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Q V rv :.., ' .,,-r 'Al 'fm 1 --.K , L.. I , 'L v-T. A .'w .L iii NI . i.1,e qv... S- q 1 A .. '.,. tv , ,. 1l -1. fl ,U ...' 4 v,. 3 -nt 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1111 1 11 STUDENTLTFE ....... ...... . GREEKS .... ...... . 32 1 62 DORMS ....... 8 ORGANIZATIONS., ....... ...... 4 FACULTY AND 172 ADMINISTRATION ....... ...... SPORTS ......... 1 ...... 136 SENIGRS ........ ...... 1 52 1983 was Tri-State's 99th year of existence. Now and Then, with the Centennial just around the corner, our thoughts sometimes turned to Tri-State,s rich past, and how that past is reflected in the present. .4 Tiff at .td Tri-State's international reputation among industry was built through years of dedication by countless individuals who cared enough to give of themselves. The hallmark of a Tri-State education has always been the ability of graduates to roll up their sleeves and immediately become productive members of society. In today's demanding economy, that ability is becoming increasingly appreciated. t lsf iw qi' Z4 SKC D' -1 In 1983 President Carl H. Elliott retired, after nine years of service. And Billy E. Sunday, Vice President 8a Treasurer, announced his retirement after 37 years. The Tri-State Bell was removed from the Administration Building tower, and erected on the front lawn as a monument by the Class of '83. Sometimes it was difficult to imagine that the halls we greeted our friends in were hallowed, or that the buildings we took for granted were etched with tradition, but . . . now and then . . . we experienced intimations of something beyond ourselves, something we became a part of, something which raised us up, and which became a part of us . . . forever . . . Lorry Baker Editor l l L I Sky'5 Ittakesalittle' ' ' usawonderwlwoddi L 5,5-H1 , . 3 J, X 1' 'mf 4 ' gf .iv A' XA, " " xi" M , ' .wivfif M ' .! is .lk EN? ,- " ,'f""', giffflfz " A3 'A - Q I .L lv' his- gi' "Yu 'U A . 5 Ir.. 1 9Ui1 'NG' ITS RNUTHER X lx WIK N, HX Mix wk keeO d .X I u N xoeaS Won . one v- gfvx mx xmx u Wu xmINrsoxx p D nz , 068 Wvm l' "' I Q bi fe 1, 1' W '-1 me no -ulwn M 9 fha , . i fi nd EN f,,f,l1'i. :- K A km? AE, ow io Q 1 1 2. 'VA L1 Q 1 A Ct in the F W l4ands I Jtt 2 1 , Disagree 01' 011 '7 .nf f U 8,5 Theyecovefyr Stay Tuned ,-'l' R 1 15154 fx-' 3, at RQ ?ii 1 v VH gall ,, b Show gg Twelve jMM1MlHl' 1on Out of Work MX , me 'E Xmdc OWU' E W9 . . -': Social S The Shuttle Hits ILS Stride , LLU1115. Snanh Tv Honoru1gV1etnam Veterans-At Last I it I 3 uw.. X- 1 x.xU1..1.a.'.x.2ww .IJ n1ourlx:i1c:iv.'udauxlicl-lLiN.m'1lwwf-NVQhWfV"-W3 ,Q viva 'ffiax and Bc gnu 5- - ix ji the 1 , 'MY " . -, . Wai .fs M 4 f . e Herpes: TEC YU w M Q X - X Caiun or sl.. aus .0 t mats Aman wOfdt0 A --- - t' - 4 110W Cold Will This Hfinter Re? e' . , . ,S Q75 . , Q,,, '-. , , r 1? mf? li? xg Y 525 , Deiore , In enmg Well M w,Qgff'WMw,?mfa ' Nmimm Maw' pnulutnllu-lYorln's0os'lrul Put.luoslg!arnd9saa- Q lnlllnnnhtlllavlonl """.wuu,"""e.f-u-'ZZ S A3431 zmzbweihy ' rm sown., ' tief mwgmuz. X ivfqgram :wld mn nu gg I V Q? awww: and to aid nam The ' I !l'lAV Y I3I'I'l"I'I NIS ami Mtv? Cu-ua. - V an In an of an ryan V 4 A,,' 38.5003 2, 2 m2....'m:f':.n gf Tw:-Tube ..'.':'..':':.'.-:.....,Q-' 'tt M' lluhrlonbg, Q an L Beating a Dead Allxgawr """"""liIlllg f ffm M' M cpl may Kodak's New Disc Camera 1116 d f 1 5 1:-air 'B C"11f'b1vf': rn-ive,-, if in 'Qi' v ..,1 'av ., .l', fzjw L vfg ' B ,LW . ' this ,ig .AQ CD 4 EC H15 mm 2 H 2' . 4 4, s ff Czfff :sm Q-.5-4 CD -0.3 OO ""5 'U 0.10 SP: Pm Quo 35 EEE cd CDU? 'QC Q0 E22 UD U.: 352 .EPD QQ? :S cd p,,E U30 4: I-' as .ci E-' QS Q -lc: F11 mm ig E. ce-S -TK st pla pla v--4 :QE E cd S- C r-4 LE ce-Delta C pla EP 'E E vm 94.9.0 QU? 4: HS. Q. cd 'O C2 Ol '.c Sf-4 .Finns CD L O cd -5. +-3 fl! v--1 ai O GS L.. 3 O x-. s.. ct! 2 0 Q-iz' 'oi O -C +-v C1 r-1 TKE gives their best in the games. I. CH ramid ev PY he petes in t H1 CO Epsilon a Phi IT1 Sig 1, U, Mr i entertains the students. kend band CC big w he T 'N x.. x, Qs, Shigzimsswg VM X are gt NM. - sf , K NY x, . as ,Q Q g X g A E ppa Sig competes in the 16-legged race. -legged race. 16 he Int OU all --1 pa Theta goes im... si Ka ap K hi P the games. Kappa Sigma competes in pairs. The wheel barrow race gets some wild V! gm sua' M if .af i qi" "fl A 5 e s it sh' I 4 " A" ' , ' 'il N f r 'Qi may-5 ,Q WW A K , f .U , ' T Wy, A -Y 1 V 3 . ' 'gf M4 is QM F Q. gt ! Spring Big Week '83 'ry -,.. A 'N' "e V 4 , ' ' " .- '-.- V. N " - - I .- ' ,YI K.:-bl. Q- I 'va . ,.. , ' A. ' . Ei 4 'Q-E: +CT"1Q:- 'nf Q NM 1 '-JL T"QVi'H-. ez A : R- V ,-if " ' ' 4 ,e ' ' N 'f c-e3"'i2a ki 'fn f 1 L -s. ' SF f 'Q 1' ' ' . 2' As. -me , A ,A - 'fi ' 'xl ""' -ii? 'ZSWV ra-.-A. Drivers of the 1983 Grand Prix go-cartrace round turn 2 f fs 2 f 1 .VI 4 ' ' 4 . L, f I ' 4 ' 1 2 ' I. ' 1 ,xl ', . ,. A -, 5. " 'Q v '- . ' ..l va f N + 'l li number four. j u The audiencejams to the tunes of Ebenezer, Tri-State's Big Week- The 1983 Grand Prix QUCCH, MiSS Shari WiHChCSICF- cnd concert band. I4 f7fi:f?1 ,t ,rg .,. 1 z The TKE canoe team consisted of Greg Whitlow, Brian Lutz, John Browder, and Scott Fury. They are chugging beers be- tween laps. The group Ebenezer performs for the Tri- State student body. Winner of the Grand Prix go-cart race, Bri- an Skinner, accepts the checkered flag. -BW 4 ,g,,g,. -I sg, A ,. '-. ,. ppl Kappa Sigma brothers, Peter Wynn, Marty Welch, Don Lulko and Don Seagroatt hurry to start another lap. Bikers in the annual bike race show their determination and com- petive spirit. The Goldenhearts of Sigma Phi Epsilon won the annual pedal prix bike race. Team members were from left to right, front rowg Shel- ley Ladd, Marcia Mays. Back Row, Lori Morgan, Annette Cou- sino, Michelle Magera, Danette Novak. l5 Tuition 8 a Term What did it cost to attend T.S.U. 96 years ago'? Try to imagine the year is 1886. You are a student at Tri-State. Tri-State Normal College-a teachers college-opened two years ago, June 17, 1884. You arrive in Angola by train. Within minutes you locate the college. Let's see now, your letter says to "go di- rectly to the President's residence." You see the President's house on the right as you enter the college grounds from the north- east. A bit tense, you go to his door and knock. The President opens the door and greets you with a smile. I-Ie shakes your hand and tells you to come in. I-Ie offers you a chair and a cup of coffee. Soon you are relaxed and ready for your first class. Just a minute, before you begin college there are some bills to pay. You get a double occupancy room for 50 cents per week. This might seem high, but it would cost 25 cents to 50 cents a week more to stay with a private family in town. You look at a room before paying. Oh yes, this is fine. The room contains carpet, chairs, ta- ble, wash stand, bowl and pitcher, stove, bed and bedding and clean sheets. You pay 51.50 per week for meals. Finally, you pay for your tuition. This is easy, only S8 per term. If you are taking advanced German, special elocution Cspeechl, phonography lspelling, writing, or shorthandj, or music lessons there is an additional charge. You could have saved money by paying for 10 weeks or 40 weeks in advance. Room, meals and tuition are S26 for 10 weeks and S90 for 40 weeks. Just think, in the year 2082, students will look at old Tri-State catalogs and wonder what it was like to live in 1982. 16 A student from 1954 moving into the dorms. The Administration Building and the old Library Z - - othing to do in Angola? Students who are new to Tri-State Uni- versity Cand some who are not so newb, of- ten remark that there is nothing to do in Angola. It seems that once you've exhausted both of the theaters, played all seven of the video games at Danl's Lion Den, you have used up all of the available options. Not so. For the price of a few games of Donkey Kong, something that usually takes only about five minutes, you can spend an entire day of informative fun at Pokagon State Park. Located six miles north ofAngola on Old 27, the park offers numerous hiking trails, shelter houses and other recreational areas. One point of particular interest is the new Nature Center. The center is a unique six-sided struc- ture. The wall facing the woods is made entirely of glass. Because of this special set-up you may observe a number of the local animal popu- lation from the comfort of indoors without disturbing them. And that's not all. For those of you who enjoy the wilder outdoor pursuits, there are "theme'l trail hikes each weekend with sub- jects as diverse as the geological history of the area to what animals do to get ready for winter. Unsupervised hiking is also avail- able for the real savage Sierra Clubers. Later in the year, cross-country skis and toboggans will be available for rental. There will also be cross-country ski tours and personal instruction. 17 UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT After ten years of service, Dr. Carl El- liott. president of Tri-State University an- nounced his retirement. Elliott, 60, said he had planned to retire by 1984 since he began his tenure at TSU in 1974. "As l close Tri-State's first century of service," Elliott said, "I believe it is appro- priate that a new president usher in the second century." Elliott plans to remain associated with the university following his retirement, per- haps as a consultant to the Board of Trust- ees. He will continue to make his home in Angola. El1iott's tenure has been 'every delight- ful," he said. "Tri-State is a unique kind of place. Most of the people associated with the university are committed to the type of educational opportunities offered here." "There aren't very many places that of- fer the type of education that Tri-State does," he continued. '5There is something about it that gets to you." Elliott served as chancellor from 1959 to 1974 at the Purdue University Calumet Campus before joining Tri-State. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Indiana University, and his doctorate from Purdue University in 1952. Throughout his career he has been in- volved in numerous professional, civic and business organizations. He is a Fellow in the American Psychological Association, past president and former member of the board of directors of the Association for Continuing Higher Education, past secre- tary of the Associated Colleges of Indiana, past member of the Executive Committee of the Indiana Conference of Higher Edu- cation and vice chairman and a member of the Executive Committee of the Indepen- dent Colleges and Universities of Indiana. 18 '. 1- -1-gif -.'gfvf?. '5 ' . . X aff' , 'J 't..'. in X. -V .yi I J G Jig t ' R 3 nj- Q f xl' .- - , -, ,J 1 1 :.:,,'fq it X-gf. ff't'E:.i-ag 'J' .f - 1 F.. li 1' , .1 3 . . ui., , I -4 if 'A li. S L if ff. , A J! P5 4f'?:"j . ' ,lil-Q --if --fe' N N439 f ' A315-Q. a,i , .x A, 4 , Jmityg I r ,I I 'v I' f, ,f . Administration Building .X .X Carl Elliott v",,Al ET:-"M TRI STATE iuvuiivensurv TSU Entrance In September, 1981, Dr. Gene R. Kritsky and his wife Yvonne went to Egypt for about ten months. He was there as a Ful- bright professor. "Fulbright program" is a long-term State Department program to help improve the relationship between the U.S.A. and other countries. Dr. Kritsky took an intensive Arabic lan- guage course for two weeks in Cairo. He taught science and agriculture at Minya University in El Minya. He gave a seminar in Ains Shams and Tanta Universities. He did not have many difficulties in communi- cating with Egyptian students, because sci- ence students are required to use English. In agriculture class, he used 6096 lecture in German Language. Compared with his students at T.S.U., his Egyptian students are an equivalent B or C average. This is because they are not used to reading the books. Books are so ex- pensive and the average Egyptian blue-col- lar worker earns about S45 per month, so the students cannot afford to buy them. They just read 20 pages of xerox-copy for the whole semester, which they have bought from their professor. When he was there, he gave 135 pages of handouts and books. While Dr. Kritsky and his wife were in Egypt, they went to many places such as Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, and Asyut. He mentioned that the Egyptians are very nice, a lot of fun, and very hospitable. Dr. Kritsky and his wife would like to visit Egypt again if they have another chance. TE MO THS IN EGYPT 5... x' B' 'S' si? if .X-axa. ,.,. ,W - .f t .kg Ten Months in Egypt ii 1 f v 1 -1- af . A... ..... N. -f 444. ...AI p xc . hi -MA 'E , mu . ..,i f I Kritsky Q W. Q l! 