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X TRINITY CHRISTIAN COLLEGE PRESENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening ......................... Sd Lf Pl Ahl O Ad 1 "May the strength of God pilot us . . . May the wisdom of God instruct us . . . May the way of God direct us . . . May Christ be with us. May thy salva- tion, O Lord, be always ours this day and forever more." St. Patrick "Breastplate" ,,. ,nk 2 A f 1 W wzggw T ' ' 4 ' 'Q -1-, , , ,...- Q . ., AQ M'-" y, . 'F Mx 3,41- MMM x-9' It's a field, however fertile, cannot be fruitful without cultivation, neither can a mind without learning. p3-'55 Cicero it H i A 'Q Y 5, 'Q 'S gk Nw qwmmwn van" Y V' --...J -.?4.w"'.! mf- , . ...W ,,, A y ' H' ,. ,f Q M L 5 . . v I INJMKZ, wk W Nw 1, , ' .f , ' Fx f ' f 3 - ,f -'si X , A,,,, .,.. . ,f H N-.34 " ,f A ' ff N ' Friends, are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of themg And a friend will not say never 'cause the welcome never ends. Though it's hard to let you go, in the Father's hand we know, that a life-time's not to long to live as friends. Michael W. Smith Q, 6 1 FY' V' 2 fw- Ef 4 ff "Then give us courage, Father God, to choose again the pilgrim way, And help us to accept with joy, the challenge of tomorrow's clay." Fred Kaan ifxtffi i AIM 1 m.......! xy ...F in E13 dw 17. ,,.. iv Jw .Q ,UM 'ww E via -' ' 'Z-ff' Nrvaw'E6e,w .gifs-zsvfmw " if 'IA Z ,V L. Q A 0 ' WU, e . S I , 1, A, w My 4 x f w uf 1 'K ywf . y 152. 5-.. Maw, 4"dvg Elf 1 V , ,F 'W 9, ,f -AFA' ,g any ' 'P X' M j f 'W' 1' Q. 4 day' ,- n 1 hi .Q 1, -, W I . " 'V A ,, ' V 'M 'fu f-,H g W: , Q 'Ni nw- ,M 1 unjnygm ,, ., 61 1 9. i f '3 ' 4, ., ' 1 yrs ' f 17? 1 Q' ' H , :A-9+ 'S -". L ,Alb X9 4' ff- A 'X -1 + , 1 " 19 -Shi ,f 'Z f' ' 7 'T 1 4 H Q .af 1.4 . 11 'Ka , , f-. f ' ' " '-:mv A :tg m t " '14 ,N t "bvgk!SL3i'JlkQ2 537 , -'H V3 "' A ' 1 Mariah 4 ' iii fi lm! : 54"-fn? Y Ag!!! ,nw sg? , ' f , f'1,,j Q- .-mf' 'ff' I , , f w yggiviwwu Mini' . ,. A 54 . , 1 N-. X , A , , ,AHA .f.,. . , ax- , 3 ,,,, ., v 4" ' ' - ' 'A -- V f..... , . pf 1,4 0,-. ' l' . . illi Yesterday is but a dream . . . And tomorrow is only a vision . . . But today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness. And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Q N ,ar , - Q' 1 0 N ,. ,,,,4gy.E:.k v , , ,- , .-An ,.,,..g..-, ..', , ,V :Q '-"" , I 1' 'f .,fw, V ,f..,- . f-A .3-ug, aaww -1 .,'1,,.f,4,. 4,5 4.2 'sf if,-...,m,7L - , 'xi ' is fs. ,,,. .eil-:"'+': sI'l.f7'1l' ' V .F,,,,Y..5-V, ,G Q v '.. '--.7 - .zv f ', 5 1 f qezfwfaq-Tg f 5.-' 2, 1- "nav, . 1" "' ,N , , ,JR ,.A,. .-ag, H .,. , , ,, . 75311-sep 4 1 k-.,,i,,, A l ,,, "V,-...W F gw.s.,,., . v', X. L1 Lji'fY12Z? n'i2Y.",l,'i .Q Tfirf fj . 175112 151-:lfii :il "This is the secret of joy. We shall no longer strive for our own wayg but commit ourselves, easily and simply, to God's way acquiesce in His will and in so doing find our peace." Evelyn Underhill 'MM X 1 Al 'ww-.., What an enormous magmfler IS tradltlonl How a thmg grows ln the human memory and ln the human 1mag1nat1on when love worshlp and all that l1es ln the human heart IS there to encourage lt Carlyle IAKE DNF 5:5 Today is not yesterday. We ourselves change. How then, can our works and thoughts, if they are always to be the fittest, continue always the same. Change, indeed, is painful, yet ever needful, and if memory has its force and wrath, so also has hope. Carlyle rl .4 L l,, 1 s 5 Jul. x.m.,,,-., ," amp-.,.sll1,- - 'v'1r:QK1"l , F, r . A an G' . ga 1 " "V it f3n' .',,, 'fl T to ,Q H t fr "gl - . ' 1' V wr Zu, A 2 ' 'I ' I-2fh'f'l'l'f,r rw U 119 1 fl, "" f,-rsmfw"vveglft.'H 'f2l wt- 'u5'r'ff 'ww +11-X fly tEgr.'ll" G' fnfgK2rL f- -' ,,Mg', w-' rl' 1sf'F"r':g,a'i1, ll ,. 1, ,, , n g w g, '. , .,,,jH -'q l - , H ,y 4.5.v ' 'g 1 ,1,y,,5"w'4h- j V5' W' r'3llr1ll59! H Will'llu vfz,'1,f"13".f,-lf, 'V NWFM J'la7!5"'F'1 'MU' 'Ht- VD NIU ,ff ' ' -N' ' - R '7 !.'n12t If we work upon marble, it will perishg if on brass, time will ef- face itg if we rear temples, they will crumble into dusty but if we work upon immortal minds, and imbue them with principles with the just fear of God and love of our fellowmen, we engrave on those tablets something that will brighten to all eternity. Daniel Webster ' h pp 6 gf-. :mw- """"'1I"' '-"""9 "'-muy' L Alfa! 48 1 1 6 ORIENT A TI O 1 985 "Changing Lives" was the theme for Orientation activities. A large and active student committee planned several days worth of events designed to ease the transition to Trinity by acquainting new and transfer students, and families, with the mission, people, systems and setting of Trinity Christian College. Highlights in- cluded small group discussions, mixers, academic advising and trips to Great America and downtown Chicago. The academic community was called to work at the annual Convocation. o o . -C do -. . -- BELOW: Zan and Liz excite the audience with a duet at the Talent Show S 5 Q SQ Y ABOVE: Kris cringes as she discovers what Mac does on a date. LEFT: Romantic games at Orientation. HALLOWEEN 1 985 The last week of October saw the second annual Oktoberfest week in the dining hall. This included the Oktoberfest Buffet, a steak night, the contest night, and costume night on Halloween. It was, again, a successful series of special eventsg mixing good food, with fun and a little bit of excitement. lReminder to myself: NEVER have the apple cider chug-a-lug againll UPPER RIGHT: The mummy wrap on Halloween. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steven Leigh discovers the joys of eating without silverware in the pie-eating contest. BOTTOM LEFT: Marshall judges the elusive apple-catching contest. EE. ee., i Aw 2 ACROSS: Even the R.A.'s, T.J., Jackie, and friends, dress up for Halloween. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cathy Brouwer and Kris Buteyn claim the cutest costume award. if'-7f"L ff .fif N Trinity isits Pipes and Pizza . In the past two years, Trinity has made it a tradition to visit Pipes and Pizza in Lansing for a night of singing, laughing, drink- ing, and, of course, eating. This year, the date of the visit came just before Christmas, adding a special touch to the singing. Of special note, were several songs sung in Spanish and one which required various groups to stand up and make as much noise as possible. The special attraction of the restaurant is, of course, the magnificent pipe organ - which Dr. Bootsma mastered skillfully. .-MSW Ny? Mft LEFT CENTER: Jeff Drenth sings a solo by popular demand. RIGHT CENTER: Reginald Harris eyes others' pizza cunningly. ACROSS: Tom Krygsheld, Scott Stan, and Bob Lemon enjoy glasses of pop after stuffing themselves with pizza. Dancing at Trinity Dancing at Trinity has taken on special importance as one of the most enjoyed activities sponsored by the college. Four times this school year Trinity has hired either a band or a disc jockey and temporarily transformed the dining hall into a dance hall. The Halloween dance provided an interesting spectacle as many were dressed in costumes or togas. Despite strict censorship of the music which, at one dance, somehow stopped all familiar music from being played, most enjoyed the evenings and hope for a continuation of the event. N, X LEFT: Eric Schoonveld towers above the rest as the Jolly Green Giant BOTTOM: "Tiny" does the twist. mfg? WT' Madrigals A long standing tradition at Trinity has been the per- formance just before Christmas of Madrigals. Madrigals, in a sentence, is a dinner theater set in the context of Medieval England, where Lords, Kings, Queens and court jesters sing and entertain the audience between courses of prime rib and various other English foods. Lord Chamberlain fthis year played by Peter Mantell served as master of ceremonies, introducing the au- dience in the chapel and then leading them to the dining room for dinner. There the group of 12 singers, the Lords and Ladies, entered with a fanfare by the brass ensemble, and took their places at the front of the dining hall. Three courses of food were then served intermit- tently between songs by the singers, the brass ensemble, and jokes and juggling by the court jester. WNW 'gr' i-1 - xii? Basketball Pep Rally f A 'Jvf 5 . '4 Q f , xf Y? W .X EM, E I 5 1. I E -.ysgyr ,. 