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2 OK 7 f Q ? ' N 5 -1 .fl O ,L , cs. ' ' Wfglilfb f uma WITHDR AWN T 1xQ,T f. 5515 -Q1 3- ,YY W1 TX' .3-fv 5 A X XCSVS K M ,....., ,WMQRMW - ,wf' 1. 4 . , , f W , 1 V , . 'bfiaftfqrd -Pfnblic MlfQi'i3r:5iry,4A Hartforfl, Coming A ' ,KEEPAvoUR cARD'1N THls.raocKET. -Q Taken by, Due f 4' 'Takgn by b Due. 0 13 P 591114 -if A 'sk , E .' Y E ,ld Ju U A 'XGQU ' ,4 5 4 N --.....-... Q , lQiyi3ffi3 xii v .vu .n.4. 4. f-.uw T,- " ,hu - ,,, , , , . .P-.....,.. " "" V,3,',1',, ' " ' -1 ' ' A ' .. ., V. 1 ,,. . - -, - 1 N - -, -- -----'-" 'W"' N A Y H ,,,,, Y. - -'V-----'-V ----H QA"""' ' - ..-'w' wk 2 , ' ' 'W-k in H . -- --f--- . r E X 4 'hp I rinitg 51 u 1912'- Hnlnmr , XLI jguhlizhrzh ng ' Uhr 'Jhminr Clllanz nf Flrinitg Glnllegr ' ikartfnrh, Glnnnvrtirnt ' Mclvlxu C, ilihiinrial T HAS been our purpose this year to make the IVY as much of a Campus Book as possible. Cf course, there is a certain amount of material that must -be included, but Wherever it has been found expedient, pictures and reading matter that reflect undergraduate thought and life have been preferred. We trust that this will meet the approval of our readers, and that it will give them something tangible by which to remember the year. , All those who have helped to make this book a success We hereby thank: Rosenbaum,7I4g Beij,'I5, Peck,'I5, and V. Young,'I5, for their drawings, LCW,,I3, and Bassford,'I4, for photographs, and especially Doctor Arthur Adams for his kind assistance in proof- reading, and Miss Harriet E. Beards of East Orange, N. J., for her charming sketches. . A short preface is generally appreciated, so We entrust to you this number of the IVY, and, if it pleases you at all, We have succeed- ed in our Work. ff J is ' wfl E in I 5 , X 3 l x Qi I N1 dr l V ,1 Ffa' ji I 1 1 V . ,,1 'I ,S , , . 1 A. f, ' 1 A sf ' '1 l I , 1 w I w . N E ' 4 1 g! F 1 I r W 5 1 H ,i I , L1 1 f , lu 5, ' . - "'- ' --2 --" f fl- ,A.4-.:..,.,.-.,, MM.. .L-. ,. M.-fm Wu . , in-1. 1701 In ' Qnsun 'ilibznhnre ililcdlnnk, '02 tuba has murkeh sn faitbfuiip ann nnnsnientiulwlp asf QBrahuate iwzetarp ann Qreasurer nf the Qtbletic Qszuciattnn tu ptumutt ipurtz ann tu sauna Grinitp this number nf the ' 3511? is respectfulip neniraten '. QTEK effmk I EN o iihitnr-in-Glhirf J NNALTER STUART MARSDEN,AJR. . . kMd55dChU55Zk5 Euzinrnz manager ' .ALLAN BEHRENDS COOK . . . Azaiaiani 'ifiuzinean manager FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMS . . . C Eitrrarg iihitnrz - THOMAS GILBERT BROWN . I JOHN JAY WHITEHEAD, JR. Athlviir 'Ehiinrz BIARCUS THORTON MCGEE ETHELBERT TALBOT SMITH HENRX' BEARDSLEY WARNER 4 New York New York Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut New York Connecticut ' , Q59 1 new if ' gg. ,ff f x 1, , was ' ,75 1 Maw! ,Wm f , . N",,.,,.f Q I , xx f mfigf 'HQ I I .,,,. ,' 1- ,ff ' f.x.,, -' f ., ,, f,Af,.-- f .A , ii I , .. a g I ff ,X ! Wy, , W- -W X ,,,,.-.M Mx . N5 x fwgw' ,. , , Si ' , H-1 " V! L' J, Ns-11-1 A .Quik u KSN .N I aiu 'Sf-q-ff Mfr-ef" ,,?. .1 ,y ' . . ,bf , Ml ,. ,ff , fxu, 'fvvti XV 1 K I P I I G I I I S.. .7 ,. yv ' v . V, V f V. I E, . -I ,sr 4 x , ,M Q A I f , ,. r ' ' ' T " .- ' " V f. -. L. if "5 . ,,,,,,. .. ., fr ' A' We X! X , . ,Q V .. . Q Y 4? 1 . . 1 :. I . . I ... l Q If ' C F zf, gp: 1, fc ..'.. i s I ' I ' ' " I N ww ia , R Qinrpnraiinn FEHE PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE, ex-ojieio PRESIDENT? Haryford FLSHE RT. REV. WILLIAM W. NILES, D.D., LL.D., D.C.L. - Concord, N. H. EFI-IE HON. WILLIAM HAMERSLEY, LED? . Harzjord THE REV. FRANCIS GOODWIN, D.D.9f . . HdTUf0T6l EBI-IE HON. WILLIAM E. CURTIS, LL.D. New 'York U. PIERPONT MORGAN, LL.D. . . New York UUOHN H. S. QUICK, M.A. . . . . Chrcago EFHE REV. WILLIAM H. VIBBERT, D.D. New York SYDNEY G. FISHER, L.H.D., LL.D. . Phtladelpltta UFAMES J. GOODWIN, LL.D.x . . . ,Harzgford P. HENRY WOODWARD, M.A., Secretary? . . Hartford WILLIAM S. COGSWELL. M.A ..... farnaiea, N. Y. THE RT. REV. CHAUNCEY B. BREWSTER, D.D. . . Hartford NVILLIAM C. SKINNER, M.A.4C . . . . Hartford AMBROSE SPENCER MURRAY, JR., M.A. New York THE HON. FRANK L. WILCOX, BA?" . . Berlin THE REV. HENRY FERGUSON, LL.D. . . Harzjord EDGAR F. WATERMAN, LLB., Treasnreryf . Harzjord EDVVARD B. HATCH, ESQ. . . . .' Hartford GEORGE DAWSON HOWELL, BA. . . Harzjord WILLIAM GWINN MATHER, M.A. . Cleveland ROBERT THORNE, LL.B.T . . , Ngw York THE HON. JOSEPH BUFFINGTON, LL.D.T' Pittsburgh CHARLES C. BARTON, JR., LL.B.T . Boston TTIICSC members Of the Corporation form the Executive Com ' m1ttee. TElected by the Alumni. 6 THE REVEREND FLAVEL SWEETEN LUTHER, Ph. D., LL.D. ' President of Trinity College - W' ,523-fjff Enarh nf ilbellnwa iireuihrnt 'PHE PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE, ex-ojiczo ivrninr Zlbzllumn FREDERICK EVEREST HAIGHT, Ph.D. VVALTER STANLEY SCHUTZ, MA., LL.B. ALEXANDER TAYLOR MASON, M.A., LL.B. CHARLES SHIRAS MORRIS, B.S. WILLIAM STIMSON HUBBARD, M.D. E. KENT HUBBARD, B.S. Sluninr Zinllnwn GEORGE EMERSON BEERS, MA., LL.B. L THE REV. J. ELDRED BROWN, M.A. PERCY SHELLEY BRYANTpM.A. FRANK ELISHA JOHNSO1QMM.A. THE REV. JOHN TAYLOR HUNTINGTON, M.A., D.D THE REV. JOHN JAMES MCCOOK, MA., D.D., LL.D Aaanriatinn nf thv Alumni GEORGE DAVVSONHOWELL, B.A. . . L . Preszderw GEORGE WILLIAM 'ELLIS, BA. . JOHN F. FORWARD, B.S .... CHARLES GUILFORD WOODWARD, M.A. Etanhing Glnmmittme HE PRESIDENT HE TREASURER HE REV SAMUEL HART D D AWSON PURDY LLD OHB M BRAINERD MA X ICTOR C PEDERSEB MD ACOB H GREENE OHL P ELTON B S HENRY BLAKESLEE B S . Vice-Preszclent A . Secretary Treasurer D.Can. L., LL.D l 1 LIILJLJLILIULJUIIIIIIEIIIIEIET-EJ Faeiiililig. mmmmnmrjci-mtl-if-LIIJLILJ THE REV. FLAVEL SWEETEN LUTHER, Ph.D., LL.D. Prefident, and .Seabury Profeffor of Mathematic: and Afzfronomy - IIS Vernon Street J COTHCC, I3 Seabury Hallj B. A., Trinity, 1870, Ph. D., 1896, LL. D., 1904, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Racine College, 1871-1881, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Kenyon College, 1881-83, Professor at Trinity since 1883, President of Trinity College, 1904-5 Member of American Society of Nlechanical Engineers, Senator from First District of Connecticut, IQO7, 1909. CID B K, A T. I THE REV. GEORGE WILLIAMSON SMITH, D.D., LL.D. Profeffor of Metaphyficf, Emeritur B. A., Hobart, 1857, D. D., 1880, D. D., Columbia, LL. D., Trinity, 1887. Chaplain, United States Navy, 1864, Acting Professor of Mathematics, United States Naval Academy, New- port, 1864-65, Chaplain at Annapolis, 1865-68, Rector in various places till 1883, President of Trinity, 1883-1904. 9 A X 1 9 . CHARLES FREDERICK JOHNSON, L. Profesfor of Englifh Literature, Ernerituf 69 Vernon Street ' B. A., Yale, 1855, Bl. A., 1863, L. H. D., 1895. Assistant Pro- fessor of Nlathematics, United States Naval Academy, 1865- 70, Professor at Trinity, 1883-5 Author of '4English Words", 'fThree Englishmen and Three Americans", 'fElements of Lit- erary Criticism", "What Can I Do For Brady?" and other - "O tline History of English and American Literature", poems, u "Forms of Verse", "Shakespeare and His CT1t1CS',7 etc. 111 T. HD., LED. THE REV. JOHN JAMES McCook, M.A., D.D., LL.D. Professor of Modern Language! 396 Main Street B. A. Trinity, 1863, D. D., IQOIQ LL. D., 191.05 studied at Jefferson College, New York College of Physicians, and Sur- geons, and Berkeley Divinity School, Second Lieutenant First ' ' ' ' ' ' ' P f sor at Virginia Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War, ro es Trinity since 1883, Rector of St. John's Church, East Hartford, since 1869. Author of reports on poor-law administration and prison reform, also of numerous magazine articles on Vagabond- age, political venality, pauperism, drink, etc. KID B K, 9 A X. ROBERT BAIRD Riccs, Ph.D. Scooill Profeyfor of Cherniftry 35 Forest Street B. A., Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1876, Ph. D., Gottingen, Chem- ist for United States Geological Survey, 1884-87, Professor of Chemistry, National College of Pharmacy, 1885-87, Professor of Chemistry, National College of Pharmacy, 1885-87, Contribu- tor to The American Chemical journal, The American journal of Science, and other journals. B G H. IO FRANK COLE BAEBITT, Ph.D. Profeffor of the Greek Language and Literature A ' 65 Vernon Street B. A., Harvard, 1890, M. A., 1892, Ph. D., 1895, Fellow ofthe American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1895-96. In- structor in Greek at Harvard, 1896-985 Professor at Trinity. I8Q9fQ Member of the American Archaeological Institute, Member of the American Philological Association. Author of "Greek Grammar", also papers in American fournal of Archae- ology, and in Harvard Studie! in Claffical Philology. KID B K, 0 A X. WILBUR MARSHALL URBAN, Ph.D. Profeffor of Philofophy A 71 Vernon Street A. B., Princeton, 1895, Ph. D., Leipzig, 1897, studied also at Jena, and was Reader in Philosophy in Princeton and Professor of Philosophy at Ursinus College. Member of American Psycho- logical Association and American Philosophical Association. Author of "Valuation, Its Nature and Laws," 1909, and contrib- utor to various philosophical journals and reviews. HENRY AUGUSTUS PERKINS, M.A., EE. Profefror of Phyficf 8 83 Gillett Street B. A., Yale, I8Q6, M. A., Columbia, 1899, E. E., Columbia, 1899. Member of American Physical Society, Societe Frangaise de Physique, Associate Member of American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Author of "An Introduction to General Thermodynamicspg has published articles in American journal of Science, Scientivic American, Electrical World, Cornpter Renduf, -Le Radium, and the Phyfical Review. E EI, if B K, A A fb. 'II GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS KLEENE, Ph.D. Profeffor of Economic: E QO Atwood Street A. B. University of hlichigan, 1891, studied at.Berlin and Tiibingen, at Columbia University, and the University of Penn- sylvania, receiving his Ph. D. from the latter institution. For tivo winters with the Charity Organization Society of New York City, Assistant in Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Instructor in Economics and Social Science at Swarthmore Col- lege, and Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. Contrib- utor to the Annalf of tlze American Acaclemy of Political and Social Science, American Statiftical Affociation Pnblicationf, Yale Review, etc. JOSEPH DEVINE FLYNN, M.A. Profeffor of M athematicf 73 Irnlay Street ' B. A., Trinity, 1897, M. A., Tufts, 1908. Instructor in Mathe- matics at Professor Stearns' School and at the Hartford Public High School, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Trinity to 1907, Professor of Mathematics, 1907-. 119 B K, KID 1' A. THE REV. CRANSTON BRENTON, M.S.' Profeffor ofthe English Language and Literature 73 Vernon Street B. S., Trinity, IS99, Graduate of the Berkeley Divinity School, 19,015 .NL S., Trinity, 1902. Minister in Charge, and Rector of All Saints Memorial Church, New Milford, Connecticut, 1901- 04, Assistant Professor of English, Trinity College, 1904-O65 from' 1906, Professor of the English Language and Literature at Trinity College. A XII I2 .....,,,. ,..,.. . . . ' CHARLES EDWIN ROGERS, C.E. 'Profeffor of Civil Engineering I3 Vernon Street Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1896. Engineer and Contractor, 1896-IQOIQ Instructor Lehigh University, IQOI-04, Professor of 'Mathematics and Civil Engineering, Clarkson Memorial School of Technology and General Engineering Practice, 1904-O55 Pro- fessor of Civil Engineering, Trinity, IQOS-Q Member of the Rensselaer Society of Engineers. E E HoRAcE CHENEY SWAN, M.D. M eciical Director, and Director of the Gyinnafinni I II Lincoln Street M. D., Tufts College Medical School, 1903. Instructor Histology, Harvard Summer School, 1903-05, Director of Gymnasium, lVesleyan University, 1903-05, Medical Director and Instructor in Gymnasium, Trinity College, 1905-5 Physical Director of Y. M. C. A., St. johnsbury, Vt., 1896, Y. M. C. A., Newton, Mass., 1899, studied at Springield Training School, 1897-99. Member of Hartford lWedical Association, and Connecticut lVIedical Association. , THE REV. ARTHUR ADAMS, Ph.D. Profeffor of Englifh , Trinity College I B.A.,Rutgers, 1902, M. A., 19035 Ph. D., Yale, 1905, B. D., Berkeley Divinity School, 1910. Instructor in English at the University of Colorado, 1905-6, Assistant Professor at Trinity, 1906-O85 Associate Professor, 1908-1911, Professor, IQII-. Member of the Modern Language Association of America and of the American Philological Association. Author of Syntax of the Temporal Claufe in Ola' Englirh Prose, collaborator on the Gray and Wordsworth Concordances, and author also of notes and reviews in .Modern Language Noter. 13 'H "W ' ' PMALQQTQ' "Z.'l"-""T...i...""'i.'T...L. ., ' 1 ' ' I 4 RAYMOND GARFIELD GETTELL, M.A. Northam Profeffor of H iyzfory and Political Science V 74 Vernon Street B. A., Ursinus, 1903, M. A., University of Pennsylvania, 1906. Instructor in History, Ursinus, 1902-05, Professor of History and Economics, Bates, 1906-O75 Northam Professor of History and Political Science, Trinity, 1907-. Member American Academy of Political and Social Science, also American Political Science Association. Contributor to the publications of the American Academy of Political and Social Science and to the American Political Science Review. Author of 'fl-ntroduuction to Political Science," 1910, and "Readings in Political Science," 1911. WALTER BENJAMIN BRIGGS Librarian 72 South Main Street, West Hartford Superintendent of Reading Room, Harvard University Library, 1896-1904, Reference Librarian, Brooklyn CN. YQ, Public Li- brary, IQO5-O95 Librarian, Trinity, 1909-. JOHN GLANVILLE GILL, Ph.D. Profeffor of Romance Languages 67 Brownell Avenue A. B., Ottawa University, 1896, studied in Universities of Paris and Berlin, 1897-1900. Instructor in French and Spanish, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio, 1901-04. M. A., Harvard, 1905. Instructor, Harvard, 1905-06. Ph. D., Harvard, 1906. Instructor, Columbia University, IQO6-O85 Instructor, Hawafdi 1908-09, Professor, Trinitv, 1909-. Member Modern Language Association of America, Editor of Valdes' "La Her- mana San Sulpicio," 1912. I4 Sviencg ina- 1906. lStOI'y and SIOFY and fxcademv il Science American .ln1erifa,, 1 Political l9I I. Library, ublic Li- Paris Case A Her- MAX WITHROW MORSE, Ph.D.' f. Pierpont Morgan Profeffor. of Biology I 80 Washington Street I B. Sc., Ohio State, 19035 M. A., IQO4g Ph. D., Columbia, 19055 Fellow and Assistant, Ohio State, Fellow, Columbia University. Assistant, Department of Biochemistry, Cornell Medicalgt In- structor, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Scientific Assistant, United States Bureau of Fisheries, Instructor, C. C. N. Y. Member American Society of Zoologists, American Asso- ciation for the Advancement of Science, Society for Experi- mental Biology and Medicine, Marine Biological Association. fIJBK,EE,AT- LE RoY CARR BARRET,'Pl'1.D. Profeffor of the Latin Language and Literature I5 Seabury Hall i B.A., Washington and Lee University, 18975 M. A., 1898, Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1903. Instructor in Latin, Johns Hopkins, 1903-07, Preceptor in Classics, Princeton, IQO7-O95 Instructor, Dartmouth, IQOQ-IO, Professor, Trinity, IQIO1. 'ID B K, E A E. ARCHER EBEN KNoWLToN, B.S. Instructor in Physio! and in M athernaticf 19,BroWnell Avenue B. S., Trinity, 1910. CII 1' A. 2 I5 M filfx .,6.'53v f,:f Cgrailuariv Svtuhvnta F FRED DONALD CARPENTER, BA., IQIO . MiddZ6i0wn I H. E. Russell Fellow, University Of Leipzig, Germany GUSTAVE ALEXANDER FEINGOLD, BS., 1911 Harzgford Terry Fellow, Havard University, Cambridge, Masqs. JOHN WILLIAM HARRISON, BS., IQII . Torrington I4 N. T. Nun-Qllllatrirnlatrh Svtuhenta GEORGE WILLIAM GILBERT . Montville JOSEPH MORRIS LINETT . . Harjora' JOHN VALENTINE SPRAGUE . Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Snmmarg Graduate Students . 3 Seniors . . 37 Juniors A 38 SOphOmOres . 58 Freshmen . ,i , 90 Non-Matriculated Students . 3 229 20 I i I f . 9 ? ccCHIP:: CLASS COLORS Red and Blue Gllawu Gbftirnrn Glhrintmaa Germ WILLIAM HILL BLEECKER, JR. . . PHILIP ALOYSIUS AHERN . WILLIAM REDMOND CURTIS CHAPIN CARPENTER . I ,I Gfrinitg Germ 1 I CHAPIN CARPENTER . . OLIVER GILDERSLEEVE, JR. . THOMAS FRANCIS FLANAGAN JOHN BOOTH CLARK . 5, ' 2 I QI I C . E E A 1912 President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Historian President Vice-President S ecretary- Treasurer Historian 1912 Miutnrg OR three years of- his college life, spring denotes to the college man the coming of leisure, the pleasure season, lazy days and easy ones, soon to bring .the freedom of summer and vacation. This pleasurable expectation lasts for three years of his college life, let it be said. For with the fourth and last nyear, there comes a change. The autumn passes quickly and actively, winter follows, and Junior week brings the.real1zat1on of being really 'cout of'7 the affairs of college. The Senior has been separated from his fellows, now separated only tentatively, soon to be separated permanently. Spring brings to us who are about to leave the realiza- tion of the end of something that has been a long season of pleasure, and now we enter into a spring that is followed by a summer of much doubt and trepidation. p We have been here four years. We have played the role of the average class in college. We have had our battles, outside of the classroom and, not infrequently, within the classroom, too. Now we' are in that peculiar position of being on the verge of gradua- tion. Here we make a retrospection, such as probably will not be made again. For the college man who thinks of his college days forgets the things that he ought to have done and the things that he left undone and the things that he ought not to have done and, with the growth of the past, the memories that stay are those of the pleasantest things. But there comes with graduation a summary, a comparison of what we have done with what we have not done. Let it be said that c'I9I2" has done her best. Forget her faults, for they are really the 'faults of omission rather than of commission. We do not propose to review them. What we have done, the men in college know. What we intended to do, we know, and you have forgotten. . So here we are with another springtime, and this is the spring- time of good-bye. United we have stood for four years. United we go out. together, and tomorrow we shall be scattered to the four Wm S, Ufllted Wlth .one thought. that of Trinity-now yesterday . , , 7 ang tOmOff9W- TUUWY, 1912, bids you farewell! Auf W wderseh- en. Bcmzcn! 