'F 44 i HTBL 4-44 Qi ,.. 1' ------,-A--Av ii, --Lt I --, ,Q. --,.,.. Administration Building Downtown Angola Theatres in Angola 'll F I fr ...1.-- sq.. li :mit-fl Owl'-I , 6 W, g.n4-'gf D 1 .1 ' V I I nu ..Qfo" 'Q -l.' ul i. Y ,I tj 'i'5Ll.J.- ,Ju-fig, ' ,Inga ' '-as i L. lx, Q A fini? in Q1-ATT' ' , .Eff X L,-fi I: ul 1+ 421150 iv! rl 48 4' 'bfi' Si' '- . , pf' I 20 if 2, nv 5 u I-4 xn , ' - '. e --gr: 114.15 QI u-CP' in-'L5...,'2' -"IL,--":'.2.' -F'-f,.-nun-H ' D A GOLA I grew up on a small family farm about fifty miles south of Angola. Having lived in the country all my life, I was a little less than enthusiastic when my husband's work brought us to the "city,'. However, it didn,t take long for Angola's charm to captivate me and I soon began to enjoy living here. It is impossible to just 'fpass through" Angola, for one must drive around the Monument. The Monument, which was built in tribute to all those of Steuben County who fought in the Civil War, is An- golais most obvious feature. Just a few blocks from the monument is Tri-State University. Primarily an engi- neering school, it offers degrees in business and education. Tri-State is known literally around the world for it's excellance, and has the foreign enrollment to prove it. I am grateful for the unique opportunity that Tri-State has presented me. I've met and made friends with people from all over the world, some I might never have had the chance to meet if it had not been for Tri- State University. With more than a hundred lakes located within driving distance, people from all over make Angola their summer home- town. While some towns have their urban plight and bankruptcy, the biggest contro- versy I can remember since moving here was the great stop light debate. Some felt a stop light was needed to control traffic, while others believed it would only back up traffic at the circle. Despite the disagree- ment, a traffic light was erected and Ango- la lost it's claim to fame as the largest city in the nation without a stop light. Life in Angola seems to opitomize small town living. It's a town where you may meet the mayor at the grocery store, or see the chiefof police mowing his lawn. It's a place where the drug stores still have coffee counters and the man who works at the lumber company is also a volunteer fireman and may save your home someday. Itss go- ing to the fourth of July parade and know- ing the people in it. I m'ay not be a native Angola-ite, but I don't think I could appreciate this lovely town more ifl had lived here all my life. l've fallen in love with this place and would hate to ever leave it. Lu Anne Hook Oberlin Eight year resident of Angola and wants to stay. BILLY SU D Y RET IRE AFTER YEARS ss. lf. f 4 41 ff ,if , , , fs' 4 V. , . I ts J ,id 1... Billy E. Sunday, Vice President and Treasurer ofTri-State University, retires this year after 37 years of service to the school. "His departure is really the end ofan era. He is the last link between Tri-State's past and present," said Dr. Carl Elliott, President of Tri-State University. Mr. Sunday has seen seven Presidents come and go since coming to Tri-State as an accountant in 1946. He was named Treasurer in 1948. Dr. Elliott continued, "lt is my feeling that Tri-State is even in existence in large part due to Billy Sunday's concern, care and devotion to the university." Natives of Steuben County, Billy Sunday, and his wife, June, will continue to live and serve in the community. Zl Referee. Mark Anderson, gives the signal forthe ball to be kicked in during an intra- mural soccer match. An intense intramural soccer match be- tween two independent teams proves most exhausting for all the players. Sig Ep won the intramural football tourna- ment in the Greek division by plays such as this great catch by Mark Craven. Stretching as far as possible, Carl Culler tries to grab the flag of an evasive Jeff Hoffer. 1.4 - auf -3.-f. 1 V" 'WI . I P 29' M4 J, , - Pimmuun-unq,M,,, 'isa Q3 x:3'.2f'f"- 11" ski s,,gv.,m:mi5 " .. , . t f' WW .Z-f' Y In I cowl If Y lf ..,. . 1 'O .SJ -1X..!,j ...45g.,1Q3'P?5f 1, .- '. V The basketball game between Kappa Sigma and Sigma Phi Epsilon was very exciting. Here Tim LaGrow cautiously guards Sean Sharp. ppt-:f , :M-1- fTf4:.eff.fL.f-L-3 f:...Y,-,:f,a,...,A......,... ,,,.,,.,,.,,MM -my rn gwjaei Am, N J-W 'B A gW Kay. Wag' . l 15' i' g aiifa Two foreign students concentrate hard on each return during their ping pong match. Intramurals We're very fortunate with the program because of how Dean Perchan established and set up the program before us. We've added, revised, and deleted as needed this program each year. Most of the input comes from the students governing the program and telling us what they want. Some of the intramural sports that take place are Flag Football which takes place in the fall. Basketball follows in the winter, and volleyball in the spring. Each quarter offers at least 3 to 4 tourna- ments. In the fall we have golf, tennis, soc- cer, and turkey trot. In the winter there is pingpong, raquetball, and wrestling. These sports are followed by softball, badmitton, and cross country in the spring. While the swim club goes year round. M, Responsibilities include everything there M' xi . W 2 is to do-budgets, referees, new equipment, and working closely with I.F.C. vig One of the Rebel guards, Bernard Doaks, shoots a foul shot drop- ping to score some points for his team, while J.D. Collins and Gary Lively wait for the opportunity to rebound. 23 1: Spring Ed Naily and Tom Weis practice spiking before a volleyball match. Two independent volleyball teams pair up for a tough volleyball match. Chris Phelps is spiking while a teammate watches and two opponents attempt a block. 9 it. v fi P' I 1 D' ,su-. a"" an 12:-:un wr- um A Tri-State student awaits the pitch during an intramural softball game. Jeff Rumph catches for Todd Haughee during batting practice. 24 Women's Intramurals i' 15 :W g 1 x . ,Mk 'if l N W, 'V V ' " J 1 7 6 ' H '. ' a,:',,t,,,wIQ A A A .kg A ' :Q A - Stardusters Darla Sykes and Brenda Weir- 2 if ie 5, , . .5 W l'QZ' 1- Q . ich attempt a return while Della Warnecke goes up for the block for Omega Kappa. A high bump by Michelle Magera easily flys over the net to help the Goldenhearts through a difficult volleyball match. Racing toward a touchdown, Karen Patti is chased by Debi Walley and Chisty Rich- ards. The Cameron Hall girls football team takes a much needed break. 1 .4 V ,..' 11.1 intl .. X6 "' g"'94d"'5 , f -T: wuz- '-. r ' if. 1 ' - 'E 5 si L : - 1 , -A '.Tfi!Q",- . - D. 5 1:-'1'-:'--'Q 1 ls' f., 53 - .4-if 4 .2 itil - -, Vw I -'f- lf . .I Q Q , , ff - .' .Quit r .Nlpq-. ...QQ 92 Q A, - 'Y gf-, 4 . - .-. , .4 A .. ... f - , i , W ,, -- .gwzfr .- y54gp.4.qu.'g.5,wv-, -,as fm ' 'fx ' M 'X k A 462' I , 1 I . Y Q ' Y 1 11 '1 - n 4 -oil J' 'Q . f 4 xr . Uh 1 li .1 1" fi L ,f . - mn.. .,.,-..........V- ln----,lf 1-1- .... -'uv , -... .u iu i. ?Q,,, rx-Q, .. ...---' 4.1 , 1 7' ,X ff I R. my!! V v-Q., ,Q- i init ---i., in .,.. ' r 4' g One student drives a truck full of supplies during the campus clean-up. Two foreign students paint a room that is to be the new ISA meeting place. The monument on the circle ofAngola is a common sight when students go down- tOWfl. The Perry T. Ford Memorial Library is where most students do homework and research. 27 Campus Clean-Up The 2nd Annual Campus Clean-Up Day was held Wednesday, April 20. The student turn-out was less than fantastic, but the work accomplished was still considerable. About 200 students showed up to work, along with four faculty members, four ad- ministration members, and the golf course superintendent. The students and the staff were split into several smaller groups doing specific jobs. IFC put some hard work in and straight- ened up the lawns and sidewalks. While that was going on, RAHA, ISA, and IVCF together cleared all the brush and weeds away from the railroad tracks. Many other groups also participated: Alpha Kappa Psi clened around the Business Building, Zeta Eta Theta cleaned around Best I-Iall, and IFC and SEC along with basketball and track members helped wherever needed. The administration person to thank for most of the planning for Clean-Up Day is Stanley tButchJ Perchan. Because of his work and the financial support of the col- lege, the students involved were able to really spruce up Tri-State's looks. It was a fine effort from all those involvedg it's spirit like that that makes Tri-State as great as it is. With ax in hand, Dan Healy chops at a stubborn root. i -was Getting from one areas to another during Campus Clean-Up Day is no problem for Ken Hayduck, Kyle Weddle, John Randall, Randy Ramsey and Hall Director, Scott Crabtree. Three Tri-State students rake and sweep thc weeks away. 28 ' IH 'E ,f ,. fu.: E Q 'ffx i ?f"3ff?f- 'I' ' ra!! T43-Y' gg. . MN, ' A ,ly ftlfllif-Z" IEEE? Thomas A. White Thomas A. White, a senior in mechani- :al engineering at Tri-State University, :lied in an automobile accident during the Jolidays. The accident occured at approxi- nately 8:00 a.m. December 24, about 10 niles from his home in Greenville, Ohio. White was traveling home from the Univer- sity to celebrate Christmas with his parents Vlr. and Mrs. Kenneth White, of 7248 State Route 121 North, Greenville, Ohio. White had been a starter on the Tri-State Fencing Team for the last two and one-half rears. During that time, he represented Tri- State at two Great Lakes Tournaments Qthe Conference championshipsj. Last rear, he placed fifth at that meet. Both Prof Showalter Wins Award Professor Alan B. Showalter of Tri-State Jniversity, Angola, Indiana, was recently :resented with a service award by the Indi- ina Chapter of the International Society 'or Hybrid Microelectronics CISHMJ. A past president of the Indiana ISHM zhapter, Showalter was instrumental in years, he also represented the University at the NCAA Fencing Championships, plac- ing 29th and 32nd in the nation, respective- ly. He had also earned the right to represent the Indiana Division at the United States Fencing Association Nationals in 1981. White had co-oped with Cadillac-Gage in Greenville for two years. He was a mem- ber ofthe Greenville Eagles Lodge, the So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers, the United States Fencing Association and the Luth- eran Church. Fencing Coach Theron Lansford said of White, "Tom was a natural athlete. He did something that was very rare. He earned a place in the NCAA Nationals the first year he fenced. He earned the spot over people who had been fencing many years. Tom was looking forward to this, his last collegiate season, for he had a good chance to earn an All-American medal. Tom will be sorely missed, more as a person than as a fencer. He was a leader, and worked well with ev- eryone. The team is going to establish a memorial trophy in Tom's memory to honor the outstanding Rookie of each season." forming the Tri-State University student ISHM chapter in 1972. The award com- mends Showalter "for organizing and sus- taining" the university's "active student chapter." This is the first year such an award has been given by ISHM. Showalter was one of two who received this first-time honor. Showalter has been a member of the Tri- State University electrical and computer engineering department since 1962. Prior tojoining the faculty, he served industry for 20 years with such corporations as ITT and Scheftic and another member listen to t presentation being made. member, Kevin Passgsents rr to Prof. Alan Showalter whllaba L-i W Bendix. The Tri-State University student ISHM chapter conducts meetings and hosts speak- ers. It has organized three major seminars during its existence. These have dealt with the topics of automated manufacturing, electronic materials and, one of national importance, porcelainized steel. A fourth seminar on robotics is being planned. 