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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1974 volume:

Constitution Of The Wor id ' Is One Of The ,Qreatest ‘And, 7 V • . ' • ' Vi ' 1 A V . ■, ■ ' • • v ■ ! : ;iV ' V •• ' . ' V- ' i , A- , V ■ h’-V ' • « V •. • • • V i G t 8 8 V 0 ••Ml! »A VV,v» v ‘S-’v; v. x • • •• - -C . " • .• .. -‘A- ■ ■ ■ • • . J S :’ " x, iffJr . • •. A- ■ifS-.jS; . • •• • ' . - ,‘ifn . •• . - •• Lei 1 t i Remember , Please, That The Search V or The ' 7 •• •• • • ks Problems Presented - . Noblest ' Ml — I , ’ - i I . •« • ' .v -v .v • ' . ; • . P . - £$ Sk ' ; ; mmm ipgpigfl mseut mm m ' " ' ?- ! mmmMm wkwm mm gptfip wilt WrS s $m$$4 ■ESMMfMM Mgmm i l0m MHM 11 « iipi IS| wAm ' r Si |»pl n ■Mil Mm) §§111 SMH pniMS 5i fo Sf P-y,‘ « v ' yA’V .vv .7 n 6mm mm WS fe i$3PfPp Pltifiii S »I llpM » »w iNItPi pKSwSl wf ' AWvm wmm V ' V ' ,VV -1 V7 ‘ " ‘V ®|||S| EflkVfc ' ir ' •:? Missy boosts team spirit with a little soul. At right, Trojans stand solemnly during the National Anthem before hitting the court with another victory. 2 opening contents student life 8 housing 20 greeks 34 organizations 54 honoraries 78 administration 88 academics 102 sports 122 people 142 advertising 168 opening 3 Soccer jock Bill Richardson takes charge as he works his way towards another goal. Two more points for the Trojans as Daryl Boyd shoots another one. Below ' - Pondering a checkmate these two guys concentrate on this mind blowing sport. 4 opening After returning the ball, Ken Linger, prepares for his opponent ' s return. Below, Mike Klink, charges for another touch against his opponent as the judges try to follow the action. with thoughts of winning in their hearts practice becomes vital These boys anticipate entertaining the half¬ time crowd at one of the home games. opening 5 in the country f where do you compete? .. . on the strip. ... I ' ll never tell. 6 student life student life 8 student life .r Ui ' denny brooks _ tri-state student union? student life 11 fail festival Festival Queen, Dana Crowell, seems pleased to reign over the week-end activities. Cameron Hall charges on the field to face their opponents. 12 fall festival Bill Sunday measures for a first down during the powder puff football game. Rock music was presented by R.E.O. Speedwagon highlighting fall festival week-end. FRONT ROW: P. Shaffer, P. Grimes, M. Lewis, K. Rekart, S. Etzler, Coach SanGiacomo. ROW 2: D. Bowlin, E. Skiles, D. Hiner, D. Guckenberger K Steele P. Troyer, P. Slough. ROW 3: B. Holloway, B. Hale, C. Wagner, L. Miller, B. Cobb, S. Johnson, B. Cogswell. fall festival 13 B winter carnival weekend 14 winter carnival iii. if 0, •n»», .. . . . fe t tssmssssssr— ' wlW w iy i tum of the r ASSOaATION ConiS M ' ' W3S by ° aVe Hawkins she makes her w ay through the audience to receive her award during the intermission The Mr. Tri-State award was presented to Mr. Olsen at the ASSOCIA¬ TION Concert. 4 1 .. S§ t S|? ■ , :: v- : : : ■ - .■ ’ _ ‘ ,. l V V .-,v-v • • ii : •% ' winter carnival 15 powder puff can be ruff 16 student life “if” and the “shakers” staged spring concert with hard rock and boogie music peddlers’ premiere at fourth annual grand prix Following the 1974 pace car on the parade lap were Car 9. Lyn Blue, the eventual winner in Car 2; Tracy Purcell in Car 7; Dave Ours in Car 5 and Richard Scott in Lyn Blue, winner of the 1974 Grand Prix, claims his kiss from Spring Fling Queen, Kathi Rekart. Pit crew members work hard and strenuously to keep their cars in perfect running order PrixTime Trials ' ” 16 mbber trying to pop a wheelie at Pedal grand prix 19 ■ cameron hall 22 cameron hall cameron hall 23 ’ w» : 4 life mtm i 4 |MwEr - , $ 1 f, I r ' " M ' I 1 ■ 12 J rap • Mb y6 BKnEJBB%£F f4J W alwood ■ ■ ' r « Vi. .wi $S»fsS 4 l f:, .:, ' i .) ai p o u i .r. i . IMP . 24 alwood 8 fRSi s ) fj p;» V ! » , Ilf tii 3 iiii-ii fi-f i if, w H i wk ippPf ftnNy rf • ■ ,, ■ +%■ .-■— ? x 4 v H ' ■• ' ■ ' TW V s m Bp ' ■«■ ' %i--:-W t 3 M ' ’- L J 1 jraMMI | wwaL | .. w 1 11 p ; " ■■ ' ■ Sf 1 L . ■ i • - . $ i platt hall 27 I a time for contending 28 I 30 illikai hall international house I K’ 11 M fSl w V % ... " -A3 . i jgmm ! , M( LI ■ international students • 332 ? mmm mm m im WNBS %■ ■» " ’ MM W - mm % m t mm r •» ■ il M vim igssmm l b m’ 3 9 S!SS£ S£ iNmm rxr® mZ?.+ ' ■4w8 mmm : .. - " -y . jfgggg .., ty ; « acacia alpha epsilon pi alpha sigma phi 40 alpha sigma phi delta chi kappa sigma ' • FC - CHAMPS: Front Row: G. Woodland, C. Nipple, R. Koplan, D. Degroff, R. Thomas. 2nd Row: P. Smock, J. Wray, F. Lubich T Kolbus S Price R Plank, R. Johnson. ' ' ' phi kappa theta 46 phi kappa theta sigma phi delta 48 sigma phi delta sigma phi delta 49 » sigma phi epsilon i £ tau kappa epsilon organizations 54 organizations organizations american institute of aeronautics and astronics Prof Wattson, K. Walters, B. Ryan, R. Crea, P. Szyjka, S. Cline, A. Cook, A. Pambeachy, T. Hudson. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is Tri-State ' s student branch of a national organization which was founded in 1963. The national organization is this country ' s principal Aerospace Technical Society. On a local level, students can gain practical knowledge as well as theoretical approaches to the field through informal discus¬ sions as well as the speeches and demonstrations given by a variety of guest speakers. Field trips give an added dimension, as members can see first hand, what they may soon be facing in their careers. Keeping up to date and well informed is of primary importance in this every changing and expanding field. Tri- State ' s branch has been successful in keeping its members aware and active. 56 a.i.a.a. american institute of chemical engineers Standing on scaffel: S Nowak,S. Wolfe, J. Gilman, G. Timmons, T. Morse, D. McAlonan, P. Wong, L. Fowler, M. Shah, and J. Lewis. Sitting on Scaffel: Steve Brunner, A Shah, J Johns G. Gajdorus, D. Wernicke. Below front row: P. Lemanski, P. Forkner, D. Fish, J. Walburg, Y. Patel. Second row: Jawaid A Nath- am, B. Hollinger, S. Mehta, Last row: B. Rana, C. Watters, P. Mills, Dr. Porter and J. Shuck a.i.c.h.e. 57 radio club american roadbuilders association Left to right: Dr. Hauck, Adv., Dr. Das, Adv., J. Wright, D. Soloman, J. Stump, S. Tinubu, J. Lenzinskie, T. Steinen. STUDENT CHAPTER a.r.b.a. 59 Vv ! »% american society of civil engineers ■ camera club Front row: L. Herrmann, D. Olmstead, P. Luisi. Row 2: L. Graves, Adv., T. Hudson, L. Meriam, R. Pekar, L. Lo, R. Morse. 