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f- X I W x f X x M fi J! 'N ' A N , X " W N, fjf Y , ' " " r N 1 XXJV ix-A " ixwvlxk ix 5 J I 'W .ww , ...ew 'ee-vm 'xr , 3 Q , .y . It , -- 3 f. A ff:-wa , K, gq ' 'Et :X ' M 'lgraiil , 1 'iam' msnva v in M, rf- , ,-as-' l gg' 1 ' f all no ,H 4.3 W'wW?q 1 A r .,, w 5, We ff , af ,,,a-ffaclm.. , ar W xl , , ' ,. ww " ' c Y I . 1.,,1..jgs,X.m 'www 'LA QM 'Q xg. . . A Vw F' 5 ' ,-eq., , N x4 e. f . 1, 1 W A Mr,l'ffX ' r f 'A,' fl A lf" "' , xr. 'f,,,, n was B I 1 girl . XXL 'M N , T' A 1 4 ' 5-A tr . NK N rf iz. xv, X it ,K ,p N X X wh xt M ' X V1 yi X rr, xi x c is x x X, Rx K X x - ,ive X N W x 1, "N P4 R K 'R 1. , x X Green B. Trimble Technical l-ligh School IOO3 W. Cannorl Fort Worth, Texas Volume XX everybody is beautdul the beauty of our world is mirrored in the eyes of people we meet, and it somehow seems that faces of friends without smiles seem incomplete. it's nice to note that when we try to spread friendship and cheer, we realize the true meanings of the feelings which we hold dear. soft voices echoing from a distance tell of unity and peace, while myriad images are brought to light, compelling brotherhood to increase. hand in hand we tread the paths which lead to contentment of mind. sidelb y side we search for love ---- and the meaning of truth to find step to step we proudly march towards unknown realms of good. our own satisfaction is realized in helping others as we should. then we can stand aside to see, the results of what we 've done. for, it is true that friendships are never missed ----- until we have discovered them gone. together, we look into the future and envision our destiny. together, we are a part of life, and, this part of life we see: we behold a place where friendships and lo ve, seem to never fade or die. it is plainly seen that this place is called --------- trimble technical high! by david lang -V. 'fx'- Manx .2 f""'x. 40-it Ai! 3 1 , ,eeeple uflze lzele peeple . . ,eeeple who Week fegetlzer ,eeeple uflle leezm. . . ,eeeple wlze play. . . peeple who are lzelzereel. N r I f 5 green 6. nnnnnl stef presents tlzeir tcnclzer nf the gear mr. theron byrd mr. theron byrd, our honoree, came to tech in the fall of 7948. he has taught government and history here for the past twenty-five years. in the years he has been here, mr. byrd has been a willing sponsor wher- ever needed he has been senior spon- sor and has helped with many other extracurricular activities, not only has he served the students, but he has also served the faculty as classroom teach- er representative. at present mr. byrd is student council sponsor and head of the history department. mr. byrd's work with youth does not stop at the end of the school day. he can be found almost any evening vvorking with the youth of the poly methodist church or driving a bus for some youth group. he has also been a scout leader. we at trimble tech are very proud to have had such an inspirational in- structor. everybody is a more beauti- ful person for having had mr. theron byrd for a teacher. behind the srcizas' with imc byril 3? always a devoted father, mr. byrd spends happy moments with sons bill, mr. and mrs. byrd's hearts are filled with joy and pride as they along with johnny, and david ' ' whit x mr. byrd has always been a kind gentle man as rho wn here with his kitten. sons johnny and david, pose with cadet bill at the united states air force aca dem y. some might complain about military service but not our honoree- he flashes his famous smile. 6 as behind every great man there stands a woman- mr. byrd is no exception as shown here with wife lou. , or .ww ' o ' i A M X, .ofa 'EP ai inf Qi .1 E "4" I , 4 X , , w . lj A I ' l o, ,Flyer , Q we , , Q V ' YV r l "ir , S r! 4457 1 Q 1 , fdengtes sqiragl leader A , A K P K ' A Y left to righr:V drum majors: snaron pjlly nalliday. row 1: 'rickey fillmore, 'cheryl gay, y oeggy fovimng ,sandra qwilburnmsoflayelqsquez, 'mary mendaza. row 2: "fat-kovalle, pam 2 H' poorer debralcolwell, darlin?-A'toles,7ir1aggie. granado, 'john miller. rowf3: 'lee powell, raymond medrano, geanefta, gqoperpdaviil Wyatt, nighaferia gentry, paylabmiller. row 4: A A 'wanda young, gloria menq'oza,Q,sQ1ria mendogafwandagthompsqn, anne guadarrama, 'ir7s 'fpaxbohi royvfg:g3'riorrnan foster, danny'calva, 'da,,bacon,jleticia flares, rickyavifia, lla , W , or 1 1wood.sw"r0w,l6: feifberiewlpdriguez, :gilbert campos, robert ramos, veronicavbutler, jane ,l 'M ,W M J y ' A I V ,, X . H ,. ,r N' W. Y V 1' . l , Wa .rf 1 , v Wa V ly li , '7 Wd M H W V 'W , MMA w wM..w,. f ,. Nj' 1 f 14 X - 4 HHN , 1 , ,ia 9 I OF? IA ' I Q an , 'f 0 .-If! .M if f-- J v 1 W . L nv- I ,, n ' 1 ue I- ..... "lin Sounsng., i 'Hs' I 1 U I ' . l W., 0 U 0 , I ' i- 49 ' 1 s ' ' v' , JV. 1 ,x,'+', if GD, '31 5 ff '7 -of nl' ' P1 on A P Y ' 1 . 1 W . 1 gilkerson, 'yolanda Sanchez. row 7: 'jimmy jenkins, patricia sadler, joe wilson, eugene hobson, johnny guadarrama, ronnie ayala. row 8: 'daniel pena, cedric gardner, cynthia mckinney, joe haley, ester aalva, bernardo cortez. row 9: 'charlie owens, john calia, anthony adams, david vasquez, gregoria elizondo, joe moron. row 10: 'jan morgan, ramona raines, debra sanders, beatriz montalva, michael johnson, danny trujillo. row 17.' 'michael dominguez, 'manual carranz, james vwshingtan, ausben jordan,-randolph wilson, oscar sims. X ? ' Y 4.f 4 homecoming '72 "look what i got!" exclaims miss ford E X coach weaver asks all to support the team. Q ronny land displays his decorating talent. - 1, .' f E i l if: t 1,1 s gig ' Fi ! f ' 2 1 N il - - K tgp 52: I mr. green b. trimble returns home as do many exes. speaking to the student body is david brim 5 ex-presiden t. 2 9 ? "i'm reaching as high as I can!" kay yells "look out here we come!" modeling the latest men's fashions are coaches thomas, levels, ross, clark l exclaims jodi valenciano. stacy. 'onald griffin escorts pam hill, first princess, to rage. robert rivera escorts queen olga saenz to her johnny johnson escorts linda white, second prin throne. cess, to the queen's court saenz selected lznrncwlning queen fe tears of joy come to olga. a very happy little girl. homecoming this year as every other year wouldn 't be complete vvith- out a queen's court. this year olga saenz was selected the homecoming queen for the 7972-73 school year with pam hill, first princess and linda vvhite, second princess. oiga came to tech from j. p. elder and her major is data processing. she has been a cheerleader for three years and is an active member in many school projects. she has been elected class favorite her sophomore and junior year. there is no reason why olga should not have been this year's homecoming queen. it's plain to see why, for a little 4'7 7" girl with bright smile there couldn't have been a better selection. olga saenz homecoming queen for 7972-73 eyes and babies return to tech 1 1 ex racheal herrera and deanna magallon enjoy matching homecoming ac ti vi ties. these babies perhaps will come to tech as their mothers did val terrerza, sharon thomas, robert allen, belinda messa herrera, and dann sales are among those on the coming home court. the school was full of exes and many teachers found themselves rec- ognizing their old students, the school was decorated in green and white and the halls were full of noise. people would try to figure out where their classes used to be and the fellow classmates they remember. , homecoming '72 held many memo- ries for all students and exes. even the teachers will never forget how that day went. 1 linda herrera and raul herrera seem to say, it's n, to be back in front of the camera after all tht years. belinda messa herrera escorted by val terrerza was elected coming home queen for 1972-73 johnny johnson, linda white, robert rivera and queen olga saenz go onto field at the half time. each year after the homecoming game the ex association of tech gives the present students a home- coming dance. this year the dance was held at the national guard armory on mccart. many people went to the dance and it was en- joyed by all who attended. music was provided by a live band and raul lopez directs the band on what numbers to play next. mr. parker "tries" to stay in step. sharon thomas, wife of coach thomas, was selected coming home princess. refreshments were on hand. K1 A E i 1 ! I 3 i where did my date go to? asks an ex-student. BR this year at our variety show the theme was "cabaret at tech". under the direction of mrs. elaine beernan, speech teacher, the show was a great success. there were acts from the national mexican dance to modern the frontier mortlcian mr talent was fimmy gleen and miss talent was alicia jones K Directed by Elaine Beeman Master of Ceremonies, Frank Burnat OUR THANKS TO MR Moore, Comercial Art ........................ Program Ari Vlr Hogan, Mr. Msonasco and Print Shop .... Program Mr Lewelling and Woodshop .. ....,..............,......... Props Stage Manager ..............................,................. Paula Lehx Sound .....,.......,............................. ....... S cott Kirtley L1ghtS ............................ .........,.......,.... M ik-e Marsl Faculty Volunteers ....,... .. .........,......................,. Humor Mrs. Miller ................... ..... P rogfram Advertisement. singing. the best group award went to . . . .l loria mendoza displays her dancing as she "in the cuban mambo the act calls for an airborn eddie daniel talks to george about his girl watching erforms to "on the good ship lollipap. " skirt," says rosalinda rodela. rims was 4 1 S 1 1... 5 S ' is t H 5 In f-- ut E R Luv 1 qu, 5 s. s A X. '-". ssss eg ig ,g21f:'i'g':f.Z1 Z 41? ff w fe ei g ,vim-g1g,m,p ,,-' ' X 4 , 1: 1 t ' f 9 1 -- 153' .f 'M-5 " if 1 ' '1 ' lil-if' 341, . 3M?i'n'lVzLE123'f 5 1Y J 'aJf3e1E u, 'siivfil' ' ' Wrri "" U A t:" e " q. H leiiii., . gift s ' " X xi ' .V . 3:1 4, Vg ..,. V jV sg , is 'V ' - f X- 5'f?':9. T1 , 3? ,wir M 'i ' ' 1" ' VV QV' 1- 1 .f I . ,V A E 9 1 V 6 riii . if: new ' 1 .fsalfn is ess tg ,V ?z' A . t -A - 'kk ' F' sl david lang, bubba milling, lehman jones and diana tejada were members of "frontier mortician. " we've only just begun to win awards replies alicia jones, 3 3 t if k "a star is born" as frankie graves sings for her number. and now jesse arriaga, mc for the cabare r cap ers. , . i L 3 ,, F u sammy flares and ruben mendoza seem to be interested in something other than nancy ramos and sofie velasquez. K ,vena and snenz seleefed ns neufdy king end qneen daniel penn elga snenz staaeat eazmea' members as. faealtg ia a game bf basketball each year the faculty members participate in various fund raising profects for the students. this year the student council members vs. faculty members proved to be an exciting game. al- together four games were played, two by the men and two by the women. the series ended "one- all'f answer to page: green b. trimble technical business education classes 7972-731 he bigger they are the harder they fall" frank pez and coach stacy fight for the ball. woods. "what!!! ijust made the a basketball line-up", mr. mrs. cockran, miss ford and mrs. murphy can 't believe that the girls are ahead in points. V lupe quinator runs in to score another point. o r beth lohmer tries to out jump mrs. poe on a tie ball. donald griffm tags coach stacy. :ami daddy and mommy, played by billy holliday and paula miller, listen to yolanda sanchez, playing a little girl, enjoys sitting in daddy's lap. christmas music. christmas ,vrrfgram begins 0 62,71 Fla' Q 's X l s , vw V Ki! 5... mary mendoza waits to do her dance routine to "here comes santa claus. " if junior, frank burnat, pam, yolanda sanchez, and sandy, leticia flares help mommy wrap gifts during the program. 'xx . x 1 4 1 'guru' daddy and mommy resist the children 's efforts to get them to dance. mf affrsfive lmhdrzg fun Q ' cast of "remember how christmas used to be" was l d t g a o see it all over with. I to r: darzielpena, jan rgan, ronny land, teresa hair, robert hedgepeth, deanette sadler, mary mendoza, frank burnat, sylvia ndoza, feiipe sanchez, leticia flores, oscar sims, randolf wilson, yolanda sanchez, billy holiday, joe 'tte, cecilia smith, paula miller, adrian kindles, donald griffin, sharon hill, james simpson, and other not rurezi deanette sedler winds up sylvia mendoza, a baby doll, in a scene from toyland fantasy. "remember how christmas used to be" was written .and directed by paula lehr, assisted by adrian kindles and houston ho well. three teenagers recall how christmas used to be when they were kids with brother and sisters fussing. carolers from mr. riley's choir and a toyland fantasy after midnight gave sparkle to the play. D christmas parties are eizjayvd by all miss hardwick seems a bit sad as she leaves at the end of student teaching. w 3 david lang tell mrs. claus lpaula lehri "we had bet- ter both pass chemistry with mrs. roberson's bless- ings'C ' 1 fy .Q 4 K A ms: 'Q M2555 V ' ' 'nina xx 'sa her L' r , i many parties were away from john paul lehr tells santa claus school like this one which stephen Webb, sylvia brock, and robert hedgepeth attended for nea. E mr. o'connor asks santa for all kinds of goodies for his stu- dents including a new practice field and parking lots, burnati what he wants for christmas. m,:i'e Q, V'1KRk.'X"ixAt ff bW""L It 5.-L N N period to play in the snom 5 x .,- h sn. g-Wk ' A M , ,I ' -W ss .,-' . i'll never let paula pin," exclaims mrs. miller to mr. rauschuber : they get into a snowball fight. talk me into anything which way did old man winter go! george gonzales won ders. mildred irvin, gloria kirvin, paul vasquez, and mrs. drake take time out from annual vw... "let me see how fast i can make a snowman," thinks janlce stephens. . 'M xw "my pitching is better in the off season than in spring training," thinks joe guelle te. YVYH wa 7 0 ' "li :f"'s+ss,, -D.-gl ... f".,: 4 P' 9 og' fr . . " ' M' f 0 .--Qld" ' ., .1 ' 5 ." 1. l"' s 'fa 1 ff .1 ' . a ti! ks. .9 Q1 ,T if :A -- -M if . 4' A' ,, A ' 7 Skis: 2 F ' Q :V - -A s r? piir , , 5 - uf, , V .K ' 5 V " 4 in 5555 H e is , r n Q ,ta, W , miss ford is thinking about whom to hit next. "if mrs. drake knew we were out playing in the snow instead of working on the sports section, i would have to get my schedule is changed tomorrow," exclaims if daniel pena to james simpson. 1 two can play this game. I is ': this beats coach stacy's " history class. srmuf comes flzrcc Weeks late far christmas , '- . U . 'sul . .,. fi .-. Canterbury tales" told by sen 1 Y - Q 30 ,, 4 VM Q. f ' N13 1 I ' if s .Vip 3 M sa Q W' sk gs 'X .auf-R r -, Y 5 " I is . Q-R s 7,1 , " A g- ' , x " 143 -K. r , f ,gf 1, .f in er efeutfts .V sm-..1s'S . me K- .K 'W gk, yuh gsm! senior speech students put on the "Canterbury tales" for mrs. beernan's speech classes. santos flores, vincent jones, and randolf wilson were vil- lagers while robert hedgepeth played the Knight, faye hold- er, the wife of bath, maria milan, the student, Cecilia smith, the cook,' dick steb- bins, the squireg and kenneth holland, the skipper. these students had one day to get their costumes and they couldn't be anything that cost money. ,LV fa ye ? 1 'johnny belinda". beeman tells student body the story of 'iohnny belinda" in a of the play. E, li .ti li. lang and david cuellar talk over some problem in a scene black mcdonald and mr. dingwell get into an argumen t. ,g T E f , ' f The t m ? r,"' R' v- Quit? . f fsi tax :,, igff ' jjij ,, 4 13 5 6 51 J 5,5 fu' ' .52iMiw o'oo M: ,Q t 'xo :if elinda and dr jack talk about the trip he is to make back to seniors ,vczfarrrz the story af Ytflzmry brlirfdrz " he gfjwoty- cxv v. the production of "johnny belinda", the story of a deaf girl, played by terri sue lo velace who is deaf, was a hrst for any high school. terri sue ga ve a touching and poignant performance N in this role winning for herself the title of "best actress". mrs. elaine beernan, speech and drama teacher was assisted in the direc- tion b y louis jordan, a stu- dent teacher from north texas sta te university. I lawrence martin, terri lovelace, cheryl gay, and myrtle cooper in a scene from U terri sue lovelace, winner of "best actress", and norman foster, winner of 'best actor", in a scene with sofia velasquez. 1.,. Q 1 05:43. . N L55 :Y I locky Games simpsonl and stella sit and listen to a con' versation that is going on between mrs. lutz and mrs. mckee. . stella admires the baby as belinda watches. anada. flnsn! J J san nntonin invaded by tccnis' f t. n. innnbcrs hello, is this hotel security? would you please check on my girls in room 1707, says mrs. murphy. a , the palico del rio hilton hotel never knew what they were getting into with this group of girls. pictured here are veron- ica bill, vangie rios, nancy ramos, terri aguillar, sandra ramos, and victoria velesquez. vangie rios, terri aguillar, and sandra ramos take time out to snack on some popcorn. on feburary 26 thirty-two tech students and sponsors loaded up seven cars and started on an invasion of the city of san an- tonio. there, the state ft.a. convention would be held with over six thousand students from the state. all enjoyed the trip which included a visit to the hemisphere, dining on the river, the alamo, and numerous others, only for it to have ended so soon. san antonio will always be in the hearts of all those vvho attended the convention and perhaps some day vve will return in our own vvays. mrs. beeman, janice stephens, robert hedgepeth and mrs. murphy stop to admire some the shops on the river vmlk. ff '91 7 'vw AR I ,. f5 . ' 17 . if 5 T--Nw' ,, ' , I I ,J L Q, K . , I A, '1 x -Q 3iT95?",iif' X p Z. 52 5 -, ,lx QQAC ,' ,iff 'm . -1 . 'Pu-71741 :'lf'i,- ni M .ki Jw' '.n.3f.f' a. ,,f-QM E ,hm - .-':',--3325. -'ki ' A' 9. '. ff, iff ff fel? , + ET, . ,M -, f E '?1Q71,,w- . X, Y I " Al 1 l".r7' xj' 3-4' - ' 5.5.4, iw- .4 f, ug- -- Q-x , Mild .:M'.,3'X.x 'gin Er" "W ff' fi Y'-LNM' - 1 , f Vt? 5151- gg, 1' 'M' - iii 'H gg-.X 3.3 fl ,,- ,wr w, ,plv '-:E 'QW "U ,.. " Hr- . .