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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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,,I -, -1 I . --. ,Ein - .I" "' Ju"4"' r V " 5 .i - ,I.-- ' - - -' . ' ,. . ' if . I , -N - : - . . A . . " " L ' , ,aa ,.III , I""1EI T--F' - . . 1. - . ,fs ' , -0' A I . III II. . . III . , .I IIIIII . - .1 .. . fs -- I JI . K H' I," ' I -' A - '.a 1 1 V . .. , . ' I Ii' ' I 0' " .I. x l A A X 'IL' F W ' F' . , . . 1 V I . IN .. NF- I' , . . ' ., I ' 1 ' ' ' 1 , - GW" ff, . ,'- , . . ,-.4-.y .fn I- 5 Li . I I 1 Q1 Lf' I , . I -i 0 . I . .I Ii ' , . fx - -1.' - , . 'I.I" 5 I . .. Q - gp ' I Ill- ' . I I- -sv.I.,I'j'. . .A ' 'N "' . 9' '.1 H ' K I -' .. . ' 3. 1- - - f I: ""lv- 4 ..-V .4 ,. I . , . , I I . 1 .,.I I T' -. n-' 59- I , AJ' Q 0 A10 , 'ISII , .. . I . "' 4 . ' 'J . ' -'JJ '. ,-it I . .5 -I Iu:.:II, I' - II. . ri. I I. -, '..f . I ,QI 'N ....- ---. -'-7.-IF ' ' ' . '-"4 ' F- ,-H' 1' .. 4 V --A , '. -' U - .1 , I. ..., I. I. - . Ir .5 ,J 1,53 l II III ,TI I , . ,, .- II -, . .. . J- f I .I .I I I., .f,!:,'i. ru-. A b . . ., ,,. " - v If -4 -, - -Iy,..'Y'? . , -.77 4' I- " ' -' ' .ff-F-':' ',, 4. - . ,L .I aI- 1 -I' .nv Y ,I I. ,' I II II-fu - I -, -I1 - MI- 2. I . ,. .,n --I I ' -,I 1 1- I ' 'E-4. ' 1. ' . -- 'S --v" ' ' J. , A1 '. I 'f 1 --W ' I LII IW.. ., - I ' mv .,- MW 1960 -1.. THESE THINGS YOU REMEMBER WERE YOU TEACHING? WERE YOU HAVING FUN? WERE YOU ATTENDING CLASSES? WERE YOU PARTICIPATING? WERE YOU DRILLING? WERE YOU PLAYING? WERE YOU WORKING? ..2- THIS WAS YOU 1959 -'60, y 60 THESE WERE .....,... THESE WERE ........ THESE WERE ........ THESE WERE . ..... .. THESE WERE ......... THESE WERE ..... ..,........ THESE WERE ....,......,..,., T3- 4 26 64 176 200 21 4 236 WERE YOU TEACHING? THESE WERE ln dedicating this annual to Mrs. Juanita Greer, we hope to show our appreciation for her patience and kindness in attending to each cut, listening to stories ot ailments-bath extends to her best wishes for the future Office Personne ..... .. .,.., ... , ...,... Academic ....,.. . ........... ..... .. .... . .......... .... .,.. .. . .. Drafting and ilitar cien ...... ...,........,....,...,........... ......... , . .,..................,............... .. ............. Music , ......,,....... ...... . ....... . ............ Z Special Ed ' and la - . .......... - .......... .,.....,...-... Industrial .......... ........ .......... . . - .... .... .. .... -..,,. ......,. real and imaginary-while through it all smiling to take the sting away. The student body Administration .,.., .., ....,,..,.....,..... . ........ 1 . f -4 .. ..... .... .,., . ...... -.- ....,.., .-....,. ...,. ........ 6 I J g a K I K Q 9 . L 19 20 I I ' 1 21 1 22 -4- ,Qgz:,.-mmm. - , , . gaunifn rear - 5 - Being Director of Vocational Training and Principal of Technical High School has given Mr. G. B. Trimble much to make him proud during the 1959-60 school year. Enrollment reached its highest peak and many new teachers iained the faculty. Numerous honors were won bythe various departments. The excellent work preformed by both students and faculty members made it o memorable year for Mr. Trimble. -5- Work Mus! Be Done says Mr. Pate as he looks up io greet c visitor. Harriet Griffin Dean of Girls Able administration acids to advancement of Tech A. B. O'Connor W. C. Pate Co-ordinoior Vice-Principal 7 iv' Starting Her Full Day of Work, Miss Miss Billie Johnson Johnson types by the clictaphone. Mrs. Electu Lowery Secretary to Principal Attendence Clerk Personnel department do their best work for benefit of school All smiles, as Mrs. Lowery talks Business ' sf' ", I My ,z 9- V' ' '13 e -, it 7 -:vig f Q 4 V , Mrs. Foy Morgan Secretory if . 2 . ' Q l is J 1 x l if i i - , 3 IAKA 3 Q: aw i Gelting Out Day's Assignments is Mrs. Morgan, as her student assistance, Opal Trussell, ans- wers phone. As Payday Rolls Around, Miss Jenkins takes pen in hand. Miss Willie Mae Jenkins Mrs, Willa Cole Registrar Secretary -3- A, 71116 Mr. Don Ford Miss Margaret Hays Physical Education Physical Education World History Cheerleader Sponsor Y Teens Soonsor That was a Great Spike cheers her team. Girls learned new steps as boys built muscles. Mr. R. E. Hardy Mrs. Shirlie Murphy Physical Education Physical Education World History ROTC Sponsor Driver Education Pep Squad ,ff Xml Basketball Practice is underway as Mel Sepulveda shoots for the basket. Mr. Walter O'Farrell Mrs. Carmen Poe World History Y Teen Sponsor 8. Tennis -9- Tecl1's Volleyball Team back row left to right Miss Hays, Patty Kuehl, Lynn Jackson, Margaret Braswell, Murl Jo Bat- tenlieldg Second row Nancy Hamm, Nel- da Cunningham, Sue Scruggs, Margaret Martinez, Carol Stout: Front row Pattie Blissett, Velia Lopez, laclena New C hams in using miniature filing sets. Experience is Gained by Laura Pena, Nel- lY Cvbellvf JOYCQ Williams- MWY wil' Mr. Jack Harley Mrs. Betty Bledsoe I ' l l l l Business Education Bookkeeping Business department placed a record number of girls X, I In 4 . ,lf gf, 1545... ' Q if Q ziiiimi' Q? Mrs. Ruth Thompson Business Education Counselor FTA Sponsor J Ji. ,N Once-A-Week Clean-Up is being done by Mrs. Bess Vaughan Pot Manley and .lo Ann Woldrop. Business Education Allied Youth Sponsor Charts Are Being Referred To by Beverly . . . Sykora and Betty Pack as they fill out in- Ml: Frank? Plckens TuenaEDa:?h come tax returns. oc eepmg usmess ng ls FTA Sponsor Slrillfull In Their Typing are Ada Jane Mr. James Johnson Mrs. La Frances Sunderman Kirbo, Barbara Bouldin, Patricia Calhoun, Business Education Bookkeeping and Billie Lindsey as they do assignments. in the key positions in the Fort Worth area in 1960. Preparing Herself For a High Business Position, linda Smith receives dictation from Sherry Jackson. Mrs. Velma Parker Mrs. Annice Jahn Business Education Business FBLA FBLA Mrs. Nell Harry Office Machines Miss lucy Mclloberts Business Counselor National Hanor Society -11- Rare systematic bookkeeping machine is being employed by the Tech Busi- ness Department and is being operat- ed by Betty Piercy. Correlation of Art with Literature is ob- served by Mrs, Sheppard and Mrs. Leniz. The sophomores studying Julius Cue- sur are J. T. Young, Equilla Neel, and Nancy Naris ,, ' r LM, v5.3 Mrs. Dorothy Lentz Mrs. Georgia Turner English Homemaking FHA Jr. Class Sponsor NHS English clepartment receives new literature K Aj ' . g 3- l aq- ,. 'Tr 'f 'l"' 1 V' . H S' ' , A . 4:34 5' .sf , , lifilg, rx, W W .Mi ffl, 1 F 1411: N7 a Wifi? is i , fy:.,w yr. ,f r rlfgfflfjr 5:3 Efiiqsut 'lfugf' 1 if 'ff lf The Pages of MacBeth are opened once Mrs. Catherine Thomas Mrs. Beth Daniel again for Seniors. English Ef'9l'Sl1 Making the Room Attractive for Public School Week are Linda Coursey and Judy Russell. Mrs Dolores Vcnn Mr. Robert Willingham English English AY - I2 ... rig i W 'S , s i ' if FL qs Q V' ,. 1 rf r li ' . B' v l X N. l ,', S4 X X , KI 'N 3 vi-W7 .' 1122 i g , I f ry ,4 1: .- , ' Af? Disrussing the movie The Barrelfs of Wim- L, ff3.c, Af f pole Street are Sue Bullock and Barbara . X 1 ., ' H. A' Shoup' Mrs. Helen Drake Miss Cora Mae Sloon English English Yearbook Senior Closs Sponsor books to revitalize the course. hs if-T' G gf' ,, Mrs. Faye Newton Mr. A, L. McElroy ' Mfg, Zuchq English English Speech NHS English The classic, Silas Marner, by George Eliot MVS- MGYY Alford is being porfrayed by Mrs. l.enfz's Eng- C9fGmiCS lish 3 class. ln this scene are Drendu Bar- Erlgliih neh, Tommy Fisher, Jo Ann Moss and l Judy Tiftle. -13- Mr. Robert Kenneth Jones Mr. Theron Byrd Mrs. Nona Hallaron World HiS'0l'Y History American History Future graduates will have credits for three years of history Location of major bottle is being pointed Mrs. Louise Holland out to Mr. Byrd's World History students. History Westward Ho is being portrayed by Rob- Discussion of states entering the union ert Jeter, Sue Jimson, and Robert Gon- is being corried on by Mr. Byrd, Clyde zalez. Denton, and Lindo Ezell. -14- Mr. Harry Wilson Mr. J. F. Anderson MVS- AQNSS Holi History History l'll570fY Magazine Drive Annual Sales Government is added to history course lor '62 graduates. Re-enacting The Old West with miniature cowboys and Indians are Mike Richerson, Foy Eskew, Gail Pruitt. ,, , , Mrs. Virginia Amos Sophmore Sponsor History Mrs. Mary E. Rhodes Poster making is inierrupled when Linda Going ll1l'9U9h fha dUllY fouflne World History Ezell, Joyce Barbee, and Kenneth Event Junior Red Cross turn to see the teacher come in. -15- Mr. Russell Mullins Math To Prove Thai Men Are Not The Only Mrs. Maurine Mullins Mathemalical Genius, Jackie Hughes Math shows Danny King that 2x3 is 6. Counselor Tech teaches shop maths in addition to regular math. Mr. Riley Ham pion Math i Mr. Lowe Leach Maih Mrs. Bess Digiovanni Mr. Wayne Wilcox Math Math Safe-Teens Allied Youth Radicals And Imaginary Numbers are be- ing explained by Mr. Leach vo Ruben Mr- C. W. Bohm Delgadillo and Patsy Goss. Math s L , l u i M Future Chemists, Thomas Fortenberry and 'V Pat Pruitt seek new things in science Mr. Richard Kendall ' ' Mr. Jack Bentley Bl0l09Y Chemistry Physics Counselor These teachers make science desired rather than required X , Functions of Plants are studied by Glenda Maner and Shari Nicholes as they meas- Mf- George MUVQUY' ure the temperature of the sail. Mrs- Mary Couch Biology Biology J P e 1 ' Radiation Work is done by Jerry Martin. 5 - , i Salvador Gonzalez, Darold Freeman, and l h i M ' ' h C' 'l D f ' Mr. Arthur Rhea fgsmejlllnez WH- G Nl e ense gelger Mr. Robert Harris Biology Physics Junior Class Sponsor Math -17- Dazzled, the students listen attentively to the next scene. Working hard on the next edition of the Ready to deliver the papers are Dale Bulldog is Merl Jo Battentield. Dahlberg and Paul Hinman. Speech and Journalism provide both news and entertainment. Re-enacting a scene from ancient history are Pat Grant, Donald Smith, and Joyce ' Goldering. Mrs. Lillian Mobley Journalism English Bulldog Staff Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor The Co-editor ofthe Bulldog, Beth Burger, The Journalism Class is concentrating on is busily typing a report. their reports for the newspaper. -18- Angles ore being drown by Mr. Greothouse's Mr. J. E. Johnson Mr. Charles Greathouse class from a mobile. Engineering Drafting Drafting Sponsor of Student Council Drafting ai Tech requires the highest degree of auccuracy it Qsiz' if Q "' , . f ' , r 9' 112' M il 5155" ' I -xlflxf 3 ' U , ,xgggiiriiiiliifi .. if f fi tr f ' :xiii Eff'1f5"'5EGL . W. P 3, nuns: Are To Be Accumwlu says Mr. Johnson Demonsirciing lhe Correci Way To Do The Jody io Don Powell Drill are Donald Savage and Bennie Jenkins. 1.15 bi 1 3 i i'ii?fi! ii , " W' 3 3 R -14.55 . Q' 142.1 A afrhg, we g ,V . . 'fT5gg"'Q,f Relaxing after u hard du s work Y are M-sgi. H. M. Caldwell and SFC. Ross. SFC. J. R. Ross M-sgt. H. M. Caldwell ROTC ROTC ..19... Mr. Alfred Riley Ba nd Orchestra Chorus Perfection ls Gained by Sharon Bennett as Mr. Riley paints out the importance of music. Music department presents concerts to other schools. Slrill Of Playing Violin is demonstrated by Norma Practicing For Performance are Anna Brown, Hazel Rey- Jean Johnson. nolds, and Mary Helen Avinc. .V h fn. Preparing Their Daily Assignments with Mrs. OIiver's help are Charles Barnes, Marvin Reasoner, and Stanley McFarlend. Mrs. Gloria Batey Mrs. Peggy Oliver Librqfiqn Special Education TALA skeiang Club Library aids special education by providing books for pupils i ,W R , . v s .. ' wk' 'il 4 .QW 25? li S ! -is i' s . Q. X513 ' an V ' , 1 Mg as Y. ,B p l , 5 Q' xx 4-A! ' 'fji 4 , i 5 Milli. l ' N- Sfuclenfs Know They are Farrunafe in hav- nf 1 l ing a special class. . , w Discussing Which was Best, the movie-or the book, are Faye Dugger and Sarah Dobbins. Checking Oui Library Books are Owana Busily Sludying in Special Education are Rivers and Kathleen Walker as Jerry Bolt Jimmy Hinton, Sianley McFarland, Charles and Joan Griffin. Barnes and Marvin Reasoner. IU! A Tooth Thai Big? Carolyn Mossengale wonders os Rebecca Genador shows her the ports. Miss La Nell Ayer Mrs. Evelyn Grace Dental Assistance Distribuvive Education VIC Chapter l59 D. E. Club All instructors in Industrial Arts are not only educated in 'Alf -an Music! Music! Music! Johnnie Miller, Lonnie Lair. and Dwelus McKinney Mr. Clay smith Mr. A. c. Mcoannas never tire of it in Radio und T.V. Radio gl T, V. ghop Radio 3, TA V. Shop VIC Chapter 61 64 'x Light Wil! Shine Brighter when repaired by Carroll Wright in Electric Shop. Mr. R. R. Tomlinson Mr. Edwin L. Sloorzo Electrical Engineering Diesel Senior Class Sponsor State Sponsor of VIC Mr. Charles Crow Mr. Michael Bigler Aeronautics Wood Shop VIC Chapter 66 theory but trained on the iob in their field. A Hard Task well done by Weldon Still- well in Wood Shop. l 'ij Have Pencil, Will Draw thinks Johnnie Mr, L, M, James Mr. J- B. Plangman Green as he watches Toni Stone. Aeronautics Commercial Art VlC Chapter 88 MY- Rf-'befl Dvvis Mr. .lack Martin Aeronautics Welding VIC Chapter T66 -23- Protection ls Needed while working in Welding Shop says Walter Barber and Leon Reasoner. Preparing To Shoot A Scene for o movie showing the activities of the school are Jimmy Stevens, Phillip Whitte, and Mr. Orton Hamby. The instructors ot these s Concentration is Required by George Ross, Virgil Sellers, and Billy Burke when operating complicated lathes in Machine Shop. This Can Be Repared?! John Lowe and Armon Booth seem to think so! Mr. Orton Homby Mr. Harry Watchous Photography Auto Body VIC Chapter 81 VIC Chapter 181 hops teach their students. Mr. Burton Sanders Mr. Roy Beck Machine Shop Machine Shop All School VIC Sponsor VIC Chapter 62 Mr. Harry Kingsbury Mr. George Chollor Auto Shop Auto Mechanics VIC Chapter 76 -24- New Hairclo for Lyla Hodad is being styled by Sylvia Fox. Mrs. Emoline Johnson Mrs. Eunice Barrett Cosmetology Cosmetology Sophomore Class Sponsor VIC Chapter 70 what they learned in college and from personal experience. Drawing and Stripping Negative: gets the yearbook under way. Bill Freeman ond Noel Gage do the lab. Mrs. Orvaline Brown Mr. Berry Hogan Cosmetology Print Shop VIC Chapter 70 VIC Chapter 60 1" N "Project is Underway", says Eugene Skiles os he proudly shows refrigeration display. Mr. Herbert Beorden Mr. Jesse Bennett Print Shop Refrigeration VIC Chapter 60 VIC Chapt l605 Soph 25 Class Sponsor WERE YOU HAVING FUN? THESE WERE Representing the students by presiding over ull school programs, unending parr- ies and social events, Thomas Fortenberry won the love and respect of 1he'entire school. Sh ows -25- I Q ff' . 'F ,Q ' 'lt ',"f', f ' f' 34 "gnu A X 4 gi, A E' - , N, W. -' 'W t f N' IQ. 35.1 . . qi... Q ,m',. A .. Q An g'1?H ., , , ,Q u X jr ,,. ' . h '. ' .-F. 1s'wff-i.- 's . tg , -Q.. 1-4 -A--'fmiff Assisting his niece, Joy Wat- son, Marion Van Noy, looks very serious. Opening of school finds students enthusiastic as they fill out S e n i o rs especially must check carefully to be sure and register tor required courses. Graduating Seniors, Barbara Roberson, Rita Rodri- quez, Delores Riverc, and Peggy Garner ore all smiles because they ore about to be enrolled in their favorite Biology class. Swamped by new Techites, Miss McRoberts plans schedules for sophomores. -28- Checkirig aptitude test for students is just one of many ways Miss McRoberts helps students. 1 tl'1eir programs and rusl1 for the classes of their choice. 'gm Whether it's boy meets girl or iust u term theme, th library is c very popular place. C Teacher is invaded, not by enemies, but just girls trying to be sure to get into the class. 