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, ..-2-..,.., - , 'f'-sk fw,41,i"-as-fj""w-ig -'Kf'QfTi1Q'--' "'W+,. ',"'H1:5 iw,--Q ,L ww,-':f.,,. ---1 ,, Ju-mf ' , - . ,L . 9 - , - .1 -, f fig,- , V ,ANA ,-,,, I .M QIQN , W., K 1 . , -mt - , QM- - , ,-1. I- V -.-.,..-Mu, ,.,,V,-V' ,, , 'M K... ,I 47 !,,2thhM:- T,-:VV AW' ,y,..I1 I M-'lv J -'+,l,,i. l xi., 7.55 N, 5 v - . , Vlxw I A ibm- v V " V ' 1,,,F.,jJ,fls N , "'-...S V is Q- , . l M -f - ,--Q. -sy 4, ,, S, t . N ' N m - M., N . , ., .LM-gr .A ' .. I - -.. , , if ,, A '-u..,Q"--J"- -Q"'-- 15 ss, - , '--S ,, .4 S., .IS xx , Q " ' -- js, '-w...'is. k sibh '-., , 9- ff? x X s. AA- - Vv .4 V -is SfxQ'X-X x R ,.-- 4 - - ..C'S-T3 Q' F fl-Qi? ' As. -Q "' iw Wi xi L,-sir? -s.. x--Q-...Q-x Xu ,,-fa-by 'i'Q."Ss Qs' -mx 5,- WN. 'wg-K -,-Q -5.4.5 izg.-.. ,LM 1 'L --'-up in-,., ,Qt- -. .., N NI'-it -UN: 1 ... 4 .da i' en- 'Ni Q t A 'F . "gg Q, ?'I'.T?.,izfg ' M id wqqjh Q .. -aw--. L. '-41-V' -A u'-'ff 'ws u-'lx'-""'5g:v.,f""' M -s'M"3:',q11.T "'5'WiI, , ,.. 9 .-unite.. 'ddlalbw 'Na gb A -H1 -. .. v, . , ,g Q . -, - --'Lf-. "3 . . f..-. lffk., ,V x , 4- Nils- --- . Q is N-Si 's - iiix ""S". -1. , Q ' 'R w ' 5 x 5m i 'K Z t, -. x , -Q . 1 v x is - ' i ii --.QV x f 1-, 5- k . ' s 5 ' 1 . -Q , . 342. V , -S, Q-1 ' -' """-,. SP - -X x -..--.. uk, . ,QB Y, 'N 1, H ' , Y ' --f 4 Y, , Q? V, ,..,A 4 '-F ilk 5--.A,,.3j L.i,,TV'i :QS -.. , . "'-.V - ' 'ww i- -f-1,- n. '-.1 V , -. -f W , 4,1 :T ,, - - gm, lag. .gmif 11 11 11 1 11 111 11 K H 3 1 11' '11" " 1151251 " 11 11 1 11,11 1111 11 M1 1 1, 11 1 1 1 2 11 M 11 1 x 1 111 ns ' .5 ' 1 111 1111, WK. 111111 M115,11"g11 1 , 'wg sf' 11 11"11 HL" 'W1 M5156 fipffu ,1 ,1 "" A -S1211 ' ' :fi 'f 2522. :ibS?iiSS?"' Ai." . -1 Y fig - - - ,QQ Ki: 135 5,115 15521532 , , Y-11 , 1? ' 5115 - ,uf rg,-11 7 7 f 1 71: .-. . 1, , 1 ., ws., -,H .1 M, . 1, 321' , 151-11 ,'I11."gD,q-Lf 11 M211 191 351 Q1 2. fiiqagkun EW? 1313. Q, gy W K' 15111 wqgf FS'Wff411 W11??9fQ" 1 Q if 1 11 1 sf ,!',,1??Uf1, ',s.mE'Sg5?535u,1,'Q 1 :1111 wg. sm 111 was Jisgvw fx?" iw v1 Z Ex' T1-Q35 111 ,,-A 1 1 1 ,,1,, 1 fs 11 ' 11 111 1111- "11" 11 'Q 756416014 96 1 1 111111 11 11 11 Zfriflify 1 1 Dunedin 11229 11 ' 11 1 1 ,,. if s 1121: X " 'H 'W1111 1 '-' X 1 1 1 ,ff 1121 M" , ,-eliifliiw-JClelgvfy 11 1119111111111 K 1 1131 11.4 1 ix! X Introduction Twelve tense men crouched into their starting position. All were ready. "On your mark, Get set . .. ...... BANG!" They were off. Forming a broken line, the twelve runners settled down to an even pace. Four miles of rugged country lay ahead but each runner had determination written on his face. They were going to achieve their goal, the Victor's Crown. Mile One presented the most difficult challenge. The terrain was rough and stony. It took a genuine runner to come through. It was not unusual for some to drop out. But with the determination and stamina that makes up a true runner, ten completed the first lap. Now they approached the bush country and Mile Two. Thorns and briar bushes would often cut their legs. Parched throats would long for a cool drink of water. By now, the runners were starting to feel the strain. But they kept on. Now and then, they would have to fight distracting thoughts from their minds. Things that would take their minds from running and their goal. But the hope of what lay ahead, spurred them on. Mile Two passed into Mile Three. The bush country changed into hill country. It was so easy to let one's legs run down the hills. On the other hand, it was diffi- cult to climb up the other side. Gasping for air, they would struggle up. Their mus- cles ached, their strength was slowly ebbing away, they felt like giving up. One thing, however, kept them going: there was a prize awaiting the winner at the finish. The end of the hill country brought them to Mile Four-the last lap, the home stretch. Competition was keen. Three were running neck and neck. From some un- known resource, these three gathered renewed strength. With a burning desire, they began to put forth that extra effort. The finish line was in sight. It drew closer and closer. First Number One was ahead, then Seven took over with Number Four, close on his heels. They were running full speed now. Pain shot up their legs, their lungs seemed on the verge of bursting. One hundred yards to go. Seven pulled out in front by three yards. He increased it to ten. Sixty yards to go. Eyes were fixed on that white string crossing the track. Ten yards to go, five, four, three, two, one-the winner! Number Seven! Fellow students, this race can be pictured as your life at Trinity College. But remem- ber, this race at school plus all the other races you will run in this life are only a part of the greatest race of all time. How well are you running in this race? Paul said, "l press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ .lesus." Zfrewvrd We, the members of the annual staff, are proud to present the 1965 edition of the "Beacon." Our sincere desire is thatlfour efforts will prove to be a blessing to each reader. Also that each one will be inspired and challenged to a greater vision and closer walk with Christ. g Cable af 6'rf14fe14fs Beacon .c..,. .,,,,, 1 Introduction - .,... ..,.. - 2 Foreword and Table of Contents s.c. ...... 3 Memorial and Dedication ..... ..,,,, 4 President's Page ...,,,,.. . .,,,. 5 Statement of Faith and Executive Board 6 Faculty and Staff 7 Student Section ....c M 12 Organizations ...,e, - ,,.,,,, .vcg 2 9 .. S40 Missions if Fiji 5 U if-fi QEQ if gtg gwjri -t- ' Activities '--H. 55 F it esta it 'gf Academy Section s.... Advertisements ..,..s . F Directories ..... - -si ...., .... 1 I7 Dcwcafion y and it Jiflemarial I . au? l For 70 years Philippians 3:14 was The TesTimony of The laTe Dr. Fred L. Augenbaugh. On Augusf 25, 1964 our friend and Teacher crossed The finish line of his race. Now he has gone To receive his prize. To siT under This man's Teaching was a privilege ThaT many Truly enioyed. One could see The brilliance of The Lord's glory shining confinually from his face. His life and Teaching gave all of us an inspiraTion To deepen our spirifual lives. The kindness and faiThfulness shown in his life was a True Chrisfian example for we sTudenTs. Dr. Augenbaugh, however, did not only live his ChrisTianiTy buT he could also Teach iT. How we Thank God for a man such as he, ThaT TaughT us The Word of God. Probably, The mosT noTed characTerisTic of our Teacher was his immense sTorehouse of knowledge. God blessed him wiTh This wealTh and he in Turn used iT To bless our ChrisTian lives. Thus, iT is wiTh fond memories ThaT we as sTudenTs and faculfy dedicaTe The i965 BEACON as a memorial To our beloved Teacher and friend, The laTe Dr. Fred L. Augenbaugh. DR. W. T. WATSON President and Founder I I ' fs iii 5.5, A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Trinity-Fenway Friends: There is so much more to a school than a campus and building. Through the years, since Trinity was founded in 1932, there has been a "spirit" in and about the school that cannot be described in words. Though not visible or tangible, yet a very real and important part of this school. Dr. Billy Graham returning here to his Alma Mater for a two day visit remarked, "l find that samespirit here that it had when I was a student". Of course, the Board, the faculty, the students and the Alumni are all important factors of Trinity. Yet, we are deeply grateful to the Lord for "Trinity Friends", who by their prayers and their sacrificial giving have helped to keep the doors open, and the young people in training through these glorious years. Your reward will be great for this in- vestment in Christian youth. The influence of Trinity is not confined to the campus. Wherever a Trinity student is, at home or on the foreign field, there is "Trinity College". It has been estimated that Trinity trained workers reach a weekly audience of SO million. This being done in many languages by radio, TV, pulpits, and printed page. Never has the world been in need of well trained and dedicated Christian leaders as today, the Church likewise. Trinity College of Dunedin, and Trinity-Fenway Academy of Clearwater Ca division of the Collegej is dedicated to this task. REMEMBER-"Trinity Education for a firm foundation", Yours for Youth, IW? .... -W Wf 17 4 H gf W. T. Watson, President gf QWgt33r3i:tgi:IEg.tV'gi3ig5Wi,i5?gIYi1I5:-I--,vt I it if ' U I leigsgzgzffl E Y' wi-iQy,,ii..a,cM,1..wii-l ,, I , it-I I frewnztfw Iii it t I .iffillllfllliicssi I Pkiisiifii' KQV: HA ' " ""C""": V ' ll' ll , is it s w I itll Wm .,...,. ,., .. W .H . I II I II ll 'I sells A- .-13.5 I ,X ggyifg egg gif? 'A Efjiirssuircigii I I KQHSCHE rhi i1g31i.ri1-3555 5:1 Hz: Nil X X W... it ii ii -msllssisssissf igcfjg sc.-Y..-f"'.exuf'f , PRESIDENT'S LIST 1963-64 Viola Faust Mike Gregory Wilson Smith Ruth Stanfield Marie Stevens Betty Troyer Dorothy Williams EleanoriWilliams Dzfttrimzl Statement i. We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as verbally inspired by God, and inerrant in the original writings, and that they are the .supreme and final authority in faith and life: 2. We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 3. We believe that Jesus Christ was begotten of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary and is true God and true man. 4. We believe that man was created in the image of God, that he sinned and thereby incurred not only physical death but also that spiritual death which is sepa- ration from God. 5. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the Scrip- tures as a representative and substitutionary sacrifice, and that all that believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood. 6. We believe in the resurrection of the crucified body of our Lord, in His ascen- sion into heaven, and His present life there for us, as High Priest and Advocate. 