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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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, C ..,,, ,.,,.,, ,.,1,., Tuwd.-. X UU' A-X Nw GN W' vig? fffwb M359 MU? W W' Ffa' M if my 595 WW VWL15 1 gm ,J 2 V, W W y W JWVBJ W P ,Ms 3, W fm 05? LM X X fy JNWA w GN W Q WW K. 1 -J fff 2f LCP l . .. ,5 Sv fi .f.,, EVA- All ,Q L 1 amy, ' MA' A- A' iq QW' J27ivf" fas ' it , Jlflfq. 5-'Ziff aa! Qian x' W 76 VQ""1 fiiuwmj Y I b Wm QWMQWQE afwfmgvfw QP-L H10 e- 1 0 Wiimx -4-Q Q EN ,ffv ACA eMac f -n M 1 47 Fqarf 9, X , . .r AN , -9.1 . 1, J, - v w: K lu 1, --W . o + 4. 57 o ,A o u 3-'R' ILP- 'ff 1277 i s f ' H ox NP X. ea is W m'-.ix ilk? 0 PTH- 49 . High Fmt Wmth, T 1959 AL H c, ,Q xx .- I' 'n4,'.':.h-. Ay -Z' 3?-'au f sr ,al s -- af-,,, ., ra F In 0740 46 M-refer 0 fig, c . 0 . if f Q "L-V, -,. 'DA I' w..f'f"b X "7" 5253 .. 4' ACA EMICWPE oprg f ro , Eh " A -19 QRTH- .121 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Printed ond assembled by Technical High Print Shop Process Color by University Printers Art by Commercial Art Covers by American Beauty Cover Co. Binding by Worth Bindery Photography by Tech Photo, Fox Co., and Monnigs Layout and Copy by Annual Staff The gems mg, www M1959 sumti giraffe. f In presenting this year's annual, the staff wants to tell the story of Technical High School and what it represents by giving it an emblem and letting the emblem itself tell its own story. This emblem, shown on the cover was designed and worked out by the staff. The basis of it is a wheel which stands for industry. Our school is the very foundation of industry in our community because it offers train- ing in twenty-two different fields and related subjects. Realizing that a high scholastic standard is necessary for success in any field of training, special emphasis is given toward encouraging our students in achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards. This phase of our school is represented by the torch superimposed on the wheel with the letters NHS on it which stands for The National Honor Society representing scholastic achievement. As every school has its lighter side, ours is represented by our mascot, the bulldog. With the bulldog as the hub, our emblem is complete. As the story of how we work and play unfolds on the following pages, we sincerely hope you will see in this emblem what we, the staff saw when we created it-the story of our school-a vocational school training to- day's youth to fill important jobs in today's world. We are sure you will like it. Tk fu- FACULTY STUDENTS FAVORITES WHO'S WHO SPORTS ROTC ORGANIZATIONS CLASSES ACTIVITIES INDUSTRIAL Tabewgcwm ls, AWMKULAQQUWWQQ Won second place in a national baby contest From the medals he must have won many honors in Arlington State College Band As we know him today, Mr. O'Connor strikes a characteristic pose. Which twin has the toni? Still a beauty We don't know iust how he won the cat and the orange. He won a place for S himself as an ROTC Cadet at Central High School X Track winner for Central one always wins at H'9h School graduation. After a hard day at school, he relaxes by doing his own yard work. A penny for your thoughts, Mr. O'Con- nor. We think you must have won the debate. Tai. T57 Following the tradition he had set for himself, Mr. O'Connor served as Lieutenant in the Navy during the war, thus winning for himself a place in the hearts of everyone. The well known fact that back of every great man there is a woman certainly is true in the life of our co-ordinator. He is a wonderful family man with a fine family. lt is small wonder that his expression seems to say. "Look what I have", when he poses with his wife Doris, daughter Sheryl, and son Pat. 551: s is For his dedicated leadership, his untiring efforts in helping us with our problems, his recognition of the good even in the worst of us . . . For his appreciation of the fact that the secret of education lies in respecting the student, for his belief that success consists of getting up just one more time than we fall . . . For his cheerfulness, his courage, his enthusiam, his understanding, and above all for his love and devotion to Tech- nical High School, we dedicate. 17... '.v ..1-., H... :Ai ,315 ..., -.iz f V - mf-'n K?,f?1H .Q.. 'i fzjgg -J ' ,. . . I -JV. mm.. -f , W. gg, . 1 H H :H . ef V . , E, W , gl 9 Q H ' 'ww' U-'cp- sw nw - : i . ..I : ' ,. H ' .I E .Y me H . ' H -B EH ' H -T . . S8 H ' mm E B E is in ,M W M B H i : ' H H H H 5 N , mm EM H M H H 4 H H, M H -in a ms Ka B gsm ms as ms . H H E H .- H H H H H H mam H H H . H 5 . H H E H S8 E E H 4 H H H H W H N H H H SSN HW H H SSB H EH 5 H H H , H .H 1 H. X K ,K Y H L sw W Viv" an ss wma as nm .EE an ss mn ss I I v 'n I-,, v Direcfor Principal o Q I .1 -4 1 IMBLE G. B. TR of Vocational Educahon ' l High School f Technica 18...- W. C. Pate Vice-principal Harriet Griffin Dean of Girls uh Vim Technical High is the outstanding High School of its kind in the state. This is true because from the very beginning it has had leaders with a vision. Mr. Trimble has made the growth of this school his prime obiective. He has considered nothing too difficult to attempt when it would benefit the school. There are so manydifficult and tedious tasks necessary to the adminis- tration of such a large. school. Mr. Pate works long hours to organize and plan activities that affect both teachers and students. lt seems miraculous that he always has time to help anyone with any of the many problems that arise. ' Miss Griffin defies classification as to her job. Though she carries the title Dean of Girls, she functions in any capacity where' she is needed. Mr. 'O'Conner completes the administrative staff. The success of this school is definitely a result of superb leadership. . stiubdf- A. B. O'Connor C o-ordinator 19.- rr 1, U N fb I? I I w i I J E i N V I I N 1 5 v N w 1 w Y Q w ,P l P 3 W L-rink Q Q ,'1 The hearts nf all sfuhents uni! teachers inere suhherieh this gear fnheu schnnl npeueh fuiihnui ihe familiar zmh the luhiug hzmh nf jlflrs- Feta Eefnell f15uess- Qin tinelhe gears as au Ziuglish teacher in nur schnul, she hah funn unit mainiaineh the Iniae mth respect nf all fuith iuhnm she came in cnnhxcf. gmrs. :mart ha 'Ellen Hjnnes aptlg expresseh nur feelings fnhen she furnie: uflbne uf the hefiniiinns mehsier giimes nf ax iefnell is 'fur nhject uf special affeciinnf 'Gln thnsenf us fnhn kuefu mth inere rinse in nur cu-fnurker unh frieuh, this mime inns irulg meant fur Helm Zlefnell Guess." CAII her shxhents png trihuie in her fur heiug zz cuuscieuiinus, lnimhle, grzxciuus teacherg Imi the highest rnmplimeut euer pail! her kg her shxhents, is inhen theg sag, "She mzxhe srhuul make sense-" fglzffwzlggf -1-I.. . Mrs. Mary Alford English Ceramics Mr. Virginia Amos History Mr. J. F. Anderson History Miss LaNell Ayer Dental Assisfance Mr. Jessie Bennett Refrigeration Mr. Jack Bentley Physics Chemistry Mr. Michael Bigler Wood Shop Mrs. Betty Bledsoe Bookkeeping Sgt. H. M. Caldwell R. O. T. C. Mr. George Chollar Auio Shop Mrs. Willa Cole Sec. fo Miss Griffin Mrs. Mary Couch Biology Mrs. Eunice Barrett Cosmetology Mrs. Gloria Batey Librarian Mr. H. C. Bearden Graphic Arts Mr. Roy Beck Machine Shop Mr. Claude Bolton Maihmetics Mrs. Frances Boone English Miss Gussie Burnet English Mr. Theron Byrd History rs. Bess DiGiovanni Mathematics rs. Helen Drake English r. Don Ford Boy's Phy. Ed. r. Culver Gorsuch .Q Sw: 5 5. - --.. . s-s,2's:s- av ,L , .V :.. fl .f L ff ' 521.51 .. Ie iw I Radio 81 Television xfi if Aiss Norma Griffin Girl's Phy. Ed. Aiss Nona Hallaran History Ar. Orton Hamby Photography Ar. R. L. Hampton Mathematics .X X .xm f rx f " Q fxfpmfiw--rl-ww ,, 5' 1-M, . Q A E m LW E ami 32.4 fun E' 3 3. , -.4 -n., i . .. .- ,, W .fa . 5? rl if a liar 1-Y: ff . , X 4 4' fi' Q 1 0' if . 3' nur? is t 2 q we -, -...sang N' -J - ' Karim' 4 .J Hn if 2 ' .. 2' . E . 1 ..,.... .,.. Sig M ga 1 .,... . -..-. ,Y -v pr a 3 fi? 5 in X ,, ' wif iw ri! ' err 2 QF' is gat 2 H S vn z V N Q-KK fi. Q M .l,. v ix XXX 1 A vt' ein.. .l Mr. C. H. Crow Aeronautics Mrs. Buena Dale English Mrs. Beth Daniel English Mr. R. F. Davis Aeronauiics Mrs. Evelyn Grace Distributive Educat Mr. Dub Groves ion History Boy's Phy. Ed. Mr. Charles Greathouse Drafting Mrs. Juanita Greer School Nurse 'QIEQ'-' . tri? egg -- -XM ,. ' 1 , 4- x ' . I -1 31.5 ! .- is uf' U ' Y ,.! 'M v I, ,, y . Sr "av i . ..f'f,n-fn f, Mr. Bob Hardie Boy's Phy. Ed. Mr. Robert Harris Mathematics Physics Mrs. Nell Harry Business Miss Margaret Hays Girl's Phy. Ed. Mrs. Louise Holand Hisfory Mrs. Agnes Holt Hisfory Mrs. Annice Jahn Bookkeeping Salesmanship Law Mr. Lloyd James Aeronaufics Mr. J. E. Johnson Engineering Drafiing Mrs. Martha Lee Jones Bookkeeping Mr. Harry Kingsbury Aulo Shop Mr. L. L. Leach Mafhemafics Mr. A. L. McElroy English Mr. A. C. McGinnis Radio 8. Television Mr. Bill McPherson Boy's Phy. Ed. Miss Lucy McRoberts I Business 1,2 A-'N bv-- .R-,iy . 5 Affavifi ' 711.13 ' L ,V tie. :ff ' ,f ,- 1.1" 4. .hi -Tl. 1' lll?'nh.' fi' i"'-Y-ii i' .Six 1 Miss Willie Mae Je Registrar Miss Billie Johnson Sec fo Principal Mrs Emallne Johnson Cosmelology Mr J B Johnson Business ,-.A f 3.42. . Miss Carol Lilly English Mrs. Electa Lowery Ahendence Clerk Mr. Jack Martin Welding Shop Mr. R. M. McAbee Graphic Arfs -.nw , Y, gl ' ..f-1 rs. Shirlie Murphy Girl's Phy. Ed. rs. Faye Newton English r. Walter O'Farrell Boy's Phy. Ed. History rivefs Education Helen Ouiesky Biology Mariorie Reid Business r. Arthur Rhea Biology rs. Mary Rhodes Hisfory . Alfred Riley Music Department Mrs. Lillian Mobley English Journalism Mrs. Fay Morgan General Clerk Mrs. Maurice Mullins Mathematics Mr. Russell Mullins Mathematics Salesmanship Q Law Mrs. Velma Parker V Business Miss Frankie Pickens Bookkeeping Mr. Jay B. Plangmon Commercial Art Mr. James Plumlee Speech English Sgt. J. R. Ross R. O. T. C. Mr. Burton Sanders Machine Shop Miss Cora Mae Sloan English Mr. Edwin Stoorza Diesel Mrs. LaFrances Sunclerman Bookkeeping Mrs. Catherine Thomas English Mrs, Ruth Thompson Business Mr. R. R. Tomlinson Electrical Engineering 'Fr' .... rdf. T K Mrs. Georgia Turner Home Economics' Mrs. Bess Vaughan Business Mr. H. L. Wafchous Auto Shop Mr. Wayne Wilcox Mafhemaiics .f Q- 1 Mr. Bob Willingham English Mr. Harry Wilson History 1 XT . K f O r Princi al Mr- Trimble, does Our Vice-Principal, Mr. Pate, does Our Coordinator, Mr, O'Connor, u p , K. P. cluty. some baby sifting. does . . . well, you name ntl Student Body President Class Officers Sponsors Seniors NHS Seniors Juniors Sophomores 18 J aff we ami' 1 MQ 'Q Nm H -Nm n :wx , ww asm L I m X gym .Q ,z ,N Nw si ,,1 .M v.-waz ms a ,fmy A my . m M xf' in Ng' B' ,. xi Q .5- ms ms sify mn nm' nn sam- .ga W .,x mn' an Q gn 'ln misss 555 sm xxx UYQQK. EWHQYHEH gm m?hiMz:f'dQMQMEE E smwm is X w mg Q' og, 1959 sm 5:2 my mn wa wx: ss mf M. as mn ss -um - : . H' wx.-mx W ml 5325 U 5 mm a HE ' -x E N H5aM W. , H agp 2' w -x is 22 W . Hi ?.:k5E WX Himsa Mm was m mx: 1 2 HVQJMHEBE sh is my ,f Q BEE 455: awww- H was Q mfkw M5 , mm M M Us mmfg LWWW S ss ss Eggs sm nd! Hes ss Q : QM! E E- xx gs W H B ls H5351 YJ A wh ' zu 4,z Ya, Rafi... W ea ms M E ig an gums .1 Higgs in EEE 5 WWE W in sn.: X mzxzx M, eg. HB it H, sm a ms M 1 Jo Shrlver :dent Thomas Hudso ma mm ss m na E s x n a ss a w xx? wa ss xxx mu a fx wr WEE ' ,E Ei QHLM E- H1 w- " Mygnmi? M mn E H M M ML ss sa- E 'xdnfnv 5 mai E gmwa : -S m ss gf, mmm J Fug E Q ma mn ms mm lm a ss was a Ss ms m sf a as mn Q an RB E Emil, Eam- :aw .gs X mm sm ms mm mn sms ms MSW ss a em mm A mn w E vm I Q my M as fri SH' A W 'swim M was sf ss? 3 N ms ,Maki :M- . fs.-MM yawn un aux -leg X gnu: warg ws M SSE M553 a my ss wm gm: Wm: n - E SEEQWX s ss na a H gina F E mwiix ss E an a ss wa asm wezgmmggiag was Us EW ,Z sag was mg. me FJ.. My Wagga Ms u ss mm ms as mn B-assassin if A ssamswgssn ss sms w au aggsim E 3251 wif? H" B M. W M M M sv Mm E NEW ws RWE HK! B , ,H gm HW H H EEN-W W W X xifiiiikwi aw WMEQMW M' wimzga N K sms msgxmgmgf E HW ss 322251 Rim SESS gsm EB ' 'Sm mangas ma mms Flasks? w E M-Am E M ss mm E sw mfgagxgmx gamma t ms EEE sm. may Q M iw EEN an H m sm WCEEEEHW mMM B ms mm B H3355-H WE SW E ww H Sf gm Hmmm Hmmm gn Wa W sm wigs? Haig Q H il H .-W ,E ew mg a H yfwiimiiw BSHEEEE W H :gig 225552 swim is Mmav sumw miss? gamma ' rwg minima an E E E E B E E E E51 -. 'Fm K Y 2 -Q:Q:::: E E M B We Wid wffazf H H . www M M an W gmnww an ai Bw 5 xi. gm siggisaswxggz Q as 5 n Emma sms E waz W mm M W Mg' H W 4 Ewwagwiimsgf m S Hmmm Emssix EE aimsglgm E3 Aggie, E w M K NH 2 as zwvggaimwmww E B WE H Z3 EE Bmw whiz: awagwgmws ggwsfxg E H E W mm E W M wg B-glassy? Egg Egnmcfxm 5 H Mi mi fi W M Hs BJ :ww ww-. EEE :Em E mwmamim E : Q Bw mn Ha M g.51WM'.m. Sain! EERE? HEBQ - H H swag W M ,, 51255593855 ERHFMH Q H wmimxsx' W E Wang-Ewg wwsw E yn ' , M img mswsm-gsm as my mam, EMM fm SMH: E swims Eg a mn ss m gangs HE B ml B .58 3' gm M M: my H SNS mama is a E a ss Q s Emmmms W ' mE gags,-'EMM Mai M M HE ss Exam asmgf Sf M Em wax? H E3 W-5 E H M H Siam!-x mf MH Nina EEMMQ um Nm M W we EEK, Eawshw Hamm Q-Seguin? EHS: sl E E H Jvfmgg-gs wg mfs H as E hm ms m n Mama mn ,w M 'wwliix fm EMWIN mm E a mms M K-1 Msg Q S W QSEQBKEMS ' mm mass ' :E:.:.:"':.:. MEF, I H-Sfgmggwg vga mms' in W nl RZ , siiqmwmaiggmxrm M an M W, V E MM Q Esau- gmnig gn Si Ein wgwmggifism mm-mugs Q gg M W mm W 5mm afmgumjixg B B W H 5 Emwxmzg mkssfiig- W memes W M5 H W ga L QZZQ QW? ww Ji.,-M-M M W F mm? ' Commit fl' 'irq "Ii" 'CY 4-L i. 4.1 ' Q --,-nJtg.g,-, 1 Q ,:...,b 1, 4 ,.,s.a.4.,:4sh4A, s , I 1 , 1, 4 5 f'O'l'l g'u4 :,:o'n'l Q24 S , ", J 1. ' , ,f:'I"f'r. 