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L I , 'N M I G ERD0 e1qa1.dAr1I.4PaG-wE.1IGRTlL 4 Q ik 1.1, W N S, lh ' liz Iihris ,1 u Y. v w I v 1 I 1 j, I lf 1 i IT i e 3 4 2 1 i B N I V 1 2.1. JP' I' .y . ., . If J - 1 1- 1, is ,LN 1 L . -ss xi N YN, r 'N 1. R xg ,XX .,-, 1 A im 4, RFQ!! - Md' ' 5 'os S 2 1 r x 'S 2 J v 1 G J 5 ? 4 fi K 5 a rw f? 5 ly 5 Q 'Q K ' . 1 4 E -r -2' V. .' , Z' . J if ,T L f QI: y, , A9 g, ' uf " , fe vb I4 ' P 1 I , 2 . - 54 P? , ,fr y 3 gg ,. 4 N E 'Lf , gg rs ge 'T ., TQ "1 5, 31 if F' fl E Q , if P 5 . 1 2 E 5 z IN' lkl lw ,. , ,W , , .rm ,. H .1 J- , , K ,mi -fn, -,.,.. kv-- , Z , -f m -- f--- ----M-AM Q' " " '1I-if-3312 " .f1, 'lT2'lS -N ,i '-1732-15'T'f"3, ,V Y , ,,,Q5gQZ a15qY ,, ' , " 'f" 1' :,::::T: 1' f Y " ' fQZ'I. :lT 'Z ':1" .:.r :. P "N"'- --11+-4-f --'- f-- JE- ' :2-an-1 - f' "" f 'f"'13 'A -1--'-TEM -.-qv Qwl fw- ' -- --N----' V------f----w - N- A ,z-1,-4. "I,- 9?'!19!!'!'5'3!52i : '.'f:!'f?'..,..' , 21::?I'!F'2"'5 ' '.L'i'Zff2'l' " I3f1.'2'!2:Y:.'1:gi3i:"i"f':"f'If2:i1i - "':'f. - - " f"' '7'LQ'3i.:EF.ii5f .::v1'2"4f" A1'i?3 X' .xr Q .Ya 'HW .5 f': rug' 1 5 2 E il ZA L N X. 2 E 1 92 F , 41' IA- 3' 'X Ts' 152' J u 55.. . ,Q ..: - m ag-,. 2' 1 :K wif 1. 5 il 4 -G it 'Q f-444 .. 113 fn " jf I xx. .',. "s Pt' W? -6 --1, N-. .--' . 1 ' . my ' ft 94,43-'.-' Q i . .nmgxx mmf -,assxr-, ,Q,i...,,.h,-r,?igEt.g-4fQ.T,J55L,f:fVwma,::5mm.z:...L:,2Lf-t-zeiil-'?3La-:vf":1-.-?:.e7i3zvia'FB-2--f-,55LS?i-Z,1e:.+9gg.-q-5.-.- . ,' ,- . ' Q at V Z A I , L 1 1 rx , . 1 . P A Y . , E V I I sp l r. I 5231 .,, - z.. G -- 'W'-'H" '-' ""Jf"' X f" """'1" 1" - "- -'- "" " " f ':'A"" ' " 'f'1" """" If Q JZL ..X, ...aT.,,.,.,i-v "' k -if---- f f gf-T---f-T1 ,,.,.4,,,4-,,1,,,,i,.,..4, WA.-..,. ,,,.x.,1EgL4L...,..,...-,wff--5...g-,,5.u..,-J-, bg,-,.z1:.1eQ. 2i:.-X.-- -f-," 'C'- ,' f--- f . , AM.: ,, ,.:,-.. Y ..1.:, . ,.:.,f,-:.:.J.L,..v.,4,-,A.--f-'1:':.:.,........m-1-Q--fa--', ,f51:w..,L,:f:: ' , .Q-:i.:vz::.,.:1f'g4Tf:"ia:f: :-vmnsasa-1-'3-,vzn-, 4 lv 1, 'ity H'-Q, 1 1 1 1 14 E1 1 E 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 Ldiggi A . . V. fi - x .11 M111 adn? W1 I ki, R' , 5 L 1 4' 4. K rf . , .' . .AI .-1 ASVY - .1-wma' ' Neff:-t'1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11' 1 : I 1 it 1 ' -. 173-:flv-ar:'a-:1v.1-u::1:srs:rr3::c!': . r, 4.x ,X I. Nj AJ Yi H Y V V Y ,,,, K ,JY W YF ,,,, -,,,----f J -1-,Lgl,q-IL-,,,x,.Igl5,1i,,fk-1 V -W1-inf,-,f,-...:f.1!GlE!!:,!!F!! w.-rf.:-T-f -: -:i.-:- -,-:M 1 ' 4- - .., 5.-14--nz-:-A.: 1 11- f-fy.: -:14::::, - - -41: '.::f': .414 .-vs -1-:WJ-sr -,-11a?:2:E1, rq.- , , E 1 ' 5 1 Avi:-,-:v7AT,z,W::-735545 QE,it1,:,,,,-Q-W, . ,,,Q,,,,,,. 5 fi..-gag .1i. --, - -f 1 I 5 R I E x J r 4 M I 2 3 I I 1 I , ,' 1 'Q-.3 f' 'JK ,' I' W 4 :'?'S:. W-,J n .1 ,Q . ' -A E ' bi' F , , fa- fi:- I5 ' 1 x"-gg. , Q17 P , f If ex V "-ffx I A . ' '5x7"9"1 -A , 1 -'-" Q fi 1 I Y 1' -- yh -2 1' , ,,- 'J 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 I 1 1 E 1 11 1 1 3.11. If 34' . 11? 1 32 35, .J aa., - if . 'V 1 ' , 1,. 1' ! ,- 1 - 1 1 1 1 1, '21 'I '11 1: 31 1 1 1 1 11 11 ' 11 13? ' I 1 If 1 I It I 1 1 1, 1 11 11 11 - 1 :Q ii ti 1' 11 I 11 1 I '1 11 fl 1 9 11 11 '1 1:1 ' 111 1 Hi I "1 1 1' "'1 ,, H 1 1 ' 1 I , 1 35.5 A511 L- ,11 1 .1., W. -151 1 -1 Us -111 11. g.'i1 11 ll 11 1 1! I 41 V1 11 112' f 1.1 ' 'l I1 '1 11211 1 1' 11 "L .Iii l': IE! 11 . 15,1 151 u!'i 5115? 11 1 1 P1 1 I 1 1 11 51 211 , 11 1 ii I! 11 i f 11 1 1 1 111 1 1 + 111 1 1 11f' FACULTY 4 L, x. ' fig? 'f131iQ,"f'f:'1, ,V 1.-fl" . -, it -, fry, 1 V4.1- ' I " ' -' - ' 1 ': 195. ,- V ,Q 41,3 ,Q In Ng- 51 Enya M:Ls:,Q,l:L2T,mD- AL.-Tr:-,:mL.VL,,.b.,...,.f,, 1L.11:-4:1--:YL-fr:-:11Lz.::::.:::::sz-:-:::.-eifr:-xr:-:ara:4zEv-.4'?:inf1sai--wil?-snug.-lsmyim...-1-9111151954 . - :gf , "' ..v X ,yf M.. , 4 .1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 .I K - bi g:L,.E1'i1 A, . : 15' ,,.: .Lag 11jQ,I:3gI,g.5'fg:'f3w'-.- :-g - .M -. .-,:,,',,'.,., n -h,..ff,.., 4 I,-.- .41 ' A "1,. '.,-7,-, 1-. 1, ,, -' , .l , ,-..--.-..,-s.,.. ,-- - ,,ff',...1,s .....g-- Vw . s, . x V-,,:--ff' 'f.':'.:"','."fg- -vii-:ix . -- ' , -J N 2 ,,- 5-.Y,,,,,.. Y- .,., ,: .. .-,:,1:"' A ,Uhr A., 3 ..'.-1131, 1.3 x -.V , Iv Trinity College was founded by the I RIGHT REV. THOMAS CHURCH BRCWNELL, D.D., LL.D. Who was born at Westport, Massachusetts, October 19, 1779, and died at Hartford, Connecticut, J anu- ary 13, 1865. From 1819 to 1865 he was the third Bishop of Connecticut and the Presiding Bishop from 1852 to 1865. From 1824 to 1831 he was the first President of the College. p Presidents RIGHT REV. THoMAs CHURCH BROWNELL, DD., LL.D. . . REV. NATHANIEL SHELDON WHEATCN, S.T.D. . . . REV. SILAS TOTTEN, S.T.D., LL.D. . . . . RIGHT REV. JCHN WIIILIAMS, S.T.D., LL.D. . . REV. DANIEL RAYNES GCCDWIN, S.T.D., LL.D. . . SAMUEL ELIOT, LL.D. ..... I . . RIGHT REV. JCHN BARRETT KERFOOT, S.T.D., LL.D. . REV. REV REV REV REV ABNER JACKSON, S.T.D., LL.D .... . THOMAS RUGGLES PYNCHON, S.T.D., LL.D. . . GEORGE WILLIAMSON SMITH, D.D., LL.D. . FLAVEL SWEETEN LUTHER, PH.D., LL.D. . REMSEN BRINKERHOFF OGILBY, B.D., LL.D. . . 19 1824 1831 1837 1848 1853 1860 1864 1866 1874 1883 1904 1920 1831 1837 1848 1853 1860 1864 1866 1874 1883 1904 1919 HE I934 TRINIATY IV .... 'JV--yr. ,., . 4... I. 1 -. ,J Faculty FRANK COLEEBABBITT, PH.D., L.H.D. . .r . . 65 Vernon Street Hobart Prqfessor of the Greek' Language and Literature ' HENRY AUGUSTUS PERKINS, So.D., M.A., EE. .55 ForeSt Street jarois Professor of Physics A GUSTAV ADQLPH KLEENE, PHD. . . A689 Asylum Avenue Professor Qf Econornics CHARLES EDWIN ROGIQRS, C.E., M.C.E4 . . 11 Lincoln Street Professor of Civil Engineering A HORACE CHENEY SWAN, M.D. A . . . A . ' . 196 Whitney Street Professor of Physiology and H ygieneg Medical Director REV. ARTHUR A. ADAMS, PH.D. . . 73 Vernon Street Professor of English and Librarian ' LEROY CARR BARRET, PH.D. .... . 31 Arundel Avenue Professor of the Latin Language and Literature STANLEY LEMAN GALPIN, PH.D. . Berlin Professor of Romance Languages ' EDWARD FRANK HUMPHREY, PHD ..... 31 Whitney Street Northam Professor of History and Political Science ODELL SHEPARD, PH.D. ..... . 69 Vernon Street farnes f. Goodwin Professor of English Literature 21 E 5 F E1 L Q 2 L 1 E, a 5: V an -X 51 L x K: as Q 3 P U fs 5 a 5 HE I934 "TRlNIl'TflYi'IV JN, ' A - 'A TJ sr A S.. 'EFF' I ' 2 EVALD LAURIDS SKAU, PH.D. . . ' Assistant Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM AGREGG- .BRILL, M.A .... . Alumni Secretary and Faculty Illanager of Athletics THURMAN LOSSON HOOD, PHD. , . L Dean and Assistant Professor of English JOSEPH CORNELIUS CLARKE, B.P.E. Instructor in Physical Education GILBERT VIVEN WRIGHT, B.P.E. . Instructor in Physical Education CHARLES JAMES ROHR, PHD. . . . Assistant Professor in History and Political Science 'CARL LEWIS ALTMAIER, PHD. . I . Instructor in Philosophy and Psychology WILLIAM CLARK HELMROLD, B.A. . . Instructor in Greek and Latin WENDELL HOLMES LANGDON, B.S. . Assistant Professor of Mathematics ALFRED KING MITCHELL, PHD. . . Assistant Professor of Mathematics BERNHARD ULMER, M.A. Instructor in German HOWARD CARTER WILEY Instructor in Drawing 23 .15 Seabury Hall A . 71 Brownell Avenue . A 123 Vernon Street 67 Irnlay Street . South Manchester 549 Prospect Avenue . 15 Northam Towers 268 Washington Street 63 Gillett Street 876 Farmington Avenue 14 Seabury Hall Wethersfield HE i934 TRI -JV. s: Q 13 lfiwc f - A lb Q5 History of the College 1 In 1822 a group of eighteen clergymengmet at the home of Bishop Brownell at Hartford to draw up a memorial in which they prayed the General Assembly of the state to grant a charter to a college "with power to confer the usual literary honors." Once before, in 1810, an effort had been made to enlargethe charter of Seabury College, an Episcopal institution founded in 1801 at Cheshire, but the General Assembly had refused to grant the request. At the beginning of the nineteenth century Yale was the only college in Connecticut, and was not only closely connected with the Congregational Church in administration, but was in complete control of the legislature. Accordingly, any suggestions by the Episcopalians as to a charter for a second college were promptly discouraged. However, during the 'War of 1812 the Episcopalians in this part of the country conducted themselves with such undoubted loyalty as to win the respect of all, with the result that when Bishop Brownell and his associates made application for a charter under the name of Washington College, their petition was promptly granted by the legislature. The amount of ,money necessary for the incorporation was raised in a very short time, as well as 850,000 toward the endowment of the college. The trustees had adopted the same plan that had been used by Yale to determine the location, inviting the larger towns of the state to contribute to the funds of the college, in competition for its site. When the decision was finally 25 NITY IV HE l934 TRINITY IV ., ..,. ,:-bl. ..-. than Connecticut were admitted and in 1883 the charter was again amended to permit the election of three of the trustees by the alumni. Dr. Totten resigned in 1848 and Rev. John Williams was elected president. He was a man of power and highly esteemed as a scholar and a dean, and was the first president from the alumni of the college itself, having been graduated in 1835. He gave theological instruction from which grew the Berkeley Divinity School. The cares of this school became so great that he resigned as president of the college in 1853 and was succeeded by D. R. Goodwin, a graduate of Bowdoin. During the Civil War, from 1860 to 1864, the college was under the presidency of Samuel Eliot, a cousin of Harvard's famous president. He was succeeded by Dr. John B. Ker- foot, a native of Dublin, Ireland, prominent in the councils of the church, who left in 1866 to become Bishop of Pittsburg. For the next year the college was in charge of Professor John Brockelsby as actingpresident. Abner Jackson, the only president of Trinity to die in oflice, assumed his duties in 1867. An alumnus of the old Washington College, he was called to the presidency of his alma mater when president of Hobart College. During his administration the enrollment reached .100 for the first time, in 1871-72. It was also during his time that the college property was sold to the city of Hartford to be used as the site of the State Capitol. A move to the outskirts of the city was decided upon and the present property acquired. The services of Mr. Thomas 27 P sci- Hwg, 9,5-zuqyupw Ml- ' --'wr tml:-4944:-W 3-gums nv.-5 ,qua ,rv q-vu -.N ,Q 5 Z 5 HE I934 TRINITY IVY . A-Af .' L1-J Agri: IU-I r any "festive entertaininent in the City of Hartford or vicinity." In summer the first recitation was held at five a. m. and in winter at 6 a. m., and students were not allowed to sleepin their rooms or lie down on their beds during study hours. Bed- time was at 10 p. m., and after 10.30 no student was allowed to leave his room. Tutors and professors had authority to punish any infraction of the rules by a fine not exceeding 31. The students were prohibited from play- ing any musical instrument on Sunday, "except when employed, by permission of the President, in the performance of sacred musickf' The punishments of the College were Expulsion, Dismission, Rustication, Suspension, public and private admoni- i tion, and Fines not exceeding ten dollars. Actions which were deemed "high offences" included: "Riotous or noisy behavior, to the disturbance of the College or the citizens of Hartford-Refusing to give evidence in any case when re? quired by the Faculty, or falsifying therein-Challenging or assaulting, or mali- ciously endeavoring to injure any student-Throwing things against, over or near the College, from the windows, entries or down the stairs --Profane language-- Intoxication-Having spiritous liquors in the College-Indecency in language, dress or behavior-Associating with any person under sentence of Expulsion, Dismission, or Rustication-Being concerned in any bonfires, fireworks or other unauthorized illumination-Being an actor or spectator at any theatrical enter- tainment during term time--Making, or being present at any public celebration except by permission of the Faculty." Among misdemeanors are: "Going to any tavern or victualing house in Hartford, for the purpose of eating or drinking, except in the presence of a parent, guardian, or patron--Playing at cards or dice, or any unlawful game-fBuying, selling or bartering any books, apparel, furniture, or other property, Without per- mission of the Bursar-Idleness, negligence, and, in general, all behavior incon- sistent with the good order, peace, and prosperity of the College." The chapter dealing with College bills and expenses of students states that, "To prevent extravagant or improper expenditure by the students, all monies designed for their use shall be placed, by their parents or guardians, in the hands 29 ' HE i934 TRINITY 'VY .4 A? E73 lg' . 69 . - J w ' . - - x 1 ',' ' I , of the Bursar, who shall superintend their expenses with a parental discretion 0 student may purchase anything Without his leave. "As a further preventative of extravagance, an uniform dress shall be PSC' scribed by the President, and no Student shall appear in puhl1Clfi, any Ut er dress, during term time, under such penalty as the Faculty may 1I1H1Cl3- Then, heaping coals of fire on the head of the luekless undergraduate, the Laws close with this section: "Every Student shall receive a copy of the Laws, for Wh1Ch he shall be charged the sum of twenty-five cents' In 1825 the Athenaeum literary society was organized and two years later its rival, the Parthenon, was founded. Both societies died in 1870. The poet. Park Benjamin, Was the first president of the Parthenon Society. The Nlissiouary Society, which survived until fairly recent years, was organized in 1831 and had as its first president, George Benton afterwards a missionary to Crete. lt was through this society and one of its members, Augustus F. Iqyde, of the class of 1830, that the Board of Foreign Missions of the lilpiscopal Church was organized. 'l'he Vou- necticut Beta of Phi Beta Kappa, the scholastic honorary society, was organized at Trinity in June, 1845. One of the early organizations ol' the college, perhaps traeeahle to the l'ir-"e number of students from the south, was the Washington Vollege .-Xreliers. a siuileiu 30 A . -v--was-w1fW rm, , T H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V Y A-A, -A I Y' cadet corps. The corps had a black and white uniform and paraded in Ha1'tford and Springfield. The sophomores had a ceremony of burning the conic sections, the juniors had their exhibition, and the seniors their class day, modelled on that of Harvard. Commencements, until 1875, were held in Christ Church, and the Commencement procession, as long as Bishop Brownell lived, passed his house with the band playing "Auld Lang Syne". The earliest form of athletics in which the students engaged seems to have been rowing. The old college was situated on the bank of the Park river, better known today as the Hogg River, and Trinity was one of the four colleges which assisted in the establishment of the College Union Regatta at Worcester. ' In 1858 Trinity raced with Brown, Harvard, and Yale at Worcester. In 1873 the college had a crew in the international race at Springfield and the next year sent the crew to Saratoga .i.- Literary activities at Trinity began with the old societies but the trend was away from forensics, and at some unknown date the publication known as the Cabinet was started. In 1869 the' Tablet was begun as a monthly, and in 1878 it was made bi-weekly. It was primarily a literary publication and lasted until 1904. In that year The Tr-ipod was started as a college news organ, beginning as a daily publication, but very soon changing to a semi-weekly. When the World War came in 1917 most of the staff left college and the paper was changed to a weekly. In 1920 the paper was enlarged to its present size and continued as a weekly pub- lication. It serves both as an alumni and undergraduate organ. The Chapbook, a literary publication, was started in 1919 in an effort to revive the Tablet, but was short lived. The IVY, the year book issued by the junior class, is the oldest under- graduate publication of the college. ' 31 1 N r W i SI F 11 lr A.:-L, .I 112' . 