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Q1 af.. M. 1. .rg 4 , , I ., ,F FG- 4, V 1 A WENT' EL 1 dj' , ' . 1:'.v 'V 1 x J 1 r ..- I X 5 X THE 7 if E A XX f sx X v X X x 76 XX X K X X X TABLE OF X XX CONTENTS N , administration X X schools XX X classes X X honoraries X X fraternities X X activities X X athletics X X services X X x X X gif, X A PRESENTED X 5 Q 'J BY THE X it J w X E i 5 1960 MODULUS X ft, 5 ,N of Q ,W X - W i x Q W if I , My go!! M s oo ' X :N . E 'In""'n, 4 It 1 f d tl'1esuPCrvision of f Ill L f 4 M4 I 21ZQF,53Z01ip5?Zni5,5yEi2iffZB X, f' 'E ' ' X bl 1'i'-- 'sy Qt' H RH . . f fxfi' we g is Q t':'fhs'-LT' ., x , W... in .n xl5..' 1 , ,,',X K . I. A V - L gf.-2 ,L 53, - A 'I'ri'Stz1te Coiiege intensive pro- i grams in which Bairfhekirif '1. of1Science degree may QQ be earned in tiwexzgty-sevenlxiionthsz e S Aeronautical Ji i , 5 A , Q 63' Chwifai ' s s 44, 'Qivif' i 3 Q Q ,Mechanical CQ The Bachqlorgfif Qdegree in Business Admin- Nl xiffratioiii ithirtyasix months. QF. ,4x, ifnri the satisfactory comple- 5 Q of ka Ziiiarter cburse in drawing and design. Y' ' Q Vbi, I ii' ririi i 68? 4040 GSX v S GX' K QQ V SY di NW C 7 -. ' ? .. x 4 6' Q -1 x lg K cf fb '7fv f G f' ,.wN,, 1, 4 1 6, 'lzrgfff' 4 4 , 4 if-3 I' ifv' ,, ' ,ii , X -,,, ,T , '- Vi 1 4 ,,, ,W .uf nu- I JA,,,,,i 7-14, ,lftii " ff WH - , 1' H, t , A . r.ff,,,- , - , ' 1' f,,, sift' ,, ' '. , , r s .f,15935WQR '7pQ ' f The Spirit of '76 is ailjsogtlie 76th yearyof continuous college education conducted on' our campusli Q We like the idea of our mgre than describes the QQ the spirit of Tri-State College evercsihcefthesclose of the 75th anni- Q versary celebrations. In a more than 'pioneering fashion the college Sb surged into new areas of study, exploration, and expansion. We are QX a young college, just as young as is our charterg we like to feel QNV that every ounce of out strength is going into the make-up of a O greater school, in a fashion similar to the one that our forefathers forged into the making of a new nation. A With expert guidance and leadership that takes its cue from intelli- gence and scholarship and research, we look forward to an even greater institution of learning than the one we leave today at gradu- ation time. Sincerely, THE SENIOR CLASS or 1960 in NC: G RXNCU GNEE AL EN TRXC ELEC M ECHANICAL emeiwtggme TR A NSD SJNES S MAN 465,11 DICATIO We dedicate this 1960 Modulus to DR. PERRY T. FORD . . , f , J' wwf, f,, ff R' ' -KE? J' Pg ,. , , . .F -,ha X :Qi ' 4 1,54 g RY .f .xr s at 5' X ,1 ,M 1 STI, . ' 'w:':a,f, ,, , ". I. .:, f .QS .. 1. 1 v .y Q 4' i W Q ' awww , ri, 2. We E fy, P Y ' ' ' v x' any .U iff Y if rg f i ' ,U E+ if 2 it R ii , vii - .-fe . ., If, 0 .. 3 A A Kg! 8 1 z ,X ' ' X- f l v'Qff2.j K' dew, R Lx, fffi . Qu f NW Ci R Q. .1 W. who, with the inspired guidance toward greater humanitarian efforts con- stantly given by his loving Wife . . . 1 aw - - fZ,5f1,?W1fwgffp ' . ' ' ' R X " . i .,.. . ,, X ,Q an ffaf aw 5 Z' 1 Ziff . 1' 3 , 'J 7 1 I, 6 Fas ,3 '? Z af A 9 if rig 5.563 L ., , respected and adinirediby outstanding " " "The higher! borzor flair follege har to award war couferref! upon you several yeary ago, the honorary degree Dorlor of Erzgirzeerirzg. This horzor we razzrzot rzouf rorzfer, but we the flaff, farulty, Jluderzt body, ana' graduating clan do ray lo you that you have our rerperl, our gratitude, our loyally, auaf above aff, our rilusere floarzkr for your leaa'erJlJip during the par! year." These words were spoken to Dr. Ford at the 1960 commencement by Dr. Glenn Radcliffe, Chairman of Academic Affairs. These words were spoken in appreciation for the way Dr. Ford rallied the college to newly inspired heights within the one year that he so unselfishly and with great magnanimity steered the school as its acting president. His genuine interest in what he did and in what he believed to be the right thing to do created an unsurpassed faculty, staff, and student morale during the interim period. He came into our midst with the greatest confidence that the college would achieve new and great accomplishments within a short timeg his convictions and beliefs became a reality before his successor was named. Y X Dr. Ford . . . a maker of Presidents, . . . a genial host and a worthy man. CAMPUS SCENES WE WILL The Old Main is a symbol to us. It represents the solid foundation upon which rests our future with the education that we got here. We acquired learning, not just mere training. Our future will be based upon intelligence and perseverance and above all, respect for our fellow man no matter who he may be. We look to you, our alma mater , that Scientific thought is a develop- ,As the concept of space was must begin with the con- cept Einstein said that there are of bbbthpofwhich are necessary to understaxielifigfi AX,a. analysis connected with sensible experiences ifi if i QQJA f xl, 3, ,a.' if 'ffl-M ,fi Ji fgcm, ,l , Eff W ,, 1 1, y,f4,,'Eq0 ., , 2 352 Through these portals enter the best Civil and Chemical Engineers in the land . -'Q ml E iifzll 8 i "Did 3.014 .fee the poifer in Doc Sffzglek office up in the chem bzzildifzg? There words l are zwjilefz 071 if: IF IT IVORKS, IT'S OBSOLETEH In science, each of us knows that what he has accomplished will be antiquated in a few short years. That is the fate to which science is subjectedg it is the very meaning of scientific work. Every scientific fulfillment raises new questionsg it asks to be surpassed and outdated. Whoever wishes to serve science has to resign himself to this fact. ,mm ,Ch ,I .- .Q-mis. ix The wintry snows add the touch from the unknown to our halls of science. , -H individual citizens. 4-FQ Men of science form an organized army, laboring on behalf of the whole nation and generally under its direction, and at its expense, to augment the stock of such knowledge as may serve to promote industrial enterprise, to increase wealth, to adorn life, to improve political and social relations, and to further the moral development of . . . wavering to and fro and rerrosred the winged mow Arid ere the early bedtime came The white drift piled the window- frdme . . . We are convinced that whatever contributes to ,the knowledge of the forces of nature or the powers of the human mind is worth cherishing, and may, in its own due time, bear practical fruit, very often where we should least have expected it. .ay ,. FF? qsgkl ,xt , -Q 14:52 1 if 'ax . 5' -vw, " 'NWN LU! p,',,A.. . . . and in the early Spring there always comes new glamour to our stately halls of ivy. W? Qs: .X sv we ' X .X an M r 1 f ft xii? Y as - '-" ' X ,A ,, ,. , .v f Q wqi x X L, , ir X 2 F ""' " 'f-- , H .7 5 is .g':1i,vvv ,:: fx 0,2 'V x '-3: I-ggywwli kg, V, 5, 7 ---- h . ,x , ..., , U there are moments l and place great su from wh1ch 'the years that follow. 0 .. Q f E X r f ,Z X I4 4407 , ,ff f .. by X e y si yy v . ,4 f X. Q r V S Q kin ' vs .X MN. ,MA we ff ffsfy 1 2 , 0 , 'NX U J' 'I f 9 'S- 55. xg Q X rm S. 04 2? lt 3 '. rpg, Li A ff' ' , 'sn .yu .4.,,: ' 1 tv' r I .0 9 , I lf , dp 5 n 1- .J We often sat on the lawns and talked and thought that the sci- entist's most important educative task is to get the average man to feel that the life of the intellect not only is a good life for those who actively lead it, but that it is also good for society as a whole that the intellectual life should be made possible for those capable of it, and that it should be prized and rewarded by theentire com- munity. The average man, we felt, could be made to see that scientific freedom is merely freedom to be intelligent, and that the need 'PN ,t ,.-Q-f"""f' for this freedom is born with us, and that we will practice it in the inmost recesses of our thoughts no matter what the external constraints. 2 .. 11? wit, lit Ili 1" The gradual development of the material wcirlcl is one of a natural movement from the simple to the complex. This movement conforms with all our daily experiences, and it also conforms with our natural logic. Every degree of being in the universe is subordinate to another, and graded from the lowest to the highest. The intellectual is the finest and highest faculty, not only in man, but in all of the lower world. A The end-all of knowledge is to know that we cannot know anything. But there are two sorts of not-knowing. The one is the immediate not-knowing, when a man does not even begin to examine and try to know, because it is impossible to know. Another, however, -examines and seeks until he comes to know that one cannot know. N M. Q I ' Y Y 1- XXX f ' I 1 aqd the 1 ,ff ,z'r l' 9, Q wwf., .,5s.1s,,. ygq-.xanga r - , , , .r A Q V X, 1 - - .rr ., , 'W ' Q r , , 1 - Miglglf . ,I ,,.-, . , l, gh. jg. ,-zz - ,ggi S. wi jg, jf , -N.-- , J .l Iwi. , I , W, f .mm .2 WM' ggfh n""'4-M A V, 6' My--w1m.A.,. whww Q - , if' y ' JL. G' ! 'af . ' I if W? , V , is il " v, 5? 1 Y , P gg, A li 7 2 , I .5 flipfr 3 , ., ' if , ww, ' ,: Sc .Kj?,Ey Q Q 2,3541 ' , wif? 2 fini f '3' 1 'll ,MU A Q-.V - K M z Q ?f K, 3 al' QT oi 5: 1 ,L 'revs 8 31 in , U3 - Q Wig .. . 91 11255 mf' fl .., V fi ' ,ex . lf' ' Fx Elf ..: X. V. ,.,. Qi- 12:15 if ez L 53 X I . xxx 'T i l. Fi'- if X' gal' K E353-. 'Y Teagno, james top to bottom I T E. Willis, Henry Platt, john McKee-ta, and T. Ford, Cbazrmaiz. ' RIGHT top to bottom: Dr. Don Cameron, Howard W. Seigle, ABSENT: Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey and Herman Phillips. wi mn-nu.,,,,, A Q 1' x u I i ADMI IE PROFESSOR' GERALD H. MOORE Vice-President, Public Relations COLLEGE JEAN MCCARTHY PROF. PAUL A. NURNBERGER PROF. QUINTIN HAWTHORNE Director of Admissions Dean of Students Acting Dean of Engineering OFFl TRATI CER 'mf MERRIT D. BOYER Secretary and Business Manager ? ff DEANS PROF. HAROLD R. HOOLIHAN PROF. PETER F. HOLUB Acting Dean, School of Director of the Division Business Administration of General Education Left to right: Gerald Moore, Billy Sunday, Acting Prerident Ford, Prefidefzt-elect B a t e- man, ViC6-P76Jid67Zf- elect Willig, Merritt Boyer. I8 X ti A I .-..-. is 14 4, Us Tl .i.,.yXHM, , BILLY E. SUNDAY Treasurer of the College DR. GLENN RADCLIFFE Registrar and Acting Director of Academic Affairs 1'. V '35 I" .v?a .pp . X vgfaffzi F c l i 3 ff XXX A college is composed of its schools, and the schools are made of the people who live, work, and learn in them. The following pages honor the graduates of Tri-State College and the fac- ulty members who taught them. Qrgz f ' ' yjgia' ,Q .ap ,qiylg Wim: wif' oQ?aa 1,31 ' yjfft 6 P fs ig 6 q ' of ff? 1 ."'. 5 1 1 I if ,'.,4-,,-n ,.-a-""""- 1-o1""" 'Wx PROF. QUINTIN HAWTHORNE Chairman of Department DEPARTMENT OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING The primary objective of the courses in Aeronautical Engineer- ing is to provide sound trainings in the fundamentals and also familiarize the student with the principles of flight and the design and constructon of aircraft, The department was started in 1931 and has kept pace with the growth of the aircraft industry. A modern wind tunnel gives the student a chance to apply classroom theory to prac- tical problems in the construction of aircraft. Left to right: Vincent DiSabato, I mfrzzfior Quintin Hawthorne, Pr0fe.rf0r joseph Toman, flffiffcillf Profeyror Qi Eva? 519' Y 'ly .ni as Q? -on Q..-. A I ..,. , Q ii 'Q' .. ""'.S?" is "N- james D. Barton Bernard A. Blaszkowski Marlin Bowers L. Carl Bowman Duane R. Burnett W. nw. J - ,,,y,,g p . , any M as ,igxaaf v john F. Burroughs james J. Cameron Edward M. Dunaye Philip I. Edgar Roger D. Flickinger I K -A I , , 4 . 5 -Li Weldon R. Harbaugh Edward G. Harlow Warren V. Henry jon P, Hinshaw Howard A. Holland 'G-nw Audi' ,gg i " out " 'S' . fi ,Z W 1: dr . Fred M. jackson Stanley Kaplan Edward M. Kavick Richard B. Kresge Philip C. O'Keefe l J . 'diffs Sf' wi' mf' james C, Pavey Larry Alan Priem Frank W. Raczek Sidney M. Roberts - Raymond E. Rondeau S ,s W Tw Elvis D. Rush William E. Smith Leonard S. Szustak Paul J. Szymanski George P Tingus Douglas E. Uptegraft Clarence Ernest Wentzel H. David Whitesel Ronald L. Zubko DEPARTMENT OE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING The Chemical Engineering program is designed to prepare students for careers in the chemical and petroleum industry, which needs men who can develop, design, and operate new processes. In this department the purpose is to offer a sound background in the fundamentals. The chemical engineering and chemical laboratory work helps students to understand the principles covered in the classroom. The department was founded in 1912 and has been expanding throughout the years. Plans for the future include the improve- ment of course content to meet the demands of industry. 'QWHIUP DR. KENNETH SLAGLE Professor, Chairman of Department I f"gf:2':f?2f i 555 I if , ij '15 FM! 135, , , , ,gi ,fag 4, , .4 ilk' "Q t' ,ay , f Q sa . 'Ni ,fwt BACK ROW, left to right: Richard Griffis, Affirmlzt Proferrorg Bryce Twitty, Afrociuzte Pl'0f6ff0l',' Les Lah- ti, Afrirtfzfzt Proferrorg Ray Porter Ayfiyfmzl Profefmr. SEATED, left to right: Delia Redman, Izzyfrurtow Kenneth Slagle, P7'0f6J'.f0I',' B. Horrall, Afwcifzfe P7'0f6.fJ0l',' Pyrle Rhinesmith, Imlrzzctor. Absent: Profeymr S. Slanina. 23 N. A. Ahyh James R. Heffner John W. Hendrickson David Hixon ' Vaughn D. Kestner Z X: 1: . j , il' R R '- A ' eaoo ,'e. if ' M ,...-v '.-1 - , Allan B. Meahen Robert J. Murray Celso B. Rodriguez William L. Schall Steve J. Semenchuk Gary M. Van Skyock Robert K. Sweeney Francis J. Szot Albert J. Werner Francis L. Witucki CECIL HAUBER, Professor Chairman of Department , W ,s .wi . -K fs, L,-K1 A ijt, -'wwex 4 ..-affi"igs.J 'jig ad '-'33--aff-ft. Avi ", ' 5 y ,, rn! ' vm .sf V .. .frfi 4 1 'deaf -' , ,iff ,ga f zl,,,.,-.,,gN " sf NAMES ,.f Y ,pxixi sa I ' V S SEQ Wgfali- , 1 ga ,i 3 ge "W, J at at -rt - aff' ,: ,H X faf' is fi' 11 f ,Q 4 is ,a :f A' ' dawg Q -ii rl. QU rf f 25" Q, 3 ,,. 5 ,531-STW' 1 "ay -rw f, fa as - vena 3 , iff? ifffafaf--,VN f Siffa ai Q1 f ff fffwff i ' if' ., ,, sf soak , 4 y X is .L-KM' A" -if H- ,KMA ,ki fm, ,aff ,av 2 L 1 We - mg v M. ff: 21 12 f I3 t 5 'Y 7 L :JW .A 37. T i' I v ,E gf V? f fe - S Q? , S f :fr ' aff , G ,' N5 ' 'T , 5 Q M A 'M L cs! 9- 1 J, N 4 .ci if rx " V ,, " f BACK ROW, left to right: Russell Miller, Laboratory Imtructorg John L. Jarrett, Profefforf Richard Griffis, Assistant Profesfor. FRONT ROW, left to right: Thomas E. Brassell, Profefrorj Cecil Hauber, Profefrorg jack Blackmon, Instructor. DEPARTME T OF CIVIL E GI EERI G Civil Engineering, the oldest of the engineering professions, was first offered at Tri-State College in 1902. Civil Engineer- ing projects involve three phases: Conception, Design, and Construction. The curriculum is designed to give the student good understanding of these phases, along with the scientific background required for a creative civil engineer. Laboratories and a twenty-acre survey area give the student the required practical knowledge to supplement his theoretical studies. Q: V:-' I il s .Qs sl in .uv 'am f--'ll' ,Quan l . Y 7 k jig-.3 wif ri.. V. f John D. Barnes Joel L. Bartlett Eugene G. Beatty Robert W. Bell ' Malcolm L. Best Russell C. Bidwell Henry G. Blankinship Thales P. Bouchlas Gail D. BI2lUCh1H Peter Louis Broskey -QW . . WW' 'fvdsnlf' Wayne R. Clausius Clarence P. Collin David B. Cornett Andrew Coulson Frank L. Crescioni John R, Crist Larry O. Cronenwett Russel 'V. Davison Richard G. Dewey -in ,-lit" FN 15,3 -lf l 4I lf'-. ,... , , wwalhu Edward R. English Robert F. Evans Richard john Eolkers RiCha1'd A. Gilmore FICC1 E- Gorove 1 4 f es -4" . ' R493 .T .- - . 2 '. ff?" . A 4149339 .. ., it A ,V,v.,.. 'QS I 1 , it . , .ii ,- -A ,,w- ,u '. 'f'5' -we if . ig? .V tl Z ff ry ' 1 'tfffvgjw . av. Kenneth L. Gould Paul G. Haben Ir. Robert M. Harreld john Howard jr. Donald R- Houterlovf vw, V3.3 Q19 s f 2 gm Y 58 Q. L ' 414. f , .- . A l . :W minkus' A if ,gg IEC 1 ,,., ' if w. 4 4+ .4 A S. , 1 - a 7 . f ' .3 WM . .1 if ' -All .... - 1 gl, 7 f A X f l' gb 3 si Q. ' M 5 s we 1 ?v .4 v S X ' X W 1 Q, 0, 4912 r KN X Q.-1 14' 1 w if 2 , 3 1 ,f s 4 mf pggy x ,4 4? 6, , f " is ,yi 5 .Z ., I . ,. ,,,f ,f gig..-f' in M45 . Richard D. jackson William D. Kalb Thomas M. Killmon Bobby H. Kirks ' Kermit G. Kope "U at Manx ,rx wwwudib Clair E. Lang Theron L. Martin Niel E. Maurer Joseph L. McGuire Douglas M. Perry Walter L. Perry Carl Poffenberger Salvatore Porceddu Andre O. Poulin Joseph S. Provost 2? 'A Ki x 3 ' Ev-zz" 0-' 4 , X W. il E James E. Quirk Charles E. Railey James A. Richardson Glenn A. Richter William J. Russel Ramesh B. Shah John E. Sheehan Aston Simpson Somnauk Sripituksa Antonio R. Stefani . . ,,,,,, MJZ. K. awww. ,Nifty N 5 J Clement O. Stiving Sterling W. Thacker Wayne E. Turley Delwin D. Vander Wal Fred R. Verderber Frederick N. Wagner Robert G. Warner Fenn P. Welsheimer Edward R. Weistling David Westropp Bruce A. Wideman Dennis G. Williams Elmer H. Wirtz 'e"" 1 M W A 'l DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING The Electrical Engineering department was organized in the early 1900's at Tri-State College. The objective of the de- partment is to provide the student with a foundation for a professional, industrial, or business career based on electrical engineering. After a thorough training in the fundamentals of electrical engineering, the student can specialize for a career in the field of electronics and communications or power and auto- mation engineering. Well-equipped laboratories enable the student to obtain a practical understanding of electrical and electronic equipment. PROF. RALPH W. GILCHRIST Chairman of Department BACK ROW, left to right: G. Ware- berg, I12r1'r11rf0r,' Miles E. Hall, Izz- .fI'I'ZlCf0l',' Johan Lund, IlZ5l'l'I!6'f07',' Carl Dudley, Ifzrtrzzrforg Leslie Worden, Imfrzzctory James M. Kaufman, Izz- J'fI'llL'I'0l',' Lloyd G. Hanson, Izzffrzzcfor. FRONT ROW, left to right: Matthew Westenhaver, Proferrorg Arthur E. Eberhardt, Arriffazzzf Pr0fe.rfoz',' Clyde E. Shaw, Profesmrg Henry I. Hutto, Affiffmzt Profeffor. 