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-32323LSZSZSESZSLSLSZSLSZEQSZS LK , fjff-W-W-7-1-7-W-.W-.W-WW'-7-W-W-715 Wit 'HU JAN 1851 1899 -tm- lxl. .s T H E or I N il m f 1 L'f .R .Q .R NW Mm I u ua 1 e "' Insurance Company, .Y. HCR W OF HARTFORD, coNNEcT1cuT, after a successful business experience of almost half a MAR century, is stronger, safer and more progressive than way w v- ever. V All its policies are incontestable after two years, Ak and have Extended Insurance, Loan, Cash and Paid-up 'ft' xl- Values endorsed thereon. MVN We invite the inspection of our new A olyo fm EXCHANGEABLE LIFE and .20 ar NW A chu MA RETURN PREMIUM CONTRACTS, W A sho Mom also our 52 20-YEAR INCOME BOND, under which Ak contract a stated income is guaranteed for twenty u . V Ak years, and we then pay the face value of the policy. nn,- If you are contemplating insurance, we suggest U. comparison of our contracts with those offered by any A other company. n- xg For sample policies, terms, etc., address the Home W Office, Hartford, Conn. N W vo V my ii e W v V JONATHAN B. BUNCE, President. .. JAX W JOHN M. HOLCOMBE Vice-President. fy' Us 1 S CHARLES I-I. LAWRENCE, Secretary. lb . Qgiglgigigi?S?Sg3?SgSgS?SgS?SQZ5 KT Q-X-S.-'Q-K-'Sf'Q-w-w-w-w-w-w-w- if 'R A -.. 7.1.11 IFFANY 8L CGIVIPANY, la.- .... he . N Bronze Busts, Washington, Lincoln, Gladstone, Goethe, 1 Beethoven, Shakespeare, and many classi- ' cal subjects suitable for the library. l Height, 115 to 30 inches. B 522, 545, 555 to 5200. ronze , 5 Small Busts for Cabinets. B Homer, Mozart, Diana, Hermes, Daughter of Eve, Juno, La Sibylle, etc., etc. 1 55 to 518. Stt tt ' , l Bronze Statuettes and Groups. A wide range of historical and fanciful sub- jects, including all the new .statuettes of merit from the Salon, France, Italy, Russia and Germany. GYOIIDS. . i HIIIOIIQ Tm n0fQd SCIIIDYOYS Represented GN i Bonhenr, Lanceray, Marceaux, Picault, S I ' Boucher, Cheret, Michel, Barrias, Houdon, YQ l Ledru, Remington, and others. l 3515, 21532, 545, upward. UNION SQUARE NEW YORK. Connecticut Trust and Safe Deposit Co. Corner of I'Iain and Pearl Streets. an .Q Capital, S.300,000. Surplus, S200,000. ' ae .Q BANKING BUSINESS. Conducts a general banking business. Accounts opened and deposits received subject to check at sight. Accounts solicited. SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT. 1 The most capacious and impregnable in the city. One thousand safe boxes for rent at from S10 to S100 per annum, according to size. TRUST DEPARTFIENT. Is authorized by its charter to act as trustee for individuals and corporations, executor or administrator of estates, guardian of minors, etc. .algal M. H. WHAPLES, President. J. P. WHEELER, Treasurer H. P. REDFIELD, Assistant Treasurer. H. S. ROBINSON, Secretary and Manager of Trust Department. 2 The Ivy v K 1 Q2 TRINITY Q4 + 'f IVY db VolumeXXVll 55 c31aSSQf19oo Ed HA R'g'9cgRD GONN I TO The Rev. ISBON THADDEUS BECKWITH, Ph.D., YALE, '68, FOR MANY YEARS PROFESSOR OF THE GREEK LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IN THIS COLLEGE, AND ALWAYS ITS FAITHFUL FRIEND, THIS BOOK IS AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED EY THE CLASS OF 1900. x x H0676 of EGIIOYS. 5.95 MANAGING EDITORS. WILLIAM CAMERON HILL, PENNSYLVANIA. FREDERICK WELLES PRINCE, CONNECTICUT. .3 LITERARY EDITOR. HARRY ARCHER HORNOR, LOUISIANA. .X ASSOCIATE EDITORS. THEODORE GRAFTON CASE, CONNECTICUT. EDWIN PEMBERTON TAYLOR, CONNECTICUT. ALLEN STERLING TITUS, NEW Yorgrc. ELLSWORTH MORTON TRACY, CONNECTICUT Ediwridl. PRING has come, and brings with it the twenty-seventh volume of THE TRINITY Ivy, bearing the numerals which will recall to at least a few one of the happiest periods of our life. , It has been the endeavor of the Board to introduce, with the regu- lar stereotype matter, a few new features, which we hope will interest, not offend, our readers. Further, we have tried to make our little volume distinctively a "class book,', remembering, at the same time, that it must also serve as a diary of the whole college life. We take this opportunity of expressing our sincere regret for the loss our Alma Mater has sustained in the resignation of two of her oldest and dearest professors. Both of these gentlemen have been closely connected with this institution for a number of years, and their kindly advice and earnest interest in the student body will never be forgotten by those who had the good fortune of knowing them, and receiving instruction from their inealculable store of knowledge. It is from the example and instruction of such men that the graduates of our Alma Mater receive that individuality which is said to mark a Trinity man. And so we launch the 1900 Ivy upon the sea of criticism, and may that sea be gracious unto it, insomuch that it may safely " reach the haven where it would be"-the hearts of the true and loyal sons of Trinity College. The editors wish to express their sincere gratitude to all who may in any way have assisted them in the production of this book, by literary or artistic contributions. 11 'Crinitv QOIIQQQ. f 'HE charter of Washington College was granted in 1823 by the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, and by vote of the Trustees, in con- sequence of the liberal gifts of the citizens of Hartford, the College was located in that city. In 1845, on the petition of the Alumni and the Corporation, the name of the College was changed to Trinity College. This College has no preparatory department or professional schools for gradu- ates, but its purpose is to afford the opportunity for obtaining a liberal education- that is, an education conducted without reference to any future particular profession, calling, or special pursuit on the part of the student. The requirements for admis- sion and the course of instruction for degrees in the Arts have always been practi- cally the same as in the other New England Colleges. Expenses. The amount of the Treasurer's bill each year is as follows: Tuition ......................................................................................... 35100.00 Room-rent for each person, from 35100.00 to ........ 35.00 Incidentals ..........,........,.....,................................ 30.00 Heat ..........................,.,,.....,,............ ..........,........ .... ......... 1 2 . 50 Total from S24-2.00 to ......................................... ..... 55 177.50 There are, besides, fees for the use of the Chemical and Physical Labora- tories. Board is furnished in the College at 34.50 per week. Students may obtain board at private houses in the neighborhood, at rates greater or less, as they may desire. To this must be added laundry charges, together with the expense of books, furniture, clothing, travel and society fees, which vary according to the taste and habits of the student, and of which no estimate can be given. Scholarships. The amount of the Treasurer's bills can be considerably reduced to holders of scholarships. The income of these scholarships, which are of different values, is placed to the credit of students with limited means, and serves to meet the charges for tuition and room-rent in whole or in part. For holders of scholarships remitting the entire charges for tuition and room- rent, the Treasurer's bill is reduced to 342.503 and the necessary expenses of such students, including board and other personal items, will not exceed 55250 or 5300 a year. 12 Rooms and Buildings. The new buildings were commenced in 1875. They are thoroughly drained: well ventilated, and unsurpassed for convenience and comfort. ln 1881 the Northam gateway was begun, and the western side of the great quadrangle is now completed. Easy access from the city is secured by means of street-cars running to the College grounds. An excellent athletic ground is provided for ball-playing and other outdoor sportsg there are also several tennis courts, and an excellent gymnasium. Most of the rooms are arranged so as to provide for two students rooming together, a common study, and separate bedrooms. All the rooms and hallways are heated by steam, and ventilation is secured by open fireplaces. Water is carried to every floor. The site of the building is remarkable for its healthfulness. The Gymnasium and Alunmi Hall. The new Gymnasium and Alumni l-lall for Theatrej stands to the east of the pro- posed north quadrangle, near the driveway from Vernon street, and faces the west. lt is substantially built of brick and laid in red mortar, with a finish of Portland sandstone. The frontage is fifty-six feet, and the length one hundred and six feet. The entrance is at the level of the running track of the gymnasiurng from the vesti- bule ample stairways lead down to the latter and up to the theatre, which has a seating capacity of 500. The equipment of the gymnasium embraces modern apparatus, and the latest patent appliances in this department. An instructor in athletics is in charge of the building. ' The Jarvis Laboratories. This building is built of stories high with a basement sixty-five feet. The angles turrets, which not only serve u brick in early French Romanesque style, and is two having a frontage of seventy-nine feet, and a depth of of the building are emphasized by large ventilating a practical purpose, but add greatly to the breadth of the wall-xmass. The main object in constructing this building has been to make ample provision for laboratory work in chemistry and physics. The physical labora- tory is equipped with a dynamo and engine, and the rooms have been arranged with special reference to making facilities for practical work as complete as possible. The equipment in the chemical laboratory is such as is required for good work in qualitative and quantitative analysis and assaying. Catalogues. Catalogues and Examination Papers may be had on application to the Secre- tary of the Faculty. For Scholarships and general information, application should be made to the President. I 13 Sept. Nov. 14 mx Dec. Jan. Feb. xc M arch April May H 1 1 1 c A T11 ursda y, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Thursday, Thursday, Monday, Saturday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, ollege Zalendar. 1898. Christmas Term begins. All Saints' Day. Thanksgiving Recess begins at 1 P. M. Thanksgiving Recess ends at 2 P. M. Christmas Recess begins at 1 P. M. 1899. Christmas Recess ends at 5:45 P. M. Christmas Examinations begin. Christmas Examinations end. Trinity Term begins. Toucey Scholar appointed. Ash-Wednesday. Washington's Birthday. Oratorical Prize Contest Good Friday. Easter-Day. Easter Recess begins at 11 A. M. Easter Recess ends at 5:45 P. M. Chemical Prize Essays handed in. Tuttle Prize Essays handed in. Douglas and Metaphysical Prize Essays handed in. Greek Prize Examination. History Prize Essays handed in. Ascension-Day. 5 Mathematical Prize Examinations. Whitsunday. Prize Version Declamation. Trinity Sunday. Memorial-Day. 14 june H H July Sept, li Dec. Thursday, Friday, xt Sunday, lllonda y, it H Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, H Trinity Examinations begin. Trinity Examinations end. Annual Meeting ofthe Board of Fellows Qeveningj Baccalaureate Sermon. Annual Meeting of the Corporation Ceveningj. Senior and junior Standing published. Award of Prizes. Class-Day. Annual Meeting ofthe Corporation Association ofthe Alumni. SEVENTY-THIRD COMMENCEMENT. Trinity Vacation begins. Examinations for Admission. U .1 in Examinations for Admission begin. and of the Christmas Term begins at 5:45 P. M. Christmas Recess begins at 1 P. M. 15 Senatus Hcademicus. .M .3 Visitors. The Rev THoMAs M1XRCI-I CLARK, D.D., LL.D. The Rev HENRY ADAMS NEELY, D.D. The The ee Rev Rev. YYILLIAM WOODRUEE NILES, D.D., LL.D. PIENRY CODMAN POTTER, D.D., LL.D., D. C. L. Corporation. The Rev. THE PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE, ex-ofHcio PRESIDENT, Hartford. The Rev. GEORGE H. CLARK, D.D., Hartford. RICHARD W. H. JARVIS, M.A., Hartford. CHARLES J. I'IO.-XDLEY, LL.D., Hartford. Hartford. GEORGE BEACH, Esq., NCHARLES E. GRAvEs, M.A., T1-ezzsurcr, The Rt. Rev. WILLIAM W NILEs, D.D., LL The Hon. WILLIAM ITAMERSLEY, LL.D., LUKE A. LOCKXYOOD, M.A., Vfhe Rev. FRANCIS GOODWIN, MA., YVILLIAM E. CURTIS, M.A., J. PIERPONT MORGAN, Esq., Joi-IN H. S. QUICK, M.A., 'UAOOII L. GREENE, Esq, Secretary, The Rev. WILLIAM H. VIIIEERT, D.D., JOHN SABINE SMITH, MA., SYDNEY G. FISIIEIQ, L.H.D., WILLIAM S. COGSXVELL, M.A., MJAMES J, GOODXVIN, Esq., WILLIAM J. BGARDMAN, LL.B., MP. PIENRY WYVOODVVARD, B.A., ROBERT THORNE, M.A., .D., New Haven. Concord, N. H. Hartford. Riverside, Conn Hartford. New York. New York. Chicago. Hartford. New York. New York. Philadelphia. Jamaiczl, N. Y. Hartford. Washington. Hartford, New York. These members ofthe Corporation form the Executive Committee. 16 I Faculty. .293 THE REV. GEORGE WILLIAMSON SMITH, D.D., LL.D., PRESIDENT and Hobart Professor of hletaphysics, 115 Vernon Street Coiiice, 13 Seabury Hall.J THE REV. THOMAS RUGGLES PYNCHON, D.D., LL.D., Brownell PFOLESSOT of Mo1'al Philosophy, 15 Seabury Hall. THE REV. SAMUEL HART, D.D., Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 22 Jarvis Hall. THE REV. FLAVEL SWEETEN LUTHER, P1-LD., Seabury Professor oflllathematics and Astronomy, and Secretary, 1 Columbia Street. THE REV. HENRY FERGUSON, M.A., Northam Professor of History and Political Science, 123 Vernon Street. CHARLES FREDERICK JOHNSON, M.A., L.I-I.D., Professor of English Literature, 69 Vernon Street. THE REV. JOHN JAMES MCCOOK, M.A., Professor of Modez'n Languages, ' 114 Main Street. , WILLIAM LISPENARD ROBB, PH.D., Prokssor of Physics, 118 Vernon Street. ROBERT BAIRD RIGGS, PH.D., ' Scovill Professor ofChe1nistrxf and Natural Science, 35 Forest Street. I WINFRED ROBERT MARTIN, LL.B., PH.D., Professor of Oriental and Modern Languages, 21 Jarvis Hall. THE HON. WILLIAM HAMERSLEY, LL.D., Lecturer on Law, 265 Maiil Street. 17 CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER, L.I-I.D., D.C.L., Lecturer on English Literature, 37 Forest Street. CHARLES COFFING BEACH, M.D., Lecturer on Hjgiene, 199 Main Street. WILLIAM DENISON AIORGAN. M.A., M.D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Pliysiologjf, 10S Farmington Avenue. FREDERIC ROBERTSON HONEY, PH.B., Instructor i11 Drawing and Descriptive Gcomctqv, New Haven. WILLIAM HARRY CI-IICHELE PYNCHON, M.A Instructor in Natural Science, 13 Columbia Street. THE REV. JOEL FOOTE BINGI-IAM, D.D., Lecturer on Italian Literature, -1-S-L Farmington Avenue. WALDO SELDEN PRATT, M.A., Instructor in Elocution, S6 Gillett Street. PHILIP DEWITT PHAIR, M.A., Instructor i11 Ilistory and Political Science, 1 Jarvis Hall. HENRY IYASHINGTON PRESCOTT, M.A., Instructor in Latin, 1. Northam Towers. FRANK COLE BABBIT, PI-I.D., Instructor in the Greek LEI.I1g'LIE1g'6 and Literature, 1+ Seabury Hall. HENRY JONES BLAKESLEE, Assistant in the Plzysical Laboratory, 791 Park street. ' GEORGE BERNI-IARDT VELTE, Instructor in the Gynmezsiuzn, Gymnasium. The stated meetings of the Faculty are held on Monday mornings. at 10 0 clock 18 H0dl'd of FQIIOWS. President, The CHANCELLOR OF TI-IE COLLEGE. Fellows, The Rev. GEORGE W. DOUGLAS, D.D. EDXVARD D. APPLETON, B.A. AMBROSE S. TXLIURRAY, M.A. CHARLES C. BARTON, LL. B. FRANKLIN I-I. FOWLER, M.A. The Rev. LUCIUS WATERMAN, D.D. Junior Fellows, The Rev. F. W. I'IARRIlXIAN, M.A. GEORGE E. BEERS,1VI.A.,LL.B. PERCY S. BRYANT, M.A. FRANK E. JOHNSON, M.A. The Rev. JOHN T. HUNTINGTON, M.A. The Rev. JOI-IN J. MCCOOK, M.A. dd SS0Cidfi0lIC of H72 Hlllmlli President, The Rev. HENRX' M. BARTIOUR, M.A. Vice-President, WILLIAM C. SKINNER, M.A. SecI'etzu'y, FREDERICK E. HAIGIIT, M.A. T1'easu1'er, FRANK E. JOHNSON, M.A. Stavmling Connuittee, The PRESIDENT. The TREASURER. The Rev. VVILLIAM H. VIBDERT, D.D. The Rev. SAMUEL IAIART, D.D. GEORGE H. SEYMS, M.A. 19 new Engldlld HSSOCIGUOII or Hlllmlli. OFFICERS, 1899. President, LUKE A. LOCKWOOII, '55. Vice-President, W. C. SIQINNER, '76, Secretary, Tl'0llSlll'0l', F. W. HAIQRIMAN, '72, P. S. B1cI'AN'r, '70 ICXGKHIUVG C0llllllitl30C, Dr. W. D. NIORGAN, '72. Rev. S. HART, D.D., '66. 15 -29 new York HSSGCIGUOII of Hlllllllli. OFFICERS, 1899. President, Rev. WM. H. VIBBERT, D.D., '58. Vice-Presidents, Rev. C. H. W. STOCKING, D.D., '60. A. S. MURIzAv,J1-., '71, FRANKLIN I-I. FOWLER, '61, Rev. NEXVTON PERKINS, '61 Secretary and Treasurei-, SAMUEL F. JARVIS, jr., '89, Executive Cominittee, Chairman-ROBT. TI-IORNE, '85. F. E. IHAIGHT, '87. E. L. Funny, '84. G. P. COLEMAN, '90, V. C. PEDERSON, '91. .H J Pbildiklpbid HSSOCidIi0ll of Hllllmli. OFFICERS, 1899. 1,1'8Sid8l1t, j. EXYING MEARS, M.D., '58. Vice-Presideiit, WILLIAM DRAYTON, '71. Secretary, SYDNEY G. FISHER, '79, 328 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Executive Committee, H. GORDON MCCOUGI-I, '75. SYDNEY G. FISHER, '79, 20 Pittsburgh HSSOCidIi0ll of Hmmm. OFFICERS, 1399. President, L. M. PLUMER, '74. Vice-President, Secretary, .............................. M. K. ICOSTER, '87 Executive Committee, A. P. BURGWIN, '82. W. R. BLAIR, '75. Hon. Jos. BUEEINGTON, '75. .99 99 Hlllmlli HSSOCiZl!i9ll TGI' IDG DiSIl'iCI of Zvlllmbid dlld Uitillifv. OFFICERS. 1899. President, lst Vice-President, 2d Vice-President, E. M. GALLAUDET, '59. GEO. A. WOODWARD, '55. WM. FELL JOHNSON, '66. Secretary, Treasurer, S. HERBERT GIESY, '85. J. W. CLARK, '63. .H .99 Zdlifwlliil HSSOCIZIUOII Qf Hlllmlli. OFFICERS. 1899. President, Rt. Rev. W. F. NICHOLS, D.D., '70. Secretary and Treasurer, Rev. F. H. CHURCH Know of Tacoma, Washj .Q .5 BOSIOII HSSOGGUQII Qf Hlllmili. OFFICERS, 1 899. President, LEONARD K. STORRS, '63, Vice-Presidents, LORIN YVEBSTER, '8O. L. T. DOWNS, '4-8. E. T. SULLIVAN, '89 1 Secretary, Treasurer, C. C. BARTON, jr., '93. E. S. CLARK, '65. 21 QGIIQQQ QOIMS. DARK BLUE AND QLD GOLD. ez! ,X GOIIQQQ YQII. 122111-12.2111-Rah ! Trinity ! Boom! Rah, Boom ! Rah, Trinity ! 22 GYGGIIEIIQ SIIICIQIIIS. 92 L5 NAME. RESIDENCE. ROOM HENRY JONES BLAKESLEE, B.S., Hartford, 791 Park Street. M A ' B.A., WOOLSEY AC LPINE JOHNSON' Hartford, 69 Vernon Street H. E. RUSSELL FELLOW, JAMES RIEDELL TUCKER, B.A., Yale, East Hartford, Conn, Hartibrd. 23 Senior Glass. .92 .92 CLASS MOTTO, CLASS COLORS Fortiter, fideliter, IE-Iiciter. RED AND WI-Ili? CLASS President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chronicler, YELL- Brecky, coax, coax, coax, Brecky, coax, coax, coax, Hullabaloo, atheta chochine Nulli Secundus, ninety-nine! 0ffiCQI'S. Christmas Term. J. H. K. DAVIS, A. ONDERDONK, R. N. WILLCOX, A. DESALVIO, 1 J. W. NICHOLS. 24- Triuity Term. D. VIBBERT. W. HENRY. N. WILLCOX DESALVIO. Jnflw Plniifl l899 IGSS WSIOYV. US. al t ENTLE reader of THE IVY, I see your look of questioning surprise as you ask yourself, " Can it be that those freshmen of but yesterday are the seniors of to- day?" I reply, "Does the time seem short to you? Then, believe me, it seems doubly so to us." But the proofs are at hand. You will ind our record complete. Ere this volume reaches you, your freshman of yesterday will have taken his ninety hours of required: cuts in reeitations, his one hundred and eleven cuts in chapel-not including those he used to take at night in his freshman year for having thought he had gone in the morning. He will have received his full quota of honorable scars on the foot ball and base ball tleldsg will have danced his eighteen appointed Germans, will have celebra- ted with Hibernian enthusiasm his four St. Patrick's Days, the Faeulty's Ides of March -in short, will have qualified in all essential respects for the reception of his degree. One or two more facts may help to show you that, though the time seems short, it has not been uneventful. It has been '99's privilege to witness the grandest ovation Trinity ever accorded a victorious team, and the coniiagration of more broken-win- dowed, whitewashed, unsightly architecture than any class in college, and to watch in turn the erection of the most artistic addition of recent years to the number of the Col- lege buildings, and, by the way, one of the many diversified uses of Martin Hall, for some time undiscovered, has just come to light. The coinmodious accommodations for Hebrew, French and Drawing are minor matters compared to the fact that, located within easy view of the mathematical room, it affords Prof. Luther's classes a perma- nent example of the triangle, the square, the cube, the pyramid and the nonahedron all in one. How much might be said to show you that, measured by our achievements, too, the course of '99 has been a long one. But the historian forbears to weary you. The man doubtful of his claims to some coveted recognition tries to arouse conviction by boister- ously proclaiming them. The man who has experienced, with Bacon, the Uincompara- ble pleasure of standing upon the vantage ground of truth," has a degree of enjoyment that depends but little upon whether the world investigates his claims or not. Sutlice it to say that '99 has played her part faithfully in every department of college activity, has entered into the social world too much to make the final parting easy, and inci- dentally has produced the first optimus of the last eighteen years. She has been more than a mere preserver of traditions. She has restored some-yes, even created some. Duck-on-the-rock was dragged from out the debris of the icono- clasts. The Sophomore Dining Club is a tradition that owes its origin to the natural conviviality of '99. It is hoped that out of courtesy this tradition will prolong, or, if necessary, revive its existence until after the coming Class Day. But precious time is fieeting. Let all vain babblings cease. Let all rivalries be over. Let tranquility be queen. '99 has suffered her defeats, but to-day victor and vanquished alike are embraced in the one sentiment of friendliness and good feeling. Bygones are bygones and all old scores are forgotten. Then cheer on, ye college men, for our dear old Alina Mater. lt relieves the senior's sadness and tells him others still love her too. Classmates, draw closer-draw closer. Let me feel the honest grasp of your strong hand again. lt is not merely the passing ofa class-a century goes with us. C. B. H. 25 Class of 1899. SENIORS. .5 .5 NAME. RESIDENCE. THOMAS EMMETT ADDIS, 1S.5, A. X. P., 21 Woodbine St , Hartford. Glee Club 135. LLOYD RAEBURN BENSON, A. X. P., ..... Hudson, N. Y. lvlandolin Club 125 135 145, Glee Club 125 135 14-5, College Quartette 145. REUEL ALLAN BENSON, 1S.5, A. K. E., .... Oakland, Me. Trinity Tablet, Lit. Editor of '99 Ivy. CRANSTON BRENTON, 1S.5, A. MI1., ..... jamaica, N. Y. Tablet, Dramatic Club 125 135 145, Executive Committee of Dramatic Association, German Club. HAROI,D Looms CLEASBY, A. X. P., dv. B. K., 24 Elmer St., Hartford. Valedictorian. GRROK PAUL COLLOQUE, A. X. P., ..... Oxford, N. Y. Maiidoliii Club 125 135 145, Glee Club 135 145. DONALD SKELDING CORSON, 1L. S.5, Alf. Y., . G1-and Rapids, Mich. Assistant Manager of Foot Ball 135, Sophomore Dining Club, German Club. JOHN HENRY KELSO DAVIS, 1L. S.5, 111. Y., GJ. N. E., Fort Monroe, Va. Captain of Base Ball 145, Base Ball Team 115 125 135 145, Sophomore Dining Club, President of Class 145 lst term, Senior Honorary Society, German Club, Class Day President. EDWARD SAVAGE DOBBIN, A. MII., . Fairbault, Minn. WILLIAM HANRIER EATON, 1S.5, A. AP., . . . Pittsfield, Mass. Business Manager of Dramatic Association, Executive Committee of Dramatic Asso- ciation, German Club, Sophomore Dining Club. HARRY DANIEL GREEN, XII. Y., .... . Berlin, N. H Foot Ball Team 135. CHARLES BAKER HEDRICK, A. A. fb., dv. B. K., . jacksonville, Fla Ivy Board, Sophomore Dining Club, Business Manager of'99 Ivy. CHARLES VVILLIAM HENRY, A.X.P.,CIJ.B.K.,GJ.N.E1, Bridgewater, Mass Track Team 115 125 135 145, Captain of Track Team 135 145, Glee Club 145, Presi- dent of Missionary Society, College Quartette 145, Salutatorian. GEORGE TALMAN KENDAL 1L. s.5, Alf. Y., GJ. N. E., . . Hartford Sophomore Dining Club, Leader of Banjo Club 115, German Club, Jesters 145, Presi- dent of Class 115 lst term. 26 NAME. RESIDENCE. ELTON GARDINER LITTELL, A. A. fb., Q. N. E., . Wilmington, Del- Foot Ball Team Q25 Q35 Q45, Track Team Q15 Q25 Q45, Basket Ball Team Q15 Q25, Cap- tain of Track Team Q35, German Club, Senior Honorary Society, Glee Club Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45, President Athletic Association Q45, Sophomore Dining Club, College Marshal. 1 FRANK ARTHUR MCELXVAIN, A.X.P., dv. B.K., GJ.N.E., Brookneld, Mo. '99 Ivy Board. VICTOR FORREST MORGAN QS.5, A. X. B., 227 Sigourney St., Hartford. BRYAN KILLIIQELLY MORSE, A. A. QD., Q. N. E., . Wilmington, Del. Mandolin Club Q15 Q25 Q35 Q4-5, Leader of Biandolin Club Q35 Q4-5, German Club, Sophomore Dining Club, President of Musical Organizations, Senior Honorary Society, President German Club Q45, Chairman of '99 junior Ball Committee. JOHN WILLIAMS NICHOLS, 111. Y., .... San Mateo, Cal. Business Manager '99 Ivy, President of Nlissionary Society Q35 Q45, Junior Ball Committee, Senior Honorary Society, Glee Club Q25 Q35 Q45, Manager of Glee Club Q45, Foot Ball Team Q45, Mailager of Track Team Q45, German Club, Sophomore Dining Club. ADRIAN HOLMES ONDERDONK, A. A. fb., GJ. N. E., . . Baltimore, Md. President of Class Q15 2d term, Sophomore Dining Club, Manager Foot Ball Team Q45. HARRY LANDON RICE, A. X. P.. . . . . Lansingburg, NY. ERNEST ALBERT RICH, A. A. dv., GJ. N. E., . . . Reisterstown, Md. Foot Ball Team Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45, Track team Q15 Q35 Q45, Sophomore Dining Club, President of Class Q35 2d term, Senior Honorary Society. ALPHONSO DE SALVIO, ....... Boston, Mass. CLARENCE ALEXANDER SMITH, CD. F. A., . Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y, '99 Ivy Board.. CURTIS SMITH, E. A. E., ....... Auburn, N. Y. MCWALTER BERNARD SUTTON, QL.s.5,KIf.Y., CD.N.E., New Rochelle, N.Y. Foot Ball Team Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45, Captain of Foot Ball Team Q4-5, Base Ball Team Q15 Q35 Q45, Dramatic Club Q4-5, President of Class Q25 lst term, Sophomore Dining Club, German Club, Basket Ball Team Q35. ALLEN RESHELL VAN METER, A. X. P., dv. B. K., , . Riverton, N. J. DANIEL HUGPI VERDER, QQ. B. K., ' .... Rutland, Vt. Tablet Board Q35 Q4-5. AUBREY DARRELL VIBBERT, A. IP., . . . New York City, N. Y. German Club, Senior Honorary Society, Manager of Base Ball Q35, President of Class Q4-5 2d term, Glee Club Q35 Q45, Alandolin Club Q25 Q35 Q45, Sophomore Dining Club, '99 Ivy Board, Tablet Board, '99 junior Ball Committee. 27 NAME. RESIDENCE. REGINALD NORTON AVILLCOX, A. K. E., .... Buffalo, N.Y. President of Class 125 2d term, Manager Basket Ball Team 135, Tablet Board 145. ALLAN SI-IELDON VVOODLE, Jr., Alf. Y., G. N. E., . . Altoona, Pa. Foot Ball Team 115 125 135 145, Captain ofFoot Ball Team 135, Base Ball Team 125 145, Glee Club 115 125 135 145, Mandolin Club 11512514-5, Track Team 115, Senior Honorary Society. - RAYMOND SANDFORD YEOMANS, dv. I1 A., . Andover, Conn. SPECIALS. FREDERICK STANLEY BACON, I. K. A., GD. N. E., . Middletown, Conn. Foot Ball Team 115 125 135 145, '99 Ivy Board, Senior Honorary Society, German Club. FREDERICK CLARK INGALLS, 111. Y., .... Milford, NY. Foot Ball Team 125 135 145, Track Team 125 135 145. ROLAND HIENRY MECHTOLD, E. A. E., . . New York City, N.Y. FRANCIS T. MIIJLER, ........ Bristol, Conn. FORMER MEMBERS. IRVING KNOTT BAXTER, A. K. E., . . . Utica, N.Y. ALLAN GRIFFITH BODINE, . Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN BOWNE BUNN, E. A. E., . Brooklyn, N.Y. RODERICK HARRISON FOX, A. A. QD., . . Bradford, Pa. FRANCIS HENNY GLAZEBROOK, A. A. fb., . . . Elizabeth, N. J. VVILLIAM ROBERT GOLDEN, E. A. E., . . Saratoga Springs, N.Y. ARCHIBALD GOLDTHXVAITE, A. XP., . . Galveston, Tex. CI-IAUNCEY ICARL HARRIS, . . Wethersiield, Conn. HOWARD SINCLAIR RIERNER, A. A. dv., . New York City, N.Y. NORMAN MILO LOOMIS, A. K. E., . South Manchester, Conn. FREDERICK ALBERT LUND, A. K. E., . New York City, N.Y. RALPH CUTLER MEAD, A. K. E.. Ballston Lake, N.Y. ALEXANDER NEILL, Jr., 2. A. E., . Hagerstown, Md. HANS CHRISTIAN OVVEN, KP. Y., . . -Middletown, Conn. EDMUND KEARSLEY STERLING, A. XII., . Detroit, Mich. QVVILLIAM ALFRED WARNER, A. K. E., Hartford. WILLIAM JAMES XIVOOD, . . Hartford. JOSEPH W ARREN ZIEGLER, . Detroit, Mich. 28 junior Zlass. .3 .3 CLASS MOTTO, CLASS COLORS, "By-OLIWL 813155 OLD GOLD AND BROWN CLASS YELL WO-te-Widee-WO, te-widee-wire, castire, casto, te-widee-wo, te-widee wish, wish, wish, boom 1900! President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chronicler, Officers. christmas Term. Trinity Term. R. H. FOX, M. G. HrXIGH'F, D. RICHMOND, M. J. BRINES. A. ARNOTT, E. P. TAYLOR, JR K. F. P. KURTH, A. C. HALL. P. L. BRYANT, P. L. BRYANT. 29 IQOO QIGSS l'llSl0l'V. HEN we look back on things that were-now surrounded by the gloom of antiquity-we almost resent thejoy with which we entered upon our Sophomore year. What blatant self-complacency! Truly did we think that we had only to show ourselves to be immediately exalted to the loftiest pinnacles of public admiration. No doubt we deserved that favorite expletive, "consummate assesf' which was wont to fall from the lips ofthat dear Professor to whom this volume is dedicated. But now all things are changed-the past with soft garment veils the angular outline into symme- try. With sorrow we laid down the toys of childhood and in stern resolve took up our duty of regulating college morals Cand other things too numerous to mcntionj. How we have succeeded remains for the future to reveal. If our class now contained all the men with whom its life commenced, our "moral 'suasioni' could not have been withstood by even the most devoted underclassman debauchce. But they have gone and how we do miss them. Our successes in things scholastic are too well known to need further comment here, except in the Shakespeare course, where one of our men rendered Hamlet with such beauty of pronunciation that the Professor in charge called upon his Satanic majesty in admiration. ln regard to athletics, our fame has gone forth through the length and breadth of the landg so remarkable has been our prowess that nowadays when a town girl sees any powerfully built young man with the Apollo cast of countenance she turns to her Cl'111111 and says: "There is one of the Trinity athletes." " What class ? " " Oh, ' 1900,' ofcourseg all athletes are in t1900' and all '1900' men are athletes." On the night of February 16, 1897, occurred an event which knit the scattered atoms of our class into such molecular consistency that then and there M1900 " took her place-a power in the college world. I refer to the "'98 from 1900" banquet. What one of us can forget the stirring incidents of that night? Then comes an hiatus of two years and again we sat at table in a body, this time not as hosts, but guests. Any one who doubts the excellency of our entertainment needs but to read the menu of that dinner, where the feast of dainties and flowing bowl were surpassed only by the feast of reason and How of soul. We thank you, " 1902 ". It is the pleasant duty of the historian to assure the College that at least three mem- bers of 1900 have declared their intention of graduating from Trinity, so no one need feel alarmed if we lose a few men before that class day, when for a last sad time we will wake the echoes with our Wo-te-widee-wo. Hartford society will miss us when we go, since such determined and successful " fussers " as we, were never seen before in this almost quaint New England town. Here must the record end, lest the " niggardly page " be expanded to a volume filled with the successes of 1900, who, true to its motto, is indeed always ready. P. L. B. 30 L , .- 1 1 v 5 QIGSS of l900. JUNIORS. '25 vb! ai NAME. RESIDENCE. ALEXANDER ARNOTT, A. X. P., . . . South Manchester, Conn. JAMES WATSON BRADIN, JR., A. A. CD., 0. N. E., . . Hartford. Track Team 111, B. U., Sophomore Dining Club. MOSES JAMES BRINES, A. X. P., O. N. E., .... Westerly, R. I. Glee Club 111 121 131, Leader of Glee Club 131, Dramatic Club 111 121131, Executive Committee of Dramatic Club 131, College Quartette 111 121 131. PERCY LEON BRYANT, 2. A. E., ...... Hartwell, O. B. U. LUTHER HAROLD BURT, 1s.1, A. K. E., . n Hartford. THEODORE GRAFTON CASE, A. K. E., . . Granby, Conn. 1900 Ivy Board. JOHN KAY CLEMENT, A. 111., ...... Sunbury, Pa. Mandolin Club 121 131, Glee Club 111 121 131. SAMUEL YVILLIAM COONS, A. XII., .... Ballston Spa, N. Y. RODERICK HARRISON FOX, 1s.1, A. A. fb., GJ. N. E., . . Bradford, Pa. B. U., Sophomore Dining Club, President of Class 131 1st term, Glee Club 111 121. HASLETT MOKIM GLAZEBROOK, A. A. fb., QD. N. E., . Elizabeth, N. J. B. U., Glee Club 131, Base Ball Team 111 121 131, Sophomore Dining Club, German Club, Basket Ball Team 111 121 131, 1900 Junior Ball Committee, Captain Basket Ball Team 121 131. MONROE GLEASON HAIGHT, A. Alf., .... Pittsfield, Mass. B. U., Associate Manager Base Ball Team, Manager of Foot Ball Team141, President 'of Class 131 2d term, Sophomore Dining Club, 1900 Junior Ball Committee, German Club. AMASA CLARK HALL, 1L. s.1, A. X. P., . West Hartford, Conn. HARRY ARCHER HORNOR, A. A. fb., Q. N. E., . . New Orleans, La. B. U., Sophomore Dining Club, Dramatics 111 121 131, Stage Manager of Dramatic Association 131, Executive Committee of DramaticS121131, Glee Club 111121131, Mandolin Club 111, Class President 111 lst term, Literary Editor 1900 Ivy Board. ICARL FRANZ FREDERICK KURTH, A. X. P., . . . Detroit, Mich. JOHN GILBERT MCILKVAINE, XII. Y., .... Philadelphia, Pa. B. U., Mandolin Club 111 121 131, Dramatic Association 121 131, 1900 Junior Ball Com- mittee, Sophomore Dining Club, German Club. 31 NAME. RIESIDISNCIC. FREDERICK IVELLES PRINCE, E. fb., eb. N. . . . Hartford. German Club, Sophomore Dining Club, Mandolin Club Q3l, Business Mzuinger 1900 Ivy Board, 1900 junior Ball Committee, President Of'Class Q21 'ld term. DAVID LOUIS SCIAIWARTZ, A. A. CD., 0. N. E., . . Lakewood, N. J. B. I'., Chairinan 1900 junior Ball Committee, Gerinan Club, Manager Base Ball Team Q3l, Track Team Ill IQJ, Glec Club Q15 IZZJ 1151, Mandolin Club Q1l LQJ gill. CI-IARLES THOMAS SMART, CSD, A. X. P., .... Hartford. EDWIN PEMBERTON TAYLOR, JR., CL. S.j, XII. Y., Hartford. 1900 Ivy Board, German Club. SIMON LEWIS TOMLINSON, A. K. E., . . . I-Iartford. 1900 Junior Ball Committee. ELLSWORTI-I IXTORTON r1xRACY, A. X. P., . . . Waterbury, Conn. 1900 Ivy Board. WILLIAM CAMERON HILL, A. III., ..... Sunbury, Pa. Business Manager 1900 Ivy Board, German Club, Sophomore Dining Club. ALLEN STERLING TITUS, I. K. A., CB. N. E., . . . Buffalo, N. Y. B. U., Glee Club IQJ, Dramatic Association 121 Q3l, Executive Committee of Dramatic Club Q3l, 1900 Ivy Board. SPECIAL STUD ENTS. EARNEST LEON SIMONDS, A. X. P., . . Hartford. ROBERT JAMES ITAGAN, . Hartford. EDXVARD COLLINS STONE, .. . . . Hartford. FORMER MEMBERS. WALTER BLAKELEE YON HAGEN ARUNDEL, A. XII., Pittsburgh, Pa. FRANK TIQACY BALDXVIN, A. III., . . Inwood-On-Hudson, N. Y. ROELIF HASBROUCIQ BROOKS, A. K. E., . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ARTHUR HENRY BRYANT, 2. A. E., . . . . Hartwell, O. JOHN DIXON BURCHARD, A. K. E., . South Norwalk, Conn. DELANCEY WALKER FISKE, IP. Y., . . . Providence, R. I. SAMUEL RICHARD FULLER, A. A. CD., . . Buffalo, N. Y. CHAUNCEY KARL HARRIS, . - . . Wethersfield, Conn. DAVID BALDWIN JEKVETT, A. K. E., . Rochester, N. Y. DENISON RICHMOND, A. X. P. ,... . Syracuse, N. Y. GRANVILLE HUDSON SHERWOOD, A. A. QD. . . Elgin, Ill. CLIFFORD KNOX WOOD, fb. F. A., . . Huntington, N. Y. 32 'fi ' "I Sopbomoro Glass. ' ,H A CLASS MOTTO, CLASS COLORs Novus ordo saeclorum. -RED AND BLUL CLASS YELL- ' Kiyi, Kiyi, Ki, Yippi, Kiyil Hullabaloo! Red and Blue! 1901! President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chronicler, Officers. Christmas Term. R. E. PECK, W. P. BROWN, G. BRINLEY, W. J. MCNEIL, F. H. FOSS. 33 Trinity Term. W. P. BROXVN. W. M. NICHOLS F. E. VVATERMAN F. E. VVATERMAN l9Ol IGSS BlSIOl'V. ala! HE cigarette of our Freshman year has been for a long time cast aside, and already the pipe of the Sophomore is almost smoked out, and we begin to hear the sizzling of the last ashes in the bowl as they warn us that it is almost time to discard the "traditional Sophomore reeklessness " and assume the responsibilities of upper- classmen. In looking back over our first year, we see, indeed, that we were not idle. Our class teams all played outside gamesg we won the Letlingwell cup, a thing not done by a Freshman class in yearsg our base ball team was victorious in the inter-class game, and an unusually large number ofthe class wore 'varsity sweaters. And this year also, though with ranks depleted by having so many men on the foot ball squad, we won the fight at the bulletin board, and it took five fierce rushes to decide the push-rush. The underclass meet was won too easily to be exciting, and the McCracken cup also came to us. In college life, too, we have borne our part, ever ready to share in such events as the memorable parade on St. Pat's Day, and in "gatherings round the Bishop"5 and we have, we must confess, caused the Faculty the usual amount of sleeplessness, and under- gone the usual, perhaps more than the usual, amount of cross-examination and ques- tioning, with regard to the now historic battle with the New Britain stage-hands, hotel- porters, et cetera, the " door-knob plot," and various other little escapades. Close ob- servers have also reported that there is less polish on the Sophomore seats in chapel than usual, and-but an unkind power does not permit the historian to speak his mind on the subject. But, as the time draws near when we will become upperclassmen, what matters to us, after all, the rivalries and jealousies of the past? Though we fought desperately in the three fierce "scraps " of March 17th, and would have gone over with the staircase up to Alumni had it fallen rather than give an inch, why should we not forgive, even though we do not forget, and merging our individual life into the broader sphere of our college influence, strive in the future, to the exclusion of all else, to uphold the Old Gold and the Blue, be it here or in our after life? " Novus Ordo Saeclorumf' " A New Order of the Ages." We shall be the first class to graduate in the new century. As the new century will be an age of advancement and of progress, so may the class of 1901, strong in the spirit which binds us all together, ever labor for the honor and the glory of our Alma Mater, striving always so to do, that when we graduate we may leave behind us a name which shall be long remem- bered. C. H. W. 34 ,,,,:, ai,-iw limnbff. lvMVn. 417.523 'Ti133i'j5S1i'.QP- ' ,- f' 'f'l.E?'f' L f IGSS of l9Ol. SOPHOMORES. .99 .29 NAME. . RESIDENCE. ROBERT BAYARD BELLAMY f5.y, . . . Boston, Mass GODFREY BRINLEY CL. 5.3, .... Newington junction, Conn GEORGE GRAHAM BURBANCK QL. 5.5, . Tornpkinsville, N.Y HARRY HAMILTON COCHRANE f5.j, . . Newington junction, Conn AUBREY HENRY DERBY, . . REGINALD FISKE QL. 5.9, FRANK HALSEY F O55, . . HENRY TOVVNES FORRE5TER 15.1, HUBERT DANA GOODALE, . . TAMES Mo5GRoYE HUD5oN 45.3, WILLIAM JOHN MCNEIL, . EDWARD JARVIS KING MASON, . WALTER ALFRED MITCHELL, . FRANK STEPHEN MOREHOUSE RICHARD EUGENE PECK, . HAROLD HUNTINGTON RUDD , . 7 CHARLES HENRY STRONG, . FRANCIS RAYMOND STURTEVANT, . ARTHUR REGINALD VAN DE WATER, JAMES ALBERT WALES, . . JAMES MERRYMAN WALKER, FRANCIS ELY WATERMAN, . YVILLIAM PARKER WHARTON, . CHARLES HATHERN WHEELER, HUGH DEMP5TER WILSON, jr., . . AUGUSTU5 TALCOTT WYNKOOP CL. 5.7, i 35 . Newark, N. I Providence, R, I Norwich, Conn Nlexico, Mex . Suffield, Conn . Syracuse, N.Y Brooklyn, N. Y . Sufield, Conn . Hartford South Kent, Conn Bridgeport, Conn . Knoxville, Ill Hartford . Hartford New York, N. Y . Bayonne, N, I Brooklyn, N. Y Hartford Howard, Pa . Clinton, N. Y New York, N. Y Utica, N. Y SPECIAL NAME. TI-IOMAS PROSSOR BROXYNE, Jr., WILLIAM PURNELL BROXYN, . MARTIN YVITHINGTON CLEMENT, JOHN DAULBY EVANS, . JOHN GRAHAM HARORAVE, FORMER ARTI-IUR EUGENE ARVEDSON, SAMUEL WALDEN COOKE, . WINTER HARIILTON EVEREST, . WILLIAM MORSE NICHOLS, CARLOS CURTIS PECK, EVERETT EUGENE STACEY, OTIS JEWETT STORY, . FRANKLIN WHITTEMORE DEVVELL, OWEN VVARNER GILDERSLEEVE, NATHANIEL JULIUS CABLE, JEWETT COLE, STUDENTS. MEMBERS. 36 RESIDENCE. New York, N. Y Centreville, Md Sunbury, Pa Hartford . Residence, Va Carpentersville, Ill Stamford, Conn New Milford, Conn San Mateo, Cal Bridgeport, Conn Hartford . Chillicothe, O New Haven, Conn Gildersleeve, Conn New Haven, Conn Chester, Ill N Freshman Glass. .xg CLASS MOTTO, CLASS COLORS, N811 mines, Smfpov vim. CRIMSON AND GRAY Presiden t, - Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chronicler, 0ffiCQl'S. Christmas Term. E. S. MERRIABI, F. R. CLAPP, J. HENDERSON, J. HENDERSON, J. W. ALLEN. 37 inity Term . BRADFIELD TUKE. GOODRICH. GOODRICH. WEIBEL. l902 QIGSS BlSl0l'V. ERHAPS no class has entered college with more zeal, more earnestness, and maybe more verdancy, than the class of 1902. But then we realize that our freshness is expected, and, indeed, it would be phenomenal if we did not possess it. Neverthe- less, as one of our professors once told us, " Even ifyou are Freshmen, it is not necessary to exhibit an extraordinary degree of verdancyf' At the bulletin board we proved ourselves to be somewhat athletic and not alto- gether fed on bread and milk. The pushrush was our next appearance in the field, and, as none of us knew exactly what sort of contrivance a pushrush was, we must have presented a strange spectacle when we appeared for instructions. But on being formed in a phalanx, at la Macedo- nian, and on being drilled at frequent intervals by our patient and much-enduring friends, we were able to do justice to Alexander's famous formation and to gain an almost unusual advantage over our rivals. Afterward, the first opportunity to act as hosts was given us, and we endeavored, as well as our tender age would permit, to fullfil the proper duties, and, judging from the mirthful scene which followed, we succeeded well. Things went merrily and we began to grow a little, when an occurrence happened which nearly stunted our growth. NVe were to compete with the much-feared Sopho- mores for the Underwood cup. Alas! the horror which filled us! We beheld defeat staring us in the face and our untaught and gentle natures scarce knew how to avoid it. The meet came and we fell. There was still one hope, one chance of redemption, and that lay in giving our friends, the juniors, a banquet. Plans were accordingly laid with the most strategic zeal, and, after various difficulties, we assembled en masse before a hospitable board and regaled ourselves with good company and good food. The saddest event of our Freshman days was the sudden death of one of our num- ber. james Whiting Allen had entered college with slender means and had endeavored to earn an education by thrift and selfdenial. His courage and determination were admirable, but his strength failed him, and on October 25, 1898, we lost a classmate, cheerful, kind, and dear to all. Our Freshman year is fast ebbing to the close. Some of'our friends will leave us and misfortunes may fall upon usg but may we ever be faithful to our motto, 111311 7T6v0g, 1j0'T6pOv IIITKT7, and to dear old Trinity. R. N. W. 38 - -J.f.:.... - M...,+...,...-, J-'-2-ls: WQNQPJLJL1. Glass of mz. FRESHMEN. 2.3.92 NABIE. HAROLD SIMEON BACKUS, . . . PHILIP LOCKWOOD BARTON CL. SJ, I EDMUND JANES CLEVELAND, Jr., SAMUEL WALDEN COOKE, . ROBERT BURTON GOODEN, . EDVVARD GOODRIDGE, Jr., JAMES HENDERSON ,... CHARLES HAYVLEY HILL CL. s.J, GEORGE HERBERT HOLDEN, HARRY' LESLIE HOWE, . . WILLIAM STEXVART HYDE CLA, . JACOB ALEXANDER LAUBENSTEIN fL.S.J, . ANSON THEODORE MCCOOK, . . EDMUND SAWYER MERRIAM, KARL PHILIP MORBA, . ALFRED BURNETT QUAILE, EDGAR MARTIN ROGERS, . OTIS JEVVETT STORY QL. s.J, CHARLES EDXVARD T UKE, . JOHN WHITE WALIQER, ARTHUR HENRY WEED, RICHARD NICKS VVEIBEL, . WILLIAM HARDIN WHEELER, HOWARD RUSSELL WHITE, . 39 RESIDENCE. . Andover, Conn Framingham, Mass . . Hartford . . Stamford, Conn San Buenaventura, Cal . . Exeter, N. H . Somerville, Mass Hiavvatha, Kan . Huntington, N.Y . Tlionipsonville, Conn South Manchester, Conn . Collinsville, Conn . Hartford Hartford . Hartford New York, N.Y . Wfashington, D. C . Chillicothe, O Philadelphia, Pa Cheshire, Conn Claremont, N. H Garnerville, N. Y Little Falls, N. Y . Indianapolis, Ind SPECIAL STUDENTS. NAME. :HERBERT STANLEY BRADFIELD, EDWIN SCHIYDLY CARSON, FRED RAYMOND CLAPP, EDWARD BRVCE GOODRICH, JOHN PIENRY NIAGINNIS ,... THEOD1-HLUs JOHN TVIINTON SYPHAX, FORMER M EMBERS. ANTHONY TOOMER PORTER, jr., . . RESIDENCE. . Buffalo, N. Y. Chestnut Hill, Pa. . Albion, Incl. Claremont, N. H. New Orleans, La Philadelphia, Pa Charleston, S. C. MJAMES XVI-IITING ALLEN, . . Richfield Springs, N.Y CONNECTICUT LEAGUE ART STUDENTS. HTXRRX' FRANCIS' GERNHARDT, . Hartford RALPH RUSSELL SEYMOUR, Hartford 'H' Died October 25, 1398. SUMMARY. Course Course in Course Course - ' L tt - 1 ' A Specml T ui Alas. CSCQECZZTK Scieliice. Leggrs. Students' O 1 Seniors, 24 2 6 32 juniors, 14 2 4 20 Sophomores, 20 4 6 30 Freshmen, 20 4 ... ... 25 Special Students, 23 23 Undergraduates, 130 Graduate Students, 3 Total, 133 40 Secret Fraternities. Q2 .3 I. K. A. Founded 1829. Epsilon Chapter of Delta Psi. Established 1850. Phi Kappa Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi. Established 1877. Alpha Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Established 1879. Beta Beta Chapter of Psi Upsilon. ' Established 1880. Connecticut Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Established 1892. Tau Alpha Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Established 1893. Alpha chi Rho. Founded 1895. 11-1 Che Local 'fraternity of .Ae I.K.A. Us Founded 4-3 1829, HI ffillilv Zollege HCIWQ mQlIlbQl'S. V9 Q29 FREDERIC STANLEY BACON. ALLEN STERLING TILFUS. GODFREY BRINLEY. EDWIN FRANKLIN POWEL. GTIS JEWETT STORY. RICHARD EUGENE PEGK. ARTHUR EUGENE ARVEDSON. ANTHONY TGGNIER PORTER, JR CHARLES HAWLEY HILL. 4-4- 4 - . gm. VQE .wwf -'XM W 'qmzgiq .mxYgM.Nl5.,1.xx X -k w h., - X ' -Fifa ' IB., Q - ' 3 ' ' N , ,. . 2 ,Q . ' . Y 1 W f 'f x ,. . 'I , 141 - g i f 'f::: , 1 w.f3" ', "Wa-...a-:f?'T' ' 4 , A M IOJDIEVI DAGESS F, -- .A-A Fratres Tin llrbe. 255,25 CHARLES E. GRAVES, '5O. CHARLES I. HOADLY, '51. JOHN H. BROCKLESBY, '65. WILLIAM C. BROCKLESBY, '70 ARTHUR K. BROCKLESBY, '70. WILLIAM D. MORGAN, '72. ROBERT G. ERWIN, '74-. 'WILLIABI C. SKINNER, '7G. GEORGE W. BEACH, '80. HERMANN LILIENTHAL, 'SG. ERNEST DEF. BIIEL, '88. I-IEYWARD SCUDDER, '91. GEORGE IV. ELLIS, '94, CHARLES E. TAYLOR, '94:. CHARLES L. BURNI-IAM, '98. ROBERT W. GRAY, '98. 45 OYIDOYGIIOII. .99 .25 President, I-ION. JOHN TURNER WAITQI LL.D. Secretary and T reasurer, CHARLES LUTHER BURNI-IAM. REV. THOMAS GALLAUDET, D.D. CHARLES EM MET GRAVES. NVILLIAM STERLING COGSWELL. JOHN HENRY STEVENS QUICK WILLIAM CLAIBORNE BROCKLESBY. WILLIAM DENISON MORGAN, M.D REV. JOHN HUIVIPHREY BARBOUR. WILLIAM CONVERSE SKINNER. EDNVARD MANSFIELD SCUDDER. 'Deceased REV. ERNEST DEFEMERY MIEL 4-6 l. H. GYGGIIGIQ mQIlIbQl'S. Abbott, C. W., '49 "Abbott, J, P., '49, Adams, G. Z., '39, "Adams, J, R., '49, Allen, E, T., '41, Andrews, C. M., '84, "'Anistaki, I., '37, "Ashe, J, B., '30, "Backus, C. A., '52, Bacon, J, W., '46, Bakewell, J., '59, Barbour, J. H., '73, Barclay, R., '80, Bartlet, H. P., '72, Bayard, W. H., '41, "'Bayley, I. R., '35, Beach, E. S., '83, Beach, G, W., '80, "Belden, N. M., '48, "Benton, M. F., '58, Benton, J. R., '97, "Bond, J., '40, "Bondurant, W. E., '63, Bowman, C. W., '87, Brainard, N. L., '43, "Brander, H. M., '45, "Brandt, L., '49, "Brewer, W. L., '38, Brinley, E. H., '49, Brinley, P., '47, -X' Brocklesby, A. K., '70, Brocklesby, J. H., '65. Brocklesby, W. C., '69 "Browell, T, S., '35, "Buchanan, J., '53, Bull, W, M., '39, Burnham, C, L., '98, "Butler, M, N., '44, "Caldwell, C, E., '82, "Campbell, C, I., '30, Candee, H, S., '93, Carpenter, J, S., '79, Carpenter, I, T., '88, Carpenter, R. H., '81, Chapin, D. D., '56, Chapin, W, Nl., '74, "Chapman, C, R., '47, Clapp, F. '55, Clark, A, M., '77, Clark, E, S., '65, Clarke, R. M., '45, Clemont, P. W., '68, Coggeshall, G. A., '65, Cogswell, G, E., '97, Cogswell, W. S., '61, Collins, W, F., '93, 'Comstoclg J. C., '38, "'Conynghan1, C. M., '59 "Cossit, P. S., '45, 'Cowling R. O., '61, "Curtis, W, E., '43. Daves, G., '57, Davies, XV. G., '60, "DeForrest, G. A., '55, "Delaney, T, J., '40, "Delano, F, R., '65, Deming, W, C., '84, Dewell, P, W., '01, "DeZeng, E., '40, "Dick, J, M., '54, "Dirickson, L, L., '41, "Dorsey, W, H, I., '36, Downes, L, T., '48, "Driggs, T. I., '48, "Dyer, A., '70, Ellis, G, W., '94, Er wi n Erwin , Evans, ,j, B., '76, R. G., '74. S K '95 ., . . '4-7 wliaxon, E., W. C., '78, Foote, I., '42, "Franklin, E. C., '54-. "Gadsden, C. E., '5O. fGZ1dSd6l1,J. A., '50. Gallaudet, B. B., 'S0. Gallaudet, T., '4-2. "'Garduer, H. G., '65. Gowen, F. C., '82, Goddard, F. M., '96, "Gordon, O. K., '58, "Ferrill, Graves, A. C., '91. Graves, C. E., '5O. Graves, D. C., '98. Graves, G., '49, Graves, H. S., '92, Graves, R. S., '94, NGray, I. W., '72. Gray, R. W., '98, "Hale, C. F., '47, Hale, C. S., '62, Hotchkiss, C. E., '82, Hovey, H. E., '66, Hnbl,m1'd, G. A., '94-. Hyde, T. MCE., '00, Ingalls, T., '52. jackson, R. E., '45, "ja1'vis,J. S., '57, flolmson, E. P., '65, Johnson, W, F., '66, 'E-Tones, C. H., '35. Hiellogg, H. L., '3b. Hier, J., 43. Nliing, H, W., '35, 'x'LEl.YI1lJC1't, D., '36, "Lansing, C. A., '66, Leaken, W. R.,'80. "LeRoy, A. N., '42, LeRoy, J., '69. "LeRoy, T. O., '42 Lllicnthal, H., 'S6. Lynch, R. Lcb., '90, Mack, -I. E., '71, Mallory, G. S., '58, Mallory, R. H., '92. "'NIallory, W. H., '60, fi. .X. "GI-Ialsey, A., '37, Marble, F. P., '82, "I-Iamilton, H. C., '51, 'x'Bfl31'Sl12lll, J., '42, Hamilton, I. K., Jr., '91, Mason, A. T., '81, Hardee, C. H., '81. "Harris, T. L., VL1. "Hasell, B. D., '49, "Hasel1, L. C., '50, Hawley, F. M., '61, "'Hazlehurst , G. H., 42. I'I2l.Zl6l111I'Sl2,J. W., '51, Hazlehurst, R., '41, "Henry, I. F., '34, 'XI-Iewlctt, S. H., '74-. Hcydecker, H. R., '86, "I-Ieyward, J. F., '48, Hoadly, C. J., '51. Hollister, J. B., '84, Holly, J. A., 'QL 'fHopson, E. C., '64, Hopson, G. B., '57. Horton, P. A., '68, "'Matthewson, J., '46, McConihe, A., '89. McConil1e, M. S., '92, McCo11ihe, YV., '90. "McIntosl1,,I, H., '51-3. McKean, T. H., '92, McKermzm, J. D., '76, McLemore, M. C., '89 wleech, H. J., '42, Miel, E. DCF., '88, "'M111m-va, A, B., '36, -miller, N., '47, Moffett, G. H., '78, Moore, C. E., '76. Moore, D. S., '64-, Morgan, G. B., '7O. Morgan, W. D., '72, "Morgan, W. F., '35. 05 Morrill, C, A., '67, 'kMoWry, D. S., '67, Nelson, H., '87, Nelson, VV, B., '81, Nicholls, G. H., '39, "Nichols, R, W., '33, Noyes, A. H., '89, Olmsted, W. B., '87, Oln1sted,J, F., '84, "'Overfield, J. L., '55, "Pardee, D. XV., '40, Parks, S. H., '82, Paine, J., '92, Paine, O. T., '96, Paine, R. T., '32, Payne, J, XV., '61, "Peake, C, F., '42, Peck, C, C., '01, Peck, T, M., '80, "'Peck, W. E., '71, "Perkins, L. H., '34, Peters, G. E., '50, Peugnet, L. D., '93, "Phelps, J. S., '82.1 Potter, Louis, '96, Proctor, C. H., '73, Quick, G, A., '94, Quick, J. H., '98, Quick, J. H. S., '58, Quick, W, F., '92, M Richardson, L. W., '73, Richardson, R. D., '71, "Ripley, P., '47, "Robertson, J, A., '5-1-. Rodgers, G. W., '87, Rodgers, R. E, L., '87, "Rogers, R. C., '45. Rowland, E., '57, 'Sargent, G. D., '51, Sawyer, J, L., '50, Scott, E. G., '57, "'Scudder, C. D., '75, Scudder, E, M., '77, "Scudder, H. J., '46, Scudder, H., '91, "Scudder, T., '54, 49 'Sherwood, W. B., '36, M 9+ Scudder, XV , '89, , Sedgwick, XV. R., '84, Shannon, J. W., '87, 'Sherman, H. B., '38, ' Sherman, H, M., '77, Shipman, P. W., '32, Short, W. B., '67, Singletary, G. E. B., '49 Skinner, W. C., '76, Small, E. F., '74, "Smith, C. H., rss. Smith, 1. H., '74, Smyth, J, W., '52. Starr, J., '56, Starr, S., '29, Stedman, R, S., '63, "Stirling, YV, H., '44, "Stone, J, A., '44, Stone, L. H., '87, 'Stoughton, N. C., '38, "Sumner, A. E., '61, Sutton, E, B., '76, Taylor, C, E., '92, "Taylor, F. L., '-l-3. Taylor, H, E., '96, "Taylor, YV. F., '44, "Terry, C, E., '51, Thomas, E, H., '41, Thompson, H. XV., '83, "Todd, C, J., '55, Tolles, W', A., '46, 'Tracey, W. D., '42, "Tracey, J, R., '39, "Tudor, H. B., '50, Turner, J. H., '38, "Van Zandt, C, C., '51, "Van Zandt, XV., '29, "'Varley, C. D., '41, M 'Wainwrigl1t, F, C., '88, Wfainwright, BT., '95, "Wainwright, W. A, NI., 64 "'Wait, J, T., '85, XVarner, L, F., '85, "Warren, E, I., '80, Warren, G. T., '90, XVarren, J. M., '32. 'Warrcn, W. H., '34-. 'XVar1'en, XV. H., '90. "Waring, C. M., '3G. Washburn, L. C., 'S1. i'Way, J. A., '37, "Webb, E. C., '75. "Webb, W. E., '40, Webb, W. XV., 'S2. Welch, L. E., '86, White, J. G., '54, 'Deceasec1. White, R. A., 'Sl. Wiggin, A. H., '6S. Willard, D., '95. 'iWolcott, F. H., iso. ihliolcott, S. G., '4f7. WVo0d, H. S., '71, Woodbury, T. C., '7l. Woodwzlrd, G. A., '55. Woodworth, F. A., '80 Wright, A. E., 'SSL Wright, M. R., '9'l. U32 'fl'dIQl'lIllV Of A5 Delta Psi, get Founded in 18-1-7, Ht Zdllmbid College dlld UIll0Ql'SilV Gf new Y0l'li. ALPHA, D12 rxiux, E1-s1LoN LAMBDA Phi, UPSILON Sion A., TAU, 759.29 - Roll of Zbapters. . Colunibizi College. . University of Pennsylvanizt. . Trinity College. . Williams College. . University of Mississippi. . University of Virginia. . Sheiield Scientific School of Yale University . Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 51 1 I Huh, H I in -g.w In 14-.,g!'1lH :J nu ' ' L-, 'T 4-'I 'rf- . ,'T.'f':'p: ii vu 1 .I JJ v' ,,' Pk T M 'ln' I I . , 'H-P., 'i' P v i! 1 4 X W mf I 4 ' -I I Il 1 I A 4 L. Tal-.HL VII 1 r n ' In I ,M L 1 Il mul dj fx.: I 1 6f' "x -Q1 UN. 'xg W. -. 'ff A4 3 V V , ,.,-1 , k ,lfif1f:jg1:2sss?wQR 1 .- TN- Uvlfflz - ' A: :Lift rzf V: ' Z 1 , 19 g fl.. V. 1 ., l ,V A g.jT'Tf.E:g, w K -.4 .Ir--1-" -JJ Vill- l -..ur . W. I-' . -5- . -.,rfi..'. UR EDSHOII QIDGDIQT. Hctive members. THOMAS MCLEAN. ROBERT HABERSI-IAM COLEMAN. AUBREY DARRELL VIBBERT. WILLIAM HANMER EATON. EDWARD SAVAGE DOBBIN. CRANSTON BRENTON. MONROE GLEASON HAIGI-IT. WILLIAM CAMERON HILL. JOHN KAY CLEMENT. SAMUEL WILLIAM COONS. MARTIN WITHINGTON CLEMENT CHARLES HATHERN WHEELER. JAMES MOSGROVE HUDSON. PHILIP LOCKWOOD BARTON. ALFRED BURNETT QUAILE. JOHN HENRY MAGINNIS. 