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.- 1 -by-1 L-4-a-mn-,-,-1-nam'---.w--. mv, -.1 wp -1 lv mn I--af-n nun A 1 7 THE ANNUAL STAFF Presents H WILDCAT 4 iccz fion I 'k jupzln photographed in red light with its satellite Gary- mrdz, upper right, casting a shadow on the planet's surface, top center, -Mt. W'ilson and Palomar Observatories 'A' 'k DMINISTR TIC Superintendent Ernest J. Meio New Mexico State University, B. S. University of Southern California, M. S . Graduate Study: AR ,ewes C.S.C., Greeley QQ t C U , Boulder ri C S U , Fort Colllns Secretory Josephine Lucero HOOL BCARD Lf, X N P. Gillettig A. Knowltong J. Febbrarog F. Montera, Sec'y.g G. Jack, Treas.3 M. Piano, V. Pres.: F. Bracco, Pres y Faculty MR. REAGAN Science Q Language University of M es. B.A. Graduate Study: Highland University Ma. Lacnus Language Q Library Arthur Reagan Adams state College B.A. Donald Lacrue MR. RICOTTONE Social Studies k Athletics Adams State College B.A. MR. WILLIAMS Math. 8 Science Baylor University University of Colo. william Ricottone ' Thomas Z. Williams ff' AJ, F N, .-XR Yi AN? Ch8Pl08 Festi .Qiksqlgkd Angela Cuzzetto HR. FESTI Commercial Adams State College B.A. M SS CUZZETTO Home Ec. G Science Colo. State Univ. B.S. 5 COUK Louise Clnizziel Vozza Candelaria fCandyD Montoya B aiiw awake DRIVERS Charles Healey Charles Niccoli NOT PICTURED Charles Tamburelli Albert Mestas CUSTODL4 A N D B U S D R I V E R S Louis Asti John Boccaccio l if l i t The Solar Corona photographed during a total eclipse from Green River, Wyoming, Q- .2,, .fm -Mt, Wilson and Palomar Observatories mvglsiffei - S NIQRS MAX BERNAL Clubs: Safety L: Letter- men Lg Fbotball l,2,3,Lg Basketball 3,hg Baseball l,2,L: Wrestling 1,25 Track l,2,3g Track 1,2, 33 Boxing lg Nilitary Training l,2,3 Ambition: Undecided DONALD CASTRO Clubs: Safety l,2,3,h: Newman l,2,3,Lg Letter- men 2,3,hg Football 1, 23 Basketball 1,2g Base ball lg Intercl Tourn. 1,2,3,hg Manager A Ambition: Air Force GERALD AVILA Clubs: Newman l,2,3,hg Safety 2,3,hg Pres., 3gLetterman l,2,3,Lg Class V.Pres.2g Treas. Lg Basketball 1,2,3,hg Capt. 3,L: Football l, 2,3,Lg All Conf. Lg Track l,2g Intercl. Tourn. 1,25 Prom Escort Ag Ambition: Undecided 8 DAVID BORREGO Clubs: Newman l,2,3,Lg Safety l,2,3,hg Letter- men l,2,3,bg Football l,2,3,hg Captain Ag All Confe All State Basketball 3,Lg Base- ball 3,A: Track 1,2g Intercl. Tourn. 1,2 Ambition: Mechanics mfg f JANENA FEDERICO Clubs: Pep l,2,3,Lg Cheerleader 1,33 Safety Treas. 3: Newman l,2,3, kg Math 2: Sp. 23 S.C.l Play lg Intercl Tourn Prim 33 P.E. 2,33 Cl Rep. lg Forensic Judge Lg Good Citizen L Ambition: Child Psvch L X I. ff af PETE GOMEZ A Club: Lettermen l,2,3, A: Football l,2,3,h,: Basketball l,2,3,h: Baseball 1,2,3,Ag Track 2g Intercl. Tourn. 1: Ambition: Mech. Engr. I SANDRA GILLETTI Clubs: PeEel,2 3,hg Pres. 3: p. L: Safety l,2,3,Lg Rep. 3: Newman 1,2,3,hg Math 2,33 sec. Treas. 3: Sp. 25 P.E. 2: Forensic Judge hz S.C. 25 Sec. 2: Class Sec. lg Cheerleader l, 2,3,h: Head 2,L: Home C ming Attend. 