1 f fs i E E v I 1 w n u I 1 4 One of the most exciting impromptu events to occur this year was a Pep Rally for the Women's Basketball team. The team was just about to go to the NCCAA tournament after winning in their district and Trinity decided to show their support. Dave Larsen introduced the team and the coach while the band played H25 or 6-4" and the cheerleaders lboth male and femalel, all dressed in skirts, led the crowd in 'LTroll" cheers. Trinity And Edmund Feldman, a contemporary artist, once said that media imagery has become such a dominant force in our society today that one can no longer be called literate if he cannot read images selectively. Teaching students an awareness of this power of imagery and different methods of dealing with it, has become the goal of the art program at Trinity. This year has been especially exciting for Trinity's art professor John Bakker because of the addition of an art gallery across from the chapel. Featuring several rising local artists throughout the year, the gallery has come to be known throughout the Chicagoland as an out-of-the-way place to see good art, even being written up in a Chicago art magazine. Displayed here are pictures from "Opus '86," a student art show with categories of painting, draw- ing, wild-life illustrations, 3-dimensional, and design. ' - W K w V IW m 1' F f .1 1 ! COMMEN CEMENT L , ,x i' ' " P2-:' x 1 , - N x 4 H , +1 I 6 fo C1 Q' 46' Y' 43' 99 323255 A 0 You ALL! 9 NURSES CONVOCATION l i. ! 5 X I P W w v 1 1, w V gy 1 1 I H f Nl N G , i 1 i E 5 11 I U V Q , E I J 1 r E V 1 E 4 u r W 5 X V r 3 I 34 P I l c fi? M wx fi I iff eb. if at 5 l i s v i l i i I i l I l 1 il ul ,vi ' " ,, .3 5 ". . . the Father of mercies and God of all comfortg who comforts us in all our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God." . ICorinthians 1: 3, 4 32,42 V . 'ff if in 4-W Clinicals . . . As part of nurses training at Trinity, nurses spend a lot of time in clinicals, or work at a hospital to gain ex- perience. One somewhat different clinical this year was a visit of several nurses to a nearby hospital. The pur- pose of the visit was to help small children become familiar with hospital procedures like X-rays, Cat-Scans, or emergency procedures, so they would not be frightened should they ever have to enter a hospital for any reason. With the help of the puppet show and a friendly dog, Trinity's nurses helped to ease the fear of the children and instruct them in health procedures. pv"""-l v VIR- :Soi M., Q ' 5 41 fm - 91,2-3754 .M F-f' 4 ' .4 .1 ' ' '1 731. , Q , - - 1 Q? -zz, 13' 4,2 f 1. , 2- .sway , fn' ' .'f",,,fi'A 'E if M T Qswefi - . ,r f .ze ii M iz 1 2 1 A ' - T Y Nx V L 1 'AKA . I TOP: Judy Geerdes helps a young boy listen to his heart beat. ABOVE: Brenda Buikema gives several children an eye exam I N Y-W-VW Every year Trinity helps out Red Cross by staging a blood drive on the campus. The curriculum center is tem- porarily transformed into a hospital, and pint after pint of precious blood is donated freely. Students are reward- ed, however, with juice and cookies to help them recuperate, and with the knowledge that they have really been of service to others in need. Country F au' .1 we V KM 1 ,M .1 ,vm mm. . vw ww I ,M . ,225 -1 A .,. A gr' n .1111 w Q ,f WUT- 71" P4 f 1 ffl' ' ' 4 'S .,g gjlifdsfgg 'gj'g'j-:W f 4,1 ' f h23"4'h',w , Ev f , , ,sl rr A - y 4 l V' W I 4 I w 1 ! I N N N 1 1 i 1 I mi K L 1 I , I s W V., l HI, W ,V I K N Seniors DAVID BRENT AUSEMA Homewood, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Dutch, History JAMES ROBERT BAILEY Oak Lawn, Illinois BIOLOGY, Chemistry DUANE STEWART BAKER Whitinsville, Massachusetts ACCOUNTANCY KIMBERLY BECKMANN Palos Heights, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Biology, English, Special Education LISA BETH BERGSMA Kailua, Hawaii ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Dutch, English, History TIMOTHY TODD BERGSMA Kailua, Hawaii PHILOSOPHY, English JOSEPH ANTHONY ANDRACKI Hometown, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HW? 'kdm' SHERI LYNN BLAUW Elmhurst, Illinois NURSING AMY LYNN BROEKHUIS Sioux Falls, South Dakota PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Biology, Psychology VALERIE JOY ITERPSTRAI BRUINIUS Tinley Park, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY KAREN CHRISTINE DAHL Palos Heights, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CHERYL ANN DE BOER Oak Lawn, Illinois NURSING KENNETH ALAN DECKINGA Evergreen Park, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM ROGER DE YOUNG Homewood, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY DEBORAH LEE ECKWIELEN Cedar Grove, Wisconsin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Art Studio REBECCA ANNE ENGELSMA South Holland, Illinois NURSING PHILIP RICHARD FOUST, II Cedar Lake, Indiana ART, History DAVID MICHEAL GARTMAN Oostburg, Wisconsin CHEMISTRY, Business Administration GAYLE CLARE GINDER Orland Park, Illinois Art, Biology, Education, Special Education CAROLYN BETH GREENDYKE Orland Park, Illinois NURSING LESLIE ANN HAAS Riverdale, Illinois NURSING, Psychology THOMAS ANDREW HAAS Olympia Fields, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GREGORY SCOTT HACUS Palos Heights, Illinois BIOLOGY, Chemistry JAMES PHILLIP HALL Goshen, Indiana BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BRENDA LEE HUIZENGA Randolph, Wisconsin GENERAL SCIENCE, Education, History BRENDA SUE HUIZENGA Highland, Indiana NURSING LORINDA KAY JONES Worth, Illinois NURSING MARCIA MARY KING Matteson, Illinois NURSING KIMBERLY ANN KOK Jenison, Michigan PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Theology MARY ELLEN KOOY Palos Heights, Illinois MUSIC, Business Administration LAURA JOY KREDIT Platte, South Dakota BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Computer Science DAVID A. KRUK Crestwood, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TERRY ELLEN LALLKY Oak Lawn, Illinois NURSING SUSAN J. LEO Palos Heights, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, English CHERYL LEE BLOMGREN MATSON Woodstock, Illinois NURSING MARCIA KAY MEDEMA Palos Park, Illinois NURSING, Psychology CLARA M. MEDENDORP Racine, Wisconsin NURSING SARA MARIE MEDENDORP Racine, Wisconsin BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY DEBRA LYNN MULDER Sheboygan, Wisconsin NURSING, Psychology was JANET ELAINE OOSTERHOUSE Kentwood, Michigan NURSING VALERIE ANN POORTENGA Lynwood, Illinois NURSING DANIEL F. POST South Holland, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CHERI MARGUERITE POTT Platte, South Dakota BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY SHELLY LYN POWLEY Thousand Oaks, California NURSING DIANE JOY PRUIM Orlando, Florida MATHEMATICS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION Education JEAN ELLEN SCHAAP South Holland, Illinois CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, Mathematics SANDRA JEAN SCHAAP South Holland, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, Music, Special Education ALYCE RAE SLAGER Evergreen Park, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, English, Music, Special Education DOUGLAS RONALD SMITH Lansing, Illinois ENGLISH, Special Education RANDY JAMES SPEELMAN Oak Lawn, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY BRUCE LA MONT TEN HAKEN Oostburg, Wisconsin CHEMISTRY, Biology JAN DOREEN TERPSTRA Gary, Indiana BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CAROL J. VAN DELLEN Dyer, Indiana MUSIC, Elementary Education, Sociology SHARON ANN VANDERBILT South Holland, Illinois NURSING STEVEN G. VAN DRUNEN South Holland, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEON SCOTT VAN DYKE Palos Heights, Illinois CHEMISTRY, Mathematics RANDALL KEITH VAN SCHEPEN South Holland, Illinois ART, Education, English KRISTY L. VAN TIL Highland, Indiana ART, ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Special Education LARRY WILLIAM VERHAGE Oak Forest, Illinois BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY DALE WILLIAM VISSER Ontario, California PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy, Theology BONNIE SUE WIERINGA Cicero, Illinois NURSING, Psychology MARGARET JOANNE WIERENGA Chicago Ridge, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Biology Dutch, English, Special Education SARAH WILSON Momence, Illinois STEVEN PAUL WISSE Cedar Grove, Wisconsin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RAYMOND JOHN ZAAGIVIAN Oak Lawn, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Computer Science Not Pictured MELANIE BAIN ALEXANDER Canton, Ohio BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CATHERINE MARIE CAMPBELL Barberton, Ohio NURSING SHANG-LIN CHIU Hsin-chu Taiwan JAY ROBERT EARNSHAW Lansing, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Psychology DARLENE CAROL FRANSMAN Burbank, Illinois PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Biology, psychology MARVIN ALAN EYLANDER Chicago Heights, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GERARD JOSEPH FRITSCH Oak Lawn, Illinois ACCOUNTANCY JAN MARIE KAMP Orland Park, Illinois ELEMENTARY EDUCATION, Biology, Computer Science, History DANIEL JAMES OTTENHOFF Lansing, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LaDRENE RICHARDS Chicago, Illinois ELIZABETH ROSE Tacoma, Washington PSYCHOLOGY, English, Theology LAURA L. SEELER Tinley Park, Illinois Biology, Education, History, Special Education DAWN RAYE VAN GRONINGEN Palos Heights, Illinois NURSING KENNETH JAMES VOOGT Tinley Park, Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LYNN M. WENRICH Tinley Park, Illinois MUSIC, PSYCHOLOGY LAURA ANN WEST Crestwood, Illinois MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, Chemistry JULIE A. WESTERHOF-PAHMEIER Manitowoc, Wisconsin NURSING JAMES F. WILTJER Munster, Indiana BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Senior Snapshots ff 4' 5 V f ,Q , ,-In 5 ,. " ,f J-., . A. , ,,,,. V J., J, ,fl V 5 , 1 ' .ff "' ' v fm, J:- . 57 Q "jan " :f a gf 107 4 f f Y Q f fy ., I fl f-.4 2 f f 4 ,Qu 1' 4 , 1 ffm, w , Kun? a l e Dumas ..- Karen Biarnesen Barbara Boer Ocie Booker Lori Bruinius Brenda Buikema James Buiter Karen Buiter Cheryl Bulthuis Kim Bulthuis Mary Buteyn Michale Chatham Laura Coyle Anita DeJong Gia DeMartinis Jeff Eenigenburg Laurel Eenigenburg Charles Evenhouse Pam Fiebig Judy Geerdes Roger Groenboom Jill Groenewold Elizabeth Harrell Henry Hofman David Howard Cheryl Janek William Jaywheh Kristin Kerkstra Thomas Key Susan Kolb Vaughn Lagestee Jan LeMahieu David Lemmenes Robert Lemon Daniel Leo Daniel Los Alisa Menninga Ruth Parker Migdalia Perez Robert Piorkowski David Plantinga Sue Poortinga Deborah Posey Beverly Queen Barb Schaaf Linda Schaap Diane Smits Jeffrey Stallinga Bruce Timmer David Beezhold Henry DeJong Scott DeYoung Annette Drew Suzanne Ganzer Lynaia Greenfield John Hewitt Bob Huisman Jill Jeffers Bobbie Katt Calvin Timmer Deb Tjaarda Sherry Toppen Jacqueline Valence Gwen Vander Tuin Joy Vander Vliet Hector Vasquez Sally Visser Jeffrey Wandersen Mac Wiener Beth Wiltjer Steven Workman ot Pictured Deborah Kelly Carol Kennedy-Foster Cathy Kingma Mary Kmiec Steven Knar Kevin Kutlik Monica Lubbers Daniel Marx Nancy Meyer Jeanette Mollo Ruth Nelson Desiree Ouwerkerk Louise Pconka Elizabeth Rose William Slager Thomas Solle Kristi Tamminga Robert VanNoord Steven Vuckovic John Werner Gloria Williams Larry Abel Kenneth Bakker Timothy Boerema Robert Boersma l f Sally Bosma Sharon Bosman Laura Broekstra Elizabeth Brown Christina Burgess Edwin Caraballo Stephen Chapman Lisa Cok I 'RTW 'J '3 an Q -We qs'--rv Susan Dees Patricia DeYoung David DeWindt Karen Dowling Jeff Drenth Kim Dykema Kristin Dykstra Tressa Dykstra Matt Eenigenburg Archie Ferguson Gina Flipse Debra Fransman Kristina Gaughan Donna Greendyke Sharla Haringa Reginald Harris Julie Hoffman Valerie Hoogewerf Beth Huttenga Zantesah Ingalls Bryan J abaay Brenda Kamp Konstantina Karahalios Bill Kok Frederick Kooistra Kristin Kuipers Mark Lammers Jack LeGrand Stephen Leigh Qi? f A B l Kurt l.eMahieu Donna Lemmenes Phillip Leo Deborah Los Peter Mantel David McMahon Judy Menninga Barb Nagel Lorna Nabeyama Carla Nikkel Joseph Ortiz Vincent Pattara John Pausma Martha Perez Margaret Postmus Wendy Pott Nancy Pruim Jill Rademaker Ramon Rivera Janet Rosendale Michael Rozema Eric Schoonveld Michele Smith Randall Smith Laura Speelman David Stob Gregory Tews Christine Tolsma Wang Vang Audrey Vasicek l Daniel Applegate Anthony Bates Lisa Blaha Janet Bower Thomas Breems Cathy Brouwer Scott Christensen James Dayugar John DeBoer Pam DeGraaf ot Pictured Amy DeJong Timothy Dekker Berton Downing Andrea Eitel Kenneth Kamphuis Seok Lee Karine McNicholas Michael Otte Druanne Patterson Linda Pilcher DeAnn Vegter Gary Virtue Jill Voskuil Wendy Walvoord John Williams Dawn Wolterink Alison Zeilenga James Regnerus Lazaro Santana James Stech Cathy Tebbens Scott Tuitman Jacqueline VanDyke Robert Vos Chris Wierda William Acevedo Sarina Adams Sharon Adams Carol Adams-Thompson LaMonte Akers Shelly Baker Tamara Bandstra Greg Bendle Janice Bessett Rick Blauw Robert Boer Marcia Boerema Alicia Bonnema Barb Bootsma Dale Bottema l i""-+"'f '6 J!" Cathy Brouwer Rebecca Breems Sherry Broekstra Susan Bruinius Penny Buist Randall Bultman Kris Buteyn Alfredo Caraballo Theresa Cardona Jimno Cho Angel Cobb Michael Cooper Daniel Cupery Ed Damstra Donna Dickson Robin Ellens Brian Fears Lynda Fowler Pam Frieling Mia Gamble Martha Gatza Sharon Glas Paulette Harvey Chris Heintz Mike Heersink Cynthia Hernandez Elis Hernandez Erik Hoekstra Harry Hoff Elizabeth Hofman Barbara Houwling Jeff Huizenga Andy Katt LaDonna Keel Linda Kemink Cynthia Kikkert Joni Kloosterman David Koole ra' YW? xr 'i l ww 1 4825 . f S:s:::'. , '--' , , . 1.-f,.:.':' ' 1 ai i 2:-saguff M ,. , ,, ',.:5:'1242:132st2"'5?kiE,.EEiE' ' ' ' g - .'-:.41':q.v.g- ,re-vez, 2 R- x 'Qu , .1 if 'V X - fy 5 , 2 Deanna Korhorn Tom Krygsheld Diane Kubilus Howard Kuppler Brad Laninga Paul Laninga Letitia Larkin Bill Liaros David Los Aurea Lugo Natasha McDowell Shirley McLaughlin Barbara Medendorp Sylvia Melvin Vivian Moore Nada Morris Rocky Murphy Angenetta Murray Lucio Oquendo Sharon Pals Larry Persenaire Mark Plantinga DeLores Ramsey Denise Richter Ken Riemersma Kevin Rocky Wanda Rodgers Wendy Roerdink Camille Rogers l Laura Roland Patti Ronda Randy Schaaf Mary Schaap Amy Scott Thomas Sicaras Cherie Smith Sherri Smith Patricia Smits Robert Spoolstra Wendy Staal Scott Stan Pam Stevens Chris Stinson James Stubblefield Nadia Swearingen Doranita Thames Anita Thompson Carol Tibus Mary Tillema Carolyn Tolsma Ean Tripplett 55, 1 Julie Valdez Lisa Vanderbilt Jim VanderGalien ' Karla Vandermolen Les VanDyke Julie VanLaan Mike Van Schepen Katie Van Stelle X Brenda Veldhorst Paul VerVelde 1 Q Kris Veurink Kim Washington Tabatha Weaver Robin Weedman Jennifer Westendorf Regina Whitehead Thomas Abbott Vickie Armstrong Evelyn Artison Paul Beezhold Tamara Bellin Matt Bogard Bernie Brooks Regina Brown Richard Calyen Willie Cooper E. J. Cox Elisa Davis Craig DeBlaey Catherine Dooley Beth Evoy Benjamin Fondern Jori Franklin Y .5 ---.......,,? fa D ot Pictured Leighton Frost Mark Gamble Trina Going Diane Hollie Arthur Johnson John Kleckauskas Kathy Kloosterman Tonya Lenoir William Mann Tracey Martin Charlotte McCracklin Belete Mekonen Jackie Phillips Gerald Pruim Vanessa Pullen Terry Redmond Ingrid Roberson Wendi Wierenga Tom Wigboldy Clarence Williams LaTonya Williams Lori Wiltjer Lynnea Woldhuis Cynthia Young Diane Zandstra Nadia Ziad Tina Royster Greta Robinson Scott Schipma Kim Schutler Jeanne Siggins Edward Singleton Richard Slager Helen Speigner Sheryn Sykes Carol Thompson Russell VanderVelde Steven Venhuisen Kathleen Verdouw Michael Wess Michele Williams Christina Wotjowicz Kevin Zwart 1 X. yy. f QQ." Hex? ft ,,,, I Q ' 4 Ms? ffs4WsP'Mfw P' f :ma T , wi PMZW x6'A'f4-maize ' 121 A .17 A 4, 6 Q., .V Q K 4 7 20 Q we swf . W4 ,,.. 