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mmm® mm ■Mhh IHP mmmmm The human mind and its power to reason logically has been man’s ticket to a better way of life since he appeared on earth. When he learned how to communicate his thoughts, he was able to advance to his present status at an incredible rate. When man added freedom to these pre¬ viously established advantages, he found that he could mold and adjust his environ¬ ment, and other people, almost at will. How¬ ever, things began to get complicated when one mans right to think and speak at will be¬ gan to conflict with the same rights of others. It is obvious that in many instances men use their capabilities and freedoms in a mar ner which seems to contradict his obvious ability to reason. At some time in every area of man’s involvement, he uses his freedom to express his reasoning without using any reasoning. Instances such as this can be found everywhere, including a college cam¬ pus. DISPENSABLE Man : " X i »SSp I ' i| H ¥$| f ’y ®S|SH3$ ? f Jilt bfl| S ;si S " " W ro f«P TKe AMERICAN SOCIETY of MECHANICAL ENGINEERS M A m. fOi JF lf§| pm mwv In a truly diversified show, “Lightwood” started off the Fall Festival concert with “Teen Angel”; then, Jackie DeShannon fol¬ lowed “Putting a Little Love ip Our Hearts.” The concert wasn’t over yet, as some people had thought, “Spirit” came on the stage with a program of songs from their album- intermission found a captive audience as Pat Stuenkel was crowned homecoming queen. Pat and her court, Karen Nelson, Candy Koehn, and Patti Jo Ziegel, presided over the parade and the games the next day, which ended an enjoyable weekend for all. i m 1 m m «■ t Wj 1 : A 1 si 6 £ f 1 i ■ % 1, I Welcor TR1-STAT Ideas Come to Life in Fall Festival Events ■ - T Tri-State Soccer Team Ends Its Season With 4-4-1 Record The Tri-State College soccer team, ham¬ pered by injuries toward the end of the season, managed only a 4-4-1 record but wrote some solid achievements into the books. The Trojans were in contention in every game, losing none by more than two goals. They finished third in the Mid- Central Conference standings and quali¬ fied for the NAIA playoffs. They had the best defensive record in their history, allowing only 1.8 goals per game, and they outscored their opponents 19-17 and outshot them 187-165. In tennis this year, the Trojans won eight of nine dual matches and were runners up to their only loss, Goshen, in the Mid-Central Conference Tournament. Eight men composed the team, which sported two noteworthy freshmen. The team, while not the most successful in col¬ lege history, certainly showed the most promise. T m ' V x - « »» ' ; M M 2 i ‘ v , ' , t .. , -V. . •-; - ; Tennis Team Takes Second in MCC 21 Cross Country Team Finishes Strong in 1972 The Tri-State College cross country team closed the 1972 campaign by placing three men on the honor squad in the U.S. Track, and Field Federation Regional Meet. No team scores were compiled, but Tri- State unofficially placed second behind Eastern Michigan, the host team. The Trojans were coached by Dick Goll- nick. Fencing Team Continu TSC Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways Paranoia Strikes Deep at Registration That Unforgettable Cafeteria Food Remains i r 1 1 $ | | M. A — ' ' i : ' k . Getting Acquainted -l ' - W-,- , ■. ' Ms k Getting Involved EVERYONL MUST WEAR 5 HOES shirts c imTO the J IMS ining- rooH WITH THE BROTHERS OF ICil ODi A THFfA AU INV!T £0 S TUR DPY IT 7: Student Senate Purpose Is Lost as Self-1 The Student Senate at Tri-State has be¬ come an organization whose purpose has been very much maligned in the last year. Instead of serving to better student life, the Senate has become