2: Queen Lg Intercl Tourn. Cheer leader lg Basketball l, 2,3,Lg Announcer hz 3 3 1+ Ambition: P.E. Teacher VICKI GIOGA Clubs: Pep, Safety, Newman, 1r293nh3 Math: 2.3: SP' 25 P.E. 23 Annual Ed. M: Inter- cl. Tourn. Cheerl. lg Prin. 2,3g Basketbl 1,2,3g UAW Cheerleader 1,2,3,hg Head 3 5.0. 3,l+: Treas. I+: Cl. V.P lg Sec. A Ambitinn: X-Rav Tech. DARIENE GGNZALES Clubs: Spanish Ig Pep lg Class Treas 25 Reporter 3g Inter- cl. Tourn. Cheerleader 3 Ambition: Beautician V V Sul 3'2' 52: PAUL TOM JUSTICE Ambition: Air Force Career ROY NEWKIRK Clubs: Math: Student Council 3 Ambition: Undecided JOHN HERATH Clubs: Safety 3,l+g Sgt. at Arms 3: Newman 3,hg Letter man 2,3,L3 Honor Society Lg Football 3,143 Baseball 2,3,l+: Basketball Mgr. I+: Intercl. Tourn. 3,h: Cl V.Pres. Q: Ambition: Pres. of Corp. ERNEST MESTAS Safety Club lg Basketball 23 Inter-cl. Tourn. 1,2,3, A Ambition: Undecided J OE OLGUIN Baseball 1,3,l+g Foot- ball 1,2,3,h: Basket- ball 1,2,3,L: Ambition: Undecided ,- Politics Cx ', IQXXJLH U l f -7 A I X , X I X N IO FRANK PAUIDVICH Clubs: Safety l,2,3,h: Newman 1,2,3,l+3 Letter' man 1,2,3,l+g Baseball 1,2,3,Lg Basketball A: Football 3,53 Track 23 Inter.Class Tourn 1.2: 35 Homecoming Esc. I+ Ambition: College RUSSELL PFAFFENHAUSER Clubs: Letterman l,2,3,L+g Safety l,2,3,h: Sgt at Arms 33 Newman 2,3,l.g Math 2.3: S.C. 2,3,hg Play 2,33 Pres. Ag Football l,2,3,Lg Co-Capt. bg All Conf. Lg Baseball l,2,3,Lg Track 1, 23 Intercl. Tourn. l,2,3g Cl. Pres. 23 V. Pres. 3: Homecoming and Prom Escort la. Ambition: Diesel 81 Auto. Mechanic DANIEL SCUZZARO Clubs: Safety l,2,3,l+: Sgt. at Arms 3g Newman l,2,3,Lg Math 2,3g Class Treas 33 Basketball 1, 2,3,l.g Capt. 3,13 Base- ball l,2,3,l+: Football M823 1.3.1-+3 Track 1925 Intercl. Toum. 1,2 Ambition 2 Undecided 1 1 DAISY QUINTERO Clubs: Pep l,2,3,hg Newman 2,33 Safety l,2, 3,143 Intercl. Tourn. Cheerleader 3 Ambition: Undecided GEORGE SUTAK Clubs: Safety l,2,3,Lg Math 25 Newman l,2,35 Baseball Mgr. lg Inter- cl. Tourn. 1,2,3,Lg Ambition: Forestry T1 JOSEPH DAVID TRUJILLO Class Reporter 23 Treas 3: Pres bs Annual staff C1888 Editor Lg Intercl Tourn 1n2n3ah3 3- C. L Ambition: Undecided ELVIRA VALLEJN Clubs: Pep 1,2,3,h: Ambition! Safety 1,2,3,hS V. Pres 33 Newman l,2, 3 ,143 "B" Cheerleader A3 Intercl. Chld. 2, 33 Class Secy. 2,33 Prom Attendant A3 Ambition: Beautician fy "" WM DANIEL VALENTINE Clubs: Letterman 3: Math 2,33 3.3. 3,16 V.Pres. L3 Class Pres. 33 Annual Staff la3 Baseball 2,l+3 Foot- ball 3,l+3 Hon. Mention L43 Intercl Tourn l,2,3, kg T. Master Jr.Sr. Prom 33 Prom King L Ambition:.M5ch' Eng' JULIO MAES Clubs: Newman1,2,3 Safety l,2,3,h3 Foot- ball l,3,h: Mer- 2: Basketball l,3,l+3 Mgr 23 Baseball 3,l,3 Hon Ment. 33 All Conf. 1+ Ambition: Undecided Arthur Reagan, CO-SPOZISOI' 1 Dgnald LgCrue, Spqnggr A QQ SENIOR cuss OFFICERS XM- ,f J G. Avila, Treasurerg J. Herath, V. Presidentg D. Trujillo, Presidentg V. Gioga, Secret 3 M.E. Trujillo, Reporter h f ? gh lv vq f 5 gg' ig 'af J Th13 page sponsored With Best Wishe SHARPE CN ON i ,, 'k Clusters of stars in the Sagittarius region ofthe Milky Way photographed with a l0'inch lens. -Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatories DERC ASSM N , ' JI::,.i ' Sf: 5 'Q 'fic , . 