'ff , 1.0. 4 4 w .r J 4 I e'l,'1.'a u in 5 '-I, , . Jn, 5 ,a , nfs w'Q' , . tk- J if X i if ' mf: ...- , . i 5 tit 4- X , 1 ri if Z.,-QW 'Wit- v-1. ..-nv-oilut.. K.- Q ,.:-5.1, .. .lx X 'I ' '11 The activities of the seniu class have been co-ordinoted b the President, Thomas Hudson, an ff First Vice-president, Jo Shriver, assis X .f ' ed by this group of Seniors: Marth Coomer, Senior Annual Co-ordinator, Jac Crockett, Co-chairman of Finance Committe V Wm new ...ii W Betty Harris, Homecoming Committee Chairma Andres Ybarra, Concession Chairman, .loy Cheair Banquet Committee Chairman, Lenora Rogers, Chai man of Ribbon Committee, Charles Dowell, Co-chairma of Finance Committee, Linda Martin, Reporter. e :-: as enwidlou povum N . .i i l . . Mrs. Betty Bledsoe Mr, Harry Kingsbury With the opening of school in September, the senior class began thinking about their various activities for the year. Foremost in their thoughts, of course, was graduation and those activities immediately preceeding the big event-senior day, iunior-senior prom, and the banquet. So they began thinking about some proiects to finance these important activities. Since the year began with football season, the first proiect was selling football ribbons. Print shop secured the ribbons and printed them for the sen- iors, so all they had to do was get out and sell. Between seven and eight hundred ribbons were sold for each game. Seniors were second high in the magazine drive, receiving second prize for their efforts. They had Technical bracelets and Technical book covers left over from iunior year which they continued to sell. They also sold cokes at various school affairs held in the evening. The senior class play further added to their amount of money. From all these activities they were able to raise enough money to almost finance the banquet. Each senior paid only a small amount for his banquet ticket. Miss Frankie Pickins The class was responsible for homecoming activities. They conducted the election of a queen for the day which created a lot of interest and crcitement. After several ballots three girls were chosen as queen and two princesses. Not even the one chosen as queen knew until the announcement was made for her march down the aisle of the aud- itorium to the stage. Loma Goad was queen and the two princesses were Linda Martin and Jo Alice Middleton. In November the officers selected the invitations they wished to use for 1959. The senior hats and pins were also selected and ordered about this time. In January the mid-term graduates had a party at Shrangri-La ranch. First thing they did was take a horse-back ride. Then they tried to go on a hay-ride, but the mules were too smart-they would not budge. Then came a wonder- ful barbacue supper and afterwards dancing, ping-pong, and billiards. On March 21, the juniors gave the seniors a prom at Ridglea Country Club with Freshman Adams Orchestra furnish- ing the music. This was an evening long to be remembered. Thanks juniors for a wonderful time. The senior banquet was held on May 2 at Rivercrest Country Club with dancing afterwards. The tables and the club were decorated in a spring theme using senior-chosen colors and flowers throughout. RONNIE ALLEN Engineering Drafting Baseball VIC Junior Achievement Junior Red Cross AARON ASHBROOK Aeronautics CAROLYN ATCHISON Dental Assistants JACK ATCHISON Post Graduate LINDA AUTREY Business Education President of Red Cross Historian ot A. Y. Co-Editor of The Bulldog JESSE AYALA Printing VIC Chapter 60 ROTC Staff Journalism Staff ROTC Drill Team 56-57 I1 it 3 -rf 5 ANITA ADAMS Business Education BERT ADAMS Distributive Education D. E. C. A. 58-59 D. E. Reporter 58-59 Red Cross Rep. 57-58 Cheerleader 56-57 JAMES ADAMS Industrial Electricity JESSE AGUIRRE Auto Shop GLENDA AKE CHARLES ALFORD Academic Rifle Team National Honor Society X ARY AYALA ONY AYALA achine Shop Football Captain "58" VIC Chapter 62 Red Cross Representative Track '56-'57, '57-'58 ARRELL BALL achine Shop Football ENE BARNARD uto Shop Bop Club '57-'58A VIC Chapter 76 LETTUS BASS cademic Leonard Bronze Star Award Honor Roll Red Cross JAN BRANSCUM BASS Distributive Education D. E. Club Red Cross '57-'58-'59 Sec. of Monnig D. E. Club A-. JOHNNY BATEMAN Distributive Education .E. . . Red Cross Representative JO CAROLYN BATSON Business Education National Honor Society DAVID BAUMHARDT Print Shop JOYCE BEANS Business Education Annual Sales Rep. CARL BEAVER Aeronautics Football '56-'57 Track '56-'57 Football Manager '57-'58 JUDITH BEERWART Commercial Art Allied Youth Red Cross Representative VIC 88 RALPH BEHRENS JANICE BELL Distributive Education DECA BARBARA BEN N ETT Business Education MARY ALICE BLOOD Dental Assistants President of VIC T59 District Treasurer of VIC Student Council TOMMA BODDIE Business Education Safe-teens Chorus WILNIA BONNER X . .-A I-my A ." Il mf g' li sf I W wgwvxyygmfi-wyegww ,- si wvqvfgg -'-f -r' ii-t' - -Q .,gfff,,m5.'.W,,,.........,.....,, , . ,, Q . s Q ,V F, l I oi I M 'Nm . - Q I? 'inf 'ff C 1 3 'Y' WK 'YS' AL BOOZER Auto Body Shop President VIC 76 Vice-Pres. Safe-Teens GLENN BOSWELL Aeronautics Football ,55-,58 Track ,55-,57 Safe-teens CARL BOUSTEAD Academic GLORIA BOYD Business Education Annual Sales Rep. JOHNNIE RUTH BOYD Business Education Skating Club ROYCE BROTHERS Distributive Education DECA ,57-,59 Red Cross ,57-,59 fs... "'-I..',i' DEANNA BURGER RUFUS CAHILL Machine Shop JOHNNIE LOU CAIN Business Education National Honor Society Allied Youth Junior Achievement Y-teens KENNETH CALDWELL Print Shop Pres. of VIC Chap. 60 Asso. Editor ot Bulldog Pres. of All-School VIC National Honor Society LOUIS CALKINS Business Education Bowling Club Safe-teens Allied Youth Junior Achievement LEONAR-D CANUP '-'cfm' 7 - gui -is W ,vu E . WWE If v it ga.. X, 'f' 1 I r BE Mmj s xr W nl, I Q s 'K a n as A 8 vw. si .N t I I . BECKEY BROWN Business Education FBLA Allied Youth Y-teens Pep Spuad BILL BROWN Aeronautics VIC treasure '56-'58 Football '57-'58 Allied Youth '58-'59 ETHEL MARIE BROWN Business Education Junior Achievement Allied Youth Y-teens FERN BRUCE Dental Assistants Reporter of VIC I59 Member of Bulldog FREDRICK BRUSSOW ANN BUCKNER Distributive Education D.E.C.A. Sta ,. te, A A ,,,,, L , , -, f'g ,'w3 ij. ' sf, ,:,. , ,.:,..,. , J, , V . ., N M, A jig W ,4 s P ' ,M -Q W L gif? - " N ,fi .K Q tQIMm Assam 3 U if vnu 535 Ili ' Q if 2 I ,ti i is 'Cv'-lcv 'bf K 25'- ', 'N lime 3 rf Us- ,:. . skjvicis Q . . -5. ' 'A ' a su , - ..:, E, N M , J., WW Wgzi J , ' 'W iw X as t b rf F 3 ,, b , . K I "" ' ' . A . ' V '!:.f E ,. Q1 r 4 S , N . CONNIE CARTER DANNY CASTILLO Refrigeration President of VIC Ch Red Cross Football Letterman EDWARD CASTILLO MARY CASTILLO HELEN CATES CHARLIE CAUSEY Refrigeration President of VIC Cha Student Council Football Letterman C p. 'I60 SUE CARDEN Business Education Future. Teachers of Ameri Junior Achievement WINSTON CARDEN Aeronautics VIC Chapter 74 Junior Achievement TERRY CARDWELL Business Education GirI's Tennis Team GirI's Volleyball Team .Girl's Athletic Rep. Y-Teens SANDRA CARNEY Business Education Red Cross Representativ ALBERT CARTER Wood Shop Student Council BILLIE JEAN CARTER film? 'S-'T A MAY CAUSEY Y CHEAIRS siness Education National Honor Society Pep Squad Treas 57 58 Bulldog Staff TSY CHENAULT smess Education Secretary of FTA 58 59 FBLA 58 59 Student Council 58 59 ITTY CLARK NDA CLAY usiness Education RRELL CLAY uto Shop Student Council VIC 57 58 Emi gs 5: DUEJEAN CLEMENTS Business Education Allied Youth FTA FBLA LUNORA CLINTON Dental Assistance VIC Chapter T59 VERNON COLE Engineering Drafting VIRGIL EUGENE COLE Industrial Electricity MARION COLEMAN JIM CONNALLY I I l BARBARA COOK Distributive Education DECA Annual Sales Rep. MARTHA COOMER Commercial Art Art Editor of Annual '59 Who's Who Ranch Queen Allied Youth JAN COSTON Business Education Editor of Annual President of FTA Trecls. of NHS Who's Who in English JANICE COURSEY Distributive Education DECA KENNETH CRAIG Radio 81 TV FREDDIE CRAWFORD Radio 8- TV Sound Engineer for sc Student Council Allied Youth VIC Chapter 61 1 w rl gt it 3 H "Yi ' qu.--'v hool nm SFS fve S' 6- n butt Q visa Z? 'sf 'Q' eu- l DONALD CREAMER LESTER CROCKER Auto Shop JACK CROCKETT Academic Allied Youth FTA Safe-teens KENNETH CROSS Welding LARRY CROUCH Refrigeration Shop WANDA CUTHBERTSON Dental Assistants 2 I GLENDA DAVIS Commercial Art Allied Youth VIC Rep. and Sweetheart Y-teens Safe-teens .IANICE DAVIS Dental Assistants VIC Chapter I59 FBLA '56-'57 LARRY DAVIS Auto Shop VIC . Football Track Safe-teens PAT DAVIS Distributive Education DECA Allied Youth FTA Red Cross JUDY DEETS ALONZO De La ROSA LINDA DANIELS Business Education Library Assistant MORRIS DANIEL Welding Shop Allied Youth Basketball Team VIC I66 President Bulldog Staff PATRICIA DANIELS Dental Assistants VIC Red Cross Rep. BEVERLY ANN DAUNIS Distributive Education DECA FTA V M FBLA FHA ,Z ,sqm ANN DAVENPORT 'fm- cy, in 351,25 PN sm-A .'.ff M Business Education DARLA DAVIS Business Education FTA Allied Youth Pep Squad '56-'57 pil exif z , W5 ' rf-sz DORA FLENNER Business Education HARRELL FORAN Refrigerafion Shop ROTC VIC Allied Youth BETTY FORD Homemalcing Red Cross Rep. BECKIE FRANCO Business Educaiion JACK FRY JESSE FUENTES Machine Shop VIC Football Track Bulldog Staff 6713 fw- 3 ,QQ 'Q' wi ,-. 'Q if T ,I 1 i -130-: rr! MINNIE LEE EVERITT WILLIAM FAGAN Prini Shop Bulldog Staff VIC Chapter 60 Annual Sales Rep. Magazine Sales Rep. HOYT FELTS Aulo Shop ROBERT FINDLEY REAETTA FINLEY Business Education National Honor Society Vice-pres. of Pep Squad Bulldog Staff Studeni Council BARBARA FLEMING -sr-s K' ORETTA DENNARD NNA RUTH DENTON usiness Education ROTC Sponsor Sec. of Jr. Red Cross National Honor Society Student Council WAIN DIXON DONOWHO ARD DORSETT Shop Skating Club A DUKE Business Education FBLA Allied Youth Y-teens Pep Squad ,Mm MQ .. sw 1 ZYSYWXM' 3 x Q HNQF 225 sms m . was amweai ,.E: PATSY EASTLAKE Distributive Education DECA Y-teens Red Cross Skating Club PAULA EGENBACHER Business Education Safe-teens JOE ELLIOT JUDY ELSER TERESA ESQUIVEL Business Education Volleyball Team JON EURIDGE Engineering Drafting VIC Junior Achievement Safe-teens Allied Youth SHIRLEY FURR SANDRA GAITHER Business Educoiion FTA MARY GANOE Business Educafion ANITA GARCIA Business Education Allied Youth DELORES GARCIA Business Education National Honor Society Safe-teens OLGA GARCIA Business Education National Honor Society Safe-teens in G- x JANETTE GEER GARLAND GIDDENS Machine Shop NANCY GILLILAND Homemalcing FHA Pep Squad LOMA GOAD TOMMY L. GOODSON Disfribufive Educafion Secretary of DECA JESSIE GONZALES Business Education qw gym Am is 'YEQ EE I5 was . f w ea Eifm na -- Y xft ms a GRIFFIN Education Student Council FTA Allied Youth YCELYN GRIMES usiness Education Drum Major Head Maiorette Student Council National Honor Society FBLA ANN HAACK usiness Education ANCY HALL siness Education President of TALA 'ENRYETTA HAMILTON dental Assistance Student Council 'NDA HAMILTON 'osmetology VIC Chapter 70 - mag - uw H? F5 gem Lge Hn Mme I-.H -We it E nm new Swap xm m be Smmess we Him-Haw W gfseuwmg, 3-:fmizgi New E gm: re WSKNESSQ it -wiifm-fri Q Eg.5w.5. grimy- wif- ' is L . Emi- ' x ua xi U is i. Q--E+' xi G:- Q a nu Q as ..i K mx Q- H m a ,HH ms a mi? mf E vim me magna-ummm we-fn-i-: aging: waggi- New ,B 5- .92 EEE twigiigwt weep, Hmmm QE sm W 5 M :EE iam M it was Eg mime mi e S rm .Z sie is is rm is we time me SN m me EEE laik W it E H W H if-z.: ' if a im a WS s-me Em KE are iw w nga me is msn wma me gms is 'fn z, GERALD GREGORY Engineering Drafting VIC Chapter 64 JIM GREGORY Engineering Drafting VIC Chapter 64 .IIMMIE GREGORY Business Education Nationl Honor Society FTA Allied Youth FBLA CHARLES GREENLEE Academic Allied Youth Safe-teen Band FTA JAMES GREENWOOD Aeronautics MIKE GREER Engineering Drafting VIC Chapter 64 is sz ef an Pi? 56:55 me im me af Em KM: ga aa' it an my is imizg-wn an mf I H H M ge in is it-' :. fEES?EEE if . . W g mi-femmes SMHBEBEE S.. E is me Sm mf ri if f E :E ..: 51 .,: - WB M .."s..f?' Km E I up H . 1 ig-.Q::, -f M is-1 mu ' gi time W my . an E M W E ' H if B mm., ,wmiees E I.: 4 I mamma 2 it 'W H I.: is fi ' " , W 5"'m'g i- 1 ., ., I , nf m W E A MXN" , M E it is V ,ez Me it c H E Y .. K ,hiss "r E .4 - H H W ' :.a.a.:,1.:. ..: ., n wwf mt we Kc EH -I.: vm .IW S-Us --,:::.:. iz:-I m sv Q I: a.:..::-si-:-:-as it xmas, B 'Q Q. - is ee -' W' ,X diana 4b'X urs, X sf In , ng. ' in ,- is-f' JOLETA HILLEY Business Education Pep Squad Chorus Allied Youth MELBA HISER Academic Band Allied Youth Who's Who in Science DAVID HOLBROOK Business Education Allied Youth Bowling Club ROBIE HOLDER Aeronautics VIOLA HOLLOWAY Homemaking FHA National Honor TALA JIMMIE LEE HOLT Homemaking Student Council Historian ot FHA FTA Allied Youth GB ERS fs- Socie A CW xi 1. , , . 'K X , GOODWYN HOPKINS ' CHARLOTTE HOUSTON me 5 Academic Q 2 l Sgt.-at-arms of Bop Club nf., Football ribbon committee SL T E' SAUNDRA HOYLE Business Education THOMAS HUDSON Business Education Senior Class President Vice-pres. of Stu. Coun. Basketball Team FTA LEE ANNA HUFF Dental Assistance VIC Chapter T69 BURT HUNT Photography VIC fins Q... .EQ-.'