Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1984

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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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.xf -WPT! 'ue'-am lm' --:vi ' I' 'P---. 1 , - Q Y..xI"i'3'i '1'.wv.-.x-.3v-Wim' . f:1-'f',L:-1.:'1- k x flykwjl ff 1 1 , 9 .y. I x nf, -' w Nb XX 1 X. 1 X 35 Z- u, Q7' ., X ., 4 NE i ox Cilfi -- 5. Cf! yg, Q f 5 Y' 1691-5541-. Q.:isQw1r,.L.,,L.v,-.4-.Q' .1 ..,.........-1"-" Q -'f1L:...""',.'4Ef ,'7 f I , !"n,'rlfkf M110 wifi 71, L l J-fffffkygey 7Ufg' LL'fLlCf , f,1, c 1 ul, J , ,Z V fl , ,-, L fl iA m w ff- f " ' 1 f N,,.,,,,,,1v., ,f fi 'Vg .ff , fl K f l,1ff,Znf,ff1 ,V x X ., W rfkffrf NM WM L f N.. ww 1 jjj' , ,JM .L,,.-, K,, ' f A.. L L it KLLIC 'N x X I x 5 In " L . A L ' gf C' , 0.111 ,' 'K X 'f ,- x -I K ff X, W f XJ I My L ug fy if X K V1 Z, JV fr! P7 ,gl 4 5 f 4' ff .xl ,Y V ', x .fn X fl' , . . J T' :Iv DC LLM, wr, .Aw ,Lx 'VLX krnhk lb! fb 'nf- f , f .f X fri A-f ifqly Q - -'Cf X f 1 Y . . f ' f AIU 5 N I , Lx! 1 'lf 7 7 , ' f ' , 1 7 ' ,, , , ' if If f ,f y 1 .J A . I f J 3 f I, Q, j , , w ,A A . . J, L , L . X-QQ lfzb Lx ' XX-- I f, f ,,, X 'L 'gi J T , J X, 2 'xx Ju 'V ffbljl J ' 'X :vw N -5 U . fn X H f ,V , V L , it ' '5 1, H' ff lv X Y ' L, Q - -, V M A7 f . 5- 'xx U Xf 1 Ex Xl, Q, " -Y . . , X f- A X - Q -1 Q W 2 f FX- g O-5 5-' E lixl , X A i -, . 31.5.1 1 if X -f xv , N. Ax Q4 'K h Q x I t h . Si Q A, 4 Q f , X. Jw -3 F 'iw T, e fx , ' A ' XX 'X 4-'X . A Q -2 Q:-I X 'fx 1.1 'x -ik xi, V 1 'Q Q 5 K "' ' A' XX ' X 9 i X 'S 1+ X .Q X X 4 X 1 . 5 N F. 'J ll .Q ,X 7: Q-'-A X. 3 it A ' 9 . w X 3 .J - - ,.- XA 1--A fl ' EZSL X , er, n Q f' i 5-ygg '1 - - X A- -1-.L..Mx -nurL.- - - . Y -4 Q A Y Q Ckjjiycgkc QE! QMQMWQQQN MEQEIQQ ij-Qi A 1135130.55 W9 gf EQ? 2 6 Q hfff fffizi f? ma- My WM ,lwj ff f . OJ AW . yr - DA., OW ' X65 ' f2fff2,Q -VL W V N XQQQQW My N 'X . v Miyix ?.b A .Xkx YW A A XV MX N AS MX W hRV I 3sii55i25QMbf Ni M xxx f ff ff M M XP M f A 4 52? N X-if Q W S QQ f X QS W y " yjfggjgf ' Gigi? 3 V , L .figihfegogxesq A , 0 if l 0' EPQQUQ J A., , if QQ F563 GQ 'A + ' -M Q JS. , o 3hM O- AMA QM Qbfliiw an My GUN, ww bmah 'W :N Nlff "5 3 F Swag -S' as 2 gawk, 1-:wig ' -':'.2'? W Q5 QV vii Sils .A I 1 XS-J QQQXEX X5 1 1 E S QE XX? S X i E Gy , A ggi? x L Qi? N QE E X C? X , ..- H ----A-A-:AUTKZQA-as J 1 X7 ic-.Q iff! ,L-,fg uffxf, f K 1 X !'1 I TIME Each of us during our lifetimes must deal with time - this elusive element that is the on- ly constant in our lives. We all have time - and yet we don't. We have a lifetime - yet the only moment we really have is this very second. We build our lives around time - sometimes called life cycles. At this time of our lives we are engaged in experiencing our teenhood. It is the time of our lives when we grow so much - when we begin to learn who we are and what we want to be. It is a sometimes joyful timeg the sadness comes when we realize that we can never relive this time. But for now, we live and share the time that is ours. To Save You Time . . . Student Section, Page 18 Activity Section, Page 88 Personality Section, Page 108 Sports Section, Page 124 Organization Section, Page 170 Faculty Section, Page 200 ee , ,. 34' ww, uf 1 q f 5 haw ,,. Ma i, 55?- 3 U ' ' ig, ' k ' M1155 - ME 1 J 1, fff X X M wells I. K rm, F3 Hin -H- Annual Staff 1985-1984 Mrs. Baldock We Take Time to Thank . . . Mnjames Brown Four years ago, Mr. Brown came to Tech to teach, and we have not been the same since! He became sponsor for the Class of '84, and we have done things never done here before. We are especially grateful for his part in making Homecoming '85 one of the biggest we have ever had. The Annual Staff thanks you, Mr. Brown, for your energy, enthusiasm, and your commitment to this student body. Tech's on Top! One of our yells says, "Tech's on top and we're victory-bound. We've got the power, the might to drive you to the ground with our big, green spirit and our Bulldog pride. Bulldogs over all, we're gonna win this game tonight!" Tech IS on top this year! Our athletic teams have never done better. Our enrollment is growing because more students across the city want to come here. And test scores show that we are achieving more academically. Yea for us! im , W X 2 vw ,, E -f 9 Em Q 3 W ' ,h,, 5 H ,,,,, E W in . ww Fi ir V -1 1: EW Q I .li ' S ki ff ,g 4, ? . , 4 4 V we X ff ff.-Q, ' ,wx Y F ffj ' ,Irv H31 ,, f 1 W 2 ,J 1 N W , J V bi i , M1 ...ef ." Varsity f 3 X' we S4-" :AY .. LQ 4' 'V I l . ui Q 4 4 5 Q ' n irq.- 5.:- , an Yi I ' fo 'sis 5 f Q V J s a ei. Z. ,. g 31: F , K .HJ ,Ji w. . ' Q ,' li F' ia , ,. 'M we E ggi! YV . i K Q 5 'gen' , r 14 ., la x 'gf - 'jx . - H ,. nr. .1 1.g Aqwmirf- 'sg ,Q DM-uafngezvorwf V 1+ -M M. , HS V , , ,, l Wang N ,M V W' Q -4 x .4 T. 6 Q- g.. 'XI :fu ' x Dcnnise lilder, Isabel Zalnurrlpa, .Iuannu Stegall, Kay Manual. Sophia Shcppardulo-,'ce Wnllmms, Ted Tre-vunu Marisa Herrera, Monica I1-Grand. i ' 'fs - v.. '52 gas- WF.. , . a -ar ' mg . my M 1 x 4 9 U A 4 Q' 'unior Vzirsi viii?-5 , 1. s - x I . - -A . , ef Alma Cano. lvie Crockett, Tracy Ross, Trena Alley. Alejandran De Los Santos. . -. X v' K -- 'buf 6' W M, , v 4 . o " qw 'fax ' mga' 4 ' . Cum Q 3 M M Y gd- -1 M J.M'. 1 mf mi' 1 W ax 5 "S, 4'5"'+"v4 .' .M . H c' 1 , .rx 6 ,1-1 'HL at 0 flm' li W Tgji aS4 Z w , it , wig M tw xy-,vi r ,W JK ,W Jr 6 l -is 5 L ' H mf 1 'V x 51 'ax : 'fl' ' A if :Maid W 5 L1?:I:?: . ' f i . . Mx wx , 1, Q' ,Q-if ' . - k 'A' W ' mi A A T 4 'gf L 'I .W ifwf - r Q fd' M' wi 5 snr 1 we 'ES' x ,QM ' ,ff W d Mrs. Shirlie Murphy, Sponsor Freshmen Yolanda Pannamore, Priscilla Nijera, Carol Sanchez, Melissa Calton, Cynthia Herrera, Katrina Dial, 1 Y al" ' xl 2 v'- L. - ? ,. lf i l -F1 i Q vi li i -vin Donal Calrnn, Donald Butler, Norman Harris, Rodney McAfee, Anthony Martin, s.., ,A ! ' i v rf f. ,. ,: , .-3 ' rf., fl f f 45f',4l' a.4la,?'k q - fb' , 1 2 E., ex e-vi S, X N ML ., i Q f ri' S in Q 'Jig' Q Q i lil 11 T5 Homecomin S U2 Homecoming Time for Celebration """""""""e M'-Hn---"rr.'LW...--,,: One of the most special times of the school year is our Homecoming. A tremen- dous amount of effort and imagination is spent on this yearly event. We have a Tech tradition of up-holding a special spirit at this particular time of the year. This Homecoming will remain in our hearts and minds as a special part of our lives. l , i '. p . I fy N fp . , V y 4 .. , fs QM l' Q i v Q Plural V.. Jvrsr'-MS-, -Q B ' r . :I . . ,,...ni5f.Er4 , L ' h , -. "i"Qf'9!56"' V r ' . Qin: fry 'A' if 4 Q . .. ,.. .. ,K E ss A , , . V M ,,- -v ' r , TY ff ,V , ra' gf' if " -.., fm 4 . ji? , W- .3 1 . 'K an f ar 4. ld ff? an 5 e A, ' 5 II". ' wi t-.. 49 WA , -.ff b' VQXEIA - 'Wir-'nr gif s X-Q i 5? X? gi wa 'ww 'IK 1511-Q3 A 1 , 1 5 3 S a , A M? . i j a ' ,,l 1 f 5 23 51 55 4341 . af a, L 17 4' we K 'L A 4 STUDENTS if A! AGU 1 I' ' ,, 1' ' ' N Senior Class Officers joe Gonzalez Donald Butler Angela Ford President lst Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Monica Vining Diana Baker Kristine Smith Secretary Treasurer Parliamentapian Sponsors james Brown Kay Hollie Gray First Runners-up Nathan Jennings and Kay Manuel Second Runners-up Tony Adams and Kristine Smith Senior Favorites Melva Coronado and Milton Stegall Tony Adams nw Ana Aguilar -,, Javier Aguilar Beatriz Aguirre Linda Ainsworth Refrigeration Health Occupations Business ""H.E.C.E. A Business Robert Allen Alvaro Alvarez Rafael Alvarez Lgolgeiltkvfilvarezi David Amaro Mill and Cabinet Photography Engineering Drafting Auto Body Electricity Pamela Armstrong Hilda Arteaga ii' i'M5EHioETm' Doro Pkooogoiog E irsiooifioifv H.E.c.E. Cosmetology Q Maloy Ashton Maria A alaa Diane Baker Maria Balandran William Banks Auto Mechanics Commercia Art Cosmetology Business Electricity Kimdra Barbee john Bargas Cleaver Barlow Engineering Welding Drafting E, f 2 ...ff .Y ,,.-.wr 'df Rachel Benavides Commercial Art Nona Beechem Brenda Bell Child Development Commercial Art IB-J Frances Berry Cindy Bishop Kathy Blakeney Business Upholstery Business Gala Branch Sheila Brewer Christopher Brown W Leathercraft Auto Mechanics Bn.a.a- s Carolyn Barrett HOCE Commercial Art Angela Beasley sl' Daniel Benavidez Victoria Benson Electricity Upholstery .. 7 ' tvtv 5 i is :X -. , VV My Felicia Bowman Business Kimberl Booth Business Helen Brown Marla Brown HOCE Business EFI Cary Bruton Paula Buffington DeiQ,r aa Donald Butler Sharon Butler Mill and Cabinet Commercial Art Upholstery Q' Engineering Drafting Upholstery U Richard Cabral Veronica Castillo Vicki Cavitt Alberto Celis Chris Chism Aeronautics Cosmetology Electronics Data Processing Printing K.. ,gllie Qhgygemo RolaE4r5Colernan Sonja Coleman Olga Contreras Melvanelia Coronado Mi laid Cailiinet 4' Q HOCYE :af Business Business Data Processing Karon Crisp -Sharon Carolyn Criss Sonji Crockett Matilda Cruz HECE 9, HECE ' Commercial Art HOCE nntmg , Sylvia Cruz JAngela Cubit,-Z Sherrigupit A Alicia Davis Kathryn Davis Business .qMUpholsrery M"'BusinessN'- Business Leathercraft Michael Davis Sharon Dean Latonya Delce Fernando DeLeon Doreen Deltoro Commercial Art Commercial Art Business Commercial Art Business N119 f 1 ,Qgarles Demfseye MarieVDia5A Cassandra Dixon. Mylinda Dodson Anna Duran Data Rfessing 5 'AHECE - ' B Business Cosmetology HOE Armando Duran Solomon Echevarria Eric Edwards Opal Edwards Adrianna Elisondo Business Auto Body Electronics HOE Tele Communications I . X Tiffany Embers Mary Helen Fabela Rosario Farias Rosa Fernandezlmb Martin Flores Leathercraft Data Processing Data Processing PIGECEM Auto Body Silvia Flores Angela Ford Ruth Frias gl?on-Ifriclcsm Lupe Galvan Data Processing HOCE Cosmetology Elieffroriics Cosmetology Mary Garcia Minerva Garcia Olivia Garcia Yolanda Garcia Lara Gardner D Electronics Business Business HECE Cosmetology Bernesa George Frederick Gipson Irma Gonzales joe Gonzalez Imelda Gonzalez HECE Diesel Upholstery Data Processing Business Kristi Graves Ethel Gray Connie Green Willie Griffith Manuel Guerrero Commercial Art HECE Data Processing Upholstery Data Processing 91495 Darrell Gutierrez Monique Hair Deborah Hall Robert Hall Shawn Hammond Welding Business Photography Electronics Welding jamie Harper jeffery Hawkins Christopher Hemphill Karen Hernandez Rick Hernandez Welding Brick Auto Mechanics Commercial Art Auto Mechanics Roberto Hernandez Ronald Hernandez Sara Hernandez Nemier Herod Monica Herrera Auto Body HOCE Cosmetology Mill and Cabinet Upholstery Mitch Hobson Katherine Holland Karen Hollie Kenneth Hollie Vanessa Hornbuckle Brick Business Cosmetology Business Commercial Art Willie Howard Auto Body Arlene Hughes Earline Hunter Eugenia Hunter Elainejenkins Data Processing Business Commercial Art HECE Nathanilennings Electronics Kevin udie J 30 Auto Mechanics Shirleyjohnson Sophiajohnson Violajohnson Deatra jones Data Processing HECE HECE Data Processing 'If may Tim LaFayette C nthia Lampkin Bucky LaRue Felicia Laws Brick S' zihilAd'C'5i-e'i1'm Deaf Education HECE , ,ak I I -.nail af 5 A Angelia Lemons Annabelle Lopez Gustavo Losoya Mary Lusk Donna Lyons Leathercraft Electronics Commercial Art HECE Commercial Art i Rodney Mcafee xBobby Mggoy Stephen ,M5Qgnal2l jackie Mc1QQyvell Sheila Mclilyveqe Brick Auto Mechanics A HOCE HECE 7 'Business K Linda MQriLinf- Shelly Madden Carrie Manrgng .gy Manuel Lisa Maroney ' 'TLOCE FVHECE Data Processing' Data Processing Photography Beverly Marquez Miles Marshall Anthony Martin Felicia Martinez Paul Martinez Photography 5ieseT'T'm""' Commercial Art Cosmetology Machine Shop Susan Martinez Violet Martinez Rickie Maxheld Lisa Medina Melinda Medrano Busines?""'g' Cosmetology Brick Cosmetology Business Rongld,Mggks U Mary Meza Mariann Miles Sharon Milton Yolanda Mireles Refrigeration Data Processing HOCE Business Printing Tabatha Mitchell Valarie Mitchell Tichi Moning Terrina Moore Catalina Moreno Data Processing Cosmetology Business Business Data Processing Tonia Morrow Andre Mulinax Christina Navejar Rosalind Newsome Felicia Nickerson Upholstery Electronics Printing Child Care Photography nd' Kim Norman Cynthia Obregon V Debbie Oliver Kim O'Neal HOCE Cosmetology Y' HECE Leathercraft Business Hull' Isabella Ortega Gabriela Ortiz Artis Parrish Lisa ' in Cynthia Patterson HECE Business Refrigeration usiness Commercial Art 4, -,ff ...,,,.., Hs.. Daniel Payne Adam Perez julie Perez Raymond Perez Teresa Petty Welding Auto Body Data Processing Business Cosmetology Phetsamon Phouangpangna Souvantha Phouangpangna Lee Pickens Elizabeth Pitts Deborah Polk Machines Machines Business Upholstery HECE Dorothy Powers Paula Printice Eugene Price Diana Puente john Puente H.E.C.E. Cosmetology Electricity Engineering Drafting Engineering Drafting Eva Ramirez Rosario Ramirez Raymond Randle Gilbert Rangel Cynthia Redmond I-I.E.C.E. Printing Brick Commercial Art Data Processing A gf 'ff Ie- Karen Rhine javette Rhodes Byron Robinson Carl Robinson Cynthia Rodriguez f"""'fL.A ,... Business Business Brick Electronics Business Gilbert Rodriguez a Rodriguez V Mag-KQdrigugg,, Michael Rodriguez Raul Rodriguez Data Processing Data rofessing 4 Y Child Care Printing Refrigeration ic Q I . 2 Roel Rodriguez Ruben Rosales MaryTRQ2salezi i A E David Rubalcaba Daniel Rubio Refrigeration Aircraft "'E'Tii dcare Commercial Art Refrigeration Deanna Saenz Lionicio Saenz Sylvia Salas Gregory Sanchez Ray Sanchez Data Processing Auto Mechanics Business Commercial Art Electronics Tambra Sanchez Anthony Sanford Kimberly Sanford Pauline Carlos Santiago Cosmetology Auto Mechanics Deaf Education 'fkagifisiness Electronics Thurman Schultz Marco Segura Mario Serrano Danielle Shedrick Photography Data Processing 'Machine Auto Mechanics Upholstery ...Mauj Sides 1 Ronald Sims Tia Slater ,, Kristine Smith Rosemary Soto H.E.C.E. Mill and Cabinet Child Care Data Processing Cosmetology - A Milton Stegall Arline Sto Patricia Subialdea ohn Talk! Commercial Art Data Processing Data Processing Photography Auto Mechanics Sharon Tate Kyev Tatum Annette Tave x udy Teague W Vernon Thacker Business Electronics Commercial Art Engineering Drafting H Diesel- W Donald Thomas Kishia Thomas Charles Thompson Patrick Thornton 'ana Ti'erina Electronics Leathercraft Brick H.E.C.E. Child Care Rogelio Ti jerina Sonia Torbor ,lenesa-Trevino Q 4 ffliegdore Irevino N Wayne Trotter Engineering Drafting Cosmetology rinting Data Processing Upholstery 3 .ga-v Maria Valadez Sandra Valdez Gina Van Buskirk Maria Vasquez rhMonita Yining Photography Business Data Processing Business Data Processing joan Walter Lloyd Walter McKinley Washington Michelle Washingggm Patrice Watkins HECE Brick Commercial Art Child Care Commercial Art N Carol Webb Kristi West Christina Whitley Angel ssY1. K Dawn Williams HECE Data Processing Business " HECE P' Child Care Kathy Williams Michelle Williamaslw cqlieggyy-Wilii' Zelma Willrich Gary Wilson Leather HECE Data Processing Leather HECE Philip Wilson james Wooden Alicia Woolridge J3TQ5gX2.LQ1:Qt:1gkb Diana Yabarra Refrigeration Brick Leather Air Craffwim Commercial Art , ' is-Wait it y r lk or ' it Life? y err GBafLsiel!.Xs29ng Darrell Young W N--V V H, r 1, David Zamora George Zamora Francisca Zavala Auto Body Auto Mechanics C Electronics Electricity Cosmetology as Hector Zavala Patricia Zavala Roclty 1 Auto Mechanics Business "GO F6lil'l"'S'F'lXlIOR51U" 'X T . 