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P I sin .-.Q srisnx ka 2,1 SVA' fe . v I2 alxflbf , Q 1 rang, ,'N px,,x lu' w. ,I 4 f ,J , . 33. r . ,N ,Zi 5. "5 ' ' C' 8 Hindi. vswvlsfk 11:11 'Q' at ,wymh A X 'A , 4 4 i ,A , ,,, We ' f f- -V 1 J- 'Q 2 in M i. 1 i 'W .,....-. f 1, QQ?-f Vqsnlx w Qxiblvll V -X ,fwfr 3.51 e" ' "-5,1 I "'. A- . V X ," V b - x2,+ , '11'.,4,. -I Q? 'Gff' . Vg ,lib , 4 A E ' ,, mf, K I Q ' 5 'W -X f , M, - , f w,,. , ,, . A 1 ,4 , yi: I: Xl: . 1 I V 4 , ' 'TH 'Q' .NV . . ',,?'f'Zf"-'V'f" 'Iggy W WNW ww W. A , , Nix,-WY X :Z,?',i,'5 Q, 1 "", , 4 4 ', ff! l ,.. .v-.v-v-.uv-- - f ..,,,.gp:aprv' ,.,,,,. ,-wvvw-w"" Wa' 'K -f-M. E 9' 6 K b X .W V ' ' -' fav-.,. .,.. ,--....... ,T A 411 4 -fi Q., x W , div.. ' 5' .V - W ,Q N .-.', .'..'fg' I A' . 4,..4-i,V E V Q".5'e5Y.?Ti'-i'i',u'LT'-1, -LL -in.-L':-:,.,' JL... , .. .. N'?F"'f.""f-Lif-wwf-1if4:-1wM42AweT.-msm:,1was1f.z1fii14522raTE,za J 7. - T115 " ' L. - - '- - . 11 . -,vim .Iggy Y Q V h .- .. -V ,.m::.f'.f'- 1 .- , . . Y - -xx 3 -55 X 4 .H 3 K . 5 X 1 . K. m"j agry. 55 aifb .ll 'I I I X .. , u iv' Qf. v,1 ,s . I, ill -F -.. YQ, 'ly' I' Q il4.'a'.':iS "QW X5- 1' , ., ,MAN A . f ' 1 if fn J 5 5.M ' I Af Y L !' V -I -V if A n 5 is Q ,va ai , 1 -...L , ,,,,.,..-----v' , g, , 1- , . K" ---,475 , ' 'H ' ' ...... ...,-,i,.. .. . -- k --4, - 1 x Hi .,Qx, ei? ,Ji-, x- M jwg D17'oR Jam Mmm W C 3 X DOUG 5 - Assocmn' Evnfon- QZWWQ mm, cwuf BUSINESSPMANHGER- UFDYAJ M fiicuwr Howsfn - 712541. 73,4 Q-Ziufym w JFYQ... 7- .."""f . . ,. R '. '32 ,: , 1 V' , -1,7 v. 1 1 i , .. ,, . 4 W., ., .,, 9 ,, 1 1 4 3 4, ' V M..-vw ,x ' . V V 'V 'V f 4, 'J A ' Q QV. ' gf M, F ,, . Q gg i f,,h 5 ff 'Vw Qiuwv X. 'Q '-- ' . gi ,ww 84. Z . -V L ' , any , . sf ,Q K Q '.-,zfze-'3,Q 2 Q, gr J . QAM, V.. . f e I Q .f Ja X X33 Q 'Shel ,N Q '9 6 f , b-,' Q ,X Q . K f 'ff' f Qf . Vfz fl - .I PP? f 'S ' A 8 3 V, Q 3, J , A , V - .P . I ' V , WV, x N K In K Q NX '. ' , 4 ff ' 9 b . 5 . Q A hx . . " .0 1 'V V' K ' t ,ju ' 4... S K Mm. V J 4 K X wr. - K .Q .V v Q .A :Aga gill. ' , vi " it f ,' 7 Y -4 V f ,A ' iff ,g mf f . ' ' " , 1 ,,., ' ' F' 5? gi QV . JI 3 -A 'MQ . , 2 13 if , ' fe? ' , b f V V , f 1 g g W9 V Q ' V ,. ,V ' - ' Q 545 1 l ' ' "" gk IT, ',,:, 1. Q , W f' x ' K f A5 , , VV ' .19 ' , I 9 'Q V V V'V V ,.,, , V X V : V "7 ' V V V ' H , . ff., I ' 1 V V 'YQQQWI W- N , ,- -,f .3 gil Wi 1 F? ,kigliffvt i ll N I Q 1 -ini U7 I 'allrllg' ' 'W iwsljn p I M5553 2'-577 i' ' 'in-'I' , I sI!'lV-Ffwl i I i i, fi F g.g:gI tag.:-e I - lg'.l! B ll -- In - 'J , -I ' -.-. ' l A I , .' I., I 1' -. - QI' - I ' i I 'Lp .lx W If" ll 'I - ' :2 ' l hgh Si -' ' 74414 gadldew An architect builded a temple, Constructed with care and skill, Pillars and joints and arches Were placed according to his will. Men said, when viewing its beauty: "It will stand the test of time -- "5 Great is thy skill, ye builder, But thy structure is not divine. A minister builded a temple, He labored with skill and care -- Placing each pillar with patience, Laying each stone with great care. Invisible were all his efforts -- Few knew of his marvelous plan, For the temple the minister build d e Was invisible to the eyes of men. Gone is the architect's temple -- Its beauty has all t urned to dust, Pillars and joints and arches Are food for consumption, for rust. But the temple the minister builded . I Shall remain while eternity rolls, ,QL For a beautiful invisible temple 'A' Was a Precious, Immortal Soul! -- John Schowalter at-9 u 5152? A 492 4 ,-7 ,1 E 1:1 if I - YB I I M, Study to shew thyself approved unto . God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." ll Tim. 2.215 FRED L. AUGHINBAUGH A teacher with untiring effort, a loyal devotion to Trinity College, and an earnest love for the Lord is the beloved Dr. Fred L. Aughinbaugh. One of the oldest instructors, he has been associated with the school for a num- ber of years. His heart is definitely with the schoolg and he is continually making opportunities for the inexperienced students to serve their Lord in preaching, singing, and song- leading. Some former and present students were led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by this man of God. Dr. 8: Mrs. Aughinbaugh are wonderful examples of daily Christians. lt is a joy to visit in their home where the presence of the Lord is felt. Because of their zeal for the lost, they have formed Faith Church, a small but spiritual soul-saving station in Tampa. Never is Dr. Aughinbaugh too busy or tired to answer a puzzling question or discuss a problemg he is genuinely interested in each pupil. Every day in his classes new truths are revealed from Crod's Word, and more and more are realized the privileges that belong to the Christian in Christ Jesus. ln future years these lessons will prove invaluable in the ministry, on the mission field, or in any other work as the Lord has led. As he stands before a group teaching, his silver hair gleaming, one can see the beauty of the Lord in him. 5 lg, .X.,,.... , -ui-vnu-um V Y "Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christy" Titus 2:13. Dr, William T. Watson, President ,-4 Wand 145ml Me ?fzea6dea1! Words can't express the sentiment of the student body toward Dr. William T. Watson. This brilliant president, who has given every- thing to further the training of young people for full- time Christian service, is loved, respected, and admired by everyone. Outstanding to all is his manner of conducting chapel servicesg his waiting on the Lord before prayer time has a special place in our hearts. lt is not unusual to see him holding one of the babies around school or to see him in the kitchen preparing a favorite delicacy. There is never a problem too small to ask his advice about -- he's understanding in every manner. Earthly goods are not his goal, but he will receive his rewards in heaven, where he will share a part of the souls won by those who have obtained training under his guidance at Trinity College. 6 0 n 'I G a C H 1 d Y Y 1 f w a I T I' 1 t 31 t a A 1 s s e O 8 Y d M w h i o W blessed hope and KNIT S Chngtl " ward Dr. mn every- Ihristian servicesg place in s around ielicacy. about -- rewards by those College. of the great 1 ' - nmiginm by 2' .es-..'fs.wv--1 F M 0 6 - ,, L L YJ A W . FO U N D E D i932 . T. WATSON, D. D., Presxdent 0 CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 1 s. cumsTsAN-:SERVICE May 11, 1952 To the Class of 1952: Greetings in the name of our Lord. . . No class, from this or any other school, ever faced such great possibilities for suc- cess in Christian service as do you. The fields are indeed nwhite unto harvestn. The world has tried peace organizations, international compactsg but what man has attempted to do is doomed to utter failure, because it is a program without Christ. You have the answer! You, who are well trained for Christian service, who have exper- ienced the love of Christ in your lives, and who have a burden for souls, with the Gospel which is the Npower of Godn have what the world is in desperate need of today. Christ is the answer, so make Him known wherever you go. It has been a joy to have had you with us in school here at Trinity College. Many are the times that we have been made to rejoice during your years with us as we have watched the spir- itual progress in your lives as you have been deepened in the things of the Lord and have grown and developed both spiritually and mentally. Do not feel that because you are graduating or receiving a diploma from Trinity College that your years of training have ended. You will be in school as long as you live, and he who has ceased to learn has ceased to live. Always remember that you are an important part of Trinity Col- lege wherever you go. Should Jesus tarry, some of you will be serving in the homeland and others in foreign fieldsg but the sacred, common ties of Christian fellowship, which you have experienced while in training at Trinity, should always bind our hearts together even though we are far apart. Please feel at all times that this is nyour schooln. Your prayers and your sacrificial giving will make it possible for Trinity to do for others what it has done for you. My parting message to you is this -- be faithful to the task to which you have been called of the Lord and do the work well that has been assigned you in His field of service. Remember that it is nnot by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts". ' Yo s for Youth, m. T. Watson, WTWfmah President S! Mrs William Hess Rev H A Sams DF- E- C Bragg D' W T Watson MRS. SAMMIE M. HESS B A REGISTRAR Voice -X Story Telling REV. HORACE A. SAMS B A M A BRE Personal Evangelism English . Sunday School Administration DR. ERVENE C. BRAGG, B A TH B D D Systematic Theology Prophecy Hermeneutics Pauline Theology Christian Evidences DR. WILLIAM T. WATSON D D PRESIDENT Pastorial Theology Homiletics Typology MRS. MARY LILLY, B, A Typing Shorthand PROF. RUFUS S. PERKINS Notation Piano Organ MISS MARY CRIVELLI, R High School English Missionary Nursing 8 'T ,rg M NW -0-J", Dr. F. L. Aughinbaugh Rev G B Wetherbee Mrs MRS. WILLIAM T. WATSON Bible History and Geography DR. FRED L. AUGHINBAUGH, M A D D Old Testament Survey Gospels Dispensational Truths Bible Analysis Bible Introduction REV. GEORGE B. WETHERBEE Bible Exposition Parables of Jesus MRS. EDGAR H. YATES, B.A. Child Psychology Biblical Backgrounds Wie ,limi k m gf-JH,:ff -r . y 2 F if! 1 Pkg R. A f 2. if X T, , - -ia: - - 1.-.-.:p- Zegfzee 66444 Wfdfdfby We, the Senior Class of Trinity College, deem it a great privilege and honor to belong to such an illustrious family. Little did we realize when we came to school to begin our Freshman year of study that the years would pass so rapidly. As we begin our first year of study, we look at three years as almost endless, but as we think back into the past, it seems as only yes- terday. Upon our arrival at Trinity we were met with a warm Christian welcome from those who had been there the year before. Right away we felt that we had been taken into the Trinity family. Many of us had dreamed of the time when we might enter such a school as this to prepare to serve our King, and to us it was a dream come true. During the first week of classes we became acquainted with the members of the faculty, and we have never ceased to admire their lives and to thank God for Dr. Watson, who has sacrificed for many of the students to come here to study the Word of God. Only five members of the graduating class have been here for the full four years which are required for a degree. These are Kitty Gilliam, Rex Lilly, Clyde Snader, Frank Miller, and Ina Mae Gilliam. During the three years since then, we have added several new members to our class, making a total of fourteen. During the second year we added these three new mem- bers to our class: George White, Pat Morgan, and Edgar Yates. Last year in September Donald Mank, John Taylor, and John Doyle came to join us. This year again we are happy to welcome these three into the group: Joe Chen, Ernest Cavallo, and Harold Walker. All of these students have fin- ished two or three years at other colleges and have come here to finish the one year required for a degree. During our first year here in school we had many wonderful blessings from the Lord. The spiritual lives of the students were enriched when we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Warren Walker give a series of messages on the deeper life. Dr. Walker is a former student of the school. Dr. O. J. Smith brought many challenging messages to the student body during our second year here. Many of the students answered the call of Christ to go