.:" it- X., -34- GERALD HENDERSON LENA HERNANDEZ JANIS HIETT Business Educafion FTA Vice-president of Chorus American Junior Red Cro LINDA HICKS Business Educafion MARY HICKS LEONARD HIGDON Radio and T. V. Shop LINDA JOHNSON MARY ADA JOHNSON Business Education FBLA National Honor Society MARY ALYCE JOHNSON Business Education SHARON JOHNSON Dental Assistance CAMERON JONES Business Education Vice-pres. of Socials in AY FTA Student Council Alternate JERRY JONES Radio 8f TV Assistant Drum Maior Band VIC I , - . My I K" Hs, to M I X ' v 'KR . 7. 'i ' fs' I Y P' iv- '. ,M- .4 -0- sss :' Z Inf JIMMY JONES Distributive Education DECA Safe-teens av RETA FAYE JONES A Business Education '15 FTA Chorus Qsextet ensemblej Allied Youth PAT JORDAN Pre-College Engineering VIC Chapter 62 Safe-teens SARAH JUNKINS Homemaking FHA ' Allied Youth , Y-teens 25 Dance Club VN" CHARLENE KAVANAUGH Commercial Art bi' Volleyball FTA Skating Club Yteens AU BREY KELLY Auto Shop Boxing Football :rg ,,. We ting i-We f' Neill GLADYS HUNT Business Education Allied Youth Safe-teens Cap. of Volleyball Team LINDA HURN Commercial Art BARBARA ANN HUST Business Education FBLA Student Council Red Cross FHA DELLA HUTCHISON Business Education Allied Youth FTA Red Cross Representative BOBBY HUTSELL Aeronautics PATRICIA ANN HUTT Business Education FBLA FTA Safe-teens Y-teens ANN IRVIN Sec. of VIC Chap. 8'l Sweetheart of VIC Chap 8'l ETE JACKSON uto Mechanics Student Council President of Soph. Class Manager of Basketball Football AVID JAMESON hotography VIC Chapter 81 JOHN .IARA HOWARD JARRELL Pre-College Engineering National Honor Society Student Council VIC Chapter 64 KENNETH JENKINS Machine Shop Who's Who Allied Youth Red Cross VIC Chapter 62 Bowling Club w 'Wy gp... K P ,L . I sec.. I-4- ikt ' 'M it " E25 'mflwffgfif '-Flies: x ., .,..,... E .a,,. 4 2 I A ,Q ef eg, 2 2, ' S . Q ts :. 53, 'Q' 'L -Q. x 1 ,-5. , ' EQ fin Tv. VC' JOE W. LINDSEY Welding Shop MARCELINE LIRA Wood Shop Football PEGGY LITTLE Business Major DAVID LIVINGSTON Commercial Art VIC Chapter 88 Football Basketball BARBARA LOBB Business Education Secretary of Safe-teens ROTC Sponsor National Honor Society Allied Youth CAROLYN LOCKMAN Business Education Vice-pres. of Y-teens Softball Club, President Volleyball Team Captain FTA BARBARA LECK Business Education Allied Youth Chorus Librarian Red Cross JANIE LEE Business Education Treasurer of Allied Youth Historian of FTA Red Cross DAVID LEEPER Wood Shop Baseball DON LEEPER Wood Shop Vice-pres. of Red Cross Baseball ALBERT LEGGETT Welding Shop Capt. of Rifle Team, ROTC TROY LEMONS iv! 'Fw- 1--' ICKIE KEMP usiness Education FBLA FTA Allied Youth Pep Squad NN KEMPER usiness Education EVERLY KIDD usiness Education Red Cross Annual Sales Rep. IMMY KILLOUGH Commercial Art ROTC Staff Allied Youth Safe-teens BOBBY KIRBY Print Shop VIC Chapter 60 KENT KIRTLEY Auto Shop if?- if Win SY F M ,, Y yi Ja H 'fa H . in ft N , W ,6 IDA JEAN KUNSCHICK Business Education National Honor Society Allied Youth Y-teens Junior Achievement EDNA LAKEY Business Education FTA Y-teens MARGIE LAMBERT Homemaking FHA Allied Youth Skating Club SANDRA LAMlNACK Business Education FTA Y-teens BARBARA JO LANEY Business Education FTA National Honor Society Annual Staff WILLIAM R. LASATER Aeronautics VIC Chapter 74 3 MARY MCKANDLESS Cosmetology Safe-teens Volleyball Team MARK DWAYNE McKAY Aeronautics VIC Drill Team ROTC Staff JOYCE MCKENZIE Business Education Allied Youth K' BETTY MCKINNEY Homemalcing Parliamentarian of FHA Treasurer of Dance Club Volleyball Captain DOROTHA MCKNIGHT :Q Distributive Education DECA ltf Y-teens Allied Youth Red Cross JOHN McLAlN Distributive Education Safe-teens President of DECA CY in -o- L 'f-'X '17 I it ff Tit i A .iz ,,. 5 R ' g h' . ' X . .:. 3 X YN cf A :WWE 16? q"'1" NICKIE MCMANUS Business Education Dance Club CHARLSIE MCQUEEN l.OVELl.A MADEWEl.l. Business Education National Honor Society Allied Youth AGNES ANN MARR Business Education ROTC Sponsor FTA Allied Youth National Honor Society JIMMY MARRS Aeronautics VIC Chapter 74 Allied Youth High School Press Asso. Flying Bulldogs JUDY MARRS it Hi? E xx sms mm was-5 M me was -msgs QM mglfa Ear: :S si? rx ggi mx x in Rm new B me mu. , NNW 5 is Wen? may ARTHA LYNES AT McCARTHY cademic FTA National Honor Society Secretary of Dance Club ACQUELINE McCASLAND ARY MCCLURKIN omemaking FHA Safe-teens Volleyball Team ONEEN MCCORKLE usiness Education FHA National Honor Society BILLY McCOY Emma WEE ts L L ,K J LL ms 1 if an nts T tw M JL. . ,, X, it Q is na mn mi r ws Em ,mn Bmsnwws mmxmn A if H . HBH B H ,Bm mtg , ,Q E. - is K . as H5 ll it tn. t mn 31. anis 1 Tm- - H L , as 7 ' :ET . L L i .W L fi W 5 me if V W M T ge L wt . H X im HM is mn M Em mama ms mn mn 2 E-is an mn L we mx ff W. 'H W L 16 new L was ws? Q 'wfgxisggmgg Q SSB B H-P I M 5 H S. B ti W-X mn STELLA LOGAN Business Education FTA Allied Youth ELLEN LOLLAR Academic FHA Chorus Red Cross NANCY LUTHER MELVIN LUTTRELL Business Education GLENDA LYNCH EDDY LYNE Aeronautics Cheerleader Flying Bulldogs VIC Chapter 74 Allied Youth E is w is f as ,fm"' -A -5 In -.., H Z X smug? W , H E Twig M M is , Bs- L 5 L as ming EM E SUB' L KF SENSE M gem me mm asa? lub 1 Emu me 1' WEE is E S as is i 7 4 PAT MILLER if LAUREL MINK KENNETH MISER DOROTHY MITCHELL SYBIL MITCHELL Business Education Student Council Treasurer of Soph. Class Treasurer of Junior Class ROSIE MITCHUSSON Business Education Skating Club . ' QB 'C VIZ? . I: MARTENS Education Vice-pres. FTA '57-'58-'59 Allied Youth Student Council MARTIN Drafting Staff Allied Youth VIC MARTIN 81 TV ROTC Staff Allied Youth VIC ROTC Drill Team O ANN MARTIN usiness Education Chorus Red Cross Rep. INDA MARTIN osmetology District II VIC Sweetheart Auto Shop Sweetheart Senior Class Reporter IIDFILIA Education TA no ,, MARIE MATTHEWS Business Education 4.53 We YVONNE MEAR Business Education FTA Volleyball Team CONNIE MENDOZA Cosmetology JO ALICE MIDDLETON Cosmetology VIC Chapter 70 Reporter LUCRECIA MILLER Business Education National Honor Society Allied Youth FBLA '56-'57-'58 Y-teens '56-'57-'58 NELDA MILLER Business Education Allied Youth '57-'58-'59 Y-teens '57-'58 Red Cross '57-'58-'59 DONITA MYERS Business Educofion Allied Youth FBLA Junior Achievements Y-teens ROSETTA NELSON Business Education DON W. NEWBERRY WANDA NEWMAN CAROLYN NICHOLSON TOMMY NUNN i in l., 1 ai ? UDF ,... W-- ' . Q 65115 T Gv' K 9- hn- Gi i diiflbs. -115 'R ' l f ' - . 'Y'-'f ' S L 'W Ln 'Will 'i Us sm in ., mm ,vs 'Du nl! fii af . 1:-w---f X, K 'x M, f... .1- PATSY ODOM Business Education MELBA O'GWYNN Business Education FTA Allied Youth OSCAR CSONNYJ OBEL Engineering Drafiing MIKE OLGUIN SYLVIA OLIVER PEGGY ORR ,wi N UE PARTEN ANCHE PATINO ARY PATINO usiness Education Y-teens ED FATE lachine Shop IMMY PEEL Disfribufive Educafion DECA Safe-teens iOBERT PENDERGRASS 'hofography Annual Stuff Bowling Club Pres. of VIC Chap. 81 Allied Youth mmf egg FM j V J FU' 'Q' if A N -in 'isa -A if T BENNY ORTEGA Engineering Draffing ROTC Drill Team VIC Safe-teens DOROTHY OWEN Business Educafion Student Council National Honor Sociefy Red Cross Allied Youth MARTHA PACE BUDDY PADDOCK Elecfric Shop Vice-pres. of VIC Chap. 65 ROTC Staff PHYLLIS PALMER Cosmetology Sofeeteens KENNETH PARKS Aeronautics ROTC Staff 9 F rf-N IWW ug.-... if is--f' - -' ,. -MW 9-s Y 1 ,, f- -. U Egg X' I , t sf , Kx JERRY PIPPEN Commercial Art Baseball Team Bowling Club PAT PLUMLEE MARGARET POLLARD BETTY THOMAS Business Education FTA Allied Youth Pep Squad DELMER POPE Photography Football Safe-teens JO ANN POWERS 'IR :Q :sf N r ,, Nui RAMONA PEREZ Business Education Vice-pres. of Yteens The Bulldog Staff National Honor Tech Green Wave VIRGINIA PEREZ Business Education Y-teens Dance Club JO ANN JERKINS Business Education NEIL PETERS Aeronautics ROTC Staff Drill Team BEATRICE PHILLIPS Academic Y-teens RONALD PIERCE Radio VIC Band AIN-V 1+ Hb .. fqvx EVE PRICE sfribufive Educafion Red Cross DECA 'GGY PRUITT siness Education VID QUINTIN mmerciol Ari Pres. of VIC Chapter 88 FTA Annual Staff ARLENE RANCHER eramics VIC EBECCA RAMIREZ usiness Educafion Y-teens ERRY WINSTON REESE eronaufics DriII Team VIC wr-, -Xie MARY REESE Cosmetology Skating Club LINDA REGER RICHARD RENEGAR Machine Shop Reporter of VIC C Safe-teens FRED RIEBE Elecfric Shop VIC Chapter 61 FTA Allied Youth Band 'JOE ROBERSON PEGGY ROBERSON Business Educclfion LESLIE ROBINSON Machine Shop AY International President President of N. H. S. FTA Rifle Team MARTHA ROBlNSON Business Education FBLA Red Cross Chorus Allied Youth LINDA RODEN Business Education Secretary of Senior Class Sec.-treas. of Stu. Coun. 1X '91 PATRICIA RODGERS LUPE RODRIQUEZ Machine Shop VlC Chapter 62 SERAFIN RODRIQUEZ Machine Shop ROTC Drill Team VIC we-am ,Xb Psxte vw' IEA 'G' A t ' '-Yr .'. ' 23 LENORA ROGERS Engineering Drafting President of Pep Squad VIC Chop. 64 Sweetheart Allied Youth FTA JOHNNY ROGERS BOB RUFFNER Welding Shop Band VIC ARMIDA RUlZ Homemaking President of FHA JERRY RUSHING Machine Shop Student Body President Junior Class President Sophomore Favorite Junior Favorite JERRY RUSSELL Commercial Art Baseball Team Bowling Club :FTS fin YVONNE RUTTAN Photography ANN RYAN BARBARA SANDERS Business Education National Honor Society Allied Youth SIFUENTES Education Volleyball Team TRICIA SEMAN siness Education SIE SHARP ience National Honor Society Allied Youth FTA Pep Squad MER SHEPPARD ood Shop E SHRIVER ramics Soph. Class Reporter Senior Class Vice-President Allied Youth FTA JNNE SHUGART Jsiness Education Secretary of FBLA FTA l National Honor Society Dance Club LONNIE SANDERS Machine Shop VIC Chapter 62 ALBERT SALINAS 55' rv'- 'kt wr'-"' We Aeronautics Football VIC Track Red Cross MINDA SCOTT Business Education National Honor Society fa- .sf li iff' vm 1 ff' MILTON SNOW Radio 8. TV ROTC Staff Drill Team Annual Staff MARY SMITH DOROTHY SPARKMAN VICKIE SPENCER Business Educafion Allied Youth ' RUBY SPIGENER Business Educafion 4- I ,qs LINDA SIMMONS Business Educafion JOHNNY SIMS Aeronaufics Football VIC Chop. 74 GRACE SINGER Denial Assislance JOHN M. SMITH Machine Shop JOHNNY W. SMITH Prinf Shop Bulldog Staff JIMMIE SNOW Disfribufive Educafion DECA Red Cross ss- - Y-Q '- ILM! ' 1' , J x N , 4 il Assy ii I, wsu J, I s - X . , A .xi NBP' I 4' kgs 31- Sweetheart VIC Chop. 76 Wt' 'C' Y-teens Pep Squad Chorus CHARLES SPIVEY Aeronautics ew-I 4 ' AN SPRINKLE siness Education siness Educafion FBLA VERLY SPURLOCK osmefology ROTC Sponsor '56-'57 VIC Skating Club Dance Club LPH STAPP adio 81 TV Baseball Skating Club Allied Youih HAP' OTTF STEINMETZ Art National Honor Society Volleyball Red Cross STIDHAM Educafion STOCKARD Safe-teens WM" VU! :pw we 5 ' x il H 1 T? W9-g f'K"vP 'Q is T..-A GLENDA STONE Business Educaiion Y-teens Red Cross BARBARA STOUT Homemaking FHA FTA Volleyball Team Allied Youth BEVERLY STOVALL Business Eclucaiion Red Cross FHA . Y-teens THELMA SWEENEY Academic MIKE SWINNEY Aufo Shop LARRY SHURGOT Academic TRUDIE TEMPLETON Business Education Y-teens . Allied Youth Pep Squad Safe-teens ROY THAMES Electric Shop VIC ROTC JEAN THEDFORD Dental Assistance Student Council FBLA Safe-teens LINDA THOMAS Business Education FBLA Y-teens Junior Achievemen LINDA THOMAS Dental Assistance Allied Youth VlC Y-teens SHIRLEY THOMPSON Business Education Pres. of District FBLA Secretary of Junior Class Drum Mariorette ROBERT THORNHILL Distributive Education Treasurer of DECA Red Cross SUE TINAR Business Education Y-teens MARY TREJO JAMES TROXEL CORA TRUJILLO WESLEY TRUSSELL Business Education Drill Team Safe-teens Skating Club IVA LEE TURPIN Business Education KENNY UMSTEAD Disfribufive Educafion ADELINE URANGA Business Educaiion Tennis Team Secretary of Y-teens FTA MARION VAN NOY Auio Mechanic CHRISTINE VASQUEZ Denial Assisfant FBLA Student Council Red Cross ,57 Secretary VIC DOLORES VASQUEZ Business Educafion Y-Teens Pep Squad ,ww K mv 5 fix... Vive BILLYE NELLE TUCKER Disfribufive Education Secretary D.E.C.A. JOHNNY TUCKER Wood shop FTA VIC TOMMY TUC KER Wood shop FTA VIC PAUL TUDOR Machine Shop ELIZABETH TURNAGE Homemaking PATSY TURPEN Business Educafion I Q if A 'f Lge. 'TI' N if REGINA WALKER Academic CAROL WALLACE Denial Assisfance VIC Chop1er T59 Red Cross FBLA Y-ieens DELTON WELBORN LAVERNE WELBORN Distribuiive Educaiion DECA FHA PAT WETHERINGTON BARBARA WHITE Academic 1-N Iii -L- 'If' MARY LOU VASQUEZ Homemaking FHA Safe-teens ARCHIE VEAL Business Educafion FIDEL VEGA Print Shop VIC Chapter 60 Track The Bulldog Staff MARY HELEN VASQUEZ Business Educaiion Pep Squad Y-teens NANCY WADSWORTH Business Educaiion Safe-Yeens HAROLD WAGGONER Auio Shop VONNE WHITE hotography VIC EANETTE WHITT AT WICKERSHAM ommercial Art VIC FTA Allied Youth Y-teens TOMMY WILKINSON Radio 8. TV AROL JEAN WILMOTT Business Education Allied Youth .IO ANN WILSON Business Education Chorus Pep Squad EP 'F-if er - ras. A ,2"'m,. "fx:- P? 5 ss QT?