62 camera club institute of electronic and electrical engineers Left to Right: S. Chaivong, Prof. Showalter, R. Paradise, A. Marshall, Ian, A. Leadham, R. Porter, K. Bennett. L. St. Onge, T. Velkoff, R. Cotton, C. Tagliaferri, S. Nagy, S. Yoder, H. Anwari, G. Pres- I I I i cheerleaders promote school spirit Trojans are fired up for another victory as they break through the spirit hoop. L. -saar .. . | WM8k ■ I w ¥ m ' . j is • i w i 9 64 cheerleaders i " ' i |11 uiowfi a jSjS , jM a 1 ! IKfih v s Varsity Cheerleaders ' enthusiasm and spirit lead the Trojans to victory. Standing: Marlene Lehman, Shelley Thomas, Jackie Hutton. Above: Rosann Spohler and Toni Keyes. cheerleaders 65 inter-fraternity council Executive Council: J. Murray, J. Olsen, B. Bertrum, R. Harner, P. Beck. The Greek image has changed considerably in the last few years. Gone are the days of the crew neck sweater and the crew cut hair. Nowadays you are likely to see long hair and faded jeans, even during that holy of holies, Rush. The apathy is gone too, Greeks, who used to be thought of only as party organiza¬ tions, have become just as involved, if not more, in community action as the various service clubs are on campus. For example, it is a policy of the I.F.C. in a combined effort, term after term, to collect money by donations for the March of Dimes, Cancer Society, and United Heart Fund just to name a few needy organizations. Raising money through the I.F.C. is only one way Greeks help, not to mention the individual efforts of each house towards community services. This is not to say Greeks don ' t have a good time anymore, the Happy-Hours continue, toilet paper still hangs from trees in front of the Houses (after those midnight raids) and Greek Week still generates as much enthusiasm as ever. Fraternities are on the upswing! It looks like the future will continue to hold just as much satisfaction for Greeks then, as it does for Greeks now. 66 i.f.c. I.F.C. members really " get it together at Skip ' s. Sitting at the bar: B. Wear, G. Long, J. Olson, D. Richardson, P. Beck, R. Harner and B. Bertram. Below: It looks like another rowdy meeting full of action packed, thrill a minute excitement. Wake up Cuddles! !l international students’ association Front Row: A. Khouri, Shabbir, Y. Tak, A. Nathani, P. Bunpot, M. Huq, Foreign Student Advisor. Row 2: V. Badal, Y. Patel, Shahid, J. Ismail, Nayeem, G. Chadroni, H. Anwari. Row 3: Fouad, S. Freeshee, Adv., S. Chaivong, R. Parekh, J. Thakkar, Hamid, Smiuddin, W. Richardson. Members of the I.S.A. worked hard to present a memorable evening with an International atmosphere. The exotic dinner started with Chinese Eggrolls, soup from Kenya, a Greek salad and potato salad, followed by entrees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Thailand, India, Iran, France and Bangladesh, Dinner was complete with delightful desserts from the Philipines, Germany and Lebanon. Following the dinner, guests were treated to a fashion show and selections of music from various countries. A demonstration of the Chinese Martial Arts was also presented. Original displays of handicrafts and novelties were on display for everyone to enjoy. 68 i.s.a. 70 intramurals ■ intramurals 73 I I f 74 :v honoraries honoraries 79 sM- « D ENN ch Ion epsi Jim Richter strums a familiar tune for his pledge skit at the initiation ban¬ quet. In 1966 Dr. George F. Hauck was instrumental in founding Sigma Chi Epsilon, a local civil engineering fraternity. As member¬ ship and interest grew, the fraternity became a chapter of Chi Eta, the National Honorary, in 1973 and our Tri-State chapter holds this status today. The main function of the honorary is to recognize and aid the development of achievements made by our civil engineers. The honorary also encourages further study at the doctoral level. Outstanding academic and leadership qualities in the field are criteria for election, and members come from the upper third of both the junior and senior classes. Meetings were interesting as well as informative this year. Left to Right: Dr. Schwenk, T. Turnock, D. Liechty, J. Richter, M. Haydon, T. Sanders, Dr. Seeley, L. Smith, R. Bush, D. Ford (Top), J. Doud, L. Lies, R. McEvoy, S. Tinabu, D. Boley, B. Holbrook, B. Lucht. 80 honoraries pi tau sigma Front Row: B. Wilhelm, Dr. Dixit, Adv., S. Reese, R. Sarkisian, J. Olsen, P. Ruble, G. Ernsting 2nd Row: B. Clark, S. Railsback, L. Kirkpatrick, J. Hottel, P. Gackel, unidentified, L. Loynes, W. Lane 3rd Row: T. Purcell, R. Powell k honoraries 81 alpha kappa psi 82 honoraries tau sigma eta The honorary engineering society, Tau Sigma Eta, became a state recognized organization back in 1930. Since then, the ap¬ pearance of its members may have changed, but the ideals, re¬ quirements and the great honor that it holds are still basically the same. Election into the society is the highest honor an engineering student can attain. The honorary has come a long way since its founding days. To¬ day members take an active roll serving the campus. Members operate a used bookstore which is available to both students and faculty. Front Row: S. Tinubu, D. Blackburn, F. Mills, P. Ruble, P. Gackel, D. Liechty 2nd Row: D. Wernicke, P. Wong, D. Cunningham G Ernsting M Hayden D. Gallo, B. Lucht 3rd Row: J. Hottel, W. Clark, R. Bush, J. Emerick, S. Reese, A. Wolfe, B. Holbrook, D. Ford honoraries 83 inter varsity Christian fellowship Front Row: T. Ortel, J. Grover, R. Podell, J. Peru, S. Engleberth, J. Sharp, R. Cotton, C. Paradise, G. Paradise, P. Forkner, P. Gorka, D. Fish 2nd Row: P. Gentry, J. Gerking, T. Hall , L. McKann, R. Hornish, R. Hartleroad, K. Linde, R. Morse, B. Clark, A. Wolfe, S. Lo, Mr. King. K. Sosbe not pictured. 