the voice of many unjust criticisms. It seems that the attitude at Tri- State has changed from the apathy which once reigned to one which is even further down the scale. What is most disturbing is the fact that the very groups which are most vocal in criticism are the most silent when volunteers are needed. This article is not meant to criticize the Senate or any of its members, but to make them realize that un¬ less these attitudes change, the Senate will remain off-course of its intended goal. 38 interest Replaces Cooperation Mi Unit “B” Fire Causes Turmoil on Campus Many fires were noticed in the dormitory A coed who had noticed the fire while of Unit B during February but the most walking by, aroused one of the residents devastating of all fires was the one on Febru- who called the fire department. Firemen ary 15 which forced all students to evacuate from Angola, Pleasant Lake, and Freemont the building. The fire completely ruined the Fire Departments came quickly to the scene, lounge and foyer of the building and smoke but despite their continuous efforts into the caused considerable damage to the Kappa early morning hours, thousands of dollars Sigma House. were lost and many treasures destroyed. A Successful Concert Requires Time, Effort, and Lots of Cooperation Mac Davis and George Stevens Surprise i I t! The students of T.S.C. were surprised at the great comeback of comedian George Stevens and song painter, Mac Davis. After cancellations of Cactus, Mama Lion, and Ike and Tina Turner, skepticism prevailed to say the least. But instead of a cancelled concert or a replacement group, Tri-State College en¬ joyed and greatly applauded what turned out to be the best concert in over two years. During the intermission of the winter carnival concert, the queen and her court were announced. Barb Jenkins was crowned 1973 Winter Carnival Queen and Shelly Diedrich, as first runner-up. To add to the enrichment of the night, Mr. Tri-State for 1973 was also announced. Pete Walters was the winner this year and runners-up were Chris Kolber, A1 Banwell, and Terry Mon- tross. This years winter concert was a great success which stimulated the festivities of the weekend. A Concert in Honor of the Queen Pete Walters Is Mr. Tri-State 1973 Earl Finkel Blessed the Winter Games With Snow A Talented Trojan Track Team Shows Its Strength in Indoor Meets T.S.C. Takes Title in Indoor Track m I Basketball Team Wins Seventh MCC Title Coach Mark Peterman had the Trojans playing “his usual style of basketball.” This was witnessed this year as the Tro¬ jans wound up their season with a 21-9 record. One of the highlights of the year was the home 96-48 win over Marion Col¬ lege, when Coach Peterman celebrated his 200th victory at Tri-State. The loss to Grace with a 80-73 defeat was the only conference setback that the Trojans suf¬ fered as they went on to win their 7th M.C.C. Championship in a row. The M.C.C. Championship was enough to earn the team their sixth District 21 Playoff bid. Playing against Franklin College in the first round in front of a home crowd, the Trojans suffered a defeat by eight points which was a disappointment for all. A warm congratulations goes to the Five graduating players who mean a lot to Tri-State basketball. They include Bob Wright, Roy Charleswood, Bill Coffey, Roger Kindinger, and Terry Padgett. We all think the 1972-73 Trojans were great and Tri-State will reign again . .. Always. HP SjP 8 Im i M|| ■ ;■■■ ' 1 ] |||JI®? w f f I 1 piP Hb?