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 - Class of 1941

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Esc hs QM MXN 5 C? Tam Ross, Supewivxl enclevnl Gif SQMGOQLS For his genuine interest in the success of our class, his wise encour- agement. and his whole-hearted support of all our undertakings, we are deeply grateful to our superinten-dent, Dr. Ross. Phocutcl of fclucalion Because of their devotion to the cause of education and their interest in the young people of our community, the Board of Education has offered to all of us an opportunity for achievement and successfor which we are deeply grateful. It is our hope that we may in the future justify their unwavering faith in us. Joseph W. Hawley, President Bert C. Bulson, Vice-President Clyde T. Harper Franklin W. Jones Gordon H. Rlowe Thomas Hill, Treasurer Luke Smith, Secretary, Business Manager aj ' ll.B.lT1eaT3, P'-Uvxcipol . .To our principal, Mr. Mertz, the class of '41 extends sincere appre- ciation for his generous assistance in all our class activities. We shall always remember his unfailing guidance in our scholastic efforts and his friendly counsel in our moments of discouragement. R. B. Mertz ..... Nina Anderson -- Margaret Baldwin Letitia Brace ...... Clara Bunnell --- Ysabel Cordova .... Vinton Curry --- Ruth Davis .......... Constance de Boer Ellen Donnelly --- Frank Dowell --- Elsie Dunkel ..... Grace Henderson --- Carrie Lee Horn .... Lucile Howell .... Nell Hunt ......... Florence Kendall Lois King ....... Steve Klasna --- Mary Nash --7--- ---- Ct-cullkl ---------------- Principal ------------------ Librarian --- Secretary, Principal's Office --------- English, .Dramatics . ........... Stenography --------------L--- Spanish -------------- .Bookkeeping --- Homemaking, Related Art --------------- Arithmetic ---------- General Science, English -------------- Biology, Psychology ---- Physical Education, Home Science ---- Secretary, Superintendent's Office ------------- English, Journalism ---------- Latin, English ------ ------------------- English -- ......................... Mathematics - - -- -- - - ---- Economics, Social Science ------ Mechanical Drawing, Mechanical Arts United States History and Government Oscar Palmquist --- ........................... Typewriting Marshall Preston --- ...................... World History Earl Powell ..... Harold Sohns --- Mona Tyer --- Jack Walton .... Frank Whitney -- T. Z Williams --- ---------------- Music, Citizenship ------ Chemistry, Physics, Stagecraft ----------- Music Appreciation, Voice --. Physical Education, Public Speaking ------------------ Woodwork, Lathe -------------------------- Algebra X 1 cj ' cfxlo-Q3 Q3 uuj 11 Senioi Ca en 0.1 ' Saturday, May 3 J unior-Senior Promenade f I' Saturday, May 17 C. F. W. C. Tea for Senior Girls Friday, May 23 Senior Play 'The Yankee King" Thursday, May 29 Senior Day Sunday, June 1 Baccalaureate Thursday, June 5 Commencement E fa Z CLASS FLOWER-Columbine Q CLASS MOTTO-"We will find a path or make one." I Ky v I nn 9 D vw' CLASS COLORS-Purple and White W ,X l FRED SHEW President '40, Treasurer '41 "Full big of muscle and of bone was he.' PAUL NELSON Vice-President '40 "Why, then, the world's my oyster, Which I with sword will open." STELLA MARTINEZ Secretary '40 "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." LESTER ROBERT SENA Treasurer '40 "He pleases the world but cannot please himself." PEGGY AILEEN WEEDEN Student Council '40 "Her cloak was in the fashion, I divined CHARLES H. DINTELMAN Cheer Leader '40 "The fashion wears out more apparel than the man." 4 vflq I I ALFRED BAILEY Cheer Leader '40, Secretary '41 "Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps." CLARENCE PEDRI President '41 "Write me as one that loves his fellow- X men." GUS KONUGRES Vice-President '41 "Nowhere so busy a man as he there was And yet methought he seemed busier than he was." RALPH ANDERSON Student Council '41 "My only books Were woman's looks And fo11y's all they taught me." ALBERT MENDOZA Cheer Leader '41 "To be great is to be misunderstood." ' IU JAMES ARNOLD MURRAY my ' Cheer Leader '41 9 ,lf , "Ah! why Should life all labor be?" lasts CJHRCQHS JOHN ABRUMS "A learned and authentic fellow." RAYMOND ADLE "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows." RAMONA AGUILAR "She is a bonny wee thing." CARMEL AMARI "Life is a jest and all things show it 3 I thought so once, but now I know it." CHARLES ANSELMO 'Take him all in all, he is a good