84 organizations newman club organizations 85 administration bateman exalted to chancellor Dr. Richard M. Bateman has served Tri-State College as its president since 1960. His presidency has been marked by many improvements, the erection of modern buildings, broadening of the curriculum, upgrading the faculty and achievement of ac- credidation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and several departmental accredidations. Dr. Bateman will serve as Chancellor until his retirement in September of 1975. Dr. Carl H. Elliott, Chancellor of Purdue University Calumet Campus, Hammond, will then take the posi¬ tion as President of Tri-State. lewis commences office of vice-president administration 91 ronald j. lewis william I. scott, dean of students milton f. woody, registrar Blaine Shoup, Purchasing; Billy E. Sunday, Treasurer; Ralph Martin, Assistant to the Treasurer. Mrs. Marion Opdyke, Ms. Sally Rathbun, Mrs. Mary Young, becretaries. administration 93 mohsinul huq, foreign student advisor theron lansford, counselor ms. kathy kolb, counselor mrs. debbie knauer, counseling secretary administration 95 j. w. mcclellan, director of alumni 96 administration admissions secretaries mrs. holly davis mrs. sandi stotz mrs. janet galliger kent myers, admissions director i administration 97 earl sharrow placement director 9VI «J ? It mrs. michelle wernicke; placement secretary tri-state librarians print shop: bob german, mrs. shoup and red bruce mrs. swift, bookstore cleon wells, bookstore cafeteria workers . I ■ ■hw 100 administration tri-state college’s maintenance crew maintenance 101 dr. p. b. aronhime, electrical engineering dr. ralph w. young dean of faculties our man martin o. bender I , bender campus cop academics 105 — ■ dr. john behee, physical education mr. bobay, computer center mrs. booth, news service 106 academics mr. eberhardt, electrical eng. prof, ray condon, english tom cary, computer center academics 107 cjr. dixit, mechanical engineering prof, champion, business mrs. cole, secretarial science 108 academics mrs. george, alumni mrs. gordon, english academics 109 l. prof, goodale, business coach furlan coach gollnick no academics prof, guilford, civil engineering academics 111 prof, graves, (right) computer prof, morin, education ' ■ . • wm •ms. wm academics 113 prof, hoolihan, business eric isenhoff, mechanical engineering dr. charles hilton, business dr. dr. neil johnson, physics 114 academics wo a no ■ H al marshall, computer center asu bellinger and fred munn, maintenance ti s ' - -V.. mrs. nagy, registrar’s secretary mrs. nichols, english s ' 1 : ■ • ■ mM swfci«fcS m - ;•• • ■ ' ■••■■-... ■ " «j|i 1 Killfel ffiS lil ■ Mv jf v - ■ ■ lv. ? s h x a . a . ' • • ; s i i: 71 2»je«x»ix x x a j . 2|S521 • IssIsaaisiilfiME; 4 s dr. paleocrasses electrical engineering academics 117 prof, rhinesmith, chemistry Prof, scheffer social studies 118 academics mr. san giacomo, english mark peterman, athletic director academics 119 miss shultz, english prof, waiters, business . ms. dawn sova english prof, donald trennepohl business administration 120 academics prof, weber, drafting design prof, wattson, aero zimmer. academics 121 dr. social studies prof, showalter electrical engineering sports soccer stars have super season During a vital conference game, Greg Doubl as slams the ball for another Trojan goal. The Trojan kickers completed their second straight winning season and placed fourth in the conference standings. The season saw the team outscore their opponents 24-19 with Dan Degnan scoring five goals and Billy Richardson, the most valuable player scoring eleven. The season record was 7-4-1 and the conference season went 3-3 with Marion, Goshen and Grace all tieing at 5-1 for the championship. Goalie Bob Irwin joined Richardson on the All Conference Team and Dan Degnan was given honorable mention. Ed Plock- meyer and Dennis Dervay were named to the senior All Star North Team and helped the North Squad win the State Tourna¬ ment. 124 soccer The intense concentration and the spontaneous reactions of goalie Bob Irwin earned him a coveted position on the all conference team. TSC 0 Manchester 0 2 Lakeland, Ohio 1 • 0 Urbana, Ohio 3 3 Kellogg College 2 1 IU-PU 5 3 Marion 0 1 Huntington 3 1 St. Francis 4 0 Grace 0 2 Spring Arbor 3 1 Goshen 1 5 Front row: Unidentified, L. Hansen, B. Irwin, B. Gangwer, K. Mann, Glenn, M. Ponce. Row 2: V. Stango, unidentified, C. Wisner, G. Ogunbanjo, E. Wiango, S. Ramnarong, R. Benvegnu, C. Nuesa, A. Al-Rhamani. Row 3: Coach Furlan, E. Willis, G. Douglas, D. Degnan, W. Dervay, E. Plockmeyer, D. Ophardt, D. VanDam, M. Lancor, K. Heffernan, D. Gagen, B. Richardson, C. Parthornratt, G. Gilman. W : . 1 fe. " d A m $ tS f t Br Jf , Si v m a Sir I fencing Front Row: M. Vendl, Sabre Captain, B. Holbrook, Epee Captain, R. Schnieders, Foil Captain. Second Row: Coach Lansford, N. Leach, G. Feller, M. Lans- ford. Top row: K. Spicker, R. Tagliaferri, D. Wirrig, J. Lewis, T. Parlette, K. Peterson. Front Row: T. Parlette and K. Spicker. Second: Coach Lansford, N. Leach, G. Feller, M. Vendl. Back Row: R. Schnieders, R. Tagliaferri, K. Peterson. 126 fencing The 1974 fencing team put forth an outstanding effort, and broke several school records. The most win ' s record of 42 wins was broken by epeeman Rick Tagliaferri who took home the most wins trophy. The epee team established a new record for the most wins, with a 15-8 record. The women ' s fencing team is strong enough to start winning, as well. Best of all, it is a young team and will only lose senior epeeman Bruce Holbrook for the 1975 season. Womens Fencing should be strong, having the ex¬ perience of Nancy Leach, the first woman to letter in an inter¬ varsity sport at Tri-State, and Grace Feller coming back. The epee team made a clean sweep of the honors for the team. Karl Spicker was awarded the MacLaughlin Trophy for out¬ standing fencer, as well as the armourers award, and Bruce Hol¬ brook was voted the Robert Heaslett Memorial Award for epee. The team also competed in the Great Lakes Collegiate Fenc¬ ing Tournament, placing 8 out of 11. Sabreman, Kim Peterson was the only fencer to make it into the semi-finals. SEASON TOTALS Jim Crawford WEAPON Sabre Bruce Holbrook Epee Mike Klink Sabre Jeff Lewis Foil Tim Parlette Foil Kim Peterson Sabre Rick Schnieders Foil Karl Spicker Epee Rich Tagliaferri Epee Mike Vendl Sabre Dave Wirrig Sabre Greg Wood Foil Denotes Lettermen • WINS LOSSES PERCENTAGE 1 2 .333 31 37 .456 16 9 .640 6 29 .171 21 44 .323 27 38 .415 32 35 .478 42 o 23 .662 46 22 .676 36 32 .545 16 31 .340 7 11 .388 fencing 127 powerful rackets proved victorious TSC 0 IU PU 6 3 Spring Arbor 3 6 St. Francis 9 0 Hillsdale 6 3 Grace 4 5 Indiana Tech 7 2 Concordia 9 0 Notre Dame 1 8 Marion 9 0 Huntington 9 o • Goshen 6 3 Moving into action, Steve King returns the ball with a smash to win his match against his opponent. I wmm §|., Coach Isenhoff intensly watches a match. Confident of a perfect shot, this unidentified Trojan faced the on- charging ball as he recovered his serve. spirit. ABOVE : Scrapy Dave Bego eludes his opponent and charges in for a score. RIGHT: Senior Bob Bryant demonstrates his precise shooting ability which earned him a position for a fourth time on the All-Conference Team. BELOW: Coach Peterman earns a victory dip after the Trojans defeated Marion, receiving their 8th straight M.C.C. crown. it 1 m. H ZA L to R: Manager, C. Ross, Manager, J. Hoffmeister, B. Bryant, D. Boyd, S. Kelley, J. Peters, G. Younce, K. Hoopengarner, A. Rhodes, R. Holmes, J. Wysong, M. Brown, Mgr., Coach Peterman, R. Wells. 