145. , .... 5' -MXN' WA ' 6 Dr. Kenneth Bootsma College President Mrs. Nora Aquino Dir. Dept. of Nursing Mr. John Bakker Art Dr. Robert Boomsma Biology Mr. Dick Cole Psychology Dr. Norman De Jong Education Mr. Bruce De Smith Financial Aid Mr. Michael De Vries Psychology Dr. Daniel Diephouse English Mr. Doug Eckardt Theology Ms. Mary Edema English Dr. Robert Eells History! Political Science Mr. John Evenhouse Physical Education Mrs. Susan Fulkerson Accounting Mr. Ronald Hansum Supt. of Computer Services Ms. Grace Huitsing English Ms. Elizabeth Klaassens Nursing .4 ilk . .Q QHPU wp..- .4 aw! Mr. Richard Kooy Mathematics f Computer Science Mr. John Kooyenga Business f Economics Mr. Dave Larsen Dean of Students Mr. Bruce Nikkel Dir. of Admissions Mr. David Ribbens Physical Education Mrs. Lois Roelofs Nursing Dr. Burton Rozema Dean of Faculty Mr. Hendrik Sliekers Dir. of Library Services Mr. Daniel Systma Music Dr. Lou Sytsma Chemistry Mr. Daniel Tsui Computer Science Mrs. Constance Turner Nursing Mr. Edward Vander Weele Registrar 1 Education Dr. Gerrit Van Dyke Biology Dr. Harold Van Kley Chemistry Mr. Mark Ward Business NOT PICTURED Dr. Robert Rice History Mr. John Roose Philosophy Mrs. Patsy Ruchala Nursing Mrs. Katherine Sliekers Nursing Dr. Maarten Vrieze Philosophy Staff .di TOP: Alice DeVries - Faculty Secretary ABOVE LEFT: Celeste Dougherty - Faculty Secretary ABOVE RIGHT: Nancy Rupp, Ann Boerema, Bonnie Decker, Dorothy Boersma, Doris Slager - Faculty Secretaries I"lV7 ABOVE: Betty Kerkstra - Bookstore RIGHT: Lois Boonstra, Chris Huizenga, Louise Pconka - Administration Secretaries lIIlnlnnIlulIIll-II-""-111 EWS'-EM TOP LEFT: Jean Strong, Deb Veenstra - Library TOP RIGHT: Louise Pconka, Joanne Horneman, Linda Bieze - Public Relations LEFT: Bruce Nikkel, Susan DeVries, Marie Korringa, Dave Troup, Becky Terpstra, Barb Clayton, Bruce DeSmith - Admis- sions and Financial Aid BOTTOM: William Hollaar, Kaye LeMahieu, Rob VanDyke, Nick Crescenzo, Butch Borgman, Marsha Wolterink, Chuck Wagner, Jerry Dyke - Maintenance l 71 TOP: Dottie Tilleman, Irene Buikema, Marshall True, Val Zawisza, Ruth Shong, Dodie Schulz - Food Service RIGHT: Dr. Charles Schoenherr, Larryl Humme - Developement and Alumni Relations BELOW: Lois Thomson, Marilyn Wiltier, Tom Vloedman, Bernice Balsan - Business -' vw- T H wx 1 v 'S 1 H U N Volleyball For the women's volleyball team, the 1985 season was a year of transition as the young squad adjusted to new players and new head coach John Evenhouse. The Lady Trolls put together a winning streak in early October that included North Central, Judson, George Williams, Olivet Nazarene, Moody Bible, and Judson again. The squad peaked in the NCCAA district tourney where they finished second in the eight team tourney. Their strong performance included an upset of the top-ranked Northwestern College team from Minnesota. They finished with a 14-21 match record on the season. Senior Jan Terpstra and freshman Susan Bruinius were selected to the NC- CAA All-District team for their fine performance. Front Row: Deb Tjaarda, Jan Terpstra, Margaret Postmus, Sharla Haringa, Sarina Adams. 2nd Row: Coach John Evenhouse, Diane Pruim, Laura Roland, Susan Bruinius, Chris Heintz, Brenda Kamp, Kathy Kloosterman. Not A A Pictured: Sue Dees. A if F' .,. V 1 2 3, ri , I l Q Vs...-.. ABOVE: Team huddle at a close game. RIGHT: Sue Dees watches her serve. BELOW: Sarina Adams gives the opponents a power slam. 'hw M OPPONENTS MATCH WHEATON INVITATIONAL Greenville O-2 L Judson 2-0 W McKendree 0-2 L Purdue 1-3 L Trinity 2-3 L IIT INVITATIONAL Aurora 0-2 L Wheaton 0-2 L St, Francis 2-0 W Hope 2-1 W Sienna Heights O-2 L North Central 3-0 W TCC INVITATIONAL Judson 2-O W Chicago State 0-2 L George Williams 2-1 W I.l.T. 0-2 L Calvin 1-3 L Olivet Nazarene 3-1 W Moody Bible 3-0 W Judson 3-1 W Ill. Benedictine 0-3 L North Park 2-1 W Purdue 0-2 L I.I.T. 1-3 L NCCAA DISTRICTS AT OLIVET NAZARENE Bethel 2-0 W Greenville 1-2 L Judson 2-1 W Grand Rapids Baptist 2-1 W Northwestern 2-1 W Greenville 1-2 L CALVIN INVITATIONAL Aurora 1-2 L Albion 1-2 L Alma 0-2 L FINAL RECORD 4 14 WINS, 21 LOSSES Soccer' The men's soccer team finished the 1985 season with a 5-9-2 record under the direction of coach Dave Ribbens. The Trolls were a team filled with youth, on- ly one senior of the squad. The highlight of the season was a pair of late season wins over Christian college rivals with very good records. They posted a 3-2 road victory over Moody Bible Institute and followed it with a 2-O home win over Maranatha Bap- tist Bible College. Senior Afework Zellelew was named to the NCCAA All-District team this season, and Freshman Scott Stan was named to the NCCAA All-American team. ZQ4 1 5. Hg ' ml ffm, . . f 4 W Front Row: Cal Timmer, Scott Stan, Belete Mekonen, Bruce Timmer, Bob Huisman, Paul Beezhold, Chris Wierda Ken Riemersma Coach Dave bens. Back Row: James Dayugar, Tom Krygsheld, Afework Zellelew, William Jaywheh, Henry Hofman Jim Stech Rob Boer Matt Eenigenburg Cupery, Assistant coach John Groenewold. Not Pictured: Trainerfscorer Amy Broekhuis. ,.,.,,',! , 'I -we ,,. , ,.,':ff9'u ,f dp Q 1.-171, .i'f',?Wff5ff?f'4' -' V ' V , In indoor soccer, the Trolls finished with a 2-4 record. OPPONENTS RESULTS Lincoln Christian 5-0 W Huntington 1-3 L North Central 1-1 T Northwestern 2-0 W Moody Bible Institute 2-5 L Mt. Vernon Nazarene 2-6 L Bluffton 6-2 W Olivet Nazarene 3-4 L Judson 1-2 L Grand Rapids Baptist 0-5 L Alumni 2-0 W Moody Bible Institute 3-2 W Maranatha Baptist 2-0 W St. Francis 2-3 L Illinois Benedictine 0-0 T DISTRICT AT JUDSON Judson 2-6 L DePaul 1-4 L Final Record 5 Wins, 9 Losses, 2 Ties Women 's Basketball The 1985-86 women's basketball season was a very successful one, as Coach Dave Ribbens' team finished with an 18-11 record. With four juniors in the starting lineup, the lady Trolls picked up the momentum shortly after the semester break winning 10 straight games and 13 of 14 games. The early highlights of the streak were a one point win over a NCCAA nationally-ranked Elmhurst College team and an overtime victory at Dordt College. The last season highlights were a pair of victories in the NCCAA district tourney over Judson College and Grand Rapids Baptist College to win the district title. The Lady Trolls competed at the NCCAA national tourney for the third time in four years. ln addition to winning the district title, the Trolls defended their Midwest Cup tourney cham- pionship. Trinity's Barb Schaaf and Jill Groenewold were unanimous choices to the NCCAA All-District team and Dave Rib- bens was selected District Coach of the Year. Schaaf was also chosen to the NCCAA All-Tourney team and NCCAA All-American team. .Mk wg. . ff Im- 4. R V554 i 'ci 4 ffislfa. ll THUG , za Front Row: Assistant Coach Wally Ottenhoff, Kristy Tamminga, Wendy Roerdink Margaret Postmus Jill Groenewold Tillema. 2nd Row: Coach Dave Ribbens, Shari Bosman, Amy Broekhuis, Kim Bulthuis Barb Schaaf Nadia Ziad Beth Evoy dent Trainer Dar Fransman. LEFT: The Lady Trolls on their way to Cedar ville,Ohio. BELOW: The Lady Trolls show their tough UD ,, ....-.