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Wo 3 l l ' 341 5 z Ki., T .-swgjgf 1 fb n iii a . sq, rw H-c L wif, 2. 5 1 A x -f 1 ,AJ 'Y r- .,.-. , 1 W X, A-5,-v ff, 'ffl ,,x. J H mcg 4' gr faq V ' ..,,,.u 'Q 4-1, -: - ' Eh gl .vzg f ' f , , E - 'Q X M. ! .gif . 'I' jf,-Ji-.M - , L ' f hf'f LD+if?"f4' -il ' f. e ' 1: za" at f:- . if-'I .7 :Ig .- . . gEge,31? 59? -,iv?f6f?FfL 'FJ' 1513 3 ' 5432 YJ .E - f-4-mf' 'JM Wk Z-Ei? : ' "FT . ,,f A, .. -1-, grfqsba 1 9 ' P . P ,iii SEZ? I --:fl :I 1 I " ,n -' F '- . A 1 K- utter X9 Oompayi ijt riuifgy ling M32HZ-33323232324323l53Z-9Z3Z3349Z?3Z-3Z-3Z3Z-3Zf3Z9Z3K-3Z3Z3Z3l4 Holman X X X V I E' :'f-Fd'Wf1fii' Xf fqgkiyi' I'.4,., kj '??' nl iittilliubvll ing the junior Glam of Zriuitp Qlollrgs ' Ziaartforh, Gomwrtitut SH C2151 ii i X i Our little book, a roll of names- A record of our college games And work and play, we dedicate To our old friend the graduate Who buys, and when he looks it through, Recalls the days, not long ago, When he brought out an U I VY" toog For he will yield his sympathy To all the younger men who try To coax some copy, not too dry, From students who procrastinate Until the printer says, H too late." He knows our trials and our fears, Hels "been there H in his college years, I-le will regard with lenity This annual of Trinity. And now that We're ex-eclitors, By the old "I VYS " we lay ours, Our task is clone, we mal-ze our how, And place this volume in the row, One pleasant year's brief history In the long life of Trinity. With college news you'll find it stored. M Auf Wiedersehn." The Ivy Board. PROP. CHARLES F. JOHNSON, L.H.D renting AIIIIIIIIIIE, Brut., mth Hxihrx'-grab., emit 5Frir11h, mr grrrt gnu. mr :ltr urrg glah tu Hruh Gina hunk nt' mira, in hlark zmil nrangv rlab. HIP Ipupr gmfll Iikr it. mr rrprat, nu-'rr glah Eu hmm thia rlmnrr tn talk at hit tu gnu, Anh trll gnu uf tlyr ualrirh stuntz mr hu: 09f nirtnrirz un hinmuuh, g1'fhi1'L11I, truth: itit' things mlgirlp, as gnu lunk a fem gram bark, Apprar as rn11utm'pa1't5 nf gum' num hugs 3111 rnllrgr- 3115 tlyrtfrr Iuzt in Distant hair Gilt' nunu- right narlg L'l5l55, mag this hunk prnnr A plramrrr, 211121 ilu himming gram rrmnur. En nur anh all mr giur mnat heartg tlgaulzs Hur kiuhlg ztih tuhirlt tn nz frnm tht ranka Qt' Ingal amh uwll-tuialying graha was svnt. M' mr Igzuu' plrasnh gnu, mr arf: mrll fL'I11fP11f, Anh rlnzr hg ahhing iunt unnthrr lim, Anh zign unrsrlursa, 'Qnnm trulg, Ninrtrrn Ninr CE. E. EE. 'UH 1 L K I Y B2 Uflfdfiliiii Mrnfrzanr lla Un Flnarph Bruins EHIQIII1, 13. Whiz Hnlume uf thu FI r i n i 1 Q 31 u g Zllvapedfullg Evhirairh bg Uhr Gllzum uf IHUH onto ! of lllllllllllllllllllu ui 1ulinullmli 5 I V Agyi.-iii:,kw A i r,,1'l. . f I ' 3 I Af' .4 "W" r 4 f it 1' llllllnni l fl l ZEi1itnr-in-Qlhivf ggi: George'Eclwarcl Elwell, Jr. Pennsylvania -:M-N: I Zfiuninr,-fra ftllanugvr Woodfoirde Hamilton Plant Maine 51? Atrium atrium- -5 Lewis Gilclersleeve Harriman Connecticut T, W Q A. X i , - - 4 tix nj Aa,-zcurmtv Ehtiura N--f" Welles Eastman . . Minnesota Arthur Sobeski Kean Washington Robert Lowell Mason Connecticut Edward Jones Vaughn Connecticut William Dwyer Connecticut A 'HJ Lili ., -. , kg! CALE BAK Walsh Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. March April April April May May May May May June June June june June June June June June Sept. Sept. Oct. Dec. Monday Monday Saturday Saturday Monday Wednesday Saturday Monday Friday Tuesday Saturday Saturday Saturday Monday Friday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday Thursday Saturday Saturday ISHS Christmas Recess ends at 5.45 P. M. Christmas Examinations begin Christmas Examinations end Trinity Term begins Waslungton's Birthday fa Holidayl Last day for receiving applications for the Terry Fellowship Easter Recess begins at 4 P M. Stated Meeting of the Corporation Easter Recess ends at 5.45 P. M. Last day for receiving essays for the Chemical Prize, the Tuttle Prize, and the Douglas Prize Terry Fellow appointed Examination for the Mackay-Smith Prizes Examination for the Goodwin Greek Prizes Memorial Day fa Holiday, Trinity Examinations begin Trinity Examinations end Baccalaureate Sermon Senior and Junior Standing published Annual Meeting of the Board of Fellows Award of Prizes Class-Day Stated Meeting of the Corporation feveningl Stated Meeting of the Corporation and An Association of the. Alumni Eighty-second Commencement Trinity Vacation begins Examinations for Admission begin at 2 P. M Examinations for Admission Examinations for Admission Examinations for Admission Examinations for Admission begin Christmas Term begins at 5.45 P. M. Stated Meeting of the Corporation Christmas Recess begins at l P. M. nual Meeting of the S'E3." gi5crv A ADEMIC sq gap- in --.-.. ?-v 7' . --up .llllluqm , -,,, t -th-L7f"v4a Ellie Enarh uf Elrwairea uf Efrinitg Qlnllege The President of the College ex-officio, Prcsidenia: . . Hartford, Conn. The Rt. Rev. William W. Niles, D.D., l..l...D., D.C.l... The Hon. William I-lamersley, l..l...D.'s5 . . The Rev. Francis Goodwin, D.D.3': . . . The l-lon. William E. Curtis, I..L.D. . . J. Pierpont Morgan, Esq., . . John l-l. S. Quick, M.A. . The Rev. William H. Vibbert, D.D. . Sydney G. Fisher, I...I-I.D., l..l...D. james Goodwin, Esqfll . . William Boardman, LLB. . . . P. Henry Woodward, M.A., Secretary? William S. Cogswell, lVl.A. . . The Rt. Rev. Chauncey B. Brewster, D.D. . William C. Skinner, lVl.A.a': . . Ambrose Spencer Murray, Jr., M.A. . The Hon. Frank L. Wilcox, B.A. . Rev. Henry Ferguson, I..l...D. . . Edgar F. Waterman, lVl.A., LLB., Treasurerg Edward B. Hatch, M.A. . . . Frederick Everest Haight, Ph.D."t . The Hon. Joseph Buffington, l..l...D. . Robert Thorne, LLB. . . "PTI-iese members of the Board form the Executive Committee Concord, N. H . Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn New York, N. Y New York, N. Y . Chicago, Ill New York, N. Y Philadelphia, Pa . Hartford, Conn Washington, D. C . Hartford, Conn . Jamaica, N. Y . Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn New York, N. Y . Berlin, Conn . Concord, N. H . Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn New York, N. Y . Pittsburg, Pa New York, N. Y IZ TI-IE IVY Vol. XXXVI wQm6r www Euarh nf Elhrllnmz IH1'r5ihr11t The President of the College ex ojicio Senior Zlivllniuii William Stimson Hubbard, lVl.D. E, Kent Hubbard, B.S. Frederick Everest Haight, Ph.D. Walter Stanley Schutz, IVLA., LL.B. Alexander Taylor Mason, lVl.A., LL.B. Charles Shiras Morris, B.S. Zhminr EI'1Tr1In11m The Rev. John Taylor Huntington, M.A. The Rev. John James McCook, lVI.A. George Emerson Beers, lVI.A., LL.B. The Rev. Frederick William Harriman, D.D. Percy Shelley Bryant, lVl.A. Frank Elisha Johnson, M.A. Annnriaiinn uf the Alumni Walter Stanley Schutz, lVl.A., LL.B. ..... President Lawson Purdy, B.A. . . . Vice-President Edwin Stanton Alien, B.S. . . Secretary Charles Guilford Woodward, lVl.A. . . Treasurer Stunning Q'l.unnuittve The President William Stimson Hubbard, M.D. The Treasurer George William Ellis, B.A. The Rev. Samuel Hart, D.D., D.Can.L. The Reverend Flavel Sweeken Luther, Ph.D., LI...D President of Trinity College -Thelifcult - I P refftlu n The Rev. Flavel Sweeten Luther, Ph.D., LLD. President, and Seabury Professor of Mathe- matics and Astronomy Q ll5 Vernon Street COHice I3 Seabury Hallj Ph.D., 1896, LL.D., 19045 Pro- B.A., Trinity, l870g fessor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Racine College, I87I-18813 Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Kenyon College, ISSI-l8S3g Professor at Trinity since IB83g President of Trinity College, 1904-g Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Senator from First District of Connecticut, l907 The Rev. George Williamson Smith, D.D., l..l...D. Professor of Metaphysics Emeritus B.A., Hobart, 1857, D.D., 1880, D.D., Columlbiag Ll...D., Trinity, ISB7. Chaplain, United States Navy, IS64. Acting Professor of Mathematics, United States Naval Acaclemy, Newport, i864-5. Chaplain at Annap- olis, IS65-8. Rector in various places till ISB3. Presi- clent of Trinity, ISS3-l904. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE I5 Charles Frederick Johnson, lVl.A., L.1-l.D. Professor of English Liierature Emeritus 69 Vernon Street B.A., Yale, 18559 1Vl.A., I863g 1...l-1.D., 1895. Assist- ant Professor of Mathematics, United States Naval Acad- emy, 1865-70. Professor at Trinity, 1883-. Author of " English Wordsg" " Three Englishmen and Three Amer- icansg" " Elements of Literary Criticismgu "What Can 1 Do for Brady? and other poemsg H Outline History of English and American 1..iteratureg" "Forms of Verse," etc. The Rev. John James McCook, lVl.A. Professor of Modern Languages 396 Main Street B.A., Trinity, 1863g Studied at Jefferson College, New York College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Berkeley Divinity School. Second Lieutenant First Virginia Volun- teer lnfantry during the Civil War. Professor at Trinity since, 1883g Rector of St. Johnls Church, East Hartford, since 1869. Author of reports on poor law administration and prison reformg also of numerous magazine articles on vagaloondage, political venality, pauperism, drink, etc. Robert Baird Riggs, Ph.D. Scovill Professor of Chemistry and Natural Science , 35 Forest Street B.A., Beloit College, Wisconsin, I876g Ph.D., Gottingen. Chemist for United States Geological Survey, 1884-7. Professor of Chemistry, National College of Pharmacy 1885-7. Contributor to The American Chemical journal The American fournal of Science, and other journals. TCH E IV Y Vol. xxxvl 'VN F5259 Q41 Frank Cole Babbitt, Ph.D Professor of the Creek Language and Literature 65 Vernon Street B.A., Harvard, l890g M.A., l892g Ph.D., 1895. Fellow of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1895-6. lnstructor in Greek at 1-larvard, 1896-8. Pro- fessor at Trinity, 1899-. Member of the 'American Archaeological Institute. Member of the American Phil- ological Association. Author of "Greek Grammargn also papers in American fournal of Archaeology, and in Harvard Studies in Classical Philology. 'Charles Lincoln Edwards, Ph.D. j, Pierpont Morgan Professor of Natural History 89 Buckingham Street B.S., Lombard, 18843 B.S., lndiana, 1886, M.A., Indiana, l887g Ph.D., ljeipzig, 1890. Fellow in Clark University, 1890-2. Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Texas, I892-3, Adjunct Professor of Biology, same, 1893-45 Professor of Biology, University of Cincinnati, 1894-1900. Member of the American Society of Natural- istsg member of the American Morphological Society, member of the American Folk-Lore Societyg President American Folk-Lore Society, 1899. Socio Corresponsal de la Sociedad de Ceografica y Esiadistica Mexico: Socio Honorario de la Sociedad Mexicana de Historia Natural: Socio Honorario de la Sociedad Antonio Alzate. Afuthor: Bahama Songs and Stories fvol. 3 Memoirs American Folk-Lore Societyjg many papers in technical journals and monographs on biology, embryology, etc. Wilbur Marshall Urban, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy 74 Vernon Street Graduated from Princeton: Ph.D., Leipzig, 1897. Studied at Jena and Leipzig and was reader in Philosophy in Princeton and Professor of Philosophy in Ursinus College. Member of the American Psychological Association and of the American Philosophical Association. Has contrib- uted largely .to philosophical journals and reviews. 1909 TRINITY CGLLEGE S2sQJ T y xgJ Henry Augustus Perkins, M.A., E.E.. Professor of Physics 27 Marshall Street B.A., Yale, 18965 M.A., Columbia, 1899, EE., 1899. Has published articles in the American journal of Science, Scieniijic American, Electrical Worlrl, etc. Karl Wilhelm Genthe, Ph.D. Professor of Natural History Z4 Sumner Street Graduated with certificate of "Maturitas" from St. Thomas' H Gymnasium " at Leipzig, Germany, lB9lg Ph.D., University of Leipzig, l897. Private Tutor in Boston, Mass., l898-93 Instructor of Zoology at the Uni- versity of Michigan, 1899-1901, Instructor of Natural History at Trinity, l90l-3g Assistant Professor, 1903-7g Professor, 1907. Member of the American Society of Zool-:gistsg Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Author of various articles in English ancl German in scientific periodicals ancl of some articles for the Encyclopaedia Americana. Gustavus Aclolphus Kleene, Ph.D. Professor of Economics 90 Atwood Street Graduated from University of Michigan in l89l. Studied at the University of Berlin and Tiibingen, at Columbia University ancl the University of Pennsylvania, receiving his Ph.D., from the latter institution. He worked -for two winters for the Charity Organization Society of New York City. He was assistant in economics at the University of Wisconsing Instructor in Economics ancl Social Science at Swarthmore College, and Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. I-le is a frequent contributor to the Annals of the American Academy of Polilical and Social Science. T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI S2sQJ ?sQ3T E Frederic Robertson I-loney, Ph.D. Instructor in Drawing and Descriptive Geometry 778 Broad Street Received a Marine Engineer's Certificate from the London Board of Trade in 1871, and his Ph.D., from Yale in ISS5. I-Ie was Instructor in Smith College, Sheffield School, and in the Yale School of Fine Arts. I-Ie is the author of A' Linear Perspective," also of numerous articles in scientific periodicals. Joseph Devine Flynn, PLA. Professor of Mathematics I 45 Washington Street Graduated from Trinity in lS97. Instructor in Mathe- matics at Professor Stearns' School and at Hartford Public High School. The Rev. Cranston Brenton, MS: Professor of the English Language and Literature 73 Vernon Street BS., Trinity, 1899. Graduate of the Berkeley Divinity School, l90l. MS., Trinity, l902. Minister in Charge, and Rector of All Saints Memorial Church, New Milford, Connecticut, I90I-1904. Assistant Professor of English, Trinity College, l904-l906. From l906, Professor of the English Language and Literature at Trinity College. 1909 -TRINITY COLLEGE 5fsQt 'WNW The Rev. Elmer Truesdell Merrill, M.A. Professor of the Latin Language and Literature 71 Vernon Street B.A., Wesleyan University, 18815 MPI., 1889, Squire Scholar, Wesleyan University, 1881-825 Tutor in Latin, Wesleyan University, ' IBB3-869 graduate student, Yale University, 1885-865 University of Berlin, IS86-875 Pro- fessor of Latin, University of Southern California, I887- SSQ Professor of Latin, Wesleyan University, ISBS-I905g Professor of Latin, Trinity College, I905-. Professor in the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, 1898- 99g acting chairman and secretary of the Managing Com- mittee of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, l899g chairman, I900-OI: President of the Amer- ican Philological Association, I905-06. Member of vari- ous Iearned societies. Editor of "Selected Fragments of Roman Satiregn " The Poems of Catullusf' "Selected Letters of The Younger Plinyf' Author of many articles in philological and archaeological periodicals. Charles Edwin Rogers, C.E. Professor of Civil Engineering I7 Vernon Street Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1896, Engineer and Con- tractor, I896-I90Ig Instructor Lehigh University, I9OI- t904g Professor Mathematics and Civil Engineering, Clark- son Memorial School of Technology and General Engi- neering Practice, 1904-053 Professor Civil Engineering, Trinity, I905-. Member of Sigma Xi, and of the Rens- selaer Society of Engineers. Horace Cheney Swan, M.D Director in the Gymnasium It Lincoln Street M.D., Tufts College Medical School, 19035 Instructor Histology, Harvard Summer School, I903-53 Director of Gymnasium, Wesleyan University, I903-55 Medical Di- rector and Instructor in Gymnasium, Trinity College, I905-. Physical Director of Y. M. C. A., St. Johns- bury, Vt., 18905 Y. M. C. A., Newton, Mass., 18995 studied Springfield Training School, I897-I898. raft T I-I E. IV Y Vol. XXXVI 5Q E y mQJ Arthur Adams, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English 22 Jarvis Hall A.B., Rutgers, I90Zg A.M., 1903, Ph.D., l905, Yale. Instructor in English at the University of Colorado, l905-6. Afssistant Professor at Trinity, 1906-. Member of the Modern Language Association of America. Author of H The Syntax of the Temporal Clause in Old English Prosegn and also of notes in Modern Language Notes. The Rev. Arnold van Couthen Piccardt I-Iuizinga, lVI.A., B.D. Instructor in German BS., College of Groningen, 1895, served as non-commis- sioned officer in the Holland Navyg studied and taught in France, Germany, and Englandg came to America in l900, devoting himself mainly to the study of philosophy and social sciences from the standpoint of Christian theology. From l905-6 Instructor in French in State University of Iowa. Instructor in French and German at Trinity College, I907-. Engaged in study of "Authority's Function in Life." The Rev. Isbon Thaddeus Beckwith,Ph.D., D.D. Resident Lecturer in Biblical Studies I4 Seahury I-Iall B.A, Yale, 18685 Ph.D., Yale, 1872. Tutor in Greek, Yale, l870-l872 and 1874-1879, Student in the Univer- sities of Giittingen and Leipzig, 1872-1874, Professor of Greek, Trinity College, 1879-I898g Professor of the Liter- ature and Interpretation of the New Testament, General Theological Seminary, lS98-l906. Member of various learned societies. I909 TRINITY COLLEGE fS2Q T W Roscoe James Ham, A.M. Professor of Romance Languages 83 Allen Place Graduated from Harvard IS96. Studied at Harvard and University of Berlin, I897-99. Instructor in French, Casca- dilla School, Ithaca, New York, I899-I9OIg Instructor in Modern Languages, Bowdoin, l90l-03, Assistant Pro- fessor, 1903-06, Professor, 1906-07, Trinity, 1907-. Member of the Modern Language Association of America. Raymond Garfield Gertell, lVl.A. Professor of History 74 Allen Place B.A., Ursinus, 1903, Graduate Student University of Pennsylvania, 1904-1906, lVI.A., I906. Instructor in His- tory, Ursinus College, 1902-1905, Instructor in History and Economics, Bates College, I9O6-19075 Professor at Trinily, I907-. Member of American Historical Asso- ciation and of Afmerican Academy of Political and Social Science. Edgar Francis Waterman, M.A., LI...B. Treasurer I2 Seabury Hall B.A., Trinity, I898g M. A., Trinity, l90Ig I..I...B., Col- umbia, l90l. Secretary University Club of Hartford. Zl s-QA T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI VN William Newnham Carlton, M.A. X Librarian The Library MA., Trinity, I902, The Reverencl' Henry Ferguson, LL.D. Lecturer in History Concord, N. H. Edwin Collins Stone, M.A. Assistant in Chemistry 40 Allen Place Clarence Canfield Stirling Instructor in Shop-Work F 66 State Street JZ' QR J' 'C' Q' v-'sk Q .4 W, , 3, aff? mr 1f,fN,q9,p"4 ...Q , f"'J'?r IO0' f 1, f C? QR V ,vw 4, xx' aim, x ff h I Q-f':wf-Sv 5, 2,253 + m , , 1' ff W -1- ,X ,L-71'?:k1?tuy Hz, 'ff 1 '5 viltbrli '7f:i'CQ:x-r I u,-gfh ' '+I J' u I .-ff A I M fimmvspffff I if 1 " mf- 'Fri' Q1 X-xt! 3: 111-fE1,,ef'n,' P 9, xy if S 'lull f 1 'fl ff 'IE ffl wh 'QXU1 D ,v FW. 1 Syl: 5 'V fwfr C1141 u 'W , 4 C222 mn lu 1 A u Y - . , . ' "Z" :L ::. - i Q' "Qs, 2 1 f 1-M I - ,ga 5 V E ja-', 1 ' y X 4 'VN 19' 'EI T? . I-Q, -wfhf .. ls, 3114--,,.s"j1 1 P53515 f I ' jg? - ' I-., ing' H -'UE"5f'?' .h ' ' ll. . '- 'iifffl ff V , .uv .nn - .,- ..- . , .-- . , 1.7-7' ,. .A 'TW pg . N 1'r'..' -, "".' .-. .1 ' -" ' 'lffw .g ,A g: 'i-'ffl .wcivi ff.-'V .' '- .-2 "Vi-we , '-4":- 'rf ln.f'55E'f" 25 " -. ' :-- 2":!L . 1-yy. 1- , . yell. Lb!-fig. 4533? V '-:Zia 'W .1 iff fat 52? FT' 'ff , , ' 'v sp-.,I' : g. 2'.'5 nr'fQT: V ' .. - 4- - , . , -:: -f.. 1 . ' 'Gif' .ii . "'9","f F2212 A941 L .-' 'ff.,'..., I if GL' 3 ffl' -:L ' ' '-,"7 ' 2P2'.4.f' . ' Q f Il 4 In Il y ll ' ' Il Y Il ll IIIIII ll: , x 'I n , 4 + u , , D . , i f , L 1 ' , W Z4 ' T H E IV Y Vol. xxxvi Q 'VN y i6QxJ Grahuaiv Svtnhvniff Frederick Augustus Grant Cowper University of Geneva, Switzerland Phillip Dougherty . . Columbia University Harvey Lathrop Thompson . Trinity College Svprrial Svtnhvnin Archer Wilsey Beclell Q . . Chappaqua, N. Y. Daniel I-line . . Hartford, Conn. , fx-Ljxbx X X7:L xx W I 'M - The Senior' X Q W 'sz A E! ' 0 26 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI 5 yxy X323 IHIIH 'Qiainrg HE. freshman historian boasts of the victory of his class on St. 1-it Patrick's Dayg the sophomore chronicler tells how well his QX d M class has trained the freshmeng the junior scribe generally forgets to hand in any history at all, or if one is presented he tells of the U glorious junior promenadeg H the senior r I L f does not write a tale of victory, but rather a lamentation, r,.. - 4 T ,'., A as . 5,0 5 aw? ? 1 1 limi' : 4,5 bewailing the fact that his play days are almost over and his life work is about to begin. Although the proverb says, H NEVER CRY OVER SPILT MILK,,, one must allow the senior to weep a little, for his day of glory is almost over and he will soon become a freshman in the college of reality. H The young," says Aristotle, H look forward in hope, the old live back- ward in memoryf' So we seniors look backward on our college life with most pleasant memory. We came here boys: we go out men. The change has, viewed altogether, been a very happy one. Although we may have chafed a little under our fresh-man restraint, still I believe we had a good time even in the darkest hours of our servitude. It is not meant that the young should boast of their achievements, but we who are the old men in this little college world of ours should be allowed' to sing the praises of our H golden agef, A recital of our athletic victories would be monotonous, so suflice it to say that we have contributed to the various athletic teams more 'varsity men than any other class in college. We have lived in an age of collegiate revolution: we are about to die in a period of academic peace. As freshmen We 'helped inaugurate a new presi- dentg as sophomores we saw the scholastic standard for athleticsg as juniors we rebelled, but in vain, against a general rise of ten per cent in the passing mark, and thanked our stars that we had passed freshman mathematicsg as seniors We welcomed the largest entering class that the college has ever had, and wisely ruled the largest body of undergraduates in the history of the institution. We soon pass out, our places will be filled, and not even a ripple on this busy stream will mark the place We once occupied. It is one of the most distressing 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE Z7 ff-Nxgy if things of senior year to know that no matter how large or small you were, or thought you were, in this college world your placeswill be taken, and' the paper, club, or team will go on Without a tremor. We are, at present, the holders of the lemon squeezer, having been awarded the precious heirloom by the class of nineteen hundred and six. It will soon be our duty to pass it on to the most deserving class under us in college. As our mark on the college life we leave two new customs, which will, we believe, soon be traditions. The first, that of compelling the members of the lowest class in college to Wear a conspicuous cap by which they may be identified at all hoursg the second, the H sophomore smoker," an entertainment given by the sophomores to the college, to create enthusiasm for our spring contests. Our history is almost finished, our last examinations are approaching, our class day and our commencement are at hand. We soon step off the top round of the scholastic ladder and begin our long climb on lifeis stairway. Our class will scatter back to the four corners of the earth from which, four years ago, we were gathered by this college mother and each one will take that position in life that fate has assigned. We have been loyal and true undergraduates, we will be more loyal and more true as alumni. e i Q , "TI-IE GYM" 28 T H E IV Y Vol. xxxvi y s5?Q1 Sminr Gilman, 19115 Ollwaa Glnlnrzi Purple and White Ollzuasa 13211 Noughty-eight! Rah! Rah! Noughty-eight! Rah! Rah! Hoo-rah I l-loo-rah! Trinity! Trinity! Rah! Rah! Rah! Noughty-eight! Noughty-eight! Noughty-eight! Qmtirrra Glhrisimuu Efrrm Harvey Clark Pond .... President Karl Augustus Reiche . Vice-President Thomas Mitchell Phillips . Secretary-Treasurer James Oliver Morris . . . Historian Cflrinitg Efrrm William Rich Cross .... President LeRoy Austin Ladd . . Vice-President Robert Wesley Stevens . . Secretary-Treasurer William James Ryland . . Historian Blames Brewster, WY Warehouse Point, Conn. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE V 29 y'Ef illemhern nf Thr Svvninr Gilman, 15113 William Howard Bailey Manchester, N. H. T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI y Grosvenor Buck, AXP Cheshire, Conn. Football Team f2, 3, 45 Bern Budd, AKE New York City Freshman-Junior Banquet Committeeg Football Team KZ, 3, 4-jg Sophomore Dining Cluhg Class President Q, lst termjg Business Manager 1908 IVYQ Underclass Hockey Teamg Junior Prom- enade Committeeg Marshall's Aidelg German Club Q3, 455 Varsity Hockey Team Q3, 4D Paul MacMillin Butterworth, IKA New York City Class Secretary-Treasurer QZ, lst term, and 3, 2nd termjg Sophomore Dining Cluhg Secretary- ' Treasurer Missionary Society Q53 President Mis- sionary Society C3J5 Editor-in-Chief of Tripod GJ Treasurer of Tripod C413 Representative I. P. A. C3, 41 l909 TRINITY KW W Louis Buths, AXP Football Team fl, 2,5 I908 IVY Boarcl Ralph Evelyn Cameron, AACIH Flishkill-on-I-Iuclson, , Basketball Team C2 ' S J, ecretary Debating Club Q, 355 First Mackay-Smith lvlatliematical Prize CU' F tb ll Sq , oo a uad C313 Glee Club Q21 Charles William Collins, QIJFA East Greenwich, R. I. Basketball Team fl, 215 Track Team 12, 31 Football Team Q, 41 COLLEGE 31 s6?J Hartford, Conn. N. Y. 32 A .T H 13 IV Y Vol. XXXVI S639 'VN y 5xgJ V Wil-liam Rich Cross, AAG' Auburn, N. Y. Tripod Board Q, 3, 415 Managing Editor C515 Editor-in-Chief Q415 German Club fl, 2, 3, 415 President Q415 Afssistant Manager Baseball Team Q15 Manager Baseball Team Q315 Mandolin Club Q3, 415 President Musical Association C415 Sophomore Dining .Clubg Secretary-Treasurer Junior Promenade Committeeg Class Vice-Presb dent Q, lst term, and 3, 2nd term15 Athletic Nominating Committee5 Athletic Advisory Com- mitteeg Dramatic Clubg Senior Honorary Society 5 Class President f4, 2nd term1 Frederic Joseph Corbett, QFA Hartford, Conn. Hartford Admittihir Prize: Class Baseball Team U15 Manager of Class Baseball Team U15 Hol- land Prize U15 Debating Team Q15 Secretary of Debating Club Q, 315 Assistant Business Manager of Tablet Q15 Business Manager of Tablet Q15 First Prize in Alumni English Com- position f3, 415 First Prize in Whitlock Orator- ical Contest G15 Phi Beta Kappa , Edwin Joseph Donnelly, fIDI'A Brooklyn, N. Y. Football Team fl, 2, 3, 415 Captain Varsity Football Team C415 Basketball Team Q, 3, 415 Captain Varsity Basketball Team Q3, 415 Base- ball Team Q, 315 Track Team Cl, 2, 315 Cap- tain Class Football and Basketball Teams5 Sophomore Dining Clubg Vice-President Politi- cal Club f315 President f41g Senior Honorary Societyg Junior Promenade Committee, Class President Q, 2nd term15 Athletic Nominating Committee 1909 TRINITY COLL 5 QQWSES' James Kirtland Edsall, AAIID Minneapolis, Minn. Sophomore Dining Clulag Tripod Board Q55 Sophomore Smoker Committee Q59 Assistant Manager Track Teamg Vice-President Mission- ary Society C355 College Cheer Leader C355 Class Vice-President C3, 2nd term5g Managing Editor of Tripod C353 Junior Promenade Com- mittee f35g Manager Track Team C353 Athletic advisory Committee C355 Senior Honorary Society Jacob Lott Hartzell, IKA York, Pa. Entered Junior Year from Princeton University: President Missionary Society C45 LeRoy Austin Laclcl, BCDH, IKA Washunga,Okla. Entered College from Leland Stanford, Jr., Universityg Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Tab- let Board Q55 Literary Editor of Tablet EGE H QZESMQQ If wi, puffy? ff, ff f . .M-L-r-:-nsnf-,wi1',if1 f offchw , :wi 421' 99 1' v, is ,,4,1- inf-,g,w Z, , V ,4 .fd . L,.::,L , .1 4' ' 144-2:21 ,L We -1-0 su. K .if'21Z1l.? . . ' "" f ""':'5Z 721' 'f' 4,241-1'-t2.n . ,: . V , ffv.