29- M---.W The Shirley Murphy Dancers are always a welcome sight on any program. Students show versatility by singing, dancing, ancl Mr. Talent, Billy Hamm, stands by as other winners are lin- ing up. A touch of "rock and rolI" is a must for any variety show. -30- Sue Leddy as Miss Talent is almost overcome as she is honored. Mary Broom adds sparkle and charm as she MC's the show. The year of the beai- niks may be the title given 1959-'60 in the fulure. Pantomiming for the 1959 Variety Show. Beaufiful Scenery Makes "Good-looking" Billy Hamm presides us these scenes un- fold to make ihe '59 Variety Show one of the best. -31- Bea ufiful Girls The Winner, Sue Leddy, doing the puntomine that made her famous. Running for Junior Class officers is u serious bus- iness. Students are all winners by being nominated. Judging from the number of students run- ning for cheerleader, 1959-'60 will be Q good year. Winning an election calls for strategy-State VIC president, James Herring, conducts o caucus with his local clulb. -32.. Manicuring Nails and fixing orphan's hair was proiecl undertaken by cosine, fology as demonstrated by Sue McRimmon. organizing and carrying out community proiects Loading lhe rruck with food for an underprivileged family is a pleasant task for Thomas For!- enberry and Kenneth Richard- son. 5 Baby-sifting ai Lena Pope Home becomes o pastime for Doris Mode. -33.. Nelda Hall enjoys styling ci patienfs hair Reigning as Ranch Queen and King are Tami Lynn McDonald and Larry Alexander shown with Grand Champion, Rangler Bill. Riding Kenneth Richardson is Ranch Day horse-play for Wally Harper, Leslie Burks, John Lowe and Rodney Smith. Techites go western as the rodeo comes to Fort Worth. Finalists for Ranch Queen and King are Priscilla Ashley, Tomi Lynn McDonald, Linda Skaggs. Larry Alexander, Billy Bernard, and Charles Malone. At the Western Dance Mr. and Mrs. Murphy were the center of attention with their realistic western regalia. as I 1 EP, l - ! I' Kneeling: Jackie Miller, Paul Hinmun, Leslie Burks, Olivia Oliphont, Slundlng: Billy Hamm, Jo A P y Sh IS! l Denton, Deanna Short, Caro ou . Tech's 1959-'60 cheerleaders yelled bullclogs on Carol Stout Oliviu 35 Oliphunt Billy Ham Sharon Denton to one of the finest seasons marks in severa years. Peanuts! Popcorn! Crakeriacks! These cheere leaders will do anything for money. Paul Hinman -36 Note the striking resemblance in Deanna Short and Tech's bulldog. Jackie Miller Jo Ann Perry They could be countecl on at sports and pep rallies s Bulliieg this year was Deanna Sher' 99. -37- Janet Mciniire, Janet Morris, June Fuller. Josephine 1umoru,1udy Grimes, Mary Harder, Dale Dahlberg, Virginia Clark Band maioreiies step high and lead proudly as Virginia Clark Janet McEnrire - 38 - Jonet Morris Green Wave Band takes to the field ne Fuller Sharon Needh - 39- 1 'F , I n ..- n ,. ,,--N , rg .- AW Q' . .N .gag Q, .. 0 -:V A A Y . . 's:fV:, . . ,N 1 L , .' - . Q W. i' A f :fra n rn wh V .wig ...E J , H, .V -V V, , ,V :V V. fm ni -V ww- u Vx-'29 Y' ' gt ' A. V - , 5 ' " 'H-'fu --v ' . . . l e 6 f'l"q"'!'y5 ' ' 1 . . lv- , .I 1 1 A' Nil . . V: DV L t' V 4 4 4 i 4 - A ,Q .Mi . X N l W K' ' :ff ,M Pi .i , F, -.4 Vi, ' 'tx has E 'iii 0- 'P V- -2 Q W :V , ,r 1 '-Uwe ,-V . -E .irq '75 V if , , --- WAX- '. Kwik .4 M ,s ,wh V, ,- , pn- f Qs , V . A V: in ., Txulilx-kai G .-.C-ki K N ,?,Y:.x,!g X A rb KU X ..,, 'Q ff, .41 Mes- ai X' X ' E 4 ,f '-7'W"1fA-'H'HfxV:r-f wftrfagwrl W " rs--I ,:,. at If " V 4 . V' H -' ,V,. ' I-lf., . i'3f2ifi1"i,A 1-15-'Z " Hg' -vb 2 gl' : M 4- 1'-A , 22 ,E 1 1 25 , - A.4f3f'?, ' jg, 1 ,-ya We EIL ug- , ,- , V., Q - ,N V I U. ,fumiq L gh xf,rj:ij.3 W ,.,. 'Agia 'ff' gvff V wwf' Riff' . sf Q , fm.-3 .,-'Vs-V-11'-,VA , ,- , Q3 f SV, gi 1--v 131: 'ff yy ,vf"v-VC ' P . ivzf, . 1, -- fri gh 1 a,5f.- If f --3.33, Q ' ' V -. AM. Y - x V , -5 - , ,- 7 -fag' : A ff A f fl? Q L '5n.Jli1V'ff?? 45' . -"fi yi' :mi V ' VL :iff-xg,gsf.f 'Y "X"-.f f' - V ' 1 ,,, ,' 1 - f 'N A I-lf-,Af .- ' - X 1 ' JJ H 2 - 4- ,ff-Ve'-PT? P, w. H.. . 1 V V V 5 ' . .S N Eff if ' 9 93027 Z1 "-rf! fl? ., ' 'YJ 5 fx., V. V 5 gi 3, Eggs ' k 4 if . ' twrffn.-if ,mfs - ' zfLVf,?1',::w, 1 V - . X, , u ....,, ...JJ a. , 2 2 .vb , 1 A V 9 K ,xi-"1 V'-Q xx' .V '-he.: ,.- ggi, 'L' . i V . -' -- :Vit - " ' "V" 1 -Tiff- M 'ffl--.' I Q g h LV 1 I I .I ' 'GI' . 3 .9 .,V , 'N 1,1 , I - .V -- . , 5- z ' ,f , . 'UL S -' ' la? ' X uf L I vm 5 A . " Rf V vw , 9 9 W 4 I 1' . V -N ' . ' ' V v I-1 ,- r . , , W.. - y K M , , Q 1 ' 2. .1 ,y ix 3 ' 5 WJ WV 1 3 71. 1 s K ,Mi , I A- ,, . 1 WI- I' kk I X4 A .- , -.,,,-:f:f"Xw.,.' ' V - ' 'A Mqif- -, fu 'r 1'-'I ,' 5? A 'V Q 1 1 'a Q '14 lg f5fZV,fgfQ3,figf!1.', :,::fVgVV S, " J, ' V lyvr.-w:: .. Y -5.1-JV-g-f, -if-.4 +- 3.5-Q F4 ,-'ws-V if 4 -. XT::.,.7,V1--t vM',fk,.V . 1 N V. Ab.: Y ' 'uf-1 .- x fri- n f, I A- I 1--A As:+L14- , iV-V1-vf2'F-s4'r1'-H 3'131:f2- lim - , gf J r 3 '- ' , 1-ffjg ffl,-K7' 1-15111-,...:4Qg ' "" -29+ Q -. -3' ' Q F V .:'-'fb':'?'L1?lQf" ""3-'VF-fT5sffZlG?3f1?4ff'x f . ,, f, " 1- 'A' wg-A "'1r:.,t1gu- ,f -. K ff TK TQ 372.1 ii? - Q,-.1-'ix f'V..a3 fi V -V ,xx 45354 ,:,-:. Y ' 5 W .-f-f12,vya:514- ,,:,,,Ygg:-3 K l A j-3V.TfffK55,f.xLi-53:3 .AM , V.. , - :..fV.--mg, VV- .5 2 .g , .,,' .-14, ,Q 530,-.1 p +j- .. wx, A- yu.: -' N-I - 1" A-'--qi ' Nz, .. A L:fw"'xV, .' -A Qu' 2 his-'---A ' -'HT 3.1" .blgwcwbx .fk,'3,5:L ' li A H .1 :M V V... J X ". ' - 42 2 AV' rw".-V'Z-,g4:zf,.m rs ,V J' ' f', ' V 'V 55" -I 'F 'xv 'gi - T-5 5.7 I-1'wf'V 'T' Li'-4'4l..v.lmr'Ygqvx' -- , u,,, . 'f"--.ff-'-'- V 44-- . V .'i"N-.' -, V i ,- Q'uf''rf,f"-:ff'?wf55kffFw" - -"1 -V 1 'JL--li F .. V 1 ,.L:.-if 55'lfxfi'?lg?5'?f-z'I9'Q4l'E X fx. ' V 'Q 'Z ' Tiff' ,"1:.".3"'2""lf3-" 'r'l"l.'. '-,"Yj7fQ1:1,13g,5 ' lfiffif' 5'-.3,,,Vi "i2i2-nl-4E,R-,'Jx'f,fQf'.1 V , '. V? . lfLgXgf1T"-iifyft 'utbkj - if'fi'-E.-',3lQi'f.If'f'.f, ,.,.13 if Lia- 1,2 153-"'f48.'v Ev- I""f 1-'T ,Q :if g, 'tv-V: -V .'iff,Lg,:airgmf1fg.:5e?,'+V f':1'4':f5.ixi -,VVK,r,1."1i4Y9skf-'md ., 4.,V4f,Vl wf -- -A -. .V Vet-f1V,VV. w:.f4VV-m:1cf'.asag 'H ,ew f. - 4 wg, .V . . Q .--A 'Ziff'-1 , Q A -1- -QQ. . 1 , ,A+ .1 .5 ei ',7'."-k.,IQ'ifIQffi1fL,5221xf'1xEff',V. 9' V - mi- -A-M1 - - "' 'NL x x H , . . su -,Aw V, . Y, .,.'--1 -ji 1' -.3 ,','gYfT1:'.x'gfQ,j,ff,N 2C"IAN:f1,x. 4, P .mx-Y-lv - V . ,. . Fm--' " wt. ' Nh 'A 4- X A ,J LSQIW 'xxx' ' X . j.,l A VKKW.-7.-,gi.i-.,.,i...,i.?f,v i,i,JrvA5A,q1-hgh, , 5. Z 'W "S, 52. 13,9 5: ' 1 f - ' L 44 ,fig 592 gr, V Us , f Kg --A ' ff ""ffz9H ' A F Q, v?4t 3? it-rf . Mx If if jiqgv' .' 5 'NA " ggi ts! A V Q" N ' E. - ' lu 5- me 'k'k- ' x A lnhtq I' 'X L' ji',i-1' -. , ! -, ' A -Q - 4 Vs V . my A --Ai fs., + 1 5- 25.31 . ,. fix.. ,,w, ,Q Q, ' g ' Q ,lf 1f.:g1ggw,I 1:2 , x A ' .1,,..g3f.-,5..H ' if 3 k .Q ,Q -: R 1 A .mg jf ,- m f- vu 3 :,.11,-'. f 1-l ':. 1.x:-.m,r-M, 51' Vg- '- - QL. -15.-S -:-.-:-, .-3 ' N 2- 'K Q '1' X'S,i3f " vb, N . . 'X ix X x 4 A. ,Q , - -1"I..Fl,, 4, , . . A - Mglf--, gg ,. ,. iv, :Ji x 1 JH X. .7 1 rf!-'I-.. C y ,...j,. I Q ,, ' . 1 ' -, .. , 1 W . X A A ,LN cu. 5 XXV' . l - ' Iwi . . ' .x i 1 jgfggg-,wx 1 Mf. Alma Rainy, dirnclor of cm-1 wav, Bond and inshudor in :hows and or- chemu. swing as umm M-im .ma Head Maim- ltis are Joy Beavers and Judy Grimes. Mr. Riley stands tall, as director kluoson .I umm. buy .ma gan from vhs band af. smflene Lanham and umm cmwell. -42- Pertorming cl concerts is iun cnurher service provided 5,,yi,,9 0, band ,,ffi,,,, Wu, Nong, Beck, Allen Ken, by the band, Clow Muffin, Ronald Stephens, rcellum wmex, and cwge nppm. not only of the band but as instructor of chorus and orchestra warning at Avery pep rally and marching at every football game, the mcioretles are ul- wuys :hem and with plemy of pep. Always nm. and behind me mm mn, the bend can always be mounted upon. -43- Tha nicest pon of Thomas Forfenberryk iob is the mr- nr., ,mining Qunn Niro hmm, uv., her ,,,bi,,,,, diiional Iris: of this yscr'1 Homecoming Queen, Nlio Frazier. Students and exes honor homecoming queen and her court Prinzeues and escorts were John Knight, Tami Lynn McDonald, Teddy Shearer, Nita Frazier, Dsanna Short, und James Hurting. Honored Exes and offirers nr. mn rrrrnn of the bert rrrp- cheerleader, Inna nrrrnenr. in singing of Annu Maier and porters of Tech as ihny attend Homecoming. look forward to Homecoming game that night. -44- Receiving jackets is a happy time for the foot- ball players. Coach Hardie presents jacket to Ray Ennis as Coach Ford looks on, Students receive awards for achievement in any field. Gary Green, recieves jacket from Mr. O'Conner lor his work on the Rifle Team. English Student Peggy Ann Carey, with instructor, Mr. McElroy, is honored for her winning essay. .. 45 .. Rifle Team Members with new jock- ets ure: Don Collins, Kenneth Moss, Kellum Wetzle, Donn Caldwell, Gary Green, Kenneth Stockton, Mel- Vln HHH. Bob Hinze, Charles Stokes. Elifiiil'615IZiZn,"'iJif,i?e"s.L15i.f 6,215 EEIQZEI First sopranoes: LaValle Blantua, Louise Wolfe, Kathlene Walker, Gail Pruiett, Janet Story, Bqybgfq Hampton, Jqne Sfgry Betty Piercy, Jane Gilbert, LaVonne Hudson, Billy Wilson, Rilda McGinnis, Elimbeqh Lqngl Beffy Piercy, and Peggy Sfqcy Ann Hill, Linda Gregory, Paulette Williams, Paula Lanm, Linda Black, Eliza- beth Long, Jeney Andrews, Evanne Drummons, Charlotte Rice, Corrine Car- den, Sharon Funchess, Barbara Howell, LaVern Queen, and Jo Ann Thomp- san. Thoughts ol the coming holidays aided by the chorus and ,, . . ss ' - fin- if ' ' ' in .f i ' 509 an Q ,..l,, Szliiff' I 'd" Q ff' 'fgffry jlgygi., 1 4-,n os ng n Q . - A in AW 'L ? " ' f ' 7, 4 J i 'i Q . v FQ Tenors: Linda Piraman, Brenda Faulkner, Betty I -' 59 i'2'f', ' ' HJ Price, Rachelle lssacs, Joy Anderson, Jane Story, ' i IA ,F , Juanita Payne, Opal Trusscll, Sharon Patterson, 5 ,Q f Josie Romo, Nancy Miller, Donetta Thomas, ' , I if W. V V :BE Naomi Welborn, Barbara Hampton, Sandra ' ' iglif 1 , V Griffin, Janet Story, Joy Beavers, Willy Roma, 4 f ii G- , ": W, :Y-Q E - ' Sharon Rust. i fi' i 'iz N ' '1' 'N T' Altos: Margaret McMillan, Mary Fox, Peggy Stacy, Claudio White, Doris Land, Carolyn Wyche, Charlene Hart, Marie Smith, Sandra Wilson, Barbara Burklea, Foy Esque, Mary Stephens, Cynthia Roses, Dolorez Hernandez, Susie Booth, Judy Grimes, Virginia Green, Mary Broome, Rita Rodriquez, Rosemary Gallegos, Velia Lopez, Alice Dodson, Judy Lollar, Johnnie Hughes, June Fuller, Beth Burger, Lena Shaw, Deanna Sparks, Sandra Crouch, Clara Conner, Melinda Patrick, Nelda Hall, Rosalyn Vance, Glenda Hargrove. -46- f 1 Tech's Chorus quintet, the 'Starlets' are: LaVonne Hudson, Betty Piercy, Opal Trusseli, Juanita Payne, Peggy Stacy, and Betty Sue Jones, accompanist. Santa fills the hearts of evervone with the iov of Christmas. 1 on - .MSB M Having a Christmas party as Mrs. Lentz's group is Filled with the Christmas Spirit Santa gives gifts to doing is one of the favored events. The lUCUl'Y- Cr Orchestra Members Norma Johnson, Anna Brown, Mary Avina, Carolyn Ste- wart, Elma Sifuentes, Jon Strickle, and Hazle Reynolds play for program. -47- x 4, f f Q. 15 I V 11gg:!f:3.,.,,, xg. 5: iii ii There is ci correct wcy io wave hair und Judy Har- grove demonstroles il ol Open House. 1 e'C'5? , 35 j' f l -F' li ' --,-,.. A plone has been built in the Acronuulics class and Mr. James shows it off to visifors. Time is shorl and the halls are crowded with hundred of The Green Wave Band gives U concerl lor Open House visitors. Pal Slokeley, Pafrie Blissef, and Sue Bufemun pu! on D show for 'he por- enls or Open House. Visiling parents register for prizes at Open House - 48 - Here one of the families inspect a General Motf Thomas Fortenberry demonstrates electroplcn or Diesel at Qpen House. ing at Open House. parents eager to visit instructors ancl see the school. Jimmy Stephens show visitors the mechanism of the enlarg- ing machine. George Ross and Alvis Cox show Mrs. Cax how Mr. Stoorza to operate a metal lathe. 49 ing cokes every chance he gets. supervises senior's project at sell- Nominees for Besl All-Around: Virginia Borbee, Clora Mariin, Margaret Braswell, Dianne Allison, Deonno Shari. All classes elect a boy and girl for best all-arouncl. Sr. Favorite Nominees: Howard Milchell, Dale Wilson, George Ross, Gary Green, Cliff Arnspiger, Kenneth Richardson, Ted Moose, Rcberi Pulido, Leslie Burks, Colvin Stover, James Herring, Soph. Favorite Nominees: Olivia Olipham, Doris Mood, Janet Story, Eileen Gray. Soph. Favorite Nominees: Teddy Shearer, Gary Skinner if lmigg f . Junior Fcvorile Nominees: Ted Hurdisty, Mock Jenkins, Richard Hunger- ford, Rufus Ylaarru, and Cecil Knighl. Each class elects a boy ancl girl lor favorites and Jr. Fuvorne Nominees: Sharon Denton, Jo Ann Perry, Carol Sloul, Nelda Hall, Suzy Baath, Sondra Benneii, Sue Leddy, Jacque Ticknor. Sr. Fuvorile Nominees: Virginia Borbee, Beny Piercy, Belly Sue Jones, Tomi McDonald, Bobby Alford, Dorothy Waters, Mazi Shelton, Belh Burger, Thelc Welly. Belle Pruiell, Deanna Short Besl All-Around Nominees: Howard Mitchell, Clill Arnspiger, Ken' nelh Richardson, Salvador Gonzales, James Herring, ., 51 ,, Chosen as State FBLA Vice-President was Carol Stout The sludenfs of Nonh Texas Slate College welcome 0' 'he Swfe Conveniicn in Denton. the delegates to the FBLA Stare Convention. Each club hacl a clislricl ancl slate convention and was well Registering lor the VIC Dislricl 2 Convention were members from Irving and Tech's own mem- ! bers Those from Tech were Carl Langley, Bruce X . Kirlley, James Herrxng, Jesse Branna, Carey Beck, and George Pendergrass. Changing burr lor Marie Perkins and Dr. Garri- son, iudges in vhe Denial Assistant drill, is Re- becca Genador from Tech Chopler 159. .-52- N Cosmetology VIC officers who participated in the District 2 Con- vention were Carol Stroorza, Nelda Hall, Suzie Booth, Bobbye Alford, Yolanda Torres, Sherry Lester, and Mary Barley. represented at each convention held here. Examining entries in the Photography con- test was Mr. Jim Whites, who wurks at a lo- cal camera shop. llfiiawffr ""Ns-.ti .,f'. 'B . -SQQNQQ. L Learning about Carpentry-Building trades in Wood Shop were members of VIC Chapter 45 of Tyler, Texas. GETTING COPY WRITTEN is a serious iob to Betty Jones and Velda Riley. TRYING TO THINK OF THE ANSWER on the DAR test, seems to be more dilf- icult for Virginia Barbee than doing art work. CATCHING FORTY WINKS before he gets caught, just comes natural to Billy King. Hard work, play, and even sleep are all partof annual work. THE TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS PARTY is something the staff and their friends look for- ward to every year. WHATEVER IS IN THE PACKAGE is sure to please Mrs. Drake. -54- WORKING IN THE MIDST OF CONFUSION is a must for those on the year book. Here Dorthy Watts, Lonna Forrest, Howard Mit- chell, and George Pendergrass prove that it can be done. insp Pause for a Coke. You cant leave, says the ector. if Who lurks behind ihe door? uMystery ai Red House" presented by the senior speech Ld, 4 Hard work was contributed io the Senior Play by Deanna Short and James Herring. Amateur detective Gary Green, reveals his suspicions io his friends. -55- 2. r-12? 2532: . 'i ' H Qzssiziiifff l , -gmmsfi -, , mezgzlx' 1 P . filz'Sf'.f1f E il F? 1 -A Li . 'LL - 2 xsgzii .5 is sill l It A f . 55 A :ii if ' , ,gf I M, Q 2. , 1 L, I ,Q 1 X T, , , 1? 'f 'Q QQ. we-H ' ' V- lc , Q gg Fi? if 1 f wifi 32551 c It e ct 2 5 S e H223 r .-, fjgglf tggzwlllv 4' c I fl A hx, ti t . Ei! ' Y X 1, rj, Wi ll .. my ,V . ef" 'Y J? 'ft 1 - 3' Fliff' . ii., . ' Q 5 ll 53 : 1 jryyiijggt 5 I zzfsifixgsggi l A- i w , Baseball Sweetheart, Linda Herrin iii? 9 Track Sweetheart, Doris Moad Picking sweethearts for each sport is a tradition at Tech lt li c g MBE -. - ,. .vw : ' rail V1-A 321 :AP 'fl 'Mil l ,fig E tr' l t ltvwi Q l I 4. 9, .1 :fl Ni ' .fl va Q71 ,L ff -A f at te V Basketball Sweetheart, Nita Frazier -56t.. Football Sweetheart, Jo Ann Perry X ROTC Sponsors represeniing Tech were Dianne Taking advantage of the music, Mdry Barley and Don Allison, Bobbye Alford, Ella Jo Chance, Pot Clark, SleW0Y7 60066- and Mary Barley. each company had a sponsor presented at ROTC Ball. In the royal procession were Eileen Gray, Mike Wilhelm, Bobbye Al- ford, A. J. Slewari, and Harold Waggoner. Following tradition, every sponsor was pregemed 'Pleased with the proceedings, Colonel Mitchell and as was Dianne Allison escoried by Gary Green. Pai Clark wait to be presented. .. 57 - l 1 Richard Hungerford onnounces Mike Morrison ond Muzi Shelton us King and Queen. 'l 154: Wally Harper and Nan White si! one out of the Junior-Senior Prom. The Junior-Senior Prom, given by the iuniors lor the seniors, Mrs. Murphy and Mike Chokas help liven up ihe Prom. 3 , . Beautiful formols ore displayed as Ihe students enjoy the dance. fififf' N Mr. 8 Mrs. Pate, Mr. 8. Mrs. Turner ond Mr. O'Conner seem io be enjoying the younger set dance. -53- ,,,e lv' l Mike Chokcxs and date enioy ihe evening. Tired fee! are inevitable ond must be rested after ioo many dances. was a success with candlelight and music by Ted Norman. 