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 - Class of 1970

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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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. N ESR k QE CN Q , H9550 ' wpie?ff1ff f52 JW Xlqffgvvggvfj X 1 R :51 if Sw if . ,,,, , ,, ' . H, ,- ' . '.. wfm4 ? Mfiffaff ,017 jf, JJ-,jaw A 1 X. GREEN BTRIMBLE TEC!-INICA 1003 vv. CANNON FORT WORTH, TEXAS VOLLJM 0 7 Q9 SPO f LD IIEE HIFI II Lu I f I IIIIW Ja FI? L HIGH SCHCDOI. E XVII . if II-mL-J I 5 E W , INYI1 I I' I- fx g f I I "The Windmills n . I '1 'I 9 9 " , 'ffo ff? A5100 ' 9,0 IQ' fo ', 6' Q 0.0 '. f'.'o W S L 'yo' P' n A S' ' fl. r 4 'lf' -' l'v ':" i ., ,f. ll f 0 Q2 ig 4 '. gn ', 1 '. 1 , 1, , Q' on '. Q3 T 'Q I '. X v Q Q '4 . 'v QS .. o, , .. ff ' '49- . , , - g s',' Q : I lg l-::2S2-'-1:ET'-I-:2:::-- 1 . x l , " X xl-ilmlij I .r' ,X . ,.,..-n-s- "IF-1" .- n 1 VUFQU-rn! 'I '5 - ,.1. -- When messages you write because you,lost your unknown friend, When the ocean becomes thirsty from the salt within its tear, And the forest becomes blackened as the flames begin to sear, Like a tumbleweed when tumbling with its roots tied to the ground, 6 And the windmill keeps on turning oiled by secrets that it's found, Like asnowflake when it's falling on its way it disappears, And a fountain keeps on flowing on its fast rotating gears, Of Time" by Ann Shugart Trimble Technical High Senior 1970 The windmill is a symbol of the moments that are lost, A hiding place for precious things which part of life has cost, Relentlessly it runs its course while curving through a sphere, To catch within its web-like trap all malice wrought through fear, To reach a wisp of happiness while searching A throughout space, And cause a drop of joy to fall on each remorseful face, Like branches of a barren tree while A Waving to the wind, Like a ring with no beginning and a line that has no end, When a grain of sand upon the beach ' proposed a different trend, . Like the melodies of robins when the twilight's born anew, For the windmill is a symbol of everything that Was, Like a turning wheel within itself expresses what one does, It expresses life as time, and time as life reversed, For both are never ending as they span this universe. And the blossom of each orchid's gently kissed by morning's dew, Like the chiming of a silver bell proclaiming someone's promise or fate, And a twinkle on a starlit night helps one to speculate, Like the candle beckons gently 'neath a halo made of gold, When the thunder on a stormy night ' profoundly leads the cold, Like a dark and lonely figure on a half-deserted street, When it seeks a like companion that will make its life complete, 9 A W--5 9 Q 1 I I Xilil nr- f 'r 9 Z .0 0 'fo Q fo 0 0 10.0.9 QS lo 9 , 0 14 O O , 9, f.,.s.o 'Q I ,Q O 0 o 9 0 O Y, 1 , , . , if ll "O lx , .., N 5,9 X 'pm i I' 'vmzfgt ,Sa 1 l il ' ' 9. 4. - o o 400. ox. 'Q I 'Q 5 4 Q o . .",' 0 'Q 33, 4,1 4 'J- Q' W '1 'l:::2!:-':'-7-lEES::L::g- xxx' s','i"',',! me ELL 11 ffl, W, 1 1 ,,..-vs-- Nfl'- ' T J, u ,.--no 9-ng-....,. ,.vv "iv" Wganniu . .4.. :... .,,... lil! i i -- ' l : 2 i M m . 1'ffff'1' ' M , 1, .. 4., ., 1 'l Q 3 3 only 1575 G' i i As A Windmill Keeps Cn e So Likewise Does A School Keep :QE il -' mx gm l x.Qm W l 1 ,qi ..,,..a 1955 2 sl . , a ,K nz , , x In ess" : Q? 1 ' 'Ni K r 1970 kj? -fsgg ','- I rr r N E Mm mu w. r ' t qw r t A grep: jig. A I . gn - F X. F - V-'UM iw, mf t :ts ' ,J q x FX f f - Xi Turning Year After Year, e ,SMG Turning Cut Students Era After Era L 5 F ,XL mann iid W I lllli As Growing Fields Depend On Windmills For Water, Young Minds Depend Cn Schools Fore Knowledge J -if l HH Htl' iii? S35 ' L11-.Au-"4 'i"i.L,- K. 1 wifi? Q' 5 2 I' ' f. . Q 4 ,..... Xxx? wr "lr 1 Q flip? Annual Dedicated To Mr. J.F. Anderson And Mrs. Ruth Thompson The annual staff was faced with a difficult decision when it came time to dedicate the 1970 yearbook. Two highly respected individuals, both counselors with many years of service at Tech, decided to retire this year. After many hours of trying to select only one person for the dedication, the staff finally concluded that it would be impossible and unjust to choose only one. So with great pride, the staff selected both Mrs. Ruth Thomp- son and Mr. J. F. Anderson to share this honor. Mr. Anderson, our sophomore coun- selor this year, became a member of the Tech faculty in 1946 as a history teacher, Mrs. Thompson, our senior counselor, came to Tech in 1952 as a business teacher. Both individuals have contributed much to the success of this school. We shall all greatly miss them. Table Of Contents Introduction . . . page 2 Dedication . . . page 7 Administrators . . . page 10 Principal And Gffice Personnel . . .8 page 12 A q ' Faculty And l Curriculum page 18 Clubsl . . page 56 Sports . . . page 88 Students . . . page 118 Features . P. . page 244 Honors And Personalities . . . page 270 9 UMW - 1 X l 1 .W .. Zn-ji 'Q BOARD OF EDUCATION members are: fleft to rightj Mrs. Carey Snyder, The Reverend John Leatherbury, Mr. Bill Elliott, Mr Lloyd Turner, Mr. Jim Harris, Mr. Green B. Trimble, and Mr. Bobby Bruner. -5, - X l i MR. JULIUS TRUELSON Superintendent IF Gb K-an fig Q ' r M MRS. NANCY VICK Director of Secondary Instruction Fort Worth I-las A Dynamic Level Of Administration Q M Hf.':1"" Deputy Superintendent 'Yanni' DR. IVAN FITZWATER MR. FRANK KUDLATY MR, ROBERT MCABEE Director of High School Director of Vocational Administration Education MR. EUGENE HIGHTOWER Assistant Superintendent for Business MR. JAMES BAILEY MR. GERALD WARD Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent for Instruction for Administration ,mg .WML . L MR. MIKE PALMER MISS LUCY MCROBERTS Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Vice-Principals And Co-ordinator Maintain Stability MR. J. D. COOPER MR. WADE HEARN Vice-Principal Co-ordinator-Vocational Liaison and Placement Office Workers Aid Both Faculty And MRS. EVELYN MAIN Secretary and Bookkeeper Efficiency, geniality, personality, promptness, accurateness, humor, and many other characteristics are in- volved in making anything successful. These qualities are fulfilled by our office Workers here at Tech. These MRs. PEGGY MILLER VIP S feed to the b00kkeeP1ng,.c1'?f1' MISS WILLIE MAE JENKINS Secretary to principal cal practices, and all other details 1n- volved In successful management. Mrs. Peggy Miller is the key to the smooth operation of the principal's office. She answers questions, solves problems, and is the inspiration of Tech High. Secretary and Registrar ONE OF THE many duties Mrs. Main has is to count money for the different departments. MRS. MILLER TYPES a letter for Mr. O'Connor. Students In Operating Tech Efficiently MRS. MARY SHELTON Attendance Clerk if i MRS. SHELTON COUNTS the num- ber of absentees there are on a cold day. MRS. SYDNEY NEWLAND Nurse , This year, with the addition of the Freshman Class to Tech, the attend- ance clerks have been given more work. Although the load is heavy, everything is kept in smooth running order. Whenever students are ill or hurt, the nurse always takes care of their pains. She is friendly, co-operative, and understanding, which is very import- ant in the aiding of students. MRS. GLENNY SITTON Attendance Clerk NURSE MRS. NEWLAND analyzes a problem a student has come to her with MRS. BOBBIE L. HALEY MRS. NELL STEWART Librarian Library Clerk University of Texas, Austin Teen-Age Library Association MANY REFERENCE MATERIALS are used by the students in the library. Tranquility Found In Study Halls Arid Library VIRGINIA CARPENTER and fellow classmates are very eager to finish their reports. The library of Tech is a major source of learning for the students in the school. It is filled with any infomation that needs to be knowng and Whenever a Tech student is in doubt about something, he can always go there. MRS. ALGAREE JACKSON MRS. HAZEL SHOEMAKER Study Hall Study Hall Bishop College Tarrant County Junior College MR. J. F. ANDERSON Sophomore Counselor , -N' Q 3 Q si. ini ik . i 4 i I in Students Are Assisted In Making Future Plans By Counselors MRS. RUTH THOMPSON Senior Counselor Tech's counselors had an even more difficult task facing them when they returned to school at the start of this year-the ninth grade had been moved to senior high. Such a move meant that our four counselors would now have to guide four grade levels of students instead of three, as in the past. Facing the situation with patience and under- standing, our counselors managed to boost the sinking spirits of many stu- dents who had schedule problems and needed program changes. MRS. BIRDIE ELDER Freshman Counselor MRS. ELECTA LOWERY Secretary 'TQ M. MR, R, L, HAMPTON MR. HAMPTON MAKES out a program for one Junior Counselor of the many students who need schedule adjustments at the start of the year. x -1 A 1 1 , mn K L f f I A- A-v mu K- S -fm ffwfgfxywfv' W -vs 5357?-w' "WYWs""2a"x- " 'vafgy'-A""'i ""mF'1'D- fm--wwf'-1-Aw--vy:5'1g1wy,w ?f-:T-i1125.Ci-5?5S:iG1:.TfL5'53?4iE15i45filijf,-'.Q.,,jv5fQ??5Ziii19'.i n-iii:-25,14 LQBFI.,-LM '-1-QT .- , ,1.,-,f:i5IJi"'?2j:-MZ"'f -.511 Y' i-2F5'5???'5E?iX?2?i 3'-'e"?F5'Hh 1544 '?:?'eiM-:fi-Lq5?5 -'iv AIN 5? 2255?-L-ffiff 22., .- .L.-,,-A .u,-,,Q:.- -,-.m.1,, 1 .V --:,::Qs-.Am --A .2--f,5v,,.'.m ,. -Q .,:.,N :'?g.-Vg... ,,.,.m,n - -.fs,,a.,f1. -if -5 W .4-Ummm.,-01,,-miwh , -1 -., 3- L.-,SY 1-,Q .M -, ,,-e f,fLcf.rfh, -ME-fwfqwgn-.egg-433. ,-L., HW... 42.5 1 ,Mgr - ,Q -, - ,., - , .3 A X , , ., ,f ,WEN . .. ,, . AW. . . Ky- rf, ,-.,:M,R.. , , ,,..1,x , -. 1 AW? , - . CQ.. Effie ,. sw .. .. M. --. A 3 - -fi, .. el 1-' ,wut 31. A fytq-H4513-':f.,+f,5:ff sf ff Mg -1-,QA-f --1-.51f?RfL2fE2703325-555' ii? 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W-T , H A , ,, f ' U A ,,f As, 1, 2 kb AW 1 .-MP SAP, ,ww-1Jw.,w 1, bm , M '-nrfw, xv' ,. -v"fL1212Q,-'-1'1?.'5D-HWS?iw'fTf'fz2a.':,+t-.wi.'f':'ffbw,a-vw--a3,N2:1iki1,-4:u": fi'3S?f:i4P?e'1h?f?5R'b'LVf9'i'fVfQfl'-:V 3 i '-iwrilf 1 J- W- . 1'f-P'-fwrdsfifwwfieisrw-1-114'. 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Am--5.31, hai ' me 'fi-QM-gf 3 gn24Qic1ff'1?Q2Qhm!"5':f1 wr ,,-'45 if K 1 . 1 .SZ .-I . 55 ,- v -3 V ' 1 X - E7 1 Xv1'f'f2:f-'sn -,rf'zz'w.'.-'-'wi-""fY"' r-'1f:m?x.5.3-Lqg .- as 221. ,QPj,:31.rgg12fNfsyf--img: ,.5,. ,.EY rm N ..-7 X-FA! .-JM M?-5 1 1 " -- f"f'::f3-.3""-." '45 +, '1 ima Vis 2- ,P " '?: "' 1341 J' P'i-1lxi"-ifitluf fv22w - Tv . ,L -. 'ww ,L 3 11 H-'-'WV-f ,'!' G- Y "- ' ..-, ' 1 fi-r'-gi 34,51 51' - nbflf' " ' , 3 'ui-in - -'Na Y. - H -- f ..-.-f --:---:wiv H ' :APS---ff: 1 f' .aa Z' 'Ni 'f f'T'g,-ffif. 4 syn 'rv 'x L, 1 ' 'N ' 3 , 5 4 A M, fp, F A Q R4 e U 'Q - L- '1. 1x -H5 - W by-2'.'l'.-fffwh 'egqi--g,ff"R-gg Qgkqwf'-4-,E-1-wrv, i41X3f:'-W-1'f4S"2 wwf 23.32 1 l a n Like branches of a barren tree while waving to the wind . . -"The Windmills Of T FACULTY AND CURRICULUM MRS. KAREN CALHOUN English Howard Payne College Freshman Class Sponsor MRS. MAUREEN BALDOCK MRS. ELAINE BEEMAN English English Texas Wesleyan College Texas Christian University ROTC, Voices of Literature 1 Ac 3 t 4? ll miss 'I Wg fav . .............-- .wwwi MISS VERNELLE CORN English University of Houston 1 :ww ...':. 7 -I -W ENJOYING AN AMUSING STORY are Mrs. Matkin and Charlene Hoover. ' .ki if-.M K A Q .S ff MRS. LEORA DEAN MRS. HELEN DRAKE MRS. LITA English English English Texas Christian University Howard Payne College Belmont College Chairman English Department Voices of Literature 20 i My V , kivr Fy l .. J 3 MRS. MARGO CLARK English Abilene Christian College MR. JERRY DAVENPORT English and Journalism University of Houston Annual and Newspaper MR. ISAAC HERNANDEZ Spanish Sul Ross State University Spanish Club MRS. JOANN JENKINS MRS. MELVA MATKIN MRS. JEANNE MIDDLETON MISS JO LU MOORE English-American History Texas Christian University Senior Class Sponsor English English Texas Wesleyan College Georgetown College Freshman Class Sponsor W an lil ii' X MRS. FAYE NEWTON English T. W. U. MRS. O'DELL COLLECTS money for the pictures made for the annual during the English class periods. The English De- partment handles the money for the picture sales. English-Speech T. C. U. MRS. KATHRYN O'DELL English T. C. U. Language And Writing Skills Are Taught ln English Classes MRS. SUE SIGMAN MRS. SENTELIUS SLIDER MRS. ELAINE SNIDER English English English University of Arkansas Bishop Lamar State College Senior Class Sponsor 'FK N, hw MRS. FAY STILSON English Texas Christian University MRS. ANN ALEXANDER MR. MILTON BOTTLINGER Math Texas Christian University F.T.A. MRS. VE LOIS CURLEY Math Lincoln University Junior Class Sponsor Math Texas Technological College MRS. NAN FULBRIGHT Math Langston University MRS. MERTIE BYRNE Math University of Texas MR. WILLIAM M. HARPER Math Texas Christian University Math Department Increases STUDENTS WHO ARE seeking an extensive study of math are instructed by Mrs. Ann Alexander. Mathematics is a basic part of everyday living, whether it be looking at numbers on the face of a watch or counting out money to pay the grocery clerk. Since so much of our lives is centered around fig- ures, it is most important that we know how to use figures properly. T e c h n i c a 1 offers many beneficial math courses, including algebra, trigonome- try, related math, and elemen- tary analysis. MR. LOWE LE ACH Math Texas Wesleyan College MR. LUTHER E. MCNATT Math Texas Wesleyan College MRS. EMILY WROTEN Math Texas Christian University Students' Reasoning Abilities MR. WAYNE WILCOX Math Oklahoma Baptist University Sftgstfs ZZ it he ici "WHAT KIND OF angle is this?" Bessie Madkin asks Mr. Wilcox. DR. VIRGINIA AMOS History Texas Christian University MISS BEVERLY BIGGS History Texas Tech Cheerleaders, FTA MR. THERON BYRD Government Texas Wesleyan College MRS. FAY CHATM AS History Texas Christian University ". . . and to the Republic for which it stands . . ." Much knowledge is yet to be gained about our country and others through history classes. In order to prepare ourselves as the new leaders of this nation, we must leam about different aspects of history. Studying what others did in the past better enables us to create our own history for future generations. MISS BIGGS POINTS out where Greece is on the map to one of her students, Helen MR. FRANKLIN E. GIST Wilson. History Texas Wesleyan College Allied Youth MRS. MILDRED GREEN Government University of Texas AN AMERICAN HISTORY student, Dorian Jackson, listens intently to instructions given by Mr. Russell, a student teacher. MR. ROBERT K. JONES American History - Government T. C. U. History Takes A Look At Past, Present, And Future MR. DOYLE MCINTOSH MRS. BEVERLY NELSON WILLIAM H. POWELL MRS. MARY RHODES American History World History American History World History T. C. U. University of Corpus Christi Langston University Florida State University MRS. CAROLYN BEANS MR. CARL W. CLARK MR. HENRY S. DOOLEY MR. JOHN GALES Physical Education - Health Physical Education Physical Education - Health Physical Education and English Texas Woman's University Prairie View College Prairie View A8zM Track-Football Coach Football-Basketball Wichita State University Basketball PE. Stresses Physical Skills And Co-ordination X X is MISS MARGARET HAYS MRS. SHIRLIE MURPHY MR. JOHN NAYLOR MRS. CARMEN POE Physical Education Physical Education English, P. E. Physical Education Texas Wesleyan College North Texas State University of Texas Oklahoma Central State College Volleyball Club, P. E. Leaders Bulldoggers, P. E. Leaders Head Coach Football Tennis, P. E. Leaders MISS MARTI POWELL MR. ELDON RAY MR, BRUCE ROSS Physical Education Physical Education - History Phygical Education North Texas State University Texas Wesleyan College University of Houston Track, Football Football, Baseball 26 MR. DEAN STACY Physical Education Texas Christian University MRS. BETTE AMMANN MRS. DORRIS BUNTON MR. EDWARD LUKE Biology Bi0l0gY.3l1d Physics General Physical Science Uf11V9!'S1tY of Texas MISS ARLYNE BLUE Prairie View A8rM MR. JOHN CAMPBELL N01'th TGXHS State SCIGHCQ Club General Physical Science Biology and P. E. Texas Christian University North Texas State Boy's Tennis MISS BARBARA HUDSON MRS. DOROTHY ROBERSON Biology Chemistry Texas Lutheran College MRS. EVELYN OSIER Radford College MRS. MARY WALTER General Physical Science Texas Womens University STUDYING PLANTS IN Mr. Campbell's Biology class are: Front Row left to right, Marva Henderson, Sylvia Brown, and Mr. John Campbell. Back Row left to right, Steven Fults, Thomas Dangerfield, Cipriano Chapa, and Jimmie Massey. General Physical Science Texas Lutheran College Doors To Discovery Open For Science Students In the Science Department, students are experimenting and learning the secret to our mys- terious world. When the people need to know about their sur- roundings, they can depend on the answers that these future scientists will give. MRS. JODENE ARMSTRONG Bookkeeping and Typing University of Oklahoma MRS. JANE DAVENPORT VOE Lab Business Harding College OEA MISS JOYCE BEARD Data Processing Texas Christian University National Honor Society The of Texas MISS MELINDA BOND Business Education North Texas State Universit MR, JAMES JOHNSON Typing T. W. C. Y MRS. BUENA DALE Bookkeeping and Typing TWU Red Cross MRS. BOBBYE LONG Office Duplication T. C. U. Business Classes Prepare Students For The Vast World Of Automation MRS. THERESA MEAD MRS. DEBORAH PRUITT MISS ELIZABETH RHODES Typing and General Business Typing and General Business Dafa PI'0C9SSiHg T. C. U. T. W. C. T- C- U- OEA MRS. MARY SHAHAN MRS. MARY DENMON SMITH MRS. LaFRANcES SUNDERMAN MISS CAROLYN SWINNEY General Business and Clerical Practice Texas Tech University Data Processing Texas Christian University The Business Education Department pro- vides students with an opportunity to become proficient in the knowledges and skills that will qualify them to work in office positions of their choices. Job areas in each of the four major divi- sions of Business Education - Secretarial, Bookkeeping General Business McMurry College Oklahoma University Bookkeeping, Data Processing, and Vocational Office Education-are multiple and challeng- ing. Employers visit our school each year to hire professionally-trained office personnel. Too, college bound students find their business courses very beneficial in that they can prepare their own term papers, notebooks, etc., as well as work part-time to help pay college expenses. MRS. BESS VAUGHAN MRS. THETA WALDREP Stenography-Typing Business Education Oklahoma College for Women Shorthand and Typing FBLA Texas Chrilstizin University B A MRS. JEAN WEBB MR. KENNETH WRIGHT VOE Lab Business SENIOR NITA PEREZ practices the keyboard in her typing Class- Eastern New Mexico University Texas Tech University OEA MRS. CUTCHIN plays guinea pig for Cosmetology student Shirley Baccus. ., ' isa-Y 4 az, gif ' A. ' W-1 .. --:gf .-V, 3t1.TV+wf'H'e ' W.. .,,, .... , 1, -.,el.Wzw ' -'1', .o,.,- MRS. RENA LAGRANGE Texas Christian University Vica Sponsor Chapter 70 , V. , ma Q 1 e lv M lt., t aim WSW f,i3?e3f.lf,i37 i g. ., 1 L, . vi r was M N l rr A Q a Q al si Q 35' K Y 3 rs 6' -X Q Q A l Q Q A 2 7 1' 7 Cosmetology MRS. MONZETTA WILSON Cosmetology North Texas State University Vica Sponsor Chapter 70 1 Cosmetology l-lelpe To Produce Beautiful People One of the fastest growing industries in the country is the beauty industry. Technical is one of the proud schools to have such a large and beautiful department, The demand for Technical's Cosmetology graduates by local beauty salons has always been greater than the supply. The girls trained here be- come professional beauticians. MRS. JUNE CUTCHIN MRS. EMALINE FLORY Cosmetology Cosmetology Texas University North Texas State University Vica Sponsor Chapter 70 Vica Sponsor Chapter 70 5 7 1 ,, .A STUDENTS TRY TECHNIQUES they learned on each other. MISS LaNELL AYER Dental Assisting Texas Christian University Working Experience Gained By "On The Job" Programs We here at Tech are considered to have one of the best "on the job" training courses in the district. The courses that are offered are Dental Assistance, Industrial Cooperative Training, Vocational Office Education, H. E. C., and Distributive Education. The students are given excellent classroom instruction and then apply what they have learned on the Job. MRS. PAT COOLEY Pre-Employment Child Care Texas Christian University THOMAS COLLETT discusses his job with a fellow classmate. MR. EARL DAVIS Industrial Cooperative Trainin Texas AKLM MRS. LOUISE LAND MRS. GEORGIA TURNER MR. HARRY WILSON Vocational Office Education Home Economics Cooperative Distributive Education North Texas State University Arkansas State Teachers North Texas State University CYNTHIA BOYER AND Ray Garza make a poster during Commercial Art. Students With Special Creative Talents Are Given Professional Guidance ln Our Commercial Art And Ceramics Courses .LJ p PAM LEEDS AND Brant Youngblood are working on a Tzme magazine cover illustration in Commercial Art. y Y -w, , xf ,Q MRS. ANNA BLAIR Commercial Art North Texas State University VICA MR. D. E. MOORE Commercial Art University of Texas VICA MRS. JACQUELINE SCROGGINS Ceramics Texas Christian University The Commercial Art De- partment at Tech trains stu- dents for many fields related to art. The students must have some aesthetic talent if plan- ning to major in this course. Ceramics is offered as an elective. This course helps en- large the students' capability of creativity. MRS. BEVERLY EISENMANN Homemaking Texas Christian University FHA, Junior Class SEWING IS ONE of the Homemaking skills offered students like Susan Strawn. MRS. CAROLYN JONES Homemaking Baylor University FHA EVAGELINA HUEYYOU and Jackie Brown are preparing a meal during a lab period. I-lornemaking Provides Essential Training For Family Life Homemaking is undoubtedly the largest and most im- portant occupation for Women. Through these courses, girls are given experiences in interior decorating, home manage- ment, family living, child development, consumer buying, meal planning and preparation, food preservation, nutrition, clothing construction and design, and good grooming. Through these studies, which are both enjoyable and val- uable, every girl is given the opportunity to learn the poise and self-confidence that are so necessary for any career. MRS. WILMA JEAN MOODY Homemaking Texas Wesleyan College Photography is as much an art as a mechanical craft. A sensitive photographer can create an illusion as beautiful as an oil painting by a gifted artist. Photographers are in constant demand to take pic- tures of weddings, personal portraits, business and scien- tific projects, and major news events. Students in our Photo- graphy Department learn the many phases of this subject in a three-hour course. DONNY REEVES AND James Jackson take a close-up picture of an object for a class project. Photographers Are In Great Demand In Vast Fields Of Entertainment MARIO HERNANDEZ ENLARGES a picture, as And News Coverage MR. D. L. JONES Photography Oklahoma State Photography VICA part of the training received in this course. ' FOCUSING THE COPY camera is David Porter. MR. CHARLES S. GREATHOUSE MR. KENNETH L. MITCHELL MR. HAROLD L, REEDER Drafting Drafting Drafting North Texas State University A8zM University East Texas State University Student Council Vica Vica LARRY RATLIFF and Tim Baldwin check very carefully to make sure the measurements are correct. A WORKING HARD on his assignment, Steve Warren finds technical drafting very rewarding. New Course In Technical Drafting Ie Offered Drafting is one of the engineer's most important forms of communication. Trans- lating engineering ideas into lines and dimensions takes the best possible train- ing. Tech's three-year course in engineer- ing drafting prepares students for contin- ued extensive work in college or for a job as a skilled draftsman. BOBBY SMITH and Steve Warren are shown working with blue prints. Refrigeration And Appliance Repair Keep Home Facilities Working MR. J. BUCK RUSSELL Appliance Repair Texas A8:M CRAIG POWELL WATCHES HS 3 fellow EVAPORATIVE COILS ARE one of the many i ClaSSI1'1at6 d0IT10I1St1'at9S PFODQT t9ChI'1lflU9S instruments used in refrigeration by Pat Fergu- in appliance repair. son and James Buchanan. ,. 1' E MR. JESSE G. BENNETT Refrigeration and Air Conditioning University of Texas LARRY McCLANAHAN AND DAVID Church work on an air conditioning unit. Surely no other major industry is destined for more rapid growth than refrigeration. As new equipment is de- veloped, more and more trained work- ers are needed. Students learn to repair every type of appliance, modern or old. They work on many complex appliances provided for them by shop customers. This trade like some others can never be replaced by automation. ADJUSTING A VALVE PLATE are Lewis Gillie and Henry Westbrook. MARK CAVAGE AND Kindrex Wilburn try to make sure that the edges are straight on this board. an ,K "HN " T55 A' .5 K ' 1 K F -' L 7 ' 5 : . 3, ,, I . A :JS ' 'J f L MR. DON H. GILES Woodshop Texas Tech Graceful elegance, contemporary lines, or Spanish design can be ac- complished through instruction from Tech institute. Mr. Don Giles teaches students the wood types, substance, and texture of woods. He also instructs techniques to ob- tain the utmost in cabinetry and woodshop. Mr. George Smith shows fabric design, style, texture, and finish in the upholstery line. He also instructs on obtaining that tailored look, a combination that none other than Tech can offer. "AND THIS IS the way you put a door on," says one woodshop student. Mill 8a Cabinet And Furniture Upholstery Offer Valuable Training MR. GEORGE W. SMITH Fumiture Upholstery GILBERT MAGALLON TRIES to put the softness back Texas Tech in his old rocking chair. ROBERT AYALA AND Arnold Lee repair a carburetor in Auto Mechanics. Auto And DARRELL PIGGS TAKES his job very seriously in Auto Mechanics. MR. RAY PARISH Auto Mechanics Vica Vica MR. HOWARD PEDIGO Auto Mechanics Texas ASLM Leading automobile manufacturers can present the most exciting, luxur- ious cars on the market, but without mechanics to keep these vehicles in good running condition, these beautiful machines are of no value. Skilled mechanics are not only craftsmen, but also knowledgeable people who must keep up with ever new automobile styles and mechanisms. HIDEYO HAYWORTH AND Roy Davidson work skillfully cleaning a transmission. General Mechanics Keep Wheels Cf Progress Turning MR. EDWARD G. STEBBINS Introduction to Mechanics Texas Wesleyan College Senior Sponsor, Vica RUDY GONZALEZ PRACTICES his creative talents in the painting of a truck. Auto Body offers the stu- dent an opportunity to learn general body repair, paint, and upholstery. To become effi- cient, the student must learn the characteristics of metal and the use of welding equip- ment. Body repair is an im- portant phase in becoming a craftsman in the automotive industry. Automation cannot replace the skilled hands of one who has been trained to Work with the intricate ma- chinery of an automobile. JOHNNY LOPEZ IS all smiles as he sands the door of a car. . . ,. 