1415" : 9. '-,. U sa M . VL,,V AY i w Charles Borrego John Cuzzetto 5 Q, S 'W' S fun . y a mx ,., Q di ifpx 1 Q Y X UL i 'f so 9 he Ev, if f Q xw ggw jfxia' 'K 0-4 yy i X ik ., , Q 5' An i e .... - if 9 Y .gf L' ? S fig 4 5 e fm Q E Q , fx X NSY we Z'.h A ..,Q, r crc c r f y Raymond Gonzales Billy McArthur : V,A. l1 r 3 r Junior Class Sponsor--William J . Ricottone Co-Sponsor--Thomas Z. Williams Class Motto--Forward Ever, Backward Never Class Color--Turquoise and Black Class Flower--Black Orchid Castiglia. Larry Duran James Gilletti Frank Giuliano rg- . 113 ' - .. 8 Aim' H X pry? my fx 1 KN M ? M 3 fy Q Q K? H 3 , Q 4 ,E Wig Q , - -V 1 Q. -1 pg, .1 - i f 9 ,e ,YH- Mary Arln Qrubelnik Patricia Jimenez Patricia Martinez Fr-ed meek Carol Ortiz Cheryl Pfaffenhauser e164 : We f , We. ie-ms' ' I :E ,,,x,, ,, . . ,Q W e. . Q. Q K A 'QL I F? age? 3 is 'I ti Jeannine Piano MSW Reeves Gary Barbaro U3-V01 Scarafiot Clovis Smith AUUIOUY Tambrwelli Bernadette 'rrujzme Madeline vigil Ei w sz q m ,,g' ii ., +571 1 ee I PA :-, , V:-:e ' ' '. :.--: - 3' , 2v 224f f? 'P ' - Y- ' 3 552" A :'1: 1: '1 'g ,e:,., IZ Q ee ,Eff my eL,V. kyhy ei M 'Q' I I if rl veg 'M 2 1 X, P P so xx LS Junior Class pages sponsored by: TRU-LIFE PHOTOGRAPHS Trinidad. Colorado Pres. Treas. V. Pres. Officers 17 Reporter Sec'y Pg l . . A K5 re.-A,-. E .. 54.3 .,., P. i all A358 P .2 G Q , IPR X pm 1 ,JN . , g K1 . w Q Q , 1 , xx x I 'Z g gp. .fi .5 1,1 jg gil. , g.,mfS,': 1 pmmwimw Hwhwg is 4? f ,. . 8.iQq15k it. . V. .V .f x f :fix 2 " 444 Mr, Festi K Y Y 5 fe - Q If 12 3 3' K X X 5 L rg NIE' 1 y HJ wa M fe 3 ax William Lave Fred Ortiz fa 52 . ,J - ,mf -"LL ff -I .ijv i - i'.s. :5 :,1ag ,L ' ' M' Vw- ' .ffl . .I Z.-Maori? ' ' -, . . 1s:f3Yia's5?f my m...,,, x L h Sophomore Class Sponsor--Charles Festi Class Motto--To Do Nothing Is To Be Nothing Class Color--Gold and White Class Flower--White Lily K 2 . . - fb -. ,. f Y ..,..l 1- 4 'H 5 ' , . Q A 2 Florence Cruz Roma Febbraro SN L- . . .'Z5 --Y' , 'EFEQ-iQ '5.Q2 ' .f5 5' 1 1 'ffl L. k . ' -3, 5 , . - . - . ,, ' faxing? ,sf ., - rr' K-:fa-- f. 1 K X i M 152 'gf 1, Vlf5- "?'5f?fi,'- vi' .:1: 1' f ew, :E , s' ' :. 1. 4Q3g,?1Q5?fsz3 u fwaqflfe ' A -J'.v'-,stay 42 F ww ' U5 ,'l5,'y,j'?"y, T -'1ftL5'gf,,, 'P - f f Y? . ' iR551s. ::. - f-,PM 1115 ,-, 1w:?!f2::0ze5 f :e'f'?s,wz,sf f if . 1, 5 Max Maas Danny bntoya leodard Ortiz Susan Payne .P atricia Christy Richard Garcia Clare Newkirk Laura Reeves .. .. gify nf' K. 5',g: f2x ., f ,,, fb.. 15 5vs1zf,zQg,:,L,h, vf--H - 'iviji-,rfyfffiz L, -'fs 'ez Mi? .