4 94 af iz at ,X dv ,nf dz.-'-KW" vfaszlep- mf Mr -A2 ff' 7, .- 'r- ., il From Diapers to Diplomas 'S W Q X i f fu. ,Al W,,X ,A I raw 134' ,J ,QQ gr? mi a,-,"' 14" M-It 3' 'N-..,W,.. wa, A .A,44 ' A. " ,v , W .: g,.,4 X " f' ' SN 1" I K 1' 'W 1' M S - 1 R? H 1 A , K 1,Af Bwhnfdf' ff 39 . A Sq'fV'A"93 ., , i ' ' wh "' X 1 J f W f 1 I ' x, if I... , W1 1 VA , ,iyy 3, , .f 'EE' , . g HW ,.f. Af :f f A' 4 fii m? , , W 'ww - .qw 2 W f fd! W 0 'E 8? ,ff S s ,, 3 C: f 215 A 5 K fi m ,,,,, V , I .,VL V ,W 5. ,E ,Q 1' 3 5, M54 Jawa , ,,,, ,gr fir Vwiflg I '-'GF - E222 Q az Mx, U ff I . ' NR av'-'f Q 55 If ' 1-1 .. fr Q. W i f ,-., X -vii i.. WWW? ,, ?"'t1 L Mr, W l Page 39 From Left to Right Tia Slater Hector Zavala Manuel Guerrero Tambra Sanchez Violet Martinez Kristi Graves Diana Baker Kristine Smith Andre Mulinax Silvia Flores Susan Martinez Felicia Martinez Sheila McElwee Sharon Dean joe Gonzalez , Yolanda Mireles Irma Rodriguez George Zamora' Monita Vining Cassandra Dixon 1 Donald Calton Deborah Hall Gabriela Ortiz Betty Aguirre Carol Webb Melinda Medrano Frances Zavala Javette Rhodes Mary Lusk Mylinda Dodson Olga Contreras Teresa Anzaldua Catalina Moreno Rosario Farias Page 40 Carlos Santiago Olivia Garcia Terrina Moore Karen Crisp Gina VanBuskirk Michelle Washington Vanessa Hornbuckle Veronica Castillo Sharon Crisp Lisa Maroney Anna Duran Irma Gonzalez Angela Lemons Teresa Petty Gilbert Rodriquez julie Perez Gala Branch Maltilda Cruz Paul Martinez Rojilio Tijerina Karen Rhine Angela Williams joan Walters Linda Ainsworth Christina Whitley Gary Wilson Lisa Parrish Mt X HMM- . .ml gun, Robert Coleman Page 41 Sophiajohnson Teresa Meza Connie Green Darrel Wayne Gutierrez Elaine Russell Beeman john Puente Felicia Nickerson Arleen Stoneman jackie McDowell Sylvia Tairla Mitch Hobson Mary Helen Fabela Monica Herrera Sharon Milton Lee Pickens Anna Aguilar Anthony Sanford Charles Castillo lk V-T Y, 1 ix' V 1 1 1 , , ' ' 1 W J , 1 N , ,'.'Q5,g,1: "6 - , Sak Q, ' , 4 , , X , f X I k, umor Class Off1cers C? f , f First Runners-up james Gray and Mona Sanders Second Runners-up Keith Thorpe and joyce Williams gg L 453444 . f 4w4"lti,41i' Q Qbvaigqy fwbibcdpai fi 135' f fh junior Favorites Juanita Stegall and Shawn Ayala uniors uriel Ab , Marcy A rggvo '::Kll3gt Aguilar Iidia Alezrg-aim C' W1 fare Juanita Alvarez "E7Qgtr.,EQ4,,. Susie Amaro Richard Amendarrez Angela Anderson Aydee Anguiano Ron Askew Sheila Atkinson Tonya Audrey Patricia Auiles Elida A 'ala Burl AWS jarnes Azocar ,lohnny Bac 1 QS er trlex' Sagfina Brief gmna Ballgy Chansonnea Banks Kendrix Banks Aly'V Bar Brian Barton vzv Vince ties 3232" .LLP-'HQ' xiii Dadheuanga Baysy Douglas Bell lr en'amin Lee Benson . Darrin Qeggtgb Juanita Betancourr Lavonzell Billings 2::,,l,S,.,1.f,, Ulette Bloomer a-:.,vla7m:-ia-35, Kevin Bo ess L, ' Ib . 3 l'3.LlCf Stacy Britten Tfifgi Teena Brown ws., lk 46 uniors Tawara Brookins roo rn .i: .:,fA..--.W ' Brosga a o n U Childa Brown 9-5151 Demetra Brown 4 awren wn Leticia Brown L ndell B arcus Brown Panela Brown Sonya Butler Toni Brown 'jEE'57BE'r-T?" U 3 I ,,Lg.Q..Cai.9.:dg renda Cal Eg ul amggho joe Campos Susan Cannon Markus Carpenter Pamela Caggg Paula Casteneda Charles Castillo Nila Castillo Andy Castoreno Vicror Cavirr Maribel Cervantes jeffre Chadwick err avez w -S112aaQ: Comius Cole 57 uniors Daniel Cantrerass Feli a Contreras ffu.Jf,..Qa,,.MX, Maria Contreras 4--M, X.,..f5'-.ND julio Coronado Alfredo Cortez Tina Cortez 51,+--r K Gregory Cotton Terren e Orton Vivian Cotton ,fr , V . ' ,P C15E'1,,i1xg21 'HC oy Adam Cruz -22.'2L23Q.rsz-ze Vanessa Cruz Carl Dancer ,!erakDgQielsib 'Bo Da!-sonL HITICS CHRIS 'K-:::,.' frf-'.:m:'-L24 Qaig 12.225 RoEiE'Diaz 1?2f!fl.E,l?iC!sS1Qi5 -ff Anim Dada G1z'5ri?ff5S??P ,4Q:'r:x-4-so ., .EPC Qowex Slihillmiifif? - -I-:ag f--us:-'V Sen isefbutg ti: 1-aff'-' 252535295 Aracgli Espino Alejandra Espinoza j.i.taniL1EsEinoza, Shane Facemyer' 'I Willa Farmer 48 ,si Aren't we glad Gala Branch is not bashful? hi-. Q . ..- no NM Ji if J. 'S' Kay is nor at all sure she trusts Ted! uniors Ervin Farris Preston Peltier Patricia Flores Leticia Fl ary Foreman , Kenneth Foster Sabrina Eranklin Alvin Garcia f-v----I--"N Christina' Garcia Patricia Garcia Virginia Garcia Erik Galindo Robert Galvan Billy Gairrlner leticiavliarza, Antonia Gomez, Mice Ggggg es Angie Gonzales Deanna Gonzales Eric Qgngggs. mia Gonzalez Martin Gonzalez Michael Gonzales Monica Gonzales Paz Gonzales Raumond Gonzales Tommy Goodwin- ilfiaLron,GgLd,Qn- Isiar9YGrai1a,d,Os james Gray Linda Green Kimberly Griffin Linda Guajardo 49 uniors Yolanda Guajardo Gloria Gutierrez Leticia Gutierrez Ray Guadian Otis Hall Ramonda Hall Lewis Harden Angela Harlin Felix Harper Eodis Harris Cedric Hart Bridgette Haynes Carollita Henderson Marcus Hendrix Kristy Henry jose Hernandez Raul Hernandez Sharon Hernandez Tony Hernendez Marisa Herrera Darwin Hester Darwin Hill Lisa Hill Nedra Hill Valorie Hill Ben I-Iinojos Mary Hodge Sheila Hoy Patrick Huerta Michelle Hudspeth Sophia Ish Yolanda Ish Desijackson 50 KW This really is not Lisa Lare's every-day look. me arcs :fi 'msd' -4-.L Q E 3 we ' uniors Tracy-Iackson Tiajenkins Abronjernigan Gerardojimenez Cheryljohnson Clifforcljohnson joseph johnson Karenjohnson Patricia johnson Marcjones Tannyjones Vincie Judie Eddie Kelley Octavia Killingworth Terrence King Lisa Kroeker Christina Kissentan Dana Kuzmic Lisa Lares Lori Lee Monica Legrand Cassandra Lemmons Heidi Lester Patricia Lopez Byron Love LaTonya Love Andrew Loza Yolanda Luera Trene Lugo Debra McCulloch Mark McCruder Diano Maldonodo William Maples Monica Marshall Yolanda Martin Carmen Martinez Desarea Martinez Genaro Martinez joe Martinez johnny Martinez Raul Martinez Sylvia Martinez 51 uniors Teresa Mathews Diana May' Tammy Mays Charles Mendez Angie Mendoza Gerald Messick Belinda Miller Arletha Mitchell Zanerre Mitchell Sanovia Moblin Will Monteleone Ruth Moreno Tracy Muller Andrew Munoz Melinda Munoz Anita Navarro jesse Oca Kay Oliver Lasinia Ortiz Manuel Ortiz Michelle Ozuna Richard Parker Tommy Payton Carla Pena Luis Pena Patricia Perez Tony Perez Guenda Perkins Carl Peterson james Pierce Lorenzo Prescott Roderick Price Reginald Pride 52 2 Qi Lil at 2 1- 3 ,fm Christy Henry is embarrassed because the camera caught her . . , uniors Robert Puente Ezell Randall Deidra Reagor Catherine Reeves 'lose Renteria Susie Renreria Venson Reyes Melinda Reyna Mark Rhodes Rosalind Richardson Mearlean Risper Dorothy Robinson Edward Robinson Anna Rodriquez johnny Rodriquez Eric Rodriquez Denise Rogers Latoni Rose Cynthia Rowe Michell Roy Tommi Russell Cecilai Salazar San Juanita Salos Mona Sanders Ricky Schaeffer Richard Scott Rodric Scott Paula Scrurchins William Sellers Marrio Serrano Victor Serrano Brenda Shed Sophia Sheppard l 53 uniors Patricia Siller Deon Simms Sharon Simpson Deanna Smalley Tammy Smith Tonya Smith Sonya Smoak Ofelia Solar Pamela Solomon Sherilyn Stafford Juanita Stegall Patricia Stewart Darren Striclclin Willie Stricklin Cynthia Subialdea Regina Taylor Rosemary Tejada Carmela Thomas Cynthia Thomas Darryl Thomas Elfretta Thomas Kerry Thomas Loretta Thomas Angela Thompson Edward Thompson Keith Thorpe Karen Timmons Dorcus Toombs Arthur Trevino Allen Turner Quint Turner Mary Urbina jimmy Valadez 54 Monica Marshall looks to see what everyone else is doing before she does it. 5- YW fire- I uniors Robert Valle Rosanna Vallejo Dana Velasquez Harvey Vasquez Richard Velasquez Sylvia Velasquez Norma Veliz Rene Veliz Michelle Villagran Tommy Waldon joy Walker Rosalyn Washington Manuel Watkins Lorenzo Webster Mark Webster Garry White Rodney White Carla Williams Christopher Willars Charleset Williams Debra Williams Hank Williams janice Williams Joyce Williams Lanelle Williams Regina Williams jerri Willis Terence Willis Gretta Wilson Richard Wreesinski Vinetta Young Isabel Zamarripa Tom Selleck Sylvia Zamora Robert Zamora Hector Zamora Estevan Zamora Alfredo Zazueta 55 SOPHOMORES gifgigqxd . Qixx yung- , Class of 986 0, 'Q' Afmuf? emandez Angela Craff Reporter ' 5 1 Mrs. Medlen Mr. Alholm CW. ponsors X una ,,..Q-.N-gr and CSIS I Arnold Anzalclua Parliamenrarian ,,. 4 as l . X if L 4 i , wg, V' V, In Auf li l! , eff , ,V ,,,, I , M Mr. Gisc Ms. Mitchell at 1 J First Runners-up Stanley Caudle and Teresa Lafayette Second Runners-up Marcus Webb and Alejandra De los Santos .fry Sophomore Favorites Victoria Hernandez and Arnold Anzaldua Sophomores Rosaland Adams Broderick Allen Carmen Allen Trena Alley Fernando Almanza Rigoberro Alverez Sandra Alverez Natalie Amaro Hermihia Anguiano Arnoldu Anzaldua Steven Archer Mark Arellano Raymond Arguijo Doanld Armstrong Herlinda Arriaga Lillie Arrizola Cesar Arteaga Antonio Ayala Michael Ayala Lisa Azocar Jerri Baker Erve Barnett Luis Barjon Tracy Barnes Irene Brown Curtis Brown Bridget Brooks William Bowman Corrina Barela Ruben Bermejo joy Bausley Antonio Barron jesus Badillo 60 M' Zywwm , ,Ax Garo Malkhassian and Brodericlf Allen are part of half-time activities, L ' i sg fl i L A l l ,L .- snip all Angela Lee rehearses looking like a senior. Sophomores Monetta Brooks Kenyun Brown Michael Brown Reginald Brown Yolanda Brown Donnie Brownlee Jerome Bumphus Layne Bush Christina Byars Noe Cadena Claudette Caldwell james Cameron joe Campbell Joyce Campbell Lynn Campbell Wanda Campbell Lisa Campos Veronica Campos Alma Cano Sheila Carter Armida Castaneda Armando Castillo Edward Castillo Tonya Castleberry Mary Castro Sandra Castro Baron Cates Stanley Caudle Maria Celis Esther Cerda Orlando Cerda Sylvia Chavez Kurt Chism 61 Sophomores Carmen Chua Anna Clark Lessie Cole Delinda Collins Keith Collins Kenneth Collins Lawrence Collier Billy Cooper Lori Cooper Shuan Cooper Elizabeth Contreras Olga Coronado Rosemary Cortez Tammy Cortez Charles Cox Angela Craff Michelle Crayton Ivie Crockett Melissa Cruz Sonya Dale jimmy Davidson Doris Davis Shante Davis jesus DeHoyes Maria DeHoyos Danny DeLaCruz john DeLaCruz Q E Alejandra Delos Santos Donna Deridder Carlos Dixon Deidra Donald Kevin Dorham Debra Duran 62 23 MA sul? as iw" 'S far Wayne Trotter grins his pleasure. R Sophomores Bobby Earl Theodore Echols Tonya Ellison Vicente Escobar Delfina Esquivel Kevin Evans Richard Frausto Mark Frost Valencia Fields Sergio Flores Malissa Fillmore Judith Frias La Shonda Gafney Gerardo Galvan Oooh Baby!!! Frank Garza Gregory Garcia Rita Garcia Sylvia Garcia Virginia Garcia Kelton Gardner Ricky Gates Sam Gerald Charlotte Gholston Marvin Gomez Sophia Gomez Cindy Gonzalez Diana Gonzalez joe Gonzalez Rene Gonzalez Victor Gonzalez Sandra Gordon Lisa Grays Cynthia Green Deborah Gross Gloria Guajardo Teresa Guereca Tessa Guerin .Juanita Guerrero Rachel Guerrero Brent Hall Que Treni Hamilton 63 Sophomores Vonda Harden Cassandra Harris Little Harris India Henry Paula Harlin Anna Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Margarita Hernandez Michael Hernandez Victoria Hernandez Michelle Herring Keith Hill Anthony Hobson LaDonna Houston Tania Holland Debra Howard Desurra Huckaby Todd Huckaby Milton Hunt Donna Hyder Susanna Ibarra Norma Ingram Byronica jackson jackie jackson Rodney jackson Terry jackson Patricia jimenez Bobbyjohnson Cynthia johnson jeromejohnson jodyjohnson Tonjajohnson Vanjohnson 64 X era Willie Griffith purely enjoys the feel ofthe pigskin. ' f -- --,1'ITfIQfj,1j4' Q' A ""35'4i'j.JLf' Q A M Sophomores Angela jones Bennie jones Kevin jones Patricia jordan Euna joseph Brenda Killebrew Travis Kindred jonathan Lacy Ronald Lacy Theresa Lafayette Lonnie Lampkin Lisa Lang juan Leija Lonnie Lampkin Sharlene Langs David Lemmons Raymond Lemmons Raphiel Leonard Reynaldo Leonard Kevin Lewis Helen Lincoln Kevin Lochett Tracy Loggins Randal Long Angel Lopez Charles Lopez joe Lopez Ricky Lopez Rudy Lopez Latonia Love Olga Loza Hardie Lusk Tony Lyons 65 Sophomores Jorge Macias Rosanna Magana Garo Malkhassian Songette Martin Becky Martinez Cynthia Martinez juan Martinez Melissa Martinez Paul Martinez Patricia Mathews Rochelle Maxfield jerry McGowan Gayle McLane Franklin McNeal Victor Medina jerry Mendez Mark Mendom Cesar Mercado Gilbert Mesa Derwin Miller Ferril Miller jeff Miller Lemuel Miller Allyne Mills Myron Mills Linda Molina Lucy Molina Raul Monsivais Hector Montoya Elsa Morales jackie Moreno Lisa Moreno Lori Moreno Roxey Morgan Rosana Mosqueda Robert Munoz Victoria Munoz Tammy Mustiful Tina Nava jesus Navarrete Robert Navarro Paula Nobles 66 ,Ag QQ Myndie Oates strikes a pose. eh, he Sophomores joe Nunez Steren Nutt joe Oca james Oliver jose Ortega Robert Ortega Enrique Ortiz Antoinett Owens james Owens Theletia Owens Fernando Palomo Artemio Palos Alma Papulis Tonya Parker Bryant Parks Tamela Payne Araceli Pelayo Charlotte Peoples Armando Perez Carlos Perez Facundo Perez john Perez Richard Perez Tito Perez Pamela Perkins Phouthavan Phonglom joe Plasencia Karen Ploetz Marlam Pollard Faye Polty Cecil Pourner George Powell Catherine Price 67 Sophomores Latisha Price David Prince Tonyn Pruitt Garey Pugh Tina Pulido Stacy Quarles ,fr Anna Ramirez Cindy Ramirez johnny Ramirez Steven Ramirez Griselda Ramos Sindy Ramos Troy Redmond Leon Reed jesus Renteria Rey Rivilla Rodolpho Reyes joan Reyna Mary Reyna Moises Reyna Kimberly Riley javier Rios Carol Ringer Rhoda Riojas Raul Robles Lisa Rodgers Gabriela Rodriguez Genaro Rodriguez jose Rodriguez jose Rodriguez Ricky Rodriguez Ricky Rodriguezjr. Ruben Rodriguez 68 jerry McGowan doesn't really want everyone to know this is HIS chair in the office. Q4 Elva Garcia tries to get her homework done in a hurry! Sophomores Sergio Rodriguez Veronica Rodriguez Anabelia Roman juan Romero Daniel Rosales Tracie Ross Kimberly Rubell Margarita Rubio Sergio Rodriguez johnny Ray Salazar Melissa Saldana Vanessa Salone Laura Sanchez Vera Sanchez Wally Sanchez Sylvia Sandoval Phillip Sanford jesus Saucedo Khampova Saysanam David Scott jose Serrano Brian Sharpe Thomas Shew Ami Sias Celia Sigala Raul Sigala Andy Sims Bobby Smith Carolyn Smith Deitra Smith Robert Smith Robbie Sneed Sandra Sneed 69 Sophomores joseph Sonora La Whawn Speights Denise Stanley La Kita Staton Veronica Steele Stella Stephens Glenn Strong Andrea Tabor Milton Taylor Gloria Thomas jimmie Thomas Kishia Thomas Sylvia Thomas Greta Thompson Clarence Tillis Sherri Tims Angela Timmons Malcolm Turner joe Urias Sandra Valdez Melinda Valenzuela Ronald Vaughn Romonica Wade Rachel Wade Arlo Walker Tony Walton Doris Warren Angela Washington Devetre Watkins Marcus Webb Alex Webster Demetriusl West Eric White Garry White Layada White David Wiley Dan Williams LaTonya Williams LaTonya Williams La Tanya Williams Rachel Williams Randy Williams 70 aaa , lllvlllwl' lg 4+ Am fir, Q of Nliiiilrr, ,r 1 L ' X, iFh'3.'w?r ww Sophomores Gary Willars Randy Williams Vivian Willis Charles Wilson Keith Wilson Kenneth Wilson johnny Wimbrey Angela Wright McKinley Wright Anton Woods Decarltona Woods Albert Wooden Nealta Wortham james Young Mark Young Hector Zamarripa Allice Zamora Antonio Zamora Alejandro Zapata Tonya Zimmerman Sharonda Zimmons Eddie Van Halen 71 Q-1 ,m,,1,--. ,Q in ,ffl f vfe,w.:w,,'f::f,1 FRE , I . ,,,, , .Q .. , ,, A S fff' " 1 4 , 'f" Y' ',,,:,X " ' 'k 1 ,, , "" K K' ,f,f4::g-wwf.: , H, f www: P- '. ,... fs 34 :5 "TZ im, K f - Xkx M ,,,, f g ' 'W:?H,- Hu W rw -U ,iqggi1'i55g7glj42q,,y,i"fi, "',wZDEW5VTiS935kUNH 1 ,W ,, :: 1 , fi 'f!l,5xVI,i if r f 1' W2 VW. .fi 4' 1 ' 421734. H Class of 1987 Freshman Class Officers 'Fel If Robert Mireles Presidenr Cynthia Gonzales Secrerary Demonica Huclsperh Treasurer Tamalajones Vice President Lenn Moore Parliamentarian 1 1. 