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 - Class of 1961

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Text from Pages 1 - 184 of the 1961 volume:

-- -hx .9313 , .f- Jw 1 -K , fyw: 1- 1 'J 3 r 1, 1 X r 1 ' 1 2.4 -.iff 'Q' f .1 A .1-.kb , .,L. ,., x , , .,, f Q1-.-. V' . 5 X. .V .L fi' ' .1 ? .t., -' W ..x .. .4 Q17 V -. x J,-,,.i Hg. r 1 1 ,. . .Vac ,fry ,- far Y 1 4. ,- .., . ,, 1 pzqa- ,. .-,,f f 1,11 5... v v z -ff- ' A. 1 . v. A , H gl., L! ,, LU, , - , .. ,. ,N ,,- -, my-I 1. 1- X. -Q: Y , V. ,qw I . .,' .4 . 1 V .V IJ.-.f 5, , 1 - 1 . 4 .T ,. V .L .- ' . -, , -r v- - ,fy 4' f ,zu .ff , .v .l v 'gut .. . 01.-. ,gil Ar " 1 Vt.:- ,.-': "rs N, x, . .. xv' .ff . -1,51 .., f. -f I . gn. 1-gh n ,Syn 1,.,. ,. ff - w - ,-,fzvw . xx, Us .pw.'., :-. v . .' "' ' --f,f1'm." "A x . ,'.'x,w.w1 ' '. . fx 1 'lil' .'Y"b ,, jp, .u. -Ly , . ' ' -- +L, -.fb 1."w'L'- . vt " 'CX'f . . -,r 1... ,yy 'g . 1,,.,.av Ag, ,..-.fp -. 'fmffil ,,. . 2. ".4-in-i'fi"- ..x 1 ' . ,v..f, nA,'. ,f vt ' U , ' . 1.15. , .-Y, L: ., ..1 14... .4 ' ', L51 . A y .Jf,,f,.1.'f' ,,r.' M, ,, .. . -Y, . -. vw' Wifi' ' I ' 1 'I' . - , 'g ':. . -. ' . , . .,,. N . . . g .V ,L X ' - v. ' ,Lrg 1? L 1 4 f .-v-I , x .,., YA L , If ' r .s f,s' .MN , t' , ",.-F f , V 7 -q, ' r , . Y ,W x 1,1 1' HN .1.' r ,vu f '3 s,l 01, .., rv -x ......+,., '15, I... . . - Y .4 ,.-' . " 4 f . 4' -Q f ' 0 I 4 .1 5 Q n. fx'- A 1,1 ,., nl v 1 s oc A . L . Q. S.. q- .- s v ltr W' . u ,su ,I - n v ,, ..4 J f,. s.. , y ,. 1 A 'I . ..,4-1,4 A nf... 4 S I V E., u u A -" ' v v' I Lf R ii! 1 r v I 1. Q. Q 3- za w , , ,.M -ff ', . fi . f y wx 1 M 4 ,-.1 .AJ .L Q Q 1961 MODU LU S TRI-STATE COLLEGE ANGOLA, INDIANA CONTENTS 0 CAMPUS o FACULTY 0 SENIORS 0 .IUNIORS 0 SOPHOMORES 0 FRESHMEN 0 HONORARIES 0 SOCIETIES 0 ORGANIZATIONS 0 ERATERNITIES o ACTIVITIES PRQMS o GRADUATIONS SPORTS o CAMPUS OPERATIONS 0 SENIOR DIRECTORY THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO A DEDICATED FAMILY THE RAMSEYS BOB MII-HAM AND ANN LYNNE l'liOl". ROBERT RAMSEY MIIUAM RAMSEY Our dedication and theme this year is C. . . we are small but mightyfi These words were spoken by a foreign student who, in his freshman theme, described his little country of Venezuela as such. Our dedication is to a small but mighty family--the PROFES- SOR ROBERT RAIVISEY FAMILY. On top of all of his teaching and committee duties, Professor Ramsey has constantly kept the air and TV waves saturated with TRI-STATE REVIEW programsg his wife Miriam has unselfishly devoted much of her time to developing one of the finest Glee Club organizations in this part of Indianag and Ann Lynne just earned her college band letter for playing in the Tri-State College hand even though she is only in high school. Both father and daughter play in the college band. .ax Q Filx 4. ,f Q 5,1 'ti ' 1 is -, Tmff l b ., W - V DR. PERRY T. FORD Chairman, Board of Trustees A . f' I ' 1 g gfw- 7.4,-11 " . i Rhx, if For the Seniors - A Sincere Message From a Sincere Person . . . Presuming that motives are always wholesome it follows that knowl- edge, gained from experience and education, are the highest forms of human attainment. The struggle for an existence frequently may limit our experience out the struggle for more learning never ends and has no limited horizons. A student enrolled in college, in his pursuit of higher education, brings himself in contact with the teaching and administrative personnel. This contact, in a small College, can form the basis for an inspired out- look in the mind of the student and open the door for hroader horizons for the future. A college education has now hecome a minimum requirement neces- sary to meet the constantly increasing challenges that may come our way if we wish to live the full and useful life. Tri-State graduates are scattered world-wide and their conduct and accomplishments bespeak the high caliher of training received here. The joint obligations of all concerned, student, teacher, administrator and trustee respect the role each must play in the interest of a common cause. We look forward to an ever expanding Institution of higher learning and visualize Tri-State College as surpassing the fondest hopes of its founders. Perry T. Ford Campus Hill "1'm"'f'ii? ' ' 9-.. ,,,,g. 3- : ' . ' ' 6 ' ,nr 3' M' .xr ass:-1.,'"f-in A CA PUS NEVER CHA GING . . . MZ we Wm , . fb ' Q- , r Q s 4 v 'fQ.h'gjV f Q I if I Alf . A 4, . - uv' ff? 9? ?f'.,- 'N v 'f Kwan '12 qi ' 1' ' ' ,ff A . v if' .,..- Q., -7' N, +fp:"m.,,,.,,,m Y ki. . .P 1 5 its., I I I f , ' I - " ' x ,, If " A' if Yr 3' ,A-"gf , 1 X qQi'i""i. -- nfl-".' 1 'V n !', 1, ,f fb- .ffm , . 4+ , A . , . A .L ' fan ,Q ,L ' , V ' ,AAI S' 1 f " A " -N "X-"'i3'v.' 6. K, Q1 QA. ,fy ,XZ .ggi ,, I 564 L, rw, J' My W .' Vx! ,-I ' M.. f 5 lfw 1 ' . ff if 'aiyff' Hgdfilve ' "SE I -5 :wa W 1, j Q Wt jd Sw , ,J K I . i ' Q t ! V K x 'l ' A ,W , vi., 2 "ff ' 'T ' 'v J' "A, fl 3' 'izrj A q , , . A" .' -,rw 9 ' L if , i. 'f x 1- I .Q , V ,SS . 1 -9 qi iljiqgil 153, . vw XY Y. A Q, W f l A Q Q 3' 'Q-.Sfv"f 5 . ,.,, . ' ' " Q ,vw-y. fi fp PM gun ...4 .....X-'x.nn.fA.vI-..- ' -1.2 Q ,"'f-Nan A LO GING FOREVER BURNIN N J' 5 ,af ' M'-w 11' ,, , M 5 , 9 44 ,1 - ,, ' , ,,, f K ,. . J f X ,, 4 ,- ' A A, '- hf,1..,gVgf..:f:,,- ' 4- I 'rr " A fr' ' " M' A-. M' Wr, .51 Q , 973' , .w , ww ' , '- ,W fail. J 50 . hg uf ' ' I g."'a' Falla '45 1 1 .. . ' Q, ' 'L ' at e 'G 9 'N r , 3 'a', , 1' 2" ,f 1 ' ' , ,Qj ' 1 - W V ez . F14 la' y t rv ,JI uf -fr Vnvk ' 4 4, w ,0- -- , -.fp-3: N +Q.v.W,,, Vi C ,, , rv .nf A ff-A, f 'Wk' 3 MA , A mf! ... ...N ,gy f .. M,-sNM,3,.x ' in .,.,,u..iw grlrg' v-.1 4. V -Q, A , .sw 'M' -Af., ...M .-.A -f '35 """hQ3 'Xu vsf .W , ' 9' lg .Lv ,...,,5, A ' , HW A MESSAGE EROIVI 'I'IIE PRESIDENT DR. RICHARD M. RATEIVIAN IIIIHIE Noll G A UATE It is my privilege to prolfer to each of you the heartiest congratulations of the Faculty, Ad- ministrative Staff. antl the lloartl of 'lllrustees upon your graduation from Tri-State College. You liave leurnetl many things since coming hereyyou have overcome many challenges. llilow you will fintl in your new life ahead that there will he more things to learn and many more olvstzules to oyercfoine. Iiloweveix, in leaving the College to face this new life, you are not severing connections com- pletely: You are rather lieifoining closer linit to the College with your new status. You are an alumnus. You will fintl tlaily reniinclers of the time you spent here. Your progress from now on will not only reflevt upon you hut upon Tri-State College. Day hy Clay you will feel the neces- sity for constant improvement not only for your own personal satisfaction hut for the better- ment of the purposes of manliintl. With these thoughts in niintl, I am proud to give you the College,s best wishes and to send you forth into your new life, for I am confident that you will reflect honor upon your Alma llllaqfllllglll. ' spree i 1 mp P is 1 Dr. Perry T. Ford, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, is in charge of the ceremony of investiture of the new president on April 6. Dr. Ford stated that in selecting Dr. Bateman, the trustees looked to him 'gfor executive and administrative leadership needed to achieve the high purposes of this institution. and to lead it to the stature and greatness it must obtainf, 6'Congratulations, Mr. President." says Dr. L. A. Wil lig, the new executive Vice President of Tri-State. The procession and the reception 1 , . n H- 'HTH 6594. 2. .ag A n- Vi 1 , sg- 5,5 .ASS , ,gg K X g.,a ,Ali if f 4 Q .f Q Z M. ka-.pan 5 xX.X, N M sl ..v, xx W -a vi 41- ,uf , 2 . E Q S L X ei ! i l E ' E 2 . I 3- E x 9 1 L i" M W 9 , - M H' W 'Y-WW' mm 1 ,fHwQ,,4Z' 1' A, A .1g,!,,iA f' IW:--Z f 2' P, f , .. ' wx V 'I ,, , , f 3 Y," f ,V fat' , fd 'QQ 6 sms AUD iw: VSBPMZ HGH -3? x 1135 JUWYQQQ3 9:52 if 'df 514' 7' Shari' 1 ,. A N zgff' -fd fr'-', A' , , if xg 6. ll!! ff, zgilf w av 5 'vt fl 1 ff? AM ,-- , Hlo'Ql!Kf5n.ita, 1 , , . ,,,,,,h,,, ,. M, ,w,,w,,,,',v A M ' W. A-M .,..t.r , ,,,,,v,4 49, V A . ,J , 1. ,.,,- 1 ,. 1. Q ,nk ,-.V 'Sk CAMERO HALL ALWOOD HALL Cameron, Alwood, and Platt are everyday terms on campus. Yet t trustees among us. ' 354 , I 4. ,x Wg, ,. 1? , 4' , fa THE he names are derived from the sponsors who are . f 9? 5 livrfw ,,..,...ff i -Q Y 'ff 1' f' ' Y ',' ,V A ., fi 1 , xi, ,v 'S X . h x - 1 3,51 is 6 'ik f ,Q N M ' U eT,j, by T i 4 .Q Q4 QE gi , Q 6 If 'V 4 9. T- 'Q ', , fs 5' I N ' W -Q - ,. f ,L . 1 J ,J K' 1 f .1 r, , I ' yi 5 g , L 1 SJ 3 hx 'Rf r t , - f f' :fi t 7.1 N I ef Q Y f f 'MMP y :Evil , I ,, X fix mg - .2 Q. M t f Q 0 . , Ejijiw 1' 1 - '. 6' t + 43 ,S A ,L 2, . H 3 .1 . ff, A gf in , "' ff--f'4-'iff fins-1 fi L , .v.:. . , :4 -C W-y51"f X is r 134, vu! . . 1 g A , .. . f 33 g if , ,L 'I x., A naw, if E52 were A ,, W ' 'S' " ' 'M' "f"' " 'WK 1 ' 'X 3, .N H M Ml' X 7 r jf QW .. ,. M, l -Y Q :F .A ,4-" u Q . 41542, , . lf V ' .Q , 1 'if H' - 1 , MM 5 Q, w, Q Q is L L L W ,,,,,..l V - 1 g 1 AM.. 1 vm, M, ...-,,..w.m- - 1 ...,.,....-,,,,..V .MN W-.-mv 4 . g? L, -J ,nil 4 2 ' I , L :nj 5 I Q., ... X , ', m- ' 5 4. gt, fa, s 4-' 1 '. 'if f 3, f 5 ,EM f N-,-naw" 16+ id I t A env , f .Q ,, . 6' R v.,-' H in L L H eg I 4+ 9 K L Q3 1 ' '-4'.,,-Qi:-fag ' V - '- " 3 '-:.wQazvf1Qn, ' -w x ww- ffz ' eg,'.:s1iqf'fxf'!-,13nf':.,, 1-1, Fw -Q:--1-izrgu, .4 w',ifei'f:ab- lfiffwkzf' '. , 1 5fhr15jfA.1-,gvrmf 5,34 ,5.., ,wp vu' ,101 3 -4 . - . .,--f.,,25,gc.,',,,v,fw, -1 nm,-1 ., ,, Q g .W +,- 4, 1 .J-wx wry. wr. ,. .1 . 'Nui I ,Q , ,,.r4w.-- g.,..,.2f f-- , ..f , f' Q'Rw:?'v2A?9h'1.ffvMg:-,!'g,kf.-iw -.5 v ?1,fi:f ' Q- 5ff'f-jwwf-..1Z"1 "5 ' , X5 'ff l:'5"g'1"'-f,.jz1',z1.x1?f1.2,'f.effl- 1,511 , -3 3 , 1' -:'f'f1' - , Q 'f 1,?-'ffl-',-'fg '. 5'-' 1 ,f5'fg,44'jj1:3,',y,5Qy- ' efffilf-f?lM2??'i::l'i ' ' 1 P. fffif fgfgrswrp' g Y IitA-.'1?QiXk?r1.kQ',,i.-nj ,-N h . uw A 4 I. r i, 'ix' : 3 - l . "ff:5,fJ.'rgH15Kff7 ffvf ff 15' -w , -,,,..., .',,.4..'. - -., Y., in VM,3K.N, , H. . V- .lla ,fi . -,yzl-,pQ,.' '1 ,-, ..-.fray 'fn V '?"', , '. . 3' h"Cv,-fl '7 '- ' .Cla-5--A-Q ' DORMS 3 . SA, - 'lil' .", 0 WIFI IIN ,,,ouv--anal-v a ar' 'I bi-r 4 af- H .4406 1 ' LQ: Q4 1 'Q " Q, 'Nh . ' ,A ,. PLATT HALL The Dorms are located only a block away from the beautiful campus. ., ai . nv A u " 'Q' 5 ' W " v L1 -1 iff' . xl 'll v , 1' aw ,W asyrw, . . ,H f ,.,, - X f- f.2fs'11.1..,,., . me s -'for - q. . .. ,, , JW' 1 'First 4 I . af... ,,... -M J.. 4- A K .M f 'V' ' g .tg . " 1, M, , Ns, -ig , at TWH? .wg .- 4" ' if .15 l, 'A 5 f J , . 1 . . . To all of you-board of trustees, faculty, and staff, students, alumni, distinguished guests and friends, I pledge my efforts and abilities to move forward the objectives and services of Tri-State college. It is my sincere hope that I will be able to contribute to the many accomplishments of my predecessors Whose untiring efforts and unself- ish devotion nurtured the growth and develop- ment of this institution since its founding 77 years ago. In conclusion I would like to quote . . . Walter Lippman . . . "Our education effort has not been raised to the plateau of the age We live in. We have learned that We are quite rich enough to defend ourselves whatever the cost. We must now learn that we are quite rich enough to educate ourselves as We need to be educatedf' IN AUGURAL CEREIVIONIES Inaugural Response by Dr. Richard IVI. Bateman It is with a deep feeling of humility that I accept the charge that has officially been given me today. Although I realize the task is not light, still it carries with it a rich sat- isfaction of service . . . In facing this task, it is most pleasant to have inherited an energetic administrative staff and faculty, and thousands of friends of the college in addition to the more than I2,000 loyal alumni found throughout these United States of America and many foreign lands . . . Tri-State college has had an illustrious past and has a bright and promising future. It has met crises after crises in its history as a private college in this great state of Indiana and survived . . . I I Ww""'W X 1 wma I NEW HOMES FOR OLD!! Old Tri-Stan barracks are torn down or moved away to make space for new homes. Two views of President Bateman,s home now standing where the old barracks once housed hundreds of vets. Married students still live in barracks. New faculty homes are luxurious! Q 1 ffff ZZ! 33 THEREVS BEAUTY I IET THI GS X , .N fl, r, , l , 14 M 'L 4 if 1' 'C' ' . A y fp 1: xx x 'sux ', , KX W. y" X ' ' A V53 'Q 4" A I . . 3: xii -'f'4 - '1S .,.. . '4 A An" I 'f7K-' 4 f 'X -:' L ' " : 4 '. A , A ". Vx , ' AAg,.,A ,AA 4-A N A- A 55 ' 1 ' v 1 If fA R N A '- X I " x , .nf-L-.J ". , .A 1' +34-f . 'gjvw 'H . A 1 fy . . '-' ww A K , - , , ,,,,, . X I . . ,R W. , I , . A ,,.f:+f-J f' .121 , A- A I Av - .u 'A , --C, .,.-2 I. X 'JA A 'K A-.JM ' wk f H ug 'Tw sa ' 4, ' .,,. H . . X , A 1 X' - ' 'XA , Q 15: if in I N ,Q I W f f 1 Ll, 1,21 QU ,' Q , ,- f-gf - , ,, X A , P mf , Q A A , W.- .kgxq xx Rx 5.1 'I 'gl 1 A 4 X , . . ,-.,,, 'f-,vyA,,- ' 1, A w ,A 'H , f H wit, ' A 1' - ' 1 ,ig 'A' b W, .pf I ' . ' f fl 7 Mym 'ZA x ' f -Jn. gm? J . .X-vw ,. Q r,.,,M ,- ,. ,ff ,W A W ..., , U . figs' '5"1,g!lTw"" Y M ff . Af' "h'Wm , A 4 wah TW- J 9 A A"'m":--'rw--mvi....,ew3A " ' Ji? , ' , '- ' " '5 """W 5 :lg ww f 1f," 'N3,, -f"7""-' ' ' Hia I " 'llfiw-'ffzw ' 41.15-w,. ' - -ui-MA-,..,, M ' 4 A - .vu -, ., " ' . 4 1 Y, , . 13.11 . H-A'f'v?'fFS5M2.45A3i,,4f' A-pw iw Q' ' L , v, .gm A. 9!.,:5nWMA,,3, V ,. -, M M, . ::f,SL,A.g ' . Q . J I'--,,4::r-' -. :-,.y- . , .r I .:1..LL. 1. .W 93 m A X if I 1 5 f If I r f J v I r.1q A Q 1 . i K 'I +1 ,,,f QA If VIL-frg -'.f-I 9'- ,gjya -nv-v1nnnwg,g,,,,, -:",y4i.e""""Y 'Gays-H. ., ff ff ..f" -4. 1 NM 1-4 .A P41 ! f 'ol Q s- . . A ww .w- . , In ' l' '14, .IN S x ""f ' .. Q A., . , - i 'v-J ,U no WA ' 4.3s-U'T.!?xf'A"' bf. A' ' .2 ln... X1 .Q .f , D, a ki, ', 4 W '4 V - - 5 A ., 'A ' -sfmfwnftx -in -MZQQALQLY5 A ii? A A mv' 524' xl' 'Rl 'A , ' A 'i'1:'.-,,.gl,,,5K A Q ,, . xx gm K' A ' . V :L AA- '13 'Q-M-. A AA -. -5 w - j . AQ., X Q 1 . K af 1 W ,ww 1. A ,J.Q?fQ.w ips' Wav: Nt .I 3 . ...r--16-4m4.22."' 'AL 54-'. 'N' I w .5 ,xxx IN MEMORY OE Professor Steele and his staff PROFESSOR KENNETH STEELE Chairman, Department of Physics Died November 2, 1960 I 1 X, ' ' ' X -. X. ' 1 I 4 I XTX KK f WV V' ' ' 12 X ' gzfim f A 1 "5 ff W P A ff- , :fm Z I ,W ' f milf" 1 3531 I H ' ," A' 1 "Af v I f x . ,, , J nf 1 ,NV X EW. S f fx S fi fe M X 1+ fl If ,f ' 21.124 2 , 1 'Q-9119 1r,, f' F7 t 1 .,v, ,N iii 7 X A E5 Prof ,.. A 'Z Yi Y 3 1961 1, 15.f1'f ff K ?L wx N 5' 1 L ,J iffy Q7 1 is f . ff I , P' ix wl- iw 'ICI K 22 f Nm M ffl Q, 1 'haf in---x KENNETH L. COULD B. REID Died Died May 11, 1960 January 9, 1961 N-9-1.1 K, T,- f 1 OFFICERS AND OFFICES OF ADMINISTRATION Professors Davis, Twitty, Hawthorne, Cilchrest, Slagle riff V S 21 . BoARn or TRUSTEES l I 3 ...g L., ' l 1 . i ' .V -, - i i C E 5 3 . 2 rfliwigikti -will fl 3 E . if T s i 1, , . 5 , l , i 5-1 ,L Dr. Mr. Dr. jr. Perry T. Ford, Clzairman Ray Alwood, Vice-Chairman John G. Best Don F. Cameron, MD ' Dr. Laurence L. Dresser E f it Tllwl Dr. Roy Fruehauf Wg 5' Dr. M. R. Greiser 15 Q Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, LLD l ipl Mr. Elliot L. Ludvigsen VL Z Dr. J. T. lVlcCormick 53 fd? S Dr. John J. lVlcKetta, Jr. i , i PERRY T. FORD Kim? ' Mr. James E. Nicholas Chairman Nlr. Henry R. Platt, Jr. T 5 3 ji Mr. Harold W. Seigle Til ii Mr. Joseph R. Teagno lVIr. Walter W. Walb . l Mr. Henry E. Willis Dr. Fred Zollner We -ss. 