1 -Z E a MR. HARRY WATCHOUS Auto Body Repair Texas Wesleyan College Vica THIS CAR WILL have a beautiful paint-job after the sanding is finished. Many Jobs Are Available For Students In Auto Body 39 MR. WILTON E. KNIGHT MR. JOHN WOOD Machine Shop Machine Shop Arlington State College Texas Wesleyan College VICA Diesel And Machine Shops Prepare Skilled Technicians Lily White orchids, a fallen meteorite, or a mathe- matical genius are considered rarities today. Also classified as rare is institutional departments dealing with machines or diesel mechanics. Tech provides the best for its students, including a Well equipped and qualified department of diesel mechanics instruction. This course is taught by Mr. J. L. Cannon and Mr. Gene Griffin. This is a three year program which produces the most qualified machinists in America. Our machine shop course is also highly effective in producing skilled laborers. GLEN RUSSELL TRIES to decide which knob turns what where. K - .,.. Diesel VICA 143 Diesel University of Texas VICA 143 JIMMY SANDERS IS wondering if it is going CARL RODRIGUEZ PRACTICES to blow up or not. his skills on one of the machines in Diesel. MR. T. L. CANNON North Texas University MR. GENE GRIFFIN RANDY THURMAN DEMONSTRATES the workings of a TV set, Radio-TV And Electric Shops Offer Specialized Training My Electricity is one of the most mar- velous, complicated, and mysterious advances in man's histo1'y. Yet know- ledge of electricity is taught at Tech through courses in Radio-TV and In- dustrial Electricity. Basic fundamen- tals, electronics, and theories about electricity are a few facets from the knowledge provided along this line at Tech. Tech truly does build founda- tions for future world leaders. MR. ALTON W. FONVILLE MR- CULVER C, GORSUCH , R3dl0'TV Radio-TV Abilene Christian College Valparaiso Technical Inst, VICA Chapter 61 VICA Chapter 61 MR. FONVILLE SHOWS one of his students what the insides of a radio look like. MR. BERRY HOGAN MR. JERYL MONASCO MR. DAVID CHASE Printing Graphic Arts Introduction to Graphic Arts University of Texas at Arlington Printing And Typography Skills Are Taught In Graphic Art Courses Newspapers, books, magazines, and any other form of printed material is essential in an ever advancing world. This is one of the most important forms of communication. Students learn many things such as type setting, lettering, machine m a i n t e n a n c e, machine operation, and repair. Tech helps keep communication open and in use. THIS BOY REALLY believes in laying the ink on thick! STUDENTS LEARN HOW to set typebars in print shop. iii 2 Y gf V is l .is S' iisssi. 1 misss s- 'V on . - G, 1, f ... 5 , . .."' W , A . , ::, '..- ,Q . , K - 1 5 1 I I EW' ii-.if iit.. -.. it A .l fi G Si . rl fi STUDENTS ARE TAUGHT the basic use of machines in the introductory course. JOHN WINTERS reads instructions as Ronny Land and Roy Inca look over their materials. ,,,,...--" ,...-lil GENERAL CONSTRUCTION requires a student to do written as well as lab work, ssvfsili 'Fsiklim 'X 5 MEASURING FOR ACCURACY, Jimmy 3 A Newbum works on a phase of bricklaying. as exemplified by Raymond Moreno, Gregory Gonzales, and Sammy Flores. MR. MIKE BIGLER MR. RALPH J. BROWN General Construction Trades Brick University of Texas TWO STUDENTS are shown leveling and smoothing their projects while in brick lab. General Construction And Brick Shop Are Complementary Courses Visualize a small brick lying alone in an open field. It appears to be useless except maybe as a door- stop or a target to throw rocks at. Yet if you take that same brick and put it with millions of others, it will represent strength and unity. That one brick could even be a foundation cornerstone. Tech, there- fore, teaches skills in construction and brick laying to teach students how to build a better world. M . MR. CHARLES H. CROW Aeronautics University of Texas 'AHOW DO YOU sharpen a knife so large?" asks Bobby Evans. Welding And Aircraft Shops Offer Rewarding Opportunities And Fine Careers Completion of a course in Aero- nautics makes a student eligible to take the Federal Aeronautics Adminis- tration test. If the student passes this examination he is then a licensed mechanic in airframe, power plant, or combination airframe and power plant. This course also uses welding for all types of manufacturing, construc- tion, and maintenance work. The aircraft industry has become a giant in our business world today, and these students may look forward to a lasting trade. Welding has to be used in almost every type of manufacturing, con- struction, and maintenance. Ever since the first blacksmith, the need for weld- ers has been growing. Tech teaches fusions, gas, and electric welding. Welding saves time, material, and in- creases the speed of production. HI THINK l'LL build me a battleship for the Presidentf, this welding student thinks to himself. MR. JACK MARTIN Welding Texas A8zM Vica """M Metal Trades And General Electric Trades Are Two New Shops Offered This Year ONE MORE WIRE and I'll have my assignment finished," says Danny Harris. x K, - W' f Ln i MR. TOM C. NIXON MR. PEDRO VALLE General Electrical Trades Introduction General Metals University of Houston These two new shops are introduc- tory courses for ninth grade students. Both Metal and General Electric shops lead to more advanced phases of metallics and electricity. They offer each student the ability to learn from the beginning about the trades. Each trade is in great demand because every building is built of some metal and has electricity. "LET ME SEE, place fingers so, then press red button." says Richard Wooster as Gilbert Latigo experiments with this machine, "WAIT A MINUTE that's my hand," says Benito Rangcl as he demonstrates the use of the drill to Charles Haswell. MR. ALFRED RILEY Music Texas Tech Band, Orchestra, and Chorus Bulldog Band Promotes Spirit BAND SECRETARIES ARE: Row 1: Linda Calva, Diana Dyer, Sharlene Contraras: Row 2: Mr. Alfred Riley. BRUM MAJORS ARE: Raymond Calva, Domingo aya. TWIRLERS ARE: Row 1: Linda Williams: Row 2: Linda Ramsey, Ann Norris. At Games And Pep Rallies MZW, ,1A. ,,M,,,K ,f,,Lq.k, :.V,, ii. , gvyy W. em M A A ,A. ,. an . . ML, 4' ' 'W' . Music plays a great part in everyone's life. Techites present their own music in the form of the Green B. Trimble Bulldog Band. This year the band centers its routines around 6 to 5 marching, six steps to every five yards. This has been very effective. Mr. Alfred Riley, coordinator, director, and organizer has done a great job in making the most of Tech's musical talent. Mr. Riley, we salute you! SAXOPHONE PLAYERS ARE: Row 1: John Morrisjf Ismael Placencia, Pete Tre- vino, Jesse Moralesff Curtis Bell. iiindicates squad leader. . .V BAND LIEUTENANTS AND Captain: Richard Domrnquez, Patti Poore, and Jesse Morales. CLARINET PLAYERS ARE: Row l: Patti Poorefli Pat Terrazas, Daniel Duarte, Willie Tatum, George Lopez, Pam Conasterg Row 2: Carlos Munoz, Nladgelena Montalvo, Shirley Stoy, Susan Haney, Sharon Gay, Joe Calva. Lee Owens, Row 3: Joe Sanchez. CV? .L gm TRUMPETS: Row 1: Jan Morgan, Larry Miller, Arthur Guadar- rama, Bobby Pennington, Tony Ramirez? Row 2: Daniel Pena, Arthur Rosales, Mario Hernandez, Herbert Walton, Joel Urias. .nl 1 FLUTES AND BELLS: Row 1: Cheryl Gay, Wanda Young, Paulette Collins. Row 2: Michelle Hill, Sharlene MafvAdoo. if DRUMS: Row 1: Manuel Coronado, Curtis Toombs, Danny Polson. Row 2: Eugene Willmanf Freddy Brunz.": Band Marches In Alan Bean Day Parade Y-'i'53x::i::,1q TROMBONES AND BASSES: Row 1: Richard Dominguez? Danny Simmons? Troy Chamberland, David Talley, Raymond Arriaga. Row 2: Lester Martinfi: Mark Polson. MEMBERS OF THE CHORUS: Row 1: Deborah Colwell, Irlinda Campos, Donna Rodriguez, Martha Bryson, Debbie Hanson, Terri Roberts, Mari Lambert, Eva Rodela, Gloria Garcia, Marietta Williams: Row 2: Beverly Humphrey, Renee Ramey, Janet Carter, Carroll Deramus, Toni Jones, Diane Holly, Alice Roberts, Becky Loftin, Theola Barrett, Nina Rodriguez: Row 3: Teresa Estel, Debbie Stone, Marsha Roberts, Jacqueline Holmes, Alice Cole, Janice Morris, Jewel Brown, Nancy Ramos, Cathy Taylor, Cheryl Edwards, Sandra Bermejo: Row 4: John King, Debra Smith, Wanda DeHart, Pearlie Williams, Arnetia Robinson, Mildred Irvin, Sharon Mason, Lida Brunson, Larry Griffith, Travis Donoho, Randy Souders. MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA: Linda Sue Smith, Eddie Watts, Paulette Hyman, Theresa Artz, Carol Dunklin, Johnny Griffin, Shelia Gentry, Norma Lee Stoy. R.O.T.C. Cadets Learn And Exhibit Respect For Authority DRILL TEAM: Row 1: Thomas Collette, Becky Perez, Wallace Hearne, Rojelio Castilliog Row 2: Ronald Long, Michael Oyervides, Robert Castillo, Ronny Thompson, Charles Donaldsong Row 3: Elmo Nead, Reynoldo Reyes, Oscar Namaurano, Paul Vasquez, Nef Garciag Row 4: Gary Hutchison, Johnny Martinez, Thomas Hastings, Charles Wal- lace, Jimmy Masseyg Row 5: Butch Blanton, Ricky Smythe. Roger Strickland, David Christilles. Not pictured is Gary Morrison. The Green Knights Drill Team has held high honors for the past three of the last four years as city champs. The members of the Drill Team must be able to be at school each morning at 7:15 A.M. If they work, they must be able to get off for competitions. Plus one day a week each Drill Team member must be able to practice after school. This unique quality of the Drill Team is they go on the fields with complete silent drill during the body phase. Not one command is given during this phase. So each mem- ber must be able to memorize numbers to each movement. To be a member of the Drill Team, no grade average lower than a B and S in citizenship is allowed. STAFF: Front Row: Louis Bridges, Carolyn Carter, Carl Kirtleyg Back Row: Louis Cavage, Thomas Collett, Kenneth Long, Ronald Long. COMMANDANTS: MfSgt. James R. McCready, Mrs, Maureen Baldock, M!Sgt. Malcolm D. Lanier, S!Sgt. Joseph Reynolds. Sponsors for ROTC are chosen for personality, looks, and charm. All sponsors are chosen at the end of the year by the cadets them- selves. They are to have had a "C" overall average on their grades the semester before running. They wear a regular uniform just like the cadets do, and they represent the school at many different af- airs. Claudia Kirtley. One must maintain a "B" aver- age in his overall grades, be of high moral character, dependable, show leadership ability, conduct himself fittingly, and be regular in at- tendance to be a member of the ROTC Rifle Team. Rifle Team members are shown that good marksmanship is an art as well as a skill. Those who are able to succeed in this skill and can live up to the high standard are the only members of the Rifle Team. RIFLE TEAM: Row 1: Louis Bridges, Louis Cavage: Row 2: Joseph Elrod, Mark Cavage, Claudia Kirtley, Mike Elrod. Row 1: Carolyn Carter. Rochelle Williams, Becky Perez, Debbie Norris, Eliza- beth Maciasg Row 2: Virginia Carpenter, Connie Samaniego, Paula Westbrook, .i : Q COLOR GUARD: Curtis King, Alan Barker, James Garwood, Arless Loftis, Virginia Carpenter. Row 1: Louis Bridges: Row 2: Claudia Kirtley, David Garcia: Row 3: Jay Barker, James Garwood, Michael Gullette, Larry Ruddick, Ronnie Linebarger: Row 4: Joe Rangel, Leon Brown, Russell Childress, Felix Martinez. Bobby Evans, Dennis Overton: Row 5: Henry Bermejo, David Garcia, Gary Hammer, Norman Foster, Abe Prince. Ralph Vasquez: Row 6: Mark Cavage, Ernest Dial, Carlos Bermejo, Ruben Flores, Louis Cavage. Row 1: Joseph Laughlin: Row 2: David Tudor, Elizabeth Macias, Dan White: Row 3: David Torres, Arnold Lee, Robert Hodges, Leo Wilkerson: Row 4: Leon Brown, Robert Hamilton, Jerry Hudgins, Ronnie Brooking: Row 5: Felix Martinez, Harold Loftis, Edward Hickman, Marsh Michael, Earl Jackson: Row 6: Alfred Ramirez, Tony Govea, Frank Garza, Richard Randell: Row 7: David Cox, Maurice Herrera, Ernest Vidal, George Gonzales: Row 8: Robert Davis, Paul Anderson, Harold Smith, Frank Lemoine, Charles Darden. Leadership And Responsibility Bring Drill And Rifle Teams l-lign Honors Row 1: Joe Cruz, Connie Samaniego, John Brown, Louis Herrera: Row 2: Florentine Montalvo, Joseph Elrod, Johnny Perez, Henry Bermejo, Joe Hernandez: Row 3: John Smith, Pedro Vargas, David Garcia, Ruben Flores, Webb Parker. R.O.T.C. is a shortened form for Reserve Officers Training Corps. The boys are trained in leadership and respect for authority. They learn to fire a rifle, read a map, use a com- pass, organize a squad and platoon, and the tactics to capture an enemy strong- point. R.O.T.C. gives the ca- dets the opportunity to assume great responsibili- ties at an early stage in life. Respect to a consti- tuted authority is stressed daily. The United States Military services get 6527 of their men from these trained R.O.T.C. cadets. Advancement and Promo- tion: The Corps advances an individual through the ranks according to his own ability. Each company commander is responsible for teaching each cadet in his company the ways and means of the Army. A cadet must show growth in both the military achievement and characteristics such as in- tegrity, moral character, and leadership. Row 1: Timothy Stewart, Carolyn Carter, Larry Evans, David Jones: Row 2: Dennis Matheson, Rafael Pantoja, Rito Russell, Frank Ver- decanna, Arthur Martin, Joe Velozg Row 3: Cecil Tinney, Richard Daily, Eddie Quinones, Harold Driver: Row 4: Freddie Weatherley, Raymond Clayborn, Dallas McGriffin. Freshmen and sophomores are classified as Military I. A junior, or Military II, will re- tain his sophomore rank and progress to possibly 2nd lieu- tenant. As an officer and a senior cadet, it is the Military IIl's job to aid the Command- ant and assistant Commandant in running the Corps and training new m e m b e r s of R.O.T.C. Row 1: Linton Green, Rufus Walker, Donald Collins: Row 2: Rochelle Wil- liamsg Row 3: Otis Fountaine, Johnny Ramos, Johnny Autry, Charles Johnson, Lynn Zumwalt, David Wright, Row 4: Michael Long, Murrill Getzell, Michael Caruthersg Row 5: Uylless Bonner, Kindrex Wilburn, Thomas Toles, Larry McClanahan. Drum and Bugle Corps: To become a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps, one must be willing to put forth time for practice. Being a mem- ber of the Drum and Bugle Corps does not mean just learning how to play an instrument but it also means learning the regular requirements of the R.O.T.C. Corps. The Drum and Bugle Corps performs in reviews and parades. This year the Drum and Bugle Corps is commanded by Rufus Walker. Row 1: Joe Garcia, Debbie Norris, Mike McGraw, Charles Row 2: Kenneth Long, Norman Moreland, Joe Jaquiz Chambers, Nicho Castillo, Dexter Erwin: Row 3: Ronny Robert Hammonds, Bobby Gentry, Silverio Flores, Roby man, Robert Hedgspeth, Michael Corouthersg Row 4: Knight, Willie Roberson, Kevin Taylor, Joe Galway, Glover, Paul Mendieta. Rowe: , Mike Gaige, Book- John Larry R.O.T.C. l-las Large Enrollment Including Seven Companies Row 1: Carl Kirtley, Vance Johnson, Paula Westbrook, Richard Rodriquez, Charles Clark, Row 2: Ernest Dial, Joe Ortiz, Paul Blankingburg, Albert Truax, Melvin Luttrellg Row 3: James Buchanan, Randy Triplett, Mark Birmingham, Steve Aston, Jerry Buford, Raymond Brown. FLAG DETAIL: Virginia Carpenter, Jay Barker, Row 2: David Garcia, Leon Brown, Arless Loftis, James Garwood, Curtis Kingg Row 3: Joe Rangel, Gary Hammer, Russell Childress, Norman Foster, Ralph Vasquez, Row 4: Henry Bermejo, Bobby Evans, David Garcia, Felix Martinez, Carlos Bermejo, Abe Prince, Ernest Dial, Dennis Overton. TeonnioaI's R.O.T.C. Corps Participates In Parades, Inspections, And Competitions Uniform and Equipment - At the begin- ning of each year each cadet is issued his uniform and equipment. The cadet does not pay for the uniform or equipment, unless he is careless and loses or misplaces them. The uniforms and equip- ment are worth several hundred dollars. Each cadet is issued two khaki uniforms, complete with insignias and accessories. Then when winter be- gins, each cadet is issued a wool uniform known as winter greens. Along with the uniforms he is given several manuals on subjects concerning R.O.T.C. KY. K' Row 1: Rufus Walker: Row 2: Bill Godfrey, Curtis King, James Arnold, Rochelle Williams, Walter Atcheson, Kenneth Kafka: Row 3: Norman Foster, Danny Madigan, Lawrence Martin, Jeffrey Jones, Oscar Hill, James Jones: Row 4: Scott Kirtley, Jackie Triplett, Ronnie Sullivan, Larry Nobles, Bill Burbon, Gary Hammer, Dennis Overton, Jesse Moron: Row 5: Charles Matthews, Gregory McClarity, Javier Gonzales, Cecil Evans, Adrick Thompson, Johnny Johnson, Larry McClanahan, Randy Biggs: Row 6: Emilio Govea, Carlos Bermejo, Robert Lynch, Daniel Obregon, Russell Childress, Bobby Evans, Ulysses Bonner. 'pf- 3 'K 3 if WQQRQQ E?f' Am W f-'Q rf" - if , .- f xii. 51? pm 1:1 'f-A ez, E,Y.,:y'21z'u -L.: x ' A3i.,g-i15L.i,.,W, ,. , . V ?ff"- f. v:',, . 'ax ,, . -.141 1233,-f ff- mamaJ "l- . mf Af fem' If , M V :rw -. fgr- Q ff - -ff. g i g 1192 1 . JH H' W f H N xx V Y- Afwip Nz Tig? ' , , . x . k 3 72" , I' 5' D ? ,. A W Q," , 92 , H 1 And a fountain keeps on flowing on its fast rotating gears . . ' -"The Windmills Of Time" CLUB MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Cathy Bermejo, Helen Con- traras, Delia Casarez, Sylvia Pena, Janet Vargas, Kathy Kelley, Diana Ragland, Cindy Ibanez, Mary Lou Barbolla, Becky Lopez, Brenda Earlston, Belinda Mesa, Rachel Richardson, Evangelina Rios, Nancy Ramos. Row 2: Danny Roberts, Annie Torres, Yo- landa Casarez, Suzie Gomez, Cindy Allen, Maria Ramirez, Barbara Conley, Deramus, Vicky Duarte, Zelinda Hudspeth, Virginia Rios, Rudy Briseno, Claudia Kirtley. Row 3: Teresa Bernal, Gloria Garcia, Gary Lambert, Craig Bush, Sheryll Mc- Conico, Gary R. Darwin, Irene Saldibar. Row 4: Yvonne Butler, Phyllis Peacock, Pam Leeds, Lupe Lopez, Carol Jackson, Cindy Scoville, Edmee Lohmer, Sally Miles, Felicia Crawford, Delira Reese, Kathy Green, Tim Baldwin. Row 5: Martha Dunnam, Kristi Dunsworth, Norman Abbott, Evalinda DeLeon, Irene Rod- riquez, Linda Escobedo, Patricia Terrazas, Yogi Rodriguez, Janie Garner, Jimmy Garner, James Hinsey, Johnny Garner. Row 6: Gloria Berry, Regina Benoit, Adela Torres, Sabino Car- denas, Kam Hester, Patty Carter, Eugene Willman, Linda Calva, Lydia Rodriguez, Becky Bill, Olivia Castillo, Nita Perez, San- tiago Diaz. Row 7: Ernest Magallon, Sue Phemister, Gary Bur- ton, Mario Mantecon, Gayle Williams. Row 8: Jesse Sandoval, Esmael Placencia, Cliff Valentine, Roger Buchanan, Elizabeth Macias, Glenda Rodriguez, Josephine Oyervides, Cindy Hester, Pam Conatser, Tracey Nichols, Glenda Dewveall. Row 9: Richard Dominquez, Florence Almarez, Herlinda Elizondo, Mary Helen Bermejo. Row 10: Alice Barron, George Barbolla, Emilio Herera, Joe Ramirez, Benny Paredes, Alicia Juarez, Ricky Rodriguez, Jose Quintanar, Donovan Gatewood, Ross Traina, Ron Livingston. The Future Teachers of America Chapter at Tech this year had over 100 members. The club spon- sored such activities as the Howdy Dance, and a Halloween party for F.T.A. members. The F.T.A. State Convention was held in Fort Worth at the Con- vention Center. All F.T.A. Chapters in Fort Worth were host to all of the out of town chapters. F.T.A. honored the faculty with a Tea for Teachers. In April, enthusiastic F.T.A. members participated in Teaching Day. SPONSORS AND OFFICERS are: Miss Biggs-sponsor, Phyllis Peacock-Historian, Pam Leeds- Historian, Virginia Rios--Reporter, Cindy Ibanez-Treasurer, Mary Lou Barbolla-Secretary, Diana Ragland-Vice-President, Danny Roberts-President, Mrs. Alexander-sponsor. Lljvi 3 5 iris YOLANDA RODRIGUEZ, Sheryll McConico, and Sally Miles were among the members who helped with the tea for teachers. One Of F.T.A.'s Many Projects Was A Tea For The Teachers THIS IS only my '3rd' time through the line!" Mr. Fonville is surprised by camera, as Coach Naylor looks on. '41 45 3571 " ,, We h V Q DIANA RAGLAND AND Danny Roberts relax and talk with the tea- Inany FIT-A, chers in the homemaking living room. MRS. POE FINDS a nice quiet corner to enjoy her cookies and punch. 59 Of America Club Enjoys Large Membership The foundation of America is based on its people. The standards and societies of people relate to their homelife. Future Homemakers of America strive to make our society a better one. FHA members learn how to cook, sew, decorate, and plan a budget. This year several boys signed up to learn more about effective homelife planning. . FHA OFFICERS are: Paula Sisco, Vice-President, Belinda Mesa, Pres- ident: Patricia Poe, Treasurer, Becky Perez, Song leader: Cecelia Smith, Parliamentarian. Row 2: Mrs. Eisenmann, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Cooley, Mrs. Turner. MEMBERS OF THE FHA are: Row 1: Mrs. Moody, Doris Brown, Cathryn Anderson, Mary Lou Cardenas, Veronica Bill, Loretta Aguilera, Rachel Richardson, Evangelina Rios, Patricia Poe, Belinda Mesa, Paula Sisco, Cecelia Smith, Becky Perez, Sharon Jones, Theola Barrett, Frankie Graves, Debbie Norris, Jerrie Woodall. Row 2: Mrs. Turner, Toni Jones, Felicia Craw- ford, Barbara Conley, Carroll Deramus, Ruby Savage, Zelinda Hudspeth, Eva Rodela, Vickie Dempsey, Janice Lindsey, Annette Payne, Debra Henderson, Sherri Pollard, Martha Power, Ginger Carpenter, Paula Westbrook, Mrs. Jones. Row 3: Karen Brink, Doris Thompson, Vinnie Brown, Evangeline Huey-you, Myrtle Cooper, Jewel Dixon, Linda White, Linda Breitenstein, Claudia Stern, Glenda Dewveall, Mary McDonald, Hilda Reyna, Mrs. Cooley, Mrs. Eisenmann. Row 4: Helen Martinez, Kathy Green, Diana Newhouse, JoAnn Cunningham, Beverly Davis, Diane Musgrave, Juanita Zapata, Micaela Perez, Rosalinda Zamora, Beatrice Edwards, Linda Mackey. Row 5: Irma Garcia, Pam Holmes, Paula Jordan, Charolette Farmer, Becky Becerra, Diana Montelongo, Mary Meza, Vicki Osburn, Vera Ruiz, Linda Reyna. Row 6: John Morris, Ann Norris, Patti Poore, Richard Domin- l w guez, Mary Helen Bermejo, Janie Barner, Juanita Gonzales, Teresa Hair, Valerie Osburn, Beverly Ausbie, Olivia Ramos. Row 7: Debbie Carrillo, Viola Barrientos, Beatrice Castillo, Rachel Mendieta, Karen Cavender, Kathy Dunlap, Shirley Wil- liams, Mary Holt, Debbie Barker. Row 8: Anita Munoz, Rose Martinez, Esther Gonzales, Herlinda Elizondo, Mary Carmen Gonzalez, Nita Perez, Glenda Soliz, Rosie Cabral, Pat Barrien- tes. Row 9: Josephine Oyervides, Pat Gaitan, Barbara Scott, Alicia Juarez, Linda Sanchez, Sylvia Cabral, Patricia Mercado, LaNell Ozuna, Sandra Martinez, Joann Miller, Fae Wyatt, Zelda King. Row 10: Cecilia Lancarte, Elizabeth Aceves, Patty Luther, Dianna Garcia, Rosie Flores, Frances Martinez, Janet Tubbs, Regina Benoit, Maria Ramirez, Gloria Hernandez. Row 11: Ruth Cantu, Cheryl Mandoni, Carolyn Cochran, Sabino Car- denas, Marie Harwell, Pauline Moore, Anna Garcia, Martha Marquez, Rosa Sapien, Belinda Garner, Kathy Huey-you. Row 12: Kay Head, Elva Jalomo, Carol Gowan, Christine Curiel, Frances Mendoza, Vickie Terry. Row 13: Sarah Davenport, Patti Collard, Nona Owens, Linda Neely, Martha Canus, Pat Burns, and Cynthia Stewart. Future I-lomemakere . in fi 3"-I... 'wus ge zwwtwi "2 ff Q .Ti .rf-., ,vu v 54 ,W AFTER ENJOYING A good meal, Delois Moore, Irene Tobias, Linda Reyna, and classmates clean up the tables. S4......fvf RICHARD DOMINGUEZ SHOWS us a little of his bachelor It "AND I THOUGHT my cooking was bad!" laughs Ann Norris as she teases Eugene Willman on his cooking skills. life. ROBERT HODGES ADDS a little bit of this and a little of that as James Jackson mixes up all the in- gredients. CLUB MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Zelinda Hudspeth, Barbara ress, Connie Samaniego, James Hinsey, Theola Barret, Becky Conley, Yvonne Butler, Kathy Kelley, Brenda Earlston, Pam Blankenship. Row 4: Mrs. Bess Vaughan, Joyce Wagner, Alice Ingram, Claudia Kirtley, Alicia Juarez, Lynda Roberson. Row 2: Wilson, Carol Murkeldone, Felix Martinez, Kay Griffith, Linda Regina Benoit, Gayle Williams, Caroll Derarnus, Wanda Sanders, Breitenstein, JoAnn Cunningham, Viola Barreintes, Mrs. Ann Norris, Kathryon Brow, Rosie Cano. Vicki Bargas, Brenda Waldrep. Lockaby. Row 3: Juanita Coronado, Yolanda Perez, Russell Child- FBLA Is Active Organization For Business-Minded Techites Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca is one of the most active clubs at Trimble Tech. All students taking business courses are able to join. Tech is always represented by delegates from our school in various contests and sponsored a "get acquaintedi' party in the fall for its members, as Well as a Christmas Party. They got together to decorate and celebrate the joyous season. Members of the club enjgyed field trips and various ac- CLUB OFFICERS AND SPONSORS ARE: Row 1: Brenda Earlston, Claudia Kirtley tivities Pam Ingram, Mrs. Vaughan, Connie Samaniego. Row 2: Yvonne Butler, Mrs. Waldrep ' Gayle Williams. 62 MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Joyce Pfannstiel, Elaine Bryant, Linda Clark, Rita Oliver. Row 2: Thomas Collett, Tim Stewart, Chris Morrison, Mike Lavender. Row 3: Marshal Coleman, Johnny Hamilton, Richard Henry. Row 4: Jay Barker, Mr. Wilson, Mario Mante- con. Row 5: J imrny Massey. OFFICERS ARE: Mr. Wilson, Sponsorg Jay Barker, Vice-President: Joyce Pfannstiel, Treasurer: Elaine Bryant, Secretary: Tommy Hamilton, Sgt. at Arms. D ECA Members Learn About Marketing And Distribution Technical High School's Distributive Education program is one of the very good ways of getting its members acquainted with our ever growing business world. This teaches the students how to accept re- sponsibility, to learn how to cope with different kinds of people, but most of all to get involved in the Working business world. H.E.C. Members Work In Field Of Home Econ OFFICERS AND SPONSOR: Row 1: Carolyn Cochran, Sharon Pinkerton, Cheryl Mandoni, Stella Aycox, Cindy Weaver, Patty Luther. Row 2: Tonja Britton, Brenda Shannon, Daniel Lancarte, Mike Pena, Sponsor Mrs. Turner, H.E.C. offers on-the-job training. It pre- pares persons in the field of Home Economics. Various students working in this program will train to carry out tasks of responsibility wher- ever they work. H.E.C. has a number of programs especially to help persons in hos- pitals, where responsibility counts the most. Florists help is needed, too, and to fulfill this position, H.E.C. offers training in the Various florist shops. it B V HEC MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Doris Brown, Cindy Weaver, Angelina Soto, Stella Aycox, Barbara Scott. Row 2: Glenda Harrison, Patty Luther, Cheryl Mandoni, Cathryn Anderson, Wallace Hearne, Juanita Jaquiz. Row 3: Carolyn Cockran, Tonja Britton, Carroll Deramus, Charles Thedford, Rosalinda Ozuna. Row 4: Terry Lord, Rosanne Sepulveda, Sharon Pinkerton, Pete Lopez, Brenda Shannon, Daniel Lancarte. Row 5: Mike Pena, Susan Morgan, Rhonda Burks. 64 if imr,.,,, km, ,,.,.. ..-N in S, , - ir cf k'Ak " , 1 . -fr 1 - . - -3 W . 