3I 6 .fame 4+ W 'Mrk ,M-f Av -ui' -7165 Yousef Abdulla William H. Alburty Willis B. Altman D. Michael Atkinson Bruce O. Beebe X ff get M , ,Www ,. .! like Burton A. Beebe Robert J. Biracree Earl O. Born Willis L. Chrisman Dgnald L, Clark 2 . f X A V- ,fs ff." . l A .f af, by s if ' f. 2 A A ' ' . ,,q. QW 4' 19. , y' .33 K . , , W.. ,MW ,,,4,...4mr0 . p L X.. .K I . x . 7.1.2 - f . , Z wr .:.:... - f -X I fl 4 4 -.h. sf- .X f , M, iz rg 2,50 Wggax Edwin O. Clark jr. Alvis B. Clegg Charles C. Cotugno Edwin L. Craig Barry A. Dahlberg W fig N-fs Max G. Davis Cornelis deKramer Everett L. Denning Joseph F. DePumpo James M. Dibble George M. Dorbin joseph W. Duehmig Gerald E. Eaton Harry J. Emmett Jerome E. Erickson John I.. Eyrich James Q. Farlow Robert C. Felts Robert P. Fink Charles H. Finke Robert J. Fitzgerald john T. Gallihugh Jerry K. Gamble Miguel A. Garay Duane W. Gervasi 4 Q , if g - 4 Z , 2 5 1 il . LY... Gerhard B. Grenzberg Franklin L. Haley john M, Hartnett George M. Heck Karl A. Heilborn m Charles Herron V. Michael Hossom jerry F. johnson james M. Kaufman William J. Kemmerer Roar H. Kjellclahl Vello Kull Wayne E. Langstroth Jackie L. Lantz Wayne L, Long id' If Q1 'HQ9 ,, . 'Qu-au... , wr D. L. Lovingood Jr. Thomas Lundregan Ivan L. Mack Fred Madden Vernon S, Marhigen 7 P aa 'rw ,unha- A. Thomas Mazar Albert M. McCarty Allen R. McClure Harry H. Miller Pat M. Mitchell wif? ,wg Robert Mrzlack Harold M. Myers Bernard J. Narus Ralph W. Neill Waldrop L. O'Donnell jr 4 nO,"'f11 A' 3- .4 .,.. ...Me a gf, Lawrence W. Pardoe Randall I. Patterson Willis J. Peacock Errol F . Plata Roy B. Porter -vb' ...ul QQ junior B. Rath Roger C. Reed George I. Reeves L Earl D. Rice Larry E. Rittenhouse 5,3-. Eugene Robbins Billy Romine Herman D. Rummel John A. Salyers Donald H. Schweikert Harry E. Smith Ralph W. Smith Terence J. Smith Terrence E. Smith Wayne A. Smith William A. Starrett Edward L. Stowe David E. Streeter Charles L. Strode Joseph A. Svestka -s-ni Charles E. Sylvia Wendell L. Thaler Dale E. Titley John F. Trenshaw Ronald B. Tunniclif f Ronald K, Tuten Kenneth W. Villyard James R. Walborn Ronald K. Weimer George M. Weisenburger Thomas G. Weiskittle Kenneth E. Wert jack E. Winzenried Clifford R. Wolff Richard M. Wyskida Melvyn M. Zeramby 37 PROF. JOHN C. HUMPHRIES Chairman of Department X , X, DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING The Mechanical Engineering Department was organized at Tri-State College in the early 1900's. Since then it has ex- panded into the department with the largest enrollment on campus. Mechanical engineering covers all basic fields of engineering and borrows fundamentals from other fields. Consequently, it is important in all of present-day industry. With this in mind, the department offers a diversified course in the funda- mentals of engineering and gives the student the required background for the broad field of mechanical engineering. ff , ,X , W .r K . ' , V, 5 W Y f 2 " f A F, '4435 . W!! ' f 4 l X ,- , W- 7 ,, ,, ,JZ , 3 if ,Z Z ., 44,5 aj l BACK ROW, left to right: Douglas A. Barton, Arfofiale Proferrorg Ramsay jackson, Afyociate P1'0fe.fJ0r,' Frederic McGirr, Imtrzzct0r,' Mehmet Atalay, Arrirtant Profesforg Harold Hansen, Arrirmnt Profesror. FRONT ROW, left to right: Virgil G. Areaux, Asfiftant Proferrory Ray- mond I-Iemmert, Arforiate Pr0fe.r,f0r,' John C. Humphries, Profefrorg jim L. Reynolds, Imtrzzctor. 38 V, ,ff f ' V, s Leroy Addis Charles I. Almond Andres R. Barbe-F. Bruce A. Barnes Clifford J. Beam iwm A -JW skunk 'QNX , .2-ai Lawrence J. Beck Gregory A. Bidlack Richard Y. Blair james J. Bleicher Richard j. Brandeberry jr x , M' Richard A. Bruhn E. Eugene Bruning John A. Cahoon Edwin L. Carpenter Glenn W. Carter 4: 1 any Harold F. Cavanaugh Douglas L. Chambers Frederick S. Clevenger Benjamin H. Cole Donald G. Coleman Harold D. Cook jacob K. Crisp Donald N. Critton John L. Cusimano Robert Damian Rathin D. Datta Carl A. Dennis jr. Paul A.. DeVos james H. Donaldson Robert L. Dowler Robert G. Drake john H. Evans Donald D. Fern Theodore P. Ferrell Maurice A. Fisher Phillip L. Foutch Lynne E. Galbraith Francis H. Golembiski Stanley P. Gorecki james H. Green l dui -as 'Minnie ,J Blum '-nal? Frank E. Hanley Thomas E. Hawkins Robert V. Hedderick Ralph H. Held jr. john A. Heppeler zrlfv- mi, . . ik fm' ,numb MK Roger D. Hirt Darle C. Hoover Richard L. Hord Michael Henry N. Hurlburt jr. Houterloot Ir. HOIUCI E- Ivey Robert C. johns Sonia M. Joyce Donald E. Kelly Robert A. Kelly 3 Q! . if -. fff 13 ohn T. Kemner jere W. Kessler Thomas R. King Roger A. Klein Dieter R. Kloth --Q-it 1 .naw-I -QI' .ww Lester A, Knoerf john N. Krouth Floyd A. Kunce Calvin S. Kunkle Joseph W. Kurdziel jose' M. Laboy Robert Lanz Guido A: Lemke james M. Long Robert E. Lovejoy 42 I gas Q ,, -'l r .- r ' "" Victor Lutyj William W. Magee Thomas H. Malinowski David L. Marchand joseph E. Marks . A ,D-'ga , 4 , X , -- 9 .11 ,fa ff Jiefiiwm 4-f . Q ,Q 4, . i f, 2' Harold O. McCri11is Glenn D. McCur1ey Richard A. McKean B. Eyvind Meland Norman Miller john E. Mixer jr. Calvin N. Moulton Roger C. Myers Robert L. Neff Harold M. Nofzinger Kenneth W. Null Robert A. Olson Martin J. Orkis Stephen F. Penn David G. Pierce Q fi 0'-lla W William A. Pierson Roger L. Post George D. Primich George B. Reese Robert F. Reilly ,QIQVEF joseph J. Riggs Phillip J. Ritchie L. D. Ryan Lawrence I. Seed Arthur G. Seeger ,V kt Alfred M. Segar jr. Phillip C. Simmers George N. Smith Ronald M. Smith Claude E. Snyder Paul C. Stimson Alan F. Stocker Lee Wm. Stonestreet jerry L. Strayner Edwin G. Stretch aff' MQ' +.-21? 6511 V, ,,.,,, . f , V V ,119 if ,aff af firm A a a.r ar . I' ,A, , Salim Sultan George W. Thompson Robert E. Thompson Leonard W. Tiedemann Kenneth L. Tullis , ' 'i , , 4 ' 5' . W1 F I.. if ' Theodore A. Tylman LeRoy G. VanStone Jr. Eugene A. Vinca Ain Visnapuu Harold J. Waterman ti . Craig B. Watt Gerald H. Weidenhamer Robert W. Westropp Robert L. Williamson Larry S. Wisman Nim C. Wong Don H. Woods D. jack Youngquist john A. Zidak f?.i l 7 1 f PROF. HAROLD R. HOOLIHAN Acting Dean of Commerce Jw' 'vi L? EQ. Ji 1. Jr ' r b" ,ml , Q, .- , ,U . 'F on -2 l " 2.5 .afgzgf if 5' f T -, 5- f-fe A g, '- 'T .W 1 ., . ,W ..-.. 1- , 1,1 ,. - .aw ., , il ful. tj ,l.llff2sf'i Q . . ,,r.,,-.., -i i. in r- Ihr- ,YI5-L 2 n g-an if-AFM! : '.?Q'ZEff:gLff gi. E-E, I J 5.15-wifi . pail- :J .wr - . ,sr-rpg: L Q 5 iw' pg: t5"'f,f V- 1 - ui mga, if-M -V , , s 5-.Q 5 ' 'ff' ' , .ff it amiafficH germ H E'E tuba l N it " 5 -' '-4' A17 if--' 'H 1- ' 1 1 ,ai 'zamis-1JQL'v1 VJ ' ' ' ,ir-:J 5 1.-cw 65? 1 L . ,agp . 5: -- '-'f -- B .. ,I - ' ,mfs fa- c, fu 1-if Tri 1,514 F "ay,-a3,q -. ff g-. g .1 1 ,aw fufqig.--71,1 f' 5,1 if LF" 'reg-if - J' warg' 1 V fL Eva ma- -, -' ,S-7, , if , pi- Q 2 ,,1?"' 5 l sr ft iivi, 5 I, , ,. , W, -fy. , , is . -,,. W., w ,1- Y 'fro 5:4 ,qw1?:,'-.-av, f-2 w 1-rf It fi 1 ' M..::2vi"i1a- yfi MW alwmwiMMQmMMM.' J if f T wiemf hawaii iatt Hi, N., all .- QB. - rw 1 at -, 1. 'V ts' Sliiilrr BACK ROW: William G. Mundy A-rrociate Professor Charles E. Hallawell Assistant Proferfor FRONT ROW: Wayne Champion Afroriaie Professor Burnell J. Mummert Associate Proferror Director of Albletirf Robert I. Cook Afrociaie Professor -1 gif if ,-1-9 . -,ag--.K w 1+ , . 3 i-eg V, - ,gezifim H is., -- Q, I, ., nuas. 5,-Y-L-,mf at . - - ' .5-.r+3,iff' -was :af , i,,f,n 3 Y ,, ..a- ,-I 1 N- f . -ia .i ,rin , .-1:-f'-t"nwai1-- SCHOOL OF COMMERCE The school for general business administration has the objec- tive of giving the student both a general educational back- ground as well as work of a professional nature in the differ- ent business areas. This gives the student preparation for the supervisory and administrative positions of the business enter- prises of tomorrow. In 1956-57 the school changed its name from Business Ad- ministration to General Business. At that time the course length was extended to twelve quarters. Charles L. Hilton Arrociate Proferfor Everett W. Schadt Proferfor Patrick Conlon I mtrzzclor MOTOR TRANSPORT The Motor Transportation Management Depart- ment was established in 1955. The program was planned as a four-year course leading to a bach- elor degree in Business Administration. The purpose of the program is to foster motor carrier education by providing specialized courses at the college level and to stimulate the interest of students in adopting a career in the motor trans- portation industry. PROFESSOR EVERETT W. SCHADT Chairman, Department of Motor Transportation Management ACCOUNTING TT The first accounting depart- ment was established in 1928 at Tri-State College. This course consisted of a six-quar- ter curriculum. In 1956-57 the course length was changed to twelve quarters. The objectives of this curriculum are to give the student a broad background of liberal arts and general busi- ness, in addition to the techni- cal skill and philosophy of the practical accountant. Howard W. Hoolihan Ronald Pufahl Profermr Affociafe Proferfor 47 Gorden N. Bard William R. Byrne Norman W. Chornenki Donald L. Collins Charles R. Crissman L l Clyde M. Crowl Nelson L. Dietrich Robert D. Eckman Lee S. Forman james W. Freeby Thomas J. Gilbert Thomas S. Hanrahan john L. Henderson Geoffrey A. Hutchinson Fredric M. Kirchhoff Daniel F. LaCosta Robert D. Lyon Jerome N. Mabrey l 48 I 4l if-Str .. .fun-li Iohn B. Mohr Ronald R. Needes Louis E. Olt Stephen J. Parker jack J. Phegley EV' Juan R. Rivera. George A. Rolleston Richard E. Sands james W. Spiher Jack E. Sprague William N. Vaughan James D. Wyneken Adolph A. Zerrusen f ra. sa A . ,,. f 3 X I . .S . DR. SHERMAN F. DREYER Professor, Chairman of Department 2 DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING DRAWING AND DESIGN The department of Drawing and Design fulfills two major functions. Not only does it allow regular engineering students to take advanced courses, but also enables students interested in drafting to take a special thirty-six week course in drawing and design which enables them to enter industry as well- trained draftsmen. Left to right: Stanley S. Radford Profefmr Sherman F. Dreyer Pro feffor Thomas J. Minter Afrimzfzi Profefror Harald Hansen Afsiftmzt Proferror George W. Bingham Wayne E. Boyd Howard D. Hester William R- Ingalls Thomas G. Mest Kenneth A. Levering Russel P. Patchen Keith G. Rinker Otto Zettl , ' D '35, f Il Z f we-s JW ik PROFESSOR PETER F. HOLUB Chairman of Department FRONT ROW: l Elizabeth Orlosky I1zm'zm'0r Peter F. Holub Profermr Mary Carney Proferfor BACK ROW: Fredric W. Howard I 72JI'1'ZlCl'01' Edward G. Little Arrimzzzt Profefror Eugene Huddleston I fzrirzzcfor I 2 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND SPEECH The Department of English and Speech was founded in 1921 to teach English to engineering students. From the small beginning the departmental offerings grew until now a student can complete 55 hours of work toward his require- ments for graduation. Besides the required courses in general composition and technical writing, the department now offers courses in advanced composition and literature. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND ENGINEERING MECHANICS Organized and administered as a service department to the School of Engineering, the Department of Mathematics and Engineering Mechanics emphasizes both the theoretical and the practical aspects of mathematics as it relates to engineering and science. Starting in March 1960 the department offers a course in advanced calculus for those students who are interested in studying advanced mathematics or plan to go to graduate school. Recognizing the importance of mathematics for engineering students, the student is given ample preparation for specializa- tion in pure and applied mathematics and at the same time is given a foundation for his future studies in all phases of engineering. 0' .......-0 ASSOC. PROF. CHESTER L. DAVIS Acting Head of Department FRONT ROW: Harry N. Whittern Afrociate Profeffor William A. Threlkeld Affirfmzt Profermr Chester L. Davis Afmriale Profeffor Arthur A. Hockey Proferror Minard F. Rose Pfofefror SECOND ROW: George S. Rowley Afrimzzzt Pro fefyor Robert Bachert I izfirzzctor jack Ott Ifzrtrurtor George E. Anspaugh Affociate Profefmr Richard Mignerey Ifzrirzzrtor Ross A. Butler Afrociate Profeffor Robert K. King Ifzftrzzrfor Hubert Austin Arfimzlzl Proferfor pm ,X A ,, Q , ,, yfs, .f ' ' M, ,M AMN r up JM , x , A ,. ,ta.m,2. ii.l.,,, , I ,cy mix, t vt 1' -iw wgJX,w" s1,wQo 'M Ayr 'f was A .K t., ,V X K ,LQY Q, ,A PROFESSOR KENNETH STEELE Chairman of Department N FRONT ROW: Charles Kenyon Armciafe Profeyror Kenneth Steele Profefror Paul Eble Arfiftmzl Proferfor BACK ROW: Albert Fowler Izzrtrzzrlor Richard Beam Arrirlafzt Pro ferror Wayne johnson Affiifdilf Proferror DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS The Department of Physics was instituted in 1921 as a service department to the school of engineering. The objective of the department is to give the engineering student the neces- sary fundamentals of physics before he enters the advanced phases of his engineering program. By expanding the laboratory and classroom facilities, the department plans to offer to the student more opportunities to study the latest developments in the field of physics. 54 i S CL SS S XXX S E, S rfes ,, ,--- ' ' me H K K W S M vs, X ell 4 .KX K YIM-.--"" S VV ex-fciig in E L W Die it ll 'deni ' ' 3966 M-Y' .' Niels ii w VM! Mswckd' Pfer X- A X l p gs. - - ' Senza' ,L 'dem V 4095 X V' Y . qjhomvwn' 5 t LCP, ' . Dk V, Q 1 -Utd' ' kwf'-F' "" - . 'f W' 6,5 V , ' ., 'X Sec 3 any E-YW ,,,. 5 3961- G lllqh 4 Q9 S vw- - 'S'4 11 "w Bmw Q H+ iodq O ag' x , ll ,---"' "W" gg Parw f e""'1re,- l ' Bfuc gg""'0n s W if V 'W' swam S ' "New 'Pe3ga"""" . 3 f . A' H. A' "k" W" 00 X Q S at X . to'::"'is,, v ff, 3-84, ,,,.,: , Q Q . fbjqrbolt lb " ,p 45,3955 . ffl. 9, X , .K ir- .fp X ,S S ef-5 if 6 U XXX Class organization gives students the opportuni- ty to develop skills of leadership which are not part of course studies. Thus, as they mature, special abilities become part of their training. JU IOR CLASS MOHAMMED ALGOSAIBI Dammam, Saudi Arabia BERT A. ASTLEFORD Big Rapids, Mich. JOHN R. BARLOW Deposit, New York DOUGLAS A. BARNA Waynesburg, Pa. JERRY P. BARRACK Coldwater, Mich. NORMAN E. BEGIER Dunkirk, New York STEVE W. BLATE Canton, Ohio JERRY L. BLIGHTON Sturgis, Mich. STANTON BLUMENTHAL Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT D. BAILEY Portland, Ind. ROBERT S. BOLCIK Cliffside Park, N. J. JAMES D. BORDNER Montpelier, Ohio RAYMOND L. BREWER Middletown, Ohio JAMES H. CARR West Palm Beach, Fla. NORRIS M. CARTER on City, Pa. TERRY L. CARTER Sparta, N. J. IVAN K. CHARLEY Indianapolis, Ind. EUGENE L. CLOUD Bellfontaine, Ohio RAYMOND A. DART Adrian, Mich. WAYNE E. DEEDS Findlay, Ohio JAMES M. CROW Springfield, Ohio RUDOLPH DALENA Vandergrift, Pa. DALE L. DELLINGER Buchanan, Mich. GREG F. DELLINGER Buchanan, Mich. LARRY A. DEWITT Corunna, Ind. GABRIEL DIAZ New York, N. Y. PAUL B. DOVE Fremont, Ind. REGINALD B. DOYLE Caribou, Maine GERALD A. DRISCOLL Stryker, Ohio JOHN C. ECKARDT Rochester, N. Y. DONALD W. FREUND Waterloo, Ill. LEWIS D. ESENWEIN Wakarusa, Ind. HARRY W. FAVRI Bowling Green, Ohio FRANCIS J. FISK Savona, N. Y. ROGER F. FOLLETTE Newark, New York GERALD R. FREY Lititz, Pa. MICHAEL J. GAITENS Parma Heights, Ohio R. W. GARTENSCHLAEGER Brooklyn, N. Y. CHARLES H. GILMORE Anderson, Ind. MICHAEL L. GLOSSINGER St. Joseph, Mich. PATRICK P. GOGGIN Dunkirk, N. Y. DONALD J. GOOD Madison, Ind. BRUCE A. GOSSMAN Defiance, Ohio ISMAEL L. GUTHRIE Havana, Cuba JOHN T. HALL Vermilion, Ohio GEORGE H. HAMILTON Clarion, Pa. WARREN HARRINGTON Wilson, N. Y. REX A. HARTZELL Pine Grove, Calif. TERRY L. HENLEY Seymour, Ind. MILTON J. HERSEY Baltimore, Md. WALTER KERN Koenigswinter, Germany JAY C. KESSLER Sturgis, Mich. GORDON R. KNOLL Holland, Mich. ROBERT N. KOPP Auburn, N. Y. JAMES G. KURAPKA Youngstown, Ohio CONRAD A. LARSON Buchanan, Mich. RONALD G. HUFFMAN Findlay, Ohio DOUGLAS M. HURSEY Charlotte, N. C. RONALD E. KING Richmond, Ind. HARRY KLEPP Silver Creek, N. Y. JOHN R. KRUEGER Kendallville, Ind. RONALD E. KUNSE Pontiac, Mich. THOMAS H. LCROY La Porte, Ind. DONALD E. LORENTZEN Cass City, Mich. K' 'uf it RICHARD V. LOVETT Summit, N. J. WARREN W. LUKE Chicago, Ill. RICHARD D. MALsoN Onstead, Mich. ROBERT M. MATHISEN Fort Wayne, Ind. WILLIAM T. MARSHALL Decatur, Ill. MICHAEL B. MCINTYRE Buffalo, N. Y. DELBERT E. MEIERHAUS Altamont, Ill. JOHN F. MERRILL Peru, Ind. DON S. MILLER Mishawaka, Incl. BILL L. MITCHELL Bristol, Ind. LARRY E. MOSER Ligonier, Incl. EUGENE L. MYERS II Defiance, Ohio ' ROBERT G. MOORE Buffalo, N. Y. DONALD R. MORGAN Bayside, N. Y. DENNIS R. NORKUS Niles, Ill. RICHARD OWEN Oberlin, Ohio so i DENNIS J. PAAUWE Kalamazoo, Mich. DONALD R. PARISH Gary, Ind. JOSEPH C. PETRIN Putnam, Conn. JOSEPH PICCHI JR. Geneva, N. Y. JOHN J. REGAN Fairhaven, Mass. EDWARD R. ROBBINS Briclgeton, N. J. LARRY J. RUDY South Bend, Ind. DALE E. RUSH Richwood, Ohio DAVID D. PATTERSON Corunna, Ind. A. VINCENT PEFFLEY Goshen, Ind. ROBERT A. PLATE I Wellsville, Ohio MICHAEL PRoKoPAK1s ' A Bloomingdale, Ohio ,Q LUIS M. RODRIQUEZ Santiago Cuba, Cuba EDWARD C. ROZELLE Tecumseh, Mich. ARNOLD SALTZMAN New York, N .Y. GARY L. SCHAEFFER Sturgis, Mich. RAYMOND D. SCHNEIDER' Chesterton, Ind. RAMY A. SHANNY Haifa, Israel WALTER C. SITE Holland, Pa. JAMES s. SLATE Ridley Park, Pa. STANLEY N. SMITH Van Wert, Ohio DONALD L. STEGMOLLER Indianapolis, Ind. RONALD C. STOBERT Natrona Hts., Pa. JOHN C. STOCK Defiance, Ohio ROBERT V. STONE Defiance, Ohio JOHN M. STUART Belgrade, Me. GERALD W. SZYMCZAK Detroit, Mich. RONALD W. TEMPLE St. johns, Mich. RAYMOND C. THOMPSON Binghamton, N. Y. DOMINICK F. TOMASI Beacon, N. Y. ROBERT F. TORDI Mishawaka, Ind. WILLIAM M. VANDERSLICE Hanover, Pa MERRITT L. VOLAND Hoytville, Ohio WILLIAM WARNER JR. Mansfield, Ohio STEPHEN D. WORL Cambridge City, Ind. JAMES S. WRATHELL Midland, Mich. OPHA WATSON JR Centerburg, Ohio IRVIN F, WINKLE Leipsic, Ohio KLAUS WUERSIG Fremont, Ohio RALPH E. YODER South Bend, Ind. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS G. Dellinger, Vife-Prefidentg J. Crow, Secretary' A. Stocker, Prefi- denlg J. Herron, Trea5u1'e1'. 9,1981 4 QW. ' 1. " 1 ,M-W 4 4 . 'I' ,fif 4 Z! any , Y fi 5' 3 il Auwmha, 'Qi .1-if Win 'ri .Asn ...fff W 'ii an-'vw' I f A Us 4. OFFICERS Left to right: Bernard Baer Prefidezzt Carl Knepper Vice-Prarident Les Ickes Secrelary Absent: R. jenkins Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS EARL T. ACTON Park Forest, Ill. ARTHUR E. ADAMS Mt. Pleasant, Mich. EDWARD W. BARNETT New York, N. Y. WILLIAM P. BARNETT Howard Beach, N. Y. ROBERT V. BOLKS Perkasie, Pa. GEORGE H. BOWER ' Lockport, N. Y. JAMES J. CUNNINGHAM Richmond, Ind. JOHN H. DEVRIES Ellsworth, Mich. LEON R. ARMENTROUT Cumberland, Md. THEODORE W. BAER Dearborn, Mich. JOSEPH D. BLACKMER Marlette, Mich. KENNETH E. BLACKWELL Hometown, W. Va. CHARLES F. BUEHRER Lakeville, Ind. PAUL F. CLAWSON Albion, Mich. ROBERT J. FELTS Garden City, Mich. NEIL R. FERENCY Stratford, Conn. WALTER J. GORMLEY Toledo, Ohio JAMES W. GRAHAM Ligonier, Pa. PIERRE HEROUX Woonsocket, R. I. ROLAND F. HILBY Grand Rapids, Mich. LES B. ICKES Custar, Ohio JAMES E. JOHNSON Fremont, Ohio RALPH L. KIRCH Alexander, N. Y. CARL D. KNEPPER McConnellsburg, Pa. NORM S. LOGAN Fort Erie, Ontario DOUGLAS A. MILLER Coldwater, Mich. PETE L. NOWACKI Gary, Indiana RICHARD E. ORR Muncie, Indiana DAVID O. RUPERT Clarion, Pa. KENNETH T. SCHMITT Haubstadt, Indiana FRED J. GRUIN Washington, D. C. GEORGE E. HAWVER Coldwater, Mich. GARY A. HUTCHENS Lynn, Indiana GORDON W. HYATT Centreville, Mich. HENDRIK KAMSTEEG Nieuw-Lekkerland, Holland WILLIAM KELLY Adrian, Mich. CARLOS A. LANG Valencia, Venezuela HARREL S. LERCH Canton, Ohio JOHN J. MISIOLEK, JR. Dearborn, Mich. ROBERT D. NICHOLAS Knightstown, Indiana CECIL R. PEMBERTON Richland, Missouri JOHN E. PRIDDLE Sevendaks Kent, England THOMAS A. SCHWAB Deshler, Ohio GARY L. SECOR Edwardsburg, Mich. EDWARD W. SHRIVER Beaver, Pa. THEODORE A. SIEVERSON Chicago, Ill. THOMAS L. SIPE Albion, Ind. JACK T. SMITH Anderson, Ind. WILLIAM E. STANLEY Erie, Pa. DAVID C. STEGEMOLLER Indianapolis, Ind. RUSSELL W. TICEN Lafayette, Ind. RALPH D. TRINE Albion, Mich. JEROME W. VALENTI Stockbridge, Mich. JOSEPH A. VANEECKE Detroit, Mich. THEODORE L. WARFIELD Frontier, Mich. PHILLIP H. WATSON Anderson, Ind. WILLIAM B. WETZ Dayton, Ohio NORMAN F. WHITSON Marcellus, N. Y. HOWARD N. WIELAND Lorain, Ohio VICTOR S. WILLIAMS Waterloo, Ind. ARLEY W. WILMOTH Warwick, R. I. RICHARD WILTANGER Oil City, Pa. RICHARD A. WITHAM Mishawaka, Ind. RONALD L. WITTMER LaGrange, Ill. WILBUR L. WOLF Roann, Ind. RICHARD G. YOUNG Worthington, Ohio ANDREW ZAWISZA Dowagiac, Mich. OFFICERS Left to right: Bruce Hansen Trearurer Fred Dawes Secretary George Higginson Vice-President Absent: R. Wiltamger Preridenz GARY ABNER Tecumseh, Mich. GARY G. ARMSTRONG Battle Creek, Mich. BERNERD R. BAER Schnecksville, Pa. DON W. BARD Corunna, Indiana GARY E. BARNHART Montpelier, Ohio MICHAEL W. BARTHEL Cumberland, Indiana PHILIP A. BAUSER Kettering, Ohio GREGORY BOCHNAK Bridgeport, Conn. SAM BONCARO Geneva, N. Y. HAROLD BOYD Milton, Indiana FRED M. BRASHER Indianapolis, Ind. PETER S. BRIGGS Dunkirk, N. Y. COLEMAN P. BROWN Wayne, Pa. GARY A. CERVO Palatine Bridge, N. Y. NORMAN A. CHROBOT South Bend, Indiana LLOYD F. CORNUE Hebran, Illinois FRE HMAN CLASS I .f -if Sf' W in 544 Q 4"+'w-ui.. 'Q Af r wh' 'li 0 4' V uni--at - fvt U :?..we'f ...yr . . 1 ' ' J Q -web A 3, X if f 1 J DAVID L. COTTERMAN Kokomo, Indiana HOWARD H. COWAN Saint John, N.B. L. FREDRICK DAWES Clinton, N. Y. DONNIE W. DICKEY Union City, Indiana EDWARD S. DIPONZIO Rochester, N. Y. GARY L. GREEN Portland, Indiana GLEN D. GREEN Mishawaka, Indiana LARRY A. HALL Olmsted Falls, Ohio JOHN S. HANES Lodi, Ohio BRUCE H. HANSEN Lewiston, N. Y. WAYNE E. HANTZ Angola, Indiana JACK L. HELLER Hamilton, Indiana GEORGE E. HIGGINSON Osceola, Indiana THOMAS VU. HOPKINSON Southview, Pa. JAMES F. HUMMEL Mishawaka, Indiana RAYMOND L. JONES Niles, Ohio ROBERT L. KERNS Fort Wayne, Indiana STANLEY J. KNABEL Galesburg, Illinois RICHARD KOONTZ Philadelphia, Pa. JACOB J. KUIPER Grand Rapids, Mich. JEROME F. KURDYS South Bend, Indiana LEBEL P. IVAN Madawaska, Maine JOHN E. LaCROIX Marseilles, Illinois WILLIAM LEWIS Reading, Pa. DONALD G. LINK Bethel Park, Pa. RICHARD LONG Murlette, Mich. SAMUEL P. MAIMONE Cleveland, Ohio ROBERT MARTIN Topeka, Ind. DAVID MAYER Shelby, Ohio MAX MAXWELL Kingston, Jamaica L. WILLIAM MCGRAW Wausau, Wis. KENNETH W. MILLER Glen Head, N. Y. MICHAEL MILLER Fort Wayne, Ind. JAMES MITCHELL Fort Francis, Ont. BRENDA MOTSINGER Salem, Ind. TOM NEMETH South Bend, Ind. WILLIAM ORRIS Buchanan, Mich. RONALD PALMER Mishawaka, Ind. TOM PHILIPP Angola, Ind. DON PILSNER Marshfield, Wis. JOHN PIMM Auburn, N. Y. BRUCE PLANTON Morrisville, Pa. MARVIN PROCTOR Oak Lawn, Ill. DAVID RIDER Washington, Ill. RONALD SALISBURY Hillsdale, Mich. RONALD SARGENT Ogdensburg, N. Y. EDWARD SCHELLING Stryker, Ohio WESLEY SHARPE Montegg Bay, Jamaica 5 1 ..., L' 'f?s1 V 'W A 4 HARALD SORQUIST Dover, Ohio HAROLD TERRY Anderson, Ind. RAYMOND TOTH ENGIN TILEV Ankara, Turkey JOSEPH USKEAT Gary, Ind. JAMES VAN ZEELAND Kimberly, Wis. JAMES L. WARD' Anderson, Ind. RICHARD WARTERS Allegany, N. Y. RICHARD WIEST South Bend, Ind. ROBERT YAHN Wyckoff, N. J. They also serve . . . H0 GR RIE XXX Q 1, wms WHO fits Afll lllg 1.5 STLLDENTS 'M j'-Av-if Je l s I' 4 F cp E r 1' X il 'Xf14?ff:lf?s5'ill 1 X I .x" "', l i YYVV V dl XXX For these symbols of academic and other types of college leadership the students of Tri-State College compete. LEFT FILE, top to bottom: Don Clark Gerhard Grenzberg Tom King Willis Chrissman Willianu Kemmerer Richard McKean Larry Rittenhouse CENTER FILE, top to bottom: Norman Chornenki George Weisenburger Stanley Kaplan Leroy Addis Roger Tunnicliff Edward Fitzgerald john Mohr RIGHT FILE, top to bottom: Joseph Provost Stanley Smith Elmer Wirtz Russell Bidwell jere Kessler Clarence Wentzel Bruce Barnes Absent: Floyd Kunce ' ,XX l I all STUDENTS , 1 WHOSSM WHO it The selection of graduating students for inclusion in "Who's Who Among Students in American :Universities and Colleges" is conducted by a faculty committee and then by approval of a national board. Selection is on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and promise of future usefulness to society. -W! Z H iii' TRI STAT E COLLEGE Ll Q ll Tau Sigma Eta, the Honorary Engineering Society, was founded on campus in 1950. Its membership is open to those students enrolled in the School of Engineering who maintain a high scholastic average. To be eligible for membership, the student must maintain an average of 3.1 during four consecutive quarters while carrying a 20 hour load per quarter. To remain active in the honorary the student is required to maintain a 3.0 average. The purpose of Tau Sigma Eta is to promote high scholastic achieve- ment and to offer tutoring service to fellow engineering students. TAU IGMA ETA Bruce A Barnes Bruce Beebe jerry Blighton Stanton Blumenthal Thales Boughlag Edwlll Ca1'PeUtef Willis Chrissman Don Clark Harold Cook Edwin Cfaig Rudolph Dalena Cornelis deKrarner Everett Denning Bob Dowler Edward Dunaye "QQ , A f 4 if s r 9 f Q ff f x f s xx is-'W 1 ,X r .7 ,, 4 6 5 X 1 , X 4 . X 'ws 5 1- Gerald Eaton Jerome Erickson Robert Fitzgerald Phillip Foutch Michael Gaitens Francis Golembiski Gerhard Grenzberg jon Hinshaw Mike Hossom Edward Jackson Williaiii Kemmerer Jere Kessler Tom King HHIIY Klepp Les Knoerr jose Laboy Conrad Larson Guido Lemke Neil Maurer john F. Merrill q-ggi' W, Allen McClure Richard McKean Dennis Paauwe Joseph Petrin x A A 4 Roger Post Larry Priem Roger Reed George Reeves Larry Rittenhouse Stanley Smith Wayne Smith Claude Snyder John Stock Delwin Vander Wal Fred Verderber Gerald Weidenhammer George Weisenburger Clarence Wentzel Irvin Winkle MISSING: Walter Auyer, Jerry Barrack, J. Bury, john Christoni, Donald Coleman. Carl Dennis, Dyson, Froelich, Hawkins, Floyd Kunce, Wayne Langstroth, O'Brien, Walter Piurek, D. Schick, L. Shoudel, Tordi, R. Tunnicliff, Wingstaff. Elmer Wirtz Alpha Beta Alpha, the Honorary Commercial Society, was founded in 1938 by two of the present faculty advisers, Professors Howard Hoolihan and Harold Hoolihan. Alpha Beta Alpha was organized to promote scholastic achievement, leadership, and character among the students en- rolled in the School of Commerce at Tri-State College. To be eligible for election to Alpha Beta Alpha the student must maintain an average grade of "A" for the preceding four quarters prior to his election or an average grade of "B" for six quarters prior to his election. Students meeting the requirements of leadership and character are then initiated into the honorary. LPHA BETA ALPHA ta we i Prof. Harold Hoolihan Prof. Howard Hoolihan ASSI. Pf0f. R0r1ald Pufahl Gordon Bard William Byrne Charles Crissman Milton Hersey Stephen Parker George Rolleston Richard Sands S ULL AND BGNES, C. O. A. MSW Skull and Bones, C.O.A., is a national honor society organized gg? if V at Tri-State College in 1948. . Up. fw'5w N The purpose of Skull and Bones is to recognize outstanding ' j,1'fggi'f1ji1f leadership and to promote student spirit and' interest in 'fi' .ffljflgf college activities. Norman Chornenki Lloyd Henderson Bob Nicholas Dave Rupert Walter Site A1 Stocker Bob Thompson TRI-STATE STUDE T DIRECTORS LEFT FILE, top to bottom: George M. Weisenburger Thomas Malinowski Robert Nicholas Cornelis De Kramer Roger Mocherman CENTER FILE, top to bottom: Guido Lemke Milton Hersey jr. Jerry Barrack Donald Coleman LEFT FILE, top to bottom: Carl Poffenberger Phillip johnson Elmer H. Wirtz Stanton M. Blumenthal Dean Paul Nurnberger Absent: Donald Clark Norman Chornenki Gerhard Grenzberg Larry Rittenhouse Dave Rupert 78 The Tri-State Student Directors were organized in 1954. The membership is representative of students from both the School of Commerce and Engineering and are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, dependability, co-operation, and the desire to promote the welfare of the college. The Student Directors assist the Dean of Students during registration, Baccalaureate, Commencement, and the Christmas party. KW' UK- 3- '7 SCHOLAST C AW RD PLAQUE RECOGNITION The following students will have their names inscribed on the Tri-State College Honor Plaque. This takes the place of a second Gold Key Award. Edwin L. craig December 1959 Bruce O. Beebe jack H. Blackmon William R. Byrne Charles R. Crissman Cornelius deKramer Gerhard B. Grenzberg Wayne E. Langstroth Allen R. McClure Fred A. Phillipp Thomas F. Prescott George A. Rolleston William N. 'Vaughn December 1959 Earl T. Acton Russel C. Blackall Edward M. Burg Donald G. Coleman Raymond P. Dong Gerald E. Eaton Steward D. Ebneter Thomas E. Everett Richard R. Folkerth Francis H. Golembiski Homer W. Goodier Dean E. Hawkins Richard L. Hord Van M. Hossom Floyd A. Kunce jose M. Laboy joseph B. Lamirand Conrad A. Larson Nicholas Matiash Roger R. Mocherman Calvin V. Parmiter Walter Piurek Robert F. Reilly Kenneth L. Tullis Delwin D. VanderWal Fred R. Verderber Kenneth W. Villyard Elmer H. Wirtz june 1960 Yousef Abdullah Robert M. Ault Gordon N. Bard GOLD KEYS SILVER KEYS Guido A. Lemke june 1960 Bruce O. Beebe William R. Byrne Edwin L. Craig Charles R. Crissman Cornelius deKramer Jerome Erickson Phillipp L. Foutch Gerhard Grenzberg Guido A. Lemke George A. Rolleston George M. Weisenberger Clarence E. Wentzel Bruce A. Barnes Burton A. Beebe Thales Bouchlas Edward M. Burg William R. Byrne Norman W. Chornenki Donald L. Clark Donald G. Coleman Charles R. Crissman Robert L. Dowler Edward M. Dunaye Gerald E. Eaton Robert Fitzgerald Phillip L. Foutch Francis H. Golembiski Jon P. Hinshaw Garren E. Jones Jose M. Laboy Daniel F . LaCosta Nicholas Matiash W. Norman Miller Stephen J. Parker Carl Poffenberger Roger L. Post Larry E. Rittenhouse George A. Rolleston Richard E. Sands Claude E. Snyder Kenneth L. Tullis Delwin D. VanderWal Fred R. Verderber Kenneth W. Villyard Clarence E. Wentzel Elmer H. Wirtz R. TRI-STATE 1960 W'-s-wa JEROME E. ERICKSON, Mr. Tri4State 1960, is a native of Jamestown, New York. He is a senior in the electrical engineering department and is a member of the Jay-Cees, Booster Club, Tau Sigma Eta, A.S.T.M.E., and the Mechanical Eng. Soc. "Mr, Tri-State" is selected by a board of judges on the basis of scholarship, leadership, personality, and initia- tive. The Mr. Tri-State contest, to be held annually, is spon- sored by the Booster Club and the Student Council. The contest was held for the first time this year and received such support from the student body that it will be con- tinued every year. The board of judges is selected by the student body and consists of two students, one faculty member, one admin- istrative member, and a prominent local person. MR. TRI-STATE FINALISTS, left to right: Paul Nurnberger, Dean of Studentfg Thomas Malinow- ski, Gary Secor, Jerome Erickson, Irvin Philbrick, John L. Henderson, and Arling Prefidenl Perry T. Ford. 80 l FRATER ITIE XX nipnnn. ,Si gg, -ya '81, yay-' , .vw , Z., 3,6 QQ' QQ XXX College students need social experiences to help develop those aspects of personality and conduct not covered by academic work. These experi- ences they may gain through fraternal organiza- tions.. The highest honor to which fraternity members aspire is leadership of their fraternal orders. These men have been picked to lead their fraternities. iii nf The Lambda House , gif? an 9 5 Xa , a ,l aura itll lilllilygw I ' u F Nj I X K . I ff-1 If iQ gift W' ir' Q BACK ROW, left to right: George Higginson jim Felts Dick Warters Bruce Platon Don Dickey Duane Gervasi Robert Plate Bill Ingalls FRONT ROW, left to right: Steve Blate Gary Secor Gary Hutchens Tom Killmon Ray Schneider Ron Wittmer Paul Clauson Peter Broslcey ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON LET EVERY MAN AID HIS FELLOW MAN Alpha Gamma Upsilon Fraternity was founded in the fall of 1922 by four students enrolled in Anthony Wayne Institute at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since then A.G.U. has spread throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, firmly establishing itself as an ever-growing national fraternity. Lambda Chapter of A.G.U. received its charter at Tri-State on May 8, 1949. From the beginning Lambda Chapter has had continual growth and prosperity due to the many fine brothers that have passed through its doors. At present the members of Lambda Chapter are working hard at repainting the exterior of the house. THE QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS MRS. REGINALD DOYLE, JR. 'W 3 ,mb MQDI- 'ini Steve W, Blate Gail D. Brauchla Peter L. Broskey Chafles C- COUISUO Don E. Dickey Reginald B, Dgyle Duane W. Gervasi George E. Higginson William R. Ingalls Robert A. Plate Bruce L. Platon Gaiy L. Secor R21YfYl0f1d D- 5Chf16iClC1' Richard J. Warters Ronald L. Wittmer John A. Zidak J Our sun deck A. G. U. Playboy Party ima i Sparky," our National Executive Secretary. 34 5? :ff 'X Pledge at work. 'W' V 3, wha, A little recreation and then hit the books P, I LPHA SIG A PHI i ,T X lf! rl ' , I my Q my S iff Tug I Qfffli ' K - x'f' i W..f9i 1w.,i,t,,aSf'N ,M il 'with' ifwfjs Q .t.. ' .,, -I frm fe: Eid-Qi' 1 f ffiaff fi I tw . ' 'ttisfwl I' ' I 6,5 N., -as e gan sf I ,af 15f : f. ,. .f..-if sag W1 ' I Wx ? " . i W Fi 5' , me fa 'N "4 L4iR,.. .ytowi le' Xessifgfiaaslfs The purposes of Alpha Sigma Phi are to foster education, to maintain charity, and to promote patriotism. Additional objectives of the fraternity are to encourage culture and high scholarship, to assist in building character, to promote college loyalties and perpetuate friendships, to cement social ties with- in the fraternity, and to foster the maintenance of college homes by chapters for their active members. I i l A9 5 I Alpha Sigma Pad: Home for Kool Kats From its selection of princesses the As usual we are pleased to present our queen MISS JUDY DEMBICKIE l 4 i I rl i l I li u . 1 n , fraternity annually selects a queen. l , ' ,i . . . I vl T y 5 E I 1 l I I r l , .. 4 I 1, si s! 