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Text from Pages 1 - 240 of the 1957 volume:

TRI-STATE COLLEGE • ■ ! • i : Vr M I • ' , .v - If,. . . ' v v ♦. ANGOLA, I PRESENTED BY THE TS.C. STUDENT B IN MEMORIAM Wesley Wilkening, student in the Electrical Engineering Department, drowned June 10 in Lake Donald near Vandalia, Michigan. Wes would have graduated with the June class of 1957. He was very active in school functions, serving as president of the Electrical Engineering Society and Sigma Phi Delta, a member of Skull and Bones, and a Student Director. Wes has left many friends and fine memories at 7 ri-State. 2 WE DEDICATE We dedicate the 1957 Modulus to Mrs. Lucy Emerson, Director of News Service for Tri- State College. Mrs. Emerson is best known to most students on the campus because of her work with the campus publications, the Tri-Angle and the Modulus. She is constantly being asked for advice or information in connection with these activities, and although she is an extremely busy member of the college staff, she is never too busy to provide the answers. We, the members of the 1957 Modulus staff, are richer for having known and worked with her, and will always remember her when think¬ ing back on our college days. 3 m - + , A m mm FOREWORD It is with a great deal of pleasure that I, in behalf of the Modulus staff, present the 1957 edition of the MODULUS of Tri-State Col¬ lege. An effort has been made to introduce a new look incorporat¬ ing fresh ideas in layout and styling both in the contents and the cover. It is our hope that this pictorial review of the year ' s activi¬ ties will give you much pleasure now and in years to come. I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to those members of the staff without whom the publication of this year book would not have been a reality. Editor-in-Chief PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE TO THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASSES: I welcome most eagerly this opportunity to express to each of you my personal congratulations as well as those of the Board of Trustees and the staff and faculty of the college upon the completion of your undergraduate studies. It should be, and I am confident it is, a matter of personal pride with each of you that you set a goal and reached it. Even though many of you are entertaining the thought that you are now graduates and finished with the processes of edu¬ cation and learning, I woi ld suggest that now you should busy yourselves with setting new and differernt goals. For some it will be graduate study and for others it will be gainful employment in business or industry. Whatever it may be and however it is to be achieved will always be affected by the in¬ dustrious and intelligent application of what you have already learned here or elsewhere. As time passes and you move steadily toward the realization of your new goal, pause occasionally to set new and higher ones. In so doing you will render your greatest service to man¬ kind and bring to reality our wish for success and happiness for each of you for all time. THEODORE T. WOOD, President BOARD O Mark Woodhall Chairman, Board of Directors Roy A. Fruehauf Ray Alwood Lewis B. Hershey Owen R. Bangs Herman Phillips Howard Boomershine Henry R. Platt Executive Staff Merrit D. Boyer Secretary Lawrence P. Myers Dean of Students Dr. J. Glenn Radclife Registrar Jean McCarthy Director of Admissions 8 DIRECTORS Dr. Don Cameron Lawrence L. Dresser Perry T. Ford Joseph R. Teagno Franklin H. Wells Walter H. Walb Roy C. Bodie Director of Publications Eleanor Tarbell Gambardella Librarian Administrative Staff Jonas Crisman Director of Housing Paul Taylor Public Relations Assistant Lucy Emerson Director of News Services William F. Thomas Director of Placement 9 Left to Right, Top: Marilyn Huff, Delores Wolff, Dottie Rowe, Barbara Church, Shirley Foster. Middle: Ruth Harbough, Martha Keller, Gloria Vance, Betty Waters, Sally Campbell. Bottom: Chris Foster, Coral Hartman, Mary Jo Dickard, Eleanor Johnson. LIBRARY STAFF Left to Right: Mrs. Joseph Gambardellp, Li¬ brarian; Mrs. Margaret Rose, Mary Lou Miller. 10 1 PLACEMENT OFFICE Mrs. Helen Kelley and Mrs. Peggy Hagloch i BOOK STORE Mrs. Mildred Swift and Cleon Wells CAFETERIA Front Row, left to right: E. Roberts, M. Craw¬ ford, G. Bramblett, L. German, M. Atkins, L. Nichols and E. Butler. Back Row, left to right: M. Jones, M. Wicoff, E. Fenstamaker, E. Buscher, G. Smith, M. Cole, E. Huffnagle, T. Willimson, B. Allen. MAINTENANCE STAFF Left to right: Chester Clark, Warren Johns, Hershi Clark, Bill Ickes, C. Pen- land, M. Wilson, B. Pendill, R. Mortoff, H. Wilson, Fred Munn, Superintendent. Not pictured: R. Golden, B. Leland, J. Weller, M. Goings. i ! i TRI-STAN HOUSING- Left to right. Front Row: Christina Rose, office girl, Irene Hanselman, Joyce Bidwell, Arlene Dove, Florence Kem- erey. Back row: Harry Graves, Tony Mortoff, Charles Leman, Manager, August Crawford. PRINT SHOP Evelyn Goodrich Elmer Taylor, Adair Edwards, Jai Soon Chung Joan Sykes, Judy Wing. John Goodlew » 13 « »?28»S DRAWING DEPARTMENT Stanley S. Radford, Professor Virgil G. Areaux, Assistant Professor Harry R. Stelling, Professor, Head of Department ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Alice A. Parrott, Professor I Paul A. Nurnberger, Carl Becker A. A. Hockey Minard F. Rose Professor Professor Professor Professor Head of Department MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT George E. Associate Anspaugh Professor Ross A. Butler Associate Professor Harry Whittern Assistant Professor George Assistant Rowley- Professor Robert K. King Instructor Patricia Eyer Instructor ■ 1 Kenneth Steele, Professor, Head of Department PHYSICS DEPARTMENT John Tressler, Assistant Professor Lester W. Long, Instructor WHAT IS AN ENGINEER??? An engineer is a person totally dedicated to applied science, production, and his wife—in that order. Like the poet, his primary concerns are those of time and meter. His terminology may and usually does include such prosaic works as modulator, Kovar, voltage, oscillation, and some words not found in the dictionary. Engineers come in assorted kinds and sizes. First, we have the you ng bow-tied type (just graduated from Midwestern, magna cum lousy) who believes with all his heart that there should be more unison and less formality between himself, other engineers, and secretaries. Our second type of engineer is a kind of choleric mastermind (gen¬ erally middle-aged) whose only goal in life is visualized in terms of steel, symmetry, and swiftness. And, of course, there is the soft-spoken, gentle kind whose years of experience have made him the real, but humble, genius. Engineers are usually found leaning toward an assembly line, discussing electrons near a water cooler, or north of their incoming baskets—stooped over in an attempt to find that last paper clip. An engineer ' s morphology is such that he can (to the dismay of his secretary) overlook the most obvious notations and forget the most important meetings. No other phenomenon on earth can equal his capacities to be deaf to the loudest page system, take the longest time to walk from the adjoining office to his own, write the hiero¬ glyphic memos (rough draft, please), tolerate the most cluttered up drawers, drink the most coffee, dictate the longest letters, and request the most prints for Services. Certainly no other form of animal life could manage to train a 47 by 32-inch desk to hold a thermos of coffee, a calendar pad, an incoming and out-going basket, two rulers, a spotted blotter, an inkwell (sans plume), a nameplate at half-mast, four Spec, books (to be returned at 5:15), an ash tray, somewhere a telephone, assorted parts from distorted tubes, a cartoon from some other frustrated engineer, and a handbook, text book, and pocket book on " Transcendental Functions, Industrial Organi¬ zation, and Girls. " His object is precision; his product is progress; his imagination is his only tool. He is a rationalist with a dream of what could be. The human in him is evidenced by his casual hello in the hall and his unusual thoughtfulness when you need such. And when you ' re all but exhausted from tabulated reports, letters, and efforts to page him, the world seems just a little nicer when he says, " How ' s the boy friend? " 18 - AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Quintin J. Hawthorne Professor, Head of Department Charles Libove Associate Professor ! Il l fit T l M W i frt ‘ I I m m MUM Wellington W. Hu Associate Professor DECEMBER 1956 MELVIN A. BOBB, WAPAKONETA, OHIO—Institute, of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch—Secretary, Treasurer. DONALD G. BOYER, ALLIANCE, NEBRASKA—Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch—Treasurer; Society of Automotive. Engineers, Student Branch; Flying Thunder- birds, Inc.—President, Tri-Angle Reporter. JOHN F PARKS, WAREHAM, MASSACHUSETTS —Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch-—President, Vice-Chairman; Tau Sigma Eta; Silver Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, 1956-57. DAVID H. SAYLES, CLYDE, OHIO—Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch. PAUL J. SEENEY, FLORAL PARK, NEW YORK— Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch; Beta Phi Theta—Secretary, Treasurer; 550 Club. MARCH 1957 EVERETT B. DENHAM, LOWELL, MASSACHU¬ SETTS—Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch. RAYMOND J. DUSSIA, MONROE, MICHIGAN— Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Student Branch-—President, Vice-Chairman; Tau Sigma Eta, Silver Key, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, 1956-57. 21 JUNE 1957 DALE L. ABBOTT, FREMONT, INDIANA— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Tau Sigma Eta; Dresser Scholarship. RODNEY P. CRAVENS, LEWELLEN, NEBRASKA — Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Tri-Angle Reporter. WILLIAM B. CROSS, SAGINAW, MICHIGAN— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Tri-Angle Reporter. DONALD F. DUPRE, FISKDALE, MASSACHU¬ SETTS— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Vice-Chairman. RICHARD L. FISHER, JR., MILLERSPORT, OHIO •—Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Modulus—Assistant Layout Editor. RICHARD F. GEIDE, JR., BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK—Institute of the Aeronatuical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Tau Sigma Eta; Inter¬ varsity Christian Fellowship—Vice-President. ROLAND F. HARMON, JR., CARIBOU, MAINE— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Chairman; Alpha Sigma Phi— Corresponding Secretary; Student Council; Mod¬ ulus—Layout Editor; Tri-Angle—Reporter, News Editor, Honoraries ' Editor, Managing Editor; Skull Bones, C.O.A.; Booster Club—Secretary; Vice-President—Senior Class. NORMAN J. MELLOTT, McCONNELLSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA—Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Chairman, Treasurer; Student Council. RAYMOND S. NOMURA, HONOLULU, HAWAII — Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Flying Thunderbirds—Tri-Angle Reporter. RICHARD G. RESSLER, STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN—Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch. WILLIAM C. SEIDEL, BELOIT, KANSAS— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Vice-Chairman. JOHN D. TALBOTT, ATTICA, INDIANA— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Secretary; Phi Kappa—Presi¬ dent, Vice-President, Treasurer; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society; Tri-Angle Press Club. HARLEY L. WEISS, BREMEN, INDIANA— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Sigma Phi Delta; Student Council. 22 AUGUST 1957 RICHARD A. AUYER, WARNERS, NEW YORK— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Treasurer. CLEMENT E. BERNIER, HARTFORD, CONNECTI¬ CUT— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Newman Club. PHILLIP E. EMANUEL, EDGERTON, OHIO— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Vice-Chairman; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Math Society. GEORGE HAROLD GIBSON, FAIRFIELD, ILLI¬ NOIS—Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Jaycees—President; Thunderbirds; Alpha Sigma Phi—Student Council and Inter-Fraternity Council Representative; Student Council; Society of Automotive Engi¬ neers, Student Branch; Tri-Angle; Modulus. KAZUMI HAMADA, HAKALAU, HAWAII — Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch—Secretary. JERROLD W. KANNEL, TOLEDO, OHIO— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Beta Phi Theta—Scribe. FRANK KREUTZ, RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK. DONALD P. NEVERTON, WESTPORT, CON¬ NECTICUT — Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Thunderbirds. JOHN J. O ' HUSKY, DUNKIRK, NEW YORK— Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch; Phi Kappa—Vice-President. ROBIN F. ROWE, DALLAS, TEXAS—Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch. TOIVO D. VISNAPU, TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch. FRED L. YODER, DEGRAFF, OHIO—Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Inc., Student Branch. 23 $ AERONAUTICAL LABORATORIES CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Harold E. Mills, Professor Stefan J. Slanina, Professor, Head of Department Raymond Portor, Assistant Professor Edward J. Pavel, Assistant Professor Pyrl L. Rhinesmith, Instructor Albert McDowell, Instructor Delia Redman, Instructor DECEMBER 1956 ISAAC A. CHAMS, HAMAIRA, LEBANON—Phi lota Alpha—Treasurer, House Manager. VINCENT CHAN, MANILA, PHILIPPINES— American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate Treasurer; Chinese Club—President. MAURICE L. GRANTHAM, ANDERSON, INDI¬ ANA—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate—Vice-President. JOHN A. MARCINEK, CHICOPEE, ' MASSACHU¬ SETTS—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate—Vice-President, President; Beta Sigma Tau—Treasurer, Pledge Master President. RAFAEL B. PADRINOS-PRINCE, VALENCIA, VENEZUELA—American Chemical Society, Stu¬ dent Affiliate. JOO SUP SHIM, SEOUL, KOREA—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; International Students Association—Secretary. MARCH 1957 GODFREY N. AHLOY, PORT OF SPAIN TRINIDAD—Phi Kappa. JOHN S. NIENHUIS, CADILLAC, MICHIGAN. ROBERT L. WRIGHT, KENDAVILLE, INDIANA —American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; CHAI KEUN YU, SEOUL, KOREA—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; Beta Sigma Tau—Corresponding Secretary; International Students Association—Tri-Angle Reporter; Silver Key; Newman Club. 27 JUNE 1957 ROBERT R. CHAPMAN, CHESHIRE, CONNECTICUT—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer¬ sities, 1956-57. ARTHUR E. DAVIS, OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate—President, Vice-President; Math Society. JOHN F. MAHONY, OAK PARK, ILLINOIS—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate—President, Treasurer; Beta Phi Theta—Treasurer. HAL E. MOORE, ANGOLA, INDIANA—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1956-57. AUGUST 1957 EUGENE R. HUNSUCKER, DEARBORN, MICHIGAN—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1957-57. FRANCIS C. LEWANDOWSKI, ASHLAND, WISCONSIN—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; Beta Phi Theta—President, Treasurer. RONALD W. LEWIS, SMICKSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate—Secretary; Kappa Sigma Kappa—Secretary; Jaycees—Treasurer. RICHARD M. PARKER, FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANI A—American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate; Alpha Sigma Phi; Student Council. 28 r Instructors Richard Fisher and Richard Griffiths BO ■ DECEMBER 1956 THOMAS R. CARBERRY, LOCKPORT, ILLINOIS —Civil Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Booster Club; Junior Class—Secretary. THOMAS K. COTTER, SAGINAW, MICHIGAN— Civil Society—Program Director; Mathematics Society. MAURICE CRAIG, CAMBRIDGE CITY, INDIANA —Civic Society—Vice-President; Tau Sigma Eta—President; Student Director; Varsity Basket¬ ball; Senior Class—President; Silver Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, OSCAR L. CRUZ, CARACAS, VENEZUELA—Civil Society; Phi lota Alpha; International Students Association. ERIK P. DAMBERGS, CROMWELL, CONNECTI¬ CUT—Civil Society; Photo Society. HAROLD K. HEDLUND, PASADENA, CALI¬ FORNIA—Civil Society; Student Council; Student Director; Beta Phi Theta; Senior Class— Treasurer; Junior Class—Treasurer. CHARLES G. HILSDON, EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY—Civil Society; Sigma Mu Sigma. GEORGE E. OHLIN, NEW CASTLE, PENNSYL¬ VANIA—Civil Society—Tri-Angle Reporter; Phi Kappa; College Band. DONALD F. PARTYKA, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS— Civil Society; Phi Kappa—President; Student Council—Vice-President; Sophomore Class— Vice-President; Tri-Angle Staff. DONALD N. RHOADS, GRANITE CITY, ILLINOIS —Civil Society. MIGUEL A. RODRIGUEZ, CAYEY, PUERTO RICO —Civil Society; Beta Sigma Tau—House Man¬ ager, Sports Manager; Inter-Fraternity Council; Student Council; Varsity Baseball; Financial and Legal Aid Society; International Students Association. BRUCE A. VAUGHAN, SWANTON, OHIO—Civil Society—Secretary; Tau Sigma Eta; Sigma Mu Sigma; Junior Class—President; Dresser Scholar; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, 1956-57. 31 MARCH 1957 BRIAN H. CHASE, AUBURN, NEW YORK—Civil Society; Beta Phi Theta—Secretary. WALLACE M. BANACH, WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS— Civil Society. GEUNTHER W. ENGEL, YONKERS, NEW YORK—Civil Society- Treasurer; Varsity Basketball. GEORGE ENGLESSON, EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA—Civil Society —Secretary, President; Booster Club Representative; Tau Sigma Eta; Skull and Bones C.O.A.—Treasurer; Tri-Angle Staff; Student Council—Vice-President; Student Director; Silver Key; Modulus Staff; Junior Class—Vice-President; Sigma Phi Delta—Treasurer; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Uni¬ versities, 1956-57. VICTOR FREUNDLICH, TEHERAN, IRAN—Civil Society; Inter¬ national Students Association; Billiards Champion 1957. BERT H. HEDLUND, PASADENA, CALIFORNIA—Civil Society; Beta Phi Theta; Student Director. ROBERT E. HOLTZAPPLE, SOUTH BEND, INDI ANA—Civil Society; Sigma Mu Sigma. KENNETH W. JONES, MISHAWAKA, INDIANA—Tri-State Christian Fellowship—President, Treasurer. MASAO KAMIDA, HONOLULU, HAWAII—Civil Society. GORDON F. KARNS, MARSHALL, MICHIGAN—Civil Society- Student Council Representative. CECIL E. O ' DANIEL, AVA, ILLINOIS—Civil Society. BELMONT O. PRIEST, KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN—Civil Society. LEMBIT PUTSEP, MONTREAL, CANADA—Civil Society. ELMER L. SCHOWENFELD, BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN— Civil Society. JACK C. OVERLY, HUNTINGTON, INDIANA—Civil Society. 32 JUNE 1957 DAVID A. STEWART, ONEONTA, NEW YORK—Civil Society, Vice-President. WILLIAM C. TRAUTERMAN, VANDERGRIFT, PENNSYLVANIA —Civil Society, Treasurer, President; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. JUDSON W. VIRDEN, CAREY, OHIO—Civil Society; Flying Thunderbirds. FRANCIS X. BALL, ZIEGLERVILLE, PENNSYLVANI A—Civil Society, Silver Key. JORGE W. CAMACHO, SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA—Phi lota Alpha, President; Civil Society; Student Council; Inter¬ fraternity Council International Students Association. GORDON A. DEWITTE, KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN—Civil Society; Varsity Golf Team; Flying Thunderbirds, Inc. HAROLD A. GESELL, MIDDLESEX, NEW YORK—Glee Club; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Vice-President; Radio Amateur Club, Secretary Civil Society; Tri-Angle, Reporter. JOHN J. HICKEY, LEBANON, NEW HAMPSHIRE—Civil Society. KEITH T. HINSHAW, NEW CASTLE, INDIANA—Civil Society, Secretary; Silver Key. EARL O. KIRBY, FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA—Civil Society. ALBERT S. KIVISTO, PROCTOR, VERMONT—Civil Society. HAROLD R. LLOYD, MARION, OHIO—Civil Society. DAVID R. McDERMOTT, LAKEWOOD, OHIO—Civil Society. JOSEPH P. NEMCHIK, BATH, PENNSYLVAN I A—Civil Society, President, Secretary; Alpha Sigma Phi, Custodian, Pledge Marshal; Silver Key; Tri-Angle, Business Staff. WILLIAM B. OWEN, NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS— Civil Society. 