29 The Tri-State Student's Engineering council has taken on the task of erecting a memorial sign announcing Tri-State Uni- versity at the corner of Maumee and Col- lege Street. The Engineering Council is a new orga- nization on campus, with its theoretical roots derived from the Dean's Council. The TSEC is striving to use the council to bring together all of the engineering disciplines. We want all the different engineering soci- eties to communicate with each other so that we may all benefit from the fine pre- sentations that each society hosts. These goals are being executed through a variety of projects that the council has pending. A few of these projects are on a current list on the computers of all the dif- ferent engineering societies along with their officers and members, offering our services The Memorial Sign to the admissions office for tours and phon- athons, and last, but hardly the least, the design, development, and construction of the Tri-State memorial sign. This sign demonstrates our sincere com- mitment to education and we hope this me- morial will reflect the enthusiasm and amb- tious attitudes of all who were associated with the Engineers of 1983. by Jim Strbjak :Ja 'aj 'H is 'W ..--91' , 1'1- Luka tits! 15 .Q-aff zz Educational Fair Tri-State University is committed to the value of higher education. So must the stu- dents attending Tri-State be. An education is something that can never be taken away from an individual. It is a priceless com- modity to the student who fulfills his or her educational goals. To share our committ- ment to learning and our devotion to higher education, Tri-State University sponsored the Higher Education Fair, October 1-3 on the center court of Glenbrook Square in Fort Wayne. The Higher Education Fair was co-or- dinated through the University Public ln- formation Office, and thirteen area colleges and universities were represented at the event. ln addition to brochures, fact books and catalogues regarding each institution, give away items such as balloons, bookmarkers, buttons, rulers, and pencils were given away. Special event activities were also held. 30 Tri-State Professors Dave Syler and John Bell gave a Micro-computer Graphics Dis- play Demonstration. The Tri-State Pep Band also gave an outstanding perfor- mance. ' is I X in Stewart H all Store A very important meeting was held in Stewart Hall Tuesday night by Dean Per- chan to end the rumors about the takeover of the Stewart Hall Store. He stated that the main reason that Tri- State wanted to take control of the store was that some major legal problems have crept up over the past three years. The main proposal was that the school will take over all the vending machines and the operation of the store by Oct. 1. Includ- ed in this is that the University will finish construction of the new snack bar and tele- vision area at a cost of about S700000, and will pay the Stewart Hall Dorm Council 52000.00 Dean Perchan also stated that the store would still hire students to work in the store and that financial reports would be made available to students on a periodic basis. He also said that Kelly Kendall, the present store manager, would remain in that capac- ity until the end of the year. Then, Dorm Council president, Kelly Kendall, called a special meeting in order to vote on teh proposal. The rules were sus- pended, and then the resolution was unani- mously passed to allow the school to take control of the store. Dean Perchan emphasized that the new store set-up would be completed by the end of the quarter and he would like everyone to consider the store area as a temporary stu- dent union and welcomes all students to use the facilities. Air Band One week from Friday, Oct. 15, will mark the 7th quarterly AIRBAND SHOW at Phi Kappa Theta. This year's line-up appears to lack none of the rock Sc roll pow- er the shows at Phi Kap are used to. Two recently top chart artists who got their start in the Phi Kap rock arena will be returning. We are of course speaking of "The White Punksv who are returning from their tour of Lebanong where the Lebanon Herald Argus states of the Punks performance, HTheir rapid fire rock 84 roll left them lying in the streets." The Rolling Stone simply states "Devastating." Appearing with the Punks will be the heavy metal sound of f'The Zekesf, whose new LP "Pref-Pie or die" is already eating up the charts. If you have a group that can play with these high caliber bands, contact the Phi Kap house by Oct. 13th for more details. x f T 5,3 A...-as-"""pi. The Stewart Hall Store stocks many items for students like, Randy Vertabur, who gets the munchies while doing homework. A smiling Janet Mills is pleased to wait on customer, Rick Yeary at the Stewart Hall Store. 3l ,.- -s , V 1' ' if f -' kv' ' ' if-2.0 M ,. A I QL swf ,, V f ,,4' , . 4 4 ,A V ,,1.,-Y C DW 0 v J :fm o if 5 n fn .1 .9 ' 5 "4" "6 .. . ,.,4s ,' M ."g 4-... ' " If xv 9 ,, ,'-, .A Q 'K' w Jw 2 I M ,qi 0 Q Q il K Q Q 75 A. ' , 1. 'Q .... J 1' n If 5-1, 0 ' A Q... .el 'ow' it M' if Alu, 3 U18 4 1 ZWZ SXHEIHD W 53-?9f'15"'l' -1 ,"','n1"" ' " . 'Q izrff' " Q 9. ,,+Q4. RW ."-., V , !3'.'w'f',- , , 55' 5 .v,,'.. NE,-M , I ! ...sans 5, A . I 'I QS "4 " 'F - 4- xl. , f :Q-.A ' - 1 . , .f .n ' 1 Q , ' - .-KAN' 1 . A, L?-wt" ",--ft '- .-5, "- . .5,,-Sf-6,-1-' 2-5, , , ,, , , gf " , 3 ' -1 - -' V 4 ,r -V x, ----, ., , ' f ' -1' -' ' ' -4- .. Evo- ' , ' - . . X ' 1 - s n A ' 4 M . . ' . ' -I' -.. .-. "Y, QFA Q ,'.'Kn"4 an 1 ,' '1 I .. , . .. , , ,P .X .7'-2'1" 'e lf,iw".q' - ' 'k m- . , ., , J - 4,5 1 sf, ngigi Mi a. 3 .-. 1 1, . F M: I ' - Ng, ...V ..-1 ,-, A :',ly-gp-'tits' f, i D. xg S5 A -3 'K 'A-'iii' ' xv XJ- ii -, ibut x . 2-. ., V '1 E- ' 1-Wg 2:,- "'.f,.'f.. " fix - ' - vw- ' M. . I,' 7 19" I twlx 'L fi 1 'Q- , .Y ' 2. , " I ' :af 'was . '- I 'lf ,'-' f ' -. ul.-. QQ, 'fn ith H y,.- 'f,"a,n5 - ' 5 xf"f'5+15-fig , e I QQ, I 1 I' ' W rf ,'1:'9" .--, ,. - V' W - . . ' ' 2-luv -, f?-'Q 3 - -flf-86,5-fa,-. -aff. fr. "' 1 ',s"., .',: . "f"', '12 gf V, 4 mv, igf f, ' sgfgaub ii J., . A ' . m"!, ',,"8' X .-is , I J. an ., . AJP? H try K i av L. , Nas- I S, Y aj- -1: ,'- 1 K, 1 5- - I, f ' ---9 - .- VJ.. S --AQ5,-I A N - .V I . 5 , I . v. -.ggLQQ?SaM. .. ' 4-ff:-fra-f' .. Y ' 3, I. ' I . K' kv , 1 I Q ,w4.".i:' .1.'.vv lv -AL ya'-Q A ., .9 x::41.!f1',.L-"'1'.vf v if,-fr-'ik ,f Q- . ' - ,..v,4,. L". 1. I , 1-' - ' I ""f""'l7' Q 'f 53 f '- f fw, V2 " " ,h 5 Q A 5 ff'5,l'1f , I A 5 '4-. . -I ,W .g..f'Mf3wj,fI Ali M I 4 nb - at 1 .A . Q X , ': -efxggvfi ' ' " 'nf .-. ei-' -N -. .,1-Y .MA-:'., ' -rv A zu Q: 'sf , , Y. . 'QS F73'l'f:'1-Hlfvif .-7 -394. ,, A"-'xii-'L"--"'1L"' ' ' ' ' ' ff Hfwf- f,y- MQX-' .:,.ffr' jf A . 1.5 ,sw .- ' ' - - . . .' -4 , V. ' . ' - .' rw, uf., .1 .M 4, Xu x V5 3, n. , l F v -W "fha 'L R Q. A -j 1 V 3 , .f QF , 4-A - 1 - S. - 0 m 5. U . V . Q. .. . -'L 5 ,,si1?'71i' ' Q ', 5-fw1,':-ga ' 1. FW' s ' . Xjwfi. 'gg .Ii I 4-.-r-3 .- , . - ' ' I ls- ' ' 1 ex as , I- , x Q Vi J X , KN? .M f 'ibm 6,1 fg, 3 53.2 CACA 'Q-. gO :S SCI ,.,O S.-CJ 0 204: 023' 'QE cd Q-'.-C1 Or: Q0 cn Q"O CI gm Q-'E Q12 ..C'...Q F53 CS .QE Qs: Di Em Ei Q93 :NLD fzd, Q.: U4-0 Fix: C.- :Sf QE EE Bo. OE SJ: 5-4 CLS 'own ::: :um I 9 I i fe' W ' r ld 1- S A52 4, - ' sf ' va A 1 ,K I - 1554, 1? xh,'. I ' 1 ,Q 1 K ! cs. n . l - - ff: A. l. . X i'l 'Nm tney're II rymg ADOVC, 5I'1CllCy UCSSCII WOI' winning. y to chug. ad Right, Sabrina Scott gets re N 4-3 CYS .-Ci 4-J 9s f: K-4 O S-4 O VJ E E O z: CES CI CU . Z' as cz. Q. cd M as E .20 cn do ffl Bonnie Bonelli slapping the '..r: 3.9.0 ..:: 'UP-. Ce. N509 1: .E"ctS.-I cf: EES owl: 'Dom sg: HO: 'seo o Oceii 'E'-'E D3 E023 are EEE 23-E O-:AQ-1 hugging C OH eep K WW O 21116 CH candidate for Student S 3. HS na Scott poses -v-4Q-3 5.2 mt: mo A 'w .v -' sw J W.. . s . 'if-,fi Q f,.k'5::r5 V S' ' JN , .4. Q . I I I 1 fi .Q Lori Whitehead, Sandy Hunt, Lyn- dux, Denise Mad cd H Alb Urttle, ette Stover, Lisa Lucenko, Martha mb. hitco Natalie W Beynon, Lori Wade, 4-3 VJ I-4 U: 3-1 .v-1 GJ .-CI 4-3 O0 CI .v-1 4.1 le Lorry Wade cheers for TSU Trojans. tas are here to FW? Ze .c if . Zeta Eta Theta is comp I' year as a recognized local social sorority. N The sisters of Zeta Eta Theta have stressed individualism, leadership, and scholastics. hitcomb struts her stuff for Phi Kap's Air Band Party. They also feel that as 21 Sorority, they Should make thei college days more enjoyable. With this phlosophy, they have doubled Lynnette Stover Chugsl their membership in one year. The bonds formed by the sisters are their survival, so Nat W E0 u: H the CD 4-2 CU 4-1 4-4 5 O -id O O .14 i l r l 3 l T l l l l l R gg.-no X QWM 1 Q I . x,"i.' ' '14, I R fa IL' i ' fa I 5...--L" A .lb r 'bv' A.,......, - " L 1. sus-,Sgr I ... ,R 1 X J . 4' 'L mggqg CUC Os "'-'GJOJQD OJ-:w.s: C+-vga-I CJCIJ-:lo-4 asc? fi, '5-FEP,-3.5 Em 3 SNES .cz GJQ-OE 4-3 4:-iso :QSM 0+-HOD GJCUS-4,.G 4: Cfign P1 aim'- -2:23 '-2.25 5-3'O'a'a 554-ag..-4 :SEM C6005 Entre i-EC? :eww EE: competitive force. Despite a 6-O record finished the championship game in second p age 218 With the past year also came the contin- ued success of our so designated Peanut Night. Also our third annual beach party which took place in late January was a huge f of Ps"'w sand, and the acuzzi brought many out of hibernation ready for a mid-winter's night adventure in the highly electric land of sun. f,...,,9c.. 'na sf r my f 13128258 ' Q ' , .,....,,.. X ' J .,., -f .5 fm Q , - 4,1 - YL. lui' fn' . . V V. may-' A . ,,f:.:vi'Qf A 5' if V9 M A , ,J uv. Q.-wg: '-N , L Q31 .- MT? 3? v M 1' 54l.',s, ,g FF X F, ,A W 1 .X .+ 1' ,,, -'04, 1 -f- . :- -.2 . .., my ,-Q - J Mzg, . i WW . . W Jax N A fr, .3 QV , '32 My 'E y f f , , V' NK ' - 438, Mn' - , . vfM'5T.3fA 4 , ':.AfLA1.y ff? 1, . 5 5 i fm - ,if K -as wa Q lil 5 QL ,Aw wh .1 7-,X ff, way ' 5 A W w Q.f1?,2,,"." .N W, ,,, . ' 'V-irq 5' y 'I P16 1551, fQ,'5'f5im , 1.1 1 K .,, , 41-9 , ,, iff A. WM J 9- ,4 ,I "-3, W I 316 yu , wh' .q - 1 A -, fg '9"w 1' M 5 1 '- ps f '-,Q A gk' i ,J- 'I h 2, Ii' , GW P , el, '34'Qs5'3.-, 4-gb ,, f ,4 , V ! J 1 , . ' , 436 ' f , N. ' " ,... an . Ziiziflkl N 'fa : f ,ga VV W 'vtafns-it grrrr' "W I I 1 Q. -1 P 1 ' 1 Uhr ' I , y I H", K . ff gf . I. E Il dlueldl IMQ: v-i'EP5w5,fg"'5'.:,f-':0- .-1 2 -C700 LD h ,-4:24.-1 FQ H m2-- D ,EU -M E"-"' MSM - -Fas E"'3'3':P'Zf-356'-D QOSVIQUQUUDQD-L 3422 -Siamgeves QE mg ,,::r:QM'E'1 .2.2 U x 3.2 2 w E N f 5..:56Eg,gQ:1mQE :CN '---1 G.-IIOQ-.N :U ,QCII UIQ Aa.. "l32NCDcvl5 ri'-'Tl 00 'II cwffdmfam gang .f:':gbg, .... UE-gnemsmfgo Q N H 0 M O Q H H 5 nyqg..-'iflj M-O E515gw3g58.2Qeg "' I-4 f 3w"'wE52af'mMm:E U no ,.. S652-15422553 L -C.'G5p.,OG3.