Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN)

 - Class of 1963

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Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1963 volume:

L v 1 :gf , ,mr 1' H., v 1 ' 1 1 , X 4 , ...X v ' s V Y fu! V. X ,. , JK- . -- . .L , 1 V 1 ' A 1 . ,L 1 ,z, ,VI EP. 1 ,.,,. W Y .. "',v,- iq , ,. ,1 4 - 0. 'lf f v "f l ,. ., .wk-1 1,523 - l J , .ACA . Y ,Vw ,L 1 ., 413' . + fqpf L. , , -, wgk:.?1' f . ,--I--Mag' Uh gi.. HI, x,9'f.', K ' x ,-is X. ,,, 24.1, L v 1 :gf , ,mr 1' H., v 1 ' 1 1 , X 4 , ...X v ' s V Y fu! V. X ,. , JK- . -- . .L , 1 V 1 ' A 1 . ,L 1 ,z, ,VI EP. 1 ,.,,. W Y .. "',v,- iq , ,. ,1 4 - 0. 'lf f v "f l ,. ., .wk-1 1,523 - l J , .ACA . Y ,Vw ,L 1 ., 413' . + fqpf L. , , -, wgk:.?1' f . ,--I--Mag' Uh gi.. HI, x,9'f.', K ' x ,-is X. ,,, 24.1, Rlf-ST T '- fx' f , I -'Q rf '23-. T ' ' ' -7 ryf P ' ' Szrzev I s , r J S, I N FEM gl: , ' flliffrrrr V M lllllllll nn, ,nflfldlf 017f1?7,7W, f X fl 4 N, , ' IM if 77 f N ZX la le- f 4i'v ll' .3 LLEGE ANGOLA, INDANIA wmimqwifmi , ef 'Wil l.u ,J W' I H I THE STAFF CO-E DI TORS THOMAS BOWEN DONALD SHAW V CO-BUSINESS MANAGERS JERRY LEGAULT DAVE LUDINGTON 1 wif, ART EDITOR ROBERT MORROW LAYOUT EDITOR JAMES PETTIT SEN I ORS NORMAN LANZA ORGANIZATIONS TOM DENNISON JOE PONTERI FRATERNITIES ERICH STAPELFEDT SPORTS EDITOR DICK JENNINGSA FALL - ' SALES MANAGER HOWARD GILLIAM 7 PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR I " 6 3 DAVID COTTRELL U FOREWORD The 1963 Modulus Staff presents this book with the sincere hope that it will be a vital link between you and your records, AAA - thoughts, and memories of Tri-State College. This book is made possible by the cooperation of the student body, the Faculty, and the Administration. It was compiled, edited, and marketed by a group of students who, without jour- nalistic training or thought of reward, labored tirelessly to ac- complish that which lies before you. The final judgment of their efforts must come from you, but we shall forever remember them for their sense of responsibility to their task and loyalty to their school. 25740514 figglfoa-C44 ,dwffwfw Table of Contents THE COLLEGE u ,Faculty Administration GRADUATES .Seniors l Proms ATHLETICS , E- Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports Intramurals 7 - UNDERCLASSMEN - - Freshmen ' Sophomores Juniors ORGANIZATIONS ..-.... Departmental Societies Campus Organizations Y 21+ - Q ,- AN . K I .3 DR. RICHARD M. BATEMAN President Tri-State College Trustees, administration and faculty of Tri-State Col- lege join in congratulating you who are about to become a part of our great Alumni Association. You have com- pleted one more step in the great American tradition of progressive educational development, and you are now on the threshold of the greatest opportunity for con- tinuing education the world has ever known. Ours is an economy that will be unable to operate without a growing percentage of educated workers. As a nation, it is imperative that we recognize the many highly significant returns which accrue from wise in- vestment in education, and that we accept the fact that education is not a terminal thing, but a lifelong process. Through education come specialized technicians, en- gineers, scientists, and the broadly educated and re- sponsible leaders demanded in all fields in the complex and changing society in which we live. The years ahead will be exceptionally good ones, filled with opportunity for those who are prepared. We here at Tri-State College join in wishing you continued successful participation in the world of work and tomorrow's opportunities. DEDICATIO We dedicate this 1963 Modulus to Dr. Richard M. Bateman. Y The program was set up 4-14", DR. RICHARD M. BATEMAN The program was carried out Renewing old friendships Furthering relationships with Industry We the staff, faculty, student body, and graduating class do say to you that you have our respect, our gratitude, our loyalty and above all our sincere thanks for your leadership during the past year. ADMI ISTRATIO DR. RICHARD M. BATEMAN DR. LESLIE A. WILLIG President Executive Vice President X N M K DR. F. J. BOGARDUS DR. W. L. SCOTT DR. J. G.RADCLIFFE BILLY E. SUNDAY Dean of the Faculties Dean of Students Registrar 85 Admission Secretary-Treasurer Officer 0 W nur A.-nf. ROBERT RAMSAY ROBERT DAUGHERTY JEAN MCCARTHY RALPH MARTIN Director of Alumni Asst. Dean of Students Asst' Registrar 85 Asst. Secretary-Treas R91-atlons Director of Admissions ,A in t . 'sr .. if W' mn-35 H, X "",n l'?q!ff", 2, -,' -,.u,,,r. 1 .. :N d Z, f QMS' ii- Gif is s3'iPg,!f'E.Q',l2"5"'fxG QW Q" 'Q T X uixgaqo V 3:13 h gt 1.5.-FF' .13 x , 15'5"'X"i 'f V? F' 15 Nwwf A . - fx: S56 1" Q XC yBgru.?gy5!9mh Qfv ' .,,ibar-Q -5 Q.: -s .A .ickirtjlku M i2..F,s.1.j -f J . X A ,X H... . -A Eu ,xx -F Q f' ' ' EARL J. SHARROW Director of Placement f5f9'5'.2'. ADMI ISTRATIO xg-Lirgr , 'su ' LUCY K, EMERSQN LORENE ST RAWSER Director of Information Services DifeCt0f Of Housing "S--'J' w bf .1 ff., B- J- MUMMERT E. T. GAMBARDELLA Director of Athletics Director of Libraries MARGARET ROSE Library Assistant L. GRONOUIST Library Assistant YU 'SM t,,,,,qN iss gnc. It E t 'Q N, W . mx I 2 is x X BETTY ARNOLD Library Assistant Q, 1 4 X . ROY C. BODIE Manager-TSC Press X 'Q is LEO F. KUHN Director of Cooperative Education -.' v ,Liv ALDA CLARK Library Assistant f 0 1 ev CLEON WELLS Manager-Bookstore BGARD F TRU TEES If 3 1-yy x , If . Perry T. Ford Ray Alwood l P f ...- John G. Best .r . T Don Cameron, M.D. ,,...,... . R Laurence L. Dresser Roy Fruehauf 0' M. R. Grelser Lt. Gen. Lewxs B. Hershey E. L. Ludv1gsen J. T. McCorm1ck John J. McKetta, Jr. James E. Nrcholas Henry R Platt Jr as Harold W. Seigle ' s "" 1 2 Q W f Joseph R. Teagno Walter Walb Henry E. Willis -K 'W Fred Zollner fx '-W.. Glenn Rieke R. B. Stewart DEPART CHAIRME f. DR. RALPH W. GILCHRIST Electrical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College . l 'nf 'A' ff? 'QM M.S., U ' 't f M' h' DR. KENNETH H. SLAGLE mf'eTS'Y 0 'C 'gfm . DR. J. GLENN RADCLIFFE Ph.D., Michigan State University , U Q . Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering B.S., John Hopkins University B-5" Trhstati Couegi Ph.D., john Hopkins University HOnOra1iyDOC or of ettel-S P.E., Indiana Tri-State College P.E., Indiana "Ai 2 ks. Sal 155 xg-jf 7 .p""' M-ui W. W. HILL, Jr. HAROLD R. HOOLIHAN MARY D. CARNEY STANLEY S, RADFORD Aeronautical Business Administration Ellglish Drawing and Design B.M.E., Georgia Institute of Tech A,B,, Albion College A.B., Western College for Women B.S., Michigan State University M.S., Purdue University A.M., University of Michigan M-A-, University Of Toledo M.S., University of Michigan an X igzw' r-"""'ff"N I-aww? JOHN TRESSLER Miami University - 'bw ' .nr 3 f gr 'W JOHN C. HUMPHRIES Physics Mechanical Engineering B.S., 'Iwi-stare College B50 Tffstfe College D 1 M.S., Michigan State University ARTHUR A- HOCKEY Mlfihlgarn State pmverslty Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies Mathematics Umverslty of Minnesota B.S., Iowa State Teachers College State University of Iowa P.E., Indiana -il cr-" is Cry! SN ' is "t NH. . ' ,X , -'gf ' ' 7 4921: g jig -' lit. iff 'liigil , W9 ey - fr Q x .3 'Q in-' if 'Qkzs . ""Y'1 4 My -S- S X t .3 -X - 3 ski , K Q rf. 5 i . sX I if ' I 4 . A I, . w""2-GS' l 'flu' "NA .1 dm'-t"'i'19" Nt fig 4 Q W' im ,QA Q li it V GEORGE ANSPAUGH Mathematics A.B., Tri-State College A.B., Indiana University M.A., Columbia University HUBERT AUSTIN Mathematics B.S., Ball State Teachers College M.A., Ball State Teachers College CARL H. BART ELS Motor Transportation International Business College United Y.M.C.A. Schools DOUGLAS BARTON Mechanical Engineering B.S., T ri-State College P.E., Indiana RICHARD BEAM Physics B.S., Manchester College M.A., Ball State Teachers College Washington University ROSS BUTLER Mathematics B.S., Tri-State College WAYNE CHAMPION Business Administration B.S., Bowling Green State Univ, M.A., Ohio State University A. G. CLEAVER Drawing and Design H B.S. Indiana State University Purdue University ROBERT I. .COOK Business Administration B.A., Michigan State University M.A., Michigan State University JAMES CUNNINGHAMx Civil Engineering B.S., Northwestern University M.S., Northwestern University ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Physics B.S., Texas 'Christian University M.S., University of Utah THADDEUS N. DEWOLF Mathematics B.S., Northwestern University M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology Northwestern Universityi CARL DUDLEY Electrical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College ARTHUR E. EBERHARDT Electrical Engineering B.S., Purdue University PAUL F. EBLE Physics B.S., University of Notre Dame Northwestern University Massachusetts Institute of Tech M.A., Ball State Teachers College LARRY L. ERICKSON Chemical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College M.S., Montana State College DANIEL FULLER Chemical Engineering B.S., Northwestern University M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology KATHRYN GORDON English A.B., University of Michigan GEORGE GRANGER Civil Engineering B.S., Tri-State College Michigan State University RICHARD GRIFFIS Civil Engineering B.S., Tri-State College BYRON GRIFFITHS Chemical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College LLOYD G. HANSON Electrical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College RAYMOND HENRY English A.B., Eastern Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan 1963 MODULUS Advisor CHARLES L. HILTON Business Administration B.S., University of North Carolina M.S., University of North Carolina aaa., Qi. """'7 I I at 3 Q.. 'ev' '75-ngpv kk .3 -ff' 'V Queer ,dspxdbl 'MX hw if-dag if 4119 'W QS? lf' ' 'Dx aww WWW-og intl" 4 HOWARD W. HOOLIHAN Business Administration B.S., Tri-State College A.B., University of Michigan M.B.A., University of Michigan BURTIS E. HORRALL Chemical Engineering B.S.A., Purdue University M.S., Kansas State University Ph.D., University of Wisconsin MOHSINUL HUQ Mechanical Engineering B.S., Dacca Engineering College M.S., Michigan State University RAMSAY JACKSON Mechanical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College MADAN KAUSHISH Physics B.S., Panjah University M.S., Panjah University M.S., Pennsylvania State University CHARLES D. KENYON Physics B.S., Case Institute of Technology Western Reserve University Indiana University P.E., Indiana ROBERT K. KING Mathematics A.B., Marshall University Purdue University PI-YAU LIN English I A.B., National Taiwan University M.A., National Taiwan University KUANG-MING LIN Mathematics B.S., 'National Taiwan University M.C.E., Auburn University Michigan State University JAMES B. LUSK Mechanical Engineering B.S., Purdue University M.S., Lehigh University WILLIAM MARKEL Mathematics B.S., Denison University M.S., University of Alaska FREDERIC MCGIRR Mechanical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College Case Institute of Technology THOMAS J. MINTER Drawing and Design E.I.A. Oklahoma City University M.I.E., University of Oklahoma GERALD MOORE Chemical Engineering B.S. Tri-State College University of Michigang Bucknell University ARNOLD R. MULLINGS Drawing and Design Tri-State College BURNELL J. MUMMERT Business Administration A.B., Franklin College Director of Athletics WILLIAM G. MUN DY Business Administration A.B., LaSalle College LLB., Dickinson Law College MARIAN E. NICHOLS English B.S., Central Normal College RUSSELL E. MILLER Civil Engineering LIZABETH B. ORLOSKY nglish .A., De Pauw University .A., Ball State Teachers College AYMON D L. PORTER hemical Engineering .S., Tri-State College .S., Montana State College SANDRA PRITZ nglish .A., Mount Holoyke College New York University RONALD W. PUFAHL usiness Administration .S., Tri-State College .S., Bowling Green State University ELIA K. REDMAN hemical Engineering .A., Ohio State University Case Institute of Technologyg Emory University war .M ,. , . ' v-Y 'L f?wl,9'f'-Lf,', ' "'-:' ry' W sf., A--" , Q , ,Q pf PM S. 15,6 1' ,v X I ' x 32" . C Wk W A X Jr 43" N. 'nur--' ' i . in ' 1 . g , ' z ester!! i qw if is s I A Q 52551 N. f x ,fr iff: My I -Q sg? hi.. I QHYW fb. 'Q ,Sb A-uu..,..,,, 4'f"'A5' angumx WU! .. k. W fi ga' ...of PYRL L. RHINESMITH Chemical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College MINARD F. ROSE Mathematics A.B., Hiram College B.S., Tri-State College . University of Chicago University of Michigan MARTIN RUTTER Civil Engineering B.S., University of Pittsburgh M.S., University of Pittsburgh Lake Erie College EVERETT W. SCHADT Motor Transportation B.B.A., Boston University M.A., University of Texas University of North Carolina NANCY W. SHAFFER Chemical Engineering A.B., King College University of Kentucky University of Akron CLYDE E. SHAW Electrical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College M.S., Texas A8z.M P.E., Indiana ALAN SHOWALTER Electrical Engineering B.S., Arkansas State College M.A., University of Kansas STEFAN J. SLANINA Chemical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College M.S., University of Notre Dame Ph.D., University of Notre Dame WILLIAM A.. THRELKELD Mathematics B.S., Murray State College M.A., Peabody College for Teachers DON TICHENOR Mathematics B.S., Tri-State College M.S., Ohio University MATTHEW WESTENHAVER Electrical Engineering B.S., Tri-State College VICTOR L. YEN Aeronautical B.S., University of Redlands M.S., California Institute of Tech QQ' -:si-xx 'Q' ,, X- "NiQMvP!'S'ivQQQ'.' 'J N 1-mv' R' 'X 'Y -dw X K -A 9 . " 1 NH?"w.4r'- i,::'!v- ' t .fy 10 Q' l A n',, Q - if - K' SALLY DIRRIM Secretary to the President 'Y-L SECRETARIE CLERICAL TAFF Ssa- ii L , - 'ws CAROL WALTER Secretary to the Dean of Faculties I ff, 7' I 1 :Q SANDY FIELDING Secretary to Director of Alumni Relations MARGARET WILSON Asst. to the Registrar ,,' lg V. i sw. X I ' ff I X, DIANN KRAMER SHIRLEY AIENNINGS CAROL ROSS Secretary to the Receptionist - Secretary to the Director of Admissions Main Office Dean of Students 77 1 Q m E iv. A K. ' WANDA POORE Secretary to the Vice President Q"-w WOODICE CONWAY Office of the Registrar I ' Lg' 'rr' I ww-.v ' MARTHA KELLER Treasurer's Assistant RUTH VANORIO Secretary to the Director of Admissions -456 - -V---.,,. SHIRLEY SCOTT Treasurer's Assistant x ,, A- A' "X 'i 1 'Qv' vnrfw 'Na JOANN DOWD ROSABEL ROOT MARY JANE GECOWETS BARBARA BUCY CAROL FISHER Officers of SSC--TYGSSUTGY 55 Secretary to Director Placement Office Mechanical Engineering, School of Business Director of AdmiSSi0f1S of Placement Math, 85 Engr. Mechanics Administration Departments Q'- T t,fN BEVERLY STANLEY DIANE YEARY LYDIA BARNARD Chemical, Electrical, 8: Physics 85 Aeronautical Printing Office Civil Engineering Engineering Departments Departments ss MILDRED SWIFT Bookstore NANCY JONES Printing Office QNOIUI'-' If 'L in 45 Nr w e Qf E x I Sl 5 RS Q5 Y December ... Q arch GARY J. BUSS Rolling Prairie, Indiana, M. E. Sigma Phi Delta CChaplin, Pledge- "l, masterlg Society of Automotive Engi- neersg Mechanical Engineering So- X ciety e".T'i ww IVAN K. CHARLEY Indianapolis, Indianag C. E. Sigma Mu Sigma CPresidentJg Civil Societyg I. F. C. CSenior Representa- tive i LARRY L. R. COLLEY PETER J- FARRINGTON R N DONALD J. GOOD Madison, Indianag M. E. Student Councilg S. A. E. CPresident, Vice Presidentlg Mechanical Engi- neering Society CPresident, Secre- tarylg Alwood Hall Fellowship CPresi- dent, Treasurerjg Inter Dormitory Council CPresident, Secretary, Trea- surerlg Booster Club CSecretaryDg College Band I-I.. Mech. Societ B1'0Ught0ni Ohifii M- E- Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, M. E. Alpha Gamma UPSUOUS BOOSYGI' C11-lb! A. S. T. ME.g International Studentsg Y Who's Who in American Colleges H3 in-Y' ii' ,r""" RUSSELL GRAN DIN ETTI North Massapequa, New Yorkg C. E. 8a Ad. Eng. Phi Kappa Thetag Newman Clubg InterFraternity Council , -nm' JOHN W. HILBORN DENNIS W. HINES 'ii ,Lf Tiffin, ohio, M. E. U s d if oh' - c. E. pper an us y, xo, , . 