to the regions beyond to tell the story of salvation. Last year was a great year for the students as well as the faculty of Trinity. The school purchased the Belleair Country Inn and converted it into a Bible school. What a wonderful day on January 19, 1950, when we moved into our new and present school home! During this year also Dr. Billy Graham, the well-known evangelist, came to visit the school. Dr. Graham is alsoa former student of the school. He made the statement that Trinity College has one of the most beautiful cam- puses that he has ever seen for a Bible school. Certainly we ought to praise God for our school! Much of the history of this class is yet to be written. Soon we shall be leaving the doors of Trinity to go forth to tell a lost world of Christ's loveg but wherever we go, upon the golden pages of memory are engraved our remembrances of Trinity. The prayer of our hearts is that we may be found faithfully "Holding forth the. Word of Life, that we may rejoice in the day of Christ, that we have not run in vain, neither labored in vain." IO vilege and ilize when ears would tree years only yes- nwelcome elt that we mf the time King, and ve became ceased to rificed for for the full lliarn, Rex g the three ss, making new mem- Last year to join us. group: Joe s have fin- : finish the l blessings hen we had essages on tudent body the call of e faculty of :rted it into 1 we moved elist, came school. He utiful cam- it to praise we shall be Lrist's loveg igraved our Lly "Holding hat we have BIBL DEC RCAL E I REL DUCM I S lf' f AN J K K5 I f f f VL! i ,XXX ll gf! J ON 66444 Offwefw Pres. -- Pat Morgan Sec'y-Treas. -- Ina Mae Gilliam - - - Wicwzfefz of ,-ffzta - - - Ernest George Cavallo, Jr. -- the Bostonian -- a mus- tache in the Lord's army -- enjoys sitting at a table of girls -- Col. 1:25. Rexford Lilly -- "Uncle Rex" ---Bobby's proud papa -- a perfect Christian gentleman, -- Ga. 2:20. Donald E. Mank -- just out of a band-box -- ambassador for the Lord -- parade promoter -- Zech. 4:6c. Clyde Martin Snader -- Vandenburg fan -- ask me any scripture! -- wants to look pretty for his girl up north -- Col. lg18b. John Vernon Taylor -- he'll paint your house for a price -- curly -- tough daddy -- Gal. 2:20. ' John Charles Doyle Qnot pictured, -- treasurer of Florida West Coast N.A.E. -- a quiet soul -- preacher for Concord Baptist Church -- Matt. 6:33. 2 ,tier Qwajb. ff ' S1 ,, W , 1--mmm W4 8619, -49mf.,6!d'T9hm16 Cfylr QXMJW J.-Z CA bre of t so ' ' ' gddeiam af ,-9,54 - - , tud in to witness in China -- can really Joseph Yeh Chen -- s y g brew that chop suey -- how his family must miss him! -- resident Ina Mae Gilliam -- little bit -- faithful bell-ringer -- p -- Phil. l:Z0,2.1. Of the Gilliam Sauerkraut Factory ,ef.Q,..,az4f Ellwyn Clarence Morgan -- master MC -- singing he goes -- something new this year -- horn- rimmed glasses -- John 3:30. Harold W. Walker -- speedy -- nature lover -- Cupid's target -- Psa. 19:14. George Jefferson White -- expert shoe salesman -- vigorous song leader -- tall, lean, good- looking -- Isa 41:10. Edgar H. Yates -- "Cuddles" -- lives a gracious Christian life -- ready with the flowers for the next banquet -- Prov. 3:5,6. Harry W. Flickinger Knot picturedl -- shepherd of Lake g' E- U B. Church -- how he loves shrimp! -- runs taxi service for 7 W' Ladies' Mission Society -- Psa. 37:5. Ma dalene 13 ZZMPMMW f se aration the class of 1952 is united for the Golden I After many years o p Anniversary of Trinity College. What a change thirty years. can make. Former grads are united once again -- it surely is wonderful. Ships, trains, planes, buses, autos, everyone is arriving. . . ' ' an books, papers, and journals while in Clyde Snader, having written m y evangelistic campaign meetings, is head of the committee. He is a P1'O1'I11I1e1'11Z figure among all churches and has kept in contact with most of his class chums. Bob Matherly, former business manager of the Beacon, is assisting Cl de, especially in raising funds for the event. He is a valuable minister Y in the Southern Baptist organization. ' ' rin the banquet dinner. She's tops The chief cook, Dot Mooney, is prepa g at making chop suey since she's been in China for twenty years. lt has been her privilege to see hundreds won to Christ. Kitty Gilliam is keeping the menu balanced with helpful hints she's gained from laboring with the Spanish race in South America. At the morning service, Pat Morgan is to conduct the congregational singing and render a special nurnber. God has given Pat's daughter, Janet, a beautiful voice, and she is to sing with him. No one's music can compare with the piano playing of Forrest Saltman, a talented radio musician. He will be playing for all services during the conference. Speakers in the opening service are to be Rev. Harry Flickinger, pastor of the First United Brethern Church in New York City, and Rev. Don Mank, the pastor of Lighthouse Mis- sion in New Orleans. The missionary talk is to be given by Harold Walker, now working with the people of Italy. Emcee for the youth meeting is Bob Flower, one of the nation's best with children. All the children attending are grandchildren of the class. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' for the service, and Mr Ina Mae Gilliam, Missionary to India, is singing , and Mrs. Frank Miller fthe former Vivian Swaimj will tell the children of race and their work in Japan the Japanese , The final service will be under the guidance of Rev. Edgar Yates , who has G e White been a pastor of the Baptist movement for twenty-five years. eorg l d' ' th sin in and is to sing several messages in song Bob Giles, is ea ing e g g noted composer, has written. George's experiences in evangelistic services ' ' ' f f h's ex eri- have greatly advanced his ability. Joe Chen will relate a ew Ao 1 p 'n China Leading the testimony period and prayer service will be ences 1 , John Doyle, who is noted for this type of service. After brief 'talks from d R Lill who Fvangelists John Taylor, popular with the younger set, an ex y, is a reat ersonal worker, Dr. William T. Watson will close the reunion S P with a sermon everyone is anxious to hear. It will seem good to hear him preach again. V Plans are in order -- everyone's here -- so let's begin. . . "Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, Sing His mercy. . . " 111 I J J :me Golden an make ! s, trains, s while in prominent his class assisting : minister 3he's tops t has been eeping the ie Spanish regational ar, Janet, n compare 1. He will he opening 1 Brethern rouse Mis- .d Walker, tion's best the class. eg and Mr. children of s, who has orge White Bob Giles, lc services his experi- rice will be 'talks from Lilly, who the reunion to hear him . ."Sing the ,tim ' ec J H X I CO4-35 I0 ci- exbse . el MOORE! i V165- EZQIWWC V X, 15 WN Pxg Robert Samuel Flower -- "Petunia" -- distinguished script writ- ing -- blinking headlights -- Prov. 3:5,6. Robert Monroe Giles -- composer -- hairless -- Old Faithful at Bateman's broadcast -- Phil. 3:10. i Virginia Cathryn Gilliam -- keeps the dining hall tables in or- der -- black luxurious locks -- in the Victory Three -- Rom. 8:37,39. Robert Eugene Matherly -- "moron" the beam than off -- strong ' physique -- manager supreme -- I Tim 4:8. Dorothy Claire Mooney -- pearly white things that bite -- either hi or lo in the Victory Three -- lending hand -- Psa. 2.7. Forrest Hart Saltsman -- humble spirit -- master ivory tick- ler -- how he loves low voices! -- Rom. 1:16. - Phyllis Patricia Spangler -- all time heart-pal -- now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of Phyllis Spangler -- music minded -- Isa. 4l:lO,l3. ' - 76-AMJZAM Edwin ' - 6. ew Suv Q K. Wm? 604' Marana, A!-zzu,?V7v+My ' :ff'a-14216 1,53 Mz',gVn.,E?Q, L W rit- Qhful at in or- :37,39. strong either y tick- le time music F. 1 WWW S9018 bv GS bm Civgxeiimet' we QW :HOW Cf J ,azz J! T7 PLZ. 3-'lf 1 , TT? Q5 ,V .F ,Q V, , QS .XA- '134 ,.-st 5 il. V, ,Q ,6:.ZQ ,Vt ,Gyn 'vw .W .-9 0 X, , Q 'ug' A' ,. Av 1:94-.., 1 . 3 Zgvlkxyf,-1:5Q.!s,2gf 1 f Jn, Air IQQAJ-Q Xe ,GA Kev' 3 I ' fx' Fae Rosaline Baker -- first sop in Trinity College Trio -- always willing, she and Oochie -- proud of her third finger, left hand -- Prov. 3:5,6. James Keith Bovaird-- yearbook"must" inart -- fisher- man -- determination, even toward wedding bells -- Josh. ' 119. . Lois Linwood Coker -- innocent as a cuddly kitten -- charming and efficient -- sings second sop in the Trinity Trio -- Rev. 3:8. Rosia Denia Echevarria -- sweet senorita -- steady pas- senger of Dr. Aughinbaugh -- Damaris interpreter -- Matt. 24:35. Vivian Jean Exley -- likes Canadian post- marks -- pep- py pianist and accordianist -- adds what's needed in the Victory Three -- Isa. 40:31. Mary Lee Fisher -- follows the fads -- either running orchasing -- a finger in every musical pie -- Matt. 5:16. Lorretta Irene Gilliam -- snack "bar-tender" -- likes ll that song When Johnny comes marching home" -- chef's assistant -- Num. 23:19. 729-Adf.-Q..x..., "uw ,f -.ig bbw:- 7' 1 f.,,.,,,. +6 E x. E 6 A :ZA-..-. 18 fzzfvmul... ma G! mm-Jdpf....... fr-ual!-u 777-cd.-fZ!9vtl1k 51... wma. among -...aff ,,,..nn7 A-www-w f16fZ...,a6!4, Wmfww Norma J. Groves -- likes girls' study hall -- St. Pete's Caruso -- swell fellow -- Gal. 2:20. George A. Johnson -- Foremost man -- -a preacher God uses -- chief bottle-washer -- John 1527. Nelson Louis Kikly -- father of darling kids -- question- box -- earnest student -- Rom. 1:16. , BarbaraDorothea Kuehn -- the bird of "The Bird Song" -- Pepsodent smile -- vitality to spare -- Prov. 3:5,6. Sarah Louise McElhaney - - baby face -- a winning way with children -- "Beacon" art mistress -- Psa. 37:4,5. Joseph Hoffman Preston -- you break it, he'll fix it, especially typewriters -- pretty boy -- two jobs and college all at once -- a handful -- Gal. 2:20. Elmer D. Shertzer -- rejoices at mail call -- could it be Janey? -- makes fine progress an intercessor -- usable vessel -- Psa. 84:lO,ll. 19 l Gertrude Isadora Smith -- happy go lucky -- sweet tooth -- "busting out all over" with cute ideas -- Prov. 3:5,6. Celesta Hope Sutton -- a good cook -- she knows her husband is boss -- aim: to bring light to the darkened souls of African lepers -- Gal. 2:20. Lester R. Suttonf-- devoted to God's vinyard - - hefty he-man -- bound for Africa -- John l4:6. Mabel Marie Titus -- the first-year girls' adopted moth- er -- spiritual leader -- "Lights out, girls" -- Il Tim. l:7. Ruth Louise Titus -- pretty peepers -- "Ruthie" -- bright as a flame -- Phil. 4:13. l Freda Myrtle Walton -- pitchpipe for the trio of Trinity College -- beautiful brown- eyed editor -- you name it, she'll do it -- Isa. 65:24. Franklin Delano Williams -- A-l preacher -- level- headed, understanding -- slo-motion, except on date night -- Jer. 33:3. 20 Q Q ax Q55 Qu !77.' 165' N M QA Q 'P' S 'b gi- +306 60 79 E1 'Zh . Y t if ' A ,.,,,,....-- , .- 1 p I l 3,19 Qwwyf 724.0-mi. 54121 0mvv3,G-pl-JL' 4 X Epi p I1 1 P21-fffwawa Jawa... 334 Ofiezgw! Wwf.,J2'SM-fl' J . James Alex Baggett -- disarmingly shy -- "When Jimmy's eyes ' ' are smiling . . ." -- "Geo-ah-gia" drawl -- Psa. 56:13. 3 William Claude Casey -- Mr. Perkins' little friend -- Super- if sonic -- dashing and sensational -- Rom. 8:28. J if Naomi Ruth Corts -- editor's indispensable aid -- bond-slave 9 ' J' to her work -- anybody need a wedding soloist ? -- John l5:7. 4 X 1 1 m Mary Crivelli -- takes care of our aches and pains - fond of fun -- excellent hospital witness -- Gal. 2:20. 