$i 1 jpf- r 1 Mark Peterman Records His 200th Win ! roR • —. v Phys. Ed. Students Reach Out to Others The Physical Education Department is expanding its schedule to include working with the sheltered workshop kids from Pleasant Lake. Every Friday morning, many of the P.E. majors are helping the kids work in the fields of basketball, paddleball, weightlifting, swimming, and the trampo¬ line. The program, started in the winter quarter, is expanding to include all quarters and also a lecture series is scheduled once a week dealing with the physically handi¬ capped and mentally retarded. 60 Delta Chi Hosts Gov. Otis Bowen Dr. Otis Bowen, Governor of Indiana, was a featured speaker at the Delta Chi Regional conference held here at Tri- State, February 2,3, and 4. Dr. Bowen, who is a Delta Chi from Indiana Univer¬ sity, presented many issues and ideas of interest. Converging on the campus were over fifty Delta Chi’s from the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. It proved to be very successful and educational for all! vm ■ sm 62 Students Take Time to Help Others H Iff 1 • ' V jg JjsujHHPPMPVP ; , JHHU :v " : . j| a m -w £ ■“ ' JBMfefck. ■• S8tosSak Ai i m .%WA La ' mm i i . Jf • • i i J ' 4 r •-...• 1 - iHL ' f - - A •»! 5 .f4;, j a ¥» | EUkJf 1 i } JL 1 | ryM ’ • a jr 1 1 i f jA i i i ■ 1 %_ 11 ' . | 1 r f «3m| ' ■ W 1 Mu I 1 Li A ilja , v ■ ' 1 ■ Jt 1 ‘ v 4 y ii | hi 1 i W • 1; M I 1 , N i 4 i» lI.! » 44‘M , M ' X ■ if, {kk it i m h ■ ;. : Hfe " ' ilsik ItU kilJf • rian Mead Hangs on to Win on Points The College Track team had its most successful year to date as they won the Grace Relays, the Mid-Central Conference Championship, and the state’s first NAIA Track and Field Championship. Dick Gollnick’s runners and field event men established new records in every event except the long jump, the triple jump, and the 100 yard dash. The team scored a record 126 points in the Mid-Central Conference Track Meet in winning their second straight title, then played host to Indiana’s first NAIA Track and Field Championship, and took the team honors with 76 points to second place Rose Hulman’s 42. Track Team Takl ■§ Ilrst NAIA State Title Baseba h ■ " ®■ :r ' Mi earn Finishes 7-3 in MCC The Trojan baseball team had several firsts tacked to their schedule this season. The team ended the season with two losses in the state’s NAIA playoffs in Indianap¬ olis, fading victim to Taylor 4-1 and Ander¬ son 5-4. This year’s team finished 7-3 in con¬ ference play and in second place behind Grace College 8-2. They were the first team to take a spring trip and play in Tennessee, and Kentucky. Record-wise the team ended the season 14-15-1 and at one point in the season won ten games in a row, a new school winning record. Ron Wells and Jon Liechty were the new coaches this season and are expected to be back in the helm next spring. m.J Tri-State’s golf team rounded out an¬ other great year defeating 76 of 84 oppo¬ nents this season and winning their four¬ teenth straight Mid-Central Conference title. Four members of the team were named to the all-conference golf team. Doug Booth, Angola, won his third medalist honors and was the top choice followed by Pete Kempf, Auburn, Joe Barbetta, Smithown, NY; and Dave Rowe, Angola. Golf Team Wins 86 }ACC Crown Jfcj? - 87 Spring Brings Long Nights to Dorms »wff v,ll. Wifi J8 W»V » ' ■ «r ggf i S r ill! ' « “ 1 f- f | M me MM JSigp " ’ ► FJH gp?’ ’fclff ■ Jffi ' •C Uj jUi” n I «« " ss8p ' 93 Below is Leta German, Cafeteria; At Right is Mildred Swift and Cleon Wells. On the opposite page; maintenance and pring shop staffs. 