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 - Class of 1953

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Text from Pages 1 - 192 of the 1953 volume:

2 2 l E 22 5? E. z S P ? E Ea 5 3 5 E N F 5 gs 5 s S Q Q w Q Q S S E 5 3 E S E E 5 s 2 Si 5 ., V 'fb I, ..3134"1':-23212315231..r .-.-.l:3:':1:-:3'3:'. - .' :'f 21:21-S:-'z.431-:-..-giiflv, .. 'f:'2-11:55:7:"5:3:5:3:-5:-L5:1:'. .'..:',f:Li:'t7:i:3.':l:i:3:7:3!F.f'1 .-:i:1ST:1:Z:5:?..-SX:H1:,,2: -,.f:?:-rk3'1:f'-'5'fi"'5"'7T"fxFi:i:f.513:i:1:2.':-11:11:3:fri:S:I'-'l3i:?:I:53E?Z'QXQQ5Sii-5''Wk-:?'2Vi.'E3tiS:':5S:KF2ki:v:5Z 33?E3'K'E3.F655S:1'!5:35cZS53-ad '3:J.' 1 A 03 lfff 76 :RW 44 IND i I i . .4 NX .wx M , ,, f 93 W.: '9.g:j,,.:' xx, W N-ii . f fx fa, :Zz VT? ' fer. -l . ,I - 1, ' QQ , 1 'Ye-2' J fmwvlwll Willy sincere ejforf, we baue endeavored fo presenf fo you a true portrayal of Tri-Sfafe College life. Alibongb Ibe present road seems long and bard, fbere is evidence fbrozzgbozit fbese pages of far more fban jzisf bard work. Time bas a way of wearing off fbe rougb edges and revealing only brilliant nienzories. Tbzzs if is our bope and belief fbaf Ibis book will serve not only as a cnrrenf inferesf, biz! as a guide fo pleasanf reminiscences in fbe fuinre. To a fireless siajf, fbe publications advisers, and io fbe 1nany ofbers wbo bave belped fo nzake tbis publicafion possible, I would like io say Hibank yon." If bas been a pleasure fo work wifb sncb a wonderful group. f 1 Editor-in-Cbief Lester E. Clarke cf flmlmf In all phases of economic, political, and social life men have recognized the need for education and more education. So it was that Lester E. Clarke came to Tri-State College. The motive behind his great desire to earn a college degree was not economic stability nor social advancement. These he had already achieved. Rather it was for the purpose of better understanding the world about him and aiding his fellow man. Few men possess the vision and drive to lead and at the same tinze the humility and the sense of duty to follow. Lester Clarlze had both. Because he had spent some twenty years in the United States Army and had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, it was only natural that respect and admiration should be forthcoming from his fellow students. At a time of life when many men are desirous of peace and relaxa- tion, he actively participated in all phases of campus life, few have devoted more time to furthering the interests of Tri-State or held more offices in various school organiza- tions. In the short space of Jive terms, he became such an integral part of campus life that his going leaves a gap difficult to pil. "The Colonel" will long be remembered by his fraternity brothers, the American Legion, and other organizations for his willingness to lend his whole-hearted support to their activities. He will be remember by his instructors for his class contributions and his understanding of their efforts. His family and friends may rejoice in having known one who asked so little and gave so much. Lester Clarlce's philosophy was one based upon a truly deep joy in each passing moment. He took the commonplace events of everyday living and with his personality illuminated them with happiness for those about him. At the same time he had a sense of basic, eternal values. Perhaps no better expression of the philosophy that guided his life can be found than in his own words: "I try to live each moment, each day as though it were my last, and yet as though I expect to live forever." In the hope that we all may emulate his ideals of service and his philosophy of life, we of the Modulus staff dedicate this 1953 edition to the man who would, had he lived, have been its editor. May his spirit, his ideals, and his conscientious application of the Golden Rule long remain an inspiration to us. MQ -s ' ' A -' .Af...Ef f . Q , rf , . r I' ,rfb 'ii '6"f"5f7 ' X ,' .lx gs, Q hfx yfaivv 1 v' ' Fw ,W " 'H ,H N 7' X, y H' .W ,J ,A 'Nj 4 " ff ' ,f,L.,, , ' A 6 ,nff ,JK Q 41- Z A f ff if f, 3 4 5 iw, -wrff Q, f1??puf3 MW wwf fu as AJ , in .M a V , ,W 'V , w - MWF' f ' Q A J f5 L ' ' ffm! f ' ' f fd X '? t x, ' vu V 0, ff ' ,, ,riff ' a J Xin A I , ' , mv,,n: Agfa? H A-fi 4 i ff' al ' ' 4 ' 4 W ' f ' f , , f A, 1- Y ,Q .B . Aw fp 4,444 . I, ' ' , ,ai v ' ,r f fp 3, , Y ,, 1 W fa A' . , Wulf! ' iff f,i?'14-5 f ff M1 'I I I W 2 i Affxvi , U 'V 1 j, ' ji ,, A YV V 5 115, W -if 'Z ff?-V 'fn-Q wagfaf l I- f..4,nu.--M-... Q , 'Q illlnnp, 'llllnuw illluluhn -fp-ww firffiwmwfm f V -x 7 , A 0 'f M41 gf, Y '45 , 49 MM""""'M'v,. wav., gf .adm P i machmzm ,gnqmwum abhdldahq, gy pw" ,1 . sw Q: Q ,Q f?-5 eL'Q2Yf-wa Q 5 X I A"Q iii?" 'Tl-1'3" ' eww, -4, ',.' 2 - 355 'viii :I-5Esif1fTs:F2. - -Tisi.--wm ziicfff:AMWW -vwi Qfsvf 9422625 9429 - .a m-.':::sa, ,. 36452 vi ,VN 'Q 0 QQ, Q 0245 0 1 A I 9 zu ' S A o M 2, 'Z , ggfk? m , 4 Awww: J I E - N My'6Q,w,Q,S-M: "www 50,401 , .. in I xx f. 1 . ,lw,,,fx x Q ., . K' .Mmm Q- wi w f. N I ' Kb- 1: 1 I 4, f , " yi ff: 2. f Nw 5 vi -1-:av- 4.-wg:-,.. , ajax .4 STUDENT ACTIVITIES '- WWA LIBRARY -q ro W CAFETERIA JWWM Www hw! fjiwmf U y 5 YN Q 5 EIB 3 PRESIDENT Dr. Theodore T. Wood ' I GRADUATES OF 19 S 2- S 3: Again it is my privilege to extend to each of you by this means the sincere con- gratulations of the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Administrative Staff upon your graduation from Tri-State. It also affords an opportunity to express our appreciation to you and your fellow students for making possible the addition of another year to the uninterrupted existence of the college to which we owe our loyalty and of which we are so proud. Your association with Tri-State, however, is not concluded upon your graduation and departure from the campus. As a matter of fact, nothing you say or do in what- ever activity you may be engaged can be completely divorced from your status as an alumnus of Tri-State College. Each of you is under the constant surveillance of your business and professional associates and your neighboring fellow citizens and subject to their judgment. Never forget that as surely as you are judged, whether it be good or bad, so is your college judged. It is apparent, therefore, that this continuing relationship presents opportunities for service, one to the other, limited only by our mutual vision and imagination. By our common efforts, applied untiringly and unceasingly and with loyal devotion to the cause of private and independent colleges in the world of today, we can achieve our goal of a greater Tri-State College. X x. THEODORE T. WOOD PRESIDENT UI' mf:-X 0 5 9 ,af 9 ' ,Q5,,'2,fL: ,. W, ,,,. to From left to right Mark J Wfoodhull, chairman, Lewis B Hershey, Ray Alwood, Ray- mond E Willis Franklin H Wells Perry T Ford, and Harmon B Phillips. m..,,....,K...V..V- , ,,,.,,.M.-1.. Q.. ,4"',ig1 "ev 'f , . N , -- 6 ,.-'. .fQFev f,,.i-3, J 3 --LN " -5235 ?5a.f.Q 2- E. -i , Lg? 2 , ' 1-lk" M . Q ,, 55 ' 'X , S -' A ' an- -, -.ffgii '3 . ' - A " fair! :gg 1 ,Q e ' A ,e::m.:'. Q , , K Q A' Bill Sunday Treasurer ,Li5g.i1giQ Mme, ,V Gerald H. Moore Dean of Admissions ZS.. . Alton V. Potts Director of Publicity Ionas E. Crisman Director of Placement s 2 e S 1 S r s 2 3 2 E 3 5 6 5 I 1 Roy C. Bodie, Jr. Director of Publications IL , Vern Jones Registrar Fred Munn Superintendent of Maintenance Quintin J. Hawthorne Aeronautical Engineering Stefan Slanina Chemical Engineering Cecil Hauber Civil Engineering Harold R. Hoolihan Commerce Clyde E. Shaw Elecfrieal Engineering Ja Anthony V. Andolina Virgil G. Areaux Mechanical El2gl7Z6'6'l'lllg Drawing Carl Becker Mathematics Richard Byers Civil Laboratory Mary E. Disher Carney English ana' Mathematics Weir Crowl Mechanical Laboratory John S. Bradbury Civil Eizgifzeerirzg Jerome Burtt Mathematics and Science Ross A. Butler Mathematics 117-. iw, Ja ' s ' 1- " ' i W . lL+'v , .9-Leif f' -'ff...i' ' fx J: M.-,r,,y. . +1 K ' . 5 .. , 'ite-,,j-,g,g':,-,i 2 'I' ' f 2335 'I gf we O-'11-H f ., ka, ' Eg, X A ' w e W . 4 4. -1 V x f, f .,, ,NNW ., Robert I. Cook Coinnzerce Wayne Champion Commerce Arthur E. Eberhardt Wayne Gilchrist Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Arthur A. Hockey Engineering Drawing and Matlaernatics Howard W. Hoolihan Accounting Q? Fred W. Goudy Law and Business Mathematics .V-A W Z, 1 ' f wi re? J'-vb .?Z w wx Mf1:vifAZ2 41' -.13- Alexander P. Gwiazdowski Industrial Engineering and Tool Design Ja Ramsay Jackson Mechanical Laboratory John L. Jarrett Civil Engineering Charles D. Kenyon Physics E Arthur J. Kline Radio Laboratory Oscar Nelson Electrical Laboratory Kenneth C. Newnam Chemical Engineering Harold E. Mills B. J. Mummert Claemical Engineering Director of Athletics James Redd Accounting John Tressler Pbysics Laboratory Matthew E. Westenhaven Radio Laboratory Marshall D. Willennar Mathematics Ja Lyle D. Oleson Mathematics and Science Robert H. Ramsay Commerce, English and Public Speaking Minarcl F. Rose Virginia Ross Eleanor L. Tarbell Matbenzatics Secretarial Training Librarian -20- Yf f 3 4 255 1 f v -3 x-, 7 NL- 3 -- . Z Q E 'E f , 1 .lm iisgl W W-X 4 i 114, ' f X 1 2 2 , t 55 f 1 S ,ml 'F .GNN - N - ' u - -. 'fgsxxxg , A A Bam Ax, li I L E I Q X flag: X Ill llll N 'Vi Q M ' ,-1- a M N --+- L- xf H g , ' A AX 7 gd: IL f f f f AAAAAA X f f f W I 4 M144 ,W - - 4 A ' HIIQIII' 943, 1 i i H uuuunun A X 4, ,ff f , f .,, , f , X A y : Q W .. ,Y X CN 1 ' IZ f f if fx " x "-- ' '- ' 1 . X XX Q LEE- ik f Mx I -' "Q 'S XMLZR , . "Wx 93535 X 4" I M X W . L kr 1' , X ' Q. 21 - i 1 X 1 J 1 3 i E i 4 jnmofz, 6 Ummm DECEMBER, 19 5 2--MARCH, 1953 w i N w X-ff W, ,J,,W ,.,., I I K LEFT TO RIGHT: Merle J. Moore, president: John A. Peterson, treasurerg Richard A. Burgert, secretaryg Jaek YV. Holt, Vice-president. jnmb flaws, U ' JUNE, 1953-AUGUST, 1953 x ' f' 0 ,T ? LEFT TO RIGHT: XVi11iam YVisse, treasurer: Neil C. Morton, Vice presideutg Lynwood J- P1'iC'0, secretary: and James D. GriH"m, president. - i, 1. 1 I lr 55 1 1 E Q 3 I ,I YI 1 1 Il' E x 1 1 I 3 1 I i :J ii 1 I 3 5 i ,F 1 1 u N 4 5 I I ANSEL, DONALD E. B. S. in Electrical Engineering YVILLARD, OHIO-lfllectrical En- gineering Society: Financial and Legal Aid Society. ARNDT, WILLIAM C. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA- S. A, IG.: Mechanical Engineering Society. ASHOO, KHALDOON A. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering: BASRAH, IRAQ-Sigma Mu Sig- ma.: Mechanical Engineering So- ciety: International Students' Association, president, vice pres- ident: S. A. E. AVERY, HOWARD H. B. S. in Civil Eniriineering JACKSON, MICHIGAN - B e t a Sigma Tau, president: Civil En- gineering Society, secretary, pro- gram director. AYALA, JULIAN B. S. in Radio Enpxineerinyz SAGINA VV, MICHIGAN - Radio Engineering Society. BANKS, ROBERT A. B. in Electrical Engineering FLINT, MICHIGAN-Alpha Gam- ma Upsilon, president: Student Council: Electrical Engineering Society. BALL, ALBERT L. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering XVORCESTER, MASS. BLANCHARD, PHILIP M. B. S. in Business Aclnlinistration NEXV PARIS, INDIANA-Alpha Sigma Phi: Skull and Bones, C. O. A., vice president, treasur- er: Junior Class, secretary, Bas- ketball, Baseball. BOURASSA, VERN A. B. S. in Business Administration FLUSHING, MICHIGAN-Student Council, president: Skull and Bones, C. O. A., president: vice president, secretary, treasurer: Sigma Epsilon Society, president, secretary: Mechanical Engineer- ing Society, treasurer: Tri-Angle editor-in-chief, managing editor: 1952 Modulus, editor-in-chief: Alpha Sigma Phi, associate edi- tor: Booster Club, president, sec- retary, publicity director: Ath- letic Board of Control, secretary: Freshman Class, president, vice president. BRACCO, DON A. B. S. in Radio Engineering' JOI-INSTOXVN, PENNSYLVAN- IA-Phi Kappa, vice president, secretary: Radio Engineering So- ciety. BURGERT, RICHARD A. B. S. in Electrical Engineering FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA- Sigma Mu Sigma, national sec- retary: Electrical Engineering Society. CARMAN, WARNER T. B. S. in Chemical Engineering NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -Chemical Engineering Society. CARUSO, LOUIS F. B. S. in Electrical Engineering SOUTH NORVVALK, CONNECTI- CUT-Electrical Engineering So- ciety: Student Council. CEREZO, CARMELO B, S. in Business Administration RIO PIEDRAS, PUERTO RICO- International Students' Associ- ation, president, secretary, treas- urer: Sigma Epsilon Society, treasurer: Skull and Bones, C. O. A., secretary: Beta Sigma Tau, vice president: Booster Club, treasurer. 5 i 1 i 1 1 i I CHATLEY, WILLIAM H. B. S. in Electrical Engineering BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA- Electrical Engineering Society, treasurer: Tri-Angle: Tau Sigma Eta: Financial and Legal Aid So- ciety. CHIU, NJAUW F. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering JAKARTA, JAVA - Mechanical Engineering Societyg Chinese Club. CHU, FRANK B. S. in Mechanical Engineering KOXVLOON, HONGKONG, CHINA -Chinese Club: Varsity Club: Mechanical Engineering Society. CLARK, MAURICE G. B, S. in Radio Engineering CARSON CITY, MICHIGAN-Raw dio Engineering Society. CLARKE, BILLY E. B. S. in Radio Engineering I-'OILT IVAYNE. INDIANA-Radio Engineering Society, vice presi- dent. COLVENBACH, HOWARD B. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA- Beta Phi Theta, president, treas- urer: Inter-Fraternity Council. CONLEY, ROBERT N. B. S. in Electrical Engineering CLARKSBURG, VVEST VIRGIN- IA-Electrical Engineering Soci- ety. CORBIT, ROBERT R. B. S. in Civil Engineering CASSOPOLIS, MICHIGAN-Civil Engineering Society. COVINGTON, ALBERT W. B, S. in Radio Engineering ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -Radio Engineering Society. CRANE, HARVEY B. B. S. in Electrical Engineering EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN- Electrical Engineering Society, president, secretary. CRANE, ROBERT E. B. S. in Civil Engineering CLEVELAND, OHIO-Sigma Mu Sigma, president: Civil Engi- neering Society, president, secre- tary: Sigma Epsilon Society: Fencing Teamg Bowling. CRISTANCHO, OTO-NIEL Certificate in Surveying BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, S. A.- Civil Engineering Society: Ten- nis Team. CUNNINGHAM, ALBERT R. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering HAVERTOXVN, PENNSYLVANIA -Mechanical Engineering Soci- ety: S. A. E.g Tri-Angle, adver- tising managerg Alpha Sigma. Phi, president: Inter-Fraternity Council, treasurer, S t u d e n t Council. DAY, JAMES W. B. in Mechanical Engineering DAYTON, OHIO-Sigma Phi Del- ta: S. A. E. DEVICK, HAROLD T. B. S. in Civil Engineering LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Beta Phi Theta, vice president: Civil Engineering Society, vice president: Student Councilg In- ter-Fraternity Council. DIXON, HOWARD D. B. S. in Civil Engineering POLAND, NEXV YORK-Sigma Mu Sigma, set-retaryg Civil En- gineering Society. EIDELBERG, JONAH B, S. in Mechanical Engineering HAIFA, ISRAEL-Beta Sigma Tau: Mechanical Engineering So- ciety: Tau Sigma Eta: Interna- tional Students' Association. ELDER, JAMES R. li. S. in Civil Engineering POLAND, OHIO-Civil Engineer- ing Society: Sigma Mu Sigma, secretary, treasurer: Basketball, Baseball. ELWOOD, LLOYD W. B. S. in Radio Engineering XYALTON, NEW' YORK-Radio Engineering Society. FINLEY, PETER J. B. S. in Business Administration CEDARHUIIST, L. I., NEW YORK- Skull and Bones, C. O. A., president, treasurer: Sigma Epsilon Society, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, Alpha Sigma Pliig 1953 Modulus. FISHER, JOHN H. B. S. in Electrical Engineering JACKSON, MICHIGAN-Electricw al Engineering Society: Golf Team: Financial and Legal Aid Society. FITZGERALD, JOHN R. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering S H E L T O N, CONNECTICUT- Alplia Sigma Phi. FLESHER, KEITH A. B. S. in llh-clxanical Engineering RIDGEVILLE, INDIANA- Me- chanical Engineering Society. FOX, ELDEN G. B. in Electrical Engineering NEXVARK, OHIO-Electrical En- gineering Society. FREEMAN, RALPH J. B. S. in Radio Engineering KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA -Radio Engineering Society, FRIEND, NEIL R. B. S. in Accounting B. S. in Business Adniinistration BELLEVUE, OHIO. GAGLE, ROBERT B. S. in Civil Engineering ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. GILLEY, FRANCIS E. B. S. in Chemical Engineering PENSACOLA, FLORIDA-Chenv ical Engineering Society, secre- tary. GOMEZ-BALDO, JOSE A. B. S. in Civil Engineering CARACAS, VENEZUELA, S. A.- Phi Iota Alpha, secretary: Civil Engineering Society, Baseball. GRIFFIS, RICHARD L. B. S. in Civil Engineering STURGIS, MICHIGAN-Civil En- gineering Society, secretary. GRIGGS, CHARLES A. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering LAKEXVOOD, NEVV YORK-S. A. E.: A. S. T. E.: Mechanical En- gineering Society: Photo Society. HAGIWARA, RICHARD B. S. in Civil Engineering HONOKAA, HAVVAII-Civil En- gineering Society. HAHM, CHARLES W. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering BUFFALO, NEXV YORK-Sigma Phi Delta: Aeronautical Engi- neering Society. HANMER, WILLARD G. B. S. in Nleehanieul Engineering BENZONIA, MICHIGAN - T a u Sigma Eta, treasurer: Student Council: S. A. E.: Mechanical Engineering Society. HARLAN, BOYD D. B. S. in Electrical Engineering FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA- Sigma Mu Sigma, vice president: Electrical Engineering Society: College Band. HAUSE, HARRY B. B. S. in Business Adl'llilliStl'Ilti0ll CAMERON, PENNSYLVANIA - Sigma Epsilon Society: Senior Class, committee. HECHT, RICHARD M. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering CHICAGO, ILLINOIS-Rifle Club: Rifle Team: S. A. E., secretary: Mechanical Engineering Society: Beta Sigma Tau: Student Coun- cil. HESTON, MARVIN E. B. S. in Business Adnlinistration HAMILTON, INDIANA - Sigma Epsilon Society. HIDER, THEODORE M. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK- Photo Society: Student Council: Tau Sigma Eta, HOLSINGER, CAROL R. B. S. in Administrative Engineering B. S. in Radio Engineering FLINT, MICHIGAN-Photo So- ciety: Radio Engineering Society. HOLT, JACK W. B. S. in Business Administration BENSENVILLE, ILLINOIS-Beta Phi Theta, secretary, Baseball: Fencing Team: Senior Class, vice president. HONDA, AKIRA B. S. in Electrical Engineering PAHALA, HAWAII - Electrical Engineering Society: Beta Sigma au. HOOPES, NORMAN H., Jr. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering QUINCY, MICHIGAN-Mechanicr al Engineering Society, vice president: Photo Society. HOOVER, HERBERT D. B. S. in Business Administration GOSHEN, INDIANA-Sigma Ep- silon Society: Photo Society: Commercial Bowling Team. HORNE, MAUDIE L. B. S. in Business Administration LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Sigma Epsilon Society, treasur- er: Alpha Beta Alpha, president. treasurer: Booster Club, vice Dresident: Student Council. HUGHES, JERALD F. B. S. in l'ivil Enlrineeringx FIIEMONT, OHIO-Civil Engi- neering Society: Student Council. HUBERTY, ELMER J. ll. S. in Electrical Emrilnoerilngx GRAND JUNCTION, MICHIGAN ---'-l':lHL't1'lL'2Il Engineering Society. ITINIANT, LOUIS B. S. in Radio Engineering XVINDSOII, ONTARIO, CANADA ---Radio Iflngineering Society: In- ternational Students' Associa- tion, president, treasurer. JACKSON, DONALD E. Il. S. in Civil En:.ineerinf.:,' LIMAVILLE, OHIO-Civil Engi- neering' Society. JANSEN, VERNON J. B. S. in Nl9l'll2lllil'Ill Enf:.'ineerin1:g BRADLEY, MICHIGAN - Beta Siginn Tl' a u: Inter-Fraternity Council, sports manager, vice president: Mechanical Engineer- ing' Society, Baseball. JARVELA, DONALD E. B. S. in Chemical L1lllIill00l'ill2 KENOSHA, VVISCONSIN-Chem- ical Engrgineering Society, presi- dent: Tatu Sigma Eta, sec-retary: Student Council. JEANNETTE, JOHN W. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering: PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVA- NIA - Mechanical Engineering Society. KAROWSKI, ARTHUR C. B. S. in Accounting: XYYANDOTTE, M I C H I G A N- Skull and Bones, C. O. A., vice president: Sigma Epsilon Soci- ety, secretary: Tri-Angle, busi- ness manager, feature editor: Beta Sigma Tziu: Student Coun- cil: Sophomore Class, president: IlltE'l'Il2ltlOllZ1l Students' Associ- ation. KAURALA, PAUL M. B. S. in Radio Eny::in0erin1:: RABBITT, MINNESOTA-Beta, Plii Theta, secretary, treasurer: Radio Engineering Society. KEWLEY, THOMAS J. B. S. in Radio Enfrineerinfei CRYSTAL FALLS, MICHIGAN! Radio Engineering' Society? Tri- Angle, reporter: Student Council, treasurer. KLINE, ROBERT L. B. S. in Aeronautical En1::ineerin::J STEURENVILLE, OHIO-Aero- nautical Engineering Society, chairman, treasurer. KONZEN, HAROLD M. B. S. in Civil Eng:ineerin1:.' TIPTON, KANSAS-Civil Engi- neering' Society. LACEWELL, LARRY B. B. S. in Electrical Engineering: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS4Elec- trical Engineering Society. LA COURSIERE, DALLAS A. B. S. in Civil Engineering RED LAKE FALLS, MINNESO- TA-Civil Engineering Society: Student Council: Rifle Club, treasurer: Photo Society, presi- dent, vice president. LARSON, WILLIAM, Jr. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering DUNKIRK, NEYV YORK-Phi Kappa, secretary: Mechanical Engineering Society. LEITZEL, NEIL R. B. S. in Civil Engineering SUNBURY, PENNSYLVANIA- Civil Engineering Society. LUM, HONG S. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering KUALA LUMPUI1, SELANGOR, MALAYA-Mechanical Engineer- ing Society: Chinese Club, vice president? International Stu- dents' Association. LYTLE, EDISON W. B. S, in Adniinistrative Engineering AKRON, OHIO-Sigma Epsilon Society. MAKRANCY, STEPHEN L. B. S. in Radio Engineering NU MINE, PENNSYLVANIA- Iladio Engineering Society. MALECKI, NORMAN E. B. S. in Chemical Engineering BUFFALO, NEXV YORK-Beta Sigma Tau: Chemical Engineer- ing Society, secretary, treasurer: International Studenns' Associ- ation. MATCHETTE, DARRELL D. B. S. in Accounting SOUTH BEND, INDIANA-Alpha Beta Alpha, treasurer: Sigma Epsilon Society. MATZ, MARLYN L. B. S. in Radio Engineering IVASECA, MINNESOTA - Radio Engineering Society: Beta Phi Theta. MAZZA, SAMUEL J. B. S. in Business Administration AKRON, NEW YORK-Tri-Angle, editor-in-chief: Skull and Bones, C. O. A., president: Alpha Sigma Phi, vice president: 1953 Modu- lus: Student Council, judiciary committee: Sigma Epsilon Soci- ety. MC CARTHY, EDWIN J. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering SHELTON, CONNECTICUT-AL pvha Sigma Phi: Mechanical En- gineering Society. MC COLLOUGH, MAURICE P. B. S. in Chemical Engineering COLDIVATER, M I C H I G A N- Chemical Engineering Society. MC CORMICK, JAMES W. B. S. in Radio Engineering JONESBORO, INDIANA-Radio Engineering Society. MC MILLIN, GLENN R. B. S, in Aeronautical Engineering PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -Aeronautical Engineering So- ciety, president: Sigma Mu Sig- ma. MEADE, JAMES PERCY Certificate in Surveying PLYMOUTH, MONTSERRAT, B. W. I.-International Students Association, treasurer: Civil En- gineering Society: Tennis Team. MEYER, GORDON R. ll. S. in Electrical Engineering STURGIS, MICHIGAN MILLS, ROBERT T. B. S. in Chemical Engineering MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - Alpha Gamma Upsilon, president, Y secretary: Chemical Engineering Society: Baseball. MITCHHART, ROY W. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering TIFFIN, OHIO!Meclianical En- gineering Society, president, sec- retary: Sigma Phi Delta, treas- urer: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: secretary, treasurer: Student Council. MooRE, MERLE J. ll. S. in Electrical Engineering PERU, ILLINOIS-Electrical En- gineering Society, president: Fi- nancial and Legal Aid Society: Senior Class, president: Tau Sig- ma Eta. MORGAN, MICHAEL G. B. S. in Mecllanical Engineering IYAIISAXY, NEXV YORK MORTER, C. BEN B. S. in Nleclnanical Engineering SIOUX CITY, IOYVAfSigma Phi Delta, president: Mechanical En- gineering Society, secretary: Skull and Bones, C. O. A. MOSHIER, LEON S., Jr. B. in Administrative Engineering XVELLSBURO, PENNSYLVANIA -Beta Sigma Tau, president, vice president, treasurer: Radio En- gineering Society, president and vice president, MUDICA, ALBERT W. 13. S. in Mechanical Engineering JACKSON, MICHIGAN-Mecliaiv ical Engineering Society: Sigma Mu Sigma. NEESE, DARYLL G. B. S. in Administrative Engineering ANDERSON, INDIANA-Electric- al Engineering Society: Finan- cial and Legal Aid Society. OBREGON, MANUEL F. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA, S. A. -Phi Iota Alpha: Mechanical Engineering Society. OLMSTEAD, DONALD C. B. S. in Electrical Engineering PIONEER, OHIO-Electrical En- gineering Society, vice president. PALMER, JOHN HUNTLEY D. B, S. in Civil Engineering KINGSTON, JAMAICA, B. XV. I. -Tau Sigma Eta, treasurer: In- ternational Students' Associa- tion, president: Beta Sigma Tau: Civil Engineering Society: Stu- dent Council. PARENT, ALFRED E. R. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering NEVV BEDFORD, MASSACHU- SETTS-Mechanical Engineering Society: Electrical Engineering Society: Alpha Sigma P-hi. PATTERSON, JOHN J. B. S. in Business Administration YORK, PENNSYLVANIA-Sigma Epsilon Society. PATTON, JAMES H. B. S. in Civil Engineering BLOOMSBUHG, PENNSYLVAN- IAA-Beta Sigma Tau: Civil En- gineering Society. PERKOVICH, JOSEPH F. B. S, in Radio Engineering STRONGSVILLE, OHIO - Beta Phi Theta, president, secretary, ti easurei ledgemaster' Tau ' '. D A - i Sigma Eta: Radio Engineering Society: Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil. PETERSON, JOHN A. B. S. in Radio Engineering MEDIAPOLIS, I O W A - Senior Class, treasurer: Alpha Gamma Upsilon, vice president: Radio Engineering Society. PIGGOTT, JOHN FRANCIS B. S. in Civil Engineering HOLLIS, L. I., NEVV YORK- Beta Sigma Tau, pledgemaster: Civil Engineering Society: Tri- Angle, reporter. PLATTE, RICHARD J. B. S. in Electrical Engineering XYESTPHALIA, MICHIGAN - Electrical Engineering Societyl Photo Society. PLUMMER, FRANKLIN A. B. S, in Chemical Engineering BALTIMORE, MARYLAND-Bas kethall, manager: Baseball, man- ager: Chemical Engineering So- ciety, secretary. POTTORFF, WILLIAM N. B. S. in Civil Engineering BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA-Civil Engineering Society, program di- rector, softball team, bowling team: 1952 Modulus Staffg Iliiie Club. PRICE, HILLIARD S. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering GRANGEVILLE, IDAHO-Aero- nautical Engineering Society, secretary, vice chairman, Student Council: Link Training Instruct- or. QUEEN, FORREST M. B. S. in Electrical Engineering CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA- Electrical Engineering Society. RAPAPORT, RICHARD J. B. in Chelnical Engineering RIUSKEGON, MICHIGAN-Chem- ical Engineering Society, vice president. ROBERTS, GLENN R. B. S. in Business Administration ALTAVISTA, VIRGINIA ROBEY, ELBERT E. B. S. in Electrical Engineering ALTAVISTA, VIRGINIA-Elem trical Engineering S 0 Cie t YZ Alpha Gamma Upsilon, secretary: Varsity Club: Rifle Team, secre- tary, S. A. E. ROZEBOOM, JOHN G. B. S. in Civil Engineering MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN - Civil Engineering Society. ROSOL, GEORGE LAWRENCE B. S. in Radio Engineering FAIR OAKS, PE NNSYLVANIA- lladio Engineering Society, vice president. ROSS, JOHN E. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Aeronau- tical Engineering Societyl Stu- dent Councilg Sigma Mu Sigma. RUGG, DAVID A. B. S. in Administrative Engineering ALBANY, NEW YORK - Phi Kappa, president, vice president, Inter-Fraternity Council, pres- ident: Sigma Epsilon Society! Electrical Engineering Society, president: Radio Engineering Society: 1953 Modulus Sales Staffg Financial and Legal Aid Society, vice president. RUTH, JOHN D. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA - Aeronautical Engineering Soci- ety. SAKAMOTO, YOSHIMI B. S. in Chemical Engineering LAI-IAINA, MAUI, HNAWAII- Chemical Engineering Society, treasurer. SAWYER, ROBERT F. B. in Mechanical Engineering ST. IGNACE, MICHIGAN-Rifle Club, president: A. S. T. E. SCHENK, DALE D. B. S. in Adnninistrative Engineering B. S. in Mechanical Engineering LA OTTO, INDIANA-Student Council: Sigma Epsilon Society: S. A. E., vice chairman: Mechan- ical Engineering Society, treas- urer: Tau Sigma Eta, president. SCI-IULTE, RONALD B. B. S. in Nlechanical Engineering QVINCY, ILLINOIS-Mechanical Engineering Society. SCHULTZ, WILLIAM H. B. S. in Business Adlninigtration MANSFIELD, OHIO-Alpha Sig- ma Phi, secretary: Sigma Epsi- lon Society, Alpha Beta Alpha: Tri-Angle. SI-IEA AUBREY N. r J . 9 3 B. S. in Adininiatrative Engineering B. S. in Mechanical I':ll2Qill9t'l'ill1I ALLENTOXYN, PENNSYLVANIA -S. A. IC.: Mechanical Engineer- ing Societyi Sigma .Epsilon S0- t'i9tY. SHELLHAUSE, RONALD L. B, S. in Mechanical Engineering VlCRSAII,I.ES, OHIOfS. A. E.: Mechanical Engineering Society: College Band: Financial and Legal Aid Society. SHIKE, WILLIAM R. B. S. in Accounting HAMMOND, INDIANA - Sigma Epsilon Society: Alpha Sigma Phi: 1952 Modulus, associate edi- t0I'. SI-IIPPEY, DONALD I. B. S. in Accounting BAY CITY, MICHIGAN-Sigma Mu Sigma. SMITH, DONALD A. T. ll. S. in Accounting TIFFIN, OHIO--Sigma Epsilon Society: Alpha Beta Alpha, treas- urer: Student Council, treasurer: llitie and Pistol Club! Tri-Angle Staff: Silver Scholarship Key. STRACK, HENRY, Jr. B. S, in Radio Engineering ROCHESTER, NEW' YORK - Alpha Gamma Upsilon, vice pres- ident, house manager, secretary: Radio Engineering Society: Pho- to Society. STERLING, HERSCHEL D. B. S. in Radio Engineering MIAMI, FLORIDA-Radio Engi- neering Society. STEWART, JOHN A. B. S. in Radio Engineering FLINT, MICHIGAN-Radio Engi- neering Society: Photo Society, Secretary. SINGH, KUMAR SUMER B. S. in Electrical Engineering NAYVALGARH, INDIA-Electric- al Engineering Society, treasur- er: International Students' As- sociation: Rifle Club. STORMZAND, DALE T. B. S. in Electrical Engineering DETROIT, MICHIGAN-Electricw al Engineering Society. TAKACS, JOSEPH J. B, S. in Mechanical Engineering XVESTVILLE, ILLINOIS - Skull and Bones, C. O. A., social chair- man: Alpha Sigma Phi: Mechan- ical Engineering Society: S. A. E.: Photo Society, Secretary, treasurer: Booster Club, secre- tary, publicity director: Student Council, judiciary committee: 1953 Modulus, assistant editor, Tri-Angle, photo editor, manag- ing editor. 'ww' we-wee' TIBBITS, WILBUR E. B. S. in Chemical Engineering GALESBURG, MICHIGAN Beta Sigma Tau: Chemical Engi- neering Society. TROUT, JAMES L. B. in Radio En1:.'ineering.:' EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN NVADE, WILLIAM E. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering BROOKLYN, NEXV YORK-Ae1'o- nautical Engineering Society, vice president, secretary: Beta Sigma Tau, Vice president: Inter- I-'raternity Council. WALKER, FRANCIS L. B. S. in Administrative Engineering LOUISVILLE, OHIO - A 1 p h a Gamma Upsilon, president, Vice D1'QSld8llt',, secretary, treasurer, membership chairman: Student Council: College Band: Electric- al Engineering Society: Sigma Epsilon Society. WHITE, BEVERLY M. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering TVASHINGTON, D. C.-Kappa Sigma Kappa, secretary. WIENS, JACK H. B. S. in Civil Enfxineering SALEM, OREGON-Civil Engi- neering SocietY: Beta Sigma Tau: Baseball Team. WILKIS, ALAN E. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering YVESTVILLE, ILLINOIS - Me- chanical Engineering Society. WILLIAMS, FREDRICK A., Jr. B. S. in Radio Engineering VANCEBORO, NORTH CARO- LINA-Radio Engineering Soci- ety. WILSON, JACK I. B, S. in Civil Engineering' ANDERSON, INDIANA - Civil Engineering Society. WOODIN, ROY H. B. S. in Radio Engineering ANGOLA, INDIANA-Radio En- gineering Society, president, vice president, treasurer: Rifle and Pistol Club, vice president: Rifle Team. WORTON, GEORGE F. B. S. in Chelnical Engineering COLDVVATER, MICHIGAN-Sith ma Mu Sigma, secretary: Inter- Fraternity Council: Student Council: Chemical Engineering Society. YAMAMOTO, I-IISAO B. S. in Electrical Engineering HILO, HAYVAIIfElectrical En- gineering Society. YEUNG, MICHAEL S. K. B. S. in Civil Engineering HONGKONG, CHINA - Chinese Club: Civil Engineering Society. YOSHIDA, EDWIN A. B. S. in Business Administration MAKAYVAO, HAWAII-Inter1ia- tional Students' Association. YOUNG, BLAINE M. B. S. in Business Administration CADIZ, OHIO--Beta Sigma Tau, secretary: Sigma Epsilon Soci- ety: Financial and Legal Aid So- ciety, 1952 Modulus Staff. ALEXANDER, JOHN E. B, S. in Business .AlllllilliStl'3lfi0Il AURORA, IIILINOISYAIDDEL Sig- ma Phi, Secretary: Student Coun- cil, secretary: Sigma Epsilon So- ciety. president: i953 Modului, business manager: Tri-An?-'19, editor-in-chief, managing editorl Skull and Bones, C. O. A., prefii- dent: Inter-Fraternity Council? Alpha Beta Alpha, treasurer. ALLION, WILBUR L. B. in Eh-ctricnl Enyrilleeringf EAYETTE, OHIOME1ectrical En- gineering' Society. ANDERSON, RICHARD W. B. S. in :10l'0ll1llltiC'Ill Engineering' ELKHART, INDIANA-1953 Modulus, advertising manager! Tri-Angle, sports editor: Student Council, president: Booster Club, secretary: Aeronautical Engi- neering Society. Secretary: Alpha Sigma Phi, chaplain: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Varsity Tennis. APPLEMAN, ROBERT F. B. S. in Civil Engineering DANVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA- Civil Engineering' Society, vice president, treaiurerz Sigma Phi Delta, Student Council: Qllitle Club. BALDWIN, EVERETT L. B. S. in Ivl0l'llIlllil'ill Enfrineering QUINCY, MICHIGAN. BAZETT, EDWARD M. B, S. in Aer0n:lutic:ll Iflnyrineerinfrf GUELPH, ONTARIO, CANADA- Aeronautical Engineering Soci- ety, Secretary. BELLAIRS, GEORGE H., jr. B. S. in Radio En2.'ineerinf.': PETOSKEY, MICHIGAN-Radio lilngineei-ing Society. BERNHARDT, HERMAN H. ll. S. in Electrical Enugineering NEVVPORT, RHODE ISLAND- Phi Kappa, president: 1951 Mod- ulus, copy editor: Electrical En- gineering Society, treasurer: Tri- Angle: Financial and Legal Aid Society, organizer. BIRK, WILLIAM M. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering CONEMAUGH, PENNSYLVANIA -Aeronautical Engineering So- ciety: Student Council. BISKO, THOMAS B. S. in Radio Engineering: BATTLE CREEK, IXIICHIGAN. BJORAAS, ROBERT P. B. S, in Civil Engineering: SOUTH BEND, INDIANA-Civil Engineering Society, Secretary: Tau Sigma Eta, presidentg Stu- dent Council. BOWEN, GENE C. B. S. in Business Achninistration JACKSON, MICHIGAN - B e t a Sigma Tau, secretary: Sigma Ep- silon Society. BOWEN, PAUL R. B. S. in Cheniiczll Engrineering SCIOTOVILLE, OHIO-Chemical Engineering Societyg Beta Sigma Tau, vice president. BOWMAN, CHARLES W. li. S. in Radio Engineering FREMONT, MICI-IIGANHRadio Engineering Society: Student Council: Ctfllege Band. BRAMBLE, DELL J. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering EATON RAPIDS, MICHIGAN- Tau Sigma Eta, treasurerg S. A. E., secretary: Mechanical Engi- neering Society. BRATTIN, GEORGE E. B. S. in Buainexs Administration SOUTH BEND, INDIANA-Sigma Epsilon Society BREIT, ROBERT I. B. S, in Radio Engineering MISHAXYAKA, INDIANA-T a u Sigma Eta: Radio Engineering Society, treasurer. BRIDGES, JACK M. B. S. in Rleelxunim-:ll Engineering INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA-S. A. E., vice-chairman, secretaryg A. S. T. E.: Mechanical lingineering Society. BUENAVENTURA, JUAN R. B. S. in 1'll0lllil'Ill Engineering HOGOTA, COLOMBIA, S. A.-- Chemical Engineering SOCietYC Photo Society. BURCHARD, JERRY J. B. S. in Radio Engineering RIVSKICGON HEIGHTS, IXIICHI- GAN-Tau Sigma Eta: Radio En- gineering Society. BURGE, RICHARD L. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering MIISJDLEFIELD, OHIO-S. A. EJ Mechanical Engineering Society. CAMPANELLI, LAWRENCE J. B. S. in Mem-lmniezll Engineering AFBURN, NEYY YORK-MeChan- ical Engineering Society CARLSON, LAWRENCE L. B. S. in Eleetrieall Engineering KANE, PENNSYLVANIA-Beta Sigma Tan, secretary: Electrical Engineering Society. CARTER, WEBSTER L. B. S. in Civil Engineering IIIPON, XVISCONSIN-Phi Kap- pa: Civil Engineering Societyg Financial and Legal Aid Society. CLAYPOOL, HARRY W. B. in Radio Engineering MANSFIELD, OHIO-Tau Sigma Eta: Radio Engineering Society. COFFEY, AUGUSTA G. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering CINCINNATI, OHIO. COOK, WILLARD B. in Civil Engineering GLENSHAYV, PENNSYLVANIA- Civil Engineering Societyg Tri- Angle. COPE, ROLAND B. B. S. in Civil Engineering BERXVICK, PENNSYLVANIA - Civil Engineering Society: Alpha Gamma Epsilon. CRAETON, OMER R. B. S. in Radio Engineering METROPOLIS, ILLINOIS-Elem trical Engineering Societyg Ra- dio Engineering Societyg Beta Phi Theta. DEVINE, FRANCIS P. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering BROOKLYN, NEVV YORK-S. A. E.: Mechanical Engineering So- ciety. DOMENICK, SAMUEL B. S. in ,l0l'lllllli1'lll Engineering NEXVARK, NEW' JERSEY-Phi Kappa, secretary, sports man- ager: Inter-Fraternity Council, vii-e president, sports manager: Mechanical Engineering Society: S. A. ld., Student Council: 1953 Modulus, assistant sports editor. DONAHUE, LEO H. B. S. in Nl9f'IlIllli0Zll Ellg'iIlPOPillg PASADENA, CALIFOIINIA-Phi Kappa, vice- president, pledge- master, historian: 15153 Moflulus, art editor: Tri-Angle, cartoon- ist: S. A. E. DOUGHERTY, GUY R. B. S. in Electl-in-nl Engqineering: HAZEL HIIRST, PENNSYLVA- NIA-Beta Sigma Tau, pledge- master: Electrical i':llgilllEEl'lHfl' Soc'ietY: Financial and Legal Aid Society. DOYLE, FRANK E. Il. S. in l'llt'l'tI'il'2ll ltlngrineeringg JOLIET, ILLINOIS --- Elevtrii-al l':IlS'.'lIItAt4l'lIl?.1' Society, Vice presi- dent: Sigma Mu Sigma, DULMAGE, JOHN F. B. S. in Business Administration DICARBORN, MICHIGAN--Sigma Epsilon Society. ELIASON, KENNETH H. B. S. in Met-h:lniv:ul Eng.:'ineering:.' NIGIV BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT --Sigma Mu Sigma, treasurer: Mevlianit-al lflngineering Society. ELSHEIMER, ROBERT G. B. S. in xxlilllilliStl'ZlIiYf' I'1ll2ill00l'ill1! GASPOIIT, NEIY YORK4CiVil lqllf-'Qlil96'l'lllS,' Society: Sigsqina Ep- silon Society, ERICKSON, CARL R. B. S. in Electrimll Enugineerinpg l--IARIIISVILLE, MICHIGAN - Ifllectric-al Engineering Society. FARNSCHLADER, PAUL A. B. S. in NI8l'llIlIlil'lll Engineering: ALLICNTOIVN, PENNSYLVANIA f-Sigma Phi Delta: Mechanical Engineering Society: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Cluh: Jun- ior Class, treasurer. PARK, JOHN W., Jr. B. S. Ill Accounting: PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVA- NIA-Sigma Epsilon Society: liitle and Pistol Cluh. FARR, MERVIN E. B. S. in Civil Engrineering HONOLULU, HAVVAII-Civil En- gineering Society: Golf Team. FINK, JAMES B. B. S, in Business Athniuistration MISI-IAXYAKA, INDIANA-Boosb er Club, president: Sigma Ep- silon Society. FITZGERALD, WILLIAM S. B. S. in Mechanical Em'.':ineel'in2: SHELTON, CONNECTICUT - Alpha Sigma Phi. FLETCHER, CHARLES S. B. S. in Electrical Eng::ineerin,f:: NICXV CASTLE, PENNSYLVA- NIA. FOSTER, CHARLES ALFRED B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering BRACKENRIDGE, PENNSYLVA- NIAfSigma Phi Delta: Inter- Fraternity Council: Aeronautical Engineering Society, president and vice-president: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Junior Class vice president: Student Council. FRANKLIN, CHARLES H. B. S. in Athninistrative Engineering' B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN4Ae1'o- nautical Engineering Society: Tri-State Glider Club, president. FULTON, ROBERT P. B. S. in Civil Eng:,ineerin::,' ALDEN. NEXV YORK4Civi1 En- gineering Society, bowling team! Iliiie Team. FUND, JAMES L. B. S. in Radio Engineering SAGINAXV, MICHIGAN - Radio Engineering Society. GAETA, ANTHONY J. B. S .in Civil Engineering SUFFEIIN, NEXY YORK-Civil Engineering Society, program director: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Club: Sigma Phi Delta: president: Sophomore Cla s s, treasurer: Junior Class, presi- dent. GAMBERT, ROBERT L. B. S. in Business Atlnlinistration NEYV YORK CITY, NEW' YORK -Beta Phi Theta. GLUCKSNIS, JOHN, Jr. B. S. in Radio Engineering' SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA- Iladio Engineering Society. GOIN, ROBERT E. B. S. in Business Atllninistration GARY, INDIANAfVarsit3' Club: Booster Club: Varsity Basket- ball: Varsity Baseball. GRIFFIN, JAMES D. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering GARLAND, TEXAS-Mechanical Engineering Society: Tau Sigma Eta. HAHN, IRVIN R. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering PERU, ILLINOIS-Sigma Mu Sigma, secretary, house man- ager: Inter-Fraternity Council. HANNA, GEORGE MICHAEL B. 5. in Electrical Engineering SARASOTA, FLORIDA - P hi Kappa: Electrical Engineering Society: S. A. E. HARRIS, HAROLD E. B. S. in Accounting PITTSFIELD, ILLINOIS - XVho's 'Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Stu- dent Councili Sigma Epsilon So- ciety: Sophomore Class, vice president. HARRIS, MARVIN J. B. S. in Accounting MARLETTE, MICHIGAN - Beta Sigma Tau, treasurer: Sigma Ep- silon Society, treasurer: Booster Club, vice president: Financial and Legal Aid Society. HEWLETT, ROBERT L. B, S. in Accounting AUGUSTA, GEORGIA-Beta Sig- ma Tau. HOLBROOK, DAVID A. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND -Beta Sigma Tau: Aeronautical Engineering Society. HOOVER, CLARENCE B. S. in Business Adnlinistration COLDWATER, MICHIGAN - A1- pha Beta Alpha, treasurer: Sig- ma Epsilon Society. HOSTOTTLE, ROY B. B. S. in Mechanical Engzineeringx XVAVEIILY, XVEST VIILGINIA- Sigma Mu Sigma: Inter-F1'a- tcrnity Council: Mechanical En- gineering Society. HUEF, DON B. B. S. in Accounting' ANGOLA, INDIANA-Skull and l-iones, C. O. A.: College Band: Alpha Beta Alpha, vice presi- dent, secretary: Sigma Epsilon, president: Booster Club, presi- dent, treasurer: Student Council, treasurer: Sophomore C la s s, treasurer: 1953 Modulus, assist- ant business manager, advertis- ing staff: XVho's VVho Among Students in American Colleges and I'niversities. JAHNE, JOHN E. B. S. in Clnemical Engineering MADRID, NEXV YORK-Chemical Engineering Society, auditor, JAMERSON, KATHERINE M. B. S. in Chemical Engineering: OSSINEKE, MICHIGAN-Chem- ical Engineering Society, secre- tary. JOHNSTON, ANDREW G. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering ISYRAM, CONNECTICUT - 'Me- chanical Engineering Society: S. A. E.: Student Council, JUSCEN, BENJAMIN F. B. S. in Chemical Engineering BIIATTLEBOILO, VERMONT- Chemical Engineering Society, president: Beta Sigma Tau: Var- sity Baseball. KALINOWSKI, EDWARD W. B. S. in Accounting CLINTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Beta Phi Theta, vice president, secretary, treasurer: Inter-Fra- ternity Council, treasurer: Rifle and Pistol Club: 1953 Modulus sales staff. KASMINSKY, STANLEY G. B. S. in Electrical l'jlllI,'illl'0l'ill2f BELLVVOOD, ILLINOIS - Elec- trical Engineering Society. KASPER, RICHARD LEE B. S. in Mechanical Engineering GARY, INDIANA-S, A. E., presi- dent, treasurer: Mechanical En- gineering Society. KASPERSKI, PAUL P. B. S. in Accounting' CICERO, ILLINOIS-Phi Kappa, auditor, 'house manager, treas- urer, chaplain, Holy Name So- ciety representativei Financial and Legal Aid Society, treasurer: Skull and Bones, C O. A.: Sigma Epsilon Society: Tri-Angle, news editor, business manager: 1953 Modulus, assistant sports editor: Booster Club: Basketball. KLIEMANN, RICHARD HAL B. S. in Adnlinistrative Engineering GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN- Alpha Sigma Phi, vice president: Varsity Club: Varsity Golf Team: Mechanical Engineering Society: Sigma Epsilon: Inter-Fraternity Council. KODIJAT, BENITO B. in Electrical Engineering .IOGJAKARTA IJAVAD INDO- NESIA-Electrical Engineering Society. LAFRANCE, LEON F. B. S. in Radio Engineering' NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE. LAHR, KENNETH W. B. S. in Civil Engineering GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN- Civil Engineering Society: Base- ball. LAWSON, THOMAS E. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering' NORFOLK, VIRGINIA-Mechan- ical Engineering Society: S. A. E.: Photo Society, president, vice president, secretary. LEE, CHARLES C. Y. B. S in Radio En"'ineering ESLIQELE, KAEAI, HAIVAII- Beta Sigma Tau, president, treasurer: Skull and Bones, C, O. A.: International Students' As- sociation: llzulio Engineering So- a'ietX1 Inter-Ifraternitx' Council: Student Council: 1953 Moclulus, sales staff. LEISI-IMAN, DAVID B. S. in Electrical Engineering NEXV CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA nElectrical Engineering Society, Sigma Mu Sigma. LIN, CHUNG B. S. in Electrical Engineering ITHACA, MICHIGAN-Electrical Engineering Society. LIZANO, FERNANDO P. B. S. in Civil Engineering ALAJUELA, COSTA RICA-Phi Iota Alpha, secretary: Civil En- gineering Society: IlltGl'-Fl'21tQ1'I1- ity Council: Tau Sigma Eta. LOONEY, RALPH C. B. S. in Radio Engineering STACY, VIRGINIA-Radio Engi- neering Society. LUEBCKE, LEROY C. B, S. in Mechanical Engineering LAKESIDE, OHIO-Sigma Mu Sigma, house manager: Mechan- ical Engineering Society. MAC BRIEN, ALVIN J. B. S. in Civil Engineering SHELTON, CONNECTICUT--Sigh ma Mu Sigma, vice president, pledgemasterg Civil Engineering Society. MAC DOUGALL, DANIEL A. B. S. in Accounting BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - Beta Sigma Tau, vice president, secretary, pledgemaster: Sigma Epsilon Societyg Booster Clubg 1953 Modulus, layout editor, Tri- Angle, business manager, circu- lation managerg Skull and Bones, C. O. A. MALKANI, INDUR M. B. S. in Chemical Engineering BOMBAY, INDIA-Chemical En- gineering Society: International Students' Association. MAMOS, LAWRENCE PLATO B. S. in Mechanical Engineering ATHENS, GREECE-Phi Kappag Mechanical Engineering Society: International Students' Associ- ation. MARTIN, BENJAMIN I-I. B. S. in Chemical Engineering BRYNMAWR, PENNSYLVANIA -Beta Sigma Tau: Student Council: Junior Class, secretary. MARTINEZ, ANTONIO JOSE B. S. in Electrical Engineering CARACAS, VENEZUELA-Elem trical Engineering Societyg Phi Iota Alpha. MARTINEZ, RAFAEL B. S. in Civil Engineering BRONX, NEW YORK-Civil En- gineering Societyg Phi Iota Alpha. MAYER, WAYNE C. B. in Electrical Engineering WILLAIID, OHIO-Electrical En- gineering Society. MC CORMICK, WAYNE L. B. S. in Civil Engineering GREENUP, ILLINOIS, MC COY, HOWARD D. B. S. in Radio Engineering MASON CITY, ILLINOISfStu- dent Council, treasurer: Tau Sig- ma Eta: Radio Engineering So- ciety. MC KEAN, ROBERT E. B. S. in l'ixil Engineering: SIXIICTHPUIIT, PENNSYLVANIA -Ciyil Engineering Society. MEESE, CHARLES F. ll. S. in Mechanical Enzxineering TIl"l"lN, OHIO-Mechanical En- gineering Society, treasurer. MENZIGIAN, EDWARD B. S. in Mechanical Engineering HAVEIIHILL, MASSACHUSETTS -Sigma Phi Delta: Junior Class, secretary: Mechanical Engineer- ing Society. MERCER, CHESTER L. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering NEXY XYILMINGTON, PENNSYL- VANIA-Mechanical Engineering Society: S, A. E., chairman. MITCHELL, RONALD N. B. in Radio Engineering LYNN, INDIANA-Sigma Mu Sig- ma: Radio Engineering Society: Student Council. MORTON, NEIL C. B. S. in Radio Engineering BRISTOL, TENNESSEE-Radio Engineering Society, president, secretary, vice president: Beta Sigma Tau, Vice president: Glee Club. MUNKSIGARD, JAMES E. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering XVARREN, PENNSYLVANIA - S. A. E.: Mechanical Engineering Society. MYERS, NICHOLAS A. B. S. in Business Administration CIIANFOIID, NENV JERSEY- Alpha Sigma Phi, secretary, t 1' e a s ure rg Inter-Fraternity Council: Sigma Epsilon Society. NEWMAN, ROBBY B. S. in Accounting LIVINGSTON MANOR, NEW YORK--Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Student Council: Booster Club, president, treasurer: In- ternational Students' Associa- tion: Beta Sigma Tau: Junior Class, secretary: Sigma Epsilon Society, vice president: Rifle Club, Varsity Club, vice presi- dent: Varsity Basketball, man- ager: Tri-Angle, sports editor: 1952 Modulus, assistant sports editor. OGLE, MAX F., Jr. B. S. in Electrical Engineering: OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA- Sigma Mu Sigma, Student Coun- cil: Electrical Engineering Soci- ety. OLDHAM, DON E. B. S. in Electrical Engineering SIDNEY, OHIO. ORTIZ, EFREN B. S. in Civil Engineering CAIIACAS, VENEZUELA, S, A.- Phi Iota Alpha, presidentg Civil Engineering Society. OSSA, VALENTIN B. S. in Mechanical Engineering: BOGOTA. COLOMBIA, S. A.- Mechanical Engineering Society: S. A. E.: International Students' Association, treasurer. PATTI, DAVID M. B. S. in Electrical Engineering RICHMOND, INDIANA-Electric- al Engineering Society. PECK, WAYNE E. B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering TRENTON, MICHIGAN - Aero- nautical Engineering Society, president, Vice president, Sec- retary: Beta Sigma Tau: College Band. PEREIRA, FERNANDO C. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering SOMERSET, IVIASSACHUSETTS. PETRAS, JOHN J. B. in Electrical Engineering DUNKIRK, NEXV YORK-Phi Kappa, vice president, treasurer: Electrical Engineering Society: Inter-Fraternity Council, presi- dent. PETT, WILLIAM F. B. in Mechanical Engineering JOI-INSTOXVN, PENNSYLVANIA glileclmnical Engineering Soci- ety: S. A. E.: Kappa Sigma Kap- pa. PIERCE, THOMAS H. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering VASSAIL, MICHIGAN-S. A. E. PORTER, HOWARD D. B. S. in Radio Engineering IVYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN-Ra: dio Engineering Society, secre- tary. PORTER, JOHN FREED B. S. in Mechanical Engineering LAKESIDE, OHIO-Sigma Mu Sigma, president, Vice president. PRICE, LYNWOOD J. B. S. in Electrical Engineering SHIIEVEPORT, LOUISIANA - Electrical Engineering Society, president: Radio Engineering So- ciety. PROSCIA, JOSEPH B. S. in Mechanical Engineering CEDARHUHST, L. I., NEXV YORK - Mechanical Engineering Society: Sigma Phi Delta: Inter- Fraternity Council. PYLE, HARRELL S. B, S. in Electrical Engineering TYLER, TEXAS-Tau Sigma Eta. QUOON, KENNETH C. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS -Beta Sigma Tau, scholarship director: Mechanical Engineering Society: Chinese Club: Student Council. KAMIREZ, JOSE M. B. S. in Accounting CAGUAS, PUERTO RICO-Phi Iota Alpha, secretary, Sigma Epsilon Society. RAMSDELL, C. ARTHUR B. S. in Radio Engineering GREENE, NEVV YORK-Radio Engineering Society. RATHWEG, RICHARD A. D. S. in Mechanical Engineering DAYTON, OHIO-S. A. E.: Stu- dent Council: Mechanical Engi- neering Society. RICE, DUNCAN T. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering SANDSTON, VIRGINIA-Sigma Mu Sigma. RICHARDSON, PLUMMER A. B. S. in Business Administration NASHYIIILIC, NORTH CARO- LINA-Sigina lipsi lon: 1'1i1l21!'lL'Illi and Legal Aid Society. RINEHART, BENNIE N. B. S. in Civil Engineering: l AliKl+lRSl'2UllG, NVEST VIR- GINIA- Civil Engineering Soci- ety, prograin director: lliile Club, range oilii-er: ltille 'l'ez11n, cap- lain, 1931: Varsity Club. RINEHART, BERNIE G. B. S. in Civil Engxineering PAIIKERSBIIRG, XVEST VIR! GINIA--Civil Engineering Soci- ety, progruin director, treasurer: llille Club: Iliile Team: Varsity Club. ROBERTS, KENNETH H. B. S. in Business Aihninistration IVEBSTER, PENNSYLVANIA- Reta Sigma T a u, secretary, treasurer: Sigma Epsilon Society, secretary: Tri-Angle. RYMAN, GERALD M. B. S. in Accounting XVAYNESBORO, V I R G I N I A- Kappa Sigma Kappa, treasurer, secretary, pledgeinaster, histor- ian. SAKAKINI, MOHAMED JAMIL B. S. in Mecluxnieal Emrineeringx BEIRUT, LEBANON - Interna- tional Students' Association, president: S. A. E.: Mechanical Engineering Society. SHAW, ARTHUR B. S. in Radio Engineering NEVV YORK CITY, NEXV YORK -Radio Engineering Society, SIMPSON, JEROME M. B. S. in Electrical Engineering: GRAND RAPIDS, lXIICI-lIGAN- Electrical Engineering Society. SIMUNIC, FRANK J. ll. S. in Mechanicill Engineering YOUNGSTONVN, OHIO-S. A. E., treasurer: Mechanical Engineer- ing Society. SCHWAB, RICHARD A. B. S. in Civil Engineering BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA- Phi Kappa: Civil Engineering Society: Financial and Legal Aid Society. SLEAR, LEON S. B. S. in Radio Engineering NORTHUMBERLAND, PENN- SYLVANIA-Sigma. Mu Sigma: Radio Engineering Society, SMITH, LOUIS J. B. S. in Civil Engineering COOPERSVILLE, MICHIGAN- Civil Engineering Society. STODOLA, GEORGE A. B. S. in Cllenlical Engineering: MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA -Chemical Engineering Society, president. SUTRISNO, ACHMAD B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering BANDUNG, INDONESIA - Inter- national Students' Association, president, secretary: Aeronautic- al Engineering Society, secre- tary, vice president: Pncto Soci- ety: S. A. E.: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Beta Sigma Tau, secre- tary. SWEITZER, JOHN M. B. S. in Administrative Engineering B. S. in Radio Engineering YORK, PENNSYLVANIA-Sigma Mu Sigma. treasurer: Radio En- gineering Society. TAN, ENG PEK B. S. in Civil Engineering MANILA, PHILIPPINES 4 Civil Engineering Society. TODD, THOMAS E. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT - S. A, E., treasurer: Photo Soci- ety. TUCKER, PAUL E. B. S. in Business Administration COLDYVATER, MICHIGAN4SiS- ma Epsilon Society. VALITON, EARL L. B. S. in Radio En,2,'ineerin,':: BUCKLAND, MASSACHUSETTS --Sigma Mu Sigma: Radio Engi- neering Society. VAN WALDICK, ROBERT E. B. S. in Business Administration ROME, NEXV YORKfSigma Ep- silon Society: Beta Sigma Tau, vice president: Student Council. WARREN, WILLIAM H., Jr. B. S. in Business Administration ANGOLA, INDIANA. WILDER, HERBERT C. B, S. in Chemical Engineering BUCKLAND, MASSACHUSETTS --Chemical Engineering Society: Beta Sigma Tau: Junior Class, vice president. WILHELM, JOHN D. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering BELLEVUE, OHIO-Mechanical Engineering Society: S. A. E. WISSE, WILLIAM B. S. in Civil Engineering GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN- Civil Engineering Society, vice president: Tau Sigma Eta, pres- ident. WOLFE, JOHN D. B. S. in Accounting XVASHINGTON, NEVV JERSEY- Beta Sigma Tau, sports man- ager: Sigma Epsilon Society. WOODARD, ROY M. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering LA PORTE, INDIANA--Alpha Sigma Phi, president, vice pres- ident: 1953 Modulus, editor-in- chief: Mechanical Engineering Society, president, Vice presi- dent: Skull and Bones, C. O. A.: Student Council: A. S. T. E. WYMAN, RICHARD B. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OHIO-S. A. vice president: Mechanical Engineering Society: Photo So- ciety. i . I x I 3 I. .i 1. ii Ii 'r I ll i i i ll il is fi fl 'il l ! . W l 4, dutoqmplm, ...44.... fx U NNW N W N NN ' X XX X N NNNX xwxxxxx xx Ccflzvlx. who dnfwnq, ,itududa 911, 4 dmmzican, gwqqm and Y NN NX XXXNN X ROBERT BJORAAS HARRY CLAYPOOL HARVEY CRANE WILLARD HANMER HAROLD HARRIS NORMAN HOOPES MAUDIE HORNE DON HUEF DONALD jARVELA MAURICE MC COLLOUGH HOXWARD MC CQY HARRELL PYLE JOHN RUTH DALE SCHENK WILLIAM WISSE foliage jtuclani ofQLl6lQJ2A, ROY MITCHHART ANTHONY GAETA HAROLD HARRIS DON HUFF BEN MORTER JOHN ALEXANDER SAMUEL MAZZA RAY 'VIITCHHART PAUL TAYLOR LAWRENCE ROWE MAUDIE HORNE N XXNNX 1 f X I f 'lf JI!!! V X L N X N x S X lf' f ff I I L ff "1 'f f 0 , f I!! X ww XX N N N XX X Y NN XNNX NXXXXNW XX .Schv1a!wlup, Zag, dwwwl Ctfuznefm, S1111 SIIIIZIIICI Fall 1952 Wlllfll 1953 PLAQUE IN LIEU OE SECOND GOLD KEY Darrell Deane Matchette Dxle Devon Schenk GOLD KEY AWARDS Harry W Claypool Wrllard G Hanmer George B Coffeen Lenard Hlrdm James D Grxthn Maud1e Horne SILVER KEY AWARDS John E Alexander W1lbur L Alllon ullan Ayala Joseph F Blrk Robert P Bjoraas Dell J Bramble Rlchard A Brune JerryJ Burchard Wllllam H Chatley Robert N Conley Jack E Donaldson Donald B Dysert Tomas Furth Charles F Harr1s Harold E Harrls Clarence Hoover Roy B Hostottle Don B Huff Calv1n F Kam NNN NN wx N xx 'll W1ll1am J Kelly Fernando P Llzano Vlauuce P MCCollough Hovx ard D McCoy W1ll1am McKeown Albert Mlkolajczyk Kenneth F M1ller Roy W M1tchhart Daryll G Neese Thomas H Prerce Rlchard J Romanek W1ll1am H Schultz Bruce M Scolts Walter R Snyder Wllllam R Strefel Benjamm Paul Taylor Robert E Van Waldlck Walter W Waddell W1ll1am WISSC N XX X XXXMXX f f I ff! fffff 1 a J, ,,, 1'7" tg! 