Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL)

 - Class of 1988

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1 1 1 1 1 i 111111 111, 1 11111 1 I 1 1 4, 11, 111 X.: 1 1 V 1 11 1 1 1 -111 ' 1 111 1-"1'1 1 1 1 1 x 1 ,11 1 , 1 1,11 K 1 X 1 'N 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 11 1 1 11" 1,11 1 1 1 1 X 1 ' MU NI , 11'11 1 1 X 15 J 1 l ,N11 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 ' I1 111 ' ' W 1 1 1 11 j "V, 13 f 1 fo ' ' W 1 1 1411 I 4 1 'i 1 11 11 .1.I--3 -411 1 1 1 1 P11 1,129 'J 1.A.,4,11, 11,1.11111'1111, -11.1 E-1 11 131.11 1, 11,61 .1 1.e'1r-4 11 11 6 rdf" '11' 41-X' '15-,111 P1'v1 1 Km 1 1 1 11 31 il W J ,Q I I 1 w , 1 W 1 1 l Trinity Christian College l I 7 X K f 1 N . i "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." 1988 Allelu l "God is light. . .if we walk in the light . . . we have fellowship with one another" Cl john 1:5,7j. What does that mean? Since we are trans- formed b the Light we are free to walk in the Light. Light re resents what is good, true, and holly. Trinity stands in the Light and guides and directs our footsteps in our present walk and in our future goals. We, as Christians, are all part of one body. We strive to wal in fellowship the LORD and each oth- er. Proverbs 16:9 tells us that "the LORD directs our steps." Proverbs 20:24 says we do not always un- derstand His way. If we follow in Christ's ste s and seek His guid- ance He willl direct our way. When we reflect over the past year at college, we see the many ways that the Trinity family has helped us walk in the Light. Reg- istration, decisions, classes, chapel, dating, sports, etc. were all events which in one way or another en- couraged us to set our minds on things above. Theiopposite extreme is walking in darkness. Living with lies, living in ignorance, and going along wit the world are all easy to do when we walk with the unwise. We need to encourage one another to seek the best path - in the Light. Make up your mind. Stay in step, stick with it, hang tough, do not quit. Let us do as Paul commands: "Walk in love as Christ loved us." l l LKI GI L Y V E I r 5 Z I I li r vi. 5 W 1 ...V ---an-r 'i "Blessed are those . . . who walk in the Light of your presence, O LORD." 2 Opening Psalm 89 15 El L I f 'I P: wr 1 tt., 5 L P Q U A J it Q .1 5? L w e wenfqa 4 .2-mr isdn ! 5 al i 'FIM M its li at 3 .tate rr L 1 EW- I 1 was H H ma THE LIGHT W PM ,,-V v - .. I ge 1 E 1 1 it fp Q 1,2 . 5? A f ' l'iQ.Qff"' 1- V 1124 S tueii- IES' ' .1 gf -11 2115 '- ei J T ' T "?"1'4 1 FOOTPRINTS One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand' one belonging to him and the other to the LORD. When the last scene of his life flashed before him he looked back at the foot- prints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also no- ticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life. This really bothered him and he ques- tioned the LORD about it, LORD you said that once l decided to follow you you d walk with me all the way. But l have noticed that during the most trou- blesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. l don t understand why when I needed you the most you would leave me. The LORD replied My precious pre- cious child I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering when you see only one set of footprints it was then that l carried ou. - Author unknown 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 y 11 CONTENTS Personalities 17 Events 47 Organizations 59 Sports Advertisements 83 p 1 O3 Opening 3 EAST HALL After years of discussion and planning, Trinity Christian Col- ege's new dormitory became a re- alit . On October 4, 1987, East Halyl, as the new dorm was named, was dedicated in a ceremony led by Dr. Bootsma. The new structure marked a change in the living style of Trinity residents. The suites were desigi-ned as apartments consisting of a arge living area, a kitchenette with cabinets and a microwave, and two bedrooms - all for five people to share. Students could now study quietly in their rooms while others watched television or ate a late-night snack. Even though East Hall was not quite ready or the beginninlg of the school year, the wait an the inconveniences were well worth it. The addition of this building eased the crowded living conditions that had been so common at Trinity the last couple of years. We thank God for the hard work put in by Dr. Bootsma, the Board of Directors and the Building Committee. With this new dorm, rinilly students can contin- ue their wal with the Lord. ' -iii 5 T165 ' H 5-'Wi' , ' .. wftfili at if A A Q , .it it , , V J, 1 11211, " J Y .qw an t . .A my V U A' :yd L t Q1 Nliqr lvl' X ' lf Jig in v 11 ' A ,f A 5, . .,... i. I "Come, let us walk in the Light of the LORD Isaiah 2 5 4 Opening 1 . - .XJ ,. -it . '1-aes-ml 4 V1.1 .-A v-S are f . it T , 'I '1 ,M 1 H ' 'H L44 Opening 5 Getting T S W 1 I 9 vlwfi"' I' ' - -' P As a break from the re lar class- room routine, Trinity oggers many L ' ' f tudents to 'oin opportunities or s 1 t -curricular or aniza some ex ra g - tions. These clubs are active year- s, lonlg, and help brinlg students to- l get er outside the c assroom. This l year marked the return of the Dra- lf ma Club, which disbanded three 3 years ago. In all of our clubs and activities, we are called to walk in the light of the Lord. I Drama Club A' , ' ,, , , it ,. , V, 1 I l l ' , - 2 w Servant Squad 1 , -. E-.. A . l in 4 T -T Science Club Student Activities But if we walk in the light as He is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another." Ilohn 1 7 Involved y It "Sing to the glory of His Name" This year marked the beginning of a new era in the music de art- ment at Trinity Christian College with the arrival of Mrs. Helen Hoekema-Van Wyck. The concert choir has performed at various area churches as well as during chapel services. The band, led by Mike Katterjohn, performed at some bas- ketball games and participated in the Fine Arts Festival. This year's Madrigal dinners were a great suc- cess as many peo-ple enjoyed the fine music that rinity students sang "to the glory of His name." Opening 7 Troll Power Athletics play an important part in the lives of all of us at Trinity. Whether it be intramural sports or intercollegiate sportsp whether we play or whether we watch, we all enjoy the competition. Many thanks go to the coaching staff and to Athletic Director Dave Ribbens for all their hard work in training our athletes to use their talents as they walk in the light of the Lord. "They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not be faint 8 Opening -4 i ' ' mf na. "2 4- - .QM A-1Q,..ww4, , ' " HAL: .4d:'A:?,.i,Q .1 'f , , 1.- 21, 1 vi , 1 I, 4 :.,w,1. , xx af., .Jw ,1- rv' ...M -a .e 4,,.,.,- hee , . A5423 A34 ix, V X ,Y 1ffM2f+-Y-f Q- 3, X ami Opening 9 Now the Fun Starts Yogi Berra once said, "Baseball is 90ofo pitching and 50fyo hitting." The same is true for us here at Trinity. Our lives here are 900fo learning and 5070 socializing. While we are here to learn, we can also have a lot of fun doin it. Whether we're playing a prang on our roommate or p aying a game of pool or just "hanging out," we find all kinds of ways to have fun and still learn a lot. So, however we have fun, we must always remem- ber that we must walk in the Light. , ,. , , ., we A., ,Q A wx Xe, ll 5 J if "Q 'ji mi, vo " p a Ji t t p r,f- t B for it is l f l A -L . 4, . I W! but the LCJRD determines his steps Proverbs 16.9 "In his heart a man plans his course 10 Opening Jer Z i -- 9 ' -,J X- -. 1 's,i,- 'U-'f'.1T,,15., 'H kfiigfl, n . v. -s "" i - E - A- V? - ff K Opening ll And what oes the LORD require of you? to walk humbly with your God " Mrcah 6 8 dm was um 1 ful . . a +' fm. Wm E aw a wb: , ii i '.- ,,,. M, ,nr we ,Q rm if SW? . I H r ,,.,:arf: '27, 'Z - .N ,,V,,113,- . I' Openmg ,I f 1 f ' ,I fr - - ,QQ 2:4 95.5, -If -- ' ' 2 Nw- . wsg- 1 ' J ,QM ,Q v -1 w ,. --.J ' x. ,wa f?1F?x:1:-a-f- flf .' A 'Vx ' E' f'5if":'Kit ,LZ 3. k 'EN , " ' X'-va-A , , -V: ,Y :Q v f . s.'f,'5rfz..f V f ill, , ' 7j',,!.5 1 1.5 1 : ' I. 5 N, -:W'Z3'14f-f L, , .f '. .wx " ."1"f-2' ' '. . .3 ,W , ,.' I W X X ,n I j"' X x 5 x N 4 Qw- ra fi 5. G x i X l ' . ' 4 , :SS I L 1 5 A .M J .1 3 N I e :ze 5 Q Q 4 , , ' ,W . QP V I N . , ' 4 '71 w w - 4:5 . 'M H X S - , A 'fir' p at , .J ,... 1 ,M W , M- -M i Opening 13 4....,..mlm3.J Aff-in 3 at 4 u OP D1rect my footsteps accordmg to your word, let no sm rule over me. - Psalm 119:133 I 1 5 3 Y I F I Pkwy M4 if ""f5"'? ' AK-fgW,,,LJ'i' ""L' if """ii gm J 7. p f" gc if V.. '1 .gg G in 1 2 W. ..- W. ev- N ,X si' ' iw ' Q V n Openmg 15 Trinity would like to Welcome . . . George Pierson - Philosophy Helen Hoekema-Van Wyck - Mus Il Don Sinnema - Theology Brad Breems - Sociology He who Walks with the Wise grows Wise, but a compamon of fools suffers harm - Proverbs 13:20 l OP l -7 Personalities Walking in the Light "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." - Proverbs 13:20 SENIORS 18 Personalities Elisabeth Brown Abel Gibsonia, Pennsylvania NURSING Larry Du Wayne Abel Randolph, Wisconsin MATHEMATICS, Computer Science Dan Applegate Palos Heights, Illinois BIOLOGY, Chemistry Kenneth Alan Bakker Cicero, Illinois HISTORY, Theology Anthony Bates Chicago, Illinois Amy Ioy Bierling Hudsonville Michi an I S BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Chemistry Lisa Blaha Chicago, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY, Sociology Timothy Calvin Boerema Thornton, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY, Theology 3 'Z ,mr-, ,Apr ,wi . . 