94 Pictured above is Mr. Ramsey of the News Service, while above right is B. J. Holloway and his staff who work with the News Service and Alumni Di¬ rector, J. W. McClellan. At right are pictured, Earl Sharrow, Placement Di¬ rector, and L. F. Kuhn, Co-op Director. Below is Mrs. A. J. Bush, Director of Hershey Museum. Many People Aid in Serving Students At left is the library staff, Joan Tapp, Nita Taboy, Dorothy Werkheiser, Ted Martens, Roger Schafer, find Guy Gorney. Below left is Jim Jones of the Computer Center; and below is the Guidance De¬ partment, T. G. Lansford and Kathy Kolb. I 97 NECSAMiCAL S ft FALLOCSA55AS ££ » rvcmm rsortsso i cfSASOt cue K WATTSM rSOFESSOS 1« C ASO£ A£ rACVLTT soon IOC F V LI r 0 ASONHiML C S SOffUEf C t SKA 8 SHOmtfEIt I 0 tA 223 A A CCfifOS w W SILL WSf 01 X 0 0 If . i t 0 L VASMS A 1 Pictured on this page are: Dr. Q. J. Hawthorne, Dean of Engineering, and Dr. J. J. Nortrup, Dean of Arts and Sciences. Deans Manage Departmental Functions 8 " " At left is Dr. R. W. Young, Dean of Faculties. Be¬ low left is Dr. R. J. Lewis, Dean of Business, and right is Mark Peterman, Director of Athletics. Administrators Work to Build Tri-State The Administration of Tri-State College has contributed a great deal to the growth and success of the school over the past dec¬ ade. Through their efforts in running the school and planning for the future, the col¬ lege has continued to grow and provide stu¬ dents with a quality education. These people have dedicated themselves to helping students and to making Tri-State one of the finest schools in the country. Shown on this page are Dr. Richard M. Bateman, President of the college, and Dr. F. J. Bogardus, Vice President. I Pictured on this page are: Above, Dr. William L. Scott, Dean of Students, Dr. Ronald L. Lewis, Act¬ ing Director of Admissions, Left, Blaine Shoupe, Purchasing, Bill Sunday, Treasurer, R. H. Martin, and Below, Dr. Scott with his staff. Unit D “Illikai’i Alwood Stewart New Dorms and Lots of Girls to Fill Them Adds Beauty to the Campus and Classes Row 1, L-R, Sally Etzler, Cherilyn Lewis, Row 2, L-R, Steve Nagy, Ellen Nagy, Brenda Cogswell, Kathy Harpster, Sue Dickerson, Row 3, L-R, Peggy Grimes, Deb Guckenberger, Debie Hiner, Shelley Diederich, Dana Crowell, Patti Ziegel, Karen Nelson. Row 1, L-R, Dr. Cameron, Phyllis Wiltsie, John Wiltsie, Sue Reppert, Judy Gans, Carol Cope, Patti Stuenkel, Sue Engelberth, Denise Reichanadter, Mari Noblet, Anita King, Jackie Hutton, Barb Jen¬ kins, Row 2, L-R, Sam Slaughter, Sharon Lo, Betty Borden, Cathy Towne, Barb Steinen, Deb Halsey, Becky Clark, Nancy Leech, Cindy Giaugue, Laura Zehner, Candy Koehn, Rhonda Podell, Con¬ nie Miller, Mary Hubenthal, Mary Ann Beuret. ' - “fsKjji I 1 n 1 I 4 r English Faculty V MSBBam, L-R, Miss Schultz, Mr. R. A. Condon, Mr. W. R. San Giacomo, Mrs. Dawn Dreyer, Mrs. M. D. Car¬ ney, Mrs. M. E. Nichols, Ms. S. Keating, Mrs. E. Orlosky, Mrs. K. L. Gorden. Business Administration L-R, Mr. T. G. Burney, Mr. D. L. Moore, Mr. C. F. Wang, Dr. Nortrup, R. E. Scheffer, Mr. J. E. Morin. , Mr. C. D. Goodale, Mr. W. Walter, Mr. W. ampion, Mr. H. Hoolihan, Mr. D. L. Trennepohl, . J. T. Hoitenga, Mr. C. Hilton, Mr. R. K. King, Mr. Cook. Social Studies I W Mechanical Dept. L-R, Dr. J. N. Crisp, Dr. E. H. Isenhoff, Dr. ( Meyers, Mr. R. K. Wattson, Mr. W. W. Hole nl Dr. B. S. Dixit. Electrical Row 1, L-R, Mr. C. E. Shaw, Dr. S. N. Paleo- crassas. Row 2, L-R, Dr. P. B. Aronhime, Dr. A. Stoudinger, Mr. A. E. Eberhardt, and Mr. A. B. Showaiter. Physics 109 al Biology Civil Engineering L-R, Dr. W. Hill, Mrs. Franz, Dr. C. W. Brink Dr. D. L. Warder, Mr. A. A. Guilford, Mr. G s’ Rowley, Dr. P. W. Lin, and Dr. G. F. Hauck. Chemcial Engineering Drafting and Design L-R, Mr. E. J. Nagle, Mr. M. H. Obrieter, Mr Dreyer, Mrs. J. Cole, Mr. T. Dolan, Mr. A Weber. L-R, Mr. L. J. Graves, Mr. R. D. Stevens, and Mr. J. P. Bobay. Computer Science ! Math Faculty L-R, Mrs. I. L. Heier, Mr. R. R. Kruger. L-R, Mr. D. L. Sy- ler, Mr. J. R. Beeh- ler. Dr. R. W. Young, Mr. W. A. Threlkeld, Mr. G. E. Gaerte, Mr. C. K. Cook, Mr. R. But¬ ler, and Mr. R. Ruse link. IFC Activities Bring Greeks Together 114 Sport and Spirit f i lift i I Acacia Alpha Epsilon Pi 117 Alpha Sigma Phi 1 Delta Chi Kappa Sigma 120 Sigma Phi Delta jWi’-j f A f m w pL jy SK 1 I a 2 W ?