- ..'- if - ,- , ,,. . J, X' Ka f Knxf-.i,'.1i -Tw. - Af H -.v sx s ffwl 'I H N bn' .-. ,Q lx .N x , X ., , ,N..V d:.,.' C .x . .. X. fl 4 ,f ' . ' V A 42 Wf"w,1 I 'an : ' ' 1+ 1 3- .., -' -Wvw, -- F.. - ?fi'Ef'---T A Qc. 1 . ,. I 0,--T ,K '. . 1 --J .,. - K 0 'x .-:ri 3,7 K fr, X ffgli Q, .V.,'x.." I g,Q'ffQ? W1 'ivff ?"rf?. H if lf. - if 'U Y. 'ssh W- 17" if 3'?f'f 1 Q 1' We: X- u 'M ,-... 4' '.-dx...+-'- , -N 'VJ- V, , ,X-, . . ,Q c t x - 'fa'W,,g'-x,- W. 1 1. , ,j h. T, ,EV funk. N ve .' fn' --,+'.i Q w..',ff',',2 if 30-5 .5 1 . IIC 1 HER, 'Q' QY ,. Ei, U, :gf ww Wg' -121, .f , wif THE ONE EXCL us! VE sfefv OF A THOROUGH KNOWL EDGE IS THE POWER OF TEACHING ARISTOTLE --41' ' . w 'W Y ' Q . -' 4 L . V i! , g k g, . 5 l ,,..:1f,,4 md, X. Z ' T 'M f " in I uf' Lf, . L 9 fzii' ' gn- e X ,, f, ..- f' ga.-f wg.. 'M vw Q 3 - .J ,get A v . ? .ef H Z . I 'N 1 1531 . -wif A el 31251. L I J ' ' Y gwsfifm - , ' X 2 H P it 'I , f . A., t -QAM . I A.: :L um? -fu -4 rfufstrzrrrlirzg leadership rzffarded far! Wartll public schools the fort worth public schools mr. julus rrueimn mf. gefaid ward administrators ha ve experience in superintendent deputy superintendent handling the administration of a large complexed school system. with the new tri-mester going into effect this coming school year, all the experience is needed. on the secondary level, the tri- mester will give the student an op- portunity to take more classes which will enable them to grad- uate earlier. the administrators have worked long hard hours in developing a plan for tech since we have so many vocational shops involved in this program. we know that the administrators work hard for our school system and we at tech appreciate them for all they mr. tommy taylor mr. frank kudlaty mr. eugene high tower ha V9 dgne I0 make Qur 5Ch00l assistant superintendent assistant superin tendent assistant superin tenden t better for administration for instruction for business ' mr. james bailey mr. troy sparks mr. robert m. mcabee mr. twaine marrow assistan t superintendent associate assistant associate assistant assistant superin tendent for special services superintendent for superintendent for director for intercultural relations vocational-industrial-education secondary education flflfiilffff 1:61 fort worth school board members, I to r.' stan harrell, mrs. jack o. shannon jr., bill j. elliott: vice-president, the reverend john r. leatherbury: president, green b. trimble: secretary, jim harris, and bobby l. bruner. mr. 0 winners ' liberal views nbvut change makes trinlblc' tech iz ,vmgressivc schaa mr. albert b. o'connor university of texas principal i Q ISM mn o'connor goes over the pep rally schedule with daniel pene, student body president seeing a person as he really is instead of looking at tl color of his skin is the big advantage we have at tec. with the school being one third of each race there aren any liberal conditions here. all the students get along we with each other and work together even better. mr. o'connor knows this and because of this tech progressing more than any other school in fort wort although he has his mind on many things, mr. O'conn1 always has the time to listen to any problem a studer parent, or faculty member has, we at tech are proud to have a man like mr. o'conn as our principal. mrs. miller and mr. o'connor seem to be talking about a pretty serious subject. W3 A me W, 3 , 4,1- 55 is life l Q.. R 1,1 E512 vice-,urirrrgvrzls busy with rzdrrriuistrrztive duties mr. marvin e. palmer viceprincipal for boys texas a. 8f i. "one more like you and i'm retiring." ' w x, 4 V A l Y i ' i KA jig' L.,w 1 VZ' C uit 5, , ,Q L, l . ri .. L f iizf- f 'A ' Y N g ,L the Y , K. KX r mr. john d. cooper viceprinclpal da ta processing north texas sta te university "i tell you that data processing will work!" what keeps vice-principals smiling through myriads of discipline problems? the answer is a sense of perspective together with luck. they know that theirs is the responsibility of mold- ing character. they know that discipline prob- lems do not necessarily end in disaster. when not involved in student problems, these people are responsible for schedules, organiaational meetings and numerous other administrative details, miss lucy mcroberts vice-principal for girls texas christian university "do you mean i can leave for lunch?" , l behind the seeneis workers makes feaelzers ' day easier I I faq, mr. wade hearn coordinator of placement -e. i h ,mr aged 'aE'5Ch7be' I north texas state university tee mea an Vocanona superwsor if you need a job, this determined looking gentleman can find it for north texas state university need another room or maybe a typewriter? then this is your man. you. 3 N Qg.fT'ij t 531773 172525 ' ' 'A T ' ..-ns ,Lg M W--"3 'iejjiag . . 1 5' Q , f ' X 5 g V J I ' E 13 ' 3 ., . . rrrr eiii ' A V M, ,, - e I ,k,,. ss, K- -f - 1 K4A' . , jdgfraf i..,33.g'4..ffg mr. calvin pettit career opportunities texas Wesleyan college through counseling, students can be properly placed in society. from the expression on mr. rauschuber's face, mr. hogan isn't going to win the argument. ima... 7"X X K 1 , .-f"" mrs. peggy miller mrs. clarice davis mrs. sydney newland mrs. mary shelton secretary to principal data processing secretary nurse attendance secretary -ew, fa., . . , . x A I .S fs Z '-V, K 3,77 Q Y miss wiiiie mae jenkins registrar-secretary pull my string and: il even talk to you mrs miller is I i X A , , , , m.. mf. saaratarzas assist administrators bookkeeper-secretary as wail as staaaats there is almost no generation gap at trimble tech. this cono'ition has been brought about by a group of young people kno wn as the "peers". these are young men and women vvho spend their time talking vvith and listening to teohites. many vvith minor problems which has been talked out before it becomes a major one. the addition of this counseling group is just another way in vvhich trimble tech serves the needs of its student body. al vin johnson sidney streety peer advisor peer advisor piers lzcbf bridge the geizeratiarz gap V31 19,-,-325 bobby ford larry parker peer adyjggr community aide community aide val talks to students on why they like to skip their classes. at the moment it looks like something was funny. bobby seems too serious about abby's pass but she thinks differently. S , Q f f ii e . , Q 'A "iS"i?-5 ' H .4 Q , fa Q- J, B' B if s ,f t psyd Q A g fini 7 , 4 M' Q 5 Y P5 img vs -KY 41 K "6 X 'H 4, 4 f M3 B Q35 ,.. Q. A ' . X 'sy' X, U' I .. -fi - iz M2 -ag 1 f f -'Sk 'A K 1? 1.4 x,,,,,N5N Q 11 lliitifu mr. a. l, mcelroy texas christian university counselor-sophomore 81 freshman 1 .5 QQ f 13: 1 :jp m . W :Fri 2 f""V ,I 54 . X, 1' if mf 'HQ ,J A Xrfdfgifav 'YQ it 1 1 1 2 ew , mn richard e. linton mn william moffatt ohio sta te university texas Wesleyan college counselor-junior 81 sophomore counselor for the deaf eempleifities ef iz feelzieieezl selzeel requires eyperf eeuleeelers expert counseling is the key to suc- cess for the graduates for trimble tech. these are times of indecision for the .. up boys and girls as they enter high iff" 1 ii Q school for the first time. the coun- any 1 W, ' A selors' knowledge not only keeps t t is k some from dropping out of school, 5. X X but also helps them in solving their 'i s problems. X' trimble tech's counselors have avail- X A able information and vvealth of ex- f it perience which they gladly share with ,,.,. 3 ,Agx hw allbstudents who come to them for . L we W, gui ance. x F """' ,Wg . - s 'ff' f 1 X 2 mrs. birdie elder mrs. electa lower y texas Wesleyan college secretary to counselors counselor-senior elder goes over the senior's graduating list with senior johnny johnson. tech's library is a favorite "hang Out" for students who want to read, do homework or just simply look through the recent publica- tions. study hall is provided for those students who wish to just enjoy a period off. at this time, they may work on other class assignments or just have a conversation with either of the two teachers there to help them. also, if they desire to, they may work in other areas of the school such as the offices, or be teachers' assistants. mrs. bobbie haley librarian teen-age library assistants university of texas mrs. nell stewart librarian assistant library and study hall :War students tl chance tc read and Wark . janet holmes seems to be comparing contents of these books. mrs. akyaree jackson study hall bulldoggers bishop college 32 jerry bufford wonders if he'll ever learn how to work the library files. mrs. haley shows him that there's nothing to in mrs hazel shoemaker study hall tarrant county junior college L 3 E 3 K 6 1 3. mrs. elaine beeman mr. gerald davenport mr. Isaac hernandez english- 72 81 speech english-7 7, journalism 81 newspaper spanish 8' spanish club t. c. u. university of houston sul ross state university language arts elasses aeaelap creative atraaspllere far staaeats language art classes stimulate minds of english students by introducing them to different ways of learning. by participating in speech, students develop self-expression. journalism teaches students to put thoughts on paper. vvlth our world becoming smaller it becomes necessary for all students to master a second lan- guage. the reading clinic serves as a second language for thailand students. tech is the only school ailand students learning english as a second language. they are.' george, arlee, archva, preecha, mrs, pratt, vanee, yotin, visuthipongse, wirat and rapan. which offers tsol. -II-' mrs. billie L lynch english aide- 72 university of texas . .v-jx f f shta ' .me t. Q i I. at mrs. euna pratt english-.9 81 reading university of texas mrs. georgia sinclalr speech teacher for deaf university of texas .vw . , u . R ,W mrs. helen drake english- 72 department chairman yearbook advisor howard payne mrs faye stilson english 70 I' C U ..,. .Q Q 'I 5 17 -Q we ft , ' Li ,:A,', K' f -'f, ' 1 f. f . .., 1. X.,tl,Vk b. . . .1 ., , , .. fl hm H I. F514 g 1 fgfrfrzgfeg' .. . ' , 255111, 1.:'u L 1 f. , 1y'w.. ' ..,.,.,.,+ V' f g X - A' K K .V-F' 3 " . ',, .Q we ff' , . pg .ft-.5-5. XXf..x:1wQ e- 'fr ' ' at mrs. kathryn o'dell english-9 t C, u. fam We 7'5- gx, My Xrwbiif mrs. maureen baldock english- 7 7 ro tc t. vv. c. mrs. leora b. dean english-7 7 t. c. u. english were ez elznllenge te ereeztiee thinking english teachers in trimble tech use all the new innovative techniques in all planning of their courses. the stu- dents themselves have input in the making of plans for each level. the teachers are engaged in team teaching in order that the students may take advantage of the best from each indivio'ual teacher. the senior year of english is taug as a humanities course. this enab students to do more independz study. all levels stress the applicatl of vvhat is related to the every dayl of the student. WN in M W guy, 3 - frank berna t, felix prcia, and sherry johnson are preparing a report on the "scarlet letter." mrs. jo ann jenkins english-7 7 81 12 sophomore class sponsor u. t.a. K Z yfk' Uh . T r- f? 5 gs I . x 4 L' Q 34 . r . r . AQ' ' , . -S ,g.13,"i1giq,,g iezzzvirezin 1 1 V . ,1,. A..,. ,, . ' iiliwx. 2'F5:f.1ff 'T . H+ , ' ' :'W,'.s,i:f-,'g7..1.tLggfffl , Elilirltkl f l f K . L 42 qflf' 'fgza r I f t ,r 2' t -Q 1.-'i":'ff:.g 'Hi'-,521 :ff I -L 1 .Sf " " 2- ' mi 'Bw-f'. .!'2:vZf'i1L5'5M' , Jw. 4' 459+ r W rc 'QA' 15 Jfrihfwg an af 4 iw D5 'h 'DVA . mrs sentelius slider english-9 bishop college Www. fe X. student teacher, miss hardwich, is about to say, "you caught me off guard! " miss vervelle corn english-.9 sam houston sta te as .. X-, 1--:F mrs. fa ye newton english- 70 ZZ VIL U. mrs. mary van hooser english-70 n. t.s. u. mr. lo we leach math t. c. u. mr. robert harris math, physics 81 trig. LC. U. mrs nan fulbright math langston university nzntn trnins students in deductive tninking mathematics is more than a series of numbers and formulas. it is a way of thinking characterized by definite facts and an accepted method leading to logical conclusions. mr. william harper math t. c. u. above all it trains the reasonl powers of the mind for the quiet a concise decisions necessary in c complex society. rnr. milton bottlinger math sophomore class sponsor texas tech mrs. velois curley ma th lincoln university 5 E Q 1 E tg. , S 5 5 2 V' mr. c. smith math paul quinn math club paul quinn s s. mrs. doro thy roberson math 81 chemistry radford college -1 . 1 e " rms.. K. mrs elease knight general physical science prairie view a8fm college miss arlyne blue general physical science science club If C. U. mr. john b. campbell mrs. bette ammann biology biology north texas state university science club bo ys' tennis team university of texas n. t.s. u. science- tnc gnrzrrlinn af our environment the science department of tech offers a variety of courses spanning all aspect of the sciences. general biology provides a broad knowledge of plant and animal life vvhich enables students to ha ve a better understanding of life itself chemistry and physics promotes an understanding of matter and energy. all phases of the sciences help students to knovv vvhat has to be done to prevent pollution's shortening the life span of our country. mrs. evel yn osier biology mrs. vvanda keiths general physical science t. w. u. n. tt s. u. mrs. fay chatmus mrs. julie cochran dr. virginia amos world history world history 81 english 9 mexican-american studies RC- U- sponsor junior class government 81 psychology t.c.u. university of california LEADERSHIP: mr. theron byrd american history 81 student council government t. vm c. physcioloylff mexican-american studies, and black studies are very popular vvith students this year. each course, in its own way, serves to pro- mote better understanding among all students. through reading and o'iscus- sion each one is learning about the background of others in the classes. M tlzree new pilot eeurses ere efered fer teelz students dr. amos's psychology students: david lang, ralph gonzales, terry sue lovelass, mike eddleman, and lela burks, in subdued mood as they return from a visit to denton state school. ,4. g5?.,,,g .T . 3 ---Y vi- I -' Q 1-sr' si ' ual mrs. mary rhodes mr. doyle mcintosh world history 81 red cross history florida state t.c. u. i pride in nur heritage is taught tlzrrfuglz lzisttfrg E "keep smiling" is mr. byrd's motto when explaining an assignment to randolph ferguson. ..........- pnnunarlliili mrs. pearl benton world history 81 black studies howard pa yne nl! . mr. franklin e. gist history, speech 81 allied youth t. vm c. the study of man's relation to man in his society, both past and present, is one of the most valuable lessons a student can learn today. the only way that all people in our society can live together in peace is to have mutual understanding and love. the study of our history and our government helps students to develop a wholesome pride in their loyalty to the united states. nzcfilcrn living place mr. jim "red" weaver mr. john gales mr. bruce ross p,e, p.e. - coach p. e. 81 health head coach fggfball varsity basketball head coach baseball, football midwestern university english-.9 university of houston wichita state university mrs. carmen poe mr. carl vm clark mr. dean stacy p. e. p. e., health world history p. e. leaders, girls' tennis head track coach coach baseball, basketball central sta te university football t. c. u. coach ross displays proper batting position to paul Vasquez. prairie view college paul is instructed on holding position. proper footing and perfect timing is very important it pitching. emphasis on ,ulzysicrzlhtlress mrs. catherine hoera health T. C. U. l mr. henry s. dooley p. e., health - coach football, basketball, track prairie view college ruby holmes displays spiking position. mr. jerry thomas p. e., physical science coach basketball, football harding college in physical education classes students are taught principles of competition that will carry over into life. the classes offer a break from sitting still in a classroom. p.e. teaches the importance of teamwork and the ability to get along with others. this very im- portant aspect can be carried over into all phases of a student's life. Wi' K.. ' R fd ?UWIl 'T .,.....--- 'in ., .A ... L, 1 . 1 "VL ', .ns fa., - - . 'M' t." . N .,.5 4, h M - .- ' "a TWV ' ft' . ' - -s fs", .- 5. fi ' ..- ', 5353 fm -.35-,a . ,,...ME, 2. - ' " -'V ' ' t Ja.-. " V f i'-2 f '. jun Q ' .fsitrffg 4 . I fig 51. -. j g, g 1- 'I .lf Q'?7'IfT 5. ' - 3 1 I - , ' 'km .i xl ' H ,,.,n-1 .z"f mrs. shirlie murphy p.e. 81 varsity cheerleaders p. e. leaders, bulldoggers north texas university . ' i iii! s qv: fri' E' h in 3 3 t iff-T 1231 X . " gtflg Jlll s as lstt so EEE X V s 1 1 . W' is ww. ,,.uiv-'- - N if if fl. 4:5 vl ' J i mr. marvin levels science, p. e. coach basketball, football harding college steve crear blocks basket- jo ann marchoni serves raymond clayborn and lawrence wheaton show out- ball shot. ball in tennis. standing football ability. 1 7 XYMFW. miss 10 yce beard miss elizabeth rhodes data processing data processing na tional honor society da ta processing oea li c. u. t. c. u. mrs. bobbye long office duplication senior class sponsor t. c. u. businesses prefer employer diana garcia watches david lang load tapes. beginning data processing students listen to tape recordings on the reproducer. is mrs. deborah ,oruitt mrs. bess vaughan fbla voe-shorthand typing oea r,vg4c, oklahoma college for women .