'I 5 Margaret E.Davis - dimpled darling -- mischievous blue eyes -- y 2 million dollar wardrobe -- Mark 11:24. Z A Reuben M. Ely, Jr. -- Publix necessity -- working toward the J ministry -- wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove - Psa. l33:l. li lv? Lillian Josephine Faulkner -- contagious laugh -- lovely blush -- il sleeping beauty -- Psa. 37:4,5. ,B i Howard H. Harper -- passion for school -- Japan missions, his ' goal -- Wowie Howie, the football fiend -- ll Cor. 5:19-21. ' I - I 22 s t u b ti b li S 72f.A,.4. Kmm y's eyes - Super- nd-slave 1527. fond of aeyes -- ward the L. 13311. blush -- ions, hiS 134-ff' Mary AnnHurley - sky scraper soprano - - efficient secretary -- sweetness personified -- Phil. 3gl3,l4. James Ralph Keene, Jr. -- following in his father's footsteps toward the ministry - "Og" fmuscle-boundl - lives in a daze -- Prov. 316. Luther Franklin Law, Jr. -- Kitty's cousin -- the friendly undertaker -- could he be an organist? -- Psa. 19:14. Ellsworth William Lewis Jr. -- hunk of man -- "Blondie" -- the big wheel at Child's Park Methodist Church -- Prov. 2.7-l Cathryn Hilda McCormick -- Winsome personality -- full of gump- tion and humor -- "The Tone Kid" -- ha! -- Isa. 6:8. Franklin Delano McLellan -- ambitious soul-seeker -- toeless behind that lawn mower - eager for service - Phil. 4:13. Wilma Lea Mellinger -- peaches and cream -- bright eyes -- little "Diana" -- John 14:27. Ronnie Marshall Mikkelson -- brain- dust -- enthusiastic go- getter -- cute and comical -- Phil. 4:13. ., A 1 W'z..,4...,..a.f...4.7 g.Qf.....,7f.fL.. ,ggzrwgqw .ff,6Lmff,2'2....L, -J ...--v my mfcwmfuf fav-1-.f4.l70SLZ.. aww Ygedgfyw cf-....4qz-52-1 -1 Arley Colan Mitcham -- faithful servant -- Sh-h-h -- ready with advice -- Rom. 1:16. Billie Gilliam Mor an cream of the crop -- "Mama" -- her g -- interest: Janet, Pat -- Eph. Z:4,5. er, Warren Nubern -- less fuss, please -- preacher, teacher, reach- -- "Junior" -- Rom. 1:16. Ernest M. Pierce, Jr. -- winning smile -- small edition of Billy Graham -- "l'll never love blue eyes again!" -- Josh. l:9. Marjorie Sanders Preston -- never a cross word from Margie -- children's worker at the Gospel Tabernacle -- zealous and depend- able -- John 15:16. 1 Mona Jean Reichard -- snapping eyes -- accented expression -- man hater, says who? -- Gal. 2:20. John Rigby -- "carrot top" -- a smile that closes his eyes -- Cupid's helper -- Jer. Z3:3. Damaris Rodriguez -- amigo de todo -- popular Cuban addition -- "Sweetie" -- Psa, 2731, . 'WR 3. -4 ,.. iv' '19 .,,: . i 5 1, , ity W, 'ik filf 411' 24 y with -- her each- f Billy gie - - epend- ion -- eyes -- ition -- at 'zz-'1' 1 Edward Spicher -- "Ed," Dr. Aughinbaugh's right-hand man -- builder of homes -- busy as a bee -- Dan. 1213. David Starling -- a busy little boy when it comes to eating -- grounded deep though young -- sweet sixteen? -- Jer. 33:3. Florence Lorraine Tutell -- baby talk -- Phoenix gal with a hunk of ice -- where? -- she's singing mighty low -- Isa. 41:10. Helen W. Johnson fnot picturedf -- George's better half -- cap- able secretary for any church -- sweet and lovely -- Phil. 4:13. Paul C. Reynolds Knot picturedj -- technical -- dignified and dy- namic -- he'll fill the bill for a top radio announcer -- Prov. 3:5,6. "This one thing I do . . . reaching forth unto those things which are before, l press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Phil. 3:l3,l4. i 25 mswqpmwyw 6 9 4 Q 0 , 10 V, ,f g ffm 1 44, X3 .HTKIF 6, I 1 f , 1 X lib 1: J- -gui Qi Ei X417 11,27 ,' l'1Z4f'4'f W ff ' ff!! fl' ff fgf X fff XX 7'Wp,fZ'5.L?"fw 27 INFORMATION BULI.ETIN CORRESPGNDENCE 1 Leftfosighf BIBLE STUDY f V. George White gfiimgiltfeiiy CUURSE ' lemma. if zfs . t - I si 3 s t I f 0 i i FO u N o E o 1932 A T R A I N I N G F I2 "Study to show thyself approved unto God. 21 W0fkmaf1 fhaf C H R I S TIA N, SE RVIC E needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth -- II Tim. 2:15. WM T WATSON D D, President RINITY C LIECE CLEARWATER FLORIDA Trinity College offers a home courseg it is a concise yet comprehensive Bible study course for those who cannot attend the college. This course is designed to help the Christian to be a better student of the Word and to be a more effective soul winner. The course can be completed in a few weeks or months, the number depending upon the amount of time the student can give to the study. Notes can also be made available for group study in classes. After completing a semester or one of the five major divisions, the answers are mailed to Trinity Collegeg and the school mails a certificate in return. The regular records of the school will then have to your credit fifteen semester hours, which you may use if you later wish to enter the college. This course is divided into five great major divisions: I. THE BIBLE -- THE WORD OF GOD The student will leam in this study the o ' ' d rigin an history of the Bible, the great divisions of both the New and Old Testaments, and ways and methods of Bible study, II. BIBLE DOCTRINE The great major doctrines of the Bible, including the doctrine of God, the doctrine of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and other subjects, III. FALL AND REDEMPTION OF MAN The origin of man, the fall, the story of redemption as provided in Christ, the new birth, and the Christian Life. IV. FAITH AND REPENTANCE A helpful study on the plan and purpose of salvatio A ' n. portion is devoted to methods and ways of doing personal evangelismg a help in soul winning. V. CHRIST AND THE EARLY CHURCH A study of the life of Christ. This includes the history of the early church and the leaders Every Christian will be inspired by this study ' The cost is only 510. This amount covers the notes, grading of the papers by school instructors and the attractive certificate. ' I 28 ENCE DY President :ourse for : a better leted in a ive to the semester ool mails lit fifteen divisions e of Jesus iirth, and thods and leaders. structors, ? gem PREACHER S MP' COMIC! GRE SS QLOVSQ aneegiorida YM 110066 iouifb' QS we 5t. SO ME FORMER STUDENTS Dr. Billy Graham Mr. Bill Harvey Rev. 8a Mrs. Harry McGee and Rev. Wendell Phillips Rev. Gaynor Blouin Rev. 8a Mrs. Fred Boldt Miss Alma Catlett Rev. Phillip Green Miss Elsie Moody Rev. Roy Gustafson Miss Evangelyn Hicks Rev. Harold Harlee Rev. Robert Godfrey Rev. Geo. Alexander RE SERVING IN TI-IE FIELD OF E World Music Evangelism Teacher Builder 8: Evangelism Radio Evangelism Caravan II Youth Evangelist Evangelist Youth Evangelist Bible Teacher Child Evangelism Baptist Evangelist Baptist Evangelist Greek Evangelist SOME FORMER STUDENTS SERVING Rev. 8: Mrs. Karl Lyben Missionaries Miss Betty Mills New Tribes Rev. 'Sc Mrs. Bob Adams C. M, A. Chaplain Murray Bragon Chaplain , Rev. Orland Corwin Missionary Rev. Giles Clark Home Missions Dr. 8L Mrs. Everett LeForge Medical Mrs. Fred Brotherton Applied Miss Shirley Butler Applied Mrs. Priscilla Holmes Mid-Missions Miss Eunice Hoolsema Hebrew Missions Mrs. Gifford Beckon Missionary V, AN D MRS . iSS Belgi Missfoio WARD S M r an Con afles go, Af!-ic a VANGELISM SOME Montreat, N. C. DT- Texas Mr Chattanooga Mr Re' Florida Mr Florida Mr All States Mr Kentucky M1 Indiana M: North Carolina Florida . Maine Beckley, W. Va. Florida AS MISSIONARIES 5 Africa I India Eg Africa Re. Korea Re. South America Re. Arkansas Re, Africa Re, Africa ' Re, India Re, West Indies Re. Chicago Re. Japan Re. Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re Re J 4 30 7,17 ,457 ' .' ' . Pff594" 'f fax' 'L , .' 'D AP-5 Rs XSS HAZBLXY V. CHARLES I ST NX Nurse' N Pa M- MA REET Argngro stor SSEY fca H' Mass, ANGELIS M SOME FORMER STUDENTS SERVING IN SPECIAL WORK C' DV- 86 MVS- C- Bragg Teacher-Trinity College Mrs. Sammie Hess Registrar, Teacher-Trinity College MIS- Marv Lllly Teacher-Trinity College Rev Lloyd Boldt Youth for Christ-Ft. Wayne, Indiana Mr. John H. Cook Assistant Chaplain in Army Mrs R. D. Burress Girls' Counselor, Librarian-Trinity College Mrs. Agnes Bowling Christian Service Beckley, W. Va. Mrs. Dorothy Lennon Nolen Teacher New Jersey la Miss Lucille Gibson Salvation Army Jacksonville, Fla. Va. .IES SOME FORMER STUDENTS SERVING AS PASTORS Rev. Sz Mrs. Howard Knowles Baptist Charleston, S. C. Rev. Ralph Kyle Baptist ' Atlanta, Ga. Rev. 8a Mrs. Walter Matheny Baptist Ozona, Fla. Rev. Robert Martin Baptist Toccoa, Ga. a Rev. Warren Walker Baptist Corpus Christie, Texas Rev. Lewis Minter Methodist Cedar Keys, Fla. Rev. Roscoe Meadows St. Petersburg, Fla. Rev. gc Mrs. Hobart Parrqw Baptist Hudson, Fla. Rev. Howard Porter Methodist Florida Rev. 8a Mrs. Wm. Parsons Baptist Spencerville, Ohio Rev. Cecil Smith Baptist Virginia Rev. 85 Mrs. Jack Strimel C.M.A. Irwin, Pa. Rev. Calvin Thorpe Baptist New York State Rev. 8: Mrs. Harkins Howard So. Methodist Mullins, S. C. Rev. Latimer Brooker C.M.A. Akron, O. Rev. 8a Mrs. Charles Massey Baptist Arlington, Mass. Rev. Steve Cloud Baptist Flamington, Ala. Rev. .SL Mrs. Paul Martin Baptist Texas Rev. Howard Rich Baptist Mississippi Rev. Howard Thompson . Baptist Tennessee Rev. Byram Glaze Baptist Columbus, Ga. Rev. Tom Hodgin Baptist St. Joseph, Mo. Rev. Sc Mrs. Atleigh Hoefler Baptist California 31 Wdatafzdaaflq Sheehan? d ts enter the thresh-hold of Trinity they stu en From Year toefealr as ' h ' a reat testimony of the power of ' f t h story, whic 15 8 p are remmded O 1 S 1 f North Carolina when a tiny baby boy was born, ' th h ll God' Deep In e ear O 'lliam T. Watson, to God and followed him a mother gave her son, DT- W1 ' d warm words of encouragement, th her prayers an through the years W1 ' 'on of her son come true in the development of She lived to see the visi ' 't College this great institution of Trim y - l On the banks of the beautiful Hillsborough River at Temple Terrace, t d the luxurious country club which became the home Florida, was situa e of the Florida Fundamental Bible Institute in the year of 1932. Amid the ' d t tel ines laden with old Spanish tropical setting of swaying palms an s a y p d' rse kinds and colors of Florida flowers. Nested here moss, grew ive ' h d'work, students, teachers, and guests felt among the beauty of God s an 1 the sweetness of God's presence as they fellowshipped together. Many will recall these happy hours and the quiet time of prayer spent in the tower overlooking the winding river topped with lilies. Here on the banks of this same river some years later a North Carolina boy prayed h d usin the old rotted pine stumps for his pulpit. Today he and preac e , g is A.merica's outstanding evangelist, Dr. Billy Graham! ' h d s iritual Over a period of eleven years the halls rang with t e eep p truths imparted by such great men as Dr. H. C. Morrison, and Buddy Robinson, Dr. Wm. R. Newell, Dr. W. B. Riley, and Billy Sunday. In the spring of 1943 the officials of the school, composed of twelve d b d members, sold the property in Temple Terrace and purchase a oar new home for the Florida Bible Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. During ' ' ' l 1 ce for the war years of World War Il, this location served as an idea p a the school. In 1947 Florida Bible Institute enlarged its curriculum and faculty and became Trinity College of Florida. During these intermittent years Dr. Watson was seeking a permanent home, which he found in the Belleair section of Clearwater, Florida- Trinity College now overlooks the blue waters of Clearwater Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. This property was formerly the social center of the riCh SP01't111g element of the winter tourists on the west coast of Florida- MOney was laviously spent to make it attractive without and within. The masswe eesme 1'00m, believed by many to be the most beautiful in Florida, was the P1306 where huge sums of money changed hands nightly in the sea- ivfglgtliafter olfficers raided the place it was for sale, and Trinity College told itetpucilllc asir. The change was so amazing that the Associated Press Christ. t e .na ion. To see this place now being used exclusively 215 3 ,lan ralfnng Center and for winter Bible conferences is to feel that Ce1't21n1Y 3 miracle has taken place, S we reminisce over the pages of the ast we recall the nameS and i3?g2I:1Sl,E.IEf?tiSS if1?rinitY-.trained workerspserving in all major derrlfmi' Evangelical W 1 live reading an exciting Page from "Whole Who ln the or d. It thrills our hearts to know that through the Years th 1, - . iafiiiyci- 001 has mamtamed a Strong Stand for historic fundamental Christ- 32 I Dori Mrs. Mat Mr. Marc Mr. Rufu: Mrs. R. 12 t of Trinity they of the power of boy was born, d followed him ncouragement. development of emple Terrace, came the home 1932. Amid the ith old Spanish S. Nested here , and guests felt gether. of prayer spent S. Here on the lina boy prayed ulpit. Today he ie deep spiritual fison, and Buddy ly Sunday. riposed of twelve and purchased a Florida. During .n ideal place for s' curriculum and :ing a permanent rwater, Florida. 