'K- 'Uk 4 -,,, Robert L. Boersma Palos Hills, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy Sally Io Bosma Lafayette, Indiana CHEMISTRY, Business Administration Sharon Beth Bosman Elmhurst, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Biology, English, Physical Education Thomas Harvey Breems Prinsburg, Minnesota PSYCHOLOGY, Sociology Laura Lynn Broeskstra Tinley Park, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Art Education, History, Theology Catherine Anita Brouwer Escondido, California BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Christina Lyn Burgess Oak Forest, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, History, Special Education Edwin Caraballo Chicago, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY, THEOLOGY Personalities 19 20 Personalities Stephen M. Chapman Pardeeville, Wisconsin COMPUTER SCIENCE, Business Administration jinmo Cho Arlington Heights, Illinois HISTORY, Music Lisa Kaye Cok Manhattan, Montana NURSING james Sungar Dayugar Monrovia, Liberia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pamela Kay De Graaf Prospect Park, New Iersey PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Biology Timothy I. Dekker Lansing, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Jeffrey Scott Drenth South Holland, Illinois HISTORY, Music Kimberly Io Dykema Lowell, Michigan ENGLISH, Special Education M "VUE 464,37 -QC? 5 Tressa Mae Dykstra Whitinsville, Massachusetts ,R NURSING Matthew jon Eenigenburg Crete, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Psychology james Evenhouse 'W' Westmont, Illinois Debra Cheryl Fransman ' Crestwood, Illinois NURSING Kristina Diane Gaughan Worth, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sharla Kay Haringa Chino, California NURSING Valerie Lynn Hoogewerf Munster, Indiana BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 192 19" Mary Evelyn Howerzyl Lansing, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, History, Special Education Personalities 21 Patricia Io Huge Lansing, Illinois ENGLISH, Business Administration Beth Lynn Huttenga Elmhurst, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, Special Education, Theology Zantesah Ingalls Irvington, New Iersey THEOLOGY, Psychology Brenda Sue Kamp Oak Lawn, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English Physical Education, Theology Ellen M. Kamp Palos Heights, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Konstantina G. Karahalios Oak Lawn, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY William R. Kok Delavan, Wisconsin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Biology Frederick H. Kooistra Ienison, Michigan BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 22 Personalities ,, ,vw 1191- 9- AW J W X 59' Kristine Ann Kuiken Flossrnoore, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, Special Education Wendy Ann Kuipers Evergreen Park, Illinois NURSING Mark Alan Lammers Cedar Grove, Wisconsin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION lack Paul Le Grand Iustice, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION, English Kurt William Le Mahieu Sheboygan, Wisconsin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Gina Marie Lemmenes Palos Heights, Illinois NURSING Philip Stephen Leo Alsip, Illinois HISTORY, English, Theology Deborah Ann Los lavan Wisconsin De , ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, History, Special Education Personalities 23 Thaddeus Michael Lubbers South Holland, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, GERMAN Peter Darrel Mantel Modesto, California MATHEMATICS, Computer Science Karine P. McNicholas Chicago Ridge, Illinois NURSING Belete Tesfaw Mekonen Addis Abeba, Ethiopia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Barbara Ann Nagel Kalamazoo, Michigan BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Carla Io Nikkel Orland Park, Illinois SOCIOLOGY, Criminal justice Ioseph F. Ortiz Chicago, Illinois THEOLOGY, Psychology Michael Peter Otte Sheboygan, Wisconsin PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Special Education 24 Personalities gwlmwmf ASW john William Pausma Brandon, Wisconsin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MATHEMATICS Migdalia Perez Chicago, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, History, Spanish, Special Education Margaret Leigh Postmus Grand Rapids, Michigan PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Business Administration Nancy Lynn Pruim Orlando, Florida BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beverly L. Queen Chicago, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY jill Marie Rademaker Oostbur Wisconsin gl MATHEMATICS, Business Administration Michael john Rozema Palos Heights, Illinois CHEMISTRY, Mathematics Susan Dees Rozema Palos Hei hts Illinois S 1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Psychology Personalities 25 Eric Peter Schoonveld Orland Park, Illinois HISTORY, Business Administration, Philosophy, Political Science julie Lynn Shoemaker Palos Heights, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Psychology Laura I. Speelman Oak Lawn, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Art English, Theology Karen Louise Biarnesen Stasi Elmhurst, Illinois Art, Psychology, Special Education Iames Matthew Stech Oak Forest, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Business Administration David john Stob Tinley Park, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Cathy Lynn Tebbens Tinley Park, Illinois BUSINESS EDUCATION, Psychology Christine Elizabeth Tolsma Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English History, Special Education 26 Personalities Scott Allen Tuitman Oak Lawn, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Iacqueline I. Van Dyke Schererville, Indiana BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Psychology Audrey Donna Vasicek Oak Lawn, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY Hector L. Vasquez Chicago, Illinois THEOLOGY, History, Philosophy Timothy john Veurink Worth, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY Robert john Vos Chicago, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Iill Ann Voskuil Oostburg, Wisconsin NURSING john Ernest Williams Midlothian, Illinois PSYCHOLOGY, Theology Dawn Renee Wolterink Crestwood, Illinois NURSING Alison Zeilenga Chicago Ridge, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, History, Special Education NOT PICTURED Marsha Lynn Bailey Gia Marie De Martinis Karen Marie Dowling Kristin Sue Dykstra Brett Robert Fickes Thomas Andrew Haas Sharon Kay Hankus Bryan Lee Iabaay Thomas Randall Key Lisa Ann Kreuger Vaughn Lee Lagastee Andrea Elke Eitel Lautenbach Druanne I. Patterson David O. Plantinga Robert Jerome Scavuzzo Michele Lynn Smith Chris A. Wierda Q 28 Personalities I' A , .. vs sm- 1 William Acevedo Shelly Baker Gregory Bendle lanice Bessett Robert Boer Barb Bootsma Rebecca Breems Sherry Broekstra Patricia Brown Susan Bruinius Penny Buist Angel Cobb Daniel Cupery Cindy De Haan Donna Dickson Robin Ellens Leighton Frost Mark Gamble Mia Gamble Martha Gatza Sharon Glas Teresa Grevengoed Ienifer Hadden Dennis I-Iamis :rf . g': ff 3, 30 Personalities I ...I K V V Al, IU IDRS Civ' .,.,,,,, -.V S kt is .1 ' 'ef I Q. ,, 4' 4 , , as 45 2 u' Q 4 :Eff J l A, ,. 4 f 7 av, ,,,i r , :cuz-at -M, , A if V .Hua '.- unify! N Q? if ,... ,.. Hin M M , ,MM 9 WK KJ gg AF- it at Y ,. ff fit A av G----av 5 ,Am f ' 5 H, fy-fy -brew !fW . , , Y f , f , F , . . X -fs YM 4 .,f.. f V A- 40" A ', 4 ,fe My f V L, V, , , f:. 1' f W f' A, 4 X' by :f--if' ' , . 7 . X f .5 4- , Michael Heersink Chris Heintz Erik Hoekstra Carla Hoffer Barbara I-louwing jeffrey Huizenga Andy Katt Linda Kemink Cynthia Kikkert David Koole Tom Krygsheld Brad Laninga Laurence Lautenbach David Los Estella Lugo Barb Medendorp Iill Merzdorf Vivian Moore Kathleen Morkunas Loma Nabeyama Ioy O'Keefe Lucio Oquendo Sharon Pals Martha Perez Larry Persenaire Ken Riemersma Kevin Rockey Laura Roland Mary Schaap Robert Slager Personalities 31 Cherie Smith Patricia Smits Laurie Spencer Scott Stan Nadia Swearingen Rebecca Terpstra Mary Tillema Carolyn Tolsma Ean Mark Tripplett Laura Van Dahm Wang Vang Mike Van Schepen Katie Van Stelle Brenda Veldhorst Kathy Verdouw Paul Ver Velde Patti Walsh Kimberly Washington Rick Blauw Matt Bogard Keith Bradley Theodore Bulthuis Randy Bultman Glenda Busch Kris Buteyn Alfredo Caraballo Shang-Lin Chiu Herbert Clark Edward Damstra Catherine Dowling Patricia Dunne Brian Fears Iori Franklin Pamela Freiling Ioann Godinez Emesto Gonzales Matthew Harris Regina Huizenga Ruthanne Ireland Marc johnson john jones Marc Koster Diane Kubilus Donna Lemmenes Tonya Lenoir Bill Liaros Lisa Loschetter Guy Marzano Albert Marzullo 32 Personalities gy ff-lv X g et s K N 0 . Q f Yi fi ls xv 17 2, r X A' M., 1: .: f ,flw wa ' Fig-ig V t, S faj fs ' I X Ay. nv w., 1' .Xi .I i Wendi Wieringa Timothy Wisse Christina Wojtowicz Lynnea Woldhuis Kathleen McCutcheon David McMahon Lisa Meyer Susan Mohnssen Ieanette Mollo Nada Morris Catherine Muller Loretta Murray Thu Phong Nguyen Tuyetnhung Nguyen Linda Nicol William Parker Mark Plantinga Patricia Pobiega Gerald Pruim Patti Ronda Edna Rynberk Scott Schipma Amy Scott Robert Spoolstra Lisa Van Der Bilt Russell Vander Velde Les Van Dyke Robert Van Lonkhuyzer Angel Vasquez Steven Venhuizen jennifer Westendorf Thomas Wigboldy Laurene Willson 9 , -, .,.,. Y , .' Z'2.4:-raw" .