Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL)

 - Class of 1972

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1 53' Q -i '. 1 1. 'A ll i .11 I .1 I YI' 'ru BW. ,I 1 ,, i1 51' ' fl nl my H' 4' 'l 111 ' A 'ml Q 1 1 1 O H Q f 'J 1 1 A " v 1 O 1 V 1 1 1 S 1'- 1 1 'A 1 1 1 1 1 nm- ' ll TRINITY CHRISTIAN CGLLEGE Palos Heights, Illinois 1971-72 EQXW , iff' 'fgpfktffff ff We look back on the year, Lord-as students 7 faculty, administrators, boards, and constit- uents-and as a community of Christ-confes- sors, we recognize the joys we have shared: the excitement of learning and of academically striving to make our work pleasing to Youg the fulfillment of celebrations in festival, worship and song of our new life, Christ-given and God- blessedg the peace of Your still might revealed in quiet campus morningsg and the holding love and concern of our friends. And we remember problems we have shared: the bitterness caused by faetional arguments and the distrust it created among us, the fruit- lessness of pressured work and study done by grit instead ofjoyg and our failures in living out Your Law, either in ignorance, or in deliberate disobedience. We thank You for Your Grace in giving us joy: we acknowledge our failings and look for Your forgiveness. We dedicate our imperfect lives and this imperfect year to You, knowing that only in You is the crooked straightened and the imperfect rnadc whole. ACADEMICS . . . . . 4 DAILY LIVING . . . . .32 ACTIVITIES .... . . .50 SPORTS ........ . . .66 ORGANIZATIONS . . . . .78 COMMUNITY . . . . . .84 "In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved usf, P P' 5 I i 3 w i 1 1 ? 1 xl 1 H 4 Godhead of mystery and of grace, Yet loving Footwasher and baptized Son. We get caught up in necessary abstractions conceptions perspectives decisions. You are the Rock-and the fresh water's gush. You remain that Rock that followed Israel and us, The Lord our God. We live in a world that sees facts without focus, forces without goals. Lest we become noisy clouds and empty cisterns, or know desert dryness with confusion of spirit, draw us together to your well of renewal, where life springs up eternally. There is danger that we offer intake without nourishment for lives without vigor, or feel proud, or dejected in working alone. Then you give us again your family promise, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end: I will give to him that is athirst of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things. I will be his God, and he shall be my son. In this year of Attica and Vietnam, Chicago, Bengaladesh, Grant, incarnate Lord-Way, Truth and Life, that we and our students, with all your servants as we struggle for truth and your ways of life may be loving footwashers and compassionate cup-bearers, may know the healing of the nations and stand together one the work of our hands and total being at your feet, by the river of the water of life that proceeds from the throne of God and the Lamb. Allelujah. -A Faculty member 5 3 . I, , ff w ,H W., 'fix-ff 6? 0, .Z f 'f fp 'M f , fff , ' C v4 f , 2 QXXMY if f' iff ath Mr. Richard Kooy L- :Q I x Q -- ..f Z X, H. W ' " 'f W1 ,-'ug u -lA . f"5 TT 914 lm, wiffl-1,2 f .1LS.?f+ I my 2'g,1w,- 3555 '-,lx 'wx-,' V !y,.v1"Rg1 H1 ,yu . W , u,,,-f' . " VV: x'- , ' 1 F xr-isa: w, 1vqgf3g-wa 1, - - V-'-gp 1' , ,,3y.1.: . 1 ,N , I yff ?"6,'f Jiffy, -"1 ml' J 5 .JA , 1 1 4, I M' M 1 W ,ff ' V 5 Elwllfii, ' 1 7 Mr. Cul Jrmgsma Pete Enncma 6 :K , NK --f n MM, ' 1125, X I f an I X ff M nm I f 1 f W' M V ,Z , Q X ? ' " - W, - wif' 7 f iff? a ? a f , ' Dr. Howard Balfour a "" - , . Bob Voss, Henry Solle Wayne Medema 7 Chem1stry EUC Leestmfi, TOI1y Vyn, Irene Vander Kloet Vi! I f Wf if ffwfff ff nf, f f , 1 JL fwf vc mums or mr wqrnnaqpww Dr Am Luegwdlgr -FFNTS f 0 If .ff MW I , , , ,, ., . ' 'VJ X ' 'K My M! W 4 Y, my fifgflfw' f Q ' 'Q ,1 P YJ' , - 'Wf2i3f'i uw AMW, fi ix ef 0+ H 5, Y. L 127,41 , ,W 51: f , ' "wuz I - Q .dk - I ,,, ., .,, 4..x , ,, ,. 'W ff ,691 . "3 4 W , I . 4 L4 ll V K ' QI, H 1 W N4 - v " Nl H- I. , v I , 'N Physical Education Mrs. Louisa Brown o SY cm - . X K V I Aff. ,uw S Bmlogy X Dr Harry Cook ff X- -J Ilor1umT rlp 10 A Q."5r on r wg, Dr. Harvey Blankespoor 4 4 . ,, ,- ' 'V 4 1. ii 'Q' xgwahw ww N f Z Z Bob Eenigenburg O God! How unfathomable to me are your doings. o Psychology "4 MP1 t . QI -ncrpfu-na' yi 3, . ,314 v, ,:..s. Dr. Bruce Rollsclnafcr Student Counselmg: Ruth Moes, Ken VanWyk Mrs. Joyce Crookshank iff-'ifkzfwsz'-orfWWQ'F" Trust Walk Dlck Schuurman Dr Sldney De Waal History as of x wg i Mr. Louis Vosku1l You strode across the sea, you marched across the ocean, but your steps could not be seen. You guided your people like a flock. Ps. 77:19, 20 14 5 Dr. Rockne McCarthy History Seminar: Sally Pasma, Bev Jonk- man, Dean Leensvaart, Art Hall, Ed Bies- boer, Tim Kikkert Education fif- 90654 Mrs. Anne BOCICH13 Curriculum Center: Irene Kraay, Laura Tadema, Mrs. Veld kamp. WW Z MW! Wi no MVN nf I' 5?Wf'v' Intern teaching: Betty Veenstra 16 Mr. Ed Vander Weele, Mr. Stan Koster He gave our ancestors strict orders to teach it to their childreng the next generation was to learn it, the children still to be born, and these in their turn were to tell their own children so that they too would put their confidence in God, never forgetting Godis achievements, and always keeping his command- ments. Psalm 78: 6 8L 7 Languages Dr. William Stronks F .L 1 , 1 , 'Q-J , 4 'li' . :V-'T'Nlv9" W' f ' U v 0,4-'YA Miss Edna Sikkema, Jim Van Til 18 I 1 -1 I V r , w w Q 1 Y 1 r w 1 X i X mf. va- v V 5 w, Listen Lab: Ed Echeverria Dr. John Werner 19 ,. ,. V ., ,7,h ,, I I V Speech: Jim Huizenga B.. Miss Grace Huitsing nglish 77, 1 ly? .. W4 Y Dr. Gerda Bos 20 2 gb 22552 W 'MW 154 Drama: Clarence Bos, Mary Vander Ree, Laura Swankie -.