|P fv , 1 L 1 .iW Jiw .. w, •. t 1. Ho Hk • _ jBg ft |f ■ - - -m.. HP i .... . 4 . ' mm nr rr y " " ir Y ' - 7- r w m W ' -m mmm " rn,,, ' 1l : ■’ y, ' f-i ' : 4 - ' X r r ' % 1? ! ■ : 1 mJ- ‘ . • W r: ifrgfll jm f .’ A . i , ajflgJIi i! ' wKm Lai Kit .Jffw, Pi ; Tau Kappa Epsilon i i ! ( Phi Kappa Theta 124 Soccer Team Kneeling, L-R, Bill Gangwer, Carlo Nuesa, Glenn Doppes, Jim Cole, Marlin Boyd, Bill Richardson, Jay Hesse, Dale Vogel, Craig Wis- ner, Raphael Benveqnu, Joe Matea, standing, L-R, Mike Paleocrassas, Eric Willis, Dan Deg- nan, Frank Nachman, Bill Thompson, Dale Ophardt, Bob Oderwald, Jim Gray, Dennis Dervay, Ed Plockmeyer, Mark Lancor, Greg Warren, Coach Furlan. mm L-R, Paul Flick, Tom Deardorff, Dan Yerman, Greg Woodland, Terry Frazier, Bob Hafezi, Leo Dawson, Greg Ridenour, Dirk Kolasinski. Cross Country Basketball Team, No. 1 Front row, L-R, Bill Coffey, Steve Kelly, Gary Younce, John Wysong, A1 Rhodes, Bob Bryant, and Terry Padgett. Back row, L-R, Coach, Mark Peterman, Charlie Ross, Harry Williams, Roy Charleswood, Norm White, Roger Kin- dinger, Jerry Hoffmeister, Bob Wright, Coach Wells, and Jeff Carrick. lot at Join :ri2 Pm loo Join an Rex Pa itro Cheerleaders Front row, L-R, Mary Noblit, Linda Cook, Denise Reichanadter, Jackie Hutton, Back row, L-R, Deb Halsey, Katie Connelly, Peggy Grimes, Kathi Rekart, Marleen Lehman, A. J. King. !b 5 Ski Ck 1 w I .‘I IMCC Track Champions u Row 1, L-R, Dan Furlan, Mike Wagner, Lee Franz, Joe Geiger, Steve Wilson, Steve Noland, John Berry, Paul Flick, Keith Turner, Terry -r Frazier, Bob Hafezi, Ron Downs, Bob Benson, Dan Yerman, John Sawyer, Joe Fundak, Ken Boone, Row 2, L-R, Coach Gollnick, Tom Johnson, Kevin Sage, Bob Chism, Jerry Sturd- want, Dirk Kolasinski, Ed Burker, Tim Boeck- man, Dave Teal, Leo Dawson, Bob Oderwald, Rex Holmes, Rob Garner, Roger Bertch, Tim Deardorff, Wayne Rehner, Coach Pete Lead- strom. m , v 7 1 4 f JfSjj $ W : w , % Fencing Team Kneeling, L-R, Joe Gurski, Mike Noland, Sharon Banwell, A1 Banwell, Standing, L-R, Charlie Bowen, Dr. Lansford, Greg Wood, Carl Spicker, Dave McLaughlin, Kent Mills, Mike Vendl, Ron Downs, Mike Obrien, Joy Humphrey, Mike Lohrman, Grace Feller, Dave Wright, Dayrl Cipriany, Bruce Holprock. 127 1973 Baseball Team Golf Team, M.C.C. Champs 128 Row 1, L-R, Gary Younce, Mike Kovar, Frank Nachman, Eric Willis, Greg Woodland, and Doug Degroff, Row 2, L-R, Kevin Zavesky, T. J. Cool, Ron Scott, Gary Carpenter, Scott Weikel, Row 3, L-R, Coach Rod Wells, Jeff Sine, Terry Padgett, Randy Plank, Charlie Ross, Chris Nipple, Denny Boley, Dan Hochstedler, Assistant Coach, Jon Liechty. L-R, Mike Seago, John Hardin, Joe Barbetta, Coach Bill San Giacomo, Zollner Pro, Walt Lilley, Dave Rowe, Doug Booth, and Pete Kemph. seated L-R, Larry Vickers, Bob Graham, Dan rlummel, and Bill Kribbs; Standing, Row 1, L-R, Ron Slage, A1 Kapuschinsky, M. Kabir Yaqubie, Dan Monahan, Jr., Wayne Champion, Terry Mon- tross, Abraham, Charles Fisher, Dennis Jewitt, and A1 Bradford; Row 2, L-R, Doug Zuber, Bill Swish¬ er, Jim Gerking, Dave Leas, Eric Willis, A1 Padget, John Horning, Bob Bailey, Dave Alexander, Dave Lundgren, Jeff Sine, Marty Fransted, and Bill Smith. Alpha Kappa Psi Skull and Bones i, t e The purpose of Skull and Bones C.O.A., an honorary organization national in scope, is to recognize students for outstanding leadership in extra-curricular activities, to facilitate student brotherhood and spirit and to promote the traditions, honor, and pres¬ tige of Tri-State College. 