- 'fzvsife . i ffmiiwi' ' .fha Mfg-,gf weafifa -.fsaf fs-ff we f , RU ,Peru . im' Aig efiiiim, . Sf " 152. , ,k1,.fU1V't'i.:g1i3z Z 7.:,, K , RM. ., K. p My Czmiliia Ryan Gail Smith Sam Muna, Louis Vigil ,E , Bet-ty Sutak Mza:f:i.e Tessitore Gloria. Vigil Rose Vigil This page sponsored by: SANTI MOTOR AND OIL COMPANY Gfficers Sophomore Officers Left to Right: Patricia Christy, Reporterg Susan Payne , Vice- Presidentg Roma Febbraro, Secretary-Treasurer and Danny Montoya., President Walsenburg, Colorado Miss Cuzzetto ,, ' Charlotte Avila if , Z! 2 .,:: E ., sgg1i3g'f1g,t f 3 Q ,li , 1 f . Q f 2 ff 55 3 ' K sk EE Luis Coppa Henrietta Espinoza Freshman Class Sponsor--Angela C. Cuzzetto Class Motto--Success Is Having The Courage To Meet Failure Without Being Defeated Class Color--Royal Blue and Silver Class Flower--Blue Carnation Qmeeeeeuneee Vonnie Asti 'W ae F6 X 5 Angela Baudino Andrew Borrego ,l.,,, 1?- 115332555 ,lzwwmiigs gmt-,iv --3, si, f- f 5 ' : , 2 :Sri ,"' S45 r ,,'ll Irene Duran Phillip Duran Jon Paul Federico Alice Flores S A xl P?-fI?'Rf, 25 3 , C : --'ir-:sitio ' E53 f m 115351593 ' C ldgugwgg W i f .lift 519 5156 5 4' 'IQ W 3, S2 si fy' M A X wig 33, 55 H, Q 1 x all some R Qt . ,lg It ,V ,f P1 , Q Y mei? 'A+ x-"l .E w if S? ,P Q- W ee, , 0 V '?1R1,u. sg si?" NY? W 51 he 1 X33 l im ggi .mm .,.... . ., 5 , Y Mba Fix Q E 5 Toni Brunelli fn ,5 :iz Q t ., M Q, . w -7 FT' :. , 1253 :. Dennis Gomez Flora Garcia Donis Gilletti Franklin Jimenez Virginia Keller Joey Martinez Hose Marie Montoya Irene Munoz C1 , ,K is f ,fir ' f T 1 .V - 2 A X532 Q. Q :Egg if ' M' ing? S5 E uf 4' 3 X. ,,-- 1 1-E . .- - -gr kv 5 QF? 3 fa sighs 'E if S K 5 S S 55 Y y A X 5 Z 32 Q X K' if E as f J Jo Agnes Piano John Scarafiotti 3 ' , ' 1 V L' . IPE ,. f -' V - o Q ,noo ow k i : 31 Sharon Pm W chael Riccatonn Jill Smith Robert Lave Tknuel Pedraza 3 1 , ?,f2"'1 A.. .3 ::.. . . Q dmv , . T ' ,, g ,.,,. ,' J :"'s-'ff':'Q,' E: :Y f. '-my no zigfiriiggg' fx 5 X , g 'iw o o 1 Richard Romero Linda Suggs ,. ,Q 5 ZX xg fe Q e 1 -f 'Z-wx QW u M sf iw Q W XfWg 2 , R Q , H, ,.,., r ,I ,ar , - 'UF aw P S sea RKYP' NS R24 Q 0 5 K K P P Christine Valdez Kenneth Valentine Margaret Vajllejos Edmnd 788611182 MwMWW'fm A e Q Q 2, f ff , F 3' ' f asa 6 QS X Q f A4 kiffidv Qxx ,,QQb Q --- QNX This page sponsored by: GAMBLES The Friendly Store ' Furniture, Hardware, Appliance 8: Auto Parts Trinidad. Colorado Freshmen Officers Left to Right: Jon Paul Federico, Presidentg Joey Martinez, Vice-Presidentg Margaret VaJlejos, Reporterg Andrew Borrego, Secretary and Phillip lhran, Treasurer Bookkeeping wwwwj Home Economics History R. Cozzette Student Teacher Classes Clubs EnS1i5h Science Top Row: Hr. Donald LaCrue, C. Scarafiotti, V. Keller, L. Reeves, C. Ryan, D. Gilletti, H. Espinoza, A. Baudino. Bottom Row: L. Clark, L. Suggs, G. Smith. Lt X ---Yu nl5 QI :L lx LeHe rmen 1 Top Row: P, Gomez, L. Duran, D. Castro, J. Cuzzetto, J. Gilletti, D. I-bntoya, and Danny Valentine. Middle Row: R. Pfaffenhauser, R. Garcia, J. Martinez, J. Federico, J. scamfiomi, L. vigil, M. Bernal, s. Mum, A. Borrego. L- Coppa and M. Riccatone. Bottom Row: D. Scuzzaro, F. Paulorvich, D. BOITGSO. G, Avila, F. Giuliano. Pep Club , Top Row: C. Kenner, G. Maio, P. Russ, H. Vigil, P. Ryan, R. Vigil, J. Smith, L. Velasquez, A. Arnone, A. Reeves. Second Row: M. Tessitore, G. Smith, C. Ryan, L. Reeves, B. Sutak, S. Poma, J. Piano, V. Keller and Angela Cuzzetto. Third Row: L. Clark, R. Febbraro, J. Federico, V. Gioga., D. Castiglia, S. Gilletti, C. Valdez, M. Vallejos, A. Flores, I.