'E itll l Fil E, 1 , 's W it l r i F . , E L ..,. ...Z if. - 5 ,.,..,.,,,,,,,I I ...J !lmillQ..f.............J i.TL...,..,L",Tff".,, j'f? 1....,,....T2.7j' K r ' flif D i ii dick a lwvl . . .1124 . M 'F finifi '2,L 'hiiiifi ' it 5 f fy it sill f it 1 yi? if f f "2 3 2 T ' T i az' 'ag ' 5 fi T f fi Q 1 A Q is il-QQ , , .v'-.r R 'U i li f if 3 'G' ,fi . , f ' X 5 T 'Sf , , -Q., Q Qi: 7' . n r z : ffl is THE TRUSTEES T , ' M --5 L4 '1 . I9 OFFICE OE THE PRESIDENT A DR. RICHARD M. BATEMAN President DR. L. A. WILLIG Vice President DR. RICHARD A. DeGRAFF Assistant to the President OFFICE OF ALUMNI AND PUBLIC RELATIONS 7 9 JEAN NICCARTHY. BA Director nf Admissions GERALD I-I. MOORE, BS Vice President . V l I I i A Q 4 'Wa g . . . X f " ' , 5 I KEN . ixffx ' ff i if LUCY EMERSON WILLIAM F. THOMAS. MA Director of News Director of Placement OFFICE OF THE BUSINESS MANAGER RALPH MARTIN, BS Asst. Bus. Mgr. MERRITT D. BOYER, BA Secretary-Business Manager DOLORES WOLFF ROY C. BODIE CLEON E. WELLS FRED MUNN RALPH MCELROY Administrative Manager Manager Superintendent Manager Assistant of of of of Print Shop Bookstore Buildings and Supplies Grounds 22 OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR DR. J. GLENN RADCLIFFE MARCAR Registrar Asst. OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF STUDENTS I DEAN PAUL NURNBERGER ARO OFFICE OF THE TREASURER Treasureris Assistants BILLY E. SUNDAY MARTHA KELLER . .IANE SHIREY Treasurer THE LIBRARY STAFF PROF. ELEANOR GAMBARDELLA, MA Director of Libraries 24 ALDA CLARK Library Assistants MARGARET ROSE THE FACULTY - ETC. V15-3:-.rl .1p Q , L 4,4 A Q Y J? r A ,,Qj':k'. mi f ---,Li DEP RTMEN TAL CHAIRMEN AEROSPACE CHEMICAL CIVIL DRAWING ELECTRICAL QUINTIN J. DR. KENNETH JOHN L. STANLEY S. DR. RALPH W. HAWTHORNE, MS SLAGLE, PhD JARRETT, BS RADFORD, MA GILCHRIST, PhD ENGLISH MATHEMATICS MECHANICAL MOTOR TRANS. PHYSICS PETER F. CHESTER L. JOHN C. EVERETT W. JOHN HOLUB, MA DAVIS, MA HUMPHRIES, BS SCHADT, MA TRESSLER, MS AC DEMIC DEA S QUINTIN J. HAWTHORNE HAROLD W. HOOLIHAN DEAN OF ENGINEERING DEAN OF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GEORGE E. AN- VIRGIL G. AR- HUBERT AUSTIN, ROBERT BACHERT, DOUGLAS A. BAR- RICHARD BEAM, SPAUGH, MA, Math EAUX, BS, Mechani- MA, Math BS, Math TON, BS, Mechani- MA, Physics cal C211 nv ' , - , -- -- ' , 4 --, ' . ' ROSS A. BUTLER, MARY D. CARNEY, WAYNE CHAMPI- ALLEN G, CLEAV- ROBERT I. COOK, WIER CROWL, BS, BS, Math MA, English ON, MA, Bus. Ad. ER, BS, Drawing MA, Bus. Ad. Mechanical A gn TOM KILMAN, BS, CARL DUDLEY, BS, ARTHUR E. EBER- PAUL F. EBELE, LARRY ERICKSON, GEORGE GRAN- Civil EE HARDT, BS, EE BS, Physics MS, Chem. GER, BS, Civil RICHARD GRIFFIS, BYRON GRIF- ALBERT A. GUIL- MILES E. HALL, CHARLES E. HAL- LLOYD HANSON, BS, Civil FITHS, BS, Chem. FORD, MS, Civil BS, EE LAWELL, MA, Bus. BS, EE Ad. CHARLES L. HIL- ARTHUR A. HOCK- WALTER W. HOL- DR. BURTIS E. HENRY I. HUTTO, RAMSAY JACKSON, TON, MS, Bus. Ad. EY, MA, Math COMB, MS, Mech. I6IhORRAL, PhD, BS, EE BS, Mech. em. CHARLES D. KEN- ROBERT K. KING, FREDERIC Mc- THOMAS J. MIN- BURNELL .I. MUM- WILLIAM G. MUN- YON, BS, Physics BA, Math GIRR, BS, Mech. TER, MIE, Draw- MERT, BA, Bus. Ad. DY, LLB, Bus. Ad. 27 mg KIQANG-MING LIN. INIARIAN NICHOLS. BETH ORLOSKY, JACK OTT, BAQ RONALD W. PU- ROBERT H. RAM- MAQ Math BS: English BAQ English Math FAHL, MSQ Bus. SAY, MAg Bus. Ad. Ad. , . .za - If DELIA K. REDMAN, JIM L. REYNOLDS, PYRL L. RHINE- MINARD F. ROSE, GEORGE S. ROW- CLYDE E. SHAW, BA: Chem. BSg Mech. SMITH, BSg Chem. BSg Math LEY, BSg Math MSg EE DR. STEFAN J. W I L L I A M A . BRYCE L. TWITTY, P E R G U N N E R MATTHEW WEST- HARRY N. WHIT- S L A N I N A, PhDg THRELKELD, MAg MSQ Chem WAREBERG, BSQ ENHAVER, BSg EE TERN, MAg Math Chem. Math EE .2-"" IA LESLIE WORDEN, KEITH D A L E Y g R A Y .IACOBSENQ RUSSELL MILLERg L E O N A R D SEN- HOWARD W, HOO- BSg EE Mechanical Aero. Civil GERg EE LIHAN, MAg Bus. Ad. u"'+- '11 'N ANNETTE BREW- MARTHA MATQ Ad- MERNA MEGAHAN, VIRGINIA PRICEQ CAROL ROSSg Dean SUE SANSONIg GI ERg G. I. Dept. min. Admin. Placement of Students Department ,,.. -f--f - Q .ff C337 .- ' 'f S ' . ' V I LORENE STRAW- NANCY S U T E R3 M A R Y WITHAMQ E V E L Y N GOOD- ISABEL C U M B Yg MILDRED SWIFTQ 28 SERg Housing Registrar's Print Shop RICHg Alumni Print Shop Bookstore JK CAROL FISHER KATHY BRANNON English Bus. Ad. DONNA THRUSH Math QP' its GERALDINE LARMIE ONALEE KELLY EE Aero ifgw PHYLLIS HUFNAGLE Admissions fix ANNETTE BLAIR BOBBIE HIORT Admissions Admissions THE CLERIC L TAFF 'E MARCIA DICKSON Chemistry Q' X, N-XX MARCIA BLUMENTHAL Presidents Office r C I ' ,. 4 1 , ll 5 ' X YI f I X 1 r.. ' ff ui I S1 t , 1 my Q L I ":1Jl,1iSxX H I 9 Il I 4' A 414 :iz lm - . 'Q 6 1 L ' 'X Q t 111 ll' f f n I 3 ll! rw 1 iv K ' ' 1 , u 'In Z Q19 -" f' , fgrf X Qu. . . Z' , ..-J, , 1 , ' X 0 ' .ff 41 X . K' Q-vuvlflfygq r If ff' X f X N .allgupfv x X , f f af u"""w f ff ,f 5 gr jf, f ' 2 l B. '- ,ix ,tl X X x ' J 1 '04 I . f F . l , VIA - 1 I . ' I U . V I ' I 1 T 7 1 A ,...f""'x,1 " X- , 1 11? J ' ,Ager- . f I., 5-, Inn., I- n ' I W 4 .' ,fl LIN' 'L,,'. j ,xv-,,l,vI..,, .,,-,,. .'u 1- - HE FOUR CLASSES X. x 1 I Z S , ff, .1 UNIOHX 'Q SENIOR I ml, ' '51 Ufmsmqfifliif 11' Aff' f f FALL 1960 SPRING 5- 1961 funzors Juniors ' HN PFr'?V'eQxTSfeF14eHf-wX I r---ml F95-H IJQHNWTBBEG ff-'vivi TPQGEASWX f r"'1 ,T wg: y Las, Q,,g,,j+Q L 1 ? M g l Q-if 1 wi-J: S emors Seniors Vice UN SIL- ,f PROF. HILTON PROF. WHITTERN 300 PROF. TRESSLER ,E THE SENIOR CLASS AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERS if . , . J. BARRACK S. BLANKENSHIP aus, X... R. FORST . f ,.,. . .. 2 7 . 6 1 K M We 6 'R X .E ,V1 ig Q, Z .gg f Z. . 2. S. HAAS 'R '-J ng,-40' MY' V f Q 12 X S . 4. QNQ, V. V i A . ' "3 J. BLIGHTEN W. BURGESS P. CLAWSON 'nhl 'XXX Na X, ' wb, I J. GERMAN G. GREEN A. GRUIVIAN A . 'J , 4-,. 4' N .1 1' H . Q?" .'wz1G5l..: , L' vf ,ff ,f , . .QW xv. ,.. .. ff- . M if . , , , m,,,,n D. KAJZER J. KESSLER W. LEWIS W. LUKE B MORAVSIK F. SCHICK M. RAUB D. RIDER D. WEAVER .f SENIORS 'E""'Qi" ' L., , A . .rf CHEMICAL ENGINEERS I . 4 1 . 4 , . 'ai ,f l '.' ,,,,, , x, QA -if ff . .f'.1.1'f-. . 7' . Qrfift z fi. Q' ' " '.k5bf'f1 W 1f??.I"f1, . 'L -12' 'f3f,D.., - . .fl V, t, , ' ' ,. X .2 Y . ,. J.-E'-Sf? g:q.g5,2?i. , 1. T. CARTER 1-,E F. F IRMIE J. EDKARDT T. HENLEY J. KRUEGER J. MCMAHON 'NU' T. MILLER P. NOWACKI J. OVIATT D. PATTERSON E. SLOMSKI RW R. SMALLEY R. TEMPLE P. WATSON G. WELTLICH J- WIEDENMAB Y .1 sm I R SENIORS CIVIL ENGINEERS ll Nz, ' 5,- 'BY I """"' X I G. ARVANS R. BAILEY J. BAXTER E. BOBB W. BORING C. BOWLES J. CARY J. CAVANAUGH D. DAILEY L. DeWITT ' f.,. .5.,,,.,, . - u 'idfurw .gm c , Z Quai' v MW MQ? WQVVK K. ' . P. DIIVIAGNO H. FAVRI R. FRITZ I. GRAHAM H. HAASE E.-.-. R. HARTLEY R. HEIMLICH G. HUTCHENS J. JACK T. KILLMON 1' if M. KLOVONICH V. KRUMINS R. LASSO R. MALSON D. MARILZ . fi ' A f A I if R. MARTINO S. MCCAMMACK R. MCCORMICK W. McKAY R. MILLER Q ,ff Ktfpk 'Q' fi 5 T. MILLER J. MOORMAN C. PARMITER R. PLATE E. POWELL E- if J. SCHMIDT R. SHURTLEFF R. SOBEKS J. STOCK H. STOWE ,vm F 'Et rw rib if if if K. STROTHER R. TAYLOR V. TURCO-MORENO J. VALENTI F. WEAVER f SENIORS Electrical Engineers Pin. ' nfl M """Q"f'9' gr 'No' ' I R. ABRACZINSKAS B. ASTLEFORD C. AYRES R. BARBER W. BARNETT A ' .fzfiff A 2" f -wi -if ' " ff' ' 'Egi!?"5f B. 1 . . . 4 y vw. . Q, , ..,..,.... if, if 4?9z'..'qffi .. 1. 3,-fi 4, f A. C. BEATTY R. BOLCIK J. BORDNER A. BOUDA W. BRIGGS T. BUCKLEY R. BURCESON J. CASTRO M. CHAMBERLAIN J. CHRISTONI ug" ' Wi ffl' F. CIESIELSKI A. CLEGG E. CLOUD E. COUNSIL R. CLOUTIER J. COLE A. COTE R. DART T. DRAKE J. DeGROTTE f A f"s' 'ml I gg J. DEVANNEY G. DIAZ D. DICKSON R. DUKE G. FIKIET WM J. FISHER D. FOEDERER R. FOLLETTE R. FORST D. FREY J. FYE R. GARRETT J. GRIBLING G. HAMILTON T. HANES W. HARTMAN T. HAYES P. HEROUX R. HILBY F. HIORT pm 'Fi ,- ff, f 415 R. HIPPLE G. HOOVER C. HUMAN D. HURSEY G. HUTCHINS W.. LJ cf: 'i'-ff, 'int J. IWANIEC J. .IAMBRO C. KNEPPER J. KRISTOFZSKI J. LAMIRAND E' G. LEE M. LEFFLER T. LEPPERT T. LeROY F. LESLIE l S. LUNDIE E. MATCHETT W. MAVRACIC J. MERRILL J. MESI-IINSKY J. MORRIS D. OVERDORF S. PANANDIKER C. PEMBERTON R. PERSHING E. POWELL T. REBUCK I A. RICH M. ROSE E. ROZELLE ,ff,':,..'w -- R v-nu 'P?"'Y'B L. RUDY A. SALTZMAN D. SAUERBIER R. SKAPURA H. SKOGFELDT W ' 1 'Mig if X 0 K X 4' 1. N my ,. Eg W D. VERMILLION C. WAGSTAFF O. WATSON C. WHITE R. WHITMORE -Ig W.. . as f 1 .3 'sy ww QXQ f . ', . 4 ' ' xv , N' X N Ei... xxfwl' X. 2 ffm MI: 7. -. , X -V .ffrf f' 5. 3,3,,iLg,5f ' j 1' I. WINKLE C. WITHERELL R. ZARTMAN D. RUSH 400-500-600 0 iw Hnm ,, ,,,0 22 . rank gan, A 800-900 PROF. ROWLEY X N 'NN ,RX u JXX X H in 5 V, ? 'gig' a is! f 'G H ,ff I gr , PROP. HOCKEY 3 5 LIBRARY ,0 ,Q I in 0 fl fr PROF. KING SENIURS Mechanical Engineers l ,Qi '25 Rh HK 'V' T. ACTON R. BAHR A. BARNA L. BARON J. BERTRANI .. ,- mam - 4n""""' 'N mv JQ A-I ,few ws. RTW E sl,-nf Eu 4""'? ww 1 K A' f S. BLUMENTHAL E. BOGEMA J. N. BRANNON S. BRINSER G. BROUWER ii. 195 l 'GF 'Nh yy J. CARR H. COOK N. COOK D. CREEK J. CROW 'i' J. CUNNINGHAM J. DADO A. DARBEE D. DELLINGER G. DELLINGER xlm 42'-bl' Y 'it'-'N L C. DEMOREST J. DICE P. DUROCHER R. DUVAL A. DYSON Q 'ff v-1' YJQJJ Sf' we-ef an 'CKY 11' """" L. FENICLE N. FERENCY A. FRANCIS D. FREUND G. FREY vm M. CLOSSINCER D. GOOD R. HAACK J. HALL G. HAND J. HARMON C. HERMANSON J. GOOBLER W. JOHNS T. JONES M. JORDING S. JOYCE K. KESLER R. KOPP J. LeFAVE fs. 'LQ 'YV' 'Wan-v R. LESSING R. LOUBIER R. MAST T. MCCAFFREY J. MEES Q '-X... mI'1 ' 1 , ll' J. MORMAN R. O,BRIEN L. OSTOPOWICZ D. PAAWEE R. PATEL "-7:7 R. PROCHAZKA C. ROWLEY T. SCHWAB J. SEDLOCK W. SLAN DA .wfwqm lx Q, , R. SHANNY l D. SMITH R. STOBERT R. SYCAMORE G. SZYMCZAK iz" B. THOMPSON D. TOMASI R. TRINE J. WHITE L. WILCOX Q-1? - E. WONG J. WOTHE A. ZAWISZA T. ZIMMERMAN D. BENNER SENIORS The School of Business Administration Accounting - Business - Motor Transport 3 Qs Quad H. BABCOCK M. BAILEY N. BANE M. BARLETT N. BEGIER J. CASTRICHINI J. DEMOREST R. DOYLE T. EVERETT G. HAMILTON D. HERMAN M. HERSEY N. HESS R. JENKINS P. JOHNSON D. KEEF ER J. KURAPKA S. MAIMONE W. MARSHALL R. MAT HISEN I A Q 3'-'yglpyx by R 'it Q S 1 I I F sf x I X A f . IRIX I if' X 4 ,'Z x ' X '. V . , Ml, Vg . R, ff.: ,fig .' Affg, 9,5 . 1 ' if H Y f"'hAlT J f ,f X Wim.. 603' 'Hua qu-HQ?" 0135 d"Q ...fin 'C0"' D. MILLER T. MILLER R. MOCIULEWSKI R. NICHOLAS J. PASCHEIN its Y' lik 20" '5nnn.r" J. POMPROWITZ G. SCHAEFFER K. SCHMITT G. SECOR A. SERUSIN G. SHAFT W. SITE B. SMITH H. STRONG D. THOMPSOIN .al Y 'Ui H. WACKER G. WELLS R. WIEST V. WILLIAMS R. ZOLLINGER L. Armentrout G. Armstrong I, Arurns D. Bard THE J UN ICR CLASS :rang x 'FQ' .v. 'QVWF' J. Blackmer x Q .WHWK 19" xg.. :::.,- - 96 1 . "cr sf- V '1 .. . 1, :.,-4 1: ef fig 3 ririiiiiif 'Lf' G. Bower S. Brade J. Brooks W. Brown G. Buss . 447 W' .- 'fl Nw--.3 N. Carter D. ,Cotterman R. Donaldson T. Edwards C. Gilmore K l 61? GJ' -5 D. Good A. Goossens W. Gormley J. Hanes C. Harvey J. Higbee L. Ickes W. Jaskiewiez J. Johnson C. Jordan JU IOR 1 0-.Q 1 XX- A Qi D. Kanaga F. Lebold D. Miller C Mllhgen M Mulford f' Pmtuer D Power M J. Priddle E Ramsey M Rose J Rowe T Sleverson T. Sipe D Stegemoller R Suter R Veldt W Wang J.Wehr1y J Whlte R WlCSt A Wllmoth J Wlathell R Wlodarek THE OPHO ORE CLASS V ., 4033? Y, It ,WM ,iwtinlkg . '74-T t A my AAIZ P M . -Ay 1 . i . X. , , P D. Abell R. Barker H. Bentley R. Broekhuizen R. Buckley D. Cottrell C. Green E. Harding -s . T. Hemeth W. Higgins E. Isenhoff C. Jackson R. Johnson u H. Jones R. Knickerbocker K. Kodger P. Krugh K. Kumpis C. Larson G. Latimer J. LaCroix P. LeMasters N. Logan D. Ludington at ew .rx 'M X if , In P. Mathyer W. McGraw B. Mehta D. Mehta R. Menard M. Miller D. Pilsner J. Pomeroy D. Praveshchandra J. Redslob D. Reichhardt P. Saalfield R. Sargent A. Smith R. Tyler J. Ward W. Warner P. Wilson L. Wort J. Zakrawski THE F RESHMAN CLASS .I ,,. il 1 1 P. Aberson L. Ackley R. Allen R- AllSh011S6 R. L. Alien L- Bates' '- 5' if I C. Bible G. Bickel P. Biscaro D. Blackman C. Botzner W. Boyer L M C. Brown R. Buel R. Bunnell J. Burns J. Byrne J. Calnblin D. Bell M. Bennett , -.1 1. L- ' 4 'V ww kc' R. Bronson W. Brosius . flvgff -' if .1 V 0 . li 1 B. Capen D. Caruso B. Chaddgck S. Chmielowiec T. Clem D. Clever J. Cole H. Conkey , ,fx nts fs 'iv- 'T' N an Wifi? R. Cost E. Crabill C. DeStafano D. Dickey W. Dinnison M. R. Dolande J. Domin J, Donaldson Rss, J- Y, J f ',, , ' ' ... f y Cl F' 2' . D. Eddy J. Elmore J, Fish A. Fisher P. Francisovich R. Frayer .gas-g- R. Donley K. Doshier 5-as er' , -:Q I . gg ' f J. Fuchs T. Ganger FRESHMEN I .. . I . r. 6... Tb 1 . . 4, ,I , 1 'Q A an E. Cinting nl . sa- ? xiii .Af X . I ,Z unnll'-H 1 X 521 -4' .W A. Cogen G. Gorrell B. Gosslin D. Could J. Creenich D. Crisez E. Gross fig., - f"mi!""- . A I 3 li Q' . D. Haas Q... . vw-r , -F Navi' 'vii A. W. Highfield we- 2'5 941 -v. ' D. Hufford L. Jehly l a . Nr' Nt J. Knoll 52 Y?" -Q' ts' G. Haire J. Harlow E. Hartz H. Heaton W. Herr S. Hess J. Hexter 'V' , . , F JE at K B, Hinkle B, Holland P. Holliday W. Holtz W. Hoppes R. Hoyt P. Huetter 'F' i w , C!-Z2 Q . 2 5 ' 'X X Yi' ... X f 5 J. Hughes J. M. Huizinga N. Huner L. Hurley J. Irnig W. Jablonka J. January 4 B. Johnson J. Jones J. King R. King J. Kissinger D. Knippen G. Knoll if 47" -Rib' tQ X-l W. Knott T. R. Kubasiak R. Kuehne D. Laszlo G. Legault A, Leisure M. Lesiak F RESHME Z' MA' Y 4 -'Nl' sf Qin 'Z' G. Libertowski J. Linsey J- L0CHSCi0 J. Long D. Lowe J. Luste sl it . 2 'Qs -'ii 11 if D. McKinney W. McMillian M. Mercurio L. T. Meredith D. H. Meyerrose C- MCYCIS C Y? S' w-.-. W, Monroe D, Moon R. M. Moore R. C. Moore - w mln, hw R. Moravsik B. Motsin 2, 'K - 3 'Z 'H' . ..... f . M 4 'TJ' " eff' 7 ' we . J. Martin W. Mdurer P 'L' 'P-. , Kr . 'NJ' q-- va.. T. lxlislilmen NIOHHCO .-...,-. J Q . f I 9 is 1' Q 1 J. Myers T. Nelson JIQQLK D. D. Noble G. Parker W. Petrich S. Phillips F. Pister G, Potts D. Powers D. Provan ? -Q, 1 q 'T' if Et . Q 5 H. Psenisky F. Raaflaub J. Ricci C. Risko R. Robinson R. Root W. Ross P. Roy M. Salyer E. Schendel G. Scherf L. Schiede G. Schmitt C. Schumacher E- Scott T. J- Sllanahan FRE HME ' ee-va, - 'n Z Y' A? .LY 1 is ' ah .,, 'I rr Q ' Y L . 1 , , 15 ' ., V A , 1 ge 1 l CSN 'Q 5 we , Q5 , .5 .V xi ' w' ...Q fx xii? ....f:miE! ' .f Mf'-.sei In S. Sharp S. Shumaker H. W. Snedaker W. Snook A. Soproch R. Southby J. Staley R. Starace D. Starr C. Stepic W. Stevenson M. Stohler D. St. Pierre F. Strassburger T, Sushka L. Talley I ff Q .... . T AN I gl xg' J. Taylor R. Taylor T. Temesvary C. Terwilliger I. Theilking D. Thison E. Thomas P. Thompson 5 as S. Thorpe R. Tjokroadiredjo G. Todd B. Townley J. Tracy W. Trier T. Tuthill C. Tyburk T. UrbHS D. VanDyke M. Vergis G. Visconti D. Vold W. Vosteen D. Wakefield B. Wallace B. Walton C, Wedemeyer R. Wheeler S. Wilson R, Winship D. Woods A. Yarua E. Yoder 54 1 THESE SHARED THEIR KNOWLEDGE WITH US.. MRS. CARNEY MR, MUNDY MR. HAWTHORNE MR. BACHERT MR. GRIF F ITHS MR. LIN MR. .IACOBSON MR. KILLMON MR- GRIF F IS MR. DAVIS MR. BUTLER A4 MR. CHAMPION MR. COOK MRS. NICHOLS MR. ROSE MR. KEN YON MR. RAMSAY MR. AUSTIN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AT TRI-STATE vm-1 f ,W ,Q Z""'71I1-5: Q fs'-ww ea " -'iv I- 1, '.'7P,':s. wwffw-W' Q-. 1,1 fs. -f mr' -5-g,,,'gf,-.W 'Da ,511 may mm gh V "fx-as' ff V3 Q' if 'fu ' -wg., u.3.-"Qf ' t5.. 45" 'I - . I-2359 1' -af "'l'LQ?" ' 213: fling? W I 1 . ,, -fav-Lv : Q ' L V '2' 7 1 .1 'bf'-A I 'fem I 'if ' f" " I """'+,.-3' 'ff 'ff If ' .. nr-I ' - 'A " A fw?,?1:-5? 74' 'Q' , ' n -"'v.?'+ 7'!'f""'3-.QF"i"-1'lIfi'?i'fx'9ibeI' " 'A H '. . C5 .MBS-, ,li ., ,Q f", ,A an-f I .- ,, -4 - 4, - K .' 1 ' 3 Ki' .mtl 1. .M , 1 414 Wi ' J 'I 7 56 Left to right FIRST ROW: Blumenthal, Bursey, Mundy, Vanderkolk, Blankenship, Latimer, Blate SECOND ROW: Schick, Schwab, Jording, Botzner, Sharp, Cubeta THIRD ROW: Burgess, Thielking, Goossens, Clem, Ray, Thompson FLYING THUNDERBIRDS, INC. The Thunderbirds are a group which be- lieves that flying is not something for the se- lect few to enjoy. As shareholders in the club, members receive the benefits and pleasures of flying for a moderate fee. The two airplanes owned and operated by the club are in the air as often as the weather permits. Those who have not flown before coming to Tri-State Col- lege are able to learn this modern art, and to obtain private pilot's licenses. ,Q-+' rm . ss,RNGCi.?Qi 4 fk 'QW Left to right FIRST ROW: Blate, Blankenship. Schick, German, Haas, Hutchins, Burgess SECOND ROW: Cervo, Kodger, Burger, Green, Raub, Mattingly THIRD ROW: Blighton, Weavfer, Barrack, Oxenham, Prillwitz, Gilbert INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE SCIENCES The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences is the representative society of engineers, designers, and technical specialists in all the sciences related to the design and development of airborn craft. Its basic mission is to facilitate by all available means the interchange of technical ideas among aeronautical engineers throughout the World. Tri-Stateis student branch of the I.A.S. was organized in the spring of l94l-0. Major Lester Gardner, the founder of the I.A.S., and Cap- tain ,Iimmy Doolittle inspected the college campus and qualified Tri- State College for the ranks of the I.A.S. Since then our membership has grown from approximately 35 to over IO0 members at the pres- ent time. During the school year the society sponsors events that will be beneficial to the studentls training. In the spring of each year a field trip is held and members receive a chance to see industry at Work. Twice during the year the society holds a banquet to honor its -gradu- ating members. During the year, as well as for the banquets, speakers are obtained from high ranking positions in the field of aeronautics to keep our members alert to the changes taking place in aviation. 