-k,.., . Mr. Dan Diephouse ,gsm X if Sociology Dr. Marlon Vricxc, Nezil Brinkman N. M. Philip 22 4- fs-nf-su,w.vwvr41-my W Marge Boerma, Mike De Vries, Dennis Crushshon,f' ""lM,l". 11 44 my H1224 6 6 ,. if Q ,yzgy -J fe 0093 .xp W a Carol Korringa, Geoffry Kurugu, Michel Boglios 23 i x f P' Art few-Q55 Rx U 1 Art Hoekstra, Mrs. Janice Russel 'fir' Q! Margo Wories, Evy Kooiman 24 ' 'Q M w g iff XX" fl,-1 S QP Mr Eugene Dykema 1 HI ,W ,f ,wh ff A ,af f ..,.,, I :- 'fl' li! . Q Music ' I mean to sing to Yahweh all my life, I mean to play for my God as long as I live in 26 Mrs. Karen DeMol, Jane Knock, Marge Boerema 'af ,s A f-N.. Ary De Moor, Carol Spoelhof, Kathy Van Arragon Miss Emily Brink hmqvmvww l l J, Theology E E Dr Jlm De Jong Dr Derke Bergsma Occult Class 28 Mr. Richard Russell, Mr. Bob Elliott , Dr. Calvin Seerveld Philosophy Library Mr. Hendrik Sliekers I Mrs. Carolyn Veldkamp 1 Mrs. Marge Koster, Mrs. Boukje Leegwater 30 95. N w ' ' XSQ mv E g M F Carol Sons, Dave De Jong S Dave Kramer John Terpstra ' 1 1 32 Laughter runs down the corridor, and springs off plasterboard walls, so I listen-dumbly, a little longingly- before I squint at my book again. The words stumble before they reach my brain: someone downstairs is playing Judy Collins outside, a couple chases each other through snow drifts, crippled by helpless laughter. But I have work to do. Sometimes it seems like an unending race fand Fm so tired of runningj. Send a flamed tail Wind to catch me up, Lord. I have this assignment to do, and a paper after that, and fhurraylj someone to meet at nine. -A Student Commuters 'LVM l v Q. gn-1 , 5 s ,li-1 effiv Q go- v s.., 0- 'xx' 0-ix we.- .a Q' yal lj 4 v 5-L Eohh Zylstra Elaine Olthoff , 7. V3 J ix , ni Q K 3,12 xg f A ' X . xx 4 , 51.5 , x N H J K S ,N 4 A k S?iV' , Ihr W X' o S X K Y. X last A fl A A N , H gmsi "" ' '. -. .,,. '- 5435 1' F N "f il ..,.,Q-3: .,.. , -25.2 qv fm- ,gf Nom s,fg'..3 X W, , X S , X Y Q. V gf, 1 ow-,sw Qs XM y x -, wx Q .. . ,- , .,.. , Q ,M kg 'SMX' li 3 if , sz E I x E , 3 5 5 5 fi N-go ,Aww A. . .,.. "" mg Q5 X L. N-WEE' im. s . ,. ,:'-.133 5 X H k :gb M k, .F g 5 Q QW? . wi P1 53 1 3 A , .U 'E :Ib XX John and Dorothy Huisman x . . , . Y. , X K. 9 .. W W, Jolm Dorm Life w 1z:g.f,,x. - www" ff. -N if Faye Karsten am, 3 Hedlin Al De Groot lF""'- l A A 4 L . 4 ,Of u "'v 1 """'fff 'x L-.... W C ww i,,,....q------Y yfwf,vWgWMW Clare Vroom Marlene De Boer X ,,,,,--1 Q X 'vs Nqr '51 -rf-Q fr 1 3. ,. s Mrs. VanderLeest, Rita Jansma, Carzell Griffin Apartment Life E Connie Solem, Dot Knperus. Kathy Kennedy 38 5 J Ai" l Pete Reitsma Bob Proper Dean Price, John Koedyker . a 1 sw' .Q '6- v W Q. ,fi Za f 4 M, ,Q 1 :WL - A ff- , 'Zi , Xffq rv X V if . 2 ' Wa: V, ,eff Q fr f Q 7.f,f7,W., ey 2 f Zi, f , ff, aff jill QS F, K +31 'x X K wf G X 5 QQ pk Q wg, f 1 m e X e I ,, J'fw.ff ., ' 1 'Z '. X ..v':f'-"'14 if v4 ' W ' F9552-sf' Shu: Helen Ha pw W J? 2 ,M f sqm if y , f ff? L A f ,4 X X ,M S ii wi QQ ' f ? 7 y, Sf 5wvi Q 4 L fl W 4. fy! f is , ,y f A ZZ! f 2 ,,.. , . W, -:N f , ,, f ff, .fr ,fx gf. fm 'Q f ' X 41,47 ,Z f , ., ffl f .5 'Z if f- 7 wfarffiw QE My My N'-Ze gf 4- 5 S -ex -Q " , N Z f I Wik- 'Q Aww 5 Ni 'sw fn Wye 4 .SN N , gy, 2' -f 4 5 , W2 , 7 , X 219 " fgjer' ' 3 ff Q., f vig' 'WW mf , 4 A51 WW '51 1 4,1 W gy . f ,Z M ff W7 f f X f , f z f 4 ffm 17 YS ' x f ? f ,, W5 4 f NX XS 73 f QQ? P ij: W f 5 12 ZW in , rmelink, Elaine Vander Vos, Betty Veenstra AJ' ,N 5 X, ' gg? ,g jigzl if . X. sw QQ Y' 33'-53' f 1 ggi? x y .M-.'. . 51 in sw A. V ax, 3- ,2 f 1 76? ' ,M ff' .f ', g. 0 ' Fm: ,, ..xNm - Q X' Chapel Coffee Break Ginny Veldman, Jim Van Til, Kent Zigterman, Kathy Leo, Dennis Helmus, Mr. Stan Koster, Dennis Crushshon, Tim Toeset Sherri Fancher Sharon Jezl Dale Klooster 1' .,, af -3. 'WQVQN t 1 tx X N . . rg 'af 5 X , W- x .4.., .,v, ' '51 X , , tx ' Sandy Seebeck Can we see by 40 Watts with groping hope and coffee pot: our wager with the ancient sages in five short pages? The shadows of illumined dials, a humming clock to pace the style and space apart the growing pile of books that blurred but still were opened: the dots connect with Bighand motion. Can we see beyond this time with penitence enough to rhyme? 