- . OPPONENT RESULT Trinity IDeer.l 77-67 L Concordia IILI 66-44 L BLUEJAY INVITATIONAL AT ELMHURST, IL Illinois Wesleyan 67-62 W Elmhurst 83-41 L Bethel IINJ 68-36 W Grand Rapids Baptist 54-42 W National Education 64-54 L Concordia IWll 52-50 L Mundelein 80-52 W Hope 63-52 L Judson 72-59 W Chicago State Univ. 57-50 L Elmhurst 76-74 W Trinity IDeer.l 83-74 W Dordt lotl 67-63 Rockford W North Park 70-67 L Lake Forest 52-50 W Olivet Nazarene 60-43 W THE MIDWEST CUP - THIRD ANNUAL 99-46 W Morton Moraine Valley C,C. 99-30 W Rosary 72-56 W Aurora Univ. 72-57 W NCCAA NATIONAL TOURNEY AT TCC, 72-63 W Judson Grand Rapids Baptist 75-44 W NCCAA NATIONAL TOURNEY AT CEDARVILLE, 75-60 W OHIO Lee ITNJ lotl 66-63 Marion lINl L Eastern Mennonite IVAJ 71-62 L Forfeit win over George Williams College 70-69 L FINAL RECORD - 18 WINS, 11 LOSSES , .14 ,ggi-51-,K I f 21 aff' " " ' 2ffWf'fL2f.1 I , ' 'yew x my T W, , L ,Y ' fr .,. ,CNT -ttf' AQ Q7 1775 r l1lHL,iQ ali igg '1 Front Row: Thomas Abbott, Jim VanderGallen, Rick Blauw, Andy Katt, Mike Otte. 2nd Row: Coach John Evenhouse, Mychal Johnson Willie Mark Plantinga, Doug Smith, Dave Plantinga, Dave Los, Tony Bates, Assistant Coach Jim Vanderwoude. 80 I 725 LEFT: Tony Bates takes the ball solo for a beautiful slam. BELOW LEFT: The Trinity Trolls struggle for an offensive rebound. i , en 's Basketball The 1985-86 men's basketball season was a learning ex- perience as only two players had played collegiate basketball before. Under first year head coach John Evenhouse, the team endured some games against strong competition and developed as a squad. By February, the Trolls were quite competitive in- cluding victories over Milwaukee Engineering and Northwestern College of Wisconsin. The Trolls finished with a 3-22 record. Sophomore guard Tony Bates was named to the NCCAA All- District team. Ns.. as URW Q -'ff 2, My Forfeit Win over George 'lnqusvllll' wasniwiww- CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Men's Basketball Season Results Opponent Result 'host Concordia IWII 94-59 'host Maranatha Baptist 71-60 at Moody Bible 98-88 at Rosary 88-62 'at Milw. Engineering 97-72 'at Lakeland 93-59 at Bethel UNI 93-51 host Univ, of Chicago 63-50 host Grand Rapids Bapt. 78-57 host Aurora Univ. 84-38 at Judson 86-56 'at Cardinal Stritch 65-52 'at Northwestern KWII 73-49 'at Marian IWII 76-70 host Olivet Nazarene 102-56 'host Lakeland 88-49 'host Marian IWID 73-64 at Trinity IDeer,l 85-66 'host Milw. Engineering 76-57 'at Concordia IWIJ 84-66 'at Maranatha Baptist 100-60 'host Cardinal Stritch 88-67 host Moody Bible 74-72 'host Northwestern IWIJ 72-69 NCCAA DISTRICT TOURNEY Mar. 1 at Judson 95-67 January Williams College - FINAL RECORD - 4 WINS, 22 LOSSES CONFERENCE RECORD - 2 WINS, 12 LOSSES 'Denotes Lake Michigan Conference games Softball Dave Ribbens, the head coach of women's softball, has called this the most successful softball season he has had. The backbone of the success has been what Dave has called "one of the finest teams Trinity ever had." The "talent is unmatched" and the "experience of the team is tremendous." And so it seems, the team has rarely lost, and two of the key players, Dar Fransman and Barb Schaf have proved their experience both in pitching and hitting. Front Row, Left to Right: Amy Broekhuis, Kristy Tammmga Barb Schaaf Mary Tillema Middle Row Deb Tjaarda Shern Brenda Kamp, Gwen VanderTuin, Beth Evoy. Back Row Deb Fransman Chris Heintz Sharla Haringa Jill Groenewold Pruim, Dar Fransman, Mary Buteyn, Coach Dave Ribbens I , -., W -M1-j" ,Q . , W mvffavf- ' -w Hn? 1. ,vp new .M 'ff K Baseball 4-f M..,,,, y For the first time this year, Trinity baseball, previously only a club, has received "team" status. With the extra money allotted for a sport, Trinity has been able to hire Jim Feigl as coach to build and organize the new team. Coach Feigl has said that because baseball is new at Trinity there is a lack of experienced players, but with time he hopes the quality of the team will improve. -w'.- ' . "" " -' , V Q ,QQ 'TI E " 5-"'-'Pifciv''55:'ffY'Ni'Triki:-f.t1f .I --sgigv swf-1:,..:,x sr X, "ffl-rg cis-S:-,-' :'.yi51'- tt .-H -Lys, Eg " K.. .f I , , Q , ,. A , ws' ffipsf E"-Ns 'fu 3" lQ."?-a:ais'f--., i if " ' " tg, .. 1 .. .af Q'-:ri E.-I-5i113rX.a4d'. "5Mf:- i. .QQ ., :Q 'X X- .mmx . ---- ' fi' a:a--x::.Ne-e,-s,,.,:,r ' L ,. - ,Y-: ::,5-'-:,,:.- - r X ,-- ' i A l ' K ' 5 1 Q - . -- .3 N g - . f 9-w51M'f liiis, ff4X.I1'-9 A "' ' " if 1: 1: x T N . - .Six .P img if X P. . ' V- , wr -'r Y 5 Y i is Nm P ft . Q ..,. '-uf" 1 .44 4' Front Row, Left to Right: Lamonte Akers, Alfredo Caraballo, Ken "Arba" Riemersma, Edwin Caraballo Jack LeGrand Jeff Eenigenberg, Bill Slager, Scott DeYoung. Back Row: Mark Gamble, Coach George Zoeterman, Paul VerVelde Henry DeJong Rich Slager, Eric "Tiny" Bailey, John Freyer, Bob Lemon, Coach Jim Fiegl. I LEFT Scott DeYoung rushed home to score a run. MMM' BELOW: Mark Gamble scores another run for the Trolls. .g tw - vm EER Despite the disappointing record this year, there have been some outstanding performances by Freddy and Edwin Carabello, who both batted over .300, Jack LeGrand, who has displayed leadership qualities, and Scott DeYoung, who has been voted the most valuable player. With the rough beginning year behind him, Coach Feigl promises they will be better next year. Under the supervision of a new coach, Becky Terpstra, and with a squad full of new talent, the 1985-86 season was a successful one for the Troll Cheerleaders. They showed a great deal of dedica- tion and spirit through the entire season by continu- ing to add fresh ideas to their cheers. The squad end- ed the season with a fantastic floor routine choreographed to a musical arrangement of "Axel F." The cheerleaders' enthusiasm was appreciated by the fans and the team. S' Back Row: Coach Becky Terpstra Christina Wotjowicz Cheri Smith Joni Kloosterman Front Row Kemink, Mia Gamble, Elizabeth Hofman Deborah Posey Highlights of Intramural e 2 W- ,,,,,. -. Intramurals give students the chance to be in- volved in an organized sport, and meet new people, without the pressure of intercollegiate competition. Many, if not most of the students, join at some time or another, an intramural team for some good laughs and a break from their studies. Intramurals include the following sports: Co-ed Softball, Co-ed Brun Ball, Men's Hoc Soc, Women's Volleyball, Co-ed Volleyball, Women's Hoc Soc, and Men's Basketball. wwww ' '- ,h:,,,:,Q ..,. WWW. , -vMM,,..,-w' W, .. ,W-A , -'fl wp.. sW,,,,,.,-1.a-,..,pn4l1"vwm ABOVE: Mac Wiener timidly steps in front of the ball. LEFT: Cal Timmer prepares to throw to his teammates. SOFTBALL CHAMPS "HOOSTERS": Front Row: Laura Speelman, Brenda Kamp, Margaret Postmus, Eric Schoonveld. Middle Row: Scott Deyoung, Dave Stob, Sharla Haringa. Back Rowi Phil Leo, Ed Damstra, Brenda Buikema, Jack LeGrand. BELOW: Larry Verhage awaits a pitch from Mary Buteyn. BELOW RIGHT: Nice slide by Dan Los, but Brenda Kamp tags him out. l l l BASKETBALL CHAMPS "THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLYH: Back Row: Tim Bergsma, Bob Huisman, Cal Timmer, Henry Hofman. Front Row: David Ausema, Loen Van Dyke, Bruce Tim- mer, Duane Baker. Brun Ball Champs "The Bruisers' Q is t A . . Probably the most interesting and unique intramural sport at Trinity is Co-ed Brun Ball, which is a curious mixture of kicking, running, and passing a ball between your legs. One team stands in the field and pit- ches the ball la rubber ball about the size of a basketballl to an opposing player. That player tries to kick the ball in a strategic place that will allow him to run around cones. Meanwhile, the team in the field has to stop the ball, line up in leap-frog position, and pass the ball through their legs. The team who runs around the cones the most wins. vi -Q., " re U 'X NM 2 .W 1' raaeii . ,W , .,,, . Am 'I ' QM.-1 n W 'is' ' E if R: N Q o ,Q 1? 