sort of chap." FRANK ANSELMO "My Mary, kind and true!" Wifi. ii. MARY APODACA "Today, whatever may annoy, The word for me is joy, just simple joy JOE ARCHER "Self trust is the first secret of success.' GOLDEAN AUMAN "Who mixed reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth." JOHN BACICH "A square-set man and honest." HAROLD BAYSINGER "A moral, sensible, and well-bred man." ANN BENICH "It's good to be merry and wise." KATHERINE BENICH "What is well done is done soon enough. MARGARET BERGAMO "The power of thought --the magic of the mind." BEVERLY JEANNE BLACKWOOD "I, thus neglecting worldly ends, all ded icated To closeness and the bettering of my mind." RUTH BODAY "It is good to live and learn." NEIL BODWELL "A merrier man Within the limit of becoming mirth I never spent an hour's talk withal." VIOLANDA BONACQUISTA "That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as A sweet." Y 'r 5 A Y ' . V4 -"5 2 Lux:-". CATHERINE BRIGGS "Two eyes as darkly bright as love's own star." JENNIE BRIONES "Of manners gentle, of affections mild." MARY BRIONES "Your locks were like the raven." JOE BUENO "In joy he lived and would till life were done." ELSIE CAHILL "Persuasive speech and more persuasive sighs, Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."' CHARLES CAPUTO "True humility, The highest virtue, mother of them all." 1592. M CARL LOUIS CARDINALE "Men of few words are the best of men! ALLEN CARNES "We may live without friendsg we may live without books: But civilized man cannot live without cooks." FRANK CEDENO "Of making many books there is no end." WANDA CHENOWETH "Her hair was a ruffled crest of gold." PAUL EDWARD CLEMENTS "I would have nobody to control me." HELEN JOE OOBERLY "By my troth, we good wits have much to answer for." DOROTHY CORNWELL " 'Fool!' said my muse to me, 'Look in thy heart and write'." CARL COSTA "Knowledge is power." WILLA BELLE CREASE "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." MARY CROSS "I purpose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer." JEAN CUNNIFF "Diligence is the mother of good luck." ROBERT R. de ROUEN "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth." 231 ,jf 'M jf 2 . , 1 -1, , . , if F R WV M Q9 'fl' 4- I . CECIL DUNBAR "The soul of music slumbers in the shell Till waked and kindled by the master's spell." JACK DUREN "Nothing succeeds like success." CHARLES J. ELLIOTT "Cheerful at morn, he wakes from short repose, Breasts the keen air, and carols as he goes." RICHARD BERNARD ESPINOZA "A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage." ORIAN EVANS "Great thoughts come from the heart." ROSE MARIE FERRANTI "Sober, steadfast, and demuref' THEODORE FERRIS "A man in all the world's new fashion planted." BOB FESTI "Laugh and be merry, remember, better the world with a song." BUDDY EUGENE FRANCH "He wa.s a very perfect gentle knight." JAMES FRAZZINI "Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand." WALLACE L. FREDERICK "Stolen sweets are best." MARY GAGLIARDI 'fA face with gladness overspreadf' JACK GALASSO "Whate'er he did was done with so much ease In him alone 'twas natural to p1ease." JOHN GALASSO "On with the dance! let joy be unconfinedg No sleep till morn." EDDIE GALLEGOS "It is good to be out on the road, and going one knows not where, Going through meadow and village, one knows not whither nor why." BENNIE GARCIA "The world is large when weary leagues Two loving hearts divide." MARTHA GARCIA "High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy." VVILLIAM HENRY GARNER "His nature is too noble for the worldg He would not flatter Neptune for his trident Or Jove for's power to thunder." W My. . 1 1 l ETHEL GARRETI' "Elysian beauty, melancholy grace Brought from a pensive, though a happy face." BILL GASPERETTI "He trudged along unknowing what he sought, And whistled as he went for want of thought." - PHILIP GERMER "His locks were curly as if laid in press." ALLIEBELLE GILPIN "I am the very pink of courtesy." EUGENE GLASSEY "A proper man as one shall see." MANDY GLUMAC "Let knowledge grow from more to more! xg ! ' 'M' L - P-ef ERCILIA GONZALES "Tying her bonnet under her chin, She tied her raven ringlets in." LUCY GRIEGO "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it." DOROTHY LEE GRIGGS "The fairest garden in her looks, A And in her mind the wisest booksf' IDA IRENE GROSSO "Of a noble, modest nature." NETTIE GUADAGNOLI "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind." CHARLOTTE GUAJARDO "Ornament of a meek and-,quiet spirit." JOE GUERECA "The lion is not so fierce as painted." BOB GURULE "A flattering painter who made it his care To draw men as they ought to be, not as they are." JEAN HAINLEN "Reproof on her lips but a smile in her eye." RALPH HANSON "Handsome is that handsome does." MARIE HARWOOD "The gift of fascination, the power to charm when, where, and whom she would." WALTER HEAP "The mildest manners with the bravest mind." EVA HEDGES "I will sit down, but there will come a time when you will hear me." MARY J. HRVATIN "She will always do her duty well." LOIS HUNTER "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy." DOROTHY HYATT "Her eyes are homes of silent prayer." ROSE ANN IUPPA "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn Sweet as the pr-imrose peeps beneath the thorn." DORIS KELANDER "Ready of speech, in courtesy not slack." PAULINE KLOBAS "Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever." WALTER EVERETT KUTA "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." GEORGE LEYBA "He may pass for a wise man." VERONICA LONG "She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too to think on." WILLA MAE LO'I'I' "I say the world is lovely And that loveliness is enough." ALBERT LUCERO "He was a burning and a. shining light. I 4- 1. SUSANA MADRID V "Fine art' is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together." BERTHA MARIANO "As good-natured a soul as e'er trod on shoe of leather." HERBERT MARTINELLI "Young fellows will be young fellows." ORALIA MARTINEZ "A pleasant, quiet sort of person." RUTHINA MARTINEZ "She is a winsome wee thing." SENIO MARTINEZ "A good reputation is more valuable than money." GREGORY MEDINA "What he has he gives: What he thinks he shows." ROSE MILOSEVICI-I "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." ELAINE MINER "Oh, I am stabbed with laughter." RAFFIE MOLINARO "Her friends, they are manyg Her foes-are there any ?" MARY MOYA "You speak As one who fed on poetry." ALBERT McALLISTER "Much can be made of a Scotchman If he be caught young." 7 Vy"'J TOM MCCHESNEY "Faint heart never won fair lady." BILL McDONALD "Not one word spake he further than was needed." DOROTHY MCINTO SH " I have no other but a woman's reasong I think him so because I think him so." MARJORIE McINTYRE "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." VIRGINIA LEIGH McPHERRON "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and , low, an excellent thing in woman." BEN NACCARATO "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." PAULINE NELSON "Thought is deeper than all speech." THELMA NEVILLE "And her mind it moved quite swiftly As she talked and laughed with you." JOHN NICCOLI "I awoke one morning and found myself famous." PHYLLIS NICCOLI "Who first invented work, and bound the free And holiday-rejoicing spirit down?" HAROLD NORRIS "People that make puns are like wanton boys that put coppers on the railroad tracks." JOHN NOVARO "I am sure care's an enemy to life." 'BJ FRANK ORTEGA "A man that hath friends must show himself friendly." EDWARD DANA ORTH "Sentimentally I am disposed to harmony. ROBERT OZZELLO "Whatever skies above me, here's a heart for every fate." MARY PACINI "Rome was not built in one day." JOHN PAOLINO ' "One vast, substantial smile." AGNES PARKHILL "I find you want me to furnish you with argument and intellect too." H SHIRLEY PARSONS "One day in the country Is worth a month in town." MARY PASSERELLI "The anger of lovers renews the strength of love." WANDA PATTERSON "Two heads are better than one." TERESA PERRY "Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom." BOB PETERS "I am a great friend of public amusements for they keep people from vice." JOHN PFALMER "Thick as the stars at night when the moon is down, Pleasures assail him." if W 1 X C I. ELEANOR PHELPS "Defend me from my friends 5 I can defend myself from my enemies." CARRIE GLENN PIERSON "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are." JOAN KATHLEEN PLANCARTE "All who saw admired 5 Courteous and gentle, though retired." JOE POGLIANICH "The mind's the standard of the man." JACK PRUNK "Learning has its value." DOROTHY REDPATH '4She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will and yet was never loud." NORMA JEAN REEVES "She Wears the rose of youth upon her! PAULIN E RIGGIO "She has fulfilled every duty, certainly that of being pleasant." MEDORA ALICE RYBURN "My own thoughts A Are my companions." GILBERT SAIZ "He hath a sense of humor." LAURICE SALIBA "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." MARTHA LOUISE SAVAGE "Where did you get your eyes "Out of the skies as I came V I .ff so blue ?" through." l j i I LESLIE LORIN SAYRE, Jr. "He knew what is what." JOSEPH SCANCARELLO "He has a mania for chasing gloom." PHILIP SCHNEIDER "I am not a politician, and my other habits are good." CATHERINE SERASSIO "Infinite riches in a little room." CARL JOE SHARITS "Be silent and safe--silence never betrays you." BARNEY' SHAW "I am monarch of all I survey: My right there is none to dispute." THOMAS SHELL . "What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?" JOE SILVA "Little there was his quick eyes noted not Those eyes that gleamed like coals beneath the pot." JIM SISNEROS "He is not in the roll of common men." BOB SLANE "He was so generally civil that nobody thanked him for it." ALBERT SLAVEK "A spirit so still and quiet." KATHLEEN SMITH "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall." J 4 'Z sg 'ii MYRON SNYDER "He does it with a grace, but I do it more natural." JUNE SPAHR . "For all was conscience, all was tender heart." MORTON SWETNAM ". . . I will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard." CHRISTINE TAFOYA "I oft have heard defended, Little said is soonest mended." BOB TATUM "My library Was dukedom large enough." HARRY E. TAYLOR "Unthinkin idle wild and oun gy 1 , Y E l laugh'd and danc'd and talk'd and sung." VELMA THOMAS "In her tongue is the law of kindness." WILLIAM THOMAS THOMPSON "Stately and tall he moves in the hall, The chief of a thousand for grace." JOHN TOLIVER "There was a laughing devil in his sneer MARIE TORTORICE "Her hair is not more sunny than her heart." ELAINE TRUNNELL "Whatever you do, do wisely, and think of the consequences." OCLEDITH VALDEZ "A maiden never' bold, so still and quiet." W PATRICK VALDEZ "A little man of some note." LEROY VALLEJOS "He was fresh and full of faith that something would turn up." ANNABELLE VIGIL "A flower of meekness on a stem of grace." FRANK VITTONE "Every man is like the company he is wont to keep." JOHN WALDRON "His conduct still right, with his argument wrong." BERNICE WALKER "A merry heart is good medicine." DOYLE WARD For the apparel oft proclaims the man! AMELIA IRENE WELCH "She doeth little kindnesses Which most leave undone, or despise." LOUIS WELCH "I do not hunger for a well-stored mindg I only wish to live my life, and find My heart in unison with all mankind." ROBERTA WERDEN "I have always preferred cheerfulness to mirth." BETTY WOLCOTT "She is charming to talk to-full of wisdom-rich in information." HELEN WOOD "It's the song ye sing and the smile ye wear That's making the sun shine everywhere I cmoiiam "I climb the hilly from end to end Of all the landscape underneath, I find no place that does not breathe Some gracious memory of my friend." I 115' if 52.17" ffffiw N W4 J ., ' Pl wil -'Y y .t--- -'... X - ,WMI - - i 4 I Q14 I- , X I 1 'v'v'v'v'v'v'+ AV""' 1 -Lf fi, -LQ QQ LL 1 Z JJ cp .1 1 M JY! J I . 1 Ji SJ JJ-0 1' I I 'adj iv J. M, ,MJ ji 7 "X , J: f, Mm .f J 1 'jf U W A- 3? ""' I e ' 1- ' rg l , 3 ' W FF, 521 fi! J W 7-f 1 jj I L 1 fp 1451 ' if QXKJQ f I A ' Q V7 QQ , f L .. . -' 1, L11 " " I S .-,.- '- if ,,2 5-Q-u 1 - - 9 A 1 X ff -lf i ffcf' "f5i- X f..-1 , f ..-ffm: V2 X ..,:.v' " ' . -,. Q, 'ML jar.-.. .. . , W-. f . .., ea.-flock litfiil at W , Y 4 wifi r g s 1 wg? 'L ' i si Q QQ' ' A 15 mi 521,44 3 3, 1, as XE: S F it ' f " Mew Q: if --, -SA g, ' "Sf: M 4 -J .,-..,- . I ,S I ,f ,ze mil, ll V Z3 M , , 4 . 3: ma: W- ' I sew... , im S 5fC.g,1 i t f ' i if e ' Q Pauline Nelson Walter Heap - John Abrums Editor-in-Chief .... ..... Assistant ....... ,,,-,-,, Feature Editor .... ...,,,.,, ' ' .... Dorothy Lee Griggs Assistant ....... Sports Editor .... ........ Harold Norris Assistant ................... - ,...,. Alfreld Bailey ---- Miss Niall Hunt --------------------------------- Mr. T. Z Williams Margaret Bergamo, Neil Bodwell, Catherine Briggs, Lee Choate, Donald Clamp, Mary Cross, Robert de Rouen, Buddy Franch, Jean Hainllen, Ralph Hanson, Lois Hunter, Veronica Long, Willa Mae Lott, Stella Martinez, Elaine Miner, Mary Moya, Virginia McPherron, Paul Nelson, Phyllis Nic- coli, Shirle Parsons, Teresa Perry, Eleanor Phelps, Laurice Saliba, Louise Sponsor ..................-.....,...........,.. Business Manager Y Savage, Harry Sayre, Leslie Sayre, Philip Schneider, Morton Swetnam, Christine Tafoya, Robert Tatum, John Toliver, Annabelle Vigil, Peggy El' b th Weeden, Irene Welch, Ralph Werden, Betty Wolcott, Mary iza e Wright. OYLOW Ro Pauline Nelson Dorothy Lee Griggs Betty Wolcott Wanda Patterson Jean Cunniff Jack Duren Robert Tatum Virginia McPherron Lois Hunter Walter Heap Buddy Franch John Abrums Catherine Briggs Elaine Miner Irene Welch Marjorie McIntyre Harold Norris Shirley Parsons Un5o'fS Andrew Alfonso, Eugene Alpert, Carl Amari, Sam Amato, Paul Angelo, Nettie Anselmo, Bennie Arguello, Bob Arraj, Anthony Baratono, Nick Benich, Bob Bennett, Ludvick Bergoch, Ella Bernall, LeRoy Biava, Dorothy Blocker, Nona Rae Bodwell, Minnie Bonacquista, Eugene Bracco, Jim Browning, Billy Neil Bryning, Ray Cahill, Doris Carnes, George Cassa., John Cas- taldi, Ralph Castillo, Beatrice Chisum, Lee Choate, Hyacinth Ciddio, Nina Jean Copp, Helen Ber- niece Corley, Jerrye Corley, Eleanor Courtney, Maureen Cresto, Bob Danielson, June Daugherty, Jennie Dighera, Tony Dighera, Florence Di Paolo, Mary Rose Di Paolo, June Doak, Jim Draper, Sarah Duran, Tony Duran, Katherine Eastman, Mary Essres, Befldeane Franch, Nellie Marie Frisbie, Geraldine Gahm, Margaret Giamarvo, Minnie Gonzales. William Fatur, Mario Ferrari, Alvin Ferraro, John Gabaldon, Robert Gagliardi, Carmel Gar- lutzo, Charles Gonzales, Manuel Gonzales, Sarah Gonzales, Jack Gordon, Margaret Gorman, June Gourdin, Minnie Grando, Guinevere Griggs, Charles Gum, Dora Gurule, Manuel Gurule, Ros- abel Guiterrez, Mabel Haines, James Hainlen, Eddie Hamlin, Frank Harenberg, Raymond Hart, Lowell Hatfield, Bill Haxby, Constance Herling, Joseph Herrera, Bob .Honeycutt, Thomas Hughes, Vernelle Hunn, Charles Jackson, Howard Jenkins, Howard Jennlson, D. J. Johnson, Estella Johnson, George Jones, Betty Keyes, Emma Kezele, Mildred Knox, Angelyn Konu- gres, Catherine Koonsman, Virginia Lambkins, Margiann Leary, Matilda Lopez, Leatha, Ann Luksich, Betty Lee Mabry, Bette Maes, Ruby Maestas, Betty Marsh, Betty June May. 'W l N . l jumotts l Walter Jost, Lawrence Juliano, James Karr, Matt Krumpotich, Jack Langowski, Charles Long, Alexander Lopez, Sam Lucero, Ernest Malovich, Joe Malovich, Johnnie Mantelli, Ru- dolph Marinseck, Raymond Martinez, Jack Mason, John Meagher, Corinne Medina, Ed Milose- vich, Nick Milosevich, Joe Modica, George Morse, Bill McDougall, Dick McLaren, Shirley Mykle- bust, Eleanor McC1ain, Andrew Niccolli, Laura Niccoli, Mary Margaret Noel, Geraldine Nolan, Irene Norman, Emily Norris, John O'Donnell, James Oleskevich, Esther Ortega, Francis Or- tega, Willa Belle Petrucci, Frances Poglianich, Lucille Richards, Mary Madeline Rios, Mary Ris- inger, Lorraine Roddy, Betty Rowland, Marcella Rowland, Anne Ruiz, Corinne Sanchez, Cora Sandoval, Alice Santistevan, Pauline Santos, Jane Sawaya, Rosemarie Scariano. Aldo Oss, Ralph Oss, Algie Pacini, Paul Plaster, Harlan Powledge, Frank Reck, Bill Red- path, Abe Renner, Jim Richardi, John Riggs, Victor Royval, Wilbur Savage, John Sawaya, John Sefcik, Rose Serafino, Alice Serna, Colleen Shell, Margaret Shew, Jean Shomer, Laura Short, Edith Siegfried, Afllen Simpson, Billy Smith, Josephine Spicola, Sam Tapia, Mildred Tay- lor, Catherine Teague, Veora Thomas, Harold To wndrow, Julia Trujillo, Dorothy Jane Vaiana Henry Valentine, Joe Vallejos, Mary Veltri, Antoinette Vera, Bernice Vigil, Teva Vigil, Virginia Vigil, Marie Vilotti, Elden Walker, Charlotte Ward, June Ruth Ward, Christine West, Bob lglieeler, Ralph Workman, Mary Elizabeth Wright, Louise Zancanelli, Frank Zappanti, Bill a esney. w J 0plno'mo1re.s 71ceslfn-new gwfa, W ,A XQ- Q A O.cjl3oQILXe,s S8 1 1 M4 fy X A S ,P QS f- - fx, M W ,X NX 1 , . I ' 4 X . fp 1. -A! I '. f"' ' X W . --. ' . If ' X . . l .' . ff- 1 .NX X ,. I. s J f A., ,.. - If . ,A ' , , f "M Q f2 X. .xzb V1 f X ,R 1 emow Plfiq "The Yankee King," an entertaining comedy, was chosen for presentation by the class of '41, The plot concerns the strange dream of Pa Hinkle, a hen-peeked husband. In his dream Pa becomes the king of a European country, Laurania. The adventures of Pa and his family come fast and furiously, with hilarious and si-de-splitting complications. . The interesting group of characters includes Pa Hinkle, a middle-aged Yankee, played by Bob Tatum, Ma Hinkle, his wife, played by Catherine Briggs, Marian and Wilbur, the younger gener- ation of the Hinkle household, played by Wanda Chenoweth and Buddy Franchg Wayne Douglas, a young aviator engaged to Marian, enacted by Paul Nelson, Stephen Kruger, Prime Minister of Laaurania, a role played by Bob de Rouen, Oswald Mahler, Councilor, in reality Jack Duren, Melissa Destinn, the Secretary of ,War, enacted by Jean Cunniffg the Duchess Augusta of Schaffwig Loehoe, enacted by Peggy Weedeng Julia, the Duchess Augusta's daughter, enacted by Norma Jean Reeves, Leon and Emery, courtiers, played by Dana Orth and Leslie Sayre, Wanda, an artist's model, actually June Spahrg Page One and Page Two, two attractive ings, played by Wanda Patterson and Laurice Saliba. The cast is under the excellent direction of 'ss Letitia Brace. ucjenf' Counci I A--:,.I1-24.3, i " """F The Student Council had a busy year in 1940-41. Activities sponsored by this repre- sentative group .of students included the homecoming events, torchlight parades, the Peanut- Bowl classic, and after-school student dances. A delegation of ten members was sent to the South-Central League Student Council conven- tion in Pueblo in the fall. The spring meeting of this association of councils was held in Trinidad on April 26. The theme of the convention was "The Role of the High School in National De- fensef' and "5 V V --we me . 1 . t ' , , ,pdf Lw3?'-15" V , - i , 7.3.4 - V1' "Wigs M ' ff: have Q-3:5 3 ,- ,Lv 1-fe W' ' ' 1.4 f' fl Q Vp?" sa V Q 9 ,QI ,, . -a4'1tVw. V 3 .. M! Vw 4 g f M55 -'ii' -an-na 1' .f:f V , V HW 'f 'if V if in It I WL, V, 7 ' T he if . vi,-V3.1 VV . .H 5? 5,4 , , Ina Vi., Jr, V, V. . :fi- 'rf fs' if-fygyil 9 EG. if ov' V "W, ,Q-fig,,Vg.Y i--we , RV 9 32' V . ' , - A ' . - H N' ' 'V ,' J, U Vi! 'Q 0 5' 'I v4 an , l i""'! f' " W .'V-f-19i'!15:w'5'-v V'., ,,?,., ,, , i -, , , 1, U -,ff-ff , -. Lv- V41 u p M s. V -7 VV Vi ,L ,VW K V .3 ..iv,.-., - ,Y 4 V V .VM V, t,,,.,5.,V l A . , W X' 3 V A 5' if , fz iffml E ' LVVVLVVV-VV 'fsfvffi---"r . 4 - i f ,Q V i ' ' gr-9 I KVmV, N? i r , ,V ,VVVi .1 Q :V Q. gt . , "x: ' V, ' A L' i 'i'5il'?t H.-i,va5ww1fV 1 M 'V '-v i L,,' 7Y" " V A g,:, gg,ggiff'.:iz, V. if , "m' L' 'L'h MV f 'ni it ii i Q i , ngzf ' ,V ' H V Q V, V VVVL V N r V VVVV V. Directed by Mr. Earl Powell, the Trinidad High School Band again this year participated in pep assemblies, maneuvered on the football field and in the downtown district, led by clever drum majors and twirling majorettes, and performed in concert appearances for the public. Inaugurating a campaign to raise money for new band uniforms, the Band Parents' Associa- tion presented "Swallow," the magician, and sponsored the film, "Land of Liberty," at the West Theater. Clirnaxing a successful year, the band competed for honors with other high school bands at the annual music festival at Pueblo. ' LLOLCUS The Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Mona G. Tyer, has had a full an-d most inter- esting calendar. Of great interest were the musical programs presented in assembly for teach- ers and students. Several concerts were presented during the school year which were largely attended by the general public. l The very colorful and interesting Christmas concert won high praise. Eor the past two T years the Trinidad and Raton School choruses have had exchange programs, and this year, as formerly, these events proved most interesting and successful. df., '-'Fi 1 x . ,,-. l ,M 1-5 'f'3'l?5ff2 ,F - ff- .. ,:, 'i"'Ei,ag , - 4' 1 rw, Qi. ,LI H T was-2' we-i,, - Q- l J W , Q 31:21 lg j V 1 W -R' ' , l l O1ckesT'ra The T. H. S. Orchestra has been steadily progressing for many years g this year with con- cert and other public appearances, the members have enjoyed a very busy and successful season. Early in the year a public concert was presented, and in December the orchestra joined the chorus in a Christmas concert. It supplied incidental music for the junior play, the career conference, and the senior play during the latter part of the year. A new activity in Trinidad High School this year is the Girls' Choir, sponsored by Mrs. Mona Tyer. The programs given throughout the year have shown that this newly organized band of singers is rapidly taking its place among the worth-while extra-curricular activities of the school. The choir appeared in the Christmas concert, the Raton program, and the Pueblo- Trinidad spring festival. G'i'fis'Cl1c,iin Hs-'Ll I , . Wg 4 7 9 M51 The year of 1940-41 was a successful one for the Hi-Y club of Trinidad. The outstanding event was the Older Boys' Conference held in Denver. Another delightful occasion was the Father-Mother-Son banquet in April, the success of which was largely due to the generous efforts of Mrs. Whitney. The induction services were outstanding. For the first time since the club was organized, a. part of this service was made public. Moving picture programs furnished entertainment throughout the year, one such program being offered the entire student body in general assembly. Q y' ' ' union Pktom Maytime in all its glory was beautifully portrayed in the high gchool gymnasium one lovely evening in May, 1941, by some very clever juniors under the direction of Miss Horn, class sponsor, and Jim Browning, Prom committee chairman. Huge May baskets filled to the brim with colorful spring flowers decorated the four cor- ners, making a very lovely scene. ' The Prom this year was an event that will long be remembered by both juniors and sen- iors. When the Future Homemakers' Club was organized in Colorado last year, Trinidad High was among those schools that organized units. This club is made up of those girls who are interested in the art of homemaking, and is under the leadership of Miss Ruth Davis. The purpose of the organization is to develop qualities for leadership among the members and to encourage interest in all phases of home improvement. ? H C Jurtic.-tt Pla For excellent entertainment the junior play was- most outstanding. The large cast of twenty-four members under the direction of Miss Brace cleverly depicted the life of typical high-school students and teachers in the play, "What A Life," a light comedy presented to students and the general public in the high school auditorium on November 29, 1940. l For several years the Trinidad High School chapter of Girl Reserves was an important or- ganization, and after temporary inactivity during last year, has been reorganized under the sponsorship of Mrs. Elsie Dunkel. During the spring months the girls have enjoyed an inter- esting social calendar. G 'il Resenves f ': , .- 5. 1.3 - 7 . - ' -- H - A Y ,- ,f - - ,4,.Li,l,.,, s ., , EiJQT6' i i a i Trinidad High in 1941 made itself well known in debating circles throughout the state. The first team, composed of Walter Heap, John Abrums, Jack Duren, and Bob Tatum, partici- pated in forty-six inter-scholastic debates. On the question, "Resolved: That the Powers of the Federal Government Should Be In- creased," Trinidad representatives debated with seventeen schools. Teams were entered in six meets in different parts of the state. The high lights of the year included a district meet at Col- orado Springs and a three-day meet at Boulder. Trinidad reached the semi-finals on the former occasion and received a rating of excellent at the state meet. u an nnounccxs These boys, Jack Duren and Bob Tatum, were announcers at all athletic events this ,ff year. fit, ff- i 1 Q, ' AM X , .. If , ' x f AX X x ,J X X SWS wg x '15 we gk 1 Q . li . , ' I W , , 1 F, 12,9 , 1 an .,k, I :F 4 V fa lg , sf fr-fb 1 55:44 fa ,I Y Q, .W I 1- ,, f-www L.mfQ,w1,fq- If-. Q 7 f f 1 41 'G x's S JI I fu bf ff 'C sf. u 'Y RW? s...-.-Fx I , iii! 5 --if ' - .M L. 1 m 5 fh?Zf k A xr" . .1 4 1 my , 3 -L gf? . jg " jimi ... '- ,V L , ' K L 'ff-2 J, ' J. K -- 1 X A. I H 'M' 1 ,1 1 K if v ffffg-.sf' 5k -e '. Qi - ' an i , +41 ,, A T y,,AL ,. K, ,aqt-'Eff-, df' Ju... floclliall Under the tutelage of Coach Jack Walton the 1941 Trinidad Hi football team enjoyed a more than successful year. Led by nine senior lettermen, the Miners won eight games, lost one, tied one, and scored 227 points to their opponents' 44. The most outstanding victory of the year was the defeat of the Rebels, a well-coached team from South Denver. The Miners were outweighed twenty pounds to the man, but they turned their larger and very worthy foes back to gain a well-earned victory, 14-7 . The season reached its climax on Thanksgiving Day, when the Miners played Pueblo Cen- tenniall for the conference championship. The Miners fought gamely, but were unable to eke out a victory. Although they were defeated 13-7, the game marked the end of one of the best seasons in the football history of Trinidad High School. Y 1 I s X X Q-f f 'rw-w,.m.... I.g"j"f Mhwiinannv lxhlv 'WNY --xt QV, QW rx .,....4.. 5 C1055--Counlmj Com ting against other South Central Iueague teams, the 1940 Miner Cross Country team won indiwqtdual first and fifth places, to tie with Colorado Springs for second 1n team honors. Ernest Martinez won first place in the gruelling two-mile event. The 1941 track team is composed of veterans who performed excellently in every meet. The team took part in the Pueblo Invitational, the Trinidad Junior College Invitation- al, the Conference Meet, and the State Meet. The senior veterans are Fred Shew and Al Bailey in the Weights, Jim Murray, Paul Nelson, and Bob Gurule in the low hurdles, Jim Murray and Paul Nelson in the high hurdles, and Nelson in the high jump. Fred Shew, Jim Murray, Paul Nelson, and John Niccoli have lettered three times, Bob Gurule has lettered twice, A1- fred Bailey, once. All in all, these athletes made up a very successful team. T'1aclfi fo Vi That annually recurrent day of open hostility between the seniors and the teachers of Trin- idad High School the day of the Senior Faculty basketball game, was very gratifying to the sen- iors For the first time in the four year history of this "Peanut Bowl" classic, the seniors won. The class of 41 will go down on the pages of history and on the "Old Shaving Mug" trophy as Although Wrestling has not been of- ficially recognized among the minor sports of T. H. S., the mat-men have done much this year to promote inter- est in this phase of the athletic pro- gram, and it will probably soon take its place among the popular activities of T. H. S. Coached by Mr. Fred Stone, four wrestlers, Harold Norris, Bob Gu- rule, and Alfred Bailey, seniors, and Eugene Alpert, a junior, formed the team. The newly formed ski team, led by Dick Mc- Laren, a transfer from Grand Lake, madeaa fine showing at the State High School Ski Meet. Two other contestants, Jack and Frank Mason, assisted in winning fourth place for the team, and McLaren gained fame by winning the individual skier's cham- pionship trophy. Mr. Fred Stone, the coach, hopes skiing will become a bigger and better sport in T. H. S. and that next year members of the fairer sex will participate in the exciting program. Ska frf-7----M Gal ""'t'-A---1....L W..- , 3 The 1941 tennis team, including one member of the 1940 state championship team and several other good players, had a very successful season under the skillful coaching of "Swede" Palmquist. Led by Lester Sena, a veteran of three years and one of last year's cham- pions, the Trinidad Hi racquet wielders won high standing in all of their matches. The Trinidad High School golf squad, under the direction of Jack 4Walton, has again completed a very successful year. Competing in two conference meets in Pueblo, one state meet on the Broadmoor course in Colorado Springs, and one on their home course, they upheld the high prestige won by former Trinidad High School golfers. QYIHIS ' ' - Jiiixw , Giills Rllfmlel-ic. Hssoclali o vm The G. A. A. has very successfully completed its fifth year of activity. Intra-mural tour- naments in volleyball, basketball, baseball, darts, deck tennis, and tennis were held. Inter- class tournaments Were added this year to the list of activities. For the second time Trinidad Won the pennant for the state basketball-shooting contest. Officers for the past year included Phyllis Niccoli, president, Marjorie McIntyre, vice-pres- identg Eleanor Phelps, secretaryg Medora Ry burn, librarian. LJ'n .- if Sledge Pbashelhall Shooling Champs We have eawnecl ous Ts Rclilvpii' Intra-mural Volley Ball Champions ICS Consolation Volley Ball Champions f Freshman Volley Ball Runners-Up lntra-mural Basketball Who ls Up? Tennis Champion 'NAC , 'Q' gahmtttiik, Deck Tennis Champion Champions "We Tell the World" , . -, . " - Sg,,t'22 "1'f'Q1' ' xffiswfr 1 t ' r.'.1i,Qi,f X 9- ' tx '2 5 , In Action Sophomore Volley Ball Champions f V , of Sl . x Intra-mural Basketball Runners-Up Aerial Darts Champions A , .2 M X, Mwfwq - ES V k , :, . -7 , Q.: 5, .S Qlmw Q I y' a , P Q z ' K S Y KZ , h A , W wi 2. 5 ,Q Q fl 'B 5535 I? 5 iw. 5 1' 23 ,L r, w gr m , , , r P M, 3 ,, 'Vis 12. QQ! ,Vs ,M -4.-Q... I A J fy 'WC 9 , 3 H W 1:3 'fii521 if 1 x x .O A, 4 'M , 'g A-,it ii, -, fa Q1 '. ' I ' s i1 i 5 .2 f 6, . , 'gig 3 'A 1 .A if , 4. .Y Q t 1 ' , A ' .- sm. . vg, L15 12:14, girl '. Q 23 2 V 1 'L Q 'cl Y fp, , , -f ' ?f ??wf43-' 77 Q A gm.. In .WM 3 , -m,A'. 7""""- ,xl 'kT.lS?usT-' g ' it -vii--z:w:,, I sf- V 1 13,-' , V Lv k 145, U 1.4, Q3 M ,.,, my 12:-i'fQ,f-.., ., Wm I-t ggpziif? ?i'iunl n,n ' f N W ,-fi, "'A"' Lv- 1 . u H'?'-yL- Y- I num-wg .. U 4 'L V? T nv 2 L 5 -pe ,, 'V 2, , V ' ' I nhl., f f 4' x i " ' , f :f, Y 'A IW M- V, , ,, ' f 1 -,,1H,w , i g ,MW A. , 551 A- 9, 1 I fi V -. MV' V' N ilu, VV , Wggg M ik 'iw' W , , I 59 .. , . L, " H" ', 2:1 frwffl- - I ' K M-If-mimfg w5'igw1v f .,.. 4 ,..fw f' Ei!!a? ,,:. :ilk an , .... ? I IS U ' . ,M Mira, F I

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