43 I I I I I I I I I I I W ,WW I I I I. II I I If I I I I I I I I X , I ', I I I I I I I Work Study: Dorothy Van Til Work Study: Dave Vriend Y i Da Care Center: Dave Van Soest hd f I r an ml Earl Groenewegen, Bob Proper, Enica and Art Tolsma I Anne Kamminga, Yvonne DeVoest Perry Di Castri, Dirk Hoffman 46 , x W QV , -...Q Judy J ordet, Sue Borchert, Rennie Baarda Sandy Slagter, Carolyn Van Dellen Tlm Hoeksema Steve Hulzenga, Steve Blrd 47 X "' N1-Aj fixgwt kv N S xr :Sym Nggifl Q ei ,1A ig S 'gtg A.?, ,: Q of Umms gig unw can tllirqsilvgg i?'+f43Q?W" " Y N55 001 Huhfevs . v ' HQ 'S QL!! ' BI ivg 233 g Comm. Z' 2 Q i 5 X 'H i . ii V 1 Q 4 i 1 1 , 2 N V W 3 I Y 4 N Y 5 50 I V God's children sing to Him! Let all who serve the Lord circle and dance in celebration of His goodness And He will send us all the peace and rest, enjoyment, fun, the sweet intensity of eternity to steady us through the changing times. Dr Vr1c.Lz. Dr Stcun Dr Cook Tom Nelson Bruge Nelson John llulsman Reformatlon Celebratlon W f W nf' 'Q jf f 7 38 lf-f 52 Lon Ellander, Earl Uomoto, Marcy Tamelmg I? O l l '. I 4'-, .f .W ffgy V, ,yi ., - ' 1 n I ' 1 ' 'H 1 -W Q , . -V - ff Q. 4 T I Q? 1 f. ' Ki " ,: 5' N .. Q 2 lg' J 5 K . nr 'x ' , 1 . X , . . 1, 4' , .5 .. lf- .2 V' J l, Q, ,M l I 'V 1 h x F . an Singers: Dennis Crushshon Dirk Hoffman Larry Meekma Ruth Moes Cindy Poortenga Lois Rinsema Alecia Schmidt Dave Schuringa Beth Smits Bill Tilstra Tim Toeset Players: Debbie Kellogg Carl Vander Woude Jim Van Til Madrigal inner 1 I :W " 5 Adm Q fs M Square Dance 1 M Helen Harmelink, Deb Wichers, Carzell Griffin, Jim Poelman. 54 'YW Roller Skating Barb Folkerts, Steve Huizenga gg 79 Join me in glad adoration if Q -5' 5 'Q . 3 X 1 - LL i ,ll-4 Y 56 Choir Tours l Mr. Tom Hoekstra, Director Debbie Bergsma Bev J onkman Arla Klooster Becky Krygsheld Kathie Leo Ruth Moes Cindi Poortenga Sharon Postma Joey Rodenhouse Carol Rudenga Wendy Schrotenboer Beth Smits Pat Van Saase Carole Van Til Ginny Veldman Joan Vis Dennis Crushshon Bob Gabrielse Dirk Hoffman Jim Huizenga Jack J onkman Mark J orna John Koedyker Dean Leensvaart Larry Meekma Murray Schrotenboer Dan Sytsma Bill Tilstra Tim Toeset Jim Van Til John Zylstra Bill and Tim ,V .1 ' L...--nc PmgrcssivcForrdu1 Alice Vander Hook, Ruth Faber, Marlys Werkman, Cal Halford, Lorne Van Dky, Laura Tadema Betsy Greydanus 58 Ruth Faber 33 4 L A,., B 1 "VV N I . yn t xiifdfifs p A , 1 B ' 'A' 1 B 0 A v Q f- fc. :Yitzfw 5 f' ,V t mi '? W, ,avi Basketball Team on their trip to Tennessee X, f if f fi B Dr. Bergsma, Betty Burkett, Linda Greydanus, Cal Hulford 59 Z 1 Vs' 'Z Bill Olthius, Joyce De Vries Famous Dirt-fill Crew e":i-av M ,-'f'f'f",. ,,"'4 v.,v5 - . X GW V v '.r'f JI, , 1 ' I M 14.-if ,F ,v'.4Y.-,.'.""'1 p ff' afgtg JM' I fp' I fx' 14 f' -I .47 ff". Jw' vfffgg' mf. 4 60 Qu A ,v..A v- - 599 l Campus Clean-up and Field Day Murray Schrotenboer, Pat Franje, C1nd1 Poortenga, Esther Baarda, Anne Kaminga, Tony Vyn, Della Lammers 61 1 1 N n n Wayne Medema, Verlyne Washington, John Hoogstraten, Dan Miller F n f . f4 . 'H , Dean Leensvaart 62 -ww--ev .1 1 www lf 5 mvum, Festival of Praise in the Arts ff-97:71 Q , f-W-AMW. X Lloyd Bos Mum WW Wm www Beth Smits, Clyde Rinsema 63 5. I 42 ,J I ' f. M X '29 ,mf 1 H.M.S. Pinafore Dr. Derke Bergsma-Sir Joseph Porter Mr. Ed Vander Weele-Captain Corcoran Larry Meekma-Ralph Rackstraw Josie Morse-Josephine Beth Smits-Buttercup Jack JonkmanMDick Deadeye Jean Hoekstra-Cousin Hebe Jim Van Til-Bill Bobstay Tim Toeset-Bob Becket Chorus: Ginny Veldman Arla Klooster Bob Gabrielse Becky Krygsheld Jim Huizenga Ruth Moes John Koedyker Cindi Poortenga Murray Schrotenboer Sharon Postma Bill Tilstra Pat VanSasse Carole Van Til I I U Vx Q 1 H I l 3 5 N 1 l ,Q L W I I J N W l 4 I 66 'The campus intellect has other things to do than glory in the stretch of unknown muscle or the breathless mid-air pause before the basket 2 points, or the pock of tennis balls racketted by swift-precision temple-bodies rippling muscle over bone and sinew. Yet still the exhaust-exhilaration of a race well run-and won-against stiff competition will be everyone's, One Day." "God thank You when sweaty bodies jostle and jump and play hard and thank You for the shower washing bodies clean- for the fountain which revives again Thank You Lord We praise Your name." -Two students Gym Aciiviiies i ,,,i , , ii' A ,WMM I l i i , ii, M, in Mananne Rosenwmkel 1-fy!! '7 I' Km, J .M N N. N Q , N i i 'fi' i i www i Y N .741 ,- 1 ' r x X ixq I 1 1, V 1 f 7? i ,W 1' ' i J' Sue Vander Werff fic iw M , ,Q u-mul' x H , Soccer Q ,mi . 5 X' -. T519 ws ix' W' 'sm 5 KG 3- He, is fy va? 4 ,X 'S 1, :C 1 M Bultema 9' may Baseball Mar .1 , 7 :W Q "-.. 45 Dennis Crushshon 1' ,Z M 5 'vp 2 ,Q f 5. 