'ater Bay and the 1enter of the rich :oast of Florida. and within. The ,utiful in Florida, ightly in the sea- l Trinity College Associated Press exclusively 215 3 1es is to feel that ,ll the names and ll major demOI11' Nho's who in the hrough the Years damental Ch1'i5t' Uffdoew ffclmcmelffzdflfcaa William T. Watson, D,D, President Oliver Williams, D,D, Vice President Miss I. E. Reinhart Secretary of Board EXECUTIVE BOARD Dr, Oliver William Judge Roger Snyder Rev, John Minder J. T. Mathes Dr, E'. C, Bragg C. L. Spangler Marold Grover Dr. F. L. Aughinbaugh Dr, Gerald B. Winrod Dr, W, T. Watson Mrs. W. T, Watson Miss J. E. Reinhart Dormitory Administration Mrs. Mabel Titus, Housemother Mr, Marold Grover, Dean Mr. Rufus Perkins, Counsellor for young men Mrs. R, D, Burress, Housemother 33 a S '-1 4-,, 4 , . cg: 2 TW "V f fy? xxx , K Suwm' f ' ,1 v w ' lVXRw .QM 51 Z .ag .IK sf? " 3 nzrgllll ., S - . 1 Q. Q ,v, NN.. C4 may 34 SEM? 'Q ,wfwzx Q 'Kuff fs Q- 1 if w M W.-- 1 1 , A"'.?'f:f I uf' ' ' , p, ', ' . Rl . -1 A .' , F , Al 3, 1 ' ' 7741 Q, .nw L ' ' ' ' ' , I J SW' ., - - V s If M Q ' ' ,s lalsig ' ' .vw 1 s 5 ' 'Q 5 K v ui 5 J 5 W" X ge, Us w , f . .3 Nw .. 'ASE 4 'xx 4' rw Jflvm 1 ,wwf .. , W f , 1-4-1 -,i f f 4 , 2 , 3 Are you planning to visit Florida? Do you desire the best spiritual atmos- phere? Come and spend a delightful Holiday at Trinity College. The students, hose lives have been dedicated to Christ's service, will be a source of real t in the extra-cur- W blessing. You are invited to visit the classes and to take par ricular activities. Rates are moderate and families can be accomodated. Any further information d b writing Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Massey, Trinity College, may be obtaine y Clearwater, Fla. The Masseys are in charge of the Guest Department and also do much other ' 'l h husband work in regard to the oversees the young men in care of the grounds. school. Mrs. Massey is our hostess, whi e er Vyyx , yyjy Dion. 't,s:::6ov -fufcinqgorg Q.-56s 11:-f -ado -- lyty f ' 1 w . W vor boa 713k-wr -fm UCQY osfwii W pu VV., V A 2 ,.'i" Z 1 1 ' - ylll TT1 vo Lv' S141 V1 o.-noX1.65 11" ff Tl inlai- 'itv v-W exs owlov 5,390 -ra 2 -J oi m - 1 ,bubltv x , ' N www- 9m-3.1c,'fedfl d e to this country Mr. George Alexander was born in Samos, Greece, an cam in 1910, where he was in business for himself. He was Converted at the Tampa Christian Missionary Alliance Church. He then enrolled as one of the first stu- dents Of Trinity Co1lege,at that time known as the Florida Bible Institute, located at Ten'1P1e.Te1'1'aCeiT1 Tampa. During his years of learning, he served the schOO1 as Chef? 111 January 1951, he returned to resume his position. He now holds services at Tarpon Springs every Saturday night, speaking and singing in his native tongue, We thank the Lord for a Christian cook who loves the Lord and in turn wantS to serve the students. X 36 Clara Te Many yeai the Clara Te Christian ladj of cash are 1 The librar to young men: are observed Because oz we are asking gram of the C , .,,,f....Ql.t , .,,, ,, mc, ' C ' 2? I' '4fy?w.:3'aiM225K1 1 The Trinity All assortrr guests of thi dictionaries 111 is iII'1POS f0I' B. wider 1tual atmos students, ource of real e extra cur 1nformat1on n1ty College o much other e her husband LQ-f -L-oc L 10" U ,5 0 Tlla' gu NIV at Pngffedf to this country 1 at the Tampa the flrst stu t1tute located ved the school He now holds smgmg 1n h1S Ll in turn wants Zena 7eeZ4 - mam fm. ' is Wg mamma! .lclmazg ff-1 IEN fp kms Q' ,sw fs 4 Clara TCCIS Student IH study Many years ago when the school was known as the Flor1da Blble lnst1tute the Clara Teets Mernorlal Llbrary was establlshed 1n memory of a charmlng ChT1St1an lady MISS Clara Teets of New York The large portralt and a donat1on of cash are valuable because they were g1ven by her brother Mr H M Teets The l1brarycons1sts of several thousand books on var1ous subjects of mterest to young men and women prepar1ng for Chrlstlan servlce Regular l1brary hours are observed as many students take advantage of lt for the1r study per1ods Because of the growth of the school and the need of a larger llbrary fac1l1t1es we are askmg frlends of the school to remember 1n prayer the enlargement pro gram of the Clara Teets Memorlal Llbrary yiffl? W yew' QW? 7 '!ZY"0f""V'2i"54 W MW? My Mrs R D Bun-egg Students buymg supphes Dlrector The Tr1n1ty College bookstore 1S under the d1rect1on of the Mrs R D Burress All assortments of books by noted wrlters are avallable to students as well as guests of the College A Wlde selectlon of ch1ldren's books, Blbles song books d1ct1onar1es, and assorted greetlngs cards, are a b1g help to the students when lt 1S 11T1POSS1blC to get th1S type of llterature 1n the Clty Plans are belng made for a wlder select1on of books by noted wrlters 37 The Snack Bar -- the busiest place on the carnpusg to r: P. Spangler, ' ' ' M, Crivellr, I. Grllram, F. McLellan The Nursery children with Mama Browngl to r: Susan Johnson, Janet Morgan, Mickey Preston, Patty Sutton. A Jxllf H , , V at I , xg' f f s Mi J lg, '23 fu 'LL ii ' V 'ix ' L .iff ,. lih Q ' Zo it l'lr1 s n ' 2 AH.. J jaw' W' ,, " a f, 1 sq. fm fr, 2 -xf'4gaf'?a"Q ,W 1 Q 4 Mrs. Mary Lrlly and Bobby 15 , rr ,Legg-'Q 3,11 38 0 ,gs WQQQQW' 'Ulf QQ5 -9 'W , '40 f nag! QQ? .mx Q ot, QYQYPG 55' 3, 5- - 'I What a glorious summer it was for the students of Trinity College as they branched out to most of the states of the Union with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of them were working in children's clubs and camps, while others were in evangelistic work, etc. From reports that were sent back to school, there were hundreds of souls saved through their ministry. How we do praise God for His goodness to us this past summer. Maywe trust Him for greater things in the future as we strive to do His will. Jeremiah 33:3--"Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not." Three of our girls, Ina Mae Gilliam, Mary Fisher, and Louise McElhaney, were counselling at a youth camp in Savannah, Georgia, during the months of June, July, and August. Over three hundred boys and girls accepted Christ as Saviour. Our Motto - "Save a Child and you save a lifeg save an adult and you only save a soul." D - . in Dorethg NQOOUCY helped ln teachlng the children l- - .. . in her own home chur h ' S Florxda during the first two weeks of zfugillgt. arasota, 40 ' Our T this sum Many he: gether. an 4 f yn 2' , ' 7 , V . 1 1 fix ge as they e Lord Jesus While others ck to school, we do praise o do His will, hee great and Mae Gilliam e McElhaney, outh camp in ng the months t. Over three ccepted Christ - "Save a child re an adult and l ' iifvzs 'WH u y C? i ap 424, W Cl 535, wg? gg ? X , tx, , 1 K Vjy I-f , rp 1,1 Jw!! ,, n. , ? F ' V? bib, I , all ,, i ,ff -4 - ' 'f if 5 , r j Q f 1. ,fri , " ,jfn :,, 5 , at f- ul. f fir I 45 - ,H i f - ' f' KA ,Wa J ", 1, , . f ' ' ', V' ' - ' . - 1 fr, 41-ffl?-2,1 2. . 1 , Our TT-'if1itY College T1'i0, with Dr. Watson, President of our school, traveled this summer to several states of the Union and to Canada "singing the Gospel." Many hearts were touched and souls were saved during the time they were to- gether. L, mf- X ",, 1 ' gf f Q iiw ? Many of our young men were out this past summer preaching the Gospel. Bob Matherly established several youth fellowship groups in West Virginia. Clyde Snader was in Cartersville, Virginia, in a revival campaign where many found the Lord as Saviour. Frank Williams and George White spoke and sang in several churches in and around Columbus , Georgia. As a result there are now three more stu- dents from Columbus with us in school. However, it is just as important to be teachers as well as preachers of the Word. Bob Flower, along with other students, was used of the Lord in teaching a class of boys in Sunday ,School at the Methodist Church in St. Petersburg. How we praise God for the way He uses those who are willing to be used of Him! L 'W M I 3 41 Q ..o4""f if ' PW, -Q53 A 'wwe' W? K m,,-. 79-as xxx isfl. wit 42 ' .-:ni 7 GEN HET: 'inf '17 Z7 .NF'!"' gk l 5555314 ' 5 pl' 1, - fn.. ,g x - li:-5 ,, wfni 1.8 - M..-Nfx - mxn ,,,, ,,.,, K VW, -Hx,.,, - 1 NM, V . , , Nw :Af f.,'. . .ff , ' . W. y x W My, wf N 4 1 sx UU E rim ' , .. q" q r.. f , 14' M, if V fTf22ff41fE:z...g , . 2 V 'l f 'ff , 4 5- ' ' : HDL ' 3 ,i?i , e C. Q-5' - 2 Z-1-S"'i L- VX A f'.A ,',z., -5- ' mg Z 1 747 x 7fipPREBc'2' -7 5 ZZ 2 2?-'Tig' Yaifwi iff f 2 ' 3 ue 1-an 1 fi 'w ., i y f Z! g 4, 1' I , : i 4 ' , 'V Y - : 'f ff Y ' . ' ' X W . 7 'Mi Y WL, . X I A V X W I gf f X WW Q Q '42 K Xf 5 ? 'W Z Q W 1 5 7 1'ANvvsM-s.-:as , N-M run in ..4L V ' ,- ,. , -th!" as , W5 'Sda Mary and Louise, un y School and Junior Church Safety Harbor Methodist Church .3 ' I 0 Q Elmer, Frank, Franklin Stockade Services, Near Largo, Fla. f burg, Fla . gag? ,w" :W .iw 1 ,W .,,z' ,, ' r f x s an Mary Fisher and Choir Safety Harbor Methodist Church I I 1 Elmer, Ruth, Errna, Kitty M., Mary, Ina Mae Other students take part in giving the Word by preach- ing and singing at Lowe's Trailer Camp, St. Peters- 3 I i xD 1- i i MW 4 Bob, Norman, Elmer, Clyde, Jail Services, County Jail in Clear- water, Fla, AA 35' E1: lrlwl-5,1 ,'Z.Z-,,-.-'1,,L.j-Q., -,j,-13:-,,,, , I' 1 - ,ff -1 ' , .. ., Q- 1 ,:, V - ., , I, , . .' .l A ,,, I .,g, U -..- A v!ZU.:'f:,f, 48' dxoowo Q00 i ygyeex Q96 040-O43 0 agofa Ogg' 'VOX 6996500 06000 6 2: 0 s, C Q 6 , Qt? QQ 47 0 ry Flsher and Choir oboxbo iyw .gg 615' Harbor Methodist O5 dbg QQ' ch 9295? dba! E, l I I-HY. Ina Mae the Word by preach- VCI' Camp, St. Peters- i A 13- 51 'L 1 PNN I L sr' 'Iv A 1 sa., P WARREN NUBERN Pastors a Baptist Church. Yes, the Lord uses young people, Q X 'jf 1 1 R A.aJLd at . ff" f W NORMAN GROVES and Bos FLOWER 1 Norman 1S St Petersburg Y F C song leader Gospel Tabernacle chorr drrector Sunday School teacher solorst and chorr leader on Gospel Hour Broadcast 115 JESUS SAVES ii in AE I ll I ,M I I y , 'L zrasus saves 'JH HL J, .g Iliff' id C V V "' 'Shin 'xL',, ,"' A , y W I y 'Wx S A ' V 2. ,K W 1255 r , 4 . V V A if f f i fir- y ff i 5 2 , A A' V i. li? K X e t Keith Bovaird at controls for radio recordings, tape recordings, and other radio work in Trinity College. i C Dottie, Kitty, Vivian singing praises to God every place they go: Trinity College Youth and Life, trailer camps, nearby churches of various denominations. nacles, wood or brick churches wherever the Lord leads. Fae, Freda, Lin always ready to serve the Lord in: tents, factories, taber 43 4,', , bg 1 My A I ' 'ivt' 1 K 't.. , Q " Arley Mitcham, Warren Nubern, tsyss gf g Ronnie Mikkelsorl, "P.C.'S" " M i sift' preaching Christ alwaysg special 1 work among young people, 116 5' if s ready to serve actories, taber- churches - - or 4'-., l i l eads, tl , f 'f'Q,f - X ,, ' X. .,,. vlvvv 'Q' fn 5 V' 1 "A" e um I - e f e 1 if -A ' , 1 eg 'Q f ,4 'ff , I W Q P 11 ' ' i . few' ,ffl f 0 .5 X a X - 1 Q3 Q X 'sf "' 4 K X F- . M -if . i fgfii - lfjfff. 