'x .- Sponsors Ellen Swain jean Thompson Mildred scoff EVe'Yn Om' jay Wilbu rn 'Mi' Second Runners-up Robert Mireles and Denise jackson First Runners-up jesse Reyna and Pam jones Freshman Favorites Kathyjackson and David Miller Freshmen Anthony Ahor jose Alwrego Patrice Adams Albert Demerson juan Alaniz Anna Alcala Anthony Aldridge Keith Alexander David Alliaro Sylvia Amador Devin Amie Charles Anderson Shannon Anderson joe Arango Claudia Arredonda Olga Arredondo Sylvia Arredondo Diedra Atkinson Videll Aunquoe Roslyn Austin Elizabeth Ayala jose Ayala 'lose Ayala Bertha Aviles Yvonne Baez Stephanie Bagley Melissa Barbolla Sherri Barnwell Kimberly Bayless Steve Bell Maria Beltran Rita Benton Steve Bill lill Birdow Dandren Black Darrel liockman Dawn Bonner 'l'raCie Branfh Kimberly Braxton Bobby Brewer Debbie Brewster juanita Briggs 76 ei: WK' ii ,4A' 'S' X T , Romalice Btumfield helps keep the bannisters clean. -1 WMM: Q.-.4 1 li- , Nur.: Freshmen Deja Brookins Tonya Brookins Antnece Brooks Lytareran Brooks Brandi Brown Brandi Brown Cantrell Brown Charla Brown Di-Di Brown Eric Bruce Romalice Brumfield Diane Burrell Aleshia Butler Rhonda Butler Rachel Cabello Socanno Cabello Elizabeth Cabral Moses Cadena Dennis Cail Rachel Calamace juane Caldenon Leslie Caldwell Monica Caldwell Edward Calhoun Melissa Calton Celina Cantu JoAnn Cardenas Robbie Caney jeff Carr Sonia Castillo Victoria Castillo Elva Carza Ronnie Ceron 77 Freshmen jose Cervantes jennie Clark Tony Clark Annie Clayton Tamara Cleaver Anthony Coleman Larry Coleman Carlton Collins LaShawn Collins George Conner Pete Conteras Sonia Contreras judy Cortez Richenea Cowan Lisa Cox Latanya Crear Rikkita Criss Marvin Crooks Cyrus Crooby Christine Cruz Lupe Cruz Melinda Cruz Rachel Cruz Tony Curtis Danielle Dail Angela Daily j0Ann Davila Carlos Davis Chenyee Davis johnny Davis johnny Davis Kimberly Davis Lisa Davis 78 Freshmen Timothy Davis Sonia Del-loyes Sam DeLeon Monte Derman Juanita Dews Katrina Dial Gina Diaz L. D. Dickerson Inger Dixon Tonya Dobbins John Dodd Brenda Dodson Debra Doran Inez Dorsey Trenell Earle Jackson Edge Sharon Edge Paul Ervin Gabriel Espinoza Noe Espinoza Miqueila Espitia Isaias Esquivel Mary Esquivel Tracey Essex Cedric Evans Joyce Evans Theodore Faulkwell Wesley Felder Shanreller Fields Byron Fillio Andre Fillmore Stephen Fletcher Florinda Flores Waymon Francis David Franco Jeffery Franklin Shelley Franklin Fredrick Freeman Katrina Freeman David Fuentes Jerrold Gales Michael Galicia 79 Freshmen Alfredo Garcia Cindy Garcia Manuel Garcia Monica Garcia Wille Garcia Raul Garza Bobbia Gay Alrhea Gerard Tresha Gillio Sedrick Gipson Diana Gomez Guadalupe Gomez Anrhia Gonzales Carmen Gonzales Paul Gonzales Ramond Gonzales Raymond Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Delores Gonzalez Fransisco Gonzalez Margaret Gonzalez Ofelia Gonzalez William Goodwin Bruce Graham Connie Granado Laura Grant Dania Greathouse james Green Susan Green Ramona Greene Shaun Greene Cynthia Griffin Angeniquec Helmes 80 Hey look at me, Mr. Galvan! 1' . ww V. .- ' s V fi'-r rl N5 ,Q , Yea we're bad, we're bad. Freshmen Remonica Griffin Marvin Griggs Juan Guajardo jose Guevara Delia Gutierrez june Gutierrez Yashum Hale Edward Hall Byron Hamilton Zandera Hamilton Kim Handy Lasunja Henson Tony Harrison DeVona Hatch Lasalle Haynes Tamela Helton Denise Henderson Cynthia Henry Monica Henry Monica Henry Shane Henry Shawnee Henry Cedric Henton Gildardo Hernandez jesse Hernandez Lorena Hernandez Maria Hernandez Maria Hernandez Renaldo Herod Cynthia Herrera Rey Herrera Tina Herrera Derrick Hilliard 81 Freshmen Sylvia Hollman Kevin Hood Mica Hookings Veronica Hornbuckle Erika Hornsby Nichole Houston Kendric Hoyle Tameka Hoyle Trina Hoyle Demonica Hudspeth Latania Humphrey Kenneth Hunter Angela Hymond Tonya Ish Denise jackson Iris jackson Kathy jackson Michealjackson Timothyjackson Timothy jackson Virginia jackson Marcusjernigan Patrick jester Alfrede jimenez joejimenez Victor jimenez Rosalind johns Tamala johns Albertjohnson Brycejohnson Dana johnson Sheryl johnson Van johnson 82, .ew XXV his XXX Fi we Did you take my book?? 'x sf Freshmen Winton johnson Alice jones Anita jones George jones Kirk jones Lamarcus Renather jones Terah jones Toasha jones Larry joyner Ana juarez Valerie juarez Debra Kennard Anita Kindred Anthony Kindred james King Patrick King Craig Kinney Harold Lampkin Shelia Lampkin Lisa Lane Rodney Larry Adrian Lee Laura Leija Adrian Lewis Corey Lewis john Lewis Trina Lewis Markelta Lockridge joAnn Longoria Adrian Lopez Diana Lopez josephine Lopez Gabriel Losoya Anna Lugo Salome Lusevano Marcus McDonald Angelique McGee William McGowan Alleana McKenzie George Magallon Clint Maldonado 83 Freshmen Domingo Maldonado Yolanda Maldonado Kevin Maroney Emilio Marquez Paul Martin Ricky Martin Asdeanna Martinez Eddie Martinez Elaine Martinez Linda Martinez Linda Martinez Nick Martinez Rosa Martinez Stephen Martinez Violeta Martinez DeLisa Mathews Glenda Mays Tabitha Meeks Gilberto Mello Lisa Melton Danill Mendoza Mable Mendoza Manuel Mendoza Atilana Mercado Angela Miller David Miller David Miller Manula Mimo jose Mendieta Yvonne Miranda Robert Mireles Christopher Mitchell Daniel Mitchell Monica Mitchell Rochelle Mohler Susan Molina Ana Monoivais Lin Moore Edelia Morales judy Moreno Micheal Moreno Leonard Movies f . x .MM D 'NM Ze-is 84 -f--up Who me eating?? Freshmen Reginald Morris Kenneth Mosley joann Munoz Letecia Munoz Sylvia Munoz Kevin Murray Stacey Myler Olivia Narro Nicole Nelson Tyrone Nelson Priscilla Nijera Melodie Norris Rayetta Odom Robert Orta Michael Ortega Debbie Ortiz Robert Ortiz Antoinetr Owens Celia Pantoja Yolanda Parramore james Parrish Armando Partales Charlotte Payne Fredrick Pecina Cynthia Pena Elizabeth Pena Richard Pena johnny Peoples Reginald Peoples Diana Perez jose Perez jose Perez Theodore Perez 85 Freshmen Wesley Perkins Sonya Person Leshia Phillips Sonia Phillips Eric Pierce john Ponce Doris Porter Corbett Potts Nena Pounds Lee Powell Katrina Powers Richard Price Michael Prince Carlos Puga Ohhh Myyy Angeleia Qualls Fernando Ramirez Kristie Ramirez William Ramos Eugene Ramos john Ramos Cynthia Ramsey Rachelle Ransom David Raya Monte Reagor Hill Redden Sandra Reeves Debra Resendez jesse Reyna jimmy Reyna Carlos Renreria Michael Reynolds Elizabeth Reyther 86 Teresa forgot to take her No-Doz. KA.. Freshmen Lachelle Rhodes Pedro Rivas jacquelin Rivers Darrin Robbins Tamiko Robinson Willie Robinson Tina Rodela Alfonso Rodriquez Alfonso Rodriquez Mary Rodriquez Mary Rodriquez Rita Rodriquez Daniel Rojas Antonio Romero Labarbara Roney Daniel Ruiz Edward Rubell Cedric Ruffin Rodney Ruffin Lawrence Rutherford Marcielda Salazar Micheal Salazar Marcielda Saladana Maria Salinas Carol Sanchez jose Sanchez Maria Sanchez Alvaro Sandova Alvaro Sandoval zAngeliguel Sanford Ruth Santiago Robert Schoonover Brenda Scott Sherry Scott Ashley Sellers Gildardo Serrano Teresa Serrana jessica Sharp Elvin Shaw Reginald Shaw Sylvia Shaw Regina Sherman 87 Freshmen Steven Sibley Yolanda Simmons Thomas Sims Andrea Smith Benita Smith Carolyn Smith Freddie Smith Renetta Smith Teresa Smith Charles Snodgrass Larry Soiomon Nelda Soto james Spencer Edwinette Stevenson Michelle Stewart Shelbi Stokes Dale Stone jimmie Striblen Mia Striblen Roger Stricltlin David Stuart Richard Subialdea Melissa Swanson Tandice Sweet john Tanksley julio Tapia George Taplin Shawn Tarkington Kyev Tate Michelle Tatum Georgia Tennison Shun Tennison Anthony Terrell Derrick Thomas Christopher Thomason 'Inna Thompson Lisa Thompson Juan Tejerina Mary Tijerina Sean Timmons Cheryl Tippens Laura Torres 88 vnu, Freshmen Richard Torres Ray Tucker Konnie Unquhart Chris Valadez Paul Valadez Norma Valdez Monica Vasquez Ralph Vega Mark Vela Hugo Velesco Victor Velez Tina Versey Rosanna Vidaurri janet Williams Anthony Wallace Sonj ie Ward l Cynthia Warren Gary Warren l Constancel Washington Gina Waters Avery Watson Tyron Weatherd Audra Webb Gloria Webb Sandra Webb Micheal Wenceslao Hosze West Angela Williams Deltonya Williams jenny Williams Roger Williams Ronald Williams Trennie Williams Trisha Wilson Kevin Winston Tonya Woddert Charlotte Woodard Yolanda Wright Claudia Zamora Zoraida Zarate Alfredo Zazueta Rosaisela Zulaylce 89 5 is 'K Q? sr 5 if sn 3 4 ' fl, 'ia Qx NY? J' 1 - , - ACTIVITIES Ei'f IAUU Eff Q :HI m fjfi Z . : , Q, . r , A we Q -1 t ll h t me W 1 Wi ',.. Q' i 1 'f" '-kLf V jr? 'Q If if 1 ,, ' Y"' M' 4 4992 W' W , ..,:,: o L., . sr 'R mt Sabrina and Mr. Moore are hard at work in Commercial Art. i DAY! E i it A if if f i 3 E ein EN!!! XXX will , J sk S X R 5 Q N t wh A A i X X Q NS X N, .. z i ll' Qi - N .arf A535 'FIR N ,Q t. ,xyw J. A X X.. Slmr n ' XV' The first day of homecoming activities. j. R. Ewing's taste can't match Tech students' taste by a long shot. 92 ixibg.. N x H RQ www. Q Dwayne is pooped from riding them 'hosses' during his lunchtime Y Hal .fi ' GV H5339 7 Q 'aa 9' 'ik . W 'Ti' if Ms. Swain is fixin' to rustle up some cowboys. Mrs. Ammann does her 'Tanya Tucker' imitation. Betty and Linda look like they are hiding something ...Whats up girls? Looks like this gang is ready to go to an oldies but goodies dance, OAV2 3 . fsfs' . 2 1 lm mm! Second day of homecoming activities. Xt.i.+.,'f7f- ig e ' 3 if ff Q Mrs. David and Mrs. Manning get their act together. 93 Oct. 31 Time for Carnival hw A 1 ,MH V W, Ezwxrn N t ' Q35 K f., : we M K H Thi ,,, ' 'VVW ,L V wf-fi' ' V 7,,, V A wg! ymw .. f ff if . I ,iE, , PM 'M' 1 . ff r ' t 3 A , ii i tsss rr 2 5 6' I ""' iize-f gif? Y ni is it We ff 'S' , The FHA carnival brings out all sorts of different looking creatures. Cheerleaders impersonate the football team ' Q' And Football Madness j Chef Grant CBamey Rubblej serves a mean bean burrito. xnxx., , Lg., W ,im erfffifi ' 3' l Ave' ,,.,.- ,., ,1'UN. 'Q 'fi X, -Q X, 'x i in 4 V 7 u ri: 72 5 J f " I ' 5 ' 'El i gi, Q3 . 1 3 1? s , ' "M -. 35' fl E" fi f ' 4 r r f 1 i' 1 I I .1 I' gl M., r r , -W: 'Mm W but it sure feels good ro rake off the helmets. Cheerleaders throw candy ro the crowd during pep rally. l 3 1 A Joyce Williams poses for the camera. ki 1 Teresa Petty makes a grand entrance. s l l s i Q 'li I if . 1 I X .ss fi Q 3 . Q, T ,, if:-5 -, fr A 55' - ,Q 'Q if' 5 Q ' 3 z . mgX,wf' 55. if 'Q PQ '52 " X , i 15552 XX-X - f J ',-M, R 215 2: Y E fi 1 9 3 e -- s , .. . I .. H .-fe . t X Y I ggv- ig K r I 12 Hz g 7 Q, A-315.1 ,f Q a ' fi I In s ' so , Q Chris Willars, Corina Barela Charles Mendez rries ro impress Aydee Anguiano. , and Paul Martinez are ready for the prom. Where did everybody go?Y if Q --.f , QQ: K ...- ,, W4 riff. uf" 5 fa ..,- .Q , W, ff Z , Q 5 e if it , A i an 2 f Hey. Why dont you meet me tonight!" asks Contius Cole. Monette and LaDonna model the latest business suit dresses. ll 1' 1' 1 S C S Vicki knows how to get attention, i ' xx if s . If Rs 1 K V 5 xx s X X R 3 "'-i.-I S i Featuring - Our future Mr. Universe! Who me!!?! 97 Qs? X 5? 98 Yvonne and Sally are getting prepared for a snowb ll fight. Winter Wonderland Comes to Trimble Tech san s as A YY AH HA! GOTCHA, seems what Mr. Velasquez is thinking, but Gabby What are these Tech students being entertained by?!? doesn't seem worried. Time for Relationships, Friendships, and Love r.. W .rf fs Gabby Ortiz, Cat and Lisa Moreno seem to be up to somethingl? gvwvfn' -- --H-- K . - A 11.. Q : E' - L K 'NN---. if .S l -1' v. Q .Q ffw - . ' was fs- if ' ry Q ' ' , - f 1 as f y L 'Q-5' L Nik 12 +1 1 f 41 NM' xv 52, N xii I -. ss' K in A r 5 M In Q mggj? fy -Q H ML ,.,,,, H ' , -V ' I u 1 f7?'.' Felicia, Terrina, Monique, and Vanessa pose for the roving photographer. Q 4? AN, ,, X 15 U . Q if Time to 5 .1 E X , fi ieii That's GROSS! Phooey! You expect us to believe that? Keep grinning . . . People may think you':e up to something. Thais right! Goof Off! l' PMI: X lf? gs? Don't STRETCH too hard now. 1 xr ',,,. nan. f vw .-K , Rosie sang herself to sleep. Who MH? Frances looks confused Q 3 1 wHWm.,.,,-Q I Q-+L, F ads and Styles ' f vf,. g ' 2 A i Q., 9' 2? Yv- I 2 Z ia 'S 1 wM,,,....-,-'- of Our Time . Ek! Techites Say Howdy! Howdy King and Queen Paul Martinez and Rosemary Soto x 4 05 . 1 fi I H'-.fume PERSONALITIES K 1- , . 4-4 foal! JUU i m , L-ii,-'Z 'W UI Ura!-Q r fag' Student Body Pres1dent of 1 983-84 Momra Vmmg holds the posmon of Student Body Pres1dent her SEHIOI' year ., .,...w ig:--i i ., 5: Y Q . . g f df ,,,..,+.vfH""Y"'? ,:,,Qn-M-'fs?"9"3' I, .. ' WNW of Qfxyk? .1 gf gg if , , s yi 'Ii i Q iii' 4 ' y o?fNf'?4sff QSQfYYwy4f .gmwvw-.ff Q-ixQ'x -Qfiy' 5, ,an FY ,a 4, f,afY"X'xivf -9 Qf'i"',,,Qaf' ,gf-swif',:.,'fn6 os -K+ 'a--.