--' vc, f -'?: ' is if tar-. 1?-ff' 1 ,, 11 t. N. W '- . ff! at iw at m a asfffsfs 2:Q1.,:Q"5 , ' mv .,,V'2-,tgj .SefA.t an ,E 412 i 1 1 2 1 1 1 J., -- iii' ff ff ' Xxx. .,...,.!, JS ANGELES Personalities 33 Christine Allen Micheal Auriemma Cathy Baker Connie Baker Terri Bakker Amy Bandstra Ereka Bell john Birkett Larry Birks Laurel Bolt Karen Boomsma Connie Bos Susan Brennan Kristi Brouwer Dawn Bruinius Kathy Bruinius David Bryant Sharee Butler Angela Coleman Dale Cupery Amy De Hoog Ioel De lager Ruth Dekker Bev De Vries SCPHOMORES H 76 M W, cf , 1.1: bf ' :ff-Af , Av W- ' V 3 . Q.: "" ,B - I u - ' Q 1 2 ,Y We N 4 'di X,V,C" KA Y sea.:-r f-fy ' ' ' A Z--1"i'3.' "I-ivlif "" f '34 84. 4:QL,r:gil?f1..saa:z1:f.f X4 if fr-wr 34 Personalities KX M' 1 V . , XXX 1. , XX. ."..N5' ., xx K, X . SHA ' 4, .5 f 5 "' '1 9? f-P' x fl' M ,A 3 5,4 Q- t., f ff-if-:?3:i. ' 5' no 'iff' '11 xi 1 f X L'A X, Roger De Vries Annette Dropek Andrea Dykema Terri Evans Bridgette Fields Brett Flipse Craig Gallman Claire Garcia Kathleen George Tami Gibson Patricia Groenwold Marvin Harris Michael Heath Michelle Heath Lisa Hernandez Amy Hill Brad Homan Michele Huge Sonia jenkins Ken Iongsma Tim Kooiman julie Kort Kirk Kroese Robert Krygsheld Sherry Kuik jerry Kuiper Pam Kuipers Kimberly Lewis Tracey Martin Liji Mathew Personalities 35 Ioann Miedema Tamuriat Olabode Elizabeth Ortiz Diana Podewell Timothy Prince Carol Pruim Shari Ronda Mary Rops Karyn Rymsza Darrin Shaw joseph Sluis Deborah Smith William Stob Duronda Strong Drew Sweetman Iohn Theune Mike Tjaarda Rachael Vander Brug David Vander Meer Shawna Vander Wilt Beth Vander Zee Carolynn Vander Zouwen Noralee Van Dyke Wesley Van Kley Norma Van Milligan james Visser Steven Voogt Iulie Voss Lauri Walvoord Daniel Westra . . i D yy 5 , H, lx Xi 2 , Hi "W..1ai I , Z,- .1 21 A' -l5ie41'ii'f9? ' an A ,al I , I, ,J' +fLQ?l4fg:LL If i .en , fgwgs' 'i.f,z'gfwP- MM 1 c 6,38 , 1 V4 if if fgsfff-.I'5?. fzflif If -,ff pa-m.:::,f , 5: 1254 Q 5 1 'mf L ' .f f:i1.fz:,'-J'2f12'ff,Ei2!??kx jewelry 121117 W , 36 Personalities il . 5. 15 ii' -"' 1 pf Suzanne Wiltjer Daniel Wolterink David Yff of I ,t w be ' X. Iill Westra Michael Westra Charese White Amy Wiener Stephanie Abernathy Rebekka Anderson Paul Beezhold jeff Bladek Ron Bol Corinne Canfarelli Laura Davis Maria De Vries Tim Dom Michael Dorp losette Fleming Iody Hollowell Janice Howerzyl Debra Hulford Lori Iensen Adriane Koehne joseph Lewis Michelle Masci Darren Mines james Mitsdarffer Helen Nasser Timothy Niehof Lauren Noorlag Dons Ollanketo Vanessa Pullen Lamont Robinson Ann Rodig Lorraine Rogers Lisa Smith Benjamin Snodgrass Sheryn Sykes Byron Van Kley Nancy Wesolowski Kimberly Zaglifa , 2 l f E I , ra A f , 12521 v H M , .ww f .jug .L I- ,M . .1 f 1 ' "- :sniff gi. A 1 Air W ggi' In , --"' - 'fha W, 1- ' ' . ,,-' f is 'A r X- 4-A ' e4"':+ , B 2-Y. , g ,, . 4' mx' 4 . U ' i , - r 3.1 l 5 'iq' xx EQ 1, . ft X1 9 H' , v. Z9 gm? X! ' ' lie efs it Personalities 37 La Tonji Archibald Iames Belstra Barbara Bosman Ieanine Brunious Ken Buist Vicky Bulthuis Craig Busscher David Bussema joe Buteyn Brian Ciapinski Randy Cupery Scott DeBruin Diane De Graaf David De Kraker Sherri De Vries Steve De long Stacia Dirkse Derek Evenhouse Charles Fath Christina Gutierrez Lynnette Hansen Bert Heyboer Mark Hiskes Susan I-lommes FRESHME E NWC 5- " ' , , 'x 1' -was ."""x -.pp-ww-v 38 Personalities Brent Hoogeverf Peter Hudson Andy Huttenga Iulie Kistler Christopher Kloet Scott Kooiman julie Kuipers Frances Le Grand Tammy Lenting Paul Leo Elliot Los Linda Maas Daniel Mannes Tim Mather julie McNary Kimberly Medendorp Thomas Nagelkirk Lisa Nakhla Marc Neleson Christopher Ness Kathy Nimmer Bruce Nootbaar Teresa Novomy Lori Panozzo jeffrey Pott Randy Pruim Ruth Ramsey Wendy Reha Craig Riemersma Robert Ritsema '11 , ,.1 , 'L '-f ,f f - I 'ff "" 'Z?2?l1aJf M.,-,l Tvgir , ,. ,3 'V' ,gram V wxwswwfmwffsim ifmnlli Q 11 2 tin I 5- E22 M, haw " I Personalities 39 Daniel Roerdink Gina Schaafsma Catherine Schultz Lisa Siegersma Iill Slager Pamela Smits Mike Stack Christine Stroo Carolyn Sutton Toni Terpstra jeffrey Te Stroete Diane Tysse Lori Vander Bent Nathan Van Der Male Tricia Vander Wagen Doug Van Dyken Kristen Van Haveren Shareen Van Someren William Barron Camie Beezhold George Boss Monica Chaffin Iermal Chambers Anne Estes Brian Hartman Rosalind Hawthorne Lynnae Iansen john Kramer Iulie Lewis Claudine Loyd Suzette Luna Kathy Lyzenga Gloria Mager lames McGwire Kathleen Mclntire Edith Murphy Umberto Perkins Anthony Potts Kim Rouse Sheila Sayers Tim Schnyders Suzanne Seils Stephen Shannessy Diane Smit Sylvia Smith Anne Tiesenga 40 Personalities 04. I Y Q 2 K3 N f X Q 9? Es: 6 S, 'Qt ii -V 5 Qs IS ,- , -1 A if E 'N-..:?' aw R XT? , as 'K ?"C", ' 5 -.swf AV 3 15' ,Q N55 e Gini 5. .7 N l Linda Tomaszewski Franklin Towner Michelle Turkovich Cynthia Van Beek La Donna Warren Marcia Wondaal Amell Wright Song Xue Yu Iulie Visser 3. H15 . Barbara Workman William Zeilenga rf" f-we .gsm M?" W' 'fri P '-A Q, S.,--lfy' ff? u 5 Personalities 41 42 Personalities The Facult ,4. " 23 E " ,Z ? iefff ' 'fe all ."f e -g4,Q'wfJ ,,,,14g-rx g '93, vw af Q mme. 432 ,-,ia , wr .5 . , ,f . j"ij,5 f . W 414 5, V ai X. 351' 4 ', is tiff: fr-:,.-,, mmm 29" .,,. '-sag?-9.353 ff .mlb V . K wp, - ,- 3 1 1' Zu,-V f ' 1 .. 3 fs if! ' - 21,0 - 1 5 , ul f if E., '16, , M , 'Cm 1 1' Time Faculty - Mr. Iohn Bakker, Art, Dr. Bob Boomsma, Biology, Dr. Ken Bootsma, President, Mr. Brad Sociology, Dr. Dick Cole, Psychology, Dr. Norm De Jong, Education, Dr. Mike De Vries, Psychology, Dan Diephouse, English, Mr. Doug Eckardt, Theology, Dr. Bob Eells, History, Mr. john Evenhouse, P.E., Music, Mrs. Lydia Ward, Nursing, Mr. Mark Ward, Business, Dr. Bob Wolff, Biology. Susan Fulkerson, Accounting, Mr. Ron Hansum, Computer Science, Dr. Chris Hodgkins, English, Dr. Ipema, Nursing, Mrs. Elizabeth Klaassens, Nursing, Mr. Richard Kooy, Mathematics, Mr. Iohn Kooyenga, Mr. Dave Larsen, Dean of Students, Mr. George Pierson, Philosophy, Mr. Dave Ribbens, P.E., Dr. Bob History, Mrs. Lois Roelofs, Nursing, Dr. john Roose, Philosophy, Dr. Burt Rozema, Classics f Academic Mrs. Patsy Ruchala, Nursing, Dr. Don Sinnema, Theology, Mr. Henk Sliekers, Library, Mrs. Katherine Nursing, Dr. Donna Spaan, Metro, Dr. Lou Sytsma, Chemistry, Mrs. Constance Turner, Nursing, Dr. Vander Weel, English, Dr. Gary Van Dyke, Biology, Dr. Harold Van Kley, Chemistry, Mrs. Helen Van Personalities 43 We Appreciate our Secretaries :K -"""'-Q.. Alice De Vries - Administration Nancy Rupp - P.E. Department Bonnie Decker - Faculty l .Qs ' 422: Y X' an .. " .,g-',?vQv:3W9 TP' , , Q, .ALM-v-f' Dorothy Boersma - Nursing Department Lois Boonstra, Administration and Chris Huizenga, Dean of Students 44 Personalities ' 'Ju Z an ..V"" a 36 ., f,,...,.,,,' ' ,, E , lip. .wiv 12' .A y, . X and Shirley Pagels. r' 7 .,, 5. Qin ff f ,JV - Mikki Grit, john Pickerl, Laurie Ludes, Charles Business Office - Tom Vloedman, Bemice Balsan, Marilyn Wiltjer, and Lois Thomson. KM . ,.. ,-4 . F' l U Hans- 'ia-if Financial Aid - Marcia Wolff wg, 4 '. Aw f ' . f 1" f so ' as , w -A "JV we- ,, A i 1 Admissions - Dave Troup, Donna Dickson, Deb Posey, Ion Bontekoe, Angel Cobb, Barb Dyke, Becky Terpstra, and Marie Limback. Personalities 45 X'-tr 'it 'E 'fi ff . " f Library - jean Strong, Hendrik Sliekers, and Deb Veenstra Bookstore Nancy Kwastenret and Betty Kerkstra Food Service - Craig Farrell, Dottie Tillman, Val Zawizsa, Ruth Shong, Sharon Fare, Evelyn Steinkamp, Joyce Austin, Mi- chele Verran, and Pat Devoy. 46 Personalities Events Walking in the Light "Direct my footsteps according to your Worclp let no sin rule over me." - Psalm 1191133 Life in the Light Each year we improve the ori- entation weekend by fine-tuning traditional events or adding new ones. An exciting new event added this year was the Scavenger Hunt downtown Chicago. The freshmen searched for places such as the Art Institute Qhow many steps out- doors?j, the Berghoff Restaurant fthe cost of grilled Swordfish steak?j, the Calder Stabile tit touch- es the ground at how many points?j, the Chicago Board of Trade twhat floor is North Secu- rities on?J and many other places of interest. Other highlights of the weekend included the "chaotic games," the square dance, Ralston Bowles, Moody Church and the an- nual Talent Show tremember the women R.A.'s singing "we are men, in our underwear . . ."J Despite some schedule changes due to the East Hall delay, we had a smooth Freshman move-in fno bro- ken grocery cartsj and lots of fun getting to know each other. Katie VanStelle, Lisa VanderBilt Mary Tillema, Nadia Swearmgen Katherine Brun s Brouwer, Laurel Bolt, Barb Bootsma, Shawna VanDerW1lt, Sherri Broekstra Amy QMiddle Row - L to RJ: Ginny Carpenter, Cindy Hiskes, Karen Boomsma, Barb Meden Cheri Smith, Leighton Frost, Brad Homan, Dan Cupery, Dave Koole, Amy Scott, Iill W QLast Row - L to RJ: Ken Iongsma, Brett Flipse, Ioel Delager, Dan Westra, john Dave Los, Erik Hoekstra, Phil Leo, Ken Riemersma, Dave Vander Meer. Those on Orientation Committee were QFront Row - L to RJ: Patti Brown, Donna . I . . I iu I ' ' , uni c 48 Events Trinity Receives a Royal Visit On September 27, 1988, Trinity Christian College was visited by Prince Ferdinand and Princess Eliz- abeth from Buedingen, Germany. Dr. Delong and Dr. Eells presented the history of Christian education in America and the history of Trin- ity Christian College. Prince Fer- dinand presented slides of the royal castle, which is located about 30 miles northeast of Frankfort. After the slides, there was a reception in the gallery and a short tour of the campus. 