1 X , I Q. IZ, 4 QV-'C Y-,-Q 7-",:,r W ' f - . r' " J ! u if l X f f 1- cf . Q kv 1 OFFICERS John Rigby . . . . . . ...... . .... Vice President Kitty McCormick . . . . . . . . . S6Cl'3fafY'T1'ea?Ufef Franklin McLellan. . . ..... . . . PICSKISHI "But when He saw the multi- T im . n l tudes, He was moved with com- 5 El passion on them, because they Q G Ft fainted, and were scattered a- an G broad, as sheep having no shep- QU D herd. Then saith He unto His dis - Q ciples, 'The harvest truly is plen- U Q teous,but the labourers are few,"' T The job of soul-winning is left to you and me. We need a new vision of the multitudes who are lost and on their way to hell. G . ' J-esbts 075, ls Z I 1 9 QM-lst is 1-heJ5N12QJoL Uxf , N w Q L x , 1 D , v Gogpel 'RHI N 1 'T N I-, 4' Q ' v ' G p u Q0 OQ , ii - . A Q' ' A E Near the beginning of our school year a challenge was presented to the Tract Club by Mrs. D. T. McMullen of Clear- water. Her heart was burdened over the idea of reaching every house in Clearwater with the Gospel. Trinity College decided by the help of the Lord to accomplish the task. Soon many of the young people had rolled up their sleeves and were found contacting men and women for Christ all over the city. Among white and colored alike we X 1 saw that the Gospel message and the E151 ,f testimonies of the students affected 1' -Q' ' ' many hearts and lives, Only eternity In . will reveal the number of souls that have 6 6 been saved by this effort. with co aus atte a new to hell, 9 Dx, x NX in .I se www KGWUWW mzlvwtamav af1wL:fA-ebwibfzf mM WM? fbwwwndgdahuza fe' f T i Far away on distant shores, many souls are in despair, F their hearts are sad, and weighted clown with sm. An err - I I p ff: - -' Persecutions from without and fear within. 1 1 Pra that these missionaries will be able to bring Y light into sin-darkened lives: Rev. and Mrs. Harvey J. Butler and Shirley fTrinity graduatej, Lucknowg Jean and Earl Conradg Rev. and Mrs. Norman Culverg Rev. Helsby and Bible Seminaryg Rev. and Mrs. R. M. Rabeg Rev. and Mrs. Wesleyg Native leaderRev, Nelson: Rev. and Mrs. Weatherby, Y.F.C.: Mr. AI1 - derson and Bible School. g :gtg F fi 5- - U' or . 'Q'-Z, .. ?2 d th ' tear stained faces plead for relief from all then care: "".Zf1",ff ' -Q 111:94 SEATED: Margaret, Kitty, Dottie, Ina Mae, STANDING: Fae, Elmer, Naomi, Ruth. ' tl Through these and other faithful workers, God's Word is being carried to thousands behind the Bamboo Curtain: Madam Chiang Kai-shek, Rev. and Mrs. Harry Taylor, Elmer Kilbourne, Samuel Gam, Dave Morken, Mr. Siao, John Abernathy, Korea, Joe Chen and family. X The China Prayer Group daily pray that the spread of Communism in China will be halted and thatthe China doors will once again be opened to admit mis s ionar ie s . inc! 50 kv, N, I I , , , nil' .7 f E A 1 I Wal 'I' i 1 Y ., , 1 Vx, M, x, 1 l f ' :":'.v 1 E i if is Join this gr1 dents in pra following mi Howard andlE Belgian C01 and JackBro sisted by the in French Africag and lx Beverly, WI guage studer ing vey owg erg .R. CV, n - S Q, gif: I R K ii "'A v 2 M K, 'Q-a s V? '45 A X, WSW ,, lim., gt., cw fi an Q, X Z, I ,rl Y R . n I I ,,, ft, ,Z U 7 .A ...Qi K J ,T ,A l g, ,gw b ti M V' Q M I 2 nv S, V ':f. V-fe ' -X .-M -ft, 0' 'ff-In . can-'A " "' --2""'f4-f " " I ,, y"' s n i 1. 1 i , .- if V423 S . wi' ' i , a ny ,. 5, 1 - 4-44" ,. .c ' 2 N ,Q - .,L.,. T 'V 1 " ,,. . , X5 .", V . an gg i Zwf Zta., 3 fihi t fx t . , Tug ,M wfiii i- Q . .22 ii 5 gn . . H 'vfi N if .. i 5 L ,,', , f f IIAVZ firfiififisf, .24 1 f n Q 6 jf", :fi ' , ,A ,,,, Q ' QL .I , V' ..,., , E A T , K is V -I '-!1'b'i , ,K-,,,,kd' ,V 2 X... ,-A- ng, :MV 9 , I V .. N 5 t Q iw 4 , 0 N ' " A ' V ', . me we . r . ' , 'Q Q , ix, 1 F V, I 'f ff-Q92 ' , 1, .gf 5, 55156 ' Haiti swf W .Ji MVN., . , Q,:gyY,, Q Q: Join this group of stu- dents in prayer for the following missionariesg Howard and Rene Street, Belgian Congog Madge and Jack Brotherton, as - sistedby the Camerons, in French Equatoriale Africag and Mr. and Mrs . Beverly, who are lan- guage students. , mu! WW! 51 The establishment of a leper clinic by the Bro- thertons and the contin- uance of leper colonies are especially in need of your prayer and support. Will you be faithfulin lifting them up before our God of mercy and love ? Flo, Lin, Elliot, Frank 19 an g y ,4 , Zig f 'K r as 'il 'K F W , ws i A . Q -495 - I A ' . i . ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Gert,Mary, Ernie, Damaris, Freda, Frank, Mona, Mrs. Hess, Bob, The Islands of the Sea Prayer Group pray daily for these who have answered the call of the Lord: Rev. and Mrs. Francisco Rodriguez, Cubag Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Pain, Cubag Edna and Jane Green, Jamaicag Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cross, Trinidad, Priscilla and Ross Holmes, St. Lucia, Gilberta Walton, DZAS, Phil- ippinesg Madge and Gifford Beckon, Japan: Leper colony, Okinawag West Indies Bible School, Cuba, West Indies Bible School, Haiti, West Indies Bible School, Jarnaicag Abe and Nadyne Miller, Japan. l 52 5 Miriam McCullougl and Mrs. Raymond Miss Adelina Russc Burgen. Beryl Smith, nurse, Mrs. Fenton. Rev, and Mrs. John C Nobie Pope, native: Columbia: Rev. an biag Rev. and Mrs. C Billy Hunter, Peru: biagRev. and Mrs. Willis, nurse, Para Radio Station HCI antsg salvation of I "And thou shalt li Will you join this close neighbors? i answered the Lev. and Mrs . , Lloyd Cross, L, DZAS, Phil- ag West Indies Ernest, Barb, Arley, Mary Ann, Mary 53 2 4i ' I A A Miriam McCullough, Guadalajarag Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Nasson, candidatesg Miss Adelina Russo, R,N.: Miss Susan Burgen. 0 V J Beryl Smith, nurseg Mrs, Monroeg Rev. and Mrs. Fenton. O Rev. and Mrs. John Crane, Bible Institute in Chile: 4 Nobie Pope, native, Orland and Margaret Corwin, I' Columbiag Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Gillam, Colum- i biag Rev. and Mrs. Carl Holm, Brazilg Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hunter, Perug Miss Sophie Muller, Colum- biagRev. and Mrs. Geo. Poole, Equadorg Miriam Willis, nurse, Paraguayg Magdalena River workg Radio Station HCJB: persecution of the protest- antsg salvation of the Catholics. "And thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Will you join this group in prayer for these our close neighbors? v 7 5, 1 f Pb Q. fl Bible School, '1- 's. P9 53 Us If N C x , ff X if f Xp 'R f lk V' LEFT TO RIGHT: Lillian, Vivian, Harold, Dave, John, Howard, For- rest, George, Keith, Kitty. Prayer is essential in the work for God. "And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." God truly uses the prayers of HiS "intercessory missionaries" at home, as they claim this promise. Their hearts have been burdened for one of the former students, Miss Eunice Hoolsema, who is laboring with the Chicago Hebrew Mission. They are also praying for Radio Luxemburg, Rome Seminaryg Bible College at Paris, France: Bible College in Greece, and five hundred converted Catholics. K EDITOR FREDA, MJ Master of Exasperatio THE AD M. Davi herly, L. 54 J . oever ye shall mrayers of His , Miss Eunice They are also 9aris, Franceg EDITOR FREDA, M,E. Master of Exasperation! 1, it . ' af," . Q . ,V , V.,Z. E ,,V, .A k Wa? an X' I THE CAMERA AND PEN MEN L. Coker, K, Bovaird, L. McE1haney, F. Baker. THE MAIN STAY Mrs. Lilly, Adviserg B. Matherly, Business Manager: N. R. Corrs, Assoc. Editor. Seated: F. Walton, Editor. 1 'S THE AD GO-GETTERS M. Davis, K, McCormick, B. Mat- herly, L. Coker. ' ? 55 THE GRAYING EDITORS if AX 'X if Z ig gb ,,., g 3 A- fy-0 g ? , iw 'L ,s W' H, Q ,., 3' -3 1 X 5 ag ? .. if 5 yawn , 3561 ij 4 fi , T", V 9-' ' 47 29, T 5 1 lo ' P W, ,ff x Z ',A gf fi? 6 , W aw ffl-if ,V V ' ig' -2 gi,-.Q a uf f E T f, in 5 M ' f 13 s 3 7 if bd ' Ns. "Q---...Q eaanfffv...,Q, , 2 , , gif ?..w2 fl K I The last ff history of Trix the most outst of wonderful K One of the J. Smith of 'J John Hendere work for Hin ented musicia conducted the searching, spl istry. We were T R'ev.' and Mr: great need tlf this field. R sion, told us o Africa. The from the pict A former and told of 1 UnitedStates our lives bu CrradyWi1 December 2' Texas." It' Florida.. "Mi Cindy Walke Cliff Barrov party. The Bev Shea, F and Cindy a With Thee," estimated ci were made. 56 416456401 Zeal!! Emgf-new John Henderson with cornet, Paul Smith with trombone. The last four days of 1951 were days that shall long be remembered in the history of Trinity College During our Christian Youth Congress we had some of the most outstanding speakers of our day God richly blessed us during those days of wonderful Christian fellowship One of the mam speakers at the Congress was Paul Smith son of Dr Oswald J Smith of Toronto Canada With him was his co worker and music director John Henderson God has placed His hand upon both of these young men in their work for Him throughout the country Rev Smith and Mr Henderson, both tal ented musicians played beautiful trombone and cornet duets and Mr Henderson conducted the singing during the Congress Rev Smith brought some heart searching spirit filled messages Many hearts were blessed through the1r min 1stry We were privileged to have some missionaries with us during the Congress Rev and Mrs Herman Dixon from Borneo spoke to us and challenged us for the great need there They showed pictures of the wonderful work they are doing in this field Rev John Russell who 1S Mission Secretary for Sudan Interior Mis sion told us of the work of himself and other missionaries 1n French Equatoriale Africa The Lord has blessed and 1S continuing to bless this work as we saw from the plctures he showed A former student and teacher of the school, Miss Flo Greeson, spoke to us and told of her wonderful experiences as a youth evangelist traveling over the Un1tedStates with the wonderful story of love We were challenged afresh to let our lives burn out for Him 1n order that others might know our wonderful Lord Grady Wilson associate evangelist for Dr Billy Graham came Saturday night December Z9 to the Clearwater Municipal Auditorium with the picture "Mr Texas " It was the premier showing of this first Christian western picture in Florida 'Mr Texas 'was played by Redd Harper and co starring with him was Cindy Walker, both converted movie stars The picture featured Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows George Beverly Shea and other members of the evangelistic party The picture was in glorious sound color with music being presented by Bev Shea Ft Worth's 1000 voice Crusade Choir, 'Hour of Decision" Choir and Cindy and Redd Such songs as "Wonderfu1 Peace," 'Just a Closer Walk With Thee " and "Each Step of the Way" were presented by these artists An estimated crowd of Z 000 attended the showings and many decisions for Christ were made 7 Mid hustling and bustling of studies, students took time out to don masks and costumes to enliven the festive Hallowe'en party which took place in the dining-room on Tuesday, October 30. What a job for the judges! How- ever, after much study they selected Bill Casey,who was in girl's attire, as prettiest, Frank McLellan, 'resembling Frankinsteinhtook the prize for ugliest, Indian Reuben Ely was the hardest to recognize, cutest-acting were Fae Ba- ker, President Truman and Mary Ann Hurley, his daughter, Margaret. While Frank Williams and Keith Bo- vaird conducted tours through "Spook House," fortune-teller Louise McEl- haney, as Madame Zula from'Hono- lulu, "red" the palms of the anxiously waiting students. Arley Mitcham took first prize in a two-minute speech on "Why We Need Higher Taxes." The game of "Silly Questions and Answers" was played, an example of which was "What do you desire in a Husband?" "Hadacol will do it." A shadow picture of an operation was performedby Frank McLellan and Da- vid Starling. What objects Frank found in that patientl- a football, an alarm clock, a ball bat, a book, a Coca Cola bottle, a vase, a Croquet mallet, and a mirror. Pat Morgan led a few choruses while refreshments of punch, cookies, candy, and nuts were being prepared. The most treasured memory of the evening was the devotional service in which Frank McLellan read: Eph. 6: 10-13: Phil. 3:13-145 Col. Z: 6-7, and Gal. 2:20. Then everyone wrote on a piece of paper the things in his life that were displeasing to God, and, vow- ing to overcome these, they were burn- ed in candle flame. The evening was closed with prayer by Frank Williams. The committee for the event consist- ed of Lin Coker, Ina Mae Gilliam, Lou- ise McElhaney, Frank McLellan, Ruth Titus, and Frank Williams. -1 ' f ff ls n ' zyqv I l f ' , 5 sa The Christmas Party when all had fun takil games and in sinSiU1 The traditional "Tw: Before Christmas" was Coker. Just before Sa peared, a story ofthe I was told by Mary Ant E , , ,,',y Z, 4 'Vg y M . 