53 Gfddlldlk mQIllbQl'S of the Allen, E. S.,' 94. Allyn, A. W., '61, Appleton, C. A., '82, Appleton, E. D., '80, Appleton, H. C., '85, Arundel, YV. B. Von H., Atkinson, Al. G., 'G-1-. Austin, YV. M., '98, Baconhl. R., '92, Balch, F. A., '98, Baldwin, F. T., 1000. Barnwell, R. YV., '72, fBarnwell, S. E., '72, Barton, C. C., '69, Barton, C. C., jr., '93, x'Beckwitl1, C. M., '88, Beers, G. E., '86, Benedict, L. LGG., '88, Bibb, W, A., '75, Blackwell, -I., hlr., '66, Bliss, G. H , '64-, Bohlen, D. M., '82, Bowen, A., '63, Brainerd, J. B., '82, Brandegee, bl. E., '74, A'Brandegee, L. C., '77, Breckenridge, A. E., '70, M Breese, H. L., '57, Brigliain, H. H., '76, lBrown, M., '64, 1900. "Buckingham, W. B., '69, Bulkeley, J, C., '93, Bullceley, W. E. A., '90, Burke, E. F., '95, Burr, 'W. H., '78, Butler, W., '58, Cady, I. C., '60, Camnian, E. C., '96, 4Cartcr, C. L., '54, ,sl Q3 54 44. DSll0ll Qlldlml' "'Cenas, B. C., '5G. Chapin, F. XV., '79, Clmpin, W. V., '78, Chapman, T. B., '80, Clicever, sl. D., slr., 'SL Clark, bl. W., '63, 'Clemson, T. G., '56, Cliilord, S. W., '68, Clyde, W. P., '62. Coleman, R. ll., '77, Comfort, B. F., '89, Cookson, F. M., '61, NCOXC, tl. N., '55, Crane, R. M., '55, 'Curt1s, F. R., '80, Curtis, G. M., '80, em-tis, R. H., was. Curtis, W. E., '75, Darrell, A. S., '59, 'WDayton, W. B., '56, Deal, J. A., '72, Dc-Forest, AI, G., '82, DeRossett, A. L., '62, tDeRossett, E, S., '64, Devendorf, G. S., '55. DuBois, G. Nl., '74, DuBois, H. O., '76, Edson, S., '55, Edwards, A. N., '76, Elbert, W, N., '79, Ellis, A. L., '98, Elton, I. P., '88, Elwell, G. E., '70, Finch, E. B., '91, Fisher, T, R., '62, FitzGerald, F., '89, Fordney, T. P., '62, Fuller, J, R., '70, Fuller, S. G., '58, Fuller, S. R., '70, Gardner, C. H., '70. SGibson, B. S., '69. lGGlazier, T. C., '6O. Lewis, E. G., '92. Lewis, J. I., '62. Lewis, J. W., '93. Lewis, S. S., '61, Goldthwaite, A. C., '99. ?Lewis, T. C., '71. Goodspeed, J. H., '66. 'liGoodwin, G. H., '62. Graham, C. M., '5O. Grannis, F. O., '73. Greene, J. H., l91. Haigl1t,F. E., '87. Hall, A. C., '88. Hall, C. L., '92. Hall, F. DeP., '78. Hallett, W. T., '62. Harding, N., '73. Harraden, F. S., '67. Harris, W. R., '58. iHartsl1orne, E. M., '56. Hayden, R. C., '91-3. Hazclhurst, G. A., '79. Henderson, E. F., '82. Hendrie, G. T., '97. Hendrie, S., '87. Hill, G. H., '91. Hflill, W. C., '93. Ieiirehiugs, H. B., '54. lllfloffman, C. F., '51. Hoisington, F. R., '91, Holbrooke, G. O., '69. Holbrooke, S., '67. Hotchin, S. F., '56, Hull, A. S., 'E-36. Ingersoll, G. P., '83. 1'-Iardine, H. D., '68. Jarvis, S. F., jr., 'SEL Jennings, A. B., 'G1. Kane, G., '75. "Kerr, E. L., '55. Mliirby, Al. W., '65. Knobloclc, A. F., '55. 4Lamson, XV., '5G. Lawrence, C. V., '56 .-1. "l,ez1cock,j. H., l5S. Lewis, C. A., '93. 'x'Lewis, li. B., 'G5. W -B? 96 -3+ 94. Lewis, W. H., '65. Lincoln, F. T., '76.' Lincoln, G. W., '75. Macauley, G. T., '9O. Nlacauley, R. H., '95. Mackay, W. R., '67. Nlartindale, H. S., '79. McClory, H., '51. McCullough, D. H., '73. McCook, E. MCP., 'S-JO. NlcCougl1, H. G., "T5. McLean, T., '75. Miller, H., '8O. Miller, P. S., '64-. Miller, S. T., '85. Mines, F. S., '64f. Mines, J. F., '54. Morgan, B. T., '61. Morse, I. F., '66. Murray, A. S., jr., '71. Nlurray, F. W., Yale, '7 Alurray, R., "T3. Nelson, R. H., '80, Nichols, G. G., '67. Norris, E. C., '61. Norris, H., '61-3. Norton, F. L., '68. Nott, R. H., '71, Orton, W. O., '92, Owen, F. 'W., '84-. Padgett, P., '7G. Palmer, C. C., '51. Parker, B., '93. Parker, R. P., '94. Parsons, H., '83, Parsons, I. R., jr., 'S1. Parsons, W. W., '96. Parsons, E., '06, Pattison, G. B., '81. Paxon, H. C., '51. Pearce. j. S., '62. X- :L -M- Pearec, R., '93, Puck, B. D., '96, "Peck, D. L., '62, Perkins, G. E., '81, "Pierce, H. H., '58, "Pincl:ney, F. S., '62, Platt, Cl'lZ1S.,.Il'., '75, Platt, Clayton, '74-, Platt, XV. A., '75, Potter, A, H., '92, Read, H. P., '84-, Roosevelt, F., '83, Russell, F. G., '80, Russell, I, D., '92, Russell, H., '84-. Rutherford, H. V., '76, Schulte, E. D. N., '97, Schulte, H. von W., '97, Scott, H. B., '78, Scudder, A., '97, Sheldon, W. C., jr., '82 "Shreve, NV. I., '83, Sibley, A. S., '92, Sibley, NI, M., '97, Smallwood, S. B., '63, "Smith, H. S., '62, "Smith, I. S., '64, Smith, I. T., '91, Smith, R. H., '69, Smith, YV, G. W., '71, Stark, B., -Ir., '79, Stark, XV. RI., '75, "Stedman, T. W., '74, 'Steele, H. D., '51, Sterling, E. K., '99, Stevens, S., '65, 'Stillwell, R. M., '70, Strawbridge, I., '95, Strong, C. M., '64, "Deceased, Strong. I. R., '82, Sumner, C, A., '56, Swenson, E. P., '75, Swenson, S, A, '31, Talcott, A. B., '90, Taleott, C. H., '91. Thompson, H. R., '87, Thompson, S. C., '72, Tl1orne, N. D., '71, Thorne, R., '85, Totten, C, A. L., '69, Trowbridge, C. C., '92, Trowbridge, S. P, B., '83 "Underhill, G. B., '73, Van Zile, E, S., '84, Vibbert, H. C., '68, Vibbert, W. H., '53, Vibbert. W. W., '94-, Wanzer, C., '66, Waterman, L., '71, Waters, G, S., '87, "Watson, W. C., '63, Watts, E. B., '73, "Weeks, R. D., '93, Welsh, R. F., '95. Whistle1', W. G. MCN., '57 "White, F. VV., '78, Wilcox, F, L., '80, Wilcox, E. P., '80, "'Wildman, T. G., '57, Williams, C. C., '71, Williams, C, G., '80, Wilson, W. C, D., '93, Wilmerding, H., '81, Wiillcley, R, L., '79, Woodin, W. R., '58, Woodrufi E, H., '82, Wright, G. E., '74, Young, A. M., '82, Che l'lAMILTON, . COLUMBIA, . YALE, . . AMHERST, . BRUNONIAN, PIARVARD, . HUDSON, . BOWNDOIN, . DARTMOUTH, PENINSULAR, ROCHESTER, XVILLIAMS, . BTANHATTAN, NIIDDLETOVVN, KENYON, . UNION, . . CORNELL, . PHI KAPPA, JOI-INs HOPIqINs, . NIINNESOTA, TORONTO, . CHICAGO, . M AGILL, . Alpha Delta Phi, Founded in 1832, A HI lidmil as av Roll of Zbapters. Hamilton College, Columbia College, Yale University, . Amherst College, Brown University, Harvard University, . . Western Reserve University, Bowdoin College, . . Dartnioutli College, . University of Michigan, . University of Rochester, . Williams College, . , College of the City of New Wesleyan University, . . Kenyon College, . Union College, . Cornell University, Trinity College, . . . johns Hopkins University, University Of Minnesota, . Toronto University, . University of Chicago, Magill University, . 57 IGI! York Gollege. , . 1832 1836 1837 1837 1837 1837 1841 1841 1845 1846 1850 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1869 1877 1889 1892 1893 1896 1897 ff lf! wr XM Q f 1 lx. I X 1 P151 1 Q'-J eff' s if g xx fffa xxx 00911 X fo, "f Vu 'Q 4 7 ZW: N Q X X f Fhf ! a iii: L? m,9.,fQ . w w ' 925, 'TTY Ari 4155? , f fmw I fwwf 1 H : fi 'ffm It I . Z? :H A L .A 'D .EM s':iL4 .z - ' - 1. 1, 4 ff' I -I' MW' w""' S QL- W - f , Ykgw 'XF 'Nw 1 lw X231 wx- f J r wx l NM! N291 Zh Pbi appa bapt r. .rl J Hctive members. , . 99- CI-IARIQES BAKER IiEDRICK. BRYAN IQILLIKELLY MORSE. ELTON GARIIINER LITTELL. ADRIAN TIOLMES ONDERDONK. ERNEST ALIIERT RICH. IQOO. RODERICK PIARRISON Fox. HASLETT MCKIAI GLAZEBROOK JAMES VVATSON BRAIIIN, jr. DAVID L0UIs SCI-IWARTZ. HARRY ARCIIER LIORNOR. IQOI. YVILLIAM PURNELI. BROXVN. JAMES NIERRYMAN XVALKER. AUGUSTUS ALCOTT WYNIQOOP. IQO2. HIQRIIERT STANLEY BRIIIJFIELII, RICIIARD NICKS NVEIIIEL. 5 9 FRED RAYMOND CLAPP. PIOXVARIJ RUSSELL WIIITE. Trams in llrbe. Hon. EDWARD B. BENNETT, Yal PERCY S. BRYANT, Phi Kappa, CI-IARLEs H. BUNCE, Yale, '6O. e, 'GG. '70 GEORGE F. CADY, Wesleyan, 'G9. FRANK W. CI-IENEY, Brunonian, '54-. GEORGE H. ROBERT DAY, Geneva, '73. E. DAY, Yale, '52, FULLER, M.D., Amherst, '58. GILLETT, Amherst, 'S0. HORIXCE S. ARTHUR R. NIAITLAND GRIGGS, Yale, '96. CHARLES E. GROss, Yale, '69. E. H. LIAMMOND, Wesleyan, l88. PANETT M. PIASTINGS, M.D., Hamilton, '39. EDXVARD B. I'IATCH, Phi Kappa, '86, FREDERICK VAN H. PIUDSON, Dartmouth, '60. Rev. JOHN T. TIUNTINGTON, Phi Kappa, '50, ALVIN P. HIYDE, Yale, A45. EDXVARD P. ICELLEY, Amherst, '9O. SOLON C. ICELLEY, A1Tll161'Sf,,92. L. P. VVALDO MARXVIN, Yale, '92. LEONARD MORSE, Amherst, '71. Rev. THOMAS R. PYNCHON, D.D., W. H. C. PYNCHON, Phi Kappa ROBERT WELLs ROOT, Williams, ROBERT H. SCHHTZ, Phi Kappa, '89. Hon. NATHANIEI. SI-IIPMAN, Yale, 48. Hon. GEORGE G. SILL, Yale, '52, Rev. CHARLES C. STEARNS, Yale, '72. '9S. LL.D., Phi K , '90. Is-Ie. C. M. STEARNS, johns Hopkins, Rev. SAMUEL M. STILES, Middletown, 'GO. SAMUEL B. ST. JOHN, M.D., Yale, '66. MELANCTHON STORRs, M.D., Yale, '52. I HENRY E. TAINTOR, Yale, '65. DAVID VAN SCI-IAACK, Phi Kappa, '91. Prof. WILLIsTON XVALKER, Amherst, '83. G0 appa, '41 Graduate members of the Phi Kappa banter Allen, H. VV., '97, Almy, S., '92, Andrews, R., '53, Applegate, O., Jr., '87, Armstrong, D. M., '58 Barber, W. 'W., '88, Barto, R. V., '82, Beecroft, E, C., '97, Bollinger, E. B., '72, Bixby, R. F., '70, Blackmer, 'W. C., '78, Boardman, W. H., '85 Boardman, W. J., '54, Booth, T. R., '52, Bowie, C. L., '93, Bowman, J. P., '53. Brainard, E. W., '42, Brainard,j., '51, Brainard, J, M., '84, Briscoe, J., Jr., '95, Brownell, H. B., '88, Bryan, XV., '75, Bryant, P. S , '70, Bulkeley, C, E., '56, Buxton, J. B., '72, Buxton, J. C., '73, Cameron, J. I. H., '79, Cameron, L., '86, Capron, A., '4-5. Cary, H. A., '93, Carter, B. M., '82, Carter, C. H., '82, Carter, G. C., '87, Carter, -I. R., '83. Carter, J, S., '98, Carter, L. A., '93, Carter, S., '94, Chase, F., '52. Cheritree, T, L., '90, Cheshire, J. B., jr., '69, Q5 29 G1 as Chipman, G. C., '45, 'Chip111an, G. S., '78, Chrystie, T. M. L., '65 Church, S. P., '41, 'xCl'1Lll'Cl'IlT1El,1'l, C., '93, Churchman, E. G., '95, Clark, A. F., '75, Codman, A., '85, Coe, G.-I., '74-. Coit, C. W., '82. Coleman, G. P., '90, "Conklin, H. H., '38, Cook, P., '98, Cooke, G. L., '70, Cooke, O. D., '44-. Cowl, M. L., '83, M Crane, T., '41-5. Crocker, H. D., '84-. "Crosby, D. G., '51, Cullen, J., jr., '93. Curtiss, H. C., '81, Davenport, J. S., '98, "Dickinson, E. L., '93, Dingwall, E. A., '92, Dingwall, H. R., '95, Drane, H. M., '52, Dyett, W. F., '96, Elliott, J. H., '72. Fisher, R., '56, Flagg, E. O., '48, Flzigg, I. B., '4-6. "Flower, S., '45, Foot, E. H., '78, "Foote, C. E., '76, Freeland, C. W., '81, "Fuller, F. B., '92, 'Geer, G. -I., '42, Gilmore, A, P., '74, Goodwin, bl., '86, Goodwin, W. B., '88, J. "Gooclwyn, XV. S., '38, Gordon, T. H., '71, Graham, H. C., '61, Graham, J., '72, Grinnell, H., '97, Griswold, B. H., '66, Hager, W, C., '79, Hall, G. R., '42, Hamlin, A. C., '87, Hamlin, E. P., '95, Hamlin, G. N., '91, Harding, A., '79, Hatch, E, B., '86, Hays, J, MCC., '86, Hays, W. W., '58, I-lazelhurst, G. B., '77, 'Hcatl1, J, F., '39, Henshaw, C. H., '53, Heister, I., '76, "Hills, G, M., '47, Hills, J. D., '78, Hills, G, H., '84, Hills, R., '84, Holcomb, B. T., '59, Holley, W, W., '61, "Hood, J. L., '46, Hooker, S. D., '77, Hooper, G. G., '66, Howell, G. D., '82, "Hubbell, J. H., '56, "'Humpl'1rey, G. F., '85, Hunter, C., '78, Huntington, G. S., '81, "Huntington, H. K., '67 Huntington, J, T., '50, Huntington, J, W., '83, Huntington, R. VV., '64, Huntington, H., '84, Huske, J., '77, Hutchins, R. H., '90, Ide, H, G., '94, Ingersoll, C. M., '39, "Ives, A. M., '56, "Jacobs, E, C., '55, "James, C., '61, Jarvis, R. W, H., '48, "Jewett, I", A., '37, "'lienncdy, F., '68, lierner, ll. S., '99, Kidder, lfl., '92, "'Kirtland, J., '70, 'Kneelaud, G., '80, Kurtz, C, M., '83, Kurtz, J, E., '77, Lampson, E, R., Jr., Langford, A. M., '97 Langford, W. S., Jr., Leaver, H. K., '89, Littell,J, S., '90, Littcll, S. H., '95, 1 '91 '96 Lockwood, L. Y., '93, Lyman, A, J., '78, McCann, J. M., '95, Maddox, W. T., '59, "'Mallett, W . P., '40, Middlebrook, L N., '48, Moore, J. A., '97, Mock, L. C., '48, Morgan, W, F., '88, Morrison, P. B., '94, "'Morss,J. R., '47, Newton, E. P., '81, "Norton, G, H., '75, ' Olnistead, H., '42, Page,J. H,,Jr., '97, Palmer, N., '45, Peabody, F. B., '45, Perry, J, B., '72, 'ePerry1nan, E, G., '55 "Peters, W, C., '48, 'tPitts, C. H., '65, Plu1nlJ,J, F., '91, Plumer, L. M., '74, Plumer, S., Jr., '97, Porter, T, A., '76, Potts, F. 1-I., 'es Prescott, O. S., '44, Preston, J, A., '55, Putnam, W. T., '88, Pynchon, T, R., '41, Pynchon, W. H. C., '90, +Randall, E. D., '92, Reynolds, L. G., '98. Richardson, F. W., 'SAL 'fSartwelle, W. D., '75. Schiitz, R. H., 'S9. Schiitz, W. S., '94-. Sennett, L. F., '89 Sistare, C. G., '47, i'Sn1ith, P., '90, Smyth, D., '74f. Snow, A. H., '79, Snyder, E., '72. Starr, R. S., '97. Stiinson, L. B., ULS. Stewart, G. T., '78. Stewart, W. J. S., '88 Stone, M., '80, WStone, S., '80, WStor1n, C., '39. Sullivan, F. R., '6G. Thurman, A. VV., 'G7. A Deceased. Tracy, E., '55, Twitchell, D. B., Yale, '98 'GVanderpoel, A. IMI., '89. Van Schaack, D., '91, Wadsworth, L. F., '44-. Warner, A. J., VL2. Vlfarner, D. T., '72. Warner, M. C., '88. VVashburn, P. C., '96. Watson, S. N., 'S2. VVesley, P. R., '94, Whaley, P. I-I., '74. Wheaton, C., '49. Whitlock, H. R., '70. 'tWilliams, E. W., '53. "'Williams, J. H., '54-. Wilson, G. H., '93. Woodrui F. D., 'SI-3. ftYale, H. A., '46. U12 'fl'dIQl'lliIV GT PIII, . THETA, XI, . SIGMA, GAMMA, Psi, . UI'sII.oN, CIII, . BETA, . IIZTA, . KAPPA, LAMBDA, PI, . IoTA, . . ALPHA ALPHA OMICRON, . EIfs1LoN, Ruo, . TAU, . MU, . Nu, . BETA PHI, . PHI CHI, . Psi PHI, . GAMMA PIII, Psi OMEGA, BETA CI-II, . DELTA CHI, DELTA DELTA, PHI GAMMA, GAMMA BETA, THETA ZETA, ALPHA CHI, PHI EPSILON, SIGMA TAU, ALPHA PHI, TAU LAMBDA, at Delta Kappa Epsilon, at HI YGIQ UlliVQl'SiW. vb! I2-C Roll of Qbapters. Yale University, . Bowdoin College, Colby University, , Amherst College, . . Vanderbilt University, . University Oi'AlZ1l32ll'1lZ1, . . Brown University, . . . University of Mississippi, . . University of North Carolina, . . University of Virginia, . . Miami University, . . Kenyon College, . . Dartmouth College, . . Central University, . . Middlebury College, . . University of Michigan, . . Williams College, . . Lafayette College, . Hamilton College, . . Colgate University ,... . College ofthe City of New York, University of Rochester, . . Rutgers College, . . . De Pauvv University, . . . . Wesleyan University, . . . Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, . . Adelbert College, . Cornell University, . University of Chicago, . Syracuse University, . . Columbia College, .L University of California, . . Trinity College, .... , . University of Minnesota, . . Massacliusetts Institute of Technology, . University of Toronto ,.... . Tulane University, 64 1814 1844 1815 1846 1889 1817 1850 1850 1851 1852 1852 1852 1853 1853 1854 1855 1855 1855 1856 1856 1856 1856 1861 1866 1867 1867 1868 1870 1870 1881 1874 1876 1879 1889 1890 1898 1898 uw T yu Iv X 5 'L M f ' QXQ1 L8 -T llll 1 Che Hlpba Zhi Qbapter 53. REUEL ALLAN BENSON. THOMAS PROSSOR EROWNE, JR. LUTHER HAROLD BURT. NATHANIEL JULIUS CABLE. THEODORE GRAFTON CASE. JOHN DAULBY EVANS. HENRY TOWNES FORRESTER. FRANK I-IALSEQY FOSS. WILLIAM JOHN MCNEIL. CHARLES HENRY STRONG. SIMON LEWIS TOMLINSON. ARTHUR HENRY WEED. WILLIAM PARKER WHARTON. REOINALD NORTON WILLCOX. HUGH DEMPSTER WILSON, JR. 65 Che Connecticut Hlumni Hsseciation of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. .al ,al Officers. President-Col. jlxcou L. GREENE, Michigan, '61, Secretary and TTGHSLIFCI'-CI'IARLES P, COOLEY, Yale, '91, members. The four hundred Alumni of the Fraternity in the State of Connecticut. 'Fratres in llrbe. Alden, H. W., M. I. T., '93, Ayres, W. A., Yale, '64, Bacon, Dr. W. T., Yale, '68, Baldwin, H. S., M. I. T., '96, Beardsley, E, R., Yale, '79, Booth, T. B., M. I. T., '95. Bull, C. W., Yale, '63. Calkins, F. H., C. C. N. Y., '80, Camp, Al. S., Wesleyan, '78. Case, Hon. W. C., Yale, '57, Clark, C. H., Yale, '71, Collins, A., Yale, '73. Conant, G. A., Amherst, '78, Cone, J. B., Yale, '57. Cooley, C. P., Yale, '91. Cooley, F. R., Yale, '86, Day, A. P., Yale, '9O. Davis, F. W., Yale, '77. Forrest, C. R., Yale, '65, Freeman, H. B., Yale, '62, Freeman, H. B., Jr., Yale, '92, Graves, -I. A., Yale, '72, f Deceased. Greene, I. L., Michigan, '61, Howe, D. R., Yale, '74A. Hyde, F. E., Yale, '79. Hyde, W. W., Yale, '76, Ingalls, Dr. P. H., Bowdoin, '77, 'eLeacl1, J. A., Wesleyan, '93, Matson, W. L., Yale, '62. Parker, Rev. E. P., Bowdoin, '56. Pattison, Rev. Harold, Rochester, Porter, J. A., Yale, '78, Pratt, W. W., Adelbert, '85, Prentice, Hon. S. O., Yale, '73, Robbins, E. D., Yale, '74, Ryce, L, C., Yale, '86, Starr, Dr. P. S., Yale, '60, St. john, W, H., Yale, '91. Taylor, J. M., Williams, '67, Tucker, J. D., Yale, '61, Way, C. L., Yale, '85 Welch, A. A., Yale, '82, Williams, Rev. H. D., Ainlierst, '91. 66 '92 Graduate members of the Anderson, Alexander Hopkins, '87, Barrows, john Chester, '80, Barrows, William Stanley, '8-L. Bartholomew, Dana Wightman, '97, Baxter, Irving Knott, Ex '99, Bates, Robert Peck, '93, Benton, William Lane Hall, '89, "Bidwell, Lawson Brewer, '80, "Bidwell, Walter Davison, '81, Birdsall, Paul, '86, "Bishop, Nelson Howard, '92, Black, Harry Campbell, '80, Bowie, VVilliam, '93, Brewer, Seabury Doane, '82, Brooks, Roelif Hasbrouck, Ex 1900, Burchard, John Dixon, Ex 1900. Brown, George Israel, '88, Burnham, john Bird, '91, Burton, Richard Eugene, '83, Cartwright, Morgan Rouse, '98, Chapman, Thomas Bion, '83, Cole, Marc Wheeler, '97, 'tCook, Charles Smith, '81, Coster, Martyn Kerfoot, '87, Coster, William Hooper, '91, Coster, Charles Calvert, '97, Cowles, Arthur Woodruff, '81, Crabtree, Albert, '92, Danker, Walton Stoutenburg, '97. "'Dauchey, Nathan Follin, '85, Davis, Cameronjosiah, '94, Deuel, Charles Ephraim, '87, Eastman, Roger Charles, '88, Fleming, David Law, '80, French, George Herbert, '92, "Goodrich, William Sloo, '82, Graff, Henry Addison, '8G. Grint, Alfred Poole, '81, Griswold, Clifford Standish, '90, Hall, Gordon, '92, Hamilton, Charles Anderson, '82, Hammond, Otis Grant, '92, Holden, Seaver Milton, '82, Hopkins, Louis Albert, '97, Horne, Charles Albert, '93, Hubbard, William Stimpson, '88, Humphries, Harry Richard, '94. "Deceased, .5079 G7 Hlpha Zhi Zbapter. Jewett, David Baldwin, EX 1900. johnson, Charles Amos, '92, johnson, Edwin Comstock, 2d, '88 johnson, Frederick Foote, '94, Leaf, Edward Bowman, '85, Lecour, Joseph Henry, '98, Leonard, Loyal Lovejoy, '96, Linsley, Arthur Beach, '82, Loomis, Hiram Benjamin, '85, Lord. James Vlfatson, '98, Loveridge, Henry Clarence, '80, Lund, Frederick Albert, Ex '99, Mead, Ralph Cutler, Ex '99, Mitchell, Samuel Smith, '85, McCulloch, William Hugh, '91, Olcott, 'William Tyler, '96, Pedersen, Victor Cox, '91, Penrose, john jesse, Ir., '95, Plimpton, Howard Daniel, '97, Purdy, Charles Edward, '88, Ramsdell, julian Elroy, '92, Reese, VVard Winters, '95, Reiland, Carl George, '97, Reineman, Adolph William, '81, Reineman, Robert Theodore, '83, Remington, Charles Hazard, '89, Rogers, Wellington james, '80, Smart, john Harrow, '95, Q lSmith, joseph Sewall, jr., '94, tSmith, Oliver Alcott, '94 Stockton, Elias Boudinot, '91, Stoddard, Solomon, '94, Strong, Albert VVillian1, '94, Stuart, Albert Rhett, Jr., '88, Stuart, William Clarkson, '88. Thurston, Theodore Payne, '91, NValker, William Dundas, '82, Waters, Charles Thomas, '87, Weed, Charles Frederick, '94, 'Wheeler, Francis Melville, '83, XVildman, 'Walter Beardslee, '98, Williams, Francis Goodwin, '89, XV right, Arthur Henry, '83, Wright, Boardman, '89, - YVright, George Herman, '91, Wright, William George, '91, lYright, Frederick Amaziah, '94-. the 'fraternity of PI IOTA, . ALPHA CHI, . CIII, . . TAU ALPHA, . Nu DEUTERON, . THETA Psr, . . KAPPA NU, . OMEGA, . UPsII.oN, . NU EPsILoN, . BETA, . . . SIGMA DEUTERON, BETA CHI, . . XI, . . . DELTA, PI, . . ALPHA, . GAMMA PHI, . BETA MU, . . OMICRON, . . ZETA DEUTERON, DELTA DEUTERON, BETA DEUTERON, Ruo CHI, . . EPSILON, . . OMICRON DEUTERoN,. RHO DEUTERoN,. THETA DEUTERON, SIGMA, . . . LAMBDA DEUTERON MU, . . . MU SIGMA, . ZETA, . . LAMBDA, . PSI, . . . TAU, . . . ALPHA DEUTERON, GAMMA DEUTERON, KAPPA TAU, . PI DEUTERON, . ZETA PHI, . . DELTA XI, . . LAMBDA SIGMA, . CHI IOTA, . . PI DELTA, . Phi Gamma Delta, Founded in 18-1-S, Ht wdSl?illgI0ll dlld 'jQffQl'S0lI .92 .al Roll of Chapters WorcesteI' Polytechnic Institute, . Amherst College, .... Union College, .... Trinity College, . Yale University, . . Colgate University, . . . Cornell University, . . . Columbia College, .... College ofthe City of New York, . New York University, . . . University of Pennsylvania, . Lafayette College, . . Lehigh University, . . Pennsylvania College, . Bucknell University, . . . Allegheny College, 1 . . . Washington and Jefferson College, . Pennsylvania State College, . . johns-Hopkins University, . University of Virginia, . . . Washington and Lee College, . . Hampden-Sidney College, . Roanoke College, . . Richmond College, . . University of North Carolina, . Ohio State University, . . Wooster University, . . . Ohio Wesleyan University, . Wittenberg College, . . Denison University, . . . University of Wisconsin, . . University of Minnesota, . . Indiana University, . . . De Pauvv University, . . . Wabash College, . . . . Hanover College, . . . . Illinois Wesleyan University, . Knox College, . . . . University of Tennessee, . Kansas University, . . William Jewell College, . University of California, . Leland Stanford University, . University of Illinois, . . . University of Nebraska, . 68 Zollege. 1891 1893 1893 1893 1875 1888 1888 1866 1865 1892 1882 1888 1886 1858 1882 1860 1848 1888 1891 1859 1868 1870 1866 1890 1851 1878 1882 1868 1884 1885 1892 1890 1871 1856 1866 1864 1866 1866 1890 1881 1886 1881 1891 1897 1898 ,5 'x 2 TA X, Cl an un n' X 9' 4- Q, .""vV' fwvhu ,. 1' L- 7 737' Y. rg ff-x N -, , v f ,Q fa' Q - 4: 1: 25" '-,'E -, 5' ip ,4,ivn'f ,q'K5, : 1' 1' 1 s ..1 - 'V X U Nw' . n Ax X . . w V: 1 A ' , ,- I M 'l l ff' of 23' . r 'I' " k A .M -if I' Q -,Er , ' 145 x ,nf 4 . . I 1 g 4, -, 1 -. x , 1 . , W' ,W -3 , - ,-a v' 5 " ,I BA 'Lv' , 'J' . .AL gvg -X . rn." ' , 1 xv 171922141 Mila.. fm-" T . . ln. I' N ' n ' . L 151.17-"..' 5. -, . . ya- ,HT A , Ji- .gf ' Qu' " inf- a v Q - ef ,.ll 1 . , ,.,' ,. , -4 -lf, . lf. fr' ' iiliiil' f 'fri 1- Cdl! Hlplid DGDIQIZ dal Hctive members. CLARENCE ALEXANDER SMITH. I'IAROLD SIMEON BACKUS. J 99- RAYMOND SANFORD YEOMANS. 1902. JACOB ALEXANDER LAUBENSTEIN. Graduate members of tau Hlpha Zbapter. CHARLES JUDD, '93, WILLIAM EUGENE CONKLIN, '93. MADISON BROWN BORDLEY, '95, FRANK RAYMOND YOUNG, '95, ARTHUR FLETCHER lVlILLER, '95. GEORGE FRANCIS LANGDON, '96. JOSEPH .HENRY BUELL, '96, WILLIABI CURTIS WHITE, '97 . JOSEPH DEVINE FLYNN, '97. PERCIVAL SARGENT SMITHE, '98. NORMAN MILO LOOMIS, Ex '98. CHARLES ANDREW MONAGHAN, '93. LOUIS ISAAC BELDEN, '94, SAMUEL WILKINSON MAGUIRE, '95. ALFRED PIALLET YVEDGE, '95. A CHARLES HUBBELL STREET, '96. JAMES YVALTER GUNNING, '96. LEROY KILBOURN HAO ENOW, '96. PERCIVAL MATSON WOOD, '97. SANFORD IRVING BENTON, '97. ALBERT DUIIIOND MERWIN, Ex '98. CLIFFORD KNOX WOOD, Ex 1900. Fratres in llrbe. R. J. Clapp, Pi Iota, '93. Dr. Arthur B. Kellogg, Nu Epsilon, '90 Samuel S. Hotchkiss, Nu Deuteron, '92, Kenneth E. Kellogg, Omega, '93. William E. Conklin, Tau Alpha, '93, James W. Gunning, Tau Alpha, '96. Joseph D. Flynn, Tau Alpha, '97, 69 Che fraternity of THETA, DELTA, BETA, SIGMA, GAMMA, ZETA, Q LAMBDA, KAPPA, PSI, XI, UPsu.oN, . IOTA, Pr-11, PI, CH1, BETA BE ETA, TAU, MU. Rilo, OMEGA, TA , Psi Upsilo nf Founded in 1 N33, -3 .3 Roll of Qbapter 70 Ht Ul1iOIl College. S. Union College. New York University. Yale University. Brown University. Amherst College. Dartniouth College. Columbia College. Bowdoin College. I-Izunilton College. Wesleyan University. University of Rochester. Kenyon College. University of Michigan. Syracuse University. Cornell University. Trinity College. Lehigh University. University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota. University of Wisconsin. University of Chicago. UR Beta HQIG -QDGDIQI' 15.29 Hctivc members. ROBERT BAYARD BELLAMY. SAMUEL WALDEN COOKE. DONALD SKELDING CORSON. JOHN HENRY KELSO DAVIS. REGINALD EISKE. HARRY DANIEL GREEN. EDWARD BRUCE GOODRICH. EDWARD GOODRIDGE, JR. FREDERICK CLARK INGALLS. WOOLSEY MCALPINE JOHNSON. GEORGE TALLMAN KENDAL. ANSON THEODORE MCCOOK. JOHN GILBERT MCILVAINE. EDMUND SAWYER MERRIAM. JOHN WILLIAMS NICHOLS. WILLIAM MORSE NICHOLS. HAROLD HUNTINGTON RUDD. MCWALTER BERNARD EDWARD SUTTON EDWIN PEMBERTON TAYLOR, IR ARTHUR REGINALD VAN DE WATER FRANCIS ELY WATERMAN. . WILLIAM HARDIN WHEELER. ALLAN SI-IELDON WVOODLE. 72 2 1 ya 'W 5f5TfI ?fifIf1E1: 525235 1 255535 CUUO ,UQ X XX ,ws hrfka , .Hhzlrz fl'dIl'QS ill UYDQ. .al 3 james P. Andrews, Beta, '77, Rt, Rev. Chauncey B. Brewster, Beta, '68, john H, Buck, Beta, '91, Hon. john R. Buck, Xi, '62, Clarendon C. Bulkely, Beta Beta, '75, Philip D, Bunce, M.D., Beta, '88, E, W, Capen, Gamma, '94, William S. Case, Beta, '85, Albert St, Clair Cook, Beta, '89, G, Pierrepont Davis, M, D., Beta, '66, john C, Day, Beta, '57, Leonard A. Ellis, Beta Beta, '98, Chas. E. Fellowes, Beta, '56, Rev. Prof. Henry Ferguson, Beta Beta, '68, Samuel Ferguson, Beta Beta, '96, George H. Gilman, Beta, '90, T, Welles Goodridge, Beta Beta, '92, Wilbur F. Gordy, Xi, '70, Hon, Wm, Hamersley, LL. D., Beta Beta, '58, Rev. Prof, Sam'l Hart,D. D., Beta Beta, '66, Hon. Joseph R. Hawley, LL.D,, Psi, '47, R. W, Huntington, Beta, '89, Prof Charles F. johnson, Beta, '55, Frank E, Johnson, Beta Beta, '84, Rev. C, M. Lamson, D.D., Gamma, '64, George S. McCook, Beta Beta, '97, Protl A. R, Merriam, Beta, '77, 73 Charles Shiras Morris, Beta Beta, '96, John J. Nairn, Beta, '80, Francis Parsons, Beta, '93, Arthur Perkins, Beta, '87, Edward L. Pollock, Beta, '84-, Rev, Wm, A. Richard, Xi, '84-, Henry Roberts, Beta, '77, Hon. Henry C. Robinson, LL. D., Beta, '53 Henry S. Robinson, Beta, '89, john T. Robinson, Beta, '93, Lucius F. Robinson, Beta, '85, E. F. Sanderson, Gamma, '96, George H, Seyms, Beta Beta, '72, Henry P. Schaufller, Gamma, '93, Forrest Shepherd, Beta, '92, Arthur L. Shipman, Beta, '86, Hon. joseph Sprague, Alpha, '51, Lewis E, Stanton, Beta, '55, james U. Taintor, Beta, '66, Franklin H, Taylor, Pi, '84, james R. Turnbull, Beta, '92, Rev, joseph H, Twichell, Beta, '59, Chas, Dudley Warner, L. H. D., Psi, '51, Edgar F. lzVaterman, Beta Beta, '98. Lewis S, Welch, Beta, '89, Charles G, Woodward, Beta Beta, '98, P. Henry Woodward, Beta, '55, GYGCIIIGIQ mQlIIbQl'S of the BUG BUG DGDIQI' "Alexander, H. W., '57 Backus, B. E., '70, Bailey, M, K., '79, Baldwin, L. B., '6O. Barbour, H. M., '70, Barbour, H. G., '96, Beardsley, VV. A., '87, "Beaupillier, A, L., '56, "Beckwith, I. W., '52, 'Benedict S., '47, Benjamin, W. H., '57, "'Betts, J. H., '44, Birckheacl, J. B., '94, NBirckl1ead, W. H., '61 "Bishop, H., '61, Blair, W. R., '75, Bolles, E. C., '55, "Bostwick, H. P., '46, "'Bostwick, NV. L., '51. Bowdish, J. T., '73, Bowles,-I. H., '60.