-4,Mpf,,f4g. f... .. fl, 7,1 f , V,:ff:,.1pg4-4- q. pjw :fp em-1',:1fE':a11y me 4 ' 1 sw", -1? "M V -' -I -, is ., ,. ., ,ZWQX ,- . V 4 X .9 W4 W , 4 WW? f if lg? ' f I1 a 7 y 4 1 1 1, , f ff gg 1, ffzjwf iw ,fy v 1 I 1 f fu V' f C1 1 M f f M J f Iv f Q, 4 1417 5 fe, Wx ,5,, it r ,,,.ig, my, .14 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI tb all Herman Francis MacGuyer, AKE Waterbury, Conn. Sophomore Dining Clubg Second Baseball Team f2, 313 Captain C355 Assistant Manager Basket- ball QQ: Manager Basketball O15 Class Base- ball fl, 219 Captain U53 Class Basketballg Sec- retary-Treasurer Political Clubg Secretary-Treav urer Class C31 Charles William McKone, CIUFA Hartford, Conn. Holland Prize Scholarshipg Phi Beta Kappa James Oliver Morris, 1I1Y Pittsburg, Pa. Class Football, Track, Baseball, and Hockey Teamsg Second Baseball Team CZ, 353 Hockey Team CZ, 3, 455 Captain Hockey Team Q3, 455 Track Team fl, 2, 3, 455 Junior Promenade Committeeg Gemian Club Q15 Sporting Editor l908 IVY: Class' President K3, lst termjg Athletic Advisory Boardg Athletic Nominating Committeeg Manager Football Team Q41 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 3sQ3 yQTSf y Horace Bigelow Olmsted, AKE East Hartford, Conn. Class Track, Baseball, and Basketball Teams: Varsity Track Team fl, 2, 3, 4,3 Captain Track Team K3, 419 High Hurdle Recordg Junior Promenade Committeeg Sophomore Dining Clubg Varsity Basketball Team C3, 4,5 Senior Honor- ary Society, Class President Q, 2nd term, Thomas Mitchell Phillips, QBK East Hartford, Conn Mandolin Club fl, 3, 453 Douglas Prize Q, 39, Second Goodwin Greek Prize fljg Holland Prize Scholarship GD: Business Manager Trinity Table! Q03 1908 IVY Boardg Class Secretary C4, lst termjg Phi Beta Kappa Harvey Clark Pond, AKE Hartford, Conn. Class Basketball and Track Teams, Captain Class Track and Basketball Teamsg Vice-President of Class Q13 Varsity Football Team fl, 2, 3, 4-DQ Varsity Basketball Q, 3,5 Varsity Track Team fl, 2, 313 Sophomore Dining Clubg Secretary Athletic Associationg Athletic Nominating Com- mittee f3, 455 President Athletic Association QD, College Marshall: Senior Honorary Society, Class President Q4, lst term, 35 x6-143 36 T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI fQ 5y ?mZ3 DeWitt Clinton Pond, AKE Hartford, Conn. Class Track Team, Varsity Track Team Q, 3, 455 Holder of Two-Mile Record, Tablet Board Q3, 45g Editor-in-Chief of Tablet Q45 Howard Samuel Porter Hartford, Conn. Varsity Track Team CZ, 35, College Pole Vault Recordg Class Track Teamg Class Basketball Team Giles Deshon Randall, AAKID Meriden, Conn. Baseball Squad U53 Baseball Team C253 Man- dolin Club Q, 3, 455 Sophomore Dining Club b 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 37 ts wsgwy www Karl Augustus Reiche Hartford, Conn. Class Football Team fl, 21: Class Vice-President Q4, lst term, Harold Edward Robbins, CIPFA Hartford, Conn. l904-6 Instructor in Physics at Hartford Even- ing High Sclxoolg l906-7 Laboratory Assistant in Jarvis Physical Laboratoryg l907-8 Assistant Instructor in Physics William James Ryland Amsterdam, N. Y. 38 T H 12 IV Y vol. Xxxvr y sQJ Henry Irving Skilton, AXP Waterbury, Conn. Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 455 Assistant Manager Musical Clubs CZ, 353 Manager Nlusical Clubs f45g College Choir fl, 2, 3, 45, College Quar- tette C3, 459 Class Historian G55 Political Club C25 Hockey Team G55 Underclass Hockey Team U, 259 Glee Club Q, 3, 455 Secretary Tennis Association C255 Manager Class Basketball Team U55 Class Basketball Team fl, 2, 355 Basketball Squad fl, 253 Class Football Team 0.53 Class Baseball Team f25g Class Tennis Team Sopbomore Dining Clubg Varsity Track Team U, 2, 35g Varsity Football Squad fl, 359 IVY Board C359 Junior Promenade Committee C355 Tablet Board Q53 Literary Editor 135g Alumni English Prize 1353 Press Club fl, 2, 353 Ger- man Club f2, 3, 45, Senior Honorary Societyg Nominating Committee T. A. A. C3, 45 Robert Wesley Stevens Hartford, Conn. Martin Taylor, A111 Yonkers, N. Y. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 39 5 'VN wQxZ3 Leslie Burton Waterhouse Hartford, Conn. lgolitical Club Q, 3, 413 Treasurer Political Club 47 Ralph Reecl Wolfe, AAYID Bloomfield, Conn. Glee Club f2, 41g Trfnily Table! Q, 3,7 Aller- nate on Debating Team QZDQ Editor-in-Chief Tablet Board O13 Editor-in-Chief 1908 IVY QD: College Choir Q, 333 Press Club CZ, 3,41 Henry Slater Wilcox, QIJBK Little F-alls, N. Y. Second Mackay-Smith Prize 40 T H E IV Y Vol. xxxvr - Svunwtimv illivmhvrn Cleveland Harvey Buell Beach . Charles Warren Bonner . Elmer Hilton Chase Herbert Giles Chase Henry Ernest Edenborg . Herbert Marshall Geer . William Henry Gilbert . Clarence Rogers Hardcastle Perley George Haskell . George Whipple Hubbard Ralph de Lancey Hyde Arthur Wa-tson Lake Clinton Leroy Mack . William Francis Madden . Raymond Jewett Maplesden Herman Thomas Morgan . Walter Off . . . Wallace Walter Ozone James Jellis Page . Francis Peter Rohrmayer . Frederick Stevens . . Charles Lamb Trumbull . Frederick Wamersey . Gilbert Rogers Wentworth David Robbins Woodhouse Gerald Manning Wrisley . Robert Mosely Yergason . Frank Zoubek . . Boston, . . Hartford, . New Haven, . . Hartford, . Hyde Park, Warehouse Point, Mass. Conn. Conn. Conn. Mass. Conn. South Glastonbury, Conn. . . Emporia, Kan. . Newburyport, Mass. Providence, R. l. . Buffalo, N. Y. . Waterbury, Conn. . . Windsor, Conn. South Manchesvter, Conn. . New York City, N. Y. . . Hartford, Conn. . . Peoria, Ill. . Hartford, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . . Seattle, Wash. . . Chicago, Ill. . New York City, N. Y. . .i Ha-rtford, Conn. . Wethersfield, . Windsor, . Hartford, Conn. Conn. Conn. . Westchester, N. Y. O. V J S W Luiw NE K X 'W fn 'Z WL 'WE IX x i Q XM f,W..gQ?ghxif5'g-if W xx N N E A Q- ,....g,md X W NY X YV 'N 5' x .QNX 3 p X X X Q Mx l J f Q. U! K NN? 1 Q NX ? " 'v ' WX WU-H K V L'-If XXX Qx. Egg , XmwM miilu m W . The Jumor' WM ff T 'W . 'N , 17 1 4 A ' .' R ' I. N V if ,N x 1, KAW' AMW f L- 1 Q Z5 Xl. !"'f ff . " ' X 'fl' MW 'P " ,- X - Q K d Q x A ., - - w r.. . M ,f 1:5 ' - XX, .Gi 'I .1'fg5'-gE Q , I A ' xg Xm g Av I-S I L l IIKQTYA -'r' ' ' ' rr, ., 1, 5- ' ' ll-' .' S i - - . 'H - ., f 1 ' f.. W" F- ,X Q--., AXA t A "f.,Q.'f'f,? - x'1Nvr A 'O - A' ,- ' I . ,A - X ' 4 .- , " . "ff ' 4 I' -' -. .. . L., M M .X 1.1.-. H- . '-A X 'NN ', lx xx M.. " 7 lx . 1 ' , 2.. Z Sq-X J ga ' UIQ: N LL! -- "l' U 5"' A ' x. , ff" -. . X ' N X XX 5 L-4 " . . ,M 1 ' X , - , u '.' f I f---A 2' . 'QM X 4. .KP X' X W ' . 4-I Rx Q- , - W.. yr- , ff! X X ' Ll NN .I W ' 1. V- . N9 1 ' -.' U Y 'f!72iiIQ Y.-,' fx ' JH A l X : . - X. X 'Q .I A .4743 I N X ' ' 94' . 5. X ' . -X 'if 'fl' I .IN Yi! ' N X. X .4 Iii, Q: Q x X3 mu! ,ll 9, .9 X , . 1 I H 'u-. ' x N X X, Nihillup xx n . y E 1 F X w 1. . X- -- . 5. H ...- X X ' 1533- - X xx QM. iv. I , N W x. X .4 f X . l- liiiax-' - - . N ti - " ' M Y. X ' X. X QKXN. A Q 0 o o O V , 'S'-mul . 2.03, ,, ff' 1 . fffh 'ul , ' 'fv. The junior I-list'ry Man perforce Admits he's had no hist'ry course, So for this task is not prepared. At first, in fact, he quite despaired Of writing anything at all By which his class-mates might recall Events which will forever shine As deeds of glorious Nineteen Nine. But if you'll offer clemency, And overlook his tendency To boast about his mighty class, I-le'll try to tell what came to pass When Nineteen Nine came on the scene Of action on the campus green. The early fall of Nineteen Five Found walk and campus quite alive With sixty-two new men in line The Freshman Class of Nineteen Nine. That autumn passed as autumns do, With hazing-bees-yes, quite a few. We were not fresh, but customs old Must be observed. ln night's still cold We ncuckooedf' harked at stars, and sa Hg, IHHH lgintnrg And through the air our school yells rang. The shout of H Freshman Banquet," too, Was yelled by sophs who thought they knew The time and place, and much was tried To break it up. We take some pride In thinking how we did the trick, For all acknowledged it was slick. New Britain welcomed us to tovtm, And at the Russwin sat we down With Nineteen Seven as our guests. We banished thoughts of marks and tests, Enjoyed ourselves, and came home late, Despite the efforts of Nought Eight. Two short months later Mid-Years came- Our first exams-we played the game With fair success. ln truth, our marks Made all quite sure that we were sharks. Saint Patricks Day next held the stage- The day when Fresh and Soph engage. The night before, we billed the town With posters, then we wandered down And slept upon the Arm'ry floor. That morning, with a thirst for gore, The class to Bushnell Park did march, Zlnninr Gilman p To cheer beneath the big brown Arch, Where some, in spite of soph and cop, Had placed our banner on the top. Then later in the day we won The campus rush. When that was done We looked for other things to win, And strong self-confidence set in. We had our chance when finals came To show to all that we were game. They never phased us. With stout oars We paddled through as Sophomores. The next September we returned, And all the class with fervor yearned To try our hand at training youths, And teaching them collegiate truths, As H Don't sit on the college fence," For sad will be your recompense, "Don't go to I-leub's," " No snowballs throw," And other things that they must know. November came, and banquet plans Were whispered 'mongst the Freshman clans, But some were careless, news cropped out, Nucl careful plans were put to rout. The whole committee then we took, And stowed them in a secret nook. We let them out upon parole- They broke it-all save two then stole To Waterbury-blessed town!- And on their heels We followed down And raised a row, caught seven men- Which much dismayed the Class of Ten- And these, in ropes and paint arrayed, To Hotel Elton did parade. That night a Waterbury cop On six collegians got the drop- An item of our history That still remains in memory! The night before Saint Patricks Day We tool: the Freshmen's breath away By snatching posters, brush, and paste, Which in an instant went to waste Beneath the wavelets of the Park. The freshmen then, while yet 'twas dark Essayed to hang their banner out. For five long hours, with labor stout, They tried in vain to get it done Before the rising of the sun, 44 T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI bf VN VNS! For sophomores to all points clung And bothered them. At last 'twas hung. They won the rush-the freshmen's right- And thus was waged our last class fight. Our Soph'more Smoker came in turn, When all in college came to burn Their pipes, and fill the Hall with smoke, And listen to the song or joke Of those who entertained. Old grad, And senior, junior, soph, and lad Gt freshman rank-they all were there, And smoked, and sang, and filled the air With college spirit. All agreed In giving smokers we succeed. In May we foiled disaster dire, For then occurred the college fire, When grads, and citizens, and profs, And upperclassmen, fresh, and sophs From drenching book-stacks saved the books, And piled them up in drier nooks. When June came 'round, we passed in force The second milestone in our course, Quite proud of what we'd done before Our underclassman days were o'er. To college we returned again As Juniors, striving to maintain An upper-classic dignity. No more we showed malignity Toward any class. Protecting wings We spread o'er N Fresh " in many things. When underclassmen had their scraps We stood aside and watched, perhaps, Or, with an air of nonchalance, Ignored the fast and merry dance That sophs led fresh, or fresh led sophs, As we'd ignore misguided profs Who'd give cinch courses-cursed things Alt which the slothful oft take flings. One night in late December last The class was served a great repast At which the Freshmen were the hosts. We ate good food and drank some toasts To " Nineteen Nine," "Eleven," too. The Allyn House, our rendezvous, Reechoed late with cheers and songs. Much credit to that class belongs Which entertained us at that feed. ln all else may they thus succeed. Now, hesitation fills the scribe To sketch the glory of the tribe Of Nineteen Nine in Junior Week. The dictionary does he seek To find words suited to express The grandeur of this great success. Now, here's "magnificent," and "fine," But these two words do not combine In well presenting to the eye lts elegance. lt's vain to try. With teas, with germans, concert, dance, We did our utmost to enhance The pleasure and the gaiety Of Trinity society. The crowning glory of it all Came last-a gay and brilliant ball- The Junior Prom. Ah, such a one! A vast amount of praise it won. The Hall our black and orange wore, And many colors on the floor Were blended in the Prom Girls' gowns- A sight to chase away the frowns From e'en the faces of the lads Who had conditions. Prom Week adds A grain of pleasure to the life Of him who's lost in Mid-year-s strife. We danced all night, and none gave thought To time. At last, the end was brought By near approach of morning's dawn. Our Junior Week was past and gone. ln March we gave the Junior Dance- Departure new-which may, perchance, Become a custom once a year Ere Lenten season does appear. And now, we here present to you This final work that we shall do As juniors. May this " IVY" prove A pleasure. It will well behoove That all should keep attentive eye On Nineteen Nine, for we will try Still greater things to do next year As Seniors. Now, a rousing cheer! Let all join in with hearty yell, "Long live our Trinity!" Farewell. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 45 Sf5s3J T y t5QJ Elnninr Gllaan, 19119 Qllsum Matin Semper agens aliquic! Gilman Glulum Orange and black Qlluma 13211 Breckety-kex! Coax! Coax! Breckety-kex! Coax! Coax! That's the kind! Thaitis the kind! Trinity! Trinity! Nouglmty-Nine! Gbiiirrra Qihriuimaxa Germ Paul Roberts ..... President Robert Lowell Mason . . Vice-President Alexander Wellington Creedon . . Secretary-Treasurer Cmeorge Edward Elwell, Jr. . . . Historian Efrinitg Umm I-lenry Otto I-linkel .... President Elmer Christopher Seymour . . . Vice-President Eclwarcl Kilbourn Roberts, Jr. . . Secretary-Treasurer William Stuart Buchanan . Historian 46 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI lu Memoriam Zlivith millnughhg nf th: 651855 nf IEIIIEI liliihn met his hwtlg hg Drumming, Zlulg Zizuzntg-nixtlg Ninvfem -igunhreh muh 5211211 I909 TRINITY COLLEGE S2sQJ j8Xf fiW mvmhrrn nf Ihr Zlnninr Ollewa 47 Paul Humphrey Barbour, IKA Hartford, Conn. Mandolin Club C259 Tripod Board fl, 2, 359 First Mackay-Smith Mathematical Prize Q13 First Mathematical Prize in Church College Competitions QD Williaim Stuart Buchanan, Jr., AKE Class Baseball Team fl, 25g Class Basketball Team QD, Class Football Team fl, Zjg Second Baseball Team fl, 235 Second Basketball Team C355 Secretary Political Club, i907-S3 Class Historian C3, 2nd termf George Sumner Buck, AXP Cheshire, Conn. Football Team Cl, 2, 35g Sophomore Smoker Committee, Junior Promenade Committeeg Man- dolin Club UD, Second Baseball Team Q25 Brooklyn, N. Y T I-I E IV Y Vol. XXXVI 48 is 'VN T y Q Clinton Jirali Backus, Jr., CDFA St. Paul, Minn. Entered Junior Class from University of Minne- sota, Football Siquad C31 Corwin MacMillin Butterworth, IKA New York City Tripod Board fl, 2, 319 Secretary Tripod Board fl, 215 Alumni Editor 12, 315 Mandolin Club f2, 31 Robert Mason Cadman, AXP l-lartforcl, Conn. Track Team fl, 2, 315 Glee Club Q21 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 49 lSf'sQJ jiWeQT s5QJfiNf sQ Hollis Smith Candee Hartford, Conn. James Stratton Carpenter, Jr., IKA Pottsville, Pa. Class Historian Cl, 2nd termjg Class Secretary- Treasurer C2, lst termjg Sophomore Dining Club: German Clfub CZ, 35g Secretary-Treasurer C319 Crlee Club Cl, 2, 353 Mandolin Club Cl, 2, 3,5 Leader Mandolin Club C3J, Cresignedyg Assist- ant Football Manager C3jg Chairman Junior Promenade Committeeg Missionary Society Cl, 21 Harold Nathaniel Chandler, ANP Fitchburg, Mass. Goodwin Greek Prize Cljg Holland Prize Scholarship CU, Class Baseball Team Cl, Zlg Freshman Banquet Committeeg Sophomore Dining Clubg Vice-President of Class C233 Glee Club Cl, 2, 31g Leader of Glee Club C315 Tripod Board CZ, 31 I I 50 T H E IV Y Vol. XXXVI TSfQ jiW y x5-Q15 Leonard Jerome Dibble, AKE Bethel, Conn. Track Team Q15 Football Squad fl, 215 Class Secretary-Treasurer Q, 2nd term1g Assistant Business Manager Tablet C313 Secretary-Treav urer Junior Promenade Committee C31 William Dwyer, Hartford, Conn. Indoor Track Team U15 Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Class Vice-President Q19 1909 IVY Board Junior Promenade Committee: l909 IVY Boardg Tripod Board Q15 Class Track Team C21 Welles Eastman, AALIP St. Paul, Minn. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 51 f VNS' s5Qf Michael Augustine Connor Hartford, Conn. Manager Class Baseball Team fljg Captain Class Basketball Teamg Varsity Baseball Team fl, 2, 35 5. Alexander Wellington Creedon, CIJFA Hartford, Conn. Sophomore Dining Club: Assistant Basketball Manager GD: Mandolin Club fl, 2, 3Jg Leader of Mandolin Club G05 Junior Promenade Com- mitteeg Secretary-Treasurer of Class Q35 William Christian Deppen, AACIJ Shamokin, Pa. 52 T H E IV Y Vol. xxxvl ZXE'?s-?J T y s-QQ! George Edward Elwell, Jr., AXP Bloomsburg, Pa. Class Tennis Team U55 Class Basketball Team fljg Trinity Tablet Board fl, Zjg Assistant Bus- iness Manager of Tablet Qjg Sophomore Smoker Committee C215 Glee Club QL Class Historian C3, lst 'termlg Editor-in-Chief of 1909 IVY Burdette Lee Farnham East Hartford, Conn. Elliott Stanley Foote West Hartford, Conn, l E I909 TRINITY COLLEGE 53 lSfQ m Everett Selden Geer, Jr. Hartford, Conn, Frederick Thomas Gilbert, CIHFA Nlontville, Conn. Class Track Team fljg Class Basketball Team UD , 1 Henry Carleton Goodrich, AKE Glastonbury, Conn. Sophomore Dining Clubg Class Football Team f2jg Class Baseball Team fl, 2,9 Freshman Banquet Committeeg Glee Club fl, 2, 33g Manager Musical Clubs Qjg German Club OL Junior Promenade Committee T I-I E. I V Y Vol. XXXVI 54 William James l-lamersloy,1I1Y l-lartforcl, Conn. German Club fl, 2, 353 Secretary of German Club Q55 Tripod Board fl, 2, 33: Hartford Aclmittitur l?riie Karl William Hallclen Torrington, Conn. Lewis Gilclersleeve Harriman, WIIY Windsor, Conn C-lee Club fl, 2, 335 Tripod Boarcl CZ, 353 I909 IVY Boardg Goodwin-I-loaflley Scholarship: Soph- omore Dining Club 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 55 23te5QJ jiW y Q Henry Otto I-linkel, IKA New York City Sophomore Dining Clubg Sophomore Smoker Com- mitteeg German Club fl, 21: Junior Promenade Committee: Class Historian 12, 2nd termlg Class President Q, Zncl termj Arthur Sobesl-ti Kean, IKA Wash. Entered junior Class from Hobart Collegeg l9U9 IVY Board 1 William Gilbert Livingston, AXP Detroit, Mich. Class President fl, lst termbg Glee Club fljg Class Football Team fl, 2jgTripod Board fljg Assistant Manager Baseball Team CZJ, fre- signedlg German Club fzjg Sophomore Dining Clubg Junior Promenade Committee I 56 T I-I E IV Y -Vol. XXXVI gS11s?J 5Sfss?JKNfy s5lQ1 Perley Sherwood McConnell, AXP T C-roveton, N. I-l. Stephen Essex McGinley, AKE New London, Conn. Sophomore Dining Clubg Mandolin Club fl, 2, 355 Leader Qjg Class President Q, lst termjg Assistant Manager Baseball Team C259 Manager G15 Toucey Prize Scholarship Q33 Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Class Baseball Team QD Manager Class Football Team Cljg Varsity Foot- ball Team fl, 2, 35g Vice-President Class C3, lst termfg Class Football Team f2Dg IVY Board C313 Holland Prize Scholarship QD: Mackay-Smith Prize fljg Completing College Course in three years Robert Lowell Mason, 'DFA Hartford, Conn. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 57 S2QJ 4QfSfQjiNfQ T ?Q Harry lrl Maxson, NIIY Galveston, Texas Football Team fl, 2, 35g Track Team C255 President Class fl, Zncl termjg Second Baseball Team CD5 Sophomore Dining Clubg Chairman Sophomore Smoker Committeeg Junior Promenade Committee: Treasurer Athletic Associationg Class Football Team fl, 254 Captain Q59 Class Track Team fl, 23 N Charles Eugene Morrow, CIJFA l-lartforcl, Conn l Class Baseball Team UD: Hockey Team CZ, 3Dj Baseball Squad Henry Oliver Peck, AACIH Pittsfield, Mass. Tripod Boarcl UD: Circulation Manager of Tri- pod f2, 33 9 i i i N 58 .Ssk2?J v Edward Kilbourn Roberts, Ir., WY ' Assistant M-anager Track f3Dg German Club T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI 53' Q Woodforde Hamilton Plant, AKE Gardiner, Maine Assistant Advertising Manager Tripod 12, 319 Business Manager of l909 lVYg Class Football Team QL Representative N. E. I. P. A. QD New Haven, Conn. Team C255 Manager Paul Roberts, WY Hartford, Conn. Sophomore Dining Clubg Football Squad Ql, 2, 315 Glee Club fl, 2, 319 Hockey Team fl, 253 Track Team fl, Zig Class President Q, lst termjg Class Football Team fl, Z1 I909 i TRINITY COLLEGE 59 . Elmer Christopher Seymour, AKE Suffield, Conn. Glee Club C353 Class Vice-President Q, 2nd termj John Bowie Shearer, AKII North Grafton, Mass. I Tablet Board fl, 2, 333 Sophomore Dining Clubg Class Football Team fzjg Class Basketball Team CU ' Bayard Francis Snow H Wakeield, R- I- Class Football Team QD! Football Squad QD 60 T I-I E IV Y ' Vol. XXXVI Alfred Joseph Stafford l'l21rtf01'Cl, Conn. J Eclwarcl Jones Vaughn, AXP Waterbury, Conn- Class Basketball Team fl, 259 V909 IVY Board Class Baseball Team Cllg Class Basketball Teamg Glee Clubg Football Team fl, 355 Track Squaclg Varsity Baseball Team fl, 2, 355 Captain Base- ball Team Gly Junior Promenade Committee C35 I Israel Loucks Xanclers, AXP Broken Bow, Neb. 909 TRINITY COLLEGE 1 6 1 Snmrtimv iliirmhrra Joseph Page Aleshire Lewis Cnibbs Carpenter Walter Edward Claussen . Thomas Robert Clendinen William Cassatt Coleman . Harold Bracken Dye Keyes Christopher Gaynor Hamilton Hall . Leo Griswold Hall . . John Caldwell Hart . William Augustus Henshaw Joseph Birney Kilbourn . Walter Franklin Lakin . Charles Parnell Mulcahy . Byron Edwin Newton . Frank Chase Rich . . Laurence Bigelow Reineman Carlton Alvord Rosa . Jonathan Starr, . Keith Willoughby . Washington, D. C . Detroit, Mich. . Hartford, Conn. . Coytesville, N. Saranac Lake, N. Y. . Newark, N. . Sioux City, Ia. West Hartford, Conn. . Chicago, Ill . Taunton, Mass. . Brooklyn, N. Y . Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn . Hartford, Conn West Haven, Conn . Auburn, N. Y . Pittsburg, Pa Ctloversville, N. Y . Terryville, Conn . Buffalo, N. Y ff -: r I ' ,I U "-Virfiuf' Lf, Um I-LMHUIQ 6 sf -wrE5"MF""""'4waw 'kffffw 'Y Y :W 1. Q . 'Z A Q Rgwwq X Ng 'v 1 1 Q f f ff Iifwgf Z g if fig H ff! 1 Q ,.,niQ ,f 6 a Q 4 F Ai il . Q MMKWI MV fgfiff Irma? .111 5. T A19 Njfg if-4',Jv ji, K ,QMJ-,,,., 5f'11:si!q'1h1: 4 AQ-5 As, A- 111g gs if i ll -5 Q19 3 in. -U1 1 i -45: l g,-I, E gl 14 " , it--Bl! -1 -1 A A 1? ,i : ff s'..:s?-:-- --Q- ' 5l?i, 1 Mz"SS he .Soph f -Y-,S X if FZ -fig, ' 715 X Q J, ? ! ,f " " V :a 91, ., I U V .- .J 7 ., - ,- A su f, I -,-d, . , A A . - , :'4'?'ff' ' .'- 1- - ' 2.507 ' - x V -- ' 1 2 A i'.??f"7'- f - ff- 1 Win ?'-T:-" ' , " ,V-. 5 : 7 , '1E.,,.-. '. 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'l vimpifdhv HEN, in the fall of l907, the fifty-four remaining members of the Class of l9l0, meandereld back to the campus, we ft felt much like a crowd of supernumeraries. Through ten U Q3 months we had prostvated ourselves at the foot of a sopho- moric throneg in the long winter days we had been herded - together and snow-balleclg for a year we had furnished the howl at nightly performances of U The Paddle." H l-low long? H we wondered, H how long will this continue? " Bu-t the sigh was lost on the air-we could not override traditions made permanent by years, we could not burst like an over-tigh-t thong, we must continue to howl. That howl, peculiar to say, has become a goodly part of the noise at Trinity. Listen, then, to a bit of ir. On Bloody Monday night we continued the time-honored custom of rushes, accomplishing the almost unprecedented thing of winning both the bulletin board and push rushes. The baseball game with 1911 we won by a score of 4-33 the football, 6-03 and the track meet - l -!! Just at this time there came a three-cornered fight between the Freshman class, the Faculty and lthe Class of l9l0, resulting in the temporary exile of four of'us. Be it remembered, though, that this enforced holiday was given simply to establish a precedent, and therefore the exiles are worthy of a place with Aristicles, Cimon, Themistocles, Dante, Alighieri and a host of other immortals. As soon as they had returned ffor we waited their arrivalb another precedent, or cus- tom, to be specific, was established. On the evening of December l9th, the first Sophomore hop was given, some forty couples attending it. The Sophomore smoker, too, was given, a gathering that made Alumni Hall look like a cross between Pittsburg atmosphere and a London mist. We could run on this way for pages, but our space is limited, and we hasten to record the last facts. The football captain belongs to this class, so do five members of the baseball team, six of the track squad, and a number of the musical club. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 65 Sfke9?J 4iWsQJfiNfQ sQJ There! You have 'hearkened to the noise! Mark you, it was from the throats of fifty-four men, but it sounded like one voice. Some wonder if the Class of 1910 is a prodigy or a Frankenstein-we leave you to judge. We only ask you to keep it fresh in your memory, the question we asked at first- from the rise of the undergraduate curtain last September to its fall next June, H Who is stage-managing this cosmic show? H fiswe o xiffi'-fv -Y gp -3,-5.-. . K4 , QL , 'q 'sale "UB 'qgtrffmrit 5' 66 T 1-1 E IV Y vor. xxxvr S2tQ,'S WsQ1Ty Q Srnphnmurv Qllawa, 19111 Ollsuan Olnluraa Gray and maroon Qllawa H1211 Ray! Ray! Ray! Ray for Ten! Ray for Ten! ' Trinity! Trinity! Nine-teen Ten. Ql5HiIP1'5 Glhriztxnaz Glrrm Henry Smith Marlor . .... President Arthur Lindsay Potter .... Vice-President Ambrose Spencer Murray, HI. . . Secretary-Treasurer Richardson Little Wright . . Historian Urinitg Glrrnr Jerome Pierce Webster .... President Joseph Groves . . Vice-President George Cleveland Capen . . Secretary-Treasurer Richardson Little Wriglut . Historian CLASS OF l9IO Gilbert Brown . 68 T H E IVY , Vol. xxxvl IS2,.5Q,1 fe'SXi 5Y s5Q3 Members nf tthr Svnphnmnre Gilman, 15111 Raymond Conklin Abbey . Harold Oscar Arnurius . Charles Hobby Bassford . Frederic Bishop . . John Edward Brown George Cleveland Capen . Fred Donald Carpenter Francis P. Carrol . David William Clark John Booth Clark . Raymond Cmuede Coghlan . Hobart Wells Smith Cook John Richard Cook, Jr. . Cneorge William Eugene Draper William Spaulding Eaton . Harry Foster Ferguson . Aaron Fien . . . George Seymour Francis . Charles William Cuamerdinger Nelson Hall Gildersleeve . Douglas Gott . . Harold Chamberlain Cree.. Joseph Groves . Sturges Harmon . William Henry Harris . Arthur Bartow Henshaw . Cyril Bathurst Judge . Frederick Steinfort Kedney Arthur Kline . . . Chester, Conn. . Windsor, Conn. . Nutley, N. . Louisville, Ky. St. Catherines, Cnt. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Bloomfield, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . Rosebud, S. DL . Rosebud, S. D-. . Newark, N. Chamberlain, S. D. . Centreville, Md. New York, N. Y. . Nashua, N. H. . Adams, Mass. . Hartford, Conn. Wethersheld, Conn. Poquonock Conn. Gildersleeve, Conn. . Boston Mass. . Hartford, Conn. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . Chicago, Ill. West Hartford, Conn. . Brooklyn, N. Y. New York, N. Y. . Fargo, N. D. . Hartford, Conn. 1909 .TRINITY COLLEGE 69 Archer Eben Knowlton . August Herman Leschke . William Frederick McElroy Henry Smith Marlor . Ralph Howard Merrill . Lucius Augustus Merritt, Jr. Henry Conrad Neff . William James Nelson . William George Oliver Ewald Qlsson . Arthur Lindsay Potter . Henry Edward Rau . Herbert Le Roy Richards James Riordan . . Edward Warren Ripley . William Reynolds Ripley . Carroll Milton Robertson . John Henry Throop Sweet, Ward Slawson . . Albert Marston Smith . Irving Wright Smith Wilbert Austin Smith . James Farley Townsend . Benjamin Floyd Turner . Jerome Pierce Webster . Richardson Little Wright . s6Q . Hartford, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. Manchester, N. H. . Brooklyn, Conn. . Pittsfield, Mass. . Windsor, Conn. . Adams, M-ass. South Woodstock, Mass. . Emmorton, Md. South Manchester, Conn. Saybrook Point, Conn. East Hartford, Conn. Glastonbury, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . Brandon, Vt. . Brandon, Vt. New York, N. Y. . Hartford, Conn. Sloatsburg, N. Y. . Berlin, N. H. Wethersheld, Conn. . Syracuse, N. Y. Atlantic City, N. Glastonbury, Conn. Plymouth, N. H. Philadelphia, Pa. m THEIVY SMQZW5iFQZ?533QQ?5i55V Sfnmrtimr illlvmhvrz Horace Richardson Bassford . Lester Allen Bosworth . Edward Gabler . . Edward Thomas Langford William Edmund Larned . Horace Dwight Marrtin . Clinton Jesse Muncie . . Ambrose Spencer Murray, 3d . Walter Carlton Rich . . . Robert Keney Skinner Leon Stansfreld . Basil Leighton Steel . William Francis Waldron Howard Arnold Willard . Vd.XXXVI Q2Q5iBQQ2 . Nutley, N. I . Hartford, Conn . Brooklyn, N. Y . Yonkers, N. Y West Point, N. Y . Auburn, R. I . Babylon, N. Y New York, N. Y . Melrose, Mass . Hartford, Conn . Syracuse, N. Y . Newton, N. J . Hartford, Wethersheld, Conn Conn ll xf 'WF lk mf' EWWD Q wyhgvgs-. Q -QZF...