58 MRS. ELAINE HAAS Aero Sweetheart S,- , , z 2 R Ei ' fa W, gh in ,. Pia 1, QI Left to right FIRST ROW: Goudy, Wang, McFarland, Vermillion, Sczymanski, Maizland, Cook SECOND ROW: Broadwell, Greaker, Blumenthal US AIR FORCE-FLIGHT WIT, 9669th AIR RESERVE SQUADRON Organized in September, 1957, by interested Tri-State veterans, Flight NHU and then HDQ, of Angola, affords students a fine opportunity to fulfill their reserve obligations While at- tending Tri-State College. Flight HD,H attached to the 9669th Air Reserve Squadron meets on campus each Thursday evening. Since most of the reservists are Tri-State students, the Weekly meetings and other reserve activities have been specially designed for the busy college student. No meets are held during regular school vacations, or from June until September, so as not to conflict with the stu- dentis regular summer vacation. The flight is presently engaged in taking an Air Force Management course. Robert I. Cook, Associate Professor in Commerce, in structs the group in the twenty-four Week course. At intervals throughout the course, one of the students lectures on some topic of mili- tary significance. l Left to right FIRST ROW: Schadt, Watson, Marshall, Hersey Wiest Nemeth Hilton SECOND ROW: Frederick, Shanahan, Provan Site Barthel White THIRD ROW: Nicholas, Paschen, Dinnison, Herr MOTOR TRANSPORT SOCIETY The Motor Transport Society was inaugurated at Tri-State College on January 21, 1957, and it is comprised of students enrolled in the Motor Transport Management Course, which Commenced in the fall quarter of 1956. The purpose of this organization is to promote fel- lowship and a broader understanding of the motor transport industry among the members as well as to provide special educational and social activities. These aims are accomplished by field trips which enable the members to see the practical application of their studies, by having prominent transportation men address the society, and by a banquet at the end of each term. The banquet is the social high- light of the quarter at which time new officers are installed, awards are presented, and the families of the students and faculty are brought together for an evening of entertainment. 60 -uv 4 w Thani his Q 'R 1 SJW ,: - vi ff' - , , 7' if -A W 'yay ...f... CL i -Il? 4 -ii ' -1 "7'7"1Q' la.: 14" . -mix H :' " 1 - 1 1 L D C A f l I ,A 6525, , 'F' in .ws x .-5, E T .lf .ffl n,,, , ,- - f"1 gif l L.. ,. Y 1 ff'1,H, ' . f f f V gN.:i?.. 44 ?m1,,,,- , KW J ' as f, ff Jfifksfffi :hp 3. J J , . W- 'g'.3' K as, WM- my y -A, V ,IW .V f 11 1. . L ff ,2 2 1. .,,.uTq'.."", W 1- ,-8,1 yi Q b 0 3 O 4 ,, L I D-f" c -. 'TYQTY '11 -1-3: . I' .Q-. .-.... Z ..,..- Left to right FIRST ROW: Blackmer, Wiens, Hartman, Goossens, Magers, Brooks, Fikiet, Forst, Taylor SECOND ROW: Leffler, Sieverson, Rudy, Castro, Cote, Rozelle, lVIerrill, Sokolowski THIRD ROW: Watson, Mavracic, Clemens, Cloutier, McIntyre, lVIulford, Devanney, Cole Suter FOURTH ROW: Toth, Lamirand, Pershing, Sargent, Cottrell, Clegg, lVIetheny, Lerch INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS The I.R.E. branch on the campus is a student governed associate branch of the national organization of radio engineers. Its purpose is to keep the student abreast of recent technical developments in the electronics and allied fields. Membership in the national organization may be transferred from student grade to associate or member grades depending on experience. lVIem- bership entitles the student to attend local and section meetings where the latest material in the electronics field is presented by engineers from educa- tional institutions and industry. The student associate branch also sponsors field trips to industry and important IRE conventions. As a member of the national organization the student receives the ulnroceedings of the IRE" and the uStudent Quarterlyf' Left to right FIRST ROW: Walton, Abraczinskas, Glahn, Hanson, Hiort, Hoolihan, Forst, Donaldson W3l-UR W3QVD WQYCB KQTFI KQYDC KQSGS WQBBX SECOND ROW:Stecenko, Wacker, Strawe, Barker, Runkle, Holcomb, Lindquist WITVL KSEZD WQBGY KQOBL W4MPY KSKXJ THIRD ROW:Rollo, Hiort, Murphy, Williams, Althoff, THYl0f, Maitland KICMT KZQVC WQBFT W4CTU WSGTT The Tri-State College Amateur Radio Club is composed of students with a common interest in amateur radio. The club is open to any student Wishing to obtain an amateur license. Classes are held in amateur radio subjects and the Morse code Whenever there is sufficient demand. The club has equipment operating on 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters CW, single sideband, and AM. More club equipment includes 6 meter FM and AM stations and a novice transmitter, receiver, and antenna. The club, housed in the power sub-station building, has emergency generators for standby power supply. Additional equipment is the FM mobile radio units that may be checked out by licensed club members, to be installed in their cars during their stay at Tri-State. Test equipment and shop facilities are available to members for use in Working on club or personal projects. TRI-STATE COLLEGE RADIO CLUB t Ind, Left to right FIRST ROW: Reynolds, Harvey, Trine, Harmon, Priddle Ste emoller Gilmore Ostopovx 1cz Creek SECOND ROW: Knippen, Wilson, Good, Cubeta, Ditzel Freund Vogel Baron Dyce THIRD ROW: Cook, Wehrly, Rikoske, Darbee, Hoobler, Norman Acton Patel MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Mechanical Engineering Society is an organization wherein engineering students can supplement their knowledge of the various phases of mechanical engineering. Speakers, who are experts in their respective fields, are obtained to present the latest information concerning their products and industry as a whole. Movies are obtained for some of the programs and are also used in conjunction with the speakers' talks. The society is affiliated with the Fort Wayne Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The dues paid to this organization are returned in the form of awards to society members who have done outstanding work in writing and presenting their en- gineering reports to the society. Field trips sponsored by the society are held each term with one major field trip each spring. Visits are made to various industrial concerns covering all phases of mechanical engineering. On these field trips, the students are able to observe present manufacturing processes and practices and thus better prepare themselves for their futures as engineers. i Many activities were undertaken in the society this past year in- cluding the creation of a student paper reading contest within the society, the co-sponsoring of the annual MES, ASTE and SAE ban- quet, and the publishing and selling of the Mechanical Journal. At this year's banquet, Mr. R. F. Underwood, Research Director for General Motors in Detroit, spoke on engineering applications in relation to research and development. 64 Left to right FIRST ROW: Hall, lVloorman, Barton, Haack, Rowley, Cunningham. Benner SECOND ROW: Dumbauld, Dunlap, Gould, Hermanson, lording, Slanda. Bogema THIRD ROW: laskiewicz, Pikoske, Misiolek, lVlcCaffrey, Veldt, Paauwe Here is an organized and functioning institution for the scientific knowledge in the field of Tool Engineering. Membership in ASTE offers an invaluable association with the men of importance in the profession. Prominent members are Americais leading tool, die and machine designers, development engineers, methods engineers, master mechanics, plant superintendents, work managers, gauge engineers- and many others vitally interested in the development of better meth- ods and better equipment. At Tri-State our group is composed not only of Mechanical En- gineering Students but of all students interested in Tool Engineering. The aims of the Society embrace all engineering fields where manu- facturing is a problem. Thus any student who desires the contact of a professional society promoting the Mimprovement of products through Tool Engineeringw will benefit by this association. The ASTE program of development, broad in scope and proven sound is based on the knowledge that both products and methods must undergo important changes. This is a new era in America's production and today, as never before, the tool engineer is the key to greater productive ability. Invaluable assistance every member finds helpful in coping with the demands that industry places directly on his shoul- ders is his association with ASTE, with its technical meetings that provide for an interchange of needed information, its committees, its data sheets, its publication the HTool Engineer," and many other services. The Tri-State meeting is held on the third Wednesday of the month, one week following the regular monthly meeting of Chapter No. 56 in Fort Wayne. We have had Technical speakers for each meeting who further our knowledge of Tooling and initiate those who Hknow notw of its mysteries. TOOL ENGINEERS 'TN .l AUD Cunningham, Glossinger, Rowley, Haack, and Ben- ner 65 GLEE CLUB During the fall quarter of 1953 the College Glee Club was organized by Mrs. Robert Ramsay, who serves as its director. Weekly rehearsals are held by the Club. Pro- grams have been given for campus events and the group has also given pro- grams for clubs in the community and high schools in the surround- ing area. BAND - V ffifr , 1 Left to right ' FIRST ROW: Vold, Jachim, Weicht. Ramsay. Armentrout, Staley, Elmore SECOND ROW: Tomczak. Lyons. Pomeroy, Vanderslice. Greaker. Rickert, May, Summersett, Bates 4 l I The Tri-State College Band, reorganized early in l947 through the efforts of Roy C. Bodie, Jr., who serves as director, has made a number of concert appearances during the past year. The band also plays for campus and sports events. Program selections generally include a wide variation of selections and arrangements, proving the versa- tility of the musicians. Left to right FIRST ROW: Jarrett, Hughes, Slanina, Jachim, A. Ramsay, R. Ramsay, Magnus, Biscaro SECOND ROW: Carney, C. Green, Hartley, Harris, Johnson, Taylor, Bodie, Jablonka, Bates, Valenti, G. Green 66 1 I l CIRCLE K Left to right FIRST ROW: Kerestesy, Stone, Wieland, Jenkins, Hahn ROW 2: E. Miller, Camblin, D. Miller, Rupert Circle K Club of the college, which was founded on the campus in 1958, is a chapter of the 4'Circle K International," which had its origin in the United States in 1947. A service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Angola, Circle K seeks to offer its services to the campus, to the school, and to the community, by promoting civic and campus activities on the college level. The Modulus, campus yearbook, is published annually by a student staff. MODULUS STAFF Left to right FIRST ROW: Kodger, Orlosky, Hess, Rupert, Armstrong SECOND ROW: lVlaimone, Robitaille, Bailey, Miller, Holub, Jenkins Left to right FIRST ROW: Rupert, Stone, Overdorf, Norrnann, Wilson, Armentrout, Staley. Nowacki SECOND ROW: Standerfer, Trine, Crow, Miller, Site, Kunse, Hersey, Conkey. Lyons, Barrack THIRD ROW: LaCroix, Eckardt, Kodger, Veldt, Green, Roy, Foor, Ward TRI-ANGLE A student publication, The Tri-Angle had its origin in December, 1946, when Roy C. Bodie, Jr., college print shop director, found a need for an informative media to be pub- lished monthly as an extracurricular activity. Aims and objectives of The Tri-Angle are to inform the student body, faculty and ad- ministrative staff of the campus' activities, to help students to develop an appreciation of the newspaper, and to teach a sense of proportion to students for giving credit where credit is due and to criticize only when all the facts are present. Cold keys are awarded each quarter to staff members that have done outstanding work while serving on the staff. Each month the campus newspaper recognizes one student for his extracurricular ac- tivities and one for his athletic ability. Twice yearly, just prior to the graduation cere- monies, the staff pays tribute to the outstanding student for his scholastic ability, as well as for his extracurricular activities. The recipient of this award has maintained a good scho- lastic average and has found time to contribute to the schoolis recreational program. Lucy Emerson, Director of News Services, is the adviser for the student newspaper. THE TRI-ANGLE STAFF u ' MQ df . X- f mf ' .... L -I So 2 U' STANDING: Ken Schmitt, editor winter quarter: Ward, Jordan, Tom Miller, frat editor, SITTING. I to r: Nowacki, Longbottoni. Maizland, Kodger, Walter Site, editor spring quarter, Wolf, Eckardt, Harreld, Brown, Barrack, Ward. Miller. Blate editor fall quarter. SITTING: Smith, Voland, Trine iff 'X- Q, .swfM .. . M.,.:..!--.Q---ff -,,,. 1,g,,s Www .WF " .ryqw , me .. "", f- twain Reporters : 7'-ml .-QQ-5 M ' r ! . f n 5 1 K? Henley, Johnson, Hilby, Kunse, Eckardt, Malson Staff members: Rupert, McIntyre, Lyons. Cotternian, Armentrout Mt u 5'-sf 1 f A Em., . L f-7.2, US' we 31 ECkardt,IVIiIler, Nicholas, Lyons Organizations ed Nicholas: SITTING: Kodger, Kireh, Forst, Jen- kins, Green 69 1 Left to right FIRST ROW: Gilmore, Foor, Hall, Good, Jackson, Acton, Cunningham, Aenner, Knippen, Patel SECOND ROW: Durocher, lVIoorman, Frey, Hermanson, Freund, Creek, Wedemeyer, Johnson, Wilson, Hoobler, Schaub THIRD ROW: Rowley, Weaver, Harmon, lVIcCaffrey, lVIisioler, Blumenthal, Stegemoller, Paauwe, Haack, Pikoske On the 3rd of February, 1949, the initial meeting of the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers was conducted at Tri-State College. Since then, through the close co-operation of its elected of- ficers and faculty advisers, it has grown to he one of the most progressive societies on the campus. The aim and purpose of this group is to uphold the creed of the S.A.E. 4'To promote the arts and sciences of engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of the automotive ap- paratus. lVIeetings are held every first and third Wednesday of the month. Upon completion of the business por- tion, the society presents an outstanding collection of films and speakers in order to promote the academic and social growth of its active members. VV e, as individual memhers, hope that in the years to come our society will develop to a greater degree the high ideals toward which it is striving. 70 SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Civil Engineering Society serves its members as both a social and educational or- ganization. The society not only provides an opportunity for the civil engineering students on the campus to meet socially, but also provides films and speakers from many different branches of industry to enlighten the members to some of the aspects of this diversified field of engineering. The civil engineering society, which is the largest society on the campus, has through ac- tive participation of faculty and students continued to grow in membership and importance. Professor Cecil Hauber, Chairman Emeritus, Civil Engineering Department FIRST ROW: Jones. Hummel, Haase, Plate. Hutehens, llariuz. Miller SECOXD ROW: Ramsey, Counsil. Xe-umeyer. McCormick, Rich :X Portrait for Cecil . . . Jarrett. Miller, HCecil," Griffis, Granger, Guilford qi 4 FIRST ROW: Dolande, Lasso, Stock, Owen, Roy, Taylor, Anderson SECOND ROW: Krumins, Brown, Klovanich, Orvis, Bailey, Filmon THE CIVIL STAFF: L to R: FIRST ROW: Granger, Killmon, Miller SECOND ROW: Guilford, Chairman Jarrett, Griffis Sm -...l"X....' I L lid- , J zlll ll 3 A l - -1 I A i - Left to right FIRST ROW: Wiedenman, Rhinesmith, Brade, Stanclerfer, Desai SECOND ROW: Pintner, Temple, Weltlich, Kodger, Philipp STUDENT AFFILIATES GF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY vi, The Chem Building The Chem Society encourages and sponsors inde- pendent research under the guidance of outstanding chem professors. Y' vga. DR. BURTIS E. HORRALL Tours to other outstanding college and university chemistry labs are a quarterly event for the society members. v ' I 'fm Exhibits are sponsored in competi tion with other scientific societies. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a social and religious organization for Catholic students on cam- pus. There are many such groups at non-Catholic colleges in the United States. The club provides its members with a well rounded program of activities, highlighted by the annual open house at Leo Newman Hall. Membership is limited to Catholic students, but all are welcome at any of the club's social events. PROFESSOR ROBERT COOK FATHER DUNSTAN, OFM Faculty Adyriser Spiritual AdViSC1' Leo Newman Hall: Newman Club residence near the campus Left to right FIRST ROW: Monaco, Patterson, Briody, Duhaime, Temesvary, Lyons. Jaskiewicz SECOND ROW: Kodger, Robitaille, Biscaro, Slomski, Freund, Schwab THIRD ROW: Chmielowiec, Cloutier, Knippen, Chylaszek, Wlodarek Wm. .. o n'Q"' ,. L Activities keep the Newmanites busy SN :Nik W. --X. "tw-i f , 9 5 'K I 'ii' .e- -'i:":3'l t ' "..xE""5' K' sp..- N. W ,, on ,'.. J- Ln. 78 Left to right FIRST BOW: Stout, Wilson, Pimm, Summersett, Blessinger, Bailey SECOND BOW: Gormley, Good, Kumpis, Kramer, Tomczak BOOSTER CLUB The purpose of the Booster Club at Tri-State College is to foster school spirit, and to gain greater interest in college activities, both athletic and social. Students, students, wives, faculty and others who are interested in improving extracurricular college activities, are eligible for membership in the club. All student organizations on campus have representatives in the club. These repre- sentatives inform the other students of the progress of the Booster Club. The club promotes many projects. Noteworthy accomplishments of the club are: the Float Parade which is held be- fore the first home game of the basketball season, the excellent cheerleading squad, the sale and distribution of basket- ball programs, and the 6'Beat Tech Busl' which transports rooters to the annual uBulging Boiler" game. The club also sponsors term dances, and the Tournament Night which is held in the recreation hall during the winter term. The membership of the Booster Club is large, but to obtain better results and a more interested student body, more members are needed. You are Welcome, won't you join us? Left to right FIRST ROW: Foor, Pikoske, Veldt, Dudley, Green. Rickert SECOND ROW: Otto, Knickerbocker, Cunkelman, Sprecher, Haney TRI-STATE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP A Tri-State Christian Fellowship is a chapter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship which is a national organization belonging to the Inter-National Fellowship of Evangelical Students. The IVCF Chapter at Tri-State is one of nearly 500 groups in the United States and Canada. It is interdenominational and evan- gelical. The purpose is to bring before college students questions on the following: I-low can we know God, Who is Jesus Christ, and Is Christianity practical? The Chapter is formed to provide fellowship for Christians in prayer, Bible Study, and social ac- tivities. PROFESSOR CARL DUDLEY Faculty Adviser Left to right FIRST ROW: Wladvslaw, Kumpis, Gasparian, Reid, Mundy, Temesvary, Zawisza SECOND ROW: Federovich, Patel, Desai, Bamardorf, Tan, Tjokroadiradjo, Bhupendra, Kwok INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The I.S.A. was organized during the school year of 1949-1950, to aid in the plan of world peace and to give students an opportunity to have a mutual understanding of their foreign neighbors. This association has presented discussion programs for civic organiza- tions in Angola and nearby communities. Our Ideal can be stated in these words, Wfhe Es- sense of Unity is Brotherhoodf' No barriers of language or customs have retarded our prog- ress, because we all cherish the Words of Socrates, HI am a citizen not of Athens, nor of Greece, but of the world." Y-vr w . N., .., Left to right FIRST ROW: Larmie, Hamblen, Jackson, Coossens, Springston, Wilson, Buck, Grinstead SECOND ROW: Reske, Gould, lVlagers, King, lVlcCool, Wickersham, Ross, Clegg, Bentley, Hilby THIRD ROW: Canning, Sprague, Dickson, Byrne, Dykstra, Babinec, Baker, lVlclntyre, Cumby TRI-STATE HOMEMAKERS The l-lomemakers Club was organized to promote good fellowship among the wives of Tri-State students, and to offer educational and recreational opportunities to its members. The organization has held a successful tea for new students' and faculty wives, an annual event held so that we might become better ac- quainted with one another. Other activities have consisted of a bake sale, a supper with husbands as guests, and various programs concerning interior decorating, fashions, and modern homemaking. Baby care class for expectant parents Left to right FIRST ROW: Cloutier, Trine, Rupert, Wieland, Gormley, Stegemoller SECOND ROW: Schadt, Hersey, Blumenthal, Veldt, Standerfer THIRD ROW: Bailey, Pimm, Acton, Haas, Lerch STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council of Tri-State Col- lege is: to build school spirit, to represent the student body, to promote and coordinate social and intermural activities on the campus, to foster equitable and friendly relations between various organizations on the campus, between the student body and Tri-State College, and be- tween the student body and outside factors. Each member of the Council represents a society, fra- ternity or other student organization. In echoing the de- cision of the group he represents, the council member reveals to the Student Council the majority attitude of a segment of the student body. This allows the Council to act upon the wishes of a majority of the student body. 82 Left to right FIRST ROW: Hersey, Schick, Blumenthal, Frey, Cole SECOND ROW: Rupert, Nicholas, Barrack, Rudy, Dean Nurnberger STUDENT DIRECTORS The Tri-State Student Directors, an honorary organization, was formed to be of service to the college. Membership, representative of the students from all phases of campus ac- tivities, is liy selection only, and is based on leadership, scholarship, dependability, co-oper- ation and evident desire to promote the Welfare of the college. Among the activities for which the Student Directors serve are registration, orientation, liaccalaureate, commence- ment, alumni reunions, and the Christmas party for Tri-State College children. Left to right FIRST ROW: Grihling, Acton, Blumenthal, Rupert, Hersey, Strawe SECOND ROW: Paawe, Harmon, Barrack, Merrill, Forst WI-IOQS WHO Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Each year a group of Tri-State College students is selected for inclusion in the annual edition of '6Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." Students in the Senior and Jun- ior classes are nominated by a committee appointed by the Dean of Students. Excellence and sincerity in scholarship, leadership, and participation in extracurricular and academic ac- tivity, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness to business and society are considered in the selections. . . . self discipline and determination! SKULL AND BONES In the spring term of 1948 the foundation was laid for Skull and Bones, COA, an hon- orary society. Membership in Skull and Bones is by election and based on the student's participation and leadership in campus organizations and activities. The purpose of this honorary organ- ization, national in scope, is to recognize outstanding leadership of students in extracurric- ular activities, to encourage and promote student activities as a Whole, to facilitate student brotherhood and spirit, and to promote to the highest degree, the traditions, honor and prestige of Tri-State College. 612.0 NOT PICTURED lVlilo Bailey J im Harmon Howard Wieland Bob Cloutier John Echardt James Mitchell Bob Nicholas Dave Rupert Ken Schmitt Walt Site Dave Stegemoller Ralph Trine Bill Warner Richard Wiest ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Beta Alpha, the honorary commercial society, was founded in 1938 by two of its present faculty advisers-Harold and Howard Hoolihan. The purpose of the ABA is to cre- ate an enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the devel- opment of character in students of the School of Commerce. To become eligible for consideration the student must either maintain an average grade of HA" for a period of four consecutive terms or an average grade of HB" for six consecu- tive terms with not more than two MCS" during that period. Students meeting the require- ments of character, leadership, and scholarship are then initiated into the society. The vocational achievements of ABA alumni demonstrate the caliber of men and women recognized by this society. -so 'ws -an A '53 2 ,, p IIAEZ X . Q ,,. Q gi , VV I I , ,I Gary Armstrong Phil Johnson Gary Secor Bob Wlodarek NOT PICTURED: Joe Hersey . . . with Dean Hoolihan advising Left to right i FIRST ROW: Shanahan, Hallawell. Rupert, Bailey, Lewis, Fish. Diagostino. Pilsner SECOND ROW: Geyer, lVlcGran, White, Hess, lVliller, Damon, Heign THIRD ROW: Tjkroadiredjo, Camblin, Kumpis, Shaw, Potts, Donaldson FOURTH ROW: Calvin, White, Schender, Latimer, Lesiak SIGMA EPSILON SOCIETY Sigma Epsilon, the commercial society of Tri-State College, has been in existence since 1933. It hs always been an outstanding society on campus and is expected to continue its good work. The purpose of the society is to sponsor organized activities and to promote the development of a closer relationship among the stu- dents in the school of commerce. Meetings are held every two weeks and a guest speaker or educational movie is a part of every meeting. All students of the Commerce Department are invited to become members. y L A - eip' is Edwin Baker John Blackburn TAU SIGMA ETA Tau Sigma Eta, the Honorary Engineering Society, was founded on cam- pus in 1950. Its purpose is to recognize and to promote scholarship in the School of Engineering and to initiate projects that will be beneficial to the college. Students who maintained an average of 3.1 honor points or more during four consecutive quarters and who have carried a minimum load of 20 hours per quarter and who have received no more than 5 Cis are eligible for mem- bership. An honor point ratio of 3.0 must be maintained for a member- to remain active in the society. Presently the society operates the used book store at the beginning and end of each quarter. Tau Sig members have also set up a tutoring service for engineering students. Because of their ideals and activities, Tau Sigma Eta members are admired and respected by both students and alumni of Tri-State College. 88 45.4, Jerry L. Blighton Stanton Blumenthal Charles Buckner Richard Burger Gary Cervo 1' ff' E-ew John Christoni Glen Green James Harmon Dean Hawkins Richard Johnso Carl Jordan Conrad Larsen Robert Magers ,..,, MW, Michael Mclntyre John Merrill Martin Mlinarich Dennis Paauwe Richard Radcliff ' E l S 93 1 ,, i 5 Q fog l Us W ,Av 55. Larry i E 5 1 g , H- 2 If-ww l 5: H, 1' 4 j u f Stanley N. Smith Richard Sponseller Lef lg' FI ' 5 ffl Y : Power, Philipp, Frailey Foor, Q' rv riddle S B U r '- 3 R W: Leffler, Barrack, V -' :a f ick QQH-. 1 Frank Shick Tim Sprecher Donald L. Stegemoller John Stock Jerry Wolfram fi V E13 r 4 ' s 5 yd N R X xx Y l 9 I l INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL Left to right FIRST ROW: Barthel, Trine, Plate, Stone SECOND ROW: Froelich, Warters, Bragdon, Edkardth, Austin THIRD ROW: Ward, I-Iutchens, Gormley, Hummel ERATERNITY CRITERIA We consider the fraternity responsible for a positive contribution to the primary functions of the colleges and univer- sities, and therefore under an obligation to encourage the most complete personal development of its members, intel- lectual, physical, and social. Therefore, We declare: I That the objectives and activities of the fraternity should be in entire accord with the aims and purposes of the in- stitutions at which it has chapters, II That the primary loyalty and responsibility of a student in his relations with his institution are to the institution, and that the association of any group of students as a chapter of a fraternity involves the definite responsibility of tne group for the conduct of the individual, III That the fraternity should promote conduct consistent with good morals and good taste, IV That the fraternity should create an atmosphere which will stimulate substantial intellectual progress and superior intellectual achievement, V That the fraternity should maintain sanitary, safe, and Wholesome physical conditions in the chapter house, VI That the fraternity should inculcate principles of sound business practice both in chapter finances and in the busi- ness relations of its members. These criteria should be applied in close cooperation with the administrative authorities of the institutions. Detailed methods of application will necessarily vary in accordance With local conditions. It is the purpose of the national interfraternity conference to offer detailed suggestions, after further study and investi- gation, regarding practical steps to make this cooperation effective. 92 I TER-FR TER ITY COU CIL Through the need of an organization to represent them as a unit, several years ago the fraternities on the campus formed a group, as a result of their feeling, which is known as the Inter-Fraternity Council. Since its formation in 1936 the purpose and fundamental idea of this council has been to create a closer fellowship, and to combine the ideals and stand- ards of the individual fraternities. Each of the fraternities is represented by two members whose duty is to present the ideas and plans of their respective organizations. Should any difficulties arise among the individ- ual organizations, the Inter-Fraternity Council in its advisory capacity, reasons and advises the respective groups. In this manner an efficient and swift settling of differences is accom- plished with a general satisfaction to all parties. The Inter-Fraternity Council sponsored athletic and social functions besides being an ad- visory body. This past year saw the addition of several new sports to the list of friendly com- petitive sports already engaged in. In accomplishing its two-fold purpose the Inter-Fraternity Council has sponsored athletic competition, offering trophies to the victors, and a dance each term is looked forward to by both fraternity and non-fraternity men. This serves to give the students a few social functions during the year. The dance likewise is an appropriate setting for the presentation of the scholastic plaque by the council to the fraternity with the highest scholastic standing for the term. Since its formation the Inter-Fraternity Council can well be proud of its accomplishments and of the progress it has made since its formation. Each year it has succeeded in improv- ing on its past accomplishments and in strengthening the ties of friendship already exist- ing. The council, now a well organized and respected body, looks forward with eagerness to many more successful years at Tri-State. ' 'n "?'