- ,- 4 Av ,,.ff,' :,, N -:ygwg.sea3.Q--12 gifs. 13 f- ff Q-Hifi E-E545 'QZSZQQ fail FE . L "jar .nV"'F5.7, 'Qui f f f -as -gs ' f r. mr, joe edmondson bookkeeping business math university of texas I 1 CQ: M 11. ,Es , Nfl, me v- sq ACCOUN -A A the demand for tech's trainees by business and industrial firms in the fort worth area has increased so that most graduates are hired before they graduate. business offers students a variety of courses to choose from. wheather one wishes to continue in the business world or not, he has a useful skill for whatever he chooses to do. trained at tech mrs. trisha satterfield mrs. elikabeth dickerman bookkeeping 81 general business general business, typing t. w. c. north arikona university mrs. mary shahan mrs. theta waldrep general business - t. c. u. Vofboea ' Ufflbe m3Cf7l'l78S sophomore class 81 allied youth t.c. u. miss rhoades is very happy to see that debarah allen 's problem is correct, x".f'WEiw. K L ,f?g21ii, gp - - 1 N1 ' g v 1 x. 54 W ,A , , ,iit , 65,22--J h- it t ---'r f1J7E -W "2 :, mrs. buena dale business education l'.VIAC. X see Q 72 7,5 pigs cosmetology and homemaking stu- dents learn to practice the art of mak- ing both people and home surround- ings beautiful. student majoring in either of these areas have a useful skill for either working or becoming housewives. miss cindy ford mrs. Wilma jean good homemaking homemaking 81 fha fha, junior varsity cheerleaders t. vm c. L C. U. rasraafalaag gets the aaaa lzaasakaajriag seal af appraaal miss ford shows freshmen, debbie vela and pat obregon how to put plates in their proper places. mrs. emaline flory cosmetology 81 vica n. t. s. u. ,tszkxsiks ,Mk , mann , r -Q mrs. cutchin sits as janet rector and lorretta white give a bleach touch up job. both girls are juniors. - , x , A rw 'i 'H 5 ' 4 X, e 5 L 1? mrs. june cutchin Cosmetology 81 vita li C. U. "caught you in the act mrs jean phillips cosmetology 81 vica t. vm c. eta mr. d l. jones photography vica oklahoma state 3 9 Ti mrs. jacqueline scroggins ceramics t. c. u. . 4 ':f53i.1-,- rs. scroggins, do you really Jw to make piggy banks? teach your students students Hue! it ,elitee te eteeelep their ezttistie tizleute arthur zavala learns posing with the help of thomas hertel. susie cabral considers photographic reprints to be a serious subject. many do not know that they have artistic ability until they enter com- mercial art, ceramics, or photography. here they realize their full potential. students may find very well paying employment when they graduate from one of these shops. here one may work out his frustrations while he learns a profession. mrs. anna blair commercial art vica n,Ls.u. r ' 1 1 i .Q t -fa ' if f n '," 'Z Y . , T ts , . if 5 J 4 Q . i i S 1 M - 1 'ff F 4 . 2. 5 !! 1 mr. don moore commercial art vica university of texas mr. juan t. bennett industrial cooperative training vica langston university mrs. danette meldon child development tt c. u. mrs. georgia turner home economics cooperative education h.e.c. arkansas sta te teachers Eamon mr. sherman l. wilson distributive education mrs. ruth neal, r. n. health occupations dental assisting deca t.a.h.o.e.s. houston - tillotson college tc.u. work programs provided are oppo. tunities for students to earn whit they learn. many young people al able to pay their high school and co lege expenses by holding dovvn a vvel paying after school and weekend jot students who get work experient before graduation get better jobs a tervvards because they are alreao trained in several work areas. mrs. louise land voe cooperative oea no. 2 n.ts.u. Wark programs are tl Hmzztcirzl bmw to student mrs. neal demonstrates proper handling technique of anesthetic needle. ,w,- mu- -T, . 1' 53 UAW 4: ' fm ' ' QE' '1-ca ge d: r vm- 1 3 " I , V 3, c. A ., ,A V! g W r -zz 1 11 In vt. X E 'Mm I iff' , , o z""fi' VI -qu 'X it Q . ' A K . ' 1 - fi- l s A in . , , mr. dwaine white mr. thomas c. nixon mr. william Wallace po wer mechanics industrial electricity electronics n. L s. u. university of houston vica tc. u. greet cierrzczncifec electric cmd appliance repnirruen an moreno, robert thompson, and ronnie lee are handling some highly gveloped electronic equipment in their class. HS ry matters, ronald Woodard, and frankie trevino are checking voltage ofa ht box along with mr, nixon. if a student wants to step into a well paying occupation when he graduates, he should take one of these shops. there is a great demand for electronics experts. an electric or appliance repairman is always welco me in the automated kitchens of america. mr: charles grea thouse drafting 4 , . student Council mr. greathouse shows freddy hamilton and micheal morgan the art of drafting. I7. I1 S. Ll. trainee! elrezffsmerz needed in medem factories and eerzsfruetierz eempauies graduates of trimble tech who are trained draftsmen have gone directly into good posi- tions vvith leading companies in the area. a well trained draftsman can always find a good position. in addition to this, the drafts- man has a profession that gives great satis- faction in the performance of his job. "is it a boy?" no, ir's yvonne perez, the only girl in drafting. V 1 5 E 2 3 e mr. harold reeder engn drafting vica raul lopez tells frank lucio that this is not a right or left angle, but wrong! 3 5 ..d4 XX mr. berry hogan printing vica U. LB. glendon, sandra bermeja, and tony huneycutt learn how to operate some of the shop equipmen t. trirnele teennienl students learn tne nrt ef typegrnpny can you imagine a world without printing - a world without books, magazines, or news- papers? a world without paper money, letter- heads, signs, business forms, posters, or calendars? many students trained at tech will be the ones furnishing us with these. our print shop is well equipped and it does much of the printing of our school materials. mr. hogan explains the duplicator press to johnny alvarez. mr. jeryl monasco printing vica ' ' 95-Sf TEX?-9 Sta te tony huneycutt asks mr. monasco about one of the presses. mr. russell explains to students, ronny jackson lleftl, danny van imiddlel, and stanley livingston irightl, fundamentals of refrigeration and small app lian ce. mr. alton vv fonville rrzdirr-llc and rcfrg- crrztirfrz prepares bags far terlzirirrzljrfbs after grrzdrzrztirfrz tradesmen, technicians, and engine- ers continue to be well ahead of the present rate of supply because of the evergrowing demands of electrical in- dustry. there are crash training pro- grams in this field which are largely , ineffective for the very nature of the electrical industry makes it highly 3 s S henry bradley ileftl and maurice herrera irightl watch mr. fonville demc stra re the transistor of a television. ml mr. buck russell radio-tv Selective from the standpoint Of the refrigeration-small appliance vica individual's successful entrance and vice' senior class sponsor survival. senior class sponsor texas a 81 m abilene christian college this vocational course prepares its students to enter the field of radio, television, and refrigeration, hovvever, graduates find employment in a large number of allied fields. the strong emphases is placed on the basic funda- mentals of electronics, and theory in the classroom correlated vvith shop practice. Sf., mr. russell says, "this is supposed to be a refrigeration unit not a heating uni tl " mr. harold lewelling mill 81 cabinet texas a 81 m wwrlslzop and uplmlstcry flyer ramplimcutary training since the dawn of civilization, the art of woodworking has been one of man's most useful accomplishments. fine craftsmanship in the working of this most adaptable substance has been appreciated in every age, this craftmanshlp is taught at Tech, and it becomes a skill that takes its place in the industrial world of today. fine furniture has also been one of the world's most sought-after trades. the art of making furniture the most modern and comfortable as possible takes time. vasquez, hopie meya, oscar simms, and larry bays watch mr. smith as he pulls chair lining m a customer's chair. rf 5 G 11- ,Q 1 F2-i5"L' in ' 'zz .QI mr. george smith upholstery texas a 81 m fist randalf wilson learns how to sand wood products the correct way, I mr. ray parish auto mechanics vica n. t. s. u. trirublc tcclz predates tap mechanics from our auto department oh dear, i think i forgot to tell them how to put it back together! mr. cannon watches aaron hedrick, floyd swinner, menin mcgregor. kirk douglas, richard medina, aaron hedrick work diligently to repair a brake drum. tech students have available to them the latest equipment and facilities to learn all areas of the auto mechanics trade. auto mechanic graduates are prepared to properly service all phases of the automobile, engine, transmission, brakes, cooling system, etc. they are prepared to take their place in the world of business to make their ovvn vvay. mr, t. l. cannon auto mechanics homer mehock, robert eric, and isreal juarez work on a carburetor. vica n. t. s. u. 'Q q ' v f x mr. franklin inspects the work of studentjohn hyatt. df' ' 4 , os, , X W 1.1 f. . I-.N 'I ,Q sa :X l . 5 1. -1, -4 1 mr. gene griffin diesel mechanics vica university of texas lupe rangel and angie walker put pistons in an engine. rzufrr early and diesel :Were well trained students steve mcguire learns the art of body painting. , .:,?:: ' inf mr. gilbert franklin auto body vica texas a 81 m michel felkney prepares a car for a new paint job. diesel mechanics is offered to students as a three year program and is correlated with the regular high school academic program. an auto body student learns that modern automobiles have made necessary the use of newly developed power tools, new materials, and changes in rebuild- ing and refinishing techniques. james bennett tells tony mulligan, "this diesel engine isn't heavy at all, just a little over 500 pounds." mr. edward g. stebbins mechanics golf I. VIL C. mr. fred de luca metal tra des infredzzefien te nzeeiznnies prepares students fer skilled Helels ninth graders darrell erwin, ableardo nareja, and antonio lacy get a real engine to play with. in this course you have a choice of taking a ,ore-course to auto-mechanics, diesel, and machine shop. this is a new course which is going to broaden the field of mechanics and its knowledge. students taking this course will gain more knowledge with the three year courses offered here at tech. L - david hammonds exclaims that he cannot believe the whole thing. welding teaches boys to use all the facilities in the shop, such as the electric welder, and many other expensive pieces of equipment. projects range from coffee tables to large desks and even couches. a boy is graded not only on his productivity but also on his skill. mr. charles h. crow mr. jack martin aeronautics welding vica vica university of texas Welding and rzeremztzties students ere trezirzed with expert equteitzeiet aeronautics enables a student to learn about aviation whi'le going through high school. the aeronautics division at trimble tech is licensed in lll airframe, l2l power plant, and l3l combination airframe and power plants. our aeronautics department has equipment that costs 8350,000 and is one of the best in the united sta tes bert rruax, richard martinez, and bruce currey practice welding for a test. - .. i.. "As a welder you must learn the use of all equipment, " says gilbert latigo. I mn vm l. baker general construction every year a new building is constructed at tech. no sooner does a new building get built at the back of tech's campus than it is torn down--know why? in order to build another. this group is learning general construction. in order to put the finishing touches our brick layer has the last job of making the building beautiful. a skilled brick layer can find lucrative jobs whenever he wants. mr. ralph brown brick masonry 81 vica texas a 81 m 1 f"" general eeustruefien and briek eeurses are the recipients ef skilled uferkers 'z Wi f 1' ss im Neg Q pings. A 1 :ng -P, if joe zavala tells randy biggs, and john bailey that we will needa million bricks to build the empire sta te building. 5 1. .ii if if 1 l danny ruth demonstrates the plain old SHVIL randy biggs says that this is a messy job. mr. john woods machine shop t.w.c. vica students tzfdagf- machinist tzfumrrzfuf mr. sanford j. mason, ir. m all ten fingers. " or ZF' f mas! 3 NN A W, david martinez demonstrates how to use the drilling press. r. woods tells rodney cruz, and david porter to watch this so that they will com e out with top rank machinist is still the most sought after and independent man one can find. america is an industrial nation and depends more on the skill of our machinist than any other group. the genius of america is produc- tion,' and a large per- centage of our pro- duction enterprises are headed by men who have come from the machinist bench. Nm!!! X , , machine shop bobby blocker shows how not to lose a finger. vica texas a 81 m mn alfred riley mush: banoC orchestra, chorus 1 texas tech 3 fwfr baud steps proudly into the hearts af all fvchifcs ! ronnie ayala is telling daniel pena 'sir-up, sit-up they going to take our picture. " peggy owens shows s 0 m e a f h e r majorette ability. drum major sharon gay 3 years under the direction of alfred riley, talent, precision marching, concert performances, pep rallies, and parades were participated in by the tech band. the drum majors, majorettes, and band officers have added that extra touch of color and splendor. this year the band danced to their own music. at half time the musicians really went into action as they started playing. mr. riley, along with the crowd was pleasantly pleased with the performance as the band danced the latest steps to the music on the field. each year a girl and a boy are re- warded for being the most congenial and adding so much to the general morale of all. they serve as sweetheart and boy favorite until the next year. our band sweetheart and boy favorite are drum majors sharon gay and billy holliday. -.4 T' , ff . -- .:.' f. .. --ct A H' -wwiQ..1.w. K . ' ya . .. ,tt 1 we ..., sq f Q Us .1.... J .L drum major billy holliday I year nr' sa .f . f'-' 4 ,W majore tres: cen ter peggy G? owens, lr sofia velasquez, sandra wilburn and, cheryl gay. CMA lr iris pabon, first lieutenant: cheryl 9-W, captain: m second lieutenant. walker, linda morgan. ichael secretaries, and band announcer: lr virginia owens, joe andrews frances g pride is taken in frimhlc fcthuimlis' r.0.zia program lrlfsS'gf?fI'7Zfl,g0!'l7J ' e the reserve officers training corps, better known as r.o. tc. to high school students, is one of the finest military groups in the city. no.t.c. teaches the cadets safety and marksmanship with fire arms,' it also teaches how to organfie squads and plantoon teams in order to ex- ecute military drills. They also learn some thing about military tactics. no. tc. teaches the cadets leadership and provides them with the oppor- tunity to assume the responsibilities of commanding at an early stage of life. they are taught to respect author- ity, be courteous and orderly at all times, wherever they are. almost sbcty-five percent of the united states military team has had r.o. t. c. training. staff members sgt. moseley, mrs. baldock, sgt. lanien row 7: parker Webb albert truax frank lopez scott kirtl k h , , , GV. ar V row 2: andre jenkins, antonio sanders, john clark. row 3: joe gullette markum. mfsgt. charles moseley I1 0. K C. S,00l'ISOI' S row 7' karhy kafka r 2 . . ow : mrs. maurine baldock, debbie william l'.0.LL'. delacruz, and cheryl gay. row 3: paulette hyman, shorty montelongo, brock. row 4.' charlie bensan, vicki proctor, cindy pawell. 1 i l I .a .air guard, l to r, pete leyva, shorty montelongo, joe gullette, john clark, rodriquez. V , 5' or If t ,5- , r A 4 ' - ,, ,L -'J X " ' ' ' I -Q' 1. - Q 1 ,. :l y IV ' E - Q rw E I A ff' x . ' . 1 , ' Nw' ' Xa: '91 . N l an ,. ,.,:f,,,:e 51' , A ' -a Q ff' A' r . A i ' 4, le team, carl mcbride, johnny garner, melvin tinney, john clark, debbie lliams. drill team, row 7: herman villalavas, felipe sanchez, james swanner, ralph garcia, russell haynes. row 2: vicki proctor. row 3: james brantley, bruce proctor, michael robinson. row 4: jesse guerrera, tim golcomb, gary mccune. row 5: david fenn, ben peterson, mike easterday. W ,145 1 A , -.. W, Q 9, 9 W . lx 5 l N. X1 ga A 9 f92+ A - 1 , " .ff Y 'f l ,'w+i e ww 1 , 1 - . 