-..1'-i Vf-'-"-i-' -- 5 35:53- The lriieyh 7 wg 7 7' ? Q n R 2 . - fl .X 7 --XX 'Q '2 if f H I if-37519 xl -I -.-'.' ' -2. I3 f - , .- A -Q'-f fa-:.: f "' L2L2C2!!..'E!5fi:.,'1Z?.f::L?:1!!!!J.!.fUg r mms:-,251 y 'I t A' fi s n xxsxfv n1umA5g W , nf ff f Nj a 4' -'VW4 If fy 'f' V ..., V17 Ar ff f If f P X ., y X sz 4 , . n 1 . . C I LA. O O 72 T H E IV Y , vor. XXXVI Sfa5Q1 TsQJT'fy myJ Freshman Gllans Lgintnrg, 1911 Enters nf as Sarlf-mails Statment In his illilniher EAR MA. October l. Now I'm at a regular collidge. This is all different 'ini from our own dear village. Everyone wears their hair with square corners at the back, and they made me take off the L 'SZ Hoppy locks that used to cling over my cheek-bones. Some of the teachers wear black panties all the time, and coats thiat come down to their knees. It is likely that they have done this for some years, as the panties look it. Wh'en I told the fellows about kissing Clementine at the depot -they all began to laugh, and said something about being 'asleep at the switch. The other night we all went to High-blinds, which is a cafe. Everyone began to drink. I thought of you and Pa and Clementine, and said, U No, thank you,', but they all said, U Be a good fellow," so I took Wurtz- berger, because of the song we used to sing at the sociables. The song was right about it Howing. It flowed for about an hour, then flew to my head. We drove out to College in -a low-necked cab. I am finishing yesterday,s letter on what is now tomorrow. I have been here a week, and am looking forward to the beginning of my college work. There has been no time yet. This morning I saw a professor with a blue collar. I thought it must be I was color-blind, but they said no, it was Greek art. I must close now, as I have to go to bed while my pants are being pressed. It's all right-everyone does it here. Your loving son, - JONATHAN EDWARDS SIMPLIN, 191 I. 1909 TRINITY coLLEc.E 73 iS2WcJ T y s DEAR MOTHER. December 20. I have had no time to communicate with you since the first of October. Circumstances have combined to make it quite impossible. I feel that the pas- toral life of my native village is not suited to the development of my character. The world lies before me. I regret very deeply that Clementine and I must part. It was one of those boy and girl affairs which a man looks back to with a smile and perhaps a tinge of regret. It is my sincere wish that she may marry a man of her station in life. Let me tell you of the social life. Yesterday we gave a dinner to the gen- tlemen of the Junior Class. Today I realize that it must have been very enjoy- able. I am having four or five suits made. A man must keep up, you know. Please tell the neighbors if they want to come and see me to come at night. Teach Father not to eat with the side of his knife. You only have four years to break him in for Commencement Week. He is old and stubborn, and this is none too soon. Your cultured progeny, JOHN. r a r-ff 'W 74 T H E 1 v Y vol. xxxvi iltrnahmzrn Qllamz, 1911 Gllama illniiu Festina lente Ollzwia Gtnluru A Gray and blue Gilman 15211 Rah! Rah! Eleven! Rah! Rah! Eleven! Rah! Rah! Trinity Nineteen Eleven! Qbflirerz Qlhrizimaz Gfrrm Blinn Francis Yates .... President Alan Thaxter . . . Vice-President Herman Stumpf Murray . Secretary-Treasurer Louis Kofsky ..... Historian Etrinitg Ulrerme Alan Thaxter .... , . President Clarence Edgar Sherman . Vice-President Pau! Maxon . . . Secretary-Treasurer John Howard Rosebaugh . Historian CLASS OF l9l I William Burr Gibson 76 T 1-1 E IV Y vol. xxxvi Si-?J'VN y XI5yZl Ilimihmztn Gllaaa, 1911 Walter Ellsworth Batterson William Gabriel Berman . Elmer Barnes Blackman . William Allen Bottomley . Frank Judson Brainerd . William Whitaker Buck . Arthur Worthington Bunnell Vere Gerald Burdick . Hasel Hill Burgwin Joseph Oliver Carroll . Sherman Cawley . . Harold Nelson Conover Christie Albert Clark . . Thomas James Conroy, Jr. Ashley Lyman Cook . William Waters Cotter Alexander Keith Davis . William Chapman Dewey Eugene Hoffman Dooman Arthur Cornwallis Eaton . Gustave Alexander Feingold Philip James Flanders . Leon R. Foster . Arthur Lloyd Gildersleeve Stephen William Green Stanley Poole Grint Sherman Orton Haight . Sherman Post Haight . John Willi'am Harrison ,. Levi P. Morton Hickey . Asa A. Hollings . . New York, N. Y. . Hartford, Conn. . West Hartford, Conn. South Glastonbury, Conn. . Portland, Conn. . Cheshire, Conn. Norwich, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. . Pittsburg, Pa. . Pittsfield, Mass. . Hartford, Conn. Pt. Pleasant, N. . Lee, Mass. . Hartford, Conn. . Hadley, Mass. . Hartford, Conn. Middletown, Conn. . Memphis, Tenn. Wakayama, Japan . Pittsfield, Mass. . Hartford, Conn. Rochester, N. H. South Manchester, Conn. , Utica, N. Y. . Portland, Conn. . Bar Harbor, Me. . New London, Conn. . Pittsfield, Mass. Brooklyn, N. Y. Torrington, Conn. . East Hartford, Conn. . Hartford, Conn. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 77 Harold de W'olfe Hotchkiss Alfred Howell . . Harold Clarence ,Iaquith . Harold Edwin Jones . George Thurman Keyes . Wade Hunt Knowlton . Louis Kofsky . . Charles Moulton Konvalinka Paul Maxon . . Thomas Lynn Morris . Herman Stumpf Murray . Richard MacDonald Nelson Willard Oakley Pease . Nelson Frederick Pitts . Harlan Dickinson Pomeroy James Porteus . . Frank Rice Prout . Alfred Ely Pulford . Earl Blanchard Ramsdell Harry Kollock Rees John Davis Reichard . John Howard Rosebaugh Charles Tarbox Sanford . William Oliver Sanford . Sheldon Beardsley Shepard Clarence Edgar Sherman . William Converse Skinner, Jr. . Allan Kellogg Smith . C-ordon William Stewart . Paul Herbert Taylor . Alan Thaxter . Allan Judd Welton John Walter Woessner Bernon Tisdale Woodle . Blinn Francis Yates . Harold Wheelock Young . Clarence Stoll Zipp . Thomaston, Conn. . Uniontown, Pa. . Hartford, . Winsted, Conn. Conn. . Hartford, Conn. Riverdale, N. H. . Hartford, Conn. Cedar Rapids, Iowa . Detroit, Mich. . Pittsburg, P a. New York, . Albany, N. Y. Ni. Y. . Lee, Mass. Ballston Spa, . Hartford, . Hartford, East Springfield, South Tacoma, . Lee, . Hartford, N. Y. Conn. Conn. N. Y. Wash. Mass. Conn. . Fairplay, Md. . . Erie, Pa. . Hartford, . Hartford, . Illion, . Brockton, . Hartford, . Hartford, . Portland, . Hartford, . Portland, . Hartford, Corpus Christie, Conn. Conn. N. Y. Mass. Conn. Conn. Conn. Conn. Maine Conn. Texas . Norberth, Pa. . Buffalo, N. Y. Leavenworth, Kan. . Hartford, Conn. ES Og , wi ZS 6 ORY BOARDMAN HALL OF NATURAL HIST Q 80 THE IVY Vol. XXXVI y Q iflnral ilkatrrnitg nf El. li A. Ariine Qllvmherz FOUNDED, I829, AT TRINITY COLLEGE I IHIIE Paul lVlaclVlillin Butterworth Jacob Lott Hartzell LeRoy Austin Ladd IHUH Paul Humphrey Barbour James Stratton Carpenter, Jr. Corwin lVlacMillin Butterworth Henry Otto I-linkel Arthur Sobeski Kean 15111 Raymond Conklin Abbey James Farley Townsend Gilbert Brown ,Benjamin Floycl Turner 1511 ' Harold dewolfe Hotchkiss William Converse Skinner, Jr. James Porteus Clarence Stoll Zipp l l 1 1 .I 14, H. na? 4 X v 7 -,ill 'Hr . W , ,. z E ' ' AI- , uf .. , ,WI-4 :',,-- ., .,- A ..'. 4 J , " 1 . ,,.,' I ful' 1, 1 r nu.-'n ,..'- u .x .. - .-, ,. 1 , W I , 4 wk n 1 ' ,- r ' " 'v ,H klf 'U K4 I ll! I M L 4 .Jn v w w-, 'ull'-r I 4 ' A N 1 ' M1 1 A A JH W A W lun -' V. '--'v- Ixl w Vw- A . Mu . nam--7 V 1- - FQ.. f ' ,pi-"Al I E 3f f'f1g.3'1u -1' ff . ., 7' ' jg iw 5 'in' "xx A 'V ,, u 4 ' v w ., X 1 Tv 'A 'i ,K f , .r'- 1, ,' ' J1 ' 7 - ", m 4 , n .,'-'T' 41- 4 , -Y 'V - ' ,-. , f T. " Y -1 ' 1 N I , , . . A7 sl U, ' w 5' iz' V ' '- y .L-. 1: W -1:7 1 - ' I Y, ". f f x Q5 X4 , f' 1 U ,4 , g m 144' E - :AX '.'Q 5 WRX W'?Q52q:M-,.3w,4wf . - - ' ,V " ' 'Ji .,in!iJ5:ii.?f.,,..v W 1 1 , ' ' "" A'-222' XIV?--. - - . , H -4. ..1.- 1 1 , I . 5 1 , w , X fl fa . Q ' ,M-+5 7, P ' .M :.. 'L -131 -Af' -sv " , . ioif wq L A " '11 ': ' A . f' ffSTLflf'55-an g"fZ Q... it 12-Y" x J , ff, al, . W ' lf, n 'fu X QL , ' 'V X -. I 9' ,414 . . V , I, . fi I ..--L 1, ' -si. N 'E' E , P5 -F-I ' , x H" 1 7 ' H if .za 54 .Q 1. 'f' w -'l . -'Sa 1 1 Q- ' 1 D I v 1 , 1.2 f N . wr "P- -A 'atb-if if yy , f Q , . .- n :Q , -J V H - . - . , - , j - Mijn.:-wi 1 1 M V - 5 317 ,1 , V, .- , , - ,.-,.:r ., ' " 'm L' '.-,u,-p"r,- .. Y I I , , Y l - ju., ,L . 4 ,K-1'-H IJ ,M P, . 1 , 4 - . . V ,'A V -,,g ' .jew 'Mt' 1' fi! f. - x H -' ,- . .:,:.E:,, vp,- . w- .' " ' .3 f .' :,"'? '.E:,F', - "1 " " 'w 'AL' , 3 - H, H 1 fa , Yin, gf Y-'r1LLU1F :" " f -Tb , ,., .4 it Q ' R , gi 4' ' -.,5- ul- -- 1 N I A . , F-,V .1 D Wwrtm .. . , ,5:5:.j::,? T' 5.7 - -- rf: , ' .,l -. ' l 'W' 1.41 :L y -1?:"'.:?- T 1 ,. M., ,L , , :if A , . 154155. jg: ' . ' ' .. , . 1"'."' 1 251231-'f 1' W - . I., L A ,ff -Ff'-'.'- '- vv'-' Af' , r- 1- ,- I-1 W ,N , 1 ,il ' 2'-M' LA"v.n-I..:v:-i:,jg':j: , , .. 512' .-, ,Q - fig-9'-1-4 'H '- f I 4 , - ' '.- .3115-f-'. 1 1 'Hg H M, 1 gag., I-E-,. - Lp!! -I - ,- ,gnu : ' w-H ii? Ji:-V-3 l.. Vjlf- it , ' . iff' "" '1""j 1--ni, c., , ., , v , -1 w1 - --7,5 .M .'a':,.-I--I-.v!,:1.i . it 'nf . x thx . - Y 1 ." , I- f ' 3, ,: i-' ' f . ' I, ix. . I -2 ,fm l , 1 P - ,Q ' ' " '7 " mv- ' , 17: L - I 'v"' 4 , - X , 1 Ha . 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Secretary and Treasurer John Henry Stevens Quick William Sterling Cogswell William Claiborne Brocklesby William Converse Skinner James Stratton Carpenter George Watson Beach Charles Erling Hotchkiss l-lobart Warren Thompson Ernest de Fremery Miel Arthur Collins Graves Thomas McKean Charles Luther Burnham T H E IV Y Vol., XXXVI y .Qf' - Grahnate illiemhrrz 31. QC. A. I a'Ablaolt, C. W., '49 ,5Abbot, P., '49 ,5Adams, C. Z., '39 :f'Aclams, R., '49 "'Allen, E. T., '4l Anclerson, A. H. W., '0l Andrews, C. MCL., '84 'fAnistaki, J., '37 Pfrveclson, A. E., 'OI '5Ashe, B., '30 :'Backus, C. A., '52 Bacon, F. S., '99 '1'Bacon, W., '46 Balcewell, J., '59 Barbour, H. G., '06 "'Barbour, H., '73 Barclay, R., '80 Bartlet, H. P., '72 'Y'Bayarcl, W. H., '41 3Bayley, R., '35 Beach, E.. S., '83 Beach, G. W., '80 ',5Belclen, N. M., '48 Benton, R., '97 'l5Benton, M. F., '58 Boller, J., '06 :FBond, J., '40 :"Bonclurant, W. E., '63 Bowman, C. W., '87 J5Brainercl, N. L., '43 5FBranCler, H. M., '45 'FBranclt, L., '49 "Brewer, W. L., '38 ,5Brinley, E. H., '49 Brinley, Cu., '01 Brinley, P., '47 4' Decea Cd Broclclesby, A. K., '70 Broclclesby, H., '65 Broclclesby, W. C., '69 8Brownell, T. S., '35 mBucl'xanan, J., '53 AgBull, W. M., '39 Burnham, C. L., '98 Burrows, F. Cn., '05 '5Butler, M. N., '44 '5Calclwell, C. E., '82 :5Campbell, G., '30 Canclee, H. S., '93 Carpenter, S., '79 Carpenter, T., '88 Carpenter, R. H., 'Sl Chapin, D. D., '56 Chapin, W. M., '74 ,5Cl'1apman, C. R., '47 Clapp, F., '55 Clark, A. M., '77 ":Clarlc, E. S., '65 "FClark, R. M., '45 Clement, P. W., '68 Coggeshall, G. A., '65 Cogswell, Cn. E., '97 Cogswell, W. S., '6l Cole, J., '02 Cole, S., '02 Collins, W. F., '93 ,FComskoclc, C., '38 aconynglxam, C. M., '59 'FCossitt, P. S., '45 '5Cowling, R. O., '6l Cozzens, H. G., '03 'l'Curkis, W. E., '43 '5Daves, Cn., '57 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE S2se2!'J '5i.W Davies, W. C., '60 '5De Forest, Cu. A., '55 '5De Lancey, T. J., '40 "'Delano, F. R., '65 Deming, W. C., '84 Dewell, F. W., '0l De Zeng, E., '40 4'Dick, lVl., '54 'FDiriclcson, l... l..., '4l '14 '5Dorsey, W. H. I., '39 Downes, l.. T., '48 "5Driggs, T. l., '48 ""Dyer, A., '70 Ellis, G. W. D., '94 Erwin, B., '76 "'Erwin, R. G., '74 Evans, S. K., '95 '5FaXon, E., 47 a'Ferrill, W. C., '78 '5FooKe, I., '42 "Franklin, E.. C., '54 Furrer, A., '07 "Gadsden, C. E., '54 ""Gadsden, A., '50 Gallaudet, B. B., '80 '5ClallaudeK, Thomas, '42 a'Gardner, H. Cx., '65 "'Goclclard, F. MCD., '96 "'Corclon, O. K., '58 '5Cowen, F. C., '82 Graves, A. C., '9l "'Craves, C. E., '50 Graves, D. C., '98 Graves, Cn., '49 Graves, H. S., '92 Graves, R. S., '94 "'Gray, W., '72 Gray, R. W., '98 Greenougli, W. H., '06 '51-lale, C. F., '47 Hale, C. S., '62 3 Deceased 'Fl-lalsey, A., '57 ""l'Lamilton, H. C., '5l Hamilton, I. K., Jr., '9l I-Iardcastle, C. R., '08 I-larclee, C. H., '8l 'El-larris, T. L., '4l Hart, H. G., '07 'Fl-lasell, B. D., '49 'fl-lasell, l... C., '50 Hawley, F. Nl., '6l "FHazlel1urst, C. H., '42 Hazlehurst, W., '51 'Fl-lfazlelxurst, R., '4l 'l"l-lenry, F., '34 '5Hewlett, S. H., '74 Heycleclcer, H. R., '86 "'Heyward, F., '48 Hill, C. H., '02 Hill, F. T., '05 Hinlcel, F. C., slr., '06 xl-loaclley, C. bl., '51 Hollister, B., '84 Holly, A., '9l '5Hopson, E.. C., '64 Hopson, G. B., '57 Horton, P. A., '68 Hotchkiss, C. E., '82 Hovey, H. E., '66 Hubbard, G. A., '94 Hyde, T. MCE., '90 xlngalls, T., '52 "5Jaclcson, R. E., '45 flarvis, S., '57 "Johnson, E. P., '65 johnson, W. F., '66 Jones, C. E., '05 glories, C. H., '55 '3'Kel'logg, H. L., '56 Kenyon, I. R., '07 "Ken John, '43 'FKing, H. W., '56 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI aww y Q mLaml9erK, D., '36 aLansing, C. A., '66 Leaken, W. R., '80 '5Le Roy, A. N., '42 Le Roy, J., '69 '1'Le Roy, T. O., '42 Lilienthal, H., '86 Lynch, R. Le B., '90 :FM-ack, E., '71 '1'Mallory, G. S., '58 Mallory, R. l-l., '92 ,FMallory, W. H., '60 Mann, E. J., '04 M-aplesden, R. J., '08 Marble, F. P., '82 'f'Marshall, J., '42 Martin, H. D., 'l0 Mason, A. T., 'Bl 'FlVLatl1ewson, J., '46 McConihe, A., '88 McConil'xe, M. S., '92 Mcconilie, W., '90 ,5Mclntosl1, H., '53 McKean, T., '92 McKennan, De F., '76 McLemore, M. C., '89 '5Meecl'1, H. J., '42 Miel, E.. De F., '88 ,5Milla.rd, A. B., '36 '5Miller, N., '47 "'Moffett, G. H., '78 Moore, C. E., '76 D. S., '64 Morgan, G. B., '70 aFMoore, Morgan, W. D., '72 'FMorgan, W. -F., '37 Morrill, C. A., '67 '5Mowry, D. S., '67 Naylor, H., '06 Nelson, H., Jr., '86 ',5Nelson, W. B., 'Sl Deceased 'gNicl'xolls, G. H., '39 "'Nicl'1ols R. W., '33 Noyes, A. H., '89 Olmsted, F., '84 Olmsted, W. B., '87 ,'Overlield, L., '55 Paine, J., '92 Paine, O. T., '96 algaine, R. T., '32 ""Pardee, D. W., '40 Parks, S. H., '82 Payne, W., '61 xpeake, C. F., '42 Peck, C. C., '02 Peck, R. E., 'Ol Peck, T. M., '80 aljeck, W. E., '7l Pellon, C. H., '05 xperkins, L. H., '34 Peters, G. E., '50 3 Peugnet, L. D., '93 xplielps, S., '32 Pond, L. M., '06 Porter, A. T., '02 Potter, L., '96 xpowell, E.. F., 'Ol "'Proctor, C. H., '73 Quick, G. A., '94 Quick, H. J., '98 Quick, H. S., '58 Quick, W. F., '92 Richards, H. L., 'l0 Richardson, L. W., '73 Richardson, R. D., '7l '1'Ripley, P., '47 :"Robertson, A., '54 Rodgers, G. W., '87 Rodgers, R. E. L., '87 "'Rogers, R. C., '45 Rowland, E., '57 xsargeant, G. D., '5l "'Sawyer, l..., '50 Saou, E. G., '57 '5ScudCler, C. D., '75 Scudcler, E. M., '77 A'Scudder, H. J., 46 Scudder, H., '91 '5Scudder, T., '54 Scudder, W., '89 Sedgwick, W. R., '84 Shannon, W., '87 Sheldon, E.. A., '02 '5Sherman, H. B., '38 Sherman, l-1. M., '77 '5Sherwoocl, W. B., '36 A'Shipman, P. W., '82 Short, A. C., '03 '5Short, W., '69 a'Singletary, Cl. E. B., '46 Skinner, R. K., '10 Slcinner, W. C., '76 '5Small, E.. F., '74 '5Smith, C. H., '36 "'Smith, H., '74 '5Smyth, W., '52 Starr, J., '56 "'Starr, S., '29 Stedman, R. S., '63 ""Stirling, W. H., '44 a'Stone, A., '44 Stone, 1... H., '87 Story, O. J., '01 '5Stoughton, N. C., '38 "'Sumner, A. E., '61 Sutcliffe, A. B., '06 Sutton, E. B., '76 Taylor, C. E., '92 'FTaylor, F. L., '43 Taylor, H. E., '96 a'Taylor, W. F., '44 "'Terry, C. E., 'Sl ""Tl'1omas, G. H., '41 Thompson, H. W., '83 '5 Deceased 909 TRINITY COLLEGE lSH.QfV"N y .5-QA Tim., A. s., 'oo rroda, C. J., '55 '1'Towles, Townse "FTracey, ""'Tracy, 'Flqudo r, Vlsu rner, W. A., '46 nd, C., jr., '03 W. D., '42 j. R., '39 H. B., '50 J. I-I., '38 "Vail, T. H., '51 "Venn Zandt, C. C... 51 '5Van Zandt, W., '29 '1'Varley, C. D., '41 Wainwright, F. C., '88 Wainwright, M., '95 '5Wainwright, W. A. M., '64 '5Wait, T., '36 a'Waring, C. M., '36 Warner, l... F., '85 "'Warren, E. l., '80 Warren, G. T., '90 '5Warren, M., '32 "'Warren, W. 1-1., '34 Warren, W. H., '90 Washburn, L. C., '81 ""Way, A., '37 "Webb, E. C., '75 '5Webb, W. E., '40 Webb, W. W., '82 Welch, 1... E., Jr., '86 '5White, G., '54 White, R. A., '81 "'Wiggin, A. l-l., '68 Willard, D., '95 Wimbish, S., '06 "Wolcott, F. I-l., '86 a'Wolcott, S. G., 747 "Wood, I-I. S., '71 Woodbury, T. C., '71 Woodward, G. A., '55 "'Woodworth, F. A., '80 Wright, Wright, A. E., '88 M. R., '91 T H E IV Y Vol. XXXVI so SEA y 5xQJ Uhr Q-Tllrattvrnitg nf Evita Iam Founded in IS47 at Columbia College and University of New York Alpha Delta Epsilon Lambda Phi Upsilon Sigma Tau ZKuII uf Clltapirra . . . Columbia College . University of Pennsylvania . . Trinity College . Williams College . University of Mississippi . . . University of Virginia . Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University . Massachusetts Institute of Technology .f1:iX?.yV:x!M H ' lv-, -Q, 'ffl xg. ily 3 ,fxlligggggipli 455 Se- P4 0:31 if Kw .uw ffm 349 Q lkx 4 N. '0 J A-3.Eg.fgQ5Ql, A: LA V gf 'Alf "nn-qi. U.-gy? Tcl? vw , be X fa, .Jim ,ff ' 4' 'K - Euler, PH fm' 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 87 ? 5fDNf y w,Q Uhr Epailnn Qlhsmtrr 1558 Evita Hai Ariiur illllrmhvru Chahuairia Cranston Brenton Robert Habersham Coleman Martin Taylor Harold Nathaniel Chandler George Edward Elwell, Jr. 15II5 William Gilbert Livingston John Bowie Shearer Israel Loucks Xanders Raymond Guecle Coghlan John Richard Cook William Reynolds Ripley Walter Ellsworth Batterson Frank Judson Brainerd William Chapman Dewey Arthur Cornwallis Eaton ' Sherman Orton Haight 15111 1511 Henry Smith Marlor Ambrose Spencer Murray, III. Edward Warren Ripley Sherman Post Haight Charles Moulton Konvalinka Paul Maxon F Herman Stumpf Murray Richard Macdonald Nelson Q, oifiwgfify ,5QJ T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI Grahuate illllemhera Betta 355i Allen, E. S., '93 Allen, W. B., '04 Allyn, A. W., '61 C. A., '82 Appleton, E. D., '80 Appleton, l'l. C., '86 '00 Atkinson, G., '64 Austin, W. M., '98 Appleton, W. B.. Arundel, Bacon, R., '92 Balch, F. A., '98 Baldwin, F. T., '00 'FBarnwell, R. W., '72 "5Barnwell, S. E., '72 Barton, C. C., '69 Barton, C. C., Jr., '93 Barton, P. L.,4'02 'Y'Beckwith, C. M., '88 Beers, Cx. E., '86 Benedict, l... LeG., '88 Bibb, W. A., '75 i Blackwell, J., Jr., '66 '5'Bliss, G. l-l., '64 Bohlen, D. M., '82 '5Bowen, A., '63 Brainerd, B., '82 '5Brandegee, E., '74 'FBrandegee, L. C., '77 Breckenridge, A. E., '70 '1'Breese, H. L., '57 Brenton, C., '99 Brewer, V. C., '06 Brigham, l-l. l'l., '76 Brigham, l-l. D., '03 "'Brown, T. M., '64 Bruce, C. E., '03 'F Deceased '5Buckingham, W. B., '69 Bulkeley, C., '93 Bulkeley, W. E.. A., '90 Burke, E. F., '94 Burr, W. l'l., '78 Bushnell, l-l. E., '05 Butler, R. P., '06 '5Butler, W., '58 Cady, C., '60 Cammann, E. C., '96 '5Carler, C. l..., 754 '5Cenas, B. C., '56 Chapin, F. W., '79 Chapin, W. V., '78 a'Chapman, T. B., '80 Cheever, D., Jr., 'Sl Clapp, S. l..., '04 Clark, W., '63 Clement, C. F., '05 Clement, K., '00 Clement, M. W., '0l '5Clemson, T. G., '56 "'Clifford, S. W., '68 Clyde, W. P., '62 Coleman, R. 1-I., '77 Coleman, W. C., '09 Comfort, B. F., '89 Cookson, F. M., '61 Coons, S. W., '00 Cunningham, G. A., '07 Cunningham, N. G., '04 Cunningham, R., '07 Curtin, H. L., '07 'FCoxe, N., '55 Crabb, W. W., '07 "'Crane, R. M., '55 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 'Sfs'.Q3'VN y Crider, H. N., '07 Curtin, H. L., '07 'FCurtis, F. R., '80 Curtis, Cv. M., '80 Curtis, R. H., '68 Curtis, W. E., '75 a'Darrell, A. S., '59 "'Dayton, W. B., '56 Deal, A., '7l DeForest, Cu., '82 DeRossett, A. l..., '62 '5DeRossetl', E. S., '64 'FDevendorf, G. S., '55 Dohhin, E.. S., '99 Dravo, M. S., '07 DuBois, G. Nl., '74 DuBois, H. O., '76 Eaton, W. H., '99 Edson, S., '55 Edwards, Af. N., '76 Elbert, W. N., '79 Ellis, A. L., '98 Elton, P., '88 El-well, G. E., '70 Finch, E. B., '9l a'Ffisher, T. R., '62 Fitzgerald, F., '89 Fordney, T. P., '62 Fuller, R., '70 '5Fuller, S. G., '58 Fuller, S. R., '70 '5C1arclner, C. H., '70 Ctilason, B. S., '69 gclazier, T. C., '60 Cnoldthwaite, A. C., '99 Cxoodspeed, H., '66 '5C1oodwin, G. H., '62 Gostenhofer, C. E., '05 '5Cxraha.m, C. M., '59 Graham, R. N., '05 Cxranniss, F. O., '73 'F Deceased 'FH 89 x'?Z3 Greene, H., '92 Haight, A. D., '06 Haight, F. E., '87 Haight, M. G., '00 Hall, A. C., '88 Hall, C. L., '92 'f'Hall, F. Dep., '78 Hallett, T., '62 Harding, N., '73 'l'Harraden, F. S., '67 Harris, W. R., '58 '5Hartshorne, E. M., '56 Hayden, R. C., '93 Hazelhurst, G. A., '79 Henderson, E. F., '82 Hendvrie, Cn. T., '97 I-Iendrie, S., '87 Hill, Ct. H., '9l fl-Iill, W. C., '93 Hill, W. C., '00 Hills, S., '0l Hine, S., '06 Hitchings, H. B., '54 offman, C. F., '5l Hoisington, F. R., '9l Holbrooke, Cx. O., '69 "Ll-lollaroolce, S., '67 Hotchlcin, S. F., '56 Hudson, M., '0l Hull, A. S., '66 Hutchinson, R. H., '03 Ingersoll, G. P., '83 flardine, H. D., '68 ajarvis, S. F., Jr., '89 as-Iennings, A. B., '6l Kane, Cr., '75 '5Kerr, E. L., '55 "'Kirby, W., '65 Knoblock, A. F., '55 XL:-xmson, W., '56 '5l..awrence, C. V., '56 T H E IV Y Vol. XXXVI 90 'Sfs.?J Q y 5.Q ""Leacoc1c, H., '58 Lewis, C. A., '93 "'Lewis, E. B., '65 Lewis, E. G., '92 Lewis, G. B., '05 '3'Lewis, I., '62 Lewis, W., '93 "'Lewis, S. S., '61 'FLewis, T. C., '71 Lewis, W. H., '65 '5Linco1n, P. T., '76 Lincoln, G. W., '75 Macauley, G. T., '90 Macauley, R. H., '95 a'Mac1cay, W. R., '67 "'Maginnis, H., '02 Marlor, T. S., '06 '5Martinc1a1e, H. S., '79 "McC1ory, H., '51 McCullough, D. H., '73 '5McCook, E.. McP.', '90 McCouc1i, H. G., '75 95- Nou, R. I-I., '71 O'Connor, W., '05 Off, C. C., '07 Off, W., '08 Orton, W. O., '92 Owen, F. W., '84 Padgett, P., '76 '1'Pa1mer, C. C., '51 Parker, B., '93 Parker, R. P., '94 Parsons, H., '83 "'Parsons, R., Jr., '81 Parsons, W. W., '96 Parsons, E., '96 Pattison, G. B., '81 't'Paxson, H. C., '51 Pearce, S., '62 Pearce, R., '93 Peck, B. D., '96 Peck, D. L., '62 Perkins, G. E., '81 Pierce, G. P., '06 "'Pierce, H. H., '58 McLean, T., '75 Miller, H., '80 "'Mi11er, P. S., '64 Miller, S. T., '85 'FMines, P. S., '64 ""Mines, F., '54 Morgan, B. T., '61 Morgan, O., '06 Morse, F., '66 Murray, A. S., Jr., '71 Mwrray, F. W., Yale, '77 Murray, R., '73 Meyer, H. L. G., '03 Nash, R., '89 Ne1son, R. H., '80 Nichols, Cm. G., '67 xNorris, E. C., '61 Norris, H., '63 'FNorton, F. L., '68 A' Deceased "'Pic1cney, F. s., '62 Platt, Charles, Jr., '75 Platt, C1ayton, '74 "'P1att, W. A., '75 Potter, A. H., '92 Quail, A. B., '02 Reed, C. M., '06 Read, H. P., '84 a'Rooseve1t, F., '83 'FRusse11, F. G., '80 Russe11, I. D., '92 Russell, H., '84 Rutherford, H. V., '76 Schulte, E. D. N., '97 Schulte, H. von W., '97 '1'Scott, I-I. B., '78 Scuc1c1er, A., '97 S11e1don, W. C., jr., '82 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE S'.QJ T T QQ 'FShreve, W. I., '83 Sibley, A. H., '92 Sibley, lVl. lVl., '96 Smallwood, S. B., '64 "'Smith, H. S., '62 '5Smith, l. S., '64 Smith, I. T., '9l Smith, P. R., '07 Smith, R. H., '69 Smith, W. C. W., '7l Stark, B., '79 Starlc, W. lVl., '75 Mstedman, T. W., '74 '5Steele, H. D., '5l Sterling, E. K., '99 Stevens, F., 'UB xstevens, S., '65 a'Stillwell, R. M., '70 Strawbriclge, J., '95 a5Strong, C. M., '64 Strong, R., '82 'l'Sumner, C. A., '56 Swenson, E.. P., '75 Swenson, S. A., 'Bl Talcott, A. B., '90 Talicott, C. I-I., '91 Thompson, I-l. R., '87 Thompson, S. C., '72 Thorne, N. D., '7l Thorne, R., '85 Totten, C. A. L., '69 Trowbridge, C. C., '92 Trowbridge, S. P. B., '83 59 Deceased 'rl-urner, W. H., '64 "'Underhill, G. B., '73 Van Amee, P., '07 Van Zile, E.. S., '84 Vibhert, A. D., '99 Viblaert, H. C., '68 Vibbert, W. H., '58 "'Vibhert, W. W., '94 Wanzer, C., '66 Waterman, L., '7l Waters, G. S., '87 xwatson, W. C., '63 Watson, H. l..., '05 Watm, E. B., '73 Weekes, B. G., '06 xweeks, R. D., '93 Welsh, R. F., '95 Wheeler, C. H., 'Ul xwllistler, W. G. MCN., '57 xwhite, F. W., '78 Wilcox, F. L., '80 Wilcox, F. P., '80 xwildman, T. G., '57 Williams, C. C., '7l '9Williams, C. Ci., '80 Wilson, W. C. D., '93 xwilmerding, H., 'SI Winkley, R. L., '79 xwoodin, W. R., '58 Vvooclruff, E.. H., '82 I Wright, G. E., '74 Young, A. M., '82 92 T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI VN 'VNS' s5Qf1 Flhv Hratvrniig nf Alpha Belts 1513 Hamilton Columbia . Yale Amherst . Brunonian Hudson Bowdoin . Dartmouth . Peninsula-r Rochester . Williams . Manhattan . Middletown Kenyon . Union Cornell . Phi Kappa Johns Hopkins Minnesota . Toronto Chicago McGill Wisconsin Founded in 1832 at Hamilton College llnll uf Cnihaptrra Hamilton College . Columbia College . . Yale University . . Amherst College . . Brown University . . Western Reserve University ' Bowdoin College . . Dartmouth College . University of Michigan University of Rochester . Williams College . . College of the City of New . Wesleyan University . Kenyon College . Union College . Cornell University . Trinity College . . Johns Hopkins University . University of Minnesota . . Toronto University . University of Chicago McGill University . University of Wiscon in York 1832 1836 1836 1836 1836 1841 1841 1845 1846 1850 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1869 1877 1889 1891 1893 1896 1897 1902 K 1 Q07 , 'R ,. Q X '11 " ,7f'V,,:m, 9 A. E fa ' . q""', vw. -, jfggh .- ' -, v 4-, 3.3-M. -b :- ' . rf' Jai?-'af' 3 ' N : , X A . 1: '9 -2 -2,5 - , xiii ,x' ,X 5' YI' -'L f' , gf . ,Q .IA 3 'Q . awk - sw, ,f. 'll ' W A, qs vw- -- ,gf JJ f' 53, i W' my I mf Lmfmm. 