-Mmoz, G. Vigil, D. Gilletti, and A. Baudino. Bottom Row: V. Asti, C. Avila, I-I. Espinoza, R. lbntoya., M. Reeves, C. Scarafiotti, P. Martinez, P. Christy, M. Vigil, F. Garcia and F. Cruzo 1 ,K if The full Muon photographed through the l00-inch tele- scope on Mt. Wilson, California. -Mt, Wilson and Palomar Observatories GR DES if Principal Harold C. Odorizzi Trinidad State Junior College, A. A. Adams State College, B, Adams State College, M. Standing: M. Andreatta., M. Pfaffenhauser, C.Pugnetti, 4PfN'110YiCh, B. Cruz, J. Provenza 1-.J " - -Bow: V. Lucero, M. Baca, A. Marquez, P.I.avery, 5 G d E, 5 L... x, L. Cruz, P. Ortiz, W. Malovich, Teacher 1 ' ' .phine Sudar rc e Ig ,fa time J. Alvarez, L. Morris, A. Ortiz, T. ' lion. '.. and P. Pedraza Grade Seven Top Row: S. Vigil, T. Marquez, G. Clark, J. Micek, J Vialpando, H. Scuzzaro, A. GiuJiano. Second Row: Mrs. A. Dosen, S. Cr' ' Kenner, A. Arnone, P. Ryan, H. Vigil, J. Salapich, J. Smith. Third he , F"ores, D. White, G. Maio, A. Reeves, L. Velasqueg, P. Russ, M. 5' ... Qncwling: A. Verderaime, F. Grubelnik, K. Morris, J. Munoz, G. Lucen. L' e s F. Wilson, J. Flores. Top Row: Mrs. L. Kennedy, B. Brunelli, S. Vi. ns, J. Salapich, R. Jolly, M. Provenza, E. Montoya, D. Feister, P. Gille. 01, L. Borrego. Seated: P. Cruz, B. Lopez, J. Salapich, H. Keller, I. Vigil, J. Malovich, J. McArthur Grade Six '1-was Grade Five Top Row: Y. Gonzales, D. Milinazzo, D. Marquez, M. Dosen, R. Valentine, F. Coppa, J. Gonzales, W. Cortez, A. Ortiz and Hrs. E. Scuzzaro. Middle Row: W. Silva, M. Marquez, E. Martinez, T. Smith, G. Morris, A. Gonzales, D. Vigil, N Vigil, M. Tamburelli P. Dosen R. 'h-u illo D. Duran. Bottom Row: D. Luce D. vigil, T P. Qumran Top Row: K. Newkirk, Ee Bottom Row: T. Vigil, R. j ro Grtiz, Iii. Mona:-co: G. Pa-none, fi. Dosen, G. Vezzani, F. Montoya, and F. Macaluso. Coho, D. Vezzani, A. Gonzales, K. Riccatone, P. Vialpando, A. Cruz, Be moz, Be Je Ce msc Ee D. Gilletti, G. Salapich, R. Castiglia, J. Dosen, D. Velasquez, Vigil S. Haio and 0 1 i Grade Four Top Row: D. Cobo, E. Vialpando, K. Sabec, P. Quintero, Mrs. J. Cuzzetto, L. Federico, J. Kenner, D. Quintero. Bottom Row: A. Montoya, L. Gonzales, F. Cortez. R. Vizil. J. Cruz. P. Flores and T. Velasauez. Top Row: J. Paiz, P. Andreatta, J. Trujillo, Hrs. J. Reeves, F. Vigil, C. Verderaime, A. Cardenas. Bottom Row: C. Bagley, D. Dosen, H. Andreatta, L Vezzani. C. Borrego, C. Jimenez and R. Vigil. Top Row: H. Salapich, M. Quintero, D. Montera, D. Mllinazzo, T. Jolly, J. Montoya, B. Merritt, M. Feister. Bottom Row: A. Vigil, C. Quintero, C. Velasquez, D. Mmoz, B. Gonzales, D. Vigil, R. Paiz, C. Vezzani and Mrs. E Cher. Top Row: G. Vigil, L. Alvarez, E. Cordova, L. Merritt, E. Blackburn, V. Sciacca and Mrs. L. Stanton. Bottom Row: E. Coca, L. Giuliano, M. Piano, D. Quintero, S. Tokar and W. Padilla. 