-' 7 FRATERNITY LIFE ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON, Lambda Chapter- ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Beta Omieren Chapter BETA PHI THETA, Delta Chapter BETA SIGMA TAU, Tri-State Chapter KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA, Indiana Gamma Chapter PHI KAPPA THETA, Alpha Gamma Colony SIGMA MU SIGMA, Alpha Chapter SIGMA PHI DELTA, Kappa Chapter ig' L Vi G A , iff G x 'war -YK-"""Al ln.. UW H 5 4 ' W. if J .av , Q 5, 1 J, m I 5 ' Q1 ,Q 2 A 51 i 1 f .ik 4 - W Q ,lim Beck Steven W. Blate David Bragdon Bill Ch-Hdd0Ck ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON Lambda Chapter, Alpha Gamma Upsilon, had its beginning as Phi Sigma Chi in the fall of 1927. Greater benefits and more prestige initiated the desire on the part of the members to merge with a national collegiate fraternity. This desire became a reality when in May, 1949, Phi Sigma Chi received its charter and became known as Lambda Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon. Since then A.G.U. has spread throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Penn- sylvania, firmly establishing itself as an ever-growing collegiate fraternity. The present members of Lambda Chapter are meeting the challenge of many brothers who have passed through its doors-to maintain high standing scholastically and socially. 1 5 f 6 Ted Ganger Paul Gladstien Glen Green Butch Hartz Q J, , 4 v ' I 629. 'QTL' Paul E. Harwood Eno!- 5 George Higginson T James F. Hummel 'v T S Gary Hutchens QU 'N Z Larry L. Kramer f,.-T,- it 1 James D. Lyons Ronald F. Palmer II" Mr . ' F f 2 l E, l l ,W Robert Plate Edward Powell Don Stickel Jerry Summersett 1' ' l. -g . i Paul Walzak N ae 4' x l Dick Warters o o 4 7, i l R Ronald L. Wittmer 9-A , 41,491 , ',,.-W--'I gf.. - A . " I A ff ' IH v' 4"" f c:S?'7l'iJ3 A .QW 114 - 7? ' ALPHA SIGMA PHI ffl! if On December 6, 18-15, at Yale Criiversity Alpha Sigma Phi was formed. V' it i A It is the tenth oldest national social fraternity, and it is also a charter mem- iq 13,34 T A I A herof the Xational lnterfraternityCouncil. The Beta Omieron Chapter dates hack to 1925 when it was knowm as Phi Lambda Tau. In 1929 this fraternity and Alpha Delta Alpha merged, - but in 1935 it disbanded. The house then became the Alpha Beta Chapter of 52:1 b Alpha Kappa Pi. On September 6, 1946, the A.K.Pi's merged with .Alpha A ft, Sigma Phi, and this house became the Beta Omierou Chapter of Alpha Sigma 5 ri b it ' 5 ,, Ed up ' 1- 1 426 f 7 Ervasarif' aff' A - 51 . ae 1- ' .gas ,M 1 - I T7 T SE, A . flu ! J 4 wus' ,,,, , ' -K Gene Cloud Terry Carter Charles Buthrer Richard L. Benner D- E- BGUHSI Wwalter Site John Grimm Fred Cruin Ben Baer James Cunningham Robert Duke ' loo Alpha Sig Sweetheart MRS. JOHN STUART HVera" Harvey Hildebfant Peter F. Holub Dick Hoyt Kazys Kumpis Ron Kunse Bill Lewis 1 G gfy V' ., ' , J 1, . . " -iv Mi iw' A K "T, I R ,4 f f sir ff . ..., ff , M W ',., f 6 iii?-P 4 f 'jf 5. ,X . 2 .ff aw age d , , f f Jim Johnson Tom Joiner Ron King Bernie Kramer Ted Marshall IOI 5? if W Bill Martin Bob Martin T. G. Miller J im Mitchell Dave Moon T phql' - R R- h Robert Nicholas Om 1 lp Bob R106 on lc Arlan Paul Qui!-3-R3 UU vis :JY-N5 '- 'wv..,w., . " fl 'f 5 4 2 4 . I Q "" ij-A ur- -M ' 'lt:."" Qi als, 5 f "if" A f ,519 s , ,T , '52 N. ' , fx I .- I --swf , ' , 'if 3' 'a , I at ,ww - , .-.aa 3? ' ,G " ' . 3 Qffvfzf' wid if T' h t 'Q we f Paul Saalfield Kenneth Schmitt Ron Silver J im Smith George Todd Charles C. Wedemeyer Dick Wiest Mike SITIOIC Bryan Stebleton Tom Thompson ln November 1917 Beta Phi Theta was founded as a social organization on the campus of Milwaukee State Teachers College. It flourished purely as a social group until 1942 when the first national convention was held. The history of the Delta Chapter at Tri-State dates back to 1922 when the c'Four-Eleven Ganga' was formed. Later from this organization Lambda Phi Epsilon was formed, and in 1925 they opened the first fraternity house on the campus. In 1929 the Delta Chap- ter of Beta Phi Theta was chartered from this first Tri-State fraternity. GJ' may-P' Harold N. Boyd I04 ruth, W Lewis Ackley Leon R. Armentrout William P. Barnett Robert Bolks David Brandon -qw-w , ,gifs . 1 Paul Christopher Paul Clifford James R. Neal J ack Cook James Graham Ronald R. Harrald David Mayer X , CAROL GRAMLINC-Beta Sweetheart 'im Richard Normann David Rider Timothy Shanahan Thomas Slick Frederick J. Smith Ronald Weimer Bryan West sr' ' William Whitehouse Wilbur L. Wolf Irvin F. Winkle Larry Bingham Dick Donaldson Don Dropek Don Fudge Charles Brown ii it i a ju.. 'nd This is the Way Pi Lambda Phi, lege. In 1938 a group of ter evo lved L if X . u n C The Theta Mu Pi fraternity Beta Sigma Tau in October of ll merged into pledgeship with Pi D11 NX Albert Guilford Ron Jenkins Mom Johnson Today the Delta Chi or Tri- X Phi. From its inception the cha, if Understanding, and Unityf, - K IQ' adn pn Bob Knickerbocker R-L ef x Dick Koontz Ed LaCroix - Fran Marki Don Miller he Bill Park Jim Redslob Mike Rex Xi Bill Schlosser Mike Saibbe Gary Shear Ed Stone Rudy Tan Gary Tomczak Ron Vaerewyck Bill Vickery 1 , 1 1 . .X fm Q Ted Warfield Bruce Warner Dave Wodrich Sid Wyman Q0 it KXK Varian HAH 'WV' I , I Leo Allain Richard Burger Edward DiPonzio Tom English Neil Ferency 5 . Gary Barnhart Edward Ballard Fred Dawes -w surf' Hubert Austin Robert Cunningham John Eckardt KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA The Indiana Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa was organized on campus in March, 1952. Prior to this date, the Kappa Sigma Kappa house had been associated with various fraternities. 'cThe House on the I-Iilli' served the original chapter of the present Sigma lVIu Sigma Fraternity until 1936, when the remaining actives merged with a large national fraternity. After a brief period with a local fraternity, the house became the home of Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1947. In 1952 Tau Kappa Epsilon withdrew from the campus, and in March of the same year Kappa Sigma Kappa took over '4The I-Iouse on the Hillf' X J' X l 1 ' 4 'if' vigr- 'nl' Q iv ,D4 4. Everett Hardin Carl Jordan Fred Laino ,Sanuk 'Suv' x ff' J' l Bill Horn Elmer Keach J im Laino Nick Laino John C. Long 1 5 :gp- BLK Aa' Q' 'WT Don Maizland V' ..- -rn , . l f -um me sms.1iw?f Q75 - .zvfk ' " . . Iv. QA ,M F 6 " - '11 fn.-fig.,-gf ,, V . ix-2 iff .. -lfiifiv Ma r .- 4.52. Robert Lord Steve Materazzi William Meyers David Ludington JM? 51 L , Q B fl Li i 5 ig? ' Q ries? gf ,. i.-W, 5- .5 h, 1- .,grg.g.'g,. - 4? r a ',., -.N I It 3.-R r 1 w- X 1 XX 4, 'P , fi , 4 ' . gm :mill Q ' ' T'v 4, it gc 3 'S ef X 'K YJ. .1 M " it 1 Ng, 2' S5 W ? 4 ,ga - -X 'si Walter Longbottom JILL SHAFER--Kappa Sig Sweetheart Gary Manigan Robert Moore Minard Rose Richard Salotti II4 Gary Schaeffer .wr- Q' af H .f -, aa... J Ray Sczensny Alvin Smith Lowell Stout Ralph Trine 'Al' c-mv P1 mf' 5 N A -Q 4 -,S fi 5 . J Richard Southby James Vanzeeland Merritt Voland J im Ward Robert F. Wixom 9""1-Q 4-:iss . L5 X V, 3--'wfl Q 'Pala jx N v M 491, Q49 'haw wif, Lou Barmer Jerry Barns J. G. Bickle Russ Bronson John Burns Teno DeStefano Francis Giacohbe RUSS Gfalldilletti PHI KAPPA THETA The youngest fraternity on campus, Phi Kappa Theta National Catholic Fraternity was produced hy a consolida- tion of Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi in April, 1959. Phi Kappa was founded at Tri-State in 1943, but its origin as a national fraternity dates back to 1889 when it was begun at Brown University. Theta Kappa Phi was founded in 1919 at Lehigh University. The newly-chartered fraternity endeavors to encompass the moral, the spiritual, and the ethical conduct of its members hy developing in them the art of working and living together in a united fraternity. Though a young fraternity on campus, Phi Kappa Theta is planning for its future, as evidenced by a recent pur- chase of 13 acres of land located southwest of the college on which it plans to construct a new fraternity house and recreational facilities for its members. 1-ww, 6516 Phil Howland J oe ,lambro Stan Knable Jerry Libertowski 3' N fm ,, Rf do , .1 ,, gr' rg, me--ff" s: , J' Q . fp. 9 ir lyvh' .f""f's KP iz' 3.-, , -S., " , -ear.. t x ' , - "0 1 f ""1lll. r-."', W ' K W cf, N 4- ,, 32? " f , A "'gq....v-K' V - ,. W, kwa f fy Q ' JW, , www' M- Mfr, K W. ,NWN J' X 5" '- f Af -f - ffwi Q, 'a""Z'v ' 1 , jf-ffl 10 1,19 'Q , , a gl' x,,Y. x 1 , 7 :a?,: 1Qf,. '- I, Dan Matrazzo Joe Monaco John Pimm Chuck Terwilliger Nick Tomas John Tropsic Jerry Valenti Mickey Yarina 4- a Q --f--an A X .ff gy ,i , vp n: ?,r,,n7'A.lm Q . -ff' A x s f Q, ' A fi f . .. X ff-' :,.,f"f ' L- ,Y .mafia ,Qf A ' Ii! ',?'f'. P, Q 1 15 if " . .play . , 7"'iv 1 ,Ali an sg gyirr 5. yt 1 Ill W 'M ' K , fr i M a , A ,, 5 ""'+--Q.. ' Q- . 4 1 ' Q. ff - -5 - at , e .Q ' 1 s .. i -Q-N 4-f -A - Y 5' Ye .. r A. , ,, V . -V W- , q ' , M 7- ' x .. 3'4is. M ,A ew A V 4 " 34 x -f 1 Q If xf ,, qv K ag' mt - 1. '7 'V' A A' gf-fa -Q-.V fd 'fi - , -1 I 1 ' v A ... .5 , Y ,, .H im!! ,mp A, ,' ,, Qi. 1 s W ' - J L , f . Q 'N 5 -,,. "' -N, . 'L .Q ,, l .Jw Q. -4 ,Q V N. , 1- 3,3 ,- f e - . - - rf J 'A , 6 - 5 f fa MA Q: Y -1 sl T . . el' "tai A ,114 111' K ' xxx Father Henry "' on 9-1 Q H Cary Cervo Bert Collin Rgbeft Duval James Huizinoa Bob Kopp joel Lal?-'ave CAROL BIESBROVCK Phi Kap Sweetheart i Mike Henthorn Sam Maimone 2359 wal Q, Q Pete Markland Pete Nowacki James O'Neil Jack Pomprowitz David Ransburn Ronald Stobert Bob Tordi John Twarog N W- "i?.2x.?"b"' is-u,'lvHhnf, . Dick the Bruiser Ace X Herdus Arrington Jerry Barrack Coleman Brown II The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma was founded at Tri-State on Good Friday, in March, I92I. The fra- ternity, which was founded by three Master Masons, was elected to the National Organization at Washing- ton, D. C., in June, I924. The primary purposes of Sigma Mu Sigma are to instill in its members the three principles of sincerity, morality, and scholarshipg to create a Well-balanced college life, and to create men who Will be capable of taking their places in business and in industry. The Alpha Chapter was honored by being selected as the site of the National Convention in August, I959. SIGMA MU SIGMA Ivan K. Charley X, James R. Crisman L W' Paul Dove Ronald Gartenschlaeger Howard L. Froelich ,lames W. Graham L. Michael Glossinger Eugene L. Myers Calvin V. Parmiter Charles Finke Richard Y. Gey Donald Kelley 'nf M f 4. Daurin Sauerbier Dave Stegemoller Carl V. Stoneburner Richard Wiltanger gf' Robert Yahn f Z SIGMA PHI DELTA Sigma Phi Delta, an international fraternity of engineers, was founded on campus in 1947. Our Kappa Charter was an outgrowth of the interest of lVlr. LeRoy Horpedahl of Epsilon Chapter, who was serving on the college faculty. The need for an engi- WWW Virgil Areaux Walter Brosius Douglas Chambers Dale Childress Al Filmon W""'h Thomas Boklund Gary Buss Arthur Charbonneau James Crow Leston Freeman neering fraternity was apparent to engineering stu- dents, and by May, 1947, thirty-nine undergraduates had been installed as Kappa Chapter, the fraternity's first postwar chapter. During its early growth, Kappa was located on Pleasant Street. ln l952, Kappa purchased its own house on College Street and continuous remodeling and planning have increased the capacity and en- hanced the appearance. ln the near future Sigma Phi Delta is planning its National Convention at the University of Califor- nia at Berkeley. The hrothers of Kappa Chapter, both active and alumni, are planning to attend. Dale Dellinger Dennis Fast Gerald Frey Ralph Gilchrist LYNN BARRON-Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Delta JCIOIHC L21gOd Conrad Larson Steve lVlcCammack -1311165 Megs 54, 5- I , .N I 'X I 1 Curt Hahn John Jarrett Kreig King Richard Larsen Larry Miller ,,. r' " fl L, , --.1 sf 1 I I '1 y' ra, , iQ-4 s , K 4. T 'av ,A rr. ... CHQ lil z John Hanes Fred Kerestesy Ralph Kundtz Philip Mathyer Michael Miller Q..- n....,,,, 'Q -uve QW' with Frank Moore Dallas Opdyeke Richard Owen Fred Raaflauh George Rowley Z Paul Myers Richard Orr Dennis Paauwe Tony Rehuck Larry Rudy Al Ringenherg Max Rose Arnold Saltzman Philip Schrepferrnan 1' H1 William Thrfflkeld Richard Ulrich George Schrink Larry Shoudel Howard Wieland Dan Woods Theodore Sieversou Stan Smith Jerry Stafinsky Theodore Sushka William Warnel' Ron Wetzel I 1961 TRI-STATE SPORTS OW W s faq? s fl T...-.b4"" 4 rs K Left to right fglx I XM, Y rg -W J 2 FRONT ROW: Snyder, Bilarlrron,lScihlosser, Snyder, Sands, Wlodarek BACK ROW: Smithhergefg, Kyllonen, Stohler, Powers i f-Q fi ,Y as Ac.- Y 9 l 4 , .ag if fs lg 15 Q 1 2 as -, 573 ........J 1 K i -1---' -M --fe 1. ff N. A..,,, . ..,. ,fir 9 if ffm- M ATT 4 lil! I in Mi I in T L T al 5 eeeeeee QQ 9 L...........J Wg J? - 'fi , ' ntl-aifxf -------------,,-------- ug 7 rT111Stat6g,,,,mN,,:1t,,,ff, 68 Griffin ,.,.,.,,-,,--,,- ,,,4,,,,,,,,,,e.,.,.A, .e.....,...... M 3 A Tri-State e......S.. Huntington ..... -- J Tr1-Slate: ..,. Defiance .......... ----- A Exif 5 x , mg' I ' ' ffmjlfvg ,T'ifjJ7Zf'-1 Lawrence Tech ..--- Q2-ANN f , .2 A X 1 r' Neg"-'fexbg iixf3',a' -gjyf Concordla ---.-- -'--- T f ffl Ferris ...... .---4 W U 5 w, . Q .,,: c.c.,, ,r,,,,,4 , J W . Wadi? N g.'7'ff'L5-'- +?.'rW"K " lfi' . - f Vai ff, "w' i , ' w ., 5. 5-' tx fe I Ferns ----- 1 j ff g g iii H A I A., 1 ' . 'ef'Hav3f52-1'a'W?L.i V 5ll:l ,Wifi Indlana Tech M100 fi Enix eeee- Concordia ---------- ----' f 2 R Lawrence Tech -f-A- 123 T TJ 1 2 il .1,T M . A Q f 1 fwiiffsfff Ohio Northern ..... 3 3 iw Indlana Tech ..... -can 4 Defiance -----,V- 5 .T Trl-State--.' 91:5-i?f'?l4L, Grace ......., Huntington -, Hillsdale - Earlharn 4, LJ VT ffl 3 Ui., W x Trl-State .,........ es S fx i. . Tri-State ssi,.........v... .. Tri-State ss..... Tri-State--.---, M u- :yu , -' , J s ,J-AQ I "' W., 1 S 1' Qs,?:'m4gg: E? 'c "1-'i'44r ' .vga gi K. V, .f , we iw, A, F X va,?g33,g:q- "QW: . My Vjizgf r' w ' .,. .,. ,pw Y. lMQ1Bmiz'Pi' M D ,, lmxkr, , , Nw :f 11-f wff! 1' o an if ,t ,f ami N 5 X A f' QE11'59'iH9?Wffxb'ii? pxf' ct l, A .iq -X M' X f 'W' f ,, Q-ikigsef P f 1 l"'f,Q.fw45i ' A Wt' ,Vw 4' N , Q is X Zi ,I is wfifiwi, + 7? K x H MINKZNS V f 2 ff V X - 'W' ' , ,W , 5 -.Q . f im A rx 435 f ' . ka X Q .W . Q 40145 I 4 wf x WN.- 'A SQ V fig, A . sf xx 5 X x X 2 .W H ,,,, M I A Y '- x Vu' xx,-. .j -... sc E fi FJ FIRST ROW: S o I 5, Wort, Roceofortc SECOND ROW 5 nf as a d, Powers, Crary, Ingalls THIRD ROW: E8 r'i im, Filmon FOURTH Row Qiraign, Brannon, Wlodafek vm 5951. """! i""' Left to right ww M ,y ' 'ii ima 1 L9 5 iv ,,,,.., .O i ilwjl I B 1 Ii BAS L SCORES I,IS., QII, Q U wack fW,MW.imi.K X I 5 O Xa SLS 'X i fa N I S X S... M I I ' A'II' , ff' f , "' 5 J I no I -J I. I O I QQ Io I O , ..iOvf1 SQQQQ- 4 iIf5f3 Illia lf, ...J 5 Q i...,.J y ti? rxgwigllf f 3' A Qa,,,cggc,J nno., no fa 1IlgtO1'1 ,,----,,,--,,-,-- ,,,,, U ,.,,,,,,. TTi':1o:ir'rg:iTf'f ....SS... ii':Tc"1"'f'F'f" Indiana Tech ..... li 4 Tri-State ..,,.... 2 Grace .......... .,,. ..... 3 Tri-State a....... .w.aa....aa..,.....fwf 33 ,JK7 I ji Grace ....... ,.-...., I 1 Tri-State, cO,, a.......,a.....A.... 14 fy' Defmnce aaaaaaaa aa.a,!,1a I 1, 9 Tfgsmf aaaaaaaa1a,aa,.aaaaaQ+Aa+aa . E X D W 1, QVV, ,l AQ4 1 xm t v Indiana Tech U H - 7 .-,': Huntington .... -- -- -Lt-:EL 2 Tri- , . A if fi iaa Concordia -- ....... .... 9 fafri-State. - IWW Q23 W ., ,KF K2-2' V I3I X ,fifl Left to right 1 W1 FRONT ROW: Maiglgii, 5i1ver,Miller SECOND ROg7igfI?hngWetzel f ggfatt fig fem ,Vi f ,mf If fr, 5 f 2 . I 'Q Mend ' it 21 5 GOLFIN JSCORES Toledo ..... ... ..,, ..... 1 3 Huntington - ........... 0 Hillsdale ............ ........... 2 5 f mm W - um 5 T 4 I'l , Tri f 2' Q Q 1316 YQ M 4 .3 fp ,Yi W 5 -State ,..,.... 5 Tri-Stated ..... - -State. .......... 11 15 M X! 1 Indiana Tech ...,., ,.111.. Tri-Stated -.-,,,--,, ----.-- - 11 Ad' 11111111111111 1.11111 1 a 1 T rs 11.1111.111 .1111111 1 .fm Toldiild ....1 .V..... 1 15 5 1..... ,,,,,,,, 1 3M Tri-Angular f? 1 Indiana Tech ......,. ..,........ I 7M AAAI if Huntington .............. .,111.......... 8 , l ,,:, 1 t I Tri-State ......,.1..........1.................. Tri-State ....,..........................,..,....,.....- 27M . , 1 ,, .1 TJ 1 1 K J' it"'M"i"J Miigigiia 1111111 2 'ono on niii Tfi-state1Qg 111111111111111111111 i 13 Defiance ...................v..1..11............... 10 E my Tri-State ............................................ 5 Indiana Tech ....... ....... 