'kiwi I909 TRINITY COLLEGE 93 'S2LQ?J Tf y Q fi A Tlhv 1513 Kappa Glhapter Alpha Evita 1511i Affine illlvmhmzria IHIIH Ralph Evelyn Cameron James Kirtland Edsall William Richard Cross Giles Deshon Randall Ralph Reed Wolfe i 15115 William Christian Deppen Welles Eastman Henry Oliver Peck 151111 Frederick Samuel Bishop Frederick Steinfort Kedney Sturges Harmon Richardson Little Wright 1511 Albert Clark George Thurman Keyes Alexander Keith Davis Thomas Lynn Morris William Burr Gibson l-larry Kollock Rees ' 1 Alfred l-lowell Blinn Francis Yates i Schutz, Walter S., Phi Kappa, '94 94 T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI S2Q3 T y s.Qv Alpha Evita 1Hhi Zllrattrvia in Bltrhr Allen, A. W., Yale, '04 Ailvorcl, Samuel M., Yale, '96 Bassett, Prof. A. B., Williams, 'Sl Beckwith, Rev. I. T., Yale, '68 Bennett, Hon. Edward B., Yale, '66 Bryant, Percy S., Phi Kappa, '70 Bunce, Charles H., Yale, '60 Cady, George F., Middletown, '69 Calder, W. P., Middletown, '03 Calhoun, David S., Yale, '48 Chester, T. Weston, M.D., Hamilton, '92 Clark, Walter H., Yale, '96 Fuller, Horace S., M.D., Amherst, '58 Garvin, John, Yale, '02 Gillett, Rev. Arthur L., Amherst, '80 Thompson, Arthur R., Yale, '96 Goodwin, Charles A., Yale, '98 Goodwin, F. S., -Yale, '93 Goodwin, H., Yale, '96 Goodwin, James L., Yale, '02 Goodwin, Rev. James, Phi Kappa, Goodwin, Goodwin, P. L., Yale, '97 Walter L., Yale, '97 Gross, Charles E., Yale, '69 Hammond, Fred. H. L., Middletomi, '88 Hastings, Panelt M., M.D., Hamilton, '39 Hatch, Edward B., Phi Kappa, '86 Huntington, Rev. T., Phi Kappa, '50 Hunt, E.. M., Phi Kappa, '06 Johnson, William C., Middletown, '94 Kelley, Solon C., Brunonian, '86 Lampson, E.. R., Jr., M.D., Phi Kappa, '91 Lawrence, Thomas F., Yale, '99 Maercklein, B. C., Phi Kappa, '06 lVl'arvin, L. P. Waldo, Yale, '92 Morse, Leonard, Amherst, '7l Northam, Charles, Jr., Middletown, '04 Page, Rev. Henry Deane, Kenyon, '77 Peck, John H., Yale, '63 Perkins, Edward C., Yale, '98 Perkins, Henry A., Yale, '96 Schutz, Robert H., Phi Kappa, '89 St. John, Samuel B., M.D., Yale, '66 W Starr, Robert S., M.D., Phi Kappa, '97 Stearns, Rev. Charles C., Yale, '72 Stearns, C. M., Johns Hopkins, '98 Stiles, Rev. Samuel M., Middletown, '60 Storrs, Melancthon, M.D., Yale, '52 Twichell, David C., Yale, '98 Van Schaack, David, Phi Kappa, '9l Williams, Arthur C., Yale, '98 Wright, A. B., Union, '90 909 TRINITY COLLEGE SQQJVN Grnhuatr iilllvmhrra Alpha Evita ighi Alesllire, P., '09 Allen, H. W., '97 Almy, S., '92 Andrews, R., '53 Applegate, O., '87 Armstrong, D. M., '58 Barber, W. W., '88 Barto, R. V., '82 Beecroft, E. C., '97 Bellinger, E. B., '72 '1'Bixby, R. F., '70 "Blaclcmer, W. C., '78 Boardman, W. H., '85 Boardman, W. J., '54 Booth, T. R., '52 Bowie, C. L., '93 Bowman, P., '53 Bradneld, H. S., '02 Braclin, W., '00 Braclin, P. H., '03 '5Brainarcl, E. W., '42 Brainard, J., '5l Brainard, M., '84 Briscoe, J., Jr., '95 Brown, W. P., 'Ol Brownell, H. B., '88 Bryan, W., '75 Bryant, P. S., '70 Bryant, P. C., '07 'FBullceley, C. E., '56 "Buxton, B., '73 Buxton, C., '73 Cameron, I. H., '79 Cameron, L., '86 '5Capron, A., '45 'F Deceased Cary, H. A., '93 Carter, B. M., '82 Carter, C. H., '82 Carter, G. C., '87 Carter, R., '83 Carter, S., '98 Carter, L. A., '93 Carter, S., '94 "cCl13SB, F., '52 '5Cl1eritree, T. L., '90 Cheshire, B., '69 '5Cl'1ipman, C-. C., '45 xchlpman, G. S., '78 Chrystie, T. M. L., '63 Church, S. P., '4l '5Cl'1urcl'1man, C., '93 Churclxman, E.. G., '96 Clapp, F. R., '02 Clarke, A. F., '75 '5Coclman, A., '85 '5Coe, G. J., '74 Coit, C. W., '82 Coleman, G. P., '90 "'Coley, J., '62 'FConl-zlin, H. H., '38 Cook, P., '98 Cooke, Cu. L., '70 '5Cooke, O. D., '44 Cowl, M. L., '83 '5Crane, T., '45 Crocker, H. D., '84 '5CroslJy, D. Cr., '5l Cullen, J., Jr., '93 Curliss, H. C., '8l Curtis, T. C., '07 Davenporl, S., '98 96 T H E 1 V Y Vol. XXXVI Sf.5?J T y yN De Mauriac, H. Dew., '07 Denslow, T. N., '04 a'Diclcinson, E.. L., '93 Dingwall, E. A., '9l Dingwall, H. R., '95 Drane, H. M., '52 Dyett, W. F., '96 Edwards, H. B., '07 Elliott, H., '72 "'Fackler, D. M., '06 Farrow, M. C., '05 Fisher, R., '56 Flagg, E. O., '48 '1'Flagg, B., '46 "Flower, S., '45 Foot, E. H., '98 Foote, C. E., '76 Fox, R. H., '00 Freeland, C. W., 'Sl '5Fuller, F. B., '92 Fuller, S. R., '00 ""'Geer, C. J., '42 'l'Gilrnore, A. P., '74 Glazebrook, F. H., '99 Culazebroolc, H. MCK., '00 Goodwin, J., '86 "Goodwyn, W. S., '38 Gordon, T. H., '7l Grady, T., '05 "5Gral1am, H. C., '6l Graham, J., '72 Grinnell, H., '97 Griswold, B. H., '66 Hager, W. C., '79 55Hall, G. R., '42 Hamlin, A. C., '87 ,"Hamlin, E. P., '95 Hamlin, G. N., '91 Harding, A., '79 Hart, C., '09 Hatch, E. B., '86 95 Deceased Hays, MCC., '86 "'Hays, W. W., '58 Hfazelhurst, G. B., '77 '5Heath, F., '38 Hedrick, C. B., '99 Hedrick, F. C.,-'07 Henry, A., '03 Henshaw, C. H., '53 Heister, l., '76 'f'Hills, G. M., '47 Hills, D., '78 Hills, G. H., '84 Hills, R., '84 Holcomb, B. T., '59 Holley, W. W., '6l 'l'Hoof, L., '46 Hooker, S. D., '77 :f'Hooper, Cn. G., '66 Horner, H. A., '00 Howell, G. D., '82 Hubbard, G. W., '08 'fHubbell, H., '56 Huet, H., '06 a'Humphrey, G. F., '85 Hunt, E.. M., '06 aHunter, C., '78 Huntington, G. S., '8l a'Huntington, H. K., '67 Huntington, T., '50 'FHuntington, W., '83 Huntington, R. W., '64 Huntington, H., '84 Huske, J., '77 Hutchins, R. H., '90 Hyde, R. de L., '08 Ide, H. G., '94 xlngersoll, C. M., '39 xlves, A. M., '56 '5-Iacobs, E.. C., '55 flames, C., '62 flewett, P. A., '37 90 TRINITY COLLEGE 3Q 'SXf.Q1yQ'SS "'Kennedy, F., '68 Kerner, H. S., '99 Kidder, H., '92 'FKirtland, J., '70 xlineeland, G., '80 Kurtz, C. M., '83 Kurtz, E., '77 Lampson, E.. R., '9l Langford, A. M., '97 Langford, E. T., 'IO Langford, W. S., Jr., '96 Larned, W. E., 'l0 Lauderbum, D. E., '06 '5Leaver, H. K., '59 Licht, W. H., '07 Lirtell, J. S., '90 Littell, S. H., '95 Liuell, E. G., '99 Lockwood, L. V., '93 H Lyman, A. J., '78 Morgan, W. F., '88 McCann, M., '95 Mclieon, R. L., '03 Maddox, W. T., '59 Maerclclein, B. C., '06 'f'Mallett, W. P., '40 Meredith, F. C., '05 Middlebroolc, L. N., '48 Moore, A., '97 Mock, L. C., '78 Morgan, H. T., '08 Morrison, P. B., '94 Morse, B. K., '99 '5Morss, R., '47 Newton, E. P., 'SI Norton, G. H., '75 '5Olmstead, H., '42 Onderlonlc, A. I-I., '99 Page, H., Jr., '97 Page, J., '08 "'Palmer, N., '45 at Deceased xpealbody, F. B., '48 Perry, B., '78 '5Perryman, E.. G., '55 '5Peters, W. C., '48 'FPius, C. H., '65 Plumb, F., '91 Plumer, L. M., '74 Plumer, S., Jr., '97 Porter, T. A., '76 Potts, F. H., '68 "'Prescott, O. S., '44 "Preston, A., '55 Putnam, W. T., '88 ""Pynchon, T. R., '4l Pynchon, W. H. C., '90 "'Randall, E.. D., '92 Reynolds, L. G., '98 Rhodes, C. M., '05 Rich, E.. A., '99 Rich, F. C., '09 Richardson, F. W., '84 Robbins, P., '99 "'Sartwelle, W. D., '75 Schutz, R. H., '89 Schutz, W. S., '94 Schwartz, D. L., '00 Schwartz, H. L., '06 Sennett, L. F., '89 Sherwood, G. H., '00 "'Sistare, C. Cu., '47 ' "'Smith, P. H., '90 Smyth, D., '74 Snow, A.' H., '79 Snyder, E., '72 Starr, R. S., '97 Steele, T. M'cB., '02 Stewart, Cx. T., '78 Stewart, W. S., '88 ""Stimson, L. B., '48 "'Stone, M., '80 'FStone, S., '80 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI Sf.?J 'iSWQyS'fy 5.QJ 'FStorm, C., '39 Sullivan, F. R., '66 Thomas, E.. C., '03 Thurman, A. W., '67 Tracy, E., '55 Tucker, W. W., '03 avanderpoel, A. M., '09 Van Schaacli, D., '9l Van Tine, R. B., '04 Wadsworth, L. F., '44 Wagner, I... F., '94 Walker, M., 'OI xwarner, A. J., '42 Warner, D. T., '72 Warner, M. C., '88 '5 Deceased Washburn, P. C., '96 Watson, S. N., '82 Weibel, R. N., '02 Wesley, P. R., '94 Whaley, P. H., '74 '5Wheaton, C., '49 Whitlock, H. R., '70 xwilliams, E. W., '53 awilliams, H., '54 xwilson, G. H., '93 Woodruff, F. D., '83 White, H. R., '02 xwilloughby, K., '09 Wynkoop, A. T., '01 Wynkoop, C. B., '05 a'Yale, H. A., '46 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 99 IS2Q yS'f sQ?J Eh? Iltreitvrnitg nf Betta liappa Epaitun Phi Theta Xi Sigma Gamma Psi Upsilon Chi Beta Eta Kappa Lambda . Pi . . Iota . Alpha Alpha Omicron Epsilon . Rho Tau Mu Nu Beta Phi . Phi Chi . Psi Phi . Gamma Phi Psi Omega Beta Chi . Delta Chi . Phi Gamma Gamma Beta Theta Zeta Alpha Chi Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Delta Alpha Phi Tau Lambda Delta Kappa Tau Alpha Sigma Rho Delta Pi . Rho Delta . Founded in 1844 at Yale University iltull uf Qtliaptere Yale University . Bowdoin College . Colby University . Amherst College . . Vanderbilt University . University of Alabama . Brown University . . University of Mississippi . University of North Carolina . University of Virginia . Miami University . . Kenyon College . Dartmouth College . Central University . Middlebury College . University of Michigan . . Williams College . . Lafayette College . , Hamilton College . . . Colgate University . . . College of the City of New York University of Rochester . . Rutgers College . . . Depauw University . . Wesleyan University . . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Adelbert College . . . Cornell University . . . Syracuse University Columbia University University of California Trinity College . . . University of Minnesota . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Chicago . . University of Toronto . . Tulane University . . University of Pennsylvania . McGill University . . Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of Illinois . . University of Wisconsin . 1844 1844 1845 1846 1847 1847 1850 1850 1851 1852 1852 1852 1853 1853 1854 1855 1855 1855 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1871 1874 1876 1879 1889 1890 1893 1898 1898 1899 1900 1902 1904 1906 100 T H E IVY Vol. Xxxvl Uhr Alpha Glhi Glhapivr Evita Zliappa iipailna Artiue ilIHPmhm'a CErahuatr i John Daulby Evans ' IHIJB Bern Budd Horace Bigelow Olmsted Herman Francis MacGuyer DeWitt Clinton Pond Harvey Clark Pond 15115 William Stuart Buchanan, Leonard Jerome Dibble Henry Carleton Goodrich Jr. Stephen Essex McGinley Woodforde Hamilton Plant Elmer Christopher Seymour 15111 4 George Cleveland Capen William Frederick McElroy Hobart Wells Cook Henry Con-rad Neff Joseph Groves Carroll Milton Robertson 1H11 Stanley Poole Grint Harold Edwin Jones Nelson Frederick Pitts, Jr. Clarence Edgar Sherman - Harold Wheelock Young X +-r-.-:f-4--v-v-u-:-- 'V WY 'M ' vw? QV W QQ KJ X, ,,... f. ,.w.,-1, 1:1 me 1 - 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE Evita linppa Epuilnn Olnrpnrattnn John P. Harbison, AX, HH." . President Frank H. Foss, AX . . Vice-President John D. Evans, AX . Treasurer Benedict D. Flynn, AX Secretary Enarh nf Eirertnra J. D. Evans, AX B. D. Flynn, AX F. H. Foss, AX H. B. Freeman, Jr., A. P. Grint, AX fb J. P. I-Iarbison, AX, "H C. A. Johnson, AX J. H. Lecour, Jr., AX V. C. Pedersen, AX I-I. C. Pond, AX T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI 1 oz ESS yx' 'QSf 5 Evita Kappa iipailnn Allen, W. B., Yale, 'OI Ayres, W. A., Yale, '64 Babcock, A. l..., Colgate, '03 Bennett, Nl. Toscan, Yale, '98 Boyd, H. C., Trinity, '05 Bullceley, M. G., Jr., Yale, '07 Call, A. D., Brown, '96 Camp, S., Wesleyan, '78 Case, T. G., Trini-ty, '00 Clark, C. H., Yale, '71 Cole, F. W., Yale, '04 Collins, Atwood, Yale, '73 Conant, G. A., Amherst, '78 Cone, B., Yale, '57 Cooley, C. P., Yale, '9l Cooley, F. R., Yale, '86 Day, A. P., Yale, '90 Day, E. M., Yale, '90 Davis, F. W., Yale, '77 Evans, D., Trinity, 'Ol Fenn, E. Hart, Yale, '79 Flynn, B. D., Trinity, ex-'05 Forrest, C. R., Yale, '65 Foss, F. H., Trinity, 'Ol Freeman, H. B., Yale, '62 Freeman, H. B., Jr., Yale, '92 Gates, A. F., Yale, '87 Godard, G. S., Wesleyan, '9l Elirertrwa in Hrhr Grant, R. M., Wesleyan, '92 Harbison, P., Trinity, Hine, C. D., Yale, '7l Howe, D. R., Yale, '74 Hyde, A. W.,, Yale, '02 Hyde, W. W., Yale, '76 lngalls, Dr. P. H., Bowdoin, '77 Keith, Dr. A. R., Colby, '97 Lake, E.. J., Harvard, '92 Lord, W., Trinity, '98 , Matson, W. L., Yale, '62 Parker, Rev. E. P., Bowdoin, '56 Pattison, Rev. H., Rochester, '92 Philbrick, M. P., Colby, '97 Pratt, W. W., Adelbert, '85 Pike, C. S., Chicago, '96 Prentice, S. O., Yale, '73 Robbins, E.. D., Yale, '74 Rowley, Dr. A. M., Amherst, '95 Smiley, E. H., Colby, '75 Smith, E. W., Yale, 'UI Smith, F. M., Yale, '80 Starr, Dr. P. S., Yale, '60 St. John, W. H., Yale, '9l Taylor, M., Williams, '67 Traver, Rev. H. R., Colgate, '66 Welch, A. A., Yale, '82 Wentworth, G. R., Trinity, ex-'US 909 TRINITY COLLEGE 103 SfQ 'i'i-W.?JTQ T Corahnaiiz ilmrmhvm Betta Kappa Epsilon Altemus, H. B., ex-'04 Anderson, A. H., '87 Barrows, C., '80 Barrows, W. S., '84 Bartholomew, D. W., e Bates, R. P., '93 Baxter, I. K., ex-'99 Cowles, A. W., ex-'Sl Cowper, F. A. G., '06 Crabtree, A., '92 Danlcer, W. S., '97 x-'97 '5Dauchy, N. F., ex-'85 Davis, C. J., '94 Deuel, C. E., '87 Benson, R. A., '99 Dibble, E.. J., '04 Bentley, W. P., '02 Eastman, R. C., '88 Benton, W. L. H., ex-'89 Edwards, R. A., '03 'FBidwell, L. B., '80 4Bidwell, W. D., ex-'Sl P. I-I., '86 Birclsall, "Bishop, N. H., ex-'92 Black, H. C., '80 Bowie, W., '93 Boyd, H. C., '05 Brewer, S. D., '82 Brooks, R. H., ex-'00 Browne, D. H., ex-'03 Browne, G. l., '88 Browne, T. P., Jr., '00 Burcharcl, D., ex-'00 Burnham, B., '9l Burt, L. H., '00 Burton, R., '83 Burwell, W. C., '06 Cable, N. J., ex-'02 I Cartwright, M. R., '98 Case, T. G., '00 Chapman, T. B., ex-'83 Coburn, A. C., ex-'07 Cole, M. W., ex-'97 '5Coolc, C. S., 'Sl Coster, C. C., ex-'97 Coster, M. K., '87 Coster, W. H., '9l at Deceased "'Ensign, L. M., ex-'07 Evans, D., 'Ol Fleming, D. L., '80 Flynn, B. D., ex-'05 Forrester, H. T., ex-'0l Foss, F. H., '01 French, G. H., ex-'92 C-ateson, D. W., '06 'FGoodrich, W. S., ex-'82 Graff, H. A., ex-'86 Graham, D. W., '06 Grint, A. P., 'Bl Griswold, C. S., '90 Hall, G., '92 Hamilton, C. A., '82 Hammond, O. G., ex-'92 Holden, S. M., '82 Hopkins, L. A., ex-'97 Horne, C. A., '93 Hubbard, W. S., '88 Humphries, A. G., ex-'04 Humphries, H. R., '94 Jewett, D. B., ex-'00 Johnson, C. A., '92 Johnson, E. C., 2nd, '88 Johnson, F. F., '94 Lake, A. W., ex-'08 Pratt, S. C., ex-'07 T I-I E I VY Vol. XXXVI S.Q1 45J',Q7JfSNV .-Q! Leaf, E.. B., ex-'87 Lecour, H., Jr., '98 Leonard, L. L., '96 Lingle, H. B., ex-'06 Linsley, A. B., '82 Loomis, H. B., '85 Lord, W., '98 Loveridge, H. C., '80 Lund, F. A., ex-'99 Maddox, E. H., '04 MacLean, M. A., ex-'03 McCulloch, W. H., '9l M-cKean, R. C., ex-'03 McKee, T. J., '03 "'McNeil, W. J., ex-'0l Mead, R. C., ex-'99 Mitchell, S. S., '85 Olcott, W. T., '96 Pedersen, V.fC., '9l Penrose, J., '95 Plimpton, H. D., '97 Purdy, C. E., '88 Ramsclell, E., ex-'92 Reese, W. W., ex-'95 Rehr, V. E., '06 Reiland, K., ex-'97 :"Reineman, A. W., '8l Reineman, L. G., ex-'09 Reineman, R. T., '83 Remington, C. H., '89 Rich, W. C., ex-'l0 Rodgers, W. J., '80 'F Deceased Smart, H., '95 3'Smith, S., Jr. ex-,94 "Smith, O. A., ex-'94 Starr, -I., Jr., ex-'09 Stedman, W. P., '05 Stockton, E. B., '90 Stoddard, S., '94 Strong, A. W., ex-'94 Strong, C. H., ex-'Ol Stuart, A. R., Jr., '88 Stuart, W. C., ex-'88 Thurston, T. P., '91 '1'Tomlinson, S. L., '00 Trenbath, R. W., '03 Walker, W. D., ex-'82 Warner, W. H., ex-'99 "'Waters, C. T., ex-'87 Weed, A. H., ex-'02 Weed, C. F., '94 Weekes, T. T., ex-'06 Wentworth, Cu. R., ex-'08 Wharton, W. P., ex-'0l Wheeler, F. M., ex-'83 Wherry, W. C., '04 Willcox, R. N., '99 Wildman, W. B., '98 Williams, F. G., '89 Wilson, H. D., jr., 'Ol Woodhouse, D. R., ex-'08 Wright Wright: Wright, Wright Wright, A. H., '83 B., ex-'89 F. A., ex-'94 G. H., '91 W. G.. '91 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 105 l j:5iS3mxQZ3jmSwL,iS'l xx5QiZ3 Theta Delta Beta Sigma Gamma Zeta Lambda Kappa Psi Xi . Upsilon Iota Phi Pi . Chi Beta Beta Eta Tau Mu Rho . Omega Epsilon Uhr Hratvrniig nf 155i lipailun Founded in 1833 at Union College ?KnIl nf Qlliapiera . . Union College New York University . Yale University . Brown University Amherst College . Dartmouth College . Columbia College Bowdoin College . Hamilton College . Wesleyan University University of Rochester . Kenyon College University of Michigan . Syracuse University . Cornell University . Trinity College . Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin . University of Chicago University of California I06 T I-I E I VY Vol. XXXVI .S-2Q 4531WsQJyQfQ T Uhr t Evra Esta Glhapier glint Hpailnn Artiue illllrmhma ISHS James Brewster James Oliver Morris 19115 William James I-lamersley Lewis Gilclersleeve Harriman l-larry Irl Maxson Edward Kilbourn Roberts, Jr. Paul Roberts 15111 William Spaulding Eaton Arthur Lindsay Potter Nelson Hall Gildersleeve 'Wilbert Austin Smith Douglass Gott Leon Abbott Stansfield Cyril Bathurst Judge John Henry Throop Sweet, Jr. Ralph Howard Merrill Jerome Pierce Webster 1511 Arthur Worthington Bunnell Arthur Lloyd Gildersleeve Hasel Hill Burgwin Gordon William Stewart Philip James Flanders Alan Thaxter Bernon Tisclale Woodle :ff- fl. L I 1 If j f IEIEE-21212225 " 1:1:11fIi1fif2 yd :.j.:.:.j.:. '.j.:.j.1.:.' ".v '.j.j:j:fiI: E35352i2i1 -5535i 221553 2522222 222225252 122 Qsj ggz gsgagzga 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE iS?ss5?J P. Andrews, Beta, '77 S. Ballard, Chi, '98 C. Barbour, Beta, '00 N. Bement, Delta, '67 j. E. L. E. M N. . B. Brainarcl, Beta, '00 C. Brainarcl, Beta, '02 Rt. Rev. C. B. Brewster, Beta, J. H. Buck, Beta, '9l J. R. Buck, Xi, '62 C. C. Bullcely, Beta Beta, '75 P. D. Bunce, M.D., Beta, '88 W. Burpee, Beta, '83 C. W. S A. St. C. Cook, Beta, '89 W. H. Corbin, Beta, '89 . Case, Beta, '85 R. D. Cutler, Beta, '07 G. P. Davis, NLD., Beta, '66 -I. H. K. Davis, Beta Beta, '99 J. C. Day, Beta, '57 L. N. Denniston, Xi, 'OZ L. A. Ellis, Beta Beta, '98 C. E.. Fellows, Beta, '56 Gilman, Beta, '90 Gordon, Xi, '90 G. H. L. E. Hon. W. Hamersley, Beta Beta, R. W. Huntington, Beta, '89 Prof. C. F. Johnson, Beta, '55 F. E. johnson, Beta Beta, '84 J. lVlcA. Johnson, Beta Beta, '03 Hai Hpailun '68 '58 liltrzxireia in Hrhr W. MCA. johnson, Beta Beta, '98 M. S. Little, Beta, '07 A. T. McCook, Beta Beta, '02 Prof. N. R. Merriam, Beta, '77 C. S. Morris, Beta Beta, '96 J. Nairn, Beta, '80 P. S. Ney, Beta, '05 F. Parsons, Beta, '93 A. Perkins, Beta, '87 Hon. H. Roberts, Beta, '77 H. S. Robinson, Beta, '89 J. L. F. Robinson, Beta, '85 T. Robinson, Beta, '93 E. W. Robinson, Beta Beta, '96 E. F. Sanderson, Gamma, '96 Cu. H. Seyms, Beta Beta, '72 H F. Shepherd, Beta, '92 . P. Schauffler, Gamma, '93 A. L. Shipman, Beta, '86 T. E. V. Smith, Beta, '77 L.. E. Stanton, Beta, '55 F. H. Taylor, Xi, '34 J. R. Trumbull, Beta, '92 Rev. H. Twichell, Beta, '59 E. F. Waterman, Beta Beta, '98 F. E.. Waterman, Beta Beta, 'Ol L.. S. Welch, Beta, '89 H C. G. Woodward, Beta Beta, '98 . H. Whaples, Beta, '02 ' T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI T QE ,Q Cgruhuate members 1523 lipailun '5Alexancler, H. W., '57 '5Baclcus, B. E., '70 Bailey, M. K., '79 '5Balclwin, L. B., '60 Barbour, H. M., '70 'FBarlJour, H. G., '96 Beach, C. H, B., '08 Bearclsley, W. A., '87 '5Beaupillier, A. L., '56 "5Becl:with, W., '52 Bellamy, R. B., '0l Bellamy, A. M.,-'03 "Benedict, S., '47 Benjamin, W. H., '57 'FBetts, H., '44 Birclchead, B., '94 '5Bishop, H., '6l Blair, W. R., '75 Bolles, E.. C., '55 '5Bostwiclc, H. P., '46 'l'Bostwlck, W. L., '5l "'Bowclish, T., '73 "'Bowles, H., '60 Bowne, G. D., Jr., '06 Boylston, C. W., '78 Brady, R. MQC., '90 Breclin, W. S., '79 Brevoort, E.. R., '68 "Brewer, A. L-., '53 '5Briclge, J., '47 Brinley, G. M., '88 Brinton, P. I-I. M. P., '04 Bronson, M., '52 Broughton, C. DuB., '95 "5Brown, T. M., '50 Brown, E., '83 A' Deceased Brundage, R. B., '78 Bufhngton, J., '75 Bufhngton, M. H., '04 Bulhngton, O., '79 Bullcley, C. C., '75 Bullcley, W. H., '75 Bull, F. S., '90 Bull, W. A., '9l 'l'Bull, N. B., '59 Burgwin, C.. C., '72 Burgwin, H., Jr., '06 Burgwin, H. K., '77 Burgwin, A. P., '82 Burke, E. N., '76 Burrage, F. S., '95 "FCacly, D. K., '55 Cammann, D. M., '74 Campbell, R. M., '78 Carpenter, C., '82 Carpenter, H. B., '03 Carpenter, L. Cn., '09 Carpenter, S. B., '73 Carter, H. S., '69 Chase, E.. H., '08 Chase, H. R., '72 Child, C. G., '86 Child, E. N., Jr., '83 "'Clarlc, G., '70 "Clare, C. M., '45 '5Clerlc, F. J., '43 Coggeshall, F. C., '07 Coggeshall, M. H., '96 Coleman, C. S., '82 '5Collins, B. J., '74 "Colt, W. U., '44 Cook, S. W., '02 Corson, D. S., '99 909 TRINITY COLLEGE Cotton, D. P., '71 Cotton, H. E., '74 Crailc, C. E., '74 Crawford, W. R., '88 "FCroshy, W. L., '80 "'Cummings, A. G., '51 Cunningham, R., '85 Curtiss, P. E., '06 '5Dashie1l, E. F., '46 Davis, H. K., '99 '5Day!on, N. B., '63 "5Dewey, D. P., '64 Dickerson, E. N., Jr., '74 Doclcray, E. L., '83 Douglas, G. W., '71 Douglas, A. E., '89 "'Douglas, M., '46 Downes, L. W., '88 Drayton, W., '71 Drumm, T. J., '74 '5DuBois, C., '53 '5Easton, G. C., '51 Edgerton, F. C., '94 Edgerton, W., '94 Edmunds, C. C., Jr., '77 Ellis, 1... A., '98 Elmer, W. T., '81 Elwyn, T. L., '92 '5'E1y, F., '64 Emery, R., '54 Emery, W. S., '81 Everest, C. S., '71 Ewing, W. B., '06 Ewing, R. M., '04 Ferguson, C. V., '07 a'Ferguson, E. M., '59 Ferguson, H., '68 '1'Ferguson, D., '51 "Ferguson, S., '57 Ferguson, W., '63 Ferguson, W., Jr., '93 'F Deceased Ferguson, S., '96 Fiske, W. D., '00 Fiske, G. lVl'cC., '70 Fiske, W. S. W., '06 Fiske, R., '01 ""Flower, Samuel, '45 aglrogg, T. B., '52 Fowler, F. H., '61 French, G. A., '89 French, L., '53 Frye, P. H., '89 Gage, A. K., '96 Gage, P. S., '08 Gage, W. H., '96 Gallaudet, E. M., '56 "'Gardiner, E. R., '56 Garvin, P., '03 Geer, H. M., '08 George, F., '77 George, H., '72 "George, T. M. N., '80 Giesy, S. H., '85 "5Gilman, G. S., '47 Golden, H. L., '83 Golden, H. C., '03 "gGooclrich, A., '52 Goodrich, E. B., '02 Goodrich, B., '66 'FGoodridge, E., '60 02 Goodridge, E., Jr., "'Goodridge, F., '57 Goodridge, T. W., '92 Gould, C. Z., '82 Grange, W. T., '06 '5Greene, F. H., '82 Greene, G., '83 Green, H. D., '99 "Green, V., '60 Greenley, H. T., '94 '5Gregory, H. M., '56 Gwinn, F. W., '72 ""Hall, S., '54 IIO bf T H E 1 VY Vol. xxxvl 'fx W Hamersley, W., '58 Harriman, C. J., '05 31-larriman, F. D., '45 Harriman, F. W., '72 "'Hart, G., '70 Hart, S., '66 Hartley, G. D., '93 Hayclen, C. C., '66 'f'Hermann, S., '57 :Fl-Iewitt, S. G., '77 "5Hickox, G. A., '5l Hicks, G. C., '56 Hicks, M., '54 a'Hiclcs, W. C., '48 Hicks, W. C., Jr., '9l Hicks, DeF., '96 '5HilChCOCk, W. A., '54 Hitchcock, W. H., '84 "'HoH5, H., '82 Holway, O., '80 Hubbard, E.. K., Jr., '92 Hubbard, L. Deli., '93 Hudson, R., '7l all-lugg, G. W., '62 Hurd, A. D., '77 'Fl-lurcl, D., '74 Husband, C. H., '89 Hycle, E. M., '73 Hycle, F. B., '98 Ingalls, F. C., '99 xlsbell., C. M., '63 flaclcson, A., '60 xjaclcson, W. A., '83 "'Jol1nson, E.. E., '59 Johnson, F. E., '84 Johnson, G. D., '54 Johnson, MCA., '03 flohnson, S. W., '8l Johnson, F. P., '94 Johnson, W. MCA., '98 Jones, C. W., '8l an Deceased Jones, E.. P., Jr., '77 jones, W. N., '88 "'Kelley, J., '44 Kempe, E.. A., '8l Kenclal, G. T., '99 Kennett, I... M., '70 Kissam, E. V. B., '69 '5Kittreclge, A. S., '57 Kloppenburg, H. W., '58 '5KnickerlJaclcer, D. B., '53 Kramer, F. F., '89 a'KYUmbh8HY, W. B., '55 Lanpher, I... A., '80 l..arcl'1er, W., '03 'lLl..efF1ngwell, C. S., '54 l..efHngwell, E. Deli., '95 Lewis, G. F., '77 Linclsley, C. A., '49 Lobdell, F. D., '85 a', W., '43 Lovericlge, D. E., '50 "'I..uther, R. M., '90 Mackay-Smith, A., '72 ""Maclclin, R. B., '58 Magill, G. E., '84 Marshall, M. M., '63 Matluer, W. G., '77 '5MCCOnihC, S., '56 McCook, A. T., '02 McCook, P. J., '95 "McCook, G. S., '97 McCracl-ran, H., '82 McCrackan, W. D., '85 McCune, Cr. B., '07 Mcllvaine, H. R., '04 Mcllvaine, C., '00 Mclvor, N. W., '82 Mears, E., '58 Morgan, S. St. J., '03 Morris, B. W., Jr., '93 Morris, C. S., '96 909 TRINITY COLLEGE 52Q 'iW .Q2'JyE Morris, F., '64 '5Morris, H., '45 Mowe, W. R., '70 'FNeely, A. D., '85 Neely, H. R., '84 Nichols, W. F., '70 Nichols, W., '99 Nichols, W. M., '01 Niles, W. W., '57 Niles, E.. C., '87 Niles, W. P., '93 Oberly, H. H., '65 Olmstead, C. T., '65 4'Olmstead, H. K., '46 Owen, H. C., '99 Packard, A., '04 xpaddock, B. H., '48 'gpaddocl-1, A., '45 Paddock, L. S., '50 Paddock, L. H., '88 Paddock, R. L., '94 Paris, I., Jr., '76 Parker, C. P., '73 Parrish, H., '91 Pattison, A. E., '80 Pelton, H. H., '93 Penfielcl, W. D., '62 4'Penirr, W. F., '46 Phillips, C. W., '72 Phillips, M. S., '06 "Polk, A. H., '53 '5Poncl, C. M., '58 Potwine, W. E., '79 Pressey, E.. A., '92 Pressy, W., '90 xpreston, T. S., '43 Purdy, E. l..., '84 apurdy, S., '49 Raftery, O. H., '73 Randle, C. G., '05 Rankin, Cx. D., '03 3 eceased Rankin, M. I., '04 Remsen, C. W., '05 Remsen, H. R., '98 Rhinehart, E. J., '76 Roberts, B. C., '95 Roberts, W. B., '05 '5Roberts, W. J., '75 Robinson, E. W.,, '96 Rogers, L. W., '9l Rogers, W. E., '77 Rudd, H. H., '0l a'Rudder, W., '48 Saltus, R. S., '92 Saltus, L., '87 Sargeant, G. W., '90 Scarborough, J., '54 Scott, E. N., '89 '5Scott, T., '9l '5Scott, W. G., '88 Sexton, T. B., '60 '5cSeymour, C. H., '52 Seyms, G. H., '72 'FShaw, P. C., '7l "FSherman, S., '50 Short, W. S., '83 Shreve, B. F. H., '78 Smith, C. B., '54 "'Spencer, W. G., '53 Stanley, G. M., '68 Stanley, D., '77 Stedman, T. L., '74 xSteele, O. R., '53 a'Sterling, C., '44 Stocking, C. H. W., '60 Stoddard, E. V., '60 Stoddard, J., '71 Storrs, L. K., '63 Stotsenberg, H., '50 Stout, K., '70 '5Studley, W. H., '50 Sullivan, E. T., '89 Sutton, McW. B. E., 99 T I-I E I VY Vol. XXXVI 1 I2 StQ T y .6Q '5Syle,, H. W., '67 "'Syle, L. D., '79 Taylor, E. B., '73 Taylor, E.. P., '00 Taylor, P., '43 Taylor, P. W., '02 Tibbits, W. B., '6l Tibbits, C. H., '87 'FTingley, G. C., '52 Townsend, H. E., '04 Travers, E. S., '98 "'Tremaine, C. H. B., '66 "'Truby, M., '79 Trumbull, C. L., '08 Trumbull, W. S., '03 Tullidge, E. K., '76 Tuttle, R. C., '89 '5Tuttle, R. I-I., '46 Upson, A. L., '88 Valentine, W. A., '72 Van DeWater, A. R., '01 'FVan Nostrand, C. A., '77 '5Vincent, S., '58 Wakeheld, J. B., '46 'F Deceased Wardlaw, C. D., '07 Warner, B. E., '76 '5Warren, S. B., '59 Waterman, E. F., '98 Watemxan, F. E., '0l Webb, W. R., '78 Webster, l..., '80 'l'Webster, W. H., '6l '5Welles, H. T., '43 Welles, P. T., '05 Wells, L. H., '64 Wheeler, W. H., '02 Wllitcombe, F. B., '87 Whitney, H. E., '74 Williams, J., '90 Willson, C. T., '77 '5Wil4lson, D. B., '79 "'Winchester, S. F., '66 "Witherspoon, O., '56 Woodle, A. S., '99 Woodman, C. E., '73 Woodward, C. G., '98 Worthington, E.. W., '75 Yardley, T. H., '92 Zeigler, P., '72 l909 TRINITY COLLEGE 113 S1'QJ 4iWsQf1b'iQ E s9!J fthe EH 1111111111111 uf Hhi fEEII11I11EI Evita Omega Mu Iota Mu . Pi Iota Pi Rho Delta Nu . Alpha Chi . Tau Alpha Nu Deuteron Omega Upsilon Nu Upsilon Theta Psi . Kappa Nu . Chi Sigma Nu . Beta . . Sigma Deuteron . Beta Chi . Beta Mu . Delta Xi . . Gamma Phi Omicron . Beta Deuteron Delta Deuteron Zeta Deuteron Rho Chi . Alpha Pi . . Rho Deuteron Xi Deuteron Lambcla Deuteron Sigma . Founded in 1848 at Washington and Jefferson College iKnII nf Gllinmeru . . . . . . . University of Maine . Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Worcester Polytechnic Institute . . Brown University . . Dartmouth College Amherst College Trinity College . . . Yale University . . . Columbia College College of the City of New York . New York University . . Colgate University . Cornell University . . Union College . . Syracuse University . University of Pennsylvania . . Lafayette College . Lehigh University . Johns Hopkins University . Bucknell University . Gettysburg University . Pennsylvania State College . University of Virginia . Roanoke College . Hampden-Siclney College . Washington and Lee University . . . Jefferson College Washington and Jefferson College . . . Allegheny College . Wooster University Afdelbert College Denison College . Wittenberg College H4 SRQQ25i3QQ25i3QQ?5i35y Omicron Deuteron Theta Delta Zeta . Lambda . Tau . Psi . Lambda Iota Kappa Tau Nu Theta . Tau Delta . Alpha Deuteron Gamma Deuteron Chi Iota I. Alpha Phi . Mu . Mu Sigma . Chi Upsilon Zeta Phi . Chi Mu . Pi Deuteron Lambda Mu Delta Xi . Sigma Tau . Lambda Sigma . Vd.XXXVI QQQETBQQZ Ohio State University Ohio Wesleyan University . Indiana University . De Pauw University Hanover College . Wabash College . Purdue University University of Tennessee . . Bethel College University of Alabama . University of Texas Illinois Wesleyan University . . Knox College University of Illinois University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Chicago William Jewell College University 'of Missouri . Kansas University University of Nebraska University of California University of Washington . . Leland Stanford ak! ff,-A 1 f - ga Xb of nfs? 7151, 'iu kur 2. , . , Qfejii ' T7 ' - ' Q " Vf ' " ff- si 4'iXo e, T Q0 , . af P1 .auxov-T nm-1. wx M 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE l 6y 115 Q E112 Elan Alpha Glhaptvr 'ight Mamma Betta Affine Hllenthvrn 15117 Paul I-layes Guilfoil 113115 Frecleric Joseph Corbett Eclwin Joseph Donnelly Charles William Collins Charles William lVIcKone l"larolol.Eclwarcl Robbins IHHH Clinton Jirah Backus, Jr. Alexander Wellington Creeclon Charles Eugene 15111 Frecl Donalcl Carpenter George William Eugene Draper l-larolcl Chamberlain Green Arthur Bartow I-lenshaw Frederic Thomas Gilbert Robert Lowell Mason Morrow Archer Eben Knowlton August l-lerman Leschke William George Qliver Ewalcl Olsson Ward Washington Slawson 1511 Joseph Oliver Carroll Sherman Cawley Earl Blanchard Ashley Lyman Cooke Wade Hunt Knowlton Ramsclell II6 THE IVY Vol. XXXVI E53Q T L .5QJ 15111 Mamma Evita illraxirrza in 1514.12 Brainard, Clifford B., Nu Deuteron, '98 Fallow, Everett S., Tau Alpha, '07 Brainard, Irving E., Nu Deuteron, '0l Flynn, Joseph D., Tau Alpha, '97 Clapp, R. J., Pi Iota, '93 Gunning, James W., Tau Alpha, '96 Campbell, James N. l'l., Nu Deuteron, '03 Jarman, Frederick T., Nu Deuteron, '02 Davis, Carl W., Nu Deuteron, '02 Kennedy, Philip T., Tau Alpha, '05 Patterson, Shirley, Alpha Chi, '06 Philluriclc, Halsey R., Iota lVlu, '06 Adams, I-I. E., Nu Deuteron, '02 I909 TRINITY COLLEGE 117 SfsQ7J ? CEi'nhuaI1e illllvnthera 1511i C5nmn1a Betta Bachus, Harold S., '02 Baker, Edwin L., '05 Bartlett, F. B., '04 Belden, Louise I., '94 Bonner, Charles W., '05 Benton, Sanford l., '95 Bordley, Madison B., '95 'FBrown, Frank S., '04 Buell, Joseph H., '96 Carr, Edmund S., '05 Chambers, George D., '06 Chamberlain, Charles G., '07 Clarke, Lloyd W., '07 Clarke, Philip S., '03 Conklin, William E., '93 Cronan, john F., '06 Dougherty, Philip, '07 Duffee, Edward L., '05 Eaton, Robert LeR., '05 Fairbrother, Benjamin H., '07 Falknor, Clark T., '03 Fallow, Everett S., '07 Fenning, K. Herbert, '03 Flynn, Joseph D., '97 George, Eugene E., '07 George, James H., '05 Goodale, Allen R., '05 Goodale, Hubert D., '03 Glenny, Robert, '04 Guilfoil, Paul H., '07 Gunning, James W., '96 Hagenon, Leroy K., '96 45 Deceased Higginbotham, Fred A., '02 Howe, Harry L., '02 Hyde, William S., '02 Judd, Charles, '93 Kelley, Arthur P., '0l Kennedy, Philip T., '05 Landefeld, James C., '07 Langdon, George F., '96 Laubenstein, Jacob A., '02 Lee, William H., '08 Loomis, Norman M., '99 Madden, William F., '08 Mason, Edward K., 'Ol Monegan, Charles A., '93 Miller, Arthur F., '95 Muguire, Samuel W., '95 Merwin, Albert D., '98 Nolan, Henry J., '05 Owens, Michael F., '05 Smith, Clarence A., '99 Smithe, Percival A., '99 Street, Charles H., '97 Tull, Hennann E., '97 Vandebogart, Hervey B., '03 Veitch, James R., '03 Walsh, Charles B., '05 Wartman, George H., '06 Wedge, Alfred H., '95 White, William C., '97 Wood, Clifford K., '00 Wood, Percival M., '97 Yeomans, Raymond S., '99 Young, Frank R., '95 T I-I E IV Y Vol. XXXVI 1 I8 FSfQ ? y s5Q1 Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Uhr iliraternitg nf Alpha Qlhi iKhn Founded in i895 at Trinity College TKUII uf Glhapinra Psi . ...... . Trinity College Chi . Polyteohnio Institute of Brooklyn Phi . . University of Pennsylvania Omega . Cetnnibie University Alpha Lafayette College Beta . Dickinson College Delta . Yale University Epsilon . Syracuse University Zeta . . University of Virginia Eta . . Washington and Lee University 1! H Q W . li WW ' Z: lyuwmflrwfi ' " Wim Wh 1IlH yg N ..,4 A MunuxrM , WAEEP x i Q mpyyfynwsfaa Q ZfyflheiI'1'lLtn'1WlJly,0f,AMla IWKIM 1-:LL yo rq- rbmfm. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 119 f t miSG4fi9KQ f5fS1 Uhr 1511i 1351 Qlhaqninzr Alpha Glhi i'KI1u Ariinr illllrmhvrn 15115 Grosvenor Buck Louis Stamm Buths Henry Irving Skilton IHITH George Sumner Buck Robert Mason Cadman Perley Sherwood McConnell Edward Jones Vaughn Clarence Standish Sherwood 15111 Horace Richardson Bassford William James Nelson Charles Hobby Bassford Albert Marston Smith Harry Foster Ferguson John Edward Brown 1511 William Whitaker Buck John Howard Rosebaugh 120 T H E ivv vol. xxxvi Alpha Glhi Illhn Hratrra in lfirhv Hastings, F. H., Phi Psi, '96 Simonds, E. L., Phi Psi, '00 Beach, Carrol C., M.D.,' Phi Psi, '96 Moody, W. H., '07 Skurlevant, A. M., Phi Psi, '98 Sturtevant, F. R., Phi Psi, 'OI Morgan, V. F., Phi Psi, '99 Lorenz, E. H., Phi Psi, '02 Hail, A. C., Phi Psi, ex-'00 Morha, K. P., Phi Psi, '02 Morgan, B. Q., Phi Psi, '04 Biakeslee, R. H., Phi Psi, '05 Ozon, W. W., ex-'08 Brainerd, C. C., '06 Carson, Edwin S., ex-'02 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 121 Sf.QJ 43W E sQ tgrnhuatv illlennhera Alpha Glhi ililgn Addis, Emmet, '99 Arnott, Alexander, '00 Beach, Carroll Charles, '96 Benson, Lloyd Raeburn, '99 Blalceslee, Henry Jones, '98 Blalceslee, Roger Heaton, '05 Brainerd, Clifton C., '06 Brines, Moses James, '00 Buck, Frederick Earle, '98 Buckley Frederick D. fh. '84j Burbank, C-eorge Cn., 'Ol Cleasby, Harold L., '99 Colloque, Orrok Paul, '99 Craig, Ora Wilfred, '03 Crane, Joseph Baird, '02 Derby, Aubrey Henry, 'Ol Eardley, William A., '96 Ensign, F. H., Jr., ex-'04 Gooden, Robert Burton, '02 Hall, Amasa Clark, ex-'00 Hastings, Francis H., '96 Henderson, James, '02 Henry, Charles William, '99 Heyn, George Henry, '04 Holden, George Henry, '02 Kurth, Karl F. F., ex-'00 Lorenz, Edward Henry, '02 McElwain, Frank Arthur, '99 Moody, William Herbert, '07 Moore, George S., ex-'04 Morba, Karl Philip, '02 Morgan, Bayard Q., '04 AC Morgan, Victor Forrest, '99 Morehouse, Franlc S., '0l Ozon, W. W., ex-'08 Perry, Wilfred Sprague, ex-'06 Rice, Harry Landon, '99 Richmond, Denison, ex-'00 Roach, Wilfred E., ex-'07 Rogers, Edward Martin, '02 Rouse, William Herman, '96 Sayres, Homer Stuart, ex-'06 Scott, Reginald Heber fhj Sheriff, Herbert Thomas, '97 "Sherwood, Walter Beach, '05 Simonds, Ernest Leon, '00 Smart, Charles Thomas, '00 Stacey, Everett E., ex-'Ol Stewart, Marshall B., '02 Sturtevant, Albert M., '98 Sturtevant, Francis R., 'Ol Thurber, C. C., ex-'03 Tracy, Ellsworth M., '00 Tuke, Charles Edward, '02 Van Meter, Allen R., '99 Van Weelden, Harold C., '03 Wales, James Albert, '0l Walker, John White, '02 Walker, Millidge P., Chl Walker, Robert fh, '90 awalker, William T., '97 Wallace, W. S. W., ex-'05 Winston, Ernest F., '06 Zeigler, Carl Gottlob, '97 Zeigler, Howard B., ex-'03 Zeigler, Paul Ch, 721 Deceased 0.0 Honorary T I-l E IVY Vol. XXXVI 1 22 Ss?J ?sQJyS1Q Q Uhr Hratrrnitg nf ighi Enter Kappa Founclecl in 1776 at William ancl Mairy College ' Alpha of Virginia . Alpha of Connecticut . Alpha of Massachusetts Alpha of New Hampshire Alpha of New York . Alpha of Maine . . Alpha of Rhode Island Beta of Connecticut . Gamma of Connecticut Alpha Alpha of Ohio . . of Vermont Beta of Massachusetts . Beta of Ohio . Beta of New York . Gamma of Ohio . . Gamma of Massachusetts Gamma of New York . Beta of Vermont . Alpha of New Jersey . Delta of New York . Epsilon of New York . Zeta of New York . Eta of New York Theta of New York . Alpha of Pennsylvania Beta of Pennsylvania Iota of New York . Alpha of Indiana Alpha of' Illinois Alpha of Kansas . . Gamma of Pennsylvania Delta of Massachusetts . Delta of Pennsylvania . William ancl Mary College . . Yale University . Harvard University Dartmouth College Union University Bowdoin College Brown University . Trinity College Wesleyan University . Aclelloert College University of Vermont . Amherst College . Kenyon College New York University . Marietta College' . Williams College College of the City of New York . Middlebury College . . Rutgers College . Columbia University Hamilton College I-Iolnart College Colgate University Cornell University Dickinson College Lehigh University . Rochester University . DePauw University Northwestern University . University of Kansas . Lafayette College . . . Tufts College University of Pennsylvania 1909 g TRINITY COLLEGE 123 Sfs?J jiWQT'is,QT s5Q2 Alpha of Minnesota . Alpha of lowa . . Alpha of Maryland . Alpha of Nebraska . Beta of Maine . . Kappa of New York . Epsilon of Pennsylvania Beta of lndiana . Alpha of California . Mu of New York . Zeta of Pennsylvania Alpha of Wisconsin . Epsilon of Massachusetts Delta of Ohio . . Beta of New jersey . Lambda of New York . Beta of Illinois . . Alpha of Tennessee Alpha of Missouri Eta of Pennsylvania . Alpha of Colorado . Zeta of Massachusetts . Beta of California . Alpha of North Carolina Beta of Colorado . Eta of Massachusetts . Epsilon of Ohio . . Theta of Massachusetts Alpha of Texas . Beta of Maryland . Zeta of Ohio . Eta of Ohio . Gamma of Illinois Alpha of Michigan Alpha of Louisiana Beta of Virginia Beta of lowa . Theta of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota . University of lowa . Johns Hopkins University University of Nebraska . . Colby College . Syracuse University . Swarthmore College . Wabash College . University of California . . Vassar College . Haverford College University of Wisconsin . Boston University . Cincinnati University . Princeton University . St. Lawrence University . University of Chicago . Vanderbilt University University of Missouri . Allegheny College University of Colorado . . Smith College . . Stanford University University of North Carolina Colorado College . Wellesley College Ohio State University Mount Holyoke College . University of Texas Woman's College, Baltimore .P . Oberlin College . Ohio Wesleyan University . University of Illinois University of Michigan . Tulane University . University of Virginia . . . Iowa College Franklin and Marshall' College 124 T H E IVY Vol. XXXVI 1513 11152121 Kappa, Erin nf Cifnnnvriirut CHARTERED 1845 Gbftirrra Rev John T. l-luntington, M.A., '50 . . President William G. Davies, lVl.A., '60 . . Vice-President Rev. Samuel Hart, D.D., '66 . . . Secreiary George Lewis Cooke, M.A., '70 . . Treasurer Charles William lVlcKone, '08 . Assisiant Secretary Frederic Joseph Corbett, '08 . Assisiani Treasurer ' Eurail Svnririg, 0112155 nf 15118 Frederic Joseph Corbett Henry Slater Wilcox Charles William lVlcKone Thomas Mitchell Phillips Erpreuvniaiiurz at Ninth Efrirnniul Giuunril william aah Marg Gnllrge, Ssptemhsr, 1911? Rev. Samuel Hart, D.D., '66 .... Senator Philip Dewitt Phair, lVl.A. '94 . . Delegaie l909 TRINITY COLLEGE I25 S?.5?J 4TbW,5?JyS'fy Grahuatr Hilnmhern 19111 Beta Kappa Ackley, W. N., '63 Alcorn, E. C., '74 Brigham, H. H., '76 Broclclesby, A. K., '70 Pflling, S. H., '92 Andrews, C. M., '84 fh, '96D Andrews, S. J., fh, '67J Applegate, O., '87 'fAsh, T. R., '64 "5Atwood, M., '49 a'Bacon, W., '46 Bailey, M. K., '79 Balcewell, J., '59 Barber, F. Nl., '9l Barbour, H. G., '06 ""Barbour, H., '73 Barrows, W. S., '84 Barton, C. C., '69 Bates, M., '72 Bates, R. P., '93 '5Bates, W. H., '72 ' '5Beardsley, E. E,, '32 Ch, '46D Beardsley, W. A., '87 Beers, G. E., '86 Belden, N. M., '88 'FBelden, N. Nl., '48 Benedict, Le l..eG., '88 "'Beneclict, S., '47 Bentley, W. P., '02 Benton, R., '97 Benton, R., '64 "Bidwell, L. B., '80 Birclchead, B., '94 Black, H. C., '80 Bolles, E. C., '55 Bowie, W., '93 Brainard, J., '5l fh, '56, Brainarcl, M., '84 '5Brewer, A. L., '53 "'Bridge, J., '47 Brocklesby, H., '65 Brocklesby, W. C., '69 Bronson, M., '52 Broughton, C. D., '95 Brown, E., '83 "'Brown, T. M., '58 Bryan, W., '75 Buftington, J., '75 Bullceley, W. H., '73 Burgwin, H. K., '77 Burrage, F. S., '95 'l'Butler, C. M., '33 fh, 525 Burton, R. E., '83 Ch, 961 'x'Capron, Af., '45 Carpenter, S., '79 Carr, E. S., '05 Carter, G. C., '87 Chaplin, W. V., '78 'l'Chapman, C. R., '47 'FChase, F., '52 Chase, M. F., '97 Cheshire, B., '69 Ch, Child, C. G., '86 qi., 'oey '5Chipman, G. S., '78 3Clark, G. H. Ch, '63j Clark, W., '63 Cleasby, H. L., '99 "'Clerc, F. J., '43 Cleveland, E.. J., '02 'f'Colt, W. U., '44 Coleman, C. S., '82 ' Coleman, G. P., '90 Collins, W. F., '93 a'Coit, W. U., '44 '5Colton, C. fh, '54D Conklin, W. E., '93 'F Deceased UO HOIl01'al'y Conover, T. A., '90 Cooke, G. L., '70 Coster, M. K., '87 xcowling, R. O., '6l Cowper, F. A. G., '06 Crabtree, A., '92 . Crawford, W. R., '88 '5Crosloy, D. G., '5l 'FCummin's, A. G., '5l 126 T H E IVY Vol. xxxvi S2Q 'iWsQf2yi'f Qi'i'BW Flynn, D., '97 Foss, F. H., '01 Frye, P. H., '89 '5Gallagher, D., '95 Gallaudet, B. B., '80 Gallaudeb, E. M., '56 Ch, '07, '5Gallaudet , T., '45 Ch, '51, George, H., '72 George, T. M. N., '80 '3'Curtis, F. R., '80 Curtis, R. W., '96 Curtis, T. W. T. Ch. '58, '5Curtis W. E., '43 "'Giddings, G. W., '49 Gilbert, G. B., '96 '5Gilman, G. S., '47 'FGoddard, F. M., '96 Curtis, W. E., '75 Ch, '07, 'FCusl-ling, J. T., '37 Ch, '47, Davies, W. G., '60 Davis, C. J., '94 Dean, E. B., '93 "'Derby, A. H., 'Ol Dickerson, E. M., '74 Doclcray, E. L., '83 Dougherty, P., '07 Douglas, G. W., '7l Douglass, A. E., '89 "Driggs, T. l., '48 DuBois, G. MCI., '74 DuBois, H. O., '76 'FDyer, A., '70 Edmunds, C. C., '77 Emery, R., '54 Evans, S. K., '95 "'Everest, C. W., '38 Ch, '48, '5Fairhairn, R. B., '40 Ch, '45, "Fas-ron, E., '47 '5Fell, W., '89 Ferguson, H., '68 '5Ferguson, D., '5l Ferguson, S., '96 Fischer, C. L., '60 Fiske, G. MCC., '70 ""l:'lower, S., '45 95 Golden, H. C., '03 Golden, H. L., '83 Gooden, R. B., '02 Gordon, T. H., '7l "'Gowen, F. C., '82 Gower, H. B., '46 Graham, J., '72 Green, H. D., '99 "'Gregg, D., '54 Gregory, H. T., '54 Grennell, S., Ch, '58, Griswold, C. SI., '90 Gunning, W., '96 '5Hale, C. F., '47 Hall, A. C., '88 Ch, '07, Hall, G.. '92 '5Hall, S., '54 'f'Hallam, G. R., '59 Hamersley, W., '58 Ch, '96, Hamilton, C. A., '82 Hamilton, G. E., '95 Harding, A., '79 '5Harraden, F. S., '67 'FHarriman, F. D., '45 Ch, '96, Harriman, F. W., '72 Hart, S., '66 "'Harwood, E., Ch, 61, "'Hawkes, W. W., '6l, Deceased H0n01'aYy y 909 TRINITY COLLEGE WxX5QZ3"wN5y Hayden, C. C., '66 ""Haydn, Ti L., '56 Hedrick, C. B., '99 Hedrick, F. C., '07 Henderson, E. F., '82 Henry, C. W., '99 Hermann, S., '57 '5Hickox, G. A., '5I Hicks, C.. C., '56 Hicks, M., '54 Hiester, l., '76 Hills, D., '78 Hinkel, F. C., jr., '06 ":Hoaclley, C. J., '5l Holbrooke, G. O., '69 "Ll-lolcombe, D. E., '56 Holcombe, Cx. H., '96 Holden, S. M., '82 Holway, O., '80 Hooker, S. D., '77 Hopson, G. B., '57 Hornor, H. A., '00 Hotclikin, S. F., '56 Hovey, H. E., '66 "'Howarcl, H., '91 Hubbard, C.. lVl., '75 Hubbard, W. S., '88 "'Hugg, G. W., '62 Hughes, l. W., '9l Hull, A. S., '66 Humphries, R. F., '92 '5Hunt, E. K., Gr, '5l, Huntington, Cn. S., '81 Huntington, T., '50 'fl-luntington, W.,, '83 xHurd, D., '74 Huske, J., '77 Hutchins, R. H., '90 xjackson, A., '60 xjacobs, E.. C., '55 xvlennings, A. B., '6l IZ7 .QJ Johnson, C. A., '92 'fjolinson E. E., '59 ajolinson E. P., '65 Johnson F. E., '84 Johnson F. F., '94 xjolinson, G. D., '54 W. MCAS., '98 Johnson, jones, C. E., '05 jones, C. E., '05 Jones, C. W, 'Sl flones, L. H., '52 Judd, C., '93 "FKelley, J., '44 A'Ker, Cr., '43 '5Kerfoot, B. Ch, '65, Kissam, E.. V. B., '69 "'Kittridge, A. S., '57 '5Knickerbacker, D. B., '55 Lanplier, L. A., '80 Lawton, E.. F., '9l Lecour, H., '98 Lilientlial, H., '86 'FLinclsley, C. A., '49 fh, '96, Linsley, A. B., '82 '5LockWood, L. A., '55 Lockwood, L. V., '93 Loomis, H. V., '85 Lorenz, E. H., '02 Loveridge, D. E., '50 Luther, F. S., '70 Mackay, Gr, '54, "'lVlackay, W. R., '67 Mackay-Smilb, A., '72 fb, '07, "'lVlallory, G. S., '58 '5Marble, N. E., fb, '61, Mason, A. T., '81 Ch, '07, Mayo, N. C., '93 lVlcCook, A. T., '02 '1'lVlcCook, G. S., '97 lVl-cCook, -I., '63 McCook, P. J., '95 'F Deceased fh, Honorary 128 T H 151 IVY Vol. XXXVI St.Q 'Sf y Q '5McCrackan, H., '82 Mclfllwain, F. A., '99 Metcalf, H. A., '66 Meyer, H. 1... G., '03 "Miller, P. S., '64 Miller, W. J., '92 Mitchell, S. S., '85 '1'Moffett, G. I-I., '78 Moore, C. E., '76 Morba, K. P., '02 Morehouse, F. S., '01 Morgan, B. Q., '04 Morgan, S. St. J., '03 Morgan, W. F., '88 '5Mulcahey, J., '42 Ch, 'BZJ "'Murray, B., '62 Neely, H. R., '84 Newton, E.. P., '81 Nichols, W. F., '70 Nichols, W., '99 Niles, E.. C., '87 Niles, W. P., '93 Niles, W. W., '57 "'Norton, F. L., '68 Olmsted, C. T., '65 xpaddoclc, B. H., '48 xpaddoclc, A., '45 Paddock, L. H., '88 Paddock, l... S., '50 Ch, '9 "Page, D. C., Ch, 'SID Parker, T. H., '98 Parsons, A. T., '71 Parsons, H., '83 '1'Parsons, R., '81 Pattison, A. E., '80 Pattison, Cx. B., '81 "Payne, W., '34 Ch, '54j A'PealJody, F. B., '48 Pedersen, V. C., '91 Perry, B., '72 't'Penit, W. F., '46 Phair, P. D., '94 'FPierce, H. H., '58 Plumb, F., '91 Potts, F. H., '68 Pratt, A., '98 Pressey, W., '90 "5Preston, T. S., '43 Prince, F. W., '00 Prout, J., '77 Purdy, C. E., '88 'FPurdy, S., '49 '5Pynchon, T. R., '41 Pynchon, W. H. C., '90 Raftery, O. Hr, '73 "'Randall, E. D., '92 Read, W., '72 Ch, '07, Reineman, R. T., '82 Remington, C. H., '89 Richardson, F. W., '84 Richardson, L.'W., '73 '5Rogers, R. C., '45 "5Rudder, W., '48 Russell, F. F., '85 Russell, G. W., '34 Ch, '51, '1'Sancls, O. A., '87 '5Sanford, D. P., '44 a'Sanfo-rd, H. S., '36 Ch, '61, Scarborough, J., '54 Schulte, H. von W., '97 Schutz, W. S., '94 "'Scudder, C. D., '75 Scudder, E.. M., '77 Scudder, H., '91 "'Scudder, H. J., '46 Ch, '50J Scudder, W., '89 Selden, F. C., Ch, '59j Sennett, 'l... F., '89 Seyms, G. H., '72 '6Sherwood, W. B., '05 Shepard, C. N., '91 '1'Shipman, W. D., Ch. '71, 3' Deceased Chl Honorary 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 129 .5QJ SfQ 9iW y '5Short, D. ,H., '33 Ch, '56, '5Short, W., '69 Simonds, E. L., '00 '1'Smal1, E. F., '74 Smith, C. B., '54 Smith, G. W., Ch, '85j 'x'Smith, H. lVl., '93 ""Smith, H., '62 "Smith, S., '63 Smith, S. E., '75 Smyth, D., '74 '1'Somers, B. Y. Ch, '57D asspencer, U. H., '90 '1'Spencer, W. Ct., '35 "Stevens, S., '65 Stewart, M. B., '02 Stocking, C. H. W., '60 'f'Stone, Nl., '80 Stotsenburg, H., '50 Street, C. H., '96 '5Sh1d1ey, W. H., '50 Shlrtevant, A. M., '98 Sturtevant, F. R., '01 Tate, W. J., '86 Taylor, E. B., '73 '5Taylor, B., '49 "'Taylor, W. F., '44 Ch, '51D "'Terry, C. E., '51 Ch, '56J Thorne, R., '85 Tibbits, C. H., '87 Tibbits, W. B., '61 '5Tomlinson, S. 1.., '00 ""Toucey, l. Ch, '46D Tracy, E.. M., '00 'f'Tremaine, C. H. B., '66 Valentine, W. A., '72 Van der Bogart, H. B., '03 Van Meter, A. R., '99 '1'Van Nostrand, C. A., '77 Verder, D. H., '99 Vibbert, A. D., '99 Vibbert, H. C., '68' Vibbert, W. H., '58 xvinton, F. Ch, '54j Wales, A., 'Ol Walker, D. B., '61 Warner, D. T., '72 Ch, '963 Warner, M C., '88 "Warren, S. B., '59 Washburn, L. C., '81 Waterman, L., '71 Watson, S. N., '82 Webb, W. W., '82 Ch, '07j Webster, L., '80 Weed, C. F., '94 A'Welles, H. T., '43 Wheeler, C. H., '01 Whitcombe, F. B., '87 White, R. A., '81 White, W. C., '97 XXVI-tiring, S. M., '40 I-I "Whitlock, R., '70 Whitney, H. E., '74 Williams, A. I., '96 Williams, C. C., '71 "Williams, E. W., '53 Williams, F. G., '89 "Williams, H., '54 Williams, J., '90 Williams, W., '78 Winliley, R. L., '79 ""Witherspoon, Q., '56 Woffenden, R. H., '93 "Wood, H. S., '71 Wood, P. Nl., '97 Woodman, C. E., '73 "Worthington, E.. W., '75 Wright, A. H., '83 Wright, G. H., '91 Wright, W. Cr., '91 Yeomans, E. M., '95 Young, C. H., '91 Zeigler, C. G., '97 Zeigler, P., '72 'F Deceased C119 HOHOYUY 130 T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI f w,5lQxZ3 BOARDMAN HALL OF NATURAL HISTORY 22223252 5 EEE? Q 1 I Ai V .V W Wig I I f CDT C9 nl X535 9 QM jr Wiz- QQ ,3 11 'few-'23"7 fY?29' fg gblfjf 65 C S? EXQQ X Ne5,Dg5fw5Q X 9 Cf? 69 x s 9 525Qj3Qcg QKQWQ Q'-.XXQ5 Q- M YQQEQX Ai 2- V fd E gi F iv b , S-. 5 A I - N - - Ewa Nd l xtf' 5 T51 fY. g f A I www Rf- if s Lf ix ff fwwb 'JEQW?wZ2MQW1 W' 7' L ' Qpawpfj 5 'i x P 36 ri, V VfVgW Ql X -'I V5 LW' f rj f-IJC5 'S ,Q ii", Q il, if 3 ill Fx I C657 C59 3 Q ap K 6 G 5 .D Q SgXg5iK ian? 1 3 X Ys l Uhr 571112215 nf mairimnng iirmamtrh nriginzdlg bg th: Clllann nf 15711 itleuiurh bg th: 6122 Olluh in Alumni Gall, 311112 15117 Don Pedro, wealthy Spanish nobleman . . I-l. N. Chandler Don Basilio, in love with Leonora .... G. A. Cunningham Don Malvolio, in love with Leonora . . . R. Cunningham Signor Fantastico, traveling from Barcelona to Lisbon . S. Carpenter Sergeant Grabugo, genclarme to l-ler Majesty . . . P. Roberts Private Pitico ........ R. G. Coghlan Lady Isabella, wife of Don Pedro, in love with Basilio . . S. Harmon Leonora, her daughter, in love with Basilio . . . C. Hart Inez, her maid ,.... . J. P. Webster Landlord ..... l-l. C. Goodrich First Gambler . . . G. E. Elwell, Jr. Gamblers, Peasants, Mob ...... Glee Club Cadman, S. Carpenter, Chandler, Coghlan, G. A. Cunningham, R. Cunningham, Elwell, Gabler, Goodrich, Kilbourn, P. Roberts, Townsend, Skilton, Stevens Production under direction of Mr. W. B. Davis 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 133 27fEf rW 9s23 GIEIEZ Bag Iixvrrinm MUSIC Caprice-Water Colors ..... . Lampc PRESIDENTIS ADDRESS Philip Dougherty, Illinois MUSIC Tyrolium-Sunshine .... . . Erickson CLASS HISTORY I-Iarvey Lathrop Thompson, Connecticut MUSIC Excerpts-Spring Chicken . .... Caryll 6- Moulton POEM Raymond Cunningham, Connecticut MUSIC The Trinity True ........ Herbert PRESENTATION OF ATHLETIC AWARDS Presentation of Certificates Awarding the H T H and U A T A H Presentation of Gold Footballs and Baseballs Presentation of George Sheldon McCook Trophy for Out-door Sports MUSIC Trombone Solo-Melody in E .... . Hinmann Mr. Frank I-Ieise STATISTICS Eugene Evan George, Massachusetts MUSIC Medley-Song Bouquet .... . Larnpe ORATION Thomas Bernard Myers, Connecticut MUSIC A Lemon in the Garden of Love .... Caryll 6' Moulton PRESENTATION Gerald Arthur Cunningham, Connecticut ' MUSIC March-Second Regiment C. N. G. . . Reeve I34 T I-I E I VY Vol. XXXVI Qlnmmvnrrment, Zlunv, 19117 Gbrher nf Zlixerrimea MUSIC Salutatory Frederic Cleveland I-Iedrick, Florida MUSIC The Election of Senators by Popular Vote - I-I-arvey Lathrop Thompson, Connecticut MUSIC The Significance of a National Theater, with the Valedictory Addresses Philip Dougherty, Illinois MUSIC 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 135 Q m Mount Jillian fur the Hear IEIIIE-7 ijunnra in the Gilman uf 15117 Valedicto-ry . . Philip Dougherty Salutatory . . Frederick Cleveland Hedrick Honor Oration . . Harvey Lathrop Thompson :"The Chemical Prize Essay fNot awardedj Tuttle Prize Essay I:Not awardedj Goodwin Greek Prizes I:Not awardedj Prizes in History and Political Science I:Not awardedl Alumni Prizes in English Composition First Prize Frederick Joseph Corbett SCCUTIJ Prize Martin Taylor Third Prize Richardson Little Wright Committee of Award: Professor Carroll Lewis Maxcy, M. A., of Williams College Frank W. Whitlock Prizes Firsl Prize Frederick Joseph Corbett Second Prize Richardson Little Wright Committee of Award: The Rev. lshon T. Beckwith, Ph.D., D.D., Mr. George W. Ellis, and Mr. Henry S. Pancoast Hartford Admittitur Prize Louis Kofsky C1907-BQ The Douglas Prize Thomas Mitchell Phillips fsuhject: An Historical Account of the Efforts Towards National Control of Inter- state Commercej Committee of Award: Mr. C. S. Mellen, President of the New York, New Haven Sz Hartford Railroad The Mackay-Smith Prizes First Prize Paul Humphrey Barbour Second Prize liNot awardedzl The F. A. Brown Prize Philip Dougherty 9eThe prizes are arranged in the order of their foundation 136 T I-I E. IVY Vol. XXXVI SQD y xyZ3 Qiullrgv Hllarahala 1836 Pliny A. Jewett 1872 Russell Murray 1837 Albert Dodd 1873 1... M. Plumer 1838 George W. Beers 1874 Charles D. Scudder 1839 Thomas T. Guion 1875 Henry H. Brigham 1840 C. B. Varley 1876 Ellis Kurtz 1841 George R. Hall 1877 R. B. Brundage 1842 Francis Clerc 1878 William N. Elbert 1843 John G. Sterling 1879 Henry C. Lovehridge 1844 Samuel Flower 1880 William B. Nelson 1845 James B. Wakefield 1881 Charles H. Carter 1846 David F. Lumsden 1882 Elclred Brown 1847 William C. Peters 1883 E. S. Van Zile 1848 Edwarcl H. Brinley 1884 S. S. Mitchell- 1849 Samuel Sherman 1885 E. B. Hatch 1850 Charles E.. Terry 1886 W. B. Olmsted 1851 James W. Smyth 1887 W. F. Morgan, Jr. 1852 A. Hamilton Polk 1888 E.. N. Scott 1853 Gardiner White 1889 E.. McP. McCook 1854 W. Butler Krumlohaar 1890 T. P. Thurston 1855 Jared Starr 1891 William Joseph Miller 1856 Sidney Hall 1892 William French Collins 1857 John H. S. Quick 1893 Robert Prescott Parker 1858 Samuel B. Warren 1894 John Moore McGann 1859 William G. Davies 1895 W. Speaight Langford, Jr. 1860 William B. Tihlaits 1896 James Watson Lord 1861 G. W. Hugg 1897 James Watson Lord 1862 john McCook 1898 Elton Gardiner Littell 1863 Thomas R. Ash 1899 Harry Archer Hornor 1864 C. T. Olmsted 1901 Godfrey Brinley 1865 Charles Wanzer 1902 Richard Nicks Weibel 1866 Henry K. Huntington 1903 Samuel St. John Morgan 1867 Howard C. Vibbert 1904 Herman Edward Townsend 1868 Joseph B. Cheshire 1905 Cornelius Wagstalt Remsen 1869 George E. Elwell 1906 Oliver Warren Badgley 1870 D. Page Cotton 1907 Harvey Clark Pond 1871 John W. Gray 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 137 y rg3 Hatlrhtrtnrmna smh Smlutaturrana Halvhiriurianu Salutaturiana 1827 Isaac E. Crary 1827 Samuel C. Goldsborough 1828 Henry G. Smith 1828 William H. Walter 1829 Joshua G. Wright 1829 Samuel S. Lewis 1830 Augustus F. Lyde 1830 Isaac W. I-Iallom 1831 Nathaniel E. Cornwall 1831 Joseph R. Eccleston 1832 E. Edwards Beardsley 1832 John W. French 1833 Hugh L. Morrison 1833 Edward I-Iardyear 1834 William Payne 1834 Solomon G. Hitchcock 1835 Robert Tomes 1835 Edward Van Deusen 1836 James H. Elliott 1836 Isaac H. Tuttle 1837 Abner Jackson 1837 John D. Cushing 1838 Charles Gillette 1838 Cyrus Munson 1839 Isaac G. Hubbard 1839 Nathaniel O. Cornwall 1840 Robert B. Fairbairn 1840 Vandervoort Bruce 1841 William H. Frisbie, Henry D. Noble 1841 Thomas R. Pynchon 1842 George Rossiter 1842 Henry C. Preston 1843 Thomas S. Preston 1843 George Ker 1844 David P. Sanford 1844 Tilton E. Doolittle 1845 Robert C. Rogers 1845 John A. Paddock 1846 John W. Bacon 1846 Samuel M. Whiting 1847 Samuel Benedict 1847 George S. Gilman 1848 Benjamin H. Paddock 1848 Nathaniel H. Belden 1849 John IVI. Atwood 1849 George W. Giddings 1850 John T. Huntington 1850 Daniel E. Loveridge 1851 Charles I-Ioadley 1851 Alex. G. Cummings 1852 Lucius I-I, Jones 1852 Francis Chase 1853 Alfred L. Brewer 1853 William G. Spencer 1854 George D. Johnson 1854 James H. Williams 1855 Luke A. Lockwood 1855 Edwin C. Belles 1856 Daniel E. Holcomb 1856 Samuel F. I-Iotchkin 1857 Samuel Herman 1857 George B. Hopson 1858 George S. Mallory 1858 William H. Vibbert 1859 Samuel B. Warren 1859 Edwin E. Johnson 1860 Charles H. Stocking 1860 Augustus Johnson l 38 T H E. I V Y yN XQJTW Halrhirinriami IB6I Arthur W. Allen I86l 1862 James B. Murray 1862 1863 John G. Smith l863 l864 Robert A. Benton i864 I865 Charles T. Olmsted 1865 1866 Samuel Hart 1866 IS67 William R. Mackay l867 l868 Frank L. Norton lS68 1869 George O. Holbrooke 1869 l87O George MCC. Fiske 1870 1871 George W. Douglass l87l i872 Paul Ziegler l872 1873 Leonard W. Richardson l873 l874 Edward N. Dickerson IS74 I875 George M. Hubbard l875 l876 Isaac Heister IS76 1877 Charles C. Edmunds, Jr. I877 l878 John D. Hills i878 l879 Alfred Harding I879 i880 T. M. N. George 1880 1881 Russell Parsons l88l I882 Seaver M. Holden i882 i883 R. T. Reineman 1883 l884 Henry R. Neely 1884 1885 H. B. Loomis 1885 I886 Herman Lilienthal 1886 1887 Orrin A. Sands 1867 l888 Lewis H. Paddock l888 l889 Willard Scudder 1889 i890 Clifford S. Griswold 1890 l89l Harry Howard l89l l892 .Aflbert Crabtree l892 l893 March Chase Mayo l893 1894 Nathan Tolles Pratt 1894 l895 Edward Myron Yeomans i895 1896 George Nahum Holcomb 1896 l897 Hermann von W. Schulte 1897 1898 Woolsey MCA. Johnson i898 l899 Harold Loomis Cleaslay 1899 l900 Simon Lewis Tomlinson l900 Vol. XXXVI me-Q3 Svaluiaiuriana A. B. Jennings George W. Hugg W. N. Ackley Joseph F. Ely Edward S. Johnson Henry A. Metcalf George G. Nichols Frank H. Potts Arthur McConkey Harlow R. Whitlock Chauncey C. Williams James H. George Oliver H. Raftery James D. Smyth Edward W. Worthington Charles E.. Moore John Prout ' John G. Williams James S. Carpenter S. Lorin Webster Charles W. Jones John H. McCrackan J. E. Brown William S. Barrows Robert Thorn William Tate William A. Beardsley Charles E.. Purdy Joseph W. Fell William H. C. Pynchon Charles Herbert Young Romily F. Humphries Robert Peck Bates Cameron Josiah Davis Sydney Key Evans George Blodgett Gilbert John Robert Benton Albert Morey Sturtevant Charles William Henry Harry Archer Hornor 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 139 if-X, Sf' W sQ Halghirtnriarw Ealutaiurizxnu 1901 Francis R. Sturtevant 1901 Frank Halsey Foss 1902 Anson T. McCook 1902 Karl Philip lVlor1Ja 1903 1-larry C. Golden 1903 Henry 1... G. Meyer 1904 Bayard Morgan 1904 Philip 1... Lighkbourn 1905 Edmund S. Carr 1905 Carlos E. Jones 1906 Frederick Augustus Grant Cowper 1906 Frederick C. Hinkel 1907 Philip Dougherty 1907 Frederick Cleveland Hedrick mx 4' 'D "" 9.0! J2Qvf 9 fair? 4 lm 1 ,j 11 vw KI a .A-'91 gig? E! ,316 . X5 M An 140 SKQD Samuel Hart, '66 T H E IVY vol. Xxxvr Gbpiimi George Otis Holbrooke, '69 Lucius. Waterman, '7l Leonard Woods Richardson, ,73 Hiram Benjamin Loomis, '85 Herman Lilienthal, '86 Willard Scudder, '89 Harold Loomis Cleasby, '99 Francis Raymond Sturtevant, 'Ol William Perry Bentley, '02 Edward Henry Lorenz, '02 Anson Theodore McCook, ,OZ Karl Philip Morba, '02 Marshall Bowyer Stewart, '02 Edmund Samuel Carr, '05 Wfww Unwww'v'w':w1wvw1'wmvvw W nf ,JU J g ,f m tl 1 NNW' A Q I' If W Jr' 1 uf" , ff :X uf ' ,, , xxxxx A wax xwg Q! " A f- E169 xii? f F ' Q, .. , ii 515: 2 Q , Z Ili ' -fd-'S l l f A ff f 5 if Gumhm-.2..,o., 142 T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI Efriniig Glnllegr Athlviir Annuriatinn lmiirrru Harvey Clark Poncl . . . ' . President Harry lrl Maxson Secretary-Treasurer iixeruiinr Qlummiiimz H. C. Poncl . . . President A. A. H. I. Maxson . Secretary-Treasurer Af A. E. Donnelly , . . Captain Football Team l. l... Xanclers . . Captain Baseball Team H. B. Clmsteacl' . . Captain Track Team J. O. Morris . . Manager Football Team H. P. lVlacGuyer Manager Basketball Team S. E. McGinley . . Manager Baseball Team E. K. Roberts, Jr. . Manager Track Team Cbrexhnatr Ahuisnrg Cllnmmitier F. L. Wilcox, '80 ..... Chairman J. P. Forward, '96 . . . Secretary-Treasurer Professor lVlc'Cook, '63 Professor R. B. Riggs J. H. K. Davis, '99 Professor D. Flynn, '97 f i X9 I If .' 1 9. X -- W., f --1 ' My W W' ' V I ,425-: F ' N' I , .X NX M T oote E.. Donnelly, ,08 ..... Capiairl J. O. Morris, ,08 . . . Manager J. S. Carpenter, Jr., '09 Assistani Manager J. C. Landefeld, '07 . . Head Coach Professor Gettell . . . Assistant Coach Uhr Umm A. I... Gildersleeve, 'I I, Lefi End E. B. Romsdell, 'I I, Right End C. W. Collins, '08, Lefi End R. I... Mason, '09, Right End B. Budd, '08, Righi End J. O. Carroll, 'I I, Left Tackle E.. Donnelly, '08, Right Tackle G. Buck, '08, Lefi Guard G. S. Buck, '09, Right Guard A. Thaxter, Cenier H. C. Pond, '08, Quarter Back W. E. Batterson, 'I I, Quarter Back H. I. Maxson, '09, Left Half Back A. B. l-lenslfxaw, '10, Righil-Ialf Bac I. L. Xanders, '09, Full Back Suhaiituirs C. Backus, '09 D. Gott, 'IO I P. Roberts, '09 W. Nelson, 'IO B. F. Snow, '09 B. T. Woodle, ,I I FOGTBALL TEAM, 1907 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 145 S2Q T y .