4 L STUDENT COUNCIL members are: Row 1: Patti Poore, Rich- ard Dominguez, Kathy Green, Gary R. Darwin, Becky Lopez, Alice Barron, Carroll Deramus, Zelinda Hudspeth, Diane Ham- mer. Row 2: Raymond Calva, Debbie Norris, Olga Saenz, Debby Phillips, Joy Stearns, Edmee Lohmer, Ann Shugart. Gayle Oxford. Row 3: Cynthia Martin, Norman Abbott, Russell Child- ress, Connie Samaniego, Barbara Blocker, Vickie Dempsey, Pat Couch, Paulette Collins. Row 4: Robert Garrett. Row 5: Butch Blanton, Felix Martinez, Felicia Martin, Debra Hairston, Marsha Roberts, Sandra Wilburn, Cindy Stephenson, Henry Westbrook. Row 6: Charles Clark, Sofia Velasquez, Nita Perez, Debbie Parker, Donna Knight, Cora Haynes. Row 7: Patty Dockery, Yolanda Rodriguez, Diana Ragland, Danny Roberts, Mrs. Helen Drake. Row 8: Lynda Roberson, Juanita Cabral, Toni Overby, Linda Lindsay, Carol Dunklin, Paula Westbrook, Gayle Gist, Mano Barberena, Mr. Greathouse. Row 9: Anthony Rodriguex, Joe Cruz, Gloria Camacho, Gloria Flores, Tommie Trevino, Rose Fletcher, Peggy Cbupik, Sue Phemister. Row 10: Richard Flores, Mario Hernandez, Emilio Hererra, Angel Castillo, Richard Rivas, Louis Bridges, Rudy Briseno, Elmo Neal, Ron Livingston, Ronny Land. Row 11: Mark Von Velzor, Jimmy Jenkins, Ricky Fillmore. Student Council Regulatee Student Activities QW' Student Council was set up for the purpose of student expression a n d democracy. Repre- sentatives from the student body meet in order to discuss, evaluate, and en- force student and fa c ul t y suggest- ions. Its purpose is to c a u s e under- standing and co- operation between student and teach- ers. Student coun- cil is a stepping stone to solving world problems. TIM BALDWIN DANNY ROBERTS DIANA RAGLAVD President Vice-President Se:-c"e!ar3J 531 QQ 1' C.V.A.E. LEADERS are: Row 1: Robert Cortez, Bill Button, Roy Ince, Ronny Land, Gilbert Latigo. Row 2: Leroy Wilson, Joe Hernandez, Larry Beaver, 32 atm i Johnny Overton, Parker Webb. Row 3: Mr. Steb- bins, Mrs. Long, Mr. Bigler, Mario Harwell, Samantha White, Mr. Chase. Will Be V.l.C.A. C.V.A.E. Leaders Members In Future wiv V.I.C.A. MEMBERS are: Row 1: Gary Hutchins, Rick Ragan, Gary Harrison, Emilio Herrera, Belinda Mesa, Donna Knight, Cindy Lynch, Wendell Griffin, Pam Leeds. Row 2: John Valle, Robert Herrera, Fred Grizzle, Kim Rouse, Joe Sanchez, Larry Miller, Linda Sparks, Norman Abbott, Phyllis Peacock, Donovan Gatewood, Jeannell Moore. Row 3: Larry Craftan, Bill Duke, Troy Chamberland, John Morris, Ken Ross, Elizabeth Macias, Linda Calva, Ross Traina. Row 4: David Christilles, Joey Wallace, Larry Bryan, Marsha Anderson, Joan Miller, Janet Vargas, Joe Ramirez, Mano Barberena, Mario Hernandez, Louis Garcia, Stephen Mooney. Row 5: Elmo Neal, Danny Miller, Gary Burton, Richard Rivas. Row 6: Rosie Cano, Viola Barrientes, Angel Castillo, Oscar Sanchez, Ricky Rodriguez, Evalinda Acever, Don- na Rodriguez, Nita Perez. Row 7: Kay Griffith, Her- linda Elizondo, Elias Lopez, Henry Lyons, George Ash- ley. Row 8: Gary R. Darwin, Jessee Sandoval, Cliff Valentine, Weldon Lambert, John Wall, Curtis Hoover. Row 9: Malcolm Williamson, Steve Warren, Gerald McLeod. Gerald Jones, Lee Arthur Wilson, Joe Bacon. Row 10: Charles Driver, Jackie Warren, Eugene Haynes, Jose Quintanar, Alex Gallegos, Tony Martinez, Robert Garrett. HS The purpose of the Vocational-Indust- rial Club is to unite students of vocational and industrial shops in the various high schools of the area. VICA promotes high standards of workmanship, scholarship, trade ethics, and safety. Through group action, they develop the ability to plan together and to organize and carry out worthy club activities and projects. In taking vocational and industrial educa- tion, a student member develops a know- ledge of industrial organization and real- izes the dependence on fellow workers. C.V.A.E. leaders are a new group at Tech this year. This is a group of the leaders in our freshman shops. They will later become members of VICA and con- tinue with their goals. ""xMh.v., ,ff v A Ayr' Q Q Mm A ifhkff ff ' ' . . . S8.I"'lIS S ECTS 70151 1 .. 'r W 'gf J if I , ,I 1 ' , nm fi .mv Q 4 wifi? N - A- t U1 YW: H SM' ,W -x ig X L 335339 HN ,Q li' ,mf ' - -we .. 2. 5.3: ' 151' T72 7 M Y - - ' 4 2 Rowfl: Leedig Aircrziftg Cindy Ibanez, Brick: Linda Barnes, Wood Shopg Judy Nabors, Up1101S1:er5FfRf'taiB1'0wn, Radio and TVg Sue Phemister, Household Appliance-sg Jeannell Moore, Commewial Art. Row 2: Becky Lopez, Print Shop: Diana Ragland, Data Processingg ViQ Peiia,f.Aum Mechanicsg Janet Vargas, Engr. Draftingg Teresa Barnal, Ind. Electrigrity ud1aK,y:tley, Auto Body, Linda Calva, Photographyg Carrolle Rodriguez, Dieselg Belinda Mesa, T6ch. Drafting. -W ., i lbw! wk? 'K ' 2 K 'sgE,5.. S id 2? x.4-ff Wa NEWSPAPER MEMBERS are: Row 1: Ruby Anderson, Doris McConnico, Sarah Vega, Delia Casarez, Sylvia Kirtley, Becky Lopez, Virgie Rios, Jeannell Earlston, Ellen Stone, Peggy Davidson. Row 2: Fred Grizzle, Alyse Williams, Linda Reyan, Brown, Sheryll Pena, Claudia Moore, Brenda Sharon Pecora, Vera Ruiz, Carl Kirtley, Kathy Green, Mike Moffitt, Brenda White, Debby Phillips. Row 3: Gene Willman, Yolanda Hernan- dez, Linda Aceves, Irene Rodriguez, Mike Pena, Elaine Garnett, Sharon Pinkerton, Paula Westbrook, Henry Westbrook, Frank Wetsel. Row 4: Ann Norris, Cathy King, Vicky Murphy, Nita Perez, David Capps. Row 5: Cynthia Boyer, Gregorio Martinez, Ann Shugart, Wayne Giles, Rufus Walker, Pat Gaitan, Benny Paredes. Row 6: Mike Gerkovich, Dennis Hamilton, Jim Jackson, Mr, Davenport. Newspaper Training Promotes Skills In Writing And EDITORS AND SPONSOR are: Ellen Stone-Co-Editor, Mr. Jerry Daven- lpjoirt-Sponsor: Ann Shugart-Co-Editor: and Alyse Williams-Assistant itor. 70 Typography ELLEN STONE, ALYSE Williams, and Ann Shugart look at a recent copy of the TECH BULLDOG for ideas for future stories. ,JOURNALISM STUDENTS practice making layouts for the lnewspaper. fr' 4 K CYNTHIA BOYER and Fred Grizzle work on a picture of Lyndon Johnson. They are two of the many journalism students who do art work for the newspaper. ' 1 JIM JACKSON and Dennis Hamilton work very hard to produce the pictures that appear in the paper. MISS PFEUFFER, a student teacher, assists Mike Gerkovich in preparing his newspaper article. CARTOONING IS A very important part of journalism and seems to be very interesting to Rufus Walker and Benny Paredes. LINDA ESCOBEDO, Claudia Kirtley, and Allen Drew file news- paper copy. 71 MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Ruby Davis, Gary Anderson, Kathy Miss Beard, Fernando Quintanar, Patricia Terrazas, Gayle Gist, Killsy, Janet Vargas, Patty Dockery, Kristi Dunsworth, Yvonne Connie Sananigo, Diana Knight. Row 4: Paula Sisco, Richard Butler. Row 2: Phyllis Peacock, Susan Shugart, Wesley Mc- Flores, George Lindsay, Gary Darwin, Larry Ratliff. Clelland, Diane Ragland, Tim Baldwin, Roger Buchanan. Row 3: National Honor Society ls Composed Of Scholarly People OFFICERS ARE: Miss Beard-Sponsor, Diana Ragland-Vice-President, Gary An- derson-President, Janet Vargas-Treasurer, Gary Darwin-Reporter, Pam Leeds- Historian, Fernando Quintanar--Sergeant at Arms, Phyllis Peacock--Secretary, and Mrs. Turner-Sponsor. 72 f I , : n l Sclixlcalsizy K 4' SEATED ARE Gary Anderson, Diana Ragland, and Janet Vargas at the initiation of the NHS officers. The National Honor Society is for stu- dents who have the ability to achieve good grades. These students have good, moral characters and respect for their school and community. It is a great honor for any student to be selected to join this organization. 1, V,.W ra, D.E.A.-V.O.E. MEMBERS are: Row 1: Guenda Thomas, Mary Lou Barbolla, Martha Krukulski, Nina Walker. Row 2: Adela Torres, Linda Dunlap, Shirley Harris, Jennie Mieczynski, Mary Helen Contreras. Row 3: Bonnie Salazar, Helen Flores. Mary Weaver, Shirley Roberts. Row 4: Mrs. Land, Judy Harris, Oma Allsbrooks, Juana DeAnda, Debra McFatridge, Charlene Dosser, Terry Ogden. Row 5: Lynn Clark, Pat Tillotson, Debbie Kenas, Becky Branson, Karen Kohn, Patsy Beard. CJ.E.A. -V.0.E. ls Active "On Job Training" Organization O.E.A.-V.O.E. members are trained in the use of office machines. Many of the students apply their office skills in "On the Job' situations. Several O.E.A.-V.O.E. members attended the State Con- vention in Houston and the National Convention in Fort Worth. OFFICERS are: Row 1: Nina Walker, Adela Torres, Helen Flores, Debbie Kenas. Row 2: Mrs. Land, sponsor. DATA PROCESSING MEMBERS are: Row 1: Mrs. Shahan, Yvonne Butler, Brenda White, Ellen Stone, Virginia Rios, Rickey Couch, Kathy Green, Diana Ragland, Patricia Terrezas, Gary Anderson. Rhodes. Row 2: Zelinda Hudspeth, Ruby Davis, Rex Lindsey, Cindy Scoville, Lowell Roberts. Row 3: Miss Beard, Arless Loftis, Craig Bush, Juanita Quinones, Chris Law- hon. Row 4: Matt Ostrem, Gayle Gist, Tom O,Brien, Frank Wetsel. Row 5: Sue Phemister, Danny Roberts, David Eubanks, Martha Marquez, Gary Lambert, Cindy Allen, Herlinda Elizondo, This year's OEA-Data Processing had a record enrollment. The size of the club has helped it very much in its activities, both socially and financially. They have held many money-making projects including Christmas wreaths and telling fortunes on the computer Judy Flores. Row 6: Patricia Beck, Butch Blanton, Donald Tay- lor, Carol Jackson, Juanita Cabral, Maria Laguna, Richard Lopez, Alicia Juarez. Row 7: Cipriano Chapa, David Talley, Richard Dominguez, Joel Urias, LeRoy Jackson, Kristi Dunsworth, Kay Griffith, Pat Marchioni. Row 8: Gary Souders, Daniel Duarte, Jerry Stewart, Kay Luttrell, Mary Ann Arteaga, Yogi Rodriguez, Raymond Calva, Cheryl Christian. Row 9: Danny Simmons, Marsha Anderson, Lydia Medrano, Rosie Cano, Thomas Cortez, Robert Hodges, Sally Miles. on Homecoming. Parties were held for initia- tion, Christmas, and a trip to Six Flags. The state contest was held in Houston on April 2, 3, and 4, and the National Contest was held during the later part of April in Fort Worth. 1970 O.E.A. - Data Processing Is Largest In Tech History OFFICERS AND SPONSORS are: Mrs. Shahan, Miss Beard, Gary Anderson-President, Diana Ragland-Sweetheart, Yogi Rodriguez Secretary, Lowell Roberts-Vice-President, Ann Shugart-Historian, Rickey Couch-Sgt.-at-Arms, Edmee Lohmer--Treasurer, Sue Phemister Parliamentarian, and Miss Rhodes. OFFICERS AND SPONSORS model the new O.E.A. blazers which were purchased by the club for them to wear. 5 EL Ava MEMBERS OF OEA went caroling at several nursing homes during the Christmas RICKEY COUCH and James Garwood enjoy them- holidays. ' ' M an-wsu sam gg Mm I4 Q fx ONE OF OEA's money making projects was the making and selling of IBM card Christmas wreaths. if mi, ' L., selves at the Initiation Party held at the Texas Refinery and Recreation Ranch. F Kgs? 4' it PAT TERRAZAS and Carol Jackson seem to be amused at some of the pranks at the initiation. I AT THE CHRISTMAS party, the club members enjoyed bowling, skat- ing, pool, and pingpong. 'AWE WON'T WRITE any more programs!" Some of the senior boys are determined to get their way. 75 Cffice Techniques Are Learned By OEA-VCE Members MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Claudia Kirtley, Brenda Hamp- ton, Becky Lopez, Rachel Zamora, Lupe Lopez, Ruby An- derson, Berniece Clayton, Wanda Duty, Felicia Crawford. Row 2: Jeannie Stults, Rose Fletcher, Yolanda Perez, Dora Cabral, Linda Davis, Gwendolen J. Dalmore, Debby Phillips, Helen Williams. Row 3: Jane Davenport, Virginia Mar- tinez, Elvira Najor, Bonnie Fruman. Row 4: Wanda Sanders, Della Cybuske, Lynda Gilbreath, Agustina Davila, Elma Chapa, Ann Norris. Row 5: JeanAnn Girard, Sue Holland, Linda Blevins, Debbie Parker, Gloria Garcia. Row 6: Bertha Obregon, Val Renew Johnson, Ruby F. Davis, Junanita Coronado, Gloria Camacho, Annie Torres, Kay Griffith, Paty del Bosque. Row 7: Sue Scott, Sharlene Cur- ry, Carol Dunklin, Joy Peppers, Joan Miller. Office Education Associa- tion Chapter :fqE3 is new at Tech this year. All students in the VOE Laboratory course are eligible for membership in the club. The main function of the club is to prepare students for office work and responsibil- ities. Many jobs are made available through the club. The National OEA Conven- tion will be held in Fort Worth this year. Many members will attend as official hostesses. Some members will enter com- petition with hopes of bringing home the ribbon. OFFICERS ARE:Wanda Sanders-Parliamentarian, Dora Cabral Historian Rose Fletcher -Vice President, Anne Torres-Secretary, Clauda Kirtley President Mrs Davenport Sponsor, Mrs. Webb-Sponsor, Becky Lopez, Treasurer Row 1: Herlinda Elizondo, Vinnie Brown, Ruby Anderson, Ber- niece Clayton, Sheryll McConico, Claudia Kirtley, Barbara Anne Johnson, June Dodd, LaVerne Fields, Cathryn Anderson. Row 2: Mary Alice Willars, Cindy Key, Oma Allsbrooks, Norma Marez. Auaora Fernandez, Rosie Can, Edmee Lohrner, Ann Shugart, P.E. Leaders Promote Physical Dexterity OFFICERS: Bemiece Clayton, Vice- Sally Miles. Row 3: Mary Helen Berrnejo, Juana de Anda, Geneva Foster, Rhonda Greer, Juanita Gentry, Lydia Medrano, Viola Barrientes. Row 4: Spsonor Miss Hays, Esther Gonzales, Zoe Anne Casey, Cynthia Green, Rogana Clayton, Carolyn Jackson, Marva Henderson, Linda McLe1nore. President, Claudia Kirtley, Treasurerg Miss Hays, Edmee Lohmer, Secretary: Ruby Anderson, President. hu- Row 1: Cleft to rightj Mary Weaver, Ronnie Sullivan, Kathy Kafka, Cynthia Galgiath, Felecia Martin, Sharon Jones, Mary Lou Cardenas, Brenda Hampton, Randy Hughes, Stella Aycox, Rosalinda Rodela, Rebecca Martinez, Zelinda Hudspeth, Paula Westbrook, Peggy Davidson. Row 2: Jen- nie Mieczynski, Sheryll A. McConico, Carroll Deramus, Gwendolen J. Palmore, Juanita Gentry, Debby Phillips, Cora Haynes, Linda Brutinstein, Yvone Butler, Gloria Berry. Row 3: Bibiana Lohmer, Magdalina Montlvo, Tracy Lambert, Becky Loftin, Barbara Conley, Wanda Kilgore, Edmee Loh- mer, Paula Sisco, Patricia Poe. Row 4: Mari Lambert, Felicia Crawford, Tommie Trevino, Joann Cunningham, Linda Calva, Debbie Simmons. Row 5: Anthony Goss, Paula Rodriguez, Theola Barrett, Jim Massey, Thomas Collett, Vance John- son. Row 6: Ardith Randall, Beth Slack, Ronny Linebarger, James Buchanan, Richard Rivas, Sue Phimister, Esther Gonzales, Elizabeth Macias. Row 7: James Hensey, Pete Lohmer, Mary Helen Bermejo, Herlinda Elizondo, Viola Barrientes, Alicia Juarez. Row 8: Elias Lopez, Joe Ramirez, Emilio Herrera, Gary Burton, Angel Castillo, Cathy Bermejo, Rosie Cano, Kay Griffith, Noma Masez. Row 9: Vivian Young, Debra Puse, Carolyn Thompson. The Bulldoggers is an organi- zation which boosts school spirit at pep rallies as well as games. They help in decorating the audi- torium for every game especially at the time of Homecoming. This year a new mascot has been added. Ronnie Linebarger, a senior, was our Bulldog. Bullcloggers Give Extra Support To Tech Teams OFFICERS ARE Mary Weaver, Peggy Davidson, Thomas Collett, and Jennie Mie- czynski. PERIOD 7 CHAMPS are: Lezley Nichols, Ruby Anderson, Sandy McGilton, Sondra Chambers, Cynthia Arnold, Elba Joyner, Vickie Lee, and Rosleyn Walker. Girls With Athletic Skills doin Volleyball Club FRESHMAN MEMBERS are: Barbara Blocker, Letha Baker, Dalphine McPherson, Claudia Stern, Mildred Irvin, and Martha Dunnan-Capt. RED CROSS MEMBERS are: Row 1: Claudia Kirtley, Linda Ramsey, Paula Sisco, Linda Calva, Jerry Roberts, Becky Perez. Row 2: Joyce Pfannstiel, Beverly Davis, Carrol Deramus, Michaela Perez. Row 3: Alan Shepard, Mary Lou Barbolla, David Jones, Virginia Carpenter. Row 4: Danny Bays, Gary Darwin, Annie Vasquez. Row 5: Roy Castillo, Henry Westbrook, Becky Bill. Care For Fellowman Is Goal Of Red Cross The Red Cross is an organi- zation of students who do care. The main objective of this organization is to help the less fortunate. Red Cross mem- bers are students who are in- terested in doing a good deed. This organization is composed of homeroom representatives whose main objective is to help the less fortunate. RED CROSS OFFICERS are: Becky Perez-Pres., Mrs. Rhodes Sponsor, Linda Calva-Sec. FNC OFFICERS ARE: Joyce Pfannsteil-President, Donna Knight --V. President, Martha Power-Secretary, Irlinda Campos-Treas- urer, J errie Woodall-Chaplain. FNC MEMBERS HAVE fun at their Christmas party. They filled 40 Christmas socks for children at Oesteopathic Hospital. Future Nursels Club offers students an insight to the busy world of medicine. Hospital field trips as well as being aides in our school nurses office are part of the format. FNC also sponsors many com- munity activities such as a "get togetherv for our elder citizens and children in our area hospitals. Future Nursels Club Encourages Good Health ,. . -,- , ,. ., .X we: FNC CLUB MEMBERS are: Row 1: Jerrie Woodall, Herlinda Elizonda, Anna Lopez, Viola Barrientes, Helen Williams, Eliza- beth Vasquez, Donna Knight, Irlinda Campos, Carroll Derarnus, Cathy Taylor. Row 2: Donna Montelongo, Martha Power, Ann Norris, Ginger Carpenter, Debbie Norris, Gloria Tatman, Cindy Lynch, Debrah Ednondo, Govenlanen Palmore, Felicia Crawford. Row 3: JoAnn Cunningham, Sydney Newland R. W. fSponsorJ, Mary Tipton. Gail Dennis, Joyce Pfannsteil, Lori Marcus, Bev- erly Humphrey, Shirley Birch, Becky Torrence, Paula Pitts. 81 HERE ARE Juanita Quinones, Gayle Gist, Sue Holland, Jesse Sandoval, and Richard Domin- quez getting ready to depart for the AY con- vention. OFFICERS ARE: Juanita Quinones, Gayle Gist, Jaynie Brantley, Richard Dominquez, and Jesse Sandoval. Mr. Gist is the sponsor. Allied Youth Teaches JAYNIE BRANTLEY GIVES a speech to a group of AY members at the Lake Texoma Lodge during an AY gathering. Allied Youth is one of the most active or- ganizations at Tech. It is made up of students who want to know the scientific facts about S alcoholic beverages, drugs, etc. Members of Q Q the organization are taught the importance of maintaining clean minds and bodies by avoiding alcohol and narcotics. The students ' enjoy sponsored activities to promote fun and fellowship without the involvement of these health hazards. MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Richard Dominquez, Cindy Stevens, Jeannie Stults, Linda Ramsey, Peggy Davidson, Yvone Butler, Kristi Dunsworth, Delia Casarez. Row 2: Marie Labadie, Henry Westbrook, Joy Sterns, Gayle Gist, Darlene Vines, Kathy Bermejo. Row 3: Zachary Ferguson, Tim Baldwin, Donna Mulligan, Debra Hairston, Ruby Anderson, Anthony Duncan. Row 4: Mr. Gist, Roger Buchanan, Jesse Sandoval, Janice Roberts, Linda Blevins, Sue Holland, Juanita Quinones. Row 5: Raymond Calva, David F orres, Esmael Placencia, Tyrone Ferguson, Sheryll McConico, Jaynie Brantley. MEMBERS ARE: lleft to rightj Row 1: Richard Rivas, Marsha Anderson, Joan Miller, Janet Vargas, Sheryll McConico, Alice Cole. Row 2: Carroll Deramus, Regina Benoit, Belinda Hudspeth, Emilio Herrera, Linda Breitenstein, Kay Griffith. Row 3: Angel Castillo, Joe Ramirez, Gary Burton, Cliff Valentine, LeRoy Jackson. Row 4: Elias Lopez, Oscar Sanchez, Mrs. Bette Ammann, Mr. John Campbell. Row 5: Linda Garcia, Pat Moreno, Ruth Cantu, Miss Barbara Hudson, and Gerald Jones. OFFICERS ARE: Mr. John B. Campbell, sponsorg Miss Barbara Hudson, sponsor, Ruth Cantu, treasurer, Janet Var- gas, secretaryg and Mrs, Bette Ammann, sponsor. Science Club Members Are Interested In The Basic Elements Cf Our Changing World Inquisitive individuals who Want to learn more about the chemically complex structure of our world and its inhabitants join Tech's Science Club. Various field trips are planned throughout the year to promote a better understanding of nature and its changing ways. PTSA MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Rick Ragan, Sheryll McCon- ico, Elmo Neal, Lorretta Aguilera, Rachel Richardson, Evangelina Rios, Patti Poore, Kathy Green, Diana Ragland, Claudia Kirtley, Peggy Davidson, Elizabeth Macias, Frank Wetzl, Mr. Hernandez. Row 2: Richard Dominguez, Virginia Rios, Rudy Briseno, Joyce Pfannstiel, Danny Roberts, James Garwood, Paula Westbrook, Debby Philps, Mike Shotwell. Row 3: Viola Barrientes, Pam Sisco, Larry Miller. Row 4: Kurtis Bell, Emilio Herrera, Her- linda Elizondo, Oscar Sanchez, Delia Casarez, Sylvia Pena, Joe Ramirez, Sue Phemister, Mano Barberna III. Edmee Lohmer, Phyllis Hunt, Fred Grizzle. Row 5: George Lindsey, Danny Mil- ler, Roy Griffith, Linda Breitenstein, Angel Castillo, Carroll De- ramus, Norman Abbott, Barbara Lane, David Garcia, Rosalinda Rodela. Row 6: David Talley, Gary Burton, Joanne Cunningham, Mary Helen Bermejo, Rosie Cano, Gayle Williams, Theola Barret, George Ashley, Joan Miller, Marsha Anderson. Row 7: Steve Terry, Cliff Valentine, Vickie Bargas, Yolanda Casarez, Sarah Vega, Henry Lyons. Row 8: Ricky Rodriguez, Ernest Ma- gallon, Jesse Sandoval, Mary Carmen Gonzales, Elaine Gate- wood, Getzie Murrell. Row 9: Mrs. Baldock, Anthony Goss, Meshelle Hill, Deborah Allen. P.T.S.A. Organized To Unite Parents, Teachers, And Students PTSA was designed to create a closer link between students, teachers, and parents. PTSA is similar to PTA, but the students are involved in ac- tivities also. The students also have a voice in what goes on in the area of improvements in and around the school, and on the school board. The first meeting of the Parent-Teacher- Student-Association was held on Jan- uary 27, 1970. Tech was the first in Fort Worth to introduce this newly formed association. OFFICERS ARE: Row 1: Martha Dunham-Citizenship Legislation, Patti Poore-- Council Delegate, Kathy Green-Council Delegate, Paula Westbrook-1st Vice Pres. Row 2: Mrs. Sam Garcia-6th Vice-Pres., Mrs. Roger Hunt-Secretary, Mrs. Odis Brimer-President, Mrs. William Pennington-Treasurer, Mrs. John Middleton-3rd Vice Pres., Mrs. Herbert Reid-Parliamentarian, Mrs. Carl Copeland--2nd Vice-Pres. hr 'IW-3, . ' :- 'Aki if SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS are: Mr. Hernandez-Sponsor, Gayle Williams-President, Sa- bino Cardenas-Vice-President, Letha Baker-Secretary, Henry Bermejo-Treasurer, Joe San- chez-Reporter, Rosalinda Rodela-Pan American Student Forum Chairman. Tech's New Spanish Club I-las Highly Active Year Foreign language is being offered at Tech for the first time this year. Students who study Spanish can further their knowledge of this lang- uage by joining the Spanish Club. Tech's Spanish Club has been highly active this year. Among the club's projects were bake sales, car washes, and basketball games in order to raise money to go to the State Convention in Austin. CLUB MEMBERS are: Juanita Sanchez, Alice Powell, Sharon R. Ray, Minyon McKinney, Cathy Bermejo, Lydia Rodriguez, Danny Barnes, Lou Marcus. Row 2: Rosa Marie Mejia, Cecelia J. Smith, Ruby Green, Ruby Rudd, Vicki Madewel, Irlina Campos. Row 3: Joe Sanchez, Gayle Williams, Catherine Ritter, Rosalinda Rudila, Larry Beaver, Peggy Hearne. Row 4: David Barrientes, Robert Rivera, Mary D. Milan, Tracey Nichols, Eva Rodela, Kenneth Robinson. Row 5: Oscar Sanchez, Teresa Camacho, Glenda Dewveall. Row 6: Sabino Cardenas, John Valle, Christine Sanchez, Kay Castillo, Rosie Cabral, Betty Brown, Letha Baker. Row 7: Joe Jaquiz, Alex Escamilla, Mark Van Velzor, Ricky Escamilla, and Henry Bermejo. MEMBERS ARE: Row 1: Lynda Robertson, Cindy Allen, Vickie Lee, Mary Lou Cardenas, Lydia Rodriquez, Row 2: Linda Breitenstein, Rachel Zamora, Darlene Smith, Sharon Martin, Irlinda Campos. Row 3: Sponsor Mrs. Haley, Maria Ramirez, Beverly Humphrey, Cathy Taylor, Gail Dennis. Row 4: Paula Minard, Tomasita Cortez, Sharon Crawford, Gwen Funderbuik, Vicki Bargas, Mary Helen Bermejo. OFFICERS: Sponsor, Mrs. Haley, President, Vickie Lee: Reporter, Mary Helen Bermejog Vice-President, Lynda Roberson: not pictured are Secretary, Cynthia Renteriag Treasurer, Olivia Castillo. Teen Library Members Assist In Locating Materials Creative Writers Join Voices Cf Literature Club 2 i ,A if is ri. . ' wa, an ,I ' - I 1 ji"w",54 BIOGRAPHY D ff- ,W , ,if ,,f1ff ? it it tfe if i 2 fl Fi' MAKING CLUB PLANS are: fleft to rightjz Esther Garcia, Lydia Rodriquez, Jimmie Duke, Ann Shugart, Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. Baldock. DISCUSSING GOOD LITERATURE are: fleft to rightb Willis Talley, Wesley McClelland, Ann Shugart, Jeff Jones, Mrs. Baldock, Mrs. Edwards, Lydia Rodriquez, Gerald McLeod, Jimmie Duke, and Esther Garcia. Voices of Litera- ture is a new club at Tech, which provides an outlet for creative writers to discuss their works with other individuals who have the same interests. Various forms of creative writing are discussed, such as poetry, short stories, novels, and plays. The club sponsors help the members polish their Writing styles, and one project for the school year is a literary magazine. Q: 5.1 H HS 2.1 .. if 21 15 lf 'EX QE 4 ' i H: SF 5 Q F21 1 +1-A -f Juwnscmm- .izauuunr ' nga: 'imnszg ,glni Wnen a grain of sand upon the beach proposed a different trend . . -"The Windmills Of T ePoRTe Busy Cheerleaders Enjoy A Break For Candy And Ice Cream l 'bl ra., Sylvia Pena Jeannell Moore Diana Ragland Janet Vargas Becky Lopez Virginia Rios Mack White Belinda Mesa Long hours ofpractice and school. keeping up with a very busy schedule have really been set forth by our Varsity Cheer- leaders this year. Under the supervision of Miss Beverly Biggs, they have done a very outstanding job of promoting spirit and representing our For the first time in a num- ber of years we have had a boy cheerleader, who has cer- tainly set a fine example for other boys to follow. We, the students, wish to thank them for their support and cooperation. ww .K C if w Jw wwe... .69 Wa gi BECKY LOPEZ BELINDA MESA JEANNELL MOORE hgh 'O-N War' :Sl 'QUQ Q01 I I SYLVIA PENA DIANA RAGLAND VIRGINIA RIOS JANET VARGAS N-.,,,-11" - M I MACK WHITE I KRYSTINA HORTON CINDY ALLEN DORA BARRON ELAINE FIGUEROA E55 nd' JIM KRUKULSKI ROSE OLMOS ft' CINDY STE PHE NSON 92 HBHTEHWI Cheerleaders Help Varsity Cheerleaders PAM LEEDS School Spirit The Junior Varsity cheerleaders are a great help to the Varsity cheerleaders as well as a most im- portant asset to the Junior Varsity teams. Rewarded by the spirit of the student body, they work very hard to encourage team support. They Work under the supervision of Miss Beverly Biggs, who has put out a great effort to sponsor both groups of cheer- leaders. OUR LAST PEP rally was held outside and was enjoyed by many enthusiastic students. x D. LINDA RODRIGUEZ TRACIE LEEDS GLEN RUSSELL GEORGE VON WALHDE Quarterback Quarterback Senior Junior JOHN DUNCAN LEAPS for a pass against Bishop Dune. Tech Trippeol By Bishop Dunne - Our fighting Bulldogs traveled to Dallas seeking their opening game win. Bishop Dunne, however, had other ideas. The Falcons slipped into a comfortable 20-8 lead, which they kept to win the game. The Bulldog of- fense showed great potential by outgaining the Falcons in total offense, 297 yards to the Falcon's 113 yards. HUBERT MILLER BOBBY ALMENDAREZ CARLOS RODRIQUEZ and George Von Wahl Quarterback Center de in on a tackle against Dunne. Sophomore Senior Cougars Conquer Tech 41-20 Our Bulldogs gave the City Champion Cougars a well fought battle. Our defensive and offen- sive units played a fine game. Craig Powell turned in a fine of- fensive performance, helping Tech give the Cougars a tough game. The final score was 41 to 20 in favor of Western Hills. JOE RAMIREZ AND Carl Rodriguez smother the Western Hills quarterback for a loss. Bryan Bruisee Tech 41-O The Tech Bulldogs took the road to Bryan, Texas, only to be beaten by one of the ranking state teams. The Bulldogs' de- fensive line fought valiantly, but to no avail. The offensive team also put on a great battle, but the Broncos took advantage of the Weary visiting team. HENRY WESTBROOK AND Craig Powell on defense against Bryan. RUDY BRISENO Linebacker Senior ANGEL CASTILLO Safety Senior BILL DUKE Guard Senior TYRONE FERGUSON EMILIO HERRERRA JOE RAMIREZ Guard Senior Center Tackle Senior Senior Southwest Tumbles Tech 4O- O CARL RODRIQUEZ Tackle Senior Southwest literally out played our great Trimble Tech Bulldogs. Our fighting Bulldogs did not have enough manpower to last from quarter to quarter. Craig Powell, Tyrone Ferguson, and Emilio Herrera were the games outstanding players. TYRONE FERGUSON, CRAIG Powell, and Henry Westbrook gangtackle Southwest runner. HENRY WESTBROOK MANO BARBERENA RICKY CARDWELL Halfback End Guard Senior Junior Junior Steers Stop Tech 38-12 THE DEFENSIVE UNIT analyzes the situation. Highlanders Handicap WALTER POTTER STOPS an Eastern Hills player. In our traditional Homecoming game against North Side, our Bulldogs were thrashed soundly by the Steers. Hubert Miller, a freshman, led the offensive team in a grueling 38-12 loss. Tech 42-O The Eastern Hills Highlanders securely defeated Tech, and dimmed the Bulldogs hopes of starting the team with a victory to open the second half of our schedule. Craig Powell sustained an injury on of- fense, and on defense, Joe Ramirez and Emilio Herrera played fine defensive foot- ball. The final outcome Was 42-0 in favor of Hills. JOHN DUNCAN End Junior CRAIG POWELL Fullback Junior 'AQH- HENRY LYONS TONY MONTELONGO End Guard Junior Junior Wyatt Wings Tech 27-12 At Handley Field, Tech and Wyatt squared off in one of the better games of our season. Wyatt, the 4A-9 di- visional champions, fought against a tough defensive line and an outstand- ing offense, led by the hard running Henry Westbrook. JOSE QUINTANAR End Junior GEORGE VON WAHLDE PITCHES to Henry Westbrook against Wyatt. FRED CORNELISON WILLARD MARTIN JIMMY NEWI-IOUSE Halfback Fullback Tackle Poly Pounds Tech 41 - O Poly pounded Tech in all depart- ments, except one, the fine fighting spirit that our Bulldogs possessed. The defensive team was outstanding under the leadership of Tyrone Fer- guson. The offensive team fought well, although the final score was 41-0. JOHN DUNCAN AND Henry Westbrook team up to tackle a Poly runner Terrell Topples Tech 33-14 CRAIG POWELL DISPLAYS his open field running against Terrell. The Bulldogs took on the mighty Terrell Panthers and came close to pulling an upset. Tech scored twice in the early going and had a good chance of winning, but the Panthers scored heavily late in the game and held our Bulldogs score- less. The final outcome was 33-14 in favor of Terrell. V Y ,Y WALTER POTTER ALEX WALLACE CLIFFORD BELL Halfback Halfback Manager Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Dunbar Downs Tech 35- 6 In our last game of the season, Tech fought an uphill battle against a rugged Wildcat line. Over- coming these odds, Tech managed to score, but the PAT failed and the final score turned out 35 to 6 in favor of Dunbar. ROGER TAYLOR Manager Junior 1 R WAETER POTTER TURNS on the CRAIG POWELL MAKES a tackle with some assistance from Ricky Cardwell. spee . "B" Team Shows Promise For Future M..