Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL)

 - Class of 1982

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Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1982 volume:

M41 WI ? ag 3g , g+qif44'i'b'4i,5' i if . in ljf v'v+ff"14' v, 3 Q . q,,,-ew ,Q flolqm in jf 4' W A+. Q' 'M ik 4' 'gt' 555 91? 53' .QV Q.. Q. 4. A. f ,M , . ,,, 'Q' + QL A A155 H'4'F'j3mp Q gi ttgyei V Q ' 44. . if ,jimw . . af if , ff JW4 by iii, M, 'MW Q ' Ang . ,QM .A4, .A . J.. . . 5 .54 , vi 8 +Y,.++ . 4 , . . 9 FW AV ,i +.i',V! V . I A A 'Q fneiggfiwq Mi' ' 34145 Mi 1 fi fa..i Q F , 4-'dw -'N ' '-4 1, rw' fs, I u ' W5 W7 " 5 ' 1' '7ygf."P.2 f J'- '1 Y. rr J , ,.+'7g.4ggg 4, 3 If m?:I1.Igs X '."l:"-'f , JL '-g.'i""',. - "'iw,,- ,V-14 If , ..-FAI .fm . Hs" Nt- ,Q - .:,-,--' ' nw,-.. 1.1, 3, ., U .nj .fx ,.,,'p-j1:.' X JI." :5'Z3'5.'JA ' fnbll .W I "-1 "un ,Y ax " ui X - 'Q '. ' U, 1 .l" ' -"W, 1' .'Y." . .,A' ln. -'-'x '1' ' ,. ' 1 ' ' .' 2 ' -YYY ' '95 1.41, 1 1 1 H I . Q Uxk ICU 1.1 I 1 5 J . I V I 1 u' W . 1 ,ll-" ' V .- I rffm ,Rx , .,,.x I ' Q . 'J law n I-. I ' H, mb' X my , x X 1 N Q X X X X M wifi' mf'-,P . X' :WH ,. ,Q ,, 1, gp SM . , cw! , 5322- 5' X G 4 1 1 , f - X", K W-.X - M, 3 -WA X K X l k.,9'., ,f ff A N ' w ww ? . iw, ..4'A,,53K-Q, E., .L 1 ' A AX 3 4 .,-mg,,1iW- ,, 1 4 , ,:. A M A- ! 1, jig 4 9 A M m I. I. . K X-.Q . . hi A . A . ,l 1 XJ- I ' X' ',, ye"-AR '- 'EV I"!jfT ff .-Q"-gg ' ,Q 2 r ,. , ,- . . X X W - ' f ff-Q '+ H . ,v .5-gg K L, ,I 'il Y at-K ' Q iff jf: 1. 'L . ig, ?3,Q"'l3s" " 7 ff ,M ' ' im? ' x f I 1 W Q 1 5 M . ' 'T ,, ' , QQ IMI!-4? 3 ' 1--My W A , VV I., ,N ..,. '- ,X , , X 1' 'I i A - t A , g , . , V . 4 1 E, A 4, M-M ff L ' '1':-fI3'Tl 12. ,,,,m.-.Nff. - ' A ' N K A -1 'liyjgg N , . ., , ' f- X- 'N .- , 'V X fr, ' . ' -- 'A' -Qui 5'-i,. M 1:fq":"1Sf,Lz2?' A' ' ' ' 4 " "'f'9"'i.lf7m7 Y ' .W 'V "W -g-1 ,,.,. . Q.. X, - 1.24 V f -aw r. '+I f':17s!g,,+ ,1.,,,f., L' x 431553 ' iix ' ,5M.l'wf yi g,J,5l-Q. 3,3 V4 :IQ HV, , , i Y, , . L ., An H -'P14"Kf',f' .l545,ffJw:-fki - ff L 1 fr ' Q iii' 4 HW 'rS?'HJ S.,-'ff42"3f'.'3"E it ' 5 ...-Y X' v - ' 'f A-4 isfyiv'--14gpqfgas,v .- . ,N ., X gum x gg:-,,. -V Qiff, v. if , N 5 - 'z f.Lsw 7 ,iff f- W ff F- "W f X A 1-... ' -, "-:bf 2.1-, - . 'R , . x , , N V -.341:?.kf'L M . . :QP , +2 , .2 L ,ii , .-.--., , mu., ...V 'ggzfigy ' V -x X K N Q gl Q NX-1, 4 x,,"Af 4: AE ,Shi Ng . .-is . QNX V ,K x ?f.f"A -'Y .f"'fI1R fax. X rf'- ,P 'Q 4,94 S X- ,ix wgi.,--x xx SX 'SXJ Q. if N wi-ff .-"N ' X '. f ' . - Ni QJQSS w g, fl f 5 :'m7"'7'Y5'5' -T Q 3 if wi,2Z,aX1f-wsx 7' " 9 :1 ' LCN-3 'Q 5 " , ' xxx' v Q' " ' ik Q' f - ' x X- ,R KA ,, M , , B f ,. X XX . ,. f A f A ,. W. , , 5 Q fr -' f ,r fi -, ' x ' M 1" Xmfmvf .i5g13,gf:?QQ, '-1 Ji 1 ' if.-Q 361+ ' gfifg ', ' 3 ff? Q ,Sr lxfgg X ' xl K. 'r Y 5. K mi XY wb lm 3 X .Q M -.whwgxig mwxw, K: sw. 3 y I Us, s ,MM K X. A: ,- C f ' Rf ' - ww' ,- Q4 '23 S - z, -.fx P-' .,, , an 4 35-.,wX-125 'bv , ' Q' 4 Fl?f3:'525 1 ' f V 'Mf4'Qz 4:5545 ' ,' . 'QQ- 1 W W 'GW' ' . N 3 , f. 1- 'K 5- . V, Qghvgi K: 3,-ge h 151 4-f'r,Lg3gg.y .-f,,:f5, Af -'syn-,lrw Q , K 1g,ggmg,5Q,fgQiQg ' lm. Q f i xx .QQ JJ ,-S165 ' i if -X M- , v ' ,X 'f . LU' AX '-wffwpfmfj ,Kuff -1 sw. i V Q 'i 'I R 42: A 1 "s k N . . xxx .qt Q i 11 N. i 1 , W W N i . YZ 1 1 , , 1 N iq In , Y N w, .1 - -4.16.4 ' 'a JT? O Ar N N lx 1 Z Sw BEGINNING We come to Trinity with different backgrounds, but our excitement and anticipation are shared. ii ' . i ir' rl-,ff fn f i fl I' ' ' .,:.g"" 'Ji f- 1 , , i h, .kj V i f vvu if, f v 4gWn, , A A M A M ICS? iff! Ill! ll!! ? :Fairy Q AT' gg mpwmwal Ah: 0 f f .ji A f g ' 1 Z9 X , f , .1 - RELATING With new friends and old, we share experiences, warm smiles, and happy times. w 1 4 A ,Gw- J, , if f Q J - 59 iw, 1 , JW Qc' iii? . . ffff'ff 43, 0 1,,fif ' j mu., 4- , G44 :im J , ', .4 'f' ' MW, 'JH M, QV jvfyji ' K Y f , ' ff, Zwfm w' F W A 1: Ta, .h 01 1 .1 1 if X 1 'F' ' 3 I, T ,,r. A -Q ' V ' ' f'fZi"f WZ --L' Wff7:?fG75fM3 f 'rw aff' Q ,w Q MAN ' JW: rw ' Q ,f lrssl new 'wr 2 fy I SP no g yy , ,4 Q ,f 1, W , 4 ,W ' ' , f S? I ,M , I, 9 3, , , N . , X .. ,,. iz. I at g 5 M., V is 1 . up s 1 ' W , 5 A fl 7 if if il .hu Q ' x if W, U ,mx I if Y x e 'Kb I . NK lr! 5 K i rl' ' ' ' - X. Q. W., N-N, U P , 7 K rw- V 4 5-"-z' '1 E7N'Mg'li ' Q A N t .Q- , f ' ,IA " - ' 4 yd . A w Xa, Q . ' ,Q Q . in C an '. g , 5, A G tgghel: if 6 ' , , f '- A ' 'aww V '- ,AJQA , . ,S ..., ..,. 1-'L' . , . , ENABLI Our eyes, our minds, our hearts are open to mold years ol knowledge, prayer, and love into a reflection of Christian maturity. ' 9 Z- Z 1 ,.. M- by,-K R DIRECTING No matter what our profession or direction, our impression will be made. ang 5"-L"."" A , s. . ,W 4 , Z it ff , ,. t if . ,, , , f + , t if s ft fff fa O izz,i.i?,n Q 5 ll K, ,,'i'g. a Ut 1,54 , 6 H 4 J ' sf t :tha s a 1, ' Q '?!'5"Q 9 if- 1' A " g 4 f y ' 9 ' " I 3 rf , , ,N af,,-.p- - V 1, l ,V - f v bf K H . A 4 ,ff if fgftr 5 :lvrx , 1 E P, .55 is T at Q Y v fa lv, 1 .. s f s , V 'A t ' ' j ,f .if . I " fi, 3 , , if z 51: K 'es 'if' 4135 s . Qlffigk ff A I EXPERIENCING Our actions affect those about us as surely as we are part of one body and share one purpose. 0,391 2 55 'a f i I 'Q X l 14 1.5 11:33. rw fa- ' .1111 "Elf -,Q Yfi 4 fp X1 1 1 W , 1!Wf,11, J' ,' i ,1'1rL 'vw' ' J'1kx's'1W' 1? 1 1 .V1y11,J,11 1 'ff fx ' ' hi 3 fffjylihfwfl- H - 5- A, ,,,,. 1 , I mwilww if' 1 111' VT 1 VL 'WL 11 11 1 1 11 1' 1 1 y u ,1u1-1 1 1 1 - , .. 1.311112 'px'-1g1:1.,1:1 Lf , Z , .., Mfifzbdf 575555 i 1w 'i'.fw111" .5 'WQEJJQLTE1 w ' , 1 1 ZQ, fw1Z1 1 - 1 .1 12,1111 1 11 '1 11' 'Him T 2121111-1 1 1 1 M i24l?ffM12 ,w w ' 11.1141-1111. . 1 Q' . n5j1:'.:' .L w lwfi-FEET J +11 1. 1 ff. .11 11 1 u'.111,wf11f V ,,1111: 111 ' ' 1 1 ,1,f1,'111f iff 1111 1H1145111awigzfev11 1 1 W"w-"11'f11"I1 Wm' 'if ?L11113.111111 ,1 1:1111 1w1.1'111gf'1-1-W' 1' 1: 1 1,1 11 ,1,11,111.1:1:yy111'1 31951111WE,:,11,11QQ11y,,511,5,11:1 , 11M1m.11f1,f111 Wa- W 11'W'?1PH1'. 51-1170533r1'1b13f1QmL5I1'011115111 1,1-111-11,1-W' 1.1 1 g11gs1:121111,1'1a111gq i.1115.11111Ql71J'151zWW111 ' f.1?Wh1JA1 :1v111'1'.11V11 1, , 1 1,11,1JE,11f11q1,.-.-1 .1 Jw W'.1:'i:Q1aW'?9':f,?f11 '1 E-1'1,f1wz11n11Uwf1': ffm' ' 'W - f-ff 145 1 1111113 ML. 11 f11!'3?Wl f' 'Ib V51 Mfrgrmu '1 'MW MEUW1--w 1 "1 fu '1 . .11-1, 411,11 '1--7112!-115111 ., 11-f1:fx5ZM1 '11 17111fi1 I 1593521321-?115'f 1.11 11-mfi -1 111 F' Wye 'i111-111.15111 111151 11- "':!+"1l 17,1l,f'IwQ1J J.-2115 1 Mix ff CGMMITTED Our lives are a gift from God, and we walk prepared and committed for we know the Way. M v r 'i v 1 f af"-Z ff-4 I , W , F I ! ,g Y' wa gui' 5 1 1 f 1 f in 14 if 3 I QQ, 37 A , n ' , A L ' . ' , v 1' 62- 3' 4 X 'i 1 1431, ? ' "' f vt 9 V. bf xx 5 1 -, ' 1 'qx ' 5, a v I ' Su ' ,w ,Q n XX -V -: ' VICTOR ANDERSON Chicago, Illinois Theology, History HST PHILIP BARTNICKI IUDY BOLT LARRY BOMMELIE Oak Lawn, Illinois Lansing, Illinois Wheaton, Illinois Art Elementary Education Math MARK BONNEMA South Holland, Illinois X - c :E I it ' ROBERT BROSHER Muncie, Indiana MICHAEL BURRAFATO Palos Park, Illinois Math Theology Marketing ue. xxx KARLA BUTEYN Sheboygan, Wisconsin Physical Education PHYLLIS DAVIDS Cicero, Illinois MathfComputer Science WAYNE DE BOER Chicago, Illinois English KURT BUTEYN PENNY CUTHBERTSON Sheboygan, Wisconsin Burbank, Illinois Biology Elementary Education Em is MARClA DOWNEY Chicago Ridge, lllinois English FRANK DRABIK Chicago, Illinois Accounting X i BRIAN FINLAY RANDY GARTMAN PATRECIA CLAS Merrionette Park, Oostburg, Wisconsin Lighthouse Point, Illinois Accounting Florida Accounting Elementary Education Q.. PAMELA GUENZLER WILLIAM GUTH Palos Heights, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Music Management ,aww i,..,. Palos Heights, Illinois Sheboygan, Wisconsin Business Administration Sociology MIKE HEERDT Burr Ridge, Illinois Accounting IACKELYN KLAIN Lansing, Illinois Business Administration IANET KORTE Lansing, Illinois Accounting ,I ' , X . " rf 9 . 5, M ,- I .M Q , . f , I I , ,, THOMAS LANDGRAF Evergreen Park, Illinois Business Administration IULIUS MEDENBLIK Lantana, Florida Philosophy ALVIN LOVE Calumet City, Illinois Theology MARK METCALFE Tinley Park, Illinois Education is X I I 'I I l I PETER MADANY South Holland, Illinois Math, Chemistry SCOTT MEYER New Port Richey, Florida Management IRENE NAUTA South Holland, Illinois Elementary Education KIMBERLY RICHARDS Orland Park, Illinois Business Administration K' X t 3 s ' f mi ROGER OLBROT Oak Forest, Illinois Biology, Chemistry 'Qs ' PAUL SCHAAP South Holland, Illinois Biology, Chemistry RAYMOND SKIBBE DAVID SPEELMAN INGRID STEFAN Park Forest, Illinois Oak Lawn, Illinois Bridgeview, Illinois Business Administration Accounting English I 23 , qw ir Sagas A NQW 'Q REBECCA STELTZER Wilmington, Delaware Psychology vi n,. , .Af ,milk DENNIS TANRIKULU Palos Heights, Illinois Management LCR' VALU EMMY VAN BELLE DON VAN DYK Palos Heights' Illinois Kendal' Ontario South Holland, lllinois Enghsh P5YCh0l08Y Accounting 24 l 'T x , 5 f . f IOHN VREE South Holland, lllinois Accounting X f f 1 1 f 1 Q X ' ' i j " ,., ': "5" mf' MICHAEL WHITE Chicago, lllinois Sociology EVELYN ZEILSTRA Westchester, lllinois Elementary Education ANDREW VROOM Toronto, Ontario Management ,v,, 4 f ff, f, , if , F Y ' 2' 7 'V,fQ 4' f," l 7 N I 7 sg J N CHARLES WIERSMA Burr Ridge, lllinois Accounting 1. :V ,Mi 1, ff fe' wi ' ' ' S tduu I y - T" 4 'V' ' I , f , 5' Jaw!! 44, C I f 2 Z 52 f i TODD WESSELS Fulton, lllinois Biology KRIS WOLDMAN Oak Park, lllinois Physical Education Not Pictured: LUZ CAIUCOM Biology IEFFREY CRANDALL Business Administration DOUGLAS DE BOER Business Administration IANICE DE MILDT Psychology MAUREEN DOLAN Psychology IACQUELYN DUNLAP Business Administration NANCY DYKE Theology, Music DIANE FERRARI Medical Technology RICHARD HEEMSTRA Business Administration IACK KRAGT Theology, Sociology ALICE LEGCIETT Sociology CANDICE MAYER Medical Technology IRENE PAYNE History DALE TERPSTRA Business Administration GERALDINE WEDLAKE Psychology STEVEN WORSHAM Theology W Douglas Blink Brian Boss Frederick Collins Laura Csonka Karen De Blecourt loanna Demick Ann Mary Dykman Kenneth Fritsch Bruce Gabrielse Peggy Gabrielse Scott Grey Beth Griffin Helen Guichelaar Scott Hendrickson Rafat Abu Shamat Helen Attilakos f Af' -' f -',,.. , , K W 'I yf M , ff- . 