4 A S ,ki ff N V ix -I HM Hockey TEAM Hank Beekhuis Neal Brinkman Jim J oose Ed Kok John Lunshof Hugo Marcus Jim Markus Mike Melenberg Wayne Medema Bill Olthuis COACHES Dr. H. Cook Bob Hook Dave Vanden Berg Cindy Mair, Rita Knibbe Fred Olthuis Stan Olthuis John Pasma Dick Schuurman John Terpstra Art Tolsma Lorne Van Dyke Charly Venema Tom Venema Dave Vriend 72 E M i 1 1 ww f 1 , W. ,Q J ,, 'K'i , F5 :Q Y: ,LH frxrmixfi-f"-1 ,. ' N ,fvgwv .. ' 0 yu H SM ' 'f xfM v '- D , ..,.., , 6 ft ' Q me Q, gf CHEERLEADERS Betty Burkett Phyllis Huisjen Josie Morse Laverne Peterson Joey Rodenhouse Debbie Wichers lil 'E "',t I 1 22 Basketball ,L ,F ,,! JAKQQQ X , 4 5 ' .i g ,.,,, ,,, f -'-, M 1 "'WfhV4f"0WfffWMPmf"h4g mf , -9-,.., ywawkf WW' I 41 ' l 1 YW I K Z f 7 x WWW A, 7 1 1 ,5 7 wiv A. Wild: TEAM Art Blshop Bernard Hammond Don Harrlson Ed Harvey Bob Hulsman George Hursman Wally Ottenhoff Pete Post Tom Rusthoven Luvern Wheeler COACH Terry Errcson Tim Hoeksema i , V 1 i r N 77 I I 1 E' 3 f Yr .1 W 78 7 When We explore common interests or struggle with common problems, we need Your help, Lord. In our clubs and organizations, give us personal enrichment because We want to be fuller human beings, in our committees give us Wisdom because We want to do what is right. Keep us from frustration, but more importantly, keep us from apathy because it makes us impotent servants. Thank You for concerned members of our community who provide leadership and time, and for others Who follow in Your name. Thank You that We may be Your instruments, even though we often fall short of Your expectations. Give us Your Power, through Christ Jesus. -A student , f X . iv 4.4 Tutoring ., 4 ., gal- .A , ff . w-. ' W -Q Jgyfr : w. '-was . aff' If 435 1 N " ' . ' -' ,-1.5L f-4 ,MA . A-.-In 4 -gr-5 ,',' " N ' A 'u ' ' -' . -. J... A v3.5-,, 'M ,pq .- ., if ,. L, Y , ' -jj.. 'fktgi Ffh.-'-'R I 311' fl"-. -A w' .: ' -' , . v . A ,' . 'fi ylfiiw 117' A g,...ni6:ff5?12' ' 1 In w - ..v-,.. f' gif '14 V-'LEU " . A 4 Committees Academic Convocations Library Accreditation Public Service Administrative Council Publications Admissions Student Affairs Athletic Student and Activities Curriculum Student Financial Aid Judicial Dr. VanderVennen, Dr. Stronks, Kent Zigterman, Dr. Leegwater 13, Miss Huitsing, Deb Slagter, Bev Van Dyk, Margo Wories 81 5 Your Word in making a Allelu Trying to respond rightly and joyfully to f yearbook is a difficult task, and we were all too new at it to know that we were doing it right. We offered our efforts to You and ask that You bless them despite our blundering. Core: El Oordt, Photographyg Rika VanderZouwen, Literaryg Mike De Vries, Financeg Becky Krygsheld, Coordinator i l 4 Mui' .rf - ' 5 Ti x N ' 3 lm1"".......... . 4 Rita Knibbe taking subscriptions br 4' ""'f-' ' is Earl Uomote, Colleen Oordt .r-r L Advisor: Mr. Diephouse Cover: Iivclyn Kooiman 82 Percolator 'WWW V Diane Vruwink ff 2 xx? V , VVV, Q55 - 'Hn , 3: , 'K E Y W V Z i 7 4 x 2 ff The Percolator is published by a group of student from Trinity CEr1stian College, Palos Heights, Ill. COORDINATORS: Ed Kok, John Pasma, Joe Comanda, Bill Olthius, Everett Bos. WRITERS: Mike Vanderweele, Bob De Mbor, Ruth VandenBurg, Ron Rupke, Bill Olthius, Everett Bos, Pete Reitsma. Ed Kok, Joe Comanda, Jim Markus, FINANCE MANAGERS: Hank Beekhuis, Gary Bomhof. ARTISTS: Nance Konrath, Pete Reitsma.. i ORGANIZATION MANAGER: Everett Bos TYPISTS: Esther Baarda, Rita Jansma, Debbie Wichers, Beverly Van Dyk, Mary VandeRee, Josie Morse Verlynn Washington, Diane Vruwink, Marianne Van Dam, Marianne Rosenwinkel, Marlys Werkman, Jane Boonstra, Judy Jordet, Ann Kamminga. MAILING: Sandy Wichers. LAYOUT: Carol Korringa, Cindi Poortenga, Joe Comanda, ww? f .NK f V S I . i i l 1 6 3 i 5 E 1 I ' x E 1 i I . Q Q s 1 5 E E I I l v I P X I I f 84 Holy Spirit, Breath of God, Blow gently among us as a refreshing Breath of life Blow warmwhen our ardor cools and the flame of devotion begins to flicker Blow cool when our ardor overheats and we get too hot and bothered over things which really should not bother us so much Blow hard, O Holy Spirit, to drive away the chaff which gathers here Blow away the chaff of our confusion and disharmony and blow into flame a oneness of purpose Blow away our discontent cooling the sparks of friction warming the sparks of love brightening our vision Blow openly, O Spirit of God, so that it may be clearly seen that it's the Breath of God which fans the holy stirrings among us Blow strongly enough so that others will know that we are richly alive but do not blow so strongly that we get blown away. Your mercy alone, O God, sustains us The vision of your kingdom drives us on By your Spirit lead us. -An Administrator 85 Administration i Mr. Steve Bellin, Director of Admissions in X QI Mr. Jim Otten, Director of Developmentg Dr. Gordon Werkema, President 86 i ,Ext ,fl ,V MI. Audley Lemerles, BL1Si116SS Manager Dr. Robert Vander Vennen, Academic Dean I nz ' J' zzwffw 1 ,mg ,J 01 Dr. Edwin Roels, Dean of Students mf 5 w l Secretaries 5, m Alberta Huiner, Mrs. Marion Van Stedum Mrs. Bette Welke Mrs. liluinc Burdulph Miss .Icssic Galloway 4Z"1vsy- sy., K 88 9-I M ks Mrs Marge Voogd r r r Laura Vrsser Joan DeB1oLk Joanne De Haan Cmdy Dykstra Barb Seelrg 89 X 1:5 l , 61? aa- ' N A..