22 Y E Svrninr Gllaum 111111 PHILIP ALOYSIUS AHERN . . . Harjord Football Team C35 C455 Baseball Team C25 C355 . Track Team C15 C255 Class Football Team C255 Class Baseball Team C15 C255 Class Track Team CI5 C255 The Medusag A X P. WILLIAM CHRISTY ANDREWS . Allentown, Pa. qu If A. GEORGE TURNER BATES . . Barton, Marr. Class President C25 Ist term55 Sophomore Hop Committee5 Track Team C255 Sophomore Dining Club5 XII T. l i 1 2 3 l I CHAPIN CARPENTER . . . Pozftwille, Pa. Freshman-Junior Banquet Committeeg Mando- lin Club CIDQ Tripod Board CID C2Dg Athletic Editor C3D5 Managing Editor C4Dg Tennis Team CID C2D C3Dg Class President C4, 2nd TermDg Sopho- more Dining Clubg Sophomore Smoker Commit- teeg Secretary-Treasurer Junior Promenade Com- mitteeg I K A. AMES SHREWSBURY CRAIK . . Louiwille, Ky. Sophomore Dining Clubg Tripod Board 'C2Dg Assignment Editor C3D5 Athletic Editor C4Dg Glee Club CID C3D C4D5 Track Team C2D C3Dg N11 T. WILLIAM REDMOND CURTIS . Point Pleamnt, N. f. Golf Team CIDg A A CID. 25 CARLOS SANFORD HOLCOMB . . Torrington Entered Junior Class from Yale Universityg AXP. CHARLES HURD HOWELL . . . Hartford Class President CI, Ist termlg Football Team CID CZD C355 Captain C3Dg Mandolin Club C155 Leader Czjg Hockey Team CID C2D C3Dg Nlana- ger Czjg Baseball Squad Czjg President Y. M. C. A. Czj C3Dg The Medusag A A CID. JAMES HOWARD HUMPHREY . . Waterbury Assistant Manager Football Team C255 Manager C3j5 Glee Club CID Czj C35 C4D5 4SOphOrnOre Dining Clubg Junior Promenade Committeeg AKE. 27 LESLIE GILBERT GSBORNE . New Mibford A X P. CLARENCE IRVING PENN. . Weehczwleen, N. Sophomore Smoker Committeeg IQI2 IVY Boardg Senate C455 fb 1' Ag ELLIOTT FIELDING PETTIGREW New York, Y. Freshman-Junior Banquet Committeeg Assist- ant Manager Track Team C255 Manager Cgjg Sophomore Dining Clubg Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Junior Promenade Committeeg Col- lege Choir C415 A A CID. 29 THOMAS JAMES QUISH, IR.. South Manchefter Hartford Club. RAYMOND HUBBARD SEGUR . . Hamforci 1912 IVY Boardg 22 XII. WILLIAM SHORT, JR. . . . St. Louis, Mo. Sophomore Dining Clubg Chairman Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Advertising Manager Tripod C25 QD C455 Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Associa- tion Qzbg Class President Q3, Ist termjg Senate C35 C4Dg Junior Promenade Committeeg President Athletic Association f4D5 College Marshal QD resignedg The Medusag I K A. 30 MAXIMILIAN SPOILER .... Hartford Sophomore Smoker Committeeg 2 XII. WILLIAM ERNEST STEVEN .. . . Hartford ,Freshman-Junior Banquet' Committeeg Junior Promenade Committeeg fIJ F A. NICHOLAS VINCENT WALSH . . . Norwich 1912 :LVY Boardg Hartford Club. 3N 31 5111 illivmnriam maltnr Srntt I-Uarniz nf Ihr Gllawa nf 1512 3111 illlvmnriam .ilnhn Qlrnmpiun Enrafall 1 nf The Ollawz uf 1512 "CHARLIE" CLASS COLORS Green and Gray Gilman imiirrrn Qlhriztmaz Efrrm JOHN BIGELOW MOORE . President CHESTER DUDLEY WARD Vice-President FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMIS . Secretary-Treasurer DANIEL BYRON DAWLEY . . Historian Flrinity Efrrm CHARLES HENRY COLLETT I. . . President DANIEL BYRON DAWLEY . Vice-President RICHARD LAWTON DEPPEN C. Secretary-Treezsnrer ETHELBERT TALBOT SMITH . Historian 35 - A - - ...HJ , - ,-,- - -Y--.-- - Y- -- .....,W..::"-- t,...v . -. .- A V Eluninr Qllanzi ilinll LEONARD DAWSON ADKINS . .. Easton, Md. Tripod Board C355 Holland Prize C255 Church School English Prize C255 Third Alumni English Prize C355 A A CID. WILLIAM POND BARBER, JR. . . Hargford Holland Prize C155 Goodwin-Hoadley Scholar- ship5 First Chemistry Prize C255 Sophomore Smoker Committee5 Junior Promenade Com- rnittee5 E XII. JOSEPH NOYES BARNETT . . N fwwwn Junior Promenade Cornmittee5 Class Baseball Team CI5 C255 A A CID. 37 """ 2' Y " ' 'L A-- f .... , ,..S:'f-'- ,,,,.,-, - - .... -A ' RAYMOND HART BENTLEY . . Hartford E XP. THOMAS GILBERT BROWN . . - Norwwh Tripod Board CID C2Dg Assignment Editor C3Dg 1913 IVY Boardg Press Club C3DQ College Cho1r CID C2Dg Senior,Dramatics CID C2Dg NP T. KENNETH BEARDSLEY CASE . . West Hartford Tripod Board C2D C3Dg Circulation Manager C2D' C3D5 Sophomore Dining Clubg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Sophomore Smoker Com- rnitteeg Junior Promenade Committeeg Man- dolin Club C2D5 Glee Club C3D5 I K A. - 38 CHAMBERS CHOW Hanleow, China CHARLES HENRY COLLETT . . Dover, N. H. Football Team C15 C25 C355 Captain-Elect C355 Track Team C15 C255 ' Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Association C355 Sophomore Dining Club5 Soph- omore Smoker Committee5 Junior Promenade Committee5 Glee Club C15 C25 C355 Mears Scholarg Class President C35-2nd term55 XII T. ALLAN BEHRENDS CooK . Brooklyn, N. Y. Tripod Board C15 C25 C355 Treasurer C25 C355 Business Manager 1913 IVY5 Glee Club C355 Press Club C355 President C355 Senior Dramatics C255 A A CID. 39 ANDREW JOHN CRIGHTON . . ECU15 H0fUr0fd Hartford Club. DANIEL BYRON DAWLEY . Providence, R. I . Class Track Team C155 Mandolin Club CI55 A K E. RICHARD LAWTEN DEPPEN . Shamokin, Pa. Sophomore Dining Club5 Sophomore Smoker Committee5 Assistant Manager Baseball Team C255 Manager C355 Class Baseball Team C15 C255 Class Football Team C15 C255 A A CID. 40 EVERETT MARBLEAFAIRBANKS . Harzgford S Hartford Clubg Senate ALBERT HAITHWAITE, JR. a . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Sophomore Smoker Committeeg' Class Baseball Team Q05 CID 1' A. EDWARD WHITEHEAD JEWETT . 'Norwichtown Class Baseball Team Czjg I K A. 41 A YW 1, MUNSEY LEW . . . S hemi, C hina Holland Prize Qzlg Second Chemistry Prize Qzbg EXP. ,I ALFRED JOSEPH L'I-IEUREUX . fewett City Baseball Team Q15 Qzlg Captain C3jg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Sophomore Smoker Commit- teeg Class Baseball Team CIDCZDQ Class Football Team C215 CID F A. ' MARCUS THORNTON MCGEE . Hartford IQI3 IVY Boardg Z XII. 42 WALTER STUART MARSDEN, JR. . Lenox, Mars. Assistant Manager Track Team C215 Manager C315 Author Sophomore Dramatics C215 Editor- in-Chief 1913 IVY5 Press Club C315 I K A. JOHN BIGELOW MooRE . i. Genzw, N. Y. Sophomore Dining Club5 Sophomore Hop Com- mittee5 Secretary-Treasurer Junior Promenade Committee5 Senate C21 C315 Football Team C315 Basketball Team C215 Class Football Team CI1 C215 Class Track Team C115 Class President C35 Ist term15' A A fb. RUSSELL CURTIS NOBLE . ' . New Miyord Sophomore Dining Club5 Sophomore Smoker Committee5 Glee Club C21 C315 A NIL 43 ETHELBERT TALBOT SMITH . New York, N. Y. Junior Promenade Committeeg 1913 IVY Board5 Cflee Club C355 Class Football,Team C255 Class Track Team CID C2D5 Lemuel Curtis Scholar5 First Alumni English Prize C3D5 A X P. A RICHARD MoRsE SMITH ' . Weiherfjield SAMUEL SEDGEWICK SWIFT . Detroit, Mich. Sophomore Dining Club5 Tracli Team CID C255 Mandolin Club CID CZD C3l5 Manager Musical Clubs CZDQ President C325 Tripod Board C25 C355 Alumni Editor C3D5 A XII. 45 i 1 ROBERT WRIGHT THOMAS . Centerville, Md. Baseball Squad CID Czjg Class Baseball Team CID C2DQ Sophomore Dining Clubg Class President C2, Ist termjg Sophomore Hop Committeeg AXP. WILLIAM FRANCIS VAIL . Hartford Hartford Club. ELIOT LEE WARD . . New York, N. Y. Class Football Team CID CZD5 Class Track Team C255 Junior Promenade Committeeg Basketball Team Czbg A K E. 46 CHESTER DUDLEY WARD . New York, N. Y. Chairman Junior Promenade Committeeg Soph- omore Smoker Committeeg Class Football Team Q25g Senior Dramatics Q25g A K E. HENRY BEARDSLEY WARNER . New Mihforei Baseball Team Q255 Chairman Sophomore Smoker Committeeg IQI3 IVY Boardg Class Baseball Team Q15 Q25g Class Track Team Q15g A K E. JOHN JAY WH1TEHEAD, JR. . . W ezzerbury Glee Club Q15 Q25 Q35g Leader Q25 Q35g Freshman- Junior Banquet Committeeg 'Sophomore Hop Committeeg Junior Promenade Committeeg IQI3 IVY Boardg Sophomore Dining Clubg College Choir Q25 Q355 A XII. 1 4 47 S ark A W... f 1 1' New -,yygysghy Q ,f M f ff Q A ff QA 2 X J gif C 43 , gf' ,cv 3 fffx, QQ Mfr, ,U fgffaf I i f MAQQSNQQ vw, e fyjewexq I N 'Y DM if Q ere f ee 1 4 ,dv 1 SM we Je, iff, AN 4 352552355551 greg?-isa af fgy I I 5 ,YV A fyff ffw. ,MM f Ayer We N A, ,B fs ff, ewfs,ee.f:A,s -:QQ .iiMrfeef:f FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMS . . Utica, N. Y. Sophomore Dining Clubg Sophomore Hop Com- mitteeg Junior Promenade Committeeg 1913 IVY Boardg Class Football Team C255 Q 1' A. ROBERT PRESTON WITHINGTON N ewton Center, M aff. Sophomore Dining Clubg Assistant Manager Football Team Cgjg Manager-Elect Cgjg Fresh- man-Junior Banquet Committeeg Press Club Cgjg Class Football Team C215 Class Baseball-Team CID5 Class Track Team CID C255 A A Q. WALTER CRANE HATHAWAY C . Brooklyn, N. Y. Entered Junior Class from Dartrnouthg Q I' A. 48 RSS 1914 CCJIM 77 CLASS COLORS Maroon and White Gllaan Qbiiirrrn Cllhriatmaz Efrrmfv A . THEODORE FRANCIS WESSELS . A Piesident FRANK GRENVILLE STADTMUELALER . Vice-President HORACE FORT .... Secretary-Treasurer EDWARD PINKNEY WROTH Historian Cflrinitg Glvrm JAMES ASHTON MOORE President EDGAR SOLON LELAND . l7iee-President RAYMOND HENRY DEXTER Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES EWELL CRAIK, JR. . Historian 49 4 1914 igintnrg r i 1 i 1 ,IV iii xr uw T 1 lf j UAS 06" a D . Q 'I 7' 0 0 0 V: i MCMXIV ff r i 4 'I Here We are again, a I Youive heard of us before, , I 1 9 I 4 4Rah-h-h-h-h Lemon Squeezerl CThe IQI4 History is hereby acknowledged as having been received on time.-EDJ 50 Svnphnmnrv 0112155 1KnlI MERRILL LEMUEL KELLOGG ALLEN, Q F FELIX EMIL BARIDON, A K E ETHAN FROST BASSFORD A X P JOHN PAUL BEGLEY REGINALD METHERELL BLACHFORD WALTER FREDERICK BORCHERT A K E KENNETH WELLES BOYNTON, A X11 GEORGE COLLINSON BURGWIN, JR Nlf T NAAMAN COHEN CHARLES WALLACE COOKE I K A CHARLES EWELL CRAIK R XII T MORTON STIMSON CREHORE JR HOWARD JOSEPH DALEY JR THOMAS WALLIS DAVIS, A K E RAYMOND HENRY DEXTER I K A STEPHEN FRANCIS DUNN ARTHUR FORD GEDDES EDGELOW, I K A JOSEPH HENRY EHLERS GEORGE HOWARD ELDER A A Q ARTHUR ALEXANDER NOEL FENOGLIO FRANCIS STUART FITZPATRICK A K E HORACE FORT A K E LESLIE RANKIN FREW LOUIS YURLIC GABERMAN A East Windsor Torrington N ewarle, N H arzjord Caro Mich N ewhurgh, N Y New Milford Pittsburgh, Pa Hartford H arqford Louisville K y Cohasset Mass H argford Utica N Y H arzyford M anehester Detroit M ich Hartford Baltimore Md H arzjord Olean N Y Ellicott City, Md Thornjosonville H aryford I 1 , ..... .f. w u u 1 n 7 l I , .... . . ., ..... . , . ..... W . . . . 7 ' a 1 n 7 n V I ,J ., . . , . . , . , . ..... , . ROBERT ELLIS CROSS, 2 XII ........ Norwich A , . ....... y , ....... 4 . I .... , . , ...... , , A , I ....- J. , . . , ....... . LOUIS GOLDFIELD .... CHARLES JOSEPH HAASER . . URY ALBERT HICKS, A A Q . . THEODORE CANFIELD HUDSON, JR., XII 'I' ROBERT HENRY JOHNSON . . PETER PAUL LAWLOR, Q I' A , EDWIN MICHLET LAZARUS, A X P . EDGAR SOLON LELAND, A K E ABRAHAM LEVIN .... THOMAS WOLCOTT LITTLE, A A Q . HOWARD JEROME LIVERMORE, Q F A JAMES ASHTON MOORE, A A Q . JOHN SHAPLEIGH MOSES, A A Q . EDWARD JEFFERSON MYERS, I K A I SI ,...- R . . A. ,. . L, ,, -, Hartford . . Hartford . . Hartford Paynesville, Minn. South Manchester . Plyrnouth Mt. Carrnel, Pa. Providence, R. I. Pittsfield, Mass. . . H arzjord . West Hartford . Geneva, N. Y. Garden City, N .R Y. . Collinsville LEO JAMES NOONAN . JAMES JEREMIAH O,CONNOR . PHILIP SUMNER PAGE, A XII . BENJAMIN LOUIS RAMSAY, I K A . LOUIS ONDERDONK DE RONGF, A A fb WILLIAM LEVI ROSENBAUM, XII T . HERBERT ACKLEY SAGE, XI' T HENRY WHITING SELDEN, CID F A . CHARLES TIMOTHY SENAY, CID F A . ERNEST THEODORE SOMERVILLE, A X P WILLIAM BENJAMIN SPOFFORD, XII T FRANK GRENVILLE STADTMUELLER CYRUS THOMAS STEVEN, CID 4 ' ARCHIBALD WILSON WALKER, XII T RICHARD FOLSOM WALKER, N11 T A LESLIE FREDERICK WALLACE THEODORE FRANCIS WESSELS, XI' T RAYMOND WEST WOODWARD, E XI' . EDWARD PINKNEY WROTH, A A CID . . . Harjord . Wethersjield Brookline, Mass. Plattfbnrg, N. Y. St. famef, Md. New Rochelle, N. Y. . Middletown . Weft Hartford New London . Toledo, Ohio Claremont, N. H. . . Elmwood . . Hartford Claremont, N. H. Claremont, N. H. Lawrence, M aff. . . Portland . ' . Hartford Baltimore, Md. Gllzmn nf 191 CLASS COLORS Orange and Blade Gllaza Gbftirsra Qlhriatmaa Germ HERBERT EDWAY RYERSON RONALD EARLE KINNEY ALFRED EDWARD DUNSFORD HAROLD SUMMERFIELD OLAFSON Urinitg GEORGE DAWSON HGWELL, JR. BERTRAM LEON BURGOYNE SMITH JAMES NOAH SLEE . . HAROLD SUMMERFIELD QLAFSON S3 s i li- ., ,,Y,gV 'Y - A--L+AN..,,- ., 4- ... V Elrrm President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer . Historian President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Historian -Y , , A-f,..,-Y ,HM .V,5Y WV. A -M 1915 lqiatnrg TR1N,1'rY CoLLEoE, HARTFORD. Date--, 1912. I h ve 'ust brought to a state of completeness fairest Gwendolyn- 21 J ' , , , ' f t rrow, and in the in- ' mv re arations for the arduous duties o omo tefinii Ticoncluded to employ profitably the ,fieetmg germs of time by - ' h b wonderin and penning you a few lines. Qf course, you ave een g - mentally soliloquizing upon my appafelit 3P3fl?Y ln CQ1'f.C3P0Ud1f1g- The only legitimate apology that T can offer is that it is wellnigh impossible for one to write standing upl U D , . ., - H Wlell, here T am at the icCOllCg1UfH Sanctissimae Trinitatis, and it is a wonderfully picturesque and charmmgly situated nook. l am an atom in an organism of students the most marvelous t has ever invaded the hallowed' walls and sacred recincts of the above-mentioned institution of erudition and indo- P - . lence. You may rest assured that my every action, therefore, has been in perfect harmony and accord with its exalted pretensions and lofty ideals. lt is perfectly obvious that the best of us must make enemies at some period of our transient existence. Qur Most Noble and Vener.ble,Class of Iolghas been superciliously appellatedcclfresh- manfland that Class whose position of regulating college affairs has been usurped by 'us-is most veraciously termed 'cSophomore," or CcWise-Foollpi These fools Qwe may omit the prefix Hwisev as men-- daciousi are our inveterate foes, and examples of their maniacal em- ployments may be observed in the following narrative. A Upon the afternoon of our first Monday at college, this mob displayed the audacity to cover the bulletin-board withtheir own persons, daring us to touch ,it within one minutel Was our honorable body to tolerate such a taunt flaunted in its face? Certainly notl' Forthwith, we summoned several of our champions, hurled them against this- Hconglomeration of foolishness and wisdom,'7 and the board.-was ours in a few secondsl ' . That evening, by way of retaliation for their boldness, we tied up, hand and foot, twelve of their company, while they managed to ensnare but four of oursl After accomplishing this, noticing that our enemies did thirst, we marched in solemn procession to a dwell- known watering troughp' and did give them drink. This act of kind- ness was performed to soothe their feelings, overwhelmed by the indignities to which they had been subjected. As a reward to our sister Class-the Juniors, who were most loyal supporters during all our trials and tribulations--we tendered them aibanquet on the evening of December 7, IQII. Notwithstand- ing their former discomfitures, the Sophs endeavored to disrupt this proceeding, needless to state, they were unsuccessful in their at- tempts. Of that T shall write you later, enough to say that we had a most exciting and hilarious time. VVork is pressing me, so I must needs close. With all sorts of love, etc., etc., in every respect tha HARO LD Hrezhman Qllewn ilinll BERTRAM BENEZETT BAILEY, A K E IRA ALLEN BALCH, A X P ' '. . XVILLIAM EDWARD BARNETT, A A CID . ARTHUR EVERETT BARNS, A X P . JOHN ARCHAIE BARNS, A X P . GEORGE BEACH, A if . . LEWIS GEORGE BEARDSLEY . KARL HILDING BEIJ, A X P . . RALPH HALM BENT, A X P . . RANDWICK ALBERT BISSELL, A A fb CHARLES HERBERT BOEHM, A A CID HENRY LAWRENCE BRAINERD, XII T . SMART BRAND, E NP . . . NVILLIAM WASHINGTON BRINKMAN . JACOB BRODSKY .... ERNEST FREEMAN BROWN, A X P . THOMAS COOK BROWN . . . . GGDEN DOREMUS BUDD, JR., A K E WVALCOTT CHAPIN, ,I K A . . EDWARD UPVSON COWLES . . FRANCIS THOMAS CURLEY, CID F A . FREDERICK BOND DART, X11 T . FREDERIC GRIFFIN DORWART, A X11 W'ARD EVERETT DUFFY . . ALBERT EDWARD DUNSFORD, A K E SAMUEL HARMON EDSALL A A CID DANIEL HAROLD EVANS . . HERBERT CURTIS FERRIS, A X P . NIAURICE LESTER FURNIVALL . ERNEST HARTCRAFT GEYER, A K E HAROLD LESLIE GIBBS . . . WILLIAM THEODORE GRAY, JR., A Alf NVALTER GIBSON GREGG . - . EVERITT HEYWOOD HALL, A K E . FRANK WILLIAM HEALY . HOWARD RICE HILL, A K E . . AUSTIN EBER HODGE, CID F A . . COLIN NIONTAIGUE INGERSOLL, A X11 LOUIS FRENCH JEFFERSON . . ARTHUR JOHNSON, A K E . RONALD EARL KINNEY, CID F A . EFHEODORE CHARLES KYLE, A X P . ADOLPH WILLIAM LAWSON, A XP . EDWARD WILLIS LUDWIG . . JAMES SYLVESTER BXICCABE, JR., Xlf T THOMAS FRANCIS NLCCUE . . FELIX JEREMIAH BACEVITT . . STANLEY R7LERTON MERRILL, A A fb . Yanttc' . Wfanchefter . . Newtown Weftnto1'eZand, N. Y. Weftmoretand, N. Y. New York, N. Y. Roxbury Station . . Hartford New York, N. Y. . Brandon, Vt. Baltimore, Add. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. . . Hartford . Hartford . . Hartford . Manehefter' farneftown, N. Y. New York, N. Y. Barrington, R. I. . Kenftngton Dorebefter, Maxx. . . Ntantie . Newport, Ba. . Weft Hartford London, England Mtnneapotif, Mdnn. . . Hartford . Newtown . . Hartford New York, N. Y. Ufeftjietd, Maxx. . Bofton, Matty. . .Meriden . Orange, N. New Bedford, Nfaff. Rickrnond Hitt, N. Y . . Danbury . Ridgefield . . Darien . . Hartford Brooklyn, N. Y. . New .Mibford . Putnam . Hartford . Auburn, N. Y. . . Hartford South Martchefter' . ' . Hartford Q 1 I I I if I SI I. I! II pf fl 5 I I1 1 4, 1 Ig I I I I I I I i I ,. II I I li I -I I I W H I I II I ,. STANWOOD ADAMS IXIERRILL, E XII . HAROLD COLTHURST IVIILLS, E XII . JAMES ARCHIBALD NIITCHELL, A NI' . JAMES PATRICK IXWIURRAY, fb I' A . NIARK ELMO O,CONNELL . . . HAROLD SUMMERFIELD OLAFSON, A X P NVILLIAM BLACK GRR, A X P . . . THEODORE ABBOTT PECK, I K A . JOHN IRICHARD PERKINS, 22 XP NVORCESTER PERKINS, E XII . . PERCIVAL CAMP PLATT, I K A . EDVVARD LEARNED POLLOCK, JR., N11 T NNIILLIAM BENFIELD PRESSEY, XII T . NOYES HOLMES REYNOLDS . . LEWIS BRADFORD RIPLEY, E XII DAYTON IKATHAN RIVAS, A A C11 LAWRENCE SMITH ROBERTS . . THOMAS HERBERT ROBINSON . BENJAMIN TALBOT ROGERS, JR., A XII HERBERT' EDWAY RYERSON, XII T . NEWELL RUSSELL SAGE, XII T . IKAYMOND LEEDS SCOFIELD, A K E CHESTER RHOADES SEYMOUR . . ISAAC BATTIN SHELLEY, A A CID JAMES NOAH SLEE, A K E . . ALBERT 'LORD SMITH, E XI' . . BERTRAM LEON BURGOYNE SMITH, X17-T . ROBERT ROWAN SMITH, fi? F A A . LEON SPITZ ..... . DALLAS SUMMERFIELD SQUIRE, A XII FRANCIS BELL STITES, A XI' . . Walpole, Masf. Troy, N. Y. Centreville, Md. Norwich Town Wallingford Brooklyn, N..Y. Columbus, Ohio Wafhington Greenwich Greenwich Hawleyoille Chicago, Ill. Alfhton, R. I. Albany, N. 'Y. Glaftonbury Schenectady, N. Y. Winter Park, Fla. . Waterbury Fond du Lac, Wif. North East, Pa. . Middletown . New Haven . Eaxt Granby New York, N. Y. l . Yonkers, N. Y. . Middletown . Chicago, Ill. . . Danbury . . H argford Morriftown, N. . Louifoille, Ky. LREUEL COOK STRATTON . . Hartford JACOB ISRAEL SUISMAN . , , Q Hartford PAUL NIONROE SWIFT, I K A Yarrnouthport, Maxx. ALLEN THOMAS USHER, I K A . Eaft Providence, R. I. JOHN VVILLIAMA VIZNER . . ' . . . . . Hartford CHARLES COOLIDGE WITHINGTON, A A CID J . Newton Center, Mau. CLIFTON WRIGHT, CP 1' A . . ' . . . Danbury PHILIP JOHN YOUNG, JR. . . . Nutley, N. VIERTREES JYOUNG, A A CID , Oakmfmg, Pa, FRESHMAN CLASS COLORS Three Shade! of Green 56' 1Hhzmtnm linll GEORGE LAWTON BARNES, A X P BION HALL BARNETT, A A Q . ARTHUR SHIRLEY BARRETT, A K E DANIEL WEBSTER BATEMAN . CHARLES EDWIN BLAKE, A K E BARTLETT BROOKE BONNELL, A XII ' FRANKLIN NELSON BREED, XII T JAMES ANDREW BRENNEN . ROBERT ERASTUS FOOTE, A X P PAUL FAIRBANKS HERRICK, A A Q JOHN CROMPTON HORSFALL, A K E ROBERT INGLESON, Q F A . WALTER ALBERT JAMIESON, A X P WALTER SCOTT JARVIS, I K A NOAH LEVINE . . . WILLIAM SAMUEL LINES, JR., A A Q. FRANCIS ALBERT LOVELAND, Q 1' A GUY HUBBARD NEWHALL, I K A PFERGUS OLIVER, NI' T . . ALFRED ERWIN RANKIN, XII T JOHN FARNSLEY REDDICK, A A Q RALPH HENRY SALTSMAN, Q F A CHARLES BUNSEN SHAW . MERRILL WOLVERTON SMITH, A 111 KARL LOUIS SOMMER, Q 1' A . EDWARD DENMAN TOWNSEND, XII T DUDLEY CHARLES TURNER, A K E GUY HARRISON TYRRELL, A K E EDWARD BULKELY ,VAN ZILE, A XII EDWARD SANFORD BARNEY, X11 T JAMES BENSON BAUMOARDNER, A X11 HOWARD JAMES BURGWIN, NI' T MERRITT FOWLER CROMWELL, III T HERBERT GRAY DANFORTH, A III HENRY BROWN DILLARD, A XII 15113 15113 57 W. Anfonia jacksonville, F la. . ferfey City, N. Richmond H illf, N. Y. . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Hartford . E Bart Hartford . Andover A Springfield, Mass. New Britain Hoboken, N. . Utica, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 Rockville . . Harford . . . Hartford Tornpkinwille, N. Y. M ilwaitkee, Wif. W ellefley H illf, M aff. . Faribault, Minn. . Bayonne, N. Torrington Bloornfbnrg, Pa. . Haryford Clairton, Pa. Weft Hartford Wateroliet, N. Y. New York, N. Y. Springjield, Maxi. Toledo, Ohio . Pittfbnrgh, Pa. . Dobbf Ferry, N. Y. Oldtown, Me. Hnntfoille, Ala. I - . , . ,,....,....... .. .-..-.. .Aw .A H..- .A ,-.......I .fu L.A..1g.'1-...B.-..:,...,,B .4gx...,,P.I-. A . , R. A., . A-,. i SJ M U. 'llUlMif"EllUiW ' V 'V ' ' ' 42" lUMlV15'llI1'K!iifI1!E1Ilvlm'HlmffH'""'l,lfllm1lllff"W'm'N"""W' H- -'f . Tl M ,? 'i m I llwklW1lllllxmrrfftllwll HHH'H'fWfff'UWUWU'I'W' ,, -.-. ew I 'L' , K .V - J -'Q L. --- Minijqoimwn-A 4 -YAG? lf'lil"l'i'.l'gLl1lfllllf'.' 1 W Sf' Q X , :TF 'ii-I"'Zi: M15232322-.-EEEEETEEZW' ' V. yw'I,I .. :-:- .313 Ji My iii WWUHVVV n,n HUIUUUUW A :i f i5F 31. iii. A O Hrairen in Hrhe J -ARTHUR K. BROCKLESBY,77O WILLIAM D. MORGAN,,72 WILLIAM C. SKINNER,776 C ERNEST DEF. MIEL,,88 , IRENUS K. HAMILTON,,QI GEORGE W. ELLIS,,94 DUDLEY C. GRAVES,,Q8 ROBERT W. GRAY,,Q8 EDWARD J. MANN,7O4 IRVING R. KENYON,,O7 HAROLD G. HART,,O7 PAUL M. BUTTERWORTHJOS ROBERTS K. SKINNER,7IO BENJAMIN F. TURNER,7IO JAMES PORTEUS,,II WILLIAM C. SKINNER, JR.,'1I Glnrpnratiun WILLIAM CONVERSE SKINNER WILLIAM DENISON MORGAN . DUDLEY CHASE GRAVES JOHN HENRY STEVENS QUICK WILLIAM STERLING COGGSWELL EDWARD MANSFIELD SCUDDER JAMES STRATTON CARPENTER GEORGE WATSON BEACH CHARLES ERLING HOTCHKISS 5 63 Prefident . Vice-Preyident . Secretary-Treafurw' HOBART WARREN THOMPSON ERNEST DEFREMERY MIEL ARTHUR COLLINS GRAVES IRENUS KITTEREDGE HAMILTON THOMAS MCKEAN CHARLES LUTHER BURNHAM ALPHA DELTA EPSILON LAMBDA PHI UPSILON SIGMA TAU Uhr iliratrrnitg nf Evita Hai Founded in 1847 at Columbia College ancl the University ' of New York ilinll nf Clhemtvra Columbia College University of Pennsylvania Trinity College Williams College University of Mississippi University of Virginia Sheflield Scientific School of Yale Univ Massachusetts Institute of Technology A 64 f 'W riff Z 14499 uw 1 ! 09' 211234 .. - ,Qi Y I. ff vu , , ff. 1 f' ' 4124 3 I -. 'fl' W , WQLE -. 'Vi . Asn . . 4 2 WE? g - . q . -i i JDM!-vfffzx ie 2 ii . jeu ii 65935 ig' ii -- :-4,4 -1 g Fi : ,jf ELLIUTTNFNIUJ L I R' 5 i 1 I v , . 2 5 Z ,.1 li' gf :Egfr 'x l 1 n I X N A ': 4 1 'fur E. I' 'r ', 5 , 112 Qi A Q 1, X9 if I' . -g iv cf: B L3 :ii 1 1 up- 41' , ff 1' ' I .' 5 rf' 'Q I U I 44 N I5 5 I 'fg I a XI ,,, , - ,, if' i i U I i F I i I 5 6 iz 1 z 1 I I I 1 I I 1 ff: l'Y av Uhr 1 pnilnn Glhaptvr Brita at Artihr Mvmhnra J GRADUATES -CRANSTON BRENTON ROBERT HABERSHAM COLEMAN FRANK JUDSON BRAINERD, JR. 1912 KILBOURN MAXWELL KENDALL ALFRED ELY PULFORD CHARLES RICHARDSON WHIPPLE , IQI3 RUSSELL CURTIS NOBLE SAMUEL SEDGWICK SWIFT DE LOS SCHUYLER PULFORD, JR. ROBERT WRIGHT THOMAS, JR. JOHN JAY WHITEHEAD, JR. T914 KENNETH WELLES BOYNTON PHILIP SUMNER PAGE 1915 GEORGE BEACH, JR. A JAMES ARCHIBALD MITCHELL FREDERICK GRIFFITH DORWART' BENJAMIN TALBOT ROGERS WILLIAM THEODORE GRAY, JR. DALLAS SUMMERFIELD SQUIRE COLIN MONTAGUE INGERSOLL FRANCIS BELL STITES 67 Uhr Elirextrrnitg nf Alpha Evita Elghi HAMILTON . COLUMBIA . YALE . AMHERST BRUNONIAN HUDSON BOWDOIN . DARTMOUTH PENINSULAR ROCHESTER . WILLIAMS MANHATTAN MIDDLETOWN KENYON UNION . CORNELL PHI KAPPA . JOHNS HOPKINS MINNESOTA . TORONTO CHICAGO MCGILL WISCONSIN . CALIFORNIA . ILLINOIS Founded in 1832 at Hamilton College Bull nf Qlhaptmzu Hamilton College Columbia College Yale University Amherst College Brown University . Western Reserve University Bowdoin College . Dartmouth College . University of Michigan University of Rochester wiiuams College . College of the City of New Wesleyan University . Kenyon College . Union College . Cornell University Trinity College . . Johns Hopkins University University of Minnesota Toronto University . University of Chicago McGill University . University of Wisconsin University of California University of Illinois . 68 York 1832 1836 1836 1836 183.6 1841 1841 1845 1846 1850 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1869 1877 1889 1891 1393 1896 1897 IQO2 IQO8 1911 J ,yy N 'Wa fw. I Vx! f'V, , I ff! NC X sk My JH , .gfwwmwww X V Wm4+ if ' NEQEAMQ, f , ff W i'fW3qw vw"' 4 :22H 1 l! wW Y 1' lWii1HW1 fgy J wwwwwxx , ,el ku Q V w x M y Y v . ! ,fwffyl K Q' WWA XXX -F . WwMM+ .j i ff v ' f , 1 li . V . li 1 . I? 3 -4 H i fr ': V . E I if ' as ,z , :ll t. 1 . AI 3 1 I Ihr lghi Kappa 4 Glhapirr Alpha Evita Idhi 5 Artimz illiemhma 1912 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV I WALTER MURRAY FARROW WILLIAM HILL IBLEECKER, JR. CHARLES HURD HOWELL WILLIAM REDMOND CURTIS ' ELLIOTT FIELDING PETTIGREW . f I 1913 ' 'f A LEONARD DAWSON ADKINS A I ' RICHARD LAWTON DEPBEN . ' JOSEPH NOYES BARNETT JOHN BIGELOW MOORE ALLAN BEHRENDS COOK ROBERT PRESTON WITHINGTON . I 1914 GEORGE HOWARD ELDER A JAMES ASHTON MOORE URY ALBERT HICKS JOHN SHAPLEIGH MOSES THOMAS WOLCOTT LITTLE LOUIS GNDERDONK DERONGE I ' EDWARD PINKNEY WROTH ,ix 1915 J WILLIAM EDWARD BARNETT STANLEY MERTON MERRILL 2 RANDWICK ALBERT BISSELL DAYTON KATHAN RIVAS CHARLES HERBERT BOEHM ISAAC BATTIN SHELLEY SAMUEL HARMON EDSALL CHARLES COOLIDGE WITHINGTON GEORGE DAWSON HOWELL, JR. VERTREES YOUNG 71 :L Alpha Brita Ighi Ilirutrnn in Hrhr ALLEN, A. W., Ya1e,'O4 ALVORD, SAMUEL M., Ya1e,'96 BASSETT, PROF. A. B., Wi1liams,'8I BECKWITH, REV. I. T., Ya1e,'68 BENNETT, HON. EDWARD B., Ya1e,,66 BRYANT, PERCJY F., Phi Kappa,'7O BUNCE, CHARLES H., Ya1e,'6O CADY, GEORGE F., Midd1etOWn,'69 . CALDER, W. P., Middletown, 'O3 CALHOUN, DAVID S., Ya1e,'48 CHESTER, T. WESTON, M.D., Hamilton CLARK, WALTER H., Yale, '96 DUSTIN, E. F., Yale,,O6 FRANCIS, C. W., Ya1e,'63 ' FULLER, HORACE S., M.D., Amherst,'58 GARV-IN, JOHN, Yale,'O2 - GILLETT, REV. ARTHUR L., Aimherst,,8O GOODWIN, CHARLES A., Yale,'98 GOODWIN, F. S., Yale, 793 GOODWIN, H., Ya1e,'O6 GOODWIN, JAMES L., Yale, 702 A GOODWIN, REV. JAMES, Phi Kappa,'86 GOODWIN, P. L., Ya1e,'97 GOODWIN, WALTER L., YaTC,,97 GREENWOOD, A. H., DartmOuth,'99 GROSS, CHARLES E., Ya1e,'69 HATCH, EDWARD B., Phi Kappa,'86 HOWELL, GEORGE D., Phi Kappa,'82 HUNT, E. M., Phi Kappa,'O6 HUNTINGTON, REV. J. T., Phi Kappa,'5O LAMPSON, F.. R., M.D., Phi Kappa,'9I LAWRENCE, THOMAS F., Yale, ,QQ MAERKLEIN, B. C., Phi Kappa,'O6 MARVIN, L. P., Ya1e,'92 MEAD, C. B., CO1umbia,'O9 MORSE, LEONARD, AmhersI,'7I NORTHAM, CHAS., JR., Midd1etOwn,'O4 PERKINS, HENRY A., Ya1e,'96 . PHILLIPS, R., Yale,'I2 ROBERTS, E. C., Yale, 'IO ROBERTS, T., Yale, ,O5 exROBERTS, P., Ya1e,,1O SCHUTZ, ROBERT H., Phi Kappa,'89 SCHUTZ, WALTER S., Phi Kappa, ,94 SEYMOUR, MARLOR, Amherst,,I4 ST. JOHN, SAMUEL B., M.D., Yale,'66 STARR, ROBT. S., M.D., Phi Kappa,,Q7 THOMPSON, ARTHUR R., Yale,'96 TWICHELL, J. H., Ya1e,'O6 VAN SCHAACK, DAVID, Phi Kappa,'OI WILLIAMS, ARTHUR C., Yale, '98 WINANS, W. W., Midd1etOWn,'89 WOLEE, R. R., Phi Kappa,'O8 WRIGHT, A. B., Union, ,QO ZWEIGART, H. J., AmherSt,'II 72 Uhr ilhartvrnitg nf Evita Kappa Epailnni PHI . THETA X1 SIGMA . GAMMA PSI . UPSILON BETA . ETA KAPPA LAMBDA P1 . IOTA . ALPHA ALPHA OMICRON EPSILON RHo . TAU MU . NU . BETA PHI PHI CHI PS1 PHI GAMMA- PHI Psi OMEGA BETA CHI DELTA CHI PHI GAMMA GAMMA BETA THETA ZETA ALPHA CHI PHI EPSILON Founded in- 1844 at Yale University W ilinll nf Glhaptnrz ' Yale University Bowdoin College . Colby University . Amherst College . Vanderbilt University . University of Alabama . Brown University . . . University of North Carolina . University of Virginia . . Miami University . . Kenyon College . Dartmouth College Central University . Middlebury College . University of Michigan . Williams College . . Lafayette College . Hamilton College . . . . Colgate University . . College of the City of New York University of Rochester . . Rutgers College .' I Depauw University . . Wesleyan University . , . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Adelbert College . . . Cornell University . . . Syracuse University . Columbia University . University of California . Trinity College University of Minnesota . . . SIGMA TAU . Massachusetts Institute of Technology E DELTA DELTA . University of Chicago . ' . . ALPHA PHI . University of Toronto . . TAU LAMBDA . Tulane University . . DELTA KAPPA University of Pennsylvania . TAU ALPHA . McGill University . . . SIGMA RHo . Leland Stanford, Jr., University DELTA PI University of Illinois . . RHO DELTA . University of Wisconsin . . 73 1844 1344 1345 1846 1347 1847 185o 1851 1852 1852 1852 1853 1853 1354 1355 1855 1855 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1871 1874 1876 1379 1889 1890 1393 1898 1898 1399 IQOO IQO2 1904 IQO6 - -Ei..-. ,-....,.. .,,. 1,4-.Aff , .:,:1r---1-w-T -"- ,.,,,.'-,- avi, ,, , ie: I Rv if 1 Arimr illlemhrrn HOBART WELLS SMITH COOK AMES HOWARD HUMPHREY ak-IOHN CROMPTON HORSEALL LAURENCE HUTCHINSON MCCLURE HARRY WESSELS DANIEL BYRON DAWLEY CHESTER DUDLEY WARD FELIX EMIL BARIDON WALTER FRANCIS BORCHERT THOMAS WALLIS DAVIS BERTRAM BENEZETT BAILEY OGDEN DOREMUS BUDD ALBERT EDWARD DUNSFORD ERNEST HARTCRAFT GEYER JAMES NOAH SLEE "'Deceased 1- 5 QW l": f':' ' f ,L X, l moms' X Q wwsw ELLIOUVJ' 13'1A!1J,f' . I I ..-j ., Aging ::JL.'-.H ,-F, A ,::f,.,-i LLM 1.24: ..'L:'L3iir" r I I, lr il ll , 'I le Er ix l K 1 i E ! 9 1 ! r I . I I i F Evita Kappa 'Epnilnn ' . Zfrairez in Hrhr ALLEN, W. B., Yale, ,OI AYRES, W. A., Ya1e,'64 BABCOCK, A. L., CO1g3tC,,O3 BENNETT, M., Toscan, Yale-:,'98 BOYD, H. C., Trinity,'O5 BULKELEY, M. G., JR., Yale,'O7 CALL, A. D., BrOWn,'96 CAMP, J. S., Wes1eyan,'78 CASE, T. G., Trinity, 'OO ICLARK, C. H., Ya1C,,7I COLE, F. W., Yale, 'O4 COLLINS, ATWOOD, 'Ya1e,'73 CONANT, G. A., Amherst,'78 CONE, J. B., Yale,,57- COOLEY, C. P., Y31C,7QI COOLEY, F. R., Ya1e,'86' DAY, A. P., Ya1e,'9O DAY, E. M., Yaie,'9O DAVIS, F. W., Ya1C,,77 EVANS, D., Trinity, ,OI FENN, E.. HART, Ya1e,'65 . FLYNN, B. D., Trinity, eXQ'O5 FORREST, C. R., Yale,'65 FREEMAN, H. B., Yale,'62 FREEMAN, H. B., JR., Ya1e,'92 GATES, A. F., Ya1e,,87 GODARD, G. S., WeS1eyan,'9I GRANT, R. M., Wes1eyan,'92 HARBISON, P., Trinity HINE, C. D., Yale,'7I HOWE, D. R., Ya1e,774 HYDE, A. W., Y31C,7O2 HYDE, W. W., Ya1e,'76 TNGALLS, DR. P. H., BOWdOin,'77 KEITH, DR. A. R., CO1by,,97 LAKE, E. J., HarVard,'92 LORD, W., Trinity,'98 MATSON, W. L., Ya1e,'62 OLMSTED, H. B., Trinity, 'O8 PARKER, REV. E. P., BOwdOin,'56 PATTISON, REV. H., Rochester, ,Q2 PHILBRICK, M. P., CO1by,797 PIKE, C. S., ChicagO,'96 POND, H. C., Trinity, 'OS POND, D. C., Trinity, 'OS PRATT, W. W., Adelbert,'85 PRENTICE, S. O., Yale,'73 ROWLEY, DR. A. M., Amherst,'O5 SMILEY, E. H., COlby,'75 SMITH, E. W., Ya1e,'OI SMITH, F. M., Ya1e,'8O STARR, DR. P. S., Yale,'6O ST. JOHN, W. H., YaTC,,QI TAYLOR, M., Wi1liarns,,67 TRAVER, REV. H. R., COlgate,'66 WELCH, A. A., Ya1e,'82 ' WENTWORTH, G. R., Trinity, ex-'OS 77 , , I , . . ,MA A . ..., . ,.,,.,..,,...,,..... .... A .... ...,...-..,.L,L.-., ........- Hnkfv-g...f--.Evra-.A-.., -1. ..V, ,..-. . S, ,.-. M .. ,, . .,,..:1..,.A,..,. ....-Y,-.,. ,f-..-.X--...-. .14 :Haze-ff 5. I 1 v v J I A 2 2 . 1 3 f' r .i L, EJ 5 I lb r 5 5. F? 51 ?. 4 I l 9 2 I I r . S 1 , v I 1 'aff M , , , . -- . l'f'f'I'I W,., , f '-'- 53,-3131315 Lgg1g1g:g1fz2-' :QEQQQEQEQE ff B af L I Q X 5, ,X Q 44 X Q gf 5 1 X J 3 ,.... XS ...,. , Y "'3iE1E12?f2Z1E1 f x : - :ifi2f21f1QfffSff 1151? 1 -if-L55 E Wi " 5 ENE-Q1 5 1 .li.,e?-E-iifil' . -23-1--L lf: f f . Q 'f-'J LH. 1 I I I I I I ,I I I I II I I iz I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I f Glhaptvr if Q Uhr Mia 182111 W Wai Hpzilnn .Artinr illlemhmi J . IQI2 GEEORGAE TURNER BATES - JAMES SHREWSBURY CRAIK IJ 1913 2 THOMAS GILBERT BROWN 1914 GEORGE COLLINSON BURGWIN, JR. CHARLES EWELL CRAIK, JR. THEODORE CANFIELD HUDSON, JR. WILLIAM ROSENBAUM SAMUEL HERBERT EVISON OLIVER GILDERSLEEVE, JR. CHARLES HENRY COLLETT HERBERT ACKLEY 'SAGE WILLIAM BENJAMIN SPOFFORD ARCHIBALD WILSON WALKER RICHARD FOLSOM WALKER I 'THEODORE FRANCIS WESSELS I ' . T915 HENRY LAWRENCE BRAINERD ' FREDERICK BOND DART JAMES SYLVESTER MCCABE, JR. WILLIAM BENFIELD PRESSEY HERBERT.'EDWAY RYERSON NEWELL RUSSELL SAGE EDWARD LARNED POLLOCK, JR. BERTRAM LEON BURGOYNE SMITH 77 81 ' , f 1 J. P. ANDREWS, Beta,'77 E. S. BALLARD, Chi,'98 L. C. BARBOUR, Beta,'OO E. N. BEMENT, De1ta,'67 M. B. BRAINARD, Beta,'OO N. C. BRAINARD, Beta,'O2 ISM lipailnn Zlhutrra in H1112 ' RT. REV. C. B. BREWSTER, Beta,'68 J. H. BUCK, Beta,'9I J. R. BUCK, Xi,,62 C. C. BULKELY, Beta Beta,'75 P. D. BUNCE, M.D., Beta,'88 C. W. BURPEE, Beta,'83 W. S. CASE, Beta,'85 - A. ST. C. COOK, Beta,'89 W. H. CORBIN, Beta,'89 R. D. CUTLER, Beta,,O7 P. E. CURTIS, Beta Beta,'O6 K. DAVIS, Beta Beta,'99 G. P. DAVIS, Beta,'66 J. C. DAY, Beta,,57 L. N. DENNISON, Xi,,O2 L. A. ELLIS, Beta Beta,'98 S C. E. FELLOWS, Beta,'56 G. H. GILMAN, Beta,'9O L. E. GORDON, Xi,,9O HON. W. HAMERSLEY, Beta Be R. W. HUNTINGTON, Beta,'89 PROF. C. F. JOHNSON, Beta,'55 F. E. JOHNSON, Beta Beta,'84 ta,'58 J. MCA. JOHNSON, Beta Beta,'O3 W. MCA. JOHNSON, Beta Beta,'98 M. S. LITTLE, Beta,'O7 H A. T. MCCOOK, Beta Beta,'O2 PROF. A. R. MERRIAM, BCta,777 C. S. MORRIS, Beta Beta,'96 C. G. WOODWARD, Beta Beta,'98 P. S. NEY, Beta,'O5 I F. PARSON, Beta,'93 A. PERKINS, Beta,'87 I HON. H. ROBERTS, Beta,'77 H. S. ROBINSON, Beta,'89 J. T. ROBINSON, Beta,'93 L. F. ROBINSON, Beta,'85 E. W. ROBINSON, Beta Beta,,96 E. F. SANDERSON, Gamma,'96 G. H. SEYMS, Beta Beta,,72 A H. PHSCHAUFFLER, Gamma,'93 F. SHEPHERD, Beta,'92 A. L. SHIPMAN, Beta,'86 T. E. V. SMITH, Beta,'77 I. E. STANTON, Beta,'55 F. H. TAYLOR, Xi,,84 J. R. TRUMBULL, Beta,,92 REV. J. H. TWICHELL, Beta,'59 E. F. WATERMAN, Beta Beta,'98 F. E. WATERMAN, Beta Beta,'OI L. S. WELCH, Beta,'89 H. H. WHAPLES, Beta,'O2 Idhi Mamma Brita iliratvryiig y Founded in 1848 at Washington and Jefferson College ALPHA . NU . LAMBDA XI L . GMICRON PI . TAU . OMEGA PSI .W .1 ALPHA DEUTERON . THETA DEUTERON GAMMA DEUTERON ZETA DEUTERON . ZETA . . . OMICRON DEUTERON NU DEUTERON . BETA CHAPTER PI DEUTERON DELTA . . . LAMBDA DEUTERON RHO DEUTERON , SIGMA -DEUTERON ZETA PHI A DELTA CHI . THETA PSI . BETA CHI KAPPA NU . KAPPA TAU . 1 . ilinll nf Qlhapbzra Washington and Jefferson College Bethel College DePauw University Gettysburg College University of Virginia Allegheny College E Hanover Colleges Columbia University Wabash College Illinois Wesleyan University Ohio Wesleyan University Knox College Washington and Lee University Indiana State University Ohio State University Yale University 1 University of Pennsylvania Kansas University A Bucknell University Dennison University Wooster' University Lafayette College Williarn Jewell College University of California Colgate University Lehigh University Cornell University University of Tennessee 33 . MU SIGMA . RHO CHI . GAMMA PHI CHAPTER . PI IoTA . CHI . ALPHA CHI . NU EPSILON TAU ALPHA . BETA MU . MU . CHI IoTA . SIGMA . DELTA NU . PI RHO OMEGA MU . IoTA MU I . XI DEUTERON SIGMA NU . LAMBDA IOTA THETA . CHI UPSILON ALPHA PHI . ALPHA AIOTA CHI MU CHI SIGMA . LAMBDA NU TAU DEUTERON LAMBDA SIGMA SIGMA TAU . lghi Mamma Evita Biraternitg University of Minnesota Richmond College I Pennsylvania State College Worcester Polytechnical Union College I Amherst College New York University Trinity College Institute Johns Hopkins University University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Wittenberg College E Dartmouth College Brown University Maine University Massachusetts Institute Adelbert College Syracuse University Purdue University University of Alabama University of Chicago University of Michigan Iowa State University University of Missouri Colorado College I University of Nebraska University of Texas of Technology Leland Stanford, Jr., University Washington State University 34 X Q ix .x XX:. Ss5S55AXX . X ggX35XX QXXXXXX X . - - Wil' X X -XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX- XXXXXXXX .X 1, -X X.-:-g5x,,:, XXX f4-x X .. -XXXXQXX , X XR ,XX 5 XQ X XXX A5 X E ,XXX XXX X XXX X X X XXX. SSW-N XXX 1 XX X XSS? 'X -:X X X X , .. . lxgmy XQQQK nf t -j-5 -- X XXQ wg A XXX , AX...,X, X XXXQ XXX. U XX X 'q.f3.X. XXXX XXXX X-XXXXX X W X X y f f XXX XXXXX X X f ff X X X X X X0 I M www XXX X X X X X XX N N55 XO Y M", X V fr . .XX::X.. ,X- 'X XX A XXX . XX X X 'CI' A .'.' Z ' ,g5,..253 S-5" H H X: . - XXkXQ9X9 S'1 X -X XXXEX1 Eitv-"r'X . 5' .. ' gg' - :XX-X . X 'X QQ? ' -' . 4 f X X' XXXXX XXX , f . :XXX X sf ' f of XXXXQ XX X X X '- -N M ff oriwg , X ..., X, . . Y 0 '-C"- ' XSL? i--svgr- 1 W. , - ,Y I I I if I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I Uhr Eau Alpha I Qlhapivr nf Phi Mamma Evita Artinr illllnmhera A IQI2 WILLIAM CHRISTY ANDREWS 1 CLARENCE IRVING PENN 'I WILLIAM ERNEST STEVEN ALBERT HAITHWAITE WALTER CRANE HATHAWAY MERRILL L. K. ALLEN PETER PAUL LAWLOR ' HOWARD JEROME LIVERMORE FRANCIS THOMAS CURLEY AUSTIN EBER HODGE RONALD EARL KINNEY IQI3 1914 1915 37 ALFRED JOSEPH L,HEUREUX FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMS HENRY WHTTING SELDEN CHARLES TIMOTHY SENAY CYRUS THOMAS STEVEN JAMES PATRICK MURRAY ROBERT ROWAN SMITH CLIFTON WRIGHT lghi Mamma Evita Hratrrn in lilrhr BACKUS, H. S.,,O2 BARLOW, H. E., A X BONNER, C. W.,'O8 BRAINERD, C. B., N A BURDICK, V. G.,7II CARPENTER, F. D.,'IO CAMPBELL, J. N. H., N A CAWLEY,.S.,'11 CLAPP, R. J., H CONKLIN, W. E.,,Q7 CORBETT,'F. J.,'o8 CREEDON, A. W.,7OQ DUNHAM, D. A.,'O6 FALLOW, E. S.,'O6 FLYNN, J. D.,'97 FORBES, F. L., N A FOSTER, E. O., A XA GREEN, H. C.,,IO GUNNING, J. W.,,Q6 HINCHLIFFE, H., S2 M JARMAN, F. T., N A A KELLOGC, A. B., N E KNOWLTON, A. E.,'1O LAKIN, W. F.,'O9 LESCHKE, A. H.,,1O LOVELAND, F. A.,,I2 LINN, F.. C., P MOKONE, C. W.,'O8 MASON, R. L.,'O8 MORROW, C. E.,'O9 NAEDELE, T. C., N A NUCKOLS, H. C. OWENS, M. F.,'O5 PATTERSON, S. C., A X ROBBINS, H. E.,'o8 SOMMEQR, K. L.,,I2 A STITT,I-H. J. B.,'O3 STOKES, R. S., 9 XI' TUTTLE, G. A., X A SS. 1 PHI- PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI Uhr Elirzxtvrnitg nf Alpha Qihi 'iKhn Founded in 1895 at Trinity College g 331111 nf Glhaptrrn PSI . . Trinity College CHI I Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn PHI .University of Pennsylvania OMEGA . Columbia University ALPHA . I Lafayette College BETA Dickinson College DELTA . Yale University EPSILON . Syracuse University ZETA University of Virginia ETA I Washington and Lee University THETA . Cornell University GAMMA . Wesleyan University 39 E F"-' Cflhr 1311i 15211 Glhzmirr nf Alpha Glhi iiihn Ariinv ifllrmhnra 1 9 1 2 PHILIP ALOYSIUS AHERN 'CARLOS SANFORD HOLCOMB THOMAS FRANCIS FLANAGAN LESLIE GILBERT OSBORNE 1913 F ETHELBERT TALBOT SMITH ETHAN FROST BASSFORD EDWARD MICHLET LAZARUS' IRA ALLEN BALCH ARTHUR EVERETT BARNS JOHN ARCHIE BARNS KARL HILDING BE1J RALPH HALM BENT IQI4 ' ERNEST THEODORE' SOMERVILLE JOHN VALENTINE SPRAGUE 1915 ERNEST FREEMAN BROWN HERBERT CURTIS FERRIS THEODORE CHARLES KYLE ADOLPH WILLIAM LAWSON HAROLD SUMMERFIELD OLAFSON WILLIAM BLACK ORR ' Q0 sKx miia KK xifi w W f 45 K Wljijgh XXX., lf W I XM A xxx XQQJ W YA? HH Nl X iigfibfxxxf ggngxxfx 3 ',,,, 'M Q I 1 K A KA - , X 135: 9 ' I X y 1 1 W -:xx K av THE FRA'?grgr?l??TJrExi?1HA :Hx Run R3- sxi . Q 4 W xx f, I ., Gm. " Sf' 1' X5 34 If V J, x ' 'infix e35:'11" ' ' Yi' JMHWMV' vsi gf , 3 XA A 3 '- w v in X! ' M Y f X m X5 L,Lh . Q ' bg ,fy M ' Us ' KJ 5 ii' L 52, NS X X. Qi . xW,,32, . . LH, xg X Q f ,?Qae- iw w'QMS i:-1- 'E ,f f ' K K X 5 ' X 1 if 1 I NMM . .X xx gil 1 1 X ' ix- ! f , 1' XQ xv gf fff! ZX M XXXXQ f f M M 1 W xr XX X Z .J 151' 11 1 , , 1 Z!! , 11 1 1 1 1 5 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 li 1 1 ' 1 if If 1 11 1111 11 11 3 1? 