51' L an ' l . r . u, i :girl s A Qtop leftj Dr. Norman Delong gives his talk on the history of Christian education in America. fmiddle lefty Princess Elizabeth listens to Dr. Delong and her husband. fmiddle rightj The Princess takes time to sign their seal. fbottom leftj Prince Ferdinand and Princess Elizabeth take time out to pose with Beverly Queen. Events 49 Trinity Hosts Guest Lecturers This year Trinity hosted a num- ber of lecturers as part of the GTE Lectureship Series. The theme of the lectures was the stewardship of the world. The year was capped off with the Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture Program featuring Dr. Richard H. Bube. The theme of his lectures was "Stewardship of the Earth," and he addressed this theme while giving three public lectures, speaking in some informal settings, and speak- ing to several classes. 50 Events QE 353 4, f Trinity Hosts Guest Artists 76 14 5 g J Once again, Trinity's art gallery 3 was full of works of art by various 5 5 artists. The last showing of the year featured students' wildlife paint- ' ings that were judged and awarded , prizes. 5' a Q? 4 I rg ' , ,y :AW . . 1' 1, " , I W, A . gf ----fs ' , 1. - - '7 n sf C " 'wi f :fi sf Qgwgfff, 1 Events 51 Let's Dance! Once again, Trinity hosted a number of dances this year spon- sored by Student Activities. The first dance of the year was the Hal- loween dance, probably the most popular and best attended. There was also a Valentine's Day dance in February that was also a very good dance. The dance season ended with the annual Lip Sync dance where several groups did their own lip syncs and had a lot of fun. Thanks to this year's DI's Tom Krygsheld and Brad Laninga for all their hard work in making the dances memorable events. -mf! S Um' li l 'J 52 Events w- 1? in ,Q 'xl iii I f f gif! '31 Er"""'f 1.3 K r- I 6'NaN'NT brim E ir g il N y it Trinity Celebrates Black History Positive! A positive influence on all of Trinity's students and faculty was the goal of this year's Black History Week. The contribution and support of willing and talented Trinity students helped accomplish this goal. The week was one filled with inspiring speakers, uplifting movies, and educational thoughts. So many times when Black people look back into the past we view only the negatives. There are many negative and harmful experiences in the history of the Afro- American, yet we as a people have made it through the negative ex- periences while making a positive contribution in every aspect of American society. Instead of re- sentfully contemplating on the ig- norance and hatred that has divid- ed us for so long, we chose to reflect on the intelligence and love that is bringing us together. gr if A 3 Events 53 Joining Togethe h Inez, Kentucky On Saturday, March 26, a group of sixteen students set out for Inez, Kentucky with one goal in mind: to work hard for the glory of God. The main project was at the home of Debo and Linda Iude where the group put up dry wall and did many other building projects. One group of about eight people picked up garbage along a hill outside the house. They filled over 75 bags of garbage and hauled away twelve to fifteen loads of scrap metal to the dump. One of the more fun things the group did was to explore a cave. The most thrilling part of the exploration was when they came to a large open area in the cave. They shut off all their flashlights and had a time of prayer and sang a few songs. It was an exciting and uplift- ing time. The group eagerly awaits a return trip next spring. 54 Events .H Iill Westxa ftop leftj puts her carpentry skills to work in the house. Ken Iongsma ftop rigl has some fun during some free time. Stacia Dirkse and Iill Sager fleftj put up a piece drywall. The group Qabovej poses for a picture before they are ready to return to Trinity. ln Servanthood I u., ,,.. 0 g I -... Au nur, The group ftop leftj mills around outside the center after a hard day's work. Phill Leo and I Sharla Haringa fmiddle leftj haul out an old door. Sherri De Vries and crew Qabovej paint the 'gym floor at RCMC. One of the apartment buildings we worked at is at middle right. jeff frluizenga fbottom rightj talks things over with Rev. Bud lpema. Roseland, Illinois On Saturday, March 5, a group of about fifty Trinity students and staff went to Roseland to assist the efforts of the Roseland Christian Ministries Center. The major proj- ects were renovating houses and apartments owned by RCMC as well as painting the gym floor at the center. The Service Project, sponsored by Student Association, went well and all who went came home tired but feeling good about serving the Lord. Events 55 Sunday Night Specials Sunday Night Specials are activ- ities in which the college commu- nity finds unique ways to bring glo- ry to God. All students are welcome to join the fun. This year, the most popular activity was the talent show night that was com- posed of a hilarious or touching contribution from each floor on a central theme. Other activities in- cluded singing at Rest Haven, trav- eling to a Chicago area Church to hear Trinity's Gospel Choir, show- ing films portraying Christian views, listening to solos and duets performed by Trinity students, feel- ing the power of an hour of hymn singing, and more. Sunday Night Specials are the perfect welcome back from an off-campus weekend and an appropriate way to end the Lord's day. The co-leaders were Ken Riemersma, Dave Los, and Ben Snodgrass. One of the first Sunday Night Specials of the season featured a musical presentation by Mike Lenix. Ben Snodgrass fabovej took over for Ken Riemersma and Dave Los for the second semester. 56 Events 'Sf Students Spend Interim in Dominican Republic On Ianuary 6, 1988 twenty-one people departed from Trinity and spent their interim in the Carib- bean. They spent eight days gain- ing new insight about a world and culture which most of them were not familiar with. Dr. Rice and Mr. Roose were the organizers and leaders of this expedition. Many students' responses to the trip re- flected that the trip was fun, ed- ucating, and spiritually challeng- ing. Russ VanderVelde, Tami Gibson, Paul Leo, and Wendy Pott stand outside of church on Sunday moming ftopj. A common scene in the Dominican Republic - a Haitian sugar cane worker fbottomj. Events 57 Praising God in Chapel H Ve Chapels this year allowed Trinity Christian College to glorify God to- gether in formal, communal wor- ship. Chapels, which are optional, were attended by students, faculty and staff who met three times each week. Throughout the year we had different kinds of chapels. Some of the more interesting chapels in- cluded music presentations, guest speakers, slide shows and other li- turgical activities celebrating var- ious acts of God in redemptive his- tory. 5,3 tugs During one of the chapels this year a faculty choir was put together and they sang several songs as part of a singing chapel One traditiol chapel at Trinity is the Advent Chapel led by Dr. Diephouse just before Christmas. 58 Events Organizations Q Walking in the Light "But if We walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with one another." - I John 1:7 Making Resident Life Fun , yy yy . I They are not unique to any Christian college. In student serv- ices they are a given, but they are given only to resident students - commuting students do not have any. Every year they live in the same rooms in the dorms. They are the first students to arrive on cam- pus each new academic year. They learn what it means to become a team. They learn everyone's name and hometown. They are there to listen and to listen to, to care, to study, to hug, to cry, to laugh, to 4 2 ai " ft? . az-a,I:,:., T' 5 iiifflgg rftwaibft , ,.,,,i,.I,,a.' fir., , 't' . rv win. I, .. ,r. qqg.Qf,.,5, , , I: 'I .1 ,I - I, 1 . - ww' 121,12-Q 5-xs.+.I'4fa5 Wfffzv ,y aw ft I.,,,w, 1. ,,,,,.,, ,, .f,, ,,, , 1 may Iv. fI,gf,,z2gft-41 1 f.rf,W.ZYf,,4I,. .44 I , H f- w,ew,'.e7 qw. .vI.,,f q,7MI4I5W?. -275 .W3i,,: -1 ' ' .14 ' kr- 1 .I ,. V, ,, ,I . . S, I We ' ' 55,1 4-'5f1MZ?"ff,, bm. , . - One of the ways the R.A.'s developed team- work was through their weekly meetings at dinner. Those who served as R.A.'s were Laurel Bolt, Nadia Swearingen, Ken long- sma, Scott Stan, Sherry Broekstra, Leighton Frost, Erik Hoekstra, Barb Bootsma, Lisa Van Der Bilt, Dave Los, Laura Roland, Ken Riemersma, and Shawna Vander Wilt. 60 Organizations dream, to throw in the creek, to pray, to go with to chapel, to con- front, to organize, to set an exam- ple, to support their peers, to love. They share a Dean of Students, two R.D.'s and their children, and a similar job description. These people are R.A.'s - res- ident assistants - who promote resident student development and community life consistent with the mission and policies of Trinity Christian College. :L . S :QF 1 an , , 'v .1 , V. 2 Ift..f5fZiI W ' ,mp 5, 4 J " ft. , V 'l' gr ill 'Ii " "' ' uf-32+1'. f . Ii, ' . -if T We f T 'r ,',,f,I 'I !.,,W,,ogI', , ",,If,I'w,. 5-n Vw, w, I,'4, ffrv 1, 5' If H" 5M , Wf:2i' . , , 'rf U' vi: I-f, I r I ,-I ILfIg,3fIvI plies-42,I,,,III W' T 'Wh ff 11,31 'QIIVIW "H H Hf'7""f"""" I . iq i n W , . "w',I.M' 1 . if H A4 , 't - "VM v I WL f H221 7 t r 4' J, I wg-if: I 'f'fYif' 1. i ul' .V " ,I,I, I . ,. 