'L C ' f- , x in 1 , ZKYQKQFX f , ' f .f,g,e3f W- ! rag J A x, , 15 aim ' i ,K 5 f it z Arthur Adams Henry Blankinship Fred Brasher Charles Buehrer Terry Carter Eugene Cloud Ben Cole Donald Collins Don Critton james Cunningham Gabriel Diaz Fred Gruin john L. Henderson Milton J. Hersey Jim johnson Ronald King Ronald Kunse Robert Mathisen John Misiolek Jr. Robert Nicholas he Donald Parish James Quirk Frank Raczek Kenneth Schmitt Lawrence Seed jerry Strayer john Stuart Richard Thompson Ray Thompson Russell Ticen George Tingus Phillip Watson 5? 7K wr an-"""' " in-.po-4 Don Woods Ronald Zubko Prof. Peter Freshman Holub Assoc. Prof. Chester Dru is Faczzlly Member Fiffllfly Mwllkw' MISSING: Bernard Baer, Maurice Bartlett, Mike Barthel, Dave Benner, Dick Benner, Bob Duke, john Grimm, Roger Hirt, Bill Lewis, W. T. Marshall, Bob Martin. Tom Miller. Louis Olt. Tom Phillip, Gene Robbins, Ron Smith, Dick Wiest. ACTI ITIES 2' rx ' gwvwww '14-S-wr-M ,apnwwwwf " . . . we win trophies . . . Agfa: ...and sleep if We can... . . . and sing together . . . Ev! ,. if , I ga V ' sk, ,S . 'K . 1. 1 M 'hi R 1 ' 'ff fl P ' f 1 W . A wr' 1 1 f 3 A N H -',r- tlcxrgi ' .qgg ' r , . . . and always eat up a storm. --s Robert Ault Bruce Barnes ,l21Ck Cook I BROTHERHOOD FIDELITY W QQ , Z 1 V 6, ,A , PN AS 1 1 . TRUTH BETA PHI THETA Beta Phi Theta was founded in November 1917 as a social organization on the campus of Milwaukee State Teachers College. It flourished purely as a social group until 1942, when the first national convention was held. In the early history of Tri-State College, fraternities were not allowed on the campus. In 1922 a group of men formed an organization that was called the "Four-Eleven Gangf' This organization then opened the first fraternity house on this campus' in 1925, and the fraternity was named Lambda Phi Epsilon. In 1929 the Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta was chartered from this first Tri-State fraternity. Donald Harreld Robert Harreld john Hartnett Ralph Held Jr Harry Emmett l ' l l , .. l l l 45"-5 l gl l l l l I jon Hinshaw Don I-Ioltzberger Homer Ivey Paul Koutz i l Jay Kuiper Norm Long Barry Meahen Pat Mitchell f6S1iC NOft0H Gleflfl Ridiffff Dave Richter Steve Semenchuk jack Smith Dave Stegemoller Craig Watt Ronald Weimer 7 William Whitehouse 7 Irvin Winkle BETA PHI THETA ATHLETICS . . . . . AND THE BETA BoYs WHO HELPED GAIN . . . ...Ollf trophies The Bowling Championship ...fll nner-up spot in basketball . . . . . . and those who cheered . . . . . . for the softball team . . . "I-'IUC VIL' ""!,i2.!L!?Efw ONE OF OUR PARTY NIGHTS WHEN WE RELAX AND GAMBLE - FOR FUN ONLY - AND . . . MUCH LATER WE ELECT andle-light and . . . OUR QUEEN . . . the night my ' " MRS. CRAIG WATT BETA SIGMA TAU rw was Q F' v N7 im .T .I lu 1-"l c 'N T 4 K nf' RX f-'bv' 'f 5' W 2 fa -1 .f-M WEL'-'ravi f 1.1 R "-.. ,-" ,U 3 Q ,, , Q 1 J 'I rf: 5 U in TB . 293' L4 The House of the Delta Chapter The Delta Chapter of Beta Sigma Tau traces its history back to 1938, when a group of students organized the Kadimak Society. This group later became the Alpha Chapter of Theta Mu Pi. Two years after Beta Sigma Tau vyas founded, this latter group became affiliated with it. This took place in October 1950. From its inception the fraternity has lived up to the motto of "Quality, Understanding, and Unity." BETA SIGMA TAU SWEETHEART MARY JANE MORAN EQUALITY, U DERSTANDI G, U ITY STANDING, left to right: Willianx Boring, Don Miller. Ted Warfield, Don Fudge, Roger Mocherman. SITTING, left to right: Terry Smith, Ed LaCroix, Ida johnson CI-Iousemotherj, Ralph Yoder, Larry Bingham. Absent: J. Freeby, Bill Park, Charles Brown, Don Moorehead, Sterling Thacker. ll A ii , I i a, The most popular meeting place in the house. Before the IFC dance: Ted Fleisher, Miss Caludine Richards, Don Miller , , Our sidewalk shingle . GEAXNE Q ,JF,'Fz.u35"' , .a A - if F XY Q 1 .4-at 1 Enya 'l 1 'k pe, ,. , ,gf .Y gf fra ak I A 77 TW 1 gilt ' S K V N, . , , 31 ' ivwgk-.1 L4-5 9 ' The house on the hill The Indiana Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa was organized on campus in March 1952. Prior to this date, the Kappa Sigma Kappa house had been associated with various fraternities. The "House on the Hill" served the original chapter of the present Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity until 1936, when the remaining actives merged with a large national fraternity. After a brief period with a local fraternity, the house became the home of Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1947. A In 1952 Tau Kappa Epsilon withdrew from the campus, and March of that year Kappa Sigma Kappa took over the "House on the Hill." Our spacious, modern living room S T569 1. l John Barlow Lawrence Beck Maurice Collins Frederick Dawes 1"wr"" Edward Di Ponzio john Eckhardt Neil Ferency Larry Hall iv Bruce Hansen Les Ickes Robert Moore Waldrop O'Donnell Jr. sfrgvvsgzfgf' . ig. 5 V, 4 5 ., 5 ec. - Gary Schaeffer Alan Stocker Salim Sultan Harold Terry N 3 A Robert Thompson Ralph Trine Merritt Voland James Ward SWEETHEART GF KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA 1960 MISS MOYA HEHS , Y 'J ,lf f'-f - lfi , -1-f i ' . A LP, SX! IZ il E up 1 if I Q J ' W :gs . yn T -asv fy O K Memories will last forever within these walls PHI KAPPA THETA LOYALTY TO GCD AND COLLEGE Phi Kappa Theta is a national social fraternity for Catholic men. It was formed by the consolidation of Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi fraternities in April 1959. It concerns itself with the moral, the spiritual, and the ethical conduct of its members by developing in them the art of working and living together in a united fraternity. The fraternity continually looks to the future. To this end, thirteen acres of land were purchased last year. On this land the fraternity plans to build a new fraternity house and recreational facilities for its members. The home away from home opens its doors. The den of iniquity in James Bleicher Gary Cervo Walter Gormley Thomas Hanrahan Michael Henthorn Joseph jambro Ralph Kirch Robert Kopp james Kurapka 1056 Laboy joel Le Fave Samuel Maimone Elwyn May Peter Nowacki john Pimm jack Pomprowitz 4 A V i i l l 1 1 l -I 4 'I l fun 'BMW' Gonzalo Posado David Ransbury Ray Rondeau Ronald Stobert JOS6ph Svestka Frar1CiS Szot Leonard Szustak Dominick Tomasi Robert Tordi Joseph Uskeat Francis Witucki 0-FW' Richard Wyskida Mr, Mundy Family Member MISSING MEMBERS: Len Ciesielski, Ernest Dickman, Don Eagan, Paul De Vos, Pat Goggin, Ivan Lebel, Dan Matrazzo, George Primich, Joe Riggs, John Riley, Charles Sylvia. . . . AND LAUGHTER W- A M. was Q ' W 1 f X I I FILLED THE DEN. There are girls at TSC ft ll Kappa Theta anyh OUR SWEETHEART 5 1 Miss SUSAN MEIXEL at ,f W'-rc frfffratnre M 5--V f 4, SINCERITY SCHOLARSHIP 'RW 5 Vze. Qfsfflf ii il 1 Q 92 S fe 'ii.,.,,r MORALITY SIGMA MU SIGMA The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma, the oldest recognized fraternal organization on the Tri-State campus, was founded on March 9, 1921. Sigma Mu Sigma is proud of its history and achievements, both in scholastic and social areas, and continually strives to improve. The fraternity has always tried to develop men with confidence in their ability to meet and associate with people and to fill a useful place in the world. Toward this end, the men of Sigma Mu Sigma will always strive. Leroy Addis Gregory Bochnak Coleman Brown Duane Burnett John Burroughs Glen Carter Ivan K. Charley Nelson Dietrich 4 ,,,,,f, Paul Dove 'Robert Fink Charles Finke Roger Flickinger Ron Gartenschlaeger Michael Glossinger BIUCC GOSSman Warren Harrington Rex Hartzell Robert Hedderick Richard Hord F rederich Kirchoff Eugene Myers Harold Nofzinger Kenneth Null Randall Patterson Stephen Penn Billy Romine Alfred Segar George Smith 5 MISSING: H. Arrington, J. Barrack, R. Crittsinger. C f :Mg ,fx Camp, S. Galbo, R. Gilmore, J. Graham, F. jackson D . D. Kelly, E. Lewis, C. Parmiter, W. Plank. I. Phil A brick, R. Shaver, A. Stefani, C. Stonehurner, P. Wilt anger, J. Young. Robert Stone Kenneth Tullis WE PRESENT OUR 75th ANNIVERSARY . . FLOAT WELCOME TO OUR PAD . E .ldv ian 'ni . . . where we may be Caught study- ing . . . Q1 Of Planning H C21Per . . . . . . or dressing for it . . Hiiiiliiiiii we-W . . . or just relaxing . . . or dancing . sk " f . . . and before we go, three cheers for our queen . . . , Q . . or entertaining friends . . 29, ,, ,al Y, PRO BONO ,nf 1 1 W l'K'i"?' 1 .i Lf 'X fi fl I ' YQ ga, ,, it as rv f I-aa l lf' T PM , f Kappa Chapter House PROFESSIONIS SIGMA PHI DELTA Sigma Phi Delta was founded on Campus in 1947 to fill the need for an engineering fraternity. Since its founding, the society has outgrown its first two homes. For that reason and because it expects to grow with the school, the Kappa chapter is planning to build a modern fraternity house to keep pace with its growth and that of the college. FOURTH ROW, left to right: John Krouth, George Schrink, john Pieplow, Dallas Opdyke, Conrad Larson, David Marchand, John Hendrickson, Max Rose. THIRD ROW, left to right: Alan Ringenberg, William Schall, Ronald Wetzel, David Hixon, Dennis Williams, Thomas King, Larry Shoudel, Melvyn Zeramby, Arnold Saltzman, Michael Prokopakis, Howard Wieland, james Crow, Dennis Green, Robert Dowler, Paul Haben. SECOND ROW, left to right: Thomas Malinowski, David Whitesel, Donald Forrester, Kreig King fChapter Councilorj, john Jarrett fFaculty memberj, Jack Blackman fFaculty Adviserj, Charles J. Herron, Richard Owen, Niel Maurer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Orr, Edward Westling, Russell Davison, Dale Dellinger, William Warner, Larry Rudy, Gary Buss, Larry Wisman. Our fraternal assembly james Crow Russell Davison Dale Dellinger Greg Dellinger Robert Dowler john Hendrickson Charles Herron David Hjxon Henry I-Iuflbuft jerry Johnson Thomas R. King john Krouth David Marchand Joseph Marks I Michael Miller I Richard Owen Michael Prokopakig Timothy Quinn Larry Rudy Arnold Saltzman if William Schall Clement Stiving William Warner Edward Westling W A N ,, , 1 Dennis Williams Larry Wisman Melvyn Zeramby MEMBERS MISSING Gary Buss, Donald Forrester, Dennis Green, Paul Haben, Conrad Larson, Thomas Malinowski, Neill Maurer, Arnold Okkonen, Dallas Opdyke, Richard Orr, john Pieplow, Alan Ringenberg, Max Rose, Alvin Rutledge, George Schrink, Larry Shoudel, Stanley Smith, William Smith, Rex Zimmerman. Hell night Rex Zimmerman and Joe Herron swat Mike Prokopakis. Q? I'm so happy! STANDING, left to right Mrs. Arnold Saltzman Mrs. Pat Areaux Mrs. Charles Herron Mrs. Robert Dowler SITTING, left to right: Mrs.' Paul Haben Mrs. Edward Westling Mrs. jack Blackmon I TRA-FRATER ITY COUNCIL The Intra-Fraternity Council, an outgrowth of the Pan-Hellenic Council, was organized in 1936. Each member fraternity elects two representatives for this organization. These representatives work to promote the best interests of the fraternal organizations by achieving harmonious relations between the faculty, the administration, the student body, and the fraternities. STANDING, left to right: jon P. Hinshaw, David J. Hixon, John Misiolek Jr., Roger D. Flick- inger, Ronald C. Stobert, Raymond E. Rondeau, John F. Burroughs, Dennis Williams, Les B. Ickes, Conrad A. Larson. KNEELING, left to right: Ralph Trine, Don S. Miller, David Ransbury, Robert M. Ault. I K l I l 1 l i 1 I l 1 w ACTI ITIE XXX S ' 755 In ' ' I .I 9- Y is ,," .. , ,lp 4 use C S- sw, 1 , I , . , . ,, . NMA" ' mf' .. xlau ,x A , ff M' rf Q 59:04 ,A , -M. I Q g . aoghap- 4, 'Qi is ' -f ' A sf' - ' K f " 7. ff 4, , I L 1 V f W Q ' -In ,IP-If i ez. vi-3, ,,,,, . f Q .a - in "-iw, we -0 q 1-M . 'Q' R 1 g Q X . ...W A -y - A k . 5..--W 0 -af -if W Q - .. . M bd -t -N 5 , 4 'h '--.,, M A Y, I 'W .. ' Q N21-"up K- "' il 'Z 'i 65559-5 3 - -1 . S' 'ish . E55-S ,Q-A ' s f , -, 1, ' , 2 ,A N ' K, lg ' 45, :JL iffq..,A.sA 4 wifi: im we fviad gtaxin f, ,', Smut: 'fiy Q wx Q 'W' , N . -,, , ' 6671 XXX The canoe race is one of the annual events of Tri-State College. It is held on nearby Lake James. The winners of this year's race are shown here as they complete the course. II3 TITUTE AERO AUTICAL SC E CES In addition to the pleasures of social meetings, students of this society derive other benefits. These include special rates for all I.A.S. publications and automatic professional membership after graduation, without payment of the regular fee. The practical appli- cations of college training are presented by means of films concerning the industry and the invitation of prominent speakers to appear at society meetings. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Russell Patchen, Warren Luke, Phil Edgar, Marlin Bowers, Donald Whitesel, Yacoob Docraat, Roger Flickinger. THIRD ROW, left to right: Edward Kavick, John Rathjen, Frank Raczek, William Smith, Nicholas Stambula, Robert M. Ault, Alvin Rutledge, Len Szustak, jay Kessler, Doug Uptegraft, Marv Baden, Don Weaver. SECOND ROW, left to right: Steve Blate, joe Toman QAdviserj, Marvin Mills, Jon Hinshaw fTreasurerj, Dennis Norkus QSecretaryJ, L. Carl Bowman QPresidentJ, Clarence Wentzel fTr. Reptj, Lyle Brown, Raymond Rondeau. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Gaitens, Milo Raub, Paul Clawson, Edward Dunaye, Gary Bowman, George Ropchock, Jerry Summersett. .vu-34 3. 1' , Q. A 243. .. 'E This is the important connection. Instructors DiSahato and Toman enjoy going from this computing device . . . to this one. K Getting ready to test a section Q4 What's he doing? In April 1948 students enrolled in the Department of Chemical Engineering organized the campus affiliate of the' American Chemical Society. Membership in this organization affords stu- dents the chance to become acquainted withthe professional as- pects of their careers. This is the primary purpose of the society. The society achieves this purpose by bringing important guest speakers to the campus, by presenting films concerning the various areas with which chemistry is concerned, and by arrang- ing field trips to chemical plants in the tri-state area. The members of the society, in cooperation with the department, annually present displays to show the latest developments in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. TUDE T AFFILIATE OF THE STANDING, left to right: Harshad Shah, E. A. Campbell, W. C. Assaf, Gary Weltlich, john Eckardt, William Shall, Ronald Temple, Terry Henley, James Oviatt, David Patterson, G. D. Standerfer, and Professor Kenneth H. Slagle. SITTING, left to right: Steve Semenchuk, james Heffner, Bill Mitchell, Albert Werner, Barry Meahen, Francis Szot, Sonya Brade, Francis Witucki, and Narendra Ahya. 2 A eg' W2 K AeA A5 AMERICAN CHEM CAL SGCIET Two ounces of arsenic for my aunt, please. All this ffmlble fof 3 CUP Of Coffee? C' , ' " 'sf X' X, fi , ' - N w EL ?'h?:??sx far ' 'Q A , w 5' Mfk' f 9 . 'Q 1 NJA ' Y T Pfisixi y xfsdxxx If N '1 ff ' l. C11 Vx' 9 .-'Z , n .f 3 . - U W: xff, 'I !WI sy 1.- I always brew my own tea this way. CIVIL E GI EERI OCIET Professor Jarrett thanks a speaker. As a supplement to the classroom, laboratory, and field work, student civil engineers have the opportunity to join the Civil Engineering Society. This affords them the opportunity to learn more about the working practices of the civil engineer in industry and government. The society sponsors field trips to various engineering and construction projects so that students may,observe civil en- gineering work. In addition, the society sponsors films and invites guest speakers to enlighten the members about new practices and developments in the field. The importance of the society to the students is reflected by the size of the membership-the largest on the Tri-State campus. STANDING, left to right: Thales Bouchlas, S6C1'?ld7'jl,' Donald Houterloot, Prefidenty Richard Folkers, P1-ogrmn Direrlor: Carl Poffenberger, Vire-Pre.fidenz,' Stephen Worl, C01'1'erpomz'ing Serrelaryg Clarence Collins, Baofler Club Reprefentatizfe. SITTING, left to right: james Talbot, Tri-Angle reporterg Jack H. Blackmon, Imtruftofg' john L. Jarrett, Profeyrorg Cecil Hauber, P7'0f6J'J'07',' Thomas E. Brassell, Profeuorg Richard L. Griffis, Inm'ucl0r,' Russell E. Miller, Imlrurlofy' Joseph McGuire, Trearufer. IIB SITTING, left to right: G. Welsheimer, joseph Provost, Robert Bell, Wayne Clausius, William Kalb, John Crist, Andrew Coulson, Frank Crescioni, Walter Perry. STANDING, left to right: Andrew Poulin, Fred Grove, Richard Dewey, Russel Davidson, Donald Houterloot, Robert Warner, james Acasi, Aston Simpson, Wayne Turley, Dennis Williams. ga Ai r if C an-wc , , l , 3 Qlfiillilll E3 ' All RIM a ' 1 xi , Eiv ' i:!.v111'-i ggi?" Checking a specimen under watchful eyes. New I l STANDING, left to right: Gary Hutchens, john Stock, Robert Taylor, Richard Malson, Edward Counci, Pascal Dimagno, Thomas Killmon, john Walker, Roberto Lasso, Richard Howden, Robert McCormick. SITTING, left to right: Ronald Humlick, james McCormick, Charles Bowles, james Talbot, Gonzalo Posada, George Arvans, joseph Petrin, Ismael Guthrie, Calvin Parmiter. 