-DObdOClJ UCI-1 u-'Om LL. , 'O Z v-4 .M 1011 H gr,4ES:5sg,E.EE3 '-v-4 --1,-Q - CA... EQQESE-EQUGEQQDQ osgm,-Cmgkmew xuqzmuioqkmu 'S 5,4 ' I H 'U ' Z' CU ss .M In an .E ma-I on so gb eye? as 4' 2 fe . .J N -CI an Us mi -1:5 Iii gm .2 Z: 63 O 4-I OHGS good to enjoy the UD -v-4 '11 CES O OD lmes. Our t I 1 O ant t es, we w OH bad r the fo nd the fullest. A ecker!" mD 'I-Iey, Ji A E0 VJ U 5-4 4.4 VJ on. We gO and H1 from the CI 5-1 CYS CD v-1 O 'I her I 0 each t an all w C W SC HU des bec cv s-. 0.0 sabrina seen 1983 Pedal Prix Queen Candidate SuCC?ed- We Wfim to become the best We Chi Delphia 1983 Pedal Prix Team can m everythlng. We would l1ke people " 'N 'My ,K E , we . 1 wk Q, Maw m e - M 1 lgffi cn GJ 3 OJ E 0.2 .-C2 4-a O .D O 4-J +-I VJ 3 "-1 CID 5 O0 .E .E O -'-1 .E 'O GJ +-I cn GJ 8-1 GJ 4-3 .E VJ 5-1 as 4-3 .2 VJ 73 CI G3 cn 5-4 cu ,CI 4-3 O. 8-14-I 'Du'-1 'C 30 Om II C rffbw on .53-C1 D+-I -C1 +-'E QQ.-CI E3 Lan '22 cvsczs 1-1' 1 Ii f Q asv .1-SQ - can llllv'-10'5-""'7' " 45-VHH 7 1 H, , f - -Q ..-V ,u.,, N Q vl A Q 355' 1 Vg-M , HK 4nfQ'iF55f'v.f ci -,I rf xg, A' Wy, E 1 i I v'. . K'-:fi A. A5 v ww, 'Q Q N ,, , F N612 L' in . 1 an . 'af fffi , Q .V r g ig 5 . iw, ' A, , .A 4' 1, f f Q, D . 4, L, ix "1" Wm' , , 1 U -I A 535142 1, 5 T cer, dy Mer .E U eft to Rightg Row, L Front atalie ette Faust, N all ' Je marias, Carol Des sf o 'O-3 .:: CID 4 FQ 'cf cvs an .:: U fi .c: 3 o r-l .6 E o 53 LE 3 . ,,,. X sv-1 f1i3o.w'ggIII -O:ccsc:c:x LT-lcuaztl-. 4:3 'D Qioee .v5nQ .r:Qf-Q U 230 cf .EC-'gvfcvs GJCUL-.325 355426 ceq-'.i'mM QEBQN qgE"!:""O s..-'CDNQQ QQNVFQ puma' QQQQS ECMEQ N .-4 'ODZCUQ :w-l::'.LJcn ff ..f2':-2 02:1-E 5'-v..-10 mi'-IE-2 E :s as CD as L4 S-1 CD bd H. 0.2 EZ 14-4 QD -I as O Cd bait: 'O 'S 5... :cn GJ P113 'ou cs: was Cn.-J ON s: o Q .6 .O cd M CI cv Q Rightg O Left t ow, R 0l'l'l Fr I 4C .E .:: cd S-1 .Q F-11 ai Aa :S D cf o Z E cvs I eo, Mark Cun ESS min E32 52,25 .UMM CEU SU-':".2 of--C-' MEF aio' .emi H . UO..-1 GCD EQJN LLJQQ, 2:5 CD M ah.. 35.2.3 qg 5-1 gig :xN"' ma.: IMP .. :L-1 N3 me ::"' OM 2 Us: :cs .Z-5: fiom Q., sa QM af.: EL' :S GJ QQLI.. Ed '-'LE o id? 3:5 p-l'U 1545 Jjocce c..l-E-3 E.,-fgi-1 :greg :gg --:SEE 55- ..-4 NOC'-4 mio . ooflgw CDCQQC BEUVS :mfg .r:3" caring 'Q L.. . og 55.2 bar E9-21:3 QU-Q0 IQXD4 c: as 'CJEQZE Cgcvpf 4Cc:sCIClJ E o M .r: '4-J s: GJ s QD CD si S co, Pete T13 Steve Mo " CI 'C -500555 Tcjgmgg El-gg-- 'U CD b2if8 I-1 SCU? mum-- l-15-4 Ecgfmwg C'.'U ' ,xo-52.03 s-.-530.2 L-.OE-1cn"" om:,EL'5 I-I-gZ,N,.3 50.7954 Q. -53:4 egw f U :nm CDE QD L, WF, E?'2r:o 30286 M ,UN Exim gl-I-11... 59 UQ-4 USMC!! U QCQEEH Moore. ll 'QE Dao. CD1-4 cum "ii Pom-4 g-:UD was Ee '53-l N: E3 L- bee .2-' G12 E4-1 .202 Vice CU.: CL Q10 Cv? M. 'U eu all 1n- gram at Tri-State. We are active 1n and CCS fi L... O 'O O .-CI - IS spor l F3 U ffl tra ery organization CV ust about inj IC rticipa pa ui on campu CL Q. as bd. To 3 72 .Z 'o E CI CYS va GJ T2 b O s-. Q- Cd E 'in cn CU CC! Pu o '-5 : D s: as .20 1: ce 3-1 M .Q o M -cz r: CYS v, 4-3 5-1 CTS I Pu 5-4 5-4 U 'T E ZS. Q93 go .:: 28 :Q Q30 if ?i .CE Bm Doo .LGS Scam wwe .eww CU ga? ew DME. 4: 3mm ESE Qc EE: .-f- o.3 -4-1550 413:30 2.5- few: 52a q5"OC'. 4:23 s: 33 3350. the knee, Don McFadden relaxes in er rubs his .V. room. As Brian Spenc ma T Sig Kappa EEN mtg O ua 'EU 2? J: t Kappa why a Q5 Q55 56 .::?': U Emu Q-4-I .: 33.2 Ha: aw Q...-C ooi-JO 53.2 .-.- E53 UE,-J E02 SEL .20 cn -ef 59 difference. lS3 'There s as cvs CID cv 3 45 440. 'WWW ii, 'i an-nr kg' W n 5 s 7 h04" J. SQ ' Q' -, V L . ' D I v g"V'A ,I ' gg M' ' A u A , V ' Q ' .Is M Q 5 . lo . N I V-ks ,M 4, ' 'Hank h , -'ZA'-. H ""RK,, ' , .- Qh. I. h -.A !'.-' - . .. I Q VA" cha. 'T 5558 :""'m -'U -1, . ,- ' ff'- , ' ' ' W ,' yr . . . . iw, .:: 2 4: I E 3 is :cs o 24: we QE Sn we cus gn.: "s-. 'E.2 ENS cg'-4-a 'CJ Es: :gcc CL :U-1 2.-CI S gs 9963 V33 D72 2:2 o S-4 D.. Tu :s 72 .Z 'cs .E .': GJ J: 4-3 CD C1 rga rt each other ln reachi p0 mpo ged to sup 'ca .2 Q- mascot!'? 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St eering ternity for engin fra I' O oh E O A o 6 2. 9 2 -G an u 'gg 'ES on 'S 5 I E Ps : Q U Q E 3: .:: ca. llc Q CO0 cv DEQ B-1 .crcgf Z5 O an .::.i2-O '5 3 JZ W O -FQ C T3 . O05 3 258 O JZ " 13 EGO g: 232 Q H E Q 95 JD +' J: -Nb C ,...,qJ..-1 3-4 wEE c ESE : ian... E +4 C sew 'A cu .ES 'U moan Sf f,,..? ....--:QD JZ 'O O Q 41J"'::.',.r-5:3 C2 m U as O 3020 15:35.05 -Dam.: CUU34-I cb :1 .:: U O 4-I 9- -c cd U I-1 Z U on .2 an cd El ': O -J YQ., U, 5, noon .EE Si is E2 MCU 'o U w cn.-1 gm no E? WS, Es U EE Q5-1 .H 13 UD :E gr: QS QCD CUE Vu G12 ,Ex Qcu ea 22 Cqcn in :E 53 .fa LE 'S Q-4 ? O is E E 3 U 2 E E 3 cd 2 S eu on Q .D o o F: 4-J 5 E 5 2 N CL J: O 52 3 cd U +-I C TJ N5 Q -Q .- : ..c: Ego. 4-J Cavs SEE on 2 9-E73 C62 QJ-Ll ww uni H1H1 and the co I SGYVC continue to .v-1 campus and will r ability. 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Q -, ,. . 1 1: A+ 3.3 ' 7. - . ls. 4 . . , , . wr W 'nl'-V ,',, Af TP! 'A ' f.l'p.'.' -0- -N lI3".f'V A' 4 ' 'B E 1 - ' 4 .ft V--f.-" :N , 51- A ' -- A ' .iz L ' ' ' . . f J.. 1 V 131 ,," -. ' f. ...iff .- 'I' '. -' . U -gsf,., Q'-Q 5 "' - ' A- ' 'Q' llwo ' P I Q ' .- I' , 'x . , 41, " , ' 4 1 . 1 lm. I 'I -91 J' . gf. A . . V Q .. ny! ' .i .I n , - . f ' 1 u , K! 1 ' I .' ' . l . 5 A u - , ' fi' i- 'A V 4 - ' af' gl - ' 1" I x :si 'P 4 'f . 'f . M,-Q -1-fs 'N if .f'N. .. al O 7 Q 1 Uv- 5 LW? if K' J: 9. 3.3. . diff 'r - 9 'he phone-athon is an annual event on our ampus each spring. Bill Kazimier makes a Jng distance call to an alumni. Xi 5 l ' 'S ' 5 Q X The four brothers of Alpha Sig shown are getting a good laugh about a joke. Albra Benyon attempts to put up the volley- - 5.174-r fs 1 - ,,.,,,......Ah- - - ,V:V:4A.i,.., , . W. ., 66 lp 4 X: 'Rm wr as W :N g irq x Qywsx t X 14 fe? 3+ C tix N rw- 1'-vi-'ef WWQNWNKX . """"' sewnMwwfwamewmwxvwfmmuww-vwwmsmm-ww--ww-mme' 1 23' ' Qgiff' 3' rg I 4, 1 f ,, :fav 4 1 l I l 4 1:1-Ill 4 'Q "' ,,,.w is A ,MA' fp ' A 3' All is 'ig Setting the ball is an important part of each The tip offis very, very close between Brian volleyball play. Andy Wortcutter sets for Spencer and Mark Craven. Sig Ep. 59 Sig Ep and Kappa Sig shake hands after a hard fought match between the two rivals. After catching the football, Todd Mooth moves foward for the anticipated touch- down. An excited Lori Whitehead sings to her dance partner at one of the Stewart Hall dances. ' A v i' a-Y ' . , X I "3 x xi 'A .fn 'yn lv. 1-fi. N .3 'Q' T -Wx QOH' XA I' ix., fy 1,-s :' ,-Cf" ' ..- S 60 E-Q in f I eg iii 6462 ir fi Qi ,.v.,,..-mr i Q 1 ., 2 fs' t J f ff if I ja I A V"' zz . W., I , ' 'a lf A ' it ' ' Zeta Eta Theta entered the pedal prix this year and even though they didn't win San- dra Hunt did her best to keep the competi- tion stiff. Members of the Order of Diana sing and dance to the beat of their music at air band i night. TKE alumni and actives move a keg from their house to the Grand Prix during Spring Big Weekend. . ' ,, .w V- V as ,dv fx" H '. Sq, . , ' ABQ!-tkgkw ki' -X. Q 1. ,wi A 2 'lt .J . 61 - 1-" i gig n SIARIOCI 'f 43.28 y ,352 fx , M Q H- M '. 1,-a S + 6' Y' my i X ,,: - 'Q ,QW ' V? ' f 5' 3 s 'A - ' Q .Z . 2 .. xiii' F +12 N 39. Fw 0 U Q . , " 'K'- 9' 'i' 9, 'I 'O -1? X. , Q, , 'Q ' A I , 'J 4 1 . " ls v .9 . ft! C YQ ' , -mai- ll.. M 1 li , A is U1 ff .QKQM :H Thy ' o -30 I. , no 1 n '1 Q0 0 .. I 9 ' v N 0 va SW QA 3 .7 ' S 'fb .J 1 J 1 -an xx. ., , 3-If iw--V Q V R 'I x-- i f u.. .XM "' "iN l al ll . ' xx! 2 635 'ss 'Q Qs 'fm A 'z bf A ,3 sy!! 45 S I .4 i.,f?K,, 1 X the residents tall bu ostly freshmen, used m ho Hall rt r floors of Stewa ll fo he mpus. T Ca te Sta ri- on the T VY O 11' E x-. O 'U cn C CD E art Hall is the largest Stew E s.. O 'O Te : E n indiv 3 EIS floor each d 'LC U63 ro s: ce CD s: .9 .2 ro ce l-4 -6-3 3 o if: as 5-1 cd ffl E CU CD 4-v GJ cn QD me of th ampus. So tCa1'T1S OH C zation ni her orga -4-I O OJ -C 4-2 +-1 CD .E cd CD cd 0 +-a U CL E O O O +-I ID E cd U 4-I Tvs 5-4 5 E cd Y-4 +-0 .E 'U OJ E floors for of the 7m C1 Cd 2 C. tim years E Q.. cv CI LE 2 4-4 3 O 'U .2 'U VJ 5-1 GJ -C1 4-A O o .0 cd N UD Te CII 4-3 3-1 mt 3 U 4-3 CD Ili cv E 3 VJ ce E 3-1 o -ca L-4 0 ..c: 4-9 o wr X-1 L2 2 ce. OL- ES Ei' sa Q-.CI Qu Q-Z Ng .CH 0+-I 4-5 :s L20 ce.: ooo .25 :S F25 vim so on.: EEG go. 'U 255 4-3 Cflfa .Eg l-' 'UE 250 :rn OE .Ecu 5-o E8 mu.. Um .EC wifi EQ? 'go Ho KD 5:25 gt :Q 83 ,-cvs -EU GJ 1.2 'CZ ceo 3UJ its o LI-1 O Q-I E Q. O Q V3 E E Q.. 'O C cv kdays CC W OH 2:00 a.m. IT' O 4-I E ca. 0 Q V3 E 2 9-4-4 tn 4-I C 0 'U Z3 +-a cn O +3 acks SH ndy, and other C21 pizza, sold -CI .2 -C1 3 D L.. O 4-I cn CU cn Cd -Cl o 2 cd Tvs I +4 S-1 CYS 3 CD +-I CD 31 enjo O t iS C11 stud he rt fo en T.V. SCI'C C rg es and a la achin ball m .E Q. as 5-4 cu an S-4 as -C1 l-1 vi kend CC W OH 2:00 a.m. Stewart Hall Dorm Council nge Ju ZITI an, D l'Tl C id Ti HV ine, Brad Corbin, D Chw Ri Coutant, Scott Steelman, Steve LaVine, Jeff her nsend, Christop Tow oug Gerke, D Mike Not pictured: John Pitchford, Mark Ulseth, Jeff Baert CC am CN mM assino QVice Pres.J, Ken Lettig, Ji Roy L. Quinn CTres.J, Kevin P es.J fPr decision and eu .3 4-3 Q if on Z UOH HS 3. HC ofu I iS ormed by the resident studen f HS uncil w C0 art Hall Dorm 3 3 UD fu .-C1 F all. H rt Stewa ithin W activities for student's body OD CI 132 cd E enjoy the Stewart Hall dance. students as E O CD N .mn- As.. -.-f , sn -Q' 5 --w 9 v LT 1. 1 f' X , 1,-1 ? x.,..l I i psi 1-1 ' 1 Is'L- lpn? , J I 'Q If H L-1 S f if gg,-u CL '1 'sal "-War W 6 '- ,- 4, ,N ng' 19. ,- . . 'fzqi ,. -, x S 's 7: Q xg 'ues il . la sk' Q 0 fr' , 1 ,Q-hw ..-, , my Y' b v .. fy ,. , ,iw-. 2 1. N. AQ., . 4 'fl Q , 1 - n ,--X ,,,. as we 'F E VG L, if Hvkqb. ., ,. .4 Qi We 1 I - f 1 Qu J ' t 1' ' M , rg, ul 'ff . h ' t I I . l I, - C L 1 ' 1-1-I url- fill 1 -1 11' vt , - Q' .. 5, ' ' TS' 1 4 'U 252 .xgw 'Di 3-4 BEE :US-1: HEL' haul? Mya., Og, CQ 5-1 'gina .r:.: Eff go 'CfU-M GJ -09 cuba MEL: Puqqo 54:20 .s: Q"'c5'b4+-Q WCG E BUE 2:53 was fu: .: 513602 Suzi' CD"- D22 x-S,-cg RMB f CID Seam :1 Cx 'divx cnQ'm :MES :iam om'-CQ -wzo r 'CJ U38 9:x.fPwqg 4-5 684,55 302.121 280m ang-C2 UUCIQ Q..C.'qq .9332 mcg? 3' cUs..VJO SUCH 63203 ,UMCQ QTJAZQ 2-Egg C0223 C64-fu .-51551: uric? VWCUCUCU UCDCIM "5 'Y I. is ,o- -- D wg, 5 1 'K B-M, .J 'A Y: 'Q . 4 . -.W 'N S 1 s, ,N , 1, yy ' ff. A ' f'l'+"'Q,7 'Fi' , ps 3, J- V - 1 my fs Tb J P pq ,. l F .L A .e' '1- Q, 332. ' x-. 'Nb ,bb WA r ZA w . -ai 14 ti' A ia? R :sv-nf.. S J 1. , My 'P , . XA, B A ,. , -PM, , - .- ., ,sk 3 iw 1 'is '--.. f1 .ff .jx Q ' of. , . . n . .. ' 4 - ' A . ..," ' 4' 4 . Qi, hx ' .I - ' f I O lj. I 1' .. 4 4' 1 k team. and the trac IT! ll tea ba Ct sk Ba he oft residence HCW he St i ll 3. H tt la P Il SO S621 83 82 he int orious Ct i V HS W ITI tball tea 0 fo l I'3. L1 ITI US. Their in f'U if 1 . 519 'w r Q 4 V - .Ya 9 5, 5 i, 'fi I .,:,. 5 E 1 gf if raw Q' 1, ., 1 an A ,, N cg .2 , i .V f ,Q . ,ku H- gg e ' fe wr ,,t. who 'E on cn ' , as sw ...img ,W ,, U C FU I T M as .: iff, ' . 1' U O -'iszg-L . ,522 :-1' Z' ,sg-is-1 We-f all T t -'io N 2 an ,-9 C 1. ,g E Y Ji? Q T E E 2 T , " L, q 4 I A o f. E P -1 S.. , . ' U 3 .ff - ana va, 5 r , , ,a a 0 E U A I x 4 E E E U Q I .. ,A .V 3. I . . ,.. era' .. ' X , Z C C 8 QM T .,rrl Q r cv -E .Lf s .hm t .,, I . Y s . ... 5 I, , n AA '. S4 .ff 8 ' E T N r ,. 1 1 I 5 , 'S gq O , , v fs , in I Q L, 0 .-C1 ' A' E T V , , , :J .CI , , - I sq -, . '-' Cv r: QQ, 'Q s 1 -V Qty: ? x. Q-1 8 M ' f 5 ' ' '+- Q-' gf 4 V, ii,i:i' K1' 4v:i 2 fy O 'cn as Q ,. V ... V V cn : is if a,,t H . E cv O av A' ,. : -,H - U .C i' ,' 431115 , C ':- 'U H E , , ,. x 1 .,. H , :gi T T. M D- ez ,- egg., 1 H , I jg. cd V , CD ra A ' .. ""'N4 C 3 U L-4 D Q-P U on ..r: CD D '2 3 4: O I-4 an CD ld P L. cd 2 it cvs U I c: css Q :J llincow, Mike Ron Mu CI 5 x-. I I-T U ... ,-. 2 :1 GJ .z .