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Hoekstra Thomas Huisenga Kevin Huyser Harry james loanne Leinse George Lindemulder Nancy Liszka Raymond Lohne Perry Malik Susan Mels Liz Metcalfe David Meyer Richard Mundt Mark Olson Laura Olthoff Neal Ooms Barbara Oostema Judith Ottenhoff Ruth Schaap Barbara Schepel Donald Slager Diane Sterenberg Michelle Stobinske jack Strong Leonard Sturrup Mark Tazelaar Julie Toering Thomas Triezenberg Timothy Turngren Debra Van Dyk Rick Van Dyken james Van Wolde Kathleen Vanderkleed lane Vander Kooi 28 iii .S X . s W2 N. Q , ws X . X Q5 QQYQ X . fa N X A 'N " Rx x R X X' WX ,A X wx x x .X x VFW 'xs- -4'-""' -U N. X X Q' S531 f i x X 'r G xg Q R3 Q is X. 6 .k W sl X is LM, Robert Vander Waal Lori Vander Woude Mark Ver Hage Marjorie Vis Anita Voss Charles Wessels William Wigboldy Robert Workman Christopher Zeilenga Clyde Wheeler Donna Wheeler Bradley Wieringa Kathleen Wiersma john Wigboldy N NOT PICTURED: Rick Adema Anthony Brummel Dennis Feldkamp Ann-Laureen Fikejs Wendy Flood Susan Greer Lawrence McBride Frances Nichols X Beth Armstrong Mary Balfoort Warren Batkiewicz Robert Berquist David Bonnema Ron Bos Anne Buteyn ... , ,,'ig"tdB3f'i,Xn . . re E? Y ,SZA X Patricia Cummings 'J Laura Dale ff Z '11 f james Dees A 'Yay Calvin Drenth David A. Dykstra Vis Bn lm Vffl K .. 'wwf , P 'Q 1---fc ' 1' f 1, J f ,f fr, f W 4 ff M , M if , ff' my ' 4 ..,,.f --.-. - , M 205 W" ff' f ff' , 'W W L ' We . , X ,' 4 4 'Y l www-ew if K Ji ww 'ws A Q i . fy ' 6,4 , I. - 0 t If . ,X Q it 1 ' X in Q , f , David S. Dykstra Iris Eitel 6 z . A p r ' I E ' Ze n ga .,,. , ' ' , -1 .fx I ,ff v1'2m 7 ,if ,Q Z A ff Kathy Ettema Lisa Evers X52 Giesela Grumbach Allison Hamilton Gerry Hamster janet Hamstra Yu Shu Han Linda Heersink Helen Hernandez Cheri Hockema Nancy Hoogstraten Robert Kamp 31 Donna Kerkstra Rick Leegwater Nathan Lubbers Marian Mall William Medema Cindy Mooi Elizabeth Morbrook Nelda Nelson Thomas Olthoff Thomas Gtten Scott Paarlberg Elmer Pruim Gary Ross Richard Rudolf Karen Schaap Q. www .X 1 1 NN ' 3 wx f I 1 X 4 X X xi 3 9 NNN V' X X, Y K XX XX X Km X X X XX X X N SX xx ,X Q if N Q X X X XX- X X E V-f sa Nam. A s.: Xb A QV gk XR X X ae NX X V' Q ' w W fx i 5 R31 , X Xb QR A E i f. ' .... - V ,. .:.:..:-,s M 2. ' -t i'iifff',YF 4 fl. 'i ""' -' ' XXX X X XX Rx 1 NX 7? RA f XX X NMA 'sal '-" X X X S X-if' X NL' x Q Q X Z W , it Ax? Z SR s 4 + ,Q a2a-Q- R N 1 ,VA l , ,,:. W SSW X ,f Sf X X ' iN Q ? 3 Q w X N X N x Nl: X Q X XX N X X-N X ix A Q X - Q E t N N' 9 .XX. 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'X , Q 2 3: X zo ix' Vg Q 4 N N V, .N - , "L Q P . -J 6' Y X: 1 li A V Q ,zip D 3, x X 'X ff' fill 1 Al: Ted Camphouse lanis Cook Rebecca Corbin David De Boer Mary De Boer ludith De Graff Gail De Master julianne Dombrowski julie Du Mez Linda Dyke Carla Dykstra Roger Dykstra Leona Flim Amy Gabrielse Gloria Garate jean Geerdes ly 35 Donald Gerry Steven Goudzwaard Dennis Greenfield julie Hamstra Dale Hillegonds Yvette Ho Laurie Hoekstra Eunice Houweling Karen Hromada Deanne lpema Cheryl jackson Debra johnson john Kamp Sherri Kamphuis Scott Kilgore Mi Kyung Kim Steve Konings Marty Kooy Rebecca Kroll jolee Lamparter Myra Laninga Ns 22: ' we ,.', V ,,. , .,., A Q , l X S1 X RS Q W X X A. Vgvf x w a- B 5 if Q K S X Xt xx t X W SK XX X X X X X N ' X W X X za X Sf' was NK X Q X A . , w .fx i K N, :fy X , .NM .Xb-N-f K N Wx or -QW X K .AQXX t N . so Q JN A N ix X X X i X 1 N ,QV 9 k aa. 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X X Sf' ' ig X. hwy Wx X V, M fa, vw--was E355 Virginia Medendorp Patricia Miller Elizabeth Moore Michael Murvihill Debra Noort Carol Post Michael Pott Kimberly Rausch john Rehling Nancy Roskam Daniel Scheeres Laura Scheeres William Schepel Renita Schouten Todd Schultz Charles Schutt Betsy Shear Laurie Spencer jackie Spykerman Paul Sterenberg Lorraine Stoll jacob Stuursma Ann Terpstra Susan Tuzik Brent Van Dyk Dale Van Dyke Kenneth Van Kampen Linda Van Kampen Stephen Van Kooten june Van Milligan Kimberly Van Wieren Carole Vander Weele Lynette Vander Woude john Vant Hoff Tracy Veen Patricia Venhousen A f 3 Q 4 HY' .:f,!f:f4':319'.91V '- "W-in 4 i .,il A :,,: yy " f f 4 2,6 'f"av.? Q Q if f 3, ff , Q 7 m 1 V Vfffwn 1 7 ! vw 9,W f ffmgffx ,yf i , 1 0 1 ,:11 ,'?,5f,, jg "fairl y f f 1 'ff gf f W 5 'Sv fn if iffy ' . f ' X X f X ff 1 fav 2270 QW? f in - , ,Wa --,- H 5 im, .-,, ,f t J .Q ,.22g,gszj54 -'Z i 3 'WSP X. RX , . . s Q 'x S ff V. - A ' ' , W Qs v '. Q X ' . X . , ,, as W.msM4 jgff.-Aigw I Kenneth Voogt Lisa Voskuil john Vroom Debra Weaver Tamara Wessels Pamela Wieringa Tamella Willis Barbara Wiltjer Susan Wiltjer L Sandra Workman gs R Lynne Zuidema Miriam Zylstra NOT PICTURED: jeannie Bonnema Sara De Meester Nancy Evans Daria Florez Carolyn Gouwens john Groenewold William Hofer Olive Kimbrough Erik Lubbers Lorna Mars Lynn Mulhall john O'Neill David Olsen Michele Olsen Daryl Poortinga Linda Reid Beverly Ridderhoff Darren Schombert Mary Sherrod Penny Spick Robert Stanford Abraham Ukibit David Van Dusen Renae Wessels DR. GERARQ vANXo,izoN'XmCEN New Positions - New Faces Some of the administrative overhead oftiwe Presidenrs Office has been eliminated, by the creation oftwo new vice-presidencies. The V Vir:ewPresident of Administration is Mr. J, Robert Christensen, pictured at the far right. He guides and Supp-ortg the areas of Admissions, Business and Finazirze, Computer Services, Development, and Faciilitiesg Hisiiroie as liaison between these departments and the President facilitates organization and communication. The Vieewresicient of Academic and Student 'Affairs is Dr, Burton Rozema, pictured right. He serves as chief associate of the President. He oversees the quaiity of the academic curriculum, as wel? as the organization and performance of facuity, ' library, and student Iife personnelg f .Presiderjt V N , Qmww QNX V f f.X-- y :VV hey . W i V V,f - ,V J M VLJXXX5 Q fX...V, ZA X - , '- 0V 4--ew. Ar AQ XV V JV. -, 'V " .fe-'WV ?.X.Xs 15 W we V W X 7, . VX. ,W 7 J, XM ,Xe ff , f V QV ' ' K4-215 VV V X. -5 V, ff ff , ' f -4 K VV, wh V 1 1 V , , ,, XX VV. -2 W msex EXW X V 2 K SW ff' 4 Xl!! :V K Vg Q MSX? .... I 44 'Q X, V XQV gf we if-ri ,, ,,,, X. V. , ,XX ' X VW -X Q V517 X- 7-XSWXX-VK AMW-ev f -ff 0 W :X f.. VV WX- me-ZVVZXX-V KX" ' Va. W X ,Vag X-nf - . S I X X 2... wWXy ,, VVV yy ,V MX-W VVV 5'-yn -- ,jff T, V' wf f VV ye-W me fe ' 'W-V X. ,ee .X V . V, 4 VVV ,fe-M' 'X W www V '- -i-- M ' ' WX' mragi X " FV ,,.X., ff- QT iz ' 'M A Q.-7 M W -QVWXW' QM .- if' .. 'VW X V V1 74 XX--V V Ae-V .f -' 'X iw W iw X V XX? X ,V ,V.XXX, - VV,f..W X e Q AX-Q 4 ,MQW A WX M ,, ' ' V, f .- XX, Vee V' 4 ei M2 . Vx- , X, rf.XXVgW, z.XfW11XV .Xy ' V .X V, '- VVWX-V, fe WSW WXXX, X3 f L -rrr MV VVV X ZXVXNX ' FW i 'rf .' NW .-,fe 'W X, X,fX. .X,4.. af. XW iw .. ' -rrr ,X XXW . V, , H L M , X VNV .s,. q .,, W xW 'V Q X! SWA ix 'W' , , ,,, X, . V,, XX. XX, fX., r. 'Vw , -ef, X kr-YXQV r. - Va -VV N XXX X V -ewwee - XXX X XV ..X,W ' CWXQ . ef W X nf XXW f W X f w 4 EW XQ- Vr rf.. ., 5- X Lee, .XX fy A JVXXXX - -VW X V, V.-ff... AXX ' f V W X' X , -VV. N X1 ,V fi- a, K ew, is gif f' X- , ,,ffXX, Mffi X X ,, V Xkxk XZ LX? X' M' -NV i WW' V fx .V 5-V4 e V Q :,-W V f T7 X X 'VXX -VV X K 'V S ,, VV V-X VX, ff -5' N V brig in W ' SWM, .X,,wX KV, V 'V ' eV i f XX: , X VV .. .VV ,, V MV X 1 'VV .1.,, 2..XX V 7 ew X wfe--VV ,W W W .X,,V SW gf fe ff i X W, X Q 'ex VWXW X-gewfi X X Z 5 2 2 5 2 Y i Q , r Q E ,V E ,si 1 i Q HN E il .J A 5 4 5 H i ii E 1 Q X , I ,, AV XXYI W X zXXf V rr ,f ew .M ,XXZV V x , V X e., 3. - X A ' VVV,, W 9 ,2V ' ? 45 1 M 1 Ui Beezhoid, and Mr. Richard Molenhouse. Back row: Mr. Audley Lemmenes, Dr. Richard Prince, Mr. Henry Kamp, Rev. Arthur Schoonveld, and Mr. Bruce Nikkel. Not pictured: Dr, Albert Diepstra, Mr. Edwin Gabrielse, and Dr. Dan W. Van Pro0yen. MR. DICK COLE Psychology MRS. LOIS COLE Physical Education QW S K My qfwsm-fww'w:-wfwmyx'vw 'vsi"ff'ff2fY1 H xx 1 ,ss .,,. 5 X so 4' -'RNA . .as M. ,1.,.:, ssfs ,,,. VA,, . .. V -- 5 W Q . 