33 THOMAS L. PEACOCK, HEBRON, ILLINOIS—Civil Society. JAMES L. RUSSELL, LAWRENCE, INDIANA—Civil Society, Corresponding Secretary; Sophomore Class, Treasurer. DANIEL E. SEDAM, LA PORTE, INDIANA—Civil Society, Silver Key. JACK B. SHANK, RICHMOND, INDIANA—Civil Society, Program Director; Tri-Angle, Feature Editor; Silver Key. STANLEY H. SMITH, LEECHBURG, PENNSYLVANIA—Civil Society, Student Council Representative. WHILSTON D. TAYLOR, MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA, B.W.I.— Beta Sigma Tau, President, Vice-President, Tri-Angle Reporter; Skull and Bones C.O.A., Vice-President; Booster Club, President, Treasurer, Secretary; Civil Society, Corresponding Secretary; International Students Association, President, Treasurer, Student Council Representative, Speaker Rotary Night 1956; Student Director; Modulus Staff, Senior Class Editor, Salesman; Tri-Angle Staff, Honoraries Editor, Assistant Campus Organi¬ zations Editor, Sports Reporter; Varsity Tennis, Captain, Co-Captain; Junior Class, Vice-President; Table Tennis Champion, Winter 1957; Financial and Legal Aid Society. ROBERT G. ULMER, LANDISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA—Civil Society. ROBERT H. WHITTEN, CHICAGO RIDGE, ILLINOIS—Civil Society; Varsity Golf Team. GREGOR J. WILKINSON, NEW HARTFORD, NEW YORK— Civil Society, Student Council Representative; Phi Kappa, Pledge Master, Sergeant at Arms, Executive Committee, Alumni Treasurer; Newman Club; Student Council, Treasurer. WESLEY D. WILSON, RICHMOND, INDIANA—Civil Society, Vice-President; Tri-Angle Staff; Sigma Mu Sigma, Sports Manager; Booster Club; Freshman Class, Secretary. AUGUST 1957 WILLIAM E. ANDERSON, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—Civil Society, Beta Phi Theta. LEON H. ARNOLD, ATHENS, PENNSYLVANIA—Civil Society. EDWARD A. BROWNE, JR., MONROE, NEW YORK—Civil Society. 34 EDWARD D. CALLAHAN, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN—Civil Society. CECIL G. COPENHAVER, SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. WILLIS W. FISHER, ANGOLA, INDIANA—Civil Society; Flying Thunderbirds, Inc., President, Treasurer. THOMAS A. CUNNINGHAM, WATERLOO, NEW YORK—Civil Society; Newman Club Fencing Club. RICHARD L. HUDSON, SANDUSKY, OHIO—Civil Society, Program Director; Flying Thunderbirds, Secretary; Sigma Phi Delta, Secretary. ALDEN B. GABLE, HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANI A—Civil Society; Flying Thunderbirds, Inc. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Glee Club; Band. GORDON D. BOOKMAN, ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA—Civil Society. ROBERT F. GRIMES, GARRETT, INDIANA—Civil Society; Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Beta Phi Theta. GERALD J. KLOOCK, ROMEO, MICHIGAN—Civil Society; Photo Society, Treasurer; Sigma Phi Delta, Secretary. JOSEPH D. O ' BRIEN, LORAIN, OHIO—Civil Society, Phi Kappa. JAMES E. SCHMITT, ANDERSON, INDIANA—Civil Society; Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, Treasurer; Student Council; Tri-Angle, Circulation Manager. HAROLD L. REID, WAINFLEET, ONTARIO, CANADA—Civil Society, Student Council Representative; International Students Association, Treasurer; Beta Sigma Tau, Historian; Modulus Staff; Tri-Angle Staff, Reporter; Mathematics Society. DONALD H. VOEGELI, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Civil Society; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Secretary; Student Council Representative. EDWIN J. WENC, THOMPSONVILLE, CONNECTICUT—Civil Society. 35 CIVIL LABORATORIES Arthur E. Eberhardt Assistant Professor Henry I. Hutto Assistant Professor Clyde E. Shaw, Professor, Head of Department ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Enrique Velez, Instructor Oscar Nelson, Lab Technician DECEMBER 1956 ALVIN V. BILODEAU, PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND. JACK R. BROWN, CENTREVILLE, MICHIGAN—Electrical Society. JACK G. DANFORD, POWHATTAN, OHIO—Electrical Society. MARSHALL W. DeGRAW, JR., PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA— Electrical Society—Vice-President; Beta Phi Theta—Student Council Representative, Sports Manager. KENNETH E. HARRINGTON, OWESSO, MICHIGAN—Electrical Society. CHARLES A. HILL, JACKSON, MICHIGAN—Rafiio Society; Electrical Society; Sigma Mu Sigma—President, Vice-President; Student Council—President, Secretary; Skull and Bones, C.O.A.; Modulus Staff; Tri-Angle Staff; Financial Legal Aid Society —Secretary; Athletic Board of Control—Student Member. BURTON L. LOCKWOOD, ELKHART, INDI ANA—Electrical Society—Secretary; Tau Sigma Eta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1956-57; Gold Key. EARL F. LOEFFLER, SAGINAW, MICHIGAN—Electrical Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1956-57. V ILL I AM R. McKENZIE, HADDAM, KANSAS—Electrical Society; Sigma Mu Sigma. ROBERT F. PRETHER, HOLLANSBURG, OHIO—Electrical Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Silver Key. HERBERT J. SMITH, JEROME, MICHIGAN—Electrical Society —Secretary; Tau Sigma Eta—Secretary; Gold Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges And Universities, 1956-57. JOHN W. WOODLIEF, MISHAWAKA, I NDI ANA—Electrical Society. 39 MARCH 1957 ALFRED H. CARSON, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA— Electrical Society. ROBERT C. DAVIDSON, AVON, NEW YORK—Electrical Society —President. ROBERT A. DULLEA, WATERTOWN, NEW YORK—Electrical Society; Phi Kappa—Secretary. BRYAN E. GRAVES, BRATTLEBORN, VERMONT—Electrical Society. IRVING G. HANSEN, TOLEDO, OHIO—Electrical Society; Radio Soci ety; Flying Thunderbirds, Inc. WILLIAM JACKEWICZ, NEW YORK, NEW YORK—Tau Sigma Eta; Silver Key. JACK E. LYNDE, LANSING, MICHIGAN—Electrical Society— Vice-President. ROYCE A. MULLEN, BLACK RIVER, NEW YORK—Electrical Society; Beta Sigma Tau—Vice-President, Recording Secretary. WILLIAM SLUSARCZYK, LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA—Photo Society—President. JOSEPH E. WAGNER, MOUNT STERLING, ILLINOIS—Electrical Society; Tau Sigma Eta—Treasurer. OSYP S. WRUBLIWSKY, CLEVELAND, OH 10—Electrical Society; Photo Society—Treasurer; International Students Association. 40 JUNE 1957 ALFRED D. AARON, GLENSFORK, KENTUCKY—Electrical Engineering Society. JOHN C. ERLANDSON, CLERMONT, PENNSYLVANIA— Electrical Engineering Society. RONALD P. GILMOUR, FLINT, MICHIGAN—Electrical Engi¬ neering Socie ty; Society Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. FRANK C. HILL, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA—Electrical Engineering Society, President, Treasurer; Newman Club. GEORGE L. JACOX, CENTREVILLE, MICHIGAN, Electrical Engineering Society. STANLEY L. JOHNSON—ELLSWORTH, MAINE—Electrical Engineering Society. IGNATIUS J. LASCOLA, FREDONIA, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering Society. JOE A. LIVESAY, DUQUOIN, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering Society. JAMES V. MARIHUGH, DEFIANCE, OHIO—Electrical Engineer¬ ing Society; Sigma Mu Sigma, Treasurer. CLYDE E. ROSE, BENTON, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering Society. ROBERT E. SMEENGE, HOLLAND, MICHIGAN. ROGER J. SMEENGE, HOLLAND, MICHIGAN. THEODORE J. SMIESKA, NEW BRIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA— Electrical Engineering Society. MARTIN A. TAUMAN, FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering Society, President, Vice-President; Modulus Staff, Layouf Editor; Financial and Legal Aid Society; Sophomore Class President; Sigma Mu Sigma, Vice-President, Pledge Master. 41 5 AUGUST 1957 CHARLES W. ALDRICH, PAXTON, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engi¬ neering Society. JOHN H. BROWN, LAWRENCEVILLE, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering Society; Tau Sigma Eta. ROBERT A. CARLSON, MT. JEWETT, PENNSYLVANIA— Electrical Engineering Society; Beta Phi Theta, Treasurer, Secretary. DAVID D. COOK, CLIFTON SPRINGS, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering Society. DONALD L. DITMARSON, WILLMAR, MINNESOTA—Electrical Engineering Society; Student Council; Chess Club; Beta Sigma Tau, Corresponding Secretary. RICHARD D. KENNEDY, NEW YORK, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering Society; Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President. WILLIAM R. LUNEBURG, MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK— Electrical Engineering Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Student Council. DAVID H. MERCER, WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA—Electrical Engineering Society. donald b. Miller, grand rapids, Michigan—E lectrical Engineering Society; Glee Club. JAMES J. MILLS, OYSTERBAY, NEW YORK—Electrical Engi¬ neering Society; Jaycees, Vice-President. RICHARD B. MOSS, LIMA, OHIO—Electrical Engineering Society; Engineering Bowling League President. DUANE C. NICHOLS, MACON, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineer¬ ing Society; Tau Sigma Eta. CHARLES S. PODBELSEK, LINCOLN, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering Society; Student Council. WILLIAM E. ROSST, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, Electrical Engineering Society; Tri-Angle, News Editor, Reporter. PETER E. RUSCHE, BERLIN, GERMANY—Electrical Engineering Society; International Students Association, President. 42 ROBERT L. SCHUSTER, KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN—Electrical Engineering Society. ROBERT L. VANDERLAAN, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN—Electrical Engineering Society. CHARLES R. WATERMAN, WEST SUFFIELD, CONNECTICUT— Electrical Engineering Society; Society Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD F. WITTMAN, TOLEDO, OHIO—Electrical Engineer¬ ing Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Beta Sigma Tau, Vice-President, Secretary. 43 ELECTRICAL LABORATORIES MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT John C. Humphries, Professor, Head of Department Douglas Barton, Associate Professor Raymond H. Hemmert Associate Professor Wier Crawl, Associate Professor Ramsay Jackson, Associate Professor Walter Holcomb, Instructor 46 DECEMBER 1956 RICHARD C. ANSTINE, HARTVILLE, OHIO—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. WALLACE G. BOELKINS, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. JOHN H. BOUNDY, PAULDING, OHIO—Mechanical Engineer¬ ing Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. EUGENE M. BRANDT, HOLLY, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. DAVID R. BUSCH, SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. JAMES CHERRY, NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. DONALD G. CLAFFEY, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Photography Society. EDWARD G. COOK, OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. LUTHER ALLEN FOLKS, MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch—Treasurer; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Alpha Sigma Phi—Student Council; Modulus Staff—Associate Editor and Sales Staff; Tri - Angle—Reporter; Booster Club—Secretary; Junior Chamber of Commerce— President; Math Society; Financial Legal Aid Society. JAMES M. GALIMBERTI, LATROBE, PENNSYLVANIA— Mechanical Engineering Society—Tri-Angle Reporter; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch—Vice-Chairman, Secretary; College Band; College Glee Club. ROBERT R. GRUNDTNER, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engi¬ neers, Student Branch. WYNDOL S. HAMER, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. KENNETH W. HAMPTON, BEDFORD, INDIANA. F. S. HIOE, DJAKARTA, INDONESIA. 47 JOSEPH G. HUNECK, MARION, INDIANA—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society; Phi Kappa. GLENWOOD LEROY JOHNSON, PLEASANT LAKE, INDIANA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Photographic Society. KENNETH G. JOHNSON, SYRACUSE, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering Society, Secretary; Tau Sigma Eta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1956-57; Student Director. ROGER M. KAISER, BRYAN, OHIO. GEORGE H. KIMURA, PAHALA, HAWAI I—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. FERNANDO C. LACERDA, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL—Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Pledge Master. DAVID LUE, KINGSTON, JAMAICA, B.W.I.—Society of Auto¬ motive Engineers, Student Branch; Silver Key; Student Director; Chinese Club, Vice-President; International Student Association. WILLIAM P. MARVEZ, CARACAS, VENEZUELA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Student Director. DMYTRO MISKO, CLEVELAND, OHIO—Mechanical Engineering Society. HOWARD W. NELSON, Mechanical Engineering Engineers, Student Branch; KENSINGTON, Society; Society Silver Key. CONNECTICUT— of Automotive TERRY E. O ' TIER, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK. RALPH T. QUACKENBUSH, NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY— Mechanical Engineering Society; Sigma Mu Sigma, Vice- President, Junior Vice-President, Historian, Inter-Fraternity Council Representative; Tri-Angle Reporter; Photographic Society. JOSEPH SUNG, CAMPINAS, BRAZIL. CHARLES M. TRIERWEILER, WESTPHALIA, MICHIGAN— Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. 48 MARCH 1957 WILLIAM D. BRADLEY, KIPTON, OHIO—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society; Sigma Phi Delta; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Student Council. HEINZ R. BRUECKNER, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—Tau Sigma Eta; Student Director; Gold Key. JAMES L. DUNN IE, MASSULON, OHIO—Mechanical Engineer¬ ing Society, President, Vice-President; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch, Treasurer; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch, Secretary; Junior Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors; 1956 Modulus; Booster Club. LLOYD L. GARNER, TIPPECANOE, OHIO—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society, President, Treasurer; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch, President, Vice-President Skull Bones, Vice-President, Treasurer; Junior Chamber ot Commerce, President, Secretary; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch, Vice-President; Booster Club; Student Director; Modulus; Senior Class Vice-President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1956-57. DADLEY H. GEIGENMULIER, BALTIC, CONNECTICUT—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. ORA D. GEREN, FARMER, OHIO—American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. YOKE YEN GIN, NEW YORK, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering Society. JOSE M. GONZALEZ, RIO PIEDRAS, PUERTO RICO. EARL D. HALBERG, NORWALK, CALIFORNIA—Mechanical Engineering Society. JAMES E. HARSBARGER, FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA. DONALD J. .HILL, HILLSDALE, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers Student Branch. JOHN L. HUNSINGER, SUGARLOAF, PENNSYLVANIA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engi¬ neers, Student Branch, Secretary; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch, Treasurer. CLEMENT A. HUTCHINS, K1NGFIELD, MAINE—Mechanical Engineering Society; Alpha Sigma Phi. KENNETH F. JOHNSON, SHREWSBURY, MASSACHUSETTS— Mechanical Engineering Society; Student Director. CARL WALTER JOHNSTON, BRYAN, OHIO—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. 49 GERALD F. KIDDER, ADRIAN, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society. JACK W. LANG, ELKHART, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineer¬ ing Society; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. KENNETH D. LEFFLER, HILLSDALE, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society; Sigma Phi Delta; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD D. LILLEY, ALLIANCE, OHIQr—Sigma Mu Sigmc. DELMAR J. LUCE, ELKHART, INDIANA—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society; Sigma Phi Delta—House Manager, Correspond¬ ing Secretary, Steward; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Booster Club; Varsity Baseball. JACK H. LONGACRE, ELKHART, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. ARTHUR A. MATUSIAK, GAYLORD, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society; Alpha Sigma Phi—Custodian; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. DAVID L. MAYROSE, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. CHARLES E. NORMAN, NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Alpha Gamma Upsilon— Secretary; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Student Council; Chemical Society; Tri-Angle Staff; Glider Club. NAPOLEON F. PIETRYKA, WEST RUTLAND, VERMONT— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automot ive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch—President; Newman Club. RICHARD L. SCHUELKE, ELKHART, INDIANA—Sigma Mu Sigma—Secretary; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Inter-Fraternity Council—Treasurer. ANTONIO PONTES SOARES, UBERABA, M.G., BRAZIL— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engi¬ neers, Student Branch; Newman Club. ALEX STEVENSON, LINDEN, NEW JERSEY. DONALD JAMES THORNHILL, CHAUMONT, NEW YORK— Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1956-57. 50 DONALD D TOLER, CLEAR FORK, WEST VIRGINIA_ Mechanical Engineering Society—Treasurer; Society of Auto¬ motive Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD E VANDERWAY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Alpha Gamma Upsilon—Recording Secretary; Society of Automotive Student r Bra S nch ent Branch; A,Tierican Society of Tool Engineers, KENNETH R. VANDYGRIFF, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive En- gineers Student Branch; Civil Engineering Society; Thunder- birds; Rifle Pistol Club; Fencing Club; Basketball. RUSSELL G. WELLS, MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. y H. EUGENE WINKLER, WOODBURN Automotive Engineers, Student Branch- Tool Engineers, Student Branch. NDI ANA—Society American Society of of JUNE 1957 L c BER GQUIST, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Mechanical tngineering Society—President, Secretary; Society of Auto- Fn°r!i IVe En 9 ' neers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool f. n9 ! ne f rs ' Student Branch; Sigma Phi Delta—Treasurer; btudent Council; Tri-Angle Reporter. GUY BOUVETTE, GRAND ' MERE, gineering Society; Newman Club. CANADA—Mechanical En- BROCK, BREMEN, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineer t le D ty Y ' C c ' Presldent ' Societ y of Automotive Engineers Mudent Branch; Sigma Mu Sigma—President, Secretary, Sport Manager; Tau Sigma Eta; Sophomore Class—Treasurer. CLAYTON F. DIPERT, Upsilon—President. NILES, MICHIGAN—Alpha Gamma EnairleeruTn cL . EAE ING, BREMEN, INDIANA—Mechanical Fnn 9 c. Secretary; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch—President; Kappa Sigma Kappa_ President, Secretary; Skull Bones, C.O.A.—Secretary Inter- Fraternity Council—Secretary. y ' mTer of ,Wn™ t EM Y ANS ' SUCCASUNNA, NEW JERSEY—Socie- nf ToYi T tlve En 9 ' ne ® rs student Branch; American Socie- of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Photo Society—Treasure JOHN A. FENNIS, NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society Automotive Engineers, Mudent Branch; American Society Tool Engineers, Student branch; Phi Kappa—House Manager. FRANK C HANSEN, LAKEVIEW, OREGON—Mechanical En¬ gineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch, American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. KEITH A. HAYS, Engineering Society; INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA—Mechanical Sigma Mu Sigma. RALPH J. HOBART, IRONTON, OHIO. ROBERT C. HOLMGREN, MANISTEE, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD D. HUFNAGLE, HILLSDALE, MICHIGAN. JOHN JOHNSON, JR., RICHMOND, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering Society—President, Secretary; Society of Auto¬ motive Engineers, Student Branch—President, Treasurer; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Kappa Sigma Kappa—President, Secretary; Skull Bones, C.O.A.