-if -nur" 'Ki Mfihi abs' "Q 5 ik :QQ 'Nw is -..,.., I I I e A a at 8, , 11' ' x Ex, r F T - I g . MURRELL WILSON Auto Shop DON WINFIELD Radio 8. TV Pres. of VIC Chap. 6'I JACKIE WOMACK Machine Shop Allied Youth Basketball Bulldog Staff JIMMY WOOD Auto Shop VIC SARAH WOODSON BILL WRIGHT Academic Business Editor of Annual Rifle Team Co-coptoin Allied Youth National Honor Society BRENDA WRIGHT Photography VIC Y-Teens JANE WRIGHT Dental Assistance VIC Red Cross Skating Club C. G. WYLES Print Shop Allied Youth Student Council Safe-teens VIC Chapter 60 CAROLYN WYLIE J. T. WYLIE Auto Shop NORMA WYLIE f MARJORIE YANDELL ANDRES YBARRA Engineering Drafting Engr. Drafting Who's Who National Honor Society JO ANN YOUNG Distributive Education Treasurer of DECA Q! I- -3 Charles Alford Carolyn Batson Fern Bruce Johnnie Cain Kenneth Caldwell Joy Cheairs Dueiean Clements Patsy Chenault .lan Coston Graduates who have maintained an "A" average, thus qualifying themselves for mem- bership in the National Honor Society, are given special recognition by the school. Most of these students have been NHS members all three years. Tech is especially proud of the records of this group for they have set a standard for other students to use as their goal. CN -Ea- LYNNE SHUGART BARBARA SPARKS CHARLOTTE STEINMETZ BILL WRIGHT MARJORIE YANDELL ANDRE5 YBARRA LUCRECIA MILLER DOROTHY OWEN JIMMIE PRIDDY RAMONA PEREZ LESLIE ROBINSON MINDA SCOTT ' F11-ff KN If Q r. gn I I IWII NNA RUTH DENTON EAETTA FINLEY LGA GARCIA OCELYN GRIMES ELBA HISER OWARD JANELL Aa'm , gf IU' I A, V 72. II I A -Q-M if Y xx. NS- IK' ,g . ,AWN Q' . .-v x mags X, 4 , 'Sz , I. 1+:,,,, WL .Juv 1 I I Im ZR W BH BIZXA 3 , I' A 1 Ia I AA I A I I HI . I 'VI i.g,'I' zz f ia I III, A A IRAQ I 4g-vw qw IDA JEAN KUNSCHICH BARBARA LOBB JONEEN McCORKLE LOUELLA MADEWELL AGNES MARR DON MARTIN of Y T1 g iw 'ESQ my ms S, . a Twista Among Gfuuluatea Tech seniors have had a difficult time this year with four boys in their class. There have been times when they thought they were seeing double. Really it often became very serious when someone said, "Hi, Johnny," or "Hi, Don," and received only a cold stare. The reason-- it wasn't Johnny, but Tommy, it wasn't Don, but David. These good- looking boys have also dealt their teachers no small amount of trouble. Though they are mannerly and courteous, they cannot resist playing a ioke occassionally on both teachers and fellow students alike. The entire class feels it a great honor to have had these two sets of twins in their midst. l David and Don Leeper were Wood Shop maiors having been in Tech for three years. They both play baseball for the school. Dan was Vice- president of Red Cross and David was president of his VIC Chapter lost year- David also received the honor of being selected as Who's Who in Wood Shop this past year. Tommy and Johnny Tucker came to Tech from Tom S. Lubbock School in Lubbock, Texas. They have both crowded much into their two years here, as both have been active in Wood Shop VlC where Tommy was Vice-president and Johnny was Sgt.-at-arms. They also belonged to The Future Teachers Club and were selected as delegates to the State Convention in Denton. Where there was activity, Tommy and Johnny could always be found, even popping corn. i N 4 rmduateAol,'60llaveaBu1ig germ Besides Pat Stokley, Secretary,-Class President, James Herring, was assited by: Judy Gibson, Treasurer, Pat Pruitt, Vice-president, Paul Hinman, Chairman of Social Activities, Virginia Barbee, Artist in Charge of Publicity, Karen Clark, Chairman of Decorations Committee, Billy Hamm, Class Representative for Yearbook, and Delores Whitmire, Reporter, lnot picturedi. This Junior Class was made up of students who definitely work, and that is iust what a class must have for a success- ful year. The first event of the year was a wiener roast and hayride which served as a get-acquainted party for the entire school- The big project of the year was to finance and give the Ju nior-Senior Prom. The class was very proud of this activity as it was held at Ridglea Country Club which was beautifully decorated in white and gold carrying out Spring Serenade theme. The music was furnished by Freshman Adam's seven piece orchestra. Outside of working for others, they enioyed iust being together in classes. It wa a big moment in their lives when they received their rings and had the ring turning officially making them Senior Class of '60, fi 'I".o ffl F "av 'll u ,.1 Mita.. Mrs. Helen Drake Q. Sponsor Mrs. Louise Holland Mr, Edwin Stoorza Sponsor Sponsor hifi? Q S, 51 5 3 A Q "-2? g ff... M .mx ,Q Q -A , R .- ,-41, - .fi ..:.:..:.:.:.-1 A . - ' f-,gf Q is . :-.:::-:.: .:. ., , e-:- V - is nu is -. - , fm H E A i is N LE .,.,.,. is - ,L 4,- we Ratt 2 . L' . ,, X i " X 1 vi 2 a in ' A i M am Q if F 3 Q 1 3255 M 1 N -km... . f 24 e is-. E .JJ a ggmxm Q 3. .. .: .... ef 2 QL 211 fe ,L ,a .Fi-4 fx ., K 5. ,Q N S- 5 I CQ, l 354 , 'E is W ee A J L. if 2 Q +P gxge 5 f i ,, ,U A -j,g:.'s-:.. :-:::f- sy L .K .,. .., -- r, ix ,Z - k A it if ya L X dip A iv: ? Q q 'LS .Q S, W. kjvig a 'sl ! W, if 2 5 , '4 2 - .Ls E , . - Feefieefie ' , , - 1 wifgiwgm' " 1 5 A 'ZEE13 .f , I . ' E ' 4 B25 yi" fait ,. . , -A I ww it A ,E ip, sfo- 1 ,QQ Q' . ISI fa " f f ------ - ' - S if gg i Q2 55:13 I, L Q R ,. x 1. 5 4 ' iiliifiii ifl ff - XA , 1 X so if , -M A . K f.:"'.Ti'ii ' E-E i il 'lo'-1 ' if 1 X 1, " .Ti ' '. V vs , fisw, J QSM , ,Q 4 57 L .. , Aj 5 5 M - , .. , L A -1- ..., ,W ' ' ' in " . ifm X L ' . '-f ., .. J W N, , al: A ,ff ff ,r J? 2 2. , , sf v:' Y ' L , 52 'J A 1 'ij r tml '- J 1- 6 Q ' f 1 '- Mn - " 1 if ,.,. ,,,k. , , . V::.. iz, i ..,,. , .EEE 1' E v, ., ' gi I -. :ii 1 :vw it if m y L may L -- . VV W K w"'., A , fl l Mwst, ....., -Ei-:a:g:::-:L E' " 3 s"f'2' I F. 45,42 .:.:::, -' L 'lilqigxv Q . Mi is em 3 'Ll a 5 H4 M , QW U wx 2 ef gl 1 k 1 . 4? K E r L L L W E We ,L D 54 we A 1 F B E B Q his 4 E Maximo Angeles Juanita Araujo Cliff Arnspiger Daniel Arredondo Wayne Athy f . H' :Q F Jean Allen Lynda Allen Joe Agiular Yolanda Aquilar Loyd Aishman Jr. Larry Alexander Bobbye June Alford Steven Allencastre Dianne Allison also Maxlne Avant What's so funny with Theta his L ,EY 5? V Wfg and Vel Louise Babbit Joyce Baker Olivia Balandraw Virginia Barbee me 2 -63 da? Larry Barger Nancy Barnard Jackie Barnett Johnny Barron Ernest Bartosh Brenda Bachelor Charlene Battenfield Murl Jo Battenfield Betty Bauman Wanda Beauchamp 9 Jay Beavers Carey Beck Nancy Beck Earl Bellows cemtgso 4 if l L. Carl Langley seems puzzled. Albert Blumenthal Boyd Boler Armon Booth James Bowen Lois Bowler A., .Ll a bit Judith Blackburn Larry Blackwood Freddy Blankenship Arlenne Blubaugh Don Benne Jack Benson Raymond Berber Kay Berg David Berry James Berry J. 'r me - in ." 6 ,Ar ,.,r 6 QA! 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Ray Ennis Silver Escalante Sammy Espiricueta Bernice Esters Richard Evans Sandra Elliott Richard Elliott Terry Ellis Larry Emlich 4-.M S' 72 Bill Dyson Gerald Dyson Wanda Early Virgil Edson Rudy Elizondo Peggy Elliott "lain: .-3551 I . J , . N ', lv ble-7' . , ,-rm, , fel f" 'l ll . ,"7' ' :Lf 1 X l 1. 2' D' i?!'a! -Vg!" ' lg f- i IH: sw: 3 Q E ,ii gig V, E' ll A J f i W. l so .Q ' M' - rr t "--,. 1' xr: E , f'i 1W"f r 'f--f is f r' s r -E he 0 E ' l ll i L X lp, " '. ' A . l iw' in -J A.,.i,,o.l'li, 'jg Us i , i X I View Q is. in is 1 iv mass as Q ,mm mu - is Q fa 'fam E352 hz-x Q is n a 7'- is ' rf' 3 ' W F H ,wus ii" mn me-t w - .A . , .-femme xvfkff is mm ---- r Tim Q . ..:.:.:. la! 1 rj J" K :V 2, 5 Aiifpnll'-':s. ' - " rams '- MA - 9 " an 'f- .fluffy 1 ::" 'E it Q E H I K Y 'A' H 1 1 l 3 is W " -' ' U XY : ras' r.: Z X I H .: :.:.:.: .rim .:.:.:.:.:.:.: eq B :.:- L , .:. :.:2.:. " .5 ,., 1 I Z 5 gsgw iiiiziii 2? Q - Q '- - . 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I H W ziz . Azbf LA VA:-: :IA ' H+ of M Rl , ill' Il . '- I+ i "Lots of traffic", says Velda Riley Lynn McDonald Mary McElwaril1 Rilda Mclnnis Sharon McGrath Howard McKee Doug McKinney Margaret McKinney .lerald McMullins Sue McRimmson .lo Ann Loveless Judi McClung Maxine McClure Bill McCraken Jerry McCrory Rheba McDaniel tl -:U LQ ll .ll - V .. , ' V D QQ- 1 , N,-n I. xl -. ,:,' 1 'cf K 1-x.. , 1 .3 ,1!yZl,',3y,1f 'Q .v .3 'MS' f'l'f'Jr'f'ff'.'.'rL2ln L " l Q-1 'V 'ul' . 'E 'cr , ,I s ' X wh' l , r , 1 ' gl . Mi,-.,y I , , . 1 or wwe 1. Q' k' L 1 'U FP or V 3 z 'S' 1" x .rf- rnn' l -r -Y I" :gf HW - M.: wee ,tag HE? mgimz- WE' gm, , sm an SSE if an :Um- a wen, new is n- is -lv Q is ix Q we mn is new mn -nm an E 5 gamma E E , M ,Z 153253 If if-a ZX A :H , K K fnfygk H S if, 1- iz 1 ffl-'ft 1'4" ,a:l.g,..l 1116! ,lllif 05,5 will fi? 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Charlotte Morton Joe Mosqueda Charles Munn Mimi Muldrow Judy Murray Ron Morris Mike Morrison Barbara Jean Marrow Rebecca Morris Q.. ,fs S- Q5- .fx X I' a 'K-'IH EE mr? mm - va 5 5 is Qi? is 5 me - Hmm 1-"' V Wat. mmsj K ,OFM :ss .ii , is A - H " JY, E s it f . ' ' ' . ..,. r ' nm ,. ii J 1 .-tag W ::r'f5:i2!f!is:E!Et': ':.. g.: M Y' 'f A if ' 3' I' i :.:.a:5 is E is .3 ,M f.f.f.f na as is W." so .,. -5:sa5i5E5a:- Ev 1' ' ., :.E.E.5:.::3:.: 5 is A E W Z: H H E W s :.,'f':f-j.,Q,. SA Q15 ., H H. Q s ',ff,f ' 1 -' fe .l J, ,I 1 3 M an ss W E .. 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David Rench Dollie Rentroe Allice Renteria Raymond Reyero Tommy Rhodes Eddie Reddell Donald Reed Barbara Reeves Doyce Reid Beverly Ray Bertha Ray Judy Ray Wynelle Ray Angie Razo Leon Reasony 43 J grief. l If -15" Af I 1 l l x 66' V -fn. .-E .. sr Sin-.F 1 -1,1 we-elf zz mlm sam Y -,. E :ww E s 5 B. is ' s s is sf , is is s 2 ig ' .. H H H E B JE: .: is is is ,s 2 is s is ., is 4.15: . ,. K ss ,. :. 'IQI .ei ,,,.Q 'QIQQ .. IQ, JL ' . sg is -ir i. .. :,.,..,. , .3 .. E .,.. ' 1 H . is :.:2s::.:.:.: Q s . -.: Q :Q -,Q Ex K Y "if'EaE2:::E?? i'f'ifE .,:.:-.:-: EEE . , 51525 -1:1255 W - 'gg sis E is E E - :fi E " 5 -5, 5, ......... . . . H f.:.:,E::::.: s if I ' Sf YES 3 , , 'V' if . 5 1 3 s si' N x S, m 3 as 1 ,missy im .sf s Velda Riley Dolores Riveria Gaylo Roberson Barbara Robinson Tommy Rich Ellen Richards Charlie Richardson Kenneth Richardson Troy Richardson Cllazmsl,60 "Which is the Bulldog?" 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David Stevens Eugene Smith Jimmy Smith Leon Smith Linda Smith Marie Smith Michael Smith Robert Smith Rodney Smith Scotty Smith Beverly Smoot Juanita Smoot Ronald Snow Elizabeth Snyder Freddie Solan GL. a Hope Solis Denna Sparks Boyd Speer Bobby Spiney I 'jg camigso ll X le I "What's up!" Deanna Short Ronald Stephens Richard Stephens A. J. Stewart Carolyn Stewart Cleddie Stillwell David Stegall Billy Stennett David Stevens Jimmy Stephens Joe Spracio Frances Sprengel Bill Sprowl Barbara Squires Peggy Stacy James Stallcup V 1. E5-6. . lil li ll l1ll'vffll' :ll llll 4 f'l ll . t SS B EQ W ...ill ,... My E' V .:. ,' P' Y E l r' ,'- w . Q! ,v H , H , . 9w,,,,fi as is as it ,V 5 l I a ms wx ww EE an E was me ss ss mt me is E we is new me mm w a an ms ms may ms a as W mga Kg E a is a is m 5:-5.5. .."., .. ,txz Y1-1 ,- - ' .2 .1-.-:::a.E -5:5 lp .: -:- W ..- jj -I- ...........5Eg..,. qgbf- K K " i Qii giiz... ...eff sie '- . 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Thompson Loretta Timmons George Tippens Jo Ann Toepher Jesse Torres Yolanda Torres Jessie Torrez Gail Trammell Alice Truiillo Annie Trujillo 0560 aff' that for you or the monkey's" James Herring Carolyn Waits George Wakefield Martha Walraverl Martha Walters Joe Warren Raymond Truiillo James Turner Rosie Velasquez Victor Valdez Tony Vasquez Charlea Vedder Eliseo Vega Sherry Wagoner -F -3 , 'Nr Delores Valle Thomas Valle Carlotta Vandiver Gloria Vasquez Joe Vasquez Manuel Vasquez , E . A -1- ' 4 E33 1 7, H E. if EQ A 1 44 " Q iii 5: if if 1" E5 ,.,.,.: 45: xg 4.15.5 .:, ' H ,. ,:,. .,.,.,.,.:5:5:, af Wm tg 5 -: -:- .:-5-:-: 22:25:24 Qg Q :-: ,EE ,,.:t E .:.:., 5 iii , .. 'gg ' 4 Sea-Qs: , -- W M H K H H . 15 H 'I flaw we .1 A 184i 3' -ii . Q , ll , 'Q , -Ut, 1 if ? A' li' . tl 6 . 4 ll , 41 l ,ui if' ,Ian L ml gm --f t F fs 'nf is mi. sim im -me we me xx is EQ 5 K., , .. .. 3 w as -sg E X is 5. 2 : V H 1 s , H H, .X ,X s . V K I W W l 5 sg E rf 1 sm 1 I y xv .... . 5 i Q mam is -Z Y EQ Hz ' Q Q , ,. , 1 -x 55 -4 z 3 I ..,, - .K .,gE Ms A - . - 32, 3-333332 333. iif:r:ri2i B 'H 11-3 . :I"llf.'. ., .......... 9, ' H 33f353ig5g5g,j, j,j 5, ,.- :..f:.......e..::.... ..... I . W ., 4, K "W H 1 ,.,.,. 33 H .. Z -A H H Q it ...... . 3 2 - - 5 5 ee S -1: H L -f W . M-A is :-: - ififiiiii- is- E5- Q F' -.L 3' E B ' . E s s 'sr3'EiEi3Z3i3E3iE33E.:aZ3 .A J w fl ,f rf.. - . .,... .......,.,.,.'... i .i ,i .-fc:-., ..... 5 :. M. . U A D5 3: 3 --'-- -W i so 3 4 lllwi . I t...I I.I:I5I-5. E 1 5. I-Q-gk gg .i a Q 5 2 .3 .3:- 1- :asia si ? f-f- sf 1 5, ' - V -V ' SA' xi HX il PK Nan White James Whitley Dolores Whitmire Phillip Whitte Terry Whorton Bill Wilcoxson sis EQELSEW H A 35.-3.,..-::agI -'Misa .1-e:-:':... V A -rf: II l-1: ,,. 3. "ll ' f, iv ,., ., ..., 5. ,.g.,. ,.,E I." ii--: - 5 :- ii W it is si 4 Us M - - I am 'g 1' ir' 4' E is . .st is .. B 1.--I-r:aszsas':zsa,-.. ,E H 55353. ,- II II II III 7 N aus ss 1 is is E ex ms 5 x is in xx J 4. s 1 ii K If I H 1 5 Ns . H Em it ur H R fi I K i lf' M a is Q m V 1 xi ms mf: msn ws mn is is W its is Joel Werla nd Edna West Norma Westmoreland Barbara Whetsel m w is Dorothy Waters Tom Watson Donald Wedel Johnnie Weems Theta Welty liao . Q s E E as as his H si? -me is M551 I J 2 sl ms Bi Goodness, please don't drop him. Mike Wilhelm Jimmy Williams Peggy Williams Dale Wilson :g i AQEH E EZE igg sgymm wma Io .,.III:: QI .:. 1 B H -2- ':' :l: . ' H .