4 1 I Tri-State. ........... ......................... -- 11 Hillsdale ......... ....... 4 lr Tri-Stated ........ ........................1 I A- I T i no oioo -1-M z Z I. Little State Meet of' ,Jw a I no ' 1e'P""' ilu. eeeeeeee 6 cl .g1111n111l111nn2?"Q I I L T M W M x, og ,Q 4,5 1 JW .c Va nil' 5 iw 4 x 'hifi 2 Q ff x . x ph BO 1,-,I I infer! LING E 1 1 x ij if TOURNEY BOWLER SCORES Kraus Broutsas Ingall Brissette Crow Tourney Game High Broutsas Left to right: Broutsas, Brissette, Krause, Ingalls, Cro , il s i r 189 183 182 178 175 259 Fi 4 W sa 1 S . 5 1 2.512 5 , 4 iXsa.,,i mm! 22 7 EVN, 17 ff 1 1, E 1 WE 2 W, 4 if 5 Q S, , Q ' 5 2 fs i x if IQ 7 1 73, 1 f 1 ffmmmwf 5, AWMQMRWH 1 u IMG, MX I i N HE I7 ' X is V X ,Ji Yj X 8 ,W loo 8 H ij l Concordia ........ 5 Tri-State ...... ..... - -2 Indiana Teh. ,,,......r 0 Tri-State ................ 7 Grace '-State ..--...--...-- --7 .azz , . 'v gf.. -lf"7'Egf5'w1',' fi f ' ffifvf' 'xmv 13v:33:?3?5F i 1 . 1 iff " ""5:-7-5'-3'1-f3:f"'.' f ", ,Q Q ' fl - - A - ln . -', '. ff- 'f ate 6 Cl ?""1 Q , -' Q I .L-asf.. , . .Q . g - af?fwn-gf ,.i5'Hf'4 r1-State ............... -41 .v z ,- ., ' .r Q '?,l.v'i,'. . -, fg,-r,?'pgg',Q Trl-State ................ 7 ,P Huntington .....,..,,. 12 Tri-State .....--.----.... 5 OTHER SPORTS TOUCH INTBAMUBAL BASEBALL FUN 'S FOOTBALL 'f . A we li. ,,,,,,: Pofmiibmn ncrnnr Canoe Race Saturday.0ct.l5 CANOE RACING Q. ilk X x 1 1-1.,"' 1,1-'fl OTHERS AMONG US PL YED DIFFERE TLY L 'ill 'E A E PARADED LL O ER TOW of A .Lf , A- ,- X4 . K hm I-: A 'a o M ,z IS! 1 L, .. A 33,194 K O 1' Riff AQ X ? 2' 'W ' u - I I ! ' f 4... 4 2 , ' . I AND HOW WE LO AR DE My umm. ,aaa A W-Af W , , ,ff ?'5+gI1w:1R5,t, M7 h 'mfr' , - 'ygwe H ff ' sffafl 5, fl- 5 v w . ,Xl fg?jli,,,QQ1i,5 ' QQ .. 'Jw w'i'1i,f, x ' Ax.-QWEZ ' ,4'f2'f "V' ' ,,, Q .:. I "" ,,. s.-m 7 'N . , xg eww ' 435:42 ' 3? :Q ..0R WE MADE BEAUTIFUL SNOW AND ICE STATUES i 2 E B Z att HHCC We picked Alpha Sig's Joe Hersey as MR. TRI-STATE OF 1961 and flanked him with a bevy of prince charmings-Dennis Paauwe, lrwin Winkle, James Harmon, and Earle Yoder . . . and we also felt that good ole 'fDoc,, Radcliffe should get some sort of honor again for being so good to us. We bestowed permanent residence upon him in build ing 100. if fbqlvh m y AND THERE WERE AMONG Us WHO WENT TO E . . . Q55 5 Q my kewl E if gf 555 W ,E H S fy 2' "1..., H . ...,,h K d M t ht th ll she knew . AND OUR CHILDREN ST UDIED T OO THEY EITHER DANCED BALLET OR WENT T I-IE SCIENTIFIC WAY .- Little Davie Holub works out his own Sci- ence Fair project Director of the Science Fair Twitty awards the prizes . . . Mother and daughter Carney win by a smile . . . andlittle Anne Hallowell wins by a mile. ,fl Kg "'fs.,Q. gg, D Q Q -fo-. . 1 5 . A rv ""- , 5 A ' E ' in , ef 4--.L -5. - ! . K 2 I In- 1' SE IO PRGM ' M A 'IA 4. wEQJi3Wgf3'::''H'W,r:'1? f X ' WQQEQQKQ ',p,yq,1 123959, x .' VA if A Q5 1 .9 .gg ' . gwfm5.q., , ,g-fry, . Q, sg-,. M.: lag, ,za ,Ugg ,x'xy.,,a ,X 4,433 , w f - N-.,'S"V WWI' ' 5h flifvb' WX' ' f- ' f l , , 93 . V' .v A ,gf?i3fQ0gxggNm. , 9552 , fiilila 1'511:.+ffE?Qigf?,g7f3f4'53fgI1fQ Eg ' " 'Q 1 ' f-'fgpnawszef M QM A124 x ,, , ., VY , -X 2 K - rg ,img ,I ,sggggqwg-if",5'Zif1gf win. Q , ff' - A ?g,4,..5!?,1,1':i?af::9iZfi M f in K ,Z 3 , xg?:g1,g,nyf:.l:Jsgs5,1,gag,' ,emfg-af,,V,K,zQf,gWf 1 MQXQ. 1. ' V "t'7x:f:fZY,l3-'5f5'J5'5EwiI5!'. ,, 45252 W .1 " 2229-,xf' xt, V' J 1 . x 6, ,S , - ' Hama-,:' .1 Q - .1 'P I46 IX li. 1 nm mv orchestra F me ,A CASTLE W1 Aw' ,.vf,. ,ff . 'Ka' X sz Q. ' 'Q :AY - ' ' , e1 vf ' f naw- ff, 111 5 5 l I X Q K Wir X' Qui it lv A ' 'Q-.Ep --N :R- e S, W MA 2 if' Q53 'V - :fi ,, y xg, 34 O A ,f ff ahdiw. JIMMY DORSEY orchestra f CASTLE I ,i ., I 'ug . 3' I I ,N W we T 1 T. 1 . LP V iz, I .V .- ' 1 S 1 o 4 my 1 5 Q, I , ' . X bv Q if ha is Q ....!..,. if ,W ,, , E 3 ' 1 -X : ' 2 ' iw f "M" 5 " X ,f 'fb '48 P ig- if ff f' 1 I ly +Qf.:V59i . ?? Q LA1MmzJE2 ig Bi-. tw 11,2 I Q 9,1-,4-' M -42' 1, If in I ' s ' 4 f 1 M Q f Y x, l A Q 0 Q, X WW Q1 aw . 6 X .'.- , J vdwxw "TX "'C'9f fe l 5 we wi: f M,QQ? NWRUW W' ,V mmm-Q NX- , , iw ,i W Y W tix X f4Mk3'gz ..,. . .,,...... w...Cf,b. 1354: nf.Yf...i.z.E .1-1422. . ww, .. AM' -Q-w..,,. X. 'Of,,,.Mf ' ,U - lie Y , x 5 .. 7 , . X .-:V in X Q , ,f I M ff k 'f W' ,K ' X ,ww .., ' ,, Jdmm-1. 3' ' - N it I , , Q- "'- x K un , 5 4 NN F iv? X Y ann., ........ Q-.-.....-......,,.. N-.. .,- . - ,Q s ' 'af ' 5 8 'G ii S 1 l -......,,.,,.. ,,., , ,, ,L 55' f , , 'J wi. , 34 M5545 kip f x H, , 15. 1' I49 Q4 1' MQ T V Quay, 4 , ,. Q Q -4 JoJw tm 1.-unc? 551' f 4 Q ,'a . 4 I C 2 , ..... Q fr. THE QUEEN'S LADIES Left to right: Sherry Bates, Tita Cosme, Queen Karen. Carmen Kroll, Pat Killmon 1 ' O Cf , gg, I THE QUEENS COURT l Left to right: Terry Carter, Sherry Bates, Gabe Diaz, Tita Cosme, Ray Thompson, Queen Karen, Ray g Knoll, Carmen Knoll, Tom Killmon, Pat Killmon E :so 1 ll ,, 0 fl: " ' 6115 ,K 'N ' .W 'nf P- X ' NA-,X ii af V Q. , QQ, .- M mm- . x .gm Ms Q-Y..,, A . I'-X, X ,Ku 1-ix , - W, ' HN . - .- Q5 7 :ggi 5 Wi Mr. 5, A 135455 f We 'Q if! A Q, xg, , f X 21 'eg ' - :Q Y: 4 Wax , : 'aiu 'H A ' M Q A' -- 3 ' + ' 31, wt. 'J Lf 1:21 Nguzfg , '- ' ' " .V A " L: , f .w Q 4 W-uh, , , 'if , WB u X 4 M Q Z A'M My 'Q 1? i 43' I52 ex A.. , N I ff 2 6 ' x , M i , 0' f X' W 1 Z? N f ' Q. , S Z an f 133 X f 1 5? f f Z 'Q a - ' fix? xv 5 . , my vi- ii' ' N N Msn 1, N h h Ng ' fa. V f N 4. .- ' S nf' , Y , .4.1.f'-.."ff.424'f:' MSX: ig W -' 3 -- Qfewii1,ftEi's W Xmfm, , ww ig. ' ,X NX ' if ,M "PX . QQ 1985? Wi, . f . , 1 , ' ,515 , Q X ., 'KE y X , 4 pm wjf f N 'Q?'R?,2!fr:6,QXQ3 y , X ' f Z TA ,Z 1 -f-MV., 4 Y f . f Q- M .-NJ 'M f 1 2 M 3 + ,, W " ff :wi gg? Z W M . - 'WU A 2 , J -NSQW " wwf 4, g,.,M , vX,.,,,-Q V XX gf, X N A M f M X ,gy ,Q f , W . ,wry W ai Qyff, x v XV- 2 a SN X' N f iw N X X N, ,- K 'dw .um 1' '- uint was there and little Joyce too 'QFD' x plus hundreds of others who wanted a good view. T-f-,r and now for the big party 1-'S 1- 153 I 2 w i I i I E l i 6 5 s E 5 Y li J EN E3 H nl 15 ii V Yi a 4 b F 4, CLASS D Y . . awards to mothers for being so nice and babies who kept us up all nights IS4 'fongratulations and good luck," says Dr. Radcliffe to us allg he knows that this is the beginning of a great struggle and not the end of a great eall.'7 2 Q - .- I . ...A ill' . . On that same evemng we met 1n cap and gown to hear the ministers tell us that God will lead us even more than before, cause now we learned the truth that makes BACCALAURE TE if M N ,c . 3518 -..At ,, , f ' N X- X ' Mimi: Q 1 Our parents were there, listening with awe il P '. x f "' ia, 'fl 4 'w ' WW ffl ' X, , n G c 4 f . S S . . . and little Joyce was there so were Alpha Sigs Bill, Joe, and Walt Hugh Babcock came for the ride, as did Miss Hessg and look at Smitty in all seriousness! I56 On the next morn the udegree-givingl' area was empty and forlorn. CO E CEMENT But we were there early just to say hello once more and to pass on that great mem- ory that would someday become folklore. '7"'lW""f2f'1l , qltp-,4- Fi-'G FV s - ',- X,fPQ.- t-L"f'f?- Q- -fd. ,pfii-p . Hy., - fs, .-ff . ei l ' fr '- "' 4 v'-4-'J 4, - . ' :QI ' N, il' " 1 -4" , 'prid- s. ., -dj 1 1 ' 4 - , fm? 0 X I K . I-14. 3 -x . V' I - . ' f,p5,f D, . . L F , ,A V. 1.4 t 1 -" , ' ,' fi: . ..- - " :fg , B ., , ,-, , l t AQ A 1 44 I ' A .rv il" , ,,' 'N 4,5 if-" ., A ' 'loaf 71, JL 1' 4 an-v Governor of Indiana lVl. E. Welsh led us toward our new titles and new worlds. He too received a degree from this college that is Hsmall but mighty." . . . and after his degree was granted, he gave us a talk that was toward education slanted. He seemed to say, "give us your uneducated masses, and we here in Indiana will place them in classes." How proudly they all listened to the Governor, our sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, and our lovely wives. mf- ljigr 3 K 5 . . . while Jean won acclaim for her great zest and undaunted pursuit of knowledge. Earlier in the year others got the reward as Rockwell did be- cause of his own accord in the competitive world. 'wr ist, , fl' 413 ,f one by one we came as Dean Hawthorne called our name . . diploma in our hand we moved toward a man, our own President Bateman who smiled, squeezed our hand, and said, uCongratu- lations and Good Luck." fc Yagi, 1, ?',,'?rv,9 ffN3Qv . L , . . T' r' A j my 1 A? ,414 I We smiled all the way down those three steps and "vi kept thinking, now what's next? We started something here not too long agog ls this the beginning or 1S this the end? The road 1S a long one, we re just coming to one of 1ts small bends. I6 I 55 1.1 THE UMNI RET . . . TO HEAR SPEECHES AN 1 4 ll 1 , ,.. A 'yy wma-sefs I 1 ,fj,.-.- V. E - A ' f- ' " - M V .ga 11-N A il HA,-gv:s,,1:'1'Q1'5,1 . ' -iwiff' A wifi.: ' f Y ,rf . . X A J -- .2 4. yw, QW-,I ix, ow,: 'E 'FGQQRY N.:'4-,":-W -fi gif -"' f- A f Q' . . ,g'5i15?525sE'g.-RX X f f A , .. , O. , inwfwngff cy? fx W5 E! V Q :i f XJ ni 'Fi fi gd 1 x- f . E '1 ,4 vfgwfvwf 93 TOI TER IEW US 4 I 1 1 1 W 'Viv l62 AND TO EVALUATE OUR WORK ...ul ill THE ALUMNI VISIT OUR DORIVIS NALWOOIY' CQPLATT77 . NCAMERUNW i I64 AND FRATERNITY LIFE, TOO AN OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION BY AN OUTSTANDING STUDENT FOB AN OUTSTANDING COLLEGE. Dr. Perry T. Ford presents a meritorious award to student George Rolleston, designer of the prize- winning circular terminal that Won great acclaim at the 52nd annual Chicago Automobile Show held tion. The Terminal That George Built in the International Amphitheatre under the aus- pices of the Chicago Automobile Trade Associa- Dr. Schadt makes a last minute check of details involved in the terminal display CUNTRHIUTES HYITHL SERVICE f l T0 SOCIETY FRUN SUURCE P- as NXXB ? fl? lllll I 52 Qgg - Q lei 5 2 jllfg' g 2 l S, ? -l Another prize-winning Motor Transport display during August show. AND THE SAGA FOOD OUTFIT KEPT US FED 'WK V iff. f ' f 'fl , , 3, - X r " in -Q... .,, . ,fy swf V, .-...,-L r A JAMES K. HARTSELL Manager Left to right: Leona Mote, Marge Reek, Irene Hanselman, Treva Williaiilson, Arbutus Vice WADE L. LETTS Left to right: Leta German, Marvel Binkley, Edith Wilson, Goldie Smith Left to right: Zella JHITICS, Maggie Craw- ford, Mildred Nelson, BCSSIC Allen I68 4 .1 'Z ,4 xl! 41, .V .. wwf , in 7 1-Vw fb, .ff K . 111: 'L' uni i - al l' -:nun 1- 1" -W - G 4 I Vflrk jg 1 ' ,, V ,QS ,, I X x X f Q f .ef 523152377 S I. ' f W5 M X f ' ' Vl "' Q V ""' 'A Y -,l7 n. -yn Q., ' :,, L w 4 ,. -V , g " -55 -ey 1 ' ' 4 'A' N ,K I! N ,.X - "3,':'H-,Q "WF 4' A ' 3 F"' fL '- ' 9 X ff! M- . 2 was ' 'lg f A ' I Y- N 1 - X V Y" 5 X xx - Nygiz. A ' A ' n ifrf - 'v V ,nl g"bw-N Lv . l ,,, an Iivrvgs -.. 4" ., """ ' , 1 'WN , W ,rl .an . 5,4 N - Ms' o X .. wi K- ' K V "- Q , N .5 N- 'qv f 'L I, , , 4 I 1 Q M tx ' I 1 I ' "-K 'I ' I . U Q x, K kv i 'I Q 1 0 K4 5 T . 3 E fx w WM-,w-,J y 359 higf-'+!y-.,,513Q hwgi UW 7592 VJ f?5l'4r4tflL'-5,'f?'z"?:-S Y ff! ff AB 'A 4 W ,K f gy' 3. " ff f www , SING THU GHT iff J, ,S X .f f 1 .9 mggjzgrgi my fm: 'il ,f A f4"vQ7 ww HH, RE A T ,,..,A.gia0Jl',5i,QAgfAgiiQ A Q 51 ff, V P T O Q vm ,M-www Q IGHTY SCI-IOGL V I 53,-L 'fix I V, .k -nw ' , -slr ' 'N . -Vi ,F ..-W -V ...wr ififg V' :N 1 , wo T0 THESE WE OWE MUCH T Old Timer yearbook hands know that the project always begins with about 30 or 40 students in September, but by June there remains only a handful to give an adviser one ray of hope that the book will meet the deadline. Here are four persons who saw this book shape up all the way. They spent 35,040 hours on it! KEN KODGER, the human dynamo who DAVID RUPERT, another human dynamo kept the pictures rolling in. who kept the money rolling in. N? ,, xi!! 9 ""' KATHY BRANNON, who kept the copy PETER HOLUB, who kept the project rolling Out. constantly on course. I7l XCEITINO, CAXNDECARIO K.'.1-, Yi-itvfnt-lit: lIE XCTON, EXRI. T. Glt-ulfllxn, Xlli and Atllll. Eng. S Xlf: film ltituilnll Society lVi4't--l'rt-si dl-ntl . XIIYAX. N XRENDR XKUM XR A. llontltay. Romlnty XNIJERNON. ROBI-IRT Ixulf-da, Michigan: Acro. S Xlig IXS. XNDERSON. IYOOIJROYV J. Xlayyillt-. Next York: Clf t,.1'.'1l Sovn-ty. ARMENTROVT. LEON R. Cumberland. Maryland: EE IRE: Electrical Society: Glee Club. ARRINGTON. HERDUS C. JR. Vallejo. California: ME ASTE lPrcs., Treas.l: Student Council: IFC: Sigma Mu Sigma fPreS.. Jr. V-P Treas.l ARVANS, GEORGE F. Golconda, Nevada: CE Cam s....-my. ASSAF. VALID C. Baghdad, Iraq: Chem. ASTLEFORD. BERT A. Big Rapids, Michigan: EE IRE. AYRES, CARL F. JR. Bl-1 Air, Maryland: EE and Adm. Eng. IRE. BABCOCK, HUGH G. Angola, Indiana: Bus. Adm. BAHR. ROBERT A. Dayton, Ohio: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. BAILEY. ROBERT D. Portland, Indiana: CE Civil Society. BAMARDOOF, AHMED A. Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia: Eng. D.8tD. ISA. RANE, NORMAN W. Rochester, New York: Bus. Adm. Motor Transport Society: Flying Thun derbirds lSecretaryl . BARBER, RICHARD O. Binghamton, New York: Acc't Tri-State Christian Fellowship: Sigma Ep silon Society: Intramural Softball. BARLETT, MAURICE V. Angola, Indiana: Acc't. Alpha Sigma Phi lCorresponding Secre taryl . BARNETT, WILLIAM H. Wabash, Indiana: EE Electrical Society. BARNETT, WILLIAM P. New York, New York: EE Beta Phi Theta lMaster, Treasureri . BARRACK, JERRY P. Coldwater, Michigan: Aero. Sigma Mu Sigma: Tau Sigma Eta: Stu- dent Directors: Aero. Society. BARRACLOUGH, DAVID H. Toledo, Ohio: Eng. D.8tD. Circle K. BAST, DAVID A. Fairlawn, New Jersey l72 SE IOR DIRECTORY I3-XTES, LYLE E. Fayette, Ohio: Eng. DRD Gler- Clult. RX'Ii'I'l3RFIICI.D, CARL E. Wt-stlakt-. Ohio: NIE ISXXTER. .IOIIN R. Fri-mont, Ohio: CE Civil So4'i4'lX'. BEATTY. CLYDE T. Springfield, Ohio: EE REGIER, NORMAN E. Dunkirk. Nt-w York: Bus. Adm. Sigma Epsilon Society: Newman Club. BEIINI. RON XLD D. Grand Haven, Michigan: Eng. D.3rD. IJENNER. RICHARD L. Richniond, Indiana: ME Alpha Sigma Phi lMarshalJ : ASTME: Mechanical Society: SAE. BENNETT, DAVID L. Montrose, Pennsylvania: Eng. D.8tD. BERTRAM. JERRY L. Hagerstown. Indiana: ME Mechanical Society: SAE BINGHAM, GEORGE W. Wells-ville, Ohio: CE BOBB, EDGAR A. Wapakoneta, Ohio: CE Civil Society: Glee Club: Dorm HB" lVicc-Presidentl . BOELDT. JACK L. Indianapolis, Indiana: EE Electrical Society. BOHWSAEK. HOWARD E. Niagara Falls, New York: CE BOLCIK, ROBERT S. Cliffside Park, New Jersey: EE IRE tChairmanl : Electrical Society. BORDNER, JAMES D. Montpelier, Ohio: EE IRE. BORING, WILLIAM H. Finly, Indiana: CE BOTZNER, CLYDE A. Bronson, Michigan: Eng. D.8iD. BOUDA, ALFRED L. Royal Oak, Michigan: EE IRE: Amateur Radio Club. BOWLES, CHARLES E. Vandalia, Illinois: CE BOYER. JAMES B. Philo, Ohio: EE Electrical Society: IRE. KBLACKBURN. JOHN E. Mogadore, Ohio: EE IRE: Tau Sigma Eta. BLATE, STEVEN W. Canton, Ohio: Aero. Alpha Gamma Upsilon fSecretary, Treas- urer, Vice-Presidentj: Aero. Society lLi- brarianl : Flying Thunderbirds. BLIGHTON, JERRY L. Sturgis, Michigan: Aero. Aero Society: Tri-Angle Reporter: Tau Sigma Eta: Alwood Fellowship. BLUMENTHAL, STANTON M. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: ME Tau Sigma Eta tSecretaryJ: Flying Thun- derbirds tTreasurer, Board of Directorsl: Student Director: SAE: Booster Club: Air Force Reserves. BREWER, RAYMOND L. Middletown, Ohio: EE Beta l"hi Theta: Electrical Society IVice- Prr-sidr-ntl 1 IRE. BRIGGS. WILLIAM N. JR. Pittsfield, Massachusetts: EE Amateur Radio Cluh lVicc-Presidenll : Tri-Angle lRf-porterl: IRE. BRINSER. STXNLEY B. Ilersln-y, Pennsylvania: ME BROUWER, GERALD A. Coldwater, Michigan: ME BIICKLEY, THOIVIAS E. Rock Hall, Maryland: EE IRE lSecrctaryl. BURGESON, ROBERT E. Warren, Pennsylvania: EE IRE. BURGESS, WILLARD B. Galesburg, Illinois: Aero. Flying Thunderbirds CMainteuance Offi- cerl . BUSS, GARY J. EE Sigma Phi Delta. CAPEN, BARRY L. Bowling Green, Ohio: Eng. D.3tD. CARR. JAMES H. West Palm Beach, Florida: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. CARRILLO, RODOLFO B. Caracas, Venezuela: Chem. ISA: Chemical Society. CARTER, NORRIS M. JR. Oil City, Pennsylvania: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. CARTER, TERRY I... Sparta, New Jersey: Chem. Alpha Sigma Phi: Student Council lPresi- dentl: Chemical Society: Amateur Radio Club. CARY, JOHN R. Burr Oak, Michigan: CE Civil Society. CASTRICHINI, JOHN J. Altoona, Pennsylvania: MTA Motor Transport Society: Sigma Epsilon Society. CASTRO, JOHN JR. Brooklyn, New York: EE CHAMBERLAIN, MEREDITH K. Pendleton, Indiana: EE IRE: ARS. CHAMBERS, DOUGLAS L. Columbus, Ohio: Adm. Eng. Sigma Phi Delta: Mechanical Society: ASTE: ARS: SAE: Dorm "B" Council: Alwood Hall Fellowship. CHARD, RONALD R. Union City, Michigan: Eng. D.8tD. CHIEM, DICKSEE Shanghai, China: ME Mechanical Society. CHRISTONI, JOHN J. Wallingford, Connecticut: EE Tau Sigma Eta. CHRISTY, DONALD W. Elkhart, Indiana: EE CIESIELSKI, FRANCIS R. Albion, New York: EE IRE. CLARK, ROSS D. St. Laurent, Quebec: Acro. IAS. CLALCHERTY. ROLLAND L. Albion, Michigan : Science CLAWSON. PAUL F. Allaion, Michigan: Aero. Alpha Gznuntu Upsilon. IILOLED, EUGENE L. Bcllefontaine, Ohio: EE Alpha Sigma Phi: Student Council: Ama- teur Radio Club. CLOUTIER. ROBERT H. Trois-Riviercs, Canada: EE Jaycees lPrs-sident, Vice-President, Sec- retaryi: IRE: Student Council fVicc- President, Treasurerl : Newman Club fSec- rctaryl: ISA lTreasurerl: Electrical So- ciety: Booster Club. COLE, JAMES R. Williamsport, Indiana: EE IRE. COLE. JOHN O. Van W'ert, Ohio: EE IRE. COLLINS, DONALD L. Frankfort, Indiana: MTA Alpha Sigma Phi: Motor Transport So- ciety: Basketball. COOK. HAROLD D. Whitesburg, Kentucky: ME Tau Sigma Eta. COOK, NELSON M. JR. Holly Hill. Florida: ME SAE. COTE, ARMAND E. Kittery Point, Maine: EE IRE. CREEK. DUANE M. Huntington. Indiana: ME Alwood Fellowship: SAE: Mechanical So- ciety. CROW, JAMES M. Springfield, Ohio: ME . Sigma Phi Delta lPresidentJ : Dorm Council lVice-President, PresidentJ: Jun- ior Class lSecretary, Vice-Presidentl: SAE: Mechanical Society. CUNNINGHAM, JAMES J. Richmond, Indiana: ME Alpha Sigma Phi lSecretaryJ: Mechani- cal Society lTreasurerl . DADO, JOHN R. Whiting, Indiana: ME Mechanical Society: SAE. DAILEY, DALE J. Angola, Indiana: CE Chemical Society tTreasurerJ: Civil S0- ciety: Flying Thunderbirds. DALENA, RUDOLPH Vandergrift, Pennsylvania: EE Tau Sigma Eta iBook Store Manager? : IRE: Electrical Society. DARBEE, ALVIN N. S. Wales, New York: ME DART, RAYMOND A. Manitou Beach, Michigan: EE IRE. DAVIS, GAYLON L. Ney, Ohio: CE Civil Society. DEEDS, WAYNE E. Findlay, Ohio: EE IRE: Electrical Society. DELLINGER. DALE L. Buchanan, Michigan: ME SAE: Sigma Phi Delta iSports Manager. Pledge Mastcri . DELLINGER. GREG F. Buchanan, Michigan: ME Sigma Phi Delta l,Assistant Chief Engi- neer. Sports Managerl : Baseball Team: Sophomore Class iVice-Presidenti : Jun- ior Class iVice-Presidcnti: SAE: Ille- chanical Society. DEMOREST, CORNELIUS G. Angola, Indiana: Eng. D.8iD. ASTE. DEMORI-IST, JEAN G. Warren. New Hampshire: Acc't Sigma Epsilon Society iSecretary, Treas- urer, Vice-President, President? . DERSHEM, DENNIS E. Van Wert, Ohio: ME Tau Sigma Eta: SAE. DEVANNEY, JOSEPH L. Lowell, Massachusetts: EE IRE. DEAITT, LARRY A. Corunna, Indiana: CE Civil Society tTreasurer, Presidentl. DIAZ, GABRIEC Elmhurst, New York: EE IRE: Alpha Sigma Phi: Radio Engi- neering Society. DIMAGNO, PASCAL C. Hershey, Pennsylvania: CE Civil Society. DOCRAAT, YACOOB A. Durban, South Africa: Aero. ISA fVice-Presidenti : IAS. DODGE. RICHARD G. Wellsboro, Pennsylvania: ME DOUGAN, TERRANCE A. Rossland, B. C. Prov.: Acc't Newman Club fTreasurerJ : Sigma Epsi- lon Society. DOVE, PAUL B. Fremont, Indiana: Acc't Tri-Angle CReporteri : Sigma Mu Sigma iVice-President, Sports Manager, In charge of National Newspaperi . DOYLE, REGINALD B. JR. Caribou, Maine: MTA Motor Transport Society: Alpha Gamma Upsilon: Silver Key: Fruehauf Scholar- ship: Tennis Team. DRISCOLL, GERALD A. Stryker, Ohio: EE IRE. DUROCHER. PETER F. Troy, New York: ME SAE: Rocket Society: Mechanical So- ciety. DUVAL, ROBERT P. Middletown, Connecticut: ME DYLE, JOHN W. Cairo, New York: ME DYSON, ARTHUR R. Moncaey Sta., Pennsylvania: ME Tau Sigma Eta: Student Directors. EAGAN, DONALD W. Agawam, Massachusetts: MTA Motor Transport Society QDisplay Chairmanj : Phi Kappa Theta. ECKARDT, JOHN C. Rochester, New York: Chem. Dorm fSecretaryJ : Tri-Angle fEditor-in- Chiefj : Fraternity fSecretary and Vice- Presidentl . EDMOND, WILLIAM O. Peru, Indiana: EE IRE. EDWARDS, CARLTON F. Alexandria, Indiana: EE Alpha Gamma Upsilon fPlmlgt- Mastcrl. ESENWEIN. LEWIS D. Wakarusa, Indiana: Aero. IAS iChairmanl : Student Council. EVERETT. THOMAS E. Lafayette. Indiana: Acc't Sigma Epsilon Society: Intramural Soft- ball. EWING. JOHN C. St. David, Illinois: EE Electrical Society: IRE. FAVRI, HARRY W. Bowling Green. Ohio: CE Civil Society. FENICLE, LARRY J. Montpelier, Ohio: ME FERENCY, NEIL R. Stratford, Connecticut: ME Kappa Sigma Kappa iSecretary, Treas urerl: Circle K tBoard of Directorsl: Mechanical Society: SAE. FINKE, CHARLES H. Indianapolis, Indiana: EE Sigma Mu Sigma fPresident, Vice-Presi- dentl : Electrical Society. FISHER, JOHN L. Defiance, Ohio: EE IRE: Student Directors: Electrical So- ciety. FISK, FRANCIS J. Savona, New York: EE Modulus tAssociate Art Editorl : IRE Electrical Society. FOEDERER, DAVID W. Richmond, Indiana: EE IRE. FOERSTER, DAVE J. Three Rivers, Michigan: Aero. Flying Thunderbirds fBoard of Direc- torsi . FOLLETTE, ROGER F. Newark, New York: EE Flying Thunderbirds: IRE: Electrical So- ciety. FORST, RICHARD H. LaGrange, Indiana: EE Amateur Radio Club fSecretary, Treas ureri : IRE. FREUND, DONALD W. Waterloo, Illinois: ME FRITZ, RUSH M. Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania: CE Civil Society. FROELICH, HOWARD L. Dover, Ohio: EE Sigma Mu Sigma. FYE, JAMES C. Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania: EE IRE: Electrical Society. GAITENS, MICHAEL J. Parma Heights, Ohio: Aero. IAS iTreasurerJ: Modulus fLayout Edi- torl : Tau Sigma Eta. GAMPP, ROBERT J. Middle Island, New York: EE ARS: Amateur Radio Club: IRE. Freshman Class fVice-Presidentl . 1 GAR XY, MIGITICI, X. Gnzivuquil, Ecuador: EE ISA iYi:'s--l'it--itls'nt, Sf-crt-tarvl: Elwtri- cal Society. GXRRETT. Rftl,l'll C. Wftgllanfl. Ontario: EE IRE. GARTENSCHLAICGER. RANALD W. Brooklyn. New York: CE Sigma Mu Sigma tVicc-President. Guard. Booster Club Rr-prcscntativel: Civil So- Clvtt. GERMAN. JONNIE A. Fowler. Indiana: Aero. IAS iBoostcr Clublg Alwood Hall iPiot'- tor, Secrt-tarvl. GILMORE, CHARLES H. Anderson, Indiana: ME. GLOSSINGER, MICHAEL L. St. Jost-ph, Michigan: ME Sigma Mu Sigma: ASTME fTreasurerl : Flying Thunderbirds: Modulus. GLOVER. LEWIS Sharon, Pennsylvania: EE Electrical Society. GOGGIN, PATRICK P. Dunkirk, New York: CE Civil Soi-icty: Phi Kappa Theta: Booster Club. GONZALO. POSADA J. Bogota: CE Phi Kappa Theta: Modulus. GOOD, DALE E. Lciters Ford, Indiana: ME SAE tTreasurerl. GOOSSENS, ALFONS F. St. Clair Shores, Michigan: EE IRE tChairman Membership Committeel: Electrical Society: Flying Thunderbirds tChairman Publicity Committeei: ISA. GOSSMAN. BRUCE A. Defiance, Ohio: CE Civil Society: Sigma Mu Sigma fGuidei. GRAHAM, JAMES H. Dayton, Ohio: CE Beta Phi Theta iPresident, Treasurer, Scribei : College Baseball. GRAHAM. JAMES W. Ligonier, Pennsylvania: Aero. Sigma Mu Sigma: Flying Thunderbirds: IAS. GRIBLING, JON L. Warren. Ohio: EE Electrical Society: Tau Sigma Eta. GRIGLIONE, LAWRENCE T. So. Wilmington, Illinois: CE Newman Club. GRUBE, WILLIAM H. New Hyde Park, New York: EE IRE. GRZYBOWSKI, STANLEY J. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: CE Civil Society. GUTHRIE, ISMAEL L. Kiwgston, Jamaica: CE ISA tCorresponding Secretary, Treasur- erl . HAACK, ROBERT E. Portage, Indiana: ME ASTME tProgram Chairmani . HAASE, HAROLD E. Milan, Indiana: CE Civil Society. HALL, JOHN T. Vermilion, Ohio: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. II'KNIll.'I'UY, GICUIIGI-. ll. Ili. Clarion. l'i-nnsvlvania: NITX Dorm li iilouncil l'if-snlf-liti: Alotor lran.porl Novi-'tv ihii-1'-Irt-sltlcrlll. IIXAIIEIIIN. GEUICGE AI. Ili. ,lark-on. Xlivlniggin: Ixlu IRE. HAND, GAIL S. I'f'to-kt-x. Michigan: Allf ASTKIE. HARMON, JXNIES F. Marion, Indiana: NIE Alwood Ifvllivxxsliiir ll'it-sitlentl: Alcchani- cal Society ISL-cretaryl: Booster Club l'liri-asnri-rl: Stuilvnt Council: SAE: 'Ian Sigma Eta. IIARRELD, DONALD R. Marion, Indiana: ME HARRINGTON, WARREN A. Vfilson, New York: CE Sigma Mu Sigma. HARTLEY, RICHARD WR Fort Lauderdale, Florida: CE Civil Society. HARTMAN, WILLIAM C. Angola, Indiana: EE IRE: Ham Radio Club. HARTZELL. REX A. Pine Grove. California: EE Sigma Mu Sigma tHouse Managerl . HARVEY, CHARLES R. Coldwater, Michigan: ME HAYES. THOMAS W. Hamilton, Ohio: EE Electrical Society tPresidentl . HECKLEY, WE-XRNER M. Winchester, Indiana: Eng. D.3cD. Alpha Gamma Upsilon. HEIMLICH, RONALD K. Jacksonville, Illinois: CE Civil Society. HENLEY. TERRY L. Seymour, Indiana: Chem. Chemical Society tPresident, Vice-Presi- dent. Treasurer, Auclitorl: Freshman Class tPrc-sideuti: Tri-Angle tReporteri: Stu- dent Council: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. HERMAN, DUANE W. Coldwater, Michigan: Acc't HERMANSON, CARL I. Muskegon, Michigan: ME HERSEY, MILTON J. JR. Baltimore, Maryland: MTA Alpha Sigma Phi tPresident, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurcrig Alpha Beta Alpha lPresident, Secretaryl: Motor Transport Society iVice-President, Treasureri: Stu- dent Directors: Tri-Angle fReporterJ: Mr. Tri-State of 1961. HESS, NORADELL M. Fremont, Indiana: Bus. Adm. Sigma Epsilon Society tTreasurer, Sec- retaryi . HILBY, ROLAND F. EE Tri-Angle: IRE. HILL. HAROLD E. Dennison, Ohio: Eng. 'D.GD. HIORT, FREDERICK W. JR. Old Greenwich, Connecticut: EE Amateur Radio Club: IRE: Electrical So- ciety. I73 HOFFMAN, l'Xl'L l.. Ilaxlon. Ohio: NIE Beta Phi Tin-ta lCrantlmLt-tcrl, Mechani- cal Society: Iiitcr-I'Jr,itcrnitr Council lRep- rcscntativcl . HOOYER. GARY G. Holly, Michigan: EE HOLSER. WILLIAIXI I-'. Piqua, Ohio: EE Alpha Gamma Ilpsilon IIFC Representa- tive, Historianl: Circle K, Electrical So- ciety, IRE, Flying Thunderbirds. HSIA. PAT Y. I.. Hong Kong, CE HUFFMAN, RONALD G. Findlay, Ohio: EE IRE. HUTCHENS, GARY A. Lynn, Indiana, CE Alpha Gamma Upsilon lVice-Presidentl , Civil Society. HUTCHINS, GLENDON C. Roxbury, Vermont, EE Amateur Radio Club lPresidentl . HURLEY, LEO E. Coldwater, Michigan, Eng. D.8tD. HURSEY, DOUGLAS M. Charlotte, North Carolina, EE Electrical Society lSecretaryl, IRE lSec- retaryl Z Senior Class fPresidentl . ICKES, LES B. Custar, Ohio, ME Kappa Sigma Kappa lCl1aplain, IFC Rep- resentative, Corresponding Secretary, Ser- geant at Armsjg Sophomore Class fSec- retaryl, Circle K, Mechanical Society. INGALLS, JOHN F. JR. Matinicus, Maine, EE Baseball. IWANIEC, JOHN C. Ypsilanti, Michigan, EE Amateur Radio Club. JAMBRO, JOSEPH W. St. Marys, Pennsylvania, EE Phi Kappa Theta. JANSEN, GARY G. Des Moines, Iowa, EE JENKINS, RONALD W. Zanesville, Ohio, Bus. Adm. Sigma Epsilon Society fTreasurerD , Sophomore Class lVice-President, Treas- urerj , Student Council, Circle K. JOHNS, WILLIAM H. Van Wert, Ohio, ME SAE. JOHNSON. JAMES E. Fremont, Ohio, ME Alpha Sigma Phi lNewsletter Editorl , Glee Club. JOHNSON, PHILLIP C. Burlington, Iowa, Bus. Adm. Student Director, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Modulus IEditor-in-Chief, 3 Dean's List, Gold Key. JOHNSON, RICHARD N. Manchester, Connecticut, EE JONES, THOMAS R. Mentor, Ohio, ME SAE QTreasurerl . JORDAN, CARL W. Bridgman, Michigan, ME Kappa Sigma Kappa. JORDING, MARVIS L. Vincennes, Indiana, ME I74 JOYCE. SONIA M. Chicago, Illinois, ME Adm. Eng. Flying Thunrlerbirds lSecretaryl , Modu- lns lSales Departmentl , Tri-Angle, Me- chanical Society: Newman Club. KAJZER. DANIEL South Bend, Indiana, Aero. IAS. KEEPER, DONALD W. Bus. Adm. KELLY, DONALD E. Edwarrlsburg, Michigan, ME SAE, Mechanical Society. KEMMERER, WILLIAM J. Ridgway, Pennsylvania, Adm. Eng. Tau Sigma Eta, Electrical Society. KERMIT, FREY L. Lehighton, Pennsylvania, EE Electrical Society QTreasurer, Vice-Presi- dentl , Alpha Gamma Upsilon. KERN, WALTER Koenigswinter-Rhein, Germany, ME Modulus lPhotograph and Art Editor? , Tri-Angle lReporterl, SAE, Mechanical Society lTreasurerl 3 ISA IPresidentl . KESSLER, JAY C. Sturgis, Michigan, Aero. IAS, Flying Thunderbirds, Alwood Fel- lowship. KILLMON, THOMAS M. Point Pleasant, New Jersey, CE Civil Society tSecretaryl, Alpha Gamma Upsilon lPresident, Pledgemaster, Mem- bership Chairinanl . KING. RONALD E. Richmond, Indiana, EE Alpha Sigma Phi lAssociate Editorl . KLEPP, HARRY Silver Creek, New York, EE Ham Club, IRE, Tau Sigma Eta. KNOLL. GORDON R. Holland, Michigan, EE Electronics Society, IRE. KOPP, ROBERT N. Auburn, New York, ME . Phi Kappa Theta lSecretary, Treasurerl, Booster Club ISecretaryl, ASTME iTri- Angle Reporter, Secretary, Chairmanl, Mechanical Society, Newman Club. KRAUSE, BRUCE H. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, EE Inter-Dorm Council lPresidentJ, Student Council lPresidentl, Sigma Phi Delta. KRISTOFZSKI, JOSEPH R. South Bend, Indiana, EE IRE. KROOT, MICHAEL S. Gary, Indiana, EE Amateur Radio Club, Dorm Council, IRE. KRUEGER, JOHN R. Kendallville, Indiana, EE Modulus lPhotographerJ , IRE. KULSAR, ROBERT J. Buffalo, New York, Acc't KUNSE. RONALD S. Pontiac, Michigan, ME SAE fVice-Presidentl, Alpha Sigma Phi, Tri-Angle fReporterJ , Mechanical Socie- ty, IFC fRepresentativel . KURAPKA, JAMES G. Youngstown, Ohio, MTA Phi Kappa Theta lPresident, Treasurer, House Manager, Executive Committee, So- cial Chairman, Auditorl, Motor Trans- port Society, Student Council, Sigma Epsilon Society. LARIZZA, RONALD T. Huron, Ohio, ME SAE lVice-Presidentl. LASSO, ROBERTO D. Panama, Rep. Panama, CE ISA, Civil Society. LEE, JAMES Holly Grove, Arkansas, EE LEFAVE, JOEL J. Bay City, Michigan, ME Phi Kappa Theta lSecretaryJ . LeMASTERS, PAUL D. Kokomo, Indiana, EE Dorm B lReporterl. LeROY, THOMAS H. LaPorte, Indiana, EE IRE, Alwood Fellowship. LESLIE, FRANK R. Englewood, Ohio, EE IRE, Electrical Society. LE SSING, RICHARD C. Rochester, Indiana, ME LEWIS, DAVID E. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Aero. LEWIS, WILLIAM R. Tipton, Indiana, Aero. IAS, Student Directors, Flying Thunder- birds. LEWANPOWSKI, BROWNIE L. Cuba, New York, Eng. D.8zD. LOGOTHENS, GEORGE D. Gary, Indiana, CE Civil Society. LORENTZEN, DONALD E. Cass City, Michigan, CE Glee Club, Civil Society fProgram Di- rectorl . LOUDEN, CARL T. Indianapolis, Indiana, ME LOVETT, RICHARD V. Summit, New Jersey: EE IRE lTreasurerl . LUKE, WARREN W. Chicago, Illinois, Aero. IAS lLibrarian, Secretaryl 5 Newman Club lAssistant Newspaper Editor, Nov- ice Masterj , Booster Club. LUNDIE, STUART S. Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, EE IRE. LUTYJ, VICTOR Parma, Ohio, ME Mechanical Society, Varsity Tennis. MALSON, RICHARD D. Onsted, Michigan, CE Civil Society. MARIVZ, DONALD J. Southfield, Michigan, CE Flying Thunderbirds, Civil Society, New- man Club. MARSHALL, WILLIAM T. Decatur, Illinois, MTA Alpha Sigma Phi, Motor Transport So- ciety. MARTING, DALE V. Garnavillo, Iowa, CE Civil Society, Alwood Hall fProctorJ . MARTINO, RUDY R. Rowyn, Quebec, CE ISA. MAST, ROBERT A. Mishawaka, Indiana, ME Mechanical Society, SAE. MATCHETT, EARL D. Williamsport, Pennsylvania, EE IRE. MATHISEN, ROBERT M. Fort Wayne, Indiana, MTA Booster Club fPresident, Vice-Presidentlg Alpha Sigma Phi lTreasurerl . MATRAZZO, DANIEL I. Balto, Maryland, MTA Phi Kappa Theta QPresidentJ, Booster Club iPresidentl, Motor Transport So- ciety, Tri-Angle lReporterl, Air Force Reserves, Newman Club. MATTSON, JAMES H. Tekonsha, Michigan, ME MAVRACIC. WILLIAM K. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, EE IRE. McCAFFREY, THOMAS R. Hartford, Indiana, ME MCCAMMACK, STEVEN R. Lagro, Indiana, CE McCORMICK, ROBERT L. Mottisburg, Ontario, CE MCINTYRE, MICHAEL B. Buffalo, New York, EE Ham Club, Tau Sigma Eta fBooster Representative, Tri-Angle Reporter, Modu- lus Representativel , IRE. McKAY, WILLIAM J. Sarnia, Ontario, CE Civil Society. MCMAHON, JAMES E. Dunkirk, New York, CE Newman Club fTreasurerl. MCMILLAN, WILLIAM W. JR. E. Rochester, New York, EE MEES, JAMES A. Antwerp, Ohio, ME Sigma Phi Delta, SAE. MEIERHANS, DELBERT E. Altamont, Illinois, EE IRE. MENGEL, PETER W. Potsdam, New York, ME Band. MERRILL, JOHN F. Peru, Indiana, EE Tau Sigma Eta CBusiness Managerl , Booster Club, Electronic Society. MESHINSKY, JOHN R. Reading, Pennsylvania, EE IRE, Newman Club. MILLINGER, CARLTON E. Port Clinton, Ohio, EE MILLER, DON S. Mishawaka, Indiana, Bus. Adm. Beta Sigma Tau, Sigma Epsilon Society. MILLER, EVAN D. Vermilion, Ohio, ME Mechanical Society. MILLER, RALPH H. Chicago, Heights, Illinois, CE Civil Society. MILLER, ROBERT P. New York, New York, EE MILLER, TERRY W. Lawrenceville, Illinois, CE Civil Society. MILLER. THOMAS G. Greenville, Ohio: MTA Alpha Sigma Phi fPresident, Secretary! 