1- C ' l i 1 f J 11 awl l JHpL 1 i mA U ffm : ■ A |M| p W hard work, and perfection characterize trojan netmen Coach Peterman turned the loss of five seniors from the 1972-73 team into another Mid-Central Conference Championship. The first week in January saw the team sport a 3-9 record and 1-2 conference record. They quickly won eleven straight games and and their eighth straight MCC Title. Finishing the season 17 and 14 and 10 to 2 in the MCC and representing the conference in the playoffs the Trojans defeated Marian at Indianapolis and finished runner up to Hanover in the cham¬ pionship game. Bob Bryant, who was named to the Indiana All Star Team, became the all time leading scorer for the Trojans with 1983 points for his three years at Tri-State. He along with sopho¬ more Rex Holmes were named to the all MCC Team. Bryant was named most valuable player and freshman John Peters received a rebound¬ ing trophy. Charlie Ross won the Free Throw Award shooting 90%. always ' 3 ? tSS? fa Thf d.rects Coach Peterman as Daryl Boyd pauses for advise ' basketball team crowned mcc champs again TSC 0 Spring Arbor, Ml 78 80 Hillsdale, Ml 87 92 Marian 89 90 Albtion, Ml 76 70 Central State, OH 57 62 St. Francis 106 64 Ferris State, Ml 57 70 Olivet, Ml 69 73 Franklin 82 71 Hillsdale, Ml „ 82 71 Indiana Tech 57 59 Huntington 76 78 Grace 106 85 Goshen 88 63 Aquinas, Ml 82 74 St. Joseph 68 80 Indiana Tech 83 65 Grace 78 75 St. Francis 116 66 Marion 71 60 Spring Arbor, Ml 85 72 Huntington 75 66 Bethel 74 64 Goshen 96 68 Aquinas, Ml 72 76 Marion 91 63 Anderson 83 84 Defiance 77 96 Ashland, OH 75 81 Marian—Playoffs 91 85 Hanoyer—Playoffs 59 86 ABOVE: The tremendous defensive efforts of Gary Younce during the Tri-State vs. Aquinas game aided the Trojans. BELOW: Coach Peter¬ man discreetly evaluates his team during a practice early in the season. 132 basketball Above left: As Marion guards stand by, the varsity Trojans drive to score. Above: Awaiting to rebound the reserve players show their great potential for next years teams. Right: Indiana All Star, Bob Bryant, leads the Trojans to another game. Bryant was the team ' s leading scorer and most valuable player. Below right: The mixed emotions of players are easily seen in the dressing room prior to the biq game. varsity basketba 1 . 1 . 133 Above: T. J. Cool races to beat the throw to first base. Right: Aiding the Trojans in gaining the co-championship of the MCC. Gary Younce, above, and Charles Ross, below, were named to all conference teams. Below: Tagging first base another Trojan batter gets a hit. i Row 1: T. Thomas, J. Corry, S. Wilson, T. Banet, S. Davis, M. Halderman, E. Poisson, D. DeGroff Row 2: C. Ross, J. Sine, C. Nipple, Z. Zavesky, S. Price, D. Hoffsteler, D. Bego, R. Scott, T. Cool, G. Woodland, R. Plank, G. Younce Mercer TSC 4 OPP 3 Mercer 1 3 Indiana Central 7 13 Indiana Central 1 6 Bethel 0 11 Bethel 1 4 Huntington 4 3 Huntington 6 10 I.U.P.U. 7 8 I.U.P.U. 4 3 Concordia 12 3 Concordia 12 0 I.U.P.U. 6 5 I.U.P.U. 5 0 St. Francis 24 0 St. Francis 18 0 Aquinas 1 3 Aquinas 7 5 Indiana Tech. 22 0 Indiana Tech. 11 1 Spring Arbor 5 0 Spring Arbor 0 11 Marion 0 6 Marion 6 2 Grace 6 4 Grace 4 3 Goshen 6 4 Goshen 5 2 baseball ’74 The 1974 baseball team travelled farther and won more games than any previous Tri- State team. The final season record saw the Trojans with an 18-10 mark and co-champions in the Mid-Central Conference with Huntington. The 10-2 conference record was the best ever for a Trojan team. Five men were placed on the All Conference Team with freshman Joe Corry taking a pitching spot. Chris Nipple was named top first baseman and Doug DeGroff top short stop. Charlie Ross and Gary You nee were named to the outfield, rounding out the selections. Ross led the active hitters with a .420 average and the team as a whole had a .299 bat¬ ting average. Corry was 6-1 on the season and Denny Boley was 5-2 to lead the pitching staff. Corry recorded a 1.58 ERA and Boley finished with a 2.25 E RA. The spring trip took the team to Orlando, Florida, where they won three of eight games. The games in Macon, Georgia, with Mercer University were the only ones to count on the NAIA schedule. Above: Anxiously awaiting the umpire ' s call, the Tri-State baseball team looks tense. Left: Outfielder Dave Bego rounds second base after hitting one of his home runs. Below: The catching abilities of the many teams Tri-State met were always a threat to the team. track Front Row: W. Renner, T. Johnson, D. Teals, B. Chism, T. Boeckman, J. Sturdivant, L. Dawson, S. Powell, D. Riggs, M. Wagner 2nd Row: Coach Golnick, J, Walas, J. Vrana, B. Butterbaugh, T. Deardorff, R. Garner, D. Clary, J. Castellucio, M. Wachtman 3rd Row: Coach Leadstrom, M. Martin, J. Sawyer, D. Al- tenberger, P. Rosenbeck, J. Sheets, T. Buxton, R. Markley, L. Davies, W. Dean 4th Row: Coach Furlan, M. Harris, J. Patterson, K. Kauffman, S. Harris, J. Berry, T. Frazier, D. Mitzenberg, D. Heaton, R. Downs, P. Beckwith, B. Hafezi 136 track I track 137 1974 was another successful track season for the Trojans as they defeated 26 teams of the 30 they met. During the season 12 of the 18 school records were broken. A fine young crop of fresh¬ men pushed the upper class men to their bests. The squad won their second Grace Relays title and finished second in the ten team state meet. In the Mid-Centeral Conference meet the Trojans rolled up 104 points. Goshen was a distant second with 57. Coach Gollnick was named coach of the year in the Mid- Centeral Conference and Tim Boeckman, John Sawyer, Leo Daw¬ son, Mike Wachtman, Rex Holmes, Mike Wagner, and Scott Powell were all named with him to the All Conference Team. Holmes, Sawyer, Stan Harris and Powell all