1111 111111 1' 111 11 H1 1 111111 11 ,111 11 11:5 111 11 111 . 11 1 111 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 11, 1 K 1 1 7 1 11 1 1114 1 7 1 1 1 1 111' 1-f Q 1 1 ' 1 11 1 1 , 1 4 1 z 1 1 11.11 Q 1 1 1 11 , 1 I 11 1 1 11 1 1 1-1 . I 1 111 1,1111 111 NA 1 1131.11 X 1,11 ' 1 A-um l A-L--., - ,11 Alpha Glhi ilihn 3'lirairma in Hrhe BEACH, CARROLL, C., M.D., Phi Psi 96 HASTINGS, F. H., Phi Psi,'96 MORGAN, V. F., Phi Psi,'99 ARNOTT, ALEXANDER, Phi Psi PLIMPTON, R. E., Phi Chi,'oI LORENZ, E. H., Phi Psi, 702 MORBA, K. P., Phi Psifoz BLAKESLEE, R. H., Phi Psi,'o5 BRAINERD, C. C., Phi Psi,'o6 BUTLER, L. P., Phi Beta,'O6 ULRICH, W. L., Phi Delta,'o6 LATTIN, R. B., Phi De1ta,'o7 MOODY, W. H., Phi PSi,7O7 V BUTHS, L. S., Phi Psi, '08 OZON, W. W., Phi Psi, ex-'08 SHERWOOD, C. S., Phi Psi,'o8 CoNNoR, M. A., Phi Psi,'o9 BARBER, L. L., Phi Dc-:1ta,7Io 93 v Q I I l Eurail ilffratvrnitg Sigma 155i 1 4 I Artiur Qllllemhrrn 3 ii JOHN FRANCIS FORWARD ' IJ I I2 ' 9 If HOWARD RAY BROCKETT MAXIMILIAN SPORER A RAYMOND HUBBARD SEGUR PAUL HERBERT TAYLOR - 7 ' 'I JOHN WALTER WOESSNER - ' . IQI3 XNILLIAM POND BARBER ' MUNSEY LEW ' A RAYMOND HART BENTLEY MARCUS THORNTON MCGEE - . if ' EUGENE GOODWIN SMEATHERS 14 1914 ' 1 ROBERT ELLIS CROSS RAYMOND WESTUWOODWARD gf 1915 . 5 SMART BRAND JOHN RICHARD PERKINS I STANWOOD ADAMS MERRILL WORCESTER PERKINS 2 HAROLD COLTHURST MILLS LEWIS BRADFORD RIPLEY I ALBERT LORD SMITH ' , S 4 1 ! 94 I 1 'F 92. f X Q , 1 1 f X WQ 5 H Q 1 K 1 7 K Q I 1 li NI Sigma ai f1'Hrai1f1eu in 351112 ALLISON, N. K., 'I I FRANCIS, G. S., ,IO GEER, E. S.,,IO SMITH, A. K.,,II SANFORD, W. O.,'1 '- -........-..-.-41 ' J I i 1 GTA O Qlviifkiizf 113 B K ' COA, 459 C NEG-YQXC' J Chartered 1845 Obftirnrn I REV. JOHN T. HUNTINGTON, MA., D.D., '50 . President REV. JOHN J. MCCOOK, D.D., LL.D.,'63 Vice-President REV. SAMUEL HART, D.D., LL.D. '66 . Secretary GEORGE L. COOK, M.A.,,7O . . . Treasurer RAYMOND J. NEWTON . . I Jdssistant Seeremry WILLIAM A. BIRD, IV,,I2 . Assistant Treasurer Hllemhern Ahmittrh in 1511 ' GEORGE HENRY COHEN,,II FRANK RICE PROUT,,II ALFRED ' ERWIN RANKIN, ' I I WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV,' I2 RAYMOND JAY NEWTON, ' I2 I 98. I 1 Lx x, X 1 -1 ii 'I ,I "7- ' N M V-' -- fa nw WI' . - X bf ' ' W! ,. in 1 I tl .. A ' X -. - -.., .Q ff? .' X ' 'nk . . , ff 17 A , J!! i i i!" y t Q - A 'la I THL IC N X YQ X x 6 : Q EXW . Xwlnxexp-I llxl , W te V S 'I .t S , f fl 'X H A f ff X X X I N jx B X X ' x ,ff ,f , ffy Q if x 12 ails I I f X' .L W Pk . ,, ff 1 , Z N If if ,I X f f I If x I f X! Nag' ,flf g f' ff 1 f' 1Hf 'V X X W , Q X' 'QN QE ll -I XE in X WT I 'W W X ' Hui A X X X N ' X Maw R5 A I !,..2Q..Qij',S...if.Q1.f W 'S 'Q 73.1 Z' ' T' A A -1 ' """.f j 4 F A A 14,41jj'fj-'A -1 if--M - - :EAM 4- -1-irqlf-Lqy 4:7 . .. ---A , . A .A ...,.- ,AA . A v,-,Wim h I -K---39 4---- VNS ---- A---A-A A Y4... -. .- --.. W- - -A I .. .. ,...,,-.,, 1-f-. -, --41HI,..f----:1- A 44-- ----,-ELLA, fawggg- -4A1f1i:gf-'L -3-'-wig-ggi-jfg,1Ti,:1ifg.,ggijLT7" 13,5 1 ,g AAAA U I ' .. 'Z i Ai I A A Efriniig Glnllrgr Athlvtir Awanriatinn Gbftirrrn g WILLIA-M SHORT, JR. 4 President CHARLES H. COLLETT . Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM SHORT, JR. CHARLES H. COLLETT I. HOWARD HUMPHREY RICHARD L. DEPPEN W. STUART MARSDEN,' C. H. HOWELL . A. J. .L7HEUREUX HARRY WESSELS iixerutinr Glnmmittnr TR. . . . President 14.14. Secretary- Treasnrer A ..4. Manager Football Team Manager Baseball Team 1 Manager Track- Team Captain Football Team Captain Baseball Team Captain Track Team Cirahuaiv Ahniunrg Glnmmitter W. E. A. BULKELEY,,8O . Chairman I. K. HAMILTON,,QI . . . Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR J. D. FLYNN,,Q7 PROFESSOR J. J. MCCOOK, '63 HARVEY C. POND,,O8 PROFESSOR R. B. RIGGS IOO W Y KHB I5vC , IQIII C. H. HOWELL,,I2s . . . Captain J. H. HUMPHREY,,I2 . . . Manager R. P. W1TH1NGTON,'I3 . . . Assistant Manager PROFESSOR RAYMOND G. GETTELL A . . Coach V Efhv Gram g C. H. HOWELL,,I2, Right End G. D. HOWELL, JR.,'15, Left Tackle R. E. KINNEY,,I5, Right Tackle P. A. AHERN,,I2, Left End J. A. MOORE,,I4, Right Guard H. W. S. COOK,7I2, Quarter Back W. H. BLEECKER, JR.,7I2, Center P. P. LAWLORQI4, Left Hay Back - F. S. FITZPATRICK,-714, Center C. H. COLLETT,,I3, Right Hah' Bach J. B. MOORE,7I3, Left Guard T. C. HUDSON,,I4, Fit!! Bach iimhntitutrn O. GILDERSLEEVE,,I2 B. L. SM1TH,'15 E. S. LELANDJI4 H. R. HILL,7I5 T. F. WESSELS,,I4 A. E. DUNSFORDQIS IOI 1 -----f ------i4-.-.fQi..m-f.:'-::-f.w- rrwfnzal-,QL . . .-..,..:'.2.1'.., ' " , l- ' ..... -.. ...ikan - V x lTHnn1ha1l1 Gram Y JL, ZKPIHYD nf 'Batman ' - Flhxniheull 'October 7 at Hartford Trinity 6 'October 14' at Hartford . 'Trinity 13' 'October 21 'at Utica, N. Y. 'Trinity 9 'October 28 at Hartford 'Trinity I4 November 7 . at New York City 'Trinity O November II at Hartford 'Trinity 3 5 'November I8 at Haverford, Pa. 'Trinity 24 November 25 at'PrOvidence,R.I. Trinity 6 Summarg Worcester Tech. O Amherst O Colgate " O Wesleyan ' I3 New York Univ. ' O Massachusetts S. ' 6 Haverford 6 Brown - I 6 Trinity IO7-Opponents 31 j, 83 C. H. GIESY '84 S. T. MILLER '85 W. W. BARBER '86 W. W. BARBER 87 W. W. BARBER '88 E. MCP. MCCOOK 7 89 E. MCP. MCCOOK 'QO' T. P. THURSTON '91 W. C. HILL A' '91 H. S. GRAVES Won 6, Tied 2 Lost O ' ' Zfnrmer Olaptainn '92 G. D. HARTLEY '95 J. W. EDGERTON '94 J. STRAWBRIDGE '95 W.S.LANGFORD,JR. 96 A. M. LANGFORD 7 '97 A. S. WOODLE . '98 W. B. SUTTON '99 W. P. BROWN 'OO W. P. BROWN 'OI J. HENDERSON IO3 'O8 A. O2 T. M. SYPHAX O3 W. B. ALLEN O4 O. MORGAN O5 J. C. LANDEFELD O6 P. O7 E. DOUGHERTY J. DONNELLY B. H'ENsHAw O9 A. B. HENSHAW IO E. B. RAMSDELL . . Y.. Y- . - - -A.. ' ... ---...Liv - , ,, ,, -f-5...-1 -- . ,X P V iKPUiP11I nf this Flinnthaxll Svvannn The football season . this year was the most successful in the annals of the college. After our excellent show- ing last year we were watched by many of the Eastern critics and coaches, who expected us to turn out a fast team that would take every possible advan- tage offered under the new rules. We did-we HOWELL turned out an unbeat- .HUMPHREY Captain en team. Manager Worcester Tech was our first opponent. In a ragged and un- certain game we won, but by a small score. It was evident that the team had not as yet hit its pace. We Worked hard, for our next game was With Amherst. They expected a victory that day, but the team was playing the game for all that was in them, and Amherst was lucky to escape with the score of only I3-O against her. 'The following week we met Colgate, who were looking for revenge for their last year's defeat, but before a large crowd they were defeated. The wet ground prevented much spectacular playing, but the team was working well. , The game with Wesleyan will ever remain in the minds of all who saw it as the most wonderful they ever beheld. The big Red and Black Team was unexpectedly strong and seemed to know all our plays. They scored two touchdowns and a field goal, while we were held to three points. Then, in the last period, with only six minutes to play and the score I3-3 against us, something happened. The team swept down the field twice and scored two touchdowns, the second within the last ninety seconds of play. The rooters could scarcely believe their eyes, but when they came to realize what had happened, pandemonium reigned. On Election Day, Trinity played New York University a tie game, o-o, in New York. The game was a distinct disappointment to all of Trinity's followers. We had the better team and should have 104. w won the game Without diiqiculty. However, the team took a slump on this occasion, and a tie was the result. ' ' Massachusetts Aggies were the next victims. The team re- deemed its worklof the preceding game by running up a big score. In this game we completed I I forward passes for a total of 225 yards. The Haverford game at Haverford was easy. The field was wet, so Trinity employed a successful kicking game. , - We closed the season at Providence, when Brown was tied, 6-6. Trinity scored in the first ten seconds of play when Collett made a touchdown, recovering the kick-off on the first bound, when it slipped through the arms of the Brown Half Back. Brown scored soon after on a long run by Sprackling. After this, the two' teams played very evenly, and neither side was able to score again. Hudson, -our big Full Back, was chosen by ,many of the critics for their All-American Team, and was placed on Walter Campis third' team. Many of our other men were favorably mentioned for such honor by New York newspapers. ' We cannot say too much for Professor Gettell. Here is a History Professor who coaches and develops a successful football team as a side issue. He applies his classroom theories to the gridiron and, strange as it may seem,theywork out well. The onside kick he taught us last year was copied by Yale this past fall. During his time as Coach we have had a winning team, and we all hope he will continue for at longer time in that capacity. illnrnrh in Blunt Zliine Hearn t POINTS w0N TIE L0sT TRINITY oPP0NENTs 1907 6 7 0 223 1908 4 I 127 1909 6 2 130 1910 7 0 122 1911 6 2 107 . . -..T...,T...,, A-,..., ,n...v IO -,...- ,... , -- V,- -f ex-.....1.ny-....,,.-, 133 - V A rr 1 + V W9 J. O. CARROLL,7II Captain A. E. RANKIN,,II . Manager R. L. DEPPEN,7I3 Assistant Manager THOMAS J. CONNERY . . . Coach Coach PROFESSOR J. D. FLYNN P. Uhr Grain F. 'BRAINERD,,II, First Base W.H.BLEECKER,JR.,7I2, Center Field D. C. TURNER,7I2,S6C0710ZBd56 P. A. AHERN,'7I2, Left Field J. F. HORAN,,I3, Third Base A. L7HEUREUX,7I3, Catcher J. 0. CARROLL,,II, Shortstop C. W. SAYRES,7I3, Pitcher A. B. I..ISTER,,I45 Right Fielct H. B. WARNER,7I3, Pitcher Svnhniitnirn C. H. HOWELL,5I2 A. P. SAYRES,,I3 V. A. HICKS,7I4 IO6 Q,-Se,-.-..,r -4, ' '..s.J-fx' ' 1 - ' f Q-ulvu' 4 Eanvhall umm IV! s IV illvrnrh nf c5EII11P5 Euuehall April I2 at Providence, R. I. Trinity O Brown April 20 at Ithaca, N. Y. Trinity 1 ' Cornell April 21 at Hamilton, N. Y. ' Trinity 1 Colgate . April 22 at Schenectady, N. Y. Trinity I Union April 25 at Cambridge, Mass. Trinity O Harvard , April 29 at WilliaInstown,MaSs.Trinity O Williams May 6 at Hartford Trinity 3 New York University May I3 at West Point, N. Y. Trinity 3 West Point May 18 at Medford, Mass. Trinity O Tufts - May 20 at Hartford Trinity 3 UMass. Aggies" May 24 at Hartford ' Trinity 1 Springfield T. S May 30 at Middletown Trinity 9 Wesleyan June 3 at Hartford Trinity 3 R. P. I. June IO at New York Trinity 4 Fordham June I7 at Hartford Trinity 1 Wesleyan June 24 at Hartford Trinity 5 Wasedpa -Smmmarg Trinity 35, Opponents 72 Won 5, Lost II Elinrmrr Glapiainn '67 E. R. BREVOORT '83 C. M. KURTZ M. H. COGGESHALL '68 E. R. BREVOORT '84 F. E. JOHNSON '97 D. C. GRAVES '69 A. BROCKLESBY '85 J. W. SHANNON '98 D. C. GRAVES '7O A. BROCKLESBY 86 J. W. SHANNON '99 J. H. K. DAVIS '71 F.. B.. WATTS 87 J. W. SHANNON 'OO H. MCK. GLAZEBROOK '72 F.. B. WATTS 88 G. W.'BRINLEY 'OI R. FISKE '73 E. B. WATTS 89 T. L. CHERITREE 'O2 E. GOODRIDGE '74 C. F.. CRAIK QO R. MOC. BRADY A 'O3 H. D. BRIGHAM '75 F. T. LINCOLN 91 H. S. GRAVES 'O4 E. J. MANN '76 G. S. HEWITT Q2 H. S. GRAVES C. F. CLEMENT '77 W. E. ROGERS '78 F. W. WHITE 3 79 W. N. ELBERT '8O W. J. ROGERS '81 G. D. HOWELL '82 A. H. WRIGHT 7 7 D. HARTLEY 93 G- 94 J. J. PENROSE Q5 H. R. DINGWELL J. J. PENROSE C. DUB. BROUGH 96 A. J. WILLIAMS ' 108 TON 7 O5 C. F. CLEMENT 'O6 J. F. POWELL 'O7 0. W. BADGLEY 'O8 I.'L. XANDERS 'O9 M. A. CONNOR 'IO A. M. SMITH Q ilivuirm nf thr 'igannhaill Svvaann The baseball sea- son of 1911 proved to be one of the most un- satisfactory through which Trinity has ever passed, and this was accentuated by the fact that the other branches of sports were so suc- cessful., The team,'at the start, had manydis- advantages to over- CARROLL come, and the wonder RANKIN I W Captain is H011 that T.l'lCy 1'1Ot Manager do better, but that the season had even that measure of success which it possessed. When the season opened, the positions-short- stop, firstbase, center field and left field were found to be open. Besides, Trinity had but one pitcher left from the season before, and new men had to be developed to fill these positions. Up to the date of the Brown game, the team was in the hands of a professional coach, but when his contract had come to an end the team was with- out that dash and confidence upon which he had insisted. The trip through New York State was taken without a coach, but when the team returned, Professor ,Flynn very kindly took up the work. It was because of his efforts that we took a brace, and to his influence more than to anything else is it due that the teambegan to play better ball. The holding of Harvard, 2 to o, and the defeat we handed Wesleyan were both creditable showings, as was also the 5-4 victory over Waseda University, of japan, during Commencement week. While these were showings to be proud of, there were others that were very disappointing. Many of the old and some of the new men showed marked natural baseball ability, but they lacked the dash and confidence necessary for a winning team. The team, as a whole, was sadly deficient in batting and base-running, and the f'inside" work, both at bat and in the field was deplorable. The prospects for a winning team next year are extremely bright, even though we lost a number of men by graduation. There is a wealth of fine baseball material in the Freshman Class, and this with the help of a regular coach should assure us a victorious season. loo . .. ..........-:-.-...,,.... - ,,....-. ... -H -,Y - I --. - 1- ,-.N , :Ig i KHEI5 IQII PAUL MAXON,'II ' Capzam E. F. PETT1GREW,'12 . . Manager W.. S. MARSDEN, JR.,'13 Assistant Manager W. J. COHOLAN . IOO-YARD DASH . 22o-YARD DASH . 440-YARD RUN . HALF-MILE RUN MILE RUN . TWO-MILE RUN IZO-YARD HURDLES 220-YARD HURDLES HIGH JUMP . BROAD JUMP POLE VAULT SHOT PUT .4 HAMMER THROW DISCUS THROW . . . Coach Uhr Gram Collett, '13, Heater, ' 13, Hudson, '14. Collett, '13, Heater, '13, Maxon, '1 1. Buck, '1 1, Wessels, '14, Barldon, '14. - Buck, '1 1, Wessels, '14, Bates, '1 2, Swift, '13 Buck, ' 1 1, Wessels, '14, Craik, 'I2. A A Spofford, '14, Haight, '1 1, Craik, '14. Daley,'14, HUdSOD,"I'4. Daley, '14, Nelson, '1 1. Pulford, '13, DeRonge, '14 Xelson, '.1 1, Maxon, '1 1, Xelson, ' 1 1, Xelson, '1 1, HudsOn,'14, Humphrey,"12. Maxon, '1 1, Wessels, ' 1 2, Pulford, '13, Bleecker, '1 2, Clark, ' 1 1, Hudson, ' 14. Clark," 1 1, .Hudson, '14. CQark, '1 1, Hudson, ' 14, Dexter, '14. IIO 14'- ,,-N ,.., ,mv , Y,,, , A .W . . ,, ,A , A- -,, . 1 i , X .l ' i I Event IOO-YARD DASH 22OfYARD DASH 440-YARD DASH 880-YARD RUN I-MILE RUN ' 2-MILE Run A 120-YARD HURDLES 220-YARDS HURDLES HIGH JUMP BROAD JUMP A POLE VAULT SHOT PUT HAMMER THROW D1ScUS THROW Cifrinitg Athlrtir i'KPrnrh Record IO 1-5 sec. 22 3-5 Sec. SI sec. 2 min. 7 Sec. 4 min. 44 2-5 Sec. IO min. 39 Sec. ' I6 Sec. P 26 1-5 sec. A 6 ft. I in. 22 ft. 5 1-4 in. I2 ft.P3-4 in. 37 ft. 7 1-2 in. 136 ft. 71in. IO3 ft. 6 in. N ame V. G. Burdick,'I1' H. S. Graves,'92 W. A. Sparks,797 A n W. NC1SOI1,,IO F. E. Watermanfol A D. C. P0nd,'08 H. B. O1mSted,'O8 . H. C. P0nd,'O8 A I. K. Baxfer,'99 H. C. Van WCC1dCH,,O3 P. MaXOn,711 S. Ca'rt5xer,'94 T. C. HUdSOH,,I4 T. C. HudsOn,,14 Zlfnrmrr Qlaptainn 88 M. C. WARNER 89 W. E. A. BULKELEY 90 R. GH. HUTCHINS ' QI E. R. LAMPSON, JR. Q2 E. S. ALLEN Q3 C. A. LEWIS Q4 L. I. BELDEN 95 E. DE K. LEFFINGWELL 96 W. A. SPARKS 97 W. A. SPARKS 98 C. W. HENRY QQ C. W. HENRY II '00 G. BRINLEY ,OI F. R. STURTEVANT ,O2 G. D. RANDKIN '03 G. D. RANKIN 704 C. W. REMSEN '05 C. W. REMSEN A. R. GOODALE 6 '06 D. W. GATESON ,O7 H. B. GLMSTED '08 H. OLMSTED '09 H. I. MAXSON ,IO C. B. JUDGE 19am 1909 1892 1397 1907 1901 1906 1907 1906 1897 1902 1911 1893 1912 IQI2 Uhr Mumba 6611119 On Alumni Day, the twenty-fourth of June, IQII, Trinity Field was the scene of perhaps the most thrilling and spectacular game of baseball recorded in Trinity history. For weeks the papers had been printing pictures and full column items about the famous team from faraway Japan-the Waseda University Nine- and the management had seen to it that in every possible way this Oriental inva- sion of baseballists should not come and go unadvertised. "Sunny Jim" and the 'cCampbell Kids" proved long ago that advertising pays, and the gate receipts of the game were enough to show that the Japanese Flag, when fiying over a ball team, would not only feed the curiosity bug of many Hartford people, but feed as well the little bug that carries away the admission money. The stands were filled to overflowing, and automobiles closely crowded together were lined up on either side of the diamond. At a rough estimate, ISOO people attended. ' The game itself was intensely interesting, forthe laps displayed a clever ability to play our national game. They threw, caught, batted and ran the bases in the real American way and to a degree of perfection that held Trinity without runs until the ninth inning. Meanwhile, the .laps themselves had gathered four to their credit. Two runs in the first inning, due to hits by Yawata, Ogawa, and Oi and an outfield fly by Hara, and again in the third inning Oi scored on his own three-bagger and Harafs safe hit. In the fourth, Fukunaga, after getting a base on balls, stole second and third, and scored on Omura's bunt. Up to this time, Trinity had gotten but four scattered hits, and as a result had reached third base but once. Then, from the fourth on until the ninth, there were but few hits, both teams fielding remarkably well, but' driving easy grounders to the infielders, which in- variably r'esulted in outs at first. ' A When the ninth inning started, Trinity found herself ,facing a four-run lead with slight hope of victory over their clever little opponents. When L'Heureux's grounder took a bad bound, hitting short stop Iseda in the eye, and causing him to retire in the eighth, Trinity little knew of the advantage gained in thisbit of hard luck to the laps. Omachi took Iseda's place in the ninth, and through this change Trinity gained. Turner, the first man up, drove a sharp grounder between third and short, and stole second. Horan hit to Hara, who tried to hold Turner at second, finally resulting in Turner's reaching third 'and Horan's safely resting at first. Then, Carroll, who had already gathered three hits, grounded to the pitcher, Matsuda, for the first out, after Horan had stolen second. Brainerd hit to left field, scoring Turner and Horan, and reached second on the throw-in. Ahern then reached- first on a hit to right field, but Brainerd was held at third. Lister then fouled out to Fukunaga,-and Sayres was called upon to tie the score. This he did by a beautiful two-bagger, after two strikes had been called on him, and L'Heureux drove him in with the winning run, by hitting the ball through short stop. Trinity 5, Waseda 4. , A During the entire last inning the bleachers creaked under the stamping of feet,-and the cheers of the joy-crazed students, alumni, and friends filled the air. Trinity had snatched a victory from defeat, and here in this one final inning had displayed the spirit that throughout the season had been lacking. Fighting ability had been lost up to that time, but, when it was found, came Waseda's downfall. II4 iPinnr Svpnrtn ....,. ,. 