-.W M N, 'LB' TEAM PLAYERS are: Row 1: Don Mooney, Elliot Mont- gomery, Edward Cooper, David Robinson, Dan Alcala. Row 2: George Conde, David Porter, Charles Brown, Donald Griffin, Dwight Blackshear. Row 3: David Briseno, Andrew Smith, Bishop Dunne Western Hills Bryan Austin Southwest North Side "A" TEAM 20- 8 Eastern Hills 41-20 Wyatt 41- 0 Poly 40- 0 Terrell 38-12 Dunbar 42- 0 27-12 41- 0 33-14 35- 6 100 GLEN RUSSELL STOPS Mike Luttrell of Western Hills. Cedric Thompson, Ricky Jones, Cyrano Revada. Row 4: Billy Holland, Tommy Jackson, Adolph Hawkins, Tony Willis, Racel Graves. Row 5: Jerry McKnight, Craig Hunt. "B" TEAM North Side 6 Western Hills 0 Arlington Heights 20- Southwest 27 Brewer 14 Eastern Hills Wyatt Poly Terrell Dunbar 31- 0 20- 0 6-18 43- 6 34- 0 CARLOS RODRIGUEZ IS injured in our Homecoming game. M , Freshmen Show Fine Team Spirit il Qui ""'-we FRESHMEN TEAM MEMBERS are: Row 1: Cyrano Revada, Craig Hunt, Dwight Blackshear, Dan Alcala, David Robinson, Edward Cooper, David Briseno, Adolph Hawkins. Row 2: Donald Griffin, Ricky Jones. Row 3: Tony Willis, Andrew Smith. Row 4: Tommy Jackson. Rochelle Williams Selected Football Sweetheart '69-'70 THIS YEAR'S FOOTBALL Sweetheart is Rochelle Williams. QYQQQ I ? .,,,.f, K 7 5 , ' I O R 7, W an 2 m 1 l A preo do 1 1 C I JERRY GONZALES ARTHUR HERRERA RON LIVINGSTON Forward Guard Center Senior Senior Senior I , ,..A, I .-v,, 3 ,.. .,,:l ,,.,.:.-E 5:5 GARY THOMAS JOHN DUNCAN Forward Forward Senior Junior Basketball Team Strives For Top A TECH FRESHMAN player drives in for a lay-up. CHEERLEADER JEANNELL MOORE leads a yell at our oufdoor pep rally. . ' is If ' K1 3 'A I I ,. .,. I I tk 2 TOMMY JOHNSON GEORGE LINDSEY CRAIG POWELL Forward Forward Center Junior Junior Junior Bulldog Team Puts Forth An Outstanding Effort During Season J: if mai' c DON GILBERT GETS the rebound against Arlington Heights. CRAIG POWELL AND Jerry Gonzales show fine tearnwork on defense. 1 .Sm .- rm r ,W ,,, 5 5 V,. f , JESSIE ROBERTSON CHARLES STUNSTILE Guard Guard Junior Junior Basketball Season Ends With A Win GARY THOMAS SHOOTS from the corner for two points. LUCKY NUMBER 13 shoots over the out-stretched arms a defender Nu-ij! I ' Ld .fl Y' I 'V ll ' if w F3 .ff , w .. 5 I Q I tj: tj , I M VV 'il , ' ,:' Lil' - f"': . ' ' ' I WM ' ,ji ' 2 A 5.1 . I s X! Q ., . V' 545 ails... 8. lfif UN sm fl if N'-Hu' wwf, fa 'KAN TEAM PLAYERS are: ffrontj Craig Powell, Charles Gales. George Lindsey, Ron Livingston, John Duncan, Tommy Stunstile, Jessie Robertson, Arthur Herrera, Cbackj Coach John Johnson, Jerry Gonzales, and Gary Thomas. H H A Team Basketball Schedule And Scores Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech 64 A.H.H.S. 76 Tech 46 Castleberry 55 Tech 56 Paschal 74 Tech 54 Paschal 68 Tech 70 Nolan 8 1 Tech 52 Bishop Lynch 59 Tech 69 Boswell 51 Tech 62 Riverside 72 Tech 73 Nolan 69 Tech 7 7 Brewer 55 Tech 69 Castleberry 7 3 Tech Leading Scorers Stunstile ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Stewart csssss Herrera asssss 73 Western Hills 71 64 Poly 66 76 Eastern Hills 95 55 I. M. Terrell 75 88 O. D. Wyatt 92 73 Dunbar 83 59 Poly 72 64 Eastern Hills 84 66 I. M. Terrell 91 62 O. D. Wyatt 77 61 Dunbar 60 ........341 ...11344 ...M228 CRAIG POWELL SCORES on a driving lay-up. 105 "B" Team Has Promise For Next Year ,fxfi "B" TEAM PLAYERS are: ffrontj Hubert Miller, Larry Donnell, Raul Herrera, Lee Manning, Jimmy Newhouse, Willie Simpson, Gegallii Jofifasg Qbackj George Ashley, Rooney Roland, Louis Shannon, Norman Hall, Alvin Hanson, Anthony White, Larry Cooper, an eece raves. Freshman Team Has True Tech Spirit FRESHMAN TEAM PLAYERS are: ffrontj Manager-Cecil Tunney, Robert Thompson, Elliot Montgomery, John Baxter, Victor Hambrick, Arthur Wade, Qbackb Coach Dooley, Donald Griffin, Johnny Johnson, Leroy Wilson, Leonard Hall, Benito Rangel, Andrew 106 Jackson, Edward Hickman, and Alfonso Stunstile. Track Team Prepares For District Meets . -W 4 ,,,,.,.,,,,. .4 . . VARSITY TRACK TEAM members are: Row 1: Lewis Gillie, Charles Kerley, Ray Banks, Robert Thompson, David Potter, Edward Cooper, Charles Jackson, Joel Carrizales, Walter Potter, Hubert Miller: Row 2: Craig Powell, Mike Vinson, Tyrone Ferguson, Johnny Johnson, Donald Griffin, Alponso Stunstile, David Robinson, Cyrano Revada, Duane Roberts, Leroy Wilson, and Coach Eldon Ray. ti W 44 X, ,Q W ',4l"wq I EMA, , 5. is.. is mi' '. aw rf, FIELD EVENTS UNIT: Row 1: Lewis Gillie, Charles Kerley, Donald Griffing Row 2: Leroy Wilson, Tyrone Ferguson, Mike Wilson. 6? , f . MILE RELAY TEAM: ffront to back! Walter Potter, Hubert Miller, Cyrano Re- vada, Craig Powell. TRACK TEAM HURDLERS are: Duane Roberts, Johnny Johnson, Ray Banks. ' Track Team Shows Competitive Spirit DISTANCE UNIT MEMBERS are: Row 1: Robert Thompson, Edward Cooper Row 2 Alphonso Stunstile, David Robinson, Joel Carrizales. 1 K, X w ALLEN DREW EMILIO HERRERA RANDY HICKS Senior Senior Senior Center Field Third Base Pitcher Q Non-District Schedule Gives Tech A Taste D Of Victory JESSIE ZAMARRIPPA GETS a single in our game against Terrell. S i ROGER OWENS Senior RANDY HICKS STRETCHES to put out a Dunbar runner. CatCh9I' Bulldogs Show Cutstancling Teamwork In District Play JAKE MERCADO Junior Center Field l NUMBER 10, ALLEN Drew shows his base running technique, at Trinity Field. M IKE VALLE Junior Shortstop JERRY STEWART ROBERT VELA Junior Junior Catcher Second Base RANDY HICKS MAKES the put out on a Dunbar runner as Roger Owens looks on. TONY WILLIS JESSIE ZAMMARRIPA LARRY BEAVER Sophomore Sophomore DONALD GREENER Second Base Pitcher Managers 1970 Baseball Schedule March 31 Tech Eastern Hills April 3 Tech Dunbar April 7 Tech O. D. Wyatt April 10 Tech Terrell April 14 Tech Poly April 15 Tech Eastern Hills April 21 Tech Dunbar April 23 Tech O. D. Wyatt April 27 Tech Terrell April 29 Tech Poly May 1 Tech Eastern Hills May 5 Tech Dunbar May 8 Tech O. D. Wyatt May 12 Tech Terrell May 14 Tech Poly JERRY STEWART GETS a single in a game against Dunbar. MIKE VALLE MAKES the turn at first base. "A" TEAM MEMBERS are: Row 1: Donald Greener, Mike Randy Hicks, Jessie Zammarripa, Henry Westbrook, Robert Vela Valle, Allen Drew, Jerry Stewart, Emilio Herrera, Jake Mercado, Sam Roscoe, Roger Owens, Tony Willis. Ruben Longoria, Larry Beaver, Row 2: Coach Bruce Ross, "B" Team Has Fighting Tech Spirit 1-gs lt r: '--i "BU TEAM MEMBERS are: Row 1: Steve Balle, Don Greener, Bob Smith, James Birdow, Kelvin Taylor, Eddie Wilburn, Gilbert Santiagog Row 2: Johnny Alvarez, Jessie Arriaga, Ernest Flores, Joel Urias, Victor Harnbrick, Luis Olague, Louis Ramsey, Charles Haswel, David Porter, Charlie Browng Coach Phelps is in back. BOYS' TENNIS TEAM: Mr. Campbell, Fred Herrera, Michaelangelo Williams, Bobby Ayala, Danny Roberts, and Chris Lawhorn Boys' Tennis Team Makes Good Showing In '70 The Bulldog tennis team entered two singles units and two doubles teams in District Tournament play. In boy's singles Michaelangelo Williams lost to Poly and Bobby Ayala was beaten 6-1, 6-3 by Eastern Hills. Doubles play found Wyatt overcoming Raymond Calva and Fred Herrera 6-2, 5-7, 9-7 and Chris Lawhon and Danny Roberts Winning a first round match but losing to a Kirkpatrick-Dunbar duo 2-6, 8-6, 6-1. .mi 'Wi P'-'T 'KK 'i f,'i?'i"4?'siK3'i fffiw' . - f m-f we :H f--f -My -f if , , , , W . ., . ,. f- ,A .w,f:W,:x, 1eM,Q.9ifH W, , '8x?,,?'lig ., - u - W 1 ' q5'ffi1ewe'ff1'qg,,-W1 ? egg - - ,gm "g, i'S,..'i.C'4i , , Xnliaigg lj if 'fn-'Z Nj fufff? Q- Hz? 'i.i"sfK.f1. ful, " 'I 4, S "tiff: '7f1-'s35iE'A ' ,, ' f :",, -W g 3,5 ,. ff,.m .,.f.r',1e,.v,' .tg A ,., HM tif f, V if J ' ' -figiwwffi TQ V ' "NA E" . 2,. ' ,ni A " . ,f UK. ifl " " V Ri VL, ' "dh ' ' i' TWA' "KWX2fKK -m5 7'-V37 K '15 777: 'f Y K ' 'Wi'f1vE4':'W?11e?ii5Y?f1fiY?efEe2:5 -,lfifi A"' 11- 1b ' 11, wwf-fl- -flfiw :fl-'4ssff5535?g1?"j A 793,53 -f, .- 1' .f :: ': "". ' Lvi115:,eg?2-Wfiiasefwegfkg .1 .1 , . L i,57 ,Af,HZL .mr A ,VLL , 5 A, -1 kk,, ,, LV,Fi,,E i,,L,fk, ., . ,i i V w ewiibwg, K WW L, ,fn , is INK" A ,. -aff.-frees , .' E . : K5 L1 V 57"gi,..QV'jA,Q:f 331 j glfgii QQ,-Igmf QIQNVjpgcfenki7i.fL3iQfi1,394w'lylljgaiwyf1Ki-f vi' '7 -ff- L5 K MK , VWWWQT if K. W fr- YK HKAQWAWZ, Wi 21535 Q, 'kgqwl Q7 M " H .-- - M A- f ' V ,M K . A 'i' ,J-f," , .f 'XQJSK7 fK7f .jf I W ,Q . I 75? ,CTW QASMQA ,,Q,,'fKk5,.H1' .1 ,fm ' 454 4 if i,,Q11f1gi?1,H jf if 1 ffl? fi , 'Q ' ' V- z fr V Hiiiiie ,W I - if gm' KmSg9'95giiiLiii54'fi?TT-iiffiffisffl-2-?izi:f'F5. 'E-'Ylli5fl,l'f'l Klff I :un 7'1'79"955:'i'i'Qifi'f wi ii.-i5553"'ilL-5:"Q5?5:f'Yllf filly- fK::"'11Agj5.,ZQK.5'9',,QK gfj'3,i.gjjQ Yi' ff: 4 4, ,V " fe A . ,L '7 ' ' -Riff' imsf1,?im, f ,fiQfJ,Q36"L., g"9.iifi :-N if -1-mei -f ,Q -1-f ,Mx-I W-wi. ,W ,M M ,.,,...-1 ,A . 1, ,. ,1 .L Q ,. - ' .V ,A in ,wg we W , l 7' A W' ' - A , r- A ' - ' ' 1 K K .. i H rfg?2'+fsffi'K. K, ""V 'Q K .W , 3 T , ' f ' wif, -- 'f H ',QLi.w. f , We , I f,. g ,- - ?:L5,iVf'ifY X 'I ' . '7 K V f N f' - ' S , A 'ifiil 'illif' f-. f ' -ef. M 4 1 S' GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM: Juanita Gentry, Pam Leeds, Cheryl Christian, Pat Marchioni, Elizabeth Macias, and Mrs. Poe. Girls' Tennis Team Represents Tech Well This Year Good Health And Teamwork Are Developed Through Athletic Competitions ,ix an 2 Y' on i 'fi l y J -Q. My .Z i11.-, , EV YEVAV V VVAV I I K 1' Q ifj f 1 31 My 3 Q WA at , , eeelt itt, L , e 1 e t lilel it t l l l i L .... , . . .. is f ---- ,1-7. ' 142-Lwf K : :zE'5'5:f:'fa Exim- 2:31--wggwi 55l-M5354 mfm:-,.w,.:,. .-Sv r:w3k?'+gz41:y, N2 'r fx.. I L, 'wJrfif?i7 1 2b,xfAswgK.w:,:,+ ,QM ,lb ,,L-we-,f-aww 4-:mag-wfuf+'wg 5 ' f' z, 4 ff, W 1, , ,JN . ri Wa - -W, ,,A-,. 1? -.-pw, "2 ' "'-T5 ifwrx-.ff , I, 3, F E A :.. 7 jf? W., ,,.,af Like the chiming of a silver bell proclaiming someones promise or fate . . -"The Windmills Of Time" STUDENTS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS for 1970 are: fleft-to-rightj Pam Leeds, reporter, Diana Ragland, vice-presidentg Phyllis Peacock, par- liamentariang Ron Livingston, president, Patti Poore, secretary, Irene Rodriguez, treasurerg and Carolyn Carter, historian. I The 1970 Senior Class ls Up, Up, And Away The Best Yet SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS are Mr. Ed Stebbins, Mrs. Elaine Snider, Mrs. Jeanne Middleton, 120 and Mr. Doyle McIntosh. Raquel Welch, Presi- dent Nixon, and Paul McCartney were only a few of the luminaries brought to Tech by the 1970 Senior Class - on the covers of magazines during their magazine sales campaign. School spirit was boosted by the Senior Class through the sales of football ribbons, home- coming balloons, and Tech folders. Another project was a Variety show made up of senior officers, workers, and faculty members. Norman Abbott Linda Abalos Marcello Aceves Kirk Adams Mike Adams Nathan Adams Milton Alexander Diana Allen Oma Allsbrook Bobby Almendarez Nancy Amend Cathryn Anderson Gary Anderson Joyce Anderson WHO'S AFRAID OF the big, bad football team? Members of the varsity team smile for the birdie. Ruby Anderson Steve Anderson James Amold Theresa Artz Renda Athey Stella Aycox Tim Baldwin Aubrey Ball Mary Lou Barbolla Alan Barker Sen lors Enjoy Last Year At Tech Linda Barnes Theola Barrett Dora Barron Charles Bayley Rita Barrientes Patsy Beard Patricia Beck Leslie Bergen Cathy Bermejo Theresa Bemal Al' own, Jane Berry Michael Binz Butch Blanton Linda Blevins Cynthia Boyer Donald Bainbridge Laura Brannon J aynie Brantley Rudy Bresino Louis Bridges Doris Brown Freddie Brunz Larry Bryan Elaine Bryant Roger Buchanan Bobbie Burleson ". . . BUT I'VE ALREADY LET the hem out of my skirt three inches, and my boyfriend likes them shortf' Danny Roberts clowns at the pep rally. "I DON'T CARE if you are Macbeth, give me back my fountain pen!" Danny fon the rightj seems to be having trouble with King Gary Burton. Mike Burns Gary Burton Craig Bush Gloria Camacho Richard Cano Karen Butler Robert Bynum Johnny Cabello Mildred Carmon Nancy Carpenter Dora Cabral Pat Gaitan Raymond Calva Ruben Cantu Dorothy Cary Marsha Cargill Seniors Meet In Auditorium '53 'N'-sq itffar we 'E1':-'V M. Q1 Carolyn Cartel' Bonny Casas Angel Castillo Rojelio Castillo Delia Casarez LOl1iS Cfwage Elrna Chapa Jack Church Janet Clark Linda Clark Bemiece Clayton Jerry Cleveland Carolyn Cochran Marshall Coleman Thomas Collett Esther Colon Barbara Conley Mary Contraras Sharlene Contreras Eddie Cooper To Elect Class Officers Linda Cordova Ronald Cornelison Juanita Coronado Ricky Couch David Cox David Cox Felicia Crawford Joe Cruz Linda Cunningham Sharlene Curry Dela Cybuski Floyd Dancer Peggy Davidson Gary Darwin Linda Davis Ruby Davis Juana Deanda Paty Del Bosque Evalinda DeLeon Rebecca DeLeon Baldwin Elected Student Body President Mamonepem "WHAT DO YOU MEAN there's no parade!" says Raymond Calva, pretending to be drum major, as he drills the band for the Veterans Day parade. "LETS SEE . . . PLAYBOY Club is not offered your sophomore year, Mr. Hampton." Yogi Rodriguez takes over as counselor for a few minutes. Allen Drew Bill Duke Anthony Duncan Ova Dunklin Vickie Ducker Wanda Duty Diana Dyer Brenda Earlston Martin Eivens - Gayle Eldridge David Elliott Mike Elrod Patricia Enriquez Anna Escamilla Hermelinda Escobedo Teresa Estel Joe Esquevel Gary Evans Patrick Evans Ignacio Felipe Robert Fictz Rose Fletcher Gloria Flores Helen Flores Barbara Fox Guadalupe Frausto Steve Fuller Dan Gadlin Linda Galinde Gloria Garcia Joe Garcia Louis Garcia Louis M. Garcia Patricia Gaige Robert Garrett James Garwood Joe Garza, Jr. Mary Garza John Gasparini Donovan Gatewood Ron Livingston Elected President Luis Gavia Mike Gerkovich Donald Gilbert Paula Gilbert MOH, BROTHER, HOW did I get mixed up in this crowd," thinks Stuart from Thailand to himself as he receives help from Tim Baldwin. Ron Livingston, Danny Roberts, and Pam Leeds. Linda Gilbreath Wayne Giles Lewis Gillie Susie Gomez Barbara Gonzales Betty Gonzales Hope Gonzales Jerry Gonzales Mary Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Of 1969-70 Sen lor Class Gary Gossage Kathy Green Wendell Griffin Frederick Grizzle George Guadarrama Brenda Haley Dennis Hamilton Tommy Hamilton Warren Hamilton Debbie Hanson Judy Harris Kathy Harris Shirley Harris Mike Hartman Marylin Haswell Wallace Hearn MIS MY LIPSTICK on straight?" asks Sylvia Pena at the costume party spon- sored by F.T.A. AMY HAIR TURNED into a bush after I drank that formula in my biology class!" Peggy Davidson displays her "charms" to friends Rhonda Stults, David Cox, and Warren Hamilton. Debbie Henderson Hope Hernandez Brenda Hendrix Richard Henry Sylvester Henry Clyde Hernandez Primo Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Cynthia Herod Arthur Herrera Emilio Herrera Robert Herrera Randy Hicks Robert Hodges Carolyn Holder David Holland Karen Holland Janet Holloway Charlene Hoover Gary Hopkins Zelinda Hudspeth Julie Hughes Randall Hughes Donna Hutchins 15 Av-mf 'H-wif' fm! Gary Hutchison Cindy Ibanez Pamela Ingram Jo Ann Irvin Carol Jackson James Jackson Juanita J aquiz Robert Jenkins Barbara Johnson David Johnson Eugene Wlllman Selected Otis Johnson Val Johnson Betty Jones David Jones Elba Joyner Debbie Kenas Beverly Kindles Cheryl King Patricia Kepley Debra Kirby Carl Kirtley Claudia Kirtley Karen Kohn Martha Krukulski Marie Labadie Gail La Douceur Daniel Lancarte Ray Lawson Band Beau By Musicians "WATCH IT, TYRONE! I said to fasten my necklace-not tickle my back!" Rochelle Williams, who was selected Football Sweetheart, receives a necklace from player Tyrone Ferguson. Johnny Leal Pam Leeds 0969 36 "THEY,LL NEVER FIND me in here," says Angel Castillo. Robert Lindsay Linda Lindsey Rex Lindsey Ronnie Linebarger Ron Livingston Nancy Lockley Arless Loftis Edmee Lohmer Kenneth Long Lupe Lopez Pete Lopez Rebecca Lopez Richard Lopez Chris Lawhon Robert Lowry Adele Lozano Patty Luther Bob McAllister George McC1endon Vickey McDonald Deborah McFarland Sheryll McConico David McGinty James McLe1land Al Macareno Cheryl Mandoni Jerry Martin Ray Martin Annie Martinez Gregorio Martinez Sensors Serve ' ' Manuel Martinez Virginia Martinez CD n Cut -Wad e y Gene Massengale Torninye Medina Student Council 'TD RATHER COUNT bunnies than sheep," smiles Fernando Zamarripa. "I-IURRY UP AND finish your bathg I'm tired of holding this leak!" exclaims David Holland to bathing beauty Curtis King. Seniors Yolanda Moron Delois Moore Danny Morton Josie Mosquida Johnny Mellugin Sally Miles Plan For J eanelle Moore Cartenaye Moten INS Bertha Mendez Janie Mieczynskl Danny Miller Mike Moffitt F u t u re John Morris Sue Morris Debbie Mulligan Pamela Mullins 'Inf Q? Sandra Mullins Raymond Munoz Elvira Najar Elizabeth Norris Thomas O'Brien Terry Ogden Rodger Owens Rosa Ozuna Gwendolen Palmore H. . . BUT MR. CAMPBELL, we don't want to cut up another frog!" Gary Hutchison and Lester Ray Martin have other things on their minds than frogs. 1grv'Q. 'ff' fffif' John Nichols Vivian Nicholson Rita Oliver Ramon Olmos Richard Pantoja Benny Paredes Debbie Parker Brad Payton Phyllis Peacock Don Pearson Sharon Pecora Sylvia Pena Joy Peppers Stella Perez Nita Perez Yolanda Perez Paul Petree Joyce Pfannstiel Sen lors Sponsor M agazlne Ricky Phemister Dale Phillips Debbie Phillips Barbara Piper Patricia Poe Kathalyn Polk Dan Polson Patti Poore Clifford Porch Eladio Portales Barbara Potter Marty Pyles Juanita Quinones Fernando Quintanar Diana Ragland Joe Rameriz Rosa Rameriz Tony Ramirez Steve Randall Larry Ratliff Drive To Increase Claes Funds "WHEN I SAID I wanted pie, I didn't mean in my facell' Danny Roberts gets deluxe service at an F.T.A. party from Yogi Rodriguez, Irene Rodriguez, Vangie Rios, and Virginia Rios. Domingo Raya Rickie Rector Manuel Regojo James Reid Juanna Renois Delia Reyna Hilda Reyna Linda Reyna Debbie Richardson Virginia Rios Richard Rivas Esther Rivera Roy Robbins Danny Roberts Sensors Travel To Dallas For Lowell Roberts Shirley Roberts "WHAT CAN I do next to make him change his schedule to get out of my class?" ponders Mrs. Helen Drake about Raymond Calva. Arnetia Robinson Anthony Rodriguez Donna Jean Rodriguez Irene Rodriguez Linda Rodriguez Ricky Rodriguez Yolanda Rodriguez Daniel Rosas Sam Roscoe Ken Ross Charles Rowe Vera Ruiz Stage Version Of M acbeth Larry Ruddick Glen Russell Linda Ruth Josie Saldana Gary Samuelson Oscar Sanchez Jimmy Sanders Ronald Sanders Wanda Sanders Jesse Sandoval l l 4 "OUR IBM SCHEDULES specified room 127 for P.E." Fernando Quintanar, Jerry Gonzales, Paul White, Danny Miller, Gary Thomas, and Arthur Herrera seem to need a program change. Robert Sapien Ruby Savage Sue Scoff Karen Scogin Barbara Scott Cindy Scoville Seniors Feel Sense Of Rose Sepulveda Richard Shafer Alan Shephard Patricia Shue Dolores Shugart Kathy Silva Frances Singletary Joe Soto Buddy Smart Rick Spence - KEEPING THE CAFETERIA clean are Peggy Davidson, Emilio Herrera, and Glen Russell and they "can" Brenda Hendrix. Debbie Stafford David Stanfield Melton Stell Virginia Stephens Achievement At Reaching Last School Year Robbie Stewart Ellen Stone Jeannie Stults Rhonda Stults Debra Sullivan Charlyn Taylor Donald Taylor Esther Taylor Patricia Terrazas Gwenda Thomas ,, Irene Tobias Becky Torrence Adela Torres Cynthia Uselton Victoria Valdez Cliff Valentine Randy Thurman Paula Tidwell Patricia Tillison Anne Torres Laura Trevino David Tudor Larry Vance Roy Varnell .V Helen Vega Sarah Vega Marie Vela ,pr-sf Letitia Walker Ninna Walker Rufus Walker Henry Westbrook Brenda White Dan White QUE' Marilu Velez Donna Waldrip Gloria Walker Charles Wallace Cindy Weaver Mary Weaver Nm. Mack White Paul White Darrell Whitsel Pamela Whitt Jane Wiggins 148 lf 3' 3 ??i 95 s i 3 1:11 ON-THE-JOB training is practiced by many Techites. Kathy Green and Carolyn Carter modeled for a newspaper advertisement at the Etcetera Shop. Harry Wilkerson Leo Wilkerson Gayle Williams Eugene Willman Alyse Williams X i ' W rdf? - ou., 0 .4 DISPLAYING TECH SPIRIT are members of the Commercial Art Department Rudy Briseno, Mrs. Anna Blair, Rufus Walker, and Ross Traina, as they pose in front of the new flag they made for the school. David Wortman Faye Wyatt John Young Fernando Zamarripa Rachel Zamora Rosalinda Zamora Phyllis Williams Rochele Williams Malcolm Williamson Sherry Wood Seniors Set The Pattern For All Underclassmen To Follow COME ON, CHICKEN! Dance a little bit closer! Ellen Stone and Mack White try out the latest dance steps at the Halloween party. 149 C .v JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS this year are George Lindsey, Presidentg Donna Knight, Vice-Presidentg Patti Dockery, Secretaryg Janet Vargas, Treasurerg Paula Westbrook, Reporterg Elizabeth Macias, Parliamentariang Kathy Kelly, Historian. Juniors Select Outstanding Leaders For '69-70 Semeeters This year's Junior Class, behind . the leadership of its sponsors and officers, has Worked hard and long to finance activities for their class. One class project was a volley- ,,-- NN. ff Xxl SIE' p pxp ypppc H , ball game involvlng faculty mem- K f r . bers and Students' JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS are Mrs. Curley, Mrs. Eisenmann, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Ross. 0 xx A I Mark Acusta Lonna Adair James Adams Darrell Alexander Billy Alonzo Arturo Alvarez George Alvarez James Ames Marsha Anderson Verna Andrews Juniors Contribute Teresa Arriaga Mary Arteaga M U C h To School Ray Banks Guillermo Barberena George Barbolla Kathy Bargas Spirit Theresa Artz George Ashley Debbie Atcheson Walter Atcheson Shirley Baccus Joe Bacon James Baker Mike Baker Wanda Baltzgar Cecilia Banda TWV! Xm- gov x 21 X f,,f1-Mmwnffwwf-Nswnawwwww-, Vicki Bargas Mike Barnes Joe Barrera Rudy Barrientes Raymond Beach Clifford Bell Jeff Bergin Maria Bermejo Mary H. Bermejo Gloria Berry Abbie Biggins Rebecca Bill LEWIS RAMSEY PUTS the deep freeze on Michael Johnson. TERRY ROBLES AND Ruben Lopez drink from the Fountain of Youth 'wav' Joi Blackwood Gary Bouders Deloris Boyce Jimmy Brown Leon Brown Rita Brown Juniors Struggle Through First Term Themes HUM-BOY, JUST as good as the cafeteria makes them!" Zachary Ferguson prepares to "finish off" this poor partly dissected frog. Linda Breitenstein Gerald Brown Jacqueline Brown Vinnie L. Brown Rhonda Burks Stephen L. Burns Yvonne Butler Juanita Cabral Santos Cabrera Vera Calton Linda Calva Johnny Camargo Irlinda Campos Rosie Cano WN-r so-My ffk NH? 4 Ruben Cano 555, is Mary Cardenas Rick Cardwell Luann Carey Virginia Carpenter May Carter Patty Carter Yolanda Casarez Zoe Ann Casey Gloria Carter Juniors Look Up To Seniors For Scholastic Ability Ernest Castillo Nicho Castillo Olivia Castillo Mark Cavage Darrell Chambers Michael Chambers Troy Chamberland Cipriano Chapa Rose Cisneros Jay Cheek Ester Colon George Conde Cheryl Christian Peggy Chupik David Church Bertha Clark Charles Clark Rogena Clayton Darrell Clements Anthony Cleving Regina Cockrum Donald R. Collins Janie Contreras Larry Cook fr 55 A C "EITHER YOU PAY the mortgage on the farm or e1se"' Sharlene Contreras exclaims Darrell Alexander to Gerald J ames. Tomasita Cortez Clano Cortez Joe Cortez Joyce Cooper Ralph Copeland Kenneth Cornelison Beulah Coslow Larry Crafton Sharon Crawford Susan Crider Margie Cruz Lonnie Cummings Joann Cunningham Thomas Dangerfield Richard Daniel Mary Jane Daila Juniors Place Orders For Senior Rings Roy Davidson ISHBC Davis Robert Davis Rollins Dean Patti Dockery Lorena Dowell Chl-is Drake Margie Diaz Daniel Duarte Duke John Duncan Lavanda Dunn if 2. i Wanda DeHart Clara Duarte Kristi Dunswoth Bobby Evans Albert Feeney Pat Ferguson Zachary Ferguson Aurora Fernandez LaVerne Fields Joe Figueroa Sue Fishburn Joe Duque Bill Edgar Deborah Edmonds Cheryl Edwards Herlinda Elizondo Robert Elliott Charles English Norma Epperson Bobbie Erlie David Eubanks "I'M GOING TO find out what makes this thing tick!" says Johnny Ramas of Radio and T.V. Alrnarez Florence John Flores Judy Flores Margaret Flores Richard Flores Margie Forbes Geneva Foster Sharon Fowler Joseph Fox Gail Franklin Steve Fults David Futrell Alex Gallegos Angelina Garcia Charles Garcia David Garcia Elva Garcia Esther Garcia Rosanna Garcia Barbara Gardener Malcolm Gardner Ray Garza Susan Gaskell 8 y ,JP . , ' 'ff '-3 Debble Gasklll L Mike Giuie Herbert Gillihand Jeanann Girard Gayle Gist Bill Godfrey Juniors Learn To Accept Responsibilities Of Student Council Cecilia Gomez Rita Gomez Celestino Gonzales "W-Wi Christine Gonzalez iii ,ffm D ' .gg b . , . 