'elim' ELECTRICAL EERI OCIET The Electrical Engineering Society, a student organization whose membership is open to all students, was founded in 1934 for the purpose of acquainting members with actual practice in the field of electrical engineering. The purpose of the society is the promotion of the social and academic growth ,of the members. This objective is accomplished through close cooperation with the faculty members and industry. Society programs consist of technical lectures, movies, demonstrations, and social activities. Furthermore, the members regularly make field trips to leading electrical concerns to see the practical application of those theories studied in the classroom. THIRD ROW, left to right: Robert Whitmore, Dale Titley, Wayne Deeds, Gerald Eaton, Cornelis De Kramer, Ronald Huffman, Harold Myers, Bruce Beebe, Roger Follette. SECOND ROW, left to right: Ralph Yoder, Kenneth Villyard, D. L. Lovingood fSecretaryJ W. L. Thaler fPresidentJ, J. M. Kaufman fAdviserD, Max Davis fVice-Presidentj, Yousef Abdulla fTreasurerJ, C. J. Herron, Robert Bolcik. FIRST ROW, left to right: Miguel Garay, Carlos Lang, james Cole, Roy Porter, Terry Smith Kermit Fry, Joseph Blackmer, Harrel Lerch, Errol Plata. MECHANICAL G EERI Although members in the society are drawn mostly from students enrolled in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, mem- bership is available for any engineering student. In order to enable students what will be expected of them in Mr. Reynolds Clarifies a few points industry, the society has an organized schedule of speakers, films, m C1355- and field trips coordinated with classroom activities. THIRD ROW, left to right: G. Szymczak, L. Giesecke, Andres Barbe, Zimmerman, B. Hedderick, C. Watt, I. Philbrick, E. Schriver, J. Slate, unidentified, Lutyj, Moulton, B. johns, H. Nof- zinger. SECOND ROW, left to right: C. Gilmore, G. Carter, K. Null, K. Tullis, Mr. Reynolds fAdviserj, D. Hord, T. Hawkins, J. Evans, Lesing. FIRST ROW, left to right: Harman, D..Paauwe, Hoobler, D. Good, Waterman, Shields. AMER CAN SOCIET DF TOGL E EERS STANDING, left to right: D. Paauwe, T. Hawkins, F. Clevenger, E. Shriver, G. Bidlack, A. Zawisza, R. Drake, R. Verschuren. SITTING, left to right: D. Moorehead, J. Erickson, K. Null, Douglas Barton fAdviserj, H. Arrington, R. Kopp, R. I-Iaack. To afford students a better understanding of production methods, procedures, and controls, students organized the campus branch of the American Society of Tool Engineers. Although presently an affiliate of National Chapter 56 in Fort Wayne, the Tri-State branch soon expects to achieve status as an inde- dendent national chapter. Although only 11 years old, the local chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers is a growing and progressive society. This has been achieved by close cooperation be- tween the officers, members, and faculty advisers. All members constantly strive to uphold the best traditions of the profession, to improve individually and as a group, and to uphold the creed of the S.A.E .... "To promote the arts and sciences of engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of the automotive apparatusf, SOCIETY OF UTO OTI E E GI EER BACK ROW, left to right: A. Visnapuu, T. Zimmerman, N. Cook, T. Hawkins, E. Shriver, D. Hord, K. Null, R. Johns, D. Kloth, D. Good, S. Sultan, J. Crisp. MIDDLE ROW, left to right: O. Cruz, W. Warner, D. Marchand, J. Evans, D. Houterloot, M. Henthorn, H. Cavanaugh, C. Beam, H. Nofzinger, J. Cusimano. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Gilmore, C. Snyder, W. Perry. TIT i COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN SECOND: john Gallihugh, Cornelis deKramer, Bruce Beebe. FIRST: john Krueger, Robert Bolcik, A. F. Goossens. TE OF RADIO EERS The Tri-State chapter of the Institute of Radio Engineers received its charter in the spring of 1960. Formerly the Tri-State student group yvas affiliated with the Fort Wayne chapter. The purpose of the student chapter of the society is to promote interest and to pass along information on the latest developments in the field of electronics. At the bi- monthly meetings of the chapter technical developments are discussed and often leaders in the field of electronics are invited as guest speakers for these meetings. As a term project for the summer term the student chapter is planning to build an electronic integrating and differen- tiating circuit. SIXTH ROW: George M. Dorbin, Robert D. Maze, Klaus Wuersig, james O. Farlow, Ivan L. Mack, John T. Gallihugh. FIFTH ROW: Terence J. Smith, Bruce O. Beebe, Robert S. Bolcik, Gordon R. Knoll, Irvin F.. Winkle, Ralph W. Smith, Roar Kjelldahl, Rudolf Dalena. FOURTH ROW: Cecil R. Pemberton, Edward S. Powell, Roger F. Follette, Earl D. Matchett, David W. Foederer, Alvis Clegg, Delbert Meierhans, Cornelis de Kramer. THIRD ROW: W. J. Peacock, J. B. Lamirand, Wesley J. Phillips, Wayne E. Deeds, Gerald A. Driscoll, Richard V. Lovett, Dale E. Rush, Opha Watson, Bert A. Astleford. SECOND ROW: R. J. Biracree, john R. Krueger, Robert J. Fitzgerald, Gerhard B. Grenzberg, Junior Rath, James Bordner, A. F. Goosens, R. F. Hilby, A. E. Cote, Roger C. Reed. FIRST ROW: Douglas M. Hursey, Sec1'etm'y,' George M. Heck, Trearurefg' Donald N. Morgan, Cbairmang Lloyd G. Hanson, Adzfirerg Vernon S. Mathisen, Vice-Clmirmanf John F. Merrill, Terry E. Smith, Larry E. Rittenhouse, Ralph E. Yoder, Arnold Saltzman. STANDING, left to right: Tom Nemeth, joe Chimera, Sam Boncaro, Robert Mocuilewski, Donald Eagan, jerry Kurdys, Paul Saalfield, Ray Schneider, Richard Wiest, Dave Watson, Frank Cordero. SITTING, left to right: Walter Longbottom, Professor Schadt, Walter Site, George Hamilton, George Rolleston, Norm Chornenki, Gerald Healy, Professor Hilton, William Hodge. OTOR TRAN PORT GCIET The Motor Transport Society, although just four years old, is one of the most active and progressive groups on the campus. The organization was formed as an adjunct to the course work presented in the department of Motor Transport Management. The purpose of the society is to develop and increase the interest in problems of modern motor truck operations. This it does by sponsoring guest speakers from transportation concerns and by supplementing classroom theory with field trips to industrial and trucking concerns. In addition, the societyworks to promote congenial relations and friendships between the members and also increase the student's knowledge and use of self-government. This year, the society designed and developed an excellent display of a modern trucking transportation center. Through this and other means, the organization expects to promote the best interests of this growing field and gain affiliation with a national transportation fraternity. S GMA EP ILO SGCIET STANDING, left to right: William R. Byrne, Clinton Tulong, William R. Lewis, William Mc- Graw, Ronald Vaerwyck. SITTING, left to right: Gary G. Armstrong, George H. Bower, Kenneth T. Schmitt, Jean G. Demorest, Robert D. Lyon, Don S. Miller, Don W. Pilsner. Membership in the Sigma Epsilon Society is open to students enrolled in any of the three departments of the School of Commerce. Since 1935, when it was founded, the society has afforded members a program of educational and social activities to create a close relation- ship among the students in the School of Commerce. At bi-weekly meetings the members have the opportunity to discuss various subjects related to their fields and hear guest speakers from industrial and business organizations. TERNATIG AL TUDE S ASSOCIATIG Membership in the International Students Association is open to all Tri-State students. To further the aims of world peace and promote mutual understanding between people of various nations is the association's highest goal. Another primary goal is to live up to the high ideals and noble purpose shown by the motto: "The essense of unity is brotherhood." The members of the association, by appearing before student groups and civic organiza- tions of the tri-state area, help to spread knowledge about the lands and the cultures they represent. Within the organization, they also freely exchange this information and Work to better understanding among Tri-State's community of nations. This past year the organization presented an outstanding display of the customs, products, and dress of nations represented by the members. Membership in the Newman club is open to all Catholic students at Tri-State College. The organization, which was formed in 1956, looks out for the religious, intellectual, and social needs of students away from home. Each term the members participate in religious instruction and ceremonies. This, along with other activities, helps to intensify spiritual values and improve the daily lives of all ,ww participants. In addition to the well-rounded program of social and reli- gious activities, the club annually has an open house at, the Leo Newman Hall. All students on the campus are always welcome to the social activities sponsored by the club. Our display from last summer FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Dowling, Dennis Norkus, Peter Hoeflerg Correrponding Secretary, Richard Wyslcida, Prerident, Rev. Dunstan Bryan, Chaplain, Joseph DePumpog Vice-Prefidenz, John Cusimanog Recording Secrezmfy, Pierre Herouxg Trearurer, Donald Freund, and Robert Cashon. SECOND ROW, left to right: Ben Blaszkowski, David Przybyl, John Crist, Bill Finn, Dominick Savo, joe McQuire, Joseph Riggs, Gene Tucynski, john Kemner. THIRD ROW, left to right: Terry Dougan, Jim McMahon, Dave Mayer, Warren Luke, Nick Beers, Norman Begier, Andrew Zawisza, and Robert Smith. l3O i Our campus home-Leo Newman Hall i , "" X ,,, ,mn ' l' 1 OUR OFFICERS John Cusimano, Refording Serrelrzryg joe De-Pumpo, Vire-Pre,ridez2f.' Richard Wyskida, Pre.fide1zt,' Pierre I-Ieroux, T1'er1sure1'.' and Peter I-Ioeffler, Cvweerpuzzd- ing Serrefary. Open House We share bread and brotherhood CGLLEGE BAN The college band, directed by Mr. Roy Bodie, Junior, consists of students and faculty members of Tri-State as well as high school students from Fremont. The band plays at school functions such as class days, commencements, and other special events. I-Iere, the assembled members are ready to give a concert in Fremont. CGLLEGE GLEE CLUB The college glee club practices long and diligently to prepare for appearances at various college functions, Here, the boys, conducted by Mrs. Robert Ramsay and accompanied by Mrs. Olive Weicht, prepare to show the results of diligence. W TRI-STATE HOME MAKER The Tri-State Homemakers, a social organization composed of the wives of faculty members and students, strive to offer educational and recreational opportunities to its members and promote good fellowship. The organization holds teas and other social meetings for the wives of new students and faculty members. In addition, programs are offered concerning fashions, interior decoration, and other aspects of modern homemaking. FIRST ROW, left to right: June Briggs, Pat Killmon, Velma Bidlack, Phyllis Long, Sandy Bailey, Eleanor Smith, Clara Hanrahan, Sharon Waterman, Delores Magers. SECOND ROW, left to right: Marue Crissman, Charlene Smith, Alberta Vecchio, R. Lyons. unidentified, unidentified, Virginia Snyder, Grace Key, Mary Williamson, Sue LaCosta. Janice McCool, unidentified, Carmella Picchi, unidentified. THIRD ROW, left to right: Dorothy Marman, Audrey Porter, jackie McCarmick, Imogene Clegg. Don Moorehead. retiring editor. and Robert Thompson. new editor, talk about layout, TRI-ANGLE EDITORS STANDING. left to right: Norman Chornenki, Albert Werner, Robert Nicholas. SITTING, left to right: Adolf Versheo- ren, Don Moorehead, Robert Thomson. ' I l A campus newspaper, The Tri-Angle, is published monthly except during the sum- mer quarter, and edited as extracurricular activity by staffs made up of students in engineering and in business administration. BUSINESS STAFF STANDING, left to right: Alan Stock- er, Bufineyr Mnnagerg Neil Feren- cy, Adzferlifing Salefmazz. SITTING, left to right: Larry Beck, Adzferfifing Mamzgerg Ralph Trine, Cirrulafion Manager. 1 1 z k ORGANIZATION REPORTERS Bob Nicholas, Don Miller, joe Riggs, ff jose Leboy, Jerry Wilson, jon Hinshaw, Bill Briggs, Bob Parish. M MQW V 4 A :vw.:v4afg-gfp:"swff mf f' ' F jiifia' fwfr, ,pq rm-N-':g. affff sv-S Mx 11 To ,X .SNMX Wir, ' 1:1-It fm' ,RY A Ks ' A BUSINESS STAFF AND REPORTERS STANDING, left to right: David Rei- chardt, Jousef Addulla. SITTING, left to right: Ralph Trine, Larry Beck, Alan Stocker, Neil Fereney. REPORTING STAFF STANDING, left to right: Tom Mazar, The editors say in parting, "We hope we have been of service." Fred Madden, Fred Clevinger, james Slate, Adolf Verschwen. SITTING, left to right: Al Werner, Dennis Norkus, Willis Chrisman, Joseph Picchi, Jr. DE T CO CIL ww' Ai its f The representative governing body for the students at Tri-State The Student Council, a student governing body organized for the promotion and advancement of campus activities for students, is an or anization in which their views and o inions ma be freel ex- 8 P Y Y pressed. Representatives elected from each member organization com- prise the Student Council, which sponsors social activities, some campus projects, and aids in formulating policies for student organiza- tions. b CLASS UFFICERS Fall-Winzey' SENIORS Spring-Summer Left to right: Glen Carter, Prefidentf Floyd Kunce, Left to right: Don Clark, Tremuren' Dick Thomp Vire-Prefidenly joe Provost, Serrelmyg Pat son, S6L'1'6f6l7'y,' Al Stocker, Vire-Prefidenz Mitchell, Treayurer. C. J. Herron, Prefidenz. JUN1oRs Fall-Winler Left to right: Greg Dellinger, Vife P1'e,fident,' James Crow, Secretary' Alan Stocker, Pres- idenlg C. J. Herron, Treafurer. SOPHOMORES Spring-Summer Left to right: Bernard Baer, P7'6.fid672l,' Carl Knep- per, Vice-Preridenzg Les Ickes, Secrelary. fAb- sent: Ron Jenkins, Treafurerj. FRESHMEN Spring-Summer Left to right: Bruce Hansen, Treafurery L. Fred Dawes, Secretary George Higlinson, Vire- Prefidenz. fAbsent: R. Wiltancer, Prefidentj. JA C Left to right: Ken Schmidt, Dick Thompson, Jerome Erickson, Les Lahti. 'ivan I in is 'Wa WWW? Q. it .ig 'f K W Absent members: Tudi Tan, Ben Mott, Bob Cloutier, Milo Baliey. E The college chapter of the Angola jun- ior Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1954. It is affiliated with the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Junior Chamber of Com- merce, and the Angola junior Chamber of Commerce. Membership is open to any male student on the campus who has not reached his twenty-first birthday at graduation. 4 When there are not enough coeds to go around, we import them! MGTOR TRA SPORT DI PLAY The fiittuiai Fzafcfzp Ta designed and constructed iss MOTOR TRANSPORT STUDENTS TRI STATE COLLEGE Mmm One night Georgie had a bad dream . . . . . . which became this reality Showing of the circular terminal display model has been a feature at many an exhibit in the United States. Receiving constant publicity by the Tri-State Col- lege press, the exhibit became a familiar sight in many of the largest cities in our country. Designed and constructed by the MTM boys, this display attracted widespread interest and attention at the Chicago Auto and Truck show, the Transporta- tion Week exhibit in Chicago, the Indi- ana Motor Truck Association meeting in French Lick, and in Kalamazoo and Flint, Michigan, and in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 1 IL!! In E 'zzrazmi' 1' " ai . . . that took him all over the country! It 1 1 f ,f X . :ay im ' 1 ' was sq A Q, xii g, 9 V. M ZH! Es U Plenty of parking area for student cars behind the dorms. Dorm students study on the lawn during the I I l I I S I I L many sunny school days. 1 l E Radio Station WOWO sponsored penny pitch champions from Dormitory Alwood Hall 4 I l Our wonderful housemothers 5 "' ' l l 1 i DGRMITCRIES t 'Lg Q x 4 .1 55533 K if 1 t Dormitory Proctors And in this corner the champions of champions tossed in their pennies too! NQXX E 8 N I42 Rup says: "Now the rules of the game for pitching pennies are . . . " Housemother Coleman proudly surveys her table full of pennies that went to the needy in the tri-county area. Q"f',,. af -ix!! 'ii Kung, ffhirqy-n Housemother Dixson is more than pleased with the showing that her boys from Dorm "B" made in the penny pitch. 