1531" 1 . -fr xl gg., R -." u ' . , . 'f-f If l ' . J-:I fy' ' I af 1. ' Q41 .I 1,1 . . Qs v , 1',-. '.fi1 ' gII' uk I ' f " N f . ff 1"'FIgHEf-TZ11.. Iii.,-'glrflf 1 r J! - 57113, 1,237 I 5 5.115 , ff jfgiz .-2,1 , 1 . - 'jfif' I 11-11,.. - ejffi-', ' ' , 5 .fs. . 14.171.,,,,f.xI'L.x..1.:t'fl-Iii 55325. fi :P 'Zfgj ' .'-,'---.T71g.g-M, Q. ' ' . . .. .. . .555 Z Gr .,.,W . 2' ' . 1: ".:-,Z . f, ,,: 1g.:,, 1 .K '.5 'E fi fall " ' ' .1 ' 3 I2 . i"'3-E25-fuk'.1:L' ' "1 ', 2' - amy: Burg-x 0 41" 11.45119 X. I fe ff-, 1. ,g1.:f'f.:.1!9.-'?i1' . , ... ., ', 'lY . '5- 11-.s:-,' r: .::ff. ,".:Q':5' K l'4-12.21155 ' ' -A 1 ,er Q. 1 :I :fr 1' ' 1 i 1 f 1 Ll r. 15 gg '1 ' 14,1 if wa 3, 'I -M. A In . 1 Hi' 1. I' 4 IIN!! i '9?1:'1'iN'. -1-.- - 'X -. --1? lf- ' 'ga' If I 'V -f ' ,7 ff 'I D " ' 1' Mi. "f'51": -., '-1.5143 ' "'5,.:2F'f . 1 ,' I ' VJ ' gl :F : 4:2 '14,-".i'.' ,,,, 1.'ZGbfflJ ' ' '- I 1 I r ' I 9 ff J ' 1 1 "f - ' '7 Hg-Y' , .4113 ' . . , . .. . . fu , 1 7' " 1 55 I ' J ' " z " 1 I-P u 1, , , 1 af. 4 A 1 r' -1 ' 'J 4 '11, 5- - 1' ' m , 1 4 I ' :- J' , J A pu 1 P I 1. ,lu "1 ' -Y 1 1' ' ,,"J , ' 1 1 H1 pi " . 1 ig! , -,1, .f,'b,f,71,1 , f. : .1 J, , 1 I x1 A I 1, I 4,11 ,. ,x .1 , , 1 1 J x 1 1 1 x 4 '1l'f.l7fisQ " I n 1:94 4 I , fl'Vnc,::s7' 1.-.1' 1 1 5 151, 1 1, , I I Y. , , N g gp. N X 1 4 I I K1 f 4, 2 ',, 1 3 1, , 1 L , A, - I 1, I In ", .lv 1'.' - , -1 " ' gf '11 1 'K I1 MW ' ' 1 1 fu ' I 1 I 1 1 E2 'IL , . '15 ' . ve f ' - .- 1.45. 1 - - .. ll -'km 3 .Jr .1 , C 1 1, I U4 .S 1 I Ll' I J .1 Ivy' it 1. 11' Il -r -" x I1 Q 1 1 +I' I' ff , ,. 11'1 H LV!-l' , ':-"'!-' ' -.1 1.-,1.p,.. 5f,.4.,:.-,,.,, F' ,gf ,S-ya . 5 I 1-xy , I In ' 3' 1 E1 fn '1 an ' , J J an ' ' 62? I' 'I,. A ' 1 'I' 1' , I t x Yl', s I U . 1 1 ff - 1. :Lf V5 .1 " f-Elm!" is ,hh --:I .51 JI.,-.1::,?.-H A' - I . -1 .. . . - ... . A ,,., 1, ., . I: , 1-. 5,5 ,...,.4,-., -1, .-J. .. 4-' --'- -1' 1 '-.f.-'-.-!1.1.::--wr-'H . - , . .- :1-. -' K, ':. ,K -.f .V ' .--'fn-:' -'1.1'f:'-f1'i:' ' ' - .1d,'I111s-5f?"'.'.- - ' ' , ffg- lil' , "Em-.:,,-.1-..-.-.vf' H F' " . :pa -:Har .y1.,ffS1Qj37i.- Q. Zyl. Q. "'l1.:aii?.L, 1'. u E'a,,,,2:' J., ,Z ' 3: -:czuygyf '-JY'-1 a ' J' H 'W .H 'l. C' if , I i f vlfliffnj' ' ., Qjftfg, Q' ' I H f-155.-..!-.:5.J,g2 J., ,,,.,Qii5?f Q64 ' " AH, . i.,.5:I, . ., .q-- . Jr: ' ' ,pp V-Z9 L .1. . , 5 xmfi . 4 .14 " I 7: 1, uv .!- ..-sy ' 1- 1 Q r W wx? 1 24 . F , "1 , 1 1 I1.. 1, 3:- ,1":' ' "' I l ' i . . qu A . , :rw . , , .. e 4. ' s -1 A , R, ' I I .il I5 ht ' ' if - '7, 1 ' I'-IF fi 1' .': 1:75 ,V ' 'J -' ,-HI: -f . 12'-. .I gi ,.1.!1,,.11, , , f--':!.,,Q1f , if ff ff . ...-4,41 A x.. 1 '- , ..-1-. .. .. I.. .V 1.1 1. . .- '52:-11' , " :ik 71 -' .,:' '.' 3 J ' 'Mg 'J 3.5 5-'-' ' fy f uw ,...Rx 1 I I 4.47.4 1- J IQII G C BURGWIN . Captain T W LITTLE Managev Fllpe Gram E F BASSFORD ,I4, Goal G. C. BURGWIN,,I4, Rover A JoHNsoN,'15, Pomt W. N. BLEECKER,,I2 Left Wzng T W LITTLE, I4 Cover Point C. H. HOWELL,,I2, Rzght Wmg R. F. WTALKER,,I4. Center iliernrh 9 I3 20 27 I7 Trinity vs. Trinity O Trinity I A Trinity vs. Trinity vs. 116 Williams Amherst 3 Mass. Stat S. T. S. Rensselaer no ice at Amherst. at Hartford no ice b no ice ' 1 lbeuivm nf thu Svrannn HE Weather conditions were most unfavorable for hockey this year, so that only two games of the schedule Were played. While they were both defeats, the team deserves much credit. The College body is taking more interest in the game than ever before, and it seems very sure that hockey Will soon hold a promi- nent place on our list of sports. II7 ! ,h.i.- A ::filLY-ff-444 ---.E-1 M--- ---A --1EL.:.-:1-.i.1.T.l..:.- -U.-4:5171 --. A. 17-.1 . .- ...Y-...v-. .Egg - -A..s54 ' A 1... ..,,..1.f.-:gf 1-5 '--- --1 - -- U Y - .:.-'- W ...v ff4.w9 -4, A-. -A --A .A --, ,-- A-A -f--W-f----A . A- - A A M S -,,4.--t....--.,-: 1 . gm. A W-J M H M M 1 . or . ' ' " ,- I ' J 'LL ' , 'iv' 4.1, J ' " I V - .L vt,-.1-agp.. ull., 41, A M.-. AT1Lg1.,,,..a,,,,.,:.,,.....Qa.f...Z.... ga...--.-.,:.--.-fa 4 .-.,.... . ..4.....ff,,,,-D..w---.:lI , V,n-1 . ..--............-.- .ge .-- vf:-e-lff---- an-15 as Elmmin Annnriatinn R. M. NELSON,,II . Prerident D. S.. PULFORD,7I3 Secretary-Treafnrer C. CARPENTERQWI2 . Vice-Prefident A. E. PULFoRD,'12 . . Manager Zlmarvarntaiiuw at Elnngmnnh, 1911 R. M. NELsoN,'11 D. S. PULFoRD,'13 G. BURGWIN?7I4 illernrh nf illllatrhvn April at Troy Trinity 6 R. P. I. O April at Schenectady Trinity 3 Union 3 May at Williamstown Trinity o Williams , 6 May at Hartford Trinity 5 Mass. State I May at Hartford Trinity 5 Brown I May at Amherst Trinity o Amherst 6 June at Hartford Trinity 2 Wesleyan I Record: Won 4, Tied I, Lost 2 . Flhr Gram R. M. NELSON,,II, Captain D. S. PULFoRD,'13, Manager A. E. PULFoRD,'11 G. C. BURGWIN,,I4. C. CARPENTER,,I2 A Annual Zliall Gnurnamrnt Won by Burgwin,'I4 Runner-up, D. S. 4PULFORD,,I3 II 3 r 1 L l illvuimn nf thr Glvnniz Srvzwnn RINlTY7S tennis season was one of the most successful in the history of the College. Considering the caliber of our oppo- nents, and the size ofthe institutions in comparison With ours, only praise is due the team. The prospects for a victorious team this coming season are good, as We have a nucleus of veterans back and some good material in the Freshman Class. I 119 I 1 Men mlm mean' the "UI" , Zlhnthall C. H. HOWELLS,,I2, Captain J. H. HUMPHRBY,7I2, Manager H. W. S. CooK,'12 P. A. AHERN,,I2 - I W. H. BLEECKER, JR.,'I2 C. H. COLLETTXI3 J. B. MOORE,,I3 Eaurhall J. O. CARROLL,7II, Captain A. E. RANKIN,7II, Manager F. J. BRAINERDJII A. L. GILDERSLEEVE,,II P. A. AHERN,,I2 V W. H. BLEECKER, JR.,,I2 . x Fllrark PAUL MAXON,7II, Captain E. F. PETTIGREWHIZ, Manager' W. W. BUCK,7II R. M. NELSON,,II P. A. AHERN,7I2 W. H. BLEECKER, jR.,'12 I2I T. C. HUDSON,,I4 F. S. FITZPATRICK,7I4 P. P. LAWLOR,7I4 J. A. MOORE,7I4 G. D. HOWELL, JR.,'15 R. E. KINNEY,,I5 R. G. GETTELL, Honorary D. C. TURNER,,I2 J. F. HORAN,,I3 A. J. L7HEUREUX,,I3 C. W. SAYRESHI3 L H. B. WARNER,,I3 A. B. L1sTER,'I4 H. WESSELS,,I2 C. H. COLLETT,,I3 D. S. PULFORD,,I3 T. C. HUDSON,,I4 T. F. WESSELS,,I4 5 GCIAL VE W , X N i 1 X ' in E 1 AFTERNOON EVENING EVENING AFTERNOON EVENING AFTERNOON EVENING AFTERNOON AFTERNOON EVENING .1 Zluninr mrvk Flhnrnharg, Zlhahrnarg Sth I K A Tea A X11 German A K, E Dance A Elhihag, Zffehruarg H111 AA-rIvTea Junior German Saturhng, ilfrhruarg IIIIII College Tea Junior Week Concert Smnhag, ilhahruarg 11111 . . Vespers Qlflnnhag, Elkhrnarg 12111 ' . . XII T Tea I2 Junior Promenade ......- .....a.... ..,. .,-.n-.....,.G..... .fr .-,...v,,..I..,i.,...e,. ...-...-L..-... . '-...-..,..m,.,..r..i':Q.....--..f,-1."4-.:,."X-2rx3'T- - ,Ar I Zluninr igrnmmmhr Qtnmmitivv CHESTER DUDLEY WARD . Chairman JOHN BIOELOW MOORE . . . Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM POND BARBER, JR. JOSEPH NOYES BARNETT KENNETH BEARDSLEY CASE CHARLES HENRY COLLETT ETHELBERT TALBOT SMITH ELIOT LEE WARD A JOHN JAY VVHITEHEAD, JR. FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMS i? , 5 P lgrnm Girl VAX December 3, IQIO Glnmmitter J GUY CARLTON HEATER, Chairman KENNETH BEARDSLEY CASE MERRITT FOWLER CROMWELL ALFRED JOSEPH L,HEUREUX STANLEY FIELD MARR JOHN B GELOW MOORE HOBART JAMES ROBERTS JOHN JAY WHITEHEAD, JR. FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMS I2Q. HH GO MP Snphnmurv Svmukvr - May 5, IQII Glummitter A HENRY BEARDSLEY WARNER, Chairman WILLIAM P. BARBER, JR. ALFRED L,HEUREUX KENNETH B. CASE RUSSEL C. NOBLE CHARLES H. COLLETT I ARTHUR F. PEASLEE RICHARD L. DEPPEN HoBART ROBERTS ALBERT HAITHWAITE, JR. C. D. WARD FARCE: "Dorothy Vernon of Jarvis Hall" ' By W. S. MARSDEN "Diek7' Pierce ...... L. D. ADKINS 'cjackw Baker . C. D. WARD C'Auto" Cha'merS S. S. SWIFT 'cChub" Ford . . A. B. CooK Dr. Calvin - . ..... H. ROBERTS Dorothy Vernon . . . J. WHITEHEAD, JR. Students, Etc. Uhr Svrninr Gilman Presents "Uhr will Zin ,the F Mag" CA Musical Comedy in Three Actsl Book and Lyrics by REGINALD tBURBANK,'11 Music by PRoF. F. LIDDLE, of Pittsfield, Mass. ' . Alumni Hall, June 24, IQII ' C Giant Franle Price, love-sick, and in need of money . ' . I I ' J. HOWARD HUMPHREY,7I2 Patton Price, Frank's Uncle-a self-made man ALLAN- B. COOK,,I3 Philip Morris, Franlis roommate, born with 'a cigarette in his mouth i C. EDGAR SIIERMAN,'II Crispin Graf, Whose money Frank needs T. WOLCOTT LITTLEXI4 Shirley Graf, his daughter, in love with Frank TIIOMAS G. BROWN,I3 lala Paine, Shirley's friend-a social light JOHN P. BEGLEY,7I4 Constant Krarnnier, a Phi Beta Kappa man FRANK R. PROUT,7II firnrny Fleece, a sneak thief, alias Robin Cheatsky . . ' WILLIAM B. SPOFFORD, I4 7 Howlanel Taire, an old actor, Franlcls valet . . . WILLIAM A. BIRD, IV, I2 7 Flora Florette, a show-girl, Wife of Howland 'Faire .- I CHESTER D. WARD, I3 7 Robin Clteatsley, a Socialist lecturer, alias Fleece ' . l ' WILLIAM B. SPOFFORD,7I4 Sliootnrn Orlo-ff, also a Socialist . . I REGINALD BURBANK,7II I College men, guests, etc. I3I ilkvzhman-Sluninr Ifianqnrt 1 1913 from 1915 ' .The Marble Hall, Holyoke, MasS. December 14, 1911 Glnmmittee GEORGE DAWSON HOWELL, JR., Chairman F. B. STITES W. QRR H. EVANS T. A. PECK A. JOHNSON " IQI3',, , A , Trinity Football . Trinity Spirit Trinity Girls H1915 " , A Elnaztz G. D. HOVX'ELL, IR., Togsm' 132 J. VIZNER A. L. SMITH B. SMITH ' R. R. SMITH H. E. RYERSON, ex' ojjzicio faster . H. E. RYERSON R. E. KINNEY , F. E. STITES R. L. DEPPEN J. B. MOORE, 7 all 1 nlsffvy JSQR .1 H 'S 45 X if W'X1g :Tfx AN H. , NI L. I Kff AMM X 11 4 , f jj, U L X XX A ERMWTM X x NV .... , fs : , S R V. Jing iiinaril Uhr Efrinitg ling Established 1873 Ifiuarh nf lfihiinrz XY.-XLTER STUART AfIARSDEN, JR. . . . .Editor-an-Chief .-XLLAN BEHRENDS COOK . . . Bafanesf Manager FRANCIS EARLE WILLIAMS . Assistant Basmew Manage? TIIOIIAS GILBERT BROWN 2- Limwv -Editofj JOIIN JAY XYHITEHEAD, JR. S ' ' XIARCUS THORNTON BXICGEE 7 . ETHELBERT TALBOT SMITH - IYZMKUC ECZUOT5 HEVNRX' BE.-XRDSLEY XYARNER 5 ' 134 Efripuh Iftnarh Ellyn Cflriniig Flripnh A Established IQO4 W Published Tuesdays and Fridays in each Week Ofhthe eollege year Enarh nf iEhiinm Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV, 712 Managing Editor CHAPIN CARPENTER,7I2 Athletic Editor Alurnni Editor JAMES SHREWSBURY CRAIK,7I2 SAMUEL SEDGWICK SWIFT,7IW3 Assignment Editor N ezos Editor THOMAS GILBERT BROWNQI3 LEONARD DAWSON ADKINS,7I3 l Zftwzfinvraa Brpartmrni Treasurer Advertising Manager ALLAN BEHRENDS COOKAI3 WILLIANI SHORT, JR,,7I2 Asst. Advertising Manager and Secretary Circulation Manager THOMAS FRANCIS FLANAGANAIZ KENNETH BEARDSLEY CASEQI3 illiwairal Gllnhn H Gbftirvrn SAMUEL S. SW1ET,'13, Prefident CHARLES H. CoLLETT,'13, Manager WILLIAM L. ROSENBAUM,7I4, Ant. Manager First Tenor: K. B. CASE,,I3 C. H. CoLLETT,'13 E. J. MYERS,7I4 L. O. DE RONGI5.,7I4 E. P. WRoTH,'14 W. T. GRAY,7I5 D. S. SQUIRE,,I5 First M andolinf S. S. SW1E'r,'I3 D. S. PULFORD,,I3 F. E. BAR1DoN,'14 J. A. MOORE,,I4 C5122 Gllnh J. J. WHITEHEAD, JR.,'13, Leader f ' Second Tenorf 'First Bane! ' Second Bauer J. H. HUMPHREY,7I2 J. S. CRAIK,7I2 O.GILDERSLEEVE,7I2 A. B. COOK,,I3 S. H. -EVISONQIZ J.W.WOESSNER,7I2 J. B. MOORE,7I3 E. T. SMITHQI3 A. W. WALKER,5I4 R. C. NOBLE,7I3 J.j.WH1TEHEAD,'13 T. W. LITTLE,,I4 K. W. BOYNTON,,I4 C. E. CRAIK,,I4 H. L. BRAINERD,,I5 U. A. HICKS,,I4 W. B. SPOFFORD,,I4 E. H. HALL,7I5 N. R. SAGE,7I5 B. PREssEY,'15 R. L. SCOFIELD,7I5 J. B. SHELLEY,,I5 N.H.REYNOLDS,,I5 S. A. MERRILL,7I5 A. L. SM1TH,f15 illflanhnlin Gtluh F. E. BARIDON,,I4, Leader Second M andolin: Guitar H. J. LIVERMORE,7I4 T. W. L1TTLE,'I4 . R. W. WOODWARD,,I4 Piano E. H. HALL,,I5 H. S. OLAFSON,,I4 G. D. HOWELL, JR.,'15 137 1 "Y " 'W Y --f ...-V.. Y, YY W , , , r l i I, li - 1. 15.-4:75, ,WA I 1 1 illllunirail Gllulm .f--M'------w--r-r----c-- Q ,VV,..,...,f-.,. X ,K ,11 -'21, , "E, ,.,+...,VV , V N ., 'wQJ5.5 Vfi' 1. 1 1, ,1 1 , V V,'V.3.-f.Vf -V WN V VLVA V.. Vi Q VVV VV ,1,,..1',gV5 VQ.1,i,VVVHVVHV,V,VV-11511 -,,V,V V I VV VVV V 55 VV1 1 V L ,Pg .fja1,1I121- .,11.Mgg,VxLV1'3.1, If F,4I.1,-wg 1' . V g 1111 . -.-V V 1, 1 . V,VV,5.1:,1,,,-1,,V,,'-gxiggk .. . V , VM . 4...--, V I I 3 V V -, VV :ff '-:E J - . -. l ' ' 1 1 ' "K '1 ' ' ' '11Y.'v .' , A .,. 1" ' " 1 A, 'xgklsu' gwg1f:f5i1:1 Qty, , ,J .4 4, ,, 1 -' J I - I 1111. . 1 . I A '1,V 41Tf77 4'1 .V1i. 'X ., I, . 2-X H ' , " 1 '- ',1 ' ' Ay: 1 . ,.' Y, , . iff?-Qi3'r:"1ij " v.y.-3'-5'-'V 1 V. V . ,I ,fy V :V 1yf'j'V,'1.f1,- ' ' 1 V41.1'V V ,,,g11L.f3QI , j -- - A A " 1 I "-:af 4 is PLT' J ' f' 1 : V ' X V , Y Q59 VA fr: 'IA L ir V fn: ' ,. I 3 I A--f-1 1 '- I - ,, 11 ,grit 1, 5 -IL sg-'Ia " f " ' ' '1 ' . 2 132111 " 'Q ,Vi 1 I . AV., ' 11 psf,,VVJ'gV"fx1,VV.1V,:j1f-Ex! I, .5 a ' VqN,r'i?fg, ' 'VTfQ,.1I0l"X " X 5 ' 1 'fr' ' j , ffgf beg? 1 , nf'-, 1'f1:'zI 'I 12 V- 'L Q E " ' 1 Q 136717-PP: ilfi-'Ll1f+:fQ1"iZ"""X,1'F5"'?2 .-6-qf lfg' ' - 1 V f' I f' A Lk . , 1 ' , , , ' " , iw-f,s.v , 1-Q A V V V Vin. r- " 11: 15 , 1 1' 5 'V ' 112 ' F I V 11 A 11. 511 , 1 I1 " ' ' ' is 1 11, J ' I , , V NVQ fv'f"fQgQ3g5sg,V 12 . 1. z-"f 1 QV' , X Vi -' V, a. ,1 311: f,.g1., , a,,.r' -A1' ,V V '1 11V 'V 49.5.11 P- ,lr I ,fit TY. EV V J, L- V V V V ,AVJ V , V V Y V J Y 1 V, 5 V 'Miglia .1 13 Q' Q 55:1 ,J 1' , ' QV.. P-if 1, j. lQ':f'1fEQ1j:f' 1' .1 1 V - 1 .fl-" 1 V . ' " --1-f 3- , J 1,--fr - XX,-af 3 1' 17 ffi V ,, '13 ' ' , vu Fl'-S! 'J' 11 . ' ,.k'iT,,rf- ' I I ' ' 53, - ' Sf- -3- N 5 V ' '1 ' "' ' Q-.--:JY ' 1 7" ' . I-'P V?" -- . 1 1' . V V A: 'V ,7VV1 ,VVV1.V - 1 A -K: Vi :g V V 1 1 VVVV 1VViV5,T1-, V ,V 1 1 . A VV it , fit. SE. ,,,, :Zig V V . 1 W 1-.1-f'l',,Q"ff14fi"yV iii,--,V-'gm V ,. , 1 ' If ' ' ' 1 1' if FLXi'ff,'v. ' 1-M 1711 3",f"'1. v, - ' ' ' Y :VV Y V LVEZVV by VV VVVViV55L,rV,1, g I 11,55 ll , I. Nj - , 3 V 11 J MV ' A 1 ' 2 ' VQV V .1 1 ' ,' 1 V, ,u.-r-1-4 -.5 V, ', , X'-I V 1 iffi ' ' I X1 I 74771 - , 'Tw H--.I 1, 1 1 .xii , 1- '3 , , ,f p - .gf -...Q-N .11 ' A , AMW., ---w.....,,..'-.:....f' - -' Sveninr lgnnnrarg Svnrirtg Established 1893 Grahuaie illlvmhnrz ALLEN, EDWIN STANTON,,Q3 ALLEN, WALTER BEST,,O4 . AUSTIN, WILLIAM MORRIS,,Q8 BACON, FRED. STANLEY,7QQ BADGLEY, OLIVER WARREN,,O7 BARBOUR, HENRY GROSVENOR,,Q6 BARTON, CHARLES CLARENCE,,Q3 . BARTON, PHILIP LOCKWOOD,,O2 BATES, ROBERT PEcK,793 BEEGROFT, EDGAR CHARLES,'97 BELLAMY, ROBERT BAYARD,7OI BOWNE, GARRETT DENISE,,O6 BRIGHAM, HENRY DAY,7O3 BRINES, MOSES JAMES,'OO BROUGHTON, CHARLES DUBOIS,,Q5 I BROWN, WILLIAM PARNELL,'OI BRINLEY, GODFREY,',OI BRYANT, PERCY CARLETON,,O7 BUCK, GEORGE SUMNER,7OQ BULKELEY, JOHN CHARLES,,Q3 CAPEN, GEORGE CLEVELAND,7IO CARPENTER, JAMES STRATTON, JR.,,CQ CARROLL, JOSEPH OLIVER,7II CARTER, JULIAN STUART,'98 CARTER, LAWSON AVERILL,7Q3 CARTER, SHIRLEY,'94 CHURCHMAN, CLARKE,7Q3 CLEMENT, CHARLES FRANCIS,7OS COGGESHALL, MURRAY HART,7Q6 COGSWELL, GEORGE EDWARD,'97 39 Uhr illllvhnfm WILLIAM SHORT, JR. . . . President WILLIAM HILL BLEECKER, JR. . . . Secretary-Trmgurer 'PHILIP ALOYSIUS AHERN WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV CHARLES HURD HOWELL I4I C. H. HILL,7O2 W. C. HILL,7OO . S. HINE,,O6 GD H. O. HINKLE,,OQ H. A. HORNOR,7OO A. HOWELL,,II G. W. HUBBARDJOS J. M. HUDsoN,'o1 J. H. HUMPHREY,7I2 H. HUET,7O6 A R. H. HUTCHINSON,7O3 B. D. JEWETT,,OO J. MCA. JOHNSON,7O3 C. B. JUDGE,,IO G. T. KENDALL,-,QQ K. M. KENDALL,7I2 I. R. KENYON,7O7 G. T. KEYES,,Ii C. M. KONVALINKA,7II W. LARCHAR, JR.,7O3 P. T. L1GHTBoURN,'o4 E. G. LITTELL,7QQ W. G. LIVINGSTON,7OQ H. F. MACGUYER,,O8 H. I. NIAXSON,,OQ P. MAXoN,'11 F. C. MEREDITH,7O5 H. L. G. MEYER,7O3 S. ST. J. MORGAN,,O3 O. MORGAN,7O6 J. O. MORRIS,7O8 B. K. MORSE,7QQ A. S. MURRAY, 111,710 H. C. NEFF,JIO J. W. NICHOLS,,QQ H. B.. 0LMSTED,,O8 A. H. ONDERDONK,,QQ H. C. OWEN,,QQ J. W. 0,CONNOR,7OS C. C. PECK,,O2 R.. F.. PECK,7OI ' E. F. PETTIGREWQIZ M. S. PHILLIPS,,O6 G. P. P1ERcE,'o6' ' N. F. PITTS,,II H. C. POND,7O8 PORTEUS5' I 1 H. H. RUDD,7OI D. L. SCHWARTZ,7OO H. L. SCHWARTZ,7O6 J. B. SHEARER,7OQ C. E. SHERMANJII A. C. SHORT,,O3 W. SHORT, JR.,7I2 W. C. SKINNER,,II P. R. SMITH,7O7 W. P. STEDMAN E. K. STERLING, F. STEvENs,'o8 G. W. STEWART,7II W. B. SUATToN,'99 J. P. W. TAYLOR,7O2A M. TAYLOR,7O8 H. E. TOWNSEND,,O4 C. L. TRUMBULL,7O8 W. S. TRUMBULL,7O3 A. R. VAN DEWATER R. B. VAN T1NE,'o4 A. D. VIBBERT,7QQ A J. M. WALKER,7OI fm 99 DPT' FEFUQSWFFWSQV 5.2255020255 2222222205200 Oiomionbfizizci fdv5j4uz,F'vZEEE0vrr17U 5'4o'O'Oovr11fjJ42-'4 gum, g'pOOH'Pv'vvQvr-1uXI"4 8000 N -P- f'UTUFT5f7CD97P2970Ff'11 goR252wwwQw2 552252222252 wo5m'-rr1ZRU2tbUP3"E Pammoozzzzzgz 3'v'vvUOW'EEE5cJ0 8535 5255225 ov OMOJHWOFO an u1W"'QO"" :'O CWTFCCFUWWWTF PU2cwv?Um2r1zQTUr P-4. 0 m . 222222522252 '4oFmEmmEmP1wU:l igmqwggwaggw OQOFIPUL-+'vmmrr1rr1O Z"-r4 r-1.wF'cn Z Owv of-qrriw ,..v, MW.. 2-Pdu.,"4 L4 N T-fvbpdv LQ O Ox' ,.f' Ov Od? No NONO91 LITKONIX. P-1 o . I H . L. POTTER,7IO C. D. WARDLAW, 707 i0 143 THOMAS JAMES QUISH, JR. ANDREW JOHN CRIGHTON, JOHN PAUL BEGLEY HOWARD JOSEPH DALEY,J STEPHEN FRANCIS DUNNE LESLIE RANKIN FREW EDWARD WILLIS LUDWIG igartfnrh Qlluh IQI2 1913 F RAN I9I4 I9I5 NICHOLAS VINCENT WALSH EVERETT MARBLE FAIRBANKS CIS VAIL CHARLES JOSEPH HAASER ROBERT HENRY JOHNSON LEO JAMES NOONAN ' JAMES JEREMIAH 07CONNOR FELIX K-JEREMIAH MCEVITT 145 166 sg ,aims gg ! 4' E3 WX 1 Wm X V x A NA W is a , f X xx x ff' I j' Q XX f A -in was A A June, IQI-I Gbrhrr nf iixvrrimzn , MUSIC- , Salutatory, With Address on "The Needs of Cur Times" A GUSTAVE ALEXANDER FEINGOLD, Connecticut "The Greek Sense of Beautyn GEORGE HARRY COHEN, Connecticut b MUSIC "The United States as a World Povveri' A HAROLD NELSON CONOVER' CHR1sT1E,' New jersey Political Independence and Party Loyalty" n q V LEVI P. NIORTON HICKEY, Connecticut MUSIC The Short Ballot" . . ARTHUR CORNWALLIS EATON, Massachusetts CC 4'The Utilitarian Trend in Modern Education," With the Valedictory Addresses - JOHN HOWARD ROSEBAUGH, Pennsylvania MUSIC A 147 lgnnnrz emh lgfii-395, fur Thr igvar 19111-1911 Quanta, in the Qllazz nf 1511 Valedietory: ,JOHN HOWARD ROSEBAIIGH Sdlntatory: GUSTAVE ALEXANDER FEINGOLD Honor Ordtion: HAROLD NELSON CONOVER CHRISTIE Honor Oreztion: ARTHUR CORNWALLIS EATON Elgrizw i THE CHEMICAL PRIZE ' First Prize: WILLIAM POND BARBER, JR. ARTHUR FRANK PEASLEE S d P ' .