competed in the national track meet in Arkansas. TSC OPP Marion 122 1 45 % Grace 15 Manchester 83 71 Concordia 109 36 Hillsdale 50 86 Southwestern 72 95 Glen Oaks 8 Lake Michigan College 8 First Place Grace Relays 77 Second in State Meet MCC Meet 47% Goshen 104 57 Huntington 39 Grace 38 Marion 37 Indiana Tech 0 St. Francis 0 golfers swing in ’74 The young, talented Tri-state golf team capped a very successful season by winning the NAIA district 21 championship at Old Oakland Country Club in Indianapolis. The team, led by senior Doug Booth ' s brilliant 69, scored 301 to shade runner-up Taylor University and the rest of the field by three shots. Representing Indiana in the national tournament at Aberdeen, S.D., Tri-State finished 24th in the nation. Doug Booth finished among the top 20 individuals out of a field of 183. Booth and John Hardin won all NAIA district 21 honors in 1974. During the regular season, the Trojans captured their 15th straight MCC crown as they completed an undefeated match play season. Booth, Dave Rowe, Gary Jones, John Hardin and Mel Thomas were named to the all MCC team. Tri-State ' s overall match play record included 16 wins and 3 losses. The Trojans set a new team competition course record in the Tri-State Invitational by placing first with 374. Tri-State finished third in the I.U.P.U. Invitational and fourth in the Saginaw Valley Invitational; Doug Booth won runner-up honors with a 75 at I.U.-P.U., and overwhelmed the field at Saginaw by firing a 72 on the extremely demanding Bay Valley Golf Course. Doug Booth, after record setting performance during his four varsity seasons, an¬ nounced plans to turn professional immediately after the national tournament. jim yotter .Sit " ' m p ? it::; v i pL pw n«»« • , •« n»»|M ?MJ5 a »! ■ ji «» ,»»«« •flfc I ' -kSS mike seago W. Lilly, R. Friesinger, D. Rowe, D. Booth, J, Hardin, R. Moss, B. SanGiacomo john hardin rolla frisinger dave vanette cross country 4il«8 Pictured above: M. Wachtman, L. Dawson, D. Riggs and L. Davies. CROSS COUNTRY TSC 0 Concordia 24 50 Defiance 17 46 Huntington 18 45 Grace 27 28 Anderson 22 39 Marion 34 31 Jackson C. C. 23 36 IU-PU 20 47 Marion 33 22 IU-PU o 15 48 Hillsdale .. - 45 15 This years cross country team experienced a rebuilding year, but finished with a 9-2 over all record and second place in the Mid-Central Conference as the freshman members of the team met the challenge early. Leo Dawson finished six meets as the first Trojan runner to cross the finish line and got some keen competition from fresh¬ man team mate, Mike Wachtman who was first in three meets. Marion College in their first year in the MCC wrestled the title away from the Trojans in the conference meet with a 31-34 squeker at Huntington. Grace College finished third in the meet with 74 points and Huntington managed fourth with 94. The conference gave the sport varsity stats for the 1974 season and the results will be figured in the All Sports Trophy Race. Top finishers for the squad this season were Dawson, Wacht¬ man, Lee Davies, Dave Riggs, Jim Walas, Tom Deardorff and Terry Frazier, who won the MCC junior varsity meet. Dawson placed third in the MCC varsity meet followed by Wachtman fifth, Davies sixth, Riggs eighth and Walas eleventh. Four made the All Conference team and Walas missed it by just 13 seconds. 140 crosscountry m crosscountry 141 people imci - SB freshman Liane Abrahamson Choudhury Saeed Ahmed Syed Ahmed Taoheed Dolapo Ajao Isaac Yele Akintola Jeff Alan Alford Jeff Lee Alt Dennis R. Altenburger Nayeem Aziz Thomas Edward Bailey Kaye L. Barrett Gregory Edwin Battle Edward Stafford Beahan Nancy Theresa Bedford Gary Alan Below Bruce Raynard Benman Carol Ann Bloom Timothy Alfred Boeckman Charlene Bolen Ronald Neal Boroff William Emereth Boyden Thomas M. Braddock Bruce Alva Bradley Barney Van Bryan Merry Christmas Bryan Donna Lee Bryant Jim Anthony Buckley Howard Dean Burrell David Lewis Clary Dan Howard Cole Keith W. Conway Gene Alan Cowan James Douglas Crawford Paula Lydette Creager David Wayne Cutler Alan Vernon Dausman Michael Ellis Deierhoi Amy Jo Deisher Everett C. Demorest Roger Gene Diederich Daniel Arthur Dock Robin Alan Dodd Richard E. Durham Richard Herman Ehlers Cheryl Lynn Elliott James Steven Eyster L. Warren Fachner David Lee Fishback Daniel H. Flight Christina Marie Floehr Thomas Eugene Ford Pixie Ann Forkner Teresa Lorraine Frank Rolla N. Frisinger ! i i freshman Dave Lee Garrard Preston Leroy Gentry Kevin John Geron Brian L. Gibson Dave Lynn Gilbert Robert A. Go Jeffrey Max Grogg Theodore W. Hall Michael J. Halterman Mohmmad Hanif James T. Harger John Richard Harman Laura S. Hart Jeffrey Lee Haskins Kevin F. Heffernan Sheryl Jean Hennings Lawrence James Herrmann Scott B. Herzog William W. Hill W. Scott Holmes Gregory Alan Hudson Jeffrey Hulboy Richard E. Imbrock Ibrahim Ismail Terry Wayne Ivey Keith Alan Jack Jayne Lesli Jacob Beth A. James Ronald J. Johnston Gary Allen Jones Gary Robert Jones Michael David Katafiasz Kenneth Lee Kaufman Thomas F. Keohane Toni Marie Keyes Ronald Klute Terry Jay Koehn Kelly Edward Kohne Funmilayo Y. Kolade James L. Kunberger Gary David Ladd Philip Paul Lehman Gary Lynn Leins Patty Lynn Lemanski Richard L. Lerch Jeffrey W. Lewis William R. Loane David M. Loar Patrick J. Lynch Ricky Joe McClard Wade T. McCormick William P. McNeil Richard R. Mahoney Rick Lee Markley 145 freshman I 146 Joseph Allen Marx Lewis Arthur Meriam Roger W. Miller David L. Mitzenberg Peter Lynn Mougey Thomas J. Mraz Eric Eugene Myers Kirt M. Myers Robert A. Niederpruem Sue Annetta Norman Vitaris F. Ongoa Jeffrey W. Opperman Timothy L. Ortel James Jon Patterson Mark Alan Pavel John M. Peters Mary Lee Poole Jeffrey J. Posendek David C. Prange Scott Richard Price Russell E. Reimer Philip A. Renbarger Harley H. Rensch Kenneth Richards James Ralph Ridley David William Rimbey Victor P. Rockey Maqbool H. Roopani David E. Rucker Gregory James Ruhe Bert Thomas Russell Michael Gene Rust Richard Alen Rutledge Joseph D. Scarso Frederick W. Schmid Jr Richard H.Schniede rs Daniel Lynn Schroeder Michael Kenneth Scott Robert L. Seibert Steve M. Sekel E. Craig Sellman Richard L. Shadday John K. Sheets Kim Lundy Shock Rodney Wayne Showalter Donald Jay Shultz Terry Gean Shumaker Ramon A. Singh Leslie E. Sipes Rex M. Smalley Thomas N. Smith David T. Somerlott George E. Southard Mary K. Spalding » freshman