1 A . ,Q ,b I xi s l 'f' af! Na A 0 i U x .F- N N a ni . X V S x I 'Sk BM 'I' V ' 'L ' drum and bugle, row 7: edwin lawson, marion wood, dwight pruitt, charlie benson, rovv 2: andre jenkins, anthony benson, gregory spencer, walter fields. row 3: reginald maddox, mark crear, steve crear. row 4: antonio sanders, joe mcin tosh, ernest cary, victor stevens. company a, raw 7.' mike marsh, larry markum, paulette hyman. row 2.' robert hedgpeth, anthony benson, norman foster, danny williams, john clark, antonio senders, joe gullette, jesse guerrero. rovv 3: thomas martinez, edwin lawson, carl mcbride, vincent ma tamorus, victor stephens. row 4: andre jen- kins, steven crear, steve hix, walter steigervvalt, cecil tinney. row 5: frank lopez, james kirtley, david morgan, billy pearson, ben petterson, company b, row 7: geary mecune, mary de la cruz. row 2: russell haynes , james swanner, danny hernandez, eugene zaleski, steven martinez. row 3: james brantley, nickey garrett, joe mcintosh, michael cieminski. row 4.' richard olsen, a. ti king, david lehr, antonio lacy. company c, row 7.' lawrence martin, david fenn, valentine valdez, vincent hernandez, freddie nixon. row 2: roger villarreal, john rowe, felix jackson. row 3: wade pope, paul bell, bruce proctor, julian hernandez. row 4.' tim halcomb ron brooks, walter fields. rovv 5: michael robinson. r.o.t,c. stands for reserve officers training corps. members of r. o. t. c. are trained to join one of the largest teams in the world, the united states military team. r.o.t.c. teaches cadets how to care for and fire the rifle, read a map, and use a compassg it teaches how to organife squad and platoon teams, and the tactics these teams use to capture an enemy strongpoint. r.o.t.c. teaches the principles of leadership and gives cadets the oppor- tunity to assume command responsi- bilities at an early stage in life. they are also taught to respect a consti- tuted authority and to be courteous and orderly at all times, wherever they are. some 6521 of the united states military team is trained by r.o. t.c. na. La prrfgrrzms rlezfclaps strider for lmrlerslzzjf in the future i company e, row 7: gabriel rodriques, sylvia brock. row 2.' albert tru melvin mcgregor, timothy boycl johnny garner. row 3: herman villalov steve Sanchez, tommy gentry, ernest cary. R aaaaia Shats af teachers ia aafiaa in memory mike bigler - f december 12, 1927 - september 2, 1972 the faculty and student body at trimble tech were saddened at the beginning of the year by the sudden death of mr. mike bigler. mr. bigler taught the general construction course at tech and had been with the school for fourteen years. as a tech graduate, he entered the univer- sity of texas and later returned here in the fall of 1958 to teach. he received his 5 year pin in 1962-63, was recalled to active duty with navy spring of '68 and then returned to tech september of 1969. mr. bigler will always be in the heart of his fellow co-workers as a great friend and in the hearts of the students as an understanding teacher. RQ UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL! ABRAHAM LINCOLN "VVS, 43 flf STUDENT COUNCIL OEA RED CROSS 81 MA TH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY VOE SPANISH ALLIED YOUTH OEA DATA PROCESSING NEWSPAPER PTSA FBLA RODEO DECA BULLDOGGERS BIBLE CLUB HEC TEEN LIBRARY MEMBERS CASH VICA 81 JOCT SCIENCE ' TAHOS SWEETHEARTS HOC r, row 1.' frank lopez, abie resendez, david l o o Q04 OOO D000 0060 96,00 960 ILA Q00- osf ,X to r: daniel 'onsorsf donald griffin, vice-president. pena, president: cynthia arnold secretaryj mr. byrd, mrs. slider, and mr. cooper, ang, sabrina williams, jimmy glenn, phyllis strong, valerie wilson, patti castillo, diana tejada, edward marcado. row 2 dunnam, veronica bill, pee- wee perez, mary de la cruz, debra williams, daniel pena, teresa hair, bibi lohmer, sylvia hernandez, row 3: paula lehr, connie janet tubbs, donald griffin, juanita ramirez, sheila harless, mike easterday, donald henderson. row 4: joel carranza, john cooper, victoria velasquez lee victo h b ' k I ' ' ' ' ' ' r am nc , uther alexander, rou lnce. row 5. lsreal juarez, gary wllcoxson, lawrence martin, stephen crear, darrell jones. row 6: don mcanulty, richard jessica mcadoo, deborah allen, cynthia gamez. row 7.' angela graham, henry barmejo, edwin lawson, ella jackson, gilbert herrera, molly gamez. row 8 sanders, billie bates, geanetta cooper, abel nareza, emmet johnson, lydia portales, yolanda sanchez, robert cortez. ydllffl leadership main gm! af student council this year to increase youth leadership the in-service group of the student coun- cil went to area high schools to observe their student government. Wyatt, south- west, eastern and western hills, arlington heights, diamond hill, and poly were the schools visited by some 45 student coun- cil members. as a whole the groups were pleased with the results but were very happy to return "home" at the end of the da y. as every year some group of students play faculty members in some kind of a game. this year the student council vs. faculty in basketball. the boys played the men and the girls played the women. there were four games played with the girls and boys winning one game each and the faculty men and women doing the same. the money earned went to the student council in which at the end of the year gives some senior boy or girl a scholarship. row 1: miss beard, sponsor: bibi Iohmer, teresa hair, david lang, vickie proctor, mrs. turner, sponsor. row 2: robert can tu, barbara mcbride, sharon jones, beth lahmer, linda filadelfia. row 3: donald griffin, molly gamez, billy holiday, and darline williams. rrlzs is ll society for horror students officers: roy ince, cynthia arnold, billy holiday, bibi lahmer, miss beard, sponsor: david lang, teresa hair, suzanna hare, and sharon jones. national honor society is composed of any tech student who has maintain- ed an "a" in all of his or her subjects. they strive to recognize any student who shows an active enthusiasm for scholarship and leadership . . those chosen for membership in nhs may be proud for they have worked hard to promo te intelligent leadership and the development of character. allied youth is made up of student who want to know the scientific facts about alcoholic beverages, drugs, and smoking. the students enjoy spon- sored activities to promote fun and fellowship without the involvement of these health hazards. . e,k- i hge! I ' i 2? - X. ilzfgzg . K 7 ay officers are row 7: sheila harless, brenda lang, gail collins, edward mercado, mrs. shahan, mr. gist, sponsors. rovv 2: stephanie robards, darlene sims and steve robards. alhed youth tries fa batter serial :auditions ied youth members are raw 1.' jodi valenciano, shelia harless, gall collirs, edward mercado, jack valle, victoria velasquez, rosalinda rodela. row 2: john banks, rlene sims, robert rodriguez, beth lohmer, mike easterday, david lang, lydia porlales. row 3: clayton robards, john sparks, steve robards, jimmy jenkins, charlie vens, mn gist, sponsor. .L s. iz. lzelvs with the understanding of mah vflzer ! I row 1: eva rodela, sylvia granda, josette hernandez, jodi valencio, david lang, rosalinda rodela, dennis mcfarland, edward mercado. raw 2: diane rejada, annie guadarrma, jean alvarez, anita munoz, angelim garcia, glenn jumper, gail collins, margarer allen. row 3.' dr. amos, sponsorfcarolyn hunt leticia alvarez, billy holiday, jimmy jenkins, vicki proctor, darlene sims, gary brimer. row 4: joey nelson, willie williams, mike easterday, , frankie graves, mn gist, sponsor. raw 5: mrs. cochran, sponsor: steve robards, garrison an ron. parent teachers student associati is composed of parents, teachers . the school and the students ther selves. this organization shares ide and thoughts with each other with tl latest issues of schooling today. mi roger hunt is the present president ai feels involvement is the main purpo of the p. t. s.a. at trimble technical hh school. l mrs. hunt, president: rosalinda rodela, mrs. mcfarlin, dr. amos, margaret allen, joey nelson, and gail collins are having a meeting on the involvement of parents in school activities. ov 1: nina rodrlguez, rosa sapien, mrs. turner, jimm l l ' an re jen Ins, cecilia smith, luis olague, cynthia ward nee gives training in lzenze relezteetjees home economics goes into hospitals and eating establish- ments to practice what they learn at school. what is so good about this arrangement is that the students learn while doing what comes easiest to do. at graduation these students are placed on jobs in the area which they are trained to work. h.e.c. is not the only group of student that earn while they learn. the de.c.a. stu- dents work in sales positions. in many instances they stay on the same job on a full time bases after graduation. eleee enables students te earn ufnile tlzeg learn I row 7.' ina gulley, patricia sadler, maria ai milan, senneth surita, sharon martin, betty brown, jean johnson, charlie benson, pearlie williams, cynthia casstle. row 2: paul stricklanci karlan howell, beatrice edwards, letha bakelg willie williams, emmett johnson, cecelia smith, nina rod- riguez. row 3: doug lewis, sandra romos, teri arreguin, janice powell, jewel dixon, artis lang, cindy hesten row 4: david amos, judith williams, kenneth holland, lela burks, debbie kuhn. row 5.' angeline hovmrd, tanya bradley, dianna humphrey, patricia dean, cynthia ward, janet tubbs, luerine jeffery, terry graves, gloria mendoza. row6: linds white, wrolyn iloff victor stephens, donald r. bailey, beverly ci tims, andre jenkins, bobby jennings: row 7: maria valdez, mary vegh, marcella ruiz, maria ramos, jerry williams, michael robinson, martha dumam. row 8: donna lutker, elizabeth vasquez, anna garcia, rosa jagger, maria graves, I d ' ' yo an a rlojas, rosemary Vasquez, hovmrd morgan, tony ramirea, wil- liam griggs row 9: georgia turner, james kennedy, elvira granado, calvin brown, robert jackson, scot kather, jack tripletzy steve west, mr. wilson, glen wood peterson, preston pa yton. mLc.a. members are: jerry lockert, john calva, dovie smith, elliot montgomery, freddy perez, cassandra jones, amanda hernandez, larry bays, raymond ' ' ' ' ' oscar sims sandra smith nettie thompson elizabeth vasquez randolph wilson, raymond medrano, john johnson, james dave jones, hope meza, virginia rlojas, , , , , johnny garner, dana milling, donny van, cecil tinney, booker thompson, chester czafkowski, prestion payton, charlie salone, james rowan, joe zavale, jackson, donny harris, elmer guyden, donald griffin, ronnie lee, ruben mendoza, robert thompson, jerry tinney, jerry williams, rodney cooper, moses elizada ramos, david tenn, randall royal, joe wilson, gerald greener, danny dunlap, miles cleveland, michael robinson, tim holcomb, alfred mendoza, charles glenwood peterson, james johnson, albert sanchez, kenneth hunter, aswald padilla, lee rosales, edward amie, ricky dukes, kenneth walker, johnny overton, rodriquez, freddie hamilton, scott kirtley, george lopez, lawrence Wheaton, john brown, henry bradley, james trevina, darrell grober, david tovar, maurice roy ince, ronny land, gregory gonzales, sammy flares, danny salgado, jesse arriaga, ernest flares, johnnny alvarez, gloria castillo, margaret allen, tony george lopez, paul stanley, m. c. brister, sandra martinez, randy vines, joe andrevvs, larry beaver, mario castillo, mike cone, frankie galindo, bill mann, joe ralph morino, danny contreas, jesse contreas, henry cruz, tony gomes, ralph gonzales, sara jones, ronnie lee, gilbert ortiz, danny williams, rito barron, rick eddie galindo, david hernendez, tony honeycutt, benny obregon, sabina obregon, ramon razo, danny sides, issac rodriguez, james alvarez, billy brooks, rudy flo anthony reyes, elazar martinez, andrew moreno, tim stults, manuel valle, alphanso stunstle, darrell allen, cornell baltzgar, danny barnes, alex flares, rando1 ferguson, jeffery james, dewayne lamirand, david scriven, james young, raul zavale, gilbert williams, anthony benson, larry autry, phillips ford, luis hermosillo, adii kindles, lawrence martin, charley mcadoo, charlie owens, thomas perez, edward taylor, brad willis, kenneth thompson, terry kirby, kenneth mcclendon, da barrientes, mike mulligan, gordon williams, steve bowles, michael james, michael johnson, daniel ayala, gilbert campos, ernest cory, jose dela cruz, kirk douglas, ll farias, joe gulette, ruben hernendez, dale moreland, dorman self, glen monasco, joe jarrett, larry moore, don fox, randy greener, enugue flores, doug heath, eo jones, emmet johnson, michael basely, jerry mcmahon, frank garcia, steve mcguire, willie williams, cheryl dewveall, janet benson, darlene sims, cathy hampl peggy reese, janette rector, teresa rose, connie elizonda, loretta white, ester trevino, sabrina williams, rosie cabral, linda hastings, pat sadler, debby kuhn, vane johnson, mary wilson, susie cabral, steve robards, sheri heslip, sylvia bernal, norman foster, ruben jarrez, dianne cardenas, deborah colwell, bernardo cortez, rol cartez, patricia dixon, ricky escamilla, alex gonzales, ruth gonzales, alfredo granado, magdolena granado, larry griffith, john miller, virginia rosales, jodi valencia as tcrlz 's largest club 11. L r. tt. prepares students for futurr and serve '!'l'1'Zf' virginia rosales deslree ragland bu pam hlll anna a yala , lillian kirvin beverly da vis yalanda rlofas IQ-1 dfanlle tejada 1.972-73 mLc.a. sweethearts are: laura guzman, diana tejada, yalanda riajas, desiree ragland virginia rasale b l d ' ' ' s, ever y avis, pamela hill, yvonne perez, betty pfannstlel, anna ayala, lillian kirvin, virginia riojas. center: john king. 2' 'E' yVOI7flE pEl'9Z 7972- IA I. 61 ll. 7 1 laura guzman betty pfannstiel fin ineinbcrs lmrn nbvnt tcnclzing while learning i l to r, row 1: robert correz, maria milan, sandra wilburn, vangie rios, sofia velasquez. row 2: sandra ramos, veronica bill, nancy ' ' ' ' 4: ' nita ramirez, ' k dler row 3 ruben mendoza sammy flares tern arriqum, rosalinda rodela, deborah allen. row jua ramos, ja e sa . .- , , carlos bermejo, molly gomez, victoria velasquez, eva portalez. row 5: oscar sims, john calva, david cuella, stephen robards, and billy holiday. officers: steve robards, sofia velasqu ez, mrs. beeman, sponsor: sandra wilburn, and earnest rasales. future teachers of amer- ica club at tech is a group of young student who's interest is becoming some kind of teacher in the future. the club has many activ- ities such as selling cookies during homecoming, valen- tine candy grams, cake sales, christmas parties, and the highlight of the year is the state fta con- vention to be held this year in san antonio. developing an interest in the teaching profession is the main goal of fta and here at tech its goal is pro- ving to be a success. e y wa grana o san ra amos lane davis danette sayton, denise jackson, dameta hawkins, evelyn cynthia jenkins Juanita gomez norma vaca joanne alverez row2 mrs good sponsor linda morgan jovita herrera, beatries edwards, virginia edwards, trong rosellnd guillory louise johnson ruby dozier beverly williams angelita garcia debbie vela row3 pamela williamson, tina high tower, loretla wilson, carpenter belinda parks carol toombs tina wells cath h t 4 y campos c ris ine arango row mrs melden sponsorjmarsha taylor, kathlyn webb, vicki george, hogan, billie bates, alice arriaga, debra landrum. row 5.' mary lou jackson, velindia brownar, ettarine porter, cyn thia oliver, shelia arteberry, debbie nixon, medlock, mira vwtkins, weetor sanders, ira matthevvs, marilyn sheppard, sanny jeffery, becky earnhart, carmen trevino. row 6: nancy matson, terrie jackson, miss ford sponsorp linda lawson, esther hernand z, s l ' d , d t , d' ', I ' ' ' 1 ' ' I I - . -' - 1 1' 4 I ' I I I I I . ' '- ' 1 l yons, charlreace alridge, linda hastings. row 7.' lydia flores, cindy mills, gwen williams, Valerie wilson, delores sarrano, jeanne lang, laticia alvarez, belinda lstophen connie ramirez. row 8: sharon davis, melva gadlin, nedra washington, pat obragon, cindy vallejo, alicia perez, patricia lewis, dianna gonzalez, franny an barbara hun ter. row 9.' barbara lockett, pam jordan, myrtle cooper, wynnoie lewis, janie mon telongo, joyce robinson, margaret wilson, barbara terry, della hart vicki jones. flla ,vzvdures making a home comfortable and appealing requires more work than merely dusting the living room furni- ture for thirty minutes each day while watching "one life to live" on tm fan- cy dishes, pretty table settings, and clean surroundings all require the con- centrated efforts of a true home- maker. it is a dedicated person who takes time to do the "little extras" that make any home attractive. such knowledge and sense of dedication are stressed by the members of trimble tech's future homemakers of america organization. making oneself attractive too is another main purpose of fha. a stu- dent learns the proper ways to apply make-up, and learns how to make their own clothes in today's fashion world. lzwnclnrzkcrs for the future an officers and sponsor: mrs. good and miss forai row 1: nedra washington, valeria wilson, weeton sanders, row 2.' sylvia granado, jouita herrera, ester hernandez. row 3: northa leon- ard, norma vaca, pat obregon. row 4.' virginia edwards, joyce robinson, Vickie moss, cecita jenkins, carolyn harrison. row 5.' linda lawson, cynthia oliver. row 6: connie morris, sharon davis, sheyellae medlock. een-business iezizelliiees stresses business training th' ans desiree ragland cheryl mcfarlin and iris pabon row 1: jimmy jenkins and mrs. waldrep, sponsor. row 2: vangie rios, cyn I3 ev , , , . trimble tech high offers students the opportunity to prepare himself for the business fundamentals. they are trained in office techniques and the use of office machines. office practice provides students with an opportunity to improve their office skills. the oea-business machines purpose is training office workers in various business categories and has been and always will have a outstanding effect on the student. 