- Non MN MUNSEY LEW TUTTLE PRIZE ESSAY: QNot awardedj GOODWIN GREEK PRIZES: CNOt awardedj PRIZES IN HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE: QNot avvardedj ALUMNI PRIZES IN ENGLISH COMPOSITION First Prize: WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV Second Prize: LEVI P. MORTON HICKEY Third Prize: ALEXANDER LEO TRACHTENBERG , Committee of Award: THE REV. ARTHUR J. GAMMACK, M.A. FRANK W. WHITLOCK PRIZES Firft Prize: LEVI P. MORTON HICKEY Second Prize: WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV A Committee of AWard: THE HON. JOHN C. BRINSMADE, THE HON. CHARLES A. GOODWIN, AND THE HON. THOMAS J. SPELLACY DOUGLAS PRIZE , . WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV SUBJECTQ The Significance of c'InSurgency" in American Politics Committee of AWard: THE HON. FRANK B. WEEKS THE F. A. BROWN PRIZE GUSTAVE ALEXANDER FEINGOLD Committee of Awardz' HIS EXCELLENCY, SIMEON EBEN- BALDWIN, LL.D., Governor of Connecticut, THE HON. FRANK L. WILCOX, and MR. WILLIAM G. MATHER 149 lirrsmtn' YV. H. BENjAMIN,,57 G. R. HALLAM,,5Q W. H. XVEBSTER,,6I R. F. GOODMAN,763 H. G. GARDNER,,65 F. L. NORTON,,68 JACOB LEROY,76Q XVILLIAM DRAYTON,77I C. E. XVODMAN,,73 R. M. EDwARDs,'74 Uhr 'Elfman Svqurrzm' X ff f Mcmxlv f z X7 7? f? if . .. I .. :Y 757 ,59 Invenicmz viczm am faciam '61 ' Per afpem ad aftm ,63 N e zfentef aut perjice 365 Facia non verba ,68 Semper crefcenf 769 Numguczm non pamtuf 7 .7.I N ulla veftzgm rezfrorfum 373 774 H. 150 Krrriurr G. R. HALLAM,,5Q W. S. COGSWELL,,6I N. B. DAYToN,'63 C. W. MUNRO,,65 ROBERT SHAW,,68 E. V. B. KISSAM,,69 D. P. COTTON,,7I F. O. GRANNIS,,73 C. E. CRAIK,,74 V. RUTHERFoRD,'76 C. E. MOORE,,76 J. D.-H1LLs,'78 W. R. LEAKEN,,8O A. P. BURGWIN,7'82 U A. D. NEELEYXSS A. H. ANDERSON,,87 E. C. JOHNSON, 2D,788 T. A. CONOVER,7QO G. HALL,7Q2 , J. W. ,EDGERTON,7Q4 E. P. HAMLIN,7Q5 , '76 Imervit houori 578 '80 I '82 Refpiee jinem 785 Durix non frangi I 787 M alta in dies addifcefntex '88 Per angufzfa ad augusta 790 Semper agen! aliguid 792 ,94 , , Agere pro mrzbuf 395 En avant! . 797 799 Fprtiter, jideliter, felficiter ,OI N ova: ordo Jaeclorum ' 'a . O4 'O6 'OS 'IO ,II 714 QKeepers of the Lemon Squeezerj ISI W. C. BLACKMER,,78 D. L. FLEMING,,8O A. P. BURGWIN,782 S-. H. G1EsY,'85 G. S. WATERS,,87 AE. C. JOHNSON, 2D,,88 E. MCP. MCCOOK,,QO I. D. RUSSELL,,Q2 F. F. JOHNSON,,Q4 J. STRAWB.RIDGE,,95 G. E. COGSWELL,7Q7 'he Eihrarg WALTER BENJAMIN BRIGGS, Librarian Elihrarg Qlnmmitbzv THE PRESIDENT SYDNEY GEORGE FISHER THE LIBRARIAN PROFESSOR ROBERT BAIRD RIGGS Svtuhent Amaiaianiz A WILLIAM AUGUSTUS BIRD, IV HORACE FORT SAMUEL HERBERT EVISON E. PINCKNEY WROTH HOWARD RICE HILL Obptimi SAMUEL HART,,66 LUCIUS WATERMAN,,7I HIRAM, BENJAMIN LOOMIS,'85 WILLARD ScUDDER,'89 FRANCIS RAYMOND STURTEVANT,7OI EDWARD HENRY LORENZ,,O2 KARL PHILIP MORBA,,O2 EDMUND SAMUEL CARR,,O 5 GEORGE OTIS HOLBROOKE,,69 LEONARD WOODS RICHARBSON,,73 HERMAN LILIENTHAL,,86 HAROLD VLOOMIS CLEASBY,7QQ WILLIAM PERRY BENTLEY,7O2 ANSON THEODORE MCCOOK,,O2 MARSHALL BOWYER STEWART,,O2 GUSTAVE ALEXANDER FEINGOLD,7II JOHN HOWARD ROSEBAUGH,,II I 5 3 W Uhr Iguana Qllnh PROFESSQR JOHN G. GILL ALLAN B. COOK,7I3 . W. STUART MARSDEN,7I3 THOMAS G. BROWNQI3 ERNEST T. SOMERVILLE,7I4 W. A. BIRD, 1V,,I2 T. F. FLANAGAN,7I2 C. CARPENTER,'12 L. D. ADKINS,7I3 K. B. CASEJI3 Honorary President . President . Recorder . Secretary Treasurer J. WHITEHEAD, JR.,,I3A R. P. WITHINGTON,7I3 L. O. DE RONGE,7I4 I 7 1 E. P. WROTH, I4 0. D. BUDD,'I5 I F 5 . 'S-'3-iPea.5i35 l laste eonjaynial, ivryvvan iv th nineteen hundhred an fiftheen men ar re sort iv 1XUb rant over it 7' An What might his ap be all about? asked Mr Hennessy Divvle a thing cud I make out iv 1t,7' said Mr Dooley, exciptvvhat Ve er frind Hogan thold me about it Th pa aper says they fought fr th supreemacy iv a tree in dire conflict on th green svvard it says, an I thot that svvard Was What they fought With Tis prob bly th Wan th Irish saint himsilf killed th snakes with says l to mesilf fr he was an illigent svvardsman But Hogan says they fought with their fists, so I guess th pa aper s wr rong Hogan tells me these freshmen have a flag they Hy to th breezes But, mind ye, there ain t anny stars nor sthripes on it, an divvil a harp, but they put a lot iv geeomethrical figgures on it, an' tis all done up in Colors, et Cethry Thin Wan iv thirn sews it up in his sh1rrut all r ready to get up this tree th Wan they fight f'r th' supreemaey iv. Whin 'tis up an, floatinl to th, zeph'rs tin minyits Without molesthation, thin th' light is over an' th' viethry is Won. ' "An' th' night befure, they have some intherestin' ea-apers, Whin they infuryate th, officers iv th' lavv With their manny riochous dissypations, an, keep th, Whole onforchnit polis foorce agnized all V night with their postinj iv pasthers all over crea- tion. An' Whin they get tired iv this mild form iv amusement With th' paste-pots, some injan- yous rascal With an illus- threes repytation fr bein? nachrally barjbrous an' crooleoneoets sivral ex- . , . 7 ' , . . , , cc '7 - ,E - ser ,H cc ' - CC ' 7 - - 9 - id, 7 . . C. . . 7 7 ' 7 C 7 ' 7 ' 7 , A 7 u o e o Q , c 7 . -Q , . . ' ' i 7 - 7 - ' CC V 7 1 4 7 Q - i . , . . . . . , . . . . . . . . 4 - . N , 157 ' 1 l M A v-,,,,,,,:..-.::.:-- Sv- ---'-f ' " "' "' ' ' ' A V A ,, ,..,., .Ear A -A 4"-fv"'-'- ' "L" " ' 'T' A 4 A A A A X 44 M.-S W .VT M, g...,,.:q:2e1-1 1 - f-"-f"'i g A gi M A i W-M M44 Y ---41 A --1"-A A """"t ' ' A , ,,,.. , ' snr- a' , 'few or so yt' sill:-il' 'T ' -'ss of - f e - e o' . s , so 1 V . ,,,,,1, .. ,J H. -- - or 'T' A :Trai Tv' A-A A 'V l ' ' A T' A U V-,nun H Tgiwi. A .., .1 --1'-A4 - A A v A .Hg --A-fi! w A A A vb A gmc?QZ-.,,,1Z,f7+-:ruff-:ffrrf---M- A ' A 4444 Mn-MN M Aw ,. rum, ATT.--ff A r' - - ' ' l thry neefaryous schemes, jist f'r socyability's sake. An', be hivens, they acchally substichoot these new amusement schemes f'r th' ould vvans, an' thry thim out immejately an' ver-ry thurly on th' prom'nent mimbers iv th' constablry. Ain't they th' little r-rascals though, Hinnissy? i "Hogan says this toime they had a gr-reat expriss Wagon, an' thravelled all over th' sthreets iv Hartf'rd an' stuck up their pasters on all th' finces an' sign-posts they cud find. But 'tvvas not all aisy Wurruk. Th' emacyated baste Who Was propellin' th' cart-load iv three thousand pounds iv human flish, not to mintion th' paste-pot an' pasters, collapsed timp'rarily an' they had a perrylous toime out iv it. But jist as they Were goin' to perform an autopsy on th' in- consid'rate baste, he came to consciousniss an' a ralization iv his jooties. e "Thin later in th' avenin' an immense concoorse iv thim Wint out to meet an undhergrajate Who Was coortin' his young la-ady, an' they tore him r-right out iv his sWateheart's ar-rms an' dhragged him to their din, which was a grfr-reat humilyation to him. An' sthill later in th' avenin' th' sophymores came pourin' down in gr-reat noomb'rs an' smothered th' pasters with lier-ry r-red paint, an' thin Wint back to th' dormytories an' Wint to bed. "They ain't got th' Irish blood in their veins, Hinnissy, but they ar-re sthrong on th'colledge spirit stuff. They must light, bein' as 'tis thraditional, an' so they 'make it intherestin' While they're at it. They have a Sinit jist imitatin' iv Congriss, an' this Sinit promulghates a parcel iv rools-but iv coorse, bein' as they're normal, ' Well-ordhered la-ads,they nivver obey thim. They raise th' divvil With reg- ular prescribed Sinit rools with th' same impertur- bability that Was vvanst so charact'ristic iv me ould toime frind, Tiddy Rosenfelt. But Hogan tells me they were eXcip4 tionally tame this year, 158 . , fl 1 1 . an' th' Hartf'rd cityzenis har-rdly knew there had been such a gr-reat an' gloryous toime. Ye see, th' colledge docthor gin'rally has to do a little inspectin' iv heads an' limbs afther th' scrap, an' th' ambylances ar-re kept on th' r-run f'r a while. 'Tisn't dang'rous, Hinnissy. 'Tis on'y a gloryous scrap-an' gin'rally there ar-re broken heads an' twisted necks afther a gloryous scrap. . "Hogan says 'twas a muddy scrap, th' likes iv which was nivver seen before. They jist r-rolled ar-round in th' mud like a parcel iv pigs f'r twinty minyits, an' they were all minus their out'r accoutre- mints whin th' light was over. "cYe see, Hinnissy, this is th' way -they wint at it. Th' fresh- men-th' bright-faced freshmen-woke up befure daylight, an' ate breakfast, an' thin thramped 'up to colledge, where th' sophymores were assimbled f'r -their rayciption, a gr-reat concoorse iv forty iv thim, in th' prisince iv a vast multichood iv bysthanders. An' th' freshmen, undaunted be th' jeers iv that plebeean crowd iv infeeryor r-rank, marched acrost th' front lawn-th' campus, they call it-in a gr-r-reat squadhron like an ar-rmy, singin' an appropriate song, an' ivrything looked propitious f'r thim. An' whin they got weary iv loitherin', they stharted r-runnin'-on th' dooble-quick. Well, Hinnissy, they sthruck th' sophymores who were agin th' covethed tree with 'an awful cr-rash that was heard f'r 'miles away-th' pa-aper says it Csickenin' thud'. An' th' sophymores melted jist like a snow- ball wud melt in th' undherwurruld, an' thin wan iv th' inthrepid freshman give a tur-rible leap an"-ascinded th' tree with incredoolous swiftness. An' thin th' rest iv thim scrapped desp'rately on th' I - ter-ra fir-rma practisin' half-Nelsons an' hamm'r+ locks, an' fought like very divvils with each other, an' wallowed r-round in th' mud an' attimpted to sthrangle each other, all with th' kindest intin- tions in th' wurruld, while l th' hero up in th' tree VVHS 3 11 A ISQ held th' valyable little Hag up to th' gintle breezes, an' th' ign'rant masses Watched th' frivv'lous follies with contimchous stare. CcAn' so ivinchooly th' freshmen Won th' tur-rble sthruggle, an' thin th' hero descinded fr'm th' tree, an' they took an invintory iv their dead disthributed ar-round. An' thin they vvint to th' dormy- tories an' put some clothes on their bare anatomies an' thin Wint in to discuss lithrachoor an' larnin' with th' profissors. An' all th' ould torn clothin' undher th' tree Was picked up an' sold to a mimber iv th' Hebrew race, later, f'r an imminse amount iv money. 'cYe see, Hinnissy, these scraps they have at th' cillybrated instithootion ar-re big affairs, an' Will long be raymimb'red.- This mim'rable battle will go thundherin' down to immortality, an' th' hero Will get his pitcher in th' pa-aper, which is more than ayether iv us can do With all our scraps. Don't ye invy thim all their gloryous fun, Hinnissy?" I V 'iii' 1 I 1 160 1 Svnphnmnrv Smnkrr Bing Q Ellyn 3Hn11irn A large number of students and Sub-Freshmen are looking at the stage. Cook rushes in, excitedly shouting, "I have an ideal" He is greeted with a shower of cigarette boxes. Goes through the door of Jarvis scenery. Immediately the sound of a heavy fall, and the scenery rocks suspiciouslyq He appears at a window. Jewett comes on stage. He looks thoroughly at ease, and says to Cook, "I hear the Bishop is going to leave college." The latter replies, 'cYes, he has his trunk on his hand. " The hard-working college janitors make a resolution to see the author of dramatics after the show. But, speaking in the vernacular, he foils them. Cook takes the center of the stage, but the Wrong cue, and the show halts. Whitehead, in leading female role, is paving the way for his latersuccesses. C. D. Ward has the same name, but not the same sweet, graceful actions. They immediately develop a romance, which makes the play a farce. Roberts, smoking a cigar in a certain well 'known Way, struts in and out. The falling action of the play is rapid, so is the curtain. The whole cast manages to get a curtain call. 2. An iqnur in 6513111 Doctor Swan announces that the ballet class will now begin. He leads, in intricate figures, with E. T. Smith, Deppen, Cook, Case, Hudson, Rosenbaum, and C. E. Craik following him. They rotate gracefully for ten minutes. Craik blows a kiss to the Doctor. Vail, C. D. Ward, and Whitehead take part in the next figure. They hopand kick for a time, when Ward leaves the class by request. Vail sneaks out with him. The Turkey Trot is now practised for a while with great abandon. Smith is shocked and has to leave. The class now does the back circle on the high bar and other work for ten minutes. Rosenbaum and Hudson are taken out on stretchers. A two-mile run for college record now takes place. Craik and Whitehead fall by the wayside. A rope climb results in a hurried call for an ambulance for Deppen and Case. Cook does some tumbling stunts and gains a pound. He faints., Doctor Swan retires well satished. 161 3. lgrrsa Qlluh illllerting In the Tripod room the President of the Press Club sits in massive dignity. Other members of the Club sit around in awe. Professor Gill arrives, smoking a cigar. The President introduces the speaker. Words of wisdom are heard, saying, "You must be wide awake," etc. Flanagan disgracefully falls asleep. The speaker ends by saying, "You must be energetic." Tumultuous applause. Flanagan wakes up. The President says, 4'We all appreciate Professor Gill's remarks." Business lags. Six new offices created for members to hold. Business lags, and the one cigar in the room goes out. Everybody in unison says, "VVe must do something." On motion, the meeting adjourns, and all rush away to keep. belated social engage- ments. 4. Ahuirv in thr Enunlnrn . Gentlemen, let me impress upon your minds that there is no open season for immorality. Modern dancing is not as graceful as the old-time'steps. Your bunny- hugs and your turkey trots-but I will not say what I was going to. If you want to do those things you had better go down to the running track. CSawyer leaves the room.D The love element is the greatest force in human life. If you do not think that the girl is the most beautiful creature in the world, there is something the matter, and you had better getvsomeone else.. I tell you there is a difference between the girl to whom you like to be engaged and the girl to whom you want to be married. You always want to kiss her, boys, kiss her, every time. Mr. Withington, who was Shakespeare? Oh, you fooled. me that time. Well, time is up. I'm sorry I won't be able to meet you for a week. The lesson for next time is the same. ' 5. A11 Jing Baath illllenting. The Editor-in-Chief waits for some of the Board to come to the meeting. Finally, the Business Manager appears. A quorum is now present and much weighty business is transacted. They decide to publish the book and make it a success. A literary editor comes in, is given an assignment, which he promptly forgets. The quorum decides to follow out the plan of the old book. An athletic editor calls up from the walk and says he cannot be present. He is not needed. The question of adedication comes up. The editor and manager each get one vote. Professor Kleene and Instructor Cushman get half a vote each. One has to be economic when dealing withiWoman Suffrage! The grind editor appears and pours oil on the troubled waters. The vote on the dedication is postponed until the candidates can see the literary editor. The unnecessary members now leave, and the impor- tant business goes on. Finally the Board adjourns to "Stick's,', and gets a glass of milk with a prune in it. 162 Z 1 T E Uhr Sunhag Farah? . The scene'opens with all windows shut and the fellows writing their weekly letters home Suddenly a cry of Heads Cut, breaks upon them, and all the win- dows fly open. A woman pushing a baby carriage goes past in silence. -More silence, 7 CC 77 ' then another alarm. This time two beautiful young girls go past amid loud salu- tations. Haithwaite recognizes old friends and joins them. Silence again reigns, and then five go past back of the College. An exodus from the bedroom windows follows. Then quiet for a long time, and a false alarm or two are sounded by some kids. Some chorus girls with'Noble and Sage in tow go past. The fellows now all come out and go for strolls on the Hrocksw-for the air. Ah, but in the spring- A 7. Uhr Svnffragriira While "mere man, 'A in the shape of a few students, lounged around the Campus, an automobile with some Suffragettes as passengers rolls up to the College. In a mili- tant manner they proceed to the bulletin board and put up a poster. The students look interested, indeed, they are so enthusiastic' that they appropriate all the posters in the machine. The Suffragettes go to the College Office. Alas, Instructor Cushman is not there! But Professor Kleene is delighted to see them and escorts them down the walk. With a parting nCrrin7' they speed away. The drawing courses can now be operated for the rest of the year, as the talented young instructor has his oflicial seal-"Votes for Women." H. A lgrrilnwa Enruuntrr f. An innocent dog wanders into the French room and is' very popular. Pro- fessor Gill attempts to coax him out, but the dog has a taste for learning. The Professor endeavors to eject LUIIQ but the howl of protest from the canine dismays him. The animal escapes a caress from the irate Professor. The latter is non- plussed. Barnett comes to the rescue. In spite of howls he takes the brute by the neck, carries him triumphantly from the room and precipitates him down the stairs. The Professor acknowledges it was a difficult position for him, but offers to tell any prospective teacher how to handle similar situations. The recitation proceeds tranquilly. ' 163 llnttvrg Efirkrtn frnm 1111? Qllhhmf WHT nf lhllllwr Ifihzrihham, Thr Glhrgatal Chas-:er uf Hihhizha ihnnnlnlu As translated by I 11 zzg itletrnfuki Hum-mum, 1513 Unlimited Edition 77777 1 ' KN. B.-For the reezcierlf convenience, the Roman numeralf here have been made to correspond with those of the origmal Portuguefe texij , ' I A Wake! For the Alarm Clock scatters into flight The Slumbers each has 'joyed in this past Night, The Groans of many greet the Springtime Sun, Which strikes old Northam with a Shaft of Light. II A Before those at Breakfast were well supplied, Methought a Voice within the Chapel cried, 'When Harrison has raised his ghastlydin, Why nods the drowsy Worshipper outside?" , III Then to the Monitor, those who stood before The Chapel shouted-"Open thou the Door! You know how little study time we have, ' And, chapel o'er, 'may study then no moref' IV Now the New Term reviving old Desires, The Student Soul to the Diamond retires, To Ass. Managership his Thoughts now turn, And long before he meant to, he perspires. VII ' Come, ill the Pail, and in these days of Spring To heated ,baseball players cool Water bring: To the year's End 'tis but a little way, And when you're Manager, there's time to sing. XII A Book of Logic underneath the Bough, A Piece of Cake, some Wilbur's Buds-and Thou Beside me, Whitehead, singing some sweet Song- " Uh, Logic Book were comprehensible now! C 164 . XIII Some for a charge account at Stick s and some Ah take the Cash and let the Credit go- You ll sure derrve more Benefit therefrom Sigh for the football Manager's incorrfeg 7 7 if XX This College Fence beside the Campus green, This ancient- wooden Fence on which you lean- Ah, lean upon it lightly, for who knows When 'twill collapse and send you on your Bean. XXI Ah, Wesleyana, fill the Cup that clears To-day of past Defeat and future Fears: ' To-morrow-Why, To-morrow the same will be, You can't beat Trinity in Sev'n thousand Years! XXII For some we loved,'the loveliest and the best, Have spurned Admonition's strong behest, Have made a trip to I3 Seabury Hall, And one by one begun a Six Weeks' Rest. ' XXIII ' And we that now make, merry with the Wines They left, at Harry Bond's or at Heublein's, Ourselves must we to College sober go, Nor stop to meddle with the Street-Car Signs. XXV I Alike for those who for Football prepare, And those that 'round the Cinder Track must tear A shrivelled Professor from the Class Room cries, Fools! your Reward is neither There nor There!" g A XXVH Myself in College often did frequent ' Tulin's and Stick's, and had great argument About Bills and Accounts: but evermore Came out in the same Rage wherein I went. i XXVIII With Profs the seed of Wisdom did I sow, And with Athletics tried to make it grow, And this was all the Harvest that I reap'd- You've won your cT,' but flunked your Course-now go' 165 ff' I I' I I I I I I I I I I I I , , I I I , ,, I I I I I I 1 I I gI! , I I ,f , I in I I II I , , I S I I I ' , I I I I 'I ' I I I I I I I I I , I It I I I II I, I' 3. I I I I' I , , . I I " I I , , I I' - 2 K I ' I '. I fr .I I II ,, , i, I I ,L V, I5 II, I QT! I I I I 1 I I I, I . ,I I II . II 'I I I Ig X, , I ,, 1, I, I II , - I I I I Ii I I, I I I I I I 4 I I II ,I I I , 2. I I I I I II Q, , . I, 1 , I s I! ' I ' ' I'4si..,., , rv..