-QQ 5 I2 I9 26 2 9 I6 23 At Ar Ar Aft Ar At Ar At October October October October November November November November '83 '84 '85 '86 '87 '88 '89 '90 S. H. Giesy S. T.. Miller W. W. Barber W. W. Barber W. W. Barber E.. MCP. McCook E. MCP. McCook T. P. Thurston ifiernrh nf Cgunwn Hartford Trinity 26 West Point Trinity 0 Amherst Trinity 0 Hartford Trinity 5 Hartford Trinity 94 Hartford Trinity 29 Schenectady Trinity 46 Haverford Trinity 23 immmurg Trinity 223 Oppon Trinity Won 6 Lost Fltnrnwr Olapiainu '9l W. C. Hill H. S. Graves '92 G. D. Hartley '93 W. Edgerton '94 Strawbridge '95 W. S. Langford, J '96 A. M. Langford '97 A. S. Woodle '98 W. B. Sutton Worcester Technology 0 West Point I2 Amherst l l Wesleyan 0 C. C. N. Y. 0 Stevens 6 Union 5 Haverford 0 ents 34 2 '99 W. P. Brown '00 W. P. Brown 'Ol Henderson '02 T. M. Syphax '03 W. B. Allen r. '04 O. Morgan '05 C. Landefeld '06 P. Dougherty FOOTBALL CAMP AT WESTBROOK, CONN., SEPTEMBER, l907 1909 TRINITY coLLEoE 147 IESQWN y 5mZ-Q3 itivuivm nf Thr El'Hnnthz1ll Srvannn ig,-1-, HE 1907 football season proved to be the most successful in recent years, if not in the whole history of -the college. The innovation of a preliminary training trip at the seaside was tried and great benefit was undoubtedly derived therefrom. There was an unusually large squad of promising men, a E 5ff5f4qf3l'! f large number of them being new material, and these, with the splendid nucleus left from last year's team, early gave rise to confidence as to the outcome of the season. Coach Landefeld was again in charge, and with the valuable assistance of Professor Gettell and with such men to carry out his ideas as Captain Donnelly and Pond, he developed an almost ideal football machine. The team did not really find itself till mid-season, after three of the four most important games had been played, but when it did start it came with a rush and fairly swamped its opponents in the last four games. The Worcester game was merely a practice contest and proved an easy victory. Then came the only two defeats of the season-the West Point and Amherst games. Suf- fice it to say, that competent critics judged that in both contests Trinity had the stronger team, but lost in the West Point game by fumbling, besides being tremendously handicapped by penalties amounting to well over two hundred yards, while at Amherst the game was lost in the hrst three minutes of play, and thereafter Trinity always had the advantage. The Wesleyan game really was not as close as the score shows, as our goal line was endangered but once, While ltheir's was almost constantly menaced, especially in the second half. It is hardly necessary to say anything as to the final games, for they simply illus- trated the wonderful scoring ability of the team under the new rules. It was, however, a source of considerable gratification that Haverford was defeated so badly, as this makes up for the defeat inflicted on us two years ago. The remarkable offensive work of the team is well shown by the fact that although playing a very hard schedule composed of such teams as Westt Point, Amherst, Wesleyan and Haverford, yet it scored two hundred and twenty-three points against thirty-four for 'the opponents. This is the fifth largest total among all 148 T I-1 E IVY Vol. XXXVI EMQ2f'N iQ?5SF9' QZW SELQ the colleges this season, and is also the largest total ever rolled up by a Trinity team. Another record was made in the C. C. N. Y. game, when ninety-four points were scored. This is the record for l907, as well as the largest individual score ever made by a team representing us. I The H new N football was developed to a very high state of efficiency, the quarter-back and on-side kicks being used with great precision, while our work- ing of the forward pass was not excelled by any team of the year. Our line Was especially strong on the defense, while the ends were hard tacklers and very clever on forward passes. The back field was wonderfully fast, and com- bined with this excellent head work. It would be the height of injustice to pick out any individuals as stars, for they were all really such, but perhaps Captain Donnelly deserves a special word. He is probably the greatest football player ever developed at Trinity, strong on defense, covers kicks as fast as the ends, a sure gainer on line plunges, one of the most expert users of the forward pass, and combines with all this a remarkable natural football instinct and the peculiar ability of inspiring confidence in his men. His loss will be almost irreparable, and he certainly should be considered for a place on the All-American Team of I907. sJL2 45 nu , , ,v,, ' ,, W... A i ' 1.1iIlilfPf""'Q'Q 11111 . , Nix, W-TY, ,t " VK ,-:An A v vw --.4 ,:MM 11!'f A , img zugllftvgift lui: 1 9 A f,W"" "itll: Well' '111111"i'1'il 'tliitliiif .:., ., O. W. Baclgley, '07 . . . Captain W. R. Cross, '08 . . . Manager S. E.'McGinley, '09 . Assistant Manager Uhr Umm E. Donnelly, '08, First Base 'M. A. Connor, '09, Left Field A. I... Potter, '10, Second Base F. C. Rich, '09, Center Field I. L. Xanclers, '09, Third Base T. B. Myers, '07, Right Field N. H. Gilclersleeve, '10, Short Stop A. M. Smith, '10, Catcher O. W. Badgley, '07, Pitcher H. W. S. Cook, '10, Pitcher Svuhaiiiuiwa G. D. Randall, '08 W. S. Eaton, '10 L. G. Carpenter, '09 E.. Olsson, '10 BASEBALL TEAM, I907 I909 TRINITY COLLEGE 151 Q jf? 1 f-T. f 5iNfs?JQEXZ m5-143 Quzrnrh nf Mantra April I2 New York Trinity 4 C. C. N. Y. CII inningsj 5 April I3 Philadelphia Trinity 0 U. of Penn. I2 April I7 Worcester Trinity 6 Holy Cross 7 April 20 Hartford , Trinity 1 Worcester Technology I0 April 27 New Yorlc Trinity 2 N. Y. U. U4 innings, 3 May 1 Williamstown Trinity 0 Williams 5 May 4 Schenectady Trinity 2 Union 8 May 1 1 Hartford Trinity 3 Stevens 2 May I5 Princeton Trinity 3 Princeton 1 1 May I7 Hartford Trinity 5 Union 4 May I8 Hartford Trinity I0 C. C. N. Y. 2 May 22 Hartford Trinity 2 Holy Cross I0 May 25 ' Hartford Trinity 5 N. Y. U. 1 May 29 West Point Trinity 9 West Point 7 May 30 So. Orange Trinity 3 Seton Hall 6 June 1 Hartford Trinity 3 Training School 0 June 6 Hartford Trinity 2 Wesleyan C19 innings? 2 June 22 Middletown Trinity 0 Wesleyan 5 Summarg Trinity 60 Opponents 100 Trinity Won 6 Lost 1 1 Tied 1 iliurmvr Qlupiarna 67 E.. R. Brevoort '82 A. H. Wright '96 A. Williams '68 E. R. Brevoort '83 C. M. Kurtz M. H. Coggeshall '69 A. Broclcleslay '84 F. E. Johnson '97 D. C. Graves '70 A. Broclcleshy '85 W. Shannon '98 D. C. Graves '71 E.. B. Watts '86 W. Shannon '99 H. K. Davis '72 E.. B. Watts '87 W. Shannon '00 H. MCK. Glazelaroolc '73 E.. B. Watts '88 G. W. Brinley '01 R. Fiske '74 C. E.. Crail-L '89 T. L. Cheritree '02 E.. Goodridge, Jr. '75 F. T. Lincoln '90 R. lVlcC. Brady '03 H. D. Brigham 4, '76 G. S. Hewitt '91 H. S. Graves '04 E. Mann '77 W. E. Rogers '92 H. S. Graves C. F. Clement '78 F, W, White '93 G. D. Hartley '05 C. F. Clement '79 W. N. Elbert '94 Penrose '06 F. Powell '80 W. Rogers '95 H. R. Dingwell '07 O. W. Badgley '81 G. D. Howell Penrose C. Du B. Broughton 152 T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI EaQyEy s5Qf1 i'K1:uiem uf the Eeuavhall Svrannn , HE. baseball season of I907 proved one of the most unsatis- r"5.:' '?N Q1 Fqi: gg-J sport were so successful. The team had a great many dis- '3 x l-iff, 'ill factory through which Trinity has ever passed, and this was accentuated by the fact that the other branches of gr X Q advantages to overcome from the very start, and the won- " ' L C der is not that they did not do better, but that the season had even that measure of success which it possessed. When the season opened the positions of catcher, second base, short stop, center and right fields were vacant, and new men had to be developed to fill them. For several reasons no professional coach had been secured, and so, although both the old and the new men showed marked natural baseball ability, there was always lacking that dash and confidence necessary to a winning team. For the same reason the team, as a whole, was sadly deficient in base-running, and U inside H work both at the bat and in the field. Occasionally would come Hashes of real playing brilliancy, but this would soon be followed by mediocre and inferior play, which neutralized the good work. Captain Badgley, upon whom so much rested, proved a bitter disappointment, for at no time during the season did he pitch with anything of his old form, and although Cook did very well he could hardly fill the place of the former star. A great deal of credit is due to Xanders, the new captain, for on him practically rested the whole offensive work of the team, and had it not been for his batting we would hardly have scored 'half as many runs as we did. The victory over Wes-t Point was very creditable, but the real and only feature of the season was the nineteen inning tie with Wesleyan. In this game the men played real baseball and made it the greatest intercollegiate game of the year. In addition to this it bears the distinc- tion of being the longest game ever played by a Trinity team. The prospects for a winning team next year are extremely bright, as the only men lost are Badgley and Rich, while there is a wealth of fine material in the entering class, and this, with the help of a regular coach, should assure us a victorious season. L L sh . A.. . , H. B. Olmsted, '08 Captain J. K. Edsall, ,08 . . . . Manager E. K. Roberts, Jr., '09 . . Assistant Manager C. O'Connor . . Coach and Trainer Uhr Efwm 100 Yard Dash . . M. Taylor, ,082 B. L. Steel, '10 220 Yard Dash .... M. Taylor, '08, B. L. Steel, '10 440 Yard Dash .... M. Taylor, '08, W. G. Oliver, '10 880 Yard Run O. Morris, '08g W. Nelson, ,105 W. G. Oliver, 'IO 1 Mile Run O. Morris, '08, D. C. Pond, ,083 F. S. Kedney, '10 2 Mile Run .... D. C. Pond, '08, L. Dibble, '09 I20 Yard Hurdles . . . H. B. Olmsted, '08, H. C. Pond, '08 220 Yard Hurdles . . . H. B. Olmsted, '08, H. C. Pond, '08 High Jump H. B. Olmsted, '08g R. M. Cadman, '09g P. Roberts, '09 Broad Jump .... H. C. Pond, ,085 S. Harmon, 'IO Pole Vault R. Maplesden, '08, H. A. Porter, '08g S. Harmon, '10 Shot Put .... C. W. Collins, '08g E. Donnelly, '08 9 Hammer Throw ...... H. I. Maxson, 09 Discus . . C. W. Collins, '08, P. Roberts, ?09 TRACK TEAM, I907 Q s, . 1' , I' 5311211 5121221-1MnrrPa121' Girth. ua Eriniig at Hllnrreatvr, mag 11, IEIIJ7 F65 O so l EVENTS FIRST SECOND THIRD l RECORDS 5 l l00 Ycl. Dash Taylor, T. Carleton, W. Bartlett, W. X I0 3-5 sec. 220 Yd. Dash Davis, W. Taylor, T. Steel, T. 24 sec. ,-I 440 Ycl. Dash Taylor, T. Kennedy, W. 3 Qliver, T. l 54 4-5 sec. QU 880 Ycl. Run Nelson, T. Carleton, W. Morri T. l 2 min 7 sec.'5 l "' l Mile Run Mo ris T. Carleton, W. l Bartlett, W. ' 5 min. I4 sec. E 2 Mile Run D. C. Poncl, T. Carleton, W. Wagner, W. I ll min. I3 sec. 51 '-I l20 Ycl. Hurdles Qlmstecl, T. H. C. Pond, T. l Ellsworth, W. 3 I7 sec. 'Q Ol cl T Q O High Jump T Hiilllitexxy' nl lj, Roberts, T. 5 ft. l l-2 in. S. Broad Jump l-l. C. Poncl, T. l-larmon, T. l Grout, W. Zl ft. ll l-4 in. F: Pore vault chesley, W. Harmon' T' l l 9 ff. 6 in. cv Barney, W. D-J Shot Put Larnecl, W. Donnelly, T. l Collins, T. ' 34 ft. l0 in. Hammer Throw Maxson, T. Searle, W. Simoncls, W. i lOl ft. 2 in. Discus Roberts, T. Searle, W. l Collins, T. 9l ft. 4 l-2 in. l .- Summary-Firsts Trinity I0 l-2, Worcester 3 l-2. Seconcls: Trlnity 5 l-2, Worceste 7 l-2. Thircls: Trinity 6, Worcester 7. Total score: Trinity 78, Worcester 48. H a"Trin1ty recorcl. TOlmsted won on jump-off. 3 is 117 IH HU, UB iiarifnrh, illll E11 Uriniig UZ. 11 nil! 2121---HH HH al Eu vol. xxxvi .i9J I1 EVENTS FIRST SECOND THIRD RECORDS 220 Yd. Dash Taylor, T. ' Steel, T. ' eeler, U. 23 l-5 sec. 440 Ycl. Dash i Taylor, T. Parsons, U. Oliver, T. l 54 sec. 380 Ycl. Run Parso s, U. Oliver, T. Raymond, U. X 2 mln 7 l-5 sec. l Mile Run D. C. Poncl, T. Kedney, U. Kriegsman, U. 1 4 min. 55 l-5 sec. 2 Mile Run D. C. Pond, T. Flowers, U. D-ibble, T. lO min. 46 4-5 sec. 220 Yd. Hurdles Olmsted, T. l-l. C. Poncl, T. Fullerton, U. 26 4-5 sec. High Jump Dunn, U. Olms-tecl, T. Cadman, T. i 5 ft. 5 in. Broad Jump l Harmon, T. H. C. Poncl, T. 4 Strelbert' U' 20 ft. 9 l-2 in. Dunn, U. ' Porter, T. Pole Vault Harmon, T. Streibert, U. Maplesden, T. . I0 ft. 43-4 ini: A Dunn, U. Shot Put Rankin, U. Collins, T. Donnelly, T. 5 35 ft. Hammer Throw Dunn, U. Rankin, U. Maxson, T. l IO4 ft. 3 in. cd I Yr .5 5 si 61 LN IX 5a .":.' CI ': I-' YC 6 I-3. Total sco 1: .2 CI D rinity records. 'VT I909 ' TRINITY COLLEGE -- ,VN ywy L3 3 . 2 2 5 gd. .E Q 3 me 9 .Q 5, ff ,pe J: E 213 frm cm S N" LQ -Y---- -l-L-1 E9 3 20-uz'E:'B -A-'H so-.,,, D QEHEI-'58 5 2 P'P.gEfC3 :va E' 23353 E' Obifiijf asf , CQ .. 5 ,,Ne :1',-M Sign W s-Q Q H D-E H5 C41 S 'N Q -F' U: Q .E F' GG E Ii-.5 19. ,Qin 81 .2 B 3-e 5 cn 1,72 E 30 .... :s -I-0 X5 U12 O I" 3-rw-w mga' sw Q un "-5' Le E Nz .5 E 35-' H 5 E go -ga 0 :QE U 5 a-Q Q ,-A D G 3 Q U1 I- .1: Z gg Q. 3 gl Da: E .5 Ld -3,2 5,4-H -C 51 O2 .2242 fr- I D5 157 5mQ1 3 O s-1 U if O I cf C S, 0.2 ,. V1 5 CXI I ,- ,-. bm ... I E I-1 I.. A TNI I rm mary-Tufts Sum 158 T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI gi3 'jiiS3 m5QxJ ilteuivm nf the Flrark Sivetann ,qv INETEEN-SEVEN saw Trinity develop one of the best l . track teams that has ever represented her. This happy G' 2 ki' ' result was accomplished under the leadership of Captain QQLX ' Olmsted and Coach O'Conner, to whom belong the lion's share of the credit. It was very fortunate that O,Conner A 1- Q ' could be re-engaged for this year, as it gave him a chance to polish off the excellent work he began last seasong and he did this to the satisfaction of every one. The indoor meet in the Armory showed us our strength in the three events contested there, and we lost the meet by two points to Tufts, aldrough defeating Wesleyan, simply because our relay team had not been sufficiently trained, an old weakness from which we have suffered sorely inthe past. It might be mentioned that the finish of Morris in the mile was one of the grandest exhibitions ever seen on a track. At Worcester in the first outdoor meet the men showed the effects of their own faithful training and Coach O'Conner's attention by winning with the greatest ease. Considering the condition of the track, which was in frightful shape, all the performances were creditable, especially that of Nelson i-n break- ing the half mile record. The work of Olmsted, I-l. C. Pond, Taylor, and Nelson was the feature. In the meet with Union every member of the team with the exception of Morris and Nelson, was right on edge, and it is safe to say that the majority of the performances that day compare favorably with those of any dual meet among the smaller colleges. Olmsted and Harmon both broke college records, and the exhibitions given by D. C. Pond and Taylor were of the highest order. Before the Intercollegiates, however, the entire team went badly stale, and so were absolutely unable to do themselves credit. Yet with the possible exception of Dartmouth, Trinity would have stood an excellent chance with any of the other colleges in a dual meet. This year, with the loss of Steel and' Maplesden only, neither of them U T" men, the prospects for a record team are the brightest in years. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE . 9iW yif Efruutg Athlrttr Qwrnrhn Event Record Name 100 Yard Dash I0 1-4 sec. A. W. Strong, '94 220 Yard Dash 22 3-5 sec. H. S. Graves, '92 440 Yard Dash 51 sec. W. A. Sparks, '97 880 Yard Run 2 min. 7 sec. W. Nelson, '10 1 Mile Run 4 min. 44 2-5 sec. F. E. Waterman, '01 2 Mile Run 10 min. 39 sec. D. C. Pond, '08 120 Yard Hurdles 16 sec. H. B. Olmsleacl, '08 220 Yard Hurdles 26 1-5 sec. l-l. C. Pond, '08 High Jump 6 ft. 1 in. l. K. Baxler, '99 Broad -lump 22 ft. 5 1-4 in. H. C. Van Weelden, '03 Pole Vault 10 ft. 4 3-4 in. S. Harmon, '10 Shot Put 37 ft. 7 1-2 in. S. Carter, '94 Hammer Throw 126 ft. 1-2 in. F. C. Ingalls, '99 Discus 98 fi. 10 in. Cu. D. Bowne, '06 3'Hurm12r Qlapiaina M. C. Warner W. E.. A. Bullceley R. H. Hutchins E. R. Lampson, Jr. E.. S. Allen C. A. Lewis L. l. Belden E. deK Leflingwell W. A. Sparks W. A. Sparks '98 C. W. Henry '99 C. W. Henry '00 G. Brinley '01 F. R. Slurtevant '02 C. D. Rankin '03 G. D. Rankin '04 C. W. Remsen '05 C. W. Remsen A. R. Gooclale '06 D. W. Cmaleson 159 l Date 1892 1892 1897 1907 1901 1906 1907 1906 1897 1902 1907 1893 1898 1904 .-v- E. Donnelly, '08 . . . Captain C. G. Chamberlin, '07 . . . . Manager l-l. F. lVlacGuyer, '08 . . . Assistant Manager E112 Umm H. B. Olmsted, '08, Left Forward I-I. W. S. Cook, 'l0, RightFor1varrt E. Donnelly, Center l-l. C. Pond, '08, Left Guard W. Waldron, '10, Right Guard Suhntitutma M. W. Connor, ,09 W. A. Claussen, '09 G. C. Capen, 'IO ZHnrm12r Glapiainu Sinn 151111 '00 l-l. NICK. Glazebroolc '04 E. L. Duffee 'OI R. B. Bellamy E.. H. Maddox '02 B. Crane ,05 F. Powell '03 H. C. Van Weelden '06 T. S. Marlor '07 E. Donnelly BASKETBALL TEAM, l907 I62 T H E IVY Vol. Xxxvr Stfs22tJ VNV Q Ztieuiem uf thv Igaakethallt Svvwann f HE. basketball -team had a rather successful although feature- ff? 'N QQ! less season. Captain Donnelly had charge of the team and made a very acceptable leader because of his thorough knowledge of the game and his own individual playing. The team possessed fairly good team work and its only ef-Q K-KE . l' as P -fa QQQUL 3 l weakness was a little lack of experience. The closest and most exciting games played were the twenty-three to twenty-two victory over lVlan'hattan, and the nineteen to twenty defeat at Williams, the latter especially being a most brilliant contest. It will be remem- bered that Williams has been defealted on her own Hoor but once in the past five years. g ltvrnrh nf Gamez December 6 At Hartford Trinity Yale December 8 At Amherst Trinity Aggies December 20 At Brooklyn Trinity Central Y. M. C. A December 21 At Brooklyn Trinity Adelphi December 22 At New York Trinity Manhattan January I6 At Williamstown Trinity Williams January 23 At Providence Trinity Brown February I4 At Branford Trinity Battery A February 26 Ar Hartford Trinity C. A. C. March 2 At Storrs Trinity! C. A. C. March I6 At West Point Trinity West Point Summarg Trinity 306 Opponents 301 Trinity Won 5 Lost 6 rcsew M 'ef 4432 Sumsg 0 4? 'jg' 'YL nvv"V'i1yr - -'5m"?f:l, e 22,-1 49 'QWJXSQ-L1 igeiftkh., 1. -' ' gigs t :wtf F U 1' P ' w it , . ,g c ' ' if .W K M In nt-f N -Li A v-'Amis-1 MQ of "i" ... 1. O. Morris, '08 . . Capiain F. C. Rich, '09 , . . Manager H. C. Neff, 'IO .... Assistant Manager Uhr Gram .Forwards F. C. Rich, '09 P. Roberts, '09 W. E. Larneci, '10 A. I... Potter, '10 J. O. Morris, '08, Cover Point R. W. Stevens, '08, Point G. A. Cunningham, '07, Coal Suhniitutw C. V. Ferguson, '07 B. Budd, '08 Bvrnfh January I2 At West Point Trinity 0 West Point I On account of poor weather and lack of ice it was possible to play but one contest, although others had been scheduled. HOCKEY TEAM, 1907 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 165 Hgh' illllvn whn mmf the "T" illunihall E. Donnelly, '08, Captain H. I. Maxson, '09 J. O. Morris, ,08, Manager I. L. Xanclers, '09 G. Buck, '08 A. B. Henshaw, 'IO B. Budd, '08 O. Carroll, ,II C. W. Collins, '08 A. L. Gildersleeve, 'I I H. C. Pond, '08 E. B. Ramsdell, 'll Cn. S. Buck, 909 A. Thaxter, ,II R. L. Mason, '09 L. S. Buths, '08 0904 Team? Baseball I. L. Xanclers, '09, Captain H. W. S. Cook, 'IO W. R. Cross, '08, Manager N. H. Cmilclersleeve, 'I0 T. B. Myers, P.Cn. A. L. Potter, 'IO E. Donnelly, '08 A. M. Smith, 'IO M. W. Connor, '09 C. D. Randall, '08 C1906 Team, l Urark H. B. Olmsted, '08, Captain H. I. Maxson, ,09 J. K. Edsall, '08, Manager P. Roberts, '09 J. O. Morris, '08 S. Harmon, 'IO ' D. C. Pond, '08 W. Nelson, ,IO H. C. Pond, '08 H. A. Porter, ,O8 U905 Team, M. Taylor, '08 Iiaukethall "T" E. Donnelly, '08, Capiain H. C. Pond, ,08 I-I. B. Olmsted, '08 I-I. W. S. Cook, 'IO ' 166 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI yX xy X423 Olnllege Aihlvtir 0111415 The George Sheldon McCook Cup-Presented by Professor J. McCook, '63, as a memorial to his son, G. S. McCook, '97, to be awarded to the student making 'the best record in athletics during the year. Enlhrra J. Henderson, '02 4 O. Morgan, '06 l-l. D. Brigham, '03 P. Dougherty, '07 W. B. Allen, '04 fpresent holder, The Record Cup-Presented by E. Brainerd Bulkeley, '90, to be awarded to students who break college athletic records. Etznvnt iinlhrrz l-l. B. Olmsted, '08 S. Harmon, 'IO D. C. Pond, '08 W. Nelson, 'IO I-I. C. Pond, '08 The Underwood Cup-Presented by C. Underwood, '96, to be com- peted for at each fall underclass meet. lirvavnt iinlhrr I 9 I 0 The Gymnasium, Lefhngwell, and McCracken cups are at present no longer competed for. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE y'Q3gZ3yX5y 167 wr-XQ3 Elntm'-Qllaan Athlriim Qlnllvge Eazkvihall Ollgampinnnhip ' 1908 beat 1907 37- 9 1910 bea-t 1909 34- 6 1909 beat 1907 25-10 311 inuls 1908 beat 1910 19-15 1908 Champions for the year 1907 linhvrrluma Gamru Zllnntlmll 1910beat1911 6- 0 Baseball 1910 beat 1911 3-A2 Flrark 1910 Beat1911 56-25 ST. PATRICICS DAY, I906 M051 CH 0445 N . x L Tl-IE MUSICAL CLUBS 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 171 Q y 5.?J i111lnairal Glluhu W. R. Cross, '08 . President of Musical Clubs I-I. N. Chandler, '09 . . Leader of Clee Club A. W. Creedon, '09 . Leader of Mandolin Club I'I. C. Goodrich, '09 . . Manager of Musical Clubs C5122 Cilluh Zffirut Banu R. W. Stevens, '08 H. N. Chandler, '09 G. W. Stewart, 111 ZI1tr5i Grunt R. R. Wolfe, '08 I. S. Carpenter, Jr R. M. Nelson, '11 S. Cawley, '11 ., '09 Evrnnh Timur Jr., '09 C1. E. Elwell, H. C. Goodrich, '09 S. Harmon, '10 iillanhnlin Qilnh Hirst i1l1Ia11hnIin G. D. Randall, '08 A. W. Creedon, '09 S. E.. McGinley, '09 I. P. Webster, '10 A. W. Bunnell, '11 Guitar F. Corbett, '08 I W. A. Smith, ,IO A. Howell, '11 Eirertnr W. Crosby Svmtnnh E355 I-I. I. Skilton, '08 P. Roberts, '09 A. W. Bunnell, '11 Bvrunh illllanhnlin W. R. Cross, '08 . M. Butterworth, ' C I... Kofsky, '11 R . IVI. Nelson, '11 Hinlin . M. Philips, '08 ililianhula I... O. Stansheld, '11 T 09 T H E IVY vol. XXXVI G JV Glnllegv Gbrrhwtra McConnell, '09 . . Piano I-lalden, '09 . . Clarionet G. S. Buck, '09 Violin Flanders, 'l l Violin Phillips, '08 Violin Barbour, '09 'Violin Bunnell, ll l Violin Farnham, '09 Cornet Nelson, 'l l Flute A CONTRAST -f Y 1. Svnphumurv Svmnkrr s Glummitimz l-larry Irl Maxson . . . Chairman Jolxn Caldwell l-lart George Eclwarcl Elwell, Jr. Henry Otto I-linkel George Sumner Buck William Dwyer Robert Lowell Mason Stephen Essex McGinley Frank Chase Rich, ex-oflicio 174 I T I-I E. IVY Vol. XXXVI ilkvahmun-Zluninr Eanquvi 1909 FROM 1911 Uhr Allgn iinusr, Qiarifnrh' Berrmhrr IE. 15117 Glnmmittve Bemon Tisdale Wood'le . . Chairman William Converse Skinner, Jr. Clarence E. Sherman Sherman Post Haight Bli-nn Francis Yates, ex-officio Gawain X Bernon Tisclale Woodle, '1 1 . Toasimaster H 1911 " .... . Paul Roberts, '09 U The Freshman-Junior Banquet " John Bowie Shearer, '09 H College Spirit H . . . . Alexander W. Creeclon, '09 " 1909 " . . . Blinn F. Yates, '11 4fi? x 0M N w - N r V x pf ' M , f m WV X, 'YIHITQ Q1if6gQ XW?7W0N Ii N f WNX l?I? X f X X W X I W ix N ' LJSR N N I76 T H E I VY Vol. XXXVI G VN 53' wQz1 Evening Afternoon Evening Afternoon Evening Afternoon Afternoon Evening Efrinitg Mesh Efhurahag, Hehruarg Eih Elfrihag, Fltnhrxtsmrg 7111 Svaiurhag, Zltiehruexrrq H111 Sunhag, libehruarg Htl! Bllnnhug. Zliehruarg 111111 . I. K. A. Dance Alpha Delta Phi Tea . Junior German . . College Tea . Glee Club Concert College Vespers . Psi Upsilon Tea . Junior Promenade 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 177 j'1iB5QZ3y'5Nf m?Z3W C5122 Glluh Qlunrvrt ltlaril I Neath the Elms , . . , Burgwin GLEE CLUB Z Fanella . . . . Kaiser MANDOLIN CLUB 3 Winrter Song ..... . Bullard GLEE CLUB 4 Tenor Solo-Selected . . MR. HARMON 5 Merry Widow Selections . . . Lehr MANDOLIN CLUB 6 Old King Cole . . . Edes GLEE CLUB limi II 7 Trinity True .... . Vicior Hcrberi COMBINED CLUBS 8 Quartet .... MESSRS. CARPENTER, HARMON, CHANDLER, SKILTON 9 Barney McGee ....... Bullard C-LEE CLUB I0 Baritone Solo-Selected . . MR. CHANDLER II Dreamer Waltz .... . Herman MANDOLIN CLUB I2 Mtarching Song ..... W. B. Davis COMBINED CLUBS -I T H E. IVY Vol. XXXVI Hatrunrsarz Mrs E. S. Allen Mrs H. Cn. Hart Mrs F. C. Babbitt Mrs E.. B. Hatch Mrs. H. Barbour Mrs. F. R. Honey ' Mrs. G. W. Beach Mrs Cx. A. Kleene Mrs. C. Brenlton Mrs C. H. Lawrence Mrs. A. K. Brocklesby Mrs. T. F. Lawrence Mrs. W. C. Brocklesby AMrs. E. F. Lawton Mrs. P. S. Bryant Mrs. F. S. Luther Mrs. W. N. Carlton Mrs McCook Mrs S. Carpenter Mrs. E. T. Merrill Mrs C. Creeclon Mrs E. Del? Miel Mrs. R. W. Cutler Mrs C. S. Morris Mrs. F. W. Davis Mrs O. D. Norton Mrs. H. K. Davis Mrs W. F. Orcutt Mrs. H. V. Dibble Mrs H. Pancoast Mrs. G. E. Elwell Mrs H. A. Perkins Mrs. R. G. Erwin Mrs R. W. Plant Mrs. C. L. Edwards Mrs F. W. Prince Mrs C. N. Flagg Mrs A. E., Rankin Mrs. E.. A. Flynn Mrs R. B. Riggs Mrs. F. H. Foss Mrs E. K. Roberts Mrs. K. W. Genthe Mrs W. Roberts Mrs. R. G. Gettell Mrs C. E. Rogers Mrs. P. H. Goodrich Mrs. G. W. Russell Mrs. Gooclwn Mrs G. H. Seyms Mrs. W. L. Goodwin Mrs W. C. Skinner Mrs. R. W. Gray Mrs. C. H. Talcott Mrs. C. L. Hall Mrs W. M. Urban Mrs R. Ham Mrs D. Van Schaak Mrs W. Hamersley Mrs E. S. Van Zile Mrs . F. W. Harriman Mrs P. H. Woodwar d I Zluninr Hrnmrnahr Glnmmittrr 1 . James Stratton Carpenter, Jr. . . . Chairman Leonard Jerome Dibble . Secretary and Treasurer George Sumner Buck 'Henry Carlton Goodrich Alexander Wellington Creeclon Henry Otto Hinkel Welles Eastman Harry Irl Maxon , Israel Loucks Xanclers fl 'll 1 rg' we 4 1 'I il gd 1 A HALL, DECORATED FOR THE JUNIOR PROM. ALUMNI AZCQX 'V , 4 , . ,1 .1 i i i .1 Eh? Flrinitg Zifahlet Established l868 Baath nf lihiturn ,,, 4 "1 Dewitt Clinton Pond, ,OS x. . . Editor-in-Chief John Bowie Shearer, '09 . . Associate Editor Richardson Little Wright, 'IO . . . Associate Editor Thomas Mitchell Phillips, '08 . . Business Manager54l'-- Leonard Jerome Dibble, '09 . Assistant Business Manageri' Ji ff-'sl "W '-I ill 1 4,1 Uhr Elriniig Elug Established l87l Enarh uf Ehitnrz I George Eclwarcl Elwell, Jr. . . . Editor-in-Chief Woodforde Hamilton Plant . Business Manager Louis Gildersleeve Harriman . . . sflthleiic Editor 2-Xaanrintr Ehiinrn Welles Eastman Arthur Solaeski Kean William Dwyer Robert Lowell Mason Edward Jones Vaughn Ellis Flrinitg flripnh ' Established i904 Published Tuesdays and Fridays in each week of the college year by students of Trinity 'College Baath nf iliilitnrsas William Rich Cross, '08 . . . Eciitor-in-Chief l-larolcl Nathaniel Chandler, '09 . Managing Editor Xxfooclforcle Hamilton Plant, '09 . Managing Editor Gilbert Brown, ,IO . ' . Assistant Managing Editor Blinn Francis Yates, 'l I Assistant Managing Editor Louis Gilclersleeve I-larriman, ,09 . Athletic Editor Corwin lVlaelVlillan Butterworth. '09 . . Alumni Editor Euainewa Evpartmvnt Paul MacMillan Butterwortl'1,"O8 . Treasurer Glirrutatiurt Bzpartmrnt Henry Oliver Peck, ,OS .... ,Manager Paul Humphrey Barbour, '09 ., . Assistant Manager Ahuvriining Erpartmrni Welles Eastman, '09 ..... Manager C Gly ORGANIZATIONS T A mmm oz O X . 1. N 1-1 'AAA ' E W, V Q x A NSW E X . ' . Ne, fzir V nf YZ f X if fa -,P ,ff . Q . ,1 - ,ea-F1 N H- ,.f"F'4 " 'i " .-- - ri.. ' r ff ' Qs f ,Q-L., 1, si J i f- , e . U, r . TQ In .MJ . f Lg, Ll ' , fig' .rj Y f,z,i,g'?tS5Q:B f : i ' V- 1' .211 .-' , L . ' 4, -5 :q . - Q, fi- it ,fx 3 - r V X' V ,-if ' ,'3Ji' ff' fi i 1' ' :lit ' rl 1- . 1' slit? l :fin U 'n 'I .:4,,l1i.g5fijfE,, i' . gi, tif. '51 I -V N .. ,,., row. , P:',e'2.,49,,R Y . La A-ff 1 ' .. .-if -.-P if,.g:,f,,g.V.