7. We believe in "that blessed hope," the personal, pre-millenial and, imminent return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 8. We believe in the bodily resurrection of the iust and the uniust, the everlast- ing felicity of the saved and the everlasting conscious suffering of the lost. Dr. Oliver Williams Dr. John Minder Dr. E. C. Bragg Dr. James Sanders Mr. C. Russell Harris Mrs. W. T. Watson Judge Roger Snyder Dr. John Doyle Dr. Robert McMillan EXECUTIVE BOARD Dr. W. T. Watson Rev. Al Tedder Rev. Kenneth Moon Dr. Gordon G. Cross Mr. Odell Hicks Dr. J. W. Loy, Jr. Dr. E. J. Daniels Dr. D. R. Hubbard DR. DR. W. T. WATSON, B.A., D.D. Mass Evangelism Radio Programming MRS. W. T. WATSON- Bible History and Geography MQW lt 'Nis- E. C. BRAGG, B.A., M.A., D.D. Vice President .Christian Psychology Systematic Theology Prophecy Hermeneutics Christian Apologetics Pauline Theology DR. JOHN DOYLE, B.A., M Secretary-Treasurer Homiletics I Homiletics II Expository Preaching O. T. Survey Pastorial Problems .A., D.D. gaculfy DR. JOHN MINDER, B.A., D.D. History of Denominations History of Missions Science and the Bible A General Epistles Journalism Non-Christian Religions Dean of Men DR. GORDON CROSS, B.A., M.A., D.D. Life of Christ Christian Ethics History of Preaching Public Speaking Pedagogy Youth Administration 3 N l ll 5 gil Q ,sw in REV. REV. REV. LEM STROUD, D.S.M. Music Notation Music Choir Directing Choir KEITH LAMB, B.A. Bible Synopsis Gospels Pauline Epistles O. T. Analysis Bible Exegesis 1-,V Zzvulfy MRS. EARL E. comms, B.A., M.A. Registrar Extension Department Supervisor Pastorial Ministry Christian Education Camping Techniques Gospel Magic Rudiments of Speech Yearbook Advisor Bible Exposition DR. ALVIN J. COOK, A.B., Th.M., Th.D Greek I N. T. Analysis Greek ll Hymnology DR. EDGAR COPELAND, B.A., M.A., Th D World History Modern Missions Church History Methods of Bible Study Archeology Hebrew HARVEY ERNST Personal Evangelism Child Evangelism Child Development Dispensations fi 5 Hu. MRS. JOHN MINDER Assistant Librarian Typing Shorthand Office Practice MRS. NELLIE CASPER, B.S. iir R Librarian g REV. J. ARNOLD JOHNSON B.S. J Bible Customs Church Administration 4 Zzculfy fag MISS ESTHER N. SWIGART B.A., M.A. English I College English Business English REV. RAY DEAN BAKER, B.A., M.A. Audio Visual Aids :2-b"ei5f5w'r"ii fees, MRS. CORA MCLEAN Fenway Bookkeeper Office MRS. PEARL BECKSTED Office Guest Recreation Dining Room Hostess I-N Staff MISS JACQUELINE RILEY, B.A. Dean of Women MRS. EARL COLLINS Secretary to Registrar Receptionist MRS. R. D. BURRESS, B.A., M.A Book Store Manager MRS. EDITH MYERS, B.A. Bookkeeper W, an 3' MRS. GRACE BLUM Cook MR. RONALD JACKSON Cook MRS. ZIMMERMAN Assistant Cook MRS. HUGH WYLLIE Assistant Cook x '57 it. ii' -is K K X! HW: ii, 21' Mm . ggi. fs , r fflff ,.1: M ,M M- , . 1 11 1. ws- elsf 1 ss, -. A in MR. HUGH WYLLIE Assistant Cook MRS. ALTHA BURRESS Linen Room Not Pictured: Brunette Brock af W. seg? 'lil ' .3 ei-if , 1,3 lr an 4, 'Q Q. R sssr - ggi 'fs ,a . A . W , ll f as E., efsfi a az QR ,ilfizq s V W 5 5 Q 1 Q , s B i ,, is W, ,,,, 'rl E as . ,df 'iv is is W. as ,, Secaud Semester Sfudcv E. B. Edwards Jr., Miles Lewis, Tommy Watson, William Fewell, Charles Mildred Erhrldge, Maudrey La Poinie, Della Dinges, Alihea Pearl' mwew 1. wi M .1 we and A we 3111253 ' FORWARD To see, To believe, Tl'lG'NE UFGQG To d win This race. I3 Ron Beckham-Pres. Janie Williams-Sec.-Treas. Bill Bone- V. Pres. A W Z Mary Jane Abbott John Alford Ron Beckham Don Bergman William Bone fa ..:-,. . 5 M A ' 5 E :-: W -7 - WJ I-ww iff fwf I i 5 4 5 H-ar 5 Sharon Bowling Peggy Bragg Dave Caldwell Virginia Chavez Jim Dixon Mary Gambrill Valerie Hunter Elaine Huskamp Herbert Larson Margaret Lytle Roy Lyile Robert Nathan Don Olson Ronald Parish Sharon Pedrick Don Roberts Sidney Robinson Gulie Rowland Mary Rowland Fred Pangburn Jerry Price Alanna Reader rmmm Barbara 'Sadler Judy Seifer I5 -'Q-1 + . 'f' S1' 2. if T ' ' FT i i Orville Smith J. D. Stake Judy Thew June Walford Don Williams .lane Williams "BuT conTinue Thou in The Things which Thou hasT learned and hasT been assured of, knowing of whom Thou hasT learned Them." ll Timothy 3: 74 Special Students Leon Detweiler Gloria Garcia Willis Kirk Beatrice Lynch Cl'l3l'l95 MOHYOS Dennis O'Brien Linda Scott Leary Willis Pat Willis Thomasina Wilson up . I i , M ea 5 ' ' -X '-1 - 153, gay 3. .3 1: -jg gif' Hs-5' ' 1h'1-N3 Q Q V C 4' 1" 4 ii 1gQf'i.. 3 V? 'V 9 .. . A 1 54,1 Wt A .wfm ,-KKRX 'wi' I up iff it Y 5 ' 4 iv 1 ' ' , X Jxlb gm ' 4 f g 4 W'f'!4' Q1 'HJ' F , QX ' F' i H52 " ' , 7 ,H R'+: , K I . - -ff ..-- ,., , .... rf 1 Q E iw :ff , W , ar. . , . , , 21 W 3 .3 0 ! P y U ' 59"-5 Ja' K ..,. nm X 5,2 b :V : L E - L v 5 4 I H if . - L, ' Jug iw in ., Wamm- ' w wg - l t fxgl- - S, 1' ...Sag W 2 f H z muff .ay ' H55-Y 'g'r:"E.ffi'T's W 'E ,M ZW ,T 52,441 M: M H X' " Q' 2-:NV " '21-'wkffzw' QM' 'A ' MW 'S' . ' . v 'A W J W 'ii "YN 5-'nu EE: Eaigfafgi xH 23 gf, --,gf?a..fW V lv vw? dk. . .,...... 'ii ' ' ' J 'F g 2, I M E M! . H. e . , , J lx . as X f K , , My 2:53-5 1- . Meg, W Lf W he . . .. ,. ,:: M H ' U' igi ' Y " f f .,.. iQ', " f l',7'wm Q if V gm' , A M !1- ...Y gs 3.33 : i 31' i , Bi Z.. A .1 af if , 3 Q :.,. 5 V f'-:' f'f- 'K M 5- '1 -'-: 1---Ez. L.. A ..'.51:1... 'E . f f . .... M ff ' Rimzi .... . "Ui J M 552' EW ::"' ' .gm ' E' M j Q, Nw- ,,, 1 ,5 Q H . ,.. v- . . gm q E531 W N 2. M 32 gg , ers 4: j ,wnY,!k,E5.g. W ..,, sg J M.. , A , .. ,, ,W xv H Q? A K W ' Q Jag,,,,,- .2--"' 1 .wa af Q' ,, 'g Hebrews 12:2 Looking -unTo Jesus The auThor and finisher of our faiThg who for The ioy ThaT was seT before him endured The cross, despising The shame, and is seT down aT The righT hand of The Throne of God. PHU RBSYTIUSSFIYI V Pfes Anita Johnson Sec Cheryl Johannes-Treas. Mart Duggan-Pres. t Y ssir, 1, T -39: T srrr F Tharon Connally RoberT Fyr Cecil Godwin Norma Green Keith Jacobs Cheryl Johannes re L n FJQ Anita Johnson Karen Linton Al Lynch Charles Martin 4'-'Q' Sandra Maylen Cathy Murphy Don Rasmussen Paul Rasmussen iz QA? l Les John Reinholf, Jr. Carol Reiiz Sandra Ryan Jenimae Sminkey if l wg W James Sparks Marie Stevens James Weiss Doroihy Williams Arthur Wilson, Jr. 20 111 wumiw 111 , 111 , 1mg111,,11w L 1 ian .jylb 1 Q L., 55:559- 1 1 ,gx Im . 1n'z 11 1 751 11 'W 111 1111 1 1 A1 :W J , 111131 1 I i.. 1, it 1 ll 'fs J 'T A L , ,4 ,. Q1 1 4 5 mv K JWNMZ1 1211 '11 "MT 'W 111' W my i P .U P 1 , 411 5 vi '-n . if ,-' .., ' .49 f I4 i.. 1 ., . I A P 'V b - , , T ,bf - ' ' Wi. w ' H1 c- ,, .1 . , F V' ' ' - Y Q V A: , ' L ""',1 ' U 15255, ' 1 -- I s "J f1 T , 1 --ls. X ' 1, 'fi 1 dv' 1 'fx 1. -1 '1 'Fx F' E Q 1 I 1 fc Q ' L' QA .1 Qi -. -1 i X .Y r bw 5' W' 'yf Y I M V zz' All 1 H, --L 1 ffl:-11 ,. N 1 A F r 1 K Qi Y, gfkgxf f,'v1 '1,11 11. 91 .1 3 , 15,0101-.H-?'5? ' . 99' g hi A , I "f A in W11-mlm, ,Wt 111 AI .fy 'M M 1 gr Y 1. 11,41 f ,. J, V V1 PRESSINGQQLN 1 1, u X ' " ,- 1"" '-f , ik A fx 1 1 0 . 'W Ui " 1, fp' F 1 , I I' "'f'.,..11- - A hi. .n '-,uf lu 'ffm N 1 1m'!11 lm WITH every Vguuuuz " 4 H A 1 ' ' -M 1 '1 ' ' 1-12 L, dey? FrOm'fh6hiQh1?Q' W1!1l ' 1111 ,, 1 Y, . 11' A 1 1, 111 Q 1 I 1 1 1 U 11111 .VVZ ' 1 1 1 'W f 1: W 1? 5156 'Wes' Va"eWF?111 V W 1 if -' V 11 1 S 2 ,111 1 ' HTIQQU aft with me." -Q1 5 111. 'JN1 I Y 1 5' M ' 1 1 ax FL V111 21 th R ' W " ""' M ' ..:, 1 7 X - 1 41.11 Lx b N Q J K ,1 My 1 A ' gm - ,Q 11 1111 Q , I Jf. I xl, i PM Y Eu '- N ,,!1 1,,x Wnw, ' -3. 1 J n 1 , 1 1' 1 1. M . . A 1' ' fi ' ' ' ' ' Im VX 1 '51 A -1 1l f I X it f' ' 5 115 4' I , 1 x ." NN 71 wg mg Q 1 . 5 N ' ' 'sy ' uffx 1 x .,,a!..., X ' ' 1 M -', Pg -..Q v -114 2I Isl," H. .111 1 ru - ,Q K 1-zlilsli 1 V . , F2129 Bud Morgan-Frei. Geneie Oden-Sec.-Treas. RU?l'l Ludlow-Vice-Pres. FRANK BRITTON Philippians 4:13 "lt was His mercy that found me, Grace that saved me, and Strength that keeps me." Trailer Parks 2, 3 dirt, V, ,ai wills! a ?E JOANN ELAINE BERGEON Psalms 34:3 "PRAISE for all He's done this year and far more for what is to come." Tract Club 2, 3, G.C.M.F. 1, 2, 3, Jail Work 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 3, Good News Club 1, 2, 37 islands Prayer Band President 27 G.C.M.F. Secretary 3 Hebrews 6:1 Therefore leaving the prin- ciples of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from d e a d works, and of faith to- ward God. GENE DINGESS Romans 5:1 "I have learned one great fact of reality at Trinity, Only what's done for Christ will last." Tract Club 1, 2, G.C.M.F. 1, 2, Trail- er Parks 1, 2, 3, Jail Work 1, 27 Gra-Y Club 2, Convalescent Home 2 5 if. .l BARBARA EASLEY ll Corinthians 3:5 "Without Him I have nothing. With Him I have everything." Tract Club 2, 35 G.C.M.F. 'l, 2, 3: Trailer Parks 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 2, 31 Convalescent Home 31 TV Choir I, 2, 37 Trio I, 2 WILLIAM PRINCE Isaiah 47:10 "When I met the Master, I was convicted, convinced, and con- verted." Trailer Park I, 2, Jail Work Ip Class President I, 2, Assistant Pastor 3 It It It It DANIEL DOYLE I Peter 3:8 "Jesus saves! He keeps! And He satisfies!" ROY NEAL EDWARDS Jeremiah 33:3 "My desire is to walk with my Saviour every hour of every day faithfully!" G.C.M.F. 'lp Trailer Parks 'l, 21 Jail Work I, 25 Convalescent Home 'lp TV Choir Ip Program Committee 3 RONALD JACKSON Philippians 3:13-14 "I praise the Lord that He is my light and salvation, of whom shall I be afraid." G.C.M.F. I, 2, 37 Trailer Parks' 3: Yearbook Staff 3, TV Choir 'l, 2, 3, Cook I, 2, 3, Child Evangelism I ERNEST Y. MORGAN Matthew 6:33 "I'm a child of God, bought by the blood of Jesus, saved by the mercy and grace by the -Almighty Father." l Trailer Parks I, 2, 3, Jail Work I, 25 Sunday School Teacher I, 2, Class Pres. 3 MOTTRIE RUTH HOGLE Philippians 1:20-21 'l'm thankful for salvation through Christ, and the pri- vilege of a life of service in Christ." Tract,Club 'l, 27 G.C.M.F. 