4 .1 F 1 V35 Q ,ji Sv -iatajligtkf l . 1. ' 703 '-"Y lg .- 2,62-,. g, ,V I .s K i X x 1, , L32 , v . his W x If 'ix ' 3 1 4. at 1 '3 1 ' I Q A u 7 2 'f '92 ' ' .a I Q in 3 A Ar 5 2' , A , f Q - ,cz I 7 , 1 as 9141221 -',, 'V gag V, 2 1 ,24 32 f A formal banquet the close of each sc' Former students a of the school come Christian fellowsh hear guest speakers furnished by the sc .kg ration was lan and Da- Frank found ill, an alarm a Coca Cola nallet, and a Druses while okies, candy, ,red. ernory of the al service in sad: Eph. 6: .. Z: 6-73 and e Wrote on a s in his life ,dg and, vow- I were burn- evening was nk Williams. vent consist- -illiam, Lou- Lellan, Ruth v 4 s W. 0' L 34 The Christmas Party was a time when all had fun taking part in the games and in singing the carols, The traditional "Twas the Night ' Before Christmas" was given by Lin Coker. Just before Santa Claus ap- peared, a story ofthe birth of Christ was told by Mary Ann Hurley. -P "::3'x" .29 -ff. -1r' , p- ti,s f s.iC . 2621- 4 liar. k' H1.i.- I . ..., , V A -,, i -V-:LVIQQQ1 l .Q ' A, . gf 5 J 4 ., . . t x X at K 1 gg V 'M s 'f ' - P W ' ... ,ii pq Y., 2 iff xx ,I-.Y 1 Q 3' in s a , I U 1 nu Q I M fix 6 Q , r ,gs 1 . , get fi Q H 0 4 I 1 Mak, H-A 52-Kar ' afwff s 4 5 1 k ,aff M , A 1 ,li 4 2' , X. Z Mff 'Q v . . . -1 ,, sb, ..-QQ A ww ff K . n. 0 'wi 1 n 1 ' ,at gs: uns. 7, y Nlsf jx if 4 I fx ff' 'Q ' QS 'i 1, 4, u K , Q 5, 1 iv. 2. W st' . at , ay? if - ,iff Q 9 ., 'I , J We M N' f 4 f I r L - af ., f -- ' - X my v Ss:-f,,f 'fiawf , X aw , 4 V 'V ' Ii 'fir-1 vga' , gn I wg. ' f .Q , ,f A formal banquet is held at the close ofeach school year Former students and friends of the school come to enjoy Christian fellowship and to hear guest speakers and music furnished by the school. X Q Decorating for the Christmas party was a real job -- just ask Barb Keuhn, the committee chairman. Red and green crepe paper crossed the rootn from opposite corners, and red bells were placed at the doorways. At the Valentine season we drew names for "Heart Pals." Each day we received a little favor from our Pals. At the end of the week, gifts were exchanged and pals revealed at our Valentine party. f A sr..-1 I 'WZ' N' f-.5 ff.-, ji 14 ' t C5 "W", ff' 2064155 and .life Sewdaea 7 75 7 -7 752 Every Saturday evening our regular Youth and Life service is held in the beauti- ful chapel at Trinity College. This calendar of programs for the first semester serves as a reminder of the blessings received. September 22, 29... October 6. 13 20 2.7 November 3. 10 17 2.4 December 1. 8. 15 2.2 29 January 5. 12 "The Portland Story," an inspiring picture of the Billy Gra- ham meeting in Portland, Oregon. Rev. John Woodhouse, musician and speaker. A stirring missionary message by Rev. Don Luttrell, a for- mer teacher of Trinity College. Dr.E.C. Bragg, a teacher of Trinity College and one of the most outstanding Bible teachers of the nation. "The Man Who Forgot God," a sound motion picture. Dr.W. B. Feagins, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church of Clearwater. Rev.Lindy Gebb of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Lake- land, Florida. Miss Sophie Muller of the New Tribes Mission. Dr. Harry E. Jessop, President Emeritus, Chicago Evan- gelistic Institute. "Out of the Night," a sound motion picture. Miss Amy Lee Stockton, a powerful lady evangelist, and her associate, Miss Rita Gould, who led the singing. Miss Stockton and Miss Gould. A thrilling testimony by Capt. Louis Zamperini, who was saved ina Billy Graham revival meeting in California after spending two years in a Japanese prison camp. Rev. Robert van Steinburg, musical evangelist. "Mr. Texas," the well-known Billy Graham picture, its first showing in Florida, under the sponsorship of Trinity College, in the city auditorium in Clearwater. Rev.Aubrey Sara, Canadian evangelist, and Gerry Grafner, pianist and vibraharpist. Rev. Paul Smith, evangelist, and John Henderson, song- lea-de1'S outstanding preaching and duets on the trombone and cornet. Throughout the remainder ofthe year other leading speakers and musicians were featured. 60 Z! VG Ls-7 tx as x 3 gl 4 F 1n the beautl 1'St semester he Bllly G1-3, ttrell a for and one of the 1cture cist Church of urch of Lake Ehicago Evan e11st and her alifornia after ei! WZ M S ff! ! X f YY if f f? , 4 f XX i f mf f-19 wi X ture 1tS f11'st r, Z! 5 X e s ' , , 5 . I I K - I 1 n Y W N r1nityCo11eg 1 f ' .' 5 , ' . - ,Q ' ' 1-In 1 7 4 .V X- V , erry Grafner ' ierson song- ' 1 t r omb one and 61 V f fa 1 33 . ,- f . 4 1 f f A 'I x 1 X f X R 4 Q- f' , I 5 I v . , A X '-TF ' V - x U Fl v 2 ff K v I nn, A X J - V JK . ,, 5 fb V , .W i:m.a-- Z ' - o F , I . 1,4 , Z 7 ' , 'I of me X xr-A NX X il X 'IJ "" kr I A -" g. - 1 , H o '- X :rini, who was f ' F! , ' 4,,,,.- 5 L I A 5 - 1 L- , P. QQ :Q-ff"'v p' -f s Q e J f t, I fx 1- 1 , ' I C. . - ,IX I I I s 1, A Q - 5 all I 1 ' . 1 ,- ' - ' '- A 'H' n N T Q. , LM' '24 I 4 N 1 g . 2 -W 1 1 MJ. I gt. I X f J A I ig-if ,,-of' ,o' A d h h th ut a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our Godg many shall see it, and fear ind Shall trliist in the Lord " -- Psa. 40:3. In Christian work, often a sinner will not listen . . 1 to a sermon but can be reached by the message in a song. Someone interested in instrumenta music may be drawn into church through the playing of an instrument. Anyone loving vocal music will be attracted by the singing. So music has its place in our school, along with the theology and missionary emphasis. I I , , , Taking the piano keyboard duties was Forrest Saltsman, who is exceptionally gifted in this field He played for all chapel, radio, and Youth and Life services in addition to playing for the Gospel Tabernacle meetings. Professor Rufus Perkins, teacher of piano and organ first se- mester played the organ. , , , Other instrumentaltalent could be found in Lowell Lytle's trombone, Bruce Duddies' clarinet, and Phyllis Spangler s and Vivian Exley's accordians. An outstanding accomplishment of Forrest was his playing the trumpet and piano at the same time fit sounds almost as if he had four handsj, Phyllis achieved the playing of the piano and accordian at the same time. Barbara Kuehn has an unusual whistle and has been used much in the Lord's services. Pat Morgan and George White were Trinity's main song leaders. Pat did much of the leading at Youth and Life while George had charge of a young people's choir at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater Trios of the year were used in many phases of Christian work. The Trinity College Trio was made up of Fae Baker, soprano: Lin Coker, second sopranog and Freda Walton, alto. The Vic- tory Three consisted of Kitty Gilliam, sopranogVivian Exley, second sopranog and Dottie Mooney alto Constituting the MAR-AN-NA Gospelettes, were Mary ANn Hurley, sopranog NAomi Ruth Corts second soprano and MARgaret Davis, alto. The ladies quartet was organized the latter part of the first semester and immediately made a hit with everyone Those composing the Trinity Harmonettes were Kitty McCormick, first soprano Ruth Titus second sopranog Erma Oriel, first altog and Mary Fisher, second alto. Radio solo work, was handled mainly by Florence Tutell, Naomi Ruth Corts, and Pat Morgan. Soloists at Youth and Life services and other featured meetings, in addition to those mentioned above were- Mary Ann Hurley, Freda Walton, Norman Groves, Rex Lilly, Bob Matherly, George White and Elmer Shertzer. - Directing the Ladies' Ensemble was Freda Walton with Naomi Ruth Corts doing the solo work. Besides the radio program, they sang for Youth and life, and at the Gospel Tabernacle, the Church of the Open Door, both in St. Petersburg, Safety Harbor Methodist Church, Lakeland Bible Presbyterian Church, Carpenter's Home in Lakeland, and numerous other places. The favorite number was Iwill Pilot Thee." Members ofthe Ensemble were: Fae Baker, Lin Coker, Vivian Exley Mary Fisher, Ina Mae Gilliam Knot picturedj, Kitty Gilliam, Mary Ann Hurley, Barbara Kuehn Kitty McCormick, Wilma Mellinger, Dottie Mooney, Mona Reichard, Phyllis Spangler Florence Tutell, and Ruth Titus. . With Barbara Kuehn's bird whistle, Mr, Leigh Markham's directing, Mrs. Markham at the piano Forrest Saltsman. at the organ, and the obligato by Freda Walton and Mary Ann Hurley, The Voice of My Sav1our" was chosen as favorite number of the General Chorus. A special Christmas program and the'Easter contata were highlights of the year. Services were conducted at the following places: Williams Park, Gospel Tabernacle, Church of the Open Door, and Hob- son Memorial Baptist Church, in St. Petersburgg Idlewild Baptist, Faith Church, and Concord Baptist in Tampa Calvary Baptist and First Nazarene Church, in Clearwaterg Ozona Baptist Church in Ozona- and the Bible Presbyterian Church, in Lakeland. 62 Q' For TRINI' Kitty, T RINI L 7 see it, and not listen trumental ing vocal g with the 'ted in this Bula ying for n first se- a' clarinet, 1 of Forrest nur handsj, Kuehn has he leading :ist Church e Trio was The Vic- :ie Mooney IA omi Ruth rtely made mick, first lto. at Morgan. mentioned ly, George solo work. Inacle, the H, Lakeland aces. The Lin Coker, nn Hurley, trd, Phyllis ham at the ,nn Hurley, A special conducted , and Hob- nd Concord ona Baptist In l YN!" Q fflqgy . v',A 4 - H - ff 5 f N pw QV - . 'fra-M113 .4 - Q " ' 291:44 G., 4 'Q E ,.... .lv ,,t. .aww E x 4 25 fiif , . .X 35 'ga af at faq- gk ff? a .6 at 1 I f QTTQV .. - 2 V 2 Forrest Saltsman Lowell Lytle Vivian Exley, Phyllis Spangler s V pmma ' ff ' ' if WM 'Q . ' rx M V Q. A 3 yu., 5 """-I-mw,ama...aa...,r.M,,M, 3 , ..i'2,5,r '.', . ' 2 TRINITY HARMONETTES Pat Morgan George White Kitty, Ruth, Erma, Mary 'WWWW ,f TRINITY COLLEGE TRIO THE VICTORY THREE MARANNA GOSPELETTES Lin, Freda, Fae Kitty, Dottie, Vivian Mary Ann, Naomi Ruth, Margaret 63 'S I nfilidt I ypllql ,fly I if g ,I it 9 IE!" 8 4' Ji- 4 s n h I , R 5 Q r f X I ffflaw " "4 Q ik qi 4 I 1 6 4 . 1 il K? C 4 ?'