— Treasurer; Student Council—President, Secretary; Junior Class —President; Student Director; Booster Club. ARCH W. JONES, WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA—Mechanical Engineering Society—Vice-President, Secretary; Society ot Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Sociefy of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Beta Sigma Tau—President, Vice-President; Skull Bones, C.O.A.; Tau Sigma Eta— President, Tri-Angle Reporter; Student Directors; Student Council—Secretary, Representative; Tri-Angle News Staff; Silver Key; Gold Key. PAUL R. KAHLENBECK, HUNTINGTON, INDIANA—Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Beta, Sigma Tau—Treasurer; Tau Sigma Eta; Senior Class—T reasurer. ORAZIO LEONE, COLON, REPUBLIC OF PANAMA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Phi lota Alpha. MONTE D. McMAHAN, BOWEN, ILLINOIS. JOHN A. MANFOLK, BRANFORD, CONNECTICUT—Mechanical Engineering Society; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Tri-Angle Reporter; Glee Club. RALPH E. MILSOM, WILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Phi Kappa—Secretary, Tri-Angle Reporter. E. HAYDEN MOORE, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA. MILTON H. MORRIS, RIPON, WISCONSIN—Society of Auto¬ motive Engineers, Student Branch. HAROLD CHARLES MURRER, CINCINNATI, OHIO—Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD ARTHUR OVERSTROM, EAST BERLIN, CONNECTI¬ CUT—Mechanical Engineering Society—Vice-President; Beta Phi Theta—Tri-Angle Representative; Senior Class—Secretary. RALPH G. PECORA, LINESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. CHARLES E. PETERSON, DOWAGIAC, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering Society—President; Society of Automotive En¬ gineers, Student Branch—Vice-President, Tri-Angle Reporter; Sigma Phi Delta; Student Council; Tri-Angle; Modulus- Skull Bones, COA—President. JOHN A. ROHN, NUNICA, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineer- ing Society Vice-President, Tri-Angle Representative; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch—Student Council Representative; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch Secretary; Sigma Phi Delta—Guide, Sports Manager; K ' a . ct °r Editor, Booster Club Representative; Skull Bones, C.O.A.; Student Council—Secretary; Booster Club—Treasurer- Tri-Angle—Department Editor; Modulus—1956 Layout Artist, 1957 Fraternity Editor; Junior Chamber of Commerce—Secre¬ tary, Treasurer; Junior Class—Secretary. JOSEPH W. ROSS, HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Civil Engineering Society; Sigma Mu Sigma—President, Treasurer; Inter-Fraternity Council—Sports Manager. JOHN E. SCHMALZ, UTICA, NEW YORK—Mechanical En¬ gineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Phi Kappa—President, Vice-President. FRANK A. SCOPETTI, CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechan- ical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch Vice-President, Booster Club Representative; Beta Sigma Tau—President, Vice-President, Regional Director Recording Secretary; Student Director; Student Council- Sophomore Class—Vice-President. S. PATRICK SHAVER, BEAVER, PENNSYLVANI A—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. RALPH E. SMITH, LEROY, ILLINOIS—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD E. STOCKDALE, PERU, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. ROBERT A. STUTTLER, PLEASANT LAKE, INDIANA—Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. ANDRE R. VERVILLE, TROIS-RIVIERES, P. QUEBEC, CANADA —Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Newman Club. DAVID E. WHITNEY, BARNSTABLE, MASSACHUSETTS— Mechanical Engineering Society—Vice-President, Treasurer, Student Council Representative; Society of Automotive En- gineers, Student Branch—Vice-President; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Rifle Pistol Association— Vice-President; Varsity Rifle Team 1955; Beta Sigma Tau— Vice-President; Booster Club—President, Vice-President; Varsity Cheerleader 1955-1956; Modulus Staff 1956-1957—Editor-in- Chief 1957; Tri-Angle Staff—Societies Editor; Student Director; Sophomore Class—President; Senior Class—President; Student Council Member; Skull Bones, C.O.A.—Vice-President. JIMMY U. YU, MANILA, PHILIPPINES—American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; International Students Asso¬ ciation; Photo Society. 53 AUGUST 1957 WILLIAM E. BEAUDRY, ESPANOLA, ONTARIO, CANADA— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive En¬ gineers, Student Branch. FRANK V. BUBON, WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Newman Club. JOSEPH BONINO, JR., BRIDGETON, NEW JERSEY—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Sigma Phi Delta. WILLIAM H. CHAMBERLAIN, CANTON, OHIO—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch—Chairman, Secretary; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. JACK H. CHURCHILL, ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. KENNETH W. CUYLER, BRANSON, MICHIGAN—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch—Treasurer. EMERY J. GOSZTOLA, MISHAWAKA, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Beta Sigma Tau—Athletic Director, Vice-President. RICHARD G. HARTMAN, WINN, MICHIGAN—Mechanical En¬ gineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. STEPHEN D. HIRKALA, WEIRTON, WEST VIRGINIA—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Beta Sigma Tau, Vice-President. ERWIN W. HYATT, PAINESVILLE, OHIO—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Tau Sigma Eta. GERALD E. JEWELL, MARSHALL, MICHIGAN—Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Beta Sigma Tau—President, First Vice-President, Pledge Master. ROBERT LAGODNA, FRASER, MfCHIGAN—Alpha Sigma Phi. JOHN E. MacALECSE, CRANBERRY LAKE, NEW YORK. GEORGE B. McQUILKIN, INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA— Mechanical Engineering Society. TERENCE J. MARZ, BRONSON, MICHIGAN. 54 RICHARD H. MITCHELL, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN—Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society. DONALD JAMES MORAND, FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS— Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch. LESTER E. PHERIGO, CLINTON, ILLINOIS—Mechanical Engi¬ neering Society—Vice-President; Society of Automotive En¬ gineers, Student Branch—Vice-President, Treasurer; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. RALPH J. RACE, JACKSONVILLE, ILLINOIS—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. RICHARD C. RUTHERFORD, BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN— Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive En¬ gineers, Student Branch; Beta Sigma Tau. RICHARD A. SAULT, HAMMOND, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Alpha Sigma Phi. ?£ LD c W -- S . MITH V FINDLAY, OHIO—Mechanical Engineering society, Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch ' American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. HERMAN P. SMITH, ANDERSON, INDIANA. F nTn r’n SP ! EGE t L ' S C PRING VALLEY, ILLINOIS—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student branch; Tau Sigma Eta; Flying Thunderbirds. MAURICE L. SWARTZ, OLEAN, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch—Secretary, Student Member National; Newman Club. CHARLES F. THOMAS, DAYTON, OHIO. NICHOLAS L. TRUNZO, MANVILLE, NEW JERSEY—Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society; Society Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Newman Club. DONALD E. VALENTINE, CEDAR FALLS, IOWA—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch—Secretary; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch. DAVID L. VILLARD, BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANI A—Mechan¬ ical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch; Beta Sigma Tau—Treasurer. JOHN C. WEBSTER, EDGERTON, OHIO. 55 FLOYD G. WEST, ATTICA, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering Society; Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Glee Club; Alpha Sigma Phi. ROBERT E. ZANK, BLANCHARD, MICNIGAN—Society ot Automotive Engineers, Student Branch; Alpha Gamma Upsilon. 56 ENGINEERING DRAWING DESIGN DECEMBER - MARCH LESLIE J. PELT2, WACONIA, MINNESOTA JOHN R. LAVY, HARTVILLE, OHIO—Photo Society—Vice- President, Treasurer. HOWARD I. SCHWEITZER, CHILLICOTHE, OH 10—Mechanical Society Treasurer; American Society of Tool Engineers, Student Branch—Vice-Chairman; Society of Automotive En- gineers, Student Branch—Vice-Choirman; Student Council- Student Directors; 1957 Modulus Staff; Junior Chamber of Commerce, Tri-State Chapter. JUNE - AUGUST DAVID R. BAYLOR, HOMER, MICHIGAN. LEONARD P. BLAUSER, VAN, PENNSYLVANIA—Baseball Team. WILLIAM G. MATHEWS, BERGENFIELD, NEW JERSEY. DONALD L. MOYER, AKRON, INDIANA—Mechanical Society, Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Branch, Colleqe Band. 57 V 5 MECHANICAL LABORATORIES H $-f ... . Leland S. Ax, Professor, Head of Department RADIO ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Lloyd Hanson, Instructor DECEMBER 1956 HAROLD A. BECHMAN, FRANKLIN, INDIANA—Radio Society. JOSEPH N. BOUGH, SHOALS, INDIANA. PAUL J. CHAPMAN, LACONIA, NEW HAMPSHIRE—Radio Society. WILLIAM T. ELBOW, FAIR LAWN, NEW JERSEY—Radio Society. WILLIAM H. FERWALT, KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI—Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Silver Key; Mathematical Achievement Award; Who ' s Who In American Colleges Universities, CHARLES W. JONES, COMMINSKY, INDIANA—Radio Society —Treasurer; Sigma Mu Sigma. RICHARD C. KLINGER, SO UTH BEND, INDIANA—Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Silver Key; Who ' s Who in. American Colleges Universities, 1956-57. EWALD E. LANG, BENSENVILLE, ILLINOIS—Radio Society. JACK W. PAPKE, WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN—Radio Society. CLAIR C. PEARSON, MOLINE, ILLINOIS—Radio Society. ROBERT A. RILEY, ADRIAN, MICHIGAN—Radio Society, Alpha Gamma Upsilon—Vice-President, Treasurer; Student Council; Inter-Fraternity Council; Financial and Legal Aid Society. GLENN E. ROBE, JR., CINCINNATI, OHIO. JESUS SANDOVAL, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—Radio Society; Mathematics Society; Beta Phi Theta. 61 PHILIP E. SPEAR, CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA—Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta; Bet Sigma Tau—Secretary. ARTHUR B. WINDSOR, FLINT, MICHIGAN—Radio Society— Treasurer. DONALD M. YONEJI, LIHLIE, KALI Al, HAWAII—Radio Society; Sigma Phi Delta. MARCH 1957 DONALD C. BROOKE, MONTOUR FALLS, NEW YORK—Radio Society; Mathematics Society—Secretary, Treasurer. GEORGE E. COOPER, PEKIN, ILLINOIS—Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta—President. JAMES A. ELLSWORTH, DAVENPORT, IOWA—Radio Society. ANDRE ' F. GODEFROY, WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS— Radio Society. OAKLEY HERRICK, KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN—Radio Society. JOSEPH E. LEFEBVRE, LEOMINISTER, MASSACHUSETTS— Radio Society. GEORGE MAEDA, HALAULA, HAWAII—Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta. ROBERT E. MORIN, MAYWOOD, ILLINOIS—B.S. Administra¬ tive Engineering; Radio Society—President, Vice-President; Tau Sigma Eta; Phi Kappa—Vice-President, Executive Com¬ mittee Chairman; Student Council—Vice-President; Skull and Bones, C.O.A.—President. RUDOLPH B. OHNERSORGEN, BENSON, ARIZONA—Radio Society. HAROLD F. SHULTZ, HAMILTON, INDIANA—Radio Society— President, Treasurer, Tri-Angle; Student Council; Amateur Radio Society, Vice-President. WILLIAM A. STANLEY, DEARBORN, MICHIGAN—Tau Sigma Eta; Beta Phi Theta; Silver Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, 1956-57. ROGERS D. STEVENS, ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA—Radio Society; Student Council; Sigma Mu Sigma—President. 62 RAFAEL H. RODRIGUEZ, HATO REY, PUERTO RICO— Radio Society. CHARLES L. ZDRIZIL, JR., CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN— Radio Society. JUNE 1957 MARION L. CLEMENS, DAVISON, MICHIGAN—Radio Society. RAYMOND A. GALLAGHER, JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA_ Radio Society, President; Society of Automotive Engineers Student Branch; Phi-Kappa, President. EDWIN S. GERNANT, RIVERSIDE, NEW JERSEY—Radio Society Vice-Presid ent; Sigma Phi Delta, Vice-President, Secretary; Inter-Fraternity Council; Student Director; Amateur Radio Club. FOREST S. GODBY, SOUTH CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA— Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta Treasurer. RICHARD P. JOHNSON, WALNUTPORT, PENNSYLVANIA- Beta Phi Theta; Student Council. RALPH I. KRATZER, LEIPSIC, OHIO—Radio Society; Tau Sigma Eta. DONALD C. LOOMIS, LARNED, KANSAS—Photo Society, President, Secretary. WILLIAM J. MARINO, TARENTUM, PENNSYLVANI A—Radio Society; Sigma Mu Sigma, Vice-President. james l. McConnell, coldwater, Michigan—R adio Society. JACOB D. NEU, CARSONVILLE, MICHIGAN—Radio Engineer¬ ing Society, Secretary. MAURICE O. PINKHAM, SACO, MAINE—Radio Society. EDWARD D. POWER, MISHAWAKA, INDIANA—Radio Society; Sigma Mu Sigma. 63 REG E. SWEET, ROME, NEW YORK—Radio Engineering Society. ELMER A. TAYLOR, WATSEKA, ILLINOIS—Radio Engineering Society; Student Director; Band. CHARLES EUGENE WEIDERHAFT, BROOKSTON, INDIANA— Radio Engineering Society. RICHARD J. YANKO, PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY—Radio Engineer¬ ing Soicety—Vice President; Tau Sigma Eta; Student Director. AUGUST 1957 ROBERT A. BENSON, ANGOLA, INDIANA. ALFRED G. BOBAY, AUBURN, INDIANA—Radio Engineering Society. SAMUEL THOMAS BOWMAN, HADDON FIELD, NEW JERSEY —Radio Engineering Society—Vice President; Tau Sigma Eta; Sigma Phi Delta. BASIL E.- EATON, PORTVILLE, NEW YORK—Radio Engineering Society; Glee Club. JAMES E. EDWARDS, FENNVILLE, MICHIGAN—Radio En¬ gineering Society. DONALD H. KEILEN, WESTPHALIA, MICHIGAN—Radio En¬ gineering Society. EUGENE J. LAKE, SOUTH BEND, INDI AN A—Radio Engineering Society. LYSLE H. OGDEN, UNION CITY, MICHIGAN—Radio Engi¬ neering Society. THEODORE M. STUMP, JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA— Radio Engineering Society—Secretary; Tau Sigma Eta. 64 DONALD C. SWANSON, ELYRIA, OHIO—Alpha Gamma Upsilon. ROBERT W. PARSONS, NEW CARLISLE, OHIO—Radio Society; Beta Sigma Tau, Secretary. DICK A. UNGER, STOCKVILLE, NEBRASKA—Radio Society. ARTHUR L. WANNINGER, DALE, INDIANA—Radio Society. S, E uZ E , TH Di5eJ ATERS ' ASHTABULA ' OHIO Radio Society; ccountants mm ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT Ronald Pufahl, Assistant Professor Accounting Lab DECEMBER 1956 ERNEST L. HEIMLICH, CARDINGTON, OHIO— Sigma Epsilon Society; Alpha Gamma Upsilon— President; Financial Legal Aid Society. LEAMON E. MILLER, MOULTRIE, GEORGIA— Sigma Epsilon Society—President, Treasurer; Alpha Sigma Phi—President, Vice-President; Tri-Angle—Managing Editor, News Editor; Skull and Bones, C.O.A.—Vice-President, Secretary; Alpha Beta Alpha—Vice-President, Secretary; Junior Chamber of Commerce—President; Student Council—President; Freshman Class— Treasurer; Student Director; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1956-57; Gold Key; Scholastic Plaque. MAX E. ROBART, AVILLA, INDIANA—Sigma Mu Sigma. BENJAMIN J. SHEFFLER, GREENSBURG, PENN¬ SYLVANIA—Sigma Epsilon Society, Sigma Mu Sigma, Financial Legal Aid Society—Vice- President. RICHARD A. ZIMA, MANITOWOC, WISCONSIN —Sigma Epsilon Society; Alpha Sigma Phi, Corresponding Scribe, Scohlastic Chairman; Financial Legal Aid Society; College Band; Silver Key. MARCH 1956 - 57 GLENN H. BIRKHOFER, EDGERTON, MINNE¬ SOTA—Sigma Epsilon Society; Financial Legal Aid Society. DAVID W. CHASE, KINGSTON, NEW YORK— Sigma Epsilon Society; Alpha Sigma Phi—Pledge Marshal; Inter Fraternity Council; Financial Legal Aid Society; Tri-Angle—Circulation Man¬ ager; Modulus, Fraternity Editor; Freshman Class —Treasurer. JAMES F. FISHER, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Sigma Epsilon Society; Photo Society. LELAND S. IOBE, CENTREVILLE, MICHIGAN. KIROSHI KABAZAWA, HONOLULU, HAWAII— Financial Legal Aid Society. JAMES H. KERN, GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS— Student Director; Silver Key. 69 ERNEST R. PEDEN, PORTLAND, INDIANA— Sigma Epsilon Society; Financial Legal Aid Society; Tri-Angle—Business Manager; Booster Club; Jaycees—Treasurer; Alpha Sigma Phi— Secretary, Steward. WILSON T. SAWYER, JR., ANGOLA, INDIANA— Alpha Beta Alpha. JUNE 1957 DONALD L. DEI BERT, EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA —Sigma Epsilon Society; Alpha Sigma Phi— Treasurer, Secretary and Social Chairman; Financial Legal Aid Society; Tri-Angle— Business Manager, Advertising Manager; Ac¬ counting Laboratory Instructor. JAMES E. GINGER, FLINT, MICHIGAN—Alpha Beta Alpha—Vice-President, Treasurer. RICHARD E. HILKEY, BULTER, INDIANA. KEEFER J. WHITMAN, LOGAN, WEST VIRGINIA —Sigma Epsilon Society; Baseball. ROBERT WORTHINGTON, ANGOLA, INDIANA. FRED G. WILDER, CHARDON, OHIO—Sigma Mu Sigma—Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Man¬ ager; Interfraternity Council. AUGUST 1957 JAMES D. ARNOLD, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA— S |g ma Epsilon Society—President, Vice-President; Alpha Sigma Phi—Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer; President; Modulus—Business Mana¬ ger; Tri-Angle—Sports Editor, Honoraries Editor; Student Director; Financial Legal Aid Society —Treasurer; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities; President—Freshman Class; Silver Key; Student Council; Inter-Fraternity Council— Secretary; Skull Bones, C.O.A.; President. ROBERT M. COY, CANTON, OHIO—Alpha Beta Alpha—Vice-President. GUY R. FAULKNER, BRADFORD, PENNSYL¬ VANIA VV I LL I VV YORK- I-Lt VIIINIJ, r1UUbK_k-FALLS, NEW Newman Club. MORRIS E. McMURRAY, COLON, MICHIGAN— Sigma Epsilon Society. JOHN Dy O ' KEEFE, NEW BEDFORD, MASSA- v-H Ubc ITS—Sigma Epsilon Society—Secretary - Alpha Beta Alpha; Tri-Angle—Reporter; Student Council. PAUL R. STEWART, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA. 71 Business Robert !. Cook, Associate Professor BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT Harold R. Hoolihan, Professor, Head of Department Robert H. Ramsay, Professor William G. Mundy Associate Professor B. J. Mummert Associate Professor Wayne Champion Associate Professor DECEMBER 1956 MARIO N. BUONO, STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT—Slgmo tpsilon 5ociety, Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Inter Fraternity Council. HAROLD L. COLLINS, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN. EDWARD HOSHUE, KINGSTON, JAMAICA Epsilon Society; Beta Sigma Tau, Secretary; Legal Aid Society; Chinese Club, Secretary- Students Association, President. B.W. I.—Sigma Financial and International GEORGE V. KANDEL, BUTLER, INDIANA—Alpha Beta Alpha Treasurer; Silver Key. ' A I HUf L J -u LAM INEN ' FREMONT, INDIANA—Alpha Beta Alpha; Mechanical Engineering Society. RAYMOND J. LIDDELL, GARY, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon Society. Epsilon Society MAGNUS ° N JR, AUBURN ' INDIANA—Sigma S?c h ie r ty P Ba d TCHELL ' ELKHART ' INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon J™ A ; ROLLER, LY °N S , ILLINOIS—Sigma Epsilon Society, Secretary, Alpha Sigma Phi, Custodian, Secretary. CHARLES E. NEDELL, COLDWATER Financial and Legal Aid Society. MICHIGAN—Silver Key; PHILfP j. O ' BRIEN, SMITHS FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA- ii lgr 7 a Phl Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Pledg MarshaH; Sigma Epsilon Society, President, Vice-Presideni Snorts Modulus Staff, Editor-in-Chief; Tri-Angle Sports Editor Skull and Bones, C.O.A. President, Secretary viro S Prf r; H iHjer-Fratermty Council, Treasurer Freshman Class Stud tC dent, ' l Jaycees ' Board °f Directors; Student Director JAIME RUIZ, RIO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO. ELMER A. SHAFFNER, JR., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY—Sigma Epsilon Society. JOHN W. STANDIFORD, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN—Electrical engineering Society; Beta Phi Theta; Booster Club. LEE W. SUTTON, ANGOLA, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon Society. 