1 C5 Q2 Circle K fPreSident, Treasurerl Civil Engineering Societyg Basketball JOHN T. HUGHES Lancaster, New York, M. E. Inst. Aero!Space Science fLibrarian, Vice Presidentbg Tau Sigma Eta So- ciety CBus. Managerjg Student Direc- torg Band KENNETH E. KODGER North Olmsted, Ohio, Ch. E. Tau Sigma Eta fPresidentJ: Modu- lusg American Chemical Soc. Student Affiliated CPresident 85 Secretarybg Newman Club QSecretary 8a Hous Managerjg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Inst. of Aero! Space Sciences 8 ARDEN R. JULIAN X , GARY L. KRUGER Osseo, Michigan, Ch.E. X32 JOHN E. LACROIX funnel' 'HQ' LARRY J. MCKINLEY Danbury, Connecticut, C. E. Tau Sigma Eta, Civil Engineering Society CTreasurerJg Golf Team, Resident Assistant, Inter Dormitory Councilg Tri-Angle Z 211, 11,5 Jv r ff V. ,Ld , , v , V, , g .. 'fi V f 25 .viz -,.. ny., tw Q. if " tds Wi Q1 .1 as ggi, W Marseilles, Illinois, C. E. Beta Sigma Chi CVice Pres., Pledge- Master, Secretary, House Managerjg Civil Society CMod. Rep.J DAVID A. MAYER Shelby, Ohiog A. E. Beta Phi Theta CPresidentJg New- man Club CPresident 85 SecretaryJg Institute of Aero! Space Sciences CSecretary Sa Booster Club rep.Dg Beta Phi Theta CHouse Manager, Editorjg Student Council I n RONALD D. LINDER Great Barrington, Mass.g M. E. Society of Automotive Engineers, f American Society of Tool and Manu- I facturing Engineers, Mechanical En- gineering Society ROBERT J. MORAVSIK North Bergen, New Jersey, A. E. Tau Sigma Etag I. A. S.3 Tri-Ang Effingham, Illinois, C. E. Civil Societyg Sigma Phi Delta CSte- ward 85 House Managerj A RICHARD L. MATTINGLY Paris, Illinois, A. E. T. A. S. CVice Presidentj le 'V it E ii DANIEL C. MULLIGAN THOMAS A. NELSON f Port Clinton, Ohio, Acc. South Bend, Indiana, A. E. 'N l' Sigma Epsilon qsecretafyjg Newman Institute of the Aero!Space Scientist G' 'vga 'SN ' Club, Booster Club KSGCFGYSYYP "N fb- f Q-. -1 MICHAEL C. REX Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Gen. Bus. 'R Alpha Beta Alpha ,nav LARRY DALE SMITH MURRAY WEINER RONALD J. SILVER Copper Cliff, Ontario, Canada, Gen Bus. -nw-N"""" Dayton, Ohio, E.E. Phila-, P3-I C-E. LRE, QT1-eagurerjg Civil Engineering Society fVice Presi- Q, dentj . . sf X GENE V. WILLIAM THOMAS H. ALTHOFF Auburn, NSW York: EE- 5 Fremont, Ohio, Amateur Radio Club fPresidentg -' Amateur Radio Clubs I.R.E. Vice President, Secretary, Treasurerj ,, rv ' ..,,,..-we f I l A' W IK A LARRY W. ARMSTRONG GREGORY BOCHNAK an - Bridgeport, Conn., A.E. Bronson, Michigan, M.E. 2 "fy Tau Sigma Eta, Institute of Aero- A,S,T.M.E. CTreasurer, Vice Chair- 'A T df Space Sciences, Inter-Fraternity many, Mechanical Society Council Alpha Sigma Phi CPresident, Asso- ciate Editor, Scholastic Chairmanlg I. S. A., Sigma Epsilon, Golf Team, RICHARD L. BOLTON STANLEY J. BROCK it Hollis, Maineg C.E. St. Mary, Penna.g E. E. Cwll Soclety Student Directory I. R. E. GEORGE CACIC, JR. an DONALD W. CHRISTY Hammond, Indiana, M.E. Elkhart, Indiana, E.E. Society of Automotive Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Society, American Society of Tool Manufactur- ing Engineers EARL G. DAY ROGER J. P. DERY N Montpelier, Ohiog E, E. 'M M 1. R. E. Sv ,agpiif X CARL P. DINGLEDY Youngstown, Ohiog E. E. M53 WV wrrfgrf '-0" PAUL C. DODANE Greenville, New York, C.E. Civil Engineering Societyg Dance Band Proulxville Co. Champlain Que Can- ada, C.E. Civil Engineering Societyg tional Students Association, Thunderbirds all r. Interna- F l y i n g f-, , S' f v A 1 5 f , f ' air-ffji bfm 'Q?.f5,'? 54 1 l,,!", 1 ,,, ci ,, ?"f?'1 W Tgiifi Lg? ,Zn ir'-1' '21 buff: 1. ,Aff so-4"" DANIEL W. DOBSON Quincy, Michigan, M.E. Sigma Phi Delta CSecretaryg Conven tion Delegateb WILLIAM J. DUEMO St. Catharines, Ontario, E.E. Newman Club CVice Presidentg Treas- urerg I.R.E. WY .11-'Q CARMAN G. A. FIELDING ' Copper Cliff, Ontario, C.E. Civil Society xx HARVEY G. HILDEBRANT Copper Cliff, Ontario, Canadag M. E. Alpha Sigma Phi CAssoc Ed Can . .jg a- dian Association, S. A. E.g Mechani- cal Society , 'i 'rf 7 'CV E NICHOLAS J. FEDERICI DE H'll, h' 9 C.E. Ponte Vedra Beach, Floridag E. E. ixgegocilet O lo A Q Tennis Teamg Basketball Team y My , rw' nb ,l NNIS D. FAST f if xv. Q 0' Ii "' RICHARD Y. GEY Norristown, Pa.g C.E. Sigma Mu Sigma OSCAR C. HAERTSCH HARVEY H. HAWKS Marshall, Michigan, A.E. 4 Ashland, Pa-3 EE- Tau Sigma Eta, Tri-Angleg Soccer Tau Sigma Etag Institute Aeronauti- Team? Flying Thunderbirds fVice Q Q cal Sciencesg Institute Radio En- Pfesidentg Secretary? Reporterpg In- gineersg Booster Club -Mil 'wwf ternational Students Association QRe- porterg Presidentg Vice Presidentjg In- stitute of Aerospace Sciences CTreas- urerg Booster Rep.J CX PATRICK Y. L. HSIA Angola, Indianag C.E. Civil Engineering Societyg Interna tional Students Associationg Basket- ball RICHARD A. HUIZINGA ROBERT P. KNICKERBOCKER Chicago, Ill. Ch.E. Chemical Society Williamsville, New Yorkg M. T. A. Beta Sigma Chi CPresident, Treasur- er, Secretaryjg Motor Transport So- ciety CTreasurer, Vice Presidentlg N. D. T. A. CPresidentD, Skull 85 Bones CVice Pres.J5 I. V. C. F. CSecretaryJ X 13 Q Ill-.L i EUGENE E. LAUZON Williamstown, Mass., M.E. Newmang A.S.T.M.E. RALPH KUNDTZ, JR. Cleveland, Ohio, M.E. Sigma Phi Delta, Tri-Angle BHUPENDRA J. MEHTA Operahouse, Bombay 4, India, M.E. 'Q in LELLAN L. MCFARLAND Q Dover, Ohio, A.E. Tau Sigma Eta, Student Director, Student Council, Institute of Aero- -,Z,,..v space Sciences, Vice President Senior Class, Inter-Dorm Council NORMAN H. LANZA Roselle, New Jersey, M. T. A. National Defense Transportation So- ciety, Motor Transportation Society, Modulusg Senior Finance Committee, DHIRAJ LAL C. MEHTA Opera House, Bombay 4, India, M.E. International Students Association CSecretaryJg Mechanical Engineering Society, Society of Automotive.En- gineering tor RONALD L, MAGNUS DONALD R. MAIZLAND Stur is Michi an EE Natrona Heights Penna' E E g 3 g 5 I I , ., . . Phi Kappa Tau, A.I.E.E.S Band? Student Council CPresidentJg Skull 8a Bones CPresident, Vice President, Secretarybg Kappa Sigma Kappa CPresident, Vice President, Secre- taryjg Tri-Angle, I. F.C. CVice Presi- dentbg junior Class President 215 ,p PAUL I. LEBEL Ann Arbor, Michigan, C.E. 1 Phi Kappa Theta, Civil Engineering Society, Student Council 518' ,, nd' RAYMOND M. MAGUIRE Rutherford, New Jersey, E.E. Tau Sigma Eta CTreasurerJg A.I.E.E.g ,f Flying Thunderbirds, Student Direc- Y WALLACE K. MATTHEW RODERICK E- NEWMAN Angola, Indianag M.E. Toronto, Ont., Canadag M.E. Alpha Gamma Upsilong Mechanical Society of Automotive Engineeringg a Q Q Society? A.S.T.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Societyg fn Q ' I.S.A. 1. lv' ' NILES G. PATTERSON Wellsville, New York, M.E. Alwood Hall Fellowship CVice Presi- ' 'V' "'1.-so AUTHUR F. PUTZE Angola, Indianag A.E. demic Inter-Dorm Council Rep? Me- A """ 'W I.S.A.: Flying Thunderbirds CPresi- chanical Enginering Society, New- 1'-"""" dent, man Club GEORGE L. REMINGTON JOSEPH R. ROWE Quaker Bridge, New York, E. E. Jam town New York. M T A 'lf' Student Directors, I. R. E.g Chorusg M tes T ' t S l t' - A , Senior Class pres.g Tau Sigma Eta Cor ranspor one y' "" ""' Q CBus. Man.J WALTER C. SCHILOT 149' CTreasurer and Vice Presidentb nrifw' EDWARD M. g SCHULZ Polo, Illinois, M.E. American Society of Tool and Manu facturing Engineering ,fr UV' Alliance, Ohiog Ch.E. Tau Sigma Eta, Chemical Engineering Society ., if GEORGE J. SCOFF, JR- JAMES S. SLATE 'ff Natrona Hts., Pa.g M.E. Ridley park, pa-3 M.E. Phi KHPP-3 Theta Tri-Angleg Mechanical Engineering, Society CVice Presidentj THOMAS C. SLICK CHARLES H. SNYDER Auburn, Indiana: Ch. E. LaPorte, Indianag Gen. Bus. Beta Phi Theta cvice Presidentg sar- Alpha Beta Alpha 6Pfe-Sident: Trea- geant at A,-msg Smoker Committee surerjg Booster Clubg Student Coun- . Chairmanh Tau Sigma Eta. Chemical cilg Varsity Basketball, Senior Fi- Engineering Society? nance Committeeg '..! i s fr . ,Q RONALD S. SOBECKS ii ' I PAUL A. SWAN, JR. i A T. .-. Buffalo, New Yorki E'E' fe U W LaPorte, Indianag ACC'T. Tau Sigma Eta, CPresidentg Secre ' .cya ' y Alpha Beta Alpha taryj Student Councilg Civil Society: JOSEPHS S, TORKOS DORTHEA VANDERKOLK Bethlehem, Pa.g C.E. Reading, MiChi8aU9 A-E- Civil Engineering Society Flying Thunderbirds CSecretaryDg In- "' stitute of Aero!Space Sciences CSec- retaryl WILLIAM VANDERSLICE RICHARD J- WARTERS Hanover, Pa.g E.E. Allegany, New Yorkg A.E. I.R.E.g A.T.E.E. Flying Thunderbirdsg Alpha Gamma Upsilong Institute of Glee Club, Tri-Angle, Student Coun- f Aero!Space Sciences -my 'ann it Fif i, - JERRY L. WILSON QUINTIN L. YAo rl li Q- v .L -' ' Mishawaka, Indianag Ch. E. Manila, Philippinesg M.E. "E A W' Kappa Sigma Kappag Chemical En- A.S.T.M.E.g S.A.E.g M.E.g Soccer gineering Societyg Student Councilg Team, International Students Associa- KQV' 'lla-v f Modulusg Tri-Angle tion CTreasurerJ Q 5 June August MICHAEL E. BABINEC GARY E. BARNHART Shelby, Michigang E.E. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ' fi ,M A fi gf K fl . Montpelier, Ohiog C.E. Kappa Sigma Kappag Civil Engineer fflf 'W' avr!-V ROBERT J. BEHNKE Coldwater, Michigang Ch.E. Chemical Society ing Societyg Circle K HARLAND F. BENTLEY Meadville, Pa.g E.E. I.R.E.g I.E.E.E.g Sigma Phi Delta ---s. i MW-auf' JAMES BOARER Amityville, New Yorkg C.E. Tau Kappa Epsilong Civil Engineering Society CPresident, TreasurerJg Stu- dent Council AW' ADW" , f JOHN W. BURNS Florence, Mass.g M. E. Phi Kappa Theta fVice Pres., Presi- dentbg Skull 8a Bonesg C.O.A.g Me- chanical Engineering Society CVice Presidentlg Inter-Fraternity Council CSecretary lk. Jr. Rep.J, Tres. of CChaplinD RUSS BRONSON Florence, Mass.g Ch.E. ,, Chemical Society x DAVID C. BUTLER Columbus, Ohiog M.E. Sigma Phi Delta CVice Presidentg Secretaryg Pledge Mastery Sports Managerg Inter-Dorm Councill junior Class -Y 1 4 ,xl 2? 'SWL' L H234 . F v . V . ' ' Q- EDWARD R. CARBONE BILL J. CHADDOCK Q Poughkeepsie, New York, C. E. Platt Hall Fellowship CPresident . . ' Al h G U 'l Vice Presidentjg Civil En ineerin p a amma ps! on 8 3 Society Canton, Illinois, M. E. ROBERT J. CHYLASZEK 2 DARYL L. CLEVER Dunkirk, New York, M. E. A Newman Club' Societ fA t t' Q Jackson' Michigan: C' E' . ' . y O u lmao ive -4' ' 'l En Societ Engineers, Mechanical Engineering -f CWI g' y Society, American Society of Tool En- rv gineers, Modulus, Newman Club News, Booster Club LEE J. cooK MONTANEZ E. CORPERO R3 Penn Yan New York C E Bklyng New York ME Alpha Gamma Upsilon Baseball Phi Kappa Theta Civil Engineering Society ,fha BILLY D. CORNELIUS ' TOMMY G. CORNELIUS Wi' . I Moorepark, Michigan, Aero. Eng Moorepark, Michigan, Ch. E. I. A. S. American Chemical Society, Chemi- cal Engineering Society CTreasurerD '1 ISMAEL CORDERO LYNN C, DECKER if L A Bronx, New York, Ad. Eng. Battle Creek, Michigan, 2 Beta Sigma Chi CPresident, Chair- ' I man of Honor, Review Boardjg Inter- Q17 ' fraternity Council , 2-f 's .4-I" DONALD B. DICKEY Angola, Indiana, C.E. Civil Society nf", MICHAEL R. GANDERT Maineville, Ohiog C.E. A1 f Z MICHAEL C. DEMETRE CHARLES J. DENNY Angola, Indiana, C.E. Ottawa, HL7 Ch'E' Civil Societyg Modulusg Tri-Angle T1'i'Angle? taryj ,f"""' ,Ka 'M "Fluff 40'-'MA' THOMAS R. ENGLISH PETER J. FRANCISCOVICH, Chemical Society CSecre- wunI"""" WILLIAM D. DINEHART Penn Yan, New Yorkg C.E. Civil Societyg Alpha Gamma Upsilon CVice Presidentg House Managerjg Tri-Angle CStan Slandersg Managing Editorj Q IZ' Angola, Indiana, E.E. CPJFIYOU, IHIUOIS, E-E- Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha Gamma Upsilong Tri-Angle, In- 1 x stitute of Radio Engineers, Interfra V739 'ii' ternity Councilg Booster Club CTrea- surer J KF' V was 9' ESTER N. GILBERT JAMES E. GREENICH Welland, Ontario, Canadag C. E. Coldwater, Michigan, C.E. International Association of Students Civil Engineering Society, Tennis 4PresidentJg Civil Engineering So- ciety TED E. GANGER Elkhart, Indianag Ch.E. Alpha Gamma Upsilong Chemical So- ciety RICHARD L HANSON GEORGE E HIGGINSON MAURICE L. HAGAN WAYNE E, HANEY 4' Argos, Indianag M.E. Gosherf' Indlanaf f A t rf? S.A.E., A.s.T.M.E. Tau SWE' Eta' Duet? 0 ufmo 'Q tive Engineers, Mechanical Engineer- Ng aff' 45- Q1 av 4 PETER J- HECK JACK R. HEXTER II Michigan City, Indiana, M.E. S.A.E. CVice Presidentl Warwick, R-I-5 A-E ET 'fun--an-0' PETER C. HOLLIDAY Mountain View, New York, M.E. Society of Automotive Engineers CTreas.D5 American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, Me- chanical Engineering Societylg Al- wood Hall Fellowship CPresidentg Treasurerlg Dormitory Senate, Resi- dent Assistant CAlwood Halll ing Societyg Inter-Varsity Christian PHILIP M. HEADLEY Montgomery, Michigang E.E. 'H-in Tau Sigma Etag I.R.E. CProgram Chairman, Secretarylg Flying Thun- derbirds CBoard of Directors, Secre- taryl "":?' A. WILLIAM HIGHFIELD South Bend, Indiana: M.E. Sigma Phi Delta CHistoriang Modu- lus Representativejg Newman Club, Mechanical Engineering Society CSec- retaryj WALTER T. HOLZ Western Spring, Ill, C.E. Student Council, Inter-Dorm Council CPresidentJ9 Civil Society ERIC H. ISENHOFF ,li WALTER P. JABLONKA, JR. G 'T rand Rapids, Michigan, M.E. 4 A ,,. -9 , 85 LAXMICHANO K. JAIN lpha Gamma Upsilong Mechanical Society, Flying Thunder Birds, A.S. ME. fav! Shadyside, Ohio, E.E. Band: Glee Club, I.R.E.g I.S.A. Bombay, Indiag Ch. E. 39" Chemical Engineering Society, Inter- national Association 'bf i""Qnb0 Wlnr RICHARD C. KOONTZ Drexel Hill, Pa.: M.T.A. Beta Sigma Chi fVice Presidentlg Motor Transport Society, National Defense Transportation Society,CVice Presidentbg Basketball Manager, Treasurer Freshman Classg AW, 'O' -,I Agswanff wif ROBERT F. KNOLLA Oxford, New York, Ch.E. WILEY E. KNOTT Augusta, Georgia, E.E. Newman Club, Flying Thunderbirds, Institute of Electrical and Electronic :fin DENNIS G. KUNDICH Angola, Indianag E.E. A.I.E.E. Engineers, Alwood Hall Fellowship CSocial Chairmanjg Dormitory Senate CSecretaryJ Resident Assistant JEROME E. KURDYS South Bend, Indianag Bus. Ad. Motor Transport Society CPresident. Vice Presidentjg Modulusg Tri-Angleg National Defense Assoc.g Sigma Epsilon Society CParliamentarianJ an ' A ROBART S. KASHMER Beaver Dams, New York, E.E. JOHN KOVALCIK ' Amityville, New York, C.E. 4, Newman- Club CSocial Directorj W ,A Civil Society JOHN W. LAMBERSON CHARLES G. LANGE Salamanca, New York, C.E. Auburn, Indiana, C.E. -YN Q! W GERALD D. LEE Hoyleton, Ill., E.E. A.I.E.E., Flying Thunderbirds THOMAS B. MISKIMEN Guernsey, Ohio, E.E. I.E.E.E., Tri-State Christian Fellow- ship Civil Society Tau Sigma Eta, Civil Society 35 iw k.,--Q il JOHN C. MCDONALD, JR. Middleboro, Mass., E.E. A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Student Council Q""'Q,c "Wu-av ,df JAMES F. MECKEL Angola, Indiana, E.E. A.I.E.E. tv RONALD W. LIGHTCAP Germantown, Ohio, M.E. Society of Automotive Engineers, Al- wood Fellowship CSecretaryJ, Me- chanical Society, American Society of Tool Engineers an -. fl K- A .: JAMES J. MITCHELL Niagara Falls, New York, M.E. American Society of Tool and Manu facturing Engineers RALPH M. MOORE JOHN W. MURPHY Remington, Indiana, C.E. Newcomerstown Ohio' EE Sigma Phi Delta cchief Engineer: Tau Si ma Eta' America-n l Institute Secretary, House Managerlg Civil g , ' ,,', Society of Electrical Engineering, Resident Assistant CAlwood Sallb 'V'--s... , JOHN W. SCHIENDA Cheshire, Conn.g E.E. A.I.E.E.: American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers Q-pe K LEVI N. STERMER Chambersburg, Pa.g C.E. Civil Societyg I QV WILLIAM W. NICHOLS Vanlue, Ohiog E.E. Phi Kappa Thetag I. R. E.g A.I. E.E.g Newman Club DONALD H. SHAW Pontiac, Michigang Gen. Bus. Sigma Epsilon Society CVice Presi- dentg Treasurerlg Who's Who in American Universities and Collegesg Modilus CBusiness Managerg Co-Edi- torbg Tri-Angleg Senior Finance Com- mittee CChairmanJ 1-g,,,Mm WILLIAM S. TRIER Angola, Indiana WILLIAM O. REYNOLDS Canton 5, Ohiog C.E. Civil Engineering Society We RONALD J. SEARY STAN A. SLIKO South Fork, Pa.3 E.E. Beta Phi Thetag CTreasurerg Pledge Masterhg I.R.E.g Booster Clubg 5"-bn umm., his! RONALD A. VAEREWYCK Mishawaka, Indianag M.T.A. Beta Sigma Chi CVice Presidentg Sar- geant at Armsjg Motor Transporta- tion Societyg National Defense Trans- portation Associationg Tri-Angleg Booster Clubg t DuBois, Pa.g M.E. Mechanical Engineering S o c i e t y A.S.T.M.E. G' cf? nal' 1 STEPHEN J.. SUTTON Decatur, Indianag C.E. Tau Sigma Etag Civil Society JOHN WANCHISEN, JR. Niagara Falls, New Yorkg M. E. American Society of Tool and Manu- N fa c t u r i n g Engineersg CSecretaryg 5 Chairmanj 2 is KENNETH H. WILL Effingham, Illinoisg C.E. Sigma Phi Deltag Civil Societyg 0- IW- DANIEL WOOD S Ulu.. I Lakewood, Ohiog M.E. Sigma Phi Deltag A THOMAS C. BOWEN fhambersburg, Pa.g Ch. E. Ihemical Society CTreasurer, Vice 'resident, Presidentjg Modulus COrg. Id., Co-Ed., Chief Ed.J3 Student Iouncilg I. D. C. . Malls. .wig HOWARD N. CONKEY Hicksville, Ohiog E. E. Alwood Hall Fellowship CSecretaryJ Tau Sigma Etag Student Directory R. PHILLIP WATKINS Petersburg, Illinoisg E.E. Tau Sigma Etag I.R.E. 