. ' Q :N f , 9' P' Q2 Ea uw ay 3 3 ,mf ,... ' W' ,.."TI2 X! El, E 1 MNOXPA mefmi Zdafzcw Saeemlle 7762, ef 77624, 77Zwz64czm ' 56,444 emea ei gfzaaqdt... Kf STANDING: Jacquelyn Mae Uackyj Riley Tampa, Florida LaVonna Jean QBonnieJ Sabin Alma, Michigan Fred Vester Barker Rhodell, West Virginia Jane Delores Colvin Millersville, Pennsylvania LeEllen fLeeJ Lyons Bradenton, Florida Howard S, Ellis Richmond, Virginia Margie Aileen Little Richmond, Virginia Not pictured: Mrs. Carol Flora Rumble Springfield, Ohio Barbara Jean Wilkinson Tampa, Florida SEATED: Lowell Glenn Schofield Chicago, Illinois James Robert Lilly Beaver, West Virginia Ceward Keith Pendleton Beaver, West Virginia Harry E. Fox Tampa, Florida Olen Lamar Faircloth Columbus, Georgia Not pictured: Leon Henry Ellis Tampa, Florida John Robert Friley St. Petersburg, Florida Joseph Arnold Godwin Avon Park, Florida Lowell Harrison Lytle Jackson, Michigan NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Lee Fisher Safety Harbor, Florida Advanced English Teacher CI One c every F Churchi Expositi brary," Rev. Georgia was a s Bible Ir cently cf ing, 66 'r gill CHAPEL SIIEEAKE DQS W 2 if x 'II' 1 H 'f-:ff r' 14 v 0 I , . r W i . ,. v. G. B. Weatherbee, is our chapel speaker One of our teachers, Re every Friday. He is pastor of the First Evangelical United Brethren Church in Tampa,,Florida. Rev.Weatherbee teaches Parables and Bible Exposition. His first sermon of the year, "Using the Bible As Our Li- brary," was an outstanding contribution to the series of messages. f Ebenezer Baptist Church Toccoa, Rev. Robert Martin, pastor o , Georgia, spoke in our chapel service October 23, 1951. Rev. Martin was a student at our school in 1939 when it was known as the Florida Bible Institute. He has been in the pastorate since leaving. He re- cently completed his Sl50,000 church with a complete educational build- ing. 67 Dr CeCi1M01-1-is, missionary to Nigeria, West Africa, was our speaker in Chapel Gctober 29, 1951, Dr. Morris took six years of medical work at the University of Western Interior and London Interior Qthree years of ost-graduate Worky. He is married and has four children--two boys P 0 i1-15 After he had gone to Africa in 1935 and had studied the a-nd tw g - Hausa language , Dr . Morris went to the north country and started leprosy settlements in the Sokota Province. ln the chapel service on January 23, 1951, Dr. Gerald B. Winrod gave an interesting message on the three bodies which blend together to formapersonality, Dr.Winrod is the editor of the "Defender Magazine" and head of Defenders Publishers in Wichita, Kansas. The onlyhighway over which the Lord can come is over the highways of our hearts," stated Miss Amy Lee Stockton in her sermon from Isaish 40:3-5. Miss Stockton, evangelist from Grand Rapids , Michigan, is active in the work of the Maranatha Conference. Her song leader, Miss Rite Gould, taught us choruses and sang a solo in the service. Choosing as his text Hebrews 12: l, Rev. Paul Smith gave an excellent sermon entitled "Running'a Race." He and his song director, Rev. John Henderson,arebothf1-om Canada. They were engaged in a revival cam- paign at the Gospel Tabernacle in St. Petersburg, Florida. "The Four Men Who Live With Me" was the subject of Dr. James S. DaY, JT., who is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Spartenburg, South Carolina. He told of the man others see, the man we see, the man God sees, and the man or woman each of us may become. Dr. Day WaS educated at Stetson University, receiving honorary and Doctor of Divin- tty degfees. He was instrumental in founding the Baptist Bible Institute ln Lakeland, Florida, 68 E ,gif-'11 speaker cal work years of two boys udied the leprosy . Winrod gether to agazine" highways m lsaish is active is s Rite excellent ev. John val cam- .A 4.4, W A James S. W. . ,+ 2 ,A 1111 , 5 tr--..,,, Ml t V 1 N 4 , 5: A 9, l , , X ',1,',w' M, ,Q aft, 'M f SQ 4 ww ., .l we ax M ' , - , '-4' M. ,v ,, 'QA S ' V'f't"1,Hff1ff:,4?lfwf:? I P X 'if ""' ' Q - 7 'f , , . - A-M51-f Q 'f-, 'f . ,, 'M Q ' "f, 4" 3 ' ' ,.. l , 2' wkhf ' , x ' . . Q A - , 5 ,L A I 5 " A f ' 1 A Q ' , . M' ,, K Y Ks? fptwkfx' I, .f -A 1 4 ,N UN 1, .Ke , A . ,, X' F' iwlgiwf Q . -, ft' ,, I V ,W1',,hj. h K M, , ,f . N.. lv 'WM . J-.aid ws. ',, A. . ,,. , ,Q-1, ,, ., , , , uf , tr. 1 ,ff riffs,-vfwf 6 rtenburg, - ',,,39,,f17 """2,f , w,.',2'?' 4, ,-4193 My g4t,v',yf , the man 'J,i"kif eff f J, ., ,"Jf"'hmMf .4 ., f4 ',V- fa xrf, , Day was 1,JQ?,st I - - W m,"fff, ,.""f'f of D1v1n- ,,Q,gf324l,Wg21pQfYcgjf ff: ln ft 1: 5 'ii'-S' 315' f S 1 'll C f 'M .5 ff, 'ff' 'ffl 1 f J? -3, 'ff . 7 6,16 ua 'ff if ,f"ft,f'gM.g Z: i ' . ff Eff, zf'47 ' ' ff , f W5 5 h, . 2513? ja 472, ig, 2-1, 3 X4f5i'. faedcz Walton Simca defzqm BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT w YOUR QWNWWN I df df THE CHRISTIAN MEDICAL RESEARCH LEAGUE DETROIT, MICHIGAN 71 Compliments of AKRON, OHIO THE NATIONAL SPIRITUAL DEFENSE CRUSADE DISTRIBUTING BIBLES, TRACTS, CHRISTIAN LITERATURE AND "WORDS OF CHRIST" TO MEN IN THE ARMED FORCES. 72 FLC and I s ways tl your fri every + .1-i,,,l.-11-1 "t, I IL Q v L 'F 'L xg A we 'ig Q Is- mae' . , 4 g. WA I I Q s ,M ' -vw I T- 8 of! A 1- , I , FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS "You're launching into a mighty fine career, and . 'fi eh and I Say, "MORE POWER TO You" fin more 1 ways than onel. Please clon't forget l'm always v your friend . . . Reddy to serve you . . . 24 hours C A1 every day. QJ T Il l N ifDer5':2'zff REDDY KILOWATT YOUR ELECTRIC SERVANT WHITE CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING COMPANY, INC. ' yt lv. , ' U 1 ' N 7 I 14, , Yi Q I rC i N. .lik A iQ ' , .,- 'ig ' A Phone 7-5970 if ' 1' '54 - - , -' -A-A.. A ' if-fav, , 'A gf lga' I ,-34" -. 300 Twenty-Second Street South if u tt - If ' i it 'T 'Q af ,MM 5 Q AV bf xwbgi l g Q 'Qi 2 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA A , klqlwyv .. ........ wk . I GENERAL CONTRACTORS - FABRICATORS AND ERECTORS OF STRUCTURAL STEEL AND ORNAMENTAL IRON 9 73 FOR RESORT WEAR AND TROPICAL '-J'1-,-4-, E ,.-'f"'- FASHIONS PINELLA LOOK To coIIPI.IMENTS OF ST. PETERSBURG I A ST. Bro thers Q,5,j,,,,f,,,,,g,,,, SUNBEAM BREAD FIRST AVENUE AT THIRD STREET NORTH DAYTIME, -COCKTAIL AND EVENING DRESSES W CI "THE CLEARWATER STATION" Who LIVE ANI 2 ST. P RADIO STATION FOR THE FINEST IN USE RESORT WEAR 74 , -E I OF READ V4 nf STATION" ITION I PINELLAS LUMBER CO. NOT INC. CL EARWATER ST. P ETERSBURG "IF IT'S FOR A BETTER HOME PINELLAS HAS IT." HOLSUM BREAD CLARK BROS. Wholesale And Retail LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY 276 Ninth Street North ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Phone 75-950 USE OUR FREE DELIVERY WINN'S ENTERPRISES Winn's Restaurant - 628 Fourth St. No I Winn's Municipal Pier Grille Office - 628 Fourth St. No. Winn's Tropical Restaurette ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA JANEY COLVIN 23 Landis Ave. Millersville, Pc. Phone 5892 LINWOOD COKER 'I423 Hartsel Ave. Lakeland, Fla. Phone 4793'l NAOMI RUTH CORTS 4302 Station Avenue Ashtabula, Ohio Phone 28-280 FRED V. BARKER, JR. Rhodel l, W. VU. ERNEST G. CAVALLO, JR. 65 Dexter St. Medford 55, Mass. Mystic 6-84l0 MARGARET DAVIS North Mullins Mullins, S. C. Phone 5632 LILLIAN FAULKNER 382'l Calvin Drive Columbus, Ga. Phone 3-2245 JAMES R. LILLY Box 882 Beckley, W. Va. Zcwlemf Drheclfafzq Phone 23-065 MARY ANN HURLEY 524 East Lime St. Lakeland, Fla. Phone 4-290'l MARGIE LlTTLE 4903 Campbell Ave. Richmond 24, Va. REX LILLY Box 122 Beaver, W. Va. Phone 8909 LOWELL LYTLE 326 Clinton St. Jackson, Mich. Phone 4-7573 LEE LYONS Cortez Road Route l Bradenton, Fla. FRANKLIN MCLELLAN Route 2 Florence, S. C. BOB MATHERLY Box l55 Blue Jay, W. Va. Phone Beckley 2-3890 MR. and MRS. CHARLE Perkins, Ga. DEMARIS RODRIQUEZ Milagros 4l4 Este Habana, Cuba Phone X4677 ELMER SHERTZER Route 2 Conestoga, Pa. GERTRUDE SMITH S MASSEY 210 N. Ft. Harrison Ave. Clearwater, Fla. Phone 32l49 PHYLLIS SPANGLER Pleasantville, Pa. Phone 5573 FREDA WALTON Route 3 - Box 556 C Lakeland, Fla. GEORGE WHITE 2956 - 'l3th Ave. Columbus, Ga. Phone 3-6332 FRANK WILLIAMS l9l8 Elgin Drive Columbus, Ga. Phone 2-7431 Spaaaaza Korones Jewelers Eugene Smith Gospel Radio Singers Mr. 8. Mrs. William Norvell Mr. 8. Mrs. W. G. Walton Mr. 8. Mrs. Vernon Nason A Friend Friendly Loan Co. Mr. 8. Mrs. Gus Collangis Cloninger Insurance Agency The Floor Center Shurtleff Gulf Service Station Lake Side Sundries Mathewson Radio Service Arcade Grille - Mrs. Lydia Stancart Mr. 8. Mrs. F. G. Saltsman 76 I ' r :L X ,Yi ff'- ikuef . ... -N .Q K, -X r I w L W i n 1 I 5 I F J'-:. ,stink -nu ' -'T' 1 Y J ,, .. " ' 1-v"i " ,Vx , -1 -sr ' RCN , x-X x 1 Q Nia, ,- 1 zs Q L. ay: if X . ge' C - .af A I V Y'-'I J-ri N.. .Y 'T' , -'ffflif 4' P' -' '. E X x "wa - VI., 'L' If-- X5 ' bl -'qi Lg n'- ., f 1 A' 'L' '- Q 1 -Q f 'Q 5.5 E W 7 7 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS F eg Q I I X 6 I R K 2 FOR YOUR FOREMOST DAIRIES A New kitchen new homes. size or sha there are K1 netry units t the convenie have always A T details of f e ' lj 6000 Qfx' NES3' Krrc H E NS .sf ' 'Z 1,2 If it DEALER IMPRINT QW- ' ' QQ In ". "V ff 1 ':z.y'E'5 V i f' I W, 4 NALL LUMBER COMPANY 9 ' cmnwmn PHUNE 3 1161 REM! . f WH. . . IIIRWIIW 1895 OUR 57th YEAR 649 Second Avenue South ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA phone 7-4112 1952 coMP1.:MENTs OF I .lOSEPH'S PORTRAIT STUDIO OUR 1952 YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 22 Fifth Sfreef North ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA phone 7 8609 78 ' - UME to the mn NY 1 x-1. JF T STUDIO BOOK ER I , Iorth I :LORIDA ? 7702. cmd 77114. Sagem 77Zaz!4efzZg and 1 'v . W I LE J E 1 7cwa6Zg I . if' ii W I I 1 BEAVER, WEST VIRGINIA 1 I I 4 3 1 V N I w I -1-Q.-J COMPLIMENTS OF EVANS AND KEISTER REAL ESTATE 5114 So. FT. Harrison CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Phone 31-5211 CANADA DRY BOTTLING CO, 5'-ll - "44'mX'1 ' '44 005' S fo 404 044, 1 0944, o V' lr 5 F I if G 0 L 004 I A .I i I' ,is XL ...Nl-M if N:-kk ,Q NL Ah Aim X Alamy' , AIRLINE RESERVATIONS HILL'S AIR SERVICE 421 First Avenue North ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA FISHERS OF MEN To win men to the Lord Jesus Chrisi, Personal Evangelism, Services in iails and prisons 'k'k1c4r'k-k'k'k'k'k Venango County, FRANKLIN, PENNA. C. L. Spangler, Pres. Donald Highfield, Vice-Pres. ,.,.1-- 2,- REGI I I frail' . COMPLIMENTS OF I THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS STORE WEBB'S ST. P ETERSBURG, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF ' HOLLIDAY INN, MOTEL, RESTAURANT 1150 Clearwater Road Between Largo and Belleair Phone 54-744 TRY OUR SHRIMP SPECIAL COMPLIMENTS OF FEDERAL BAKE SHOP I 526 Cleveland CLEARWAT ER, FLORIDA Phone 3-3112 COMPLIMENTS OF ACE AUTO SALES INC. 101 East Avenue CL EARWATER, FLORIDA Phone 3-3186 COMPLIMENTS OF CARSON'S PINELLAS OFFICE suFPI.Y co. 29 N. Garden Avenue CLEARWATER, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES CASTAGNA I REAL ESTATE BROKER Business - Homes - I-OTS 33 N. Ft. Harrison Phone 3-2249 CLEARWATER, FLORIDA l I Ride In - Sfyle - screw - C.,mf.,,. COMPLIMENTS OF I Phone1g5l57LgIISCiAEs co. u THE FORT HARRISON HOTEL Twolway Radio insglre ransportahon . ' ST PE FS P"0mpf service. 210 S. FT. Harrison Ave- I - TERSBURG, FLORIDA c:I.EARwATER, FLORIDA I - I I g X 7'-V 'LING CO. 04 lim ' MEN Ch 1 I ir ' C404 P E f -ji' I 1LIN, PENNA. Pres. ice-Pres. I OF' , RESTAURANT Road Sellecir I4 SPECIAL -l- S OF ES INC. EDUC :LORIDA I86 S OF IAGNA BROKER Ies - Lots 2249 FLORIDA 'S OF SON HOTE son Ave. :LORIDA L IIIIII TNIVI' 82 LIIII 422 CLEVELAND STREET Phone 3-2686 34-1921 CLEARWATER FLQRIDA A! BIBLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH LAKELAND, FLORIDA SI FRED CCKER PLUMBER ,..