Michael T. Spears Jim M. Sprague Gary Lee Spurgeon Sompong Srivipapattana Vincent Stango Karen B. Steele Craig Edward Steffen Jack N. Stepler Daniel James Stewart Roland Dean Stuckey Debbie Rene Sunday Robert Lee Swaim Massoud Taie-Tehrani Saied Taie-Tahrani Michelle Maria Thomas Bruce Allen Tippy Thomas K. Trout Patricia M. Troyer Dave John Van Dam Dave Alan Vanette Holly Marie Van Wagner Abdulali H. Virani Michael D. Wachtman James Walas Bruce Adams Walker Michael A. Walter Gary David Ward Mark Robert Westfall J. Ernesto Wijangco Steven Allen Williams Wilson Williams David Earl Willman Joan M. Wills David Michael Wirrig Billy Ray Wise Helen L. Wise Donald Eugene Wolverton Stephen Gregory Young John J. Zabrecky Gary John Zuber Dennis Michael Zupan sophomores Julius O. Adewale Terry Lee Allison Richard W. Artz Victoria A. Badal James H. Barrett John Bartley Gary Wayne Benning John Albert Brown Thomas Burnhan Robert William Case Robert J. Cicero Rebecca Anne Clark Steward J. Cline T. J. Cool Michael K. Conn David C. Covalt Dana Lea Crowell Dennis E. Daffron Clenn Robert Doppes Susan E. Engelberth Sally Ann Etzler Steve Wayne Feasel Lee Randall Franz Ronald C. Friend James Michael Froncek Gerald P. Gappert Kent Thomas Gaynor Douglas E. Granger Steven L. Greene Dane D. Hanby John S. Hardin Kathleen Ann Harpster Robert E. Highland Debie Lou Hiner Daniel Hochstedler Mark R. Houser Jacqueli ne Hutton Thomas K. Johnson Randi Susan Kay Stephen J. Kelley Mark S. Klesman David R. LaVine Cherilyn R. Lewis Yuan Cheng Lo John E. Mackiewicz Kenneth Neal Mann Roger W. Morse Vinai Mungkornpanich James E. Neil Dale W. Ophardt Ramesh M. Patel Keith Nelson Rees Monty A. Robey Felix Jorge Rodriguez 148 5 sophomores Edward C. Ruger Jarieawat Serireongrith Anand C. Shah Munna C. Shah Justin L. Shuck Mindy Sue Shaw Robert J. Siekman Gary W. Smith Ronald E. Smith Mark W. Snyder Robert John Snydey Dilip M. Soni Gary Lee Stechschulte Joseph Michael Steele William E. Steingass Gregory A. Stephens Richard W. Steury Steven Robert Soneberg Jeffrey F. Stuart Richard L. Tagliaferri Dawn Marie Tarman David Clyde Teal Jagdish K. Thakkar William Rex Thompson 1 luniors Shahed Abbas Randall C. Allomong Abdullah M. Al-sheik Carl W. Andre Cheryl A. Anstett David Joseph Antol Hashem M. Anwari Sikander Ariff Taneem Aziz Terry L. Baker Edwin R. Basinger Ray C. Bevan,11 Soe Po Bhe Donald A. Boesenberg Elizabeth Ann Borden Dennis J. Bowers Daryl Boyd Allen E. Bradford Lynn A. Brooks Randall L. Brown Kirby Lee Brownfield Christine L. Carbonari Richard M. Cotten Donald L. Crone Robert James Dahman Leo Frank Dawson Daniel Michael Dietsch Gary Lee Ernsting Jeffrey Scott Fanyo Grace Ellen Feller Rosalind L. Frost Donald P. Gallo Cristobal E. Garcia Rob Edward Garner Donald L. Gepper Elizabeth Ann Gilbert I juniors Geoffrey Lynn Gilman Alan Dale Grelck Margaret Jean Grimes Bob Said Hafezi John W. Hart Steve K. Hart Donald Luke Hemmelgarn Paul Allen Hemsoth Roger A. Hohl Robert Kerr Hollensbe Jerry W. Hottel Terrance J. Hudson N. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE John L. Hutchings Mahmood Jawaid Marvin Aaron Johnson James A. Kaniecki Rick Gerald Kerlin Hameed S. Khan Shafiq U. Khan Mohammad A. Kheiri Roger C. Knauer Robert Alan Kollmar Paul G. Lane luniors Dan T. Renkenberger Wayne Edward Renner James S. Richter Eric L. Rodzankas David M. Rowe Dean G. Runningen Richard L. Sarkisian Jeffry David Sharp Cynthia Ann Shultz Jeffery M. Sine James Robert Slessman Kevin Bert Sosbe David Ralph Sterlace Carol Y. Stuckey James Robert Stump Cary D. Tagliaferri Mohammed Y. Tak Paul David Taylor Gary Alyn Timmons Jack D. Tinder Thomas Throop Cathy J. Towne Thomas L. Tucker Thomas N. Turley Gary Lynn Ullom Nabil Ayyoub Wakileh Richard V. Watson Carl Robert Watters Bonnie Elaine Welden Terrence Glenn White Eric M. Willis Al R. Wolfe John E. Wright M. Kabir Yaqubie Stanley L. Yoder Stephen Joseph Zvanya 1 seniors JOSEPH E. ADAMS Orange, Conn. B.S.M.E. DAVID A. ALEXANDER New Castle, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. R. DAVID ALLEN Indianapolis, Ind. B.S.C.E. ANWER HUSSAIN ALI Karachi, Pakistan B.S.Ch.E. ERIC A. ANDERSEN-VIE Angola, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. RICK LEE ANDERSON Bremen, Ind. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. LARRY A. APP Elkhart, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DENNIS PAUL ARNOLD Angola, Ind. B.S. in Arts Science JOHN D. ARTZ Angola, Ind. B.S. in Arts Science SURADEJ ASAVAVALLOBH Bangkok, Thailand B.S.C.E. JOHN R. BAKER Beaver, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. MARY LOU BAKER Garrett, Ind. Assoc, in Acct. LARRY R. BARNES Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. STEPHEN D. BEAN Angola, Ind. B.S.E.E. MARK STEPHEN BENDER Ft. Wayne, Ind. Assoc, in Mach. Des. Tech. THOMAS J. BERGER Angola, Ind. Assoc. In Comp. Tech. CARL ALAN BERNETT Elkhart, Ind. B.S.A.E. WILLIAM E. BERTRAM Kokomo, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. MARY ANN BEURET Auburn, Ind. B.A. in Ed. DANIEL STEVEN BIGELOW Angola, Ind. Assoc, in D. D. PHILIP J. BITNER Mill Hall, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JOHN D. BLACKBURN Anderson, Ind. B.S.M.E. WILLIAM T. BLAKE Ridgewood, N.J. B.S.M.E. MARGARET F. BLEDSOE Angola, Ind. B.S. in Ed. 153 seniors E9 LYNN ALLEN BLUE Coldwater, Mich. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DENNIS LYNN BOLEY St. Marys, Ohio B S C E DONALD D. BOOTH Angola, Ind. B.A. in Phys. Ed. TERRENCE NORMAN BRAMMALL Angola, Ind. B.S.M.E. JAMES M. BRAUN Bryan, Ohio B.S.M.E. CECIL WAYNE BROUGHTON Cincinnati, Ohio B.S.M.E. BRUCE O. BRYAN Angola, Ind. B.S. in Biology ROBERT ESTLE BRYANT Akron, Ind. B.S.M.E. CHAI YACHOTEBURANASONGGRAM Bangkok, Thailand B.S. in Bus. Ad. LENNIS RANDY BUSH Centerburg, Ohio B L; c E GARY D. BUTLER Leesburg, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JOHN E. I. CARLSON Sugar Grove, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. GARY LEE CARPENTER Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JEFFREY ALLEN CARRICK Parma Hts. Ohio Assoc, in Comp. Tech. SURAPONG CHAIVONG Thailand B.S.E.E. DONALD V. CHASE, JR. South Bend,Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. a seniors STEPHEN ERNEST CHASE Cooperstown, N.Y. B.S.C.E. SATYAPRAKASH D.CHIMANJI Bombay, India B.S.E.E. ROBERT S, CHIMNEY Mentor, Ohio B.S.Ch.E. JON R. CHRISTNER Peru, Ind. B.A. in English GARY STEPHEN CIGANEK Lansford, Pa. B.S.M.E. TERRY LOUIS CLARK Sidney, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. WILLIAM CARLETON CLARK Middletown, Ohio B.S.M.E. PHILIP P. COBB Angola, Ind. B.S. in Tech. Mgt. WILLIAM COFFEY Coatesville, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. BRENDA KAY COGSWELL Hillsdale, Mich. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. JAMES R. COLE Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JAMES ROBERT COOK Angola, Ind. B.S. in Biology SANDI COOK Angola, Ind. Assoc, in Sec. Sci. CAROL LYNN COPE Findlay, Ohio Assoc, in Sec. Sci. RANDY LEE COPLEN Ft. Wayne, Ind. B.S. in Acct. FRANK CREA Dunkirk, N.Y. B.S.A.E. ROBERT LINN CROCKER Madison, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DUANE EUGENE CUNNINGHAM Williamsport, Ind. B.S.M.E. WILLIAM DENNIS DERVAY Johnson City, N.Y. B.S.C.E. MARK F. DETWILER Elkhart, Ind. B.S. in Acct. GERALD K. DINSMORE Batesville, Ind. B.S. in Acct. JERRY OSCAR DOUD Lakewood, N.Y. B.S.C.E. THOMAS CARL DROLLINGER Depew, N.Y. B.S.C.E. JOHN WILLIAM DUNDON Salamanca, N.Y. B.S. in Bus. Ad. seniors BESSIE M. DUNN Waterloo, Ind. Assoc, in English KENNETH PAUL DUNN Angola, I nd. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JOHN EDWARD DURST Erie, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. CHARLES LUCEIN EASTERDAY Angola, Ind. Assoc, in Mgt. PAMELA JOAN EDWARDS Bradenton, Fla. Assoc, in Mach. Des. Tech. JOHN W. EMERICK Crestline, Ohio B.S.M.E. EDWARD FEECE Chesterton, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DAVID G. FENSTERMAKER Reading, Mich. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DAVID L. FISH Anderson, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. DAVE D. FORD Hamilton, I nd. B S C E R. jACK FROST Painted Post, N.Y. B.S.E.E. PAUL V. GACKEL Defiance, Ohio B.S.M.E. GARY GAJDORUS Binghamton, N.Y. B.S.Ch.E. JUDY GANS Howe, Ind. Assoc, in Chemistry JAMES C. GARTEN Indianapolis, I nd. B.S.E.E. JAMES W. GERKING Indianapolis, I nd. B.S. in Acct. seniors NORRIS J. GLASS Hamburg, N.Y. B.S.M.E. JAMES L. GRAHAM Angola, Ind. B.S.M.E. DANIEL M. GRAHOVAC Cleveland, Ohio B S C E dNDY LEE GRATE LaGrange, Ind. Assoc, in Acct. THOMAS M. GRILL Auburn, Ind. B.S.E.E. STEVEN ALLEN GRIMM Minster, Ohio Assoc, in Comp. Tech. THOMAS SETH GROGAN, III Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. DEBRA K. GUCKENBERGER Nappanee,Ind. Assoc, in Sec. Sci. DAVID M. HAWKINS Ft. Wayne, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. RANDY GENE HAWKINS Breman, Ind. B.S. in Mach. Des. Tech. SHERRI L. HILL Butler, Ind. B.S. in Acct. RODERICK LEE HOFFMAN Wren, Ohio B.S.M.E. BRUCE EDWARD HOLBROOK Ann Arbor, Mich. B S C E DANIEL R. HOLLENBECK LaGrange, Ind. B S C E GARY S. HOLLY Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. ROBIN HORI Kapaau, Hawaii B.S. in Biology JONATHAN PAUL HACKER Strongsville, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. DENNIS JOSEPH HAKE Ft. Wayne, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. RONALD G. HARNER St. Marys, Ohio B.S.M.E. LARRY J. HASSELBACH Lindsey, Ohio B.S. in Soc. Std. seniors RAYMOND JACK HOWARD Sidney, N.Y. B.S.M.E. MARY BETH HUBENTHAL Lucerne, Ind. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. DANIEL L. HUMMEL Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. MICHAEL CHARLES JABLONSKY Manville, N.J. B.S. in Acct. PAMELA M. JACKSON Angola, Ind. Assoc, in Sec. Sci. GREGG DOUGLASJAQUES Olean, N.Y. B.S. in Bus. Ad. BARBARA ANN JENKINS Findley, Ohio Assoc, in Sec. Sci. DENNIS ALAN JEWETT Granger, Ind. B.S. in Acct. EDWARD J. KAMBIES Angola, Ind. B.S.M.E. J. DOUGLAS KEPLER Hamilton, Ind. B.S. in Acct. AKBAR KHADEMALOMOON Tehran, Iran B.S.M.E. ANITA J. KING College Corner, Ohio Assoc, in Acct. STEVEN DUANE KING Lexington, Ohio B.A. in Mgt. LYNN A. KIRKPATRICK Kendallville, Ind. B.S.M.E. DAVID L. KISH Natrona Heights, Pa. B.S.M.E. DOUGLAS T. KLETT Jackson, Mich. B.S.C.E. seniors ARLENE J. KLINK Auburn, Ind. B.S. in Acct. MICHAEL RAY KLINK Auburn, Ind. B.S.C.E. ANTHONY M. KOCJAN Elwood, III. B.S.E.E. LAWRENCE ALLEN KOPP Ridgewood, N.J. B.S.M.E. WILLIAM E. KRIBBS Franklin, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JAMES Y. LAI South Bend,Ind. B.S.M.E. DONALD GLENN LANE Tunkhannock,Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. PAUL RALPH LASKOWSKI South Bend,Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. NANCY LEACH Grand Blanc, Mich. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. ROBERT E. LEIBY Elysburg, Pa. B.S. in Ed. BRYAN E. LEPKOWSKI Mechanicville, N.Y. B.S.E.E. STEVEN H. LESHER Elkhart, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. 159 JOHN PHILIP LETKI Angola, Ind. B S C E DOUGLAS L. LIECHTY Fremont, Ind. B S C E KENNETH E. LINGER Dayton, Ohio B S C E JERRY LEE LOWER Pleasant Lake, Ind. B.S.M.E. LESLIE M. LOYNES Elsie, Mich. B.S.M.E. PETER RICHARD LUISI Chicago, III. B.S.M.E. DAVID J. LUNDGREN Smethport, Pa. B.S. in Tech. Mgt. DAVID W. McALONAN Akron, Ohio B.S.Ch.E. seniors FREDERICK J. MAJOR Angola, Ind. B.S. in Ed. MIZANUR RAHMAN MAJUMDER Bangladesh B.S.M.E. JOSEPH R. MASON Auburn, Ind. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. GARY WAYNE MATHERS Belpre, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. SHIRISH C. MEHTA Bombay, India B.S.Ch.E. DENNIS L. MERILLAT Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. RIC EUGENE MICHAEL Angola, Ind. Assoc, in Acct. TERESA LUELLEN MILLER Ashley, Ind. Assoc, in Acct. EARL KENT MILLS Union City, Ind. Assoc, in Acct. MARK OWEN MINICH New Washington, Ohio B.S.Ch.E. DANIEL J. MONAHAN Highland, N,Y. B.S. in Bus. Ad. THOMAS W. MORSE Angola, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. GARY K. MUELLER Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DAVID ROY MYERS Odon, I nd. B S C E EUGENE NUNES Oxnard, Calif. B.S.E.E. FEMI O. OGUNBANJO Lagos, Nigeria Assoc, in Tech. Mgt. DRAKE D. OLMSTEAD Battle Creek, Mich. B.S.M.E. ALLAN LYNN PADGET Reading, Mich. B.S. in Bus. Ad. PATRICIA PADGETT Crown Point, I nd. Assoc, in English TERRY E. PADGETT Lowell, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. seniors CAROL A. PARADISE Wabash, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. GARY STEVEN PARADISE Wabash, Ind. B.S.M.E. RAVINDRA V. PAREKH Gujarat, India B.S.Ch.E. JAMES E. PARSONS Holley, N.Y. Assoc, in Production Tech. MARK ROGER PARTINGTON Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. BABUBHAIPATEL Gujarat State, India B.S.Ch.E. YOGESH K. PATEL Columbus, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. ROBERT JOHN PIGANELLI Bradford, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ed. RHONDA LOUISE PODELL Winamac, Ind. Assoc, in Acct. ROBERT G. POLTER West Unity, Ohio B.S.E.E. TRACY J. PURCELL LaGrange, Ind. B.S.M.E. SCOTT DAVID RAILSBACK Angola, Ind. B.S.M.E. PATRICK I. REA Mishawaka, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. MARK ST. CLAIR REDKER Dansville, Mich. B.S. in Soc. Stds. SCOTT PATRICK REESE Angola, Ind. B.S.M.E. DENISE REICHANADTER South Bend,Ind. Assoc, in Sec. Sci. 161 seniors DENNIS M. RICHARDSON Laporte, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. WILLIAM FREDRICK RICHARDSON Pemboke, Bermuda B.S.E.E. GREGORY F. RIDENOUR Fremont, Ind. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. RICK D. ROBERTSON Ambia, Ind. Assoc, in Mach. Des. Tech. WILLIAM R. RODGERS Angola, Ind. B.S.M.E. KENNETH I. ROSOKOFF Tonawanda, N.Y. B.S. in Bus. Ad. RODNEY J. ROTH Fayette, Ohio Assoc, in Mach. Des. Tech GARY LEE ROWLAND Rochester, Ohio B.S.M.E. PAUL ALLEN RUBLE Montpelier, Ohio B.S.M.E. DANA ROBERT RUNNION Van Wert, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. MANSOUR SAGHAFI Iran B S C E DAVID W. SALMONS Galveston, I nd. B.S.C.E. NESTOR A. SANTIAGO Cleveland, Ohio B.A. in Biology PINICH SATHAWATT Washington, D.C. B S C E ROGER EMIL SCHAFER Montpelier, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. WAYNE P. SCHLEMITZ Rochester, N.Y. B.S.M.E. seniors JAMES E. SCHMIDT Mishawaka, Ind. B.S.E.E. RICHARD A. SCOTT Dayton, Ohio B.S.M.E. ROBERT L. SETTLE Dayton, Ohio B.S.M.E. ASHWIN J. SHAH Adh, India B.S.Ch.E. ROBERT DOUGLAS SHROYER Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. MICHAEL R. SIEBERN Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. RONALD J.SIKORSKI Bronson, Mich. B.S. in Bus. Ad. HARLAN F. SMITH Ft. Plain, N.Y. B.S.E.E. LAWRENCE ALAN SMITH Cincinnati, Ohio B S C E ROBERT MICHAEL SMITH North Manchester, Ind. B.S.M.E. WILLIAM EDWARD SMITH Alliance, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. GREGORY LEE SNYDER Bronson, Mich. B.S. in Bus. Ad. ALVIN SOMERLOTT Angola, Ind. Assoc, in Mach. Des. Tech. TIMOTHY D.SOTIR Jamestown, N.Y. B.A. in Soc. Stdys. ROSANN SPOHLER Perrysburg, Ohio Assoc, in Science ROBERT LEWIS STAVANA Chesterland, Ohio B.S.M.E. MICHAEL GEORGE STEFFAN Buffalo, N.Y. B S C E GARRY L. STEFFE Angola, Ind. Assoc, in Comp. Tech. THADDEUS R. STEPHENS Buchanan, Mich. B.S.M.E. PAUL R. STEVENS Parma Hts., Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. seniors DAVID EDWARD STREETER Elkhart, Ind. B.S.M.E. WILLIAM STURGEON Greencastle, Pa. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DAVID M. SUTHERLAND Lackawa nna, N.Y. B S C E PAUL STEVEN SWIFT Hamilton, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ed. WILLIAM A.SWISHER Archbold, Ohio B.S. in Bus. Ad. ROBERT TALARICO Tunkhannock, Pa. Assoc, in Mgt. ROBERT FRANK TAMMERA Livingston, N.J. Assoc, in Mgt. JAMES ALLEN THOMAS Defiance, Ohio B.S.M.E. ADEOYE OLUSOJI TINUBU Emure-Ekiti, Nigeria B S C E THOMAS ALLEN TOTH South Bend,Ind. B.S. in Mgt. TERRY LEE TURNOCK Elkhart, Ind. B S C E MICHAEL J. TWEEDY Coldwater, Mich. B.S.C.E. OTHO ELDON ULRICH Three Rivers, Mich. B.S. in Physics DFAN V. VERHAEGHE South Bend,Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. DEAN DOUGLAS VIA Covington, Ohio B.S.M.E. LARRY D. VICKERS Elkhart, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. MICHAEL DAVID VILDERS Angola, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JAMES M.WAGNER Elkhart, Ind. B.S. in Bus. Ad. JOSEPH ARTHUR WALBURG Middletown, Ohio B.S. Ch.E. ISAAC HARLAN WEBB, JR. Malvern, Pa. B.S.M.E. DOUGLAS KENT WERNICKE Elkhart, Ind. B.S.Ch.E. GEORGE K. WHITE Buffalo, N.Y. B S C E NORMAN G. WHITE Louisville, Ky. B.S. in Bus. Ad. ROBERT LEWIS WILHELM Sackets Harbor, N.Y. B.S.M.E. 164 graduation 166 graduation ' TTLE SP V HOME OF BILL’S LIQUORS 610 NORTH WAYNE PARTY SUPPLIES COLD BEER FINE WINE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ANGOLA SERVING TRI-STATERS FOR OVER FORTY YEARS CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT CHRISTMAS CLUB COMMERCIAL LOANS REAL ESTATE LOANS INSTALLMENT LOANS FARM LOANS • AUTO LOANS PERSONAL LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES NIGHT DEPOSITORY TRAVELERS CHECKS BANK MONEY ORDERS 24 HOUR ENVELOPE DEPOSITORY BANK-BY-MAIL WE PAY DAILY INTEREST sJL ANGOLA STATE - 11 BANK Si “THE BANK WITH A CHIME CLOCK” COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 665-9484 ANGOLA, INDIANA MEMBER MOODY’S MCBRIDE DRY 37 NORTH WAYNE CLEANERS BOOKS OF ALL PUBLISHERS 227 WEST MAUMEE SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES SHIRT LAUNDRY WE MAY NOT COME THROUGH 100% OF THE TIME, SAME DAY SERIVCE BUT WE TRY 665-2715 100% OF THE TIME. WELCOME TRI-STATERS SHOP FOR JEANS AND CASUAL CLOTHES l s T R STUDY BREAK HEADQUARTERS COME AS YOU ARE . . .THIRSTY SKIP’S D H HAYNES CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY 2 HOUR SERVICE 200 SOUTH WAYNE Jaward ' s Toggery MEN’S WEAR AND LADIES SPORTSWEAR NORTH SIDE OF PUBLIC SQUARE 665-6612 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN EXTRA CRISPY CHICKEN TAKE IT FROM THE COLONEL “ . . . ITS FINGER LICKIN GOOD.” 11 A.M.-9 P.M. 7 DAYS SUTTON’S SUPER DOLLAR MARKETS ANGOLA HAMILTON WATERLOO BUTLER SUPER DOLLAR ■ MARKETS ■ TOM’S CAMPUS CORNER SUBS PIZZAS SHAKES SUNDAES THOMAS FAMILY CENTER LARGEST IN DOWNTOWN ANGOLA DAILY 9-9 SUNDAY 12-5 FREE PARKING BEHIND STORE REDWOOD FOR THE COLLEGE SET . . . A COMPLETE SELECTION OF THE LATEST STYLES. LANES DON’S 10 MODERN BOWLING LANES BILLIARDS BOOTERY PRO SHOP AIR CONDITIONING QUALITY SHOES ON THE DEAN GOINGS, MANAGER SQUARE 665-6218 46 PUBLIC SQUARE ANGOLA, INDIANA AZARS N N BIG BOY 309 NORTH WAYNE BARBER SHOP 7 A.M. 210 WEST MAUMEE TILL s n MIDNIGHT EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN JJlySL STYLE. . . . . .WE’LL DO OUR yATj BEST TO MEET YOURS. ■ 178 misc m 180 misc W ' lP " r -v 182 misc The staff of Modulus ' 74 extends thanks to all who have assisted in publishing this book. Mike Klink Editor mmm, W%§$ ■ ■ " ■;? " ' ‘ T 1 BRHEWTSi, • fth Tii m .• £ T %. 1 r i_y ‘ ••v .. - ' ■• y " ' ' pp 1 1 h " _j i i _, gfi |[Mr T, A 1 v winroiSb 1 - • ' }

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