-l Dale Race, Kent Lorbilger, Greg Kable, Doug Graham, Kyle Weddle, Mike Bertelson, Darin ng, Jim OU York Y Miller, Bram McSwain HVC Sully, Mike Sully, D CII on, Ell Nort Salyer, Bret on :s o Q sl :s o r: U cn U PE Lf 2 'Es' Ll- la-1 to-1 GJ 'T ,-. Tw s: .E LL. E cd Q-1 .E 0-5 K- O Z Collins, Tony Rahm, J.D VC bjak, ste Str g, Mike Stafford Greg Heator, Shawn Fleming, Ken Hayduck, Terry Basinger, Randy Kin 'O L.. N OD U U l-' CI U P- :- L.. 0 I-' rf O 2 .E '5 it D rn E CU Q4 ing 4 L 4 Vi? 'es X I1- - :-955 me ag A 53113 Tx! EH, 1 'Q 073 '1 1 Q 3 "il Ke rw CT! 4.-nv?" Jo Bennett Sue Andress, Brenda Weirich, Sheila ercer, M ndy Lori Morgan, Ruth Eberlin, Ci ette Cousino, HH ar Dean, A Sh e, Leslie Moyer, .-1 Marcia Mays, Diann Sandy, Claire Dewir Curran, Mi- eingart, Chris nnette W hester, A HC ari Wi Sh 1 .- -. .- .S ester, Jenny Gray H D FO ryl Jabaay, Sha he C avis D ecky s,B Krieger, Judy Buhlinger, Teresa Mackie, Becky McGee, Janet Mill -Hall Directors Scott Mike 8a VOHHH m Dangler, Y Pa Burkhart, Della Miller, chele Mi ook, B Sa Harvey, Li aren Alston, Lana ousant K T elle ch the pie in IC pa yeruk partici G SS Ru and gan Lori Mor eating contest. id. H1 e the pyra girls practic H Unit "B he T hour. PY s on at hap ok Dewire lo aire Cl s this campu C1 O a new face HS ' w GSB, .ti cz D ll players were ba ket er the bas year. Aft ESE LT? 9:0 gd.: OV! QE Bo 21: mo :..:: :E- cvs QE :on ms: me :SE Si D-to OC 4-3 'SZ' :EZ oo EE the Out through CI C '.: N .E C1 cd DD L. 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GS Q of: cd ee M Jefferies, Tanya Brooks, Denise Maddux, Lisa Lucenko ---.--v-- ....s....,.,...... 1 I , ai, w,.,..,..A-o f Y xx.. the camera from m 7-. -C YD -D E O O +-J LE 3 E Z for her next hour's test CS dux Studi ad M enise D Deb Kaap gets ready for class. 73 The typical attitude around finals time of most students is "It just doesn't matter any- more!". An open book means someone is planning on studying hard. Danice Edwards is pre- paring to do just that. ,- W ,W 'a wmfmf- -w s g .im . , .5 if gat., ,E -NTP' ,f t 'f l 74 The camera seems to be interupting some- thing important between two studying Platt residentsg Doug King and Greg Heator. .lust one of the many room parties thrown in Stewart Hall. Tinsel and more tinsel keep Jeff Barrett occupied during Christmas decorating at Stewart Hall. Some students live at home and commute to school. One commuter student is working on his Chemistry lab. of V -'N .VFR 4, f apt fs, ml tak ifiifi' 6' Q Q ,. , , vm , x Q .q 5' . 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Alwood Hall is closed but it's past residents still hold on to the dorm's tradition of hang- ing a welcome sign for the Spring Weekend band. ts, ,, 5? ICQ . ,L 6 " 5 if? QQ' Q57 'Xl' Ev V P ' Q, , IGHAE4- its f ina , saw' af 1' , A GARY A . -, f "'5"'7-Pow e e faq wi... 'f ..,,N 4 A' ' ."' , g E 'Q .ffi if if if f iy M 1-Q ,444 if a 025 f L gf ' jk 41 A E Vubv ., 'lt iififiifiw . ful' uv", Just some of the late night edibles and drinks that students enjoy. 'rs -is ffuwasv 'fganwdx ,ggi swuprxww :ml ,pe Q 4: W fix-, ." ,if 'l T- f 5. ! f , H1 3"-.1:,b-RQW 'W' M " 4' 'M 4 ff., -gg x f ffiffii 'A" ' .'-55,15 f 0 I xg F 3' I quwsiv. Axmr' a 1' 1' JA I 1 V! A SNOLLVZINVDHO Anenrcm Somew OF Crm. Ensnveeauva ll-QQ llggg QC llfl --s-4 F-mn+ Lows Le,-P+ -0oQ:3h+' Buyon M.'ll0'5 B: H ASCE membeffa cel cvgv-cL+C their guggeffg Dcl519no"P.xD1n Zzerkn. , , 'UW' we Cfvnfffm AJYKT' F0-iff' Second Qowj 154,53 Sm6Q,pq,fa5L-Irvla L4-J'L.'n 3Chq,rlg5 El . 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Catalog Shopping Janitorial Supplies 107 W. Maumee-Angola Seryioe with Home oeliyery. ll Ui iii ie JCPenney Catalog Department With The Best Compliments of Bobis Pizza Palace . . . A delicious alternative to your daily dining routine 214 W. Maumee l a, IN Radio Shack 1 Car Stereo TV Antennaes Video Games TRS 80 Computor Suttons Super Value For All Your Shopping Needs Open Daily 8:00 To 9.00 Sunday 9 AM To 6 PM In The Country Farr Shoppmg Center 1 QWGD1If1 g m . ' !9l C' Phone: 665-7101 1 Wm W 50515-ry OF WOMEN ENGINEERS Fran., Row., L,2.C-4-+9 Rpghfj Ma,n5l4a,4j Long-3 Me I-'ssa Lam? V'c.ILI C-OIH-Un, SL,c,onol lzouui Dahibd Edwards jkefrj Baium 1 L+1,g,PPfYN!1h . Back, Rowj AJ-V"5GY' ZYa.r,1oic. 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'21 A f f,ff -1w,yQ,,4gw..q.3- s-lg, M345 V"."f - V 1.1, 1, L 'QV 43.-4 .,2g-WV' V 2 . f3.g',g-1k,fVV5gi ' "syn fe -QV' "', yn' 'Q -,- fx ,A 5- 1.-V,., Av' V V Q-:QW "55"A ' ', '--fri Z Av-iywx f:'K'-ggiig 51' ' :J-2 -' I ax, fx? 'wma' 'N bm 'J , - f"!-,.'t,V?-5"?wgkf" 4' Q 4 ww W " ' ' 1' " rf " 'T " A A-A ' A 1 V f 5,-'Sf ww' 3191 - --nw 'A ' - M-ff"f 'fx 3 1' 2--w, w .fag- -fyfgrfg-,V 2 Q -2.5,-ff', .- -,-gg,,,gs !f?fg.'f3fL - -1-......1-Z'. --75 .2--. V 2- - .- . ..,,. mf-V ,M M A smile is a common place sight, on Dean of Students, Stanley Perchan's face no matter what the problem. Dean of Students 1970, Dr. William Scott, is advising a student concerning a prob- lem at Tri-State. The faculty staff not so long ago! , ,4- 2 Thomas D. Yong Janet Mzller James A. Zimmerman Janet Rogers Sally Habib Q0 5 Y Mzldred Swzft Martha Holloway Cathy K azmzrck X. u-11 4-6 ug NNN-15 I 7 Holly Davis Jo Seztz A' .1 M Vzrgzma Moser Sally Rathbun .V Generous Ralph Martin hands retiring Lana Christy her last paycheck. IZI it ? . 9 l Jr Jerry R. Beehler John R. Behee Jack Brillhart Thomas G. Burney Grace Beltz Mrs. Benson Dewi ght Case Charles K. Cook Michael Blaz Robert I. Cook Susan M. Crabtree Carl H. Elliott Holly Davis Daniel L. Fuller James DeVos Glenn E. Gaetre ,I Benjamin Dow Richard J. Gollntck Arthur E. Eberherdt Charles D. Goodale, Jr. Satish Goyal Roger J. Hawks I 4 Luther J. Graves, Jr. " E Ima L. Heier Wesley J. Green William W. Hill Karen S. Griggs Peter A. Hippensteel Albert A. Guilford I 1 .H N 1 .I-..,- 4 A -w'!l.l7-"W Robert G. H oehn A Leroy Holub Richard R. Kruger Moshlnul Hug Leo F. Kuhn Nell B. Johnson Sadanand Kundapur Sue Ann Keenan Theron Lunsford Gene R. K ri tsky 'WH' v-. Michael Lesiak Ilia. lg e M 1 sf Q 9, ,s O lx - 126 Michael J. Lzttell Jane L. Mitchell Ralph H. Martin Derald L. Moore John C. McBride Evelyn Morgan John W. McClellan John E. Morin Kent D. Meyers Jerry Moulder Jack L. Nortrup Nancy A. Perry Elizabeth Orlosky Mark L. Peterman 1 - -, X f , Tfx.",f.' Q-. . - . ,. AX. 1 ,'. . . . -'m,3 Q . " e W v- y P A ,, Ly:-4 ' 3 -' ' mm. gy: ..,. , gn R 3 ' , Ks - WN ,, .2 if.f. M.. ,at . W9 fS'f,,fw P . cial!-I 5- . 3 "diy 5 as -' . t Q if lx .Ji . . tg., Jacquiline Orsagh Chester A. Pinkham E- S . ..., . , vas- Ks, Dennts W. Petrte K art Rathburn Stanley J. Perehan Pyrl L. Rhinesmith 127 Dr. Paul P. Rumps Blaine L. Shoup Richard A. Ruselink Alan B. Showalter wif' ' w-.f,:-- --S' i William R. SanGiacomo 'V "' 5 h 5, X- f-rg -'P xx it Q ff Xxx , ' ifl V "XX A -E . ..-2. S R ' ,L '. Rudolph W. Stoeckel, Jr. 3856? Steven A. Schoenjield .0--F Alan R. Stoudlnger W Gerald Seeley I28 Bill E. Sunday Frank R. Swenson Delores M. T ichenor Mildred E. swift Thomas P. Tierney David L. Syler Henry W. T ueker Enriqueta G. T aboy Ralph Martin Gary M. Taylor Robert Whelchel , ,. ,.. y lb ,""""""""""""""""'..W....,..W...,..a..-, , .,.., W gf. sf.-. K . A 129 Q Jacquiline Orsagh fx 14- .3 l 1 'A Thomas Young , W , Richard Kruger ,K . il lg xii' XE 5 , , 1 Ching Wang I K' :rf 25514 ,' Q , . " , -Q Q T Y ... x ""-. -W-:G Cook, Seeley, Stoekel, Zimmerman run for the turkey!!! Y ATA!! ' A Simi Stanley Perchan Charles Cook, William San Giacomo x 1 i -'I 1 . ,4f5l"' "M ! 35 Gerald Seeley, Rudolph Stoeckel Removal of The Bell The Tri-State University Senior class of 1983 sponsored the removal of the college bell from the administration building's bell tower on Tuesday, November 9, 1982. The bell will be cleaned polished, and given a new permanent home as a memorial. The bell, made in 1884 by Van Duzen and Tift fthe Buckeye Bell Foundryj of Cincinnati, Ohio, was installed in the tower when the building was constructed in 1886. It fell from the tower during the fire of 1930, but was re-installed when the building was re- built. It has not been moved since that time. A crane and operator were rented from Martin, Inc., of Fort Wayne. To help defer costs of the bell removal and clean-up, the Senior Class sold coffee and hot chocolate to spectators. The class is headed by Ken Rettig, president, and Kevin Passino, vice president. Top Right: The university bell before it was moved from the top of the Administration building. Middle Right: Kevin Passino helps secure the bell then awaits the lifting ofit from the building. 132 1 81 if fi i . in t 'e '. 9 wi wx ls QQOQ Senior Kevin Passino watches as the bell is A Crowd gathers to Watch as the bell iS raised from its hiding place. lowered to the truck below. ' ' CC ' 97 CC 9? Antzclpated Missing Faces for Fall 83 fi ,ie A 5 'V 1 5 a lb. 1 'i -.,.- ' f al 2 , Z 43 . wxw, my ,. , ,Q M.. 11, gynminb K . 52 15 l Karen Griggs and below, Gerald Seeley W 33 ,f H rg, S4 X, X ...-.g.x x- ..,.x . '-54: : . fit. j 4:53-:J . xX N x X X ..'Q- ,Qi A..,A ,,. .. .mv V N ...,,, x.. A X wr X . .-,E-.I .5-mf.-I . ': 4:42-. - --539' - ' . A . .yf.5,E:5E-:?,,::' .. V A .jggfgigigffjf-"" f:w3s:e.5'.r....f:s1 . f...-wg.-.-rf-37' , .i7A:-Sffif:-""'2 K Qs . xxx . ,... 'Safefggf:Nrf?53sg.5.5ef"X . - X ,Jfsfs:2- ..35ff.-Zfgfgifsisffv. X X xxx .. V-.:.:.3.::-:-:IQ . X X X K X-V Q H .. .. ' J . - riff nhlz Q N A.,, .,5. 'l"' ' lf. ff' ii " -.:1 E ' Q . . .. ...N . .. : :Ik My -:-:-Sfl: A XA? .-S.: X524 . ? ...3 .4 .1 -:r Q Af-axe. -5-sw . :C . 'L ffslifli .5159-:Af :iii f:-fs: C iii Q -iillj Q. .ak I vi ' 1' Y? lhlh llll 194 5 mr, f mum-Q ,.. I www, 153 IMQWMM As Greg Reitmeyer punts, Steve Bracken follows with a watchful eye. --1 Fencing in 1976. Girls intramural volleyball is fun and excit- ing. Sandy Hunt is setting to center front as Lynnette Stover and Jeannette Faust ob- serve. SLHOJS Golf The Tri-State Trojan golfers are ready to begin their 1983 season with a strong com- petitive history. They will walk onto the green this year with the NAIA State Championship on their record book, and a full golfing season which started last fall when the Trojans lost only to Notre Dame at the Notre Dame NCAA Division I match. "We have strength, experience, and yet youth," said head coach Bill SanGiacomo. "Another advantage is our depth. We have eight or more players who could start in the top five positions," said SanGiacomo. The Trojan golfers have an competitive schedule for the 1983 season, but their strong record has prepared them. The Tro- jans have captured the State title three times over the past ten years, and they have never placed lower than third in State com- petition history. With this record behind them, and the 1982 NAIA title, the Trojan golfers have no where to move, but ahead. . J r- . I an 'vj f r 1 I Q4 f 'Q .1 . W, p ' X is f ' NX., cd 1 v A f.- - . Putting is a vital shot of the golf game. Steve Souder concentrates on his shot. 136 it Chipping onto the green is a difficult shot. David Ringenberg shows the proper form and style be- fore taking his shot. T rack '6We live off team depth and we score heavy in events," said Coach Dick Gollnick. This seasonls track team has a present standing of 42 members. This large number of team members will give the Trojans a competitive advantage in the variety of track and field events. "We run against some teams that are over our heads, but that makes us strong," said Gollnick. One disadvantage the team will face is the transition from the indoor to the out- door track. The facilities at Tri-State don't provide for easy transition, but Coach Goll- nick predicts after two weeks the team will be well adjusted. Gollnick is more than happy with the tal- ent, and the team is willing to pay the price. "We have a good team chemistry," said Gollnick. ,ell l'da1,0. . "QM-af , . v-.wg 1 '41 A' .M ....,,,....,....