'l 7 J I ,FI . A J. 1 ' . ' ' . , Jr. J ' 1 " . , X N XX N I j ! X' f, , 1 I I I A ' A ..,. . aa feat.: ' if :ffaiswm 4' . ffab J, -- ' . I vw ,1 , .fwfiif i sm f ff P 1 fb fo 3 gf :fi 4 f 4 1 " iii - '- A wig, Leland Ax Ross Butler Wayne Champion Robert Cook 4-xv' i Arthur Kline Harold Hoolihan Howard Hoolihan Gerald H. Moore Lyle Oleson 5l1ulL and Bunn, U. H. In the spring of 1948 the foundation was laid for Skull and Bones, C. O. A., an honorary society. Membership in Skull and Bones, C. O. A., is by election and based on the student's participation and leadership in campus organizations and activities. The purpose of this honorary organization, national in scope, is to recognize outstand- ing leadership of students in extra-curricular activities, to encourage and promote stu- dent activities, to stimulate student brotherhood and spirit, and to forever honor to the highest degree the traditions and prestige of Tri-State College. The following men held the offices indicated for the terms indicated: FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 SPRING QUARTER, 195 3 President ...,........ Peter Finley President ...,........ Samuel Mazza President ........ John Alexander Vice-President Secretary .......... Roy MitChhaI't ViCe-President .......... Don Huff M,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Artliur Karowski Secretary ........Pau1 Kasperski Secretary .,,,.... Carmelo Cerezo Treasurer .......... Harold Harris Treasurer .... Philip Blanchard A 1 IW I as 1 4 ,K mf 0 4, i ff J 2 s NN 29. A if 7 V . , 5 .. .avi -V 12'-c ' f 1 fi Hyffff 56 M f gffme f li V449 2 ' fi J. Glenn Radcliffe Robert H. Ramsay James Redd Bill Sunday Theodore T. Wood John Alexander Richard Anderson Charles Lee Daniel MacDougall Philip Blanchard Vern Bourassa Samuel Mazza Ray Mitchhart Carmelo Cerezo Peter Finley Roy Mitchhart C. Ben Morter Charles Foster Harold Harris George Munschauer Robby Newman Donald Huff Paul Kasperski Lawrence Rowe Achmad Sutrisno Arthur Karowski Joseph Takacs Roy Woodard Harold Hoolihan Howard Hoolihan James Redd FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ..,.,,,,..,,,,,,.,,.,..,.... Maudie Horne President ........................ VVil1iam Schultz Vice-President ................ Don Huff Vice-President ......... Harold Harris Secretary ......,,.,, ................... D on Huff Secretary .......... .........,., H arold Harris Treasurer ..,... ...... J ohn Alexander Treasurer ....... ........ C larence Hoover SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President .,.........,,......,,.,,.... Harold Harris Vice-President ..,.,,....,... Clarence Hoover Secretary .,.......,............ Clarence Hoover Treasurer ...,..,....,..., Robert Van Vlfaldick , Baia. Alpha Beta Alpha, the honorary commercial society, was founded in September of 1938. The Society was originated to recognize outstanding scholarship and leadership among students in the School of Commerce. The objects of the Society are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, and to develop character. A combination of ability and earnest effort is required to become a member, in- deed a worthy honor as is shown by the active support and interest taken in the Society by the alumni members who frequently attend its quarterly banquets. Under the guidance of Professors H. R. Hoolihan and H. W. Hoolihan, the society encourages its members and all future members to maintain a high scholastic standing. To be eligible for membership a student must maintain an average grade of "Bn for four successive terms with no more than one "C," or an average grade of "A" for three successive terms. The high ideals set by Alpha Beta Alpha as a standard, could well serve as a goal for all students of the School of Commerce. We 'sw mmupmf- I John Alexander Harold Harris Clarence Hoover Maudie Horne Donald Huff Darrell Matchette ' eau-"N" William Schultz Donald Smith Robert Van Waldick Not Pictured-Walter Snyder - 51 .... x J ' -. Y, gt . ' , ,.i. :g .,,, 1.' t ,,.,:. ZJI. . -s 'f:.- ..,-.. :Vic Lt:-1' ':"V 4 5 y OFFICERS WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President .,,.................E,......EEEE....,,,w....E,........,. William Wisse Secretary EE.-. E,EEE. D onald Jarvela Treasurer rrr,r r....... D ell Bramble FALL QUARTER, 1952 SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President rer,rerrrreeee,,..,,,.rrr .Dale Schenk President ,...rrrre,,...r.. Robert Bjoraas Secretary rr,.rr errr-,re D onald Jarvela Secretary rrr.,.. ,rei, X Villiam McKeown Treasurer rr,.r rrrrrer W illard I-Ianmer Treasurer ....., .James Griffin jau, Tau Sigma Eta, honorary engineering society, was incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana, on April 10, 1930. Membership in this society is one of the re- wards received by students for outstanding scholastic achievements in the School of Engineering. Requirements for admission into membership are four quarters of college work with a minimum of twenty hours work during each of the four quartersg a scholastic aver- age of 2.1 out of a possible 3.005 with not more than five C's or C-plus. A grade of D or lower disqualifies a student from membership. An average of A for three suc- cessive quarters automatically creates eligibility for membership. Members of the socie- ty must maintain an average of 2.0 to be considered active. Tau Sigma Eta encourages brotherhood and good fellowship, a well balanced social program, and the maintenance of high scholastic records. A banquet is held each quarter as a climax to the quarter's activities and aids in encouraging and fostering the ideals of the society. :M Wu M is Robert Breit Robert Bjoraas Harry Claypool Theodore Hider Fernando Lizano Jerry Burchard William Chatley Howard McCoy Maurice P. McCollough E , Jonah Eidelberg James D. Grifhn Merle J. Moore John H. D. Palmer Willard Hanmer Harrell S. Pyle Joseph Perkovich Dale D. Schenk Members not pictured-Jack E. Donaldson, Donald B. Dysert, Tomas Furth, Bryce Gordon, Jack Hardin, William McKeoWn, Albert Milkolajczyk, Kenneth Miller, Ray Mitchhart, Roy Mitchhart, William Stiefel, Walter W. Waddell. 42 :L Sophvnwfm, flami, Left to right: John A. Lewis, sc'C1'f'Iaryg Steve Kobelak, fl'C'61SIll'C'l'Q Ferdinand Worsa, zfirc' p1'c'siffc'11fg Lawrence Rowe, I7l'l'SillUlIf. 5 ff. , K V ' cl ,f -lfq . 6la.4.4,0' '11, Klan. Left to right: Paul Farnschlader, irc'aszn'c'rg Charles Foster, vice ll71'l'SilI,C'l7llQ Anthony Gaeta, presi- Jcvzfg Edward Menzigian, secre- fury. ,fe ll ' mga, f My , ow jnmhmwfz, flaw, Left to right: Carlos Claure, lll'l'llSlll'6'l'Q Ron Engels, l71'CSi!1I6I1fQ Joseph Alieri, rife jawsidezzt. Jo Zimmer, secrc'fm'y, not in picture. -'fl ER WEZ55 1-M9 ff! F "' l ' 7- X X Q x X I f I 4-2s'i N - MTJAQS f , Q PF? SX X Qi? -I xl:-9-fi-H: 5355-52 Q 'fx -v4 .F Q3 if ' X XX .' A -X25 I 'qxlx A rj: xnd N A-I if 'Ill' is 1:-la, - I-lgjlll, ., AL- 5 I 'gl .I - S i 4 " ll 'fill' ' :sheer Q . I' If - - 155.231 OL,-so .3 ff W I., 1-r -E ' Ill:-Q' ' ' 0 Ill -I Ill K A 9 mis! ,,--' 2 " I9 -. M . 5 , -1- ca GE-pg! 10 H " 'W I ,co f X , f 7 N 1 I 'Q'-J N I V- F , ..,- ,Q X Q24 41' f-ig' :E :-AE' . I - xi 0 FIRST TIOXY: Joe Neton, Howard R. Colvenbach, Edward W. Kalinowski, David A. Rugg, Ray M. Mitvhhart, Andrew Martinez, Vern Hart. SECOND IIOXVZ Richard L. Stoughton, Joseph F. Perkovivh, XVi1liam J. Kelly, Fritz Schulze, Charles V. Y. Lee, Ross A. YVhite. FALL QUARTER WINTER QUARTER President ,,,,,,,......,...,,.,,.....,,..... Dave Rugg President . .,......,,,,.,...,... Andrew Martinez Vive-President ................ Sam Dome-nick Vice-President ...,............ Sam Domeniek Secretary ,.,....... ........ I lay MltL'll'll3l't Secretary ...... .,,.,. .....,.,... V e 1-non Hart Treasurer . ..... .,,..... E d Kalinowski Treasurer ......... ...... E d Kalinowski SPRING QUARTER President .,,,.,,,..,,,..,.,.... Andrew Martinez Vice-President .,... ................ T om XVhite Secretary ......,...... ...........,... V ern Hart Treasurer ,,,,,.,., ,,,,.... R ohert lloden gnfnfz -J ' frfuncil, The Inter-Fraternity Council is the fraternity man's Congress, serving to unite the mutual interests of member fraternities and to promote better and closer relationships within the faculty, student body, and fraternities. Two representatives from each fraternity recognized by the college are authorized to attend meetings each week to plan and direct fraternity activities on the campus. Operating with the full cooperation of the faculty, the council plans social and athletic activities for the student body. Fraternity representatives, acting with the guidance and on suggestions of their fraternities, exercise initiative and leadership in supervising the affairs of the council. The Inter-Fraternity Council has grown to be one of the most effective organiza- tions on the campus, through the action of well-qualified fraternity representatives. -56.- ie E .N f ,, ,, , a A6 , , ,yay 4 fvf :vw oy , ..,.,fiE2,i2z , 'f A I W i'Q'5i1'1':xzili' ' FALL QUARTER, 1952 President ..,,..,.,,.,..,,....,.., A1 Cunninggliam Vive-President ,..,Y,......... ....... S am Mazza Se-c'1'eta1'y ,,,A,...,,,,,..,,,,,..., John Alexander '1'rez1s111'er .,..,......,. ,............... N iek Myers WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ......,,.....,.... George Munsehauer Vice-President .....,,...,,........ Roy XVooda1'd Secretary ,.T.TY.,.T.,., .,,,......,... J ack Hardin Treasurer .....,..,..... .....,T,,........ N iek MyerS SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ........,................,..., ROY W00da1'd Xvlt'Q-l',1'tE'SlClQllt ............,.,......... Earl Davis Sei-retary .,,,....,,1,..w..... Richard Anderson Treasurer ..,.,..,,,,..... George Munscliauer dlpha, ful Jaafnnndq. Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845 and is the tenth oldest national social fraternity. It is one of the larger fraternities and is a charter member of the National lnterfraternity Conference. The Beta Omicron Chapter dates back to 1925 when it was known as the Phi Lambda Tau Fraternity. Four years later, Phi Lambda Tau merged with Alpha Delta Alpha, a national fraternity. In 1935, Alpha Delta Alpha disbanded but through the efforts of its local members, a charter of Alpha Kappa Pi, another national fraternity, was obtained. Eleven years of prosperity passed before Alpha Kappa Pi decided to merge with another great Fraternity to form Alpha Sigma Phi. On September 6, 1946, the local chapter became the Beta Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. Alpha Sigma Phi stands for charity, culture, loyalty, patriotism, and perpetual friendship. Its members face a future made brighter by the flame of the personal rela- tionships kindled in the walls of Alpha Sigma Phi. ...jg- John Alexander Joe Alfieri Wayne Champion Richard Anderson Myron Beechy Al Cunningham Ed Bernier Chester Bic an Earl Davis Ron Engels Phil Blanchard Vern Bourassa Bud Eckstrom Matthew Bridich Bob Burhans Pete Finley 'VFW 4,616 John Fitzgerald Bill Fitzgerald Edwin McCarthy Tom Foster Jack Hardin Wayne McCormick Ty Holden Bob johnson Bill McKissick George Munschauer Richard Kliemann Jerry Kulow Bob Murray Dean Lawrence Sam Mazza Nick Myers Fred Parent Jim Peters Terry Thomasson Joe Tomnn Vern Peters Bob Root Don Venderbush XVilliam Schultz Bill Shike Bob Wfnllace Bill Schomaker Charles Smith Roy Woodard Wfilliam Stiefel Joe Takacs Methodius Yankura Don Zimmerman A1 W ,wwem QM iwwwf qu: fn aim! WW' x M5 9 A" 5? ":. , ig ,QNX X xv if 7, 'lr f 5wwW'f ' V-A-W-,, LOUISE CUIPYLO .iwmfheafzi nf, Phi Zappa. 4 1 a FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ..,,......,,.......,..,....... Frank Kubic President ............ Herman H. Bernhardt Vice-President .,,.........,A., David Rugg Vice-President ..,,,,,,.,,,,, Leo H, Donahue Secretary ,,,,..... ....... N icliolas Cuipylo Secretary ....,,,,,.,...............,... James Kemp Treasurer ......, .,.r....,..... . Iohn Petras Treasurer ,,,,.. ..,... P aul Kasperski SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ..............................,. John Petras Vice-President .... .....,..,.... F rank Kubie Secretary ........... .......... R ichard Schwab Treasurer ....... ....... F erdinand Worsa lui Jfappat ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Kappa, at Tri-State College, is the result of earnest efforts on the part of members of the organization once known as Alpha Gamma Omega. In May, 1943, a charter was sought from Phi Kappa National Catholic Fraternity, and on January 24, 1944, the Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity became the twenty-seventh chapter of Phi Kappa fraternity. Among the many achievements of the chapter in Phi Kappa have been endeavors to maintain the high scholastic standards set by predecessors, as well as participation in all inter-fraternity activities. The main purpose of the group on the Tri-State campus is to aid each member in bettering his efforts in learning, the development of a sense of responsibility and loyalty, the instilling of a fervent desire to contemplate creatively and to act constructively for the advancement of the organization. Phi Kappa is proud of its accomplishments, and the members are confident their ideals of fraternalism and religion will carry them to ultimate success in their under- takings. Father Gregory Kollros Mom Humphrey Sam Domenick Leo Donahue Joseph Avenatti George Hanna Williailm Hughes Herman Bernhardt Donald Bracco Harry Jakubowski Richard Jusko Webster Carter Robert Karalus Paul Kasperski Frank Collins Nicholas Cuipylo William Kelly James Kemp Leon Kessler Frank Kubic john Molique james O'Neil Wfilliam Larson Howard H. Payne John Petras Lawrence Mamos Andrew Martinez David Rugg Richard Schwab Ronald Matlock Jerome Wasag Ferdinand Worsa Paul Michalak Richard Monak Watson Yoshimoto Samuel Younes 'W' N Q ,jfwzafhnani nfl gym pm mm FALL QUARTER, 1952 Chia-f il':llQ.lllt'Pl' ..,,,,,, .,,,Y,,,. 1 '. Ben .ixlOl't6'l' Ass't Vhif-f liligilif-ei' ,,A, H+f1'a1t1 Snyder SE'I'l'Pt2lI'X ,,A,.........,...,V,......,..,.,.. Paul Stokes Tl'Lt2lHll1'6l' ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.A.A,,,, la2lVV1'6llL'6 liowe WINTER QUARTER, 1953 Chief linsqint-ei' ....,,.,....,,,, Anthony Gaetzl A::s't Chief l':l1,9Qll1t't'I' ,,A, Ileralil Snyder Se1.'1'eta1'y .,,,,........,,..,...,...,.. Ilay Mite-h'1ax't Treasu1'e1' .,.. .....,. I ,nwrem-e Rowe SPRING QUARTER, 1953 Fhief Engineer ,T,,.,,,.1...,1, Anthony Gaeta Ass't Uliief lcllgllltel' ,... lloy Mitvhhart Se-v1'eta1'y ,,.,. ...,...,,......,.,,.... 1 lay Mitt-hhart 'l'l'i'2lSllI't'1' ....,,..,..,..,..1 Rll'll2ll'll Stoughton J ' lui 0 When Kappa Chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded, one purpose stood out from all the rest. That purpose was to create a greater interest in the engineering profession. A visitor to the fraternity house could not overlook the many awards earned by the members for scholastic ability. The first requirement for membership in Sigma Phi Delta is a "Cn scholastic average. Needless to say, the scholastic averages of the members are far above this. Sigma Phi Delta exists as one of the three oHicial engineering fraternities of the Professional Interfraternity Conference representing the professions of Architecture, Chemistry, Commerce, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Journalism, Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy. The membership is international in scope, extending from the British Commonwealth through the United States. ,69-. Arthur Kline Lyle Oleson Chuck Foster Tony Gaeta Tom Bisko Darold Bryan Charles -Hahm Donald Hartmann Harold Clark James Day George Heath Harold Hessler William Dohner Owen Ehlers Llewellyn Jack Theodore Jacobs Paul Farnschlader Norman Fetzer William Laraway Gerald Lutz L. Nils Flem Joe Macewicz Robert Mako Marvin Marsh Lawrence Rowe Dean Runkle Edward Menzigian Ray Mitchhart Fritz Schulze Robert Shinn Roy Mitchhart Charles Ben Morter Gerald Snyder Everett Stigall Wilho Okkonen Gene Overton Paul Stokes Richard Stoughton Raymond Painter Antonio Pedraja Delano Straka Ronald Wolfe Joseph Proscia Thaddeus Zyck v vqg W,-,K 5 7. 7 if x z ' o ai if 'aw Wi n v Q 5 YQ is 2 Qffg? 25. ' V9-ff -1g2 - X659 -7-...:,.Q,,0,..,,. ,. , N fa.-'17 ' 1 'fix 'ff I qw, i 1 11- mb" . , , . , Q x 55 ,iq X A 4, , 1, N 4 Q 1 f 1 A f A gf vs vxi 4 Wifi' I . Q ,Q 4 ,X if . . ' Y' ev W - K yi J' - - W 4 ZX 6 0 xt: V594 , s 1 9 , t p K? , " 4, ' , M49 ., N K Q 1: 1, fy, , xv.. if YF V m. Q, ,. - ,.:I.? iv, f Zff21?-,1 'k5f53:I ri? ' 2 mir ,x Q M an , . f M ' , .9 JOAN MILLS 14" WW 9 li H5911 ,ff" . 1'f PM f' lirlmdnnnn rs 12-ia Y X . ff ti ii! i ' ml Q, 51 A ' . i 51' I 3 Vw :na 'nina i 6, esnnmlsanizlaugtl P ., E FALL QUARTER, 1952 ' President ...........,.............. Robert T. Mills Vice-President ..g......... Herbert Linfhart ' A ,ff Secretary .....,,..... ....... D onald B, Dysert Traasui-er .,... ....... N Villiam Graham 3 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President .,..........................., Robert Banks Vice President .... ........ J ohn Peterson Secretary .......... .......,,.. E lbert Roby Treasurer ........ ...... R iehard McKay SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ................,... Donald B, Dysert Vice-President ............ Robert Verheyen Secretary .......,.... ....... L ewis Armitage Treasurer ....,... ...... D on E. Monroe dlpha, 9 'rue LAMBDA CHAPTER Lambda Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon came into being May 8, 1949, when the members of Delta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Chi, a leading fraternity on the campus since the fall of 1927, decided that aiiiliation with a rapidly-growing national collegiate fraternity would give its members and alumni greater prestige and popularity. The growth of the chapter as well as that of the national organization has proved the soundness of the decision made by the charter members. In addition to a well-rounded social calendar climaxed by our national convention in the spring of each year, Alpha Gamma Upsilon observes two special days. Founders' Day is celebrated each year on October 10 to commemorate the founding of our fraternity on that date in 1922 and to honor our founders. Omega Day is observed each year on the Sunday nearest to February 1, and is dedicated to the memory of our brothers who have passed away. The keyword of the aims of Alpha Gamma Upsilon is brotherhood. We believe that only by applying this basic principle of Christianity can the members of a fraternity live and work together in harmony and build lasting friendships. To be- come a true fraternity man is the goal each member is constantly striving to reach. By selecting as members only those whom we believe possess the qualities essential for becoming such fraternity men, we hope to secure even greater success for Alpha Gamma Upsilon in the coming years. Lewis Armitage Robert Banks Donald Dysert Carlton Edwards Donald Berry Joseph Birk Richard Finn John Fitzpatrick Richard Bond Wfayne Boruff Henry Flajole Barton Goodbread Marshall Brunden Harry Cattran William Graham Paul Guisewhite John Condiff J. L. Daugherty Robert Haber Ray Hartman James Davidson Guy Dion David Hillman William Jennings Howard jordan Anthony Lauletta Joseph Rockwell Duane Schmaltz Herbert Linhart Richard Maines John Stanley Henry Strack Richard McKay Wfilliam McKeoWn Wfilliam Sturm Martin Tobin Robert Mills Donald Monroe Grant Toennis Charles Torgler Harold Oquist Phillip Parker Robert Verheyen Francis Walker John Peterson Roberto Ramirez Michael Wilson -Q. Q-A M. .