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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1954 volume:

if xH T' L4 -X04 fx 61 X lf, VEBOR X W J Ya , ,, vi -ff- '31 ,. . 'w55'T"' S ,Q ff! 'f' ', 3 r ,, - f 1 ! 'A ff? 1 fi - 5 - L "f K "R'l,u,K."l V if .4 F'- fL,nm. r ji' I 5 A1-:.Q'. xg., gbfwgl fx Nj 518:54 ' r s,fYX'xf5gk 3 ' .L fm Mt'f'.ijf fx ,lt N1 ,'.19 QXQ x 'Y 5 R F Q Q ix V is!! f, Huh ' , 1 " 'lk i., N .,gAx5:l'-ga,,'.tWQ K Q M15 3" H, .R ESQ 1, - :wifi ,Q W 15.1 .,"": 1 Y ffrlxnkw ' , fifiqf'-f-5 EQSPQSK' ' 'vw' ' " 1 wr X L3 Q ral? 535, av ff Z Q 4 5 - 'A ,.,' ,GQ N ' ,,AA ,.A 1,"'fgZEw P. . N 4 'Q VWQYQ Yr If 'fi' skit. 'fm , Q' yy' bf 'N' gy- xii, Y jim, Jo!z.Qw,o!wl, The present is ouly the past entered through a different gate. With pelz and picture, the editors of the Modulus have endeavored to portray Tri-State College so that when rem- iniscing through its pages, you will he urzalziug the past ever- present. With the rest of the editors of the 1954 Modulus, I should like to express my gratitude to all those who contri- huted to this record and who cooperated with us. ,aj Qaoydmgef Editor-in-Chief XT 2' Q EWS ' 5 gl fx x an-lniggnnnv s nfl' ',,,, X, 4 15,67 N ., 5 ' ., vdfqfhzxucl X ,df is nf"""g'sL ' f A "Nr A W X by Q, 5 ' E ,K Q V1 K yi-:A paid-sl V, - 4 7,4 -4 ,,,...-v- N . ,-L 'S I 3-"' - I R .1 , . yaqgr, H: ,YQ -S NW Y X Ja., gr. sg.-. if E ,... gx 5 . Ii If 1 L"'N,f V' f. Y? fgg, ,. 'kia' .:'ff. - ,1.f,. . , ' bww? .-.. -Tm ,gh X4 ""-. A Y " ' if H' f , ,-Mfiypfw-Y, , 1 .,, -...V .., ,LVJ ' 5 f. JM 6' Z We ' We have no right or reason to Expect a perfect life Bat we must undergo our share of struggle and of strife We eaizizot look for everything To work out quite all right With Sunshine in the sky all day And silver star at night But sometimes we must have a tear A sorrow or regret Or some uizfortimate affair We wish zve could forget And so the hest that we eaiz do Is try to he prepared For any disappoiiztmelzt or Distress that mast he shared To go along from day to day With Courage at our side And take whatever happens iii Our ordinary stride. 609, Qndllcafxz, Uwe, Wiodadua, jn- 1886 MARSHALL D. WILLENNAR 1953 A '1'v:u'l1v1' 13111111 19118 to 111513 Tbis book is ileilicateil to Marsball D. Vyillennar wbo was employed in tbe Department of Matbematics anil Science at Tri-State College from january, 1942 to january, 1953 wben be was granteil a leave of absence because of ill bealtb. He failed to regain bis bealtb anrl rlepartea' tbis life April 26, 1953. Mr. Wfillennar was a a'ez'oteil and loyal teaeberg ileroteit to tbe pro- fession and loyal to all witb wbom be came in contact. He was never too busy to lenil an attentive ear to one of bis stu- rlents wbo migbt be experiencing some c1,lj7'lC'illf-ji witb bis stualies. His own personal welfare ana' bealtb were secondary to bis loyalty to bis associates and tbe stua'ent boalyg manifesting a continued interest in tbe progress of bis students up to tbe point of bis a'eparture from tbis ter- restrial spbere. Mr. XVillennar statea' on more tban one occasion tbat students wbo receiuea' failing grailes in bis classes bail not failed, but be, tbeir teacber, bad failea' in tbat be baa' not properly taugbt tbe subject matter. Being a great lover of flowers ana' a gardener of no mean ability, it is certain be would, even tbougb in tbe stillness of aleatb, say tbanks for bouquets ana' complimentsg but eulogies are useless words. Sujfice it to say be was A Gooa' Man, A Gentleman, A Scbolar, ana' A Great Teacber. Tbose of you wbo may bazfe bail tbe opportunity of studying una'er bim sboulil consiiler it to bare been a rare privilege inileerl. ii 7141.2 '-- iffif' ' L 545.3-1 -'--3 '34 lv' - -T - iii 4- 1 in f-3l:'H""Lf: 1 'Ti : i 1--if-. T -f' fi--.--2.21 - M- in .1 .JT -4 ' - "f?L- !fgi- -A1 --- 5 ff?-T TQFIZ.-i -- T.-. -'T - -f"1: - " " -.-' '- iil- -- -- -' - f- - ---11iii5Qgiiiifii-Qi19iE -ii-15' ::..--.T.-. .4.:E?25.E:- 2-'iw-,,.gil' - T. 5- 532:12-F1 -27 .-Q -V 'W---ggqjggee L 5i.3g: E111-Sai?-' 522.-zf21:3fli'lf-1 ...Tse-'1",z.-LL-- .. 5Ta5?ig?sgiE1iF?-g Q gi-??jEi?5E' Q' -- 'iiigisgfiffig?3E?5?i2aL. ti-???1 1E5 ?:T+i?- 2:4 '1- A' ev' Tfifffl xlif - Z:-2I'J:':i 1.. iiify- - f? E-EifJL--4?1': 2 5 Z 3. ' '- . - --:-:-- V -.. '-if . 2:5-i1.+.f -2 'ifflu2-Ef-ieflfizaaasgig-if ' - ? 4 f- 5 Viv--' . - -ff---+ - Eliif-2251-fe-.-1fi:g- - ---S zff.f-I-21:-s -is-TL 1-- ' " f -L-3--7 -1- -.-. 'f- jfii -1. -'WT.i" :5 Eiiff-'9?3g'r":"'T -H 9 -5- Q A T .. - 7-- .. ..?"l--lf-1"-,....i.. U .Q " fr, 'S e- '5' -.- -- jj ' T 'T7' 35+'-Eiflt-' r-.T-. '5 5 - '--LTQ 2 L u'TT' ' Eff'--ae?3-".ii' L iii: 5 iii .. -. '3'-n"':-1-LT?:Al3'?' .Zfjii T W 7 " 7' 7 4.7: . ""'t"'?W-l :Q F- --1.?iil1i F iff' 2155 'i' '. - 5 itil 'TY'-'if 'i' -iii- 'Q f ' . ' -. Y--i . :El 2 L . . ll I' 1 ' zslsieo r ----- ' igfi , ," '1 E ' - 1 ' l, I ' .?4Li'.i'li-'-.. .tT3 Ei-I 'LTf-:,'.?i'5i ' ., - ' T 5 . , ----- E -g i n is 1 1 '--- F - " '-"'-" ,f,",n.1' 5 ie ,. , - -T -5-E. K- -rfik -55 I li --, i. -A ' 3, i 'ii' 1 1 f. '. 1 lull' l Llkltl E . 4: -.-:Y . - T- '- -- 1':BrAQ69f3g.fw-2r4f'-YT-HanI,-'j.-mas.. .L. . ' Eifiyfe 1. el. ' '-' ' --- - - .f -.- , "NT-1:'?'?" -pg:-xy' ,, f ,. .-0 ' :- ,' "Nfl - in ' I- -1: -w f f 4' . if 'Q mag.:--'-. 1, " M I ll- lil? 1 HBE 'P f -5 - - 4 ri A -v r f wif -easvvauf 4- . -1- .-14-1. Q' -' .ai , .f 5 L-all Q- e ' . 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I ,,'-,L - wflrfaw-ff' Mffimff-Afpf':Jf'f-.0 rwflfi' --14: .. ' .w .......w+r-sr.f.-::-f..f- ww.. .,'.ffff?Ja.fafzf'4'... ' 'Q' -5. f f.,.zMZf 114 -3 .ap af' 1. . 240'-Y'?'f Www: i,,f"afW3:1 A-fiiffnfhli, .gn gif--,f,,fX-.g?CiEU, K, , uf . ',. .-'gh-'z1H,!f.J-,t',,V' ' ,,f,,,,jZ,, I f 1 Q I lg - " ,lelfgymj .I my , If I - 5,.Q54eg , :ff .zz 'iaizaf ' if +I -.fx-Qr .f -1e,5+1- '- x :ff-Least i.. 4 5' i f -ff W:,.yi+fx.,'i.',.' Hb.,'fm14fH13 Q.1U'!i1'Qlliw4XY.1-l'1f'1'bfi' f 5E'J-'if'-K, K, , ,ge-PY 9-2,544?'y'1 . t"f'59 :lv Q, f- sf-" -L, -G lick , ,:- " ' 4:--.I-555, ','y I1-- 3, 'A-,',-"--".g ',-QAM' ',n ,I ' -'- - - ,IH 3 ', IQ. f.'.,,l' ' "V - 5. QZ'4'1-" K ' ,1j.,1,.'!'Q-6 . B, 'A , ykgg!-f.5:'l..ffig-fkifqff 1' -fwfif " ....-ff: "esavff'4ff. '. 215530:-2..u.:Tf.. "im -v7f ..i..4il'..f4'2w...'E4fti15' H t? ff -Fav" ""' ' ? ,, -5.-. fl5""" "" MEHDRY HALL. COMMERCIAL AND PEN ARI HALL MAIN BUILDING Music HALL. Pmisloturs Rtslozncf. Photographic View of the Tri-State Normal College Buildings, Angola, Indiana, THE INVISIBLE TRI-STATE Whether your memory reaches back to the first day, June 17, 1884, of the first term of Tri-State, or whether you had your baptism of inspiration in the gay 90's or the atomic 50's, we shall Hnd that the school has been from the very first down to the present moment, a fountain of life-giving education and inspiration to every serious minded student who has entered her gates. The history of Tri-State cannot be told without going back to its visible begin- ning. Angola itself and many people from many parts of the country contributed to this beginning. It is to these trail-blazers more than to any other to whom credit is due for establishing the college for the youth of old Steuben. These pioneers worked with untiring zeal and courage. No discouragement stopped them. There had to be money but the greatest problem of all was where they would find a Moses to lead them to the Promised Land. The Hrst call went to L. M. Sniff, Head of Department of Mathematics at Ohio Northern University. He declined the offer. C. E. Kircher was hired as principal but left after a few months. It was at this time that the citizens of Angola gave the second call to L. M. Sniff. When he came to look over the proposition he faced six and a half acres of campus, most of it in a state of wilderness, the enormous equipment of a globe and a few blocks, a debt of 332000, 35 students without faith and money-more lack of faith than money-but in the midst of it all an opportunity to try out his ideals in education. Later in life when he and his partners were asked why they had not ac- cepted the positions and honors which involved large sums of money that had been of- fered them he said: "We have been solving a problem in education and have been so deeply absorbed in that solution that we have forgotten all else. The problem is this -Prove by actual facts that a brave and strong young man or woman can get a respectable education equal to six years of conventional college work in one hundred fifty weeks at an expense within reach of the poor. Whom we invite-We invite those who are hungry for education but may be badly behind. You may have felt that the world had condenmed you as poor in material because you are not a high school gradu- ate or because you have delayed the making-up. It is yet to be proven that a young man must be made up by the time he is 20 or 25, or that he is poor cloth, shoddy, be- cause he is not a high school graduate. It is much better for material to be shrunk be- fore it is made up. Then you can and you will plow a clean, straight and well-turned furrow through your college career. The authorities by precept and example try to help young people to discover themselves, so they can enter the world conscious of their powers and in control of them-a foundation upon which to build a career. 55 K as 1, l f ,, . ' ,V , :gi 5 W' 7 r 4' 'bf r ' Q4 i. t , f ,ff A X? I 1 I 6 -fag ' I- 2 - 4 . ' ,. . , ,yew I gy any vt L W , ,L Q5 1 ' - 4. 4 L. tj ,V 4. , A New Student Admission Procedure Nowhere have the spirit and ideas been better expressed. These were the dreams and ideals of the founders. They have been and are the ideals of the men who have car- ried on to the present. The waters of yesterday will never turn the wheels of today. There must be changes. It is one thing to build a fine institution but quite another task to keep it on a firm foundation and at the same time go on expanding. Every institution must be forward and outward looking. The changes at the college reflect this attitude. From the founding the college has had a school of Commerce and an engineering school known first as a scientihc course. Vitally connected with the educational work of the college, in its Hrst quarter, He buys his books -goes to class I A Vpp, tlis,, .,rsr,r, y rr.ppA yiyi ii? at M if 2 rs Y f 0 J 14. Vg., ..t .1 Sfmt , - fx. 1 ' .aww 2 QE ss ug Sm A' .gvsxfx PK s fs lQXx X N x . s f. arg i i Q WWQ X QQQXQX X Q , ,, t.-.N-s'fs'fs4s. axswm xy A 5., X, H, x,,o,w.y.v,5. .x i9jY,,,.9,g:,t gf. ,,,. .i - f-V-as A 1-1. sb ' JH . Q TF 'P hex 'X ,We ,Asia Svc N-:ss X Max-'v.--iv my YS N KS 4 X V X QQSXV ,veg Q QQN 2 QNX ax Qsxxc ws A X ff s Q x XLQSX KW 'E w'm"AWWQ?X?'- vavv -aK6Q'3Sk'!xWk2'5AE?vSE?f':T.f?..s? , f Q . 9 ,,hf X . , , A x ' Y' ff Q.: as a f i He reads in the library -participates in sports were organized two literary societies, The Philomathean and Crescent. These societies were succeeded by the engineering Societies and the Commerce Club. Along with this change was the development of College Clubs, which later were taken over by the National Collegiate Fraternities. The interest in Ahtletics has fluctuated through the years. At one time it was baseball, again tennis and then basketball. It is not necessary to say that at present athletics is considered a vital part of student life. Those of you have gone through the buildings are familiar with the physical aspects of the school-quite a long way from the six acre lot, a clump of trees and a globe of 70 years ago. Tri-State has its external in the way of grounds, buildings, equipment and He joins a fraternity -eats at the cafeteria s lax V 'Vw X t, "' 16" QIKQ1-,y ,. V Q . sc.:-vc fa- ww ' Q , , , ,, , ma- Ma, f' ANPT' wa! f few if mm' -V - sl- 051' Q aa- f: -' Jawa: f u . t f '.fe'.sz, f ve " 1 f ' 4f4:cf:faz,.'f we J A" - - LVL, 1- ' :1f32f' :. ' at fa Ava' .,ffgff 'r" g5-161324. 1, 0- . "If f " 1' ' 'fe w-ff ? fa ff ' s- W 7- A , , w e L 'I .. el: as X IW fs, is X W C Q X is as item ,G-15.5 ,i"," -1. sMMwas'2.f2' wi:-s l -L Q- f fx as a ig me avg 9 He studies -attends school dances men. But it also has an invisible personality which is its spirit. For nearly 70 years the roots of this institution have gone down and down. As we think of the thousands of students who have gone to the four corners of the earth to become leaders of men, it is impossible to estimate properly the value of the truly great souls who have labored here. Vlhat have these figures left us as a treasure of permanent worth? Is it not their ideals? Their vision, courage, sacrihce and labor pioneered an institution into existence. We are their debtors far beyond our ability to repay. We must believe now that the same heroism and ideals of the past must in one way or another be repeated in the history of Tri-State. As to the future-it is for us to draw the admiration of the world. I-Ie goes to lab -has placement interview 'WQNQNQ c . M.',.', fi,,,, W Z5..Ehbn' QA. Jlmodolm Wand, pfwuwf, pg JM'-gfm fnllnqe ' ' 977 TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES OF 1953-1954: You have graduated from the college of your choice and have be- come the possessor of a baccalaureate degree evidencing the satisfactory completion of a prescribed course of study in a particular Held, also of your choice. In so doing you have become a member of a rather select group since college graduates are greatly outnumbered by non-graduates. For this alone, if it were your only accomplishment, you are to be con- gratulated. But this is not your only accomplishment. The learning process in which you have been an active participant during your college days has cultivated in you an ability to think and reason in a manner superior to those who have not had the advantage of a college education. For having had the ambition to learn you are to be congratulated. Each of you will soon engage in an occupation for which you have been Htted by your education and training. At the same time you will become members of the community in which you live and work. It is then you will have an opportunity to put to work the sum and total of your college acquired assets, always and ultimately for the betterment of mankind and the world in which he lives. As and when you accept and discharge this responsibility you will have added practicality to your degree, accomplishment to your ambition and credence to our faith in you. '-TW:-tr-w....X. THEODORE T. Woon PRESIDENT Knllaqr, Bnwwl nl Jfumfmza, TOP Row: Mark J. Woodhull, Chairman, Ray Alwood, Owen R. Bangs, MIDDLE Row: Perry T. Ford, Major General Lewis B. Hershey, Hermon Phillips, Henry Platt. BOTTOM Row: Samuel D. Summers, Walter Walb, Franklin Wells, Raymond E. Willis. SWE XDBIY I A 42" " I r , 5 A aw , J, ff 3 , x -s E ,f 1 I J I ' G V . ,I we vw : ,LW 73753 at ,,A.. , ffzfx ' .4 fin! 7 nf' QWY 1. ,f 1 ,. afjgggyi f 5 Quintin J. Hawthorne Stefan J. Slanina Cecil Hauber Aeronaniical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering 1 X .,-, 1 . ., . g .SQFQSQM K we , 94,0 f . , E Harold R. Hoolihan Clyde E. Shaw Coinnzerce Electrical Engineering gi 5 , , ,.iei ec . 1 f ' . -1. . 'iwegzfi Alice A. Parrott Paul A, Nurnberger English Matbemaiics and Science fa- . , ,i - 4 S, .ffwwnfyzi 133: " V . 1 i '- V ' ' ' 'Kf:,21ae'r. , 4,.,. x ,g I .3-Q, -w ... -. . .Q-A V ',-liz: f, ' ' giant-!,i ,f gi - Eg! In 211e1,.'. , ., , ,Q ' '- T-1 f ., f " we y 4'-fl iii: H. f L V, , .4 f i ., , . - ,M , Y' , 5' am d' , L v, , 'fl-ffm QI" - ' f, - H11 1, 335- Q2 -15, - If' 1 L-Wa. .4-..f.,41Mf:, :f 21:31-swf' ' f+f.i-2-22" John C. Humphnes Kenneth Steele Leland S. Ax M ecbanical Engineering Physics Radio Engineering ffl Anthony V. Andolina Virgil G. Areaux Carl Becker john S. Bradbury Assistant Professor in Assistant Professor in Associate Professor in Assistant Professor in Mathcnzatics and Mechanics Engineering Drawing Mathematics Cizfi1Engineer1nU 9 Jerome Burtt Ross A. Butler Richard Byers Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Instructor in Civil Mathematics Mathe1natics Engineering Q l s is 1 E Mary E. Disher Carney Wayne Champion Robert I. Cook Weir Crowl Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Associate Professor in English ana' Mathematics Commerce Commerce Mechanical Engineerznff Laboratory J lie Ylang?-ax' Www 1 Q Arthur E. Eberhardt Robert C. Foster Arthur A. Freeland Wayne Gilchrist Assistant Professor in Instructor in Mathematics Instructor in English and Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Speech Electrical Engineering aim Jean Godwin Fred W. Goudy Richard Griflis Assistant Professor in Associate Professor in Instructor in Civil Chemical Engineering Commercial Law and Business Engineering Laboratory 3 5 ,Q ffiii "l.' 2 1 X -"i- - 1 Alexander P. Gwiazdowski Raymond H. Hemmert Arthur A. Hockey Howard W. Hoolihan Associate Professor in Assistant Professor in Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Drawing and Commerce Mathematics 4 Ramsay Jackson John L. Jarrett Victor A. Julien Charles D. Kenyon Assistant Professor in Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Mecbanical Engineering Civil Engineering Pbysics Laboratory Pbysics Laboratory we 'vv: Arthur J. Kline Glenn R. McMillin Harold E. Mills Instructor in Radio Instructor in Aeronautical Associate Professor in Engineering Laboratory Engineering Cbenzical Engineering B. J. Mummert Oscar Nelson Kenneth C. Newnam Lyle D. Oleson Assistant Professor in Associate Professor in Associate Professor in Instructor in Matbenzatics Commerce Electrical Engineering Cbeinical Engineering anal Mecbanics Director of Atbleties Laboratory J fi' we www s,.,,g7,v Harold F. Ottoson Edward J. Pavel Ronald Pufahl Stanley S. Radford Il15fl'Ill'f0V in Mafbenzafics Insfrzicfor in Cfaernical lnsfrncfor in Commerce Associate Professor in Engineering Lnborafory Engineering Drawing and Design A P .4 -N l i ,tlz -I V M V . vt : ,,.., . Q . 5 '-2"" ' WW P ii ' + sssa l l1 s l ', ,,., .',.. i A -.e-- 'fyi ,'-.', f ,"-- 4, 4--' ' Robert H. Ramsay Minard F. Rose Virginia Ross James M. Shaheen Associafe Professor in Associafe Professor in Associfzfe Professor in Assisfanf Professor in English, Public Speaking and Maflrenzafics and Mechanics Secretarial Training Maibeznafics Coinnzerce Harry R. Stelling John Tressler Matthew E. Westenhaver Herbert Wolf Insfrucfor in English ann' Assistunf Professor in Associate Professor in Associafe Professor in Speech Physics Radio Engineering Mafiyenmfics ana' Mechanics jaculfy, f,,,,,0 2" ,f f 'Z 1 I J I Q f. f f Q 2 'ill YK ff f 4, X Q sw as I Ms-v, v, ' ., . . ff, . fo. Efftgzj eff V7 .Q 41, fl 1154 V5 fi Klan, UM' DECEMBER, 1953-MARCH, 1954 3' W ,,L .,, . " V, Fi. 'Aww N gs .af 5 - , Q51 ' , , ,Y f x v W :"7,- ,, + " M Y X 5 ' M55 E X ,W p q- .Q r A' il f fi " 19' , f , , , N. Q H . ' f fxffiiilv .. 4 .- A X Q, 5f fr 1 ,gf ,, f.:,,,,..,4. ,fig 4 , 'f1,,'.-fr, Q V :Lev-w 2212252 Y QQ -f221s1'5:5'3V2'1fu fa wg, 4' W5 'I 1:1511 ,.."1'ji 2:1,5x'4J55L4'S pi?-37, ' Q 1 ...- ..Lg1:yf5-se 'L-JJ?-Qbf ,551 az-we 4 i fri if". .lk Ioseph Gambardella, Trensurerg Vern Hart, Presidentg Bevan Eetters, Vice-pres iclentg Calvin Crail, Secretary. DECEMBER COMMENCEMENT 'wf WAYNE D. ARCHER COLDVVATER, MICHIGAN B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society LEWIS A. ARMITAGE SVVARTZ CREEK, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Treasurer: Student Council, Secre- tary: Mechanical Engineering So- ciety: College Band. ALFRED L. BABCOCK ROVVLEY, MASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, Presi- dent: Junior Class, President: Rifle Club. RICHARD N. BADE HUDSON, MICHIGAN Certificate in Engineering Draw- ing and Design CALVIN K. BAITZ ST. CLAIR SHORES, MICHIGAN B. S. in Radio Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Radio En- gineering Society, President, Vice- President, Secretary. EARIED A. BANNA BASRAI-I, IRAQ B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Society: Financial and Legal Society, 4005 JOHN H. BARTELS CHESTERTON, INDIANA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, Sec- retary: VV'IIo's VVho Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. BERT J. BARTLETT BELLEVILLE, NEW JERSEY B. S. in Mechanical Engineering WALTER J. BEERLI YVILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Civil Engineering JOSEPH F. BIRK BOLIVAR, OHIO B. S, in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, President, Treasurerg Tau Sigma Eta: Student Council: Alpha Gam- ma Upsilon: College Band: Col- lege Glee Club. JOSEPH P. BONDAR NEVV YORK CITY, NEXV YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Beta Sigma Tau. WI' www' fn-uw mf' I 2 I BARNESVILLE, oH1o :'i Q . B. S. in Mechanical Engineering "'. X STEVE BURDOHAN DETROIT, MICHIGAN - B. S. in Mechanical Engineering il' 1 JOHN EDWARD BRUNNER 1, , CINCINNATI, OHIO -' B. S. in Electrical Engineering ,,',. 'f"1 Electrical Engineering Society: Wl10's Who Among Students in .g .', :Q American Colleges and Universi- xr' SKS' ' F3 'A -.KM .1 ' Vp- 6' 2. QA b y , I 12, as,-' Nui tiiewdvs iii, S ""'m.w-f' 4 , f 2 A Ag - 6-it . 0 5 V 4 . ,, , we X5-fi-,K .-fa.- ff 5' . 