- Boylston, C. XV., '7S. Brady, R. MCC., '90, Bredin, YV. S., '80, Brevoort, E. R., '68, 'fBrewer, A. L., '53, "Bridge, J., '47, Brinley, G. M., '88. Bronson, NI., '52, Broughton,C. DuB., '95. "Brown, T. M., '5O. Brown, E., '83. Brundage, R. B., '7S. Buiiington, J., '75, Buflington, O., '79, Bulkeley, E. B., '90, Bulkley, C. C., '75, Bulkley, W. H., '73, .Hd 74 Bu11,F.s.,'91. Bull, w.A.,'sm1. NBull, A. B., '59, Burgwin, G. C., '72, Burgwin,J. H, K., '77, Burgwin, A. P., '32, Burke, E. N., '76, Burrage, F. S., '95, "Cady, D. K., '55, Cammann, D. M., '72. Campbell, R. M., '78, Carpenter, C., '82, Carpenter, S. B., '73. Carter, H. S., '69, Chase, H. R., '72. Child, C. G., '86, Child, E, N., Jr., '85, "Clark, GJ, '70, "Clerc, C. M., '45, Clerc, F. J., '43, Coggeshall, M. I-I., '96, Coleman, C. S., '82, 'Collins, J. B. J., '74, "Colt, W. U., '44, Cotton, D. P., '71, Cotton, H. E., '74. Craik, C. E., '74, Crawford, J. YV. R., '38 "Crosby, W. L., '80, CL1171177iI7S, A. G., '51, Cunningham, J. R., '85 "Dashiell, E. F., '46, 'Dayton M. B., '63, "Dewey, D, P., '64, Dickerson, E. N. , Jr., '74 Dockray, E. L., '83, Douglas, G. W., '71, Douglas, A. E., '89, "Douglass, M., '46, Downes, L. W., '88, Drayton, XV., '71, Drumm, T. J., '74, NDu Bois, J. C., '53, "Easton, G. C., '51, Edgerton, F. C., '94, Edgerton, J. W., '94, Edmunds, C, C., Jr., '77, Ellis, L. A., '98, Elmer, W. T., '81, Elwyn, T, L., '92, 'Ely, J, F., '64, Emery, R., '51, Emery, W, S., '81, Everest, C. S., '71, Ferguson, E. M., '59, Ferguson, H., '68, "Ferguson, J. D., '51, "Ferguson, S., '57, Ferguson, YV., '63, Ferguson, W., Jr., '93, Ferguson, S., '96, Fiske, D. W., '00, Fiske, G. MCC., '70, "Flower, Samuel, '45, Fogg, T. B., '52, Fowler, F. H., '61, French, G. A., '89, French, L., '58, Frye, P. H., '89, Gage, A. K., '96, Gage, YV. H., '96, Gallaudet, E. M., '56, Gardiner, E, R., '56, George, J. F., '77, George, J. H., '72, George, T. M, N., '80, Giesy, S. H., '85, "Gilman, G. S., '47, Golden, H. L., '83, "Goodrich, A. B., '52, Goodrich, J, B., '66, Goodridge, E., '60, "Goodriclge, F., '57, Goodridge, T. W., '92, Gould, C. Z., '82, MGreene, F. H., '82, Greene, G., '83, "Green, V., '6 O. Greenley, H. T., '94, Gregory, H lI'. . if., 56 Gwinn, F, W., '72, "Hall, s., '54, Hamersle y, W., '58, 'Harri1nan, F, D., '4-5. Harriman, F. W., '72, 'fHart, G., '70, Hart, S., '66, Hartley, G. Hayden, C. D., '93, C., '66, "'Hermann, S., '57, "Hewitt, S. G., '77, Hickox, G. A., '51, Hicks, G. C., '56, Hicks, J. lX1I., '54, fHicks, W. C., '11-S. Hicks, WV. C., Jr., '91, Hicks, DeF., '96, "Hitchcock, YV. A., '54-. Hitchcock, W. H., '84-. "Hoff, H., '82, Holway, O., '80, Hubbard, E. K., Jr., '92 Hubbard, L. DeK., '93 Hudson, R., '71, "Hugg, G. W., '62, Hurd, A. D., '77, "'Hurd, J. D., '74, Husband, C. H., '89, Hyde, E. hi Hyde, F, B. ., '73, , '98, "Isbell, C. M., '63, 'Jackson, A., "Jackson, W. Johnson, E. Johnson, F. Johnson, G. RJohnson, S. Johnson, F. Johnson, W Jones, C. W '60, A., 'sa '59, D., 154, W.,'s1. , '94-, . MCA., '98, ., 'sr jones, E. P., jr., '77 jones, W. N., '88, "Kelley, -I., '44-, Kempe, E, A., '81, Kennett, L. M., '70, Kissam, E, V, B., '69, Kittredge, A, S., '57, Kloppenburg, H. lV., '58, "Knickerbacker, D. B., '53, Kramer, F. F., '89, "'KrumlJhaar, XV, B., '55, Lampher, L. A., '80, Leflingwell, C. S., '54 Lefiingwell, E, DeK., Lewis, G. F., '77, Lindsley, C. A., '49, Lobdell, F. D., '85, "Long, W., '43, Loveridge, D. E., '50, "Luther, R. M., '90, Mackay-Smith, A., '72 "Macklin, R. B., '58, Magill, G, E., '84, Marshall, M, M., '63, Mather, W, G., '77, "McConihe, S., '56, McCook, P. -I., '95, McCook, G. S., '97, '2. McCrackan,J. H., 8 McCrackan, W. D., '85, Mclvor, N. W., '82, Mears, J. E., '58, Morris, F., '64, Morris, B. W.,jr., '93 "Morris, I. H., '45, Morris, C. S., '96. Mowe, YV. R., '70, "Neely, A. D., '85. Neely, H. R., '84, Nichols, W, F., '70, Niles, W, W., '57, Niles, E, C., '87, Niles, W, P., '93, Oberly, H, H., '65. Olmsted, C. T., '65, "Olmsted, H. K., '46, Owen, H. C., '99, "Paddock, B, H., '4-S, 'Paddoclg J, A., '45, Paddock, L. S., '50, Paddock, L. H., '88, Paddock, R, L., '94, Paris, I.,-Ir., '76, Parker, C. P., '73, Parrish, H., '91, Pattison, A. E., '80, Pelton, H, H., '93, Penield, W, D., '62, 5Pettitt, W. F., '46, Phillips, C. W., '71, "Polk, A. H., '53, "Pond, C, M., '58, Potwine, YV. E., '79, Pressey, E. A., '92, Pressey, W., '90, "Preston, T, S., '43, Purdy, E. L., '84, "Purdy, S., '4-9. Raftery, O, H., '73, Rernsen, H, R., '98, Rinehart, E. I., '76, Roberts, B, C., '95, "Roberts, W. I., '75, Robinson, E, W., '96 Rogers, L, W., '91, Rogers, W. E., '77, "Rudder, W., '48, Saltus, R, S., '92, Saltus, L., '87, Sargeant, G, W., '90 Scarborough, J., '54-. Scott, E. N., '89, "Scott, J, T., '91, scoff, W, G., '88, Sexton, T, B., '60, Seymour, C, H., '52, Seyms, G. H., '72, Shaw, I. P. C., '71, Sherman, S., '50, Short, W. S., '83, Shreve, B, F. H., '78 Smith, C, B., '54, I "Spencer, WV. G., '53, Stanley, G.4M., '68. Stanley, J. D., '77, Stedman, T. L., '74, "Steele, O. R., '53. "Sterling, J. C., '44, Stocking, C. H. W., '60, Stoddard, E. V., '60, Stoddard, J., '71. Storrs, L. K., '63, Stotsenbe1'g,J. H., '5O. Stout, J. K., '70, "Studley, W, H., '5O. Sullivan, E. T., '89, Syle, H. W., '67. Syle, L. D., '79, Taylor, E. B., '73, Taylor, J, P., '43. Tibbitts, W. B., '61, Tibbitts, C, H., Jr., '87 Tingley, G. C., '52. Travers, E, S., '98, Wfremaiiie, C. H. B., '66, "fTruby, J. M., '79, Tullidge, E, K., '76, Tuttle, R. G., '89, "Tuttle, R. H., '46, Upson, A, I., '88, Valentine, W. A., '72, f'Van Nostrand, C. A., '71 iVincent, S., '58, Wakefield, J. B., '46, Warner, B. E., '76, "Warren, S. B., '59, Waterman, E. F., '98, Webb, W. R., '78, Webster, L., '80, 9'Webster, VV. H., '61, "Welles, H. T., '43, Welles, L. H., '64, 'vVhitcome, F. B., '87, Whitney, H. E., '74, Williams, J., '90, Wilson, C. T., '77, "'Wilson, D. B., '79, 'WVinchester, S. F., '66, 'Witherspoon O., '56, Ylfoodman, C, E., '73, Woodxvard, C. G., '98, VVorthington, E. W., '75, Yardley, T. H., '92, Ziegler, P., '72, "Deceased Names of members to be initiated in ztalzcs the fraternity of eel Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as Boston University. Ma ssaeh u set ts Institute ol' Technology. llarvard University. Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Trinity College. Columbia University. St. Stephen's College. Allegheny College. Dickinson College. Pennsylvania State College. Bucknell University. University of Virginia. Washington and Lee University University ofNorth Carolina. Davidson College. South Carolina College. Furman University. Wollord College. University of Georgia. Mercer University. limory College. Georgia School ofTeehnology. Tulane University. University ol'Miehigan. Adrian College. Mt. Union College. Ohio Wesleyan University. Cincinnati University. Ht TM UlIl0Ql'SlW of fllilbdmd .MUSC ROII of Zhapters. 78 Ohio State University. Franklin College. Perdue University. North Western University. Central University. Bethel College. South western Pre:-zby tcrian Uni vel sity Cuinluerland University. Vanderbilt University. University ol' Tennessee. University ol' the South. Southwestern Baptist University University of Alabama. Southern University. Alabama A. and M. College. University of Mississippi. Simpson College. University of Missouri. Washington University. University ol' Nebraska. Central College. University of Arkansas. University of Texas. University of Colorado. Denver University. Lelancl Stanford, jr., University. University of California. University of Louisiana. nu EQ Gig' Q gg X f'1Q 2SSiZ2jgW 1 ' A if M in Q 'W 1i::::. fn miuxz " .Ty QW W ' w ' X? my JVQf7a3 y IWHIHIF Q i: O fa , in A ' N Z7 -Ilmimwlk TVA' mf IUMA! V Qggy .gffl f . M I 3 Y g Q !Ar W ,fi , J Che flonnecticut fllpba banter. JOHN BOWNE BUNN. WILLIALI ROBERT GOLDEN. WILLIAM YALE NIATHER. ARTHUR HENRY BRYANT. ,295 H6002 mQll1bQI'S. 3 99- IQOO. GNGIIGIQ m2ll1DQl'S of ZOIIIIQCUCIIF ALLEN, W. R., '98 COLE, A., ,98. COLE, F. B., ,93. DEAN, E. B., '93, FORYVARD, J. F., '96. FRENCH, W. T., '93. GUNDACKER, H. J., '97. HZAMLIN, G. E., '95, ZHATHANVAY, A. H., '97. HZAYXVARD, H. W., '97. C. D. BROXYN. H. H. BURDICK. L. S. COWLES. F. S. CROSSFIELD, M.D. Til UYDQ. J. F. FORXVARD. 79 ROLAND HENRY BCIECHZFOLD ALEXANDER NEILL, Jr. CURTIS SMITH. PERCY LEON BRYANT. Hlpbd QDGWQY. JAMES, H. H., '95. JOBE, S. H., '93. NIILLER, W. J., '92. PRATT, A., '98. PRATT, F. E., '95. PRATT, N. T., '94. SMITH, H. M., '93. TIIKIPSON, A. H., Jr., '98. WIVOFFENDEN, R. H., '93. ZOOK, S. K., '96, Rev. J. P. FAUCON. L. J. DOOLITVTLE. Rev. G. K. NICICNAUGHT. F. E, PRATT. the 'fraternity of Alpha Chi Rho, Founded in 1895, HI Cfillifv ZOIIQQQ. .99 -,DF Roll of Zhapters. PHI PSI, Trinity College. PHI CHI, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn PH1 PHI, University of Pennsylvania. PHI UPSILON, . Iowa State University. SO '1 ,. Q ' L wm- I? ALLEN RESHELL VAN NIETER. LLOYD RAEDURN BENSON. ORROR PAUL COLLOQUE. HARRH' LANDON RICE. Pbi Psi Qbdlil I'. da! HCIW2 m2IllDQI'S. ,99- FRANK ARTHUR JCXTCELXVAIN. CHARLES WILLIAM HENRY. PIAROLD LOOMIS CLEASBY. THOMAS EIIIIIIETT ADDIS. VICTOR FORREST MORGAN. IQOO. MOSES JAMES BRINES. ICARL FRANZ FREDERICK IQURTI-I. ELLSNVORTH NIORTON TRACY. ALEXANDER ARNOTT. ERNEST LEON SIMONDS. AMASA CLARK HALL. CHARLES THOMAS SMART. IQOI. FRANK STEDI-IEN MOREI-IOUSE. GEORGE GRAHAM BURBANCK. AUIIREY PIENRY DERBY. JAMES ALBERT WALES. 1902. JAMES ILIENDERSON. ICARL PHILIP AKORIIA. JOI-IN WI-IITE WALKER. EDGAR NIARTIN ROGERS, ROBERT BURTON GOODEN. THEOPHILUS JOHN 'NIINTON SYPHAX EDWIN SCHIVELY CARSON. CHARLES EDWARD TUKE. Graduate members of the Phi Psi Chapter. VVILLIAM APIJLEBEE EARDELEI'-TI-IOMAS, '96. WILLIAM :HERMAN ROUSE, '96. FRANCIS HOMER HIASTINGS, '96. CARROLL CHARLES BEACH, '9G. CARL GOTTLOB ZIEGLER, '97, HEIZISERT THOMAS SHERRIFF, '97, WILLIAM TAYLOR X-WALKER, 'U7. FREDERICK EARLE BUCK, '9S. ALBERT NIOREY STURTEVANT, '9S. TIENRYJONES BLAKESLEE, '9S. S1 Phi Beta Kappa, Founded in 1776, HI william dlld mdrv OIIQQQ. ALPHA OF MAINE, . . BETA OF MAINE, . . ALPHA OF NEW HQXMPSHIRE, . ALPHA OF VERMONT, . BETA OF VERMONT, . . ALPHA OF MASSACHUSETTS, BETA OF NIASSACI-IUSETTS, GAMMA OF NIASSACHUSETTS, DELTA OF JNIASSACHUSETTS, ALPHA OF RHODE ISLAND, ALPHA OF CONNECTICUT, BETA OF CONNECTICUT, . GAMMA OF CONNECTICUT, ALPHA OF NEW YORK, . BETA OF NEW YORK, GAMMA OF NEW YORK, DELTA OF NEW YORK, EPSILON OF NEW YORK, . ZETA OF NEW YORK, ETA OF NEW YORK, . THETA OF NEVV YORK, IOTA OF NEW YORK, ICAPPA OF NEW YORK, . ALPHA OF NEVVJERSEY, . ALPHA OF PENNSYLVANIA, BETA OF PENNSYLVANIA, GAMMA OF PENNSYLVANIA, DELTA OF PENNSYLVANIA, EPSILON OF PENNSYLVANIA, ALPI-IA OF MARYLAND, . ALPHA OF VIRGINIA, . ALPHA OF OHIO, BETA OF OHIO, . GAMMA OF OHIO, ALPHA OF INDIANA, . ALPHA OF ICANSAS, . ALPHA OF ILLINOIS, . ALPHA OF MINNESOTA, . ALPHA OF NEBRASKA, ALPHA OF IOXVA, . .5 'A' ROII of United Chapters. 82 Bowdoin. Colby. Dartmouth. University of Vermont. lXlidcllebury. Harvard. Amherst. Williains. Tufts. Brown. Yale. Trinity. Wesleyan. Union. University of City of New York College of City of New York Columbia. Hamilton. Hobart. Colgate. Cornell. Rochester. Syracuse. Rutgers. , Dickinson. Lehigh. Lafayette. University of Pennsylvania. Swarthmore. Johns Hopkins. William and lXIary. Adelbert. Kenyon. Marietta. DePauw. State University. Northwestern. University of Minnesota. University of Nebraska. State University. 4115-,IL Y " ' - i1'1'111t'5 'a 111 ' 1 1111 -1' 1 1 ' 1 'dn 1' PT 1 E1'f1"Y 1'?"'! jf", 72"'ilL-F" '?Zf1:JF1"ff'T V ' 1 '1-11 .--1-"V-" 141-'-. F11- ' '1:1f-1 .1 . .11 - 1 1111-111 1 1 1 .. . , uw W 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 c 7 ' ' Y'1 W 1 . 1 1 1 1'-'-AX1 1 11, 1 pl- L., '14, , 21- f .11 1 1. 11 L .- 71" . 1 -1 1 ..1,4 .Y K J 1 1. xp ' 1 .1-11. -- 1. ..- ' ' "? 1 4 1 ' 4 '11 T jI'L.- 'V- HF" .yfz 'nn 'En ' '. -'HP '1 111- . Jax.- . .,. .. ' ' 1 V 1 1 1 1 " .1 . 91 . Q 1 "'f1-NA5r1,. 1 1 1 ,.41.11Z11 - J-I V 1: 1. ' ' .1 - -"H .. W, t W 1 -"fix: i '. .- ' - I ' 1 f"' E V . ,V . 1 I . 14- ,xl L1-if , . - V 1 -- T.15..I:' .1 ' "'t1".-1.1. 1 . ,151 -1 1511. ...Y-1.1 , 411 : '-9 - ,11 1 1 .1 11" ,- . 1111 11. 11 .1 1- 1 1.1 .. 1.11, - ' . ' 1- A 1 11 1. .-1 .I . 11 . 1 A .11 YJ ff?flLL7f 1 ' ' ' Q- ' 3 1 -if -3, 1. 1 1- 1 4. 1 'ifhff 'If' - 1 .1 "Q, W"'1'.-1- 15- ' ' .1 j Aj! HND r -.111 1 N11 1 ' 1" .1 . .411-'4,wJ.1 1 1 1 1 " 'S' T" 111 11'lffT" f' 1 ' ' 3,171 A 11 ,111 .,,. 1. .1 11 1.1-47.1 4- M .1 11 1.1-1-- --+1 1- 1111111 -1 1- , P ,,.1,,V :UL x.. 1 ' 7.,, . ' . --fmffhf 1 4 ' 1'-. 1. 11 --1 15: ' - 1-11. 1 . , A1 "1.1-,U'111.1 1, 1 . 411, . -.. , ',11,1,,1-,1 ., 1. W .1,14.,.. 1 .. ' W 1.-1 1'-r .. - .I 1,,,'..1L1.1'11 - 1 .- A 1 1 .1 1 .1-1-1 W 11' 'L F.-. 1 , ' 1 1f. 111:13 ,f'..,i" , 1 1,1-SW-31,1 111.1 1111! D1 may 1 1 - -1'-J' ' TL- 1 1211" 1411... 1 . i .1 V291 1 -W 1 , 1 Nr '1 5-,yy-11 - 11 1, 1 . 1 11f1. 1- X 1 11114112 1n+m1,.1i..v 1 1 1 .,V.1:11, .K 11, J 7 . 1-5fj'5'fJ:'t: 11,11 . - 1-.1-1L,1:1115!1.1 1- 1-11.1. 1 1 .,1Euf1-11, . 1111.1 1','- 1. , 11111 1... 1f"z'z. 'ff' 11 -1 11 1, '1 1' ' 1-Fr,-fg 11. . '13 1 1- 1 1. - .ir rl: . :11 1 .1 , . -1 1.1 ,W ,111 1, -1 11 . 11 ' .. . 1 f . 1, 311 1' W..-.1 -- H 11... 15' n., '?111f-1 -7161.111 1.1 k 1 .- ,-1' .zr:"1 1, . ..r1 -1'.i1'11 V-V1-.' 11, -111' -VQ141 -1 1 - .1'11f4.f11P ,11'T- , 1-11' -11'1 - .....Q-,,-.:,1,111g,-. Ur 11 - -,-1 .-.- .-. '11 -1 1'F"T11 V 1'T1-, - 'r 1 111, 111.1 111 L1 :"1L,' 31.1.41 1 1 1 , 1 1. .11 1'-,1.y1.u' 1! 511.1-.,. 1 Y 1,11-11111 1 11" .1 1-11 1 11 11111-21, 1. 1 11 -1:11:11-11.4, 111 .4 - '11 1.5 Q54 A 1 , f- 1 11.34 '-.H111 1 'f'.f:', 1,21 "-1,11 ,. A 1 114,,,f.,,1 I 1 "1 . Apr' ' ' "' ..,.- 1 13- .1 31111 '1 ' L," ' 1 , . . .l1.' .'f. . 1 1- 1,,.1., ,.I1 1 11 . ,-111, 1-1.1 1. .I .V '1J,.,: -. 1 A 1 111 1 1 1 1 1- --13: -1:1 -...-V111 1-1 f '1fa.- 11:1.-1-2 1 '111 125'-randi' 1 "EDF" -1-J '11 ""Tfg-.. .f1.-1-1-Flag-fig ' :li-211. 1 , ,1.' .1 1.11r.1N 1.11., Held Gf OllIl2CliCllI.' Chartered 184-5. .af al 0ffiCQl'S. President, 4 Vice-Presidezzt, Rev. T. R. PYNCHON, D.D., LL.D. Rev. jf T. HUNTINGTON, M.A Secretary, Rev. SAMUEL HAIZT, D.D. Treasurer, GEORGE LEWIS COOKE, M. A. Assistzznt Secretazy, FRANK ARTHUR KICELVVAI 1'IAR OLD LOOIIIS CLEASIIY. CHARLES BAKER LIEDRICK. CHARLES YVILLIAM I'IENRY. Assistant T1'ezzsure1', N. jo I-IN YVILLIAMS NICI-I OLS. QIASS Of '99. FRANK ARTHUR B1CELXVAIN. JOHN VVILLIAMS NICHOLS. ALLEN RESHELL VAN METER. DANIEL HUGI'I VERDER. 83 Graduate and Honorary members. Ackley, W. N., 'G3. Alcorn, E. C., '74, Alling, S, H.,'92. Andrews, C. NI., '84 Q11 18961. Andrews, S. J. U1 186 Applegate, O., '87, "Ash, T, R., '64, Atwood, J. M., '49, Bacon, J, W.,'46. Bailey, M. K., '79, Bakewell, J., '59, Barber, F. M., '91, Barbour, J. H., '73, Barrows, W. S., '84, Barton, C. C., '69, Bates, J. M., '72. Bates, R. P., '93. Bates, W. H., '72, fy. "Butler, C. M.,'33 C11 1852j. "Beardsley, E, E., '32 KI1 18465. Beardsley, W. A., '87, Beers, G. E., '86, Belden, H. M., '88, 'Belden, N. M., '48, Benedict, L. LeG., '88, "Benedict, S., '47, Benton, J. R., '97. Benton, R. A., '64, 'Bidwell, L. B.,'80. Birckhead, J. B., '94, Black, H. C., '80, Bolles, E. C.,'55. Bowie, W., '93, Brainarcl, J., '51 C11 18567. Brainard, J. M., '84, Brewer, A. L.,'53. "Bridge, J., '47, Brigham, H. H., '76, Brocklesby, A. K., 'TO Brocklesby, J. H., '65, Brocklesby, YV, C., '69, Bronson, Al., '52, Broughton, C, D., '95, Brown, J. E., 'S3. "Brown, T. M., '50, Bryan, W., '75, Burlington, J., '75, Bulkley, W. H., '73. Burgwin, J. H. K., '77, Burrage, F. S., '95, Burton, R. E.. '83 lil 18963. Capron, A., '45, Carpenter, J. S., '79, Carter, G. C.,'87. Chapin, W. V., '78, 'Chapman, C. R., '47, Chase, F., '52, Chase, M. F,.'97. Cheshire, J, B., '69 C11 1896j "'Chipman, G, S., '78, 'Clark, G. H. Ch 18630. Clark, J. W., '63, Clerc, F. J., '43, Coit, C. W., '82, Coleman, C. S., '82, Coleman, G. P., '9O.' Collins, W. F., '93, "Colt, W, U., '44, Colton, C. C11 18545. Conklin, W. E., '93, Conover, T. A.,'90. Cooke, G. L., '70, Coster, M, K., '87, "Cowling, R, O., '61, Crabtree, A., '92, Crawford, J. W, R., '88. 'Crosby, D. G., '51, Cuniniins, A. G.,'51. 'Curtis, F. R., '80, Curtis, R. W., '96, "Curtis, T. W. T, U1 18585. "Curtis, W. E., '43, "Cushing, J, T.,'37 fh 18451. Davies, W. G., '60, Davis, C. sl.. '94, Dean, E. B., '93, Dickerson, E. M., '74, Dockray, E. L., '83, Douglas, G. W., '71, Douglass, A, E., '89, "1Driggs, T. I., '48, DuBois, G. lVIcI,, '74, DuBois, H. O., '76, Dyer, A., '70, Edmunds, C, C., '77, Emery, R., '54, Evans, S. K., '95, "Everest, C.1ZV., '38 Q11 18481. 'W Fairbairn, R, B., '40 th 18451. "Faxon, E., '47, Fell, J. W., '89, Ferguson, H., '68, 1'Ferguson, I. D., '51, Ferguson, S., '96, Fischer, C. L., '60, Fiske, G. MCC., '70, "Flower, S., '45, Flynn, J, D., '97, Frye, P. H., '89. Gallagher, J. D., '95, Gallaudet, B. B., '80, Gallaudet, T., '45 U1 18515. George, T. M, N., '80, George, H., '72, "'Giddings, G. W., '49, Gilbert, G. B., '96, "Gilman, G. S., '47, Goddard, F. Nl., '96, Golden, H. L., '83, Gordon, T. H., '71, Gowen, F. C., '82, Gower, H. B., '49, Graham, J., '72, Gregg, D., '54, Gregory, H. T., '54, Grennell, I. S., C11 18585, Griswold, C. S., '90, Gunning, j. W., '96, "Hale, C. F., '47, Hall, G., '92, W rnan, s., '51 Hallam, G. R., '59, Hamersley, W., '58 Q11 18961 Hamilton, C. A., '82, Hamlin, G. E., '95, Harding, A., '79. Harraden, F. S., '67, WHarriman, F, D., '45 C11 18965 Harriman, F. YV., '72, Hart, S., '66, Harwood, E. fI11861.J. "Hawkes, W. W. U1 18611. Hayden, C. C., '66, Haydn, T. L., '56. Henderson, E. F., '82, Hermann, S., '57, Hickox, G. A., '51, Hicks, G. C., '56. Hicks, J, M., '54, Hiester, I., '76, Hills, J. D., '78, Hoadly, C. J., '51, Holbrooke, G. O., '69, Holcombe, D. E., '56, Holcombe, G. H., '96, Holden, S. M., '82, Holway, O., '80, Hooker, S. D., '77, Hopson, G. B., '57, Hotchkin, S. F., '56, Hovey, H. E., '66, "Howard, H., '91, Hubbard, G, M., '75, Hubbard, W, S., '88, "'Hugg, G, W., '62, Hughes, I. NV., '91, Hull, A, S., '66, Humphries, R. F., '92, "Hunt, E. K, Q11 18511 Huntington, G. S.,'81 Q11 18965 Huntington, J, T., '50, "Huntington, J. W., '83, "Hurd, J. D., '74, Huske, AI., '77, Hutchins, R. H., '90, Wjackson, A., '60, 'Jz1cobs, li. C.. Jennings, Johnson, "JOl1IlSO11 "JOl1IlSOI'1, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jones, C. "Jones, L. 5udd,c. u v A.Bq'GL C,A,'9z E.Eq'59 E.Pw'65 F.Eq'8+ F,FU'94. G. D., '54-, W, McA., '98, 1v,'sr n,'5z '93, 'Kelley, J., 'LL-1-, Kcr, G., '43, 'tKerfoot, J. B. 4111865 Kissain, E. V. B., '69, Kittridge, A. S., '57, 'Kniclcerbacker, D. B., '53, Lanpher, L. A., '80, Lawton, E, F., '91, Lecou1',J, H., '98, Lilienthal, H., '86, Lindsley, C, A., '4-9 fb Linsley, A, B., '82, Lockwood, L. A., '55, Lockwood, L. V., '93, Loomis, H. B., '85, Loveridge, D. E., '50, Luther, F. S., '70, Mackay, J, U1 18549, fklaclcay, W, R., '67, "Mallory, G. S., '58. 'Marble, N. E, U1 1861J, Mayo, M. C., '93, McCook, G, S., '97, NIcCoolc, J, J., '63, McCook, P. J., '95, McCrackan, J. H., '82, Metcalf, H, A., '66, 'Miller, P. S., '64-. Miller, W, J., '92, Mitchell, S. S., '85, Moffett, G. H., '78, Moore, C, E., '76, Morgan, XV, F., '88, Mulcl1al1ey, J., '42 U1 18821. 1 18961 Murr:1y,J. B., '62, Neely. H. R., '84, Newton, E, P., '81, Nichols, W. F., '10, Niles, E, C., '87, Niles, W, P., '93, Niles, W, W., '57, "Norton, F. L., '68, Olmsted, C. T., '65, "Paddock, B, H., '48, 'Paddoclg J, A., '45, Paddock, L, H., '88, Paddock, L. S., '50 fI11S9GJ Page, D, C. fI11851J. Parker, T, H., '98, Parsons, A. T., '71, Parsons, H., '83, Parsons, J. R., '81, Pattison, A. E., '80, Pattison, G. B., '81, "Payne, W., '34 U1 18541 Peabody, F. B., '4-8. Pede1'se11,V. C., '91, Perry, J. B., '72, 'Pettit W. F., '46, Phair, P, D., '94-. "Pierce, H. H., '58, Plumb, J. F., '91, Potts, F, H., '68, Pratt, A., '98, P1-essey, W., '90, "Preston, T. S., '4-3. Prout,J., '77, Purdy, C, E., '88, "Purdy, J, S., '49, Pyncl1on, T. R., '4-1, Pynchon, W. H. C., '90, Raftery, O, H., '73, "Randall, E, D., '92, Reineinan, R. T., '82, Remington, C. H., '89, Richardson, F. W., '84, Ricl1ardson,L, W., '73, fRoge1's,R.C,,'4f5. "Rudder, W., '48, Russell, F. F., '85, Russell, G. W., '34 U1 18515 'f3ands, O. A., '87, 5Sanford, D. P., '44, 5Sanford, H. s., '36 gh 13615. Scarborough, J., '54, Schulte, H. VonW,, '97, Sehiitz, W. S., '94, "Seudder, C. D., '75. Scudder, E. M., '77, Scudder, H., '91, 'Scudder, H. J., '46 U1 18505 Scudder, W., '89. Selden, F, C., CI118595. Sennett, L. F., '89, Seyms, G. H., '72, Shepard, C, N., '91, "Shipman, W. D. U1 18715. iShort, D. H., '33 U1 18565. Short, VV., '69, Small, E, F., '74, Smith, C. B., '54, Smith, G. YV., fh 18855, Smith, H. M.. '93, "Smith, H., '62, Smith, J, S., '63, Smith, S. E., '75, Smyth, J. D., '74, "Sorners,i5, B. Y., CI118575. Spencer, U. H., '90, "Spencer, W. G., '53, "Stevens, S., '65, Stocking, C. H. W., '60, Stone, M., '80, Stotsenburg, I. H., '50, Street, C, H., '96, 'Studley, W. H., '50, Sturtevant, A. M., '98, Tate, W. I., '86, Taylor, E, B., '73, "Taylor, I. B., '49, "Taylor, W, F., '44 fb 18515 "Terry, C. E., '51 U1 18565, Thorne, R., '85, Tibbits, C. H., '87, Tibbits, W. B., '61, 'tDcceased. "Toucey, I U1 18465. 'tTremaine, C. H. B., '66, Valentine, W, A., '72, 'Van Nostrand, C. A., '77, Vibbert, H. C., '68, Vibbert, W. H., '58, "Vinton, F., Ch 18545. Walker, D. B., '61, Ularner, D. T., '72 U1 18965 Warner, M, C., '88, "Warren, S, B., '59, Washburn, L, C., '81, Waterman, L., '71, Watson, S, N., '82, Webster, L., '80, Weed, C. F., '94, lzVelles, H, T., '43, Whitcornbe, F, B., '87, White, R, A., '81, White, VV. C., '97, 'tWhiting, S. M., '46, "'Whitlock, H. R., '70, Whitney, H. E., '74, Williams, A. J., '96, Williams, C, C., '71, "Williams, E. W., '53, Williams, F. G., '89, Williams, J., '90, "Williams, I, H., '54, Williams, J, YV., '78, Winkley, R. L., '79, "tWitherspoon, O., '56, Wolfenden, R. H., '93, "Wood, H. S., '71, Wood, P, M., '97, Woodman, C, E., '73, Worthington, E. W., '75, Wright, A, H., '83, Wright, G. H., '91, Wright, W, G., '91, Yeornans, E. M., '95, Young, C, H., '91, Ziegler, C, G., '97, Ziegler, P., '72, I1 Honorary, ww' 4?5N C? N. an ix 'YF ,Z xx :m s X X f X i n ' - A J 3557 ',, , , . ' x ' --' ' 1' , fs , 711, 51... 'gbfh . J ffm I .fly I Qs. 4- .Q - f W x 'ANN ' E E F9 , wp. tg' - . X-13 9 5? . :H E 2' 2 T' , il N 'ww VS N ,- Mmwf' 00k f' r W J 1 ' .Nm ,X 4 Mcvxs vw ' ' , www w fmt , , 1- Wm "1 G 1 ' I' A' Q . ' N, ' -iuqwwf 'Q"N'v-3-1,-315 xi. 'X Uj Y ,L --. 'Ihr-xflqyx 5' VT' '. vm .1 U. Ap M - 1 if A 'a x X w tf Y. ff: QIN, X ,. , xi x 1 . N rm mu 56353 tug Ex D sg w ,W J v -ye Lm 1 f 'av V E ff k F' Z -lyk , L xx :G 4 A Q QM N f an 'l ,H W wb :yew I 4x ji,jgf:ml gi7' xx IWGIL- A as 3 Che Year. .Sal " Come what may, Time and the hour run through the roughest day." HE college year is now drawing swiftly to its close, an ending that means a begin- ning for some and for others has no special signitication beyond the fact that they are promoted one grade in their college life, still,there is no one in our community that will not be asked by parents or friends what we have accomplished in various fields of action during the past year. Further, the record of one year, whether good or bad, serves as an indicator to subsequent workers in college affairs, whereby they may be emulated by the victories, and avoid and correct the errors. What makes the college life so full of interest and differentiates it from any other mode of existence is the spirit of change which ever and anon pervades it. This spirit of change is the twin sister of advancement, for in college life this continual change, both in the individual and the body politic, brings with it an advancement. Our foot ball season was not successful. Harnpered in various ways, our team played an uphill season, and it was gratifying, both to them and to the college at large, that their last efforts were so satisfactory. Although the basket ball team did not have very many games of importance or add - 89 any important victories to their previous record, still, according to The Tablet, the team was in better shape than it has been since '97, Trinity week was a glorious success in every detail. The decorations for the junior promenade were the handsomest that have ever graced Alumni Hall. That which is more pleasing to record, however, is the financial result, which beats all previousrecords. After paying every expense, there remained in the hands of the treasurer some seventy- iive dollars. Of all the improvements and advancements that change has created in our college organizations, none have been so fraught with success as the Dramatic Association and the Glee Club. The "jesters" opened the season with the usual performance in Alumni Hall, presenting a drama in one act, " One Touch of Nature," and a short farce, entitled "All in a Fog." Several very successful trips were taken by the association, and the dramatic reputation ofthe College was fully maintained. The Glee and Nlandolin Clubs, although they have only performed three times during the year, have shown a vast im- provement over fornier years. The College isjustly proud of both organizations. The prospects for base ball are most encouraging this year, although lately the nine has been handicapped by the absence of several members of the Sophomore class. Sev- eral interesting games, both at home and abroad, have been arranged. It is most pleas- ing to chronicle that the debt hanging over the base ball nine for so many years has been entirely canceled. And here our record for the year must end. May what has been developed for the better be further sustained by liberal praise, and, where there is need for improvement, let there be carnestness, which should be, and is, a synonym for college spirit. What possible good can it do our Alma Mater to say "Floreat Trinitasj' unless we back up our sentiment with willing hands and loving hearts? Enthusiasm is not Worth a Hg, if it is not strong enough to carry us over the unendurable. Then let us think, when we say " Floreat Trinitasfl may Trinity nourish and may her sons work. ar ar ae as .ie ar HIIOIMI' URW. I. The rhyme says rise up with the lark And breathe the morning airg And when the sun has sunk to rest, Unto your couch repair. II. Naught ofthis pleasure know I, It may bring pleasure, but- I'd rather lie abed till noon And take a chapel cut. -M. J. BRINES. 