-w -- 'f "4'9"l" X. . ,, I. . ,Q . .M-.4..., 'r ' Hurdler Kyle Weddle warms up before a track meet. .J , affiifgggyg . The long jump takes concentration, as seen on Doug King's face. The Tri-State Trojans won the 1982- 1983 NAIA District Zl championship. They then went to the nationals at Kan- sas City, where they lost to a much larger school, Chicago State. One of the big advantages the Trojans enjoyed was a number of players capable of scoring double figures in a game. Coach Mark Peterman noted, "That was a real plus for us. The other teams couldn't gear their entire defense around just one player to beat us." Next year? Who knows. Only two sen- iors, Chris Pittman and Brent Lail, were on the roster last year. So maybe they'll go all the way next year. x 374 ',..-f l97l Basketball Team-Front Row, Left to Right Donsaunders Randy Copeland Mike Woodruff Doug Booth Gary Younce Allen Rhodes. Middle Row, Bill Beck, Chris Nipple Bob Wright Terry Padgett Bill Coffey Jim Brendel Bob Coffey Coach Mark Peterman. Back RowgAsst.Coach Jon Grill Mark Hayden Roger Kmdinger Roy Charleswood Asst Coach Tony Rogan John Towne Charlie Ralston, David McCraven, Greg Cline I38 A Kansas City, Coach be home. As Dan blocks one of the players from Troy hleeley manages 1 Kwai' we oiiaa ost vt?-wabXjcl?bV we Q' P 1 K0 192 ' MX' 7 Thks Yeats, ks enact game Xsp- egi La 85 XX Ylflefu Y 15 ' ikxeefxeachir the Swmng novnced VFW P552 lr' 0 0 ' '?'T'0'o'tl Basketball is a popular sport at Tri- State, then and now. 139 Coach Pete Hippensteel discusses team iw? av- Third baseman, Mike Kuss nent to the base for the -, ' wana. During batting practice, Tyron Storrs takes a swing. 140 strategy during practice. Fr Baseball on deck now and then Traveling South to Savannah, Georgia, on April 2, the Tri-State Baseball Squad trained and completed in five days of beau- tiful weather and warmth, with tempera- tures reaching 91 degrees on the second day of baseball action. The Trojans had the chance to play continually and discover where their strong points are. "I thought the trip was very worthwhile, we had excellent weather to practice and play. We were able to develop a hitting con- sistency, and we now have five players at 300. Our lead hitter is Scott Scherer with 421. We had two top pitching performances from Mark Craven and Andy Wortkoetter. We learned a lot, and now we want to apply it. A lot of our rookies looked good on de- fence and we're now able to set some posi- tions for the rest of the season," said head coach Pete Hippensteel. Patiently awaiting his pitch, Don Seagroatt steps into home plate as John Gorcyga umps and an opposing teammate catches e Q Spiker, Bonnie Jowsay, goes up to the net to kill the ball which Laura Foss has just set We had a really young team last year. Five out of the eight players were freshmen last year and were good. Tri-State was very competitive with most of the schools they played. We didn't have a strong bench, but, we did play well and even played a Division I teamg Notre Dame. Tri-State, a Division III school, is look- ing forward to a tough, competitive year next year in volleyball. We have 15 girls returning in the fall and are anticipating a fine season. 142 Womarfs Volleyball , if H' f I - - t n tat? f' ks The typical ing an ending to each The official volleyball for competition play. Displaying perfect form, Annette Weingart goes up for the block. C ross Country The team ended up with a 4-0 record. They were third in conference competition. Three team members made all conference. They are: Mike Senour, Marv Retcher and Terry Teegardin. The team competed in six big invitation- als. There were 12 to 16 teams competing. Tri-State finished 4th and 5th in all. We have a really young team, almost all were back from last season. Two good sen- iors will be graduating: Marv Retcher and John DeWeese. We can look forward to a good season next year also. The Trojans finished I lth at the NCAA Regionals. Just the beginning of a long Cross Country run I44 Cross Country runner, Mike Bertelsen, paces himself throughout the strenuous A I'LlH. V ., 2, 'I Ve, V phi. , for running in the on the run The vital piece of equipment for every Cross Country runner is a good pair of run- ning shoes. 145 Front row: Marcia Carpenter, Letita Cartwright, Dena Davis, Tangi Jackson, and Bonnie Jowsay Back row Coach Linda Moses Kathy Smith, Cindy Sellers, Bonnie Bonnelli, Lou Flynn, and Becky Davis. I 7 - , lv orct E IJ 5 5 AS KET IJJALL, We have only one senior, making this a building year. The women won't reach their potential until next year C83-843. We practice every day, starting with con- ditioning in October and November though February is the month our actual practices start. A junior that was all District last year and is a good choice this year is Tangi Jack- son. Bonnie Jowsay, a junior, has a chance of making all district and is a hard worker. ln the NAIA conference, there are 18 teams. They take top 8 for district playoffs. We' work on fundamentals because our team is so small we have to beat them fun- damentally. 146 -wr S E7 L. Watching an Tangi Jackson, 1. ff' .fg 1 Q51 Q' Tangi Jackson shoots another one for the lady Trojans. L.. 'LJ E- 1 Q-4 71 :J I P-. 1: .E 2 Caruso, l Liu d 'U 'CTS 3 ': O .1 Left to Right OW Front R ,E :A 125 ult pyraml O ZZ Q- 'U U3 E '5 .O C O GJ Q-l cd L-4 A-3 CI 0 O C O O te cheerleaders CYS 0-3 C0 ': I- 41 'I Z1 I V " A X bf 1 ,,- V7 . C In .53 '5 E 'U 0 4: H on X , 5 avg vm 5 : x 1- ms L- .Pu X-Z'-vi. ,Q v.y"'.'G' Yr.,.J?, cn i'. ' L.. V5 3',' FZ ,:S.It- U 2' .9. -3, 5 U 8 'fefu-1: 3 N 1- ii E 2 D ,. gwslg Q Eg 5' 'nm . Q O , 'S 2 U 'S 0-J CU .CI "' on VJ :s .L O L, 1.- I- :E S '44-' 'I val M i lllll 'ill f Jr f A ,,., VV A 4 V 5 57 5 , ,- 1 , -in Xi Qi , ' ""j 2. ' I 'wa ' .4 . . 5 C10 'O .cg 3 O o 'wi 8 E3 g cv: ms .-53, -5 U-55 Q-4 gwd ."O'-' U -Cm FG U....r: - Zan W 2.12.5 COS +-I '- HZ 2 'DQS cu D 2:0 'Q cg!-1 .23-:G5 ,LW Bmw 00 cn,C.' C: QJUZI U-I :woo D cvscvo I, aw M fd px Q C'.'CQ .SQOE 5 ,JD -53 gown N Wye: as x-.Cm Q 323 8 -Civ: ..C. U.-ILLJ U af' TENNI We have a six week long season with 12 matches, which is really a short season. We have a young team as far as college exper- ience is concerned. I hope to see most of the team members back next year. , ,sf nl xi' .f aff'-vp' 'Aiidd hw-mge-arecfieislil-we ' T l l ' .-.,..f-1 f ..c.l..""'i-Q......,. r Two TSU Players on the court. 150 FENCIN Mention fencing and the word conjures up images of The Three Musketeers fierce- ly dueling in the 17th century. But what was once a gentleman's game, done to de- fend one's honor, is now an athletic event, one with physical demands as great, and movements as precise, as those of gymnas- tics. Tri-Stateis fencing team, headed by coach Lansford, is ready to meet the com- petition this season. The general outlook, according to Lansford, is "very good." Fencers compete in three weapons: epee, a modification of the old dueling weapon, sabre, a modification of the old calvary weapon, and foil, originally a practice weapon for epee. Top returning fencers in men's epee are Bob Mellen and Ken Kosiorek. Mellen placed 9th in the NCAA Nationals last year, providing Tri-State University with it's first All American honorable mention. Backing up these top positions are some strong fencers. Contenders for the number three spot in epee are Dan King and rookie Eric Stoneking. Further depth in epee will be provided by Brian Wright and Jay Les- lie. Rookies Bryan Knowles and Mike Schiffli, in epee, Pat Murphy and Bob Jehl, sabbre, and Tom Lansford, foil, also show great promise for the coming season. Top women fencers are Maria Shereda, Carol Desmarais, and Sue Rehl. Shereda is 15th in the nation, women's epee, under the United States Fencing Association CUSFAJ, the governing body of US fenc- ing. Desmarais was the outstanding rookie last year. This is the first year the Tri-State Uni- versity team has started with experienced fencers in all weapons. iii -W 'N i if T Y' ly N! Ll' t 'X M vi . f xmwl Qtr. . triiaslv-W W is 5. . X Mix., . ,A,,, 1 ,,,.Xl,,Q , . K .. W. Luv ' 'wif' -viz' rg lii Qi. W Ygyvlvr . f. -if ni- wgm- .W,5,w, 1 Q 1 .miss 'i s X. if it W fd . Q.. of it Fencing is a growing sport. 4' Eg pf' Fw F 'ft' 'F A A Sgiences The School of rts End Sciences at- tempts to help the dent examine many of the complex socia ersonal, and environ- mental problems ' world of the past and the present. It promote a great- er understanding and of the valuable works in all human en- deavor. At the same time, the Sciences recognizes that jective of higher education is land lieve it should bel career advancement. With this in mind, a fundamental of Arts and Sciences is to provide train- and . is , tary tics. . 2 f", 'sn 3- ' ' ' . :HZ 'fl' if + "' . r"Fdl?Q t?? c ' A 6 2' 1 ' fill!! 1. r an vi ,af ,gf his 1 a :zrwr-' ...,. SHGINCEIS il' T7 NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Khaled Anshasi, William Axdorff, Mirza Baig, Lorry Baker, Robert Bates. Khaled Anshasi Khaled Anshasi is from Angola, Indiana and will graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering. William Axdorf William Axdorf is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and will graduate as a Mechani- cal Engineer. Mirza Baig Mirza Baig of Angola, Indiana will gra- duate as a Business Manager. Lorry Baker Lorry Baker is from Michigan City, Indi- ana and is a Biology major. Robert Bates Robert Bates is from Oakland, Ohio and he is a Mechanical Engineer. Daoud Baydoun Daoud Baydoun is from Angola, Indiana, and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Allen Becker Allen Becker is from Amherst, New York and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Matthew Below Matthew Below is from Port Clinton, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Craig Bercaw Craig Bercaw is from Coldwater, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Robert Bostic Robert Bostic is from Virginia Beach, Vir- ginia and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. i 'T YW M U fc? NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Daoud Baydoun, Allen Becker, Matthew Below, Craig Bercaw, Robert Bostic. I5-1 NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Branigan, Janett Braun, John Browder, Chuck Bunnell, Marsha Casper. Robert Branigan Chuck Bunnell Robert Branigan is from Arlington, Virgin- Chuck Bunnell is from Willoughby, Ohio ia and is graduating with a degree in Elec- and is graduating with a degree in Aero- trical Engineering. nautical Engineering. Janett Braun Marsha Caspar Janett Braun is from Angola, Indiana and Marsha Caspar is from Jackson, Michigan is graduating with a degree in Mechanical and is graduating with 21 degree in Chemi- Engineering. cal El'lgil'lCCI'lI'lg. John Browder Ray Chukwu John Browder is from Strongsville, Ohio RHY Chukwu is irein C0InPi0H, C21lifOrHi21 and is graduating with a degree in Chemi- and is graduating with 3 degree in Aero- cal Engineering. Slnnee Engineering- Douglas Clemens Douglas Clemens is from Stryder, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jeffrey Collins Jeffrey Collins is from Bluffton, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Drafting and Design. John Combest John Combest is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Timothy C ouch Timothy Couch is from Jonesboro, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Electri- cal Engineering. M feb, '17 2 NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Chukwu, Douglas Clemens, Jeffery Collins, John Combest, Timothy Couch. l55 4-s g NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Peter