75 MALCOLM W. BOMBRYS, TOLEDO, OHIO—Alpha Sigma Phi, Secretary, Pledge Marshall; Sigma Epsilon Society; Tri-Angle Staff; Modulus Staff 1956. RICHARD M. BROPHY, ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS—Financial and Legal Aid Society; Inter-Fraternity Council, Sports Manager; Beta Phi Theta. MARCH 1957 HARVEY G. DILLON, MARENGO, ILLINOIS—Alpha Sigma Phi; Interfraternity Council; Financial and Legal Aid Society; Sigma Epsilon Society. JERRY H. HUDKINS, ROCHESTER, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon Society; Financial and Legal Aid Society. JAMES E. JEROW, KINGSTREE, SOUTH CAROLINA—Sigma Epsilon Society; Financial and Legal Aid Society. JEROLD A. KOERNER, BUTLER, INDIANA CHARLES N. MILLER, GOSHEN, INDIANA—Alpha Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary, President; Sigma Epsilon Society, President, Vice-President, Treasurer; Tri-Angle, News Reporter, Organizations Editor, Assistant News Editor, Editor-in-Chief; Financial and Legal Aid Society; Booster Club; Student Director; Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer; Student Council; Skull and Bones, C.O.A., President, Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1956-57; Silver Key. EUGENE POZSGAI, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA—Alpha Sigma Phi; Sigma Epsilon Society; Booster Club; Financial and Legal Aid Society; Tri-Angle. ANTHONY R. SCHULTZ, DODGE CITY, KANSAS—Sigma Epsilon Society. WILLIAM C. THOMAS, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA. HUTCH J. WESTERN, AUBURN, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon Society. 76 JUNE 1957 FRANK L. ALLEN, EMPORIUM, PENNSYLVANIA—Skull and Bones, C.O.A., President; Tri-Angle, Editor-in-Chief; Inter¬ fraternity Council, President; Commercial Bowling League, President; Alpha Sigma Phi. President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, 1956- 7. JAMES W. BRICKEY, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN. DEWEY M. CAIN. JR., WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA—Sigma Epsilon Society; Photo Society; Booster Club. RALPH O. CHRISTIANSEN, BYWOOD, UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA—Sigma Epsilon; Student Director; Tri-Angle, Sports Reporter; Commercial Bowling League, Secretary; Aljoha Sigma Phi. ROBERT L. COPLEN, AKRON, INDIANA—Alpha Beta Alpha, President, Vice-President; Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer; Student Director; Varsity Basketball. DONALD E. DIETRICH, BELLEVUE, OHIO. JAMES A. DUNCHUCK, SPANGLER, PENNSYLVANIA—Sigma Epsilon; Jaycees, Vice-President, Board of Directors; Tri-Angle, Editor-in-Chief; President Freshman Class; Treasurer Soph¬ omore Class; Student Director; Booster Club; Student Council; Interfraternity Council, President, Sports Manager; Financial and Legal Society; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Pledge-Master, House Manager. IRWIN J. KUSEL, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN. GLEN E. LAVINE, ANGOLA, INDIANA. ROBERT E. MAYES, MONROE, MICHIGAN—Sigma Epsilon; Commercial Bowling League. PHIL C. MCHANEY, PHOENIX, ARIZONA—Student Director. WILLIAM C. O ' BRIEN, SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN— Sigma Epsilon; Tri-Angle; Booster Club; Financial and Legal Society; Jaycees, Board of Directors; Varsity Golf Team, 1955-5„6; Alpha Sigma Phi. FORREST L. ROBINSON, NEW PARIS, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer; Financial and Legal Sociefy, Vice-President; Skull and Bones, C.O.A., Secretary; Alpha Beta Alpha, Secretary; Jaycees, President; Tri-Angle, Editor-in-Chief; Modulus Staff, Copy Artist; Student Director; Junior Class Treasurer; Flying Thunderbirds, Inc., Vice-President, Secretary; Booster Club, Vice-President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Treasurer. DELBERT L. SCHOENBECK, HINSDALE, ILLINOIS—Sigma Epsilon. JOSEPH P. VOSSEN, YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA—Sigma Mu Sigma. 4 - ... BRAD R. WEBB, AUBURN, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon. ROGER W. WILES, LINDEN, MICHIGAN—Sigma Epsilon; Photo Society; Commercial Bowling League; Engineering Bowling League. AUGUST 1957 RICHARD P. CARBONI, RIDGEFIELD, CONNECTICUT—Sigma Epsilon; Newman Club. GERALD E. DOLLAR, COLDWATER, MICHIGAN. HENRY J. FIRNHABER, JR., KENSINGTON, CONNECTICUT— Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT E. FOOTE, MT. JEWETT, PENNSYLVANIA—Sigma Epsilon; Modulus—Senior Picture Editor; Commercial Bowling League—Vice-President; Alpha Sigma Phi—House Manager, Kitchen Steward. WARREN E. FORBES, BRYAN, OHIO. PAUL R. GAROFOLD, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO—Sigma Epsilon; Financial Legal Society; International Students Association; Student Council; Newman Club; Varsity Baseball; Phi Kappa—President, Treasurer. DEAN F. JACKSON, WATERLOO, INDIANA—Sigma Epsilon; Commercial Bowling League—Treasurer. THOMAS A. MADDEN, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Sigma Epsilon; Tri-Angle—Sports Reporter; Financial Legal Society; Com¬ mercial Bowling League—Secretary; Alpha Sigma Phi— President; Skull Bones, C.O.A. CLAYTON B. PACKARD, WEBSTER CITY, IOWA. 78 RUSSELL A. PETERSON, SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN—Sigma Epsilon; Financial Legal Aid Society. THEODORE W. PYLES, VICTORIA, ILLINOIS—Sigma Epsilon; Financial Legal Aid Society; Tri-Angle—Advertising Man¬ ager; Jaycees—Secretary; Student Council; Alpha Sigma Phi— Kitchen Steward, Sports Manager. OWEN W. RALL, MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA—Sigma Epsilon; Financial Legal Aid Society; Tri-State Christian Fellowship. LEROY B. SIMONS, MT. JEWETT, PENNSYLVANIA—Sigma Epsilon; Financial Legal Aid Society; Alpha Beta Alpha— President, Treasurer; Tri-Angle—Reporter; Silver Key. LEE A. STRAW, READING, MICHIGAN. FRED L. WHITE, SYRACUSE, NEW YORK—Sigma Epsilon; Silver Key. GRADUATES NOT PICTURED AERONAUTICAL_ KRUIZENGA, GARRETT W., KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN— August 1957. CHEMICAL _ RAM IREZ-HERNANDEZ, N.G., CARACAS, VENEZUELA— March 1957. TAIRA, VICTOR, Y., HONOLULU, HAWAII—June 1957. DONIGAN, WILLIAM J. ( FLORAL PARK, NEW YORK— August 1957. CIVIL______ ELTON, WILLIAM D„ JR., FORT WASHINGTON, PENN¬ SYLVANIA—March 1957. FIORE, WALLACE A., HIGHLAND, NEW YORK—March 1957 MARTIN, GUY G., EDMUNDSTON, N.B., CANADA—August 1957. ELECTRICAL__ CALENDO, DANIEL J., BUFFALO, NEW YORK—March 1957. BEZICH, JOHN A., JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY—June 1957. GOMEZ-Q, HUMBERTO, A., TUNJA, COLOMBIA—August 1957 MECHANICAL _ CHERRY, ROBERT E., BEAVER, PENNSYLVANIA—March 1957. COCHRAN, LLOYD G., J R.—ARLINGTON, CALIFORNIA— March 1957. REESE, HARRY W., JR., ADAH, PENNSYLVANIA—March 1957. CURTIS, GORDON R., HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA— June 1957. REGAN. TIMOTHY, J., PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE— June 1957. BULLIS, BARTON F. ( ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—August 1957. ST. CLAIR, GLENN W. ( ARPIN, WISCONSIN—August 1957. RADIO_ CHAPMAN, DONALD J., ONTARIO, CANADA—March 1957 STANLEY, JOHN E., DEARBORN, MICHIGAN—March 1957. BENNETT, CLARENCE, P., CINCINNATI, OHIO—June 1957. ISTLER, JOljN E., TOLEDO, OHIO—June 1957. BEGGS, WILLIAM H. SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA—August 1957. ACCOUNTING_____ DOLLAR, GERALD E., SEVRING, FLORIDA—March 1957. COPLEN, ROBERT L„ AKRON, INDIANA—June 1957. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION _ DAVIDSON, JAMES P„ PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA— March 1957. FERGUSON, DONALD R., NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA —March 1957. O ' BRIEN, WILLIAM C., SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN— March 1957. ROOT, ROBERT L., CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY—March 1957. REESER, CLAIR A., DUNCANNON, PENNSYLVANI A—August 1957. 80 JUNIORS MURRAY L. AARESTAD, GRAND COULEE, WASHINGTON— Civil Engineering. CHARLES W. ANDERSON, NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK— Mechanical Engineering. JECEL M. DE ASSUMPCAO, PRESIDENTE PRUDENTE, BRAZIL —Radio Engineering. JOHN N. BABCOCK, WILMINGTON, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering. ROBERT L. BAKER, BEAVER, PENNSYLVANIA—Civil Engi¬ neering. JOHN J. BERKOVITZ, KEWAUNEE, WISCONSIN, Business Administration. MARVIN R. BORING, OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA-:—Civil Engineering. H. RUSSELL BRISTOL, JR., DARIEN, CONNECTICUT—Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM E. BROWN, HELTONVILLE, INDIANA—Business Administration. JOSEPH J. CEBULA, ELYRIA, OHIO—Radio Engineering. JAI SOON CHUNG, SEOUL, KOREA—Business Administration. RICHARD L. COONS, GARY, INDIANA—Accounting. LUIS E. DE LA CRUZ, SANTURCE, PUERTO RICO—Civil Engineering. DUEY CURRIER, FRONTANA, CALIFORNIA—Civil Engineering. DONALD P. ZURFLUH, RIDGWAY, PENNSYLVANIA—Aero¬ nautical Engineering. WILLIAM DAMIAN, NESQUEHONING, PENNSYLVANIA— Chemical Engineering. ROGER W. DAVIS, SALEM, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. JOHN S. DeLUCA, PATCHOGUE, NEW YORK—Business Administration. GORDON F. DYNDOR, ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS—Electrical Engineering. RICHARD C. ELLINGTON, MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT— Mechanical Engineering. RONALD C. ELSE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Radio Engineering. MAX D. ENTSMINGER, MAQUOKETA, IOWA—Electrical En¬ gineering. ROBERT K. FESTA, HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT—Electrical Engi¬ neering. RUSSELL L. FOIGHT, LAVERNE, MINNESOTA—Radio Engi¬ neering. DONALD G. GIES, CROWNSVILLE, MARYLAND—Mechanical Engineering. DALE I. GORDEN, LAPORTE, INDIANA—Electrical Engineering. MARY ETTA GRANDYS, CROWN POINT, INDIANA—Accounting. LEON HARD, QUINCY, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. JESUS A. HERNANDEZ, BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA—Business Adminisration. THOMAS E. HIPSKIND, MARION, INDIANA—Mechanical En¬ gineering. JOHN J. HOFFMAN, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. CARL J. HOLMES, WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA—Civil Engineering. ROBERT E. HUFFORD, UNION CITY, INDIANA—Electrical Engineering. J_ JOHN F. HUGHES, CHEEKTOWAGA, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM HYLAND, DUNKIRK, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. WALTER J. JARECKI, BUFFALO, NEW YORK—Electrical En¬ gineering. JOSEPH G. JELLEY, BLAIRSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA—Business Administration. DEWITT C. KEELER, DANVILLE, ILLINOIS—Civil Engineering. J. FREDERICK KNOOP, DEFIANCE, OHIO—Chemical Engineering. JOHN A. KOCH, DUNKIRK, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering. WILLIAM A. KRALL, CLEVELAND, OHIO—Electrical Engineering. OH SUNG KWON, SEOUL, KOREA—Accounting. PHILIP E. LANGE, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA—Radio Engineering. PAUL JOSEPH LEMIEUX, MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE— Business Administration. CLARENCE T. LIND, YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO—Chemical Engi¬ neering. JOHN M. MAGYAR, MASSILLON, OHIO—Electrical Engineering. GEORGE H. MARKS, SMETHPORT, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering. AMOS L. MCKIMSON, SHELDON, ILLINOIS—Radio Engineering. JOHN S. McMURRAY, JR., UTICA, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering. WILBUR F. McNINCH, ROCK FALLS, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering. MICHAEL J. CRISTANTI, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering. EDUARDO MENDOZA, SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR— Civil Engineering. MARION E. MILLER, TIFFIN, OHIO—Mechanical Engineering. ARCHIE S. MILLIKEN, CENTER LOVELL, MAINE—Mechanical Engineering. HERMAN J. MODERAU, ELKHART, INDIANA—Radio Engi¬ neering. CHARLES E. MORGAN, NEW YORK, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. DONALD O. NELSON, ANGOLA, INDIANA—Mechanical En¬ gineering. JAMES V. O ' CONNELL, DEARBORN, MICHIGAN—Radio En¬ gineering. JAMES W. PERSHING, BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. JOHN WILLIAM PIELOW, BLACK RIVER, NEW YORK—Aero¬ nautical Engineering. EUGENE O. PRUE, BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK—Aeronautical Engineering. EUGENE A. PUCKETT, HAMILTON, OHIO—Drafting Design. RICHARD R. RESER, MONROEVILLE, OHIO—Business Ad¬ ministration. KWANG Y. RIM, SEOUL, KOREA—Civil Engineering. DONALD R. SCHARF, MONROEVILLE, OHIO—Aeronautical Engineering. ALAN N. SELIN, STAMFORD CONNECTICUT—Electrical En¬ gineering. BERT K. SISSON, BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. RICHARD L. STEINER, EDGERTON, OHIO—Business Ad¬ ministration. EMERY J. STICKEN, BRONSON, MICHIGAN—Civil Engineering. GEORGE CARL STUMP, TAYLOR, PENNSYLVANIA—Accounting. FLOYD J. Engineering. VIRGIL K. gineering. SUTTON, COULEE DAM, WASHINGTON—Civil TARNOW, LAPORTE, INDIANA—Electrical En- JOSEPH THAXTON, SPRING VALLEY, NEW YORK—Accounting. JOHN THOMAS, JR., SOUTH FALLSBURG, NEW YORK—Radio Engineering. DALE E. TROXELL, SHAMOKIN, PENNSYLVANI A—Electrical Engineering. PHILLIP R. TUNNINGLEY, HOLT, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. BRUCE E. WALWORTH, ADRIAN, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. FRED E. WELLER, JR., KALAMAZOO, MICH IGAN—Electrical Engineering. ... JOSHUA M. WIESTLING, JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA— Electrical Engineering. G. RICHARD WILLIAMS, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering. HERBERT WITMER, PENNSYLVANIA—Accounting. HOWN W. WOODS, STAFFORD SPRINGS, CONN.—Electrical Engineering. EDWARD A. WOOLFORD, MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA— Civil Engineering. JOHN O. WRIGHT, OAK RIDGE, TENN.—Radio Engineering. LAWRENCE YEDNOK, GARY, INDIANA—Electrical Engineering. ROBERT WYLDE, Engineering. WEBSTER MASSACHUSETTS—Aeronautical GORDON H. WYLLIE, KENMORE, NEW YORK—Business Administration. ROBERT H. ALTWIES, DUNKIRK, NEW YQRK—Business Administration. ALLEN A. ANDERSON, WAPPINGERSFALLS, - NEW YORK— Electrical Engineering. JAMES WILLIAM AXMACHER, JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA —Radio Engineering. ROBERT L. BAHR, MUSCATINE, IOWA—Mechanical Engineering. ROBERT J. BAXTER, STEVENSVILLE, MICH IGAN—Business Administration. CHRIS G. BENTZ, LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN—Civil Engineering. DON EDWARD BLAIR, BUTLER, INDIANA—Business Ad¬ ministration. DANA L. BOATMAN, ELKHART, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. ROBERT G. BORNT, AUBURN, NEW YORK—Radio Engineering. SOPHOMORES WILLIAM K. CAMPBELL, WASHINGTON, D. C.—Business Administration. LEO J. CARROLL, JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA—Business Administration. ROBERT M. CHAPMAN, MOHNTON, PENNSYLVANIA— Mechanical Engineering. JERRY L. CHIDDISTER, GOSHEN, INDI ANA—Mechanical Engineering. RONALD E. CLARK, LONDON, OHIO—Electrical Engineering. CHARLES E. DOWD, VALPARAISO, I NDI ANA—Business Ad¬ ministration. JAMES L. DOYLE, RIDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY—Mechanical Engineering. EDWIN ROY SHOWERMAN, SOLVAY, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. CHARLES F. EYER, BLOOMSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA—Radio Engineering. ROBERT J. FOSTER, NORWICH, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. KENNETH R. GACKLER, CALEDONIA, MICHIGAN—Radio Engineering. GARY L. GARDNER, RAVENNA, OHIO— Chemical Engineering. GLEN R. GASTER, MT. UNION, PENN¬ SYLVANIA—Electrical Engineering. ARVIN L. GOSSMAN, BRADENTON, FLORIDA—Electrical Engineering. JOHN N. HESTER, WASHINGTON, D. C.— Chemical Engineering. TAMAR HOMSY, BEIRUT, LEBANON— Mechanical Engineering. PAUL G. HORTON, RUTLAND, VERMONT —Civil Engineering. REMO A. IONNI, HARRISBURG, PENNSYL¬ VANIA—Mechanical Engineering. ELTON L. KAVANAGH, M O L V E R N, JAMAICA, B.W.I.—Mechanical Engineer¬ ing. HERBERT W. KRUSER, MINEOLA, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. KENNETH G. KUHN, PLATTE CENTER, NEBRASKA—Mechanical Engineering. JOE W. LAYDEN, ATTICA, INDIANA— Business Administration. JAMES A. LEACH, MOREHEAD, KEN¬ TUCKY—Electrical Engineering. MANAS LIMPAPHAYOM, NAKORNSRITH- AMARAJ, THAILAND—Business Admin¬ istration. KENNETH T. MALEWITZ, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, Mechanical Engineering. LEO F. MALONEY, GRAND FALLS, NEW¬ FOUNDLAND, CANADA—Mechanical En¬ gineering. JOHN H. MAXEL, GARY, INDIANA— Chemical Engineering. WALTER H. MAXIM, JR., WATERTOWN, NEW YORK—Radio Engineering. KENNETH E. McCANDLESS, MARS, PENN¬ SYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering. william e. mckinley, Portland, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. KENNETH E. MILLER, WILLSHIRE, OHIO— Chemical Engineering. RICHARD E. MOHLER, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA—Chemical Engineering. 1 RICHARD G. MULVEY, POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering. RICHARD W. PAXSON, BLUFFTON, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. JOHN R. PENN, MISHAWAKA, INDIANA —Mechanical Engineering. DEAN A. POLZIN, BIRCH RUN, MICH¬ IGAN-—Mechanical Engineering. DAVID A. REES, FREMONT, OHIO—Aero¬ nautical Engineering. JERRY W. RICHARDS, MARION, INDIANA —Mechanical Engineering. JAMES C. RINKER, BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK—Business Administration. ALAN S. ROBERTS, HYDE PARK, MASSA¬ CHUSETTS— Business Administration. DAVID E. SHAW, MARS, PENNSYLVANIA —Civil Engineering. JOHN I. STACKHOUSE, WASHINGTON C.H., OHIO—Business Administration. CARL RICHARD STAHL, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. DONALD E. STEVENS, HILLSDALE, MICH¬ IGAN—Mechanical Engineering. HAROLD W. STRICKLAND, NEW SARPY, LOU I SI ANA—Mechanical Engineering. GORDON H. STROM, ASHLAND, WIS¬ CONSIN—Mechanical Engineering. JOHN T. TAYLOR, OGDENSBURG, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM G. THOMAS, UTICA, NEW YORK —Radio Engineering. JOHN J. TOM, MONTPELIER, OHIO— Mechanical Engineering. THOMAS P. TROMLEY, SALISBURY, MARYLAND—Electrical Engineering. RONALD B. WEBSTER, SHEFFIELD, MAS¬ SACHUSETTS—Mechanical Engineering. BRUCE A. WIDEMAN, LYONS, NEW YORK—Civil Engineering. ARTHUR E. ADAMS, BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. JOHN A. BRODHEAD, STONE RIDGE, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering. HAROLD F. CAVANAUGH, CORNWALL BRIDGE, CONNECTICUT— Mechanical Engineering. DAVID L. CLIFTON, VALPARASIO, INDIANA—Business Administration. FRANCISCO CRUZ, GAUM—Business Administration. RAYMOND DONG, VANCOUVER, CANADA—-Electrical Engineering. MARVIN E. ELLSWORTH, TOLEDO, OHIO—Radio Engineering. RICHARD R. FOLKERTH, DAYTON, OHIO—Business Administration. ALBERT C. FOSTER, JR., NORWICH, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. ROBERT R. GINGERICH, VALPARAISO, INDIANA—Business Administration. DONALD J. GORGIS, CHARLEROI, PENNSYLVANIA—Administrative Engineering. FRESHMEN EUGENE F. HANSELMAN, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—Mechanical En¬ gineering. KELLY HOWELL, ADREN, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engineering. JERRY N. JONES, FARMERSVILLE, NEW YORK—Aeronautical Engineering. ROBERT J. KEEFER, HILLSDALE, MICHIGAN—Radio Engineering. JACK R. KISER, FREMONT, OHIO—Electrical Engineering. JOHN J. KLEE, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK—Business Administration. EUGENE J. KONARSKI, GARY, INDIANA—Civil Engineering. HAROLD M. LARIMORE, DEER CREEK, INDIANA—Electrical Engineering. LARRY L. CUPP, CONVOY, OHIO—Aeronautical Engineering. JAMES L. LEBO, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA—Mechanical Engineering. EDWIN F. LUDWIG, BUFFALO, NEW YORK—Electrical Engineering. THERON L. MARTIN, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA—Civil Engineering. EDWARD J. McCLOSKEY, DEER CREEK, INDIANA—Civil Engineering. FRANK J. MOLTZ, OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering. KENNETH D. MORTON, AUSTINBURG, OHIO—Electrical Engineering. PAUL E. PIERCE, MORRIS, ILLINOIS—Electrical Engineering. JOSEPH T. PIERSIMON I, BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA—Mechanical Engineering. BERNAD G. PODDICK, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK—Mechanical Engineering. NANCY A. POE, SHELBYVILLE, INDIANA—Aeronautical Engineering. JIM E. QUIRK, KENMORE, NEW YORK. RAYMOND E. RICKERT, OSCEOLA, INDIANA—Chemical Engineering. JAMES P. ROWAN, BEL ROSE, NEW YORK—Aeronautical Engineering. WILLIAM V. SAUNDERS, ST. ANDREW, JAMAICA B.W.I.