90 30570115 lSdpl30ll1llllQlll. qwriffen and iiiustfated by K. F. F. Kumi, 1900.1 ga-9.23 T had long been the custom at Trinity Collegeto have the spring recess a few weeks after Easter. Many of the students tried to induce the faculty-that highly respected,but extremely conservative body-to change the date of the recess so that it might include Easter, but in vain. Among those who worked most assiduously to effect this purpose was john Bruce, for he found an almost boyish delight in being home at Easter-time. john was one ofthe most popular men in the class of '94, he was a good student and excelled in athletics, he had deep religious convictions and exerted a good influence wherever he went. As he sat alone in his room in Middle Jarvis, one Saturday after- noon, laboriously handling a large Greek lexicon, trying to prepare his Monday's lessons, he found himself much distracted. He had, indeed, spent two hours on forty lines ofthe L' Medea" and was just looking up the last word when suddenly he realized that, for the entire time, his mind had been elsewhere, he scarcely remembered a sin Gle CJ passage in the lesson. He threw down the 4 K N books and continued the meditation which had unconsciously engaged his mind. His thoughts were in Chicago, his home. When he pictured to K,-g -'-.. himself the pleasures of his friends who were , .", I home from Yale, Harvard and other colleges, -j V1 1 V N whose company he was not permitted to enjoy, N i n -A ff "-f. and especially, when he thought of Miss Mason, V N - KJHCST E who was home from Smith College and in whom he felt a deep interest, he found no pleasure in life at Trinity. It was, indeed, an unpleasant thought that she would return to college the day before he would arrive home. 10111115 religious nature turned his thoughts to the little church in which he had sung so many Easter carols. His church life at home was one ofthe things which he missed greatly at college. The Easter season was the most joyous of all seasons at the little church. john sat in his large chair, lamenting his sad lot. He looked around the room, everything seemed lifeless, he threw himself upon the window- seat and said to himself: "This is not Easter week nor was last Sunday Easter. No Easter joy has entered my heart. " He looked out of the window and, for awhile, watched the fellows play ball. The day was superb, the sun was far in the west and the outline of the college was shadowed on the campus. Spring, with its Easter joys, seemed to be present, but it had not penetrated john's heart. He put on his cap and wcnt down stairs, after wandering for awhile on the campus, he went out into the woods. As john was a great lover ofnature, he thought that a ramble in the woods might bring him to a realizing sense of the presence of spring and drive from him the ' 91 spell of gloom. The experiment was unsuccessful: he returncd more gloomy than he went. He was tired and dusty, he went to his room, tore offhis collar and necktie and threw himself upon the bed. In a 'few minutes he was sound asleep. Suddenly james Lyons, a classmate of john's, rushed into the room shouting, "O jack, O jack Bruce." john awoke with a start and, before he would permit james to explain his mission, he said that he was just in the midst of an awful dream,- his mother was dead and they were preparing for the funeral. When john was sufl ficiently collected james told him that he was wanted at the telephone. john snatched up his cap and ran to the telephone room, while blames crossed the hall and visited other classmates. John found the telephone-operator waiting for him: she informed him that he had been called by a man in Chicago. John, full of excitement, shouted, " Halloo, halloo " and, after a few moments, he heard faintly, but distinctly, the voice of Harry Thorpe, his sister's fiance. They exchanged words of greeting: then Harry said, " We were afraid that you were ill because you did not come home when I telegraphed you last Thursday," john answered that he had received no telegram, adding that it must have miscarried. Then Harry Thorpe continued, "We thought it strange that you did not come. Your mother was-" and, just then, a hundred voices, each on a different pitch and all talking at once, seemed to cut in. " It's too had that I am cut off,', john thought to himself, "for the message must be of great importance or they would not have gone to the expense of telephoning. They want me to come home, I wonder what for?" john rang and rangg at length the operator answered him and said that she would connect him with Chicago again. After a few minutes of waiting, in which john became very impatient and greatly excited, he heard a voice, more dimly than before and quite changed. He could not understand distinctly, but he thought that he heard the expression "your wife " several times. john, supposing that there must be some mistake, shouted, "Who are you?" several times, but got no answer. As he stood holding the receiver firmly to his ear, trying to make out the conversation and, at the same time, trying to think why he was wanted at home and what the remainder ofthe sentence begun " Your mother was-" could be, he heard a peculiar voice very dis- tinctly: "Your mother was ill only two daysg she died this afternoonf' He thought to himself " That is what Harry tried to say to me." Then, as a flash, all the details of his awful dream came to him. He was now at the va-y highest pitch of excitementg he strained every nerve to hear more, but the receiver gave out nothing but a meaningless rumble. john was so full of griefhe scarcely knew what he was doing. He ran out of the telephone room without hanging up the receiver. He did not even go to his room to pack a dress suit case nor stop at the President's home to tell him that he had to go home, but ran down to the trolley car. He remembered now that he had only a few dollars with him. Fortunately, his roommate, Henry Drake, with three otherstudents, just then stepped offthe car. John, so confused and excited that he could scarcely make his wants known, asked them ifthey had any money. All four searched their pockets and found that together they had just a little over eighteen dollarsg this they gave to him. He explained that his mother had died suddenly and that he was going home. As he was telling his roommate to pack his dress suit case and express it to him the car came, and lohn, stepping on, shouted "good bye" as the conductor rang the bell. At the station he found that the last train for Springheld, with connections for Chicago, wasjust pulling out-he was too late. As the next day was Sunday and no 92 trains leave Hartford on this day, he would be obliged to wait until Monday morning. This would never dog he must get to Chicago at once. The ticket agent was kind enough to tell him that there was one more train out of Hartford, leaving the Cen- tral New England station. John ran, full speed, to the little station and found that the train would leave in ten minutes. If this train was on time at Campbell Hall, he would make direct connections with the N. Y., O. SL W. train from New York, and he would he in Chicago at ten o'clock, Sunday evening. John was very impatientg he walked up and down the station Hoor, lookiii at the clock each time he passed. He boarded the train five minutes before it pulled out, hoping it might start ahead ol time. Misfortune never comes single-handed. The train arrived at Campbell Hall twenty minutes late, and the train from New York had passed ten minutes before. It was now three o'clock in the morning. John was truly sick at heart. He asked the few men around the station when the next train would stop and found that there would be no train until four o'cloek in the afternoon, and, although this was an express train, he would not arrive at Chicago until eight o'clock the next night. john asked everybody that he could find around the station, even the baggage-man with his truck, to make sure this information was correct. He went to the small hotel near the station and awoke the landlord g he engaged a room, and, although he was very tired, he could not sleep. He tossed about in bed and walked the iioor. The strange voice with the awful message kept ringing in his ears, before his eyes he saw the vision of his dream, his mother dead and preparations being made for the funeral. John got up very early, and, without waiting for breakfast, went to the station, hoping that, possibly, he might find an earlier train. He did, indeed, find that two trains would pass through Campbell Hall before four o'clock that afternoon, but both were limited and would not, under any circumstances, stop. He tried to get a train to New York, but found, also, that he couldxnot do this. John was almost overcome with grief. The day, it seemed to him, presented all the pains and miseries of purgatory 3 it was the longest day that he had ever experienced. . , H I p X 3 Z A little before four o'clock, he , lf 93,1 f.,,,, " R A 1 ' tl saw a cloud of smoke over the i !.-- 'niqqwv i X 'lliiwlh " r . . . f',17,Mf'ill'i' ll1': H, ,i, Ll track, in the distance, in a few V ..,...., V " l fa FV . . . ' , E l . . ,,l' ,' minutes the train drew into the ' -f -iii?-2zi11."4-'J i ' l fffifffl - - ' i, Qg station. john Jumped on be- -F I Q 2, l . . . . , J 419 1 lk' X Q. ',5:,5'3i. ll fore it stopped. His spirits J " Il, "" pi were somewhat enlivened for , -rf -an I fi l -. visa. I' -4 '11 ' I ' ll 2555! i now there would be no more if A ' I i ll :inf i . l MH u . na delays- The day was lone lt I i 1 N f -l l ii M Flif?"53????'i'5 d as if the train was XR xii' :mi-Q, f fa , il l ifyilf-3' I gl scarcely creeping, he took out keg 'xi ' . 'Q' fi , 1 dg:J"5fE' I, ,il . 8? 'Q' I ,,,',.',Y his watch often, the hands -, 2, rs- ' - 4' "" fp "Z , 1 il i "AM-i ',-41141 ifuyjjlg 5 :IJ seemed hardly to move. He C iff ? ,ar ff, Z 'gf if-"4'f'1iif1'f'fs1' tried to dis el the terrible mes- J gg , X.. I. I, , . P l I -f r i 'IA' ll - ' ' 'K sage from his mind, but he . we X. . lff f , X S heard the peculiar, ghostly voice repeating, "Your mother was sick only two days, she died this afternoon." He bought an illustrated novel from the train boy and tried to read, but every picture A 93 seemed to blur and form itself into the awful vision of his dreamg the words of every sentence seemed to transform themselves into the message which he received over the telephone, Ile spent the day in great suspense, sorrow, pain and distress. The train. at last, pulled into Chicago. The porter's announcement never seemed so welcome. He took the trolley car at once, and in an hour was at home. jolm's parents lived in a magnificent stone house on the Western Boulevard. When he was within a block of the house he found the street crowded with carriages. As l1e drew near the house, he found it lighted from attic to basement: he heard music and laughter. What could this mean? He stood still for a moment, wondering if his eyes and ears were deceiving him. He ran up to the door, and, without ringing, rushed in. 0 444. X i lil' . ,42 5 ' .'i'f."-1' 5 we f V of f i . V 5, V' L f S Xu A" . ' .e ff y Jfli M :J The new man-servant at the door, who had never seen john, thought him a rullian, and attempted to put him out. Ofa truth, john did look more like a tramp than a person fit to enter a festive assembly of men and women in evening dress, tor he wore a shabby grey bicycle suit, sadly worn and torng he had on a bleached-out blue shirt, and he was without collar or necktie. Both john and the man-servant spoke loudlyg the attention of all the guests was attracted. just as the servant was about to put him out by force, Harry Thorpe ran to him and took him in. john was dumbfounded by the splendor of the assembly, the flowers and the beautiful decorations. He could say nothing except H X , , ,, . . . XX here s mother? Harry tried to calm him, but he would not rest until he had seen 94: his mother. Nlrs. Bruce, with many friends, was in the drawing-room, and John, with- out a thought of his appearance, ran to her, and, embracing her, kissed her repeatedly. He was loosed from a burden which he could scarcely have endured longer. Instead of a house of mourning, he found a house ofjoy. ' Harrythen took him upstairs and explained howthat, when he was talking to john, he was cut off before finishing, and, when h'e succeeded in getting the College again, he was told that John had gone home, saying that he had received a message that his mother had died. VVhen Johnls roommate learned of the peculiar mistake, he hastened to the station, but found that the train for Springfield had left a half hour before. As he supposed that john was on this train, he telegraphed to Springfield and other points to intercept him, but the messages were returned with a notation that the person to whom they were addressed could not be found. This intelligence was telegraphed to Harry Thorpe. john was very impatient, and without permitting Harry to Huish the explanation, asked: " But what is the rest of the sentence which you begun ' Your! mother was -,' why have you sent-for me, what are all these people doing here ?" Then Harry said that he tried to say, " Your mother was very much worried because you did not come home or answer the telegram. She thought that you must be ill." He then explained that he had been appointed private secretary to the United States minister at Corea, and that he must leave for Seoul in five days, that instead of his marriage to john's sister taking place in june, as was planned, the ceremony was performed five weeks earlier than was intended, that they were married that morning and were now having a reception. When John's roommate learned why john was called home, and knowing that he took no clothing with him, he telegraphed this fact to Harry, who provided a dress suit. john dressed quickly and went down stairs, rejoicing not only because he had been so happily disappointed, but also because hevgot away from college twelve days before the spring vacation, and because he would now be able to spend a few pleasant hours with Miss Mason. - 95 T51'xF"fill'2' ITT' if l 'Q L QEQQEAQEQ ' i Q- '1't'wa"1 Y vv v L 1e.s...fL .R A ,, in F' :- gs..5 1.5, ,-34. LA.. ii' 'AJS-if-,gg in - ' Qf6V'f.E1 , 'i we-i f- , - -1 .N ., 5?g:5lGiI'-x.3iy f J, I , . :F '1 " x Fxf-1, af.. ,",,'1,',,Tf " 5.57 - H fb, . " Qziatzfrf 1 ,. . M ish..l.1'--gwfigg-a1:.1. .aiazg'Ewgegr5 'a -5 Q-.X N, -:: ..'5KfL-'1.:'L-...,',:, va 1 La. ,.:..3..,.:.. 1 .. 'Y' 459 B'-'ifeir - -V- -'-' 42: 'F qi ,k u .1-.VY :-.,. 1? 1 - ,.,-L.: ."1.:-13.:'gF1- 'I' LH ,. .- X4 1 e . r -. fr,..'i1'f:5.,gNv - 4Q.?J':glf:i,., - tg 'N -x - lhifi-,iz Q - 6 'g?gqg?5,gf.g L 2: :1f" - 1.-Haig?-,-' -f 11? ,334 -T fi 1' 'N 15:31-Big? ,Q -, ' . 'fe -rr.:-Q44 Z :L"3115',qI rp:-.::,j :' ie ' r . ' ? ' 1 ' - Q'----'wif ff Q ,,,a,"1,1 jiiiiliii- 1 A 4- . -ggiif' 'iw K ' 4 ' ' 35' 1 ?::r"g:.:5 Qlgpg, a,,,.d..-,ana .T ,, , 1 V ,, . ,, ,V-,U gig-7,21 A.-. .,, , .'.-4,511-5 U, cg--4 ffrziel- , - -wlvi' 'X ' Q:-H, - ,.t..ft1e A, A-f Y ,,4i1a:,,.H Q, een,- c yup - ra. 119 , -f Y ' rsnrr.-' .: ,,, -- - ':"QK'3g:f Uni! F' -L ggjal- ' i -?:?Sf??eli pf 4 g5's:f:f ,Ni rillii: A 5 ,11 .ir H, Ljfigfgl, Lg. , if ' 51, 9- -' A 'if ' a s U q 344 l , MS", f 1 , -1, .l .- far-lifes ' vi 5. F .. , K: ' . R -hd 3.9-5.1, r ff ,, u . - ' 'fL2e1f, . if , D f K 4-N' "' ""l'-:f..,'1',Q1'i'E Ugg ,fq , if , -'N 1 Xt ' 1 -- N22 :r ife 'Q ' X .. X It -1 - fra: -1 1 1 fl , I 1 5 x ' ,l.ii:p 3. I il, J ,I X xy NR X 4 x, A, ,Q,i,::.g' Hr -1:2 , X N lb ,L .' ,gh ii-.. ,, . wp - X f 4-A H-1... .H In ll I 1 .1 Y X 4 13 m15A,E.liL:. ni ,-fm I 11" X ' T- ' , fl -' v '1-.vxqxb- , gv f1,.., . NF . mi ie ,,..--,..fg.q v sl lllrri . ..,.,- 'li I .,!! 'i:,1.:!l ' ','5- ":'f!,l.? s,j,'6v!Q i 'Q llliihlillallii .lllll a , . illldli the Hcolvte. At vesper-time within a cathedral grand I kindly watched a sweet-faced acolyte, Who with a candle in his outstretched hand Lighted the tapers on the altar white. A week from then that pure young lad had died, And as I looked out o'er the darksonie night His childlike form and Visage, deined, Appeared in heaven as God's acolyte. And when at last each star-Hame gently beamed, He passed away from sight as first he cameg And then I fell asleep, and dreamed and dreamed, And wished that I were only as free from blame. -D. H. VERDER 96 H frail willwlll fl Gllidt. 53, HE trail across the quicksands was narrow and dangerous-even Gordon Scott admitted that-and he was the only one now in Nugget Gulch who knew that trail. Those sands were ever hungryg joe Cole once drove his pony off the trail and he sank in five minutes. There used to be two who knew the trail, Gordon and his brother, Stuart. Stuart was an active, kind-hearted sort of a chap-great favorite with the softer side of Nugget Gulch. Gordon often said he would be sorry for it some day. Stuart cared especially for Sophie Morris, whose father, Bill Morris-"Guido Bill," as the Gulch put it-kept a tobacco shop at the "Corners" Maro, the Navajo, also liked Sophie, and Stuart knew it. Well, one day Stuart and Gordon were smoking and playing at the " Corners," when in comes Denny Cox, who furnished things to talk about for the Gulch. "Well," said Denny, 'tit's all fixed." He waited till every one was attention, and then added, " I mean about Soph and Maro-goin' to be married to-morrow." Stuart did not move a muscle. "That so?" ventured Gordon, but all were waiting for a word from Stuart. He rose deliberately and said to Denny: ' "How d' you know ? " " So they told me at Moi-ris's," Denny said. Stuart's hand went to his hip pocket and he strode out of the room. Gordon laid his newly-dealt hand on the table and followed his brother. " Me an' Stuart's goin' up to the Divide to-nightf' was all he offered for an excuse. That night about eleven, two figures on ponies could have been seen silhouetted against the sky, over the Divide, and even then one figure was saying to the other, " Never mind, Stuart, may be Denny was bluffing you." just as these two figures disappeared over the Divide every one at Morris's was startled by hearing hot words, then a woman's scream, then a revolver shot. Guido Bill rushed upstairs to find Sopl1ie's door locked. The pushing crowd from below soon broke it in, and disclosed Sophie dying on the Hoor and the room full of powder smoke. The window was open and the curtains were torn. It was only a small drop to the ground. Guido Bill rushed to the window and emptied his whole chamber into the darkness, then he turned and counted the men present-Maro, Gordon and Stuart absent. lkiaro was going to marry Sophie, Stuart wanted to. Gordon had said some- thing about going to the Divide. Vllhere was Stuart? About midnight Guido Bill mounted his pony, with a fixed look, and took up the trail for the Divide. He rode silently, looking every now and then at the butt ofa brand . 97 new Colt in his holster. The men in the government room at the Divide hardly noticed the entrance of that worn-out man, but Gordon did, and said: " Been ridin' hard, Bill? " But Bill looked past Gordon to where Stuart was standing. " Stuart Scott," said Bill, "have you seen Soph ? " " Well, what if I have? " replied Stuart. 'tThat's what," said Bill, drawing his six-shooter. But there was another who drew as quick. Both shots rang out together. Stuart was shot through the heart, and Gordon had broken Guido Bill's collar-bone. Gordon raised for another shot, but Bill had gone. That was how it happened that there was only one now who knew the trail across the sands. Guido Bill arrived at the Gulch just in time to see a body of men leaving a smoulder- ing fire and above it something limp hanging from a tree. "It's all over now, Bill. Maro shot Soph and then jumped out of the window. One of your shots broke his leg. That's him hanging from the tree there," explained some one. But the crowd only saw a figure on pony-back galloping away into the darkness. Denny Cox keeps the tobacco store now. Gordon sadly mounted his pony and set out for the Gulch. He passed the body of Maro and soon took it all in. Then he galloped to the "Corners," where everybody was talking it over, but he never mentioned what had taken place at the Divide. How- ever, the men heard ofit next morning, and it was easy to see who would be the next to be lynched. All were in favor of pursuing Bill at once, but Gordon refused to lead them across the sands. 4 "Why not ? " asked Denny. "You just leave Guido Bill to meg it was my brother he shot." was Gordon's reply. Gordon now took the guiding of travelers across the sands as a business. If you could have been at the t'Corners" between sunrise and sunset, you would have seen Gordon sitting on the steps of the store, looking out over that burning, treacherous waste for some voyageur who might want guidance over the hungry sands. For five years this faithful guide performed his duty for the paltry sum of fifty cents. He grew haggard, and a longing look came into his face, but his eye remained undimmed, as was proved by the bullet hole in the head of n coyote which was trying to sneak into the store one afternoon. Time and again Gordon took men over that perilous trail with a precision that was wonderful-not one man was lost. At last, one day, Gordon, at his usual post, saw a man on a pony beckoning for a guide. "That's him," Denny heard Gordon say, and then he went slowly to his pony and took one of the revolvers from the saddle, and, returning, handed it to Denny. " I may need you this time," he said, so Denny mounted and followed him. They rode on to where the trail began and there Gordon turned and said,'1' Denny,you wait here until I call you." Then he rode over the trail and Denny saw the two men start cautiously back, Gordon leading. On they came until the last hundred feet was reached, when Gordon steathily drew his Colt, and suddenly turned and covered the man he was lead- ing. Denny recognized him as Guido Bill. Gordon, looking down his revolver barrel, said calmly, "Drive your nag four paces to the right, quick." Guido Bill looked at the terrible sands and then made a desperately sudden dive into his holster. Crack! His 98 arm fell helpless at his side as the smoke cleared away from Gordon. Bill, thinking that Gordon evidently meant what he said, urged his pony off the trail into the sands The little beast quivered all over as she stepped off the iirm ground. Bill turned in his saddle and said, " I know I made a mistake shootin' your brother, but this here horse is inno- cent, pardnerf' Instantly Gordon's Colt spoke and the pony's head dropped and she rolled over into the sands. "Thank you,'l was all Bill said, "I couldn't a stood seein' her suffer." Then he stepped from off the pony's already half-buried body and imme- diately began to sink in the horrible mire. Slowly, slowly, now to his waist, now to his shoulders. He looked steadily up at Gordon's cursed weapon, with folded arms. "For heaven's sake, Gordon, shoot him," shouted Denny. But still no answer came from that motionless figure. Denny waited and waited for the welcome shot. At last-crack! Denny turned to see Gordon getting off his pony. No one else was in sight. Gordon led the ponyto Denny. 'K Take her home with you, and care for her," he said, and turned again to the trail. Denny started for the " Corners, " leading Gordon's ponyg he looked back once. The sun was setting over a boundless and unbroken waste. FREDERICK WELLES PRINCE. 7 ,. . ,J 1 , i ly Qi '99 Z1 z A my I A A so 4 I, , ,,.l WL? ak f .- Z, ' ,im .XY I -1'-V-,ff y-, i . N -f ff -41' filfilllllx 7 lil 122 ,f-iff? JW' , , ' 4 jig' ., -f - l J if , '--ig, 'f4 f f f'1"'fiJ Q 'kkff fpzief , A , -' , ' ' ' ff g Q-5.-, Jsffgfl 'z,A ,fyffc f-- --52 Win ,- 5 312, ffgoifwvjl-1 57 - 1-Y' :' - 011 a Summer Sea. The light winds blow, soft and low, Over the waters of the western seag The sea. gulls fly, as our ship sails by, Over the waves to the land on our lee. Blow high, blow low, ye breezes blow, And waft: your sweetness o'er the sea, With eastern balms and western gales 100 To hear us on ourjourney free. -F. E. WATER1vmN. H E099 UIIQ. I. I am going to start off frankly And say l'm clead in love IVith a being, Oh! so pure and white, In whose inward soul there beams a liglm That burns the bad and leaves the right, Like angels up above. II. , Each winter night we sit up late Before a blazing nre, And as I press her lips to mine Her face lights up, almost sublime, Vlfhich makes my heart go "express time And sends my pulses higher. III. Under her influence I do dream Of great things on this orbit, Of conquering nations by my might, Subduing wrong, excelling right, Of whipping in a great prize ight Fitzsimmons or J. Corbett. IV. And when circumstances force me To leave her for awhile, I feel so Worn, so cross, so blue, I swear, I cuss, in fact I do Once in awhile take a small chew To make the time beguile. V. But when I'm back with her again, And all my thoughts conide, I press her lips to mine once more, Inhale the love she has in store 'With the same charms as 'twas before I had to leave her side. VI, Perhaps you'd like to know her name- You can not guess, I bet. She is the thing that costs so much, That people sayin good plain Dutch Tl1ere's poison in her vcry toucl1- A paper cigarette. -JAMES W BR mm .IR 101 H fil'ddlIdIQ'S Letter. V59 V52 New YORK, February 10, 1929. MR. ELsA1ERE M. Hman, Literary Editor of the 1930 Ivv, Dear Sir: I can not fully express to you the pleasure I experienced upon the receipt of your letter inviting me to contribute to your Annual, nor the sense of mortification by which I am assailed in being compelled to decline your offer. I am a man of business and have been such since I graduated from college nearly thirty years ago. Though, in truth, I possessed little literary ability when in college, I have to admit that I have developed none since my contact with the world. Not wishing, however, to disappoint you altogether, I thought of this as a compromise-that I would write you this letter, which, if you felt warranted to do so, you could publish as a rather poor reminiscence of my class. When business would permit, I have endeavored to ascertain all about my classmates since their graduation-a sort of hobby with me-and I have succeeded, almost without fail, in tracing their individual careers. I beg of you to pardon my excessive use of the personal pronoun, but it is diHicu1t to write such memories without the use of the obtrusive H I." I shall promise not to use it more than twenty-four times in one sentence. First, let us go back to old times. Quite vivid is the scene of our class coming out of chapel for the first time. What better introduction could be given thirty men who never perhaps saw each other before? Our first push-rush, and, if my memory is straight, our second push-rush, were both captained bya man named Schwartz. He was a big, strong fellow, a candidate for the foot ball team, black hair, well put together, and a face full of strengthg a face, as I remember it, like Washington's-I-couldn't-tell-a-lie face. We had some difliculty in getting men out to our first push-rush, but with only sixteen men we gave '99 quite a pleasant little time. 