Crane, Donald Cuneo, Leibert Danielson, Louis Davis III, Jim Decker. Peter C raine Peter Craine is from Brockton, Massachu- setts and is graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Donald C uneo Donald Cuneo is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Lei bert Danielson Leibert Danielson is from Spring, Texas and is graduating with a degree in Aero- space Engineering. Louis Davis III Louis Davis III is from Wabash, Indiana, and is graduating with a degree in Market- ing. Jim Decker Jim Decker is from Defience, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineer- ing. Drew Degeorge Drew Degeorge is from Webster, New York and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. William Delsignore William Delsignore is from Chesterland, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. John Dewees John Dewees is from Clarksville, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Manage- ment. Roger Diederich Roger Diederich is from Pleasant Lake, In- diana and is graduating with a degree in Management. Russ Disbrow Russ Disbrow is from Troy, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Information Processing. Q? NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Drcw DeGeorge, William Dclsignore, John Dewees, Robert Diederich, Russell Disbrow. I56 NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGI-IT, Billy Douglas, Gregory Dragoo, Wallid El-Khoury, Jerry Evers, Ayoub Fares. Billy Douglas Jerry Evers Billy Douglas is from Plattsburgh, New Jerry Evers is from Waldron, Michigan and York and is graduating with a degree in is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Electrical Engineering. Engineering. Gregory Dragoo A youb Fares Gregory Dragon is frnm Auburn, Indiana Ayoub Fares is from Angola, Indiana and is and is graduating with a degree in Me- graduating withadegree in Civil Engineer- chanical Engineering. ing- Wallid El -Khoury Robert Fisher Wallid El-Khoury is from Safat-Kuwalt Robert Fisher is from Rolling Prairie, Indi- and is graduating with a degree in Econom- ana and is graduating with a degree in Me- ics. chanical Engineering. John Flynn John Flynn is from Edon, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Micheal F risoni Micheal Frison is from Mishawaka, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Elec- trical Engineering. Joyce Fuller Joyce Fuller is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Account- ing. Blair Galda Blair Galda is from St. Clair Shores, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. is NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Fisher, John Flynn, Michaer Frisoni. Joyce Fuller, Blair Galda. A NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ James Gallnsky, Harold Bass, Charles Gennaro, John Gorczyea, Douglas Graham. James Gallnsky James Gallnsky is from Schererville, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Harold Gass Harold Gass is from Livonia, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Charles Gennaro Charles Gennaro is from Tonawanda, New York and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. John Gorczyca John Gorczyca is from Lackawanna, New York and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Douglas Graham Douglas Graham is from Bucyrus, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Comput- er Science. S aundra Graham Saundra Graham is from Madison, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Business Education. Kim Hadaway Kim Hadaway is from Pleasant Grove, Alabama and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Dean Hadley Dean Hadley is from New Haven, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Chemi- cal Engineering. Hassan H amden Hassan Hamden is from Ahmakl, Kuwalt and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Steven Hartman Steven Hartman is from Hudson, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Drafting and Design. ,945 i'- Q2-I 'E-' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RlGHTg Saundra Graham, Kim Hadaway, Dean Hadley, Hassan Hamden, Steven Hartmen. l58 ,. it Qt 1 s,, . 1 s Wi' I .V,.!V,,,.VYV :I I 2, NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Dean Harwood, Melinda Heist, William Heller, Steve Heuer, Samir Humaidan. Dean Harwood Dean Harwood is from Sheffield Lake, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Meilinda Heist Meilinda Heist is from Greenville, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Comput- er Technology. William Heller William Heller is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Steve Heuer Steve Heuer is from North Tonawanda, New York and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Samir Hamaidan Samir Humaidan is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Sandra R. Hunt Sandra Hunt is from Greenwood, New York and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mugeira Hussein Mugheira Hussein is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Job Jacob Job Jacob is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Accounting. Eric Johnson Eric Johnson is from Gary, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in English. Frank Johnson Frank Johnson is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I -"' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Sandra Hunt, Mugheira Hussein, Job Jacob, Eric Johnson, Frank Johnston. l'159 P n ' ' 6'L?E'no 4' w. Q...- ws- NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Daniel Junge, Barry Juras, Deborah Kaag, Daniel Junge Daniel Junge is from Napoleon, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Barry Juras Barry Juras is from Hawthorn Woods, Illi- nois and is graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Deborah K aag Deborah Kaag is from Lexington, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Market- ing. Kelly Kendall Kelly Kendall is from Warsaw, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Accounting. James K err James Kerr is from Adrian, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Mary Klinkbell Mary Klinkbell is frore1LeRoy, New York and is graduating with a degree in Comput- er Science. Kelly Kendall, James Kerr. Timothy Koehl Timothy Koehl is from Fort Wayne, Ind ana and is graduating with a degree l Physical Edu ation. Don Koziel Don Koziel is from Galien, Michigan and graduating with a degree in Mechanic: Engineering. C hristophir La Vaine Christophir LaVaine is from Highland, I diana and is graduating with a degree Civil Engineering. Linda Laffn Linda Laffin is from South Bend, Indiai and is graduating with a degree in Cii Engineering. 1 'ls .2 I .29 NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTL Mary Klinkbeil, Timothy Koehl, Donald Koziel, Christopher LaVaine, Linda Laffin. l60 I - . dim 1, V-'-ev Q -' 1-31124 349330 f 43+ ' he 1 F L , if X f , .- rf X 1 e by 4 fffz ' f.'.., NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Timothy LaGrow, Patrick Lahmon, Brent Timothy LaGrow Timothy LaGrow is from Syracuse, New York and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. 19 Patrick Lahmon Patrick Lahmon is from Van Wert, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Brent Lail Brent Lail is from Dyer, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Management. Catherine Lambert Catherine Lambert is from Angola, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Computer Analysis. Donald Lamkin Donald Lamkin is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Diane Lehner Diane Lehner is frrfrm Granger, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Computer Technology. ' I 1 Lail, Catherine Lambert, Donald Lamkin. Karen Klaasing Karen L. Klausing is from Delphos, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Comput- er Science. Barbara Loadenslager Barbara Loudenslager is from Burr Oak, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Drafting and Design. Elizabeth Lucenko Elizabeth Lucenko is from Elkart, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Manage- ment. Brian Lutz Brian Lutz is from Nineveh, New York and is graduating with a degree in Computer Science. ...ef 'fn- NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Diane Lehner, Karen L. Klausing, Barbara Loudenslager, Elizabeth Lucinko, Brian Lutz 1 O I si ks? su NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Craig Magera, Bret Marquis, Abul Masrur, Craig Magera Craig Magera is from South Bend, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Bret Marquis Bret Marquis is from Peru, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Abul M asrur Abul Masrur is from Bangaladesh and is graduating with a degree in Management. Chris Masters Chris Masters is from Lagrange, Indiana and isigraduating with a degree in Secretar- ial Science. Reji Mathews Reji Mathews is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Mark McDaniel Mark McDaniel is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Chris Masters, Reji Matthews. Paul McDowell Paul McDowell is from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and is graduating with a de- gree in Aerospace Engineering. Mark McLean Mark McLean is from Orchard Park, New York and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Carl M cNamee Carl McNamee is from Huntington, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Kentlin Miller Kentlin Miller is from Elkart, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Manage- ment. 71S 1""' at X NAMES FRGM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark McDaniel, Paul McDowell, Mark McLean, Carl McNamee, Kentlin Miller. l62 4' al...- 43--" ' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTg Patricia Miller, Janet Mills, Gregory Mishler, Stephen Monaco, Kimberly Moyer. Patricia Miller Patricia Miller is from Fremont, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Comput- er Technology. Janet Mills Janet Mills is from Monkton, Maryland and is graduating with a degree in Account- ing. Gregory M ishler Gregory Mishler is from Leiters Ford, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Stephen Monaco Stephen Monaco is from Pine Bush, New York and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Kimberly Moyer Kimberly Moyer is from Mooresville, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Ac- counting. Mark M uscate Mark Muscato is from Rochester, New York and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Glen Myers Glen Myers is from Montpelior, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Drafting and Design. Renee Myers Renee Myers is from LaGrange, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Account- ing. Michael Nadeau Michael Nadeau is from Somerswoth, New Hampshire and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Fred Nader Fred Nader is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Muscato, Glenn Myers, Renee Myers, Michael Nadeau, Fred Nader. A' I 1 ' 63 6H.1"m 'A '1 " Link NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Liliane Nasnas, Thomas Nichter, Carrie Nowak, Patrick Nulhern, Oyeje Ogwu. Li I idfle N HSHHS Patrick N ulhern Liliane Nasnas is from Doha-Qatar, Arab Patrick Nulhern is from Windham, Ohio Gulf and is graduating with a degree in and is graduating with a degree in Aero- Computer Technology. space Engineering. Thomas Nichter Oyeje Ogwu Thomas Nichter is from New Haven, lndi- Oyeje Ogwu is from Angola, Indiana and is ana and is graduating with a degree in graduating with a degree in Aerospace En- Chemical Engineering. gineering. Carrie Nowak Peter Peresie Carrie Nowak is from New Carlisle, Indi- Peter Peresie is from Tonawanda, New ana and is graduating with a degree in York and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering. Andrew Perkins Andrew Perkins is from