's 5? Q BASKETBALL F1 BASEBALL Back Row: D. Valentine, M. Bernal, J. Maes, G. Barbaro, F. Paulovich, J. Scarafiotti, R. Pfaffenhauser, J. Cuzzetto, R. Garcia., J. Martinez D. Scuzzaro, D. Castro, D. Borrego, F. Giuliano, R. Cozzette 8: Coach fiicottone. Kneeiingi iii. Olguin, L. Duran, P. Gomez, M. Riccatone, G. Avilff, D. Montoya, and . g . JU N 'CR H 'GHawssgasaticogchpsdvazsssaf an :,:..Gfe112-HO' BASKETBALL X?fs:a:22:a,.31es2L,s2s: Ji-v''.2fsnef-yB53.f::: The great spiral nebula in Andromeda is believed to be much like our own Galaxy. Two satellite nebulae ap- pear. 'A' Q t if Mt, Wilson and Palomar Observatories HGMECOMING Qlgjflgra Gilletti 1 ua.. A a V, '--" mmm X fe L.l'2" Q me , . wil 36 19 65 jUNIOR- -SENIOR PR QM QUEE DARLEWIE GONZALFS E. Vallejos, Attendantg G. Avila, Escortg D. Gonzales, Queeng M. E. Trujillo, Attendantg and R. Pfaffenhauser, Escort w.:.1szgs:,:fw1:-N K , V V, A K -.-.W L.,, ,.m,,:ff.::fz ,---f frfmwf,::f..ma1s1aawmwwwf:ww.,hmmm,M-..,,fwfww.1'w -ff., fx.- .-.., WW .,.. K, . . . .. .WM ,,., . v,,,, ..,,..W. T- I 9 5 D I O N A L T B A L L A M E N T E S S M A R Y E L L E N T R U J I L L O udent ' Standing: Angela Cuzzetto, Sponsorg Stu ent QunCl D. Mmmya, V.Gioga, R.Pfaffenhauser M.E.TrujiILlo, D. Valentine, and Charles Festi, Co-Sponsor. Seated: J. Cuzzetto P. Jimenez., M.A. Grubelnik K. valentine, D. Castiglia, c. Ryan, G. Smith, f.. Reeves, A. Baudnw, L. Duran, D. Trujillo and J.P. Federico. Seated: Josephine Lucero, Co-Sponsor 8a Typist, Angela Cuzzetto, Sponsorg Standing: V. Gioga, Editorg M.E. Truisillo Photographerg R. Pfaffenhauser, Advertising Managerg M.A. Grubelnik, sistant Editor-g D. Valentine, Publicity Manager and David Trujillo, Class Editor. ,ani C' Xg gfl Q A 'UF-E311 ' Q D CONGRATULATIONS BROADWAY LIQUOR STORE BAHBACOVI Moron COMPANY 502 West Seventh Street Your Dodge Car and Truck and WRIS enbllrg , COlOI'8.d0 Studebaker De an-er Walsenburg, Colorado BICNDPS SPORTING GOODS HOUSE OF GLASS Guns, Ammunltlon and Fishing Tackle Shemin W13J-iam Painf- Fishing and Hunting License Glass FOI' All PUPPOSGS Trinidad, Colorado Walsenburg, Colorado CIRCLE A MEAT PRODUCTS U... HI' A Phone 738 2260 ' A Walsenburg, Colorado pz: UNSET TAVERN Aguilar, Colorado ' .9 J ,- f e BOOSTERS XX For Your Best Meats and Cheese I l , aw - Egg. x A , in Q 2, Q . wf 2 1, if, 1? 06 Q! - faaia' " COMPLIMENTS 5 F U R D 0 GATEWAY MOTOR COMPANY I-1-? Merc Ford and Comet E, . 55 Ury: 'fig-'-' 'E Trinidad, Colorado r ' AMATO LUMBER COMPANY Everything For The Builder 221+-230 Godding Avenue Phone 8146-2680 Trinidad, Colorado MULLARE FUNERAL HOME Phone 8146-2281 Ambulance Service Day or Night Steve Comi and W. C. fDocJ Jordan Trinidad, Colorado -.- an-C ' 1 CENTRAL HARDWARE Trinidad, Colorado COLORADO REALTY Y l X: ca I an nf .X 5 VIE KW? nu 1010" ' ollll A QIL ioo! 7 ' , VHWQ, if Q55 ,mf Q 1, ,sl PT' .