-4, . f 1 Q . K A, X r l l Custodians and 1 Kitchen Staff 51 Ma ""'Y ffwrb xWf he nager: Gene Careyg Cooks: Doyle and Molly lm. y Mr. Franlc Qostra' 1 Y N v ' 5 5 . Q.,-I ii 'L . Pete Stob WC Mr. Joe Mufich Brian Tiiemeyer, Mr. Bill Seelig 91 M---t., 4 . gm' y 1 Q- K g J is A-.M Sa N1 ' W rm- C 4 ' fl A r tk af .f " My 4 Ev 1 Q I tl ,. W, A4A Q 1 Am tw um Q , N, ' 'iw 1 1 x 3 at ri A QA V . we A x A g K if 4 i f W lawn f it-'P The Board Association Meeting Curators: Rev. Juan Boonstra Harry De Bruyn Dr. George De Jong Dr. Anthony Diekema Henrietta Kingma Herman Kok Chester Toren Dr. Bob Vander Vennen Dr. Gordon Werkema Trustees: Ted De Vries Clarence Fennema Steve Gabrielse Milton Geerdes Peter Groot Abel Hoving Dr. John Meekma Stephen Mitchell Dr. Raymond Ooms Norman Ozinga Dr. Richard Prince Dr. Ray Seven Richard Staat Peter Vander Veld Dr. Francis Vander Wall Jacob Van Namen William Weidenaar Dr. Gordon Werkema Charles Zandstra May our sons be like plants growing strong from their earliest days, our daughters like corner-statues, carv ings fit for a palaoe. Ps. 144:12 1 f , 'Q . ff Y, Women's Guild Spring Luncheon Mrs. Ellie Bazuin, President Mrs. Jean Davids, First Vice-President Mrs. Doris Bergsma, Second Vice-President Mrs. Marthann Veldman, Treasurer Mrs. Janet Huizenga, Recording Secretary Mrs. Jeanette Vander Zee, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Gertie Krygsheld, Reporter Mrs. Laura Visser, Executive Secretary Mrs. Janet Vander Laan, Mrs. Bea Van Eck, Artist Series Mrs. Catherine Yonker, Garden Committee Mrs. Virginia Kortenhoven, Mrs. Trudy Van Prooyen, Catering Hostess Dinner Madfigal Dinner 93 fi or JN Q Graduation W'-' Larry and Ann Vander Aa with Rev. and Mrs. Toeset at the Friday Night Reception for Parents , ,.-f ,, V . , t V .F ,, ,. .fi-x3ggvyXw'wg-vrs -' ,ff gvtrg ' I g.g.g:-:wr Q . ia in a 2. K Qfasm aw Q my-'x ,-5,235 w,is'xzeuW?'1et L ,t:a,flq'3?.fvfg.,t , X 4 H It ww. ea? 'L .J J: :iw fab' 'if ' A, 75, ff fe ig A ,, '- 3 Q i - -A it ff -ex 0 1-v i" , f i :om If a ' f fa , wi,-ey .wg jr' - ' V v . Q' Q i , .ggi 1 f' ..-.,,, 4- ii? 5' A f . :jf 45' r ,. . A- , ,, ' f W , Q M , ,,. ,, la- 13:2 ,-4,,, , W 9' jg F t i .e 'A 'QP - . ' If f'-fa L ' 4 were f , 1 ar ,.,, , a x r - , at I' , 1 . 1- ' S Q:-f ' :fer . J ' -: J , A -5, Q f '.' 1 - ,V V ' A f . 0 l . - ra ,n Demonstrative Seminar: Tamaling Gary Bomhof, Clarence Bos, Bob De Moor, Dori Post, Carolyn Van Dellen, Dr. Reels, Cal J: S, i W1 ,' N .gb U' 'fri YP .7 4 i l l E Jenny Koole gets help from her parents J t C Graduation breakfast: John and Dori Post at ' -A fy, , Z' f'f'7.ay f fgayfff 4- , - if , -: 51462346 f- 1 is ig ,M V giiamg ,pa Xa G ff 1.5. rv ., I ' I ' J -f ifsiglffi X11 fel 1 i 14,6 he irfivhd, Art Tolsma, John Lunshof, Gary Bomhof, John Pasma "All peoples may walk, each in the name of his god, but we will walk in the name of Lord our God for ever and ever. Now to Him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we can ask or conceive, by the power which is at work among us, to Him be glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus from generation to generation evermore! Patrons BUD,S STORE FOR MEN, HILLIG HOUSE OF COLOR INC. Palos Heights, Illinois Palos Heights, Illinois A ILLIANA DISPOSAL CARLEY'S MOVING AND SERVICE A STORAGE, INC. Highland, Indiana Gary, Indiana g ILLIANA ELECTRIC MR. JOHN DAVIDS A Lansing, Illinois A MR. AND MRS. FRED DR. HENRY R. DE BOER KLOGSTER DE VRIES HEATING LEEP'S PLEASANT VIEW Lansing, Illinois DAIRY Highland, Indiana E FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Q LEEP,S SUPPLY oo. Lansms, 11119015 Highland, Indiana A HIGHLAND DEPA RTMENT PALOS BANK AND TRUST STORE CO, Highland, Indiana Palos Heights, Illinois PALGS CAMERA SUBURBAN ACCOUNTING Palos Heights, Illinois Palos Heights, Illinois PALOS MUSIC Palos Heights Illinois DR' FRANCIS VANDER ' WALL I ' PALGS SALES , A R Palos Heights, Illinois VAN S HOME A FURNISHINGS PALOS SPORTS Highland, Indiana A Palos Heights, Illinois I ZANDSTRA,S BROS. I ' HEIGHTS n I RINI PALOS FARM , PHARMACY . . I S I Palos HeightS,gminOiS Hlghland, Indiana g sCHooN,ssUPER I ZANDSTRA'S STORE FOR, MARKET, I E MEN E Highnlanddndiana R Rita Highland, Indiana Cathy Aardema So. Oak Lawn, Ill. Esther Baarda So. Smithville, Ont. Rennie Baarda Sr. Smithville, Ont. Soc., psych. Janice Baker Jr. Chicago, Ill. Bruce Baldridge Fr. Tinley Park, Ill. James Bandstra Sr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Hank Beekhuis So. London, Ont. Gary Bekker Jr. Wykoff, N. J. Peter Benson So. Chicago, Ill. Jane Berenschot Sr. Cedar Grove, Wisc. Psych., soc.feduc. Deborah Bergsma Fr. Palos Heights, Ill. Eliza Bieber Tinley Park, Ill. Ed Biesboer So. Chicago Heights, Ill Steve Bird So. Ambler, Pa. Arthur Bishop Fr. Chicago, Ill. Michael Blom Fr. Mt. Prospect, lll. Albert Boerema P.T. Oak Lawn, Ill. Marge Boerema Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Music: educ. Sharyl Boerema Jr. Orland Park, lll. Michel Boghos So. Lattakia, Syria Gary Bomhof Sr. Victoria, B. C. hist.fphilo.jtheo. Jane Boonstra So. Hamilton, Ont. lilva Sue Borchert Jr. Asheville, N. C. Clarence Bos Sr. Drayton, Ont. phiIo.fhist.fcng. lzvcrctt lios Sr. Drayton, Ont. hist.fphilo.fcng. Kathy Bos So. Tinley Park, lll. Students Lloyd Bos So. Surrey, B. C. Neal Brinkman Jr. Blackstock, Ont. Barbara Brouwer P.T. Broadview, Ill. Cynthia Brouwer Fr. Lansing, Ill. John Brouwer Sr. Chicago, Ill. Chem., math. Philip Brouwer Jr. Lansing, lll. Ellis Brown P.T. Oak Lawn, Ill. Joyce Brown So. Oak Lawn, Ill. Wilbur Bruinsma Fr. Lansing, Ill. Ruth Buis Fr. Calumet Park, Ill. Jean Bultema Jr. Palos Heights, Ill. Tim Bultema