'VVell, matters went along in our Freshman year as I suppose they do now. We were called "nought," and we tried to be "naught," Sometimes, of course, we became "naughty," as when Sherwood-a little short, dumpy fellow, with tow head and full of fun-exhibited a sign containing our numerals at a customary function of the college life. I think most of our Freshman energy was put in the banquet to '98, which was held out at the " Elm Tree Inn." The banquet was not greatly interfered with by '99, who were indubitably brave until they reached the Inn, where " discretion seemed the better part of valor." Our Sophomore year ran along smoothly and without serious loss to the class, except the absence of two or three good fellows. The only ones I can think of now are Brooks, Baldwin and Wood. We made the rush a draw with '01, and beat them in the underclass athletics. Things went on pretty slowly in our Sophomore life until the spring, when about twelve of us formed a club called B. U., organized on the birthday of 102 the saint who was ever afterward our patron. I wonder if any old B. U. man will see this and remember how-no, I better not tell you our secrets. Well, after it was formed, the life around college was not slow. Another pleasant part in our life as Sopho- mores was a dining club called S. D. C. Does this still exist? I shall try to recall the names of the members. There were Prince, Schwartz, Glazebrook, whom we called Whitey because of his hair, Hill, Haight, who took an interest in music boxes, Fuller, Fox, Bradin, Brown, jewett, Mclvaine and Hornor, whose nickname was 'fNig," because he came from the South. In fact, all southerners were called niggers. But I must hurry along. jewett, Fuller, Sherwood, Arundel and perhaps others were missing in our junior year, which slipped away like all other junior years. There were no striking events in our class history during that period. Our Senior year was smooth and sorrowful towards the end. We lost no more men and graduated a class of twenty-three. Our class-day exercises were somewhat different from other classes, in that we had no foot ball men in the class, and so substituted the presentation of an American flag to our Alma Mater, with a patriotic speech by Prof. McCook. I What then became of all your classmates after graduation and what is each one doing now ? you ask. I shall tell you, although itwoulcl be too laborious to go through the catalogue in detail, and I fear your readers would not be interested. Let me say that I took up this work of following my old classmates about five years after gradua- tion, and, living in New York, I had no difliculty in gathering data concerning those men who lived in the vicinity. The men who were more closely connected with me in my college life I often see, and further hear from them through correspondence. The other men it is harder to lay the Hnger upong but watch, if you please, how Providence seemed to guide me. Only the other day, to give you late news nrst, I met Glazc-brook, looking almost the same as during college days, excepting a' few more lines in his face. He became famous about tive years after leaving college on the professional " diamond." And I remember well reading the head lines of a Sunday paper which called him the man with a 310,000 arm. He has anice little sum put awaynow. Lives in Elizabeth with his wife and children and raises dogs for his own pleasure. I-Ie told me one day that he was surprised to find how easyit was for a college graduate to make three dollarsaweek. I think he smiled as he said it. There was a convention of the Holy Catholic Church-we used to call it the Protestant Episcopal-in New York not long ago. I went to it for no other reason than to see if I could find any old classmates there. Well, it was quite a reunion. Some of them were Bishops, others prominent in church work. Schwartz had occupied the See of Albany for some tour or five years. Kurth was Missionary Bishop of China, and Tracy, Brines, Arnott and Simonds were holding prominent positions in the church work at their respective homes. There you see was quite a bunch of old friends. Three or four years before this I had a like opportunity, for there was held a meeting of the Bar Association in New York. The 1900 delegation of lawyers showed up as well as the 1900 delegation of ministers. I went to this convention both to meet these fellows and, further, because I was a member of the Bar Asso- ciation myself. WVhen I entered the convention, I met at the door a small rnan with a white beard and piercing eyes, whom for a second I hardly recognized as my old friend Sherwood. He is now judge. In comparison with him was a tall, dark-haired fellow . 103 with a gray moustache, whom, from the shape of his legs, I had no trouble in remcm- bering-it was judge Titus, of Buffalo. Among the other lawyers were Clement, Case Bryant, Prince, Fuller and Smart. On my way to Hartford the other day, I glanced up at the conductor and recalled the face of my old roommate, Bradin. He had risen in the railroad business from train boy to conductor. I-Ie was married and had five or six children. I think he won the class cup for the man who was blessed with the lirst child. I had quite a chat with him about old times and he gave me no little information. From him I learned that Fox was keeping a hotel down in Bradfordg Haight was working in the Klondike region, having patented a solar engine of some meritg Hall and Burt and Coons were architcctsg that Tomlinson was editor ol' a Hartford daily, Taylor was a distinguished physician in the same city, and that Richmond was still endowing College Walks. Bradin seems to have kept up with the class better than myself. Now hear what Providence did. I strolled in the club about Eve years ago, and, looking around the reading room, stumbled against a New Orleans paper. Thoughts came to me of an old classmate. I turned to the first page and read the head lines of a terrific lynching scrape in the Crescent City. My eye following the column came unexpectedlyupon what I sought. Hornor had been mixed up in some politics and was lynched by a band of truculent negro politicians. I-Ie left a wife and seven children. These are the facts that I have accumulated about my class up to the present time. My heart goes out to them with the wish for a long and prosperous life, full of peace and happiness, and only a small share of those griefs which come to all men as they grow older. Four years of affectionate intercourse can only be made more strong by the years that have separated us. May every 1900 man be ever true to our old motto, which through all the friction of the world has held me in good stead-always ready. Ready to oppose the bad and ready to support the good. Thanking you again for your invitation, and, if you publish this, for your indulgence to an old man, and trusting that your Ivv may be a success, with God's blessing in- voked for dear old Trinity, I remain Very sincerely yours, SAMUEL E. LUXE, Class of 1900, 104 fi 45fSLE'YX .27 Board of Editors FOI' l898:I899. '29 :H Nlanagizlg' Editor, Business Alanager, CRANSTON BRENTON, '95-J. REUEL ALLAN BENSON, '99. Literary Editor, AUBREY DARRELL VIBBERT, '99, DANIEL HUGH VERDER, '99. REGINALD NORTON WILLCOX, 'SEL 105 swf XYILLCOX. BRENTON. YIBBERT. BENSON. VERDER- '74 '75 '76. '77 '78 '79 '80 '81 '82 '83 '84 '85 '86 '87 '88 '89 '90 '91 DQ Cfilliw IW. 5.22 EdiI0l'S. P. H. Whaley, G. M. Dubois, S. H. Hewlett, H. E. Whitney. W. D. Sartwelle, H. M. Hooper, C. D. Scudder, G. W. Lincoln, E. W. Worthington. I. Hiester, E. N. Burke, H. V. Rutherford, W. W. Gillette, YV. C. Skinner. A. M. Clarke, R. H. Coleman, W. E. Rogers, J. E. Kurtz, G. H. Norton. W. C. Blackmer, R. M. Campbell, G. H. Moiiett, I. C. Duell, H. B. Scott. W. N. Elbert, Managing Editor, Orr Buffington, A. Harding, J. S. Carpenter, S. G. I Fisher. G. Kneeland, W. R. Leaken, YV. L. Crosby, C. G. Williams, J. C. Barrows. G. B. Pattison, Jllanaging Editor , L. C. Washburne, A. W. Reineman,W. T. Elmer, G. S. Huntington. C. Carpenter, Managing Editor, C. H. Carter, C. E. Hotchkiss, D. M. Bohlem, R. T. Reineman. F. Rossevelt, Managng Editor," H. L. Golden, H. W. Thompson, A. H. Wright, J. R. Carter. E. L. Purdy, Managing Editor, W. R. Sedgwick, W. S. Barrows, F. D. Bullzley, E. S. Van Zile, E. S. Hills. S. T. Miller, Managing' Editor, -H. Nelson, jr., H. B. Loomis, A. Codman, J. R. Cunningham. H. R. Heydecker, Managing Editor, G. E. Beers, E. C. Niles, E. B. Hatch, A. H. Anderson, '87, W. I. Tate. A. H. Anderson, Managing Editor, G. C. Carter, G. S. Waters, C. W. Bowman, F. B. Whitcombe, O. A. Sands. M. C. Warner, Managing Editor, I. P. Elton, L. W. Downes, A. McConihe, R. C, Eastman, H. M. Belden. C. H. Remington, Managing Editor, R. H. Schtitz, S. F. Jarvis, -Ir., A. E. Wright, A. Millard, R. C. Tuttle. I G. P. Coleman and G. W. Miner, Maiiagizzg Editors, G. T. Macauley, Literary Editor, G. T. Warner, C. S. Griswold, R. MCC. Brady, R. H. Hutchins. E. B. Finch, Illazmging Editor, J. B. Burnham, Literary Editor, A. C. Graves, I. W. Hughes, J. F. Plumb, E. F. Pressey. 107 '92 '93 '94- '95 '96 '97 '98 H. S. Graves and W. O. Orton, Blanaging Editors ,' T. H. Yardley, Literary' Editor ,' R. F. Humphries, C. A. johnson, Ernest Randall. Reginald Pearce, Alanazgng Editor ,' R. P. Bates, Literaqv Editor, W. F. Collins, XV. E. Conklin, james Cullen, Jr., J. NV. Lewis, W. P. Niles. W. W. Vibhert and C. F. Weed, Adanaging Editors ,' P. R. Wesley, Literary Editor,- G. XV. Ellis, H. T. Greenley, N. T. Pratt. R. H. Macauley and F. S. Burrage,Mar1aging Editors ,' David YVillard, Literary Edirorg E. P Hamlin, XV. 'W. Reese, S. K. Evans, A. F. Miller, E. M. Yeoinans. L. Potter and E. Parsons, Dlaziaging Editors ,' P. T. Custer, Literary Editor ,' M. H. Coggeshall, W. F. Dyett, W. T. Olcott, C. H. Street, S. K. Zook. H. W. Allen and G. S. McCook, llflanaging Editors ,' W. S. Danker, Literary Editor ,' G. E. Cogswell, G. T. Hendrie, H. YV. Hayward, P. M. Wood, H. T. Sherriff, M. F. Chase. M. R. Cartwright and Philip Cook, Blanagng' Editors, H. R. Remsen, Literalji' Editor ,' YV. M. Austin, H. J. Blakeslee, D. C. Graves, T. H. Parker, Alexander Pratt, jr., P. S. Smithe. '99, CSB. Hedrick and J. XV. Nichols, Illanaging Editors ,' R. A. Benson, Literally Editor, Aubrey Vibhert, F. A. McE1wain, J. B. Bunn, F. S. Bacon, C. A. Smith. 1900. W. C. Hill and F.W. Prince, Managing Editors ,' H. A. Hornor, Literary Editor ,' T. G. Case, E. P. Taylor, A. S. Titus, E. M. Tracy. 108 1 3 1, PRINCE. HILL. TITUS. I-IORNOR. TAYLOR. CASE. TRACY. IllbI'dl'V OIIIIIIHIQQ. .8 .29 THE PRESIDENT OF TI-IE COr.I.RG15. CHARLES J. HOADLY, LL.D. PROFESSOR SAMUEL IAIART Assistants. IOHN 'W. NICHOLS. J. G. MCILVAINE. LIBRARY HOURS. Monday ..................................... 12-1, 2-4 Tuesday .......... ..... ..... 8 . 45-9.45, 11- Wednesday ................................. 11-1, 2-3 Thursday .............. 8.45-9.45, 11-12, 2- Friday ......... ...................... 1 0-12, 2- Saturday ........... ...................... , .... 9 .45- The whole number of volumes now registered as in the library is 38,520, besides about 3,400 duplicate volumes, about 25,000 pamphlets, and about 6,000 duplicate pamphlets. 716 volumes were added to it during the year 1897-98. Of these 196 were ob tained by purchase, 2 by exchange, and 518 by gift. STATISTICS OF CIRCULATION. 1894--5. 1895-6. 1896-7 General Works ........................ 8 9 6 Philosophy and Sociologyl 284: I 95 140 Theology .......................... I """' 1155 157 Philology and Classics ........... 135 99 164 Science and Art ...................,..,... ...... 2 05 123 114 Periodicals ................................................ 177 191 153 English Fiction .......................................,.... . 157 210 173 English Essays, Poetry, and Dramal 247' 1.13 87 Other Literature .............................. I """"' ' 31 81 History, Biography, and Travel .............. 321 241 229 Total ........ 1,534 1,267 1,304 110 1 7:2 1 . ff 1'5W?.xX? V M. H if 71 N N 'X .7 Z f Hfiif hu- " 1,71 Q , .""-' Sv: wwf ,"ff? fSn.f' Q 4, g 'Q j H1171 'gl f' f f ' . ,I TQ-W' 1 V, ' 1,5 - , - f f ':-- 9A.'z:fj?" ' f 'Fri I ,MMI V ,f 14462 kSgiH!,3xQ x V-.M 4 ' Mx ss :xy .Ns N gy Ag , ff I1 -7 ,,,. 1.10, ,.- ff v,, -A-55.I:5:!fn:z. , xx E Qgwzfffisfwj. , gg, - Lfdgffaf. hw! www? xgfg-4,554 - Xxgglnjigag M 'Qfiwx my WQQLSQU' w-ff-1,2 Mrziiyf 'wzigai mg-z-sf X Am! f . . .34 Hfhlulal MXL. I M7-if 1 'yi-Elf W" QQ we . ,MQQZ . 410 liix T! ?f7' " XE. V ffl ' K 4553 .24 111 i U79 DQW Ellgldlld llllQl': Ollegiate Htbletie HSSOCidli0ll. V995 0ffiC2I'S, l898:' 99. Presidezz t ,.... Vice-Presidezz t, Secretary, . T reasurer, . C. I. DEVVITT, Amherst. . S. PRATT, Brown. C. BILLINGTON, Wesley R. NIURRAY, M. I. T. Executive Qommittee. ZII1. Chairman, C. I. DEWITT, Amherstg J. R. KENT, Tuftsg T. A. LYNCH, Dartmouth N. R. BUGE, W. P. I.g C. N. PIODDARD, Williams. Che Hssoeiation. Amherst College. Bowdoin College. Brown University. Dartmouth College. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Trinity College. Tufts College. Wesleyan University. Williams College. Worcester Polytechn University of Maine. , 112 ic Institute Che Cwelftb Hnnual Zbampionsbip meeting. may 2, uses. OIZZ-NZZYE Rzm, L. WR1oH'r, Brown, 4 min. 242 see. IUOYCQSTQY, mass., .99 .23 Hafnzile Run. D. C. EIALL, Brown, 2 min. A. E. J. BRAY, Vifilliams. T. P. GOODBODY. S. Twohmile Bicycle. P. MURRAY, M. I. T., 5 min. 175 sec. A. J. B. k1CINTYRE, Dartmouth. C. DUDLEY, Amherst. C. 100 yard Dash. A. CURTINIUS, Amherst, 10 sec. C. M. CALLAHAN, Williams. A. C. G. MCDAVITT, Dartmouth. J. 120-yard Ifmfdle. P. POTTER, Williams, 16 see. J. E. F. IQENDALL, Brown. T. W. CHASE, Dartmouth. 4.510 yard Run. F. K. TOLE, Brown, 512, sec. STRONG, Amherst. F. B. DUTTON, M. I. T. F. Rmming Hzlgh jump. W. E. PUTMAN, JR., M. I. T., 5 ft. 716 in. F. I. K. BAXTER, M. I. T. L. F. 113 O. P. P. E. L. CAREY, Wesleyan. FURLISH, Amherst. 220-yard Dash. CURTINIUS, Amherst, 222 sec. BILLINGTON, Wesleyan. M. CALLAHAN, Williams. Two-wife Run, N. BEAN, Brown, 10 min. sec. L. WRIGI-IT, Brown. BRAY, Williams. Pale Vault. L. I'IURLIiUR'P, Wesleyan, 11 ft. 614 in S. YVILDER, Dartmouth. 16 pound S6012 S. VVILDER, Dartmouth, 38 ft. lw iu. R. GODFREY, Bowdoin, 37 ft. 715 in. CoRsoN, Dartmouth, 36 ft. SDM. in. 161001672621 Hd77Z7lZE1'. C. INGALLS, Trinity, 119 ft. S. OAKES, Dartmouth, 110 lt. 10 in. CORSON, Dartmouth, 102 ft. 1 in. Rznzmbzg Broad jump. Throwivzg' Discus. F. W. C1-msn, Dartmouth, 21 ft. SW in. Wxxsww, Amherst, 104 ft. GLADXYIN, Amherst, 20 ft. G. L. Novlzs, Wesleyan, 101 ft GV in Amherst, . Brown, . Dartmouth, M. I. T., . Williams, . G. 1. CAPP, M. I. T., 97 ft. TV Records ESIGDIISUQCI. HaM1nile Run.-D. C. I-IALL, Brown, 2 min. One-mile Run.-A. L. WRIGHT, Brown, 4 min. 249A sec. Two-mile Bicycle.-P. NIURRAY, M. I. T., 5 min. 17M sec. Two-mile Run.-O. N. BEAN, Brown, 10 min. SQ sec. 100-yard Dash.-A. CURT1N1Us, Amherst, 10 sec. Pole Vault -J. L. EIURLBURT, Wesleyan, 11 ft. Gin. 220-yard Hzardle.-G. P. BURCH, M. I. T., 254 sec. E. F. ISIENDALL, Brown. Slll11l11dI'l,' of POHITS. . 24 Wesleyan, . . 24 Bowdoin, . . 23 Trinity . . 21 W. P. I., . . 15 Tufts, 114 Crinitv Zollege Htbletic Hssociation l89S:99. al .29 President, Vice-Pffesidefzl, E. G. LITTELL, '99. D. S. CORSON, '99. Secrefary, Treaszzrer, C. W. PIENRY, '99. W. H. EATON, '99. Execuz'z've Committee. J' W. NICHOLS, '99, J. H. K. DAVIS, '99. W. B. SUTTON, '99. E. G. LITTELL, '99, C. W. HENRY, '99. D. L. SCHYVARTZ, '00. A. H. ONDERDONK, '99. M. G. PIAIGHT, '00, Q W. P. BROWN, 'O1. Trophy Room Commilfee. W. B. SUTTON, '99, A. D. VIBIZERT, '99. 115 Graduate Hthletic Zemmittee. Q9 .3 Clzairman, Prof. F. S. LUTHER, Affembers, Prof. F. S. LUTHER, '70, term expires in 1899. PERCY S. BRYANT, '70, term expires in 1901. EDXVIN S. ALLEN, '94-, term expires in 1900. HE chief duties of the Committee are to act as advisers to the undergraduates on all important athletic matters, to endorse such appeals to the alumni for the sup- port of athletics as may meet with their approval, to take entire charge of and manage the Athletic Field, and to act through its Secretary-Treasurer as auditors of the accounts of the various athletic treasurers of the College. They also have power to demand the resignation of any athletic officer who, in theirjudgment, is incompetent to fulfill the duties of his position. -29 Undergraduate Htbletie ommittee. .5123 Clzairmazz, PRESIDENT T. C. A. A. ZVI em bers, E. G. L1'r'r1zLL, '99, President of the Athletic Association. M. G. PIAIGHT, '00, Manager of the Foot Ball Team. W. P. BROXVN, '01, Captain of the Foot Ball Team. D. L. SCHVVARTZ. '00, Manager of the Base Ball Team. C. W. HENRX', '99, Captain of the Track Athletic Team. HE duties of the Committee are to elect the Graduate Athletic Committee fsuch election to be ratihed by the Collegej, to consult the Graduate Committee on all important athletic matters, to determine the amount each athletic organization shall contribute for the support of the Athletic Field, and to decide all questions as to the use of the Athletic Field on any particular date. 116 T. C. A. A. 1lIfQl':20llQgidf2 HINQHC Udlll-IS99. 100 and 220-yard Dash 440-yard Dash, . 11:15 mile Run, . One-mile 7 Run, T wo-milf 120-yard Hurdles, . 220-yard Hzgfzfzzmp, . Broadfump, Pole Vault, Sho! and Ilammer, Bicycle, . . . Discus, . 5.29 Captain, C. W. HENRY, '99. HENRY, '99, RICH, '99, SCHYNARTZ, '00, WEED, '02 TUKE, 'O2. HENRY, '99, BR1NLEY, '01, RUDD, 'O1. BRADIN, '00, WATERMAN, '01, RUDD, '01. ADDIS, '99, CASE, '00, TOMLINSON, '00, TRACY, '00, MITCHELL, 'O1. LITTELL, '99, BRINLEY, '01, WALKER, '02, XZVEED, '02. LITTELL, '99, VIBBERT, '99, STURTEVANT, '01, SCHXVARTZ, '00, STURTEVANT, '01, BRINLEY, '01, WEED '02, LAUBENSTEIN, '02. STURTEVANT, '01, VVEED, '02, NIERRIAM, 'O2. INGALLS, '99, BRINLEY, '01, SYPHAX, 'O2. H EATON, '99, BURBANK, '01, YVALES,'O1, EVANS, '01, HUD SON, '01, NIERRIAM, '02, INGALLS, '99, BRINLEY, '01, 117 BRINLEY. XVATERMAN fMGR.D l LECOUR. HENRY Q CAPTJ INGALLS s'ruRTEv.axT. Rxcu. scHwAR'rz. 1 IIICIOOI' mwf. EVENT. Pole Vanll .............. .... 5 Rope Clirnbing ....,., ...... 5 20-yard Dash ................ ...... JL Smmzifzg Hzlgh jump .....,. .... 3 Pulling 16-Pound Shol ...... 2d Parallel Bars ............ lst Running Hzlglz jnanp ........ .... 2 d, Sd, Fence Vaal! ...... ...... i Hzgh Kia ........ ...... 1 iff Polalo Rare lsi 1 y lst, I .al er XVINNERS. STURTEVANT fbrcaking college rccurdj ....., 9 ft. 8 in. NIERRIAM ....................... ...........,. 8 ft. 9 in. TUKE ,..........,.. ....... 7121. sec. NIERRIAM ...... ....... 7 2 sec. RICH.. .... .... . ..... . . ..... 3 sec. HENRX'. ................. . ........ LITTELL, 1 - T t STURTEVANT, I le a 4 ft. 8 in. INGALLS, breaking college record ..37 ft. 1 in. WOODLE ...... .................................. 3 4: ft. 5 in. MERRIAAI ....................................... TUKE ......... .. LITTELL ...... ................. ....... 5 fl t. LLM in VIBBERT, 1 - - STURTEVANT, I T16 at ....... ....... 5 ft, 35M 111 L1'1xTELL, -A - BRINLEY, ?T1L at ....... ....... G ft. 516 1n STURTEVANT ......... ....... 8 ft. LLM in VIBBERT ...... HENRY ......... CLAP P ...... ...... McCrackan Cup won by Sfcurtevant, '01. Points Won by '99, 12165 by '00, Og by'01, 10 Mg, by '02, 6. Referee, Prof. F. S. LUTHER. judges, Prof. J. J. MCCOOK. Prof. F. C. BABBITT. W. MCA. JOHNSON, fadges of Parallel Bars, Mr. P. J. ZIGLATZKI. Mr. WM. WINKLEMAN, Of the Hartford Turnerbund. Cofnfnillee of Arrangemenls, HENRY, '99, LITTELL, '99. NICHOLS, '99. Sforers, A Announcer, I-Lxml-IT, 'O0. Frsmz, 'O1. NICHOLS, '99. Slarler, Mr. G. B. V1zL'rE. 119 ,954 l'illilV HIDIQUC RQCOYGS. INDOOR RECORDS. EVKNT. Rucoun. NAME. n.x'1'E. Rope climbing. 7 s. A5EgE2E"flJS0'i' Davis, '94-. Sinuding high jump. -1- ft. SK, in. Baxter, '99. Mzu'ch,1S96. WRuuning high jump. 5 ft. 1 114 in. Baxter, '99. IMau'cl1, 1S97. High kick. 9 ft. Baxter, '99. March, 1897 Fence vault. G ft. S in. Applegate, 'S7. April, 1885. -!Putting IG-lb. gmt. 37 ft. G in. Iriga1ls,'99. 1399. OUTDOOR RECORDS. A Evnwr. RECORD. 1 NAME. DATE. - w 100-yard dash. IOM, s. W A. W. Strong, '94-. 1 Ma.y,1S92. 220-yard dash. 221m s. X H. S. Graves, '92. May, 1892. -1.40-yard dashi 51 s. NV. A. Sparks, '97 May, 1897. yrmile fun, 2 min. s. R. H. Hutchins, '90. May,1S9O. 1-mile run. -1- min. 5-,L s. E. S. Allen, '93, May,1S92. 2-mi1e 1-un, 10 min. 39,2 s. W. C. White, '97. May, 1897. 120-yard hurdle. -W 17g s. I. K. Baxter, '99. Ma3', 1896. 220-yard llurdle. 27,2 s, E. DeK. Leflingwell, '95. May,1895, Running high jump. - 5 ft. 95 in. I. K. Baxter, '99. October, 1895 Running broad jump. 20 ft. 11 in. R.1VI.CampbCll. '78. May, 1878. Pole vault. R 9 ft.8ir1. F.R.Sturtev:Q1nt,'O1. 1899. K Putting 1Glb. shot. 39 ft. 714 in. 3 S. Cz1rter,'94-. 1893. 'lilii-owing 16-lh. hammer. 1 26 ft. M3 in. FiC.Ingal1s,'99. May,1S99. 2-mile bicycle race. W 5 min, S2 s. S. R. Fuller, 'OO. W October, 1898 120 Weight, Heigh t, tr cr rc rr rs Girth of cr rs : r H x 1 A 1 A H Ar standing, . sitting, of knee, of puhes, . of navel, . of sternum, head, . . neck, . . chest tnaturalj, . " Qexpandedl, . ninth rib tnaturalj, " " Cexpandedj, waist, . hips, . . right thi gh, . left thigh, right knee, left knee, . right calf, left Calf, . right ankle, . left ankle, right instep, . left instep, . right upper arm, . left upper arm, right elbow, . left elbow, . right forearm, left forearm, . right wrist, . left wrist, Depth of chest, . tt abdomen, Crinitv tlollege Strength and measurement Records. .aye 97. 1 kilos., 189. Cen., 105.5 'A 54 rr 100. " 116.5 " 158.8 " 62 41 4 109. ' 113. 5 ts 98. ' 105. 4 97. " 107 ' 68 68 42. 42 8 tx 2 tc x 3 rl 3 rr 41.8 " 41 rr 27. ' 26 26 5 11 9 u 26.8 " 36.9 35. 29. 29. 30. 29 20 19 27 27. 1 rt rr 5 4: A 6 :A 3 u . 4 4 2 AL 21 W. NECA. johnson, '98. Shirley Carter, '94, Chas. L. Burnham, '98 W. McA.johnso11, '98 ll il Al Shirley Carter, '94. it LK If WV. MCA. johnson, '98 Shirley Carter, '94 VV. MCA. johnson, '98. cr tr tt rc ra rn A it rr t Shirley Carter, '94. VV. MCA. johnson, '98. Al LL KK E. C. Stone, '0O. W. MCA. Johnson, '98, Shirley Carter, '94-. rs 14 rs ln rx st W. RICA. johnson, '98, Shirley Carter, '94-. It lt ti H .. .. W. MCA. Iohnson, 98. Breadth of head, . . neck, . . shoulders, . . waist, . . hips, . . nipples ,... Length, right shoulder to elbow, left shoulder to elbow, right elbow to linger tip, left elbow to finger tip, right foot, . . . left foot, . . . . of bocly, horizontal, . Stretch of arms, . Lung capacity, . . Strength of lungs, . . back, . . legs, . . . upper arms, . forearms, . . Best total strength, . Record, . 17. een., 12.2 " 50.7 " 31.9 " 37.7 " 25.5 " 4-0.5 " 410.5 " 52. " 52. ' 29. " 29. " 190.2 'A 200.4 " 330. cu. in., . 30.5l1ec., 300. kilos., . 590. " 233.7 " 117. " 1202.7 points. 122 H. J. Gunclackcr, '97. NI. J. Brines, '00. Shirley Carter, 'EJ-1-. W. MCA. johnson, '9S. Shirley Carter, '94. IW. MCA. Johnson, '0S. 1Elton G. Littell, '90. Elton G. Littell, '99. Shirley Carter, '94. E. S. Merriam, '02. Shirley Carter, '9fL. E. S. Merriani, '02, IW. A. Sparks, '97. 1C. H. Hill, 'O2. E. S. Merriam, '02. Compiled by GEO. B. VELTI5. '88 184, '85 '86 '87 , W. W. BARBER. '88, '89 '90 '91 -1 TOO! Ball QZIDIMIIS. S. H. GIESY. S. T. MILLER. W. W. BARBER. , W. W. BARBER. E. MCP. MCCOOK. - E. MCP. MCCOOK. T. P. THURSTON. W. C.'HILI.. H. S. GRAVES. .35 128 '92, G. D. HARTLEY. '93, j. W. EDGERTON. '94 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 1 1 J. STRAYNBRIDGE. W. S. LANGFORD, A. M. LRXNGFORD , A. S-. XIVOODLE. , W. B. SUTTQN. W. P. BROWN. 5-1 ING.-XLLS. VIBBERT. NICHOLS. ONDERDONK. NIC HOLS. XVHEELER. CLAPP LITTELL. XYOODLE. SUTTON KCAPTQ RICH. BACON. JOHNSON. SYPHAX. BRQWN. HENDERSON. BELLAMY. BRINLEY. BROXYN. YVEED ,,4f' I E OOLIIIIMII. 'dia N aww fl Mika DIRECTORS. ADRIAN ONDERDONK, M3112gCl'. ivilfl vi 5 -Q5 . . ,ZZ il ' t4 BMW '49 .1-yah, ,Aff 1' Ly" 'J T .' ' N .vu .f r bf' 'Y-9... 'a uf -- 14.-J. ' ,. I 'w I 5-,Q I I If 1 4, ll . I 'n 4 IRI. G. HAIGI-IT, Assistant l'VI6l11.2lg'CI' and Treasurer. CAPTAIN. W. B. SUTTON, '99. the Ceam. LINE. Left End, W. P. BROWN, 'OL ' Right Guard, W. MCA. JOHNSON, '98 R. B. BIQLLAMY, '01, G. BRINLEY, 'O1. Left Tackle, F. S. BACON, '99. Right Tackle, W. B. SUTTON, '99. Left Guard, F. C. INGALLS, '99, Right End, E. A. RICI-I, '99. Center, JAMES I-IIQNDERSON, 'O2. QUARTER-BACK. C. H. VVIIEELER, 'O1. T. P. BROWN, jr.,'OO. F. R. CLAPP, '02. I. W. NICHOLS, 'SEL LEFT HALF-BACK, FULL-BACK. RIGHT HALF-BACK. A. S. WOODLE, '99. A. H. WEED, '02, E. G. LITTELL, '99, W. M. NICHOLS, '01, CAPTAIN FOR 1899. W. P. BROXVN, '01. 125 T. J. M. SYPI-IAN, '02 G. BIQINLEY, 'O1. the Zonsolidated. CAPTAIN. MANAGER, E. S. Don1s1N, '99, M. G, I-Luc.11'r, '00 THE LINE. Lay? end, CLEMENT, '01, Rigid end, MERRIM1, '02. Lg? Zackle, HAIGIIT, 'O0. Rzgfht iackle, WEIISIEL, '02. LejfZgzza1'rl', DOBBIN, '99. Righlgmzrd, XIVYNKOOP, 'O1. Celzier, STONE, fSp.J QUARTER-BACK. CLAPP, '02, LEFT HALF-BACK. RIGHT HALF-BACK MORSE, '99. TUKE, '02. FULLTBACK. GLAz121sRooK, 'OO. SUBSTITUTES. ADDIS, '99. CLEMENT, '0O. COCHRANE, '01. HUDSON, 'O1. WILSON, '01, The substitute s on the regular team held positions on the Consolidated. 126 tl'ilIiW'S Base Ball ZGDTGHIS. R. BREVOORT. R. BREVOORT BROCKLESBY. BROCKLESBY. B. WATTS. B. WATTS. B. WVATTS. E. CRAIK. T. LINCOLN. S. IIEXVITT. E. ROGERS. W. NVI-IITE. N. ELIIERT. J. RODOERS. D. HOXYELL. H. NVRIGHT. M. ZKURTZ. E. JOI-INSON. .Bef , J. W. SHANNON. , J. W. SHANNON. , J. W. SHANNON. G. W. BRINLEV. T. L. CHERITREE. R. MCC. BRADY. H. S. GRAVES. H. S. GRAVES. G. D. LIARTLEY. , J. J. PENROSE. H. R. DINGXVALL. J. J. PENROSE. C. DUB. BROUGHTON , A. J. VVILLIAMS. M. H. COGGESHALL. , D. C. GRAVES. , D. C. GRAVES. ,J. H. K. DAVIS. 1900, H. MCK. GLAzEIsIzOOIi. 127 F ' ' S.- -x ll! .-.I .113 V - -- l' BRINES. NICHOLS. NVATERMAN, F. VIBBERT. CLEMENT. DAVIS. MC NEIL GLAZEBROOK. GRAVES. WATERMAN, E. SUTTON. BUXN. YVHEELER. COOKE. FISKE. PECK. BROYVX. BELLAM Y. W D .- .E E 'ffW""'-7' Q Z' 176 ,91 ' 0 I l 1 'Q 1'f.H'1f'1 ' ' lf f H A. ,, 4 x "M ,, ,, . 1 ..: fX,.. x,2WmhLgi 47 h. ,,.:I A, 3 DIRECTORS. M. R. CARTXVRIGHT, '98, Se1zz'a1'Di1fec!01f. A. D. Vm1:ERT, '99, Jfanager. M. G. IIAIGHT, '00, Assisianl Jfzzvzager. team for 1898. D. C. GRAVES, '98, Capfzzivz. SU'r'1'ON, '99, c. R. E. PECK, '01, GRAVES, '98,'I 1 b. GRAVES, '98, BUNN, '99, lp. 1 BROWN, '01, l. f. '2 b. BUNN, '99, I YVATERMAN, '98,l f FISKE, '01, 3 lu. DAVIS, '99, fc' I GLAZEBROOK, '00, s. s. BELLAMY, '01, 1-. f. SUBSTITUTES. BRINES, '00, GREEN, '99. VVHEELER. 'O1. DqCNISIL, '01. CLEMENT, '01. NICHOLS, 'O1. Cool-QE, '01. WATERM.-xN, '01, 129 April 12 li 15, u 21, ia 22, ll 26, it 29, May 6, rs 10, H 17, ss 18' xl 20, rl 24, ll 27, june 6 BGSQ Ball SCDQCIIIIQ lOl' IS99. .33 Holy Cross vs. Trinity, Rockville vs. Trinity, Fordham vs. Trinity, University of New York vs. Trinity, Springfield vs. Trinity, Hartford Theological Seminary Vs, West Point vs. Trinity, Amherst Aggies vs. Trinity, Morse Business College vs. Trinity, University of Maine vs. Trinity, Yale Law School vs. Trinity, Amherst vs. Trinity. Tufts vs. Trinity, University of Vermont vs. Trinity, 130 at at :L lr u Trinity, " at xl at ll NVorcester. Rockville. Fordham. New York. Springfield Hartford. West Point Amherst. Hartford. Hartford. Hartford. Amherst. Hartford. Hartford. I-xELL,xMY. BRINLEY. STURTEVANT. cLmrEN'r. GLAZEHROOK Con-'r.j HENDERSON. NERRIAM. CYIIIIIV Gollege BZISRQI Ball adm. Q22 '29 CAPTAIN. H. Mcli. GLAZEUROOK, '00. MANAGER. G. BRINLEY, '01, FORWARDS. I-I. MCK. GLAz1:uRoo14, '00. F. R. STURTEVANT, 'O1. CENTER. JAMES HENDERSON. LEFT GUARD. RIGHT GUARD G. B1uN1.x2x', 'O1. R. B. B1s1.1.,xmx' SUBSTITUTES. M. W. CLEMENT, 'OL E. S. NIERRIAM, '02. 131 MCILVAINE. CLEMENT. HAIGHT. TAYLOR. ARNOTT. GLAZERROOK. SCI-YWARTZ, Capt. BRADIN. BRINES. BROVVN. PRINCE. l900 Foot Ball adm.- CAPTAIN, D. L. SCHWAR'IfZ. 'Che team. LINE, Lfyft end, W. ARNOTT. Jhlght guard, - 1 Lejf! zfaclale, J. K. CLEMENT. Right tackle, M. G. HAIGI-IT. Ley? guard, D. L. Sc1f1wAR'rz. Right enfi, J. W. BRADIN. Cenlre, E. P. TAYLOR. QUARTER-BACK, T. P. BROVVN. LEFT HALF-BACK, FULL-BACK, RIGHT HALF-BACK M. 1. BRINES. H MCK. G1.AzErsRoo14. F. W. PRINCE. 