129 Glee Club Sings . . . Row-1, L-R, Laura Zehner, Lo Yuan Cheng, Becky Clark, Dawn Scott, Cindy Shultz, Susan Engel- berth, Row-2, L-R, Peter Luisi, Barry Lyon, Leonard Lo, Jeff Sharp, Lee Franz, Row-3, L-R, Mark B. Hansbarger, Paul Ruble , Mrs. Nichols, Steven Hanna. Row 1, L-R, Brent Citler, Norman Fawley, Susan Engelberth, Lee Franz, Joe Tarintino, Row 2, L-R, Terry Hudson, Jim Saltsman, Tony McLaughlin, Row 3, L-R, Jeff Sharp, Ross Johnson, Robert Pillot. fisF i W i , • sgtjm as the Band Plays On. 131 Circle K Row 1, L to R, Isaac H. Webb, Jr., Peggy Bur- lew, Daniel M. Grahovac. Row 2, L to R, Fred G. Imhof, Lawrence A. Kopp, James Parsons. Row 3, L to R, Mark B. Hansbarger, Gary L. Ernsting. Student Wives Seated left to right-Linda Howard, Teresa Meyers, Terri Morse. Standing left to right-Mary Ford, Beverly Reese, Linda Wagner. Forensic Society Row 1, L to R, James Pecsi, Carol Ullo, Mark Hansbarger. AIDD L to R, Paul Vierling, Susan Reppert, Roger Pressler, Melvin Rennaker, Nick Delucenay. Aeronautical Society Row 1 L-R, Frank Crea, Steward Kline, Terry Hudson, Row 2 L-R, Bob Ryan, R. K. Wattson, Arlyn Cook, Row 3 L-R, Tom Zucal. ASME ! I Row 1, L to R, Wayne Schlemitz, Robert Stavana, Dennis Peterson, Yuan Cheng Lo, Jerry Lower, Roy Watson. Row 2, L to R, Gary L. Emsting, Scott P. Reese, Fred G. Imhof, John Offuick, Charles Green, Joe Saccoia. Row 3, L to R, Jerry Hottel, Lea Friesen, Howard Radel, Terry Fair, Pat Kestner. Chemical Society ow 1, L to R, Betty Borden, Joseph Walburg, hirish Mehta, Ramesh Patel. Row 2, L to R, Yo- jsh Patel, Dennis Richardson, Allan Fowler, Jeff ilman, Patrick W. K. Wong. Row 3, L to R, David ish, Doug Wernicke, A1 Wolfe, Stephen Nowak, atrick Mills, Henry Tucker. Row 1, L-R, Kevin Roger Bennett, Steven White- field, Stephen Elko, John Reeves. Amateur Radio Club SAE Row 1, L-R, Paul Klein, John Banks, Howard Radel, Roy Watson, Gerald Hanneman, Row 2, Jerry Lower, Robert Stavana, John Offnick, Gar} L. Ernsting, Row 3, Tony Raumikar, Dave Lund- gren, Paul Gackel, Jr., Terry Fair, Pat Kestner. L to R, John Grannis, Jerry Doud, Gene Rzepka, Dennis Dervay, Jim Kaniecki, John Wright. ARBA A.C.M. How 1, L-R, Philip Bitner, Laura Zehner, Vicki Beatty, Alvin Marshall, Row 2, L-R, Jay Pettey, lohn Bartley, Lanny Lambrecht, Dave Ross, Mike Marburger. IEEE Row 1, L-R, Paul Beck, Dan Fresch, Barry Rup- precht, Greg Miller, Elton Schroeder, Lo Yuan Cheng, Row 2, L-R, Kevin Roger Bennett, Cary Tagliaferri, David Simon, John C. Quackenbush, Darrell Cipriany, Mehran Motazedi, Row 3, L-R, M. Hashem Anwari, Richard Papai, Steven White- field, Larry Richter, Fred G. Imhof, Row 4, L-R, Stan Yoder, Thomas G. Velkoff, Robert H. Wil¬ son. Surapong Chaivong, Sewim Ablay, William Richardson, Row 5, L-R, Frederick Garber, Robert Pillot, William Stopper, Douglas Steibert, Charley Rauch. 137 ASCE ! ' v ' : Row 1, L to R, Larry Ley, Steve Zvanya, John Grannis, Ira Nelson, Ken Linger, Warren Sudhoff. Row 2, L to R, Tom Steinen, Jim Michalski, Jerry Doud, Doug Liechty, Russ Rutkowski, Dave Sal¬ mons. Row 3, L to R, Bruce Holbrook, Jim Stump, Dan Grahovac, Steve Chase, Gene Rzepka, Mark Minich. Row 4, L to R, Dennis Dervay, Jim Kaniecki, John Wright, Randy Bush, Dennis Boley, Ken Boone, Pete Leadstrom. Row 1, L to R, Greg Miller, Paul Ruble, Dan Fresch, Ira Nelson, Doug Liechty, John Erd, Mehran Motazedi. Row 2, L to R, Scott Reese, Robert Kukenberger, Tom Truscott, Paul Gackel, Jr., Jim Pecsi, Doug Wernicke, Patrick Mills. Row 3. L to R, John C. Quackenbush, Larry Richter, B. William Stopper, Jim Michalski, Elton Schroeder, Randy Bush. Row 4, L to R, Jerry Hottel, Robert Pillot, Tony Raunikar, Doug Seibert, Sewim Ablay. 