-rkQ5- .NRI " 'ef A' 1 Y Z and GAS? Trinidad, Colorado STANDARD PAINT and Trinidad, Colorado GLASS TURNER O11 COMPANY Walsenburg, Colorado PLAZA FRUIT MARKET Trinidad, Colorado SIG SPORLEDER FEEDS Walsenburg, Colorado You See More You Save More TRIANGLE u ... n CHEV-R-0.LET 709 North Comercial Street Trinidad, Colorado Phone 81,6-33614, f 'X NAVAJO SERVICE STATION J A FRIEND Chevron Products Trinidad, Colorado See Larry, Joe and Matt For Auto Service Aguilar, Colorado CAPRI Restaurant and Lounge LITTLE PIG INN A Good Place To East Breakfast, Lunch Home Style Cooking and Dinner North Walsen Avenue 'Trinidad , Colorado Walsenburg, Colorado L. L. SCHICK INSURANCE Amex Rootin 218 East Main Street Trinidad, Colorado For coMPLIMm'rs The IERADO and SARA ARIANO Walsenburg, Colorado Team H"'M 'W' ' A k"""M ' 'n""W"'W"W'A"M'N' " "I'A'A'UW'W COMPLIMENTS COKE'S MOBIL SERVICE 21, Hour Wrecker Service Phone SA6-9961 Trinidad, Colorado ALPERT and SONS The Man's Store Trinidad, Colorado f?52 xfjsirigf' :Eii.5,,5gsg5,fEi,,i5Wg,,.i5 TRINIDAD MORTUARY ,AL A, vw nv, .9 -'w - I KAP? fi ootpgg Q. gYQQi?5'75i'2h Hour Ambulance Service Xb-145, 9 .l , ' Tdgffggif f Phone 8146-26l+l Qfffggnf x Ap 55-5,y'I' Trinidad , Colorado ' X55 A DiPAOLA FURNITURE and APPLIANCE CO. Roy A. DiPaola Westinghouse Appliances 317-319 West Main Trinidad, Colorado HINKEI. ELECTRIC and MUSIC CO. LL3 North Commercial Street Trinidad, Colorado HUERFANO RORLD Published Each Thursday Afternoon lll West 7th Street Phone 738-1720 Walsenburg, Colorado COMPLIMEN TS A WALSENBURG BOOSTER J OLTONS INC. Clothing For The Entire Family Trinidad, Colorado QUHILAN SAND and GRAVEL 5 Miles West of Walsenburg Pitrun-Blow Sand-Washed Sand CROW LANES ' Walsenburg, Colorado FIRST NATIONAL BANK Deposit By Mail--Pay By Check Walsenburg, Colorado CHET'S MOTEL Chester and Josephine Sperandio Walsenburg, Colorado SCARAFIOTTIV S STORE Your Friendly AG Store Aguilar, Colorado DIPAOLA GRGJERY and MARKET 307 Godding Avenue Trinidad, Colorado MAIO 1 I HUT A xg' .' -1 A ' ' -C-QA' - A 4. ' ,' PACHOREK TIRE compmy ' Wholesale and Retai1 selee Sc Service Memite Cross-Sight Wheel Alignment and Balancing Trinidad, Colorado COUNTRY CLUB NDTOR INN and FABALOUS MARTHA LEE'S Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Trinidad, Colorado COMPLIMENTS SHOSKY'S CAFE and ALPINE ROSE sm Walsenburg, Colorado COMPLIMENTS N--J vmm: spur Trinidad, Colorado 5 Dale Demuth--Jack Richards Q' 901, West 'ith Street 1 Walsenburg, Colorado CON GRATULATIONS FAWEUS DRUG STORE Walsenburg , Colorado UNFUG HARDWARE Think Well Of Your Country, Yourself and Your Work Walsenburg, Colorado I M x xxx-'1' .W 535- W BARD GAS and APPLIANCE A T 1? " RISLEY PRINTING COMPANY Trinidad , Colorado HADAD MOTOR SALES INC. The Dodge Boys Trinidad , Colorado FREDYS SUPER MARKET, INC. We Specialize in Freezer Processing Meats SL9 Arizona Avenue Trinidad, Colorado TRINIDAD LANE'S COMPLIMENTS ' ' Trinidad , Colorado 6 6 THE WHOLESALE FOOIB COMPANY Alamosa, Pueblo, Walsenburg and Trinidad, Colorado TRINIDAD J ANITOR 8: CHEMICAL SUPPLY Phone 81,6-3960 118 Pine Street Trinidad, Colorado Save Some For Me Rwxaff STAR DRUG COMPANY Phone 738-1130 Walgreen Agency "In Business For Your Health" walsenburg, Colorado COMPLIMENTS MAES GROCERY 335 North Comercial Trinidad, Colorado CHARLIE'S BAR B QUE "Biggest Little Place In Town" Genuine Mexican Foods Sandwiches on Vienna Rolls Root Beer To Take Out Cheaper by the Gallon Trinidad, Colo. Charlie Festi, Prop Goon LUCK , ,. SERVICE STATIQNI MYRTLE and WILLIAM WUZNIAK - Trlnidad, Colorado HUGHEYVS GARAGE 609 Walsen Avenue Walsenburg , Colorado TRINIDAD SPORTING GOODS COMPANY L07 North Commercial Street Phone 81,6-2511 Trinidad, Colorado I COMPLIMENTS FIRST NATIONAL mm , nf ,V ' , . rf H Prescription Pharmacy EL CAMINO cms 11 X x '-"A, 2' HADAD'S HOME FURNISHINGS The Mark of Good Taste Furniture From Hadad's 131 East Main Street Trinidad, Colorado MJNTGOMERY WARDS 92 Years of "Satisfaction Guarenteed Or Your Money Back' Trinidad, Colorado G E MARCO MARKET Trinidad , Colorado COMPLIMENTS I PAVETTI SAUSAGE MANUFACTURING CO. Trinidad, Colorado 11,9 East Main Trinidad, Colorado C Poing SAVCY CAFE Back Pancake House--Newly Remodeled iw Steaks and Chops For T ai vry fg 213 North Commercial A Trinidad, Colorado Seconds an 'id' u A ,YISA g. Q Q f 'Wwa 1 gs: pa 4'EaQ3x, ',.T..-no .Ura LQ ae. , Mi., is " I-jf 'T 'hr . Ik-1'-.: nf- ?', 3, '! 1' IJQYI... 7' , ,M I - KW-I and Q Pete Cusimano Ernest Pfaffenhauser Pete Gilletti Morris Ranch A A August Valentine at Sons Berry 84 Geneva West For Ranch Land See BRACCO and COMPANY B1'LL or JEANNETTE THACH Frank Bram' 109 First National Bank Bldg 900 Arizona' Walsenburg, Colorado Trinidad, Colorado as ,eae 2 sonar - Eikdkfdd LEA . R s r mares LAuNpRy.L,m5m BROCATO'S DRY CLEANERS and LAUNDRY 635 East Main Street Trinidad, Colorado xx ' f f S f KAPELKE'S JEWELRY DV! Jewelry of Highest Quality Watch and Jewelry Repairing D.A. Dighera and D. J. Bianco Trinidad. Colorado ED R. BEARDEN--INSUROR The Hartford Agent Trinidad, Colorado SIDLES COMPANY Service Since 1903 Complete Line of Replacement Parts For Cars, Trucks and Tractors For Quality and Dependability Its Sidles L50 W. Main Trinidad, Colorado BEFORE 'IIIIIIIII, VERD RAIME BAKERY AGUILAR LIQUOR Q DRUG DEALER Mary Q A1 Verderaime Phone 9b71 and 2761 Aguilar , Colorado CONGRATULATIONS JAMIESON'S Trinidad's Only Home Owned Dept. Store It I5 Always A Pleasure To Serve You Trinidad, Colorado RICHMADE INDUSTRIES Quality Sporting Goods Rubber Stamps - Keys - Picture Frames 509 Main Street walsenburg, Colorado C Q H GROCERY Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Cow Cheese, Mbfica, Cracklins, Greek Olives, Romano, Goat Cheese, Polish Sausage, Sautisa and Chorizo, Carne En Adobe Trinidad. Colorado AFTER 1 f' . b BARNEYVS GARAGE and IMPLIMENTS J eeps-A Wheel Drive , and fl-uf? Farm Eqllipment . 1 n A-,C 1 0 Q CCMPLIHENTS of-ado CCNOOO SERVICE 'WM Sw H.!1!1!SC.F!!!.!!MFRS Pfaffenhauser's ' ' ' ' -fuilar. Colorado . 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Suggestions in the Trinidad High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Trinidad, CO) collection:

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