-. ,Q f X 7 f3++V,:,, if i'r:?Ifvf'Q ', eflffgqxfg ' yt?Q 'f?5 4mfg:.2??,,igw sfyxfys ,' xiii' + f ' " Homecoming Court of 1983-84 Homecoming Queen Second Attendant First Attendant Kay Manuel Sophiajohnson jackie McDowell Mr. Tech of 1984 joe Gonzalez Because personality and character as well as involvement go into the choosing of Mr. and Miss Tech, joe was the choice for Mr. Tech.joe is a warm and caring student here at Tech and well deserves the honor of being chosen Mr. Tech. He has involved himself in the Student Government Council, OEA, is a United High School Council Representative, and is President of our Senior Class.joe has been a part of our winning football team besides being in the top 1071 ofthe Senior Class. He is well rounded both academically and athletically, a combination that brought him respect from his classmates and teachers. Mr. and Miss Tech Runners-up Milton Stegall Kristine Smith 114 jamie Harper e Melvanelia Coronado BAND SWEETHEART Cassandra Dixon BEAU Shawn Ayala DRILL TEAM SWEETHEART Judy Teague BEAU Keyv Tatum Who S BIOLOGY Connie Green ENGLISH john Bargas MATH john Puente SPANISH, Patricia Zavala Who ?X X4 DATA PROCESSING Kristine Smith ENGINEERING DRAFTING, Rogelio Tijerina iam' 7 IS Y? os PRINTING, Kevin Hobson CHEMISTRY, Opal Edwards 117 CHILD CARE, Michelle Washington COSMETOLOGY, Diane Baker, Violet Martinez 4 A f 4 ,l PHOTOGRAPHY, Lisa Maroney, Thurman 118 Shultz AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION, Roel Rodriguez ATHLETICS Bobby McCoy AUTO MECHANICS Hector Zavala V . pf Q if :T 1,3 L5 Elf IH 4 My ff f ifC'9I3jffj??TI'ffI'f'?jff'iiii'1'IflfI:1'I'1'l1iz2542112 - "'l'5'V W+3Wf?'f'4w7'ffff?'?Lfin2fi??4, Q iw wg. 1 ATHLETICS tray, , ,:'fM'wz ' ' ' 4 gffgigigfi gyifgggyslflfjfjz 4, Li, if , M . . zgygfiyzy . 4,j,35,?1,5 AA yi j 633 Ofllta lfllflg f?i3f'fff41631+4Sf! ffiiiff .1 fA'.i'Tf?,NffQ""!' j4H'j,f'Qf' 45 J? 4 -2" f f - fm' .' ,.,,..,w- -M 'H ' Ja .. ,iffy frm f,'A"I',v",' 3 I fam-' J Q - ? 'V '.'?.'.'fWf' ,Y jg, i fff ' f ,' f ff A . 4 . " A i, .',A 1 .Q 1 , . G32 'fx if I lg. 4 ,V mcg' A 1? 2 K. .f f Q ' ' 1 ' 0 5' X' TT C 1 1 . M' W f Q w - " M, K' fffl xfr 5 ' ."4-4-Q7-33'-i'i7g'fM" gfgg.f5!ff3fTfff ff , A , A K ff' vf.f','!f f v 'f 1. HN x5,3,',L.'.'. Qfgjggirzg ,, QV 1 2 32, 'AQ' Jlvwkff f T 4 " v. In , 1, , . ,zxfnfhzvfx . E! X My Lf i: ' iff! . X 'ff , :ff it Q 3 v 3,5575 T in J N 1 , 95,37 f 1? It 1 R A e 1 Q 'V ,.., v. k,.: VVV, 4 5' ' 7 'iff 7 W :fl .. '- ' ' Q . 5 T , v .V T 1' .- uv t, -'-:nh .V H xy ,N f mf f A, - vb ,gxws M, A . A E '.,.b,. ez, , 51: in' 'M'.vn.vL3- Xi, ' ' 7 7: .'.'. ic, 'lily' g uns, , , Y f' .mf Oc , .. nu x T .. - - 7 -1 if-'g?' 4QfQnu',. A A ' Nj.'..Jx Q Cay. N5 Ziff -Ms Qing. X MNST, 8' H J' Ax 'HP ' , gnu 'W -.., 3 T A W' LEATHER CRAFT Alicia Woolridge AUTO MECHANICS Leo Saenz COMMERCIAL ART Gregory Sanchez MACHINE SHOP Souvanthone Phonangpangna 'X QP' AERONAUTICS If COMMERCIAL ART Anthony Martin ELECTRONICS Andre Mullinax ames Yarbrough AUTO BODY Roberto Hernandez HEALTH OCCUPATIONS Ana Aguilar HECE Ethel Gray BRICK Tim Lafayette SOCIAL STUDIES Milton Stegall MOST ATTRACTIVE Cynthia Patterson and Nathan Jennings MOST ATTRACTIVELY DRESSED Carol Webb and Robert Coleman Mosts MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Kay Manuel and Ted Trevino MOST PLEASIN G PERSONALITY Kevin Hobson and Terrina Moore MOST WITTY Alvaro Alvarez and Monique Hair MOST LIKELY TO MOST COURTEOUS SUCCEED Connie Green and joe Gonzalez l MOST COOPERATIVE Byron Robinson and V jackie McDowell MOST TALENTED Donal Butler and Kristi Graves Robert McCann and Kristi West MOST ATHLETIC Mary Lusk and Milton Stegall yn, ,G wh CX ,MW . 4 , -A .9 7 .wf"t'W -M s it ,, F" , .If x f 4 wg 1 H4 ' f M! sg , A an ,,,, , ,F - in ,.. 'laflw -W1 4 3 N, . Q sf. 1 ,iM ,Q W 4 'nf ff ff 'JL ag .Ji ,A, f nf , Q nf ' 1 'iff vu, MMM' ,v -. '41- N ""ww 4? A W- A 1 ,SVP0 S Q 1 fg friggin Wu if , AAU umm ff Y f 1, w -11. Q Q f Q , Q H f 1 -..Gp lfmu ' KMA:- xi, gl ,pun-mv? nasal!!! ...J-M-"' Qs., 45:2 ' 127 o o xx 6. Wegfgxv 2l"115,Q'o6 6,650 xx 66 649 'Za' 09 0 '11 ,'5'5 XCDLSQ o 91, 010 4. i666 o e e eee 1 h e 15012 Robinson 7,5 Guides . C32 Tech to Playoffs an Q o 'J' h .L 1fechV1ctory QQ Dogs Fort Worth? G to Reglonals og! High School I, O on a Roll e W h i ,7 ' mo,, L o 0 90 C0 T xp V ED' bis R Jo - W? 'SGC' x 00 yl W Lee Ends Tech's Year Trimble Tech Dominates All-District, Tarrant County Team l Bobby McCoy Off. Player of the Year All-District and Tarrant County QB Kevin Hobson All-District and Tarrant County Off. Tail Back Kyev Tatum All-District Off. Tight Eng Mitch Hobson Tony Adams All-District and Tarrant County Def. All-District Def. Linebacker S Quinton Robinson Coach of the Year Chris Williars All-District and Tarrant County Center jamie Harper All-District and Tarrant County Def. End Milton Stegall All-District Off. Rt. Guard Felix Harper All-District Def. Tackle 129 fff Q M 2?WWWWn-W W": A YY n df ' - , 4 W W: I fi A 4 Ke b n Sweetheart nn Brown fs l"h'T'A"' Varsity Takes Second in District Nfl , a ,age Bottom Row, L-R: William Keller, Ronald Meeks, Robert McCan, Larry Sheppard, Kevin Evans, Kyver Tatum, Roman O'Quinn, Kevin Hobson, Mitch Hobson, Byron Robinson, Neimier Herod, Bobby McCoy. Middle Row, L-R: Manuel Watkins, Ervin Farris, Nathan Jennings, Darrell Young,james Gray, Bubba Her- nandez, Steve McDonald, Chris Willars,jimmy Valadez, Tony Adams, Bobby Coleman, Paul Martinez. Top Row, L-R: Chirs Chism, Kevinjudie, Anthony Sanford, l Eric Edwards, Felix Harper, Eugene Price,jamie Harper,joe Gonzalez, Abron Jernigan, Milton Stegall, Nobel Hobbs, Esidro Garza, Quinton Robinson john Naylor Maurice McWilliams M Harold Barret 131 132 R-1y ---4. . . nw S gg. M ws" . s W, me. .. Q 5' " 5 ns: 3 is Bobby McCoy QB - 2 yrs. , - kr- 15 X. fi, X . , , Byron Robinson Monster - Z yrs. nfs .J ' ' S --.if . ""' xb1.""' i pi' .gist i N, . 1 .E x ,ds A . Kyver Tatum DE - 2 yrs. 5' sr i :::' .X 'A gs: .V T- y M .. Z V Larry Shepard r. .N . S s , ,X .SM .. 4, ,r isis? Nemier Herod R - 2 yrs. Defense rushes to make the tackle. Q-......,Q v mn- r .lm ' .55 N m an A .. F ' ,. , 1 E 'e" i , s r , , A . , g , - is . 4 i y Q ,gilt i 'al s . R R ... A Vw If L w aeeeaa B I Mitch Hobson Kevin Hobson CB - 2 yrs. RB - 2 yrs. Ronald Meeks strives for a touchdown. Roman O'Quinn S - 2 yrs. . ' i'Z . . ,. K " sa. .' . fi N K 1 I ' .f3'5isf3ie K gil Kevin Evans R - 1 yr. Robert McCann R - 2 yrs. XXX F15 ' -at Y r W 1 1, X :L 1 I 6 X l Y rw 3 Ronnie Meeks RB - 2 yrs. awqu Q 3, , .,,: k .W NX 5 is Si ' gi? X 1 if ,... ', 'lJ'n..?y 1 ., r if-, 7 2:1 at E? it 91 R l .A Ronald Meeks takes a breather on the side line. Manuel Watkins LB - 1 yr. in R ' ,:Q.b..Ja it Y H7 ' . X T ' Wag '35, vu IX, . 'Y' S Nathan jennings RB - 2 yrs. RB - 2 yrs. - ' .. , .. . juuulnus . yy y R 1 Y R is ieee ' R y tt R y if t V - tie R we es if isrgfw-as i ' james Gray Ronald "Bubba" Hernandez Steve McDonald RB - 1 yr. LM - Z yrs. LB -1 yr. . .mg ar . A af W 1 R iz g. -, 'F .'. 3 ' l 5 a ff , H. William Keller LB - 2 yrs. ,J Y I 24 ' A K Z AM , Q f if -Ju R . ,IN .. .. ' Ervin Farris RB - 1 yr. Darrel Young Defense become the offense so get that ball. P Ja' I Chris Willars T - 1 yr. .ae as i , if-15 7 , 2: 1 :P ' A 5 W "YI, I gf , ,Ld , fr, A . ,E Eugene Price LM - 2 yrs. 1, gym W W ...,, i my 3' K ' af 'ilk . ' . , mg? K mV',,.yz mjyi V1 1 2.73 , I 'lm ' if 'Www' 'el .QQTV1 L C it W ' . N' ' Eric Edwards LM- 1 yr. ff l 134 Coach Robinson anxiously watches his team. I Q . 2 4 f fr V rf"-Am ' ' 1 ' as 1 Q vb 'M f f . .. f wx 7 ,, M , ,gf-7 at E ' f t . ,, Q W . Q. - , . J - 3219 f Q-1 V ' , . . a t X Q if-X 'ff-. ,rms W - Q' ssss A f s ftflfxswi eliffsvfs -t ' A N " ' C' ' ' -' 192 ,,zfg+lf y Tech fans show their love and support for the team. Felix Harper DE - 1 yr. -1-lull - L I f wgq ,,3 - awp 5 ., 9 ,. Y. ,Q Nw , Q y th h'??ig,, ,Mama I tm I . Aa . , , 'fu' K A W f I V 'st -me ... ' - . -1 I I , 1 M s ----- ,, , , fi H 'X ' " ff " ,, -as x ,f . W ff' X f f wr C ,fe ' we I Q y K SY , 4 'r K . 1 ga A, W , 7 MW f . yigf 4 ig? Anthony Sanford LB - 2 yrs. Kevinjudie CB - 2 yrs. , LZ. 'Wx' . Q-. - 'G+-Q mf' Chris Chism R - 2 yrs. Bobby McCoy scrabbles out of a sack! Drill Team shows their Colgate smiles. 'V iq- XX: if '-Q ,nf , - Q! jimmy Valadez Tony Adams T-lyr. LB-3yrs, l, I X Y ws 5 6? mmlm, mmmm T f czf I ,:imm, . -Lm K m P 4 sary. K , I 2 if S- i xx Robert Coleman Paul Martinez LB -1 yr. LM - 3 YIS. as 'N I .,,' sm' 1 H F: , . .. . , "EL X34 1 T Q f- T it Q Li 2 Isidro Granado Noble Hobbs LM-lyr. LB-lyr. 1 T . H - 1, .. E 'gr l .,! 7, 4' H f W K , N in A oil' H, K Q, K H M. ,W . ill 'Nu I Wk R , ,. , r., K .1,x. Eh K . Q A K A oe Gonzalez amie Harper J J T - 2 yrs. DE - 2 yrs. Ervin eases toward the goal line again. KN 'nn , . -5 in . f - M ,.i. ME --..,, ,af .. W A, ,,. se 1, ,, Q V- V, i T ii " 5- Q f Q41 A J M11 wg: K, 19151 J J is . Ms, .MAL L-'S , . Milton Stegall LM - 3 yrs. Abron Jernigan LM - 1 yr. ii T .5 ff "ww 5. 3 Mew fkfg-Q1sRE.5w5k1 Q 4.4. The offensive huddle pulls together for the next play. .mi J. V. Football Prepares for Next Year Top Row, L-R: Coach Butler, Tim Berry,jeff Miller, Tony Perez, Kenneth Collins, Charles Mendez,jerome Bemphus, Sonny Steele, Hank Williams, Theodore Echols, Eric Bowmon, Demerttas West, Walter Williams, Tony Lyons,josh Williams, Kenneth Wilson, Kurt Chism, Coach Bec. Middle Row, L-R: Renalso Lenard, Tony Walton, Allen Turner, Lee Benson, Ferrel Miller, Ronald Lacy, Raymond Lemons, Rodney jackson, Franklin McNeil, Charles Cox, Eric White. Bottom Row, L-R: Patrick Loggins, Brent Hall, Ricky Gates, Milton Taylor, Mark Brown, Charles Wilson, Cedric Hart, Marcus Webb, Bennyjones. f 4 t '71 ,4 -,E . Z f 1, .- f . - . yf. .,,, ,, , xi! f.. Freshmen Take Second in District W w1.- if E?'5!1::'q f Q , F r xii- ' - - -- -an az . S Top Row, L-R: Steve Fletcher, Corbett Potts,jeff Carr, johnnie Peoples, jeff Franklin, Keith Alexander, Roger Williams, L. D. Dickson. Third Row:jerry Don Williams, Shaun Greene, Devin Amie, Steve Bell, Willie Garcia, Sean Timmons, Marcus-Jernigan, Micheal Wenceslao, Reginald Peoples, Michael jackson, Larry Soloman. Second Row: Ricky Marcin, Andre Thomas, Tyrone Weatherd, Sedric Henron, Pat Lester, Richard Price, Harrold Lampkin, Fred Smith, Sedrick Gip- son, Reginald Morris, Shawn Tarkington, Manager. First Row: Renaldo Herod, Ander Lacy, LaMarcus-Jones, David Stuart, Albertjohnson, Deja Brookins, An- thony Wallace, Kevin Maroney, Kevin Hood, Craig Kinney, L, D. Dickson, Reggie Smith, Manager. 3 I Q is i ' ' .' 1 , It A, W V, , , . . ,,, llll j A My s iw ' VY V Q. .MQW H, ,x ii 5 a. Volleyball Beau Hardie Lusk Varsity Volleyball Team Bottom Row, Left to Right: Monita Vining, Monica LeGrand, Mary Lusk. Top Row: Cindy Rodriguez, Alejandra Espinosa, Sherelyn Stafford, Carla Williams, Mrs. Poe, Sonya Smoak, Sharon Milton, Cindy Obregon. Varsity Has Good Year, Wins Third in District y W Coach Carmen Poe ,fi A W iw-s l 7, -- .. vyg ,ig W Sharon Milton Carla Williams Monica LeGrand Alejandra Espinosa Sherelyn Stafford Monita Vining ' ,MW-fwww-www fy K ' ' . We 5" fi Q W S H, 1 Cindy Rodriguez 6, i , M 4 ffwlmiw ug .. qi, .ii Q , ,, ,fi Mary Lusk ' ,f iatygj fn g , . s . ,, ,i , , ,gd - , inf rv m.f"' ' vu ' Sonya Smoak Cindy Obreg mf- me :va -F. , s, ,Qi 4 fy-1 4 'W inii l i f l iiiii i f iy, i.yy V VIQ 1 A . . , I I 141 unior- arsity Wins District Top Row, L-R: Mr. Alholm, Ivie Crockett, Tracie Ross, Tammy Mustiful, Yolanda Brown, Teresa Lafayette, Teresa Guerrca, Theresa Guerrero. Bottom Row, L-R: Cathrine Price, Karen Davis, Dee Dee Watkins, Carmen Allen. VK Ju , lllifl' T H T , Q v lax Freshman Volleyball Top Row, Left to Right: Toasha jones, Rikkitta Criss, Monica Calewell, Kim Handy, Edwann Rubell, Tamiko Robinson, Rita Rodriguez, Susan Green, Mrs. Mecllen. Bottom Row: Demonica Hudspeth, Yolanda Wright, Maria Salinas, Constance Washington, Kathyjackson, Forinda Flores. Mrs. Medlen, Coach Varsity Basketball Team i wi Top Row: Michael Dickson, Anthony Martin, Exekiel Robinson, Coach Gales, Rodney Nobles, Tommy Waldon,james McDaniel, Donald Calton. Bottom Row: Rodney McAfee, Kevin Foster, Donald Butler, Mark Wevster, Norman Harris, Keith Throp. we W e Q1,,..,,' ,QS ,L .la nw-Y it aa- 2 Coach john Gales Coach tries to stay calm, but he looks worried! -g,4ip,--uiaetavwas. . 145 Mark Webster - G Kenneth Foster - G Keith's not sharing that ball. Ee' Norman Harris - G Donald Butler - G D0n211d Calwn - G Donald shoots for two. Ezekiel Robinson - C-F Anthony Martin - F 3, Ei james McDaniel - G Keith Thorpe - F Michael Dickson - F Rodney Nobles - C-F Tommy Waldon - F ,-""',. ,....X Eat your heart out Mark Aguirre. Donald Butler is very popular with the Highlanders. 'iw .ww Lk 'B i if Q A sa V4 x .l 147 .I.V. Finishes District at the Top i E S ,W Y , I Top Row, L-R: Marcus Webb, Mark Brown, Kevin Dorham, Victor Hunter, Lonnie Lancam, Malcom Turner, Brant Sharp, Laurence Collins, Coach McWilliams. Bottom Row, L-R: Rodneyjackson, William Boman, Kevinjones, Anthony Hobson, Kevin Williams, Charles Wilson. Freshmen Win District Top Row, L-R: Coach Hickman, Sean Timmons, Tim jackson, Dwane Reed, Reginald Shaw, Winston-Iohnson, Terahjones,joe Rutherford. Bottom Row, L-R: David Miller, Willie Rubinson,-Ierrald Galer, Reynaldo Herod, George Comors, Anthony Wallace, Patrick King, saw' Coach Hickman talks to his team. X jerald makes a fast break. 1110 Varsity Girl's Basketball First Row, L-R: Coach Campbell, Sharon Gordon, Yolanda Ish, Mary Lusk, Monira Vining, Monica Marshall, Sonya Smoak, Elizabeth Pirrs. Bortom Row, L-R: Paula Prentice, Linda Green, Teresa Brookins, Carla Williams, Lynn Criss. . 1 f f 1 , , yyy, Teresa Brookins Paula Prentice Monita Vining QY4555 UUNB A Q Carla Williams Linda Green Monita jumps for a rebound. arg, Sophia stretches for the ball. Coach Campbell watches his team with enthusiasm. Lynn Criss Monica Marshall Mary Lusk 41 A ,fgqgei ir 'Q my V .-f 1, 1 . Y 5 i! ' Sonya Smoak tries for a rwo-poinrer. They don'r ge: any taller :han this! Qgifffly Sharon Gordon Sophia Ish Sonya Smoak .V. Gir1's Basketball Bottom Row: Latonia Williams, Teresa Lafayette, Teresa Guerrero, Katherine Price. Second Row: Rochelle Maxifield, Remonica Wade, Debbie Dardan, Robbie Sneed, Ivie Crocker, Top Row: Kretta johnson, DeeDee Watkins, Deborah Gross, Tammy Mustiful, Sunyette Martin, Stacy Quarles, Greta Thomp- son, Sandra Gordon, Coach Beck. Freshman Gir1's Basketball Top Row: Denise Henderson Cmgrj, Monica Caldwell, DeMonica Hudspeth, Kim Handy, Bobbia Gay, Vora Rutledge, Tamala johns, jessica Sharp, Tamiko Robinson, Coach Redding. Bottom Row: Susan Green, Kathy jackson, Tonya Brookins, Virginia Collins. Soccer Sweetheart Tina Herrera Trimble Tech Soccer A rss r ffffffzfqff Top Row, L-R: Coach Escovedo, Arturo Zavcta, Greg Sanchez, juan Calderon, Kevin Evans, Honorio Gonzalez, jesus Savedo, Pete Torres. Middle Row, L-R: Lauro Borjon, Robert Hemandez,juan Romero, Ruben Rodriguez,-Jesus Badillo,jose Ayala. Bottom Row, L-R: Andrew Loza, Albert Agilera, Anthony Kina dred, Alfonzo Rodriguez, Antonio Romero, jesus Calderon. Baseball Sweetheart Diana Puente Varsity Baseball Team Top Row: Coach Cortez, Deanna Saenz, David Zamora, Raul Rodriguez, Dan Williams, Nathan Jennings, Kyev Tatum, Manuel Guerrero, Mark Mendoza, Allen Turner, Shawn Green, Coach Grant, Diana Puente, Bottom Row: Tito Perez, Mike Martinez, Mark Arango, john Perez, David Rubalcaba, Sergio Rodriguez, Charles Mendez,james Minor, Robert Chavez. t Y X ,,,.. Q .2 ..,. ttt. K R . r N: .K .2-in . I ' t, Z .. I W i N it, Q t 11122 T ,it if r t ' tttte - X X t, t , A " or izgii-free: I k 2 5 .t:.. -X IXL ' 'f"' 5, xr X issggfzsigg i 2' 5 sf. ig A Q5 s Q aa We I f -Q t ist --t iz: I., V ' Ye of ' Coach Chris Cortez Coach Steve Grant f -me 1, ii- W. V 4 Nathan Jennings Manuel Guerrero A8 ,' 35 ff f 4, 1 f 1 2 Q W L , , ja . , , I - N 5 1 I J lf a, 11 1' " 4 . 