So. Lansing, Ill. Betty Burkett Fr. Chicago, Ill. Marilyn Carpenter Oak Forest, Ill. Pete Comanda So. Roma, Italy Justin Cooper Sr. Palos Heights, Ill. Philo.3 hist.fsoc.lpol. sc. Dennis Crushshon Sr. Chicago, Ill. soc.fpsych.ftheo. Nancy Crusing P.T. Oak Lawn, Ill. Marlene De Boer So. Frankfort, Ill. Albertena De Groot So. Sarnia, Ontario Kathleen De Haan So. Lansing, lll. David De Jong Jr. Oak Lawn, lll. Melita Dekker Fr. Homewood, lll. Ary Dc Moor So. Medicine Hat, Alberta Bob De Moor Sr. Medicine Hat, Alberta l'hilog theojgreek Lcnore Denison P.T. liluc Island, lll. Robert De Ruiter Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Businessg theo. Yvonne De Voest Fr. Mt. Brydges, Ont. Glen De Vries So. Western Springs, Ill. Mike De Vries So. Lansing, Ill. Joyce De Vries So. Hinsdale, Ill. Gerald De Young Sr. South Holland, Ill. Eng.g psych.ltheo.leduc. Mary De Young So. Evergreen Park, Ill. Perry Di Castri Jr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Ray Dielman P. T. Alsip, Ill. Roberta Dielman P.T. Alsip, Ill. Henry Doff Jr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Carl Doot Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Math,g business Roger Drythout Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Businessg psych. Joellen Duehr Sr. Orland Park, Ill. Eng, soc.feduc. Benjamin Dykstra Fr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Cynthia Dykstra Oak Lawn, Ill. Kathy Dykstra So. Chicago, Ill. Janis Dykstra So. Oak Lawn, Ill. Virginia Dykstra Sr. Lansing, Ill. Engg psychfeduc. William Dykstra Sr. Chicago, lll. English Edward J. Echeverria Jr. Pasadena, Calif. Robert Eenigenburg So. Chicago Heights, lll. Lori Eilander Jr. Holland, Mich. Marjorie Eldrenkamp Fr. Orland Park, Ill. Nancy lildrenkamp Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. linglishg educ. Jake Ellens Sr. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Hist.g soc.fphilo. Sally Elzinga Jr. Grand Rapids, Mich. Lance Engbers Jr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Rebecca Engel Fr. Park Ridge, Ill. Peter Ennema Jr. Chatham, Ont. Tena Ennema So. Chatham, Ont. Suzanne Erickson Jr. Palos Heights, Ill. Jill Ericson P.T. Crestwood, Ill. Jack Erics So. Cicero, Ill. Ruth Faber Sr. Fair Lawn, N. J. Eng.g theo.feduc. Sherri Fancher So. Seattle, Wa. Rich Flikkema Fr. Lansing, Ill. Barbara Folkerts Fr. Fair Lawn, N. J. Patrick Franje Fr. New Sharon, Iowa Bob Gabrielse So. Lansing, lll. Rose Gabrielse Fr. Lansing, Ill. Tom Gabrielse Sr. Palos Heights, lll. Bio.g chem.feduc. Bill Goossens Sr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Bio., chem. Anna Greenelsteh Oak Lawn, Ill. Audrey Greenham Fr. South Holland, lll. Betsy Greydanus Sr. Hawthorne, N. J. Ont engjfrenchfpsychfeduc. Carzell Griffin Fr. Chicago, lll. Ron Groenendal Sr. Palos Heights, lll. Bio.g chem. Earl Groenewegen Sr. Hamilton, Ont. Hist.: pol. sc. Loran Gruntorad Jr. Palos Heights, lll. Donald Haan Fr. Highland, Ind. Theresa Hale Fr. Alsip, Ill. Arthur Hall So. Midlothian, Ill. Bernard Hammond So. Chicago, Ill. Agnes Hamstra So. Bradford, Ont. Helen Harmelink Jr. Cedar Grove, Wisc. Edwin Harvey Fr. Chicago, Ill. Don Harrison Fr. Chicago, Ill. Debra Hart Tinley Park, Ill. John Hedlin So. Victoria, B. C. Jacob Heerdt So. Elmhurst, Ill. Paul Heerema Sr. Oak Park, Ill. Business, pol. sc. Dennis Helmus Jr. Lansing, Ill. Joy Hiemstra So. Palos Heights, lll. Sid Hiemstra Sr. London, Ont. Psych., eng. Holly Hironimus Fr. Chicago, Ill. Tim Hoeksema Jr. Lansing, Ill. Art Hoekstra Sr. Tinley Park, Ill. Soc., pol. sc. Jean Hoekstra P.T. Orland Park, Ill. Dirk Hoffman Sr. Berwyn, Ill. Business, psych. Howard Hoffman So. Berwyn, Ill. Lois Hofstra So. Evergreen Park, Ill. Bill Hogeboom Jr. St. Catharines, Ont. Vivian Hollaar Sr. Worth, lu. math.leng.fpsych.feduc. David Hoogakker Fr. Homewood, Ill. John Hoogstraten So. Burbank, Ill. Students Vicki Hooker Fr. Chicago, Ill. Dorothy Huisman Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. psych.feng.ltheo. George Huisman Jr. Berwyn, Ill. John Huisman Sr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Philo.: soc. Robert Huisman Fr. Berwyn, Ill. David Huizenga Sr. Chicago, Ill. Psych.: educ. Henry Huizenga Jr. Lansing, Ill. Jim Huizenga So. Highland, Ind. Judy Huizenga P.T. Chicago Ridge, Ill. Steve Huizenga Sr. Fulton, Ill. Calvin Hulford So. Harvey, Ill. Joel Huyser So. Sully, Iowa Frank Intrieri Fr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Robert Iwema So. South Holland, Ill. Sandra Iwema Sr. South Holland, Ill. Eng., hist.leduc. Susan Jacobs Jr. Wykoff, N. J. Marge Jager So. Worth, Ill. Rita Jager Fr. Edmonton, Alberta Rita Jansma So. Keswick, Ont. Simon Janssen Jr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Kathlyn Jellema Fr. Oak Forest, Ill. Sharon Jezl So. Oak Lawn, Ill. Richard Jongsma Jr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Beverly Jonkman So. South Holland, Ill. Jack Jonkman Jr. Lansing, Ill. James Joose Fr. Edmonton, Alberta Judy Jordet So. Woodland Park, Colo. Mark Jorna Fr. Chicago, Ill. Dave Julien Sr. Chicago, Ill. Philo., soc. Jane Knock Sr. Wellsburg, Iowa Music, educ. Carol Knol