-,Nx v f . . -A xg.. . f N , , 1-,--Q' q"fa.5'r i , :jf R I . WTS. T., , i 9, , Y ., , .o ,, . . -, ,-yi . .gyr- If '14 ' , fxif' ' x vfNy ' - ' ' ,I .5 ,, I N l X. , x I N i . ,X It - ' t V+ -. ,. F, txxxrglxr , rikku. X, -- I -,-ri X P .H -X ' 3 .rj y , , X, x 'Q 5 , x, , 1 ix f xxa- XX N- N ,, Svvninr Mnnnrarg Snrivtg James Kintland Edsall . . . President Horace Bigelow Olmsted . Secretary and Treasurer Blllrzmhvra William Rich Cross Horace Bigelow Olmsted Edwin Joseph Donnelly Harvey Clark Pond James Kirtland Edsall Martin Taylor Charles Lamb Trumbull Grahuatr filllemhvrn Allen, Edwin Stanton, '93 Badgley, Oliver Warren, '07 Allen, Walter Best, '04 Barbour, Henry Grosvenor, '96 Austin, William Morris, '98 Barton, Charles Clarence, '93 Bacon, Fred. Stanley, '99 " Barton, Philip Lockwood, '02 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE .3fQ a'Sf y " s5Q1 Bates, Robert Peck, '93 Beecroft, Edgar Charles, '97 Bellamy, Robert Bayard, 'Ol Bowne, Garrett Denise, '06 Brigham, Harry Day, '03 Brines, Moses James, '00 Broughton, Charles DuBois, '95 Brown, William Parnell, '0l Brinley, Godfrey, 'Ol Bryant, Percy Carleton, '07 Bulkeley, John Charles, '93 Carter, Julian Stuart, '98 Carter, Lawson Averill, '93 Churchman, Clarke, '93 Clement, Charles Francis, '05 Coggeshall, Murray Hart, '96 Cogswell, George Edward, '97 Collins, William French, '93 Cullen, James, Jr., '93 Cunningham, Gerald Arthur, '07 Danker, Walton Stoutenburgh, '97 Davis, John Henry Kelso, '99 Davis, Cameron Josiah, '93 Dingwall, Harrie Renz, '94 Dougherty, Philip, '07 Dravo, Marion Stuart, '07 Duftee, Edward Llewellyn, '05 Edgerton, Francis Cruger, '94 Edgerton, john Warren, '94 Ellis, George William,, '94 Ewing, Robert Mosby,' '05 Farrow, Malcom Collins, '05 Fiske, Reginald, 'Ol Fiske, William Sydney Walker, '06 Gateson, Daniel Wilmot, '06 George, Eugene Evan, '07 Glazebrook, Haslett McKim, '00 Goodridge, Edward, Jr., '02 Gostenhofer, Charles Edward, '05 Graves, Dudley Chase, '98 Greenly, Howard Trescott, '94 Haight, Austin Dunham, '06 Hamlin, Edward Percy, '95 Hartley, George Derwent, '93 Henderson, James, '02 Hill, Charles Hawley, '02 Hinkel, Frederick Charles, Jr., '06 Horner, Harry Archer, '00 Hubbard, Louis DeKoven, '93 Hudson, James Mosgrove, '0l Langford, Archibald Morrison, '96 Langford, William Spaight, '94 Lewis, John William, '93 Littell, Elton Gardiner, '99 Lord, james Watson, '98 Lockwood, Luke Vincent, '93 Macauley, Richard Henry, '95 McCook, George Sheldon, '97 Mcllvaine, John Gilbert, '00 Morgan, Samuel St. john, '03 Morgan, Owen, '06 Morse, Bryan Killikelly, '99 Nichols, John William, '99 Niles, William Porter, '93 Olcott, William Tyler, '96 Paine, Ogle Tayloe, '96 Paige, John Henry, '97 Parsons, Edgerton, '96 Pearce, Reginald, '93 Peck, Carlos Curtis, '02 Pelton, Henry Hubbard, '93 Penrose, John Jesse, Jr., '95 Powell, john Franklin, '06 Prince, Frederick Welles, '00 Rankin, G. D., '03 Remsen, Cornelius Wagstaff, '05 Remsen, Henry Rutgers, '98 ' Reynolds, Lloyd Gilson, '98 Schutz, Walter Stanley, '94 Schwartz, David Louis, '00 Sparks, William Albert, '97 Strawbridge, John, '95 Syphax, T. M., '03 Taylor, Charles Edward, '94 Thomas, Edmond C., '03 Townsend, Herman Edward, '04 Vibbert, Aubrey Darrell, '99 Vibbert, William Welch, '94 Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew, '95 Weed, Charles Frederick, '94 Weibel, Richard Nicks, '02 Welles, Philip Turner, '05 Wheeler, Charles Hawthorne, '02 Wheeler, William Hardin, '02 Wilson, William Crosswell Doane, '93 Wilson, George Hewson, '93 Wolfenden, Richard Henry, '93 Woodle, Allan Sheldon, '99 T H E I VY vol. xxxvr Efriniig Glnllvgv mianinnarg Svnrivtg A Founded I83Z Pro Christo el ecclesia E Gbflirvru J. L. l-lartzell . . . President P. M. Butterworth Vice-President Paul Roberts . . . Secretary and Treasurer flllvmhnra P. l-l. Barbour C. M. Butterworth P. Flanders S. W. Green J. S. Carpenter F. R. Prout D. W. Clark A. E. Pulford J. B. Clark H. Rosebaugh J. F. Townsend B. F. Turner J. W. Woessner A. S. Kean Ernthvrhuuh nf 271. Anhrrm Arthur S. Kean Paul Roberts John W. Woessner Paul l-l. Barbour James S. Carpenter John B. Clark Stephen Green Jacob Lott l-lartzell Ollrapirr 1 743 . Director . Vice Direcior Secretary and Treasurer Paul M. Butterworth David W. Clark Philip Flanders Frank R. Prout James F. Townsend M Q tr K wHrvg7x2,?W I 5 0' 'Ii 'E ,e 4, I jr E 3 if . ll 1. J Ll G ' 9 -I 5' In ' il!! Ar, William Rich Cross, ,08 Qtmirzra James Stratton Carpenter, Jr., '09 B. Buclcl, '08 P. M. Butterworth, '08 J. O. Morris, 'US I-I. C. Goodrich, '09 E. K. Roberts, Jr., '09 F. S. Bishop, 'IO C. M. Robertson, 'IO A. I... Potter, 'IO fflllnmhrria . . President Secretary and Treasurer W. A. Smith, 'IO . I-I. Gilclersleeve, 'IO . I-I. Merrill, 'IO 'JUZ B. F. Yates, ,I I I-I. I-I. Burgwin, 'I I A. W. Bunnell, 'II A. I-Iowell, 'II . W. Stewart, 'I I DP W. C. Skinner, Jr., 'II W 1N1HG s fs'-1' lk X gsgww' I W. B. Allen, '04 P. l... Barton, '02 H. C. Boyd, '05 G. D. Bowne, '06 H. S. Bradfield, '02 J. W. P. 7105563 31:15 Us on S 525 :UPS Eg? SP5 I 53050772 B radin, '00 H. Bradin, '03 P. Browne, Jr., '03 E. Bruce, Jr., '03 C. Bryant, '07 Budd, '08 H. Bufflngton, '04 Burgwin, Jr., '06 C. Burwell, '06 M. Butterworth, '08 H. ClHPP. '04 F. Clement, '05 W. Clement, 'Ol S. Corson, '99 l F. A. H. Coggeshall, '07 C. Coburn, '07 W. R. Cross, '08 azwwerndiwo VI" .L E, ' .4 ,vs ..w. 4 :L .. gulf. - w A H , I I A.-ve,-ggswggii: ji-1:13 . A, , f-,i it ..,-. .Q f I-.. '-'.z::'vv::2'j- ,.--P.-:tix-.' 1-1, 41. ggi., 'Y :ff-., ..-559, h - TQ '-N' ,i-3MQ,.,,i:1-- 11, 1- itlL,.3g.a.j1g,.,4.,ff,,5:,..,,.3,... - fy... -V -fx: . Q -- 1- . -A . -. -,nf Zn I H H .53 5. ,. .. - .1 - " - - f- -A-4 wwf '- ' ' 'Ga W-4 X-x A. Cunningham, '07 Cunningham, '07 l... Curtin, '07 C. Curtiss, '07 H. K. Davis, '99 de W. de Mauriac, '07 N. Denslow, '04 J. Dibble, '04 . Donnelly, '08 S. Dravo, '07 H. Eaton, '99 J. K. Edsall, '08 J. D. Evans, '0l R. M. Ewing, '05 R. Fiske, 'Ol W. S. W. Fiske, '06 OFDFU H. Fox, '00 R. Fuller, Jr., '00 V. Ferguson, '07 D. W. Gateson, '06 H. W. Geer, '08 E. E. George, '07 C. E.. Gostenhofer, '05 H. MCK. Glazebrook, '00 E.. B. Goodrich, '02 E.. Goodridge, Jr., '02 R. N. Graham, '05 W. T. Grange, '06 H. D. Green, '99 M. G. Haight, '00 H. G. Hart, '07 C. B. Hedrick, '99 A. Henry, '03 Founded by the Class of '99 on February l5, l897 Mrahuair Hlrmhvrn C. H. Hill, '02 W. C. Hill, '00 Cu. S. Hine, '06 H. A. Hornor, '00 G. W. Hubbard, '08 J. M. Hudson, '0l H. Huet, '06 R. H. Hutchinson, '03 D. B. Jewett, '00 J. MCA. Johnson, '03 G. T. Kendal, '99 l. R. Kenyon, '07 W. Larchar, Jr., '03 P. l... Lightbourn, '04 E. G. Littell, '99 H. F. MacGuyer, '08 G. B. McCune, '07 Mcllvaine, '04 H. R. J. G. Mcllvaine, '00 P. l... McKeon, '04 W. McNeil, '0l W. F. Madden, '08 E. H. Maddox, '04 J. H. Maginnis, '02 F. C. Meredith, '05 H. L. G. Meyer, '03 S. Sl. Morgan, '03 O. J. O. Morris, '08 B Morgan, '06 . K. Morse, '99 J. W. Nichols, '99 H. B. Olmsted, '08 A. H. Onderdonk, '99 H. C. Owen, '99 J. W. O'Connor, '05 C. C. Peck, '02 Peclc, '0l . Phillips, '06 SFU ww C. P. Pierce, '06 H. C. Pond, '08 F. W. Prince, '00 C. G. Randle, '05 G. D. Randall, '08 G. D. Rankin, '03 C. W. Remsen, '05 C. Reed, '06 C. M. Rhodes, '05 E. A. Rich, '99 l-l. l-l. Rudd, '0l O is 2 3.1 5: in O F' E O F11 if Twin E' . l... Schwartz, '00 Schwartz, '06 . C. Short, '03 R. Smith, '07 W. P. Stedman, '05 E. K. Sterling, '99 F. Stevens, '08 W. B. Sutton, '99 bl. P. W. Taylor, '02 lVl. Taylor, '08 I-l. E. Townsend, '04 C. L. Trumbull, '08 W. S. Trumbull, '03 m' A. R. Van de Water, '0l R. B. Van Tine, '04 A. D. Vilnbert, '99 J. lVl. Walker, '0l Wardlaw, '07 . . Watson, '05 . . Weekes, '06 win Grp R. N. Weihel, '02 P. T. Welles, '05 C. l'l. Wheeler, '0l :I UPU . White, '02 Wilson, jr., '0l C. B. Wynkoop, '05 Svuphnmnrv Ewing Qlluh Ariiur Mrmherrf nf IEIHH James Stratton Carpenter, Jr. Henry Otto Hinkel Lewis Gibbs Carpenter William Gilbert Livingston Harold Nathaniel Chandler l-larry Irl Maxson Alexander Wellington Creeclon Stephen Essex McGinley l-lenry 'Carlton Goodrich Frank Chase Rich John Caldwell Hart Paul Roberts Lewis Gilclersleeve Harriman John Bowie Shearer Keith Willoughby l909 TRINITY COLLEGE 193 Sft?J f8Xf y wXQ3 Iguana Glluh Paul MacMillan Butterworth . . . President LeRoy Aus-tin Laclcl . . . Vice-President I-lenry Cliver Peck . . Secretary and Treasurer members Paul Humphrey Barbour George Eclwarcl' Elwell, Jr. Gilbert Brown Woodforde Hamilton Plant Corwin MacMillan Butterworth Clarence Eclgar Sherman William Rich Cross Martin Taylor Leonard Jerome Dibble Ralph Reecl Wolfe Welles Eastman Blinn Francis Yates Zllrianrlq Gllnh ilillemhrra Prof. R. Ham James Brewster, '08 Leslie Burton Waterhouse, '08 George Eclwarcl Elwell, Jr.-, '09 Elliott Stanley Foote, '09 Cermani bellacissirni et ferresimi sunt ' Patron Saint: CARRIE NATION Harvey Pond Harry Maxson H Bill H Buchanan Jack H Shearer as H Red N Hinkle Chub " Seymour U Cy H Judge H Art H Henshaw H Sub H Eaton Cinc H Slawson " Stitch " Neff Mouse " Capen U Hobe H Cook as as u Sherman iiunp illinmhrra . . . . King Bacchus . . Lord of the Red Raven . . Delegate to W. C. T. U. . . Chief Scribe of the Court Sviauv flltlemhrra . . Dispenser of the Bromo Queen of 'the May Pole . Custodian of the Sacred Bull . Delegate to the German Club . Hereditary Keeper of the Spi . Guardian of the Sacred Vat . Delegate to -the Dutch Verein . . . Nemo, the page . . Chief Punisher Ginurivru ' Glldersleeve Sometime itlllvmhrrz H Cap H Mac Cuuyer U Ned H Elwell I909 TRINITY COLLEGE 195 . V Wff'-X Q.-Q5 D f X x X 1" i lixb'-ff'X,' X I ff f,,:,1w X w r - 1 N. ' 1'g5Q . .a.'f 5Q 3 M N ' 'fl cf' , . ma-"',,. 'F 29.193 . 'EF' ,ffl 1 ' . . mi? iieillmlfilqg-f2G3ELPQW2f?4r,WaQi as wi ' We--9 Wi? r5'4Lwi"""" H' m6?2n1l.!.Ewlfn p w'-f m w 'WIN 'fs. .i Wifi: I.: rununmnrn nn-0-mg-nam-1431, v L 1, jiri 1 "Q2'.1.-' ,ra lmllll X' -13? 1'-.el AWE. 'ef ' 1 12 f---' r eiJ'l.E"1'W' r .ymg jf-J,---, z I Iii! - am., ry. , M WP - E-E A my , 'fl ' - l by 'I aware.. E mr Qing :mir 'Q 7 Hifi F WWW: IAS every member votecl for himself no offlcers were electecu. ililrnrhwa Martin Taylor, ,OS R. Cook, 'I0 J. B. Shearer, '09 W. C. Dewey, 'H Qunnrarg Member Umar Khayyam me 'THE IVY' Vd.XXXVI S3QQ25i3QQ25f3QQ25S35y QQ2553QQ2 Hoffman Miller H. R. Thompson G. P. Ingersoll A. P. Burgwin J. R. Bacon T. H. Yardsley C. C. Trowbridge W. C. D. Willson 3093? Deli. Letlingwell T. Paine E. Cogswell R. Cartwright J. H. K. Davis ES m as 2-2 011 H4 us G: 1: 5 sr UD Q-h H Q-M 1: un Q5 it 'Q tt 'V W5 FTUTUQOZFUFUPUSE' ?5"l-.5291-lgnwxgoo QfgQQ.fTCDgf2U?m? mga'--SEEFFEIE 5U"uat'hf11rnOoO O 2- I Tig... F- -s 5 '4 3' ggewleooweo '.-1 was 0 l 2-E2-sfE?ir::-E352 rv:-g.50g..1'.',PSjv-:r':1 'Eggs 2' F sg e Organized' A. D. 1879 Ennururg itllrmhrra W. H. Eaton E.. C. Beecroft W. Clement Fiske W. H. Boardman H. G. Barbour H. E. Townsend C. A. Appleton ' H. Page, -Ir. G. H. Heyn C. W. Bowman H. D. Plimpton M. S. Dravo G. H. Hills W. Nichols F. Powell R. N. Weibel K. Clement T. S. Mai-lor C. H. Talcott R. H. Fox R. M. Ewing F. P. Johnson S. P. B. Trowbridge W. C. Burwell F. M. Vermilye H. S. Martindale P. E. Curtiss R. H. Macauley C. C. Peck W. P. Stedman M. M. Sibley' W. D. lVlcCraclcan H. C. Boyd J. W. Lewis R. E.. Burton C. F. Clement E.. F. Burke H. Parrish A. D. Haight DeF. Hicks Theo Case C. W. Remsen G. S. McCook A. R. Van de Water C. C. Brainerd J. S. Carter H. Huet Guitar W. R. Cross, '08 Enlrimrr H. C. Pond, '08 Sarkhui Elfiualtrrg lizhamma Martin Taylor, '08 Paul Roberts, '09 G. E.. Elwell, Ente Earp 'Giulia W. H. Plant, '09 F. Corbett, '08 E.. K. Roberts, Freshmen may come and Freshmen may go, But yet there remains the R. E. S. O. J. B. Shearer, '09, made application to play the lyre, but it was feared that this would cause jealousy among the others. Jr-. Jr., '09 '09 - fe - ' M , -W" - "'- , :Eg -1, . .... nk , , V. . 11,7 . I all 1 ? , , I A. P V -, W., Q Pez " JL' ' X 'f. F' s Q Y - 4. 1 jr. ff 'V , 1 . ,,, " t , V.. .L 1 . , Q: , ., 1 x " 4 Q ' 12" - gg- - ' - . r . 4 . ., 4 f I , ' v' 4. ' ' - . f 'V , PWM . ., , ' Z 'ffeZl2'?5, " r , - " ta s , , ' ear", N iz' f ' I ' c ' -ff ":dag Ww..1' 4 ,.??iF't"4SX25Zz?3sz:.15gfg,.W- e 'fab ' ' " 2 ' . ,. 1. . ff ' 'vi .. ' . Q-,,.. ,, . A -,w' 1 ' , ie A " D W H 9 Qs P , -.ze - f I 3" rf 1 ff - 4 . - -afeia. , :QQ ' - , f ,. 45 :I f We wh. -p . I Q 'sale V Y 17 r H' 4 H A-5 ':. A' i Founded in I776 at Mary and Williams College Alpha nf Qlunnizriirui J. O. Morres . W. R. Cross . l-l. F. MacC1uyer Bern Budd . Alpha of Great Britain . Alpha of Ireland . Alpha of France . Beta of France . Alpha of Massachusetts . Beta of Massachusetts . Gamma of Massachusetts . Alpha of Connecticut . Beta of Connecticut . Alpha of New York Beta of New York . Gamma of New York . Delta of New York . Epsilon of New York . Zeta of New York . Eta of New York . Theta of New York Iota of New York . . Alpha of Pennsylvania . Beta of Pennsylvania Beta of Germany . Alpha of Russia . Eta of China . . Omega of Japan . . Omikron of the Philippines Chartered l 889 Etnll nf Qthapirra Sage President Vice-President Secreiary Treasurer Trinity College, Cambridge . Trinity College, Dublin Ecole de Beau Arts, Paris . . Emynxt University . Smith College Wellesley College . Harvard Annex . Trinity College Wesleyan University . . Wells College . . Vassar College College, Cornell University . . Zymtba College . Blypqksm University . Dnjlucix Institute . Qvltjmin Lytnqbmp Atljo Combinojinf . Bryn Mawr . - Nowhereatal - - Heidelberg University of Mskovitchjski . University of Shanghai University of Tokio University of Manila CCB! YM f XJ ,.x- cf . ' zoo T H E IVY vol. Xxxvl St'Q fiW my Q Uhr igrzsentvr W. l-I. Benjamin, '57 G. R. l-lallam, '59 W. I-I. Webster, '6I R. F. Goodwin, '63 H. G. Gardner, '65 F. L. Norton, '68 Jacob LeRoy, '69 William Drayton, '7l illvmun Squvvzvr MX i7 fy' ga 5? Za Z 9 Q ? 62 6 4 gc bfcnl '57 '59 Inveniam viam '61 Per aspera '63 Ne tcnics aut perffce '65 Facia non vcrba '68 Semper crescens '69 Nunquam non paraius '71 Nulla vestiga retrorsum aut faciam ad asira E. ilierritizr G. R. Hallam, W. S. Cogswell, N. D. Dayton C. W. Munro Robert Shaw D. P. Cotton F. O. Grannis V. B. Kissam, 1909 TRINITY CDLLEGE 'Y C. E. Woodman, '73 R. M. Edwards, '74 c. E. Mdaae, '76 J. D. Hills, '70 W. R. Leaken, 'eo A. P. Burgwin, 'sz A. D. Neeley, 'ss A. H. Anderson, '87 E. C. Jelaaeea, zd, 'ee T. A. Conover, '90 G. Hall, '92 'I J. W. Edgerton, '94 E. P. Hamlin, '95 '73 '74 '76 Inservil fxanori '78 '80 '82 Respicc jqnem '85 Duris non frangi '87 Mulla in dies addisccnles '88 Per angusla ad augusla '90 Semper agcns aliquid '92 '94 Agere pro viribus '95 En avanl! '96 '99 Forliicr, ficlcliler, feliciter 'OI Novus ordo sacclorum '04 '06 'oe Keepers of uae Lemon Squeezer 201 e5Qv C. E. Craik, '74 H. V. Rddaeafead, '76 W. C. Bnaekmea. '70 D. L. Flea-aiag, 'so A. P. Baagwaa, 'ez s. H. Giesy, '05 C.. S. Waters, '07 E. c. Jdhaeea, zd, 'ss E. MeP. Meceela, '90 1. D. Raeaen, '92 F. F. jehaeea, '94 J. Strawbridge, '95 G. E. cegdwen, '97 202 T I-I E I V Y Vol. XXXVI A' X 'fi 552' , V ., ff GEt""'lQ .I xxq-. 'e5 gs, ., ' - X Q65 ' T"7'f'95iff- ' 53 , ' jf,E.3':7," jf, , --. ...ff gb. fe - ,aa-N , - --n- -13 - -- -1. .1 1 '--, " Tim 'ZEZJQT' ,.,,- , an --4'T'i' ,,.. 'W' OS Qwgroo Nec pocniieal calamo tifivissc labellurrz 1355 ilimzpera nf the 1911112 nf llivarr mhnmz Names are Glui un 11112 16113: H. Nl. Gregory, '56 E.. N. Burke, '76 F. S. Burrage, '95 S. lVlcConihe, '56 B. E. Warner, '76 C. DuB. Broughton, '95 H. W. Kloppenburg, '58 W. E. Rogers, '77 DeF. Hicks, '96 J. E. Mears, '58 B. F. H. Shreve, '78 E.. W. Robinson, '96 T. B. Sexton, '60 O. Buflington, '79 E. F. Waterman, '98 W. H. Tibbits, '61 O. Holway, '80 H. R. Remsen, '98 L. K. Storrs, '63 C. Carpenter, '82 W. Nichols, '99 N. B. Dayton, '63 R. Cunningham, '85 H. K. Davis, '99 G. M. Stanley, '68 C. G. Child, '86 G. Mcllvaine, '00 H. S. Carter, '69 C. H. Tilahits, '87 E. P. Taylor, Jr., '00 H. Van B. Kissam, '69 F. B. Whitcomb, '87 R. Fislce, '01 B. E. Backus, '70 W. R. Crawford, '88 H. H. Rudd, '01 J. K. Stout, '70 L. H. Paddock, 'SB S. St. Morgan, '03 W. Drayton, '71 E. N Scott, '89 G. D. Rankin, '03 E. P. Cotton, '71 E. B. Bullceley, '90 M. I-I. Bufhngton, '04 G. C. Burgwin, '72 G. W. Sargent, '90 H. E.. Townsend, '04 -I. T. Bowditch, '73 T. L. Elwyn, '92 R. M. Ewing, '05 C. E. Crailc, '74 T. H. Yardley, '92 C. W. Remsen, '05 T. l... Stedman, '74 l... D. Hubbard, '93 H. Burgwin, '06 H. E. Whitney, '74 G. D. Hartley, '93 W. S. W. Fiske, '06 W. R. Blair, '75 F. C. Edgerton, '94 C. V. Ferguson, '07 W. Roberts, '75 H. T. Greenley, '94 C. l... Trumbull, '07 igrwbni Kmepvr J. O. Morris, '08 l909 TRINITY COLLEGE 203 jfi. 6 ?? y sQAJ Cflhv -Dlrhmrg Uhr llihrarg Gnnlmiftme President Flavel Sweeten Luther Professor Robert Baird Riggs Sydney George Fisher William Newnham Carlton Eihrnrieux William, Newnham Carlton, lVl.A. Sviuhrnt Azuiaiants Grosvenor Buck, '08 Thomas Mitchell Phillips, '08 Richardson Little Wright, 'l0 'fxtrnt uf thv Qlrhrarg YEAR. PURCHASED. GIVEN. INCREASE. TOTAL NUMBER Vol Vols. Pphs. Vols. Pphs. Vols. Pphs. l 894- l 895 267 I 297 500 564 500 36,1 72 23,500 I895- l 896 172 418 500 590 500 36,762 24,000 1896-1897 246 796 500 l ,042 500 37,804 24,500 l 897-1898 196 520 500 716 500 38,520 25,000 1898-1899 102 1,060 700 l ,162 700 39,682 26,000 l 899- l 900 l 73 724 335 897 335 40,736 26,335 l 900-1901 491 1,421 755 1,912 755 42,648 27,090 1901-1902 483 1,999 1,095 2,482 l,095 45,130 28,185 1902-1903 307 I I,,223 9l2 I l,530 912 46,660 29,097 l 903- I 904 703 922 654 1,625 655 48,285 29,752 l904-l905 635 9l0 1,446 1,519 1,446 49,804 3l,l98 l 905- l 906 672 l ,098 l ,248 1,770 1,248 51,574 32,446 1906-1907 800 2,602 l ,3 l 2 3,402 1,312 54,976 33,758 204 T I-I E IVY Vol. XXXVI yN 56 Q Mrnvral Uiahlv nf Attenimnrv IHIIE-7 Faculty Students Others Month Day Day Eve. Day Eve. Total june 28 133 79 3 3 246 October 79 474 1 78 13 1 745 November . 74 496 145 I2 . . 727 December 32 379 92 6 . . 509 january 58 597 146 15 . . 816 February 50 405 109 5 . . 569 March 57 523 132 8 2 722 April 65 449 97 10 2 623 Maya 47 377 124 10 2 560 Totals ' 490 3,833 1,102 82 I0 5,517 Attvnhanrv, Annual Smmumrg 1899-00 1900-01 1901-02 1902-03 1903-04 1904-05 1905-06 1906-07 Day 1,844 3,074 3,141 3,413 3,328 3,855 3,928 4,405 Evening .... 239 685 293 494 840 706 1,1 12 Totals 1,844 3,313 3,826 3,706 3,822 4,695 4,634 5,517 '5For 18 days. The statistics for May 19-22 were lost during the Hre. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 205 S2Q y Q Glhaprl President Luther, Chaplain Gbrhrr nf Svrruirwa OBLIGATORY VOLUNTARY Daily Sunday Miorning Prayer, 8.30 A. M. Holy Communion, 7.45 A. M. Ash Wednesday, 8.30 A. M. Evening Prayer, 5.30 P. M. Sunday, 9.l5 A. M. Lent-Daily, 2.45 P. M. fl..itanyJ Ascension Day, 8.30 A. M. Thanksgiving Day, lO.30 A. M. Olhapel Glhnir P. S. McConnell, '09 . . Organisi H. N. Chandler, '09 . . . Clzoirmasier Skilton, '08 Elwell, '09 P. Roberts, '09 Carpenter, '09 Goodrich, '09 Harmon, ,l0 Xanders, '09 Bunnell, 'II Nelson, il l Olhaprl iimnnitnrz R. R. Wolfe, '08 R. I... Wright, 'IO 206 THE IVY - vol. XXXVI giX3uXQZ3y6f Q L X Q gf N MD Q, VX K a 208 T I-I E. I VY Vol. XXXVI 5Y sQ2 Uhr Zltimt Erinitg Eng Eg an Alumnus 1- E used to think more of Ivy than we do now. Do not be - 75.-iff. ' deceived by the capital I. It is merely a device for con- necting the plant with the book. The immediate reference A it is to the plant, however. The old buildings on the old site were at most times nearly covered with ivy. Occasionally the Director of Progress decreed the stripping of the walls in order that the joints might be "pointedf, Happily the creeping vines were soon restored. The very worst conundrum ever devised by an undergraduate, and no conundrums are more terrible than those from this source, was as follows: Why is Jarvis Hall like George the Fourth of England? Aus. On account of the IV. The author of the foregoing was operated upon for appendicitis many years later. The Hlvy Orationn was regularly a part of the class-day exercises in these ancient times. The class marched to some spot previously chosen, planted an ivy, and returned to their places, whereupon one arose and made an appropriate speech, never failing to point out how young men's affections would ever cling to Alma Mater, even as the humble plant to her massive walls. Too often the humble plant itself succumbed. I know ours did, though I did not speak more than fifteen minutes. But we were really proud of our ivy-clad walls, even as we were of the old campus with its great trees and its spring carpet of thick-blooming violets. This was in the beautiful pre-lawnmower period of civilization, when grass and flowers had a square deal. ' Altogether, it was not strange that when, in IS73, the Junior class issued the first number of a students' annual, the new publication was called The Trinity Ivy. This original Ivy was a modest pamphlet of one hundred and six pages, thirty-four of them devoted to advertising, 'neatly 'bound in green with gilt let- tering. fAt that date the college colors were green and whitel. 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 209 fS19sQ1 JV mi The editors were P. I-I. Whaley, G. M. DuBois, S. H. Hewlett and l-l. E.. Whitney. Two of these, Messrs. Whaley and DuBois, are now clergymen in Southern dioceses. Mr. Whitney has for many years been connected with the preparatory school at Faribault, and has helped in fitting many men for Trinity. Mr. Hewlett died, in 1897, at St. Louis. 3As one turns over the pages of this Hrst number 'he is impressed at once with its likeness and its unlikeness to recent issues. That portion which is merely a compilation is much the same as today. Practically the college catalogue is reproduced, a noteworthy variation consisting in the addition of James Williams to the faculty list as Hprofessor of Bellfesj Lettresf' James Williams was "Prof Jim" and he rang the college bell with a truly literary indifference to a hard, cold, scientific knowledge of correct time. Therefore to denominate him "Professor of Bellfesl Lettresn was undeniably a joke. It is about the only one in this Ivyg and, in view of the recent "advancement of the standard," must be marked as a failure to pass. "Class Criticismsy' take the place now-a-days devoted to Class Histories and are expressed with that naive adherence to the marvelous which is so refresh- ing to the weary and the aged. Passing the customary lists of the fraternity men we find a joyous inherit- ance in die accounts of the baseball games. Six games are reported' with the full scores. In no game did any team make less than fifteen runs. Perhaps the gem of the collection is the score of H Trinity vs. Hartford Picked Ninef' Our academic forefathers walloped their opponents by the comfortable figures of 64 to I5. Craik, '74 CI beg his pardon, Rev Dr. Craik, whose son is expected in the class of 19121, made nine runs in this memorable contest. Those were the days when Trinity teams could -bat. Of interest to the antiquarian are the H Miscellaneous H organizations-of interest as revealing something of that side of college life which does not obtain recognition in 'the catalogue. l-lere are some of the titles: The Parthenon flditeraryl, The Dramatic Club, The Shakespeare Club, The Symposiac, The Grand Tribunal, The Mystic Seven, The Freshmen Lysias Club fmotto, muliae manus lcvem faciunt lalnoremy, two Whist Clubs, two Cribbage Clubs, an Eating Club, a Boating Club and musical organizations galore. The illustrations are few and poor, for modern processes for producing inex- pensive and yet handsome illustrations were unknown. But the press-work and 210 THE IVY Vol. xxxvi .S2te5?J j3Nf y xZ3 the proof-reading are most excellent. There is scarcely a typographical error from cover to cover. This Ivy issued at the close of the first half-century of the life of our college notes the interesting date and breathes a fine spirit of hopefulness for the future. Today alumni are already thinking, now and then, of our approaching centennial, the celebration of which falls in 1923. Our Ivy has grown in size, in beauty, in interest also, we hope. Our college has gained in efficiency, in usefulness, in prestige. But Trinity men have a bond of likeness and brotherhood that is unmistakable and imperishable. However the present Ivy Board may elect to take leave of their readers, they will think the thoughts and feel the emotions of their earliest predecessors, Whaley, DuBois, Hewlett, and Whitney, who wrote simply and modestly: "In presenting this first number of the Ivy to our patrons and friends, we have endeavored to make it as pleasing and interesting as possi- ble, and hope it may gain a good reception. Much of its contents might be prefaced at some length, mainly for the benefit of strangers. This is, however, not our purpose, as we do not wish to trespass so far upon our paper or our readers' patience. Before saying farewell, we would remark that we can appre- ciate the two very different receptions the paper will receive. With one class of persons, who have no kindly remembrance of College life to soften their judgment, our humble specimens of literature will be harshly criticised or rudely thrown aside, but among others, who do possess such ties, we trust the feeling will be otherwise, and, should it be so, we heartily thank them. VALE.,' I909 TRINITY COLLEGE ZII l y'S3gZly'Q5 w m6QTZl winter igrrvnrz I. What hurrying feet are these that wake The echoes of the frosty dawn? These broken ranks? These shapes forlorn? With frenzied looks and wild footfall, In chapel dim, they go to make Their penance lVIati'tutinal! II. With thunder as of Alpine shock That makes our Alma Mater rock, And shakes her roof-tree, high and staunch With rumblings of the avalanche, The snow slides off the roof again And moves the minds of thoughtful men To note with introspective eyes, That peril lurks 'neath fairest skies Some freshman dodging from its fall, I-Ias just escaped his burial. 212 TI-IE IVY Vol. XXXVI is y '5iN Zlfighting this ilflamra, nr Qvrnvz in the making , , , T certainly shows the ability of the average Trinity student A fx 7 ff?- 59 when there are about two hundred men in college ancl every one can tell you that he was the one who rang in M N the alarm for the fire in the library. Just to show the ,fig originality of these gentlemen it is a fact that each one claims -p:?Sx-8 ls'4,1:' that he also was the one who first went to the rescue of Dr. McCook and carried out the fif-ty-seven different kinds of German autographs. isssmiii -:,:-:-Er: -iifillfimf , ' 51-5 - 1 l9o9 TRINITY COLLEGE 213 Q E s5,QJ T It was all like this when a conflagration tickled Mr. Carlton's sacred archives. Every man in college was there--everyone rang in the alarm--and everyone was the man that saved the building. 'Even the professors stood in a pool of water and let someone in a window above hurl pamphlets at the small of their august backs, While they threw empty clothes baskets at the helpless women and children who were sprinkled in the way. Here and there a doughty pedagogue would seize a 900-pound bust and attempt to bust it. The gentle- 214 THE IVY vol. Xxxvr , T men who were taking economics would tenderly grasp a memento of the late A. Smith, and then pounce nimbly, as if by chance, upon the panting bosom of the professor of that department and Haunt the treatise before that worthy's smouldering eye-brows. Other far-sighted students, wrapped the lamented Plato to them and projected them at the head of the department of philosophy-but this w-as mere physical bravery. Whwat shall we say of the plucky member of the faculty who leaped upon a polished bookcase and yelled, U Follow me, boys-break down the door? N With a wild cry he sprang against the mas- sive oak and admitted a delicious stream of dirty water which trickled around the sacred tomes. They will always show its water-mark. Now a water- mark is 'a distinguishing mark of good paper, so it oloesn't matter that the Hames never could have squeezed in, even though the plucky leader did break down the door and give it a chance. What shall we say of the courage of those that did follow him ?' 