-::E H ai' ei.: B H P i H Eli lil m' :-: ,:f :::u:. , Him S, N E W m,w:ms.fQ 9: ... .. I Fgwg-. E 3. Sis , e 3 f .1 3333323.. -we--32' Q - 3-f 3 H - 3 3 3 E H E M me : . " . ' ' E H W I I III .III. . 5.5 D 4 l . f .3 W jj ,Z I wif dt Sandra Wilson Karen Woolley Bob Wood Joe Wood Joe Wood Patsy Wood Frank Woods Sammy Woodward Ronald Wortham Alva wright Ronnie Wyatt Wayne Warren Carolyn Young Juanita Young also lf Carmen Zomorono Jerry Zamaripo Eva Zavqlo ls. si X 6 ' J QS . 3 ., ,,f4. , Girls clon't swoon so over Stephen! 1-- X , W ,EW W V555 , , 1 Sm og 1961 A., rf Secretary Barbara Hampton cmd President Richard Hungerford Jaw QS, W miggm , mi EM H 1 x S 2 1 as-. HM ,M ,, Rim M Mgwir X:-an H HQ ' f , M mi MIA ma A V "Va 'miss 3' - iz V Y Km ss ix f N., rf N -QLQZUH W Wm Zim Yr. ms mn sf bi we :pg 52 D2 'Q ,ff H H -7 .us ass ws az ss wa as a sm- as sm ,.. fr : .al Q ,rl Q 5 , fs-H' wer, w, ,Q re E ss is ii 32 'N N Q XE ,kim XENA! A52 4 :FY TQ f Q X ' :F Qin ps f -- ..: .... s,f:.: .. .-5: Q Q1 7' 1 1 , , x. fx .,,x ,au X N X X B as m X U , H sf rx wh wx sf' , , L, 2 ' :E5::22ff 'F rr K 2 1? - H ig . -ESE: .- YR 'i:i... Fiff. Q . x ':-.1.::-:.-Q.,-V.: s-: : -1 -4 .r , I :aaa--:g:::, -:Zi " .. . Q ...,.:..E,:-zz: I H I 4 , ,Q L .7 S K ., -- , , Q f f K r f! , K x wi .. ,! i - . Q1 is H 2a .,:g,. -. Q jgizm :s. .1 ,Q - H Q "nf n m E . E:E ' S8 B sm gm 1 ,Zi N S H ff 'iw ji ,Q K. fggizp " E59 W an I, -Q f. , - -r 3 " B X8 Yi ' Q EI Z ,f r Q fs B M W A , N K , H Z H H ,, 5, MQM1 B, ,V M W Z- Q I V fx X' 3 Q i v , - . zz: 1 5 iff" Z if A ' 2' f.. .f. H 7 X as .. -si' " L: M W :::- .rg M W ag ti gg' H Q: . gg? :Elm Tlx 1, B Egg N4 ,Q H H a me rx xx I H if Ena- ss .EZW ' my nw: ,s A ra a ww QS' ,ma M 5. Www Z W MW rf Eggs Q s H 5 Z , ws 'mx , 'FQ ,, if .FQ W. S m ' 5 .V W I M mf 1 115 1: Q 3 fx wi 1 2 6lmiwl,6l I I X if V . , ii! A ln addition to class President Richard Hungerford and Secretary Barbara Hampton: Al Curlee, Social Chair man, Mary Barley, Reporter, Linda Britton, lst Vice-president, Suzie Booth, Publicity Chairman, and Pat Cam pau, Treasurer. Beverly Sykora, 2nd Vice-preSiClef1f Knot PlCfUfeCll- The sophomore class has started off their three years at Tech with a bang. To begin with they were first in the magazine sale in which they were awarded 516247. The class picnic was held April TO at Forest Park. Everyone that was there thoroughly en- joyed himself. The sophomores have been represented in foot- ball, baseball, track, ROTC and cheerleaders. Gloria Davie, Barbara Hampton, Diann Hollingsworth, Vivian Hughes, Linda Jackson, Billy King, Rena Lester, Sherry McKee, Sharon Perritt, Ann Pigford, Martha Reed and James Walker were initiated into the National Honor Society. Thirteen sophomores received a bronze Leonard Star Award. lr- Sy- wf 'T' ' 1 ll Mr. Roy Mrs. Turner Mrs' Mobley Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor ayne Abbott ouglas Akins haron Alexander ony Alibizo 'Frank Aliandro I Ann Allen Johnny Alvarado Maria Alvarez Joe Amoro ceamlst Patty Kuehl "That darn bell' Auld Avino Ayala Ayala H. Ayala Charlie Ashby Martha Ashby Auttie Ashton Wayne Atchison .ff -.JI George Anderson Rita Anderson Beltran Arelano Ray Armand Marqueita Arrington Sally Arteago E W 3- H N 5- f? 4 I Q s 35.5 'x i .,-pp. v,-r , -U K 1 ,. 3 Z' A 7' .. w' fam if i, f4 1 ne' - 7-vp ' ,1 -I ,K ' .1- nslml L' l , 5 i 5 A 5 X v 'Y M' ' , e , i Larry Barnes Mary Barnes Ronald Barnes Aralie Barron Charlotte Barton Charles Batchelor 1906 R. rw y .,- 1 4. ,ff f l lb .J L, Hector Baltierra Mary Barker Ruth Barker Mary Barley Howard Baird Johnny Baker Katherine Baker Richard Ball Danny Ballew Cllazuiol, 61 1 J i m m y Crocker , Charle Bellows "Sgt Caldwell's Ambitious cadets." Sue Bateman Barbara Baugus Raymond Baugus Brenda Beauchamp Melva Beauchamp George Belcher Brenda Bell Maurice Bell Richard Bell harles Bellows tty Bennett dy Ann Bennett enneth Bennett aron Bennett A B i 2 , V,V" . 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Spencer Jerry Sprawls Tommy Stocy Jimmy Steiger Jimmy Stomp Jimmy Stornes Claw ol 61 Glenda Lowe Getting in o little primping M x before her next class. ,' " Carol Stout Edward Stout Charlene Stratton Lindo Strong Sharon Stuart ,X -. . , , lax L W lr' H Ju' , Q, Qld, . Q '-'- a N. 2 4 Srfgilif, ' . we Q FE' 1, B5 if ' .9 F W W H ' .. , SQ ?g M 'N - ' Q S gr ii? . , 'wig ll, A my H eff gi: gf A f EN . , S l ,:. .': ' "-- Q- N V if-'iiiigyliig Q. ' n GT Q 2'5" C Nancy Tarrant Larry Tate Melton Taylor Mary Telford Donald Terry Betty Thigpen v-f' Joe Swiger Beverly Sykora Brenda Taber Sharon Tanner Wade Thomas J Edna Thompson Sue Thrash Tommy Thrasher 114- Ronold Stubbs David Sustaita Jerry Sustala Billie Swainn Frances Sweeney mtg 61 'x Jane Holland Jacquiline Ticknor John Tiffay Janice Tiller Joyce Tinar Elizabeth Tischler 3 ,. i gsm: mf Kgzmw Ex.: 1 .,.. 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Lqrry Woods - Hg - 5 -:. 31 Dorothy Wright ' gfj 2' :Sze 2. ...gifgf 22 . -I- 2- 2, 2 2 sk. im -iff , 2222 - -- ff. -. 5 . :- ' ,x- Fi x 2 I I I III .,,, I 1 5 'is' - 2 2 - I. KI if M461 Ian Youngblood olancla Zamarand osephine Zamora obert Zarate illy Zumwalt Jim York Margaret Young Peggy Young Ralph Young - - g . 2,.. -N Glenn Wright Linda Wright Nancy Wylie Cecil Yandell Ben B. Yarborough Refugio Ybarra ""W'FL5 E E75 ii --magafnssmmwx m QE s -mm ,mrs w M-Wa .- . Ig? Hr K in 5 mx of a ww am lm fi - 22.1 . - ,.,.,., .:2:.,.. I. -. . HIE I W 22 , . .,., jg' EEE 22 2. - I Q , 2.2-2.222:ew.- .. . ,I .-.-.-. H-I:. is --f T t .,...... .I.I...I.g, I I I.I 5. ... ....-.-E-...3s.a...l! -- --- IIIIIIIIII E I II Q .-. 25: .-.-.-. - ' " 'i' 'i' ESE. 2 E L 'will 5 - ms II ss as nm E E Bag .fw- 2 2 E- WE I mm!-I -- PW -f 5 a Q '2 - 1 Emi gm m x H-E an H W. M -is ws -W W gn mst-Q -1 'Q gg we Q -aj I - QI.,-gggg 5 II .-. 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Il J . me ms A- mm ms . 5: m---in if ive um'-ss amz: I.-e Q :nn am s mm me Y- -:fam-ma: -.mrs w xx I II :EQ 'I sw ' -- - .... 2 525.-.-E.. v .Im mrs ss sis sta gd-Q em Tmas 1 Q A rss I mms -25 --2-. xiii -.-.-.IIIITEIIIM I 1 . -.- ,-..,-... III 222- -, 52 QRS -- sm r. ml 1 il? me a ms ms my. mm- 'sf 'S ales an - Q gm xml .. wid - --5 It :Amg- 3253? 59 K 3 as amz x Q -X1 in N .gg ss g, ' 'fri K gf wmv nm - 5- s amp wma' QE ' . .5 xg gs .-15-5 IEI II WST mmf E B me Q1 Wim Eggs Q I- K Q.. - I5 . .2 H . I ws ss .MQ g, BMW H gm 5 ms X g gf x X B H ar nz --r.-..-.-. -gs :-2 m .. 2:1 E IL is ry 2552 A K I 1 is H 5. in. x H 'E .rf II . . -1' H M 555 Q if ug 1 gn 2 E g mg 1 A -9 re nj -- ww 2 me ms Deanna Short and Allan Wilson "I'm used to the dances back home in Arkansas." Mrs. Drake-"Boy, it sure gets hot around here." it - Yes-iff, Jan Coston and Betty Jones-"Two can do it better than one." l THE! ty E 3 x l . A , 5 H- ,QB A ' ,X 4.15-V Jan Coston - How many times have I told you to never use cheat sheets, Jan? Bill Wright-lover in disguise. Silver Escalante-me worry? f n -118- Who spiked the punch- Graves?? ey- Milton Snow rolls his W 9 l - , Mr. and Miss Tech Senior Favorites Junior Favorites Sophomore Favorites Runners-Up 120'- :.g:...".r.1. V ,, ,. , 1 I: ,..,.X pa '4 '55-ff z. - w : Hs, ,Q X 5 g . Q--f -xv f::,,..f.q- :3 J ff wg all--N Linda Martin mm 1 22" , . Mn.amiMim Y F. Leslie Robinson .if 1' i . F Q 7,141,512 Thomas Hudson mmm mn an 'RHHB vixez x :mm -123 ew hx in x 3 Q 4: m f JV Shirley Thompson N I Imam. 1 -'- 1- 4- . ,. ,, E f-ff-1-f .K-.,.., .A . Lv LE Q5 KV .. v e z s Leslie Burks Fawzitm 9, Richard Hungerford 125 mn mm www. sed? am fm x as NE NE in mm ag E f Liggiisfmm Ann Perry x 55.9 xx K r 16? Eddy Lyne Pat Chenoult James Herring Anna Ruth Denton '-. Manuel Castillo 'I 2.6- Deanna Short r Andres Ybarru A Sharon Denton 0 luis- who 'QL s J's I ROBERT PENDERGRASS has not only been photog- MARJORIE YANDELL is the most outstanding hair rapher for the annual, but for all school proiects as stylist in Cosmetology. well. He has certainly earned Who's Who in Photog- raphy- OUTSTANDING BILLE NELL TUCKER, with her ability to get along KENNETH PARKS has proven his ability in Aeronau- with all people, has become Distributive Education's Y' Who's Who. ics, as he was chosen for Who's Who. 1280 MARTHA COOMER, Who's Who in Commercial Art, ANDRES YBARRA was not only Who's Who in Engi- ' ' C l - has worked as artist on the Annual Staff. neering Drafting, but was also All City Cadet o o nel in ROTC. STUDENTS JERALD CLAY'S being Who's Who in Automotive DOROTHY OWEN has accomplished the honor of Wl1O'S Wl10 in l1iSf0I'y. Engineering will be a great help to him when he en- ters College. 129 CHARLES ALFORD is u "whiz" when it comes to moth. PATSY CHENAULT, with her bright smile, has won the honor of Business Who's Who. SELECTED JAN COSTON has been looked upon os the most ' outstanding student in the English Department. -130 s-- N JANIS HIETT has received Chorus Who's Who with her lovely voice. A ww. ml' Rl Eats M Q if I-W is ms is H get t S. it gangsta 385855 1 Q8 A it E i ' ql'slr'-- n ti -: -:- waz it me JAMES MARTIN l1GS been Ch0SefI CIS Wl'10'S Wl10 in JOY CHEAIRS has been rewarded for her fine work ROTC because of his outstanding character and abil- gg editor of the Bulldog by being Who'5 Who in ity. Journalism. BY FACULTY H cn' W it its 'W mm :NFB W E in - wig it a E ' JW WE'- A H W E-an if miss -fi is me fm as 7 JEAN THEDFORD'S I X p easant personality has helped h u E mir HW swam ws is is W MWE? E . mEmEsmmsB'4Essa it is a is me is ' 5 P is E is xmas . tw ll a is it is B me m 3 M , B am ss EB an is 353.22588 ms is B we its gf- W f S 5 M Q .,,.,-.Q . B .-txt 3 is it me H me , E it-is ne is welt H it if K K Ss W is BBE ms m rms nw 2 DAVID LEEPER has received the honor of represent er to be Dental Assistants Who's Who. ' -131 mg Wood Shop as Who's Who- .125 41 J f S459 . .. ,. I ,' I 1 ,fix . ., Q ,V gf, 1 vig 1 'fiat U 'id -5,-'Af A Af V tj 3 A . JJ y 'I 921 , JJ 4' ', ' J v I. 1, fi' f ,g' " ' . 'l J gilt, " Q 1 Fr NEEN McCORKLE was chosen as the best student MIKE GREER has excelled all others in boys physi- JO col education. when it come to biology. REPRESENT MELBA HISER bewme Wh0'S Who in Physica' FREDDIE CRAWFORD has shown that he is able to Science Chef baffling he' WUY fl"V0U9l" Ull Sciefices work with Radio ond Television by being their Who's ot Tech. Who, -132- LEONARD GooDsoN is the student who has proved VIOLA HALLOWAY has become Who's Who in to be the most outstanding in Speech by being their Homemaking because of her inherent talent, Who's Who. ALL DEPARTMENTS JOYCELYN GRIMES, with her wonderful talent to KENNETH CALDWELL has beeen chosen as most out- play and twirl, has become Band Who's Who. standing in Graphic Arts. He has helped in printing the annual. -133- ,lm sz i,1 MORRIS DANIEL, Who's Who in Welding, will go far with his bright smile and wonderful personality.. WITH SAMMY WOODWARD with his talent to play beau- tiful music is representing the orchestra as their Who's Who. CAROLYN LOCKMAN was chosen as best sports- man in Girl's Physical Education. HONOR 1 34- KENNETH JENKINS was the "top boy" when it came to the machine shop. 135 L Football Homecoming Cheerleader Pep Squad Basketball Band Majorettes Track Baseball Tennis TOPS IN SPOR x V 'n VW 'f . ' -1 , Q. ' ,L7 K X. V .ggi . -,-' anis , i ' Q , L- 1 . '.',i'JQ'5,.-' "' H ami..- , 4--'f not .2455 J. - .",.sdse..L.1 Back Row: Coach McPherson, Coach Graves, Albert Salinas, Larry Davis, Aubrey Kelly, Charlie Causey, Delmer Pope, Don Felton, Ted Moose, Rodney Smith, Coach O'Farrell. Middle Row: Jimmy Stephens, Carl Beavers, Jack Crockett, Johnny Sims, Tommy Hamilton, Bob Milford, Jesse Fuentes, Jesse Agiura, Richard Hungerford, Tony Ayala, Eugene Skiles. Front Row: "Wesel" Mallory, Pete Jackson, Joe Mata, Henry Sharp, Tommy Thrasher, Glen Boswell, Wally Harper, Danny Castillo, Marsilano Lira, Cecil Knight, Alex Moreno. -136- H The sweat and energy it took to practice every evening- coming home late to study to make their grade-the per- severance necessary to play in rain-the thrill of receiving a letter and a jacket-football memories are made of these. Win or lose, neither the players nor the fans lost their spirit or their determination to win even in a season characterized by more loses than wins. -137- j'5 Kr' 6 ' . Coach' McPherson The '58-'59 Football Team was led by these able coachesp Coach "Dub" Graves and Coach O'FarrelI. The managers were Carl Beavers and Jimmy Stephens. Wally Harper Tony Ayala Darrell Ball Larry Davis Delmer Pope Glen Boswell Jack Cl'0Ckell -138- Henry Sharp Rodney Smith Don Milford Cecil Knight Joe Mata 2, 4. al 'X A l Tommy Hamilton Don Felton Jesse Fuentes Richard Hungerford Jesse Aquirre Ted Moose Charles Causey Charlie Lira Aubrey Kelly Joe Aquelar Albert Salinas Danny Castillo Alex Moreno -1394 Iwam Vwlag Managers: Tom Vargus, Ronnie Bradford, and Merle Mawry. ,pwrq r wk J Ray Ennis Phillip Giles Lonnie Green Glen Huffle Tomm Harper John Knight Mike Morrison Ronald Stubbs Bill Wilcoxen -1 40- Larry Alexander Johnny Ayala Armon Booth Ramon Castillo Pete Contreras 3 Dennie Darnell Silver Escalante Joe Garcia Charles Gregory Lindell Johnson Milton Kitchens Eddy Morgeson Tommy Thrasher John Paprskar Chris Perez Ruben Perez ,-33 Albert Santiago Eloy Sepulveda Joe Swiger T. Wright Jerry Zamaripa -141- JN ' r " N I ,I ,msmh 1 rx ' ,1 wwf - ss mn was Z M fx B fmv fp Wm .QY aw , wa V mms ss 1 , '59 Football Squad Presents NAN WHITE-Sweetheart -142- -1D! .NWS I 5 5 k E ,J l:' J . . f .M -- -4 A "'T:' ' 1 Tl .ff I , W face-.,.,, "?.