5+ , 93,1 Q lx ..,. A ' RIGHT: Deb Dobben attempts to block a dink. BELOW: Joy VanderVliet completes a serve. 'S xr ,: gm mpmq, 'NPGS' mm ind R... WOMEN'S HOC SOC "POWDER PUFFS ': Front ' Row: Barb Bootsma, Deb Tjaarda, Deb Ribbens. Back Row: Karen Buiter, Kaye Le Mahieu, Bonnie Wieringa. t Not Pictured: Susan Bruinius, Bonnie Gear, Bobbie Katt, Sharon VerVelde. Q iv "f ' Y 1 1 w.,,,. 5 N X E a A ? s If 1 PQ' I 5 Students dzmwwa vw- 4, BACK ROW: Dan Leo, Dave Koole, Eric Hoekstra, Brad Laninga, Phil Leo, Eric Schoonveld, MIDDLE ROW: Jean Schaap, Jan Oosterhouse, Sai! Bosma, Larry Verhage, Brian Jabaay, Margaret Postmus. FRONT ROW: Karen Biarnesen, Alison Zeilenga, Kim Dykema, Nancy Pruim. 1 I 3 I I, I 1 I i I IK I l il ii' I 5I : I I STUDENT ACTlVlTIESg BACK RQWQ Dave Kggle, Mike ACADEMIC AFFAIRS: Leon Van Dyke, Sally Bosma, Brad Laning Van Schepen, Erik Hoekstra, Mike I-leersink, Brad Laninga. NOT PICTURED1 Lf-ffv Verhage' MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Glas, Joni Kloosterman, Robin Ellens, Patty Smits, Lori Wiltjer, Donna Greendyke. FRONT ROW: Julie Valdez, Lisa Van Der Bilt, Linda Kemink. l I I l In Association wlTAnd you wondered why" more exciting meetings' was among the campaign promises?" I . .. .. ...,. , .., X X as : -Sql' A , I YY 5. STUDENT MINISTRIES: Barb Nagel, Dan Los, Phil Leo, Bob Boersma, Jean Schaap. . 3 9 I 5 2 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS: Eric Schoonveld, Nancy Pruim, Brian Jabaay. I fi The governing body of Student Associa- tion at Trinity is the Student Association Council. The Council is composed of representatives of the development commit- tees, commuter and resident represent- atives, the executive officers, and the Dean of Students. The 1985-1986 officers were President Larry Verhage, vice-president Karen Biarnesen, Secretary Alison Zeilenga, and Treasurer Cheryl Bulthuis. This representative body gives support to stud- ent proposals and planned activities both verbally and financially. On February 11, 1986, the Student Association passed a small change in student government: Freshmen are now permitted to be voting representatives in the Council. Four development committees stand under the Student Association: Academic Affairs, Student Activities, Student Ministries, and Student Publications. The Academic Affairs Committee works toward improvements in grading policies, course of- ferings, and other academic issues. Student Activities plans social events such as dances and outings to Chicago. Student Ministries provides opportunities for both fellowship and witness through Trinity's many ministry-oriented groups: Bread-for-the- World, PACE, Pro-life, Missions Committee, and weekly prayer meetings. Student Publications oversees the production of the Allelu yearbook and the weekly newspaper, The Courier. rien tation Co ' The 1985 Orientation Committee gave freshmen and transfer students the labor day weekend to get acquainted with each other, with the school, and with the Chicago area. The newcomers who participated in the "mix- ers" will possibly never forget the distasteful chocolate-pudding-spitting contest. Three days filled with outings and meetings gave them an in- troduction and to place rest on the college student's agenda. Outings serv- ed as an introduction to popular sights around the city: Brookfield Zoo, The Museum of Science and Industry, the beach, Great America, and the downtown area. The orientation meetings stressed the importance of good study habits and involvement in activities and clubs on campus. The com- mittee had a vision for what God could do in the lives of these new students during their time at Trinity, therefore they chose "Changing Lives" as their orientation theme. BACK ROW: Margaret Postmus, Alisa Menninga, Deb Posey, Mac Wiener, Larry Abel, John Pausma MIDDLE ROW Donna Greendyke Brown, Julie Hoffman, Jackie Valence, Christi Burgess, Henry Hofman, John Werner, Judy Mennmga Dave Larsen FRONT ROW Pam De Nancy Pruim, Kris Kerkstra, Kim Dykema, Sherry Toppen, Judy Geerdes, Pam Fiebig, Jim Bailey ff' X esident Staff Assistants, Resident Directors, and Dean of Students, Dave The Resident Staff at Trinity includes Resident Directors lR.D.'sl and Resident Assistants fR.A.'sl. The R.A.'s are students who take responsibility in coor- dinating floor activities and Bible studies. They distribute light bulbs, cleaning sup- plies, and other dorm essentials. They also try to promote communication among students and between students and staff. They are responsible for enforcing campus rules and administering fines for infractions. The R.D.'s are a married couple who lives in the dorm. They are always there to lend a listening ear or a set of tools, and they work close- ly with the R.A.'s. Coordinating all the R.A.'s and R.D.'s is Dave Larsen. ,s,,- HALL AND VANDER VELDE R.A.'S AND S: Back Row: Kim Dykema, Julie Hoffman. Front Jackie Valence, Bob and Gail Rice. SOUTH HALL AND APARTMENT R.A.'S AND R.D.'S: Back Row: Bob Huisman Zan Ingalls, Jeff and Kate Carpenter. Middle Row: Ginny Carpenter Mac Wiener Henry Hofman, Kris Kerkstra. Front Row: Sherry Toppen, Deb Tjaarda and Nathan Carpenter. Courier The Courier, Trinity's official student newspaper, came out weekly this year with a new and different format. Although the staff was small, they worked hard to keep the cam- pus up-to-date on sports events, on-campus ac- tivities and concerts, developments in the plans for a new residence hall, and various other in- cidents and issues. The Courier gave a lot of room for students and faculty to voice their opi- nions, particularly on the cafeteria-food con- troversy. lt also provided some week-end humor in "Potshots" - pictures of familiar people in unfamiliar poses - and fictional ar- ticles such as the one in Mr. Eckardt's conver- sion to exemplarism. Back Row: Ken Dykema. 1, W: - A .7 Bakker, Eric Schoonveld, John Pausma. Front Row: Julie Valdez first ll glxiiglwt ll isgfiifslgi ixrkfg UPPER LEFT: Trinity's Tab now houses Student Publications LOWER LEFT: The faithful few at work again. ABOVE: The Courler's new format was a huge success. ff' " . K, vid 'J Row: Brian Jabaay, Mary Schaap, Nadia Ziad, Nancy Pruim, Kathy Verdouw. Front Lisa Cok, Beth Huttenga, Julie Valdez, Andrea Eitel. Not Pictured: Joy Vander Vliet, Valvoord. Ilelu With some returning staff and a lot of beginners, the Allelu staff worked hard and the yearbook pages came rolling in. This year's staff, in particular, has tried to pic- ture Trinity as a growing school, in terms of enrollment, curriculum, spiritual and academic student groups, and soon to be in terms of actual new buildings. This is a memorable time for the whole community of Trinity supporters. Hopefully this has been a memorable year of growth in the life of 4' , Q eww each Trinity student also - a year worth capturing on the pages of a yearbook. ' lr, .E .sf Qi.:-: mf- .:. :- 9 g ' , :ijil . V... . .,,,wm-M-ff ,...e,f. ' W-4' ' 1' I UPPER LEFT: Eye contact is not necessary for yearbook staff. LOWER LEFT: Nadia and Brian discuss layout progress. UPPER RIGHT: Photographer Mark Lammers finds himself on the wrong side of the Camera. Singing Group Concert Choir Trinity's Concert Choir was under the direction of Daniel Sytsma for his second year. The choir performed in several com- munity events - the J. S. Bach program and the annual Psalm sing - as well as par- ' ticipating in chapels tboth at Trinity and at area high schoolsl and putting on a concert Back Row: Larry Persenaire, ra Laninga, reg e Kok Kurt Le Mahieu, Mike Otte, Dave Stob. Third Row: Mary Kooy, Sharon Glas Bosman, Kim Dykema, Amy Scott, Lori Wiltjer, Joni Kloosterman, Sally Visser, Kris Second Row: Kathy Kloosterman, Nadia Swearingen, Julie Valdez, Caroline Tolsma, Brown, Nancy Pruim, Deanna Korhorn, Mary Schaap, Front Row: Jeff Drenth, Dave De B d G T ws, Ken Riemersma, Mike Rozema r each semester. The group sang very well and enjoyed expressing their faith musically. De,Am, Vegter. 