1 . . 14 4 , 'z ,v 1 , r: ., 1 I . A. zz. l: I.- s 3 , A4 jg fl 1 A ,Q 9' f 4 3 CLASSES ...,....,....-, ,JN . .--n.,,. A..,..,S,.- H E I934 TRINITY IVY 'JN' vi PIIILIP J oHN ACQUAVIVA Hartford, Conn. Major Subject5 Physics5 Pro-Consu1ofI1Circo1o D2tnte5 QDBK, AT K. Transferred froni Renssalear Polytechnic Institnte, New York WILLIAM HENRY ANDRULAT East Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Economics and Historyg EN. Transferred from Connecticnt State College, C o nnecticnt '.. N 'CN 4 I WALTER GREER ADAMS New York City Major Subject: Civil Engineering 5 Choir C3, 455 Varsity Track C3, 455 Varsity Swimming Q1, 2, 3, 455 Co-Captain Swimming C455 Interfra- ternity Sports C3, 45 5 Cross Country Cl, 255 EN. Prepared at Trinity School, New York 35 934 TRINITY IV HEI .. AJX' .. .:-. . ,. 'tar- ,.-K .,,,,,.- ANGELO JOHN ANTONUCCI Harjord, Conn. Major Subject: Engineering, Athenaeum C2, 3, 41, Il Circolo Dante, Consul 145. Prepared at H arU'ord High School, Connecticut WALKER BRECKENRIDGE ARMSTRONG West Orange, N. j. Major Subject: History, S.D.C.g IVY Board CSD, Varsity Football C2, 3, LD, Varsity Baseball Q2, 3, 43, Vice President of Class C3, 45, Interfra- ternity Sports Q2, 3, 455 KBCIJ, AKE. Prepared at Morristown School, New jersey . i C ! VVALTER MA1i'1'1N Blcciimn l'l'77:IS0ll, Conn. Major Subjects: Chemistry, Biology Q I'wl'0Slllllllll Football. P Pfepafed at f 011111 Fitclz .H-fglz School, C'o1111cct1'cuf l 36 HE l934 TRINITY IVY -1, l . 9? it I in HERBERT Ofrro BELL Niagara Falls, N: Y. Major Subjects: History and Economicsg Po- litical Science Club C453 IVY Board C353 Varsity Baseball C2, 3, 45, Interfraternity Sports: Soc- cer C1, 2, 3, 455 Interfraternity Council C3, 45, Junior Prom Committee C353 Senior Ball Com- mittee C45g NPT, KBCID. Prepared at Newtown High School, New York SIMON BERNSTEIN Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: History, English. Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut KENNETH EVANS BIRCH Meriden, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry 5 S.D.C.g Treasurer of Athenaeum Cl, 2, 35 5 Varsity Track C1, 2, 35 3 Manager J. V. Basketball C35 5 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 3, 45: Cross Country C2, 3, 45, EN. Prepared at Meriden High School, Connecticut 37 H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V A? if l JOHN FRANCIS BUTLER H arzjord, Conn. Major Subjects 5 History, Philosophy 5 AXP. Prepared at Haryford High School, Connecticut I . Jr' ..m,' GEORGE HENRY BOCKWINKEL, JR. Chicago, Ill. Major Subject: Philosophy5 S.D.C.5 Varsity Track C1, 255 Varsity Football C255 Freshman Football 5 Varsity Baseball C1, 2, 3, 45, Captain C455 Varsity Basketball C355 J. V. Basketball C1, 255 Interfraternity Sports C1, 2, 3, 45 5 Presi- dent of Class C155 Squash Cl, 255 AACI1. Prepared at Morristown School, New jersey I E JOHN THOMAS CAMPION HarU'ord, Conn. Major Subjects: Mathematics, Ecouomicsg S.D.C'. liolitical Science Club 5 Varsity Football' C2, 3,5, baptaln C455 Assistant lVla11agc1' Varsity Basket ball 935, Mhlllawgcr C455 Varsity Club C2, 3 45' Medusa. ' ' 1 P WPUIEW1 Ulf Bnlleclcy H iglz School, C'o11m'c11'c11t 38 I 5 T I1 I N I T Y I Ill!! H E I 9 3 4 T V ff A? at ' -.,. I+- N553-:fe THOMAS BRANDON CAREY West H arzjord, Conn. Major Subjects Pre-Medicalg Varsity Baseball C25 5 Basketball C2, 3j. Prepared at Vlfilliarn Hall H igh'School, Connecticut MICIIAEL MYRON CHERPAK New Britain, Conn. H Transferred frorn Columbia University, New York PAUL MARTIN CHRISTENSEN Windsor, Conn. Major Subject: Physics, EN. Prepared at Weaver High School, Connecticut 39 HE I934 TRINITY 'VY sg 'A' TJ 'I 9 . . ,Q- BARAK GRITNIAN CoLEs Laureltoh, N. Y. Major Subject: Classics 5 S.D.C.5 Varsity Foot- ball C255 Freshman Football5 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 3, 45 5' Interfraternity Council C35 45 Vice President Q45 5 German Club5 AKE, KBCP. Prepared at St. jorrzes School M arylarzd l JOHN PATRICK COTTER Horyford, Corm. Major Subjects: History, Economics5 Senate Q45 5 Freshman Football C15 5 Interfraternity Sports fl, 2, 3, 455 Interfraternity Council C35 455 Sophomore Hop Committee C255 Junior Prom Committee C35 5 ATK. ' Prepared at H ariford H igh School, Corzrzectficut ' PHILIP EDXVARD COYLE, JR. 5 B7'00h?l'I:IIC, Ilflass. Major Subjects: Latin, Greekg Jestors Q2, 3, 45: Circulation Manager of Ylrrzfpod C3, 455 IVY Board 1135, Varsity Track NIIIIIIIIIQIOI' Q355 Varsity Foot- ball C3, 45 5 I11l3Cl'fI'il.b0l'I1ll'fy Sports Q355 .VII Prepared at Pl1'1'1I1'px .-lcIn1'vn1y and H czr-Hard I l II 1"ziv1's fry, Il lr1,vsI1u111rsvff.v 40 ' 1 HE I934 TRINITY IV .W I af TJ In-' - 'I --,, ,H .agen ROBERT BRANSFIELD CRONIN Hartford, Corzrt. Major Subject: History, Political Science Club. Trafnsferred from Corzrrectvlcut Agricultural College CLARENCE MUNGER DEAN Hartford, Corm. Major Subjects: English, Latin. I ' Prepared at Bulkeley H flgh School, Cormectlcut WALTER JosEPH DUKSA Soathrlrtgtort, Cortrl. Major Subjects: Pre-Medical, S.D.C.3 Varsity Football Q2, 35, Freshman Football 5 Varsity Basketball C2, 3, 45 5 J. V. Basketball CD, Inter- fraternity Sports Cl, 2, 315 Cross Country Cl, 2, 3, 45 5 EN. Prepared at Kartty Preparatory School, Perlrlsyloartra 41 H JN, .fv- XX, Mfr WILLIAM EDWARD FGAN H arzjord, Corm Major Subject Fngllsh Class Prophet 5 Prepared at Kzrrgswoocl School Cormeotzcut RICHARD JEAN PIERRE FICIIACKER New York Czty Major Subjects Phys1cs, C1V1l Engmeermg Pol1t1cal Sc1ence Club C35 Athenaeum Q2 35 Manager of Debate Q35 Varslty Baseball C1 25 Interfratermty Sports Q1 2 3 45 Soccer C1 2 3 5 45 Rlfle Club C2 35 WT KBCID 5 Prepared at Newtown H igh School New York 5 ' ' v ' I I JOHN DAMON FOTHERGILL ' Hartford, Conn. ' Major Subjects: Ma.tl1c1n:1,tics, Physics. Trarzlsferwd from Yule l PHI-'Z't'I'Sl.f.5' 42 H V M W' A JosEPH ROTCII FROIHINGIIAM boston lVIass lhI1JO1 Subject P16Bd6d1C'Il Squash AAI' Prepared atSt Nlark S School and Harvard L mversz ty Nlavssachasetts KENNETH WILLIAM DAVID GRAHAM South M artchester, Cortrt. Major Subject: Englishg Crlee Club C155 Choir C3, 45, 'Tripod Cl, 253 J esters Cl, 2, 35, Class Poet. Prepared at South Manchester H flgh School, Cortrzectrlcat EDWIN JOHN GREENE H artford, Corm. Major Subjects: Physics, Civil Engineering, Glee Club C2, 3, 45, Choir C3, 4,5 Athenaeum C253 Track CZ, 3, 45, Interfraternity Sports C455 T.C.C. Prepared at Weatler H tgh School, Cortrtectrcat 43 1 HE I934 TRINITY IVV 5f 4.4 .-r ., f. ,L 'D 'r : : L,-Se? WINsToN HALL M obridge, So. Dak. Major Subjects: History and Economics5 Treas-I urer of Senate 5 Athenaeum C15, Secretary C2, 35 5 Soccer C1, 255 Rifle Club Cl, 25, Secretary C35, JAMES MACDOUGALL HENDERSON New York City Major Subject: English 5 Senate C455 Glee Club C1, 2, 3, 45, President C455 Track C155 Interfrater- nity Sports Cl, 2, 3, 455 Squash C255 Sophomore Hop Committee C25 5 Junior Prom Committee C355 Senior Ball Committee C455 German Club5 AKE, KBfIJ. Prepared at Trinity School, New York President C455 XIIT. Prepared at Vffebster High School, South Dakota NICHOLAS WILLIAIVI HUBINGER, 3RD New Ha-vent, Colm Major Subjects: English, Philosophyg S.D.C: fiesters Cl, 2, 3, 455 Glee Clue Cl, 25, Vice Pros- ident C455 Assistant Manager Varsity Track C355 Assistant Manager Varsity Football C35, Mau- ager C455 Manager Varsity Swimming C455 Yar- sity Club C455 AXP. Prepared at New l'lU'1lClI H fgh Svhool, CN0lIIlCi'1'I.U!lf 44 ! if Yi i ,ii ii ii T551 'QUE-Bk l E I i -I 4 ,. 5 Q C 5 . HE I934 TRINITY IVY L, -.rv 5 ie Y? I I LEONARD PAUL JAHNKE Grosse Point, M ich. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Freshman Foot- ball, Interfraternity Sports Q1, 2, 353 AND. Prepared at Howe School, I ndiana I THADDEUS CULVER JONES Vlfashington, D. C. Major Subjects: History, Economicsg Secretary of Senate C455 S.D.C. C213 President of Political Science Club C25 5 Athenaeum C155 Varsity Foot- ball C2, 3, 4Dg Freshman Football QD, Medusa, AACID. Prepared at St. jarnes' School, M aryland JOHN HENRY KEMP Sonth Manchester, Conn. Major Subject: English. Prepared at Williston Academy, Connecticut 45 i HE I934 TRINITY IV .. AJC' A rs- ? 0 .. I I I I I 'GEORGE WALTER LEE Adams, M ass. Major Subjects: Civil Engineering, Physics5 Glee. Club C2, 3, 455 Track C3, 455 Soccer C2, 3, 455 Rifle Club C2, 35, Manager C455 T.C.C. , Prepared at Butler, I rzdiana JOHN PATRICK LEO New York City Major Subjects: History, Philosophy 5 Senate C455 J. V. Basketball C155 Interfraternity Sports C1, 2, 3, 455 Interfraternity Council C2, 35 5 Soph- omore Hop Committee C255 Junior Prom Com- mittee C355 AXP. Prepared at Barnard School, New York -. ..,, , I EMMANUEL SIGMUND LENV INN Phfzfladelplrja, Pa. Major Subjects: Biology, Chcmistryg Tripod C15. Prepared at Weaver H qfgh, School, Ci'0y111l-I-1,11-1,1 i I 46 nbvlllsnwiiu H- vu an-uf' ,Nz I 3 I 1 e I I V : I I . ii I I , .Q A I 5 S S H E l934 T Major Subject: Physics, XNP. Major Subjects: English, Historyg Advertising Manager of Tripod 135, Freshman Football, In- terfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 3, 43, German Club 42, 3, 41 g AMD, KBCIJ. tu -Af A 2 la f at ji "7 , t. . nun JAM1ss EDWARD PAGET LIBBY Boulder, Colo. T-rarn-sfeirfred from the University of Colorado MARSHALL LIONEL LLEWELLYN LONG West Haven, Conn. Major Subjects: History, Econornicsg Athe- naeum C1,2Jg Soccer CD, EF. Prepared at West Haven High School, Connecticut JAMES GRIER MARKS, JR. S A lp Pittsburgh, Pa. Prepared at Shady Side Academy, Pennsylvania 47 RINITY IVY 1 HE I934 TRINITY IV I -JN, ..., .. 5 '1l:'. ..:,ev -,, WILLIAM ROBERT MCCURDY Weathersjield, Conn. Major Subjects: History, Economics g Inter- fraternity Council C455 Soccer C2, 353 Interfra- ternity Sports C2, 3, 45. . Transferred frorn Connecticut Agricultural College CHARLES HOWARD MORTIMER New York City Major Subjects, Pre-Medical, Jesters C455 Var- sity Track C3, 45 5 Varsity Swimming C1, 2, 3, 45, Co-Captain C45 5 AECD. ' Prepared at Townsend Harris H all, New York WILLIAM CAMERON NO1lN'ELL Detroit, Illiclz. Major Subjects: Physics and Civil ICi1gi11vo1'i11gg Glee Club C1, 25, Vice President C35, President C455 Choirg Varsity Tennis C15g Il1I10l'IQ1'QlI'0l'IlIij' SPOTISS- SOCCGI' C1, 2, 3, 455 President of Inter- fraternlty Council C45 5 NPT, Prepared at Sozvitlicastcrfi H fglz School, .Il1'cl11'ga11 43 Kill 'K HE l934 TRINITY IVY . AVN' - .I 0 Ii T "1:- Aflji? ,I -. J- SS .,.I- CHARLES FRANCIS NUGENT JR. Wethersfield, Conn. Major Subjects: English and Greek 5 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, AACI1. Prepared at Lincoln School, New York 7 HARRY JAMES OXFORD Port Chester, N. Y. ' ' Major Subjects: History, Mathematics 5 Jesters C2, 3, 455 Glee Club Cl, 2, 35: Choir i155 IVY Board C355 Track C15g Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 35: Cross Country C153 Class Secretary- Treasurer C3,45: Adv. j ,Prepared at Port Chester School, New York FRANK STANLEY PAC New Britain, Conn. Major Subjects: Biology, Chemistry. Transferred from Villanova College, Pennsylvania 49 ' THE I934 'ILNRINSITY IV '11' .,n,-s EDWARD Swrrs PAIGE V Scotia, N. Y. Major Subjects: Civil Engineering, Physics3 President Senate C453 Freshman FOotball3 In- terfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 353 Interfraternity Council C3, 45 3 Medusa 3 President College Body C453 President of Class C353 Chairman of Senior Ball 3 Sophomore Hop Committee, Chairman of Junior Prom Committee C35 3 ACID. Prepared at Schenectady H lgh School, New York POTTER BROOKS PAIGE Washlrzgloh, D. C. Major Subject: Phi1osOphy3 S.D.C. Q253 Track Q2, 353 Varsity Swimming C3, 453 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 3, 45 3 German Club 3 AAQIJ, KBCIJ. Q Prepared at St. IGWLGS School, M arylahd REITBEN Piniss H arlford , Con 11. Major Subjects: Philosophy, Englighg cbBK' Pfefflfefi C115 Weaver H -zfglz School, C'o111m'fv1'c111 50 I P P I 1-ug n 1 n f H -KN, Uh.-.,,,,,,r" Major Subjects, Mathematics, Physics, Athe 113611111 Cl, 25, Manager of the Union' AXP. ' BERNHARD HUBERT PERRT , Tuckahoe, N . Y Prepared at Bulkeley High School, Connecticut 7 , MORRIS PETERSON , Hartford, Conn A Mag or Subjects B1010gy, Chem1stry H Prepared at Weaver High School, Connecticut . A 5 1 . it m Q . if ' 1 . t , . : N 1 . 5 E : 3' W 545 ' I 1' I N. Q11 , I 2,1 ' it 3 :lf vr tl . CHARLES AUGUSTUS PRATT, JR. 3 al ,lu l Windsor, Conn. Special Student. Transferred frorn H aroard University, i Massachusetts ' l,.. El' I fer N51 51 31 i 1 T tt 1 E .1 rx' we ,uf ri A, NE ,. lit! 4 vi 5 f E I934 TRlNITY,l V H .4 AA' qw o . r. .I A: E. JOHN MARVIN PRUTTINGH Hartford, Corth. Prepared at Weaver H rlgh School, Cortheetrlcttt Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Jesters CZ, 3, 45. L, GDORGR CARL RICHARDSON East Hartford, Cortrt Major Subjects CIVI1 Fngmeerlng, Mathematrcs Glee Club C1 2 3 43 IVY Board Q35 Interfra, termty Sports C35 AXP Prepared at East Hartford H tgh School, Cortrteottcut MALLOLM Saou New X oil C 111 C25 Into1f11to1111ty Sp01fH Q1 7 35 ,xl MLJ01 Subjects Hlstou, I COIIOIHICS lx x Bond 3D 11 Lck 25 BICSIIIIIIII lfootblll QU Nlmx 11 P e azed at lumix N 11001 X X 1 H JV J' J1MEs JACK SHARKEX South Orarzbe N j XIIJOI Subject Enghsh Se11ate Q45 SDC Jeste1s Q1 2 3 45 Glee Club Q15 Yrftpod Ed1tor 1n Chlef Q3 45 Athenaeum Q1 2 3 45 V106 Pres 1dent Q2 35 IVY Board Q35 Interfratermty Sports Q3 45 Interfraternlty Councll Q3 45 Medusa Prepared at Colunrbza Hzgh School New jersey CHARLES MINOT SHEAFE 3RD New Haven Conn Major Subjects H1story Economlcs Senate Q3 45 J esters Q3 45 Track Q35 Interfraternlty Sports Cross Country Q35 Squash Q3 45 Jun1or Prom Comnnttee Q35 AXIIA . Transferred from Harvard D nftoersrlty M assacrnsetts GERSHON BENJAMIN SILVER H arzjord, Conn. Major Subjects: Biology, Chemistryg Glee Club Q35. Prepared at Weaver H ftgh School, Connecticut 53 H E I934.TRINlTY IV A AJX' A T ., '+ . M. WILLIAM WALLACE SrsBoWER New York City Major Subjects: History, Econornics5 S. D. C. Jesters C1, 25, Stage Manager C35 , President, C45 Tripod C1, 2, 35, Editor-in-Chief of IVY C355 Base- ball C155 Interfraternity Sports CI, 2, 3, 455 Soc- cer C1, 2, 35 5 Medusa 5 Class Secretary C25, Pres- ident C355 Ada. Prepared at Trinity School, New York I ,VL EDWARD LEVONNE SIVASLIAN Albany, N. Y. Major Subject: Economics5 Senate C455 Political Science Club C355 Athenaeum C2, 35, Vice Pres- ident C455 IVY Board C35 5 Football C2, 355 Inter- fraternity Sports 5 Class Treasurer C2, 455 T.C.C. Prepared at Albany Boys' Acaderny, New York V ROBERT CLOSE SMI111 New Ha-von, Conn. Major Subjects: History, Economicsg Yalrsity Football C2, 35 5 F1'0Slll1l:lil1 Footbullg I11te1'fr:1ter- nity Sports Cl, 2, 3, 455 Squash C2, 3, 455 ARE, KBCIJ. Prepared at 1-Iopkzfns CPI'U'HI'IlIUI' School, C'o1111vuf11'1rf 54 H E I934 TRINITY IVY 'JN' Major Subjects: Economics, Historyg Glee Club Major Subject: Englishg Varsity Track C3, 45, Captain MQ. .54 Is,- 'Y ..,, ng- .,.v I MILTON LITTLEFIELD SMYTHE Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. C3, 45 5 Librarian Q3jg AKE. Prepared at Newtown High School, New York HOWARD FRANKLIN STEEVES . Seyrnour, Conn.' Major Subjects: Physics, Mathematics. Prepared at Seymour High School, Connecticut DAVID WILLIAM SWANsoN Hartford, Conn. Transferred frorn Michigan State College 55 HE !934 'ILVRINITY IVY f my i JOSEPH JOHN TRANTOLO Hartford, Conn. Hg-, JOHN GOODWIN TRACY Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Vice President Of Class C155 President of Class C25 3 Glee Club CD5 Athenaeum CD5 Track Clbg IVY Board C355 AXP. Prepared at Hartford H igh School, Connecticut Major Subjects: Mathematics, Physicsg Il Cir- cOlO Dante. ' Prepared at H aryford H tgh School, Connecticut PASQUALE JOsEP1-I VIGN.-wr Hartford, Colm. Major Subjects: History, Ecouomicsg ll Circolo Dante C4D I11tO1f1ltOlI1lf q7OlfS 9 3 3 H' '2- fy C1 CL Hg Varsity Baseball q2,3, 45, FOOtbz1.llC15. ' Prepared at Bfullcclcy H fglz School, Clllllllfffllfllf 56 HE I934 TRINITY IVY in PC' in .Y 6'- ',,,. fig. -is. QS: " ma: 4 LEWIS ALEXANDER WADLOW, JR. Bala, Pa. A Major Subjects: Philosophy, Mathematics C353 S.D.C. 3 Political Science Club C2, 353 IVY Board C353 Varsity Football C2, 3, 45 3 Freshman Foot- , ball3 Cross Country C1, 253 Squash C353 Inter- fraternity Council C2, 3, 453 Medusa3 AAQID. Prepared at Episcopal Acaderny, Pennsylvania THOMAS SMITH WADLOW A Bala, Pa. ' Major Subject: Englishg IVY Board C353 U Track C2, 453 Varsity Football C253 Football C2, 353 ' Captain of Freshman Football C153 Interfraternity Sports 3 Vice President of Class C35 3 AAQJ. Prepared at the Episcopal Academy, Pennsylvania CHARLES CALLAVVAY WILSON IfVilliarnsport, Pa. Major Subject: Physics. Prepared at Weaver High School, Connecticut 557' 5. HE i934 TRINITY IV .f'AJX'A1. '.. N . 