- . g 1 L!-19'-S2..."'5'gx:.1A I ' :Fl F iw W HM a ,Q 9 nz ' n ll .Hg HQ' ,W awww M H M my S 5525, 12113 , Wg? jg? 1 J X S., rw 3 -Q, wx. mf ,Q fm E M M au xx iw M when R MW, R WZ mm 2-13 ww mm sms in . W J. 1 .Q mi -- , mn avg LOMA GOAD Elected Homecoming Queen -143- :mm mmm E X was 4, u 1. -w The halls of Tech are crowded and there is much excit- ment as old friends greet one another. They crowd around the registration table and pick up corsages for the night's game. Perhaps the most enioyoble part of this day is that the children of the ex-students come to visit too. At left Madeline Dalrymple, who edited the 1955 Yearbook, is shown with her children: Deborah, Mathieu, Athena, and Dean. A Homecoming Banquet was held for the first time this year and we hope it will become a permanent function in the future. Seated at head table are: Mr. Shirley Thomp- son, President of Ex-Students, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Trimble, our Principal, Mrs. Trimble, Miss Bert Boring and Mrs. Camp- bell, retired teachers who were honored guests- -144 ich mul Stiulmwi From the first week of school everyone looks for- ward to homecoming. The students are anxious for the "big day" to arrive, because they get to visit with friends that they haven't seen since graduation last spring. Her Royal Highness, Queen Loma Goad reigns Homecoming assembly. She is escorted by Leeper, her princesses are .lo Alice Middleton Linda Martin, escorted by Jerry McCrory and Boozer, respectively. Cheerleaders Leslie Burks, Nan White and Eddy Lyne double as cowboys for rounding up the North Side Steers at Homecoming Game. Looldorwiwidto climax of the football season is reached on Day when Tech plays North Side. The hard to be ready for this battle. The moment where the Queen is crowned is with half-time activities. Maiorettes Linda Morgan and Janet McEntire, Fool around. The Future Business Leaders register the guests of the Ex-student President Thompson gives a pep talk while Coaches Ford, Hardie, Graves, O'Farrell, and McPherson look on. Cheerleaders from past years try their skill at arousing school spirit again. School on Homecoming' Even though Tech lost the game, they put up a good -145 tight. Bmt Sclwol Spinit The spirit of Tech never lagged with these lively cheerleaders leading everyone on. They contributed much to the already existing enthusiasm of the student body. Johnny Mosley, Nan Whitey Mike Chokas, Jo Ann Perryg Leslie Burks, Belle Pruiettp Eddy Lyne, Deanna Short. Johnny Mosley Nan White Mike Chokas .Io Ann Perry Paul Hinman Sharon Denton Head Cheerleader-Eddy Lyne -146- Belle Pruiett Leslie Burks Deanna Short Eddy Lyne Pep Squad Backs Football Team Sue Leddy, Treasurer, Ber nice Esters, Secretary, Bar bara Lobb, Vice-president, Velia Lopez, Reporter, Len ora Rogers, President. First row: Velia Lopez, Bernice Esters, Sue Leddy, Barbara Lobb, Lenora Rogers. Second row: Patty Blissett, Sarah Gil- bert, Pauline Gibbs, Mrs. Shirlie Murphy, Karen Clark, Sharon Gott Third row: Betty Pond, Dorothy Watts, Margaret Young, Joleta :Hilley, Sandra England, Patty Kuehl, Opal Trussell. Fourth row: Susie Sharp, Jo Ann Wilson, Nelda Cunningham, Joy Cheairs. Fifth row: Carol Wheelington, Deanna Hundert- mark, Charlotte Barton, Mary Helen Velasquez. Sixth row: Virginia Rodriquez, Jackie Ticknor, Geraldine Brant, Nelda Hall. i . The Pep Squad is a group of energetic and enthusiastic girls whose primary purpose is to back all Bulldog teams. The Pep Squad is responsible for all decorations in the audi- torium for pep rallies and homecoming Some of the major activities of the squad have been parties for the football teams and basketball team. The girls have sold coat hangers and megaphones as a money-raising pro- iect. The girls may earn letters by attending and taking part in all activities of the club. 147- The 1959 await, awww Tm , , gif' lifts.. '-"Pa, -1. '- ' 'V-: :B ZIP- ' g l. 411- -- Coach Bob Hardie Coach Robert Hardie in his second year as head basket ball coach at Tech faced a situation this year that mos coaches like to avoid. This problem was that he had a team composed of only three seniors with the rest being iuniors and sophomores. Although they only won two games, the young Bulldogs showed a strong desire to win. In district games the young cagers lost all their games, but they always kept on trying- They never gave up. With six seniors-to-be, Coach Hardie will certainly not face the same problem next yearg T---Q Morris Daniels Jackie Womack Thomas Hudson Guard 3, Co,Capfain Forward Forward 8. Co-Captain -148 Frank Patino-Guard S, nm, Q14 mx mn 1 w Q E 9 ms Carl Langley Guard James Odom-Guard ms a was sm msn amass T553 an-QM gm ENE ss an mam nm a aww in ws Q smgz gm as m Clifton Arnspiger-Center Q ' " Q E Q B amy vga '41 ge' ev Q Q E E 7 BQ Q W E H S8 E S8 P' ' a m : is . Ai-W9 5 - ii-xB?i5,, 2 1 a ss x wa ms Amman nan may A ' Skim 53? ms ,J fm-pr 1 mm ,vim Richard Elliott-Center 1. 'L ss ss K ' LH Q 1 G Donny Ballew, guard Bw 1 ity James Green, forward h1uLa,6oodS ang a ss ' Richard Hungerford, forward .l . V' i-Fi' 'Saw H Exim' ss ss Don Deon, guard -150- Gory Turner, center Don Felton, center mm mmm 'm mn m mm m W mm Mmm mm-m Em mm mmm m-m QE gm mm mm mmm m m- iss K KW H ma EEE M- Ng - mmm m T EES H mm WEE W 2 mmmmm mmmm B mmm? amhfm-ua mmmm m m m E m m mmm m mm mmmm wwmmmi mmmmm-is m m : m mm me mmm: B mgmammf Hn mm m m m :fa mm- M m-mm :mm Ms .m m- m- mm m S Lmmmwm mg mm Eemm-mmtmmwcm NEB mm-mxmmmsg E-ms mmmmm- mmm :gf m mammmmmi mzmsmu ml -mmm nmM m-gmm m- m m-f m lwlw mm m wx, m-m m .. gigggmgmmmmmm m--- W' mmm m- mm mm X mmm m - mm mmm Um mm 7: mmm iimf f H5 .,:...:,. Um. , WH mf .zz m.m -m rr . H WZW mfmm, m mm ----- mmm-mmm .m N -mm .gagsga msg E' " - mm . L XE mf L - -am m K X ef gi. mmm mf m, . mm .mam M EK 3 mm- mm M ,ghmwm mwmm gm w H WEE mmmm m mmm m gym-m m gmmmm ESB H mmm mmm Hmmm mm mm mm EE m-gmm m-m mm -m mmlm mgm m mmm m- m.m -m m x -mm ummm mqmm m .m EEL mmmm mm mm Nm? mmm mi Basketball Team elects Barbara Lobb as Basketball Queen '-1E51- m E m m m m mmm mm mm mm mm mm m gms mmms m m is wwm m mgm m m mmm smg mm mm mm wmmmmmp wmomsmmzm is mm me W M msmgsm EEE mamsmm mm :mm EW Bm mmmm mm m m .E mm m w X352 m m mm if mm mmm- m m m m m mm mm mm EEE mmmmmm mmmmmm mwmm m m m mmmm QEms m mm. 4 mm mm Wm B m m my Q m m mmm m m m mm HBE mmm m gm mm mmm mm mm mmm mm mm m.m mm .m mmmm mm.m mm mm m. wmmm mm m m mmmm W. m m mmmm mmm mm mm mmmgm mmmm m EE mmgm mmmm mm mm mm m H m m m ff' rf ,, ll " . i .. :LE L' seg? l , H L M 'Mgr FT as-1 H, BBE X ,Q E 5,552.1 , B, . 9? 5, E , A'-I Jay Beaversi' Nancy Becki' Larry Blackwood Robert Britton Gaylord Burnsii Clifford Buzbee Delores Buzbee Bobby Chandler David Crowell' Danny Cummings' Allen Curlee' Dale Dahlberg L-A s. IJ., i am '52'2'r3,i .i , si , ,T-ii ,I "' Donald Day Ruben Delgadillo Forrest Dillon Buddy Dillworlh Eldon Dyer Wanda Early Virgil Edson Mike Enos Larry Franks June Fuller Cecil Fuguol Eugene Gilley"' Q37 .Ez ll 1 Loydeffe George Charles Greenleell Joycelyn Grimesfl Judy Grimes Mary Alice Harden Melba Hiser"i Ray Hoerig David Jameson Jerry Joneslil' Dewayne Keysl Robert Lima Jo Anne Loveless ' a a aHE ga E Ea ma. -N aH aka Baaga a aaH a,H' 'Hagajg HQQHH-aHEaHEHaHEaj Hmgaaga is gf is Q. 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Ha ' are if - Ha 1 anaaifa, a ,aaa at Ea-va a a,M a ,fm aa ge ana a ara a vw a aa W' -a ai a a gaaaagaaw xHaaHH H -agwia-HaHwaagas 5aaHm aHwHaaWHaHaaHaHga 5-Hua aHHaaH Jimmy Marrs"' Clara Mortin5i Bobby Matthews Richard Matthews Mary McClurkin Thomas McCoy Janet McEntire 'Cherokee Milburn David Mock Linda Morgan Janet Morris Joe Perez I Ramona Perezil' Ted Perez Ronald Piercel' Fred Riebeii Bob Ruffner Sheldon Ruffner Faustina Serrano Billy Shoults Vernon Simmons Hope Solis Ronald Stephensi' Dennis Stipe Donald Stockardi George Tippensi Richard Totten Raymond Truiillo Qusan Watchousi KeIlam,'Wetzel3F Linda White' Josephine Zamora Ellis Reyero Leon Smith -153- Legend-: 5-Librarian 'l-Squad Leader "-Assistant Squad Leader 1-Section Leader qjll 31? ,etknu "'H'lp WE Dale Dahlburg and Charles Greenlee elected Sweetheart and Favorite by the Green Wave Band. -154- lliglm-Steppelux Lead Cnwt Wave Baiul Josephine Zamora, Linda Morgan, Joycelyn Grimes, Dale Dahlberg, and Janet McEntire. Our maiorettes have lead the highfstepping Green Wave Band to outstanding heights in the music field. The infectuous spirit of our Green Wave Band promotes enthusiasm at athletic and academic functions. During the football season, our 7'l piece band performs on the field as well as providing the rousing music for our pep rallies. Throughout the remainder of the year, the band plays con- certs at iunior high schools and other senior high schools in this city. They also participate in out-of-town music functions. Joycelyn Grimes Jerry Jones -155 , in 'xiii' - W l t al ' . Q 0 l y L Trumlz rwuuim Truwung A .. 16---' ' 'B Q la. ,fs l . The track team of this year consists of boys from other sports who are keeping in training for their prospective sports. This year is the first for Coach Don Ford to head the team. The boys have showed much promise and are looking forward to next year. Coach Don Ford ,. -vm. - .r' . . .- ""d' ,':'X' Q' if l,"I'f,f ' I' ' "4 if ?-, H s '.':f, T - 'r,, ,isis E H ig if ,H 5 VL .ss 'MC' . .14 if 1. x if -119' 'f -Q " -- f Q . ': A' ' -li ' , ' if . . L r ' T i nal Q Fair, . . -'P' so - 1 T' t' V A . 'Vi li :- -..,? Rodney Smith, Mile Relay Henry Sharp, Sprints Mike Garcia, Half Mile -156- Ronald Stubbs Ted Harclisty Mile Shot Puf ke Re. Roy Ennis Daniel Quinones 440 Mile Relay -157- in , ,V-We - . me gf ---'-f - Ff- - gmfq :wig vw iw , , N 'QQ 5f'11f2,E?a :Email :QSM - We ,Yi W , 'SK 2, igiwggipimgxifzf .gigs f +P. ' wwf: 'MQW ,:,:. W 51" K nz l ' faq gl 1' , ' ffm' I rw -' eil? gy 4 , 2 FQ g 1 ag 3 ' me K Bw wi ,, if :Q -ww Wien 'ww K mf . Q55 gms 2 as New , A k saws sa:a-:- '.:.m-5'wz,1:Qx3.: Nkwmmm W, nge ,mf E555 SEEK :sg mmsfge gg? er E E K E E M 1 Q we 11 5 Q - , 4 f H H ,E S X '52-2 i ZH fm 1: -- ' 1: ul 2 Z. ' Q .a:::.- 31 my W . 3 . N 3 ' . Q W Q 25' 3 'a ' , ,A Qjfj as ,ESX f 'ji . W, .ig 15 V w.i:".:..if . .. l - "5 -We 4 ' 7 gi -- x K ,L -A 'I ' I - :Q 55- ---- -- -:.: ms. , K j fl , , . 3 lx 3 :.:.:.:. ::.: :-3 li WM fi N ,X H, 238' IN. Y I I 1' ff .. 1:1 K?-1, H Sf H 'W -, ' F: 'ras " - , ' ll Q - E: 4.3 13555 " ge J 5532115-Q4-55 L ' -E35 -1- -3 SY' --1 Ei H J Q22 f wie-llijl 'gg' e- . fz 1 mes :. Q. E' ZF ax? Z 3-uni ff Z Z? all fr g se nf fe W, W' ' ' Z V ff Wiz " Q mf A 'M F , , Y S ,Q . K l yggwggw, , will . ,g1f:W,f ' e ,Sage A 2 ' N2 4' ,H Nu. :1 :SXSW V ,, -is if in ' l -will if 1, me Hlvz, sf lx Qi if E x ,Q 1 0 Ma Fl. w -gn 274 wiv L ., ,es em a e n 1 . P.: A f A 1 4 - wW'1,Mgd,e'E?Nf5 MW..,, E A f feel H fsgw 'lawn-ww. ff , my ,Ml mm ga , mm H K, M W E - e E Z is M- 2 l 4. if E ,H l K , 'xfe4.,'. l'7X,' -4 .mug eww IA. , X I M X Qgww I Af W ,A amid X waz Maxam? W H M S Q ' ,i Zqwwfk .2 EE MWQ ww mimi " 'Q ,W we wmv? ,js me H 5 N W J ' W Q If E B38 ez ,Q S W Q H H X X , X if - 1 1 I5 K Clifton Arnspiger Discus 4-h , 3 .. Mm WSW mv-nge XM 553 lMQi,,,., New xwwgjwf x za QM' an M Q lm vp Ms A 'wuz , ' x Don Felton Half Mile W SS Big S2 wen, Q-if wg, M- M af '1 7 ,,, 1 MM. 'ff'-V asa "'5"" 4 A Howard McKee Richard Hungerford Sho! Puf 440 'K' zulu? T'l1A ' -- - -, E M S -' Nh PM 5 xawy A sf' 1 'YA Y ws- K, ww A ig.,-M.5'M S F -1 Q E .. ff: :1-U f-4, -::. , I -. Eid.-ere., -3' -v--f-1':',:.'J -' Q ,an E AEQAITW, ,-v ""?Y". ,, wr are v .. PPM .1 is' N415-4-'al1"'5 HA Qi, 'L ' , ' AQQQ-A7 ' F. 1 , 'W' 1. M-V X g s- if-TQ-V-' L. . , -1 " I gf -q5'f'g:'!g 13, , 4- fri ' ' 1 ,, A fy.. ,, ' 4-aff .- ,T 5-Eff' lj 'Z-if f fu' t' x f'-flfizlt ,gg "f rw-ifwg ' W., 'h YP' '., " ' . A ' .-5 4 -' A ' ' N f S s C' I . .gf I mg, J" .N James Odom 4 9 r- .-.2 ,.- ' . 1--. ,. 1-.." fb, . .U 5,41-ls' rt - r in 1 A 34,7 1 - --,K-1-J: Q. ff' . ,gk Q-Q: . . v , , . 1: -' 'nn , .'N2',-'?1"3i,,',, , 1-V , fm -'25 4? H1 -1 Richard Elliot High Jump . L' 'v V ll 1,-fi ' ,. V 1f 85' ,W- .,l , .. 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" t' w ,r ' F193 ", fi .Ufyf 'I' f T? 1 -..s..,......e.s...2..Ti,,,,,,.. , .. , f M N.-:2.,,f-ff N H Y V gkgiguf-4.3: V s , 1 , I A A 'V . .5 ' c ' PQI , X34-e' 1 'A r ' fx , ' .,,-fi.:'2.I'?'.i'- A, ' A, . Q' f fij ' ' M vt" U .'1g' "K 4',::'F k fl I 's' " - L ,In the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts baseball. These pages are dedicated to all boys wh heeded the call. Over half the boys are seniors and th will be their last year. For their last three years of hustl and work they really deserve a cheer. Although hurt by th lack of pitching the boys had spirit and fire. And the bo found out that games are won with that kind of desir Wilcoxson, Russell, Dowell, and Leeper made up our i field group, and the opposing batters found it hard t hit one through that troup. Allen, Pederson, and Richardso were always ready when the starting bell rang. And nev did a fly ball fall between that fast moving outfield gan Ballew, Cheariz, Knight, and Lowe were the pitchers f our nine. Although sophomores and inexperienced, thei effort and attitude really did shine. Don Leeper did th catching and did some hitting too. And speaking for a the boys, good ones like these are far between and fe A , Kenneth Richardson Jimmy Stephens and Billy Pippen Charles Dowell Center Field Managers Second-Base -160 usa .wx m -gum HHVWHH XWH mga, Wm mBg4m w m n- a 'y a m sm mn mam sm mam mn nm www mags BEQE msgs m m :ma x mmnm m a m mn ww m ami mm sms sw wx +33 -EEK 2' H981 a mx mam - Cecnl Kmght Jesse Cheuriz Pncher Pifcher mn mn mm -W -gfw ' Q4 'S ,L - . e 2 .lwfgvf , V: l' ' ' aw ' ...