'l, 2, 37 Jail Work 1, 27 Convelescent Home 27 TV Choir 27 Class Secretary 1, 27 Good News Club 27 V-President of African Prayer Band 2 BOBBY H. REAVES Psalms 27:1 "Lord, let me be a Christian and preacher you can trust." G.C.M.F. 17 Trailer Parks 1, 2, 37 Jail Work 1, 2i Sunday School Tea- cher 1, 27 TV Choir 1, Class V-Pres. l -l - lil: Fix M! , l z DARLENE RAWLEY Psalms 37:5 "l've learned these last four years that Christ expects total commitment from me." G.C.M.F. 37 Trailer Park 'lj Good News Club 3 if salem' ,easy GENEVIEVE ODEN Proverbs 97:9 "My prayer is that I might continually be in and about His will and work." Trailer Parks 1, 2, 37 Yearbook Staff l, 2, 37 Convalescent Home 37 TV Choir l, 2, 37 Class Sec. 37 Cheer-l leader 'l, 2, 37 G.C.M.F. 2 RUTH ELLEN LUDLOW Il Corinthians 4:76 "Thank God for His guiding influence upon my life through the renewing of the inward man." Tract Club 37 G.C.M.F. l, 2, 37 Sun- day School Teacher l7 Yearbook Staff 2, 37 Convalescent Home 27 TV Choir 1, 2, 37 Class V-President 37 Program Committee 37 Quartet 2 DANIEL L. ROSS Ephesians 2:8-70 "The Lord has been gracious to me, leading in every area of my life." G.C.M.F. 2, 37 Trailer Parks 1, 2, 37 Jail Work 1, 2j Yearbook Staff 37 TV Choir 17 Class V-Pres. 27 G.C.M.F. President 3. 6lass it LLQUNCHING OUT Accompl nshgd PRf2LE won PREPARED To answer fhefzill fromifar-off horizons. i 14 , . I--H-Hi, I-I L 53' mo 1n1f-1 is U go. 98 gi 13 3-Er mm CD95 8,0 3 9.. -3 05' 4 QP- UH! . TE, , v IlCorin1hians 13:-7 1 2 Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, 4 and peace shall loe with you. 1' ' Wd., a ll .1 u r I ' I 'T' P A lmli-p lndi-pv ll I YS' Dale Adams-V. Pres. Vi Faust-Sec.-Treas. Carl Biorkman-Pres. PETER DAVID BERGMAN Psalm 32:8 "Prayer for my life is to radiate A Jesus Christ before man in this L, THQMA5 BOLDT dark World' Philippians 2:16 Tract Club 4, G.C.M.F. 4, Bible Club 4: HAS The hart panteth af-ter The Progmm Commmee 4 waterlorooks, so panteth my heart after Thee, O God." 26 LYNNE BOND Matthew 5:76 "Praise the Lord for His Mercy toward me and for His direction in my life." G.C.M.F. 2, 3, 4, Sunday School Teacher 'I sm ,-Wrgwswzs 1, , 1 5215255 a i ea mm .1re::3ia'gf, A . spnimgegyum riffsszwwa ' grwearsszsisaav 5, i wir, Wi V L gag? V V DALE E. ADAMS lx Isaiah 58:11 "I want my lite to be the out- i ward expression of the inward Q Christ." Gra-Y Clubs 2, Class Vice Pres. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Committee 3 F aww' ii rswii-1 iNm5Q3?g THOMAS COTTON BOWDEN ii Timofhy 1:7 "God is my refuge and Christ is my Saviour while the Holy Spirit comforts me." Jail Work 1, 2, Sunday School Teacher 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 1, 2 IIAAAAAAAAAAY A G.C.M.F 3, Trailer Parks 1, 2, 3, 4, Jail , Work 'l, Yearbook Staff 3, TV Choir 2, 3, 'fl' . m if Y gamrs CAROLYN ELLA BOIES Il Corinthians 3:5 "He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto my God." Tract Club 4, G.C.M.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Jail Work 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, Convales- cent Home 1, 3, TV Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Sec.-Treas. 2, Soloist 1, 2, 3, 4, Good News Club 1, 2, 3, 4 M w mr w m u swemwf ,. CARL D. BJORKMAN Psalms 91:1 "To rest in God, reflect His life and walk with Him is my de- sire." G.C.M.F. 3, 4, Trailer Parks 1, 2, 3, 4, TV Choir 2, 3, Gra-Y Club 2, Class Presi- dent 2, 3, 4 WILSON E. SMITH Philippians 4:13 "The Lord saved me, called me, and has never tailed me. Praise His name." G.C.M.F. 4, Trailer Parks 1, 'Sunday School Teacher 1, 2, Child Evangelism 1, Pastor 3, 4 27 BRENDA LEE JOHNSON Philippians 3:10 "My desire is to know Him and to make Him known." Tract Club 2, 3, 4, G.C.M.F. 2, 3, 4, Good News Club 1, Yearbook Staff 2, TV Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Committee 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 VIOLA E. FAUST Colossians 1:10 "And may He produce in me through the power of Christ all Tract Club 1, 47 G.C.M.F. 1, 2, 3, 4, Jail Work 1, Good News Club 1, Class Sec.- Treas. 4, Monitor 3, 4 28 LESTER M. HARRIS Numbers 14:9 "The Lord has proven faithful and true to His Word, thus I face the future in His strength." Tract Club 2, 3, 4, G.C.M.F. 2, 3, 4, 57 Trailer Parks 4, 5, Jail Work 1, 2, 31 Sunday School Teacher 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 4, 5, Convelescent Home 1, 2, TV Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, 57 Class President l, 2, 3, 4 M.A. RUTH MARIE STANFIELD Philippians 1:6 "I thank God that not only did He save me, He wants to use me." Tract Club 4, G.C.M.F. 2, 3, 4, Trailer Parks I, 2, 4, TV Choir 3, 4, Good News Club 2 ELEANOR LESLIE WILLIAMS Psalms 16:11 "l never will cease to love Him for He's done so much for me." Tract Club 45 G.C.M.F. 3, 4, Trailer Parks I, 2, Sunday School Teacher 2, TV Choir 2, 3, 4, Good News Club 2, 4, Vocal Duet 3, 4, Prayer Chairman 4 W .11 +11 ..'. , .- 1 1-1. sn' 1' 1v.- 1 1 11 V f',1,...7" ' , -L U "111'1a' 1'- 11 .211 , 11-11'ySr11'j- 12 19-111:-gy , 1. 1 -1-xv! ' 13 3 iw- ' 4',-. . AT ,' Q 1,4 1 li ,,2i?'4'T 1,5251 1 x 'WSFQSYE1 if. be 1 HZ + v, ' ' J .ki I ,A K. M 1 ' "W I, If ,A ,I ,f ,pf 41. I, ,Sv-4" , v ,. P , X11 1. nf 1,1 M ssifsiiesisaszgsgggglga. 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A - VA gi - Q - s Q l ,M . 5 f.3f,.,5' J Y , 'S V , all ll Ag' .ss - ..W, s -33 141 L'-' M , :-. ,J , , , J 'll a ,ul Left to Right, Back Row: Ron Beckham, Don Williams, Ron Jackson, Dave Caldwell, Jenimae Sminkey. Front Row: Jo Bergeon, Barb Easley, Rev. Collins, Dan Ross, Geneie Oden, Jane Williams, Karen Linton. """f-1... if 1 ii ,X, Left fo Right: Rose Siagno, Anita Johnson, Sandy Maylen, Ruth Ludlow, Mart Duggan, Geneie Oden, Jim Dixon. Not pictured: Carol Mancini. 6 Qmwm RNNN 'MQ Smmx Rasmussen Lefi to Rrght Back row Art Wnlson Jrm Wenss Herbert Larson Roy Lyile Front row: Gary Brooks Rose -'E um Svlaisfs , Y I. f v l It s Barb .Easley Lester Harris Ron Jackson Carolyn Boies Valerie Hunter Cheryl Johannes r.,Mv,g3E'5-N rw K33k,iYT?s?!' 'H !'w"Zm?3p5iPfL ' "H" , H ., W rf ,rygfm , 1 A M .ff wr, X W Q ggi, , gig? im' Q - r 11 fur ' Q35 51, iw Q, . f wiki' Q .Mi ap, I: tim .gl "'1 . Anita Johnson 7?f Svlvisfs Sandy Maylen Ruth Ludlow Geneie Oden - -S 5 . WV : gm, Fred Pangburn 7 2 -aj L . -1 .ff A gg H- 'i ': ,. 's. .arg 'wgl"3!,: ' 1-J kt - M Lia-.s w as u Don Rasmussen Paul Rasmussen Dan Ross Barb Sadler -, ,,mm,,i gruuillllll Jim Sparks Barb Sadler A l X e l 'bi 2 ':'k ,il y ll' - Rose Sfagno ' ' l .. ,. an A 5 V' r", A l R f Mary Rowland Judy Thew Gulie Rowland TRIO Dorothy Williams Jane Williams and Dan Ross Duets Therefore my heart greatly reioicethg and with my song will I praise him. Psalms 28 :7 Eleanor and Dorothy Williams lk :.5iC3 1 l l l fag, sf W, l' is U5 . 1: 5591? lftglii 36 Ruth Ludlow and Ron Jackson Don and Paul Rasmussen Ruth Ludlow and Barb Easley 'K ill , Cheryl Johannes and Don Rasmussen Barb Easley and Sandy Maylen Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his Dale Adams courts with praise: be thank- ful unto him and bless his name. Psalms lOO:4 and Carl Biorkman Barb Sadler and Peggy Bragg Jo Bergeon PIANO g l X Y if W. ll 37 Barb Easley Valerie' Hunter Piarzzlsts Praise the Lord with harp: sing unto him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings. Psalms 33:2 Anita Johnson Geneie Oden Gulie Rowland 38 w it 'ii 1 3 wa in E R , Mary Rowland Jim Sparks Ruth Stanfield Praise him with The psaliery and harp. Psalms i5O:3 Marie Stevens Don Williams i i 39 sit? G. GM. Z 0,Wccrs , H ,kk,, asus: ..,,.. , f ff- we , Left To Right: Jo Bergeon, Sec., Ron Beckham, Second Vice Pres., Dan Ross, Pres., Ron Jackson, Vice Pres., Barb Easley, Treas. We, The officers of G.C.M.F., Thank The 'Lord for The opporTuniTy He has given us To serve Him in This capacity. Our hearTs are burdened when we see The lack of concern for Missions and Prayer Bands, yeT, we are Thrilled To see some who have caughT The vision of a world dying in sin. If we could see in parT The TormenT of Hell iT would drive us all To our knees asking The Lord To break our hearTs wiTh ThaT which breaks His. MighT we say wiTh Isaiah, "Here am I, send me". f' Home Missions 3 -1.1. Left to Right: Ted Johnson, Marie Stevens, John Alford, Cathy Murphy, Sharon Bowling, Don Roberts. Does it make any difference to you? Ask yourself this question. Does it really make any difference to you, that this country, even the immediate area in which you live, is lost in sin? We need to be on fire for our Lord right here in the United States. This statement has been made in many a missionary conference, "A missionary is not made by going across the seas." Let the Lord work through you. He ca res! Do you? ,Narflz Amvrican - , , . ,, , ' ,i ,i it it i i - i, , V ' "ii ' 2 . . ., fi ' A ' 'Qian -' , , . 4 , . :v:ifiE5iQ,.:" lu' ' ' . Left to Right: Rose Stagno, Don Olson, Barb Easley, Dan Ross, Janie Williams. North America is the most civilized continent on the globe, and yet we could say that it is one of the darkest spiritually. Can we sit idly by and watch this land turn farther from God who has made this land so great. Let us, as Christians, stand up and be counted. "Pray without ceasing", I Thess. 