3 Motor Transport Societv. MINNICI-I, TOM P. Winchester. Indiana MISIOLEK, JOHN J. JR. Dearborn, Michigan: ME IFC lPresidentl: Student Council: Al- pha Sigma Phi fScribeJ: SAE: Mechani- cal Society. MITCHELL, BILL L. Bristol, Indiana: Chem. Modulus MOCHERMAN, ROGER R. Montpelier, Ohio: Bus. Adm. Student Directors: Beta Sigma Tau fPresi- dentl. MOCIULEWSKI, ROBERT S. Bayonne, New Jersey: Bus. Adm. Sigma Epsilon Society fSecretaryl: Motor Transport Society: Commerce Bowling League: Softball League. MOORE. FRANK D. Welshfield, Ohio: ME Sigma Phi Delta fTreasurerl . MOORE, ROBERT G. Buffalo. New York: Bus. Adm. Kappa Sigma Kappa fPresident, Secre- tary, Pledge Masterl: Jaycees fSecre- taryl: Sigma Epsilon Society: Tri-Anglo fAdvertising, Salesl . MORMAN, JOHN A. South Bend. Indiana: ME Mechanical Society: SAE. MORGAN, DONALD R. Bayside. New York: EE Radio Engineering Society: IRE iPresi- dentl: Amateur Radio Club fStation Managerl: Student Council: Representa- tive National Electronics Council. MORRIS. JOHN F. Angola. Indiana: EE IRE: National IRE. MOSER, LARRY E. Ligonier. Indiana: Bus. Ad. Sigma Epsilon Society iPresident, Vice- Presidentl : Air Force Reserves. MOTT, BEN H. Welsh, Louisiana: Acc't Chamber of Commerce fTreasurer, Sec- retaryl : ISA ITTSZSUIETJ . MOUNT, WILFORD R. Montclair, New Jersey: EE Mechanical Society. MULFORD, MARTIN B. Bridgeton, New Jersey: EE IRE. MUSSHAFEN, PAUL W. Batavia, New York: CE Civil Society. MYERS, EUGENE L. Defiance, Ohio: ME Sigma Mu Sigma fTreasurerl : Mechani- cal Society: SAE: ASTME. MYERS, PAUL L. Spencerville, Indiana: ME NASHIF, AHID Tulkarm, Jordan: CE NEUMEYER, WILLIAM F. Islip, New York: CE NORKUS, DENNIS R. Niles, Illinois: Aero. IAS fSecretaryJ: Alwood Hall Fellow- ship fVice-Presidentl: Tri-Angle fRe- porterl. O'BRIEN, RICHARD I.. Indianapolis, Indiana: ME Tau Sigma Eta. O'NEIL, JAMES W. Auburn, New York: Cl-I OSBORNE, JAMES D. Kirkwood, Missouri: ME OSTOPOWICZ, LEON F. Nanticoke, Pennsylvania: ME OVERDORF. DENNIS G. Tiptuh, Indiana: EE Electrical Society. OVIATT, JAMES E. Galesburg. Michigan: Chem, Chemical Society. OWEN, RICHARD J. Oberlin, Ohio: CE Civil Society iSecretary, Reporter! : Sig- ma Phi Delta fTreasurerJ . PA.AUWE, DENNIS J. Kalamazoo, Michigan: ME SAE: Mechanical Society: ASTME fVice- Presidentl: Booster Club: Tau Sigma Eta. PaiPANANDIKER. SHAMBHOO A. Margao-Goa, Portuguese, India: EE PARISH, DONALD R. Gary, Indiana: Bus. Adm. Senior Class fPresidentl : Tri-Angle iSports Editorll Alpha Sigma Phi iVice- President, Secretaryl . PARMITER, CALVIN V. Maha, Ohio: CE Sigma Mu Sigma fSecretary, Treasurerl: Civil Society. PATEL, RAMCHANDRA L. Bombay, Bombay: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. PATTERSON, DAVID D. Corunna, Indiana: Aero. IAS. PATTERSON, DANID R. Farmersville, Ohio: Chem. Chemical Society lSecretaryl. PATTERSON, PAUL F. Olean, New York: ME SAE. PAUL, KENNETH W. Bronson, Michigan: ME PEFFLEY, H. VINCENT Goshen, Indiana: CE Civil Society tTreasurerl. PEMBERTON, CECIL R. Richland, Missouri: EE Alwood Hall fProctorl : IRE. PENNYBAKER, GARY D. Duncan Falls, Ohio: ME Mechanical Society. PERRY, DOUG M. Sturgis, Michigan: CE Civil Society: SAE. PERSHING, ROBERT G. Battle Creek, Michigan: EE IRE. PETRIN, JOSEPH C. Putnam, Connecticut: CE Civil Society: Tau Sigma Eta. PHILLIPS, GERALD L. lfgchigan Center, Michigan: EE E. PHILLIPS. WESLEY I. Vernon. Vermont: EE IRE. PICCHI, JOSEPH JR. Geneva, New York: MTA. Motor Transport Society lTri-Angle Rr-- porter, Treasurer, Display Chairmanl : Newman Club: Air Force Reserves. PIM. JOSEPH C. I"Iuiuilt0n. Ontario: ME ASTE: SAE. PIUREK, WALTER J. Cleveland, Ohio PLATE, ROBERT A. Wellsville, Ohio: CE Alpha Gamma Upsilon: Modulus fCopy Editorl: Civil Society: Inter-Fraternity Council. POLINCHOCK, FRANK M. I-ansford. Pennsylvania: ME POMPROWITZ, JOHN J. Green Bay, Wisconsin: MTA Phi Kappa Theta fSecretary, Social Chairmanl : Motor Transport Society: Newman Club iBusiness Managerl : Fly- ing Thunderbirds lPilotl . POWELL, EDWARD S. JR. Butler, Pennsylvania: EE IRE. POWELL, DONALD L. Lawton, Michigan: CE, Adm. Eng. Civil Society. PRILL, FREDRIC W. LaGrange, Indiana: ME PRINCE, JOHN P. Howard Beach, New York: EE IRE. PROCHAZKA, ROBERT M. Alexandria, Vermont: ME PROKOPAKIS, MICHAEL Steubenville, Ohio: EE IRE: Sigma Phi Delta fAssistant Chief Engineerj. PRZYBYL, DAVID D. Ripon, Wisconsin: Chem. RAMSEY, EDWARD F. Reading, Pennsylvania: CE Civil Society. RATHJEN. JOHN T. JR. Salmon, Idaho: Aero. IAS. RAYBORN, RICHARD D. Coldwater, Michigan: Eng. D.8rD. REBUCK, TONY A. Trevorton, Pennsylvania: EE REGAN, JOHN J. EE Student Director: IRE fVice-Chairmanl: Electrical Society. RETTER, RICHARD L. Hagerstown, Indiana: Eng. D.3zD. RICH, ALLAN J. Kalamazoo, Michigan: CE RICH, RONALD A. Blairsville, Pennsylvania: EE Electrical Society: IRE: Newman Club. RIEDL, JOHN B. Lake Mills, Wisconsin: Eng. D.8iD. RIGGS, CHARLES M. Edon, Ohio: Eng. D.8tD. RIYGFYRERG. U. KY E. Ilillsrlali-, llliclligang LE t'.1x1l Nocu-tv: Sigma Phi IJ:-lla Rl'.I'.SI'., .IXXIES l.. Era-nu-u, Inrliaua. ROBBINS, EIJWARIP R. Rritlgr-ton, Ncw Jura:-yg EE ROBERTS, KEITH E. Coldwater, Michigan: Bus. ldni. Sigma Epsilon Society. RODRIGUEZ, I.I'lS Il. Guatanamo, Cuba: EE SXE: IRE: ISK ROPCHOCK. GEORGE J. Barneslworo, Pennsylvania: Acro. IAS. ROSE, MARION A. Hudson, Indiana: EE ROWLEY, CHARLES G. E. TYI4-Kee-sport, Pennsylvania: NIE SAE. ROXBURY. DANIEL R. Garrettsvillc, Ohio: EE IRE. ROZELLE, EDWARD C. Tecumseh. Michigan: EE Dorm B Council: IRE. RUDY. LARRY J. South Bend. Indiana: EE IRE: Rocket Society: Electrical Society: Radio Society: Sigma Phi Delta. REPERT. DAVID O. Clarion, Pennsylvania: Bus. Adm. Skull and Bones tSccretary, Vice-Presb dent, Presidentl: Student Director: Mod- ulus fBusiness Manager! , Circle K fTreasurer, Presidentl: Student Council lTrc-asurer, Vice-President, Presidentl : Tennis Manager: Dorm B fPresidentl: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. RUSH. DALE E. Richwood, Ohio: EE Electrical Society: IRE. SALTZMAN, ARNOLD Flushing, New York: EE Sigma Phi Delta tBusiness Manavgerl: Booster Club: IRE: Electrical Society. SAUERBIER, DORIN E. Binghamton, New York: EE IRE. SCHAEFFER, GARY L. Sturgis, Michigan: Bus. Adm. Kappa Sigma Kappa: Tri-Angle fRe- portcrl . SCHICK. FRANKLIN D. Williamsport, Pennsylvania: Aero. Student Director: Tau Sigma Eta. SCHMALTZ, GARY E. Bridgman, Michigan: Eng. D.8D. SCHMIDT, JOHN W. Oakville, Connecticut: CE Civil Society: Booster Club tSccretaryl. SCHMITT, KENNETH T. Haubstadt, Indiana: Bus. Adm. Alpha Sigma Phi tTreasurerl: Sigma Ep- silon Society lVice-Presidcntl 3 Jaycees 1Presidentl : Tri-Angle lFraternity Edi- torl : Student Council tSecretaryJ . SCHNEIDER. GEORGE Newtown, Pennsylvania: CE Civil Society. SCHNEIDER, RAYMOND D. Chesterton, Indiana: MTA Motor Transport Society: Alpha Gamma Upsilon tPresidentl. I75 SCHWXB. THOMAS I. Deshlcr, Ohio: NIE Newman Club: SAE: ,Inv-ee. SEDLOCK. JACOB G. Cilttttm. Olliu: NIE -XSTME. SEEGER, ARTHUR G. Stamford, Connecticut: ME Alwood Fellowship fPresident. Vice-Pri--L dent, Secretaryl : lilechanical Society lTrcasurerl : SAE. SHAFT, GEORGE R. JR. Auburn, New York: MT-X Motor Transport Society SHAH, ASHWIN K. Ahmedabad, Gujarat: EE Electrical Society: ISA. SHAH. KIRTI P. Ahmedabad, Gujarat: EE Electrical Society: ISA. SHANNY, RAMY A. Haifa, Israel: ME Mechanical Society, ISA. SHOUDEL, LARRY J. Auburn, Indiana: CE Sigma Phi Delta: Tau Sigma Eta: Civil Society. SHURTLEFF, ARTHUR R. Binghamton, New York: CE Civil Society. SIDERS, LARRY E. Dayton, Ohio: ME SITE, WALTER C. Holland, Pennsylvania: MTA Motor Transport Society tPresident. Vice-President, Secretaryl: Alpha Sigma Phi ,tCorresponding Secretary, National Convention Delegate, Secretary, Pledge Masterl : Student Council lTreasurer, Presidentl: Sophomore Class tSecretary, Treasurerl: Alwood Fellowship IPresi- dentl: Tri-Angle tOrganizations Editorl: Booster Club: Skull and Bones fPresident, Secretaryl: Modulus: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. SKAPURA, ROBERT J. Greensburg, Pennsylvania: EE IRE: Newman Club tPresidentl SKOGFELDT, HERBERT G. Binghampton, New York: EE SLANDA, WLADYSLAW Worcester, Massachusetts: ME SLOMSKI, EDWARD J. Chicago, Illinois: Chem. Newman Club iCorresponding Secretaryl: Chemical Society. SMITH, DUANE B. Harbor Springs, Michigan: ME ASTME. SMITH, JACK K. Montour Falls, New York: EE SMITH, STANLEY N. Van Wert, Ohio: ME Student Director: Sigma Phi Delta II-Iouse Managerl: Tau Sigma Eta ITreasurerl: SAE: Mechanical Society: Glee Club. SNYDER, ALAN C. Greenville, Pennsylvania: Eng. D.8zD. SNYDER, MARSHALL D. New Haven, Indiana: Eng. D.8tD. SPRINGSTON, DANIEL F. Tully, New York: CE I76 STANDERFER, GWELDON D. Hermiston. Oregon: Chem. Alwood Hall Fellowship fTreasurerl : Chemical Society lVice-President, Secre- tarv, Representative on Student Councill. STEGEMOLLER, DAVID C. Indianapolis, Indiana: ME Mechanical Society: Bela Sigma Theta iScribcl 1 Booster Club. STEGEMOLLER, DONALD L. Indianapolis, Indiana: ME SAE lSecretaryl : Mechanical Society lSecrctary, Vice-Presidentl : Tau Sigma Eta lSccretarvl. STOBERT, RONALD C. Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania: ME Phi Kappa Theta iPresident, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurerl : Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil lTreasurerl : Booster Club fSecretaryl : SAE: Mechanical Society: ASTME. STOCK, .IOHN C. Defiance, Ohio: CE Tau Sigma Eta tPresident, Secretaryl : Civil Society. STONE, ROBERT V. Defiance, Ohio: EE IRE. STONEBURNER, CARL V. Crooksville, Ohio: CE STOUDINGER, ALAN R. Battle Creek, Michigan: EE STOWE, HERBERT J. Bridgeport, Connecticut: CE ASCE. STRAWE, DAVID F. Montgomery, Michigan: EE Radio Club. STRONG, HALL C. Coldwater, Michigan: Bus. Adm. Beta Sigma Tau: Sigma Epsilon Society. STROTHER, KEN C. Quincy, Michigan: CE Civil Society. SYCAMORE, RICHARD M. Wilder, Vermont: ME SWINDELL, LEMUEL F. Engelharo, North Carolina: ME SZYMCZAK, GERALD W. Detroit, Michigan: ME Mechanical Society fPresident, Vice- Presidentl : Modulus fAssistant Photog- rapherl . TALBOT, JAMES H. Centreville, Michigan: CE Civil Society fVice-President, Sports Mon- itorl: Tri-Angle tReporter for Civil So- cietyl . TAYLOR, ROBERT W. Jennerstown, Pennsylvania: CE Civil Society. TAYLOR, WARD D. Richmond, Virginia: EE Ham Club tSecretary, Treasurerl: IRE. THOMPSON, RAYMOND C. Binghamton, New York: CE Alpha Sigma Phi: Civil Society. TIMLER, JEROME ME Flying Thunderbirds lPresident, Vice- President, Board of Directors, : Alpha Gamma Upsilon fSergeant at Armsl . TITLEY, DALE E. Tecumseh, Michigan: EE: Adm. Eng. TOMASI. DOMINICK F. Beacon, New York: ME Phi Kappa Theta: ASTME. TORDI. ROBERT l". Nlisliziwnka. Indiana: ME l'hi Kappa Thctn lpresidf-ull: Tri-Xnglv fAssistant Editurl: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil: Tau Sigma Eta: Mechanical Society: SAE: Wllnr's Whlltti Among Stutlcuts in American Universities and Colleges. TRINE, R XLPH D. Xlhion, Michigan: NIE Kappa Sigma Kappa lSc-cretaryl : Tri- Anglc lliusincss Manager, Advertising Manager, Circulation Managerl z Intvr- Fraternity Council tSecrctaryl. TURCO-MORENO. VICENTX Caracas, Yr-nvmiclag CE Civil Surictvg ISA. TYLER. ROBERT C. Dowagiac. Michigan: EE VALENTI. .JEROME W. Pinckney, Michigan: CE Band: Radio Club: Civil Societv: Phi Kappa Theta. VECCHIO. SALAVATORE R. Salamanca, New York: EE VEHORN. LARRY W. Indianapolis, Indiana: EE Amateur Radio Club lAssistant Station Managerl. VERMILLION, DALE L. South Bend, Indiana: EE IRE. VICENT, DAVID B. Waterbury, Vermont: MTX Motor Transport Society. VOLAND, MERRITT L. Hoytville, Ohio: ME Tri-Angle fAdvertising Managerl : Kappa Sigma Kappa. VON HOLZEN. WALTER F. Arpin, Wisconsin: ME SAE. WAGNER, KEITH B. Auburn. Indiana: Acc't Honor Roll: Silver Key. WARFIELD, THEODORE L. Hillsdale, Michigan: Bus. Adm. Beta Sigma Tau iVice-President, Secre- tary, Treasurer, House Managerl: ISA lSccretarylZ Circle K fSecretaryl: Sig- ma Epsilon Society tTreasurerl . WARNER, WILLIAM JR. Mansfield, Ohio: ME Sigma Phi Delta fPreside-ntl: Skull and Bones: Student Council fVice-Presidentl: Booster Club tTrcasurerl: SAE: Circle K: ASTME. WATSON, OPHA Angola, Indiana: EE IRE. WATSON, PHILLIP H. Anderson, Indiana: Chem. Chemical Society: Alpha Sigma Phi lTreasurerl . WIATT, CRAIG B. St. Joseph, Michigan: ME Beta Phi Theta iMaster, Chaplainl: SAE. WEAVER, DONALD E. Hellertown, Pennsylvania: Aero. American Rocket Society: IAS. WEAVER, FRANKLIN G. Goshen, Indiana: CE Civil Society. WECK, DIETER O. Erkelenz, Germany: CE WEIMER, RONALD K. Auburn, Indiana: EE IRE: Beta Phi Theta fSergeant at Armsl . WELTLICH. GARY P. Massillon, Ohio: Chem. Chemical Society. WESTROPP. ROBERT Honolulu Oahu, Hawaii: CE Civil Society. WHEELER, RICH-XRD' T. Oneonta, New York: Eng. D.8tD. WHITE. CHARLES D. Birmingham, Alabama : E E WHITE, JACK M. Shelby, Ohio: ME WHITNIORE, ROBERT Chicago. Illinois: EE IRE: Electrical Society iSecrct.tri l . WILCOX, RICHARD C. Coldwater, Michigan WILLIAMS, DAVID H. Connersville, Indiana: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. WILLIAMS, VICTOR S. Waterloo, Indiana: Bus. Adm. WILSON. PHILIP H. Mansfield, Pennsylvania: ME SAE I'l'rcasurerl : Booster Club: Dorm Proctor. WINKLE, IRVIN F. Leipsig, Ohio: EE Tau Sigma Eta tTreasurt-il: IRE: Beta Phi Theta lTreasurerl: Inter-Fraternity Council. WITHERRILL, CARLYLE O. Wayland, Michigan: EE WONG, EAK Q. Tonawanda, New York: ME SAE: Mechanical Society. WONG, NIM C. Williamsport, Pennsylvania: ME WORL, STEPHEN D. St. Mary's, Ohio: CE Flying Thunderbirds: 'Civil Society fCor- responding Secretaryl '. WOTHE. JON P. Butler, Indiana: ME SAE. WRATHELL, JAMES S. Midland, Michigan: EE IRE lSecretaryl . WUERSIG, KLAUS Fremont, Ohio: EE ISA: IRE. YEARWOOD, JAMES G. Brownsville, Tennessee: ME YODER, RALPH E. South Bend, Indiana: EE Beta Sigma Tau tSecretaryl . ZARTMAN, ROBERT I. Rochester, Indiana: EE ZAWISZA, ANDREW Dowagiac, Michigan: ME ASTME: Newman Club. ZENGER, RICHARD D. Downers Grove, Illinois: ME: Adm. Eng. ZORRUSEN, ADOLPH A. Teutopolis, Illinois: Bus. Adm- Newman Club: Sigma Epsilon Society. ZIMMERMAN. TED R. Wooster, Ohio: ME SAE. ZOLLINGER, ROBERT R. Goshen, Indiana: Bus. Adm. Silver Key: Alpha Beta Alpha: Honor Roll: Chairman for Cap and Gown Com- mittee. TAYFQRW 'T.U?Pl5'!'l'9 .CPWANY f 01 'N "h Y- - -, 1. fl . +1 A ' I ' A ' V ' ' A X u ' v ,1 u X ' I 'ni V I H at g 1 Q 9 w V 5 5 4 4 "A , F "HI 3 h. ,vrvt . P sb ev Q I , , , NJ" 1 'vin ' ',.f . und ,U rf' ,!. fu. vi Wi: 5 ', 'wr if ,Y ML' ,au 1, 1 ,rat X V A 1 . ' JI 11 1 1-'1 Q r.'f 'f"" ,, U ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j A 1' 1 Y '16 1 , . 1 F 1' 1 '1 - 1' 1 1 1' ,Q - K 1 +P K, - wwf 11 ' 111 . 1 , . ,..- Q ,. 'EL ' r V, 1 1 E 1 ,. 1 W I , 1 1 W I 1 I F, ., vc." ' 11 , 1 , 1 11, ,, 1 1v li' iz ,1 1,1 E .. ,. ii 11 113 HE If 11 111 I11 W , 1 1 1 1 1 1 11, wwf.- 11- 1' 1'T' ' I' 1' ' 1,2 :if if 1 AH , V1 1 if 115 1,121 11 1 151 1 1121 lfff' ,g ' ll Q , 1 1!fs:1A1? 5 2 159.15 ' 12111 ,. 1 1 E 2 i 3.1 f an-'ffm-r , 1 xg'f', y.1v-- , f:.,n'F',-,..-, 'QQ ,fin :.,.7-'.',,z' ' 'Q T, w ' a",Uy'- ,73:ff"-'AH ' Q' . ?'1'?',' s' 1. -1 , , , . 9 .- - f v , - , ff' . M 4 . -5 ,,, Q . 's ' 3 .- 'Q' ,Z ' v ,- J. ef -V, ' E41 ' vm f,-M, Y! - , N. . , .Ask-1 Q" . P '-,xl . U, " io, Pd, ,5 A 21 'i I NN,-l, .I 5' -rj 1 , -y ,L ,, ' ' -1'-fe , A .A g ' 7, " , -fx . .. rut . 'RF ' -'EEL Yi, "1 . V .vm I ff I- ', T . Tx.. , ' ., ex--1.1 1. 'X f. -1- , , ' ,., V: y-,LJ w fx' 1 if .1 rf' ,Lg V TQ. K 'fC" ff' t !'K7i'!AK3:l4idUEL'K1"E'Z!.2:X9- ' !E5 p QKTA EE

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