3 .,,:, s, W'-f sg R -' 4- W .. X Q f MR- MICHAEL DE DR. DAN DIEPHOUSE VRIES Psychology English DR. DERKE BERGSMA Theology DR. NORMAN DE lONCi Education MR. IACK BROTHERS Business MRS. KAREN DE MOL Music Zi MRS. SUSAN FULKERSON Accounting MS. GRACE HUITSINC- English MR. RON HANSUM Computer Services MRS. CAROL LARSON MR. HARRY Music LUBANSKY Chemistry I MR. RICHARD KOOY MR. JOHN MathfComputer KOOYENGA Science Business 84 Economics DR. STEVEN POINTER Theology MR. DAVID RlBBENS Physical Education ' f" 1 A ff ft' f is 4 cy f - 'f Af ' ' W, X f 1 . DR. ROBERT RICE History R f A ' ' " Q RARf f M , fl ' ' gas' ,W Wwunw' .,,z"l'." '65 , . ,, ,qmhymwgggy--9 ,EQ ,. f f f,.,Q,,.., 4 , . . X... g . '--1 4 Z' E' , f '11-iii iz,"ff'1!- f.,'iS+"!' W M 74 SLIEKERS Library 84 Bookstore NOT PICTURED: MRS. MAXINE GROEN Nursing Education DR. MAARTEN VRIEZE Philosophy MR. IOHN ROOSE Philosophy MR. TOM STEEN Physical Education MR. IACOB VAN WYK Art 'U' nafkx, 1 1 ff f mi DR. GERRIT VAN DYKE Biology DR. LOU SYTSMA Chemistry MR. DAVID VERSLUIS MR. ROBERT WOLFF Art Biology rw, W' 5 43 W 6 L i LIBRARYg Standing: lean Strong. Sitting: Lois Boonstra. COLLEGE DEVELOPMENTQ Back row: David Versluis, Keith Vander Poi, Thomas Back, and Al Bult. Second row: Martha Madany, Carol Kent, and loan Cannon. Sitting: judy King, Z 2 4 ? Z W-W ,.f .-W ..,f ,,,,.,...,,..,-if WW' , ,,.. ' WW? iiffw ' 1 - W, f, , , , Q Wzaum . V, , fvff,-1--1 ,f , , MM41 - ,..,..,.,..,,.1-14-tw" , , , 4, ,. M ,.,fwv""r ., ,.., W "'1"'r"""' . ..,.."..4 fu,--'pm ' gwfywmffuffaafmf-Nnlfm A 1 f.... ff Z g f ,,.+ X 1 ' ' , y...w+Qww.wwwMM,Mf,,fuumwmvA.W, 9 4 ,S BOOKSTOREQ Betty Kerkstra. Russ Otten, and Be and Louise Poonka. tty Bultema. Not pictured: Sue De Vries, FACULTY SECRETARIES Irlghtb Standing Nancy Rupp and Carol Van Wyk Slttrng Ann Boerema. PRINTING AND MAILING Ibelow leftl Eric Echols. BUSINESS AND FINANCE Ibelow rlghtl Back row: Marllyn Wlltjer Fredrick Van Swol, and Lois Thomson Front row Bernice Balsan and lessie Galloway. if N9 .... A XE ' V., M af FOOD SERVICE labove leftlj Back row: Walter Grant and Victor Rosema. Front row: Dodie Schulz, Val Zawizsa, and Dottie Tilleman. ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIES labove rightly Doris Slager, Celeste Dougherty, and Chris Huizenga. Not pictured: Alice De Vries. MAINTENANCE lleftlp Gene Buss, Kaye Le Mahieu, Marcia Wolterink, lohn Oldenburger, Ron Pakula, Nick Crescenzo, Marvin Dokter, and Gary Bos. I I I Paris C I I J w" .Q X ZS e,,zX, X ft A X 'FL'-I s. LINDA BACK THOMAS BACK y Palos Heights, Illinois Palos Heights, Illinois I Music History I Six I DANETTE BERCISMA BONNIE BIRD ANN BOEREMA MILA CAIUCOM Palos Heights, Illinois Oak Lawn, Illinois Oak Lawn, Illinois Palos Heights, Illinois Music Physical Education Elementary Education Biology S n Q EMIL COOPER STEPHANIE COOPER IANE DE BOER LAURA DE BOER Freeport, Bahamas Freeport, Bahamas South Holland, Illinois Holland, Michigan Accounting Medical Technology Elementary Education Psychology .ywvn N I I Q ix SHIRLEY DE GRAFF BRUCE DE SMITH HENRY DOORN, IR. BARBARA DORST South Holland, Illinois Oostburg, Wisconsin Oak Lawn, Illinois Sheboygan, Wisconsin Elementary Education Sociology Accounting Management 'X x Www ,P tw sv f, x CATHERINA FEYER KENNETH GACH JOHN GIROUX STEVEN HILBELINK Sheboygan, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Oak Forest, lllif10iS Adell, Wisconsin Accounting Sociology Biology Accounting CYNTHIA HUIZENGA IANE IANICKI Elmhurst, Illinois Grand Rapids, Michigan Sociology Physical Education CYNTHIA JOHNSON SANDRA IOHNSON LEONORA IONES LAMBERT KAMP Broadview, Illinois Stickney, Illinois Worth, Illinois Oak Lawn, Illinois Business Administration Psychology Physical Education Accounting V, DEBRA KERKSTRA BARBARA KINGMA Worth, Illinois De Motte, Indiana Art Management S MARIE KORRINGA JAMES KUIPERS Orlando, Florida South Holland, Illinois on Psychology Chemistry Q wk N fx f"" " N NX N XXX X Nf X A X 3 X X bf -I-lf., so s S 'X 19? 9:4 5 , V -. H 19 ' H y sf t S ,, X 3 ,, 4, i , X, it k MARK LAUSCH BRENDA LEMMENES IANET MOLENAAR GERALDINE MOSKAL Oak Lawn, Illinois Palos Height, Illinois Enniskillen, Ontario Orland Park, Illinois Management Philosophy, History Sociology Accounting xx l I DONALD IUDITH OLTHOFF HILDA OVERWEG KENNETH RACKE NORDSTROM South Holland, Illinois Scarborough, Ontario Worth, Illinois Oak Lawn, Illinois Elementary Education Biology Biology I fi' it g-, -Q .4 . U .ASV fi - VICKI RIEMERSMA CHALLISE RUCIN KIMBERLY LISA SIKKEMA Sheboygan, Wisconsin Oak Lawn, Illinois RUSTHOVEN Chicago Ridge, Illinois Elementary Education Psychology Oak Lawn, Illinois Accounting l Elementary Education 51 sw vm' B it MARY SWIETON KEITH TIGGELAAR NINA VAN BRUCIGEN DANIEL VAN DRUNEN Tinley Park Illinois Evergreen Park Illinois Mokena Illinois South Holland Illinois Management Management Psychology Management if MARLENE BOONSTRA Ar PETER BOONSTRA English IAMES CAMPIONE Business Administration ANNETTE DE BOER Elementary Education KATHY DE BOER Sociology DEBRA DECKER Management CHRISTINE DEITELHOFF Accounting MARILEE HEIDER Biology NOT PICTURED HOPE HORACE Sociology DAVID HUIZINGA Biology TERRY IANSEN Accounting SHIRLYN MARTIN Management BENNETT McCABE Biology DANIEL MEYER Biology SYLVAN PAYNE Art DANIEL ROEDA English KARIN SCHAT History SARA VAN KOOTEN LAURA VAN STEDUM Morrison Illinois Palos Heights Illinois Business Administration Elementary Education SHARON STOB Psychology CHARLES SVOBODA Management HENRY VANDER NAALD Elementary Education PAUL VANDER VENNEN Philosophy REBECCA VAN EE Elementary Education MARY VEURINK English IANICE VOZIKIS Sociology TIMOTHY WESSELS Fulton, Illinois Mathematics X' Z , g X -IRA NNN ::::::srNW?A9w v MW- -V Men's Soccer 7- ,Y W-r--'-,,, ..,,,V .if-1. g',i..7:'!e., ,ca 1li'?IW5 i'.if' ' MEN'S SOCCER TEAM, Back row: Dave janke, Charlie Mike Pott, Chuck Van Groningen, Steve Konings, Dennis Wessels, Paul Beezhold, Bill Wigboldy, Tim Beezhold, Steve Greenfield, Steve Goudzwaard, Rick Adema, Ken Voogt, Arnold, Randy Bergsma, Leonard Sturrup, Rob Stanford, and Abraham Ukibit. and Coach Dave Ribbens. Front row: john Groenewold, 0? gd .QV Coach Dave Ribbens had only three returning players this year, and the Trolls were to play their toughest season yet. The building team started with a bang, winning five games. Adrenaline slowed and a mid-season slump set in. The regular season ended with a record of 7-7. In the tournament play-offs, the Trolls lost to Moody. The high point of the season came when Trinity beat Moody in a regular season game. A first in six years! M Q H, -pf . M' 3Z,..,.'W Women's Volleyball "Bump", "Set", and "Spike" gave the Lady Trolls and Lois Cole a 24-9 record and the National Christian College Athletic Association Championship. Exciting ball control and movement at the Dordt invitational tournament gave a taste of what was to come this season. The team's outstanding season was demonstrated by their first place finish in Trinity's invitational tournament. K - as-1 , fl V' W H ve :it t ...L 5 'ff v lzlz 5 f f Q, Q x WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM5 Back Metcalfe. Front row: Assistant Coach row: Coach Lois Cole, lan Cook, julie Verhuist, Deb Noort, Ann Mary Linda Boeringa, Anne Buteyn, Peggy Dykman, Linda Van Kampen, and Lori Ciabrielse, Amy Ciabrielse, and Liz Schneider. '-5-2.5 fh N i 1 it Q51 A Men's Basketball A new outlook for a new team is what the Trinity Trolls had this season. Although they had a 9-16 record this season, this is no reflection on the team's play and control fthe team lost most of their games by 10 points or lessl. Mike White became 2 member of the 1,000 Point Club this year, but what will be missed most is the leadership which he and Randy Gartman gave the team. The young team will have to establish themselves among tough competition in the future. ' ' i . . ...,,,, .tk MEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, Back row: Mike White, Kent and Rick Van Dyken Front row Dave Dykstra Paul Buteyn, john Vant Hoff, Don Slager, Coach Tom Steen, Sterenberg, Steve Van Kooten Steve Soodsma and Randy Steve Hoekstra, Daryl Poortinga, Rick Van Swol, Cal Drenth, Gartman. Not pictured Scott Williams Z ff M fy A f 2' ff 1 , 4 if f M 'V ,, fa 4 V, f., 41 Z X , , 3 gmqnqndnli Twrgw? 2 I 4 4 Q ! ,,., Af, """"4 4 Z X ' up Women's Basketball A combination of consistency and quality playing describes this year's Lady Trolls. This combination led to a season record of 13-7, which included a nine game winning streak. With the help of Laurie "pick-pocket" Hoekstra and Liz "assist" Metcalfe, the team controlled the defensive pace of the game. Lynn Vander Woude, Kris Woldman, and Deb Noort were a menace on the boards to their opponents. The team provided great excitement for the Trinity fans. ff 1, '5 uf M ff , 0--. -1 If - if ml' WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAMQ Back row: Lynn Vander Wiltjer, Liz Metcalfe, Betsy Shear Linda Boerlnga and Woude, Kris Woldman, Deb Noort, Coach Lois Cole, Donna Laurie Hoekstra. Blake, Deb lolink, and Nancy Hoogstraten. Front row: Sue l 2 l l 5 W i 4. A, , 1 .Q ff 4 f X 4 'Q b -xi W nu ! ' cf W , Xgy 'Haw Q M 4 fs, K ,. 