Sr. Worth, Ill. Eng., educ. Doro Knoops Sr. Rexdale, Ont. Psych.: eng.feduc. Ray Kober P.T. Chicago, Ill. John Koedyker Jr. South Holland, Ill. Ed Kok Jr. Toronto, Ont. Sharon Koning Sr. Chicago, Ill. hist.leng.jtheo.feduc. Nancy Konrath Jr. Chicago, Ill. William Kool So. Palos Park, Ill. Evelyn Kooiman So. Red Deer, Alberta Ena Koole Fr. St. Catharines, Ont. Jenny Koole Sr. St. Catharines, Ont. Hist.: soc. Lucy Kooyenga So. Cicero, Ill. Carol Korringa Sr. South Holland, Ill. Soc., psych. Pearl Kortenhoven Highland, Ind. Irene Kraay Jr. Bowmanville, Ont. Dave Kramer Sr. Chicago Heights, Ill. Bio., chem.lbusiness Anne Kamminga Fr. St. Catharines, Ont. Lloy d Kemphorst Lansing, Ill. Faye Karsten Fr. McBain, Mich. Penelope Katsikas Palos Heights, Ill. Mary Lou Kaye Palos Heights, Ill. Barbara Keessen So. Whitinsville, Mass. Deborah Kellog Sr. San Diego, Calif. Kathleen Kennedy Sr Glendale, Calif. Tom Kieft So. Cicero, Ill. Ken Kikkert So. Lansing, Ill. Mary Kikkert Sr. Lansing, Ill. Eng.: educ. Tim Kikkert Jr. Lansing, Ill. George Kilgore Chicago, Ill. Donald Kiner Palos Heights, Ill. Elizabeth Klein Jr. Palos Heights, Ill. Arla Klooster Fr. Lansing, Ill. Dale Klooster So. Highland, Ind. Rita Knibbe Sr. Kettleby, Ont. hist.feng.1theo. Peggy Kramer Fr. Jarvis, Ont. Becky Krygsheld Jr. Lansing, Ill. Dorothy Kuperus Sr. Sussex, N. J. Psych.fed. James Kveton Jr. Burbank, Ill. Della Lammers So. St. Catharines, Ill. Craig Landhuis Jr. Lansing, Ill. Clare Laning So. Worth, Ill. Karen Laning Jr. Worth, Ill. Dean Leensvaart So. South Holland, Ill. Donna Leep Jr. Highland, Ind. Ruth Leep Jr. Highland, Ind. Eric Leestma So. Lansing, Ill. Floyd Leo Sr. Villa Park, Ill. Business, psych. Kathie Leo Jr. Palos Heights, Ill. John Lunshof Sr. E. Chatham, Ont. Hist,g philo.fs0c. Frieda Maaskant Jr. Clinton, Ont. Mona Maaskant Fr. Clinton, Ont. Cindy Mair So. Dolton, Ill. Ken Malone Fr. Chicago, Ill. Hugo Marcus So. Lindsay , Ont. Jim Markus Jr. Bradford, Ont. Gayle McFarland Jr. Kirkland, Wash. Wayne Medema Jr. Berwyn, Ill. Larry Meekma Jr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Mike Melenberg So. Edmonton, Alberta Danny Miller Tinley Park, Ill. Ruth Moes Sr. Highland, lnd. Psych.g hist. Connie Molenhouse Fr Wheaton, Ill. Bryan Mollema Fr. South Holland, Ill. Marla Monsma Jr. Pella, Iowa Joanna Morse Jr. Augusta, Georgia Deborah Mulder Fr. Cicero, Ill. Yolanda Murphy So. Tinley Park, Ill. Bruce Nelson Jr. Ifairlawn, N. J. Kurt Nelson Ifr. Palos Heights, Ill. Tom Nelson Sr. l'airlawn, N. J. Soc.: hist. l'1dOlthoff Jr. Lansing, lll. lzlaine Oltlioff l'r. Lansing, Ill. l'red Olthuis l'r. lzdrnonton, Alberta Stan Oltliuis Jr. lzdmonton, Alberta Students William Olthuis Sr. Edmonton, Alberta Hist.g philo. Bill Ooms Sr. Lansing, Ill. Chem.: math Caryl Ooms Fr. Lansing, Ill. Colleen Oordt Fr. Seattle, Wash. Ellen Oordt Jr. Seattle, Wash. Walter Ottenhoff Fr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Donald Parker P.T. Tinley Park, Ill. Beth Paschall P.T. Palos Heights, Ill. John Pasma Sr. London, Ont. Hist.g philo.fpol. sc. Sally Pasma So. Springfield, Ont. Beth Peterman Jr. Los Angeles, Calif. Lavern Peterson Fr. South Holland, Ill. N. M. Phillip So. India Nancy Pisarski Jr. Tinley Park, Ill. Jim Poelman Fr. Wainfleet, Ont. Cynthia Poortenga Fr. Lansing, Ill. Doris Groenleer Post Sr Blue Island, Ill. germanfeng.lpsych.feduc. John Post Sr. Blue Island, Ill. Hist.: psych.feduc. Pete Post So. Broadview, Ill. Tim Postema So. Griffith, Ind. Sharon Postma So. Griffith, Ind. Linda Preston Jr. Harvey, Ill. Dean Price Jr. Chicago Heights, Ill. Gail l'rins So. Wykoff, N. J. Bob Proper Sr. Rockwood, Oni. llist.: theo. Marilyn l'ulver So. I-lvergreen Park, lll. 100 Dana Redfield Fr. Lake Forest, Ill. Edward Reding Fr. Lake Forest, Ill. Jerry Reitsma Jr. Orono, Ont. Margaret Reitsma Sr. Orono, Ont. eng.fhist.fartfeduc. Pete Reitsma Sr. Orono, Ont. English, philo. Joyce Ribbens Jr. Sauk Village, lll. Clyde Rinsema Sr. Highland, Ind. Hist.g psych.feduc. Lois Rinsema Sr. Highland, Ind. Joyce Rodenhouse So. Grand Rapids, Mich. Marianne Rosenwinkel So. Cicero, Ill. Carol Rudenga Fr. Lansing, Ill. Ronald Rupke Jr. Bradford, Ont. Phyllis Russell Fr. Western Springs, Ill. Tom Rusthoven Fr. Oak Lawn, Ill. William Schellhammer Sr. Chicago, lll. Murray Schrotenboer So. Palos Heights, Ill. Wendy Schrotenboer So. Palos Heights, Ill. Henry Dave Schuringa So. De Motte, Ind. Bonnie Schutt Sr. Worth, Ill. psych.fhist.feng.feduc. David Schuurman Sr. Hinsdale, Ill. philo.fhist.feng. Richard Schuurman So. Western Springs, lll. Bob Secor So. Hazel Crest, Ill. Sandra Seebeck Fr. Outlook, Wash. Jan Seelig So. Oak Lawn, Ill. Judy Serafini lfr. Oak Lawn, lll. Jim Siemer Sr. Highland, Ind. Business: hist.ftheo. Debra Slagter Fr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Nancy Slagter Sr. Evergreen Park, Ill. psych.fsoc.fhist.feduc. Sandy Slagter So. Palos Heights, Ill. Alecia Smidt So. Artesia, Calif. Rick Smith Fr. Oak Lawn, Ill. Beth Smits Jr. Lansing, Ill. Connie Solem Sr. Grand Rapids, Mich. Psych., soc. Henry Solle Jr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Carol Sons So. Chicago