- . MW 1, -3 N - : ?5,in,41,2. ' . W ,g ,fx . w ln 1 Q1 lphuQD X va il b4?,.,4 , V AV, ' . if 'hw WA Qmvwf 'VIQL' N' x Q 'Q - L- fl V - ,igw x W M 1 V 1 5 E s ., , . ,W .: 4 V: . 1' z ,A K ,W gx 5 zz 4 5, , 1 ' f' 510 4 . 432 'z 59 'fy Q 2 .'Nm..,YmQm.. , 4 'Q e Q, A ,?. 5 FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ........,.....,....... Benjamin Bogran President ...,.,,..........,.....,........ Efrem Ortiz Vice-President ,........... Antonio Martinez Vice President ...,..,......... Guillermo Rico Secretary of Acts ,..,,.,,,,,,..., Efrem Ortiz Secretary of Acts, Hernando Villaniizar Correspondence Secretary Correspondence Secretary .....,............................,,...,Fernando Lizano Diaz-Balart Treasurer .... ........ G uillermo Rico Treasurer ..,.,, Leonardo Alarc-on Historian .,,,. ,...,.., E fraim Illera Historian .,,. .,,,, Q ,,,,... E fraim Illera SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President .,...............,..,.,.,,.. Guillermo Rico Vice-President .....,.. German Roncancio Secretary of Acts ........,... Ivan Noguera Correspondence Secretary I Irlarte Treasurer ................ ,..,Leonardo AlarC0n Historian .... ,... T lodrigo Fuentes lul Quia, Composed of Spanish-American students, Phi Iota Alpha's history dates back to 1921, when it started its activities as Club I-Iispano-Americano. After six years of existence as a club, the organization was registered under the laws of the state of Indiana as the Alpha Chapter of Gamma Eta Alpha fraternity. Joining the ranks later of Phi Lambda Alpha as Eta Chapter, the fraternity did not receive its present designation until 1931. During a national convention on December 26, 1931, Phi Lambda Alpha merged with Sigma Iota to form the present organization, Phi Iota Alpha, of which the organization is Iota Chapter. Under its present title for some nineteen years, the fraternity's aims are to foster a better sense of duty and study among its members and to create that atmosphere which is an integral part of the far-away homes of its members, constantly striving for that great ideal, "The political and economical union of all Latin-American countries," which is the organization's motto and goal. -79- LCOI'1Z11dO Alzucon Frank D1az Balart G. Carlos Diaz Benjamm Bobran F. Rodngo C. Fuentes N. Pablo Botcro G. jose A. Gomez B. Efrain H. Illera A Guillermo Perez V. A Fernando Llzano P. Antonio Martinez L. Ivan Noguera C. Germm Roncancio R Efren Oruz P. Modesto Roubert Grullermo Rlco B. Hernando Villamizar P ,Q si f Q51 V ev ww NWN W rf il' 1 Kr X ww -in 'w , , f 4 X 4 P622 l f. g AH 6 , X .35 ' Q E W A 3 I X Q X 6 X it X, X Xa V i M 5 v J : , 2 ,Wy ,,,,,,n -Q may . ,x 'W BETTY HART nl Bda, ' a, Jau, ...,:, .. .,,.,,: 4,.., , , :.1f i ., Z v iiiv,-E f . 2, A , + " ' 4 ' 40? N ,. ' "v.,un' . 4. AAN.. T.. FALL QUARTER President ........,.,Y...,Y..V..,,.. Howard Avery Vice-President .,,.V .......... YX Yilliam VVade Secretary ....,.,..,,, ,,,,, I iawrence Carlson Treasurer ,.....,.. ,,..,.....,.... C harles Lee WINTER QUARTER President ..,......Y.......T.....,........ Charles Lee Vice-President ,,,V Robert Van VVa1dick Secretary ....,......,,w........ Kenneth Roberts Treasurer .. ....... Marvin Harris SPRING QUARTER President ,,.,,,,,.r,............... Charles Provan Vice-President ............V............. Vern Hart Secretary ....,,....,.. ...... A climad Sutrisno Treasurer ,.,...... ........ IV Iarvin Ha1'1'iS Baia, ' , jan, In 1937, the Jewish men on the campus formed a Jewish fraternity. The chapter was active until World War II, when, due to the influx of men into the armed forces, the chapter was temporarily discontinued. After the war, the fraternity Theta Mu Pi, Alpha Chapter was formed. During the winter of 1949, Theta Mu Pi elected to change from Alpha Chapter to Beta Chapter and become a non-sectarian organization. The aim of Theta Mu Pi was to foster the educational, social and spiritual life of its members. On October 13, 1950, Theta Mu Pi, Beta Chapter, was officially notified of their affiliation as a chapter of the national fraternity, Beta Sigma Tau. Beta Sigma Tau was founded in May, 1948, at Chicago, Illinois. The first con- vention consisted of seventy-five delegates from eleven colleges. A constitution was adopted on equality, understanding and unity. Beta Sigma Tau is different. Because we select men into our membership not on the basis of race, creed, or religion, but on what they are willing to do within their abilities. Bob Cook John Bradbury Eugene Depew Guy Dougherty Ken Dripps Mom Johnson Moe Mitzman Lewis Grudzien Marvin Harris Vern Hart ,Vim MM Howard Avery Joe Bondwr Dick Hecht Bob Hewlett Dave Holbrook Gene Bowen Paul Bowen Akira Honda Eugene Hsu Vern Jansen Lavern Cirlson Carmelo Cerezo Cleveland Johnson Ben uscen Art Karowski Bill Denniston Charlie Lee Dan MacDougall F 1 New Norman Malecki Ben Martin John Ramsdell Ken Roberts John Morgan Neil Morton Achmad Sutrisno Wilbur Tibbits Leon Moshier Robby Newman Bill Wade Bob Van Waldick Duke Palmer Wayne Peck Jack Wiens Herb Wilder John Pi ggott Chuck Provan John Wolfe Blaine Young Kenneth Quoon Gene Zutz M920 1 1 ilv?"1 f- ' mg 3 qw f JOLINE ARMSTRONG ng, gym om -gg- l l 1 Sevl'vt:11'y ....,,,A ,,,,.,,,,, , , Rf' President ....,, , .. ,,,,,,,,.,... Secretary ,,,,Y,,,,, ,,.... 'iSl'621SllI'6I' . ,,,,., . ar . The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma Fraternity was founded at Tri-State Col- lege on March 25, 1921, by three Master Masons. This organization was the first fraternity on the campus, therefore it has the distinction of being the oldest recognized fraternal organization at Tri-State. With the aid of nine other Masons, Alpha Chapter was founded primarily as a Masonic local fraternity of national scope with an aim to maintain a high scholastic standard and to embrace the advantages of a social fraternity. 4 At first, membership was restricted to Master Masons, but it soon proved to be impractical. By 1940 these rules were revised to include sons and brothers of Masons, or those recommended by three Master Masons. We of Sigma Mu Sigma are proud of our past history and our achievements in the scholastic and social phases. We are continually striving to surpass the goals set by previous memberships. The fraternity's earnest desire is to develop men capable of taking their places in the world with confidence in their ability to meet and associate with other men. Toward this end, the men of Sigma Mu Sigma continue to strive. -39- FALL QUARTER, 19 S 2 Pre-sirlent U, .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, 1 lobe 1 t X ive i'I'4'HlI-lvllt . T1'62lSlll'k'l' ...,, .,,,,, I iennrth 1 luv 1 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 'Vice 1'reside11t ,..,.. Alxm BIWKBIIPII XX1l SPRING QUARTER, 19 53 President ,..,,,,,....,,,,.....,,,,,... Tom XX hits Vive President ., .......... 1 11111 fm Se-1'1'et211-y ....,,..,,.. .....,..,,.., X ll 14111 XX 1 cle 'l'l'QZlSLll't'I' ,,,,,,,, ...,,,,, I skein H11 XI 4 'T Khaldoon Ashoo E. Geraldo S. Brocchi Irvin Hahn Roy B. Hostottle David Clester Willard M. Cook Michael C. Koblos Ivan Kuhns Cal Crail Jack M. Devine Dave Leishman LeRoy Luebcke H. Donald Dixon Frank Doyle Alvin MacBrien Bernard McCain James R. Elder Kenneth Eliason Jim McKinney Ronald Mitchell Richard Naylor Duncan Rice Leon Slear Max Ogle Tom Pallas Bill Wangler Edgar Ward John Porter Ralph Quakenbush Thomas A. White Marion Wikle, Jr. Oscar Ramge Victor Reinstein Ronald Witthohn George Worton John Sweitzer Robert Crane Boyd Harlan f Q ' ,an , ,gi E K ,S .. .. . ,. . 3, Q ,www fa., ,, . 1 '5 ff :.. ,,:95:, 1 Q :J K , Z 6 1 N s ,K . V .. K 9, sf te A . I - xx Wm , ,.v........... Q, 5 11 M W www- gl My ,. 1 ig. A f if -5.2145 1 , ,, r X -1 -ff 1 A ft ' Z' M.. 'X JOYCE HUGHES ng gm phil jlwfa. -93- President .,.,........,................... J. Vice-President Treasurer ........ Vice President Secretary ........... ................. Treasurer ........ Brin, Flul jhmfa, Beta Phi Theta Fraternity was founded at the Milwaukee State Normal School in 1917. Plans for expansion were made in 1923, and since that time strong fraternity groups from other institutions have become affiliated with Beta Phi Theta. The history of the Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta on the Tri-State College campus dates back to 1922 when a group of young men banded together as "The Four Eleven Gang," their sole purpose being the promotion of good fellowship. From this organization, Lambda Phi Epsilon was born. As the membership of this fraternity grew and the college gave recognition to fraternities in 1929, members realized the advantages of national membership and the Delta Chapter of Beta Phi Theta was formed. Delta Chapter has never lost sight of the ideals of its founders during its twenty- four years of good fellowship, leadership and scholastic achievement at Tri-Stare College. Our policy of selecting for brotherhood men of courage, initiative, and fortitude has insured lasting life and leadership for our fraternity. O-ur house at 112 South Darling Street, although not the largest, is one of the most home-like, and is truly a "home away from home' for our brothers during their stay at Tri-State. FALL QUARTER, 1952 Perkovich Devick .D. WVade Secretary ,,,,.,,.... ,....................... W. Kalinowski WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ..................,................. P. Kauralq. W. Kalxnovvski R. Coleman Treasurer ....... ................ R . Cooper SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ,.,,.......,........,. E. W. Kalinowski Vice-President ................ R. C016-man Secretary ,.......... .,.,............ T . HugheS Coleman Dick Bade Jim Beeman Mike DeFranco Roger Coleman Bill Dileo Red Colvenbach Jack Evetts Bill Gall Dick Cooper Bill Gallagher Omer Crafton Walter Cunningham Hank Gibbons Tom Halloran Prank Hodge Dick Tracy Tom Hughes Darden Wade Eddie Kalinowski Joe Perkovich Paul Lammers Paul Kaurala John White Marlyn Matz Dave Sunnucks Bob Whiteford gif .Z 'Q . ,A , it 4 , 'ff an uf We 4, V I VW,9W'4W MW4-M V 47if1 1 ,M 17:9 MZ K MARRIANNE KREITZER nf, Jfappa, jzyma, FALL QUARTER, Yli'tf-1Jl'CSl1lt'llt Tl'6llSU1'Hl' w,,, ...., ....V.A WINTER President ,........................,.V J Vim-e-Pre-sitlent St'l,'l't'tilI'Y ,,A,,.,,. Treasurer ....,.,, SPRING President ,,,,,,., XvlL'E'-1JI'6Sll'lt'lll 'l'!'k'ZlS1ll't'I' ,, Jfappa, a, s Indiana Gamma chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa, international social fraternity, took its place among the campus fraternities on March 17, 1952. While new in name, the fraternity has proved its worth as one of the older organizations on the campus. Kappa Sigma Kappa was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1867. For many years following the Civil War, new chapters were installed mainly in southern colleges, but since 1935, a chapter has been installed in nearly every state, as well as in several foreign countries. Today, Kappa Sigma Kappa has more than seventy active chapters. - 99 - President ,,,,,,,..,....................... Stll'I'9tH!'X ..,..,. ,.... ,,,,,,.,, SE'1'1'6t2l1'Y ......... .,... 1952 .John LewiS Jim Boi-k John Debew Jerry Ryman QUARTER, 195 3 ohn A. Lewis ......Nei1 M. YYl1ite liobert Fuller . ....,,,, Gerald Hyman QUARTER, 1953 , Q ............,...,,..Robert 1' uller Dick Jaques Iioss XVhite Fred Le-lvis Wayne Bickel John Biroschak Wallace Force James Bock Gordon Bryant Robert Fuller Lon Carich Donald Conklin Jay Ganger Paul Dahlman john Debew Jerry Hayes Rex Edmonds Paul Farner James Hinkle Richard Jaques Robert Seifert Gerald Ryman Edward Kyle Gordon Leathers Joseph Skatvold Fred Lelvis John Lewis Beverly White William Pett Y Richard Powers Neil White Robert Roden Gerald Rodmaker Ross White 5 , Q i 5 F I 5 K N r Q Qs N N E r , ,,., . ,A A ,,,, 4,,,, N ,W ,,Vm A,4WK , ,, ,4W ,A ,W , , , . MM ' - X X I0 J 0 O ' ' 7' X939 ' .,,... 0 e NOTICE Wluhv Sdsitxull I s.A.z. 0 fi- 2: ,N :4 -2- '53 , -1- tf- WS A MODULUS Foil ME A 1,-,il-1-1 'lg 54 Do11ekut-""' X J FIRST ROXV: Joseph J. Takacs, Chuck Foster, Roy M. VVoodard, John E. Alexander, XYillard G I'I"Lll mer, John A. Lewis, Richard XV. Anderson. SECOND IIOXV: XVillian1 M, Birk, Kenneth C. Quoon, Charles 'W. Bowman, Carmelo Cerezo, Sam Do menick. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President Y,,,....l,..,,................ Lester Clarke President ....,..,....,,,.,,,. Richard Anderson Vice-President ...,., ,....... X Valter Waddell Vice-President ,,,. ,...... 1 Valter XVaddell Secretary ..,,........, ..,..... J ol1n Alexander Secretary ......l,.,., .,....., L ewis Armitage Treasurer .,Y,...,, ,.........,.,..,,, D on Huff Treasurer ,..,...,, ..Y.,.,. J oseph Alfieri SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ...,................ Richard Anderson Vice-President .... .............,, F red XVorsa Secretary ..,........ ...,.., I lewis Armitage Treasurer ........ ,....,..,. F rank Kubic funnel The Student Council of Tri-State College was organized for the promotion and advancement of campus activities for the college students. The Student Council is an organization in which the views and opinions of students may be expressed. The council is composed of representatives from the various student organizations on campus. These representatives are to attend all meetings, participate in Student Council activities, and keep their organizations informed of all Council business. It is the hope of the Student Council that the high ideals toward which they have striven will be developed in a greater degree in the years to come. V -104- 1-'IILST ROXY: Jim Fink, Don Hutt, Maudie L. Horne, Richard Anderson, Clmrley Hnnipliries. SECOND ROXY: Joseph J. Takacs, Alton Potts, 1NInrvin J. Harris. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President .........,t..,..,.,T,,,.,,,...,...,. Don Huff President ......,.,,..,...,.,,..,.,,,.,,,, James Fink Vice President .,,,. ,...,.. M :indie Horne Vice President Secretary ...,.,..,.,,,t ...,,.... J oseph Takavs Secretary 'l'1'6?lSL1I'E'I' .,,.,,.,. ,,,.., 1 'arnielo Uerezo Treasurer ,,.,,., SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ...,,. ....,.........,,1,.... 1.,. J a mes Fink Vice President ,,,,.,,,,,....,,,, Marvin Harris Secretary .,,,,,,,,1.,,,,,,,., Ilit-hard Anderson Treasurer ....,,... ,.,.... D an MacD0uga1l H011 ,KM Marvin Harris ..lIit-harrl Anderson Charles Huniphries The purpose and privilege of the Tri-State Boosters' Club is to boost all campus athletics. The club sponsors intramural and inter-collegiate sports activities and in addition provides for the publication and free distribution of basketball programs at each home game. The club is pledged to work in close conjunction with the Athletic Board of Control and to do everything within its power for the betterment of the sports program at Tri-State College. -105- FIHST IUQIXY: Irving' Gray, Eugene Hsu, Richard Anderson, Professor Quintin Hawthorne, Wayne Peek, Achinzld Sutrisno. Charles Franklin. SFIUUNIJ HOW: Charles Foster, James Kemp, Douglas Binnington, Ted Bazett, Phil Krein, Glenn INIL-Millin, XVillia1n M1 Birk. THIRD HONY: Tnonias D. Owens, Iiolvert Haber, Charles YV. Halim, Hilliard S. Price, Robert L. Kline, Aijoelw Uias. FUFRTH ROXV: Lee Hartman, Frank Hodge, Frank Santora, Erich F. Castro, VVil1iam E. XYade, Joseph C. Toman. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ,,,.,i,,,,,,,....., ........... N Vayne Pevk President ,.,.i,,.,..,.....v.......... Charles Foster Vice-President ..A,., lliehard Anderson Vice-President .... ,............ I rving Gray' Set-retary ,,,,,i,,, ,,,.,., A ehmad Sutrisno Set-retary ,,,..,..,o,, ,,.,.. E dward Bazett Treasurer ,,,.,,, ..,........... E ugene Hsu Treasurer ........ ....... D onald Monroe SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ,,ii,,,......,,, Douglas Binnington Yice-President ..,.,.,,...i.....,.... Don Monroe Secretary ,,,,...,.. ,,,.,. T om Owens Treasurer .,,,,, ....,... I rvin Gray gnaiduta, nl ' ' TRI-STATE BRANCH The Aeronautical Society of Tri-State College is a student branch of The Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, the national professional organization of aeronautical engineers. The meetings of the society provide excellent information in the form of special speakers from industry, and pamphlets and circulars, concerning various phases of aeronautics. The main social event of the term is the Aero Banquet. At this event the officers for the coming term are installed and awards are given to outstanding members. A prominent representative from the field of aeronautics is usually invited to highlight the event with a speech. -106- yarn wk ,,,w'f 55:53 9 ,w 5 lv r-- gf' " 1 :I , f 5 FQ 3 v M ,,,, , ,W ,fhidh F ff 3 , , we 'Za 1 fe V A' 9 25 CV is . W' .J ,Jw r H ," W VT" f f , X fwha ZW Q W .eMW, 5' .mimgfh-' X-3, ,19!E.Q"w Wil '17 'R QF- 45 w"1..Q9 FIRST ROXV: Katherine Jamerson, Benjamin F. Just-en, Dr. Stefan J. Slanina, Robert T. Mills, Yo- sliimi Sziliainoto, Norman E. Malecki, Thomas A. XVhite. SECOND ROVV: John F. Jahne, Richard J. Rapaport, Inderjit S. Nyjar, Owen A. Ehlers, Wilho M. Oklionen, Robert Hennecke, Edward F. Palagyi, Eugene Field, Ron Engels, Vifarner Carman, Robert Fuller, Neil XVliite. , THIRD RUXV: Lyle Oleson, George Stodola, George XYorton, Indru Malkani, XV. Douglas Dickhaut, Franklin A. Plummer, Gary L. Bordner, Roscoe S. Brown, Fred E. Lelvis. FOVRTH ROXY: Donald Jarvela, Riu-hard Monak, Herbert XVilcler, Juan Buenaventura, Maurice Mc- Collough, Ben Martin, XYilhur Tihliitts, Johnny Debew. FALL QUARTER, 1952 XVINTER QUARTER, 1953 President .....,........,,,,......,......... Ben Juscen President ,.......,,........,. ...... G eorge Stodola Vice-Presiilent v..,,...,........... Robert Mills Vit-e-President ...,.,..,. Yoshimi Sakainotfv SE'k'1't't2l1'Y .......,.,....,,,..,..., Norman Maleeki Secretary ..,,,,.,,,, .,.,,.. l lichard M. Monak Tl'ez1SllI'e1' .,,..... ...,,,, X 'ushinii Sakanioto Tl'f'2lSlI1'QI' .,i,,,, .,..,.,,........ . John Debew SPRING QUARTER, 1953 1f'resiclent .....,T............,.,....,,,,.... Tom XYhite Vice-President ...,.... John Jaline Secretary ...,,,,, .,,.,.,,,,,, B oh Fuller Treasurer .... ,.,., 1 Eugene Field I I O I , 5144.114 Shania, The Society was founded to enable chemical engineering students to became better acquainted, to instill in every student a burning interest in his Work and a pride in his profession. These ends are attained by weekly meetings at which select speakers and motion pictures are presented. They are furthered by field trips, which are arranged whenever possible, and through affiliation with the American Chemical Society. Since July of 1948 the Chemical Engineering Society has been a student afliliate chapter of the American Chemical Society. -IOS- 4 3" My x - lv-4..:. . 