-,.-1--diff! il i Q A' ,?5i:,7..,Q.y.,fmz.-amaze' - ' q-,vu , l"".4 1 V ...Vik-gf, Jr.:-Qwr: Q .,,,-- gg -fy--'I'-' g 'T .Q-35x ,, il' 'fs lm ss , rl. gi. i- - l' 'N 24-1' .. I: K, -A' - "ll Jrneeavv 'vii v -G - fri' -fl A 1 P'f ' '-5V!"Q Don LeePef Danny Bullew Catcher Charlie Richardson First Base I,au xinlig 1 4-, - ,- ,wqq v , W ,, . m W-ffm 1' . , 7-Y' -up., '+ ,if.i'-'A , w .J u- " ' ,gal-'-' ' ql1'- . 1- .' Jerry Russell Jerry Pippen Bill Wilcoxson Short-Stop Pitcher Third-Base -I 62- v sa we -wa Wm me wx Sw ma :ms eg, W fig 2 'IPB N W W we . if , N H -yawn. W' ig, fs x ,'Q.l'a li X., ,A J ,, Y , ,Q ,Q Q A Q ,Q Q W H SE H " 1 as H 2 Q -E X . N Q , Q Z H E 1 ff I 2 Elly Q. iw E 2 I A " , W 'Z AM, S H , 64 E H 1 H A 4 gf 1 if X . A . .V s ii if f W H 5 H , , Q Q V ' X X , DQ A 2 K- Q Q Q A A 1 I , j 321' . Q X ., H4 X E M. I 3 Q N Q E ., M me ,Q H M wx , T182 "1 ' 'ma '5 f nj Y Q :we W- :ai I. E ' 25 -, :,. in , gg gm i 2 - W 5 ,gl Q ,Q x W all 1 f as ,f .ff 5 ' H 5 YW gf ' , W , w4z1,H 1 4 A X Q Q MQW , ' 35 ....... ,:a:'- we lx. 1, V 5 X. F 3 1 Q A R W N me BASEBALL TEAM elects Carol Stout as baseball queen or sweetheart. -163- .szeif '0- Q-ggggrsz-123.12214-, Tuuwi L' l 1 l f -' . Eli. .AMA S .1 I S Y. in Q-.-.""' Mimi Muldrow and Deanna Short Co-Educational Tennis classes were offered the first time at Tech this spring. Five boys five girls elected to take the advanced class and twenty-one enrolled in the b Billy Hamm e class. Fundamentals, practice of strokes skills, in both classes. Class members who XP Those students elected to take tennis at Tech- nical are learning an activity which can be played and enioyed with friends and family through life-from eight to eighty. -t,' , ,. I , . Wjiec ' .2 1 5 Ff331'f3'?5E5f?5??ifsn"iH-" WSIB!! T 'feE1JfgQslzrll.7.z-1:-ffsusm lvshasglmflif Q. 'I -' 51 I vw "us,-nu .s 5 . V -H ll-JK., 1l.:cm.1mB5l, 1. . - 'Rll'l2f!il'V ?"'i'f5a'i'5s'??m'11-'Ji-'L' .ft - .- zlilarlmv-7 ' 1 "W . A I i l..FlfA.'F'-ft'-,ip idly, --f ' V lvf 'fl 3-fir-'fs - . - -,f-551,gw,1':r'.'52"fT H '- 1 . - - . - .- WY --.,,nQ5S-Bn , n. JF Jw yr . .. , ,. iQ V"i4t1-Xyvl - 5' Z" A-?'."Q'!l"l'9,'l2, p 1 ' ' LLL. 1 'si ce, --'ul 'I-mc... ' ' ' ' '3,fQr,. F ' 5271.2 ' -'T 1, Sz-gg, 1:17, ' rr . Darlen 6 Campbell and Patty Kuehl ,,'-, . ticipated in matches against other schools Terry Cardwell, Darlene Campbell, Patty Mimi Muldrow, Deanna Short, Adeline ga, Nita Frazier, and Barbara Martens - participating in tennis are Billy Hamm, . s lg 'XX-Q e Mosley, Skip Maynard, and James Gree ,ff Practice matches were played against f I , .-1 following schools: Diamond Hill-Jarvis Side, Carter, Irving, Poly, Handley,' and Paschal, In addition to these matches of the players entered a Junior Tennis ciation Tournament held at Colonial I Te"'Y Cardwell Club. The District Tournament will be he Sycamore Park courts April 14, 15, 16. T cal will be represented by the followin dents: Deanna Short, Billy Hamm, Skip nord, Johnny Mosley, James Greenwood, line Uranga, Terry Cardwell, and Campbell. ' n 'lluaw-as-m Q f L. 4-1 . 1 x.. FU. - . ,J '54, ,. in Ui: . ..,,,.. 3 ...4G'.3g:- .Ln Lf.. .-Fu- -..,c,,i.i Vx ,re V - . l rm 5-la: 's,:pewsa':Imm '- S,g..z.. si-' i f- ee 'ze-f :E 'Mex '- 'U +1 rs fr. - .+ 5 '-a-2-1 . '-' - - sf, l -. " .L ' L. ,gd '-43755 V-X-'-4-VZ-Tl g':f','- . L' gli'-i3L' .1+"+ n : tg,,,5,.1K-A-"' Cf "Y'- 1 1 L 'l"r1'v-u -gyfgi 1. '4 ugg... sa., ' tat- . . 'Y' r-:-11-1--f , " . " f ' -f .. "-r'-f- , L+'-x--fi---ef 'Hera 41 -'I -'H-'If-'I L+: -s '-Q-P+ , f na- ,sua -u-,-Ciflis, ,ev elf ri ngs ' i'+iil5 ""l'fi'TIf:51'r3i?i 1 'nl fi M fish:-1 - ' ZLL. -4 ,, " ,, ,,,'3' gf vi' '!2,","',,,,"gE - Q., " it ie-m :Is-3' ' E ,fw+,'+-QExT3I-' 'gg-,e eg' gggffg 3 gg! - ' 'L ., :.:e.:..e:.: ug W , K P' - 4 e . rr- -mm - '-k'i'fr-w:i-'- swf- S sl ng? 1 ' ' ' '- . ... ' - - ' F' J'-4-it awww- . , 1.55 ' in--1 ' 'i - '- 1" f- I K Q14 -w11fx+' Q55 --...eyes --3 1-4. .c 595 .Q-s..-...e.aa -1--.'g" F - - - ,... 7 . . , , rv. . . ,..,.i.x:f,,,l.,:,,, . ,fs ...,,,, .-., H. , ,, ,. ..- .-f- '- . . use e .... .v..- 6. .. 5 xt- A.,-.AJ ,J-1, Eddy Lyne, James Greenwood, Johnny Mosley, Bill Brown. -164- Sgfs. and Color Guard Colonels Staff Fsverman Rifle Team H Q Company A Company Drill Team Fifteen-man Rifle Team B Company C Company Drum and Bugle Corps , my .J CJ Sponsors 165 l Center left: Sgt. Caldwell has led Tech's ROTC to national fame by winning the National interscholas- tic League Rifle Marksman- ship Contest for the post two years. At present time the Sgt. is waiting with his fingers crossed, announce- ment cf this year's champ- ions. As proud as the Corps is of its rifle team, it also has much to thank its instructor for.Under his direction this group has received much commen- dation from superior re- viewing officers. It is I S'-ff' ,v' COLOR GUARD Robert Brewer, Mike Wilhelm, A. J. Stewart, and Billy Bert. -166- Center right: Sgt. Ross, as Sgt. Calclwell's assistant, is responsible for military in- struction, drill team, and the many other duties, es- sential to the smooth func- tioning of such a large or- ganization. Sgt. Coldwell could not devote the time he does to the rifle team without such an able and dependent co-worker. Bw! wfuglu Batilla Grwup The military instructors select a cadet each year to serve as all-school colonel. This is done on the basis of leadership, military bearing, and general scholas- tic rank. Bill has proved well in this capacity this year. w s I, gs .L if 1 67- Amlnmybama AM-Citgdoimk Fmwvidimgkgdwse The cadet chosen for the position of All-City Colonel must take a three hour test and go before an inter- viewing board. Andres's score was ninety-five out of a possible one hundred points on the written test, and the board was very enthusiastic in its recom- mendation of him. The most outstanding cadet from each of the six high schools compete for this honor. .ff 'f'r?",f Leslie Robinson Cadet Major S-1 'T James Martin Cadet Lt. Col. Executive Officer Don Martin g Cadet Major S-2 Neil Peters Cadet Major s-3 i Howard Mitchell Cadet M! Sgt. Sgt. Major -168-. , in-1.-'fjj'i -ji . jj , gi -.-Q11 1- - 'fi Ag! ' '- A .-jj A mpg 5 tj, ff Vii',r 'ru i' ' ' .I .4 I ' 4-5 C U -+1 is James Snow Cadet Major S-4 James Turner. fi Es it a iff lf in H . Q H l 9, , of H 5, X EA 5 in is W --' is ...,. , gfyhimigm A -::-- f HMB? 9 H H ,, ' -3 :..: E H . 1 Z.. -1. we .l 1 w S, ' 5 is ' l: ':':iii5:::: ' SVT in E+: is ' if im ,Q M -- M H it W If 1 P ,, 'W 'i W . M if if Qs A-film fi H Q -. is X. A H is H H as . W L, ,wt 23: . 1 H so , ai?".r,,i' 4. ,ff'J uf Alf?" 5 Q'71f?f 7 X N 59' -"' '- may , i Q , . E :M 2 - We . ' ' 21 . , I S 3 wx i z L t.,...Q-.-an -mm if V jg '-1 E I ' 1 H H H ' , in A V .:..: I H .1 - E, it . was ' W L st..-H 'i' .-: '- it Q it is M Hg . .- I W 2 H K 'Q W B ,jj ,. Q A' U E im W :.: f- 1 B at ,, R ' axis.. .:. :Zz 1 Zi: 1: I I l .:. .. - 'Zi' 'E V B Z3 " , 7 Q, 2 ,, , E , W' N mx E . H Q mx H E , ti: 7 jj-:jf -- Q.. I .lll if sw "ig Egg it B . 5' .. il ' - m , :::. - :-E H Bk? Z.. . .. ,,, , it 1, L B E - is .X -V H W is sg is 5 'l le- g A - M ' H .il 9 ' LJ ' E Q1 2 is N M s its is X A .Q : I as S8 3 Bi X. .M Q s F E E A f lw H Z it Q H 1 ge W 2 sm if E 52,526 Apr" mf 11 W 5 Z A , is is at NA Bun Seated left to right: Albert Leggett, Gary Green, Bill Wright. Standing left to right: Charles Alford, Kenneth Moss, Six-Mau Team Tech has had a winning rifle team for six years. This year's team, however, has gained the distinction of Being the first to go undefeated in every single match. They have won City Championship, League Championship, Arlington State College Fourth Army Area Championship, and National William Randolph Hurst Trophy and are awaiting the results of national, -169- ,, -faq -..,,..-. v,. .-,, .c- , "f'.TI,'4. -4 M f'e...'.- -ze 7 4 ,T?.,,.f-.-'-- f " - ' -- .., - .1 4- l "jf-, '62 iff . ,JIZW 5 3 LD! l ,Ii. Lester Crocker, .lerry Reese, Kenneth Stockton 11.0" FIRST SQUAD Squad Leader Dunlap Alpha Team Leader, King Rifleman Taylor Rifleman Hill Auto Rifleman Pendergrass Rifleman Coggins Bravo Team Leader Sheppard Rifleman Vandever Auto Rifleman Scruggs Rifleman Mieczysnki Sniper SECOND SQUAD Squad Leader Wakefield Alpha Team Leader Carter Rifleman Poteet Rifleman Elizondo Auto Rifleman Castillo Rifleman Powell Bravo Team Leader Wilkerson Rifleman Horton Auto Rifleman Stewart Rifleman Ayala Sniper -170- THIRD SQUAD Squad Leader Talmage Alpha Team Leader Johnson Rifleman Wippert Rifleman ' Elkins Auto Rifleman Baird Rifleman Canup Bravo Team Leader Paddock Rifleman Baltierra Auto Rifleman Trevino Rifleman Hernandez Sniper FOURTH SQUAD Squad Leader Felts Alpha Team Leader Barnett Rifleman Riggs Rifleman Ritchey Auto Rifleman Sanford Rifleman Wilson Bravo Team Leader Werland Rifleman Seals Auto Rifleman Hutchison Rifleman Lowery Sniper Rodriquez f, ASZFE 4, ,:.,,, , 2 :-. 1 QQQE M . Q D. . . vt , f so ' it at ff - 1 .T g T A . . D ff-TM mt. -. -'-: ':1,. '.2: .. "'-' if it iw: :gaze ff. -if , W ' l, - ,.1. ,-.- .,-,-.. 2 ::. 6 L.: , .k.., . - .,., ..V1,,----'.--- , , , .:,-.. E -1 .-.. Q by ,JS -'?tm..,,,,,g- iw H S ,..-we 1, , .v . It l--. -x ... ai in QQIEQ ::: ,. W.5essre,'e:fwww . .,.. . W.. 3 Ai' --FW M,-gm..-4, X - A -21-M--W fm t if 2 fi t -ri KIA! Il 00 W gl WW A THIRD SQUAD FIRST SQUAD j ' ' Squad Leader Skinner Squad Leader Smith twi g .. Alpha Team Leader Angeles Alpha Team Leader Dyson uf Ei Rifleman Savago Rifleman Britt ,f S ' , . ' Rifleman Simmons Rifleman Wright Auto Rifleman Stamp Auto Rifleman Berry Rifleman Stephens Rifleman Burton Bravo Team Leader Huffaker Bravo Team Leader Campbell Rifleman Stewart Rifleman Donoho Auto Rifleman Crouch Auto Rifleman Harley Rifleman Brister Rifleman Ellis Sniper Gertz Sniper New FOURTH SQUAD SECOND SQUAD Squad Leader Sharp Squad Leader Gorrell Alpha Team Leader Woods Alpha Team Leader Hinman Rifleman Foran Rifleman Millirson Rifleman Zumwalt Rifleman Hum Auto Rifleman Gage Auto Rifleman Hoerig Rifleman Dodson Rifleman Pierce Bravo Team Leader Martinez Bravo Team Leader Cox Rifleman Mitchell Rifleman 0266 Auto Rifleman Barker Auto Rifleman Gill Rifleman Phelps Rifleman Rodriquez Sniper Pelkey 5r1lPef Smlfli Bill Lasater, Neil Peters, Brassfield Martin -171- I5-Mlm RilPeTeam First Row: Albert Leggett, James Turner, Gary Green, Charles Alford, Bill Wright. Second Row: Mike Smith, Kenneth Stockton, Kellum Wetzel, Kenneth Hill, Ken- neth Moss, Charles Stokes, Donn Caldwell, Joe Collins, James Branch. Leslie Robin- son, not pictured when pic- ture was made, completed the team. ., V v . S772 5 H is Qs 5351 tv., ,H 'rv J' ' 5? i' :fi . ' T1 .-ff 4 A f 1, it A lt, T TM" X e ,at A, - of me vii, S ,lp F, ' ' .Y ff ,I V J iihwa . , - k , ' . " . 3 - - f L: , - t . -..L 254' X- ' ' 4 Nd- . , '-- 4 'x - "" 7? L, is: ' ,L V L. N xp Q' i - " 7" ,H - fl -f Af -J ':l"-'7"'l"g4 r 1 Ltr?-'f 1 f ff , ti 1. w. ' 1 F I f-. 5 J V., X .1 . Mk I ., Q .Z :III I f .. ' 4 I " ' A 5 1 "J ' B. ' V- 1 A as .ir , E -H 1. -, , . ,. ., 4 . GARY GREEN, COLONEL BROCK, ALBERT LEGGETT, BILL WRIGHT, LESLIE ROBINSON. The team is being presented with medals and a trophy for winning the Arlington State rilie Match. This is the sixth consecutive year they have won first-place in this match. -172- Drcillk Team First row: Rufus Cahill, Larry Barger, Sammy Espircusta, Robert Courtney, Mike Wilhelm, Billy Burt, Don Martin. Second row: Andres Ybarra, Melvin Huff, Johnny Cupit, Charles Bellows, Bill Cruz, Troy Short, Maurice Wilson. Third row: Charles Hillburn, Richard Reyero, Douglas Snow, Robert Brewer, Phillip Witte, Jerry Reese. Fourth row: William Jenkins, Virgil Sellers, Howard Mitchell, A. J. Stewart, Glen Sanders, Harold Wagner, Ronald Frisbey, Wesley Trussell. -173- r- A "- 15... ' L, . ' - .,., - JIS. - " I . 4 V H 'T f - f- Tiff- - .-.. jg: ev -:.:.es95P?7--v- - -5- 3 is Q L ,. ,,, 4 . . . . ...... , .. .-. ' A 'Q' r' -l 2 ' I I' r -r i va: f1f'y.i ,TV 5 Y, V, iran-.uc-,.:mt ., , --Kf- J WF 5 . Y!