138 ow 1, L to R, Larry Ley, Ira Nelson, Larry mith, Jerry Doud, Doug Liechty, Dan Grahovac. ow 2, L to R, Don Gallo, Ken Boone, Russ Rut- awski, Gene Rzepka, Mark Minich, Warren Sud- off. Row 3, L to R, Bob Lucht, Jim Michalski, ennis Boley, Randy Bush, Pete Leadstrom, Bruce olbrook. Chi Epsilon Sigma Pi T au Sigma tow 1, B. S. Dixit, Daniel C. Kitts, John H. Banks, toy Watson, Howard Radel, Row 2, Paul Ruble, ). R. Stamy, Scott P. Reese, Joe Saccoia, Row !, J. N. Crisp, Paul Gackel, Jr., Bob Bryant, Tony taunikar, Rick Powell. i f Newman Club Delta Nu Alpha | 0 evi: [ilk ily fill Row 1, L-R, Raymond G. Plummer, Robert I Stavana, Daniel J. Monahan, Steven Arnold, Ro 2, L-R, Barry D. Lyons, William E. Smith, Rober D. Corwin, Howard E. Radel, Bernard J. Callaghej Ik Be In Row 1, L-R, Gary Ulmn, Bill Flood, Bill Sturgeon, Paul Laskowski, Row 2, L-R, Dana Runyan, Gary Carpenter, John Durst, John Dundan. Flying Thunderbirds jw 1, L to R, Larry Richter, Henry Tucker, ivin Sosbe. Row 2, L to R, Bob Johnson, Don 1 II 0 , Steve Chase, Scott Binder. Row 3, L to R, rlyn Cook, Leo Middaugh, Douglas Alig, Mike Brien, Robert Kollmar, John C. Quackenbush. Camera Club tow 1, L-R, Doug Granger, Peter Luisi, Paul Clein, Bob Wilhelm, Row 2, L-R, Steve Young, Ed (ambiew, Darrell Cipriany. 141 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1 1 1 ® (c :ii jlii i Row 1, L-R, Mary Hubenthal, Dawn Scott, Beckj Clark, Rhonda Podell, Lo Yuan Cheng, Susai Engleberth, Vicki Beatty. Row 2, L-R, Kevin R Bennett, Leonard Lo, Tim Wentzel, Walter Waym Wilson, Jim Grover, Larry LaPointe, Dan Gilbert David Pish. Row 3, L-R, A1 Wolfe, Karl Linde Tom Johnson, Randy Hartleroad, Jeff Sharp Kevin Sosbe, John Mackiewicz, Richard Cotten Veteran’s Club R H R f S K U 1 Row 1, L to R, Ron Slagle, Grace Peller, Bob Grahan. Row 2, L to R, James R. Cole, Terry Montross, Richard Knapp, Gary Pinne. 142 Math Club low 1, L-R, Susan Dickerson, Lo Yuan Cheng, indy Giaugue, Susan Engelberth, Row 2, L-R, lichard Ruselink, Kenneth Ruge, Phil Smock, teven A. Young, Glenn Gaerte, Row 3, L-R, J. J. Jones, Jeff Sharp, Michael Paleocrassas. m i lit! •J arp le 1 ;c ' 1 - p 4 Booster Club Row 1, L-R, Dick Steury, Keith McNinch, Dane Hanby, Dave Ross, Steward Cline, Earl Kent Mills, Row 2, John Bartley, Murph Franklin, Francis Picciano, Ron Thomas, Richard Papai, Row 3, Scott P. Reese, Glenn Doppes, Gary L. Ernsting, Mike Vendl, Terry Nowland, Row 4, Richard A. Myers, Steven D. Whitefield, Steven Greene, Wal- Todd, Mark J. Lambrix, Dennis Daffron. 143 Steve Achorn Faisal AlQatami Richard Arber Daniel Armentano Daniel Arnet Scott Baker Albert Banwell John Bargerhuff Douglas Barton Jeffery Bell Peter Beyette John Bierl William Bolin Theadore Bowen Roy Brooks William Brotz Larry Brown Thomas Brucz Barry Buechley Charles Burdic December— March Graduates 144 1 i i James Gray William Greiner, III Joseph Gurski Bradley Hale George Hall Stewart Hall, Jr. Thomas Harmes Sherrie Hill David Hodgden John Hood Jerry Hoover Jack Hunt Wayne Jann John Kuholski Walter Kern John Kline Stanley Kruse Bruce Larabee Howard Lemmon Julian Lenart Jon Liechty Faustino Ligot Thomas Liles Joel Littrell Casey Major 146 Michael McBride William McCombs William McCracken, Jr. James Meredith David Miller Stephen Miller Jon Morlen David Morsey James Murphy Roger Nawrot Paul Neuman Michael Nolan Michael Noll Timothy O’Brien Dan Olson Leon Padlo William Page John Panchesine Paul Parker 147 Dante Pastro Niranjan Pastel Philip Pearson James Pierron Burton Post Cecil Putnam James Ransberger Wayne Reese William Rennecker William Rennick, Jr. Patricia Richards Thomas Roberts Monte Robey David Rose Russel Sanford Jahed Sayyah Santosh