1 edward mercado, victoria velasquez, danny calva, cynthia gomez, patti castillo, annie guadarrama jeanne alvarez, row 2.' mary cooper, vicki gilbreath orah allen, bebbie vela, pat obregon, abie resandez, leticia alvarez. row 3: virginia edwards, terri jackson, linda lawson, dianna gonzalez, delores serrano, geanetta per row 4: sharon johnson, shirle ma s f et ' ' ' ' y y , r a pans, mrs. pruitt, sponson mary kelly, chalreaca alridge, darlene roles. future busiusss lenders sf uiusricu lsud tssu is uuuflz to flu' busiusss ufsrld the future business leaders of america members are able to get to a good start with the business courses offered at tech. students are able to learn more about opportunities that exist in a business field before they complete graduation. tech's fbla chapter is known nationally and was the first in this region. its members have helped with the organization of many other clubs. officers: victoria velasquez, mrs. pruitb sponsor,' cynthia gomez, deborah allen, and sharon gay. nm-dam processing prepares iz studcrztfor the World af the computer row 1: josette hernandez, sylvia brock, david lang, jan morgan, mary mendoza, sandra wilburn, carol toombs, loetta bowman. row 2: miss joyce beard, sponsor,' paula lehr, david raines, barbara mcbride, vicki proctor, bibiana lohmer, deborah allen, mildred irvin. row 3.' yolanda sanchez, sharon jones, vicky madewell, teresa hair, roselinda rodela, brindle canyon, debra hall, miss elizabeth rhodes, sponsor. row 4.' linda white, felix garcia, sofia velazquez, stephen webb, frank bernat, margie ingram, molly gamez, and billy holiday. J.,-M", frank bernat shows joanne marchanoni how to bite into an apple on a string at the club's annual get togethen oea-data processing is combined with all types of students. some dream of being a housewife, some a teacher, and some going to college. but they all have one thing in common, the data processing program at trimble tech high. this course provides students with such equipment as keypunch, repro- ducer, accounting, sorter, and the computor machines. these are furnish- ed by the public schools system and tech is the only high school in the southwest with the ibm equipment used in modern business today. each year the club sponsors differ- ent activities. this year there have been such things as a funiorfsenior party, christmas party in which mr. and mrs. santa claus made special guest appearances, the bulldog project and the "love calendar". suzanna hare was chosen data pro- cessing who's who with teresa hair being the 1972-73 oea sweetheart. X E553 oea members enjoy one of their many parties. S, officers displaying the bulldog and love is calendar projects are miss beard sponsor: suzanna hare, sofia velesquez, bibi lohmer, sharon jones, billy holliday, and miss rhodes, sponson leffe is . . . oea sweetheart look mom!!! no teeth!!! exclaims margie ingram a junior oea member. teresa hair was selected the oea sweetheart for the 7972-73 school year. teresa has been junior class ofhcer and is also serving as historian of this year's senior class. she has been "b" cheerleader and is on the varsity team this year. teresa has a great look on life, her classes, and her work which makes it a pleasure to know her. the oea chapter no. 1 is proud to have teresa as their sweetheart and hope she is proud in being our special one. teresa hair 7.972-73 oea sweetheart row 1: vicki george, mary lou jackson, rose tejada, danetta slayton, sheri ward, victoria sapien, juanira gomez, sabrina williams, patrica mass, donna cavin. row 2: claudine burks, martha leonard belinda parks, sheila harless, karen land, cecilia hammonds, sylvia hernandez, patti castillo. row 3: lucinda dewberry, linda johnson, rosalinda guillory, phyllis strong, shirley mays, terri jackson, vicki gilbreath, rira mays, rosemary barajas. row 4: cheryl mcfarlin, terri marsh, sharon johnson, kathy earwoo chalreaca alridge, angela braham, elizabeth zepeda. row 5: alice arriaga, debra hall, brindle canyon, carol toombs, carol harrison, evelyn scruggs, ary keller. row 6: jonetta adams, velma foster, calherine toombs, sheila amarberry, janie montalongo, linda lawson, freta paris, peloris hall. raw 7: mrs. jackson, sponsor: linda jones, weaton sanders, marsha cunningham, sandra spencer, cynthia evans, debbie vella, pat obregon, hormalinda cano, cindy vallejo. lrullilrfggers promote techs salma! spirit the bulldoggers were bigger and better than ever this year. seen thoughout the school in their green and white uniforms they promoted the school spir- it of every one. mrs. jackson, this year's sponsor, drilled these girls before school and afterwards as to be able to per- form on the field at half time. even the little sisters of some of the members would decor- ate the auditorium and still be there to show their support for the fighting bulldogs. it ti is gt 2 : ' Y janie monrelongo, mrs. jackson, sponsor: bulldoggers officers. 3 shirley m ays, cheryl mcfarlin, sabrina williams and sylvia hernai tcm-age library rzssacmtzwf serves srlmal with lzorzar 1 gua arramo cynthla gomez patti Castillo. row 2: cheryl johnson, althea sheila arterberry virginia edwards evanda harless parm.-1a barlow row3 mrs haley sponsor margo fackson, dorene rodriquez, theresa kindles, holmes vicki george andre jenkins the teen-age library association, whose primary purpose is that of service, is composed of student library assistants who are always striving to improve the caliber of that service and to find new ways of serving their patrons. every duty performed by the library assistant is a service rendered for the library, is a service for the school, and every service to the school is a service for the community. officers: mm. haley, sponsor,' jerry bufforzi jeanne alvarez, jannitt holmes, and andre jenkins. seienee club edueutes und entertuin students ufitn Held tries und speukers .1-.-f, row 1: sylvia brock, romana raines, yolanda maramors, edward marcado, mary mendoza, soHa velasquez. row 2: mr. campbell, silvia gonales, norma d d vir inia edwards. row 3' cecil tinney, margie ingram, ioanne alvarez, mrs. ammann, john calva, ruben mendoza. raw 4: bernal, beatres e war s, g . danny barnes, david jackson, steve rabards, barbara mcbride, frank barnet, frankie graves. "'C mf, 1:51-n-nu mn bennett helps students to find happin mr. bennett, leroy wilson, alyce roberts, samuel johnson. I ess in their everyday jobs. in front: doris thompson. back row: l i t e. gives student tne enpertunitu ef putting their skilb te work. eztlz due e,7ers students an eppertultity te eliseuss eerezlezeiz interests 'd cross, l to r, row 7.' sylvia granado, christa lathan, kathy taylor, brindle canyon, vickie potter, rosa sapien, eva vdela. row 2.' silvia gonzales, elizabeth zepeda, deanna garcia, ina gulley, mike easterday. row 3: diana tejada, tristine dunch, pat hernandez, stan livingston, willie williams, emmett johnson, michael speed. rovv 4: becky illars, teri martinez, alex garcia, bonnie overton, ronny land. row 5.' albert sanchez, anderson powell, valeria ayton, stephen crear, edwin lavvson, stan knoles, david singer. row 6.' mrs. rhodes.' sponsor, raymond mays. math club, I to r, row 7.' mr. smith, sponsor: james swanner, edward mercado, nancy robinson, joel carranza. row 2.' dennis mcfarlin, teresa lee, jackie lee, jimmy sanez. row 3: steve sanchez, alex garcia, lucio barajas. red eress lends a lzeteiug hand since its beginning the "red cross" has meant assistance to anyone in need. in the school organfkation the student learns about the "red cross" organi- zation. some of their projects are to take christmas baskets to the needy and to sponsor the red cross drive each year at our school the math club helps all stu- dents vvho want to improve the math ability. mr. smith is ready any time to help any who are having problems in their ma th courses at tech. hee girls learn the needs ef etlzers 1 1 tt h d z rosalinda rodela, mrs, newland, sponsor. I ro r, row 2: doylia huffstetler, linda johnson, janice mckiney, jose e ernan e , betty pfannstiel, shirley birch. row 7: gall collins, cindy powell, club officer: doylia huffstetler, secretary-treasurer: mrs. newland, spon- sor: shirley birch, president,' and betty pfannstiel, vice-president. I s gail collins, cyndy herbert, and cindy powell make homecoming decorations to sell as a cl project. health occupations gives the student an opportunity to find out about the varied fields of work. through membership a student learns exactly what he wants to do after graduation. 'ficers: l to r, mr. rodriquez, student teacherf letha baker, rosalinda rodela, steve bards, cathy ritter, eva rodela, and senor hernandez, sponsor. the spanish club is an outgrowth of the spanish classes. the club members represent all racial backgrounds in the school. by belonging to this club, the student learns about the cul- ture of the chicano and their celebration of mexican holidays. the club has many fun activities as well as money making projects. spanish clan donates candy ta naspital patients steve robards drivers the car in the downtown par- 1 ade in celebration of mexican independence day. ,- , ' waving to the crowds is princess victoria vasquez. f A X N 0 A ,X .QA 'ow 1: gloria mesa, danny calva, hilda hill, rita mays, tino hernandez, cynthia rodriquez, mary rodela, joe zavala, lucia barajas, rosemary barajas, bennle qamez, elizabeth zepeda, dolores loza, edward mercada, eve rodela. row 2: moreno. raw 3: vmnda thompson, eva portales, rosalinda radela, steve 'ilvia gonzales, helen alvarez, deborah sanders, deborah hall, robert robards, ricky escamilla. row 7: travis donoho, editor,' veronica bill, assistantp david lang, editor. row 2: norman froster, photographerf mr. davenport, spon- sor,' juanita ramirez, top sales rep.,' james simpson, business managerg and daniel pena, feature editor. evangeline huey-you and jeffery jones file newspape which they receive from other schools. jenrnnlisrn gives students experience in analyzing news I to r, row 7: eva rodela, david lang, gloria cas- tillo, ca thy campos, vangie rios, ernest flores, anna avala, barbara lane. row 2: deborah colwell, elizabeth aceves, angelita garcia, willie williams, la breda horton, gloria garcia. row 3: danny sedes, mary wilson, donny harris, arthur vmde, deborah hall, karen brink. row 4: rosie cabral, sandra mar- tinez, catherine ritter, beverly davis, francis jack- son, frank torres, johnny alvarez. row 5: randy vinez, janice morris, larry denis, garrion antone, mike esterday. row 6: larry griffi th, andrew jack- son, john banks, victor hambrick, frankie graves. the "tech bulldog" newspaper is known as a prize winning piece of journalism. each issue gives the students something fresh and en- tertaining as well as information on happenings around school. the editorials reflect mature thinking on the part of high school students. each issue features a "teacher of the month" and a boy and girl fea- tured in "meet techites'C every student eagerly awaits the next issue of the "tech bulldog'f QS?" E2 ll 'I row 7.' cecil tinney, charles kent. row 2.' paul martinez, richard olson, nancy robinson, jerry kinney, joe mcintosh. radar club participates in stock show activities mr. hogan along with club members rake time out for the horses to catch a breath. club members decided it vwas about time to call it a days worth of riding. this is the first year for the tech rodeo ciub to come back. sponsored by mr. hogan, print shop, the club has both boy and girl members. the club participates in the ranch day activities at school as well as the fort worth fat stock show and rodeo. bible elnb were better nnelerstnneting ef dnrist "christ" X ,, , I to r, row 1: maria carbonie, cathy taylor, paula white, maria carboni ll. row2.' mary mendaza, peggy hearne, ina sheehan, gloria mendoza. row 3: don mcanulty, jesse garza, brenda hearne. row 4.' jeffery jones, benny moreno, ricky cruz. the bible club for tech was another club created this year for the benefit of those stu- dents vvanting to understand the wa y of christ. they meet every monday, wednesday, and friday in rm. 330 and welcome all students interested in the wa y of christ. officers, seated: maria carboni l, peggy hearne, ricky cruz, stephanie robards. standing: kathy taylor, john cooper, don mcanulty. c. iz. s. ll. lzclvs students as future designers jf 1.' larry olague, maria carboni, joel carranza, joanne cutler, brenda collins, john cooper, peggy hearne, stephanie robards, diane roberts, vicki moss, lawrence neal. r: robert longoria, president: carlos rodriquez, vice-presidentf lucian secretaryg jimmy saenz, treasurer. V .Z .k,L,. . L l mrs. blair is cash sponsor. mr. moore sponsors the club also. hearne, loretta calendar. row 2: commercial art students horizon develops young people to prepare for the future as designers in the business world. students have a chance to let ones feelings be shown on paper. they are able to be taught the latest means of commercial art so they can use this after graduation. mag l maria valdez shows that she has artistic ability. v-,,.-f ! row 1.' brenda lang, beverly ausbie, gloria hernandez b k , ec y vwllars, pat hernandez, eva portales. row 2.' evelyn franklin, marilyn herod leslie price, kathy taylor, elsa martinez, virginia briones. row3.' doris henderson, paula miller, janniee holmes, rebecca martinez, wanda thompson. row 4.' cheryl gay, mrs. neal, sponsorj jodi porter, cindy clemen ts. L rl. ir. e. s. prepares students fer rr nzedierzl enreer E 1 3 the tahos 7972-73 sweetheart is gloria hernandez. officers: jodi porter, cheryl gay, valeria la doux, presiden t,' gloria hernandez, laura guzman, gloria garcia, evangeline huey-you. -f .f':?92a e+t'?Q,QQ.X!L3i-' ,., . the texas association health occupations students at tech various medical fields. dental assistance, nurse aide, ,oha ogy, and several others may be a field in which students interested. a student enters this as a junior and takes this course for years. We have ten students from southwest high school at tech for this sub 'ect a d t k' ' ' ' school. the inter-campus last year was started with sharon southwest high. as a result to this 1 n a ing their basic subjects at dental assistant and from inter-campus student it will now be that students from all fort worth will be able to come to tech to take various 1 X. X s-as f n ..., 1 r , this year's class officers for the senior class are.' deborah allen, lohmer, parliamentarianp paula lehr, reporterf and jan morgan, secretary,' sharon gay, vice-presidentf teresa hair, historian: treasurer, david lang, sergeant-at-arms,' robert cortez, presidentf bibi feclz is Hrs! faur-gear grads four years ago a freshman class entered technical high school, a senior high that was new to them and they were new to the rest of the high school. destined to be an outstanding group they plotted their courses. the class did things as freshmen that sometimes overshadowed the other classes. this was the first class that cared about their fellow freshmen to the extent of setting standards of achievements. now as seniors, they can look back with pride on their four years at tech when they will have graduated their mark on the school, the many out- standing students of the class of '73 will be emulated by those who follow the class of '73 sponsors are: mrs. bobbye long, four years serviceg mr. buck russell, one year servicef mr. alton fonville, four years servicep and miss cindy ford one year service lnot pictured herei. elizabeth aceves garrion antone cynthia arnold beverly ausbie donald bailey deb orah allen christine arango jessie arriaga sally avina letha baker johnny al varez mary arelland raymond arriaga anna ayala patricia barlow senier serves ns stnrlent betty president daniel pena, right is giving instruc- tions to student council, donald griffin helps distributes cards. danny barnes da vid barrientes riro barron larry bea ver ralph bena vides charlie benson sandra bermejo veronica bill sh irle y birch domingo borfas elesia bo wman tanya bradley karen brink arthur brooks betty bro wn jewel brown john brown dwiyht bryan jerry buford patti buckner lela burks rosie cabral teresa camacho ca thy campos manuel carranza debbie carrillo sylvia castellon bea trice castillo cathy castillo gloria castillo karen cavender michael chase raymond clayborn valeria clayton cynthia elements alicia coleman deborah colwell myrtle cooper robert cortez jackie craig D140 donna crugar christine curiel beverly davis jewel dixon rlckey dukes da vid cuellar chester czajkowski pa trlcla dean tra ws donoho ka thy dunlap seleiere Week behind the scenes martha dunam mike eddleman 'Yi N vii: -Yifn J e -X W ' ei l . L AM , Ax -ee 2,15 ,k'k mr. davenport and janice stephens look at new york times in journalism class. bea tries edwards ricky escamilla cynthia evans emily flores robert flores sammy flores gloria gamez ricky fillmore ernest flares sammy flares norman foster angeli ta garcia study occupies seniors ' time anna garcia david garcia gloria garcia martha garrett sharon gay anna garcia diane garcia johnny garner cheryl gay bobby gentry L.. shelia gentry jimmy glenn tony gomez albert gonzales george gonzales juanita gonzales ralph gonzales elvira granado frankie gra ves donald grlfffn larry grlffith debbie grigsle y arthur guadarrama da wo' guajardo joe gulette elmer gu yden 5 96 rub y green Vickie hagen teresa hair victor hambrick freddie hamilton Suzanne hare evonda harless donn y harris linda hastings russell ha ynes robert hedgpath debra henderson seniors struggle through fasts whatever it is sgr. lanier is telling scott kirtley, it goes for the rest of the teachers, too. , PW 001 sally hernandes nancy hernandez cindy hester sharon hill billy holiday gloria hernandez luis herrera pamela hill faye holder kenneth holland P 2 IIIIHQHIH? W1 oz", 1' ,. mr. byrzi popular government teacher, is getting a moments peace and U ' I quiet. junnitt holmes angellne howard pamela holmes houston ho well . evangelin huey you paulette h yman roy ince mildred irvin andrew jackson ella jackson Wanda jackson mary jalomo seniors always H14 luerine jeffery jimmy jenkins alice johnson jean johnson john johnson johnny johnson deryl jones jeffery jones We for friends glenda king john king david kirtley ro nn y land lehman jones sharon jones vincent jones scott kaether kathy kafka james kennedy evelyn kimbell adrian kindles paula miller, billy holiday, jerry buford and gilbert latigo learn to measure the weight of a beaker electronically in chemistry class. mrs drakes senior english class rushes to get on bus for a trip to kimbell museum they are paul Vasquez ruben mendoza, sandra bermelo sofla velasquez tommy swanson sharon jones dena hard wick lstudent teacherl, frank graves and joe zavala barbara lane da vid lang gilbert la tigo stephen lawsor valerie ledoux elizabeth lee ronnie lee paula lehr harold loftis bibiana lohmer frank lopez paul lopez niers learn by ezperieneee 4 I , terri lovelace frank lucio donna lutker vicki madewell marvin malone bill mann michael marsh lawrence martin sharon martin patrlbia martinez rebecca martinez sandra martinez gregory ma ta evelyn mathews Charley mcadoo raymond medrano Wilfred meeks rose mendez francisca mendoza mary mendoza rueben mendoza maria milan gary miller pamela miller paula miller dana milling mary montalvo elliott montgomery juan moreno david morgan jana morgan esther moron janioe morris vicki moss james munc y seniors have taken the lead 'l,'M,,,,,. i whatever linda white sees in the peep machine, she won't let myrtle cooper and debra allen see. gilbert oritz william paine preston payton anita munoz dianne musgra ve lawrence neal larry nobles maria nunez lulls ologue mary orrick richard ortegon 4 celia pena daniel pena elizabeth perez micaela perez paula pitts eva portales david potter alice po well joe presco tt leslie price cecilia smith is teaching the thailand student to speak smivrs rem!! the happy mrfmerzfs xi ha? bea tris rarnirez fuanita