4 x ' .q.., ,x., w.WM.,.,A4sn. X- ' """""i' K, , ll- "" Q '51 Q 5 N ws. W-we me 'L' hw... E' SE M5 111 ' X, ' ' --uc ,rw Cheerleaders -A il 45235 K CHEERLEADERS5 Deb Van Dyk, Anne Buteyn, Karla Buteyn, Nancy Roskam, Sue Buteyn, Sue Lokers, and joiee Lamparter. Z4 .nl HQ. Sf W I 7fMEN'S BASKETBALL RESULTS MEN'5 SOCCER RESULTS EMAUS 92 - 30 CARDINAL STRITCH 89 ROSARY 73 - 71 NORTHWESTERN 62 - ROOSEYELT 55 - 77 MSOE 70 CARDINLAL STRiTCH 62 -70 I MARIAN 72 - MARYCREST 98 - 53 MARANATHA 77 - ST. AMBROSE 93 - 46 GEORGE WILLIAMS 55 - TRINITY 84 - 54 EUREKA 55 EDGEWOOD 59 - 48 NORTHWESTERN 57 CARDINAL STRITCH 85 - 94 MARANATHA 71 BETHEL 47 - 72 MARIAN 55 MOODY BIBLE 72 - 57 G.R. BAPTIST 73 TRINITY 64 - 84 EDGEWOOD 2 MSOE 80 - 89 WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL RESULTS I.T.T. 3 - 0 I.T.T. NORTH PARK 3 - 2 O.N.C. BLACKBURN 2 - 0 TRINITY NORTHWESTERN 2 - 0 IUDSON MARANATHA 2 - 1 WHEATON G.R. BAPTIST 2 - 0 PURDUEfCALUMET IUDSON 3 - 2 CHICAGO STATE I.B.C. 0 - 3 CONCORDIA DORDT 3 - 1 GEORGE WILLIAMS AUGUSTANA 0 - 3 GRACE NORTHWESTERN 2 - 3 G.R. BAPTIST PURDUEfCALUMET 0 - 2 ROSARY AURORA 0 - 2 MOODY ROSARY 3 - 0 LI I TRINITY MOODY 3 - 0 NORTHWESTERN CALVIN 0 - 2 IUDSON U of C 2 - 0 NORTHLAND BAPTIST 7 - 3 MOODY BIBLE 5 - 0 LINCOLN CHRISTIAN 7 - 1 NORTH CENTRAL 3 - 0 DORDT 7 - 0 ST. PAUL BIBLE 1 - 0 OLIVET NAZARENE 1 - 0 MARANATHA 3 - 2 LINCOLN CHRISTIAN 4 - 1 MOODY BIBLE 2 - 'I GRSBM 2 - 1 GRACE BIBLE 1 - 0 TRINITY 1 - 0 ST. lOSEPH'S 2 - 1 MOODY BIBLE 3 - 0 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL RESULTS NORTH PARK 68 - 66 PURDUEXCALUMET 53 - 69 IUDSON 66 - 54 EDGEWOOD 71 - 46 ELMHURST 47 - 66 G.R. BAPTIST 71 - 54 BETHEL 81 - 45 OLIVET NAZARENE 63 - 54 GEORGE WILLIAMS 67 - 56 AURORA 74 - 56 TRINITY 67 - 59 EUREKA 69 - 67 ROSARY 79 - 35 MARANATHA 77 - 47 MARIAN 61 - 71 WHEATON 70 - 77 GRACE 72 - 66 l Banquet honors Trinity's athletes. Each spring, a sports award banquet is held to honor Trinity's outstanding athletes. The evening began with a softball game between the combined soccer and volleyball teams versus the basketball teams. After the game, a picnic dinner was held in the gym. Awards were presented to athletes in all four areas of athletics. This year, the Keith Alber's award was presented to Don Slager. The women's award for outstanding involvement was presented to Kris Woldman. -:ff 3, ::'.4:g:s- , 6 I Z A? 4 FZ - Intramurals get everyone involved. Intramurals were once again a big part of the sports program at Trinity. A wide variety of sports were played, so that everyone could be involved in a sport that they were interested in. Sports for women included volleyball and hoc soc. The men played basketball, hoc soc, and floor hockey. Co-ed sports were softball and volleyball. There were also special tournaments held throughout the year. Students and faculty members participated in tennis, racquetball, badminton, free throw shooting, and bowling. Intramurals kept students busy almost every night of the week. .MA-st .. f . 'ft S ' I .ww W in A INTRAMURAL DIRECTORS: Back row: Peggy Gabrielse, Ann Mary Dykman, and Anne Buteyn. Standing: Dave 'se .f Ribbens. Front row: Rick Van Swol, Rick Van Dyken, and Bob Kamp. Q- 1 -- MSWM I L ,ff If Ik ,...'fr"" M-"""' .A s' ASX-4'-2 4...--"""""1'L..-vu. ....... K """'!' . , ...--an-' WM. ww,.mwwv ,,,.,.,,,,,.mvw+-ww! v MMNAWQVN nw WWW , S fqxvfs .Nw-""""Wq' A X t ' X 1 XSX Q5 H ix X X K X X A XXX ' X.: x X N X Q X X XXX X , X Xxx 3 ,...aX.,-,, M::,g X X X X X :.:,::-M-X.,f,.X.:..:,1:hXfX::XXf:fe E, Q N X V X X X X , N X fi: ,XX X ,KX X Q , X 'X-, X , , ,XX S NX 1 X 9 X ' N H, XX" ' X -. X ZX X X41 ,: X: 2 K , X X 4,t X,, X 3.-my E - S 'XX,, X XX X X ,Z ,L,. . e.,,4? X X X X , X w. X X- XS X RX X X X X X XXB I s X x x X Q ' 9 X X X xi ,X X 5 X X X X N X X X ,Q XX X xx: X X X X Xgx X XX 2 X A X . mm, XX., 5 ifi Q , ,X , J., I. M wifi? '5,,,,.-:Pj ?93Qg?!'Qg?igfL-:ah alia as .. V , 5 4 ,Q , ff' gg X f 2, Q e ,P r 'A' b ' Q , ' -vyv rf h , If X fs, y ' ffA" , 1 ""1?' A ff . 23" N-if " MN , f Xp, M ,mg - A -,np V - " Q., 1 V- ' ', ' ' A . Y ' Q ,,,.. A.-f 'I' L,, -qxf gf - 'M 1 - W 4-H fv. .vf .f f mf 49' X' w I .iff-K V if , . 3, Q :al , Jw-- xxx X x f .nw .,.- -....,.,-f-h...,.w.M.,w-f uw- ,- vm-un,-.Wyman 7:r",L'--A--H ' V V X XX f it e 3 if il Student Association helps students round out their lives. STUDENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEQ Back row: Steve M. Hoekstra, Irene Nauta, Chairperson jul Medenblik, Dave Larsen, Ruth Schaap, and jan Korte. Front row: Diane Sterenberg, Roger Olbrot, Beth Armstrong, Linda Heersink, and Lori Stoll. Not pictured: Laura Dale, Cheri Hockema, lack Kragt, George Lindemulder, Virginia Medendorp, Liz Metcalfe, Dave Speelman, Mark Tazelaar, julie Toering, and Kathy Vander Kleed. The Student Association is the student governing body that not only helps us to keep involved in campus life and activities, but acts as a sounding board between students and administration and faculty. It is a group of well- rounded and concerned students that make up the Student Association. Their main goal is to make the rest of the student body equally as well-rounded and concerned. They remind us through the four main divisions of the Student Association that we are not only serious students - Academic Affairs - but that we are social, fun-loving beings - Student Life, Arts and Activities - and students concerned with campus issues - Student Publications - as well as leaders in Christ's work - Student Ministries. 70 The Orientation Committee welcomes new students. w .i,ii WWE , K 4 'duff New buildings, new faces, new names, times, dates, and schedules must be sorted, scanned, and filed. But there is one warm and caring group that waits to shake your human sensibilities back into place. This group is the Orientation Committee, composed of fellow students and faculty, people who have been around long enough to give helpful advice on how to cope with the confusing influx of information and red tape that every college freshman and transfer student meets upon arrival. They even plan social activities and trips into the city to remind us that out life at Trinity will be a time to grow and share in friendships with one another. ORIENTATION COMMITTEE, lane Vander Kool, Irene Nauta, Elmer Pruim, Lori Vander Woude, Ruth Schaap, Phyllis Davids, Laura Dale, Dave Larsen, julie Toering, and Kathy Vander Kleed. Not pictured: Linda Heersink, jul Medenblik, Roger Olbrot, Paul Schaap, Dave Speelman, and lack Strong. 'NQHK ' ' K 8 K ,F ,. , 'f ,fTiv'?g'i1f 3? wil' 'i if l 71 The Allelu comes ahve agaln ALLELU STAFF Back row Mary Balfoort Becky Kroll lohn Kamp Karen Schaap Leonard Sturrup Walter Grant Marty Kooy and Lora Stoll Second row Copy Edltor Marcia Downey jane Vander Koo: Laura Olthoff Phyllis Davlds lune Van Mulligan jolee Lamparter and Joanna Demlck Slttmg Photographer Elmer Prunm Assistant Edltor Irene Nauta Edltor lan Korte and Faculty Advisor Sue Fulkerson Not plctured Todd Schultz Tom Trlezenberg and Bull Wlgboldy After many years of struggling wlth understaffed sections and unmet deadlines, the Allelu has fnnally been re created Student Interest this year has been tremendous, conslstlng of those who have experience and those who want to learn Each section has at least one editor, with some staff members assisting Advised by Mrs Sue Fulkerson, the editor and assnstant editor have come to understand the lntrucacles of organlzlng a yearbook The staff hopes that this yearbook wlll become a standard for future Allelus Buslness Staff Brxan Boss and Dave Meyer lil? W N , N . . ' N S . I Z N. 2 . . X rw , gf . sy Q if ,W P42 - , - f 4 . s I f xi , ' " 1 5 ZMW1, , 4 5' . . N f, - . ' . N ' N .. N K N . . I I Z , N ' ' . , N , N . . . . N ' W 0 59 .. O O www A Y A 4 an Ag 4 - F- 4 444444 4 T T 4 . . V A , ,A , U . , , ,AAT ,Al ,N - 44 i i Q-H744 1 I Trinity Christian ollege OURIER .yay COURIER STAFF, Back row: jul Medenblik and Phyllis Davids. Second row: Editor Wayne De Boer and Kathy Ettema. Front row: Marcia Downey and Editor Laura Dale. Not pictured: Tom Back, Larry Bommelje, Mark Bonnema, Mike De Vries, and Mike White. April. 