5' .fr ,.., e I A 1- 5 . "-' J f M15 ' f X533 f if iq '-... -""'hu-. v--.... V X M-""" Sr w., 32 V V 1 Q K f X , 4. L4 1325 ev sf ,ow p 'asf 9 52' f - .. Y' , J-2.4 "i9"5'f QP, 3 ,MV . Wy V, 5, X V. X 'R Q 'Sex ,Af 'l'.U EA iwzii mv ,, ,. 2 f W2 ,fy y 6 "1"7iff' fff ra , f ,Q ,wg 1,7 Qi-2: , ,, fi 0, 4 -',,,,.ff f-1-f""",wM WW-ff" -2 we 'lwxvi vw,- ' fn' ' 50Ll:Qflj, THE purpose of the Electrical Engineering Society is to promote the social and academic growth of its mem- bership. This objective is accomplished by close co-opera- tion with college faculty members and industry. Society programs consist of technical lectures, movies, demonstra- tions, and social activities. OFFICERS FALL 1932 XYINTER 1953 Pres. ..,.,,,, Harvey B. Crane Pres. ...... Lynwood J. Price V. P, nlbonald C. Olmsteacl V, P. ,......... Frank E. Doyle Ser-. ,,,...,,.. Lynwood J. Price Sec-. ....., Norman C. Madsen Trezis. ........ Kumar S. Singh Treats. ...,...... Joseph F. Birk SPRING 1953 Pres. ...,........,........... Frank E. llademac-her Y i V. P. ,,,,..,.,,,, Joseph J. Cain LIGFT TO RIGHT: Proi. Oscar Nelson, Laboratory Set.. nnnnnugn N01-man C' Madsen Instrm-tor: Prof. Clyde E. Shaw, Head of Department T1-pas. --,,,,,.--'- F,-tink Hal-1-ig of lQlh'l'tl'll'2ll l+l1'1gi11ee1'ing': Prof. XV. li. Gilchrist, In- structor: Prof. A. E. lClve1'l1urflt, Instruvtor. f-J l- SIGN OF THE-' E E LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Castle, J. Springer, Omer Crafton, XV. l-l. Cliatley. s . 4 .4 Q - r i If. 1 M5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Seated, YV. Mayer, D. Leish- man, E. Robey, F. Doyle, R. Banks. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. A. Burgert, H. B. Crane, STANDING: G. Meyer, H. Pyle, D. Ansel, J. L. F. Caruso, M. J, Moore. Simpson, R. Conley, E, Fox, F. Queen. -fm sm mm 1 X I fo Mg,f,fa:.f12yf V .. . ff, jf ffpzf 1' ff FALL 'sz 5 K? BANQUET fy A ,...,.,....WAn. A . 1214, Af' W. FIRST ROXV: Oscar L. Nelson, Clyde E. Shaw, Donald Olmstead, Harvey Crane, Lynwood Price, Louis F. Caruso, Sumer Singh, Richard Burgert. SECOND ROXV: XVilla1'd E. Treese, Hisao Yamamoto, George Sasich, Larry Lacewell, llobert Mann, Neil C. Morton, David A. Rugg, Norman C. Madsen, Omer Crafton, Dale Stormzand, John Fisher, Jerry Simpson, Joseph Cain, Robert A. Banks, llobert XV. Hessler, Efraim H. Illera. THIRD IIOVV: Stanley Kasminsky, XVayne Mayer, Charles E. Fletcher, Kirk Mc-Guire, Elbert E. ltobey, Frank E. Doyle, Richard C. Dionne, Frank Rademacher, Elden G. Fox, XVil1ian1 Chatley, Boyd Harlan, XVil1iam McKeoWn, Harrell S. Pyle, Richard Bond. FOURTH ROXVg Robert Conley, Dave Leishman, Dmnald E. Ansel, Cyprian B. Francis, Benito Kodijat, Harry M. Castle, Jr., Herman H. Bernhardt, George M. Hanna, Robert F. Heazlit, Merle J. Moore, Joseph F. Birk, Henry Harada. TYPICAL SCENES IN THE g ELECTRICAL LABORATORY ,Z FIRST RUXY: Hzirrild Konzen, Professor Hauber, Itolmert Crane, Dick Gritiis, Dick Byers, Piofessor John Iil'2lfllllll'Y, Kenneth L. Zurer. SlC4"ONI.1 RHXY: John G. I-lozelmoin, James H. Patton, John Il. D. Palmer, XVillia1n XVisse Donald llztrtniatn, .lzinn-s P. Meade, Icif-lg'2II'CI M. Fztquer, XVillia1n Mcliissick, Robert ll. Corliit. THTIID IIHXY: lilnier Hooten, John Piggott, Dallas A. LaCoursiere, Kenneth XV. Lahr, Jack I Xlilson Neil Ii. IA.-itzel, Robert li. McKean, 11. Robert Painter, Oscar Paz-Arias, Lawrence Rowe, Houai 1 Avery. IFHURTH ROXY: Rafael Martinez, Robert Elsheimer, Robert A. Rivers, Iiolmert P. Bjoraas, Anthonx Gzietzi, Bennie N. Rinehart, Bernie G. llineliart, Bob Burlians, XVilli:t1n Pottorlf. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ,,,,....,,,.,...,,,,...,.,.. lioliert fIl'2lllt' President .,,..,,,..........,.., liii-liztrd L. GrifF1S Vive-I'i'esi1lent ..,,..... Harold Devick Vive-President ,,,,, ,........ I Villiam IYiSSG St'f.'1't'I2ll'X' .....,... ,...l..,.V. I lielnirtl G1-ifiis Set-1'eta1-5' ..,,,.,.,.., ..,,,, l iawrence Rowe Treasurer ....,, ....,. I lolvert Appleman Treasurer .....,., ..,., 1 .Ternie llineliart SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ,.,,,,,,.....,.,....,, Robert Appleman Vice-President . .,...,, Bernie G. llineliart Sei-1'etar3' ...,........ .,......,.. l "1'ai11'is Devine 'l'I'9llNllI'Cl' ..,...... .,.,,,, l ioliert Mi-Kezin wil, fngun .Sou "FaiffJ of fbi' Civil E11gi11c'c'r" I am a civil engineer. In my profession I take deep pride, but without vain glory, to it I owe solemn obligations that I am eager to fulfill. As an Engineer, I will participate in none but honest enterprise. To him that has engaged my services, as employer or client, I will give the utmost of service and fidelity. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. From special capacity springs the obligation to use it well in the service of humanity, and I accept the challenge that this implies. Jealous of the high repute of my calling, I will strive to protect the interest and the good name of any civil engineer that I know to be deserving, but I will not shrink, should duty dictate, from disclosing the truth regarding anyone that, by unscrupulous act, has shown himself unworthy of the profession. Since the age of stone, human progress has been conditioned by my forebears. By them have been rendered usable to mankind nature's vast resources of material and energy. By them have been vitalized and turned to practical account the principles of science and the revelations of technology. Except for this heritage of accumulated experience my efforts would be feeble. I dedicate myself to the instruction and dis- semination of engineering knowledge, especially fession in all its arts and traditions. To my fellows I pledge, in the same full fair dealing, tolerance and respect, devotion to the standards and the dignity of our our special expertness carries with it to the younger members of my pro- manner I ask of them, integrity and profession, with the consciousness, always, that the obligation to serve humanity with complete sincerity. -fx X Q 'X X 2, fl ' i f -fi .Q kv. . . ., .M A A ,Q ,. Q NE .M 9 1913 ..lfTfS'f 5 Y: 3.f:?55?gQ' 4.9452 Se, I 6 2 M s ,Q - 4 I ...W-4"" . f , 2 ., A - y ,, 4 Q 552.5 - , I Q: 2 'MX , :E iff, , fg I, . 4 L, , 1 . V, as O- A. Af? 4- X f l IE NT ROVV: Jack Hardin, Charles Meese, Ben Morter, Roy Mitchhart, Norman Hoopes, Joseph J Takats John VV. Richard. S14 COND ROYV: Andrew Johnston, Vern A. Bourassa, Roy M. XYoodard, .Iac-k M. Bridges, Ches ei Meiter Charles Griggs, Ronald L. Shellhause, VVil1ard G. Hanmer, Dale D. Sf-henk. THIRD ROXV: R. Hecht, Steve Kobelak, Mohamed Sakakini, Sam Domenick, Dick XYyman, Ed Menu ,lan Xalentin Ossa, Carlos R. Diaz. FOURTH ROXV: Ted Jacobs, Albert N. Mikolajczyk, Curtis E. Johnson, Khaldoon Ashoo, 1 ithfud Pathweg, Lawrence J. Campanelli, F, N. Chiu, Jonah Eidelberg. FALL QUARTER. 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ......................,... Roy Mitchhart President .....,,,...........,.,,,., Rox' YVoo1lard Vice-President ...... ,,,,.... N orman Hoopes Vice-President ........ ,,.... N orman Hoopes Secretary .,........... .........,. , .Ben Morter Secretary ............ ........ I lay Mitcllhart Treasurer ......... ....,... C harles Meese Treasurer ....,,.. ....... L Jharles Mer-se SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ........,..,.,........,.,..... Roy XVoodard Vice-President ..... .............. J ack Hardin Secretary ,.........., ...........l. 1 'lay Mitchhart Treasurer ..,,.,... ..... l lichard Stoughton o 6 o o S o E The Mechanical Engineering Society is an organization wherein engineering stu- dents can supplement their knowledge of the various phases of mechanical engineering. Speakers, who are experts in their respective fields, are obtained to present the latest information concerning their products and industry as a whole. Movies are obtained for some of the programs and are also used in conjunction with the speakers' talks. The society is affiliated with the Fort Wayne Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The dues paid to this organization are returned in the form of awards to society members who have done outstanding work in writing and presenting their engineering reports to the society. Field trips sponsored by the society are held each term with one major field trip each spring. Visits are made to various industrial concerns covering all phases of mechanical engineering. On these field trips, the students are able to observe present manufacturing processes and practices and thus better prepare themselves for their future as engineers. --1l5- ,V 4-.ff 5287 1 - l v 1 f, 4-R 44 , W? ,aw A K 1'-lv en f we W ' ,vtgwt X ""-1, 'xv I ug, "QQ, x ,.,,., M .,. , . ww 2 N2-1 ,, ' 1 gif :E Fw V, S, , 1 Q 'z' Q Y: N, "' V I AQ , f 59g1f 1 , W .fi-t, gp ,I f A ,f , ,X A 1 W Q, 2 52 Q' 4 , ,f 7X 'Q 9 z Q xy f Q W jf W we 4 af, f ff fwsg -fv X Q ima P 4 9 I 5 4 x cs, V f f 044 4 9 v s H f ig my Q fr ' Q E N' 3 Q FIIIST HOXY: Jolin M. Sweitzer, Marlyn L. Matz, Howard D. lXIr'Coy, Clizlrles XV. Bowman, lioy H XVoodin, Billy E. Clarke, Paul M. Kaurala. SECOND RUXY: Neil C. Morton, Harry XV. Clayprml, Calvin K. liaitz, GeuI'!2,'c- L, llosol, John A. Ste wart. Julian Ayala, Maurice Clark, Stephen L. Makrzincy, THIRD RUXXT James L. Fund, Charles C. Y. Lee, 'Fliomaxs J. Kewley, Henry Stravk, lvlllllllll l'. Gay lord, Fritz Schulze, Phillip A. Parker. FOURTH IIOXY: Leon S. Moshier, Robert I. Breit, James lV1CCOl'IlllL'li, Louis Itiniant, .lllSt-'llll l". Pei dw 61141 kovich, Lloyd XY. Elwood, liic-hard M, Hodge. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 19 53 President .,...,......,,.................. Roy XYoodin President .......................... B1llX l C1211 e Vive-President ........ Billy E. Clarke Vice-President ....... ..... 'N ell luflltfill Secretary ...,..,.,, .,... H oward Porter Secretary ...........7 ........ T Ull 111 AY 'lla Treasurer ......, ....,. H oward McCoy Treasurer ......... ....... 1 olrelt I Ble SPRING QUARTER, 1953 Vice-President Secretary .....,..... .... Treasurer . ,.... Neil C. Morton President ........................ ,, .......Robert I. Breit ......Calvin Baitz Harry Cla ypool 'Shady The Radio Engineering Society, organized in October, 1936, provides any student interested in radio and electronics with useful and informative sessions to supplement regular curricular activities. Meetings are held every Monday evening to promote the aims of the society, in- cluding the advancement of the theory and practice of radio and its allied branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences. These aims are promoted and furthered through a program each year of outstanding speakers and Hlm showings. Among speakers each year are representatives from personnel departments of large manufacturing concerns, with the purpose of acquainting graduates with the process of securing a job. Other speakers include men outstanding in the industrial field, who bring practical experience into the information given to the members of the society. Membership in the Radio Engineering Society is open to all those interested in the field of radio. -l17- Q il 5 .Y f WXWMW5 A-, gg N 4:-- ,ff 443 5 . 41 4 5 5,51 x. , ..,. 5 ,,,, www ' Q 4 1 J' f vs Ram X 2 X 1' - 'J a ' 'Q MQ , f - ' , my 4:,.4 Y, .,:..,,.,.,.Ax ' 'ic :lf ' M1 : fav Qwwi ,V , , ww QQ 'f iff- '44 1,sypfg5s3-g::g- EE: 252 L . . M , 1' 5' ' 'I .1 Q., W 2.1 33371 ft' , 'Zig ,4 351 ' 4965 . . , Q. ,.,35gWfzsmx'swNwmWm,,.v,,., ' A, h 1-.1 , up 1 . 1 z , w-3 K 5 -L " -I. 5' 2235: Saw! M' Y ,Emi w HZM f4wfQJ,l0A4 .,,,"-Wfzsk, . . M ww M-fiww In mm 1 M an 4 ww 9 'M V f ,. Nz-. 4 A . - '10 ' :ai S . ' S ' JL . -F ill iw- i 'f 3 an mv X fi.: Q. 5 i 9 FIRST IIOXY: Andrew G. Johnston, Thomas Todd, XYillur1l G. Hammer, Frank J. Acton, Dell J. Bramble, Chester L, Mercer, Jack M. Bridges, Joseph J. Takacs. SECOND ROXV: Carlos R. Diaz, llichard Hecht, Charles Griggs, Frank Simunic, Valentin Ossu, Thomas H. Pierce, R. L. Shellhause, J. E. Blocker. THIRD ROYV: Dick NVy1nan, Kirk K. McGuire, Dick Ratliweg, Dale D. Schenk, XYilliam E. Sturm, Joseph A. Rockwell, James XV. Day. FOURTH ROXV: Khaldoon Ashoo, Albert M, Mikolajczyk, Dai-old Bryan, Curtis Johnson, Sam Domenick, Bill Jennings, George M. Hanna. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President .,.,.,,,..,,,................... C. L. Mercer President ......................,... Chester Mercer Vice-President .... ,,.... J ack M. Bridges Vice-President .... ........ R ichard VVymaI1 Secretary .......... ,... ..... I J ell Bramble Secretary .......... .............. . Tack Bridges Treasurer ,,,,,,,, ,.,.......,. T . E. Todd Treasurer ....... ...,.,. T homas E. Todd SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ............................ XVilliam Kelly Vice-President .... ....... R icliard VVyman Secretary ........... .............. J ack Bridges Treasurer ........ ...... S tephen Kobelak sate., ag, awmvm. ,5 ' Since the first meeting on February 3, 1949, the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers at Tri-State College has grown to be one of the most progressive societies on the campus. The national enrollment of the S. A. E. exceeds 15,000 active members in all parts of the United States. Included in the 4,000 student members from seventy-four engineering colleges are forty-three students from the Tri-State chapter. Meetings are held every first and third Wednesday of the month. After the business portion is concluded, speakers, movies, and literature are presented for the enjoyment of the active members. The aim and purpose of this group is to uphold the creed of the S. A. E. "To promote the arts and sciences and engineering practices connected with the design, construction, and utilization of the automotive apparatus." -119- IVIHST RUXY: Blaine Young, Bill Schultz, John Alexander, Virginia Ross, Harold Harris, Don B. Huff Mzirvin J. llarris. , g SlfJ1'ONlJ IIUXV: Paul Taylor, Herbert D. Hoover, Vern A. Bourassa, Art C. Karowski, Samuel J Mazza, Paul Kasperski, David A. .lluggg James P. Davidson, John J. Patterson. THIRD ROW: .llobert Elsheimer, XVard Ford, Jim Fink, Paul Monte-ith, Dale D. Schenk, John XV Farr, Jr. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ...,..................., Lester li. Clarke President ...................................... lion Huff Vive-President .,,,, ,..,,,,, J ohn Alexander Vive-Presitlent ........ Bill S-Cl1Lll'tZ Sei-retary ,..,.....,., ..,.,. J olene Burgert Secretary ............ ....... A rdlen Berrbb' 'lll'e2l.Sll1'Q1' .......... ........ H ai-old Harris '1'1-eusurer ........ ...... M arvln Har1'1S SPRING UARTER, 1953 President ................................ Paul Tayl0l' Vive-President ..,.. ....... H arold Harris Sea-re-tary Treasurer .... ......Dean Lawrence .......Myron Bee-vhy O . I ma, fpzulvn, Svcmtq, The Sigma Epsilon Society of Tri-State College, organized in 1933, has among its aims, the creation of a spirit of initiative in the students of commerce, and to make available social and recreational activities. All students enrolled in the Department of Commerce are eligible for membership in the organization. Meetings held bi- monthly include programs in which representatives of various businesses address the members, giving them practical applications of theories studied in class, and their application to problems existing in the present-day world of business. 120- FIRST IIOXV: Alton V. Potts, Thomas E. Lawson, Dallas A. LaCoursiere, John A. Stewart. SECOND ROVV: Henry Strack, Herbert D. Hoover, Charles H. XVest, James XV. Mclilnney, Thomas G Foster, Juan Buenaventura. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President .,,,,w,....,..V,,, Dallas LaCoursiere President ,..,.E............ Thomas E. Lmvsoli Vice-President .............. Thomas Lawson Xvllf'-1-'I't'SiCl43llt . ......... Cl1aI'1es A. GUESS Secretary .....,.,.,.. ..,,., . John A. Stewart Secretary ,,,V....... .,,,. L '2lI'1tOI'l' EdVV2ll'1lS Treasurer ..,,.,, Neal XVallace Treasurer ,,... ,.,...... X Villiam Hout SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ,.,...,........,.... Thomas E. Lawson Vice-President ..........,. Charles A. Griggs Secretary ...,..... .,.,., C arlton Edwards Treasurer .. .v...,,,. XYilliam Hout page M ' sway, Since the inauguration of the Photographic Society in 1946, regular contributions to student and outside publications have made the Society an important factor in promoting Tri-State College pictorially. Besides being invaluable in this respect, the Society provides a pleasant and useful pastime for its members, and gives them access to excellent equipment, supplies, and facilities. The Photographic Society plays an important part in the advancement of Tri-State College. -121- III QT IIOIY: ling Pek Tan, lions: S. Lum, Min Iixvin, I". N. Chiu, Ifrunklin Cheng. MIND RUXV: Kenneth V. Quoon, l"l'ilI1li Chu, Miclmt-I S. K. Yeung. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ....... .......,...,.,,...,......... N lin Lwin President ........,..,........................ Min Lwill Yi1'e-Presiilent ........,..... S. H. Lum Yit'e-President ,........... RS. H. LUI11 Sem-retury ........., ....,..... ' Fun Eng' Pek St'l'l'Ut211'5' ........... ........... 'I 'Hn Eng' Pek 'I'1'ez1su1'e1' .,...., ,,,,.. I 'ifilllkllll Clie-ng' TI't'ilSlll't'l' ...... ..,... F rzlnklin Cheng SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President ........,.............,.,,,. Chin C. Quoon XYTVB-1Jl'6Nl4lt'Ilt ................ Erie Fong Yee Secre-ta1'y .,..... ....... T an Eng' Pek Treasurer .... ............. I Iin Lwin hinnan. Club. The Chinese Student Club of Tri-State College was organized in 1932. The purposes of the Club are to strengthen friendship, to promote better understanding among the members and fellow students, to assist fellow members, and to encourage higher standards of scholastic achievement. The Club was inactive during the war years due to a lack of sufficient membership. In the beginning of 1947 the Chinese Student Club was reactivated. The greatest events for the past year were the exhibition and the showing of films on Oriental Arts which attracted many people to attend this occasion. Appreciation and gratitude are due to our distinguished member, Mr. F. N. Chiu, for his enthusiastic support of the Club and also for his continuous efforts to strengthen friendship among its members. The Club is proud to have Professor Robert R. Ramsay as adviser, and without his help many of the activities would not have been possible. ' -122- ...I w Q 1 is A-an W gf 5-WW 'aff f, 5 i 1 of VA fb 4,,H.,,M, I - May, ,. ,121 f 1, Z 4 1 44. ? I ff y , 1 .f ft f JW, f iff gw y-v.L.,,, , 2,9 K f 4 mm 1+'lH"l' IUIXV: 1"iillll3lllSE'XVllltE', John Palmer, John S, B1'2ltlIlL1l'B', Louis Itiniant, James P. Me-alle lCilg'ai'tl M, l"1'll1lle'l', Inclerjit S. Nyjar. k51Gc'uN1i Rnwg llulnt-rt sligiw, Kirk K, Rligtluire, Varinelo Gere-zo, Klialdoon Aslmo, Indrn Malkani Valentin Ussa. THIIIIP HUNY: Aijoeli Iljas, Erie Fong'-Yee, Austin Keinie-dy, Purum-li Slienlierg. Hernizxn Sinner Singh. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER President .,...,.A,,,,,,,,A,, ,AA,,,,, I .Unis Itininnt President ..VY.... Vitro-Presitleiit ,,,, ,,,,,,, I nilrn Malknni Vive-PI'vSiCl6'l1'f FE-f'l'etzt1'5' .,A...... .. ,,....,,,, .lane Taknru SeCI'etz1l'5' .,..,,, A 'I'1'e-z1sn1'er ..., ,,,, . lunies P. Me-rule '1'i'e21Slll'e1' .. SPRING UARTER, 1953 President ,,,,.....,,,,,,,.,.. Avlnnnd Snstrisno XvIf't'-Pl'PSlflt'llt .,.. ,......,.,, Z or Menesliian Set-retai'5' ,,,,...,,... ,.,tA,,, I Grit' Fong' Yee Tl'wllSL1l't'1' ,,,,,,,, ,t,,,,, X 'zllentin OSSIL UARTER, 19 S3 liulmert Shaw ......Jaines P. Mende- .,.,...Kirk McGuire I,,...E1'it' Fong' Yee 9m'mnationaL 5 1u.clanta,' dmioicthtion, The purpose of the International Students, Association is to spread understanding of our neighbors, regardless of creed, nationality, or race. A knowledge of the ideas and ways of other peoples is acquired, which will be a force for peace. The International Students' Association came into being on the Tri-State College campus in 1949. The motto of the organization is "The Essence of Unity Is Brother- hood." 124- Kunte FIRST IIOYV: Ashton Fredenburg, Boyd Harlan, Paul A. Monte-ith, Roy C. limlie, Jr., Alton V. Potts Richard M. Hodge. SECOND ROXY: Joan Richmond, Donald Dysert, Charles f'l'LII1lDlO1l, llohert Painter, Joseph F, Birk Charles J. Humphries, Dean E. Runkle, John XY. Heffner, Paul IC. Guisewhite, llir-hard Packard, XV Douglas Dickhaut, Don Burt Huff, Ronald L. Shellhause, Francis L. VValker. fvllaqr, Banal Roy C. Bodie, Jr., present director of the band, re-organized the group early in 1947, and it is through his earnest efforts and untiring efforts and leadership that the band has grown to be the splendid organization of the present. The late Professor Almon C. Harshman first organized the Tri-State College Band, setting an excellent example for future bands at the college. Hailing from all parts of the globe, with a varied background of musical talents, the band plays for "Senior Class Days," sports events, and in addition, presents high school concerts in the area. In these programs, the selections include a wide variation from soft accompaniments for soloists to heavy passages in overtures. A rousing march will often be followed by a light fantasy in boogie-Woogie or jazz, proving the versatili- ty of the band musicians. -125- FIHST ROVV: Frank J. Acton, Roy H. Woodiii, Joe L. Edmonds, Robert F. Sawyer, Elbert E. Robey, John E. Johnson, John S. Bradbury. SECOND ROYV: Wa1'd Ford, Bernie G. Rinehart, Bennie N, Rinehart, Dallas A. LaCoursiere, Merritt D. Shipe, Thomas D. Owens, XV. Douglas Dickhaut, Paul A. Monte-ith, Ric-hard Bond, XVa1ter Cunningham. FALL QUARTER, 1952 WINTER QUARTER, 1953 President ......,...,.,,...,,,,,............ R. Sawyer President .............,............,.,,,..... R. Sawyer Vice-President ....... Il. XVoodin Vice-President ,,,,,., li. XVoodin Secretary ......,.,. .....,,, . I. Edmonds Secretary ........... ....,. J . Edmonds Treasurer ,,,.,,, .,.,..., J . Edmonds Treasurer .,...,. ,.,.,. . T. Edmonds SPRING QUARTER, 1953 President .............................. Joe Edmonds Vice-President .. , ............... O. Ford Secretary .......... ,....... D , Dickhaut Treasurer .,..,. .....1. D . Dickhaut Range Officers . ..,... R. N. Rinehart B. G. Rinehart The Tri-State College Rifle and Pistol Association was organized during the Fall Quarter of 1949, and has enjoyed great success. Affiliated with the National Rifle Association, which sponsors and conducts all intercollegiate rifle competition, many members have qualified for national marksmanship ratings since the organization of the club. Basic activities include a training program and instruction in precision target shooting, and the support of an inter-collegiate competitive rifle team. During the winter quarter of 1953, the club completed their new range, one of the finest in this section. Located in a quonset hut near the Recreation Hall, the new range is equipped with all modern facilities and safety precautions are rigidly enforced. All Tri-Staters desiring to participate in rifle activities are eligible for membership in the Rifle Club. -l26- ' ' agar ara svfafa, gm. OF TRI-STATE COLLEGE Viv" Frank T. Kubic David A. Rugg Gerald Snyder Paul P. Kasperski Pr'c'sia'c'11f Vice P1'c'sia'c11t S0c1'r'fa1'y T1'c'asurc'r OFFICERS FOR 1952 ff' i BOARD or DIRECTORS Fred W. Goudy Affornry Frank T. Kubic David A. Rugg Joseph Gambardella Lawrence Rowe Jack N- Springer Chairman AIMS AND IDEALS The Financial and Legal Aid Society has as its purpose aid to students who may encounter financial or legal difficulties during the time they are enrolled as full-time students at Tri-State College. Executives of the Society include the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, who handle the administrative functions of the society, and who are aided by a board of five directors, meeting whenever it is necessary to transact important business. Student meetings are held once each quarter to acquaint the members with the functions of the organization and to make necessary adjustments in its operation. Loans may be obtained through application to the president or treasurer, such applications to be approved by the treasurer and by one other officer or director of the Society. The Financial and Legal Aid Society, Inc., of Tri-State College, was organized by students during the summer quarter, 1952, and received recognition as a legal entity from the Secretary of State of the State of Indiana during the following fall quarter. During its formation, and through its activities, Dr. Fred W. Goudy, professor of law, has devoted time and effort to the work of the Society in making its full resources available to the members. -128- I I N UIJIICEIHQHS THE TRIKANGLE KN . 3700 UL Us f 1 1 nouns-u.1E Cb A W ZA , . mmf e qw?" Q-,F 'Www' if A 4? ,f,. ..A1 if , A ,,,.. wjl fx X- xg nt, f ,,, , . , 4 W , STANDING: Leo Donahue, Andrew Martinez, Ray Mitt'l1hai't, seated: Paul Kzlsperski, John Alexander, George Munscliauer. paul Kaspe,-Ski, Samuel Mazza it i -1 . 1 '- Sf we- Dan MaCDougal1, Robert Root. jim, Jful , A STUDENT NEWS PUBLICATION The campus newspaper, "The Tri-Angle" is published monthly during the fall, winter, and spring quarters, under student editorship and management. News of activities of organizations, societies, fraternities, and general campus affairs are included in its pages. Tri-Angle "Key" awards are given each quarter to those members of the staff who have served with ambition and with faithful attention to their responsibilities. Paul Taylor, Paul Kasperski, John Alexander, Samuel Mazza, Don Conklin. John Alexander takes over from editor-in-chief, Samuel Mazza. A -.M ,, 1 , V Q L, 165, .,,, 1 gf 4, " 4 , , .. V'., X . V nf nv Riva "2 E 6,4 ,4- .J3 fa if 14' wg ,am it , 4 'X STANDING: Robert Root, George Munschauer, Richard Anderson, Rav Mitchhart, Paul Taylor, Dan MacDougall, Don Conklin. SEATED: Paul Kasperski, Andrew Martinez, Samuel Mazza, John Alexander. W I !u 1 - FALL QUARTER, 1952 SAMUEL J, MAZZA ARTHUR KAROVVSKI Editor-in-Chief Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,....,,.,,.,,,.............. ...Joseph J. Takacs Assisting Editors .,.......... Rav Mitchhart, George Munschauer Sports Editor ,,,,,,,,,i,, ,.,..,,,,,,,,.,.,,..,.,....,........... R ichard Anderson Sports Reporter ......... ........ .................... ........- A Tl C il' IVIPLFUHGZ Photographic Editor ........................... ..-...-.- C 21l'1 Edwards Cartoonist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,....... L eo Donahue Staff Yvriters ,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,. Jolene Burgert, Joanne Zimmer, Joan Baldwin, Thomas Huskins, Phil Krein BUSINESS STAFF VYINTER QUARTER, 1953 SAMUEL J. MAZZA PAUL KASPERSKI Editor-in-Chief Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Editor ....................i..................i....,.,,,,... I Olin Alexander Assistant Editors ........,,,, Ray Mitchhart, George Munschauer News Editor .............. ........ ............,.........,.... T l iomas Huskins Sports Editor ..,............. ,.,,.. ,,,,,..,, ,,.,,,,.. A 1 1 dy Martinez Sports Reporter ........,....,...,........,, ,..,.. . , ,,,,,i...,,.. James Kemp Photographic Editor ,,,.,,,,,.,,..............,,,,.,,..,..,,,,..,i,,,, Orval Bogart Cartoonist ..........................,,.,............,,,,r.......,.,.,,,,....,.., Leo Donahue Staff IVriters ............ Paul Taylor. Don Conklin, Arden Berry, Georgia Davis, Janet Baxter BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'-,,,,,,-,'--,,, Robert Iloot Circulation Manager ,,.,,...,,,.,,.,,,,.,,i,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dan Moijongall COLLEGE STAFF Mechanical Adviser ............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 'Loy C, Bodio, Ji-, Publications Adviser .,..,,...,,.,,.,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, A iton V, Potts SPRING QUARTER, 1953 Advertising Manager ...................... Albert ll. Cunningham, Jr. Circulation Manager .............................................. Dan McDougall COLLEGE STAFF Mechanical Adviser ..................................... ....... I loy C- B0die, JI'- Publications Adviser .... ........................ A MOH V. Potts JOHN ALEXANDER Editor-in-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF Managing Editor ................................ ----.---..---4----4--------- P H111 TaY1Ql' News Editor ,.,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,.......,... ,,.......... ........ H a rold HaFI'lS Fraternity Editor ....................... . ----- R0b01't Willlace Assistant Fraternity Editor ...... ---4.----4.-- T Om P0S'f9If Organization Editor ......,................. -------- J 0SeDh Alflefl Assistant Organization Editor ..... -------- D 62111 LHJWFGYICG Sports Editor ,,v,,,,,i,,,,,,,........,,.. ..... ........ P a ul Kasperski Photographic Editor ..................--... --.----------.-- O FV211 BOSHIT Cartgonist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...., ,..... ,........,........,........,....... L 9 O Donahue Student Council Representative ................ George Munsehauer ORGANIZATION REPORTERS Chemical Engineering Society .................................... Neil White Mechanical Engineering Society .... .................. ' Toe PFOSCIR S, A, E, ,,,,.,,.....,.....,....,,.,.,.,,.,...............,., .. ....... Andrew Johnston Civil Engineering Society .................... ...... B 6I'1I1i.9 Rinehart Aeronautical Engineering Society .... ......... W llliam Birk Radio Engineering Society ................. ...... H gward McCoy Electrical Engineering Society ........ ...... L ynwood Price Sigma Epsilon ........................................... ................. N ed Carrie International Students' Association ............ Achmad Sutrisno Boosters Club ............................................ .......... M arvin Harris Student Council ..................................... ...,,,. B ud Eckstrom ..............Jack Hardin ......Clarence Hoover .........Chuck Foster Tau Sigma Eta ......,... Alpha Beta Alpha ..... Skull and Bones ...... DAN MacDOUGALL Business Manager NEXYS REPORTERS Jim Fink Donald Conklin John Sweitzer Joseph Gamhardella FRATERNITY REPORTERS Inter-Fraternity Council ............................................ Tom TVhite Alpha Gamma Upsilon .......... .......................,........... J im Jordan Alpha Sigma Phi .......... ........... B ill Stiefel Beta Phi Theta .......... ,i,,,,,, P ani Kaur-ala Beta Sigma Tau ............. ....,,....... X Vayne Peek Kappa Sigma Kappa .... ...... . Ierrv Rodmaker Phi Iota Alpha ..........., ..... R Odrigo Fuentes Phi Kappa ................. ......... L eo Donahue Sigma Mu Sigma ...................................................... Jim McKinney Sigma Phi Delta ............................................................ Dell Straka SPORTS REPORTERS Baseball ....................................................................,..,.. Ron Matlock Tennis ..................... ................... F rank Chu G01f ----------------4------------ ........ D on Zimmerman Rifle and Pistol ,........................... ....,.,..,,... ..i,,.,.,.., J 0 e Edmonds Intra-Mural .............................................,,.,,,,.., .,,,,,.,,,,,,, J im Kgmp BUSINESS STAFF Advertising Manager ...............,..,.............,........... ,,,,,..,-.,- B ob Rggt Assistant Advertising Manager ..............., Edward Iialinowski Circulation Manager .................... ............ R obert Hewlett 7 953 '177rwlulu.4, The hours of labor required to publish this volume will soon be forgotten. The deadlines which demanded precedence over academics, social and family life, and recrea- tional activities are things of the past. But the earnest and sincere cooperation which was so willingly given by so many will long remain in our memories, for without this aid, this book could not have been published. Our appreciation and gratitude cannot be put into Words. Editor-in-Chief .r.r ,.rra , Roy Woodard Business Manager .,,.. .......,.,,. ...........a.,aaa J 0 hn Alexander Associate Editor ., s,.,,,,,,,..rsss,rriri,.........aras D an MacDougall Assisting Editors rs-.sss .,sss,ssss.,,,rss,-r.-s,ri...,.-.-.,-,i,.,.... W illiam Gaylord, Joseph Takacs Advertising Manager srr,.,....,,....sssssrs,,,.......r......,,v,,...,...,---...-,,..,,,i,.........vs Richard Anderson Assistants ............aa,.aaa.,.,,., Don Huff, Ray Mitchhart, Richard Maines, William Stiefel Assistant Business Manager rsrssrrr.......i......................,...,...rr,.,,,,,,..,...,,..cs.i.rsss.. .Paul Taylor Photographic Editor ..,.....,,r,rs,r....,...........sssis,...,..,,,,,..-.....ssss...s,..s..................s Orval Bogart Sports Editor iisssss,. ,...,i......,..........s........,a A ndrew Martinez Assistants .......... ,....., P aul Kasperski, Samuel Domenick Art Editor ..,.. ,,.....,aaaa,a,..,.......,.r,,aaaaaaaa. a Leo Donahue Assistant ....,.aaaaa ,...,...........,i......,..ia a Ferdinand Worsa ,,-Waa-Georgia Davis, James Jordan .-------,Samuel Mazza, Peter Finley Copy Editors ....sss Layout Editors srrs 4. 2 vayamzr we K wa 1 was Se- :gs fir. -231 . sw 4 24 Business Manager, John Alexander and Assistant, Paul Taylor ff R! L. Art Editor, Leo Donahue and Assist- ant Art Editor, Ferdinand Worsa a, if ,lf 5 nu 'e Photographic Editor, Orval Bogart y Q, s, '-if . 5. Layout Editor, Sam Mazza, Associate Editor, Dan Mac Dougallg and Editor-in-Chief, Roy Woodard -133- FWS? l . i I , 1 i 4 l v K Q 3 1 Dan MacDougall, associafe erliiorg John Alexander, bllSil1C'SS nzarzagcfrg Ray Mitchhart, :zsssifanzf advertising nzafzagcrg Richard Anderson, advwfisifzg nzmzagvrg Don Huff, assisfmzt adzferfisifzg lllfllltlgmfg Paul Taylor, assisfauz' business nzmmgmfg Dick Maines, ussisfafzz' adzferfising nzazzager. 7953 Wiodulun, gli., jim, , 1' A A s , :Z 4, - A ' 'vdfsfh .Q X' ' f A f A f Y - w 72' Jifffvffi " if ' 1 ' A AYYJ af fi x vS:A?50:e,z., . A 51,42 H, , s7":Q- . A " 4 4, " 4 - 47 5,5 91. -. A f 51' iv55A'W'i 3-iff? ' ' ' "P 9 a f f "4 79130 E- fUiiJ?345' 1 'LII 5 f A f f A A 1 sr A A' A , gf, x " m fs A 4 " 5 , A ,A " '-" A f f A, s W S . AA Q 2 2 A 1 s M W 'V A N44-, i - f' ' 404 my WI' Y "A""'f41'Q1f1--MMF if Q 41 ,4 ....fff9":'7 " 'f 'f ' 1 s I 'SQA We mi' f mf-M. 1 192 ,.f,,4 f v , www Fwy if K f' -'-"' V -f f f A s ' 4 fx A iff' Q' " if f' ,I A M A A , f -A A -ff 'f W- N, vw ,eff -A .f ' A - - ff ""'N"' " W?1M'W'mL??'ff'355 -eff - :iff '1:1,1f' f5:i: -:ea-::,::wr:f':-fz":' V-1- 4+ ,- v Ft' if34 '+ 6",',"'!' Andrew Martinez, sports editor, and assistant, Paul Kasperski C X if Q, X f ,A A. W-3 we-3 ,Q r" in ..w-QQ 149 P595 ' gm K X ---Q., William Gaylord, assistant editor AA xl li 5 Q xx 'W N , Kwik l f' HI 40 WEN ' sg H .N ' Ni 1 .W My 1 .n".2.y', I A of Q. iff? 'H '65 'mx N Xp 1 A K X x X . l 5.1 wxx: V N X X-"X XXX N ' x . N5 NN x XQME EQ- Qs., . NS -'-Skaav' A?" X--f'H1' :,' -4? X. 4' .aft L-gf -' if" ll'lu-4 quill X l H . Tm STATE BASKETBALL Taopwf EPB' XR Will fg M "Urn 11" V10 mdk wmv llllllllllil C ' Il l! Kam f W ! 6 X HEI an XX x'.. . 1 .QS -'E Sv p0f74QU6""' liernie G. Rinehart. U'6lu6 Members of the athletic squads comprise the membership of the Varsity Club at Tri-State College. The club was founded in 1950, and requirements for membership include the winning of letter awards for participation in basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, or rifle team activities. Objectives of the Varsity Club include the promotion of a closer feeling of friendship among the athletes in the Various sports, and the securing of a greater degree of student support for athletic affairs. The club also acts as the oflicial spokesman for all letter-Winners. -136- IIRST ROXY: Jose Gomez, Elbert Robey, Roy H. NYoodin, Joe lfldinoiiris, Rennie N. Rinehart, Anthony DON ZIMMERMAN Nwf aura 'DOC' MUMMERT JERRY KULOW PAUL KASPERSKI JIM BLEDSOE 7952-53 Hamm, Indiana Central Huntington College Indiana Tech Concordia College Benton I-Iarbor College Ohio Northern Giffin College Defiance College Hillsdale College Anderson College Benton Harbor College Taylor University Anderson College Ohio Northern PAUL FARNSCI-ILADER FRANK COLLINS Manchester College Concordia College Indiana Central Indiana Tech Defiance College JOE DOUGLASS VERN PETERS ,WYWLE ' gas: JOHN CRAIG BOB GOIN JERRY SNYDER FRUNT 1-lOXYffKaSpe1'ski, XVikle, Bledsoe, Craig, Kulow, Peters, Sc-homaker. L-XPK 1':0XYfCoat-li Mummert, Collins, Snyder, Fai-nsm-hlader, Goin, Douglass, Zimmerman, Student Mini el Matlock. Baalmtball, When Coach Mummert called the open practice for the basketball season, he found he had six veterans from last year's team, including Paul Farnschlader, Bobby Goin, Homer Scott, John Craig, Jerry Snyder, and Phil Blanchard. With the addition of Paul Kasperski, Frank Collins, Vern Peters, Don Zimmerman, Jim Bledsoe, and Jerry Kulow, "Doc', Mummert turned out a formidable five that won eight games and lost eleven. Ron Matlock served as student manager. Paul Farnschlader was chosen as the most valuable player to win the Alwood Trophy, while Bob Goin was awarded the Pilliod Trophy for outstanding sportsmanship. The Jarrard Trophy went to Jim Bledsoe for achieving the best percentage at the free-throw line. Tri-State looks forward to another and prosperous season with nine returning lettermen. -140- ,lei Q A f J .,,r9v. ., , 1'l :,f X xc. I -' Xveblfwgs Q- we -1 my ' 4 3 ,,,' 55' ii, ' Z' Q 'W' W hxil 3 D gif Q. ? -"' Q ,Q 2, 5 ' , is ,,,L- a 5' :.1V- '2-' 2 .gg A,,,. if ks . ,... E x ' X , -A If , M W ' " 'A L my , . , ,mf x !,IkV ' ,.,,. ., . j 3 Q- V ...J 5-Q n f .mvwmwnwmmxm , eg N .N,..,,,., .Mn WWW -o V W-Zffawkhlnwfu-Qdwtwianfi ! I ,I Y . M, , Www- .w1rw4:m4,A -ak a6'a.fmbalL la 5 The Baseball Team, under the direction of Coach Efgfyy, 4,5 3 Q A V. Mummert, participated in eleven ball games, their ,g .. , opponents being Manchester, Indiana Tech., Hunt- ington, Albion, DeHance, and Hillsdale Colleges. With a large number of men turning out for spring try-outs and only a few returning lettermen, competition was keen for all positions. This situa- tion should bring forth material resulting in brighter prospects for a better season. CAPTAIN JOE GOMEZ FRONT ROW'-Goings, Holt, Elder, Calaihan, Gendren, VViens, Gomez, Jansen. BACK ROW-Zyek, Blide, Tibbets, Juscen, Smith, Cooper, Coleman, Stoughton. -142- in INFIELD Ben Juscen Ted Zyck Jim Elder Jack Holt OUTFIELD Wilber Tibbitts Sam Goings Bud Blide f?7"2 ffl' A jnmzia, The tennis team, which was severely held up by bad weather, had a successful season in 1952. The return of Frank Chu, number one, greatly aided the Engineers' cause. Tri-State faced Concordia College, Indiana Tech and also participated in the Indiana Collegiate Tennis Tournament at Muncie. s iz 5? 