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 215 TSfiFJ 'Ay The next clay the papers called us heroesg they said' we battled for our college library, and each one of us knew that he wa1sn't the man who ran to put on rubber boots first, or hid behind the door and rubbed burnt wood on his face. Oh, no. We were the ones who carried' out books-we were the ones who swore at professors to get out of the way. Who but we turned fire extinguishers upon the heads of respectable middle-aged females who have devoted their lives to the making of collegiate beds? Who but we could have hung from a window and swayed in the fitful breeze when the photographer came? Naturally when we were eulogized in chapel, each one of us sat up and smirked, "I put out the fire." There are two hundred of us-there was only one fire. ,fx cg .ff 216 TI-IE IVY 'SfQ EQ1ynEf sQ1W Uhr Matlab nf the Hnaziln I was an ichthyosaurus And dwelt on the Hartford hills. Ye Gods! how the wind -did blow about And whistle its tune through my gills! Cold and damp was the Sunless morn And bitterly cold the night, But I'd rather have chills on the Hartford hills Than be a museum sight, So here,s to the kids and the missus! I drink a swallow of blood! I-leress to them all on the Meriden Hats Buried ten feet in the mud! I am what's left of a mollusk, I grafted my home in the slime And I shifted about at leisure For I liked a gay old time. Twice a day would I open my face And take what came my way, Yet the Hartford slime is the place for mine, And not this stuffy clay. So here,s to 'the kids and the missus! I drink to them with a wail! They're sleeping now in their rocky Fast bound in Silurian shale! Ah, yes, I am just a trilobite, That Wobbled about the Hats, And sat open-mouthecl for hours Collecting a meal of gnats, beds 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE ZI7 StQ TsQ,3Tfy s5?J I'm homely, 'tis true, and bow-legged, I'm deaf in one ear and I'm blind, But l,c! rather catch gnats on the Hartford flats Than be a museum find. So here's to the kids and the missus! I gulpecl clown the beasts hundredfold! May they rest in peace Where'er they be In the Ante-diluvian mold! Oh, we,re just the lonely fossils! We are cased in the mud, neck and head, We once were some active creatures Brut now we are blooming cleacl. With all our revelations, Our names and our curious ways, Give us those times in the ancient slimes For we've got the primeval craze. So here's to the kids and the missus! To the tribe that's all alone! Let them sleep where they are in their cofhns Of Mesozoic stone! Richardson L. Wright, 'IO 218 THE IVY vor xxxvi Uhr Svirnllvr OW the Stroller is a venerable scribe. When his progenitor, . fs -- l 5 the Tablet, died many said the Stroller will die too, but 6' 7 X? Q", he did not. He lived on in the bosom of funny collegians 1 LQ-,X 4 and longed to find expression in print, but he could not. Father Tablet was not yet born again. l-le decided to ASM -' wait for his uncle, the Ivy. l-le had always heard that Ivy clustered in the Spring. The stroller found to his grief that the l908 Ivy was a nature fake. It noit only dict not cluster in the Spring but it never did cluster and a Rockville Horist says that Ivy cannot be raised in this climate at all. Meanwhile the worthy and nimble witted Stroller kept getting older and as the time drew near when he would be engaged in the com- paratively uninspiring life work of philandering with the restive packing box or skipping blithely about with errands he saw that if he were ever to have another chance to plunge a few jovial thrusts into the smug carcass of his Alma Mater it must be now. The pith of this little monologue is that the Stroller decided to appear in the history H Elwell on Trinity M by Plant. The Stroller having determined to stroll was confronted with the problem of Whither he should wander. His tottering steps took him to the examination room. I-lere his fellow collegians were penned in by the gentlemen of the faculty. After the examination papers had been distributed the frightened col- legians fell into a deathly silence and began their three hour task of making adroitly distributed ink a substitute for facts. After a few moments the skittish professors began to foregather. "Have you read my monograph, 'Alone with an abandoned chicken,s tooth or the sea cucumber as a factor in vegetable society., H says one. H Two hours, thirty-seven minutes and a half, until almost part of the examination is over" shouts a second. At this display of vocal dexterity a gentleman in the business of doling out sundry of the foreign languages begins to bleat the fourth conjugation as it really is and not as it is written on the paper. At this juncture a chair falls over in the back of the room. All the frivolous Collegians look up from their desks, satisfy themselves of the cause of the noise, 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 219 SS,QJ fiW y 'T s5QJ and then resume their occupation of sketching lightly over their ignorance. Not so, the dignified and august pedagogues. Several of them, who were athletes in their college days, run boldly to the chair and bravely thrust it on its feet. They are warmly congratulated by those of their colleagues who are not so well equipped physically. Now the gentlemen of the faculty are not men to let an inspiration pass. With lusty voices they begin to argue as to wht-:ther or not a professor should dally with physical culture. The clisputants divided into two parties, those who had rather tasty builds which were survivals of their college days, and those, who from tenderly wrapping their limbs about a microscope or a first edition, were rather sparse. The discussion was only broken by the announcer who cried the hours in the strident tones of the man at the race track who yells H They're off, they're at the quarter." Now all this was new to the Stroller. He had always thought that an examination room was a' quiet place where one unassumingly basked in an atmos- phere of ignorance and bliss. l-le had read in the papers that this was an age of storm and stress. But never before had he seen it in the sanctified circles of academic life. The Stroller was all broken up by this display. l-le Hunked his exam. ln the fullness of his heart he went out and wrote a stirring ballad. l-lere it is. Shout out wild profs, and split the hall Till ev'ry student fails. Keep up your clatter and your brawl, Till ev'ry student fails. W-,, 4, , ,,,,,-...-...i-.1------1---1 ' . l - - . .. '4 " . P Q , ' . '- 2 ,.s.,A?iqw'Q'QJ1sfef ' ' V ,. iii - !' 1213?-f:fZ11Z' l 1 a l l V 2 -, f f 1 'sri is 'mg we I 1' ta 5 -L .A f i t ' M :4fr2.,,2a.'f:es'awm! A r-mfw 'gin seg .,,. fs: ' , ws:-5:23, 220 T H E 1 v Y Vol. Xxxvi .SfQ TsQAySNfy m6yZ3 Glnllngv anh Glitg BY HIS HONOR VJILLIAM F. HENNEY, MAYOR oF HARTFORD OQ, .Ven NLY a few cities have the good fortune to number among their advantages a college or university within their corporate limits. Particularly is this true of those cities . whose energies are finding expression in a vigorous and varied kmkxq industrial life. l-lartfolrd has long been celebrated. as- an 'ii7"K- 90 insurance center, but it has other claims to distinction. Among them may be mentioned the superior product of its shops and factories, made possible by its great organization of highly skilled artizans, and the ever widening influence of Trinity College, whose graduates, from generation to generation, are spreading throughout the country and the world the fame of their Alma Mater and of the fair city in which she has established an attractive and delightful home. City and college are bound together by many ties of comradeship and good will. Both are incorporated by the same state legislature and both, by their charters, hold in trust very generous powers to be exercised for the common good. The aim of both is public service, and by the quality and character of that service they must justify the grant of powers they possess. W'hen 'the city was in search of a site for the state capitol, it was found that the ideal location for such a structure was that occupied by Trinity College. Everyone realized that a change of location on the part of the college meant a sacrifice of many thingsfthe fine old buildings, with all their historic associations and sentimental ties and the campus wth its grove of beautiful trees and its memories of friendships and comradeships must all be given up. The college made this sacrifice for the advantage of the city and state-a sacri- fice for which in the nature of things there could be no compensation in money. This aspect of the change of the location of the college should always be remembered and emphasized. The city certainly rejoices at the growth of the college and its promising future. The community has recently added another item to its debt to the college in the service of the president of Trinity in the state senate. I cannot help thinking that that incident was a good 1909 TRINITY COLLEGE 4 221 iSts27J iRNf y yN s5QJ thing both for college and city and the more of such incidents we have the better for us all. The citizens of Hartford are coming to appreciate the value of a seat of learning in their midst, and are beginning to recognize the true relations of the college to the city. Trinity's- fine library has always been open to the uses of our citizens and we owe much in the way of culture to the entertain- ments and lectures which the college has so prodigally provided. These have been available to the public, and have put us in touch with the many distinguished men which the college has brought from time to time within our borders. Trinity is not a denominational college. Its charter has the broadest provisions in that respect, perhaps, of any of our New England colleges and forbids the college to close its doors on questions of belief, to any applicant for matriculation. It has done a great work for the city in furnishing an avenue for a liberal educa- tion to young men living here who, but for the facilities furnished by the home college, would be prohibited from a college career. ' Its free scholarships too, furnish grateful assistance to worthy young men who need such aid. My hope is that in the future our High School will furnish a larger proportion of students for Trinity, and that college and school will take the fullest advantage of the opportunities their close relationship affords. I hope some day 'Trinity will have a fully developed and equipped polytechnic school as one of its departmentsg for I feel sure that a large number of our young men would be glad to take advantage of the opportunities such a school would offer. The college already has laid the foundation for such a school in its admirable scientific courses. Some day let us hope, some public spirited citizen of Hartford will provide an endow- ment fund suflicient to enable the college to' begin this work. ln a city of such large and varied industrial enterprises as Hartford a polytechnic school Where young men could obtain a training in industrial science and art would be of the highest advantage. Shop and factory would illustrate in a practical way the course of study that such a school would naturally provide. I sincerely hope that a Trinity Polytechnic School will be an established fact in the near future. City and college can best take advantage of the mutual assistance which should spring from their relationship by each taking an active and friendly interest in the affairs of the other. It is a good thing for l-lartford to have within its bor- ders a school which trains so many young men for a life work of usefulness, some of whom remain with us, and from time to time take a prominent part in our industrial and professional life, while others carry abroad throughout the 222 T H E IVY vol. XXXVI SRQZVVX Tf T country, not only the spirit and memories of Trinity, but the fair reputation of Hartford as an attractive place for stucly ancl' a Wholesome and stimulating place in which to live. May the future bring to us a closer in-timacy between college ancl city, may the ties that connect them together become stronger from year to year, anal may they go forward together animated by an earnest spirit of mutual helpfulness in their common Work of public service. . 3111 the iilihrzlrg A quiet sport, a pleasant place, Where Learning shows an altered face, And many a rude, unhookish man Is lured, by gentle arts, to scan Some volume of distinguished Iore,-- To come, to read,-to come once more! To linger in the quiet way Some moment of the bustling clay, And greet, amid his pleasant nooks, The friend and keeper of the books. E. C. B x in " f fm, 1 ffflwftumwk A A , S Jaw Q T X 'LLB N -x! E A Jx ' ,?. .!'i2fl'!1lf1!0 f H 7,H X S ' A W4 ' W WW ' 71 .. F34 il , 1'--M12-IL ,WM ' M E V E R My + m L in ri, D Q ,f -Aw,L4x11i""!MM A I fs' I a ll! Wing L ffhfp K , My ll W 514 G 'lf Q y V3 ' 'I' 7' J 1 -I X. , I! J: 'pg ' A W L-Qj','-1: -Q 5 1 'H, y,gQ lJ -' -H' ' vh "'iW,! f' , , If-?vf . Q E M. . '1q1:i'1if.A , ' ' ff? ' , V1 If I 51513 ' --' : Hn 3,1-MJQ "1 S MJ- T, Lf--.:'-2-",: f ' 5 i -. ,L 'i i MM -EA I f I AH18TiCd,S Oldest Company FOUNDED 1792 Insurance Company Of orth America PHILADELPHIA, PA. A Total Assets, January 1, 1908 . . . 8l1,S77,082.70 Total Liabilities, January 1, 1908 . . . . 7,509, 141.99 Surplus over all Liabilities, January 1, 1908 . . . S4-,067,940.7l CHARLES PLATT, Presicle t EUGENE L. ELLISON, V P de t BENJAMIN RUSH, 2d Vice-President GREVILLE E. FRYER, Secretary-Treasure T. HOWARD WRIGHT, Asst. Secr t y HENRY W. FARNUM, Marine Sec et y NEW ENGLAND DEPARTMENT, HARTFORD, CONN. CHARLES E. PARKER 8: CO. Ivianagers 50 First National Bank Building Il TV! 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DAHILL, Manager S N 7 HETHER your taste be conservative or radical, you will find here a range of cloths and patterns reflecting the highest expression of refinement and distinctiveness. R. H. BENJAMIN Moderate Price Tailor New location, 36 Allyn Street Near Trumbull Street. Occupying entire fnewl building Ill The Chas. L. Willard Co. THE STUDENTS' College Engravers RESORT 1 Designers Art Printers 156 Fifth Avenue, N. Y., cor. 20th sf. Souvenir Calendars Photogravures, Half-tones, etc. Dance Programs, Menus Medals, Fobs and Pins WRITE FOR ESTIMATES The Brunswick Billiard and Bowling Academy 12 ALLEYS 20 TABLES ASYLUM STREET Opposite Allyn House FAFC HAM PS STUDIO Pdoiogmpdy In all iff branches 212 Asylum Street HARTFORD, CONN. Trinity College Barber Shop Manicuring by Lady Attendant J. G. MARCH HAIR CUTTER Vibration Shampooing and Massaging Electrical Facial Massage Rooms 1 and 2 Connecticut Mutual Building 1 ENTRANCES 783 Main Street 36 Pearl Street 3' A mrlrnme Chift in ang Quinn E. 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IO to .30 At Bookstores, Music Dealers, or the Publishers, Hinds, Noble 8: Eldredge 31-33-35 West 15th St., N. Y. City Grocers Teas, Coffees, Spices and Tobacco "HELMET BRAND" Canned Goods 149-155 State Street HARTFORD, CONN. The Baltimore Medical College Preliminary Fall Course begins Sept. 1 Regular Winter Course begins Sept. 20 Liberal Teaching Facilitiesg Mod- ern College Buildingsg Comfortable Lecture Hall and Amphitheatresg Large and Completely Equipped Laboratoriesg Capacious Hospitals and Dispensaryg Lying-in Depart- ment for Teaching Clinical Obstet- ricsg Large Clinics. Send for Catalogue, and address DAVID STREETT, M. D., Dean Cor. Madison St. and Linden Ave., BALTIMORE, MD. Erinity G: llcgc Tffartforo. Connecticut RINITY COLLEGE, under the name of Washington College, received its Charter in l823. The present name was adopted in l845. lts chief founder was the Right Rev. Thomas Church Brownell, Bishop of Connecticut. Established by Episcopalians as a contribution to higher education, it is not a Church institution in the sense of being directed by the Church. its advantages are placed at the service of those of every creed. Formerly on site of present State Capitol, it was transferred in i878 to the southwestern part of the city. The principal building, in the English Secular Gothic style, 653 feet long, including Jarvis and Seabury Halls and Northam Towers, is one of the most imposing and admirably fitted educational ediiices in the United States. It was intended to form the west side of a great quadrangle. Outside of the lines of this quadrangle at the south are the Observatory, the Boardman Hall of Natural History, and the Jarvis Laboratories for Chemistry and for Physics. To the north of it are the Gymnasium, houses of the President and Professors, and Chapter Houses of the Fraternities. Below the College Campus to the east and within three minutes' walk is the spacious Athletic field. In beauty of situation, healthful conditions of life, and equipment for its special work, the College is not surpassed. The Faculty includes sixteen professors, fourinstructors, librarian, and medical director. Among the Elective studies within the respective courses there is no important subject for which adequate provision is not made. The Library contains 52,000 volumes. Generous contributions of the Alumni are making possible a rapid addition to its resources. A reference Reading Room is open every day and five evenings of the week. The Jarvis Chemical and Physical Laboratories have an excellent equipment for Elemen- tary and Advanced work. The Hall of Natural History contains the Museum and Biological Laboratories provided with the most modern appliances and a Psychological Laboratory. ' In the year i903-i904 a full technical course in Civil Engineering was for the first time made available for all qualified applicants. There are numerous scholarships providing pecuniary assistance for deserving students, The three Holland Scholarships, yielding each S600 per annum, are awarded to the three best stu- dents in the three lower classes respectively. The Russell Graduate Fellowship of S500 is awarded biennially in the interest of higher graduate study. The Mary A. Terry Graduate Fel- lowship, of 5550, is awarded annually. Prizes to the amount of 35500 are also awarded to undergraduates for success in the work of the various departments. Two examinations for admission are held at the college each year, the first during the days following the Annual Commencement, and the second in September, immediately before the beginning of the Christmas term. For Catalogues, Examination papers, or information, apply to the President or Secretary of the Faculty. VI You Should lnsure Talk With ROGERS Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. OF SPRINGFIELD , MASS. Sage-Allen Bldg., Rooms 30-30A-31-31A HARTFORD, CONN. Clam and Fraternzty Pzm Dz'am0fm'5 W 4110665 R566 fewefry Henry Kohn Sz Sons 890 Main Street Leazdzkzg fewelenr of C0 rzrzecziczzz' Cigars Pipes Cigarettes Tobaccos L. R. BRADLEY 436 ASYLUM STREET First National Bank HARTFORD, CONN. CAPITAL SURPLUS S650,000.00 33251100.00 Accounts Solicited SAFE DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT Our Safe Deposit Vault affords complete protec- tion against Fire and Burglary : : : : : : BOXES FOR RENT, 35.00 to 3100.00 HE GARDE Asylum and Iilgn Siren!! HARTFORD, CONN .lmerican and European Plan One Block hom Union Slalion Facing Buslznell Park and State Capital Entirely New and Modern Thorough Inspectlon 51- AM Q99 B ORGANIZED 1866 V r 3 in 4,5 ,T 42 'k E di Mirgr - Insurance Against Loss or Damage Q ,S to Property and Loss ,of Life --e ggs' and Injury to Person OYYON C ONIXRSQQ3? Caused by AND Steam Boiler Explosions L, B. BRAINERD, Presid nt and Treasurer C. S. BLAKE, Secretary F. B. ALLEN, Vice-Pres d t L. F. MIDDLEBROOK, Assistant Secretary VIII Taba Connecticut mutual ie Tlnsurance Company This Company stands alone, among those of any note, in having returned to its policy-holders, their estates or beneficiaries, in death claims, en- dowments, annuities, dividends, surrender values, and other credits, more than it has received from them in premiums. THIS IS THE RECORD Received from members in premiums since organization - Returned to them, their families, their estates, or their beneficiaries Excess of amount returned - ---- JOHN M. TAYLOR, President A WILLIAM H. DEMING, Secretary ALFRED T. RICHARDS, General Agent ARTHUR R. THOMPSON, Special Agt. JAMES H. JARMAN, Special Agt. Room 516 Company's Building lx M Of write Prompt Delivery TELEPHONE " Take Down OUR BEOTLT8 I Big. - es oa 3012 jp. the Recewer Full weight ,,+,y-0.-nr.,-Q-Lfewas-tr jgi' . f And orderyour G , supply of Good N...:b"'- U, THE 0 CONNOR COAL E 4 9 .- ' f ' AND SUPPLY co. 'E 11 Asylum Street RALPH W. CUTLER, President FRANK C. SUMNER, Treasurer CI-IAS. M. JOSLYN, Vice-President HENRY H. PEASE, Secretary CHARLES M. STARKWEATHER, Superintendent Trust and Safe Deposit Department Ebo irl'fCl1'tfOI'0 Crust Company Organizeo October 1868 Oloest Crust Company in the State of Connecticut Capital 5300000.00 Surplus 5325000.00 Invites deposits large or small ' Acts as Executor, Trustee, Administrator, Guardian, etc. Open an account with us and pay your bills by checks Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent CORNER MAIN STREET AND CENTRAL ROW STUDIO 1039 MAIN STREET PHONE 2363-4 Leading Photographer Careful Attention given to all College Work 1039 Main Street V f 'r " I ' , 'ag 5 .. l . ' -N :gv O A Successor to fv as I. if Gus Kochfz .T W owen Pole GooDfx.2 . ' - t7:blIVlQ'f'75 IATAND Dklfvfi, 605 MAIN STREET 'oo X To Our Friends and Customers : We thank our patrons for the generous orders given us, and trust our business relations for the coming year will continue as pleasant as in the pastg we solicit the continued patronage of old and new customers. THE TUTTLE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 18 32 PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS 11 AND 13 CENTER sT.,Ru'r1.AND,v'r. xl HOTEL CUMBERLAND S. W. Corner Broadway and 54th Street, New York Near 50th Street Subway Station and 53rd St. Elevated KEPT BY A COLLEGE MAN Headquarters for i l Special Terms for College Men College Teams aff-gf.i3,:i i ' 5:4si.',,'1.- Haig' '- he fl'-411-'E a Z 5515:-rite-M. Q libel- ' Ideal Location. Near Most Attractive Hotel -'-'fri - i' Theatres, Shops and Egg in New York City. All Central Park Outside Rooms ' 'Lu E5S'fffif"iii5' J u 11 . Eug Transient Rates 52.50 Send for Booklet if with Bath and up an 1 -KV' sells? E Q aririllll,-ni-'aw NEW MODERN AND 7 'SEIEEQ a2Ifsia'g2i:gffL:f HARRY P, STIMSON ,ABSOL UTELY il? Formerly with Hotel Imperial X A , f 1 1' FIREPROOF ' R' J' BINGHAM 13:3-L 'f 115- Formerly with Hote1Woodward X 'Gab ' Intercollegiate Bureau Cotrell X: Leonard ALBANY, N. Y. ' fl 'Q' is Jae-'XL ' , ' ULCAHY' Hack, Cab and Baggage Express OFFICE 54 Union Place MAKERS OF Caps and Gowns TELEPHONE CONNECTION To the American Colleges from the Atlantic to the Pacific Directly Opposite Lowest Prices in BULLETIN AND SAMPLES ON REQUEST Depot the CRY XII Headquarters for The Trinity Boys Suppers u and Banquets Pars0n's Theatre Cafe IN PARSON'S THEATRE Telephone 803-3 MIME I -W , I I f nw! 4 lr , .Mfg -M , ', -m CW 'pf -1-use E SQZOHZOIL alll! Q6 Lyeelllll CZLQJTI, Pzpes Ybbacco PIPE REPAIRING Af SPECIALTY 7 Afylum Streef, Harzfard, Cami. TELEPHONE CONNECTION W M , H . P O S T WILSQN CARPET CO. Succefsor to Spencer ' Hdgk C615 Decorators 7 ...-.ili f and Baggage carpets, Rugs Expfgjj Wall Papers 20 UNION PLA CE CARRIAGES FOR ALL COLLEGE FUNCTIONS and Upholstery 219 Asylum Street HARTFORD, CONN. SECURITIES VALUED AT PRESENT MARKET PRICES 107th Semi-Annual Financial Statement of the PHCEN X IN URANCE CO. OF HARTFORD, CONN. JANUARY nf, 1908 CASH CAPITAL, 32,000,000.00 ASSETS LIABILITIES Cash on Hand, in Bank, and With Agents, 551,656,481 94 Cash Capital - - - - S2.0D0,000 00 State Stocks and Bonds - - - 10,600 00 Reserve for Outstanding Losses - - 424, 872 80 Bank Stocks ----- 1,044,425 00 Reserve for Re-Insurance - - - 3,945,278 63 Railroad and Corporation Stocks and Bonds - 4, 521,202 00 Reserve for all other Clai:nl and Liabilities - 173,465 00 County. City, and Water Bonds - - NET SURPLUS ---- 1,421,837 31 ll lE r r ----- . , 5 ,4 14 Lrfgns Sri! Collateral - - 63.900 00 . Real Estate Loans "" 57-016 66 Increase in Assets 853418.19038 Accumulated Interest and Rents - - 49.530 75 Increase in Reserve 3 16 3144 418 TOTAL CASH ASSETS T- Increase in Surplus 147,044.41 Surplus to Policy-Holders, 335421, 837.31 Total Losses Paid since Organization of Company 361,162 468.28 D. W. C. SKILTON, President , EDWARD MILLIGAN. Vice-President JOHN B. KNOX, Secretary THOMAS C. TEMPLE, Secretary LOVEJOY 6: SPEAR, Managers Western Department. Cincinnati. Ohio GEORGE H. TYSON, Manager Pacific Department, San Francisco. Cal. 1. W. TATLEY. Manager Canadian Department, Montreal Canada AGENTS EVERYWHERE XZ Qi, wif fl ui'-il Qifi itff rf f ff f 1 lr.. N The Students' -s. Headquarters an fx ya lib ' s lmilz Xxx D!!! 'vu JL 4 QE P H -r 4 W at T ' I F FL ' :IIS - - isis Q C . 1:54 Q ' ,,,., W 'aww 2- I ' A--. , fi it :Q t -. -J' li l-r: f ":1" 'e..X M""1f!3 '-1.-I if fi ,5 ' r?u, 37-1 4 ' Iw i f'x'j,.1" , 'AJ' 'G',yv- I1 R' , - I x ,HIM , 115.1,fliS"'W:T'rs- . - . r - AN , army , Q' F 4: 1" - ' 'tr -se, . ..: l' ,. :Q .. iz 5 hig iiff'-ff 'Z 23, 73 . H' a L 'tl lkrz-I rzaf Lsgy nr Jef 1 A ff - -N '- In fiat. :A l' A in -.if :lil -tr Ji"- ' nl -.A :gp iq 1: lpn... an fff 4 ,.'. ...,,.-1 f rg Q gift. ,IM . o. im! fyf VW., --- gr' X4 sg 4, ,ii , N 2470, -' f,"g .55-P' iw. -- ' ' Y "V '. - .. ,e. .QL if, TE: jmsiuw ,pc.ivgf,ivziS,.r. .4 A ,iw 1 f. ,L I r .2 - -mf H 1 jul, 5 21 15. 22 112:38 3. 25? ' ii?"-i i31."'.rr'i'H,,'.. .....Vqi:' ,' ,", E'E ' + v ' Qu 1 Q4 .wmv V !?n-1111 .41 K1.,A l'l,'t, g pg vgrqlxm J if., Lili, "1 if ' f f lf ' hraiewf ' -wg 1,1 1- ' j' 'llgtygilf ik- ,Tiffin 1 " Di: T2 "1 ja - " M A l..f3a+l1iliEi:?7"1:'-1- 1- , fs 1 -14 . all - , .- -. V -Lanai, "J" A' . 0 11 ' ,l M .V inf j 9' ' fav Where all supplies for person or room can be found in biggest and best assortment. When in need of anything, in any line, come to it ,X .. if Brown, Thomson 8: Co. XIV Hartford 8: New York Transportation Company 'f HARTFORD LINE " HARTFORD OFFICE ' NEW YORK OFFICE Foot of State Street New Pier, 19 East River B- . - K " HARTFOR-D " 'IMIDDLETOWNU Captain,'FRED H. BEEBE Captain, R. H. HILLS stewart, J. P. MURPHY stewart, ALONZO H. coRw1N LEAVES HARTFORD LEAVES HARTFORD Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday AT 5 P. M. UNTIL OCTOBER 15th . Leave New York each Alternate Day From New Pier 19 East River at 5 P. M. From October 15 to close of navigation leave Hartford at 4 P. M., New York at 5 P. M. 'PASSENGER FARES One Way ----- 551.50 I State Room, One Way - 31,00 Round Trip, Good For Season - 2.50 Meals, Each - - ,50 " Children, 6 to 12 Years of Age, Half Price C. C. GOODRICI-I. Vice Pres. and Gen'l Mgr. EDGAR L. SMITH, Assistant Treasurer E. B. WILLIAMS, Superintendent GEO. C. HILLS, General Freight and Passenger Agent, Pier 19 East River, New York HENRY GOURLEY. New York Agent. New Pier 19 East River, N. Y. R. F. GOODRICH, Local Agent, No. 285 State Street, HARTFORD, CONN. XV AETNA NATIONAL BANK Next Door to Public Library HARTFORD CONN. QYbkw++++iii+i+i+iWff+++fYwYYii++iiQ+++++Y+++++++f Banking'-General banking business transacted. Deposits received subject to check at sight. Safe Deposit Department - Boxes for rent 53 . 00 per year and upward. Steel vault electrically protected. Ample Facilities - Depositors offered every service relating to modern banking. +YW++++++++iikYY+fi+9+++i++++++++++YY++i+it++++i+i OFFICERS A. SPENCER, JR., President W. D. MORGAN, Cashier A. R. HILLYER, Vice President H. T. HOLT, Assistant Cashier 41' 1' 0 LD e uke J' ers all Co Successors to flforsfall 87 Hotbscbilb 93-99 'Asylum Slreet zz: "Elk Tflays lo Buy Our Tlfinbn pecialisls in wearing fAppatel for men who seek the best Clothes. Tlfals, Outfiltings 'iabies' Wear Boys' wear VI THE JOHNS-PRATT CO. Miiiiiiiiiififiiiiiiifif Vulcabeston Moulded Mica Sachs 66Noark', Fuses Ziiliiiiiifiiiiiiifiiiii HARTFORD, - CONNECTICUT BLXXIQNTER Dealer in New and Second Hafzd Clothing 135 FRONT STREET HARTFORD, CONN. Paying Highest Cash Prices for Whatever Cast-off Clothing you may have to dispose of D p me a Postal giving your - addres nd I will 11 you JOHN F. MORAN Hatter A and F urnisher 869 MAIN STREET HARTFORD, CONN. College Flags College Pennants Class Caps Designer Game Cock Pennant Maker Freshman Caps 1907-1908 ATHLETIC GOODS A SPECIALTY HABENSTEIN The Caterer of Hartford SOCIETY NOTES That all s al functions placed with the Hab t ins receive Mrs. Habenstein pers 1 ttention Her style is not su p d even by the New York Cat RESTAURANT 11 A. M. to 2 P. M. Supper from 5 P. M. to 8 111 PEARL STREET Dinner from P. M. COMPLIMENTS The liver Studio 753 Main Street HARTFORD, CONN. OF.. V ll BESEMAN si Bosfrwlcli MANUFACTURERS OF Architectural Sheet Metal Work 1 1-1 Q-r t5sP n "11s52 H ,E , ' ,asf r I : iyxrrs -'J-:--3 r .f ' f :- Iss if -i 1 . 11 1 121 i 5 ' L 1 - I f E of Every Description 'x E-i Cornices, Skylights, Ventilators, Gutters, Conductors, - ,L Ash Chutes, Etc. 11115 Metal Fire Proof 0 0 Windows Hot Air Heating, Ventilation, Jobbing and Factory Work 'L H W , 'ii-21 :Qi-fsfr:-A :?fg5p. 'YQ Se. Sheet Brass and Copper Work 4144 Ann St. Hartford, Conn. ' .gg 'Qing i TELEPHONE 24547 RICHARD BIRCH Plumbing and H e a t i n g 21 CHURCH STREET Telephone Connection WHEN buying Meats or Groceries it is always best to consider the quality instead of quantity. When you Want Choice Meats or Fancy Groceries, call or phone Hynes and Hannon 370 PARK STREET HARTFORD, CONN. H Service Unexcelled " Connecticut Trust and Safe Deposit Company CORNER OF MAIN AND PEARL STREETS Capital, EE300,000 Surplus, S400,000 BANKING BUSINESS Conducts a general banking business. Accounts opened and deposits received subject to check at sight. Accounts solicited. SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT The most capacious and inpregnable in the city. One thousand safe boxes for rent at from 810 to 3250 per annum, according to size. TRUST DEPARTMENT Is authorized by its charter to act as trustee for in- dividuals and corporations, executors or administra- tors of estates, guardian of minors, etc. MEIGS H. WHAPLES, President JOHN P. WHEELER, Treasurer HOSMER P. REDFIELD, Assistant Treasurer ARTHUR P. DAY, Secretary and Manager of Trust Department XX " The Leading Fire Insurance Company or AMERICA" Q: f V212 J XX MA 'f"' " g 1 L 'fflifj' - 'T 'TNCORPORATED 6 7' CHARTER S ' t XXXXXxs -5 1819 lllillypl lgia PERPETUAL ,ly ,V p rl ,Q ,. Mt l C0NN.l ,a r".., N Wm. B. Clark, President Wm. H. King, Vice-President Henry E. Rees, Secretary E. J. Sloan, E. S. Allen, G. E. Beardsley, Assistant Secretaries W. F. Whittelsey, Jr., Marine Assistant Secretary DIRECTORS Drayton Hillyer, Austin C. Dunham, Morgan G. Buckley, J. Pierpont Morgan, Atwood Collins William B. Clark, Francis Goodwin, Charles E. Gross, James H. Knight, Charles P ' ' ' H. Kin Cooley, Arthur L. Shipman, William g. fi' October lst November 1st OF FRESHMAN YEAR XXI X ENGRAVINGS BY ELECTRIC CITY ENGRAVING Cc BUFFALO. N. Y XXII

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