—Chemical Engineering. JAMES L. SCHWARTZ, WRANGELL, ALASKA—Business Administration. CARL A. SHAKLEY, LAMARTINE, PENNSYLVANIA—Chemical Engineering. TERRY L. SIGMAN, GILLESPIE, ILLINOIS—Mechanical Engineering. CHARLES B. SLAUTER, PENCE, INDIANA—Business Administration. RALEIGH L. WERT, MT. PLEASANT, MICHIGAN—Radio Engineering. CONNELL A. WITTKOPP, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN—Mechanical Engi neering. CLARE D. WRIGHT, HOWELL, MICHIGAN—Accounting. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALL 1956 Left to Right: Harold K. Hedlund, Treasurer; Lloyd L. Gardner, Vice-President; Maurice Craig, President; Thomas Carbery, Secretary. SPRING 1957 Left to Right: Paul Kahlenbeck, Treasurer; Dave Whitney, President; Richard Overstrom, Secretary; Roland Har¬ mon, Vice-President. 94 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FALL 1956 Left to Right: John Johnson, President; Whilston Taylor, Vice-President; Lee Robinson, Treasurer; John Rohn, Secretary. SPRING 1957 Left to Right: Edmund Weilhoefer, Vice-President; Wendell Roush, Secretary; Emmanuel Englesson, President; Robert Hufford, Treasurer. 95 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FALL 1956 Left to Right: George Stump, Secretary; Ken McCandless, President; Dale Troxell, Treasurer; David Shaw, Vice- President. SPRING 1957 Left to Right: William Campbell, President; Robert M. Chapman, Secretary; Robert Altwies, Vice-President; Ron¬ ald Frambes, Treasurer. 96 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS FALL Left to Right, Inset: Robert Connal, Secretary; Alan Phillips, Treasurer; Fred Phillip, Vice-President. Not pictured: James Rowan, President. SPRING Left to Right, Inset: Bruce Wideman, Treasurer; Richard Mohler, Secretary; John Brodhead, President; George Gecowets, Vice-President. 97 , : . • ' • ' Phil O ' Brien Frank Allen Roland Harmon Lee Robinson Whilston Taylor James Arnold Lloyd Gardner SKULL BONES C.O.A. John Johnson Maynard Ealing SUMMER 1956 Phil O ' Brien.President David E. Whitney.Vice-President Charles Miller.Secretary William Fitzpatrick.Treasurer FALL 1956 Charles Miller.President Lloyd Gardner.Vice-President Leamon Miller.Secretary Phillip O ' Brien.Treasurer WINTER 1957 Frank Allen.President Charles Peterson.Vice-President Maynard Ealing.Secretary George Englesson.Treasurer SPRING 1957 Charles Peterson.President Whilston Taylor .Vice-President F. Lee Robinson.Secretary John Johnson.Treasurer Theodore T. Wood Paul Taylor Bill Sunday Harry Ste I ling Robert Ramsay J. Glen Radcliffe HONORARY MEMBERS Skull and Bones C.O.A. was initiated on the Tri-State Campus in the spring of 1948. The purpose of Skull and Bones is to recognize the men on campus who have exhibited outstanding qualities of leadership, and to honor and uphold the traditions and ideals of Tri-State College. The new members of Skull and Bones are selected by election after they have met the standards of C.O.A. Robert Cook Ronald Pufahl L. P. Myers Wayne Champion John Jarrett Richard Byers Gerald Moore Harold Hoolihan Raymond Hemmert Quintin Hawthorne 101 TAU SIGMA ETA Tau Sigma Eta, honorary engineering society, was incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana on April 10, 1950. Membership in this society is one of the re¬ wards received by students for outstanding achievements in the School of Engi¬ neering. Requirements for eligibility into the society are four quarters of college work with a minimum of twenty hours work each quarter; a scholastic average of 2.1 out of a possible 3.0; and not more than five grades of C or C-plus. A 3.0 average for three consecutive quarters also qualifies for membership. A grade of D or lower au¬ tomatically disqualifies a student for membership. Students meeting these require¬ ments may be elected by the members of the society. Members of the society must maintain a 2.0 average to be considered active. Tau Sigma Eta encourages brotherhood and good fellowship, a well balanced social program, and the maintenance of high scholastic records. The used book sale at the beginning and end of each quarter is one of the organization ' s functions. A banquet is held at the end of each quarter as a climax to the quarter ' s activities and aids in encouraging and fostering the ideals of the society. OFFICERS SUMMER 1956 President.Maurice Craig Secretary.Kenneth G. Johnson Treasurer.Joseph Wagner President Secretary. T reasurer FALL 1956 .Thomas Carberry .Herbert J. Smith .George Englesson President. Secretary. T reasurer WINTER 1957 .George Cooper .George Englesson .Joseph Wagner SPRING 1957 President.Arch W. Jones Secretary.Dale E. Troxell Treasurer.Forest S. Godby 102 Charles Libove Summer 1 956 Ross A. Butler Fall 1956, Spring 1957 Minard F. Rose Winter 1957 FACULTY ADVISORS MEMBERS Dale L. Abbott John M. Babcock Samuel T. Bowman 103 Carl F. Brock John H. Brown Willliam Demian Arch W. Jones Thomas Drake Paul Kahlenbeck Richard F. Geide, Jr. Eugene Karn Dewitt C. Keeler Ralph I. Kratzer 104 William Luneburg Duane C. Nichols Donald Scharf Theodore M. Stump Dale E. Troxell Richard F. Wittman Richard J. Yanko Donald Zurfluh 105 FACULTY ADVISORS Howard W. Hoolihan Harold R. Hoolihan Ronald Pufahl ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Beta Alpha, the honorary society, was founded in September 1938. The Society was originated to recognize outstanding scholarship among the students in the School of Commerce. The objectives of the Society are to create an enthus¬ iasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, and to develop charactership. Under the guidance of its advisors, the Society encourages the present and future members to maintain a high scholastic standing. To be eligible for membership, a student must maintain an average grade of " A " for three successive terms or an average grade of " B " for four successive terms with no more than one grade of " C " . Those who, through a combination of ability and earnest effort, become mem¬ bers, deem it a worthy honor as is evidenced by the active support and interest taken in the Society by alumni members. The high ideals set by Alpha Beta Alpha as a standard could well serve as a goal for all students in the School of Commerce. OFFICERS SUMMER 1956 FALL 1956 WINTER 1957 SPRING 1957 President Robert Coplen Douglas Stockham Robert Coy LeRoy Simons Vice-President George Kandel Robert Coy Wilson Sawyer James Ginger Secretary Robert Coy Charles Miller Forrest Robinson Donald Deibert T reasurer John Metzger LeRoy Simons James Ginger Donald Frantom 106 Robert Coplen Robert Coy Donald Deibert Donald Frantom James Ginger John O ' Keefe 107 I First Row, left to right: Lloyd Gardner, James Dunchunk, Emmanuel Englesson, Mary Etta Grandys, Arch Jones, George Gecowets, Richard Yanko. Second Row, left to right: Whilston Taylor, Joe Jelley, John Johnson, Heinz Brueckner, Howard Schweitzer, George Mansfield. Third Row, left to right: James Arnold, John Babcock, Fred Weller, David Whitney, Philip McHaney, Fred Wampler. Fourth Row, left to right: Edward Gernant, Charles N. Miller, Forrest Robinson, Kenneth Waters, James Tromley, Lewis Stockwell. Fifth Row, left to right: Peter Rusche, Frank Allen, Wilson Sawyer, Norman Baty, James Kern, Donald Sharpe. Sixth Row, left to right: Charles Kel¬ ley, Robert Coplen, Charles Peterson, Robert Foster, Frank Sykes, John Hoffman. TRI-STATE STUDENT DIRECTORS The Tri-State Student Directors, one of several honorary groups, was organized and functions as a servivce unit, with the membership representative of all phases of campus life. Selection is based on leadership, depend¬ ability, cooperation and an evident desire to promote the welfare of the college. Included among its activities are Orientation, Registration, Baccalaureate and Com¬ mencement, Alumni Homecoming and the Christmas party for Tri-State children. Sonta Claus (Director Ralph Christiansen) pays his annual visit to the campus. 108 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES COLLEGES 1956-1957 Selection for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is made by a faculty committee on the basis of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and the promise of future usefulness to society. Those nominated from Tri-State College are listed below. Frank Allen.Aug. ' 57 James Arnold.Aug. ' 57 Maurice Craig.Dec. ' 56 Robert Chapman.June ' 57 Jules Dussia.March ' 57 George Englesson.March ' 57 William Ferwalt.Dec. ' 57 Lloyd Gardner.March ' 57 Richard Geide.June ' 57 Eugene Hunsucker.Aug. ' 57 Kenneth G. Johnson.Dec. ' 56 Richard Klinger.Dec. ' 56 ...Aug. ' 57 Burton Lockwood. .Dec. ' 56 ...Aug. ' 57 Earl Loeffler. .Dec. ' 56 ...Dec. ' 56 Hal Moore.... .June ‘57 ...June ‘57 Charles N. Miller. .March ' 57 March ' 57 Leamon Miller. .Dec. ' 56 March ' 57 John Parks. .Dec. ' 56 ....Dec, ‘57 Forrest L. Robinson. .June ‘57 March ' 57 Herbert J. Smith.. .Dec. ' 56 ...June ' 57 William A. Stanley. .March ' 57 ...Aug. ‘57 Douglas Stockham. .March ' 57 ....Dec. ' 56 Donald Thornhill. .March ' 57 ....Dec. ' 56 Bruce Vaughan.. .Dec. ‘56 109 SCHOLASTIC PLACQUE--ln lieu KEY AWARDS of second gold key Leamon Miller GOLD DECEMBER 1956 Heinz Brueckner James Ginger Richard Little Burton Lockwood Paul Malagari SILVER DECEMBER 1956 Godfrey N. Ahloy Eugene J. Lake James D. Arnold Donald L. Lancaster Francis Ball William R. Luneburg John J. Berkovitz Jack L. Mills Samuel T. Bowman Joseph P. Nemchik John H. Brown Duane C. Nichols Bobby G. Brownlee Howard W. Nelson Robert L. Coplen Claudius B. McCullar Robert M. Coy John D. O ' Keefe William Damian Forrest Lee Robinson John S. De Luca Donald R. Scharf John A. Donnelly Delbert L. Schoenbeck Gordon Dyndor Robert L. Schuster Emmanuel Englesson LeRoy B. Simons Mary Etta Grandys Ray W. Spiegel Hisao Hamanoka Richard L. Steiner Keith T. Hinshaw Dale E. Troxell Thomas J. Hudson Fred L. White Erwin A. Hyatt Keefer J. Whitman James H. Kern Richard J. Yanko John F. Knoop Richard A. Zima KEYS JUNE 1957 Maurice D. Farris Albert Fowler Arch W. Jones DeWitt C. Keeler Ralph I. Kratzer Donald C. Siegla Wiliiam F. Totem KEYS JUNE 1957 John M. Babcock Morris E. McMurray Bruce Bidelman Charles J. Miller Marvin Boring Archie S. Milliken James B. Canty Mitsuru Owara David D. Cook Jimmie L. Reynolds Edward G. Cook Maurice H. Rich Alfred E. Denio Frank A. Scopetti Herbert A. Doran Jack B. Shank Thomas L. Drake Bert K. Sisson James Dunnie Vitalij Sluckjy Donald F. Frantom Lee A. Straw Charles H. Gebo John Thomas, Jr. George Granger Don R. Tichenor Eugene L. Karn Russell Ulmer Gene L. Klock Edmund J. Weilhoefer Jerold A. Koerner Floyd G. West Herbert W. Kruser Robert A. Willey Warren B. Luckie Frederick G. Wilder Arthur C. Lyman Herbert R. Witmer Terance J. Marz William S. Worland Clifford E. May Amos L. McKimson Donald P. Zurfluh no •«rtMeitt«f ictics 4 SPRING 1957—Left to Right: Nancy A. Poe, Student Council; Richard Auyer, Treasurer; Norman J. Mellott, Chairman; Rodney P. Cravens, Tri-Angle Reporter; Phillip E. Emanuel, Vice-Chairman; Professor Charles Libove, Faculty Advisor; Kazumi Hamada, Secretary. THE INSTITUTE AERONAUTICAL OF THE SCIENCES FALL 1956 —Roland F. Harmon, Jr., Chairman; Donald F. Dupre, Vice-Chairman; John D. Talbott, Secretory; Donald G. Boyer, Treasurer; Norman J. Mellott, Student Council; William Cross, Tri-Angle Reporter. WINTER 1957 —Raymond J. Dussia, Chairman; William C. Seidel, Vice-Chairman; Eugene O. Prue, Secretary; Norman J. Mellott, Treasurer; Nancy A. Poe, Student Council; Donald R. Scharf, Tri-Angle Reporter. 112 First Row, left to right: William C. Seidel, Richard L. Fisher, Jr., Roland F. Harmon, Jr., Harley L. Weiss, Donald F. Dupre, Norman J. Mellott, Nancy A. Poe, Dale L. Abbott, Richard F. Geide, Jr., Kazumi Hamada. Second Row, left to right: Professor Charles Libove, Raymond J. Dussia, William B. Cross, Harold Gibson, Richard Auyer, Eugene O. Prue, Jack Ebersol, Donald Zurfluh, Donald Dyer. Third Row, left to right: Ronald Greenwood, Art Kavie, John Geisler, Ray¬ mond S. Nomura, John E. Espy, John A. Luther, Robert H. Pemberton, Frederick J. Deam, Robert G. Kiehn. The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences (I.A.S.) is an internationally known pro¬ fessional organization of aeronautical engineers and scientists. In addition to its many activities among graduate engineers, it sponsors Student Branches in seventy-four colleges, including Tri-State College. The purpose of the I.A.S. Student Branch is to help the aeronautical student de¬ velop an understanding and pride in his chosen profession. This purpose is accom¬ plished through the dissemination of technical and historical information — via movies, speakers from industry, and scientific journals, through social activities such as banquets and Branch projects, and through awards to outstanding mem¬ bers. The Branch ' s red flying saucer, representing the reincarnated life of two Coca-Cola signs, is a familiar sight on campus heralding the biweekly meetings. Professor Hawthorne was faculty advisor of the Branch for many years. The duties of faculty advisor have recently been taken over by Professor Libove. 1 13 J i if , . 1 ' mw ir ] First Row, left to right: David Brodess, Robert Wright, Albert Steele, Professor Raymond Porter, John Hester, John Ma- hony, Dean Beck, Ted Lind, Raymond Rickert. Second Row, left to right: William Saunders, Richard Mohler, Larry Erickson, Arthur Davis, Gary Gardner, Eugene Hunsucker, Frank Lewandowski, Eugene Haracznak, Paul Holba, Pete Jacob. Third Row, left to right: John Maxel, Duane Bidlack, Fred Knoop, Kenneth Miller, Richard Parker, Chai Keun Yu, Jack Paul, William Damian, Roy McIntosh, Merle Hensley. President. Vice-President Secretary . T reasurer. FALL QUARTER 1956 .John Marcinek .Maurice Granthum .Ronald Lewis .John Mahony WINTER QUARTER 1957 President. Vice-President Secretary . T reasurer. John Mahony ....Dean Beck ...John Hester ...C. Ted Lind SPRING QUARTER 1957 President. Vice-President Secretary. T reasurer.. ..C. Ted Lind ...John Hester ....Dean Beck Albert Steele CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY The chemical society was formed to enable chemical engineering students to become better acquainted, to assist them in becoming cognizant of the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to foster a professional spirit among members, and to instill pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. These objectives are attained by presenting selected motion pictures and guest speakers from the various phases of industry. They are furthered by field trips in the spring and summer quarters and by being a student affiliate of the American Chemical Society. CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY FALL 1956 President, George Englesson; Vice-President, Maurice Craig; Secretary, Bruce Vaughan; Treas¬ urer, William Trauterman. WINTER 1957 SPRING 1957 President, William Trauterman; Vice-President, David President, Joseph Nemchik; Vice-President, DeWitt Steward; Secretary, Joseph Nemchik; Treasurer, Guen- Keeler; Secretary, Keith Hinshaw; Treasurer, James ther Engel. Fisher. THE ENGINEERS CREED I am a Civil Engineer. In my profession I take deep pride, but without vain glory; to it I owe solemn obligations that I am eager to fulfill. As an engineer, I will participate in none but honest enterprise. To him that has engaged my services, as employer or client, I will give the utmost of service and fidelity. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. From special capacity springs the obligation to use it well in the service of humanity, and I accept the challenge that this implies. Jealous of the high repute of my calling, I will strive to protect the interest and the good name of any Civil Engineer that I know to be deserving; but I will not shrink, should duty dictate, from disclosing the truth regarding anyone that, by unscrupulous act, has shown himself unworthy of the profession. Since the age of stone, human progress has been conditioned by my forebearers. By them have been rendered usable to mankind, nature ' s vast resources of material and energy. By them have been vitalized and turned to practical account, the principles of science and the revelations of technology. Except for this heritage of accumulated experience my efforts would be feeble. I dedicate myself to the younger members of my profession in all its arts and traditions. To my fellows I pledge, in the same full manner I ask of them, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect; devotion to the standards and the dignity of our profession; with the consciousness, always, that our special expertness carries with it the obligation to serve humanity with complete sincerity. First Row, left to right: W. Wilson, K. Hinshaw, W. Taylor, Prof. Hauber (Dept. Head), D. Stewart, W. Trauterman, Prof. Jarrett, Mr. Griffis (Lab. Instr.), J. Nemchik, J. Shank. Second Row: T. Peacock, G. Englesson, C. O ' Daniell, E. Schoenfeld, G. DeWitte, J. Overly, B. Hedlund, D. McDermott, L. Putsep, E. Kirby. Third Row: W. Owen, B. Priest, M. Boring, V. Freundlich, D. Sedam, J. Russell, R. Ulmer, S. Smith, G. Karns. First Row, left to right: W. Fisher, M. Aarestad, R. Reckell, D. Voegeli, J. Schmitt, G. Kloock, T. Cunningham, W. Hemans, C. Holmes, J. O ' Brien. Second Row: E. Porch, C. Copenhaver, D. Keeler, D. Currier, W. Tatem, A. Gable, E. Hugus, D. Shaw, M. Hugus, E. Smith, R. Baker. Third Row: H. Reid, R. Moncada, R. Jackson, W. Beckman, D. Sharpe, K. Grams, R. Mead, E. Browne, L. Stockwell. 117 90VVV g§ ■%, Front Row: Gordon Dyndor, John Babcock, Clyde Shaw, Head of Department, John Koch, Joseph Wagner, Richard Wil¬ liams, Max Entsminger, Michael Crisanti. Second Row: Louis Borges, Awayda Mukbil, Fred Weller, Robert Hufford, Donald Ditmarson, Osyp Wrubliwsky, Dale Troxell, Virgil Tarnow, Gene Karn, William Ridgeway, Jack Lynde, Wilbur McNinch, Edward Weilhoefer, John Magyar, Hugo Tobon. Fourth Row: Josh Wiestling, Charles Aldrich, Charles Pod- belsek, William Marcinowski, Dave Mercer, Humberto Gomez, Robert Vanderlaan, John Garrity, Edward Ludwig. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Electrical Engineering Society was formed on October 16, 1934. In the fall of 1942, the Electrical Engineering Society merged with the Radio Engineering Society to form the Radio- Electrical Society. At a special meeting on January 9, 1947, it was decided to reactivate the Electrical Engineering Society and since then it has been an independent organization. The fundamental purpose of the society is to benefit and aid the students of the Electrical Engineering Department. This is accomplished by presenting speakers, who are leaders in the electrical industry, and through the medium of motion pictures and demonstrations. This aim is furthered by a field trip in the spring which enables the members to see the practical applications of the theories they have studied. The Electrical Engineering Society extends to all of its graduating members best wishes for success in their chosen field, and hope that the experiences gained from the society will help them throughout life. 120 ■H Electrical Department Scenes OFFICERS Summer Term 1956 Winter Term 1957 President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer. .Bryan Graves .William Slusarezyk .William Ridgeway .Jack Lynde President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. .Jack Koch .Bob Davidson .Joseph Wagner .Frank Hill Fall Term 1956 Spring Term 1957 President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. .Marty Tauman .Jack Lynde .Bert Lockwood .Bob Davidson President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer.. .Frank Hill ....Josha Wiestling ....Michael Crisanti .Leroy Reynolds 121 RADIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY I j OFFICERS President. Vice-President Secretary. T reasurer. Fall H. Shultz R. Vanko J. Neu .P. E. Lange Winter R. Gallagher E. S. Gernant R. L. Foight T. Stump Spring T. Stump S. T. Bowman C. E. Fields R. N. Gload The Radio Engineering Society was organized in October, 1936 for the purpose of enabling any student attending Tri-State College interested in electronics and its associated fields to gain useful knowledge outside of his regular scholastic activi¬ ties. The Society serves its membershi p by the presentation, at its meetings, of leaders in various commercial, industrial, and academic organizations. These speakers inform the undergraduate student of the latest developments within this field by the demonstration of equipment, showing of slides or films, and educational talks. Any student interested in the field of electronics may join the Radio Engineering Society. 122 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOL ENGINEERS Tri-State Student Branch of Fort Wayne Chapter Number 56 The American Society of Tool Engineers is concerned with the vast number of diversified problems encountered in most forms of industrial production. Typical of problems solved by ASTE engineers are conveyors and fixtures for industrial plants, methods of manufacturing heat dissipators for refrigeration units, and me¬ chanical means of power transfer. The Tri-State College Chapter of the ASTE, although a relative new-comer, has already gained a large membership of students. Through affiliation with the Na¬ tional Chapter at Fort Wayne, student officers represent Tri-State College at regu¬ lar meetings of the Fort Wayne Chapter. Activities include regularly scheduled meetings, and participation in field trips to industrial sites. Row 1, left to right: Howard Schweitzer, David Villard, Donald Valentine, Douglas Barton (Advisor), M. F. Rose, Dean Polzin, Ralph Race, Lloyd Gardner, Nap Pietryka. Row 2: David Whitney, John Hunsinger, Richard Hufnagle, Don Stevens, Bill McKinley, John Johnson, Charles Morgan, William Chamberlain, John Rohn, Russell Wells. Row 3: John Manfolk, Marion Miller, Arch Jones, John Fennis, Frank Emma ns, Robert Zarembka, James Dunnie. OFFICERS Summer 1956 Fall 1956 President. Secretary. T reasurer. Student Council .Bud Ealing ..B. G. Brownlee J. L. Hunsinger ...H. Schweitzer President. Vice-President Secretary. T reasurer. ..Nap Pietryka ..Lloyd Gardner ..James Dunnie Richard Hufnagle Winter 1957 President. Vice-President Secretary. T reasurer. .LeRoy Walls Howard Schweitzer .John Rohn .K. W. Cuyler Spring President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. 1957 .Joseph Hartman .Richard Hufnagle .Dean Polzin .Robert Zarembka 123 Front Row: John Johnson, Professor Rose, Professor Holcomb, James Dunnie, Howard Schweitzer. Back Row: Arch Jones, Richard Overstrom, Dave Whitney, Lloyd Gardner, Bob Bergquist. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY PAST OFFICERS SUMMER 1956 —President, Lloyd Gardner; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Carl Brock; Secretary, Maynard Ealing; Treasurer, Wiiliam Chase. WINTER 1957 —President, John Johnson; Vice-President, Arch Jones; Secretary, Robert Bergquist; Treasurer, How¬ ard Schweitzer. FALL 1956— P resident, Jack Hughs; Vice-President, James Dunnie; Secretary, John Johnson; Treasurer, Leroy Walls. SPRING 1957 —President, Robert Bergquist; Vice-Presi¬ dent, Lester Pherigo; Secretary, Donald Stevens, Treas¬ urer, Thomas Jacoby. The Mechanical Engineering Society provides the engineering student with the practical side of engineering which he does not get in the classroom. Speakers, who are experts in their respective fields, are obtained to present the latest information concerning their products and industry as a whole. Movies are obtained for some of the programs and are also used in conjunction with the speaker ' s talks. I 24 f j I ' 1 1 1 Row One: Harold Frohriep, Robert Hostetler, David Villard, Ivan Gaviria, David E. Whilney, Donald E. Valentine Lester E. Pherigo, Ralph J. Race, Nap Pietryka. Row Two: Richard D. Hufnagle, H - Ch rc hl ' l; Joh " A ' an , fo ' h ' Bl McKinley, George A. Hornish, john Hunsinger, Marion Miller. Row Three: Paul Kahlenbeck, Glenn Klaus, Fred Wamp¬ ler, Charles W. Anderson, John Fennis, Ray W. Spiegel. Row One- Richard W Paxson, Ken Kuhn, Don Stevens, Jack Longacre, Richard C. Ellington H. R. Bristol Jr., Don L. Moyer John A. Rohn, Ronald Webster. Row Two: Arther Lyman, Greydon Ward Jerry Chiddister Keith Hays Frank C. Hansen, Robert L. Bahr, Harry E. Cather, Bernard G. Poddick. Row Three: Gonzalo Patino, Earl Lyncn, Thomas Jacoby, Leon Hard, Russell G. Wells. 125 SOCIETY OF AUTOMATIVE ENGINEERS in The purpose of the Society of Automotive Engineers is " To promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of the automotive apparatus. " In order to better understand and achieve this creed, the SAE chapter at Tri-State College engages in many activities directly related to automotive engineering. Meetings, which are held every first and third Wednesday of the month, consist not only of business, but also utilize informative movies and well-qualified speakers from industry. In addition, numerous field trips to industrial plants affords members a first-hand knowledge of processes and problems with which they must deal in their future profession. The large membership of more than one hundred students attests to an enthusiastic accep¬ tance of the ideals of the SAE by the future engineers of Tri-State College. SAE officers and representatives for Winter term, 1957 Front Row: Richard Hufnagle, Ramsay Jackson (Advisor), Howard Schweitzer, James Dunnie. Bock Row: Dean Poizin, Donald Valentine, William Chamberlain, Lester Pherigo, Lloyd Gardner, David Whitney. OFFICERS Summer 1956 Winter 1957 President. Vice-President... Secretary. T reasurer. .William Chase .Robert Lee .John Hunsinger .William Elrod President. Vice-President.. Secretary. T reasurer. .Richard Hufnagle .Howard Schweitzer .Donald Valentine .Lester Pherigo Fall 1956 Spring 1957 President. Vice-President... Secretary. T reasurer. .William Chamberlain .William Elrod .Richard Hufnagle .James Dunnie President. Vice-President.. Secretary. T reasurer. .John Johnson .Lester Pherigo .Maurice Swartz .Ralph Race 126 Front Row, left to right: Bert Sisson, Jerry Owens, Dean Polzin, Jim Pershing, Kenneth Vandygriff, Jack Longacre, Ken¬ neth Kuhn Don Stevens, Arthur Matusiak. Second Row: David Villard, Leo Hunsinger, John Hunsinger, C. A. Barnes, E. M. Emmons, Frank Hansen, Gerald Jewell, J. Chiddister, H. R. Bristol, Milton Morris, Leone Orazio. Third Row: Ray Spiegel, Marion Miller, Charles Anderson, Carl Brock, Maurice Swartz, Fred Wampler, Glenn Klaus, John Fennis, Tom Hipskind. Front Row, left to right: Roger Davis, Nick Trunzo, John Hoffman, Donald Gies, H. W. Strickland, John Johnson, James Dunnie, John Rohn, Lloyd Gardner. Second Row: Robert Hostetler, Iva Gaviria, Robert Bergquist, Greydon Ward, Charles Morgan, Herbert Krused, Harold Gibson, Richard Fisher, William Chamberlain, Harold Fronriep. Third Row: Arch Jones, Leon Hard, Nap Pietryka, Ralph Race, Bill Beaudry, Bill McKinley, Al Anderson, Ronald Webster. 127 I SIGMA EPSILON SOCIETY Sigma Epsilon, the commercial society of Tri-State-College, has been in existence since 1933. It has always been an outstanding society on campus and is expected to continue its good work. The purpose of the society is to sponsor organized activities and to promote the development of a closer relationship among the students in the school of commerce. Meetings are held every two weeks and a guest speaker or educational movie is a part of every meeting. All students of the Commerce Department are invited to become members. First Row: Professor Harold R. Hoolihan, Roger W. Wiles, John D. O ' Keefe, James B. Canty, James Arnold, Leo Carroll, Dick Carboni, R. E. Mayes, Richard Reser, Russell A. Peterson. Second Row: Robert Altwies, John De Luca, Robert Hendrickson, Charles N. Miller, Lee Robinson, Gordon H. Wyllie, Joe Jelley, John Mohr, David L. Clifton, John F. San¬ dusky, Lewis M. Latta. Third Row: George A. Gecowets, Owen W. Rail, Manas Limpaphayom, Robert L. Jones, John J. Klee, Fred A. Philipp, Dewey M. Cain, Clare D. Wright, Alan S. Roberts, George Knotek. 128 Front Row: Robert Willey, Del Schoenbeck, Lynn Fox, Frank Bridge, Ron Filnworth, Allen Easterday. Second Row: Fred Lee White, Professor Charles Hallawell, Alan Block, Frank Ciccarelli, Morris McMurray. Third Row: Jack Stock- house, Cyrus Johnson, LeRoy Simons, Ron Frambes, Fred Mann, Lee Benson. Pictured above are the winter semester officers. Left to right: Vice-Pres. J. Marino, Trea. G. Gecowets, Sec. P. Conlon, and Pres. R. Peterson. Other members are: G. Bard, W. Barilari, A. Carper, P. Cole, D. Collins, G. DeSotel, N. Dietrich, W. Harrison, F. Hen¬ derson, R. Jones, J. Karupka, L. Latta, J. Lewis, C. Miller, J. Peck, F. Phillip, A. Phillips, J. Prell, R. Schneider, C. Slaughter, J. Smith, J. Sprague, J. Zang, and E. Zeigler. Faculty advisor is H. R. Hoolihan. MOTOR TRANSPORT SOCIETY This society was inaugurated at Tri-State College on January 21, 1957, and it is comprised of students enrolled in the Motor Transport Management Course, which commenced in the fall semester of 1956. The purpose of this organization is to promote fellowship and a broader understanding of the motor transport industry among the members as well as to provide special educational and social activities. 130 ■ " PreVENTIOM O p CfcUELTV AGED Front Row, left to right: Lee Robinson, Ronald Titsworth, Robert L. Bahr, James B. Canty, Nancy Annette Poe, Whilis- ton Taylor, Roland F. Harmon, Jr. Second Row: Dewey M. Cain, Charles E. Morgan, Winfield E. Miller, Jr., John 0. Wright, John Hester, David Whitney. BOOSTER CLUB FALL-WINTER 1956-57: P resident, Whiliston Taylor; Vice-President, Mary Etta Grandys; Treasurer, John Rohn; Secretary, Roland F. Harmon, Jr. SPRING-SUMMER 1957: President, James B. Canty; Vice-President, Nancy Annette Poe; Treasurer, Robert Bahr; Secretary, Whiliston Taylor. As an organization, the Booster Club of Tri-State College is relatively new but the members feel that the accomplishments compare favorably with those of other organizations. The purpose of the Booster Club is: to build school spirit, to promote good sportsmanship at all inter-collegiate activities, to aid and to promote all intramural activities on the campus and to aid all movements for the betterment of Tri-State College. Membership in the club is open to all students, faculty members, townsmen or anyone interested in the development of sports at Tri-State College. Notable among the accomplishments of the club are: The Tournament Night that was held in the recreation hall during the Winter term, the Float Parade that is held preceding the first home game of the basketball season, the splendid work of the Cheerleaders, the selling of tickets and the distribution of programs, the annual " Beat Tech Bus " which carries rooters to Indiana Tech where they try to help the team bring the " Bulging Boiler " back, and the sponsorship of the term dances. The club has strength in its members but there are openings for more. Will you join us? We hope so, you can help us to help the college. 132 As time draws near for the Harvest Hop, decora¬ tions were rapidly being prepared. Advice is offered by the president, " Willie the hat, " on what to do next. Now that the theme of the Harvest Hop is up, things are looking up. There is no better reward than to let your hair down and enjoy the fruits of your effort. A pep rally before the first home basketball game. Our Cheerleaders in action 133 Richard Folkerth, Bob Altwies, Lloyd Gardner, James Dunchuck, Joseph Jelley. John Rohn, Lee Robinson, Leo Carroll, James Dunnie, Frank Willi-ams. Harold Gibson, Ron Lewis, Howard Schweitzer. JAYCEES JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SUMMER 1956 —President, Lee Robinson; Vice-Presi¬ dent, James Mills; Secretary, Joe Jelley; Treasurer, Earn¬ est Peden. FALL 1956 —President, Luther Folks; Vice-President, Jack Taylor; Secretary, Ted Pyles; Treasurer, Bob Baker. The Tri-State Chapter, Angola Junior Chamber of Com¬ merce, was organized during the winter quarter 1954, and as such was the first program of its kind on any college campus in the United States. Our main purpose is training young men for leadership. This program concerns civic improvements, both on and off the campus. The Jaycee has a definite purpose expressed in his creed. WINTER 1957 —President, Jack Taylor; Vice-President, Joe Jelley; Secretary, John Rohn; Treasurer, Ron Lewis. SPRING 1957 —President, Harold Gibson; Vice-President, James Dunchuck; Secretary, Jack Taylor; Treasurer, John Rohn. THE JAYCEE CREED We believe: That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; That government should be of laws rather than of men; That the earth ' s great treasure lies in human personality; And that service to humanity is the best work of life. 134 First Row, left to right: W. D. Taylor, David Shaw, Laurence Johnson, John Johnson, Arch Jones, James Dunnie, How¬ ard Schweitzer, Nancy Poe. Second Row, left to right: Lee Robinson, Gordon Jackson, Lloyd Gardner, Joe Jelley, Don Voegeli, Bill Luneburg, David Whitney. Third Row, left to right: Fred Philipp, Dick Parker, John Rohn, Harold Reid, Charles Podbelsek. STUDENT COUNCIL SUMMER 1955 —President, Charles Peterson; Vice-President, Don Partuka; Treasurer, John Rohn; Secretary, Robert Riley. FALL 1956 —President, Charles Peterson; Vice-President, G. Engelson; Treasurer, George Wilkison; Secretary, John Rohn. WINTER 1957 —President, John Johnson; Vice-Presi¬ dent, G. Englison; Treasurer, George Wilkinson; Secretary, Arch Jones. SPRING 1957 —President, John Johnson; Vice-President, M. Englison; Treasurer, Joe Jelley; Secretary, Arch Jones. The Student Council of Tri-State College was organized for the promotion and advancement of campus activities for the college students. The Student Council is an organization in which the views and opinions of the students may be expressed. The council is composed of representatives from the various student organizations on campus. These representatives are to attend all meetings, participate in Student Council activities and keep their organization informed of all council business. It is the hope of the Student Council that the high ideals toward which they have striven will be developed to a greater degree in the years to come. 135 FATHER ANDREWS O.F.M.C CHAPLAIN ROBERT I. COOK FACULTY ADVISOR MEMBER BOARD OF DIRECTORS JOHN J. HOFFMAN PRESIDENT CHAIRMAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS HAROLD W. STRICKLAND VICE-PRESIDENT MEMBER BOARD OF DIRECTORS MARY ETTA GRANDYS RECORDING SECRETARY I From left to right. First Row: Paul M. Kilian, Mary Etta Grandys, Donald R. Scharf, John J. Hoffman, H. W. Strick¬ land, R. H. Greenwood, Osyp Wrubliwsky, Prof. R. Cook. Second Row: Albert R. Steele, Ronald M. Mederski, Tony Gar- czynski, Edward Neickula, John Magyar, Joe Piersimoni, Donald Siegla, Albert Seliga, John Geisler, N. P. Dol. Third Row: Charles E. Morgan, Arthur Adams, Walter Smaron, Donald Maxwell, Clement Bernier, Jim Quirk, Hugo Tobon, Ivan Gaviria, Art Kavie, Joseph J. Huber. Fourth Row: Leo E. Ciszek, Paul R. Boufford, Thomas Monaghan, Nick Trunzo, Russell L. Foight, Joseph Wagner, R. A. Verville, Dick Carboni, Joseph F. Racz, Donald G. Gies. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club at Tri-State College is one of more than 700 such clubs organ¬ ized at non-Catholic colleges and universities in the United States. Its obligation is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of the Catholic students by a balanced program of religious, educational, and social activities. Member¬ ship in the Newman Club is limited to Catholic students. However, students who are not Catholic are always welcome at club activities. Meetings are held twice each month during the school year. 137 ill wmmmmm First Row, left to right: Osyp Wrublisky, John Hester. Second Row, left to right: Donald Loomis, Frank Emmons, James Fisher, Charles Eyer, Ronald Greenwood. Third Row, left to right: Dewey Cain, Dave Foard, Joseph Thaxton, Professor C. D. Kenyon. PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY FALL QUARTER 1956 WINTER QUARTER 1957 President. Vice-President Secretary. T reasurer. William Slusarczyk President..John Hester .Richard Levy Vice-President.Richard Levy Ronald Greenwood Secretary.Ronald Greenwood ...Osyp Wrubliwsky Treasurer.Frank Emmans SPRING QUARTER 1957 President. Vice-President Secretary. T reasurer.. .John Hester .Robert Butler William Saunders .Frank Emmans Photography has become one of the most influential forces in modern civilization and has found a prominent place in every field of human endeavor. Moreover, it has become the world ' s most popular hobby, bringing o means of self-expression to millions of people everywhere. There are only a few things which truly create a common interest and which help to bring people together in a friendly and peaceful way—photography is one of them. The Photo Society was organized to enable students to share this common interest in photography and to provide a campus publications with photographs of college activities. Besides being invaluable in this respect, the society provides a pleasant and useful pastime for its members, and gives them access to excellent equipment supplies, and facilities. 140 Left to right. Front Row: Frank Racy, Willis Fisher, Richard Curry, Al Rutledge, Gene Scheffield, Dave Till. Left to right, standing: Donald Neverton, Raymond Nomura, Robert Bahr, Jack Kiser, Al Taylor, Richard Clayton, Craig Kegerreis, Harold Frohiep, Al Patefield, Don Stevens, Harold Gibson, Marvin Ellsworth, Lee Robinson, Jack Ebersol, Charles Anderson, Ray Spigel. FLYING THUNDERBIRDS INC. Members not present: Paul Baney, Donald Boyer, Donald ' Boutcher, Eugene Blair, John Bahunsky, Al Bailey, Ross Clark, Michael Crisanti, Frank Eck, William Earman, Glenn Ehnert, Al Gable, Kenneth Grist, Louis Goderis, Charles Holbrook, Richard Hudson, Clarence Hutchings, Jim Hamitton, Norman Heminger, Robert Holtzapple, Jim Holliday, Ronald Hakin, Roger Hirt, Joe Helley, Fred Jackson, John Johnson, Harold Kolm, B. H. Limpack, Ron Moyer, Thomas Marchant, Jim Mariea, Duane Mason, Earl Manwell, Tom Margraff, Butch Needes, Raymond Robinson, Paul Schmitz, Jim Swift, Russ Shaw, Kenneth Vandygrift, Peter Welge, Glen Widerman, Robert Wright, Ronald Webster, Edward Weilhocher. The Flying Thunderbirds Inc., is an outgrowth of the desire of a group of students to learn to fly without the usual expense entailed in such a project. A corporation was formed in 1953 with the generous help of Professor Fred Goudy. Members buy shares in the aircraft owned by the organization and remain in the club as long as they desire. As each member leaves his deposit is refunded. The club is maintained by new members buying shares. Left to Right: Wilfred Ramirez, Dean Polzin, Al Koproski, Alden Gable, Dan Valasek, Mick Holland, Clarence Bennett, Oliver Scott, Roger Flickinger. At the piano—Mrs. Olive Weicht, Director—Mrs. Robert Ramsay. COLLEGE GLEE CLUB During the fall quarter of 1953, the College Glee Club was organized by Mrs. Robert Ramsay, who serves as its director. The Club gives programs for campus events, high schools in the surrounding area, and for other clubs in the community. COLLEGE BAND The College Band has been under the direction of Mrs. Robert Ramsay during the past school year. The band makes a number of concert appearances and it also pro¬ vides music for many campus and sports events. Programs include a wide variation of selections and arrangements, proving the versatility of the musicians. Left to Right: Clarinets, Ignatius Santinoceto, Jean Noyes, Becky Hassett; Drums, Diana Kinsey, James Kaspar; Basses, Oliver Scott, Court Jarrett, Paul Zane; Flute, Clarence Bennett; Oboe, Robert Ramsay; Trumpets, Frank Palfy, Gene Schroeder, Gene Kiser, Elmer Taylor; Baritone, Nancy Huss; Bassoon, Sharon Bratton; French Horn, Alden Gable; Trombones, Bobby Kirks, Jack Kiser. 