5:17, that this land might turn to God. "Arise, get you up unto the wealthy nation, that dwelleth without care, saith the Lord," Jeremiah 49:31 South American Back row, Left ro Right: Carl Biorkman, Paul Rasmussen, Ron Beckham, Don Rasmussen, Bob Campbell, Don Williams. Front srow: Jenimae Sminkey, Karen Linton, Ruth Pritchard, Sharon Pedrick, Cheryl Johannes, Ruth Stanfield, Lynne Bond, Valerie Hunter. This is an open door To The Gospel of Jesus ChrisT. "The harvesf is plenTeous buT The labourers are few." MaTT. 9:37. Are we going To use This open door Too laTe, or noT send enough of The Gospel Through This open door? "Pray ye Therefore The Lord of The harvesT, ThaT He will send forTh labourers inTo His harvest." MaTT. 9:38 fuwpcvzn T wee:-qt' 233 ' Left To Right: Jim Weiss, Judy Seiter, Richard Decky,'Sandy Maylen, Gary Brooks. This is a forgoTTen conTinenT. We look aT Europe and Think iT is ChrisTian. They have religion buT do noT have ChrisT. We do noT have a desire To see These counTTies reached. WhaT is The reason? Our lack of vision and because of This The peoples of Europe mighT say, "My God, my God, why hasT Thou forsaken me? Why arT Thou so far from helping me, and from The words of my roaring?" Ps. 22:1 African Left To Right: Peggy Bragg, Mary Gambrill, Ron Jackson, Mo1Trie Hogle, June Walford. Africa is considered To be a dark conTinenT. In some areas iT is, buT yeT The Lighr of The world has been broughT. Many in This land know The One who can save, cleanse and saTisfy. This prayer band has had much To pray for This pasT year. We should confinue To remember The ChrisTians of Africa, ThaT They mighT sTand firm in The TaiTh once delivered unTo Them. "For even hereunTo, were ye called: because ChrisT also suffered for us, leaving us an example, ThaT ye should follow His sTeps." I PeTer 2:21 jewish iQ2.?Q': i: q" ,,, limi "': Left to Right: Rosalee Hunter, Dorfhy Williams, Eleanor Williams, Barbara Sadler, Ruih Ludlow, Ron Parish. God's chosen people. Yes, This prayer band prays for God's chosen people, The Jews. Those Thar were sei aside by God, for Himself, bui re- iecied His beloved Son. "He came unto His own and His own received Him noi." John 1:7 7 God has promised To bless Them that bless His people and curse Them Thai curse His people. We musi be faiihful To do our pari and pray. 901' Sas! Left to Right: Elaine Huskamp, Alanna Reader, Jim Sparks, Mary Jane Abbott. The Far East is saturated with religion, yet they need 'the one that can cleanse from sin, even Jesus Christ. This prayer band is burdened for those in the darkness ot Buddhism, Hinduism and Shintoism and all of those who live in darkness. Pray that their blinded eyes might be opened. "The customs ofthe people are vain." Jeremiah lO:3 Jslfznds af thc' Sm fff I Q -4""' Left To Right: Viola Faust, Roy Lytle, Margaret Lytle, Carolyn Boies, Jo Bergeon. The Lord God said, "Ask of me and I shall give Thee The heaThen for Thine inheriTance, and The uTTermosT parTs of The earTh for Thy possession." "The uTTermosT parTs of The earth", even The Islands of The Sea. There are many islands ThaT sTiIl need a Gospel wiTness. The sTudenTs in This prayer band pray ThaT someone mighT go and reach These ThaT are sTiIl in heaThen darkness. f ,f 4-Q 6. QM. Z The Great Commission Missionary Fellowship is a group of students who long to have a missionary vision for the whole world. There still is the verse, "Go ye into all the world . . ." Because we are students we can not go, into all the world, at the present time. But we can pray. This is the purpose of G.C.M.F. The Lord has blessed abundantly this year. We had the privilege of ex- periencing a great challenge through our missionary conference in Novem- ber. The Lord was good. "There were ten mission boards represented". Each student had the opportunity of talking to these missionaries and be- coming acquainted with the work of Missions. The prayer bands are the working part of G.C.M.F. The students, in these prayer bands, receive requests concerning the needs of the mission- aries they pray for, so they may pray more intelligently for them. Ever keeping a vision for the whole world. The prayer of each officer of G.C.M.F. is that Missions might be an im- portant part in every student's life, here at Trinity and after they leave these halls. Let us say with the Psalmist, "Declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people." Crinify Zollegc Hlwir G QA Back row-Left fo Right: Dave Caldwell, Don Williams, Ron Jackson, Don.Rasmussen, Lester Harris, Paul Rasmussen, Jim Sparks. Middle row-Ruth Ludlow, Eleanor Williams, Cheryl Johannes, Geneie Oden, Sandy Maylen, Brenda Johnson. Front row-Dorthy Williams, Anita Johnson, Carolyn Boies, Ruth Sfanjfield, Barb Easley. Psalms 96:l, 2 O sing unTo The Lord a new song: sing unTo The Lord, all The earTh. Sing unto The Lord, bless his name, shew forTh his salvaTion from day To day. Pianist-AniTa Johnson Director-Lem STroud " :Till M A' 1 A EH I ll ., ns ms 'L rf? Crailcr Parks ll TimoThy 4:2-8 Preach The word, be insTanT is season, ouT of season, reprove, rebuke, exhorT wiTh all long suffering and docTrine. For The Time will come when They will noT endure sound docTrine, buT afTer Their own lusTs shall They heap To Themselves Teachers, having iTching ears, And They shall Turn away Their ears from The TruTh, and shall be Turned unTo fables. BUT waTch Thou in a'lI Things, endure affIicTions, do The work of an evangelisT, make full proof of Thy minisTry. For I am now ready To be offered, and The Time of my deparTure is aT hand. I have foughT a good fighT, I have finished my course, I have kepT The faiTh: HenceforTh There is laid up for me a crown of righTeousness, which The Lord, The righTeous judge, shall give me aT ThaT day: and noT To me only, buT unTo all Them also ThaT love his appearing. Left To Right: Ron Jackson, Lesfer Harris, Jo Bergeon. Crailer 67411 Cari Biorkman arid Barb Easley lCorinThians 7:18 For The preaching of The cross is To Them ThaT perish fool ishnessp buT unTo Us which are saved iT is The power of God l6'c'll flamz Left to Right: Jim Sparks, Ruth Sfanfield, Gene Dingess. Kay Pines and CUWI1 and Kourzfry Left to Right: Bud Morgan, Mary Rowland, Dan Ross. Romans 10:75 And how shall They preach, except They beseni? As if is wriften, How beautiful are The feet of Them Thaf preach The gospel of peace, and gring glad Tidings of good Things! Jfvilmarzis' left to Right: Geneie Oden, Dale Adams. Sunshine Bobby Reaves and Jo Bergeon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brittian leackufell Nor Pictured John Alford and Marie Stevens Aviivifies L 5 W L L ' L L Q L L L L WEZ:iEi!1fE521V?EEfE9!'zE!E555 .W ,. .,..,,, . S S Zvi 131735241 5 DH: SH 'xi " " w x V- 1 5 X K 1+fHHS'S'3 1 H 22 fs'w,'f,'f 'f H1 L, W ,,w.m,.. ff: .1 ' f, ' w,,f,,t-f --:MK f , .4 K X E.,-'Q' K W Z, U ll llffiiiw Yep! I sure do have Music Notation for the fourth year. Fenway maid service Gathering' of the Trinity elite. it Jfallvufeerz lljllfm i You say you have a tummy-ache. Those final exams do me in. Zfhanksgiving Activities Pep kalq Turkey Bowl Q K? N ,, .. w aff ,, , L wh 1 H w5v"m , .. , ii H X w A T2 58 H, I mfg, 1 .. few-. mm N' , 351' ,,, sms ., 255.-ik. f-Wig 2 wee! ag , Zizrkey Game W H Q.. ,-,, sf: 'Hsfw ww " :S ,. - 7 rw ww kjjgu' i N fl? sfilwizr ,W Q fi NK' 3511" Y Willy! Uulisfsftfi? SSW 1 H1 N Q H J 1 Kurkey Dinner w w w N, 5 W ,.-. 52, w 5- 'I ,W .. M H -..-Q... Q., A - - Stndent - ,fllnlnni t Cnnnksgiving Evening fled- Utne ,Aetieities Basketball Gnlne mm u E5f"ih1"vQAa52' 25'?535 V Wwww"'wwwf"xww V W ,M N .H " W .fy YA S -W - . , A Married Students Knristlnzzs Party Lfzwc Z'rdnscending" Boarding Students Znrrlftlnds Party Dr. Graham? ffvmccaming Fi H g wizclgmi HUME 51536 RAgAl COL. RALPH MILLER 'Be yourself for Jesus" uncmsl 167616 DR. ANDREW TELFORD Enrich your soul Enlarge our sight Empower our service Enhance the Saviour THE MUSICAL MacMURRAYS "The truest expression of Christianity is not a sigh, but a good song!" Zvufermcc REV. PETER DYNEKA "ln wifnessing, whaT really courTTs is nof so much The Tracts you pass out, as The Tracks you leave and The prayers you pIead!" REV. M. A. SEIVERS "You can'T change The pastp buT you can ruin a perfecfly good presenT by worry- irig about The future." REV. M. SESSIONS "Beware of hypocrisy, remember iT's beT- Ter To be "one-sided" Than "Two faced"! 4 wi K in lf, ff'Lf?5 J. ,L New rw,-in 1 iv, H f Q wzlsmmgsm, f Q,-1 mfffv 3 , 1 .q ax Wwz, fx N 57 V W fix LJ ..- E , aff, 5mi'?e.1f 7 ,fgiifj 5 , D 1 -1 U K sflwi 'xkimmxw 113: ' 'YH ' "ff Q .mfr few if ' ,"mL:1:'z L4 , ,,W ,, , . W : 2 ' X J ,Mm , N Q 111. ,M f 5 , .Q ,. . A :M aS.sgJf.v, .-Vg. ' ,gi Q ' .ff . vfffm, ' ,293 -n 1 1 A ggi!!! ' 'Q 5- , Yb- f 1 I 3. , as M A A Kass of Zlaur Heart Hanqucf sf fa '66 1' -E, ,mx - .3 1 Happy Kirfhday Miss Kiley There's no picture of Clark Gable Schaal lfzfc ' -1 'fl J' L2 Q diff I I 1 L Z5 I rx" ve, uw lk.. I fold my mother I wanted a rub- herel ber swan. J Where is that MAD magazine? Imagine! A safari for a honeymoon. How revolting. Charley and Mabel Sunday pots and pan washers. "For the last time, You can't play wflh my Teddy Bear." ,r,,,,a I. HDR. BUDDY" Phooeyl Who said there was a boy She finally pinned one, in The hall. 67 E!! Q ' ff if ' M22 V. K Q E ge 35. 1, M ww Hs an 1 I I Jr Zi w , N ,, w nw lg - 535. 