ramirez maria ramos nancy ramos bea trfce range! mary range! yolanda renteria rosie reyes lee rhodes rosem richardson yolanda riojas evangelin rios robert rivera ste ve robards alice roberts duane roberts eva rodela rosalinda rodela irene rodriquez john rodriquez louis rodriquez nina rodriquez maria rosales virginia rosalez marcella ruiz carlos quifas daniel saenz olga saenz senivrs pczform both on and daniel salgodo loretta sanchez rosa sapien danny sides :W slugs Q' P x 'R larry morgan concentrates on plans for a building. --. james Sl'l77,USOfl oscar sims suzanne hare, bibi lohmer, and olga saenz say that it takes concentration to work data processing key cecilia smith Wanda smith Punch- doris thompson robert thompson beverly tims cecil tinney michael spencer dick stebbins janice stephens major Swanson tommy swanson ka thleen ta ylor teresa hair gives a big smile as she urges the audience yell at a pep rally. frank torres jack triplett jodi valenciano david tovar janet tubbs paul vasquez S6'l1ll7l'5 carlow Vasquez jose vega sofia velasquez randy vines cynthia ward elizabeth Vasquez rosalinda vega theresa velasquez arthur wade leroy watson nv told me to stay away from midland football rios and becky willars on a football trip T0 dan west lawrence wheaton samantha white stephen west linda white marietta williams rearlz grzals joe zavala pearlie williams mary wilson Wanda young lero y wilson randolf wilson arthur za vala but mommy never told me about this big bear." 9 '74 scrzirrr class loaded with salma! spirit leaders of the junior class typify the enthusiasm shown by the entire class. pictured with a sporty corvette are pee wee perez, reporterf desiree ragland, secretary: robert cantu, presiden t,' elsa martinez, vice-president: yolanda sanchez, treasurer: and vicki proctor, parliamen tarian. in an interview with elsamar- tinez, vice-president of junior class, she said, 'as vice-president i am willing to help my fellow offi- cers in all fund raising projects and i encourage all juniors to take part in this. we need all the help we can get for we have to give the seniors their prom, and that is a big task. i am really looking forward to next year when we go on the trim- ester. it will be great to be able to take more electives. the class of '74 is willing to meet this chal- lenge for we will be the first class to have graduated under this new plan. this is my first year as a class officer and i am delighted to take part in the activities of this, the best class at tech." sponsors who have been with this class since the ninth grade are mr. ray parish, mrs. julia cochran, and mr. 1 woods. banks be n peterson george neaves and cecllfa zavala study a bulletm on the navel to kill a mockingbird in mrs. baldock's engljgh class. F: '1- 9 ruben abalos denise allsbrooks dennis adair bobby amadqr , L K FJ' , fl " 1' "Y V M Jr A ',- :S 4. V r I . P, , -,ff , k Nb . 915..6:,x . f . A A. 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' an ,xl ,bm I 15. fi X ' as 2 ff Q BVU' 'P' r I f' l t , it in W' m M, l although mr. o'connor is in the hospital, andre jen- kins and brenda lang seem to have everything under control. ,wbllfbqyp XXX liziixfl S 5 X 'MS felix garcia gerald greener terry greear l ,A 124 K M ' -CAS' 3 . K! if 4r- jzmiors rzlzficzpfzfe the yulcfida season randy greener ro y william griggs delores hall cecilia hammonds kathey hanyg on kenneth hakrign V .f ,','ff"'l:,:Ff -" . Y My .Cv in brenda hearne delbert hembex donald henderson christie hernandez Cynthia hernandez iosetta hernandei rub y dozier gregria elizondo isaac espinosa mike felkner , enrique flores phillip ford william ford donna foster molly gamez danny garcia reuden hernandez marilyn herod barbara herrera r W . 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Z 4 is xi , Q , x W , A -' 31' 1 '?r-un-I' -ff l as gg5f:1,.f. K 'el-qff Wm Fi 1 5 " -K. L cheron tarkingron, claude everman, and elsa m. rinez wonder if rhey'lI get caught sliding down l stairs. after all, it is fasten S , ,, .e,,,,,a W F' sw, f' ,gr L Y"t ' ff L 35 2 N v, Jh mf .,'h-5, r"m,+ --sf r asm ? " , Fy ei izf 1 ' ' 5 ee? ' a pri-' K y Q .. ,?fgf.f-L95 A I 5A, m ! WU If-bww, 'V I 4 I elsa martinez teri martinez gary maddox ioane marchioni . 0-3 -slr 5, .5 x'-7 X FG N' . Qpyfjwk ,-VY 1' Q 1,414 .n-wg' I. I Ash f-ff .e :Q X , 5132" ' , "IQ '. 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K K jg-pi , 5 victor ramos janet rector clayton robards floyd robinson joyce robinson carlos rodriquez daniel rodriquez robert rodriquez elizabeth rowe james ro wan J l charles ray salone patricia a. sadler patricia sadler louis salinas jnnisr clnss sslls pins in mist clnss fnnds .1 . ., , Qi X f, X li' jx f ii 1 2 ,I ,f Es 5 ,xls 'L I'- , :NCL , if A I W i X ' .52 5 4 13" I l if Eg 'M' A A? N, f ! 1 ,N doris salone pansy sco tt angie sanchez tena scott yolanda sanchez gloria serrano antonio sanders judie smith f N gl g et an .3 I ,N ,. in .,, v john sparks sandra spencer walter steigerwal t victor stephens '-' L-1. ' Z,-V. ' Y ,5 . ' .ag ' x 3-A 'A . A ff"3L 'if 19554 ,Sill 735 fw 'D .5 'K 41 n I1 5, w . . NL ' Q, .. , . 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'L s. fa. aux- :xx 1,3355 3 vga' vi ,., 1 we ' 1 - E A , -5 7 l 'ff " k N-4. this years sophomores class officers are.' alex garcia, vice-presiden t,' lydia portales, parliamen rarlan,' mike easterday, presiden t,' sabrina williams, treasurerg micacla lopez, secretaryg and victoria velasquez, reporter. soplzalizares prepare far leadership as the class :ff '75 the sophomore class this year has set its goal for the 7.975 graduates as preparing oneself for leadership. soph- omore class officers feel that the present students should look forward to their junior year because they will be the ones to set examples for the next junior class. as seniors they hope to be one of the best ever. "'l""I fiuw- ,Juv the sophomore class sponsors are: mrs. jo ann jenkins, two years servicef mrs. mary shahann, two years serviceg and mr. milton bottlinger, two years service. 121 'xii' fi l ceclia adams larry adams carol allen elf i' TQ Timvmaia . .H+ ' W ,M 4 M sf- if c P "" X Biz . l -il s 1.5, H W 75 fi 'Uh , kite Q 3 W mm gf g joel allen margaret allen edward am ie 1-, I .k . 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Mi .mga .ffl L Q 'S H , ernest cary marlo castellon nick castillo joe ceja rita casarez michael Castillo janet causey geraldine ceruantez rosalinda chavarria cyn thia cha vez cindy chazarreta print clark gail collins daniel contreras john cooper rodney cooper iuanita Cordova bermardo cortez cathy couch bruce curry alva delgado karen demmings amalia dennis dolares derden cheryl dewveall pa t dixon rickey dixon 124 F2 l E 1 ,f 'xg We f NV . V .il "'!f'1" 3 . pm.. r,.g have gi 1 ,M ,Q also vii, fee 55. I 'V Q ffkzfoi 5' 1 l . Q I i l' K :iq Q .,7, 1 - N , 1 f" ,'.- Q . , ,sa ,rf . , M y I I 1 l l QW' 1 :X 1 ff he l l one of miss ford's homemaking students is sneaking in the old fashion ice box during passing period 'Q' kathy earwood mike easterda y john edwards connie elizondo debora english richard espinosa claude everman gabriel s. rodriquiz eddie galindo linda gamez alex garcia frank garcia linda garcia jud y garza ricky giles N K X: 5 alfa? .. 'I K A .1 , X , i 'K X F 1 +5 in Ji X W, av' F51 saplzalrzares ufrfrk inward future linda dodd michael dominguez debora donnell danny dunlap david fenn alex flores maria fontecchio velma foster russell fax randy franklin i 2 I . ,I Q ' ,Q 1-1 1 Q new .J .,L . xx A 'mb W I 'V , , Nga Il 3 K iyy J iii? .R .N Sy, S , -V . ., .ff ,, X A K, L A I A , 9: I IQ" W4 . K y ig xr .E . , :As xl XX X Sk uf N E i J "5 Nia Nl f s s 1 1 M 'Wifi' W ' SM., HB' G sa :mf A x s 'fx tty Q2 F B31 lm F , 59+ fi' R15 5 . . WY. 's -'v - MQ' .... . Q , 11 M 232 ' ' A 5:1 ' , fi' Q' ' '- 2 :91 L' f 4, .Q ,, , Sf - -af 4,-ge Q' rf" fp de .sr L , fe r "ww -, do ,jh fy R-.,,V ' 1 Lux I v 5 iw, J W .am f esmam. ' fa. 'C J S-Mrevghf' 6034 -4 Q ' 1' nam' fe. gay, -'3"'.' ami-nf: :-xzzakmff'-1-?f , clara gomez richard gonzales joe haley james harmon alex gonzales darrell grober da vid hare aaron headrick mary gonzales maryann guerrero sheila harless cama henson cyndy herbert alice hernandez irene hernandez olga hernandez sylvia hernandez jeanne herrin sgt. moseler goes over army layout plans with mike easterday and other sophomore CBUE YS. sherilyn hester linda higgins vera hodge labrenda horton svplzmzvres fake zz Held my in casa rf 58313-,lik ,- Nu- - M x xj M, f I vile . . XB' ' 4 3 09111 ky 'is ricky hudgins dora humphrey carolyn hunt donna hunter dimm y huffman oylin huffstetler felicia h yman jeffery james linda johnson VAN. his 'U Q. 'un - x O QU sharon johnson jay king debby kuhn alicia jones lilliam kirven jackie lee carolyn kelly paul kornllsarz raymond lee sharon lee teresa lee terri ligh tfoot calvin lincoln micaela lopez ross lyons Ex , N. mrs, newton tells james alverez that he must learn to spell "sophomore". juelya madden charles madglfng Sandfa lT73IVll7lf7 reginald maddox jesse manning larry markum N? . ti c , ,. ii' "l- -ff Y .J 1 l' toni mars richard martinez delia mata shirley mays julian martinez thomas martinez jamic mata carl mcbride stella martinez paralee mason vincent ma tamoros ste ve mcguire ,f x X Q? in I ,z.!if1,Ei W a in W f ,Q '37 ' 7 V 57.2 , 1 ,, X, V , , laurita medlock alfred mendoza edward mercado debbie miller margaret miller donna minard ,' H. "lr f i alice mindieta K , gloria montalvo , W A john montalvo b larry moore ' benito moreno joe moron connie morris patrlcia moss benny nail joey nelson debra nolley 3, karen norwood benn y obregon 1 ' Q pat obregon W 1 robert obregon . " f A 'ng sophomores slzouf sclzool spirit - J J., p jackie oliver Virgina owens elma ortiz richard olsen judy pack bobby parker brenda parkam mrs. drake and mildred irvin are interrupted as they try to name the sophomores. 9 Q3 fi 'QM x fs XM 1 2 billy perez thomas perez delia perez glenwood peterson jr. nsneyemxma-'ern wwf em N- ww mn edmondson explains a business math problem to kenneth johnson. gay phemister lee po well lydia portalez mary powell jessie po well debra preston - 'f',..J . 1 roger pribble eliberto quinonez ani ta quin tero maria quin tero josie ramirez robert ramos barney rains sylvia ramirez sandra ramos ramona raines wellie ramirez guadalupe rangel lgwwe' :jing f 'X X i sl FXX I X f s daniel raye I 1 '1 peggy reese l L S ' liz resendez K i -k A ' i as , . . Y 1 f B 3 , N tiki, X I J, 8 X X , s KX e , , 9 - '-X ' D. anthonyreyes 1' ' s's W 7 "', 4 gr' 5 ,. stephanie robards Y Q, Yi wi fames robertson s k ' i bv- , . X ,z N ,wa If s xx f. Y ..ffr"x -, wise' and crwfusisiz adds enthusiasm is salma! psp mllys Z E H Q L iam., 4- xi y 1 2 yi 1 el michael robinson gabriel rodriquez sonia rodrfouez larry roland teresa rose mary sanchez nancy robinson isaac rodriguez yolanda rodriquez angelita rosas stella sanez steve sanchez mary rodela rosemary rodriquez alfred rogers elizabeth rosas jimmy sanez gerald sanders It E V ' ' f.. Y I, 2 by david scherrer x . - 9 1 s N' f michael schmitt "2 ' -N s ll, ' 1, ina sheehaw W 2 ' Al,LW 'Q 'K 'W A christopher shelby ' f'f -' " da vid shelb y t i f a ' t 3 5 ' fs 5 malt:maxifrfzrxfetytefssiztizfax f1f . 1 t 1,4 w - t at 1 .ttf 2 da vid singer dovie smith james smith X gn mg W nur patricia smith 5 joel sneed 'I' Q patricia south "" ' f " victor sparks sherle y spars michael speed gregor y spencer ,gg S G A sophomores active an student council darlen starns michael stewart kittie sto y david studer brenda summitt Q linda summitt rafael surita james swanner rayford taylor fm? a W, K., , js sei mx xx N K ge...- , X - 4 1 n 1 , ' 5 I . 3 ' x YM. 4 f ,, x. ,avg A 'A' that i left that tootsie roll in here someplace! exclaims a sophomore N.. 1 I gi X 4.415 v ' I ' 1. in: 'fwwse-A rose tejada nettie thompson darline toles donna thomas terry thompson catherine toombs janney thomas jerry tinney ester trevino mario trufiilo maria Valdez susie valenciano victoria velasquez catherine villegas tiff' ci A r marcella warren james washington gary Watters gwendolyn wells christopher Wesley 3 'E W,,1, ' - fine- 4 ,mm 'Eg it , A fwrf L. f L 'P '3'f.,J"" ' 5. if ee ze eff Y '53-Q ' Tj-3 1 E af N , 'ls 6, Qi 2 4 5 V fl 'es' fa km ei V f . wg ,3- .., W . . x A an 1 ' X -. 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A L A E 8 4 99 3 '-1, 55' 5 ., 2 'J 49:2 'Sify - 4 V4 if michael white danny williams gordon williams sabrina williams karin wilson tina Woodard paula white derman williams jerry williams samrnie Willis ila wood randy wright gary wilcoxson evelyn williams jodie williams joe wilson marion wood sallie youngblood sophomores eleef mike eosferdoy oe their leoder freshman class officers hopefuls wait their turn for their speech. -Us.. -6-v ieanetta cooper, treasurer ester calva reporterp abel nuiez, president: hortencia garcia, vice-preside-nt,' and sylvia garnado, secretary. 1972- 75' freshmen elrzss :Meera leak forward fe their years at feelz the freshman class looks forward to their years at tech because they hope to set examples for tech's future students. as the largest class this year they hope to complete their senior year as being the same. freshman class sponsors, mr. clewesto smith, coach jerry thomas,' mls. vanette melden, mr. foe edmondson, first year sponsors. 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Q56 Qufiz XJ, tx l If gl :QP fx RVN .XX 'W V 5 QQQE' 'fig p ' XY J ,' Aw jf, my J L.lwQ,,! ,gy W1 XY V px ,Xu N-V 'w7wNJ dx Uv M ,bw fx 334 tvs xy J -.EMI ' xg ' kj' 'X M A, 'N Q. V , V 7,7 K, N X,',O VHQX qu Vw! ,f rp 58' Vu! uw fi Q W ny U yi .YV '- H 5 f X xx, af O' jv yv l ' LEU ' , N ',4, Q V O! ' JV ji 4 N-jf . 4 Wu XV I X fi , , f Fx, M N , . g x U F .Q 1: :J , Qf ,R ffl W, . if grin fxrbuu I :QL checrleadcrs give enthusiasm to afhlctifs feelz presents the 1972- 73 varsity eheerleezders barbara herrera olga sanez desiree ragland junior senior junior becky lopez junior vangie rios senior teresa hair senior angleline ho ward senior VS , s -Nw mrs. murphy sponsor myrtle cooper senior A-Jig' -"5-W' , 4 4 as vnnmiiiiil ,.,,,,....-1 14"-igifiin IW 7 ?s'75.:f Qi' Wg if? "V J:-293' f . 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Wyatt. lphoto aurthur urban! randolph ferguson leonard hall victor hambrick guard center quarterback maurice herrera end coach weaver gives maurice herrera last minute plays. nelson inrin defensive linebacker charles johnson nose guard bulldogsl james johnson defensive tackle 81 halfback ph darreli jones lehman jones end guard elmer guyden pushes through the wyatt defense while leroy wilson guards. fphoto by aurthur urbanl jerry locket? charlie mcadoo wingback guard lee kim rh0d6'S john bally escapes an o. it wyart end lphoto by aurthur urbanl tackle robert thompson david tovar defensive 81 offensive guard halfback kenneth walker halfback bulldogs lose senmrs f?a,.,7 ff' N ,M XMB frank washington offensive 81 defensive end p-fi coach clark watches the mme from the sidelines with other players. ia wrence Wheaton dan west splint end haifback 9 jodie williams brad Willis linebacker halfback lero y wilson joe zavala linebacker guard bulldags lwk farufard fa :mfr smsau leroy wilson with other team members bring down wyatt's carrier. fphota by aurthur urbanl preston peyton larry roland edward amre manager manager manager zzlzcm jones rs sclecfedfwflmll sufecflzmri 6 r . alicia jones football sweetheart 1 972- 73 6 fflllffl clzecrlcmlers AW susie valenciano nancy robinson nettie thompson kay norwood r team clzeerlmdcrs demeta hawkins mary owens gloria mesa rachel ram irez is--V IW r, row 7: billy brooks, rayfield surita, conrad herrera, leofold revada, mario castillo, christopher Wesley, Willie Williams, joal sneed, charles rodriquez, harold row 2: coach levels, anthony benson, alex garcia, david adair, alfred rogers, curtis callahan, johnny collins, john banks, terry crear, john johnson, david coach dooley. row 3: alex flares, ben peterson, michael White, miles cleveland, jessie powell, tonald Woodard, kirk goughs, michael beasley, rayford taylor, wg,-I salone, nick castillo. If JI K1 JJ 6 and c team slmuf premise far coming year g X ,W x 'N Q . . v sg. I r, row 7: michael vwlker, albert quintanar, larry hobson, napolean johnson, gary brimer, john sandoval, robert jenkins, kevin clark, andre huey-you, david push, 'J steven. row 2: coach thomas, rudy blancarte, charles smith, tommy Starks, ricky lones, steven van sickle, charles baltzgar, tony salgado, coach gales, coach row 3: kenneth olmstead, angelo herrera, ruben arriaga, freddie coleman, david phillips, Walter sanders, carl White, jesse garza, dwayne Woolridge. 'I6 varsity team, row 7.' charles salone, windle wa tkins, alfonso stunstle, floyd robinson, chris shelby, arise perry. row 2.' coach gales johnny johnson, andrew jackson, dave jones, edward taylor, barry goss and ronnie jackson. frilnblr feclz is basketball team is jumping lzqlz ., " fiig-Q-'i-Jw' k55'm,.-1, ,. , gif ',:g.'se1:.,1,, .ff 1:1 ,.,19,3jzg.J-' K 'W , f , fa 1 2 :ms :i5if::zz'::e:imr.-a ,QA--mjfjajgag 'I yn i 4,-1 2- iz-.. mf f, ' . ,5iiSf'.' M if ' ' ,U F, , , .,,, I i !z12:,f,Q11P1- f , HST? 1'1Ef:3lg?'23'379,f ifl--Qiilfff ,H r . , - r if f' ' 1 Q . Q 4 1 1 2 L I Lx g-, 5+ 1 ,N ' 1 'S.....-v , 5 ' x I . 5 i - f - ,kiislf pfg- A X ' 1 A - - is ' f - ,.,,, 1. H . I -,gg , W ---- 'if W-b- f,w,1:, 1 'W ii" W " ntzgq., vm- aug .. --ms. zg4 'H'f4: ,,.,,, ,H .,,. ' . , V, ,. ir 'fiulziafaz li nw... .W . , .1 , U " -V Q., maze: W. " A, 'M' X' - AL S VE QLQQEEZE ' .J..H"'i fglffifi a V ,, 'v J - Q - andrew jackson chris shelby ronnie jackson if L .aff li- .. 1 ' i . .lb johnny johnson f , v: J A floyd rabinson LJ y if J 3 A 34 X Y f' f i 7 6 ,. ' wh Lk'n' 1, 1 alfonso stunstle WAQ'-51' 5' , . - windle vwtkins f ,ff , ',,w gf 4' , 'l K 'f rzj M , 3,7 , 2 Li' ' iv if ,sz Q ,, K vs A l g ., . A A' fx I '- in g-'Q u 1 1 X - i 5- 1 Nt' 1 f james hall ix 14 V edward taylor , Z,i:l ,,,, . .,,. I ,Ll,,. ,W1,Xwl x.,41 .1 , JF .,,. .. ., ' -' 4' 1ffsg1ff,:m. , ,f15?.,..5,,wgaEs,fx ' 'ri . Q I r 5 1 , , , 4 U aff ,. E , jj, 11 ,gg ,L .. .,.. .