Sheth Fredrick Scholtisek Lawrence Schroeder 148 Stephen Seagnoli P. Scott Seigneur Tomas Sloan R. Douglas Smith Edward Solomon Robert Souder John Sullivan Gordon Swanson Ronald Swiatek Gary Tedder John Thompson Francis Tome Ralph Turansky Richard Turner William Turner, Jr. Jack Van Hoover Paul Vierling Richard Visnia Val Vonderheide Timothy Von Neida jggsgijj Peter Walters Howard Viechers Dale Wisebaker Timot hy Wojeinski Wade Woodcock Stanley Wrobel Walter Zinser 1 . Sewim Ablay Robert Abrams Robert Angus Edwin Annin Steven Arnold Robert Bailey John Banks, II Sharon Banwell Lawrence Bartley Vicki Beatty William Beck Brian Beifus John Bell Richard Bienick Kenneth Birkemeier June-August Graduates 150 pPSp Jerry Blackburn William Blaufuss Kenneth Boone, Jr. Gregory Bottorff Paul Brewer Maurice Cancasci, Jr. Roy Charleswood John Chesher Michael Ciolkos Darrell Cipriany Michael Clark John Colacino William Collett Gregory Crandall Joseph Dalton Lee D’Amico Gary Davis Stanley Davis William Davis Michael Deragon Frederick DeRidder Anthony DeRosa D. G. Dhake Edward Duffy Thomas Edwards 151 Stephen Elko Phillip Ellet Charles Enea Albert Ensley, Jr. John Erd Amos Eslieb Terry Fair Charles Fisher Stephen Fisher Edward Flavin Allan Fowler Robert Fraser Daniel Fresch Lizabeth Ann Fresch Leander Friesen Ghanshyam Mehta Walter J. Fundak Michael Galonis Mark Garrison Robert Gawronski George Gilbert Donald Gindlesperger Devendra Gothi Robert Graham John Grannis 152 Charles Green Dale DeGroff Douglas Gunn Michael Gworek Alfred Haimbach, Jr. Debra J. Halsey Howard Hannan, II Gerald Hanneman Christopher Hawk Robert Hegner Daniel Hirsch Jerry D. Hughes Frederick Imhof Jeffrey Jagiello Narain Jhangiani Timothy Juntgen Michael Kaiser Anant Kanchanathip Alan Kapuschinsky Peter Kempf Pat Kestner Roger Kindinger 153 1 ‘ I 1 ; ■ i : Daniel Kitts Paul Klein David Koeppen Chris Kolber Harlan Kriete Randolph Kujawa Robert Kukenberger Pauline Lawrence Peter Leadstrom Lawrence Ley James Lilly Michael Lough James Ludlam Mizanur Majumder Donald Manley Edward Ma t Edward McDonald, Jr. A1 Meccia John Merryman Craig Mertz Tambh Mhttia James Michalski David Miller 154 Gregory Miller Dan Monroe Roy Montgomery Terry Montross Robert Moore, Jr. Frank Nachman Gaby Nasrallah Ira Nelson, Jr. Michael Niese Eric Nolan James J. Nowak Gary Null Gary Ober John Offnick N. Oladipo Ogungbayi Jerry Orcutt Charles Ormerod, Jr. David Ours Michael Paleocrassas Mark Petersen Michael Petro Robert Pillot Gary Pinne Roger Pressler John Quackenbush I 1 I 156 Shakil Qureshi Howard Radel Andaleebur Rahman Charles Ralston Charles Rauch Anthony Raunikar Susan Reppert Dan Reynolds Robert Rhea Lawrence Richter Gary Rockhold Rita Rowe Vito Rubino Bruce Ruge Kenneth Ruge Barry Rupprecht mmm W . M WL’ fjL Vondell Snell James Snyder, Jr. Michael Sorge Ann Sperl David Stamy David Simon David Singleton Ronald Slagle Ronald Slain Gregory Smith James Ruth Russell Rutkowski Eugene Rzepka Elton Schroeder Douglas Seibert Bernard Selkis Arthur Shinners, III Gary Starr Richard Steele Barbara Steinen Paul Stevens Daniel Stewart David Stewart Stephen Stiver William Stopper Warren Sudhoff John Sullivan David Suit Fred Sunday Ricky Sutton John Thurston Eugene Tierney Alan Toy 158 Thomas Truscott Dale Vanhorn Gregory Warren Roy Watson James Weaver, Jr. William Weaver, II Timothy Wentzel Henry Wernecke James White Kenneth White R. Scott White David Williams Robert Wright Richard Zimmerman Roger Zimmerman Abdulrahman Zubaid Thomas Zucal, Jr. Michael Howard m. A Smile Can Brighten up Eve mm m 0 m " ::s « ■ «■ k f a « « ■ » « ■ ■«, »« « .( ■ ; ■ ■ » ■err: ■ lLf . • m . . unnM 1 % r. . . , I I

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