3' f A , .Eli ,A-ms, ,K .3 .th , . David Zamora Dan Williams J fw- .-,. -fjgrgrf,-fthfl :. W L - . i , ugl y f . if a IV' ' i V T' ' f. ,I - i, Si. X , rm... ' , . ..:s:sf?i5" 1 " N VfF"i'? X f f - i XML W, S r -' . f-1 :Ed -532' r , - L A X' ' - 'Nw M K-yfg:gg,4,isafg:.f - A a:.,. ' ---- ii. : . 1 Kyev Tatum Q a..i af l twink kb gig, , , K4 New K W T 'v' , ,X A A , is ,,,, in mi f Z? ef --1 MM, ff David Rubalcaba 'few-faWiwxalf-law-'-wggg B swf '4 ' mf- W1-'ne .523-E e a ff '57, .f--1,1fsx:gxfw:i.1f:- 'fi ., 1-LQ 1 ,, a fees! I H, .L RQ 55 in - - I ' 5 JQQESZEEQ . , ' ' J " aal. V - ,' ,?Q,.jJ ,-fy , ' Q r"" a - Q ",' x QQ' , 1 Allen Turner james Minor Charles Mendez Robert Chavez 4 ,R Q' .Y Raul Rodriguez K I nf iz, 1 ,, ,, i x 1 'W " zzzz X? .XZ , ' rlh - R A :..- 4.7! Meg: iiffiifi 1- ifii2:'::.if , ggi, - X mo d ify R ' ...X JM ,.,... . 1 ii if 1 ,.,, W ,, ff f'f",. W X .:.,,. X9 fi . 5 Q- 3 A I mi , 4 ,,:: LKII , . , 5 V X , Nm f 'Haul I Q X 59 df r or W f ,mu I . W ' , "ii f"..,ahQz, M if , .. -,vi fl: , f,,, H wa- , . , in TW ...., H Sergio Rodriguez of A ig. . .N , . i ,.,--. ,gli v 4 .1 N! E., A - 'V " fi' . X - - N, . H .11... M A A .T l bl q .W z 'E , X Q Q 5 A' If-fffpu , , . ' john Perez Tito Perez Mark Mendoza Q " L L... ' xl' Q ' 5 " is 'A..z,E,w. "'hh' f R A Fw, R Mike Martinez Mark Arango Shawn Green if U4 wi hp. W unior Varsity Baseball :mai 4 'ww , f ,' -0 3,4 , f- . f " 'M , fiat' Mm. - v'?"r',, ' ' ' ' .rf . ,Yu . H , , .. s r v47"Y,N , T, ,W rv" -Q V ' A " 1f 'e ffgfgm .za ,, y if , , JM , . , 4 H . A ,,1i,aA2f"'. '4 t .. 'MM , ,.- 1 z iz ' fi " - Q. am' wa! YW-12U": 'i W , , , , , . . . fr in i 4 Top, Left to Right: Michael Hernandez,-Joe Gonzales, Mike Martinez, Charles Mendez, Coach Alholm, Tony Perez, jerome Bumphus, Cesar Ortega, Michael Ayala, Rick Rodriguez, Eric White. Bottom Row, L-R: Tito Perez, Allen Turner, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Arango,-John Perez, Bryant Parkes, Trey Webster. Freshman Baseball Team Top Row, Left to Right: Charlie Rodriquez, David Franco, Mike Ortega, Shawn Greene, Sam Deleon,joe Arango, Curus Crosby, Coach Grant. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Armando Portales, Domingo Maldonada, Fred Pecinanloejiminez, Fredjiminez. Tennis Sweetheart and Beau Rosemary Tejada and Gilbert Rodriguez Boy's Tennis Team Top Row, Left to Right: Romalice Brumfield, Rojelio Tijerina, Mesa, Richard Perez, Charles Dempsey. '3- Gilbert Rodriguez, Ferril Miller, Coach Campbell. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Gilbert Gilbert Rodriguez Charles Dempsey Rojelio Tijerina Girl's Tennis Team From Left to Right: Mrs. Poe, Rosemary Tejada, Teresa Anzaldua,julie Perez, Alice Gonzalez, Rosie Farias. fae T We EX Teresa Anzaldua Alice Gonzalez julie Perez Future Tennis Players Zia. :lb X21 K" ,Sf 5' 'e,, 4 si 4. s I J? Mt, , . I 3951 ,Q A ' i f Top Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Poe, Rita Rodriguez, Constance Washington, Amy Brooks, Eclwann Rubell, Rekkite Cris, Isabel Rosal Right: Forinda Flores, Cynthia Gonzales, Rachel Colenacho, Pam Perkins. es. Bottom Row, Left to ma 1 E Yo P" v Cynthia Gonzales and Pam Perkins and Isabel Forinda Flores Rosales I ,I ,Af V 5, i Golf Sweetheart Susie Ibarra Tech's Golf Team Top Row, L-R: Mr. Smith, Susie Ibarra, Will Monteleon,jimmy Valadez. Bottom Row, L-R: Victor Ramos, Donald Armstrong, Lee Burt. Coach Charlie Smith l Track Sweetheart and Beau Anthony Hobson and Kristine Smith Varsity Track Team tt aaaaaa -Ei A me A ... -1 if--Q - , . Bottom Row, Left to Right: Fred Smith, Reggie Smith, Kevin llohson, Brent Hall, Sam Harris, Mark Rhodes. Top Row, Left to Riglmjody johnson, Bennie jones, Eric Edwards, Robert McCann, William Kc-ller,james Gray,jamie Harper, Larry Shepperd, Mark McGrudor, Ii.j. Childers, Coach Butler. Freshman Track Team , 1 , ' ,r am 41 Q """'1.! QUT I M-'mm' af I Top Row, Left to Right: Larry Solomon, Lamarcusjones, Leslie Caldwell, Steven Sidley, Andre Thomas. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Leonard Morris, Richard Price, Freddie Smith, David Stuart. 1 V 1 1 x I ORGANIZATIONS i r uf . IASB K JUG f FWJKY 5 xi E-M2-v 22.5 3 ,-v --- Um 'Gil Auto Body l , lc Bottom Row: Cedric Taylor, Luis Pena, Adam Perez, Roberto Hernandez, Paul Hermisillo, Kenneth Roney, Michael Gonzales, Second Row: Raul Hernandez, jonathan Lacy, Michael Zepeda, Steven Ramirez, Raul Monsivais. Top Row: Mr. Franklin, Kevin -Judy, Mario Garcia, Hector Montoya, Byron Love, johnny Ramirez, Keith Thorpe, Hector Zamarripa. Aeronautics Seatedzjesus DeHoyos, Richard Cabral, Sam Gerard. Standing: Manuel Ortiz, Gerardo Galvan, Hector Figuroa, Victor Serano, Ceal Ponter, Tony Ayala, Mr. Sandars, William Maples. Auto Mechanics A il Bottom Row: Quint Turner, Gerald Messiclcjesse Marin, Gilbert Moreno, Hector Zavala, Roderick Price. Top Row: Eric Dowsey, Richard Hemandez,jesse Flores,-Jesse Claderon, Darrel Bennett, Mario Serran0,juan Aguilar, Paz Gonzalez, Mr. Parish. Electronics ver 'SEK Bottom Rowzjohn Rodriquez, Nicolas Ocura, Billy Taylor. Second Row: Annabelle Lopez, Rosemary Guerrero, Mary Garcia. Third Row: Allen Turner, Ricky Dory, Andre Mulinax, Robert Chavez, Ricky Harris,joseph Lucky, Mnjohns. Lasr Row: David Zamora, Milton Taylor, Narhanjennings. Leathercraft UQ'-mn u if?2iL.ffiML, f W Bottom Row: Kevin Boggess, Christine Oliver, Tammy Mayes, Gayle Mcane. Second Row: Kaye Oliver, Denetres Watkins, Tony Walton, Linda Green, Dion Sims. Top Row: Keith Collins, Doris Davis, Helen Lincoln, Bridgett Haynes, Tonya Zimmerman. pholstry Mr Bottom Row: Vera Sanchez, Melissa Filmore,janice Williams, Deidra Burns, Sylvia Sandoval. Second Row: George Smith, Wyane Trotter, Sharon Butler, Irma Gonzales, Neaita Wortham, Monica Herrera, Angela Cubic, Nathan Thompson, Denise Toines,james Williams, Tonia Morrow, Margarita Hernandez, Melissa Saldana. Top Row: Carl Dancer, Cindy Bishop, Alfretta Thomas, Elizebeth Pitts, Willie Griffith, Celia Sigala, Larry Shepherd, Philip Sandford, Sanovia Moblin, Roslind Newsome, Patricia Flores. Photography If FS ' ' 1. 2+ R g i "S , 2 or i E , , 2 A s lag C' f ' 5 'QE 5 , fi' if 1' F I1 Bottom Row: Roberta Brauer, Lida Maroney, Alvaro Alverez, Rhoda Riojas. Center Row: Nedra Hill, Paul Harlin, Amelia Morales, Mynde Oates, Sandra Castro, Felicia Nickerson, Rosa Segura. Top Row: Tina Cortez, Byron Brown, Thurman Schultz, Terryjacl-tson. Child Care Bottom Row: Maribel Cervantez, Sonia Gavirio, Zandra Roberson, Mary Castro, juane Benson, Susie Amaro, Ofelia Solar, Mrs. Medlen. Second Row: Elida Ayala, Mary Rosalez, Lesa Kroeker, Gloria Thomas, Claudette Caldwell, LaTonya Williams, Lisa Campos. Third Row: Cheryl johnson, jerri Willis, Kenyon Brown, Karen Davis, Theletia Owens, LaWana Williams, Catherine Price. Fourth Row: Carla Williams, Diana Tijerina, Cecilia Salazar, Stacy Brittenham, Anna Hernandez, Michelle Washington. Fifth Row: Tia Slater, Kim Barbee, Cynthia Martinea, Pam Soloman, Nona Beecham, Frankie Duke. ll 1 Cosmetology ru oooo if ' 1 S KJ Bottom Row: Norma Velizg President, Mylinda Dodson, Sgt.-at-Arms, Lucy Cabral, Vice President, Isabel Zamarripag Violet Martinez. Top Row: Marcy Abrego, Sylvia Garcia, Tambra Sanchez, Mevelyn Richardson, Norma Smith, Mrs. Flory. Cosmetology Rosemary Soto, Felica Martinez, Childs Brown, Remonica Wade, Paula Prentice, Veronica Castill, Ivy Crocker, Ariceli Espino, Hilda Artega, Donna Derider 176 Ester Serda, Delinda Collins, Sunyette Martin, Lynn Campbell. Bible Club fn, V t r f QL il l t law ttttt ,Z t Lxyfii - l r : r 5 F as M s Y Left to Right: Lavonzella Billingsly, Vincent Battles, Zennette Mitchel,james Pierce, Sandra Mitchel, Latonia Rose. S ' h Club Bottom Row: Mrs. Hager - Sponsor, Irma Rodriquez, Veronica Rodriquez, Sonia Del-Ioyos, Anna Aguilar, Silvia Ibarra. Second Row: Ramonda Hall, Albert Garcia, Todd Huckaby, Carlton Peterson, Romalice Brumfield, Francisco Gonzales. Top Row: Monita Vining, Ted Trevino, Ramona Greene, Sylvia Munoz. Math Club Bottom Row: Yolanda Martin, Elizabeth Reyther, Pettie King, Althea Gerard, Shawn Ayala, Second Row: Sadie Williams, Sponsor, Rosa Segura, Kristine Smith, Ramona Greene, Sam Gerard. Third Row: Monira Vining, Randy Williams, Avery Watson. Ruben Caiceda, Christine Kissenraner, Monica Marshall, Vin- cent Battles. Science Club Bottom Row: Sylvia Velasquez, Lillian Mercado, Ruth Moreno, Karen Rhine, Lisa Parrish. Second Rowzjuanita Alvarez, Kristine Smith, Opal Edwards, Socorro Cabello, Mrs. Ammann, Sponsor. Third Row: Edward Sanders, Vincent Battles, Monique Hair, Monita Vining, Ramona Greene, Thurman Schultz, Eddie Keller. ational Honor Society 5 di M., S.- Bottom Row: Olivia Garcia, Sylvia Flores, Monita Vining, Mrs. Beeman. Second Row: Shawn Ayala, Heidi Lester, Marissa Hereera, Idalia Gonzalez, Kristi West, Leticia Flores, Anna Anuilar. Third Row: Sophia Sheppard, Rebecca Diaz, john Peunte, Connie Green, Kristine Smith, Tabitha Mitchell, Alice Gonzalez, Mrs. Murphy. Fourth Row: Gerardo-Jimenez, Richard Valasquez, Robert Fabela, Arthur Dodd,james Gray, Lurel Ayers, Genoro Martinez, Denise Elder,jaunita Stegall. Allied Youth Bottom Row: Lisa Maroney, Christina Garcia, Olivia Garcia, Diana Maldonado, Quetrina Hamilton. Second Row: Kinda Barbee,-Julio Coronado, Byron Love, Monita Vining. Third Row: Sylvia Munoz, Keith Thorpe,joe Gonzalez, Paul Matinez, Robert Allen, Terrence Cotton. Tech High Spirits First Row: Diane Barrlel, Brenda Dodson, Charlotte Woodard, Debra Kennard, Mylinda Dodson, Susan Martinez, Tambra Sanchez. Second Row: Muriel Ables, Kristine Smith, Monica Marshall, Alberto Garcia, Linda Ainsworth. Third Row: Miss Swain, Monita Vining, Ramona Greene, Sylvia Munoz. Not Pictured: Dawn Bonner, Angela Dailey, Bernesa George, Tammy Helton, Yolanda Martin, Tyaila Skinner, Benita Smith,jana Thompson, Cheryl Tippins, Gloria Webb, Barbette Franklin, Christine Kissentanner, Robert Mireles, Randy Williams, Angie Williams. Miss Swain works to build high spirits. H.O.C.E. vw I .57 FX Bottom Row: Irene Lugo, Aydee Anguiano, Teresa Matthews, Sonji Crockett, Ana Aguilar, Karen johnson. Second Row: Angela Ford, Rebecca Diaz, Helen Brown, Rosalind Richardson, Deanna Gonzales, Anna Duran. Jana McKelroy, Elizabeth McPherson, Kim Norman. Third Row: Bobby Coleman, Edward Escobedo. Fourth Row: William Keller, Steve McDonald, Vincent Battles. Not Pictured: Alice Gonzales, Tommie Russell, Mary Ann Miles, Linda Mclrwin, Deidre Reagor, Eva Ramiriz, Eric Rodriquez. H.E.C.E. r' 'W' iw - 'rf -'T f . .- :H A ' ' , -ef - f io: ' . L.. 1 ui , -Q ' ' , if - . , r , , lt -ng.. --,w V ,.. A r , ,wma A... Q 1 ,lr an . , K ., fs B Q . , ri QW.. ' ' A . gi ., f . ,, ,, L l , If-43 .., A A s, 5 Q 4 1 .5 First Row: Yolanda Garcia. Pam Brown, Gala Branch, Angela Williams, Elainejenkins, Viola-Johnson. Michelle Williams. Pam Armstrong. Second Row: Mary Oca, Betty Aguirre, Maria Sides. Sophiajohnson, Patriciajohnson, Monica Legrand, Stephanie Taylor. Third Rowzjoan Walter, Mary Luslcjackie McDowell, Roderic Scott, Ursula Fantroy. Ethel Gray, Deborah Polk. Fourth Row: Carol Webb, Chris Price, Sharon Crisp. Patrick Thornton, Mrs. Guthrie. O.E.A., Seniors Bottom Row: Mrs. Ratliff, Rosario Frias, Adrianna Elizondo, Mary Fabila, Kimberly Booth, Cassandra Dixon, Karen Rhine, Lisa Parrish, Melva Coronado, Mrs. Roberson. Second Row: Patricia Zavala, Irma Rodriquez, Sylvia Cruz, Doreen Del Toro, Shirleyjohnson, Kay Manuel,javette Rhodes, Arleen Stoneman, Greg Striblen. Third Row: Gabierla Ortiz, Isabel Meza, Raymond Perez, Cynthia Redmond, Kristine Smith, Carrie Manning, Peggy Willis. Fourth Row: Linda Ainsworth, Silvia Flores, Daetra jones, Kristi West, Tabatha Mitchell, julie Perez, Connie Green, Ted Trevino. Fifth Row: Albert Celis, Charles Dempsey, Catalina Moreno, Armando Duran, Monita Vining, Gilbert Rodriquez, Manuel Guerrero, Milton Stegall,j0e Gonzalez. O.E.A.,juniors Bottom Row: Mrs. Ratliff,jose Alfaro, Yolanda Guajardo, Teresa Brookins, Yolanda Luera, Lisa Lares, Antonia Gomez, Marisa Herrera, Patricia Stewart, Mrs. Roberson. Second Row: Sabrina Baker, Richard Velasquiz, Paula Duty, Sophia Sheppard, Sylvia Zamora, Lori Lee, Alandran Benjamin, ldalia Gonzalez. Third Row: Sonji Butler, juanita Gavario, Heidi Lester, Sheila Hoy, Tamirrajackson, Melinda Reyna, Lillian Mercardo, Maria Ordonez. Fourth Row: Debra Williams, Bural Ayers, Gerry Forman, Sheryl Baily, Brenda Calhoun,juanita Alvarez,juanita Stegall, Gerardo-Jimenez, Martin Gonzalez. 182 Concert Choir Bottom Row: Mrs. johnson, jennie Clark, Chansonnetta Banks, Desi jackson, james Spencer, Edwana Rubell, Rikkita Criss, Andrea Smith, juanita Briggs. Second Row: Shawn Collins, Kathy jackson, Angela Storey, Kemberly Bayless, Cyrus Crosby, Randy Williams, Theodore Faulkwell, Toni Edwards, Monica Mitchell. Third Row: Patrice Adams, Norma Valdez, Celina Cantu, Rosa Martinez, Renetta Smith, Romalice Brumfield, Kenneth Moseley, Adrian Lee, Mettic- co Owens, DeVona Hatch. Fourth Row: Angela Williams, Shannon Anderson, Brandi Brown, Danielle Dail, LaTonia Humphrey, Tenaldo Herod, LaMarcus jones, Stephaney Bagley, jacqueline Rivers, Nicole Nelson, Rayshun Tate, DeMonica Hudspeth. Top Row: Gina Weters, Gary Wilson, Anthony Coleman, Rayetta Odom, Anthony Martin, Winstonjohnson, Sean Timmons, Patrickjester, Greg Lewis, Veronica Hornbuckle, Sherry Scott, Veronica Steele. Gospel Choir , j ii 5 V . 