1 1 ...A Resting between dances are Bobhye Alford and Bob- by Pricesinger. Kingfcnd Queen were Mike Morrison and Mazie Shelton. - 59 - R iust uini, iunice. ul unugruuumei pup 'en' Won't it ever ring? Reminiscences fill the minds of lighter moments and L V , ff ' X "WW f . ,f at '1 1 ,f .,. . Q-iW .iff N - r i ip 55. M.. - 1 That funny, funny absentee list. Ab-ra-ca-dub-ml No smiles for Mr. Plangmnng Now swing by your toil. lust year. Censored. You'lI never get away with itl Whufs this-the latest meeting ofthe Ladies Aid? -60- TfY Wunllng 5heeP' No lair holding, Murphy! unusual happenings as the school year draws to a close vu., www.. - wp ..--mm. Whcn u difference in Tech's '49 and '59 un- Jus1whuil've always nucls! wonlecl! X1 Who tied il in 0 knot? Don'! luke it so hard, Theta. Parly Doll! WS C1 rirlgerl - 61 - Presenlurion of the Favorites was the liighlighi of lhe dance. Shown are Ei- leen Gray, Carol Siouv, and Virginia Borbee. One of the last social events was the clance before Graduaiio Dancing in the Spotlight dance were Leslie Burks, Eileen Gray, Carol Svoui, and Larry Alexander, 'lie iovoriles and their escort. Playing for the Spring Dance was one of the best donce bonds ovoiloble in Fort Worsli The punch line seemed to get longer os the night grew longer. -62 - N lwf r PV 4. W' Q fi , . . l " yfi Preparing fo enter u new phase of life, these spring graduates receive their diplomas from Mr. Trimble. Kennelh Rich- ardson, velda Riley, Boyd Baler, Bobbie Miles, Bill Gage, and Ladena New. -63, WERE YCU ATTENDING CLASSES? THESE WERE Having elected Deanna Short and James Herring as the most outstanding students in school for the three years. the student body elevated them to position of Miss and Mr. Tech. Everyone is proud to have these two as their representatives. 7" I u ... , Y Most Outstanding Girl and Bo 414i ...... .,.,.............,....,..........,.........,.....,.., . 65 Senior Favorites ...........,.....,.. ..... MA ....... ,... .............,..........,.,...........,........, 6 7 Seniors ........................,..........,.......... ....,... ........,... fm. ..,... ........ ,....,.. ..........,........................... - ..... 6 9 Who's who .........,..,.............,...., ..... ..,..........,.....,...,...,............,..,., . .. ,,..... .......,..........,..,.......,..,.,....... 1 02 Junior Favorites ........,.,........ . ..........,.... .....,..,.,................ ...... . . .....,........... ............,...........,............ 'I I I Juniors ....,.,...,........,....,............... ...........,.............,..... V Q .........,,...,................ .....,.,..,,.,........................ 'I I3 Sophomore Favorites ..,....,.. ........... ..,.............. . . .. ..,....... .........,.......... ...,,......................,........... . 'I 39 Sophomores ..................... ,..........,....,... ' ..............,. .........,..........,......,............... I 41 -54- ,.,- V j,6,,A., A -. 1 "XM k.-gg., - 4,1 v -.wvff .:::.Z,., ,.--VA . 'nz fn 5 ,fn 1 X 6- X v,. i- N -K 1 . 'f13wW.- Mf4s4:,,M g . - 'ig 351 -ff .,-.s-wi "V .www ,xv 1 .mm il .- s.,- lv Yi? Q 1 We ' Y ,Ja Q32 K -' ?7i1L.w:' X J A ,,, ,. -mf., v.,.44,-- . 4 W1 VK K ' ' 55: 'f:L7fkf2?:,t1,, Vf 1' .3..2'g.,:..f,W Q 6giQggg17.:",g, fxfi 'vw ' ' ,Nw K ,f f K M ' ' 4, N sm Salvador Gonzales Pat Pruett Runner-Up for Most Outstanding Boy Runner-Up for Most Outstanding Girl Voting was close in selection of most outstanding and favorites Belle Pruien George Ross Runner-Up for Senior Favorite Runner-Up for Senior Favorite - 66 - gil . fs.. fx 1 'V Tri K-, fr? Mr. Edwin Stoorzo Senior Class Sponsor M,-5, Helen Drake Senior Class Sponsor The senior class was led by competent officers ancl sponsors T ,j, . fn, ,Lt 2' Q. ,isp Q' ,f J 1 :.sgi.:.. ,,,ai"f212f:f.'...,.:2'gwi A ' r -- - f J M1 f5:l"f"f"'w" -f, - f ,.,.. . M , , Q' it ' , W .v .saw Qt- . H r .,: ., - rx 1 .,,.. . , H . ' Officers of the Senior Class ore: L. To R. sitting,Decmnu Short, Sec., Theta Welty, Treasurer, Put Pru- ett, V. Pres, Velio Lopez, V. Pres, Bobbye Alford, V.Pres, Kneeling, l..toR. Howard Mitchell, V. Pres, James Herring, President, Billy Hamm, V. Pres, and Nita Frazier, reporter, Knot piciuredl -63- Aguilar, Yolanda Alford, Bobbye June Allen, Jean Allison, Dianne Business Cosmetology, Pres. VIC Cosmeiology Business, ROTC Sponsor, No. 60, ROTC Sponsor, Sale Teens ROTC Queen, FBLA, AY, NHS NHS 60 Seniors elected their officers early in the fall. Angeles, Maximo Ramirez Arnspiger, Cliff Arredondo, Danny Ashbrook, Aaron Eleciric Aeronaufics, Basketball, Auio Body Aeronuulics VIC V.P., Stu. Council, VlC Track, AY Avant, Maxine Baker, Joyce Balandran, Olivia Barbee, Virginia Business, FBLA, Y-Teens, Business, FTA, FBLA Business, Y-Teens, Commercial Ari, Volleyball Team NHS, Chorus, AY Student Council Sr. Class Favorite, V.P VIC Na. 88, DAR -69.. Barber, Walter Barger, Larry Bernard, Nancy Barnett, Jackie E. Welding Engineering Drafting Cosmetology Radio and Television Drill Team, ROTC, VIC ROTC Sponsor, Y-Teens, Alt. Red Crass Rep. Jr. Red Cross Student Coun., Annual, A calendar was macle for the year showing proiects Barron, Johnny Batchelor, Brenda Batlenfield, Murl Jo Bauman, Betty Print Shop Cosmelology Business Business VIC CH. 60 FBLA, AY, Volleyball, FBLA, FTA, Y-Teens, Journalism, GAC ROTC Sponsor, AY Beavers. Jay L. Beck, Carey Beck, Nancy Bellows, Earl Radio and Television Prinl Shop Business Radio and Television NHS, VIC, Band, AY, Band, Safe Teens Student Council - 70 - Benson, Jackie Berber, Raymond Berg, Kay Berry, David Dislributive Educalion Machine Shop Dislribulive Education Print Shop DECA DECAp FBLA, FTA, AY and activities to be carried out by the class. Blackwood, Larry B. Blevins, Sharon Blumenthal, Albert Boler, Boyd Diesel 8. Disiributive Ed. Distribuiive Eclucolion Radio 8. Television Print Shop VIC, NHRA DE Club Print Shop Annual Editor VIC Ch. 60 Booth, Armon Bowers, Juanita Bowles, Lois Brandt, Don Aulo Body Shop Business Photography Prinl Shop Football, Baseball, FBLA VIC, Safe-Teens Jr. Red Cross Y-Teens, AY .. 71 - Brannon, Jesse D. Brantley, Lindo Braswell, Margaret Ann Breton, Patsy Radio and Television Cosmelology Business Commercial Art Y-Teens, AY, Volleyball Club Vice-Presidents were appointed by Class President, James Brooks, Allen Broome, Mary Brown, Sandy Bruce, Billy Don Diesel Business Homemoking Disrriburive Educaiion VIC Pres. Dist. ll Talent Show MC, Office FHA, Skating Club DECA Jr. Red Cross Personnel, Senior Play Jr. Red Cross Bullock, Sue Burger, Beth Burkleo, Barbara Burks, Leslie Business Academic Cosmetology Machine Shop Pep Squad, Bowling Club Pep Squad, Chorus Pep Squad, Safe Teens, Head Cheerleader, Jr. FTA, AY, Y-Teens, FHA Bop Club, Red Cross, VIC Favorite, VIC 62 V-Pres. .. 72 .. Burnet, James Burns, Gaylord Caldwell, Donn Carden, Corinne Disfribulive Education Commercial Alf Radio and Television Business DECA Club Band: Bulldog Slaffp VIC AYg ROTCg Rifle Team: VIC FTA: Chorus Sect.: Office Ch. 61: ROTC Officer Assistant Herring and Class Sponsors lo organize The class proiecls. QW . Carey, Peggy Ann Carter, Clyde Carver, Delores Castillo, Gloria C. Business Aircraff Dislribulive Educaiion Business Castillo, Gloria M. Castro, Valentino Chance, Ella .lo Chandler, Bobby ' Business Business Business Machine Shop: Band Y-Teensp Red Cross Rep. Orchestra Studenl Council: ROTC NHS: FBLA, FTA: AY - 73 - Clark, Karen Clark, Patricia Collins, Harold Canine, Benny Homemaking Business Disfribulive Educaiion Radio and Television AY: ROTC Sponsor Radio VIC Slogans for football games were selected and Contreras, Pete Cook, Fulton Floyd Coors, Judy Cordova, Virginia Welding Radio and Television Homemaking Business Foolloall: Basketball VIC Rep. Ch. 61: Jr. Red FBLA: AY: Y-Teens: Y-Teens Cross Rep.: ROTC Paper Miss FTA Cornwell. CUIOIYYI Cornwell, Linda Couch, Jo Ann Coughran, Charlene Business Business Business Ceramics FBLA: Siudent Council FTA: NHS: V-Pres. Sr. Class Annual Staff: AY ... 74 - Courtney, Robert Covington, Verna Cox, Alvis Crawford, Andrew Auto Mechanics 81 Welding Cosmetology Machine Shop Aeronautics ROTC VIC, Skating Club Who's Who in Aircraft the ribbons were printed in the school Print Shop. Crews, William Crouch, Dwight Crowell, Nancy Cruz, Jesse Aeronautics Auto Mechanics Business Wood Shop Skating Club, ROTC Offi- cer's Club, Safe Teens Dognell, Betty Dcihlberg, Dole Daniels, Frank Davis, Doris Cosmetology FTA, FBLA, AY, Y-Teens, Welding Homemaking Band Maiorette, Safe-Teens .. 75 - Dela Cruz, Lydia DeVoe, Doris Marie Dixson, Sylvia Louise Dodson, Alice Business Business-Disfribulive Ed. Academic Business Y-Teens: Red Crass Rep. NHS: DECA: FBLA: Red Pep Squad: Y-Teens: Safe- FBLA: FHA: FTA: Chorus Cross Rep.: Skating Club Teens: Bop Club Vice-President, Bobby Alford, directed the sale ol football Dollahite, Linda Dorris, Lewis E. Drake, Janice Duff, Bonnie Business Radio and Television Disfribulive Educaiion Business Y-Teens: FTA: FBLA: NHS VIC DECA FBLA: AY: FTA: Y-Teens Bop-Club Dunawoy, Shirley Duncan, Romana Dunham, Judy Dyer, Eldon Business Commercial Ari Casmeiology Business FBLA: AY: Bop Club -76- Dyson, Bill Dyson, Gerald Early, Wanda Edson, Virgil Auto Body Aeronaulics Business Machine Shop VIC: Safe-Teens Safe Teens: Bond: FBLA, VIC, Skating Club Jr. Red Cross Drum and Bugle Corps ribbons that the students wore to help boost their team C IU' Elliott, Sandra Ellis, Terry Ennis, Ray Escqlanle, Silver Homemalcing Commercial Arl Wood Shop Print Football VIC 60, Sgt.-ct Arms VIC, Sgt.-At-Arms 'Bulldog' Staff Q- 1 Espiricuetc, Sammy Esters, Bernice Everitt, Curtis Faudree, Dono Welding Cosmetology Aeronautics Disrribulive Education VIC l66, V. P., ROTC Pep Squdd: Skating Club VIC Felon, Gloria Felton, Don Fillmore, Paul Flores, Dubi Business Prinr Machine Shop Cosmelology Football, Track, VIC, Chorus FTA, VlC 60, V. P. A first for the class of '60 was to decide i i I Forlenberry, Thomas Francis, Larry Franco, Alex Franks, Larry Acedemic Machine Shop Auto Body Machine Shop AY, Slrident Body Pres. VIC 'A' Bond Frazier, Nita Freeman, Dcrold Frye, Barbara Frye, Naomi Academic Machine Shop Cosmetology Business Homecoming Queen, ROTC Officers Club Safe-teens, Red Cross: Senior Class Rep., AY Drill Team Y-teens: Bowling: JY- ACl1 - 78 - Fuller. June Funderburk, Kathy Gage, Bill Guige, Barbara Homernaking Business Prinl Business Maiorelle-Drill Leader, AY, FBLA President Bulldog Staff, Co-editor of Band, FHA: FBLA: Library ROTC Paper to make enough money to pay for the diploma covers. Gallegos, Rosemary Galvaz, Mary Helen Garcia, Elizabeth Garcia, Joe Business Cosmetology Homemalcing Auto Mechanics FBLAp Y-Teens, Safe Teens, Y-Teens FHA Chorus, Jr. Achiev., Garner, Peggy Genador, Rebecca George, Sandra Gibbs, Pauline Business Denial Asislance D.E. Cosmelology FTA: FBLA, Y-Teens VIC 159, Sgt.-al-Arms, Office Personnel Gibson, Judy Giddens, Gene Gonzales, Mary Gonzales, Salvador Business Diesel Business Academic Jr. Class Sec.: FTA VIC 605 NHSg Runner-Up Best All Around Vice-President, .lo Ann Couch, lweacled Il1e committee Gossett, Joyce Graham, Jack Grant, Pai Green, Gary Business Aeronautics Denial Assistance Diesel FTA Student Coun., VIC 139, Rifle Team Cap.: Treas. AY VIC l43p Jr, Red Cross Green, James Gregory, Charles Griffin, lma Jean Grisham, Charles Welding Wood Business Machine Shop Basketball VIC Treas.p Skating Club -80- Guinn, Evelyn Gunter, Don Hall, Joyce Hamilton, Joyce Business Auto Homemaking Business VIC 76, Reporter National Honor Society Pep Squad, Skating Club in charge of the Christmas Carcl Sales. Hamm, Billy Hancock, Rose Mary Hardin, Judy Harley, Charles Academic Business Homemalring Business Student Council, English Who's Who, Mr. Talent '59 HUYPH, Wally Harris, Jacquelyne Marie Harville, Janice Harwood, Joyce Print Academic Academic Homemaking Football, Captaing Safe-Teens Student Council - B1 - - Hay, Tommy Hernandez, Dolores Herring, James Hickey, Donna Machine Shop Business Diesel, Best All Around, Business Red Cross Rep., Student VIC State Pres., Sr. Class Council, FBLA, Y-Teens Pres., Annual Editor, FTA More Christmas cards were sold this year than in any other Hill, Bettye Hill, Naoma Hinman, Paul Hixcn, Shirley Academic, Bowling Club, Dental Assistance Aeronautics, Cheerleader, Business Skating Club, Y-Teens, AY Student Council, VIC 74, FTA, Student Coun., NHS Bulldog Staff, FTA V-Pres. Holley, Evo Holt, Patricia Hooks, Billy Hooper, Bonnie Distributive Education Dislributive Education Dislributive Education Business, TALA DE Club Sec. Red Cross Rep., Safe Teens Automotive Mechanics -32- I I Horton, Tom R. Howard, Martha Howard, Pat Hudgins, Allen Radio and Television Business Business Photography V-Pres. Sr. Classg AY, AY, DE Club Chorus, VIC VIC Ch.6I V-Pres. one year, thus assuring the purchase of diploma covers. Huttoker, Allen Hughes, Vivian Hungerford, Annette Ingram, Sandy Commercial Art Business Engineering Drafting Business VIC Tres.: ROTC Staff NHS, Red Cross Rep. AY, Skating, Club 5 FTA, FBLA, Safe-Teens Safe Teens Eng. Drafting-Wl1o's Who Jacobs, Drucillo Jacobs, George Clark, Sharon Jarrett, Sue Business Distributive Education Photography, Safe Teens Diesel VIC, Safe Teens VIC, Y-Teens -33- Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Mary Johnson, Norma Jean Johnston, Barbara Academic Homemoking Business Denial Assistance TALAp Skating Club: Orchestra, Library Assist. The Seniors conducted The election of a ms. Jones, Betty Sue Jones, Clarence A. Jones, James Joyner, Rose Business Wood Shop Business DlS9filJUllVe Edvwfion NHS Pres., FTA Sec., Bulldog Slaff DECA: FBLA: 5kUflf'9 Annual Staff Copy Ed. Club s Kelly, Aubrey Key, Bradley R. King, Jimmy Kirk, Joyce Welding Business Auio Mechanics Business VIC President Safe Teens, VIC 81 VIC 76 Treasurer -g4- Kiriley, Bruce Knight, John Lomb, Paulo Langley, Carl Wayne Print Wood Business Radio ond -Television VIC Na. 60 Pres.: Annual NHS: FBLA: FTA: TALA: VIC No 61, Pres.: AY: Soles Rep.: Boxing Club Skaiing Club: Pep Squod Bosketboll Senior girl To reign as Queen on Homecoming Day. Lee, David Business Bowling Club: Soie4Teens: Tech Bulldog Bus. Mgr. Lee, Gloria Business Lemmon, Judy Lifsey, Ronald Business Academic FBLA: AY: Y-Teens: Safe- Teens: Chorus 19- 'YP7' Lobb, Mike Lang, Borboro Lopez, Romond Lopez, Velio Disfribuiive Educolion Academic Auto Business Sofe-Teens, Pres.: FBLA: VIC 181, V. P. Youth for Traffic Sofefy Loveless, Jo Ann McCcIlisten, Mary McClure, Maxine McDaniel, Rheba Business, Skating Club Denial Assistance, VIC 59, Business Pres., Y-Teens, Safe Teens Reporter Band A Coronation was planned by a Senior Committee and McDonald, Tami Lynn McGrath, Sharon McRimmcn, Sue Mocics, Suzanne Dental Assist., Ranch Business, FBLA, Cosmetology, VIC 70 Commercial Art Queen, Homecoming Duch- Chorus ess, Y-Teens, Treas., VIC Maganu, Dara Sinks, Jimmy Maner, Glenda Martin, Clara Cosmetology, VIC 70, GAC Business, NHS, FBLA, Business, NHS, FBLA, AY Rep., Bowling, Safe Teens Y-Teens, Safe Teens, AY Band, AY, Y-Teens, Safe- Teens - 86 - Martin, Jerry Martinez, Freddy Martinez, Joe Martinez, Ramona Electrical, Safe Teens, VIC Print Welding, VIC I66 Cosmetology Sgt.