3 1. Wnr' 16 we ""1f" ff L 5 GORDON THOMPSON BURROWS BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Alpha Gamma Upsilon. WEBSTER L. CARTER RIPON, VVISCONSIN B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Finan- cial and Legal Society, Phi Kap- pa, V i c e-Presidentg Tri-Angle Staff. JOHN J. CALLAHAN GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Corre- sponding Secretaryg Varsity Base- ball, JOSEPH J. CAIN WEIR, MISSISSIPPI B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, President, Vice-President, Secre- tary, Treasurer: Society of Auto- motive Engineers. HARRY M. CASTLE, JR. COLTON, CALIFORNIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. LEWIS' RUSSELL CATALINO ANGOLA, NEVV YORK B. S. in Business Adlninistration Student Council, Treasurer: Sig- ma Epsilon, Vice-President: Phi Kappa. Secretary: Inter-Frater- nity Council: Tri-Angle Staff: Commercial Bowling Team, Cap- tain. HENRY S. CHAPLA WEST RUTLAND, VERMONT B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Societyg Beta Sigma Tau, Secretary. EDWARD A. CHAMBERS NEVV KENSINGTON, PENN. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering T1-i-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Student Council: Tri-Angle Staff. ELEANOR M. CERMAK COLDVVATER, MICHIGAN Certificate in Drafting Mechanical Engineering Societyg Tri-Angle Staff. HAROLD V. CLARK COOPERSTONVN, NEVV YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Tau Sigma Eta: Sigma Phi Delta, Sports Manager: Civil Engineer- ing Society: Student Council, Varsity Baseball Team, Captain. FRANKLIN R. CHENG SHANGHAI, CHINA B, S. in NI00llZllliC2ll Engineering VINCENT TSIN-MING CHEN SHANGHAI, CHINA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Chin- ese Students' Club, President, CALVIN L. CRAIL ALBIA, IOXVA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Inter-Fraternity Council: Sigma Mu Sigma: Senior Class, Secre- tary. CHRIS A. COMMON FLINT, MICHIGAN B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Societyg Silver Key. CHARLES E. DAHLSTROM NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, Vice-President. EARL L. DAVIS LAFAYETTE, INDIANA B. S. in Civil Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Vice- President: Civil Engineering S0- ciety. J. WORTH DEES NEIV BERN, NORTH CAROLINA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, Pres- ident, Secretary: Tau Sigma Eta. WILLIAM L. DENNISTON IVEEDSPORT, NEXV YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Beta Sigma Tau, Treasurer, Scholar- ship Director, FRANK R. DIAZ-BALART BANES, ORIENTE, CUBA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Iota Alpha, President: Elec- trical Engineering Society. CARLOS R. DIAZ CENTRAL DELICIAS, ORIENTE, CUBA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Iota Alpha, Historian. GUY DION VVOTTON, QUEBEC, CANADA B. S. in Accounting Alpha Gamma Upsilon: Sigma Ep- silon: Financial and Legal Soci- ety. LEO H. DONAHUE SAN GABRIEL, CALIFORNIA B. S, in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers: Phi Kappa, Vice-President, His- torian: Modulus, 1953 Art Editor: Tri-Angle Staff Cartoonist. JACK E. DONALDSON MASURY, OHIO B. S. in Civil Engineering Tau Sigma Eta: Sigma Phi Delta: Civil Engineering Society, Presi- dent. GUY R. DOUGHERTY HAZEL I-IURST, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society: Financial and Legal Society: In- ter-Fraternity Council: Beta Sig- ma Tau, Vice-President, Sergeant- at-arms, Pledge Master. EDWARD J. DURRSCHMIDT, R. SH-IELTON, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Phi Kappa, President, Treasurer, EDWARD F. DYDO' CLEVELAND, OHIO B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, Treas- urer. DONALD B. DYSERT JOHNSTOVVN, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Secretary, Chapter Counsellor: Tau Sigma Eta, Secretary: Inter- Fraternity Council, Vice-Presi- dent: Mechanical Engineering S0- ciety: College Band. JOSEPH L. EDMONDS, JR. GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS B. S. in Business Administration Rifle and Pistol Association, Pres- ident, Treasurer: Rifle Team, Manager: Varsity Club. FORREST E. ELLIS HARTFORD CITY, INDIANA B. S, in Mechanical Engineering my 'QNBWBSYDH wwf' AWK wo. -x04w1sYUn- 23,7 ff f KW! A K" W I' 9 .Y ? 1 . 49. '7 V A' 5.4 ""57-?W'.4,i' ,I .-Vi ".?f'-. X 'lo' fi . Z -1-.W 'Qffgrbiy - ,.6,..r"'c .- .182 . . F ' n 'f'W 40 4. A! 40' TM' Q -F A if ' 50 H 1 1 I -:.if.if3f 211- 3. , ..- ,x .Q M y A 14 fy: ' V wiv,-,ff Q. ,. ., .- . .,.' . .. :. ' ..:- :- f wig:-G.. -0 - I RA. , ' -' C J 2, .. ,...,. .,.. . . .4 . .a-of b f w 5 Q .1 W fvggx 'f V I N 'S iq 9? 1 f .Q A , 5 me:005.2.-S.':Pf:Q",2,1f':.1 4 ' fs' N NX . . 1 4 A I i . ,sg X 0 ' I A wx 4 w , YO KF' 1' 'Wo' KW 'www' wgmgsalv 'eff' E.. 'Q' 5-'Nw-0 'Aww' 'Sv-n.......... 'Dv ..-R.,-if N0 Nl!" Qf4u.....f-and-v'. 'Sv' PAUL A. FARNSCHLADER ALLENTOYVN, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in M0l'llIllliI'2ll Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Junior Class, Treasurer: Sigma Phi Delta: Varsity Basketball: Booster and Varsity Club: Finan- cial and Legal Society. KERMIT E. FERRER RIO PIEDRAS, PUERTO RICO B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. ARNOLD E. FETT SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering B. S. in A.lllllilliStP2ltiW'0 Engineer- lllg Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Society. BEVAN D. FETTERS CELINA, OHIO B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Senior Class, Vice-President. JOHN J. FITZPATRICK STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Rzulio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Vice-President, Secretary: Financial and Legal Society. HENRY J. FLAJOLE BAY CITY, MICHIGAN B. S. in Meclmnicnl Engineering Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Secretary: Student Council: Mechanic-'al En- gineering Society. LAURITS N. FLEM, JR. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta: Mechanical En- gineering Society, Vice-President: Student Council. CYPRIAN B. FRANCIS GRENADA, BRITISH XVEST INDIES B. S. in Meelmnienl Engineering Electrical Engineering Society: International Students Associ- ation. RODRIGO C. FUENTES SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA B. S. in Met-hsnnieal Engineering Phi Iota Alpha, Vice-President, Treasurer, Historian: Inter-Fra- ternity Council: Mechanical Engi- neering Society: Society of Auto- motive Engineers, CARLOS J. FUNES-HARTMANN SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR B. S. in Meellzlnicnl Engineering MICHAEL O. GAFFNEY ELECTRA, TEXAS B. S. in llleelmnical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Society. JOSEPH R. GAMBARDELLA HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Business Administration ....Freshman Class, President: Soph- omore Class, President: Senior Class, Treasurer: Beta Sigma Tau, President: Financial and Legal Society, Director: Tri-Angle Staff. ANWAR H. GHANIM TEHERAN. IRAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering MICHAEL S. GILLISON LANSING, MICHIGAN B, S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Alpha Gamma Upsilon. MERRILL B. GORDON LYNN, INDIANA B. S. in Civil Engineering Tau Sigma Eta, Treasurer: Civil Engineering Society: Student Council: Tri-Angle Staff. WILLIAM R. GRAHAM ATLANTA, GEORGIA B. S. in Radio Engineering Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Vice-President, Treasurer: Inter- Fraternity Council: Radio Engi- neering Society: Financial and Legal Society. IRVING E. GRAY BROOKFIELD, IVIASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Tri- Angle Staff. LEWIS A. GRUDZIEN FORT YVORTH, TEXAS B, S. in 1Kt'l'0llIlIltiC'2ll Engineering Beta Si gina Tau? Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. KENNETH H. HAINSNVORTH STATE LINE, NASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Mechanical Engineering JOHN W. HANCOCK SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Society: Photo Society, President. LENARD JACK I-IARDIN LAPORTE, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Tau Sigma Eta, President, Vice- President, Secretary: Mechanical Engineering Society, Vice-Presi- dent: American Society Tool En- gineers: Alpha Sigma. Phi, Secre- tary: YVho's VVho Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. JOHN F. HARMS FLINT, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers. C. FRANK HARRIS EAU GALLIE, FLORIDA B, S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, Treasurer: Ride and Pistol Club. VERN L. HART COLUMBIAYILLE, MICHIGAN B. S. in M00ll2llli0lll Engineering Beta Sigma Tau, Vice-President: Inter-Fraternity Council, Secre- tary: Senior Class, President. DUANE W. HARTSHORNE ORRVILLE, OHIO B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. COONTZ HATAKEYAMA KAPAA, KAUAI, HAXVAII B. S. in Business Administration International Students Associ- ation: Photo Society: Sigma Epsi- lon Society: Financial and Legal Society. ARTHUR E. HAUG ROCHESTER, NEVV YORK B, S. in lVIechanical Engineering Beta Sigma Tau, Vice-President. LARRY J. HILL IVIONTPELIER, OHIO B. S. in Business Adnlinistriltion Sigma Epsilon, Vice-President, Secretary, Financial and Legal Society. CAROL R. HOLSINGER FLINT, MICHIGAN B. S. in Radio Engineering B. S. in Administrative Engineer- ing Photo Society: Radio Engineering Society. -my mmm-mf. 'Huff 14?-dam-vw' Nl' 'szpfpnf' . ,Q r?'9'e Kam? 1--M WNW' W' 'wwf-dv" Q x TN! X V . Q c S X XX "WWW . . M., .Mew -Cm -win X11 N... ,X News Wilken f War? -'vi "NAV Nui' gggwm.. 'nf'-f , .4 . I ,5 4 ,,-, 1 .. , . .M . .f4,.ff,. wwf he f , - Z 2 '-' 'fyf 4, .5 J ' , W .f f l .nf ' fffyfvfj' ,Q , Mm ff W ti V ' I , J, V ,lf fm If J ,W L, , .- ' f Magna "'w"' M EUGENE W. K. HSU SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA B. S. in Aeronanticzll Engineering Beta Sigma Tau, Sports Manager: International Students Associ- ation: Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Treasur- er: Chinese Students Club: Tri- Angle Staff. CHARLES J. HUMPHRIES ANGOLA, INDIANA B. S. in Accounting Sigma Epsilon: Booster Club, Treasurer: College Band. THOMAS A. HUGHES LAKE PARSIPPANY, N. J. B. S. in Radio Engineering Beta Phi Theta, President, Vice- President, Secretary: Radio Engi- neering Society. EFRAIM H. ILLERA A. POPAYAN, COLOMBIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Iota Alpha: Electrical Engi- neering Society. EARL WILBUR JACKSON FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA B. in Mechanical Engineering Beta Sigma Tau, Vice President: Mechanical Engineering Society. DONALD J. JOHNSON COLDVVATER, MICHIGAN B, S. in Business Administration Sigma Epsilon. CALVIN F. KAM HONOLULU, HAWAII B. S. in Accounting Sigma Epsilon: Financial and Le- gal Society. STANLEY KASMINSKY BELLXVOOD, ILLINOIS B. S. in Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM J. KELLY, JR. FISHKILL, NEVV YORK B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers, President: Mechanical Engineer- ing Society: Junior Class, Secre- tary: Phi Kappa: Inter-Fraternity Council. ROBERT C. KINSEL OAK HARBOR, OHIO B. S, in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. STEVE KOBELAK CLEVELAND, OHIO B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers, Treasurer: Student Council: Soph- omore Class, Treasurer: Mechan- ical Engineering Society. RAM KUMAR KOCHHAR JULLUNDUR, INDIA B. S. in Chemical Engineering International Students Associ- ation: Student Affiliate Chapter, American Chemical Society. BENITO KODIJAT JAKARTA, INDONESIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Interna.tional Students Associa- tion, President: Wilio's VVho Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities. FRANK T. KUBIC BRONX, NEYV YORK B. S. in Business .AlllllilliStI'2lti0Il Financial and Legal Society, Pres- ident, Chairman of Board of Di- rectors: Phi Kappa, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Na- tional Representative: Sigma Ep- silonz Student Council, Treasurer. FRED Y. KUNIMOTO HONOLULU, HAVVAII B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Photo Society. WILLIAM D. LARAWAY SIDNEY, NEW YORK B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Sigma Phi Delta., Secretary. MICHAEL L. LEE SHANGHAI. CHINA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Chinese Students Club, Treasurer. JOHN A. LEWIS MADISON, NORTH CAROLINA B. S. in ACC0lUltiDg Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, Vice-President: Student Council: Sigma Epsilon: Sophomore Class, Secretary. MIN LWIN BASSEIN, BURMA B. S. in Radio Engineering Chinese Students Club, President: Radio Engineering Society, Treas- urer: Junior Class, Vice-Presi- dent: Student Council: Civil En- gineering S o c i e t y: Tri-Angle Staff. JOSEPH, ELD ON MARIOTT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. GERALD B. MARRS VANCOUVER, VVASHINGTON B. S. in Civil Engineering ANTONIO JOSE MARTINEZ BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Iota Alpha, Vice-President. ANDREW J. MARTINEZ LAPORTE, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa: Modulus, Sports Edi- tor: Tri-Angle, Sports Editor: Mechanical Engineering Society: Financial and Legal Society: Vice-President: Inter-Fraternity Council, President. FILIPO MAURY BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. MERVYN O. MAXSON COLDWATER, MICHIGAN B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. JOHN F. MCGRAW HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Rifle and Pistol Club. LIONEL D. MCINTOSH HIARRISBURG, ILLINOIS B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. WILLIAM L. MQKEOWN POMONA, CALIFORNIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Recording Secretary: Tau Sigma Eta, Vice- President, Secretary: Electrical Engineering Society. WILLIAM L. MCKISSICK PROSPECT, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi: Civil Engineer- ing Society. a . mu.. , 1 ! 1 ' 114' fr 5 wwf . 55.5.0 'QW X R ga x NS u it 2. RX ix . exam! Q.. . s 'Q , ee Ng me v .Q - fig, it W. i'f3f'i' , I iiai. ,MW annual?" may QQ ...7 'ef if . AIX DAVID K. MELVIN BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. ALBERT M. MIKOLAJCZYK LANSFOIID, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Meclmnical Engineering Beta Sigma Tau, President: Tau Sigma Eta, Treasurer: Student Council, Vice-President: Society of Automotive Engineers, Presi- dent: lvlechanical Engineering So- ciety, Secretary: Skull and Bones. KENNETH F. MILLER ROCHESTER, NEYV YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Tau Sigma Eta, President, Treasurerg Beta Sigma Tau. RAY M. MITCHI-IART TIFFIN, OHIO B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta, President, Sec- retary: Mechanical Engineering Society, President, Secretary: Skull and Bones, President, Treas- urer: Inter-'Fraternity Council, Secretary: Tri-Angle, Assistant Managing Editor: Modulus, As- sistant Advertising Manager: Tau Sigma Eta. HERBERT C. MIX, JR. MT. JEYVETT, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering RICHARD M. MONAK EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society, Secretary, Treasurer: Phi Kappa, Secretary. I-IECTOR F. MONTALVOI UTUADO, PUERTO RICO B. S, in Electrical Engineering Phi Iota Alpha.: Electrical Engi- neering Society: Student Council: Inter-I+'raternity Council. LESLIE C. MOONEY PONTIAC, MICHIGAN B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. GEORGE W. MUNSCHAUER BUFFALO, NEXV YORK B. S. in Mechznnis-:ll Engineering B. S. in Administrative Engineer- lllg Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Treasurer: Tri-Angle, Assistant Editor: Skull and Bones: Student Council: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil: Mechanical Engineering Soci- ety: Sigma Epsilon. RICHARD W. NESS SUPERIOR, VVISCONSIN B, S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. INDER JIT SINGH NYJAR SRINAGAR, KASHMIR B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society: Interna- tional Students Association. GUILLERMO ORTE GA MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. EFREN ORTIZ CARACAS. VENEZUELA B. S .in Civil Engineering Phi Iota Alpha, BURKE T. OSBORNE PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Civil Engineering GENE OVERTON HERRIN, ILLINOIS B. S. in Aeronzlntical Engineering Sigma Phi D e lt a: Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. OSCAR PAZ-ARIAS PANAMA CITY, R. P. PANAMA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, JOHN P. PARKER OGDEN, UTAH B. S. in Radio Engineering ANTONIO ERNESTO PEDRAJA CIENFUEGOS, LAS VILLAS, CUBA B. S. in Meelianieal Engineering Sigma Phi Delta: Mechanical En- gineering Society. LEONARD W. PETERSON SOUTH BEND, INDIANA B. S. in Meclusmieal Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers. ELIAS J. PIFANO BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA B. S, in Civil Engineering Phi Iota Alpha. President, Cor- responding Secretary, Sports Man- ager. JOSEPH PINKER SKANEATELES FALLS, N. Y. B. S. in Electrical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Society. CHARLES F. PROVAN NEXY YORK CITY, NEVV YORK B. S. in Meelianical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Beta Sigma Tau, President: Inter- Fraternity Council, Secretary, FRANK E. RADEMACHER MACEDONIA, ILLINOIS B. S. in Electrical Engineering B. S. in Administrative Engineer- ing Electrical Engineering Society, President. JOSE M. RAMIREZ-POLO CAGUAS, PUERTO RICO B. S. in Accounting Phi Iota Alpha, Secretary: Sigma Epsilon. GUILLERMO RICO BOGOTA, COLOMBIA B. S. in Business Adnlinistration Phi Iota Alpha, President, Vice- President, Treasurer: Student Council: Inter-Fraternity Council: Sigma Epsilon: Financial and Le- gal Society: Photo Society, DONALD W. RIGHTER PARKERSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. DAVID B. ROBERTS CAMERON, NORTH CAROLINA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Vice- President. ALFRED B. ROBY FORT VVAYNE, INDIANA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, Secretary. LAWRENCE D. ROWE FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS B. S, in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Presi- dent, Secretary: Sigma Phi Delta, Vice-President, Treasurer: Skull and Bones, President, Secretary. My 'Swv' alkali' "" IQl" ww! 'Sd' 'Manmade DAVID A. RYDER LONG LAKE, MICHIGAN B. S. in Civil Engineering Student Council: Civil Engineer- ing Society: Financial and Legal Society. WILLIAM A. SMITH I INIISHAYVAKA, INDIANA B. S. in xl0l'llIllli0lll Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. GERALD L. SNYDER SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Il. S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta, Vice-President: Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers: Financial and Legal Society, Charter Secretary: Booster Club: Yarsity Basketball. JACK N. SPRINGER LORAIN, OHIO B. S. in Electrical Engineering' Electrical Engineering Society: Financial and Legal Society. ROBERT E. STEWART BOLIVAR, NEW YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. WILLIAM R. STIEFEL INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA B. S. in Mecllnnicnl Engineering' Alpha Sigma Phi: Inter-Frateiw nity Council: Booster Club, Vice- President: Society of Automotive Engineers, Secretary: Mechanical Engineering Society: Tau Sigma Eta. PAUL D. STOKES TRENTON, NEW JERSEY B. S. in Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta, Secretary: Electrical Engineering Society. WILLIAM E. STONEBERGER STANLEY, VIRGINIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Sigma Mu Sigma: Civil Engineer- ing Society. PHIL SWEIDEN TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA B. S. in DI00llZllli0Zll Engineering' Student Council: Tri-Angle Ad- vertising Manager. ARZEN JOHN SZABO EAST COULEE, ALBERTA, CANADA B. S. in Civil Engineering ABDUL SADEH TAJDIN KHORAMSSHAHR, IRAN B, S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers: Mechanical Engineering Society: International Students Associ- ation, Treasurer. B. PAUL TAYLOR HAGERSTOWN, INDIANA B. S. in Business AIllllilliStPilli0ll Skull and Bones, Vice-President! Sigma Epsilon, President, Secre- tary? Student Council: Booster Club: Financial and Legal Soci- ety: Tri-Angle, Editor-in-Chief: 1953 Modulus, Assistant Business Manager: Alpha Beta Alpha: iYho's Vifho Among Students in American Colleges and Universi- ties: Student Leaders, 1953. GRANT HENRY TOENNIS MILES CITY, MONTANA B. S. in Business Administration Alpha Gamma Upsilon: Sigma Ep- silon: Inter-Fraternity Council. WILLIAM E. THOMAS ALBANY, INDIANA B. S. in Mecllnnical Ellfrineeringr Society of Automotive Engineers. WILLARD F. TREESE ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA B, S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, Program Chairman: Financial and Legal Society. JOHN W. TURNER CARNFORTH, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND B. S. in Radio Engineering Photo Society: Radio Engineering Society. JOHN N. TURSKIS NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Instiute of Aeronautical Sciences. ROBERT E. VERHEYEN CANTON, OHIO B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Vice-President: Mechanical Engi- neering Society: Society of Auto- motive Engineers. HERNANDO VILLAMIZAR DURANIA CN. de SJ, COLOMBIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Iota Alpha, Secretary: Me- chanical Engineering Society. WALTER W. WADDELL FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA B. S. in Civil Engineering Freshman Class, Vice-President: Student Council, Vice-President: Civil Engineering Society: Tau Sigma Eta. WILLIAM E. WADE LONG ISLAND CITY, NEYV YORK B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Beta Sigma Tau, Vice-President: Inter-Fraternity Council: Tri- State Branch, Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences, Vice-President, Secretary. JOSEPH WARHOLA FOREST CITY, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers. CHARLES B. WELLER DAYTON, OHIO B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. HAZEN M. WELLMAN IONIA, MICHIGAN B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. BURTON L. WHITLOCK ANGOLA, INDIANA B. S. in Business Administration Sigma Epsilon, MARION M. WIKLE MT. VERNON, OHIO B. S. in Business Administration Sigma Mu Sigma, President, Sec- retary: Skull and Bones, Vice- President: Sigma Epsilon, Treas- urer: Sophomore Class, President: Modulus, Sports Editor: Tri-Angle Editor-in-Chief: Varsity Basket- ball. FREDERICK F. WOLFF ISLIP, NEW YORK B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. LESLIE E. WORDEN BIRCH RUN, MICHIGAN B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. FERDINAND J. WORSA OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa, President, Treasurer! Skull and Bones: Sophomore Class, Vice-President: Student Council, Vice-President: Mechan- ical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineersg Inter- Fraternity Council: Financial and Legal Society. "N-41' - J. xx 3 4. ff B. K za? 1 :II .te-.QQM 3' -- - -, 1 .,-5, ,V I .,,., ,.,. , 7, ' , .itffii A ef-ae r ' ' QW. K ' :f R f .. 