'ik' .ii A w ' 2 K A gg 33, 1 W af' , -2 ,is M i .fm ga 'gf ,MES ' , hifi 25 . wt' 'S-., it w , 2 wiv Eg we ,Q-4 wa-32345 1,4 Criuify - ?c14ufay II 2: I5 Academy Dedication This year of 1964-65, we the students of Trinity-Fenway Academy dedicate our sec- tion of the yearbook to Mr. Lester Harris. He has been a student-teacher at Trinity-Fen- way for the past five years. He has shown Jesus each day through his lite on campus. He has helped each student is some way and we could never put into words what he means to us as an Academy. He has taught us the word of God so we could understand it and he is always ready to help a student at anytime. We feel' very honored to have had such a wonderful person as a teacher and friend this year. We Academy students, will never forget the years spent with Les. We wish Him, all of the Lord's best as He serves Him in Africa, if it is His will. We have seen Christ in his life each day. He has been an example to each Christian and we can see that Jesus is His all and all. We feel he de- serves this Dedication in every way, so we the students of the Academy dedicate our 64-65 yearbook to Mr. Lester Harris. Zfreword . ., L F bi I by Q, WW The worth of a school may be determined by its standards, lessons, teachers, and students. But the true value can only be determined by the real character of those who have finished their course. Lessons of earth may be taken and well passed, but the value of life may still be missing. Knowledge without wisdom is void. What then is the necessary ingredient for the application of learning? "The fear ofthe Lord is the beginning of wisdom:" Prov. 9:10 This is that area in which the Christian Academy can and does surpass the normal acquirements of a High School. It is in the light of this fact, that we of the senior class look back upon our days at Fenway and rejoice in what the Lord has done for us. We look forward to His coming with anticipation of being complete in Him. DR. W. T. WATSON, President of Fenway Academy MR. LESTER HARRIS, Bible Student Supervisor First Aid Bus Driver Senior Sponsor MRS. HAZEL BOYINGTON, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English Speech Psychology REV. ROGER HOGLE B.A., M.A. Algebra I U.S. History English 10 MR. DEAN BAKER, B.A. M.A. Public Speaking Communism Biology Registrar Bus Driver Academy Zzculfy MR EDGAR COPE- LAND, B.A., M.A. Government Ec. Contemporary History MISS JAQUELINE RILEY Dean of 'Women Phs Ed MRS. VICKIE BAKER Typing '-sift Shorthand - f Secretary to Registrar REV. LEM sTRouD D.S.M. Music Director Piano Organ Voice '11111 "1Y11.,1.1i2'1, 1" WHA, M 1 1! 1, 1 ' 1 11 '1 '11 " 1 , 11 1 1 '11"'11e ,1415 1 1 11 Q. 1 111. 1 1 1111111 1 11" 1311 1 11 1 in 111 11 :.!A 1 11 1 4:-, , I if 11V 11, f11-11' M f-vm, .., 1 2 V ' 1 .Zaga- Cheryl Austin Donna Duff Saphamare David Smith Special Student David Rawlings Rick Thompson Virginia Harris 611155 "BUT know That The Lord hath sei aside him Thai is godly for Himse-lf:" Psalms 4:3 Q-ki 5 Kathy Barrows junior Bob Mitchell The same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. Thou therefore endure hard- ness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." II Tim. 2:7-3 76 ,Z 1966 Dina Weatherspoon "Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses. Diane Turner Klzzss . mf " wWPwT Qsgrgsfxy' H H w guru vw" gr I mm ai mu' 1 w8ii w f na FQW QSWJ R. .. Q41 Q Q ,i,3, '11, H"uggs11gggi WMM N . m m ,ww , u g:y guHgx m , H, ---:-5? ,A 4 , -3 f . ' ' MH ny, mf' , 1- U mam 5 ' N .,.,.,.:.:.:, H W :JN 'H X. 3, ,H'11H lwH3u:5 V Q 'f 1 k v-,- n nn-:nun-1 DAVID LEE MATCH ETT Vice Pres of the -Academy 12 Editor of Newspaper 11 Basketball 11, 12 G.C.M.F. 11, 12 Yearbook staff 12 King of Heart Pal 12 South American Prayer band 1 1 Favorite Verse For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Phil. 1.21 BARBARA JEAN LANIER "BARB" Office Work 12 Snack Bar 12 Prayer Band 12 G.C.M.F. 12 Favorite Verse Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the ioy that was .set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and set down at the right hand of the throne of God MARY ELLEN SHORR second .semester Transfer Favorite Verse "For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain." ' m : Philippians 7:27 CAROLYN DIANE MANCINI Senior Vice President I2 Social Chairman I2 Social Committee I2 South' American Prayer Band I2 G.C.M.F. I2 Yearbook Ads I2 Soloist I2 2nd Choir Favorite Verse I am crucified with Christi nevertheless I liveg yet not I but Christ liveth in meg and the life which I now live inthe flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. 79 ROSEMARY ROLL "ROSlE" Heart Pal Queen 12 Far East Prayer Band 12 G.C.M.F. 12 Favorite Verse Let the words of my mouth, and the medita- tion of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14 F :ia-1 ALICE BEVERLY GLEATON Heart Pal Queen "64" President ot the Academy 12 President ot the Seniors 12 Africah Prayer Band 11, 12 G.C.M.F. 11, 12 Yearbook staff 12 Voice 11, 12 Dorm council 12 Duet 12 Treasurer of Junior Class 11 Cheerleading 11, 12 Favorite Verse Casting all your care upon h for you. I Peter 5:7 "DAFFY" im for he careth 'PATRICIA DIANE WAGNER Sec. of Student Council 12 S. American Prayer Band 12 G.C.M.F. 12 Favorite Verse Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall di- rect thy paths. ADMINISTRATION Baker, Rev. 84 Mrs. Dean -Rt. 2 Livermore Falls, Maine Boyington, Mrs. Hazel 1761 Audrey Dr. Clearwater, Fla. STUDENT Austin, Cheryl 5618-100 th Way N. St. Petersburg, Fla. Barrows, Kathleen 19200 N. W. 10th Court Miami 69, Fla. Duff, Donna Lee Rt. 1, Box 198 Odessa, Fla. Gleaton, Beverly 210 S. Franklin St. Daytona Beach, Fla. Harris, Virginia 741 Chandler St. Philadelphia, Pa. Proverbs 3:5816 Directory Copeland, Rev. Edgar 1607 Woodridge Clearwater, Fla. Harris, Mr. Lester Trinity College Clearwater, Fla. Hogle, Rev. Roger Rt. 3 Lanier, Barbara 707-2-4th St., S.W. Largo, Fla. Mancini, Carolyn 1863 LeBlanc Lincoln Park, Mich. Matchett, David 872 S. E. 9th Court Hialeah, Fla. Mitchell, Robert 5920-4th St., S. St. Petersburg, Fla. Rawlins, David 801 S. Delaware Ave. Tampa 6, Fla. Roll, Rosemary Ewan and Main Street Ewan, New Jersey Conneaut, Ohio Stroud, Rev. Lem Fenway Academy Dunedin, Fla. Watson, Dr. W. T. 8251-2lst Ter. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. Schorr, Mary Ellen 4747-6th Ave., N. St. Petersburg, Fla. Smith, David 1056 Granada Blvd. Clearwater, Fla. Thompson, George III 860V2'-14 Ave. St. Petersburg, Fla. Turner, Diane 6816 Clearview Ave. Tampa, Fla. Wagner, Diane 93 Patricia Ave Dunedin, Fla. Weatherspoon, Dina Lee 1007 Alma St. Durham, North Carolina in Mr. Hogle Bible Class Typing Class H U Office FL Mail. 12 5 S5 4 Psychology Class English 10 Class "W T' 5 by , , ' .,B' f fi . w- , ,li tags , tx is iz A fi: Registrar and Secretary World History Class Study Hall 'Q Et .t jg iw l l ' Q Shorthand Class English Class Biology Class 1-7l'll.l PM I know I M suppose to be siudymg' I ll race anybody!" Fenway Gardens Hard day after football prachce' "Stop nf' 111' - I 6' There s only one Way! i 'i 'il 1 ' Iv n ' D32 . ii ' , 'iwAP2Q1 HL If F ' 'J w 'JI N711 - RA wrrzilmf'-' 1 A. wx C' 'v - ,- ,, Y u,,.Ann 1- UML Mancini""ARE YOU READY FOR TAKE OFF" i-fix lui' ,P "There's no Doubt! End of a Rough Day at the Fair! "Never 'Againl" Where's the "No Loafing Sign" "Ready for shipping! Help! "50 cent a grin" A ii -"Lookiel" "Who's the side Kick?" af Z,- "All ready for Valentinesl" iff? .5-. "I lee you Kathy!" 3 5 . I Our King "Lee Matcheitu "Our Queen RoseMary Roll" "Eating Again?'f "Fenway Academy aw as ,F Q. .3 Wi Q S wg Qing ww :mag fm ,Q :K 5 um W xxx W um by 1 ,gi ,111-if fi fm Us 4' Q., QM mfr an if 9 fp- ffefffgis 2129? ww vw wa H x mx H w s H A gy, vf Soloist-Dave Rawlings u ' D X Mandm Uefxb. SoXoKs'f'Ca'o Gleatcswne Turner 8. Bev He Hath Put ll ew Song in Our Hearts Piano-Vurgmla Harris if Org X mano,Donna Du an Mary Ellen Scho fl' 2 an -,QB mn Ill 1. F Mountann Due on the carry II' Thmk hell pass mspechon? . -.y f- "Huh-huh, let me try." "Try Cake-instead of Cheese" "Smith-??" B re 5 Q4 -1. 1 "Guess who won!" Don 1 be shy. , W52z,2.- :- "He wanted a swim anyway." Looks good from here. "They say these yearbooks are fun." A 5,4 or , Xifiifl 1, 13 ,Q 1, K w lligkgfkffvif-Ksix H 1-1 1-L43-' f-'if Ea ' fi? + vl I , 1 .. in -: ' -F . f 1 -'Arg +- . I , ,lu K MRL ' f .f::. V V .. EA f' ' " if 5 vw ' ' f, kk,,LL , . ffigfi f .,., ..,, . , f , 'P ll '4 , W ,. ' ? 'l H' wmig., gg fly? 'gift' xn- ,,, W, l Ng --.,4,,, ,. 4 11-ew-s:"" -- NV H ' -1 K .na Mfmkvuy-, 53, M 5' Wi 2' PNB -5 "K, '19 I 'N my V..-we-Y' f if fv- se 5 . b M ,iwimlf fg in 'fi yn uy if ' P-:Saw gr' 5142, H e 290951 sg.-: use N, mm - f My--as is 12" 6.6Jlfl. EZ Prayer Meeting Ifearbrfok Staff Advisor: Les Harris Editor: Beverly Gleaton Co-Editor: Lee Matchett "THE LORD HATH DONE GREAT THINGS FOR US, WHERE- OF WE ARE GLAD." Psalms I26:3 "LeT The redeemed of The Lord say so." Psalms IO7:2 Senivr Cestimonics BEVERLY GLEATON, Jesus Truly holds The key To my hearT. I wanT Him always To be TirsT and To direcT me along Iife's paThway. BARBARA LANIER, I Thank The Lord Jesus for all ThaT He has done for me. I Thank Him for sending me To Fenway. I know ThaT wiThouT Him I would sTiII be IosT. CAROLYN NIANCINI, I Thank The Lord for all ThaT He has done Tor me here aT Fenway, and I wanT my life To be a blessing To all. LEE MATCHETT, Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I can Thank The Lord for all ThaT He has done for me. He has done so much Tor me ThaT I in Turn wanT To do all ThaT I can for Him. ROSE MARY ROLL, My life would be empTy wiThouT Jesus. He is my hope and my sTrengTh. WiThouT Him I would be noThing. MARY ELLEN SHORR, I am so Thankful ThaT I have such a glorious MasTer To serve. I wanT To serve Him as He direcTs. This is all imporTanT because, for me Tolive is ChrisT. DIANE WAGNER, IT has been so wonderful going To a ChrisTian school like Fenway. Praise The Lord for all His goodness and undersTanding. ' ' : 'A lk "1 """' ' ' Phone 445-7478 cl had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my Lord than to dwell in the tents of , t,., ,,., .,,t D .. '. ,t,. A ...Q .tt. S ,.,,,.!I' ' lvlh fkj S5112 ".'. E I-WT ,' 141' EQ: 'Eg, Q25 -jg, Eff fi:- -.,, 3 2251 2225. 2177. EQ ji V5 " . ' ' v . ' .QI lvjq fl?-:::'.E5x.E.i:5-E1 ':A. ::jsQQE5.ii,,15 'ZZAH1 E qulu Q . ',1, Z 3,21 ,:3..- ' I VV bu Y V If 4 ,, Q. I I A l256 Sou+h Highland Avenue ELLEN REED CLEARWATER. FLORIDA "BERT" HALEY wickednessf' Psa. 84 :10 BIBLES-BOOKS GIFTS-CHURCH SUPPLIES RECORDS-GREETJNG CARDS GAMES-TEACHING AIDS-REBINDING MIMEOGRAPHING-BUSINESS CARDS CLEARWATER RAMBLER INC. Aulhorized Rambler Sales Service a I S 0 SIMCA SALES AND SERVICE 2 Blks. Norlh RI. I9 466-6067 2430 Gulf-To-Bay Clearwafer, Fla. Complimenls of ' BANK x. TRUST coMPAnY P. O. BOX 44 LAROO, FLORODA MEMBERS OF F.D.I.C. Complimenfs of I 'T ' " . ' "', 2. 