-Q ,,..,., .,- Q wa- 1.,A --,A i, ,I XXXI Running up Vernon through the College Gate, Across the Campus at a fearful rate, The Chapel I gained just in time to hear The Monitor's sad cry, "Too late! Too late!" XXXIII No one could answer, none knew where he'd gone, At 2 A. M. he returned forlorng Nor spoke a Word, but all the Signs reveal'd Th' effect disastrous of a Night and Morn. XXXVH ' For I remember stopping by the way To watch a Fresh get paddled well one day: And with his all-obliterated Tongue The Freshman murmurid-'cGently, Soph, I pray!" XXXVIH ' And has not such a Tale from days of Old Across collegiate generations'roll'd Of such a Freshman, out of baser F,arth Cast by the Sophomore into Human mould? XXXIX - And not a single Water-Bag we throw From out our Windows, but may steal below To light the fire of Anger in some Eye , There hidden-poor Fresh! alas! how could he know! XL1v S Why, if the Soul can Bing the Dust aside, Out on the Cinder Track with Heavenly stride,- Were't not a -Shame-were't not a Shame for him In Trinity College crippled to abide? ' LIII But if in vain, on yon Gymnasium floor, You run, or on the Flying Rings soar, And can't of Tumbling master every trick, Next year "Ducky', will see you once more. LIV Waste not your cash, to Spiegel give your suit, And when it is returned, commence dispute: Note .the scattered wrinkles he has left in it- Of course you do not pay--give him the Boot! LVI For "Is" and "Is-Not" though with Rule and Line, And "Up-and-Down" by Logic I define, My Tracks across the Snow will show that I iVas deep in nothing else last night but-Wine. 166 I CC LXIII Oh, threats of Scudder and Sneers of Undergrad! N B The tranflator could get no meaning out of the rert 0 this oerfe H ound .vornething about the H Tripod" being "fad, 3' but the renre war Jo utterly obfeured by the con ufion of incoherent profanity running through the whole thread of thought that he foon gave up hope of obtaining a lucid translation.-THE EDITOR , LXV The History Theses of Devout and Learn'd Who passed before and oil at Midnight burn'd, Are 'all much better written than our own, And so are copied, and to the Prof. returned. LXVI , ' Isent my Soul through the Invisible, To inform the Tripod Board they couldn't spell And by and by my Soul return,d and said, That Tripod Room Itself is Hea'v'n and Hell!" I LXVII ' Heav'n but the Vision of Tripodal Desire, - And Hell the Shadow from an Editor on fire Cast on the Pages ofthe Issues to come, Those who emerge now, next week will expire. LXVIII They are no other than a moving row g Of Frenzied Journalists that come and go 'Round with Assignments and Proof-Sheets prepared At.Midnight in all Misery and Woe. A LXXXIII ' Maids of all Sorts and Sizes, great and small, That danced along the walk or hugged the wall And some loquaeious damsels were, and some Dane'd much, perhaps, but never talk'd at all. LXXXIII Heads of all Sorts and Sizes, great and small, That leaned from windows up in Jarvis Hall, And some loquacious students were, and some Flirted, perhaps, but never talk'd at all. XCIV Indeed, Repentance when a Sophomore I swore-but was I sober when I swore? And then came Spring, and baseball victories My threadbare Penitence apieces tore. 167 XCV And much as Sleep has played the Infidel, And robb'd me of my Chapel Cuts-Ah, Well, I Wonder often what the Monitors buy One half so precious as the Sleep they sell. xcvr l Yet Ah, that Spring should vanish with the Rose! Yet Ah, that Max should vanish with our Clothes! , Yet Ah, that Exams should vanish With our Woes! . Yet Ah, yet ah, yet ah again, who knows! XCVII VVould but the unfolded Roll of Fate now yield Une glimpse-if dimly, yet indeed revealld, One glimpse of how We in the Spring shall fare, When Wesleyan We meet on track and field? xcvm r I Would but some Winged Angel ere too late - Arrest the yet unfolded Exams We hate, And make the stern Professor otherwise Decline, or solve, or quite obliterate. ,W r ixcrx t t Ah Love, 'could you and I With'Prex conspire To grasp this sorry Scheme of Marks entire, Would not We shatter it to bits-and then Remould it so that We could all get our degrees Without doing any studying? CN. B.-The trauflator realize! that the laft .feuteuce above if a detriment to the oerfe in refjoect to rhyme aud meter, but he 'way unable to resurrect an hurrel' that would couoey the exact meaning.-EDiToR.D A cti, I 'A mf 4 . fir. ' 168 gf 0 4 YN A. V W' 2 HI X 7 JI Q -1 5 7 X X Z I .Nunn 4-A 4'-X N :A M E X7 -1 AX I f '-:T X 4 12 pg. -ga ' 1 Zffl-T ui ,Q,g, 'Q XH5' E: I I , Y ' X .155 X in N ZF: 7 . X , 9 4 4 X' If XXX I vi X I' - ZA' Z xi ,I 1.--' . Nz' . ' X, ' 'A X 5 N lx - 'X 1 I ., 9 . xx . X 7 I f- 'I X ' -1-as V255 buiix gif? Giza F N : A if, , , i A -P' , , f -l XA 1 ' Il. ,-.4 -- f'x5r " 1 X .-35: - -. 'AG .., , H-V ip! X fy' ' ff- 3 f "- --'- ... - ...- , rinitp allege i9artfurU, fftunnertirut RINITY COLLEGE, under the name of VVashington College, re- ceived its Charter in 1323. The present name was adopted in 1845. L Its chief founder was the Right Rev. Thomas Church Brownell X Bishop of Connecticut. Established by Episcopalians as a contri- ? bution to higher education, it is not a Church institution in the sense of being directed by the Church. Its advantages are placed at the service of those of every creed. . A The principal building, in the English Secular Gothic style, 653 feet long, includ- ing Jarvis and Seabury Halls and Northam Towers, is one of the most imposing and admirably fitted educational edifices in the United States. It was intended to form the west side of a great quadrangle. Outside of the lines of this quadrangle at the south are the Observatory, the Boardman Hall of Natural History, and the Jarvis Laboratories for Chemistry and for Physics. To the north of it are the Gymnasium, houses of the President and of the Professors, and Chapter Houses of the Fraternities. Below the College Campus to the east and within three minutes' walk is the spacious Athletic Field. In beauty of situation, healthful conditions of life, and equipment for its special work, the College is not surpassed. The Faculty includes sixteen professors, four instructors, the librarian and the medical director. Among the Elective studies-within the respective courses there is no important subject for which adequate provision is not made. . The Library contains 60,000 volumes. Generous contributions of the Alumni are making possible a rapid addition to its resources. A Reference Reading Room is open every day and five evenings of the week. ' The Jarvis Chemical and Physical Laboratories have an excellentequipment for Elementary and Advanced work. P The Hall of Natural History contains' the Museum, Biological Laboratories, and the Psychological Laboratory. A In the year 1903-1904 a full technical course in Civil Engineering was for the first time made available for all qualified applicants. 3 There are numerous scholarships providing pecuniary assistance for deserving students. The three Holland scholarships, yielding each 3600 per annum, are awarded to the three best students in the three lower classes, respectively. The Russell Graduate Fellowship of 35500 is awarded biennially in the interest of higher graduate study. The Mary A. Terry Graduate Fellowship of 3550 is awarded annually. Prizes to the amount of 3500 are also awarded to undergraduates for success in the work of the various departments. ' Two examinations for admission are held at the College each year, the first during the days following the Annual Commencement, and the second in September, imme- diately before the beginning of the Christmas term. For Catalogues, Examination Papers, or information, apply to the President or to the Secretary of the Faculty. I ! 170 1 1 i WILLIAMS ' A Earl spends many Weary hours in 38 Jarvis Hall, sharing the gloom of the Business Manager of this publication. His extra mo- ments are spent either in deep revery or in story-telling. He can do the latter to perfection when he is in good spirits. - E. L. WARD T . Right this Way, ladies and gentlemen! In this cage We have the only original antediluvian aggravation ever exhibited before the public, it buds like a rose, develops like a film, and is the only living example of the Darwinian theory in existence. Not too near the cage, please! . C. D. WARD ' E Don't blame us for navigating such a craft on the social Wave. Dartmouth cast all the responsibility on us, although "Chet7' really came down to keep his brother under proper restraint. Chet is no mean gymnast, but he doesn't Wastehis good looks on a cold, unre- sponsive Gym. , CASE , , . - R ' "Hellol Is Kenneth there? Yes, if you please-Hello! Is that you, Kenneth? Hovv are you, dear?-That's good. Take care of yourself, vvonit you, Kenneth? Good-bye, dear." Kenneth keeps pretty Well. He takes long Walks to get up circu- lation 1fTrip0ci jokelb. 2355352352352352!55!5532!42!5!'2!42252252!42!25!5!!2!52!5285352255352352253535525225 lei ROI lOi1OiiOi10i1OilOjfOi19i1OiiOg1Oi10i1Oi1QilOi1Oi1Oi10ii0iiOi10iiOifOilOi1OilOi1OY1Oi::: P54 iii "' ' T d at roi as Connecticut rust an 5,5 A - sae O ass Safe Deposit C ompany Corner of Main and Pearl Streets 355 355 lf! ' iff CAPITAL, 5750.000 SURPLUS. 5600.000 ooo ' lei - 555 BANKING BUSINESS-SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT 555 E TRUST DEPARTMENT iii l'F , . ooo iii MEIGS H. WHAPLES, President ' JOHN M- TAYLOR, ViCC-PI'9Sid9Ht 000 ' 1 i S22 JOHN P. WHEELER, Treasurer- 555 I i ' HOSMER P. REDFIELD, Assistant T1'63.SH1'6I' gf! . E ARTHUR P. DAY, J. LINCOLN FENN, Sig Secretary and 'Manager of Trust Department Assistant Secretary S!! . 33 3:vI'l'Il'Il'Flvl"1""F0'4"""""22!C2!!2352!!SSCSSCSSCSSCSSCSSC2!52!52!!5!52!52!! fr!! 12 732333333333333333333333i33s1osru1ou1w-forasnsauewrwnsruin-airmen I7I' zfg gf Buy i l W. .A , l 1 And r s ,r- 1' ':1E , '- -' 'V':: f' - i Q V You This if get ing ++n,5i ywe I: Y . .. 'r"i'g S tore Best lie neges rr ,rLQesns Begg: " ' si, N N ESS N ,F- 43 FA: f 4 I I M ,4f,,Qrl' Z1 3, .l lp HI, 1 1, KV, 1, , .6 2:2 N 14 s , K1 f' fl' 5 'T r. 4 v yj M61 i yo 'Q ZW 1 3 ul izbx .f,, uw' yr - - W r, 1 , f ff' :ln 2-5 I l '. 3,2 1 f f, 1 Q, , 5 f, f 1 ipriw l flx xx w' . ' bww .Ll ' Max 132 1 A I "LUN:-jg, N il! 2 xl I- ' ,,,H4ll: glfmzfhsl N fn? ?,,, .NNLR I-H175 ' W-I.. ' .-11' if f ' . ' "mn ' run, V .1 'i.-'gi-, ' ' - 1 7 1 ,1 ,1 '21 1 -rig? Ziff ' A .. 7 :I-,':',,, .f ',,. - . X .' '-:via 5,2 , nn- .,- -1 -1: gs ' ., , - i .5 I . -,Ir,g, if 'l ,f1 ,!"4J,,4g 1 47' . .. I .1 -I-.fu -I 1 I 1 ,,,1.. 1 1 '- 3 -.:f .-'Tw - ff.. 1- ' ' 'fs ,z"f Rl '13 pp.Wf Lf 1' V' '.f gf ff -X g et lg- y- 'E 55, 'f. w '-'HZ .:, , , s ,, V .f:22Q," g V., "..' I L, ' ul ff' 1 .N -l ? Iii ' Vi- 7 2 -421 fra. .f Fri .1-fy 'f ' I b -W: 1 31. F. .I W.-Q 5-'39 ' Q G, ,F me 11 .' w -. " :-1r- 1. . . '. - 'war 11,11 .i"'1 ,: ill:-f' -2. 2 F 13.5 , Lg. an ?.I'U'Y ' if .. ' - 7 ' 21, 1 ' " ' ',, U., I1..- Z nl- 1 ,I I 1 QL I '1v 1, ,ui ff ,HIM IL 'X U ll . I WM' '11 ' , I I ry! I 1 1 "ml 'js' UV 15' 1 rw. ,'n',W' 1 1? ,n L" 11114 U :ffm 1 2- Q 'I ix x F has- It L L -- 1 Li " Hartford's Shopping enter" Where everything in all desira- hle Merchandise can he found, Where every Want can he filled, every need supplied. Headquarters for Everything BRGW , THoMsoN as co 172 If i T 3 3 I s WITHINGTON "Who is that intellectual looking chapon the side-lines, Wearing a striped jersey and a Worried look?7' 4'Why, surely you do not mean Withington? Well, I would not call him intellectual, exactly. He is taking the hardest courses in college, you see, and to be really intellectual one must be a good society man, too. 7' MGORE 4 ' - ' Our 'cSenator" is a Very serious gent. They say he used to smile before he came to college. Just go the rounds of the college football teams and find outhow many players would care to line up against him a second time. The sand makes up for the lack of fat, John. - ' ' NQBLE ' ' "Buster?' came to college to become prominent. In a Way he succeeded, but his good looks hampered his greatest efforts along this line. His favorite pastime is running for oHice,but, unfortunately, he Wasn't built for a track man. c THOMAS P ' "Laugh and We'll all laugh with you," Bob. Once upon a time there Was a policeman in Meriden and he didn't like Bob's laugh, so he tried to stop it. But he missed Bobls laugh and hit his nose- and so Bob is now President of the Maryland Club. Cops, beware! Henry Kohn 'il Son Geo. O. Simons V ' Successor to tif if ' W Simons 6. Fox r 240 Asylum St. ' Connecticut's 7 Greatest jewelry 'LQ Establishment 185 .asf ue! . All kinds of Silk, Bunting and Felt 890 Main St. I H8l'tf0rd Flags. avors for Germans and Cotil- Factory, Newark, N. J. 1 lions. Oflicial decorator for the Prom. 173 I I 'Ft l l I I , I l l ' l I I l 3. ' Il II l J l l ' I l lu l'i III I I l I I I S l I l 4 l I I II g W l I ' I II J , 1 I. j I I I l 5 I I I I 'I i I F I I 3 Q , Q 1 ll Iii I. IV. l l l, I I fl II II, l Insurance Company of orth America PHILADELPHIA, PA. QAMERICA'S OLDEST COMPANY ' FOUNDED17W Total Assets, January I, 1912 - - SI6,953,774.00 Total Liabilities, January I, 1912 - 8,649,873.oO Surplus over all Liabilities, January I, 1912 S 8,303,9OI.OO EUGENE L. ELLISON, President BENJAMIN RUSH, First Vice-President JOHN O. PLATT, Second Vice-President T. HOWARD VVRIGHT, Secretary HENRY YV. FARNUM, Asst. Secretary New England Department Hartford, Conn. Charles E. Tarker RQ Co. MANAGIER5 50 State Street First National Bank Building Hartford, Conn. 174 F IDELITY TRUST CO. 49 PEARL STREET Bankers, Trustees, Guardian or Agent DIRECTORS- so JOHN M. HOLCOMBE CHARLES E. GROSS WILLIAM B. CLARK CHAS. G. WOODWARD FRANK L. WILCOX CHAS. IP. COOLEY VVILLIAM C. SKINNER RICHARD M. BISSELL GEO. D. HOWELL CHARLES L. F. ROBINSON S BARNETT ' just see what a happy countenance is catalogued under this namel aloe" is a Wonder! Just think of running off with the Chess Championship One minute and With the appendicitis the next-and then emerging still undaunted. Ask Joe about the lantern and matches they used to hang out for him some Iive years ago. WARNER A Uur general, all-around mental telepathist and reservoir of Wit and humor. He'd rather Walk on car tracks than eat ice cream. Aside from a little good-natured egotism about his baseball ability, 'cHarry'7 is a good scout. ' CRIGHTQN g This lanky chap is a very prominent and familiar figure on the Campus-he is seen as often as tvvicea month. He is the very same brave hero who offered to throvvthe conductor out and ring up fares himself after the Freshman-Junior Banquet at Holyoke had made him rather Irisky and spirited. R. M. SMITH Beware of this Walking phonograph, this traveling encyclopedia, this human interrogation pointl Come Within a radius of sixty yards, and he will talk you deaf, dumb, and blind. ZETN NATION L BA K NEXT DOOR TO HARTFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY AND MORGAN MEMORIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS INVITED TRAVELERS, CHEQUES . MODERN SAFE DEPOSIT FACILITIES 175 4 A M C J Th J0hIl -Pratt C0. f' Vulcabeston 9' "Moulded Micah e "Noark" Fuses and t Fuse Accessories Hartford . . Connecticut x 176 Q SAWYER r See, children, here is a man. He is a good man, so he is called a "missionary man."' This man has eyes, two noses and a pair of mouths. But he is not a regular man, he is a hero. He was won at a church fair. You may pat the good, missionary, irregular hero- man, children, but don't ruffle his hair. . VAIL Don't look for the photo. It was partly the photographer's fault. Vail is absolutely harmless. He has slowly gained the repu- tation of being a Shakespearean wit. That is partly his fault, also. A perfect lady UHEUREUX ' C His hair is red and his name is pronounced with startling varia- tions, the best combinations of euphoniousness being reached by base- ball umpires. 'cRed,' is the best Catcher Trinity has had in a month of Sundays, and he'll make a good Captain. The only fault we can find with him is his very great appreciation of Warner's humor. JEWETT "It's too hotln UNO, itas too coldlv uSay, 'Bones', shove on some more coal!" Never mind, 'cBones",when we all depart this life, you'll have had your experience with fiery furnaces, and we- How Norwich Town ever survived the pranks of this youth is a dead mystery. . WM. H. POST Trinity College CARPET CO. Barber Shop Manicuring by Lady Attendant D6C0l'afOl'S J. G. MARCH, Hair cutter H Cal'Pet5 Vibration Shampooing and Rugs N Massaging. Electrical Wall Paper Facial Massage and - C Rooms 1 and 2 Connecticut Mutual Bldg- Ulpholstery i Phone Connection 2 I A S Y I u nl S t r-ge e t Entrances X' HARTFORIJ, CONN. I 785 Main sf. 56 Pearl sf. 177 X l uThe Leading Fire Insurance Company of A1fne1'ica" STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY HARTFORD, CONN. On the 31st day of December, 1911 Cash Capital, ........ 95,000,000.00 Reserve, Re4Insuranoe CFirej, . . '7,506,351.40 Reserve, Re-Insurance QMarineD, . 430,032.63 Reserve, Unpaid Losses CFirej, . 549,382.98 Reserve, Unpaid Losses CMarineD, 64,490.00 Other Claims, ....... 632,937 .96 Net Surplus, . 2 . 7,834,194.74 Total Assets, ........ 922,017,389.71A Surplus for Policy Holders, 812,834,1 94. 74 S128,003,578.8O WILLIAM B. CLARK, President HENRY E. REES, Secretary O Assistant Secretaries A. N. WILLIAMS AE. J. SLOAN E. S. ALLEN GUY E. BEARDSLEY W. F. WHITTELSEY, Jr., Marine Secretary ' THOMAS E. GALLAGHER, General Age WESTERN BRANCH' , ' L. O. KOHTZ, Assistant General Agent 29 S0- La Salle St-Q Chicago' Ill- lx L. O. KOHTZ, Marine General Agent PACIFIC BRANCH E. C. MORRISON, General Agent - 301 California St., San Francisco, Cal. A. G. SANDERSON, Assistant General A . CHICAGO, ILL., 29 So. La Salle St. l NEW YORK, 63-65 Beaver St. MARINE DEPARTMENT, . . . . .... 2 BOSTON, 70 Kilby St. , PHILADELPHIA, 226 Walnut St. Agents in all the Principal Cities, Towns, and Villages A of the United States and Canada 178 CHOW Chambers Chow, Chapel child, chaste from China. Han- kow never produced better brains nor a happier disposition. Who. brought him over? See Lew. I LEW Munsey Lew, Chemistry shark, chaste from China. Shanghai never produced better brains nor a happier disposition. Whotbrought him over? See Chow. ' MCGEE Marcus is a youth sober in more than one sense-be it said to his credit. He helps to main- tain the dignity and the finances of the college bookstore, and is thus enabled to maintain his own. t DEPPEN ' ' The big man with the high voice. He put in his thumb and he pulled out two plums - baseball managership and popu- larity. 