1982 Student interest and ingenuity are reflected through the student newspaper, the Courier. Volunteers submit their special skills of photography, organization, typing, writing and layout to produce a monthly publication that deals with the issues of greatest concern. Sometimes used as a sounding board, the Courier represents the views of the college and all of its members. Students and staff can voice their opinions through the "Letters to the Editor" section. Special features and monthly columns help to voice the news, humor, changes, excitement, complaints and reflections of campus life. , ' jf Az-A,.: 5 tipyigvgg-'Q .Egg if-S, J, ,553-we . S QgsAka:gX"'N, 2. Q5 ' A .. We . S ' -v7x .K .QQ X A iiilsftg 5956155 W Nei WT? R.D.s and R.A.s make us feel at home. Resident Directors and Resident Assistants compose the staff of Trinity's three dorms. Resident Directors, more affectionately known as "Dorm Parents", are the chief administrators in the dorms. They are responsible for promoting an environment which is supportive of studying and living in a Christian community. They also aid in the administrative details of dorm life, and they act as informal counselors. Resident Assistants are students who are chosen by the Dean of Students and the Resident Directors. The R.A.s, as they are called, act as informal peer counselors. They are also resource people and are supporters of college regulations. Their job also involves such things as filling out work orders and distributing toilet paper. VANDER VELDE HALL R.D.s AND First semester: Kevin Huyser, Mary Cramer, Alicia Cramer, Bob Cramer, and Kathy Vander Kleed. Second gemegtgrl not pictured: loann Demick and Leonard Sturrup. NORTH HALL R.D.s AND R.A,5: Lori Vander Wgudel SOUTH HALL R.D.s AND R.A.s5 Back row: jackie Klain,Paul Gail Rice, Bob Rige, and Alligon Hamilton, Schaap, and Irene Nauta. Front row: Kris Woldman, Dave Ribbens, Deb Ribbens, and jul Medenblik. Not pictured Roger Olbrot. The Food Serv students a cha Student Representatives get a chance to meet with Coronet Food Service manager, Vic Rosema, and Dave Larsen to make suggestions for the weekly menu planning. If student compliments or grumblings have been echoing around the dining hall, these representatives make it their business to relay student ce Committee gives nce to let off steam. sentiment. Occasional food opinion surveys are taken to see what students would like to see more of and what they would like to see dropped from the menu. As long as there is a Food Service Committee, neither Vic nor the students can complain of a lack of communication. FOOD SERVICE COMMITTEE, Back row: Leonard Sturrup, Vic Rosema, and Dave De Boer. Front row: Pat Glas, Karen Schaap, and lean Geerdes. Not pictured: Walter Grant, janet Hamstra, Dave Larsen, lane Vander Kooi, Todd Wessels, Brad Wieringa, and Ev Zeilstra. There IS a method to this sclentlflc club The Scrence Club membership rs open to all Through freld trrps to Argonne National students who show an Interest ln any of the Laboratory, zoos and museums, the members screntrfrc fields Interested sclence buffs meet are exposed to various job possrbrlltres An twlce a month to discuss current science Issues annual candy fund raiser helps to glve them a and to share new techniques They also certain amount of economic freedom to pursue partrcrpate rn research projects of their own these Interests choice 6 X I SCIENCE CLUB Standlng Dan Scheeres Dr Van Dyke Karen De Blecourt Ruth Schaap Paul Schaap Rob Berqulst Don Gerry Warren Vx f Batkrewrcz Steve Konlngs Scott Roger Olbrot Not pictured Beth Hendrickson Bob Vander Waal Steve Grrffrn Perry Mallk and Carole Vander Hoekstra and Mr Wolff Layrng Weele Q O ' I 0 o . . . .P .2 " S' ' , 1. "f:M"t'1""f"'ft"" " ' i 5 , f 1 ' I M f 49' 1 ' , , I F VJ . Q 5 2 V A A' , E , all N ' a ' yfigz ' ff vm- 2 I , , . . I ' I f f I f 1 I I I - - Z ' I I Big Brothers and Sisters give their love. If the concept and practice of brotherly love could be summed up in one organization here at Trinity, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a likely candidate. Many volunteers spend from two to three hours a week with students from Elim Christian School for the Handicapped. They take them shopping, to movies, and on other outings for fun. But, more importantly, they are available to talk to and to develop a learning relationship with the younger students. BIG BROTHERS AND BIG SISTERS, Back row: Virginia Medendorp, Harry james, jake Sturrsma, and Marian Brandwyk. Front row: Cindy Boomsma, Tammy Willis, and Deb Weaver. Not pictured: Linda Bothof, Anne Buteyn, jean Geerdes, julie Hamstra, Kaye Le Mehieu, Liz Moore, and Mary Sherrod. "I was in prison and ou came to me." This year, Trinity students once again letters to prisoners or participate in such volunteered their time and effort for the PACE activities as Bible studies or jail "socials". program. PACE lProgrammed Activities for Everyone benefits from this rewarding Correctional Educationl Institute is a unique experience. educational program and ministry which sets out to give prisoners the academic, vocational, and spiritual assistance they need to stay out of PACE: BaCk f0W1 April EiZGf1SH,.RHY LOHHGQ Mike POII, Judy jail once released- Trinity Volunteers help De Graff, julie Hamstra, Ray Skibbe, and Vic Rosema. . . , . Second row: Gail Rice, Myra Lamnga, and Lynne Zuldema. mmates at Chlcago S Cgoolf County -lalll one Front row: Mickey Balesteri, Mike Murvihill, Gigi Grumbach evenmg 3 week, tutoring ln Subjects llke Gloria C-arate, Beth Veenstra, and Lawrence McBride. reading, English, and math. Some students write 'SST Q diy 77 Music rings out at Trinit . An evening of praise and thanksgiving made up the choir's second major performance. The hours of rehearsal for both events paid off, as an enjoyable time was had by all who attended. Second semester found the group making chapel The 1981-82 school year was a busy one indeed for this year's choir. This fall found the choir, under the direction of Mrs. Carol Larson and Mrs. Karen De Mol, making its musical debut at a Psalm Sing held in the Palos Reformed Church. appearances at several of the area's Christian schools, as well as singing in a choir competition against other Chicago-area colleges at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. TRINITY CHOIR, Back row: Victor Anderson, Ted Armstrong, Laura Olthoff, Virginia Medendorp, and Kathy Camphouse, Walter Grant, Harry james, Mark Bonnema, Timmons. Front row: Lynne Zuidema, loanne Leinse, Myra Chuck Van Groningen, Steve Arnold, Bill Guth, Kevin Laninga, Kathy Ettema, lean Geerdes, Carla Dykstra, Patty Huyser, and Dave Dykstra. Second row: Laura Dale, Lisa Miller, june Van Milligan, and Phyllis Davids. Not pictured Evers, Lisa Voskuil, Yvette Ho, April Eizenga, Beth Pam Guenzierf Yu Shu Han, and Dale Van Dyke. . sv X Unlike the choir, which is composed solely of singers from Trinity's student body, the Trinity Chorale draws its vitality from the student body and the surrounding community. Rehearsal for this group took place every Tuesday night. Finally, after much hard work and many evenings of practice, the Trinity Chorale was prepared to present what would be a splendid performance of one of Brahms' greatest works - the German "Requiem". They also participated in the Mission Emphasis Week at Western Springs. Naphtali, a mixed chorus which spreads God's Word in song, spent much of the fall semester mastering musical scores for upcoming performances. Though rather small in number, this group was great in spirit and participated in the worship services of several area churches and in one of the chapel services held on campus. Wherever the group sang, many hearts were inspired and lives were enriched by their ministry. xy. NAPHTALIQ Back row: Brent Van Dyk, Chuck Van Groningen, April Eizenga, Mark Bonnema, and Dan Brown. Front row: Kathy Ettema, Pam Guenzler, loanne Leinse, Karla Buteyn, and Peggy Gabrielse. TRINITY CHORALE, Back row: Henry Bloem, Don Leo, George Zoeterman, Brent Van Dyk, Eugene Decker, Owen Huizenga, john Meekma, Henry Adema, and Director David Buursma. Second row: janet Bloem, Harold Boonstra, Florence Triezenberg, john Hoving, Janis Versluis, Gelene Zoeterman, Dorothy lager, Laura Smith, Doris Slager, and Dora Diephouse. Front row: Ann Boerema, jan Boonstra, Virginia Burns, Carol Larson, Bonnie Kats, lessie Dorn, and accompanist Marilyn Mulder. Not pictured: Ruth Bos, Marilyn Leistra, Mary Kooy, and Barbara Carrel. l Their music comes from the heart Not quite the woodwind section at Orchestra Hall, though not for lack of talent, the Woodwind Ensemble here at Trinity has an affect on its audience much like that which the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has on its. The Ensemble, consisting of three clarinets and two flutes, plays hymns and classical music. Whether it be at a lunch-time concert held in the chapel or at the Madrigal festivities, this branch of the Music Department turns in a wonderful performance. WOODWINDS: Sitting: Nancy Evans, Gary Ross, Carla Dykstra, Marian Brandwyk, and Ann-Laureen Fikejs. Standing: Director Karen De Mol. ,S I S741 .sf-V' N Hard work and determination pa off. Students who consistently attain an outstanding grade level are a credit to themselves, their teachers, and their school. Seniors with a cumulative grade point average above 3.50 have made the Dean's List. Honor's List praise goes to those with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00-3.50. HONOR'S LIST, Ianice De Mildt, Victor Anderson, Irene Payne, Dave Speelman, Pat Glas, and Kim Richards. Not pictured: ludy Bolt, jeff Crandall, jackie Dunlap, Alvin Love, Ingrid Stefan, and Dale Terpstra. yawn KK A DEAN'S LIST, jul Medenblik, Bob Brosher, Pete Madany, Paul Schaap, Ev Zeilstra, Randy Gartman, Marcia Downey, jan Korte, and Maureen Dolan. Not pictured: Nancy Dyke. Weekend Council promotes good times. lt came about as a reaction to from the books and into the the weekend blahs. swing of things. Dean of Complaints from resident Students, Dave Larsen, and students about a lack of social the Council make sure that activities led to the formation everyone has the opportunity WEEKEND COUNCIL. Dave De Boer of the Weekend Council. This for happy times. over these Liz Metcalfe, Betsy Spear, Dave ' seven member group plans long and sometimes lonely Larsen, Deb Weaver, and ,Danna games, outings, and parties to weekends. Demick. Not pictured: Scott Theune. get Study-ridden minds away i Il ' ' ll Ski Club members are Thinking Snow . The Ski Club is a newcomer to campus life N , this year. lt has come about through student initiative and interest. The ski- lodge atmosphere of the TAB is headquarters for this group of fresh air, cold weather buffs. Some members come to the club as grizzled veterans of the slopes, but others come hoping to get their feet chilled for the first time. Their goals are to organize ski trips and to share their knowledge and experiences in skiing with one another. .Nc SKI CLUB, Back row: David Olsen, Rick Leegwater, Virginia Medendorp, and Perry Malik. Front row: Chris Baron, Michael Burrafato, Michele Olsen, and Phil Bartnicki. 