2. Esther Gonzales Joe Gonzales Robert Gonzales Stella Gonzales Sammy Govea Donna Grant Reecel Graves Cynthia Greer 6 Earline Grice Johnny Griffin Sherri Griffin Elizabeth Guajardo James Guckian Wesley Guckian Joe Gutierrez Liz Gutierrez Alice Guzman Robert Hammonds Mike Hare James Harris M 2 Mamie Harris Gwenda Harrison Lucy Harvey Thomas Hastings Eugene Haynes Peggy Heame Linda Calva Elected Pamela Hedgpith Marva Henderson Mario Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Albert Herrera Albert Herrera 'if O Mike Holland Curtis Hoover Cheri Howard Kathy Huey-you Jerri Huffman Elizabeth Herry Kam Hester Randy Hicks Jacqueline Holmes Jim Hunt Cynthia Hunter Fred Herrera Mary Alice Herrera Vangie Herrera Gary Hutchins Band Sweetheart 69-70 Swv' L V . , . iv' Brenda Jackson Carolyn Jackson Cynthia Jennings Dorian Jackson Fred Jackson Leroy Jackson Ramiro Jayme James Johnson QE' -L- A , Lamar Johnson Marilyn Johnson Melissa Johnson Patsy J. Johnson Rita Johnson Vance Johnson Robert M. Johnson David Jones Debbie Jones Ivy Jones Toni Jones Juniors Work To Sponsor Senior Prom Tammy Jones Kathy Kelly I J Alicia Juarez Linda Kachel Kenneth Kafka Michael Keener Charles Kerley Kay Kerley Cindy Key Doug Keys VM Denise Kilman Cara King Jean King Diana Knight Donna Knight John Knight John Kropka Maria Laguna Gary Lambert Cecilia Lawcarte Weldon Lawless X Mike Lavender 'V sw 1 . ,Jr i DIFFERENT... iam' "GEE, MRS. ALEXANDER, does it really work?" asks Mrs. Snider about the new soft drink machine in the teachers' lounge. MRS HALEY SHOWS off the new copy machine in . - If ji? the library. Gail Lightfoot George Lindsey Brenda Lockaby Ronald Long Ruben Longoria Phylis Lopez Richard Lopez Kay Luttrell Cindy Lynch Henry Lyons Elizabeth Macias Gilbert Magallon Dennis Lawrence Vickie Lee Pat Lewis Jess Leyer Neisha Mann Howard Lee Mannan Mark Manske Patricia Marchoni Juniors l M Norma Marez Maria Maron Mark Marquez Martha Marquez Cheri Martin Willie Martin James Martinez Manuel Dodie Mary Helen Martinez Rose Martinez Tony Martinez Victor Martinez Martinez X JN l x , K A ! xk.r V RA wo i o QQHITTHNCQIT M ' fl , IiINDA CALVA DEMONSTRATES the art of obedience during her chemistry c ass. Sharon Mason Shelia Matlock Vivian Matlock Charlene McAdoo Rene Mata Janie Matheson Dennis Matherson Jimmie L. Massey Kenneth McArthur Michael McGraw Marilyn McGuffey Gerald McLeod As Seniors Prepare For Graduation Linda F. McLemore Lydia Medrano Andrew Mendoza HYES, YOUR NOSE is running a temperature," says Nurse Newland to Donna Mayhew. Jake Mercado Greg Merrill Belinda Mesa ' . L -, , Patricia Mercado Barry Metcalf Mary Meza Sara Meza Christine Miller Joan Miller Darrell Mills Donna Milsap John Misner Juniors Look On In Anticipation MRS. SNIDER EMPHASIZES the importance of correct spelling on English assign- ments to Virginia Carpenter, taking long measures to see that this is carried out. Pam Monk Florentino Montalvo Diana Montelongo Jessie Morales Salvador Morales Susan Morgan Nomlan Moreland Becky Murphy Jim Nance Roland Navejar Elmo Neal Tony Montelongo Raul Montes Rick Montey Billie Moore Donna Morrison Gary Morrison Richard Mosley Abram Munoz Juniors Take An Active "LET'S WIRE THE machine to do our English homework for us," says Herlinda Elizondo to Linda Williams and Patty Dockery. Charlene Nesky Gary Nobles Oscar Nombrano Debbie Norris Pat Payne Monica Paine Kenneth Paddock Margaret Pade Bertha Obregon Vicki Osburn Sharon Overby Lee Owens Kristi Paprskar Rachel Paredes Elouisa Pecina Gloria Pendley Part In Homecoming Activities 'TLL TAKE a check if thatis all you have," says Cecilia Banda to Mrs. Main during a holdup. Bobby Pennington Richard Perry Danny Placencia Connie Pool Martha Power Ray Perales Sue Phemister Ismael Placencia Jon Porch Abe Prince Becky Perez Darrell Pigg Elizabeth Perez Lawrence Perez Juniors Take PSAT Preparing Elaine Porter Bill Pugh "MICKEY MOUSE WAS never this hard to drawf' says Albert Herrera. Emma Quinonez Nathan Ramirez -" " ' " R Zx Jose Quintanar Rick Ragan Herminia Ramirez Marie Ramirez Linda Ramsey Joe Rangel Michael Rangel Ricardo Rangel To Take Entrance Exams HERE COMES Mr. Byrd, as portrayed by Ronald Long. Susan Reeves Cynthia Renteria Ruben Renteria Daniel Resendes Mariana Reyes Reynaldo Reyes George Razo Rebecca Rector Lucy Reyna Diana Reynosa Janet Reznicek Linda Roberson Kenneth Roberts Jessie Robertson Teresa Robles Augustine Rodriguez Gloria Rodriguez Larry Rodriguez Lydia Rodriguez Steve Rodriguez Juniors Study American Literature ,,,,',,.gf an alwmuln i! "HOW Dean. DO YOU spell WHAT?" exclaims Mrs. sa X ,r,. "NO, SHAKESPEARE NEVER wrote for PLAYBOY magazine," Mrs. Edwards informs a student. "THIS ALL GIRL class has got to go," thinks Mrs. Bee- man. 7' Aureho Rubio Kim Rouse Rene Rublo "RUB A DUB dub, 5 wiennies in a tub!" Rufus Walker, Carolyn Carter, and Com- pany enjoy outing at Six Flags. Mary Saldana Derrick Rutland Micky Ryals Isaac Salazar Irene Saldibar Emma Salites Deanie Saltzgiver Connie Samaniego Estanislao Sanchez Joe Sanchez "IT'S A BIRDg itls a planeg no, it's Superman??7 Mr. Davenport and part of Annual Staff enjoy picnic at Six Flags. 4 "4-3-2-1-Blastoff!" exclaims cheerleader Be- linda Mesa. Joe Sanchez Mary Lou Sanchez Wilmoth Sanders Tim Sawyer John Scott Sharon Scott Ginger Sensabaugh Brenda Shannon Mike Shotwell Juniors Use Microscope To Susan Shugart Jeannie Simpson Bobby Smith Shannon Smifo "WHATS IN YOUR bag, Mr. Jones? Darlene Smith if 5,1 wi "I THINK I turn left here," thinks Juanita Quinones. J onita Smith Karen Smith Linda Smith Bessie Smitherman Vada Snow Angelina Soto Johnny South Linda Sparks Calvin Spears Study Nature In Biology PSM n '- Q Q ' ,A "AW SHUCKS, I thought this was an X rated filmstrip," says Mrs. Middleton. E Larry Stallings , Versie Stephens Jerry Stewart Shirley Stoy Sandra Strahand Mickey Strain Clifford Spencer Becky Stafford E ., ppz rx if I : ri.,- 'K-iiiffe. ' - A . . 1 ' V :4. N if F C K 40? gg ,ziiif sais .1 ..,L,. ...,. f 1. N, V ...,: in S Susan Strawn Russell Strong Charles Stunstle William Sweeney Charles Tabone David Talley David Tarver Gloria Tatum "NO MARSHA, THIS is a keypunch - not an adding machine." Miss Rhodes corrects a student. ,nm vm-,N Carol Taylor Paula Taylor Roger Taylor Effelda Teal Ted Teeter Becky Thomas Fred Thompson Michael Thompson Beth Thornton Dennis Thornton Thomas Toles Curtis Toombs David Torres Jessie Torres Peggy Tudor Rosario Tovar Virginia Trujillo Rebecca Upshaw Margaret Valdez Teresa Valdez Dorothy Townsend Roger Tribble if " , rniil .ff .nf K . Joel Urias Mike Valle Patsy Valle Joe Van Velzar Janet Vargas Danny Vasquez Otila Vasquez Raymond Vega Delores Velasquez Lorenzo Veloz Jaborah Verge Charlie Vickers Darlene Vines Mike Vinson George Von Wahlde Charles Wallace Herbert Walton Sharon Warren Steven Warren Billy Waits Linda Weldon Paula Westbrook Karen Wheat Gary Wheeler Johnny Whisenant Kendrix Wilburn Elaine Williams Helen Williams James Williams Linda Williams Alice Willars Michelangelo Williams Weldon Williams Sarah Willars Trini Willars Rickey Willis Gary Wilson Lee Wilson Marsha Winters Doris White Jerie Woodall Craig Workman Barbara Worley David Wright Brant Youngblood Mary Youngblood Milton Youngblood Debbie Zachry Betty Zammarripa Tony Zapata James Zumwalt will :vii rs:-1:-A fix WSW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS are: Daniel Alcala, Presidentg Debra Hairston, Vice-Presidentg Gayle Oxford, Secretaryg and Felecia Martin, Treasurer. ,,,,.f SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS are: Mr. Ray, Mr. Russell, Mrs, Smith, and M rs. Ammann. Efficient Officers And Sponsors Lead Sophomore Class The Sophomore Class has been the largest enrolled in many years. Even though they got a late start in the school year in selecting their officers, they have more than made up for loss of time through their enthusiasm and hard work. Four highly capable teachers, Mr. Ray, Mr. Russell, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Am- mann, have helped to maintain a successful sophomore year. ,, wg zgiiz , i Johnny Aceves Daniel Ale-ala Darlene Alexander James Allgood Jeannie Allen Steve Almendarez Alice Amador Annette Anderson William Anderson Steve Andrews Gary Arnold Ada Avina Robert Ayala Linda Baldock Donna Ball Linda Ball Helen Barrera Mary Barrera Raymond Barrera Ramona Barrientes Roy Barrientes Viola Barrientes Alice Barron Donna Beeman HGEE. I ALWAYS wondered how Santa got down this chimney," says Oscar Hill. Buford Blocker Roby Bookman Jayneen Botkin Roger Bowman Merion Brannon David Briseno Mario Benavides Doris Benton Frances Berrnejo Sally Bermejo Johnny Berner Brenda Berry David Berry Mark Birmingham Dwight Blackshun Becky Blankenship UGEE I'VE HEARD of fast mail service, but this beats it alll" Shirley Birch picks up the mail in the James Brock Russell Brockett Billy Brown Kathryn Brown Shirley Brown 'Q J' Joe Byerley Juanita Cabello Maria Cabral Ramon Cabrera Joe Calva Kenneth Campbell Margie Campbell Carolyn Cantrell Mario Benavides Nora Binnion Charles Brown James Buchanan Terry Burgess Sophomores Cram For Final Exams .Je Rachel Cantu Mario Cardenas Janice Carouthers Michael Carouthers Norris Carrington Nora Casas Deborah Casson Willie Castellon Arthur Castillo Russell Childress Steve Chittender David Christilles Robbie Christine Esther Chapa Manuel Chapa Frances Chavez Bert Castillo Rose Mary Castillo Ruth Castillo Ada Cervantes Sandra Chambers MGOING ONCE, GOING twice, sold to the little green man with the purple ears!!!l', Rita Brown and assistant have fun in H.E.C. Kenneth Clark Linda Clark Sammy Clemons Alice Cole David Collins Paulette Collins Sandra Comer Lulu Contraras Mary Contreras Mary Contraras Donna Cook Shelia Coonfield Edward Cooper Larry Cooper Fredrick Cornelius Johnny Cortez Jimmy Cortez J immy Cortez Pat Couch Jerry Cravy James Crowler Lottie Cumby Richard Daily John Dale Margaret Daniels John Davila Deborah Davis Glenda Davis 185 James Davis Mildred Davis Glenna Davisson Albert Delaney Rosie Delgado Gail Dennis Patricia Dennis H, Vickie Dewveall Earnest Dial Daniel Diaz Johnny Diaz Ricky Diaz Doris Dill Irene Dominquez DIANA DYER GIVES Maque Quintinas the full treatment in cosmetology. Sophomore Girls Try Out For Cheerleader W Larry Donnell Janice Doss Micheal Duke Charlyenne Dumas Janice Duncan Debbie Dunlap Dean Duque Joan Eanes Karen Earl Alex Escamilla Kay Estes Cecil Evans Frank Favors Johnny Ferguson Elaine Figueroa David Flock Silverio A. Flores Steve Ford Freddy Gobea Phillip Gobea Sophomores Enjoy First Homecoming Cynthia Galbiati Fred Galindo Mary Ann Gauardo Fred Galindo "NOW YOU DO my homework and I'll huy a boy doll for your friendln Jeannie Allen makes promises to her little friend. tm 1 1. A A ' 4 Wi i jx 1 Elaine Gatewood Pamela Geffonteo Mike Gifford Ar A l l l Juanita Gentry wi .f use Margarita Garcia Raymond Garay Tony Garay Ben Garcia Irma Garcia Linda Garcia Joseph Garivay S Q p h Q rn Q re 5 Frank Garza 'KI TOLD THE counselor I didn't want to take typing' shouts Cynthia Henkel as she demonstrates how to get your finger caught in the key hoard. Terry Gilbert Marilyn Gilbreath Debbie Gillings l' 41: Dewaine Gleason Andrew Gomez Arthur Gonzales Anthony Goss Brian Graves Add Noise And Enthusiasm To Pep l gi 3. In "4?fSx XM - -41:37 4-.u..., Robert Gray Rhonda Greer Jackie Grizzle Linda Guajardo Mary Helen Guerra Rallies Mary Gutierrez Juanita Guzman Norman Hall Beverly Hamilton Deborah Hamilton Diane Hammer Gary Hammer Davey Hampton Susan Haney Alvin Hanson Cheryl Hardin David Harrison Gary Harrison Adolph Hawkins Ruth Hawkins Wiley Headrick Linda Heath Nathaniel Henderson Cynthis Henkel Amanda Hernandez l 189 Maria Hernandez Carl A. Hernandez Hilario Hernandez Margarita Hernandez Ramon Hernandez Robert Hernandez Rachel Herrera Raul Herrera Sophomores Study Julius Howard Higgins Jeanette Hill Mary Hill James Hinsey Billy Holland O' Judy Holloway Sue Hopkins David House Linda Houston UNO FACULTY MEETING!" Mrs. Mur phy finds this to be an awesome statement ff I' Deborah Howell Eddie Hughes r 4 'XM 1 1 Johnny Hughes Craig Hunt Caesar In English "IS THIS THE cheapest place to wash clothes? I'm a school teacher, too." Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Beeman have the same problem. Ramona Ibanez Sharon Ideus Joy Ince Eddie Ingram Robert Ingram Connie Inocencio Charles Jackson Earl Jackson Joe Jackson ,. 'H J? .-. . V I f J 'i ,if will W F1 C X i , K S Volney Hughes Sylvia Hunter Phyllis Hunt Donny Huston js., Tommie Jackson Emmett Johnson Patti James J ackxe Johnson Gloria Jones Isabel J aquiz Norma Johnson Ralph Jones Shirley Jones Jimmy J ewett Mary Jimenez "GOOD MORNING, STARSHINE Donna Johnson . . . the earth says hello!" Miss Moore looks as if she has just awakened from a dream. Roy Johnson Rickey Jones Ronny Julian Roger Keeney Betty Ann Keeton Betty Lou Keeton Wanda Kilgore Mary Ann Kimble Joyce King K'THERE'S ONLY ONE way out!" Donny Reeves practices the latest escape method, Ira King Larry Kirby Jim Knlkulski Raymond Lackey Rosa Laing Tracey Lambert Weldon Lambert Ruth Latigo Vicki Lawrence Bill League Lynn Lee Sharon Lee David Lemons Leoma Lawless Karen Lester Nznslf 'xr r, - aw ,-.,,'-'il I X MQ? ::-:: '- sings ,, f Peter Lohmer Roy Liles Linda Lindsay Jesse Livar Harold Lockley James Love Susie Luck Shirley Lones Robert Longoria George Lopez Mike Lopez "THE HEADLESS DRAFTSMAN strikes again!" Melvin Luttrell Arthur Martin -ir Liar, - 2' Brenda Lynch Bessie Madkin Diana Magallon Edwin Martin F9liCi8 Martin Willard Martin Lee Manning 3 hmmm: .ai "I TOLD THEM not to look at their feet!" Dumb Major Raymond Calva leads his fearless band. Sophomores Join Tech's Many Clubs Sandra McDaniel Helen Martinez Albert Martinez Janet McFarland Johnny Martinez Sandy McGilton Felix Martinez Donna Mayhew James McLeod Larry McClanahan Tim McMullen Arthur Meakin III 6 Faustino Medina Lyle Medlock Sarah Mena Armando Mendez Irene Mendez Mary Mendoza Ufemia Mendoza Meshelle Mill "IT'S YOUR TURN to play the horse!" David Berry seems to be getting the better end of the deal than Larry Abraham. Brenda Miller Eddie Miller Larry Miller Linda Miller Mary Millsap Paula Minard Aurelio Miranda Tim Montoya Ben Mooney Don Mooney Stephen Mooney "YOU FORGOT TO finish dressing before you came in here Donald Moore from P.E.," whispers Barbara Blocker to Larry Osier. Patricia Moreland Randy Morgan Harry Morris Janice Morrow "OH, THEREKS TI-IE key for 's'!" rejoices Deborah Allen. Richard Morton Joe Mosley Paula Mosley Donna Mulligan Carlos Munoz Mario Munoz Carol Murkeldove Shari Murray Deanne Narvis Dianah Narvis Jimmy Newhouse Debbie Nanert Donny Narvis Getzell Murrel HMIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL . . . Snow White wins again as Jimmy Newhouse primps in front of Mrs. Beeman's mirror. Sue Nelson Vickie Newhouse Magnolia Newton Cory Nichols Lesley Nichols Gordon North David O'C01'1H01' Amy Ornebs Amy Ornelas Susie Ortega Frances Oretgon Ernie Ortiz World History Opens A Fascinating World Of The Past To Sophornores Joe Ortiz Maria Ortiz Tommy O'Toole Toni Overby Bobby Owens Gayle Oxford Michael Oyervides Jose D. Pabon John Parsons Walter Patter "HER ANSWER MAY be wrong, but it's better than nothingf, says Ronnie Sullivan as he looks on Janice Morris' paper. Q mai Shelia Pearson Mary Pecha Barbara Perez Belinda Perez Elizabeth Perez Rosie Perez Bonita Phillips Leonard Phillips Earnest Poiter Daniel Portales David Porter Helen Portis Willie Powell James Price Miguel Quintanar Maria Quinonez Jody Rager Ronda Rainwater Ernest Ramirez Ramon Razo Frank Ramos Gregory Ramos Ardith Randall Beatrice Rangel Martha Rangel YOU NEED A pass to get through the halls at Tech!" Rickey Smith makes sure everyone has a pass. Billy Rectgr Harold Rector F ut u re Loo ks i 'W K V , id,,,.,,5g , " j I f l P' Debra Reese John Reese Donny Reeves Rachel Renteria Cyrano Revada David Lee Reynolds Pamela Richards ijt, Good For Sophomores Cecilia Richardson Steven Richardson Donald Ritchie Tim Rivera Duane Roberts Janice Roberts Joe Roberts Terri Roberts David Robinson Robin Robinson ,vt y Carrole Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez Freddie Rodriguez Linda Rodriguez Paul Rodriguez Paula Rodriguez Rosalie Salas Raul M. Rodriguez Rodney Roland Patricia Ruth Carolyn Salas Janie Salcedo Alvarita Sanchez Joe Rosales Arthur Rosalez Adam Ruhio Laura Ruiz Mary Ruiz Richard Russell Cecilia Sanchez David Sanchez Homer Sanchez Jose Sanchez Sophs Begin Year With Enthusiasm Thomas R. Sanchez Joy Sanders Charles Shackelford Patty Sanders Louis Shannon Yolanda Sides ssss fx ,s,n l or 49? i fm "HERE COMES THE teacherg pretend you're studying!" says Donna Cook, to Jo Ann Roddy. Vikki Schultz Donald Scott Perry Scott Linda Shaw William Shifflett Bobby Shugart Kenneth Silmon Debbie Simmons Willie Simpson John Singleton Pamela Sisco Beth Slack Debbie Slayton Cecelia Smith Harold Smith Mary Soto Jacqueline Smith Joylene Smith Rose Smith Deborah Smitherman Rickey Smythe Sharon Spears Joy Stearns Cindy Stephenson Cynthia Stevens Mary Stewart Cordelia Stiners i Techitee Are Encouraged By Teachers 204 Paula Stovall Norma Lee Stoy Pam Strong Barbara Talley Willis Talley Leon Taylor Effelda Teal Bobby Terry ...ff MZZZZZZZZZZH . . . Linda Calva enjoys the auditorium program. Nancy Thomas Ricky Thomas Barbara Thompson Carolyn Thompson Cedric Thompson Ronnie Thompson Thomas Tidwell Janice Tilley Brenda Tillmon Mary Tipton David Tovar Terri Townsend Janice Tremble Pete Trevino Tonnie Trevino . "AND LET ME say this about that . . . ," says Mr O'Connor. 6 'Jie -i 'f .af-127 .- szgeisfls fe . 1-Q1 11 .es gig: Steve Valle Anthony Van Sickle Eva Vasquez Sylvia Vasquez Gloria Veliz Frank Verdecenna Randy Triplett Felix Trujillo Timothy Tunsthe Archie Turner Richard Urias Carmen Valdez Rudine Valdez Janice Johnson Valentine Robert Valentine Juan Valle Sophomores Watch Quietly As Tony Vasquez Gralln Vinnlng HHELLO, MOM? COULD you bring me my lunch? I forgot it " Joyce Wagner Donna Walker Roslyn Walker Tim Walker Alex Wallace - 15,4 wi Joey Wallace Debra Walton Kerry Ward Diana Ward Jackie Warren - , -,',v I HJVJI A A fe We .. I - 3 -, I K . , 1 Seniors Close Year By Turning Their Rings A FORMER TEACHER here, Mr. Vega, chats with Mrs. Drake. MISS MCROBERTS WONDERS what Mr. O' Connor wants with her this time. Billy Washington Linda Watkins A EEN. N 207 Eddie Watts Kathryn Waugh Gary Weaver Kenneth Weaver Diane Webb A49 I Eddie Willbom Mary Whisenanx A FRIEND TELLS Jose Quintanar to take a drink. It will send you out of this world. WESLEY PORTER AND Javil Gonzalez work on project in metal trades. 25 , -v.. , . .. mga '.r X 4 Y y Bio 5 Jackie Williams Anthony White Brenda White Sarah Willars Nora Williams 208 i l Tony Willis Alice Wilson Rufus Winn Bill Woodall Timothy Wooden Bobby Wyatt Vivian Young Dianne Zaleski xk :RQ X ii 1 Jesse Zamarripa Mary Zapata 2. dwg Clubs Largely Increased By Sophomores Mary Zapata 'TM SACRIFICING MYSELF to the Great Pumpkin," says Mary Helen Zavala Joe Garza. O R 210 E mm- A 3 . i I 'E -X . ,',k iii 4 f.I I FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ARE: Evelyn Mathews, Treasurerg Rachel Flores, Presidentg Angelina Howard, Parliarnentariang Cyn- Trimble Tech Welcomes thia Martin, Secretary, Deborah Allen, Vice-President. Freshman Clase To Senior High The Freshman Class at Trimble Tech this year represents the new changes that will occur during the decade. Developments in educa- tion originate from changing from one method of teaching to a newer, more progressive method. This year the Freshman class was added to Tech's student body. They have been active in clubs, sports, and other activities, and may now take special introductory courses to some of the various shops at Tech. FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS ARE: Mrs. Matkin, Mrs. Calhoun. Mr. Fonville. Emmett Allen Lester Allen Johnny Alvarez Jesse Arriaga Raymond Arriaga Mary Arteaga W- Elizabeth Aceves Vandy Ackel Loretta Agvilera Deborah Allen Deborah Allen Paul Anderson Victoria Angeles Garrison Antone Christine Arango Mary Areland Johnny Atcheson Beverly Ausbie Johnny Autry Sally Avina Anna Ayala Letha Baker Eddie Barbec Danny Barnes David Barrientes Patricia Barrientes 2 Mary Beadman Larry Beaver Becky Becerra Detroy Benson Carlos Berrnejo Henry Bermejo "law" Veronica Bill Shirley Birch John Black Rito Barron John Baxter Elizabeth Baxter Richard Begil Kurtis Bell Charlie Benson Sandra Berrnejo James Bigby Randy Biggs JR f,,, , . K ku' Paul Blankenburg Barbara Blocker Domingo Borjas Elesia Borvman Tona Boyd Peggy Brackett Henry Bradley Odessa Branch Lupe Brana Karen Brink Rosemary Briones Bobbie Brooks Ronnie Brookins Betty Brown Jewel Brown 14 M J s c, f' nl ij 4 X 3 ff x Af 4-at Jerry Bufford Randall Burks John Brown John Brown Ray Brown Linda Brunson Dwight Bryan Martha Bryson "I OPENED MY locker door and what did I find?" exclaims Rebecca Martinez as a smiling Daniel Sanchez pops out at her. 213 Bill Burton Jeff Bush Rosie Cabral Sylvia Cabral Richard Carnacho Teresa Camacho Sandra Campbell I lj " 'fs' ,J :fl-:.' tif . '- f ., " . i n Siii iihff - flex '. ' ' 55? ., f Ray Castillo Jose Castillo Johnny Cauthern Lynn Casson Beatrice Castillo Cathy Castillo Gloria Castillo Cathy Campos Isabel Cantu Ruth Cantu Elaine Carey Gary Carey Debbie Carillo Michael Carouthers Sharon Carrington Janet Carter Mary Carter Myrtle Cooper Gary Cornelison A' mai ' vw- Esther Cortez Robert Cortez Lupe Cervantez Russel Clark Raymond Clayborn Cindy Clements Valeria Clayton Patti Collard Johnny Collins Sheila Comer Pam Conatser Maria Corborie Jackie Craig Sonny Creach Dane Cruin Herb Crown David Cuellar Christine Curiel Frankie Curry Chester Czaskowski Mary Danela Jimmie Daniels y is 6 ii? 79 5 35 ' xr ,f-,,11'Mi3i??' l Glenda Dewveall Charles Donaldson Jewel Dixon Travis Donoho Debra Danes Charles Darden Sarah Davenport Diana Davila Gilbert Davila Beverly Davis Danny Day Vickie Dempsey MOH WELL, WE almost got awayf' think James Simmson and Johnny Overton Ccoming through the windowj. Freshmen Form Youngest Edgar Driver Vicky Duarte Mary Dunlap Martha Dunnam Rickie Earl Beverly Elaine Eddy Beatries Edwards Earl Edwin A -I Nr if rf 5? I St-3.,l Elizabeth Elkins -' ' ll Joe Elrod ' gi s oh r V' if Dane Erwm 1 fr, Gloria Escamilla hw- Ricky Escamilla Terri Espinoza HACTUALLY IT'S JUST a bad case of athlete,s footlu Miss Biggs jokes about her cast to Mrs. Armstrong. Cynthia Evans Age Group At Tech Bobby Evans Cynthia Evans Charolette Farmer Henrietta Felipe Alfred Flores Emily Flores Ernest Flores Joe Flores Robert Flores fits Bi Q .mf l if ,5,. Zg, Q it ia i "li ,uui " . ' "'V ":: 7 3 kr QQQV , if 'V.' 5N63f1 : N K ..,L. , Lunar .Jr-15 Y' T Us .,,k. V ,ff B S N 1 S '4 'U va , 1 S if , ik , get it me-5?"'1 7 Eg gf L+?" Rickey Fillmore Rachel Flores Sammy Flores Sammy Flores 7 , .,.,,E 5 3' as i s W, 1 a E 'ff Q i s Santos Flores Taffy Flores David Folsom Otis Fontaine Barbara Foster Jeff Fox Judy Franklin Cathy Freeman Patricia Freeman Ramona Frias Gwendolyn Funderburk Gloria Gomez Anna Garcia Annie Garcia Diana Garcia Freshmen Take A Big Step 1. We . W UQ x dugg: 9 f' Q -,, M5 we M, same Ernest Garcia Gloria Garcia John Garivay Belinda Garner Martha Garrett Herman Garza Jessie Garza Cheryl Gay Sharon Gay Bobby Gentry Shelia Gentry Walter Gentry Darrell Giddings Larry Glover Emilio Gobea Mario Gomez Mary Gomez Perfecto Gomez Tony Gomez Albert Gonzales Ernestina Gonzales George Gonzales Gregory Gonzales Savier Gonzales Juanita Gonzales , s :K E 0 ' .1 PX P. me 3 so t gf' fx 2' - 124,-sesggggggs T nigga, ax P Zvi wi Y W Q' ms. -.k Wwe YW SYS 3?-T-F' M513 '53 'QW' Kid My ' t X E 1-. liters-" From Junior High To I-Iigh School Carol Gowan Elvira Granado Frankie Graves Marla Graves Charles Gray Carolyn Green Ruby Green Kathryn Greener Larry Griffin Arthur Guadarrama Wilt sir -rf T: C 3525 . 4 3' so 1' y -if 1' G- JH ',,'-J: V"W 4 H- in ' W3 I ' ig?-Qi, fig? 4 an ' in W 1 'I zfxlir w2KSH?f?f: ' V' W"kW' ff-W-??H . - . effsw ewsf if fy ' L ' Q m,,A 1 5 2? David Guajardo Cindy Gurganus Ruben Gutierrez Gordon Hall James Hall Victor Hambrick Evonda Harless Suzanne Hare Donny Harris Margaret Gutierrez Teresa Hair Leonard Hale Freddie Hamilton Robert Hamilton Linda Hardage f - f r ' 4 34 S ,. ,-' X ' ii 'Qs I 5 Ei' f'E Marie Lola Harwell Linda Hastings Charles Haswell Marilyn Hawthorne Kay Head Sherry Headrick 'AANOTHER FACULTY MEETING today!" ponders Mrs. Drake Q 'ja f -"",,, fi Robert Hedgpeth Larry Hearne Benny Henderson Debra Henderson Abel Hemandez Joe Hernandez Pauline Hernandez Sally Hernandez Larry Heron Gilbert Herera ........ -'rf r' .-:ruse it , O - If: f W' if f M. Mary H. Herrera Cindy Hester Maurice Herrera Edward Hickman Kenneth Higdon Gloria Hernandez Luis Herrera Howard Hill Freshman Boys Show Promise in Athletics "NO WONDER YOU have a headache - look what I just pulled out of your hair," says Oscar Hill to Danny Saljodo as Ernest Flores looks on in amusement. 2 All P- E-'viQ ' , l5i,1 Vkky - ..,, ff Kenneth Holland Diane Holly Pam Holmes Oscar Hill Wendell Hill Faye Holder Mary Holt Dale Holland Freshmen Stand In Awe As They Diane House Janet House Angeline Howard Barbara Howard Sharon Hromcik Jerry Hudgins Evangeline Huey-you Sherry Hughes Deborah Humphrey Beverly Humphrey Kenneth Hunter Dianna Hutchins Paulette Hyman Enter The Halls Of Trimble Tech Johnny Johnson Johnny Johnson Rosie Johnson 'NQW if -1 5 M Q Ray Ince Cayetano Inocencio Mildred Irwin Andrew Jackson Ella Jackson Ronnie Jackson Ricky Joe Jarrett Jimmy Jenkins Luerine Jeffery Richard John Alice Johnson Carl Johnson Charles Johnson John Johnson Deryl Jones Gerald Jones James Jones Jeffery Jones LaVerne Jones 223 mr fgk .... 1- 7 ah 1- .U K 'Y filter., A ,A H . 'IWVTZ-L . f'f :. 224 .:. ,, if '35 A ', J Q11 .F Q, fig f zfwlx ltte Q.. 5 I VhL ,ili A . L J f L fiippg A it B H3 ' I Sharon Jones Kathy Kafka Glenda King Mari Lambert Gilbert Latigo Marva Jordan Scott Kaether John King Ronny Land Joseph Laughli l'1 L if Avzh ,,t,::,,ii ' 'i" ' 5 rx? ' W ft' Paula Jordan Debbie Kelley Scott Kirtley Barbara Lane Kathy Lee Valentin Juarez Erma Kelley Adrian Kindles David Lang Kim Lee ' Q -.557 1 Vyk mia e-mfg. J ,352 Evelyn Kimbell Denise Lahue Michael Lang ,ole Wyona Lamb Jeff Long fi S . .?, 5 . i Eg . 5 3 --aye Qi :bk L Janice Lindsey Richard Long Terri Lovelace L"L i :'- p r an 15Fr55k,w Sharon Lee Becky Loftin Eddie Lopez Frank Lucio Vicki Madewell Frank LeMoine Harold Loftis Elias Lopez Debra Mack Lupe Maldonado Julian Lerma Gerald Logan Frank Lopez Linda Mackey Paul Manuel Robert Lewis Bibiana Lohmer Raul Lopez Vicki Maddox Lori Marcus 2 Ginger Marsh MDM Michael Marsh Aurora Martinez 1 A. can Cynthia Martin Lawrence Martin Sharon Martin "I SAID TO SAY 'CHEESEQ not growl says an nual photographer to Mr. Palmer. 731 'W' Carmen Martinez Frances Martinez Gabriel Martinez Maria Martinez Patricia Martinez Paul Martinez Pete Martinez Ramiro Martinez Rebecca Martinez Roberto Martinez Sandra Martinez tt n,n ' 'zzn il A I a'5?M"X V t . AAMA 'Q Evelyn Mathews Charles Matthews Johnny Maxwell AMY GROUP HAD fewer cavities!" smiles Dora Barron. Dallas McGuffin Minyon McKinney Lee McMichael Raymond Medrano Rosa Mejia Mary Melan Phillip Mendoza Ruben Mendoza Cheryl Metcalf Ricky Meza R ,K X55 ,, ?""'ff"ff I x 3 'K , 'W we K Rl ,lizjifvf 'EV . ,,:lf:f,,:fgg5Qg53jfE?g T U 3 Charley McAdoo Randy McCain Mary McDonald Mark McFarland Mike McFarland 5ez:,,,,.LS:,ms:mm,1s.,1,,s.,,.lS,vL:s,.D-vw, .l--f M .E Vi Si ,, Q , W S fi, ni QQ s .r 35:1 X K S YS ski J ' 13 if P K Dalphine McPherson Rosie Mendey Frances Mendoza Jose Milan Mary Milan 22 7 fi l lg 51 -' . ' gf ' .gli K, , ,, 1 . if 15 , . ,. 