'li' -mfg! FRANK C BARTHELME Blue Point, New Yorkg E. E. Beta Phi Thetag Tau Sigma Eta ?,'F2..g KGB JOSEPH C. WOOD Lebanon, Pa.g E.E. Chi Phig A.I.E.E.g I. R. E Gun Club i fPresidentJ wg. ITS-QS mezzyg. 1-if 'NU' 1 DAVID W. COTTRELL Maywood, Illinoisg Ch. E TENO DESTEFANO Washington, Pa.g E. E. Phi Kappa Thetag Institute of Radio Engineers Chemical Societyg Modulus .Q 11" PAUL R. DYKSTRA x2 " 5 Holland, Michigan, E. E. ll Student Director JOHN G. FUEHRER Angola, Indianag C, E, Civil Engineering Society a JAMES M. GALLAGHER Saginaw, Michigan, C. E. EVERETT L. HARDING Edmundston, NB. Canada, Gen. Bus. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Sigma Epsilon Booster Clubg Canadian Student Asso- ciationg Inter-Fraternity Councilg Stu- dent Council ' 'hangs- 'is Qui 'inw- FRANCIS J. GIACOBBI Syracuse, New Yorkg M. E. Phi Kappa Theta, Mechanical Engi- neering Society CPres.Jg Society of Automotive Engineers, Flying Thun- derbirds, Newman Club l STANLEY J. GRAUER DAVID J. GRISEZ U Alliance, Ohiog C. E. . Angola, Indlanai C' E' Civil Engineering Societyg Newman 'JW My Civil Engineering Society Club in THOMAS B. HUBBARD LEE N. JACKSON Angola, Indiana: M. E. Jefferson, Ohio, M. E. aw, M. E. S., A. S. T. M. E. Tau Sigma Eta PETER HUETTER Elkhart, Indianag E. E. x 'K' ELMER R. KEACH, JR. THOMAS J. KOCHANOWICZ , Dover, Pennag M. T. A. Antioch, Illinoisg E. E. ' Kappa Sigma Kappag Motor Trans- Flying Thunderbirds CVice President port Societyg Booster Clubg Tri-Angleg and Secretaryj Tres. of M. T. S.g Sec. of M. T. S.g Vice Prs of Booster Club ROBERT W. LORD Sidney, New Yorkg Gen. Bus. iappa Sigma Kappag Sigma Epsilong Fri-Angleg Golf Team mug JHIRENDRA MERCHANT 3ombay, Indiag Ch. E. Ihemical Engineering Societyg Inter- national Association 1. DAVID M. LUDINGTON 'hr' Q-rwv' GARY R. MANIGAN Madison, New Jerseyg E. E. Kappa Sigma Kappag I. R. Angle A-3 WT' 5"'SwlJ"f Detroit, Michigan, Gen. Bus. Kappa Sigma Kappa CPres. Vice President, IFC rep.g Pledgemasterg Sgt.-at-Armsbg Sigma Epsilon CSecre- tarY5S Modulusg Booster Clubg Circle Kg Interfraternity Councilg Band 'lt CHARLES T. MANUELE EJ Tri- Kenmore 2?5, New York, Acc. ,Q Q Sigma Epsilon Society CTreas.Dg Stu- dent Council, Newman Club qt ggi CYRUS MOHANDESPOUR Angola, Indiana, M. E. Band: International Student Associa tion, Mechanical Eng. Society ,,-, 1' 4-'f V i PAUL O. MOLL ALAN D. MUNROE 1 if ' . Q, i . f ff Reading' Perma? E' SL Ad' u Hartford, Connecticutg M. E. 1 ' Y A QM Electrical Engineering Society: Tri- Mechanical Society, Glee Club aw' ji dr f Angleg American Institute of Electri- , cal Engineers, Dormitory Senateg Dormitory Proctor GARY N. MYERS LEWIS H. NEWNAM Batavia, New Y0fkZ C- E- Angola, Indiana, Genl. Bus. ' fg Platt Hall Fellowship, Civil Society, :if '16 Dormitory Senate, Dormitory Senate f -. Secretaryg Dormitory Resident Assit. ...f..,..-ali I GEORGE A. OXENHAM " Quincy, Michigang A. E. F' Tau Sigma Eta, I. A. S., Flying ' 'f Thunderbirds A ,J If f Wwaauv, agus!! ,. X 3 I 43 M. M. PATEL Angola, Indiana, Ch.E. Chemical Society, International Stu- dent Association Q- EUGENE G. PAUL RODNEY D. PELLO . wa.. 4, 4 gf Halifax, Penna.g C. E. Jersey City, New Jersey, C. E. I Civil Engineering Society Newman Club it JAMES W. POMEROY Dayton, Ohio, E. E. 1, A College Glee Club ,f 9-vw ly., . A YA! f KAM POON h Syracuse, New Yorkg E. E. . f Q, 5 ,M 54' RONALD D. PRILLWITZ GARY G- SHEAR 13 . I Ann Arbor, Michigan, Gen. Bus. TW ,E Benton Harbor, .M1ch1gang A. E. Beta Sigma Chi cHouSe-managed? Flying Thunderbirds, I. A. S. Sigma Epsilon Society WILBUR L WOLF JOHN SHERIDAN Smyrna, Del.g C. E. Q 4 Civil Engineering Society REED W. SUTTER Massena, New Yorkg M. T. A. Motor Transportation Society: Stu- dent Councilg National Transportation Association .1"'U' 10" f Winfax Q WILLIAM F. WALTER Chicago, Illinoisg C. E. Phi Kappa Thetag Civil Eng. Societyg Flying Thunderbirds "....,.p' JOHN P. WEST Attica, New York -4515 td.. Q4 ifjagyyigy. Defense f-ai THOMAS J. URBAS Conemaugh, Penna.: M. E. S. A. E.g A. S. T. M. E.g Mech. f',J+'if QPR? 'lv' Beta Phi Theta Tri Angle Civil So- -in iety Booster Club Inter Dormitory J, X 1 X I Q Z2 ,.1: ,. 1 Qi? ' , 'I "'i- FREDERICK L. WYMAN Kitchener, Ontariog Bus. Ad. Newman Clubg Booster Clubg Sigma Epsilon ALEXANDER M. YARINA LARRY J. YODER 'Z Johnstown, Penna.g M. E. B , Oh' g C. E. Phi Kappa Thetag Society of Auto- i-y.On .lo 43-Ygs motive Engineersg Mechanical So- ciety Civil Engineering Society '1"llQ UNAL YONAK 'lj Ankara, Turkeyg M.E. 7 Mechanical Engineering Society 'N 335 1. H, Qvflll ....,. v ... 14. 1:1 N: l.. J :. S NIOR PRC fb dj, , wg, 5 gi Queen and Her Court rf' 1313 K fl Dance time Queen, Her Court, and their Escorts WIER CROWL In Memoriam 4 X DR. STEFAN J. SLANINA G 1 Lg' f E' a NX H i ' I U N Q X W 9' L SZQ'- J??, NJQ 1 rw G if aw XA A al 1 4 3 n X Og eo ' 60000 Q ' Q 0 . Qf 0 1 -,.. -fl N 'n I Nu nl' N. N N nu 'u ORT TRI-STATE COLLF1 1 . c0CCER TEA Y ,S ' f gr ' .P S V , ,af X an 'aj Aff. 3 'ef I QP 'I 4 ,gd SM Q., 1 T 'fm' MZ? as ' ' , QW, Y ,, ' V- .r""'- ',435ff',k,, f "'WL..-1- Ulf' W ,.- wget" 'nk 32 . .3 , Q ff W '-... i" W i' H ,,, jifg, ,, M waging 3' W,-,yff'qf?,,r,,w.,,. . h ' ,g -A - , .. ,2kQ+f?'if " ju ?-gf'-F1'4,. rr., U l V is, Q -is 4, L ggi. .iw HT . J Q W' wi A' pi f V2.2 ,.. -, ' .f ' fx lla" ' f'f .UP A '. , 'ilu A ' -, fi 1 Quintin Yao Robert Gunderson Abraham Miselem Anthony WOUS Juan Kudelka St9V9 Morehouse H3fVeY Hawks Edmond Adaimy Jaime Hidalgo Rolf Andriesen juan Garcia Linval Chung Victor Yen PN? ,FCS ur .-if Victor L. Yen, Coach Mac Akhavi Appearing for the first time on the varsity level of competition, the Tri-State College soccer team made its debut against Goshen College at Goshen on October 13, 1962, and ended the season against Ball State on November 17, 1962. The Tri-State College soccer team consisted of seventeen members representing more than ten nationalities and included among its ranks three players from the United States. The team under Coach Yen had a record of two wins and two losses for the season. The two wins were over Goshen College 5-2 and 7-4. The booters suffered their losses against Indiana Tech 1-4 and a powerful Ball State team 1-4. The Tri-State Booters should see a much more successful season next year with a three term training and game program being scheduled, and with a very small loss in the starting lineup due to graduation and trans- fers. The soccer team offers an excellent opportunity for our students to compete in the intercollegiate sports level. Any and all students are encouraged to join the team. To Coach Vic Yen and the future Tri-State soccer teams, this editor and his staff wish the best of luck in forth coming seasons. s TRI-STATE CCDLLEGE TENN S TEAM Jim Greerlich Dick CTCYHGT Tom Carter Nick Federici Leonard Otis . V5 f f T -WTBL "5--"""' B. J. "Doc" Mummert, Coach The Tri-State College tennis team, led by Jim Greenich, Nick Federici, Dick Creamer and coached by "Doc" Mummert ended the tennis season with three wins and three losses. Although the season was somewhat disappointing, Tri-State finished second behind Concordia in the Mid-Central Conference. The Engineers, last year's Mid-Central Conference Champions, emerged vic- torious when they met Huntington College twice by scores of 4-3 and 5-Z re- spectively. The skillful form of Jim Greenich and Dick Creamer and the tradi- tional team desire to win proved to be too much for their opponents. Their third victory came when the excellent playing of Nick Federici, Jim Greenich, and Tom Carter stunned Grace College. Two of the three defeats incurred by the Engineers were delt them by the Mid-Central Conference Champions, Concordia College, by scores of 4-3, 5-2. Despite the fine performance of Dick Creamer, Jim Greenich, and Nick Federici the T ri-State netters fell victim to Concordia in both matches. The last match of the season left Tri-State College with three losses. Indiana Institute of Tech- nology defeated the Engineers by a score of 5-2. To coach "Doc" Mummert and the Tri-State tennis team go the congratula- tions of the Modulus staff and student body of Tri-State College for the effort put forth and the wonderful display of sportsmanship and desire to win. A Q W' GMM?" Kg. M ' - ,N f V K . ,Q W" 'WY . IQ ,M 5 3 AV A. 1 'Winn V vm , R X 19, V W, jg 1 , . ,rc- A fg 'W 1' 9" af ' A -.L ,,,.. VH, ,QA ,g X1 , 1, XM V, ,,.- , Leon waits by net A forehand return RX ., NNN., .V wa: R SSN, Numara.: K X yay "'A"H H t 1 " ' X ' l A forceful serve by Nick Jim's backhand scores Q X S TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE MID-CE TRAL CO FERENCE '4-Q we w-.ywzgfl V I ""'1l HTA? x 'Ur 20-Rex Waymire 50-Larry Elder 54- J im Talbott Mark Peterman, Coach 44-Bob Schloemer, 12-Tony Sands 4-Ray Lothery GIFFIN INDIANA CENTRAL BENTON HARBOR HUNTINGTON DEFIANCE HUNTINGTON GIFFIN GRACE INDIANA TECH HILLSDALE Another championship team is put forth by Tri-State College. The Tri-State College Basketball Team, compiling an overall record of 15 victories and 5 defeats, became champions of the Mid-Central College Conference with a 7-1 record. At the helm of the team was coach Mark Peterman, here for second year in this capacity, and Co-Captains Don Powersiand Ray Lothery. The lettermen returning in addition to the co-captains were Steve Swift, Mike Stohler, and Rod Mills. Among the first year men who saw considerable action were jim DeHaven, Tom Newport, Tony Sands, Rex Waymire, and Bob Schloemer, all of which played their part as a championship team should, confident and determined. The Tri-State fans can expectithe same type of thrills and happy moments in the forthcoming and xx in S4 BASKETBALL CHAMPIO S """-. I "' as 1' X I f' n '4' UTA: 'li 18 STA S '74, 42- Don Powers 22-Jim DeHaven Tom Wiener, Manager 52-Rod Mills 34-Tom Newport 10-Steve Swift 40-Mike Stohler season, since the team consists of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The winning of the Mid-Central College Conference basketball crown was a first for Tri-State College and placing of co-captain Ray Lothery on the All Mid-Central Conference Team and honorable mention given to Don Powers and Jim DeHaven is symbolic of our fine Tri-State athletes. The student body and faculty of Tri-State College extend their congratulations and pledge their continued support in the future to the Mid-Central Conference champions. We wish them the best of luck in the coming season and know that the team will continue its fine display of sportsmanship which is tradi- tional at Tri-State College. TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE TRLSTATE CONCORDIA ANDERSON BENTON HARBOR BETHEL INDIANA TECH GRACE DEFIANCE CONCORDIA HILLSDALE BETHEL i' 1 ' 7 QQ if ,,,. 'NY y y Ray follows for two TRI-STATE 87 HUNTINGTON 81 In the first home conference game, a hustling and determined Tri-State team emerged vic- torious by a score of 87-81. This victory gave Tri-State sole possession of first place in the Mid-Central Conference with two victories and no defeats. Huntington led 34-28 at half-time, but the Engineers came on strong after the in- termission. Tom Newport and Ray Lothery with 26 and 20 points respectively, led the Engineers. if J Q W , ' 7 .gf . X M , 1' , iff, ,f r ,,,, ff, 1 'W ' W' Z 2' . 7. fgwf, ,aw , If ' ' r , , I ,aff 0 ' MM' , 9 34' as-U ' 1 a of' I fn ,HM ,. , f' Q f 1 . 'Jr 5' 7 . "Q, ' Wm 7 I . 'A : I 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 4. . E' . 12 , , 7 7 fr W, , 4, . W5 g .. " , Lv i. 'isa 7 ' " "IZ it 7 WA., 4 QQ W I - . Don lays up for two TRI-STATE 91 HUNTINGTON 88 Traveling to Huntington College for its first conference game the Engineers of Tri-State College brought back a victory by defeating Huntington 91-88. Paced by Ray Lothery and Tom Newport with 32 and 19 points respec- tively, and the rebounding of Steve Swift proved to be too much for the Foresters. Sam Kreigh scored 27 for Huntington. This made Tri-State 1-0 in the Mid-Central Conference. W -M. ,Q f ff fi " ff .A - , 1. .1 f xg . ,ffgff , 1 ,ff x Kg Aja' ,Z 'W?,,,a, M any-Q 44 y VVEA f" 4. ',6bg,g,,.. Xl f 50' ff' 4 -'mm' Ji , ' . 1 ffl i x 7 '- W Mazza , ,af 2.3, - ,.,, aaa., . ,mn 5 Y 4 Jw mir: m .ZW 0 X tu 1 ., Y W - Al f 'V 2 if J, W'-W , air 1 M . wa V W , A if . y W A . 15, if 443.-4, M fr TJ . , i M, TM , ,i f , . ' 'f . sf ' s I I ' " .. " . -L Two for Tony TRI-STATE 103 GRACE 95 Grace College traveled to Angola where they were handed their third conference loss by the Engineers, 103 to 95. Tri-State's starting five, Steve Swift, Jim DeHaven, Tom Newport, Don Powers, and Big Ray Lothery all scored in double figures. This victory put the Tri-State Engineers in first place in the Mid-Central Con- ference. '15 Q. DeHaven on a drive TRI-STATE 71 CONCORDIA 57 The Tri-State Engineers again took over first place in the Mid-Central Conference with a 71- 57 victory over Concordia. This victory put the Engineers on top of the Conference with a 4-1 mark. At half time the Engineers had a com- fortable lead of 34-24 and commanded the rest of the game. Ray Lothery led Tri-State with 24 points. Jim DeHaven and Steve Swift swished the net with 12 and 10 respectively. 1 l I Powers helps Lothery TRI-STATE 71 INDIANA TECH 86 The Tri-State Engineers lost their first Mid- Conference game to Indiana Institute of Tech- nology 86-71. This victory gave the Warriors a 2-1 mark in the Conference and placed them in a tie for first place with Tri-State. During the first half the Engineers experienced their coldest shooting of the season. The brilliant offensive and defensive display of the Warriors proved to be too much for Mark Peterman's Engineers. Ron Sigler paced the Warriors with 21, while our own Don Powers scored 22 points. TQ - ,ff ,ann ,if 4 I l iff, I .L B +G- "' Ray on a tip TRI-STATE 90 INDIANA TECH 80 In a game that will long be remembered at Tri-State College, the Engineers defeated arch- rival Indiana Tech to remain in first place in the Conference and kill Tech's hopes of the championship. A tremendous team effort led by Ray Lothery with 22 points and Jim DeHaven with 21 points, left the Tech men in anguish. Ray Lothery, a pillar on defense, accounted for 22 rebounds. As a team the Engineers made 28 of 31 from the charity stripe, and had a shoot- ing percentage of 48W. The tremendous team effort, desire, and will to win which has been instilled by Coach Mark Peterman, led the Engi- neers to a championship season. kdifzair X, Q , DQ 95 Uh Tony eyes two TRI-STATE 67 CONCORDIA 60 In the final conference game of the season the Tri-State Engineers put on a brilliant offen- sive display to defeat a strong Concordia team by a 67-60 count. A superbly well-balanced at- tack, with four men in double figures, led by Jim DeHaven and Tom Newport with 18 and 16 points respectively and followed by Don Powers with 12 marks and Tony Sands with 10, proved to be too much for the Saxons. This win gave the Engineers a league record of 7-1 and sole possession of the Mid-Central College Con- ference Crown. - f , 'I in 5 31 ui- Y f , Kiwi um- ' ., L ,, , S X, : ,, ' 7 1'Af , -, 24. ,, ..ffA'f' ' " ' 1 :ff '-fm ' L15 ""- ,",' ' ' f 'ill N 5 l Ray hits two TRI-STATE 78 GRACE 56 Tri-State took to the road where they de- feated Grace College 78-56. This gave the Engi- neers at least a share of the Mid-Central Title with a 6-1 mark. Once again, the team desire instilled by Coach Mark Peterman helped the Engineers to bring home a victory. Tom New- port and Ray Lothery scored 27 and 18 re- spectively. 