'iff . I .. .M ... , 1 1 R Mx 5 19" .5 wi wa M :Stay We 5 ggi ,sa mi, . lm!!! R . sv V. ., x 'I I .ra 5, 1 B . . wr-'r5:-:its.r:rae.3,5:3gs135',:f Government in the Dorms Trinity had two hall councils this year - one from East Hall and one from South f Groot. The executive committee of the South f Groot Hall Council was Marvin Harris, Pres- identg Iulie Visser, Vice-Presidentg julie Visser, Vice-Presidentg Cindy Kikkert, Treasurerg and Bridgette Fields, Secretary. The executive committee of the East Hall Council was Chris Heintz, President and Karen Boomsma, Treasur- er f Secretary. Some of the activities planned by the Councils were an 18-hole Greater East Hall Open, an ice cream social, going to dinner as two suites tied together, Valentines Sweets, and much more. One in- teresting event planned by South Hall Council was a pre-Spring Break extravaganza featuring Beach Boys music blasting in the hallways with students parading around do- ing the cha-cha. Eventually every- one ended up in the main lounge to make ice cream sandwiches. W so so Organizations 61 ky ,. a Student Association The purpose of the Student As- sociation, as stated in the student manual, is to "honor the Lord Jesus Christ in the conduct of student ac- tivities and in promotion of student life and interests." These objectives and the functions of Student Asso- ciation are governed by a council made up of student officers, the Dean of Students, student development committees, and representatives of the student body. Student Associa- tion and its sub-committees work hard to encourage and build a unified student body, which has as its foun- dation faith in God and belief in His Word. K In E, - s -aa gg Business Manager: Mike Heersink with Subcommittee Heads Brenda Veldhorst St Activities Lisa Van Der Bilt St Ministries Greg Bendle. Karen Stasi Acadermc Affairs Greg Bendle Publications 62 Organizations Student Activities Plan Some Fun Student Activities has been very active this year. We have tried to Elan new activities that have never een done at Trinity. Many of the new ideas have come from a hardworking and creative commit- tee. The first activity of the school year was a Bonfire behind East Hall. It was a great success and everyone who came enjoyed food and singing. A hayride was also a new activity brought to Trinity's campus. For Sweetest Daly and Val- entine's Day we sold an delivered flowers. As the school year progressed, we saw activities like many dances in the dining hall, a lock-in at the gym, and many trips to basketball tournaments and con- certs. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the activities that were scheduled and we can continue the tradition of many activities here at Trinity. . , ,. :.,,:,,, V ":-: , P, J ,f'2-leif,Wmmwh,:,if' fa I Organizations 63 Allelu Every year a group of adventur- ous students set out to work on a yearbook to help all students relive some of the good times they had throughout the year. This year ed- itor Drew Sweetman headed up the troops as they set out to create a yearbook. With a lot of hard work by section editors Shari Ronda, Ruth Dekker, and Lauri Walvoord and their staffs, the yearbook was completed for all to enjoy. ,gpm 'N ... wfwic far- The Staff: Editor-in-Chief Drew Sweetman: Sports: Ruth Dekker and Iulie Kuipers, Student Life: Terri Bakker, Shari Ronda and Bar Workman, Personalities: Lauri Walvoord, Advertisements: Carol Pruim. 64 Organizations l O m l w Q' The Staff: Iill Westra, co-editor, Donna Dickson, Laura Roland, Kathy Nimmer, Iulie Voss, 'Q Brad Laninga, co-editor, Wade Zeilinga, Brad Homan, and Paul Leo. 4 'vm The Courier Every school needs a medium where the students can express their thoughts, insights, and gen- eral information. Trinity is no ex- ception and the school paper, the Courier, provides just that medium. Co-editors Iill Westra and Brad Laninga led their staff as they pro- duced many interesting issues this year. Topics ranged from the park- ing debate to politics to Trinity sports to crossword puzzles. Thanks to Iill and Brad and their staff for a good year of letting Trin- ity students have their voices heard. Associatbn Update ff ETTER3 4 Lady Trolls Play in Sunnv California Trolls Trek to l Bill! St. Louis Organizations 65 K' Serving God on Campus Student Ministries is made up of an executive committee and seven sub-committee head members. This year's executive committee was Lisa VanDerBilt, president, Drew Sweetman, vice-president, Dave Koole, treasurerp and Katie Van Stelle, secretary. Making up Student Ministries' seven sub- committees were the ever faithful leaders. Drew Sweetman, head of Bible Studies, encouraged floor Bi- ble Studies and organized campus- wide Bible Studies. Dave Los, Ken Riemersma, and Ben Snodgrass all had a chance to run Student Min- istries' fairly new Sunday Night Specials. Mary Rops, head of P.A.C.E., took students to the Cook County Iail to tutor inmates. The ARO Kentucky trip was sponsored by Servant Squad and headed by Brad Laninga. Bread for the World was led by Mary Tillema. Brian Fears reorganized Missions Club so that they had a chance to meet once a week. Blood drives, protest pick- eting, and the March for Life in Washington D.C. were organized by Robin Ellens, head of Pro-Life. , U dl-771' ' vw 'Al - B55 'T - , Tx, ji 255- 9111.1-7 f , iff gif? V, '7 - .gli-IJ --A , - Q ------ f, 3 5' . , figs -fm . Sxsuwf S L Pro-Life - Laurel Bolt, Sherri De Vries, Sherry Broekstra, julie Kistler, Patti Smits, Mary Tillema, Robin Ellens. Executive Committee - Katie Van Stelle, Drew Sweetman, David Koole, Lisa Van Der Bilt. Missions Club - Mary Schaap, Lisa Van Der Bilt, Lorna Nabeyama, Terri Evans. Sunday Night Specials - Dave Los, Ken Riemersma, Ben Snodgrass. PACE - Gail Rice, Mary Rops, Amy Wie- ner, Sherry Broekstra. Servant Squad - Brad Laninga, Laura Ro- land. 66 Organizations '41 fLfi -f- 2 .P-Q. Az K, 91 wa fq'ff"." sink'-:ESQ ' fgffgg-.,,: ,MSW ' a 5 34,0 f,,,.-gg.,-Q.', , 5, ,, si'-:1.,.'-: ,'-1:24 :.,fff-Q1i::..wi-ef f . f :wg-, ::,:f.,:-1-w: 4::1 a ,k., L ,-I -,,:, ,,,, ::.4,:,,, E- . M,-,Q Organizations 67 SCIENCE CL B There was to be no Florida trip for the Science Club this year. However, they did meet several times to discuss their recycling projects. In cooperation with Wigboldy, Inc., Trinity's Science Club held five recycling drives to raise money for their group as well as to practice Christian stewardship. Those involved with Science Club were Nadia Ziad, Liji Mathew, Larry Birks, Leighton Frost, Tom Wigboldy, Mary Schaap, Mary Tillema, and faculty sponsors Drs. Van Dyke, Sytsma, Van Kley, Boomsma, and Wolff. Q. 227-6 5 iff HISTORY CLU The History Club, under sponsors Dr. Bob Eells and Dr. Bob Rice, met several times this year and did many different things. They hosted some guest speakers and met for Trivial Pur- suit and pizza. Those included in History Club were Barb Work- man, Dave DeKraker, Christine Stroo, Brad Homan, Erik Hoek- stra, Andy Anderson, Brett Fick- es, Val Hoogewerf, Phill Leo, Er- ic Schoonveld, Ken Iongsma, and Carla Hoffer. 68 Organizations dim fu t 'sf ,We W U wr , wt 1 1X SE! " Sgsy i I A ADEMIC AEE IRS Karen Stasi served as the head of Academic Affairs this year. One of the things she did was to organize the production of grad- uation invitations and some oth- function of Academic Affairs is to serve as a link between the students and the administration Thanks to Karen for all her hard work FUTURE TEACHER S CLUB The Future Teachers Club at Trinity was very active during the East year. They hosted a num er of guest speakers who addressed issues ertaining to teaching. Robin Elllens served as president this year with the as- sistance of Katie Van Stelle and Noralee Van Dyke. Others in- volved in Future Teachers Club were Donna Dickson, Mia Gam- ble, Laurel Bolt, Laurie Spencer and Kathy Nimmer. Drama Club Returns This first year of Drama Club was a very exciting one. The club, made up of about 11 members, had its first erformance in November, followe by a chapel skit in Feb- ruary. The year came to a climactic end with the full scale production of "Anybody For Tea" performed in April, with an encore perfor- mance in May. This coming school year, the club hopes to row in membership and increase t e num- ber of performances. Fx .. i. 1 Q l A Z W X " 'M' -""'--1 , .." ' , ' X S 1 Q - I ' ii -1 ,-.t., J " - Q 'P Qgitiii t . fr is ,"." 1 ,X ,M , 5- vm- , P1 f . ' 2 if . fy. J -X.-r' sf agile., ' ,I T 1 3 HSA 1 - X V T y ,p,. ,X , V. J li, , pp T ,,p y ,rr . 1 if ,,,, Y xii" is ..., tt.. --'- f ' 'fi .J Q .1 t Q T X t,,-, if-53+ 4 1 -. L15 ' f --,'i s -f .f i T' N -,.., ,K X, i .T ,A P, A 3 V :I 2- Q! .,...... , ' t if -5 it - ' 1 ' -' --1:.::'.f..'-151:-2ny"-:I-I.:-1-r'-' .-'.- : -1.