-at-Arms Y-Teens Queen Nita Frazier was crowned at Homecoming Pep Rally. Mossengale, Carolyn Matthews, Bobby Mayfield, Sharron Kay Medford, Ronald Dental Assistance Commercial Art Cosmetology Radio and Television 'A' Band Chorus, FHA Medina, Annie Medina, Encarnacion, Jr. Medlin, Marie Mendoza, Num Cosmetology Print Business, TALA, FTA, FHA, Business, Newspaper Staff, VIC Red Cross Rep., NHS, AY, Library Assistant Y-Teens, Volleyball Club Who's Who in Moth Student Council - 87 - Mercado, Helen Mercado, Josephine Meyer, Virginia Ann Miffleron, Neldon Ray Cosmeiology Business Dental Assisiance Machine Shop VIC Ch. 159 Pres. No other Senior Class ever had so large a number Miles, Bobbie Ann Miller, Dwight Miller, Johnnie Milligan, Gary Business Auto Mechanics Radio and Television Aufo Mechanics NHS: Exchange Editor, VIC Ch. 76 Supply Foreman: Annual VIC Tech Bulldog Staff Rep., Red Cross Rep. Mitchell, Cheryl Mitchell, Howard E. Molledu, Emileo Moore, Ben Business Academic, ROTC Section Machine Shop Engineering Drafting Ed.: V-Pres. Sr. Class, FTA VIC Ch. 62 Annual Staff -gg- L Moose, Ted Morris, David G. Morris, Ron Morrison, Mike Wood Shop Commercial Ari Radio and Television Engineering Drafiing Soph. Favorite Disfribuiive Educafion Track, Football, VIC oi nominees for Most Popular boy and girl. Morrow, Barbara Jean Morton, Charlotte Ann Muldrow, Mimi Munn, Charles P. Business Homemaking Aeronautics Auio Mechanics TALA, Y Teens, AY, FHA Reporter, VIC Ch. 76 Chorus AY, Bulldog Staff Murray, Judy Maria Neeper, Sandra New, Ladenu Nichols, Shari Business Business Business Business FBLA: NHS FBLA, Y-Teens Studeni Coun. Rep., NHS: Y-Teens, AY: FBLA Volleyball Team Library Assistani -89- Niehuhr, Valerie Nombrana, Freddy Norman, Bonnie Nugent, Carol Uiairbankxi Business, FBLA, Skating Refrigeralion, VIC 'I60 Business Business Club, Y-Teens Sec., Annual Sales Rep., Bop Club, ROTC 'ist Sgt. A record number of run-offs was necessary before O'Baugh, Brenda Obel, Oscar iSannyJ Odom, James Ornelas, Vera Business Engineering Drafting Engineering Drafling Business AY, Basketball, VIC FBLA, AY, Safe-Teens Pacheco, George Patina, Frank Patterson, Bettye Payne, Juanita Auto Body Print Shop Business Business, FTA, Chorus Quintet, 'Starlets Chorus, FTA -90- Piercy, Betty Pipes, Philip T. Pirkle, Linda Pribble, Ann fNelsonJ Business, FTA: AY: NHS: Cosmeiology Photography Business FBLA: Chorus Wl1o's Who: VIC: Talent Show NHS: FBLA: AY: Skating Librarian: Quintet 'Starlets' Club the final selection oi Virginia Barbee ancl Leslie Burks. Prugtt, Pqt Pruieh, Belle Pruieti, Gail Pulido, Robert Buginggg Academic, FTA: FHA: VIC Business Academic .ROTC Sponsor: V-Pres. Sweetheart, Auto Shop: FBLA National Honor Society Sr. Class: FTA Pres.: NHS Cheerleader: Bulldog Staff Q NUR' if Quinonc, Daniel Quillin, Jeanne Sue Quinones, Emilie Ray, Judy Homemalring Dislributive Educaiion Commercial Art DECA: Safe Teens: Y-Teens VIC: Allied Youll! ..91... ROY. Wynelle Reddell, Eddie Reed, Donald Renteria, Alice Business Dislribulive Educafion Aura Mechanics Cosmeiology VIC: Sgt. at Arms 8. Parlia- memarian After the ciosesi election in history oi classes, Belle Pruieti, Rhoads, Tommy Richards, Ellen Richardson, Charlie Richardson, Kenneth Phalography Cosmelology Wood Shop Commercial Art: Baseball: ROTC Staff: VIC VIC: Baseball FTA: Who's Who Drafting: NHS: Annual Staff 3' Richardson, Troy Riley, Velcla Rivera, Dolores Roddy, Barbara Aufo Mechanics Business, FTA: AY: NHS: Business Cosmelology Annual Staff Bus. Mgr. library Assistant: Soph. VIC Class Reporter .. 92 - 41 Rodriguez, Frances Rodriguez, Riia Rodriguez, Tony Romo. Willie Business Homemaking Auio Body Machine Shop Student Council, FTA, FHA, Chorus VIC: Red CFOSS: Cl10fU5 FBLA, Red Cross Rep. George Ross were runners-up as Most Popular Seniors. 7 ROSS. GGOYQE Rucker, Helen Russell, Clara J. Salazar, Maria M. Machine Shop Business Homemalzing Cosmetology Student Council, Sr. FTA, AY FHAp Skaiing Club Y-Teens Favorite Runner-Up Sanchez, Gregory Sanders, Glen Sanders, Morris Santiago, Albert Machine Shop Eleciriciiy Machine Shop Auio Body ROTC VIC: Red Cross -93- Satcher, Jimmy Scruggs, Billy Scruggs, Sue Sears, Derma Auto Mechanics Photography Commercial Art Academic FTA: FBLA: VIC Ch. B1 Nominations lor Most Outstanding Senior boy and girl Segrest, Judy Serrano, Faustina Sharp, Henry Sharp, Albert Business Business Aeronautics Engineering Drafting Chorus, Y-Teens: FBLA Football Shaw, Pm Sharp, Patricia Shelton, Mazie Short, Deanna Commercial Art Dental Assistance Cosmetology Business VIC Pep Club: Skating Club Cheerleader, Bulldog Ed Sec. FBLA Sec.: Sr. Class Rep. C Q4 - Shoup, Barbara Siluentes, Elma Simmons, Elaine Simmons, Vernon Business Cosmetology Business Welding Allied Youth, Sole-Teens Y-Teens: VICp Sale-Teens Volleyball Club, Office VIC 160 Reporter, Baseball Personnel Basketball Manager, Band lor their three years in Tech were made by the faculty. Sims, Barbara Sisk, Jimmy Sisk, Johnny Skaggs, Linda Distributive Educalion Aulo Mechanics Prinl Academic DECA, Junior Red Crossg VIC 76 VIC Allied Youth W 'ie-5. 1. 1 'Y Skinner, Billy Smith, Donald Smith, Marie Smith, James C. Dlslribulive Educalion Dislributive Educolion Business Radio and Television VIC 61, FTA, DECA, FBLA: FTA: Jr. Red Cross VIC 61, Sgt. ai Arms, Skating Club Sec. Br Treas.g sea. Council Track - 95 - Smiflhklinda Smith, Rodney Smith. Scotty Smoot, Beverly Business, Safe-Teens, Aeronautics, football, Refrigeration Cosmetology Red Cross Rep. VlC Ch. 74, Red Cross Rep. The Seniors nominated and the entire student body elected Smoot, Juanita Snyder, Elizabeth Solis, Hope Sparks, Deanna Homemaking Denial Assistance Cosmetology, Band, AY, Business Y Teens, VIC Rep. AY, Safe-Teens Spivey, Bobby Spracio, Joe Sprengel, Frances St. John, Kathy Aeronautics Distributive Education Homemuking Cosmetology Red Cross Rep., DE Club Safe-Teens, Bop Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep., FHA - 96 - Stacy, Peggy Stallcup, James Stennett, Billy Dale Stevens, David Business Electric Shop Radio and Television Distributive Education AY: Chorus Pres.: Student Council VIC 61 VIC Photographer: VIC "Starlet" Quintet Rep.: D.E. Club Photo. Deanna Sliort and James Herring as Most Outstanding. A t Stevens, Richard Stewart, A. J. Stewart, Carolyn Stillwell, Weldon Auto Body Aeronautics Academic Wood Shop VIC 181, Reporter Band: Orchestra Wha's Who: TALA: NHS fur- 1 Stokley, Pat Stover, Calvin Swor, Donald Brent Talley, Roger Business Diesel Distributive Education Print Shop Soph. Class Sec.: Student FTA: VIC 'I43 V-Pres.: Sr. ROTC: Sale Teens: DECA: Council: FTA: AY: Y-Teens: Council Rep.: DE Editor: Skating Club Tawafer, Sandy Teague, Elaine Teague, Marilyn Thomas, Marcie Disiribufive Educuiion Business Business Business DECAQ Red Cross Rep., An- AY, Y-Teens, Safe Teens nual Rep., DE Sweetheart Chorus, FBLA Patrica Prueff and Salvador Gonzales were Thompson, Joy Thornhill, Reber! M. Timmons, Loreha Tippen,s George Business Dislribulive Educafion Business Aeronoulics FBLA: FTA: Chorus Sec. AY, Safe-Teens, VIC Ch. 74 Torres, Jesse Torres, Yolanda Palma Trammell, Gail Trammell, Margaret Disfribufive Educalion Cosmefology Business Homemaking VIC V-Pres.: Y-Teens, FBLA, Sr. Council Rep. FHA Safe-Teens, Bop Club, AY .. 98 - Truiillo, Alicia Truiillo, Annie Truiillo, Cora Truiillo, Raymond Cosmetology Cosmelology Commercial Arf Y-Teens,'VIC Club Y-Teens, VIC, AY Band runners-up as Most Outstanding girl and boy. Valle, Dolores Valle, Thomas Vance, Rosalyn Von Noy, Marion Academic Prinf Shop Business Auto Body Chorus AY: VIC 60: Bulldog Siaffp FHA Student Council Vasquez, Gloria Vasquez, Joe Vasquez. Manuel Vasquez, Tony Business Radio and Television Aufo Mechanics Commercial Ari Y-Teens ..99- Vedder, Charlea Velosquez, Rosie Wade, Louise Wakefield, George Commercial Ari Business Cometology Auto Mechanics ROTC The two big social events, the Prom and the Banquet, Walker, Kathleen Walraven, Martha Walters, Martha Waters, Dorothy Business Business Business Homemaking FBLA: Pep Squad: Chorus, Volleyball Team Pep Squadp Safe-Teens FHA Porliomentarian AY Wedel, Donald Neil Weems, Johnnie Welty, Theta Werland, Joel W. Engineering Drafting Business Business Engineering Drafling Red Cross Rep.: VIC Treos. NHSg Pep Squad Treas.g Annual Staffg Sr. Class VIC V-Pres.p ROTC Sec Skating Club Pres., FBLA Teas.: FTA Dist. 5 Treas. Lt.: Jr. Red Cross Rep. - 100 - West, Elva Marie Whetsel, Barbara White, Linda White, Nan Business Cosmetology Business Cosmetology NHS, FBLA, FTA, AY, VIC 70, Alternate Cheer- Bancl: Student Council leader were believed to be the most successful ever. Whitley, James T. Whitmire, Dolores Wilcoxson, Bill Wilhelm, Mike Automotive Mechanics Business Wood Shop Machine Shop ROTC Drill Team, NHS NHS Sec., FBLA, Jr. Class VIC 62, Reporter, ROTC Reporter Staff Officer Williams, Jimmy Williams, Peggy Ann Wilson, Dole Wilson, Sandra Photography Distributive Education Aeronautics Business VIC District Officer, DECA Jr. Red Cross Pres., VIC 74 FTA, Chorus Baseball Pres., Sr. Class V-Pres., AY -- 101 - Witte, Phillip Wood, Joe Woocl, Patsy Jayne Woods, Frank Pllolography Diesel Business Commercial Arf VIC 81, ROTC Staff, ROTC Baskelball, Baseball, VIC FBLA, Safe-Teens, Jr. Red Drill Team, ROTC Officer Crass, Student Council lStarligl1Iers' lurnislwecl dance music at the Senior Banquet Woolley, Karen Wortham, Ronald Wyche, Carolyn Wylie, J. T. Homemalcing Aeronaufics Business Academic AY, Safe-Teens, FTA, VIC, FLBA, AY, Safe-Teens, NHS Boxing, TALA Zamaripa, Jerry Zamorano, Carmen Cure, Bobby Stephens, Jimmy Machine Shop Business Print Shop Pholography VIC 62 Vice President, Band, Safe-Teens VIC 60 Secretary Jr. Red Cross, Football Bulldog Staff - 102 - Babbye Alford Who's Who in Cosmetology Thomas Fortenberry Who's Who in Science Each department is honored with a Who s Who Clara Martin Who's Who in Bond Andrew Crawford Who's Who in Aeronautics Mike Lobb Who's Who in Distributive Education Kenneth Richardson Who's Who in Drafting -103- 1 Carolyn Stewart Who's Who in Orchestra I, Tommy Whiiley I Who's Who in Auto Mechanics These capable personalities have excelled in their fielcl Maximo An-geles Who's Who in Eleciricity Mike Wilhelm Who s Who in Machine Shop ' Billy Hamm ' Who's Who in English , Deanna Short Who's Who in Journalism -104- Shari Nichols Who's Who in Bio- los-iv Annette Hungerford Who's Who in Engi- neering Drafting For three year courses the competition is lceener Virginia Barbee Who's Who in Com- mercial Art Dorothy Waters Who's Who in Home- making Don Felton Who's Who in Gra- phic Arts Raymond Lopez Who's Who in Auto Body -105- Encarnucion Medina Who's Who in Math- ematics James Herring l Who's Who in Diesel It is very difficult to select the most outstanding Howard Mitchell Who's Who in ROTC Tami McDonald Who's Who in Den- tal Assistance Sammy Espiricueta Who's Who in Weld- ing Beth Burger Who's Who in Speech -106- Pot Prueh Who's Who in His- 'tory Ted Moose Who's Who in Wood Shop in Business and English departments, tests become necessary Velia Lopez Who's Who in Physi- cal Education Judy Murray Who's Who in Busi- F1555 Tommy Rhocds Who's Who in Pho- logrophy Don Phillips Who's Who in Physi- cal Education -107- Betty Piercy Who's Who in Chorus JU, L louis Dorris -s, Who's Who in Radio-Television N Many other honors are given to senior students. Other honors received by seniors ore the DAR, which was given to Virginia Barbeeg ond the Danforth awards, which was presented to Theto Welty and George Ross. -IOS- K Belle Pruett was chosen to represent Tech at the Arlington State Coronation of their Queen. Leslie Burks was her escort. Some are for social and some lor special achievements 354' 1 Hx 'V rife 11 1 Judy Ann Ware was presented the Thom McAn award Billy Hamm was also honored with the Thom McAn for outstanding leadership. award for outstanding leadership. -109- Ted Hnrdisty Runner-Up for Junior Favorite -- -110- Jo Ann Perry Runner-Up for Junior Favorite 'nf "-- - gg - 1 1. 4 .. . - W f. H QM! ' . Wir: ft: 5 1 nv., 1v .QW R Q1 'Q . .,-Wrivwfw' ..O'l ',mp.'.a .hx .mr .-'.'-3. .'.'.'u-'-.," . . .. Q I.. ':A.. , . , , 4.1.-.,.. . . . . -.".'-n'a g' '.qo'. ". ,u'.-'....'.a.-1,"0' ,yi -'wh-s u . . a o.4,'.,.'a - aim ,,,..,,...',,', , ,Hg-: -. -, . . . ' WY35, V ' 0 I l D 22 A5 .M 4 ,A v' ' .'.','f-'.'-1-'f,' 355. .3 -- 1- -x 't --,,'.:,-5--.'..g-xg-.,.. ....,,,. .A 1, ,275-.:"1'-.-.:u." I ,.. . '....-'--.-.g..--,nu it 4 f'.- "' 1 . ' 1 " ' sw-' 3, 1: 'fix . -.f...1-'.g..,',1.,g+--,wgA M gy f f 4 Kem 4,,,.-al..s 4-f..-4',u, ": -' .-,. f 'Z---'S'-'.'-I-I-I' " 1? fr: 5. g,...f..'..'.-.-,.,-.:- ,ff-.7 K-39 .rgzdf ,,'- ,',.vu.,f, I. e.'..'.', 'NIL' gs f.. ,V QM ..,,- -.,.... ,- Q . .',-.. . gy ,si ff- ""!'o' 'aoo.,',"l'u','.'. 'fo' , . ,wh 'url du. .-tat" ov, D. 1' ,L,..L,,.H-, , H, ,wiv ,Aki I ,Wah ' 'u,,,,' c 1 , , ,. o .lx . -,, ' .I-,, ,,,,.'vg1.',',,' Hg 47' 1 31. f , . .'a. ang,' ' ' ' " ' ' 0 O I S 'n'. ', 0:0 'n'uI,"n Q , . , 5 o . 0 c 1 uv nv, ,,,a c'a ,',l'c.u.v'..x fl' n 5 0 Q. 1-- .N 0. ' u . an Q.. ... J Sponsors Mrs. Georgia Turner Mr. Arthur Rhea Mrs. Lillian Mobley Sponsors and officers plan for active Junior year. Officers are Jo Ann Perry, Secreiaryg Mary Burley, Repcrrerg Pot Cumpou, Treasurer: Richard Hun gerford, Presidenry and Beverly Sykorc, Vice-President. -112- Tony Albizo Frank Alejandro Roger Allen Kenneth Allred Becky Alvarado John Alvarado Maria Alvarez George Anderson The election of class officers got plans under way for the year. Rita Anderson Linda Andrews ' Beltran Arellano Marquetta Arrington Charlie Ashby Martha Ashby l Wayne Atchison Wayne Athey Marlene Austin Mary Helen Avina Johnny Ayala Mary Helen Ayala Ramon Ayala Richard Ball Danny Ballew -113- Mury Barker Mary Barley Homer Barnes Aralie Barron Charlotte Barton Gary Barton Linda Bateman Sue Bateman Halloween will be long remembered because of the All James Roy Bough Melva Beauchamp George Belcher Jimmie Bell Charles Bellows Sandra Bennett Sharon Bennett Eddie Bills Jan Black Linda Black Judi Blackburn Jeanne Blessing Pattie Blissett Francis Blocker Suzy Booth -114- Barbara Bouldin James Ray Bowen Pat Boyd Ronnie Bradford Janie Braudawuy Wynette Brazzil linda Breton Robert Brewer School Carnival which was attended by twelve hundred Trine Briones Ernest Brister Dale Britton Robert Britton Larry Browder Anna Brown leru Bruce Barbara Burdick David Bvrnett Robert Burns Kathy Burris Billy Burt Clifford Buzbee Dolores Buzbee Nelly Cabeilo Jean Calahan Pal Campau Charles Campbell Darlene Campbell Orville Cantrell Bobbie Capps Abdalla Caram Oscar Caram KXOL s George Carlin was M. C. for the dance on Carnival Marshall Carminati Dana Carter Thomas Carter Manuel Castillo Jesse Chairez Robert Chenault Mike Chokas Mary Lou Cisueros Shirley Clark LaRue Clement Judy Cole Don Collins Eugene Colvin Don Conley Clara Nell Conner Johnny Corbell Billy Joe Corbin Bernay Cornelius Sam Cortez David Cox James Cox James Crocker ,Ann Crosby night. It resembled old New Orleans during the Mardi Gras Dwight Crouch David Crowell Evelyn Culpepper Wiley Culps Danny Cummings Nelda Cunningham Al Curlee Johnny Cupit Virginia Faye Curry Jim Daniel Sandra Lynn Darby Dennie Darnell Bill Daio Gloria Davie Wanda Davis Donald Ray Dean Clement delu Cruz Rubin Delgadillo Sharon Denton Johnny A. Diaz Forrest Dillon Buddy Dilworth Sarah Dobbins Wherever one looked he could lind enthusiastic members of Ulis Dodson Jeanette Donawho Odis Donaho Jomes Dorseh Danny Dreadin Yvonne Drennan Faye Dugger Jeff Dunham Randell Dunklin Sharon Dunlap Billy Eason Carolyn Eclon Billy Edmonson Jerri Eimer Anim Elizondo Tim Faraday Elkins Judy Elliot Elizabeth Elser Mike Enos Lois Everitt Kaye Faith James Ferguson Richard Ferrell this class doing their share toward promoting school spirit Valerie Ferrill Frederick Fischer Pete Flores Nola Ford lonna Forrest Karen Fouls Jean Fowler Raymond Franco Frank Crow Lionel Franklin Steve Franks Gloria Frausto Ray Frazier Bill Freeman Wanda Funderburgh Cecil G. Fuqua John Ganoe Felix Garcia Isaac Garcia Linara Garcia Lupe Garcia Johnny Garner Jeannie George Sharon Denton, Jo Ann Perry, Carol Stout, ancl Mike Cholcas Stanley Gertz Dawatha Gibson Sarah Jane Gilbert Phillip Giles Charles Gill Derwood Gill Eugene Gilley Clara Gonzalez Martha Gonzalez Rebecca Gonzalez Rudy Gonzales Said Gonzalez Karen Goodman Sharon Gott Jamie Goza -120- Johnny Granada LaVerle Green Lonnie Green Suzanne Gregory Allen Griffith Judy Kay Grimes Lynda Grose Martha Guenero cheered the Bulldogs although the odcls were against them Sandra Guynes Diana Hackney Lyla Hadad Glenn Hafele Michael Haggard Nelda Hall James Ham Barbara Hampton Wayne Hansford Mary Alice Harder Ted Hardisty Catherine Hargove Donna Herne Judy Helmecke Louise Helms Delores Henderson Joe Henderson Marilyn Henderson Suzy Henderson Arville Hendrix Patsy Hennig David Henry Helen Hernandez Jo Ann Perry, football sweetheart, was presented a gold Lupe Herrera Jack Herring Alan Hicks Sue Higdon Jimmy Hill Kenneth Hill Ray Hill Alvin Hines Bob Hinze Lester Hoerig Jane