'WE Zz .lr ,WMF 22 , u ' A f- Y. Nj 'i,:f3'ff,.f - ' fr ,h o ww , as ' s ' r fs "f3""'c-in Y' W 3 6 il Wmwm L.. --'- 'A . , -Q W 1 A rebound for Lothery TRI-STATE 95 BETHEL 63 In the final game of the season Bethel College traveled to Angola only to be defeated by the Engineers 95-63. Once again Tri-State was paced by Don Powers and Jim DeHaven with 17 and 16 respectively. In completing the sea- son the Engineers compiled 15 wins and 5 de- feats for a record which stands best yet in the history of the school. TRI- TATE COLLEGE GULF TEA i 1' ,,. I 5 i mffafwwy ' Q ' we ' - 'fi 'WN-W5 N A " . ,,fiinQ,g 1 17.55 34 ,I , ' 1, 4' 1147-, f if ' ' 'f ' 257. fi 2 5521 f fam" 'f fafff .' 214-'Wiflf' - ., '..'.U, vga ' f' , I ' LM' 6 ,, , c' :rf A ' ww 'N - 1 ,, , ., , 2 ' b iijffxv 41 Jwwif llv, f.wgf1'f',: ,, Q' WM A4 mfiffff ww f - ' M .1 ff, 1 'kvyh lg6i3:f'h"'4i' Q ' 'rj qEf,bNfAW' JL' " Q ,z 4 fff 9115" ' X .f ,t UMW' cfm' f' "f,,'J "Q",'Zt' it ,- ' 7 ,, , , , A " , Z,,i,,f1mi, -Q. x gy., A ,af17wff-,f- fi g ,7 ng' 1 ,,,,f' M wliufdlg' f' ,Sf if 1- A - ,f- 'igifia ,y,ff4qMfl,?fZ,'w-,gfiff , L , Viv H . Sa, f frfgf ,TM fag ,iw iqwgg-Q ff' i , - ,mf ,HM ' , '2 fd' Y 'v17,1.'2 ,f3,ffrf' Y ' ,, f ' 'w'5,,f 9 . +f ' f1f2iW"w4,.., , ' 1 f wt fjipfghwfgwfff 1 f 1 1 . ' ' page 3 , HE tEGv,,,2!,,p,a+f,," V, Q h I., WM: , 4 4 5 E261 1, .. , .Yu gn M ff w.. 'O' , - 2?'f'.' 'Y 1 , , . H' i f , ' ,Z v 1 fi nl. , ,. fef f f 4 qw, fwfffvv' 1 -A r r W0 iw 2 ,:, 1 A at f twin' f fftiair if rv. 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The 1963 TSC golf team, led by Fran "The Shot" Marki and Dick Jennings, should follow in the tradition of previous Tri-State golf teams. Coach Ray Porter ap- pears to have one word lacking from his vocabulary-defeat! Porter, since be- coming the "dean" of TSC golf teams, has installed a winning spirit and a sense of team pride which has been unparalleled in Tri-State's golf history. One re- quirement for a winning team is the necessity of a fine coach - at Tri-State College we take pride in the fact that we have the best! Fran Marki returns in the quest of attaining an unprecedented distinction - being named to the Mid- Central Conference All-Star Team four years in succession. This has never been done in the history of the conference-so the editor of sports, his staff, the fac- ulty, and the student body of TSC wish to extend our hopes to Fran attaining this rare distinction. Dick Jennings, the surprise "find" of last years golf team, returns to add punch to the vaunted TSC attack. "T he Shot" and Dick should give TSC the best one-two attack of any team in the conference. The editor and the staff of the 1963 Modulus extend our wishes and hopes to the 1963 TSC golf team. We know the fine tradition of Tri-State's previous golf teams will be carried on and perhaps surpassed. Due to the transition from an August yearbook to a June edition, the scores and highlights of the 1963 golf team could not be included in the 1963 Modulus. This will be in the content of the 1964 Modulus. T AL-I DEPE DE S Cameron Hall Football Champions First Row, Left to Right: Ed Hanson, John Schott, Tom Dobrich, Tim Carey. Second Row: Tom Nelson, Mike Lightener, Doug Blackstone, Duane Church. Cameron Hall Basketball Champions : w I 5 5 E 3 I 1 K. John Cook Tom Dobrick Tim Carey Larry Chase Kent Turner Mike Lightner Bob Sproule Dick Watkins The intramural program got off to a good start in the fall quarter of 1962. Six teams were represented in the football league. The dormi- tories turned out their usual powerful teams with three other independent teams, the Colts, Independents, and Blackman's team entering the league. Last year's winner, Cameron Hall, made a re- peat performance by compiling a 5-0 record. In accomplishing this, they scored a record 110 points as opposed to only 14 for their op- ponents. The game of the season was played on Octo- ber 23, when Cameron took on Blackman's team. The underdog, Blackman, fought valiant- ly, but lost on the last play of the game, 12-6. FOOTBALL STANDINGS CAMERON HALL 5 - 0 BLACKMAN 4 - 1 PLATT HALL 3 - 2 COLTS 2 - 3 ALWOOD HALL 0 - 5 INDEPENDENTS 1 - 4 The Independent Basketball League was a race from the start to the finish. Anyone attend- ing the games could appreciate the fine play that is representative of the "Hoosier" state. Six teams were entered in the competition all having high caliber ball players. Height was not a significant factor in this year's play, because of the good ball handling and above average outside shooting. ' The eventual champions, Cameron Hall, did not have an easy road to glory. In an import- ant show-down contest, Cameron dealt Lee Laid- law's team a 59-54 loss. The decision left Cam- eron in a firm position for the championship. BASKETBALL STANDINGS CAMERON HALL 6 - 1 LEE LAIDLAW 5 - 2 LEE cooK 4 - 2 PLATT HALL 3 - 3 ALWOOD HALL 2 - 4 l CHARLES SNYDER 2 - 4 JOHN BULTER 0 - 6 TR MURAL - FRATER ITIE 'Q-mwv':'?" is Beta Sigma Chi Football Champions 'irst Row, Left to Right: Ron Vaerewyck, Ira Zadilak, Mike Sabbe, Don Beck, Bob FOOTBALL STANDINGS iorderog Standing, Craig Hess, Bob Knickerbocker, Dean Finster, Tom Wenier, Bruce Varner, Bill MacCoullgh, Mike Wertz, Dick Koontz, Herm Stevens Intramural Basketball Champions W Kappa Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa Theta Alpha Sigma Phi .lk Dick Dowdell Jack Deon Fran Marki The battle between the football fraternity teams went to Beta Sigma Chi this year. They compiled a 7-0 record and accumulated a total of 56 points on offense while allowing only 12 points on defense. Although Beta Sigma Chi was not especially a powerhouse on offense, they made up for this on defense as can be noted by the fact that they only allowed 12 points to be scored against them. Like many good teams they were able to come through in the clutch. Members of the team conclude that the roughest game of the season was against Phi Kappa Theta. Winning the game gave them first place and the I.F.C. trophy. Beta Sigma Chi placed two players, Paul Newman and Dick Donaldson, on the I.F.C. All- Star Team. Other players who were placed on the I.F.C. All-Star Team were: Marve Proctor, Beta Phi Theta, James Huizinga, Phi Kappa Theta, Dave Mayer, Beta Phi Theta, Jack Deon, Phi Kappa Theta, Ted Ganger, Alpha Gamma Upsilong Charles August, Sigma Phi Delta, George Scoff, Phi Kappa T hetag and Darrell Eaton, Sigma Mu Sigma. BETA SIGMA CHI 7 - 0 PHI KAPPA THETA 6 - 2 BETA PHI THETA 5 - 3 ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON 4 - 3 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 3 - 4 SIGMA PHI DELTA 3 - 4 SIGMA MU SIGMA 1 - 6 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA 0 - 7 The I.F.C. Basketball Race was quite dif- ferent from that of the Independent League. For a while it looked as if Phi Kappa Theta would be an easy runaway victor. But as the season progressed the other fraternities im- proved. In the last game of the season Phi Kapp went down to defeat at the hands of Kappa Sigma Kappa creating a three-way tie for first place. Plans to set up a playoff could not be ar- ranged so Phi Kappa Theta, Kappa Sigma Kap- pa, and Alpha Sigma Phi remained co-champs. BASKETBALL STANDINGS PHI KAPPA THETA 6 - 1 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 6 - 1 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA 6 - 1 BETA SIGM CHI 4 - 3 ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON 3 - 4 SIGMA PHI DELTA 2 - 5 BETA PHI THETA 1 - 6 SIGMA MU SIGMA 0 - 7 Q.: ' I Af Q" ' I dv K fb K I 'FV i Q - R Y . A, A ' A' I 1 AX 5 .Q-v,,,,,g:.l' sq, . I Q t, Y H N 1 M .H X 'V 1 3' t ' h 7 ' V "gn -- Q 'fi ' iff x W. T ---V-ff 4 2 X X " ... . Juv. VV -ff - Y All was ' a 3 ' ss A W ' V is-4-.Va wx, Wx: I , I -Y .4 ,f I ' 'F D ' Q V 1: Sk ' Q 542' . x-'S 'Xt " A h 4 .mf Q .X g 5 Vu I x OV I Q, fig.. "- W 1 ' x hmfw, -Q. x ' ' 5 ? , 4, I V ,Y I ' ' ' ' :V ' Va..-'SUV V , ' "Z . 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D. Legault, G. J. Lewis, W. R. N- Lord, R. W. fi f 1 .W ,om 99" Kit 'V 'wr 'fdT'T"'P" ii i .74 M-51 . Mafki, F. L A. qdfi gif' Lodwig, A. Martin, R. G. Martin, W. D. Materazzi, S. J. 6.3 K' 5: L90 't""' fv- K- al 1 Mayer, D. A. Metcalf, J. W. ii Miller, P. S. Q,n1", Misch, A. C. fa' 44' AQZQ -Q' , Moon, D. C. . 95" -' Nall, M. J. .oy iff?-Y' K Oeder, R. L. """" Paul, A. J. Nr: tr'-' V rw an Powers, D. A. Proctor, M. R. Raaflaub, F. C. Roccoforte, J. A .G . A ,sf A 5 X W Nm syn C X Jw ,-If .funn Wy' s. gil Pg .M X X: mp-f X Bw x A- ,1- .,,.,f Sui Ruth, W. J. Sabbe, M. A. .,,f5. Sapak, J. G. "UCS Scherf, G. F. gk Q V. Scott, E. S. Shanahan, T. J. mv' Shear, H. ,fan . .puff Shrlver, D. J. 5- ll Sliko, S. A. Southby, R. T. Stebleton, B. C. 'N Stapelfeldt, E. A. u, .Q . . . ,.,-fm Steele, D. M. 'F' Stout, L. Toensing, R. V. K, xx l Stohler, M. D. "" Y A ri 'L , F -A .Q-f' Tomczak, G. L. ' Twarog, J. J. -.W. 1 1 . Vogel, D. V. Void, D. A. A r .fx qv-'I -Tvs M- 'X- fbr l 2' 2 'EN X X xx Warner, B. H. A95 Q L Webb, J. H. Wilcox, L. A. Williams, D. N. 5 GX Wolfe, M. S. Wyman, F. A. ' Lesiak, M. J. Poore, D. K. ix' X .,. I ,, WY ii, . ',.f"" he 'YQKV aff' .,,, A Alexander, J. L. Anderson, rev' August, C. G. N T wtf, Backus, W. B. Balkema, M. E. ., A 1 ' 'ig I' Barnett, E. W. ' X 5' ' A in 3' :ww F' -zz' N'- A fi' I D gl' UV Batt, G. A. Beck, D. B. ,f WN' qpf ACS' U1 ,ww-r 45. .vl'S . ":1u- 4 '55 ...Do fo gav-"" Y My , P . QQ- 'S 5 .. 'X-X. 13-. ,W.+. af - 3 'F' rf' Vw X ' S Bernardelli, S. Beyer, J. L. Bitner, R. L. Bolkey, H. B. ga Bonecutter, I. Borden, P. D. ' Borich, M. S. gYj"fiY fi QQ' Q- Q. .rw VO' 43,1 'fi' Brand, J. E. Brenner, R. J. Bryan, R. R. Burtner, R. C. Chenault, R. L Christ, D. L. 'xt Ciez, R. J. Coleman, C. R. Collins, D. S. Cookson, G. D. Deon, J. F. Ditsch, F. J. Dowdell, R. S. Eaton, D. L. Faroh, T. L. Finster, D. E. Fish, W. L. Ford, T. L. Lang, R. H. Latessa, D. P. Lothery, R. Lynn, C. E. Garner, P. C. Gibson, E. S. Greer, J. A. Grynovich, F. R. Habig, H. W. Holtzapple, J. A. Horrom, R. L. Hosey, T. G. Hower, E. A. Huner, N. H. Isele, R. M. Jarvis, R. W. Jebb, J. W. Jennings, R. T. Jenssen, G. W. Katter, Keevil, Knapp, Kohler, R.. J. J. M. R. C. F. P. 15. .v-:Y-" 1-5 so! .9-nb 1 .7-. 'veg 'of f Q"'4 W X tri' ww? 50" A,,,,.,4-4 'B'-'SF' BY .inf M I 5' IZ' sh-'Iii' LG- iw-'No X!:,'!' 'Q as 1 H ,J-":g.,1 fV:,'2NZ'N? :s-g.1- 'if 5. w. . -sf s?3??? N 3 nu a NH A :nectar viii'-'1'Sr::?f35f z-:fait-.,.:::???22 i ,,,annv-' W ,gawk fix J Mack, W. J Marshall, R McCullough Mclntire, J. Millstein, S. M Mueller, R. E Mullings, A R Nethaway, D H Newport, T L Norman, J. C Paprocki. J. J Payne, P. G Pettit, J. E. Podawiltz, R Ponteri, J. R Prior, W. H Richey, W. D Rowe, P. J. Russell, B. L Ryba, G. L. Santino, N. A Schamaner, K D Schier, A. R Schneider, J P Schwartz, H. N. Shreiner, D. E. Smith, D. Sorensen, W. R. Stevens, H. L. Stevens, R. D. Szela, J. W. Templeton, R. D. Thursby, D. S. Tidwell, V. Vogel, R. J. Walsh, R. W. Wert, L. J. Whitacre, C. J. Wiener, T . Wilson, C. W. Wilson, D. Wolfe, W. L. Wong, A. L. Wuertz, M. E. Wyse, K. L. Young, D. Zadylak, I. P. , 'Q' '1-f-fe" -",'5f' 5 66 1 m np--- 4546 il' ,psi J Q x its ,L 4 R ..0" 1 "Y 'lr ..- . 4.-.,. N P I b 'J X 3 ND'-ld"!"!f xl X. N A V .Q ' J .Ll 4-:Ir 4" WY HQ x. -.-'Z-"if Mi! av-" 35 'Gig wiv' is-ff Sui anna' -34 x ,634 "ir 44' 15 'Z' --"Y -.41 II-Z1 Axejsigff ', X. Q- KQV' l C J Q. I i ' xx 13" x 1 A 157' ,249 .if f", fd? HY Q-':"f .,....,' ...f 27 ,F A V ,gf Fresh men Baldassari, I. Britzke, R. Bryzek, C. Buffo, R. Carlin, J. Catlin, W. Chermak, M. Chess, R. Dennis, T. Didato, J. Fisher, G. Gilliam, H. Gillies, B. Hackbush, W. Hasselbach, D. Held, J. Herder, R. Higgins, R. Jefferies, M. Johnson, S. Kelly, R. Kline, M. Knepler, J. Lewis, H. Lewis, R. Little, D. , Locke, R. Manger, S. Mason, W. Mason, W. McGowen, N. Misner, J. Misner, S. Molnar, A. Nicewander, W . .-'.' N011, R. ' N O'Brien, J. Orr, D. A Parrish, L. Peckat, W. Penman, W. Polansky, G. Pudell, D. Rentz, G. Rhoads, M. Rismiller, T. Robinson, M. Rohrbaugh, L. W Rowe, L. '57 Satchfield, L. '53 if Smith, L. 4. Spalding, R. k Tarkington, J. Taubken, T. Trowbridge, R. Ufer, R. Weiler, P. Whitacre, R. Wilson, R. Wolf, J. Wootton, D. f Zollinke, P. ,I 434' 'O' 1 ig, . 'G' . if N- ...... I R . Q Q. Y t x X25 is .., x up 4 i vga? ogg, 1 f x 1:-srl' Q. . :gf- gw I if '. 1' x X vb' Y.. X f- " Q-r 3' . I Dr-"' 4 -Y' 'P av' -3. ,V- 4529 9 ot? W 'E QW "' va 4 .bf Q "fl,O2'f9'5qf'2ZEAI"5 QQ' UNIVEQSITES f mo oueses Y V if V57 IIHQEIU ,Q W 'P I H ii' A' t 'rm STATE COLLEGE A F I A X AQAQf5rLig: JY BEHU AQEHW Q53 13, a ff: XX ful CID N ' I x b y ' fl gf I -5 if 4 2 ,gif 1 ' 5 . EE Q59 2 H0 QORARIES AWARDS PL QUE REcoG mo Students whose names are inscribed on the Tri-State College Honor Plaque in lieu of a second gold key award. Cumby, Eric Kolassa, Roger Frailey, William Snyder, Charles GULD n s 'u if KEY S 1 l ' 3 . X . N N .k,. I ii, 5 x ' Augenstem, Ronald V X- 5, Bradley, Norbert Brand, Joe Brown, Ronald Eckstrom, Peter Fish, Jerry Frederick, Jerome Getz, Lynn Jackson, Lee Kardohely, Robert Lange, Charles Barthelme, Frank Bartholomew, Kenneth Behnke, Robert Brock, Robert Carey, Timothy Ciez, Ronald R Coleman, Conrad Conkey, Howard Coughenour, Richard D'Agostino, Carmen Dinnison, William Donaldson, David Fritshi, Carl ,riif m""',-rs: : J' will it 'R f fi -S - 's-rs, , Q S wx . ,X X - x -, t , , V x ll , t It 12- , gag ,g - s ,E XA xx W 'R RQ "V , .., ' ' , D , Q X' 4 - T.. ' nxxf ' ,. ' 1 xg ., ' ' or ' 3 . ' -- ' ls t l' W ' Utd-1 . K. , 3 1. AEM, J i 3 ' 5 ' E ' 5 I A if X X if 5, - , " ' Q . . 5 S. VN-bf' 1 f i x ' . fwfr : - J' 5 i S X3' :.f'1'.,:,1 Q - 1 - 4. . ..Q. ,.? 1' ' 1 1' " f - L Q X 3-N,:N"' i . .,..vi2: . , A , i n ,,. -- 1, M ' X sm , V - . . as N. --Naam ,lugaiwmc '-sf K s .- A . " -. ' 'W . ' ,. ' ' N ' 3 3 . , X , ,.s-"M fl - ' X 1 - wd....,.. ,,., . , ..,. , .k X ,i N, ,',,, , SILVER KEY Gandert, Michael Grauer, Paul Haney, Wayne Headley, Philip Jackson, Edward Knoll, Robert Kochanowicz, Thomas Kovalcik, John Kruse, Eldon Laidlaw, Lee Laughlin, Terry Meckel, James Mergenthaler, Barry Mitchell, James Moore, Ralph Murphy, John Olinger, Jack Oxenham, George Paul, Eugene Pello, Rodney Reichhardt, David Reinger, David Ritchey, Wendell Russell, Barry Schendel, Edward Schienda, John LeGault, Gerard Lesiak, Michael Long, Ronald Maguire, Raymond Norman, James Petrich, Ward Poore, Donald Sayre, David Stephenson, Robert Strouble, Thomas Vass, Roger Shaw, Donald Starkweather, Larry Steel, David Sullivan, Daniel Sutton, Stephen Taylor, Joe T oren, Thomas Trier, William Veasey, Larry Watkins, Philip Woods, Daniel Yoder, Larry Young, Charles WHO' WHO Selections for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities is made by a faculty committee on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship and the promise of future usefulness to society. it r , Q, ., Q 1 1. ,. Z,. john Murphy Robert Armstrong Richard Coughenour Peter Eckstrom Lellan McFarland Charles Lang Raymond Maguire Robert Moravsik Kenneth Kodger ,,j' a i Z i n 1 X Www ,A 'Gy' , its-ll! Larry McKinley Ronald Sobecks Peter Farrington Wayne Haney Harvey Hawks ii E Q ny l ig, ,J Hr sm iii li m I f I m if ,ij- lllfll A Sl 17- gi e n, ,iyi J i.i, Ward Petrich Thomas Strouble Larry Yoder Michael Rex ' z 45: . , l O., D Jerome Kurdys John ' McDonald M. 