6 V-. '-xg.. A1555 '- nv: ,. J AMES JOSEPH ALBANI J Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: History, Economics 5 J. V. Bas- ketballg Ilrterfraternity Sportsg Interfraternity Couucilg ATK. Prepared at Bitlleeley High School, Connecticut VAHAN ANANIKIAN H arrjord, Conn. Major Subject: Physics. ' Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut ROBERT MORRIS ANDREWS, JR. A Rahway, N. J. Major Subject: English, Jesters Cl, 2, 3,35 IVY Board C333 Track C155 Soccer C2Dg Aflb. Prepared at Rahway High School, New jersey 59 2 if 5 . I 5 23 I A iz 1 Z H E I 9 3 4 TAR I N I T Y I V A Tv 9+- FREDERICK TAMIR BASHOUR Harzyford, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Math- ematics. Prepared at Biilkeley High School, Connecticut CARROLL CHARLES BEACH, JR. ' Harrjord, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry, Baseball CD, J. .V. Basketball CD, Soccer Cl, 2, 35, Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 35, AKE. Prepared at Loornis School, Connecticut Manx HAROLD RAYMOND BAYLEY, JR. Forest Hills, N. Y. Major Subject: English, S.D.C., Managing Editor -of Tripod 135, Political Science! Club, IVY Board, Varsity Football QZD, Manager of Varsity Baseball C35 , Interfraternity Council C3D, Junior Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Vice President of Class C3D, German Club 42, 355 AACIJ, KBCID. Prepared at St. farnes' School, Maryland A 61 I-IE I93'4 TRINITY IVY .. A? P -1- -:f" I ff WILLIAM HOFFMAN BENJAMIN A 'S Garrison-oh-Hudson, N. Y. A Major Subject: Philosophyg ,Testers CZ, 355. f Political Science Club 5 Interfraternlty Sportsg j if Squash C2, 353 Interfraternity Counc1l C2, 355 P I AXP. Prepared at St. M ark's School, M assach asezfts CHARLES OTIS BIERKAN H arzyford , C orm. Major Subjects 3 History, Economicsg Glee Club C2, 3D gj Choir Q35 5 IVY Board C35 3 Interfraternity Sports Q3j5 AT K. Prepared at Weaver H Ilgh School, Connecticut 1 5 , JoI1N R.AIN1fo1I'I'II Bosm lialzway, N j Major Subject: Chcmistryg T.C.U Prepared at Ralrzoaly H -iglz School, Nm' -!vI,wIjI HE I934 TRINIFTY IV .f1AFfX'TJYg,- 1 EDWARD JOSEPH BREWER Norwich, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medicalg Varsity Football Q2, 35, Freshman Football Q15 5 Prepared at Norwich Free Acaderny, Connecticut HYMAN HAROLD BRONSTEIN Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical. A Prepared at Weaver High School, Connecticut VERNON THEODORE BROWN Perth Arnboy, N. j. Major Subjects: History, T.C.C. Prepared at Perth Arnboy High School, New jersey 63 I-IE I934 TRINITY IVY .. .l 'JN' 1 I,.I. , . GQ A I FREDERICK JOACHIM BURFEINDT Q New York City Major Subject: Economies, Varsity Baseball Cl, 2, 35 5 Swimming C15 5 Interfraternity Sports 5' I Soccer C115 AXP. - i Prepared at Barnard School, New York ORRIN SEvERUs BURNSIDE - Philadelphia, Pa. Major Subjects: History, Modern Languages' Jesters C2, 3J, Glee Club C2, 355 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 25, Soooerfl, 2, 35, ACID. Prepared at Northeast High School, Penrtsyl-varz-ia T1A1oMAs CI-IA1i1,Iss C-x1,1.If:1:.Y it Hartford, C.'oI11I. I Major Subject: English. I L' Prepared at the Hartford Hrfglz Svhool, L'o111Iuci11'1It I N v 64 HE I934 TRINITY IV A-f'Xf ' -I I JOHN FRANCIS CAMPBELL New York City I Major Subject: Economics, J esters Q-1, Zjg Tripod A Qljg Interfraternity Sports Cl, 25, AKE. Transferred from New York University, New York ALBERT CIVITTOLO ' Hartford, Conn. L Major Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Il Circolo Dante. Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut NATHANIEL THAYER CLARK Boston, M ass. Major Subject: English, Jesters Cl, 2, 35, Glee Club Cl, 25, Track Q1, 25, Squash CD 5 Chairman for Sophomore Hop, Chairman for Junior Prom, ANP. Prepared at Phillips Acaderny, M assachnsetts 65 1 Q1 'i E '5 1 -, af 1: 4 5 1 I 4 v 4 4 I Q K I 3 i 4 T H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V W 2 It STUART CUSHMAN COWLES East Granby, Conn. Major Subject: History3 ATA. Transferred froni Arnherst, M assachnsetts ROBERT HUGHES DAUT ' Philadelphia, Pa. Major Subjects: English and Philosophy: S.D.C. 3 IVY Board C353 Varsity Track Cl, 2, 353 Freshman Football3 Varsity Basketball Cl, 25, Captain C353 Soccer C25 3 Vice President Class C25 3 AT. Prepared at Northeast High School, Pennsylvania EDGAR HENRY CRAIG: . A, Brookline, llffass. Major Subjects: History, English, Economics3 S.D.C.3 Choir C153 Athenaeum C153 Track C15 Football C253 Freshman Football C153 J. V. Bas- ketball C153 Varsity Tennis C2, 353 Squash C353 Sophomore Hop Committee C25 33 Class Secretary- Treasurer C253 AACID, KBT. 7 . Prepared at Lawrence High School, M assachnsetts 67 THE l934 TRINITY I V , ' I' 'WAI T P fgib' GRAHAM ALLING DAY Haryford, Conn.- Major Subject: English, S.D.C.gJestersC1, 2, 35, Tripod Cl, 25, IVY Board CSD, Freshman Foot- ball CD, Varsity Swimming Cl, 2, 355 Sophomore Hop Committee C255 Junior Prom Committee C3DgEN. - ' Prepared at Bnlheley High School, Connecticut I GEORGE DEBONIS Waterbury, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics, Mathematics 5 Inter- fraternity Sports Cl, 2, 31, T.C.C. Prepared at Crosby High School, Connecticut I ALFRED BUE'1'oN IJIXON N ew .B'l"I:IfC1'ITII, Conn. Major Subject: P1'e-Mediculg Tmck QD. Prepared at Vcrmozzt Acadcnzy, Vvrnzozzt 68 THE I954 TRINITY IVY A f 4 12 ,efaarjvfg Strive" . Cr-: -.L QQ :Z ,fflf DONA-LD 1-XLBERT IDUMONT Arzdes, N. Y. Major Subject: Political Scienceg Jesters C355 Political Science Club C2, 35 5 Football C35 5 Man- ager J V Basketball C35' Interfrateinit S orts gl . . Cs. C ' , ' y p C255 Soccer C155 EN. Prepared at Pitrzchard High School, M assachiisetts, and Oberlin College, Ohio . JOHN SUMNER ELLSWORTH H artford, Corm. Major Subject5 Englishg Political Science Club C1, 255 Varsity Baseball C2, 355 Varsity' Swimming I C1, 2, 35 5 Interfraternity Sports C2, 355 EN. Prepared at Weaver High School, Connecticut I EDWARD CONRAD ELY Soiithirigtori, Corm. Major Subject: Chemistryg Freshman Football5 Swimming C255 Basketball C355 Interfratermty Sports C355 T.C.C. ' Prepared at Lewis High School, Corirlecticiit 69 I . nw H E I 9 5 4 LAR I N I T Y I v xr : lizl Ib E E I I WILLIAM STRUTHERS EWING Harzjord, Cohrl. Major Subject: History 5 J esters CZJ, Stage Man- Q ager C3Dg IVY Board Q3Dg Soccer Cl, 25, EN. Prepared at Bulkeley H rjgh School, Connecticut 3 I 'f ,Q I 4 Ig,- I I. "I I I I I I ji Y K I I i VVILLIAM J. FARRELL I Hartford, Corm. j Major Subject: Classics. Trarzsferred from H oly Cross College, Massachusetts H I I I Ig I 4 W GEORGE IDEXVITT W IGI-IT Fmums Newtfmm, Comf. I Major Subject: History, 'l'.C.C. 'Q P7'9PCl1'ed at Newtown I-lfgslz Sclmol, fsdllllfflllfllf I I 70 It U THE I934 TRINITY I V 1- .-1, :..1 'f:".':l- '- nv: JOSEPH DEVINE FLYNN, JR. Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Physics, Mathematics 5 Glee Club Cl, 25, Tripod CD, Political Science Club QQD. Prepared at Loornis School, Connecticut - ROBERT EDWIN FOWLER ' Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Chemistry. C Prepared at Bnlkeley High School, Connecticut CHARLES A. FRITZSON Philadelphia, Pa. Major Subjects: Economics and History, S.D.C.g Varsity Football Q2, 33, Freshman Footballg Base ball Q1, 25, Varsity Basketball LED, J.V. Basket- ball Cljg Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 3Dg Cross Country C25 3 Interfraternity Council Q35 g ACID. Prepared at Frankford High School, Pennsylvania 71 l H E I934 TRINITY IVY I -JN, Q ". ,115 ' , EDWIN GIBSON GALLAWAY Greenwich, Conn. Major Subjects5 History and Eeonomics5 S.D.C. C255 IVY Board C355 Varsity Football C2, 355 Freshman Football C155 Baseball C255 Interfra- ternity Sports C1, 2, 355 Sophomore Hop Com- mittee C25 5 Junior Prom Committee C35 5 Varsity Club C2, 355 XIIT, l ' EUGENE MICHAEL GANE Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, Philosophy 5 SWimming5 Team C1, 25, High Scorer C255 Freshman Football, Track C155 Baseball C155 Interfraternity Sports C1, 255 Manager Winning Neutral Team C15, Individual High Scorer C255 Glee Club C2, 355 Athenaeum C35 5 Jesters C35. 5 Prepared at Bulkeley High School, Connecticut KBC-5. Prepared at Brunswick Preparatory School Connecticut JACOB DOUGLAS Gu Pine Gro-re, Ifj Major Subjeet: History5 Assistant Advertising Manager 7V1p0d C355 IVY Board C355 Assistamt Manager Varsity Basketbimll C355 ANP. Prepared at M'c15s1'e School, Ifvxzfzrckj' 72 T H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V T h "FUR DOUGLAS JOsEPH GLADWIN V Vlfethersjield, Conn. Major Subjects, Mathematics, Physics, Jesters CSD 5 Varsity Track C255 Track C155 Interfra- ternity Sports Cl, 2, 35, Cross Country Cl, 2, 33. Prepared at Wfethersjield High School, Connecticut JOHN B. GODDARD j Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History. Prepared at Bulkeley High School, Connecticut DURWARD HARRY GRAFE New Britain, Conn. Major Subject: Economics. Prepared at New Britain High School, Connecticut 73 H , E I934 TRINITY I VY ' l 1 K J A 4, - T ef? , 5 '+ P l ' 8 . 5 2 I Major Subjects: BRYANT WHEELOCK GREEN South Windsor, Conn Major Subject: Modern Languagesg AXP. Prepared at Mount H errnon School, Massachusetts Major Subjects: I 1 Y , ww? ternity Sports C45 5 T.C.C. 1 J AMEs LESLIE GRANT S prtng yield , Mass. 1 English, Greek5 Jesters C3, 45 5- Athenaeum Cl, 2, 3, LD, Secretary C415 Interfra- 1 2. .jr A 1 Prepared at Mt. H ernfton School, Massachusetts is 19 .gi 4: 11 il ii! sa 5 3 32 li js gl Q 5 ia 1 i lil j, l D, l .l Q 1 il ALBERT WILLIAM HANNINEN 5, Chester, .Mass Classics and Economics: Var- , , I 1' x r 11. 5 J Af l 1 fl if sity Track QD, Football QD, Varsity Foot-lmll QZD5 InterfraternitySports. Prepared at Ildt. .H'Cl'llI0lI Pn'pm'afory Svlzool, Il-Tassuclz zfsviis 74 E fi? 'Q jk HE 1934 T RINITY I 1 ' Aw" VVILLARD JOHN HARING Beverly Hills, Cal. Major Subject: English5 S.D.C. C255 Jesters C255 Managing Editor of Tripod C25, Editor-in-Chief C355 Political Science Club C2, 355 Editor-in-Chief of the IVY C355 Varsity Football C2, 355 Fresh- man Football5 J. V. Basketball C155 Tennis C155 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 355 German Club5 Sophomore Hop Committee C255 Vice President I of Class C255 AAfI1,KBCID. ' Prepared at the Episcopal Academy, Penrisylvania DAVID STEDMAN HARRIS V Aldaii, Pa. Major Subject: Classics5 Glee Club C155 Varsity Track Cl, 2, 355 Tennis Squad5 Interfraternity Sports C1, 2, 355 Cross-Country Cl, 2, 355 NPT. Prepared at Episcopal Academy, Perirzisylrzania WILLIAM JosEPH HENEBRY H arnderi, Corin. Major Subjects: History, Economics5 Political Science Club C255 Varsity Baseball C255 Inter- fraternity Sports C2, 35 5 EN. Prepared at New Haveri Hilllioilse, Comzecticut 75 K I I If jj I I 2 KARL AUGUST HOIJST V Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Chemistry, Mathematics. Prepared at H arzjord High School, Connecticut 3? ,N J 'I If I I 1 I I l I I I THE l934 TRINITY IVY . J: -JN, T,-YE, ,F A.: It., ..,- 4' ERNEsT HAROLD HIGGINS Meridert, Conn. I Major Subject: English. A Transferred frorn the University of Maine i I I I iv, 2 . IIN I3 .EII I I! II. lil j, LV II' f I -1 II ' I li RALPH BENSON HOULIHAN I Bridgeport, Colm. Major Subjects: Biology, Cheuiistryg T.C.C.g Varsity BHJSGIJILII ll, 23, V arsitv Buskctbaill C1,2,3D, J . V. Basketball QI, 2, 3Ig I-11t0rf1':1toruity I Sports Cl, 2, 3b. I Prepared at IfIfCl'If'l'ClI HvC1l'ciI.IIg' I-'l-fglz School, I Cj0III1CCf'I'L'Ilf I I ,M I I 76 I I I I I I I I j M THE I934 T I.: 'JV ' K Z i . nj." ' REX J AMES HOXVARD lflfest Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: English, Jesters Cl, 23, President C353 Athenaeum CD, Librarian CZD, President CSD, Junior Prom Committee. Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut A 1 V I I WILLIAM WHITNEY JACKSON ' ' Yonkers, N. Y. Major Subjects: History, Economicsg Varsity Track QD, J. .V. Basketball C2, SD3 Varsity Tennis Q2, 35, Interfraternity Sports Q1, 2, 3b. 'Prepared at Roosevelt High School, New York J oHN EDWARD KELLY Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Classics, Varsity Baseball C2, 3Dg Varsity Basketball Q2, 35, Captain-elect CLD. Transferred frorn H oly Cross, llfassachnsetts - 77 RINITY IVY I 5 5 w 5 gi a sl F: T , al THE I934 TRINITY IV 5 0 if f I 'I ": 5? v n 5,5 CHARLES THOMAS KINGSTON, JR. Alliance, Ohio Major Subjects: History, Econornics5 Senate C355 S.D.C. C25, Chairman C355 Varsity Foot- ball C2, 35, Captain-Elect5 Freshman Football C155 Varsity Baseball C255 President of Class5 Prepared at Howe School, I ridiana 3, if l 1 E HAROLD FREDERICK KNAPP ' Q, Wabafn, M ass. i l Major Subject: Classics 5 Interfraternity Sports 5 ,eil AKE. C A i Prepared at N ewtowh High School, M assachusetls A li 5, l M l v l no M i V x T i I ll ee :ii j, gl RAYMOND NE1LSoN L1DDELL New York Cl'-alll' Major Siibjocts: P1'o-Modicalg Vnrsit-y 'l'1':1ck C155 VZLTS1lfy Basketball C2, 355 J. V. Basketball C155 Soccer C1,2,355 AAID. - Prepared at Frierzds SCII11'lILU',l', New Yaris z 5 vs l I v 1 l 1 l E H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V f: AJX' - ' u I -'I - .N cz...- ,- I A 527' . ,gg- ELMER FELIX LIGETY Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Civil Engineering. i Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut ANTHONY JOsEPH LOKOT A I East Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Classics. ' Transferred frorn New York Unrlverstty I. RAYMOND ARTHUR MAOELROY East H arzjord, Conn. Major Subject: English, Glee Club CSD, Inter- fraternity Sports C355 T.C.C. Prepared at Mt. Herrnon Preparatory School, M assachusetts ' 79 ITYI V IN H E I9 3 4LA TLVR, if F7 , '64 1 ny' l JOHN ANDREW MASON Boston, Mass. Squash Q25, Manager C355 Secretary Intercollegi ate Squash Ass. C35, German Club 5 AXP, KBCIJ. Prepared at St. M ark's School, M assachnsetts i , ELLIOTT RUSSELL MAYO Waterbury, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical. Prepared at Crosby H flgh School, Connecticut WILLIAM SYLVESTER NICCORNICK Salt Lake City, Utah Major.Subjects: Classics, English, Tripod QQ, 35, Editorlal Board g IVY Board Q35, Tennis: Squaislig Sophomore Hop Committee Q25 5 AXP, KBQIH. Prepared at Noble and Crcczzozfglz, lliIasx4:c,'1usctts 80 ' Major Subject: Classics 3 Vice President Political Science Club C353 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 355 THE l934 TRINl'TY IVY f j N X 1 .. mi. EZRA MELROSE New York City Major Subject: Chemistryg Freshman Football C15 ,Varsity Football C35 5 Interfraternity SportsC3D. ,Prepared at H aryford H rjgh School, Connecttcnt QJGHN CHANDLER MELVILLE R V Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: French, German 3 Glee, Club Q2, 353 Assistant Organist. . Prepared at Lenox School, M assachnsetts ' 1 JOHN EDWARD 'NIIDURA Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History. Transferred from Fordharn Universfity, New York S1 HE I934 TRINITY IV .."'fX' .-1 - .qt ,-v-l JOHN ALEXANDER LADD MONTGOMERY Brookline, Mass. Major Subject: Classics. ACID. Transferred frorn Harvard University M assachnsetts GEORGE- MUIR , H arU'ord, Conn. Major Subject: Civil Engineering. Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut EDNVARD Nllfl-IL!L.'XS MU1,LA1uiEY Hartford, C'o1111. Major Subjects: History, Economics, 'l'1':1ck Squad CID. Prepared at Hartford .l'l71'gl1 School, C'0IIl!Cc'fI-Clif 82 T H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V Y ii, AW ff ung- , . . ' CHESTER FREDERICK NEXVMAN East Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Economics. Prepared at East Hartford H tgh School, Corlrtectflcut ADRIAN HOLMES ONDERDONK, JR. A St. -james' School, Nld. Major Subjects: Classics5 Atheneaum C155 Foot- ball C255 Freshman Football C155 Assistant Manager Swimming C355 German Club C355 AACIJ. Prepared at St. james' School, M aryland I ANDREW ONDERDONK Balboa H eftghts, Canal Zone Major Subjects: Modern. Languages5 S.D.C.5 Jesters C1, 2, 35, Stage Manager C355 Tripod C1, 2, 35, Business Manager C355 IVY Board, Business Manager C355 Interfraternity Sports C1, 255 Soccer C2, 355 AACID. Prepared at St. james' School, .Marylarrfd 83 THE I934 TRINITY IVY ., AJX' P v GEORGE DOUGLAS RANKIN, JR. Harzyforcl, Conn. Major Subjects: English, Philosophy 5 GX Transferred frorn Norwich U niversity, Vermont ol FRANCIS ANTHONY REMKIEWICZ S Rockville, Conn. Major Subjects: Modern Languages 5 Track C35 5 Interfraternity Sports C35 5 Soccer C35 5 T.C.C. Prepared at St. john Kanzfy Preparatory School, Pennsylvania , WARREN FREDERICK REUBER H arzf ford , C1011 11. Major Subjects: History, Economics. Prepared at the Hafrlford High School, C'o1111cct11'zft I 84 THE I934 TRINITY IVY . 