Holland David Holmes Freddy Holtzcluw David Horton Gary Hoselton James Hoselton Luella Houk Benny Hudson Melvin Huff Jackie Hughes Jerry Hughes Deanna Hundertmark Richard Hungerford football necklace by the team at an assembly program Billy Hunter Sandra Kay Hutson Bobbi Gayle Ivy Barbara Jackson Jackie Jackson Lynn Jackson Sarah Jackson Sherron Jackson Thomas Jackson Linda Jarrett Bert Jenkins Mack Jenkins Benny Jenkins Carolyn Johnson Jane Johnson Lindell Johnson Woody Johnson Fred Johnston Jeanfntha Jones Joyce Ann Jones Larry Jones Brenda Joyce Stephen Joyner Richard Hungerford and Ted Hardisty proved themselves Kathy Keoting Gale Keller Dwayne Kennemore Roy Kepple Barbara Kerbow Dewayne Keys Carolyn Killgo Billy King Danny King Jimmy King Clifford Kinson Ado Jane Kirbo Elizabeth Kirkland Cecil Knight JoAnn Knox Patricia Ann Kuehl Eugene Ladd John La Hood Lanny Lair Jerold Langford Sandro Lanier Carol Large Wayne Law outstanding by being chosen captains of the football team Gloria Jo Lazo Sue Leddy James Lenox Robert Leonard Charlie Leslie Rena Lester Sherry Lester Barbara Lindsey Billie Lindsey John Logan Judy Lollar Elizabeth Long Jesse Longoria Guadalupe Lopez Verna Lovett Victor Lovett Glenda Lowe John Lowe Wayne Lawrance Willie E. Lowery, Jr. Danny Ludwick Margaret Lyle Martha McCarthy The end ol football season brought the pleasant news that Brenda McClung Jerry McCoy Robert McCoy Thomas McCoy Jerry McCrory Charlotte McDonald Janet McEntire Rilclo Mclnnis Linda McKay Sherry McKee Douglas McKinney James McKinnon Beverly McLain Clara McNeeley Bill Mabry Dwight Lynn Madclux Pat Manley John Martinez Juanita Martinez Rita Martinez Linda Mason Joe Mata Richard Matthews Richard Hungerford had been selected All-District End Betty May Jimmy Lee Maxwell, Jr. Angie Medina Marie Medlin Paula Meisenheimer Linda Melton William Mertz Joe Mieczynski Cherokee Milburn Nancy Miller Tami Dane Miller Joe Milliorns Edgar Millirons Rose Mills Mickey Mims Woody Mitchel David Mock Arthur B. Molinor John Montgomery Thomas Moore Lindo Morgon Eddy Morgeson Janet Morris Winning third place in the Magazine drive, the class added Mike Morris Rebecca Morris Judy Morrison Tommy Morrow Meri Mowry Luis Muga Ronnie Muncy Richard Munoz Borboro Murphy William R. Myres Paul Neol Sheila Nedwick Raymond New Normon Nickelson Celia Nombrono ninety-eight dollars to its treasury. Martha Jean Pate Fernando Patina Kim Patterson Rickey Patterson Linda Patton Ronnie Peel Laura Pena George Pendergrass Anita Perez Chrislohper Perez Joe Perez Martha Perez Reuben Perez Lynda Periman Sharon Kay Perritt Ralph Olguin Jean Owere Tomy Jean Owens Olin Ozee Betty Pack John Paprskar Shirley Paris Johnny Porrietie Ja Ann Perry Marilyn Petrie Ronald Pettigrew Tommy Pettigrew Sherron Phillips Dona Pierce Ann Pigford Billy Pippen The top award in the magazine drive wenl to Sue Leddy Morris Pistokecho Brenda Poindexter Judith Pond Micheal Poteet Charles Powell Charles Prater Jean Price Roger Price Robert Putnam Rosie Quintana Mary Ramirez Raymond Ramirez Kathryn Rangel Sandy Rangel Ann Ray Charna Lee Ray Eddie Reddell Ruby Dean Reid Eunice Reitz Ellis Reyero Jrr Frank Reyero Richard Reyero Della Reyna Sharon Denton, was chosen V.l.C. Club Sweetheart of district Charlcie Rice Tommy Rich Mickey Richardson Glenn Richeson JoAnn Riddle Joe Riggs Kenneth Riley Lewis Ritchey Joe Rivera Owanna Rivers Barbara Roberts Herbert Roberts Larry Rockwell William Rodela Berry Rodriguez ln a paniomlne io wla Carol Rodriguez David Rodriguez Genuro Rodriquez Hortensio Rodriquez Jerry Rodriguez Josie Rodriguez Cynthia Rosko Janice Ross n Shoes and Pink Shoe Laces," Sue Judy Ross Ellen Rucker Sheldon Ruffner Patsy Russell Richard Rutherford Jimmy Sain Connie Solinas Alben Sclmeron Ernestine Scmuniego Adolph Sanchez Virginio Santiago Mary Saucedc Donald Savage Lheo Rhea Soylors H. C. Schooley 'hr Barbara Scruggs Ronnie Seals Kay Segrest Helen Sellers Sammy Sellers Virgil Sellers V" Wendell Sells Elay Sepulveda Leddy won the title of uMiss Talent" in the Talent Show Mel Sepulveda Mary Sessions Vernon Sharp Lena Shaw Kayran Shepherd Jimmy Shields James Shields Barbara Short Tray W. Short Mike Sliurtlelf Bonnell Simmons Eugene Simmons Harlan Simmons Thomas Singleton Don Skaggs Eugene Skiles Sylvia Slaylon Elsie Mae Smurf Paul Smith Robert Smith Wayford Smith Douglas Snow Michael Sparks Sherry McKee and James Walker, brought honor to the class Bobbie Speegle Boyd Speer Sandra Spivey Jerry Sprawl: Helga Stahl Jimmy Slciger Jimmy Stump Johnny Stanley Jimmy Starnes Bob Stephens Donny Sfevens Dorothy Slewori James Sfewari Jimmy Stewart Charles Stokes -134- Carol Sioorza Jane Story Carol Stout Edward Stout Charlene Stratton Mary Strong Ronald Stubbs David Sustaita by being chosen as Miss FBLA ancl Mr. FBLA. Jerry Sustala Beverly Sylxora Douglas Talmage Melton Taylor Jan Terry Joe Terry Wade Thomas Sue Thrash Shirley Thurman Jacque Ticknor John Tiffany Elizabeth Tischler Garry Titus Richard Totten James Trammel Erlinda Truiillo Josie Truiillo Margaret Truillo Opal Trussell Gary Turner George Turner Gerald Tyler Mary Tyler I mmf,- The highlight ot all Junior activities was the Junior-Senior Becky Urliales Gary Utley Charlotte Vance Josephine Valdez Johnny Vasquez Dan Van Dever Rachel Vasquez Rosie Vasquez Ruthie Vedder Joe Velasquez Jimmy Waits Jo Ann Waldrop James Walker Ronald Walter Eddie Vernon Walton Prom at River Crest Country Club. Kellum Wetzel Carol Wheelinglon Charles White Margaret White Jim Whittenburg Douglas Wilbun Johnny Williams Joyce Williams Mary Williams Paulette Williams Velacla Williams David Williamson Barbara Willman Tommy Winbloocl Susan Watchous Bob Ward Richard Ward Sandra Watkins Joy Watson Mary Ann Watson Dorothy Walls Gene Wellington Peggy Wells Ronald Dee Winn Clarence Vthnters Thomas Wippert Pat Wolfe Dorothy Wright Glenn Wright Lindo Wright Jean Wyatt The year I959-1960 was a busy one for the Junior Class . zffxpc5"-' Yolanda Zamarano Robert Zarate Billy Zumwalt -138- Nancy Wylie Cecil Yandoll Rufus Ybarra Jim Yark Margaret Young Peggy Young Ralph Young Ronny Young Alan Youngblood Josie Zamora Sponsors Mrs. Virginia Amos Mr. Jessie Benner! Mrs. Emaline Johnson Leaders of the 1959-'60 Sophomore Class ,gh 3 ,bv P' ,. , A ,um M , , , . wo,- s A ,.is Officers are Wanda Schooley, Secrelcryp Mary McClure, Reporterp Teddy Shearer, Presidenig Jewel Eokins, Vice'Presiden!g and Lindo Herring, Treasurer. -HO- Mary Abbott Ronald Abbott Don Adams Mary Carolyn Adams Terry Adams Roy Addington Mickey Akins John Alcaraz Class elecled Ted Shearer as President, Jewel Eakin as Vice Allen G. Alexander Douglas Allen Jerry Allen Linda Allen Tommie Allred Augustina Alvarado Eva Alvarado Manuel Alvarado Sally Alvarado Sylvia Alvarado Trinidad Alvarado Martha Ames Joy Anderson Mike Anderson Angie Andrade Jeney Andrews Johnny Araiza Olivia Aranda Ray B. Armand Donald Armslrong Priscilla Ashbrook Hilda Ashcroft James Ashcraft Presiclenl, Linda Herring as Treasurer, Wanda Schooley as Ann Ashworth Sue Aslan Johnny Avina Marcia Anquoe Gilbert Avina Florence Ayala Lupe Ayala Jerry D. Baccus Don Baker Rachel Balandran Leo Ball Joyce Barbee Palsy Barber Al Barfield Sharon Barfield Jeannie Barker Charles Barnes Drenda Barnett Ray Barrington Bruce Barthen Margaret Barton Frankie Bates Betty Beard Secretary, ancl Jackie Miller as Representative. Mrs. Amos, Joy Beavers Raymond Becerra James Beck Joe C. Beck Larry Beck Brenda Bell Ouida F. Bell Ann Bennett Barbara Bennett Jesse Benson Virginia Bentley Billy Bernard Chris Bettis Linda Bigler Wendal Billingsley Sandra K. Bishop Jerry Bivens Virginia Black Linda Blackerby Corrie Blanchard Dollie Blanlon La Vada A. Blanton Wallie Blanion Mrs. Johnson ancl Mr. Bennell served as sponsors. Sophomore Norma Bobo Jerry K. Bolt Sandra Borfon Glenda Bounds Karen Boyd Geraldine Bran! Carol Bratcher Mike Breen Helen Briones Don Britt Mary A. Brooks Billy Brown June Brown Charlie Bryan! Charles Bublilc Linda Buck Jimmy Bugg Arthur Burcie Jackie Burgess John Burke A. L. Burney Jackie Burns Paula Burns Class provided outstanding participants in basketball, football l Darold Burris Lonnie Busharf Xavier Cabello Lisinia Cagigal Virgil Calicott Elaine Campbell Ann Cannon Rose Ann Caraway Irene Cardenas Annette Carpenter Irene Carpenter Richard Carr Salomon Carrizales Doris Castello Freddie Castillo I Manuel ,Castillo Ramon Castillo Robert Castillo Jo Ann Calhcart John Hutchinson Violet Champion Mary Chandler Madeline Cha zarrela track, and baseball. Won second place in Magazine Drive Mary Helen Chazarreta Pedro T. Chazarrelc Reco Chazarrela L. J. Childs Mary Beth Chollar Judy Cielland Jerry Clark Virginia Clark Carol Clemenls Winowa Coffman Perry Cane Donald Connally Brenda Cook Genoise Cook Wilma Cook Richard Coamer Emma Cooper George Cooper Wayne Corbell Charolletie Corbin Carmen Cordova Eloiza Cordova Robert Cornelius ' with Total earnings of one hundred and twenty-two Elvira Carle: Lynn Coursey Sue Cowan Judith Cowk Louis Coxsey Clifford Crofton Linda Craig Loyd Crawford Laneita Creamer Glenda Jean Cross .lean Crouch Sandra Crouch David Crownover Naomi Cruson Dora Cruz dollars and seventy-five cents. Carol Ann Day Dwight Deatheroge Fred Deolon Gilberl Delgado Jerry Dellinger Ignacio Del Toro Clyde Denton, Jr. Janet Dickey Deanna Dixson Linda Dobbs Wanda Dockery linda Dodd Jerry C, Dorrough Jimmy Drew Sherrie Duncan Michael Cunningham Bobby Cunis John Dahl Charlene Daniels Jerry Davis Jim Davis linda Davis Shirley Davis Nessie Dunegon Annell Ecids Jewel Eokin Jackie Eorwood Fred Eason Donald Echols Shirley Edmondson Delberi Elliott Magic booth sponsored by Sophs ai Carnival with a Joe A. Enrique: Kay Erickson Ronnie Ervin Juanita Escobedo Foy Eskew Ruthie Espiricuetu Mike Espinosn Royce Esiep limmy Eudy Kenneth Evans Kenneth Evnrh Jock D. Evridge Lindo Ezell Helen Forrcr Brenda Fuulknor Joe Fells Walter Fenn Robert Ferguson Ray Fierro Linda Fimbrez Hazel Fincher Martin Findlay Chas Fisher Casileberry Junior acting as magician. Also ai Carnival Tommy Fisher Marvin Fiizgearlcl Jimmy Flippin Raymond Flores Jimmie Foster Michael Fosler Mary Fax Sylvia Fox Ronald Frevichs Jimmy Friddle Sharon Funchess Noel Gage Sarah Galindo Esther Gallegos Herman Gallegos Albert Galvez Anita Garcia Dora Garcia Vencent Chaire Larry Garner Walter Garner Eli Garza Elaine George had drawings lor Memory Lane Scrapbooks and the current Sandra Richardson Jo Dean Gertz Bernard Giddens Paul Giles Ramon Gil Ike Gilmore Bobby Godhey Preston Goolsby Rudy Gomez Arturo Gonzales, Jr. Elena Gonzalez Joe Gonzales Joe Gonzales Ramon Gonzalez Robert Gonzalez lee Gordon Paisy Goss Sharon Gaza Laverne Grant Doris Graves Beffy Gray Eva Eileen Gray Carolyn Green popular records. Safe Teen's membership greatly Johnnie Green Virginia Green Linda Gregory Jerry Griffin Joan Griffin Sandra Griffin Pat Groseclose Frank Grubbs, Jr. Darwin Guthrie Gloria Gutierrez Janis Hagar Bobby Hale Johnny Hall Mary Hall Nancy Ham Kenneth Hamilton Richard Hamm Bettie Hardawcty Glenna Hargrove Linda Harris Marvin Harris Nellie Harris Steve Harrison increased by active Sophomores. Sophs serve as assistants Buddy Hart Charlene Hart Michael Hary Bill Harvey Bettie Hatcher Earl Hatfield Shelby Hayes Josie Hearne Judy Helton Barbara Hemme Dennis Henderson Roger Henson Albert Hernandez Orfalinda Hernandez Linda Herring Larry Hicklan Judy Hickman Billy Hileman Elizibeth Hill Juanila Hill Jimmy Hinton Barbara Hobbs Floydean Hogg to major ollices and as officers in Vocational lnclusirlal Clubs Judy Holland Lynn Holland James Hollingsworth Bob Holloway David Holmes Henry Halt Leslie Holt Thomas Hood Jean Hoover Charlotte Hopkins William L. House Fay Howard James Howard Barbara Howell John Hoyler La Vonne Hudson Barbara Hughes Johnnie Hughes Donna Jo Hulsey Royce Humprey Carolyn Hungerford James Axhcrafl Richard Ingram ol Texas. A service class-took gills to Lena Pope Home Bruce Irby Danny Irving Rochelle Isaacs Becky Ivy John Jackson Par Jackson Tommy Jackson Mary Jara Winnehe Jamagin Karen Jarrell Robert Jeter Sue Jimison Michael Johns Milton Johns Virgil Johns Carroll Johnson Gerald Johnson Ray Johnson Sue Johnson Don Johnston Tommy Johnston Authur Jones Elsie Rae Jones Soph girls participated in FBLA Parlimentary Procedure Team Frances Jones louis D. Jones R. L.Jordan Shirley Kohn Billy Keck Diann Keel Barbara Keller Michael Keller Kathy Kemper Linda Kennedy Sharon Kenny Allen Key Jae Kincaid Johnnie Kincaid Loretta Kindriclr Melton Kirk Kenneth Wayne Kirkland Katie Kiser Mary Helen Cruppman Marilyn Krause Kenneth Lackey Ronnie Lambert Doris ldndingham Sophomore girls among the highest in NOMA Spelling Test Carolyn Langley Ann Laster Shirlene Latham Daniel L. Law Ronnie Lawdermilk Stan Lawdermilk James Lawhon Cecil Lawson Don Ledbetler Ronnie Ledford Dale Leeth Ruby Lehrmann Jerri Ann Leito Connie Lemley Joe Lerma Paullett Leverett Albert Lewis Kay Lile Patrick Lobb Jesse Longoria Ray lopez Janie Lorett Charles Lott For the first time the Annual Staff has been fortunate enough to Jimmy Loyo Judy Maag Joe Mabry George Maddox Frank Maldonado Jesse Maldonado Charles Malone Nancy Munis Larue Mantooth Betty Martin Carolyn Martin James Martin Judy Martin Larry Martin Eddie Martinez Eddie Martinez Jerry Martinez Margaret Martinez Marie Martinez Ralph Martinez Johnny Marquez Barbara Maserang David Mason l have Soph members who have hacl experience in Journalism Mable Mason Nathan Mathews Nadine Mathis Jimmy R. Maxwell Peggy Mayo Ronnie Meissner Margaret Meister Robert Menchaca Dolores Mendoza Charles Merritt Nick Mieczynski Richard Mifiletolr Carol Miller Charlotte Miller Jackie Miller -159- James Miller Mary Miller Roger Miller Foy Millirons Sonia Mills Rachel Mireles Trudy Miichell Doris Mood ancl Yearbook work from Junior High. The .lournallsm Stall Mary Ann Monlalvq Ruth Monrez Barbara Moore Tommy Moore Tony Mora Juonila Morales Florence Morgan Luann Morgan Jim Morris Pat Morrison Allie Morrow Lupe Mosqueda Jo Ann Moss Jean Munn Raymond Munoz Brad Munro Billy Murphy Pat Murray Raymond Musick Claude Myers Bill McAlister Kathryn McCaslin Mary McClure chose Hilda Ashcrafl, a Sophomore, as Calendar Girl in Ronald McCown Ronnie McCoy Bobby McDonald Stanley McFarland Linda McKelvey Paul McKinney Margaret McMillen Loyd McQueen Steve Nance Mike Neal Sharon Needham Equilla Neel Sherry Neel Diann Neely James Nelson -161- Mary New Jerry Newlon Herman Nieswiodomy Jimmy Noble Jerrell Nobles Dan Norman Pat Norris Tommy O'Baugh November to represent Thanksgiving. Sophomore class Shirley O'Brien James O'Dom Dickie O'Donnell Birdie Ohlhausen Charles O'Keefe Olivia Oliphani Mickie Olmsted Frances O'Neal Tommy O'Neal Sandra Oremus Bobby Orr Margaret Orfegon Reba Owens l Odell Ozuna Jim Padgeh Gene Page Shirley Parish Kenneth Parks Catherine Paske Dorothy Jean Pate Malinda Patrick Sharon Patterson Alfonso Pena makes money by selling scraploooke as their proiect. Joe Pena Henry Perez Ted Perez. Jr. Bobbie Perkins Carolyn Perry Donnie Peters Carol Pettigrew Roy Petty Lynda Pierce Linda Kaye Pike Zelda Pippen Toney Pitts Darrell Place Mary Ann Posey Denny Potts Wayne Poulier Don Powell Lonnie Powell Mary Joanna Power Bette La Dean Price Thomas Prickeh larry Prince Kenneth Procter New cheerleaders, Olivia ancl Jackie, boosted school spirit Paula Pugh Brenda Pulliam Grace Parselley Laverne Queen Jo Mac Rahy June Ramig Fred Ramirez Guillermo Ramirez Magdalena Ramirez Jesse Ramos Pele Ramos Stephan Ramsey Marilou Randolph Bobby Rankin Lucia Rangel Eddie Rape JoAnn Rawlings Jimmy Read Kenneth Reasoner Marvin Reasoner Marilyn Reddell Jomes Redding James Redding Ted Shearer and Eileen Gray were elected Class favorites. Bobby Reed James Reed Kay Regan i Linda Renfro Hazel Reynolds Phyllis Butler Richards Bobby Richardson Mike Richardson Cinorina Rioios Virginia Rioics Floreniino Rivera Virginia Alice Rivera Sidney Roach W 3 George Robbins N Minzecr Robison W l -ms- Ray Robison Burnie D. Roberson Joe Rodgers Benny Rodriquez Dolores Rodriguez Elizabeth Ann Rodriguez Freddie Rodriguez Jimmy Rodriguez The counselours gave intelligence tests in all Sophomore John Rodriguez Juanita Rodriguez Fraymond Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Rita Rodriguez William