- , x .2 U . , . 5 hd hd 1 L , 5 N plisaqzsggi.-ggpz 33 ,. 1 I . S - 5' 1- Q . . ' '-'V ' ' vw V -- f iff- . ...V .....x.,,.s, -.,W55,,,k1 .W , K , kk, - , V ,. iw-4' 5 .v'u,f9A..,, :.1,i,3L,L , 'QW in charles salone F. .J YL barry gms K 'ul 6 5 uv' il -wi in V w 5 , ,' . .V ',,., ' Vw . 1 ix? -" A ' , jf A 1' 2 .... lax g 1 S veffmef 3 L I- i .,, 5-Y i , vnu :S L 8' 1 5 Q SWZ5 Vk,. 1 ?g5eQ,fgz'fsfzaifgixigiiz Mg, k " K, ', I 2im'L,,L ' W"' arise perry ' calvin brown ard taylor shoots two to score against poly. bulldogs lwhitel watch to see where the rebound is going in a game against carter-riverside. bulldog team prepares far iz new smszfrz g the bulldog team looks forward to g the new upcoming season with bigger and better plans to take district. with new linemen coming in to replace the outgoing seniors the team will have a r fresh start. K. andrew jackson runs in for in rercep tion karen norwnod basketball sweetheart non-dis trict 75 7 8 no v. nov. nov. 27 nov. nov. 24 28 dec. 7 dec. 5 7-9 7 7 74 78 dec. dec. dec. dec. dec. 26-30 district jan. 8 jan. 77 jan. jan. jan. jan. fan. feb. 6 feb. feb. 7 7 79 24 26 30 9 73 7972-73 basketball schedule carter north side tech tech breWer castleberry tech temple tournament, temple, texas tech tech arlington heights Westside lions club tournament tech tech terrell dunbar tech eastern hills poly tech tech Wyatt karea aarufaaa is seleetea basketball sweetheart at tech at tech at north side at bre Wer at tech at tech at birdville at arlington heights a t castleberry at tech vs. eastern hills vs. poly vs. tech vs. tech vs. Wyatt vs. tech vs. tech vs. terrell vs. dunbar vs. tech W - --..., front row: morris mcelvaine, vm I. jones, phillip ford, alfred rodgers, kenneth smith. back row: coach marvin levels, larry adams, glenwoodpeterson, benny nail, michael beasley. not pictured: espindio zavala, and john balily. 'W " and 'W from basketball train far upcoming years at fcclz S, Vi ' xr xr" ' 1 ,fy 1 Y Q 7 fi. x .f .F P 45:13 w.L,i3x:vxl f el 9 if N Q7 , tg 4 N F 5 fi. . 3 4 3 f fa K . x 3 ' i 5 U 5 5 bottom row, I to r: mark harris, napolean johnson, mirchell phillips, lorenzo cunningham, freddie jackson, albert quintanar, dale hunt, floyd cunningham. row 2: coach thomas, michael speed, michael brewer, eugene hobson, dwayne woolridge, charles dobbs, clyde spencer, ricky hudgins, and manager rudy blancarte. x fi Q . S! 9 f ' f N N X Z I ,. ' W Q I T , ,,,,, ME, ,wMTHKj a n U Qi 8 5 7 Y. Y. -J 7 K4 Q K-4- ,mm - row 7: danny sides, rafeal surim, paul. Vasquez, amanda cortez, manuel valle, brad willis, randy aguilar, larry roland row 2: coach ross, george gomez, david tovar, conrad herrera, billy perez, jesse arriaga, andy moreno, carlos moreno, david adair, jeffery jones. baseball begins tlze spring sperts ' events march 7 lake worth vs. tech march 28 i. m. terrell vs. tech march 2 everman vs. tech march 30 tech vs. poly march 6 tech vs. lake worth april 3 eastern hills vs. tech march 8 castleberry vs. tech arpil 5 dunbar vs tech march 70 tech vs. diamond hill april 9 o. CL Wyatt vs. tech march 72 castleberry vs. tech april 72 tech vs. i. m. terrell march 73 tech vs. everman april 23 poly vs. tech march 74 tech vs. western hills april 25 tech vs. eastern hills march 75 covvto wn tournament april 27 dunbar vs. tech march 20 tech vs. eastern hills may 7 o. d. Wyatt vs. tech march 23 tech vs. dunbar may 4 tech vs. i. m. terrell march 26 tech vs. o. d. Wyatt may 8 tech vs. poly ngqa 1 X. l ,,.,v3 w 1,1 L paul vasquez the L L 6. lr. r. is farmed I0 ,vramvtv bath team and school spirit ,1- coach bruce ross varsity coach J K vS,,lfffW2iy1' ' - 'A g.,q f' x "' ,W f W 52' 1,5f7,"i :L- if ww F' ,s A -- -fw ,, .- Twist ,iQ , :ji ,f "x:. ' K I it Y 'vf' 3' ' 3 A iv!! , "" "f T?""f1 A' l 5 ui srr 'rg V -- R ine-Q ,,'V Ak ' 14:21 affw- 1 .Q , V . ry.,-,mQ3,a-v-few at K A H.-32:7 -,, -, ., ,. -Mig ,g,. ' nf , fp-55. K I, if. ,-f'-59:51 , E9 '. ' 1 f f- 4' ' ' V 'lf .X-iff? 'Q , 51, ., za- ' . A r w 7 5 david adair - sophomore pitcherffirst base the trimble tech baseball booster club was formed this year to promote both the team's and school's spirit and to include those parents who wanted to help the team. the club's main function is to keep the team working together for the school and to keep the parents informed on the devel- opment of the team. this club was a dream of coach ross and coach stacy to see parents, stu- dents, and team members in- volved for the good of the team and school. A we jesse arriaga - senior catcher . g -. I f. ,E AW ,Lv A, . K -sg na , .. W 34-1 MW as W' M cm H as gt gd, 51-W if 'fi amanda cortez - sophomore shortsropfright field randy aguilar - freshman third base at 4 -sf .-J-,fig-A-, i . 5 XJ 5 3 fe- ,g g 1:13, - I, , 'N .i ii-f3e:: r 'NJ Vg-' i' 'L BS' S 1r:,.,'T ' 155' 1:1 "1 . , 221,-... A. M, si 1 77" 'l ifes-T '52lfi" 1 L v" ' N even?--r:':'1,w ' s W 1sf'?""h v fiom- -. 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H H . andy mvrenv - iunfvr billy perez - junior third base catcher QQ? baseball taala laaks farufara fa caufiawa faaraalaaaf nl-w danny sides - senior outfield -,1-1-1 da vid adair pitches to one of north side players in a game which tech won 5-ZZ , rafael surita - sophomore manuel valle - junior i outfield second base ,,..--I paul Vasquez - senior brad Willis - junior jeffery jones pircherfourfield cen ter field manager 4 barbara herrera baseball sweetheart 7972-73 barbara lrerrera is seleefed baseball sweetheart fbr the seebaa year. irene hernandez gracie carrizales princess princess V Tian- s A4 W s as.-:: -af. 2 .af - we - 531 f 'x L nw K pf' A . ' Mt 1' V, -1 .1 f ,away x 'V X X 5 ' A 5 5 I 1 'x N i . . the . 3 J ,tt . X +1 x f Q ', f - 'H ' ' f " -4 TL - 2 V , f i' 2- ii ff wi' .A axis K f -- ,- N- , - U r V, fit A 2 A 9,,,..xa,..f Ykz ' if . 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' " A f ,:-1, +Q,Pf?-'-2 fs- ,a Y Nfl. -ef' 2' " aJsf?!!Y'-:4 ' at Na 4- e."Q,x2 row 1.' micheal ward, micheal bejmeao, jesse guerro, raymond cabello, tony honeycutt, coach stacy. row 2: adam arriago, albert quintaniar, joe cabello, gary brimer. jaaibr barsity baseball faaia strives tb bbfaia abal march 7 march 7 march 20 march 23 march 26 march 28 diamond hill tech tech tech tech i. m. terrell tech western hills eastern hills dunbar 0. d. Wyatt tech march 30 april 3 april 5 april 9 april 72 april 23 tech eastern hills dunbar 0. ci vvyatt tech poly vs. poly Vs. tech vs. tech vs. tech vs. terrell vs. tech 175 raymond clayborn 440 yard dash leray wilson discus ro nnie jackson sprin t raymond clayborn robert thompson relay dan west al, 'E raymond clayborn ronnie jackson state finalist in mile relay ronnie jackson, raymond clayborn, lawrence neal, alfonso stunstle mile relay: holds best record in '73 junior oorsily lrook row 1: tony howell, joe haley, rodney cooper, james johnson, larry vvallace, nick Castillo. row 2: ronnie lee, isaac rod- riquez, michael castillo, gerald sanders, billy booker, larry alexander. oorsify trook row 7: dan west, alphonso Stunstle, robert thompson, eddie jones, lawrence neal, william miller, frank washington. row 2: andrew jackson, donald griffin, ronnie igrassl jackson, leroy wilson, ray- mond clayborn, johnny johnson, jerry lockett, chris shelby. ff", mx 'me 2 TK! 'wr' . ' .ey ,a.M,: c sophomore l freshman irook row 1: freddie jackson, napoleon john- son, damcis bacon, artis vwsshington, morris mcelvaine, edgar Willis, rodrick hawkins, rodger sanchez. row 2: edward craven, john sandoval, mark harris, robert castillo, michael lang, vincent her- nandez, nicky garrett, charlie smith, rudy blancarte. row 3: michael speed, eugene hobson, charles hughes, clyde spencer, dwaine woolridge, rickey hud- gines. donald griffin james johnson coach weaver broad jump hurdles coach clark coach dooley elzehiz gelefry seleefed fmek sweetheart shelia gen try track s wee theart 7.972 73 evelyn mathews princess linda whi te princess -M--s , f fi S Q lupe quintanar, vangie huey-you, maria arreguin, annie guadarrama, cynthia oliver, sharon jones, bibi lohmer, fanetta Webb, Vickie moss, ruby holmes, debra donnell. volleyball and ,ee leaders ,eremele plzysiealhfizess 'if' . Li.. I 'Q' lx fe- he H 6 .ia rear Q ,,,, - ,.... , , o sat " :will , ' 'Q - -I g V V- - row 1: cheryl herron, debra donnell, sharon hill, linda white, peggy owens, ruby holmes, sharon jones, velma foster, cynthia jenkins, vangie huey-you, annie guadarrama. row 2.' fanetta webb, brindle canyon, betty brown, beverly williams, mary cooper, bibi lohmer, sharon jones, vicki moss, frankie graves, lupe quintanar, mary arreguin. row 3: mrs. poe, kathy hampton, frances jackson, mrs, murphy. - 11 l to r coach stebbms ralph reyes ,oe tuerma billy reyes louis ayala, conrad herrera, richard medina. gon' opens Hrs! year with ll swing! ! ! coach stebbins stresses importance in keeping left hand straight when teeing off to richard medina. foe tijerina making sand shot to the green. A -I ,i 1 conrad herrera receives proper instructions on hand grip from coach stebbins. 0 V, s 595 :ct I Biggs-Q.g 93 , 'H Y i. ,ji ga Qi., VV ,n ..4- -We . - - sr -5- .A . 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'stsff' v- Qccisalzy 1 'r h vs' be fa- Q .gzfzy ,4??fQ if 5-' 5' ' ,f2'f?-2' 'dwri Wfif' viii, :fig- Z 'f' ff Q7 71" ,Who 4' f boys' tennis: dennis mcfarlin, michael walker, michael lang, oscar bill. row 2: mr. campbell, david studer, david jackson, david lang, frank burnat. jaane marchioni tennis sweetheart 1.972-73 feb. 20 march 3 march 6 march 13 march 20 march 27 april 1 april 2 tennis schedule 0. of Wyatt poly trimble tech trimble tech eastern hills trimble tech trimble tech district tournament vs. trimble tech vs. trimble tech bye vs. diamond hill vs. trimble tech vs. dunbar vs. terrell YY Q5 girls' tennis team: mrs. carmen poe, lupe quintanar, maria arreguin. row 2: jeannie brown, karlan howell, sharon tarkington, and joane marchioni, lm' - tech is tennis Hrs! score far '73 mrs. carmen poe's and mr. john campbell's tennis teams have become a credit to tech. tennis requires exceptional talent. the team members practice from two to three hours after school, some days even more. such long hours of practice is what has made our tennis teams superior. the training that is obtained by participating in a sport such as tennis is an invaluable form of physical fitness. , by . . N 0 1 s .-. gg I s s if ff 'A 5 .W P2 V43 ' ' X-311 H M. EEN.. s l - A, i if 4 , X, ,,,, A, 3, fy Y --2. 1, If -thx .llar ,Vt J 3.1 f f m 2, K if j it Q ? f X 1 r ,:lbZi.Tw. ' x badminton team: sharon jones, marie arregiun, pat moss, lupe quintanar,N..,.,: f.., -- W,-, -Aw f -v - -. .Q-.1 W f ---Q-.--.-Q ----.-3--1 - 1: an u:i11 I ,, I I. 4 ,nf I lv' 3 Sf- 1 Q, Wi m Ngewwffs AND WISE IS HE WHO SEES THE WORTH OF ALL, FOR BEAUTY LIES IN ALL WA YS MEN HA VE FOUND AND NONE IS PERFECT, NONE WITHOUTA FLAW. V H. L. MARSHALL Ng ixxiw 3 'r W., A fx S 4 A W .4,.x, ,651 5' i .e 1 A f Q J eh' wif' vi 3 i 'R I ,H ,Aw V - my unsung anna. -m:,,'r 5 L ,mba of was M A home economics eivira granado engineering drafting ronn y lan d girls' physical education sharon jones mill and cabinet oharie y mcadoo radio - television johnny overton spanish eva portales boys' ph ysicai education ricky filmore data processing suzanne hare I haynes who 3 Whos haw taken all wurses offered in subjefi area if home economics coop tive jew I d' ff t g corps b th dg p th electronics donald griziffn Wim is' WIIUS maintain zz .szzfisfazcfzfry average in vifizeuslzzjv bookkeeping Vicki made wel! industrial cooperative training mike marsh Commercial art johnny johnson diesel mechanics da vid m organ band daniel pena ,oho tograph y norman foster appliance repair johnny garner dental assistance Valerie le doux vocational office education cooperative david Cuellar rigid requirements fer nine is' who gives students ineentine te Week nnreter secre tarfa! teresa hair I77 D V ' wwfdwmm cyfif AN' gary brimer cynthia oliver freshman runners-up freshman and szzplzzwzv oscar bill gloria mesa freshman runners-up mars-up for favorite jeffery brown alicia jones sophomore runners-up 4ooo o 2 - nm Al! GW' ,, .X .,l,, jackie lee victoria velasquez sophomore runners-up favorites selected b b b h jerry lockett juuiar favorites ,vcrclassmcn semvr fawrzfes donald grifffn myrt N 1 99 robert cantu brenda lang junior runners-up gilbert herrera junior runners-up bzzllnfiug ala desiree ragland r runners-up robert fiores vangie rios senior favorite runners-up :SL-Q DL. I Y, S ini' A-oe ,V az fx1frif'ff.:.57EffV EW cathy Campos daniel ,oena senior favorite runners-up ronny land teresa hair runners-up rigid requirements are eiemaifeie mf ' Q ' elejeleli ef mr. and miss ieeiz leemmees Q QQQQASHQ Q QS G '23 W 4? 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M, , "Q M' 4: - ,L , ri. .vw ,L 1 K ' f ' W .L-uvqnff - . , . V 31-: N N nf- K L' V ' 1513? f' 'LQ V, -. ft.: :A Q - A f , ' - 4 . .. - , . .. - , L. nf- yg, gif, ,. .j 'F U '- u' f V. iff :J . K . . j N " My ,f .f4fux-.Q.,. .3 1 - ,K ,H .Ti ', M 1315- - p -v, Q' Q A 1 ' A My-XL' Sf. . - N , . . 4. xx Lf-vi 3 5-A. 'L -Rf. F 5 : ,i 6 M954 '.1,.iKq5kih1 , . V xl' K f' 1, A 1 . . 5 "SNK W-if L'T . ' , fn "FQ ,H 'J'-4 R . 1' W 'rg ' 2 L " 'ff ' , I fy fv 'A ' A' ,- -- W . .. , A - an .ge Q b Mr ' V M. . M . - A ' V' -A ' 3" , .. ,g.l.s"' P' ' HV' ' 55-. '- 'gl 1 - 5+ 1 :f,,, W , . ,Q Q ' L, .W 1 W ' f" 3.. K. ,. . K. , 7152, - '-1,7 " - A 3 X ,,,. J. sf.- Li, tick, I . vb?.V - Y 4 ., v raymond clayborn evangline huey-you Q1 .N 209 mas! cwperafilfc i p b Z' I r Wll7Sf L'l7llI'f6'l7llS y tl p donald gri ffl f E COO El' bas! personality s1zaHY NEC? S U N D A deborah allen robert thompson U' .M A best dressed AN J. R' il! '36 I lrlix' ' is .". Q' lyfgsfr-X 413, F ' Q K f Y f K., daniel ,oena pam hill Y my flzv rrzrzgrzwccuf seven pull flzraugh ll full year af service -sw'---. f i .h,,- wigs these staff members gave a full year of service for this edition of the green b. they are: daniel pena, driving, with janice stephens, frankie graves, mildred irvin lsittingl and sharon gay, paula lehr, and diana tejada, standing. 1 1 2 .V lyra ' ffl - ii r -R Q' K H 1 mildred irvin janice stephens paula lehr co-editor editor czreditor one year one year one year mrs. helen drake sp onsor - 'i paul vasquez ,mv linda whi te pho tographer one semester D178 semester in . it gloria kirvin sharon Q y frankie graves gloria gamez one semester one year one year one semester Q . jar, mafgan - fgf sjf - " ricky escamilla one semester I ,3. fj. QQ? Q Pl70f09fHDl79f to find a theme that is symbolic of e spirit of tech is the first challenge f the annual staff. with this com- leted, the real work begins. the staff alize that is is their responsibility to ake a history of this year at tech and work long hours to achieve this urpose. it isn't always easy. there are oments when everyone wonders if it possibly worth the effort. there are e gripes of the students leveryone ems to know better than the staff ow to do l'tl, the disfavor of the achers when l't becomes necessary to - one semester fr N g. daniel pena diana tejada one year one year martha dunnam one semester be out of class and the disfavor of the sponsor when layouts aren't on time. after many tearful, sometimes anger filled moments, the book is finished. next come the weeks of anxious wait- ing. will it look like it was intended to look? most important of all, will the students like it? when the books ar- rive, will the students say "thanks for a fob well done?" then all the work wl'll become a pleasant memory. it will be a year long remembered by each member of the staff 5 W? ,J ,f,-. tara,-W W E ,... Q2 HWY' T M ,Q . ,W ,,,...-wave ,W-ww' AA, Jf"""5 6 en abalos, 171 abeth aceves, 84, 90 orah allen, 72, 75, 76, 89, 90, 00 nny alvarez, 90 id w. amos rion antone, 68, 84, 90 ristine arango, 90 ry arelland, 90 nthia arnold, 66, 90 ie arriaga, 90, 770, 771 mond arriga, 90 verly ausbie, 88, 90 ly avina, 90 na ayala, 77, 84, 90 b nald bailey, 90 ha baker, 90 tricia barlow, 79, 90 nny barnes, 97 vid barrientes, 97 o barron, 97 ry beaver, 97 hard beiil ph benavides, 97, 204 arlie benson, 97 rlos bermejo, 72 nry bermejo ndra bermejo, 97, 100 ronica bill, 24, 65, 72, 91 irley birch, 91, 82 mingo borjas, 97 sia bawman, 91 nry bradley nya bradley, 91 ren brink, 91 tty brown, 91 lvin brown wel brown, 91 hn brown, 91 thur brooks, 97 rti buckner, 91 rry buford, 32, 79, 97, 99 la burks, 91 C sie cabral, 92 ichael chase, 92 resa camacho, 92 thy campas, 84, 92, 201 aria carboni, 86, 87 e carranza, 87, 92 bbie carrillo, 92 lvia castellon, 92 arrice castillo, 92 thy castillo, 92 oria castillo, 84, 92 ren cavender, 92 ymond clayborn, 92, 754, 155 leria clayton, 92 nthia elements, 92 icia colman, 92, 161 borah colwell, 83, 92 yrtle cooper, 92, 100, 152, 753, 161, 199, bert cartez, 72, 89, 92, 755, 793 ckie craig, 92 onna crugar, 93 vid cuellar, 72, 93 ristine curiel, 93 ester czajkowski, 93 d everly da vis, 7 7, 93 atricia dean, 93 wel dixon, 93, 189 avis donaho, 84, 93, 786 cky dukes, 93 ary dunlap, 93 artha dunnam, 65, 93 e ike eddleman, 93 eatries edwards, 73, 74, 93 'cardo escamilla, 93 ynthia evans, 74, 94 f senior irzrlcxf rickey fillmore, 93, 188 ernest flores, 94 rachel flores robert flores, 94, 201, 204 sammy flores, 72, 94 sammy flores, 94 san tos flores, 23 norman foster, 84, 94, 206 9 gloria gamez, 94 angelita garcia, 68, 73, 84, 94 anna garcia, 94 annie garcia, 94 da vid garcia, 94 dianna garcia, 94 gloria garcia, 84, 88, 94 johnny garner, 94 martha garre tt, 94 cheryl gay, 88 94, 206 sharon gay, 75, 89, 94, 207 bobby gentry, 94 shelia gen try, 95 jimmy glenn, 65, 95 208 tony gomez, 95 albert gonzales, 95 george gonzales, 95 juanita gonzales, 95 ralph gonzales, 95 el vira granado, 69, 95, 188 frankie graves, 68, 84, 95, 700, 179 ruby green, 96 donald griffin, 17, 79, 66, 95, 799 larry griffith, 95 debbie grigsby, 95 arthur guadarrama, 95 david guajardo, 95 joseph gullett, 19, 21, 95 elmer guydin, 95, 754, 155, 157 h vicki hagen, 96 teresa hair, 79. 