'cDick" is a philosopher and an orator. Who could deny that, after hearing his speech on "Trinity Girls, " at Marble Hall? SWIFT USam7' has never exhibited any traces of the velocity implied in his cognomen, even on the Cinder track. Hehas run other things beside races, including musical clubs and girls, but never very fast. Easy-going, pleasure-loving, optimistic Sam! I The Capitol City Lumber Company M 115 Front Street HARTFORD, CONN. The Andrus 8' Naedle Co. Headquarters for SPORTING .AND ATHLETIC GOODS Wholesale and Retall 272 Asylum Street HARTFORD, CONN. if E x V? i I ! ! , ' l 3 9 I I 1 1 P I I I ' 1 I xl i 'v '1 I IU, ,J ,n H QI li 1. If Vi ,ya III sq i I l i lg? if I 1, il l v t 1 l V x I ' i ii i s W V11 5 , I 'Il 1 I I J. P. MORGAN at co. DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN BANKERS Wall Street, Corner of Broad NEW YORK I DREXEL 8: CO., PHILADELPHIA Corner of 5th and Chestnut-Streets MORGAN, GRENF ELL Sz CO., LONDON No. 22 Old Broad Street MORGAN, HARJES 8: CO., PARIS 31 Boulevard I-Iaussmann Deposits received subject to Draft Securities bought and sold on Commission Interest allowed on Deposits g Foreign Exchange, Commercial Credits Cable Transfers Circular Letters for Travelers, available in all parts . of the world 180 .4 ZX I ,I .z .-f 5" I -7 A: kc' 7 ? """i1 f ts Z ' A w iv? W qgfffiagfbiii if JI .' aim- ',Lx.,Q fwq-'Zta' MK ' V QT., dj- Sex.. r:vf:.ff'Z , f g -it-:!,d'Z, XX , S N H i I A V a .Ja 47 S it jr "' gg .' e"'f C' Q I A gx ,ES W ' VW GK Q1 Cf Z Ce-PAW? - ? - ilu ' 17g-LQ, xg' FU f- f ,M if, fillfhf ,1'L:'a"'...... 54 'i 41, Q, 1. - 1 .3 x 'Vw' , 5 erm--f-fgs 3 ' Qi' ,. XX - -.uf l r-:Quin A. ,TJ 11" + f Xe K f if Eiahnpki Ura liarig 'hr 'inahnnntrinn Leading Caterers S Dainty Elegance in Serving Wed- dings, Teas, and At Homes Special Attention Given to Quality Dishes Command us for Suggestions and Estimates at our up-stairs parlor III PEZIRL STREET A Table d'Hote Dinner and supper served every day and evening Good Service ISI The Edward Balf Co. Crushed Stone, Sand Trucking and Excavating - 26' State St., Hartford, Conn. 1 1 1 Y l E ll 17 f 1 nygxg me in in in. me me lk - 1 1 1 1 Y Y This Edition of The Trinity Ivy P A l was printed by us P 5 1 1' ' 1 Egan- -efmw ' 1 ' f il MA 33 y gifyyww T 1 3 A 1 N 1 he -J P A Hausauer-Jones Printing Co. 7 ' - PRODUCERS OF1 ig High-Class Book and Catalog Printing if 253-257 Ellicott Street BUFFALO, N. Y. 1 1 1 I ' EM T uns. :se ish mg :sg ik mg is. ll I82 gl 5 F COOK A ' H . "Crimusl How I love my Gym! Listen-Fm a luminous liter' ary light, with a lugubrious learned look and a livelylove for loquacii ty. I tip the scales at +hush, at Gymf' The only thing in life Allan regrets is his inability to grow stout. . DAWLEY Ask "Boone" about his glorious soap-bubble dreams in the brewery. We thought we had lost this optimist for a while, but books finally got the call over bottles, and we consider i913 fortunate. MARSDEN ' p Behold our hardfworked cCEditor-in-Cheesevl Is he good natured? He must be to hold that jobl 'cStew,' may be seen any spring day trudging over the cinder path, with the weight of a dozen hurdles on his shoulders. And that's not the only weight on his shoulders-ever since they addressed that letter, 'cTrinity College, care of W. S. Marsden," he has been trying to find a well-fitting hat. BROWN ccTom Brown at Trinityn would be a punning conceit., Prof. Brenton said that puns are not good form these days, but that there might be some one with the sense of humor who could rival Shakes- peare. Tom looks fine when he is disguised. Do you remember his detective work last March? our Trinity of G. F. Warfield .si co. Attractions i Booksellers aah 1-Style , 2-Assortments Qtatlflnffg . . 3-Value in clothes, hats, shoes, n and furnishings for young men Horsfall's giaigiiifiiili SE: 77 and 79 Asylum Street ITPAYSTOBUY OUR KIND HARTFORD CONN- 183 HE your product demands fine cata logues, you know that attractive ideas original treatment of illustrations and engravings are Wliatsell your goods Dont re strict yourself and your business, get the best Our ark 4.04 ll Rx? A fi' 'SX P YN? .1 A 'ffl tg NX 7. XX Xxxx N 77 ,, R ,, xxx fu 'Ya 'R 'lm' 1 1 QE' Means the Best 1 N' A sae wall-fl: 44v'-,z+-:- 1371?-:wc-'iz-9'-71:24-1. '44-+.'.-: .-.:,a..'.- wo.-sv -ma 4:15'-.1-fav.:-.fl-cv:-.-.y4. -:-.-.--. Illustrators and Engravers HARTFORD, coNN Q I 34 I f COLLETT "Baldy," otherwise known as HFat,,' was elected to next year's football captaincy because he looked ferocious enough to do anything or anybody last fall, when he lost one of his prominent incisors. With his beauty marred he wouldn't smile even for the girls. We don't need to tell you that HCharlie,' is popular-he is also a scholar of note. - ADKINS f r V ' q We wouldn't have it noised about for the world, but the night before the 'cEccy'7 exam-oh, but why bother with spilt milk? We all know c'Len'7 is a very fine student, and a good friend to have. WHITEHEAD Read, fmark, learn! This subject is worth it. It is no other than the "Pinker Lady" who confronts you. Handsome, talented, charm- ing. Can you blame the ladies for their ill-concealed admiration? If they could only hear Hjackv singing as often as we do-but, why say more-indeed, space forbids. W ' BARBER ' ' ' He's a quiet chap, a little shaver. He minds his own business, and between times gets in a little studying onthe sly. Holland scholars never did loaf very much, somehow. R- S- Gladwinf Prop- Telephone Charter 151 E P 0 1, V R l-lartford's me POPULAR Qualify Barber Shop FLUWER SHOP V Choice Cut Flowers LELL32 .s LEA VITT i 726 Main sf. r Wedding and Funeral Work a Specialty ' Special attention to Trinity a ' Students , 722 Main St. I Hartford, Conn. - 185 ,s , .-X ,., X T N f""? WX wp x l . , ,- x ,xi . Wilff, N W X X r in t x o Q N! N rw W X V- ' fl X--Qpxxfwll ff Z X xq X 1' T i e 1 jyril wk 1 x ,T 'F I I 1 wwf' , 'T gi' "!v'4'r6g?0sr 4 if A W- r -S ' ff 1 -4 H9 Pg 413 N y 1 L ' ,'8W':Q?6'k'7rN"",'W ' ' A704 ":L::'g5Q3 l ,, ca: 'bk' 7.5 If N Da -- l 'V A . AM, jar Fast- Q 2 ' il!! in- 4 F: f. rf" e i,'Wf. .52 'te' 2 ri , my- 2 efifs ffgxn 15153 T l. -2? Nl f A ' ?0?1 , f wg 1 5 V?-ev , T QL! 4 m + " ' ' ' A- J l -'f?'M '-r " 'Je ' KM? "1 as M .A f -1-vwfx .v-- Eng , if . - a pes: are ll v A 1 " I l IX- ixj fkf I- ' 3 I l ' , W 14 A-I N 1 ' ' 5' ' WT? ' aux J ' ,I .i N X . 5 - f 'iii . my , 'jx U DOES . . W' ,xii W-5?..C?e ' rf. f wi U- all W' 'G Inv- 1 A ,si . do " X - - fr f an ' ,ll wg, -N., , - - lei Q ,Q i -tw .. 5 fp sat r , -J ,er is f - - rf Jeffeess fel sf., it sf: S "sie-"2 "'fgKWe5 Nef'1'f ' li fs'-53221153-3135 : sgl AJSEQQQUNGE Si. liatrirlfa Bag V ' , Glnmplimenia nf 7 Zlalhmin-Stewart iilvrtrir Glnmpzmg 214 Iiearl Strat iiiartfnrh, Glnun. 13 187 Wright 81 Ditson Headquarters for Athletic Supplies College Students and Athletes who want the real, superior articles for the various sports Base Ball, Lawn Tennis, Gam Basket Ball, Track and S Field Sports Should insist upon those bearing the WRIGHT 8: DITSON Trade Mark Catalogue Free Wright 81 Ditson 22 Warren Street New York Boston Chicago San Francisco Providence Cambridge e gATRONlZE DUNNE 5 A A Official Photographer . .3 11 sf? u Y ll, Q A ,cg to " K , , 1 forthe 1913 Ivy. . . . O 759 MAIN ST. cor. Pearl GOLDBAUM 'Q CO. "ExcIuJi-ve Man's Tailor J'bop" 1106 Chapel St. New Haven, Conn, Groups a Specialty 3 525555565 553 If you want the BEST ... clmct rand a High Grade. selected Rich Coffee. Roasted and Packed ls. s. mace co. Hem new Two 'l""s Humiolzn, coNN. 'S c gb I e PULFORD ety throu h other mediums than X l ws A ' 'cSkig7' has gained notori- r . ix E X 1 g . his euphonious name. He plunged into prominence Fresh- man year by surreptitiously Walking away with the Tennis Championship, to his brotheris discomfiture. Since then, his work in Biology has cast his features into ap more serious mold. He has got a head on his shoulders that is a head. FAIRBANKS P ' The boy with the sunny disposition! Paraphrased, this is an indication of "the smile that Won't come olT." But it isn't a smile that aggravates, so no one Would Want to see it disappear. E. T. SMITH Rather eifeminate pulchri- tude, don't you think? To look at the photo yould hardly believe he Was bibulously in- clined-but it's a very gradual incline. He's a leader in Gym and in studies, and expects to dangle a CID B K key with the same ease With Which he dangles on the high bars. SMEATHERS A species having two char- acteristics not common to the regular college-bred species: a studious look and an aggressive Way of smoking cigars. Re- cently unearthed records give authentic proof that Ghana paratusn Was the motto of this species. I 9. ...l.-... 1 N A 0 Knee Caps, Anklets, and A Abdominal , V Belts for the 1 M support of Vari- .. ,Q cose Veins, Y K. 6 .5 A 's g --L-: X 4 e T -- 2 I x 1 r' Q' X ., . Xi Swelled Limbs, Weak Joints, Sprains, Etc. The Gladding Drug Company l203-1205 Main Street HART FOR D, CONN. Calhoun Big Show Printers Type Printers Calhoun Press Commercial Printers 505' UP+T0-DATE PRINTERS At Reasonable Prices 519' DIGNAM 8: WALSH 356 T I ph Charter 512 Asylum Street 1 r HARTFORD, CONN. Hlgh Class Vaudevllle , O l The Best Attractions f Two Performances Daily 4 I I 1 1 fx 5 I 1 i 5 l. . . i 4 Z I k , lx qmif 4, i t 9 ' IW' I W is N f 0 ag gt' ilftf' h -1 t ,Nl Y 1 gk tl y . . 3-. Q ii: .- t e jf: -1 el A 1 A, V 'et V7 'L ,ew W '. .-. -.,. X . I- f H I 0 1 t ' ' X f' 'l't m'I3',, -' , I 1 ff? fy I I I ,Y-Q'Lj,, Q 55' -4 ,WW I xx! fa, 'tml ' if 1' 1 'Nfl f K ft ul- I N--,f ,x. 'A!!,1l. Q ' ff. Dail? " ,I I If - g k i'!g!,iggV pit' UA' 7 Jill!! A I as 'E ' ati? W MS? nf' s r' e atita t ftttkwm Q ft" tt fy ' 'i ' ' '--wh 'mu '19-ff' . ht 'ff up.-, J' t X 'I tx 1 ttli-i 'I RCN 5 I E' I. 7 xr? , Q , ' , Ei Y ,, ff r Ag, X is ' f , 2 J at - X T : rf" ,f +x.9,x'-Ny x,A at . - J 'XX xhrix, ,f My ' 5-'V WfVZ?2'f7?'s f V f M, MNXF A4' H x ,lx :Y0"Ncs ll N 1 l'ix jfs ' u, tl.. ' ' 4-m l f IS -2- 4 J - t R X' film: 'Q' fl, 1 X R i fl' fi, Q - 67,-Xffglf Zlug ignarh illllreting I ' 'S L . tEESSESEEEEEEEEEEESESSSES COMPUMENTS OF EESSEESEQEEESESSESSEESEE l I e W opster Bllllafd Par or h I O 1 af E 104 ' Asylum Street, Hartford, Conn. 'V f IQI B ' . Q fi 5 js 'f l i r f 2 ,S l l. v 4 ,f S r 'a 'i ll l .1 r y li i ig, alt 1' 1 rn, sl- l ,s xl Qi The BerkeleyDz'fvz'nz'Qf ,S 611001 P JVIIDDLETOWN, coNN. , . I 7 OUNDED in 1854, in continuation of a Theological department at Trinity Colleg e F by Bishop john Williams. It offers to students of Theology full instruction in the studies required of Candidates for Orders, with various courses of Lec- tures and advanced Work in the several departments. S The degree of Bachelor of Divinity is conferred on anv graduate Who attains a high standardin examinations, shows a scholarly acquaintance with Greek and Latin, and resents a satisfactor thesis. T P Y , The fifty-eighth Ordination Will be held on the 5th of June, I T and the fifty-ninth year Will open on the 7th of Sept., 1912. T Candidafes for admission should make 'application for rooms and Cif necessarvl for scholarships, earbr. Address all communications fo fhe Dean.. , T A Compgfmenfs of . The Place to Take Your Pictures Tbej H Grozier Co. E' E E' illllamnn , we Glnniwrrura . Picture Frame Shop 71 ASYLUM STREET Room 1-Up One Flight' Frames of all kinds made to order The Best Work - PRICES RIGHT 125 Warrenfon o4foenue HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Q E, 5rAC'QUjTH , qafoprfefor 192 HAITI-IWAITE Yes th1s 1S Mr I'Ia1thwa1te 9' 9' Who? 9' 9' Oh IS that you Gertrude? 9' 9' Yes 9' 9' Why what tune shall I get there? 9' 9' N make- It earl1er than that 9' 9' Oh yes please do' 9' 9' Why you know I haven t seen you for nearly a whole day 9' 9' Now you re try1ng to show me a good t1me 9' 9' Brmg another fellow? 9' 9' I your fr1end pretty? 9' 9' Surely Ill brmg- 9' 9' What you dont l1ke h1m? 9' 9' Well - 9' 9' All r1ght I ll see you at half past seven 9' 9' Goodbye ' A 9 BENTLEY A Our language shark I-Ie has been 1n French for three years- noth1ng? .Can I get an 1dea out of my head? But Raymond was und1smayed He wears a ha1rc:ut that 1S un1que almost a queue It IS hard at present to tell whether h1s gen1us IS mus1c:al or l1terary HATHAWAY I A new arr1val d1rect from Dartmouth v1a W1l.l1ams An athlete of l1m1tless ab1l1ty now sh1n1ng on the dramond Can be- seen any day between four and SIX on th1s stage The aud1ence w1ll k1ndly applaud -f For further' record-see page 2oo of th1s volume or any other copy of the book Cheer up Walter we hope for the best cc I I I 0 . 7 ' . ' 7 7 . ' . 7 ' O1 7 7 7 ' 7 7 . . . . S . , . , ' 9 . . . , ' 7 7 even after Prof. Gill made that remark, "Can I get something from ' ' 77 . , . , . I . , . , , . COMPLIMENTS Of "QUALITY CORNER" QI? WHERE GOOD STYLES IN MEN'S OUTFITTINGS ABOUND THE STACKPOLE- MOORE- TRYON COMPANY ASYLUM, AT TRUMBULL ST. HARTFORD, CONN. I GOOD PRINTING AT 1 CONSIDERATE cos'r , 4 1 ff if mxrrc I S I A 41 gr J ' yglQ ,l,'i,:35: AGB. Ak A ALN A MONOTYPE COMPOSITION FOR THE TRADE 284 Asylum Street HARTFORD, CoNN. 1 . s ORAN Hartfordis representative for Kuppenheimerls' Young Men's Clothes 869 Main Street it Y A f R A .91 7 WT V 'f Q YZ Q , Q I R ' ,E S A rs I N Q 'gnu I V, , R Q . me x, ll 1-,,l I -ll'lf "'- 1 ,-. H: 'C M --, r Q f C5122 Qlluh Glrmrrrt b Carry your money safely by using D0 YQ11 Expect t0 American Express C0mpany's ' Travelers' Cheques or Letters of Tfavgl Yeaf? C redit. You can cash them anywhere. THE HARTFORD TRUST COMPANY, Corner of Main Street' and Central Row y RALPH W. CUTLER. President R FRANK C- SUMNER. Treawrer CHAS. M. JOSLYN, Vice-President HENRY H- PEASE, Secfefafl' 195 ' I . I 1, 32 Plain Painting Paper Hanging gi I ' S I 3 c. H. PIETSCH ca SON g . N FrescopPa1nters I S 3 I Interior and Exterior Painting of All Kinds METAL AND CANVAS CEILINGS, Office, I I-48 Main Street Shop, I I46-I I54 Main Street S2 : I Telephone S HARTFORD, CONN. ,E WWWWWWW QSQNNQ 3 HERBERT RANDALL HARRY c. BLACKMORE RANDALL Sc BLACKMORE A H1cH-cLASS PoRTRA1TURE T Q E 3 I I Pratt Street : : Hartford, Connecticut 3 Official Photographers to the I 912 Ivy MEZZ! Delamater, Akers, Bundy-Newell, Stuart, Lucas and Lloyd Negatives owned by this 'StucIio. We make a specialty of copying Daguerreotypes and Paintings 3 PLEASE MAKE APPOINTMENTS h I TELEPHONE, U I 96 . WWWWWW W Pazfronzze Uur Advertzsers l- xx 1 X 1 l WNV M X X f"a if A EQ X X Rfk arrays' N7 bfi YW QW, L X.,-.-1 Tllarrnzze AX LATER DEALER. IN New and Second Hand Clothzng 55 FRONT STREET, HARTFORD CONN Paying hlgh6St cash prxces for Whatever cast off clothln you may have to dispose of Drop me a postal glvmg your address and I will call on you 197 y l 15122 Qlluh illvhearaal T Whitehead stands by the piano in graceful pose. He calls the roll with much so-lemnity. Evison is also present. "Jack'7 -proposes to start the rehearsal. c'Evy'7 takes exception. They finally agree to start. Jack tries to hit "G," but gets SAW flat. Evy again takes exception, so does the rest of the Club, anywhere from HD" to HCM They sing ensemble 'cCubanola Glide" and "Good Morning, Carrieng Jack calls it good harmony. Evy takes exception. They then hum three of Beethoven's Sonatas. A telephone call from Short, asking permission to join the Club, breaks in on the dulcet melody. Jack is in favor of it, but Evy, thank goodness, takes exception. The plans for a concert at the Manhattan Opera House are discussed. Jack pro and Evy con. Theyfinally decline, gracefully, but Evy has to take exception again, so Jack takes the honor. Jack now proudly announces that he is official barker for the "Misfit Clothing Co." Evy takes exception and the rehearsal breaks up. Qnarh in the Ginza linnm PROFESSOR KLEENE Ccalling rolll-Ward! WARD-HCTCT' . i PROFESSOR 'K.+Wesselsl WEssELs-Hello! ' , - PROFESSOR GETTELL-Primitive men were governed in all their actions by custom. Now, men, why would they, for instance, not ride bicycles on the sidewalk? ' BLEECKER-Because they didn't have bicycles! t PROFESSOR GETTELLTThC Portuguese in sailing along the coast of Africa found a place where the vegetation was green and the climate cool. What did they call it? BARNETT-Chili! . T M PROFTEISSOR BRENTON-On the Eve of Saint Agnes how did the young knight get past the old serving-woman into his lady's bower? 'MARsDEN.Qin blissful ignorance of the lessonb-Slipped her some money! . K , PROFESSOR,BAIRRET-NCWYOH, will you go on with the next selection? NEWTON-Unprepared, sir! 198 N I ' f'u"' 1 S3 N ..:i:. ' W ' V T51 x X Q Q3 , M c.-: 1 1 XE- ., ERR A 'IVFXEH '37 R f ' ? " 5' ' ' 4 fi- , 'U If .41 M - QWPXI 'ff If -4 "fx b 1 QUV' Q", I Ergixg xx 5 f.-'Juf V' W F 1--M -f--"' '- I 29' WX. X -Af I -- N x , Hx nl - 1- --H nA ll X 'x Q S I .ilu Q X A b Iv A X 1' Y' xx x, wx , .L f+lI -1 -1-'T - 'F ' T Xffr .I ' 1 :J r -I -' P ' Q ' l If,'gL'1i nav 4 .,- . , , x 11 I I -1 , 4' I fl - Midi-7tJL '. I' 1 I f .21 ' '., - ' ' ' 5 I 'Y"ff"335g'u"' El '2'1.I1',f- A 51' 3E'Lf W1,4: 2f11X '+ 125 -' 171 - I L TQ - if mJ v ' 42 Q 5Xg,1 '1Sx 22 ' 'wif 4 qflqz , t, L1,Lx -if V , 0 XT J -1 h Y Hrw 1-. I-I if W- U I ir Y-1 lg ' Q . gi -t'.P?:L174lLM-'X"'- my .Aj Q S+' Ffa, 'f- 1 - f nl w wf J X x gg -Lf' ' '7' DX " :X XX XX " og xg, f y X 1 , fix 5 . xffxx lf t g. , X I ' Lf Q I, Z V :Q X m , fxfxdyf . . . 'jig' is : sf ' Q . N li Q X J 1 ' X A X . .. if I f QS , X 5x X 'AQ N IX x Q' x h- S X X X X 'f xx X-F.-A lx X x .:""1 . N X ::'f...,XAL " Q. 9 X ff . n un -M .u- 'i' , 4 , 'X , Y N X q Y X X X X -,f Yxilrk , ' X ' X II X xx ' N 2- E x X x fm X Y sl X N f X 1 X 1 y-X N X X lj 5 E Xi -,I-E.s..'flf3gL,? A Q 'H H A Q "Mina mnmzm, anh Sung ' . i f . , . , . .224 S1 lil ,K ,N . K 5 X I fl i W , Qi' ii w .1 S .Ask , A - ,D V lv S -F ,y ' i Q 2 4: i, ' I f A, Y s v Y , . E , A 7151! .,, 3' 14 3 . gulf 21,4 5 Z 5 ' I 5 1 1 5 5' -' 'af F' , 3 ij.. . 1 - Q e ' ,V ll , i - fl 3 1 ,g i -N ,V v s z I 1 ij ii 5 1 . .ii ,: ggi 1 .twig few Fa fi V ff f :M J 1- - r' ,ii gg i Q jf . if , , 4 V 4 , , .1 - 1. if f 1 ,Yi -. sf' c s '- . 'li' 'Q 1 X V 1 rl 1 I s y ,,N, . ' 1 ii HARTFORD PUBLIC LIBRARY. .99 Lending Department Notes. M . OPEN FROM 9 A. M. 'ro 8 P. M. SATURDAYS TO 9 P. M. HOLIDAYS . . ' CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. CFor Reading and Reference Roonil hblif see Handbook, " How to Use the Library." Ask 'or one.j .29 1. Please report at once a change of dwelling place and all cases of contagious diseases .in the house where you' live. - P 2. To renew a book, bring your card and the book's name and number, for example: Class 822, No. W 635 P. . 3. You may transfer a book from one card to another by bringing it with both cards 'to the Library. 4. The fine for overdue two-week books is two cents a day, and four cents for one-week and three- 'day books. I . 5. One-week books may not be renewed. All books not otherwise marked are two-week books, and may be renewed once. ' . ' pup! 1 ' . r . , 1 , .. I fi! , E 3 2 E z I -5 i 1 x 1 Q 5 B2 I. ! I y . 3 ix' 1, 35 U? ii . ll ii 5 2 s 2 ei 5 5 fi 3, 4 . i :E Q I , I 6 fi U. P . I fv 'Q gi ., fi ,gf ,, li ,11 n Q1 M ? it if F 5? ' f xf 2? ff Il gl .S 52 FE ., . fi ,G is 'Q f ii r 5 1 - 1 f A 1 Z v S I 1 2 2 Yi 5' sg 'Z 1 V2 1

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