Rogers Kenneth Rolfing Josie Remo Wayne Rudolph George Ruiz Joe Ruiz Josie Ruiz Mary Annette Rui Judy Russell Letha Russell Z a Lynn Ray Russell Sharon Russell Sharon Rust Dolores Salas Gloria Salinas Mary Salmeron Fred Samuelson Alicia Sanchez The class closecl its year by lroliclcing at a picnic. Silvia Sauceda John Savage Peggy Scarborough Wanda Schooley Virginia Scott Peggy Scruggs Donald Seabalt Margarehe Searcy Margie Sechrist Sue Self T, V. Sellers William Serrano Gary Sharp Joe Sharp Teddy Shearer Becky Shelton Jim Shelton Mike Shepard Patty Shirley Robert Simmons Joe Simpson Don Sinclair Gary Skinner For the first time soph proiects were entered in VIC chapters Weldon Skinner Riley Slaughter Betty Smith James Smith Martha Smith Virginia Smith Harald Smyers Emily Soto Terry Sparks Dale Sperman Tommy Stacy Billy Stanley Sharon Stanley Richard Steadman Sandra Steadman David Steelman Micheal Steelman Billy Stegall Paul Steinmetz David Stephens Gary Stephens Ronald Stephens Mary Stevenson Students new to Tech were given appitucle tests to Don Stewart Bennie Stine Laverne Stinson Toni Stone Janet Story Jacob Stout Janice Strickel Goldie Struve Bobby Stubbletield Ruth Sullivan Bertha Summitt Duane Switzer Shirley Tallant Larry Tate Cecil Wayne Tennison Don Terry Behy Thigpen Donna Thomas Danny Thomas Thomas Nobles Darlene Thompson Joanne Thompson Sharon Thompson determine if they were in the right course. Reba Thornton Jimmy Thorp Clyde Tillison Patsy Timmons Joyce Tinar Judy Faye Tittle Louis Todd Ann Tollerson Cora Torres Mary Torres Mary Alice Torres Tommy Townes Robert Truchta lacy Travis Beebee Trevino Gloria Truiillo Joe Truiillo Jim Turner Rudy Turner Harry Turnpaugh Carolyn Underwood Laverne Useltan Jimmy Usrey Twenty sophs were initiated into the National Honor Society Lydia Valadez Anna Valdez Betty Lau Valdez Pedro Valle Ann Vanya Brenda Vaughn Pai Vaughn Roger Veatch Jesse Velesquez Jimmy Velasquez Vester Venable Vincent Sanchez Bill Wade Bob Wadsworth Floyd Walker English classes early in the fall. Ann Welch Ann White Claudia White Martin White Pam White Wayne White Douglas Whitehead Orpha Whitley Patsy Whitworth Sandra Wickersham Raymond Wieczorek Nancy Wilkerson Jack Wilkins Ed Wilkinson Larry Wilkinson D. A. Wallace Jeanette Walls Judy Walls Frankie Walraven Bobby Warfield Bill Webb Tommy Weeks Naomi Welborn Faye Williams Melvin Williams Robert Williams David Williamson Por Willingham Linda Wills Billie Wilson Dan Wilson The results of the testing program showed the l959-'60 Jesse Wilson Betty Winkle Patricia Winters Steve Witte Pat Wood Sandra Wood Larry Woodruff Larry Woods Kermit Woodward Jerry Woolsey Ira Woolen Shirley Workman Jean Worley Carroll Wright Jerry Sue Wright -173- Mike Wright Shirley Wyly Tommy Wyse Willis Yandell Arlin Young James Young J. T. Young Loiie Znmaripa Sophomore Class to be very outstanding. Mary Stella Zamora Alice Zarale Pauline Zarate Maryilyn Zelinsky La Farris Zollinger Gary Skinner Runner-Up for Sophomore Favorite Olivia Oliphani Runner-Up for Sophomore Favorite WERE YOU PARTICIPATING? THESE WERE Holding state offices in their respective clubsp James Herring, State President of VIC: Roger Price, State President of DE, and Carol Stout, Vice-President of FBLA make the school proud that it has such statewide recognition. Vocational Industrial Clubs Student Council ,..,....... - .... National Honor Society Future Teachers of America Future Business Leaders of Ame Future Homemakers of Americ Distributive Education A - 192 Q we 194 'I96 197 tion 198 5 ' ........... ..,, . , ...........,..,.,.... I 82 I 1 .........,................. .... . ...., - ....,..... - ,.... las v- 3 - ....... ., ...,...., ,.,.......... ....... . . - .......,.. 90 - . . . - . ' .....,..... . ............,... ....... . ..,. . 1 ' T J -176- 4 .,....x,f-Q - , .-- , .X - 'ings "M ' x ,, . Qu , . - ,,.'3:3 eQ- A 'MQ S ff' ' ' 2:2 , . .I . A Z V -5 7, Vu '-.vmzaff 1 5 .gfwgf 'Ti-'L ' if rr Q' W , ' an W :A Hifi- MSZM' mg, S3 0 12 ,A 4- K . 4,,..M an-5 -f -11234213 W-1" Q. wg :W - K , , 2- Q' 44 W- vm -,fm :,,, Ng -1-ff., Y - ,wg-,,"."-191213, fix "5' , '5?33?bff 1 W ,vw ,M -2:2 'S "W'?,EC5'?37gi5i?i'5k K . " "l" 12"ifLf 5 as . Y" f ' 'JT iE??'li 155313 - "' 291111 1 ' 1 Vff w:2?PSisii22H1 Q. '32 ' -lk 1 x 3 . , K' 5 'W v yifggggggzgq li-'1,1:g3y.::' Q wgkmr. . . K, ' i i K- 3 A . ,, , s W gf, 'fs M: Q, , erm . ,..l.,,., Q M ,,,,,w.,, WM ,M . . , .,.f . , 'gf ,L 3 gx .--fs' . - mf- " A , , - ,.Q , ' , , ,..4,:7,' thi ff: M K xg' gif. if f" PA K , KA ., IIT" 'wr -1 'liz-1 f "' . 'F A f.-ff 2 - M'-1, W Ve 'fp A 'A'1?4i'im K -3i1h1Q,." K T? ' ,N,ffe.r113f1,E-2'g3-' ff ' - Xe 24 ' '-f'Q,,1-- - W ,t'1'fW1aziS2-av' 33 - . .Q '2,,f5:gqi , -1- gy V .' .km ' ..1a:333a'21.'.f' ,uQ-vfjiiz-1g1g1:-. 9 'a?1TQ3QEgEg?j. ' -. S' viyhyjrg T1 ' ' K , ' 'f 'Jw ,gl 'ft wf K '11 'W-vwfyl' ww EMA um , 'QL--17,-.N W Q fi. -Q . . ,. 72. U Riff ' ' Q .. - V f -r - A' A g Q "-Wgg ......, ,Z Q K vv."'?f-as-'bf , Aff? fi X , E ww Q Q55 , 'IR if' ,. - 1, Qf-.arf fir: FQKYTZV 'W' " N '?zaLw3,,,, M . '9'3.1'P"' ' - Wx, j x . F, 'A gi g,1E'11i , 5 --fb.. W ,W .,4kF,,:!., M' NW az-ii. 'V+ ww: 'v '91 'Hn' . 4 n :vnu -'Q' 1 'Q K , , .. J." -f"""-.f .. . . .,g,-.., .., .".7," ' "fe" ' . s.'4- ,,-..g..- ,.-.., - -.,.. .x -., .--"--we .-.'--. .".'.'1"' .'--' '....-n-3.-..:4. , ' .-.. , .... . ',.. 1 . . -... -.. . . ,.--.,.,.. ,-fx.-. ...Rm :.- .--., 3. :.- -- . '-,ws .. .. ,Y ' ' ' '. . ,1-,:..',-.I-A.,- : -sq..-.e.,... Q 1 'I A O u I Q l s . '. s.',','. ol- . . . . . ..---'Q' . ...- . . . . , . . . .,. -.w ,'. U, .v,g'..-f--K., '-".uo"'.. ' ,a,,,-..nso,-I . ,v y4.s".- ' ...conf " '..s-"..' 5,.'.....n-,'. .--.,an.u.,. ".'.-oo"".'- .I .,,,,.v'.".,' an ,.-snow n " -np.s"l. ' -'.uunl",'. ., 0.-"ul- . -W avk Q nn 0 "' .no"n', a '. A i giving , "f" .. ,Q gs , . L l., V yu, -"'Vr"7ffP'1Z.33:g'ff1::4 ,.-an .. 'ff5'nlV'L2-.4..-My .Y . -MY Y l Print Shop-V.l.C. Chapter 60 Sweetheart, Olivia Oliphont: Pres., Bruce Kirtley: Sec., Benny Hudson: V-Pres., Don Felton: Treos., Bobby Cure: Sgt.-at-Arms, Silver Escalonte: Rep., Carey Beck Knot pictured! Refrigeration-VIC Chapter 160 Sec., Freddy Nombrana: Sweetheart Mary Barley: V-Pres., Teddy Shearer: Pres., Lindell Johnson: Rep., Eugene Skil- es: Sgt.-At-Arms, Freddy Holtzclaw lnot pictured: The largest club in Tech this year is the Auto-Body-VIC Chapter 181 Rep., Richard Stephens: Sweetheart, Sharon Den- ton: Pres., Woody Mitchell: Sec., Arman Booth: V-Pres., Raymond Lapel: Sgt.-ot-Arms, Jimmy Waits lnat picturedl Aeronautics-VIC Chapter 74 Sgt.-at-Arms, Ronald Wortham: Sec, Ted Hardisty: Sweetheart and Treas., Sharon Gaza: V-Pres., Clilf Arnspiger: Rep., Paul Hinman: Pres., Dale Wilson lnot pictured: Machine-V.l.C. Chapter 62 Treas., Charles Grisham, Pres. Mack Jenkins, Sweetheart, Nelda Cunningham, Rep., Alvis Cox, Sec., Leslie Burks, Sgt.-AtAArms, Wade Thomas, V. Pres., Jerry Zamaripa. l Welding-V.l.C. Chapter 168 Treas., Mike Shurtleff, Sweetheart, Carol Stout, Sec., James Green, Pres., Aubrey Kelly, Rep., Vernon Simmons, V. Pres., Sammy Espiricueta, Sgt.-at-arms, Jeff Dunham lNot picturedl Vocational Industrial Clubs of Texas. Engineering Drafting-V,l.C, Chapter 64 Joel Wereland, Sweetheart, Barbara Burkleo, Rep., Larry Barger, Treas., Donald Wedel, Sgt.- At-Arms, John Paprskar, Sec., Annette Hungerford, Pres., Mike Morrision. -179- Mill and Cabinet-V.l.C. Chapter 66 Rep., Johnny Griffin, Sweetheart, Tammy McDonald Sgt.-At-Arms, Ray Ennis, Pres., Ted Moose, Treas. Weldon Stillwell, V. Pres., Mike Chokas. Sponsor Orton Hambyg Treasurer Jackie Hughesg President Jimmy Ste- phensp Reporter Lois Bowler: Sgt.-at-Arms Jimmy Williams: Sweetheart Sandra Wickershomg V. Pres. Jimmy Crocker: Secretary Adella Reyna. Auto Mechanics VIC Chapter 76 Sponsor Mr. Chollarg Sgt.-at-Arms Able Garcia: Pres Wayne Atchison: Sec. Jimmy Kingg V. Pres Daniel Photography VIC Chapter 81 Qulnones- VIC is becoming one of the better youth clubs oi the state Cosmetology VIC Chapter 70 Treas. Nelda Hall: Pres. Bobbye Alford: Sgt.-at-Arms Suzy Booth: V. Pres. Yolanda Torres: Reporter Mary Barley: Sec. Carol Stoorza. -180- Radio Repo and Television VIC Chapter ter Fulton Cookg V. Pres. Tom Horton: Pres. Carl I' Langley: Sgt.-at-Arms Jim Smith: Sec. Joy Beavers: Treas. Dann Caldwell. Diesel VIC Chapter 143 Pres. Allen Brooks: Sweetheart Nita Frazier: Treas. Gary Greeny Rep. Robert Leonard: Sgt.-at-Arms George Fendergrassg Sect. Micky Mims. Plans are being formed for a national orginization ol VICQ 2 Dental Assistants VIC Chapter 159 Y Pres. Virginia Meyer: V. Pres. Rebecca Gena- dorg Sect. Lynn McDonaldy Treas. Patricia Sharp: Rep. Maxine McClure: Sgt.-at'Arms Pat Grant Commercial Art VIC Chapt. 88 V. Pres. Virginia Barbeeg Sgt.-at-Arms Terry Ellis: Treas, Allen Huf- fakerg Pres. Kenneth Richardson: Rep. Patsy Bretonp Sect. and sweet- heart Pat Shaw Knot pictured! - 181 - Shown at left: The leadership of the three sponsors, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Greathouse, and Mr. Bentley, has aided in making this year's Student Council the most success- ful in many years. This active student council did many things for the students Interest in Student Council is shown by the large attendance at each meeting. Mike Morrison, V.P.: Carol Stout, Sec., Tho- mas Fortenberry, Pres., Dole Dohlberg, Rep., and Mike Chokas, Puri., led the Student Council in their activities. SENIORS linda White, Dale Dahlberg, Velia Lopez, Belle Pruiett, 2nd Jay Beavers, Ladina New, Patsy Wood, Pat Grant, James Green, Shirley Hixon, Paul Hin- man, 3rd Thomas Fortenberry, Mike Morrison, Billy Hamm, Clifton Arnspiger, Weldon Stillwell, George Ross. ' Including music lor the lunchroom and movies lor the school. JUNIORS Shari Lester, Deloras Henderson, Sharon Denton, Carol Stout, 2nd : Benny Hudson, Susie Booth, Jane Holland, Larry Jones Clement Dela Cruz, Ruben Per- ez, 3rd: Mike Chokas, Glen Haf- ele, Mickey Mims, Wayne law, Robert Brewer. 6 SOPHOMORES Peggy Scruggs, Mary Beth Chollar, Johnnie Hughes, Virgin- ia Clark, Sharon Needham,2nd: LaRue Mantooth, Mary Jura, Sylvia Saviuda, Olivia Oliphant, 3rd: Jackie Burns, Janet Story, Joan Griffin, Carmen Cordova. National Honor Society leaders were as follows: Sherry McKee, Treusurerp Pat Pruitt, Reportery Betty Sue Jones, Presidentg Virginia Barbee, Secretaryy - and Joy Beavers, Vice President. Last sernester's secretory, Delores Whitmire, is pictured below. Thirty-two new members initiated into NHS this spring. N.H,S. was led through the competent work of Miss McRoberts, Mr. McElroy, and Mrs. Turner. Initiation Speech to welcome new members is given by Betty Sue Jones, President. sponsors: N.H.S. officers ond members are very proud of their emblem and what it stands tor. NHS Seniors lst- Dan Stewart, Brad Williamson, Thomas Fortenberry, Jay Beavers, En- carnocion Medina 2nd-Clara Martin, Glenda Manor, Shari Nichols, Virginia Barbee, Joyce Hamilton, Johnnie Weems, Linda Doll' ahite 3rd-Kenneth Richardson, Paula Lamb, Linda White, Shirley Nixon, Bobbie Miles, Judy Murray, Velia Lopez 4th-James Herring, Pat Pruett, Betty Piercy, Joyce Baker, Betty Sue Jones, Bobbie Celfard Sth-Dale Wilson, Frances Wilson, Frances Rodriquez, Doris DeVae, Peg- gy Carey, Carolyn Stewart 6th-Salvador Gonzales, Robert Pulido, James Whitley members nominated John C. Freemont for national hall of lame Soph. NHS lst-Janet Dickey, Wanda Schooley, Martha Ames, Charlene Daniels, Hilda Ashcroft, 2nd-Linda Ezell, Judy Helton, Mary Fox, Jewel Eakin, Shirley O'Brien, 3rd-Margarette Searcy, Joyce Ann Barbee, Jerry Sue Wright, LaRue Man- toath, Johnnie Hughes, Jackie Earwoocl 4th-Jackie Miller, Noel Gage, Michael Cunningham, Pedro Valle NHS Juniors lst-Paulette Williams, Susan Watchaus, Wanda Funderburgh, Judy Grimes, Eunice Reitz 2nd-Brenda Joyce, Josie Trujillo, Gloria Danie, Sue Leddy, Ella Jo Chance, Carolyn Eaton, Sharon Perritt, Lonna Forrest, James Walker 3rd-Cecil Knight, Jo Ann Perry, Nelly Cabello, Ann Pigford, Rena Lester, Barbara Hampton, Darlene Campbell, Sherry Mce Kee, Johnny Alvarado 4th-Glenn Hatele, John Tiffany, Danny Ballew, Billy King, Rob- ert Chenault, Wayne Law, Cecil Fuqua, Jo Mieczynski, Charles Bellows. E...- -iase The leaders of the numerous activities sponsored by FTA were Billy Hamm, Treas.p Betty Sue Jones, Sec.p Pat Pruett, Pres.: and Paul Hin- man, V. Pres. Theta Welty has served as Treasurer for District 5 FTA this past year. Future teachers instructecl classes for experience. Billy Scruggs and Virginia Burbee were selected to represent Tech for the S1000 State FTA scholar- ship. Virglllld is first Glierrtdie fOr ii. The gpqnggrg fgr FTA warg Mfg, Thgmpggn and Miss Pickens. Asst. officers were Lonna For- rest, Sherry McKee, and Linda Herring. -186- I Some of the members who attended the FTA initiation were Front: Sherry McKee, Mary Fox, Lonna Forrest, Betty Martin, Peggy Scruggs, Martha Ames, Betty Piercy, Center, Sandra Bennett, Marie Smith, Dorthy Watts, Linda Ezell, Shirley Hixon,.luanita Payne, Judy Helton, Betty Sue Jones, Back: Pat Pruett, Billy King, Billy Scruggs, Mrs. Thompson, Paul Hinman, James Herring, Jesse Maldonado, and Calvin Stover. FTA sponsored Valentines Day for students ancl teachers Shirley Hixon really keeps the attention of Paul Hin- man and Sherry McKee as she serves punch as the in- itiation. Everyone had a grand time eating at the Hickory House during the State Convention in Denton. Here Sandra Bennett, Pat Pruett, and Theta Welty are really enioying their food. - -187- .- s- The following officers led FBLA in its activities: Pres. Beverly Sykorap Vice-Pres., Carol Stoutp Sect,, Deanna Shorty Trecls., Jo Ann Perry: Rep., Pat Campaug Hisl., Betty Bauman: Parl., Sherry McKee. The sponsors this year were Mrs. Annice M Jchn and Miss Velma B. Parker, Tech's Future Business Leaders of America placed second in l Pat Chenault, one at the outstanding members of FBLA last year, took time off from her busy sched- ule at TCU to speak to the new members. ll . W-a,.' 1 v The new members this year showed great enthusiasm. -188- One nt the main highlights everyone looks forward to is the night spent in a N.T.S.C. dorm during the State Convention. Here Virginia Barbee, Linda Herring, Linda Wright, Betty Martin, and Mrs. Jahn enioy themselves before retiring for the night. The luggage Jerry Bolt carries is ttypical of that carried by all the students. She and five other FBLA- ers came in 2nd place in Parlia- mentary Procedure. Carol Stout, one of our leading FBLA members, was elected State Secretary for the coming year. Parliamentary Procedure al the state convention. Sherry McKee and James Walker repre- sent Tech's FBLA chapter at the District Convention as Mr. 8. Miss FBLA. Kathy Funderburk and Clara Martin have been great help by heading committees. They and Betty Bauman are 3 year FBLA members. 91 -189- Showing the creed, colors, motto and flowers ol F.H.A. are Wanda Funderburgh ond Sharon The officers in FHA this year were: Parl., Dorothy Waters: Treos., Clark- Sandy Lanier: Sec., Loyce Everett: Pianist, June Fuller: Sgt.-at- Arms, Sharon Clark: Pres., Jeneatha Jones: Mrs. Turner: Vice- Pres., Charlsie Rice: Second Pianist, Judy Coats. The FHA set their goals uToward New Horizons." Below: Clara Russell, Charlotte Goode, Joyce Tinar, Charlotte Above: Charlotte Goode, Clara Russell, Mary Johnson, and Rita Rodriquez are making dolls tor physical therapist. Morton, and Judy Coat: are practicing the F.H.A. song. -190- Above: James Herring, Joyce Tinar, and Charlotte Morton plan to leave for state convention. For once the DE officers are taking it easy. They are as follows: Eva Holly, Sec., Darlene Campbell, Asst. Trees., Sandy Tawater, Rep., Sharon Blevins, Asst. Sec., David Stevens, Photo., Eddie Redclell, Parl.: Brad Williamson, Treas,g Roger Price, Pres,g Mike Lobb, Asst. V. Pres., Harold Collins, V. Pres. State D.E. President, Roger Price and Mrs. Grace, D.E. Sponsor, pose , with Bill McCurdy, who was guest speaker for Career Day this Spring. t Among the other honors, Roger Price is DE State Presiclent. Rebecca Green, DECA Sweetheart, is shown here dis- cussing some merchandise with her supervisor Mrs. Terry. Delores Carter and Raymond Stevens, Tech's tirst D. E. President, discuss material an her ich. Jory Walden, nationally famous singer, has entertained for AY at several of its functions. I - Ii Congressman Wright chats with Sue Leddy, Pat Pruett, Mack Jenkins, Frank Crow, and Theta Welty. Congressman Wright, presented by Allied Youth, Mock Jenkins, Sharon Denton, Sue leddy, ond Carl Langley paint posters for AY booth at carnival. Congressman Jim Wright- Cheesel - 192 - 9 ,r. it r.: ?""f1?ifE3ifi?Qi1g11 ' 'ffiiiiiii' Q' f5r.Qf5LLl2SQ3bir:i . , 1212: AY aflicers are Frank Crow, V.P.g Sue Bateman, Finance Chmg Sue Lecldy, Soc- ial Clam.: Theta Welty, V.P. in charge of Pub.: Mary Barley, Reporter: and Mack Jenkins, President. AY is very proud of the great work its sponsors have done this year. The sponsors are Mr. Willingham, Mrs. Vaughan, and Mr. Wilcox. spoke to the student body on Abraham Lincoln's birthday. HOW it we ,r .mlm ..