4 'JN' 1 if ,. 5514? REV. ALFRED BROOKS ROLLINS ' H arzjord, Conn. , Major Subject: Philosophy. Prepared at New England School of Theology, M assachiisetts RAYMOND HOWARD ROSENFIELD ' Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medi cal. Prepared at Weave-r High School, Connecticut ALBERT MAURICE SCHACK Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Mathematics. Transferred frorn New York University, New York S5 HE l9,54 TRINITY IVY .7 4 - -fNf 4. Q I-2- :-QII ROBERT F. SCHMOLZE I I I Kew Gardens, N. Y. I 1 'I Major Subjects: History, Economics, Glee Club - I I I Cl, 2, 3Dg Interfraternity Sports fl, 2, 3D g Soccer I C1,2j, AACID. Prepared at Newtown High School, New York I I I v , I Q I - I I I I I I I I CHARLES BRUCE SCHNEIDER j I Warehouse Point, Conn. I I Major Subjects: Mathematics and Physics, I Squash C2I. - , I I I I I ' Prepared at loornis School, Connecticut I I 1 1 I 5 I I I I I j - , I I I I I I ,I I I I ROBERT EMIL SCHULTZE ' I7V66hCl'ZUIC6lI', N. j. Major Subjects: History, Economics, IVY Board C355 Interfraternity Sports Il, 2, 355 Soccer III: ' AKE. Prepared at Woodrow I'I"l'ISOII H sigh School, New blvrscy sc I T H E I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V M ' THOMAS HERBERT ScoTT Tulsa, Okla. Major Subjects: History and Economics. Transferred from U nioersit of Oklahoma, 1V Oklahoma' f V ARDEN SHAW Greenwich, Conn. Major Subject: English, IVY Board CSD, Fresh- -man Football QU, Football 5 Tennis, Interfra- ternity Sports, Squash 5 German Club, XIIT, KBLIDQ Prepared at Brunswick Preparatory School, Connecticut JAMES VINCENT SHEA New Britain, Conn. Major Subjects: History, Economics, Political Science Club C215 Interfraternity Sports QD, Soccer C25 3 AT K. Transferred from St. Thomas' College, Connecticut 87 H E IQ34 TRINITY IVY -JN, , .1 U .- l,1. '.'. .E 3949: 9 Major Subject: German 5 J. V. Basketball C2, 3b. l BENJAMIN MoRToN SHENKER Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical, Basketball CD, J. V. Basketball C2, 355 II1'0GI'f1F3fG1'I1il3Y SPOTJUS Cl, 2, 355 Freshman Football. Prepared at Hartford High School, Connecticut JAMEs ROBERT L. SINNOTT .HarUord, Conn. Prepared at H arzjord High School, Connecticut CHARLEs Bowls SMILEY lflfirzdsor, Con-11. Major Subject Histoly XIIISUIV Footb1llO 25 Prepared at Ioomzs School, C ozzmrtzurz' i K S 3 I I 5 T ,x ,r Q I ju I I if II fi I I ' I I I I If i I A I X9 I I I . A I 1 I i I I I I 1 . . I I I We, N? THE I934 TRINITY IV ' ' It 'JN' H A - 0 l B., merge ,, SEYMOUR SMITH New York City Major Subjectg Economics 5 IVY Board C35 5 Var- sity Track C2, 355 Football Q255 Varsity Swim- ming Q1, 2, 355 Interfraternity Sports Cl, 2, 355 AXP. Prepared at Barnard School, New York I DONALD EARL SNoWDoN Wakefield, Mass. ' Major Subject: Engineering Varsity Football C35 5 AAQJ. Transferred frorn the University of Texas I J oHN J osEPH SOUNEY New Britain, Conn. Major Subjects: History, Economics 5 Political Science Club C2, 355 J. V. Basketball Q35 5 Soccer C255 Interfraternity Sports C2, 355 ATK. Transferred from Fordham University, New York' 89 HE l934 TRINITY IV :g Y ff mr: THOMAS JOSEPH SPELLAOY Hartford, Conn. Major Subjects: Mathematics, Physics. Prepared at Bulkeley High School, Connecticut 1 CHARLEs JAMEs SUTHERLAND Waterbury, Conn. Major Subjects: Economics, Latin, Glee Club ' C355 Tripod C355 Athenaeum Cl, 2, 35, Inter- fraternity'SpOrts C355 T.C.C. V Prepared at Crosby High School, Connecticut ROBERT WARREN THAYER lflfest Hartford , C on 11. Major Subject: English, Varsity Track C3, 45, Swimming C355 Inte1'f1'aternity Sports C35g Iu- terfraternity Council C3, 45 5 ANP. Prepared at Ponzfrci, Cozzlzcctfczft 90 , 2 I l H E I 9 5 4 'Ii-WA, R I N I T Y I V FG RICHARD INGRAHAM THOMAS Rockport, Me. Major Subject: Modern Languages3 J esters C2, 353 Tripod C2, 353 EN. . Prepared at Rockport High School, Maine CHARLES A. TUCKER H aryford, Conn. I Major Subjects: Pre-Medical3 S.D.C.3 IVY Board C353 Assistant Football Manager C353 Var- sity Swimming C1, 2, 353 Interfraternity Sports C1, 2, 353 Junior Prom Committee3 AXP. I Prepared at Harzjord High School, Connecticut 'GUSTAV HENRY UHLIG, JR. VVeehawken, N. j. Major Subjects: Mathematics, Physics.3 IVY Board C353 'Track Squad C153 Football Squad C2, 35 3 Freshman Football3 J. V. Basketball C153 Interfraternity Sports C1, 2, 353 Interfraternity Council C2, 353 Sophomore Hop Committee C253 Junior Prom Committee C353 Sophomore Rules Committee C253 AKE. Prepared at Trinity School, New York 91 H E I934 TRINITY IVY L: A-fXf t '-"- . , 4,2 4 ' . Ag:- qijl I -4 nil" I Major Subjects: Philosophy, English, Jesters CZD, Political Science Club Cl, 2, 355 Squash, German Club, ANP, KBCID. ' .Prepared at Detroit University School, Mi'chi'gan ANTHONY CHARLES WARD Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: History, AKE. Prepared at Hartford Pnblic High School, Connecticut JAMES BENSON WEBBER, JR. Detroit, Mich. ISAAC MAX ZLOCHIVER Hartford, Conn. Major Subject: Pre-Medical. Prepared at Hartford H ight School, Corzzzcctfczft 92 1 HE I934 TRINlTY'lV .Q- SOPHOMORES PAUL WINFREY ADAMS ACID .... ROWAN PEARCE ALEXANDER EN . JOHN ALBERT AMPORT AID . WILLIAM JOHN ANGUS AKE . CHARLES LEWIS BANCROFT ANI' . HORAOE BARNARD, JR. . . . ALBERT WILSON BASKERVILLE AXP THEODORE EDWARD BOEGER WT . GEORGE SHELLINGTON BREED EN . DONALD GRAY BUCKLEY . ANTHONY BERNARD CACASE . JOHN BARBOUR CARSON AACIJ LOUIS BAMFORD CARSON AACIJ TUCKERMAN CHAPIN AXP n . JAMES DEGAN, COSGROVE . WILLIAM RITCHIE CURTIS AXP . ANTHONY JAMES D,ANGELO, JR. . GEORGE VAN VLACK DICKERSON EN FREDERICK CHARLES DUENNEBIER FRANK JOSEPH EIGENBAUER EN . .FRANK ELLSWORTH . . DENIS FRANK FARNELL AXP . ROBERT BUCKELEY FARRELL . GEORGE DUNBAR FERRIS AKE ROBERT CUSHMAN FIELD . HYMAN FINEBERG . JOHN DUANE FLAHERTY MILTON CARL FLEISH . CARL HENRY FRITZINGER DANIEL BARNETT GIBER NELSON WILLIAM GIBSON . BENJAMIN LOUIS GOLDENBERG ISRAEL MAXWELL GORDON MALCOLM RILEY GOSLEE EN THOMAS JOSEPH HAGARTY JOHN ALAN HAMER 1. JAMES ALBERT HANAGHAN EN , 94 West Hartford, Conn . Philadelphia, Pa Philadelphia, Pa . Beechhurst, L. I., N. Y . Hartford, Conn . New York, N. Y Wethersield, Conn Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y . Hartford, Conn . Southbridge, Mass Hartford, Conn Pittsburgh, Pa. Chicago, Ill. . Ipswich, Mass. Hartford, Conn. . Norwalk, Conn. . Southington, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Colm. . Philadelphia, Pa. . Broad Brook, Conn. Maynard, Mass. . Rockville, Conn. Old Greenwich, Conn. . Wethersfield, Conn. Hartford, Conn. West Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Perth Amboy, N. J. Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. New Britaiii, Conn. VVi11dSO1', Conn. Ha.rtford, Conn. H21-1'IffO1'lI, Conn. H:1.rtford, Conn. E E s E 5 E HE I934 TRINITY IV 'JV Y-L .51 - ff Y 9 .453 FRESHMEN PAUL CURRY ARMSTRONG . STUART EUGENE BABCOCK . VICTOR EMANUEL BONANDER . NORMAN WOOSTER BREWER . PHILIP SAVAGE BREZINA ACID . JOHN LITTLEFIELD BUCKLEY . WILLIAM GERARD BUESS ' . BERNARD DONALD BURKE AKE JACK AMOS CARR ACD . . JAMES MARRON CARROLL HARLEN MONROE CHAPMAN ROBERT MARTIN CHRISTENSEN AXP JOHN KAPP CLARK ANI' . . WALTER EDWARD COLLINS ACID ROBERT BARRET CONWAY WT DESMOND LINDSAY CRAWFORD ACID GEORGE FRANCIS CREAMER AXP ROBERT LAWRENCE CURTIN . THOMAS JOSEPH CUSICK ATK MICHAEL VITO DIAMBROSIO . HARRY JOHN DAVIS AXP . ALBERT MORTON DEXTER, JR. NPT . JOSEPH LIPPE DROEGE A112 . HAROLD WILLIAM DUNNEBIER ROBERT TAFT DUNN . EDWARD JOSEPH DUZAK . JOSEPH FRANCIS FAIELLA AXP PETER STUYVESANT FISH AAI' JAMES FRANKEL . . . CHARLES LAWRENCE GABLER- ACID . JOHN EDWARDS GEARE ANI, WILLIAM GILFILLAN EN . RICHARD HENRY GILLESPIE SYDNEY EDMUND GRANT BENNETT GREENBERG ALBERT HALL FREDERICK BAYLEY HALL AXP JOHN GREIST HANNA . ROY ,VVILKERSON HANNA JAMES CLARK HEATH . . ARTHUR PINNEY HEIMER ATK RALPH ALBERT HEINSEN . PAUL PURDY HENDERSON AXP I 98 Philadelphia, Pa Norwich, Conn . Hartford, Conn East Hartford, Conn West Hartford, Conn . Southbridge, Mass Meriden, Conn Waterbury, Conn New York, N. Y Bloomfield, Conn . Troy, N. Y . Hartford, Conn . Williamsport, Pa West Hartford, Conn. . Winnetka, Ill. . New York, N. Y. West Barrington, R. I. . Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . Utica, N. Y. West Hartford, Conn. . New York, N. Y. Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. New York, N. Y. Mt. Kisco, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Roselle, N. J. Cumberland, Md. Philadelphia, Pa. Stamford, Conn. . Kearney, N. J. Hartford, Conn. Danbury, Conn. Stamford, Conn. Goshen, Conn. Goshen, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. East Hartford, Conn. . HartfO1'd, Conn. fIJCvC1'0tt, Mass. HE l934 TRINITY IV ADOLPH AUGUST HOEHLING, JR. APT . Chevy Chase, Md. ROBERT LIVINGSTON I-IOLLINS AXP . . Long Island, N. Y. JACOB COLEMAN HUREWITZ . ' . . Hartford, Conn. RALSTON VIELE HYDE ACID . New York, N. Y. JESSE IVIYER JAFFE . . Torrington, Conn. STEPHEN JENNINGS AACIJ ARTHUR WFALDEMAR JENSEN - . JOSEPH PAUL KELLY . . CHARLES KEELING KIRBY NPT WILLIAM MURRAY MAURICE KIRBY APT . WILLIAM FOWLE LADD, JR. AW CHARLES ADOLPHUS LAPPAN, JR. . . FREDERICK THEODORE LAROCHELLE AXP LEICESTER EDWIN LAU AGP . NATHANIEL FOSTER LEAVITT . HARRINGTON LITTELL AACIJ . WALTER HERBERT LOTZ CARROLL JOSEPH LYNCH THOMAS JOSEPH LYNCH, JR. . RAYMOND MADORIN . . FRANCIS VIZNER MANION ATK CLEON WIRT MAULDIN, JR. . LAWRENCE IVIAYNARD EN . WALLACE CLEMENT MAYORGA DONALD JOSEPH MCGRATH . ROBERT IRA MCKEE AXP . WILLIAM CLEMENT MCKONE . GORDON ELIOT MEIGS A. . JAMES ROBBINS MILLER NPT . ARON LEON MIRSKY . . PETER FRANKLIN MITCHELL . VINCE-NT JACOB MOORAD . NORMAN GILLETTE MOORE . ROGER HENWOOD MOTTEN, JR. . EDWARD FREDERICK NIELSON Sarasota, Fla. Hartford, Conn. Hartford, Conn. . Springfield, S. D. . Springfield, S. D. Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y. . New Britain, Conn. Longmeadow, Mass. Long Island City, N. Y. . Springfield, Pa. . Honolulu, T. H. . New Britain, Conn. . Wethersfield, Conn . Bloomield, Conn . Hartford, Conn West Hartford, Conn West Hartford, Conn West Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn Hartford, Conn . Utica, N. Y Hartford, Conn Clinton, Conn . New York, N. Y Hartford, Conn . . Wayne, Pa . New Britain, Conn West Hartford, Conn Wethersiield, Conn . Hartford, Conn JAMES 'STEWART MARKS OGILVY AACIJ . Forest Hills, L. I HENRY DUNCAN PECKHAM, JR. . Stewart Manor, L. I., N. Y STUART EDWARD PHELPS . . . Farmington, Conn SALVATORE SYLVESTER PIACENTE . LEON PODOROWSKY . . JOHN BERNARD PRESTON . Hartford, Conn Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn SHERWOOD HENRY RAYMOND, JR. . . New Britain, Conn Hartford Conn ROBERT NICHOLAS ROACH ATK . . , CHARLES BROOKS ROBERTS WT . W.estfiG1d,N-J LLOYD SLOAN ROGERS . . . Farmington, Conn ! i I F 5 fffffiiffi I . fl' on Elf F' If I' Y E ,I ll If l I A 1 I i 6 5 I ,, A -KX, ,V A. ,, S HE I954 TRlNlTY IV l 5.6 bhwh: 1 '-I-, I, T - r Graduate Students v NATHANIEL BLANCHARD ABBOTT .... Hartsdale, N. Y. B.A., 1932 EMANUEL STYLIANOS ATHANASIADES . . Hartford, Conn. B.S., 1932, Worcester Polytechnic Institute JOSEPH GERARD FITZGERALD .... Waterbury, Conn. B.A., 1929, Catholic University I CARL WALTER JOHNSON . . Torrington, Conn. B.S., 1924, Bates College ADAM FELIX KNUREK . St. Paul, Minn, B.S., 1931 ALLEN SCOTT MEIER . . Wilson, Conn. B.S., 1932 D ' ' S DONALD SPIESKE MILLER . ' .... Hartford, Conn. B.S., 1927, Massachusetts Institute of Technology FREDERICK MORRIS REINHART .... . Altoona, Pa. B.S., 1931, Juanita College O Louis FRANK ROWE . . ' Plainville, Conn. B.S., 1930 MORTON RAPHAEL SPRAY Hartford, Conn. B.S., 1932 ALPHONSE JOHN ZUJKO . . New Britain, Conn. B.S., 1932 I N On-Matrieulated Students JAMES STEPHEN BENNETT ...... Wakefield, Mass. RUDOLPH BULAVA . . Simsbury, Conn. OLIVER DOUGLAS CARBERRY . . Rhinebeck, N. Y. FRANCIS LEE HIGGINSON, JR. West Hartford Conn. CHARLES NORTHAM LOOMIS, HI . Bolton, Conn. EDWARD MORLEY LYONS . . Hartford, Conn. JOHN LEWIS MADELEY . . New Britain, Conn. THOMAS JOSEPH RADZEVICH . . Torrington, Conn. JOSEPH SALVATORE SATRIANO . Wethersfield, Conn. CUTHBERT EMBURY TOLKIEN DELANO GRANT WHEELER Summary ' Graduate Students Seniors . . . Juniors . Sophomores . Freshmen .... . Non-matriculated Students . . . Total . 101 Mobridge, SO. Dakota . Wethersield, Conn. 12 70 102 106 114 11 . R HE !934 TRINITY IV -9' 0 T ,,,,,1..,4 T 9 . ' nu" Optimi The grade of Optimus is awarded at Trinity College to a student who has received a mark of "A" at every marking period throughout his entire college course It is, therefore, the highest scholastic honor attainable. The following is a hst of the graduates of Trinity College who received this distinction at the time of their graduation : Samuel Hart '66 George Otis'Holbrooke '69 Lucius Waterman '71 Leonard Woods Richardson '73 Hiram Benjamin Loomis '85 Hermann Lilienthal '86 Willard Scudder '89 Cliiford Standish Griswold '90 Harold Loomis Cleasby '99 William' Perry Bentley '02 Edward Henry Lorenz '02 Anson Theodore McCook '02 Edmund Sawyer Merriam '02 Karl Philip Morba '02 Marshall Bowyer Stewart '02 Bayard Quincy Morgan '04 Edmund Samuel Carr '05 John Howard Rosenbaugh '11 Gustav Alexander Feingold '11 Allen' Northey Jones '17 Abraham Meyer Silverman '18 Evald Lauride Skau '19 William James Cahill '20 George Kolodny '20 Wheeler Hawley '24 James Michael Cahill '27 l l 102 1 1 iz fi is 1 1 X1 1 ,i 1 1 V 1 S 1 N, I 1 1 11 1 11 1 H - -ff1 ., . 1., . '.' , 'E 3 '...: K lf' f LX FIQATERNITIES If 1 A -1 7 E ff N -J, '-', 1 1 . Y . ,ff -1-v-ff-.gx..1.+-Q-1-,N--f-f .:.:Qf:f-vt,-,w,:4.u.g:f - at 4...-L.R.-,wn1f,frf,-Q,..f::,.,:.. ., f:.:::z..4. 11.1 :4,f:..:Q:.-12.-..1.fzv. XA , I fy' " -X . , J 3 ,, IV -. .-.1' f fg,.Jfj1lff ' .a .Tp . H1 11 4 V 1 i HE I934 TRINITY IV ,+-I - . 1 F. I- "s. N1 Roll of Chapters EPSILON CHAPTER OF DELTA PSI Established 1850 PHI IQAPPA CHAPTER OF- ALPHA DELTA PHI Established 1877 ALPHA CHI CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Established 1879 - BETA BETA CHAPTER OF PSI UPSILON Established 1880 PHI PSI CHAPTER OF ALPHA CHI RH0 F oimded 18 9 5 SIGMA CHAPTER OF. DELTA PHI . Established 1917 DELTA CHI 4CHAPTER OF SIGMA NU Established 1918 LOCAL FRATERNITY OF ALPHA TAU KAPPA Founded 1919 107 HE l934 TRINITY IV -JV B wb ,lm my -' :Q 'T ,.': .mp FACULTY MEMBERS WILLIAM GREGG BRILL WENDELL HOLMES LANGDON - CLASS OF 1933 JOSEPH ROTCH FROTHINGHAM CHARLES MINOT SHEAFE, III ROBERT WARRENE THAYER CLASS OF 1934 ALBERT EDWARD 'JOHN HOLLAND, CHARLES THOMAS KINGSTON, JR. JOHN ANDREW 'MASON WILLIAM SYLVESTER. MCCORNICK JAMES BENSON HWEBBER, JR. ' WILLIAM HOFFMAN BENJAMIN NATHANIEL THAYER CLARK JOSEPH DEVINE FLYNN, JR. JACOB DOUGLAS GAY, JB. CLASS OF 1935 ' CHARLES LEWIS BANCROFT LUCIUS JAMES KELLAM CHARLES SAUNDERS TUCKERMAN CHAPIN WILLIAM FOWLE LADD, JR. ROBERT LIVINGSTON HOLLINS CLARK GREENWOOD VOORHEES, JR. CLASS OF 1936 JOHN KAPP CLARK n JOHN EDWARDS GEARE PETER STUYVESANT FISH FREDERICK BAYLEY HALL JAMES DEGOLL WINANS 109 J HE I934 TRINITY IV S, .. 1, ha 6 J' .vu--A 'GLW :, . .i nv. 1. ,-, 5,49 S"3t,,f,,cfV,,,,' W ., ' -ff bfv wff. ' - u' .' lx, fr',,f V, . lf - gjff.. A4-gffff' , Q., gg, 3. .. -s .Kg 1-. 1 'Cyp . A '-ww ,pgs v ,, .. , ' v . ' 7 , Y ' f,'lf:.1,w,,f . .5-'lm-.: mf:-:iff U ff Wulf I f,,,s'5w 1. elfwyg . ,f 7' ,454 13 'il A W , 5. 11, 1.37, 1, . fs D lg ,M , -. ng I! ., f 7 4 f ng i f V- 'A ' . -fig :r A1,f,- izlvyww mf , .I "1 :Q ,. -- 72,71 1.5 9, Mfg 4, p f g A " ,. , if ,I , my ,ji-. . 