Heights, Ill. Carol Spoelhof Sr. Hudsonville, Mich. eng.fmusic1psych.feduc Henry Steen Fr. Oak Forest, Ill. Cindy Stob So. Oak Lawn, Ill. Sukit Surapiboon Chai P.T Palos Heights, Ill. Laura Swankie So. Hawthorne, N. J. Carol Sytsma So. South Holland, Ill. Dan Sytsma So. Wheaton, Ill. Laura Tadema Fr. Westminister, Calif. Cal Tameling Sr. Worth, Ill. Soc.g hist. John Tameling So. South Holland, Ill. Marcy Tameling Sr. Worth, Ill. Beth Tazelaar Jr. Oak Park, Ill. Harriet Ten Kate P.T. Crestwood, Ill. Dale Terpstra Jr. Palos Heights, Ill. John Terpstra Fr. Hamilton, Ont. John F. Terpstra Jr. Highland, Ind. Maralee Thompson Fr. Worth, Ill. John Tibstra Jr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Richard Tiggelaar Fr. Chicago, Ill. Jan Tillema So. Wheatfield, Ind. Bill Tilstra Jr. Bridgenorth, Ont. Beverly Tisch So. Chicago Ridge, Ill. Tim Toeset Sr. Renville, Minn. Psych., greek Art Tolsma Sr. Orland Park, Ill. Histg soc. Enica Tolsma Jr. Orland Park, Ill. Ron Tuinstra Sr. Burnham, Ill. Bio.g chem.feduc. Earl Uomoto Fr. Seattle, Wash. Cathy Van Arragon Sr. Palos Heights, Ill. Eng.g educ. Leo Van Aargon Sr. Palos Heights, lll. hist.fsoc.lpsych. Marianne Van Dam Fr. Hawthorne, N. J. Peter Van Delft Jr. Richmond, B.C. Carolyn Van Dellen Sr. Evergreen Park, Ill. hist.fpsych.feng.leduc. Joan Vanden Berg Fr. Worth, Ill. Ruth Vanden Berg Jr. Worth, Ill. Lynn Vanden Bosch Sr. Worth, Ill. musicfeng.fpsych.feduc. Ann Vander Aa Sr. South Holland, Ill. Soc.3 artfpsychjeduc. Larry Vander Aa Sr. South Holland, Ill. Psych.g greek Mary Vande Ree So. Midland Park, N. J. Alice Vander Hoek So. London, Ont. Irene Vander Kloet Fr. Rexdale, Ont. John Vander Leest Jr. Telkwa, B. C. Joyce Vander Maas Fr. St. Catharines, Ont. Students Ingrid Vander Meer Fr. Edmonton, Alberta Mary Vander Myde Sr. Dolton, Ill. Eng.g educ. Edith Vander Naald Fr. Oak Park, Ill. Wayne Vander Naald Fr. Cicero, Ill. Ken Vander Velde Fr. Lansing, Ill. Elaine Vander Vos Jr. Bozeman, Mont. Cathy Vander Wagen So. Palos Heights, Ill. Mike Vander Weele Jr. Worth, Ill. Gerald Vanderwerff Jr. Monroe, Wash. Lois Vander Werff So. Markesan, Wisc. Susan Vander Werff Fr. Lansing, Ill. Rika Vander Zouwen Sr. Balzac, Alberta Eng.g hist.leduc. Martha Van Dinther Fr. Elk Grove Village, lll. Milton Van Drunen Sr. Lansing, Ill. Beverly Van Dyke Fr. South Holland, Ill. Lorne Van Dyke Fr. Bradford, Ont. Peter Van Dyken So. Cayuga, Ont. Bernard Van Genderen Jr. Wykoff, N. J. Gary Van Heest Fr. Lansing, Ill. David Van Kley Fr. Lansing, Ill. Steve Van Manen Fr. Sully, Iowa J. Pat Van Sasse Jr. Campbellville, Ont. David Van Soest Jr. Grand Rapids, Mich. Carole Van Til Fr. Lansing, Ill. Cheryl Van Til Jr. Lansing, Ill. Dorothy Ruiter Van Til Sr. Dyer, Ind. Soc.g psych. Jim Van Til Jr. Highland, Ind. Marla Van Vliet P.T. Palos Hills, Ill. John Van Vossen Sr. Chicago, Ill. Judy Van Vossen Sr. Chicago, Ill. Allen Van Wyk Fr. Otley, Iowa Ken Van Wyk Worth, Ill. Psych.g philo. Betty Veenstra Sr. Pella, Iowa Psych.g educ. Dalelyn Veenstra Sr. Chicago, Ill. Psych.g educ. Harold Veldkamp Worth, lll. Ginny Veldman Jr. Western Springs, Ill Charly Venema So. St. Thomas, Ont. Cornelis Venema Fr. Pella, Iowa Grace Venema Fr. St. Thomas, Ont. Rick Venema SO. Orland Park, lll. Tom Venema Jr. Sarnia, Ont. Joan Vis Fr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Bob Vogelzang So. Sheldon, Iowa Jean Vogelzang P.T. Calumet City, Ill. Beth Voss So. Orland Park, lll. Eugene Voss Fr. Palos Heights, Ill. Martin Voss Sr. Palos Heights, Ill. chem.ltheo.leng. Robert Voss Jr. Orland Park, Ill. David Vriend So. Edmonton, Alberta Agnes Vrieze So. Palos Heights, Ill. Clare Vroom So. Sarnia, Ont. Diane Vruwink Fr. Cedar Grove, Wisc. Tony Vyn Fr. Ridgetown, Ont. Randy Walsh Blue Island, Ill. Verlyne Washinton Fr Chicago, Ill. Marlys Werkman Fr. Edmonton, Alberta Luvern Wheeler Fr. Chicago, Ill. Deborah Wichers Fr. Bradenton, Florida Lou Wichers Sr. Bradenton, Florida Philo.: Eng. Sandy Wichers Jr. Bradenton, Florida Harold Wierenga Fr. Evergreen Park, Ill. Karl Wiersum Jr. Grand Rapids, Mich Sandra Winkelblech Palos Park, Ill. Charles Wolske So. Blue Island, Ill. Margaret Wories So. Lansing, Ill. Jane Yelvington So. Palos Heights, Ill. Barb Yonkman So. South Holland, lll. Benjamin Zandstra Fr Hudsonville, Mich. Theodore Zbiegien Fr Hinsdale, Ill. Kent Zigterman Jr. Lansing, Ill. Cheryl Zimmerman Jr Oak Lawn, Ill. Randall Zwier Fr. Lansing, Ill. John Zylstra Fr. Lansing, Ill. Rita Zylstra Sr. Lansing, Ill. Psych.g educ. Father in Heaven, A Because Christ hung his head and died that we might have life and give life and receive life, and hold up our heads as sons of God, We pray Lord, don't let the hard work be for nothing. Make it fruitful despite our sin. Shower us with joy because we have known one another in your Grace. Hear us, for Jesus' sake, Amen. Used by permission. I f I v L k N N i w P w l 3 i w E 1 w N f l r I P 2 , 1-1-W 1 , li , .3-,., -W ---" 71' : ...I , H f 1 rw I I ng,.,7frl',-M'11," r 1 1

Suggestions in the Trinity Christian College - Allelu Yearbook (Palos Heights, IL) collection:

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