132 N N BRADIN. GLAZEBROOK. TAYLOR. SCHWAR1-z. BRINES, Capt. PRINCE. l900 CYZICR adm. .al el CAPTAIN, M. J. BRINES: D. L. SCHWARTZ. j. W. BRADIN. F. W. PRINCE. E. P. TAYLQR. H. MCK. GLAZEBROOK.. 133 SCHYVARTZ. HORNOR. MCILVAINE BRINES. BRADIN. GLAZEBROO K. TAYLOR, PRINCE. cLm1EN'r. ARNOTT. WOO BGS? Ball Qdlll. .29 .99 CAPTAIN, I-I. MCK. GLAZEUROOK. MANAGER, J. G. MCILVAINE. Che team. MCK. GLAZEIBROOK, c. B. JEWETT, 1 b. J. BRINES, 2 b. B. VON H. ARUNDELJ3 b I . W. PRINCE, H. Fox, I f P. TAYLOR, Ir' 134: AsS. TITUS, p. A. ARNOTT, s. s. D. L. SCHWARTZ, 1. f. J. K. CLEMENT, c. fi H. A. HORNOR, I 5. W. BRADIN, JR., fsubs URI' IGSS teams. U9 .99 '99 'foot Ball team. W. B. SUTTON, Caplain. E. A. RICH, B. K. MORSE, E. S. DOBBIN, F. C. INGALLS, A. H. ONDERDONK, F. S. BACON, T. E. ADDIS, J. W. NICHOLS, H. D. GREEN, A. D. VIBBERT, E. G. LITTELL. '99 Crack team. C. W. HENRY, Captain. T. E. ADDIS, F. S. BACON, E. S. DOBBIN, B. K. MORSE, E. G. LITTELL, J. W. NICHOLS, H. C. OYVEN, E. A. RICH, A. W. B. SUTTON H. D. GREEN, J. W. NICHOLS, BELLAMY, W. P. BROWN, COOKE, R. FISKE, VAN DE XVATER, COOKE, 9 '99 BGS? Ball Udm. J. H. K. DAVIS, Caplain. F. S. BACON, J. B. BUNN, B. K. MORSE, 1991 Base Ball team. FISKE, Captain. F. C. INOALLS, A. H. ONDERDONK, D. VIBBERT. A. D. VIBBERT, E. A. RICH, H. C. OXVEN. XVATERMAN, CLEAIENT, YVHEELER, IXACNEIL, NICHOLS, C. C. PECK, R. E. PECK, VAN DE WATER. 1991 'foot Ball team. C. C. PECK, Manager. WATERIIIAN, W. P. BROXVN, BRINLEY, NICNEIL, POXVEL, BELLAIIIY, C. H. WHEELER, XVYNKOOP, W. M. NICHOLS 135 l9Ol Pin Iiockev team. COOK, Capizzin. R. Fxslcxs, C. C. PECK, R. E. Placlq, AICNEIL, C. H. W1-ua12L1sR, B1:L1,,xMx'. l90l track team. W,x'r1zm1,xN, EVANS, POXYIEL, B1c1xLEx', KIITCIIELL, S'ru1:'r1ax'.xN'r. l90l Basket Ball team. W, P. BROXVN, Capl, '97-'98, BELL,xMx', '98-'99, Cenler, B131.I..xx1x'. Forwards, hII'l'CHE1.L, N101-1013, DER G'1nrz1'ds, BRINLIEY, CI.EMI5x'r, XVALIES. waz Base Ball team. IILQNDERSON, Caplaivz. YVIIEELER, Illcznager. CLAPP, BACKUS, BARTON, GOODRIDGE, YVEIIXEI., XVIIITE, TUNE, YVALKER, I-Iowa, IIYD13. l902 Basket Ball fkdlll. IVIERRIAM, Caplain. PIENDERSON, Sx'Px'I,xx, PIILL, CLAPP, XNEEII. l902 FOOT Ball fedm. 1'IENDERSON, HILL, BR,x1m1f1I5Ln, XVEIIKE MERRMM, Hfxcrcus, B,uvmN, Tuma. CLAIM-, Syl-lux, WELD. l902 fl'dCk CQZIIII. ' SYI'H.xx, Mlzlzlzlmr, CLAPP, TUKE, GOODRIIJGE, 1'1ILI., W,xLKER 136 1 fn! Z sLiii7iiggg2iZgw K, -1. .. -- f ., V T .5 ULZELE 'f 5 - ' e f. ..,:: i' ff , an- M ff. 1 ., f C? A 5 Q12 M : ' 2 , .Og ...p,--,wf:21 via? , Ab ,ggi E 7 if SU'HW ,fly--A'f,jj af" 1 ,rw .X,,,' ,,".'-11 f ' . ff pf. 519 .ff - 1, .fy Mfg President, D. L. SCHWARTZ. T reasurer, E. P. TAYLOR. MEMBERS, A. D. VIHBERT. C. A. SMITH. E. S. DOBBIN. W. H. EATON. G, T. KENDTXL. EI. K. CLEMENT. A. S. Trrus. W. C. HILL. H. S. BRADFIELD. 137 T. G. CASE. R. H. Fox. H. A. PIORNOR. F. W. PR1Nc1s. S. W. COOK. O. J. STORY. P. BARTON. j. H. AIAGINNIS 'pf' -'Tia M R x :"x5 S. A 5W 'pf' 5 Z7 - X S" J Q RX .6 14:-U "' Y. ' N X :ff f X -S 1 23, I .aff X , u 'ffl , ff ' 'L " , f I V X ww i w TW XQ ZZ M ' " " 4 ' 7 'A "1 WN X W X QM' A fywf- ia W , , VW ' "'f.'fwf WMWMWMI I 'W I ZWWEJIQIE mlm MXT'xWF'. lv l, 'V f In X 1, 'Nu I' i .-I1 'I P J WI' V gin 'J I. 'My vw I I x iillffffglll XM? 775 IQIWWI! Wvllu ,ff f' Q ' E-25.1 is .fiff '- , ' .Jffswj .f 11 - s ii 5 5 E3 3 ? E S 5 , E1 5: Q - -A i EI 2,24 , ' 1' I iz, ,352 S VN 'iff 1 4 , pw- - 2 fc - .2 ,f ' . ,,,,, f , - 157 - 1 ' ' X 20 :J 1 ,Q -2 ' " if fc L , . , 1 5 f 1 2 - ' Il ...., y . , , ,- K3 i f ' lH"i!l'ls !4.' .IlHIIlHW , fl f ' f N , . " " ' , 'I Ig! nm. . ll Iii I 'mm ! WH' J i HIIH III llllll N1 H' HHH f l fHlHf f uwuaaf m ffH1' H1 mu vnmuunuuw , u - "' ' I . H - v I I Il ,J , n II w ww , !lK ! IllUIVllYi1ILH!lI u H m m mmm 1 'fW'1"f'11WWM ' uw u 1 11uJu11u 1 fm: mm vw v ,ww ffa11f f n I H rl IH mmm H+ M111 ll HH 11, 51 ,,s1WfIW111 Ifr4l'TFfFT"W W'fTU4IlHTmI ' 0ffiC2l'S of mllSiCdl 0l'gdl1iZdii0IlS. Q29 92 President. BRYAN ICILLIKELLY MOIZSE. Manager. Assistant llflanzzger. JOHN VVILLIAMS NICHOLS. JAMES MERRYMIIN WALKER fa! SEASON 1898-'99, CONCERTS AT CATHEDRAL LYCEU M, ALUMNI HALL. ROCKVILLE. 139 9-9,- McCook. XVilson. Horner. C!ement. Vibbert. XValker. Glazebrook. Burban-:l-:. Lillell. Schwartz. Carson. XVoodle. B mdiielrl Prince. Colloque. Nichols 1Mgr.j Brines QLe:xclex.j Morse. Mcllvainc, Xvhutlcr. Maginnis. Benson. Henry. flvorlcn. M. J. BRINES, '00. C. W. HENRl', '99. j. W. NICHOLS, '99 A. D. VIUBERT, '99, H. D. WILSON, '01. A. S. WOODLE, '99. H. A. HORNOR, '0O. M. J. BRINES, '0O. L. R. BENSON, '99. Crinitv Zollege Klee Club. 3.19 LEADER. MOSES J. BRINES. FIRST TENORS. E. S. CARSON, '02. SECOND TENORS. FIRST BASSES. E. G. LITTELL, '99. SECOND BASSES. ZOIIQQQ QIIGNQIW. H. S. BRADNELD, '02 fSub.D 141 R. B. GOODEN, '02. H. MCK. GLAZEBROOE ' J. K. L. R. J. M. H. S. G. G. C. W. G. G. CLEMENT, 'OO BENSON, '99. VVALKER, '01. BRADFIELD, 'O BURBANK, '01 HENRX', '99, BURBANK, '01 Che Crinitv Zollege mandolin lub. .Bal Director, BRYAN KILLIKELLX' BIORSE, '99. First Diandolins, B. K. NIORSE, '99. 0. P. COLLOQUE, '99, F. W. PRINCE, '00. I. G. MCILXVIXINE, '00. J. K. CLEMENT, '00, O. J. STORY, '01. Second Nlaudolins, A. D. VIBBERT, '99, C. H. VVHEELER, '01. W. H. WHEELER, '02 DI:-Ludola, V J. H. BIAGINNIS, '02. Violin, D. L. SCHXVARTZ, 'O0. Cello. A. T. MCCOOK, '02. Guitars, L. R. BENSON, '99. A. S. VVOODLE, '90. 143 HOIPFAIAN NIILLER. H. R. TI-IOAIPSON. G. P. INGERSOLL. A. P. BURGXYIN. J. R. BACON. T. H. YARDLEY. J. W. LEXVIS. E. F. BURKE. DEF. HICKS. G. S. MCCOOK. J. S. CARTER. Royal Eslvvtian String ctette, S. B. P. TROWIIRIIJGE. H. S. TYIARTINDALE. W. D. JNICCRACKAN. R. E. BURTON. .5 V99 B0ll0l'dl'V m0mDQfS. W H. BO.xRmI.xN. C A. AIfI-LETON. C W. BOXVMAN. G. H. HILI.S. C H. TALCOTT. H. P.-XRRISII. C. C. TROWIIRIDGE. W. C. D. WILLSON. E. DEK. LEFEINGWELL. O. T. PAINE. G. E. COGSXVELL. F F R P. JOHNSON. M. VERAIILYE. H. M.xcAULEx'. M. M. SIBLEY. E . C. BEECROI-AT. R. H. NELSON. E. B. I3UI.I1EI.EY R. S. SALTUS. I-I. T. GREENLEY C. A. LEXYIS. W. W. VIIIIIERT. P. J. MCCOOIQ. E. PARSONS. H. G. BARIIOUR. J. H. PAGE, JR. H. D. PLIMIITON M. R. CARTXYRIGIIT. L. G. REYNOLDS. BANJOS. J. H. K. DAVIS, 'DSL J. W. NICIIOLS, '99, W. H. EATON, '99. R. II. Fox, 'O0. DULCIMER. W. B. SUTTON, '99. SACKBUT. PSHAWMS. J. K. CLEMENT, '00, TIIEO. CASE, '00, CORNET.. A. R. VAN DE XNATER. Freshmen may come and Seniors may go But yet there remains the R. E. S. O. 144: wkh 'Q ,. 1.41 QQ 'if 3:5 X vt' 'X X ' '-' -2 - f- It N 6 Q Q14 q 519 lf' - SX AL fx Qiugjy v WE m TE. rg .mv ,. E I V , . ' - K hx N 'I "I: lf , xx C A ' N ! M ll 1 I :git A :, X . B , X 4 'A m 3 I 'B L , , 3 ,f -X '21 Q-,x A 2,510 i f 3 :QW - l:Ev.TjAN gf --MA ' Dali " 'N . I ' ' f - lx ,.-F X Fl ' h , DAX Q. - lf! - . X ' si T: 7- 'Lf"QfNQi3e ' X M M' 3, K.: in I ' IW ww ' , -: .ilhff E -, , , We .Elk B0llOl':mQll f0l' U72 YQGI' l897:98. .Bal TIIE CI-IEIIIICAL PRIZE ESSAY. First Prize, . Second Prize, . TUTTLE PRIZE ESSAY, . PRIZE VERSION DECLAIIIATION, . GOODVVIN GREEK PRIZES. First Prize, . Second Prize, . . . . PRIZES IN PITSTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE. First Prize, . Second Prize, . HOLLAND PRIZE SCIIOLARSHIPS. In the Class of 1899, . divided between In the Class of 1900, . In the Class of 1901, . HARTFORD ADIIITTITUR PRIZE, Thomas Ennnctt Addis. Aubrey Darrell Vibbert. Alexander Pratt, Jr. Albert Morey Sturtevant. Francis Raymond Sturtevant Aubrey Henry Derby. fNot awardedj Alexander Pratt, Jr. Harold Loomis Cleasby and Frank Arthur MCI-Elwain fNot awardcdj Frank Halsey Foss. Anson Theodore McCook. S fThe Prizes are arranged in the order of their foundation. 146 NIODERN LANGUAGE PRIZES. First Prize, . Albert MO1'Cy Sturtevant. Second Prize, . . Theodore Henry Parker. ALUMNI PRIZES IN ENGLISH COMPOSITION. Harold Loomis Cleasby. Woolsey McAlpine Johnson Frank Arthur McElwain. Victor Forrest Morgan. Alexander Pratt, jr. The winners of the Alumni Prizes were competitors for the FRANK W. WI-IITLOCK PRIZES. First Prize, Second Prize, . THE DOUGLAS PRIZE, . . TI-IE METAPIIYSIOAL PRIZE, TI-IE MACKAY-SMITH PRIZES. First Prize, . Second Prize, . 14-T Frank Arthur McElwain. Woolsey McAlpine johnson Alexander Pratt, jr. Philip Cook. fNot awardedj Simon Lewis Tomlinson. . ,ls Xf: f, 4 Irs W, 4 , "2 ,I . .ld , Jr' Qz- F .WC 5 ..z - ,Q 'Y Sufi ...NM , .' . ' 5 -' ,4 H.. 1 v-L 1, ,gg - ' ,ff 5. Qglff' ig xi-P, x v--5 "" v ' f-4' Q, 1 - nf .sf Xia wg f -E! ,H lf., -Ag. 1' Y , 0.3 A 7 .ff ,Q If V V I L yu A L br, 1,3 ,ra K ., X in 'N J, Q -wfsi - fi 1 - ' f' - 5f"Q1fu' fllfqii i . : 1 fc- Q, 2 -V 2 Q ' '14 -1--.f -. N- ., x - F '. -'J A N j w....g..:7. 5 4 '-425352-' ' x. O Q I 1 'ta-I 'fi , J, ' A "Q,,f3 V A . : ft X - 1 X- 1 x Q 1' . 'ix X 1-. li : --f-- 7' 'l X 1 14.8 U52 mQdllSd. SQIUOI' B0ll0l'dl'U SOCRW. flctive members. President, A. D. VIBBERT. Secretazj' and Treasurer, J, W. NICHOLS, A. S. Woonus. E. A. RICH, F. S. BACON. E. G. LITTELL. J. H. K. DAVIS. B. K, MoRsE. Hfddlldw mQmlJQl'S. Allen, Edwin Stanton, '94, Austin, 'W. M., '98, Barbour, Henry Grosvenour, '96, Barton, Charles Clarence, '93, Bates, Robert Peck, '93, Beecroft, Edgar Charles, '97, Broughton, Charles Du Bois, '95, Bulkeley, John Charles, '93, Carter, J. S., '98, Carter, Lawson Averell, '98, Carter, Shirley, '94-. Churchman, Clarke, '93, Coggeshall, Murray Hart, '96, ' Cogswell, George Edward, '97, Collins, William French, '93, Cullen, James, Jr., '93, Danker, Walton Stoutenburgh, Davis, Cameron Josiah, '94, Dingwall, Harrie Renz, '95, Edgerton, Francis Cruger, '94-. Edgerton, John Warren, '9LL. Ellis, George William, '94, Graves, D. C , '98, Greenley, Howard Trescott, '9 Hamlin, Edward Percy, '95, Hartley, George Derwent, '93, Hubbard, Louis Delioven, '93, '9 4. 149 Langford, Archibald Morrison, '97. Langford, 'William Spaight, Jr., '96, Lewis, John William, '93, Lord, J. W., '98, Lockwood, Luke Vincent, Macauley, Richard Henry, '95, McCook, George Sheldon, Niles, William Porter, '93, Olcott, William Tyler, '96, Paine, Ogle Tayloe, '96, Page, John Henry, '97, Parsons, Edgerton, '86, Pearce, Reginald, '93, Pelton, Henry Hubbard, '93, Penrose, John Jesse, Jr., '95, Remsen, H. R., '98, Reynolds, L. G., '98, Schiltz, Walter Stanley, '94, Sparks, William Albert, '97, Strawbridge, John, '95, Taylor, Charles Edward, '94, Vibbert, William Welsh, '94. Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew, '95 Weed, Charles Frederick, '94, '93, '97, Hlillson, Vlfilliam Croswell Doane, '93 Wilson, George Hewson, '93, Woffenden, Richard Henry, '93, M ,ff X 4 . f S ff im M f 241'Q2?0Ef 'i 'I I' ff 'A h p' X -iw : -Q Q W ,L J M KRW cw j - 1 E- x ' f . .i f 1 -2 mg Hanks fsssgggsgfi-f f f,7,2ff l Qf ,V -..LM I' ' N X X 51- 1' Xwyxymv f my fi'-1'NNX Km- Q W uf f W f M Vx ' X 1 W - x 1 M' N 'lik Crinitv ellege German Zlub. .295 President, BRYAN KILLIICELLY MORSE. Vice President, AUBREY DARRELL VIEIIERT. Secretary and Treasurer, HASLETT MCIQINI GLAZEBROOK. MEMBERS. G. BRINLEY, '01, W. P. BROYVN, '01. R. E. PECK, 'O1. A. R. VAN DE VVATER, '01. F. S. BACON, '99. CRANSTON BRENTON, '99, D. S. CORSON, '99. W. H. EATON, '99. - E. G. LITTELL, '99. B. K. NIORSE, '99. J. W. NICPIOLS, '99, W. B. SUTTON, '99. A. D. VIBBERT, '99. W. C. HILTO, '00. M. G. I-IAIGHT, '00. H. MQK. GLAZEBROOK, ' J. G. NICILVAINE, 'O0. D. L. SCHWARTZ, '0O. E. P. TAYLOR, 'OO. F. W. PRINCE, 'O0. First German, Second German, Tlzird German, Fourth German, Fifth German, Sixth German, LEADERS M. G. HAIGPIT, '00, B. K. MORSE, '99. H. MCK. GLAZERR C. BRENTON, '99. OOK, 'O0. JI. G. MCILVAINE, 'O0. E. P. TAYLOR, ,OO. 151 W. C. HILL, 'O0. J, W. NICHOLS, '99, D. L. SCI-IVVARTZ, 'OO W. H. EATON, '99. F. W. PRINCE, '0O. F. S. BACON, '99. 'Crinitv week. 159.99 Tuesday, Februanv 71311. THIRD TRINITY GERMAN. LEADERS. H. MCK. GLAZEBROOK, '00. D. L. Sci-iwiuwz. 'O0. Wednesday, February 8th, COLLEGE TEA, in Alumni Hall, from 4 to 6 P. M. Held under the management of the junior Ball Committee. Thursday, February 9th, " PISTOLS FOR TWO." " ONE TOUCH OF NATURE." Given by the jesters, assisted by the Mandolin Club. .The play was followed by dancing. 152 junior Ball GIVEN BY THE CLASS OF 1900. .3 U95 Committee. DAVID LOUIS SCHWARTZ, Clzaiffman. SIMON LEXVIS TOMLINSON, Sedy and Y?'eas JOHN GILBERT MCILXVAINE. MONROE GLEASON HAIGHT. HASLETT MCKIM GLAZEBROOK. FREDERICK WELLES PRINCE. Parrouesses Mrs. F. H. Adriance. Mrs. J. H. Hall. Mrs. H. C. Robinson. Mrs. F. B. Allen. Mrs. I. R. Hawley. Mrs. J. H. Root. Mrs L. A. Barbour. Mrs. J. M. Holcombe. Mrs. J. H. Rose. Mrs C. C. Beach. llflrs. F. L. Howard. Mrs. G. H. Seyms. Mrs T. B. Beach. Mrs. P. H. Ingalls. Mrs. R. N. Seyms. Mrs. I. W. Bradin. Nfrs. T. G. Littell. Mrs. P. L. Starr. Mrs C. B. Brewster. Mrs. F. L. Luther. Mrs. S. B. St. john. Mrs. J. C. Bulkeley. Mrs. C. H. Lawrence. Mrs. G. W. Smith. Mrs. Robert Buell. Mrs. 1.1. McCook. Mrs. G. R. Shepherd. Mrs H. B. Cheney. Nlrs. Frederick W. Prince. Mrs. W. C. Skinner. Mrs. F. R. Cooley. Mrs. William Porter, jr. Mrs. C. A. Taft. Mrs. H. L. Corwin. Mrs. W. H. C. Pynchon. Mrs. M. D. Thompson. Mrs R. W. Cutler. Mrs. Francis Parsons. Mrs. I. H. Twitchell. Mrs G. H. Day. Mrs. E. W. Perkins. Mrs. E. P. Taylor. Mrs G. W. Ellis. Miss Phelps. Mrs David Van Schaack Mrs C. N. Flagg. Mrs. George Perkins. Mrs E. S. Van Zile. Mrs Henry Ferguson. Mrs. H. S. Redheld, Mrs A. H. Washburn. Mrs C. C. Goodrich. Mrs. George Roberts. Mrs. G. G. Williams. Mrs Francis Goodwin. Mrs. W. L. Robb. Mrs G. C. F. Williams. 153 , li ' M ' 'J my Fa Crinitv College missionary Society. Founded 1 "Pro Chrislo el 832. Ecclesia. " C111-istmns Term, 1898. Hfesideni, C. W . EIENRY. Vice President, I. H. K. DAVIS. Secreiaijf, J. G. MCILY'AINE. Treasure Senior Chaplain, REV. T. R junior Chaplain, REV. H , PYNCHO r, E. G. LITTELL, '99 N, D.D., '41. ENRV FERGUSON. Trinity Term, 1899. Hfesidenl, I. W. N1 Vice Presidenl, F. A. MC Secrefzzijf, E. G. LITTELL, 'S-39. Senior Chaplain, REV. T. R. fnnior Chaplain, REV. H 154 CI-IOLS, '99. ELVVAIN, '99, Treasnrer, G. H. LIOLDEN. PYNCI-ION, D.D., '4f1. ENRY FERGUSON. Crinitv ollege bapel. Chaplain, The President ofthe College. Order of Services. Obligatory. Daily : Morning Prayer, 8.30 A. M. Sunday: 9.15 A. M. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday : 9.15 A. M. Ascension Day : 8.30 A. M Voluntary. I Sunday: Holy Communion, 8 A. M. Lent : Daily, 11.55 A. M. CLitany.j Holy Week: 11.55 A. Mg 9 P. M. Th311IfSgilfil1g Day: 10.30 A. M. Daibf .' Morning or Evening Prayer. Chapel Qboir. Leader, E. G. Lx'rTEL1,. LITTELL. HORNOR. GLAZEBRUOK. Blames. WOODLE. BENsoN. Fox. T1TUs. WALKER. PRINCE. Sci-IWARTZ. NVILSON. CLEMENT. VIBBERT. MCILVAINE. Organist, O. P. COLLOQUE. Chapel Monitors, A. H. ONDERDONK, D. S. CORSON. 155 Q27-5 . ,., Y- E i'I5,1'mi..'- .01 -..-,..,4- 32-'E - SUTTON, HORNOR. EATON. BRINES. NICHOLS. MOREHOUSE. MC ILVAIXE. KENDALL. QUAILE. YVALKER. BREXTON vi W g I 0" M Chairman, H. A. I-IORNOR. W. H. EATON. CRANSTON BRENTON, '99. M. II. BRINES, 100. A. S. TITIJS, '00, J. M. AVALKER, 'O1. 'JL ' 'M 0 ' I lu fgurfeaw - Alr wix ' f. Aix is V -.35 fhmmvgi. Ri ' - 'C-f., N 'N 31 LX XX X X413 UR KTQSTQYS. .22 .pr Staff. Stage Manager. HARRY ARCHER HORNOR Assistant Stage Manager. J. NIERRYMAN WALKER. Business lVI2LTl2.g61'. YVILLIAM H. EATON. Assistant Business Manager. JOHN D. EVANS. Executive Committee. A. S. TITUS. Dlembers. 157 Q5 ff Secretary, M. J. BRINES C. BRENTON. J. G. NICILVAINE, '0O. H. A. HIORNOR, 'OO. J. W. NICHOLS. '99. G. T. ICENDAL, '99. Qasts. Ar ,ar H 0l1Q COIICD of ndIlll'Q." A DRAMA IN ONE ACT. CAST. MR. WILLIAM PENHOLDER ...........................,............. ,.......... M OSES J. BRINES, 'OO. MR. BEAUMONT FLETCHER. ............................................. CRANSTON BRENTON, '99. QA Barrister and Dramatic A.Lltl101'.J MR. BELGRAVE ....... ..............,...............,............................. l ALLEN S- 'IITUSI 00- lH. A. PIORNOR, 'OO. JONES .....................,........................... ......,..........................,.. I HARRY A- HORNORI '00' IW. B. SUTTON, '99. fPorter, etc., to the Adelphi Chz1nIbers.j A1158 CONSTANCE BELMOUR ............................................... JAMES M. AVALKER, '01 SCENE-FiCtCl1C1'iS Clizunbers in the Adelphi. "Pistols Nl' CWD." A COMEDY IN ONE ACT. CAST. MAJOR ALLPUFF .............................. ................................. . ..CRANsTON BRENTON, 99. QMatrimOnially inclineclj CAPTAIN HARRY WILDER .......... ............ ........................ ......... I - I ARRI: A. PIORNOR, 00. QI-Iis NeplIew.J COLONEL SHAW .............,.............................................................. MOSES J. BRINES, 00 CAII Olastinztte Fatliemzj KATI-IARINE ....... .... .,........................................ I J - MERRYMAN WALKER, 01 G. T. ICENDAL, '99. CTlIe COlonel's Daughtei-.J SCENE-A Room in Colonel Si121VV'S Country Residence. "fill ill il TGS." A FARCE IN ONE ACT. CAST. ' MR. SIMONIDES SWANHOPPER ,.................... ..................... J OIVIN G. MCILXVAINE, 00 KA Model Young Bachelonj LAWRENCE LAVENDER ...... ..,..................,............................. A LFRED B. QUAILE, O2 CA Valet from MR. BLOOMFIELD BRAMBLETON ................... . ............ FRANK S. MOREI-IOUSE, 01 CA Country Gentlemzurl CICELY .....,.................................... ..................,.......................... J OIFIN W. NICIIOLS, 99 fB1'U.T11l3lC'tOl1'S Daughterj MATILDA JANE ....... ........ ...... ..................,.......... ............... G E O I IGE T. IQENDAL, '99 lA " Superior " Housemaiclj SCENE-A Parlor in Branibleton Hall. Performances. ALUMNI HALL ............. December 20, 1898. LAKEVVOOD, N, J ....... ....... M arch 17, 1899 PROSPECT CASINO ....... Januziry 19, 1899. EAST 1'.lARTFORD, CONN .... April 13, 1899. TRINITY YVEEK ........... February 9, 1899. FARMINGTON, CONN ...... ...April 20, 1899. ' NEW YORK, N. Y ............ May 9, 1899. 158 'agpgxqumg 'QSQHOQ Aqgugxl 'oplol Jxo Xqgslazxgrxfl 'gmaqgueqg 30 X1!S.19A!llfl '!?lSfq0lfAO11SN J1o lf1ESl3A!I-Ifl 'Biz-9ql9pg9H 'pa:1,1aa1aqMoN 'JMBN Ulfflg 1l1EfOU!ClU1OD 'oflqy druqbuqifl 'UFWQIAG -aqnzpgqsul xgonlfuq 'X1!S.I9A!LIH Lusqbdfqg 'QBQHOQ Bq1u1XX A1gs.raAguf1 Hsnuog 'QSQHOQ 93138 '112ss1eA 'QSQIIOO Sum 'AJ,gs.19Aguf1 uelfalsam 'Xqgugll 'xsuuv p112A11zH 9391103 fi:-JISQUQM 'agauog qqgzug '1f1!S,!9AlUf1 1XII.fLLlH "Sg.113d 'SZLIV xueag ap along 'UPIQUCI '-9391100 MEUTJJ, . 1 ' 'Nvavfao VOHNO ' KVNIHQ :IO vig ' 'mssug ao VHCVIV ' KANVNZIEIQ :IO vang 'v1NvA'1AsNNer,1 so vmag v1Nvn.'msNNs1C1 H0 vHa'1V ' 'XHOA MHN :IO YXLOI ' 'Eulogy AXEIN ao VJLHHL ' 'xzlojg MSN ao vig ' 'zluogg MEIN :IO VJXHZ 'TIHOA AXEIN ao NOTISJH ' KPIPIOA MEN ao vaflzrq ' 'znrojg MEIN ao Vwwvg ' 'Xuojg AKEN :IO VMLHH ' 'Xuojg AXEIN fro VHIVIV '.Lr1o1.Loe1NNo3 ao vang 'LQQILQHNNOQ :IO vHd'1V 'smlasnrlovssvw no vwmvg SMLLEISIIH ovssvm ao vmsrg ' 'SJ.,I,EISi1IIOVSSYI'Xf do vH.1'1V ' ' KEIONVUH ao vmsrg ' 'eloxvug Jo YI-1f1'1V ' 'GNWIQIHI ao VHcI'1V 'NIVLIEIQ MLVHXQ Jo VHCVIV 'S.l81dl'flZ Wlllll? 10 H051 F 24" 'BWIIOZ Swpllllm pup Itwul 'sur Us DSPHHOCI 'gqd 135,23 eddex go A11u.la1v.l5, Aavaouog aqg 159 STTVDNI 'xxoounaxg 'uomvg 'mAvq 'GGSI JO SSUIO 11'1GO0M 'S 'V 'JQJHSUQJLL puz: A'11z1a,1oaS 'I-IXLINS 'Q '41 'luapgsaxd som 'SJNUIO 'essr pamwuo 'NOJ.J.I1S 'G'IO.LI1OEI IN' 'EISHOIAI 'NODVH 'S '51 'quapgsalcf 'IIIDIINIIIIO 10 PCICIIH 160 fx '69 Club President, R. H. Fox, '00, lfiCC-PI'CSid611f,J. G, BICILYAINE, '00, Secretary' and T1'easL11'c1', C. A, SMITH, '99, A. C. Hall, '88, C. I. Maury, '91, G. T, Macauley, '90, Graduate members. R. H. Macauley, '95, john Strawbridge, '95, W. C. D.,Wilson, '93, F, R. Young, '95, J. Cullen, Jr., '93, B. Parker, '93, YK E. P. Coleman, '90, Van Schaack, '91, H. Sibley, '92, F. Jarvis, '89, Nl R, Wright, '91, A. Bulkeley, '90, H. Hutchins, '90, B, Finch, '91, B. Fuller, '92, S. Saltus, '92, P. Niles, '93, R. P. Bates, '93, G. W. Ellis, '94-. W , VV, Vibbert, '94, R. S, Graves, '94-, C, F, Vv'eed, '94, F. C. Edgerton, '94-. J. W. Edgerton, '94, R. P, Parker, '94, E. C. Vlfagner, '94-, E. F. Burke, '95, D. Willard, '95, ,I C. Bulkeley, '93, C. L, Bowie, '93, J. W, Lewis, '93, W, H. Eaton, '99, B. K. Morse, '99, Q.S111lfl1, '99, R. F. XVelsh, '95, F, S. Burrage, '95, H, R. Dingwall, '95 Hctive m2mb2YS. A. D. Vibbert, '99, A. Arnott, '00, P. L. Bryant, '00, 161 E, P. Hamlin, '95, F, Macd. Goddard, '96, C. S. Morris, '96 E. Parsons, '96, L. L. Leonard, '96, P, Cook, '98, A. S. Woodle, '98, D. C. Graves, '98, M, R. Cartwright, '98, J. S. Carter, '98, F. A, Balch, '98, A, L. Ellis, '98, L. G, Reynolds, '98, S. W. Coons, '00, II. MCK, Glazebrook, '00 W. C, I-Iill, '00, A. C. Hall, '00, . f X I 4532" X . 'Il I X47 .- Y GFl'l"'L ,,Jg???ig2QQL?1QifIgSiESQME2?s: ' 'sg R ' ftfff.ef3-2.55 . ,., 1 MX tee, - ...a e g i s- " R f'f ' i ' it K .H -' 'A if --- I N Z ' ..--. , fri:-1 I 5 ,, '- x O J, , ll Q1 OS ae Q, Q, .. EW' Nec to poezziteat czzlamo trivisse Iabcllum. ISS6. Keepers of the Pipe of Peace whose names H. M. Gregory, '56, S. McConihe, '56. H. W. Kloppenburg, '58. J. E. Mears, '58. T. B. Sexton, '6O. W. H. Tibbits, '61, L. K. Storrs, '63, N. B. Dayton, '63. G. M. Stanley, '68. ll. S. Carter, '69. H. Van B. Kissam, '69. B. E. Backus, '70. EI. K. Stout, '70. W. Drayton, '71. D. P. Cotton, '7l. G. C. Burgwin, 'T2. xl. T. Bowditch, '73. C. E. Craik, '74-. T. L. Stedman, '7-L. H. E. Whitney, '74-. W. R. Blair, '75. W. J. Roberts, '75 E. N. Burke, '76. B. E. Warner, '76. VV. E. Rogers, '77. B. F. H. Shreve. '78. O. Buffington, '79, O. Holway, '8O. C. Carpenter, 'SQ. J. R. Cunningham, '85. C. G. Child, 'S6. C. H. Tibbits, '87. F. B. Whitcomb, '87. ul. XV. R. Crawford, '88, are out on the box. L. H. Paddock, '88. 13. N. Scott, '89. E. B. Bulkeley, '9O. G. XV. Sargent, '90, T. L. Elwyn, '92. T. H. Yardley, '92, L. D. Hubbard, '93. G. D. Hartley, '93. F. C. Edgerton, '94, H. T. Greenley, '94-. F. S. Burrage, '95. C. DuB. Broughton, '95 De F. Hicks, '9G. E. W. Robinson, '96. E. F. Waterman, '98. H. R. Remsen, '98 Present Keepers, HI. W. Nichols, '993 AI. H. K. Davis, '99. 162 f- 15. 2-Tj? ' 1 4 39 ' 'W f,.,, J -K , 4' v4xxQx,e:.. 'fr Li--' "' f F -f 6'4f"f?. "f",W . . .V , . "7"! -"" W 'i FW! L ..W --W "-4" " Y N f' ' 'wx ,IM wmfmlif, gs ".mlC. Wg? 'mf' V' vrulmfriunnu mn-nu1m ua.uu-.-5-q: ' Y fl-.j Qi5". f 'if U. 40" 1 - -4-La -Y 1-' 5 X 5'.:g:qf7': w ji 41 5 ' EM. "Riu-N JA ' . qw ev .P V. H, L... - ' JW' 31:1 Crinit Qollege Qoon lub. .al Q9 IAS every member voted for himself, no ofHcers were electedfl Members. A. D. VIBBERT, '99, M. G. I'1AIGHT, '00 C. H. XNI-IEELER, '01, J. M. HUDSON, 'O1. 163 fr? f fflf X if f fyyff ff zfffffffx J ,foam fi 52? W WW f LJ Z ,l.-fi' fl f""f :,,ffjgiZ-,gg 'jf',-f"' ZZ,-,, lf-1, l , X! .,,,,,,,,,,I.f .vf5" D ':! . - fi 3 f, v fL'N!I " 'f'. ' X Z f.-'14, - 'I ,.,h-It g'2, ". Q , .,,. Sophomore Dmmg lub. D. S. CORSON, '99. J. H. K. DAVIS, '99. C. B. HEDRICIC, '99 G. T. KENDAL, '99. E. G. LITTELL, '99. B. K. MORSE, '99. A. D. VIBBERT, '99, H. D. GREEN, '99. W. C. HILL, 'OO. H. A. B HORNOR, 'OO. EXVDTT 00 D. . J I , I . J. G. MCILVAINE, 'OO. F. W. PRINCE, 'OO. w. J. D NICNIEIL. EYAYS J. . . . A. R. VAN DE WATER. j. M. WALKER. R. E. PECK. W. P. BROXVN. Founded by the Class of ' 'FQDYIIGYV IS, l897. V59 .5 G1'adua,te lvlembers. 99. W. H. EATON, '99. J. W. NICHOLS. '99. A. H. ONDERDONK, '99 H. C. OWEN, '99. E. A. RICH, '99. E. K. STERLING, '99. W. B. SUTTON, '99. J. W. BRADIN, 'OO. T. P. BROWNE,JF., '00 R. H. FOX, 'OO. S. R. FULLER, jr., 'OO. H. MCK. GLAZEBROOK M. G. HAIGHT, '00, D. L. SCIIWARTZ, 'OO. Active 1VIembe1's. Dinners H. H. RUDD. R, FISKE. C. H. WPIEELER. M. W. CLEMENT. J. M. HUDSON. H. D. WILSON, jr. lst. March 24, 2d. May 27, 3d. june 22, 1644 At Merri1l's Hotel. At Koch's. At Merx'i1l's Hotel. Q Q Banquet. Q Q moo from l902. February 11, 1899. .Hel SUDDQI' GI BOW' RIISSWHI, New Britain, Conn. , Toastmaster, 1900, . Athletics, . The Ladies, Dear Old Trinity, '02, . . .99-29 Coasts. . A. . H. . D. M . H. .35 W. CLAPP, '02, T. McCooK, '02, MCK. GLAZEBROOK L. SCHWARTZ. . G. HAIGHT. A. HORNOR. QOIIIIIIHIQQ Of Hl'l'dIlQCm2IlFS. H. S. BRADFIELD. E. B GOODRICH A. H. WEED. 165 F. URW ml EPSHOII. S. BACON. I. W. BRADIN. M. J. H. C. H. G. E. J. BRINES. H. K. DAVIS. MCK. GLAZERROOK. W. HENRX'. A. HLURNOR. T. IQENDAL. G. LITTELL. 1.99.29 HgOi?7.aC 95LSb.,vP B113-5 ld QELLQIXJF A3H5EmB11hI.2' J-Y69Rh3'Q2' Yifllffd 166 F. A. NICELXYAXN B. K. MOIZSE. A. H. ONDERDONR F. W. PRINCE. E. A. RICH. D. L. SCIIXVARTZ. W. B. SU'r'roN. A. S. 'fITUS. A. S. YVOODLE. esiB.,9 CQMMU 4-Bal-I..a-P miie' 83jK::R11.a" ykoizal bSc?La' MEMBERS, EO UO 16 E,.L,,' J'l,' 'W fl'illiIV Roll of BOIIOIX 95,29 R. W. HUNTINGTDN, 'G-1--Colonel of Marines, U. S. A. HENRY SXVIFT, '68-Chaplain, Eighth Regiment, U. S. A. EDWARD BIDDLE WA'I'Ts, '73-Lieutenant Colonel, Eighth Pennsylvania, BENJAMIN STARK,-IR.,'79-Fl1'St Lieutenant and Quartermaster, Fourth Infantry, U. S. V DAVID L. FLEMMING, '80-Chaplain, First Colorada Volunteers. F. E. JOHNSON, '84-Battalion Adjutant, First Connecticut. A. H. ANDERSON, '87-Company H, Tenth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. E. BRAINARD BUI,KI.Ex', '90-Paymaster, U. S. N. J. G. McCooIc, '90-Assistant Surgeon, U. S. V. A. H. SIBLEY, '92-On " Yosemite," U. S. N. O. G. PIAMMOND, '92-Captain, First New Hampshire, U. S. V. W. J. NIILLER, '92-Sixth Massachusetts, U. S. V. VVILLIAM BOXVIE, '93-First Lieutenant, Fifth Maryland,.U. S. V. GIHITRC GbllI7CbmSlll, '93-Second Lieutenant, U. S. A. E. D. LEFFINGXVELL, '95-Quartermaster, U. S. S. H Oregon." J. STRAWIIRIDGE, '95-"City Troop" A, Philadelphia. J. M. VVAINXYRIGHT, '95-Captain-Adjutant, First Connecticut, U. S. V. E. F. BURKE, '95-"Rough Riders," U. S. V. 168 R. F. WELSH, '95-" City Troop" A, Philadelphia, U. S. V. P. H. MCCOOK, '95-Corporal, Sixth Massachusetts, U. S. V. M. H. COGGESHAL1., '96-Quartermaster, U. S. N., Connecticut C. S. NIORRIS, '96-Coxswain, U. S. N., Connecticut. W. H. GAGE, '96-On "Yosemite," U. S. N., Michigan. G. E. COGSXVELL, '97-Paymastefs Yeoman, U. S. S. "jason." E. C. BEECROFT, '97-Coxswain, U. S. S. "jason" G. S. McCooK, '97-U. S. V., First Connecticut. G. T. HENDRIE, '97-U. S. N., Michigan, U. S. S. "iYoseinite." M. M. SIBLEY, '97-U. S. N., Michigan, U. S. S. 'LYosemite." E. S. TRAVERS, '98-First Connecticut, U. S. V. H. D. GREEN, '99-First Connecticut, U. S. V. H. C. OVVEN, '99-First Connecticut, U. S. V. R. H. NIECHTOLD, '99-Seventy-first New York, U. S. V. W. B. SUTTON, '99-U. S. N., New York. V. F. MORGAN, '99-U. S. N., Connecticut. j. K. CLEMENT, 'OO-Corporal, U. S. V., Pennsylvania. ARVEDSON, '01-U. S. V., Illinois. V 169 ff , - I I 4' L22 ' " ,, j WW Tm-W I jf V Swv IW I ' , - ' ff z I t . M" 'f' QQ X X I+ -I 45 ' JW M Q In . ' ' 1 , . X- I K I I. L J "fI'6',rN XI,-3 1 . ' X n . 'L"Q4f-rig . I ff f' , -'ff,I1e'QSY MT--it 4 ',f:2gig3f' ' A ' ' jvig' '57 S WK ,, y'f2?'jSWiZQQi+ ,iIT ,f" I 5, . XXII? NW -2 ffw.- T7 if f My I 5-1:11-I f,,,.l ,gsm -5 4- NI,-,I..,uf4:-swP:. A , X f-W N N A UI ff .- --f ff? f -1-1-::f1"'+ - .f " f if -I ' . Lf:-' , , , '!,.. A5f -4 ' M -7 iv :.Q-Jfx, IXT- U ,-'j'-'Q'-f""' J" ' -: - 1 K --,::. -MTW-H7 .L.