141.31 , 4 ew iff ' . A . az- -ww l V f f ' ffl' . ,A v "3" x A 4 W iz, ' 5 Elin! ff ' ' N 'ali-'I' L ,A,f"!',,Q"f 'f " 1f4Zf,' 1 f, ,'l"32 I ' f .Er-W '- ' f "I I ' ' " H ,A . .L ,- ,A ff ' ff! 117. ' :fi Q .vw my , I-,fm .' L... ' gg Ji? ,J I., 1,5 'L,y'm1,"',,... Phi Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi Founded at Hamilton College in 1832 Back Row-SCHMOLZE, LIDDELL, JENNINGS, CARSON, J., PURDON, SNOWDON, BALDWIN. WILLIAMS, SPELMAN Second Row-STREMEL, OGILVY, IJITTELL, VVARNER, ITIARING, CRAIG, ONDRRDONK, A. H., CARSON, L., ONDERDONK, A., BAYLEY F7'07LlR0'Il2iPAIGE, MARKS, W T. .l. " f JAHNKE ' Anllow, , oNRS, VlAm.ow, L., BooKw1NR1c1., NuG1cN'1', 11.0 l a ' l w HE I934 TRINITY IV ,Aw AA' B iii, I if. QQ . ,C . . nm FACULTY MEMBER HENRY AUGUSTUS PERKINS CLASS OF 1933 GEORGE HENRY B-OCKVVINKEL, JR. CHARLES FRANCIS NUCENT, JR. LEONARD PAUL JAHNKE POTTER BROOKS PAIGE THADDEUS CULVER JONES KLEWIS ALEXANDER WADLOW, JR. JAMES GRIER MARKS, JR. THOMAS SMITH WADLOW CLASS OF 1934 JAMES ELDRED BALDWIN RAYMOND NEILSON LIDDELL HAROLD RAYMOND BAYLEY, JR. ADRIAN HOLMES ONDERDONK, JR. EDGAR HENRY CRAIG ANDREWI ONDERDONK WILLARD JOHN HARING ROBERT FREDERIC SCHMOLZE ' DONALD EARL SNOWDON I , . CLASS OF 1935 JOHN BARBOUR CARSON Y ERIC SINCLAIRE PURDON LOUIS BAMFORD CARSON ' WILLIAM HENRY WARNER A ' WILLIAM HUTT WETHERILL CLASS OF 1936 A STEPHEN JENNINGS PHILIP JAMES SPELMAN HARRINGTON LITTELL KARL FREDERICK STREMEL JAMES STEWART MARKS OGILVY WYATT AIKEN WILIJIAMS 111 ,I I I4 I I I I THE I934 TRINITY IVY ,. AJN' II f?Qffff"'?I' TI jI I I -T5 I 1' Z -1 Ii if ,I ,gi - :Eff :I , ,III I f? - I :LA wg-,fj, ? -- jf mfg, ga , :gh ' ,,- ig-aa' gnwafaf - HV I I 5 Wk ' 535- I - ' f f' I I WFHQQEEQWII . Beta Beta I hapter of Psi Upsilon I Founded at Union College in 1833 I I I , , I. ' II ,, r 1 I I I, ,I I I Back Row-ROBERTS, SINCLAIR, DEXTER, IQIRBY, I-IoEHL1NG, SCOTT, IVIILLER, Second Row-RONEY, SHAW, B., BOEGER, CONWAY, ZIETLOXV, JUNKER, IQIRRY, PIEYEL, PASCAI Front R0w-MCCOOK, GALLAWAY, I-IALL, EICHACKER, BELL, N ORVELL, SHAW, :HARRIS 114 HE 1954 'llRINITY IV 5' Q, A 'f . ,, CLASS OF 1933 HERBERT OTTO BELL WINSTON HALL ' RICHARD JOHN PIERRE EICHACKER WILLIAM CAMERON NORVELL CLASS OF 1934 EDWIN GIBSON GALLAWAY DAVID STEDMAN HARRIS ARDEN SHAW ' A CLASS OF 1935 ' THEODORE EDWARD BOEGER , DANIEL LAURENCE JOSEPH O'NEILL, JR. DONALD CIIRIL HEYEL RICHARD BOUGHTON PASCALL I CURTIS WILLIAM VALENTINE JUNKER ROBERT MORRIS RONEY JOHN SHELDON MOCOOK BARCLAY SHAW ' JOHN FORREST ZIETLOW, JR. ,CLASS OF 1936 ' 1 ROBERT BARRET CONWAY 3 WILLIAM MURRAY MAURIOE KIRBY ALBERT MORTON DEXTER I JAMES ROBBINS MILLER ADOLPH AUGUST HOEHLING, III CHARLES BROOKS ROBERTS CHARLES KEELING KIRBY WILLIAM FRAZIER SCOTT THOMAS LOWRY SINCLAIR, JR. 115 HE !934 TRINITY IVY E: AWN Q , .,.,. .,4-gp f ix ., . I 64 f if f, i w ? fl- - 5,3lf- ,Ili 'X' fr 4- 'ef ff f - -1 4 A jf-4' I -' i If 4 I ,A 47 f f I ,di Ili ilfrf ,, , 1 II Iliff' if ' , , ,V ' .. - .' Q -gee.-QA. -ff , f I if 4' ,f3'f2iI1Ifif., M61 z I .,, !,:aeiIf1i5igw , IQ! ' 'waz I 5. 3, 2 ,sa1gs:zff21!i,ifl'ff' ,wiv .ff A .1 . if. ..: Q A., Q .ggiigigltgif,mit-If,-f , ' A 'ff an ' -afzeiiaiiziziqszgw 1 U ,,.,f.-izin,' ,,,:5ii'gixiiiiftgzi-Ii-' in 'xv M, .-uw--fraazfzzl-mu.,:.e-,nl-1'ea.3Ini.'1 if ,ff ff ''5I511555QI?Ifliililiiiillill'Ijllllllf' f " . f .I fu - 'FI f 'fes!iizIzIisuek.i5i1,g5, .,, ZH ff 1 - .gyz 'im ',-2-i W . ' f ' 'iz ,,.f1aisiiimliizixfige-lik!!in.,1 I I- ,fzgr3211!isas31323213siig.I3IgifIgzwQf fy, V, ,, nf 'f-5f'55w:.i2lS1 Q ,,"'4 I , ' i1ii2:t2I2E:IfQ'!2'f1 Qflisil'l2il'122II'?if'.,,, , 3 me Q .:51:i,1ggii::,,h21l -'A Q' -.uQH5i9I,Spi ,lh'v,': 5 Ivy' is" Z" miiifi: 11-,f ra , IQSWQ ifilx If , X -.'3'5Il'2I'I'zff'-2"' - fi.'l'2"I 'I 222' K,fizfSfifII2lsff22IIa? "f1iiIIl1I1ie!IwzQf - I , ,,., ,gig ,fi I fi 5 1 1. I--.xv ' 1' 'fiafmfieasezlfys 1',lilII!zf4V ' ' , ,A I fi, ZxWv,,,,,,,1 .. . ' og .H f 0 1 ff fi N f, +, ,f' Eh 'N 5 I ,.. s ., I f I ' 'Jail' I IIEI Q I ,, 4 ,, W I -fzi!?QX:,,xyqi.v 4Nj . , Phi Psi hapter of Alpha hi Rho Founded at Trinity College in 1895 Back Row-CREAMER, CHRISTENSEN, LAROCHELLE, DAN'IS, MCKEE, JAcKsoN, W11,D1NG, F.x1m.1.A Second Row-GREEN, SMITH, FARNELL, BASKERVILLE, J ENNE, Scum.-mm, CURTIS, Roos, Jouxsrzx, MCGARVEY P fi Front Row-BUTLER, IRACY, I-IUBINGER, Iqmo, PERRY, RICHARDSON, BURFE1Nm', 'IHYCKER I 116 HE I934 TRINITY IV -JN, .. JS, Q Yu- ' .L QQ A-.5 JN ,ff 1 , 3 an 'ef f ff g :nwffw 4 ,-Nt? ff f J' 5 -'Xiu Ma- Aw Ali' .gv ,-,li-. 7 ' f f. my - f . f ,f , www ,. . ' 4, ,,f 4 If fffwfffl Sigma Chapter of Delta Phi Founded at Union College in 1827 1 Back Row-SOULL, HYDE, COLLINS, BREZINA, CRAWFORD, LANE, FLAHERTY, DROEGE, CARR Second' Row-LAU, L., FRITZSON, LAU, R., MAI1ER, ANDREWS, AMPORT, SISBONVER. T., ADAMS, GABLER Front Row-BURNSIDE, DAUT, PAIGE, COYLE, OXFORD, SISBOWER, W., SCOTT, MoNTGOzs1Em' 118 .1 T H E I 9 3. 4 T R I N I T Y I V T . -':..: A FACULTY MEMBER REVEREND ARTHUR ADAMS CLASS OF 1933 PHILIP EDWARD COYLE, JR. EDWARD SWITS PAIGE JOHN ALEXANDER LADD MONTGOMERY' MALCOLM- SCOTT HARRY JAMES OXFORD WILLIAM WALLACE SISBOWER ROBERT MORRIS ANDREWS, ORRIN SEVERUS BURNSIDE PAUL WINFREY ADAMS JOHN ALBERT AMPORT MALCOLM VICTOR LANE PHILIP SAVAGE BREZINA JACK AMOS CARR A WALTER EDWARD COLLINS DESMOND LINDSAY CRAWFORD JOSEPH DROEGE CLASS OF 1934 I JR. ROBERT HUGHES 'DAUT CHARLES ALFRED FRITZSON CLASS OF 1935 ROBERT JOHN LAU JOHN JOSEPH MAHER THOMAS JOHN SISBOWER CLASS OF 1936 I JOHN DUANE FLAHERTY CHARLES LAWRENCE GABLER RALSTON VIELE HYDE LEICESTER EDWIN LAU . GEORGE JOHN QUINN HERBERT RALPH SCULL 119 HE l93'4 TRINITY IV " QQ' :." ":- 1,1-., - .... . ,Ee J... S W 'M' 'R VW, -,E-11 ' ' ., ,I .H 1" 'M Q - W N, 9 Q NM X ,M t i Q, ,,.,w , R.- x : f,w?:.' tk ' ,- A . 'H V .. 4 .,,. f -, f- , , 1 S ' ggi ' MFT? . - 'vi hm. - ' Delta Chi hapter of Sigma u Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 Back Row-SLATER, ADAMS, GILFILLAN, ZIERDT, MAYNARD, TODD, XVILLIAMS, IXIARQUET. EIGEN- BAUER Second R0w-KEARNS, TI-IOMAS, I'IANNINEN, ALEXANDER, DAY, CQSGROVE, 1-JICKERSON, HAZEN- BUSH, ELLSWORTH, BREWER Frontliiow-COIT, EWING, ANDRULAT, BIRCH, SHARKEY, IDUMONT, IJENEBRY, SENF 120 HE I934 TR INITY IV 53512: FACULTY MEMBER WILLIAM AVERY STURM CLASS OF 1933 WALTER GREER ADAMS PAUL MARTIN CHRISTENSON WILLIAM HENRY ANDRULAT WALTER J OSEPH DUKSA KENNETH EVANS BIRCH J AMES J ACK SHARKEY CLASS CF 1934 - EDWARD JOSEPH BREWER JOHN SUMNER ELLSWORTH LEONARD COATES COIT WILLIAM STRUTHERS EWING GRAHAM ALLING DAY ' ALBERT WILLIAM HANNINEN DONALD ALBERT DUMONT WILLIAM JOSEPH HENEBRY RICHARD INGRAHAM THOMAS CLASS OF 1935 ROWAN PEARCE ALEXANDER THOMAS EDMUND KEARNS. JR. GEORGE VANVLACK DICKERSON MILTON CARL MARQUET FRANK JOSEPH EIGENBAUER, JR. FREDERICK MARTIN SENF MALCOLM RILEY GOSLEE, JR. RALPH GRAFF SLATER ARTHUR WELLINGTON HAZENBUSH HERBERT EATON TODD WILLIAM HAMILTON WALKER CLASS CF 1936 WILLIAM FORD GILFILLAN JOHN RODNEY WILLIAMS LAWRENCE MAYNARD JOHN GRAHAM ZIERDT 121 H E I934 TRINITY IVY P ' ,-1 TJ T f' 1 M ,ff au QQQ 'E "Aux .11 ' ,- 1 I ll 5 i ft A. fp , l U 'K.c.,fTfl" 1 4' Phe Local Fraternity of Alpha Tau Kappa , Founded at Trinity College in 1919 Back R0w-KELLY, CUSICK, ROACI-I, ALBANI, VANNIE, MCVANE, I'IEIMEH, Soumn' Front R0w-MCQUADE, ACQUAVIVA, COTTER, MCCURD1', BIERKEN, SHEA 122 Mlm. N4 !,:1 WI ',.,:w :wh Ill y Nr ivi'Tljtl r Q ji' , M , iw ,AQV ,,,, U 1 'M E ff TV WE M 4 I 'I .. S .Y W-M, 'E31 , E54 I 'ill 'ily ,M i ,. l ln?-L I xii- , UV, :sag 13, iigl W Q 3-In fini! ' Q? fa '1 Q1 445 U 'x W SVN 5? l 'Ea' V23- 1.1 'ki - J :' -el 9 w ' ,K is V-' 11- I l W 5 PF: '5 V' V 'L I A 1 r 4 I I 1 I I v 1 , A 1 w CDIQGANIZATICDNS ll- - -n..-,,... ..f......-4-n...k- 4-,...- .-.K....,m,..1: .H ..,....f... ...-.-.fgl . A ,. HE s954T'RlNl'rY IV -JN, U' v The Senate In previous years, it has been the custom of the Senate to deal only with the financial matters of the various campus organizations. This year, under the leader- ship of .President Paige, the Senate has attempted to concern itself with under- graduate problems as well. With the advent of this policy, the Senate, consisting entirely of members of the Senior Class, felt that it was not representative of the different class opinions, and consequently Charles T. Kingston and' T erritt H. Mowbray, President of the Junior and Sophomore Classes respectively, were in- vited to attend the Senate meetings. ' - ' This plan met with the immediate approval of the student body. But, although this plan was indicative of the Senate's intention of being a representative body, the method of electing the College Body President who would in turn select his Senate still remained in effect. Consequently, with this thought in mind, the Senate set about making changes in its constitution which would allow for the election of the Senators by the student body. A committee was formed for this purpose composed of Thaddeus C. Jones, James J. Sharkey, Charles T. Kingston, Jr., Senators, and Willard J. Haring, Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod. Under the new plan, two Seniors from each fraternity as well as two from the neutral body are nominated, one from each group to be elected in the College Body elections. These men upon entering oflice would elect their own head who would become College Body President. The system of having the Treasurer for the coming year elected by the outcoming Senate was upheld by the Senate, so that the group from which the Treasurer is chosen will have no further represen- tation. This plan achieves the purpose of giving to the undergraduates the right to select their own representativesin the most powerful student group on the campus. At various times during the year, the Senate has also held dances in the Com- mons which proved highly successful, and of great delight to the students and their friends. Altogether the Senate has completed a good year, and has accomplished much. They have laid the foundation for future Senates to build upon, a great possibility which needs only the co-operation of the student body to become a reality. 126 THE '934 TRINITY nvv K?'!1"'0?5l fafaqy, 1 'fx gp .ff ' '2'?F.1F'555x 2 ""'pw'J' ' . L . , . .N ru ni? , , bl, 'mr l Back R0w-MOWBRAY, COTTER, SHEAFE, HENDERSON, SIVASLIAN, HALL Front Row-LEO, JONES, PAIGE, SHARKEY, KINGSTON The Senate EDWARD S. PAIGE . . President WINSTON HALL . Treasurer THADDEUS C. JONES . . . . Secretary CHARLES M. SHEAFE, III EDWARD L. SIVASLIAN JAMES MACD. HENDERSON CHARLES T. KINGSTON, JR. JOHN P. LEO, JR. TERRITT H. MOWBRAY JOHN P. COTTER JAMES J. SHARKEY 127 N THE 193 . f s. ,,,4fant11'? my . P ,nnpkk 5' 1,41- - F4 . '- L. .' A . A . " 'Q' :FV A Dba' ,,,,, -. Back Row-DAUT, DAY, HARING, CRAIG, ONDERDONK Front Row-BAYLEY, ARMSTRONG, KINGSTON, GALLAWAY, TUCKER Sophomore Dining Club Founded by the Class of '99 in 1897 1934 DELEGATION CHARLES T. KINGSTON, JR. ....... Chairman HAROLD R. BAYLEY, JR. CHARLES A. FRITZSON EDGAR H. CRAIG EDWIN G. GALLAWAY ROBERT H. DAUT WILLARD J. HARING GRAHAM A. DAY ANDREW ONDERDONK CHARLES A. TUCKER 129 4 TRINITY Ivy THE l934 TRINITY I a Y . .D D tip: s A QS' : my T .fn f?feA.qfrf"" V M Back Row-VOORHEES, MASON, HARING, BALDWIN, GALLAWAY Second Row-ANGUS, HEYEL, ONDERDONK, KELLAM, MOCOOK, SHAW, A., WEBBER Front Row-SHAW, B., BENJAMIN, HENDERSON, MARKS, CLARK, GAY, BAYLEY The German Club Founded in 1895 WILLIAM J. ANGUS JAMES E. BALDWIN HAROLD R. BAYLEY, JR. NATHANIEL T. CLARK BARAK G. COLES EDWIN G. GALLAWAY J. DOUGLAS GAY, JR. WILLARD J. HARING JAMES MACD. HENDERSON DONALD C. HEYEL 131 LUOIUS J. KELLAM JAMES G. MARKS, JR. JOHN A. MASON JOHN S. MOCOOK ADRIAN H. ONDERDONK, P. BROOKS PAIGE ARDEN SHAW BARCLAY SHAW J CLARK G. VOORHEES, JR. JAMES B. WEBBER, JR. A THE i934 TRIN -. A YL -, f .fgaffi Wwmgrqg flu-.,W1,.fr '. T-f ' Back R0w-TUCKER, BENJAMIN, DAY, HOWARD, CALLAWAY Front R0w1DAUT, BIERKAN, CLARK, KINGSTON, UHLIG The Junior Prom Committee Held in the Commons, Friday, Feb1'uzu'y 3, 1933 NATHANIEL T. CLARK . . . . Ulmzd WILLIAM H. BEN.JAM1N EDNYIN C. GAIL.-XNY.-XY HAIKCJLD R. BAYLEY, JR. Rolex J. How,xmv GRAHAM A. IDAY f1Il.bXlil,lCS A. 'l'L'vm-in CUs'1'Av H. Uumca, Jn. ISU ITY IVY THE I934 TRINITY IVY 1 Q, C I.. X.,-fe, f ,A,,,xf s?Y"rw,:5"ISax 5135-I-?.,,,!"I I '. .Ia U afxfffxl Back Row-JOHNSEN, HEYEL, COSGROVE, ADAMS, VOORHEES Front Row-ANGUS, PURDON, SHAW, MOWBRAY, VANNIE The Sophomore Hop Committee Held in Alumni Hall, Friday, November 18, 1932 BARCLAY SHAW . . . . C haimfncm PAUL W. ADAMS WILLIAM J. ANGUS ERNEST R. BISSELL JOHN B. CARSON CLARK G. VOORHEES HONORARY MEMBERS TERRITT H. MOWBRAY T. EDWARD BOEGER 133 JAMES D. COSGROVE DONALD C. HEYEL WALTER A. J OHNSEN JOSEPH F. VANNIE WILLIAM H. WARNER INITY I V HE l934 TR -'fx' . J-- . i.. 1' -e- 1, . ,mx . The Trinity Tripod Among the literary publications of Trinity College, the Trinity Tripod remains among the oldest. It was founded in 1904, and is published Weekly. During the last fewi years, it has undergone many changes, until at the present time it stands as one of the most, completely organized bodies on the campus. In the Winter of 1932, at the annual elections of the officers, James J. Sharkey, although he had had little connection with the Trinity Tripod previous to that time, was asked to become Editor-in-Chief which he did. Under his careful surveillance and ambitious policy, the standard of the Trinity Tripod Was appreciably raised. In the fall of 1932, due to the appearance of an article for which he assumed responsibility, Sharkey resigned, and Willard J. Haring, then Managing Editor, succeeded him. Since that time the Trinity Tripod has followed the policy inaugurated by Sharkey, and continues to maintain a high standard, much credit for which is due to the unfailing efforts of Harold R. Bayley, Jr., Managing Editor, and Andrew Onderdonk, Business Manager. Throughout the year, the Trinity Tripod has faithfully performed its duties, and has received the general acclaim of the college, a fact attested to by the support Which it has received from the undergraduates, the Faculty, and the alumni as Well. This support has been most clearly manifested in the communications which have appeared from time to time, and is indicative of the interest which is felt by all the members of the college. . 134 Ni THE '934 TRINITY lvv . s I I 151+-N 44632 NV ! I-1'-wuz-S' .A GI' ' nr." Back R010-RONEY, SISBOWER, PURDON, DAVIS, SUTHERLAND, MCCORNICK, FRANKEL, MCCOOK, HOEHLING, MCKEE Front ROW-MARKS, ONDERDONK, A., THOMAS, HARING, SHARKEY, BAYLEY, GAY The Trinity Tripod Established 1904 Reorganized 1930 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MANAGING EDITOR WILLARD J. HARING HAROLD R. BAYLEY, JR. REPORTORIAL BOARD JACK A. CARR ROBERT I. MCKEE JAMES R. MILLER JAMES FRANKEL CHARLES B. ROBERTS MALCOLM V. LANE ADOLBH A. HOEHLING, JR. DONALD G. HURD CHARLES J. SUTHERLAND HERBERT R. SCULL HARRY J. DAVIS EDITORIAL BOARD J. SHELDON MCCOOK WILLIAM S. MCCORNICK ROBERT M. RONEY RICHARD I. THOMAS BUSINESS MANAGER ANDREW GNDERDONK CIRCULATION MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGER J. DOUGLAS GAY, JR' THOMAS J. SISBOWER 135 THE IQIS4 TRINI Y YV. .4 A- 1 ff? .lg N, :?9'ngqf,4"4?. . AJ . Mil. Back Row-EWING, TUCKER, GALLAWAY, BIERKAN, BALDVVIN, BAYLEY Second Row-SHAW, HOWARD, MCCORNICK, ANDREWS, DAY, SCHULTZE Front Row-UHLIG, DAUT, HARING, ONDERDONK, GAY The Trinity Ivy Established in 1873 WILLARD J. HARING Iidz'fo1--1'z1-Ulm ANDREW ONDERDONK H'Z!S1'lIc'SS ,Ilmm 1 EDITORIAL BOARD WILLIAM S. NICCORNICK CIIARLICS A. 'l'L'v1u-tu HAROLD R. BAYLEY, JP.. Rolzlfzm' M. Axnlu-tws. .1 H. GUs'1'Av I-I. UI'IIIICl, Jn. Glmlx.