"g ff, CAMPUS SHOP Clothiers Hoberdoshers Toilors Importers Cor. Broad 5' Vernon St. Hartford, Conn. College Undergraduates will find in our YOUNG MEN'S DEPARTMENT Suits, S25 to S40 Custom Mode, S55 to S65 Sport Coots, SIZ to S25 Custom Mode, S28 to 3350 Slocks, S6 to SIZ Furnishings, etc. at proportionate prices IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllll lllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllI1llllIIIIlllllIllIllllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllilllll - Li v? is? C nfcl I . 4' ' 1 3:i'11"ifQ'l-'Il 3 f 235559513343 b 1 , - 31454512 ,M 2.2.1-33.1.4 -4, ,1.1.- ,Q ..,1.11 s-1-rsh af I ,:,"5f.:A237,3.. .-.441-.5 -:Vcc-f -""'1 . ' '3fZ,1,1," :1Q1g1j1f'3Z:11gg-"1'-1415, P 511 9 ,"- -1' Q: ,1:2:Q:11:Q' " 1-. ' 322' 232121212 pie. ., . -' ff--xl.,-1 125' 11i:1:11:112111G: :ize- -,N1 S 'fit-7114... 1-:':-43.-4:-. ,-1-1+ -nah .4-vz ' -s rw, g1g:3:a1212Q1f 92111151 ,gg - -1-fszfzszs ze? on ms: -" tr'--6112111 51 4121- '1-ef .4 1 -. P+ --.40 E. Es. - -111.-1 .is " ,:p1'1":f 3::11:1:?":35:5.f' 1 1' ?"5 f'RNQIt-.-553113 - -. .r -2ii21:ii1" 233122. '-1 ,QQ-:55,ya!'a-1 g.3:131g11- 43511331 42121.31 M, I ,- ,iz "lea fs Q. -effe- -gzgzi. zc-:4ia'q:,-215f',pg.g.3:w'11q.-:1:4-.f1Af42:-.9 .ffzf .9 fijififiigzxfftaizln-:-' 3'3"-'ififliacf 5, 1:31. -M-92:1-1. 1151- is ' 44:54 . n .5 -11:-13:15 5 .V 43.131 4- 5 13,3 -31, -53:3 ,ig -if iii? .121-5' -5.12235 -53132 5211 "H 11: f 643215 -:A-5 A .- vt-.zz-'41 :-:Af f-: . . . flu: '-1254 2.51 ' ,, -'c-1-.. .-:.- ,. . 1:1-'-", 181' 'T'-1'-1? ' -...A ,,f' S1-"-'wt--Q., . " 1'-"--115, :g i d ' -w-:-1-:-.- .- '.-1156? .:-"S?gAg'5-1-1-.1-P:-1-.--1 '44:-I-2-7--1-:':-13.1-1-.4.,-2-14.3.2 , -th ' ''Qiwggza:152:11i:afffs2wfz1f11:a:1:1 - .-1-wx.-,-.-..,..,,, om WHEN o d y u gro uote ond get out into the world ot business, you moy find the services ot this borik helpful, HARTFORD-CONNECTICUT TRUST COMPANY HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT THE J. A. MOYLAN DAIRY MILK -A CREAM Newington, Connecticut IllllIllllllIllllllIIIIIIllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIlllllIllllllllllllllllll iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 147l "lo .. Wvw. . wqvwwv , -wfqq 2231? 55 s - 3 1 Ountry Llfe Press 1 X 5? Q 1 a ' 1 X t 1 OrpOra 1On 1 Q 1 Q GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK 1 Q TELEPHONE GARDEN CITY 800 J 9 1 1 ----4 if Q ig 1 PRINTERS 1 0 X . 1 Q df 4 151 1 BOOK MANUFACTURERS 11 5 iii X 11l' 'I 0 5 NEW YORK OFFICE . 111 EIGHTH AVENUE, ROOM 2110 1 5 TELEPHONE CHe1se11 2-3177 X Q DIRECT LINE: NEW YORK TO GARDEN CITY .I Q Vlgilanr 4-0433 1 X ., "XL 1IifC6-EE F "1 f""'E is X 11"' O 1111O 1 Sf? 5 ffZ5?E151fi5f2bE'?5 Q 1 i giigiiiff E 1?- 1. ff' x 'E O 'E' O ' 11481 5 i z f I '! V s 1 1 r i n kn-4..1.,, -, A ,,,, ,M-----1--' " - AW- -V -f-AA - A- - A -- , .f-bl M

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