'fr' ,Mn Kenneth Hilborn kv' George Remington Donald Shaw W , Ronald Silver I Q L4 ul fav n--- Arlen Paul Left to right, FRONT ROW: John Hughes, Larry McKinley, Ronald So- becks CPresidentj, Raymond Maguire fTreasurerj, Greg Bochnak SECOND ROW: Joe Brand, John Murphy, Wayne Haney, Charles Lange, Philip Headley, Phil Watkins, Harvey Hawks, Oscar Haertsch, Howard Conkey, Roger Frayer THIRD ROW: D. Sayre, Lynn Getz, David Donaldson, Edward Schulz, Ken- neth Kodger, Steve Sutton, George Remington, Lee Jackson TAU IG A ETA Tau Sigma Eta, honorary engineering society, was in- corporated under,the laws of the State of Indiana on April 10, 1930. Membership in this society is one of the rewards received by students for outstanding achieve- ments in the School of Engineering. Requirements for admission into membership are four quarters of college work with a minimum of twenty hours work, during each of the four quarters, a scholas- tic average of at least 3.1 out of a possible 4.0. A grade of D or lower disqualifies a student for membership. An average of 4.0 for three successive quarters automatical- ly creates eligibility for membership. Members of the society must maintain an average of 3.0 to be considered active. Tau Sigma Eta encourages brotherhood and good fel- lowship, a well-balanced social program, and the main- tenance of high scholastic records. A banquet is held each quarter as a climax to the quarter's activities and aids in encouraging and fostering the ideals of the so- ciety. 'V ALPHA BETA 'gg 145 . xA! L x. ..,--- " ALPHA Mike Lesiak 4' 4-'TT' Don Poore A , Alpha Beta Alpha, the honorary com- mercial society, was founded in 1938 by two of its present faculty advisors -- Harold and Howard Hoolihan. The pur- pose of A.B.A. is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote worthy lead- ership, and to encourage the develop- ment of character in students of the School of Business Administration. To become eligible for consideration, the student must either maintain an average grade of "A" for a period of four consecutive quarters or an average of "B" for six consecutive quarters with not more than four "C's" during that period. Students meeting the requirements of character, leadership, and scholarship are then initiated into the society. The vocational achievements of A. B.A. alumni demonstrate the caliber of men and women recognized by this so- ciety. Jerry Legualt AY A Mike Rex Paul Swan Charles Snyder SKULL D BGNES R7 23 'IM' 'L' as 1 . . v, M ' .-.V 1 V -, ,,, w "yi", . 4-1,514 W at-an ,pw Robert Knickerbocker John Burns Mike Lesiak ' D011 P0019 Dick Southby . In the spring term of 1948 the foundation was laid for Skull and Bones, COA, an honorary society. Membership in Skull and Bones is by election and based on the students' participation in campus organizations and activities. The pur- pose of this honorary organization, national in scope, is to recognize outstanding leadership of students in extracurricular activities, to encourage and promote student activities as a whole, to facilitate student brotherhood and spirit, and to the highest degree, the tradition, honor and prestige of Tri-State College. Left to right, FRONT ROW: Raymond Maguire, Lellan McFarland, Richard Coughenour, John Hughes, Donald Poore, George Remington SECOND ROW: Joe Brand, Howard Conkey, James Norman, James Bren- ock Stanley Brock, Douglas Nethaway THIRD ROW: William Diekman, Dick Jennings, Paul Dykstra, Lynn Getz, Kenneth Schamanek TUDE T DIRECTOR The Tri-State Student Directors, an honorary organi- zation was formed to be of service to the college. Mem- bership, representative of the students from all phases of campus activities, is by selection only, and is based on leadership, scholarship, dependability, co-operation and evident desire to promote the Welfare of the college. Among the activities for which the Student Directors serve are registration, orientation, baccalaureate, com- mencement, alumni reunions, and the Christmas party for Tri-State children. , wrxr-"xx s TE c x 'W CUQX-,f.f -'4i W4 Qcf X ii op it i, at i P- ,,,, 'A' r f' F r Q., 004- i"'S'l H ' X 7 . .,,,,, g t T' QR UL I I' -Ii 1 XS L' -X ' ' l we Y e q 3 f 'L P 'XX G N , . if fx. xiii A 1 Tf:s Q QW Q-fl -ww, N .N 4 K Wszer NW .15- ,Q "frm Wx 000000 'W EE' 3 , .IU 0 FS ik -:fund XX -K' 2 9 sis 5 - ef R5 I :ft J K A., Qi 4 5 ' FRATED Ni 5 ivy' a I A fy E A V TIE . 'f E s 2 l V 411' A--.. Bill Chaddock ' ' Michael Brennan Ramsay R. jackson Everett W. Schadt Canton, Illinoisg ME Sewickley, Pa.3 Bus. Adm. Faculty Advisor Faculty Advisor ALPHA GAMMA ..- UP ILC x ., Larry Colley Broughton, Ohiog ME - Lambda Chaptg, :Alpha Gamma Upsilon, had its beginning as Phi Sigma Chi .fVf,. of 1927. Greater benefits i gnore prestige initiated of the members to me ,Je 1 a national collegiate frifg mgiisifitlesire became a realityivv eni May, 1949, Phi Sigma its charter and became .known as Lambda Chapter of A lafhrna Upsilon. Since then'Alpha Gamma has spread throughoigfrilwichigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, firmly establishing itselfiiasi an ever growing collegiate fraternity. The present members of Lambda Chapter are meeting the challenge of many brothers who have passed through its doors-to maintain a high standing scholastically and socially. Q 1 Lee Cook Penn Yan, N.Y.g CE G sql, " Qvv Q.-.-v William Dinehart Pete Franciscovich Ted Ganger George Higginson Penn Yan, N.Y.g CE n Canton, Illinois: EE Elkhart, Ind.g ChE. Osceola, Ind., Bus. Adm I -xx , ' '-. 'X 24' '51 11. 'YV Howard Gilliam Eric Isenhoff Larry Kramer Kris Matthew T0f1aW2I'1da, N-Y-9 BUS- Adm- Grand Rapids, Mich.g ME Napoleon, Ohiog MTA Bay City, Mich.g ME I LAMBDA CHAPTER SWEETHEART A ALPHA GAMMA UPs1LoN Muff Steve Millstein Lynn, Mass.g Bus. Adm. Miss Pat Waughftel Eldon Morrison Penn Yan, N.Y.9 ME 1 E , 5. if , A, X Wav' , f Richard Warters Vern Tidwell Rgbeft Stfoope Harold Schwartz Allegany, N.Y.g AE Hillsboro, Illinoisg CE Bay City, Mich.: AE Mansfield, Ohiog ACCTG . X --A. U X. 4: On f I f Larry Stickel Elkhart, Indianag M.E. Pledge Class? 6? i , Donald Blitz Larry Hicks 0Xf0l'd, Ohi03 ME Warren, Ohio: ChE F YZ' ' 71 Z 4, Runners in 1962 Fall Festival 4-Mile Relay Race ALPHA EAHHA .13 5. UFEILUN - F fn'rmzwi'ffevai' EN'U"" W1-'--,'f7! ,, Q . " ff, ' 'Mfg-u k fagqgga .' mn, .. 'ma-1 , W-.. .v Alpha Gam's Winning Float- 1962 Fall Festival 'nr 'ii i f . ,X Larry Jan Metheny XX Nicholas I. Zatorsky Warner M. Heckley X 'W TiPPeCan0e, Indiana: M-E- Greenwich, Conn.g M.E. Winchester, Indianag M.E. MK Queen riding in Style Champions of 1962 Fall Festival Canoe Race What a powerful right! I think I'm hurtin' Y . Y ifgyvis Winter Quarter 1963 Snow Sculpture- I just close my eyes and dream Bugs Bunny in Carrot Patch ALPH fam PHI SWEETHEART OF ALPHA SIGMA PHI - Judy Kramer Alpha Sigma Phi was formed on December 6, 1845, at Yale University. It is a charter member of the National Interfraternity Council, and it is the tenth oldest national social fraternity. The Beta Omicron Chapter dates back to 1925 when it was known as Phi Lambda Tau. In 1929 this fraternity and Alpha Delta Alpha merged, but in 1935 it disbanded. The house then became the Alpha Beta Chapter of Alpha Kappi Phi. On September 6, 1946, the AKP's merged with Alpha Sigma Phi, and this house became the Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. 259: The Chapter House A CLGSE BRGTHERHGQD I V I iuzf ' Robin Bryan Harold Bolkey Wayne Champion il ' 'x-f .f-" Donald Christ ur' El, Wx' GTTLD' aff. Robert Daugherty Rich Dugan 5 ix Q' Thomas Ford Stephen J0hl1S0H Fred Kohler Bemard Kramer Kazys Kumpis Harvey Hildrebrant ? Q.-v Richard Hoyt William Lewis Robert Martin hi nf" David M0011 Donald Orr Arlen Paul 'vi""? W li '11""'Y ROD Silver William Sorensen Erich Stapelfeldt '-YY William Martin V6 -6' ,.,. Ken Schamanek wk 'P Brian Stebleton 'li cr"'r" or Scott Miller Alfred Misch 4 f i 4- 'G 5 'lv-5.4 5 ,, .Y ...Q file' ,fa V "'fi'5fwa YI 1 , amfiw g A 'T i Earl Sharrow Tony Shier l i ,... ' 1 l Dan Thursby Jervis Webb ,, H: V, ,L 45 ',!ff1'ff2,L+Yf. ' " X A- 4 E,m::1ff40QM,,,,, I, If if -W, eww A ,J . f X , J'-P' 91:01 '53 'M 5-. 1 -1-4' X ' Nick Santino Fran Marki Chicago 1925 TWO Manpower Mother Told You There Would Be Days Like This Professor Dave Moon SCl'Ub SCI'11b Scrub Cave Women fn Z 6 A Girl ! F . i Me-Sweat Cuba? mi? MY' Happy Hoosiers Annu Fatiglled? Who Me? Play The Piano Ax. I . Z9 fa' ' as A s 9 ' or "' ,,,, ms :Q xii. Nr' 45" -W-1 ' ur Nr Lewis Ackley Gary Batt Barnett Frank B31-thelrne if BETA PHI THETA V -'V 4?-"fn .7 TW f ,., 'V Q24 "ff 6,75 at f-vw 'f:.':" ?'m Q.. ,ff-in 50,4 -:, f 'H-. 544' fi. - :jj 'gr .sr w1fff'Jff:22z'f: f iw-- if' ,zwwr c 111' The history of the Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta dates back to 1922. At that time a group of young men organized "The Four Eleven Gang", their purpose being the promotion of good fellowship. The or- ganization became so successful that they decided to expand in order to afford other students the opportunity of enjoying this relationship. It was at this time that Lambda Phi Epsilon was born. The membership of this fraternity grew, and recognizing one of the great needs of the students, opened the first fraternity house at Tri-State College in 1925. In 1929 when college recognized fraternities, the members of Lambda Phi Epsilon realized the advantages of national membership and be- came Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta Fraternity. Delta Chapter, now in its thirty-third year at Tri-State, has never lost sight of the ideals of its founders. Those chosen for brotherhood are men who have shown courage, initiative and fortitude before our eyes. This policy of selection has insured lasting life and leadership for our fraternity. K" WV' ai m illu- Dave Brandon Steve Briod Dan Caruso David Young y Dick Donley Dave Mayer Tuck Miles V . 4'5" x is r 1 'A "' 4 it ' X L' ' Sq' 5. Bill Rhinesmith Tuck Miles Marvin Proctor Tim J. Shanahan W4 W, ,iff 'Zvi' Sandra Webster BETA SWEETHEART -lrl - , Members not pictured: in A I 1 Randy Swansan il V 9 ' X 751 5 Al Butler Z, Q x Fred smith 'A 'V f' Glenn schmidf T Bud Norton " Dan Latessa Frederic McGirr Tom Slick Faculty Advisor StanleY Sliko Wilbur Wolf J, 'EW THE BETAS I ACTIO 'I l J .515 f n 3ff2!'t'.. E i Easy does lt MU B O O Gl3Ht', UI-Iaving a partyn ,dw K, 'M ,, Q 6 , f f "Couple of swabbles "Setting pretty" "Back to work fellows" 'Brotherhood' , t f W W Q QV, 4 m y ,S , '-sq 'LHelp me out Brotlmersu "Hurry, take that picture ff'.gp'i5A "Stirring the brew" "Second place winner" ry 2 ?ff Q ':! . W if Z ? "Good catch" a THE GOGD TIMES "Halftime break" em Q . Q lf , 'M f, , N .. Wai, Z gm W ' ? V fm f , X, .nl we I 1 Kiwi "Long way to go" "Go Man Go" NX matt 'X Wi wif. q .,.. ., P- i 8 , Hifi! "Rough Game" "Glooper's five" 1 x Qfs"'Q "Last minute touchups' "Shaping up Snooper" Max Balkema i Ronald Burtner f Don Dropek Richard Koontz BETA IGMA CHI ,JM f 0, l Motto In 1939 a of students organized the Kadinak Society at Tri-Statefqollfige. This was later formed into the Beta Chap- ter of Beta The Theta-!ZMUi'tPi Fraternity became affiliated with the Na- tional Fraternfzy of Beta Sigma Tau in October of 1950. Then in September 052951, it became the Tri-State Chapter of Beta Sigma Chi. Since its inception the chapter has lived up to the Motto of "Equality, Understanding, and Unity." Donald Beck are 'Q QJ9' Bob Cordero 5 K Dean Finster fi? Ed LaCroix K' A -1 ,4-1 V Bm Mack Bill McCullough Robert Knickerbocker Mike Rex l 'Sr 49 4 , I up ' .V -gnfr' I 5 Mike Sabbe Gary Shear Herman Stevens Howard Shear 494' 'T ,- in-'4' QI' M M wmv-"' Gary Tomczak Ronald Vaerwyck Thomas Wiener Mick Wuertz 3154 ...u-url' Fred Wyman "Butch" Zadylak Craig Hess Mr. Henry-Advisor "The canoe race" "Beta Sigma Chi" 4,1-1--..., 5 Mrs. Jane Wuertz BETA SIGMA CHI SWEETHEART O Fl t "Wor king 5 '2 M 'Q , 9. Q, 1 3, 6 1, fl X ix il ' Tux U' :5,:,:ay"' C "My barber is on striken "Rare moments" W e 1 " Finals are tomorrow" "Neatness counts" Beta Bees "Want to dance" John Bums Geofge Schoff John Twarog Teno DeStefano Pres. Summer Term Pres. Fall Term Pres. Winter Term Pres- Spfiflg Term PHI K PP THET Phi Kappa Theta, National Fraternity of Catholic men, was formed Jack Deon by the consolidation of Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi in April 1959. Phi Kappa was founded at Tri-State College in 1943. The National Fraternity dated back to 1889, when it was begun at Brown University. Theta Kappa Phi was founded in 1919 at Lehigh University. Phi Kappa Theta is proud of its accomplishments and the members are confident their ideals of fraternalism and religion will carry them 'to ultimate success in their undertakings. Planning for the future, Phi Kappa Theta has purchased 13 acres of land located southwest of the College on which it plans to construct a new fraternity house and recreational facilities for its members. Fran Giacobbi T 'Z' Russ Grandinetti Jim Huizinga Ivan Lebel Dave Meyer ,.. Lire ve i' Paul F. Eble William Bolish Ed Montanez Bm Nichols Faculty Advisor PHI KAP SWEETHEART E ' ...Z fi' John Paprocki 'F' A n nette Walters George Polansky fi alias! il' f f ..4""4 ..,-f' 5 ni Joe P0I1te1'i John Roccoforte Rick Stevens Bill Walter '4m M1 ,E W if wa., ' 4. K. lgli i Local 201 Roofers Union E K Sorority 'ima QM! 714. Q 1 1 Boy! That,s what I call a party 1 f ,ff Do you see them yet? So what's next Winter Carnival Variety Show 4.4512 J.. l l Bruising football game Winter Carnival JA' ,..-.- .... ,.,, ,Vlxvfl 'ff-37? 4 f Exchange party The morning after the night before cf. L Pledges-Winter '63 The cops will never find him under here IGMA PHI DELTA Sigma Phi Delta is an International Social Profes- sional Fraternity of Engineers. It has as its object the promotion of the advancement of the engineering pro- fession, the fostering of the advancement of engineering education, the instilling of a greater spirit of cooperation among engineering students and organizations, the in- culcation in its members of the highest ideals of Chris- tian manhood, good citizenship, obedience to law, and brotherhood, and the encouragement of scholarship. Its motto, "Pro Bono Professionisf' which translated from the Latin means, "For the Good of the Profession," furthers this object. Sigma Phi Delta is an Engineering Fraternity and only engineering students are eligible for membership. It has active chapters located at ac- credited universities and colleges in North America and alumni chapters in several cities in North America. v-,,, IAIIX 5 A K I 5 A I X . .,,,,..v., ':'43?uJ',,., if V ' . The House x SWEETHEART OF SIGMA PHI DELTA Miss Beth Moley . .sg - ' '- ' ' ' s Q" .N . v ff gg, -. xl. - ' -Y mfwf ' -W 4 l' . - 0? , wwf f - u' -A --:S-'F kg.. L ,- sw-H-U' ....,,,-v 'lr' gt, 1. lv! -l. ,.,f. , 4 L'v4'- Usa- -' ,, ..., , f ,- in--f Q.. , , s .. 'll ' 4- ':z'7E5?"N' ' 55 R-ff "2-" 1 .Q"'I..'TAUr-4:1 4.1543-'Y . ,f,,-4914 ' ' 'W' '- " ' '. .1 ,V ' 1 1- -Q -' fe- " . Y, A 4' , ' M lf , a.,' 51'v ' ' y.-1-gnzebla u Banquet Nxght I Our Caddy SIGMA PHI DELTA K 17 l l 5 1 l l I . Q 4 1 'vga 8. f.,,,lO'5, , .Qi gms ow . " 0 0 H., ..',,.fog,, . cl ., Ux v A s ' .0 ' , ' ' -u'v " HQ!! sg., y .19 ',', "lb a.o'0' 'ls' 's 73 f '. f f ,ww x 'gi 4-v J 4' 4' , J n d Y ,Q , i v 'Z 1, 32 Pledges kept busy on "Hell Night" VD ,ra M X .l - .- , ,W 1 'f - mga- jf-'fx :ggi ,,, ,mms-,A - . . .-h "",."'5?'f4v5N ' ' 3 1, -,- ., .A . - .,.. V. , aa . g - "'Q. 'g' iz" 1 - Wg' tm ' -l A 3 'WE wwiwg' - ' ' N ,. 7--lf: eg" 4 Tam wri. 'nwi' " , "'-.knit 0 - 45. .,,, , . -,. -, 9,1 ,I , 5- L 4' S X y , 5 9 A U x "" Il I A l MQ' .A f Wg: "9-fag.:-A " " ' 4 'iw Nu Snow Sculpture-Winter 1963 Studies always come first J- '21 . WV? fwfii ,rw 4 qu-aff f 45 -nf' '17 . -va-'4' md ,435 ' Yee li X 5' Q' 4u""" ..