4- 4 L -. E 4 ff.. - We Ea 1525 K E 'NN -E v 5' " ' 0 'FJ-me-,ff gg- 4,4 - CLEARWATER. FLORIDA Phone ss4-suzo GARDEN CENTER 81 FLOWER' S-HOP FREE DELIVERY GARDEN SUPPLIES Harbor Bluffs Shopping Cenier Largo, Florida PUMPS and .SPRINKLERS 8I4 Wesf Bay Drive Largo. Fla. PHONE 584-2575 or 58I-2323 A Q C0mP'f'M"+S of lml icARl.lsl.i'E MOTORSR BILL'S Amoco AMERICAN I A LINCOLN-MERCURY TRANSPORTATION CENTER 2085 Gulf Io Bay Clearwafer Ph. 442-2I2I "Grace and Trurh Came by Jesus Cl1risI" JN. I:I7 766 Indian Rocks Rd. Largo, Florida Belleair Shopping Cenfer CENTRAL HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH 'TESTRgEI2Dl?2IFaCSESt4El!Enl1iEIE gg:-fa 20I Emily Srreel KEITH W, LAMB All Wesrern Mears-Cul As You Lilre l'l' Tampa' Florida pasfor Meals Cui' and Wrapped for Home Freezers -PHONE sa4-as4a- 95 s. 'SF' Q " VY Compliments of the LARGO ALLIANCE CHURCH J. A. Johnson-Pastor K' HEALTH FOODS Q FA- if-. .. 77aZ'Zuzaf 1 1 'ggeif' 2 E Ioumunn 'Q 92 S W0 We 'IVAN' VISIT OUR JUICE BAR I2l N. Ft. Harrison Ave. Clearwater. Florida Caryl M. Johnson Phone 446-6587 lFl1"S GOOD FOOD YOU YIAll1'-- 5 W TQ f N THE TRINITY SNACK-SHACK Ron Jackson, Mgr. Jo Bergeon Karen Linton Judy Seiter Congratulations, Class of I 965 Compliments of CONCORD BAPTIST CHURCH "A Warm-hearted church with a Hearl'-warming Message" 2224 Corrinne Sl'ree'l' Tampa, Florida Compliments of GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH North Hercules Avenue Clearwater, Florida NATURAL ' cooxs A FASTER. NATURALLY When Gas is "on" the heat is "on" instantly. A half cup of t ded f wa ef. recommen or most vegetables, heats to bell- lng ln LESS THAN TWO MINUTES. See Your Dealer or City Gas ,Department Cleveland at Myrtle Phone 446-9168 Complimenfs of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Dunedin 500 Wood Sireef Phone 733-3I88 Com plimenfs of IMPERIAL GAS-S. FT. HARRISON Clearwafer, Florida Phofography TRAFFIC CONSULTANTS E EVVINGS E 06 egwuwfn Wallace S. Building-Annex Tampa 2, Florida 7I5 S. FI. Harrison Ave. PHONE: 442-4575 Lord Bless You-Class of '65 I C. RUSSELL HARRIS-Disfrici' Manager S I309 Dixie Lane, Sf. Pefersburg. Fla. - - - ' EARL E. COLLINS-D's+r'cI' Ag nf' Dlshlbufor Royal Tunes 4I7 Wildwood Way, CILarIuafor, .FIa. Bryan's-Recaps Used Tires S d LT I Besi Place in Town Io Buy Tires I1 f oun Ie nsurance gil 4' 4 AT COST My I . . . 'ITEM' Exl If chi 1765 Largo Road 3398-34111 S+. N. lgf 5 cusway or "S 'ans Clearwafer, FIa. S'I'. Pefersburg, Fla. of vi " cm? , ' PHONE 446-9I54 PHONE 527.1135 bs S an utuaIiI4eInsumnc0Qi' ' " I CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE I RALPH HAYES ' Represenfafive A Coudesy of NATIONWIDE INSURANCE AUTO-LIFE.F,RE TRINITY COLLEGE BOOK STORE Searsiown Shopping Cenfer 446-7063 MRS- R- DONNEI-L BURRES5 l257 Missouri Ave. Phenes Iigfgefig Clearwafer, Florida 335I5 442'-5855 K Q ceanic travel service inc- Ve?" LARGO PHARMACY - l27 Soufh For? Harrison Ave. i Clearwafer, Fla. - PHONE 442-M07 Nexi' +o Posi' Offlce S LARGO FLORIDA . . I ."hI1v , I, I 'imc' . . 'I I 'I Y I sf. ,.. ,I ' , ,I- 'IE I I '4 "2f ' i ' ' I 1- -I O,-. , -er Iwgfifir , E Compiimenfs of E- A- HUNTER- Jeweler LARKIN FUEL OIL COMPANY 353 Main Sheef l53 Avenue Sou+I'I Dunedin, Florida S+. Pefersburg, Fla. Phone B62-I948 GREENWOOD PHARMACY Complimenfs of '0"f,,jjjvjj1QQf'Ffjfee' sONJA's RESORTWEAR-BEACI-IWEAR PHONE 446-I202 PHONE 446-3I32 Ciearwaier Beach. Florida CLEARWATER'S OLDEST DRUG STORE 1 "IN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATHS" Bes+ Wishes EASTERN OIL CO. I Good Gas and Good Service I Expressing our deep appreciaiion for 'Ihe Iabor of Dr. W. T. Wa'I'son and members of +I1e sfaff of Trinify College in Iraining young people +o be beH'er servanfs of our Lord. "HOLD FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE" I an '-I Complimenfs of SOPHOMORE CLASS CLASS VERSE-John 2O:2I "Then said Jesus To 'rhem again, Peace be unio you: as my Faiher haih sen+ me, even so send I you." Best Wishes to Class of i965 CCLONIAL MEAT PACKING CORP. 2700 22nd Slreel' North Sl. Pelerslourg, Florida O Myrtle Avenue at Chestnut Street 711 Cleveland fFla. 601, Clearwater, Florida Telephone 446-9183 QArea Code 8131 Clearwater, Florida , ,QI L in Sleepy S ez. ' For 0" 'f COU RTESY AUTl'lORlZED VOLKSWAGEN DEALER r ig s " Q '-wizmsmw ,MM I E iiii i ' ' Sm' A' ' L-:-WU: ".. ""'i,'1 1 ' "" ' V Qjggpg' ..,. I EARL A. BROWN-VOLKSWAGEN J 0 MFE 2300 Drew Sl. Clearwater, Florida PHONE 446-0537 l00 Complimenis of DEGREE CLASS IN I965 CLASS VERSE: Isa. 58:ll Congrafulafions CLASS THEME: And The Lord shall guide +0 +hee coniinually. Class of '65 WEBB'S CITY, INC "GENlE" of Clearwa'l'er I462 Gulf-To-Bay Clearwafer, Florida Sf. Pefersburg, Florida "May Trinify College be blessed wifh fhe grow'Ih and prosperify Ihai' we have been forfunale Io enioy." Bes'I' Wishes From GEORGE 81 ROSS MOBILE HOMES, INC. . .,y.. PENUEL PHARMACY S+. Pe+ersburg's Original Drive-In Pharmacy Cenfral Ave. and 37I'h SI. JAMES W. PENUEL. R.P. PHONE 862-2380 2347 Gulf-To-Bay Clearwaier, Fla. I ' I ' ' ' WI? I' 'A--aQIIi'4QI2x:: .. . ,fnf? .If l f H 'if,'l"'IQf5 ,:J' f' '1' 'f2II" "f . 1. ll2.'em2w lw+ .Iw i if 1: rl-I W I' .WMI ' gi 'w?Q " fif'iQMvfiF:fg'Iff rniflllf MII aff :ffl I II I K M11 , Ufwmmwsw uw. liyggf., 'I , H I Im' ww...uL:umr14Inwvnmnl I "" "ir ia a ess l . .-.. . ' 'UI' I Z , . MRI!! Ii ,, 9 ,... ..., ,.,,.-....--.,., ,,.M..w--A .,,. -. ,..... . ...,. My i IIIIPII' In 'f,I: , ' f Ql Ir ",.,'.' M.v'w' ' ww?"lwIF4'13wl'l'lflI1w ww '-',l3 'w"2lwm. 'im5?w.wJ 4- .. I Power Mowers-Engines-Sales and Service Sharpening-Repairing-Paris-Reboring Phone: 446-630l 9I3 Chesfnuf SI. Clearwafer. Florida - I S TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH I325 S. Belcher Rd. CIearwaI'er. Pasfor DR. E. C. CHASTAIN PHONE 446-7362 Vicforious Chrisfian Living-Friendliness Preaching Bible as Word of God- PasI'or and Congregarion Praying God's Besi' for TriniI'y College. INTER BAY FAITH CHURCH 3520 Iowa aI' Himes Tampa, Florida Don't Fret - Call Chet Evangelism . Chris'I'ian Educaiion-World CHET FUHRZQNDS :SSO SERVICE Missionary program C' is rw PH ud elfwl I' 2: Ol'l I MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE. Phone 446-2846 "A SINGING CHURCH FOR ALL PEOPLE." loz See Alll6fi08 Best... by Car! IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR I AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION vow ru-uma, mvrsron-ownlo nlcmc cowwvv Complimenfs of MONTGOMERY WARD "The Friendliesl Slore in Town" Cleveland Plaza Shopping Cenfer Open 9:30 A.M. 'Fil 9 P.M. DICK PHILLIPS' CITY CYCLE AND SUPPLY CO Schwinn Bicycles-Phone 446-3304 904 Cleveland Sfraef, Clearwaier, Fla. Nexi' Door fo Florida Power Office MODERN LIGHTING Ligl1Iing Fixlures and Lamps I4I4 So. Missouri Clearwaler, Florida DUNHAM'S SURGICAL APPLIANCE SERVICE Surgical Supporls, Invalid and Coloslomy Supplies I478 Gulf-To-Bay Blvd. PHONE 443'59ll Clearwafer, Florida WILSON HARBOUR VIEW PHARMACY I200 Druid Road Clearwaler, Florida Complimenfs of CARL T. BOUCHARD FUNERAL HOME 557 Clearwaler-Largo Road Largo, Florida SKYCREST SUPER MARKET vi ,I Ig I' , - 4 .r' fi, J' .r ., - gf: fvi'26.,. fil' 325y::'gf3f..5-fliilir .. vw yr www:-, . 1' 1 ' , , I 1396. I 1 P . , I gl is 'ri' 1 'f I 'Ib 41 ,Q Zfh 559, 'M H . I 88 I Drew S+. Phone 446-7700 SI'ore Hours Mon. Thru Thurs. 8 Io 7 Friday and Sa'I'urday 8 'Io 8 TALK TO JOHNSON "THE HAMBURGER KING" NoI'ice: We sell no inI'oxicaI'ing drinks. Go I'o 'Ihe church of your choice Sunday. If you have no Church Home, we would highly recom- mend Slcycresl Bapfisl' Church on Drew S'IreeI'. IZLOWER SHOP WIF E' ,jqlgl CLEARWATER . . arrison venue -- Clearwaler. Florida :.iC II' 'Telephone 442'2I77 Izmll Sunday Morning CLEARWATER, FLORIDA CARTER'S ARMY-NAVY DICK MILLS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, 628 Cleveland Slreel Clearwaier, Florida L08 CTM :reg Phone 44IZ-H94 MILTON WAGNER il- Complele Package Homes I-ll-'ii Easy Io live in-easy 'fo own! Besl' Wishes, Class of '64 JACK TAR HARRISON HOTEL E9IlCUIli3,II3UIfQiI ,eQQ OF CLEARWATER, INC. ' . Souvn MIIIQUHI CLIAIWATII. FLOIIDA Ph. 446-67I3 BROADWAY PHARMACY YOUR HEALTH is OUR BUSINESS Dunedin Shopping Cenfer 979 Broadway Dunedin. Florida I .gs iirs in s F FENWAY CONFERENCE CENTER PHONE 446-6748 MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP I5I9 Gulf-+o-Bay Blvd. Sparlrling Clearwafer, Florida Mufflers-Tail Pipes Alignmenf-Brakes For All Cars PHONE 442-3533 ARCADIA MOTEL Highway 60 I972 Gulf-To-Bay Blvd. Clearwafer, Florida Owners and Managers-MR. AND MRS. L. H. CUTLER PHON E 443-43 I I EL COMET MOTEL I9-18 Gulf-To-Bay Blvd. Clearwafer, Florida Owner-Manager MRS. E. H. MORRIS PHONE 442-0504 Complimenis of SEARS TOWN BAKE SHOP I24I Soufh Missouri Avenue Clearwafer. Florida Day Phone 442-3l2I Nighr 446-0684 RODGERS BROS. PAINT 81 C0mPIIm9"I5 of BODY SHOP HARRY V. WILSON 8: COMPANY Truck and Auio Repairs I73l Largo Road Clearwaiar, Florida Licensed and Bonded Morfgage Brokers Webb? giznflfmen if difauf MULTIPLE usrme senvlce GEORGE H. HARBISON REALTOR 4I8 Souih Fori' Harrison, Clearwaier, Florida PHONES 446-I346 I203 S. FI. Harrison Ave. 446-8698 Clea-rwafer. Florida W 7 12.4, 51143 I I . ' Complimenfs of TOP VALUE USED CARS INC. I007 Soufh For-I' Harrison Clearwaier. Fla. Phone 446-9I7l GINNY'S BEAUTY NOOK I204 Soufh Forf Harrison Clearwaier, Fla. Phone 446-7248 ARIIA UDDI BIB - 446-7935 BJW5' Fu PNIIUTG E? m PG Ni I 0 0 I Furniture that makes Itself at home anywhere N Our professional staff of interior decorators ready to assist you at no extra t Days Bridal for Your Bridal Days Courfesy of SUNSHINE TRAILER COURT Pasfor-BOBBY REAVES Pianisi'--JO BERGEON Complimenfs of GLORIA GARCIA PSALMS 73:25 "Wh,om'have I in heaven buf ihee? and 'Ihere is none upon earfh 'I'haI' I desire be- side +hee." CongraIuIaI'ions fo Ihe Graduaiing Class TRIPLE GOODNESS Fresh . . . Pure . . . Energizing -I-'onimosi DAI RI ES I06 Complimenfs of TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 200I Rainbow Drive Clearwafer, Florida 1277 B. HIGHLAND AVENUE SID M. ROBINSON HEBREWS I3:8 "Jesus Chrisi' +l1e same yesrerday and 446-6766 RENOIR of Clearwaier, Inc. For Thai Coniinenial Look . . . l F lw' ioday, and forever." n as 'On S. K. KOOKER 20 So. Fl. Harrison A. M. RATCHFORD Clearwafer, Florida SWEDEN HOUSE SMORGASBORD KEPPIE TRAVEL BUREAU' INC. Sf. No. Roufe Uss. Esfablished MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY Official Agent LUNCHES Sl.l0 DINNERS S2.l0 - - - T .moo-3:00 4:30-9:00 Airline. Luxury Cruises and ours Sieamshlp World-Wide Service suNDAYs AND HOLIDAYS-DINNERS S2.I0 TWO LOCAT'ONS To SERVE YOU, llg30-9g00 'Main Office: Beach Office: HALL YOU CARE To EAT? 37 Norih Fi. Harrison 442 Mandalay Ave. No Liquor PHONE-S+. Perersburgz 896-0665 Phone 442'2'3' Phone 442'2'9' Congraiulafions +o Graduaiing Class of I965 TRICKELS JEWELER'S 627 Cleveland Clearwafer, Florida Complimenfs of HEILMAN'S MOBILE HOME PARK 8300 Alf. I9 Largo, Fla. Chapel Services-Sun. Morning ll:00-l2:00 Pasior-DALE ADAMS Congrafulaiions fo Class of I965 GULF-TO-BAY BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY 'L I640 Gulf-'io-Ba Blvd. Clearwafer, Fla. PHONE 442-7I4I Congrafulafions +o Class of '65 CROSSWINDS TRAILER COURT 4I25 Parl: Sfreei' N. S+. Pefersburg. Florida IO7 UNITED WORLD MISSIONS lnferdenominafional in Fellowship- U d ' l' l ' E h ' ' -K n enomma Iona In mp GSIS - F THE I: i n ,- A fl-f'l j -I 5 F PRESCRIPTION SHOP ' l g IJIIIHIIQ I -, , Sf. Pefersburg, Florida YRS, 'V INC. Dr. Sidney Correll-Direcfor Rev. Gerald Boyer, Assisfanf Direcfor Serving in Brazil, Peru, Cuba, India, Spain, Japan. TWO STORES T0 SERVE YOU Korea, Bolivia, Senegal,'England, Germany, Okina- wa, Venezuela, Guafemala, Hong Kong, Republic of Mali, Philippine Islands. Mailing Address: Medical Square Box 3000 666 Sfixfh Sfreef' Soufh 534 Cenfral Avenue Sffl Pefersburg, Fla. Phone 894-4l63 Phone 862-l l4l Home Office: 800 E. Welch Causeway Madeira Beach, Fla. Elflllllllllllll lllUllllRll a6'12faf'ef?lf022M- l08 I Since l9I2 l233 Soufh Fi: Harrison Clearwafer Phone: 442-7l I l Sf. Pefersburg Phone: 894-4249 THE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 70I Fourfh Sfreef, Soufh Sf. Peferslnurg I, Florida office: Phone: 894-5873 Rev. Gordon'Cross, M.A., D.D., Pasfor Sunday School ........,............... 9:30 A.M. Worship Service ......................,. l0:45 A.M. Leadership Training Hour ........ 6:30 P.M. Evangelisfic Service ................ 7:30 P.M. Jusf Norfh of fhe K 4 f M 5 'S J' :N "" uimrum MACAVISS ' SHOPS I96+l1 Avenue and Gulf Blvd. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida 4,5 l EX OTIC PEA ri i ii in 3 i 33 psigiefib Qdn ville S L LINTON M MUSIC C COMPANY l700-I704 Nor+h Missouri Avenue fMissouri Mar+ Shopping Cen'l'erl Largo, Florida Phone-446-9485 KIMBALL PIANOS AND ORGANS BAND INSTRUMENTS' GUITARS AND.AMPLIFlERS Complefe Music School Piano and Organ Renfals Open Daily-9:00-9:00 Safurday-9:00-5:00 Complimenfs of SENIOR CLASS OF I965 CLASS VERSE-Philippians 3:4 CLASS THEME-Pressing foward 1'l1e lhigher calling of God, , if --' " 'l :F ' if' Y ik ' Q: ' L ' l X , ' 1 rt V- ' v i 4 , C L N' - 'Yuri' ' ' 'F ff". ' r ,Lf--xi A . f' ,- in-N w X i f A ie ff. E1"5f"ga1., 4 1' "' ' "N "-.. l K L lfwxwwg-gui 'W , i ,X L , wif' 1 "':'f1!,'i"" "!""'QQ'1"'N,., X ii YW J rFiHl21i2Fiiiriiirwviiwimhax-5'l'lrlv+5i +AMl5iiQA1iN liillQ'n'11yifigmlQM", 'H ' 'N' ' '1 '1"""' , "lla V" Frf'l',,n,fin 1,Q'l'w'i 1, ,, " "' , ",, 1 'Q ,lk will if'fr'11Z:'j'f'V'jff'ffEQEjVg ' F F F Z ' T i :li VliiniliFlii11'1iif'1i'Qi1En Mila ' ,gN1: i"" 1 A IO9 A 7 l l BURNISON'S CLEARWATER PLUMBING -8: APPLIANCES m X 40 No. Forf H rr' o Ave. 9 a is n I AI Telephone 446-8355 ' ' HOME APPLIANCES KELLY'S FLOWER SHOP "Flowers 'For All Occasions" Besf Wishes 7770 12212 .. 9 8I5 Pierce Slreef - f if-uh A YEARS Clearwafer. Florida ,357 ff Phone 446-I066 500 Douglas Avenue Dunedin DRYCLEANING PHONE '1aa--mn LAUNDERING Complimenfs of HUGHES SUPPLY, INC. CIearwa+er Phone Florida 446-956 I CLEARWATER PRODUCE CO. Incl inc.I 630 Laura S+.-Rear of PosI' Office Clearwaier, Florida P. O. Box 568-Clearwaier, Florida phones, Wholesale 446-2678 FruiI's and Produc 446-8858 IIO 9 ,E2!'!gg!!f2g: ilulif' Iinuii IIIIIIE lIIIIlI !III!! FI!! imjzi Io j il lI!fI'i'F'f3IT'! F' IR 5 T CH-my Century of Aprogren tjzreugh Serv COMPLETE COMMERCIAL BANKING FACILITIES EIUF' NATICINAL BANK DF DUNEDIN DUIIDIN. BDIIDA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE LORPORATION N Bolton I I Clearwafer, Fla. Sch RA FFTS RESTAURANT and MOTOR INN Osceola Ave. and Drew St., Clearwater, Florida -. PHONE 442-2I6I L l- . I. L L SHARLO MANOR MOTEL f 656 Bayway Blvd. Clearwater Beach A Colonial Motel with Southern Hospitality Rooms, Efficiencies and Suites 867-5669 867-I 55 I GE. Kitchens MAXIMO HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH 550I - 3lst Street South T.V. Phones in all Rooms lair conditionedl Heated, Pool, shuttleboard, doclc for boats and 'Fishing LEARY WILLIS JR St. Petersburg, Florida R .dence . Pastor 640I -2Ist Way, So. Quahllly Cour+ PHONE 446-9l5I NO .Los Too LARGE OR Too SMALL CLEARWATER OPTICAL SERVICE 8 Eyeglass Prescriptions Filled Contact Lenses 1 ROBERT WATSON 7 B Co rl' Street MOVING 8: STORAGE Opncian 'gearwahl Florida Local and Long Distance TV Stamps-Packing-Storage-Local Moving YOUR TOUCH OF BEAUTY SALON S. J. ALLEN 700 Chestnut Sheet PHONE 58I-I804 Presldenln Clearwaler' Florida I94I Indian Roclcs Road PHONE 446-4QI5 Harbor Hills Largo, Florida Uemple 'illerrace Snutqern gllllethnhisi fllhurnlq Rev. Webber M. Walker, Pastor Telephone 935-2778 Temple Terrace at 21st Street, Tampa, Florida "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, C0mPIIm9H'I'S of but unto us which are saved it is the power of God" fl Cor. I:l82. HAPPY EGG COMPANY Tampa, Fla. HI Complimenis of THE BLUFFS 5 8: I0 Harbor Bluffs Shopping Cenler Largo, Florida RYAN CLEANERS ai LAUNDRY Personalized Service 3 Hour Dry Cleaning R Minor Repairs FREE "Specialize in Drapes" WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS Hrs. 7 A.M.-9 P.M. 7l0 S. Missouri Phone 442-8249 THE SALVATION ARMY 400 Norlh Fori' Harrison Ave. IAl+. I9l Clearwafer, Fla. Sunday School 9245 a.m. Holiness Meeiing ll200 a.m. Salvalion Meeling 7:l5 p.m. A CENTURY OF SERVICE TO GOD AND MAN we Ckriafian E04 Sore GIORGI H. ROWLAND. P o RIITOI lI2 LIBERTY AND SUMTER STREETS 0 SUMTER. SOUTH CAROLINA PINELLAS LUMBER COMPANY CIearwa'I'er, Florida No+ Inc. Buy Wi+h Confidence . . . Build Wifh Pride. I CompIimen+s of SUN COAST HOSPITAL INC. An Osfeopalhic lns1'i+uHon 2025 Indian Rocks Road Largo Florida Phone Number 584-2 I 8 I-Clearwafer FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Third Avenue and Fourfh Sfreef Norfh S+. Pefersburg, Florida Phone 893-5785 MINISTERS: Rev. Aaron N. Meclrel, D.D., LLD. Rev. Tracy W. Redding, M.A. Com plimenfs of CENTRAL BIBLE CHURCH 3800 I7I'h Avenue Norih S+. Pefersburg, Florida Assisianf Minisfer, in Charge of Youih Aciivifies ,x.g'?! Rev. Kei+h L. Es+es Pasfor-J. W. Hansom Iv . .an u . O,gani,,-Choi, Mawr: WSUN 6.00 P.M. Sunday Evening 3 William E. Wafers M hae- C Organisr Emerifus: Charloffe Praii Weelxs -V' ', m f- A,,55'i55i251f552555fffisifiie5355535:552EQI255555553iiiiiiiiiiiiaiiizifieizi552555523525215515225s535si55ziE5i2f22: ' 7' I-h"Kk1B'2lI5.Q7iP!m '45'-:3:3:':':3'?:- 72'-:13:-:i:f:3:'1''5:it3:1:5i11113113313:51313:i:7:3:3:f:3:?:5:?:3:5:?:3'-J:I:5:f:7:3:f:i:i:3:T:1:3:i:3' I , 'jgf4i ""' iff 'l:Q:f1Q.i:3Q:':3:f.Q:5f:?,f:-ff:::Q:f:Qif:Q:Q:Qif:Q:f:QIf:f:f:f:Q:f:f:2:f:f:f:Q:f:f:Q:f:f:f1f:f:ftQ:f:Q:::j:f:Q'5:f.3:Q:::Q. ' ' '51-.. 013 - ..... N ' -1.7.,.:3:3:3.':"3:I:i:3:3,':"?''A:3:-:37:3:1:151523175:I'3:313t1:3:f:3:i:1'5311:3:T:T:f:5:1:7:3:3:1:i:3:':51':1:""'zf.i:-: ' ' 7?Zg5T.j ,. 53" "" 1"f2EjgE:5EgE'IgIgj5,i'I2:gE5:5E3EgE5E5EgE5E515EgE255EgEgE3EgEgEgE2'255525I5253525351325I:E3Eg55E5Eg:gE2E5E5Egij. T E ' f?fEQ3E55.5EEEEEEEQQEEEF111252355EEi223255235552523EEEEQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESQ.W1:iii35EEEEQQEEQSEEQEEE2QEQiQi522i525E35EE52iE??5f353 , s fl I I ' iii?2E5323iiE3E5552555EEEQEEEQZEEEEEEQEEESEQE55552iiEi?3355EE5?535?E55iiiE535555E55EE525S5if555EE5352E255EE55E25E5f535555iEi5f5fEiEEEEEQ I I I if 'C gig' PHONE 876-4257 I ' iI,' , igig ,T I ..r. I my I C Egg BANK OF CLEARWATER gt 4 A I A A I 'L Z I CLEAHW:-Yen Fgonuon. A Mzmasn or F D.: c I I T, To ' 'fzif' ... gh A I fEE 5aii5,g2 52i NITBQQNW or d?lfaw1pgmo Qaptlsir CIWGI3 ,... vuuer ..... .,,., .i. I .,.. ' if I Ii If . A W Tilfi if ff' "325 iEsw21 ,Q 2Qesif25sfQ222:52Qfa2a25fifs252E23fiiififzifiamfafafaef25212:fa2lif2f22222E2z2a152E2fee12Q2122252E2325ii2E2i2i222i2f2522252iiififii. "OU.rQelw4eS4vIOUf SCAWOQISLfQf14d95E'5.'2 SCM" A I . " , rlh' ' I .w17iCdf.q,4gS'f' I VJILLISI LI. KIRKI I 'T :sole NI.4MANHATiAr33QX:.' 839-2790 I I 838-4463 , '- TAMPA, FLORID . MSTQR I f WTAN---I340 K.C. WTAN-FM---STEREO 95.7 M.C. "The Clearwaier S'Iafions" NIGHT AND DAY INTERBAY GLASS AND FURNITURE New and Used Furnilure Aulo Glass Furnifure Tops Mirrors H- J. EARL TUb'SI1OWe" Doors 4924 Commerce Sf. Pori' Tampa, Fla. 336I6 I I3 JIMMY'S BARBER SHOP Phone 446-0203 I877 Drew Sfreel' D JIM PERRONE Clearwmr, Florida Compllmenfs , of PHONE: 446-8288 HELEN'S HAIR STYLING I840 Drew Sfreei Clearwarer. Florida JIM AND ADA CLEMENTS enneqs ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY N If ELECTRIC co.. Inc. CONTRACTORS Indusirial Commercial 8 I 2 CI1es'I'nuI' Srreel' "CIearwa+er's Leading Deparlmenl S+ore" Clearwaier, Florida -Telephone 442-3I I6- Congrafulaiions 'I'o: SENIOR CLASS OF I965 The Everinghams' DUNEDIN BOOK STORE 504 Main Dunedin, Fla. N Musical Insfrumenls and Accessories PHONE 442-6868 Band Insfrurnenl' Repair .Muaic Centex C H U H "UAL .Sm af JVQII' 932 Cleveland Sheer Independen,',iBibIe Beneving RALPH PALUMBO Clearwaier, Florida 335I7 Separafed QQ . 