5' s, ,lam ,.., .. assi? 5 K V f G?Zff1i'.:l, .gxigumngg l-5711. 'f-f -. .uw ,f :wr -w jfkiwffwfseiziiszii-ff:, "-FE .5422g., , sem wil--ltlfifiifvzgr 1 Fm ,rss wen' :sims f ' QW,wX171s1Hw,.fQQfs? .-:swf - 2 -.W ::-fQ+.:..y- f - zf3gLS2ffiivH55sfg:gss .,. up-Qvf4fte1z'4zif' fe we wus : igggiqsff- ss, 2 Q Hubert Miller Joanna Miller Lillie Miller Pamela Miller Stephen Milling Jesse Mindieta Rachel Mindieta Gwen Moncrief Elliott Montgomery Becky Mooney Magdalena Montalvo Victor Montalvo Oliera Morales Christine Moreno Pat Moreno Jan Morgen Esther Moron Jesse Moron Janice Morris Vickie Moss Jim Muncy A Busy Schedule Awaits Anthony Mungella Anita Munoz Jesse Munoz 1 Q s . . ,J A-I' x Mary Musgrave Linda Neely Diana Newhouse Diana Newhouse Brenda Newton Tracey Nichols Willie Nickson Larry Nobles John Obentirs Daniel O Bregon Luis Olague Mary Orrick Richard Ortegon Frances Ortiz Gilbert Ortiz Dennis Overton Johnny Overton Judy Overton Freshmen All Year Long Nona Owens Ida Oyervides Danny Ozuna Eliaros Pachecano Bill Paine Donna Parker 33" l1 '::. it 'tif I f-Z' fii I ta? A it rf? T Sf 4' W A A Annette Payne Charles Payne Preston Payton Gilbert Pedroza Daniel Pena Johnny Perez Mecaela Perez Art Parramore George Perry Vada Phillips Paula Pitts Sherri Pollard Eva Portales Billy Porter Wesley Porter David Potter Alice Powell Charles Powers Dolores Puente Roy Prater Virginia Pribble James Price Freshmen Get Into The School Spirit By Participating Iri Various Activities W 'KMY MOTHER THE CAR" is a freshman at Tech. 'fwm Eddy Quinones Richard Quiroga Carlos Quisas Johnny Ramirez Yolanda Ramirez Joe Ramon , We ,if ,r'ff 1' 5 5 IE I f 55' 2 Maria Ramos Nancy Ramos Olivia Ramos Richard Ramos Richard Ramos Benito B. Rangel 44. .ZW 'S' Tommy Razo Donald Redd Michael Reeves Yolanda Renteria Ruth Resendez Rosie Reyes Rosemary Reyes Joan Rice Rachel Richardson Debra Riley Yolanda Riojas Evangelina Rios Catherine Ritter Robert Rivera Sylvia Riveria Willie Roberson Alice Roberts Terry Roberts SWEET MUSIC FILLS THE AIR . . . 'tThe Last Freshmen Attend "WHAT DO YOU mean how many sides does a square have?,' exclaims Mr. Wilcox. Dennith Robinson Paula Robinson Eva Rodela Rosalinda Rodela Edward Rodriquez Eugene Rodriquez Nina Rodriquez Martha Rodriquez Louis Rodriquez Josephine Rodrique Irene Rodriquez Ina Rodriquez Joe Rosales Earnest Rosales Virtinia Rosalez Jacqueline Rose James Rowan Ruby Rudd 234 Marcella Ruiz Rito Russell Louis Sadler Danny Saenz Olga Saenz Linda Salas Danny Salgado Victor Samanigo Alicia Sanchez Betty Sanchez Frank Sanchez Juanita Sanchez Linda Sanchez Linda Sanchez Loretta Sanchez Rita Sanchez Jerrie Sanders Rosa Sapien "I'LL ADMIT PM no Liberace, but what do you expect out of a piano like this one?' says Ernest Magallon. .::' lf 5 ii fs. fair Linda Schultz Clayton Shada Daniel Sides James Simpson Oscar Sims Debra Ann Smith EUGENE WILLMAN, Band Beau, escorts Linda Calva, Band Sweetheart, onto the field during halftime. Eugene Smith Wanda Smith MOH, GOODY! NO more faculty meetings until the public address system is fixed!!" exclaims Mrs. Sigman, Mrs. Wroten, Miss Hays, and Mr. Davenport. Nancy Smitherman Paul Sneil Colenda Soliz Linda Soliz Ranoy Souders Sean Springer Jimmy Staffevel Mike St. Clair Janice Stephens Claudia Stern 235 Cynthla Stewart Floyd Tldwell Debbxe Stone Wayne Thompson zlu V, 6 ,ff Patsy Strange Billy Thompson R an c h D ay AT Tech Roger Strickland Doris Thompson M e an s Colorful Costumes, Western I-lets, Alphonso Stunstle A n d H Frank Thompson F r e s I1 m e n Ronme Sulhvan Robert Thompson Ann Taylor V1ck1e Terry Cathy Taylor Adrick Thompson i "5 . Ezekiel Torres Jack Triplett Randy Tuplett Q15 Ronald Tietz Frank Torres N173 Hellon Turner Tornasitta Vallejo Elizabeth Vasquez Rhonda Tingley Eddie Traina Lynn Underwood Mark Van Velzor Paul Vasquez Cecil Tinney Becky Trevino 'N Wi KI. Robert Valdez Charles Vargar Ralph Vasquez James Trevino Janet Tubbs Mary L. Valle Wh Stella Vasquez Jose Vega iii. : . 2' '- 1Eff?,gvs1zsQfa,.i21g:1ssR1igL- nfs 3. ,gfitggsr ,r,5GemEf.,-fz.s:-'www,ea if EYTVH N wx 315:21:x'f3rS5ii5s?53f?ll26:7i5921557:Sill-97:llsfwl 'WNV i 1grglvfgeigfeifgiewaissfsgfgqzlef 'A-fl-w lakg if-ggi. 127 fr. -K ff Rosalinda Vega Safia Velasquez Joe Veloz N... f DLSQ: Mig gif ,Z Juanita Villarreal Randy Vines 49 'v Arthur Wade Wayne Walker Parker Webb Doug Whitmire Samantha White Linda White I A l"'! 2 YN... Ernest Vidal W0 ',- ir f 3 lv H M5 Linda Waltman Freddie Weatherley : Jen , Cleo White Phyllis Whirter Judy Weldon Paul Wells Dan West Lawrence Wheaton Sandra Wilburn Terry Wilkerson Kim Williams Marietta Williams Pearlie Williams Sandy Williams Sherry Williams Shirley Williams Johnny Wilson Leroy Wilson Mary Wilson The Freshman Year Forms The Basic Framework For All I-ligh School Learning Randolph Wilson Douglas Woods Linda Woods Bobbie Yarborough Elaine Young Juanita Zapata we , Richard Wooten Steve Wright Arturo Zavala Eucario Zavala Lynn Zeumwolt 4 H 5 ..,, if fi 2. WJ' gy m .,.. .Q ...,..Lz-:-, WMAQVA gwlff' S E My .. , 2 , ' , ' , 4 ,, , Maxi f.'- -. f , .f-. . , 1 f if . iq -Q M fs W W 5 . ff sf H2 in 1 Q fiziij. 4 ,.: W ,M V 535, , Q A .,.f. Y' K E 3 zr' 3 f' 5 I' mn ..:f Mi? Qlqfb 'A Q'. Wei' , is i s e e I XYI, ,.,,,. Q v-.f..' , -N,, si i i e f i X e , e , i i . ! Ei Q2 3 E , .f-Q . ,.L,q A,,,: Q 2 '1"':' 'i'i., L"':':: S -. 'K I 'lE',- :t"' f 1:-., ,.-. ,1', A A.' ..-- '-" ' x vii ,L,,,.N:i,-.M Senior, Junior, Sophomore, And Freshman Classes Combine Their Efforts To Make Teoh A Fine School fail F 'G 2 4 A -mr 1 A. fins I A . A.,, if Hi .H 3 W J sf i Eiigs QM , .1 K Q "THIS IS WHERE the action is . . . at Tech," beams Howdy Queen Jeannell Moore. "ONLY 150 MORE days until school's out." Linda Calva, Paul Petree, and Elizabeth Macias seem depressed about something. "YOU MEAN YOU gotta have a pass to sit down?" Cliff Valentine, Gary Burton, Deborah Mulligan, and Sandra Mullins take a brief rest. A NEW COURSE in bubble dancing will be offered next fall. The instructors will be Bom-bom Snider and Bubbles Galore Middleton. 4 w E i HIS THIS WHAT a 3rd class fare buys?" Tim Baldwin is flying high as Student Body President. DESPERADOS VIRGINIA RIOS and Rudy Briseno make a fast get away. Students Participate 'AAS SOON AS she turns her head I can escape? Prisoner Bette Arnmann contemplates escape from guard Sheryl MCConnico. In Many Activities 'LAT LAST WE'VE made it." cries Rufus Walker and Carolyn Carter as they return from their journey on the Roller Coaster. IS HISTORY REALLY that much fun? Elizabeth Macias and Mr. Jones seem to have found that sometimes school can be fun. 'AWHAT DO YOU mean I stepped on your foot? We weren't dancing close enough," replies Brenda Earlston to Richard Dominguez. 4 fe! s fi . 'Wy ,g , . . if 53" gs, K 5 'ii' r A fm.:-. A Q f 1 f -w s M413 ER if gk' Y'Q. " 5E 1 X' L11 Tb -f- yy Q an in .. V fi, Zifqsfgili A ' -Y A :hifi iiiifi K 3' '- Aiywfz ,lf-1? - I , A . H-x 1 gf! Ally. A 'Z sg, 4 Xxx' .Q-9'.,x5'v 5, 'J Q f' L fff"'fv2f , 1- .wif , ffmw' " fziipxxg A . 'f Xw. ,V MW :1,1,fM L1,,g,, Q, f X , - W ffgey, 5,95 - 2 ,f i 3' HfQf"1'fz"1 W f' k k 3:2 'L fm :Q . f -' ' 72' HV52-'.-4 'f Y 1 5. , M. . . J f'w54gt., -Tiikav 54:5 ' ' .,faf',b: .1 ,- ,. .n- f Af 4, L 55 ,. ,,,.xl,..z. i f g Les J Ra" M? ug, H' -vc" .ig E?-1 Jr, Y-QI ' K V .. s' H 'Q-if -ys ,flgitfaf - ' N. 1, Lf . ,:, 1 . LW' 'Vw ' , me sz-'.,f'1,' ,. . 5 .-1 V - Q.1?. ,+-firm.: E2-M1 h . ' f K 1 i?t2r1413Q'i2"i"-BTW? I P xi- ' J Pfsffsfiz ,Jfwf 2 wa ' sz, ' rg-if, '- ian, 25695 5' 1 ,ff S lag . W 2, ik mf-.F-.qgj' if x hfsif : Zh, f . 7- f,:,3SfW EX! 35? , , E 4 Sohool Begins With Many Pep Rallies To Create A Soocl Sohool Spirit .Q L CHEERLEADERS SHOW ENTHUSIASM during the pep rallies. Pictured above are Becky Lopez, Cindy Allen, Virginia Rios, Pam Leeds, Diana Ragland, Linda Gonzales, and Jeannell Moore. Q "OH MY GOSH If Ei II1011S9l', Jim Kfllkulski . . AND THIS DESCRIBES our "AND NOW FOR my next num- demonstrates his aglhty. Freshman Class," says Ruff Ruff ber , . Krystina demonstrates fRonnie Linebargerj. her Lboom boom' talents while Diana Ragland smiles in approval. 6 Belinda Mesa Sylvia Pena Mack White Linda Rodriguez Howdy Week Culrninatee With Crowning Of King Glen Russell And Queen Jeannell Moore VN ,,,.4q WW' ww H3 in T JEANNELL MOORE AND GLEN RUSSELL receive congratulations as "Howdy" King and Queen. 4 El U Lf A ,..,.,, "YOU EXPECT ME to climb that flimsy thingl' exclaims Ellen Stone to Virginia and Vangie Rios. Teohites Arrive Early To Decorate For Homecoming sb. QL wxx., UNO, BUT IT sure tastes like chocolate milk!" says Dennis Hamilton to a bewildered Jesse Sandoval. HIS THIS MR. O'CONNOR'S idea of 'help beautify America'?" 248 90 "WHO'S A PEEPING TOM?" Jimmy Massey and Butch Blanton get caught in the act . . . of decorating for homecoming. "Oh, I'm so tired and sleepyg I got up this morning at three o'clock to get ready to come decorate for homecoming." Such is a typical remark heard from time to time during the Wonderful homecoming festivities. Students and sponsors arrive at Tech Very early in the morning to completely decorate the building in bright shades of green and White. These beautiful decorations create a colorful background for the many events of this exciting day. When ex-students and friends crowd into the halls to visit their fellow friends and former classmates, the green and white settings stimulate fond memories of the past. I uf-N. UWHAT BOTTLE, Mr. O,Connor'?', Sharlene Curry, Mrs, Snider, and Mrs. Middleton try to look innocent as they beautify the auditorium. gi 'Tank 93" if "I THINK I just wounded myself," mutters Sharlene Con- traras as she pins on her mum. Linda Calva seems rather unconcerned about the news. UYES, I REMEMBER the time you put cake coloring on my hair in cosmetology instead of a rinse." Mrs. Cutchin discusses old times with ex-student Patsy Rodriguez. PAM LEEDS AND David Eubanks show 'em where itis at, with all the new dance steps at the big homecoming dance that night. "WHAT DO YOU mean that you can't change a thousand dollar bill? I want to buy one of those ribbons!" Pat Enriquez is only one of many students who purchased ribbons and banners from Ross Traina, Benny Paredes, and Rudy Briseno. "I WONDER WHICH one of these people is supposed to be my dance partner?" Becky Lopez really swings at the homecoming dance. 2 49 The Highlight Gf Homecoming Is The Giant HYEAH, THE PEP RALLY is just as loud as it used to be," exclaims ex-student Martin Rodriguez at the big assembly. MR. GREEN B. TRIMBLE is intro- duced by Mr. O'C0nnor to the vast audience at the giant pep rally. COMING HOME QUEEN Nita Tippins is escorted to the stage. COMING HOME TEACHER Mr. Bentley is welcomed back to Tech by Tim Baldwin, the Student Body President. 250 Pep Rally When The Queen Ie Introduced s A perk 21'- "f V4 H To ,C 4 r' g . Q 9 Pr' Q. MS. 0 L C I s Y T L ,.,. ,K b X 1 ,N A., MM Jgfi. A 1 o' ' on - A 1 . .- kv ik. I I I if-fwwx KVLLV 5.5" , J' 55 3 fi . if 15. v,.., K N E , ' xx rig.: ..:x. ff, -WL kV" e"' k Wmnpd- ' .Aw M"""" ww ,v A V AWVL4 LAV, 9 A M Q,Q, ig? ,,.e A ., " A Qgilgwf wmv' X HOMECOMING QUEEN Jeannell Moore 9' if uf Q Will PRINCESS Becky Lopez PRINCESS Berniece Clayton JEANNELL MOORE USQUIRMSH at the thought of worms, during an FTA Holloween party. Also pictured are Irene Rodriquiz, Linda DeLeon, Herlinda Elizondo, Evangeline Rios, Nancy Ramos, and Yolanda Rodriquez. Halloween le Celebrated With PartieeAnd Dances I ,yn i PAULA WESTBROOK, JESSE Robertson, and Mary Lou Sanchez help refresh the dance's chaperone. THE CHAUNTEYS PROVIDE entertainment for the Junior Class Halloween dance. 252 "WOULD YOU BELIEVE I just got a ticket for parking my broom next to a fire hydrant," Mary Helen Contrares tells Delia Casarez. MARIO MANTECON HAS romantic ideas in mind. Student-Faculty Volleyball Game Sponsored By Junior Class "I'VE GOT IT! I've got it!" shouts Mrs. Baldock as Miss Bond looks on with uncertainty. MOVE OVER, RAQUEL WELCH! Jimmy Sanders amuses Diana Ragland at the pep rally. 4: ' fi' 11 ' swy, Wg ' '-ff if 1, .n. 2 3 fx. 3 use I Q3- 'AI DON'T LIKE that team, so I'll call that play 'out of bounds'.' Mr. Campbell loves to blow his whistle in the game. "SOCK IT TO 'EMP' Mrs. Maureen Baldock scores again in the big game. UGRANNY, GRANNY, WORK up a sweat, and hit that ball right over that net!" Tech's new cheerleaders are Miss Rudy Briseno and Miss Bill Duke. Becky Lopez shows them how to do it. "AND NOW KIDDIES, Aunt Gertrude has a surprise for you." 'ATHE NUMBER IS 0O315,,' says secret agent Mr. Powell. Jesse Robertson Clowns it up. 2 5 Hillbillies Versus Hippies ls Theme "HOW CAN MY SLIP be showing when I ain't . , ,,,, . . Xear1n4ct:!ne.h Peggy Davidson portrays granny in ,,SKIP, SKIP A SKIP TQ MY LOUD 6 Varle y S OW PEGGY CHUPIK SINGS her way into the Miss Talent of 254 1969-70 title. a turn about while Mr. Stebbins watches. GROOVY GURU BILLY Edgar motions for his disciples to come forward. PICKING UP GOOD vibrations are Brenda White, Ellen Stone, Emie Ortiz John Wall, Eugene Willman, and Linda Calva. J eannell Moore and David Lutker do Hillbillies in rags and hip- pies in flowered prints cavorted about the stage of Tech's audi- torium on Friday night, De- cember 12, when members of the Speech Department pre- sented an original work, Moorehair. The cast was a rather large one featuring Mike Gerkovich, Peggy Davidson, Delois Moore, Brenda Hendrix, David Fountain, Peggy Chu- pik, and several faculty mem- bers. The show was directed by Miss Jo Lu Moore. The musi- cal-comedy featured singing, dancing, combos, funny gags, and a square dance. V L Of 1969-70 Variety Show SOAKING UP SUNSHINE and talent at the De- cember variety show are Virginia Stephens, Gary Hopkins, Paul White, and Pamela Whitt. JACK BE NIMBLE! Jack be quick! Jack can't find his candle stick! Mike Gerkovich portrays a hillbilly in the show. hollers hillbilly David Lutker. 'AMY ARTHRITIS JUST kills me," says swinger David Fountain. JACKIE WOMACK, LINDA Barnes, and Shelia Beeman relax after the HI TOLD YOU we shouldn't come through this cow pasture first performance of the show. in the dark!" moans granny Peggy Davidson to Mike Gerkovich. "I LOVE TO dance in my Sunday best," 3, Christmas Evokes 'ADO YOU SEE that cute guy over there, Mrs. Edwards? . . . Mrs. Edwards?!?" THE FUTURE LEADERS f?J of America enjoy Christmas time. Peggy Davidson and Ronnie Line- barger get the Christmas spirit. 'AWELL WHAT ARE we gonna do till Santa gets back?', Brenda Hendrix pays Santa Ray Martin a visit. 6 Many Happy Responses Everyone at Technical High School got the spirit of Christmas the last week before school let out for the holidays. Here at Tech, Christmas is celebrated in true fashion with a feeling of cheer and merriment circulating the halls. Teachers and students went all out in the decorating of rooms. Parties were held in most of the homerooms. "I KNOW I'M on a diet, but I've just got to have another piece of this cake," says Mrs. Baldock. "LOOK WHAT WE cooked up on the computerf' says Jerry Stewart and his accomplices. IF ROGER'S BADGE is half way right, Mrs. Matkin has a real reason to smile. 'QV' 'Spins 'KIF I COULD just get him away from those books a minute . . . I know where some mistletoe isly' Marie Labadie has eyes for Richard Dominguez. 25 EVEN THE FRITO BANDITO came to visit this Christmas. IF YOU KNEW what was in these cokes you'd smile, too. WE'LL NEVER KNOW what these three students have received from Santa. Parties Abound During The Holiday Season DATA PROCESSING OPENS new lunch line to compete with the cafeteria. ru 8 ly. 3, TAKING A BREAK are fright to leftjz Gary Hutchison, Raymond Calva, Carolyn Carter, Sharlene Contraras, Rufus Walker, Ray Martin, Kathy Green, and Billy Bob. Below are Brenda Hendrix and Cindy Ibanez. sl ff.. 2 A Q fQ. l1..s-al,--we eg. - - 4, , 5 4' it in 2: 5, , sf.. If-K1 any Q 2 i if X 53,-u , iv 'Iii is Y 'RG "I WISH THE PHOTOGRAPHER would fall in!', exclaims Brenda Hendrix just after a good soaking. In the log with her are Ray Martin, Kathy Green, and Billy Bob. Annual Staff Takes Time Gut From Busy Schedule For Fun At Six Flags ,ri "THIS IS THE only way to get there!" beams Kathy Green as she "giddyap's" her horse. Raymond Calva, Mr. "D," and Ellen Stone are all for it. ,W X "WHADD'YA MEAN YOU dropped it? You're going after it!" yells Ray Martin to Brenda Hendrix as he attempts to make her do just that, 1 ft mfs as W if K .. "HA, HA, I'M in the lead," snickers Mr. ND" as he thinks to himself, "my horse is better than theirsll' CINDY IBANEZ DECIDES to use a different approach on her horse to make him go faster: just let him go the way he wants to go. .2 4. 259 Boots, Serapes, Cowboy Hats, And Other 60 AND HERE IS the fearless cowboy lineup . . . Howard Higgins, Carl Kirtley, Walter Atcheson, and Sabino Cardenas. MR. O'CONNOR HAD a hard time choosing the best costume. This contest on dress was only one of the Ranch Day activities. RAYMOND CALVA ALWAYS looks jolly after a long siesta. THIS BUNCH OF mean looking characters is just students that participated in our Ranch Day activities. Western Attire Abound On Ranch Day W a THESE STUDENTS WERE among the best dressed on Ranch Day. WILL THE REAL Pocahontas please step forward? MR. WILSON, Mr. Hernandez, Mrs. Waldrep, and Mrs. Vaughan take a final look at the contestants for Ranch King and Queen. NBUT THIS IS the way we dress every day." Pam Leeds and Diana Ragland are caught by the camera. "The Impossible Dream" Becomes Possible PROM QUEEN DIANA Ragland and her es- cort, Ronnie Underwood, enjoy the dance spon- sored by the Junior Class and Senior Class. SOME OF THE NOMINEES for Prom Queen were JoAnn Irvin, Sylvia Pena, Diana Rag- land, Patti Poore, Letitia Walker, Irene Rodriguez, Dora Barron, and Jeannell Moore. Dora Barron. "LEAVE MY CROWN alone!" says Queen Diana to Jeannell Moore. "WHAT EVER IS in this drink sure is good! Can we have another one?" say Philip Herrera and Belinda Mesa. if qv- ARTHUR HERRERA SEEMS to be entranced by something other than 'KSHE PROBABLY WANTS to dance, but I don't know how!!!" says Eugene Willman of Linda Calva. At Junior - Senior Prom "I THINK l'LL recommend ruffled shirts for the dress code," says Ron Livingston to Kathy Green and Lowell Roberts. "IT SURE IS hard to keep a dance partner in this croWd,', says Ellen Stone as she dances to the beat of the Facts of Life combo. "I AGREE, DEAR, that it is certainly hard to think young when you're our age," seems to be the thought of Mr. Mike Palmer to his lovely wife. VICH AND Cynthia Boyer really ham it up! VIRGIE RIOS AND Rudy Briseno seem to enjoy the great beat provided by the band at the Junior-Senior Prom. MIKE GERKO- mx 1 ALLEN 85 RITA Sa RANDY 81 MARTHA arrive at the prom. fe BENNY PAREDES AND Donna Rodriguez enjoy a Coke after a dance. 5 BRAD .. CCXQTQK f gags-ww Q-.Mg N 5 ggi? 5 arg, is 'ia if C U N i s.. . Q, fy ff ma y Q H 6 QNN N " C "THE GUACAMOLE COWBOYS," a 16mm motion picture. Produced by the Annual Staff. D' b J lrected y erry Wayne Davenport. Based on an Davenport. Photographed by James by James Jackson. Color by East- Time: One Hour. Premiered Thurs- Night, May 7, 1970. THE CAST Faculty: Ann Alexander, Bette Ammann, Jodene Armstrong, Maureen Baldock, Elaine Beeman, Beverly Biggs, Anna Blair, Karen Calhoun, Jerry Davenport, Leora Dean, Margie Hays, Louise Land, Melva Matkin, Theresa Mead, Jeanne Middleton, Peggy Miller, Shirlie Murphy, John Naylor, Melinda Bond- Peterson, Virgil Phelps, Mary Smith, Elaine Snider, Ed Stebbins. Students: Bridges, Glen Russell, Rufus Walker, Cynthia Mike Gerkovich, Alyse Williams, Kathy Raymond Calva, Richard Dominguez, Peggy Ellen Stone, James Jackson, Ron Living- r Barberena, Paula Westbrook, Jeannell Gary Anderson, Diana Ragland, Pam Leeds, Peacock, Brenda Earlston, Becky Lopez, Willman, Ray Martin, Danny Roberts, Cur- Brenda White, Emilio Herrera, Sheryl McConico, Virginia Rios, Rudy Briseno, Brenda Hendrix, Linda Calva, Dennis Hamilton, Carolyn Carter, Tim Baldwin, Tracie Leeds, Nancy Amend, Debby Phillips, Marie Labadie, and many others. 3 1 rf 6' 95 Teoh's Annual Staff Produces "Ci-uacamole Cowboys" Film This year the Annual Staff produced a movie, "Guacamole C ow b o y s," which starred 23 teachers and numerous students. The fihning took place during the annual staff's free time and was filmed on location at Benbrook Lake, Cobb Park, Burnett Park, near Godley, Ben- brook Riding Stables, 1849 Village, and many other places. The film was written and directed by Jerry Wayne Davenport, James Jackson photographed and edited the picture. t'YOU,RE GOING TO eat it whether you like it or not!" exclaim Brenda Earls Lopez, who are sure giving it to poor Glen Russell. 1. 5522 "IF THIS AIN'T traveling in style, I'd like to know what isli' Eugene Willman plays "horse" for Rufus Walker. "BUT I DON'T want to go to Cuball" Mrs. Beeman yells to Kathy Green and Curtis Moore. ton and Becky UWELL, WHADA'YA KNOW, it is shaving cream after all!" says a "creamed" Mrs. Beeman to a likewise Richard Dominguez. Coach Phelps and Glen Russell, alias the tortoise and the ha out who will take the shopping carts back where they belong. re, race to find 6 MR D I think Virginia has had enough' says Bandito Peggy Davidson as compan- ions An el Castillo Carol n Carter Ra mond Calva, Sharlene Contreras. and Brenda "GEE, I NEVER knew a train robbery could be so much fun!', say victims Mrs. Dean, Mrs, Arm- strong, and Mrs. Alexander. f-"T HCURSESZ FOILED AGINV' Snider gets tied up by Middleton. 'AI WALKED INTO this place and asked for a Uget rich quick" plan and they gave me this thingf' THIS IS THE way we wash our clothes . . ." sing Brenda "HELLO GROUND CONTROL, this is Sky Hawk Earlston Nancy Amend and Louis Bridges. Dean. I've got just one word for you lousy people: Helpl!" Ann Alexander agrees. UCELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, DANCE to the . . . shotgun!" This lovely family por- trait contains Bette Ammann, Cynthia Boyer, Louis Bridges, Ellen Stone fwearing a maskj, Glen Russell, and Sheryll McConico. rf IE. :,.f- MXN!!! FC zz'- s 4 I gk .tj 23 6004 0060 QOG4 IO 4 4 4 "THE THIRD ONE from the left did it!', This line-up includes Beeman, Biggs, Mur- V 24. ' ii ggig pl v 'Qin 4- ,Q 1 , , QW, "I GUESSED YOU'D be coming for dinner," exclaims granny Peggy Davidson to Rufus Walker and Eugene Willman. 4.1-W-ffm . phy, Middleton, Snider, Blair, and Stebbins. il I iJ,,11.,s?m r krkhhh V ig ky' 5 rf if Qi 3 is qui if X f .ff 1f,.,s.,i.,..-.. X E 1 , . , ...Nui .Q,, it I V 3 in eff W .QQ ,l,.A E R . vu 43" w "Nm ..- 1- HLIGHTS . . . CAMERA . . . ACTION!" James Jackson starts the camera rolling on one of the many scenes from "Guacamole Cowboys." "WHAT NUT HAS got his knuckles through the knothole?" ponders Anna Blair. 267 Q asf-' .4 I Wg., 1 5' -fN1': . ,, is Q 513-3fgf.1QQQ:3 fn 1 1 f , ' Q, 'f"fVi . . J 1 .. ' 2 ,,,mV3a:fig2fi ff. in ' M- .- Mr P f -- vt rn - . "" 2. -rr 25531 I. ' ' J0!'?'. 'pf "ive -"gt" Q. F f .gi nv 'N' J. WK xl' ' 'Q-5i"x5HHffi'i . ',f'Y'.f -5"M"45. . ,T 'ig' Q. 5'4" tfl' f'x ."3' f?1 . ' fi" l- if mx s-Yiffmn '59 1 - .. 'jg . vuarjg' in uf-K, X I.. we 5 A, V if V . Q .. F.. . v . -viijl '- fb- ,1--O Mfg' f ' 5. " ' ,'-,N.K,,Q-.xNQ-'-""a-:- 45. iz' A' . K if gf 5 ' V, .' I L' W gg 'uf -,av I 1 ' 'fifsjtf'-A " . ' 'W-.-44-' g' ' ,gsfi .fi?5 jg - A. . JH.. ws 1.':f,,sfe'VVVV f-.6VVv 351, 3, - ggi ' "UV VV -. ' J VV . Y VVX 1 I -g 1' . , Ag sims a .V V1-5 -Y 3' ?4g,L'- . 55535 .Q R?-,V Qfejgvfzsif 1 1gV. ,5Q, ' i' 'if x -..i,,ff I V, gg gs",V,f1,g61Vi?f4Vg. A f f A ,ip s e 'Q . I sf . A jx ,f k I if -:-' V V .A ,. I ,ish + . 3 .,, V ' V V V1 ,W 3 Q Y , ,Mob .Aff if ',. 1 - fl ,- NK ' safe. ff-nr-"" - ' ' ."i . . 1 ' 'I , -Q., .4 K" ' ff f - 1.',VV . My .1 N 1 1, Q , -- A , TQ.. r, ' 'Q -A-' 1 -V", jgn.,,l,. , u- V, ' A y mf. , K ,Z ,.,ll1f.,,,: 1. V f f to ' . f . VP ' ' ' 'FWZ wf,"f"f"i 5 I VV l. M , gray, 5 , V V-as Q Vx?-VKVV , V V V, 3g2V,gg,,:,5..VV,Vj,V,Vf,...VV... " . . ,,'. ,i f ' ' 'X ' .. . Vgjag' f . i V it 'gf ,jg,gf"fVW1f'23ff'K ,:?fr',QfL'5 I fa, wi M - -:H-55, A-Sift! f , A ' 1f"':-5U2"5'f'f: wr' -' -f 4 'P A . ' - "A ' N4'A'QfI. I 'wi ffl" 5.3.4 'anis Q f ,lv gb .5 .. ,P-Q '?f.ig.g. . Wifi! -1. 1- X .. rf. rl -'Sr' 1-'ft . X- ,J 'If fir?-f '57 I ff'--'53'fff...v-Q-1.4 items? .Q 'N' I 1 l 1 -fe .8-'ir-Q. .x,,,:... 2' . .L ww: 4,3 We 1:49 - Tw vw- jak-5 'M A A , ,Q-..Ti,,j:2f, i. A , Libr? .sv-gif 1. -...are I I f W i e f? " , , M ir' if li , 'SCOME TIPTOE THROUGH the daffodils with Ine,', invites Daffy Middleton. 'SLEEP, ROSEMARY'S BABY, sleep" Shirlie Murphy takes asiesta. Q 5 L' Q , 4? W, "Sf i3Q'? -ies '- K .ww ,.' ..- sf.. 'W- .nt 1.4, 'SEB 5 " W 41. 'Hi . , , "WELL, THIS BEATS grading term themesli' Duck Lake ballerinas are teachers Calhoun, Mat- kin, Peterson, and Baldock. N VM A .-!,,..-0' V V , A V . AV-V Aw X- 4, iipf :fa 1 V 2,351 ' ,V gg Q' K 5. 'y ,Q "1.xf3?'-fi P .- . 5 sigh- ,V ,mt M .U . . .. if ' ,J , .. "BUT ITIS MY turn to ride the bike," says Davenport to V 45' 6 'Q i... "" .VV34 ' Hays, Miller, Murphy, and Armstrong. , MW 6 at . ll4iil.fE" , W .pw o 'f.,-s.,,LWii. 31 1 " A-'I T . 2 , . . . . . """""':' A . M-65-1-Q...LV Q LQS- if 4' 5253, -A If . ,.,.v-V w". if fy VN 'aj V V v A 5 ' t ,TV A T ' f IM fi if :-Qf A 'Ji' - 4: if' I A sw .,V4VV.V...,,4V.Af, an - - V K VV ww VV . I? VV A 5 is it gsm 'wif .Lf we V' ' . I I 'W N ,V .mg I .. sw. . R rf... 5 is .. +-Q ' . .. VVy1,,g5,. 5. .. , . -. Y' g, , L ' -' '- Ly' ...S .E V1-V ' -V V' ii. , W 2 5 .ll ' . -. 5 ,VV fTg:V V 'Q-iw ,g .. ,V e:- ...VV V ,Fi .ix M he '. V, - "" -I ' l I .V ,,, ft-g wg. ' 'tr e TQ Wwlw W 2 , R w':zf1'i5l3'f'i5gk':i '- iff' is ' if:.l"l.iif?' .4 . ,Q .. ,..,,.-I. V , , -., sa' V, .32 ,--, V V,V V ,,,. , wi ,,+ ,V4 ' V I ,.,, , . A V .. - L f s f W V V , VV 3. V .. V 7 V Vi. jaw ill . 1' 2 3 I. ' f . .Q if-aziffxvfi THA' ' ff ii? 7.4322 f I as X 5 I . M in , -L , . 1. xg.. 2 A f . ... -if H . A .. . ' i , - sfgfflzlf ' ,fs . , ' '- .Ng 'arsz sz M 1.-:Q .six . , I Fx! fx." -'iw' P' ' " Aux, . ei R . ,ggi If-f?'1., 1... gs - Mae '24 . 4,2 33.42 wif' 4 .fi x N, l 'f Q-rl iii-f,',1fz5?' W L 'Vw ,iw -if TQ' T .. I fe . gf! V, - f.. ww fir , V . V W I .- 1--' is - If , 1. ' . 1 is . 1. 1 .VYJN .. ,, . '? .ws .. nw. X, -far: .Vg 1 ...Ml . we sg- fr-1 X 5 J ,gc -1 3. 4, ? .,, ,f r ,waz V ar . A V2 -. VV i -Vi -hx-up .Q .V fx +I' .,.?1",1: -fe - - ish Q ki? -. t . SWE .ilw5Q1.i if I fre ' , "' Q15 A it I Q", "iff - "iQ?"??f"f7f'i"i'3'v'5 1 il.. fi Q 'Iv' N '+-. Q .-1. .M .- ss nf, RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING on Mar- gie Hays' head. 268 MARY SUNSHINE SMITH can't seem to find her false eyelashes. A f., ,,r,Vu.. , -ng? W 7 if -. 9 ly ,,. ,V .LV ... A M ex.. -. 3 .- ". . . OR FOR a dime, I'll shoot you with my water gun,', offers Louise Land. "AN APPLE A day keeps the doctor away, but with an apple on your head. you might end up dead!" ponders Diana Ragland. "I'VE BEEN WAITING for this opportunity," smiles Pilgrim Mead at James Jackson. - GARY ANDERSON REFRESHES him- self in the tub. ,. .,,,,.,. . ,V Q i ,,,,.'Q,. o n ,gi N., jug. l in ,J lllfifwc . lr' 1 -y.3T.,.. ., i' ,E ' I .. st ..,.,3.,Y,y - , M X , . V ,N H .x L , . - cw -'xiii-52-M 'Y' V 4 'M' , fri' . if ' 79 by Rv 1' - 7"'w we . .