5 is. , ii ' 4 Bottom Row: Angela Hyman, Latisha Price, jennie Clark, Chansonnetta Banks, Brandi Brown, Deidra Smith, Deitra Sharp, Adrian Lee, Trennia Williams, San- dra Sneed, Tammie Smith, Mrs.johnson. Second Row: Tricia Gillis, Monica Henry, Lisa Thompson, Lisa Cox,june Stevenson, LaVonzell Billingsly, Kemberly Bayless, Monica Marshall, Monica Mitchell. Third Row: Angela Williams, Shannon Anderson, Patrice Adams, Gina Waters, Alice jones, Cyrus Crosby, Edwana Rubell, Randy Williams, Glenda Mays, Stephancy Bagley, Iris jackson. Fourth Row: Teresa Smith, Tanya Love, Anthony Coleman, Su San Cannon, LaTonia Humphrey, Hank Williams, Patrick jester, Trina Lewis, Amanda Haynes, Nicole Nelson, Rayshun Tate, LaSonja Hansen. Top Row: Cynthia Redmond, Candi Holmes, Rayetta Odom, Vincent Battles, Anthony Hobson, Edward Robinson, Anthony Martin, Greg Lewis, Charles Lynch, Sonny Steele, Troy Redmond, Veronica Hornbuckle, LaShawn Speights, Veronica Steele. 183 United F HA All students enrolled in homemaking classes become members of the United Future Homemakers of America 13 Mlm. f 5 l 2 3 W ? 3 ...M S Q S Student Government Council f li '-" 91? Mr ,,, --' Uh'-' N ji r ,wua Mi, .A . W1 f1?!! , +30 - ' Lf f't'f. ' Lf , 5 " "' Y.a1lW2i.,L,..'-, M ' V A '. fig ' ' ',,'3Q'Zf:?f5'?"2x, I A .a , a Bottom Rowzjenny Clarlejuanita Stegall, Kristine Smith, Sophia Sheppard, Second Row: Mrs. Manning, sponsor, Maria Sanchez,joe Gonzalez, Paula Duty, Ana Aguilar. Monita Vining, Alice Gonzalez, Kay Manuel, Mrs. David, CoASponsor. Top Row: Corrina Barela,jose Alfaro. F.B.L. . Q Bottom Row: Mrs. Scott, Diana Maldano, Christina Garcia, Lillie Arrizola, Lasinia Ortiz, Cassandra Dixon, Mary Hodge, Susan Martinez, Mrs. Lewis. Middle Row: Brenda Shed, Cindy Gonzalez, Patricia Garcia, Michelle Hudsperh, Sonya Dale, Tabitha Mitchell, Muriel Abels, Kristi West. Top Row: Wanda Campbell, Richard Perez, Carmen Martinez, Monita Vining, Sabrina Baker, Armando Duran,jr., Monica Marshall, Sonya Butler, Linda Ainsworth. og 1915 puoasg 'uomgugqsem anaqagw 'naupzgw snauuaz 'a3poH Aww :M OH IM W 3! Jabpaoxyl esyl 'ssolg 'SJW 'xafieag rupagg 'uoJAe13 auaq UCI ew eu -A 'Ti lil 99 O H cn T3 7-Q wwf-was -8 'Www' X A , Q-.m--wwe-YS ' ff ' ' Q x V Ale: . k X ,f-f . 1+ yu. .15 Q i . . ,K,N-umwmmww, Nm. 1 Qu Q, .' i s . iw - , ' ' x , I A 5 A rf. L Q it Q i ff X' a WX :K qi QP A. A . MV V , f'5""5F' Q M, M I A H? 5 LQ Xxx, Y N ff-if 1,1 Cadet Officers Bottom Row: Lydia Aleman, Teresa Petty, Eugenia Hunter, Deidra Bums, Angela Williams. Second Row: MSG Donald Simon, Carrie Manning, Sheryl Bailey Peggy Willis, Arleen Stoneman. Top Row: Darrin Bennett, Daniel Payne, john Talley, Willie Choycehjames Yarbrough. an r re .... MSG Donald Simon Majorjack Dyess A Compan First Platoon Bottom Row: james Yarbrough, Cynthiajohnson, Tabitha Mitchellhluan Cuajardo, Cedric Evans, Joann Davila. Second Row: Christina Byars, Kimberly Riley, Emilio Marquez, Robbie Carey, Doris Porter. Third Rowzjames Young, Neal Kena, Lisa Davis. Top Row: Adrian Sandoval, Charlotte Payne, Kevin Murray. A Company Second Platoon Bottom Rowzjohn Talley, Anita Navarro, Charles Anderson, William McGowan, Ken Masters, Mytrie Solomon, Richard Parker. Second Row: Shannon Ander- son, Beverly Thomas, Alfretta Thomas, Daniel Rojas. Top Row:joe Mindieta, Lee Pickens, jose Ayala, Richard Torres. A Compan Third Platoon Bottom Row: Lydia Aloman, Kimberly Bayless, Maria Salinas, Edelia Morales, Olga Loza. Second Row: Pauline Sanford, Doris Warren,june Stevenson, Tonya Wooden, Top Row: joseph Sonora, Sedrick Gipson, Getando Galvan,-Ieffery Carr, Eddie Kelley. B Compan First Platoon Z l Bottom Row: Daniel Payne, Renatherjones, Karen Carter, Adrian Lee, Elsa Morales, Ruben Caicedo. Second Row: LaShawn Speights, Mary Rodriquez, Yolan- dajones, Tracey Spaeth, Maria Beltran. Third Row: Robert Ramirez,juan Alaniz, Daniel Mitchell, Irene Brown. Top Row: Avery Watson, Anthony Coleman, jerry McGowan. B Compan Second Platoon Bottom Row: Calton Peterson, Michelle Stewart, Helen Lincoln, Paula Harlin, Melissa Fillmore, Arleen Stoneman. Second Rowzjames Lacey, Antonio Ayala, james Oliver. Top Row: Robert Navarro, Victor Medina, Sjesus Dehoyes. B Compan Third Platoon Bottom Row: Peggy Willis, Lisa Azocar. Top Row: Cecil Pouner, Yvette Brown, Noe Cadena, Arzo Walker. The Green B's Drill Team in-mimi-.L xt, First Row: LaDonna Houston, Lisa Parrish, Monet Brooks, Karen Rhine, Deadra Smith, Tonya Holland, Shirley johnson. Second Row: LaWauna Williams, Tamirra jackson, Kelly Berry, Angela Craff,-Joy Walker, Tiffany Embers, Tammy Smith. Third Row: Nor- ma Smith, Kim Rubell, Karen Davis, Rosalind Adams, Sylvia Thomas, Angela Ford, Karen Timmons. Karen Rhine, Captain Kelly Berry joy Walker, 4th Lt Angela Craff Tammy Smith Sylvia Thomas Angela Ford, First Lt. Tamirra jackson, 2nd Lt. Karen Timmons 95 Monet Brooks Lisa Parrish, Co-Captain Kim Rubell Tiffany Embers LaDonna Houston s, ...-............-- "Do you think I should ear this?" ,Ag S . , .- ,a,X,5,g 4 Q A M-ww, H, Y 1 :W i, i f sfif., Jax f' , v 1 'ff fm W J, Hi V Q, at A wf33,foT3'2?TWi,Q ff ' ' , "NL .935 331-FWFKP' -W 7- f ver'---.gxa gc A ,. 4' . fr .Mg Lfgjw fl: gk U ,Z v. 5!,?..h 1 ,8,g,L,,,- I. ,wwf i ob 5,23 A K. .,W fo, rn. : -Z f.2Y'.1a 3 N If A, 2 6,25 VESA- U-WLM' ,,,, ,MW i Jgp ly: ,., my Aw: " A ,, Y -f if? fc 'ix-,Q QQ " ,id gr .' E, 1' . m X .39 f 1 ' ' ' x f 15 ' ' 1 ..f . .cx,f.4eQlea.Q 4? A ' -d1.14,,F5i'2'ft 'A qw W X ,fy Z M To Z f , ff! , :V w '41, f i, . ' , ' if ' 4 , -, Sambo daydreams through the game. x 5 5 5 . W -fw,,.fi.m,, , N. zi- H A of: N. 1 x .w +1-fxwiflf A, vw. s- v -53-I A -,fp 4 5 " -Qgiuf,-7 '75f?w,1 N7 ,Tn-L .Ap ,av-:Nu Ju . - .... , -. :gps xr' 'iw Fw 43, ' 1 "'if"'?'i+',k-sf? I take my job very seriously. We got the beat! Q3 'Wx 'E ,W fx xmwmif , ix ox 5 QL X MX: W I Q 'E ----- L ,-. f . f' ' " 'fail ' " .,,l'1 ,1 . ,. t ,,.V , 197 Q 14, 1' ,. , Z: H .K ,V rm ei 9 . f ie 55 2 3 Z PM , j ii Q 1 ,fff I ' 'M he km, I ff I f L Wffwfswwf 'K W, 5' ,J I ,V A Li YJ W J We ff 'F Wfw e e e e e ee e ee e e e 1 M fee ,,,, - ,::A Ef ' ,zvli 5 ,ifb imp 'e-' e ,ee M f 1 mfizmgeife mfm M25 HTG? Tech People Are Proud ,,,,+,,,,, A my-W 14.1 n W.- ig I - P X Xr x X s , fxs.,,,, ,. . iii- 'gk r its .,L. xiii :E Frank tries to get a date. Victor and Gerardo seem to have lost their appetites. 1-vom?-ax .QU new . .si -MQ on as as A Moses poses. Violet supervises Sy1via's work. K ff x R Nr- 'K v 2. n E wx 'X FACULTY J' JUG gnu X' fl! . E I -I m y Head Bulldogs Paul Galvan Eddie Edmon Principal Vice-Principal George Loder Vice-Principal P fart.: Wy r my ff 1 Xwwwmx Ray Roberts Vice-Principal Ester Ararmgo Peggy Miller ...IW ff1c:e Staff il L n Smlle you re on candid camera' I made it all by myself. . gi u 5995: V ' H' f' ,W W nf" 4 , 1 1 y,- M Algeree jackson Gloria Wilbum 4 Lena Aldridge R. L. Alholm 2 U if Ll rp L y Crystal Apon L' l Maureen Baldock Tina Beckham Elaine Beeman Anna Blair i w"""' NEFF Vernelle Blue james Brown Ralph Brown Cheryl Burnett james Butler Harold Buroker Theron Byrd john Campbell M '-ni ae J 'if' we R5 K , Q Q , u W Faye Chatmas .. y Naomi Crane Linda Cree Doris Cross Velois Curley vi Richard Escovedo 'Fw Arm Gates Vicki David Helen Drake jack Dyess Nan Fulbright john Gales Martha Gallagher I 5 MQW ff , KS? ,ge ax 'fa 22,t ,Q Eu tene Gist . B. Goin Steve Grant 5 iii 20 a afafn Kay Gray Sue Guthrie june Hager john Hickman Q-QW -tb,-NX ,W YF' is :kk :.:IVk ,L N fi at , 1 at - Q-' V51 , N. 1232, .19-Uisssr X -a L I as if Q, X 'X 23 X x X 'S .X 3 ll Wi is xx ii., ,ax Delbert Hooper MIS- Annie Head QW? ff " .. Z' H .IIIL in :hk J ,LKL W I F Akryh 'ii ff" E s Q -wb , A 'fig 'if ififl . ff Catherine Hoera Patti Howe ' 85 ' . t ii- Howe enjoys playing the kid. X 6 L1 f 8 J x "QW" xg is K Gwendolynjohnson Wilbernita Kinney William Larkin Janice Lee Olivia Lewis Cathye Maniece Mildred Manning Sylvia Martinez 5' :ml Ai L. McElroy Vanette Medlen Carol Mitchell Clayton Mitchell Mr. B. isn't that enough math problems for one day? rj, 5 f .am X 1 Ei 9371 N, Dorman Moore Shirlie Murphy Barbara Naish john Naylor ix Tom Nixon Christy Odman Helen Ozee i N, r Q ex P FO Ray Parish Richard Perez We gorcha, Coach Beck! Evelyn Ozier Donna Patterson 3: .- , Q 'V 1- 35 X if is tg 3 sv' , Q Q Q -ik 5 R s 9 iff , , X , ' si i R V Qi N ess N 5 kv ' -P X 3 1 get 1 if Carmen Poe GH!! . rrr 'E X2 'ue-.v : 212' 'BS Alam mb we Gi x NVQ? 'gf as L he 59- ,M L '15 , . .QI Iii Sym Qi' Euna Pratt Deborah Pruitt joy Queen Sondra Ratliff in 'lgew is 4' e e W E ' W - it 51 Q E t S . Harold Reeder Gilbert Franklin Mary Shelton Donald Simmons I X S ST? xii fi . if of ix ' . - ' , :I ii Doris Roberson Quinton Robinson jackie Robinson --:SPP 5 Mildred Scott Ah-haa Mr. Goin, Caught you with the evidence! B1-gnda Simmons S' Donald Simons Charles Smith George Smith Norma Smith Fay Stilson Ellen Swain jean Thompson jesse Velasquez Sarah Voelker Dixie Warner jay Wilbum , FACULTY NOT PICTURED: Bernadette Allen Lindy Allen Harold Barrett Dave Beck Chris Cortez Charlie Cotton Claudia Cox Samuel Deel 57 Frances Edmiston Emma Florey Anita Gates - K joyce Willets Gene Griffin Mildred Williams Leonard Hemphill David johns Pam Lewis 3 ' iiil Paulette LYOns iii it Sharon Manning ZTVI f --' 5 arrl f:,,i 1 5 john Manzullo at i:-e Carl McNeil A Marron MacWilliams Iif iii il 1 Pamela Smith .-. Ltt Nell Stewart Ruth Troxell NF i iriy is If Q. Sadie Williams Herschel Wright The Gourmet Cooks S v if ig ' 15 Ri. L Seated: Brenda Lake,jimmie Boortz, Eloise Nixon, Daphene Thompson, Anna Gonzales. Standing: Vivian Thompson, Lena Toney, Anne McDowell, Margaret Brewster, Dottie Mims, Cecilia McCoy. The Maintenance Crew JF ek : .iii law"-ara yr 5 rr el IS' First Row: Deckick Shaw, Willie King, Mary Evans,james Allen, Asuncion Almaguer. Second Row: Q. T. Fulchen, Merna LaRue, Stephen Hodge, Freddy Ortega, Robert Williford. The Time Has Come Mrs. Elaine Beeman has taught at Tech :ZE 24 years, although her teaching career in Septernbgrr 1944. A graduate of Mrs. Beeman earnedf.taf?liBaCFiel6r Music and a Master's:ihi55Ehglish. Mrs, in- volved with of frf lar'f Siaaitional Honor Socletlfl, sts.i isl efss In additiorg baseball iiiiii and football games, she includiesidancing among her hobbies? lr'i plan of hers after leaving Tech is "to relive pleasant memories by making scrapbooks of all things I've saved." Her special advice to the student? is, "True happiness lies in the ability to do the things: one enjoys. The education and experience one obtains .eigabies him to select more pleasurable activities. Thus, the road to happiness is education." To Say Goodbye Mrs. Evelyn Main, after 20 years of being Trimble Techfs registrar, has decided to call it quits. Mrs. Main plans to spend most of her time playing with her four grandchildren Amber, Bobby, Micah and Micheal. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing and fishing. Mrs. Main leaves abit of advice to Tech studentsz "Always be true to yourself and work for what you want out of life." as is I . X A Mr. Harold Reeder, an Indusiiiiial Arts of East Texas State University, has been here atkfiiiiiible Tech for 24 years. When asked what his plans he retires, Mr. Reeder said, "I'm going to spend-efiriiiit summers in the Rocky Mountainsgonyyzthe headwaters of the Rio Grande fishing for summer and bass in the winter." Along with iiii affquired skill in Engineering Drafting, Mr. fishing and hunting. Mr. Reeder's outspoken aggressive nature will be missed by all. ifaahffqqsrr. T . 'I rim. y LENA ALDRIDGE Reading NTSU, TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Sewing, home interiors and cuisine R. L. ALHOLM Algebra, Fundamental Math, Volleyball UT at Arlington, B.A. Hobbies: Ceruored' BERNADETTE ALLEN Resource Education U.T. at Austin, B.BA. Hobbies: Reading, sewing, traveling BETTE AMMANN Biology UT at Austin, B.S., TCU, M.LA., SMU, ETSU, currently TWU Hobbies: Gardening, reading, needlepoint CRYSTAL APON Fundamental Math SWBU, B.S. Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, aerobics MAUREEN BALDOCK English, Annual Lon Morris, A.A., TWC, B.A., TCU Hobbies: Plants, reading, needlework TINA BECKHAM Deaf Education TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Gardening, ceramics, church work ELAINE BEEMAN English TCU, B.A. and M.A. Hobbies: Dancing, attending foot- ball and baseball games ANNA BLAIR Commercial Art NTSU: Texas Tech, UTA, A8tM, B.A. Hobbies: Cooking, reading, snow skiing ARLYNE BLUE GPS, Chemistry TCU, B.S. and M.Ed. Hobbies: Reading, needlepoint, swimming JAMES BROWN Drafting Gramblin, B.S., SFA, M.Ed. Hobbies: Leathercrafts, golf, music, art RJ. BROWN Brick Masonry A8tM, ETSU, B.S. and M,Ed. Hobbies: Camping, traveling, dancing HAROLD BARRETT American History Hardin Simmons, B,S. and M.S. Hobbies: Golf CHERYL BURNETT Fundamental Math and Algebra OSU, B.S. Hobbies: Crafts, sewing, reading HAROLD BUROKER Fundamental Math, Trig, Elemen- tary Analysis, Calculua 214 Indiana Univ., Manchester College, Butler, Baylor, TCU, B.S., M.S. Hobbies: Lawn and gardening, procrastination JAMES BUTLER GPS, Football, Track Blinnjr. College, NTSU, B.S. Hobbies: Fishing, camping THERON BYRD Government TWC, B.S. and M.Ed. Hobbies: Gardening, grand- daughters, camping 'IOHN CAMPBELL Biology, Basketball, Tennis Navarro jr. College, A.A., NTSU, B.S. and M.S., Blinn jr. College, Texas Tech, Mary Hardin Baylor Hobbies: Lawn and garden, spor- ting events FAYE CHATMAS World History U.T, at Austin, B.S., TCU Hobbies: Traveling, the farm CRESPIN CORTEZ Physical Education, Football, Baseball TCU, UTA, B.A.: Tarleton State Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, sports, traveling CHARLIE COTTON Geometry and Algebra Prairie View A8tM, B.S., graduate work Hobbies: Electronics, wood and metal work NAOMI CRANE Data Processing TWC, B.S., NTSU, M. B.Ed. Hobbies: Needlework, camping, tennis LINDA CREE Deaf Education, Counselor NTSU, TWU, B.S. and M.Ed. Hobbies: Needlework, movies, con- certs, reading DORIS CROSS Cosmetology Ft. Worth Beauty School, TCjC, ETSU Hobbies: Sewing, cooking CLAUDIA COX Deaf Education U of H, Hardin Simmons, B.A., TWU, Deaf Ed., NTSU, Drivers Ed. Hobbies: Reading, sewing, plants VELOIS CURLEY Algebra, Computer Math Lincoln U., B.S., TCU, UT Arl- ington, TCJC Hobbies: Spend time trying to be if 1 mom to three children VICKI DAVID Typing, Personal Business Management Angelo State, B.BA., NTSU, M.Ed. Hobbies: Water Skiing, camping SAMUEL DEEL Machine Shop Texas A8cM, ETSU, A.I. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, trapping .IACK DYESS R.O.T.C. Centenary, U. of Va., U. of Omaha, B.S., U. of Nebraska, M.S. Hobbies: Sky diving, dancing, out- door activities FRAN EDMISTON Vocational Counselor TWC, B.S., TCU, M.A. Hobbies: Reading, playing bridge EDDIE EDMON Vice-Principal Tillotson, Texas Southern Univ., Univ. of Maine, Presque Isle State Teachers College, Prairie View Univ. Hobbies: Cooking, sewing, bowling RICHARD ESCOVEDO Auto Mechanics, Soccer Texas A8tM, ETSU Hobbies: Coaching Youth Soccer, FW Soccer Ass'n Adult League EMMA FLORY Cosmetology UT Austin, Texas A8cM, NTSU, ETSU Hobbies: Reading, collecting glassware GILBERT FRANKLIN Auto Body Repair Texas A8zM, CVSI, TCJC, TWC Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, boating NAN FULBRIGHT Algebra Langston College of Oklahoma, B.S. Hobbies: Reading, church work, T.V. JOHNGALES English, Basketball Wichita State University, B.A. Hobbies: Basketball, reading, TV MARTHA GALLAGHER Homemaking TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Sewing, gardening, handiwork PAUL GALVAN Principal ETSU, B.S., TCU, M.Ed. EUGENE GIST American History Northwestern State, Okla. Baptist Univ., B.A., TWC, M.Ed. Hobbies: Fishing, rooting for the Cowboys, painting houses 1.13. GOIN Photography NTSU, UT Austin, B.S., ETSU Hobbies: Wildlife and nature photography, hunting, fishing, sports STEVEN GRANT English Michigan State Univ., B.A. Hobbies: Reading KAY GRAY English UT Arlington, B.A. GENE GRIFFIN Diesel Mechanics F acult UT Austin, Texas A8tM, TWC Hobbies: Snow Skiing SUE GUTHRIE Home Economics Cooperative Education TCU, B.S. and M.S. Hobbies: Reading, antiques JUNE HAGER Spanish Ft. Worth Christian, A.B., TWC, B.A., Univ. of Arizona Hobbies: Music, photography, hand crafts LEONARD HEMPHILL Shoe Repair and Leathercraft Prairie View A8tM, B,S., NTSU Hobbies: Leathercraft jOHN HICKMAN American History, World History, Football, Basketball Cal State, A.A., B.S. Hobbies: Tennis, reading, writing, movies, plays, concerts CATHRYN HOERA Health TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Plants, spending time in the country DELBERT HOOPER Air Conditioning, Refrigeration NTSU, TCU, Texas A8tM Hobbies: Travel, home workshop, camping PATTI HOWE Homemaking TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Sewing, reading, swimming ALGAREEJACKSON Front Office Clerk Bishop College, UT Arlington Hobbies: Dancing, watching football DAVIDJONES Electronics Elkus Institute, TCjCg Texas A8tM Hobbies: Antique truck restoration, music GWENJOHNSON Music Appreciation, Chorus Prairie View A8zM, B.A. Hobbies: Writing poetry, Dallas Cowboy games WILBERNITA KINNEY Basic Reading Huston-Tillotson College, Wash. Tech., Prince Georges College, TCU Hobbies: Reading, skating, singing WILLIAM LARKIN General Physical Science UT Austin, B.A., UT Arlington Hobbies: Gardening, exercising, watching son grow up jANICE LEE Counselor Paul Quinn College, B.A., TWU, M.A, and Counseling Certificate Hobbies: Bowling, reading, visiting friends Index OLIVIA LEWIS Business Communications, Typing Lamar Univ., B.BA., NTSU, M.BEd. Hobbies: Working out GEORGE LODER Vice-Principal Univ, of Arkansas, B.A., Michigan State, M.Ed., North Texas, Doc- torate Program Hobbies: Bowling, Electronics, Music CATHYE MANEICE English, Reading Miles College, B.A., Univ. of Alabama, B.S. Hobbies: Reading, sewing, cooking MILDRED MANNING Business Math, Personal Business Management Northeast Oklahoma State, B.A., Univ. of Nevada, M.Ed. Hobbies: Sewing, creative arts SHARON MANNING Interpreting TCJC Hobbies: Sewing, crocheting, reading JOHN MANZULLO Mill and Cabinet ETSU, Teacher Certification Hobbies: Swimming, tennis SYLVIA MARTINEZ Counselor B.A. and M.A. Hobbies: Baking, sewing, reading A. L. MCELROY Counselor TCU, B.A. and M.A., NTSU, UCLA Hobbies: Traveling, plants CARL MCNEIL Welding, Soccer ETSU, Texas A8tM Hobbies: Photography, Moro-cross motorcycle riding MARRON McWILLIAMS World History Coach Paul Quinn College, B.S., NTSU Hobbies: Cooking, reading poetry, music VANETTE MEDLEN Child Development, Girls' Track, Volleyball TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Sports, sewing, reading CAROL MITCHELL Geometry, Algebra TCU, B.A. and M.A,, Instituto Technologico de Monterrey, Mary Immaculate College Hobbies: Football games, needlework, traveling in Mexico D. E. MOORE Commercial Art UT Austin, Texas A8cM, TCJC Hobbies: Church work, photography, printing SHIRLI MURPHY Physical Education, Cheerleading NTSU, TWU, B.S. Hobbies: Supervised rest, video BARBARA NAISH English TCU, B.A., Univ. of Kentucky, Univ. of Dyon, France Hobbies: Gardening, classical music, reading JOHN NAYLOR English, Football UT Austin, B.A. Hobbies: Weight lifting, fishing THOMAS NIXON Industrial Electricity Univ. of Houston, NTSU, ETSU, B.S. Hobbies: Flying, gardening CHRISTIE ODMAN Health Occupations Dallas Baptist, TCJC, TCU, Texas A8zM, B.S. in Nursing and Voc. Teaching Certificate EVELYN OSIER General Physical Science TWU, B.S., TCU, M.Ed. Hobbies: Reading, exercising, music HELEN OZEE Interpreting Hobbies: Collecting butterflies, volleyball, softball RAY PARISH Auto Mechanics Texas ARM, UT Austin, TWC Hobbies: Fishing, boating, sleeping DONNA PATTERSON Accounting, Typing, PBM Tarleton State Univ., B.A. Hobbies: Reading, tennis jogging RICHARD PEREZ Printing ETSU Hobbies: Woodworking, coaching CARMEN POE Physical Education, Volleyball, Tennis Central State Univ., Okla., B.S., TWC, M.Ed. Hobbies: Gardening EUNA PRATT Reading UT Austin, B.S., TWU, M.Ed. Hobbies: Reading, gardening, travel DEBORAH PRUITT Accounting, Office Machines, Of- Hce Procedures TWC, B.BA., NTSU, M.BEd. Hobbies: Riding horses, volleyball, working out JOY QUEEN Coordinator of Deaf Interpreters NTSU, B.A. and B.S., TWU, TCJC Hobbies: Camping, enjoying family and two grandchildren SONDRA RATLIFF Data Processing NTSU, B.S. and M.BEd. Hobbies: Sewing, needlecraft, ten- nis, skiing HAROLD REEDER Engineering Drafting ETSU, B.S. and M.S. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing DORIS ROBERSON Computer Literacy, Accounting Odessa College, NTSU, B.S. and M.S. Hobbies: Music, jogging, cooking, sewing RAY ROBERTS Vice-Principal NTSU, B.S., UTA, TWC, M.Ed. Hobbies: Training dogs and horses JACKIE ROBINSON Business Law, Typing, VOE-Telecommunications East Central Univ., B.S., Oklahoma State Univ., M.S. Hobbies: Volleyball, basketball, playing the piano QUINTIN ROBINSON Health, Varsity Football Texas Tech, B.S. Hobbies: Reading, gospel music, ballet GLORIA RODRIGUEZ WILBURN Secretary, Registrar TCJC Hobbies: Dancing, shopping, playing cards DONAL SANDERS Aeronautics Military, Spartan School of Aero., Aircraft and Power Plant Mech. Sch., TCU, Texas A8cM, TCJC Hobbies: Reading, painting, fishing MILDRED SCOTT Typing , Personal Business Management South Carolina State, ETSU, B.S. Hobbies: Reading, Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers BRENDA SIMMONS Home and Family Living, Clothing TCU, B.S., NTSU Hobbies: Sewing, Racketball, travel DON SIMMONS World History TCU, B.S., Tarleton State, M.Ed. Hobbies: Fishing, TV DONALD SIMON R.O.T.C. TCJC, A.A., A.S., Univ. of Maryland, U.T.A. Hobbies: Bowling, skydiving, motorcycle riding CHARLIE SMITH Printing ETSU Hobbies: Golf GEORGE SMITH Upholstery TexasA8cM Hobbies: Relating and doing nothing NORMASMITH Biology Hampton Inst., B.S., Univ. of Michigan, M.S., Florida ARM: U. of Colorado, U. of the Dist. of Columbia, George Washington Univ., Ariz. State Univ. Hobbies: Classical music, reading, writing, meditating, oil painting PAMELA SMITH Librarian TWU, M. Library Science Hobbies: Reading, sewing FAYE STILSON English B.A., M.A. Hobbies: Reading, traveling ELLEN SWAIN English TCU, B.S. and M.LA., Work at UTA and TCU Hobbies: Reading, writing, music, gardening JEAN THOMPSON English SFA, B.A., TCU, NTSU, Woman's College of Georgia, Wichita State Univ. Hobbies: Cooking, knitting, walk- ing, antiques RUTH TROXELL Nurse Harris College of Nursing, R.N., TCU, B.S. Hobbies: Being with family, church work SARAH VOELKER English UT Austin, Univ. of Miss., Univ. of Ark., B.S., TCU Hobbies: Gardening, decorating DIXIE WARNER Deaf Education TWC, TCU, B.S., Masters work at TCU Hobbies: Reading, needlepoint, col- lecting bells JAY WILBURN Jewelry UTA, B.A. in Art Hobbies: Music, relaxing JOYCE WILLITS Interpreter Black I-IawkJr. College, TCJC Hobbies: Traveling, swimming, horseback riding MILDRED WILLIAMS Plan A Texas Southern Univ., Wiley College Hobbies: Singing, reading SADIE WILLIAMS Fundamental Math, Algebra NTSU, B.A., SMU, School of Engineering Hobbies: Chess, bridge, piano HERCHEL WRIGHT Vocational Adjustment Orientation and Cooperative for the Deaf TWC, B.A., NTSU, M.Ed., TCU, TWU, Univ. of Rochester, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Hobbies: Photography, gardening 215 In the heart of Fort Worth Century ChevroIetX1 V Downtown Shuttle Senlioe V Complete Senlioe Department iMon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-6 p.m.J - Full-Senlioe Body Shop - Genuine G.M. Parts -30 G.M.-Certified Technicians V New and Used Car Sales iMon.-Thurs., 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m.g Fri. 81 Sat. 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.i 817!335-4611 Metro 429-1201 1201 W Seventh, Fort Worth, TX 76102 . W' QJQH " Designs Taylor and Glmnomcraft Studio 505 So. Henderson Ph. 332-5273 Fort Worth Texas 76104 Trimble Tech s Official Photographer "Creators of Custom Photography" ! 6415-A Mccan Fort worth Texas 76133 Cogfxlfffggns 294-8585 From a Friendl 517- ff .e.e.o - 3 'tl ffFlowers for all Occasions" Ji .B'LEI2fLUOOcl g!,O'LL5.f N R , ana! gaffsziaa Bob and Bobbye Long 451-8880 1506 w. M8gl'10li8 Qwners Phone 335-9363 Fort worm, 12??ncx:2L2'aSL':3 Texas 76104 STYLES For quality hair care you expect and deserve 6314 Meadowbrook Dr at Loop 820 457-0254 pew is l TEXA I Fort Worth, Texas 76112 X., Call for Late Appointment V 921 3982 X ,aasfi ' . .1 SALON Specialize in All Services High Fashion and Hair Cuts ett Owner and Operator 1159 E Blodg Gloria DeLeon Fort Worth Texas l5eLEON'S BEAUTY TROPHY ARTS INC Awards lor All Occasrons Bullt to Your Speclfrcatrons 519 Pennsylvanra Fort Worth Texas 76104 Phone 817 336 4532 SADYE S BRIDAL SHOPPE QQLQ-N 1221 E Semrnary Drrve Fort worth TX 76115 1 y 817 924 4131 Q Everythrng for the Brrde Master Charge Vrsa Layaway mf? Margie Brown Owner We Rent Wedding Arches and Candelabras Everything for the Brrdal Party nada LA TIENDITA GROCERY Cold Beer Groceries Albums 8 Track Tapes Connre Domrnguez Open Sun 9 2 00 104W Drckson 927 2835 :Psi 014 Accessories Brrdal Bouquets Brrdal Verls Brldesmard Dresses Expert Alteratrons Formals Mothers Dresses Prom Dresses Qurnceneras Wedding Gowns We Rent Tuxedos tt f KEGL DOS LAREDOS Mexican Restaurant 3840 S Frwy Owner Z : Z 921 5197 Sablno Garcra Jr I ' ' 0 5 I " n I -, - - if - V, - Invitations n ' . I ' ' 'lil' Nr 218 "W nAl.lul's rv snvlc: ,.,,1x Call For Fast Dependable Service P451 C ty Wde Se Colo TV Spec al st We Se ce Most Makes Se Habla Espanol Phone 4121 Hemphill 923 0915 Fort Worth Texas 76115 Ralph Guereca Jr Owner ww SPORTING GOODS INC. Across From Seminary South 308 W. Kellis Fort Worth, Texas 76115 81 7-924-7051 PHONE 624 3991 Mlanllmman Mlolbuul OIL CHANGE PROMPT SERVICE LUBRICATION MECHANIC ON DUTY 400 N W 25th ST FORT WORTH TEXAS 76106 Allred Youth the most active club at Tech wishes to thank the Annual Staff for their hard work and dedication during 1983 1984 May you know the loy of a job well done METRO TIRE 81 SERVICE CENTERS One of Tarrant Counties Largest Tire Dealers Authorized Dealer - UNIRUYAL 1 GW", National Accounts Honored - Wheel Balancing - Alignments - Brake Service - Shocks - Front End Service - Oil and Lube Open 7:30-5:30 Sat. Til 12:30 Downtown West Side 501 Calhoun 4th and Calhoun 3120 Alta Mere Ulwy. 183, 332-4436 244-5590 East Side Arlington 6055 E. Lancaster tat Loop 8201 1660 New York Ave. 457-5730 461-1404 The Annual Staff would like to thank everyone who put their best effort in making this annual possible. Our special thanks goes to all these merchants who helped support us. Also, we want to thank T8cG Studios and their employees for being so patient and understanding around deadline times. And we really appreciate Ernie Garza's art workg this is his third yearbook cover design. Thanks again. The Annual Staff Linda Guajardo Isabel Zamarripa Violet Martinez Juanita Alvarez Sylvia Zamora Catalina Moreno Heidi Lester Olivia Garcia Sheila Hoy Silvia Flores joe Gonzalez Paula Duty Mrs. Baldock, Our Sponsor 142, 175 Subialdea, Richard 88 Swanson, Melissa 88 Sweet, Tandice 88 DeHoyes,-jesus 62, 191 Del-loyes, Maria 62 DeLa Cruz, Danny 62 DeLaCmz, john 62 DeLosSanros, Alejandra 62, 10, Sl Deridder, Donna 62, 176 Dixon, Carlos 62 Donald, Deidra 62 Dorham, Kevin 62, 148 Duran, Debra 62 Earl, Bobby sa Echols, Theodorifg, 136 K Ellison- Tony' 65667553 1 E5C0hlf' Vinemei Frausto, Riclxarif K E Frost, Mark'63fif N V Hom. Sw 226 i 1 if Fmmofff Mdw-fascia rriogjudirh ss G Gafney, LaShonda 63 Galvan, Gerardo 63, 190 Garcia, Elva 63 Garcia, Gregory 63 Garcia, Rin 63 Garcia, Sylvia 63 Garcia, Virginia 63 Gardncr, Kelzon 65 Charlotte 63 2 Brown, Lawrence 47 Brown, Leticia 47 Brown, Marcus 47 Brown, Lyndall 47 Brown, Pam 47, 181 Brown, Teena 46 Brown, Terri 46 Butler, Sonya 47, 182 Brookins, Tawara 47 Brookin, Theresa 47 Brown, Brosha 47 Brown, Childa 47 Brown, Demerra 47 Brown, Lawrence 47 Brown, Leticia 47 Butns,jerry 47 C Cabtal, Lucy 47, 176 Caicedo, Ruben 47, 190 Calhoun, Brenda 47, 182 Camancho, Paul 47 Campos,-loc 47 Cannon, Susan 47 Orpenter, Markus 47 Carter, Pamela 47 Casteneda, Paula 47 ' Castillo, Charles 47 Castillo, Nila 47 Qstoreno, Andy 47 Qvitt, Victor 47 Cervantes, Maribel 47, 175 Chadwick,-jeffrey 47 Chavez, Robert 47 Childers, E.-I. 47, 169 Clemens, Gerald 47 Clendening, Shane 47 Cole, Cintius 47, 96 Contreras, Daniel 48 Contreras, Felipe 48 Contreras, Maria 48 Coronado,-julio 45, 48, 179 Cortez, Alfredo 48 Cortez, Tina 48, 175 Cotton, Gregory 48 Cotton, Terrence 48, 179 Cotton, Vivian 48 Coy, Carmen 48 Coy, Eric 48 Cruz, Adam 48 Cmz, Connie 48 Cmz, Vanessa 48 D Dancer, Carl 48 Daniels, Vera 48 Dawson, Bobby 48 Dennis,james 48 Dial, Craig 48 Diaz, Rebecca 48, 179, 181 Diaz, Rosie 48 Dickson, Dionne 48 Dodd, Arthur 48, 179 Dodd, Mark 48 Dowsey, Eric 48 Duke, Lillian 48, 175 Duty, 6, 7. 45, 4S,182, 185 Elder, Denise 8, 49, 179 Espino, Araceli 48, 176 Espinoa, Alejandra 48, 159, 140 Espinonjuanita 48 F Facemyer, Shane 48 Farmer, Willa 48 Farris, Ervin 49, 151,155, 155 Felder, Preston 49 Flores, Patricia 49 Flores, Leticia 49, 179 Foreman, Gary 49, 182 Foster, Kenneth 49, 145, 146 Franklin, Sabrina 49, 92 Fabela, Robert 179 G Garcia, Alvin 49 Garcia, Christina 49, 179, 185 Garcia, Patricia 49 Garcia, Virginia 49 Galindo, Erik 49 Galvan, Robert 49 Gavi.tio,'Iuanita 182 Gardner, Billy 49 Garza, Leticia 49 Gomez, Antonia 49, 182 Gonzalez, Alice 45, 49, 164, 179, 181, Gonzalez, Angie 49 Gonzalez Deanna 49, 181 Gonmlez, Eric 49 Gonzalez, ldalia 49, 179, 182 Gonzalez, Martin 49. 