-xml A. Du' ICDWIN G. GALLAWAY Rlcx J. llmxxxlm BUSINICSS BOARD J. IJOIIHIIAS GAY, Jn- SIGYMUVIQ IC. SNIITII .IAMIGS IC. BALDWIN limalcnrr ll. llxm' Ii,mzmlc'l' IC. Sr'ul1m'zm Wl1,1,1.xx1 S. lfxwnva, Ju. AIQDMN SHAW f1lI,XHl.ICS U, lin-imxxx llili T Y I V Y H T E I934 TRINITY IVY EI" :. arg? lf'-I I Back R0w-WILDING, GRAHAM, SENFTLEBEN, PURDON, PECKHAM Second R0w1KIRBY, HAZENBUSH, CONWAY, JOHNSEN, MIIJLER, KIRBY F1'0ntR0w--GREENE, HUBINGER, WATTERS CCrganistb, ADAMS, BIERKAN, MCGARVEY The Chapel Choir CLARENCE E. WATTERS ...... Ofrganist and Choifmaster JOHN C. IVIELVILLE ..... . Assistant Orgcmist FIRST TENORS CHARLES C. BIERKAN CHARLES W. VVILDING ' KENNETH W. D. GRAHAM JOHN P. MCGARN'EX' SECOND TENCRS NICHOLAS W. HUBINGER, III WILLIAM M. M. KIRBY CHARLES K. KIRBY WALTER G. ADAMS JAMES R. MILLER ROBERT B. CONWAY EDWIN J. GREENE FIRST BASSES SECOND BASSES 137 ERIC S. PURDON HENRY D. PECKHAM, JR. HERBERT H. R. SENFTLEBEN ARTHUR W. HAZENBUSH WALTER A. JOHNSEN V H E I 9 3 4 T pp. I N I 'r Y I . e, g -fx, A 1, f ya! ., 4'2" I 5. .IL 45, '. AQ' The Athenaeum The Athenaeum, Trinity's debating society, has just weathered the most crucial year in its history since its revival five years ago. Faced in the fall of '31 and spring of '32 with an extreme and crippling lack of undergraduate interest in its aims, values, and accomplishments, the Society strove valiantly to survive. A regular succession of meetings each Monday night was maintained, varied pro- grams, including inter-society debates on problems of world importance, individual speeches by members, speeches by members of the Faculty, and general discussions, were followed out at meetings. The interest of the members was maintained while the benefits of the Society were distributed ,among them by having each participate regularly in activities. In the fall of 1932, Mr. Rex J. Howard, then President of the Society, addressed the assembled freshmen, outlining the aims of the Athenaeum and explaining the method of gaining membership. Aspirants for admission were asked to deliver a three-minute speech, on any topic, before the Society in meeting. Freshmen interest was aroused by the remarkable history of the organization, and by its evident value. The oldest society extant at Trinity, the Athenaeum has had a colorful history including several crises similar to the one just passed. The organization was first formed in 1824, and for twenty years it played a prominent part in campus life. During this period the Society accumulated, from donations of members, a con- siderable library which they presented to the college with the stipulation that the latter provide a reading room. Thus was the present library founded. In 1855, a rebel group broke off from the mother Society and formed the Par- thenon, a vigorous rival with the same purposes as the Athenaeum. The two organizations existed side by side in bitter rivalry for some years, both well sup- ported by the college body. Then both suffered untimely deaths, and after various unsuccessful attempts at revivals, they remained quiescent for many years. Finally, in 1928, the Athenaeum was revived by a group of college men who felt the value of a debating society organized for the mutual benefit of all the men in college. Since that time, the Society, in addition to its paramount activity of developing its members' abilities, has participated in three intercollegiate debates, winning all of them, thanks to the able coaching of Dean Hood. This phase of the Society's work is interesting, for from this little group of less than thirty interested students, a three-man team is picked to represent Trinity in the field of intercol- legiate debate. The Society's aims, promoted by its weekly programs, are to develop ability in debating and public speaking Cformal or informalj, and incidentally to increase each man's facility of expression by bettering his grammar, vocabulary, and general fund of information. The college is gradually becoming more interested in the Athenaeum and more appreciative of its work. With continued application of effort, the college body will be made to realize the obvious benefits which such ai. Society can furnish. both to individuals and to tl1e college as a group. 138 ! f i ll 3 I if 2 E I x 3 if 3: . l 1 THE I954 TRINITY IVY -.4 -Q ix: xx 1 .L A-- . 'Nz' Back R010-MOORAD, HOEHLING, SINCLAIR, GRANT, SARGENT, SARCIA Second Row-SENFTLEBEN, DROEGE, SUTHERLAND, DAVIS, HOWARD, PURDON, LAU Front Row-HURD, ANTONNUCI, MADELEY, SENF, HEINSEN, SHARKEY, SIVASLIAN I FREDERICK M. SENF RALPH A. HEINSEN DONALD A. DUMONT ERIC S. PURDON . The Athenaeum . Preszdent . Vice Preszdent . Secretary . Treasurer DONALD G. HURD . . . . Lzbrarzcm MEMBERS ANGELO ANTONUCCI ROBERT J. LAU KENNETH E. BIRCH MILTON M. RULNICK HARRY J. DAVIS JOSEPH SARCIA EUGENE M. GANE KEELER SARGENT J AMES L, GRANT HERBERT H. R. SENFTLEBEN WINSTON HALL JAMES J. SHARKEY ADOLPH A. HOEHLING, HI THOMAS L- SINCLAIR REX J, HOWARD EDWARD L. SIVASLIAN CHARLES K, KIRBY CHARLES J. SUTHERLAND WILLIAM M. M. KIRBY ARTHUR B- WARD 139 HE I934 'ERINITY IVY ' -4 .-9 ' ., rl. : QV?-' -1, ,pa-4 fx. Y J' Ji" . 5,3 Glee Club The Trinity College Glee Club, one of the highly organized societies on the campus, in completing its thirtieth year of activity has once again fulfilled a com- mendable purpose in affording many students the opportunity to unite in a common interest. As a representative body, the Glee Club has been of great value in aug- menting outside interest in the college and widening its circle of friends through its series of concerts, given during the winter and early spring. Under the direction of Mr. Clarence E. Watters, who succeeded Professor A. Tillman Merritt last September, the concerts this year were limited to a smaller number, for which, however, a more intensive schedule of practices was inaugurated. The first concert was held at the Hartford Retreat on December 15, followed by a dance. The second concert, the most enjoyable from a social standpoint for the members, was given at Edgewood Park Junior College in Greenwich on Jan- uary 13. A dinner preceded this, at which partners were arranged for each mem- ber of the Club. The evening was climaxed by a dance lasting until shortly after midnight. ' On February 24 the Club journeyed to Springfield, Mass., for the New England Intercollegiate Glee Club Contest. Nine clubs participated in this competition, which was held in the afternoon at the auditorium, each group rendering Edward Elgar's "Yea, Cast Me from Heights of the Mountains" and an optional number. A concert was held in the evening before a large audience, at which the clubs sang two individual numbers followed by a group of songs rendered by the combined chorus of about 270 voices. At the conclusion the decision was made in favor of Amherst College, Wesleyan University, and Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, respectively. On Sunday, April 2, the Glee Club and the Hartford Junior League took part in a choral vesper service at the new college chapel. The season was concluded by the annual home concert, held in Alumni Hall on May 6. A dance was given for the benefit of the young ladies and their escorts who attended. Practice for these concerts was held three times a week, consisting of a separate rehearsal for tenors and basses and one joint rehearsal. The Glee Club had a membership this year of about forty, twenty of whom were new material. A revision of the Club's constitution, made in December, entitled ten men to charms under the two-year eligibility clause. A smaller num- ber of men of longer experience have maintained a valuable nucleus about which the Glee Club has been organized from year to year, James Henderson, William Norvell and George Richardson having completed four years of service, and Edwin Greene, Nicholas Hubinger and George Lee having completed three. In De- cember James Henderson succeeded William Norvell as president, Nicholas Hub- inger was elected vice president, and Charles Wilding succeeded Walter Johnsen as librarian. Dennis Farnell acted as student conductor. Curtis Junker held the position of manager, assisted by Barclay Shaw. 140 X M. I. 'M in he is um Nr ur Ox 'U' R8 Q I THE '954 TRINITY lvv lf! ' I., ,. A 'f ggf'-iwfirffg' ' ig.: " I Back Row-FOTHERGILL, SCHMOLZE, RICHARDSON, RONEY, BURNSIDE, ROBERTS, DEXTER, WARD, CARSON, L., MILLER Second Row-MCCOOK, OLSON, SHAW, ARMSTRONG, MIEGG, KIRBY, PURDON, GANE, MELVILLE, ARNOLD, KIRBY, LEE Front R010-BIERKAN, PECKHAM, HUBINGER, HENDERSON, WATTERS, J UNKER, J OHNSEN, CONWAY, FARNELL, SUTHERLAND ' . I Glee Club JAMES M. HENDERSON NICHOLAS W. HUBINGER, III CURTIS W. V. JUNKER DENIS F. FARNELL . MR. CLARENCE WATTERS CHARLES O. BIERKAN JOHN D. FOTHERGILL EUGENE M. GANE THOMAS J . HAGARTY PAUL W. ADAMS WILLIAM J. fARNOLD ORRIN S. BURNSIDE DENIS F. FARNELL PAUL C. ARMSTRONG LOUIS B. CARSON ROBERT B. CONWAY ALBERT M. DEXTER, JR. FIRST TEN ORS JAMES M. HENDERSON RAYMOND A. MACELROY SECOND TENORS CHARLES K. KIRBY WILLIAM M. M. KIRBY FIRST BASSES CLARENCE S. JENNE JAMES R. MILLER HARRY C. OLSON ERIC S. PURDON GEORGE C. RICHARDSON SECOND BASSES EDWIN J. GREENE WALTER A. J OHNSEN GEORGE W. LEE JOHN S. MCCOOK 141 . President Vice President Business Manager Student Conductor . . Director JOHN P. MCGARVEY CHARLES W. WILDING NICHOLAS W. HUBINGER, III HENRY D. PECKHAM, JR. CHARLES B. ROBERTS ROBERT F. SCHMOLZE CHARLES J . SUTHERLAND WILLIAM H. WETHERILL ROBERT M. RONEY MILTON B. SMYTHE ARTHUR B. WARD HE l934 TRINITY IV .. - AJX' ' hz- T l : . '75' N. fix! If 'ea .-, . 49 The J esters The past year, the tenth since the J esters reorganization in 1923, has been a busy and artistically successful one for Trinity's famous dramatic society. Since it was apparent from the signal financial failure of the laudable pro- duction of "Wings Over Europe", that the college did not like plays of the serious type, it was decided that light comedies should be presented this year. Accord- ingly, P. E. Browne's three act farce, "The Bad Man", was chosen for the fall pro- duction. It is the story of a Mexican bandit, Lopez, who, while making a raid on a ranch near the border, finds a little relaxation in mixing in the business of the sev- eral antagonistic people staying therel By the power of his gun, he arranges the financial and love affairs of the main characters to the great satisfaction of all save the villain, who is shot in the happy ending. A large share of the success of this production was due to an excellent performance by Harry J. Oxford in the part of Lopez, ably supported by Graham A. Day as the juvenile lead, .Herbert Scull as the feminine lead, Donald Dumont as the villain, and Douglas Gladwin as an elderly invalid uncle. The presentation of this play showed more clearly than ever the deplorable lack of support from the student body, against which the capable and hard-working J esters must labor. To remedy this situation, they decided to redouble their efforts toward educating the college to the excellence and value of the dramatic society, and to do this by increased publicity, lower admissions, and by producing plays more acceptable to the college man. In line with this policy, "Hay Fever", a riotous English comedy of manners by Noel Coward was chosen for the spring production. "Hay Fever" presents the situation of an extremely ill-mannered family, headed by a retired actress and a psychological novelist, faced with having to entertain four guests for a Week-end in a house inadequately supplied with guest rooms and servants. The cast included J . J. Sharkey as the actress, supported by L. J . Carson as the daughter, T. Chapin as the son, and Rex Howard as the father. Other members of the cast included Graham Day, J . Williams, Herbert Scull, Eugene Gane, and N. T. Clark. And so the J esters have rounded out another year of accomplishment, pre- senting two major productions and two minor, as Well as several German plays, ably coached by Mr. Ulmer, and Well received by the college. The year's success, from an artistic point of view, has been due mostly to Mr. Helmbold's coaching. Financially the J esters have fared well, ending the year with a smaller deficit than usual. 14-2 5 I L., s rn.- M Mg IF!! Ulf!! if!! R H' p. V. I- A if P I I THE I9-54 TRINITY nvv .4 - A gif' Ki: ,QT '- nn' Back Row-BURNSIDE, GRANT, THOMAS, BOEGER, ONDERDONK, A., LAU, WEBBER Second R070-OXFORD, CAMPBELL, ADAMS, HARING, ANDREWS, KELLAM, SHEAFE, BENJAMIN Front Row-EWING, DAY, SHARKEY, SISBOWER, HOWARD, SHAW, HUBINGER, CLARK The J esters REX J . HOWARD . . President BARCLAY SHAW . Business Manager WILLIAM S. EWING, JR. Stage Manager RICHARD I. THOMAS Property Manager HONORARY MEMBERS MORSE S. ALLEN WILLIAM.C. HELMBOLD BERNHARD ULMER A. EVERETT AUSTIN, JR. PAUL W. ADAMS ROBERT M. ANDREWS WILLIAM H. BENJAMIN NATHANIEL T. CLARK PHILIP E. COYLE, JR. GRAHAM A. DAY HORACE BARNARD, JR. THEODORE E. BOEGER ORRIN S. BURNSIDE JOHN F. CAMPBELL JACK A. CARR JOHN B. CARSON DESMOND L. CRAWFORD SENIOR J ESTERS WILLIAM S. EWINC, JR. REX J. HOWARD HARRIS K. PRIOR JOHN M. PRUTTING JAMES J. SHARKEY NICHOLAS W. HUBINGER, III BARCLAY SHAW ROBERT J. LAU ANDREW ONDERDONK HARRY J. OXFORD JUNIOR J ESTERS ALBERT M. DEXTER, JR. JOSEPH L. DROEGE DONALD A. DUMONT KENNETH W. D. GRAHAM JAMES L. GRANT WILLARD J . HARING ADOLPH A. HOEHLING, JR 143 WILLIAM W. SISBOWER RICHARD I. THOMAS LUCIUS J . KELLAM CHARLES H. MORTIMER JAMES S. M. OGILVY HERBERT R. SCULL CHARLES M. SHEAFE, III THOMAS L. SINCLAIR, J R. JAMES B. WEBBER, JR. HE I954 TRINITY VY E EEAJN, L nm,- I Back Row-HOEHLING, DEXTER, SINCLAIR, DROEGE, ROBERTS, SCOTT Front R0w1RONEY, LEE, HALL Rifle Club WINSTON HALL Pnmu I GEORGE W. LEE . . .Ifanagu ROBERT M. RONEY . . Scf1'Ci411'y-Tzu NI M EMBERS HORAOE BARNARD ALBERT M. IDIQXTER JOSEPH' L. IDROEGIG ADOLP11 A. HOEIILIN OLIVER F. .IUIINSON cz, III .ION I-II N I". ZIIC'I'I.UW, CIEIAHLES H. NOHXVIMI-zu IUANIICL L. fI'NICII.IJ, Ju C. BHUUKS Hom-:NTS 'IT Luwm' S1Nv1..x1N, .In IYIIIIIIQXM I". SvO'1"1' In. N H T E '954 TRINITY Ivy A4 Q 1 'MAA .Af A. I g,.,M,,.f1., 41. . M. Back R010--FERRIS, ELY, MOTTEN, DEBONIS, MARKS, TRASK, WARD, ARNOLD F'l'07?.tR0'w1SUTHERLAND, GREENE, BOSE, GRANT, LEE, REMKIEWICZ, BROWN The Commons Club Founded in 1931 GLASS OF 1933 JAMES L. GRANT EDWIN J. GREENE GEORGE W. LEE EDWARD L. SIVASLIAN CLASS OF 1934 WILLIAM J. ARNOLD JOHN R. BOSE GEORGE DEBONIS EDWARD C. ELY CLASS OF 19 VERNON T. BROWN DONALD G. BUCKLEY ANTHONY J. D,ANGELO, JR. RAYMOND A. MACELROX' GEORGE DEW. W. FERRIS FRANCIS A. REMKIEWICZ CHARLES J. SUTHERLAND 35 JAMES R. MARKS WILLIAM A. PADDON HOXVARD S. TRASK ARTHUR B. WARD CLASS GF 1936 JOHN L. BUCKLEY PETER F. MITCPIELL 145 H. MOTTEN, JR. ROGER THEODORE R. WOODBURX' I I a, THE IQ' 34 TRINITY IV . -.. ,QT .. M. N. 'f .. 'HN' Qffwmf-ff'S" Back Row-BAYLEY, WADLOW, LAU, SMITH, S. E., GALLAWAY, HUBINGER Second Row-SHARKEY, KINGSTON, SMITH, R. C., GAY, COLES, DUMONT, BELL Front Row-MR. SEGUR, MR. STORES, PROF. HUTT, MR. BEACH, MR. MOSES The Interfraternity Council DR. ROBERT B. W. HUTT . Q . . I . . Presiding Officer JAMES J. SHARKEY . . . Secretary HERBERT O. BELL . . . Treasurer MEMBERS JOHN P. COTTER HARRY J. OXFORD CHARLES T. KINGSTON, JR. ROBERT C- SMITH JOHN P. LEO 147 LEWIS A. WADLOW, JR. HE I934 TRlNI'TY IVY Q: AA -'-4 -if : l:'I. -,J-A151 Back R0w-D,ANIBROSIO, TRANTOLO, A., SARCIA, CIVITOLO Front Row-ZIZZAMIA, ANTONNUCI, TRANTOLO, J., ACQUAVIVA Il Circolo Dante Honorary Consul THE HON. JOSEPH BUFFINGTON ANGELO ANTONUCCI ....... Consul JOSEPH J. TRANTOLO Pro-L'o11szfI PHILIP J. ACQUAVIVA Tr1'Zv1f11u ARTHUR TRANTOLO . . Qzmuxfoz M ICM B ICRS ANTI-IONY B. CACASIQ .lam-21,11 S.-xlwu ALBEWI' CIvI'1"1'oLo Y1Nc'111N'1' 'lJ1m:11,1u lVIrc:uAmL V. IYANIISIQKDSIKJ l',Axsn.g1',x1,1c J. Yu:x. x'1'1 SALvA'l'omc S. l'lAcv1cN'l'lc IGMH, Z1xz.xxl1,x IJIS I I I I I I + I f QI? I I I a I I I I I Q l I xx want!-wid-Mwqhh:KYMbwzvwamKIHLWQ-1T:::vWM,w-fh-vKw,::,,,,,,A,:,-,-LY',W -r,.3:Y Y Y-MW. v.,vw 7 ,,,,,, ,W Y, ,,:.,.,,,.,1,,..,,,,: ,,,, , , .....gmu.+:-1-..- , . T1 - , , , ,, ,,,-.1-,E awmgfj I :gf I 5 I 5 1 I. I bi ' I-: V I ' I II I EI I :I ' IZ I, 5 'I 2? I I' I I ! I 1 T I 9 3 4 T R I N I T Y I V . I Back R0w1HUBINGER, GLADWIN, LAU, BELL, AMPORT, THAYER, JONES, KINGSTON Front ROW-WADLOW, L. GALLAWAY, WARNER, HARING, CAMPION, KELLAM he arsity lub WALTER G. ADAMS ROWAN P. ALEXANDER JOHN A. AMPORT WALTER B. ARMSTRONG HERBERT O. BELL KENNETH E. BIRCH GEORGE H. BOCKWINKEL EDWARD J. BREWER JOHN T. CAMPION THOMAS B. CAREY LEONARD C. COIT BARAK G. COLES PHILIP E. COYLE, JR. EDGAR H. CRAIG ROBERT H. DAUT WALTER J. DUKSA FRANK J. EIGENBAUER GEORGE D. FERRIS CHARLES A. FRITZSON EDWIN G. GALLAWAY DOUGLAS J. GLADWIN ALBERT E. HALL JAMES A. HANAGHAN WILLARD J. HARING DAVID S. HARRIS WILLIAM J. HENEBRY Organized 1927 153 NICHOLAS W. HUBINGER OLIVER F. JOHNSON THADDEUS C. JONES THOMAS E. KEARNS, JR. LUCIUS J. KELLAM JOHN E. KELLY CHARLES T. KINGSTON, JR. ROBERT J. LAU RAYMOND N. LIDDELL JOHN J. MAHER JOHN F. MARTENS EZRA MELROSE CHARLES H. MORTIMER ROGER H. MOTTEN, JR. TERRITT H. MOWBRAY POTTER B. PAIGE ISADORE H. SAMPERS, JR. SEYMOUR E. SMITH DONALD E. SNOWDUN DAVID W. SWANSON ROBERT W. THAYER JOSEPH F. VANNIE PASQUALE J. VIGNATI LEWIS A. WADLOW, JR. THOMAS S. WADLOW WILLIAM H. WARNER HE I934 TRINITY IVY . 5 Y, :-2' 1. 