- M 1, I,..,,.,,, -M ..-. ...,.-..-:--..-. - --'V'-h -. : X S T NCKXKNTI Q N C L. UB m6mD2YS. President, JAMES VVATSON BRADIN. Vice-President, JOHN GILBERT M CILVAINITE. Secretary and Treasurer, EDNVIN PEMBERTON TAYLOR. Private, FREDERICK WELLES PRINCE. .29 .99 Klub Houses: FENWICK, 3 NORTI-IAM TOXVERS, 41 'XVETHERSFIELD AVENUE, 6 PARK TERRACE, 66 VERNON STREET. 170 MQ? , E 9' fgL1f-fsX 2X--..J'- ' E XJ 7 !f yi 72 A N ,!:Q XE,-f V . ' 'M ' : E X 191.1 X K ? M K X exe 4 1 , . , 44. Q . m., lg Q XV. I P.: X 4 ,Q N 1 Kw 4-Nuns Q lftibi, 'I :ff X is ,1 e-1g.gT6"2fS2 1? V- " '- 'w :1.-'m.-.- ' N X Y ...S -I - " 1 President, Secretaqxf J. W. NICHOLS, H. D. GREEN, B. K. MORSE, R. H. Fox, J. H. K. DAVIS. and Tre.asuz'er, A. D. VIBEERT. Graduate member. W. MCA. JOHNSON. HCWVQ m2mbQYS. H. MCK. GLAZEBROOK, J. G. MCILXVAINE, W. C. HILL, J. K. CLEMENT, J. H. lx-QAGINNIS. 'x 5 - . . ,ig . gal 'Z ,....,i.,.,,. Z ., --' K fa 171 EY W, 1836 1837 1838 1839 1840 1841 1842 1843 1844. 1845 1846 1847 1848 1849 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 EGIIQQQ marshals. Pliny A. Jewett. Albert Dodd. George W. Beers. Thomas T. Guion. C. B. Varley. George R. Hall. Francis J. Clerc. john G. Sterling. Samuel Flower. james B. Wakefield. David F. Lumsden. William C. Peters. Edward H. Brinley. Samuel Sherman. Charles E. Terry. james W. Smyth. A. Hamilton Polk. I. Gardiner White. W. Butler Krumbhaar. jared Starr. Sidney Hall. john H. S. Quick. Samuel B. Warren. Wm. G. Davies. Wm. B. Tibbits. G. NV. Hugg. john J. McCook. Thomas R. Ash. C. T. Olmsted. Charles Wanzer. Henry K. Huntington. Howard C. Vibhert. .29 .29 172 1868 1869 '1870 1871 1872 1873 1874. 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884. 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 joseph B. Cheshire. George E. Elwell. D. Page Cotton. Jno. W. Gray. Russell Murray. L. M. Plumer. Charles D. Scudder. Henry H. Brigham. J. Ellis Kurtz. R. B. Brundage. Wm. N. Elbert. Henry C. Lovebridge. Wm. B. Nelson. Charles H. Carter. J. Eldred Brown. E. S. Van Zile. S. S. Mitchell. E. B. Hatch. W. B. Olmsted. W. F. Morgan, jr. E. N. Scott. E. MCP. McCook. T. P. Thurston. William joseph Miller. William French Collins. Robert Prescott Parker. john Moore McGann. YVm. Speaight Langford, Jr james Watson Lord. james Watson Lord. Elton Gardiner Littell. UdlQdiCl0l'idllS Zllld SdlllldIOl'idIlS 1827. Isaac E. Crary. iii fl'iIliW QOIIQQQ. .3992 1838. V. Charles Gillette. Samuel C. Goldsborough. S. Cyrus Munson. 1828. Henry G. Smith. William H. Walter. 1829. joshua G. Wright. Samuel S. Lewis. 1830. Augustus F. Lyde. Isaac W. Hallam. 1831. Nathaniel E. Cornwall. joseph R. Eccleston. 1832. E. Edwards Beardsley. john W. French. 1833. Hugh L. Morrison. Edward Hardyear. 1834. William Payne. Solomon G. Hitchcock. 1835. Robert Tornes. Edward Van Deusen. 1836. james H. Elliott. Isaac H. Tuttle. 1837. Abner Jackson. Iohn T. Cushing. 1839. V. Isaac G. Hubbard. S. Nathaniel O. Cornwall. 1840. V. Robert B. Fairbairn. S. Vandervoort Bruce. 1841. V fWilliam H. Frisbie. 'lHenry D. Noble. S. Thomas R. Pynchon. 1842. V. George Rossiter. S. Henry C. Preston. 1843. V. Thomas S. Preston. S. George Ker. 1844. V. David P. Sanford. S. Tilton E. Doolittle. 1845. V. Robert C. Rogers. S. john A. Paddock. 1846. V. john W. Bacon. S. Samuel M. Whiting. 1847. V. Samuel Benedict. S. George S. Gilman. 1848. V. Benj. H. Paddock. S. Nath. N. Belden. 173 1849. john M. Atwood. George W. Giddings 1850. john T. Huntington Daniel E. Loveridge 1851. Charles AI. Hoadly. Alex. G. Cummings. 1852. Lucius H. jones. Francis Chase. 1853. Alfred L. Brewer. William G. Spencer. 1854. George D. johnson. james H. Williams. 1855. Luke A. Lockwood. Edwin C. Bolles. 1856. Daniel E. Holcomb. Samuel F. Hotchkin 1857. I Samuel Herman. George B. Hopson. 1858. George S. Mallory. NVilliam H. Vibbert. 1859. Samuel B. Warren. Edwin E. Johnson. 1860. Charles H. W. Stocking. Augustus jackson. 1861. Arthur W. Allen. A. B. Jennings. 1862. james B. Murray. George W. Hugg. 1863. John S. Smith. VV. N. Ackley. 1864-. Robert A. Benton. joseph F. Ely. 1865. Charles T. Olmsted. Edward S. Johnson. 1866. Samuel Hart. Henry A. Metcalf. 1867. William R. Mackay. George G. Nichols. 1868. Frank L. Norton. Frank H. Potts. 1869. George O. Holbrooke. Arthur McConkey. 1870. George MCC. Fiske. Harlow R. VVhitlock. 1871. George W. Douglass. Chauncey C. Williams. 1872. Paul Zeigler. Nl ames H. George. 1873. Leonard VV. Richardson. Oliver H. Raftery. 1874. Edward N. Dickerson. james D. Smyth. 1875. George M. Hubbard. Edward W. W'orthington. 1876. Isaac Heister. Charles E. Moore. 1877. Charles C. Edmunds. Jr. . john Prout. 1878. john D. Hills. John G. Williaiiis. 1879. Alfred Harding. . james S. Carpenter. 1880. T. M. N. George. S. Lorin Webster. 1881. . J. Russell Parsons. Charles W. jones. 1882. Seaver M. Holden. . john H. McCrackan. 1883. R. T. Reineman. . J. E. Brown. 1884. Henry R. Neely. William S. Barrows. 1885. H. B. Loomis. Robert Thorn. 174: 1886. Herman Lilienthal. William j. Tate. 1887. Orin A. Sands. William A. Beardslcy. 1888. Lewis H. Paddock. Charles E. Purdy. 1889. Willard Scudder. . Joseph VV. Fell. 1 1890. Clilford S. Griswold. William H. C. Pynchon. 1891. Harry Howard. Charles Herbert Young. 1892. Albert Crabtree. Romily F. Humphries. 1893. March Chase Mayo. Robert Peck Bates. 1894. Nathan Tolles Pratt. Cameron losiah Davis. 1895. Edward Myron Yeomans. Sydney Key Evans. 1896. George Nahum Holcombe. George Blodgett Gilbert. 1 897. Hermann von W. Schulte. john Robert Benton. 1898. Woolsey McAlpinejohnson Albert Morey Sturtevant. Glas dv f Ib ldSS of 1899. jllm 28, l899. .22 .29 JOHN HENRY KELSO DAVIS, President. JOHN WILLIARIS NICHOLS, Historian. CRANSTON BRENTON, Poet. FRANK ARTHUR MCELWAIN, Oralor. AUBREY DARRELL VIBIIERT, Pfexenier. ELTON GARDINER LITTELL, Szfazfiszfzdzzn. Zommittees. Class Day. DAVIS. BACON. RICH. SUTTON. PIEDRICK. VAN METER. Reception. LITTELL. IKENDAL. BRENTON. Invitations. CORSON. NIORSE. VIBBERT. DIllHiC- YIIIIIERT. HENRY. WOODLE. ONDERDONK. Pllotograplxs. KTCEIAYAIN. YEOIIANS. COLLOQUE. C. SMITH. lf'ill2ll'lC8f NICIIOLS. EATON. XVILLCOX. R. A. BENSON. lfl'2l,llliltiC5. BRENTON. NICHOLS. HENRY. 175 Bdl'If0l'd High School Qlllb. el .al Officers. Prcsirlcnt, H. L. CI.E.xsIIx', '99. Vice President, E. L. SIIIORIIQ OO Secretary and Treasurer, F. W. PRINCE, '0O. Members. H. J. BLAKESLEE, '98. T. E. Anms, '99. C. L. BIIRNIIAM, '98. V. F. NIORGAN, '99 A. L. ELLIS, '98, F. W. PRINCE, '00. L. A. ELLIS, '9S. E. L. SIAIONDS, '00. W. NICA.JOHNSON, ,98. S. L. TOIILINSON, 'O0. A. M. S'IILIIvrI5I'AN'II, '98. F. R. S'ruR'rEv.xN'II, '01 H. L. CI.EAsI:Y, '99. W. A. 1X'II'1'CI-IELL, 'OL E. R. AIERRIAM, 'O2. 13. R. CLEVELIIND, '02. A. G. MCCOOK, 'O2. C. R1ORI5A, '02. ffiliiiv QOHQQQ BYGIICI? of fm SF. PZIIIYS SCDOOI Hlllmlli HSSOCIGUOII .Al .3 Officcrs. Prcsidezzt, Prof. PIENRY FERGIISIIN. Prof. PIENRY FERGUSON. H. J. QUICK, '98. A. S. YVOODLE, '9S. D. S. CORSON, '99. C. B. LIEDRICK, '99. G. T. IQENDAL, '99, E. G. LI'I'TEI.I., '99. D. L. SCI-INVARTZ, 'O0. G. H. SIIERVVOOIJ, '00. NI. G. IfIARc:RAvE, '01, A, T. WYNKOOP, 'O1. 1715 ZQLm:rn1ngg REV ALFRED LEE BREWER, D D 'S D1ed February 9 1899 GEORGE MEDAD BARTHOLOMEW 46 Died Februiry 16 1899 RT REV JOHN WILLIAMS DD LLD Died February 7, 1899 REV ROBERT BRINCKERHOFF FAIRBAIRN D D LL D D1ed January 27, 1899 CHARLES HUNTER M D 78 D1ed January 14- 1899 REGINALD I-IEBER STEELE D1ed Nox ember 1 1898 REV THOMAS McKEE BROVVN D1ed December 19, 1898 HON WILLIALI DAVIS SHIPMAN LLD Dled September '94 1898 JAMES WHITING ALLEN O2 D1ed October 2n, 1898 LLYVIS FULLER REID Ph D , Instructor Died November 10 1898 SAMUEL ELLIOT LL D Dxed September 15 1898 GEORGE ELLIS Died June 25 1898 LIEUT CLARKL CHURCHNIAN U S D1ed July 2 1898 REV ISRAEL FOOTE D D D1ed july 1. 1898 - . . 4 . ., '. 3. , . -4 Y' , I . C , . . . , . ., . . . , . ., . 1 m 4 , . ., L. , . , '51. , , Q , , '64f. L . Q I I , . . CLecturer on Law, '71-'74-.J .. , . A. 4 V Y . ' I I . r 1 Y . . - y ..., C. , - -Y , Q . I I , e. . I , . . A. A , 1 Q. . 1 4, . .,'-12. 177 IN lvl E Mon IAM Clarke QDIIFCDINHI1 or THE CLASS OF 1893 Ueutenant 12th U S Infantry JULY 2, 1898 from wounds recelved m the attack on E1 Caney Cuba the day prevlous Q 178 IN MENIORIAM Zfameb 'dlllbitxng Elllen, CLASS OF 1902 EICD OCTOBER 25 1898 gizm- - 4 OF TI-IE 7 Y 179 I I' f .Qt ' J .fffq ff w w Q ' asf ' 4 ,ff fig X wwf. Pi- 'N g i A :IMC VV Nady! 5 . -H.: ' ', gy : 'V , , f i- ff'-.' ,, ' k 0 Q ' "M ' Lv EXW 7' - fe- 'f if 180 GET YOUR. . . INSURANCE 'ti' 'ft' tt' ei IN TQ5X!2t,i3 '95, AND HAVE THE BEST. Liie and Enclowinent Policies, All forms, low rates, non-forfeitable. Accident Policies Cover accidents of travel, sport or business. x 0 0 Heoltli Policies, S Granting stated sums of indemnity for disability caused by sickness. Assets, - ' ' S25,3l5,442.-46 Liabilities, ' S2 I 109,625.36 Surplus, - - S4,IU5,8I7.I0 IAS. G. BATTERSON, President. S. C. DUNHAM, Vice-Pre cl nt. JOHN E. MORRIS, S 181 S ggnadarah, R - HARTFORD CONN 753 M S t TH E STU DENTS' zflmnz' JDQVZOWS, E 734 Main Street MAT. H. HEVVINS, Proprietor. IVIERRILIJS I-ICJTEL, Rooms, 51.00 per day. Q24 Restaurant Unexcelled. L. D. MERRILL, Proprietor. COR. PROSPECT AND GROVE STS., HARTFORD, CONN. JACOBS, AVERY gl NORTHAM COMPANY, HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF Haviland China and other Decorated Dinner Ware 1Ricb Gut Glass ano 1Rocbester JBanquet emo HIT llbotterp, Sfllbent SLHIHDS, Suitable for Wedding Presents. IN GREAT VARIETY. NO. 875 MAIN STREET. 182 COLT5 IQE OLVEIQS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED BY THE UNITED STATES ARMY AND NAVY, ,.AND.. EQHDTHEQBESL 1 4:41, M W - V, ,, . F A W" i i . W 1 "1r1??!'!,'r?5: 1 , 'w,Y , , AW, .ni , v,,, ,,' Coins Hninineriess Guns Lightning Magazine Rifles TAKE THE LEAD. COLT5 PATENT IZIIQE PQIQIVIS MFG. CO., HFYIQTILOIQD, CONN. 183 Edit PllbliCdIiOllS. 3.99 .lV1ULVANEY,H a short story, by James WatsOn Bradin, jr. THE USE AND ABUSE OF MY VOICE,H by Moses J. Brines. THE ART OF BLUFFING,H by Percy L. Bryant. CAMP LIFE WITH fOR VVITHOUTD GENERAL SI-IAFTER,H by John Kay Clement THE STORY OF AN UNTOLD LOVE," by Samuel W, COOnS. PRONUNCIATIONQ WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT ISN'T," by "Ella-BOWA' FOR HQS -1- ZnG : 15 Mksj' by Monroe G. Haight. SIDE TALKS WITH THE FACULTY," by H. A. Hornor. DUCIQ-HUNTING WITHOUT A GUN,', by F. W. Prince. H MY FIRST T EMPTATION AND QTHER RECOLLECTIONS, by D. L. Schwartz THE ROMANCE OF A TRAINED NURSE, WITH AN ILLUSTRATED APPENDIX,H by E. P. Taylor, jr YVHY I AM WHAT I AM," by Simon L. Tomlinson, . THE STORY OF MY LIFE,,' by William C. Hill. THE BENEFITS OF MATHEMATICS, OR WHY I ELECTED ASTRONOMY,H by I. G. McIlvaIne TRANSLATION OF THE I-IEBREWS FROM THE ORIGINAL GREEIQ7' by A. S. Titus HOW I WALKED TO PRINCETON,H by Whitey M. Glazebrook. H b SIDE TALKS WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS, y - l 184 RICHMO D STRAIGHT CUT I OS INN -'Illi BOXES are more desirable than ever- : the new box prevents their . breaking and is convenient to carry in any pocket. For Sale' Everywhere. if f ' z -if You score a touch down every time you buy your EYE GLASSES or PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES of HARVEY 86 LEWIS, Cpticians, The Wm. H. Post Carpet Co., 219 ASYLUVI STREET, CARPETINGS AND UPHQLSTERY. Rugs from Mats to Carpet Sizes. Standard Qualities at Guaranteed Prices. ' 185 89th Semi-Annual Financial Statement OF THE PHU5' IX INSURANCE C0 , OF HARTFORD, CONN., JAN UARY 1st, 1899. CASH CAPITAL, : : : 2 .S'2,000,000.00 ASSETS AVAILABLE FOR FIRE LOSSES, I 55,51 1,402 71 Cash on Hand, in Bank, and with Agents ........ State Stocks and Bonds .........................,...... Hartford Bank Stocks ...............,.. ......... ......... Miscellaneous Bank Stocks .................................... Corporation and Railroad Stocks and Bonds ...... County, City, and Water Bonds ......................... Real Estate .................................. Loans on Collateral ............ ....... Real Estate Loans ................................... Accumulated Interest and Rents ,.... , ......... . TOTAL CASH ASSETS .............. ' LIABILITIES. Cash Capital ........................................................ Reserve for Outstanding Losses ........ Reserve for Re-Insurance ................. NET SURPLUS .........................i.. TOTAL ASSETS ........ Surplus to Policyfholders, ..............,................, ..... Total Losses Paid Since Organization of Gornpany, 34351 10,500.22 219724-,203.5S 30,250.00 .. 545,340.00 391,728.00 ........2,S08,710.00 319,045.00 511,307.14 .. 20,200.00 124,277.60 36,343.39 .........SB5,511,407.71 ......S2,000,000.00 . 318,703.92 2.00s,945.91 1,133,757.s3 ......SB5,511,407.71 S3,l83,757.88 D. W. C. SKILTON, PRESIDENT. AI. H. MITCHELL, VICE-PRESIDENT EDW. MILLIGAN, SECRETARY. JOHN B. KNOX, Ass'T SECRETAIQY H. M. MAGILL, General Agent Western Department, Cincinnati, Ohio. THEO' F' SPEAR' ?Ass't General Agents Western Department, Cincinnati, Ohio GEO M LOVEJOY HERBERT FOLGER, Manager Pacific Department, San Francisco, Cal. DIXWELL I-IEWITT, Assistant Manager Pacific Department, San Francisco, Cal J. YV. TATLEY, Manager Canadian Department, Montreal, Canada. 186 f9I1222pf012 M 012 L1fUC'fL11'1y?g 601221001251 H 01'ff0r0f 63 01212. .Ae .Ae .Ae Sociezfq 6212617 BUS1D66'S 5f0f1'012ery, C7f29'00 Olld 8012001 x8lI1Uj9f1fS, .!g1'1c1lS'1glf? Y91'1k2f122g 0120' E122b0S8122 10 Engravlhg, Y9!0f0 Y91'122f122g, 8 2402221212210 01207 Iffllllilklllflklg. 5112001011203 01207 23101212 300120. Z-3'00ffb1220'1L'2g 0f every 6276SC1'1lUf1'0I2. I fers of fha 7'r1221'zfy Ivy. 187 F. E. GRAVES, .V . qeligiuwsia -QD Main Street, Cor. Park, I-IAFRTFCFRD, CUNN COOOOOOOOO CLARK 81 SMITH, . A D C F135 W0115, 5 BOOK AND JOB C Fair Prices? PRINTERS. KJMJKJMJLJLJKJKJKJ 49 Pearl Street, CPhOenix Mutual Life Building.D Hartford, COHH HIfLIl3LliIN'S QDEIQA HOUSE CAFE, HARTFORD' F. BAR BY, MANAGER. CONN ChaI1OSH. Bell ' gpm 6391VIE1il1SIF66I, , HARTFORD, CONNQ MM ' 4. QW .... iff, fig I-Iabenstein, the Caterer of Hartford is know? from one end of ' yki? 7 Connecticut to the other, 1"'5W1i' ' and in fact his reputation has extended even into the neighboring states. "Q XL. He is to that section of the country what Sherry is to New York, the caterer par excellence. ' 09Z60 gf Nloulclings, xg Picture-Frames, Easels, Engravings, Etohings, Water-Colors, bk Artotyqoes, etoyg 0000 Allyn fiouse Barber Shop. NO TIPS ALLOWED. 405 405 405 405 ' 189 f C5664 gjzplafhgy, ll .fwtyfzn Qing gfzafgzifaf Wann. R. SPI EGEL, Gents' C1otheS Cleaned and Repaired, SUITS DE TO ORDER. 2 KINSLEY STREETS CNear 1VIain,D Hartford, Conn. Y JK! Dean s Laundry, 1 PERFECT SERVICE ? 'i"""""'1i1 'M' PROMPT DELIVERY 379 Main Street' A THE DESIRE TO PLEASE J n SHIRTS ALL HAND IRONED. JW' FINE WORK. MODERATE PRICES E. P. CAHILL, raper and ailor, IO5 PRATT ST., NEAR TRUMBULL'S4T., HARTFORD, CONN. 190 1898. june H 41 I I Sep tcmber I 1 l 1 October sc fc N0 vein ber ll I I 4 H Deccm ber L I 7. 1 7. 1 7. 93 I 23. 24-. 26. 27. v 26. 29. 30. 22. 23. 24. 1. 8. 10. 15. Q9 29. 1. 5. 1 7. 19. 21 -99 23. 20. 26 1 14-. Summary of Events. julie, '98-Hlifil, '99. 65 U4 Ivy Board inet for first time. Elections. 1900 and 1901 base ball game, 6-0 in favor of '01, Elections of jesters. . Annual Banquet of S. D. C. Election of ofiicers of musical organizations. Last german for '98. Baccalaureate sermon, Christ church. , Senior dramatics. Class day exercises of '98, B. R. Alumni day. Poor attendance. Seventy-second commencement exercises in Parsons. "How are you ?" 'tGlad,to see you! " Fresh! Fresh! ! Fresh!!! Annual pushrush won by !02. B. R. Yale, 18: Trinity, O. Cornell, 47, Trinity, 0. ' Trinity, Og M. I. T., 0. Underclass meet. '01, 19 5-6 pts., '02, 7 1-6 pts. Trinity, 17, W. P. I., O. Amherst, 125 Trinity, 0. 'Williams, 24-5 Trinity, O. All lectures and recitations will be omitted. Chapel at 9:4-5 A. M Wesleyan, 30, Trinity, O. . - Prof. and Mrs. Ferguson entertained underclassmen. Trinity, 05 University of' Syracuse, O. Trinity, 18, Hamilton, 5. Warner's Lecture. . All oi? for-Turkey. May you return with a more -1- slope. "We are here." 1 Themes due. First Trinity german. Elections in athletic association. 191 1898. December 14 lc 1899. Ianuazjy H u F ebruazj' ll A H Ala rch A1 ic April Charles Dudley Warner on "Prisons and Prisoners." Chairman and secretary of junior ball committee elected. Second Trinity german. jesters in "One Touch of Nature," and "All in a Fog." Alumni hall. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Decks cleared for action. ,Testers perform at Prospect casino. Themes due again, GADI Hard labor for one week. All worries over. Prof. Babbit organizes the "Unpopular Club." German club. Third german. x Tea in Alumni hall, given by Mrs. George Williamson Smith. A windy day. A good man is taken to His Father. Musical and dramatic clubs. Thermometer down to 150 below zero. junior ball. "I-lush! you may wake them." Freshmen banquet. Seniors appear in cloak and gown. Sack cloth and ashes. VVho wouldn't know it? " Mirabile Dictuf' Only one professor in chapel. Mr. CProf. ?l johnson holds recitation in physics. Whitlock prize oratoricals. Indoor meet. St. Patriclds day parade. jesters at Lakewood, N. J. Four sophomores commit suicide. Thunder and lightning. Tornado. Much blowing of wind. Home once again. Spring lamb. The sophomores do not return. ' Overslept-no breakfast-3 marks-O-O-0-cut-roast beef or pork- O-0-played out-cold tongue or corned-beef hash-Parsons- Koch's-snakes-forget-good night. 192 if G V ,Y . ,f A 445 J y ea. ' Q, ,Q - 4-f 'V '-423""' 1- ., ,.- 1-L. m 507 ll 1 HIGH f - CLASS DQQEWV' ZlHC unc sqinch ami---xl ' 'fl ..A. . ETT BELKNAP. GEORGE F. XYARI BELKNAP Q96 VVAFRFIELD, PUBLISHERS, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, 77 and 79 ASYLUIVI STREET, - - HARTFGRD, CONN J. G. MAQCH, Him? CUTTING DMQLQQS, 9 ASLIILIIN STVCCI, l'lGIlTfOInCl, CONN. I. C96 N. CI-IAESE, Blrtistic photographers, 755 MZXIN STREET, 'I-IAQTFOQD, CQNN. Successors te I. ORGILL. JL l- -A Special Rates to College Students 194 3 FQGESEFZT GAFRVIE, IDIQACTICAL DLUMEEQ AND CAs FITTED, . . . GHS FIXTLIIQES 73 SDECI7-XLTY. . . . NO. 12 LXAULBERRY S'1iREEDT, I-IARTFORD, C THE ERNST SCHALL co., 5 Asylum Street, College PMS md Derfzlses A SPECIALTY. Dempsey 85 CarroIl's Fine Engraving 'and Society Stationery, feVVff?E ELITE CONFECTIONERY DEPARTMENT, COR, MAIN AND ASYLUM. SALOMON 6: DELEEUW, Cigars, Pipes and Smokers' Articles, PIPE REPAIRING A SPECIALTY. -Aw' WILL'S ENGLISH TGBHGGSS. M' NEW LOCATION, 7 KNEARA MAIN,i HARTFORD, CONN. Q 195 Tl L1 1 ffofvf 4 Ahab? 'gi Resin 51115211 012 cz' 19 uffezj Y?arS012.s' ' Zflzeafre, Gomer Prospecf Sfreez' and Genfraf i?ow. Q Q Q YDFIIUOILG DITJIYYQ 7E00ms, Banqzzef Yiooms, 010. Q Q Q Pie! Bros. ! Beer. Imporfed Wzzrzbuzfger Hofbrau Q Q 'Q ' Key Wes! and Hnporfed Gjcjars by fhe box 0 Speozkzlzfy. Park Street. Boarding, Livery and Hack Stable FRANK I-I. LANDON. ESTABLISHED I8 76. Double and Single Teams and Saddle Horses to Let. 212 PARK STREET, .31 HARTFORD, CONN. THE FINEST Tailor-Made Clothing IN HARTFORD CAN BE FOUND AT CFFIFY, DT J 4 4 4 , 27 ASYLUM STREET 196 Q ie :S 22:3 222222 222222 222222222222 12:2-:S 222222222222 'X qw-2-2-2-2'-W-Z-any-2'-2-Z-2--2-7-2'-?'Z'-Z'-7-Z-2-Z-Z-vb-,gh 4.6 K X Q0 dh Y P f I NSW at C FC 3.1'l2ICL1 3,12 oy We're never satisfied until our customers are satished With what they purchase here-perfectly satished. Our obligations do not end with a mere sale of some- NM thing. lt must be rightin every particular before it leaves mm our hands. The service that' that something gives you, must be as represented. 'ff -,- That's vvhy people buy at our store with conndence. Our present stock of Nlen's Tailor-made, Perfect-Fit ting Clothing offers everything that's wished for and NM .Ui more too. gh IT PAYS 'ro BUY OUR KIND. nip Wh nies f ORSFALL az W -5- s Suit H Knox, .1l'. Zak Cases, RQTHSCI-IILD, Youmans and - .x. K Trunks. Clotmersl Outfitters, ASyiumHiti,TFoRD- Cl1r1styHats. J .R2:5361555:53gs-2:54554:61Zsgzgsgsgzgggggagzgggseizfby X-S-S-'QS-S-Q-S-S-S-S-S-QQ-S-S-'S-Q-QS-S-S-S-S-S-S .siss goo., D RUGGIS I S, Chemical and I 500 Chamois, Physical Apparatus, Feather Dusters, Spongesj SECURITY OIL' etc., etc. 729 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. Proprietors of the Hartford Smelling Salts. 197 Connecticut Fire Insurance Company OF HARTFORD. Cash Capital, - - 3i,OO0,0Q0.00 Total Assets, - 3,702.3GO.27 SUMMARY. Cash Capital, ....... . S1,000,000.00 Reserve for Re-Insurance, . . . . 1,1L5O,562.52 Unpaid Losses, .... . 139,191.45 Net Surplus, ..... , 1,112,54f6.30 Total Assets, . . . 53,702,300.27 J. D. BROWNE, President. CHARLES R. BURT, Secretary. L. W. CLARKE, Ass't Secretary. W. E. BAKER 6: SON, Local Agents, 700 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 198 J ORGANIZED 1866 THE - . Pioneer Cornpan or rnerioa rnonooon rnseeerron. STE Q55 AM ' QQ0 1553-TFOR D B0 Q if 559' Q . 0 eev rzfee A A Q 23 f m N f - X I v E2 1 -V A Q Wis h Y!-A Q2 0006? NANNS A Insurance Against Loss or Damage to Property and ' Loss of Life and Injury to Persons caused by STEAM BOILEI? EXDLOSIQNS. J. M. ALLEN, Preside t WM. B. FRANKLIN V P cl t F B ALLEN S d V P t J B PIER E cl C S ty L B BRAINERD T L F MIDDLEBROOK A t S t y 139 1846 1899 ...THE... Connecticut utual Life Insurance Company min my agp Q T0 THGSE vvho desire to do fully, at its least cost and to the utmost of their financial ability, their duty to their families, and to use life insurance for their protection and not for a speculation for themselves, THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL offers the utmost that life insurance can accomplish, in its simplest, clearest forms, of perfect equity and perfect mutuality, on the soundest basis of any, and at a lower cost than has been achieved by any other company. Greater service can no life insurance company render. JACOB L. GREENE, President. HERBERT H. WHITE, Secretary. JOHN Nl. TAYtoR, Vice-Pres't. DAN1EL H. Wetts, Actuary. Ah 'Rn ah h T T T ALFRED T. RICHARDS, General Agent, Room I6, CO1VIPANY'S BUILDING. 200 COLLATERAL at an at at LOAN COMPANY, 71 HSYLUM STREET, Room 10, Ja! Money Loaned on Watches and Diamonds and all kinds ot Valuable Personal Property. ' If You are Going to New York for a day or two onibusiness or for pleasure, why not go by the Hartford Line Steamers?l They leave Hartford from foot of State Street, daily, fexcept Sundaysj, at 5 P. M., arriving in New York early next morn- y ingg thus giving a long day in the Metropolis, for those going for one day only. FARE, for round trip, good for six days, : 52.25 l . STATE ROOFIS, accommodating two or three persons, I 31.00 each way. VIEALS, each, 50 cents. K The Steamers of this line are new and are fitted with all the modern appliances for the comfort and convenience of patrons. l For further particulars apply at the Office of the Company, foot of N State Street, or Telephone, 606 : 2. See regular advertisement in daily papers. 201 C. B. BOARDIVIAN, ack, ivery, oarding at ea! and Sale Stables. Carriages may be Bills Payable Ordered by Telephone. Monthly f 356 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. Bznstfurd . . . . Have the , , do your ggetnrattug Gm. College Deecoratirig. Flags, Bunting, etc. 177 Asylum Street, J. ALEX. MCCLUNIE, Proprietor. H ARTFORD, CONN. A FINE ASSORTMENT of all kinds of the Latest Printed BOOKS, MAG- AZINES AND NEWSPAPERS are kept constantly in stock by ENIILIE NI. SILL, at her store, No. 89 Trumbull Street, in Hartford, just north of Mr. Al1yn's Tavern. Please notice that she also offers for sale many Theosophical, Meta- physical, Spiritual and Occult Books, also Letter Paper and Pencilsg Blank Books and Pens and Ink. She. also has a stock of Needles and Thread, and a great quantity of Yankee Notions very ingenious and useful. In the rear of her store there is a Large CIRCULATING LIBRARY containing the latest printed BOOKS, very useful and entertaining, and which are offered for the amusement and instruction of her customers. 202 Smartly Dressed. - ' Every man, more or less, tries ,' , . to appear so. 3 ' :R A smart SACK Com from New Nobby Goods ,HF will make you so. X X Jusr Suou aggrlgr ro ORDER ul ' i o l i i E D ' 0 V 265 Z3-lsulum Si., Horiford, Corin. Hlll-?LI3LIT'S . . .. SQCIETY STATIONEIQY. X 0101111 of IDG Enlpite in White, Swallow Blue and Pearl Gray. 1ROQaI Elrnw in White, Holland Blue and Clematis. as se T he mosr exquisite rims, su DCFIOI' stocks, ond up-io-dare siules ro De 'round in oriu line. ASK YOUR STATIONER FOR THEM. iz! .92 Hurllbui Sioiioneru Co., VliIIsGiSOuHi LCC. DI-I--I-SFIELD, AAA55 . N. Y. OfflCC, 297 BFOGGWEIU. 203 Go to JOHNS TUNE ' If you have been thinking that a line Photograph of Yourself would be a nice gift to some one, this is a good time to sit for that photograph. If there is any virtue in taking time with so delicate a piece of art as a fine portrait, that virtue is added to the valuable picture Johnstone will make. Valuable is the right Word, for j'ohnstone's Work is not only perfectg it is permanent, hence valuable. 45 PRA TI' S TREE 71 TI-IE 1900 IVY . . . may be obtained from any member of the IVY BOARD, also at BELKNAP ESL WARFIELD'S, and SMITH SL NlcDoNoUo1-1's. GEGRGE BUCK, MERCHANT TA1LoR, Clothing Made to Order. ALL KINDS OF LADIES' AND GENTS' GARIVIENTS CLEANED DYED AND REPAIRED AT LOWEST PRICES. 10 Chcuatevf Oak Avenue, - - Ifcwetjorcl, 007171. Second Hand Clothes in Exchange for Trade. 204- Y . . ELIIAGDCCIIW DIGIT . . 55555 THE -1 ' -1 A1 , ILPYCING BLISI-IN ELL DYXIQK. Junction of Lewis, Welles and Trumbull STS. U f we Z! aw! I11-Looking, I11-Fitting Shoes! when for you can buy a pair of our , 1lSPECIALS" IN TAN OR PATENT LEATHER STYLES EXACTLY THE SADIE. FIT EXACTLY THE SAIVIE. XXVGQLI' as well tl l I p lg I Yours for GOOD SHOEMAKING, W G. SIMMONS ci CO., 901 Main Street. 205 a ESTABLISHED 1818. .Al .X p y Eeooics BROTHERS, .W Eli' ' 1 1 F: ll ' gwf?E,5f' 7 ,33 Broadway, cor. 22d Street, 72 NEW YORK CITY, T1 -I -- 7 ll? F' CLOTHING D4 . ", tw 1 if ,fl Furnishing Goods. ' ,.i fQ1 g9 fl , READYMADE li M " AND MADE TO MEASURE. ffff A " ' 1818. 1899. .3 .99 Our Custom Department contains an unusually large stock of English Woolens for the present season. Flannels and tropical goods for warm weather. . A All ready-made garments are manufactured by ourselves, the most particular care is given to the smallest detail of cut and finish, and shapes are carefully revised each season. Our Furnishing Department comprises everything in that line, including Carriage and Traveling Rugs, Coachmen's Furnishings, Breakfast jackets, Dressing Gowns, Bath Robes, Underwear, Neck- wear, Gloves and Shirts. Also Trunks, Valises, Fitted Bags and Dressing Cases, Traveling Luncheon Baskets, Flasks, etc., etc. All accessories for Golf, including Herds and Archie Simpsons Clubs and the Helsby "A" Golf Ball. Catalogue and prices upon application, 206

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