-. mn wki Sometime the unexpected happens. Here Belle Pruiett and Nita Frazier were iust 2 of those who were dressed "in style" lar the Halloween Carnival. "Where there's a will, there's a way." Sue Ledcly and Theta Welty had a guy time recruiting new AY members in their beautiful "dresses." -193i Officers and Sponsors this year were: Pres. Billy Hamm: Mrs. DiGia- vannip V. Pres. Pat Campaug Mr. Bennett: SGCY.-TTECIS. Dale Dahl- berg. Eighteen students participated in Safe-Teens driving Road-eo Mrs. DiGiovanni, Sherry McKee, Virginia Bar- bee, Mike Lobb, Larry Bowers, Wayne Athey, and Billy Hamm attended the Youth for Safety Traffic Conference at T.C.U. The winners of the driving road-eo were: ist: Glenn Haf- elep 2nd, Bernay Corneliusg 3rd. Ronald Worfham. This group of the Skating Club have really had a Officers al the Skating Club are Sharon-Barfield grand time. They are Sharon Barfield, George Pen- Treasurer, Jo Ann Loveless, Pres., Janis Hager, V dergrass, Jerry Bolt, Janis Hager, Jo Ann Love- Pres.pand Marilyn Krause, Sec. less, Paul Hinman, Thomas Carter, Marilyn Drause, and Donna Huxley. The Skating Club rolls through another successful year. Sharon Barfield thinks that four feet are better than two. This group ol Skating Club members are a!l set to take off as soon as Mrs. Batey, the sponsor, arrives. -195- Tech's Junior Red Cross officers are Leta Bruce, V-Pres., Pat Campau, Reporter, Marie Smith. Sec.-Trees., and Dale Wilson, President. Red Cross sponsors, Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs Dale, have done an excellent iob in leoding the club through another successful year Red Cross members tied for lirst place in district attendance These are some of the representa- tives pictured at the right: J. Beavers, F. Blocker, A. Booth, S. Brown, L. Brown, P. Compou, F. Cook, R. Courtney, S. Crowder, G. Cross, S. Crouch, B. Dognell, C. Daniels S. Denton J. Dicke . , y. S. Edmundson, L. Ezell, B. Faulkner, B. Godbey, J. Griffin, L. Harris, M. Hart, J. Helton, B, Howell, A. Hungerford, G. Keller, J. Logan, M. McClure, E. Medina, J. Mieczynski, J. Morris M. Mowry, J. Noble, D. Pierce, F. Roclriquez, J. Rodriquez, J. Sain, G. Sanders, M. Smith, R. Smith, R. Stephens, C. White, B. Wilcoxson, J. Wood, D. A. Wol- loce, J. Wright, R. Yborra, D. Wil- son, M. Young, J. Zomiripa. i E The officers this year were: Trees. Vel- ia Lopez: Pres. Sue Ledclyg Reporter Sherry McKeey Sec. Patty Kuehl. Right: Miss Hays, Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Poe were the sponsors of Y-Teen this year. Below: Three ofthe Y-Teen members lock over some of the magazines donated for the magazine drive. ' r' ., f fy -Teen hacl many charitable and enioyable activities this year A ' raae T T M754 , sf W ' sim S532-5 ' ,...,,,g, fi.,,.. A1 Q 4 itggwat llrilim i -if W ' ' Qi. 1.1 if s A " F M5-3 Mrs. Poe and Mrs. Murphy start practicig for the student-faculty volleyball game. early The new president, Sue Leddy, started her term with suggestions for service projects to be carried out for the year. -197- Mrs. Batey, TALA's sponsor, and Diana Hackney, District 7 Sec- retary, look through the TALA scrapbook. Diana Hackney represents TALA as secretary for district. ir ,tif-2 ' . YL ,' .71-'Il ' An inspiration to all attending was initiation of the new district officers. G One of the outstanding features ot o convention is the banquet. Here Mrs. Batey is presented with an orchid by the club members. -198- The NHS officers welcome all new members at the initiation. At all the conventions, there is Mrs. Batey, our librarian, span. ploy along with the work. sored two clubs this year: TALA and the Skating Club. In general, all ol the organizations had an enioyable year. Many honors and awards were awarded this year. Here Glenn Hafele is presented his trophy for the Safe-Teen Road-eo. One of the highlights of the FBLA Con- vention was the banquet. Below - 'I99 - OPPS! Like most people the skat- ing club members have their ups and downs. WERE YOU DRILLING? THESE WERE Presenting the colors for all parades and reviewsg Billy Burt, Bob Hmze, Robert Brewer and Donald Savage are representatives of the ROTC. A V Zi . Command W ...... ......... A .....,...,...,....,.,............,.,..,. ..,...................,,. Q If 1 ...,. .. ,A ..,...... .. Sponsors ............ .......................,............. ......,....,..,.... . ,......,..... ,....,..,.,....... ....,... ,............... ,..,..... . Colonels ......... .... E .....,..,......,...........,... ..................,.........,.,..,.. A ..,. ..............,................. I Battle Grou - taff ........... ......,.. ..........................,....... ........ . . , ....,.....,..,.......... . Rifle Tea s ................. ..,..,... .......................... ...........,... . . . ..,.....,.,....,,.,,..,.,.........., Drill Tea an alice ...................... ................. .........,... ............ ..................................,....,,.. Compan s ....................... ..........,.... . . .......... . .... E. . ..... ...............,.....,...............,..,. . -200- 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 Color Guard 201 The credit for the success of the Bottle Group should be given to Sgt. Caldwell. Without his leadership and guidance, we would not have had an outstanding unit. His expert coaching of the rifle team has won Tech notional fame. Again this year, Tech has won the Honor Star. All of this was through the efforts of Sgt. Caldwell. Sgt. Ross, the assistant commandant, is Sgt. CaIdwell's right hand mon. Without his co- operation and support, Sgt. Coldwell could not have devoted as much time to the Bat- tle Group as he l1os. ROTC spends eventful and successful year recruiing Mrs. Murphy, the faculty sponsor of R.O.T.C., is the one who is responsible for the morale of the corps. She, along with the student sponsors, give parties and social events for the cadets. We feel that this year, Mrs. Murphy has done the best iob yet. -202- Bobbye Alford Honorary Cadet Major Battle Group Sponsor Dionne Allision Betty Bauman Linda Brelon Pa! Clark Honorary Cade! Lt. Col. Honorary Cadet Major Honorary Cadet Major Honorary Cade! Major new cadets lor largesl corps in llwe cily. Tlne battle Pat Prueft Ella Jo Chance Sherry Lester Eileen Gray Honorary Cadet Major Honorary Cadet Major Honorary Cadet Major Honorary Code! Major -203- Howard Mitchell Cadet Colonel Bottle Group Commander Howard Mitchell is the man that runs the corp. Always in the past Tech has had a very good R.O.T.C. unit. This year, however, we feel that we have on exceptionally good corp. The fine leadership and accurate "on the spot" decisions of Col. Mitchell made this year's corp what it is. It will take a very sharp cadet to replace Col. Mitchell for the next year's corp. group nominated Dianne Allison for All-City Princess -204- Gary Green Cadet Lt. Colonel Deputy Battle Group Commander This is the first year a Deputy Battle Group Commander has been chosen. Aside from his normal duties as captain of the Rifle Team, he must control the Battle Group in the absence ofthe Battle Group Commander. Gary has fulfilled this new position with honor. Larry Burger Cadet Maior Don Siewcuri Codei L1. Colonel Buttle Group Ex. al the All-City Dance. The school purchased Dale Wilson Cadet Major S-2 Mike Wilhelm Code? Mufor Kenneth Stccldon Cadet Maier -205- Bob Hinze Ccxdet Muster Sgt Sgt.-Muior UA" Rifle Team ,ok wr., lst Row: Charles Stokes, Kenneth Moss, Gary Green, Kenneth Stockton, Don Collins 2nd Row: Melvin Huff. Bob Hinze. Kellum Wetzel, Don Caldwell, Kenneth Hill fifty springfield l.O3 rifles for the Drill Team. ,4..,,, S... lst Row: Donald Connolly, Ronald Stevens, Royce Wilson, James Hollingsworth, James Usrey, Noel Gage 2nd Row: Joe Rodgers, Alton Burney, Put Morrison, Wayne Rudolph, Robert Curtis, Joe Kincaid -206- B Rifle Team Drill Team Officers: Kenneth Stockton, Dianna Allison lst Squad: Burger, Short, Sharp, Stomp, Gertz, Snow, Hilburn, Sellers, Rodgers 2nd Squad: Wilhelm, Savage, Johns, Brewer, Simmons, Brister, Place, Holt, and Hilemon 3rd Squad: Waggoner, Freman, Zumwalt, Donoho, Harvey, Golsby, Dodson, Sellers, Tayler, Jenkins, Sanchez Drill Team The Rille Team wins City Championship. The Battle Group Military Police Military Police lst Row: Philip Whitte, Provost Marsholl Douglas Talmage Harold Waggener 2nd Row: Robert Brewer Bob Hinze Clyde Carter - 207 XXH. Qi!! Company Officers: Dale Wilson, A, J. Stewart, Paul Hinmclng lst Squad: Rufus Ybarra, Glenn Sand- ers, Nuel Gage, Fulton Cook, Jackie Miller, Micheal Cunningham, 2nd Squad: Louis Ritchey, Delano Wallace, Tom Garcia, David Evriclge, Willis Youngg 3rd Squad: Linclell Johnson, Bobby Curtis, Raymond Serrano, William Tarwater, Carl Stark, lst Sgi. Bill Gage, Guidon Bearer: David Cox is visited by Lt. Colonel Moore from Fortlw Army Hqs. Cadet Major Stockton Cadet Major Wilson Honorary Cadet Maier Linda Breton - 208 - l HA" Company Officers: Pat Clark, Albert Blumenthal, lst Squad: Lester Hoerig, Douglas Hilbun, Dan Vandever, Tim Elkins, Said Gonzales, Don Adams, 2nd Squad: John Alvarado, Jimmy Flippin, George Robbins, James Maxwell, Thomas Wippert, 3rd Squad: Paul Giles, Pat Murray, John Hutchinson, Dan Wilson, Raymond Haney, 4th Squad: Charles Powell, Melton Taylor, Michael Foster, Robert Simmons, William McAlister, Guidon Bearer, David Cox The Rille Team went to Missou ri to compete in the Cade' CC'P'C'i" Cadet Ist Lt. Albert Blumenthal James Whiplgy Honorary Cadet Maier Pat Clark -209- XX ll B Company Officers: Salvador Gonzales, Pat Pruett, Larry Burger, Darolal Freeman: lst Squad: Billy Zumwult, Larry Woodruff, Joe Riggs, Ulis Dodson, Gary Sharp, .lack Randell, Michael Poteet, 2nd Squad: George Pendergrass, Glen Wright, Larry Tate, Douglas Allen, Ray- mond Ayala, Bobby Rankin, 3rd Squad: Douglas Snow, Olin Ozee, Wayne Rudolph, Norman Nickleson, Billy Stegall, Joe Fells, 4tl1 Squad: Bill Webb, Tracy Lacy, Joe Beck, Jerry Davis, Joe Rodgers, William Mertzp Back Row: Joe Werland, James Usery, Arlie Cornelius, Clyde Carter, Albert Sharp 25th annual indoor rille matches at Camp Perry Cadet Maior Larry Barger Cadet Captain Darold Freeman Honorary Cadet Major Pat Pruett - 210 - uC" Company Officers: James Stamp, Don Stewart, Sammy Espiricueta, lst Squad: Allen Huffaker, Odis Donaho, Jimmy Bugg, Frank Woods, Lee Gordon, James Hollingsworth, Michael Richard- son, Kenneth Evartt, Donald Connolly, 2nd Squad: Timmy Sain, Clarence Johns, Tesse Benson, Jerry Bivens, Leslie Holt, Richard Carr, William Ferguson, David Crownover, Gary Barton, 3rd Squad: Johnny Stanley, Marvin Fitzgerald, Jimmy Reed, Raymond Flores, Raymond Gonzales, Jimmy Drew, Bill Harvey, Clifford Crofton, 4th Squad: Joe Mieczynskie, Milton Johns, Billy Hileman, Kenneth Allred, Robert Jeter, Jerry Dillenger, Vester Venable, Walter Fenn, Back Raw: Stanley Gertz, Ernest Brister, Jimmie Bell, Robert McCoy Military Acaclemy. The Cadet Corps compiled, editecl, X5 Joi? ,Q L55 ,fits .Aim , ' A ,mn fl 1 iiriffZZi?::.? set: -fir' .iwfffgffgrrf Tiifpi fi? f '9.i:r5E?i. M ,si sQe,22:s:z251g f 45 ' :::4:,:.z,.. x' AN' : . ' QI' 4, 1 f if J ' Q ffe.f'iQgEi4f,is'fS??' 1 gl' Cadet 'lst Lt. C d M ' U el aio' Tommy Rhodes Dan Stewart Honorary Cadet Moior Ella Jo Chance -211- XX ll D Company i Officers: Michael Wilhelm, Sherry Lester, William Crews: lst Squad: Edgar Millirons, Samuel Cortez, Kermit Woodward, Patrick Lobb, Albert Lewis, Tommy Fisher, Allen Huf- faker, Jesse Velasquezp 2nd Squad: Roger Tally, Claude Myres, Billy Murphy, Albert Salmerron, Claude Slaughter, Jimmy Reed, Joe Martinez, Vincent Sanchez, 3rd Squad: William Myres, George Belcher, James Reed, Scotty Smithy, T. J. Sellers, Thomas Nobles, Jesse Wilson: 4th Squad: Maximo Angeles, Joe Kincaid, Kenneth Reasoner, Richard O'Donnell, Fred Samuelson, Jack Richardson, Nick Mieczynslri, Michael Richardson, Back Row: Thomas Watson, James Ham and published its own bulletin, the Kaclet. Cadet Captain William Crews Cadet 'lst lt. Scotty Smith Honorary Cadet Maior Sherry Lester -2l2- l l l 4 J J F l l at is li Y Officers: Harold Waggoner, Phillip Whitle, Eileen Gray, Douglas Talmage: lst Squad: Jackie Barnett, Benny Jenkins, Cecil Yandell, William House, Wayne Hansford, Louis Jones, Robert Simmons, Raymond Jordon, Herman Nieseweladomyg 2nd Squad: Melvin Huff, Stephen Harrison, Rodger Hinson, Mike Neal, Don Johnston, Roger Miller, James Reeding, Joe Gonzalez, Walter Placer 3rd Squad: Virgil Sellers, Jim Shelton, Thomas Prickett, Alton Burney, John Dahl, Charles White, Bobby Spivey, Beebee Trevino, 4th Squad: Gerald Tyler, Billy Hunter, Jimmy Stewart, Joe Gonzales, Tommy Wise, Mike Enos, Raymond Rodriquez, Charles Bettis, 5th Squad: Frank Maldonado, James Walker, Author Steinmetz, Freddie Roclriquez, Manuel Castillo, Gary Stephens, Gulsloy Preston, Back Row: Boyd Spear, Troy Short, Gerald Lanford, Johnny Corbell E Company In all, il was a good year for the battle group. Cadet Capt. Robert Courtney Honorary Cadet Maior Eileen Gray -213- Cadet Capt. Phillip Whitte WERE YOU PLAYING? THESE WERE Representing us in open class lightweight division of boxing, BRUCE KIRTLEY won the ull- Most Outstanding Sen' Athletes.. . ............... - ........... W Qllmgg 5 Football Team ..... ..... .. Basketball - - .. ..., ,.,.. ............. . ........ , ...................... . Baseball Team... X .W ..... ,- ....... , .. Tennis Team .......... .... ............. Truck Team ...,....... , .... ...... .... ....... - .... B city championship in the Golden Gloves Tournament. 5 , ...,...,....,,..............,..,. ...,,...2'l6 I r 5 217 -um 4 V ' 225 A by J I 229 233 234 -214- Q. K Ari. Q 'Ulm-ew... . .Q 5 gifs s Football-Don Felton Basketball-Cliff Arnspiger Technical's most outstanding senior athletes ot x59-X60 'nl Baseball-Kenneth Richardson Track-Jerry Zamaripa Tennis-Billy Hamm Volleyball-Sue Scruggs - 216 - NON-CONFERENCE GAMES Tech. ............., . Denian,....,,.. Tech, .........,....... ., Sherman. .... ,..... Tech .....,..................,. Adamson .........,. ,.. Tech, ..........,.... Brewer ....... ....,- Tech ..............,.. ,. Diamond Hill. ........ .. Back row: Coach Hardie, Coach Ford, Ennis, Moose, Felian, Siubbs Third row: Wineblood, Yborro, Booth, Smith, Hungerford, Morrison, Coach O'Farrell Second row: Zamaripa, Paprskar, Hafela, Smiih, Hordisfy, Sharp, Green' Wilcoxson Front raw: De la Cruz, Chairez, Harper. Knight, Sepulveda, Vega, Ayala, Conireras New Coach Revives Tech's Spirit CONFERENCE GAMES . ......,.... 0 ' Tech, .,.. . .... , ......,... . .... . ..., ..,-. ..... r ,,..,,., 12 Paschal ....,........ .,.. . 0 Tech.....-..-...,-..... K ,,,,,,.- 36 Norrh Side.,........, .... ,W ........ 8 Tech ..,.. . ,....... ........ , . .R ..... 30 0 Tech.,..,......,...,.a. ....,.........,. 0 Ca r1er....,.... 40 13 Poly----'---A-M W, , ,r COACHES Hardie, 0'FarreIl, Ford -217- Arling. Hrs ..,... . .,.. -,- ....... ..... Tech ........,..... ..... 1".n ' ' H62 , vw' NIE Ted Hardisty Armon Booth Lonnie Green Guard-Jr. Tackle-Sr. Center-Jr. Bulldogs get oll to a bad start Denton O-I2 Sherman O-36 The scrappy Bulldogs, though young and inexperienced, gave the favored Broncos a tough time. The hard-hitting boys in green had a bad break when their stoning center, Phillip Giles, was iniured and could not finish the game. This did not seem to dampen the spirits of the Tech team, however, as they kept on with the idea to win. The bruising Bearcats from Sherman made the Bulldog's long trip North the toughest one of the season. They took all the breaks, gained on most of the penalties, and finally won the game by a wide margin. Playing before a capacity crowd of about T000 people in Sherman, the younger team from Fort Worth seemed a bit shaky and unable to get rolling. X . M., ,.