1 X-5 TA VRF Captain-Frank Chu FRONT Row Frank Chu, Lew Grabhorn BAcK Row Lew Drake, Jim Meade, Dick Anderson I T , 3 , 44 9 1 M ,Q CAPTAIN ED WEBB V B i 5Xfri?f, .,4 I wmkws may - , ' 1 'fgiiiif ': Q 43 Q , 1 wt v,hw.ay, www vu: 52, 'mea-43 f I was nf -ia ' 5 -'iff - . , ,, ' fs I Mew f-Ss , ,,,, .Q . . wk w was e sfaig 5111!- The Golf Team, practicing and playing at the Lake James Golf Club, compiled a 3-I record in 1952. Their opponents were Albion, Hillsdale, Con- cordia, and Indiana Tech. The Engineers also com- peted in the Indiana Collegiate Golf Tournament at Indianapolis. WEBB KLIEMANN FISHER BURNER swim RTERQBA 229' 'S lul - Bvwllhq, fl: The regular bowling season is broken into two halves. In the 1952 season, Alpha Sigma Phi walked away with the first half, but in the second half, the story was dif- ferent one. Phi Kappa walked away with every honor. Those receiving trophies were Dick Schwab for high game, Sam Domenick for high series, and again Dick Schwab for high average. The individual members of the team received a trophy as members of the winning team. Left tu 1-ight: Die-k Schwab, John DfJl11lJl'41XX'Ski, Sam Domenick, Joe XYai'ho1a, Paul Kasperski. i i X :..., M if if- ff aa swf., - .Svitbal gf, Each summer the softball teams are divided into two divisions, Commercial and I. F. C. During the 1952 season, lack of Commercial team representation placed the teams in one division. The Civil Society was beat only once during the season, and then by a fraternity team. In the Inter-Fraternity All-Star Civil Society game, the Civil Society team ran away with the game, thus making them undefeated champs. Front row, left to right: LaCourSie-re, Callahan, Leitzel, Pottorff, Lahr. Back Row: Griffis, Cattran, Clark, lflemingx my 'iw fs 'K"3lWi'i5 Ill T RHXY: Frank J. Avton, Roy H, 'xVom1i1i, Bennie X. iiineliart, .Img L. I-Idmon-If, Bernie G. Rina I L I ert I-I, 1:4-3-ey. Dallas A. Law-i11'sie1'e. Jfliii S. lima-Nfi1i'5'. .Jr The Tri-State College Rifle Team participated in national competition in the 1955 Intercollegiate National Rifle Championship meet at the University of Michigan in March. Team members fired individually and as a team. Rifle team activities are now a varsity sport at Tri-State College, and letters are awarded for team competition. -148- 7 . ' ,-',',"1' f , , , 2 . 1. .0 , x 'f ' 9 '. ' fi -' . . :-- ', r ' ' -X . .,,. , , ' 0 ' 1 .X -' n',l'.l' 1' - 1 'G 'N . 1 .'.' - --,- - V -.-.- ,v..f,.- - - Q, ig- .- ,w,..,-,xxxxu ,., . . '. '.-.-70. . 'X f-'Ivff ', ' 32-.-, q',N'-'.- '.-1.-'qs - I f . .- . . X.. xy ,. hx J. ,.f, 1 - .k,a...,s..,.,,,......-'.,.,o, Q.. , ...,, 4',.,,.A , , nl, , . 6- 46. , N X f ,-:,.1,4-ivy,-,L,.., ,take ,. , . , f Q g ,J ,,,..,'.A,,.,' - ld. xxx X X- ., ' -X - -'-'- i MN-,Ni " 'fl-2-'-2 .. Xa-' .4'.-'.f, 1,4 .- - 1 .' -- .. X - . .lun A Q., gi,-5 . ate: -,-,4 vat,-'.',.0,o ,j ,-1.-L x X V -.-:-9:-.-:.g . . ,, - - e ,f .' ,-g-g- . . , , ' ' A 1 .4 4 .fi-1.-9 02 1"-:"r'.-:-' ax-'fp . .- . I . .4 '7' I -, 1 Z-' 'g-"-' '. X alfa -'L-Cf' -S' L+' .-'. "ff" 4: -x 1 11, f .- ' . .',',',' ,-I H,-i.-,.'.g.5 ,. ,- '."r,f,0.9 I - 0. - -G 5 .'..0.. . A Q '.'. ',' js'e,-f."- e,-X 4-.'. 5-, ,eff ' , Q .J-I -0, h , M, 1 , 0. x,.,-95...-.,:.j Q. fat... .'.' , I Zz L - -, .,,, '.....-yf.- X7 , , . -"fp ' .2 -' - 4 ' 1 -1 " , - '-ff.,-1-'.-:T f f I " .- , 'I- .v'.-- uv. , Q ' ' Q 0 .20 f 1 ' ' ' 1'xxt'. 7,1 ,z',., n ','.-,-1 ' 'f In ,: '-' 1,-Av,-.,j .yy I .1 , 1 1 - .pf 'Q ,'. 4 ,',- 0 , v.. 1 1' . fl 1 Q Qx -,j,f.,-54:43, -. ., . -- 11 ,L ,f li, , .f 1 . , ,' 1' 1 ,O - . ,-, l- h I I fr' ', '. f -'3' 0'-'-' -I-. .- - ' 5 wwf- gi' - ' 'Zz '," X , b. ,ale .4 ,lf ,',. ,gl , , ..., .-. I, .. .. , , s., . .4 pl, , 1 1 ,- .-,fx . , , Q, ,-' ' , . 1, ','.-.0 .gf , 3- a, Qu ',v -'. ' - 1, .', ., , .'.- .f 7 .-,a lf f , . .- v ,- .- , f ,'..-,,:,-,L -1. g fy ,s'.'.- ,V . J.. ua, .:,.', .',,,.' 3 , , I. , ,ada .H :a ,, Lf :3::,:5,::,:.:aN.:'., .,::,f,o3,:t .' Yisiqf. ..f,' . I ..fv, jl,,:,Z,.' 1,4 G, 6:03 41... BQ: , I -,.1.-Q-1.-' y.-L- . ,Q .-' . .-' 3,1 H '.:.:,., 4 1 .j , -A. . ,..:,- , 7 , 2g."lgo"'--T'J-Z- -',-'T 3 -'.-L .-'-'-:vm --f-.'f'f'.,-J' -' 1.-QS. N,-.9 -,-,.,-50.3. , yrs, .-.- ,'.-16. ,',- 'fir nf, ,-, 'f,-1125 1.-A,-gf 'q - , ,-'. '. f v Q -9 Q -'-,-,f r na ,- - ' ',',f, ,- 1, .. ,A 5.4. ,. . .. .. 3, V ,. ,, , . I ,mfr .' ',',' ' 'hu .'7,' :Q 41'-' - ,U 1' O u' f. '-"-'fx --'Iv . 1-:-:-'f'-'-'.-2-:Q - X' ,j qi.-.-g.'.': .-1.6 9'-4 -.ff -1-' -:-g.'Z- -'. 3.-,.',-Q . , I ...q '.-.ff - ' ' Y: 'L' g,.',-1-zlgq 1 1, V -1 IJ. -41.5-'I-3' .-'Zvi ' "-" ""'i-75: . f, fm 25.-, W :Sc-xx ,:,,', L Y., , .. ,. , , ,.- ,-,gx ., .lax n,,:'39s C-.ct ,314 x:,.,'a.. I . 'Q .-'. '- s -'. . '-' -' s - '- fe 'v'.x + ok -1.-.'. I ':v:.-32951:-31-5-' - -.: -7.-1. 'ijt-i'foz:'q'z ', ,-,-'- 9 , in 940, V- - -, .0 u 0, 6 - we .'. f ,o , w A 9-g. ,o,- . ,-.0 - .. . 0,5 Q ,631 e,-.' ,. ,.. .-, ...-,-',. f . . -,L . -, .'.-f.v,',1, -10 .-,Q -' ' - a '.',e,0,'o .1 '73, ny LQ- f 0,1 , f." - .- - 0, ...- ., 4,'.y --' .-,451 -',x- f'.'.-fav, , . ', '- 9-. Q- .,,.'. 31, g.j,,-gov, ,.0,. . ..- ., 'g.:.:.,f, r 'V s'.',H'4' J 0 .1'v+. .. 1- g','.' - tc. vo -',v -'fo' ,-. , - - , ,-.' ,N cy., , 3 ,gp , F ,N , . ik: s:.C-'.-2.3.58 - .W ,. - r Q. A Q - . .- 4- J I :Xt0fG:.ifo3Qfo ' 5- ' r' Qxw. , 4 ,. . , , , . . . ..,., 0 X 9-,., ., .,-, .'.- ,- . , ,QQ 43,0 5' - 5,2 , - - . , . '-' n'.' 3 . . sf ow .: .-. f '.,'.- - .'.' . cfQ5,vj.' 1 N - , , V ,g. 20,-27.5-gf:-1.x -px .- v - , - ,, ,,- 0 ., -.'.-, -,.-. . 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Maumee North of Angola Angola Recruiting team seeks applicants for Naval and Marine Aviation training, as Navy Lieutenant and Marine Corps Captain establish headquarters in the College Cafeteria. lllemhers of Prof. Robert Coolds c-lass in Industrial Management View the practical application of Classroom th ' ' Ii ll t' th' Uh tl lt t f h A l eorg Ill a ec rip 'loub ie p an o t e ngoa Division of the Vifeatherhead Company, The WEATHERHEAD Co. Gasolme and Ozl Proof Flexible Hose Choke Controls Drain Cocks-Tube Fittings Punch Press and Automatic Screw Machine Products Angola, I1za'imza Compliments of Steuben County Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, Inc. Gasoline Lubricants Feeds-Fertilizer-Seeds-Fence Lumber-Coal RECORDS LDWI ' HOBBIES-SHEET MUSIC Colzgratzzlafiozzs fo the Class of '55 GE TRY STUDI iv lil.-q L Q 'N-J +1i I. Itl tll t ltl.. ar evening Colzzplillzelzfs Of DON 8. HERB'S Best of Luck to the Class of '53 BEST WISHES, GRADUATES Gayerest-Crone Dairy Compliments of Jaqfmz, -7!I,l:5f6lf.Q, mow and Gif! Sfaop North Edge of Angola on U. S. 27 Phone 157-L COMPLIMENTS MCBRIDES D6l7UlI6l'HbI6 Dry ClUdlIjlIgQ Phone 277 COMPLIMENTS PERLEYS LIQUOR STURE KRATZ DRUG STORE - ,.uG M.. W 9 Compliments to the Class of 53 Delores Hemry and Adele Johnson, secretaries to Veterans' Co-0rdi- Mildred Grudzien, Secretary to the nator. President Eleanor Tarbell, Librarian Joan Clark and Carleen Alexander, Library Assistants I I May Your Success Be 0ur Reward BEST WISHES TRI-STATE CCLLEGE Complinzefzfs Of of KENNETH W. NAGEL Hardware Mutuals Insurance Co. Stevens Points, Wisconsin 5121 Reed St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone K-1975 'grae i J if rl L 1 CE LAR rf' GUR svemcs lf gk Q AQE FREN- C951-Y Ni A. ru:-zap S2-3.-'5 ii, " all 0 orzmva QN.75' or e ' 4 diff! D il a wi 7 .- A 'Vi ,L AWG' 3nu,M,ml..w,r,- X ur. zQ9o,g,q ,f A- We Z N552 W W V C- ffK Q K -Q. T X Z- on ee "Listen, dear, thEY'I'E' playing' OUR song!" TUTTLFXS JEWELRY 108 W. Maumee St. KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Hamilton Elgin Watches Wyler Gruen THE RENDEZVOUS CAFE Compliments of EXPRES A YS, IN . RADIO CERAMICS CCRP. Angola Indiana Electronic Cozlzpolwzzfs Cewmzic Czzprzciiors "Tfae1'nzflex" Prilzied Heaters Prinferl Circzzifs COI1lp1illZ?l1fS of DANIEL SHANK LUMBER COMPANY 'Z1mJ:.q,fhlhq, to A314114 Lclbfh, " C0lI1p1illI6'lIfS of Northern Indiana Public Service Co Merle D. Tucker D strict Manager Loomis Drug Store W0lg1'FCl1 Agelzcry Ph 307 Angola, I cl P bl' Sq CCMPLIMENTS OF SUNRISE DAIRY I-IOSACICS Phone 106 37 years of depelzdczble service to our custonzers Frigidaire - Maytag - Hoover - Siegler - Tappan - Philgas Home Appliances Gulbransen Pianos Arvin Television and Radio Philgas Bottled Gas Q .. vffv fir. , laxhmz ,142 "Y i:,x49.'I" .. ' 'W---W.- 5 . 133,35 , - , ' -W . ..,, ,ggi .. .,.,... , ., . 'fi ef ' ""' .. Y 555 ' :wb . A A I P- "-"' -1: .fse f. ' 2 2' Accelerated Degree Courses in Engineerinqfiommerce gp gf I New billboard installations have been placed on U. S. Highways 20 and 27, approx- imately four miles out in each direction from Angola. The signs, thirteen by thirty-one feet, are in color combinations of red and blue, with the ivy on the tower shown in green, and the background is white. , BEST WISHES OF DIXIE SANDWICH SHO WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF The Gas Service Company Coldwater, Michigan Mefered Propane Gas for Conzmercizzl and Ilzdzzsfrial Uses Established 1931 COMPLIMENTS Allen County Food DISTRIBUTORS Dependable Service of Where ever FOOD is SOLD or SERVED Maxwell House Restaurant COFFEE Durkee's Salad Products Post's Cereals Snider's Catsup Ilzcorporafed ALLEN COUNTY FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 2030 Weisser Park Fort Wayne . , I 1 A .ns ,nm .an ..n. fe ...BI All ...Il .fill .nf , ,af . ,NSW-vswvf Dolothx Demm Secretary to the Re-g1StIaI and Jean MLC'11thI Dlrector of ACIITIISQIOHS Pettx Folks Secretary to Dll6Ct01 of Puhhe Ielatlons Short Crders Open All N1ght NE1!6?1'jfIfbl7Zg For The Well Dressed Wollzazz Harman Ladles Shopp LIFE SAVERS SUITS YOUTHCRAFT COATS SUITS ACCESSORIES COSTUME JEWELRY 50 Pubhc Square Phone 171 Y ,:,, 4 G CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 Compliments of The Brokaw Theatre Always A Good Show Compliments 0 mm 0 0 0 RELEQET 4-am of MDN pkgfic' swan-A-u--H I L-""-' um-vogwmuml f": E AL.C.0KUl'T'sV Th Fl ' 'iw roop orlst -sv , Q E B 9 Q 4"a. X1 e--- , lily: ' 1' eg: X ff Q gras-I-fa X 1-' 'f - -ff 2315 4: DUC - J Qualify Flowers for All Occasions E a gill Z Mlzwfuif J ' ' 1-all ' , Angola, Indiana ss? G A 'K A lk is F Phone 310 301 S. Euclid Sr. X L9 Q """'U Congratulations . . . We congratulate the Moclzzlus Staff on a clijfieult joh well rloue. Through their efforts the Modzzlus will remain as cz cherished memory of college days and college friends. STEUBEN PRINTING COMPANY 66Printing That Pleasesw COMPLIMENTS of SHEETS CII. CQ. W HEATER OIL FURNACE OIL Prompt Deliveries Phone 66 Angola G1'??filZg Caifcfs Public Square Decorative Accessories Angola, Indiana Sara-h Lampman, Lana Christy and Joyce Franze, of the Treasurer's Office Secretary to Vice President 5 fm? '4'-Y . - I ""',-- "' .1 3'4" -0-a ,gf we A ,A , 'Ll'-"'..? 1, ..1v,,,EE.f5q??5 e 'Wh f " gt 'Biff 1 s -NE ' w-M CTE! Angelina Moshier, Receptionist Betty Stanley and Jean Neese, Secretaries to the Dean of Admissions THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE WISHES From THE COLLEGE CAFETERIA 71 be mpw RWE 5 .,. 'W'-46. - ' 54, if 'l gi 4 N If . Z , M . .W W 7 5,4 ,A , 4, ,g 4 ff Mxagwi , X Scenes in the College Printsliop, one of the busiest spots on the Campus. Mailings are prepared, the Alumni Bulletin is prepared and printed here, and the alumni file, listing over 8500 graduates and former students, is kept up to date. Shown at the left below is Frank XYalker', at the folder: and at the right, Johnny Goodliew is setting type. We W 42 459' Anil' For Pictures of Distinction . . . MORELAND STUDIO S h S d f S FRATERNITY PERSONAL MGDULUS PICTURES COMPLIMENTS OF Meds Wear Stores JERRY JACOBS TED'S JARRARD'S Angola, Indiana Good Luck fo the Class of '53 CAPTAIN'S CABIN Crooked Lake Angola, Ind C011zjJIinze11is Of K C L B D R U G S Public Square Angola, Ind Best Wishes Tri-Staters We offer you a complete laundry and dry cleaning service lEMlEY'S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING , 203 W. Gilmore Phone 532 Opposite City Hall "Now-f-are there- any more quest Williailz C. Lemley, Class '22 m'm'0W SIalSS1g'1n1en?h ' COMPLIMENTS of 0 Continental Coffee Company Cbzcago Illmozs and Toledo Obzo COMPLIMENTS OF STEUBEN COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION SELECT THE DEALERS FIRST Angola Indiana ? M1 W9 ka The Senior Prom, December, 1952, at Defiance, O-hio STEUBEN COUNTY R.E.M.C. Serving Farm Conzmzmify in Steuben Counfy COMPLIMENTS OF MCRRIS RESTAURANT Between the Theatres Complimenfs Of Tri-State Improvement Company Gill Pilliod INSURANCE Angola Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF Subway Barber Shop Fisher's Barber Shop Clark's Barber Shop S N E L L E Y ' S Market and Slaughter House 8 Miles West of Angola on Route 20 then M Mile North Our Business Is Based O11 Quality, Price and Service Phone Orland 5607 COMPLIMENTS DAIRY American PRQDUCTS Linen Service Good 302 E. Wallace St. and Fort Wayne, Ind. Good for You Colzgrafulafiozzs fo ibe Class of '53 ngola Distributors, Ine Heidelberg Cafe CIVIL SOCIETY-SOFTBALL CHAMPS FRONT ROW, left to right: LaCoursiere, Callahan, Leitzel, Pottorff, Lahr, BACK ROW, left to right: Griffis, Cattran, Clark, Fleming. Compliments of Bledsoes Beach Q fp .-1l""" fi ll .- .qf-, , Lake James Angola, Indiana Student Dance in the Rec. Hall Complimelzfs of Specialty Products Co. 100 'Z TRI-STATE STUDENT EMPLOYEES -yes Qu" the1'e's some glrls IH LIIIS pmture! Mid- City Typewriter Company 209 E. Ninth St. Auburn, Indiana Phone 7 7 3-W ROYAL TYPEWRITERS ALL MAKE PORTABLES Sales Service Rentals Compliments Of The MODEL FOOD MARKET Fine Foods For Fine Folks West and G'l St. Ph 389 COMPLIMENTS GF LAKELAND RADIO SUPPLY 9 CLINE'S STUDIO BILL BOSTAIN SAYS . . . Thanks for your past and present and future patronage L. G. BALFOUR CG. 224 Mass. Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana BADGES FAVORS NOVELITIES DIAMONDS SWEAT SHIRTS PROGRAMS TROPHIES SOUVENIR PADDLES COIIZPIIIIZQIIILS Of COMPLIMENTS OF LAKESHORE MARINE INC. Recreation Formerly Meyer Boat Livery Buck's Lake James, Indiana "Wlaere Tri-Sfaie Sfudezzfs Relax" The College ecreation Hall nw 1 .. 1 'C xl ,ff':55s'1"1 P' ' I .2357 effigy X Friw' ,4,. IFS' 1 Kari 1:5-f' 9 ::r'4 ll .' ls jx J 4 x Q' " E r . K ' ,Xxx PHI KAPPA BOXVLING CHAMPS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Schwab, John Dombrowski, Sam Domenick, Joe VVarho1a and Paul Kasperski. Frank 0. Watkins, Insurance Service GENERAL INSURANCE Angola Phone 61 Indiana CGMPLIMENTS Robert E. Doyle YOUR BEVERAGE DEALER C0ll7pli7I1?11fS of DON and HERB'S CQCKTAIL LOUNGE I-IOSACICS Phone 106 37 years of depezzdrzble service fo our Cusfonzers Frigidaire - Maytag - Hoover - Siegler - Tappan - Philgas Home Appliances Gulbransen Pianos Arvin Television and Radio Philgas Bottled Gas Flowers for All Oeeasions haron Ann Floral hop Fred and Jane Boedecker Under New Management 107 E. Maumee St. Phone 178 Angola Dry Cleaners Every piece receives individual attention First National Bank of Angola ANGOLA, INDIANA Phone 1 I I We Appreciate Students' Aeeozints FFF Member Federal System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ' BASSETT' South Side of Square FINE FOOD GOOD ATMOSPHERE Mm MA- f 4.3 R ,I I 41959 2 Station XVTVB crew from Coldwater, Michigan, broadcasting a T1-i-State College hasketball game. TAT: T005 FOR YOUR HDME FURNISHING 9, NEEDS we ,IS X FURNITURE X X 1 ' Zz. APPLIANCES K - L73 IIJHW FLOOR CQVERING V , Mfg! ff! .. wlmfn 8. KING XXX f 2-:sa lui .ll my ,160 FURNITURE if-::.-' 'I iw KW? 9 l iw 1.5, Zh Phone 246 "I want a refund! I flunked Calculus 2 be- cause of a typographical error." Sf ffiyfv , 4 In ,f, 1, f Q54 ! A ff 4650, I7 w! KQV ,mmf ,mg 'Y f ,ww J f ff ' 7,2 ,, If ,pw ,4,.,4, Q I gui f, Q , 4Q,f3 ',qf,5Lf-.W , I ' C' A , wi, 31:5 V , wz , mslzgq J 4 X Z I 141 ll' ff 11 ff 1 1 ' 151 1 1 , ' 1 1, 1' Q 111 1 11. 1 -if , 11 "" 'ff' .55 1'-. ,. ' ff 1 11 , ' ' " -.., . 'E-", ' 1 1 1, . 1 1 .1 1 1 1 ' ' 'xg' 1 .f.,. V' .1 , .. ' ff, -"'1T?'f'Q51. .X : 1,11 1 1 1 1 1 D 1 . R11 A 1 1--112 f 'wi- iffx Eff" J, ,-1:f1 L , A . ,1 Q, 1 1' - .111 '1 ' 1. 1 - 1' 1 - 1 1f 195 1 f 1- L tv up 1 ., sm 1 . J,,.Ux . A, . v.W. l, Y, 581' 1 1, ,H 1 -4,, , W 1 In ,Wg 1 ' 1T " ' 1 1 " 0 V ' I' 1 U 11 1 ' 1 11 1 1 1 I 111 111 ' 1, 11: 11 . 11 1 1 11 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 115 11? 'sf P X 1 'DL' 151 ' 11 X 1 1 12 'v V' X 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 I lil .R 1 1 i 11 1 ' 1 J x 1 1 1 7 - ,gaiifg " " 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 5 . 1 1 1 . . ' '.L'11'. ,.111- 1111 1. 1, , , 1 'T c " 1 1 ,V 1, ., , ,N N 11 , ,, 1 ' M .1 . ,. '11 . A 1, pd-11. - uf 1. . 115 111 ' , A wt, 1151147 ' ,- ' if 11" 1 , . W- if 1' 1.-.., -- 1 f A 1 - 1 . ' -my-v V 11 , , 1 5 11-s 111.-.,, . h...,,1,, -1, 1' . x ' , I T' -"1:,. 1" ' Qu ' ' E1 , 1 1 v- --f-w-. ' '+,1...: - 1' 1 111-,1 . 11 - -H : f,,,'wu:' 1 'U ,4 1 , 1 ,. -f .1 , 1 1 . , 1 111 1 -1 H 4 1. 11 , . 11' 11 . 101 . W 1- 5 1'-,1 'R-F-' , 1 M ,.1 1 1 1 A VE H , 1 V, 1 1 3" 1 - 11 1 1 111 1 1, , , 1 1 11,1 11:11 'h 1 , .1 111 1 1 ' ' A ' 111 J ' 4,1 , 11 - 3 1, , 1 51. , W' ' n f1 , ,, , ,. , M er, 1 - 11 1 Q 1 . ..:' 1 ' ' if "',' " 1 . A ,,' 11 ,.A .71 1 .L 1 3 Q 11, , . ' 4, 1 .1L. ., .1 . 1 1 ,. 1 ,. 1 .Q ., Y, ms ', 4 V 1 ',j Y ri' - 1A""" 1 - 1 11. 1,'1. ' f ,Z , nhl ,A -1w1,,, 1 4. wt 1 1-Q ' -. ,' 1' 1' ' r1"1w1. , . ', Fa- lfzvfxe " 1 ,I Iii 'W-'S,. A 1 - ' .114 .Jn , .J 'W , .I 1 + W 1 -- I 'u , 1 1 - 1 I P' 1' n -I ,-s.- -Q F eflaff W of 67.0710 H 5' N 4 ,2Qg:g5555S1E2:5i9 Nkwm ii.S.2:Q2:f3-fig If- -'fic-R f iiififi 2 2 l E 22 5? E. z S P ? E Ea 5 3 5 E N F 5 gs 5 s S Q Q w Q Q S S E 5 3 E S E E 5 s 2 Si 5 ., V 'fb I, ..3134"1':-23212315231..r .-.-.l:3:':1:-:3'3:'. - .' :'f 21:21-S:-'z.431-:-..-giiflv, .. 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