--I ,, . JIM ALEXANDER CHARLES AUGUST JOHN BEYER RICHARD BRENNER WALTER BROSIUS M.E. E.E. M,E. C.E. M.E. Dayton, Ohio Titusville, Penn. Westminister, Md. Ney, Ohio Johnstown, Penn. PRO BO O PROFESSI DAVE BUTLER M.E. Columbus, Ohio I ,aw fe: y ooooo. L - I I cis '. nal I UU" '..Qpudp'Z Qu-if X Ag '. Q X I W' ,Q P .I my X fi ,4 f ,E mfr, "N-wiv six ' 'I 1 NX V. 1: if: itll GARY BUSS DAN DOBSON BILL HIGHFIELD TOM HOSEY Rolling Prairie, Ind. Quincy, Mich. South Bend, Ind- S01-'th Bend, Ind- FOR THE GOOD OF THE PROFESSIO , ,W is-uf" f ,, - 51, . :aisgn "A .::EEE ".:::E:'-1.1 .I :g155....-Z::f 1,3 1-.-4115-....' xx:- ,,,...- .--. f . - -:. .......: 2:-...,-'J3.Aa , -.,-.1-., C........- S-+7..:"' . ' -L'-.N '- 'f..,::m::::: w-':.':I....'g.': ,fz' L - '-.'5'-'Qjgg'-M-no f"j,,,....,f ,.:,J.-i, -fa, 1.5. A .......,, ..-uw,,,,,1,...',.', Q, ...I ..1, ........,, ,4f,A,,,,,, -.1,..,. .I .ik ,A r, .1 Q, -, uv'-......,4 r'...,...-1.-,.-,.-, .-.-.-.-.4.......... -:,",,....,.4 .1,.1,,'1. , i.-'..M,N,'0"-N-4-..,' .,,.,...w-3.13,-g.. Q -.5 --qnqmmm, :yy-NI 'g:::r.r.,..,:.1:-gg Q-.3-Z'-.,3.,....... 11:8 ,,,..,..... ,,zv,. 6 fhiig, ,Q ., .QQ --MM... . :KM--Q--4-Q.-,.,' ,. 4 ,. -.f-. c"',,,f""+-122' RICHARD KATTER Ch.E. St. Marys, Ohio ' 1 QQ -4-4' 'NI sm...- GARY KRUGER RALPH KUNDT Z RALPH MOORE LES MULLER C.E. M.E. C.E. M.E. Effingham, Ill. Cleveland, Ohio Remington, Ind. Columbia, Ill. 635 ul" of--ff uv w rf A uf' ,JY rv 1. s-gr' MICHAEL NALL PHILLIP ROWE FRED RAAFLAUB DENNIS PUELL RICHARD WALSH E.E. C.E. M.E. M.E. C E Crystal Lake, Ill. Valparaiso, In'd. Syracuse, N.Y. Buchanan, Mich. Ney, Ohio SIG A 'HV' J' IVA 4,-ff PH LARRY WILCOX D E L T KEN WILL M.E. Quincy, Ohio Eff ingham, Ill ,nn Qs. 5: ui 'L' DAN WOODS RALPH GILCHRIST KREIG KING WILLIAM THRELKELD VIC YEN M.E. Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Cleveland, Ohio E b is Bill Backus Dick Bull Ivan Charley Darrell Eaton b IGMA MU SIGMA The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma was founded at Tri-State College on Good Friday, in March, 1921. The fraternity, which was founded by three Master Masons, was elected to the National Organiza- tion at Washington, D.C., in June, 1924. The primary purposes of Sigma Mu Sigma fraternity are to instill in its members the three principles of sincerity, morality, and scholarship, to create a well-balanced college life, and to create men who will be capable of taking their places in the business and engineering world. The Alpha Chapter was honored by being selected as the site 'of the National Convention in August, 1959. Dick Gey John Greer 127' M.-I Bill H3Ckbl1Sh Ed Schulz Larry Rowe Don Wilson V .. , if V ,miln M, "Little Abner" SWEETHEART OF SIGMA MU SIGMA Mrs. Sandra Gey "The brotherhood" uns- "A hanging" "Pledge banquet" ",,,f'! 67' cj 1,3 in'-vi ""' Gary E' Bamhart L90 M- Bianchi Michael G. Chermak Richard S. Dowdell Frank R. Grynovich pg APPA IGMA KAPPA x 1-4 1' The Indiana Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa was organized on campus in March, 1952. Prior to this date, the Kappa Sigma Kappa house had been associated with various fraternities. "The House on the Hill" served the original chapter of the present Sigma Mu Sigma fra- y ternity until 1936, when the remaining actives merged with a large national fraternity. After a brief period with a local fraternity, the house 9, .Q became the home of Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1947. In 1952, Tau Kappa Epsilon withdrew from the campus, and in March of the same year, Kappa Sigma Kappa took over 4'The House on the Hill." Everett L. Harding Richard M. Isele aes.. X rg ,... uv wf".r """ Elmer R- Keach Fred F. Laino James P. Laino Nick D. Laino Gerard J. G, Legault l .li fill 1 .o-- gf Q tr" David M. Ludington Alexander R. Lodwig Robert W. Lord 485' , 53, , 6 U' uv' x 1 'K mv, -F -.4 wal qw ...ivy Stephen J. Materazzi J, Scott Mclntire John F. O'Brien M f f , is N - 'T . .- X is sau 5 A ft J Q 7 f , ', . 413 5 1 A 3 1 My H L' FK f.,4 '!""' one 'S Donald R. Maizland Gary R. Mariigan 'A fi 'ig mx MJ 4. . 5 f R rn - ft " gg 9 WAI "ls V x .9685 Q 1 f, V' Donald A. Powers Mitchell E. Rhodes A , .dix .New .Ax c s -my T ' 'ZZ' '3' . DTI' ' Richard T. Southby Michael D. Stohler Lowell J. Stout Robert D. Templeton Jerry L. Wilson if If'-a Thomas R. English William Hill L Q. ,- Gif -W:-fe':4i97y-i E, f 2? , mkz 1. xi .W 17,41 , 4 Y .1 4 Q . ff- 4 si , 4 W , f ' ,V ' 3, W P7 M - ?',1C'rZx':'im'5fy v"2'v ' ' F ' i , 3 f if M -' . ,Z 'UW jg M , 5' ,... if 'S W ff ,f W iff gf WWW 555,11 ,W MW A N1 ,, ff W M 'F ff f 91 W 1 41 1 , , f 1 A M f WQWW Q WWW 'N 1 Miss Joyce Maurizio SWEETHEART OF KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA ll , lm-a' til null' X . W f A Vx, I ' Fall Sports Program f 'Y 2-:J 2 ":,- 1 if ,,,V s 9 1 f Jim and the girls Fall Festival Float Jerry crosses the finish lme Sing along with John GRAD UATIN G "5-T' , SENIQRS ELMER KEACH GARY BARNHART M A DAVE LUDINGTON W -if ff'- BOB LORD GARY MANIGAN Y -al 'Wm gmiwwm xx M " 4' M 'K av My XWWW-qi .rj DON MAIZLAND EVERETT HARDING JERRY WILSON THE ODI LUS STAFF HO OR THE BROTHERHOOD OF KAPPA IGMA KAPPA The 1963 Modulus Staff honors Kappa Sig- ma Kappa Fraternity and their members for their help in promoting, selling, and other efforts to make this yearbook a success. Kappa Sigma Kappa has been one of the most active Fraternities on Tri-State's campus this year. Members have been active in their respec- tive departmental societies, campus activities, as well as the house functions. In addition to all this extra-curricular activity the members have been studying harder in an effort to raise the House scholastic average, and some of the brotherhood have attained high scholastic awards. Others have been named to campus honoraries. It has been hard to find a campus activity in which a Kappa Sigma Kappa mem- ber has not been active this year. For their help in promoting and selling the 1963 Modulus, and as winners of the contest sponsored by the Modulus, this Staff proudly presents the following two pages to Kappa Sig- ma in appreciation for this help, loyalty, and en- deavor to improve this campus activity. Pic- tured below are some of the activities of Kappa Sigma Kappa and their members during the past year. A Party Away from the House l Banquet at End of Quarter Dancing at One of the House Parties 59 1 fa ' 14 Working on Float for Fall Festival A New Pledge is Kept Busy ,I U lm' HURCI to Knowledge is Our Goal Don and His Bride Qffli-tix-17 Till. Q ,and We Must Keep This Place Clean The Brotherhood Relaxes N, K FEED M? ' I 11 Kg, Wi' T 5 . 621 24 X? OCIETIES CIVIL E GI EERI G SGCIETY The Civil Engineering Society provides social and educational activities for all civil engineering students. The society not only provides an opportunity for the members to meet socially, but also provides speakers and films from many branches of the Civil Engineering Field. N11 Concrete strength test mp O I 1 Highway design Foundations A g P Left to right, FRONT ROW: Robert Sobecks, Eugene Paul, Larry Hause, Carmen Fielding, Ed Carbone, William Dinehart, Thomas McGrath, Ron- ald Tetu, Max Wolfe SECOND ROW: John LaCroix, Ivan Lebel, R. Miller, J. Fuehuer THIRD ROW: Bruce Warner, John Sheridan, Vernon Tidwell, James Greenich, Michael Long, Richard Conger, Wilti Hackbush, Edward Kelly, Theodore Havas, Ted Holz, Norbert Huner, Dave Johnston, Dan Sullivan, Dave Williams, Carl Carlander FOURTH ROW: Daryl Clever, James Tartal, Richard Coughenour, Patrick Hsia, James Keevil, Edwin Hower, Charles Lange, Perry Payne, Jim Furds, Levi Stermer, Roger Dery, John Kovalcik, Lee Cook Mrl Cunningham and-:Bill Bolish Earth work calculations SANITARY HIGHWAY STRUCTURES ag , Lf' i,,.-.-1 2 BUILDINGS I3 H Ki ,r 1 " I of 1 fr LNQ, Russ Miller, Paul Newman, and Bill Bolish inspect surveying equipment rf :iv 0 U! J -x 'N' ,, Y ,Ax Zim! A , 1 3 1 W Y 41 ' - X ' If 14.1 ' ' X -, fl., 'V Q P01 xx X ' U fb 5 X f x I f ' ' 0 0 . 5 ..1,---l- I 1 'AL , XX 1 'Q X! Q X' ua ., x 1 , Y , , eff ez n f 'ig 1 6' V 1 ,nr 0,7 ' , , . f , I 1 r, . Mr. Cunningham and Paul Newman X x :g!::-fws,!::,:- , , .1-:.f:51iYi??H1ff . . 9' ' ' f- Y "f'?I13' , " 1: 5. f ', --1. ' 41 1- 22551 V -:?v',.--J X in 71, "'1- 5525. N . '-5-:ffl 5 Q . . - al- f X -N---fK1. ,f,x X ' ,Q K 1 .- Xx- ,ni . ' . -' rr QA , " E'- :Na 'l'.N,'x -5- 5 .jf ' Z. ' if 35 : 'X -2-ffiigi' f 5 . N' " 'i.:AQ'i -.M ' 1 ' " Aiyx 'I "ff, ' 2 .,, Q. -1 -XX . S e XX e Q . 7"N, -' QQ.:-1 H Qxxg' ' . u 22 mp' ' "' 1 5 .3592 . 2---, vu f -1 2 ff 21 : . ff 1 Q i- - Z , 1.39 1' 1:jSfe,l . 'QL- f 34 2 1 34,2 ' V1 ff- ff ' 'L 'I en ' f- mnziaavxrg' "' ' l ' m1 " " . li-5-' - , I 3 M 5-...fX.."' V ' 'f' 4.15 694: , , a '1?' - Sq:--: f fx, ' 15 1 W, , Q , ' H, I 'f"1",H,. , 4 Ill, llIlllll1llxlah Left to right, FRONT ROW: L. K. Jain, Ken Kodger, K. H. Slagle, Charles Denny, Billy Cornelius SECOND ROW, M. M. Patel, Julian Arden, Martin Rosenberg, D. R. Mer- chant, John Paskevicz, Thomas Bowen, David Cattrell, Ralph Fitch, Jim Wille, Darrell Eaton, Jim Misner THIRD ROW: Ted Ganger, Fred Firme, Mark Jefferies, Donald Kuhn, Howard Lewis, Paul Kintner, Gary Rentz, Gary Fisher, Ira Zadylak TUDE FFILIATE CHAPTER A ERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Chemical Engineering Society of Tri-State College was organized in April 1948. The purpose of the chapter is to afford an opportunity for the stu- dents of Chemical Engineering in Tri-State College become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, and to instill a professional pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. The American Chemical Society is the largest or- ganization denoted to a single science. It has twenty- two divisions organized on the basis of subject in- terest, such an analytical, organic, or petroleum chemistry. Donna Leigh Pike MISS CHEMISTRY 1963 Dr. Slagle Q0 W rrall He'S gone, get the bottle. J 9 5 " 'iff ' an H as s a Q I Q . ,e vw- !A" NN Add three egg whites and beat well. 'X Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 'W xx? W' Q, Do that again and you'1l fail. Q, 2 1 .X 1 f-A 'X ...... I -5 1' Left to right, FRONT ROW: William Hill Cadvisory, John Hughes Cvice- presidentj, Robert Moravsik Cpresidentj, Tom Nelson Csecretaryj, Victor Yen Cadvisorj SECOND ROW: Dennis Etters, Marvin Proctor, Scott Mclntire, Jack Hex- ter II, Richard Mattingly, James Brown, Arthur Putze, Harvey Hawks, Bob Gunderson, Don Caldwell, Greg Bochnak THIRD ROW: Lellan McFarland, George Oxenham, Lynn Getz, Tommy Cornelius, Stan Gaby, Ronald Prillwiltz, Walter Haertsch, Roger Bursey INSTITUTE OF THE AEROSPACE SCIENCES The Institute of the Aerospace Sciences is a society established for the purpose of conveying recent ad- vancements in the field of aeronautics to its members as well as contributing solutions to the design and con- struction problems that face the related industries. In the spring quarter of 1940, Tri-State College ob- tained a charter to organize a student branch of the I.A.S. on its campus. Since that time the membership has increased to about 75. x The meetings of the student branch of the I.A.S. are held every other Thursday. Following these meetings there are usually movies related to air-borne craft. Speakers are occasionally presenttat these meetings to inform the membership of the recent technical ad- vances. Further activities of the society include a quar- terly banquet and a field trip once a year in the spring quarter. Left to right FRONT ROW: Charles Hilton, Elmer Keach, William Din- nison Jerome Kurdys Larry Chase, Everett Schadt SECOND ROW Joe Rowe, Robert Kuehne, Brian White, Gary Siler, Charles Toohy Tom Vollrath, Don Smerecki, Dorman Lanza, Michael Barthel Richard Koontz Ronald Vaerewyck THIRD ROW Robert Clause, Timothy Shanahan, Reed Sutter, Jack Lowry, Jack DeGroat Jack Misch Charles Biter, Michael O'Brien, Richard Hoyt OTOR TRANSPORT SOCIETY The Motor Transport Society was organized on the campus on January 21, 1957. Its membership is com- posed of students enrolled in the Motor Transport Ad- ministration program. The objectives of the society are to promote a broader understanding of the motor car- rier industry and its problems. To accomplish this pur- pose, nationally known speakers are brought before the society and field trips are arranged. The members are thus able to see the practical ap- plications of their studies and are further encouraged to test their classroom theories with scale model designs of future and revolutionary operating techniques. At the end of each quarter a banquet is held to highlight the events of the past quarter and to install new officers. A nationally known speaker is brought in to address the banquet. Left to right, FRONT ROW: Mike Babinec, Richard Marshall CVice Presi- dentj, john F. Hanigan CChairmanj, Bob Palmer CTriangle Reporterj, Larry D. Smith fI.R.E. Treasurerb SECOND ROW: Ronald Kennedy, Conrad Coleman, Bob Armstrong, Thomas Miskimen, Paul O. Moll, Wiley E. Knott, Earl G. Day, W. Lee Brink, Larry J. Phillips ELECTRICAL On January 1, 1963, the Institute of Radio Engineers and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers merged into one organization with a national membership well exceeding 150,000 members. Both the organizations, now under the heading of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, were represented by Student Branches on Tri-State's campus. Left to right, FRONT ROW: Joe Jachim, William Vanderslice CVice-President, I.R.E.j, John C. McDonald Jr. fPresident I.R.E., Secretary A.I.E.E.j, Philip Headley CSecretary I.R.E.j Stanley Brock. SECOND ROW: James A. Jachim, Walter P. Jablonka, Oscar C. Hatertsch, Anthony Wong, Thomas H. Althoff, Bill Nichols, Thomas H. Malitz, Teno Destefano E GI EER The purpose of the Student Branch of the IEEE is to better acquaint stu- dents in Electrical Engineering with the field which they plan to enter. This is accomplished by means of guest speakers and movies at the bi-weekly meet- ings, and by field trips to industry and important conventions. National mem- bership also entitles the student to receive both monthly and quarterly publica- tions of the organization to enable him to keep abreast of the latest advances in the field. Left to right, FRONT ROW: Ramsay R. Jackson, Peter J. Heck, Brian C. Stebleton, Bernie Kramer, Wayne Haney SECOND ROW: Quintin L. Yao, Thomas Cox, Rod Newman, Francis Gia- cobbi, George Cacic, Albert Grabish, Roger Frayer THIRD ROW: Paul Cox, Paul Thompson, Eugene Kocsis, Maurice Hagan, James Boarer, Larry McKinley, Paul Newman, Dick Griffis, jim Cun- ningham SOCIETY OF AUTO OTIVE GI EER On February 3, 1949, the initial meeting of the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers was conducted at Tri-State College. Since then, through the close cooperation of its s ' it elected officers and faculty advisors, it has 'wif is grown to be one of the most progressive societies h cz, . on the campus. The purpose of this group is to uphold the SN -LS..- creed of the S.A.E., "to promote the arts and sci- ences of engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of the automotive apparatus." This year saw a number of outstanding 'X speakers and films. Some of the members were guests of the Fort Wayne section of our national organization at a dinner meeting. There was also the usual active participation in the field trips and the annual banquet. Left to right, FRONT ROW: Mickey Yarina CSergeant-atrArmsj, Dave Meyer QSecretaryJ, John Burns CVice Presidentj, Francis Giacobbi QPresidentj, Bhupendra J. Mehta fTreasurerj, James Lusk QFaculty Ad- visorj SECOND ROW: S. N. Shah, William Stresz, Brian Johnson, D. C. Mehta, Donald Burns, Edward Montanez, G. J. Bickel, Thomas Urbas, George Haire, Carl Bryzek, Niles Patterson, Quintin L. Yao THIRD ROW: Richard Stevens, Cyrus Mohandespoui, Don Good, Bill High- field, Ted Petersen, Wayne Haney, John Schneider, Paul Borden, Joe MECH NICAL E GI EERI Ponteri SOCIETY The Mechanical Engineering Society is an organization wherein engineering students can supplement their knowledge of the various phases of mechanical engineering. Speakers, who are experts in their respective fields, present the latest information concerning their products and industry as a whole. Movies are obtained for some of the programs and are also used in conjunction with the speakers' talks. The Society is affiliated with the Fort Wayne Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The dues paid to this organization are returned in the form of awards to society members who have done outstanding work in writing and presenting their engineering re- ports to the society. Many activities were undertaken in the so- ciety this past year with the student paper con- test topping the list. Co-sponsored activities with the A.S.T.M.E. and S.A.E. were the annual banquet and field trips. On field trips students are able to observe present manufacturing pro- cesses and practices, and thus better prepare themselves for their future as engineers. 