- w,31f'T" s tsee was -. -im. Rufus Ybarra Pete Contreras Tito de la Cruz End-Sr. End-.Ir- -218- Don Felton Mike Morrison Tommy Winblood Tackle-Sr. End-Sr. Guard-Sr. Promising iuniors added new flavor to tough Tech team. Adamson 8-30 Playing their first home game, the Bulldogs showed a re- newed spirit. Trailing 0-30, the Big Green put forth an extra effort in the final quarter and scored its first touchdown of the season. But being so late in the game, the boys from Tech could not score again and they had to accept defeat for the third time in the year. Brewer O-O Sloshing throught the mud on the floor of Farrington Field, the wet Bulldogs put up a strong defense against the Bears from Brewer High School. Having trouble getting their own offense to move, the Tech boys had to settle for a 0-0 tie. The surprising defense was led by guard Ted Hard- isty, tackle Armon Booth, and another guard, .lahn Papr- skar. ' -Fi?-fi: ' , EE., Richard Hungerford Rodney Smith John Pcpfskaf End-Jr. Guard-Sr. Guard-JL ,All-District - 219 - .,..., :V -. ,.,, . .,- .,, -f'..i - ' f--v-"1-. . fm.. :Q if-. ,,,c-.WSW ' - "" ' 311,-L.J Sfiilfs tis" ff 'V f ' Glenn Hafele Elisio Vega Jerry Zamaripa End-Jr. End-Jr. End-Sr. Fightin' Bulldog's big line tightened on defense. Diamond Hill 40-I3 Paschal O-3 2 Finding Trinity Field favorable, the green-ierseyed Bull- dogs won their first victory of the season. After the Eagles scored their opening touchdown, Tech came to life and pushed over 40 big points through the running and the ter- rific blocliing of the line. The points were distributed among three of the starting backs: Ray Ennis, Wally Harper, and Bill Wilcoxsan, although Cecil Knight directed the rout. Starting conference play against the Panthers of Paschal High School, the stern-jawed Bulldogs from Tech came out ready to play a hard game. Their opponents had a 3-2 season record while Tech had a I-3-1 record. Even though the Panthers were favored heavily, the lads in green-and- white fought hard, ran hard, and tackled hard throughout the rest of the entire game to finally how down in defeat once mare. .s. . Wally Harper Bill Wilcoxsen Halfbock-Sr. Fullbock-Jr. -220- 1.A1 L,m'AL....3 - .L -, ina ,A,.,, Ray Ennis Cecil Knight Halfboclr-Sr. Qtrback-Jr. I 'V ' , ' ..- , f' 1. :iw 'Q -.'.rsEs?.L Ted Moose Robert Smith Philip Giles Tackle-Sr. Tackle-Jr. Center-Jr. flniured Ist gamej and speedy backs ioined in to gain first victory Arlington Heights 8-40 Midway through the conference schedule, the Big Green had to face the best reserved team in our district. One hun- dred and twelve boys were out on the Jacket's practice field every day to work out for football. This aided Heights in any football game because ofthe large bench they could have. But, this facet did not damper the spirits of the Bull- dogs. They fought just as hard and tough as they ever had. North Side O-32 Playing before a homecoming crowd, the Bulldogs held up a stout defense for three quarters ofthe ball game. Soon after the second period started, the Steers from North Side scored on a long run behind some powerful blocking. Then before the Bulldogs could tighten up, they scared four more touchdowns before the half ended. However, after intermission it was a different story, the Bulldogs, although held scoreless, kept the Steers from paydirt again. - Johnny Ayala Jesse Chairez Elay Sepulveda Henry Sharp Fullbaclc-Jr. Halfback-Jr. Halfback-Jr. Halfback-Sr. Coach O'Farrell gives Don Felton some toughen- ing up exercises before a workout. "DON'T get smart with me, Ted Moose C275 lbs.J", says Wally Harper U60 lbs.J". Tech's coaches and players had their bad days Carter 8-57 Already favored as district champs, the Carter Riverside Eagles came out running and couldn't be stopped until they had racked up eight touchdowns. Carter's tough running Robert Baker, an All-District and All-State honorable men- tion fullback ran through the less experienced line of the hapless Bulldogs. Tech's lone touchdown came on a fourth period pass from Cecil Knight to All-District End Richard Hungerford. Polytechnic 20-8 Finishing the season with a bang, the Bulldog's from Tech managed to gain an upset victory over the winless Parrots of Poly. Playing nip and tuck for the first period, Tech lined itself up for an early second quarter tally. The Big Green scored again just before the half-time giving them a 14-0 lead. After intermission, Poly came buck and gat eight points: but that was not enough as the Tech boys gained another TD before the gun sounded. One of Coach Don Ford's daily troubles with Ron- Jerry Zamaripa, "the Latin slayer" stops Johnny ald Stubbs. 222 Ayala, "the hotchet man" from Tech. l Ted Moose receives his letteriacket from Coaches Bob Hardie and Don Ford. Ted was a tackle on the Bulldogs' starting lineup and made All-District hon- orable mention in district 4A-5. Ray Ennis and Bill Wilcaxson break for the water bucket. But their enjoyable and rewarding moments also came Ray Ennis comes to a screeching halt as Don Felton 1361, Wally Harper UU, and Ted Hardisty 1393 come in to help him against Denton. Denton won l2-0. 223 Buck Row: Coach Fagan, Shearer, Jenkins, Longoria, Garner, Manager Loya,Third Row: Ruiz, Young, Kech, Addington, Roberts, Rodriguez, Second Row: Kirk, Gamez, Henderson, Bradford, Humphrey, Delgado, Bills, Front Row: Skinner, Reyero, Chazerreta, Kennni- more, Albiza, Stanley. Junior Varsity nPups" provided an optimistic view ot future Tech .......,....,.... .... ..... .... ....... U l sch ---"-"' -4..... l 4 Ted' --------4--4-4-----, 'North Side .,....r.... ..,........ 2 2 Cuffolfofl -- ,...,. . I8 Custleberry ..----.. ......,.,,. 4 7 Tech -.----...,.......-,.'. ..-.4-. 6 Tech ....,...... ......,,... 0 Tech ..................... ... .... . Paschal ..,,... ..., . ..... 20 'Carter ............ , ..... ......., 2 'I Brewer --A-- ---4--.--- - A 27 Tech ...,....... .......,..... 0 TSCl1 .........,....,..,.,.. .. ..... ,.,,.. ........ ..-.. 6 Tech -----'-'-1- ---'4 - 14 'Poly , .....,.. ......,.. . . ........ ...... . 44 'Arlington Hts. .......... .......,,.,,, 2 2 Denton 28 'denotes conference game Larry Alexander Jimmy Stephens John Knight MUHUSBI' Head Manager Manager -224- Tech ........... nA i T 1 QLAA . Frank Palino Captain . Wlfg, 5. James Odom Copiain Tech ..... . ........ . ,.... . 5 e Y 'lf ff NON-CONFERENCE Y- D CONFERENCE ! 70 , 1 1 8, W' in X. Irving .... ...,. Tech ..... - .... Kimball , ......... Tech ........... -.. Cosil eberry .................. Tech ........... Paris ..... . Tech ........... Paris , ..... Tech ................. .... Crozier Tech ............... Tech .... -..... .... ,... Mineral Wells Tech ...... .......... Kimball .......... Tech ..................... Mineral Wells ..... - ..... Tech .... . ...., . ......... ....,....- Crozier Tech ........... ..,... Tech ..... M ........ - Irving ....... Tech ..... . .... -.... Arlingfon .M .... mm.-. Tech ...,. .,............,..,....... Brewer .,..................,... Bollew Dean l l 0229 Arnspiger X L A Y fc' f s X-T' f -2" ' " 2 , 4 T N 4 M X Ks., Ennis , 'Q X ,, I ig T 'wif' ar- Green Managers Jimrny Lays Vernon Simmons -225- Wood ,S Ward K. I .rpg- T , Turner Q5 Langley whim' 9 9 JEERS Poly ,. ......... . Tech ,.,.. . ..... Paschal ........., Tech ........... . AH HS ......... Tech ..,................... North Side ..... . Tech ....,............ Caner .............. .... . Second Round Tech ................. . .... North Side ....... Tech . .............. .. Paschal ..... .... Tech .........., Poly ..,.. .. .... .... . . Tech ..... - ..... -.. AHHS .,....... Tech. ......... .. Carter .... . .... -. Buck Row: Hughes, Ennis, Odom, Arnspiger, Turner, Simmons, Loyo Front Row: Bollew, Wood, Word, Longley, Deon, Green What the Bulldog cagers lacked in height and accuracy Cliff Arnspiger-Sr. -309 Wood-Sh can I'a"9leY"s" -226- James Odom-Sr. James Green-Sr. They madelup for in spirit and agresnsiveness. Ray E Danny Ballew-Jr. Richard Ward-Jr. Gary Turner-Jr. Donald De J -227- CONFERENCE First Half Tech ......... . ......, , ...........,.. 30 Poly .... ,..... .c..... 52 Tech ....... -.. I5 Paschal .... M. 23 Tech ..... ...Q,.. ....................... T8 Arling. Hrs. ....,..... ,..... . . 38 Tech ..............., .. ...... . 20 Norlh Side .... .. , ......... l9 Tech .-.,-.., 27 Carter .... . .,...... 43 McKinnon, Lyons, Coach Fagan, Spermon, Wilkinson, Walton, Wade, Ramsey, Stoui Tech's roundballers showed ability, accuracy, ancl speecl. Second Hull Tech M .... -.... .......... . ..... 26 I- ' North Side .,...... . .... .. ..... 21 l l v Tech ..... . ...,....... .......,... 2 5 X 2 'F . Paschal ........ .. ........... 37 K , Tech ..... . ...,.. M .......,... 21 Jw Poly. ,....., ...... . .... 4 a y ,V Tech ..... . .... .. ........... 14 N AHHS .. .... -.. ......... N 49 Tech ........ .... . ..... 3 l X w W Carter .,... ... ,,,.,.., , 41 U7 Jim Friddle Jon Lyons Co-Captain Co-Captain -228- Back Row: Hafele, Walton, De La Cruz, Richardson, Foster, Ballew, Froni Row: Stover, Sepulveda, Wood, Knight, Wilcoxson, Simmons Young and inexperienced bullclogs show will to win. T960 Non-Conference Games Tech ,..... ....................... - ............ H .......,...... . ....,..,.,........,. 'l Easrern Hills .....,. ......,.. 6 Tech ..... , ..,. -.. ...M 0 Irving ..... A ........ 3 3 Eastern Hills ..... - .... . M---H--M 11 Tech ........,......,.,..... ,. ....... . 5 Lake Worth ....... ..,. ..... 0 Tech ..... , .... . .... ,. .---4.. . 7 Tech ...,................ .......- Lake Worth ..... .. ......,.. 5 Tech .......... ......,.. 7 lrving . ......,..,. ..... e .. 3 Tech .......... . ...... . 4 X Laneri . ...., ............,...,...................,.........,. 5 Conference play started after Annual went to press. James Herring Jimmy Stephens Manager Head Manager -229- 1 Kenneth Richardson Don Ford Bill Wilcoxsen Ourfield-Sr. Couch Infield-Sr. New Coach, Ford, guides Tech io its best season in years. -. gif.: Avkr T325 kink W .f "fl , - Qf ff 2 ' , f. if 5 3 4,1 is 4,4-'A .iff ' f 4' ..,.s,,rv. , Q., gf we .. J '.,.- a 1 F f ' 15fffl.':t. ,t4..'R , gm "W ef. :fi i. . N 2 1 -MM lr "eff i e , .Ne W P J .. N3-1-T 'A 5 24 1 ,-, .3 k v 5? , 2 - .A '. -rw fgsfffr a. . Vg f ,fu its W' A l 1'--f s 'H 'fi' ' ,z533555ggg5g5gs.gsrefsEa. r i 4355, fr W W . ' r'4"-an i""'-f- -ZCIETW -- ' . Yf1,t1f:ie,3,!.2 Jimmy Fosver Clement delc Cruz Calvin Stover Veron Simmons Outfield-Soph. Infield-Jr. Outfield-Sr. Infield-Sr. -230- Danny Bcllew Eddie Walton John Lowe Pitcher-Jr. Outfield-Jr. Pitcher-Jr. Bulldogs fought hard to gain a good 3-4 pre-district record. A fi 'Ir:lElQ1':5:g:,:,1f. , Q -El-7 5"ZEw-s:g::z:y'-'3 -' Mf'flI3iEEll9':r 'r A A lffx. Wggi -P. -u. 'Yi SYN x W - . Q? ' mm, 'tv-i f f:,,:T1f ,shaogo 'ff f Y 'fr wo. 4 S Q- ..' if ifw , 15. 4, W V 2- 'Z 'ig nal? Q.: , 'l ' I: .fm -5 -11 1"f:i:.1",:M,'.:: Q. N .-E... g.- '- Cecil Knight Infield-Jr. Glenn Hufele Joe Wood Ouifield-Jr. Infield-Sr. -231- .,.q El ,se -'5 2 g p -. ' ' 1 ' N All-L.: 5' -fgw, ff- , .. f ,, 9 p X 'IA 'lm M ff-'51, v .' X 1 V .. x L -' 1 ' ' A ,.. V!! V l M, .23 1 .1 ' N66 3 3 .- Mi wifi 1 H is! . 'u Eloy Sepulveda Infield-Jr. .,f5:?2:1sst fs . T ,-.5 fr- f' 3 iv. x Z1-:'::z '93-3. ,.., If d U ' A7253 -lzi-:L 'fel ' X ' xg . -fr, 9 L 3 i , R Q -l U03 si K T I T is my 3 .,' gi ,, Q-an L- s ,if 111 .' i' L f, "TE f 'y - ' f'g5hL52.f Yr' . ' 1 r 1 ji, -an Jef K 4? i A j-M I f L' , ,- I -' - 154 N3 i 2 1' Q 4 fi' i p.ssNx 'pfi is if: K if is ..fw i R if' Batik ,ak V ' 5 .L 4' 7 V 1 i r if sl 2553 . i -", Ei :A s . .: L I , D' V Y . :SLA ff' A' ssl.: xiii 5-,4 3, t -A TEC 'fi pi V y a ,lla Q A Q ' , , .33 T12 K K 4 ' ' f -:. , L, ,- iz , ' L i - i Buck row: Winters, Billingsly, Cooper, Reed, Kirk: From row: Ruiherford, Allan, Stout, Pena, Chozureho 2'1" zsliifv- " - 5 - 'M ?1'i-:1J:41s'1QQff- 3 ' dwg? 4,12 W is A ' 5 ' - .G f ' in A 'Q X , 431535 , 1 :isis . 5 - A . 'i 1 .Q ,. 11.7 i 1 ,.:..,5w 1- 1 ,i "' - fish, s, , mer-2. .ANA . .A.,l,, in ::sii?faf?5 . .,f4',r',.g A :.Q,:,.i 5:3555g:.5Lf5ik, 5,5 mpg. Donny Ballew takes but- Larry Alexander ting practice. Manager - 232 if 11 E- C -1 CD U- DL PZ OJ N4 CD -1 U1 2 O -1 K T CU -1 Q. -r-. O -x 3 fb X -Q- N4 CD OJ 1-1 .sa :::13?!JBIr.uQ 1253557.26 ' :,r,,. -5 -3, ,... -y..wn..,.. M T f-13193 5rfifies,easzzF? L 0-NQWQ s.i"e22if2efY+ 0 Wviw :vs 564 M' EF!-'?3iFl4!2ffgfz M? wifi .555 '-Isegg M 4 ii M5577 g -X f V I -W Three-year leherman Ken Richardson slides into second base. r Puffy Kuehl-2yrs Girls Doubles Team Mrs. Carmen Poe Tennis Coach Judy Coors-'I yr Girls Singles Tecl'i's nei players make good showing in clisiricilournameni Jimmy Siamp-1 yr. Boys Doubles Team Carl Langley-2 yrs. Boys Singles -233 - Billy Hamm-3 yrs. Boys Doubles Team Carol Stout saves a point for the Y-Teen volleyball team. Patty Kuehl smashes a strong serve to win another point. Faculty's uBloomer Girls" beat Y-Teens in volleyball game. Carol Stout again helps the Y-Teens with this back- This time Patty Kuehl returns a Faculty Team serve. court play. Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Mobley try to liven the spir- its of Mrs. Lentz after she lost a point. Y-Teens give a rousing :cheer as they came back in the closing minutes of the game. Altogether now, one-two-pushl Heyl What's a pep rally with cheerleaders. Cheerleaders give good showing in all sports activities. Hey! Jackie, whut's with the new uniform? Careful, Mike, Jo Ann has ceruphobiu. WERE YOU WORKING? THESE WERE -wf 7 '11, Aa FIFTH PERIOD JOURNALISM CLASS included: Front row-Olivia Balandran, Deanna Short Wynette Brazzil, Murl Jo Battenfield, Beth Burger, Second row-Nita Frazier, Editor-in-chief both semesters. Rosie Valasquez, Gloria Vasquez, Bobbie Miles, Ruth Mendoza, Deanna Shorty Third row:-Carey Beck, Ray Ennis, David Lee, James Jones, Dwight Miller. Frank Patino, 8- James Green. Newspaper stall wins many honors lor the school. Beth Burger Co-Editor second semester. FOURTH PERIOD JOURNALISM CLASS included: Front row-Arlene Blubaugh, Mazie Shelton, Charlotte Morton, Dale Dohlberg, Belle Pruett, Second row: Pat Stokley, Ted Moose, Leslie Burlzs, Ronald Stevens, Paul Hinman, Bobbie Cure, Charles Gregory, Thomas Valle, Gaylord Burns. -238- Printi Charles Barnes, Bindery, Marvin Reosoner, Bindery, Freddy Martinez, Proofs, Virgil Colicort, Plate- making, Floyd Walker, Van Dykes, James Ferguson, Camera, Roger Tally, Make-Up, Perry Cone, Camera, Jimmy Hinton, Bindery, Benny Rodriquez, Proofs, Rufus Ybarra, Offset Press, Raymond New, Make-Up and Proofreading, Bill Gage, Offset Press and Platemaking, Noel Gage, Platemaking, Boyd Boler, Annual Staff, Gary Turner, Linotype, Don Skaggs, Ludlow. ng the annual is a proiect for students ol graph ic arts 1 Larry Browder, Camera, Douglas Akins, press, Raymond Rameriz, Platemaking, Eddie Rape, Lino- type, Herman Gallegos, platemaking, Tami D. Miller, press, Stanley Gerfz, linolype, Marvin Harris, Camera, Darrell Place, platemaking, Bill Freeman, platemaking, Donny King, press, James Young, press, Raymond Munoz, proofing, Thomas Singleton, ludlow. iNet pictured-Bill Coleman, Make- Up, Encarnacion Medina, Make-Up, Thomas Valle, Make-Up., -239- Mrs. Drake, Annual Advisor Mr. Anderson, Business Manager The annual stall is selected and represents all areas in school .-hu? l . Q e t. J, .. AL-1 , ,A A, -5J'Lk'f-'LJ ' Q-!"-5-"Fife -W' -5' The yearbook workers were: Girls I-r-Lonna Forrest, Dorothy Watts, Linda Ezell, Joyce Ann Barbee, Vir- ginia Barbee, Theta Welty, Linda Herring, Betty Sue Jones, Sherry McKee, Valda Riley, Boys I-r-Glenn Haffle, Billy Hamm, George Pendergrass, Boyd Boler, Howard Mitchell, James Herring, Kenneth Rich- ardson, and Billy King. -240- 1 . 1 1 l I 1. l. I' I y v v 'v .Al '-i 1 -' i if .., 1 .E N -al ,, ' -, ling' . r -, 2' Q' 31-4 A . 1, :n ,n ' n w ' x

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