-sf ".,- viii 70 Organizations A few scenes from the production "Anybody for Tea?" are shown above. I Medendorp and Lisa Siegersma flower lefty worked backstage during the production staff fabovej takes time out for a picture after a performance. E adrigals Toast to Christmas This year's Madrigal dinners were held on December 4, 11, and 12, 1988 under the direction of Helen Van Wyck. A madrigal dinner is "a festive event, with good food, singing of carols both old and new, and fun and fellowship for all." The enter- tainment was provided by the Iester and Lord Chamberlain, the Madrigal singers and the brass quartet. Thanks to the Madrigals singers and Mrs. Van Wyck for helping Trinity capture the Christmas spirit. gplsutv Mil, . xm- rim Those involved in Madrigals this year in- cluded QFirst Row - L to RJ: Shawna VanDerWilt, Lori VanDerBent, Cathy Schultz, Nadia Swearingen. fMiddle Row - L to Rl: lim Visser, john Birkett, jeff Drenth. fLast Row - L to RJ: Elisabeth Abel, Mary Rops, Nancy Pruim, Kim Dykema, Mrs. Van Wyck, Nate VanDerMale, Lisa Nakhla, Ma- ry Schaap, Terri Evans, Tim Kooiman. Not Pictured: Brad Laninga. frniddle leftj Lori toasts Lisa and her fine dress. fmiddle rightj Did a good looking girl just walk in, Tim and Nate? fbottornj The Madrigals sing a delightful Christmas carol while giving the audience a toast. Organizations 71 Singing Praise to God The concert choir, under new di- rector Helen Hoekema Van Wyck, had another successful year. They sang at many church services in the area and in chapels here at Trinity. Their two major concerts of the year were held in December at the Reformed Church of Palos Heights and in May at Calvin CRC. High- lights of the year for the choir in- cluded a one day choir festival at Iudson College and a tour of west- ern Michigan in mid-April where they gave five concerts in twenty- four hours. .5. J ,,.- :.. .Q-2:11:19 .Sw .ri 1 .21 Ci J I '-as .,. -. , ' T "" f t I v? 5,515 ' -' at - .,-- "1 if 5:9 . ., '. .fflg ' Q Q, -.'."' ' -gy ' '- txvvx 72 Organizations Mm ,fmwsx X5 f5'Wvm,,,, K WM W5 Organizations 73 Gospel Choir Sings Praises This year marked the 4th anni- versary of Gospel Choir at Trinity. It was led again this year by its "founding fathers" Zan Ingalls, a senior at Trinity, and Ocie Booker, a 1987 graduate of Trinity. This year was another successful year for the choir. For the first time, they acted in a Gospel musical called "Take Me Back." The play got rave reviews from many who saw it. The choir also led Chapel services, sang at a conference at Western Hotel in O'Hare, sang for different church services, and sang for Mrs. Dole's visit to Trinity. The most amazing thing about this choir is it has survived and has been success- ful four years as a student run or- ganization without administrative help! God bless you Gospel Choir. May God continue to strengthen you as you lift your voices in praise to Him! xl 2-me T535 'f'krE5E5E2Eiiilffifariii-' -'iliifiri - "vig I jc vs. we , '3.5:3:5:g:g:j.,:,::s:3.-:, g:g:5E5:5. water- 'f 552555511 . Nan '- sq? A-.'.1.:5:55S2F5E1-3:2115-V gi . 3 4 ,X , if ,g5g:r52:5.+:,,..-..- J izz., .'5.,r4i-i--5+ ., 55: -f'5f'.'.f-.Q Q 5. 1 ' 'i5i5:.i.5? 'I E- :, . - ' . r ' if, G, "- "'5 i?3f '-:f'5fE5'5:l:-,.E ' ' - " ' 335 . 511- 2' iff' "'.-51532335322li 3' 3-. " T V fl ' . i f5.,,:sz.,EEiE1ff, ' 'fjsfiiifi-ifFf?2..i,.s , Y N 74 Organizations wwwwwwmcnrr'-"""'Wh"' ..,, 1 4 4 QQ W 8 Wind Ensemble Gives Its First Performance In only its second year of or- ganization, the wind ensemble of Trinity Christian College took some big steps toward establishing itself as an excellent musical group. During the first half of the year, the band, under the direction of Mike Katterjohn, concentrated on pep band music and played at several games as well as at the National Tournament. The eight-member band finished the year off by play- ing chamber music by Bach, Mo- zart, Palestrina, and Haydn at Trin- ity's Fine Arts Festival. I , .l!ll"l!1, ' ' W it-rar. f Organizations 75 Student Life The student life at Trinity Chris- tian College is unique to that of any other college or university. Stu- dents and faculty interact in many ways in many different places. From discussions in the library and commuter lounge to talking all night in the dorms, students find that not all the education takes place in the classroom. Following is a collection of candids that are but a small sample of what the student life at Trinity is all about. lm' ' ssl gl ' wik- spat 155 76 Student Life :Az we .mm Z MQY VJ xy!!-V 5 . il? saw.-9 ...EQ A Student Life 77 78 Student Life ll fi-- X -1 5 fr we '1- :'--frz. . ': ' Student Life 79 ,Jam . f f 1: w9 80 Student Life QQ A F ,gg , :QR r ff? S., - . 4 in 'Q W., ,ff ,W I 5 A , f f r 1 A f f H f if We , x XVYT' ww, ' , mzafgff Student Life 81 Congratulations, Graduates sw A W -7 -- ,-I--f , ,..,-ff'-6 1 82 Student Life Sports Walking in the Light "They will run and not grow wearyp They will walk and not be faint." - Isaiah 40:31 -Wm -. xg .x.. xrzfifitlllh-' :..l' - ' viii .- QX -x ' Q . . -.. ' :W Sf' A , it ...,, - . ,, 1 -X. t, .em mf.xa . Putting Their Best Foot Forward After losing six seniors to grad- uation last spring, Coach Dave Rib- bens knew he would have to go out and get some players to fill those open holes. All it took was one trip to Holland, Michigan, where Rib- bens recruited three stand-out high school students - Dan Mannes, Craig Busscher, and Tom Nagelkirk. These three teamed up with returning veterans Scott Stan, the leading scorer for the Trolls, lim Stech, and All-Midwest team mem- ber Chris Wierda to post an im- pressive 6-9-3 record. The Trolls finished the season winning three of their last four games including an opening round playoff win. Trinity opened the NCCAA Midwest district tourna- ment action at home against Olivet 84 Sports Nazarene University. One goal each by Scott Stan, lim Stech, and Dan Mannes led the Trolls to their first post-season tournament win since 1984. Trinity then faced rival Iudson College in the semi-final game. Although the Trolls played well, they dropped a 2-0 decision to the eventual district champions. The 1987 Trolls improved as they played tight games in the toughest schedule in recent Trinity soccer history. Of the nine losses, five were to nationally ranked teams. Three of those losses were by one goal and five were by two. Although Coach Ribbens and the Trolls will lose three starters to graduation, there is a fine young nucleus of talent to insure future success. Iunior Scott Stan Qleftj was the team's lead ing scorer again this year and was a un animous choice for the NCCAA All Midwest team. Freshman forward Dan Mannes fbelow prepares to pass. Dan was also named to th All-Midwest team. Coach Dave Ribbens fbelowj worked har again this year coaching the Trolls. Davifr' recorded his 50th victory this year. tl 1. QL r . 1 rl' il H ri 2 S F 2 Z K I I ! t I -f I Z in . - ff 9 i t '.' cr? f' ,' . . f A Wi ' fi" 2214-Pj, -- I .4 g fii-J - 1' f . fig: Q ' 5 'fi' :Q. .M 3,5 hm , . Vfls V ,Vgffz-aww' " V ' - V f f I Y, , V ..,,,. V A V, VV 3. E QL RJ Coach Dave Ribbens Craig Rlemersma, Rob Boer, Belete Mekonen, Brad Ioel Delager lim Stech Matt Eemgenburg, Scott Stan. Kneeling: Kris Buteyn Craig Busscher Paul VerVelde Mike Tjaarda, Ken Riemersma, Chris Wierda, Tom Nagelklrk Cathy Baker fmanagerl. , A mary gag, ' ' 'MW 'f Mfr' , .' ' " ' ' S ' ' 14-sn. 'V-A'-aff ' 4 t 'ww-,W..,.... """"- 'HP , A .. . V. ..L,.,,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,WVV . VM ,,l'- win Record: 6-9-3 North Central Moody Bible Institute North Park Olivet Nazarene Bethel Trinity Aurora Huntington Iudson Greenville Webster Moody Bible Institute Rockford U. of Illinois-Chicago Ill. Wesleyen Illinois Benedictine DISTRICTS: Olivet Nazarene Judson 2-4 L 4-1 W 4-4 T 2-2 T 3-0 W 4-6 L 0-1 L 1-3 L 0-2 L 1-2 L 1-0 W 1-1 T 0-3 L 2-3 L 3-0 W 1-0 W 3-2 W 0-2 L . ry,, VV VV M... , V ,k,., V4 -,,., . -V M , J f . ::r- 2 '::-- ' - , 1. . ., " . . L ' . '1f4:f'Z"- . 0 ','15l-6?f'-:n"'Il-fi '5 , ""' i ' .. V ..-, -1W,,.fg2-,.,:.: -N:-3 V, - V 1 V Vw " Y' '42 - -5" " M ' '- ' " ,'-I-1434.-'Z-,'t5l ,.,,y35-- 'agkfnf '1 I' 2,1- .."'2l ' ' 5 1, ' 'Q We , """h"4fi' if .,.,3fr A W. 'ft ' , ' as .1 9, V3Egf:.5V:.1V,1g5-.2' VV 'i,,4rg V V.. ' . .r. . Q X X .. V- , sir: Senior lim Stech Qmiddle-rightj started out the season great but wasn't able to finish with the Trolls because of an emergency appendectomy. Senior Chris Wierda Qabovel played great as a halfback again this year and was named to the All-Midwest team. junior goalkeeper Ken Riemersma fleftl drops to the ground to get possession of the ball. Ken finished the season as halfback, while sophomore Mike Tjaarda defended Trinity's goal. Sports 85 f 15, 4 Lad Trolls Have Their Best Season Ever The women's volleyball team finished the 1987 campaign with its best season ever under Midwest Coach of the Year john Evenhouse. The Lady Trolls placed fourth in the NCAA National Tournament and finished with a 29-10 record, a school record for the most victories for any Trinity sports team. The season started with an 8-1 record, before several team mem- bers fell into injury problems. With two starters missing nine matches each, four freshmen were given the chance to see starting action. The freshmen actually strengthened the team and the record was raised to 15-2 before a brief mid-season slump. Playing shorthanded against nationally ranked oppo- nents, Trinity dropped four straight matches before ending the dry spell with an exciting five game winning streak beginning with a victory over the University of Redlands in California. Trinity hosted the NCCAA Mid- west district tournament and de- feated Trinity-Deerfield, Grand ' ' ...z - wwe 4 r -Qf' se if t Q" 5531-sl? Rapids Baptist, Northwestern QMND, and Olivet Nazarene in straight games. The Lady Trolls de- feated archrival Greenville in an exciting three game match to win the Midwest district title. The Lady Trolls placed fourth in the NCCAA National Tournament in Marion, IN. Led by tournament MVP Margaret Postmus and All- Americans Iulie Kort and Brenda Kamp, the Lady Trolls won match- es against Marion QINJ, Milligan QTNJ, George Fox QORJ, and Le Tourneau QTXQ. They lost in the semifinals to the eventual cham- pion George Fox in a tight match and then dropped the consolation match for a national fourth place finish. One other highlight of the sea- son was a mid-October trip to Ca- lifornia where they played three colleges in the Los Angeles area and had a lot of fun. hz Senior Sue Rozema fbelow, lefty doing w she does best - serving. Sue was named t the Academic All-American team. A third year starter, Senior Sharla Haring fbelowj was named to the All-Midwest an Academic All-American teams. Coach john Evenhouse Qbelowj was name the Midwest Coach of the Year. 1 1, 1 Iwo. J? IM V. Ilan. z Q E Fit - F? -0 xx Q ha - dll . .. . km X "" " 3 + ' 4- 'lx A - A . I -if ' .. 