16 Left to right, FRONT ROW: Quintin Yao, James Mitchell, Eugene Lauzon, Roger Frayer SECOND ROW: John Harim, John Wanchisen, Chuck Arch, Arnold Mul- lings, Jon Jebb, Douglas Barton THIRD ROW: George Haire, Robin Podawiltz, John Penman, John Burns, Bob Hribar, Louis Smith, Ronald Lightcap, Peter Farrington, Thomas Urbas, Louis Cordero, Almon McCarty, Peter Holliday, Thomas Cox FOURTH ROW: Owen Riddell, Roger Metz, David Anderson, George Cacic, Jerry Anderson, William Prior, Mike Petrus, Allan Kelley, Edward Scott, Lester Mueller AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOL MA UFACTURI G E GI EERS The Tri-State College Student Chapter No. 25, American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers, offers to those interested in this phase of Me- chanical Engineering, opportunities to hear fine technical speakers as well as interesting and informative films. In addition to the time spent in regular meet- ings, field trips to various industries are offered, in co-operation with S.A.E., M.E.S., and the industries themselves. The A.S.T.M.E. program of development is tied in with the fact that the tool engineer is the key to greater productivity, as well as recognizing the need for continuing research and development in all major industries. Through the monthly publication, The Tool and Manufacturing Engineer, members are kept abreast of the latest developments in their various fields. I Officers Dana Representatives Talk To The A.S.T.M.E. if ie: 'is f' 1 ri ,M Q ii at l . I . ix , I ,. s if , -3' K' 1 in 3 it f 'Q M: P W, G, 0 J iw, 1 5, 4, 1921 .,.,, Views from a T.S. graduate gives Dana Personnel I A . production details of Dana Man Students discussing tooling with Dana representatives. Visitors from Fort Wayne Chapter -751556 Mr. Barton Greeting Officers Officers for 1962 Fall for 1963 Winter Quarter Quarter Left to right FRONT ROW: David Fischler, Richard May, Donald Poore, Brian White Stephen Materazzi SECOND ROW Pete Garner, Donald Beck, William Hodge, Dick Jennings, Roger Roberts David Ludington, jim Pettit, James Etsler THIRD ROW Max Balkema, Tim Rismiller, Jerry Kurdys, Daniel Mulli- gan R M Isele Howard Habig, Bruce Teifthauser SIGMA EP ILO SOCIETY The Sigma Epsilon Society, of the School of Business Administration, was organized in 1933. One of the primary reasons for its existence is to give the student a chance to see and hear speakers from industry. Many ideas that are not expressed in the classroom are discussed in these informal lectures. Other purposes of the Society are to sponsor organized activities and to pro- mote the development of a closer relationship among the students in the Busi- ness School. This is done primarily through the operation of the Sigma Epsilon Used Bookstore which is available to all business students for the purpose of buying and selling used books. Meetings are held every other week during the quarter. Any student in the School of Business Administration can become a member simply by attending the meetings and paying the 51.25 quarterly dues. N T .- 1 , Q,, 1 1 H N ,lbw Q -' ' x' 24 49 C 'who l412.fF, x I- 1 :fix v X V+ ami 'H 'ff il I6 'Ad N 1 STN 'J' Lp.nlrt1,,I'l, ' iii '-.,,,Ftp 1 1-if . Q 'U I . A M EI" I E- 3 5 ? 5 4 A ,-125. 5 ' 5'Q' '?'ft?:5 OIIGANI Aff ION Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Sohrab Khoshnevis CSecretaryj, Jain Laxmi- chano K., CVice Presidentj, Harvey H. Hawks QPresidentj, William G. Mundy CAdvisorj, Quintin L. Yao. SECOND ROW: Shah S. N., Mehta, B. J., Unal Yonak, Merchant D. R., Peter Farrington, Mehta, D. C., Oliverio Diaz, Mike Garcia, Alfredo A. Garay THIRD ROW: Gerald A. Hilty Jr., Jahangir Kashani, Manouchehr Akhavi, Leevi Lehtisaari, Roger Dery. I TER ATIO TUDENTS ASSOCIATIO The International Students Association was organized during the school year of 1949-50 to aid in the plan of world peace and to give students an opportlnity to have a mutual understanding of their foreign neighbors. This association has presented discussion programs for civic organizations in Angola and nearby communities. Our ideal can be stated in these words, "The Essence of Unity is Brotherhood." No barriers of language or customs have retarded our progress, because we all cherish the Words of Socrates, "I am a citizen not of Athens, nor of Greece, but of the world." The I. S. A. is education in that it provides the opportunity to learn more about the people of other lands, promote better understanding, and strengthen the friendly ties that exist among citizens of the world. In the thirteen-year history of the I. S. A. many members have become leaders in their own field, with a broader understanding of the people and cultures of other countries. Tri-State College can be proud of extending a friendly hand to students from near and far, a warm hand that is helping to bring freedom to many people and helping those people shape their own destinies. ,k .,x Q , -W ' .a 7 0' 4.3- in ' f V N f '1 A' ,GI i J ati is R, : ,M iv.. ,S , , W, , Q 5 W A ,N A , , ,Mix K ',- . I , . psf-. , 1 Q yx..:3 - A ff H 1,- xr. . grssqag , I 5 . i NSANYA, I . 5 . j-q,g4l3'b- K is z- ,, ,' f . '-ttf" X: 'S-,A+ ,ff , A Y. . , The Tri-State College soccer team consisted of seventeen members representing more than ten nationalities and included among its ranks three players from the United States. The soccer team offers an excellent opportunity for our students to compete in the intercollegiate sports level. Any and all students are encouraged to join the team. fs rn l.- I ul J , EWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a social and religious . organization for Catholic students on campus. :J There are many such groups at non-Catholic colleges in the United States. The club provides its members with a well-rounded program of ac- tivities, high-lighted by the quarterly open house at Leo Newman Hall. Membership is limited to Catholic students. 1' xf . xiii si RELIGIOUS - SOCIAL PROFESSOR LEO KUHN LIFE Faculty Advisor ,HN Ee' -H ui" NZ J A .., i w f- T I. r Q Q39 I-fi, B K -3 .tif 'qw ll li 1 il i f A ste. we 8-ff f. I. f-1 , A '1 57.314, 5 .,.,, A ml-. r 70' MM, 3 flllvv , IZ: L 3 ...f ' ' 'Q A S9yfHQ4.f' .. 'f '11 . . ff . ---if . -I' iw Bl' -.1 -- 1" "fn FATHER MARTINO, FM Conv. Chaplain Left to right, FRONTROW: Gerald Ryba, Charles T. Manuele, David C. Young, Steve Briody, Roger A. Grady, Daniel P. Latessa SECOND ROW: Niles Patterson, Ronnie Noll, Bill Eves, Vincent J. Ra- polla, James Fleury, Kim Kodger, Bill Nichols, Rod Pello, Bob Hribar, Leon Wizorek THIRD ROW: Philip J. Clauss, john Kovalcik, Robert Chylaszek, Francis Giacobbi, Gary Eisenhauer, David Grisez, Vincent Linder CHRI TIA FELLOWSHIP Don Beck Max Balkema Howard Habig X ,AM Bob Knickerbocker Ted Holz Charles Lynn 1 ,Q -an ..w'g' . Q,,W.,' .,, -5,., W -ff ,,n-nv' Tom Urbas Torn Miskirnen Ira Zadylak Tri-State Christian Fellowship is a chapter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- ship which is a national organization belonging to the Inter-National Fellowship of Evangelical Students. The IVCF Chapter at Tri-State is one of the nearly 500 groups in the United States and Canada. It is interdenominational and evangelical. The purpose is to bring before college students questions on the following: How can we know Godg Who is Jesus Christy and Is Christianity practical? The Chapter is formed to provide fellowship for Christians in prayer, Bible Study, and social activities. BMG 4 fa- me .,"" lah A-f .Jn XV fi Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Ira Zadylak, Carl Manger, Robert Kegerreis QVice Presidentj, Brian Marcellus QSecretaryQ, Ralph Trowbridge QPresidentj, Jim Ernst, Bob Palmer, Tim Carey SECOND ROW: Dennis Etters, Larry Sunday, Merle Houdek, Wesley May, Lee Ward, Timothy Rismiller, Don Dahlin, Rev. Bachert, P. Jablonka. Methodist Student Movement The Methodist Student Movement is composed of students from many Pro- testant Churches. Each Sunday night the group meets at the First Methodist Church to have their devotional and business meeting. The group had its annual dinner in order to acquaint new students with the church and the Methodist Student Movement. V' fs Qs, -,Q at j X N t ss Nsys Q s f r is ii Left to right FRONT ROW: Harvey Hawks, Philip Lang, William Reiman, Arthur Putze, Petras Kumpis, Thomas Kochanowicz, Gerald Lee SECOND ROW: Dennis Hosselboch, Leslie Loynes, Philip Headley, Roger Prillwitz Robert Knoll, Bob Gunderson, Alan Leiter, Joe Brand, Mike Garcia Jack Pope THIRD ROW: Jack DeGroat, Francis Giacobbi, George Oxenham, Vincent Linder Stephen Morehouse FLYI G THU DERBIRD IIUNIEFIIHIS ANG 0114, ffvzz The Flying Thunderbirds Incorporated of Tri-State College is an indepen- dent organization composed of Tri-State students and faculty. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in aviation on the campus, and also to give the opportunity to students to get their pilots license at a minimum cost. The Flying thunderbirds is one of the most active members of the National Intercollegiate Flying Association which is an organization that helps promote Hying at colleges throughout the country. This activity includes quarterly social functions pl-us participation in inter-collegiate flying meets throughout the year. The club also sponsors a ground school to prepare the student pilot for the written exam he must pass in order to get his license. THF Il, TEC , , , 39" Ofc, TRFSTATE ENGINEERING lr 'qi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I Q GENERAL EDUCATION I A sn E l RI-A N615 0425.56-" ' Official Student Publication of Tri-State College, Angola, lnd. VOL 1 ANGOLA, INDIANA, APRIL 18, 1963 NO. 11 . The Tri-Angle, student publication, issued monthly as a campus newspaper ever since its founding in 1946, changes to a weekly publication schedule effective with the winter quarter 1963. The first issue of the Tri- Angle was published November 11-, 1946, under the supervision of its founder, Roy C. Bodie, Jr., as Director of Publications and Printing. During all the years of its monthly publication, Mr. Bodie continued to serve as an advisor to the Tri-Angle. During the fall quarter 1950, Lucy Emerson, Director of News Services, became associated with the College, and shared Tri-Angle ad- visorship responsibilities with Mr. Bodie. The Tri-Angle has been published by a student staff, working on a voluntary basis and as an extra curricular activity. With no journalism courses in the curriculum, staff promotions have been determined by such factors as the interest shown, initiative, willingness to accept responsibility, and dependability. Tri-Angle Key and "shingle" awards have been given in recognition of student service to the Tri-Angle. Shingles have been awarded for two full quarters of service as a member, of the business or editorial staff, with Tri-Angle Keys awarded for three full quarters of service, one of which must have been in a post of edi- torial or managerial responsibility. Tri-Angle Keys awarded at the end of the 1962 fall quarter went to William Dinehart, managing editor, Richard Southby, fraternities editor, Don K. Poore, hon- oraries editor, and to Gary Manigian, business manager. The Tri-Angle of the past greets the Tri-Angle of the future with all good wishes. .ik 4?:' XTX t X X :X . , 3 R1 fc Yv- Q X .Sn -X 9 I it I gn- in .- .' ' -'- x if --Q s, Xl .1 Q ,Qi 'F' . X ,J ' .si - K ,E A 3 4 f ,XI v . Y I ss Qllffl'-:pix gf' 4 S45 H X A E ' ifff in - li I- f , fx iw A V r x y -Nxzzsff 1121:- T5- li Fall Left to right, FRONT ROW: Mike Sable, Gary Manigian, William Reiman, Jerry Kurdys, Captain Boucheron Qadvisorl, Dick Southby SECOND ROW: Bob Palmer, Dan Caruso, Donald Beck, Arthur Putze, Frank Loorie, Fred Laino, Howard Habig, Scott Mclntire, Steve Materazzi, Howard Hawks THIRD ROW: Ken Will, John Paskevicz, Donald Poore, Larry Chase, An- thony Wong, Robert Knickerbocker Editor-in-Chief . ..., , Managing Editor ....,. .... . Sports Editor ......,.,. Honoraries Editor Fraternities Editor ., Organizations Editor Business Manager . . Advertising Manager Advertising Sales . , Circulation Manager Advisor ...,.,,..,.....,.,.. Winter Editor-in-Chief ..,,.... Sports Editor ....,,,.., ,...,....,..jerry Kurdys William Dinehart ..i,..i,Elmer Keach ., . Don Poore Dick Southby .Larry Chase A. Gerry Manigian Bill Reiman Gerard Legault Fred Laino Lucy Emerson Dick Southby Elmer Keach Sports Keyhole Columnists A. , . ...., .Charles Quimby, Scott Mclntire Fraternities Editor ..,,. .... i,.i. , , ,.,,..... , ..,.....,...,,,......,....i..,,,i. ...... . . ..,,.,,,. ,,....., . H oward Gilliam Honoraries and Organizations Reporters- Bob Kegerreis, T. J. Shanahan, Dave Rath, Harvey Hawks, Donald I. Smerecki, John M. Harim, Philip J. Clauss, L. K. Jain, Gerald D. Cookson, Jim Mitchell, F. Robert Palmer, Jr., Peter Heck, Eugene Paul, Dave Ludington, Dick Dowdell, Bob Stroupe, Joe Ponteri, Tony Wong. Advertising Representatives .i,... .. .,William Reiman, Gary Schubert Circulation Manager ,..,,,.,.,. ,. ,,,,.., A .. .. ., ,. jim Laino Advisor -.--........,...,.,... ...,., C apt. Pierre Boucheron, USN-Ret. 'S R. . .. vim fs. W , X ,X a yy "gl Q K y 'us I ' -v 1 - 1 ', xx' ag-.IA .1 ak L V' 4 I N nf? 'iv 'Y s. 59-Mya ,ml- 3:64 MTHE l rn:-lsmrs TRI-ANGIE l o Official Student Publication ' ' of lTg-i-State College, Angola, Ind, The Campus Is ur Beat v-V Misa., .,- ,Q-at , . L 'I 1 ' XX I I 'M 'N l ,, V . if . ' f l. If fl X' ', Q fl 1 2 V 1 l jxq..l.5f ,f : '22 1 Nil. 4 fll 5 F A - L fi , A if l if l v . . Q . X, 1 A 1, , , J 1 . 1 x . , q x , X ' x 1" arf, avg, Left to right, FRONT ROW: Carl Manger, Pete Franciscovich, Elmer Keach CVice Presidentj, Dick Southby QPresidentj, Dick Isele CSecretaryj, Harvey Hawks, Jack O'Brien SECOND ROW: Malcolm Green, Fred Laino, Oscar Haertsch, Richard Chess, jim Laino, Roger Robert, Fred Wyman, Steve Materazzi, Paul Burns THIRD ROW: Frank Gryndvich, David Ludington, Dick Jennings, Tim Ris- miller, Richard Marshall, Erich Stapelfeldt, Dave Moon, Ralph Trow- bridge , Boo TER CLUB The purpose of the Booster Club at Tri-State College is to foster school spirit, and to gain greater interest in college activities, both athletic and social. Students, students' wives, faculty and others who are interested in improving extracurricular college activities, are eligible for membership in the club. All student organizations on campus have representatives in the club. These repre- sentatives inform the other students of the progress of the Booster Club. The club promotes many projects. Noteworthy accomplishments of the club are: the Float Parade which is held before the first home game of the basketball season, the excellent cheerleading squad, the sale and distribution of basketball programs, and the "BEAT TECH BUS" which transports rooters to the annual "Bulging Boiler" game. The club also sponsors term dances, and the Tourna- ment Night which is held in the recreation hall during the winter term. The membership of the Booster Club is large, but to obtain better results and a more interested student body, more members are needed. You are welcome, wonlt you join us? , . Q N bw ws w.. .