1 Jeff Drenth, Gary Virtue, Mac Wiener, Roger Groenboom, accompanist Kim Dykema. Not Pictured: en 's Quartet Formed by four of Trinity's fine vocalists, this men's quartet has been singing together for several years. The group is in con- stant demand because of their fine harmony and spiritual message. Besides their numerous community engagements, they have led chapels and were featured during the Gospel Choir Concert. accompanist Kris Kuipers. Archie Ferguson, Mr. Dan Sytsma, Stephen Leigh, Gary Virtue. Not Pictured: Ocie Booke Huizenga, LaDonna Keel, Martha Perez, Micki Perez, Deb Posey, Jean Schaap, Wendy ABOVE: The complete concentration of the cert Choir. Row: Cynthia Young, Amy Scott, Sheryn Sykes, Estella Lugo, Carol Thompson, Michael , Rocky Murphy, La Monte Akers. Third Row: Kathy Verdouw, Cherie Smith, Mary Schapp, Staal, Camille Rogers, Reggie Harris. Second Row: Diane Hollie, Regina Brown, Helen , Sharon Adams, Lisa Van Der Bilt, Nadia Swearingen, Katie Van Stelle, Tim Boerema, Booker, Vivian Moore, Delores Ramsey, Liz Harrell, Zan Ingalls, Angel Cobb, Angenetta Mur- Linda Fowler, Maria Cardona, La Donna Keel, Donna Dickson, Lorna Nabeyama, Wanda 3 Ns .lf Deb Posey. Not Pictured: Melanie Alexander, Evelyn Artison, Shelly Baker, Ken Bakker, Browning, Maria Carey, Matt Eenigenburg, Tracey Martin, Martha Perez, Micki Perez, Pullen Beverly Queen Gretta Robinson, Linda Schaap, Anita Thompson, Mark Tripplett, l 7 1 Washington, Latonya Williams. 2 if Gospel Choir The Gospel Choir started last year by Zan Ingalls, Deb Posey, and Ocie Booker was back again in good numbers. In spite of limited practice time, the choir learned a lot of music and performed it enthusiastically. They ministered to a great variety of audiences: a youth group in Humbel Park, educators at Illinois State Beach Resort, the congregation of Beacon Light CRC, and many of the choir members home churches. The choir itself is composed of people from a variety of backgrounds, but they find a unity in their love of the Lord and their love of gospel music. In their music, the Gospel Choir expresses an at- titude of intense praise and fervent prayer. Stud nt mzstry Club ro-life The Pro-life Committee is a group in- terested in promoting the sanctity of life by providing information on life-and death issues and by supporting pro-life legislation. In the past, students from the group have picketed and counseled at abortion clinics. This year their activities included sponsoring a blood drive and participating in the Annual March-for-Life in Washington D.C. Q' I ll" 2 gx .1 MX Sonia is sponsored by Bread-for-the-World. for the World ssions Club Weekly noon prayer meeting. Missions Club, a new group this year, did a fine job of awakening mission awareness on campus. This club also provided the opportunity for fellowship among students in- terested in missions as a career. The students involved gave a weekly reminder to pray for mission work by reading the "Missionary Minutes" in chapel. Students from this group also gave spiritual leadership by starting a week- ly prayer meeting. ROW: Linda Schaap, Phil Leo, Wendy Staal, Nadia Swearingen. ROW: Ruth Parker, Mac Wiener, Elisabeth Brown. ACE Trinity's PACE program has a long history of providing students with the valuable experience of tutoring prisoners at the County Jail. While giving the prisoners the opportunity to increase their level of education, this program gives the students an opportunity to share their knowledge with some who are very eager to learn and to show Christ's love to some who are desperately seek- ing that love. Tutoring at the jail involves a commitment of one full evening a week, but it is time well spent. ACK ROW: Loretta Murray, Jeff Spacek, Gail Rice, Sharon Glas, Kathy Verdouw, Angenetta urray. MIDDLE ROW: Tim Bergsma, Laura Broekstra, Sherry Broekstra, Jori Franklin, Cynthia ioung. FRONT: Angel Cobb. NOT PICTURED: Ken Bakker, Tami Bellin, Marcia Boerema, Regina rown, Lynda Fowler, Martha Gatza, Paulette Harvey, Diane Hollie, Letitia Larkin, Tonya Lenoir, ,ickey Perez, Linda Pilcher, Cheri Pott, Beverly Queen, Greta Robinson, Janet Rosendale, Wendy Qzaal, Anita Thompson, Gary Virtue, Nathaniel Williams, Robin Wozniak. 101 Academi Business r Trinity's Business Club is a relatively new club. This year the club brought in several outside speakers to discuss subjects such as investments and job resumes. Several Senior students also spoke about their in- ternships, preparing the group for what might be ahead. This club provides an op- portunity for out-of-class interaction with dif- ferent aspects of the business world. Mr. Mark Ward, Lori Bruinius, Tom Solle, Bruce Timmer. Cheryl De Boer, Carolyn Greendyke, Cheryl Matson, Judy Geerdes, Diane Smits, Laurel Eenigenburg, Jan Le Student urses' ssociatio The Student Nurses' Association is a new club which hopes to create greater camr awareness on health-care issues. The club also serves as a support group for students in i nursing program. One of their activities this year was a panel discussion with former nurs students. This program was very beneficial in giving Trinity's nursing students an idea of different paths they may take after college. Iubs 3-ll ' , Pm- Row: Jim Bailey, Sharon Pals, Mary Schaap, Brenda Huizenga, Sara Medendorp, Wen- Front Row: Dr. Robert Wolff, Dan Applegate, Sally Bosma, Gia De Martinis. Not Rob Boer, Barb Bootsma, Amy Broekhuis, Kim Bulthuis, Dave De Windt, Pam Fiebig, Diane Hollie, Mary Kmiec, Joni Kloosterman, Bill Kok, Bob Lemon, Shirley McLaughlin, Jeanette Mollo, Cheri Pott, Mike Rozema, Jean Schaap, Scott Stan, Mary Tillema, Leon Van Dyke, Larry Verhage, Nadia Ziad. Pott. lll I Back Row: Erik Hoekstra, Phil Leo, Dr. Bob Rice, Brian Jabaay, Stephen Leigh, Randy Smith, Dr. Bob Eels. Front Row: Tom Key, Jim Buiter, Gary Virtue, Jeff Drenth. mp' nl ns' T t ,Hrs ory Trinity's History Club is a group which enjoys thinking about and discussing current issues. They want to look at history from a Christian perspective and urge others on campus to think historically. This year they brought several speakers to campus including James Skillen from the Association for Public Justice who spoke on apartheid in South Africa. The group also attended off-campus lectures and watched videotapes of lprominent people speaking on current events. l i S i Science Trinity's Science Club has been an active club for many years. Besides working regularly at the Palos Heights recycling center, the club regularly sponsors campus aluminum can and paper drives. In these ac- tivities, students find an opportunity to exer- cise good stewardship and also raise funds to support other club activities. Other ac- tivities this year included science films and outings to museums and lectures in the Chicago area. Sandy Schaap, Pam Fiebig, Cheryl Janek, Christine Tolsma. Fu ture Teachers The Future Teachers Club helps educa- tion students prepare for a teaching career. The group particularly provides support to those who are student teaching by providing them with literature, materials, and ideas to work with. One of their activities was a field trip to a teacher store house - a place where many helpful teaching materials are available. Black Stud nt Club Black Student nion The Black Student Union was formed in the Fall of 1985 as a support group for black students. Throughout the school year, this group gave black students the opportunity to meet together and share their common heritage and their feelings as Trinity students. The group also sponsored a picnic and dance and attended the National Black Christian Con- ference. The Union would like to educate the Trinity community about their rich