'I 1' . - nh Back Row-SNOWDON, GALLAWAY, EIGENBAUER, TUCKER, JESSE Cfloachj, HUBINGEE C-IIgr.D. ALEXANDER, MARQUET, WEBER Second R0'w-HANNAGHAN, FRITZSON, COYLE. CAMPION, CCapL.D, W ADLOVV, L., MAHER, DUMONT. Frontliow-BREWER, SAMPERS, SMILEY, AMPOET Varsity Football JO1-IN T. CAMPION . . . Clzpfufzr NICHOLAS W. HUBINGEII, III . .Ilumzgcr DAN JESSEE . . . . clnzuiz JOSEPH C. CLARK . .I.vs1SIu111Lbuciz THIG SQUAD R. PEAEOE ALEXANDIQIL IIIDXVIN G. GALLANVAY ICZNA AIIGLHOSIG .JOHN A. AMPOE1' JAMES A. IIANAGIIAN INAOONE H. S.-xmlwzus, ,I 11. IIIDWARD J. BRICWICII WILLARO J. IJAIIINII fill.-XIILICS R. Sx111.1-:Y PHILIP IC. COYLIG, Jn. 'IHIAOOEON C. JONES DUN.-XIII! IC. SNOWOON IJONALO A. IJUMONT C3llAn.1.Es'I'. IilNc:N'1'ON, Jn. Incwls A. W.xO1.Ow, Ju, IIIILANK J. IIIIIIICNIIAIIICII .IUIIN J. AIAIIIGII. 'IINOMAN S. IY.XlTI.UXY CIIAILIJICH A. I"lcI'l'zsON Ml1.'1'ON V. NIAIIOIWVV I'll.x1:1.1cN IYICIII-III ISI I 5 gl A THE I934 TRINITY IV ., -fv Q .N 1. Ns' V nv: Varsity Football After three weeks of steady practice under the watch- ful eye of Coach .Dan Jessee, serving his first year at Trinity, the football team led by Captain Jack Campion opened the season against a superior Colby eleven which turned back the Blue and Gold by the score of 19 to 7. The visitors' heavier line and more experienced play being largely responsible for the victory. For Trinity, Sampers and Maher, both Sophomores, starred on the defensive, while Armstrong and T. Wadlow ex- celled on the offense. For Colby, Alden and Fuller were outstanding. In the Worcester Tech. game on the following Saturday, a blocked punt early in the first quarter followed by a 35-yard run by Drago on the next play accounted for the Engineers' margin of victory. The game ending 7 to 0 in favor of Worcester Tech. The game was listlessly played except for this one spectacular moment, both teams presented woefully weak offensives, and seemed to prefer to remain on the defensive. The most promising feature from the Trinity stand- point was that again two Sophomores, Sampers and Eigenbauer, had borne the brunt of the attack. For Worcester Tech., Noreika and Drago played well. Chastened by two defeats in a row and determined to improve its record, the team manifested new signs of life during the next week of practice. The full extent of this new vigor with which the team became vitalized was fully realized in the New York Aggie game which Trinity won 48 to 0. Starting with a rush, the team, with backfield and line synchronizing flawlessly, in machine-like pre- cision scored three touchdowns in the first quarter. From then on there was no fear Of the visitors' attack, and it became literally a question of how high the score would go. Sampers and Brewer each crossed the goal line twice, and L. Wadlow once. Armstrong, kicking with his usual accuracy which was so marked during the season, converted six straight extra points after missing his first try. I Traveling to Storrs for the next game, Trinity won its second victory of the season by defeating Connecticut Aggies 7 to 0. Sampers scored the winning touchdown in the first quarter, and Armstrong supplied the extra point. Throughout the entire contest, both sides threatened time and again, but neither had the power upon reaching scoring territory to take the ball across, although Trinity barely missed another touch- 155 II'I II Y 1 . I 7 I I I If I I J' I 1- , I 1 lx Q95 If N ui Iss , Ill If I I II I. ' I rf Q. . 11' :T Ii' 4 H .jr g .1 , .3 ',,.gi-gig gin.:-' ' I down late in the second quarter. All the afternoon Armstrong seemed ready to break loose in the open field, but the wary Aggie men managed to hold him to short gains. In the traditional Wesleyan game, the well-known jinx seemed to hold true. After a bitter struggle throughout three quarters, the visitors led by the inimitable Larry Schlums managed to score early in the last quarter, thereby eking out a 7 to 0 wing The game was marked by the excellent defense play of both teams. Maher, Eigenbauer, and Fritzson starred for Trinity in the line, while Brewer and Arm- strong shone in the backfield. For Wesleyan, the hard-running Schlums and Ter- rell, a beautiful open-field runner, were outstanding. Throughout the entire con- test the interest of the spectators was held at the highest pitch. Four times the Blue and Gold held the invaders on the one-foot mark, only to be turned back in the same spot by Wesleyan. I In the final game, a superior Amherst team invaded Hartford to win a sweep- ing victory by the score of 31 to 0. At no time 'during the contest did Trinity threaten, and seemed content to hold the visitors score down. Captain Cadigan of Amherst was the shining light of the game accounting for one touchdown per- sonally, and being responsible for two others when his perfect passes easily found their marks. . The team's record for the season was not impressive, out of six games played the Blue and Gold won two and lost four. The splendid work of the Sophomore members of the squad lends an optimistic note to an otherwise dull season. It must be remembered however that it was Coach Jessee's Hrst season at Trinity, and that the squad was thereby handicapped reaching its top form in only two games, the New York Aggie game and the Wesleyan game. THE SUMMARY Trinity Opponents Colby 7 19 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 0 7 New York Agricultural Collegc 43 0 Connecticut Agricultural College 7 0 Wesleyan 0 7 Amherst 0 31 62 6-1 156 E I934 TRINITY IVY x 2 We H in K, H W. in NA .N '51 V1 1 if 'I FP. 2 THE '934 TRINITY uvv ,, -SA, A A x T , -A9 Back RO'w-DUNN, GILFILLAN, HIALL, PINE, MCKELVIE CCoachb, KEANE, MOORAD, SCOTT LAROCHELLE Second R0w-DAVIS, CHRISTENSEN, HEIMER, SINCLAIR, GRANT, LITTELL, TOLKIEN Front Row-PHELPS, LYNCH, MOORE, HENDERSON Freshman Football THOMAS L. SINCLAIR, JR ...... . Captaw. THOMAS S. PINE . . . . . . Manager THE SQUAD BERNARD D. BURKE SYDNEY E. GRANT VINCENT J. MOORAD ROBERT M. CHRISTENSON ALBERT E. HALL NORMAN G. MOORE JOHN K. CLARK ARTHUR P. HEIMER STUART E. PHELPS HARRY J. DAVIS PAUL P. HENDERSON GEORGE J. QUINN JOSEPH L. DROEGE WALLACE B. HOUSTON WILLIAM F. SCOTT ROBERT T. DUNN FRANCIS J. KEANE ALBERT B. STARKEY JOHN E. GEARE FREDERICK T. LAROCHELLE CUTHBERT E. TOLKEIN WILLIAM GILFILLAN HARRINGTON LITTELL JAMES DEG. WINANS CARROLL J. LYNCH Williston Academy Suffield School . Wesleyan Freshmen THE SUMMARY Trinity Opponents 0 13 7 13 0 34 7 60 157 HE l934 TRINITY IV .. - 'Ie- Baclc Row-CAMPION, SAMPERS, HOULIHAN, WARNER, KEARNS, OOSTING From5Row-LIDDELL, DUKSA, DAUT, MARTENS, KELLY Varsity Basketball ROBERT H. DAUT ....... . Captain JOHN T. CAMPION . . .Ifmzugvr RAY OOSTING Clmulz THE SQUAD WALTER J. IUUKSA R..u'MoND N. LIDDICLI, RALl'l'I B. IIOULIHAN .Hmm I". M.m'1'Rxs THOMAS IC. .KI+1ARNS, JR. IH.-XDUIIIC H. S.-mvmus, JR. .IUIIN IC. KIGLIIY IYILI.I.-XM H. uv.-XIINI-III I 58 H 5: 1 ' 5 CZ ii' 1 sri. in Egl Q5' ni SI' Pzl il it .I ' ss '1 l l 1 fl . ,. s ? 31 51: is I- .f TJ hz , '- ,milf IH - if xr Varsity Basketball After several seasons of basketball ranging in quality from mediocre to good, Trinity found a record team in the 1933 quintet. In addition to compiling the unprec- edented total of ten victories out of twelve games, the Blue and Gold enjoyed the distinction of having scored the highest number of points ever run up by a Trinity basketball team, and of defeating Wesleyan at Middle- town for the first time during Ray Oosting's career as coach. Victories over Harvard and Amherst also marked a season of which Coach Costing and his men may well be proud. There was no one outstanding on this record team, an able group of players, well coached in deceptive attack and unerring defense, was responsible for this 1 most successful of years. At center, Captain Bob Daut got the tap on his opponent in every game. There was ag wealth of material for the forward positions: Kearns, a newcomer who showed up very well 5 Liddell, who had a stroke of hard luck when a "Charley horse" forced him to remain on the sidelines for most of the season, Mar- tens, a sophomore, and perhaps the flashiest player yet to see action on a Trinity court, and Sampers, a dependable substitute. Providing a well-nigh impenetrable defense and performing in every game were Kelly and Duksa at the guard posts. In the opening game Trinity had little trouble in overcoming Haverford, 49 to 25. The second encounter found the Blue and Gold opposing a strong Pratt team at Brooklyn, and it was only after a hard struggle that the game was won by a score of 26 to 25. Amherst next fell a victim in another close one, losing to Trinity, 29-27. Worcester was then defeated at Wor- cester for the first time in eight years by a score of 32 . y V . . to 19, and little difhculty was encountered in recording ' the ifth straight win of the season in a 50 to 12 victory over St. Stephen's. Travelling to New London the Blue and Gold were forced to yield to a scrappy Coast Guard five half way through the season. As this team had previously bowed to Wesleyan, a 40 to 31 defeat at its hands did not promise well for the next encounter, which was with the Cardinals on their home court, but an alert Trinity quintet took the confident opponents by surprise to score an upset, 27 to 18, in a game featured by the close guarding on the part of both sides. Following this great victory, the weak New York Aggies were easily defeated by the record score of 70 to 28. The l 159 THE '934 T-RINITY nv HE,l934 TRINITY IV ., V AJN' A y-1. .77 T MTM . GQ Connecticut State aggregation also proved an easy victim, with Trinity scoring its eighth seasonal triumph. In what was perhaps the most important and colorful game of the year, Harvard was next downed in a fast and rough exhibition, 33 to 28. Then followed a dis- appointing defeat at the hands of Wesleyan in the return meeting at Hartford. The game was close throughout, neither team gaining an advantage of over six points at any time, but the Blue and Gold could not cope with the Cardinals' style of play and the final score was 26-22 in favor of Wesleyan. Trinity closed the season with its tenth victory over Clark in a slow game, winning by a 39 to 30 count. The sole member of this record Trinity team to be lost through graduation is Duksa. Although the jayvees had a poor season and will in all probability not contribute much in the way of material fornext year's prospects, Daut, Martens, Captain-elect Kelly, Liddell, Kearns' and Sampers should prove the nucleus of another fine squad, and Coach Costing should have little to worry about when January rolls around again. THE SUMMARY December 17 Hartford rinity Haverford January 6 Brooklyn rinity Pratt January 11 Amherst Trinity Amherst January 14 VVorcester Trinity Worcester February 9 Hartford Trinity St. Stephens February 11 New London Trinity Coast Guard February 14 Middletown rinity Vllesleyan February 18 Hartford rinity New York Aggies February 23 Hartford rinity Conn, State February 25 Hartford Trinity Harvard March 2 Hartford Trinity Wesleyan March 4 Worcester Trinity Clark Totals-Trinity 446 Opponents 296 160 I THE l934 TRINIHTYI Y F ff ,,A,,,,A ?effwrf"' ' dw." V I ADII A A I 5 I 1 I l 9 f I I I 1 I H DI Back R0w-WRIGHT CCoachJ, DUMONT CManagerJ ' Front R020-SINCLAIR, HOULIHAN, DUNN, WARNER, SHENKER I Junior Varsity Basketball DONALD A. DUMONT ....... . Manager GILBERT V. WRIGHT . . . Coach THE SQUAD ROBERT T. DUNN BENJAMIN M. SHENKER RALPH B. HOULIHAN T. LOWRY SINCLAIR WILLIAM H. WARNER I , 5 I I ' I Il I fs 1. 1. I Ei Il 'I II ! 161 W I I if icy ll fi Q Wh., ha I. mr' EU' ki uw ld pre an -1 I .ff :WI fa 5 'Ii W.. I I I I ' 1 ' I 1 P THE 1934 TR lNITY nvv 58. .,.,, , 79 ' Back R0w?COIT, DAY, ONDERDONK CASS't. Mgixj, DIOKERSON, CLARK CCoachj, HALL, PAIGE Second Row-ROOS, MORTIMER, ADAMS, MOWBRAY Front R010-TUCKER, ELLSWORTH, MOTTEN, ANGUS Varsity Swimming WALTER G. ADAMS . ' ...... . Co-Captain CHARLES H. MORTIMER . . Co-Captain NICHOLAS W. HUBINGER, III . Manager JOSEPH C. CLARK ..... Coach THE SQUAD POTTER B. PAIGE A LEONARD C. COIT GRAHAM A. DAY CHARLES A. TUCKER SEYMOUR E. SMITH WILLIAM A. ROOS, III WILLIAM J. ANGUS 163 JOHN S. ELLSWORTH TERRITT H. MOWBRAY GEORGE V. DIOKERSON ROGER H. MOTTEN, JR. ALBERT E. HALL HE I954 TRINITY IV ., -A - s. Q Y.. I :'11- I -"- Q.' omg,- The 1932 Baseball Season The 1932 baseball team broke even on a twelve game schedule, winning six and losing a like number-not a startling record, to be sure, but more than satisfac- tory because of decisive victories over such teams as Williams, Wesleyan and Con- necticut State. Eight veterans from the previous year reported to Coach Wright in the latter part of March. Adams, who finished a notable career on the mound, re- ceived able support from Henebry and Houlihan, with Captain Phippen performing consistently behind the bat. The infield was made up of Bockwinkel, Elliott, Kelly and Fontana. Bell, Vannie and Armstrong, who formed the regular outfield, per- haps the strongest feature of the team, were assisted by Carey and Vignati. The first three games of the season were dropped to Lowell Textile, Rensselaer and Worcester. Such a start was far from encouraging, but in the Williams game this losing streak was broken in a surprising 4 to 1 victory for the Blue and Gold. That Trinity had found itself was apparent in the next encounter with Amherst Which, although dropped by theclose score of 2 to 1, was a thriller from start to finish and provided some of the best baseball seen during the season. After these two hard games, the Blue and Gold coasted to an easy victory over a weak Clark nine, 11 to 0, scoring the only shutout of the year. Henebry pitched a flawless game and was chiefly responsible for limiting Clark to two hits. After dropping a dull game to Connecticut State, Trinity handed a decisive defeat to VVesleyan in the first contest of the annual series, 7 to 1. Taking Massa- chusetts State in its stride, the team repeated over the Cardinals at Middletown in the tenth game of the season. This was a free-hitting encounter, but the Blue and Gold kept the lead throughout, the final score being 12 to 6. Then a previous defeat was avenged when Connecticut State was overcome on Memorial Day, 9 to 8. After a brief interlude for examinations, a record crowd saw the Trinity nine defeated in its Hnal game by Harvard on Commencement Day, 10 to 3. Adams accounted for all of the Blue and Gold's runs in the first inning when he drove out a home run with two men on base. In the second inning Harvard retaliated with a home run, and went on to win, aided by the pitching of Loughlin and Devens. The 1933 squad will miss the work of Fontana and Elliott in the infield, as well as that of Phippen at catcher. Most of all, perhaps, will it feel the loss of Adams, one of the best pitchers Trinity has ever seen. However, the pitching staff is by no means weak this year, the outfield is strong, and an encouraging amount of material should fill the breaches in the infield, with Captain Bockwinkel at first base, and the position behind the bat. THE SUMMARY Trinity O t., Lowell Textile .... 7 ppoglen Q Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute . 6 7 Worcester Institute of Technology 3 4 Williams ..... 4 1 Amherst .... 1 2 Clark University .... 11 0 Connecticut Agricultural College . 2 4 Wesleyan ..... 7 1 Massachusetts State College . 11 3 Wesleyan .... 12 6 Connecticut Agricultural College . 9 S Harvard .... I 3 10 76 54 u l bel: NQITYI V I. ' 79 " Y Back Row-BELL, CAREY, WRIGHT CCoachJ, JONES, OHLIN, ELLSWORTH, ELLIOT Third R0w1VIGNATI, FLAHERTY, HOULIHAN, KELLY, BURFEINDT Second R010-COLEMAN, FERRIS, BOCKWINKEL, VANNIE, AMPORT, EIGENBAUER, FRITZSON Front Row-HENEBRY, SLATER, FONTANA, PHIPPEN, ADAMS, ARMSTRONG, GALLAWAY Baseball HENRY O. PHIPPEN, JR. . Captain THADDEUS C. JONES . Manager GILBERT V. WRIGHT . . . . Coach THE SQUAD RAYMOND K. ADAMS WALKER B. ARMSTRONG HERBERT C. BELL GEORGE H. BOCKWINKEL, FREDERICK J. BURFEINDT THOMAS B. CAREY JOHN P. COLEMAN FRANK J. EIGENBAUER J R. 165 STEPHEN K. ELLIOTT GEORGE D. FERRIS JOSEPH J. FONTANA WILLIAM J. HENEBRY RALPH B. HOULIHAN JOHN E. KELLY JOSEPH F. VANNIE PASQUALE J. VIGNATI HE i934 TRINITY IV A? .