5.9.5 - W? . .' :ffg. r My , . ' X7 . J, 4-3 -. ff . N 5 :J . el? il 111016Z 'ZQV , S f. , Mmm . ,: 1. ---- - X A . J , mf V A UQ L wi- "4 :wif f WW Wwffyff f Milf! 01409 iff , - .... J i'1e A I I' " . , 'MIM ' .V Lf? . A ,. f 4 ., ,fW5Vb,,,, ,NV X74 5 ., 1 mai, .wc . l ff fy 1, . 60 31.27 fffrylf ff. ". fc' Vgf,'z.v,.,eg?f ,f ,,' W7 1.5, ,aff jig 55,6 - V' 5 f S 1 jf O 4 f f fy ' A S ff ,, y 10619 f f , , y . f' 'axle J f , ff egg 4 fe 5 My J 7 I 5 'ilu-H' Mddblsblup- 'fM.,,a,. WM' he X04 U4 ' nik sf 335 f WM 2 4 ,, i 'rig 453 ' W 'iz r., ft! ,fi 59' "4"-u..v'1-v , X ,.-am.. ,, . wJ..WL.ww MWA "' ..x-:wwf f , ,am 4, , A ,NW E N i 4 . 35 X Q Bw' 5' 4 . ' U , JUNE, 1954-AUGUST, 1954 Vernon Peters, treasurerg Thomas White, presidentg Thomas Arney, vice presidentg Robert Fuller, secretary, JUNE COMMENCEMENT JH? t we t 5 l N, Qfwsriv' LM Q im ., ,, b 4325 Q ERNEST H. ADOLPH TUCKAHOE, NEVV YORK B. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society: Tennis Team. THOMAS J. ARNEY IIARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA B, S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Sec- retary: Sigma Phi Delta: Senior Class, Vice-President. JACK E. BARRETT GOXYANDA, NEXY YORK B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. RICHARD DALE BATES MISHAXVAKA, INDIANA B. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Photo Society. ESMOND FRANCIS BERNIER, JR. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers, Treasurer: Alpha Sigma Phi, Sec- retary: Radio Engineering Soci- ety. DOUGLAS S. BINNINGTON KINGSTON, ONTARIO, CANADA B, S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Chairman: Tri-State Glider Club, Director: liitle Club. JAMES D. BOCK ELKHART, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary: Society of Auto- motive Engineers. RICHARD A. BRUNE PAULDING, OHIO B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society DAROLD R. BRYAN MARION, MONTANA B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Treasur- er: Society of Automotive Engi- neers: Ritle Team: Rifle Club, llange Officer, Vice-President: Sigma Phi Delta, Guide: Finan- cial and Legal Society: Glider Club, Director: Varsity Club. GORDON B. BRYANT PARMA, MICHIGAN B. S, in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer: Student Council, Secretary. ROBERT H. CANUTE KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers. DONNA J. CASE FRANKLIN, MICHIGAN Certificate in Secretarial Course Booster Club: Cheer Leader: Sig- ma. Epsilon Society. JOHN QE. CHONJ G. CHUA MANILA, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Ameri- can Chemical Society. FRANK D. CICCARELLI ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Soci- ety of Automotive Engineers. WILLIAM E. COON OYVOSSO, MICHIGAN B. S. in Radig En1::ineerinJ:,' RICHARD LEIGH COOPER ll'A'l'lCllTOlVN, NEXV YORK B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering: Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Beta, Phi Theta, President. Treasurer: Stu- dent Council: College Band: Glee Cluh: Financial and Legal Society. JoHN C. CRAIG BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA ll. S. in Mechanical Engineerim: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Booster Club: Mechanical Engineering So- ciety: Varsity Basketball. JOHN R. CROMIE STVIIGIS. MICHIGAN Certificate in Engineering Draw- ing' and Design Joi-IN J. CULLIAN KAPUSKASING, ONTARIO, CANADA B, S. in Civil Engineering: LUIS EDUARDO DE AVILA CAIITAGENA, COLOMBIA B. S. in Chenlical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society. Joi-IN DEBEW BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA B. S. in Clnenlical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society, Treasurer: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms: Inter-Frater- nity Council: Student Council. MYRON F. DEFRANCO IVATERTOVVN, NEXV YORK B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Inter-Fraternity Council, Presi- dent: Beta Phi Theta, President, Vice-President, Secretary: Society of Automotive Engineers. WILLIAM A. DILEO TORRINGTON, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Beta Phi Theta, Treasurer: Student Council: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Treasurer. RICHARD C. DIONNE BIIAINTREE, MASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society: Student Council, Treasurer. WILLIAM T. DOHNER PALMYHA, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Vice- Presitlent: Sigma Phi Delta, Treasurer. GERARD J. DUPRE LOIYELL, MASSACHUSETTS Il. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. EDWARD W. DWYER BRANFORD, CONNECTICUT B, S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Vice-Chair- man, Secretary: Society of Auto- motive Engineers: Sigma Phi Delta. REX T. EDMONDS GEOIIGETOYVN, ILLINOIS B. S. in Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering Society: 1953 Modulus Staff: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice President. DANIEL T. FAHEY AURORA, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. S9917 ., .. ,, Niki 'NM' aww. N, ...- 'iw 'Mai' . ,Q, .d"., 'bmw' W EDGARD MATTOSO FAQUER CAMPOS, RIO DE JANEIIIO, BRAZIL B. S. in Civil En1:,'ineerin3:g Civil Engineering Society: Inter- national Students Association. JOSE E. FERNANDEZ MEXICO CITY, MEXICO B. S. in Civil l'1lllIiIl90l'illl.I Civil Engineering Society. NORMAN C. FETZER B If FFA LO, N EW' YO Ii K B. S. in Civil En:.:ineerin::,' Civil Engineering Society, Pro- gram Director: Sigma Phi Delta, Historian: Tri-Angle Staff. A. EUGENE FIELD BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Vice Presi- dent, Treasurer: Sigma Mu Sigma, Secretary: Inter-I"rz1ternity Coun- cil: Tri-Angle Staff. RAYMOND G. FISCI-IER GROSSE POINTE XYOODS, MICH. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers, Secretary: Rifle Club, ROBERT R. FULLER OAK HARBOR, OHIO B. S. in Chemical Engineering: Student Afiiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society, President, Vice-President, Secretary: Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, Vice President, Secretary: S t u d e ll t Council, President: Athletic Hoard of Control, S6CI'E't211'YI Skull 8: Bones C. O. A., Secretary: Sopho- more Class, Secretary: Flying Thunderbirds, Treasurer: Tri- State Chapter, Angola Junior Chamber of Commerce: Senior Class, Secretary. TOMAS FURTH ' BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society, President: Tau Sigma Eta, Pres- ident. RICARDO GAMBOA CALL COLOMBIA B, S. in Civil Engineering JOHN W. GLEN DESERONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Treas- urer, President. JOSEPH GRILLO NEVV HAVEN, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. SHARON A. GROGG HAMILTON, INDIANA Certificate in Secretarial Course Sigma Epsilon. Secretary. LAURIN A. HARSON TUCKAHOE, NEVV YORK B. S. in Meellzlniczll Engineering DONALD L. HARTMANN LA PORTE, INDIANA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Treas- urer: Sigma Phi Delta, Vice-Pres- identt Student Council, Treasur- erg Inter-Fraternity Council. DEAN D. HARVEY COLDWATER, MICHIGAN B. S. in Meelmnieal Engineering MURREL J. HENRICKSI MOHALL, NORTH DAKOTA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, Vice- President. DAVID A. HILLMAN DOXVAGIAC, MICHIGAN B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Alpha Gamma Upsilon: Student Council: Tri-Angle Staff. JAMES G. HINKLE FIKACKVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA B, S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, Secretary: Inter-l+'raternity Coun- cil. RICHARD M. HODGE MAPLEXVOOD, OHIO B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, Sec- retary, College Band: Amateur Radio Society, President: Rifle Club. WALTER W. HOLCOMB BELDING, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers. JOHN INGELLIS BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. ALVIN I. JACOBS DOBBS FERRY, NEW YORK B, S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society PHYLLIS I. JENNINGS HAMILTON, INDIANA Certificate in Secretarial Course Sigma Epsilon. FORREST L. JOHNSON ANGOLA, INDIANA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Sigma Epsilon. DONALD G. JORDAN VVOLCOTTVILLE, INDIANA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Tau Sigma Eta. GEORGE KARR AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. JAMES F. KEMP MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA B, S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: Phi Kappa, President, Secretary: Tri-Angle Staff, Sports Reporter: Financial and Legal Society. AUSTIN R. Q. KENNEDY SPANISH POINT, BERMUDA B. S, in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: International Students Associ- ation: Society of Automotive En- gineers. KENNETH KINOSHITA HANAPEPE, KAUAI, HAWAII B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. IVAN W. KUHNS FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Mu Sigma: Mechanical En- gineering Society. KENNETH J. KUNST GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN B, S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Beta Sigma Tau: Society of Auto- motive Engineers. FRANK S. LA BONTE ITHACA, NEXV YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Secre- tary: Student Council. CLYDE L. LANDRUM SUPERIOR, VVISCONSIN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Societyg Society of Automotive Engineers. FRED E. LELVIS TROUT CREEK, MICHIGAN B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society, Auditor: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurerg Student Council. HUGH I. MAGUIRE PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society ROBERT MAKO GARY, INDIANA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Societyg Sigma Phi Delta, Chaplain. ROBERT F. MATTSON RUTLAND, MASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. LARUE W. MQMILLEN VVOODLAND, MICHIGAN B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. THOMAS E. MEGARGLE COLDIVATER, MICHIGAN B. S. in Business Administration Alpha Gamma Upsilon, President, Vice-President: Student Council: Inter-Fraternity Council, Sports Manager: .Iunior Class 1950, Treasurer. RUDY J. MENDE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS B. S. in Accounting Sigma Epsilon: Financial and Le- gal Society. GONZALO D. MENDEZ- SUAREZ UNION DE REYES, MATANZAS, CUBA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers: International Students Associ- ation, Treasurer. ROBERT W. MILKIE NUTLEY, NEVV JERSEY B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society, ROBERT N. MILLER LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society DONALD E. MONROE RICHMOND, INDIANA B. S .in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Vice-Chair- man, Treasurer: Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Treasurer. DOMINGO MORENO RINCON, PUERTO RICO B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Automotive Engineers. EDWARD R. NIDAY COLUMBUS, OHIO B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Tau Sigma Eta, JOHN E. O'BRIAN ROCHESTER, NEVV YORK B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Afhliate Chapter, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Secretary: Sigma Mu Sigma: Riile Club. JOSE MARIA OLIVIERI BOLIVAR, VENEZUELA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society THOMAS D. OWENS ELKHART, INDIANA B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary: Glider Club, Director: Tau Sigma Eta: Riiie and Pistol Association: Var- sity Rifle Team: Varsity Club. EDWARD F. PALAGYI CONNEAUT, OHIO B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society: Phi Kap- pa: Student Council, GUILLERMO PEREZ MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society! Phi Iota Alpha. JAMES A. PORTER OVVOSSO, MICHIGAN B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society. JOHN E. RAMSDELL, JR. CORNING, NEVV YORK B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, Vice-President, Secretary: Beta Sigma Tau, Vice-President, Treas- urer: Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary: Junior Class, Vice- President: Student C o u n c i 1: Booster Club. WILLIAM I. ROBINSON READING, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. JOSEPH A. ROCKWELL 'rIP'roN, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Alpha Gamma Upsilon, Sports Manager: Student Council. ROBERT JOHN ANDREW RODEN SOUTH BEND, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Society of Automotive Engineers: Inter-Fra- ternity Council, Treasurer, Sports: Varsity Basketball: Student Coun- cil: Financial and Legal Society: Rifle Team. GERALD M. RODMAKER MILAN, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society! Kappa Sigma Kappa: Inter-Fra- ternity Council: Booster Club, RICHARD J. ROMANEK LANSFORD, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Sigma Phi Delta: Tau Sigma Eta: Stu- dent Council: Rifle Club: Junior Class, Secretary. GERMAN RONCANCIO BOGOTA, COLOMBIA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society: Phi Iota Alpha, President, Vice-Pres- ident. Secretary: Financial and Legal Society. JOSEPH I. ROOSSIEN SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical lCn::inceriin:,' lvlechanical Engineering Society. HENRY B. ROWLAND GILEENPORT, L. I., NEXV YORK B S. in Radio Engineering . lladio Engineering Society: Col- lege Band: Amateur Radio Soci- ety, Trustee. ALBERT J. SCHIRO BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT B. S in Administrative Engineer- im.: ll. 24 in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Alpha. Gamma Epsilon. BRUCE M. SCOLES MANSIPIELD, OHIO Il. S. in Radio l1:ll!.Iill00l'ill2.' Tau Sigma Eta: Tri-State Chris- tian lfellowship, Missionary Sec- retary. FRITZ H. SCHULZE HAIXIBIYIIG, GERNIANY B. S. in Radio lQllfJ,'iIll'l'l'ill1g Radio Engineering Society: Sig- ma Phi Delta: Inter-Fraternity Council: Student Council. ROBERT G. SEIFERT SOUTH BEND, INDIANA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa. JOSEPH F. SMILEY ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering Society: Society of Automotive Engineers. WALTER R. SNYDER STERLING, ILLINOIS B. S. in Accounting' Sigma Epsilon: Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice-President, Secretary, Treas- urer: Tri-Angle Staff, Business Manager. MIGUEL SOLANO POPAYAN, COLOIVIBIA B. in Civil Engineering Phi Iota Alpha. RICHARD L. STOUGHTON OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. Treasurer: Sigma Phi Delta, Pres- ident, Treasurer: Inter-Fraternity Council, President: Skull and Bones C. O. A., Secretary: Junior Class, President. GUILLERMO E. SUAREZ- GARCIA CARACAS, VENEZUELA B. S. in Electrical Engineering' Electrical Engineering Society! Society of Automotive Engineers: International Students Associ- ation. BARNEY K. SUGIYAMA KAMLOOPS, B. C., CANADA B. S, in Chemical Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society: Beta Sig- ma Tau. TED P. SUMMA, JR. FORTY FORT, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society, Vice President: Beta Sigma Tau, President, Vice-President: Inter- Fraternity Council: Student Coun- cil: Tri-Angle Staff, Reporter: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Junior Class, Treasurer: Tri-State Stu- dent Director. JANE M. TAKARA HONOLULU, HAWAII B. S. in Business Administration Sigma Epsilon: International Stu- dents Association, Secretary: Tri- Angle Staff, News Reporter. RICHARD W. TRACY BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT B. S. in Civil Engineering Beta Phi Theta, Secretary: Civil Engineering Society. LAWRENCE T. TSUBAKIHARA LANAI, KAUAI, HAWAII B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. FRED E. VANHUSS ELIZABETH, TENNESSEE B. S. in l'l00ll2llli0Zll Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. NEIL M. WHITE CHARLESTON, VVEST VIRGINIA B. S, in Chemical Engineering Student AfHliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society. President, Treasurer: Kappa Sigma Kappa, President: Skull and Bones C. O. A., Treasurer: Sophomore Class, Vice-President: Student Council: Tri-Angle Staff: Tri-State .Iunior Chamber of Commerce: Flying Thunderbirds Inc., President. ROSS A. WHITE CLARKSBURG, VVEST VIRGINIA B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Secretary: Inter-Fraternity Council: Flying Thunderbirds Inc., Treasurer. THOMAS A. WHITE CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA B, S. in Chelnicul Engineering Student Affiliate Chapter, Amer- ican Chemical Society, President, Treasurer: Sigma Mu Sigma, President: Student Council, Pres- ident: VVho's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities: I n t e r-Fraternity Council, Vice-President: Tri-State Junior Chamber of Commerce, Vice-President: Skull and Bones, C. O. A., Treasurer: Financial and Legal Society: Senior Class, Pres- ident. MICHAEL E. WILSON BROOKLYN, NEVV YORK B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences: A I p h a Gamma Upsilon, Treasurer. WILLIAM S. WINCHELL VVOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS B. S. in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society: Tri- State Christian Fellowship, Pres- ident. RONALD E. WITTHOHN ELMHURST, L, I., NEW YORK B. S. in Civil Engineering Ciyil Engineering Society: Sigma Mu Sigma. SAMUEL J. YOUNES BOLTON, NEW YORK B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Tri-State Branch, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Treasur- er: Phi Kappa, Treasurer: Inter- Fraternity Council: Financial and Legal Society. ROBERT R. ZARNOSKY MARNE, MICHIGAN B. S. in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Society. JOHN A. ZDRAZIL CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN B. S, in Radio Engineering Radio Engineering Society. KENNETH L. ZUVER WI-IITING, INDIANA B. S. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Society, Cor- responding Secretary: Alpha Gam- ma Upsilon, Executive Commit- tee: Ride and Pistol Association. THADDEUS P. ZYCK OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA B. S. in Chemical Engineering Student Alfliiate Chapter, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Vice-Pres- ident: Sigma Phi Delta: Varsity Baseball. T ZH A' ki' T.S.C.. 5 fa, NNN N N N5 X XX NN vw xxxxxw XX When, who Hmong, IL aI'l'l,Q!7,l,Cdl'l, fnllaqm, and 'Zfl1uvmw1tLQ.4, 1953 1954 Cfwxclz III 1660111141011 0 Ollhflllltlllll zfmufs Ill llllL1C'l"SlJlJ clmlusfalp alll lllll cfzslup Rxehlrd Arthur Brune ohn Henry Bartels John Edw 1rd Brunner H.1r1y Melvm Castle Harold Veree Clark Iulmn Worth Dees Jack Edwud Donaldson oseph Rollnd Glmbardella Lenlrd Jack Hardtn C1lv1n Fong Karn Benlto Kodljat Kenneth Iames Kunst Kenneth Freder1ck M1ller Liwrence D1v1s Rowe Walter Rie Snyder Benuamln Paul Taylor John Norbert TUFSRIS Thomas Alan Wh1te ,Qn!z,.IzAiuzq,aA, aI'1'l.Q!?LC6ll'L 6'vllfzq.Q, 1953 1954 In lecoonzflofz 0 0IlfSfll7ldll1 sfb01mslJ1jJ and lradculjzp joseph E Alien james Bledsoe Robert Fuller F1 Ink Kublc Dun Lawrence Albert M1kol.1jczyk Robert XV3ll3CC Nell Whlte Thonms Wh1te Roy Woodard NNNNNXXXX NN NNNWX NN X XNNNNNX K ffff ffjlf - KN N I X X Z ' 9 su wx ', 1 " , J ' Q . , ' ' ' 1 Ray Millard Mitchhart J A ki an s I 9 ' W, ff! fffwf ', 1 0 NNN .5cholafmlup,JiQq, dwmda, S1111 Sumfmr Fall 1953 WllIfUl 1954 Julian Worth Dees oseph R Gambardelll E Dean Lawrence KOlCl11 Nishida Robert D Baker lohn H Bartels Harry E Beane Myron K Beechy Toseph D Birk Tames A Bledsoe Giry L Bordner lames A Brown Harold V Clark Tack Donaldson Tamts L Donmoyer Edward Dwyer Donald Dysert Byron Fishbaugh Thomas G Foster Tomas Furth Merrill B Gordon Albert Guilford Charles Frank Harris Theodore A Jacobs Donald G Jordan Calvin Fong Kam Will1amJ Kelly r Clarence W Kimball Benito Kodijat Kenneth Kunst Irving Kurman Wallace A Lobdell Gerald Lutz BNN NN wx N XX GOLD KEYS Robert Obee John Taggart Harold R Weitzcl Lyle Wilcox SILVER KEYS William MCKeown Hugh T Maguire Joseph Mariott Paul W Martin Albert Mikolajczyk Kenneth F Miller Paul A Monteith Yukitoshi Morikawa Richard W Ness Edward Nlday Thomas D Owens Medford Pettit Howard C Post Harold Quast Carl S Raney Richard E Romanels Albert J Schiro Bruce Scoles Jack W Snow Walter R Snyder Dayle R Stevens William Stiefel Benjamm Paul Taylor ohn Turskis Walter Waddell Robert Wallace Robert Wiesener Domenic Wilyat NNNX NNXXQXN XX N XX Xxx N XXX X 'HX X I X 'll jf!!! 1 y J, ,-,, P T ga I is s i I F7 5 . J A I Richard D. Brune William G. Murdock, Jr. . f. J x x X X X X i I X f 1 fl ' I ' I f 1 1 Howard Hoolihan Harold Hoolihan Ronald Pufahl FACULTY ADVISOTRS Hara, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President. .........,..,....,.............. Don B. Huff President .,.................,...... Vvalter Snyder Vice-Presldent and Vice-President and Secretary ..........,..,......,,.. Harold Harris Secretary .................... Dean Lawrence Treasurer ...,..,..,.,....,......... VVa1ter Snyder Treasurer ..........,........,.....,,,.... Jim Bledsoe FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .....................,.. Robert VVa11ace President .,,,....,......,......., Dean Lawrence Vice-President and Vice-President and Secretary .......,................ VValter Snyder Secretary ..,..................... James Bledsoe Treasurer .....,.,....,.., .......... C arl Raney Treasurer ........,,,..... ....... M yron Beechy Alpha Beta Alpha, the honorary commercial society, was founded in September of 1938. The Society was originated to recognize outstanding scholarship and leader- ship among students in the Department of Commerce. The objects of the Society are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, and to develop character. A combination of ability and earnest effort is required to become a member, in- deed a worthy honor as is shown by the active support and interest taken in the Society by the alumni members who frequently attend its quarterly banquets. Under the guidance of Professor H. R. Hoolihan, Head of the Department of Commerce, and H. W. Hoolihan, Associate Professor in Commerce, the Society en- courages its members and all future members to maintain a high scholastic standing. To be eligible for membership, a student must maintain an average grade of "B" for four successive terms with no more than one "C", or an average grade of "AH for three successive terms. The high ideals, set by Alpha Beta Alpha as a standard, could Well serve as a goal for all students of the Department of Commerce. Myron Beechy Dean Lawrence dgbha, am dgaha. James Bledsoe Carl Raney Thomas Foster Walter Snyder AW Paul Taylor Robert Wallace y A .r .1 . . qs.: gs 4' Q N. 4-mm 1 i 'V .. a Q wt.. . N,-Mi' ' as eland S. AX Ross Butler Wayne Champion Jw, ., 4 ,, , '. - 'jg V . 7 . 3 .1 ,3 - . - . M .M ..Q, , .,,. 3 ,..... .. . . ,W 'ff 1' ,i?f',:'yi4f 112,41 4f2Q'. ",1.a , ff"f', A ff. ,fi -rw, ,:Qf" -1' ,:,'i?f few, f . 1 We-,avf 1. - , :af . , .. ,I . 4 gfiiq. ,gf 1 ah f ,I ,, 'M ' I f ., j AV, VWW X , fry. - X I If . 64,1 f ' X I . wh' 2 rim Robert C0014 Quintin Hawthorne John Jarrett Arthur Kline Harold Hoolihan Howard Hoolihan Gerald H. Moore an , Bunn, 0.6. Q SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 5 President .............,..,.......,,.... Roy VVoodard President ....,..........r,....,.... Ray lvlitohhart Vice-President .,,. .....,,.. I lov Mitt-hhart Vice-President .,.....,...,.,,... Marion Vvikle Secretary ............ v...... L awrence Rowe Secretary ....,..... ...,. 1 liehard Stoughton Treasurer ,.,......,,..........,..,. Ray Mitchihart Treasurer ................,...,.,.....,,,. Neil Wiiite FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ........................ Lawrence Rowe President .....,,,............ Richard Stoughton Vice-President ......1.......,,.,.,.. Paul Taylor Vice-President ...........v.... Thomas XVi!iite Secretary .,.,....,,.. ..,......., B ob Fuller Secretary .......... ........ J oseph Altieri Treasurer ,,.,.1. Tom VVhite Treasurer ..... .....,. R obert Fuller In the spring of 1948 the foundation was laid for Skull and Bones, C. O. A., an honorary society. Membership in Skull and Bones, C. O. A. is by election and based on the student's participation and leadership in campus organizations and activ- ities. The purpose of this honorary organization, national in scope, is to recognize outstanding leadership of students in extra-curricular activities, to encourage and promote student activities, to stimulate student brotherhood and spirit, and to forever Theodore T. Wood Ms Ygssx 'R em vs is 'ss ss is x F Q. Y? 151' 'i ii . i f--4 -f -i 5:1-, :'f-4-die. ' ' '. :N-T-'irtrf:::ffa.':.,'. as.-si.,-31:3 Q ,iss-.:-qw-gs:-s.., 4. :v..A--says 1' '5 .' -z..-frgfy. s wtf. New -' .5 5. .,, X...-1,:,-:iq.,s. .sewage ' y.,--wsrw. :.s g-. -' ' ..,....,f , N. . . K. ,N . . ss. .-. vi 5-,s...w,-as 1:-as we -1: . Q . - .QMw.-f5"'gi:'b.1iT:.r-Q. .5 N.. .......M..-. - sk A -. we 4+ .R ' ' 'W"5'73..wQ "YW SX-livin" J J 5,3 4,75-.I wg, Q,-K W 1 f , .,'x.Qf,s e.,-. Mt 1-,. s , 4. Q ef-www 0. 3,-S-,W . .., ...X N., -em ep N.--sn.. er. 5 Q5 ,..,w+? 55.5 honor to the highest degree the traditions and prestige of Tri-State College. it 1 i c .5 55-.1 ..t 1-was 4:-Y . " .. .e - B ""' fVX :Y 1-+. 1 A. ' i' " . 4. sf? ., ' 3 Y' XX B s N N sk so XX 5 X E eg X W Y v B wx 4. X x 5 X x A Q XXEXA ,Nix '31-2 . N R s. Xe 0 s vdxxs QX 'f E59 A X Nszfim 5 , Y X 5 Q13 4 X 1 Q X X N' 'wi J.-Jffsi'-'Hip-. x 4's'sgSi's3gi2-XRNSTQQ if ssh as-.w".g - " -N-..Q- ...ts f .es s.-Q .A A V 'w'.f...F5w......s Qi Lyle Oleson Ronald Pufahl Glenn Radcliffe Robert Ramsay Billy Sunday 'WK 'Naf 'NNN -ru HP' 2 we New 'M "-Nausea f. . c,.,. R' if Wulf' WNV' if? we if , Z 5, if f .ff 5 2 ' j J , N -We MJ 'X 'wi 5lculLannLJ5'nnQA.,60Q Joseph Alfieri Don Conklin Ron Engels Robert Fuller Dean Lawrence Albert Mikolajczyk Ray Mitchhart George Munschauer Lawrence Rowe Richard Stoughton Ted Summa Paul Taylor Robert Wallace Neil White Thomas White Marion Wikle Ferdinand Worsa James D. Griffin President Secretary Treasurer President Secretary Treasurer .... TAU SIGMA ETA PRESIDENTS FOR 1953-1954 Nfpwwwrdlvffw Lenard Jack Hardin Kenneth F. Miller Tomas Furth .7 i 614 SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,,.,J3,nieg Griffin President .,,...................,...Kenneth Miller , ,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. Wfilliam MeKe0wn Secretary ,...... ,,,......., T omas Furth .....,..,,........A1bert Mikolajczyk Treasurer ..........................Merri11 Gordon FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 ............................Lenard Hardin President Furth ,,,,,,,,Dona1d Dysert Secretary Viforth Dees .......Kenneth Miller Treasurer ......A1be1't Gui1ford Tau Sigma Eta, honorary engineering society, was incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana, on April 10, 1930. Membership in this society is one of the rewards received by students for outstanding scholastic achievements in the School of Engineering. Requirements for admission into membership are four quarters of college work with a minimum of twenty hours work during each of the four quarters, a scholastic average of 2.1 out of a possible 3.00, with not more than five C's or C-plus. A grade of D or lower disqualifies a student from mem- bership. An average of A for three successive quarters automatically creates eligibility for member- ship. Members of the society must maintain an average of 2.0 to be considered active. Tau Sigma Eta encourages brotherhood and good fellowship, a well balanced social program, and the maintenance of high scholastic records. A banquet is held each quarter as a climax to the quar- ter's activities and aids in encouraging and fostering the ideals of the society. The used book sale at the beginning and end of each quarter is one of the organization's functions. FACULTY ADVISORS ,seven X, '5 " - 'X x nn- .X .4 'H- Richard Byers Harold Mills James Shaheen gang Nw' 'Yew' jan, Sigma, fin, l Robert Baker Joseph Birk W' -Qfiffff' 3 4 , Q William McKeown P A i Harold Clark s J. Worth Dees Albert Mikolajczyk Ray Mitchhart Jack Donaldson Donald Dysert "K"'6"'?" Edward Niday Thomas Owens Merrill B. Gordon Albert Guilford V Sr' Richard Romanek Bruce Scoles C. Frank Harris k"N-nl' wsfwqf "Mm" Dayle Stevens William Stiefel Donald Jordan ww Walter Waddell Harold Weitzel IKE? Gerald Lutz F E Q I 2 5 Theodore Jacobs FRONT ROVV, left to right: Joseph Toman, Vililliam Marvez, Tom Foster, Ted Summa. MIDDLE ROW: Joseph Aliieri, VVil1iam XN'ang'ler, Bill Flanigan, Neil X'Vl1ite, XYillis Oberliaus, Tom XVhite, Ron Engels. BACK IIOXV: Harold Quast, Dick Stoughton, Gerald Lutz, llobert Milkie, Ron Urgitis. jmljfate ,Student Qbmctalm, The Tri-State Student Directors group was instituted during the winter quarter of 1954 and has been ofhcially recognized by the college as an honorary organization of distinction and prestige. The purpose of the group is to be of service to the college. Membership is by selection only and is based on scholastic achievement, leadership, co- operation, dependability and willingness to serve. Functions include service during registration and orientation programs and other college affairs. Tri-State Student Directors serve under the direction of the Dean of students. Student Directors not shown include Robert Fuller, Roland Finn. Albert Guilford, Dean Lawrence, Robert Levonian, Pauline Mason, Carl Raney and Kwan llim. The four students pic-tured below aided in the orgnnizrttion of the group. ww 'WW Marion Wikle Ray Mitchhart Albert Mikolajezyk George Munsehauer fo, 1' X 'Q f an Q, 0" 5 -' Arr X I lx ': I xx I I' 1 I Y I 1 1 v X! F' 5' W jfzaimnlliu, 00 0 , . ,P o B S E "3 0 4' 0 4' 0 Q42 ,,' 0 o 0000 mini J? 66, 25 WHS Q51 'umuk ii cy-:-oem-s-QQ C9 G , , x 9 ws V Ney FIRST ROXV: Eugene Field, Dean Lawrence, Richard Stoughton, Frank Collins, Sain Younes, Charles F, Provan, Thomas A. Vifihite. SECOND ROXV: Howard Payne, Donald Hartmann, Rill Avery, John Ranisdell, John Condiff, Tommy Trent, Rodrigo C. Fuentes, Gerald Rodniaker. THIRD ROXV: Tony Lauletta, Lawrence Rowe, VVilliani Dileo, George Sasich, Frank Santora, Luis de la Cruz, Ted P. Summa. Qnfm -jimi ' fozufzicll SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President .....,,,............ Richard Stoughton President ,...........,....... Michael DeFraneo Vice-President ..............., Thomas XVhite Vice-President ,, .....,,. Frank Collins Secretary ...,....,,.. ...... C harles Provan Secretary ............ .,....,.., . Tohn Ranisdell Treasurer ,.......... ................. R obert Roden Treasurer .................,..,... Dean Lawrence FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ...,,,............ Richard Stoughton President .,,,.,.,....,....... Michael DeFranco Vice-President ....,.,........... Frank Collins Vice-President ............ XVilliani W'angler Sec-retai-y ..,...,.,.. .,...,.. C harles Provan Secretary ........... .i........ J ohn Ramsdell Treasurer .. ,....... Dean Lawrence Treasurer . ...,..l. Hfilliam Dileo The Inter-Fraternity Council is the fraternity man's Congress, serving to unite the mutual interests of member fraternities and to promote better and closer relation- ships within the faculty, student body, and fraternities. Two representatives from each fraternity recognized by the college are authorized to attend meetings each week to plan and direct fraternity activities on the campus. Operating with the full cooperation of the faculty, the council plans social and athletic activities for the student body. Fraternity representatives, acting with the guidance and on suggestions of their fraternities, exercise initiative and leadership in supervising the affairs of the council. The Inter-Fraternity Council has grown to be one of the most effective organiza- tions on the campus, through the action of well-qualified fraternity representatives. is MARY FOWLER 1154421115 ' 9 M :" .wus num!! ul-'lv LEFT TO RIGHT: Marshall Brunden, Secretary: Lewis Armitage, President: Harold Oquist, Vice-President: Paul Guisewhite, Treasurer. dlpha, 5 'wc SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ..........,........... William Graharn President ......................,. Lewis Armitage Vice-President ..,......... Robert Verheyen Vice-President .......,.......... Harold Oquist Secretary ......,............,......,. Donald Dysert Secretary .........,.......... Marshall Brunden Treasurer ...................,,... Lewis Armitage Treasurer ........,,........ Paul E. Guisewhite FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ,,,.......,,.......... Robert Verheyen President ..,...................,,...... John Condiff Vice-President ............ VVilliam Graham Vice-President ............ Anthony Lauletta Secretary ,....,...... ...... D uane Sc-hmaltz Secretary ..................., Marshall Brunden Treasurer ........ ..,.... M ichael VVi1Son Treasurer .................. Paul E. Guisewhite Lambda Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon came into being May 8, 1949, when the members of Delta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Chi, a leading fraternity on the campus since the fall of 1927, decided that affiliation with a rapidly-growing national collegiate fraternity would give its members and alumni greater prestige and popular- ity. The growth of the chapter as well as that of the national organization has proved the soundness of the decision made by the charter members. In addition to a well-rounded social calendar climaxed by our national convention in the spring of each year, Alpha Gamma Upsilon observes two special days. Founders' Day is celebrated each year on October 10 to commemorate the founding of our fra- ternity on that date in 1922 and to honor our founders. Omega Day is observed each year on the Sunday nearest to February 1, and is dedicated to the memory of our brothers who have passed away. The keyword of the aims of Alpha Gamma Upsilon is brotherhood. We believe that only by applying this basic principle of Christianity can the members of a fra- ternity live and work together in harmony and build lasting friendships. To become a true fraternity man is the goal each member is constantly serving to reach. By selecting as members only those whom we believe possess the qualities essential for be- coming such fraternity men, we hope to secure even greater success for Alpha Gamma Upsilon in the coming years. 9-....,,f' Lewis Armitage Gary Bordner Carlton Edwards Wayne Boruff Marshall Brunden john Fitzpatrick Paul Guisewhite Joseph Birk Gordon Burrows Robert Haber Henry Haladay John Condiff Jim Davidson Ernest Heimlich David Hillman Guy Dion Henry Duplessis Howard Jordan Steve Kobelak Don Dysert Richard Kennedy up 'df' WW ww New 'wr Wi Byron Rouse Anthony Lauletta George Liacopoulos Duane Schmaltz Albert Schiro Richard McKay William McKeown John Stanley Charles Torgler Thomas Megargle Richard Mollica Fred Van Huss Kenneth Villermain Donald Monroe Harold Oquist Robert Verheyen Michael Wilson Philip Parker Robert Ramirez Kenneth Zuver Joseph Rockwell 'ww 7990 AQ' M ,4 ,nf Qa- W 14 fx? ww., 9 97-0 ' ,sy- sv' W p -MX Ns : ii . , .. -W f I L + ' Q' Q Q ,f. , .Q 'X . 'iv' .x , Y-V N,...N. 4,,, g ,Y W , 1' A ,Q , x .N S W ' M f. FRAN MCKISSICK , ,f f K X, 2 ' Q 1 469315 "1 5 xx " Q ! 4, 7 4 jwmfhnani , lpha, Sigma, .1 -QW s....... LEFT TO RIGHT: Esmond Bernier, Secretary: Myron Beeehy, Treasurerg Robert YVallat-e, Presidentg Don Zimmerman, Vice-President. lu, Jnafnmdq, BETA OMICRON CHAPTER SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ............,.,..,.........,.. Jack Hardin President ....,..,..,..,..,..,.... Robert YVallat-e Vice-President ..,. ,.....,,, R obert Johnson Vice-President .,.v,,,. Donald Zimmerman Secretary ...,...... .,,..,.. D ean Lawrence Secretary .......,... ..............,..... E d Bernier Treasurer ............,,.r............ Joseph Alfieri Treasurer .....................,.... Myron Beecliy FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ...........,,v,,.,.1...,.,........ Earl Davis President .............,.....,........ Joseph Aliieri Vice-President ................ Ron Engels Vice-President ................ Joseph Toman Secretary ........., ,,,,.... 1 Robert Wallace Secretary ,.....,..,. ...... T homas Foster Treasurer ...... ....,,.. M yron Beec-hy Treasurer ....... ....... M yron Beet-hy Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845 and is the tenth oldest national social fraternity. It is one of the larger fraternities and is a charter member of the National Interfraternity Conference. The Beta Omicron Chapter dates back to 1925 when it was known as the Phi Lambda Tau Fraternity. Four years later, Phi Lambda Tau merged with Alpha Delta Alpha, a national fraternity. In 1935, Alpha Delta Alpha disbanded but through the efforts of its local members, a chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi, another national fraterni- ty, was obtained. Eleven years of prosperity passed before Alpha Kappa Pi decided to merge with another great fraternity to form Alpha Sigma Phi. On September 6. 1946, the local chapter became the Beta Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. Alpha Sigma Phi stands for charity, culture, loyalty, patriotism, and perpetual friendship. Its members face a future made brighter by the flame of the personal relationships kindled in the walls of Alpha Sigma Phi. 5 'WW' Anthony Andolina Joseph Gayda Wayne Champion Joseph Alfieri Dale Grimm Myron Beechy Esmond Bernier Robert Hallman Eawzi Carter Abu Diab Earl Davis Jack Hardin Ronald Engels Thomas Foster Robert Johnson Willigmnu Jones Billy Parks E. Dean Lawrence Vernon Peters Robert Root Wfilliam Meliissicli George Sasich Wfillinm Stiefel George Munschauer Fred Terry Thomasson Joseph Toman Robert Murray Robert Wallace Donald Zimmerman 3 31 .1 12 4 L zXf2Z'i! ?s2VE" 7' :K .AS , ixxiw. . QQ-KEY A ' WY 37 Q -x A x,:.MmviwN2Qs.f55n1iiii NIC: , T? Sl ,px X N gi X XX X 'sf X Qk'X?bQi'nx W QQ A X ,,,, SYBIL ELLIFF nl B fa, jhata, f 1 , ,iw , Q f, f-rf f, S S S xx WX dai NM 1 uk! fi LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Cooper, President: Myron De Franco, Vice-President: Tommy Trent, Secretary: VVi1liam Dileo, Treasurer. Baia, Phi jluzta, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President .......,...,......,....... Charles Spirek President .........,.............,.. Richard Cooper Vice-President ....,,,, Thomas A. Hughes Vice-President ....,,.,,, Myron de Franco Secretary ........., .,i,i,,...,.... O mar Crafton Secretary ..,........ .....,.,.., T homas Trent Treasurer ...........,.....,u..,....., Omer Crafton Treasurer ,....,..,..,.....,,......... VVi11iam Dileo FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ........,........, Thomas A. Hughes President .,................,,.. Myron de Franco Vice-President .,,.i.,..,.....,., Frank Hodge Vice-President ...,.......,.... Leonard Bloom Secretary .,1.,..,... ....... M yron de Franco Secretary .......... .,..,...,..,. R ichard Tracy Treasurer ........,,,. ,.,...... P Richard Cooper Treasurer ........... ....... R obert Wliiteford Beta Phi Theta was founded at the Milwaukee State Normal School in 1917. Plans for expansion were made in 1923, and since that time strong fraternity groups from other institutions have become afhliated with Beta Phi Theta. The history of the Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta on the Tri-State College campus dates back to 1922 when a group of young men banded together as "The Four Eleven Gangf' their sole purpose being the promotion organization, Lambda Phi Epsilon was born. As the grew and the college gave recognition to fraternities in vantage of national membership and the Delta Chapter Delta Chapter has never lost sight of the ideals of five years of good fellowship, leadership and scholastic of good fellowship. From this membership of this fraternity 1929, members realized the ad- of Beta Phi Theta was formed. its founders during its twenty- achievement at Tri-State Col- lege. Our policy of selecting for brotherhood men of courage, initiative, and fortitude has insured lasting life and leadership for our fraternity. Our house at 112 South Darling Street, although not the largest, is one of the most home-like, and is truly a "home away from home" for our brothers during their stay at Tri-State. if is 417 Darrel Billings Walter Cunningham Roy David Branson Myron De Franco Leonard Bloom William Dileo Rchard Cooper Norman Feichter Francis Hodge WWW Thomas Hughes Norman Robinson Bruce Johnson Richard Tracy Robert Mann Tommy Trent James C. Norman Robert Whiteford if TS: 'W lf. V 'vAV1.1A NELLIE MITZMAN Swzatlmwxt of Baia, Sigma, Jan, 52"'6m'P'f MMMQWMQWW' Theodore Summa Cleve Johnson Irving Kurman Vice-President Secrefary Tl'CLZSZl1'Pl' OFFICERS, WINTER QUARTER, 1954 Uosepla Ganzbarrlella, Presirlent, not picfzufedj feta, ' Jan, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ,,,,,,4,,,,,,..,,,,,,...,.., Marvin Harris President ......,............... Joe Gambardella Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,., Guy Dougherty Vice-President ,......,....,......... Ted Summa Secretary ,,,.,,,,,.,, Cleveland Johnson Jr. Secretary .....,....,. Cleveland Johnson, Jr. Treasurer .,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,., ..., E ugene Depew Treasurer ............,......,...... Irving Kurman FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Albert Mikolaczyk President .............,.,........,....... Ted Summa Viee-Pre-Sident ,4.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... John Morgan Vice-President .... ......... I rving Kurman Secretary ,,,,,,,,.,,, ..,,,,,,,,,.... H enry Chapla Secretary .........., .........., J ack Hipc-hen Treasurer -.,,.,,, ,,,.,e, X Villiam Denniston Treasurer ....... ........ X William Diacek Beta Sigma Tau,s chapter at Tri-State College had its beginnings on October 13, 1950, when Theta Mu Pi officially afliliated with the national fraternity, Beta Sigma Tau. Beta Sigma Tau was founded in May, 1948, at Chicago. The first convention consisted of seventy-five delegates from eleven colleges. A constitution based on equality, understanding and unity was adopted. Beta Sigma Tau is unique because membership is not restricted because of race, creed or religion. Prejudice on a college level is ignorance, and not intelligence. In 1937 the Jewish undergraduates on the Tri-State campus formed a Jewish fraternity. This chapter Was active until the outbreak of World War II when the chapter was temporarily discontinued because of the membership going into the Armed Forces. After the war, Theta Mu Pi, Alpha Chapter, was formed. In the winter of 1949 Theta Mu Pi elected to become a non-sectarian organization. The aim of the new c-rganization was to foster the educational, social and spiritual life of its members. This chapter became Beta Sigma Tau at Tri-State. John Bradbury Harry Ste lling Earl Wilbur Jackson Benjamin Martin 'fMOH1,, Johnson More Mitzman Zor Meneshian Albert Mikolajczyk Joseph Bondar William Denniston John Morgan Richard Pflug Wfilliam Dia Guy Dou cek gherty Charles Provan John Fisher Kenneth Quoon Lewis Grudzien John Ramsdell Barney Sugiyama Vern Hart Eugene Hsu William Wade Eugene Zutz f x f , X 'WWW 1 r www PEGGY SUE CARLTON iwmthaanf, ng Jfappa, Sagma, Jfappa, e LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Granger, treasurer: Charles W'est, Secretaryg Neil White, President: Rex Edmonds, Vice-President. Zappa, ' Jfapprr SUMMER 1953 FALL 1953 President ,..,..,.A...,....,.........,...... Neil White President .,..................,,.,.....,.... Neil VVhite Vice-President ......,... James Bock Vice-President ,.,,.... Dick Jaques Secretary ,,,,..,... ......... . James Hinkle Secretary .......... ,.....,,. D on Conklin Treasurer ,,,,....,,i........,...... Gordon Bryant Treasurer .............,,.,v .,,wv.i J ames Hinkle WINTER 1954 SPRING 1954 President ....,..,.................,.,...... Neil White President ..........,.......,.,....... Charles West Vice-President ,,4. ,. ,....... Rex Edmonds Vice-President ....,.... ,...,.. R obert Seifert Seq-retai-5' ..4,,,,4.. ....... C harles West Secretary .......... ..,.. D avid King Treasurer ,.,.,i, ...,.,., J ay Granger Treasurer ...... 1..... J ay Ganger Indiana Gamma chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa, international social fraternity, took its place among the campus fraternities on March 17, 1952. While new in name the fraternity has proved its worth as one of the older organizations on the campus. Kappa Sigma Kappa was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1867. For many years following the Civil War, new chapters were installed mainly in southern colleges, but since 1935, a chapter has been installed in nearly every state, as well as in several foreign countries. Today, Kappa Sigma Kappa has more than seventy active chapters. Jerome Burtt Faculty Advisor William Clune Williain Avery Don Conklin Wayne Bickel John Craig james Bock Gordon Bryant Paul Dahlman Lon Carich John DeBew Rex Edmonds Glen Gray Jerry Flanigan James Hinkle Richard Hodgins Wallace Force Ronald Irons Richard Jaques Robert Fuller David King Edward Kyle Jay Ganger Gordon Leathers WW Fred Lelvis Ron Urgitus John Lewis Joseph Means Charles West Richard Nearing William Pett Alan Winter John Richards Robert Roden Ross White Robert Seifert Neil White Z fs Z 5 I Z4 M ga if V fs ' . ' " , 355554 ?S.?Sl.T.ii,i5,.S7,Q'. :Ari ,1 YA fl . 'EKXZSAQPXKBYIBQKVSA . ' 'Gr 31523 LSNEAQQ-' .f ffif ,E H V2 I E I 32 KQV .44 .fS2f'fR, .. x ,, , ' day, NW Zx wgpx X X. X W ggfffgfof i Wag, 0 7 7 1 " X zvgi- fi':ax,Wy ., A MQ, . .,., :Q ' 4 ' . ,.,,. . . ,, , Wi x. f 1 V, , ' ,,.. I 2 1- ' , A 4 4 4 9 4 fi" y ., X Q4 1 f ,S 6 Sb 'vw DI ORAH CARBO ELL nf, Phi Qnfa, FIRST ROVV: Angel Melon, Vice-Presidentg Guillermo Rico, President: Rodrigo Fuentes, Treasurer. BACK ROVV: Guillermo Perez, House Manager: Elias Pifano, Corresponding' Secre- tary: Hernando Villamizar, Secretary: Carlos R. Diaz, Press Historian. lui Quia, dlpha, SUMMER 1953 FALL 1953 President ..,........,....., Frank Diaz-Balart President .......,.,......,.,i,,.... Guillermo Rico Vice-President ............ Fernando Lizano Vice-President .....,..,....,....l, Angel Melon Secretary ,..,.,,.... ......,....., J orge Iriarte Secretary ,.,,.,........ Hernando Villamizar Treasurer ........,.,r.,..,..,.. Rodrigo Fuentes Treasurer ..,...............,..... Rodrigo Fuentes WINTER 1954 SPRING 1954 President ,.,,..,.,,....,.,,..,......... Elias Pifano President .................. German Roncancio Vice-President ,,,,,,,,.... Rodrigo Fuentes Vice-President ,,,,.r...,,,,,.... Ivan Noguera Secretary ,,,,.,.,... ,.,,,.... A lberto Yepes Secretary ,..,..,.... ,.,.,,,.,... A lfonso Yepes Treasurer .....,.....,.......... Alberto Mendieta Treasurer .......... ........ S imon Izaguirre Composed of Latin-American students, Phi Iota Alpha's history dates back to 1921, when it started its activities as Club I-Iispano-Americano. After six years of existence as a club, the organization was registered under the laws of the state of Indiana as the Alpha Chapter of Gamma Eta Alpha fraternity. Joining the ranks later of Phi Lambda Alpha as Eta Chapter, the fraternity did not receive its present designation until 1931. During a national convention on Decem- ber 26, 1931, Phi Lambda Alpha merged with Sigma Iota to form the present organiza- tion, Phi Iota Alpha, of which the organization is Iota Chapter. Under its present title for some nineteen years, the fraternity's aims are to foster a better sense of duty and study among its members and to create that atmosphere which is an integral part of the far-away homes of its members, constantly serving for that great ideal, "The political and economic union of all Latin-American countries," which is the organiza- tion's motto and goal. Pancho Javier Guerra Ramiro Besada L. Erich Castro Efraim Illera A. Luis de la Cruz Frank Diaz-Balart G. Jorge Iriarte M. Carlos Diaz Osvaldo Escudero C. Simon Izaguirre Rodrigo C. Fuentes N. Carlos Gomez B. George LeRoy Angel Melon M. Guillermo Perez V. Hector Montalvo Elias Pifano Guillermo Rico B. Ivan Noguera C. German RoncancioR. Miguel Solano Efren Ortiz P. Jose Villarroel Alberto Yepes V. Julio Cesar Perez V. Alfonso Yepes V. 'Hui fx! X'V, .emma-Q BZ ,.- -GN., Wyfff A if ?"f1ai.w1:Q. , gwif + f .Q fx , J xx Q 5' Q 5 6, A Q X lg , , Qs f 'bk 'C + , 4 1.9 Q 'ff wb if Mwwwm , wa.--v x ' - AW W' 'sf' W J 41 ' A - " .- 'fivlrf , f 4- 1 QQ, 49329 K 3 kim SQ, 'NASE' JS '5Zl??P'ff . ,Weill-'55 ,'21fg,::e',W ,4,,wx.N S - , X MKHQQQ W ,ff 2 4 G r f tj , ,Qg 24 WZ', 1 , Z, by Zj , 9'-'14, ,fff . , -,y U 1 ,ff , ,,f, f 5,- 41 -f , f ,y,, 'Saw Q E ,fy 'WC pf, X M.. b f 2 C' 2145.522 fs-1 'Q , 'ffm-f 1 ,.f:,w-vM,,.4w1.W,b .Q:1:,.g,,,:1,.w9'1:-1, ,:f:ef4Q- -ffgw. 9' ,,:-Q wf - .44---mg'-. -15,:,-0,,-,wg "-aim., 1 W 4 . 'Sf if 'fy .1-1 -.W f:ff:.,,4-zjf' X 'f 0, -f , ..,.. , ..,. , ' s, 4 N M62-"'Ii:. ., vvN.,v, 'ff ,P V5 ,. 2: ,. I H , :-: .. g,.5' ,, ak- .- A f M .f ? ,Q ' gwyjg N, me , ' f 2:51. ,, '- V 4v- .'f',v 1 ' Q,"',. -'4--1 , ' ' X. XS A ' . ' .zz-ci -+'1",?2f :W A- , -1f. ,.,-: 5 ' Q X Q-V 1 --" EA? 4" I '0 '4 A ,AKA a 9 "' , New 10243252 " aff , HQ: X12-. ,S-,rf WM gMwww A 0 , 4..,. X , Q. , X, ,H aag 'b ww N' Q :P 1' gi ' ' " 25 'N " ef," . A R 1 " X, X W S2 'Z f ,N 5 11 1 1.2, :Km,f QMQ 'VV 4 5- 752- :M -:Ix-451-,x,7'. ' -,'j?1,., 'A X -mM.-::-,N -, . ' W- , - -- -QM, . -:Q N' X " Y H . dt X S 0,2525 9 A X , 4 sc, , Q '1. V'- X EWTN QW, HV W . ' ,-1v- w " A ' xr.,-f, -,-39 fm ' , 4 3 W A 95155-'El"",:f N ." +':?S:'f55Q.':,: fx . 'fx-WKPV5 ::.. V' 51,35 LIZ-:x.jx'n,-N ,":f+f5"Qw"x'li4-I" 'Cc ', . Q, - -:sv-:s:. X.q:,,-fi: 810 lr, .Eff 'rwfiwfvw is ' 'gn u f , 1 x A Q 5 ,f Q sv. M 'E x , ie QQ x W Ay, ,X ,J VP' 1235 ' 'M ,ii 3441 ,aww ii? 6 A 1, 'V' 4 22: -SQ ww'-wmwmvaze V if '54 , - ,zz 2 ' , X ff 4 SHQSXQFQ N W Q WK, Y N, '35 2 ,. A 1 Q Q 1 fn ,S . 5 I 'S Q3 ,Z M' W , zwgi, X, Z5 , V3- SI-IIRLEY EYSTER Q .. .K eg? Ag X 4- .4 4 1.,g,,,, Z, 4, wg X1 M5 of Q Y 57 ul Jia w X:X-tw 5 X ,XNw4N1wk3,,X,g QW X XQVW .J ,X X X pea 'Qcr?,fS,5,X ,U X7-fgxswxr XX gwwiig 4 Q ' w isXwy.XwwX,-1f:Ho- - X 'YW ww , w ' X t ,i . - fgzvxvef .X :X X X X.:-fr :X.,, 1w,:,,4,f.sX2f -Q ,VM w ' . sa X5 4 X X, X X Q W VQW W 5 'fi Bffggai KRW x lgwxxsxg X XBXKVSOQ X X xv Q ,Qi fe swag rv. RN EXQQX xwx Q4 30, A kv PN was Xyxsik, AM we X x fx N X X XXX vw Q5 ww wg y , ASX KN Q A 'N am S S W , wu xx X Nw 3 W www NW wg, +1 qv , X W W 0 xx xy Qwz. QQMQQQ ww 4 N N awe QexXQ T' - Q., 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrew Martinez, Vice-President: James Kemp, President: Jerome XYasag, Treasurer: Lewis Molique, Secretary. lui Jfappa, ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER SUMMER 1953 FALL 1953 President ,,,,,,,,.............. Ferdinand XVorSa President ,,.,......7,7, Edward Durrst-hniidt Vit-e-President .....,..,,,.rr.. Paul Kasperski Vice-President ,..,.,..,.....,. vV6'bStEI' Carter Sem-re-tary ,,,,.,,,.. ,Y,.... 1 livliard Monak Sevretary .,,....,,Y.Y..,..,,....... Jerome XVasag Treasurer .....,,,,Y,,....,,,.,,A. Ricliard Dziuba Treasurer ...........,..,.....,..,.,.,., Sam Younes WINTER 1954 SPRING 1954 President ,.........................,.,... James Kemp President ...,...........,,.,,,,.... Robert Karalus Vice-President ...,.....,., Andrew Martinez Vice-President .,..,.......,... Ilivhard Jusko Secretary ......,.., ...,..... L ewis Molique Secretary ...,......,. ...,........... D on YVa11ace Treasurer ,,,r.. ,,...,,,, J erome VVasag' Treasurer ,,...., Harry Jakubowski Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Kappa, at Tri-State College, is the result of earnest efforts on the part of the members of the organization once known as Alpha Gamma Omega. In May, 1943, a charter was sought from Phi Kappa National Catholic Frater- nity, and on January 24, 1944, the Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity became the twen- ty-seventh chapter of Phi Kappa fraternity. Among the many achievements of the chapter in Phi Kappa have been endeavors to maintain the high scholastic standards set by predecessors, as well as participation in all inter-fraternity activities. The main purpose of the group of the Tri-State campus is to aid each member in bettering his efforts in learning, the development of a sense of responsibility and loyaltyg the instilling of a fervent desire to contemplate creatively and to act constructively for the advancement of the organization. Phi Kappa is proud of its accomplishments, and the members are confident their ideals of fraternalism and religion will carry them to ultimate success in their under- takings. Herman Bernhardt William Hughes Webster Carter Lewis Catalino Harry Jakubowski Richard Jusko Frank Collins Donald Copeland Robert Karalus Williana Kelly Leo Donahue Ed Durrsehmidt James Kemp Leon Kessler Dennis Graumann Frank Kubic Andy Martlnez Howard Payne 'Nl ---.AW Paul Michalak 53.-'N Lewis John Molique Frank Santora 'MW James Shuler Rlchard Monak Robert Morm Don Wallace Jerome Wasag Joe Mull1ns James O Nell 'QUIK waive? Ferd Wolrsa Sam Younes Gun-Y' Edward Palagyl Stanley Zyck w 3, 5 E W Z1 4 y Q gIT,5'2.535,i7 N , , S23 2 ' 6Z Zs5+ his 0bNkY?NY XKQIQYQQK5-Q3Rk?N45iviIf'Ni4iW im?" -ILJEE , WRX? '05f.iw, f ZQKTSQBYQSYX4: " 53,15 sPSQSZ "Y' .I, BARBARA QUIMBY 5LU,QQfh.QdhL nf, ' ' S as f A T .. LEFT TO RIGHT: Eugene Field, Se-c'1'etf1.1'Y: XVilliam XVang'ler, President: Tom XVhite, Vice-Presidentx Oliver YVa1'd Ford, Jr., Tre:1su1'e1'. . . I SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President .7....,.,......,....,.....,. Marion YVikle President ..,.....,...,.....,.,............. Toni VVl1ite Vice-President ...........,,,,..... Duncan Ric-e Vice-President .....,,..... XYillia1n VVang1e1' Secretary ..,,,.....A., ...,.,. X Villiam VVang,'le1' Secretary ..,,...,,,,, .......A,,.,.. I Jloyd Dixon Treasurer .........,,,.,.....,........ Oscar Ramge Treasurer ........,....,...,,......,.... Roland Finn FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .....,..1.1,,....,,. YVillia1n XVangle1' President .......,..............,...,.,,,, Roland Finn Vice-President ..,.,,.,............,.,. Tom XVhite Vice-President ......,.....,..,.... Eugene Field Secretary .....,...,.. . ,..,.,,, Gene Field Secretary ........,, ......... I lolmert Baker Treasurer ..,,.... .,.... ,i,.... X N 'ard Ford Treasurer ..,,.. ..... ,....... L W oyle Stevens The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity was founded at Tri-State Col- lege on March 25, 1921, by three Master Masons. This organization was the first fraternity on the campus, therefore it has the distinction of being the oldest recognized fraternal organization at Tri-State. With the aid of nine other Masons, Alpha Chapter was founded primarily as a Masonic local fraternity of national scope with an aim to maintain high scholastic standards and to embrace the advantages of a social fraternity. At first, membership was restricted to Master Masons, but it soon proved to be impractical. By 1940 these rules were revised to include sons and brothers of Masons, or those recommended by three Master Masons. We of Sigma Mu Sigma are proud of our past history and our achievements in the scholastic and social phases. We are continually serving to surpass the goals set by previous memberships. The fraternity's earnest desire is to develop men capable of tak- ing their places in the world with confidence in their ability to meet and associate with other men. Toward this end, the men of Sigma Mu Sigma continue to strive. 3 is Q x N 'X tx X X IN 4 ' 1 W Rx 5 Q X AQ V, f X i e. w, .. , X 5- Nix ' ' xx NQNSX X xx R 9523 . ' -. ' ', ,gi y s1'9?l S ew. ef- -2 X X , QA xx.. ,- vw- me :tm-5 Q .. . W X : K.-'X C QR iii: -:eil -xii?" ,EI Mrs. Gertrude Hart Lloyd Dixon Paul S. Atkinson Robert Baker Duncan Rice Gerald Brocchi David Clester Eugene Field William Cook Cal Crail Roland Finn Bill Davidson Robert Delker Oliver W. Ford, Jr. Ralph Freathy Roy Hostottle Donald Rutan Bill Goodship Williilni Jones Clarence Kimball Nellis Greek Ivan Kuhns Dick Lilley Kenneth Hainsworth Leroy Luebcke Alvin McBrien Charles Hollman Bernard McCain Jim McKinney Walt Miller Leonard Reich Dayle Stevens Ronald Mitchell John O'Brian William Wangler Tom Pallas John Porter Thomas White Oscar Ramge Harold Reed Marion Wikle David Shenefiel Howard Sisson Ronald Witthohn 2 1 "'-F' M fiigiz-W - 2 Sy Q W-Q53 f Q.-N ! Nik K, 1 GLORIA HARMON Swmthmat nf, Phi malta, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tlieomlmwi fV'UU1'iS, Xxvillikilll Dolimw, 1'lobe1't Hnlverlaiiiil, Duane Hartmann, David Finley, Rivliaiwl Stoughton. ' ma, phi malta, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ...........,,,,,...,...... Rely Mitc"l1l'1a1't I'1w-sirln-111 ,,,..,....,..,.... l:il'll2lI'1l Stoilpgliton Vice-Piwsiiit-int ,....,Y,,..,. Roy Mitchhart Vive-I"1w-sirleiit ....,,.... Donzilll TT:11't1nz111n Si:'L'I'Qtkl1'Y ,,,,7, ,. .,,,,.... XVi1liam L?tI'21XV21X' SU4'l'11l2l1'X ,,,,,,,,, .,.,,., l lolwrt Hnlwrland 'l'I'E'HSl11'e1' .,AA,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hit-11ai'f1 Stoughton ',lNl't'2lSl,1l'L'l' .,..,,,,,AA,,,, ,,,... X Yilliam Tlolinel' FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ,,,,,,,7,,77,,,,,...,..,.. liay Mitvliliaif Pri-sirlviit ,..,...,1,......., Rig-'I1u1'd Sttlllgflltilll Vice-President ,,,,,,,.,,..,. Iaawiwsiive Rowe Vive--Inu-sifleiit ..,.................,.., Ted l"oni'iS S9L'l'Ptil1'Y ,,..,,, ...... XV1lll2'l1'I1 liziwiwziy Sec-1'et:1i'5' ,7,.,,1,.., , ..,., Robert Halwewlaiicl Treasurei' ........, ...,.,. X Villiam Donner 'l'1'l"2lSllI'6l' ,,,,,,, ............... I ,Dave Finley When Kappa Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded, one purpose stood out from all the rest. That purpose was to create a greater interest in the engineering profession. A visitor to the fraternity house could not overlook the many awards earned by the members for scholastic ability. The first requirement for membership in Sigma Phi Delta is a "C" scholastic average. Needless to say, the scholastic averages of the members are far above this. Sigma Phi Delta exists as one of the three official engineering fraternities of the Professional Inter-fraternity Conference representing the professions of Architecture, Chemistry, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Journalism, Law, Medicine, and Phar- macy. The membership is international in scope, extending from the British Common- Wealth through the United States. ligxxxg ,V , X 2+ 3: S9 2 N .X X xl te ,tt .., , .,w.- . .,xXtt.w .. M. ri.. Ny, -A. We .yi Q' N..t.N,.t ., -9-- xr Q N XA, Q, -. X N M b if XR Wm X QQQV is S i Sm N 5 x X xt NX Xt-A KW X Q, X3 x X im x X X gt t x A N wk X , ,. ,y .M Huber E. A x fymx it Y .1 yy , --Q wmv 'Ti"sK se '-YW' QWG N-uw' --1.41 'bluff' Virgil Areaux Xvayne Gilchrist Williilni Dohner Arthur Kline Lyle Oleson Jack Donaldson Edward Dwyer Thomas Arney Darold Bryan Owen Ehlers Paul Farnschlader Harold Clark Theodore Couris Norman Fetzer David Finley Philip Crosno Nils Flem James Geist S,-0 'ww-w' awe Nw s....V.,-" WGQIK' "WO WW www,- WM.,- af""'Qv- 549' Robert Haberland Donald Hartmann Venice Mason George Heath Harold R. Hessler Ray Mitchhart Robert Morse Thomas Jacobs William Laraway Wilho Okkonen Gene Overton Delmar Luce Gerald Lutz Raymond Painter Antonio Pedraja Robert Mako Leslie B. Rigler Richard Romanek si' .- ffm!! 'vi eww ,W 'WM- WNQHV News 'w.t,,.,,..ff pawns: Lawrence Rowe Dean Runkle Richard Stoughton Ronald Schwartz Robert Shinn David Sundheimer Allan Swagart Fritz Schulze Paul Simmons Harold Weitzel Daniel Wisner Gerald Snyder Everett Stigall Ronald Wolfe Vern Zanders Paul Stokes Thaddeus Zyek h9ff'H'K41s' Saws Y uw 4.25 Qi, ,,,,, fygg f ,W-1' w x J W X Q X ,5 Q X CWD 'V4 . N 5092 of AN 3.3 tb Qfauxvxx .Far VK db J, ful!! V LP Qi -Q-of .JIS ,Nou 4-""' L S A910 S'a62Jyr"p',K L 59,1513 rs R 9 -uQ,.rf:Xy 'X KX' flu B vi. 'M s- i- 'ww bag 715-'fx QA 2- 47 H-T' X ""84-'- Q SA. E QQWY '47 H.. o,:.xd'.4A,1 9 158 Lucca.. Lg N-seg , 4.n4.!Lj"'1 Offcdb HLA ,pk Ev L74 C'h.,,ue C Lu, J. 9 'T rings!-.0 . fkx' Sv-W' u CO9'cx 1 Ns You! 1. Cs1"'1 wh r rms -Qy-4 xt 'nvnsg 0 B, y' CM-.195 19 F xnstfpnanss NY cavngw F4 .vr tbjll 1 wlXx9. 'K Qi-k' Q . Ji-'iw flafm.,U' J Vic't'-P1'z'sidc'11f r Pl'C'SilI,6'l1f . Trvasu rw' Sf'C'l'f'll6ll'-jf rrra Wm.. 5Dph.0!4'l,0!LQ. Treasurer . ...,. rrrWilliam Flanigan Preszdefzf ........, , , Vice-P1'esia'e1zf Sc'cr'efcz ry ,...,,.. , ,. Sc'c1'efa1'y - ------,,--.,-, Presirleizf .-..,. Vice-Presirfezzi ,r Gerald Lutz rrrr----,tPau1 Martin Dean Lawrence I Richard Romanek -------.Richard Stoughton w-----------John Ramsdell Tl'0dSIl1'?l' .......,,.............,... Ted Summa ' K t . , Pa-, M QA 4, X . Q .If ,J ess. 4 ,QA K, my 6 ,Q it .Q f . -a, as X fi eff, , X ' P?" x gmt ,W .M give? f an f N -'-fx.f2,z'Q 1 ffsa'--X 1 f' IA 'k,:Azff::':f' S , r- ri Q, X 53 , . Q K Q wvfcwtr f,fh:sw-'K w- VSWR .N 'ce Y his-wi?4NQ-am4SNQ - - ,- - r -wif inW,9gSageM2kafff52.: 22 ? gazes? x - A ' W L - X- A f a N 1 , ne w S " ef SM ? 9 MN -Mas ef 'Y Q - Q' -"71::?-1:22b1'- a j -Qtwses ie QQIPKWW 'N - A e X 1 " Q .X 5 .g.5QgF A - 'wg-,Exe e t i , tf'4.,,Q23wf:-wayawzv lv' gf: 63' We.:,f,5:.Q.,..,'-awgwf, -1 t.. . me 1 A A , X , w D- 'Q Q, A Q ,, ,V 5,31 A a X . 1 , 'it-t:.f.:zw.-V 9 'w-Qvifv f '-iw f 2, t s .fmxm -zs.Mw.5a:.,.f,. sm. A ., N Ssszfme AQ .af-vw wg' ' 1' + K X N-Mxzmi. e X ...Dave Sheneiel ,,,t,aRon Urgitus r.-William Hout ,..Glenn Gray l g f .,,, , A S . , Q , , ' Q? . . , ,S i 5 , 9 TT"J 3 gb Q 4 'ii' " f if Y 3 5, S Wi , , 3 , Q ii 1 5 1 T s If 4 ,.mA4,- ' A,-f 4:2ff'e-ru le.: 1, X - FRONT RHXV, left to right: Alliert lvlikolajezyk, Gordon Bryant, Robert Fuller, Fritz St-liulze, Paul Taylor, Robert Sliinn. SECOND IIOXY: Duane Selnnaltz, .lolin llainsdell, Cleve Johnson, Alan Snyder, David Ryder, lion Engels, Steve Kolwelak, Ed Cliainht-rs. THIRD RHXY: Richard Jusko, Ed Palagyi, Dean Lawrenee, Herman Kunte, James McKinney, James Anderson, Tom 'XVhite. FUFHTI-I RUVV: Dave Slienetiel, Joseph Tonian, Johnny Deldew, Robert Haberland, Hector Montalvo, Eng' Pek Tan. 5 ffl SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ....,,.,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,.,,,, llolvert Fuller President ,,,....,,. .,,,.,,,..,..... T lioinas XYliite Vive-Presirleiit ,,,, ,,,,,,.rr,,r, F erd XVUINH Vice-President ,,,,.,,, Albert Mikolajczyk Sevretary ,,rr,r,r,,, ,,,,,,, 1 ,lorrlon Bryant Seeretary ,,,-..,., ,,,,,,,,,, I We-an Lawrence 'I're:isurer ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. .........,, I "rank Kubic Treasurer ....,,,,.....,...,,, Donald Hartmann FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ,,,,..,,,, ,. ....,.....rrr, Robert Fuller President ,.,r,,,,.,r.,...,..,,,,.,e Thomas XYliite Vii'e-Presidf--nt ,.,,,,,, Albert lvliltolajt-zyk Vice-President .. ..,,,,r,.... lion Engels Secretary ,,.,., ,,,, ,.,,,,,,,, 4 l ordon Bryant Sevretary ,,,,....,. ....., I Jean Lawrence Treasurer .,.... liit-hard Dionne 'Treasurer , ,,r,, ..,,... . Toseph Toman The Student Council of Tri-State College was organized for the promotion and advancement of campus activities for the college students. The Student Council is an organization in which the views and opinions of students may be expressed. The council is composed of representatives from the various student organizations on campus. These representatives are to attend all meetings, participate in Student Council activities, and keep their organizations informed of all Council business. It is the hope of the Student Council that the high ideals toward which they have striven will be developed in a greater degree in the years to come. FRONT: Henry D. Olis, Robert R. Spatz, Leander M. Cermak, Ray Bryan, Thomas D. Owens, Irving E. Gray, Edward XV. Dwyer, Edward A. Chalmers. MIDDLE: John Turskis, Douglas S. Binnington, Samuel J. Younes, James F. Kemp, Charles E. Van Valkenhurg, Richard E. XValton, Bill XV. Parks, Harry J. Collinge. BACK: Ronald G. Moyer, Phil Sweiden, Melvin C. Heather, Joseph C. Toman, Law- dence D. Crowley, Ron Urgitus, Don Peffers. Qnaizlfufn. of, Hman ' L jciancaa, jfzj- mwah FALL 1953 Chairman ................,............,., Irving Gray Vice-Chairman ........ Thomas Owens Secretary .......... ....... E dward Dwyer Treasurer ...... ............ R ay Bryan WINTER 1954 SPRING 1954 C'hairmz1n ......,....,.............. Thomas Owens Chairman v.... ..,,,... ,,.......,,...... . I anies Kemp Vice-Chairman .......... Donald Monroe Vic-e-C'hairman ...,.... Edward Dwyer Secretary ........... ..... 1 Villiam Laraway Secretary ..,,.,.... .....l...... 1 Qohert Spatz Treasurer ...... ...... S 211111161 Younes Treasurer ...... .,,.... lv Iit-hael XYi1s0n The Aeronautical Society of Tri-State College is a student Branch of The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, the national professional organization of aeronautical engineers. The meetings of the society provide excellent information in the form of special speakers from industry, and pamphlets and circulars, concerning various phases of aeronautics. The main social event of the term is the Aero Banquet. At this event the officers for the coming term are installed and awards are given to outstanding members. A prominent representative from the field of aeronautics is usually invited to highlight the event with a speech. 5-v 1 3 gg lx " A W 3 3 r X, F V X lf ff?" 4' 1 1 2 -I N, xr ,w ' l W3 Q I ' Q: A W 2 FIRST RVPXY: Gem- mX'+i'l't0I1, Rif'-hard Lasher, Tvrm C':'1r1y, Mif'hafJl xxvilifbll, Pave llilln Nlll. SIGVHNU I Dull lXlrn11'r Z MAY: P. Nuzzulillo, ,liivk l"4mpe1', Lafluv NV. McMillwu, Fred T. Thomasson, " Views uf the wind tunnel under constrllctio VIGNTICII ANU LUXYICR LICFT' Ae-rml U11 thm- wwst sidv uf tlw :Xt'1'0Hiilltil'2ll vl'1llgil1Qt'l'i11g lmuilding. xvw Vrwr. 4'Iu1NTIuR l.Il1Hl'. Vlzlss in Ailqmlalw Design. LHXVIGR RIGHT: The 'I'1'i-State Glider Flulv, tukf-11 at 'T'1'i-State Ai1'p01't. VM X ,L w,,,,,.M...--,ar AV , ,M .f 2 5 MAM4m '- ' mzmiv J2Z3?Qmu-v,44ff ff' W, ,, y,yQ-efwsdzwv -X0 N 52 gssmiw A, O 4. fe ?" ig , x,'f'f fait i FIRST ROVV: James O. Hammond, Eugene Field, Robert Fuller, Stefan J. Slnnina, Gordon C. Leathers, Thomas A. White, John E. O'Brian. SECOND ROXV: Edward Palagyi, Tom Frappier, llir-hard T. Mott, Leon Kessler, Neil YVhite. Ron Engels, Fred Lelvis. THIRD ROXV: David Shenefiel, Bill Blessing, Ted Zyek, Leslie Lahti, Don Johnson, Owen Ehlers, Gary L. Bordner, John DeBew. O I I O , Qzqw tivaatq, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ...................,............,, Neil White President .,..,...........,............... Ron Engels Vice-President ....,,..,.,.,,.... Robert Fuller Vice-President ..........,......, Leon Kessler Secretary ,....,.,.. ......l.., G ary Bordner Secretary ........... ......... J ohn O'Brien Treasurer ,...............,....... Richard Monak Treasurer ............,,,,.........,.....,.. Neil VVhite FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .... ,....................,,. R obert Fuller President .,............,.,............. Leslie Lahti Vice-President .......,..... Gene Field Vice-President ....,.,...,............,.. Ted Zyck Secretary ,,l,.,,,.. ,,,...., T homas Wliite Secretary ............. ...... D on L. Johnson Treasurer ,,,,,,, ,,...,,. G ordon Leathers Treasurer ....,. ,. ....,,. David Shenefiel The Society was founded to enable chemical engineering students to become better acquainted, to instill in every student a burning interest in his work and a pride in his profession. These ends are attained by weekly meetings at which select speakers and motion pictures are presented. They are furthered by field trips, which are arranged whenever possible, and through affiliation with the American Chemical Society. Since July of 1948 the Chemical Engineering Society has been a student afliliate chapter of the American Chemical Society. W l'l'l'lCll l.l'Il"'l': l'1iit Upe-Vzitiuiis l,zilm1'1ltHi'5' SllUXYlIlH ai clmllrll- Q-ITQ-vt t-'X'ilIlUl'lltHl', Illlll ai mlis- lillzitiuii 4-Uluinn. t,'IfZN'l'IQll: S1-elle in thi- Allvuiiw-ll Ui'afiiii+ l'lu-iiiistm' Lfiilioi'z1tU1'y. 1,0 XY ICH l,l'Il'TZ Phys- iwil Clie-mistry I.4fllHj1'2'l- l4ll'Y-- vziviiiiiii distilla- llull Segl-llp. l UPPIQH RIGHT: Unit fi7Dt'I'3tlOllS L2llfb0l'k1t01'S', sliowiug' 21 heat transfer unit. LHXVEII RIG-HT: Knit lYl1Jel'k1tlUllS ,lJz1lm1'aui1'y, slwwiiig 21 fluid Ilow ap- paratus. ' X 123 A ,.'.1f C72 ? FIRST ROYV: XYalter XV. XVacldell, John Jarrett, Cecil Hauber, John Callahan, IVilliam Dohner, Don Hartmann, Thomas Arney, Lawrence Rowe, Richard Griiiis, Arzen Szabo, SECOND ROVV: Kennet-h L. Zuver, Terrance P. VVarford, lionald YVitthohn, Ed Kyle, Hex Edmonds, Jac-k Donaldson, David Ryder, German Roneancio, Guillermo Ortega., Frank Ciccarelli, Edgard M. Fa- quer, John NV. Glen, James J. Quagliana. THIRD ROVV: David Roberts, Eric Fong-Yee, Robert J. Little, Donald Righter, Duane VV. Hartshorne, J. Eldon Mariott, YVilIiam L. McKissick, Robert E. Siewart, Eng Pek Tan, Farid D. Anton, Elwyn Kinney, Harold V. Clark. FQURTII ROVV1 Kermit E. Ferrer, Kenneth Miller, Burke Osborne, Williani Yifangler, Donald R. Colebrook, Thomas Henderson, Paul Schmitz, Norman Fetzer, Earl L. Davis, Hazen M. VVellman, Robert Painter, Vincent Chen, Marion Lindsay, H. E. VVyckoff, James Porter, P. Abraham Wood. I O I O I w1.L I'lqU'I q, Svuetq. FALL 1953 WINTER 1954 President ,,,,.,...............,., Lawrence Rowe President ,.,,..................., Jack Donaldson Vice-President ........... ...VVil1iam Do-hner Vice-President ................ David Roberts Secretary ,...... . .......... Thomas Arney Secretary ....,........ ...... I "rank La Bonte Treasurer .... ....,.. 1 Donald Hartmann Treaisurer ............ lohn Glen SPRING 1954 President .... .....................,.,,...., J ohn Glen Vice-President ..... Thomas Arney Secretary .......... ....... J ames Porter Treasurer ........................ Abraham Wood I am a civil engineer. In my profession I take deep pride, but without vain glory, to it I owe solemn obligation that I am eager to fulfill. As an Engineer, I will participate in none but honest enterprise. To him that has engaged my services, as employer or client, I will give the utmosti of service and fidelity. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. From special capacity springs the obligation to use it well in the service of humanity, and I accept the challenge that this implies. Jealous of the high repute of my calling, I will strive to protect the interest and the good name of any civil engineer that I know to be deserving, but I will not shrink, should duty dictate, from disclosing the truth regarding anyone that, by unscruplous act, has shown himself unworthy of the profession. Since the age of stone, human progress has been conditioned by my forebears. By them have been rendered usable to mankind nature's vast resources of material and energy. By them have been vitalized and turned to practical account the principles of science and the revelations of technology. Except for this heritage of accumulated ex- perience my efforts would be feeble. I dedicate myself to the instruction and dis- semination of engineering knowledge, especially to the younger members of my profes- sion in all its arts and traditions. To my fellows I pledge, in the same full manner I ask of them, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, devotion to the standards and the dignity of our pro- fession, with the consciousness, always, that our special expertness carries with it the obligation to serve humanity with complete sincerity. 5 , ffvw Q XS,-. l'Pl'liR Ll'11"TZ Su1've3'ing l12ill4ll'2ltOI'y VPPICR RIGHT: Ifsiug' 21 plum- table 1'l+ZNTlf1ll I,lGlf'T: Sul-veying p1'au'ti4-e UIGNTIQIL RIGHT: Vivil Eu- g'im,-r-rixlg Sm-if-ty I,:2111q11et IAPXVICR Ll+Il"'1': Transit in- StI'lll'tiUf'l IA HY ICII IIIGHTZ 1'Hm'1'etv I,:lIm1':1tu1'y VPPER LEFT: Faeulty Advisors, Oscai' Nelson, Clyde Shaw, XYayue Gil- vhrist, and Arthur Idber- hz-lrslt. VPPICII R1GHT:'lClev- 0 ti-ii-al I,almi'atoi'y' sm--ne. 2, ., MW .STH Y SULINIER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ,,,,,,..,,........ Norman C. Madsen President ,,,,A.,.,A,,.,77,,.,,,A.., Joseph J, Cain Vive-President ....., Stanley Kasminsky Vivid-P'1'E'Sl1lE'llt .. ,,,,. ,Al7.., 'l 'ed Summa Sen-1'eta1'y ,,Y,,,.... ,,.....,,., J oseph J, Cain Secretary l..,.,.., Y.l,, . John Ramsdell Treasurer ,,Y..,............,.,,..,.,,.. John Petras Treasurer ...,.,...,..,,....,,,,,.., Charles XVeller FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ,,... ..,.............,..., J oseph F. Birk President .,,,,7,,,......,,...,,,,,,,..i Jack Barrett Vice-President .,.. Charles E. Dahlstrom Vive-President ......,,........ John ,llamsdell Secretary ....,,Y,........i....,,, Alfred E. Roby Sei-retary ,,,,,,.,.... Lawrence Tsubakiihara Treasurer ,,,. ,,,..... R ivliard Barnoski 'I'reasurer .,,, ,,.,,,..,,, ,,.... I ' loliert Mako ,flwvtrmr ,5 in ' Svfiqfq, The purpose of the Electrical Engineering Society is to promote the social and academic growth of its membership. This objective is accomplished by close co-oper- ation with college faculty members and industry. Society programs consist of tech- nical lectures, movies, demonstrations, and social activities. FIRST ROXV: E. Dean Stigell, Alan C. Snyder, Richard C. Barnoski, Joseph F. Birk, Alfred B. Roby, Charles E, Dahlstrom, Joseph J. Cain, Clyde E. Shaw, Harry M. Castle Jr., John E. Brunner. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Tsubakihara, John L. Taggart, Jack E. Barrett, Robert Mako, Guillermo E. Suarez, Efraim H. Illera, Willard E. Treese, John Ramsdell, Railph Prescott, Norman C. Madsen, THIRD ROW: Ted Summa, Hector F. Montalvo, Gerard J. Dupre, Charles B. VVeller, VVilliam L. McKeoWn, Paul K. YVelling, Robert Baker, Harold XYeitzel, Charles L. Holl- man, Theodore E. Couris. ix Q X5 V , yy ffffwwf-mf Mwfv , ,, Sqjwx gi h ps, 3 .ix ix l , . -Q RX A ms Mm X , X . X ww XM, f 1 X N ia is f qi Q . , ii X E 2 'FW 5 .fx Q u ..,: .,., , fs , ..... f ff? -wg , f ff f " V v- -f',u4,. I , ,fa N, , . 4' ,. pf I K ,A w f, W: ,V . .Q fi Q ff M egg E fx, f ,I 2 J Zi 5. , J ig: f- , 3- , .gc ,M ,:, A' ! 2 1 P , fn' s Z! X , 1,5 I 5 1 , ' 5 ,V -- ff U1 , . ,.,. -'-7 H2 is W I f ,,:j'2: , , '51-52, in f ' .. 5 ,, ZZ? .,,., 7 ! " I -, A' ff' ' ,Wd Wy ! f.,, 1f',1'f'W , f J ' , zfgffk, ,J - ?:f.:w" l 55-2 W" + i 'filfli 'A FIELD TRIPS H4-4l1lX I -. XYl1itinQ.' I'I1'i+-, Rliul - R H1111 13 dl f .1-e-.:R.... . . ....,., ...,.,.,.. . ,I , K , , MZ ,A 1 Y 9 4 FIRST ROXV: Carlos Funes H., Tomas Furtli, Ray Mitchhart, Al Mikolajczyk, Eleanor Cermak, Dean Runkle, Walt Holcomb, Laurits N. Elem, Joe N. Gusjgino. SECOND ROVV: Esmond Bernier, R. A. Hemniert, Ferdinand J. Xvorsa, Thomas Harris, Richard L. Stoughton, NVilliam Robinson, Harold Oquist, Steve Kobelak, Don Dysert, Raymond Te-an, Gerald D. Snyder, John E. Johnson. THIRD ROYV: Faried A. Banna, David R. Finley, Theodore Jacobs, Rodrigo Fuentes, Erwin XVat-ker, Antonio Pedraja, Daniel Wisner, C. E. Emrey, Arnold Peterson, John VV. Richard, Bill Kelly, Vern Hart, Arnold E. Fett, FOURTH ROW: Gerald M. Rodmaker, Roland A. Cote, Barton Bullis, Clyde Landrum, Carl Johnson, Hernando Villamizar, William A. Smith, Robert E. Verlieyen, Robert A. Shinn, Curtis Johnson, XYayne Haneline, Habibur Rahman, Yasuo Shimamura, Dave Streeter. mahwagfar gaqinmznq. Soriafg. SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President .......................... Ray Mitchhart President ..................,..,,,........ Larry Flem Vice-President .... ................ J ack Hardin Vice-President ...... Tomas Furth Secretary .......................... Al Mikolajczyk Secretary ,,.,,...., .,..,. C harles West Treasurer .................. Richard Stoughton Treasurer ..,.,,,,........,......,,,.... Dean Runkle FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .....,.............,...... Ray Mitchhart President .,,,.,..,,,......,....,... :...Tomas Furtli Vice-Pesident ..... .............. L arry Flem Vice-President .............. Clyde Laudrum Secretary .......... ...... A 1 Mikolajczyk Secretary .......... ....... R obert Roden Treasurer ........ Dean Runkle Treasurer .... ...... S teve Kobelak The Mechanical Engineering Society is an organization wherein engineering stu- dents can supplement their knowledge of the various phases of mechanical engineering. Speakers, who are experts in their respective iields, are obtained to present the latest information concerning their products and industry as a whole. Movies are ob- tained for some of the programs and are also used in conjunction with the speakers' talks. The society is affiliated with the Fort Wayne Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The dues paid to this organization are returned in the form of awards to society members who have done outstanding work in writing and presenting their engineering reports to the society. Field trips sponsored by the society are held each term with one major field trip each spring. Visits are made to various industrial concerns covering all phases of mechanical engineering. On these field trips, the students are able to observe present manufacturing processes and practices and thus better prepare themselves for their fu- ture as engineers. gr Mechanical Laboratory: Mechanical Laboratory: Tensile strength tester for steel specimens Machine Shop, tool grinder and shaper in foreground i .v,i ami i 4 W, F s lui -W Working on lathes in the Mechanical Laboratory Power Laboratory: Cummins Diesel engine in background Wfelding Laboratory Pattern Making Laboratory S bv, T ff E 9 , xg 'win FIRST ROW: Michael S. Gillison, Calvin K, Baitz, Edward Dydo, J. Worth Dees, R. C. Lindsey, John M. Burkhart, Dave Sundheimer, Leslie E. YVorden, Marlen L, Tanner. SECOND ROW: Matthew E. VVestenhaver, Harold R. Quast, John VV. Kuehl, Murrel J. Henricks, William R. Graham Jr., John J. Fitzpatrick, Esmond Bernier, Phillip A. Parker, Rein Raja, Dave Levers, Robert Mattson. THIRD ROW: Arthur J. Kline, Advisor: Russell J. Miller, Richard C. Folks, Robert VV. Milkie, John F, McGraw, George Karr, James D. Anderson, John H. Bartels, Myron Weinstein, Leland S. AX, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: Richard Bates, Richard Hodge, David K. Melvin, John R. Stringer, Nelson J. McCarty, Richard J. Ronianelt, Dayle Stevens, Henry Rowland, G. B. McCune, Ken R. Skinner, Wfilliam H. Bradford. ' Society, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ,,,,....,,,,,,,,........., Alfred Babcock President , ........ ................... J . XVorth Dees Vice-President ..,, ,......... C alvin Baitz Vice-President .... ...... M urrel Henricks Secretary ,,,......... ....... J ohn Bartels Secretary ........... ...... R ichard Hodge Treasurer .,,.....,..,......,.,,,............. Min Lwin Treasurer ............................ John Stringer FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .............................. Calvin Baitz President ............................ John Stringer Vice-President .......... Raymond Lindsey Vice-President .... .....,... R ichard Hodge Secretary ......,..... ........ J . XVorth Dees Secretary ............ .............. R ichard Folks Treasurer ,,.,..... ........ E dward Dydo Treasurer ....... ....... K enneth Skinner The Radio Engineering Society, organized in Cctober, 1936, provides any student interested in radio and electronics with useful and informative sessions to supplement regular curricular activities. Meetings are held every Monday evening to promote the aims of the society, in- cluding the advancement of the theory and practice of radio and its allied branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences. These aims are promoted and furthered through a program each year of outstanding speakers and film showings. Among speakers each year are representatives from personnel departments of large manufacturing Concerns, with the purpose of acquainting graduates with the process of securing a job. Other speakers include men outstanding in the industrial field, who bring practical experience into the information given to the members of the society. Membership in the Radio Engineering Society is open to all those interested in the field of radio. FIRST IIOVV: lion Koelsch, Arnold E. Fett, Daniel XVisner, Esmond Rernier, Alliert Mikolajczyk, 'illiam Stiefel, Steve Kolmelak, Glen Snyder, Erwin XVa.c'ker, John XV. Rivliard. Slit'ONlJ ILUVV: XValla1-e A. Lohdell, Ferd J. XVorsa, Leonard N. Peterson, Jerry Flanigan, Ronald umpf, Austin Kennedy, Habihur Rahman, Plarence IC. Emrey, Bill Kelly. THIRD IIOXVZ Michael O. Gaffney, Jack E. Rloeker, VVayne XV, Haneline, Curtis E. Johnson, Barton Pullis, liaymond ll. Tean, Raymond G. Fist-her, Faried A. Banna. XVilliarn J. Pett, Narain YVadhwani. nf, dutonwfhm, fnqin SUMMER 19 5 3 WINTER 19 54 Chairman ,..,..,.,,,,....,.....,. VVilliam Kelley Chairman .............,..,. Albert Mikolajczyk Vice-Chairman ..........,. VVallace Lobdell Vice-Chairman .............,.. Daniel Wisner Secretary .,........,,...,.,,, William R. Stiefel Seuretary ,,,,............ Raymond G. Fischer Treasurer ........,.....,.........., Steve Kobelak Treasurer ................ Esmond F, Bernier FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 Chairman .,,,,...r,,,.... Albert Mikolajezyk Chairman ......,,.,.....,,,...,,, VVallat'e Lohdell Vice-Chairman ,,,,.,.. Wallace A. Lobdell Vive-C'hairnian .........,...... Daniel VVisner Secretary .,..........,..... VVilliam R. Stiefel Secretary ........., ....... T laymond Fischer Treasurer ..,,.,.. ..... E smond F, Bernier Treasurer ....,.. ,..... J oseph Rockwell Since the first meeting on February 3, 1949, the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers at Tri-State College has grown to be one of the most progressive societies on the campus. The national enrollment of the S. A. E. exceeds 15,000 active members in all parts of the United States. Included in the 4,000 student members from seventy-four engi- neering colleges are sixty-one students from the Tri-State chapter. Meetings are held every first and third Wednesday of the month. After the business portion is concluded, speakers, movies, and literature are presented for the en- joyment of the active members. The aim and purpose of this group is to uphold the creed of the S. A. E. "To promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of the automotive apparatus." aaa ,.,,, ga.-eff 4' me f - -V My 6 ,,,, , , , if R 1+ ,i FROM LEFT T0 RIGHT, FRONT ROYV: XVilliam T. J. Clune, Dean Lawrenee, Robert XVallat'e, Joseph E. Aliieri, Curl S. llaneY, Larry Hill, Harold Hoolihan, Advisor: Jorsepli R. iSiZlll1l'l3.1'ClE'll21. FROM LEFT T0 RIGHT, SECOND ROXY: Donna Case, YVard lfoi-rl, Nellis Greek, Slmron G1'og',Qg, Flar- ence XV. Kimball, Norman A. Robinson, Don Tebo, Willis OberliP1US. Ann Barrows. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, THIRD ROW: Douglas Yale, Bill Hunt, Coontz Hatakeyaina, Zur Menesbian, Herman Kunte, Bob Jones, Donald Conklin, Joe Gayda, Paul Taylor, Charlie C, Jones, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ...,,,.,,,...,.,..,,.,....., Marvin Harris President ......,.....,.,,..,,..,, Robert XVallaee Vive-President ,, .,,,,,.,,7,.,,...., Larry Hill Vice-President ,,,, ,,7,,,,,,,, D on Conklin Secretary ,,,,,..,,,, ,..,.,,,...., 1 iobert Viallaee Secretary .,.....,.,.. ....,.,. S haron Grogg 'Treasurer ,..,,......,......,. Marion VVikle Jr, Treasurer ,,...,........,,,,...,.... Herman Kunte FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ,..............................,.. Joe Alfieri President .......................... Dean Lawrence Vie-e-President ,, ,,..,. Robert Vifallace Vice-President ,,.. ,,.,.,,,,7,..,,,, XX 'ard Ford Secretary ,,.,,,,.., ..,...,.,,..... L arry Hill Secretary ........... ..,7.... D onald Conklin Treasurer ..,,,, .....,... C arl Raney Treasurer ,,,,.... ........,.,.... J oe Gayda The Sigma Epsilon Society of Tri-State College, organized in 1933, has among its aims, the creation of a spirit of initiative in the students of commerce, and to make available social and recreational activities. All students enrolled in the Department of Commerce are eligible for membership in the organization. Meetings held bi-monthly include programs in which representatives of various businesses address the members, giving them practical applications of theories studied in class, and their application to problems existing in the present-day world of business. 