1 Grientation focuses on Trinity's setting At the beginning of every academic year, freshmen and transfer students are led in a period of orientation. Volunteer students and faculty plan a program to help ease the transition to Trinity life. New students are acquainted with the mission, people, systems, and setting of the campus that will be the focal point during their educational experience. Fun activities are also planned to introduce new students to each other and to the Chicago area. sr ,, ,W ,h,..,',,fmm sk E Chapel unites the Trinity communit . A variety of chapel services are held throughout the school year. Meeting three times a week, it gives the members of Trinity's community a time to reflect and meditate. Speakers range from administration and staff to students and guests. The services included such events as Mr. Vander Weele's singing chapel, Dr. Diephouse's Advent Christmas, lake Van Wyk's sightfsound presentation, and Friday's "Great Passages from Scripture". No matter what the speaker or the topic, the chapel services will always be an integral part of life at Trinity. Dormlife is different for everyone. There are many different views of dormlife, and each one is correct. To some, it might be those "all-nighters" for last minute papers, Uno games, or talks. To others, it's finally figuring out how to work the washing machine and finding you left your money upstairs. And to still others, there were the dorm parties of all varieties, including Christmas, Halloween, and pizza parties. Remember the pranks? The "illegal" water fights, or the all time favorite "pennying" people's doors? Or how about the reruns of M"'A"'S"'H or the daily soaps? Or pushing the limit on the last five minutes of dorm or noisy hours? Or what about the times of prayer and song at Bible studies? The list could go on and each aspect is an involving part of college life. What do you remember? ' i 4vavo.,",j ff hv,,,,,..R Www W 4, 'L ,"b 'fo ag. c,.. 1 WRSOFCALL1 :MW any um of ww' ff aw v 'Q 4,'. ' n ws'V'P, ,Q N 1 y ffwiffisiimwmb Q. D 5' f "Neg lg" lgig 'if Vllllllll ""D7?:f' w 'llllllll !li:'WWP Xa, 4 -., .,., : V. 'N .sf ,X A I :N f llllll lllli S Illlll . lllllf llllll Illllll Commuters come with much to share. Commuting students have added great variety to campus life. They travel from various distances under every conceivable weather condition. Many have job and family responsibilities above and beyond their class studies, yet day after day they appear as regularly as finals follow mid-term exams. They can be found gathering in the TAB for stud , games, conversations, a comfortabfe chair, or a warm fire. Comprising more than fifty percent of the student body, commuters find themselves getting involved in the social as well as academic branches of campus life. Their voices can be heard at intramural games, Bible studies, in the lounges, and even in the cafeteria. K - A ..,,. ' if '31 W' 'WWC' , ' , f, 7A 'c P, f, s W , ,.f ' , M ,gf 5,-fi., if 'G , , 43781. A Q ""'--kgg A 'Y ln it ,ii -f FTQ "tic M fd Fall brings a variety of activities f. Q7 fm 15. This Fall, there was a variety of activities to suit everyone's taste. There was the "Eccentric Preacher", acted by john Schuurman. He played the preacher, C.H. Spurgeon, of the late 1800's revival period. There was also a one man show, "The Will of Zeus" performed by Frank Fowle. The show was called "a stitching together" from The Iliad of Homer. Thanksgiving time brought the annual race of Trinity's turkeys. Winners went home with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Another event was the cheerleader's pie throwing contest. Tickets were bought by students, administration, faculty, and staff. Names were picked and the lucky winners got to throw a pie in the face of any one of the members of the specially selected panel of targets. A good turn out provided loads of laughs and sticky fun. Madrigals delight the heart with L expectations of Christmas. Attending Madrigals is like stepping back into the pre- Christmas festivities of sixteenth century England. The royal guests are accompanied into the dining hall amidst music and revelry. Delightful costumes reminiscent of England court life add to the fun of the traditional bores head, wassail, and figgy pudding. After the meal, the jesters lead the company in procession to the chapel where a more solemn atmosphere prevails. Here the guests accompany the Madrigals in singing Christmas carols. Appropraite Bible verses are interspersed with the music to share the blessed events of the Christmas story. MADRICAL SINGERSQ Back row: Dave Dykstra, Mark Bonnema, Chuck Van Groningen, Bill Guth, and Kevin Huyser. Second row: Laura Olthoff, june Van Milligan, Brent Van Dyk, Dale Van Dyke, and April Eizenga. Front row: Director Carol Larson, Joanne Leinse, and Beth Armstrong. Not pictured: Laura im V. Dale, Lisa Evers, and Pam Guenzler. f W X N ' 'faq X QWMW4 5 M X i A 5355 5 "Qi Trinity faculty and students honor Black The month of February will long be remembered by many as the time of the year set aside nationally to honor the history of the black people. Trinity, too, set this time aside to reflect on the many contributions which blacks have made to society - contributions in not only the sports arena or in the world of entertainment, but contirubitions to intellectual fields as well. Many of Trinity's faculty became involved, granting class time to distinguished blacks who had made contributions to the group's particular field of study. History classes, for example, studied some of the great events in black history which have shaken the nation, and English classes examined the works of some of the world's greatest authors and poets - black figures such as Ernest Gaines and Phillis Wheatley. Monday and Friday chapel services were led by Trinity students and other prominent blacks, and vans transported interested students to a worship service at the Shiloh Baptist Church, in Chicago. Other activities included a cultural explosion program, a visit to the DuSable Museum of Afro- American History, and multiple presentations of the film "The Autobiography of Miss lane Pitman". History Month. , 2' V, ,,,, jgfh f I f I f BLACK HISTORY MONTH COMMITTEEQ Standing: Victor Anderson, Dr. De long, and Leonard Sturrup. Sitting: Allison Hamilton, and Kathy Timmons. Reader's Theater brings 1 drama to Trinit . Reader's Theater is a small group of students This group has worked hard to help keep who perform unconventional plays in an theater and drama alive at Trinity. This year a unconventional style. They perform without the short story by Kurt Vonnegut, lr. was the convenience of stage, scenery, and props. inspiration behind their talented performance in "Who am I this Time." READER'S THEATER CAST, Back row: Laura Dale, Bob row: Becky Kroll, Director Roger Olbrot, and Allison Brosher, lean Geerdes, and George Lindemulder. Front Hamilton. Creativity emerges through fine arts. 0 I . fi f 26,4 . 'im 3. ?1'ls'. If - if v If E? Z it e Q Art, music, and speech classes at Trinity have once again developed known or unknown talent in the fine arts. Along with the senior and faculty art shows and recitals, there was a fine arts evening including performances in piano, voice, drama and interpretive reading by Trinity students. This spring Trinity also hosted the annual high school fine arts festival. Many schools from the area, as well as from Michigan, were represented this year. A wide variety of music, writing, art and speech interpretations were entered for judging. On the final night of the festival, various performances in each area were given in a special program. XQQ wt.: 5 Q t X 5 X .5 .,.. .EX i .. w g Q 2 Trinity advances into the 80s The members of the Student Advance Committee have been putting their heads together to raise additional funds for Trinity's Advance Campaign. Over 52,000 went into the campaign coffers as a result of the hard work and commitment of the students involved in a game night marathon. Thirty-five sponsored students kept an all-night vigil while playing games continuously from 11:00 p.m. 