-E 5- P .. flfll 'Mfg in A H E ., ,, af , M I C. G. Wyles, Troy -Lemons, Howard Mitchell "5" Cttwwl FIRST SQUAD THIRD SQUAD Squad Leader Whitie Squad Leader Mata Alpha Team LSC-'Ider FriSl-Dey Alpha Team Leader Morris Rifleman Duran Rifleman Johns Rifleman O'Neil Rifleman McCoy Auto Rifleman Sisk Auto Rifleman Waggoner 'Rifleman Brian Rifleman Muncy BYGVO Teflm l-edlllel' C00k Bravo Team Leader Talley Rifleman Walker Rifleman Utley Auto Rifleman Barnes Auto Rifleman Hilbun Rifleman Collins Rifleman Ybarra Sniper Earwood FOURTH SQUAD SECOND SQUAD Squad Leader Whitley Squad leUClel' Crews Alpha Team Leader Courtney Alpha Team Leader Espircueta Rifleman Snow Rifleman Sain Rifleman Cox Riflemvn AYUlU Auto Rifleman Sellers Auto Rifleman Jenkins Riflemqn Reyero RlfleI110n Bellows Bravo Team Leader Ortega Bravo Team Leader Sanders Rifleman Branch Rifleman Coronelious Auto Rifleman Norris Auto Rifleman Cupit Rifleman Huff Rifleman Stekes -1 74" if " ?..2af .'2.'l ' . -' l .i.2'rf. 13- :Mfg - ' f w '- , i'+? .3 --'----A-- , gg 'Q .4 '-:iz's, .:'5f , Q ., , . -ff TQ? ll 1 my rp, ask . Q, , , ,M ., ,... xi ,., xii., 1 1,1 .6515 ,4 ,,,,, I iv QA, , , . A ,I . Hz, E-A i -1 3-was U 4' gs- r, naw .X 44.3--'-' FIRST SQUAD Leader Rhoads Team Leader Hay ' Alvarado Jordan Rifleman Granado Rifleman Howard Bravo Team Leader Miller Rifleman Reyero Auto Rifleman Lair Rifleman Sisk Sniper Cantrell SECOND SQUAD Squad Leader Reed Alpha Team -Leader Bowen Rifleman Montgomery Rifleman Bellows Auto Rifleman Cortez Bravo Team Leader Richardson Rifleman ' Yandell Auto Rifleman Nombrana Rifleman Crocker Sniper 'U' www THIRD SQUAD Squad Leader Alpha Team Leader Rifleman Rifleman Auto Rifleman Rifleman Bravo Team Leader Rifleman Auto Rifleman Rifleman Sniper Spivey Stegall McKay Bullock Akins C orbell Hu nter Ha ncock Mertz May FOURTH SQUAD Squad Leader Alpha Team Leader Rifleman Rifleman Auto Rifleman Rifleman , Bravo Team Leader Rifleman Auto Rifleman Rifleman Sniper Hama n Freeman Ho nsford Dorsett Belcher Wood Medina Myers Spear Lanford Tyler 1 75- ff is 2 iz 1 NA. 1 f l .gpg ,. , 'Ev gm, 3 I . I lfi? M ,Lf ' K "5 li? , W 2 , if. "fr . . L Egg- -. ' , . , 'i ,, N L: if ,, .. .. i. , 9 L ,C 9 Q -'rd fi 5-5,54 .... V 4, KN :., " .ts Y 4 . .- , 1515- ' V I ' 4 f it lm? 1 Lx A3 ' 'f'.Zf': S l 2 l - f ' H X W D 1 7 A 2 'G lg ' ' H ' H g 6 , 4 ,tg . , - 4 Z, a M 5 ,r lf 'L I V l ., q Y, fr ws 1 , X ., , nl .F " L V . X si ., ' f 5' 'A A L4 X x. gf." A .. ,Q -'7 'fit' Q' A 3 if A ' t ' 12 , ' ,,..Q4,.f" , ,t .' ' i-ji.-2, v'3.:F' ' hr u Q In . .: .. V , N . - Y 1 -- -1,-'I A F' ' If -. 17.21 V H' if - ' ' L w .' 3'- -.V-,,' 8, 1 gf . , ,L fe if' f J' 1 Q 1 Z '-lf?-ii ' .f 7, 1 H ?i'M'f,J'f, Q55 ?iIeLJ'?l" 'Nj Q We ' l L 11" M Gene Cole, Mike Dooley, Walker Robinson om mul sugar cm a l Members of the Drum and Bugle Corp are: Jerry Jones, Donald Stockard, Richard Totten, Virgil Edson, Roy Hoerig, George Tippens, Lester Horeig, Fred Riebie, Kellan Wetzel, Edward Dorset, Don Stewart, Raymond Trujillo, Ronald Price, Robert Lima, Michael Poteet, lnot shownl- ROTC Spowwful mark' ! lm l 4 ROTC SPONSORS this year are: Nancy Barnard, Anna Ruth Denton, Pat Stokley, Agnes Marr. Back row: Linda Breton, Mary Barley, Barbara Lobb, Bobby Alford. -'1 76- Ilitli IZ Tlll S Student Council National Honor Society Future Teachers of America Future Business Leaders of America Future Homemakers of America Distributive Education Vocational Industrial Clubs -177- I V. siwiwi ami Dm ii Again 115 'C::' . if T The student council has been led by these able officers: Thomas Hudson, Vice-president: Deanna Short, Reporter: and Leslie Robinson, Parliomentarian. Linda Roden, Secretary, is not pictured. Student Council has done a good iob again this year. This representative group has tried to please the admin: stration and fulfill promises made to the student body. They are now qualified to join the ranks of the politicians. The movies that have been shown this year were picked by the Council, and have been received with enthusiasm. The student directory is a cherished possession of every individual student. lt takes much preparation and hard work to assemble all this material. This year's Council has made extensive plans for next year's directory so that it may be done earlier than ever before. Special activities such as Ranch Day have been sponsored by the Council. se M I Greolhqu Bentley Nl G SPOMOT 'oof'-for -178- 1 t Juniofm alvin Stover, Nita Frazier, Billy Hamm, ale Wilson, Juanita Araujo, Linda Shaw. arie Smith, Ruth Mendoza, Verna Caving n, Charlea Vedder, Kathy Funderburk. heta Welty, Nancy Beck, Barbara Burk- o, Linda Cornwell, Barbara Robinson. 'Pisa llonwfwonui ettifm Jerry Pippen, James Adams, Charles Causey, Morris Daniel, Freddy Crawford. Barbara Martens, Patsy Chenault, Pete Jack- son, Jean Thedford, Frances Henderson. Marjorie Yanclell, Anna Ruth Denton 179 Sep Christopher Perez, Mike Chokas, Roger Price, Ray Hill, Eugene Slciles. Suzie Booth, Nelda Hall, Darlene Campbell, Josie Zamora. Dorothy Wright, Relda McGinnis, Mary Williams, Nastiowzf llnnfm Sotielq bl .4 '. 1 .,. h, . 5. X, ,s U S , . gi pl, . . T f 1 , 33 E3 ll' li stiff . ,J 5,17 S ,p,i..gv.. The NHS are headed by this able group of leaders: Leslie Robinson, president Riley, reporter, Patsy Chenault, secretary, .lan Coston, treasurer, and Andres vice-president. gl 'S I il i - , Mr. McAbee and Mrs. Turner have assisted Miss McRoberts as advisors of the NHS. The NHS members are very proud to have Miss McRoberts as their head sponsor. 180 The National Honor Society can boast of a very success- ful year, because its membership was increased to 90. Since membership is based on scholastic standing, charac- ter, service and leadership, this increase is a source of pride for the entire school. The NHS sponsored o party and a picnic to help its mem- bers feel a closer bond of friendship. These students also receive the Leonard's scholarship awards. All scholarship winners and students honored for other achievements are members of this group. quam Numimot may rs in the National Honor Society include: t row, left to rightzl Joyce Baker, Maxine McClure, Judy Murray, Doris De Voe, nna Short, Velia Lopez, Carolyn Wyche, Virginia Barbee, Carol Stewart, Barbara pton. nd row, left to rightnl Betty Piercy, Jo Ann Couch, Velda Riley, Juanita Araujo, i Muldrow, Delores Whitmire, Ann Pribble, Pat Pruiett, Vivian Hughes, Bobby rd, Betty Jones. d row, left to rightzl Robert Puliclo, James Whitley, Weldon Stillwell, Kenneth ardson, Salvador Gonzales, Jay Beavers, James Herring, Dale Wilson. Sophomore include the following: James Walker, Martha Reed, Ann Pigford, Sharon Perritt, Sherry McKee, Rena Lester, Billy King, Linda Jackson, Diann Hollingsworth, Gloria Davis. -181- , Q A at W i at , 1 Q XE rgy 'FTA spent Active gm FTA members are: First row: James Herring, Theta Welty, Judy Gibson, Paul Hinman, Shirley Moreland, Tommy Tucker, Pat Pruett, Johnny Tucker, Jo Ann Couch, Velda Riley. Second row: Robert Chenoult, Helen Rucker, Mary Berley, Pat Chenoult, Betty Jones, Carol Stout, Joyce Kirk, Paula Meisenheimer, Loma Good- Third row: Jan Coston, Joyce Gossett, Calvin Stover, Barbara Stout, Linda Jackson, Clara Conner, Nickie Kemp, Barbara Martens. The purpose of the Future Teachers of America is two-fold. First, To encourage and assist those students who are interested in becoming teachers, Second, To give all mem- bers a better understanding of teachers and their problems. This year the FTA members assisted with registration in both day and evening school. While teachers finished their mid-term work, FTAers served coffee and cookies to them. They sold fruit cakes to friends and fellow students durinig the Christmas holiday, and on Valentine's day they sold singing Valentines to students. Through these various pro- iects, they have raised enough money to offer two fifty-dollar scholarships for mem- bers entering the teaching profession. The members participated in an all-city teach- ing day when members were allowed to teach in the school ot their choice for one entire day. Barbara Martens, Vice-president, Theta Welty, Historian, Jan Cos- ton, President, Judy Gibson, Treasurer, Patsy Chenoult, Secretary. -'I 82- Teaalwul Paul Hinman, Jan Coston, Pat Pruett and Calvin Stover stroll beneath the arched fountain on the North Texas campus. Looks like they're enjoying those suckers, too! vgggwgrgsmafg gms? www Gsiiiiisfssl We "M s s Pat Pruett and Jan Coston are supposedly examining one of spring's first flowers, but those suckers still seem to be taking first place. ' al Lunching at the Hickory House in Denton are Judy Gibson, Jan Coston, Calvin Stover, Johnny Tucker, Pat Pruett, Paul Hinman, Tommy Tucker, and Joyce Gossett. Pat Chenault, our secretary, takes a little snooze. Patsy, do you al- ways sleep with your mouth open? 18EP- W rs gm- 'P - .1 sf ss ms n n Looks like Calvin Stover is slipping away from th e girls again. msgs sm ses? B rgjmfss Emulex an egg ms me HB HBV' -li The girl behind the feet-president Jan Cos- ton lounges with her roommate from North Texas, Martha 'Perkins. till!-illttlfifi l Ht F. B. L. A.Gaimllm1q FBLA under the leadership of Kathy Funderburk, President, and Mrs. Velma Parker and Mrs. Martha Lee Jones acted as hosts to the Ex'es on Homecom- ing Day and had charge ot reg- istration during Public School Week. One hundred-thirty-two students and sponsors attended the Saturday meeting of Dis- trict V Convention last Novem- ber. Patsy Chenault won top honors as District Spelling Champion, and Loma Good was selected Miss FBLA for this Mary Ann .luran presided as State FBLA President at the State Convention. district. 3. Left to rightp Front row: Sue Leddy, Parliamentarian, Bauman, Vice-president, Kathy Funderburk, Back row: Lynn Shugart, Secretary, Carol Stout, Other officers not shown in picture are Maxine Treasurer, Deanna Short, Reporter. Darrell Ball presents our sponsor, Mrs. Parker, a plaque for District Five. Accidents will happen. Here Pat Chenault, second from left in front, lost her balance and caused quite a stir from the other FBLA members- Shlrley Thompson was one of the six finalists in the Miss FBLA contest. 184 Tech is the proud owner of State FBLA Spelling champion, Pat Chenault, who receives her medal from Darrell Bull, faculty member of N.T.S.C. Back: Mrs. Parker, Lynn Shugart, Maxine Avant, Bonnie Duff, Sandy Ingram, Shirley Dunaway, Betty Bauman, Kathy Funderburk, and Pat Hutt Second: Linda Cornwell, Carol Stout, Velia Lop- ez, and Mrs. Jones. Front: Betty Jones, Pat Chenault, Sue Lecldy, Joycelyn Grimes, and Shirley Thompson. ber. Betty .lones rolls her hair while Mrs. Jones, Pat Chenault, Suzie Wynn, :nd Linda Cornwell gab and watch er. Mr. Payne, Mary Ann Juran, and Mrs. Parker pose at the District V FBLA Convention in Novem- Seventeen students and two spon- sors attended State FBLA Conven- tion in Denton on February 27 and 28, where our own Mary Ann Juran presided as State President. Patsy Chenault won first place in State spelling. She will represent Texas on the Spelling team at the Nation- al Convention, Washington, D. C., in June. Shirley Thompson was one of the six finalists in the Miss FBLA State contest. Everyone had a very enioyable time. .Q n is 3 x :Je W xi "Time out for downing," says our voting delegates, Shirley Thompson and Lynn Shugart, as they hold their voting :ards. These girls have found Darrell Les- lie's picture very interesting as they congregated in one of the rooms. Sandy Ingram, Janie, our hostess, Pat Hutt, Kathy Funder- burk, Shirley Thompson, Pat Chen- aultg and Betty Bauman. -185- Mrs. Jones checks up on the girls in the dorm. mills E Say! What have you found? Joycelyn Grimes and Shirley Thompson seem very ex cited about the contents in the crack of this step. is 'K if SMH' 1 This is the Tech group at the banquet in beautifully decorated Marquis Hall. Nl Wi U64 Fumes ol, ' fwnwtetBattml." FHA officers admire Texas flag they mode to be used in class- rooms. They are Beverly Ray, song leader, Jimmy Holt, His- torian, Sandra Lanier, pianists, Karen Clark, Vice-president, Charlotte, Reporter, Kathy Schenck, Secretary. Standing in rear: Armida Ruiz, President, Betty McKinney, flag holder. Not shown in picture is Jeaneatha Jones, Treasurer. NP' Betty McKinney ironing material for a new dress. Nancy Wiley shown in background. Dorothy Waters and Barbara Stout are making matching The obiectives of FHA for the year T959 are to pro- mote better family living, to help members under- stand the opportunities in home economics, to under- stand our neighbors at home, and to provide train- ing for each member participating in home, school, and community. .f- l , -Lf' - ' ,'-, --even ufxjil' . nag 'x1'5C?Q L e-3552's In connection with a study course on child FHA members invited a group of smaller ers and sisters to school. They served lunch them on table cloths made by students. Helen Sellers, Charlotte Morton, Terry Cardwell serve the table. 0CCe550"le5- Mrs. Turner beginning to make a cake. She spon 186 sors the FHA club. Twt DEl'1Lub RawiHighmSmm0 'am Officers are Jimmy Peel, Sergeant-at-arms, Billye Nelle Tucker, Secretary, Kenny Um- steod, lst VicefPresident, John McLain, President, Jo Ann Young, Treasurer, Ann Buck- ner, Historion, Bert Adams, Reporter. it Sandra Tawater - Sweet- , heart of D. E. ' 4 1 mn se s is ,mg AEE, ,. gms, my ' Eddie Reddell and Patsy Davis rearrange the Ledge display in the classroom- Jimmy Johnson and Dorotha McKnight prac- tice good cash register technique. -187- Al'BSdweQVlC ' Mm, Bw Ribbons Yolanda Torres shaping a little girl's hair at Lena Pope Home. SWEETHEARTS Martha Coomer, Commercial Art, Betty Harris, Radio 8. Television, Diana Hackney, Electric, Mary Barley, Refrigeration, Carol Stoorza, Diesel, JoAnn Trvin, Photography, Sharon Denton, Graphic Arts, Lenora Rogers, Engineering Drafting. 1 WI, - , 4 D Ulf V ! Ig. : E fa y t i .X V 4 I . Yolanda Torres adds the finishing touches. Left to right, Weldon Stillvrell, Wood Presi- dent, Mary Blood, President of Dental Assis- tants, Dale Wilson, President of Aeronautics, Presidents of V. I. C-, Morris Daniel, Welding, Robert Pendergrass, Photo- graphy, Al Boozer, Automotive, Danny Castillo, Refrigeration, .lay Beav- l ers, Radio 8. Television, Jerry Zamaripa, Machine Shop, Kenneth Caldwell, - