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 - Class of 1984

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' , , ' s ' . , .Y X .P . , 1 l , ,' . , 4' Mid fi-'M , , ' . 1 41? f 1 I V ...vt ,L '."9,,,: 1' 9. 'U I-v,, I . Y "l D . Lf, V "j.:I.' . .VN ' ' N- 4 -P'-'H , N ., - -A i I' P . X dy .1 3 I' 1 2 . if 5' .f-W nga v , V - . .- 1 ' ' . i o'1J. ' 'w . ,nun 'fi ,4.-'ev K- 3-'v 1, sv ,-uf, nh. 1 2'-' Q' g'vw Ea,- s M ,, M M Y I . .-.qw 1 ,P K. ,ff ., ,, y 1. ,. ,fy V. ' ' .ffiz.g 'i4,p it gg- f- 1 s rf V L1 vw ' 2:31--"W " L--W ii 9 , f Zig? ,W Q' 'N Q1 ff A 14.5 Q Q' 135. J" 'I ' "fiZ'3fy, ', , nmx Q' QQ, ' if ' 4 - Q J 55, ' 21 - fri- iyvff ' ?- Sq 'A 'iw 22 12 I 1 2 Opening I I f Beginnings Littleton M. Sniff, the second president of Tri Store Uni ,iersity President Snitt served from 1885 to 1900 He helped the young rind struggling school oegin its long tourney into its first century of higher ecjuco tion Despite he wns but the second president of Tri Store, he wos the one who believed enough in the dreorn to iholse it worls ln Feoruroy, 1885, Littleton M. Snitf wos invited to oecorne the second president of the exciting beginnings of TridStote Norrnol Cole lege. LM. Snitt, o preocher from o srnoll town in Ohio, wos ploced in o position thot foced one heort oreolsing experience ofter one other He sow students who were rugged individuols out olso foint heorted in their belief of the insti- tution, After excepting the posif tion, he could see thot the loo to solve such o proolern in educotion wos not child's ploy - gulte o tosls for o young mon of Sol Alice M Porrott Q 5 'fi '-sn' ' ,,, '- The spon of o greor crossing vvos unveiled before us. Across rhe bridge eoch of us would rrovel rhrough rhe coming yeor. Tri-Srore Universiry vvos preporing ro usher in irs' second cenrury of service ro higher educorion in grond sryle. The cenrenniol vvos rhe possoge- vvoy through which Tri-Srore possed os ir pegon irs second one hundred yeors. This one filled vvifh plons ond gools for rhe educorion of fufure genero- rions, When founded in 18811 ir wos Tri-Srore Norrhol School, on insrirurion of leorning builr on o foundorion of dreorhs, ond de- rerminorion A group of Angolo cirizens begon rhe prepororions for o norrnol school, o dreorh they hod firsr perceived in s. 'O 09 . GULL- Q' .f.f:i-fl' ' 3-3 1 185o By 1884 Trl Srore Normol hod opened urs doors ond be gon reochlng srudenrs rhe normol occuoorlons of rhe doy Teocher rrolnlng com merce muslc ond rhe flne orrs fllled rhe busy doys of our cen fury old counreroorrs ln our doys 19811 rhe nor mol occuporlons were engu neerlng compurer scuence ond rechnology buslness reocher rrolnlng ond some of rhe flne orrs TrlSrore Umverslty wos srlll rhere offer one hundred yeors oreporlng urs srudenrs ro full rhelr role IO on lncreoslngly compermye morlseroloce TSU Beginnings P .', li .ff li 'UK HN-un... 'lv PQ I :swf ,ul .AF .4-----"""' ..-0-4-iv ii'- -zgsfvg' 3341? 'iff' ""'4 r -f-Fr rf 161 b N-.45 G ffwxuv' ,yas li dll 153 gb! In uni' I The Admlnlstrotlon Bulldlng offer the Flames os ur loolsed durung rhe flre of 1980 Renovornons were begon soon offer rhe flre ond rhe odmlnlsrro non of rhe school rerurned ro rhelr offnces on rhe Lore I0 rhe ofrernoon on rhe Sundoy precedung June com mencemenr rhe flre wos dlscoy ered lr wos slowly burning under neorh rhe newly mode sroge IO rhe rhlrd floor of rhe Admlnlsrro rurned our ro be on overrurned lonrern Nor or fnrsr serious or wade spreod ur soon grew The srudenrs were oble ro empry our rhe ll brory on rhe second floor before rhe celllng come down though bur offer rhor oll rhey could do wos srond rhere ond worch rhe bunldlng burn The crowd worched In horror os the bell croshed down - A 1 - ,lb if -'14 T 'A . gg- ' - 'lv-1 3LT: Ag , , . I I . :L M "Ek, , . 6 ' .- . . 2 A q ah A . 1 2 ' I - - . A A ie' . .... ' in ,, 8 I . . . X E M . I 1 Y T "T ' mu FF 'I T' J I. . k 'itz is G 4.1 .L , V ' 5 - 4 4. f tp L: an A ,Z-LSA'-. n ' 1 dh Ke: L: Q .-1 . D - .. af, f : .rl , 4. .' ' r - . . . 'T g : 3? , . 1, - ,. fi . "'-:,.- -' ' . l . l e 8 T X-,A 6 :- - Q rlon Bulldlng. The couse of rhe fare . 8- Q- 1.8 1 1. 1- or , f IT S' 8 - . - .. r. ,g ,1.,l'.-ggi. .. - . I , .- ffs 1, ' f 11:9 ?iljIslf ' ' . y 1 . ' ji y ,113 A " fig - 1 T' ,T 'Img " f,ffgifsf'+sf-f-ff ,fvg f 1 .. 4' W.. 5 We-' mf Qi rf N I ,I "M P L55 qu A 4. "K g l I 4 -Av ' -. -V' K 'T' .. -fa. 1 so 8 25- F 1 17 , 4 1- lit 'TJ 5 L 5 'H' z-, ' 1 Q." 4 'lr 591: -' - - . , , ' if ,f " ' " , Q .. 1. A " ' ' o 0 ' 1884 A Century of Service 1984 "1 an MIVW 'w a- "inf W' 1 JT" ff, , 1 . A , ',,,4 A. 2. af f -, 15,97-1,1 ,,4 jf- fz. s ' ' A fn.: , 1 ,il gwflf . w .Vx-1 .vi 1 U ,V Wir: ff' A , Q 4 " I en.. ".f , - f .ig'.fi.g., ' . lu' ' I fu as 4 J' 1 ' . 9355 . 1, A 4 J la. .. V wh, ,, T' -.: l, fx - Z -JL , , , , xi' -n' W1 .- . . N-U -.-" I ,.., ' 'Y I P 5 ..4, ...E -1 , ., N 1 , 9 'f dur! WM , thaw M ' A V 4, v '- V Y... -- ,VJ4 W H.. . , 1 vw ' - , M - ,J , .5 I I5 . -4 ., I 1 if , TA- , ' 5 -- T. '51 M 1" - ' 4 if N . t 1 M' H 133: J. i 'L 5 A f Y S- ' - . W5 . m ' fa.- 2 ..-lv, F N -T Pj? -,uf 4 f VA q ' 'A v .. ,Q il 3 25'-40 'F 'ew x Q 1 1 vs 5 ' A , D N I 5 I . - A E If , 7 vii.. 1 .- e n . Q W i ?f':1iL1YrW " , 1, WI V Qwvzmx wfffx WT' r f'?Tf1'f' f'f'1kf: 7'7'Y'TY"3f ' 1 -P77 ,, v EQWW m!"f2f3f2W,xliffCq,EZZ9rf3!,.'f1fv 3' 1: if E 'P 5 u' 25 4 4 Q 5 f 1 M Jpwa W wwMWW IlmmYqMm1W ?T-W q . , . 7 T ? - i Y f 5 E . , L L14 LJ. 1 l 4-- Af is 9. 1 D elif' f 2- ' -. 3 I' -if Q, ""'xv an 'xii 4' ta' ' ' ff-sf M' - 1 .1 ulAa1 'L'-75, Y..,ui,.N ,,,i :lf 14? .xg- ,af ', . 'L L "L: 5 9 WF, J! 1 sz, 9 f qv- ' Beginnings The Hill os ir opoeored in 1084 Tri Sror s Gold en Anniversory Then ir looked more like o gorden rhon o college combos In 1984 rhe Cenreniol yeor ir looked like ony orher compus the bushes ond some of rhe building were gone buf the odminisrro rion building wos srill rhere Alrhoogh ir hod been rhrough onorher fire ir srill rnorked rhe cenrer of Fifty yeors ogo wirh the spirir of self deniol for rhe besf of orhers Tri Srore College hod celebrored irs Golden Anniversory of service Onlune 17 1884 o normol school wos born with forry srudenrs srriv ing for their furure coreer Thor flomel Flome of knowledge spreoding urs lighr upon rhe minds of rhose who hod been willing TO fill rhe world wirh genuine skills Up unfil 1984 rhe flome hod srorred ro grow higher os more minds become on ocrive orgon of Tri Store Time never srops nor does the flome ceose ro glow spreod ing irs lighr worldwide hod indeed morured info on insrifurion of higher educorion, oble ro fill the needs of irs 1047 srudenrs. This wos the encore performonce ro irs' firsr cenrury of service. ln 1984 o wolk ocross com- pus would nor reveol rhor Tri- Sfore wos preporing TO cele- brofe o cenrury of service TO onyrhing. Everyrhing oppeored normol on fhe ourside, there were srill inrromurol foofboll gorhes in rhe field behind All wood, frorernify porfies on weekends Cond week nighrsb, greeks ond GDl's. Combos or- .-444.-1. F5 Oper gonizorions . . . Thor wos rhe group who mode oll rhose memories possible, rhe men ond women of TSU, whose seemingly ceoseless efforrs oroughr rrue meoning ro rhe celeororion of rhe cenrenniol of rheir school. lr wos rheir hond which ushered in rhe second cenrury, ir is rhose efforrs, rhose people ond rheir occomplish- menrs which ore here includ- ed, During rhof yeor we rroy- eled onword ro rhe orher side, groduorion ond rhe profession- .:'- ' "gil-s Q, ,ayi--. . -1. r '.' . ssh " i, , 5 ., Lia... . Q Z.. .3 ,. .1 ,fd hx,fg-1,6 , , " iq ' ',5'4L' '.-'F-'ab :Il ' 293-9 '.2F"'f'-1 111- ,A .--zqz.-.. - ..f,v x -:-gr f- Y--.9141 571 '.'--. 1:"'T11f'- Vi' -3?ifJ'5?'?b':T'i'ff9?4'?f7 , ' 3 v"3 'f x.. -x ',: - '1' 55.22 . 5.151 -3325 . -4 L .?:.'I'u: ' 5' fE!': 13,52 5.5-2?M:f5' -F 6.1.4, l r :ff-gf, 75' . 4 X 'I' Z' -'PALE' l ,X -.1 HQ 75" 'A 'mi' I -1 "Z ii --ee. - ' -75152 i'-K.-wzf-. "" ' 0 c Z1 .. if- vi' .14 . 'wg I We-,,,,,g,5g xx LI 7, ' ,.1fp.:.'1::w. ' H' .'31f'-"A'6'5 49"-"' ' Ill ,ii qifffi:..lEl.i'225E'Ig'2Efi5' HQ so ' ..F:31"!- --:'. P"f' .."::f:5fQ " Z' PL nil?:E'llf:'fE55l!'Ei""':':'I 'Q ' c If N . 'Q ,r':A'y., .. grfhf, ' f' ,mi ri: Url--3" 1-' ,,r--fm X- ' a' X. ' .'-"-'A .' -' 6' 162 A - , Tl ,Q X , "gr .. 2 i " Algal I' ' - ff? i' 1 ff X U l T ifkvii-Swirl-'q. . - 'f ' ' ' -,f -5513, ' ,449--EEL-5',Qi , x X S . Q LZ 'ja-q!,g2,1.',' ' ,,.1 2 .:' f' s, r 5 f Y, s ii X N 1 ' .. x ff, N - A . -ff? w ,I 1 ' X F' ..f".v7'f44' , if f ff" ' f- 2 4 i f mi 'f-...I-I 'XW956' I 'f 7" . , .-"'..": e E , 3" .Il ' 3 arf, 1. .f ii' in 'p'.Qs':.if' E955-25,5 1 i s 1' Q' wife? 'Q QQ" If +52 WE 535,75--gvi 75521 ' - Y X 'I .um L '-'i-, i. Q i " ' ' '-17 J-'ff - if i""" K x - . 2 HEI , ls? EEEESQSQ 5 .....,...., i,,.!,,m1.LU 1 yi. , 1:53-,'6 a'1"i':li-L' 1I?5fff.,...,,,jmggwmpllfiw T Udiillr' .-,v-. .- ' - . 1,1 fn. WEN: ff'-:ff ,i1...e!.. .. H 4- - BW v3vgy.,ll,E ltgpg, ll 'Y F-'rr' fS"F'f-52 Effie ' as -5 Jessi- , -' .-'Q : ,-f'f- . - .2'-: - 7 ---..' , lefi. H,-, is 'S---all' E515 5 5 Li lsssszl gl gl ' Bee' 3'm hgw l : . :' ' 'I lI,'...,,4 ,ll '7 ana rw: su la Z Sami 3 3 S ESE' jf L:-S I l':!:' Y ...::..'g. .ki ,J gg 3 . :gl alia' gg ,ll Lgiimlgjgi. J -4 - 5 ,PS E gg if 'r' F l 5 ,E Ea 5 ". Eau.:-.., Qu H, J .,.,-4, , .- L:-.ll .. i, ,., 2135: f' li W4 r r i i ff so W fm! H 1 , 'i .. W ,li , ee r A ,, ,mes s '21 lf: :'f"F:'.Cff'f5'!577Ye7'l"L-.fig , ,. -lv -' vl:'xrg:T'5.,g1q.,,.v5F.-V c-5--xv ., . '-1. '.I+3'g.,,:..',j',4q:. Q45 . s ,rv - 1 A CENTURY CE . BALL Tri-Srore Universiry wos founded in 1884 by o group of Angolo cirizens who hod o dreom, o dreom ro cre- ore o college ro worls wirh ond ro help rhe communiry grow. Now, 100 yeors Iorer rheir dreom is o reoli- ry. To help celebrore ond conrinue our dreom, Suson Croorree Cchoir- person of rhe Cenrenniol Commir- reeb oegon rhe orgonizorion of o colendor of eyenrs for the upcoming yeor. The commirree felr rhor in- volyemenr wos rhe key ro rhe cele- brorion. Wirh rhis ideo they oegon the 'ground worls for o series of evenrs rhor would involve srudenrs, foculry, odminisrrorors, olumni, ond or sEtxvicE Angola residents. To lsicls off the 100th year, on Monday September 12, 1988, the centennial opening ceremony and picnic style birthday party were held, The education fair was also presented in September. This was a chance for students to learn about the current marlset situation. The event was open to Tri-State Universi- ty and the community. During the Fall quarter, the committee present- ed one of the three decade dances featuring the years 1920-1940, the Centennial Ball, Trustee meeting with dinner. rg Q -l' al world beyond for which we have prepared. As we posed we left behind the memories and the accomplishments of all that we were. The intramural sports were still filled with the fierce competitiveness of old ri- vals, during that yer the cam- pus was beautified with new sidewallss, flowering trees don- ated by the trustes, and a re- newed lools in the dorms There were the organiations, the honarary, professionals, fra- ternities and independent 1 1 l Opening 9 There wos even rime for Ieorning oiong rhe woy. Those were rhe doys which tomor- rows dreoms would hold. The memories ore of rhe ex- Ciremenr ond enrhusiosm of rhor yeor, foli wos o busy rime for oil, rhe srorr of rhe ceiebro- rion Isepr everyone busy. The odminisrrorion wos molsing pions for o cenrenniol porry, ond rhe srudenrs were even busier moi-ring pions ro chonge rheir lirrle Corner of rhe world. We didn'f reoiize ir rhen, but the crossing which we were moixing wos o journey of neor epic proporrions. We were crossing the bridge from yesrer- doy ro romorrow, o mysterious pioce filled with o cholienge of the unknown. Gronr E. Myers 1' 'Mr' Jh' ' 4 fl, I 4 1573 if , , W 'aff ,'ff',, ff M :MXH .vc ' ., w- if .. 'Y' -54 Q A, if . ff . 1. K - 4-1 -lux.-A ITU - U fy 9 In '- s ...-2, ': -a frm: V f-f - ,off af -- f , . ...1 - . vw- , -'--f..- 'fb' .-1.--f-. 31' -rf - . -:1'-1-11:51 w Y' 1-'QQ .1 ff -'. ' 'GQ' ':'-7-.--3'gv ., ,iff ':1 tl' 41 li- w'4w.'- -Tr.l'4A?"1"' " 4 Q. wx- 'gd'-f ,-ir,-' .5 . . fl .4, 1, .- f .0. .v ,, Q...-a..,.,.-. r.. , 9:- - 0,-4.qNx u"1,,"'.-f.w,1L" "sf A' ..,. wp. ,rgnfsbr-s.' -. 1 '1 - 44 v A. .2 - 4-sri-"mf ' 'I 1? wire: A- -1 -f V , 2.5-1? "Agn, -:Ami 1 1 , - of-. : 11 --af f .14 1ff1ivZ:1.1I?'A'4 4,- f A ' A U- f-"' -1-.-a-v..4-.ku 1 its . :'gl:'g-- - ' Hg'-.71 . ' 5' 1: V I JAPWTS: www! avr! -'L ' 2 - '?' 4, ' U ' s.- ', ' N r . av - -, w ., 93" 'gd QL-QQGU 5569: - ' ' waz. 434' Beginnings Presldent ond Mrs Dovudson ger nnro rne swung of nr or rne roornng 20 s Decodes Donce Alrnougn rne rurnour wos srnoll for 20 s8O s donce rhose who dnd orrend enjoyed o rosre of yesrer yeor os rney donced ro rne golden oldies of grondmo s younger doys As young men ond women of TrnSrore donced rnelr woy Info rne nugnr the rnnrd of rne 8 Dec ode Donces proved enrerrounung for oll who offended The donces sponsored by Srudenr Senore ond rne Cenrennnol Commurree feo rured nlrs from rhree greor periods I0 Ameraco s musucol nnsrory Sru denrs orrendnng rne donces were encouroged ro dress I0 rhe fosh non of rne oge The fursr donce feorured rne Bug Bond swung of rhe 205 ond 805 Hnppues ond Flower children enjoyed rne rock of rne 50 s ond 60 s or rne second donce Disco ond conremporory music nnghhgnred the rnurd r r , , 4-- 1 , . . if - 'L 1 J? ' I I . . , . . , , . . ' I I Opening 11 qw n llllu n Qaggjf ' H5 Znsz Q- Uma .HHNDKED , 5,4165 f- F x ,X 4 D 'l I I' , , W 'TER .iv f V , 1 Q' a,5,, J, , ...K ,ck , 1- Ah- W K I 'f mi ,, .MQ MZ. f 1 I Srudenr Life 18 TSU SOCIAL Foll froternity porties, winter sports, spring picnics ond gomes, the sociol life here ot Tri-Store is often moligned ond seldorn opprecioted, out yes, sociol octivities do exist here, especiolly during this cenrenniol yeor. Whot with pizzo nite, hotdog nite, pretzel nite, ond vorious therne porties, students hove more thon enough excuses to get out ond slsip studies. Then, not to be forgotten, there were the Student Senote sponsored portyfdonces held ot Steworr Holl for the centenniol, where the students were encouroged to dress-up ond donce in the mode of onother generotion of which there were three donces ond three generotions, 20's-4O's, 50's-oO's, ond 7O's-8O's. Yes, there reolly is o sociol life here ot Tri-Store, right, Ready to kick off onother Pretzel Nite, o student dernonstrotes the ouicls ond eosy woy to down o beer below, Members of Nu Pi ond friends prepore to operote lore into the night os the old foshtoned l-lolloween Potty gets underwoy 'C +2 t 14 Student Life 1 ,,-Q ua .al""' M, 9 Y 12. if 1 f 7 X Denise Maddux and friend, Mike Reed, get into the swing vvlrh music pravuded by Music King ar Slgma Phu Epsllorfs Ocraberfesr Enjoying a relaxing night aff from studying, Leshe Alexander enjoys Pretzel Nite held every Monday ar Slgma Phu Delta One of the many groups competing nn the Air Bond Competition held quarterly ar Phu Kap Ready for the beach but serrhng for Stewarr l-lall, Andy Deahl and Marla Hamulran Ilve nr up at the Old Fashioned Halloween Party. -than -'tum y . Ninn l Q ,Y Nmsnsw I X it U Srudenr Life 15 fu n X, Tnis is on orride obour o mon who rroyeled ro rbe Big Apple yio Hollywood ro beconne o leoding fosnion consulronr. He is o Tri-Srore Universiry groduore who is probobly besr lsnown ro Sreuben Counry GS rne Nlorlboro Mon. As o young mon from o rurol oreo, be begon observing peopIe's dress bobirs. Afrer nwony yeors of nord worle, be soon rnoyed up in rne fosbion world ro become o consulronr for sudn rnen os President Nixon ond Presidenr Correr, Now, offer fulfilling bis life ornbiiions ond rroyeling counrless rniles, be seeles personol fulfillrnenr by rerurning ro wnere be begon, ro reoclw wbor he hos leorned, below Student model Tim Grilliot snows off rne seosons besr for ine well dressed businessrnon in rne Willionn Tnourlby snow, You Are Whor You Weor lefr, Srudenr models, Tim Grillior, Vondo Scbnools, ond Mindy Noyes worcb os Mr Tbourlby dennonsrrores rne dos ond don'rs of proper professionol dressing xP' ...,a-aug, Y 5 1 1.' -, 1 jg, fe gf, 5 s-Ii dc-1' ii I zffl ACADEMICS Acodemics, the vvord itself conjures up imoges of toil ond hours of drudgery, but when the truth is spolsen, the ocodemics here ot Tri-Store ore not neorly os ovvful os they ore soid to be. Incoming freshmon ore often heord to comploin obout English Comp. I ond ll, ond sophomores ront ond rove obout Advonced Chemistry ond Colculus. And becoming o junior or o senior doesn't seem to molse things eosier, the upper clossmen ore often cursed with speciolized closses for their respective moiors. Psychology, Accounting, I3usi-Tech, the list is endless. An eosy, in the poclset, A closs just doesn't seem to exist here ot Tri-Store, but flunls-out courses ore not neorly os numerous os mony people believe, if not obove left, Computer Burnout moy soon overrolse Som Bovver os he lobors over o progrom in rhe rerminol center in Best Holl left, Engineering homework lseeps Don Coin, o ME mojor, busy doing problems in the ASME study oreo non-existent. The closses do prove to be chollenging, but they ore possible, ond though everyone's GPA moy not be o stroight AO, most students come out on the right side of 2.0. Tri-Store connot be soid to "give" ovvoy, grodes the effort did prove worthwhile os we entered the vvorls-vvorld. The high ocodemic stondord or Tri-Stote vvos olvvoys one respected by those in industry, o foct which helped mony os they begon thot long hord seorch for o coreer in their chosen field. below, Rest ond Relaxation oppeor ro be the most imporront thing for sophomore Bob Jehl or the moment, Student Life 17 A NEW l-ICDME Wirh rhe inrroducrion of Dr. Beoumonr Dovison os rhe new presidenr of Tri-Srore Universiry rhe ooord of rrusrees felr ir wos necessory ro improve rhe imoge of the school. So rhey boughr o new home for rhe presidenr. Afrer selling rhe old house on rhe wesr side of rown rhe seorch begon for o home rhor would be more in keeping with rhe imoge of the 100 yeor old imoge of on insrirurion of higher educorion. Using rhe proceeds from rhe sole of rhe old house ond conrriourions from rhe rrusrees rhemselves rhe new oricls home wos purchosed on Pork Srreer. One of rhe premeir homes in Angolo ir is consrrucred wirh rhe bricks rhor were originolly Moumee Srreer urilizing rhe unusuol "weep- ing morror" rechnioue. Dr. ond Mrs. Dovison wonred o home in which rhey could enrerroin nor only rhe rrusrees ond business ossociores of rhe school our olso rhe srudenrs ond olumni os well ond rhor is whor rhey hove in fheir new TSU home. ' 34 W xl .3 ,a lx gg I ' K Q f -4 V 'R -x " V .4 Q 4 't " .-wi' Y' .em ': if ' g g. ko. V . ' 3' "'J - -ry'x . . , v.,!..R rei- . what kg5..yu'f' bullion socnsv-v.1nl-0-rx-1 -llw-.. wQanps:,,nnsQ-magnum, w.,1 X ,, ...nj ...Q-as-l""'4" 1 - Q- w" N ..,-wxi 4 i4 Q' 1 ...e 6-qsvlfgfv Q 1 1 .eu ,, V, - . r. ' Y ' ' r .Ii W , - - , -- 1.3.-TAS. .f 4 Q -3',i3Q'353V'1.g.., . ' .g is --J Yiiw-feud. .W --'iw1z4-Qf' -,-rw 1-. A W' 5 Qgfulkl-M,1jN,,, 95,Th...!f5' ,LTI'ka:13,Lf?'g,xhw,wAm 'V,QfQ,,.?.,.u8w. -- ., ., ' 'U' ' ' ',f rf, V' 1 ' in. -N 4i"lwe .-.15 ' ,, ,l at ,MQ ,.i,5,.,.'e , 1: 1 . ,f,53Zi.-Lv' -,V V.,-NR .fn ' 9 " ' 'l , ' ' ' it . ,Q - 1 5 , 1 '.,, V, .A ' ... ,fn g .g.1,, , --.N V- f , I , I .L 1 ,l WK. .. 4 .- v , , . 4' sq-K" . ,. , Y'sffu, I -4 "- .ED 5 . I :ai All 18 Sruderr Life .n . ,t A Q' f .ht 'Q X Q "is x. Qi mlv"""'5""'KQ' ...-.Q S ' mi A ..-Vyg ' 'Q E .',. new .n fl ff iff' wr I f Zi, , A - A Tri-States 100th year of service began with both enthusi- asm and optimism. The faculty and the students werejust as anxious to start the brand new year as was President Beaumont Davison, who began his first year as President of the University. Dr. Davison said he was really glad to be here, as he tools charge of the universities direction. The new president grasped on to what he inherited and direct- ed us through a successful year. Through improvements and changes, the 1984 school year straightened the direction of upholding Tri-State's tradition of professional level career education. President Davison conducted the year with diligence and confidence from the beginning, goals were developed and pursued immediately. President Davison tools a big step in beautifying, improving, and maintaining the campus ap- pearance. With a great deal of help internally and external- ly, President Davison provided us with a year of inspiration to proceed to the second century. 5 W W, ,M 'iff 'Z W asmmtsik Student Life 19 7 Behlna rne scenes ar Szabo faaa Servlce, Iefr, Wayne Klee rhe masrer mind of Szabo faaas below The lqlrchen scene, everyrhung brlghr and shlney Clean borrorn, lefr The ever aresenr Wax flowers rhar brlghrened rnealrlme ar Srewarr Hall Cafereria. barram, rlghr The alw ays paaalar salad bar rhar saved many a srudenr from going hungry when rhe resr of rhe days rhena alanr aalre sulr rhe apperure or srornach. -.. +I. l ' -V -f " I. il f -'-3' N X A T' Ax fi NL -1' l ' A 20 Srudenr Life U l . . SZABO FCDCDD If you weren'r in closs studying or drinking you would prooobly be eoring Szooo food. Of oil the rlnings you wonr ro remember, Szobo food moy or moy nor be one of rhem. Ar ony rore, when you were sirfing in rne cofererio wirn Iors of friends oround you, you could oimosf forger wnor your were eoring. Szobo foods employees worked diligenrly ro provide delicious ond o friendly ormosphere. Srudenr Life 21 STEWART HALL STCDRE Since its restructuring ond relocotion lost yeor, Stewort Holl Store hod successfully exponded its services to the students of Tri-Store, The old locotion of the store is now o gome room with pinholl rnochines, video gorhes, ond o pool toble. The new store, locoted ocross the holl, hos o lorge screen projector TV. with o coble hools-up ond room ond choirs enough for over two dozen people. The new store olso hod o lorger supply ond disploy of products, everything from pop ond condy to sondwiches ond pizzo, ond there ore often speciols going on further helping students sove money. The new Stewort l-loll Store definitely does serve the students of Tri-Stote, ond well. i we llvr lefr, A srudenr srore employee sroclsing rne sodo cooler is nor on uncommon signr in rhe Srwerr Holl Srore, below, rlghr, Tonjl Joclsson rolses o finol nire rirne-our for on ice Q creorn, below, lefr, There were even srudy robles in rne srore for holding study 'X conferences. below, rigbr, Pepsi wos olwoys ovoiloble for prime relevlsion viewing, on X rne lorge screen TV, -N 4 'C 5 , F .-f 'ggi B !""x P s ff" Srudenr Life 28 W ,o n John Docherwlwous Ioolss over me crowd before beglnmng ro serve rbe Cenreniol Boll FIQTWT, Mlmoy Noyes ond Wllllom Tlwoorlby Rebeorse for me Foll presenrorion of "You ore wbor yoo weor " below rughr, Tum Grulllor ond Cloure De-ware serve rbe beod roble or me Cerwrerwrol Doll below Iefr, A group of srodemrs or one of moby Cenrenniol celebrorions :V Y . :V .X FS. 11' V ss 2' A' l n'- , 17,- . f F V 1 .rqtiixvti ' A 'f J 'i ,Mrk r' 'ji Y A-, .xm- ff , of 24 Srudenr Life N'--X,,,,,,,, 'J 'Www-my W M sr A 1 Q Ns 'f " I ' ' ', f4df:uw.Q,, H f .. Q 1. . ,gsm ,,. f- X K.. :sv ,X 3. 6 -- 1 A Y?iizwff'!s.f?K,z: CENTENNIAI. "The Cenrenniol wos o success," rhors whor every TSU srudenr con fell you. A success becouse of the renewed soirir for berrer educorion ond berrer communicorion. The rnony evenrs rhor hoppened during rhe Cenrenniol period from rhe rernovol of rhe odminisrrorion buiiding's bell, ro rhe new enrronce sign on rhe fronr drive of Tri-Store University. To rhe big weekend during which lnrernorionol ond Americon sru- denrs hod gone furrher for berrer communicorion ond un- dersronding. Looking bocls rhe Cenrenniol wos o rirne for friendship ond greor ochievemenrs. Lefr Thouriby signing ourogrophs Borrorn Dining ond doncing or rhe Cenfenniol Boll, Srudenr Life 25 i CENTENNIAI. They coiled ir "Foshion Exrrovogonzou ond rhor wos exocrly whor ir wos. From rhe sounds of rhe lougher ond opplouse from rhe oudience, ir wos eosy ro rell rhor Tri-Srores "Cenrury of monners, nnorols ond moods" wos o success. Co-choirmon lone Mirchell od Mory Ellen McGregor hod been plonning rhe Cenrenniol Foshion Show since Jonuory of rhor yeor, olong wirh Tri-Stores Cenrenniol Boord choir, Suson Crobrree. Held Wednesdoy, Morch 14, rhe show wos in recognirion of Tri-Stores Cenrenniol Celebrorion. The porricipo- rion by rhe people or Tri-Srore ond rhe cornmuniry wos exoring. The Co-choirmon Mirchell ond McGregor put rhe show rogerher collecring clorhes, designing rhe ser, ond orronging for nnusic. Ms. McGregor wrote rhe scripr ond she ond Tri- Srose english professor Torn Tierney served os rhe show's norrorors. Below John McBride worches enrhosiosricolly os rhe srudenrs prepore for rhe Cenrenniol Foshion Show +"'Tf 26 Srudenr Life X , ,,,V Lefr, Penny Reed donces with ner suosrirure porrner Belovw The sounds of rne mondelin odded ro rne orrrocruons of rhe snow Below, Iefn Srudenrs goof oround bervveen snows. George weors rhe oll fornilior uniform of rne eorly 1000's, o I r Srudenr Life 27 Too fhgnr, Tonow Jodsson sms or one of Tn-Srores compurer rerminols loading informonon Too Lefr, Sornennn-es cornoorers do more norm rhon good Borrom Lefr, This srudenr ,dccessfoliy Wrures o orogrom ond funds rnor rne compurer nos on unllmlred oorenriol Qononn Mohr, Some srodenrs f1nd rnor rne Mecnonzcol Engnneersng Lounge IS rne best ploce G, ro srody f H. 1 fi'f1, ' A ' .li xi .I . my "."', 'I i 2 W :Q - . ' 4 91 . aw? g 4Q Y ? ' , .- . V .....,.- 'ii "' ' Q-fm ', "" ,,,....,,-'-- 1 L X' , 28 Srudenr Lrfe STUDYINC5 Studying for finols, olso known os cromming, wos one of the opporent curses of college life. Finols themselves were reolly o lessor curse: like mony things in life, onticipoting them wos olrnost olwoys worse thon tolsing them. So whot exoctly is studying? Stoying up lore into the night, working with vogue principles, sweoting over specifics, thot's whot studying for finols wos like, lt's one of the most demonding ospects of college, but it's olso one of the most rewording. When you've studied diligently ond efficiently ond then you get you grodes ond see something pleosing, you reolize one thing: cromming con be beoutiful. Leslie Moyer ond Greg Reitmeyer finish typing engineering term poper. ffflrv W M 1,49 if, I I, yy V! ' W Y' We QV , aff gif, J 61 ,f- QQ'-' ' . QW Student Llfe 29 ANGGLA Angolo, lndiono is o dry ro visir, o greor ploce ro live ond worls. A ciry rnor is growing, wnile being surrounded by the beoury of o rurol orrnosplnere ond 101 spring fed lolses. Cenrrolly locored wirnin rnree hours of oll rne indusrriol cities of rne nwidwesr. Angolo olso meers rnosr rronsoorrorion needs wirn irs close proxirniry ro Airporrs, lnrersrore of? the lndiono Toll Woy ond roil sysrems. On April CBO, 10811 fire desrroys rne Heidelberg Cofe ond coused exrensive dornoge ro Tnonnos Fonnily Cenrer - sf-1'x'Y'ff3'5Ti 30 Srudenr Life . rr A ' -A frm' JN vh- . ,,,.,2 60" A 1 f 5 105' !5 ff- Lefr Public Squore, Angolo on o busy ofremoon Below The only oloum srore in rowm Everyones fovorure ought soor Slsios Lounge Dorrom Rlghrg Angolds Eosr Side TTJE Srudenr Lnfe S1 4 f fhgnr Besr Hoi! is one of rne Iorgesr buuldnngs on compus, where rnosr of rne fresnmon closses ore neld Sgrno Pm Epsilon wos rne Iorgesr frorernury or Trl-Srore Unnversny Mnddle ngnr The Perry T Ford Menwonol Uorory sfrs or rne Corner of rne Tn-Srore cornpus In 1886 the Buckeye Bell Compony donored 'Q' 1 'W W me Dei! wnscn snrs oorsnde rne Adrnunnsrrorson Building . A , 'A X 5 'Q Q fb. f .'4if ' ' 1 ls..-' ? fg 0 E . , , l 5 hd 5 l V .4-.-.ww-nan-.....,..,..... 32 3'-,ceo 1 ff- CAMPUS Ir's Fridoy ond the docks reod 4 om. ond mosr oeoole ore neoding nome. Bur nor you, you're sruck in rne dorm for onorber weekend, ond spending rhe' weekend in rlne dorms is BORING! Of course, sroying does give one rbe cbonce ro srudy, do nomework, or moybe even porry. If you don'r ger roo rowdy, you con rbrow on A-1, onyrning goes, oll nighr long oorry, or if rbor's nor your sryle, rbere's olwoys o frorerniry oorry somewhere. Dorm bound weekends ore slow, ond boredom olwoys lurks neorly, bur for rnose wirb imoginorion ond derermino- rion, rbose dorm bound weekends ore rne besr weekends ever. r AMW giwgqiq' YMIW K.. 1 " ,, is ' . 4:5 A'.,f6hv"Z.1f Vi, A W' 2 H. 4,.l'.xzI.'. News fx lhvx"1.'?15.Halls.l'JE rl Srudenr Lnfe 38 Top flrgrwr A remse rrwomerwr dururwg me foorboll roumomemr or TKE Top Lefr- Greels weekend beguns Wm me omrwol rorch lrgrwrmg ceremony Dorrom lefr Dowd Schefrnc prepores ro hghr rhe Sig Ep rorch. Borrom rrghr Members of Srgmo Phu Epsulon prepare for rhe torch hghrurwg ceremony, , x. I, ' V 1 u .9 I Q - . , f i , z , - S 'W I . 1. Q, , I ef H' ,,. - "wif it r ' sh-F nf! qt J , 4 h lv 34 Srudenr Life yi n-iq' W Mb 2? xo ss , . XX X x Q x . .,,,.:. f , i V 9' W 4 X 'T' .,.-. : . ' s tw: X , 4 ,f . :-Am: f -- 'Q .... -Sw, 4- 'el f 1 ' N N Q -"- ' V -.-.. . - -- T .,.-.- .iff-,NNY . Qijggsxgkxh , ,,,, .1 .,.., , ,W V tzzm F c T ss T ' - ' cwmix ..V..: X 2 N Q GREEK WEEK Greek vveels begon os usuol with the onnuol lighting of oll torches ot the locol froternity houses. The torch lighting ceremony vvosjust the beginning of the biggest vveelsend of the yeor. The mojor events of the vveels included foozboll tournoment, eulsre chornpionshios, chugging contest, ond the pool tournoment. The outside events include bilse roce, bed roce, the mud tug, ond the conoe roce. The biggest event of the vveelsend is the Grond Prix Pioce. The winner of thot yeor's Grond Prix vvos' Ken Updilse, ond winner of the Peddle Prix vvos the Order of Diono. Even more exciting thon the festivities of Big Weekend vvos the much ovvoited orrivol of spring. Below: Tim Grillior ond Chris Hurley win the foozboll tournornent. Student Life 85 GRAND PPXIX The 1984 Grond Prix Queen wos Annerre Cousino o mechonicol engineering srudenr in her junior yeor. Annerre is from Erie, Michigon. Annerre is 5'4" hos blue eyes ond brown hoir. She is rhe 8rh goldenheorr which is rhe lirrle sisrer progrom of Sigmo Phi Epilon ro hold rhe honor in rhe Grond Prix's ldrh yeor hisrory. Her escorr wos Christopher Hurley olso o member of Sigmo Phi Epsilon. Annerre fulfilled rhe posirion well ond upheld rhe honor of rhe posirion or Tri-Srore Universiry. Annerre Cousino is crowned Grond Prix Queen by rhe 1988 reigning queen Shori Winches rer P p""'T". .1 wg- l P f wfr Svftkf 'Tut AA' fa' P FNXXY fs J RX . 1 4 "oi 36 Srudem Life i,i,i VA .2--Q-wr! Ken Opdyl-ze cores the victory fiog oround the rrocls. Girls porricipore in onnuol Peddle Prix, Frorerniry members begin rne Spring Big Weekend Dil-ze Roce. The roce Iops ro srorr rhe 1084 Grond Prix. ,M W: re Z f , I r W, WET? "ff , , V V A 1,1 in 2' Yf ix- ' Mfrs--5, . J Riff T , WZ 4 M Q 3 - 1 4 f ' no , -, ,W 1' -A. ,,,. A 27.4 f . 'I '24-'3:s'f 'f!Z4"V fff w :var EL. " W 1 ' 'af 32: -Y' ' " ' ' '51 1, , f 52- I ' fi If ,, V:y , ,Q , x Y ""I if ' .X ,rw :M gi 4 ' .Wi 'Z Q Wi 1 it i y L I X 3 Aw r f J : .V ,,,, M if f 1 ' ' Z i-ww as .,,, 2- 1 ,Z f 6 f , ' Wi 1 W ,,i. My I . W ,Z A iiii i A. 1 1 if :,. 1 X og: 2, ' ar H i p ix ,,,,,, ,qt In ' . ,. f 2' -1 '-ii iifffiii K -A 0 ' ' V f 3 5. n-H' gg -ii 17 H ,Z ffff ' . 1 if V- + , A72 .ff vw, ,, e A , 2 1 QW - I 4 ,.f, , M - 'Q A ' wwf M I, 3809 B k X . f s-f -, - 'WV' ' 9 0 ff H5 11355 N5 llNDk5.'D 3 5,4165 1 ' K an Z I: E Z K9 1 ci Orgonizorions 89 40 Orgonlzonons .,-f""' HGNORARIES The Honor soclerues or Trl Store Un: verslry recognize srudenrs from oll oreos of compus for excellence an mony oreos There hove olwoys been college honororles or TSU re wordnng oursrondlng performonce nn ocodemrcs leodershlp ond mony other focers of college Ilfe The members of oll groups were lsepr busy lnducrung new members ro rhelr ronlss ro reploce the posr honorees who were ro groduore lr wos recognmon such os rhor supplied by rhese orgonnzorlons rhor mode oll of the hord work seem worrh whale f TT X J Sm BR 1 p-H . vw 1f ?Q" wl"'Vl!H'fM' .1 -iw .J ' T " 4' vb' Q v 73:"'i'5"f, ' ,. ,N 4 1' A " O L A 1 J J K Q G. M A 7 3 , xv ff qfw A gum Z TW W , ff zfz .4 The member of Pi Tou Sigmo worls in ine courryord of me engineering building on campus beourificorion doy, cbove, The members of Pi Tou Sigmo the Norionoi Honorory Mecbonicol Engineering Frorerniry, AQ Orgonizorions l ,ag - J ,,' ,, 2 LN I I I 'flu' x 1 A 'F . N -.qc-1-" ,fIT' . Q V. ' ""'i". . .f I ' fJW!",.u"f.v'-: "' if , P . -i..1- . - .V 1y::. .-+'.'?jnQY . ,. A ,il ina.. I' I .4. ..- l,,1f, Jug . J , wg- aiu, ,-lg, ,.. . 5, ,v f , W' " M. ' L. .f " .4-', 4, ,Z - .- -' .1 ' cf ' .1 - If--,--"".f' , fy. - -" ,.i '-1 .-'5f-:"":- --.-' sn .t .,. V ','.'-5' '- -W,N'iv" ' - . '.,. , f. ,r gn'-.-"' '. ". A ' 1' ' ,r ,'f, ,' ,,-'-- in I. 'N' 1 M,-'. i,,,f. 'lb-4:Hd' '.','sfiQ:' t .Pl ' -" A ,. - ' ,J .Of '. .' 'Wrj 5 ' -. . .. -+ - , lv wr , ,, .e - Q ..:-,-41: -vo-'.,. , 1 A 4 . .,!,,h ,..lLf- 45,:.,.1 bw.,-I.--, .fx 1 il- 1, , ff. -? -'-L "".r- " Av,,1'J"'vi'x"' - - , -V J .nur ,, W. . I 4- - , ,af ,Q 3'-. ,',- n - -.. .- 'g.n 2.-F' 'A' ' ' n - .I . lx 'r ,5 .4 M9 '91 . , A H r ' -V" U ' " "' - eq' A N " V1 ""Au:"'Gw ,.-.vffwi 3 +fir..- ' - . v 0,4 aa f- ., ' . B1 no 'iw un MMM The members of Skull ond Bones Norionol Leodership Honorary. obove, The pl Tou Sugmo Emblem Orgonizorions 43 Rrghr, The members of Delro Mu Delro, Hohorory of Busrhess Admihrsrroruoh below, The membership of Omero Chu Epsmloh Chemicol Ehgnheering hohorory zooery . .. K S M., 4 ri! Y x l 1 'F 'Y Q05 xx! J I ,.,. Q- f . 1, I .ls , .V N lsql' T .i. ,X l 44 Orgohuzonohs X Sf!! N, fi. 'K Q 5 5 3? S .sS f Nw-Q-mN.,L..,,,,-.....,. K -1-Mx 1 M ' 'N' ,..,- 1. .... 'E M ' 3 1 y .1 E .XE Q Mi: W- , ,.,. . X x 1 , mmf V, fs we X we In , - fy, ---. g X x .K .X , ,,,, I Q K X A A ..--V "-... AW--ff .V ..., ,J K A 4 Y "" Q X .sa 15' Q, 5 " Q N 'Wynn-q,gq,,u 9593 Wim 'LTYI1 L A xwi .Sw tif v X E . A Q .I in -, awww! 5 5 Ie-fr, A fomihor signr on o sociery fneldrrip, the reor of rhe cor rnor is Ieooing you ro where you ore frying ro ger ro, usoolly 0 convenrion cenrer or norel, below, Ero Koppo Nu Elecrricol Engineering Honorory recognized the best of rhe elecrricois. Orgonizorions 45 do Orgonizonons in 1? 1 lmmzwlf tt 'Ala PRCDFESSICDNALS The professlonol soclettes ot Tru Store served onyone who wonted to tolse the tame to get involved ond work toword the common good These socuetles recognnzed oll foc et of TSU s dlverse surplus of humon resources ond compnled o roster of members whlch could toclsle ony chollenge lf the couse wos the futh eronce of thelr educonon Together these people leorned the volue of professnonol behovuor ond when they went out into the world they were prepored for whot they would meet Alpho Koppo Psu member Dorlo Wollser works on compus beoutuflco tnon Other members of A K ps: were olso helpung if ff','Z,fJr'v"' -"fu -W T75 T , lu r' I1,g,flJ'f?': RLM 1 any A rv ,. W K. .1 if A ,aft ,nxt fs T of M . . K .aww . s , .5 . I Q A 1 4 I " my N , A , M 4: V A -' L P ' by ' Q. " f. ,N A' :r ' ' " , . , .N -Q ,- ' F rf! ,v 3 - - ,. ' ff! J' ' T " N", AN A ' .l h V , if ' ' Q42-'57 Yiuri. 1 Y' ' 5' , . f A , f ' "sg-,fN.--t,,,+', .- ." 'fy' ' V ' ' " I A 9 3- w ., eff- - -,A up s ,A 'i , Wt-Q 4' 1 f , QQ: 'nw gy' vt 'I A-3? , V . . x .V -1 ,Q If , i 'lpn Y V ' ' ' .t hw ' , , W - 3 im: N 1 Fixx Y., - -, , .tewvf , ,T s 'Q eu V , T , ' , e Y ' il R R 'hiya VO' I, .-Ya 'R' N ,IX Y A4 Q , . A , 2,3-1 'f W ft! 4 K -- 1-f" 1- ' ' '- - 1 t ' I -of I , . ' Q 5 t ' Q J . . Mn: : Q4 ,Q 'W . ,b , 1, fw f Jr D I wig 'yi Eu' ' I -sa vw' 'K . N- f . ' 4, . . V ish 4+ X M v "' .ff ff 'F . J vw'-,N ra, if-2' in W ,Q my 'lx nl "-'U-T-'--4 " " we W A P: - , Y 5 if , N My 3 ,., , .. s .,. . R1 T, Q" 1 -I .. i x 'M 1 .. g gf! Q 3' 8 Q ' i ,. rf at M 4. I, n V , I 4. T 4 -f-My 'i Q . . . Q. Jw Y A 4 q K, 6 ,, ,. R . 4 t 4 . ar ' ' -xr? - l - .f rv H- , J Iefr, Members of Delro Nu Aloho Tronsporrorion Frorerniry. below, The membership of me Americon Sooery of Mechonicol Engineers rne professionol for mecnonicolly inclined. ff aw Orgonizorions 47 Campus Beourrfrcerrom wos O busy dey for everyone on I compbsy wrwerber rr showed or nor below, The members of me Imremoruomoi Sociery of Hybrid MrcroEIecrrorwrCs v""' jiif -nnndlf' 4.---- , '5H!?'fI: N""'nv- - wx 4.5.5 'xx 1- 6 . V I -1 , .Ml . lk , . M7 'A' Fm? g 48 Orgorrrzfmrrmrrz Ti 8 vu-.Ji ,spy-n , ,A Glow!! Y Moody's Bookstore The Amswek ro All Your f , 'I FR: ei W f ,- i 1 ann-fn Minden., W, me members of the Alpho Koppo Psi Professionol Business Frorernity, Q s N- ai an 1, X J Q Q09-' 05 a 03 0 Q0 - 6? Q 6999021 "lt's All Here!""' In Horclee's big beoutiful burgers. Bocon Cheeseburgen sizzling with 3 full strips of bocon. Big Deluxe? big on exlros like tomotoes, crispy lettuce, oncl Americon cheese. And Mushroom 'N' Swiss" Burger with two 0 Q . .c2- aa- Q QQ? "0 Quo 30... I QQ -0 Q0 3350 0 0 Q o Q . slices of Swiss cheese ond delicious mushrooms in o rich brown souce. Eoch 4001 pure beef, o whole quorter- pound of it. So cut out the coupon ond toste whot's moking Americo soy . ."lt's All Here At Horclee's!""' Precookecl weight Orgonizorions 51 ,Z -.X 'O 90 .,.,.s. Q1 x-1' as The membersnrp of rne oval engnneerrng professionol or Tri-Srore, The Americon Sociery of Civil Engineers Kepr everyone oslsing how ogoin by molsing o concrere conoe floor once more 52 Orgonrzonons The m Aeron O v ' ' INSURANCE SERVICE Wlrh the orofesslohol sroff ro serve oll of your uhsurohce needs 'I ' 0 . F' J I I . J ,. 4 Q ' :G , - Ymlaqvlrprafflruf 5 , I U J lusnmnr . a i ':EHvlfc10U,'elSY' ' J f K N Q . Q Ahgolo, IN Ashley, IN Fremohr, IN 219-eos-3104 219-58753800 219-495-2555 Above, The members of rhe Society of Auromorive Engineers righr, The Associorion of Compuring Machinery in the compurer 54 Orgomzorions CQOTGF. 1,-fi z ,Nm A 5. Nmfx , 'ff if 1 -sq, P5 'NM Society of Women Engineers, The First oil women professionoi sociery of engineering or Tri-Srore Universiry. .,s' if s QNX 9 x x -f 'GSM i f f. s 'L , "Na-, .' gs... 1 gg V E: . V Orgonizorions 55 56 Orgonizorions 2 ,inf CLUBS The speciol inreresr groups or Tri were os diversified os rhe sru denrs who Joined rhern Whorever your inreresr you could find o group ro Iseep you ocrive. There vvos mu- sic drorho horn rodio you could hove even been o DJ for WEAX rhe school rodio srorion. These groups provided the sru- denrs wirh the opporruniry ro grow vvhiie Ieorning ond enjoying rhern- selves os they vvenr olong. These ore rhe groups which exponded our horizens nnosr. v- '. ' '1. 1 W" , , 1- -.r T T ' ' -be .. M., .. f-A-i mm "KC 'aw-,fix 4 V" v' 5, 5 A Q. ZX in 1 if T ' Q S Q -' 1 if nyc Q X, LM, AW, wa m if vs' ire Q. S A X C . I N 'T fi ii X ' W fl-I I obove Iefr, Brion Wright wirh members of rhe Angolo Communury Theorer in "One By One" obove rnghrg The drummer of rhe TSU Bond Lower Iefr, rhe Tri-Srore Bond, o group rhor con molse beouriful music rogerher Lower rughr, The Ameorur Rodio Club wos smoll bur when rhey mer ir could hove been world wide. Orgonuzorrons 57 115' Y O 'ar X obove, The members of Alpho Chi, rhe Noriohol Scholosrics Honor Sociery. below, The Universiry Chrisrion Fellowship. 58 OVQOOiZOfIOOJ .,,,.. 4-an ex 4 9 QL. I Zi 1 ,, it 1. gr: fi 1 3 ' ? '35 i I ii r. , 3. Y' ', ,. f .,,..,,, ...ww-.35-9 rl- - f-'M ev-v ..v...,.. a ,..-..... Q W 19 VNU' . . . 61, wa4-ma4 ACILNTURY OF SERVIGI: T f - TE UNIVERSITY 1,15 ANGOLA. INDIANA 40103-oao1 tensions-ann I-i,'iN9 University Bookstore Filling the needs of Tri-Store Students Through-out the yeors. Stop in And Get your school time needs 1 , 'x Andy Deinl looks on os o dernonstrotion is given on o group fieldrrip. Orgonizorions 50 The members of rhe Amerucom Imsnrure of Chemical I N , . 'I 1 U Iii. 'ISS 7 5 : A. v W . X 1 are ,, , P' ' xx n akrw E 1 ,Z I 'I L, .""1':l4 W 5 I ,K n l u ' I '5 r 5, 19 5 15' 1 ' , . 5 ' 5 . O ,, ' O, E. Q 5 1 ,pa- Engineers, 4 Ler us service your cor with Qualify NAPA porrs Uncle Lou's 66 T fr. 5 Stop By ond see us some time. ww ,,.,,..,..,, "1'f-farsww-vvm..., 55" R N 3 M-Munir Some compus orgonizorions fode rnro non exusronce such os rne nor ro long forgorren I Toooo Keggo porry group ond ornlerucs club Iefr, Modulus sroffer Bob Dondonlio worlss on o loyour during one of rne Thursdoy worl-2 porrys Orgonizorions o1 62 Orgonizorions I-IELPERS The service groups or Tri-Srore pro- vide on excellenr opportunity for on individuol ro work for orhers in on educorionoi ond enjoyoble environ- ment. Airhough such groups os rhe Mo- dulus or Triongle con meon mony hours of hord work, the rewords of seeing rhe finished publicorion is worrh oll of rhe effort. Orher orgonizorions give Tri-Srore rhe speciol flovor of o smoii school where hord work is oppreciored ond reworded. JSKPS' The Dromo Club members wirh Mr. SonGioomo. below The Cosr of rhe musicol "One By One" sing os o chorus ro srorr rhe show 2 :F is ' ' so X x R M A S Iefr, Moses ond Esrher discuss rhe morrer of Moses rosk from God. obove, Moses children sing "por him owoy" when rhey heor the srory of rhe messoge from God. Orgonizorions C3 Trwe Dubwwconoms commurree The sroffs of me Truongle, Oboveh ond rhe Modules, below These rwo groups ,formed nord ro melee me sruderwr publuconoms rhe besr rhey Could be if 611 Orfgqmgqlnfn obove, The Srudenr Admissions Council, Formerly rhe Tri-Srore four guides. below, Circle K, the college level Kewonis. -,. iw qi 5 Orgonizorions 65 ls GCDVERNMENT Student government ot TriStote wos controlled mostly by the Sen ote This leodership wos chorocter ized by individuols who reolly cored ond wonted TSU to be o better ploce Other governing bodys ot Tri Store were the lnterfroternity Council ond the Dorm Council Together these groups were oble to sponsor some good portys ond to get oll of the necessory work done The leod ers of Tri Store were olwoys there The Student Senote Boord I to r Dole Houser, Tom Weis, Sobrino Scott, Andy Dei Professor Showolter, E' K N nb 1' iv 5 aj , 5, Q- , 4 v I' S t 4 .- l I ' . . Q I . f Q 9 ' T 4 y J oo Orgonizorions The Senoters of winter 1083, o cold ond vigilont group of dedicoted students ond le lb - ' Y iii x r 4. w 1- 'W P' lv Q X Qc, IEA. cf .fm -W ' " " ' mf The Srevvorr Holi Dorm Council The molsers of policy for Tri-Srore Dormitory living below, A couple doncimg or me decodes dooce for me 1920's ond 10803, X' -In ,, Orgonizoruons O7 C38 Orgomzonoms f W MSC This poge IS Iefr for you Add whor you lllse plcrures poge ro corch me memornes whoch ovolded our Qrosp we hope rhor some of your memones wall hr nn rhls spoce K E I C 0 ourogrophs, memorobllio, :Vs up ro you. we lefr rlfnis up J L1 ' AK Lug 'F nh 1', 4 -F 'un 1. 1- Q4 le E 1 l , N 5 I ,4 ii! W Q .jw i Q . 'N , , r'.rrK?1. ' . 'f li sw. ,fir xi -. L . I ,,,1 - Uv X13 ' "J'?4. Q J rw- nn., J '15 -G 3 1 ' is W 1 1 706 Us Ol EEKS R ZIJVDIZED I 5.1435 V,- blur isis 4, 3 S f i X QQ NEWS: if , 5' 3 3 A A .x., 3' gi X K X' or N iQN N: ., ' is NM . zum xxtsxl Q : Q -gtg I .,v 5. N ..z x X Greeks 71 A 010'- Gqfnfa Szyma jpg! 0 'WH f'2L:'4"5'x i A ' f 9. ,sf J 406. Af,-Ar .NO 57".VzS'.E9 U59 ' '-0'N0H0'I -te Pedue shows off at an Alpha Sig party. Jha Sig members relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a party. i Alpha Sig football players celebrate victory Member of Alpha Sig says "Let the party begin f X ff ff ,if I-I. if Z ' ' we wg WKXW 4 if IE - 'W , ,S 1. sgx gg, Q -1 Wig Sw, S S Ms XZ Q W7 sg 'Q RX 'Q s i x 2 an .,,. ME AND T.S.U. I traveled east in seven-nine off to college which I though was fine I pulled on campus and had to laugh for compared to high school, it was but half I found my room, which was quite a shock for all it was, a small concrete block when I found my roommate, I almost headed home for he was straight as a clergyman, and his name Jerome The place in question is T.S.U. where times are blue, and women few the culture here I could hardly bear with most guys strange in the pink they did wear I was about to transfer, but found Alpha Sig the answer the first time at the OLD GAL I found everyone to be my pal I soon became part of Alpha Sig where the guys are crazy, and their hearts so big my friends were here, and so was good beer this was the place the rest had to fear It tools half a decade to say I have it made for now I'm graduating, and with decent grades I owe it all to you, the Alpha Sigs I lsnew here for without knowing you, I might have left and be lost out there The brotherhood here I will never for- gef, Greeks 78 bs . s Af .w-ff W1 1 4' CD Q50 49:14 .Zinn Y 1 Sk 5 LM- 'Qs -as. fi ..,,, I 7 "-Em .l' I ' ,AQ 41 '- ' '1' 'JQ '. - LN M . '. .,'-ul Y 5 in , I .. ALI ll fllflllfllllllflll 102 , 1 Q5 I-0" O use 9-H 5' wl,S':l't embers of Delro Chi worlsed or home for Compus beourificorioh my helpihg ih rheir owh woy ro molse our compus o hicer ploce ro , Sigmo Phi Epsiloh l-loppy Hour innmnwww ll Browh, Vice Presidehr of Srudehr Sehore worches orrehrively os Thomos Ehhelsihg goes over his quolificoriohs ro ecome rhe hexr Srudehr Sehore odvisorl Whor oerrer rhihg ro do oh o Fridoy ofrerhooh rhoh ro orrehd o of givihg olood is if ,, , A we "' SQ .ff X, ' nn, .x Q NEW h , l Q S f W1 I Q Ar Delro Chi, we ore o fomily. lh oll fomilies rhere ore good rimes ohd ood rimes, Our gool is ro ehjoy rhe good ohes ro rhe fullesr. Ahd for rhe ood ohes, we wohr ro leorh from rhem ohd go oh. We srress grodes becouse we oll wohr ro become rhe besr we coh ih everyrhihg. We would like people ih- reresred ih joihihg Us ro be rhemselves ohd help their fellow brorhers ohd sis- rers olohg vvheh rhey OGGU ir. Will EVOOS oeihg ossisred from his iroomoric efperiehce f , 4 Q ff V' 3 lv Greeks 75 4011-0"'fl'l0'll!'f0"0-'-fJ"H0"10f -01101 'OHOI -'-01'-01 6 6 9 5 5 6 5 5 9 9 5 5 9 5 9 9 6 FEMS appa zyma 19 -4 ' L f 5 I EN ,-, - 1 sn- X S' H it G43 1'54x - H , cannot , QQ iv i Y 5w 'JC' N-v X d Rm, Liwlv ,gil :AA 1 1 Sue Ahdreos ohd her Compohioh shore o privore iolse while or Whor could be coprurihg Pere ohd Scorr's irol reloxes in her room offer o hord doy of closses. O DUFFY FO fTWOlse rhem srore so uhsporeihQly9 OUGOTIOO A N IN ihdy Noyes rolses o breols offer working or rhe Blood Mobile. Koppo Sigmo is very ocrive ohd re- specred. We hove rhe lorgesr lirrle sisrer progrom or Tri-Store. We ore ocrive ih oll ihrromurol sporrs, hold offices ohd porricipore ih just obour every orgohi- zorioh oh cgompus. Koppo Sigmo pro- vides oh ihdividuol wirh o Chohce ro improve borh scholosricolly ohd sociolly. Through Koppo Sigmo, o persoh will grow in mohy woys ond hove some- rhihg few people hove, memories rhor losr o life rime. We offer brorherhood, which is why or Koppo Sigmo we soy "There is o Difference." Greelss 77 10' 1010'0'10G01?10l0lQ10- Ju Qgzyma JU 040'10v0'400S0l0w0bf011?10'i0- 10f10"-0'l0"'-0'0N0N0N0"-0'10'0N0N0'40' lY'kQ fi? uf! f-fourth of rhe Mu Sig Brotherhood enjoys o lirrle bir of A MU gre member one O New YOVI4 YOQIQQQ fog Chedgs our Anorher Mu Sigmo member finishes rhe rop of rhe ven, rhe TV. Guide. f ff f'M"""1 W-ff" We i , si' nber of Mu Sigmo Mu helps repoir rhe lower holf of rhe house house, 'ss ge iyri W Rss Mu Sigmo Mu, even fhough one of rhe smollesr frorerniries on compus, is one of rhe mosr ocrive. Mu Sigmo Mu is mony fhings: o sociol group which pro- vides fellowship ond fun for irs mem- bers who ore commirred ro personol gools ond sciholosric ochievemenfs, ond mosr imporronr, on orgonizofion who's members ore pledged ro supporr eoch orher in reoching their individuol gools. Mu Sigmo Mu is o co-educofionol fro- rernify offering eguol opporfuniry ro men ond women olil4Qf'We feel rhor men ond women should be oble TO worls ond eosily sociolize wirh eoch orh- er. We believe rhor rrue educorion in- volves more fhon books ond doss- rooms. lnfellecruol sl-zills ore nor enough in rodoy's complex comperirive world. Frorernirzes 70 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f I I Z I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 W 1 vx K ,F . 1 A f A v'v-, ' V i I 5 ' 1 - ik N L r' r 0 ' 0 ' A 'ufvwy . o "L ff - xh'X i Ui' 'v ,ffl "g-N' pf1g4?jff"J "' ?3xa.fIvt2ff", ac:i:3'Zw- 5151? X A52 : S ig me 3 5. ,Nix-, x, , ,. H4 A' vii, ,A Agp ' . f'.f,,: 25123.-,af .1535 ,fffri ,, 3 ngffz- L 1' d . W: QQ NIT Al Nu Pi members prepares for Pig Roast, Nu Pi members relax in rhe yard, MMG Howe Cory, find O DIOCQ ,O Sn down 3,-, ,fs www 'P P , 4 'w,'nf,ILf""v2 9 A M. ,, ,hw X. fs s WWW , we ' .msg ' bmw ' . . X w V 52' MSW . . J, .X , . Wi, p W s. xxx . ' 'P A x s - ws 1 ss f , X A S f 'X 1 X was .4 sz Q. , N ,- qi 1 ' ,wav P, swf A , x .,, - ,. ,wh-fw f 1 .Q z f 2 , ', K r ., 0 I X Q ,V Q , ,f Xe fr A 1 M ' - W' f l i i l Chuck Dunnell, "Worr rill nexr year " is , f ,xg wk ,A Q To coin a phrase, People are srrangel" We ar Nu Pi feel rhis is a necessary ingredienr in rhis mixrure we call a brotherhood. Taking young me from rhe proverbial womb and cor- rupring rhem isn'r an easy rask, bur we feel ir is a necessary one. We feel we are a bir ourrageous, ourspoken, and definirely a bir our of rhe ordinary. So if you might like ro get a lirrle ourrageous or may be jusr differ srop on by. You'll be able TO carch us wirh our hair down any Friday ar Nu Pi's infa- mous auarrer-nire or ar our world re- nowned Fall and Spring Pig Roast. Be rhere, Aloha. Greeks 81 Q F i Z I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I f I I I mppa fjfefa !3YL'i!'i'23SS.'EJU?f'4'b. 1 s x ' X'-Sw 944-4 1 2321 fyr-1-I rK..,.-Nfxuvh .W wx, I I I I I f I I I I I XXIIL -5 :- .Q ,15v"' I I H? if ll , CIJKGJ 'Y Q-'Pwr-'P' wi' 0:-' .db-. The super group rrenchcoors ore now oppeoring in rhe holls of Phi lsop members oversee operorions or onnuol eidi roors loughing or rhe sound of rhe beor ph' KODQO There Spring cleon up dov vs ,W f W 6 .mary W sv UMW 'W - , ' z , 4eidi Von Horn molses on excellenr point or rhe Annuol Air Bond conresr or Phi lsoppo There ll iz si 'l 12 ii I The principol oims of the Alpho Gom- mo Choprer of Phi lsoppo Thero Norion- ol Frorerniry ore ro encouroge irs mem- bers ro orroin high scholosric sronding ro molse ovoiloble ro irs members on exomple environmenr of hobirorion, ond ro promore sociol ond inrellecruol rrodirions of rhe Universiry. The principol objecrive of Phi lsoppo Thero is ro molse irs members owore rhor sociery de- monds somerhing of every mon ond ro prepore ro give one's self for his fellow mon vvherher ir be rongible or inrongi- ble. This choprer encouroges irs mem- bers ro develop cluoliries of humon un- dersronding, lsindness, discipline, sincer- eiry, selflessness, loyolry, pride ond so- ciol responsibiliry. I Greelss 83 10-10510110'0'10"'0'10'10'1-0'10-10'10"10"'10-'0110' 10110110- 84 G S 510110-1011011011011010210110-10'10N0N-0N0w0f10-10110110110-10'10'10'10f10'10v10'10f10s0vs0ve.0m0ss0u0,.0-.0n0u0n0..0,.0..0.0 . reefs jyman CDQHG 'f9',2RC'fT?H'E2'nT.i97aR5Ii7 R Ne -Q fl I, Eh ,JN 2- Q. 6,18-Eaf G4-3 J 3 " , , AQMQ Lf! '31 y' 'Z 11' Wa E f, 5 'S 1 Sigma Phi Deira rhraws anarher wild and crazy parry. NN W W ' 72 7 is f uf Zi, x W, V' M I y-Img, s , ' ,W 5 V572 , X ':1-,, , 'Wi J W My X- '- ff- F: ,.,.,,,: 5 I WWE i J Q 4 2 ., M24 A 1 Crai Pinlslemah afrer scorin rhe wihhih oihi in a volle bail Q Q Q P Y march leans over ro rerie his shoes This Buds for you, and rhe resr are for mel is ,MZ We ' fs 1' f , A 2 i f ' f ' N W-H? A 41 an 5 L i .Z iewayhe Fisher proudly finds his way rhrough rhe massive campus of Tri-Srare Universiry. Greelss 85 'VXI' Y'-'SX . 'E gs: sk. ' ,. 535 KTV ' A Of 'r -..., qv- :J !U.5' O12 """"WA?ww I A FJ 'ECP 4 'IWW "V"'q- 'x ul-mu, K QNW I-QJE Zmyua 04, F 1 . ' , h , w--' -rg. .fzv"w-- N". f' .1-0 , ..-fu:-+r21en,z,:.4.,1Qf W ' Q Q, ,pw . -xv ' w , W Q F A ,, A x "Y va qiwiv -'X V , i -P4 w,.. h,1.kQ?, ,J---1 . w ,tr , W, , in -wr W.- 1- 1. fwrixf " ' f ' V1.4 Jud., J Greg Siefert, vvotched by Tom Weis, colls onorher Alumni ot mixed emotions for their turn to donote blood ot the Red Cross the Annuol Phonothon to help roise money for the onnuol Lorry Brochmon, Andy Wortkoetter, ond Mott Broke vvoit with Blood Mobile. fuftd. Greg Pleitmeyer the top Sigmo Phi Epsilon fund roiser vvrites o thonk you note to on Alumni who donoted S100 ot the Annuol Phonothon, V, A Brent Dofforn ottempts to keep the beot set by the Music King ot the Sigmo Phi Epsilon first onnuol Tent Porty. ,Q is , , For the brothers of Sigmo Phi Epsilon o 1988-84 Acodemic yeor proved to be one of ochievemenrs, both on ond off the Tri-Store University compus. Events provided by Sigmo Phi Epsilon ronged from sponsoring the Pied Cross Blood Mobile, working to roise money ot the phonothon, ond hosting the Cen- tenniol yeor's boll. In oddition to being octive on com- pus, the men of Sigmo Phi Epsilon be- lieve in working close with the commu- nity. Working with the Welcome Wog- on, sponsoring o Hounted House for the Angolo Middle School, ond portici- poting in Bingo with the senior citizens which were oll greot opportunities to become involved. Greeks E bs . ' Alvs. F23-,si yay appa , , i051 O12 rg, ii. EI vfifi. tw.. , 'Blum- IFEX f Q- ix. F 'X 3 'iv , 345.15 ' 2 88 Groom 10' lf' X: ' Q . v xv, L19 O53 4 TKE S1 ,Q rw Scott, Tim, ond Ricls sir potienrly vvoiting for their turn to give glogd, Greg wonders, hovv do you stort this thing? , . v -Q i , -MW 1 f ' "' ' 'cm' , 'l V ,,,,, 2 , W, K, , W , 11.9 ' f f W ' fi 4 an 1? -i gy -.vnu-0 it ,vvv V ,I If f 1 2 ,I , Tou Isoppo Epsilon members ond friends enjoying o doy in the sun. f S5 ' 'V i . an 5 , V is -1 W 'lff i i f 1 Q -- 1 X1 . H ,,,, ff y f f r , ii. e ,, ,, , ,- ,,, f ,, - f ,v',, -IZ - ,i if Q J ff' 4 .-fc! 1- ,, ,.,1, , I f ,ff-0 1 ,,i' . ,Vw 'a jf 4 0 ,:..,z- ,f 4 .. , .,,.f, V Q - - 1071 " Q 5 W f Q . 1, 7? YQ , - ' .. . iw, , 9 , ' .mf ' l ' 4 ..,- ',"':' E X .Q , ' ' , A ' . 3 V iir. r, , ,,,: , , iff , 7 , , Q il ,tgfhff ZW? W f , 2 Q ? M f Andy Diehl, is homming it up ot the Old Foshioned Hollovveen Porty. We, the members of Tou Koppo Epsilon Froternity, do ordoin ond odopt this our Declorotion of Principles. Mon is o sociol being. Gur whole structure evidences the obsolute inter- dependence of mon. Reclusiveness is dworfing mon's best quolities. lntimote ond frequent contoct with our fellows is necessory to symetricol development, As o consequence, orgonizotions whose purpose is to promote these ends ore to be fostered ond encour- oged. We believe thot no other period in the life of o mon is the time more opportune for the fostering of such quolities thon during the yeors of his college coreer. Then mind ond heort ore in their most receptive condition, for it is the formotive period. We believe thot the essentiol ele- ments of true brotherhood ore love, chority ond esteem, love, thot binds our heorts with the sturdy chords of froternol offectiona chority, thot is impul- sive to see virtues in o brother ond slovv to reprove his foults: esteem, thot is respectful to the honest convictions of others ond thot refroins from treoding upon thot which is socred to spirit ond conscience: these ore the triple obligo- tions of every brother in the bond. Greelss 80 0. 101 20-QONQNQ' '-0" 0401101 10" 10'-10"0' . 10"0'01'-0510" 0-0'0'0f+0'1?'0H0N0v0110K0f0f0K0'10v'0'10"-?'0"0'0"0"0" I V x w ?. . 0"0I 100-h?10K710'f0f0'10! is fy. 4 3 ,, 1 J ' 5 . 'Z x X, 3 X X E , 'E ? ,. ..: A army 1559 APM W 'ni , -J V ' J'-5 5 gn' Q, 'N' A , , ' A' Y its J' n, ,Aj , , 40"'-0N0N0'L0'10'-0N0"0"'01H0'10"0"-0'10"0' 1? dI2260Q 7360 722 Z Wlrh help from rhe rhrrd oroders or Ahgolo Elemehrory School rhe memoers of Lomdo Rho Mu Q X were oole ro ossemole rhrs pyromrd "Do on I soy, Fllbl oi, I do"' Gm QI.-U, ,Y ,MI-Z, ,, 1, BM 3WY,,' Mrlql gm., EM, M if Q T O Nl CD F2 F2 O W S' 5 Crhdy Clorls, ohd A009 Word SFOOUIOQ srill rh shods lools oh wrrh dlsoelref of rhe rrogrc fare IO lllrolsr Holl Our purpose lm Lomodo Rho Mu is ro uhlre our members ih o oohd of slsrer- hood for rhe developmehr of chorooer ohd The promorioh of Ieodershlp ohd respohslolllry, ro srrlve for high srohe dords of ochlevemehr ohd ro molee o COOSVVUCHVG cohrrlourioh ro Trlirore Uhr versiry ohd rhe Ahoolo Commuhiry Sihce our fouhdiho, we os o slsrere hood hove srrlved ro uphold purpose rhrouoh such evehrs os rhe Trl-Srore Alumhl Phohorhoh ohd rhe Uhlverslhfs compus deohup doy, Greelee O1 y mr . '-01'0'10"-0"0"0'10"0f10N0N-0'40'S0"0' gg-:SNS l0N0'20"0' '-01401101 2 9 Cb 6 '0"0N0110'10'-101102-0' G Q J I2?Qyd dpp - we p ' . ' ' Q cv W A g. 5 A, Q .,,, y- ,gf r, , , 5 +4 . '4' , .1 , 1' ' , , ' .f 9 , , 4 ,' .'...s 3 1. 2 G elxs 'w70'f0 '40"0110'w0f'0'1010l0N0f'7L0'0"0- g07 g4 ' . ,., . Bea Mull and Srephanie WeberfDemyan, Joe Laumer, and Maris Demyan compere in rhe Fall Big Weekend Pie Earing In rne Fall Big Weekend of 1083, me Omega Kappa sisrers KGIIV Surmo produces her passing for rne Unir B Qomesfh compere in rne 1o legged race fOOVbOll f90m Omega Kappa's mascor, Daisy, is one of rhe many mascors on Tri-Srare Universiry's campus. Q ' 4 WWW Q ,Wi 0 1 S ' "V, 4 1 I Z yay I Q, X, f , ,wav , M, f , fwfr ' Omega Kappa sponsors or parrici- pares in projecrs and programs which emphasize rne sororiry's oqecrive of sharing an nonesr friendship while en- couraging academic as well as social success. 50-0010-00-0000000o-000f00000-0-0000f0000.f000Lo00-ma0wo.0.0..00-a0-a00 E 5 'valign eg, "' sa ga r 3 . kiwi? . Q25 Zefa Cjfa VD jfefa fgs 4, 4' V, ., . . Jo Benoerr poses proudly for o picrure. Zero's 1084 winning pedol prix combihorron Denise Moddux helps remodel rheir new home. Zhero Ero Thero Tri-Srore's oewesr greek Ierrer sororiry. The newly formed group srresses uoiry ood rhe imporrooce of the iodiyiduol wirhio rhe group. The purpose of the orgohizorioo is ro, uoire its members in o bond of Sisterhood for rhe deyelopmeor of Chorocrer ood rhe promorioo of Ieoder- ship ood respoosibiliry. Commuhiry ood compus cohrriburioh ood ocodemic ochievemeor ore olso primory objec- rives of Zhero Ero Thero. "The Zhero's ore eorhusiosric ood eoergeric, oocl you coo be sure you'II heor o lor more ooour rhem in rhe up coming yeors. Greek O5 VNU OO 1 , . E W jZrafer12f'Lj K . N,v0". I Jil fs Xx E F' tw f "' fi ' Q 4 5 Q73 S F' "T "Q Y as ,G F ' W r A..t gizif- vis .J N-A 3 V 1 L 'EQ -r 'I-."1'--:W A ! .-'bi I . 7 f- 6' ' " -43',Ei:' f H ' -L-at . ' is ,Q 1- ,L nf :sg 4 A V4 isa' 1, . E 5' A . . . 'rv 3 ,Fi 1 J gf. 1, 1-S" .-f if r , Q , - rp 4v' ' AI' - 5' my ings yew. f 4 cm , Qi I Q.. -- ii We ww.- W, q ef 'z :S The froternity men of the Yeor of K bt the yeor for 1984 were the brothers of Sigmo Phi Epsilon. This oword, once given NP' onnuolly, is presented in recognition with the odherence to generol froternol ideols. 1 Although it wos obondoned in the post it wos oworded once more in the spirit of keeping with . the Centeniol. group out to see o boslsetboll gome. Foisel tolses time-out to pose on compus cleon-up doy. Rob Spicer the ever vigelent ossistont editor of the Modulus in Bottom lefterightz The bloclsjoclset goes oocls out on compus. W Morls Croven turns from Lourie long enough to get his picture tolsen ot oonguet, I top, left, Poul Sundberg receiving the scholostics prize money. A f Greelcs O7 9 a A' 1 W 5 .1 L.:-,gt-?,'.m gl-f if T.. gfff .7165 U N5 HWDKSD 8,4168 an Ci C3 X A - wx X X X x X 100 Dorms CAMERCDN l-IALI. Comeron Holl, rhe infomous "GD" The oldesr womon housing or Tri-Srore. The girls who lived rhere were rhe ones who come ro TSU sincerely seek- ing o diplomo. The dererminorion of rhese women will olwoys be consid- ered one of rhe noblest rroirs of wom- en Iike rhese who seek only ro further their educorion. Jo Bennerr ond Denise Moddix, sisrers of Zero Ero Thero roke time our for o bull session. bel Lori Whireheod rokes o short breok in the lounge of Comeron Holl. ' H - ! in l ' , l M o' x ' Q T O ,. 9 1 l , ll'5 ' 4 ' 1 'Q l T - 5 5 1 T 2 i l - ? ll L 1 is rl Kr' T 3 li ll W. sus! 4-4 . Fc 1'-3 'ix Z ?, 291' I ff, W . Q ,m y- V fi , ,.,. , I 5,,,,,W , W ,ffylffwyfw-'I yu . ' . ,, , ,,,M,4,,,,.. A x JW ff Wwisffg, 4 , . W- R gd f , nw 1f,yg,g,' 'Manx - ,,, f fwff! ff"y:'f' I f f , f 'V , . ,X ,, jf A fig , V ,L S V we ,ff 1 .. f , ,MMM 4 ,, ,V , i?, ff,,!!ZM!V f ibn f f f QM , f , fffwff V WW My 43gff9,fZyfM!Qf2f5441, 1 ff "Jn ,'1:'jv5eX ,1 'Y fyly,fj'ff,Wf, fwwhgzkg, gf- 4, , 0 M", fx, 2 Mk f ,f V. 4 v f . , My Q ww I fr f f ,Ag , 1 ' , 54 ,7 f-0 .V H Q .f 4 MMV! I I ,WXHWWZ ,QW 1,7 ,vm , t i V I ,iz f, , N? ,,,, M 0.,,,,. L iii! f fr, if! W2 , , , , f Q w ,Q ,. f f af, 'wi , r ' , ' 'M' V ' gl U V' f if ' V 1 ' i , TT: W '10 4 Z6 WA? Z fi X i f 2 X 7 . X ? f Zi 3 as 7 ,W M I A75 f, V 5 f 1, Q W ' Z Q Z f ,M fw A he , V04 V "' , Y 'HQ ' Mic " 4 J ' Y 'V Zihw , Above, Even rhe bycycles lived indoors or Corneron Holi rnor yeor left, Andreo Poslsowirz, Tri-Srores budding mechonic, works diligenrly ro I-:eep her vehicle on ine food for onorher rnrilling doy or TSU in Angola, Dorms 101 102 Dorrns ,.....1.-. Chrls Johnson poses for o plcrure ourslde of has Plorr Holl room r group of penrhouser srop o phorogropher our on o rounne osslgnrnenr. '-rr RF-2'I..l o s , 'fi I l I , 1 52' i. ! ls, ' T. K . sg ,ii 'VEV57 ' qt: N. ug. ,V , M, A ,H Q' sr H Q Y 'a zghr, A ,4.,,, 'll 1 X ' 9 l X ' ' l fl 2 s xi s 3 l . -""0!.4 WK X. ss,. .,,,,,,,,M, . 1v"""" F LAT? I r s P4 P, I 5 The men of Plorr l-loll included some of the funesr runners ond boslser rroduruon of cornperrnon ond sporrsmonshup .,,,v',m - boll ployers or Trl-Srore, These dedicored men gov: rheir oll on rhe field of comperirion upholding on old F E Freshman bosl-zetboll ployer Dovid Robinson studies between procticest oboveg A Piotr Penth- A ouser ot o froternity rush function. N Y PLATT I-IALI. Plott I-Ioll was home for the boslset- boll ond trods teoms ogoin this yeor. The cross-country ond trods teoms en- joyed fine seosons ond the boslsetboll teom hod one of their best yeors ever. PIott's footboll teom won the Chom- pionship ogoin. The other intromurol teoms did well olso. 1988-84 wos o yeor of occornplishment ond on ornen of good fortune to the residents of Plott Holi... Dorrns 108 Row C3 Tom Schurnon, Brod Coronn, Rude Boker, Lonce Towne, Moria Abel, Andy Sheorin, Philip Evers, Sron Anron, Doug Quinn, Row 2 Doug Townsend, Terry D'Hoore, Ron Howe, Tarn Plongon, Chorlle Dull, Drlon Hoenlsonnp, Row 1 Tom Crnpe, Dowd Engel, John Werrergren, Doug Williorns, Chris Aldendice, Bill Downs, Mork Wolus, Dovid Ruppert. . W, W. 7, I.. .X - -. , ,A ,.. T, wr fh 4."fTa'S.., if if s fi NC fi yd .' Nw-Is" I C 5 3"-1' 1 l ll-ng Inn Bl F- me My JT. I.. -1 i ,--Q,-6 Above mlddle - Freshmon srudenr spends lore hours srudying for finols. John Borczo ond Moxine is the locol relephone swirchboord operoror or Sreworr Holl. Rod Nuchols worch onorher old movie 104 Dorms Andy Tiedemon ond Don Slogel ore two of the members of Srewort Holi, ist Stevvort Holls first floor wos o very octive floor. Mony of the occuponts were fresnmon filled with young rebell- ness which leod to occosionol discoplin- ory octions. Mony o night the first floorers nod o shoving creom fight or tvvo Or even on indoor snovvboll fight FLGCDR STEWART I-IALL to liven up the nolls, Sometimes you could even neor the fomilior sound of pledges vvorlsing on their poddles with sovvs ond drills. All in oll, the floor is lossening up ond everyone come out of their shell. Dorms 105 1Oo Dorms Jens Adomeir wos rhe RA. for sec:- ood floor sourh ond Dove Homcocls wos rhe RA. for second floor norrh. The Sough side of rhe floor wos occupied oy rhe foreigners from mony oorrs of rhe world. Whie the oorrh side wos QND FLCDCDR STEWARD oosicolly Americorfs. This wos o very ouire floor oecouse rhe holl direcror ond rhe ossisronr holi direcror live on rhis fioor, ond see ro rhe foci rlfior everyrh- iog is good ond ouier. If you like ro srudy rlfiis would oe rhe floor for you. 4.-,,,h5N iam, x Top picture: Arwoerre Weirwgordr ood Joe Nye rock ro fhe sounds of the 8O's. W Dione Lurz ond Kelly Kendo! celebrore rhe 1Q'2O's in the Sreworr Holl Cofereruo Jerome dO you feel boxed mv ,ww 11 r , nf' ,. 'wxwwfbkrfw WV' - , 7- X ,. ., 1 1 4 . qv ,R ,, , . ,V Row 2 Zolsi Shorof, Ovosomo Beydoun, Hoson Shorof, Osomo Silshrion, Ghosson Wolsileh, Bob Klinefelrer, Nosir Amjod, Brion Pinro, All AI-Misleeri, Foozel Muhseeo Row 11 Dovid Honcocla, Croig Andreslsi, Dovid Gloss, Nidol Nommori, "Sweet" Phil, Poul Amor, Jeff Couronr, Zocle Bell, Dowd Keezh, A K, Rohir Sruvosrovo, Trm Crowford Dorms 107 Bode Row Dextor Proogh, Jtm Brown, Mike Motttngly, Jeff Beort, Don Sheets, Forest Burns, Tum Srnitley, Everett Olson, Lorry Lone, Dove Young, 4th Row: Brod Schudell, Brod Ketchner, Greg Berber, Lorry Lopiccolo, Steve Roymond, Scott Essen, Brion Nissley, Morc Konoles, Steve Ptuchwtne, Jerry Fouts, Dove Engel, Brd Row Torn Ross, Kent Grose, John Chtidress, Morls Colmes, Boy Troyer, Mtlee Dry, Jam Bousch, Mtlse Ztnn, Mott Word, 2nd Row Rtchord Eorle, Bob Rorel-Q, Dorrin Wolford, Andy Coligiuri, Morls Borocz, Henry Vinke, John Welch, Buds Grtswold, Steve Borden, Tom Sternbough, 1st Row Karla Kohort, Croig Pinlslemon, Brion Stonley, Joy Feldmon, Sonjo Gupto, Jeff Boker, Morls Tollsingron, Greg Poles, Dove Hermonn, Dove Morsholl H E23 fi L H 1 108 Dorms How students decotote their dorm rooms often reflect their own personol interests. Above ond left ore two typicol exomoles While video gomes help poss the time for some, Chris Wolfermon prefers listening ro music in his roorn. The doys on the third floor of Stew- ort Holl hod olreody hod some interest- ing occosions. For more different ideos in roorn decorotions the third floor hod become lsnown quite well. The third floor footboll teoms didn't show o very 3rd FLCDOR STEWART HALL good record, but the IVCF people of third floor Stewort hod done quite well in boslsetboll. Everyone hoped the next yeor would be os exciting os the lost yeor hod been. Dornns 109 The Arh floor of Srevvorr Holl vvos probobly rhe rnosr respeoed os for os behovior vvos Concerned. This floor vvos cornprized of upper clossrnon vvho spend mosr of rheir rinne srudying ond ore more info rhe rhicle of rheir rnojors rhon rhe orher rhree floors. The furnish- dlrh FLCDCDR STEWART HALL ings ore rhe besr becouse rhey hove Iirrle rinne for porrying in rheir rooms ond desrroyino furnirure! Mosr of rhem hove never even heorcl rhe phose Uvvrire-op." In o nur shell, rhe floor vvos ouire boring ond unevenrful, but very prooucrive. Does onyone know whor we ore looking for? X . V' I ix . l1S9i?TFEf3 k'f'x rn .six FH ff K 7 Qs., E53 2' is X 1 -Qdyiff u Bock Georges Burler, Tim Sprodlin, Vincenr Vohdl, Chris Goebl, Kyle Cordes, Howord Coine, John Pirchford, Tereso Hippensreel, Tim Crisr, Tom Johnson, Brion Knowles, Jim Fronk, Keirh Hosrings, Eric Lee, Mike l-linze, Greg Liebig, Lonnie Purerbough, Wolrer Miller, Bill Richard, Tom Busch, Pere Schrepfer, Kevin Krochher, Don Slogel, Chris Kelly, Dovid Srines, Sreve Kooelok, Mork Sullivon fx Dorms 11 T '-'-'43 'EW i- ' If ,fu ff 2 if ff Q' 'x n UNIT B lnlmnlm-1: mmm: l llzminrlvmmmxn X mm! mmm: - - - Dorrom ro left Lourie Gess Annerre Weingorr Jone Wrighr Chris Curron Kell B lh K , , , , y urs orr, irsren Krone, Anrero Sedom, Morsho Hippensreel, Kelly Surmo, Mory Quigley, Condoce Trzoslswslxi, Joonne Schonrz, Liso Bolinger, Donna Lemler, Cindy Mow, Pom Fisher, Lourie Prough, Suson Zimmermon, Robin Srump, Cloire Dewire, Chorlorre Gerig, Vicki Kisner, Jenny Collins, Annerre Cousino, Cindy Clork, Koren Porri, Sheilo Krieger rop, Cloire Dewire srudys hord os oll srudenrs must. Iefr, middle A phone coll from home con brighren even rhe dorlsesr doy, borrom, Iefr, "Unir "B" oiso housed rhe offices of rhe Triongle, Modulus, ond Srudenr Senore. b Antero Sedon ond Morsho Hippinsteel or Koppo Simolfroternity for one of the regulor Fridoy porties, X S S i i obove, Just o quick shutter ond onorher Unir B girl goes on film. below, the home of the girls of Unir After its second yeor os o womens dorm Unit B still seemed os it wos os o mens dorm. It still loolsed the some. "UNIT B" Whot wos different though were the women of Unit B, The girls of Unit B were involved in oll oreos of compus life. Tolls of student senote business, o Triongle deodline to be met, or the secret goings on of one of the little sister orgonizotions filled holls. Involvement even went for sports, some of Tri-Stores finest lodies otheletes colled Unit B home. Mony Ioter returned for yet onother yeor ot Tri-Store, while others groduot- ed into the professionol world beyond groduotion. They were o true osset of the compus ond whot they left behind will olwoys be remembered. Dorms 118 MA Dorf Unir D is only one of rhe rhree girls dorms on Tri-Srore Universiry's compus. During rhe 88-84 school yeor porricipor- ed in o voriery of oorries which includ- ed o Chrisrmos Porry ond o Nevv Yeor's Eve oorry ro ring in o new yeor. The vvomen's residenr holl includes mem- berships in rhe Frorerniry Lirrle Sisrer pro- groms of Tou Kopoo Epsilon, Koppo Sigmo, Delro chi, ond Sigmo Phi Epsilon iusr ro nome o few. Mony girls olso involved in rhe sororiries on comous UNIT D such os Lomodo Rho Mu, Zhero Ero Thero, ond Omego Koooo. The girls vvho live in Unir D hove o wide ronge of educorionol choices. Ronging from Arrs ond Sciences, Comourers, Mon- ogemenr, Morleering, Accounring, Criminol Jusrice, ro rhe engineering sci- ences. Afrer rhe 19841 school veor Unir D members lools forvvord ro on even more exciring ond revvording yeor ro come. Angolo Firemen orepore ro borrle rhe llliolsi oloze -l' w 7-5 -. M ' I 'U u . 5-' ,. Shorrly offer rhe Angole Firemen orrived they quickly hod rhe fire under conrrol Dor Schollow Wos Third floor RA rhor yeor, right, Homnning ir up for rhe comero. below righr, A phone coll home con brighren even rhe gloomiesr doy Tri-Srore hos ro offer. KI 'YYU 521 f Vv,hA :'f"" ,Q Q6 ! UN , EVQNSWY 5 2 . Q? Row 3 Angle Monon , Morclo Corpenrer, Beth Corper, Corol Desmorois, Mono Sheredo, Tereso Moclsue, Sondy Longsdon, Row 3 Jennifer Muller, Michele Mogero, Sue Riehl, Amy Ewers, Chorlene Zehe, Dor Scholow Row 1 Cynrhio Sellers, Tondo Lows, Sobrino Scorr, Anne Word, Beclsy Puroslsi, Debbie Truesdell Fronr Kocy Leffler, Te rn Worrhen, Drone Lutz Dorrhs 115 E' in pw X Tw 01" A y 'f'. ....,, :Q I' as nest N5 IINDIZSD , 524165 S Lf-3 A-'-1 Z '92 D. win- Sgs wx x Q L Sym , if v W 'ff Q X Q19 x - mg A--'-...M . Q 9 W 2 x' -'N . E XXX sin wgx QV' ,uf V ,, x. X x ix Q S- x X X. X -.WW w....... MN. , .M Sporrs 117 l-lCDOP'S Despite losing to Toylor in the finol round of the District 21 Tournoment, the Tri-Store n'ten's ooslsetooll teom hod o winning seoson They finished with o 22-8 seoson record under new heod cooch Dicls l-locls, Troy Neely, Don Glonders ond Tony Gory oll topped the 1000 point morls in three seosons, lt wos the lost seoson for Glonders, out Gory ond Neely will re- turn for onother seoson. Neely orolee the school free throw record with 14-14 ogoinst Purdue-Colu- met during the ployoffs. The old record of 11-11 wos set by Poul Glese in 1971. Tri- Stote come close to loreolsing onother school record thot gome when they hit 6. 38 free throws. Thot is just two shy of the record set in 1975 ogoinst Spring Arbor. Neely overoged most points per gome for the Trojons with 17.2. The teorn os o whole oyeroged oQ.o points o gome. The Trqons ended their seoson shooting 51.4 percent in field gools. Glonders ond Gory led the teom shoot- ing 57 percent while sophomore Jon Bogely wos close behind with 55 per- cent . . . Tri-Stote shot 7o.8 from the chority line. Neely led the teorn with 90.8 per- cent COO-1095. He wos followed by Bo- gely with 889 percent C52-6925 ond Gory with 81 percent C85-1059. The Trqons con Iools for onorher suc- cessful seoson os they only lose two ployers through groduorion Glonders ond Chris Phelps. -1" b 'H-" Jai'-0" "'-' -I pm - :si .Q b The fundornentols of good sportsrnonship ore heovily stressed in TriStote's boslsetboll progrom I f 1 1 sNiv.!'.'., 'I- "r-r,s.'.-, ' il QQ, '?r"fN V .F 5 -- f'z"YeE -S ' U 'll- H - tink- '.n. if Tliwf , rnoyes info re - . -xg . X T gf ' f H , X 3 , , ,E I 4-wiv if in S T 5 X l wif Q ,' , f,g,! mwy ?,g f ' V XP xx Q67 ii-.ia is an 9" f y T' -is 1 'x..,,,..f TM? 2 Q, ' 53 MN X ' fb my is . N. ' n V 5 f.. Trojon Boslserboll Teom from Iefr ro righrf Mgr. Croig Trowbridge, Jon Bogley, Don Glonders, Brion Wise, Chris Johnson, Terry Holmes, Dovid Robinson, Kendericls Boyd, Dorrell Pirrrnon, Troy Neely, Tony Gory, Chris Phelps, Eli Kvochnoff, Keirh Thompson, Dicls l-locls ogoinsr rhe wor- E I , T 4 2 Sporrs 110 120 Soorrs l 7 , gy ' cf JF aft'-, Vi .PSE Dncls Hocls, Heod Cooch of Q 'fa Mens Boskerooll ond chonrmon Lf "' 5 ' of Physucol Ed Deporrmenr 1 A V ,, '-.r . ,fa " ,5Efiffi2'. -4 f . M , , 1 .f Q za 'Q ,QA SIL, lnWVT?Jra Ku? lfltf' Q.. 1 Li Above, Troy Neely mokes o drive for rhe buclser, Top Iefrg Neely shoors for rwo, Jon Bogley goes offer the rebound while Tony Gory moves post rhe defense for on eosy loy-up. Left: Tri-Srores Cheerleoders promore spirit ond enrhusiosm during o nmeour i lllllllllll Don Glonders 42 senior o 7 285 pounder otternpts o 20 fooriump shot from the Z Q . ,,,: 1 W PM MW, ,fr F 'TP' w,,,,-vf""' Nwalm QM J M, W, WWW Cooch Hocls shores o humorous moment with his ployers during o proctice session. M. YEAR UNE Dick l-locl-4 hod begon his tenure os heod boslsetboll cooch with C3 returning storters ond 10 returning lettermen. Los- ing only two seniors, Cooch Hocls hod o powerful nucleus with which to begin his heod cooching coreer. All of his ployers, with the exception of 4 fresh- mon, hod notionol tournoment exper- ience, vvhich he'd hoped would corry the teom bocls to the district chompion- ship. f 7 frm, wfwz X, C 7 7 'Cf W , f n 4 L 7 W 7 V Dicls Hocls joined the Tri-Stote Univer- sity cooching stott in 1977 os ossistont boslsetboll cooch, ond hod worlsed with Tri-Stote's previous cooch for 21 yeors Morls Petermon. Developing o winning teorn wos not oll thot the Tro- ions would work on. Soid Hocls, "We vvorls hord to develop responsibility within our boslsetboll progrom. We wont thot responsibility to corry over from the boslsetboll court to the closs- room ond to other octivities os well. We stressed the concept of ploying to one's potentiol ond encouroge our oth- letes to estoblish gools thot will help thern strive for their potentiol. lt is through gool setting for boslsetboll indi- viduolly ond os o teom thot will give the Trqons the direction for whot they wont to occomplishf' 122 Sfmorrg LADY TRCDJANS Tri-Srare Uniyersiry's Women Baslser- oail Team closed rneir season February 18, suffering a loss ro Spring Arbor. Deprn seemed ro oe me problem in me 58187 loss. The women Trojans nad only 8 p!ayers and rired our afrer me firsr nalf. Tonda Laws, Bonnie Jowsay, and Tanai Jackson were recognized as rne reams mosi consisrenr players. The women finisned rneir season wirn a record of one win and rnirreen losses wirn nope ro improve in rne furure. ,nk Aoofc- Psigni Lady Trojans pianr rneir srraregy ogainsr Bere Coiiege and wenr on ra win Rianr, Middle, Bonnie Jn ffsuy read, me Nady rroian offense Righry Borrrgmx Tonda La N3 and Tanqi Jaciasari were recognized as rwo of Tri Sfofffi. mosr conmiorii piayerz Aoofe, Bonnie Jowsay ine sefifvv ieader mf inc- Lady Troiari Team Iti.ll..l.l..llllllllll1I' ruff" .ff - Y . Q A F JJ, ' "J K' Wei "3 2 c T 95? if "'!"l'V san f ' .- ' X'Lk ff Tondo Lows rips one for rne Trojons f , .T , , ,,..L s ,Q BonnTe Jowsey goes for o block If T ffm. 6 , W J , V X Xxx XX wi ss nw ' hh, fm 'Zz The Iody Trqons srondlng L ro R Jone Wrughr Andreo Posslsufwlcz Tondo Lows Korhy Srnirn, Becky Dovis, Coocn Moses, Klrsren Krone Bonnle Jowsoy Tory: Joclsson Kneeling Lou Flynn Amy Ewers Bonnie Bonelli.. j 1 l fb f ' 4 'P' . , , . 1 . f . . T 5 . . . , . . X Y- ,j , , , , T 2 ' Sporrs 128 ' 5 5 4' sl. . I - "i, .H ,X -, ' . K fs 'MM 0' Al 5 Q , ie qxdjr C -x .fx ., an , . it " , A - ,K r - 1.2 5 . ' ':".?Le- 25 1 Preporing for o meet is sometimes the most difficult port of the ofternoon . ' 1' jvmgww, X 'gX-X- in , W, ' U 7, tw, , ' 'WT lWW,i,. , fw.fW,ff:,4,: , fri ff' if io in f TRACK Tri-Store men's trocle teom finished their indoor seoson Morch 10, ot the Morion College lnvitotionol. The Trojons hod o strong showing ot the meet scoring o first, second or third in olmost every event. Dole Pioce eorned o second in the shot put with o throw of 44'OM". Greg Koole threw 411'3V2" for third ploce. ln the triple jump, Doug King won first ploce with o jump of 111 feet. Tri-Store ploced first ond second in the long jump. First went to Doug King 5 . 1, 1 1 7,W'V T ' " 2 ff as , if Z W , h jf, f, W ,f ' WW 1 1 , V L ,,,, , W 4 , with o jump of 20'10M", ond Mott Simlso eotned second oy jumping 18'11V2". Steve Rohm ond Dove Jones tied for first in the 1500 meter run with o time Tony North tools first ploce honors in the 400 meter finishing in 56.8. ln the 55' meter high hurdles, the Trojons ron owoy with first, second ond third, with first going to Kyle Weedle, second to Piondy Romsey ond Brion Mc5woin finishing third, Tri-Stote's Dove Frisbie finished first in the 55 meter dosh with o time of 6.6 seconds. Other events in which Tri-Store fin- ished first were the 1000 meter run CMilse Bertelsen, 010063, C3000 meter run CDorin Solyer, 915883, 800 meter dosh CDove Frisoie, 41.25, ond the 1600 meter reloy CWeddle, Bret Norton, Piohm, 3157.51 Sports 125 porrz 'THARRIEPS' Dorin Solyer vvos Tri-Srore Universiry's rop cross counrry vvinner, he vvon UAII Srore" honors offer running in rhe Indi- ono Disrricr 21 Cross Counrry Chompion- ship. Following closely on SoIyer's heels vvere Tri-Srore runners Milse Senour, Terry Teegordin, Sreve Rohm, Kurr Triooerr, Dove Jones, Jerry Lyons, Kenr Loosiger, Brer Norron, Sreve Dongs, Chuch Dommon, Jerry Bunch, Yorls Young, John Morsholl, Froncis Corry, Milse Berrelsen. "Our lsids hod o suc- cessful seoson ond o good yeor, rhey represenred rhe universiry well," soid Cooch Dicl-Q Gollnicls. , - T .-wlqwmxazbvliiysfwig Q f T Jia! ' ' 'iv 5 - Q ' ii 7 N 5 ky A 1 h I ' I 5 . "f g M M:,,y.-ne" A A x V .. + sq' M 2 , R ,,., V ga' .X , 4 .-in A - I .QV , Vw" l - - . Il., Q , .- y -Q.. When Tri-Srore's horriers ended rheir seoson, rhey ended ir on o good nore. The reom compered ogoinsr rvvenry orher reoms in rvvenry five degree vveorher ond ploce ninrh in rhe NCAA Greor Lolses Regionol Cross Counrry Meer or Albion, Michigon. Soid Gollnicls, x'Our gool vvos ro ger inro rhe 'rop ren' ond we gor ninrh ogoinsr rhe creom of rhe crop, We reolly were pleosed - ir vvos o nice vvoy ro end rhe seoson." Missed nexr seoson will be Sreve Rohm ond Terry Teegordin, borh sen- iors vvho consisronrly os rvvo of rhe rop seven runners for Tri-Srore. Looking oocls on rhe seoson the reom finished vvirh o 3-O record. Soid Gollnicls, "They oll improved ond come rogerher. Somerimes people don'r reolize rhe colioer of lsids they run ogoinsr ond jusr how vvell rhey respond". ,,..s,,,s,s,,,,,,,.,,,,,!. s X, J - I' 'll A f TSI ' ' .14 ' I ,,-31? s ' . - 4' uid'-avA,.: 1 3' I--" M .. 33, ' ,adm A fv-'HY 3 J 4 -my QW Q ' aff fi 'Q . ' A sc ,, A VA 'A - CQ, W l . W - It N ' - 1 j A ' , . .1 I ' ' .-v . - , 5.5352 4 "Solyer strides ro onorher rr: store victory" Sreve Bomgs srrides rovvord o fine TrifSrore finish." Sporrs 127 W JE ,c J' , cw gf 1 ' an I cg, iwgfiv fi 55 ...e 2:5 . VW: ff4f.'g.:i'M-H , -A WH! Fw' 'rvzfx .'-N,r" -'uf' If Q V + vw y 1 f ,QA 0 i fx V X4 ' Q if ww. 'tx 1 v ug 6 Q , Y' ' K' a 4 u. 'Au f. r .772 vu.- ye 1 EPZ, ,ig 1, ' hi 4 . hf if 5? 5 1 wb ri, we v 1, 4 EU ," 41 Ya. RF 'A . 1 v '35 -s s.-nv' Q' , ,-,M 1 .VZ Q , 9' f 7 1 Z X wsu Z 4922 ' ' I ,ff ' I . r Wh 7, ix A., W, 'itll 'mi' x'W'f4M4W w...,,, , Teom Morsho l-luppensreel, Annerre Werngorr, There-so Hippensreel, Tondo Lows, Fronr Becky Dovis, Lou Flynn, Tern Sedorn, Klrsren Krone A VCDLLEYBALI. The 1983 Volleyooll seoson ended wirh o disoppoinring record O yicrories ond 14 losses. l-leod volleyboll cooch Sue Keenon hod been with Tri-Srore since 1976. A 1972 Qroduore of l-lunring ron college she received her mosrers degree from lndlono Uniyersiry. She presenrly reoches physicol educorion courses in oddirion ro her cooching du- ries. ' ' . ' cf' , 12' W V, 8244, , A My, - 4 :Q w y H,. W, ,V rfb 9, Of Y F-4 f ' o f Q 2 f 2? - K Q Q f' , , 4 ' f ' 8' 9 Q W 'W W 1, Q I , f , ff' J ,, - 43.4 .QM ,fy ,, 2 . A X Q :KZ ' ,, QQ ,f 0, 'HQ , 7 uw z LMW' The 1983 ochieverhenr owords were os follows rhe mosr opproved ployer wos Annerre Weingorr Tereso Huppene sreel won rhe servlng occdrocy oword The oursrondlno digger wos liursren Krone, Lou Flynn won rhe Husrle Aword Tereso Hlppensreel wos rhe wlnner of rhe 1102 dedrcoruon ond conrriburron oword ond wos olso elecred os rhe sprlser of rhe yeor The posmye menrol orrrrude oword wenr ro Annerre Wenngorr Teorn monoger ond srorlsruclon for rhe 1983 volleyooll reom vvos Bonnue Bonellu Coecop rolns for rhe reom were Tereso Hlppensreel ond Loo Flynn Sporrs 129 BASEBALL Pirching and injuries had plagued rhe Tri-Srare Baseball ream all year long. April Q was rhe home opener for Tro- jans. The hosr ream fell ro Calvin, who had recenrly rerurned from their Florida spring rrip. Tri-Srare pircher Andy Worr- lsoerrer was side lined in rhe opener do ro an arm injury suffered in a game againsr Tailor. i A i , 1 Ml .1 Q , T " . ' gi , ,A .2 fly? 5, j V ff 'Q r 'I . -x - 11. U fv. .'. ' 'A 'I-Q' '17 - B 2 ' N ..,- -T2 'iwrifiglfiw P".-L . if K -.h , -, Kiki. s i "ji f 31. i ' lv ' ' 'Er , " 5 Q- -'fo 'B JW.' , . 1 .X j. 1' VQ, x '! fi,-K J, Taq XX ..' 1 r . 2- -.,r,' - T f Ziff., ' lf- , 4451 'fl diifisai ' "1 15. 4 , . f .fi-sc-W 1 9' K- , wx, A 1 . . N ,QS 4' -- . .- , ., H s V' 7- ' -six' "f 'WU 1 -- Le, 2 l L i lim ggi'-i-5 35 ' f j " 3 5 - ,rv " 'j', an ' .Fi-Q 4 s - , A: , N + , of Vg. . 1 iii.-'sail' -- .. . - soar.. fs. kd: 1... A 5 if I 'fs W -I ' fair sg' ,,fi,jg.-mx HJ, 1.5 A ' . f ' .Fi f by QEJEY' ww . . of 2. W' W . T o " 1- i' rf ,, , A - - I . . . - - r f ' -, .,,,. - l, . If -11 get " ,- .,, gy' Y - H.: 4 - - cgmwl Pu 4 u ' : , M ga:-f 12. vu. V wi' xii -5 . - 1 .,4mfm'5' 52,1 V V 1. gl 2 W, V' 1 , 1. ,gav- -f - , 'A 4 ' ,Cd-1-ir' ' - r " ' 'F' --nv 1'-'sb' ' -4--an - b . X .Til ' ' - fbi ??f2s-:irc 'fi ,Mfrs sm- .Nffff-H 1 . .4 -- ' qcjh, 4.w,?sl wfgi- 3-,,..,. -' , ' f, fwfr" X . yy A ij. . ,Y avg ifkumv ff I 1 Y 4 Z., 13. , " " H' ' n ' . " "il if - ' gg ,uw W 2,9 4, -av A" '1f."' "' .' -r"c'i fyvii A X 4 . ' ' -.fy,.-'L-1 1',1sw4"- ' 71 fr. ,. ' '. -, ' v"Y' pf. fg fe' I T551 ' my fxmv-X s-SWS: 1 'T' ' - ' ' ' as "" '4 - ,-.., .rl""4.' .. F '. I . r 1--Nagy -Q gffgwgg lla ji -' L: ," iflfrh' f A U . . - ,X I , , . , 1. After losing ro Calvin rhe Trqans rrayeled ro Ohio ro meer Defiance for a double header. Defiance defeared Tri-Srare in rhe firsr game 4-3. Dave Glass was on rhe mound for rhe Tro- jans, "ir was his besr game," said Coach Bryan. "l-Ie did an excellenr job." Glass led rhe ream wirh hirs wirh 2. James Sarabyn and Brad Schudel had a hir in rhe firsr game. Worrl-xoerrer who saw acrion ar firsr base also had one hir. There was good ream moral and everyone was inro rhe game. ln rhe second game Tri-Srare again fell for Defiance 1-O. Trqan pircher Doug Ambs, gave up only 1 run. l Ba fball Below. Tri-Srare baseball player awairs rhe nexr pirch AQ? , ..,.4-Q. Au Above. Are rhe 12 members of rhe Tri-Stare Baseball Team and rhe 2 coaches. TOUR" A srrong showing wos exhibited from rhe members of Tri- Srores golf reom. Key ployers were seniors Greg Neuhouser, Dove Ringenberg, .Steve Horhowoy, ond Steve Souder olong with junior Scorr Melliere ond freshmon Tony Sronley. Rounding our rhe squod were sophomores Scorr Flory, Scorr Beinemo, John Lovedoy, ond freshmon Morls Konolos ond Morls Abel. T in Pere Pererko finishes rhe doy on rhe 18rh green wirh o shorr purr. Pere Pererko pirches his woy our of rhe sond. Christopher Hurley makes o shorr purr on 9 ro finish rhe first round. Golf 131 TENNIS The finol morches were ogoinsr Berhel ond Groce Colleges ro end rhe seoson for rhe Tri-Srore Universiry's Ten- nis Teom wirh o rhree-six win loss re- cord ond one roin our. "There were reoms during rhe seoson we should hove oeoren or or leosr should hove given o oerrer morch rhor we losr ro, soid Cooch Moses, loolsing oocls on rhe seoson period. Looking oheod ro rhe nexr seoson, Moses exoecred o more experienced reomf' lf rhe rerurning oloyers Could srorr nexr seoson where rhey ended, rhey would oe o lor srron- ger ond more comoeririve. -A A -mf, i T Qi. .h ."."' e.'54W'tx-H' ". L . i , ,wi 4 ' Too Lefr ro Righr Tennis renm members procricing serves ADO we John Toylor siorids reody U' 41 f K Q.- ,-..-.e Tri-Stores Bryon Knowles, left, sguores off with on opponent. Hours of proctice go in before eoch rnotch to lseep their slsills honed shdrp, Lunging for the Isill with o foil, w a FENCERS In ci Jonuory to Morch period of cold weother ond snow, the Tri-Stote Fenc- ing Teorn hos olwoys been wornned up by the winning spirit thot they've hod for quite o few yeors. The teorn hos once ogoin toi-ten this winning spirit with it. Thot's why it wos chosen the 20th in the notion ond wos roted the NCAA's 18th ploce in foil in the notion. Con't win'em oll seoson wos guite o shine 10-8 for men ond 8-8 for women. fcffff , , ss f 4 ga " W, A X ,I 'ww M? , 4, 4 ,, , sf off !! A ' MW MWMT, ,NMMA M, WWW., " W "U ,.,..,,,f fe! A nr 03133 k ff, f ,WX A, if! Ji, V f X M,VWW,,f s, My W-vv'f"n" ffm f f' ,ff W1 l 'I WMM.. - -. vw fi ' Z 1 W' ' www, 'Y' The shining stor for this yeor wos Robert Mellon. Under the "you con't be perfect motto, "the only thing thot ploced the TGOFTW where it wos, wos the foil," the teom cooch TG. Lonsford soid. The toughest gome the teorn ployed, Notre Dorne, ended up with O- 27 for rnen ond 1-15 for wornen. The loss of the sober teom's ployers hod its effect on the teonw, Torn White who died by o cor occident on his woy home for Christnwos Vocotion, ond Mo- hornrned Psozo becouse of on injury. Mohomrned Ioter returned to the teorn. Good spirit, good ottitude, thot's whot the T.S.U. fencing teom hos shown through ploying. Sports 188 184 Sports "Cl-IEEPS' The 1988-84 cheerleading squad consisted of o men and o women members with 2 alternates, captains for the squad were Liat Caruso and Dan Babb. This was the second year that Tri-State had a men-women squad cheering the Trojans to victory. Throughout the 88-84 basketball sea- son the cheerleaders sold centennial spirit cups to raise money for new uni- forms. i l - 4 - - -5 - s y XX. rw 7 4 .4 Local restaurants helped malse this a success by purchasing ads in the Tri- State basketball program. The 1988-84 cheerleading squad wore their blue and white uniforms with pride as they enthusiastically cheered their team to victory. With a combination of acrobat- ics and gymnastic stunts forming pyra- mids and mounts inspired the crowd to scream for victory. And to end the winning season at the District cham- pionship game held at Tri-State Universi- ty the cheerleaders held a spirit rally in which members of different organiza- tions participated in events to help sup- port the team. " LL! .49 Above, from left to right Scorr Grahm, Claire Dewire, Darin Elwood, Betsy Weaver, Mary Zimmer, Phil Zimmer, L Caruso, Dan Babb, Mindy Heist, Brian Snider, Lisa Book, Brian Kleclser, Terry Calmes, Craig Pinl-selman. pw 1 - yf ,wif Qi 3.4 4?3iiIILf ' . 1 55 Jf9mf,,., N U 5-gl u nu 'mrs--7 ,Ln-az .f , f , 2.-L." ' H5 116527 W, ,mln H X ll' Tulum jg!" . -I.. 0 ZWDWD 624145 X 4-nan' , gun.,- .pf 1.4 .-""..4"" 5 5,4 J "-"' -v 41.41 -nga t 4,4 .4-.vqwiwzi-51.4--,A --ff:,1:-,,-,:,,d-1.-4, ..,.., ....-f... ...:-- ,,-f.. ,. , t4,- ...Y-., - W-..-, ,,.4,,,...- ..-..-.-.-,-.p ,I ,:,L,2,:,h4- .ft,.7:,.if-I..:i3:-:iv ::...-..-..p..-5 .'.1'..-'v-.:A:-:4-2+:,-:1 :'-Qtr'-.L--Qzis.,-,if ,f"':-"':..'.1"'5...- din-C'-ji-"'i"4v::1' -Y:-311'if:i.'i-:fr'.'Z,V- 5-5-7.-.""',J"...-,Q EZ...-fini'-i?.:i:9.'E: 3-3-2253355532215 .i,i-:sg-.j....-" ----'--'-4-'-f-f:1i-i'-: 325,553-2:-..'If:S2:f ,i'..:fZ..5"'..-...-""' :,-..--7-,..-.. Y 22, 5-,wi if-ii:,A,,i,, 4-7,-,nf .......-"""'.,-"',.-"""'.,.-"",..-...4"",...-...- 7,47 Y -Y Y --f vf "'-'-"-" , ,. -0-'Y ni", Q ,, v ..,.1.5,, .his U ,Q-'N nl E et 'Q i Q il Q ig A 4 4 J . hm 1 use X S72 X Y 5 if W R 1 X if XR -ik N qii .,, 1 . 14: .1 ,f fn W 3 1354 375.-1' X x 1' . C xNX 'Iv-Nu f H71 I-1' N wal if NSN? NSW v :NWN Q WM MN. -4. - V X. fl? 4 ,V-4, V , , ,, . , ,, f 7 Y kv fm, I .' 7, fff I Z Q ., V f ,M f f fe V ff Q Q Z4 f V 5 ,.., XX is X X X 9: Q , WW 'N NN A 5 f K Vx l M Wg ww . 'NNSYPAWXNSWXQNKQSNAQX ...L- ', WNANSK w If Z Z ? f 5, 4 2 3 1 Z ,, Y 1 xx V G' X xx wg, mm. X wmxnwxwxzgw m A 'NW N1 NNN ww Vw W' N N NRQ N wwwwwwwwwwv wwum xwwxmvswwmxwww W NHCQRW1 Xwy A Sensors 137 SENIORS '84 Typicol of most seniors, Tri-Stote's groduoting seniors were both onxious ond enthusiostic to stort their co- reers. The school yeor storted off with expectotions of the centenniol yeors octivities ond onticipotion of the groduotion ceremony. With the universities new presi- dent speoking ot the opening centenniol ceremony the seniors looked forword to o most dozzling ond busy finol yeor. The Centenniol Boll wos ottended by foculty, trustees of the university, ond Angolo residents. This yeor's seniors will soon forget mony events such os Big Weekend ond the donces, however, we moy never forget the coldest De- cember in yeors or the long wolk to ond from closs. As sen iors progressed to olumni so did the tech- 4 67 ' Q nology oround us. To J 5 keep up with some of the U S 0 X M S T fl lotest trends in industry, com- puter oided design ond equipment wos introduced to the Tri-Store curricu- lum. With new odvonces in technology on the increose from doy to doy, groduoting engineers moy see themselves behind the times even before groduotion. Once senioritis set in, so did the reolizotion thot our college yeors were coming to on end. lt is then thot we storted our seorch for jobs ond decisions for the future. As we busy ourselves with preperotion for groduotion we occosionolly reflected on whot these undergroduote yeors hod meont to us individuolly. All of our hord work of yeors gone by finolly poid off with the exceptonce of our degrees ot the commencement ceremonies. The full story of whot Tri-Stote hod done for us moy not be known for sometime to come, 5 but we con begin to oppreciote some of the things now thot we con look bock ' O f G X J 9 f , e i Xl C' on oll those yeors. ln Tri-5tote's 100th yeor of existonce, we con be proud to be o port of our schools heritoge. Thomos H. Lounsbury is N Q31 Vis.. Dove Ahles Zoin Uddin Ahmed Yousef F- Af' Aioii Civil Engineering Computer Science Chetrticol E0Q"'W99fl09 138 Seniors Nm Q QW" 'rib 'md T- All Kevin Ashcroft Civil Engineering Morigeiing Hisham Arieh William Darker Civil Engineering Engineering Adminisrrarion Jill Ashton Mechanical Engineering Michael Derrelsen Drafting IW? -A Mohamed Ali Beslsari Richord Blokeslee Kevin Blanchard Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Seniors X 189 MQ Sq-rrrorh Q "9 John DOOlIyO ,V Bruce Dordher Jose Bueodno Elecrrrcol Eogrheerrhg Ehgloeerlhg Admuonsrrornoo Crvrl Ehglheerrhg George 5 Burler Elecrrrcol Ehgaoeerrhg Lror Coruso CfJfT1QlJlOV Soemqg fd "K""Y Louro K. Byrum Terri Colmes Morkering Trohsporrorion ,,...' K N 'cf-Q. LM Noseem Chowdhury Cyrwrhio Clorls Compurer Screhce Compurer Technology uf ..--'-wr 'li"'?""' Vucroruo Cohrorw Brodley J Corbin Horry Cox Aerospoce Erwgnrweerurwo Elecrrucol Erwgmeerrmg Crwemucol Eogxmeernrwg 'lv-"5 34 HW' Tnmorhy Croll Chris Cromer Morls T Crovem CMI Eoguneerumg Mechomcol Engnneernrwg Mecghonncol Erwgnmeerrmo lororwum Dohdoleh Amy DOW Thomos A Domon EIGCTVICOI EVWQIVWQGVIVWQ Elecrracol Emgmeerlrwg Cnvul Engumeerurwg 5eonor5f1411 142 X Seniors Wzggf' V77 USO R. DOrn9ll Michoel B. Dovis J. Andy Deohl Monogemenr Compurer Science Mechonicol Engineering Cloire De-wire Bernord Doolxs Curris Doulgos Cornpurer Technology Compurer Science Civil Engineering N Qu Qxwlgv Donice Edwords Perry Ely William Evens Engineering AdrTiiniSffOfiOf1 Elecrricol Engineering Monogemenr Joy Feldman Lou A Flynn Bill Forshey Compurer Science Physical Educarion Civil Engineering wk? Jeffery Fuller David Gaffney Kim Garrison Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering Marhemaricg, Michael Gerlse Brando Gilliland Curris Glover Computer Science Elemenrary Educarion Mechanical Engineering Seniors X 143 1AAffwPOl0V'1 Deoorgn Caosse-Inn Roger Greosor Tumorhy Grnllnor CMI Engineering Oval Engnneenng Me-chonucol Enguneenng 'Q.'f Monornnd Hgbbol Hussorn Homdon Donno Howlsuns Hecmcgi Engineering Elecrrucol Engnneerung Elernenrory Educonon A if ff floberr Hendrucks Dovud Hershmon Tereso Heppensreel E! ecrncol Enganeerung Elecrrucol Enguneenng Drofnn 9 MQW' Mory Hoy Hocl-:enberry Pioberr W Hosrerler Roberr R Hoyr Cornpurer Technology Elecrricol Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Moon Hussein Tong: Jocicson I4eirh Jenl-uns Civil Engineering Compurer Science Elecrricol Engineering '!.1'Q1"' Chris Johnson Boniro Jowsoy Jonnes J Isosnnierzole Drofring Accounring Elecrricol Engineering Seniors X 145 1116 ,"'cbPr'l1r,1r 3 Y? x l Dowd Keecn Nlecnonicol Engineering Doug King Drofring Lowrence Kibler Christine King Mecnonicol Engineering Civil Engineering -04" ,, 'fs Sieve Kolbow Kennern G Kosiorek Aerospoce Engineering Cornpnrer Science Ami A Porricls Kronn Electrical Engineering MGIISSO I-Om Janice Lomorr Mechonicol Engineering Aqqognring ,gi "Ki"-M1 Sondro Longsron Lowrence Lee John M Lewond Compurer Technology Compurer Technology Mechonicol Enginee-rung 'Vw ww 'wvfw Stephen Linden Jornes D Loonnus Thomos H. Lounsbury Aerospoce Enguneerang Accounnng Aerospoce Engineering Turn Lozner Mouso Moorouls Berry Monohon Mechonucol Engineering Civil Engineering Monogemenr Sennorsf1r17 'If18y'3c-mor' 1 l arf? X L N fl '4 ' Deooron A Mores Monogernenr iv T-'P Rooerr Mellen Cornpurer Scnence Ren: Mornews Comporer Science Q4---up ., 'K L Byron Muller Civil Engnneerlng Sreven Mclnrosn Indusrrnol Technology TWV Dowd Miller Drofring 00? ' QM 'P-' Jennifer Muller Kevsn J Muller gg MUS -1""'?' Sondro Miller Elornenrory Fdocnrron Crvul Engnneenng Cornpurer Science f"? Qv"""'Q- Gronr Mirchell Arrnur A Mixis Leslie Moyer Chemicol Engineering Cnernicol Engineering Secrerory Science Foozel Munseen Beorrice Mull Gronr E Myers Aerospoce Engineering Civil Engineering Accounring 'WC' Imod Noily Melindo Noyes Samuel Nwocnulswu Elecrricol Engineering Tromporrorion Civil Engineering Seniors! 1419 150 X Seniors Qi W fs--ff e Tnomos Oneil Mime' Osipov Roberr Porcherr Mecnonucol Enganeering CW" EVWQVWGQVWQ Drofring Keren Porri Perer Peresie Jonn Pircnford Accounrlng Mecnonicol Engineering Mecnonicol Engineering Reguno Prrrs Mlcnoel Polzin Enny Pulgor Secrerory Scuence Elecrrvcol Englneering MOOOQGVTWGVWV 'WWW v"f 7 Dole Roce Srephen Rohm Chorles Rornom Accounting Aerospoce Engineering Elecrricol Engineering Rozo Mohornmod Jomes Reed John Reichord MOOOQGHWGOT Mechonicol Engineering Mechonicol Engineering 'Ywwwrnpif Greg Pieirrneyer Kennerh Rerrig Sozonne Riehl Mechonicol Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Mgrhemgricg Seniors!151 in X 1"'? S QQ " -49' vi- f-1 Tomy flrrwrsel Debra Rrrchue Jocls Roberrsom Morwogemerwr Morlsermg Elecrrucol Emguneermg Y' -'V' rn'-1 Kuurse Roeif floberr Roerhel Deborah Rogers Compurer Scnernce Chemncol Erugmeerurwg Elecrrucol Engrmeerumg x.-f flrdwnrd Roaeem Jeffrey Ross Jonuqe Ruch Elrrcmml Erwqrrweerrmg Oval Erwgrneerrrwg Admumsrroruorw Engnneerurwg Kevin Soeger Doo Solmorws Mrlee Scrweerz Aerospoce Erwgnrweermg Crremucor Erwgrmeerrrwg Accoomrumo 4Q'fz,f Dowd Schefrrc Soorrmo Scorr Muhomrrwod Shohldulloh Eiecrrucol EVWQIOGGFIOQ Gffuce Admrmsrroruom Medwomcol Emgnmeerrmg MW- MC" W. WIIIIOVTW SVWGFWDGVQGV Jeffrey Sherwood Wrllrom Simmons EleCrrICOl EVWQIVWQGVIVWQ Aerospace Erwgmeerung Chemrcol Emgrrweerurwg SerwuorLf15f5 1'Sf1rSQr1lrur', gs N' 12:7 Imrny sm-rw Scorr Spodecls Jenny Sprunger Erernenrcry Educorron Mecnonrcol Engrneerrng Cornpurer Scrence Gregory Sreyens Dennrs Sroclssloger Trmorny Sropher Compurer Scuence Mecnonncol Engineering Informonon Processing mf 10' TOVGW John Toylor Terry Teegordin CW" EV'Q'V'CC'l'IVWQ Cryrl Engrneerrng Compurer Science 1-.X 'fi' Morion Thibeou Christopher Thompson Dovid Tiemon Sociol Science Civil Engineering Cornpurer Science ii- Ronold Troyer Dovid VonZi.uIen Jonn Vougnr Mechonicol Engineering Mechonicol Engineering Informorion Processing 'Zf " Morionne Wode Dorlo Wolker Mike Wolrer Elemenrory Educorion Accounring Drofring Seniors X 155 15O,f'5ennor3 Morne Wormbrer AI Whure Gregory Wnrrlow Accounrung Crvrl Engrneernng Mecnonncol Engrneerung Snoru Wenchesrer Mlchoel Won! Chris Wolfermen Compurer Scrence Elecrrlcol Engrneering Drofrrng vi? mv y Bossom Yousrf Jeff Zdrqewslei Luonne Zimmermon Cnemucol Enguneerrng Cuvil Engineering Accounring Chrisy Griffirh Compurer Technology Civil Engineering Roymond Azor Lou Ann Flynn Physicol Educorion x' iw Y X 1 if if 4 f iiy ,iii 7 1 7- Ji ' A -e i i W k V ' M ' Edword McGee Penny Snyder Eiecrricol Engineering Elernenrory Educorion Williom Wolby Rgnd whiff y Dovid Zeider MeCh0fWiC0' EVWQVWQQVVWQ Mechonicol Engineering Tronsporrorion Seniors 157 X f CHS 3716527 N6 NNDKSD I 152435 ND A Y LT FAC U 2 Q 411 Z Q I- 411 QC +- SQ Z Foculry Amd Admmisrroriom 159 I J, -Q- 1 Lefr ro Rugby Top ro Borrom VsrQxWO MO5Qr Dr Beoumcbmr Dovuaom Johm C Mcllrude Mrs Shmey Scorr Debbie Reed Dr locls Norrwp lqxj N 3 Q '1- '1 bfi, Y' it 150 by U fsrjrmr J 4. -., x 3. vs, IL. 3. 51. J P A 'r sn..,. A If iff 11' The foculry ond odminisrrorion members or Tri-Srore Universiry, os we con oll remember, ployed o virol ond very imporronr role in rhe lives of every srudenr borh posr ond pre- senr. The yeor of 1984 broughr mony chonges ro rhe educorionol fociliries, led ond conducted by rhe orrivol of our new Presidenr, Dr. Beoumonr Dovison. Wirh rhe induc- rion of our new presidenr ond o greor mony new foculry members in borh rhe engineering ond business cirriculums, rhe srudenrs were oppre- hensive ond derermined ro molee rhe besr of yer onorher yeor of rheir college experience. Ever since irs reorgonizorion some yeor's before from o rechnicol col- lege inro o full pledged engineering school ond o newly sroffed business school, Tri-Srore hod orrrocred world- wide renown. Lefr ro Righr, Top ro Borrom Suson Crobrree Leo Kuhn Noncy Sommers Evelyn Morgon D Jone Boyer Nlilse Lirrell Foc 6 Admin 101 Let' ru VW?-wr T-gp Ulm Q BVMULJQ f'W,1r'r ,ull Hwifkuxuujy TWQVCH L'Iw'w:fOVO lwnrm Iiclgmmreo LJLNV Txrlyujf fklfzpfi MQUMW 'mtg 'ia 'N , , 5 f' ww, f . 9' , 5, Q I g Wffvz 1. if x 49: N 4 'vs lf. 'QQ 'N'--. MJ.,- 3 The ddnwinisrrdrive srdff or Tri-Srdre Universiry OT rine rime, ndd dccum- nnuldred cndny of ine finesr ond VTNOST experienced individudls rncir ine educdriondl fields of engineering, business, dnd ine drrs cind sciences nod ro offer. Lefi ro Rignr, Top FO Borrorn Pciy JOHNSON Mcinsinul Hucq Mdrgdrer Wilson Susdn Srrcvn Jo Seirz Isinn Lewis Grdce Beliz ,7 A W fits ,J MY 91 Q Fdc C: Admin 163 ua v .- -,.-Q-""" Tne Deporrmenr of Civil Engineer- ing nod welcomed o new professor rnor yeor, Professor Tnomos Ennele- ing. Professor Ennelsing, on ossisronr professor of Civil Engineering, wos ro be responsible for rne oolonce of rne engineering sciences rnor were ro be rougnr under rne civil engineer- ing cirriculurn. Tne Deporfmenr of Civil Engineering wos neoded by Dr. Sodonend Kundopur, wno wos in- cluded rnor yeor in rne eignrn edifion of Personalities of the West ond Midwest. Lefr ro llignr, Top ro Borrorn sony Hoists Niro Toooy Scorr Croorree Tliornos Ennelsing Dr Sosnil Isornor Sorisn Cuoyol ,""""' 164 FOC G Admin .......i-.. Y. ,nr-l 1 ' ,. X Af , ,en V, g ,.af3f'L, f 4 W 'Qin' in 1 X .. if E, X f gf Z2 S,-K 4? A i l Tne Deporrrnenr of Elecfricol Engi- neering nod nor experienced ony new progrom or sroff cnonges in rne yeor of 1984, ond like Mecnonicol Engineering wos o lirrle down in en- rollrnenr. Tne Deporrmenr of Elecrri- col Engineering wos neoded by Dr. Alon Sroudinger. Associore professors of elecrricol engineering included Dr. Psoberr J. Wnelcner, Mr. Alon B. Snowolrer, Mr. Arrnur E. Eoernordr, ond Dr. Vols Mforic. Lefr ro Rignr, Top ro Borrorn Dr Sodonond lsondopur Dr Rooerr J Wnelcnel Dr Ping-Who Lin Dr Williom Hill Dr Meyer Aloerr Guilford Foc G Admin 165 Tne Deoarrnnenr of Mecnanical and Aerospace Engineering neaaed oy Drs Roger l-lawlss nad fallen off a lirrle in enrollnnenr rnar year. Hopeful- ly rne reviralizarion of rlne scnool by Presioenr Beaonnonr Davison, and rne oaoliciry of rne cenrennial would cause a major rurn around. Lefr ro Psignr, Too ro Borronn Dr Don Ticnenor Arrnar Eoernorclr Mi Alan B Snowalrer Dr Vols FOVIC Di Frarrls ll Swenson Dr llolon Koeolse xv, ES I 5, , ll' , Lk ., Far' P , -M, ZX: lm 'Ji ' 33:1 ' -1 bw iw: i i 'll ff? A VY F ic G Acjcriin X V 1 The soeciolized schools of me chonicol ond oeronouricol engineer ing which were combined offered o Unique opoorruniry for incorning sru denrs This soeciol opporruniry of fered rhe undergroduore on educo rion rhor wos only rhe beginning ro on ever ending field. Lefr ro Righr, Top ro Borrom Beniorhin Dow Chesrer A Pinlshonw l.i'l4ow Chong Rooerr Howlss Lowrence Sonnuelson Neil B Johnson Henry Toclser The Deoorrnnenr of Cnernicol Engi- neering losr irs cnoirrnon in rne yeor of 1984 Dr. W, Henry Tucker rerired offer 15 yeors of service or Tri-Srore Univer- siry. Tne university nod nor yer de- cided wno would reoloce nim, our nod begun looking for guolified indi- viduols. Lefr ro Rignr, Top ro Uorrom Edword Nogle Dvvignr Cose Rooerr Cunningnom Poul Humps Pyrl Rninesrnirn locnes DeVos 5, I 1o8 Foc 0 Admin W, - f' ww 7 7 X X f si , F , MWQ ' 4' .xv 1-4 .f M , Aw' ' X 7 5 io Q5 W w..p.L- A NLM J Z 6 5 Z f 5 K ,, W X i Ag i 6 W ,w , A The Deporrmenr of Drofring ond Design which hoo irs own unique building wos coordinoreo by ossoci- ore professor ond direcror of rhe rechnology division, Mr. Edworo J. Nogle. Assisring him were Professors Dwighr M. Cose, Jorhes DeVos, ono Rooerr G. Hoehn, who hoo ore- viously rerired or rhe beginning of rhe 841 yeor, Lefr ro Right, Top : Borrow Dr Jerry Ps Ueehier Dr ir-QF Jones Perer A Hiooensreei Rooerr G Hoehn Dr Sreven A Schonefelo Dr Delores M. Tichenor Jocls Brillhorr Foc. C: Admin 169 '36 5 x ma' 'J' A S 7' There were guire o few new oro- fessors rhor yeor in rhe school of Arrs ond Sciences: Dr, Jones in Biology- fChemisrry, Dr. Sornoelson in Phys- ics, Dr. Vonwogner ln Elernenrory Educorion, Professor Morrhews in Cornoorer Science, ond Dr. Hund- oerg in English. LGU FO pslghl, TOD rf, Bgrrgm pslchord lluselrnls Mr Doyle Syler lfno Lee Heuer Mory Low foro Dr Rooerr Cools Don Mfjwheyys Rlchoro ll Kroger -ff, l V l l ffffwfr iw, c,.., 41- fs , 1 , is ITT LJ an Sb Te H0 III 76 1276 'b Ba 1.21 moo anno, ,fr sigh! 68 69 Er 7' uv' If Y i 2 Lifwf ' W M my Lefr ro Rnghr, Top ro Borrom Gkemn Goerre Dr Jomes A Zimmerman Ronotd Scheffer Mr Lurher Groves Mr Lorry lrwgesoll Dr Donald T Zimmer l ffl ,, , My ., ,. ' MM., , PV' 9. m""""'-'sau-w..M POC C1 Admin. 171 The depgrrmenrs of English ond Educgrion were glso in rhe process of hgving g new nwgior, communica- rions, insrirured. Dr. Jgnwes Zimmer- mgn credirs gn eleven ond 0 holf percenr incregse in enrollmenr ro rhe populoriry of english ond educgrion. Leir rg Righr Top To Borrorn Dergld L Moore Dr Michegl Dlgz Dr Thgrngs E Young Dr Jgcgueline E Orsggh Elizberh B Orloslsy Dr Mgrlene Lundberg Thornos Tierney if F f -fir r EO ,Q ,. Q., K7 Qgsf U 'V' ni.-H' ,oi o QM. ws" .-3 hits- NN. 9 X . ... . ..., ga- S Q f Q'-a 5' X ,,:. x Q X XX f' 'X + X. ix xx . K Q 43 SEX I , 1 ' F . X 4 1,. ' NR Q ' .ig x WW .' .Y Iefr ro rughr, rop ro borrom, Thomas G Burney Chmg F Wong John R Behee Dennis W Perre Rnclfword J Goilmds Wnmm R Sorwifunocormo Suzorwme Von Wogmer Lmdo L Moses X Foc G Admam 173 Nefr ro VQQWIV mp ro borrom Dmlf 'M Home Famer' Cool' EUC Ar fe lfeefmr. Chmrleg D GOOUOWO Orme O Bryon Wllhom J Wolrer -ay, , 4 k if fyfpa' R , 4 W, M4 Wm- f if Ulm' m XX Besides engineering Tri-Srore olso hod o very disringuished school of Business The school, since Deon Trenneoohl lefr lost spring hod nor been rhe some. Acring Deon Nor- rrup soid rhor ro find o deon wos rhe foo orioriry or rhor momenr: Bur once o new deon hod been oc- guired, ir wos hoped rhor some new progrorns would be creored ond some exisring ones exoonded. lefr ro righr Top ro Borronn lone Mirchell . s MG? X,5s4dEU5?ASs. John R, Berger Dr Normon Erb Dr Leonord Sheffield Micheol Lesiols Foc. EJ Admin 175 3 E'-7 P: 32 NG SI CL 5 A I FF' - fix ,pa "ft, " . 4, 'mlfw U f - sd ' . A5 7 lUVDl3f7D 5,4135 X NWNQNH N 1- 'TWLQZNBNW x N. . .. m,,.,x 'V' -av-,..V,,..x.X,,,. ' Q . X L -'-S - ,.m.Q.g4J5..wT,. A P -. A ' . N" . . , ' -5 .- ,. . ,. , MW- x x 4 X1:gg..M:-Qkgxii 5 V LN NN W , ,, M , Closing 177 In Fond Memory ii-Ill" wlll - T f'3i,gljx K "-.- .vu . 2- . '- 13' .2--N qw. ' , r, . . '-A J ' .'4 F ", ' x f'. - 'Sf "?.1!t'-- .1 s T?s':f' - ' ' . .1 J. 1-9 31:-51 ., 31"!f-" ' ' I 331' 1 " f'-4 -" N ' v .hh .545 -- x A X ' - S v .wx - ' '. 1 . : . E 5.1, wx - N I '. N u 1 I .- 4- . . . . 5, I ' . Q , 4 1' x A - . - ' - J ' -' .- ' f 4 , r 9 1 4 ,- . i is T s .A h , .T 4.1 . I v. . 'wi Q, Q . '-"dj 45. - -- . Qafsut A -A-' HV: , . ' ' U A ' ' ' yjuim,-i,Q'1,..," Q . , f V ' . ' ' -A If' -r V , N ' . . . i . I ' I' :Eff ' x? 5 . by , ,. Q J I u V I . .. if A H 1" ' -, . . . - X .if r' If - 'N . XX J ,, .- ' ' '-' IQ! f "' '1 , .'s . 1 Q -ss . . ' ' ,V ., .Vx ww H : A Al : . A '. fp , L .- , - . I ., , -4- ' . K I p s u - ' ,JI-,'f.a:'.,1 , fs. . . , ' ,' , A 5,r.4f half? 'ff' , I f ' 'M L 1 . I L... in X-,Z was V1 -'ff any? 915415. ,JW John DeWees wos o member of rhe Tru Srore Trqon rrock reom o flne orhlere ond o good frlend ro oll of rhe runners he wlll be massed by oll He wos o Ieoder very coochoble ond knew has own hmlrs were Jusr o few of rhe commenrs of Cooch Gollnlck when osked ro commenr on John s deorh John Dewees o Trl Store Unlversl ry sensor Iosr has rwo yeor borrle ogolnsr concer during rhe 1988 84 school yeor He wall be mlssed by everyone who knew whor o flne young mon he wos He will be massed especlolly by has rrock ond cross country reommores ond rhe cooch Rlchord Gollnlck John con be remembered for belng on excellent srudenr ond o hord worker He wos o Ieoder I0 ocrnon nor ln words sold Cooch Gollnlck He wos populor nor only becouse he wos on oursrondlng runner but olso be Couse he wos o frlend who could be rrusred As rhe cenrenniol school yeor Come ro o dose ond we cjomplered our cross- ing rhrough rime rhere come o chonce ro remember rhe yeor rhor hod been, There were mony ociriviries ro fill our minds olong rhe woy, ond or rhe end only rhe reminiscenr picrures of our minds eye were oil we hod ro molse our journey live forever. The eyenrs olong our porhs were rhe plonlss of which our bridge from yesrerdoy ro romorrow wos builr. The orgonizorions ro which we belonged were rhe pillors of srrengrh upon which rhese plonlss were loin. The rumbling of our crossing feer wos os rhe rhuding of hommers upon rhe noils which held ir oll rogerher. .pd BL .6 Q Th..."-' .I In Fond Memory Dnon Snider o Tru Store freshmon dled eorly nn 1084 tn ouro occtdent neor has home I0 Plymouth lndtono Thus pleosont young mon ond hod mony frtends ot Tn Store To frtends such os he at ts dtfftcult Indeed to soy good e Just o few mules from home eorly nn the morntng o young mon wos killed I0 on ouro occudent Bnon Sntder o Tn Store Untverstty fresh mon wall be mnssed by oll ot TSU who knew htm An enthuslostlc und: vuduol he wos o member of the Trqon Cheerleodtng squod ond o brother of Stgmo Phu Delto Engtneer :ng Froternlty Although hts stoy ot Trl Store wos o short one oll of those whom he come unto contoct were soon hts fruend Dwoyne Fisher has closest frlend sold we went to hugh school together ond pledged to gerher we were olmost true broth ers The loss of o fnend such os thas wall not soon be forgotten by Dwoyne or ony of the mony others - , s k in ,N I 1 7 'yn . r l ' .. , 'Z -4 05 E N x ' J 9' , L., I ' ka . st! A it R-ri -.44 , sg . ii 'Wd Q to f Q as , ' S 1 ,, sl. Q4 trogic loss will be felt by oll who knew him. Brion wos o by , r . . ' 1, f"' , ,J . . . . . J' In I - - ,l . . . Q, i - ff!! In I L A . . I :xi H ' . . . - .I 4 Q . - I I O , . . . . , , , . . 11 . U ' - I - ll - - who knew Bnon 4. f Aim V':' 1112-113.1 y' ,W-qW,'l4 -' sm .-vf!""'0, f, f. 'J A' f ' ,, , , A A 12? W f navy' ,,,, ,,..-M. -L , Y , MY rf , iw 5, 5: Q W, ,,, I W, ,,f, 6 f ,TBTW WW, N A Z, , WW W, . 1 ' , Q , r 5' c 7 ,W , 'pg ' I, ff' , it 4 W ajiw J 1 Q,, ,,,,,, 4 , f ' JW f 'A n My if 5: , qv, . Q , 1 ,WM ' 1 4 .1 ' A 2 . Q 0 ! fr W 1 gf , g N W -' M Q 'i W - 9 Q haw, I nt' f - I II It W x V J, ' 7 ,t f N -5 V H I f H W .,A. , 52 . W ,W ' f am Q rw " 1 'f ff,-f wwf V 'ww ' is ZZ' f 2 ' 5 " ' "fm ' ' 2, 6 W V f - . ' 7fn4suwimwf1wvw,,m ' l 2 , ff " 'fi Q "j, it f if wr Q T . t , T , . . f f ' s 1 . 5 Z -W E 1 1 vb Z 1 i f , , A , Q I ,.,,,, t 2 . ' , A igQ'Nf,W 2 , f, g W '. 2i 2 fn W Q5 l tim T Q Q nf 'r -f , 2 VT T Q- K - f .Q I V Q, I i it K 'S' W? ,, r' fm ' T ik , ' fi T AA'A ' 4, f 4 ff ,A .6 , . W1 f- 4 1 if r W V s ' W ig gag G M uk 4' WW N K M , rs V 254' t ,W 36 W , V wt WM The events of thot yeor were os mony ond os voried os the groups which gove rise to them. They were eoch significont in their own right ond everyone contributed to the gronduer thot wos the end of Tri- Stote University's first century of service, mony things come to on end thot yeor while r'nony others begon o new life in the niches left by those who were no more. For the seniors it wos o very speciol crossing, their lost ot TSU, culminoting in groduotion ond the pursuit of o greoter journey, life. Theirs wos o crossing to o new journey filled with coreers, new responsibility ond for rnony rnorrioge ond fomilies. As they left we could only wish for them oll things good, god-speed, ond o sofe return. Until we meet ogoin my friends. Closing 181 For mosr Us or Tri-Srore if vvos o crossing filled wirn rne memories of good friends ond good rimes. Togerner we ouilr o legocy of friendship which will losr os long os Tri-Srore Uniyersiry. As we oegon our journey offer rnor yeor we could only lools oods ond wonder if ir would ever oe rne some os we srorred similor crossings offer rnor. Only rime would fell, yer os we went onword rne memories of rnor yeor lingered on in our minds, giving Us nope for rne yeors ro come. :iff-A?" -of! l J sins 9 ln Fond Memory On her woy to see her flonce Donerte Novols o Trl Store Unlverslty senlor wos lsllled nn on outo ocodent nn Collfornlo 2500 mules from home I0 New Costle Ind: ono Hers wos the thlrd deoth IO one short yeor ot Trl Store mol-:Ing If posstbly the most troglc of oll os three promlslng young odults were token from fomlly ond frlends Donette wos trovellng to see her flonce TrlStote olumnus Drew De george ot has Arr Force duty stotlon I0 Collfornlo when on outo ocodent tools her young llfe Just one month before her wedding doy It IS trogl dues such os thus whlch molse us won der why why someone so young wlth so much to ltve for would be tolsen by deoth Those who lsnew Donette Novols best could only soy I don t belleve lt when they heord the news of her deoth As the shock wore off only the fond memorles of her remolned ond oll who knew her begon to feel good for hovlng lsnown her . O 5 S ew . . sb ' ' ' sf as . XX I ' 'll Closing 188 nghr, Dr Dovason enrerroined rhe groduoring seniors or has home, below, Sue Hoffmon reriring offer 21 yeors os o froremiry cools, whor o record. X K i 1 184 Closung ll V, -L- 1 , 1 W7 S Z . Trl-Srgfe Umiversiry W, 7 Roll of Pgrrgrws M! George T. Mchlgugrwrorw Dgrrerr, Dgrrerr ond MCNGQDY 1 X 4 Eugene I. Dellimger, DDS DG. Mgsorw, MD Eugene A. Alter, DDS, MSD ' Rirerwour Chiroprgcric Dr. Srevem Wrwire H Dr. Thomas Wieggrwd J Q I" .rn Y Adbel-Khalik, Toufic Abel, Mark E, 104 Abu-Alhawa, Jamal Abu-Assaf, Mahmud Abu-Assaf, Waleed Abu-Dalam, Adnan Abu-MualleQ, Nabil Abugarsh, Ramadan Adams, Deborah Adams, Norman Adomeit, Jens 106 Ahles, David 138 Ahmed, Faisal Ahmed, Zain 138 Akinlemibola, Josiah Al Abdul Baai, Qais Al-Abbud, Saad Al-Ajaji, Yousef 138 Al-Azmi, Khled Al-Daihani, Sanad Al-Hail, Yousef Al-hai Ali, Raied Al-Harthy, Salim Al-Miskeri, 'Ali 107 Al-Mosleh, Ibrahim Al-narshah, Dawud Al-Nuhyan, Hala Al-Qahtani, Fahhad Al-Saleh, Hamad Al-Shammari, Khalaf Al'Sharif, Ahmad Al-Sharrah, Abdul Al-Shikhli, Qaiss Al-Wahaidi, Fayez Albrecht, Jeffrey Alderdice, Christopher 104 Aldinger, Erik Alexander, Leslie 15 Ali, lmad 139 Ali, Maisarh Allman, James Alnisif, Abdulla Alston, Karen Alr, Bradley Alverson, Duane Alwazzan, Abdulla Amara, Ayman Amor, Paul 107 Anabtawi, Anan Anabtawi, Rami Anabtawi, Ziad Anderson, Dian Andreski, Craig 107 Andrzejewski, Julia Annis, Vince Anton, Stan 104 Aoda, Maher Appleman, Doris Arbuckle, Melody Arft, James Armes, Kerry 6 Armstrong, Jerry INDEX Arnett, Jefferson Arnett, Michael Arnold, Barbara Ashcroft, Kevin 139 Ashouri, Nazeer Ashoury, Taiseer Ashton, Jill 139 Atieh, Hisham 139 Augenstein, John Awoniyi, John Azar, Raymond 157 Azpurua, Pedro Babb, Daniel 134 Baert, Jeffrey Bagley, Jon 118, 120 Baig, Mirza Bailey, Jeffrey Baker Charles Baker, Jeffery Baker, Richard 104 Baker Sue r Ballenger, Deron Bangs, Stephen 126, 127 Barakeh, Hisham Barcza, John 97, 104 Barczak, David Barker, William 139 Barnes, Douglas Bartholomew, Bradley 97 Barts, David Bauch, James Baum, Kerry Baydaun, Daoud Beardsley, Brian Beaty, Kelly Beaver, Philip Becker, Jay Beckerich, Edward Beeber, Gregory Beehler, Jerry 169 Behee, John 173 Behee, Judith Beinema, Scott Belban, Mustafa Belcher, Bradley Bell, John Bell, Zachary 107 Beltz, Grace Bennett, Jo 100 Bennett, Pamela Berger, John 175 Bernard, Jules Berrelsen, Michael 97, 125, Berrl, Victor Bertram, Jeffrey Beskari, Mohamed 139 Beydoun, Oussama 107 Bianouni, Ayman Bihlman-Ill, Lawrence Blakeslee, Richard 139 Blanchard. John 126, 139 Blanchard, Kevin 139 Bloz, Michael 172 Bobilya, John 140 Boik, Kelly Boland, Mohammad Bolinger, Lisa 112 Bonardi, Timothy Bonelli, Bonnie 123 Bong, Yee Book, Lisa 134 Bordner, Bruce 140 Borocz, Mark Bour, James Bourdcane, Elias Bovee, Michael Bower, Sam 17 Boyd, Kenderick 118 Brackmann, Larry 97 Brady, Patrick Brake, Matthew 97 Bradenburg, Ron Brandon, Lee Braun, Kirk Brennan, Jeffrey Brenner, Timothy Brillhort, Jack 169 Brinegar, David Brobeck, Marrhew Brooks, Tanya Brown Eric Brown James Brown Michael Brown Patricia Brown Timothy Brown William 75 Bryon, Bruce 131 Buendia, Jose 140 Bueshi, Bashir Buhlinger, Judy Bunch, Jerry 126 Burkhardt, Kelli 112 Burkharr, Della Burkholder, Todd Burney, Thomas 173 Burns, Foresr Busch, Tomas 111 Bush, Roger Bushroe, David Buszka, Melvin Butler, George 111, 140 Byrum, Laura 140 Cain, Daniel 17 Caine, Howard 111 Caligiuri, Andrew Calmes, Terri 134, 140 Cappella, Eric Carlton, Keith Carpenter, Marcia 115 Carper, Beth 115 Carper, Eben Carrico, Gregory Carter, Terry Caruso, Liar 97, 134, 140 Case, Alan Case, Dwight Cassidy, Thomas Cast, Keith Celis, Juan Chambers, Jeffrey Chang, Li-Kow 167 Chang, Sue Cheam, Hing Chell, David Chen, Donna Chen, Yi-Fu Chia, Wah Onn Childress, John Choudhury, Naseem 140 Choudhury, Nayeem Christen, Thomas Chua, Cheng Chua, Poh-Chye Chung, Wai Yee Clarls, Cynthia 91, 97, 112, 140 Coble, Christopher Coler, Jacauie Coliton, Victoria 141 Cook, Charles Cook, Robert 170 Corbin, Bradley 104, 141 Cordes, John Cordes, Kyle 111 Cords, Steven Cousino, Annette 97, 112 Coutant, Jeffrey 107 Cox, Harry 141 Crabtree, Susan 161 Crall, Timothy 141 Cramer, Christopher 141 Craven, Marl-1 97, 141 Crawford, Timothy 107 Creighton, Mindy Cripe, Lisa Cripe, Thomas Crist, Julia Crist, Timothy 111 Crotty, Francis Crull, Michael Culler, Roberta Cultra, Robert Cunningham, Robert 168 Cupps, Halbert Curl, Michael Curran, Christine 112 D'Hoore, Jerome 104 D'Hoore, Terence Dachenhaus, John 24, 97 Daeger, Douglas Dafforn, Brent 97 Dahdaleh, lbrahim 61, 141 Daly, Amy 141 Damman, Charles 126 Damon, Thomas 141 Darby, Thomas Darden, Stephen Darnell, Lisa 142 Darwis, Rudy Davenport, Debbie Davis, Diane Davis, Holly Davis, Michael B. 142 Davis, Michael T. Davis Mitchell Davis Rebecca 123, 129 Dayton, Jim Deahl, J. 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William 165 Hintz, Norbert Hippensteel, Marsha 97, 112, 113, 128, 129 Hippensteel, Peter 169 9 Hippensteel, Teresa 111, 12 Hirons, Amy Hlathein, Terence Hochstetler, Eric Hockenberty, Mary Kay 5 Hoene, Steve Hoffelder, Mike Hoffer, Jeffrey Hoffman, Michael Hogenkamp, Brian Holmes, Terry 118 Hoover, Bryan 97 Horner, Andrew Horten, Marc Horton, David Hosey, Andrew Hostetler, Jean Hostetler, Robert P. Hostetler, Robert W. 145 Howe, Michael Howe, Ron Hoyer, Kari Sue 104 Hoyt, Robert 145 Huffer, Brett Huffman, Barry Huffman, Margaret Hull, Anne Humpfer, Paul Huneiti, Ibrahim Huntsman, Leon Hua, Maasood Hug, Mohammed Hurley, Christopher 97, 35 Hussein, Ma'an 145 Hussein, Mohammad Irvin, Mark97 Isaac, Carl lssa, Chassan Jabaay, Cheryl Jack, Karoline Jack, Michael Jackson, Tangi 23, 122, 123, 145 Jacob, John Jacobs, Thomas Jaques, Jeff Jaques, Jeffrey Jeffries, Julie Jehl, Robert 17 Jenkins, Keith 145 Jetmore, Julie Johnson, Brian Johnson, Chris 102, 118, 145 Johnson, Dale Johnson, David Johnson, Neil 167 Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Roberta Johnson, Sven Johnson, Thomas 111 Johnston, Vikki Jolin, Edward Jones, David 125, 126 Jones, Ira 169 Jones, Philip Jostes, Robert Jowsay, Bonita 122, 123, 145 Juras, David Juszczak, Susan K Kable, Gregory 125 Kalmes, Mark Kanalos, Marc Karst, Celia Kazimier, William Kazmierzak, James 145 Keech, David 146 Keenan, Sue 174 Kelly, Chris Ill Kelly, Timothy Ketchner, Bradley Khader, Ali Diab Khalid, Hassan Kibler, Lawrence 146 Kiesel, Sandra Kimball, Randall King, Christine 146 King, Douglas 125, 146 Kinter, Dwight Kisner, Vicki 112 Kitchen, Terry Klecker, Brian 134 Klein, Kerry 97 Klinefelter, Robert 107 Knecht, John Knollman, Daniel Knowles, Bryan 111, 132 Ko, Dong Kobelak, Steven 111 Koebke, Ralph 66 Kohart, Kirk Kolbow, Steven 146 Kollyris, Athanassios 97 Koroniwsky, Alex Kosiorek, Kenneth 146 Kracher, Kevin 111 Krause, William Krieger, Sheila 112 Krohn, Patrick 146 Krone, Kirsten 112, 123, 128, 129 Kroodsma, Martha Kruger, Pamela Kruger, Richard 170 Kruger, Wendy Ku, Shiao-tsun Kuhn, John Kuitse, Roelf 152 Kumar, lndu Kumar, Sushil Kundapur, Sadanand Kuss, Michael Kvachkoff, Eli 118 Ladd, Michelle Lahmon, Patrick Lai, Pau Lam, Yuk Fu 146 Lambert, Kevin Lamott, Janice 146 Lane, Larry Langston, Sandra 115, 147 Lansford, Thomas Lauer, David Laughry, Betsy Lautzenhiser, Sarah Laws, Tonda 115, 122, 128 Lee, Eric Ill Lee, Garret Lee, Lawrence 147 Leffler, Kristin 115 Legge, John Lehman, Randy Lemler, Donna 112 Lepard, Steven Lesiak, Michael J. 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Chee Nichols, Rodney 104 Nissley, Brian Nolan, Jeffrey Norden, Mark North, Anthony Norton, Bret 125, 126 Nomup. Jock Noyes, Melinda 77, 149 Null, Bob Null, Duane Nussbaum, Jean Nwachukwu, Samuel 149 Nye, Joe 106 O'Brien, Tracy O'Neil, Thomas 150 Oberlin, Gary Ogwu, Frank Oldsen, Christi Olson, Everett Orcutt, Michael Orlosky, Elizabeth 172 Orsogh, Jacqueline 172 Osenbaugh, Brent Osipov, Michael 150 Osman, Mohamad Osman, Kevin Overcosh, Tina Page, Joyce Parish, Lawrence Paschal, John Passkiewicz, Andrea 128 Patchett, Robert 150 Patti, Karen 112, 150 Paul, Wallace Pedue, Michael Peresie, Peter 150 Perez Kimberly Perlsins, Chrisrapher Peterson, Dennis Petrie, Dennis 173 Pferdmenges, Ralph Phelps, Chris 118 Phillip, Thomas Piarels, David Piarels, Lisa Pierce, James Pilse, Larry Pinlselman, Craig 134 Pinkham, Chester 167 Pinro, Brian 107 Pirchford, John 111, 150 Pirrman, Darrell 118 Riddersrap, Rudolph Ridgeway, Randall Riehl, Suzanne 115, 151 Ringenberg, David Rinlsel, Tony 152 Risr, Michael Rirchie, Debra 152 Rizzo, Joseph Roberson, Douglas Roberrs, John Roberrs, Vonda Roberrson, Jacls 152 Robey, Brian Robinson, David 118 Robinson, David D. 102 Schiffli, Michael Schneider, Marrhew Schnepp, Greg Schoecls, Michael Schonefeld. Steven 169 Schrepfer, Perer 111 Schroeder, Sreven 83 Schudel, Bradley 131 Schuman, Sara Schwarrz, Doug Scorr, Sabrina 66, 115, 153 Scranage, David Scranage, Sherrie Seagroarr, Donald Seberger, Sieve Pirrs, Regina 150 Planrs, Edward Pacocls, Karyl Pollocls, Kennerh Polzin, Michael 150 Porzler, David 97 Pozorslsi, Chrisropher Presley, Denise Price, Ronald Price, Veneese Pridavlsa, Michael Prough, Dexrer Prough, Laura 112 Pugar, Enny 150 Puraslsi, Rebecca 115 Purerbaugh, Lonnie 111 Purnam, Robin Quigley, Mary 112 Quinn, Douglas 97, 104 Qureshi, Anees Robinson, Kirls Rodriguez, Enriaue Raerhel, Robert 152 Rogers, Phillip Rapp, Gregory Rose, Gregory Raseen, Richard 152 Ross, Jeffery 152 oss, Thomas Raxey, Jay Rumps, Paul Runyan, Timorhy Ruoff, Marla Rupp, Marrhew Rupperr, David 104 Ruselink, Richard 170 Rush, Janice 132 Russalsoff, Ronald 97 Ryan, Mary Sa'ad Al Den, Nezar Saba, Daniel Sabri, Abdulla Sabri, Mohammad Saeger, Kevin 153 Sedam, Anrera 97, 112, 113, 129 Seifert, Gregory 97 Seiferr, Sreven Selle, Daniel Sellers, Cynrhia 115 Senour, Michael 126 Severyns, Karen Shabi, Nasser Shahan, Sreven Shahidullah, Muhammad 153 Shane, Sreven Shaneyfelr, Roberr Sharaf El-Qadri, Moh'd Zalsi 107 Sharaf El-Qadri, Mohammad l-l. Sharp, Sean 97 Shaw, Bon Sheaffer, Earle Shearin, Paul 104 Sheers, Daniel Shen, Tsae-l-lwa Shenberger, William 153 Sherelsa, Maria 115 Sherwood, Jeffrey 153 Shimlsus, John Shores, Dennis Showalter, Alan 66, 166 Silshrian, Osama 107 Simlso, Mairhew 125 Race, Dale 125, 151 Rahm, Sreven 125, 126, 151 Rahman, Riaz Rairigh, Roberr Ramsdell, Marla Ramsey, Daniel Ramsey, Randy Randall, John Ransley, Scorr Rarnam, Charles 151 Ray, James Raymond, Sieve Raza, Mohammad 133, 151 Sage, William Sagman, Layrh Saleh, Ahmed Salman, Najim Salman, Salman Salmons, Daniel 153 Salyer, Darrin 125, 126 Sample, William Samuelson, Lawrence 167 Sandes, Gary San Giacomo, William 173 Sanlsovich, David Sar, Te Kean Sarabyn, James 131 Simmons, William 153 Sipe, Gary Sl-rorupslsi, Marls Slagel, Daniel 111 Slover, Addam Small, Philip Smirh, Gregory A. Smirh Gregory L. Smirh Karhy 123, 154 Smirh Smirh Mary Michael Smirley, Timorhy Snider, Brian 134, 180 Snools, Vonda Snyder, Penny 157 Reed, Eric Reed, James 151 Reed, Penny 27 Reichard, John 97, 151 Reichenbach, Sandra Reid, Kenr Reirmeyer, Gregory 97, 151 Rerrig, Kennerh 151 Rhinesmith, Pryl 168 Richard, Krisry Richwine, Sreven Saunders, Gregg Scanrlen, John Schaffer, James Schalow, Dorothy 115 Schalow, Marrin Schanrz, Joanne 112 Scheerz, Michael 153 Scheffer, Ronald 171 Schefric, David 153, 34 Schenlsel, Paul Scherer, Scorr Schiffli, Laura Sauder, Sreven Spangler, David Spangler, Lisa Spencer, Hugh Spicer, Roberr 97 Spodecls, Scorr 154 Spradlin, Tim 111 Sprunger, Jennifer 154 Srivastava, Rohir 107 Sraley, Gregory Srambels, Joel Teegardin, Terry 126, 154 Stanhope, John Stanley, Bryan Stanley, Terry Stark, David Steelman, Scott Stengel, Steven Stevens, Gregory 154 Stevenson, John Stewart, Eric Stilwell, Gary Stines, David 111 Stinson, Roy 97 Stockslager, Dennis 154 Stombaugh, Thomas Stoneburner, J. 97 Stoneking, Eric Stopher, Timothy 154 Storrs, Tyrone Stoudinger, Alan Strong, Scott Streoter, Roy Strup, Denise Stuckey, Doug Stump, Robin 112 Such, R. Suleiman, Dawud Sullivan, Gregory Sullivan, Robin 110 Sully, Michael Sundberg, Paul 97 Surma, Kelly 93, 112 Swenson, Frank 166 Swick, Brett Swihart, Tom Syler, David 170 Tabbakh, Gassan Talkington, Mark 97 Tolty, Timothy Tayeh, Faisal Tayeh, Rifa'at 154 Taylor, John 97, 125, 132, 154 Templin, Todd Thibeau, Marian 155 Thimlar, Darrell Thompson, Christopher 118, 155 Thompson, Melvin Thorp, Darin Tichenor, Dolores 169 Tichenor, Don 165 Tiedemonn, Andrew Tiedemonn, Catherine Tiedemonn, Thomas Tiemon, David 155 Tierney, Thomas 172 Tolle, Jerry Torres, David Tousant, Michelle Towne, Lance 104 Townsend, Douglas 104 Tribbett, Kurt 126 Trine, Carri Trost, Charles Trowbridge, Craig 118 Troy, Jacqueline Troyer, David Troyer, Ronald 155 Truesdell, Deborah 115 Trzaskowski, Candace 112 Tucker, W. 167 Tuhl, Riad Turner, Dewey Udonis, Uzaidi Udry, Michael Uecker, Donald Ugur, Gokhan Ugur, Hakan Ulm, Bruce Van Van Von Van Van Van De Voorde, Alan horn, Heidi 83 Meter, Richard Vlack, Phillip Wagner, Suzan Zuilen, David 155 Vanantwerp, James Vaught, John 97, 155 Vegh, Daniel Velkoff, Mark Verderber, Randolph Verhoff, Vincent Vinke, Henry Vosburgh, Keith Wade, Marianne 155 Wakileh, Ghassan 107 Walbert, Mike Walby, William 157 Walker, Darla 46, 155 Wall, Alva 0 Walter, Michael Walter, Scott Walters, Thomas Walus, Mark 104 Wang, Ching 173 Ward, Anne 91, 115 Ward, Matthew Warmbier, Marie 156 Warner, Kevin Weaver, Betsy 134 Webber, Ann 97 Weber-Demyan, Stephanie 93 Wechezak, Joseph 97 Weddle, Phillip 125 Wee, Soo Kum Wehrley, Tyler Weigt, Steve Weingart, Annette 106, 112, 128, 129 Weirich, Brenda Weis, Thomas 66 Welch, John Welch, Martin Wettergren, John 104 Whelchel, Robert Whitcomb, Kyle Whitcomb, Natalie White, Hugh Whitehead, Lori Ann 100 Whitlow, Gregory 156 Whitt, Randy 157 Whorley, Dianna Wile, Lance Williamowski, Curtis Williams, Douglas 104 Williams, Jeffery Willis, Brian Wills, Douglas Wilson, Scott Winchester, Shari 97, 156 Wingfield, Loran Winkler, Henry Wise, Brian 118 Witte, Karl Wohl, Michael 97, 156 Wolferman, Chris 156 Wolford, Darren Wolter, William Worthen, Teresa 115 Wortkoetter, Andrew 97 Wright, Brian 57 Wright, Jane 112, 123 Wyatt, Dan Wygant, Dee 97 Wynn, Peter Wytovicz, Anthony Yamin, Elina Yeary, Richy Yeo, Christopher Yontz, Crystal Young, David Young, Lalisa Young, Thomas 172 Young, York 126 Yousif, Bassam 156 Yousif, Thamer Zdrqewski, Jeffrey 156 Zehe, Charlene 115 Zeid, Samer Zeider, David 157 Zettl, Mark Zimmer, Donald 171 Zimmer, Mary 134 Zimmer, Phillip 134 Zimmerman, James 171 Zimmerman, Kathryn Zimmerman, Luanne 156 Zimmerman, Susan 112 Zinn, Michael r To rne reoders of rnis pools, As ine ediror of rnis book I felr ir necessory ro wrire o more o g f rrnol cIosin . Ir wos o very good yeor over-oII, I nod o good sroff, Even rnougn rney were inexperienced we monoged ro por our o book. For rnor I om Hoppy. I would IiIse ro rnonls Roo Spicer, Sreye Doy, Greg Pseirnweyer, Leslie Moyer ond EspecioIIy Mike Lirrell for oll of rneir nelp ond sopporr in producing rne pools. Also Tnonls You ro onyone I rnoy noye rnissed. ' ' I Ed' ' f ine Modulus I nope rnor our efforts will be o worrny Ir wos o greor nonor ro oe rne ediror of rne Cenrennio Irion o rrioore ro rnor greor yeor gone oy. Sincerely, g ' 5-zflw ,-P-ig' ' Gronr E. Myers Ediror ODU LU The annual student publicatlon of TfI'S1ateUnivefsity, Angylal mama, Olllcez 2l9!665-7633 .f A 4 n , A .L 4 u 4 v 'W Jin' 49" wr' J s M 'W J .x v - 1 .15 -QID' 'dur , ., -. "fy-,Vw .. 1 ,1- - -. Juv W-: fy, .'lK'V.,i, '-g'1"1" 1 fzffl, '11 -QU' Ll i Q' 1 ' 53.14 5' . , , - 4 ', -n.- ,3 W ' - 'J' . , 'V' ' , v 1. f n , '4"y 'N' kr..firA,,2.:f!- H , 1 ' ., 3. , --' .1- 1 a 'A 'Xe ,vA" I ,v- '. 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