'til 11:00 a.m. Valentine's Day was the focus of another fund raiser, namely the sale of carnations. For only 51.00, faculty, students, and administration sent carnations to their sweethearts, secretaries, or bosses . . . .2 Cl H Te oo ,W-"""','x 3' 0 I 101 . . . Much pride also goes with the efforts of Steve Konings who participated in a solo bike marathon, known as the Two-wheel Advance. His trip from Kenosha, WI, to Sheboygan, WI, approximately 110 miles, helped to gather further support and funds for the campaign. Finally, the Committee planned a lock-up at this year's Country Fair. All suspicious looking persons were locked up by Keystone Cops at the request of friends and relatives. The hitch was that the bail helped to increase the funds for Advance. All of these generous efforts on the part of students and other supporters will result in continued growth and expansion of Trinity. X 4 xi ,, Q f M SN, ff!! iff a?'f Ei iz MD! Q if Mfg ff 1 1: f 9 f 2545310 Hwfwf Troll Trot opens the Country Fair. The Trinity Troll Trot this year was run by 65 runners, the most ever for the race. The Troll Trot is a 6.2 mile course which circles the campus and the surrounding area. On the morning of the Country Fair, runners begin their race. For those who find the distance a little too strenuous, the Trollette, a 2 mile race, was run at the same time. Runners in both races included community people as well as Trinity students. Winners this year were Dennis Dravitt and june Van Milligan. Nw 'HN Nm N: A ' N ,Six 0 'xx X X Y 9 X ,N K FIN :SH .0103 M.,mm..-w....5N,, , The Fair is successfu The smell of brats wafting in the springtime breeze, ladies in Dutch hats frying ole bollen, children riding on a bright red fire engine, and rows and rows of fresh fruit and flowers are only some of the sights and sounds that proclaim the Country Fair. Members of the community and campus join forces to organize and support this annual fundraiser. There are booths displaying home-made bakery, crafts, and handiwork. Familiar faces are met with smiles of recognition as alumni and friends of the college return each year to join in the festivities. It becomes a time for sharing, not only material things, but experiences and friendships as well. The day is brought to a close with the generous contributions and the excitement of the auction. A lot of hard work has payed off in numerous ways. 'mai : Z, ' - .jf MW , M , . ,ff pf Ak, , M A ,gy ,., 5 W lwnwm if W 4 W ll iv mlyxwy, 5 9 f M M J Mn? i l in many ways , agp X K 1 wt Hsw l""' , if M f 2z22f??ff, I Q 21 65 M44 ,ww W ,W M M XX X W KN X9 xxx X Ax X XA X X X Xie X xx X X X NHS' 1 in 1978-1979 - orientation - registration - Wars" - the Percolator - interim - john need a date? ask Chris - "The "Animal House" - pennied doors 1979-1980 - 332,570 tuition - jim jones "Superman" - apathy - Kenny Rogers President Van Groningen - 352,958 tuition rise of Khomeni - boring weekends Week - Iranian Hostages freed - Moscow Mrs. Cole - Ronald Reagan elected. 1981 ADVANCE - space shuttle -Trinity Times the Rolling Stones - the royal wedding attempts on Reagan and the Pope - Dr vs. Kramer" - cafeteria food - Gacey ' 552,360 tuition - jimmy Carter - "Star Travolta - ice rink by the Art Building - Deerhunter" - North-South Snow Bowl - Mohammad Ali - Dr. Hoekstra leaves. Salt II Agreement - the Courier - "Kramer convicted - Day of Fasting - intramurals - annual water fight - exams. 1980-1981 - - Shah of Iran - all campus convocations - grain embargo - Get-to-know Ken Gach Olympics boycott - john Lennon - Mr. 84 1982 - Polish Solidarity - 333,350 tuition - Air Supply - "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - G.R.E.'s - Anwar Sadat assassinated - Bergsma leaves - internships - graduation. Graduation sets the tone for new beginnings. At last, the long awaited, eagerly anticipated day arrived. May 22 was the date set for the graduation ceremony of the Class of 1982. As they listened to the commencement address given by the Reverend jerry Vreeman, hearts were filled with mixed emotions. Although graduation ushers in a new beginning, we also feel a sense of loss. As we start on a new and exciting journey into life, we still must leave behind old and new friends, good and bad times. As we close one door in our ifetime, we turn to open another. Y GOD THE Mmm 'XQ,:fw:.N.w1..X. x TO GOD SE TH IL R 3 110 2 -v x, f X, A: 1 11 11.4-, w X X XX V i 1' f x K 'X fl 5 xw N h S, gif, 3 A xx xXx Qa f Z 5 2 x ,M Q 1. X gf ix 5 XQZQ' A X x M W6 5 fi L NE .A 32 X g ' XX 5 g 1 RX, ?'x 'xA 63 if L X 2 K E Q , f 2 Mxmf x ,A X ,Y --.., EN, W 2 f. W '-: Zz. Z WS X , A x X zz., -A 2--N' K-A., v,,. f - f 'W ff A A l . 5' X 2- A, , , AL1 A Vffa '52 Em ag n f f 2 ' -f,. 'i"" E 'A': "'A 3 "'- f ' "V' 2 ff' X 1" A Q". "'-Q AA 1 g 'Q Q 7 I AZ, x,". .,,v A fl v,,. Zim lvivi 1 . ..... X .Q..,, L jz. ,.., x ,SW Q . ..,, 'AAA Q A A 4 A Wk K Y ,I Q. S , l 1 E k A,AA HRW , wh -- " -, a' X'-v A . A "-. ':---,L 1 5' I K f E, N Q W 1 , AA'h ::': A"'12"- l - A " 5 5 ' v.., A -A Af ,": 1 -V,,., 1 . ,. f, ,A ,-f--,-- ,v------- f f yu v V ':4- W J 21 'ff ' H ,,1n, "": I ' :'l QQNXA f l l , ,,, : AA i A " . Af .t,,.,,.. A A :,, ,,,,, lvvtt, 1 , t 3 ,T AA ::,:' xi! ...,, S , I ff' ,, fm , 2 -- 7' N, .P ..-- -3 ,.-. 5, A pf, ,,::,,- A H f'-A-- ,Jia ::, ,,,, 1 "-2: , V 5 "W ' ,1 ,A 6 f v E,,Mf f .Q A --,,, A, x A,.. ' 1 . '1VA.' I A,,,' Q :- ..,-, V Vff A ' 'ZA' -2 ::... f' ' 2 f p: rf' A fv- ,:.,, ' AA,. ENE, 4 , ,,,1 VVVA "" 'M :' Q f A 1 i - AAAA A AA Q X 2 + f 2 "" f-'. "-- 4 . - . , AA A ',fr:-, if , 14 5' ,Q 5 , ' wx.- .,.',, . .4A, , 2 S 1,3 E 5 V'1g1M'Qg' 4gg q 'V,q qqbqqvi iz, ,A. ::.,N ,.,, A ,,,,,,, f Qqvf V. I, 4'-. w,1g ,AA,:.A L.,.. :IQ ,.., A ...5 AIII Eg A R E v,.. :,:,, .... ..., .,-:,, :.. vnizl I X ,E Q., ...,. , WW 1, , A ' - 1 , ' - . A XA, 2 x M A """ -':A .,,1,, A ,bzf zxf "" 1'f Az- X 5 : " ' A .,,,:,,,, "" k.,A, A IA. clnz Vilnl "'A ,,,, , X if NX gf ff A"I' ? ':A.,, A, AA,:,..:: : ' A,,,,.,' '1 X, A ,3 .. 'NYG Vwi- ,.1.A A P ---Q-W A,,.,,. ,A. Vxf..: 2-'-- f Q- .4,. 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AI. 5 ,,,. , - 5, ,.,., S. ,, Ilvls X ., i xx y . jg ji ji ' A,:2: J ,1'2 1 I ,,.,, ,,,, A X xv 4 ! l E2 f f A -' "-', AA 5, 11'AA' ,,..,f fx - A, ' ,,,.,' A '1A" zz- 4 , 2 E 4. f 3 v1:::Al A Ti: ,,., 5.1 , I',': I-I ,,,, 'gamma Kg-b - ' 'AA1" 1 11' A -V '-A--- 'Q fi ff Z ,,,. Q2 5 , ,,.. - Q I vv-, .,,,,., ,A Z xg 'kixw -ff A A, .,,,, Q ZA, ,,.. Q ,..-A" '-" 2'1' "" .A1 A A NJN X' Z fff 1 ,,,. " ,.., 5 A 'H ,"'A Ai '-,.AAA Af',- A .,,,.,., A ""' ,, b ,.,. f1 ' f "A-A"'f" A ,,,- A sf f f :" '--Q' ,VV. :A 1"-" -2 A,A'-A: 1 ::,, X A' 2 as ' ' 15 8 -:-b. Q , ,. Iag a .L A, :,- If I Mig .,,A f 1 ,, Q 2 ' HIYA 1 -..., Af Y 'fi' ZV'P' "'V A :"' ' MA.ff"f A 5 , ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,, ,, A , g , ,Af ' if "':':" fffkiwvl fl- -',,, AIA' ' -,.... 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L 5-313151331 Fifi' A 1 L QQJA' A 5 'MFE 'A Mv+1f'1wfeprrx+'1wi'1:-m-AAQ .f , A A A A ,LL A A L' 3121331-7577 1 - A f ' A. . fffwy Mf""5Jf f A - Q L A 'N M, iw W . W. -U , b f vA,. A -1, A B vva yne OSS -levve ers .1 16122 SOUTH PARK AVENUE "1'V1 1fH -wwf,, f is-mm . "N- :w fw xwmmmmwmm SOUTH HOLLAND, IL 60473 M L A ' .fgQ'l .,L,..,... Ji TRACTOR - BACKHOE SAND - FILL STRUCKINGSEHVICE BLACK DIRT-STONE UALITY CARPETS H w gem., gm, an., Q EXCAVATING 17843 Torrence Ave Lansmg, Illlnols 60438 13631 S Kostner Crestwood Hlmols 60445 3155332 Sf? gL'T22Z'lOd RALPH WIGBOLDY Robert Kofte 43125 474 9565 EDWARD VREE FOOD CENTER 11041 So Kedzle Ave AU YO REBUIL DF RS Chicago Illmols 60655 EARL or SCOTT 13121 445 2838 E FUJI COLOR FILM 3. CAMERAS 1 Kodak I PENTAX Fnrst un the world 12145 South Ridgeland Mon Thurs 700 AM 5 30 PM X Palos Hefghrs unnofs 60463 Fr, 7 oo AM 6 oo PM 2 I Phone 81215978040 sa: closed Po OS COITIGFO next to Mama Vesuvlos 12331 S Harlem Polos Heights 448 5420 A-Jil 7350 vvest couege Drive Palos Heights IL 60463 . ' - I312l361259O ,',.. I lf 3. 5 . PHONE 3713636 r r - I r' B - Th k f b ' JQRRY MnAI MARK!-.I et3YfIIen.Ia2ml?SI Sirngng USDA PRIME MEATS the person you are - Debbi i27OI SO RIDGELAND JERRY KLJBASAK PALOS HEIGHTS II. 60463 448.1155 nwwraenayonss Ridge Worth Hardware IF WE DON'T HAVE IT, WE'LL HELP YOU FIND IT 6439 W. 111TH STREET JOHN J. KUIPERS woRTH, ILLINOIS 60482 SILHOUETTES HAIR DESIGN Hair Care for the Entire Family 1 X Specializing in: ,al X 'Precision Cutting' 'Body Waves' 'Gentle Highlighting from Staining to Frostings' xl K ' We have the latest techniques at affordable prices X Palos Heights Evening Hours Available Crestwood 448-2955 385-9686 9 PHONE: 424-1352 FLCRIST AND 5433 WEST 95TH STREET T I-'I E H OAK LAWN, ll. 60453 OAK LAWN TRUE VALUE HARDWARE MILL JIM WASSENAAR S cE'5n'u1 '3'53l'3TI'0'F gleam Show 12212 14 S HARLEM AVENUE PALOS HEIGHTS ILLINOIS 60463 f PHONE 448 3580 X-'G.AP,' PROPER FITTING OUR SPECIALTY K1 0R THE FAMILY Docter Florlst South Holland s Orlgmal Florist where Flowers are the Best Medrcme HAMSTRA LOOR CRAFTERS rcs szsz lem slam sum Inman murals sum '-'H lax Isa: 5 Gerrit Hamstra Harold Hamstra 5 buhnchug gqh ' ' , I. .11 . 5' QQ . s Q . Q S xii- ' I . ' " - E " flfi I iw' ,W ,E ITU srl . , . . . Il - - 1, F Inc. L In ll OOI 5. VAN DRUNEN RD , SOUTH HOLLAND, ILL, 60473 PHONE IJIYI 333-4400 ,X If 1 1 Y4 --:Ax . o G 4 o Y A G s G I" ,.,.. U ' ' to - c E - - o I 2 - SU H UI l.I I U . I I BOB S CITGO SERVICE STATION T 7 MCHN SE VICE8cTWNG OIR Bo QROIBUTI-Iu LOUISP J RINI BS R h RIINI PALOS HTS PHARMACY 15 s H 448 0300 60463 fm COLONIAL Q CHAPEL 15525 South 73rd Avenue 60462 Q155th 0 Harlemb Edward Damstra Drrector 13125 532 5400 LOBBY HOURS MON Is. THURS 9 no 4 an INSURED TLIES 8: FRI 9 OO B OO SAT 9 OO 12 NOON ""-..,,,,,.