-'..,'-'frwl. M. . fl A -. Q . P- lift-f' . . 1 -I ,. 'Q' 'H' .. A . wi? 1. in Q . 1 , Mgr-f. ,. . ,. S. L-. 'I' " if IQ! -ii 1 - ' H l . - . 1, ' in '7 "rf '.fL:vwi ' ' ' ON- - iffff rvf- f ig 'X .. .. . 'yt e',v.." -f .K f if A Y -' . -,--"- , fs i - if 'li A ggiw K Y" fn X 'H "ff'?'Zf ' i " , '-n ' . ,if ffffff , , .. , . A- W. l ,aff ' I K 7 ' N R+ W1 f.'-.3'f7f1i . 'Sz ' H i - - ' , 73 1'-'I ' . Q' iff,'f.43'21'f"1'4 A' 'E V , k ir'Vk, ,ir ,I lo n ,. 5.7. H in , y. ' S 'ifggi z ' N'?gE13ifQ5- - i ' 6555- 5:55. laik. "lf if 2 A 3 5 K K . , r Q, 55 ,gg , nrri -mg. . . fill ' EH V 'iiukfi 156' w HOF COURSE, I'M dressed," says Richard Dominguez, "see my hat and glasses." "OH, BOY! I'VE finally grown a hair on my chest." Danny Roberts looks proud. ..,-"W in A HMIDNIGHT COWBOY" SPOOF Bridges and Mike Gerkovich. ' . I - 1 features Louis ,W . , L 1 L 'Z ' " 2 A TWENTY-FIVE CENT bath divided by seven costs only 35 cents each. . i, my LOVE, ALYSE WILLIAMS MUSCLES GALORE! Ray Martin. Danny Roberts, Mano Barberena, Ron Livingston, Gary Anderson, and fkneelingb Glen Russell and Richard Dominguez show off their physiques. 269 Q , A X .Y . xr y if 5 3 .2 -E--. N.. .. . yr.: ' 4 - 'az- -155 11212- FE' 212. Ky: ffl? 52 5. 'E 33 19-r 1 v: D U' S- U ' if Z , 35.941 5 K 2 x Q ',. ' J V . ,swfx ww is ,fm- AQ 54 J? ' 1 if ,. Q. K, L . kfims- X :X -'1 I Q W ii K .lv - ,V 1 '73:?QCias 4 y 'W .4 . L. : 49, ...Q . 1, 2 'GM' ' fi' - 0 . Wwkb- vg .N 1 32 x an A . ff gg in 2 'fif!?if?,l If . ,Q Eggs: X. R- W fifgffs-i 'W 1 , 2532225-'.f " 1 m . :ff -1 ?'.iy2'vi I 5 RFK 5'- ,. -. fy "gm: ff, ff-,cvs fm--W'-.W ?QL wk ffmw k 'Q , A sw . ffm wg- we K' W 1, Aj! x Q-Q , , rf24-i9P5?59foXvz?fwSizGx,fSz65i'4"icLv-4n'S2fw m'if'f.,tf?w1.4e14miwSZQ4:4.4,, .awmzw Mx., fx , 4 W "Like a dark and lonely figure on a half-deserted street, When it seeks a like companion that will make its life complete . . ' -"'The Windmills Of T l-ICDNORS AND PERSCDNALITIES 7 Best Personality W I iunu-'KWEIWWUN H W fm VKVVL H ly , 1 I WWE'-num-1. ,. ,Ulf-midi 4, W efmrimo, ,. y M W ,I 7 , V hh-Y,-YA 1? 4-'uf kngw-WM. U K 7- 4. ,,,.,,W ,lim-L ! Y v up Awhrfvv ,W ,MKMKW N J?-Homme I- i ,1 mT,Tw,i,,i,,.,1M.. 'Wi Mv,A.MX 4.v,Q :ewan-K ww V, A.,.,, m,myg, 4. ..,,,i.,,,,v,,f-ww,..W.-.Q W Jeanneil Moore Ron Livingston Best Dressed Gary Anderson Becky Lopez 7 Most Cooperative W ff,:-we ,M-fe , A.., , W 4 nu l im i n Ill! ii i 74 Virginia Rios James Jackson Most Likely To Succeed Tim Baldwin Diana Ragland Most Courteous I W .if-1. :A sw M 3 i 2 3 si 2 Q 2 3 3 L... 'Q .f S S 2 3 3 f B Z Irene Rodriguez Richard Dominguez Most School Spirited Pam Leeds Mack White Most Athletic Berniece Clayton Emilio Herrera Most Talented Louis Bridges Cynthia Boyer 0 "1,Z""v"17fgf Mary Lou Barbolla ls Most Beautiful Senior Girl Glen Russell ls Most Handsome Senior Boy ,fm i, , Most Attractive Runners-Up onald Bainbridge Becky Lope wi 'W WWW' 'Wim Debbie Kenas Gary Thoma Most Attractive Runners-Up Ken Ross Sharon Pinker Patti Poore Arthur Herre Calva And Willman Are Band Belle And Beau i'k l ' Linda Calva Eugene Willman Jeannell Moore Reigns As Homecoming Queen Of 1969-70 sg o ,f 1, ...-- 3-9' A F j :nik e 2 is . Viv id 2 'I 5 X :1, A , kv ,, , hthi L " ' 3 'J . - 3 , A . WAA, , F mx 4 ' P. 7 Q fm X . ,,L,,7y 52, ,' I Xxrl .. at ' Q V fr., 1 M ,R f 'J' js . , gf xo we we f p av., f V X 1 X, R , 1 .' """"L x Li. RQ: Becky Lopez Royalty Forms The Queen's Court E - X s 7, , A , .-1... W aff! , fel I N. ,Wk if 4 WP . fix lk-1 W Berniece Clayton Ranch Day King And Queen Mary Alice Willars Carl Kirtley ggi?-fi 'J' -H ---.. .......1.......... Outstanding Seniors Selected Ae Wno's Who Each year the faculty members of each department select the most out- standing student in each subject area to receive a Who's Who medal. TIM BALDWIN Math BRENDA WHITE English qx' ,- Q- ,li X 11' x avr IWW' MZ. ..., - 1 ,W .,,..,., - ..,, I PAT TERRAZAS ANN SHUGART History Journalism I EDMEE LOHMER BONNIE CASAS Biology Chemistry , 5 LARRY RATLIFF Physics JAMES REID SABINO CARDENAS Speech Spanish S 4 A JESSE SANDOVAL Engineering--Drafting 'QW S, DANNY MILLER Technical Drafting DONOVAN GATEWOOD Commercial Art ROSS TRAINA Drafting PERRY CAVENDER Ceramics 9 DONALD TAYLOR ANN NORRIS JAYNIE BRANTLEY Data Processing Bookkeeping Stenography INF' CLAUDIA KIRTLEY HELEN FLORES Office Machines VOE Who's Who Is Highly Coveted Award QW A 2 " IRENE RODRIGUEZ JAMES GARWOOD Cosmetology R.O.T.C. W3 if OSCAR SANCHEZ RUBY ANDERSON Boys' P.E. Girls' P.E. CAROL DUNKLIN Orchestra iv RAYMOND CALVA TERESA ESTEL Band Chorus CARL KIRTLEY JAMES JACKSON Radio-TV Photography Af - - g, 'iiiflcifiiiiigii ' 1.21: fiiff' PAULA SISCO Homemaking ,-my emit ,,,,.--we-MH' -.A K BRENDA MCGILTON CHERYL MANDONI Pre-Employment Child Care HEC Competition Is Great For Who's Who Title 4 DEBORAH MCFARLAND ELAINE BRYANT DA DE NORMAN ABBOTT ICT V 'J R w ,..+,f: . N1 1 ' Who's Who Seniors Are Selected By Faculty RQNLM.. 4 X in W . I , LOUIS BRIDGES DONALD GILBERT SANTIAGO DIAZ Aeronautics Diesel Auto Mechanics "vlan-xr' STEVE RANDALL Auto Body 6 JOHN KNIGHT DAVID CAPPS Brick Welding HARRY WILKERSON ROBERT HERRERA Machine Shop Print Shop LINTON GREEN Wood Shop Olaf! LARRY BRYAN ROBERT CASTILLEJ A Upholstery Major Household Appliance Repair MARK MOONEY Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 7 .x ,Ji X 1 1- rv 3- J eannell Moore - Tim Baldwin First Runners-Up Senior Favorite Runners-Up Gary Anderson - Mary Lou Barbolla Second Runners-Up 29 OO Junior Favorites Herlinda Elizondo Mano Barberena Janet Vargas - Gary Lambert First Runners-Up Junior Favorite Runners-Up Richard Flores - Belinda Mesa eeSecond Runners-Up Sophomore Favorites WL., O ,LA . W., XX ,fl K H I Daniel Alcala Rosalyn Walker Donna Cook - Mario Hernandez First Runners-Up Sophomore Favorite 1 JNSJ ' . -- -. 1, 3- - :,,..5.g, . E' M 1" , ' '-'Y..'- M X ' ,f -aw 1 w e germ 3, , N4-?.?ss, 5- . lj Z W. fl' on 'n Rc- - ew, H. 4 P A .. Runners-Up Rachel Herrera - Jim Krukulski Second Runners-Up Freshman Favorites 349545 bis?" if ffi, gig ages? fi-r A , .,. ig ' 2,-Tx., mfr. -glmggf? if . ri.. 'Ku' uri ,V -s '- . ,Q saw? ,Q -ui , . ,aku , 41 x m 1... .,. r-41? 5 Viva: 'pw' '1W'57'f A 1 -we s --1-'95, ,W H, JH' 9., ,Q , ,Yi , , MJF. '- :E 4,- QWL, ,Q avi' Ae -'Q fem gk 1 ,, W:-...gk Nu x ' - "."'-lg. N lla-, ,M 4. ,Q . .uhm :iq " 'Y'--ff' ',-E.w,id.ui. A X, Rosie Flores Leroy Wilson w'H"H,.'f 'E Elizabeth Castillo - Danny Saenz First Runners-Up Freshman Favorite Runners-Up Bobby Evans - Angeline Howard Second Runners-Up 3 ' wx W W 'Hain' f-Eff? f'- ,s '. ff, .gg aj? x rw 9 1,3559 x A Q A .Q ', x U ' ff. A ' ff Q. 9 1 5 I S P y :gf ' ' fvylvj' fM" M vs Rug U Q. ,iaxih 1 M w , Q Ur ,.r M 'TNQ X . AQ: fl 'LR 'f I 4. uv 1 is :,- A5 Q , A f',N' 'ff ,ag I-'Cf fu az2'1"" Q W MA lt, -Luz ,gm .Uwggf wr M A,. Q ki vw N U i 3 5y!'!w' L?WA? ,x'! 91 L , 4 A H MA 1 A, 4 :Km F 3' x Ma p H' , N ,W :L v ' X W! M . A 3 f A MW? ,, f 'W ,Qin I E Y 'WZ M i 1 ' W o ng , l- H ' 4 W x 3 34" L" V 'A MW My ' WN12 Alf? ' , st ,71Ay,,4 if VQMJ-std, WM-' 3' W 1 f f ww A, . EK tx-Nw 5 M A "GEF , Z' A 'A ' 7 W' V X t X. 5 ' ., 5 7 ,LT K Age 11 months Diana Ragland "Diana is the ideal of what a fine young lady and student should be." "Her enthusiasm, interest, vivacious personality, and character all combine to make a well-rounded, beautiful, young Woman." ". . . gracious, friendly, most attract- ive." ". . . an all-around American girl." "Diana is an excellent student who is a joy to have in class." The selection of Mr. and Mrs. Tech is made by the faculty, some of whom have made comments in regards to the fine student chosen for Miss Tech. Diana is an outstanding representative of Tech and has proven this quality by her activities. She has held the office of vice-president for F.T.A., National Honor Society, and Senior Class, she has also served as secretary of the Student Council. Her other activities include O.E.A.-Data Processing and P.T.S.A. Being a cheer- leader for two years, O.E.A. sweetheart, Mardi Gras Princess, Prom Queen, "Most Likely To Succeed," and Senior Class Favorite are among the honors which have been bestowed upon Diana. Diana, a Data Processing major, is also very interested in drawing and paint- ing. Her plans after graduation include at- tending Tarrant County Junior College and becoming a computer programmer and an artist. i ' , V WF. 7 s QV, I- W . 1 .5 f 5 ii Q. ,f Age 1 year Age 2 years M...-1-f-J-'n"""'l Age 6 years O7 -.J A , A f K -0: :f"Nm." K , ,.5'.+M5 1. r jj 'Q Tx, ,, xfrfgli Q Q mg'-f Www " A , 2 f - B " V. f-wwf Qs4a .g4 1,55 '.'X'3'qK'F"- V . M,-vw. L qw? V K N ' M W'..1s?'3e3' A: t 1 JM, 'aww ' fd- xi my . . Y Vwlex, ii 'ig ' f . 'W' 7 f -V - 3 ' we WM , , '- .: 'I'-,k-N4 xf'i3Wn 'g gina 'M' A N -K , 1. ' wwe: ' K' .xx M , Q J 512,119 2 . Wah? S . . f , V7 'wg 1 f Hn , ., X 1 4-'H +I- NBS iff? Q " N ws L '- ' imwaiy - , .4-I A oe. Q '54-Q, 5 1 'A' Sv. xi 1 K tk A Na. -,..ikM lm, x A W Ax.. S as mx w U 'X Q - ' Q- 9, ,. K Q Q X fs 11' :L V... . M AQ' A 6 I l LAL' Age 5 months Tim Baldwin "He speaks his own mind and is intelligent enough to know how to reason." ". . . always courteous." "He has been very active and represented his school well with the Fort Worth United High School Council." ". . . well-mannered and highly personable." "Tim, besides being an excellent student, has done so much for this school, especially for the student body through the Student Council." ". . . a perfect gentleman." These comments were made by the faculty in re- gards to the young man who has been chosen Mr. Tech. Tim came to Tech because it offered the best background in engineering. He came from Meacham Junior High, where he won the D.A.R. award, Who's Who in Science, and was vice-president of the Student Council. Tim was vice-president of the Junior Class and president of the Student Council this year. He has been an active member of F.T.A., V.I.C.A., National Honor Society, and Allied Youth. He was also runner-up for Class Favorite in both his junior and senior years. Other recent honors were his being selected "Most Likely To Succeed" and Who's Who in Math. Tim plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in Aerospace Engineering. ai Age 6 years 1 Q Age 13 years Age 11 years O9 0 J eannell Moore "Jeannell's friendly, outgoing nature epitomizes the atmosphere of Tech." ". . . a great personality." "Her pep and enthusiasm generate school spirit among her fellow students." J eannell Moore has proven to be one of the most school-spirited students at Tech this year. She is well liked by her teachers and classmates. This is reflected by her being chosen as a cheerleader for two years, Junior Class Favorite, runner-up for Senior Class Favorite, Howdy Queen, Homecoming Queen, V.I.C.A. sweetheart, and "Best Personality." She is an active member of F.T.A. and V.I.C.A. and also served on the newspaper staff. Jeannell is a Com- mercial Art major and plans to work in that field. "Raymond has contributed much to our band and Trimble Tech all through his three years here." ". . . highly dependable with a robust personality." 'C . . a larger-than-life Peter Pan." Raymond Calva came to Tech from Meacham Junior High. He has been a member of Allied Youth, O.E.A., and P.T.S.A. In 1970 he served as Drum Major of the band and Assistant Editor of the annual. He was also runner-up for Sophomore Class Favorite. Raymond plays the saxophone and enjoys bowling, tennis, and horseback riding. After graduation, he plans to work in the field of public relations. Mr. SL Miss Tech First Runners-Up Raymond Calva Mr. 81. Miss Tech Second Runners-Up Glen Russell 1- , .,- 1 4 Irene Rodriguez "Irene is a wholesomely attractive young lady and has an excellent set of values." ". . . a hard worker, and works well with teachers and her fellow students? "Her enthusiasm, interests, personality, and char- acter make her a fine candidate for any honor." Irene Rodriguez came to Tech to major in cos- metology because she felt "it offers more, for a better future." She has been a member of Red Cross, Stu- dent Council, V.I.C.A., and F.T.A. During her sopho- more year, Irene won second place in a hair styling contest and was recently chosen Whois Who in cos- metology. She has served as the Senior Class treasurer and was selected by the Senior Class as "Most Court- eous." Irene enjoys singing, playing the piano, read- ing, and playing badminton. Her future plans will most assuredly include working as a beautician. "Glen is the personification of the ideal young man in scholarship, citizenship, and athletics? ". . . with players like him, no athletic team could fail . . ." "With Glen in class, there is never a dull moment!" A machine shop major, Glen Russell came to Tech from Rosemont Junior High. As a member of V.I.C.A., F.H.A., and the football and track teams, Glen has displayed a real spirit at Tech. He was selected Howdy King, Most Attractive Senior and a runner- up for Junior Class Favorite last year. An outstanding member of the football team, he was a team captain. His hobbies include scuba diving, football, and girls. Glen plans to attend the University of Houston. 311 I l , KATHY GREEN RAYMOND CALVA RICHARD DOMINGUEZ Editor Assistant Editor The 1969-70 annual staff selected windmills for the theme of this book. The next step confronting the group was to get ideas on how to carry out this theme and, at the same time, link it to Trimble Technical High. After many months of taking pictures, do- ing layouts, writing copy, and typing, the students and ad- viser completed this yearbook. The staff sincerely hopes that most individuals will take pride in our efforts. ,r,v,....---1 X af' ' , R X :,4V4 A I. , ..g 1 ' nii MR. JERRY W. DAVENPORT Sponsor and Financial Adviser Mental Windmills Stop Turning For Ideas As Tech's Annual Staff Completes Book ELLEN STONE ALYSE WILLIAMS ANN SHUGART CYNTHIA BOYER CINDY IBANEZ LINDA BARNES ,lylkkgpf fx? 1 'K lik 5 f Qfifxff ,-... Q far ff ' 6 X' X RAY MARTIN MIKE GERKOVICH GARY HUTCHISON MARIO HERNANDEZ DENNIS HAMILTON Photographer Photographer 4 A Abbott, Norman 58, 65, 66, 121 Abalos, Linda 121 Aceves, Marcello 121 Adams, Kirk 121 Adams, Mike 121 Adams, Nathan 121 Alexander, lVIilton 121 Allen, Diana 121 Allsbrook, Oma 73, 77, 121 Almendarez, Bobby 93, 121 Amend, Nancy 121, 266 Anderson, Cathryn 64, 77, 121 ArrZd7e:ison, Gary 72, 74, 121, 267, Anderson, Joyce 121 Anderson, Ruby 70, 76, 77, 82, 122 Anderson, Steve 122 Arnold, James 122 Artz, Theresa 49, 122 Aycox, Stella 64, 122 B Baldwin, Tim 58, 65, 70 ,82, 122, 242, 275 Ball, Aubrey 122 Barbolla, Mary Lou 58, 73, 122, 280 Barker, Alan 51, 63, 122 Bames, Linda 68, 122, 313 Barrett, Theola 49, 62, 78, 122 Barron, Dora 92, 122, 262 Bayley, Charles 122 Barrientes, Rita 122 Beard, Patsy 73, 122 Beck, Patricia 122 Bergen, Leslie 122 Bermejo, Cathy 58, 78, 82, 122 Bemal, Theresa 58, 68, 122 Berry, Jane 123 Binz, Michael 123 Blanton, Butch 50, 65, 123 Blevins, Linda 76, 82, 123 Boyer, Cynthia 32, 70, 71, 123, 263, 266, 267 Bainbridge, Donald 123 Brannon, Laura 123 Brantley, Jaynie 82, 123 Bresino, Rudy 58, 65, 94, 123, 242, 249, 253 Bridges, Louis 51, 52, 65, 123, 266, 267, 269 Brown, Doris 64, 70, 123 Brunz, Freddie 123 Bryan, Larry 123 Bryant, Elaine 63, 123 Buchanan, Roger 58, 72, 82, 123 Burleson, Bobbie 123 Burns, Mike 124 Burton, Gary 58, 66, 78, 124 Bush, Craig 58, 74, 124 Butler, Karen 124 Bynum, Robert 124 C Cabello, Johnny 1.24 Cabral, Dora 76, 124 Caitan, Pat 124 Calva, Raymond 46, 65, 74, 82, 124, 259, 260, 266, 312 Camancho, Gloria 65, 124 Cano, Richard 124 Cantu, Ruben 124 Cary, Dorothy 124 Cargill, Marsha 124 Carson, Mildred 124 Carpenter, Nancy 124 Carter, Carolyn 50, 120, 124, 243, 259, 266 Casas, Bonny 125 Castillo, Angel 65, 66, 78, 94, 125, 266 Castillo, Rojelio 50, 80, 125 Casarez, Delia 58, 70, 82, 125 Cavage, Louis 50, 51, 52, 125 Chapa, Elma 125 Church, Jack 125 Clark, Janet 125 Clark, Linda 63, 73, 125 Clayton, Bernice 76, 77, 125, 251, 278 Cleveland, Jerry 125 Senior Index Cochran, Carolyn 69, 125 Coleman, Marshall 63, 125 Collett, Thomas 63, 78, 125 Colon, Esther 125 Conley, Barbara 58, 62, 78, 125 Contraras, Sharlene 125, 249 Cooper, Eddie 125 Cordova, Linda 126 Cornelison, Ronald 126 Coronado, Juanita 62, 76, 126 Couch, Ricky 74, 126 Cox, David 52, 126 Crawford, Felicia 58, 76, 78, 126 Cruz, Joe 52, 65, 126 Cunningham, Linda 126 Curry, Sharlene 76, 126, 248 Cybuski, Dela 76, 126 D Dancer, Floyd 126 Davidson, Peggy 70, 78, 82, 126, 254, 256, 266, 267 Darwin, Gary 58, 65, 72, 80, 126 Davis, Linda 126 Davis, Ruby 72, 74, 76, 126 Deanda, Juana 73, 77, 126 Del Bosque, Patsy 76, 126 Deleon, Evalinda 58, 66, 70, 126, 252 Deleon, Rebecca 126 Denton, Marjorie 127 Deramus, Carol 49, 58, 62, 64, 65, 80, 81, 127 Diaz, Hector Jr. 127 Diaz, Santiago 58, 127 Diffenderfer, Betty 127 Dominguez, Richard 47, 48, 58, 61, 65, 74, 80, 84, 127, 243, 257, 312 Dosser, Charlene 73, 127 Draper, Phillip 127 Drew, Allan 109, 128 Duncan, Anthony 82, 128 Dunklin, Ova 65, 128 Ducker, Vickie 128 Duty. 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Daniel 135 Lawson, Ray 135 Leal, Johnny Leeds, Pam 32, 58, 66, 68, 92, 115, 120, 135, 246, 261 Lindsey, Robert 136 Lindsey, Rex 136 Linebarger, Ronnie 52, 78, 136, 246, 256 Livingston, Ron 65, 102, 105, 120, 136,272 Lockley, Nancy 136 Loftis, Arless 51, 74, 136 Lohmer, Edmee 58, 65, 136 Long, Kenneth 136 Lopez, Lupe 58, 76, 136 Lopez, Pete 136 Lopez, Rebecca 58, 65, 68, 70, 76, 90, 91, 136, 246, 251, 265, 273, 281 Lopez, Richard 136 Lawhon, Chris 74, 136, 263, 269 Lowry, Robert 136 Lozano, Adele 136 Luther, Patty 64, 136 Mc McAllister, Bob 136 McFarland, Deborah 137 McConioco, Sheryll 58, 70, 77, 78, 137, 242, 267 McLelland, James 72, 137 M Macareno, Al 137 Mandoni, Cheryl 64, 137 Martin, Jerry 137 Mgiitgn, Ray 48, 137, 256, 259, Martinez, Annie 137 Martinez, Gregorio 70, 137 Martinez, Manuel 137 Martinez, Virginia 137 Massengale, Gene 137 Medina, Tommye 137 Mellugin, Johnny 138 Mendez, Bertha 138 Mieczynski, Janie 73, 78, 138 Miles, Sally 58, 77, 138 Miller, Danny 138 Moffitt, Mike 70. 138 Moron, Yolanda 70, 138 Moore, Delois 61, 138 Moore, Jeanell 66, 68, 90, 91, 138 246, 247, 251, 252 Morris, John 66, 138 Morris, Sue 138 Morton, Danny 138 Mosqueda, Josie 138 Moten, Cartenaye 138 Mulligan, Debbie 138 Mullins, Pamela 138 Mullins, Sandra 139 Munoz, Raymond 139 N Najar, Elvira 139 Nichols, John 139 Nicholson, Vivian 139 Norris, Elizabeth 46, 70, 76, 81, 139 O O,Brien, Thomas 73, 139 Ogden, Terry 73, 139 Oliver, Rita 13, 139 Olmos, Ramon 139 Owens, Roger 109, 139 Ozuna, Rosa 139 P Palmore, Gwendolen 78, 139 Pantoja, Richard 139 Paredes, Benny 70, 139, 249, 263 Parker, Debbie 65, 76, 139 Payton, Brad 139 Peacock, Phyllis 58, 66, 70, 139 Pearson, Don 140 Pecora, Sharon 70, 140 Pena, Sylvia 58, 68, 70, 90, 91, 140, 247 Peppers, Joy 76, 140 Perez, Stella 140 Perez, Nita 62, 65, 66, 70, 140 Perez, Yolanda 62, 76, 140 Petree, Paul 140, 241 Barbolla, George 151 Pfannstiel, Joyce 73, 89, 81, 140 Phemister, Ricky 140 Phillips, Debbie 140 Piper, Barbara 140 Poe, Patricia 140 Polk, Kathalyn 140 Polson, Dan 48, 140 Poore, Patti 47, 65, 84, 120, 140, 282 Porch, Clifford 140 Portales, Eladio 140 Potter, Barbara 141 Pyles, Marty 141 C2 Quinones, Juanita 74, 82, 141 Quintanar, Fernando 141 R Ragland, Diana 58, 65, 68, 70, 74, 90, 99, 120, 141, 246, 262 Ramirez, Joe 58, 66, 78, 95, 141 Ramirez, Rosa 141 Ramirez, Tony 48, 141 Randall, Steve 141 Ratcliff, Larry 141 Raya, Domingo 35, 141 Rector, Rickie 46, 141 Regojo, Manuel 141 Reid, James 141 Renois, Juanna 142 Reyna, Hilda 142 Reyna, Linda 61, 70, 141 Richardson, Debbie 142 Rios, Virginia 58, 70, 72, 74, 90, 91, 142, 242, 246, 248, 274 Rivas, Richard 65, 66, 142 Rivera, Esther 142 Robbins, Roy 142 Roberts, Danny 58, 65, 74, 142, 269 Roberts, Lowell 74, 142 A . Acusta, Mark 151 Adair, Lonna 151 Adams, James 151 Alexander, Darrell 151 Alonzo, Billv ll' Alvarez i ..uro 151 "' ..,, George 151 ,.nes, James 151 Anderson, Marsha 83, 151 Andrews, Verna 151 Arriaga, Teresa 151 Artega, Mary 151 Artz, Theresa 49, 151 Ashley, George 151 Atcheson, Debbie 106, 151 Atcheson, Walter 151 B Baccus, Shirley 30, 151 Bacon, Joe 151 Baker, James 151 Baker, Mike 151 Baltzgar, Wanda 151 Banda, Cecilia 151 Banks, Ray 107, 151 Baglggrena, Guillermo 65, 66, 95, Bargas, Kathy 151 Bargas, Vicki 62, 152 Barnes, lN4ike 152 Barrera, Joe 152 Barrientes, Rudy 152 Beach, Raymond 162 Bell, Clifford 152 Bergin, Jeff 152 Bermejo, Maria 152 Bermejo, Mary H. 58, 77, 78, 152 Berry, Gloria 58, 78, 152 Biggins, Abbie 152 Bill Rebecca 58, 60, 152 Blackwood, Joi 153 Bouders, Gary 153 Boyce, Deloris 153 Breitenstein, Linda 62, 86, 153 Brown, Gerald 153 Brown, Jacqueline 33, 153 Roberts, Shirley 73, 142 Robinson, Arnetia 142 Rodriguez, Anthony 65, 142 Rodriguez, Donna Jean 49, 143, 269 Rodriguez, Irene 58, 120, 143, 252, 262 Rodriguez, Ricky 66, 143 Rodriguez, Yolanda 58, 59, 70, 74, 65, 143, 252 Rosas, Daniel 143 Roscoe, Sam 66, 143, 282 Rose, Ken 66, 143, 282 Rowe, Charles 143 Ruiz, Vera 70, 143 Ruddick, Larry 52, 143 Russell, Glen 40, 93, 143, 247, 265, 267, 280 Ruth, Linda 143 S Saldana, Josie 143 Samuelson, Gary 143 Sanchez, Oscar 143 Sanders, Jimmy 143 Sanders, Ronald Sanders Sanders, Wanda 62, 76, 143 Sandoval, Jessee 58, 66, 82, 143, 248 Sapien, Robert 144 Savage, Ruby 144 Scoff, Sue 144 Scogin, Karen 144 Scott, Barbara 64, 144 Scoville, Cindy 58, 74, 144 Sepulveda, Rose 144 Shepard, Alan 144 Shue, Patrica 144 Shugart, Dolores 65, 70, 77, 87, 144, 312 Silva, Kathy 144 Singletary, Francis 144 Junior Brown, Jimmy 153 Brown, Leon 52, 153 Brown, Rita 68, 163 Brown, Vinnie L. 153 Burks, Rhonda 153 Burns, Stephen L. 153 Butler, Yyone 58, 62, 72, 74, 78, 82, 153 C Cabral, Juanita 65, 153 Cabrera, Santos 153 Calton, Vera 153 Calva, Linda 46, 58, 66, 68, 78, 80, 153, 241, 249, 254, 263 Camago, Johnny 153 Campos, Irlinda 49, 81, 86, 153 Cano, Rosie 62, 153 Cano, Ruben 154 Cardenas, Mary 78, 86, 154 Cardwell, Rick 96, 154 Carey, Luann 154 Carpenter, Virginia 16, 51, 80, 154 Carter, Gloria 154 Carter, May 154 Carter, Patty 58, 154 Casarez, Yolanda 58, 154 Casey, Zoe Ann 77, 154 Castillo, Ernest 154 Castillo, Nicho 154 Castillo, Olivia 58, 154 Cavage, Mark 37, 51, 52, 154 Cisneros, Rose 154 Chambers, Darrell 154 Chambers, lNIichael 154 Chamberland, Troy 48, 154 Christian, Cheryl 115, 155 Chupik, Peggy 65, 154, 255 Church, David 36, 155 Clark, Bertha 155 Clark, Charles 65, 155 Clayton, Rogena 77, 155 Clements, Darrell 155 Cleving, Anthony 155 Cockrum, Regina 58, 62, 155 Collins, Donald R. 53, 155 Colon, Ester 155 Conde, George 100 Contreras, Janie 155 Smart, Buddy 144 Snell, Melton 145 Soto, Joe 144 Spence, Rick 144 Stafford, Debbie 145 Stanfield, David 145 Stephens, Virginia 145 Stewert, Robbie Stone, Ellen 70, 74, 145, 248, 254, 267, 312 Stults, Jeannie 82, 145 Stults, Rhonda 145 Sullivan, Debra 145 T Taylor, Charlyn 145 Taylor, Donald 145 Taylor, Esther 145 Terrazas, Patricia 47, 58, 72, 74, 145 Thomas, Gwenda 73, 145 Thurman, Randy 146 Tidwell, Paula 146 Tillison, Patricia 146 Tobias, Irene 61, 146 Torrence, Becky 146 Torress, Adela 58, 76 Torress, Anne 58, 76, 146 Trevino, Laura 146 Tudor, David 52, 146 U Usleton, Cynthia 146 V Valdez, Victoria 146 Valentine, Cliff 58, 146 Vance, Larry 13, 146 Varnell, Roy 146 Vega, Helen 147 Vega, Sarah 147 Vela, Marie 147 Index Contreras, Sharlene 46, 155 Cook, Larry 155 Cortez, Tomasita 155 Cortez, Clano 155 Cortez, Joe 155 Cooper, Joyce 155 Copeland, Ralph 155 Cornelison, Kenneth 155 Coslow, Beulah 156 Crafton, Larry 66, 156 Crawford, Sharon 156 Crider, Susan 156 Cruz, Margie 156 Cummings, Lonnie 156 Cunningham, Joann 62, 78, 156 D Dangerfield, Thomas 27, 156 Daniel, Richard 156 Danila, Mary Jane 156 Davidson, Roy 38, 156 Davis, Isaac 156 Davis, Robert 52, 156 Dean, Rollins 156 DeHart, Wanda 49, 156 Dockery, Patti 62, 72, 150, 156 Dowell, Lorena 156 Drake, Chris 156 Diaz, Margie 156 Duarte, Clara 156 Duarte, Daniel 47, 156 Duke, Jimmie 87, 156 Duncan, John 97, 102, 105, 156 Dunn, Lavanda 156 Dunsworth, Kristi 58, 72, 82, 156 Duque, Joe 157 E Edgar, Bill 157 Edmonds, Deborah 157 Edwards, Cheryl 157 Elizondo, Herlinda 58, 74, 77, 78, 81, 157 Elliott, Robert 157 English, Charles 157 Epperson, Norma 157 Erlie, Bobbie 157 Eubanks, David 157, 374 Evans, Bobby 52, 157 Velez, Marilu 147 W Waldrip, Donna 147 Walker, Gloria 147 Walker, Letitia 147, 262 Walker, Ninna 73 Walker, Rufus 53, 70, 71, 147, 243, 259, 265, 267 Wallace, Charles 147 Weaver, Cindy 147 Weaver, Mary 73, 78, 147 Westbrook, Henry 36, 65, 70, 80, White, Brenda 70, 74, 147, 254, 82, 96, 110, 147 White, Dan 52, 147 266 White, Mack 90, 91, 148, 247, 277 White, Paul 143 Whitsel, Darrell 148 Whitt, Pamela 148 Wiggins, Jane 148 Wilkerson, Harry 148 Wilkerson, Leo 52, 148 Williams, Gayle 48, 58, 62, 148 Willman, Eugene 58, 61, 70, 254, 265, 267 Williams, Phyllis 149 Williams, Rochelle 149 Williamson, Malcolm 149 Wood, Sherry 149 Wortman, David 149 Wyatt, Fae 149 Y Young, John 149 Z Zamarripa, Fernando 149 Zamora, Rachel 76, 86, 149 Zamora, Rasalinda 149 F Feeney, Albert 157 Ferguson, Pat 36, 157 Ferguson, Zachary 82, 157 Fernandez, Aurora 77, 157 Fields, La Verne 77, 157 Figueroa, Joe 157 Fishbum, Sue 157 Florence, Almarez 158 Flores, John 158 Flores, Judy 158 Flores, Margaret 158 Flores, Richard 65, 72, 158 Forbes, Margie 158 Foster, Geneva 77, 158 Fowler, Sharon 158 Fox, Joseph 158 Franklin, Gail 158 Fults, Steve 27, 158 Futrell, David 158 G Gallegos, Alex 158 Garcia Angelina 158 Garcia, Charles 158 Garcia, David 52, 158 Garcia, Elva 158 Garcia, Esther 87, 158 Garcia, Rosanna 158 Gardener, Barbara 158 Gardener, Malcolm 158 Garza, Ray 32, 159 Gaskell, Susan 159 Gawkill, Debbie 159 Gillie, Mike 159 Gillihand, Herbert 159 Girprd, Jeanann 159 Gist, Gayle 65, 72, 74, 82, 159 Godfrey, Bill 159 Gomez, Cocilia 159 Gomez, Rita 159 Gonzales, Celestino 159 Gonzalez, Christine 159 Gonzales, Esther 77, 78, 159 Gonzales, Joe 159 Gonzales, Robert 159 Gonzales, Stella 159 Govea, Sammy 159 Grant, Donna 159 5 Graves, Reecel 159 Greer, Cynthia 159 Grice, Earline 160 Griffin, Johnny 49, 160 Griffin, Sherri 160 Guajardo, Elizabeth 160 Guckian, James 160 Guckian, Wesley 160 Gutierrez, Joe 160 Gutierrez, Liz 160 Guzman, Alice 160 H Hammonds, Robert 160 Hare, lwike 160 Harris, James 160 Harris, Mammie 160 Harrison, Gwenda 64, 160 Harvey, Lucy 160 Hastings, Thomas 50, 160 Haynes, Eugene 160 Hearne, Peggy 160 Hedgpith, Pamela 160 Henderson, Marva 77, 160 Hernandez, Mario 34, 65, 160, 313 Hernandez, Yolanda 160 Herrera, Albert 160 Herrera, Albert 160 Herrera, Fred 114, 161 Herrera, Mary Alice 161 Herrera, Vangie 161 Herry, Elizabeth 161 Hester, Kam 58, 161 Hicks, Randy 161 Holmes, Jacqueline 49, 161 Holland, Mike 161 Hoover, Curtis 161 Howard, Cheri 161 Huey-you, Kathy 161 Huffman, Jeri 161 Hunt, Jim 161 Hunter, Cynthia 161 Hutchins, Gary 52, 66, 161 J Jackson, Brenda 161 Jackson, Carolyn 77, 161 Jennings, Cynthia 161 Jackson, Dorian 25, 161 Jackson, Fred 161 Jackson, Leroy 161 Jayme, Ramire 161 Johnson, James 161 Johnson, Lamar 161 Johnson, Marelyn 162 Johnson, Melissa 162 Johnson, Patsy J. 162 Johnson, Rita 162 Johnson, Robert M. 162 Johnson, Vance 78, 54, 162 Jones, David 80, 162 Jones, Debbie 162 Jones, Ivy 162 Jones, Toni 49, 162 Jones, Tammy 162 Juarez, Alicia 62, 78, 162 K Kachel, Linda 162 Kafka, Kenneth 162 Keener, Michael 162 Kelly, Kathy 58, 62, 72, 150, 162 Kerley, Charles 162 Kerley, Kay 162 Key, Cindy 77, 162 Keys, Dough 162 Kilman, Denise 163 King. Cara 163 King, Jean 163 Knight, Diana 72, 163 Knight, Donna 65, 66, 81, 163 Knight, John 163 Kropka, John 163 L Laguna, Maria 163 Lambert, Gary 58, 74, 163 Lawcarte, Cecilia 163 Lavender, Mike 63, 163 Lawless, Weldon 163 Lawrence, Dennis 164 Lee, Vickie 79, 86, 164 Lewis, Pat 164 Leyer, Jess 164 Lightfoot, Gail 164 1 Lindsey, George 72, 103, 105 164 Lockaby, Brenda 62, 164 Long, Ronald 50, 164 Longoria, Ruben 110, 164 Lopez, Phylis 164 Lopez, Richard 164 Luttrell, Kay 164 Lynch, Cindy 66, 81, 164 Lyons, Henry 97, 164 M 5 Mamas, Elizabeth 51, 52, 58, 66 78, 115, 150, 164, 241, 243 Magallon, Gilbert 37, 164 Mann, Neisha 164 Mannen, Howard Lee 164 Marez, Norma 77, 165 Maron, Maria 165 Marquez, Mark, 75, 165 Martin, Cheri 165 Martin, Willie 165 Martinez, James 165 Martinez, Manuel Dodie 165 Martinez, Mary Helen 165 Martinez, Rose 165 Martinez, Tony 165 Martinez, Victor 165 Mata, Rene 166 Matheson, Janie 166 Matherson, Dennis 53, 166 Massey, Jimmie L. 27, 50, 63, 78, 166, 248 Mason, Sharon 49, 166 Matlock, Sheila 166 McAdoo, Charlene 166 McArthur, Kenneth 166 McGraw, Michael 166 McGuffey, Marilyn 166 McLeod, Gerald 166 McLemore, Linda F. 77, 166 Medrano, Lydia 77, 166 Mendoza, Andrew 166 Mercado, Jake 167 Merrill. Greg 167 Mesa, Belinda 58, 66, 68, 90, 167, 247, 262 Mercado, Patricia 167 Metcalf, Barry 167 Meza, Mary 167 Meza, Sara 167 Miller, Christene 167 Miller, Jean 76, 83, 167 Mills, Darrell 167 Milsap, Donna 167 Misner, John 167 Monk, Pam 167 Montalvo, Florentino 52, 167 Montelongo, Diana 167 Montelongo, Tony 97, 168 Montes, Raul 168 Montey, Rick 168 Moore, Billie 168 Morales, Jessie 47. 