1960 MOD S STAFF GERHARD GRENZBERG GEORGE HECK WALTER KERN Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Photo Editor and Photographer Campbell, Grenzlierg, and Gaitens settle a vital issue. Plate and Professor Little do a bit of coordinating with pic- tures andl copy. STAFF Gerhard Grenzberg . .... . . L George Heck L Walter Kern . Michael Gaitens .,,.. Robert Plate . r. William Kalb . at... . Roger Follette L L EDITOR-IN-CI-IIEF BUSINESS MANAGER T PIJofofArz' Editor . .aaat.t .,,S. L oyozzl Editor Copy Edztor Affociote Art Editor Aifofiole Art Editor jay Fisk aata..ttataaa raaa. A Jfociole Art Editor Roger Read aattat,t. ,.., t.r.., . attaaataa.,,. S o lex Manager' Burt Beebe ,,A,troSSSS,,,S,,St,t,t,,t SSSSSS Auiftmzt Soles Manager Ed Camprell, Fred Dawes .t..,. aaataat aaataaaaa L oyouzf Staff Dave Rupert, Howard Wieland atttaa .,,.aaar C opy Staff Sonia Joyce, Brenda Motsinger, Gonzalo Posado, Velma Bidlak L L .,.,.,.,....aat.aat...aaaaaa Solef Sloff Billy Mitchell, John Krueger .. ...,.,,,,,,,,,,S.aa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Photo Staff PROFESSOR PETER F. HOLUB ,,,,.,,,,.,, SPONSOR OF ANNUAL PROFESSOR EDWARD G. LITTLE .. . ADVISER, PRODUCTION PROFESSOR RON PUFAHL .,..,,..,,,, ADVISER, BUSINESS STAFF ,sg .fm 5- is' Holub and Little discuss a problem as Wieland works diligently at his task. jerry Szymczak tries his hand at layout. Billy Mitchell rests between shooting assign Sales Staff resting after a successful campaign. I1'1CI1tS. Left to right: Roger Reed, Sales Mamzgerg Sonia Joyce, Safer Arrirlanlg Gonzalo Posado, Sale: A5Ji5tafzz,' Brenda Motsinger, Sole: AJJim1nz,' Burt Beebe, Afrimznz Saler Manager. I44 Sponsor Holub already worried about the 1961 Taylor-made MODULUS is TER ATIONA TUDE ACTI ITIES , 4 ,L Three members of our ISA help to display the wares and dress from other lands. Last summer the members of the ISA col- lected literature, products, wearing apparel, and other items representative of the coun- tries and cultures from which they come to Tri-State College. The display was a memorable one. Scenes from it are shown here, along with the group's banquet and the Rotary club dinner held annually for the students from other lands. I "5,iB' International Student Association banquet A bit of the exotic and the romantic. Our ISA students are guests of the Rotarians in Angola, Indiana. The Legionnaires on the march . . . . . supported by the Marine guard . . ...and our state troopers The rangers were there too '. . . . . . trotting to the music of the band . . . . . . but Davey had it best of all! 146 zm1',zf K 1 'hasta ' f I 1?!l.lM'WW4RE.5"5 The latest in plowing . . . The latest,in camping . . . The latest in design . . . The latest in structure . . The latest in electronics . . The l21fe5f in Coeds - - an 'WT I47 One canoe and five little Indiana Indians 0, -Wy. ,' 0 , , ,fi Ti ,f 1' ,M ' Q6 Ugh, white man saki is good! WW M THE BIG Canoe racing is one of the drawing cards for many of our students who .love the wide blue waters of the lakes which surround the college campus . . . ,MW ,, . wlwgm, f ww 'WDM But now heap big much too many Iildiansl I Q I S K i I L THE WINNERS 1 . .AND STILL CHAMPIONS Papoose no like'm deep still waters I F, l Not a portage . . . only the end of the trail! 11-w Clear, cool water .535 fx 4 First, let us .pose with ole Saint Nick, An annual event on the Campus is the Christmas party held for the children of all college employees. For many years now, Santa has made the TSC campus one of his first holiday stops . . . and believe me, he has gifts for all! SANTA CLAUS VISITS TRI-STATE and then talk with Chris Kringle himself and if it is the real Santa . . . we will not cry . . . for he is a true pal of all small fry! ORIENTATION ottawa 22-fi'l, ' AND REGISTRATION Future civils make first contact with their profs Dr. Ford gives the Frosh a warm welcome! Registration is a time of long lines, frenzied activities, considerable pa- per work, and tired feet all around. Professor Holub delivers his famous series of Housing data is checked . . . and the IRE gets one. "How to Study" lectures. Dr. Ford, acting president, addresses faculty . . . members . . . The new faculty are guests at a dinner FACULTY then introduces Dr. Bateman, president-elect . . . and Dr. Willig, vice-president elect , J 'U f t 'ffm X I , . s Dr. Radcliffe is happy with the faculty tum-out to the party. The President and the Dean reach for a cookie. held in the Trout Club ACTI ITIES "Ah, ah, mustn't touch," says Billy. and irlVitCS uS to the coffee hour, Um-fn-m, Sure looks good! DAYS TO REMEMBER . . . Remember the promenade line? and our dates? weren't they the sweetest and the prettiest ? and then the dance? Gosh, how nice it was! I54 THE PROM N AAG, RQ Y Q-if if is 1 f and there were three kings, well, they were the class presidents, Al Stocker, C. Herron, and Don Clark, and there was much fun and rel joicing, for others came from afar and near to see us off into the brave new world that is ours for the asking. who, in turn, were surrounded by their lovely ladies, and well-wish- ers, AND THEN THE Dr. Ford welcomed our parents . . . and they sat and listened, some cried but others fought and told them how proud he was it back as we received one award after another , . . not only of us but also of them, . . . then the Glee Club stirred up more emotions, but the biggest deal of them all was when your wife and mine got awards for putting us through. ALL OF THIS FOLLOWED BY OURD GRADUATIO DA What a strange feeling I had when I put on my cap and gown. Did you see the proud look and smile on Dad's face. Mom squeezed his arrn just to reassure him that here goes our boy, who only yesterday, it seems, was fighting the measles and his first black eye 'U I V-Y I saw them sitting there . . . alone, but no, not alone, for there must have been thou- sands of other parents there. For me, though, there were only my mom and pop . . . this was their day! , . -P fr' , iavtiw, -. AV'- ,-no I .3 A , .. -I , , ,w Z' W . . . 4 my N! K a . W: .42 M .1 , I. A 5 6 Q 'A , . X f' T! 1 eh? eg K 'Z' . 4 3 at fl: f' Q r 5 ML A, i 1 ' -I ,Q h ml 1 , J Q ' N W,-, 9 : . .' ,Q . X 1 if 1'-Q A 3' ',f 'f 1 -f " '. ' . :ft N Q I E , W-0'-1,-1 yr l- .- ' S 1 I. -,L ,A ,y, ,U O f' ,. . 2 , ,. , ,' Q ,- 4 1 1 " r -1-"ff Ca 1 f- if .5 ' J 1:-f ,f , f A' , ,. . ww oi, I ,HW - -4 -3 "-- . , ' My . . A n" we h I 1, 1 451, .VA Q, .E , 5 K J" Q ' P ,mx J-, ' . - ' I - -" f . 5 Q 1. 7 -A ' V ,L tm' 1' - Q , x W fx Q, . 4' .,n, - U , . ,. lv , . -1 5 Q -' ' ' J Q H. I ,f ,fr Q 4 1 K' f 5 , , A n Q' v . , qs- : K ., ,. , . ' .1--N -' vw x -A 1 , .. Y - .. W 'M A 5 W 1 h F 1' , 'x S44 Emi 1 , 1 'Thi '4 5" 7 - it 4 ' , L In ,r 9 ' A .AA 1-f 4, 4 Q A 1 vo 4+ A Y, n 7 , f MIQW 41 ,S 1 K. EE, W an D ' . .. if . . , I- I LI O., J 1 N4 , Q C is ' v 1 This is the part that I knew had to come be- fore the day was over. I never was much on saying good-byes, let alone talking with college presidents. But Dr. Ford was all man . . . he made sure that he said good-bye and God bless you to all of us. What a guy! I knew, however, that this was not good- bye! In the years to come I'll always return, if not in body then in thoughts, for here I made my goal in life a worthy one. Here I met and made many friends, enduring and remarkable friends. Here I learned the meaning of loyalty to oneself and to his alma mater. Here I learned the true mean- ing of self-discipline, something that will have to be a part of me from this day on. I was made an alumnus of Tri-State College today. Do you know what this means? It means that this school is a part of me for- ever. I can always come back to these people, not only for a visit, but also for any kind of help that I may need. Can you beat that? Any kind of help! I So long, Dr. Ford, and so long, Tri-State. Note, I didn't say good-bye, just so long After the graduation ceremonies were over, did you see how the president himself came over to our Cathy, shook her hand, and gave her a token diploma for keeping daddy awake at nights. This, I thought, was even more touching than any of the other parts of today's doings. Look at the wife beaming in all her glory . . . WHATS NEW AT TRI-STATE COLLEGE? What's neW??? Why, the dorms are going up, haven't you heard? 255 . it 52 I limi What's new??? Look at the trophiesg this'1l tell you what's new at Tri-State I Y ! What's new??? Here's the new charter for the Institute of Radio Engineering that is the pride and joy of all students in EE. ---.iw AND MORE NEW STUFF . . . M ? -ma. New? Yes, the large, sunny study hall . . . And the great new DEVELOPMENTAL READING laboratory set up by Professor Holub in the English Department . . . I . . . then there are the new math offices . . . and did you see the brand new com- puter in the Mechanical Engineering de- partment? THLETIC S if XXX "A sound mind in a sound body" states well the philosophy upon which the Tri-State athletic program is built. Baseball, basketball, ten- nis, soccer, golf, and intramural football make up some of the sports participated in by the students who enjoy these extracurricular activi- ties. ATHLET C BAN ET The Long Johns of the Court The gang with a racket! Champ sez: "I'll introduce 'im real fast And they all call me Hilliard!" n l i ' I l 'K Good ole "Doc" Mummert ETBALL ROW 3: Schlosser, B. Sand, M. Snyder, D. Sand, Brermon, Blair. ROW 2: C. Snyder, Kraus, VanMarki, Wlodarek, Petry. ROW 1: Kylonnen, VanMarter, Dygert, Cormican. And still they gazed and still the wonder grew That one long arm could shoot the ball right through! GAMES TQKIIIZJ Basketball eaaa Baseball Golf , . Tennis a a There is "one" in every crowd The boys in white fthat's usj jump ball and follow through to score. S earozzlv Rerzzltf Won Lost a e,ea, 8 12 3 3 1 ! We out-jumped them and out-scored 'em ml e 1.1. ifal It's anyone and everyone for himself! And thar she goes ta-da odder side? A center jump with our hand . . . Rochester Invitational Tournament Rochester, New York Our "runner-up" Trophy And another point ! !! HE GOLF TEAM THE CHAMPS i Qgi 4 1 ' twjQ,, q t J FQ -we i c l ga SM STANDING, left to right: Pim, Marki, Coach Porter, Wetzel KNEELING, left to right: Silver, Miller, Hahn, Long, Haben -fs ...W ,gg Ns. t S ' X QR all over the country. Besides Winning state championships, Tri- Staters have a lot of fun with the golf clubs A . s-MQ "cz 1 .. 0 4, V ' l 'Aw 1-rw 5 . 4, . 'feflpf 5: I -, , 1' r ,few ,, ,JP 2' Y' 'f lv ahii?-'S,fzrz"5, address the ball . . . work your wrists . . . hold that elbow . .V V W M4 'o S v Q n 'y ,- , 4 4 and bend your knees . but never take your eyes off the ball! 72 . 5,-" " 5 W ' fiawf' X -5 . A wi f! :of " . . don't worry, it's still rollin' toward the cup " s r E , S 5 nw '15 -4 f , vamp . -1 .- Q "Traps in fronta me, traps in back of me . . . ' 1-w'T"' lim' L 'L - f'-W Y , ,ig - .ra fi-5 .x ' fismlwv. :JA , sq, ' A 4 ff-ii , "'1',"' ' -P s. . - Q'5W5a f Q ef. X ' f ,y,x':f.'- 5 ,W it A '14 e. ,, lvlmt A' I .rg v- 1 '-'f'i."":'rx'wT"""' 'P A L , V 5 ,, . V, ' ,l,Y4,,siW+1 ,L-M... ,A if 4 r Q , f'f'4r'S..1f4r.' 2 A :wi1f'w.L.f fi, r 'ff-LF" is--Ii fiiri' .,, ,.-.-'f":"f' 5 7'-'f , ,'v',, '-- , .MU ,si gy -Q-Vw. ' " . dfffigggufb 'e:,,vgxgs'! ,SQ gfl-'AYIL' 2' '4 4. x.wZ,,r 'X , ' 1 4 . 4, ,' ,,, ' Qs,.,g-Q .,5 gg -'nt' ,' - L, f.s.g' -5 ,,4,,., , ,' 4' wr,.:'1,f,,, rf5"svQ,Q:43's x"L,,,1' s."?' W 'Ugg , '1',vn Y, 'C ...-j::r.f'1vfKyiQ,y.i .M 1' ,pf--,. -l ,H ' Y?" , fi-sf, r 33' "f,f.':",f4 X591 Q, 'Y,pQ4i,-'iF"'s ,JT we 3. An 'Xiu 1"' Y ,A 1, 1' 'lvl' ' ff 1' ,"u. in M 'W 1-L'1 .X ' N 1 ff- iyvrigw ,4..vll', .Q 'M .-wk, f.v,A h 5,8 , N S' Q- V Y.-49' y 1.4 A.. A .. L. Q' r. T4-"1f""Zo sl. iw?,,.""Z.,.n.-51f,,su,,v , - f-ui ' 'Ar , " ,YM I :,,t1 H-r,!A4'v-gg-Q4 '5 Q. , -WX ' R' 4,1 ,gfggw 29- Q' f'.'i.. " y . ,. -A ,Mr l 5 if f .. ,fu 0. W.: ,... 5. Q, Q 4 6 1. -lv 41 'Y'lvf5f.,f-A A L., rv-A.. b gi, . ni .Sr 4 gf.. -JH .5 . dug, f 'R .. --. 4l.s.'k.:f. df wr mf' ff -. at 1,1 . H 'x.n". .4-1. ..uf.r- -HW ., M I 5 , a A wh, .4 I . ' LM! 'S ' we K -ffl,-f , N V, Tx, It go . . X , K "Qi:-M X A . Q V 'X s s ' .Yi""' X A' -" ,W ffl" ff' 1 I . 'A . 'N . -ffl' 3 . ,fag ii'-L ist' if . ', l 4, , ' , , , V rf - ,W , 1,1 A l guy W ' . .MQ Q' F , fl fl' 'Q l JJ? fx fx G ' www W. wiv, N- gp 'FQ ff -. wax. M , Zi? M oggbzfxi Mx ,M W 2,0 f ' " J- x Q S' 'J', Q f , f iwwoligfx v- 7' . Q ' "H Zff-V:,,'2VC 'lf ,, f A I QM 4J:Q'?W4,' ', ly M V, .LW H0 Nm.. Roll 'em, roll 'em, golfers, roll 'eml .,,, 1' gmt jj X ff .., W... , . -1 X V 'l , x 4 , . 1 ,t 1 l 1 -mmf 1 .5-+',.5Q l 'wfi ,xi lv ,, in .S QQ was 4 v ,Q Wing A 'ZSNNQWQ , 1, , l , ,E xi Q' f , ' .iff ,Lim tx 41 M . it 'xl 'N F N Q3f,,9ffAit,b,J,i'.f., lv -, gn . ,Q :gf K M nf, f',Q',k,,, 4Ax4f nur' 1 IX .mv A , , L if fr- own f l A MN, W- if 'lf-' A nice, easy lift. . .. Now if it's golf ya wanna learn, watch me! 3 mm was Mm nw fm .lyk THE BIG FIVE AYXVSTAQ Qf CULU2 A fast volley . . . TRI-STATE MEN NAMED FOR ALL-CONFERENCE HONORS Tri-State College team members have been nominated to all-conference teams of the Mid-central College Conference, it was announced recently. Students winning the honors for their alma mater are the following: GOLF-Fran Marki, Larry Miller, james Long TENNIS-Cliffton Wong, Lloyd Henderson BASEBALL-joe Brannon The Conference is composed of Grace, Huntington, Concordia, Indiana Technical, and Tri-State Colleges. r 'J ,g ATL' W 7 , fi A beautiful serve . . . An easy return . . THE BASEBALL TEAM DOCS BASEBALL TEAM ROW 3: Begier, Ingalls, Brennan, Crary, Challen. ROW 2: G. Dallinger, Kubic, Lyons, Tullis. ROW 1: D. Dallinger, Wort, Wlodarek. The fraternity league boys love the game. TRAMURAL SPORT And it's the ole dipsey doodle! There it goes, and where it stops nobody knows! I r A pitch that never touched a glove. 5 ,u as 1M A grand slam brings them home. My rw QV4 5 ' l An easy out at the plate. l INTER-FRATERNITY AND DEPARTMENTAL GAMES Now look, ump, use your good eye! , ' 1 ' iw , X ' , 1 Good for a double play. ERVIC XXX It is truly service with a smile no matter which of the services the student has helping him. He has someone to take care of his housing, eating, reading, printing, cleaning, and filing. Every staff member in the service department tries to make Tri-State a pleasant second home for all students who are away from home. 'lan'- THE FOLKS WHO STAFF THE OFFICES Here are the many rays of sunshine that keep us cheerful and smiling Our lovely secretaries who man the many machines both upstairs and downstairs . . . no matter What! "That'll be 35220 please." "Yes, we'll admit you, but ss 9 "ff4.,Mk The Kelly, Thomas, and Price team in the Placement Office see to it that all graduates are assured of an inter- gm qffs A view, and sometimes, a top-notch job in industry. My kingdom for a house! X n s-Nr"-w 'Y' Within the quiet, meditative atmos- phere where a little learning becomes a tremendous thing ! fa THE LIBRARY STAFF ' Professor Eleanor Gambardella, head librarian, and her staff, Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Rose. THE BOOK STORE THE E E 5 "Wells's bookstore" is the busiest spot on the campus at all times. NEWS SERVICE janices efficiency with a smile keeps the Print Shop rolling! V MN, """""'M"1 . 1' 1 gi ,ff . sg: su-Hin u fe Bw. Mr. Roy Bodie, Director of the Print Shop, dictates a letter while the other staff members get the addresses readied. I77 THE i PRI T HOP Now let's see, where in this mess is the letter 'k' ?" During the 1959 Christmas break, the print shop and mainte- nance crews moved all of the heavy presses into the back base- ment hall in the administration building. The cheerful, well-lighted and ventilated rooms of the whole lower level are constantly humming with the slap of presses, the zip of paper cutting machines, the meshing of addresso- graphs, and the rhythmic click of the multilith. All of this efficiency stems from the expert supervision in the shop by our own professional printer Mr. Roy Bodie. "Sidewalk Supervisors" give the new installations their okays. Expert type setters getting ready for a big letter press job. 5 3 i . Q tl X lag' , X 41 g 1 sr' 4' 2 f fg " Q if -f -8- J- .:u..,. f xx -af m--P-N W , v ' ' A fx, gl ' ,Y il ' v g X Y R xi . . E na I-im M' . x 5 sf. A K i 'X I -sr S1 Y' ' i 2 , ,,,,..+f' is , x N51 X Y aw, , , X ' AN, ' 4 "N S-nm., 2 , Vt X 2 , . O I VW" i ,-w ,I 'X : Af 'INN' REIT..." y i DIAL 87 EOR MAINTENANCE SERVICE These are the unsung heroes of our campus. Up and at it from the break of dawn, our maintenance men keep us warm in the wintertime, cool in the summer, dry in the spring, and happy in the fall. When we are comfortably snuggled in our warmth of the classroom, Fred Munn and his boys are outside fighting blizzarcls and cleaning off the walkways for us. In the springtime when a young man's fancy turns to other things than those spelled-out in the classroom, the boys help us along with the buzzing lawnmowers. As only an expert can do it, the maintenance crew can do "anything" and do it well! 2 ENGINEERING LABORATORIES XXX Sometimes we overlook the importance and the value that comes with the work in the labora- tories. Here an engineer or a scientist puts to test not only his "hunches" but also his own ability to discipline himself for many hours. Here he must learn to live with himself and his little world of a few colleagues and his de- hmnanized equipment. IN A WORLD CF DREAMS AND REALITIES . . . . in the wind tunnel . . . or w,,,,Np,. . W D In the laboratory the students learn that "the method of scientific investigation is nothing but the ex- pression of the necessary mode of working of the human mind. It is simply the mode at which all phenomena are reasoned about, rendered precise and exact." wncous 'rm snr: euamesns IAPS' , Q . faymgifvi A 'Q' ' P .e K-'W .,,, gk fha anahrwawsrsnuw W' in the field Torsion, helical, tension, bevel, tolerances, or dimen- sioning . . . you name it and the Mechanical En- gineers have it. J-4" '5' Z, 6 5 ,swf 1 1 , I , ,,,, wi . ,, .:.,:,5,. .R -' 21,12 A peek into an electronic microscope Professor john Humphries, chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department, lecturing on the analysis and the use of the antilog computer. Automatic Industrial Controls Laboratory af? 'we' .A 5 1. xt s Y' ,. ly w,..,wp L gif' 3 a ,sci to .M hiatt. - Ma ": ,.fQ.ii'4',iM f 4 ',if"f?:.f 2,14 ' 'ix .:fWms.. THE CIVIL ENGINEER He will build you a road, a dam or a bridge. He will align your property line, dimension your house, or make a test of your soil. He will draw a map with contours all around and from it show you the exact spot on the ground. In these series of pictures we see stu- dents in a civil lab setting up a theo- dolite and doing some land surveying near the campus. Because this work is best done on a clear day, the Civils are nicknamed "The Sunshine Boys." mv 'I 1 'Pa 1 4 . 'f . 'Z ' ' :V , . ' . V , f ..,w-..h..,. , N- 5 , 6 . 