-- : 323.- -,, C OMP1 GLASS SERVIC 1126 cl Cleurvs Pho RUFU w . PIANO PRIVATE l' I I I COMPLIMENTS OF GLASS SERVICE COMPANY, INC. II26 Cleveland Street Clearwater, Florida Phone 33- I28 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CLEARWATER, FLORIDA MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION RUFUS PERKINS PIANO AND ORGAN PRIVATE INSTRUCTOR COMPLIMENTS OF DANIEL'S FASHION SHOP Cleveland at Ft. Harrison Latest in Ladies Apparel MEN'S SHOP I9 S. Ft. Harrison COMPLETE SHOP FOR MEN P, ENNEDYE DANIELS SIGNS INC- PINNELLAS SUPPLY COMPANY C Outdoor Advertising NEON I The Auction Housen CARS, TRU 1698 Clearwater-Largo Road ' Clearwater, Floridq 20 N. Myrtle Ave. Phono 31-4662 Phone 33377 CROWE-5 TAMPA RADIO BIBLE scHOOL SHELL SERVICE Rev. C. Vandenburg . , Monday through Friday - 8 to 8:30 A,M, l3O0 S. Ft. Harrisor Ave. Sundays 9:05 to 9:30 AM. 814 Cleveland SL' Clearwater, Florida A Phone 32664 WHBO W T""'P" F"""" EXPERT SHOE REPAIR COMPLIMENTS OF Save Money! Shoes Repaired While You Wait. Best Grade Leater Soles or Cat-tex the Amazing H' G' CO' O Sole That Outwears Leather 2-I. E ANGELLO SHQE REPAIR 811 E. Cleveland Sf. - Your Corner of South Garden and Park Clearwater' Florida COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF when., G, BROWN BROTHERS DRUG STORE FREMAU5 CLEARW ll THE STORE FO YOU CLEARWATER, FLORIDA R Pl COMPLIMENTS OF ROYAL PALM BARBER SHOP 622 Cleveland Street 518 Cl I d St t "Four Doors from Post Office" COMI eve an ree Cleqrwqfer' Flmidc, Efficient, Sanitary Service C. R. Bennett SERVICE SHOE SHOP H We Specialize in All Kinds of Shoe Repairing We APPfeClUfe YOUI' Cbrlfidenceu Scranton Arcade . , Phone 3-2243 Clearwater, Florida 16 So. Garden Avenue , h Clearwater, Florida L. G. Harris Boyd H. Harrls Cecil Lopez' Manager X WALTER E. sL1OH, D.c. FAITH BIBLE CHURCH OLEARWATE Corner of Emily St. and Highland Ave- S F. L. Aughinbaugh . . . PGSIOI' 312 s. KETITUCICY Ave Phone 32-7563 TMPO' Fl"'l'l" ROY L k ' I .M. unda S h l W G elcnd' Florldc 12:33 QM. Momirzg Woxhip e Not 7:15 lam. Eoung Pispleill? W 7:4 . . ve i ors I 7142 P.M. Thul'lsld?1y Prayell' and Bible Study I Phil. 4:19 Theme verse - One message 50 1 "CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIEDH lCor. 222 CLEAF l' i UMPANY I, e arwater, F loridq SCHOOL 9 . I: 8:30 A.M. A.M. lorida F ARE CO. t. - u . DF YOU JER SHOP eet 1 Office" ervice SHOP Shoe Repairing e we da ager IURCH ghland Ave- . Pastor Tampa, Floridd :ol 'ship vle's rship d rayer and Bible STU Y I message IED" I Cor. 222 - Y 'P KENNEDY AND STRICKLAND COMPANY CARS, TRUCKS AND SERVICE X Phone 3-2313 RAY ALLEN INC. Arrow Shirts - Sportswear , '5" 5 'L , I s - J- - I F ASHIONS L-Fi:-. gg 426 Cleveland Street 814 Cleveland St., F Q I Clearwater, Florida Cleflrwater, Florida S 9' COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMEN-I-S OF OTIS E. PRUITT INC. Your Buick Dealer Where Garden crosses Drew SHERIFF TODD TUCKER CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Phone 31324 3 . Draperies Drapery, Hardware Slipcovers Furniture Repairs COMPLIMENTS OF BANK OF CLEARWATER X "CUSTOM UPHOLSTERLY" DOUGLAS MANUFACTURING COMPANY - 702 Cleveland Street CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Phone 3-3396 Venetian Blinds Rutfe Jal-O-See CLEARWATER AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE Roy Conn, Owner We Not Only Talk Service We Give Service P hone 33-5953 50 N. MYRTLE AVE. CLEARWATER, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS FROM FRAN K'S Opposite Post Office We Feature Betty BCIFCIUY and Vicki Vaughn Nationally advertised Junior Dresses. 8 5 E CLEARWATER FABRICS INC. Woven on the Looms of Distinction Two Blocks East of Post Office 900 Cleveland Street Did' 38735 "CIearwater's Only All-Fabric ShoPn DOC DODD SHOE HOSPITAL EXPERT SHOE REPAIRS Clearwater - Largo Rood COMPLIMEN TS OF THE FOOD LOCKER WHOLESALE MEATS CLEARWATER, FLORIDA BROADMOOR HOTEL COURT One mile from center of town - 5 minutes drive to beach. Air-conditioned, air-cooled hotel rooms and efficiencies. Sun deck and swimming pool, 1488 GULF-TO-BAY ROAD CL EARWATER, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF LARGO FEED AND HARDWARE E. Bay Drive Largo, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF DREW APPLIANCE COMPANY, INC. 208 South Garden Ave. Clearwater, Florida Phone 3-2156 BARl.ow's GULF SERVICE THE Sfglngfmggggf STORE In Clearwater, opposite Courthouse 416 Haven St. Ft. Harrison and Drew St. Phone 3-1141 H is our hope ,O be of service ,O Youi CL EARWATER, FLORIDA phone 32-7084 COMPLIMENTS OF po RTR M-I-5 HELPY SELFY LAUNDRY 601PineIIas PASTELS OR OIL By Kelley R. Towne CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Box 1402 Clearwater Information By Request Aus SHOE REPAIRING COMP,-,MENTS OF NEW SHOES CLEARWATER TIRE suPPLY mc. 43 N. Ft. Harrison A e. Clearwater, FIoridId 312 S' FI' Harrison Clearwater, Florida ALICE MAE FLOWER SHOP 504 S. Ft. Harrison Ave. Phone 32465 CLEARWATER, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF GRUVER'S SERVICE STATION 409 S. Ft. Harrison Next to City Hall CLEARWATER, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF DANIELS ELECTRIC CO. 204 S. Garden Ave, CL EARWATER, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF DR. RAYMOND C. SCHNEIDER Chiropractic Physician 9 Scranton Arcade CL EARWATER, FLORIDA I Q sa LARGC IPubIi COMMERC LA Q-,,-....-.1 TWIN I RE FT. HARI DIXIE 410 FA' NASI' DR. Sl GEORGI BPITAL IRS ' , Y , od COURT uinutes drive 1 ed hotel rooms Swimming pool. OAD RIDA F PANY, INC, I fe. O . STORE nrthouse e to you. IIL vne Clearwater est ' DF IPPLY INC. n Ia PF STATION on II RIDA IF HNEIDER sician de RI DA O LARGO SENTINEL QPubIished Thursdaysj COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Phone 5-4'II'I LARGO, FLORIDA CLEARWATER LAUNDRY COLD STORAGE VAULT DRY-CLEANING 601 GRAND CENTRAL CLEARWATER, FLORIDA S. TWIN OAKS DRIVE IN RESTAURANT FT. HARRISON - LARGO ROAD CHIC INN DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT I FRIED CHICKEN - SHRIMP SANDWICHES - FOUNTAIN SERVICE CLEARWATER, FLORIDA DIXIE TABERNACLE 410 FATHERLAND STREET NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE DR. SAM SWAIN, PASTOR GEORGIA SWAIN, DIRECTOR TRINITY BOOK SHOP BOOKS By Outstanding Christian Authors BIBLES - SCHOFIELD, THOMPSON CH CARDS For AII Occasions RELIGIOUS PLAQUES AND PICTURES MRS. R. D. BURRESS AIN, ETC 7. 70, Wddgwdlfa 60 COMPLIMENT S OF P U B L I X SUPER MARKETS, INC FLoRlDA'S FINEST Foon STORES Brooksville, Tarpon Springs, Largo, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Lakeland, Haines City, Wauchula, Lake Wales, Clermont, Orlando, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Plant City, Bartow 88 1, ,l 4 t E l ! li 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF ' RICHIE'S DRIVE IN 1 , 1 ji I l ' CITY FUEL OIL COMPANY i365 Cleveland Street Franklin and Myrtle Clearwater, Florida THE SIGN OF GOOD FOOD i Phone 3-1175 l i l l W E COMPLIMENTS OF BEST 5 wlsHEs f OF 3 TRICKELS JEWELERS i MYERS DEPARTMENT STORE i l T 528 Cleveland Street I Clearwater, Florida L CLEARWATER, FLORIDA l x Y 3 E I 89 I- ED SPICHER I Iii Cement Work I I I I I TAMPA, FLORIDA I pltone 33-0461 I I I I I THE GREEN THUIIIB FLORISTS S' 2150 Gulf-to-Bay CLEARWATER, FLORIDA 'I I Corsages and flowers for all occaslons I Phone 33-6424 I I, I I I I COMPLIMENTS OF II LEWIS HARDWARE I2 ,A 123 BAY DRIVE HAZEL M. LANE 5 Assoc. of West Farm Agency il . LAROO, FLORIDA Iii ' DE LUXE CLEANERS III COMPLIMENTS OF "Service That Satisfiesn LAuRENcE as RUTLEDGE CONTRACTORS INC. PICK-UP AND DELIVERY W M LARGO' FLORHDA 613 Bay Drive LARGO, FLORIDA Phone 5-3134 , iII I GRELLA'S MUSIC STORE METHODIST CHURCH Pianos, Organs, Records, Sheet Music, Radios KATHLEEN, FLORIDA iii 526 Pearce Sffeef Phone 31-5201 REV. FRANK A. BARNABY, PASTOR ' R, , CLEARWATER, FLORIDA Ii CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE ' I cLEARwATER, FLORIDA THE CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE Ben F. Marlin, Pastor F I Phone 33-4623 b I V! 9:45 A.M. sunday School ' ' I 10:50 A.M. Worship Service 556 First Avenue North E, 6:30 P.M. Juniors, Hi-Ny, N.Y.P.S. 7:30 P.M. Evangelistic Service KI 7:30 P.M. Wed. Prayer Meeting I 1 7:30 P.M. Thurs. Lamplighters League , Radio Bfoodcdsfs W T A N ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA ' Wednesday 8:30 to 9:00 P.M. I Sl-Il'1Cl0Y 9:45 to 10:00 A.M. ' I A I COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLEARWATER SUN . , I ' BENTON AND COMPANY INC. , Evening And Sunday Morning In L A Shell Production, Dredging, Towing I , SSOCIATED PRESS NEA SERVICE And Marine Contracting I I I ' CL EARWATER, FLORIDA Phone 74191 870 ' 3"l S" South I . I I ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 1 I T I I I 90 FLORISTS GY .ORIDA all occasions 4 5-3134 I OF XNE n Agency ANERS isfies" -IVERY Phone IIDA 'IURCH JRIDA XBY, PASTOR IOK STORE e Nnorrh FLORIDA EOF PANY INC ing, Towing 'acting 870 .. 3rd St. Sovfh FLORIDA Autographs Autographs Autographs Autogrdphs i Y . 1 I V f: Ni ,Li v R W I -I 5 r 1 K . I 11 B Xl 1 :yt 3. 5 J, 1 w F L . V f E s 2044: Ame Ze of 6416417 70445 746:16 We of Zan 7 I I TIMOTHY 4:I2 "LET NO MAN DESPISE THY YOUTHg BUT BE THOU AN EXAMPLE OF THE BELIEVERS, IN WCJRD, IN CONVERSATICJN, IN CHARITY, IN SPIRIT, IN FAITH, IN PURITY." 91 COMPLIMENTS OF FRAZIER BROTHERS Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables 'II20 - 4th Street Phones 7766 St. Petersburg, Florida - COMPLIMENTS OF WILLSON CHASE Third and Central SERVING ST. PETERSBURG SINCE 1909 COMPLIMENTS OF BURDICK'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 800 - 41h St. So. St. Petersburg, Florida CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. W. B. Feagins, Pastor Clearwater, Florida MEET WITH US AS WE STUDY, WORSHIP TRAIN AND PRAY 9230 A.M. Sunday School , 'I0155 A.M. Moming Worship 6:00 P.M. Training Union 7:30 P.M. Evening Worship PRAYER SERVICE -WEDNESDAY, 7:30 P.M. COMPLETE SERVICE I AII makes of cars 24 hour Wrecker Service DODGE .......... PLYMOU TH Authorized Dealer THAYER MOTOR COMPANY INC. 28 No. Garden Ave., Clearwater,-Florida e I 9 2 I l. - ENTS OF I CHASE Central PETERSBURG E 1909 PTBT CHURCH eagin s, Pastor ter, Florida IE STUDY, WORSHIP, AND PRAY 1 Jndcy School I :ming Worship raining Union vening Worship IE -WEDNESDAY, 7:30 P.M. E SERVICE es of cars ecker Servicue . . . . PLYMOUTH zed Dealer ICOMPANYINC. CIearwa1er,- Florida I v I I I I I I I, I f. I I I I I I I I I I FI . I I. I II I .4 'gt n. i 6 1 in I f 0 - Q ' r ' 1 1 .l, r V1 1'. ' 9. . Q02 I LM iw ' ' 5 ngqpnuvlv' l I I N'-Wm-n ,M--n-h-wx V- A ,K x 'N ' p-'-!1?P:4.. Aw V--3-5 """ -r ,gf ,, if Qfsmh. X" Q' 'gig n 5 52' If I. 1 'E . .,., .A ..,, .,.Mn-- -,--n ' Viv.. mi. Syl sn X 'Ya 5'-. f- . It I' 11 , gkkh Ap P M. ' 1 :ir 'WEL 'N N v ,auf V9 H .WM ' .Aww , 1 ,hi ,ff-......f.a.ovff 1- -f F x I S . 'U av 1-.rr--+ -. ,., g... .4 , JLX ' 'fm -- ----- ----A..- H- , ,A,, - '--- is . 'sm -,Q 1 fr 2 . L fwwy 3, ,Ukjy 3, x '5- XI.. ' 1 0,1-Q" 2 "'f 1 -.1 1,1 1 :L 1. .wpen- is, Am 5. VG' v. k VA 1 - , ,:y:'9' E fm -1 '71-.1 gil Qfffg l . :Nil X551 R' 1,z,,,,.x-:RS 'e'Q?, X?-S A 2 Q I :ff fl W h 1'zg.4" 1 ,H . -if .A. an-ul , ,F .-o A , dl' - 45 Q., 7. ' ' 57 2' K X if Q , 11 if nz? ' 4. ,X s . av .1 f ,fy-mf f.., ,. ,xv mf' r Q X I ,isa L A 'ki , ,,,. ., ..1xm5iI.35'2h I A ' '51 Quai.

Suggestions in the Trinity College - Beacon Yearbook (Dunedin, FL) collection:

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