142 First Row, left to right: Joon Breeling, Bert Rifkin, Marcella Livesay, Audrey Paxson, Jeannette Connelly, Becky Schef- field, Betty Hornish, Sharron Chiddister, Mary MacAleese, Helen Lyman, Marian Whitney. Second Row, left to right: Pat Innocenzi, Gail Blaskis, Betty Lloyd, Carolyn Rexrode, Pat Guiler, Sandra Lewin, Phyllis Czerwinski, Edna Snyder, Joy Godette, Jean Wernsing, Helen Vickroy, Dee Williams, Joyce Gilmour, Anna Belle McNutt, Santa Magyar. TRI-STATE HOMEMAKERS LIST OF OFFICERS JUNE 1956 TO DECEMBER 1956: President.Santa Magyar Vice-President.Jean Shaffner Secretary.Sharron Chiddister Treasurer.Helen Vickroy Craft Treasurer.Irene Calendo JANUARY 1957 TO JUNE 1957 President.Sharron Chiddister Vice-President.Jeannette Connelly Secretary.Marcella Livesay Treasurer.Betty Hornish Craft Treasurer.Audrey Paxson, Sandra Lewin Song Leader.Mary VanOhlen The Tri-State Homemakers Club was formed for students wives to help further their knowledge on home subjects. Monthly lessons are given by the Purdue University Extension Office and opportunities to learn different crafts are also offered. Social nights are held monthly so that the wives can become better acquainted with one another. M3 First Row, left to right: Kreig King, L. W. Long, John Hester, Peter Rushe, James Page, Hugo Tobon, Vito Brunale. Second Row, left to right: Hiram Todd, D. P. Patel, Harold Reid, Humberto A. Gomez, Manouchehr Abrishami, Ivan Gavira, Whilston Taylor, Nicholas Dol, J. M. Babcock, R. L. O ' Brien, William Saunders, Jecel Assumpeao, Guido Guerriero, Tamer Homsy. FALL QUARTER 1956 President....Diego Daroda Vice-President.Hugo Tobon Recording Secretary.Jai Soon Chung Corresponding Secretary.Jecel Assumpeao Treasurer.Harold Reid WINTER QUARTER 1957 President.Hugo Tobon Vice-President.Peter Rushe Recording Secretary.William Saunders Corresponding Secretary.Nicholas Dol Treasurer.Whilston Taylor SPRING QUARTER 1957 President.Peter Rushe Vice-President.James Page Recording Secretary.John Hester Corresponding Secretary.Hugo Tobon Treasurer.Hiram Todd INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION " The Essence of Unity is Brotherhood. " The International Students Association was organized during the school year 1949-1950. Our aims are to aid the plan of world peace by promoting a mutual understanding among students from all countries. The association has presented discussion programs, travelogue movies, and concerts to the community. No barriers of language or customs have retarded our progress, because we believe the words of Socrates " I am a citizen, not of Athens, nor of Greece, but of the world. " 144 TRI-STATE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Tri-State Christian Fellowship is a chapter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a national organization belonging to the International Fellowship of Evangelical students. The IVCF Chapter at Tri-State, one of nearly 500 such interdenominational and evangelical groups in the United States and Canada, was formed to provide fellowship in Christian living through prayer, Bible study, and social activities. Meetings are held weekly, at which Bible study, a speaker, or a film compose the program. Also, week-end conferences are held each spring and fall at Lake Wawasee, near Syracuse, Indiana. At these conferences, Inter-Varsity chapters from Indiana colleges and universities meet to enjoy Christian fellowship, Bible study, and recreation together. Tri-State Christian Fellowship is student governed and all students are invited to join in the activities. THE EX LIBRIS CLUB In the fall of 1955 a small group of students, realizing the need for broadening their own intellectual horizons in a world of specialization, organized a club for the purpose of reading and exchanging ideas about significant novels and short stories. Since this beginning the members of the Ex Libris Club, as the organization-came to be called, have met bi-weekly and in their discussions have wandered freely among such widely diverse authors as Zola, Tolstoy, Dickens, Poe, Conrad, Huxley, Orwell, Marquand, and Hemmingway. The discussions are of an informal character and anyone on the campus wishing to participate is most cordially invited to do so. TRI-STATE COLLEGE AMATEUR RADIO " HAM CLUB” The principal purpose of the amateur radio club is to provide a means for the radio enthusiasts, here at Tri-State, to continue with their amateur radio activities. As you may well know, the chief delight of an amateur is to get on the air and converse with other amateurs, whether it be with one of his friends at home or one of his radio friends across the country. This is accomplished through the operation of our broadcast quality amateur radio station, W9PMZ. Some of our other activities include experimenting with various antenna systems and home built equipment. We welcome all properly licensed radio amateurs to join us and share our facilities. TRI-STATE COLLEGE MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY The mathematics society was organized by the students and is financed by the mathematics department. Its purpose is to demonstrate how mathematics is applied to the solution of problems of industry and science. Membership is open to all interested persons, students and faculty members. Talks are given during each meeting by a member or a guest speaker on the practical use of the principles of the various branches of mathematics. Awards are given to members for presenting talks and seventy-five percent attendance. 145 HHHl Frank Allen—Fall Quarter, 1956 Forrest Lee Robinson—Winter Quarter, 1957 James Dunchuck—Spring Quarter, 1957 EDITORS - IN CHIEF THE TRI-ANGLE BUSINESS MANAGERS Ernest Peden—Fall Quarter, 1956 David Chase—Winter Quarter, 1957 Donald Deibert—Spring Quarter, 1957 THE TRI-ANGLE Frank Bridge, managing editor, in center, checks front page lay-out with Joseph Jelley, news editor, left, and Robert Altwies, assistant news editor, at right. Richard Folkerth, fraternity editor; James Schmitt, circu¬ lation manager; James Ar¬ nold, honoraries editor; and Whilston Taylor, organiza¬ tions assistant. John Rohn, Departmental Societies editor. Editor-in-chief James Dunchuck shows the latest Tri-Angle to Sonja Bridge, daugh¬ ter of managing editor Bridge, as staff members look on. Left to right: Joe Jelley, news editor; Dick Folkerth, fraternities; James Schmitt, circulation; Jim Arnold, honoraries; Whilston Taylor, organizations; Frank Bridge; and Bob Altwies, assist¬ ant news editor. Not pictured are Charles Peterson, organizations editor; and Paul Lemieux, sports editor. A v ; ' MODULUS STAFF tarry R. Stelling Faculty Advisor James Arnold, Business Manager Roland F. Harmon, Layout Editor John N. Hester, Copy Editor David Whitney, Editor-in-Chief Whilston D. Taylor Senior Picture Editor William Saunders Photo Editor Nancy A. Poe, Assistant General Campus Editor James Canty, Assistant Senior Picture Editor Leo Carroll, Assistant Business Manager Joseph Thaxton Assistant Photo Editor Verily I say unto you, " Marry not an engineer, " for an engineer is a strange being and is possessed of many evils. Yea, he speaketh eternally in parables which he calleth formulae and he hath but one Bible, a handbook. He thinketh only in terms of stresses and strains and without end of Thermodynamics. He showeth always a serious aspect and seemeth not to know how to smile. He picketh his seat in a car by the springs therein and not by the damsel thereby. Neither does he know a waterfall except by its horsepower, nor a sunset except by its candle- power, nor a damsel except by her live weight. Always he carrieth his books with him and he entertaineth his sweetheart with steam tables. He carrieth continually with him a strangely cali¬ brated stick which he calleth a slide rule and which he consulteth continually. Verily, though his sweetheart expecteth choco¬ lates when he calleth, she openeth the box but to discover samples of iron ore. Yea, he holdeth the hand of his damsel but to discover the friction thereof and he kisseth her but to test the viscosity of her lips. For there is a light in his eyes that is neither love nor longing but rather a vain attempt to recall some forgotten formula. There is but one key to his heart and that is Tau Sigma Eta, but one love letter for which he longeth and that is Pi. When his damsel writeth of love and signeth with crosses, he taketh these symbols not for kisses but rather for unknown quantities. Even as a boy he pulleth a damsel ' s hair but to test the elasticity thereof but as a man he dis¬ covered different devices. For he counteth the vibrations of her heart strings and seeketh ever to pursue his scientific investi¬ gations, even his heart flutterings she counteth as a calibration of beauty. He inscribeth his passion as a formula and his marriage as a simultaneous equation involving two unknowns and yielding diverse results. CAMPUS QUEEN Miss Joanne Hospodar, Tri-State College Campus Queen for 1956-57, was elected by the student body on popular ballot. Miss Hospodar was sponsored by the Phi Kappa fraternity. Her attendants, Mrs. Archie Milliken and Miss Rosemary Doll, were sponsored by The S.A.E. Student Branch and Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity respectively. The coronation took place at the Harvest Hop held at the college rec¬ reation hall on October 26, 1956. Below: The Queen and her attendants. Left to right: Mrs. Archie Milliken, Miss Joanne Hospo dar. Miss Rosemary Doll. Below: The queen contestants on parade . w E v Rp k ' JR IMiMi -WB I JSa Iff ' ' ■% JrSpBki ' r •j ' Bkyrv -jT fpslgPV SKhs . - wi jiff Blf » aB yy . Q.Ay kC U ' JBBjjm » TWr Ssw • kvC ML | A. 1 4 , A . m «| IB) ■ By mHQ . ■ ■» jjr v. ■ lag MJt? ®Sf IJwP BBflB B ABB • 1 .f • Jill 1 » jiHS ✓ £ CHILDRENS CHRISTMAS PARTY GRADUATION DECEMBER 13, 1956 President Wood congratulates Senior President Maurice Craig. From left to right: Dr. J. Glenn Radcliffe, Registrar; Roy Averill, President Alumni Association; Theodore T. Wood, President of the College; Dr. Joseph Williams, Vice- President in charge of academic affairs; Maurice Craig, President of the senior class. Dr. Joseph Williams, Commencement Speaker Congratulations we made it. ■ ■ EP - RALLY FALL 1956 Our Cheerleaders: John Wright, Mary Etta Grandys, Nancy Poe Fire and Brimstone Willie, Booster Club President, warms up the crowd. The Basketball squad Nancy and John demonstrate a yell |i- 1 JS| 1 AUViCOhM A SPRING FIELD TRIPS MECHANICAL DEPT n ' t --. Civil Society preparing to depart. SPRING FIELD TRIPS Aero Society trip to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 161 Construction on two new dormitories was started this year with the expectation of completion for use in the Fall of 1957. IfOBMATl raya ' s i L nir w % 0 A-■?’’ ' jLr ? ■ ' ' r scS ' .i - ’■ ; wM " ' ir r jftjP? ” ' ■’»• • « i - " 5rm-v " fcijNf • 3 . ' i: - ■• f W .. - ■ ■ " " " , ,- -m. ' P». | . f . 2 % L3 g. § ' . fg?- ■ • i C 4 : ' t - Queen Rosemary Doll and Senior Class President David Whitney. Prom Favor SENIOR PROM ! I CLASS JUNE DAY 1956 165 « I ' ' f GRADUATION JUNE 6, 1957 Arthur S. Genet, President of the Greyhound Corporation, commence¬ ment speaker, who received honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. Roy Averill, M.E. 1929, President of Alumni Association, David Whitney, Senior Class President, Dr. Theodore Wood, President of College. President Wood, Arthur S. Genet, commencement speaker, Walter F. Carey, Chairman, National Committee of American Trucking Associations, Inc., who received honorary degree, Doctor of Commercial Science, Dr. Joseph Williams, Vice-President in Charge of Academic David Whitney, President of Senior Class and Robert Affairs. Worthington leading the senior procession. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR " Doc " Mummert B. J. " Doc " Mummert has served as Di¬ rector of Athletics at Tri-State College since 1950, his duties include the direction of sports programs and coaching of some of the teams. He came to Tri-State from Nappanee where he served as coach for three years. Doc is also an Associate Professor in the department of Commerce. CHEERLEADERS Mary Etta, a Business Administration junior, came to Tri-State from Crown Point, Indiana; Nancy is an Aeronautical Engineering freshman from Shelbyville, Indiana; and John is a Radio Engineering junior from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Left to right: John Wright, Captain Mary Etta Grandys, Nancy Poe. BULGING BOILER The Bulging Boiler is the symbol of bas¬ ketball rivalry between Indiana Tech and Tri-State. The trophy has been in compe¬ tition since 1949. Tri-State has had pos¬ session of it four times during the eight years of its existence. The boiler remained in Fort Wayne this year after we lost a hard fought game in the closing minutes, 77-70. 169 BASKETBALL Sitting, Left to Right: Don Blair, Dick Gecowets, Herb Wittmer, Bob Lovejoy, Dick Lough, Don Collins. Standing, Left to Right: Paul Syzmanski, Brad Webb, Roger Klein, Bob Godette, Bernie Pfalzer, Bill Starner, Mgr. Bill Flemming. The 1956-57 edition of the Tri-State " Engineers " finished their season with five wins and fourteen losses against some of the better teams in this area. The two most thrilling games of this season was the 101 to 86 win over Ben¬ ton Harbor, Michigan, and the one- point win over a strong Detroit Tech team. The other three teams that went down in defeat were Giffin, Assump¬ tion, and Concordia colleges. Don Blair, a junior, was the spark plug of the team with a two-hand jump shot that gave him an average of 1 8.5 points per game. Brad Webb had the second highest average with 14.6 points per game and Dick Lough was third with 1 1.4 points per game. All members of the team showed plenty of fighting spirit, even though they couldn ' t win them all for their alma mater. i 170 BASEBALL First Row, left to right: Bollmer, Fraser, Whitman, Sandusky, Maderski, Whitmer. Second Row, left to right: Miller, Till, Garofolo, Butson, Henkel, Whittemore, Fleming. Our baseball team compiled a 2-3 rec¬ ord for the 1957 season. In the opening game we battered Indiana Tech by the score of 25-19. Heavy hitting and weak pitching were the main features of this game. The second and third games were against Defiance College. We were un¬ able to win one of these games but our pitching began to reach pre-season ex¬ pectations. Our last games of the season were a twi-night double-header at Huntington College. Brilliant pitching by Ray Fraser lead us to our second victory i n the opener. We dropped the nightcap and thus ended our season. 172 TENNIS Left to right: Robert Butler, Charles Thomas, Fred Knupp, Lloyd Henderson, Jerry Richards, Bill Zack, Albert McDowell, Coach. Tri-State ' s tennis team, coached by Al McDowell of the Chemical Department, playing against the weatherman and some of the top schools in this area in¬ cluding Western Michigan, Indiana Tech, and North Manchester have done very well this season even though the first two matches were cancelled be¬ cause of the weather. The team has three returning members consisting of Willie Taylor, Lloyd Hen¬ derson, and Charles Thomas. The four new members are Bill Zack, Fred Knupp, Bob Butler and Jerry Richards. Whilston Taylor, Captain 173 GOLF Left to right: Amos McKimson, Robert Whitten, Joe Regan, James Smith, and Raymond Porter, Coach. Members not present: William O ' Brien, Gordon Dewitte, and Richard Wallace. The Tri-State linksters won three of eight matches on their intercollegiate schedule this spring. Two wins were posted over Indiana Technical College and one over Albion College. Losses were to Notre Dame University, Kala¬ mazoo College, Hillsdale College, and two to Western Michigan University. This was the toughest schedule that a Tri-State golf squad has ever engaged in and all the team members played very well against all opposition. 174 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 176 SWEETHEART OF ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON KAROL SISSON 180 Left to Right: James DiSabato, Secretary; Allen Block, Treasurer; Richard Kennedy, President; Ronald Greenwood, Vice-President. ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON SUMMER 1956 WINTER 1957 President. Vice President. Secretary . T reasurer. .Earnest Heimlick ....George Mansfield .Dale Bush .Charles Norman President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. .Charles Norman .Richard Kennedy .Dale Bush .Allen Block President. Vice-President. Secretary . T reasurer. FALL 1956 ...Fernando Lacerda .Charles Norman .Dale Bush .Allen Block President.. Vice-President. Secretary . T reasurer. SPRING 1957 .....Richard Kennedy .Ronald Greenwood .James DiSabato .Allen Block Lambda Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon came into being May 8, 1949, when the members of Delta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Chi, a leading fraternity on the campus since the fall of 1927, decided that affiliation with a rapidly-growing national collegiate fraternity would give its members and alumni greater prestige and popularity. The growth of the chapter as well as that of the national organization has proved the soundness of the decision made by the chapter members. In addition to a well-rounded social calendar climaxed by our national convention in the spring of each year, Alpha Gamma Upsilon observes two special days. Found¬ ers ' Day is celebrated each year on October 10 to com¬ memorate the founding of our fraternity on that date in 1 922 and to honor our founders. Omega Day is observed each year on the Sunday nearest to February 1, and is dedicated to the memory of our brothers who have passed away. The keynote of the aims of Alpha Gamma Upsilon is brotherhood. We believe that only by applying this basic principle of Christianity can the members of a fraternity live and work together in harmony and build lasting friendships. To become a true fraternity man is the goal each member is constantly striving to reach. By selecting as members only those whom we believe possess the qualities essential for becoming such fraternity men, we hope to secure even greater success for Alpha Gamma Upsilon in the coming years. 