-r-Nl" 41:- 1 ' 1 J...- ,'. V 1. . ,. .V . u l :, " ,ago-If ,..ffr,'1 W. U 5--D . , .. .dxf 'Rs ' " ' ' " L 4. - - . . A., H '3 7 7' ' f fin? 2 I ' H F fr 'E at x T? 'i5f 47F+'4 fi f :4'r Left to right FRONT ROW: Leo Glahn, Dwight Donaldson, James Ward, Gene Williams David Pratt, Thomas Althoff, James Jachim SECOND ROW James McKechnie, Roger Grady, Eugene Fittro, Allen Hamilton David Lindquist, Gary Scherf, Lynn Decker THIRD ROW Tom Laffey, John Miller, Larry Young TRI-STATE CO1 ,I .E TE AMATEUR R DIO CLUB The Tri-State College Amateur Radio Club is composed of students with a common interest in amateur radio. Classes are held in amateur radio subjects and Morse code whenever there is sufficient interest. The club has equipment operating on 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters CW, AM, and single side-band. Other club equipment includes 6 mete AM-CW and FM stations and novice equipment. The club, housed in the power sub-station build- ing, has emergency generators for standby power supply. The club station, formerly WQPMZ, was formally dedicated on October 14, 1961, as the Steele Memorial Station, W9BF, for the late Kenneth Steele- Tri-State College is now a member of a select group of colleges and universities having memorial stations on campus. mis I Q IJ ll! UI TER-FRATER ITY COUNCIL Left to right, FRONT ROW: Leo Mueller, Dave Ludington, Russell Grandi- netti CSecretaryj, Jim Laino QPresidentj, Bill Sorenson CTreasurerj, Everett Harding CVice-Presidentj, jack Deon CSports Managerj, Fred Wyman. SECOND ROW: Bill Chaddock, Pete Franciscovich fHistorianj, Dan Woods, Teno Destefano, John Twarog, Greig Bochnack, john Greer, Howard Gilliam, Fred Dawes, Craig Hess, Bryan Stebleton. We, the members of the fraternities of Tri-State College, believe that coopera- tion and mutual understanding among the fraternities is a necessity to our fu- ture'welfare, survival, and success. We also believe that the promotion of good will and friendly rivalry among the fraternities will-produce mutual-benefits which could not otherwise be attained without such effort. To this goal, we the duly elected members of the Inter-Fraternity Council, in body, duly assembled, do present this constitution as formulated under the aus- pices and concurrence of the fraternities of Tri-State College. And we further cordially extend an open invitation to all fraternities who may be chartered 1 upon our campus in the future to join with us in the furtherance of these aims. f L1 hwy--f-' 'N fx I ALPHA GAM FALL FESTIVAL CANOE RACE WINNERS SIGMA PHI DELTA BANQUET AN ENJOYABLE PHI KAPPA PARTY 'tw' I f wa '11 BETA SIGMA CHI FIREPLACE SWINGIN' ALPHA SIGMA FLINTSTONES at ip.. ,. rg-K1-1' . KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA FALL FESTIVAL FLOAT STUDE T Government . . of the Student '- 'S' '.'3a uns 'i,c-.- 'F ' '-' 'HF' Al' LJ Student Council Body D The purpose of the Student Council of Tri- State College is to build school spiritg to repre- sent the student bodyg to promote and coordi- nate social and intramural activities on the campusg to foster equitable and friendly rela- tions between the student body and Tri-State College, and between the student body and out- side factors. Each member of the Council represents a so- ciety, fraternity or other student organization. In echoing the decision of the group he repre- sents, the council member reveals to the Student Council the majority attitude of a segment of the student body. This allows the Council to act upon the wishes of a majority of the stu- dent body. CCDUNCIL b the student, for the student A f Dances Council Sponsored Events SHOW Sculpture Cano ...Q 1 -A' QU fmgf' M fx:'RsL.a .- x,.,,,mMv ' -'54-4. . 'N'-2-W 5 TRI- TATE HGMEMAKER ,..,,qumr A ,,.. iff,- The Homemakers Club was organized to promote good fellowship among the wives of Tri-State students, and to offer educational and recreational opportuni- ties to its members. The organization has held a successful tea for new students' and faculty wives, an annual event held so that we might become better acquainted with one another. Other activities have consisted of a bake sale, a supper with husbands as guests, and various programs concerning interior decorating, fashions, and modern homemaking. Qin. qw.. THOMAS BOWEN - Co-Editor DONALD SHAW Co Editor The 1963 Modulus Staff is composed of some of the most active men on Tri-State's campus. It consists of students in all phases of engineering and business administration. Practically every Fraternity and Dormitory is represented on this staff, and all its members are active in their respective departmental so- cieties and organizations. In addition some of the staff members have achieved honorary awards for their outstanding scholastic work, and others are working to earn money to pay for their college education. This yearbook was produced solely by these students with no monetary reward, and those other students who helped with the preparation of their group's pages, acting as Modulus Repre- sentatives. To these men and all men like them who are willing to give so unselfishly of their time and talents in order to bring you a finished product, goes the distinction of a job well done, and indicates what can be expected of these men in the future. The 1963 Modulus Staff wishes to thank the faculty and administration of Tri-State College for their cooperation throughout the year. We wish to especially thank the 1963 Modulus Faculty Advisor, Mr. Ray Henry, for his help and time. In addition we express our gratitude to Mrs. Lucy Emer- son who provided us with many of the pictures necessary to complete the book, and Tri-State's Athletic Director, B.j. CDocj Mummert, for his help. gunna.. NUI' THOMAS BOWEN Co-Editor Last year was Tom's first year on the staff when he served as Organizations Editor. Tom is also active in the Chemical Society CPres., Vice-Pres., and Treas.J, Student Council, Camer- on Hall Fellowship, and Inter-Dorm Council. After completing his work in Chemical Engineering in August, Tom hopes to go on for an Administrative Engineering Degree. 1-hug. I l.",' V l I4 I fic at a V 'X 1 , ,L A , 4 S flqgfggv' fllyggml' 5 1 6 ,yi- JAMES PETTIT BOB MORROW DAVE COTTRELL Layout Editor Art Editor Photography Edltor THE STAFF LAYOUT STAFF 7x RAYMOND HENRY Faculty Advisor Mr. Raymond Henry came to Tri- State College from Flint, Michigan where he taught at Southwestern Community High School. He has re- ceived his A.B. degree from Eastem Michigan University and his M.A. de- gree from the University of Michigan. Presently he is working on his Ph.D degree at Toledo University, and serv- ing as Advisor to Beta Sigma Chi and the Modulus. , ,W x Ju ,-Y if 3 , W X, 4 JERRY LEGUALT Co-Business Manager DAVE LUDINGTON Co-Business Manager DONALD SHAW Co-Editor This is Don's second year on the year- book staff. Last year he served as Business Manager. His other activities include: Sigma Epsilon Society CVice- Pres. and Treas.J, Triangle, and Senior Class Finance Committee Chairman. Don has earned a Silver Key Scholas- tic Award, and was named to "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities". Finally, Don has worked his way through Tri- State, and he hopes to enter the field of Production Supervision after grad- uation in June. ZW' f HOWARD GILLIAM Sales Manager AT. WORK 411' Cf I mn to SALES STAFF WEEE PP. EERE EE Q Q 'Q WCDOD H LL fi-. it V ft .2 .: .f Lgjm ' :dmv-Qi: S V DORM OFFQQCERS Seated: Bob Rice: Ray Klavider Standing: Willie McCorkleg Perry Payne The boys and their Queen if 1 4 f ' Z 'Wu' my--Y 111. 1: 'Qf'I5'1f': 1 5 V QQ: f wzf , ff, 1 - ffl ' f . . i y ,Q Our Housemother f 4 .M 1 S R.A.'S Seated: L. McKinley: J. Murphy Standing: W. Knott: D. Mulligan: A. Dawley 'GV .- By-wV"+ A t . k' , gy.. 4. , Q ' ,Ah ig :v- V-.gyv .,-- X .gas ,",1f,1ff5 jj ...S 9' -S we MP e 11- M- , x ef ! The Last Dance X lain Q I3 JC.. .,',.x,:, - US .J"' 91 .,- -'. ' A Ax. -eq: -' . 53 - -1' 174. ' Where Do They Get All The Energy Dormitory Dance xx HV X ggi, . It nl' X X ei IFS Cold Up Here! How Did Your Calc Test Go? ,,.--I-'Ax Ray Takes A Swing Ma Gets Her Turn .ani-D xx X' Let's See- M of 5 Gee, My File Isn't Like This! U CA ERO Governoring Bodies Officers GAMING! in - 2 M , gf, ,fy .V 1,V Q, K..a,W I I I I I Mrs. Russell Collins has been the new housemother of Cam- eron Hall for the past two quar- ters. In this time she has served as doctor, mother, and counse- lor. Mrs. Collins has won a place in the heart of every resident in the hall. of Cameron Hall Residence Assistants fi 4, Z A H A L L ' f ff, ll, X .X ff 'q X L 3 'Y Q ""'7l 1' CHM 590 5 of X 1 X ll f T if f X Hf ,e N X House Committee W ad 'XE 'K ' .A j - KX' ' 'Magi I Q ,L 1 c'g1t:.:-T" ---- 'M' . .--. A Snack Football Champs. SU0W9d! The winner , 'IN .I-X 'hx 411 1 1 of fr j J lf , q-ff----:L,,.:l'1'1'---H H W -- ..,-,- fff If '--' -:K sf -2+,- ---i.,...ff-ie . A L, .l tim PL TT HALL Mrs. Nelson our Housemother Fall Quarter Officers Standing: Sec.-Treas.-Gary Siler, Parliamentarian-D on Crawford, Seated: V. Pres.-Ike Bonecutter, Pres.-Ed Car- bone Winter-Spring Quarter Officers Standing: V.-Pres. Gary Siler, Pres. Don Crawford, Seat- ed: Parliamentarian-Ed Scott, Sec.-Treas.-Jim Ruth Residence Assistants Gary Myers, Art Mullings, Richard Hanson I still say the minutes are correct A touch of Christmas . ,-1 '.f all 'P I.D.C. Officers Ike Bonecutter, George Haire, Gary Siler It's Mickey Mouse time! WE I dropped my contact lens He'l1 never get this one Did I say you could do that Ma Nelson's boys P1att's team goes into action A prize winning sculpture takes shape 77 Stonestep Stfilil Q? . WA, I 5 135.44 vt 'L HN Q 3 ff ai is 9 s is Platt's Graduation Seniors Left to right, Standing: Richard Hanson, Gary Myers, George Oxenham, Jack Wanchisen, Edward Carbone, Seated: Eugene Lauson, Douglas McLean, Jim Mitchell Here in Platt Hall this year, we feel that we have a number of things to be proud of. Our annual tug-of- war, which we initiated in 1961, provided much fun and enjoyment for all. We feel that it helps to bind the freshmen and upperclassmen more closely and to help them get to know each other sooner. Our football team closed out the season with only a single defeat. We also had a very enjoyable dance to start off the Christmas season and to create a holiday atmosphere around the dorm. Another asset the men of Platt Hall have been for- tunate enough to have is the quality of its leaders for these past quarters. Many things for the good of the Fellowship have been accomplished. Our housemother, Mrs. Nelson, is always around to offer advice and lend a helping hand. She always has the best interest of her boys at heart. Art Mullings, Dick Hanson, and Gary Myers, our Resident Assistants, have a rough job to do but they usually keep things under control very well. We would like to congratulate our graduating seniors this year. They are Jack Wanchisen, Richard Hanson, Edward Carbone, Jim Mitchell, Gary Myers, George Oxenham, Douglas McLean, and Eugene Lauzon. We wish them all the best of luck in the world. THE MODT, Tl S cTAFF HO OR THE ME GF CAMERO HALL The 1963 Modulus Staff honors the men of Cameron Hall for their efforts to promote and sell this yearbook. These men are first students endeavoring to obtain the education that is so necessary today to insure future success. In ad- dition to scholastic efforts, this group of men has helped to make Cameron Hall the dormitory to beat. Their trophy case is overflowing from winning prizes in the intramural and interdorm sports program. This year they won football and basketball trophies. They also won first place for their "Brother Sebastion" snow sculpture during the Winter Carnival. When the Inter- Dorm Council was called upon to construct snow sculptures for a civic affair, Cameron Hall was glad to help. Besides their group efforts the individual members are also active in campus activities. They are found in many departmental societies and organizations as well as Student Council, Modulus, and other general campus organiza- tions. As might be expected, when the Modulus an- nounced a sales contest between the Dorms, Cameron Hall came up to the task and is de- clared the winner. For their efforts to make the 1963 Modulus a success, this Staff proudly pre- sents Cameron Hall with these two pages show- ing many of their members and their activities. hx as i , . - S"-.......--',..5.Qu - The Snow Sculpture Civic acclaim Outstanding ability shown by winning 4 TSW? if Q lug i i Qi I ,f K .2 if 12554 I l 1 Football Basketball nlqggbtw' ' ' X 'ZIWVWBF M21 ,, 1 -1. 9 Study Study WHO ME ! .Q There IS stlll tlme to relax in Still the champ FALL QUARTER, 1962 . I he S! , ' e ,N 1 if AJ Fall Quarter Queen A prize winning FALL F E TIVAL 1962 Canoe Race Winners Standing, Left to right: B. J. "Doc" Mummert, Director of Athletics, Eric Isen- hoff, Bill Chaddock, Gerard Legault, Bill Vosteen, Harvey Hildebrant, Mike Barthel iff iL."5Q,' Phi Kappa Theta "Our Float" xg-li x is . K Senior Prom 4 " 1 3 I 1 0 n w Announcement of Queen Let's twist Presentation of Awards M 1 QW? Period of Relaxation What next! WI TER CA IVAL CW SCULPTURE WINNE .S 4- 5 x , ' N A, ' ,Q ax s'tqNwLp 'dw 4. " 1. .Q v W ' - 1: , 4 fa NL: -'hd Ag X .- , ' - . .H .1 . , ' - , , - . . A ' A " , ' .-1-:L 1. : p 'R :vaf M V4 at -1 - , .wwf I. nitw ,, 'sz' .95 'fain ,iq J R .va . 'VISA V 3.5001 y 1 . 4 U .J-1 ' 'fi "H 'xr' A A 'wa-fy" -A rw ' Ho , ,nv x H f'553-- . Q,-..nM' XM' Q, - -A - A " an-2 ff Jn -f AJ- 5 f ' - as 3 4 A. . -- A - M N Af J ", in - ' 0 2'5" ' M- 'P N " . at V ' N A fir, gn. PLATT HALL ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON WI TER QUARTER, 1963 Works In Snow ' ' - K-.1-':, W 'M . ..,' 'A Ar-,W -..- .1 l , . V 1 -- " '4K.!4 ,fdmffw , I 'V 24N'- :Zi W-k,?,."i ' ,:,'..4g'v,f, Y - w as W. 5' ' "' J' ' " W 7 ' if T ' I ' M.-E., 1+-Mu, W - R Q ., 1 fnfh M BETA PHI THETA BETA SIGMA CHI -f ff m in ALWOOD HALL TRI- STAN QT' we s,,gsas'mf-1-,.1g5z:':'2f'S' My ,V W 'l..4-what 4,.,,b.k K, 4 aj, K3 A 'Qrgn-'W 'I .4-f W"-1'2uLlag"" wa! .,...0'.a.." 4. " .-'- .7".nw-:X PHI KAPPA THETA Newman 6 I-fi ,'v ., . " . -f ,ary In 'A .K wzzg. TRI- TATE COLLEGE LIBRARY ,-,uv---"""3 W' """'-N-.. ',,4g3-ff-sk-GDI9' , V 5 v . M . K . 4 if ' A ' L" ,,. ' ' "W '-'ff A ,, . D. x .fn g . 'C , x SWA ' - - , or 'L ' . .. , , f A ... - I-, ' ' ' - - D ,..n. ' It L, FQ n..,- S F' , aavff , if f , 1' N .U A n di. h , 'VX V if -A - ' 45" 1 v. ' '- v ,f M V 4, ' 'D' wr.. .-QPR ,wh .VL A. , H'f'5'f"'5"I -3 3 'M- , .V+ ""q:xnAq:""1fY V ...V 6 ew. A , ...ow ,uma-X , .. ..1..-.MA f"wv-...A M-9 ., fb... ' ,,,x V f wth: z -55 ' ' ff: A " 4 ,iw wf1 .1:v-nf Wy f - 2 - -nw- raq' I Q 7 , kg A k ff' W K and buss! , f .1,,i.,,,v,lN1 1' .I 5 1"x " T." , ' 1 A ' , ' M r uv. 1 Y 9219 fm" r xg' "V uf' 'Qu . .A -U . y ly, . ,J ., -. I 1. J. if I " A ' .A ,4 .5 K .U Y,,'Q'm,1,.'. 1 1 . ' .f 5 1 ' If" .T A . 1 , - I-' 1. , if 9' A4 4, . i, . "QVC, ' UQ' Q , 54- lj- ,,, . TE 1? 1 1.1341 , N 1' Y 4 K 1 ' X .- . 1. W. .V , -vgf. lg., V 4 - 1 . x, 'x 1, V, ,,., . Hwy: h ' .f.,. 4 -4 v.' 1 I 'I' '.' mx ' .xl .y,tH!.:v .nl 'Q' ' - 'rx' 23, I. ,, yi. .n , 'a"'.A' "r '.'-an ,n r, u ww- , fl!!! F' If" , l. - , +0 4,1 L4 , , 1 Q 1 I' V "V 3-A5 3391 .' 4 L". f " F51 '1 , ,iilw V , v- , .rf ti .Q I, jr my, b , .1 ' x A ,I r , -M41 ., . ,. ,X . I V. ' gxi 1 .Lg ,J ' ,fb 1,1 "'-.K 1 ' ,615 ."5 ' A Lg , X 4 V' - LU ft' ., gm , 1 I . 'yy ,W 'L ,M cfs' 1 I. .. il I V! , .Af f . , 4 Hu ' , u-,.. l W !'J,1'A.1291,L 1-'-1 xSv,,xN:f',I Jag! 4 lv W -1 4 1'f ' 7 I uv- , 1 . , ' ,, 1' ,-f'L'1 """', . ' -a+- . 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Suggestions in the Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) collection:

Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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