65, 66, 76, 77, 89, 96, 108, 752, 153, 193, 202, 204, leonard hall, 154, 156, 765 victor hambrick, 84, 95, 756 freddie hamilton, 96 suzanne hare, 66, 77, 96, 788 evonda harless, 96, 79 donald harris, 84, 96 linda hastings, 96 russel haynes, 96, 789 peggy hearne, 87 robert hedgepeth, 79, 20, 23, 24, 96, 189 debra henderson, 96 gloria hernandez, 88, 97 sally hernandez, 97 nancy hernandez, 97 luis herrera, 97 maurice herrera, 154, 156 cindy hester, 97 pamela hill, 71, 95, 97 sharon hill, 19, 97, 779 faye holder, 23, 97 dale holland, 97 kenneth holland, 23, 97 billy holliday, 78, 79, 66, 68 72, 76, 77, 97, 99 jannitt holmes, 32, 79, 88, 97 pamela holmes, 97 angelina howard, 97, 752, 753 houston ho well, 97 evangeline huey you, 84, 88, 98, 779, 204 paulette hyman, 98 roy ince, 98, 786, 202 mildred irvin, 27, 76, 98, 274 i andrewjackson, 84, 98, 764, 167 ella jackson, 98 ronnie jackson, 164 wanda jackson, 98 mary jalomo, 98 luerine jeffery, 98 andre jenkins, 69, 79, 113 jimmy jenkins, 67, 68, 74, 98 alice johnson, 98 jean johnson, 98 john johnson, 98 iohnnv johnson, 30, 98, 764, 755 deryljones,98, 154, 757 jeffery jones, 84, 86, 98, 170, 773 lehman jones, 98, 754, 157 sharon jones, 66, 76, 77, 98, 700, 779, 788 vincent jones, 23, 98 k scott kaether, 99 kathlene kafka, 99 james kennedy, 99 evelyn kimbell, 99 adrian kindles, 79, 99 glenda king, 99 john king, 99 david kirtley, 99 scott kirtley, 96 debbie kelley gloria kirvin, 21 ronny land, 19, 99, 188, 202, 204 barbara lane, 84, 700 david lang, 20, 65, 66, 67, 68, 76, 84, 89, 700, 786, 207 gilbert latigo, 99, 700 stephen lavvson, 700 valerie ledoux, 88, 700 elizabeth lee, 700 paula lehr, 20, 27, 65, 76, 89, 95, 700, 214 bibiana lohmer, 65, 66, 76, 77, 89, 100, 179, 203, 204 haroldloftis, 100 frank lopez, 17, 65, 700 paul lopez, 700 terri lovelace, 707 frank lucio, 101 donna lutker, 101 IT! vicki madewell, 76, 107, 200 bill mann, 107 marvin malone, 701 michael marsh, 107 lawrence martin, 107 sharon martin, 701 patricia martinez, 701 rebecca martinez, 88, 701 sandra martinez, 107 evelyn mathews gregory mata, 101 charley mcadoo, 101, 754, 758, 187 raymond medrano, 102 wilfred meeks, 702 rose mendez, 102 fransica mendoza, 702 mary mendoza, 18, 79, 74, 75, 86, 102 ruben mendoza, 72 102, 205 robert mendoza, 12, 100 maria milan, 23, 72, 702 garry miller, 702 pamela miller, 102 paula miller, 77, 79, 88, 99, 702 dana milling, 192 mary monralvo, 702 elliott mon tgomery, 702 jan morgan, 19, 75, 89 juan moreno, 702 david morgan, 102 esther moron, 702 janice morris, 84, 102, 205 vicki moss, 87, 102, 179 james muncy, 102 anita munoz, 68, 700 mary musgrave, 700 I1 lawrence neal, 87, 100 joey nelson, 68 larry nobles, 100 maria nunez, 100 o luis olague, 100 ,va-tvs... 9 -in - urns-5,7 vom mary orrick, 700 richard ortegon, 100 gilbert ortiz, 700 johnny overton, 788 P william paine, 700 preston payton, 700, 745, 167 cecilia pena, 704 daniel pena, 79, 27, 26, 65, 84, 90, 104, 207, 203 elizabeth perez, 794, 204 michela perez, 704 paula pitts, 704 eva partalez, 72, 83, 88, 788, 794 david potter, 704 alice powell, 104 joe prescott, 704 leslie price, 88, 104 CI carlos quijas, 706 Y bea tris ramirez, 705 juani ta ramirez, 72, 84, 105 maria ramos, 705 nancy ramos, 24, 72, 705 beatrice rangel, 105 yolanda renteria, 105 rosie reyes, 104 lee rhodes, 705, 754, 758 rose richardson, 705 yolanda riojas, 77, 705 evangelin rios, 24, 72, 74, 84, 105, 709, 152, 753, 201 cathy ri tter, 83 robert rivera 705 steve robards, 6 7, 68, 72, 83, 105 alice roberts, 705 duane roberts, 105 eva rodela, 66, 84, 706 rosalinda rodela, 66, 67, 72, 76, 82, 83, 7 06 irene rodriguez, 706 john rodriquez, 706 louis rodriguez, 106, 754 nina rodriguez, 706 maria rosales, 106 ernest rosalez, 72 virginia rosalez, 71, 706 marcella ruiz, 7 06 lee rhodes, 793 S daniel sanez, 706 olga sanez, 95, 706, 752 daniel salgado, 706 loretta sanchez, 706 rosa sapien, 106 daniel sides, 84, 706, 770, 773 oscar sims, 79, 72 james simpson, 19, 27, 84 cecelia smith, 97, 23, 69 lonnie snell, 7 06 janice stephens, 21, 34, 93, 274 alphonso stunstle, 764, 765, major swanson, 700 tommy swanson, 100 dick stebbins, 23 I edward taylor, 764, 765, 766, 767 kathleen taylor, 86, 88 beverly tims, 69 robert thompson, 754, 755, 758 cecil tinney, 74, 85 frank torres, 708 david tover, 708, 754, 758, 770 jack triplett, 108 janet tubbs, 108 U arthur urban, 755, 160 V yolanda valenciano, 67, 68, 708 carlos vasquez, 708 elizabeth vasquez, 108 paul vasques, 700, 708, 773, 780 jose vega, 708 rosilinda vega, 108 sofia velasquez, 72, 74, 76, 77 100, 108 randy vines, 708 W arthur wade, 108 N frank washington, 154, 759 Cynthia ward, 708 leroy watson, 708 dan west, 709, 754, 759 stephen west, 109 lawrence wheaton, 754, 759 linda white, 76, 92, 95, 100, 709 samatha white, 709 sandra wilburn, 208 marietta williams, 109 pearlie williams, 109 leroy wilson, 709, 154, 755, 760, 204 mary wilson, 709 randolph wilson, 79, 23, 709 sandra wilburn, 72, 76 V vvanda young, 709 Z arturo zavala, 109 joe zavala, 700, 109, 154, 760 junior irzrlcr a debra adkins, 773 luther alexander, 773, 154, 755 james alvarez, 7 13 b john bailey, 773, 754, 755, 758, 769 john banks, 67, 84, 173 michael baosley, 773 dorthy barron, 7 73 mayme benitez, 173 norma bernal, 74, 173 sylvia bernal, 7 73 noemi bermudez, 1 73 gloria bill, 713 loetta bowman, 76 gary bouo, 7 73 james brantley, 713 virginia briones, 88 sylvia brock, 20, 74, 75 frank burnat, 78, 79, 20, 76 C john calva, 72, 74 annie camacho, 720 connie camacho, 773 brindle canyon, 76, 779 robert cantu, 66 7 70, 200 beverly carter, 7 73 debra carter, 713 johnny collins, 87 mary cooper, 75, 779 rodney cruz, 7 73 d larry dennis, 84 ruby dozier, 73, 774 9 gregoria elizondo, 174 isaac espinosa, 774 mike easterday, 67, 68, 84, 727, 125 claude everman, 7 76 f mike felkner, 774 randolph ferguson, 754, 156 linda filadelfia, 66 enrique flores, 7 74 leticia flores, 78, 79 phillip ford, 174, 769 william ford, 774 donna foster, 174 evelyn franklin, 88 9 molly gamez, 66, 72, 76, 714 danny garcia, 774 felix garcia, 7 6, 1 74 alex garcia, 727 barry goss, 715, 764, 165, 767 gerald greener, 774 terry greear, 7 74 randy greener, 7 74 william griggs, 17 4 laura guzman, 71, 88 h debra hall, 76, 84 delores hall, 7 14 cecilia hammonds, 774 kathy hampton, 774, 779 kenneth harrison, 174 brenda hearne, 86, 87, 774 delbert hember, 114 donald henderson, 7 74 doris henderson, 88 christine hernandez, 7 74 cyn thia hernandez, 774 josetta hernandez, 68, 72, 82, 1 74 pat hernandez, 88 reuben hernandez, 774 marilyn herod, 88, 174 barbara herrera, 7 14, 752, 798 conrad herrera, 7 75, 770, 772, 780, 787 gilbert herrera, 7 75, 200 cheryl herron, 775, 779 twjia higgins, 775 william higgins, 775 ruby holmes, 175, 179 labreda horton, 84 alexis howard, 715 debbie hughes, 715 dianna humphrey, 775 carolyn ilofii 775 ronnie iloff, 775 margie ingrarn, 74, 76 robert irick, 175 nelson irvin, 775, 754, 756 i davidjackson, 175 frances jackson, 7 75 jose jaquiz, 7 75 cynthia jenkins, 73, 175, 779 billyjohnson, 775 charles johnson, 775, 754, 757 james johnson, 775, 754, 757 tiddie johnson, 775 cassandra jones, 715 davejones, 775, 764, 766 theresa jones, 775 willie jones, 776, 769 isreal juarez, 7 76 k kathy kafka, 776 billy kulman, 7 76 karen lano, 176' artis lang, 776 brenda lang, 67, 88, 173, 200 jose lara, 7 76 marilyn law, 176 david lehr, 776 star livingston, 776 jerry locketL 754, 758, 798 kathryn loftis, 776 beth lohmer, 77, 66, 67, 716 robert longoria, 87, 776 becky lopez, 752, 753 connie lopez, 776 karen lutz, 776 IT1 joane marchionie, 76, 777, 783 gary maddox, 717 elsa martinez, 88, 776, 777 teri martinez, 7 77 yolanda matamoros 74, 7 77 homer matlock, 7 77 jessica mcadoo, 776 don mcanulty, 86, 776 barbara mcbride, 66, 76, 116 cheryl mcfarlin, 176 dennis mcfarlin, 66, 74, 776 joe mcin tosh, 85, 7 76 janice mckinney, 82, 776 jerry mcmahon, 176 carmen mejia, 177 gloria mendoza, 86, 1 77 cathy miller, 777 john miller, 777 rex minaroj 7 77 jerrie mitchell, 7 77 martha rnolina, 177 glen monasco, 777 victoria montelongo, 7 7 7 glen moreland 717 andy moreno, 777, 770, 772 da morgan, 777 rge morris, 1 17 ert morgan, 717 chael morgan, 777 I1 rge nea ves, 7 7 7 O ry olaque, 87 se ortega, 177 rlie owens, 67, 717 ggy owens, 179 P pabon, 74, 717 tha pardue, 717 ly perez, 770, 772 ddie perez, 65, 770, 777 onneperez, 77, 777, 778 'sperry, 777, 146, 166 n peterson, 117 tty pfannstiel, 71, 82, 118 ia portales, 127 iporter, 88 ra porter, 118 dy powell, 82, 118 ice powell, 178 nneth proce, 718 kiproctor, 66, 68, 76, 710, 118 Q equintanar, 17, 118, 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bennett, 122 anthony benso, 722 melinda bermejo, 722 harold biglow, 122 douglas, billiot, 122 robert black, 122 steve bowles, 123 raymond bradley, 123 othn bridges, 723 stephanie brink, 723 m. c. brister, 723 bill brooks, 123 jeannie brown, 183 teressa burrell, 123 C loretta calendar, 87 hope camacho, 723 gilbert campos, 723 penny cano, 123 darrell can trell, 123 debbie carlson, 123 gracie carrisales, 123 viola carter, 123 ernest cary, 123 rita casarez, 123 mario castellon, 123 michael castillo, 723 nick castillo, 723 janet causey, 123 joe ceja, 123 geraldine ceruantez, 723 rosalinda chavarria, 124 cynthia chavez, 724 cindy chazarreta, 124 print clark, 724 gain collins, 67, 68, 82, 724 daniel contreras, 124 john cooper, 86, 87, 724 rodney cooper, 124 juanita cordova, 124 amando cortez, 170, 177 bermarda cortez, 724 cathy couch, 124 cathy curry, 7 24 joanne cutler, 87 d alva delgado, 724 karen demmings, 724 amalia dennis, 124 delarez derden, 724 cheryl dewveall, 124 pat dixon, 124 ricky dixon, 724 linda dodd, 125 michael dominguez, 125 debora donnell, 725, 779 danny dunlap, 725 9 ka thy earvvood, 725 john edwards, 125 connie elizondo, 725 debora english, 725 richard espinosa, 125 claudie everman, 125 gabriel rodriquez, 725 f david fenn, 725 alex flores, 725 maria fontecchio, 125 velma foster, 125, 179 russell fox, 125 randy franklin, 725 9 eddie galindo, 125 linda gamez, 725 alex garcia, 725, 795 frank garcia, 725 linda garcia, 725 judy garza, 725 ricky giles, 725 clara gomez, 726 alex gonzalez, 126 mary gonzales, 126 richard gonzales, 726 sylvia granado, 68 darrell grober, 126 maryann guerreo, 126 h joe haley, 726 david hare, 726 shelia harless, 67, 726 james harmon, 726 aaron hendrick, 726 cama henson, 726 cyndy herbert, 82, 126 alicie hernandez, 126 irene hernandez, 126 olga hernandez, 726 sylvia hernandez, 65, 726 jeanne herrin, 726 sherilyn hester, 726 linda higgins, 726 vera hodge, 126 labrenda horton, 726 karlan howell, 783 carl howell, 726 ricky higgins, 727 jimmy huffman, 727 daylin huffstetler, 82, 727 dora humphrey, 727 carolyn hunt, 68, 127 donna hunter, 127 felicia h yman, 727 i jeffery james 727 linda johnson, 127 sharon johnson, 75, 127 alicia jones, 127 k carolyn kelley, 727 jay king, 727 paulkomisarz, 127 derby kuhn, 127 jacki lee, 127 raymond lee, 127 sharon lee, 127 tresa lee, 127 terri lightfoot, 727 calvin lincoln, 727 micaela lopez, 127, 727 ross lyons, 727 fn juelya madden, 128 reginald maddox, 128 charles madglina, 728 sandra manning, 728 larry markum, 128 toni mars, 728 richard martinez, 128 thomas martinez, 728 paralee mason, 728 delia, mata, 128 delia, mata, 128 vincent matamoros, 728 shirley mays, 75, 128 carl mcbride, 728 steve mcguire, 128 laurita medlock, 728 alfred mendoza, 128 75, 728 margaret miller, 128 donna minard, 128 alice mindieta, 729 gloria montalvo, 729 john montalvo, 729 benita moreno, 86, 729 carlos moreno, 170, 172 joe moron, 729 larry moore, 729 connie morris, 65, 729 patricia moss, 129 F1 benny nail, 129, 769 joey nelson, 729 karen norwood, 129, 162 0 benny obregon, 129 pat obregon, 75, 729 robert obregon, 129 jacki oliver, 129 richard olsin, 85, 729 virginia owens, 129 willette owens, 129 elma ortiz, 729 P edward mercado, 65, 67, 68, 74, 9 judy pack, 729 brenda parkham, 729 bobby parker, 7 29 billy perez, 129 delia perez, 730 thomas perez, 730 glen Wood peterson, 730, 769 gay phemister, 740 lydia portalez, 67, 730 jessie powell, 730 lee powell, 730 mary powell, 730 debra preston, 730 roger pribble, 730 q eliberyo quinonez, 730 anita quin tero, 740 maria quintero, 740 I' barney raines, 730 ramona raines, 74, 730 josie ramirez, 730 sylvia ramirez, 730 Willie ramirez, 730 robert ramos, 730 sandra ramos, 24, 72, 730 gaudulupe rangel, 730 daniel raye, 737 peggy reese, 737 liz resendez, 737 anthony reyes, 737 stephanie robards, 86, 8Z 73 7, 795 diane roberts, 87 james robertson, 737 michael robinson, 737 nancy robinson, 85, 73 7, 762 mary rodela, 737 gabriel rodriquez, 737 Isaac rodriquez, 737 rosemary rodrlouez, 737 sonia rodriquez, 737 yolanda rodriquez, 737 alfred rogers, 737, 764 larry roland, 73 7, 767, 770 angelita rosas, 737 elizabeth rosas, 737 teresa rose, 737 S stella sanez, 737 jimmy sanez, 87, 737 mary sanchez, 737 steve sanchez, 737 gerand sanders, 737 david scherrer, 732 michael schmitt, 732 ina sheehan, 86 christopher shelby, 732, 764 david shelby, 732 darlene sims, 67, 68 david singer, 732 dovie smith, 732 james smith, 7 32 patricia smith, 732 joel sneed, 732 patricia south, 732 victor sparks, 732 sherley spars, 732 michael speed, 732 gregory spencer, 732 tlarlene stars, 732 kittie stoy, 732 phyllis strong, 65, 75 david studer, 732 brenda summitt, 732 linda summitt, 732 rafael surite, 732, 770, 773 james swanner, 732 t sharon tarkington, 783 rayford taylor, 732 rose tejada, 733 donna thomas 733 janney thomas, 733 nettie thompson, 733 762 terry thompson, 733 jerry tinney, 733 darline toles, 75, 733 cathrine toombs, 733 ester trevino, 733 mario trujillo, 733 V maria valdez, 733 susie valenciano, 733, 762 victoria velasquez, 67, 72, 75, 724, 733 catherine villegas, 733 W marcella warren, 733 james washington, 733 gary Watters, 733 gwendolyn wells, 733 christopher wesley, 733 michael white, 734 paula white, 86, 734 gary wilcoxson, 734 danny williams, 734 derman williams, 734 evelyn williams, 734 gordon williams, 734 jerry williams, 734 jodie williams, 734, 754, 760 sabrina williams, 65, 734 sammie willis, 734 joe wilson, 734 karin wilson, 734 ila wood, 734 marion wood, 734 tina Woodard, 734 randy wright, 734 Y sallie youngblood 734 freshman lurid! 3 anthony adams, 736 johnetta adams, 736 dennis adair, 77 7 jimmy agee, 736 randy aguilar, 736, 770, 777, 772 rosanna aleman, 736 john allen, 736 cynthia alonzo, 736 charlreace aldridge, 75, 736 helen alvarez, 7 36 jeanne alvarez, 68, 75, 79, 736 joanne alvarez, 73, 74 reginaild armstrong, 736 maria arreguin, 779, 783 adam arriaga, 736 alice arriga, 736 ruben arriaga, 736, 763 shelia arterberry, 79, 736 ralph auvenshine, 736 louis ayala, 780, 787 ronnie ayala, 736 b damus bacon, 736 melinda bainbridge, 736 charles baltygar, 73, 736 rosemary barajas, 7 36 merced barela, 736 billie bates, 7 36 anthony bell, 736 chester bell, 737 paulbell, 737 althea bennett, 737 juan bermeja, 737 michael bermeja, 737 doral bernal, 737 yolandbernal. 737 oscar bill, 732 797 elfere billot, 737 fred billiot, 737 rudy blancarte, 737 tony barja, 737 timothy boyd, 737 anthony branch, 737 michael brewer, 737 vicki brester, 737 gary brimer, 68, 723, 763, pamela brown, 737 chester bell, 737 tim brown, 737 jeffery brown, 797 joann browner, 737 velinda browner, 737 claud burks, 737 claudine burks, 737 ronald burrell, 737 veronica butler, 737 brenda byars, 737 james bynum, 737 lawrence byrd 737 C rochard cabellos, 737 joe cabral, 737 lupe cabral, 737 danny calva, 75 737 ester calva, 735, 737 jacob canada, 737 norma cano, 737 johnny cantu, 737 sally cantu, 738 maria carboni, 86 barbara carouthers, 738 rebecca carpenter, 73, 738 carolyn carrillo, 738 phillip carter, 738 796 verna carter, 738 jimmy castillo, 738 patricia castillo, 65, 75, 79, 738 robert castillo, 738 donna cavin, 738 deola cerna, 738 lynn childress, 738 sherry christopher, 738 michael cieminshi, 738 david clark, 738 kevin clark, 763 leslie coburn, 738 freddie coleman, 738 763 peye contreras, 738 bobby coonfield. 738 geanetta cooper, 75 735, 738, jackie cooper, 738 edward cravin, 738 geraldcrear, 738, 739 mark crear, 738, 739 stephen crear, 738, 739 ricky cruz, 86 floyd cunningham, 738 lorenzo cunningham, 738 marsha cunningham, 738 george currin, 738 henry cysples, 738 d edward daniels, 736, 739 diane davis, 73, 739 mary de la cruz, 65 j. c. demps, 739 lucinda dewberry, 739 judith diaz, 739 debra dobbs, 739 charles dobbs, 739 joann dobbs, 739 michael doncan, 739 9 virginia edwards, 73, 74, 75 79, 739 melvin elder, 739 della earnhart, 739 kathryn earnhart, 739 richard elizondo, 739 bill elrod, 739 darell erwin, 739 f mart fabila, 739 james faulknor, 739 sandra farr, 739 walter fields, 7 39 phillip fife, 73.9 rhonda flemmings, 739 -1 bv, 'N xiii, W'v-Q 'Y the ofhce of student body presi- is very time consuming. it re- a very special kind of student--- pena is this special kind. his have been many and varied. all a special talent in handling. probably the foremost qualities daniel possesses that fit him for the job are tact and a sense of humor. for his untiring leadership the year- book staff wishes to say along with the students and faculty "thanks" for a job well done. 6 those who awe! who's who represents a very select group of students - these are the people who have worked four years to maintain a high average in all sub- jects, and at the same time excel in one special area. they represent the best in trimble tech. ma thema tics ro y ince social studies travis donaho english da vid lang landa flores, 139 ia flores, 739 9 Iva pdlin, 139 ria garcia, 739 h garcia, 139 'ky garrett, 13.9 rtencia 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Suggestions in the Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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