1. I f I! 'A . , I 4 1 -, ,A K ...Y I :-. ga, - - : , : IJ as ' E s o :A ,'..L .. A A , DMN- x V' 9:1 tr 3 2 v - sm. --- ' p B li it 1 - I K A is 1- I - a f 5 - N- Y Q. N ,KA ,p K K -,- . 4V: ' ' ,MTA "l' Q 91 ""' 5 , , ..,, ' s IL., ,iff ' HQ E-All i I , , if : 01 I 0 X ' 'I 1 ,. A ,f l tanding QL-RJ: Coach john Evenhouse, Lynnae Hansen, Susan Bruinius, Sharla I-Iaringa, athy Lyzenga, Margaret Post-mus. Kneeling: Laura Davis, Sue Rozema, Brenda Kamp, lynnette Iansen, julie Kort, Vicki Bulthius. aa... -. ,.,, . ,+,,f,.,W ., Wg,-f mr. V, 1- ,fl ,Q ' f' 4 4 A ff 4 ,..., . I ..4 Y Q 1' ' fl gg.-rin-........ . 4.-L wzfe- 1 'nior Brenda Kamp fabovej drives a successful spike over the net. Brenda and Soph. julie Jrt were named to the All-Midwest and All-American teams. Iulie was also selected to the ational All-Toumey team. nior Susan Bruinius played well as an outside hitter this year. g .X Y, MQ Record: 29-10 Iudson Calvin North Central IIT TOURNAMENT Rosary Mundelein Blackburn Aquinas Albion Hope Lake Forest U. of Chicago North Park Rockford Lake Forest Marion Concordia Ill. Benedictine Cal. St.-San Bemandino Pomona-Pitzer U. of Redlands Trinity Wheaton Purdue U.-Calumet Alumni Aurora Olivet Nazarene Concordia NCCAA DISTRICTS Trinity-Deerfield Grand Rapids Baptist Northwestern Semifinals: Olivet Nazarene Finals: Greenville NCCAA NATIONALS Milligan Marion George Fox Quarterfinals: Le Toumeau Semifinals: George Fox Consolation: Marion IIT IIT 9-41.1- 9 . 1901. 51 0-3 L 3-0 W 3-1 W 3-1 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-1 W 2-0 W 0-2 L 3-2 W 3-1 W 2-0 W 3-1 W 2-1 W 2-1 W 1-2 L 0-3 L 0-3 L 0-3 L 3-2 W 3-0 W 1-3 L 3-1 W 3-2 W 3-0 W 3-0 W 0-3 L 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 0-2 L 0-2 L Sports 87 Young Team Finishes Strong Under fourth year coach Dave Ribbens, the Lady Trolls finished witha 16-13 record on the year and a fifth place finish in the NCCAA National tournament hosted by TCC. Their season opener was a decisive win over Trinity-Deerfield in which Suzanne Wiltjer scored a school record 50 points and tied the school record with 23 rebounds. Injuries and the inexperience of youth slowed the Lady Trolls as they lost 8 out of 10 after the sea- son opener. A narrow 69-66 loss to a strong Calvin College team turned the season around in mid- Ianuary. The Lady Trolls won 7 straight games including district wins over Grand Rapids Baptist and Greenville. They won their fourth straight Midwest Cup tour- nament defeating the University of Chicago and Taylor University. Two key district losses in the final weeks of the season gave the Lady Trolls a 12-11 regular season re- cord. In NCCAA Midwest district play, they defeated Grand Rapids Baptist 61-43 in the quarter finals and Northwestern QMNJ 80-50 in the semifinals. The Lady Trolls lost the Midwest district title game to Ol- ivet Nazarene 91-96. Senior forward Margaret Postmus ftop leftj was named to the NCCAA National All- Toumey team, All-Midwest district team and second team All-American. Sophomore center Sue Wiltjer ftop right, finished fourth in the nation scoring and second in rebounds. She also passed 1000 career point mark. Fourth year coach Dave Ribbens Qmiddlej talks during a time-out. 88 Sports 1 is wig, 2 4 M14 rum 'Wm 31 I i 5 213 :rum i 'W it qi-iz, Standing QL to RJ: Coach David Ribbens, Lynnae Iansen, Suzanne Wiltjer, Postmus, Noralee VanDyke, Asst. Coach Wally Ottenhoff, Student Trainer Chris Kneeling: Cami Beezhold, julie Kort, Ioann Miedema, Shari Bosman, Vicki Bulthuis RECORD: 16-13 Trinity-Deerfield "' 83-51 Rosary North Park Carthage Hope EXAM INVITATIONAL Lakeland Findlay Concordia St. Norbert's Illinois Benedictine Calvin Rockford 76-70 81-58 53-49 69-63 73-66 98-53 65-62 68-60 61-44 69-66 70-62 73-56 71-52 MIDWEST CUP TOURNEY Univ. of Chicago 67-65 Taylor Univ. 66-52 Wheaton 70-59 Natl College of Education 76 59 Olivet Nazarene ' 7 7 Iudson 4 0 Rockford 78 64 Trinity Deerfield 8 2 Concordia 70 63 NCCAA DISTRICT QUARTER FINALS vs G R Baptist 61 43 SEMIFINALS vs Northwestern 80 50 FINALS vs Olivet Nazarene 91 66 NCCAA NATIONAL QUARTER FINALS vs Concordia 79 67 CONS SEMIFINALS vs Olivet Nazarene 71 67 FIFTH PLACE GAME vs Houghton 57 52 'NCCAA Midwest District games Grand Rapids Baptist " Greenville ' Trolls Finish With A Winning Record Building on the success of last year, the men's basketball team fin- ished with a winning record for the first time in ten years. The Trolls finished with a 14-13 record on the year with a 7-5 record at home. They also posted their first tourney title in five years winning the lud- son College tournament in early December. Their last December contest was against Albion College of Michigan. The Trolls defeated Albion in an exciting 81-80 contest that may have been their best per- formance of the year. The Trolls played some fine bas- ketball in the early season winning ,,, E five of six contests to post a 9-5 record in mid-Ianuary. It included big wins over Eureka College, pre- viously unbeaten Indiana Univer- sity - South Bend, Roosevelt Uni- versity, and rival Lakeland College of Wisconsin. A mid-season slump saw the Trolls drop seven of the next eight games but the Trolls fin- ished the regular season in strong fashion. They won their last four games to finish the regular season at 14-12, but lost their first play-off game in the NCCAA Midwest quarter-finals at Judson College 84- 67. tt Wit.. . ig, Standing QL-RJ: Student trainer Paul VerVelde, Asst. Coach Iohn Huisman, john Theune, Dan Westra Steve Dejong Mike Tjaarda Lubbers, Andy Katt, Coach Kyle Hastings. Kneeling: Asst. Coach Kendall Parrott, Dave Los Randy Cupery Brett Flipse Dennis Manager Tim Mather. Senior Thad Lubbers tabovej, the only senior on the team, goes for the dunk shot. v 1 5 y Www. ..,.,,,...,........w.lw 1 H' 'I Q l A 4 W 'I f M ls p 9 Q pm . ,A I l K Q I , 'js rf Q 1 '.3,,, 1' . " W ' y Q lg rf-A ...M ,,V ,,A,A, 1 VA-- .4 g my J 1 . A rl RECORD: 14-13 Olivet Nazarene ' 81-62 L 2 Moody Bible '72-55 W I U. of wise. - Platteville 84-53 L p Milwaukee Engineering 79-56 W 4, gf Q IUDSON COLLEGE TOURNEY ll Moody Bible " 79-56 W .X ww Eureka 68-55 W Q Bethel College " 96-77 L ' IIT 89-80 L je Indiana U. - South Bend 78-65 W N Albion 81-80 w Concordia 72-70 W Aurora 95-77 L y Roosevelt 95-86 W Lakeland 75-55 W Rockford 100-86 L Grand Rapids Baptist ' 82-81 L Moody Bible ' FORFEIT Olivet Nazarene " 84-77 L Indiana U. - South Bend 88-78 L Grand Rapids Bible and Music 99-72 W Univ. of Chicago 68-60 L Aurora 83-72 L Rockford 86-81 W Moody Bible " 105-86 W Trinity-Deerfield ' 84-81 W Concordia 113-92 W NCCAA MIDWEST DISTRICT QUARTERFINALS 84-67 L 'NCCAA Midwest District games That phomore Dan Westra fabovej charges and makes the shot. lm lphomore Iohn Theune fmiddlej makes the outside shot as Freshman Steve Delong tches. Iohn was named to the NCCAA All-Midwest district team for the second con- cutive year. Dave Los was also named to the NCCAA team. Dave was the team's leading orer and went over the 1000 career point mark. Sports 91 :phomore guard Brett Flipse fbelowj shows his dribbling skills. Trinity Hosts National Tournament For the second straight year, Trinity Christian College hosted the NCCAA National Women's Basketball Tournament on March 10, 11 and 12. Seven other schools from all parts of the country came and participated not only in bas- ketball games but in chapel and in other events planned by Dave Rib- bens and Iohn Evenhouse. The schools that participated were King College QTNQ, Azusa Pa- cific QCAJ, Houghton College QNYQ, Olivet Nazarene University QILJ, Concordia College QORJ, Battles- : ...... ville Wesleyan QWAJ and Hunting- ton College QINJ. Trinity, ranked seventh going in- to the toumament, played well and defeated Olivet Nazarene in their final game to finish fifth in the na- tion. In the consolation game, Hun- tington defeated Azusa to finish third and in the championship game King defeated Concordia to gain the national championship. Many thanks to the many volun- teers and to Dave Ribbens and Iohn Evenhouse, who helped make the tournament a great success. 4 r'rv'1:l b A X , r..........-. ..---- gt QVNWQ , ... t .1 ,,.,,...,:.. :fp M-, Ha K as I it A ww ,.., . ,qgwmo 92 Sports ll Iunior Scott Stan, Qleftj a student worker 2 the concession stand, shows the variety c candy available to all the patrons. Senior Margaret Posthmus, ttop righl goes up for the shot in the NCCAA tou1 lx nament against Concordia College a Suzanne Wiltjen looks on. UP Freshmen Lynnae Iansen fabovej guards 2 Sophomore julie Kort goes up for the shot abt I dkiiyxmggggjgya ,riff A -4, 4, . , 4233 if? f . 5 . K . in f f . s H 5 L ff ..- .. ,,..,. ,,.,. , . .,A ,, , . ,, A.A 1 W . 