5 odgers, Qodgers 8. Qummmgs, nc ST'l'ee'I' and Avenue Sourh Gznsnxu INSURANCE u neu. ESTATE 0 MOMGAGE LOAN Gulfport Florida FOLSOM'Pa5+0r II9 S. FI. Harrison Ave. Clearwarer, Florida PHONE 442-4I Il Courlesy of VANITY FAIR 523 Belcher Road Clearwaier, Florida II4 "JESUS CHRIST, THE SAME YESTERDAY, AND TODAY AND FOREVER" HEBREWS I3:8. Compliments of FIRST COMMUNITY CHURCH of HIGHLAND CITY, FLORIDA PASTOR: MART DUGGAN YOUTH DIRECTOR: JIM DIXON Psalms l3O:5 QUALITY "l wail' for +l'1e Lord, my soul dolh wail, CITRUS PRODUCTS and in his word do I hope." by H. P. HOOD Our lhanlcs for fhe hard work of all 'rhose who helped malce +l1is l965 Beacon possible. DUNEDIN THE STAFF lI5 Q Compliments of FRESHMAN CLASS l I CLASS VERSE-Hebrews I3:5 "Lei your conversalion be wil'hou'r covelousness: and be con- lenl' wi'l'h such lhings as ye have: 'lor he halh said, I will never leave lhee, nor forsake +hee." CLASS THEME-To Know Him and To Malce Him Known CLASS SONG-Living For Jesus I OFFICERS: Presidenl'-RONNIE BECKHAM Vice-Presidenl'-BILL BONE Secy-Treasurer-JANIE WILLIAMS Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. II6 DONORS' LIST and Mrs. John Adams Mr. and Mrs. Harry Coe Mr. and Mrs. Guy J. Colfer and Mrs. Slanlield Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Pe-l-er Ypme and Mrs. Francis Ludlow Mr. Charles F. Thornberg Ml.. and Mrs. Ken Beard and Mrs. Don Hunler Mr. Lesler Dreher F. J. Nordshom and Mrs. William Easely Mr. Larry Dimmil Mr. and Mrs. Joe Koch and Mrs. Tracy Miller Anonymous M. K. Lashua and Mrs. Ollo Pelerson Mr. and Mrs. Manning Slroucl Ednh Schwab and Mrs. Darrell May B- J- Egland J' R. McFarland Edilh Myers Mrs' Pearl Edie Smilh Mr. and Mrs. James A. Williams and Mrs. Gordon Blalceman Anna Jensen Mr. J. A. Maas and Mrs. Norman Bradlield Mr. and Mrs. Wesley l-llll and Mrs- Elson Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. R. w. eoheen James Heelon Anonymous John S. Rhodes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Johnson John Upchurch BAKER, REV. DEAN Rt. 2 Livermore Falls, Maine BRAGG, DR. E. C. 720 E. Main St. New Port Richey, Fla. BURRESS, MRS. DONNELL cfo Auto Sup. Co. Campbellsville, Ky. CASPER, MRS. NELLIE 50 Farr Ave. Johnson City, N.Y. COLLINS, REV. 81 MRS. EA 417 Wildwood Way Clearwater, Fla. ABBOTT, MARY JANE R.F.D. QW Box 90 West Paris, Maine ADAMS, DALE 4 Fallkill Avenue Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ALFORD, JOHN 915 N. Ohio Ave. Lakeland, Fla. BECKHAM, RONALD 2555 Woodruff St. Mobile, Ala. BERGEON, JOANN 1 10 Prospect St. Defiance, Ohio BERGMAN, DONALD R.R. -7952 St. Catherines Ontario, Canada BERGMAN, PETER R. R. -1152 St. Catherines Ontario, Canada BJORKMAN, CARL 5 Winchester Rd. Livingston, N.J. BOIES, CAROLYN 322 Lamar St. Orlando, Fla. BOLDT, THOMAS 216-41st St. W. Bradenton, Fla. BOND, LYNNE 513 East 129 Ave. Tampa, Fla. BONE, WILLIAM 31 Miller St. Lanett, Ala. RL Administration Directory COOK, DR. ALVIN 1021 Commodore Clearwater, Fla. COPELAND, REV. EDGAR 1607 Woodridge Dr. Clearwater, Illa, CROSS, DR. GORDON 1810 Pinehurst Ave. Dunedin, Fla. DOYLE, DR. JOHN 2221 Clark St. Tampa, Fla. ERNST, MRS. HARVEY 1850 Venetian Dr. Clearwater, Fla. ETHRIDGE, MILDRED Box 14 Knockpatrick, Jamaica JOHNSON, REV. J. ARNOLD 388-12th Ave. Indian Rocks Beach, Fla. LAMB, REV. KEITH 204 West Broad St. Tampa, Fla. McLE'AN, MRS. CORA 401 W. 9th ST. Lumberton, N.C. MINDER, DR. 8t MRS. JOHN Lake Swan Conference Melrose, Fla. tudorzt Directory BOWDEN, THOMAS 901 Turner St. Clearwater, Fla. BOWLING, SHARON 116 Wildwood St. Beckley, West Vir. BRAGG, PEGGY 720 E. Main St. New Port Richey, Fla. BRITTON, FRANK 905 Beverly Ave. N.W. Largo, Fla. BROOKS, GARY 1650 S. Fort Harrison Clearwater, Fla. CALDWELL, DAVID 3253 Dignan St. Jacksonville, Fla. CAMPBELL, ROBERT Rt. 9192 Box 147 Zephyrhills, Fla. CHAVEZ, VIRGINIA ANN 5813-36th Ave. S. Tampa, Fla. CONNALLY, THARON 217 W. Powhatan Ave. Tampa, Fla. CRANSTON, REV. HAROLD C. 3093 Meadow View Ave. Largo, Fla. DECKY, RICHARD Skylark Trailer Park Clearwater, Fla. DETWEILER, GERALD Buckeye Trailer Park Largo, Fla. DETWEILER, LEON 10031-108th St. N. Largo, Fla. DINGEES, DELLA 451 Douglas St. Duneding Fla. DINGESS, RONALD 451 Douglas St. Dunedin, Fla. DIXON, JAMES 922 Stewart St. Knoxville, Tenn. DOYLE, DANIEL 2221 Clark Sf. Tampa, Fla. DREYER, CHARLES 710V2 East North St. Tampa, Fla. DUGGAN, MART 7 College St. Athens, Tenn. EASLEY, BARBARA 717 Stratton Ave. Defiance, Ohio EDWARDS, CLAUDE Jr. 3024 Pen Mar Drive Clearwater, Fla. EDWARDS, ROY 240 Ave. F, S.W. Winter Haven, Fla. ETHRIDGE, MILDRED Box 14 Knockpatrick, Jamaica FAUST, VIOLA 1052 Wagner Ave. Phila. Penna. MYERS, MRS. EDITH Trinity College Clearwater, Fla. RILEY, MISS JACKIE 1330 Rand Rd. Des Plaines, lll. STROUD, REV. LEM Trinity College Dunedin, Fla. SWIGART, MISS ESTHER 1583 Bellrose Dr. E. Clearwater, Fla. WATSON, DR. 8. MRS. W. T. 8251-31st Ter. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. FYR, ROBERT 1149 E. First St. Tustin, Calif. FEWELL, WILLIAM 3701 Tangerine Ave. S. St. Petersburg, Fla. GAMBRILL, MARY 7838 Hillsway Ave. Baltimore 34, Maryland GARCIA, GLORIA 7412 Manchester Lane Tampa, Fla. GODWIN, CECIL 519V2 Yelvington Ave. Clearwater, Fla. GONZALEZ, RICHARD 2512 W. Braddock St. Tampa 7, Fla. GREEN, NORMA 7109 S. Westshore'Dr. Tampa 16, Fla. HARRIS, LESTER Trinity College Clearwater, Fla. HOGLE, MOTTRIE RD 9993 Conneaut, Ohio HUNTER, RANDY Bdx 0 Dunedin, Fla. HUNTER, ROSALEE Box 0 Dunedin, Fla. HUNTER, VALERIE 106 Edgewood Drive Nashwaaksis, New Brunswick Canada II7 HUSKAMP, ELAINE R.F.D. 7151 BOX 1283 Palm Harbor, Fla. JACKSON, RONALD Rr. 42 Sharon, Tenn. JACOBS, KEITH 3124 Roberta Dr. Largo, Fla. JOHANNES, CHERYL 1624 Arlington Blvd. Fairfax, Vir. JOHNSON, ANITA 2665 Woodring Dr. Clearwater, Fla. JOHNSON, BRENDA Box 292 Rt. 9951 Riverview Fla. KIRK, WILLIS 4308 W. Fig St. Tampa, Fla. LaPOlNTE, MAUDREY ANN 1018 Main St., Dunedin, Fla. LARSON, HERBERT 6704-79th Ave. N. Pinellas Park, Fla. LEWIS, MILES Buckeye Trailer Park Largo, Fla. .I,lNTON, KAREN T122 Oxford St. E. London, Ontario Canada LUDLOW, RUTH 1822 Midfield Road Feasterville, Penna. LYNCH, BEATRICE Bay Drive Trailer Park Box 208 Largo, Fla. LYNCH, ATHEL Bay Drive Trailer Park Box 208 Largo, Fla. LYTLE, MARGARET 3617 E. Tampa Circle Tampa, Fla. LYTLE, ROY 3617 E. Tampa Circle Tampa, Fla. MARTIN, CHARLES 4211 W. Hillsboro El Dorado, Arkansas II8 MAYLEN, SANDRA East Seven Stars Road Phoenixville, Penna. MILLER, JOANN 8711-13th St. Tampa, Fla. MONROE, CHARLES 2478 Nash St. Clearwater, Fla. MORGAN, ERNEST 3800-23rd Ave. St. Petersburg, Fla. MURPHY, CATHERINE 3197 Louisiana St. Cleveland 9, Ohio NATHAN, ROBERT R.R. -7141 Coleharbor, North Dakota O'BRlEN, DENNIS 9323 Starkey Rd. Largo, Fla. ODEN, GENEIE 4650 S.W. 30th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. OLSON, DONALD P.O. Box 708 Columbia, Calif. PANGBURN, FREDERICK 524V2 Howell Street Dunedin,,FIa. PARISH, RONALD Rt. 4151 Box 866 Sonora, Calif. PEARL, ALTHEA 2265-7tfI St. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. PEDRICK, SHARON 47 West Mill Rd. Pedricktdwn, NJ. PRICE, JERRY 6526 Ninth St. N. St. Petersburg, Fla. PRINCE, WILLIAM 215 W. Pawhattan Ave. Tampa, Fla. RASMUSSEN, DONALD Box 193 Jamestown, Calif. RASMUSSEN, PAUL BOX 193 Jamestown, Calif. RAWLEY, DARLENE 32 Belle Meade Circle Largo, Fla. READER, ALANNA 212 South Rd. Page Park Fort Myers, Fla. REAVES, BOBBY 509 Jeffords St. Clearwater, Fla. REINHOLT, JOHN JR, Bay Drive Trailer Court Largo, Fla. REITZ, CAROL Box 42, R.D. 9951 Falls Creek, Pa. RIGGS, CHARLES 4016 W. South Ave. Tampa, Fla. ROBERTS, DONALD Rt. 9643 Clarkesville, Ga. ROBINSON, SIDNEY 524 Howell St. Dunedin, Fla. ROSS, DAN Box 354 Roscommon, Mich. ROWLAND, GULIE 221 Broad St. Sumter, S. Car. ROWLAND, MARY 221 Broad St. Sumter, S Car. RYAN, SANDRA 211 W. Frierson Ave. Tampa, Fla. SADLER, BARBARA 174 Hildrete Place Yonkers, N.Y. SCOTT, LINDA 35 Creighton Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. SEITER, JUITH 1331 Phenixville Pike West Chester, Pa. SMINKEY, JENIMAE 156 Main St. Souderton, Pa. SMITH, ORVILLE '3 Douglas St. Dunedin, Fla. SMITH, WILSON 13596-66th St. Largo, Fla. SPARKS, JAMES 543 Kinnie Dr. London, Ontario Canada STAGNO, Ross 2568 Harway Ave. Brooklyn 14, N.Y. STAKE, J. D. 2085 Broadway Clearwater, Fla. STANFIELD, RUTH 2122 Waldemere St. Sarasota, Fla. STEVENS, MARIE Box 416 Middleton, Anna. Co. Nova Scotia, Canada THEW, JUDITH 224 Meadowbrook Ave Broadmase, Ohio WALFORD, JUNE 331 Dibble Road Conneaut, Ohio WALKER, WEBBER 9206-21 st SY. Tampa, Fla. WATSON, TOMMY 910 Moore St. N.E. Athens, Tenn. WEISS, JAMES 702 Bellview Ave. New Port Richey, Fla. WILLIAMS, DONALD 167 River Oaks Dr. Winnipeg 12, Manitoba Canada WILLIAMS, DOROTHY 1 Oakland Ave. Old Orchard Beach, Maine WILLIAMS, ELEANOR 1 Oakland Ave. Old Orchard Beach, Maine WILLIAMS, JANE Box 28 Fancher, N.Y. WILLIS, LEARY JR. 6401-21st Way S. St. Petersburg, Fla. WILLIS, PATRICIA 6401-21 st Way S. St. Petersburg, Fla. WILSON, ARTHUR JR. 700 Orange Ave. Clearwater, Fla. WILSON, THOMASINA 700 Orange Ave. Clearwater, Fla. "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY l"" '-n '-' ji:-Y-':1g .. ... ' 1 , E, ' "' 6512- J. . L., .., - 'as sw nr., -4-V ' "",.- - ' ' pn, Q 4-1 -4,31 :si-'fig' '-.1 11 +- 'f 1 "', '- Pt- 5 ' "'N -- -Q.. x s x . 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Suggestions in the Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) collection:

Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 114

1965, pg 114

Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 76

1965, pg 76

Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 80

1965, pg 80

Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 65

1965, pg 65

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