6 1' 9 i f V' ' 6 x 29, . e 3' . fi X. F . , Q. 1 Q 3 i .. -Wx , E 5 3 FIRST ROYV: Eng Pek Tan, Min Lwin, Robert N. Ramsay, Faculty Advisor: Vincent Chen, Eugene XV. K. Hsu, Michael L. Lee. SECOND ROXY: Edward Ho Shue, Y. C. Fu, Cliua Ching' Siong, Pat Fong, Robert M i a o. THIRD HUXV: Erie A. Fong-Yee, Vim-ente Chan, Scott Yew, Michael Loke, Philip Wu. President Secretary Treasurer President St'L'1'6't21I'Y Treasurer hmm. gm SUMMER 1953 Franklin Cheng ..........Miehael Lee FALL 1953 Vincent Chen ...........................Vinc'ent Chen Lwin ...,...Mit'hael Lee President Secretary Treasurer President Secretary Treasurer WINTER 19 54 ............................Mieliae1 Loke .......Eric Fong Yee .....i..........................Iiobe1't Miao SPRING 1954 TVU Fong Yee ....... .Robert Miao The Chinese Student Club of Tri-State College was organized in 1932. The pur- poses of the Club are to strengthen friendship, to promote better understanding among the members and fellow students, to assist fellow members, and to encourage higher standards of scholastic achievement. The Club was inactive during the war years due to lack of sufficient membership. In the beginning of 1947 the Chinese Student Club was reactivated. The Club is proud to have Professor Robert R. Ramsay as adviser, and without his help many of the activities would not have been possible. FINANCIAL AND LEGAL SOCIETY, INC., BOARD OF DIRECTORS 51 Joseph Alheri Joseph Clarence Kimball Dean Lawrence Lewis Molique Gambardella f N x X Q. 4.l 4. A Harold Reed Richard Jusko Secrefary Pl'FSit1,6'llf Fred Goudy Faculty Advisor jlhanahl, and, ,Svciafqq gnc.. SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ,,,,....,,,,....r..,.... XVi1lia.m Hughes President ..,.....,......................... Dick Jusko Vice-President ............. Dick Jusko Vice-President .... ....,.. J Olin Molique Sec-1-etai-y .,.,,,,,,,, ...,.. J e-rome Yifasag Secretary .......... ......,. H arold Reed Treasui-er ,,,,,,,,,,,,....,.......,.,. John Molique Treasurei' ............w.........,,.... John Molique FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President ,,.,.......,,..Yv. .... X Villiam Hughes President ..i.e......................... Nellis Greek Vit-Q-President ,,,,i..,.. .............. D ick Jusko Vice-President ......... John Molique Secretary ,.,........ ,..... J erome P. VVasag Secretary .1,..,,..... ...,........,.. H arold Reed Treasurei' ,,,,,,,, .........., . John Molique Treasurei' ....,.,. ...i... P aul Guise-white The Financial and Legal Society has as its purpose aid to students who may encounter financial or legal difficulties during the time when they are enrolled as full-time students at Tri-State College. Executives of the Society include the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, who handle the administrative functions of the society, and who are aided by a board of five directors, meeting whenever it is necessary to transact important business. Student meetings are held once each quarter to acquaint the members with the functions of the organization and to make necessary adjustments in its operation. Loans may be obtained through application to the president or treasurer, such applica- tions to be approved by the treasurer and by one other officer or director of the Society. The Financial and Legal Society, Inc., of Tri-State College, was organized by students during the summer quarter, 1952, and received recognition as a legal entity from the Secretary of State of the State of Indiana during the following fall quarter. During its formation, and through its activities, Dr. Fred W. Goudy, Associate Professor in Commercial Law, has devoted time and effort to the work of the Society in making its full resources available to the members. 'A - -14 we . , fr ,, ,. ,gy , FIRST ROW? Erie Fong-Yee, John Bradbury, Advisor: Zor Menesliian, Herman Kunte, Benito Kodijat. SECOND ROVV: Kwan Rim, Leslie J. Ming, Lloyd Francis, Albert E. Rose, Francisco J. Otamendi, Alberto Yepes, Alfonso Yepes. THIRD ROVV: Neville D. Campbell, Aristides Yerakis, Edward Ho Sliue, Ching Siong Uliua, Eng Pek Tan, Vicente Chan. 9 ' md ' daaoubztzbn, SUMMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ......Y,i..,.,,....... Achmad Sutrisno President ................,,,....... Benito Kodijat Vice-President ....,...,,.,.... Zor Menesiliian Vice-President ,,.,Y,.....,,.., Eric- Fong Yee Secretary ............ ,,..,.i. I ndur Malkani Secretary ........... ...,t.. H erman Kunte Treasurer ..................,,........ Valentin Ossa Treasurer ..........,......,.r....v. Z0r Meneshiau FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .........,,..,,,, Y....... Z or Meneshian President .,.....,......,....,.. Edward Ho-Shue Vice-President .... ....... B enito Kodijat Vice-President .... , .,1......,... Albert Rose Secretary ....,..w.... ....,.., P Irie Fong-Yee Secretary ........... ........, L loyd Francis Treasurer ...,,.., .... , MI-Ierman Kunte Treasurer ........ ...,.... G onzalo Mendez The purpose of the International Students' Association is to create international understanding and friendship regardless of creed, nationality, or race. A knowledge of the ideas and ways of other peoples is acquired through this group. The International Students' Association came into being on the Tri-State College campus in 1949. The motto of the organization is "The Essence of Unity is Brother- hood." FIRST RUXY: Howaril A, Sisson, John W. Hancock, Leonard A. Reich, Toni Echlund. SIGUONIJ ROXV: Charles D. Kenyon, Advsiorg Fred Y. Kuninioto, Coontz Hatakefvania, B2'LI'T4'll1 Bullis, Eugene Lemke. Photoqxmfrzhic, Svriafqs SUNIMER 1953 WINTER 1954 President ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,A,,,,,,,,,,,,, John Hancock P1'esim1f-nt ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,A,,,,,,, 1 if Lizirton Hullis Vice-Presiclent ....,,,,....,,,. Koichi Nishiihi XYll,'E-P1'6'Sifl6l1i ...,.A, ,Koichi Nishidzl Se--1'e-tary .,,,,,,,,,.,, ....... I VAf1Ul1Zi1'1l Reich Se-t'1'etzi1'3' A,,, i, ,A,,,A Leonard Ile-ich 'l'reasure1' ,,,,,,,YYY,,...,,.AAA.,.A, 1-Inward Sisson 'l'1'e:1su1'e1' ,Y,,,YY,,.,,.,..,. ,,... I iugene Lemke FALL 1953 SPRING 1954 President .,AA..,A,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.... John Hzlncock i,l't'SiCltlllI .,..,,.,.,..,,,,,.,,.... F. Barton Bullis Vit-e-Presicileiit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Koichi Nishida Xvilf'-l,1't'Sll,lHllI ,,,, ,,,,,,,, T nm Iflchlund Secretary .....,,,,,,., ,....., I ,eonard Reich Secretary ,1.A.1.,,,, ,,.1,,,,.,, 1 'arlos Meyer Treasurer ........, ...,,. H oward F-isson Treasurer ....,,,, ,.,..... 1 'Eugene Lemke Since the inauguration of the Photographic Society in 1946, regular contributions to student and outside publications have made the Society an important factor in pro- moting Tri-State College pictorially. Besides being invaluable in this respect, the Society provides a pleasant and useful pastime for its members, and gives them access to excel- lent equipment, supplies, and facilities. The Photographic Society plays an important part on the campus of Tri-State College. l FTANDING: Ronald Rumpf, Edward Palmer, Glen YVideman, E. F. Meier, Kenneth Jones. SEATED: Charles Zechman, Paul XYelling, Robert Johnson, Bruce Scoles, XYi1liam XVineliell. NOT IN PICTURE: XVilliam J0neS. C I I I 7111- Hvtmfzalfz, Fellow FALL 1953 WINTER 1954 President .......... ,....,..., Y Villiam VVinchell President .................... YVilliam XVinc-hell Missionary Secretary ........ Bruce Scoles Missionary Secretary ..,..... Bruce Sc-oles Secretary-Treasurer .... Glenn Vifideman Secretary-Treasurer .... Glenn VVideman Publicity Chairman .... Edward Palmer Publicity Chairman ...,,. Edward Palmer Tri-State Christian Fellowship is a chapter of Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship which is a national organization belonging to the International Fellowship of Evan- gelical students. The IVCF chapter at Tri-State is one of nearly S00 gro-ups in the United States and Canada ..... ,interdenominational and evangelical ...... formed to provide fellowship in Christian living through prayer, Bible study and social activities ,...., and to bring before college students the question of God's will and the call to serve Him in every walk of life. BACK ROXY: Gerald Lutz, Neil XVl1ite, Ivan Cady, VVilliani Flanigan, Tom VVl1ite, llobert Painter. FRONT ROXY: Charles VX'est, Glenn Gray, llobert Morin, liobert Spatz, Bill Parks. Jfugsfafa gafaqa flzaplim, ala, jlunjvfz, fhambnfz, of ff: , President ll....llll.. William T. Flanigan Secretary at ...l Robert Spatz Vice-President .,.,..e,,,..,,.... Tom White Treasurer ,,,,, Gerald Lutz As Jaycees we believe: A faiib ill Goff gives 111c'1111i11g 111111 j1111'j10sC fo life. A g01'e1f11111011f should be of laws l'llf!Jl'l' fllclll of 111011. Ec0110111ic justice can best be 710011 by free 711011 fbrougfo free f'111'c'1',b1'ise. Earflfs greafesf frerzszzre lies 111 bllllldli l7C'1'SOII6l1ifj1. Sc'1'1'iCc' fo l1111111111i1'y is the basl' work of life. The Tri-State Chapter, Angola Junior Chamber of Commerce, was organized during the winter quarter, 1954, following the "Kollege of Knowledge" program in- augurated on the Tri-State campus by the Indiana Junior Chamber of Commerce, the first such program of its kind on any college campus in the United States. Paul Taylor, December, 1953, graduate, was instrumental in developing the "Kollege of Knowedgev program, and through the interest aroused the Tri-State Chapter was organized. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Folks, Ronald Moyer, Robert Painter, Roy C. Bodie, Jr. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Barrows, Donald Dysert, Robert Noel, George Uhlin, Loene Collins, Franc-is Gaydes, Paul Monteitli, Joseph Birk, Henry Rowland, Don Klino, Blaine Hess, Richard Cooper, Robert Verheyen, Gary Garber, Richard Hodges, Dean liunkle, Paul Vile-ling, Paul Guissewhite, Douglas Dickhaut, Bernard Noel. follaqr, Band The Tri-State College Band was reorganized early in 1947 by Roy C. Bodie, Jr., Director. Through his untiring efforts and the inspiration of his leadership and musical ability the band has grown to be the splendid organization of the present. The late Professor Almon C. Harshman first organized the Tr-State College Band, setting an excellent example for future bands at the college. Hailing from all parts of the globe, with a varied background of musical talents, the band plays for campus and sports events, and in addition, presents high school con- certs in the area. In these programs, the selections include a wide variation from soft accompaniments for soloists to heavy passages in overtures. A rousing march will often be followed by a light fantasy in boogie-Woogie or jazz, proving the versatility of the band musicians. FIRST ROVV: Mrs. Lulu Carver, Accompanistl Mrs. Robert Ramsay, Director: Arnold G. Peterson, Don Head, Paul Myers, David Levers, Daniel VVisner. SECOND ROWV: Martin XVagner, Robert Jones, Hugh Weika1't, Charles Harding, Don Tebo, John M. Burkhart. THIRD ROVV: Edwin Jat-him, Ric-hard Frantom, Joseph Means, Peter Mvtehak, Joseph F. Birk, Alan C, Snyder. foliage Club During the fall quarter of 1953 the College Glee Club was organized by Mrs. Robert Ramsay, who serves as its director. Weekly rehearsals are held by the Club which has already made several public appearances. Programs have been given for campus events and the group has also given programs for clubs in the community and at high schools in the surrounding area. '94 'Q '19 'bv A Q Xllllll Z' XEMODULUSE LEFT: Tom Foster, Business Manager of the 1954 Modulus, and Paul Guisewhite, Assistant Business Manager. CENTER: Clarence Kimball, Associate Editor, and Editorin-Chief, Dean Lawrence. RIGHT: Lucy Emerson and Roy C. Bodie, Jr., Publications Advisors. The Modulus, the yearbook of Tri-State College, is made possible by the co- operation of the administration, and the student body. It is compiled, edited, planned and distributed by a group of students, who, without journalistic training or hope of reward, labor tirelessly to achieve the publication of an annual yearbook. Editor-in-Chief ..... .. ......,.............................,................................ Dean Lawrence Associate Editors ..... .,.... C larence Kimball and Gerald Lutz Business Manager ....,,..........., .................,..-........,..., T homas Foster Assistant Business Manager --- ...... Paul Guisewhite Sales Manager ........................ ---.... ..-... ---Cleve Johnson Advertising Manager --- ..... - ....... ..,.. . Robert Hallman Contracts Manager .... - ..... ..... - -- ....... Robert Wallace Art Editor -,.,,............ ....... - .... - ..... ....,,. ......, F r a nk Santora Assistant Art Editor - ..... - ..... ...... E dgard Faquer Photo Editor ......,....... -,.Roger Thomas Sports Editor .,.................. - ...... - ...... - ..... ...........r..................... M arion Wikle Assistant Sports Editors ................ .... - .........,..... D uane Ewell, Don Zimmerman Copy Editor ........................ .... - --- ...................................,................................. Roland Finn Layout Editors .... ..... P aul Atkinson, Tommy Trent, Peter Mytchak, Jack Northrup gw X sou index 'Vhn 1,61 4 Rolwlt XX 111116 m ot LO11t1 xp Q Tommx Trent Ind Patel MX uh Ik Lou out It-1ltUlS and Du 1116 J xx ell Axslstant Npmts I'll1tOI , V A Q Edltols ACIVISOI -1 a 910 li 12 as gi, I4 is mv ca ss zo? ,Q 222232425821 ,,..., -A +12 ng' ,W W 'QKH f 2677 ,sn 7 ZKZZZQLL fy fJ,':w4gfQ, , , ,,1l, A THE TRI- ANGLE ? li.. OVE LEFT: Marion YVikI41, Editor, F2111 1932, and P11111 'l'aylm', Eelitm' XYintv1', 1954. AB LOXYER: Joseph Allieri, 1Cditf11', Spring, 195 -nj AMW' 3, Xval-d 1001-dy Ci1'L'l1l1Ltilbll lNInnuge1': YValte1'Snyde1', IIICPUIITDIRS, STANDING: Tum XVhite, l'IE'I'lll3ll Business Mannurer, and l-:Ulf .Iunex Advertising Man- Kllnte. In-an lluwrenre. I"rvd TlwmaSson, ugel- SI+lATl+IlP: James lvlvliinney, Bruce Svoles, Don A' I Vwnklin and Rim-liarcl Stm1,2'l1tm1. STAN!" Ml'IlXIl3l3IllS, FRONT RONY: Dave Sllene- Tum XYhite. llel, Imn Conklin, P21111 Taylor, 1VI2II'lUfl NVikle, NVzllter STANDING' MEAN Roxy: HUB, tk.. Hf,,dit,' JV., Pub- Snymler, .lusepli AlUGl'1. Iivntion Advisor, Herman Kunte, Eugene Field, VVil- CIGNTIGH HOXV: Eleflnur Cermak, XVilliz1xn Hunt. liuln XVang'ler, NX'a1wl Forml, have Slienetiel, Lum' Robert Hzlllmnn, Jzunes lrilemlsoe, Don Zilnnn-rmzin, lfllnerson, Pnhlivzitions Aflviswr. Marion Tvikle,-, Paul Taylor, editors, anal XValter Clarence Kimball, Larry Hill., Nellis Greek, staff Snyder, business manager. members with Marion XVilile, editor. 1 -'ZW' i in ' 'vm-""' Twfm, -' . THE TRI-ANGLE A STUDENT PUBLICATION Published Monthly at Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana FALL QUARTER, 1953 WINTER QUARTER, 1954 Paul Taylor Walter Snyder Marion Wikle Walter Snyder Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Editor-in-Chief Business Manager M , 1 H EDITORIAL STAFF I Am i EDITORIAL STAFF aD30'lI'10i ,ECI HI' .,,.,.,.l.....,.............,,,,,r,,,,,A,,Y,,,,,,, . 08 6-F1 MK f Uv Efyt . 'YYw--- ll--iiYw'---YY'---'--...-,--- KD C ki' lNIffWs'fE,fi3r01',, Q-eQ- 5 4-e4ee e---Qe- M Wlkle N332Di-EliiiJIf1..?T ....., e.......,u.,iee...... . Ioscelph 'iiipdll PL'itt'Y-lVllt3- 1'Al1t0.l .5 .LLV ..YVv..., J Im NICIXIIIIIBY 1.-mio,-iiiiy Editor -v ,,,w ,q,,----A.., N ellie Gi-ook Qleamiatloll Edltm -'-'- -'--"-b------- D UP Conklin Organization Editor ..u.. ...uv,. X Villis Oberhaus bports Editor ....,,7.......v,.,,..,.,.....,..... ,,,.i,.. D on ZImmeI'man Sports Editor wvw- ---- I Don Zimmerman Pll0l0gl'aIllllf Elllflll' -----iii-ii-iii----4ii.i -'----'ii R Ogel' Tlmmas Piioiogi-iipliie i5d'il'513"'f'.f .,V. 'fQ'QQ1Qff ,,,. fl .... Roger Thomas Student Council RQDl'0Sf'llUllli'G -i-'----'f---------- Tom Vvhtie Student Council Representative .......... VVillis Oberhaus ORGANIZATION REPORTERS ORGANVATION REPORTERS Alpha Beta Alpha .....v......I.....,.......I....v,...I,,,......., Carl Raney " . Boosters Club .....,,.....I.,.....,,,..........,.,..,,,,,, Fred Thomasson SIDE? gegi' fxlpha' """""""'""'"""""""""""" 'Elm 13:66:02 Chemical Society .........,.I, ,,.....III, E ugene Field Cfmb SP1 qui """"'A""" """" lm ififd Chinese Students Club .,,.,, ,..,,,v.... E ugene Hsu Clwlnkcoaqttcacletyding """' """' 'hiiligeges an Civil Society' ,... .,,,........,...I.............. ...,,,.,..... Y V ebster Carter '.ulle"e 'um GH S u "'A"A"" Q ' ', 1 ,- A , , -, ,- Civil Society .....................,,III,....,v,,,,.,,..,...,... Merrill Goidon Electllcal Society .......I,,..,,,,.,.....,.I.,...,.........,.. Flank Hariis F1 iti, 1 Soiiit Ala S Vder Institute of Aeronautical Sciences ,,.,I..,., Dave Hillman I' eitllta f A Coy 'aa"e""""""""' no Hit in International Students Association ,,.... Herman Kunte Inf I 0 I gautlcaiix 'jc iiltcles """"" 318-1. Ville Mechanical Society ,....,.,.,,........,.,.........,.. Eleanor Cermak n Gland 10133 u en S SSOC C lon """""'e 95,19 .11 g , - N. ,- , , - , Photo Society .......,........................,...,.I.I....... Howald Slsson Radio Society ....,,I,....,. ....,.......,,,,..,. Daxe Sundhelmel R, . ., I. H t S, A- E. Tean adlo Society ,I.I.......,...,.... ,,,... . ., arold Quas -0, 4 - ,, - i Rifle Club ....,i..,........,......v,.... ........Y . .Ron Schwartz Sigma Epsilon ....,,,,..,..,..I.,,,,v.. ,..,,,. D ean Lawrente S. A F .1 G ld H , , Skull and Bones, C. O. A. ..c., ,........,... T om YVllIite lgmd JDSI OH -"'A""""""t""t' """" 8 ra Oulellel Student Counvii Dave Sheneflei Skull and Bones, C, O. A. .,................ Tom White Tau Sigma Fm '"'I'"'''"''''A'""""""'tA't"""" Bryce Gordon Student Council I ..........,..............., ..,..... D ave Sheneliel J ' """'"""i""'""'"""'A"""""""" ' Tau Sigma Eta ......,..,........,.....II.,,., . ..... Dayle Stevens NEWS REp0RTER5 Tri-Staltae Christian Fellowship ........,, ...I... B ruce Scoles Nellis Greek Larry Hill Clarence Kimball NEWS REPORTERS FRATERNITY REPORTERS Roland Finn, Clarence Kimball, Jane Takara, Inter-Fraternity Council .,.,,....,,.,,.......... Dick Stoughton Bob Hallman, 13011191110 Wilyat Alpha. Gamma Upsilon ,,.. ,,,,., P hillip Parker Alpha Sigma Phi ,..,,.,.III.. ...,.I.,. B ob Hallman FRATERNITY REPORTERS Beta Phi Theta .,......,,,,, ........ T ommy Trent Inter-Fi-atorhity Council ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,,,, Beta Sig-ma Tavu ...1..11 .1..,,,... L .Ted Summa Alpha Gamma Upsiloii ,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v, P hillip Pai-key Ixappa Sigma kappa II.. ..,.,.. X Nallace Force Alpha Sigma Phi ,,,,,,,,,e,,, ,,,,,,,,,, J oe. Tomoii Phi Iota Alpha ....,,.f..... ....... P . G. Arguello Beta Phi Theta ,,..,,,,,,.. ,,,,,, B moo Johnggn Piii Kappa .5 ....,.......,.. ........ 1 Jerome YVasag Beta Sigma Tau ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, T gd Summa Sigma Mu Sigma .,,,,,,,.. ,,,, ,...,. Y Y ylllltllil Vlangler Kappa Sigma Tan ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, W aiiaoe poi-oe Sigma Phi Delta ............,.........e...................,,., Robert Slllllfl Plli Iota Alpha ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,e,, G iiiiioi-mo iiif-o Phi Kappa ....,............ ..,..........,... D on Wallace SPORTS REPORTERS Si . . , , gmo Mu 5161113 ..... ...,.... Vi lilham Wangler Lew Cfllflllllll Jlm Bledsoe Sigma Phi Dcelta .........v.,.......,.........,....,..... Harold Weitzel BUSINESS STAFF S Advertising Manager ...,.,..,...,....,.,..........,. ...,.... Y 7Vard Ford i PORTS REPORTERS Assistant Advertising Manager ........ ., .... Bob Jones LGWIS C3-'Ca1lll0 J1111 B1edS0e Circulation Manager ..,..,,................. . ...... Bill Hout BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager ,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, B oh Jones Assistant Advertising Manager ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,Bill Hoiit Circulation Manager ,,,,,,,,,..,,,e,.,,,, ,,,,,,, Vi 'ard Ford SPRING QUARTER, 1954 Joe Alfieri Robert Wallace Editor-in-Chief Business Manager M EDITORIAL STAFF ORGANIZATION REPORTERS ' l ff Elt ' ,,,,,,.,-oo,,,,,.,,.,,,--,--,,-----o,,----i--- D ' Ngvlligpnditpi-ffl ..........,...,,.,. .................., fl Jnoeccellilig SiQ2lQi?iC2flietQ0fgQ,lQQ?a -----i------i-iii ------ii----iii--i-- Wifi Yligll fffiigliy Assistant News Editor .... ...... C larence Kimball Chinese Students """' Michari L 'Lt Fraternity Editor ....,I,.,,,e ....., X Villis Oberhaus Civii qocietv "" """ E llc aeK. U e Organization Editor ,,,, .......... N ellis Greek Electrical Sbcigfip """""""l""" """" X iyn Smne5f giigggsorggifigl' E-tim, i'-iii'i---i--------'-- '--'--- D me Ewell Financial and Legeli"s'5lflgfg1l'111111111111111i1'.',1i',Q',H352id135255 2: ------------------------ -----------. ' . ' ofa' , Slllflelll Council loleD1'ffSe1ll2ltll'e --------.--- Willis Olmhaus lllff-lElQfi0?iA2iAsfi1tYfilS,l'itSfC2flSSJS5212251 lylffgff FRATERNI-1-Y REPOR-1-ERS Junior Chamber of Commerce ..,..,..,.,,,.l,,,,,,, Bob Pointe?- . . fTri-State Chapter? Inter-Fraternity Council ........,.....,.........., Bruce Johnson -, - , , Alpha Gamma Upsilon .I...,...,....,............. Michael Wilson gdiffilcflnififieftlclety """"rAt"""'--"""---------'--- elllfig P?l?lS Alpha Sigma Phi ......,..... ...........,.,.. - Toe Toman Radio gbcieig, """"'""""'tiii'tl1' ""'1l"'t'l"l""' fi gifgii 2521012 Beta Phi Theta .............. ......,,..., B ruce Johnson Rifle Club ' ' """"' """ O Sci uf Beta Sigma Tau ....,l,,..., . ...... Kenneth J. Kunst S A E i"""' 't"""""" ""' """" i Q Q li Ccgrwfltz Kappa Siem Kappa ..1... ...................... B in Hout Si.,,,,'a iopgiigii'"P"-"""" 'ttt ' ""ooo ""'-" 0 N E01 glfllliq Phi Iota Alpha .,,,e,,,l..,,,, ,....,.,.. L uis De La Cruz Sifuii and Rouegme "" "" """i' """"' Obnw 'lim Phi Kappa ,.......,..v....., ........ Dennis Graumann S d ,- ' ' ' ' ""' "" ' ' . 3 .ace Sigma Mu Sigma D ----'Don Rutan tu ent Council ..................,.v,...,....,.,,.,e,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,B1i1 Diioo .U . ' ""' " , . Tail Sigma Eta ...............l................,..e,,,,,,,,.. John Taggart S1-Uma Phl Delta 'tt'tt"""'"'"""""""""""'t Hamm wveltzel TF1-Stall Topics ........................ Toby Ahiman, Dot Quagt SPORTS REPOR-1-ERS Tri-State Christian Fellowship ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,, Bruce Sooios Jim Bledsoe, Frank Collins, Robert Kolodziey BUSINESS STAFF NEWS REPORTERS Advel-using Ixtapager ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,.,,, ,,,,,, B iii Hoiii Roland Finn, Domenic Wilyat, Jack L. Hipchen Assistant Advertising Manager ,.,, ,,,,,,,, B oh Jones Jane Takara Circulation Manager ..l.,,,,.,,,ll,..,,.,,, ,,,,,,, X Vai-d Ford 1 Q 1 B. J. MUMMERT Direcfor of Affaleiics B. "Doc', Mummert has served as Director of Athletics at Tri-State College since the fall quarter, 1950, his duties including coaching and direction of sports pro- grams. He came to Tri-State from Nappanee, where he had served as coach for three years, and prior to that produced two sectional tourney winning teams as athletic di- rector at Vfinamac. In addition to his athletic duties, Mr. Mummert also holds the rank of Associate Professor in Commerce. In his college days, "Doc" was a member of the "Wonder Fivev of Franklin Col- lege, and was an all-state guard in football, in addition to participating in track. He is a graduate of Franklin College and has done graduate study at Ball State College. "Doc,s" ready and keen wit, his pleasant manner, and his friendly personality are contributing factors to his popularity on the campus. frgfszy as FIRST ROVV: Nancy A. Diaz, Jim Bledsoe, Vern Peters, Don Zimmerman, Ann Barrows. SECOND ROXV: Thomas Reynolds, Dean Lawrence, Bill Stiefel, Ron Engels. THIRD ROW: Richard C. Lough, Paul Farnsehlader, Gerald Snyder, Fred Tliomasson. Hun ' Klub FALL 1953 WINTER 1954 President ........................ Don Zimmerman President .................. Fred T. Thomasson Vice-President ..........., Bill Stiefel Vice-President ...,.. ..Paul Farnsehlader Secretary ..,........ ......... J ames Bledsoe Secretary .......... .......... J ames Bledsoe Treasurer ....... ..,... D ean Lawrenee Treasurer ....... ........ X 'ernon Peters The purpose and privilege of the Tri-State Booster's Club is to boost all campus athletics. The club sponsors intra-mural and inter-collegiate sports activities and in addition provides for the publication and free distribution of basketball programs at each home game. The Club is pledged to work in close conjunction with the Athletic Board of Control and to do everything within its power for the betterment of the sports program at Tri-Stte College. is TOP ROXY, LEFT TO RIGHT: Olin Kern, guard, Bedford, Indiana: Toni Reynolds, ,2'uard, Auburn, Indianag Paul Ifarn-st-hlader, guard, Allentown, Pennsylvania: Paul XVilianiS, guard, i'z11'e-y, Ohio: Dick Lough, guard, Elkhart, Indiana. FIIONT RUXY, LEFT TO RIGHT: John CondiIT, center, Bedford, Indiana: John l"1'ai,9,', center, Bloomington, Indiana: Jiin Bledsoe, forward, Angola, Indiana: Hob Haynes, cen- ter, Peru, Indiana: Al Brand, forward, Garrett, Indiana. fnqbmafm, 7 953-7 9 4 The basketball team, under the direction of Coach "Doc" Mummert, were faced with a tough schedule this season. Although the team did not always get the needed breaks, none could say that Tri-State did not have a fighting team on the floor. With so many of the games being nip and tuck all the way, it just seemed the boys were plagued with hard luck. af- ., if- Q f- wif 7 n Ji 4 ' 1 X 5 Q if :Q r 'x I Q, 7 3 ij V . '42 4 Q X ns N , to S xv it 'f P435-::eea,s1'1: 2 g'::a:+55'rii-Sffggisessfl' ' :isis if is-53535: ,..!1---w-"!,gg,g .:: -.: TNR 3. . .... wg .K ,g, 5-..., A QR X , XX .CX ix" '5'g!5z:.':f::5srffQf'fQ 7 t' -53+ ' .'2i??iif::x:a:?fi1E'-:iff if 7 ' 1.2. . u112l"""2'S.....-.4 .i1Z.!. 1 X v., Jggg.. - 4'l?.f.::'f5?E1::: 5,3 4. -1--c.. ' : it ,sg-" sszigia- if9Y'T?'f'f1Z.35i3:51EZ2?ZIfEE:Q:"":5"' 2 1'1"f!....'2I.. - '91 34-Li' 3:33 'iff if"i,I'fi"i'Ely1EE3x55Eg?Qf:'i1:,x-:xf:'-X .:: '1' ,x::'1:-'.:.::'.:22t!9f'::::..: vf-:rw 21"13:E55.:2..f'vs5f'ee:?:1--"---::' ...5Q31f'::...,.,:,,,r.,- ,-free: ::..:4: iw'?i5E:':i-5re:ex:E:?i?7f:?Ei:ri? ESE ?? Q:gliiii?9fiilig'1:!f1':'f::::i:Q5 i 'fqieqerav . 53:22:15sf:,sssis:'t::tfZ1132Q-21,2415 1 B--i-nm :i.L1z:.ass2 ------15121252.27 ., A 25:31 x ..- -i-vz-- '?:'1.....::.,... 5 Q X a 1 Qi ,F Olin Kern Guard iw 7 4,3 fit. fl-Yi' gkr' John Craig Center 1- i ,Z M -...M i .3 'X , .V ,,., E f N! Q , Vs Paul Williams GAME SCHEDULE Tri-State .. Tri-State .. Tri-State .. Tri-State -. Tri-State . Tri-State .. Tri-State -. Tri-State . Tri-State . ....60 ....85 ....68 ....72 ..-73 .-..56 ....67 ...62 ...63 4 'Q QQ 'o'0 ' 'Q 0 OO 6 'QW 4' ' i9t'o'4 it Of QW, ff If it Indiana Central 72 Indiana Tech .... 77 Ohio Northern Huntington . .... 55 Albion Detroit Tech .... 68 Benton Harbor Defiance .... 68 Albion 82 80 83 Guard . ,,. f 2 7 I 9 5 5-54 i 'X Q ::7'jEi:'i:i:r., '.55Nf":F2g51'g 1" V:::z.'.a.:.-355-51.513225 ?2i'i?:'I ':- :::i,f:3E QTFEEET: - " 5'-' ""::'gr:gg3i,2:g2:-3:-::::arf?'Ei-messes'-:!+1"":r'':-. 1 nw-..'::. zsfalqifgfgfrizz. M Mm h .:::e'::x::'.:::-5313154 2. "sas 'Sh'.2.1,r,E f:55?'2-Hafszztffizgl 'eiaizzzzmg5-55,55,m5:t5!a.1e:::afl'l'n 252553555?.fif'ggzw-2Efgsiewsaaea-ifiaggggeeg'fz5?E?EsEYer??:7Z?iffz::riQ:1 ff:Emiasf111faniss!s2ifa4.:,.e.s1sMe.Q .'w241sas12,ws.:,,s-3525255 - -A E1 ' 4 "" if ., L..i.'i.ii.1'?i35i.1 .T EL: "2-ff!!:g,,'5f',fifgL,,55 3' gf ,,. ... 321551' gug::'.v:: 72'.Z.E:-g'15- zzggzr-gsuza --:rss ' en- gggg-5 .'ggj,::'-3.5.1 55:5 :Q:f:x5:5::i:5:::r.,g 515' 'arf',--gg, :EERE .5--, -az' si' ,, . . 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"'if1':3fii 'affgififfffiignuiiffiigaif l- ifffffvi-'122a21?::::.1-21525!,f5::?.,i7aEefE?755E?ks:i?sessse?,::Esie52ii:::5::::ee:::-ffffine51 ' -1.e,::?!f,s1E1:tiiatlzxc-:z::::.:2t::'zsiisiiw- :z:fesf:si:r?-ffszfzvf ' 1 i Bob Haynes 3- Forward , V' 5 ,V ,Q 'ft f Allen fi 2 Brand 9 Forward , ,.., - ..,, -.4 5-x A K X: , sm 5 a 5 3, Q M i M R if :et we 5 if 5' S VAN. X-fit X , Q an X ...a -2 ss Y M M , Q. 5 X iw K ' ., u A I0 7 f fr 1 , ', e ff' 5 N ffff 1v,. ,,1A t e 5 ea ,, 2 John Condiff 'ggi Center Pau Farnschlader D k L h Guard Guard Tri Tri 'Tri Tri -State Tri- Tri- Tri Tri Tri- -State GAME SCHEDULE ....75 Concordia 68 --..54 Lawrence Tech 89 ,...65 Benton Harbor 69 ...-49 Detroit Tech --..53 -..,72 Huntington 77 -...69 Ind. Central ,100 -.--68 Indiana Tech .- 75 ----49 Concordia 54 ..-.73 Defiance . 63 U g O Q sy ' sf ' oo '36 7Qvv1 V2 5 .I 9 . ,ft fx 1 X i v Tom Reynolds Jim Bledsoe F orwara' x s ,K , xx "Engineers" 1 E U 'xg N. R CHEI:RLEADERS Ann Barrows Donna Case In Action FRONT: Farnsf-hlader, guard: Kern, guard: Lough, guard: Reynolds, guard. HANK: XXvilli2'lIIlN, guard: Haynes, Ce-nterg Craig, Centerg Condiff, center: Bledsoe, forward 2 Brand, forward. va, , - f I " - K if I ..v' ll Z ...l A , .. if -.1 ' N miss... WV ' ' f if M" I. 2 V. . y I x flm. .WM I W ,. ve .L ' ' . , 0 JTATE i ,sa 4 , ft I ' ' 5 , A ,-1 i I' I QQ,1i 3 ak js , M aa, -. . 4.4. f nz!! jluz, 9nfmnafjonaL She Tri-State's tennis team was dubbed the "International Sixf' with players includ- ing from left to right: Peter de Lisser, Casablanca, French Moroccog Edward G. Kyle, Brooklyn, New York, Terrence Warford, Greenwood, Mississippi, Coach, Prof. Robert Cook, Angola, Indur Malkani, Bombay, India, Francisco Otamendi, Caracas, Venezuela. The sixth member, Frank Chu, Hongkong, veteran of three seasons, was not present for the picture. The "International Sixv had a successful season in 1953, winning four matches for Tri-State, and losing only one. Matches were played against Albion, Indiana Tech., Anderson, and Hillsdale. SEASON SCORES Tri-State ,ss. S Albion ,s,,sssssss,s -----4 Tri-State 5 Indiana Tech. Tri-State ,,,.. ,.... 7 Anderson ....,,s ...., O Tri-State ss,. 9 Indiana Tech. Tri-State .cc. 3 Hillsdale ....... " r . , s , wig' 1 ,h - ,.q . -Us 24352 ' Wt Sew A X ,, . .. rt .,.- -sk M X X .- ..S V -'gNwF'i'l.- - :J -'kv n NK 'K . X nv ., , sy Q, V - X i I t Xi C X , I , l Xlglqi lgflill ' f , , 1 , 5 FRONT HOVV, LEFT 'FO RIGHT: Roger Coleman, Ted SllQ6llY, Lee Hartman, XVard Ford, Bob Vlfhiteford. MIDDLE ROXY: Ricliaiwl Packard, Bruce Johnson, Don Koe-lst-li, Raymond Lindsay, Don Zimmerman. BACK IIOVV: Owen Ehlers, XVi1ho Okkonen, Harold Clark, Robert Baker, Ted Zyek, and Norman Feiehter. A6'aA.ebalL The Tri-State Baseball nine had a record of two wins and two losses for the 1953 season, with the weather as their toughest opponent. The team had twelve games scheduled, with eight of these cancelled because of rainy weather. Coach Mummert stated that although the team played but four games, it was the best team he had yet fielded while at Tri-State. SEASON SCORES Tri-State rrr. ...... 7 Huntington College Tri-State .,,, ...... S I-Lillsdale College rl,,. .... 6 Tri-State rrrr ..., L -5 Hillsdale Colelge ---,3 Tri-State ,,.. r,rr.. 3 Albion College ,..., ......r 9 c s - g- A f ,aa X 9 . x., X29 . at . M"'r-- , ,- BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Prose-ia, Ray Mitchhart, Bill Laraway, Roy Mitehhart, Bob Painter, Dean Runkle, Harley Lunke. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lyle Oleson, George Heath, Virgil Areaux, Harold Clark, Gene Overton, Dick Stoughton, and Jerry Snyder. David Oleson, the team's mascot, is seated in front. 7953 tSv!t6alL fhampa, Sigma Phi Delta,s softball team won everything in sight during the 1953 summer quarter. In addition to winning the Inter-Fraternity championship, the Sigma Phi Delta's beat the All-Stars. The All-Star team members were selected from among the best players in the other eight fraternities, but fell before the onslaught of the Sigma Phi Delta 1953 champs. 5111! The Tri-State College Golf Team had a good season during the 1953 summer quarter, ending up with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses. This team participated in the state meet at LaPorte, Indiana, coming out in tenth place. Matches were held with Albion College, Hillsdale College, Indiana Tech., and Anderson College. Matches with Indiana Tech and Anderson College ftwo eachj were won, while the team lost one to Albion College and two to Hillsdale College. Members of the golf team were Don Zimmerman, Myron Beechy, and Frank Collins. FRONT IIHXY: Robert Gustafson, Ann Barrows, James Anderson. Ron Schwartz, NVard Ford, linger lloermlen. BACK RUXV: Philip Longy John O'1:3rian, Tom Owens, Darold Bryan, Paul Simmons, Lauren Taylor, Din-k Hodge. ' -an , Pillai daaouhttbft SUMMER 1953 President ,.,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..... Joseph Vice-President ,,,,,.,,.... James Secretary-Treasurer ,.., James FALL 1953 President ,,.,..i..,,.,,,.,,,..... James Vive-President .,,,,7....,,.,,.,.i..i.. TN Secretary-Treasurer ..i..,,, Ann Edmonds Anderson Anderson Anderson 'ard Ford Ba rrows WINTER 1954 President ........,,,.......,.,,,, James Anderson Vice-President ........,.., Ronald Schwartz Seeretary-Treasurer ,.,,.,,, Ann Barrows Manager ........,,....,....,.ii....,,,,,.... XN'ard Ford SPRING 1954 President ....................,,.,,... Paul Simmons Vice-President .,.,...,,,,,........ Darold Bryan Secretary-Treasurer ,. ...Roger Roerden The Tri-State College Rifle and Pistol Association and has been very successful. Aims of the Association precision target shooting and to support an inter-collegiate competitive rifle team. Afliiliated with the National Rifle Association, which sponsors and conducts all inter-collegiate rifle competitions, many members have qualified for national marksmanship ratings. 9 The Association's range is located in a quonset hut near the Recreation Hall, and is equipped with all modern facilities. Safety precautions are rigidly enforced for the safety of all. Membership in the Association is open to all men and women of Tri-State College. was organized during the Fall quarter of 1949, are to promote training and instruction in FRONT HOXV: Ron Sehwartz, James Anderson, Ann Barrows, Ilohert Gustafson. BACK ROXY: XVard Ford, Paul Simmons, Tom Owens, Darold Bryan. H4312 The Tri-State College Rifle Team participated in national competition in the 1953 Intercollegiate National Rifle Championship meet at the University of Michigan in March. Team members fired in- dividually and as a team. Rifle team activities are now a varsity sport at Tri-State College, and letters are awarded for team competition. STANDING: Billy Sunday, member of Tri-State College: B. J. Mummert, Director of Athletics: Lyle Oleson, Arthur Kline, faculty members. SEATED: Lee Hirsch, member for t-he Alumni: John Jarrett, faculty member, NOT SHOVVN IN THE PICTURE: Tom VVhite, member for the student body: Hermon Phillips, member for the College Board of Trustees, and Robert I. Cook, faculty member. ic, Bound nl 6111111110 All athletic activities at Tri-State College are under the direction of the Athletic Board of Con- trol. Inter-collegiate sports include basketball, baseball, rifle and pistol, tennis and golf. The intra- mural program includes basketball, football, softball, tennis, bowling, table tennis, golf, volleyball, and rifle and pistol activities. FRATERNITY BOWLING CHAMPS-ALPHA SIGMA PHI LEFT TO RIGHT: Vernon Peters, Joe Allieri, Joe Gaytla, Don Zimmerman, Bill .Tones and Bill Parks. The Alpha Sigma Phis won 27 straight games, to take Iii-st place in the Inter-Fraternity Council League. K k sZf-, rf. QA1'c.fc ax . TXT a hr R X.. K X Thdwm CQLLEGE OFFICIALS: Billy Sunday, Treasurer: Law- I renee P. Myers, Dean of Stutlentsg Merritt Boyer, Secretary, Co-ordinator of Veterans' Affairs: Dr. .I. Glenn Radcliffe, 'Eleanor Tarbell, Coll Vic-e-President in Charge of Academic- Affairs: Dr. Theo- Librarian, and Shirley Cc dore T. YVoocl, President: Gerald H. Moore, Vic-e-President brook, Library Assistant, in Charge of Public Relations: and Vern Jones, Registrar. SECRETARIES: Dolores VVolff, Pat Willnur, Joyce Franze, Mary Helen Zarnosky, Betty Folks, Adele Johnson, Betty Stanley, Janet Mott, Elaine Vera, Toby Ahlman, Ruth Rose, M31'g'llGl'itB Milkie and receptionist, Margie lVIcCarty, seated. Helen Uweiis Assistant Placement Director R D an 1-anew! Jonas Crisnian Placement Director Mildred Swift Bookstore Assistant - t F it for 5 G. CAFETERIA STAFF, SEATICD: Myrtle Haerenwald Leta German, Bessie Allen, Donna llough, Mrs. Stewart Mgr. STANDING: Jane Hesler, Goldie Smith, Ruth Reynolds, Mary Jones, Hazel VV0lf, Helen Sliroyer, Treva W'illi:imson V . Daisy Stevens, Esther Fenstermaker, Enola Hufnagle, Margie Reek, and Maggie Crawford. Y Lum-y Emerson Vollesxe and Student News Services my Gondhew, Roy Bodie College Printshop A-we TRI-STAN HOUSING STAFF: Virgil Vifaller, L. V. Hull, Gay Cline, Dema Regisser, Arlene Dove, Dot Quast, Charles Leman and Gus Crawford. XVanda Boclie, Don Orewiler, Dinah Roncancio, Tmene Collins, Evelyn Goodrich, and ,llowena Howe, in the College Prlntshop. V ,X X i . . Q , 1 A M f N it vw w 2 T , iv! MAINTICNANCE PTIEXV: George Meek, Olen NValsh, Herman XYilson, Bill Ickes, Carroll Penland, .lim XYeller, Art Stroli, Fred Munn, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds: Tmn Lyons, Mae Goings, llalpli Morturtf, Ora lvlvlintarfer, llieky Smith, and Harvey llzindolph. 2 'QQ-1 2133-ig we sf ?-Ska 1 BERNARD L. DAVIS A.B., B.S., 1920 W, Hlmatilfzqa, to the Wlnw dlunfuful On behalf of the Tri-State College Alumni Association, I welcome you to that ever-enlarging group of those who have trod the halls and campus we have loved. We are confident that you will bring honor and loyalty to our alma mater in the years to come, now that you have completed the first steps of your education, and are cour- ageously facing the problems of furthering your knowledge by putting into practice those ideas gained at Tri-State. In the words of Daniel Webster, "It is a small school, but there are those who love it " Sincerely, BERNARD L. DAVIS Presidmf, Tri-State College Alzumzi Association TRI-STATE COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS FOR 1953-1954 PRESIDENT DIRECTORS Bernard L. Davis, A.B., B.S., 1920 Milton E. A1'0I1SI111m, C-E-, 1932 Hillsdale, Michigan Chicago, 111111015 George B. Ashton, Ch.E., 1917 VICE PRESIDENT Chicago, Illinois Joseph Teagno, M-E-, 1939 Roy Averill, M.E., 1929 C1CVC12111d, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Robert T. Cunningham, M.E., 1929 SECRETARY . Akron, Ohio Martha Pollock Lough, A.B., 1914 Fay W. Legs, T-T., 1915 TREASURER For Wayni Incgaga 1 29 Col. E. Boynton Abbott, E.E., 1918 SVT' iw eghicl " 9 Chicago, Illinois I mmg On' EX-OFFICIOQIMMEDIATE PAST- PRESIDENT Gifford Ernest, B.S., 1908 Chicago, Illinois 11 ' 0 PATRONS: ANGOLA GAS STORE ANGOLA STATE BANK H. an S. STANDARD SERVICE HAMMA FEED S1 SUPPLY KAY'S POULTRY LIECHTY JEWELERS LINDER COAL CO. QRon Owensp SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY DR. R. C. SNGOK TRIBOLET VAN'S SPORT SHOP WEIGHT FUNERAL HOME WILLIS LOVE COMPANY 9532515 ' A K fy ,M ,-be ' www mv - r' + - A x . ff 4 '- in W A "-121.4 Tri-Stan's New Y63f,S Baby, 1954 Monica Lynn Dremann X Y 4 X .sf 9 -X - 1 , , 9 5 J A , c Compliments of Angola Baking Co Fines! in Reiail Baking Angola Dress Shop Your Key fo Beffcfr Fashions Muriel K. Smalley Phone 80 Angola, Indiana Helen and Monica Dremann Cozzgrafzzlafiofzs fo ibc' Class of '54 ngola Di tributor , Inc. TRI-STAN BIRTHDAY PARTY-Bavk row, Mike Cain, Candy Beister, Christy Kawamura, and Pat Cain. On chair, Hoxanna Crail. Middle row, Johnny lj'Bl'i3l1t, Dennis Parker, Cindy Crail and Randy Nelson. In front, Mary Lee Kennedy and Shirley Kuniniito. ngola Dry Cleaners Every piece receives ifzdividzml affelzfiolz Allen County Food Distributors Dependable Service Wfhere ever FOOD is SOLD or SERVED Maxwell House Restaurant COFFEE Durkee's Salad Products Post's Cereals Snider's Catsup ALLEN COUNTY FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 2030 Weisser Park Fort Wayne COMPLIMENTS OF Subway Barber Shop Fisherls Barber Shop Clark's Barber Shop Bill Edwards with a Tri-Stan Snowman RECORDS BALDWlN'S 213 W. Maumee Street HOBBIES-SHEET MUSIC Outdoor Pep Rally Fall 1953 BALFOUR SALESMAN SAYS Thanks for your past and present and future patronage L G BALFUUR CG 224 Mass Ave Ind1anapol1s lnchana BADGES FAVORS NOVELITIES DIAMONDS SWEAT SHIRTS PROGRAMS TROPHIES SOUVENIR PADDLES ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 Compliments of The Brokaw Theatre Always A Good Sbow Compliments of Continental Coffee Company Chicago, Illinois and Toledo, Ohio Tuttle's Jewelry 108 W. Maumee St. KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Hamilton - Elgin Watches Wyler - Gruen C0lllPIiIllf'lIfS Of B edsoes Beach J! . 5 A 'll A- . . '--1s,s'113pg-rm "- M . n f , 2.2-1 92 . 5 S - X W A X - - 1 ' ?'-S Y Q F 15 I' 4 f NW? P Lake James Angola, Indiana Bassett's Restaurant South Side of Square Hospifalify and Good Food TRI-STAN SCENE Left to right: Bill Edwards, Bob Curw Don Vandenbos, Don Head, and Ed Griff y Front row: Dick Wagner. Compliments of Compliments Commercial Towel Service Robert E' Doyle 203 East Wallace St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Your Beverage Dealer COMPLIMENTS OF The College Book Store BEST WISHES From The College Cafeteria Good Luck. fo fbcf Class of ,54 Captain's Cabin Compliments 5 CLINE'S STUDIO Crooked Lake Angola, Ind. Tri-Stan Father and Daughter Monica and Wlllt Dremann i j W ? ,-M ' iff' ,fy , K: o 6. ' 6.1, I . -if U v v , XR Y Q X. 1 g Q Q c 825 N. XVayn0 St., Angola First National Bank of Angola H E t im, f'::'i i fr: 2 '6 . W, X, 2 Phone 1 ig ,-1' We A 11 preczafe Sfzzdefzfs' Afcouufs ii-g5,z+'i Member Federal System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. EXPRESSWAYS, INC. Compliments li 4 Don 81 Herlfs Best of Luck to the Class of 'S 4 Virgil Waller A Handy Man at Tri-Stan General Telephone Company E5 of Indlana, Inc TELEPHONE A Member of One of the Great Telep one F re d E Hllth DTSTINCTIVE GIFTS G1 eefnzg Canis De owzfzze Accessories Pubhc Square Angola Inchana WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF The Gas Service Company Coldwater, M1Chlg3H Mefezfed Propane Gas for Colzzflzerczal and Ilzdusfrml Uses Estabhshed 19 31 1 L TEQ- 0 Gfxtqb ,I 116,049 . lm ! Systems Serving America. o o f I l f K mf' ' j g f I x 7 BEST WISHES EOR YOUR FUTURE CLASS OF S 4 G 81 K News Stand l T St Couple BEST WISHES GRADUATES GOOD LUCK Gaycrest Crane THE DINER Dalry Phone 453 Short Orders Qpen All N1ght R S,A,,. x W 7 EE . 2 S- YQQTQV437-4C,w .V fx fx Dot and Ha Quast ri- an 7 - O - 5 ,nffne W V lf UALITY 2 FOODS l , . s, 4.1 'ii' uwr . . u""1'fu'lllliu For tops in quality look for the canned foods packed under the Little -S'.352'f5i:g535s ABQ " Elf label the next time you go shop- Wifi? ping. You'll be glad you did! K int' 5 . .--.... 1'1i f X, R ' BURSLEYS Wu-.DRIP camo ll.t f -ggi 'UF' 97 . . A LJ AZ For Coffee Satisfaction rs Hf'f,1'- fi For quality, flavor, and econo- my too. . .Buy the coffee vacu- -'--... u u . ..-' I um packed in the orange and blue tin. 4 My Tri-Stan Homey' BEST WISHES OF DIXIE RESTAURA T 301 W. Maumee Gpen till 12 Midnight Compliments of HEIDELBERG Phone 106 Angola, Indiana 38 years of dependable service fo our customers Frigidaire - Maytag - Hoover - Siegler - Tappan - Philgas Home Appliances - Gulbransen Pianos Arvin and Sparton Television and Radios Philgas Bottled Gas VISIT DUKE'S SNACK BAR FOR A LIGHT LUNCH You'll Enjoy It! 217 W. Maumee Street Angola, Indiana Rziih and Keith Dailey, Props. Compliments of Compliments of Kenneth W. Nagel - Taylor 's - HARDWARE MUTUAlS Tri-State Motel Seven Points, Wis. 3121 Reed St' Phone K-1975 North Edge of Angola on U. S. 27 Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone 157-L Comphments of JACUB INSURANCE SERVICE Angola Phone 102 Indmna cW'gelk cec thysy Everythmg for the Well Dressed Woman Harman S Ladles Shoppe LIFE SAVERS SUITS YOUTHCRAFT COATS SUITS MOJUD LINGERIE I-IOSIERY ACCESSORIES COSTUME JEWELRY 50 Public Square Phone 171 Complzmenfs Of K 0 L B D R U G S Public Square Angola, Ind. GW I llll 17 k anriesi ream, e a. 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