59' ' . f ff 5 ,v E .,y 1 2 4 Wind w v v 'QIQS , Q Q N 1 r' K -1- x I 5 1 4 .xg-. Q Q' "'- .u. h,,: ,.. , iq , '3f ? lv' D .ya .. ' U , x X ii Q ,al E l Klqss . 3 i J 1 X, on , 2 'X ,, ' ' w,,,1,3aff sv, 5 , 1, Nuff, Q' nf 2 sf, f s. se' , fi Qyiel 'lf'-fW1"?mf'5 9it935faWy'v'- ' ,, gy my sf-M, .,wgu,fet ,Wagga , , A ., ' s y f,,,ff6,Q5 M, A 5 a ,a X 4 gf , iz X f 5 he v 4 sag, f . 0 f5' fl Y ' X 1 . , . -'A ,-in fvfz , Y S fr X f ,s f V2 A 4 if A .4004 s in ' an sf W sf-.5 QQ-, . 'ttf , 'XS' fuels . . lathes . . . Thermodynamics, flow of fluids, lathes, heat transfer, calori- i meters, and fuels are only a small portion of new words that students pick up while working in the laboratories that are so up-to-date and complete with the best equipment in the I l Country. li WN drills . . l 1 l l l l 1 ll moulds . . . W , and grinders. if l 'it 'P ,QQ ll my yyiyy ., I H Q5 I ll U1 LABORATORY RULES sl yyyy study the experiment x my Q,- cement analysis titration standardization colloids 6. woo? 25 Q20 plan the work do it efficiently start promptly time your work be clean and neat read the labels be economical be cautious be independent write clearly and intelligently coal analysis water analysis rocket fuels flight control radio signals transformers test for negative ions ya . ,,.. Y. PM Jia 5 04550 C acid content -Na. 'Ma ffm . . . solubilities of cations analysis of unknowns litmus tests Go S UA., ABDULLA YOUSEF Dammam, Saudi Arabia EE EE Soc. ftreasjg Circle K Club, IAS ltreas. V.-Presb ACSAI, JAMES A. Mishawaka, Ind. CE ADDIS, LEROY Greenville, Mich. ME Student director SAE, MES, Sigma Mu Sigma ADNER, CHARLES M. Watertoxvn, N. Y. CE AHYH, NARENDRHKUMAR A. Iumnager, India Chem. AL BURTY, WILLIAM H. Lawrence, Kansas EE Elect. Society ALMOND, CHARLES Albemarle, N. C. ME SAE fv.-PresJ, Treas. Jr. Class ALTMAN, WILLIS B. Natronia Heights. Pa. EE Air Reserves ATKINSON, D. MICHAEL Rock Island, Ill. EE EE Society AULT, ROBERT M. Shadyside, Ohio Aero. AUYER, WALTER L. Warners, N. Y. ME ..B,, BADEN, MARVIN W. Defiance, Ohio Aero. BARBE, ANDRES R. LaPaz, Bolivia, S. A. ME MES, ISA, Booster Club BARD, GORDON N. Corunna, Ind. MTM Alpha Beta Alpha fsec.J, Motor Trans. Soc. fsec., treas., pres.J BARNES, BRUCE A. Coldwater, Mich. ME Beta Phi Theta, Tau Sigma Eta BARNES, JOHN D. Lisbon, Ohio CE Civil Soc. BARTLETT, JOEL L. Union City, Mich. CE Civil Soc. BARTON, JAMES D. Centerville, Ind. Aero. SAE, IAS, Booster Club BATTAGLIA, RICHARD S. Buffalo, N. Y. CE BATTENFIELD, CARL E. West Lake, Ohio ME BEAM, CLIFFORD Johnstown, Pa. ME Student Council, MES, ASTME, SAE QV.-pres.J BEATTY, EUGENE G. Black Lick, Pa. CE Civil Soc. BECIL, LAWRENCE Odell, Ill. ME Tri-Angle, Kappa Sigma Kappa tv.-p., sec.J, SAE, IFC fsec.J BEEBE, BRUCE O. Jonesville, Mich. EE Tau Sigma Eta, IRE, Electronic Soc. BEEBE, BURTON A. Big Flats, N. Y. EE IRE, Modulus, EE Soc. BEERS, L. NICK Auburn, Ind. CE BELL, ROBERT W. Coalport, Pa. CE Civil Soc. BENNETT, CARL A. Brownsville, N. Y. ME BEST, MALCOLM L. Gerry, N. Y. CE Civil Soc., Band, T. Birds SE IOR DIRECTORY BIDLACK, GREGORY A. Oakwood, Ohio ME ASTME BIDWELL, RUSSELL C. Homer, Mich. CE Civil Soc. ttreas., sec., pres.J BIRACREE, ROBERT Buffalo, N. Y. EE IRE, Tennis, EE Soc. BIRK, JOSEPH F. Bolivar, Ohio Adm. Eng. BLAIR, RICHARD Y. Gary, Ind. ME MES, Basketball BLANKINSHIP, HENRY G. Tipton, Ind. CE Alpha Sigma Phi, Civil Soc. BLASZKOWSKI, BERNARD A. Flint, Mich. Aero. Newman Club, ASTME fsec., v.-pres., MES, Civil Soc. BLEICHER, JAMES J. Bay City, Mich. ME Phi Kappa Theta, ASTME, SAE BORN, EARL O. Peru, Ill. EE ISA, Radio Soc. BOUCHLAS, THALES P. Montreal, Canada CE Civil Soc. Qsec.J, TEH BOWERS, MARLIN J. Litchfield, Mich. Aero. IAS BOWMAN, L. CARL Greenup, Ill. Aero. pres.J, IAS fsec., v.-p., pres.J, ARS, Dorm B BRANDEBERRY, RICHARD JR. Montpelier, Ohio ME BRAUCHLA, GAIL D. Fremont, Ohio CE BROSKEY, PETER L. Keisterville, Pa. CE Civil Soc., Alpha Gamma Epsilon, Council BROWN, LYLE L. Angola, Ind. Aero. BRUHN, RICHARD A. Angola, Ind. ME BRUNNING, E. EUGENE Clinton, Ill. ME SAE Qsec.J, ASTME BUCKLEY, THOMAS E. Rock Hall, Md. EE BURT, EDWARD M. Sturgis, Mich. EE BURNETT, DUANE R. Lima, Ohio Aero. BURROUGHS, JOHN F. Plymouth, Ind. Aero. IAS BYRNE, WILLIAM R. Angola, Ind. Bus. Ad. Student Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Beta Alpha ftreasj, Tri- Angle NC. cAHooN, JOHN A. Dennis, Mass. ME CAMERON, JAMES Stryher, Ohio Aero. IAS Qsec,, pres.J, Student Council CARPENTER, EDWIN L. Irving, Texas ME MES, SAE, Student Council iv.-p.J, Beta Phi Theta fsec.J CARTER, GLENN W. on city, Pa. ME MES ftreas., pres.J, SAE ftreas., pres.J, .Sig- ma Mu Sigma fsec.J CATLIN, RAYMOND A. Waverly, N. Y. EE CAVANAUGH, HAROLD F. Cornwall Bridge, Conn. ME Newman Club, SAE fsec.J CHAMBERS, DOUGLAS L. Columbus, Ohio ME ARS, MES, ASTME, SAE, Alwood CHORNENKI, NORMAN W. Warren, Mich. MTM Hall Student Council fsec., pres.J, Skull 8: Bones lsec., v.-p., pres.J, Student Director, Motor Trans. Soc. fsec., v.-p., pres.J, Newman Club, Modulus, Dorm B Council, Tri-Angle, Who's Who CHRISMAN, WILLIS L. Ashley, Ind. EE Tau Sigma Eta, EE Soc. CIESIELSKI, LEONARD South Bend, Ind. ME CLARK, DONALD L. Dowagiac, Mich. EE Tau Sigma Eta ipresj, Newman Cl ub Cpres.J, Treas., Senior Class, Student Director CLARK, EDWIN O., JR. Northampton, Mass. EE IRE CLARK, JERRY G. Adrian, Mich. CE CLAUSIUS, WAYNE A. Effingham, Ill. CE Dorm B Council isec., v.-pres.J, Civil Soc. CLEVENGER, FREDERICK S. Kokomo, Ind. ME ASTME, SAE, MES, Glee Club, Booster Club COGSWELL, ALBRECHT B. Forest Hills, N. Y. Adm. Eng. COLE, BENJAMIN H. Bay City, Mich. ME AEO, ASTME, Newman Club COLEMAN, DONALD G. Battle Creek, Mich. ME ASTME fsec., v.-p.,J, Tau Sigma E Director COLLIN, CLARENCE J. P. Edmudston, N. B., Canada CE Civil Soc., T. Birds COLLINS, MAURICE Madawasha, Me. ME CORNETT, DAVID B. Clarksville, Ohio CE Civil Soc. COTUGNO, CHARLES C. New York, N. Y. EE AGU ipres.J, Radio Soc. COULSON, ANDREW J. Carlisle, Pa. CE Civil Soc. CRAIT, EDWIN L. Cambridge City, Ind. EE CRESCIONI, FRANK L. . Rio Piedras, P. R. CE Civil Soc. CRISP, JACOB K. Canton, Ohio ME SAE, MES CRISSMAN, CHARLES R. Kittanning, Pa. MTM Alpha Beta Alpha tv.-p.J, Silver Keys, Motor Trans. Soc. ftreasj CRIST, JOHN R. Star City, Ind. CE Civil Soc., Newman Club CRITTON, DONALD N. Montclair, N. J. ME CRONENWETT, LARRY O. Edison, Ohio CE Civil Soc. CROWL, CLYDE M. Angola, Indiana Acc't. Sigma Epsilon CUPPLES, EDWARD Clymer, Pa. EE CUSIMANO, JOHN L. Jamestown, N. Y. ME SAE, Newman Club fsec.J UD.. DAHLBERG, BARRY A. Chicago, Ill. EE Electronics Soc., Electrical Soc. ta, Student and Gold DAMIAN, ROBERT Dunkirk, N. Y. ME MES, SAE, Newman Club DATTA, RATHIN. D. Calcutta, India ME ISA DAVIS, CLIFFORD D. Lindley, N. Y. EE DAVIS, MAX G. Oakland, Ill. EE EE Soc. Cv.-p.J DAVIDSON, RUSSELL V. Mansfield, Ohio CE DE FRANCO, JOHNSB. Watertown, N. Y. Bus. Ad. DE KRAMER, CORNELIS Amersfoort, Holland, EE Tau Sigma Eta ftreasj, Student Director IRE, Gold Key DENNING, EVERETT L. Jonesville, Mich. EE Electronics Soc., Tau Sigma Eta DENNIS, CARL A. JR. Ithaca, N. Y. ME Tau Sigma Eta Qsecj DE PUMPO, JOSEPH F. Waverly, N. Y. EE Newman Club tv.-pres.J, Electronics Soc. DCVOS, PAUL A. Cordova, Ill. ME Phi Kappa Theta DEWEY, RICHARD G. Massena, N. Y. CE Alwood Hall fpres.J, Student Soc. DIBBLE, JAMES M. Latrobe, Pa. EE Radio Soc., EE Soc., Baseball DICKMAN, ERNEST Ottowa, Ohio EE DIETRICH, NELSON L. Henryville, Ind. MTM Sigma Mu Sigma ftreas., v.-pres., Soc. QV.-p.J DISBRO, LARRY D. Edon, Ohio Aero. DOHANOS, JOSEPH Fremont, Ohio CE DONALDSON, JAMES H. Canfield, Ohio ME DORBIN, GEORGE M. Mishawaka, Ind. EE Electronic Soc., EE Soc., IRE DOWLER, ROBERT L. Convoy, Ohio ME Tau Sigma Etagf SAE, Sigma Ph DRAKE, ROBERT G. South Bend, Ind. ME ATSMEQ SAE, MES, T. Birds DUEHMIG, JOSEPH W. Avilla, Ind. EE Council, Civil pres.J , MTM i Delta Radio Soc. DUNAYE, EDWARD M. Akron, Ohio Aero. Tau Sigma Eta, IAS fpres.J, Phi Sigma Kappa EATON, GERALD E. Norwalk, Ohio EE EE Soc., Tau Sigma Eta ftreas., ECKMAN, ROBERT D. Fremont, Ind. Acc't. Alpha Beta Alpha fv.-p.J EDGAR, PHILIP I. Haddonfield, N. J. Aero. IAS EMBURY, DUANCE C. Battle Creek, Mich. CE EMMETT, HARRY Howard Beach, N. Y. EE Beta Phi Theta ENGLISH, EDWARD R. Valhalla, N. Y. CE sec.J Kappa Sigma Kappa Csec., v,-p.J, Soc., Jaycees ftreas., pres.J IFC, Civil ERICKSON, JEROME Jamestown, N. Y. EE ASTME fv.-p., treas.J, Tau Sigma Eta, MES, Booster Club ,tpres.J, Jaycees, EE Soc. EVANS, JOHN H. Clarnedon Hills, Ill. ME SAE: MES: ASTME EVANS, ROBERT F. Oneonta, N. Y. CE Civil Soc., Dorm B. Council EYRICH, JOHN L. Elverson, Pa. EE Electronics Soc., EE Soc. HF., FARLOW, JAMES O. St. Paul, Ind. EE IRE, Electronics Soc. fsec., pres.J, Student Council FELTS, ROBERT C. Indianapolis, Ind. EE FERM, DONALD D. Bristol, Ind. ME MES, ASTME FERRELL, THEODORE P. Pittsburgh, Pa. ME MS, ASTME, Student Council EICHTE, EDMOND R. St. Petersburg, Pa. EE FINK, ROBERT 'P. York, Pa. EE Sigma Mu Sigma FISHER, MAURICE A. Tipton, Mich. ME MES FITZGERALD, ROBERT Port Washington, N. Y. EE Tau Sigma Eta, IRE, Silver Key, ARC, New- man Club, Electronics Soc., Who's Who FITZPATRICK, REX E. Franklin Park, Ill. ME FLICKINTER, ROGER D. Wooster, Ind. Aero. FOLKERS, RICHARD Mt. Clemens, Mich. CE Civil Soc., Air Reserve FORMAN, LEE S. Columbus, Ohio Bus. Ad. Sigma Epsilon fsec.J, Tri-Angle, Booster Club, T. Birds FORRESTER, DONALD D. Butler, Pa. ME FOUTCH, PHILLIP L. Leyssic, Ind. Adm. Eng. Tau Sigma Eta, MES, ASTME FREEBY, JAMES W. Elkhart, Ind. Acc't. Beta Sigma Tau tpres.J UG., GALBRAITH, LYNNE, E. Dover, Ohio ME SAE, MES GALLIHUTH, JOHN T. Haywood, Va. EE IRE, ARC, EE Soc. GAMBLE, JERRY K. Deer River, Minn. EE EE Soc., Beta Phi Theta GARLOUGH, ROBERT H. II Muskegon, Mich EE GERVASI, DUANE W. Hershey, Pa. EE m Electronic Soc., Alpha Gam a Upsilon, ARS GILBERT, THOMAS J. Angola, Ind. Acc't. GILLILAND, RICHARD B., JR. Washington, D. C. EE GILMORE RICHARD A. Bridgeport, Conn. CE GOGGIN, WILLIAM G. Chicago, Ill. EE GOLEMBISKI, FRANCIS H. Lodi, N. J. ME ASTME tv.-p.J, Tau Sigma Eta GORECKI, STANLEY P. Haverhill, Mass. ME GOROVE, FRED E. Benton Harbor, Mich. CE Civil Soc., Alwood Hall tsec., pres.j, T. Birds, Inter Dorm Council GOULD, KENNETH L. Robinson, Ill. CE Civil Soc., T. Birds GREEN, DENNIS N. Anderson, Ind. ME GREEN, JAMES H. Canton, Ohio ME MS: SAE: ASTME GRENZBERG, GERHARD B. St. Catherines, Ont., Canada EE Student Director, Gold Key, EE Soc., Tau Sigma Eta, Modulus, IRE, Who's Who UH., HABEN, PAUL G., JR. Butler, Pa. CE IFC fv.-p., pres.J, Student Council, Golf, Sigma Phi Delta HALEY, FRANKLIN L. Wooster, Ohio EE Electronic Soc. HANLEY, FRANK E. Bloomington, Ill. ME ASTME, SAE: MES HANRAHAN, THOMAS S. Buffalo, N. Y. Acc't. Phi Kappa Theta tsec., treas.J HARBAUGH, WELDON R. Lapaz, Ind. Aero. IAS ttreas., v.-p.J, Student Director HARLOW, EDWARD G. Beloit, Kan. Aero. IAS HARRELD, ROBERT M. Marion, Incl. CE Civil Soc., Beta Phi Theta fsec., tr HARTNETT, JOHN M. Malden, Mass. EE eas.J Beta Phi Theta, Tri-Angle, IEC, Electronic Soc., Pres. Soph. Class, Student Council HAWKINS, THOMAS E. Willard, Ohio ME Student Council ltreasj, Booster Club ttreas.. v.-p.J HECK, GEORGE M. Pottstown, Pa. EE IRE ftreasj, Modulus HEDDERICK, ROBERT V. Erie, Pa. ME EME, SAE, MES HEFFNER, JAMES R. Elkhart, Ind. CE Am. Chem. Soc. tsec.J HEILBORN, KARL A. Niagara Falls, N. Y. EE Electronic Soc. HELD, RALPH H. Springville, Pa. ME Beta Phi Theta, IFC, SAE HENDERSON, JOHN L. Waycross, Ga. MTM Booster Club ttreasj, Alpha Sigma Phi lv.-p., pres.J Student Council Ctreasj, MTS ftreas., v.-p.J, Tennis fcaptj, Skull 84 Bones fsec., treas., pres.j HENDRICKSON, JOHN W. Herbster, Wisc. CE Am. Chem. Soc., Sigma Phi Delta HENRY, WARREN V. Elgin, Illinois Areo. Jaycees fsecj, Tri-Angle, Kappa Sigma Kappa, IAS fv.-p.j SAE, Student C. fsec., pres., treas.J HEPPELER, JOHN A. St ose h Mich .J P , . ME MES, ASTME, Rocket Soc., SAE, Band HERRON, CHARLES New Palestine, Ind. EE Electrical Soc. tpresj, Treas. Jr. Sigma Phi Delta Qv.-p.J HINSHAW, JON P. Farmland, Ind. Aero. Beta Phi Theta, Tau Sigma Eta, T. a Class, IFC, Birds, Al- wood Hall, IFC, IAS, Booster Club, Tri-Angle HIRT, ROGER D, Wayland, Mich. ME HIXON, DAVID Franklin, Pa. CE Sigma Phi Delta, IFC lv,-pj, Chem. Eng. Club HOLLAND, HOWARD A. Dundee, Ill. Aero IAS, Air Reserve HOOVER, DARLE c. New Carlisle, Ind. ME Radio Soc.: Basketball HORD, RICHARD L. Kenton, Ohio ME SAE, MES, Sigma Mu Sigma HOSSOM, V. MICHAEL Muncie, Ind. EE Electronic Soc.: Tau Sigma Eta HOUTERLOOT, DONALD R. Allendale, N. J. CE Civil Soc. fpres., v.-p.j, SAE, Student Council HOUTERLOOT, MICHAEL JR. Allendale, N. J, ME HOWARD, JOHN JR. North Judson, Ind. CE Civil Soc. HURLBURT, HENRY N., JR. Ticonderoga, N. Y. ME HUTCHINSON, GEOFFREY Barranquilla, S. America Bus. Ad. 4-In IVEY, HOMER E. Atlanta, Georgia ME ATSME, BO lsec.. pres! NJ.. JACKSON, FRED M. Schenectady, New York Aero. Sigma Mu Sigma tv.-p.j JACKSON, RICHARD D. Oyster Bay, New York CE Civil Soc. tv.-p.j BET ttreas., v.4p.j Club tv.-p., pres.J JOHNS, ROBERT C. Bradford, Pa. ME SAE: MES JOHNSON, JERRY F. Jackson. Mich. EE JONES, GARREN E. Indianapolis, Incl. CE KALB, WILLIAM D. Toledo, Ohio CE KALINOWSKI, VINCENT M. Worcester, Mass. EE Modulus, Civil Soc. KAPLAN, STANLEY J. Hyannis, Mass. Aero. IAS fsecj, Tau Sigma Eta KAUFMAN, JAMES M. Pleasant Lake, Incl. EE Electrical Soc. KAVICK, EDWARD M. Booster Wickliffe, Ohio Aero. IAS KELLY, ROBERT A. Cleveland, Ohio ME Rocket Soc., Inter-Dorm Council, MES: ASTE, ASE KEMMERER, WILLIAM Ridgeway, Pa. EE EE Soc., Electronic Eng. Soc., Tau Sigma Eta KEMNER, JOHN T. Quincy, Ill. ME Kappa Mu Sigma, Tool Soc., Newman Club, SAE, MES KESSLER, JERE W. Auburn, Ind. ME Tau Sigma Eta KESTNER, VAUGHN D. Worland, Wyoming CE Chem. Soc. KING, THOMAS R. Canton, Ohio ME KIRCHOFF, FREDRIC M. Indianapolis, Ind. Com. KIRKS, ROBERT H. Leaksville, N. C LE KISER, JACK R. Fremont, Ohio EF Photo Soc. fpresj, Booster Club: Civil Eng Soc.. Student Cuuntil KJELLDAHL, ROAR H. Oslo, Norway EE KLEIN, ROGER A. Elkhart, Ind ME SAE, MES, Tennis, Basketball KLOTH, DIETER R. Indianapolis, Ind. ME MES, ISA fsecj, Student Council KNOERR, LESTER A. Saginaw, Mich. ME SAE, Tau Sigma Eta KOPE, KERMIT G. Deer Park, Maryland CE KOUTS, PAUL C. Evansville, Ind. EE Civil Soc. tsecjg Band KRESGE, RICHARD B. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Aero. T-Birds tv.-p.j, IAS KROUTH, JOHN N. Pittsburgh, Pa. ME Sigma Phi Delta, MES, SAE KULL, VELLO Worchester, Mass. EE Electronic Soc. KUNCE, FLOYD A. Sturgis, Mich. ME Tau Sigma Eta, SAE, MES, ASTE tpres.J KUNKLE, CALVIN S. Bryan, Ohio ME SAE: MES: ASTE KURDZIEL, JOSEPH W. Rothbury, Mich ME Mech. Soc., SAE HL., LaBOY, jose M. Bayamon, P. R. ME LA COSTA, DANIEL F. New Market, N. J. Bus. Ad. LAMBERTSON, DAVID C. Greenville. Ohio EE Sigma Epsilon, MES: Newman Club LANG, CLAIR E. Catawisso, Pa. CE Civil Soc. LANGSTROTH, WAYNE E. Massapequa. N. Y. EE LANTZ, JACK L. Fremont, Ind. EE Radio Eng. Soc. LANTZ, ROBERT Wainwright, Ohio ME SAE LEMKE, GUIDO A. Huntington. Ind. ME LEWIS, EDWARD M. Kalamazoo, Mich. ME T-Birds ftreasjg Student Director LILUE, FREDERICK Coldwater, Mich. CE SAE: ASTE: Mech. Eng. Soc. LONG, JAMES M. Hershey, Pa. ME LONG, NORMAN G. Greenville. Ill. EE Golf LONG, WAYNE L. Cumberland, Md. EE EE Soc. LOVEJOY, ROBERT E. Elkhart, Ind. ME SAE, MES, Basketball LOVINGOOD, D, L., JR. Maryville. Tenn. .EE EE Soc.: Radio Soc l89 PRIMICH, GEORGE D. LUNDREGAN, THOMAS J. Evanston, Ill, EE IRE, Radio Soc. LUTYJ, VICTOR Cleveland, Ohio ME Tennis, Mech. Eng. Soc. LYONS, ROBERT D. Emporium, Pa. Bus. Ad. Sigma Epsilon fsec., v.-p., pres.J, Baseball MABREY, JEROME N. Rockford, Ill. Bus. Ad. Newman Club ftreas., v.-p.J, Sigma Epsilon MACK, IVAN L. Everett, Pa. EE Electronic Soc., Student Council, IRE MADDEN, FRED DeGraff, Ohio EE Tri-Angle, Electronic Soc.: Amat. Radio Club MAGEE, WILLIAM W. South Bend, Ind. ME SAE ftreas.J, IFC ftreasj, Beta Phi Theta ftreas.J MALINOWSKI, THOMAS H. South Bend, Ind. ME MANTYOROS, GEORGE Chicago, Ill. Chem. E MS, ASTME, SAE, Dorm B, Council fpres.J1 Student Director, Sigma Phi Delta MARCHAND, DAVID L. Old Mystic, Conn. ME MARCONIS, GERALD Bristol, Conn. ME Sigma Phi Delta, IFA MARINEAU, LUCIEN Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada ME MES, Booster Club MARKS, JOSEPH E. Oxford, N. Y. ME MARSTON, ROBERT S. Fort Fairfield, Me. ME MARTIN, TI-IERON L. Oakland, Calif. CE MASON, JOHN A. Altavista, Virginia EE Civil Soc. MATHISEN, VERNON S. Kristiansand, Norway EE MATIASH, NICHOLAS Shelby, Mich. CE Electronic Soc., IRE MAURER, NIEL 15. Fishkill, N. Y. CE MAY, ELWYN J. Muskegon, Mich. EE MAZAR, THOMAS A. Victoria, B. C., Canada EE MAYE, ROBERT D. New Castle, Indiana EE EE fsec.-treas.J, Tri-Angle MCCARTY, ALBERT M. Flemington, N. J. EE EE fpres.J MCCLURE, ALLEN R. Grover Hill, Ohio EE Tau Sigma Eta, EE MCCRILLIS, HAROLD O. Beloit, Wisconsin ME SAE MCCURLEY, GLENN D. Coldwater, Michigan ME MCGUIGAN, HUGH J., JR. Gloucester Heights, N. J. Aero. SAE MCGUIRE, JOSEPH L. Martin, Michigan CE Newman Club ftreas, sec.J MCKEAN, RICHARD A. Hartsdale, N Y. ME MCKNIGHT, RICHARD T. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio EE Tau Sigma Eta l90 ftreas., pre-s.J, MES, SAE MEAHEN, ALLAN B. Gerry, N. Y. Chem. MEDENDORP, NORMAN K. Muske on Michi an EE g - 8 Chem. Soc., Beta Phi Theta, Student Council MELAND, B. EYVIND Romulus, Mich. ME SAE, MES MILLER, HARRY H. Crumpler, W. Va. EE Electronic Soc. fsec., vice-pres.J MILLER, NORMAN Columbus, Md. ME ASTME: MES MILLS, MARVIN L. Galloway, Ohio Aero. MITCHELL, PAT M. Amarillo, Texas EE EE Society, Electronic Eng. Soc., Beta Phi Theta, Tri-Angle MIXER, JOHN E. JR. Butler, Pa. ME SAE: T-Birds MOHR, JOHN B. Chicago, Illinois Bus. Ad. MOOREHEAD, DONALD M. JR. Tanesville, Ohio ME Tri-Angle, Skull 84 Bones, Student Council, ISA, Sigma Epsilon, Jaycees MOULTON, CALVIN N. Pierre, S. D. ME MES: SAE MRZLACK, ROBERT Hammond, Indiana EE Elect Eng. Soc. fpres., vice-pres.J MURRAY, ROBERT Springfield, Ohio Chem. Am. Chem. Soc. MYERS, HAROLD M. Lynn, Mass. EE EE Soc., T-Birds MYERS, ROGER C. Angola, Indiana ME MES: SAE UN., NARUS, BERNARD Worchester, Mass. EE Elect. Soc. NEEDES, RONALD R. Kingston, N. Y. Bus. Ad. T-Birds, MTS, Sigma Epsilon NEFF, ROBERT L. Warsaw, Indiana ME ASTME NEILL, RALPH W. Montpelier, Vt. EE Electronic Eng. Soc. NOEZINGER, HAROLD Middlebury, Indiana ME SAE, MES, Sigma Mu Sigma NULL, KENNETH W. Columbus, Ohio ME IFC, Sigma Mu Sigma, SAE, MES, Booster Club, ATSME ftreas., vice-pres.J UO., ODELL, CHARLES E. Skaneateles, N. Y. MTM O'DONNELL, WALDROP L. JR. Milwaukee, Wisconsin EE Ka a Si ma Kappa, Jaycees, EE Soc, Tri- PP S Angle O'KEEFE, PHILIP C. Belmont, N. Y. Aero. IAS OLSON, ROBERT A. Union Springs, N. Y. ME SAE, ASTE OLT, LOUIS E. JR. Dayton, Ohio Bus. Ad. Commerce ORKIS, MARTIN J. St. Clairsville, Ohio ME ASTE, SAE, ME UP., PARDOE, LAWRENCE W. JR. Island Creek, Md. EE Radio, EE Soc. PARKER, STEVEN Perry, N. Y. Acc't. Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Beta Alpha, Student Council, Tri-Angle PATTERSON, RANDALL EE , Sigma Mu Sigma, EE Soc., Rocket Soc. PAVEY, JAMES C. Columbus, Ohio Aero. IAS PEACOCK, WILLIS Earl Park, Indiana EE IRE PELLEGRINO, JOHN B. Warren, Penna. CE PENN, STEPHEN F. Goshen, Indiana ME Sigma Mu Sigma, EE' Soc., Rocket Soc. Club PERRY, WALTER L. Sturgis, Michigan CE Civil Soc. PETRIN, JOSEPH C. Putnam, Conn. CE PHEGLEY, JACK Rensselaer, Indiana Acc't. Sigma Epsilon Soc. PHILBRICK, IRVIN P. Kingsfield, Me. ME PIERCE, DAVID G. Ellwood City, Pa ME MES, ASTE, SAE PIERCE, PAUL E. Morris, Illinois EE PIERSON, ELMER T. Shelby, Mich. ME PIERSON, WILLIAM A. Wilson, N. Y. ME ASTE PLANK, WILLIAM West Salem, Ohio ME PLASKONKA, WALTER D. Atwater, Ohio CE PLATA, ERROL F. Neshanic Station, N. J. EE Elec. Soc. POFFENBERGER, CARL Halifax, Pa. CE Civil Soc., Student Director PORCEDDU, SALVATORE Cambridge City, Indiana CE PORTER, ROY B. Williamsport, Pa. EE Electrical Eng. Soc., Electronic Society POST, ROGER L. Bowen, Illinois ME Tau Sigam Eta, SAE, ASME POULIN, ANDRE O. Auburn, Maine CE Civil Soc. POUMAKIS, DEMETRIUS East Islip, N. Y. EE POWELL, ROBERT E. Decatur, Illinois CE PRECOURT, FRANK Yonkers, N. Y. Adm. Eng. PRESCOTT, JERRY A. Union City, Indiana ME PRIEM, LARRY A. Elkhart, Indiana Aero. Tau Sigma Eta, IAS Gary, Indiana ME SAE, ASTE, IFC, Mech. Soc., Phi Kappa Theta PROVOST, JOSEPH S. Bridgeport, Conn. CE Civil Soc. ..Q,, QUAN, HONG G. Brooklyn, N. Y. CE QUIRK, JAMES E. Kenmore, N. Y. CE QUINN, TIMOTHY I. JR. Stow, Mass. EE UR., RACZEK, FRANK W. Dunkirk, N. Y. Aero. Alpha Sigma Phi, Student Council RAILEY, CHARLES E. Columbus, Ohio CE Civil Soc. RATH, JUNIOR B. Montpelier, Ohio EE IRE, Electronic Soc. REED, ROGER C. Gold, Pa. EE Tau Sigma Eta, IRE, Electronic Soc., REESE, GEORGE B. Murrysville, Pa. ME SAE REEVES, GEORGE I. Kalamazoo, Mich. EE Tau Sigma Eta, Electrical Soc. REILLY, ROBERT E. New York City, N. Y. ME RICE, EARL D. Union City, Mich. EE Electronics Soc. RICHARDSON, JAMES A. Roscommon, Mich. CE RICHTER, GLENN A. Auburn, Indiana CE Civil Soc., Beta Phi Theta RIGGS, JOSEPH J. Elkhart, Indiana ME Phi Kappa Theta, Triangle, MES RITCHIE, PHILLIP Jackson, Mich. ME SAE: MES RITTENHOUSE, LARRY E. Bronson, Mich. EE Tau Sigma Eta, IRE, Who's Who RIVERA, JUAN San Juan, P. R. Bus. Ad. ISA ROBBINS, EUGENE Millburn, N. J. EE ISA, Alpha Sigma Phi, T-Birds ROBERTS, SIDNEY M. Roanoke, Va. Aero. IAS RODRIQUEZ, CELSO B. Jaguey Grande, Cuba Chem. ROLLESTON, GEORGE A. Angola, Indiana MTM MTM Society ROMINE, BILLY Evansville, Indiana EE Sigma Mu Sigma, EE Soc. RONDEAU, RAYMOND E. South Hadley Falls, Mass. Aero. IAS, IFC, Phi Kappa Theta RUETTGER, BERNARD P. Conneaut, Ohio ME RUMMEL, HERMAN D. New Castle, Indiana EE IRE RUSH, ELVIS D. Inkster, Mich. Aero. IAS RUSHBOLT, ROBERT E. Dunkirk, N. Y. ME RUSSEL, WILLIAM Benton Marbor, Mich. CE Civil Soc, Newman Club RYAN, L. D. Mongo, Indiana ME usn SALYERS, JOHN A. New Albany, Indiana EE Radio Society Moclulus SANDS, RICHARD E. Burnettsville, Indiana MTM Alpha Beta Alpha, Basketball SAVASTIO, JAMES D. Hershey, Pa. EE SAVO, DOMENICK S. Solvay, N. Y. Chem. SAYLOR, GEORGE E. Hollansburg, Ohio EE SCHALL, WILLIAM L. Homer City, Pa, Chem, Sigma Phi Delta, Chem Soc. SCHWEIKERT, DONALD H. Babylon, N, Y. EE SEED, LAWRENCE I. Fort William, Ontario, Canada Alpha Sigma Phi SEGAL, RICHARD Paris, France ME SEGAR, ALFRED M. Athens, Penna. ME Sigma Mu Sigma, SAE, ASTE SEMENCHUK, STEVE Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Chem. Chem. Soc., Beta Phi Theta SEVEY, DEAN D. Hanoxer, Illinois ME SHAH, HARSHAD M. Ahmedabad. India CE SHAH, RAMESH B. Ahmedabad, India CE Civil Soc. SHAVER, JAMES L. Marion, Indiana EE SHAVER, RICHARD E. Hollansburg, Ohio EE SHEEHAN, JOHN E. Middletown, Ohio CE SIMMERMAN, REX L. Hartford City, Indiana ME Civil Soc. SIMMERS, PHILIP C. Canfield, Ohio ME SIMPSON, ASTON J. Kingston, Jamaica CE IAS SLAUTER, CHARLES B. Auburn, Indiana MTM SMITH, GEORGE N. New Providence, New Jersey ME ASTE, Mech. Soc., Student Director, Sigma Mu Sigma lsecj SMITH, HARRY E. Fulton, New York EE SMITH, JACK E. Auburn, Indiana MTM Electronics Soc. SMITH, RALPH W. Galesburg, Michigan EE SMITH, RONALD M. Richmond, Indiana ME SMITH, TERENCE Middlesex, England EE SMITH, TERRENCE E. Ottawa, Illinois EE SMITH, WAYNE A. Elkhart, Indiana EE Tau Sigma Eta: Electronic Soc. SMITH, WILLIAM E. Paulding, Ohio ACRO, IAS, Sigma Phi Delta SNYDER, CLAUDE E. Albion, Indiana ME Tau Sigma Eta, SAE SPIHER, JAMES W. Apollo, Pennsylvania Bus. Ad. Sigma Epsilon SPRAGUE, JACK E. Fremont, Indiana Bus. Ad. Motor Transport, Sigma Epsilon SRI PITUKSA, SOMNAUK Ayuthaya, Thai land CE STAMBULA, NICHOLAS Toronto, Ont., Canada Chem, Civil Soc. STARRETT, WILLIAM A. Bridgeton. New Jersey EE STEELE, GEORGE W., JR. Lewiston, Maine ME Electronic Soc. STEFANI, ANTONIO R. Caracus, Venezuela CE STIMSON, PAUL C. Ramonsville, N. Y. ME SAE STIVING, CLEMENT O. Kunkle, Ohio CE STOCKER, ALAN F. Buffalo, N Y. ME Circle K, Kappa Sigma Kappa, MES, SAE, Booster Club, Tri-Angle, Student Council STOCKER, EDWARD D. Kendallville, Indiana Aero. STONE, DANIEL G. Grand Rapids, Mich. EE STONESTREET, LEE W. Edon, Ohio ME STOWE, EDWARD L. Muncie, Indiana EE Electronics Soc. STRAYER, JERRY L. La Grange, Indiana ME Alpha Sigma Phi, MES, SAE STREETER, DAVID E. Elkhart, Indiana EE STRETCH, EDWIN G. Kalamazoo, Mich. ME Christian Fel. STRODE, CHARLES L. Port Huron, Mich. EE STUCK, ROBERT F. Angola, Indiana ME Elect. Soc. SULTAN, SALIM Dammam, Saudi Arabia ME Kappa Sigma Kappa, Circle K, SAE SVESTKA, JOSEPH A. Palmyra, Mich. EE Phi Kappa Theta, Newman Club SWEENEY, ROBERT K. Steger, Illinois Chem Chem. Soc. SYLVIA, CHARLES E. Taunton, Mass. EE Phi Kappa Theta, Radio Soc. SYMIGIELSKI, FRANK M. Creighton Mine, Ontario, Canada CE SZOT, FRANCIS East Chicago, Indiana Chem. Chem Soc. Phi Kappa Theta SZUSTAK, LEONARD S. Batavia, N. Y Aero. Phi Kappa Theta, IAS, IFC, Student Council SZYMANSKI, PAUL South Bend. Indiana Aero. IAS, ARS UT., THACKER, STERLING, W. Hampton, Va. CE Beta Sigma Tau, Student Council: Civ. Soc. THALER, WENDELL L. Middleville, Mich. EE Elect. Soc. THOMPSON, GEORGE W. Oberlin, Ohio ME Mech. Soc. THOMPSON, ROBERT E. Buffalo, N. Y. ME Kappa Sigma Kappa, Circle K, Triangle, MES, Skull 84 Bones TIEDEMANN, LEONARD W. Westfield, N. Y. ME ASTE TINGUS, GEORGE P. Boston, Mass. Aero. TITLEY, DALE E. Tecumseh, Mich. EE Elec. Soc. TOYAMA, BARON Y. Paia, Maui, Hawaii Bus. Ad. TRENSHAW, JOHN F. Goshen, Indiana EE Radio Soc. TRUMP, ROBERT G. Hershey, Penna. ME TULLIS, KENNETH L. Monterey, Indiana ME MES, SAE, Sigma Mu Sigma TUNNICLIFF, RONALD B. Elmira, New York EE Tau Sigma Eta, Student Director TURLEY, WAYNE E. Corydon. Indiana CE Civil Soc. TUTEN, RONALD K, Yemassee, S. C. EE Electronic Soc. TYLMAN, THEODORE A. Lombard, Illinois ME SAE, SME, Triangle HU., UPTEGRAFT, DOUGLAS E. Cadillac, Mich, Aero, IAS, Rocket Soc., Band, Student Council ..V., VANDERWAL, DELVIN D. Grand Rapids, Mich. CE Civil Soc., Tau Sigma Eta VAN SKYOCK, GARY M. Union City, Indiana Chem. Chem. Soc., Student Council VAN STONE, LEROY G. Coldwater, Mich. ME SAE VAUGHAN, WILLIAM N. Ridgewood, N. Y. Bus. Ad. Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Beta Alpha, Newman Club, Tri-Angle VERDERBER, FRED R. Islip Terrace, N. Y. CE Civil Soc., Tau Sigma Eta VILLYARD, KENNETH W. Paris, Arkansas EE Elect. Soc. VINCA, EUGENE A. Lewis Run, Pa. ME SAE VISNAPUU, AIN Toronto, Ontario, Canada ME SAE WAGNER, FREDERICK N. Romeo, Mich. CE Student Council, Civil Soc., Tri-Angle, Christian Fellowship WALBORN, JAMES R. Millersburg, Pa. EE Elect. Soc., Christian Fellowship WAREBURG, PER. S. Chicago, Illinois EE WARNER, ROBERT G. Swoope, Virginia CE Band, Civil Soc, WATERMAN, HAROLD JR, Elkhart, Indiana ME Mech. Soc. WEIDENHAMER, GERALD H. Defiance, Ohio ME Tool Soc., Tau Sigma Eta WEISENBURGER, GEORGE M. Williamsport, Pa. EE Who's Who, Tau Sigma Eta, IRE, Student Director WEISKITTLE, THOMAS G, Quincy, Ohio EE Electronic Soc, WELSHEIMER, VENN P. Charlexoiki Mnh CIL Cixil Soc, XVENTZEL, CLARENCE E. Constantine, Mich Aero 'lilflirdsp IAS, Tau Sigma Ift.i WIZRNIER, ALBERT Sturgis, Mich Chem Chem Sot , IAS Tri-Angle WERT, KENNETH E, Jamestown. N Y Iilf Beta Phi Theta WESTLING, EDWARD R. Benden. N. J CE Sigma Phi Delta, Cixil Soc, Stu WESTROPP, DAVID J. Aiea. Honolulu. Hawaii CE Civil Society WESTROPP, ROBERT W. Aiea, Honolulu, Hawaii CE Cixil Society WHITESEL, H. DAVID Union City, Indiana Aero, Sigma Phi Delta, IAS, T-Birds: WIDEMAN, BRUCE A. North Rose, N. Y. CE WILLIAMS, DENNIS G, St. Joseph, Mich. CE dent Cnunci Tri-Angle Rocket Soc., Civil Soc., Sigma Phi Delta WILLIAMSON, ROBERT L. Williamsport, Pa. ME MES: ASTE WINTERGRASS, JOSEPH T. Binghampton, N. Y. ME MES: ASTE WINZENRIED, JACK E. East Sparta, Ohio EE IRE WIRTZ, ELMER H. Dows, Iowa' CE Civil Soc., Tau Sigma Eta, Whri's Whit, T-Birds WISMAN, LARRY S. Montpelier. Ohio ME WITUCKI, FRANCIS L. South Bend, Indiana Chem, Chem Soc., Phi Kappa Theta WOLFF, CLIFFORD R. Islip, Long Island, N. Y. EE Elect. Soc., Electronic Sec. WONG, NIM C. Williamsport, Penna. ME WOODS, DONALD H. Richmond, Indiana ME Mech. Soc. WYNEKEN, JAMES D. Clear Lake, Indiana MTM MTM Soc. W Y SKIDA, RICHARD M. Perrysburg, N. Y. EE Newman Club, Phi Kappa Theta, Elec.xSoc., Student Council "Y" . YOUNG, JOHN D. Van Wert, Ohio EE YOUNGQUIST, D. JACK Rockford. Illinois ME SAE UZ.. ZERAMBY, MELVYN M. Lynn, Mass. EE Sigma Phi Delta, Tri-Angle, Elect. Soc.z Sigma Epsilon ZERRUNSEN, ADOLPH A. Acc't. Newman Club ZIDAK, JOHN A. Loyalhanna, Pa. ME Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Student ZUBKO, RONALD L, Cleveland, Ohio Aero. Alpha Sigma Phi Council: SAE l9l Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Haben Sr. Mr. Norman J. Abrams Mr. and Mrs Stanley Aftanski Mr. and Mrs Virgil R. Alburty Mr. Omer F. Allain Mr. William T. Anderson Mr. Woodrow R. Anderson Herdus C. Arrington Mrs. Adah L. Bailey Mr. PATRO Mr. Elton E. Hanes Mrs. Andrew Hansen Mr. Robert S. Harreld Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Heck Mrs. Bernise Hiemlich Mr. Charles D. Heffner Mr. Jack L. Heller Mrs. Edward S. Powell Sr. Mrs. Margaret L. Power Mr. Joe Rambo Mrs. Fern E. Ramsey Mr. William O. Randall Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Redslob Mr. John J. Reilly Mr. Dominic J. Rich Mr. Arthur G. Barnes Mr. Richard W. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Baxter Mr. Ernest G. Bennett Mr. Kenneth Bingham Mrs. W. Collins Bird Mr. Mr. Mr. George Bachnak Edward Bogems. Sr. Sam Boncaro Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Bane Mr. and Mrs. James O. Bowen Mr. Perley B. Boyer Mr. R. H. Briggs Mr. Henry H. Brown Mr. Robert M. Brown Mrs. Ainshe K. Bulmer Mr. Millard M. Burg Mr. Ora E. Burroughs Mrs. Wayne E. Carpenter Mr. Terry L. Carter Jr. Mr. John Castro Mr. Victor B. Chambers Mr. Arthur Charbonneau Mrs. Lottie S. Ciesielaki Mr. Gerald H. Clark Mrs. Muriel S. Clark Mrs. Charles Clausius Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hendrickson and Mrs. J. P. Hennes M. F. Hesselsweet Vernon F. Hoobler and Mrs. F. H. Hanser John D. Hursey and Mrs. George E. Hutchens L. C. Johns Mrs. Oral H. Johnson Mr. Mr. Mr. J. B. Janidlo Loren O. Jones Carl Jording Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kajzer Mrs. Cecil M. Kesslar Mr. F. J. Kemmerer Mrs. Sanford E. Kessler Mrs. L. E. Key Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Kirby and Mrs. L. W. Kohl Richard C. Koontz Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Krause Mrs. Ralph Kroot Mr. Mr. Mr. Ralph Kundtz George J. Kurapka X and Mrs. Anthony J. Lagob Mr. and Mrs. Marlin F. Leffler Mrs. Thomas Leppert Mr. Arnold J. Richter Mr. Charles F. Riggs Mr. Harold G. Romine Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Rondeau Mr. George J. Ropchock Mrs. Robert Ruettger Mr. Thomas O. Rupert Mr. Earl L. Sauerbier Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Savo Mr. Glenn L. Schall Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Schick Mr. Eric H. Schmidt Mr. C. L. Schneider Mr. L. Schneider Mr. V. M. Sczymanski Mr. William H. Secor Mr. Leonard Seed Mr. George Seegar Mr. D. Chun Seung Mr. Leland D. Sheets Mr. George Shopt Mr. Samuel A. Shurtleff Mrs. Bertha Skapura Mrs. Anna Smerecki Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Smith Mr. Lloyd M. Smith Mr. Voyle L. Smith Mr. Lewis E. Cole Mrs. J. A. Cordero Mr. Eugene J. Cote Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Crampton Mr. Francis Crissman Mrs. Betty Cupples Mr. Benedict A. Cusimano Mr. John R. Dado Mrs. L. Damian Mr. Lloyd F. Dawes Mr. Glenwood F. Demorest Mr. Cleo F. Denton Mr. James Detrick Mr. Joseph A. Devanney Mrs. Ralph W. Dibble Mr. Rowan Dickson Mrs. Alma R. Dobbs Mr. George E. Doebereiner Mr. Clyde M. Duke Mrs. Esther E. Dunn Mr. Carl M. Eckardt Mr. Clare V. Edwards Mrs. Janet B. Edwards Mrs. Florence A. Ely Mr. Clarence E. Embutz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lessing Mr. B. Lewandowski Mr. Thomas E. Link Mrs. Earl C. Long Mrs. Francis Lang Sr. Mr. Donald Lorentzen Mr. Harold B. Long Mr. William L. Lord Jr. Mrs. Alice D. Loubien Mr. Guy Lovejoy Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Marchand Mrs. J. G. Marconis Mr. Frank J. Morki Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Marshall Mr. J. R. Marston Mrs. W. D. Mathyer Mr. Carl McCool Mr. J. F. McCullum Mr. and Mrs. S. B. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. B. F. McGuire Mr. R. F. Mengel Mrs. N. Meshinsky Mrs. Thelma L. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Denver L. Mills Mr. and Mrs. . W. Mitchell Mr. Harold A. Smith Mr. Clinton L. Snyder Mr. Gordon D. Snyder Mr. Albert J. Sololowski Mr. Inger L. Sorquist Mrs. Lucy L. Spicer Mrs. Obern F. Standerfer Mrs. C. C. Stephenson Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. . L. Faye Stock Vernon W. Stoneburner Clarence L. Strayer Ladd Svestka Francis J. Szot John Szurtak Walter Szymczak J. I. Terrell Mrs. Robert Terry Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Ivan J. Thaler . R. J. Thompson Wilfred Thompson Joseph Torkos . Donald C. Trine Harry Tuczynski and Mrs. Frank Uguccioni Frederick Wagner Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Leroy E. Erickson Jack F. Evans and Mrs. Abraham W. Fast Thomas R. Felts Mr. Gorden H. Fisk Mr. Mr. Joseph E. Fitzgerald Rex Fitzpartick Mrs. Harriet E. Follete Mr. James H. Forrester Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Leston M. Freeman and Mrs. W. E. Freund and Mrs. Fred C. Fye Tom W. Gaitens Harold R. Gandert Mrs. Kathleen G. Gervasi Mr. Mr. Mr. Arthur F. Giesecke Mearl Green Frederick Gruin Sr. J Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Moore Mr. R. F. Moore Mr. Olide J. Mott Mrs. Norman R. Mulligan Mr. Osborne J. Munroe Mrs. R. Howard Myers Mrs. Irene J. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Owen Jr. Mrs. M. J. Paauwe Mrs. Golder Painter Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Peschock Mr. Peter S. Petrin Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Pim Mrs. W. J. Piurek Mr. W. M. Plaskonka Mrs. R. E. Poffenberger Mr. and Mrs. J. Pornprowitz Mr. Donald D. Parish Mrs. Mary Wagstaff Mr. William A. Walker Mrs. Estle C. Ward Mrs. Keith E. Wehrly Mr. Edward R. Westling Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wheeler Mr. Searl E. White Mr. Charles E. Whitehouse Mr. H. N. Wieland Mrs. H. Willeat Mr. Arthur G. Williamson Mr. Bruce W. Winchester Mrs. Martha Wintergrass Mr. John Wirtz Mr. Florian F. Wlodarek Mr. Davic C. Wodrich Mr. Lee H. Woods Mr. Henry S. Yoder Mr. John D. Young TAYLOR ILUBLISILIING COMPANY "The War 's Beal Year ook: af.. M. 1. .rg 4 , , I ., ,F FG- 4, V 1 A WENT' EL 1 dj' , ' . 1:'.v 'V 1 x J 1 r 1 Q1

Suggestions in the Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) collection:

Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Trine University - Modulus Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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