182 Gonmlez, Michael 49 Gonulez, Monica 49 Gonzelez, Paz 49 Gonzalez, Raymond 49 Goodwin, Tommy 49 Gordon, Sharon 49, 151, 155 Granados, Isidro 49, 155 Gray,-james 44,49,151,155,169,179 Green, Linda 49, 151, 152 Griffin, Kimberly 49 Guajardo, Linda 6, 7, 49 Guajardo, Yolanda 50, 182 Gutierrez, Gloria 50 Gutierrez, Leticia 50 Guadian, Ray 50 H Hall, Otis 50 Hall, Ramoda 50 Harden, Lewis 510 Harlin, Angela 50 Harper, Felix so, 129, 131, 154 Harris, Eodis 50 Harris, Sam 169 Hart, Cedric 50, 156 Hayes, Bridgette 50 Henderson, Carollite 50 Hendrix, Marcus 50 Henry, Kristy 50, 55 Hernandez,-jose 50 Hernandez, Raul 50, 187 Hernandez, Sharon 50 Hernandez, Tony 50 Herrera, Marisa 8, 50, 179, 182 Hester, Darin 50 Hill, Darin 50 Hill, Lisa so Hill, Nedra 50, 144, 175 Hill, Valorie 50 Hinojos, Ben 50 Hodge, Mary 50, 185, 186 Hoy, Sheila 6, 7, 50, 182 Husperh, Michelle so, iss Huenta, Patrica 50 Himcnez, Gerardo 179 I ish, Sophia 50, 155 Ish, Yolanda 50, 151 J jackson, Desi 50, 183 jackson, Tamirra 182, 195 jackson, Tracy 51 jenkins, Tia 51 Jernigan, Abron 51, 151, 155 Jimenez, Gerardo 51, 182 johnson, Cheryl 51, 176 johnson, Clifford 51 johnson,joseph 51 johnson, Karen 51, 181 johnson, Patricia 51 jones, Marc 51, 169 jones, Tanny 51 -Judie, Vincient 51 K Kelley, Eddie 51,190 Killingworth, Octavia 51 King, Terrance 51 Kroelter, Lisa 51, 186, 195 Kissentan, Christina 51 Kuzmic, Dana 51 L Lares, Lisa 50, 51,182 Lee, Lori 45, 51, 182, 187 Legrand. Monica 9, 51, 159, 140,181 Lemmons, Cassandra 51 Lester, Heidi 6, 7, 51, 179, 182 Lopez, Patricia 51 Love, Byron 51, 179 Love, Latonya 51 Laza, Andrew 51 Luera, Yolanda 51, 182 Lugo, Trene 181 M McCulloch, Debra 51 McCruder, Mark 51, 169 McDaniel,james 145, 147 McGowan,jerry 68 Maldonodo, Di Maples, William 51 Mercarde, Lillian 182 Marshall, Monica 51, 54, 151,15 Martin, Yolanda 51 Martinez, Carmen 51 Martinez, Desarea 51 Martinez, Genaro 51, 179 Martinez,j0e 51 Martinez,johnny 51 Martinez, Raul 51 Martinez, Sylvia 51 Mathews, Teresa 52, 181 May, Diana 52, 186 Mays, Tammy 52 Mendez, Charles 52, 96, 156 Mendoza, Angie 52 Messick, Gerald 52 Miller, Belinda 52 Mitchell, Arletha 52 Mitchell, Dnette 52, 186 Mobin, Sanovia 52 Monteleone, Will 52 Moreno, Ruth 52 Muller, TraCy 52 Munoz, Andrew 52 Munoz, Melinda 52 O Oca,jesse 52 Oliver, Kay 52 Ordonez, Maria 182 Ortiz, Lasinia 52, 185 Ortiz, Manuel 52 Ores, Mynde 175 Ozuna, Michelle 52 P Parker, Richard 52, 189 Payton, Tommy 52 Pena, Carla 52 Pena, Luis 52 Perez, Patricia 52 Perez, Tony 52, 156 Perkins, Guenda 52 Peterson, Carl 52 Pierde,james 52 Prescott, Lorenzo 52 Price, Chris 181 Price, Roderick 52 Pride, Reginald 52 R Randall, Ezell 55 Reagor, Diedra 55, 181, 186, 197 Reeves, Catherine 55 Renteria,-lose 55 Renteria, Susie 55 Reyes, Venson 55 Reyna, Melinda 55, 182 Rhodes, Mark 55. 169 Richardson, Rosalind 55, 181 Risper, Mearlean 55 Robinson. Dorothy 55 Robinson, Edward 55 Roberson, Randra 175 Rodriquez, Anna 55 Rodtiquez,johnny 55 Rodtiquez, Eric 55, 181 Rogers, Denise 55 Rose, Laronia 55 Rowe, Cythia 55 Roy, Michelle 55 Russell, Tommi 55 S Salazan, Cecilai 55, 195 Salas, Sanjuanita 55 Sanders, Mona 44, 53 Schaeffer, Ricky 53 Scott, Richard 53 Scott, Rodric 55, 181 Scrutchins, Paula 55 Sellers, William 55 Serrano, Marrio 55 Serrano, Victor 55 Shed, Branda 55 Shephard, Larry 151,152,169 Sheppard, Sophia 8, 55, 182, 185, 179 Siller, Patricia 54 Simms, Deon 54 Simpson, Sharon 54 Smalley, Deanna 54 Smith, Fred 169 Smith, Regginald 157, 169 Smith, Tammy 54 Smith, Tonya 54, 196 Sm0ak,S0r-yaS4,1s9,141,1s1,1s5 Solar, Ofelia 54, 175 Somoman, Pamela 54, 175 Stafford, Sherilyn 54, 139, 140 Stegall,juanita 8, 45. 54, 179, 182, 185 Stewart, Patricia 54, 182 Stricklen, Darren 54 Stricklin, Willie 54 Subialdes, Cynthia 54 T Taylor, Regina 54 Tejada, Rosemary 45, 54, 162, 164 Thomas, Carmela 54 Thomas, Cynthia 54 Thomas, Darryl 54 Thomas, Elfretta 54 Thomas, Kerry 54 Thomas, Loretta 54 Thompson, Angela 54 Thompson, Edward 54 Thorpe, Keith 44, 54, 145, 147, 179 Timmons, Karen 54, 195 Toombs, Dorcus 54 Trevino, Arthur 54 Turner, Allen 54, 156, 158 Turner, Quint 54 U Urbina, Mary 54 V Valdez,jimmy 54, 151, 155 Valle, Robert 55 Vallejo, Rosanna 55 Vasquez, Harvey 55 Velasquez, Dana 55 Velaquez, Richard 55, 179, 182 Velasquez, Sylvia 55 Veliz, Norma 55, 176 Veliz, Rene 55 Villagram, Michelle 55 W Waldon, Tommy 55, 145, 157 Walker,jay 55, 196 Washington, Rosalyn 55 Watkins, Manuel 55, 151,155 Webster, Lorenzo 55 Webster, Mark 55, 145, 146 White, Gary 55 White, Rodney 55 Willars, Christopher 55, 96, 125, 129, 131 Williams, Carla 55,159, 140, 151,152,175 Williams, Charleset 55 Williams, Debra 55,182 Williams, Hank 55, 156 Williams,janice 55 Williams,joyce 8, 44, 55,96 Williams, Lanelle 55 Williams, Regina 55 Willis, Jerri ss. 176, 187 Willis, Terence 55 Wilson, Gretta 55 Wrensirski, Richard 55 Young, Vinetta 55 Z Zamarripa, Isabel 6, 7, 9, 55, 176 Zamora, Estevan 55 Zamora, Hector 55 Zamora, Robert 55 Zamora, Sylvia 6, 7, 55, 182 Zazueta, Alfredo 55 ff 2 TWELFTH GRADE A Adams, Tony 22. 24, 129,151, 155 Aguilar, Ana 24, 41.181, 179, 181, 185 Aguilarulavier 24 ' Aguirre, Beatriz 24, 59, 95, 181 Ainsworth, Linda 24, 95, 40, 182 Allen, Robert 24, 179 Alverez, Rofael 24 Alvarez, Alvaro 6, 7, 24, 122, 175 Anderson, Raymond 24 Anuldua, Teresa 24, 39, 164 Arango, Frank 24 Armstrong, Pamela 24, 181 Arteaga, Hilda 24, 176 Ashton, Maloy 24 Ayala, Ba ker, Baland Banks, Maria 24 B Diana 21,24,59,118 ran, Maria 24 William 24 Barbee, Kindra 25, 179 Bargas,john 25,116 Barlow, Cleaver 25 Barrett, Carolyn 25 Beasley, Angela 25 Beechem, Nona 25,175 Bell, Brenda Z5 Benavides, Rachel 25 Benavidez. Daniel 25 Benson, Victoria 25 Berry, Frances 25 Bishop, Cindy 25 Blakeny, Kathy 25 Booth, Kimberly 25,182 Bowman, Felicia 25 Branch, Gala 25, 40, 48, 181 Brewer, Sheila 25 Brown, Christopher 25 Brown, Helen 25, 181 Brown, Marla 25 Bmton Biffom Burns, Butler. Butler, , Cary 26 gtpm, Paula 26 Deidra 26, 188 Donald 11,21,26,123,145,146 Sharon 26 Beeman, Elaine Russell 41 Cabral, C Richard 26, 187 Qlton, Donald 11, 59, 145, 146 Chstillo, Veronica 26, 40, 176 Qvitt, Vicki 26 Caudle, Stanley 78 Celis, Alberto 26, 182 Castillo, Charles 41 Chism, Chris 26,131,154 Choice, Willie 26, 181 Coleman, Robert 26, 40, 122,151J 155 Coleman, Sonja 26 Contreras, Olga 26, 59 Coronado, Melvanelia 25, 26, 114, 182 Crisp, Karen 26, 40 Crisp, Sharon 26, 40, 181 Criss. Carolyn 26, 155 Crockett, Sonji 26, 181 Cruz, Matilda 26, 40 Cruz, Sylvia 27, 182 Cubit, Angela 27 Cupet, Sherri 27 D Davis, Alicia 27 Davis, Kathryn 27 Davis, Micheal 27 Dean. Sharon 27, 59 Delce, Latonya 27 Deleaon, Fernando 27 Deltoro, Doreen 27, 182 Dempsey, Charles 27, 165, 182 Diaz, Maria 27 Dixon, Cassandra 27, 59, 115, 182, 185, 187 Dixon. Michael 147 Dodson, Mylinda 27, 59 Duran, Anna 27, 40, 181 Duran, Armando 27, 182 E Echevarris, Soleman 27 Edwards, Eric 27, 151, 154, 169 Edwards, Opal 27, 117 Elisondo, Adrianna Z7, 182 Embers, Tiffany Z8 F Fabela, Mary 28, 182 Farias, Rosario 28, 59, 164 Fernandez, Posa 28 Flores, Martin 28 Flores, Silvia 6, 7, 28, 59. 179, 182 Ford, Angela 21, 28, 181, 195 Fricks, Don 28 Frias, Rosario 182 Frais, Ruth 28 G Galvam, Lupa 28 ' Garcia, Mary 28 Garcia, Minerva 28 Garcia, Olivia 6, 7, 28, 40, 179 Garcia, Yolanda 28, 181 Gardner, Lara 28 Geroge, Berness 28 Gipson, Frederick 28 Gonzales, lrma 28,40 Gonzalez, Imelda 28 Gonulez,joe 6, 7, 21, 28. 151, 135, 179, 182, 185, 59, 123 Graves, Kristi 29, 59, 125 Gray, Ethel 29, 97, 181 Green, Connie 29,41,116,121,125.179,182 Griffith, Willie 29, 64 Guerrero, Manuell 29, 59, 182 Guteirrez, Darrell 29, 41 H Hair, Monique 29, 122 Hall, Deborah 29, 59 Hall, Robert 29 Hammond, Shawn 29 Harper,jamie 29,114, 129,151,135, 169 Harris, Norman 11,145,146 Hawkins,jeffery 29 Hemphill, Christopher 29 Hernandez, Karen 29 Hernandez, Rick 29 Hernandez, Roberto 29, 121 Hernandez, Ronald 29, 151. 155 Hernandez, Sara 29 Herod, Nemier 29,151,152 Herrera, Monica 29,41 Hobbs, Noble 151,155 Hobson, Kevin 117, 122, 129, 151, 152, 169 Hobson, Mithc 50,41,129,151, 152 Holland, Katherine 50 Hollie, Karen 50 Hollie, Kenneth 50 Hornbuckle, Vanessa 50, 40 Howard, Willie 50 Hughes, Arlene 50 Hunter, Arlene 50 Hunter, Eugenia 50, 188 Helen, Mary 41 J jenkins, Elaine 50, 181 jennings, Nathan 22,50,122,151,155.159 johnson, Shirley 30, 182, 195 johnson, Sophia 50, 41, 111, 181 johnson, Viola 50, 181 jones, Deatra 50, 182 judie, Kevin 50,151, 154 K Keller, William 131, 155, 169, 181 L LaFayette, Tim 30, 121 Lampltin, Cunthia 50 LaRue, Bucky 50 Laws, Felicia 50 Lemons, Angela 51,40 Lopez, Annabelle 51 Losoya, Gustavo 51 Lusk, Mary 51, 59,125,159,141,151,153,181 Lusk, Hardie 158 Lyons, Donna 51 M Madden, Shelly 31 Manning, Carrie 31, 182, 188 Manuel, Kay 9, 22, 51, 49, 111, 122, 182, 185 Marlield, Rickie 52 Medina, Lisa 52 Medrano, Melinda 52, 59 Meekds, Ronald 52, 151, 152, 155 Meza, Isabel 182 Men, Mary 52 Miles, Mariann 52, 181 Milton, Sharon 52, 41, 159, 140 Mierles, Yolanda 32, 59 Mitchell,Tabatha 52,179,182,187,189 Mitchelle, Valarie 52 Moning, Tichi 52 Moore, Terrina 32, 40,122 Moreno, Catalina 6, 7, 52, 59, 182 Morrow, Tonia 52 Mulinait, Andre 52, 39, 120 McAfee, Rodney 11,31 McCann, Robert 125, 151, 152, 169 McCoy, Bobby 51,119,l29,151,15Z, 1 McDonald, Stephen 31, 151, 135, 181 McDowell,jackie 51,41,l11,125 Mclilwee, Sheila 51, 59, 145 Mclrvin, Linda 51, 181 McPherson, Elizabeth 181 Meza, Teresa 41 N Navejar, Christina 52 Newsome, Rosalind 52 Nickerson, Felicia 6, 7, 52, 41, 175 Nobles, Rodney 145, 147 Norman, Kina 55,181 O Obregen, Cynthia 55, 159, 141 Oca, Mary 55, 181 Oliver, Debbie as O'Neal, Kim 53 O'Quinn, Roman 151, 152 Ortega, labella 55 Ortiz, Gabriela 55, 59, 182 P Parrish, Artis 55 Parrish, Lisa 5, 40, 192, 196, 182 Patterson, Cynthia 35, 122 Paune, Daniel 55 Perez, Adam 55 Perez,julie 55, 40, 164, 182 Perez, Raymond 55, 182 Petty, Teresa 55, 40, 96, 188 Phouongpangna, Phersamon 55 Phouongpangoa, Sowantha 55, 120 Pickens, Lee 55,41 Pitts, Eliubeth 55,151 Polk, Deborah sa, 181 Powers, Dorothy 54 Price, Eugene 54, 151, 154 Prinrice, Paula 54. 52, 151, 176 Puente,john 4, 41, 116, 179 Puente, Diana 54, 157 R Ramirea, Eva 54 Ramirez, Rosario 54 Randle, Raymond 54 Rangel, Gilbert 54 Reagor, Dwayne 92 Redmond, Cynthia 54, 182 Rhine, Karen 54, 40, 182, 192 Rhodes,javette 34, 39, 182 Robinson Byron 54, 125, 151, 152 Robinson, Ori 54 Rodriguez, Cynthia 54, 159, 141 Robinson, Elzekiel 146 Rodriguez, Gilbert 34,40,162,163,182 Rodriguez, Irma 54, 39, 182 Rodriguez, Mary 34 Rodriguez, Michael 34 Rodriguez, Raul 54, 158 Rodriguez, Roel 55, 118 Rosales, Ruben 35 Rodalez, Mary 55, 175 Rubalcaba, David 55, 158 Rubio, Daniel 55 S Marales, Amelia 175 Maroney, Lisa 6, 7, 51, 40, 118, 175, 179 Marquez, Beverly 51 Marchall, Miles 31 Martin, Anthony 11, 51, 120, 145, 147 Martinez, Felicia 51, 59, 176 Martinez, Paul 31,40, 96, 151,155,179 Martinez, Susan 52, 59 Martinez, Violet 6, 7, 32, 59, 118 Saenz, Deanna 55, 158 Saenz, Lionicus 55, 119 Salas, Sylivia 55 Sanchez, Gregory 55, 120 Sanchez, Ray 55 Sanchez, Tambra 55, 59 Sanford, Anthony 35,41,151,154,197 Sanford, Kimberly 55 Sanford, Pauline 55, 190 Santiago, Carlos 55,40 Schultz, Thurman 6, 7, 35, 118 Segura, Marco 55 Sellero, Virgil 55 Serrano, Mario 55 Shedrick, Danielle 55 Sides, Maria 56, 181 Slater, Tia 36, 59, 175, 187 Sims, Ronald 56 Smith, Kristine 21, 22, 36, 59, 114, 117, 179, 182, 184, 135 Soto, Rosemary 56, 176 Starwich, Yvonne 36 Stegall, Milton 25, 56,114,121,125,129,131 155, 182 Sroneman, Arline 56, 41, 182, 188,191 Striklen, Greg 182 Subieldea, Patricia 56 T Talley,john 56, 189 Tate, Sharon 56 Tatum, Kyev 56,125,129,151,152,158 Taylor, Stephanie 181 Tave, Annette 56 Teague,judy 56, 115 Thacker, Vernon 56 Thomas, Donald 56 Thomas, Kishia 56 Thompson, Charles 16 Thornton. Patrick 56, 181 Tijerina, Diana 56, 175 Tijerina, Rogelio 40, 57, 117, 165 Torbor, Sonia 57 Trevino, Teresa 37 Trevino, Theodore 9, 57, 49, 122, 150, 182 Trotter, Wayne 57, 62 Tairla, Sylvia 41 V Valadez, Maria 57 Valdez, Sandra 37 Van Buskeirk, Gina 57,40 Vasquez, Maria 57 Vining, Monita 21, 57, 59, 110,119, 159, 141 151,l52,179,182,185 ' W Walter,joan 57, 40. 181 Walter, Lloyd 57 Wathington, McKinley 57 Washington, Michelle 37, 40, 118, 175, 196 Watkins, Patrice 57 Webb, Carol 57, 59,122, 181 West, Kristi 57, 125, 179, 182 Whitley, Christina 57, 40 Williams, Angela 57,40, 181, 188 Williams, Dawn 57 Williams, Kathy 58 Williams, Michelle 58,181 Willis, Peggy 58, 182, 188, 191 Willrich, Zelms 58 Wilson, Gary 38, 40 Wilson, Philip 58 Wooden,james 58 Woolridge, Alicia 58, 119 Y Yarbrough,james 58, 120, 188, 189 Yabarra, Diana 58 Young, Darrell 58,131,153 Young, Randall 58 Z Zamora, David 58, 158 Yamato, George 58, 59 bvala, Francisca 58, 59 Zavala, Hector 58, 59 Zavala, Patricia 58, 116, 182 Rocky 38 As this yearbook is being sent to the publisher at the end of February, the seniors are beginning to realize that one of the greatest goals of our lives - to finish high school - is about to be reached. For many of us, the memories will remain as a bright spot in our lives. Many of the people in our lives the last four years We will never see again. This is our sadness. It is the beginning of a new day for us and this is our joy. 4M"""' 1 , ' r 0 ., sg ' f W-1 an . 5OE?H0iwflMf9?Zv '60 QBVQQ 115-Pail." jo 95 Choi W f'Q1MbWM ' 4: 90 5- B A' WOWALW' wqq A . .,.1.,v.-. V ,Q w i f ' 'f Povvwfxxlg Sfwxvf gm Lfgkzgm CDCjL.7L1'l1'Jef00LQB Gel WML 59156, x Q U ,f X, x , mfC5kf1 'T f f 'xg IM I A A : ' ' M CYQJYLQ, 1' O V1 .2-, 7 IU 1 Fyxizf XTXSQCHX We SEC, Jijlvlp X - FHLLVWL I QA ' 715' ' 7p, f1,,.,Wp Hfowbtlmob iE4f37'CX M MSR C, iXX.L NX3 . FQ QR VX, K-K VV'QQcfvfvws lfgg ffidgffgf Mis Sf'-P5 90' N KW2f Q9S3L"yf5VW?FQ50iiMW WW U 532 M , 235 E255 QQ . .- Q 5 my .. - ' . l Q AW 05+ X614 f 5, i Q 'Y U, . ? ,jf Q, H i fi 'L 5654 1 ,xiii 5i1Qfffi Q'Q 3 3 gf its 43 Nb A3 Ti Qi QQQQ5f,fi 4 S 5 9 figs QQHE Wk 52 efiifxzz JO Q ff 562 Yffiifs A559052 Qggcg-fi?ff i v K M, WM W W, aww? 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Zz, Y J, A A ,AAA4 Q H ' , KA, ,A gif A 1 ,fu 'lx-:.4fc'1'lQ fv rf xi, 1, 1 f 1 -A M. If f L A ,AK I A, , , I , A , , , J If j' ,V ' C 14 L1 f,Q,f4Laf ,Tx 5,4 UQ 4C1nfaf':ff-424.-,ijr fyff'-"ff"-'L If fff, ,,z 4, K .j!L1v, ,fm iff-971, ,A if ff if if ff: ,J A X A fx 54, A-f1Jf ,'fwJ, '7 fif 4041 V-if P ' , ' ff , f, . , , A , ' A, If 4 14, fwfn 'V' ,3,CAf',Lj!,,!1Q 11414, fix' Qfwc' wx Law ,Aa ff Z 5 1' 4 1 ,Ad Af fri: 23 If L' f 1 1, 1 f A , ,Ai ,,A , ,414 A , , f 1' f Q!H',ff-,ffL6fj L'-' Of 5 ff ,f ff ff , f . A' df , X Q xx Xk X, I X4 N - N NA X x ,xl M X - X ' y-'A xx A X A A X X .1 x 4 A Q A J V E 1 Y J .X , X A .iv W Q A l A :X 'J h X' xx X I X X X r . X . lx X' X 4'v , U' tj x . - x.' 1 ' ,1 7 N ' I T- ' ' A X' x iw k XJ Q J A XY' Nl I NN 1 A AJ mx ' t 1 , x X A 1, A X . 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