Friendship, New York and is graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Kevin Passi no Kevin Passino is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Electri- cal Engineering. Mark Pertroski Mark Pertroski is from Cheektowaga, New York and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. John Piper John Piper is from Clifton Springs, New York and is graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering. .I B- c' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Peter Peresie, Andrew Perkins, Kevin Passino, Mark Petroski, .Iohn Piper. I6-1 NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTg Lori E. Post, John Price, Ray Proud, Roy Quinn, Zia Rahim. Lori E. Post Lori E. Post is from Dublin, New Hamp- shire and is graduating with a degree in Secretarial Science. John Price John Price is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Social Science. Ray Proud Ray Proud is from Willoughby Hills, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. im.. NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Roy Quinn Roy Quinn is from Three Rivers, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Comput- er Science. Zia Rahim Zia Rahim is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Electrical En- gineering. Daniel Ramsey Daniel Ramsey is from Cammillus, New York and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Rozal yn Rieman Rozalyn Rieman is from Sodus, New York and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Marvin Retcher Marvin Retcher is from Defiance, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Mathemat- ICS. Kenneth Renig Kenneth Rettig is from Temperence, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Gerald Robinson Gerald Robinson is from St. Joseph, Michi- gan and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. Daniel Ramsey, Rozalyn Riemann, Marvin Retcher, Kennith Rettig, Gerald Robinson. 165 1 . v - In V . 6' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ William Rockwell. Yousef Sabri, Thomas Schamber, Paul Schenkel, Pamela Schmidt. William Rockwell William Rockwell is from Gloversville, New York and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Youef S abri KouefSabri is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Thomas Schamber Thomas Schamber is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Aero- space Engineering. Paul S chenkel Paul Schenkel is from Allentown, Pennsyl- vania and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Pamela Schmidt Pamela Schmidt is from Madison, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Market- ing. Michael Scott Michael Scott is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Robert Shaneyfelt Robert Shaneyfelt is from Kokomo, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Elec- trical Engineering. S andra Shaw Sandra Shaw is from New Baltimore and is graduating with a degree in Accounting. Patrick S heahen Patrick Sheahen is from Highland Park, Illinois and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Richard Siarra Richard Sierra is from Valporaso, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. 'V' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Michael Scott, Robert Shaneyfelt, Sandra Shaw, I66 'W Patrick Sheahen, Richard Sierra. NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTg Brent Sims, Stephen Smith, J. Lynette Brent Sims Brent Sims is from Katterling, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Aerospace En- gineering. Stephan Smith Stephen Smith is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Biology. J. Lynette Stover J. Lynette Stover is from Convoy, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engi- neering. W if 'Amity Jim Strbjak Jim Strbjak is from Whitting, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Deanda Swanson Deanda Swanson is from LaPorte, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Market- ing. Darla Sykes Darla Sykes is from North Canton, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Compu- tor Science. wtf' Stover, Jim Strbjak, Deanda Swanson. James Taylor James Taylor is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Gregory Thomas Gregory Thomas is from New Bavaria, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Gregory T iediman Gregory Tiedemann is from Newark, New York and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pamela T odd Pamela Todd is from Allen, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. :iw 'WN -e"""' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Darla Sykes, James Taylor, Gregory Thomas, Gregory Tiedemann, Pamela Todd. l T'- 1 H. I NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Joann Toupalik, Angela Tyson, Mark Ulseth, Prescott VanHorn, Roger Viton. Joann T oupalik Prescott Van Horn Della Warnecke Joann Toupalik is from Coldwater, Michi- gan and is graduating with a degree in Busi- ness Management. Angela Tyson Angela Tyson is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Elementary Education. Mark Ulseth Mark Ulseth is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Technical Management. Prescott Vanhorn is from Floyd's Knobs, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Roger Vi ton Roger Viton is from Chesterland, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Lori Wade Lori Wade is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Secretarial Sci- ence. Q Della Warnecke is from Van Wert, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Account- ing. Kevin Warner Kevin Warner is from I-Iolt, Michigan and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engi- neering. Said Wehbe Said Wehbe is from Angola, Indiana and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineer- ing. Russell G yurek Russell Gyurek is from Mentor, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Electrical En- gineering. JY NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHTQ Lori Wade, Della Warnecke, Kevin Warner, Said Wehbe, Russel Gyurek. 1371. K ax UN f NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Letty Widjaja, John Wiley, Robert Williams, Stephen Wise, Stephan Wooden. Stephen Wise is from Hudsonville, Michi- gan and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Letty Widjaja Daniel Z lerton Daniel Zlerton is from Fort Wayne, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. Letty Widjaja is from Jakarta, Indonesia and is graduating with a degree in Compu- tor Science. Stephan Wooden Stephen Wooden is from Athens, Georgia and is graduating with a degree in Me- chanical Engineering. John Wiley John Wiley is from Bethlaham, Pennsylva- nia and is graduating with a degree in Com- putor Science. Darry W00d5' Darryl Woods is from Wooster, Ohio and is graduating with a degree in Biology. Robert Williams is from Pendleton, Indi- ana and is graduating with a degree in Robert Williams Ashref Z eid X Chemical Engineering. Ashraf Zeid is from Angola, Indiana and is Stephan Wise graduating with a degree in Civil Engineer- ing. -- " i""' NAMES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Darryl Woods, Ashref Zeid, Daniel Zlerten, Russell Guyrek. Q - 'vs ' N. bv X 169 S APSHOTS -1' Yrs. N- ,ff . Y 4 " f-RWM, -a,' :Www . 4 ,.,g1,,,4 .Q . .Q 'v if:-5 T17 4 , wliicssrfff' x, x xx. .15 Wx, S51 - NRA 1 v 1 V QQ Nm: V 'T wav' '4'w.s Nik was 4 ,W 6 ' ' 'f N - .-.1 ffm if +5 '7 . W-Wi"x"5"'T"E'x'f'ta5+:f,-Q,.,,. gl- -' 1. 5 af' -f, WJ 4.4,-fx., .wh 'W 12 . qv,- N' 7- 'M ffl f-Q f'1g,,,fvwf-fs'f'3fKf2f., N-we-iff? -wftwff-e,1 " , .f gg ggfga . 'Sf' ,ELL ,-Ph... -s ,... u ' 4 i , M1-f' . ' " Y 'X 4 ' fa 3 ,V ' ' ' 1 ,..,-QM! ff ' f-2' fp 0 . ,, , 'LM' ' 0 1 F , , 'lx .Q , M df i - 'f v 5 'Sr 51 x ' Quan. mln. gb ,ml il ,x -uf' 4: 'fx-4.1.-.... ...qu ' Q Q I. 5 K , 'Q 1,4 75, 112111 ., ., , L, 'fl fl- ' 'S I . 36. A ' ., 4 , Y w , . . ' x 1 A 3 K- . . -:3,,i2,,5f , 'Q if ,- Q. -11-f.2wa,Jf V ww' .jffggg ,f11,e!'.- V, ,f ,la ,md-Q. 9- - digg-W'T'f aww Sw 25-gi .A Y' fi " 5 A .Ax , f. -fi 4 " ' if uw -e -1--T. 1' g.r,..w rf .3 'Af' """.a.! ' Q 5' W ,-P4-as , N. J, - 'A - - . Ju. 12 lf 7 at' ' 'ul , NK . V , , 3: I74 1 9 I. ww . QL , 'NNE ,LY w XT, P"'f . 'U 515' fm aw ,x - awffq 1 f 1. fe-1, 1 "ff ' 'f -' ' W .Cm 1' ,,-f rv 1 Many thanks to all those who helped put the 1983 Modulus together. Some very special thanks go to Shari Winchester and Lori Morgan, who saved the yearbook by working long and hard over the summer months to finish it up. Sincerest good wishes go to Mike Littell, who will advise the 1984 Modulus, which is ofsingular importance, since it will stand as a permanent record of Tri-State's centennial year. Many memories combine to make our association with the Modulus a rare experience. It is a continuing record ofthe good things at Tri-State University, which can be very good, indeed. Gary Taylor 1983 Modulus Advisor as 92 K - sl, ig Lori Morgan L X ,ci Shari Winchester I WX. 5 W I I. N X 6, .5 ,.-Wf' 1 ,fa u X . , I I ,.r 1 , 5 1 . A 1 If .,m . P mx . '64 - ', '-fu 4 tn. re 4 , 4 Q V rv :.., ' .,,-r 'Al 'fm 1 --.K , L.. I , 'L v-T. A .'w .L iii NI . i.1,e qv... S- q 1 A .. '.,. tv , ,. 1l -1. fl ,U ...' 4 v,. 3 -nt 1 "TW" U... 'V---3. wa- V.. , f'.',. ,q-V . yf..-..g. A xr ..Vv V. N125 'f' . ' - . . '.. 1 ya. .. . . J 1. T?'w"'Q-'v, . I I7 9 . . , n.. I , 1 -rn . V P V .. ..'V,w' u.'!1'i.. Vv"' ' 1 , . .,.f. . V ,r QV . , f VV V, VV V.VV H.. .VV V V V , 'eV V.,'1!V .1 L 51 4 ,. .,4 -'53 .V - A N - V .V V: .V V . ,. V V . . V ,V V , .V 1 V. . . . ' 1 V p V , . V . f f - . . , - . A ,. '- S 1' '5':.w4l'.x5" ' 'J w in r.5 nf. V 4 Q .v' V fl' Q, 9477. "I'. J--. ,. ' 4 - U!--. ff' A M' v J . ' . . . r v -, x 1 X . 4 , . 4" 5'4" . pw... y u , v. .MV 4. fn. S .' im- - , "L ' 'iv -. ,4- . . F n.. ' .V . .x , .V . .. "' , ' . 3. ,, -.V V .- -.K I ' . ' .V VV w.. v v V' . -- mn, ' .fn E , V f .,. . . -.,, .V -V . ...' K AL'-I I . 3.-Q, . --311,1 my .- ., - .1 h""-Q "' uf"'f., 1 ' V .. V ., -. - V . , -., .- 'ig' r-.f '-.. --. ' . .-k-.... .A V -. . xx- V -VV AUVV- V V V V-. f 41.-'Q' .V,,bu-T .' ,'- -,, y.,,4-- 4"h.V-- uf.. .' " A, L -- . ..,'- - .. . - . ..... ...x 1'-. ENV:-. V, V.: .K ,. -1..- t. ...if --Q 4 'rg 5. H ' W., . ' .5,V -L . ' 'z - ' Q' - "fx"-. V :VH V- '- -. .s., , . -. -. V .'L.-'Ns' -.,, ". .. -,V',.',V.v,j4 . ., V .,.V ...V , V, V ,V -,ff .1 -sq f. ' . V '.' -... . M ,..,.s, .Vw-5 "-I1 '1J'l."i.V 1 --P- 'I 'l14k'g7'w. ". 1 . . ,. . . VV x ,- V - X V. xg . -. I n' lk V--V .. . L .bw - . , . , M' ' uv- X . -'i,"'+. . X ' P-. 1.-V-- -Lg X V fl '54 p- W," J, . V"-.' 'f wg' in H. Vf.VV.--1,"V'.g. A ,' I" 5 '-.Q . v,. 'VI V 'x ,'1 S.. 'S ' V w, V' - .. 'v '95, 1- -1 1 1..- 1'-1 , ' . L - , ,VV A VV A 'ii ."'4--..'wV!-,.V .V, f. VL -. ,V ,V ,. 'N ,J-r.,V, 1 . -X - ., . ' ' X V J.-3 -VV -.. -,,.. 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V. -9 ... , .V , . .V N... V, , - wx-..w...-.rg-x - , -w N- -, . - -p.. -1 -- V , .'. , . 1 . ' ' ,- N - - .. fm. -.jpg-,T1',V 1- V? LV :,VX-Vik-,i",HV -,VV '.:X..4A .3 -xx-I .,V-U.: ,.-. , . VV..., -, -.--.. . .VV V..,V .,, V- .. V VV v. ln' -.V. Q. V N-,.V mV K 1-1-."'+ '-,'. .gf 3' "- Q , '- "gf"-...--.- 'Cs A 'I - ,Q-f-.H-. f FS. 'qkix-. Nay"-.-M45 ,-9.1 " V, 1' -,,V4.f.. v "3,"., ,i -i.'k.'-. .- L -A . -- -. 5-. 1' . '-- N 1. 7151-'x,-..--Q, ygsw ,gs -"w-. 'N ,AL - 1' ' f. ,.g '- . Q un- ' I .u - " x.,V,- --. un Us , 1. VN.. .V atyxk V Lk - 1- JB N.- QV ',.4v. Q sy 4 7:4 , -LV, ..,--,K lv V q:I1v:A'1VV 4,,,lBL. .Ml-gg N. his J.. .,,.rs,2V.:.4x':"V Xqslch'-A: 1 .41-We -o s I sc--.,V 4. ' twat., ' -S."N 'u""'542"NV'b- 3 X .--.-.- -I-. -. x 1 - ix'-. .. . "-n "-bm" fs-'W "V"-W5 4,-hs, - - 1. W. --'Q' -... 'ANI' u I-111 'ns . m'1lPlLWli1Tl'fAT12I LTX T Iii? l1.?'T?l'hXh h'LJli31i5.'HLS.f " -

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