black heritage and also would like to be a vehicle to channel black students' grievances to the administration. lack History eek Each year, Trinity sets aside one week in February as a Celebration of black culture and history. This year, Black History Week was celebrated by special chapels, evening speakers and films, and biographical notes of historically prominent black people in the Times. Speakers included a State Senator as well as several favorite local pastors. lt was a really educational week, beneficial to all. 104 HR hr Back Row: Helen Speigner, Chris Stinson, Kim Washington, Paula Browning, Stephen Leigh Row: Linda Pilcher, Randy Smith, Angenetta Murray. Not Pictured: Melanie Alexander, Brown, Barbara Clayton, Loretta Murray, Greta Robinson, Tina Royster, Nathaniel Williams. Greta Robinson, Paula Browning, Diane Hollie, Kim Washington, Linda Pilcher, Randy Smith Pictured: Barbara Clayton. etro semester students at Chicago Metropolit fuzz A an Center. Students from Trinity this year were Phil Fou, Pete Hillmer, Dan Kristy Tamminga, Steve Van Drunen, and Steve Wisse. Physical-Therapy major, Kristy Tam- minga, and Art major, Phil Foust, each spent a semester on Metro. Chicago Metro is an internship program which allows students from nine colleges to live and work in the city. The program is of- fered to students of all major career in- terests. While on Metro, students get a lot of exposure to the fine arts the city offers. They also have the chance to learn of urban issues and to explore values - both their own and those of others who live in the city. Metro integrates faith and learning through the challenges of unfamiliar surroundings. 105 Margaret puts her all into competition. Intramural Staff Trinity's Intramural Staff is responsible for organiz- ing and running all the intramural competitions. This year the intramural sports included Softball, Brun Ball, Hoc-Soc, Volleyball, Basketball, and Ping-Pong. ln addition to these, the staff organized several "Wimbledon Nights" throughout the year. The in- tramural staff provides a great service for the student body, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in competitive sports. ecuri ty Staff Trinity's Security Staff patrols campus during the late evening and early morning hours. They check the buildings and parking lots, look out for anything unusual, and keep in touch with the police depart- ment. They also help out the residents by escorting and letting in latecomers locked out of their dorms. The coordinator of Security Staff this year was Steve Chapman. n tram ural an d ecuri ty S taffsi S as Back Row: Amy Broekhuis, Diane Pruim, Margaret Postmus, Jill Groenewold,5 Mary Buteyn. Front Row: John Evenhouse, Bob Lemon, Jack Le Grand, Dani Los. Back Row: Joe Ortiz, Mike Van Schepen, Mike Rozema, Steve Chapman, Mark Gamble. Front Row: Randy Bultman, Matt Eenigenburg, Kevin Rockey. Not Pic- tured: Howard Kuppler, Dave Los, Mike Otte, John Pausma, Tom Sicaras, Jim Vander Galien. 1 S l P 1 Y x Q W, wld, Pan I E H I HI 1 1 K X I 'li!i!ili 1312, w 3 w V I r 1 jim 1 PHIL KEAGGY. . 1 .I 4,1 V lg, abwfw . 3' s f k ,J I' fff' ffl' ,I ' 45 4- and i .3-iff: The contract was signed, arrangements were made, and the stage was set. On April 23, Russ Taff and Phil Keaggy appeared in Trinity's own Mitchell Memorial Gymnasium. Opening the concert was WCFL radio an- nouncer Kris Stevens, with a few announcements. Next came Phil Keaggy, one of the world's finest guitarists to inspire the crowd with his rock'n roll and easy listening music. Keaggy was definitely a good stage setter for the headline performer Russ Taff who was to perform next. Taff brought everyone to their feet in praise and excite- ment with his songs such as "Medals" and "Rock Solid." Taff later gave some Christian words of en- couragement to the attentive crowd. The Taffflieaggy concert was great indeed! s1 Jia 1. Y "V 'f' 'cf S:'I1'Y3f3:' 'S:Zi12353-'EIff3'5.5f5Z?:2?f'T53f1f24F-"'5'7 :iz . N... . .. 325: ' fiz,f:z:'::z::-we-1. 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X.,-.wr --1: :41.-.:rmme....-.":-1'fea:-. '- ,". - "12.fE1'3,f11Sg5.,IQK:':2"S1?3Qg:32QE.?, Igi32.24512-gif,'2:v:::5:5f2,37-21-.1..12:,:g,g.: ,..-1-., 41' . Q-q5g.':1i5:3iii?-:11:1?"''ii'5.55122-1':af.:'f121 1 'if5.1:5g1:s:52ntgzfss-Af - -':f:g- ix.--,, , - -. .1.,-.1-arise-wiaaf1...L-hzsmf5515,-f,' .. ,- nf . Q ' ig.,-3: g.iz:f5:1z:e-:sf 1, -.523 ,iz :giz-425-2 . f f .V ff'.:.,- .- .:mf1g:::-.:..,:1' 1 '- Elifz A 1:-f - '.-ae"5,115.1exQ.-.fafaam4a:fee2:f':f-422513,gs..Eizziig- . , , a -' '. '"32ggfgmz-zi'?zf:za's -k"""1'.if:1-1 " ,I ..-. , .Q ...... . .,.-aw ...W , V k.,,., ...M , ,. ,..:.z:,:ye1::1.-ml., f : .2:..-gg5.21zi?5i-1215:fiiriif .ff , ssieif.-5'-jj Q. 1. .1 5, . .fz , fi, IL Students often think of teachers as strictly brains, lacking any power in the physical body and dexterity in their hands. The scholars, however, came on strong in bat to bat combat, beating the women's softball team by 4 runs to prove this notion wrong. Dave Larsen and Dar Fransman were the opposing pitchers, each putting out a superb performance during the seven-inning game. 8 A.: 5 W c ,, X fr 9 Q yur' ,, in KM' FACULTY vs. WOMEN 'S SOFTBALL -sw. 1 'K A PM 4, :t. QW .X , , -5 -r sY-XA I A rfifi ig- iff-'fm V- . LJ Y . -me-w . wr X se 2 5 I 4 ,Q AT WN .V ,M ..-HV 'Q ,J T- Q , iv., ' 1. , 1 12 ,+ . - Q- r X f kb Q' 3 t g , f , Q f W.-' ' fi -:-,5 3 . ., V x ' Wx,, i 'S A . b ' 3 xg? , Zh-"P""5" 'QM' "'R'."?f'? IW! 1 M' 657 ,V , was .5 x U .-. S, E., -5 ' x fe Tti nn.. ' im,- Catch ' rn rt... if 4 ,M 4' ' ' , I V ,44. I, -f f I-W, " - A , , f I ff'if?w ' M 4, 1 G - ..,. - V ' hw ' 1 y, ff 'fjkikf , f f 141 f M04 , f I V' 14' 3 m w ,Q fm . . , W . x 'W w W 44 ' H v,.14lUs5 ' , ,K ,A , ,A-.1---f , I 14 191' i ii! ' , 4 ,f ., I " uf ', V gm' " 'f ,fy x f, A A 5 .U 1 -.- A-3 ' f . ' nn , HV , ,1 -4 ,ffl lf, f Kiki! ,,, . V 11 ,f-,, '.V L ,J -Jr' 4' .' j V , I - A h .5 ' -,g,,,l,lfy, f ' .' 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Students from several schools come to Trinity and compete in categories of art, vocal, instrumental, speech, and writing. Featured below are pictures from a concert sponsored by Trinity, for Trinity students and those competing in the "Fine Arts Festival." if' X w 4-1 -1 S 2 if 'Q ' S if ' , ' ff 5 H fa 1 Q . z x W x 189 .., J Q . . u f' P 3 . .,,,, ,:k. 5 , A- 1 If , f ,fffffff f ff f Jfff ff fvfff yffffff xx W X ffjf ffQX ff! fff, Q,fffXXXfXffff XXffXX Mfff, ff ff ,f ,fff f jffffff Xf f XX, fffu Wfffffffff yfw ff f X, ffff, ff ffff4ffff ff fff X X I if f f fgf f4XXffXf fa! f 'O ff! fffff XX ,f f , f pan K f- f f ff ffff f ff fff ff ffX X ff f f f X fAfXfXX ffffffff f f ff X ff ffff fffffffff f X fX if XXf Xf XX Xf fXfXffffXfX yf4G fXff f ,fc fgffjf Q' fff if fffffffoy 4 fff fwfff ffXfffff!ff XfffXffX f fff f X ffffffgyil XXffff ff ffm ffy 0 Zfyffwfffy mf, X ff Xf Xf f , Xffffwf , Xff X! 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Organizations .... ,Paculty and Class Candids Yearbook Publishers . . . CREDITS V il if if l 5 l l ai ll if ,a ii 1 il 'i . . . Susan Fulkersd . . . Bryan Jabaaz Nancy Pruili . . . .Mark Lammel Greg Benil Kevin Rocker David Hovval . . . Joy VanderVlii ' Lisa Cdl Beth Huttengl Andrea Eiti . . Kathleen Verdout . . . . . Mary Schaa . . . . . .Nadia Zia . . . Wendy Walvooi Kristina Gaugha . . Deb Eckvviele . . . .Leander Studid Taylor Publishing Ccf ,L4I.,.. nf U 1 - 1 W -my , 1 r , Q X O . it Zh 9 i f ' 2? 'K g,'1' ' .' ' J 0 .,l 'I' Tv . A1 s l ' xim 'Zi' i f Q' . ' u' 1 - - A. ' N - J 1 a - . v '. . , 1 I ,v n 1 " ld " . 4, A H .fi J -n vga o A L . l v ' 0 O X I r v fl' K 4 t. is o

Suggestions in the Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) collection:

Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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