+' WED CLOSED DRIVE-IN HOURS: MON. WED. THLJRS.: B-00 6:00 TUES. FRI.: 8:00 8:00 SAT.: B:00-I2 NOON F' N 475 EAST 1E52nd STREET 8 LOAN ASSOClA.nON OF SOUTH HOLLAND. ILLINOIS 50473 SOUTH HOLLAND 3I2!333 7400. 785 1285 7-3 a A . X I I X X F., 5601WES I2 TH STREET Q II CRESTWOOO, ILLINOIS 60445 X 'Q FU I O I ' ' I BOB QR. , OTH B B I. s ' OWNER MANAGER I I Orland Park, IIlInoIs I I, I, I I . . . .P . I 7 I ZA ' III. I 1 I 05 123 th I m Avenue ' P I H 'ght Illinois QU NG4 Buns mm OVER FORTY YEARS OF QUALITY AND SERVICE A SOLID NAME IN CONCRETE nnos.. mc PRODUCERS OF QUALITY CONCRETE ALSIP, ILL. CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILL. MOKENA, ILL. 3837 W. 127th St. 1750 So State St I-80 84 Rte. 45 388-6200 758-0140 479-9050 LEMONT, ILL. GRIFFITH, IND. PORTAGE, IND. Lemont at Bluff Road 1108 E. Main St. Rte. 149, 3X4 Mi. So. 739-4000 219-924-2607 of U.S. 20 219-762-5596 I 117 Bunlap 5 6513 w 123fd Street Palos Helghts, lllmols 60463 S E R V I N G LUNCHES ll 30 A M TILL 3 OO P M LATE smcxs nu. Muomcnr Phone SUNDAYS OPEN AT NOON TILL 1000 P M CLOSED Moms aaa saas or :ss 9743 IID the Storefo men 12218 S Harlem Palos Helghts IL 448 0822 Darly 9 6 lSat trl 5 301 M n 84 Frl tll 9 Gene Schwartz CHAAF INDOW Co , Inc 7212 Wesl' 90th Sfreel' Brldgevlew llllnols 60455 Hey San' Love those red lights' You F L Lov Ran Phone 5981600 WOOD PATIO DOORS 0 SHOWER DOORS WOOD PRIME WINDOWS 0 MIRROR DOORS ALUMINUM PATIO DOORS 0 WALL MIRRORS ALUMINUM PRIME WINDOWS 0 FRAMED MIRRORS 16,11 HL? PHARMACY INC FOR DELIVERY SIMPLY PHONE Phone 448 5212 Gregory A Kludac B S R Ph 7156 W 127th Street Kenneth Dykstra B S R Ph Palos Herghts IL 60463 I I 0 I omnsns .'.' P..M.- mt 101.00 PIM: I f I o. l '.'.' Q -1 D Y' ? ygif If f f Z, iz, 4 if QM Qffif 1 if ...,aohl"""" iv I fr 1134? 'lo' "xi fwwgwmp WWNVM 'di 14114449-G X f ' f 'sf' f fwfr ww 'E fm, 14. eww s 54 vi.. 5 Jegffw iff 2? Num .iff J most Important pmduct E - -f f ,.,, -1 . , , f , I ,V , A-,I 51,1 V L ' ' . .11 4-,QP " ,',i. 27 ' 512 HQ ..,. 2 fii 'fi'7P -"fy NY! t , L ..,. . .:. ra l ,Q i 2? 527:52 "' ' " " ' ' P V 1x:,.hgf:1,.,'-, ju ' 'lazy-X ' 2 - " .. fp ' " MSN -. 7 . fzyfqu ,. V - 3 2 Qi, . 1,., P .. ,x ffl .4 1 'R' L, .-fi f - 1. 1':1,,'1fQ.,-avg M I 13' 1 Z ' '1,f-'r'1i'4'x.V'fw-'fm' 1 I M QMIM, X in ,1 g..y,, I V -, .1,.. , L, -M .,. "-- -. , t I ljnfy fc-f i. 1 -. 1:4-.4 '- W fffh..,,'c , g 2 1' '- x 5 wi -:W V whyflyjgiw , 3.4 -, , , 43- , Nw . 'mfg gi Z' A ' '4 , P7-,E ' ' 1 M 2 A --'- ha' , Q21 ' ' 14 " -1. g:31,4.f f 1, ' -4' lif lrl .Q - 'Q -5 --L - N - - EL Z fr,:,,,. ' A 5 f' .u ri g f " .- N- -ff .gg - ,,- , - Q' J 110' aw N H , . v , N DJ? A f I . 41 ' . ' .-1 fi' " 1 , ... - ,X 12 ' , , , V V , V V V ,gf I4 7 Z'fz'2f,1 ,, . M ' if L ..,-.3-J ' Vi .I 5,1 44'-,. Reformed Theologyic ul Seminary 1 'clinton lilvrl iclcsolt N18 ll ' Ll I m interested in Reformed s ractlcal ministry emphasis Te l me more about the UM Ind UMLI1 DM Miss Counseling UM EA in Genera Studies N imc Aclclic 1 x S itc 1 First m a srrws. wma so MANY noon ssMiNAiuss AVAILABLE TODAY WHY woum someone cnoosr iuaroiuvuam Any seminary, Lf it's commit- ted to excel- lence, should place a high gnonty on the criptures. At semmary stu- dents are en couraged to evaluate life in li ht of Gods ord They are given op rtumties to study meditate an plan for the direction m which God leads them The students who choose Reformed are serious about their study They come to RTS because they know we ll do everythmg we can to hel them learn as much as possible a ut the Scnptures And thats why we mamtain such a high standard for biblical scholarship Our students learn Hebrew and Greek so they can teach and preach with certaint Some even take mternships in c urches to put into practice what they are learning It is our reformed theolo that requires this kind of bibli scholarship As reformed Lhnstians we are constantly reminded to conform our faith and the practice of that faith to Gods standards as set forth in His Word We sincerely adhere to the Westmmster Confession of Faith but while doing so strive to walk a carefully balanced line between unchallen eable doctrine and open mm edness Where the Bible is clear we stand clear Where the Bible offers no definite conclusion we hesitate to be dogmatic We believe our name reflects the herita e and vision behind our seminary e are evangelical committed to the lnerrancy of the Scn tures to winning the world for hrlst and to the application of the Word to all of life If you would like to hear more about RTS write to me today or call tbtlll 9.32 4988 Reformed Theological Seminary '5-l"Ll1nton Hlvd jickson MS 59.209 I m interested in Reformed s academic and astoral degrees Send me more in onnation on the UM A in B1blicalStudies Theology UM Div UD Min programs N imc Acltlic I St ilc in y A- it A A ' Slug' 'AJ1-4 ,. jgigo. f ' X j. E ,pc " , . rp' y ,EW A is 3 Ill Nlarmia eandiffamily ,." A ' Cl lVliAi in Historical and Doctrinal ,, ,' N. - - E A 'D ' . A :I . . . . cr- H "'WTT?'n""TW'2Tp V - U ctryTT TTTTT '7'f"7""' TTfi EDison 1-0037 De Young 8 Sons Furniture Inc. Dmlerf in H112 FlIV'UIA.'llfB and Cmpelirzg 16056 SOUTH PARK AVENUE SOUTH HOLLAND, ILLINOIS 60473 Q? Q-f' 4 ...-f iii! 4-.A,-..Tl. 10926Ns001nvTQQT-Efffay, PSIBSSHSIIIS, luanois 80485 13121 974-4500 ' 0 XNXXXX I garden center, -,X I 1, greenhouses 81' florist ? PASSENGER AMERICAN EXPRESS master charge l VISA "8'ElYIL'E SIICE 1932" ' CLASS A TESTING LANE ' COMPLETE TRUCK WHEEL ALIGNMENT WHEEL BALANCING FRONT END SERVICE FRONT END 8. BRAKE 8. SHOCK ALIGNMENT SERVICE SERVICE muck s. rucron mrs - 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU - OPEN 8 AM - 5:30 PM SAT TILL 2 PM 821-4802 821-1050 331 -7440 mucx srnvncs nssenern 11130 S. CORLISS 16201 S. STATE 111th CALUMET SOUTH HOLLAND EXPRESSWAY CHGO 'A' EASY ON AND OFF TH E DARVVILL PRESS 363 West Erie Street Chicago, Illinois 60610 C0 QU4LI'IY ITATIONERS AND PRINTERS 4155 WEST 123rd STREET 0 ALSIP, ILLINOIS 60658 SUBURBAN: 312!388-9200 - CHICAGO: 312!821-1600 FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS: BUSINESS STATIONERY AND CARDS 0 BROCHURES FROM ONE COLOR TO FULL COLOR 0 CATALOGS I AD BOOKS BUSINESS MACHINES: NEW AND USED 0 SERVICE MAINTENANCE I RENTAL QUALITY BUSINESS FORMS AND EQUIPMENT Division or QUALITY srATioNEns AND PRINTERS FULL LINE OF BUSINESS AND COMPUTER FORMS 122 PALOS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 12600 South Harlem Avenue Palos Heights, Illinois 60463 448-9100 MOTOR BANK: Drive-Up and Walk-Up Facilities 124th and Harlem Avenue Retail ' Wholesale 0 Import TGOL CRIB 11306 South Harlem Avenue Worth, Illinois 60482 Toll Free 800-323-4569 - Illinois 312-361-3220 xx X xx X ll X Terry Ericson I I President 1 x I l ' 1 1 K4 as X1 l Wholesale Only , CONTINENTAL f , xx X ll f X N--f 1 1 , X X 3812 Penn Avenue ' I I N g Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 15201 I X X ' I A a I X ' h Call 412-683-6500 XXX xx X X O Terry Ericson President 25 for all IKIOWC S bf OUI' ' ybanking Nadllgglnne Our banking services plus Our banking hours make N, ' ' . . f South Holland Bankthe bank ' ddlmyammj CE' Cllff Mcchwml for yourfinancial requirements. flOrE1l CXPFCSSIOIIS Brighten youroutlook by stopping in today. A ' V I It's servicewith asmile. 301032 3714033 6515 West127th Street Palos Heights. Illinois 60463 SQ Indian Trails Shopping Center To my yearbook staff, You started out "green" and naive on the work ahead. But V you came through and made a great yearbook for Trinity. Be proud! A special 16178 South Park Ave. South Honanmn. 60473 3121333-2600 thanks to Editor lan, Without Whose M n F.D.l.C. , , , em el dedication this book would not have been produced. Love, S.D.F. 123 Editor in Chief Assistant Editor Photography Editor Sta People Editors lan Korte Irene Nauta Elmer Pruim Mary Balfoort Phyllis Davids Lori Stoll Joanna Demick Copy Editor ............................. Marcia Downey ff .................................... Organization Editor Sports Editors . . . Student Life Editors .... General Staff .. 78-82 .. Cover Design ... Photography .,.... Professional Portraits Publisher .. Representative . Business Managers . . . Staff . . Karen Schaap janeVander Kooi ...,. Todd Schultz Leonard Sturrup ...... Laura Olthoff june Van Milligan .. .. Walter Grant Marty Kooy Becky Kroll lolee Lamparter Tom Triezenberg . . . . Victor Anderson Pam Guenzler .... Mr. David Versluis Development Office Root Photographers . .... losten's American Yearbook Company .... Mr. james Bull ...., Brian Boss David Meyer john Kamp Bill Wigboldy Advisor .. Mrs. Susan Fulkerson 9 , 1. 4 I vl 54 . I J 55' 'Q- Q ., ou-- vi . Q MP- o 'H' - - , f. 5, 0 Q o u v ' n Q 3 A 4' ' . 15' gf 4 '-' I D we q .' sl 1-' fx? I N r -:aux n-I1 " 'ina Ft If K . ,'e +5 if if - .. , u I 1 EN'-tu' 1 v n an '. I :.I .N ,,. A ai , .1 H v "' 1 v ' l v .15 f .1 is nv I 5 .Q on v N V .2- .l, I N 1 9 . h X V ' 0 I o I I ' H Q5 Q 5 X U I f, .

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