'awww Kr 'af , , if ibove topi Dan Mannes, Freshman, attempts to kick a goal in an indoor soccer game. :op rightj The pressure is put on Dan Mannes as he attempts a goal. above, Rob Boer, junior, attempts a goal as junior Scott Stan looks on. Indoor Soccer Very Successful The 1988 men's indoor soccer team had their most successful sea- son ever finishing with an 11-4 re- cord. Trinity hosted two college in- door tournaments and finished first and third respectively. In the first tournament Trinity defeated North Park 2-0, Calvin 2-1, and Wheaton 4-3 for their first tourney victory in three years. In the second tourney Trinity lost to Olivet 3-5, then de- feated Northwestern fMinn.j 3-1, and Bethel 4-2. Dan Mannes, jim Stech, and Mike Tjaarda were all- tournament selections. A powerful attack headed by Scott Stan, Rob Boer, Dan Mannes, and jim Stech was grounded by a rock solid de- fense featuring Dan Cupery, Mike Tjaarda, Tom Nagelkirk, and Craig Busscher. The .733 win percentage was the highest in Trinity soccer history. Sports 93 juniors Ken Riemersma frightj and Dave Los Qmiddle rightj shared the pitching duties. Freshman catcher Tom Nagelkirk Cbelowj hit .297 and led the team with 12 runs batted in. Sophomore Dale Cupery fbottom rightj looked for the sign. Sophomore Dan Westra Qfar bottomj waits for his chance to steal. tw x t 191 X Q X 1 sAe.lHYNx RECORD Wheaton Wheaton Bethel Bethel U of Chicago Concordia Olivet Nazarene Olivet Nazarene Lake Forest Niles Iudson Judson Aurora Trinity-Deerfield Niles Ill. Benedictine Concordia lll. Tech. Ill. Tech. 94 Sports 217 126 100 10 0 16 0 19 6 24 0 15 0 FORFEIT 12 10 32-9 17-11 27-0 FORFEIT 20-2 10-0 14-2 ,ta 5 1- - I N' FFP' if Xl Inexperienced Team Does Their Best The men's baseball team finished the 1988 campaign with a 2-17 re- cord. The Trolls had three very close games this season. Early in the season, they played defending NCCAA district champion Bethel College in Indiana to a tough 3-1 loss. Two weeks later, the traveling Trolls played district rival Trinity College to tie after six innings be- fore dropping a 9-6 contest. In the closing week, they led Concordia 3-2 after six before dropping a 5-3 contest. The Trolls had dropped big losses to each of those teams last season. Coach John Evenhouse's Trolls were an inexperienced squad with 10 first year players and 4 second year players on the 17 man roster. junior first baseman Mark Gamble hit .333 to lead the team and was named to the NCCAA All-Midwest district team. Sophomore second baseman David Bryant hit .316 while senior pitcher lack LeGrand also hit .316. Outstanding fresh- man catcher Tom Nagelkirk hit .297 and led the team with 12 runs batted in. . . .ff ., . N 1 i f -,, mi '- A 'Hx Y.. :K Kp an 42191 BNSF? Back Row QL RQ Coach john Evenhouse Chris Wierda Tom Nagelkirk Steve Delong Rob Ritsema Paul VerVelde Middle Row Dan Westra Randy Cupery Mark Gamble Randy Cupery Ken Riemersma Front Row Brian Hartman Scott DeBrum Dan Roerdink David Bryant Dale Cupery Not Pictured lack LeGrand Senior Chns Wierda fabove leftj concentrates on the pitch Freshman Randy Cupery Qmiddle leftj returns the ball to the infield Senior lack LeGrand fleftj also shared pitching duties. lack averaged .316 hitting this year. Sports 95 Lad Trolls Have Competitive Spirit The women's softball team fin- ished the 1988 season with a 5-15 record and won 5 of their last 8 games. In the NCCAA district tour- ney, they upset Judson College 14- 3 to avenge an earlier doublehead- er loss to the Eagles and finish fourth in the district. They followed that with a sweep of doubleheader at Trinity-Deerfield. The Lady . W Sophomore Shawna VanderWilt fabove leftj led in hitting with a .333 average. Freshman Jill Slager labovej showsher fielding skills. 96 Sports Trolls won game one 12-7 and then Bev DeVries and Julie Kort com- bined for a no-hitter to win the nightcap 11-1. They played com- petitively through their final game when they lost a heart-breaker 3-2 at the University of Chicago. Coach Dave Ribbens' young squad entered the season with a combined total of nine years of col- legiate softball experience. Seven 1 the twelve members were first yt players. They were led in hitting k sophomore Shawna Vander ' with a .333 average. Fresh catcher Lynnae Jansen hit while sophomore pitcher Julie led the team in hits with 18 stolen bases with seven succe in seven attempts. W1 m .3 K a s Standing QL-RJ: Carol Pruim, Julie Shoemaker, Julie Kort, Joann Miedema, Bev Kimberly Menendorp. Sitting: Margaret Postmus, Jill Slager, Shawna VanderWilt Jansen, Chris Heintz, Carolyn VanderZouwen, Coach Dave Ribbens. lflfll y Z A Mwsilffffff RECORD: Concordia Greenville Concordia Greenville Iudson Iudson Ill. Benedictine Ill. Benedictine U. of Chicago U. of Chicago Olivet Nazarene Olivet Nazarene Iudson Greenville Olivet Nazarene Trinity-Deerfield Trinity-Deerfield Rockford Rockford U. of Chicago 5-15 6-0 11-0 13-3 10-0 9-8 12-10 8-3 6-2 12-2 5-3 14-3 23-7 12-7 FORFEIT FORFEIT 11 1 9 7 8 1 11 1 3 2 Sophomore pitcher Iulie Kort Qabove leftj led the team with 18 hits and 7 out of 7 at- tempted stolen bases. Freshman catcher Lynnae Iansen Qabove rightj had a .309 batting average. Senior julie Shoemaker fleftj prepares for a grounder. Sports 97 Intramurals Are A Big H1t Intramurals gives students time off from their studying and time to have fun in an organized sport without having the pressure of in- tercollegiate competition. They also provide an excellent way to meet the other people on campus. This year, intramurals included Co-ed Softball, Co-ed Brun-Ball, Co-ed volleyball, Men's Hoc-Soc, Wom- en's Hoc-Soc,and Men's Basketball. 98 Sports tabove topj Recreation League Champions Bob Boersma, LeGrand, Mike Otte, Eric Schoonveld, Mr. Bosman, Wally tenhoff, and Dan Leo. Qleftj Brent Hoogewerf, Freshman, looks for someone to pass to the pressure is put on. tabovej The winners of Intramural Basketball - Ken Riemersi Scott Kooiman, Erik Hoekstra, Dan Westra, Craig Riemersma, M Tjaarda, Ioel Delager. ,, , f . ,,fy,f 144' ' f ,J "J fabove topl Intramural Softball Champs - Mark Gamble, Beth Huttenga, Becky Breems, Willie Acevedo, lack LeGrand, Hector Vasquez, Laura Speelman, Edwin Caraballo, Dave Stob, and Shari Bosman. fleftj Eric Schoonveld, Senior, wins the tip in intramural basketball. Qabovej The Intramural basketball champs ham it up for the pho- tographer. Sports 99 Faculty Softball Every year the women's softball team ends their season with a game against faculty members. Quite a few faculty members got involved this year. It took extra innings, but this year the girls won. Everyone thought it was a good way to end the year. ,.5,w,,p.,.g , ' - f' Nh- N ,,,,,.4W . , g.f.52w.4w'f.,.. .V -. 5219: 15 f.pi,,,,:.cj,1,r t " Mr. VanderWeele Qfar topj: black belt in softball. Dave Ribbens Qabovej pitches to battery- mate Dr. Lou Sytsma Qabovej. Dr. Van Kley fabove rightjz the science of hitting. Dave Ribbens frightjz great at everything. Dave Larsen Qfar rightj prepares to take a hefty swing. 100 Sports I Always Hard At Work ,, W... 5- N 1 .ip I Lx. ,ww-'-...A Kg A X54 55 ,, .,.,, Q ' I ., AM-nu-nh 40 M . ,, . , ,..,.. V V 'Qff'p:f P,-5 ef' . 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DE BRUYN 13125 448-1333 I All Forms of Printing 7227 West 127th Street, Palos Heights, IL 60463 SANITARY DISPOSAL CORP. Garbage ' Refuse v Rubbish Service Private and Municipal BILL WIGBOLDY 6200 West 127th Street 597-4838 Palos Heights, IL Advertisem S II Q OFFICE supm.v - .'--1.-.I I OFFICE SUPPLIES COMPUTER SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE INTERIORS RETAIL STOREICORPORATE OFFICES 11350 SO. CICERO AVE. ALSIP, IL 60658 Q31 2D 371-0010 CHICAGO: 785-7820 WAREHOUSE OUTLET STORE 16928 WESTVIEW AVE. SOUTH HOLLAND, IL 60473 1312i 333-DESK l De long Family Practice 15234 S. Harlem Ave. Qrland Park, IL 60462 13125 614-1000 SEZ? CVQYSVL TREE Homes of Distinction Orland Park BEECHEN, DILL 81 SPERLINC. BUILDERS. inc custom qu ty b d rtis .1. CCNGRATULATICDNS T0 t LISA BLAHA AND THE CLASS QF 1988 LUVE - MOM, DAD, Sz GRANDMA f T 1352? NTEEEDRS Ca Ol dPklL6069 Congratulations Class of 88 ask Eg asrsaata Q Bykem Emvatafs mc "WX as X' RW? wgwx Q its Patrons Congratulatlons, Er1c and the Class of 1988 Love Mom Dad Shen T1m8r Ryan Trust 1n the LORD w1th all your heart and lean not on your own understandmg ln all your ways acknowledge Hlm and He w111 make your paths stralght Proverbs 3 5 6 QNIVJ Dekan Athletlc Equlpment Corporatlon Henry and Grace Kamp Congratulauons Brenda' Congratulatrons Matt' Love Mom Dad Ieff Ionalee Mark 8: Jenny I 1 a 5 ,il yan , ,X My Advertisements 127 Editor-in-Chief .... Business Managers ..... Advisor ..... Personalities . . . Organizations .... Events ..... Sports . . . Advertisements .... Photography ..... Written contributions .... Photographic contributions Portrait photography .... Publisher's representative .... ..... Special thanks . . . Drew Sweetman Dave Stob Mike I-Ieersink Mrs. Ginny Carpenter Lauri Walvoord Shari Ronda Barb Workman Terri Bakker Ruth Dekker Julie Kuipers Carol Pruim Kevin Rockey, Patti Brown, Mark Lamrners, Kimberly Medendorp, Craig Gallman, Steve Hilbelink Darrin Shaw, Ben Snodgrass, Les Van Dyke, Doug Eckardt, Ginny Carpenter, Cindy Kik- kert, Phill Leo, Brenda Veldhorst, Lisa Van Der Bilt, Kathy Nimmer, Zan Ingalls, Steve I-Iilbelink, Cindy I-Iiskes, Dekker Bud Ipema, Brenda Veldhorst, Kimberly Medenclorp, Les Van Dyke, Brad Laninga, Julie Kistler Leander Studio, Inc. Lee Mr. Ken Nemsick, Taylor Publishing To all of our Advertisers 1 -f N R 1 , X , w w Q , N W L2 i , I P gs E L

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