-9 -iw. I. lv -.1 1- i . ' A." The 1932 Track Season The 1932 track season was one of the most successful of all time, and certainly the most outstanding in recent years. Not only did Coach Oosting's squad win all four of the dual meets in which it participated, but three new college records were set. In the high jump Kellam surpassed a mark of long standing when he cleared the bar at 6 feet, 1M inches. The discus record, which had been broken only the year before, was again shattered by Alexander, with a toss of 127 feet, 1 inch. Accounting for the third in this record-breaking series was Thayer, who threw the javelin for a new distance of 171 feet, 5M inches. In the opening meet, Norwich University was defeated by a score of 78 to 48. The Blue and Gold showed its strength in every event except the shot put. Massa- chusetts State provided the strongest opposition of the year in the next dual contest, but Trinity's well-balanced squad was too powerful. In the third meet Clark was easily overwhelmed, 107 to 18. Strangely enough, the only first places gained by the visitors were in the distance events, which had previously been a strongfeature of the Blue and Gold. On May 14th a picked group of men journeyed to the annual Eastern Inter- collegiates, where they obtained a total of seven points, failing to place in the team scores. The final encounter of the season resulted in a 73 to 53 victory over Con- necticut State. A The present season finds a strong array of letter men to provide a nucleus for another successful squad. Captain Swanson, a consistent point earner in the 440 and 880 last year, should repeat his past performances. Kellam, a versatile athlete, competes in the dashes, the broad jump and the weight events, as well as the high jump. Alexander and Thayer, the other title holders, are also on hand. Harris, who did good work in the distance races two years ago and led the cross-country squad in the fall, should take care of the mile and two mile. Daut will again see action in the hurdles, the broad and high jumps, and the dashes. The pole vault, weakened by the loss of Convey, the shot put and the hurdles, an event that will miss Captain Christy's ability, seem to be the chief weaknesses, but Coach Oosting's call was answered by a group of seventy-five candidates that should provide some good material. Looking back on the 1932 season with satisfaction, perhaps the most fitting comment that could be made would be the desire for a similar record this spring. 166 5 6 N. 5 '5- 'N 'M in 'M lu lb In hx pf ll! lg! Hi 'Cl' rar' UW' pl! , ,fe ,K 6 I i A 'Z' " I THE '934 TRINITY nv Sit' Sf' U-A -JZ..-t .LLL 'Q MN: P I E Back R0w1WALES, FRITZINGER, COYLE, WARNER, OOSTING, GADD, THAYER Third Row-LAU, GREENE, BISSELL, SMITH, DEBONIS Second ROUI-BUCKLEY JOHNSON, HAZENBUSH, ALEXANDER, SWANSON, ADAMS, DARRELL 7 Front R0w-MORTIMER, GLADWIN, CARLTON, DAUT, CRISTY, SPRAY, BURGUESS, CONVEY Track RALPH S. CHRISTY . . . Captain PHILIP E. COYLE . . , M anagevf RAY OOSTING ..... . Coach THE SQUAD WALTER G. ADAMS ROBERT H. DAUT ROBERT J. LAU R. PEARCE ALEXANDER VVORTHINGTON G. FLETCHER CHARLES H. MORTIMER KENNETPI E. BIRCH ROBERT F. GADD, JR. SEYMOUR E. SMITH DONALD G. BUCKLEY DOUGLAS J. GLADWIN MORTON R. SPRAY WILLIAM A. CARLTON ARTHUR W. HAZENBUSH DAVID W. SWANSON THOMAS W. CONVEY, JR. OLIVER F. JOHNSON ROBERT W. THAYER FRANCIS S. DARRELL LUCIUS J. KELLAM WILLIAM H. WARNER M. DORSEY WRIGHT THE SUMMARY Trinity Opponents Norwich University 73 48 Massachusetts State College 7 25 522 Clark University 107 18 Connecticut Agricultural College 73 53 3235 1722 167 'fs 'X .lil ff Ili lf! IPI!! Z HHH! Q? J 'Ai 'Gain P' THE '934 TRINITY I I, 1 " . 11 A -M is x I 5 DEVOE BURKE MOWBRAY GREENBERG CRAIG DONLEY MARTINI LANGDON Tenms A. A. ARNOLD . .... Captain WILLIAM F. DEVOE . M anager WENDELL H. LANGDON . . . . Coach THE SQUAD RICHARD E. MARTINI EDGAR H. CRAIG JOHN B. DONLEY JOHN E. S. BURKE TERRITT H. MOWBRAY WILLIAM W. JACKSON MAX GREENBERG JOSEPH G. MERRIAM 169 V ,-amy.-Q-f www:-va. THE 1954 TRINITY I I Q K Commencement TRINITY COLLEGE HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT One Hundred and Sixth Annual Commencement, New Chapel June 20, 1932 Commencement week-end for the year 1931-1932 began on Friday, the 17th, and ended with the graduation exercises on Monday, the 20th of June. Cn the first day, Friday, the seniors celebrated their class-day, having their exercises. in Alumni Hall at 4.p. m. That evening were held the annual meeting of the Trinity College Corporation and several fraternity reunions. Saturday, the 18th, was Alumni day, and this began with a service at eight in the morning in the old chapel. At 9.45 the academic procession lined up infront of Northam Towers and the consecration of the new chapel began. At these exercises the Right Reverend James DeWolf Perry, D.D., Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church presided, assisted by nine other bishops, eight of whom hold de- grees from Trinity College. It was a most impressive service, and the attendance even exceeded capacity. Following this was a carillon recital, given by Ernest Gammons of St. Stephen's Church, Cohasset, Mass. At 11.30 the Trinity Alumni Association held its annual meeting in the public speaking room, and proceeded thence to the Alumni luncheon, held in the new dining hall at one o'clock. At 2 p. m. there was a baseball game between Trinity and Harvard, the latter winning by the score of 10 to 3. Eddie Mays starred for Harvard, and Trinity's pitcher, Ray Adams, played his final game for the college with his accustomed brilliance. Another carillon recital was held at four-thirty. During the after- noon Phi Beta Kappa had its annual meeting. From four until six, President Ogilby held a reception at his house, and at six o'clock there was an organ recital. Numerous class dinners were held that evening, including that of the "Class of 1923" at the University Club. On Baccalaureate Sunday, the 19th of June, four services were held, affording opportunity for all guests and undergraduates to attend. It opened with an early Communion service, and at eleven o'clock, after a carillon recital, Presiding Bishop Perry spoke at the morning service. The afternoon was occupied with musical concerts, a carillon recital at four p. m., and following a vesper service, at five o'clock there was an organ recital given by Dr. Tertius Noble of New York City. That evening the Right Reverend Frederick Bethune Bartlett, DD., bishop of North Dakota, gave the Baccalaureate sermon. On Monday the 20th, the one hundred and sixth Trinity College Commence- ment began after the academic procession had formed in front of Northam Towers at ten o'clock. l932 Class Day OFFICERS CUSHMAN C. REYNOLDS . . - - - C. LEsL1E MUENCHINGER . - - . Chafirrnarz H istoriari HYMAN PLUTZIK . . ' P P?et T. ROBERT STUMPF . ' gsjnhiz OSWALD B. GRAHAM ' 7 P Marshal THADDEUS C. JoNEs - ' 171 V l 3, HE l934 TRINITY IV T , I 1' Degrees Conferred BACHELOR OF ARTS, IN COURSE To TWENTY-TWo STUDENTS IN CLASS OF 1932 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, IN COURSE To FIFTY-SIX STUDENTS IN CLASS OF 1932 , MASTER OF ARTS, IN COURSE MARJORIE ADAMS CAMPBELL, Connecticut, B.A. 1917, University of Wisconsin CLYDE BAILEY SARGENT, District of Columbia, B.A. 1930, Denison University , GEORGE LAWRENCE BLAUVELT, New York, B.A. 1931 MASTER OF SCIENCE, IN COURSE CLARENCE IRWIN NOLL, Pennsylvania, B.S. 1930, Lebanon Valley College JOHN FARNSWORTH CHILDS, Connecticut, B.S. 1931 WILLIAM AVERY STURM, Connecticut, B.S. 1931 MASTER OF ARTS, HONORIS CAUSA JEFFERSON SHIEL, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MORGAN BULKELEY BRAINARD, of Hartford, Connecticut , TNORRIS GALPIN GSBORN DOCTOR OF LAWS, HONORIS CAUSA WILLIAM GWINN MATHER, of Cleveland, Ohio DOCTOR OF LETTERS, HONORIS CAUSA KENNETH BALLARD MURDCCK, of Cambridge, Massachusetts DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, HONORIS CAUSA CHARLES ADAMS PLATT, of New York City DOCTOR OF CANON LAW, HONORIS CAUSA LEWIS HENRY PADDOCK, of Detroit, Michigan DOCTOR OF DIVINITY, HONORIS CAUSA THORACE RUSSELL CHASE FREDERICK BETHUNE BARTLETT, of Fargo, North Dakota. JAMES DEWOLII PERRY, of Providence, Rhode Island 'Died May A, 1932. TDied June 7, 1932. 172 1 2 1 'gf I K Y 1 1 Y w ,. Q P jx 1 ws f""Yu ' 3 cffkx I w , .ji-'1:. gf' 1 5 , n ii. . I nf 1 f- I It-:Ll ' m ' x x 1 9 1 1 5 f r f w 5 I 1 , 22 wr- f I .df 52'- "-' J gg x. f7 Ye, JPETW---Y-M1-vt-1.-va'-.wiwmga-,,,-1 ,:,7Lw-...-, --1-----A-V , - . ...- f , ...- Y -,-g-.:g.z:4:.-, ,:21:f.L.f-L-' ----ff-N-"-ff' 1112, -n. J f .L . N. f.. . rf. 9 ADVERTISING -ff'-v .---,1 14.311711 Zlnlnzx tn Qhhertisers PLEASE MAKE A POINT OF PATRONIZING OUR ADVERTISERS, FOR THEY HAVE HELPED TO FINANCE THIS BOOK 8 Page Jim Adams . . . 184 Blue Goose Stages, Inc. 185 Bryant and Chapman . . 182 D. F. Burns Co. .... 184 Case, Lockwood and Brainard Co. . 180 City Cab . . . 184 Eagle Printing and Binding Co. . 186 Calloway Fish and Co. . 181 Flint-Bruce Co. . . 183 Frigidaire Sales Corp. . 184 Hartford Market . . 185 Hartford National Bank 179 Heublein Hotel . . 184 Howard-Wesson Co. . 178 Hubertis Drug Store . 135 Hunter Press . 182 Loring Studio . 179 Kenneth Mackay 182 Maynard Drug Store . 184 New Method Laundry . 133 Newton Tunnel Coal Co. 131 Ogden Studio . . 135 Max W. Scher . 183 Sam Slossberg . 185 Spaghetti Palace . 13.1 George A. Sylvestre . 185 Taber Cadillac Corp. . 18:2 S. J. Tobey . . 185 Trinity College . . 177 Trinity College Union . 185 Watkins Bros. . . 135 Wise Smith and Co. 180 1 D 1' Tn' G -if -' - - - TMITC 'at' 'ac' 'mt' 'at' Kg P' wg wk y wSa'aarSaiaffTssi5f'sai5f'SasESi1 iatsiiaiaiataiafat sais? I 9 'V' D "9 ' it nr :Q Je n QC in lj ' ' ' ' v ' - - - - zu: P u ' 4. ar. J tau 1 it 'J NS r I ' If -JE 4. .aa J - Y 'I Q5 J -sa J 4. Sf, J I av ' ' f- pf - 1 ilaartfnrh, Cllluunectmtut ' " ' f an J SQ L ar. J IE 'av ', 4' 'av 'i Nlay 15, 1933, was the 11oth anniversary of the granting of the Bb I :EIS Charter to Wasliington College, the second college established in H3 dt. J Connecticut. In 1845 the name was changed to Trinity College. The ear- lg -4' ' 44535 lier name was a profession of loyalty to the father of our country, and E32 l ' was also an indication of his particular Christian aiiiliation. The latter name emphasized the traditions of the older Trinity Colleges, the ideals Hgh , Q? 5, of which have been carried forward in the opportunities here offered for 4' 'JP I, S a cultural education. I! , By tradition andby choice Trinity has been a conservative insti- HQ? tution. Other colleges have been pioneers in new fields, and have en- an J I am deavored to discover new methods by which truth may be sincerely age sought, and the treasures of the past made available for the welfare of I E the future. Although much that is laudable has been' achieved along these A 1: 7,1 lines, it still seems clear thai fpio iatisfiictoryl substitutedhas been found qv W f h d' t llectual work at i cu t tas s un er wise gui ance. Isa? or AI Tliiriiity the unit is the classroom, in which a small group of stu- 4 AL I dents assemble to work under the direction of a man chosen primarily Am za I F 1? gi, for his ability to teach. Many-Trirgtyl Pffisyl'-CSSOE? halye iflcpnke research vgork WE of real value in their respective e s, ut 1S s ou e appraise in I terms of the increased efficiency added to their teaching. I , 15 AL ,I N0 amount of architectural glory of a college, no elaborate schemes 1: g, I 'H qv M' of requirements, no mushroom growth in the numbers of a student body f should blur the judgment to be passed upon the effectiveness of the teach- It h ing process. A group of selected students working hard under a carefully ,z AL gy 4: 3, selected teacher is the proper ideal of education. I 'W P FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT 1 Ah , ' .ia J 1 ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS ADDRESS E' Rav g, I q THE DEAN 4. an J an J 1' as 'P WP' 'y N fa -a .- BQ?" ' J 0 QSEQQIFQFIFQMFI- .. - Saasiiasi -2 9 I f in ' No U 0 , E E . W . W -, J 177 X ,f xs- S. yi Nha... Q.- n urlu I ur,,,Hm' X l 1 rlvillllilllflnmm H 'T ff , 4 L. Sl GWARD ESSON N T7 Qll New Englanciis Largest College Annual Designers and Engravers . Engravers for 0 this Book HOWARD-WESSON CC. Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates 44 Portland Street fprinters Building, WORCESTER, MASSACH USETTS Telephone 3-7266 178 n l I I , V 1 Calloway, Fish and Company 11 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK ll BRGKERS The Newton Tunnel Coal Company For many years our coal has given Warmth and comfort to the halls of old Trinity and its splendid Fraternity Houses. We Handle the Finest Grades of Cod! Produced OFFICE: Us PEARL STREET, HARTFORD ' 3 ALBANY AVENUE 181 C omplimenfs of ax W. Seher ..... -A , ... I F f I El ' K .2 EI iw 1 r, K. 7, R' 1.- fki l V 1-' .. Elini' l-ll-n 3-'Fl "U if V FU RNIT U RE and INTERIOR DECORATION I-Iartford's Oldest and Largest Furniture Store Established 1891 FLI N T-B RUCE 103 ASYLUM STREET AND 150 TRUMBULLESTREET HARTFORD, CONN. YOUR HAT, SIR! se'ereseter in 'rrtt 3 "SsSz2z?::: :z:s:z Cvmpffmmff Of .......... .i ttt, . A F I'lC11d 'rr' Si -Z'I-14-2-I'Z'Z'Z'Z-Z-I 'Z-2'IvZ'Z-I-I-2-I-,42323232525212323332: 232323Z5I31'l-'- '-I-Z-I-Z Z-Z'2-I-I-I-Z 2325232321 Q i :asv a:a:s:z:s:z:s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s:2:s:z:z: f we ka-:-: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-zo-zz-:-:-:':-:-:-Z-:-:-:-:':-:-:-.-:-.-. . . Your HAT Shows Your Character. Keep it clean and neat. ONLY 75 Cents Suits Pressed 50 Cents TEL. 2-3119 I ' New Method Laundry LAUNDERING and DRY CLEANING I - ,I ,. . .. . . . - - - Ride 6-3284 CITY CAB THERE ARE N0 LOWER RATES IN HARTFORD No charge for extra passengers g Made to Measure SUITS and TOPCOATS 319.75 to 335.00 Adams, College Tailor 1026 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. Compliments of Frigidaire Sales Corp. of NEW ENGLAND , a 185 Ann St., Hartford, Conn. Complzments of the ' Maynard Drug Store Corner of Washington and Vernon Streets MEATS GROCERIES AND PRGVISIONS Home Made Bakery Products and Vegetables in Season 654 660 Park Street Hartford, Conn The Di F. Bums CO. The Heublein Hotel Clifford D. Perkins, Prop. A Most Satisfying Hotel Catering to a Select Clientele Rates Reasonable Compliments of the Spaghetti Palace and Restaurant A. Darna, Proprietor 67 Asylum Street Hartford, Conn Telephone 5-9442 184 PIANOS, RADIOS, MOVIE OUTFITS Watkins Bros., Inc. 24,1 Asylum Street 1359-1933 Ogden Studio "Portraits of Originality" Special Rates to Students PHOTOGRAPHY IN NATURAL COLOR FRAMES COPYING MINIATURES Sixty-nine Pratt Street Hartford, Conn. Compliments of George A. Sylvestre Trinity Service Station "The store where they cash your checks with a smile." Hubert's Drug Store "Over the Rocks" 213 Zion Street :- Hartford, Conn. Compliments cy' the Hartford Market Co. 6o9-613 Main Street Hartford Trinity College Union Compliments of the Sam Slossberg The Well-Known Trinity Tailor We do only high-grade tailoring I cleaning, dyeing, pressing, an re airin d. .P . 3 We also spec1al1ze 1n tuxedos and full dress suits 65 LINCOLN ST., COR. BROAD ST. Telephone 5-14.36 S. J. Tobey, T azlor Exclusively for College Men Corner of VVashington and Vernon Streets Blue Goose Stages, Inc. Motor Bus Trips Anywhere 327 Trumbull, Street Hartford, Conn. rf If 17769K 3 1 2- 6 f"o"'Sl J ' Y ...ISS . EAGLE PRINTING AND BINDING CG. OUR SPECIALTY Q IS PRINTING FOR SC H O O L S A N D COLLEGES '-iw Flatiron Building Eagle Square Pittsfield, Massachusetts We Printed and Bound This Book 186 , . 1 I I I n f I I I w I I I I . 'I 4 I I . I I f I v I I I I , .K I is I ' I I I I I Y 'II .III -I? ,I I I 4, II I f I I .I I .II I II V I I I in X , Mig I, , , ,W 12.5 ,. -X4 LN UN I, 1! Uni M. '1 E fl fi ' 153 x 5 1, 1 'E g W 4, l,' :I . 5 il 4 ,y , -4 3 , 4 H x 21 I ,1 i x 1 V1 2 .1 4 W lf 4+ -1 er 4 V, , , . U! I 3 1 u . 1: !f NT 5. il Wi if ME fi' bmi Sl! Bl s 4 I 1 , n u 4 3 5 ! . A 2 f i R .3 1 I I I I A I I I I I ' I II , I I I I I I I I I 1 I I X. I : I , ,Y ' I I A I I I I - .fp , O I I I I I I I I I I I , , I "5 1, , " . W 2, xx , ' xx, ! . "Ta f . .11 :Q A' H il , 5,1 1112 "2- f. , '4 1- 5 igfl Wi. 4 . A A I -' , f,g,5 3 54,1 W - 1 4 ,. , ,' v 4? x E .Y-. ,. QL hai, , . ML,x,:: - 3M 'Fw 5V .f, 5 XJ , Q., 4 A .AF fgk ,UT flw.. fx.. -.M 71 f , 1, ,-1,534 - H, Q S., K . , .,, 7,14 4 . 4 73 'x 14 :, I' k. FQ., -.41 nf: 'A ,A ,yum G., 'Q x ,5 12 A j 3 'bfi .." Q :gn , E ..1 -f, 3 H'

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