181 d 0 Mrs. Lena Humphries Housemother Ramsey Jackson John Bateson Allen Block Dale Bush Ike Butson Marty Cima Clayton Dipert James Disabato John Dugnani Jerry Dyben Phil Edwards Richard Leatherman Victor Julien . Ronald Greenwood Art Kavie Richard Kennedy Fernando Lacerda George Mansfield Tom McCartney Charles Norman Vince Sognelli Donald Swanson Steve White o a 182 - 1 1 i ' - ' k w ■ PI . . . t i » .MhHKSa 1 At • v, 1 a L 4 • S WEETHEART OF ALPHA SIGMA PHI ROSEMARY DOLL l Left to Right: Jim Arnold, Vice-President; Tom Madden, President; Paul J. Lemieux, Treasurer; Ed Showerman, Secretary ALPHA SIGMA PHI BETA OMICRON CHAPTER SUMMER QUARTER 56 President, Frank L. Allen; Vice-President, James A. Mol- ler; Treasurer, Lee Robinson; Secretary, Ernest Peden. WINTER QUARTER 57 President, Lee Robinson; Vice-President, Tom A. Mad ' den; Treasurer, James D. Arnold; Secretary, William E McKinley. FALL QUARTER 56 President, James A. Moller; Vice-President, Douglas Stockham; Treasurer, Tom A. Madden; Secretary, James D. Arnold. SPRNG QUARTER 57 President, Tom A. Madden; Vice-President, James D. Arnold; Treasurer, Paul J. Lemieux; Secretary, Ed Show¬ erman. Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845 and is the tenth oldest national social fraternity. It is one of the larger fraternities and is a charter member of the National Interfraternity Conference. The Beta Omicron Chapter dates back to 1925 when it was known as the Phi Lambda Tau Fraternity. Four years later, Phi Lambda Tau merged with Alpha Delta Alpha, a national fraternity. In 1935, Alpha Delta Alpha dis¬ banded but through the efforts of its local members, a chapter of Alpha Kappi Pi, another national fraternity, was obtained. Eleven years of prosperity passed before Alpha Kappa Pi decided to merge with another great fraternity to form Alpha Sigma Phi. On September 6, 1956, the local chapter became the Beta Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi stands for charity, cu lture, loyalty, and perpetual friendship. Its members face a future made brighter by the flame of the personal relationships kindled in the walls of Alpha Sigma Phi. 187 Frank Allen James Arnold John Beck Donald Blair Robert Burhans Wayne Champion Ralph Christiansen Donald Collins Rod Delcamp Donald Deibert Harvey Dillon Robert Foote Harold Gibson Gordon Hall Roland Harmon Marcus Haynes I f »% fy w ■ • ». V Paul Horton Jerry Jones John Klee James Lebo Paul Lemieux Manas Limpaphayom Ted Lind Thomas Madden 188 - Kenneth Malewitz Arthur Matusiak John Maxel William McKinley William Meloche Edmund Middel Winfield Miller Jack Morrow Joseph Nemchik William O ' Brien Richard Parker Ernest Peden Fred Phillip Eugene Pozsgai Theodore Pyles James Rinker Forrest Robinson Robert Root Douglas Stockham Edward Showerman Richard Sault John Wright Gordon Wyllie Jack Zang 189 W ,1 1 a r a. is ■ ■ ; P® k m i . U Lj i c fi.„„iJ - i i " IS r f| Mh 1 f ’ .f 1, 4 I flj » ' ri L ± fpT f I J SWEETHEART OF BETA PHI THETA MISS NANCY GRIFFITH 194 Left to Right: Jerry Kannel, Frank Lewandowski, Brian Chase, Bert Hedlund. OFFICERS SUMMER 1956 —President, Paul Seeney; Vice-President, Marshal Degraw; Secretary, Brian Chase; Treasurer, Bob Carlson. FALL 1956 —President, Dick Brophy; Vice-President, Jesse Sandoval; Secretary, Art Henkel; Treasurer, Frank Lewandowski. Beta Phi Theta was founded at the Milwaukee State Teachers College in November, 1917. The first social fraternity at the College, it flourished purely as a social organization in its first few years. In 1932, plans were made for expansion, and when the first national convention was held in June, 1942, three chapters responded to the roll call. Since that time, other strong local fraternities from other institutions have become affiliated with Beta Phi Theta. The history of Delta Chapter, the Tri-State College Chapter of Beta Phi Theta, dates back to 1922, when a group of young men banded together as " The Four-Eleven Gang, " their sole purpose being the promotion of good fellowship. So successful was the organ¬ ization that it was decided to expand to afford other students the opportunity of enjoying this relationship. At this time, Lambda Phi Epsilon was formed. The mem¬ bership of this fraternity grew, and recogniz¬ WINTER 1957 —President, Frank Lewandowski; Vice- President Bert Hedlund; Secretary, Jerry Kannel; Treas¬ urer, Brian Chase. SPRING 1957 —President, Bert Bennet; Vice-President, Dick Johnson; Secretary, Gene Hanselman; Treasurer, Jack Mahoney. ing one of the great needs of the college students, opened the first fraternity house at Tri-State College in 1925. Four years later, when the college recognized fraternities, the members of Lambda Phi Epsilon realized the advantage of national membership and be¬ came the Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta. Delta chapter now in its twenty-eighth year at Tri-State, has never lost sight of the ideals of its founders. Those chosen for brotherhood are men with courage, initiative and fortitude. This policy of selection has insured lasting life and leadership for the fraternity and has made Beta Phi Theta one of the outstanding organizations on the campus. Scholastically, morally, physically, and socially, the members of Delta Chapter are pledged to contribute their best, and will in the future, be more than proud to share the progress of the college, the fraternal body, and their fellow students. 195 Bill Anderson Bob Bohr Bob Bornt Chuck Corl Bob Carlson Jim Doyle John Ginther Bob Grimes Gene Hanselman Dick Griffis Art Henkel Ray lonni Dick Johnson Jerry Kannel Bob Knupp Frank Lewandowski Warren Luckie Jack Mahoney Keith McGovern Carl Moren Willard Anderson 196 George Nicholson Bill Peterson Frank Racy Chipper ALPHA DELTA GAMMA Front Row: Liz Griffis, Marilyn Moren, Carrol Nicholson, Nancy Hedlund. Bock Row: Kathy Hedlund, Mariam Johnson, Esther Bab¬ cock, Louise Cantwell. Alpha Delta Gamma, the wives group of Beta Phi Theta fraternity, was formed in February of 1955. This group was formed primarily to bring the wives closer to the fraternity. They undertook various projects towards the im¬ provement of the fraternity house. This group meets on Wednesdays twice a month. There is a short business meeting followed by a social and refreshments. The wives enjoy the meeting because it gives them an opportunity to become better acquainted. - First Row, left to right: Marjorie Ross, Estelle Canty, Thelma Jones, Barbara O ' Connell, Betty Tromley, Peggy O ' Husky, Jeanie Harmon, Helen Bergquist. Second Row, left to right: Jeanne Keeler, Tina Brock, Doris Parsons, Marjorie Halla- well, Marian Whitney, Dottie Donigan, Louise Cantwell, Helen Ann Mulvey, Barbara Reynolds. Third Row, left to right: Delores Pavel, Betty Regan, Nellie Mitzman, Rosie Kahlenbeck, Margaret Voyt. INTER-FRATERNITY WIVES JUNE-DECEMBER 1956 President.Kathie Hedlund Vice-Presidents.Lorraine Wilkining, Helen Bergquist Secretary.Betty Regan Treasurer.Mildred Stevens LIST OF OFFICERS DECEMBER 1956 - JUNE 1957 President.Jeanie Harmon Vice-President.Betty Regan Secretary.Marian Whitney Treasurer.Helen Bergquist Inter-Fraternity Wives was organized to create better fellow¬ ship among the Fraternities wives and to acquaint them with each other. All wives of Fraternity men who are active, inactive, alumni, or honorary members of a Fraternity on Tri-State College Campus are eligible. The organization meets once a month at the different fraternity houses, and it is mostly a social organization. 199 SWEETHEART OF BETA SIGMA TAU IRENE i HIRK ALA 200 Whilston Taylor President Steve Hirkala 1st Vice President John Hester 2nd Vice President Joseph Cebula Recording Secretary David Villard T reasurer Robert Parsons Corresponding Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR THE SPRING QUARTER 1957 SUMMER QUARTER ' 56 President.John Marcinek First Vice-President.Arch Jones Second Vice-President.Richard Wittman Recording Secretary..Royce Mullen Treasurer.John Marcinek Corresponding Secretary.Donald Ditmarson FALL QUARTER ' 56 President...Arch Jones First Vice-President....Dave Whitney Second Vice-President..Royce Mullen Recording Secretary.Richard Wittman Treasurer.Dave Troxell Corresponding Secretary...Val Cimera 1ft WINTER QUARTER ' 57 President..Jerry Jewell First Vice-President.Richard Roush Second Vice-President.Richard Wittman Recording Secretary.Frank Scopetti Treasurer.-.Paul Kahlenbeck Corresponding Secretary.Joseph Cristina BETA SIGMA TAU Equality, Understanding, Unity ItT SiftM 0 ■IT SiOW t U Beta Sigma Tau was founded in May, 1948, at Chicago. The first convention consisted of seventy-five delegates from eleven colleges. At this convention a constitution based on equality, unity, and understanding was adopted. The Tri-State chapter of Beta Sigma Tau had its beginning on October 13, 1950, when Theta Mu Phi fraternity, founded at Tri-State in 1938, affiliated with the national organi¬ zation of Beta Sigma Tau. Beta Sigma Tau is unique among fraternal organizations, its membership is not restricted because of race, creed or religion. The organization maintains that prejudice is based on ignorance, and hence undesirable on a college level. Donald Ditmarson George Gecowets James Gosztola Arch Jones Gerald Jewell Paul Kahlenbeck Oh Sung Kwon James Leach Kenneth Miller Ronald Moncada I 202 Frank Scopetti Richard Siemiatkowski John Stackhouse William Starner George Stump Joseph Thaxton Ronald Titsworth Dale Troxell Edmund Weilhoefer David Whitney Bruce Wideman Richard Wittman Choi Keun Yu 203 I BETA BEES Standing, left to right: Mrs. R. Wittman, Mrs. M. Mitzman, Mrs. J. Leach, Mrs. F. Scopetti, Mrs. D. Ditmarson, Mrs. C. Hallawell, Mrs. D. Whitney, Mrs. F. Gasztola, Mrs. S. Hercula, Mrs. J. Canty, Mrs. G. Gecowets, Mrs. W. Roush, Mrs. P. Kahlenbeck, Mrs. J. Hester. Seated, left to right: Mrs. R. Parsons, Mrs. R. Fisher, Mrs. C. Libove, Mrs. D. Currier, Mrs. J. O ' Connell, Mrs. J. Cebula, Mrs. A. Jones, Mrs. R. Mullen. If the guiding force behind a great man is a woman, then we of Beta Sigma Tau are fortunate to be inspired by the ef¬ forts of the Beta Bees. This organiza¬ tion composed of wives of Fraternity members not only supplment numerous activities of Beta Sigma Tau, but be¬ lieve and live up to the aims and ideals of Beta Sigma Tau. We the members of Beta Sigma Tau Fraternity are proud of our Beta Bees and wish them contin¬ ued success in their organizational and individual pursuits. I 204 lit A t U SWEETHEART OF KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA MISS ANN MILLER 208 Left to Right: Fred Lelvis, Richard Coons, James Schmitt and Charles Dowd. KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA SUMMER 1956 President...Manyard Ealing Vice-President.Robert Durgin Secretary.Ronald Lewis Treasurer.James Fruit WINTER 1957 President.Lloyd Gardner Vice-President.James Dunchuck Secretary.Donald Voegelli Treasurer...James Schmitt Indiana Gamma Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa, international social fraternity, took its place among the campus fraternities on March 17, 1952. While new in name, the fraternity has proved its worth as one of the older organizations on the campus. Kappa Sigma Kappa was founded at Vir¬ ginia Military Institute in 1867. For many FALL 1956 President.. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. .John Johnson .Thomas Judson .Lloyd Gardner .James Schmitt SPRING 1957 President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. .James Schmitt .Richard Coons .Charles Dowd .Fred Lelvis years following the Civil War, new chapters were installed, mainly in southern colleges, but since 1935, a chapter has been installed in nearly every state, as well as in several foreign countries. Today, Kappa Sigma Kappa has more than sixty active chapters. 209 210 Jack Woods 21 1 Ronald Webster Robert Baker JENNIES COUNTRY Kappa Sigma Kappa ' y IHS »« . 1 , $SR %9MWZ% sMMkB ml f r I 1 Swa p qj fy )—( jjsggj 1 !•; 4 dr W y tr 5 10m ■ ISplf 1 l " ‘ % |H |||pf|- PHI KAPPA ALPHA GAMMA COLONY Alpha Gamma Colony of Phi Kappa, at Tri-State College, is the result of earnest efforts on the part of the members of the organization once known as Alpha Gamma Omega. In May, 1943, a charter was sought from Phi Kappa National Catholic Fraternity, and on January 24, 1944, the Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity became the twenty-seventh chapter of Phi Kappa fraternity. Among the many achievements of the chap¬ ter in Phi Kappa have been endeavors to maintain the high scholastic standards set by predecessors, as well as participation in all interfraternity activities. The main purpose of the group of the Tri-State campus is to aid each member in bettering his efforts in learning; the development of a sense of responsibility and loyalty; the instilling of a fervent desire to contemplate creatively and to act constructively for the advancement of the organization in spiritual, academic and social matters. Phi Kappo is proud of its accomplishments, and the members ar confident their ideals of fraternalism and religion will carry them to ultimate success in their undertakings. SUMMER 1956 WINTER 1957 President. Vice-President. Secretary. T reasurer. FALL 1956 President. Vice-President . Secretary. T reasurer. SPRING 1957 .Paul Garofolo .Dennie Talbott .Leo Carroll ...Jerry Graumann President. Vice-President. Secretary. Treasurer . ...Jerry Graumann President. Vice-Preside nt. Secretary. Treasurer. .Dennie Talbott .Leo Carroll .Ned Woolford 214 Father Christophere Godfrey Ahloy Robert Altwies William Beggs William Bournuignon Leo Carroll Frank Collins John DeLuca Robert Dullea John Fennis Raymond Gallagher Paul Garofolo Kenneth Getchell Jerry Graumann Thomas Hipskind Williom Hyland 215 Richard Jankowski William Kaminsky Robert Keefer James Kurapka Philip Lange Ralph Milson Leo Maloney Frank Moltz Joseph O ' Brien John O ' Husky Raymond Regan John Shmalz Carl Stahl Gregor Wilkinson Dennis Talbott Ned Woolford 216 WMmmm 1 ■- 1 ••• -pp m i Pi I rf 1 ■ m ' r m ' § : f Ill First Row, left to right: Marty Cima, Vince Sagnelli, Gerald Grawmonn, Gene Hanselman, George Stump. Second Row, left to right: James Dunchuck, Bob Altweis, Bill Damian, Glenn Gaster, John Wright, Tom Trowley, Bruce Wideman, Robert Baker, Carl Shakley, Fred Wilder. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council is the fra¬ ternity man ' s Congress, serving to unite the mutual interests of member frater¬ nities and to promote better and closer relationships within the faculty, stu¬ dent body, and fraternities. Two representatives from each frater¬ nity recognized by the college are au¬ thorized to attend meetings each week to plan and direct fraternity activities on the campus. Operating with the full cooperation of the faculty, the council plans social and athletic activities for the student body. Fraternity represen¬ tatives, acting with the guidance and on suggestions of their fraternities, ex¬ ercise initiative and leadership in sup¬ ervising the affairs of the council. The Inter-Fraternity Council has grown to be one of the most effective organi¬ zations on the campus, through the action of well-qualified fraternity rep¬ resentatives. SWEETHEART OF SIGMA MU SIGMA JANET MERCER 219 SPRING TERM Fred Wilder Vice-President Carl Brock President Rollie Unzueta Jr. Vice-President SIGMA MU SIGMA FALL TERM Martin Tauman Vice-President Roger Stevens President William Marino Jr. Vice-President 220 SIGMA MU SIGMA Leland Ax Roy Bodie Carl Brock Norman Damlos The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity was founded at Tri-State College on March 25th, 1921, by three Master Masons. This organization was the first fraternity on the college cam¬ pus, and has the distinction of being the oldest recognized fraternal organi¬ zation at Tri-State. The Union of Square and Compass with Sigma Mu Sigma was consumated in Angola, Indiana, on August 3rd, 1952. The fraternity now has nine active chapters throughout the country. Brothers of Sigma Mu Sigma are proud of its history and achievements in the scholastic and social phases, and are continually striving to surpass the goals set by previous memberships. The fra¬ ternity ' s earnest desire is to develop men capable of taking their places in the world with confidence in their abil¬ ity to meet and associate with other men. Toward this end, the men of Sigma Mu Sigma will continue to strive. Jack Edwards Glenn Gaster Shelby Hamilton Cecil Hauber 221 Arthur Hockey Harold Hoolihan Dick Lilley Bill Marino Howard Hoolihan Ed Hugus George Marks Bob McKenzie Welty Hugus Willard Kassler Jim Marihugh Dick Miller Clint Keeler Don Loew Don Phaneuf Ed Power 222 Robert Ramsey Joe Ross Tom Tromley Rollie Unzueta Dick Schuelke Alan Selin Ernie Vance Bruce Vaughan Clyde Shaw Ben Sheffler Joe Vossen Fred Wilder Floyd Sutton Marty Tauman Wes Wilson Ron Else 223 HH Left to Right, Top Row: Mrs. Mary Power, Mrs. Marge Ross, Mrs. Kathy Sutton, Mrs. Betty Tromley. Left to Right, Bottom Row: Mrs. lone Wilson, Mrs. Tina Brock, Mrs. Jean Keeler, Mrs. Barbara Hayes. Members Not Shown: Mrs. Mildred Stevens, Mrs. Marlene Vaughan. SIGMA SU ' S The Sigma Su ' s Club is made up of wives of members of Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity. The purpose of the Sigma Su ' s is to promote closer relationships between the fraternity and the wives organization. The Sigma Su ' s also aid the fraternity in projects within the " house. " The Su ' s meet in the living- room of the Fraternity House every sec¬ ond Wednesday. The Sigma Su ' s were first organized some years ago but the organization dwindled out and was later re-activated in January 1954. The only elected offi¬ cer is a secretary, elected each quarter, who keeps minutes, directs meetings and also collects and accounts for money. VA 1 4 4 If Iff jj j |j a • I ■ i ii I f i - : i rsp J 1 i 1 . ! J SWEETHEART OF SIGMA PHI DELTA NANCY ROWLEY SIGMA PHI DELTA A SIGMA PHI DELT IN EVERYTHING, AND EVERY SIGMA PHI DELT IN SOMETHING” Above stands a motto, which all " Phi Delts " strive towards, remembering also that " Sigma Phi Delta is every- thing and every Sigma Phi Delt is some¬ thing. Presented here within this enshrined portion of this Modulus are some of the Brothers of Kappa Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta. Popularly known on campus as the " Engineering Fraternity, " Kappa Chapter was founded on the Tri-State Campus May 25, 1947, when our founder, Professor LeRoy C. Horpedahl, a former " Phi Delt, " saw need for an engineering fraternity at Tri-State. Pro¬ fessor Lyle D. Olleson became the first chief engineer and hence Kappa Chap¬ ter was formed. A visit to our castle will show proof that the Brothers have kept the motto ' s in mind at all times, and fully carried them out. Sigma Phi Delta is one of the three offi¬ cial engineering fraternities of the Pro¬ fessional Inter-Fraternity Conference. The membership being international truly increased the Brotherhood of all engineers. SUMMER 1956 Chief Engineer, Charles Peterson; Assistant Chief Engi¬ neer, Joseph Lushnia; Secretary, Richard Hudson; Treas¬ urer, Robert Bergquist. FALL 1956 Chief Engineer, Charles Peterson; Assistant Chief Engi¬ neer, Edwin Gernant; Secretary, Richard Hudson; Treas¬ urer, Robert Bergquist. i i WINTER 1957 Chief Engineer, Emmanuel Englesson; Assistant Chief En¬ gineer, Kenneth McCandless; Secretary, Gerald Kloock; Treasurer, Elton Kavanagh. Emmanuel Englesson Chief Engineer Carl Shakley Assistant Chief Engineer Gerald Kloock, Secretary Elton Kavanagh, Treasurer 228 Virgil Areaux Kreig King James Axmacher John Babcock Chris Bentz ’Robert Bergquist Joseph Bonino William Bradley John Broadhead Robert Chapman Ronald Clark Donald Davis Members Not Pictured: George Row- ley, Larry Johnson, and Bud Vorberg. George Englesson Edwin Gernant Richard Hudson 229 Robert Hofford Jack Hughes Kenneth Leffler Delmar Luce Richard Mohler John Nagi Glenn E. Robe John Rohn Walter Jarecki Kenneth Kuhn Kenneth McCandless Wiley Miller Charles Peterson Joseph Piersimoni Alvin Rutledge 230 David Shaw Harley Weiss Donald Stevens Gordon Strom Donald Yoneji William Thomas Samuel Bowman THE PHI BELLES First Row, left to right: Mrs. Rowley, Mrs. Johnson, Peggy Ritter. Second Row, left to right: Mrs. Areaux, Mrs. Bergquist, Mrs. Gernant, Mrs. Weiss. 231 ng s Wt IS-. • w F- 1 • 1 JP 1 iP j ■i j . -

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