168 Morgan, Susan 168 Moreland, Norman 168 Morrison, Donna 168 Morrison, Gary 168 Mosley, Richard 168 Munoz, Abram 168 Murphy, Becky 168 N Nance, Jim 168 Navejar, Roland 168 Neal, Elmo 50, 65, 168 Nesky, Charlene 169 Nobles, Gary 169 Nombrano, Oscar 50, 169 Norris, Debbie 51, 65, 169 O Obregon. Bertha 76, 169 Osburn, Vicki 169 Overby, Sharon 169 Owens, Lee 47, 169 P Payne, Pat 169 Paine, Monica 169 Paddock, Kenneth 169 Pade, Margaret 169 Papskar, Kristi 169 Paredes, Rachel 169 Pecina, Elouisa 169 Pendley, Gloria 169 Pennington, Bobby 48, 170 9 Perales, Ray 170 Perez, Becky 50, 51, 80, 170 Perez, Elizabeth 170 Perez, Perry, Lawrence 170 Richard 170 Phemister, Sue 58, 65, 68, 74, Q 78, P11-Ig, 1 70 Darrell 1 70 Placencia, Danny 170 Placencia, Ismael 47, 58, 170 Pool, Connie 170 Porch, Jon 170 Porter, Elaine 170 Power, Martha 81, 170 Prince, Abe 52, 170 Pugh, Bill 170 Q Quinonez, Emma 171 Quintanar, Jose 97, 66, 171 R Ragan, Rick 66, 171 Ramirez, Herminia 171 Ramirez, Marie 58, 86, 171 Ramirez, Nathan 171 Ramsey, Linda 46, 80, 82, 171 Rangel, Joe 52, 171 Rangel, Michael 171 Range Razo, l, Ricardo 171 George 171 Rector, Rebecca 171 Reeves, Susan 171 Renteria, Cynthia 171 Renteria, Ruben 171 Rosendes, Daniel 171 Reyes, Mariana 171 Reyes, Reynaldo 50, 171 Reyna, Lucy 172 Reynosa, Diana 172 Reznicek, Janet 172 Roberson, Linda 62, 172 Roberts, Kenneth 172 Robertson, Jessie 104, 105, 172 Robles, Teresa 172 Rodriguez, Augustine 172 Rodriguez, Gloria 172 Rodriguez, Larry 172 Rodriguez, Lydia 58, 86, 172 Rodriguez, Steve 172 Rouse, Kim 66, 173 Rubie, Aurelie 173 Rubie, Rene 173 Rutland, Derrick 173 Ryals, Micky 173 S Salazar, Isaac 173 Saldana, Mary 173 Saldibar, Irene 58, 173 Salites, Emma 173 Saltzgiver, Deanie 173 Samaniego, Connie 51, 53, 62, 65, 72, 173 Sanchez, Estanislao 173 Sanchez, Joe 47, 55, 173 Sanches, oe 174 Sanch Sande .l ez, Mary Lou 174 rs, Wilmoth 174 Sawyer, Tim 174 Scott, Scott, John 1 74 Sharon 1 74 Sensabaugh, Ginger 174 Shannon, Brenda 174 Shotwell, Mike 174 Shugart, Susan 72, 174 Simpson, Jeannie 174 Smith Smiro Smith Smith , Bobby 35, 174 , Shannon 174 , Darlene 174 , Jonita 175 Smith, Karen 175 Smith, Linda 49, 175 Smitherman, Bessie 175 Snow, Vada 175 Soto, Angelina 64, 175 South, Johnny 175 Sparks, Linda 66, 175 Spears, Calvin 175 Spenc er, Clifford 175 Stafford, Becky 175 Stallings, Larry 175 Steph ens, Versie 175 Stewart, Jerry 110, 175, 257 Stoy, Shirley 47, 175 Strahand, Sandra 175 Strain, Mickey 175 Strawn, Susan 176 Strong, Russell 176 Stunstle, Charles 104, 105, 176 Sweeney, William 176 T Tabone, Charles 176 Talley, David 48, 176 Tarver, David 176 Tatum, Gloria 176 Taylor, Carol 176 Taylor, Paula 176 Taylor, Roger 99, 176 Teal, Effelda 176 Teeter, Ted 176 Thomas, Becky 176 Thompson, Gred 176 Thompson, Michael 176 Thornton, Beth 176 Thornton, Dennis 176 Toles, Thomas 176 Toombs, Curtis 48, 176 Torres, David 52, 177 Torres, Jessie 177 Tovar, Roaria 177 Townsend, Dorothy 177 Tribble, Roger 177 Trujillo, Virginia 177 Tudor, Peggy 177 U Upshaw, Rebecca, 177 Urias, Joel 48, 177 V Valdez, Margaret 177 Valdez, Teresa 177 Valle, Mike 111, 178 Valle, Patsy 178 Van Velzar, Joe 178 Vargas, Janet 58, 68, 72, 90, 91, 150, 178 Vasquez, Danny 178 Vasquez, Otila 178 Vega, Raymond 178 Velasquez, Delores 178 Veloz, Lorenzo 178 Verge, Jaborah 178 Vickers, Charlie 178 Vines, Darlene 82, 178 Vinson, Mike 178 Von Wahild, George 93, 178 W Wallace, Charles 50, 178 Walton, Herbert 48, 178 Warren, Sharon 178 Warren, Steven 178 Waits, Billy 178 Weldon, Linda 178 Westbrook, Paula 51, 65, 70, 78, 150, 179 Wheat, Karen 179 Wheeler, Gary 179 Whisenant, Johnny 179 Wilburn, Kendrix 179 Williams, Elaine 179 Williams, Helen 81, 179 Williams, James 179 Williams, Linda 46, 179 Willars, Alice 77, 179 Williams, Michelangelo 114, 179 Williams, Weldon 179 Willars, Sarah 179 Willars, Trini 179 Willis, Rickey 179 Wilson, Gary 179 Wilson, Lee 107, 179 Winters. Marsha 179 White, Doris 179 Woodall, Jerie 81, 179 Workman, Craig 179 Worley, Barbara 179 Wright, David 179 Y Youngblood, Brant 32, 179 Youngblood, Milton 179 Youngblood, Mary 179 Z Zachry, Debbie 179 Zammarripa, Betty 179 Zapata, Tony 179 Zumwalt, James 179 A Aceves, Johnny 181 Alcala, Daniel 100, 101, 180 Alexander, Darlene 181 Allgood, James 181 Allen, Jeannie 181 Almendarez, Steve 181 Amador, Alice 181 Anderson, Annette 181 Anderson, William 181 Andrews, Steve 181 Arnold, Gary 181 Avina, Ada 181 Ayala, Robert 181 B Baldock, Linda 181 Ball, Donna 181 Ball, Linda 181 Barrera, Helen 181 Barrera, Mary 181 Barrera, Raymond 181 Barrientes, Ramona 181 Barrientes, Roy 181 Barrientes, Viola 62, 77, 78, 81 Barron, Alice 65, 181 Beeman, Donna 181 Benavides, Mario 182 Benton, Doris 182 Bermejo, Frances 182 Bermejo, Sally 182 Bermer, Johnny 182 Berry, Brenda 182 Berry, David 182 Birmingham, Mark 182 Blackshun Dwi ht 100 101 182 5 g 7 I Blankship, Becky 62, 181 Blocker, Buford 181 Bookman, Roby 181 Bowman, Rodger 182 Botkin, Jayneen 182 Brannon, Marion 172 Briseno, David 100, 101, 182 Brock, James 182 Brockett, Russell 182 Brown, Billy 182 Brown, Kathryien 182 Brown, Shirley 182 Brown, Charles 182 Buchanan, James 36, 78, 183 Burgess, Terry 183 Byerley, Joe 183 C Cabello, Juanita 183 Cabral, Maria 183 Cabrera, Ramon 183 Calva, Joe 47, 183 Campbell, Margie 183 Cantrell, Carolyn 183 Cantu, Rachel 183 Cardenas, Mario 183 Carouthers, Janice 183 Carouthers, Michael 183 Carrington, Norris 183 Casas, Nora 183 Casson, Deborah 183 Castellon, Willie 183 Castillo, Arthur 183 Castillo, Bert 184 Castillo, Rose Mary 184 Castillo, Ruth 184 Cervantes, Ada 184 Chambers, Sandra 79, 184 Chapa, Ester 184 Chapa, Manuel 184 Chavez, Frances 184 Childress. Russell 52, 62, 65, 184 Chittender, Steve 184 Christilles, David 50, 66, 184 Christine, Robbie 184 Clark, Kenneth 184 Clark, Linda 184 Clemons, Sammy 184 Cole, Alice 49, 184 Collins, David 184 Collins, Paulette 48, 65, 184 Comer, Sandra 184 Contraras, Lulu 184 Contraras, Mary 185 Contreras, Mary 185 Cook, Donna 185 Sophomore Index Coonfield, Sheila 185 Cooper, Edward 100, 101, 185 Cooper, Larry 106, 195 Cornelius, Fredrick 97, 98 Cortez, Johnny 185 Cortez, Jimmy 185 Cortez, Jimmy 185 Couch, Pat 65 Cravey, Jerry 185 Crowler, James 185 Cumby, Lottie 185 D Daily, Richard 53, 185 Dale, John 185 Daniels, Margaret 185 Davila, John 185 Davis, Deborah 185 Davis, Glenda 185 Davis, James 186 Davis, Mildred 186 Davisson, Glenna 186 Delany, Albert 186 Delgado, Rosie 186 Dennis, Gail 86, 186 Dennis, Patricia 186 Dewveall, Vickie 186 Dial, Earnest 52, 186 Diaz, Daniel 186 Diaz, Johnny 186 Diaz, Ricky 186 Dill, Doris 186 Dominquez, Irene 186 Donnell, Larry 106, 186 Doss, Janice 186 Duke, Michael 186 Dumas, Charlyenne 186 Duncan, Janice 186 Dunlap, Debbie 187 Duque, Dean 187 E Eanes, Joan 187 Earl, Karen 187 Escamilla, Alex 187 Estes, Kay 187 Evans, Cecil 187 F Favors, Frank 187 Ferguson, Johnny 187 Figueroa, Elaine 92, 187 Flock, David 187 Flores, Silverio A. 187 Ford, Steve 187 G Gobea, Freddy 187 Gobea, Phillip 187 Galbiati, Cynthia 78, 187 Galindo, Fred 187 Gallardo, Mary Ann 187 Garay, Raymond 188 Garay, Tony 188 Garcia, Ben 188 Garcia, Irma 188 Garcia, Linda 188 Garcia, Margarita 188 Garivay, Joseph 188 Garza, Frank 188 Gatewood, Elaine 188 Geffoneo, Pamela 188 107, , 135 Hamilton, Beverly 189 Hamilton, Deborah 189 Hammer, Diane 65, 189 Hammer, Gary 52, 189 Hampton, Davey 189 Hanson, Alvin 106, 189 Haney, Susan 189 Hardin, Cheryl 189 Harrison, David 139 Harrison, Gary 66, 189 Hawkins, Adoph 100, 101, 189 Hawkins, Ruth 189 Headrick, Wiley 189 Heath, Linda 189 Henderson, Nathaniel 189 Henkel, Cynthia 189 Hernandez, Amanda 189 Hernandez, Carl A. 190 Hernandez, Hilario 190 Hernandez, Margarita 190 Hernandez, Maria 190 Hernandez, Ramon 190 Hernandez, Robert 190 Herrara, Rachel 190 Herrara, Raul 80, 106, 190 Higgins, Howard 190 Hill, Jeanette 190 Hill, Mary 190 Hinsey, James 58, 62, 190 Holland, Billy 100, 190 Holloway, Judy 190 Hopkins, Sue 190 House, David 190 Houston, Linda 190 Howell, Deborah 191 Hughes, Eddie 191 Hu hes ohnn 191 g a Hughes, .1 Y Volney 191 Hunt, Craig 101, 191 Hunt, Phyllis 191 Hunter, Sylvia 191 Huston, Donny 191 I Ibanez, Ramona 191 Ideus, Sharon 191 Ince, Ro Ingram, Ingram, y 191 Eddie 191 Robert 191 Inocencio, Connie 191 Jackson, Jackson, .l Charles 107, 191 Earl 191 Jackson, Joe 191 Jackson, Tommie 100, 101, 191 James, Patti 192 Jaquiz, Isabel 192 Jewett, Jimmy 192 Jimenez, Mary 192 Johnson, Donna 192 Johnson, Emmett, 192 Johnson, Jackie 192 Johnson, Norma 192 Johnson Roy 192 Gentry, Juanita 77, 78, 115, 188 Gifford, Mike 188 Gilbert, Terry 188 Gilbreath, Marilyn 188 Giddings, Debbie 188 Gleason, Dewaine 188 Gomez, Andrew 188 Gonzales, Arthur 188 Goss, Anthony 188 Graves, Brian 188 Gray, Robert 189 Greer, Rhonda 77, 189 Grizzle, Jack 189 Guajardo, Linda 189 Guerra, Mary Helen 189 Gutierrez, Mary 189 Guzman, Junita 189 H Hall, Norman 189, 206 Jones, Gloria 192 Jones, Ralph 192 Jones, Rickey 100, 101, 102 Jones, Shirley 192 Julian, Ronny 192 K Keeney, Roger 192 Keeton, Betty Ann 193 Keeton, Betty Lou 193 Kilgore, Wanda 78 Kimble, Mary Ann 193 King, Joyce 193 King, Ira 193 Kirby, Larry 193 Krulkulski, Jim 92, 193, 246 L Lackey, Raymond 193 Laing, Rosa 193 Lambert, Tracey 78, 193 Lambert, Weldon 193 Latigo, Ruth 193 Lawrence, Vicki 193 League, Bill 193 Lee, Lynn 193 Lee, Sharon 193 Lemons, David 193 Lawless, Leoma 193 Lester, Karen 193 Liles, Roy 194 Lindsay, Linda 65, 194 Livar, Jessee 194 Lockley, Harold 194 Lohmer, Peter 78, 194 Lones, Shirley 194 Longoria, Robert 194 Lopez, George 47, 194 Lopez, Mike 194 Love, James 194 Luck, Susie 194 Luttrell, Melvin 194 Lynch, Brenda 194 M Madkin, Bessie 194 Magallon, Diana 23, 194 Manning, Lee 106, 194 Martin, Arthur 53, 194 Martin, Edsin 194 Martin, Felecia 65, 78, 180, 194 Martin, Willard 98, 194 Martinez, Albert 195 Martinez, Felix 52, 62, 65, 195 Martinez, Helen 195 Martinez, Johnny 50, 195 Mayhow, Donna 195 McClanahan, Larry 36, 195 McDaniel, Sandra 195 McFarland, Janet 195 McGilton, Sandy 19, 195 McLeod, James 195 McMullen, Tim 195 Meakin, Arthur III 195 Medina, Faustine 196 Medlock, Lyle 196 Mena, Sarah 196 Mendez, Armando 196 Mendez, Irene 196 Mendoza, Mary 196 Mendoza, Ufemia 196 Mill, Meshalle 196 Miller, Brenda 196 Miller, Eddie 196 Miller, Larry 48, 66, 196 Miller, Linda 196 Millsap, Mary 196 Mianard, Paula 86, 196 Miranda, Aurelio 196 Montoya, Tim 196 Mooney, Ben 197 Mooney, Don 100, 197 Mooney, Stephen 197 Moore, Donald 197 Moreland, Patricia 197 Morgan, Randy 197 Morris, Harry 197 Morrow, Janice 197 Morton, Richard 197 Mosley, Joe 197 Mosley, Paula 197 Mulligan, Donna 82, 197 Munos, Carlos 47, 197 Munoz, Mario 197 Murkeldove, Carol 62, 197 Murray, Shari 197 Murrellm, Getzell 198 N Nanert, Debbie 198 Narvis, Deame 198 Narvis, Dianah 198 Narvis, Deanne 198 Newhouse, Jimmy 98, 106, 199 Nelson, Jue 198 Newhouse, Vickie 198 Newton, Magnolia 198 Nichols, Vory 198 Nichols, Lesley 79, 198 North, Gordon 198 O Oconnor, Daived 198 Ornebs, Amy 198 Ornelas, Amy 198 Ortega, Susie 198 Oregton, Frances 198 Ortiz, Ernest 198 Ortiz, Joe 199 Ortiz, Maria 199 OTollc, Tommy 199 Overby, Toni 65, 199 Owens, Bobby 199 Oyervides, Michal 59, 199 Oxford, Gayle 65, 180, 199 P Pabon, Joe 199 Parsons, John 199 Patter, Wally 199 Pearson, Sheila 109, 199 Pecha, Mary 199 Perez, Barbara 100, 199 Perez, Elizabeth 199 Perez, Rosie 199 Phillips, Bonita 199 Phillips, Leonard 199 Poiter, Earnest 199 Portales, Daniel 199 Portor, David 100, 200 Portis, Helen 200 Powell, Willie 200 Price, James 200 Q Quintanar, Miguel 200 Quinonez, Maria 200 R Rainwater, Rhonda 200 Ramirez, Ernest 200 Razo, Ramon 200 Ramos, Frank 200 Ramos, Gregory 200 A Aceves, Elizabeth 211 Ackel, Vandy 211 Aguilera, Loretta 211 Allen, Deborah 211 Allen, Deborah 210, 211 Allen, Emmett 211 Allen, Lester 211 Alvarez, Johnny 211 Anderson, Paul 211 Angeles, Victoria 211 Antone, Garrion 211 Arango, Christine 211 Areland, Mary 211 Arriaga, Jessie 211 Arriaga, Raymond 48, 211 Artega, Mary 211 Atcheson, Johnny 211 J Ausbie, Beverly 211 Autry, Johnny 53, 211 Avina, Sally 211 Ayala, Anna 211 B Baker, Letha 79, 211 Barbec, Eddie 211 Barnes, Danny 211 Barrientes, David 211 Barrientes, Patricia 211 Barron, Rita 211 Baxter, John 106, 211 Baxter, Elizabeth 212 Beadman, Mary 212 Beaver, Larry 66, 112, 211 Becerra, Becky 212 Begil, Richard 212 Bell, Kurtis 46, 212 Benson, Charlie 212 Bermejo, Carlos 52, 212 Bermejo, Henry 50, 212 Bermejo, Sandra 212 Bigby, James 212 Biggs, Randy 212 Bill, Veronica 212 Birch, Shirley 212 Black, John 212 Blankenburg, Paul 213 Blocker, Barbara 65, 79, 213 Borjas, Domingo 213 Borvman, Elesia 213 Bradley, Henry 213 Branch, Odessa 213 Brana, Lupe 213 Brink, Karen 213 Briones, Rosemary 213 Brooks, Bobbie 213 Brookins, Ronnie 52, 213 Randall, Ardith 78, 200 Rangel, Beaturce 200 Rector, Martha 200 Rector, Billy 200 Rector, Gerold 200 Reese, Debbie 58, 200 Reeves, Donny 200 Reneria, Rachel 200 Revada, Cyrano 100, 101, 200 Richardson, Cecila, 101, 200 Ritchie, Donald 200 Rivera, Tom 210 Roberts, Duane 210 Roberts, Joe 201 Roberts, Terri 210 Robinson, David 100, 101, 107 Roddy, Joanne 100 Rodriquez, Daniel 201 Rodriquez, Freddie 201 Rodriquez, Linda 92, 201 Rodriquez, Paula 78, 212 Roland, Rodney 106, 210 Rosales, Arthur 212 Ruiz, Mary 212 Ruth, Patricia 202 S Salas, Carolyn 202 Salcedo, Janie 202 Sanchez, Homer 202 Sanchez, Jose 202 Sanchez, Thomas 202 Sanders, Joy 203 Shultz, Vikki 203 Schott, Perry 203 Shackleford, Charles 213 Shannon, Louis 106, 230 Shao, Linda 203 Shugart, Bobby 203 Sides, Yoli 203 Simpson, Debbie 78, 203 Singleton, John 203 Sisco, Pamela 203 Smith, Cecilia 203 Soto, Mary 204 Smith, Rose 294 Smythe, Richey 50, 204 Stovall, Paula 204 Strong, Pam 204 T Talley, Barbara 204 Terry, Bobby 204 Thomas, Nancy 204 Thompson, Barbara 205 Tidwell, Thomas 205 Tovar, David 205, 294 Trevino, Pete 205 Trevino, Tommie 205 Tripplett, Randy 206, 295 U Urias, Richard 206 V Valdez, Carman 206 Valle, Juan 66, 206 Freshman Index Brown, Betty 213 Brown, Jewel 49, 213 Brown, John 213 Brown, John 52, 213 Brunson, Linda 49, 213 Bryan, Dwight 213 Bryson, Martha 49, 213 Bufford, Jerry 213 Burks, Randall 213 Burton, Bill 66, 214 Bush, Jeff 214 C Cabral, Rosie 214 Cabral, Sylvia 214 Camacho, Richard 214 Campbell, Sandra 214 Camacho, Teresa 214 Campos, Cathy 214 Cantu, Isabel 214 Cantu, Ruth 214 Carey, Elaine 214 Carillo, Debbie 214 Carouthers, Michael 214 Carrington, Sharon 214 Carter, Janet 49, 214 Carter, Mary 214 Casson, Lynn 214 Castillo, Beatrice 214 Castillo, Cathy 214 Castillo, Gloria 214 Castillo, Ray 214 Castillo, Jose 214 Cauthern, Johnny 214 Cervantez, Lupe 215 Clark, Russell 215 Clayborn, Raymond 53, 215 Clements, Cindy 215 Clayton, Valeria 215 Collard, Patti 215 Collins, Johnny 215 Comer, Shelia 215 Conaster, Pam 47, 215 Corboris, Nlaria 215 Cooper, Myrtle 215 Cornelison, Gary 215 Cortez, Esther 215 Cortez, Robert 66, 215 Craig, Jackie 215 Creach, Sonny 215 Cruin, Dane 215 Crown, Herb 215 Cuellar, David 215 Curiel, Christine 215 Curry, Frankie 215 Czaskowski, Chester 215 D Danela, Mary 215 Daniels, Jimmie 215 Danes, Debra 216 Darden, Charles 216 Davenport, Sarah 216 Davila, Gilbert 216 Davis, Beverly 80, 216 Day, Danny 216 Dempsey, Vickie 216 Dewveall, Glenda 58, 216 Dixon, Jewel 216 Donaldson, Charles 216 Donoho, Travis 49, 216 Driver, Edgar 216 Duarte, Vicky 58, 216 Dunlap, Mary 216 Dunnam, Martha 58, 79, 216 E Earl, Rickie 216 Edwards, Beatrice 216 Edwin, Earl 216 Eddy, Beverly Elaine 216 Elkins, Elizabeth 217 Elrod, Joe 52, 217 Valle, Steve 206 Vasquez, Tony 206 Veliz, Barbara 206 Vinning, Gralin 206 W Wagner, Joyce 62, 206 Walker, Tim 206 Wallace, Joey 207 Walton, Debra 207 Ward, Kerry 207 Warren, Jackie 207 Watkins, Linda 207 Watts, Eddie 208 Waugh, Kathy 208 Webb, Diane 208 Wellborn, Eddie 208 White, Brenda 208 Willars, William William Sahara 208 s, Jackie 208 S, Nora 208 Willis, Tony 209 Wilson, Alice 62, 209 Winn, Rufus 209 Wooden, Tim 209 Wyatt, Bobby 209 Z Zaleski, Dianne 209 Zamarripa, Jesse 112, 209 Zapata, Bobby 209 Zapata, Mary 209 Zavala, Mary Helen 209 G Gomez, Gloria 218 Garcia Anna 218 Garcia? Diana 218 Garcia, Ernest 218 Garcia Gloria 49 76, 218 Garivay, John 218 Garner, Belinda 218 Garrett, hlarli 'Q 218 Garza, Herman X8 Garza, Jessie 218 Gay, Cheryl 48, 218 Gay, Sharon 47, 218 Gentry, Bobby 218 Gentry, Shelia 49, 219 Gentry, Walter 219 Giddin gs, Darrell 219 Glover, Larry 219 Gobea, Emilio 219 Gomez, Mario 219 Gomez Gomez Gomez Gonzal Gonzal Gonzal Gonzal , Mary 219 , Perfecto 219 , Tony 219 es, Albert 219 es, Ernestine 219 es, Gregory 43, 219 es, George 53, 219 Erwin, Dane 217 Escamilla, Gloria 217 Escamilla, Ricky 217 Espinoza, Terri 217 Evans, Bobby 217 Evans, Cynthia 217 F Farmer, Charolette 217 Felipe, Henrietta 217 Flores, Alfred 217 Fillmore, Rickey 65, 217 Flores, Rachael 210, 217 Flores, Emily 217 Flores, Ernest 217 Flores, Joe 217 Flores, Robert 217 Flores, Sammy 43, 217 Flores, Sammy 217 Flores, Santos 218 Flores, Taffy 218 Folsom, David 218 Fontain. Otis 53, 218 Foster, Barbara 218 Fox, Jeff 218 Franklin, Judy 218 Freeman, Patricia 218 Freeman, Cathy 218 Frias, Ramona 218 Funderburk, Gwendolyn 218 Gonzales, Juanita 219 Gonzales. Xavier 219 Gowan, Carol 219 Granado, Elvira 219 Graves, Frankie 219 Graver, Marla 219 Gray, Charles 219 Green, Carolyn 219 Green, Ruby 219 Greener, Kathryn 219 Griffin, Larry 219 Guadarrama, Arthur 48, 219 Guajardo, David 220 Gurganus, Cindy 220 Gutierrez, Ruben 220 Gutierres, Margaret 220 H Hair, Teresa 220 Hale, Leonard 220 Hall, Gordon 220 Hall, James 220 Hambrick, Victor 106, 220 Hamilton, Freddie 220 Hamilton, Robert 52, 220 Hardage, Linda 220 Harless, Evonda 220 Hare, Suzanne 220 Harris, Donny 45, 220 Harwell, Marie Lola 66, 220 Hastings, Linda 220 Haswell, Charles 45, 220 Hedgpetha, Robert 220 Hearne, Larry 220 LeMoins, Frank 225 Lerma, Julian 225 Lewis, Robert 225 Lindsey, Janice 225 Henderson, Benny 220 Henderson, Debra 220 Hernandez, Abel 220 Hernandez, Gloria 220 Hernandez, Joe 52, 66, 220 Hernandez 3 Hernandez, Pauline 220 Sally 221 Heron, Larry 221 Herrera, Gilbert 221 Herrera, Luis 52, 221 Herrera, Mary 221 Hester, Cindy 58, 221 Herrera, Maurice 52, 221 Hickman, Edward 52, 221 Higdon, Kenneth 221 Hill, Howard 221 Loftin, Becky 49, 78, 225 Loftis, Harold 52, 225 Logan, Gerald 225 Lohmer, Bibiana 225 Long, Jeff 225 Long, Richard 225 Lopez, Eddie 225 Lopez, Elias 225 Lopez, Frank 225 Lopez, Raul 225 Lovelace, Terri 225 Lucio, Frank 225 M Mack, Debra 225 Mackey, Linda 225 Hill, Oscar 222 Hill, Wendell 222 Holder, Faye 222 Holt, Mary 222 Holland, Kenneth 222 Holly, Diane 49, 222 Holmes, Pam 222 House, Diane 222 House, Janet 222 Howard, Angeline 210, 222 Howard, Barbara 222 Hromcik, Sharon 222 Hudgins, Jerry 52, 222 Hughes, Sherry 222 Huey-you, Evangelina 52, 222 Humphrey, Deborah 222 Humphrey, Beverly 49, 86, 222 Hunter, Kenneth 222 Hutchins, Dianna 222 Hyman, Paulette 49, 222 I Ince, Ray 66, 223 Inocencio, Cayetano 223 Maddox, Vicki 225 Madewell, Vicki 225 Maldonado, Lupe 225 Manuel, Paul 225 Marcus, Lori 225 Marsh, Ginger 226 Martin, Cynthia 226 Marsh, Michael 226 Martin, Lawrence 226 Martin, Sharon 86, 226 Martinez, Aurora 226 Martinez, Carmen 226 Martinez, Frances 226 Martinez, Gabriel 226 Martinez, Maria 226 Martinez, Patricia 226 Martinez, Paul 226 Martinez, Pete 226 Martinez, Ramiro 226 Martinez, Rebecca 78, 226 Martinez, Roberto 226 Martinez, Sandra 226 Mathewes, Evelyn 226 Matthews, Charles 226 Irwin, Mildred 49, 223 J Jackson, Andrew 106, 223 Jackson, Ella 223 Jackson, Ronnie 223 Jarrett, Ricky Joe 223 Jenkins, Jimmy 65, 223 Jeffery, Luerine 223 John, Richard 223 Johnson Alice 223 King, Johnson, Carl 223 Johnson, Charles 223 Johnson, John 223 Johnson, Johnny 223 Johnson Johnny 223 Johnson, Rosie 223 Jones, Deryl 106, 223 Jones, Gerald 223 Jones, James 223 Jones, Jeffery 223 Jones, LaVerne 223 Jones, Sharon 78, 224 Jorda n, Marva 224 Jordan, Paula 224 Juarez, Valentin 224 K Kafka, Kathy 78, 224 Keether, Scott 224 Kelley, Debbie 224 Kelley, Erma 224 Kimball, Evelyn 224 Glenda 224 King, John 224 Kirtley, Scott 224 Kindles, Adrean 224 L Lahue, Denise 224 Lamb, Wyona 224 Lambert, Mari 49, 224 Land, Ronny 43, 65, 66, 224 Lane, Barbara 224 Lang, David 224 Lang, Michael 224 Latigo, Gilbert 45, 66, 224 Laughlin, Joseph 224 Lee, Katy 224 Lee, Kim 224 Lee, Sharon 225 Maxwell, Johnny 226 McAdoo, Charley 227 McDonald, Mary 227 McFarland, Mark 227 McGuffin, Dallas 53, 227 McKinney, Minyon 227 McMichael, Lee 227 McPherson, Dalphine 79, 227 Medrano, Raymond 227 Meiia, Rose 227 Melan, Mary 227 Mendey, Rosie 227 Mendoza, Frances 227 Mendoza, Phillip 227 Mendoza, Ruben 227 Metcalf. Cheryl 227 Meza, Ricky 227 Milan, Jose 227 Milan, Mary 227 Miller, Hubert 93, 106, 107, 228 Miller, Joanna 228 Miller, Lillie 228 Miller, Pamela 228 Milling, Stephen 228 Mindieta, Rachel 228 Moncrief, Owen 228 Montgomery, Elliot 106, 228 Mooney, Becky 228 Montalvo, Victor 228 Montalvo, Magdalena 47, 78, 228 Morales, Cliera 228 Moreno, Pat 228 Morgan. Jan 48. 228 Moron, Esther 228 Moron, Jessie 228 Morris, Janice 228 Moss, Vickie 228 Muncy, Jim 228 Mungella, Anthony 228 Munoz, Anita 228 Munoz, Jessie 228 Musgrave, Mary 229 N Neely, Linda 229 Newhouse, Diana 229 Newhouse, Diana 229 Newton, Brenda 229 Nichols, Tracey 58, 229 Nickson, Willie 229 Nobles, Larry 229 O Obentirs, John 229 Obregon, Daniel 229 Olague, Luis 229 Orrick, Nlary 229 Ortegon, Richard 229 Ortiz, Frances 229 Ortiz, Gilbert 229 Overton, Dennis 52, 229 Overton, Johnny 66, 229 Overton, Judy 229 Owens, Nona 229 Oyervides, Ida 229 Ozuna, Danny 229 P Pachecano, Eliaros 229 Paine, Bill 229 Parker, Donna 229 Payne, Annette 230 Payne, Charles 230 Payton, Preston 230 Pedroza, Gilbert 230 Pena, Daniel 48, 230 Perez, Johnny 230 Perez, Mecaela 80, 230 Parramore, Art 230 Perry, George 230 Phillips, Vada 230 Pitts, Paula 230 Pollard, Sherri 230 Portales, Eva 230 Porter, Billy 230 Porter, Wesley 230 Potter, David 107, 230 Powell, Alice 230 Powers, Charles 230 Prater, Roy 230 Pribble, Virginia 230 Price, James 230 Puente, Delores 230 Q Quinones, Eddy 53, 231 Quiroga, Richard 231 Quisas, Carlos 231 R Ramirez, Johnny 231 S Sadler, Louis 234 Saenz, Danny 234 Saenz, Olga 65, 234 Salas, Linda 234 Salgado, Danny 234 Samanigo, Victor 234 Sanchez, Alicia 234 Sanchez, Betty 234 ' Sanchez, Frank 234 Sanchez, Juanita 234 Sanchez, Linda 234 Sanchez, Linda 234 Sanchez, Loretta 234 Sanchez, Rita 234 Sanders, Jerrie 234 Sapien, Rose 234 Schultz, Linda 235 Shada, Clayton 235 Sides, Daniel 235 Simpson, James 235 Sims, Oscar 235 Smith, Debra Ann 235 Smith, Eugene 235 Smith, Wanda 235 Smitherman, Nancy 235 Sneil, Paul 235 Soliz, Colenda 235 Soliz, Linda 235 Souders, Randy 49, 235 Springer, Sean 235 Staffevel, Jimmy 235 St, Clair, Mike 235 Stephens, Janice 235 Stewart, Cynthia 236 Stone, Debbie 49, 236 Strange, Patsy 236 Strickland, Roger 50, 236 Stunstle, Alphonso 236 Sullivan, Ronnie 78, 236 T Taylor, Ann 236 Taylor, Cathy 81, 86, 236 Terry, Vickie 236 Thompson, Adrick 236 Thompson, Billy 236 Thompson, Doris 236 Thompson, Frank 236 Thompson, Robert 106, 107, 236 Thompson, Wayne 236 Ramirez, Yolanda 231 Ramon, Joe 231 Ramos, Maria 231 Ramos, Na ncy 58, 231 Ramos, Olivia 231 Ramos, Richard 231 Ramos, Richard 231 Ran el Benito 45 106, 231 92 a v Razo, Tommy 232 Reid, Donald 232 Reeves, Michael 232 Renteria, Yolanda 232 Resendez, Ruth 232 Reyes, Rosemary 232 Rice, Joan 232 Richardson, Rachel 50, 232 Riley, Debra 232 Riojas, Yolanda 232 Rios, Evangelina 58, 232 Ritter, Catherine 232 Rivera, Robert 232 Riveria, Sylvia 232 Robertson, Willie 232 Roberts, Alice 232 Roberts, Terry 49, 232 Robinson, Paula 233 Robinson, Dennis 233 Rodela, Eva 49, 233 Rodela, Rosalinda 78, 233 Rodriguez, Rodriguez Edward 233 Fu ene 233 x 1 g Rodriguez, Nina 49, 233 Rodriguez, Martha 233 Rodriguez, Louis 233 Rodriguez, Irene 233 Rodriguez, Josephine 233 Rodriguez, Ina 233 Rosales, Joe 233 Rosales, Ernest 233 Rosalez, Virginia 233 Rose, Jacqueline 233 Rowan, James 233 Rudd, Ruby 233 Ruiz, Marcella 234 Russell, Rito 234 Tidwell, Floyd 236 Tietz, Ronald 237 Tingley, Rhonda 237 Tinney, Cecil 53, 237 Torres, Ezekiel 237 Torres, Frank 237 Traina, Eddie 237 Trevino, Becky 237 Triplett, Jack 237 Tubbs, Janet 237 Tuplett, Randy 237 Turner, Hellon 237 U Underwood, Lynn 237 V Valdez, Robert 237 Valle, Mary L. 237 Vallejo, Tomasitta 237 Van Velzor, Mark 237 Vargar, Charles 237 Vasquez, Elizabeth 81, 237 Vasquez, Paul 237 Vasquez, Ralph 52, 237 Vasquez, Stella 238 Vega, Jose 238 Vega, Rosalinda 238 Velasquez, Sofia 65, 238 Veloz, Joe 53, 238 Vidal, Ernest 52, 238 Villarreal, Juanita 238 Vihes, Randy 238 W Wade, Arthur 238 Walker, Wayne 238 Waltman, Linda 238 Weatherley, Freddie 53, 238 Webb, Parker 66, 238 Whitmire, Doug 238 White, Samantha 66, 238 White, Linda 238 White, Cleo 238 9 20 Whirter, Phyllis 238 Weldon, Judy 239 Wells, Paul 239 West, Dan 239 Wheaton, Lawrence 239 Wilburn, Sandra 65, 239 Wilkerson, Terry 239 Williams, Kim 239 Williams, Marietta 49, 239 Williams, Pearlie 49, 239 Williams, Sandy 239 Williams, Sherry 239 Williams, Shirley 239 Wilson, Johnny 239 Wilson, Leroy 66, 239 Wilson, Mary 239 Wilson, Randolph 239 Woods, Douglas 239 Woods, Linda 239 Wooten, Richard 239 WVright, Steve 239 Y Yarborough, Bobbie 239 Young, Zapata, Zavala, Zavala, Elaine 239 Z Juanita 239 Arturo 239 Eucario 239 Zumwalt, Lynn 239 G'l5JlOJkj?CbW7q1 SQEQWQM, iiwmmt, Us Qffl fQ,eQmn,K 064161152 EQ MMM. wiiwmbflljiim dliufcccfa, cyaaufffmf gp. ,Q - ..-.-1. . 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Suggestions in the Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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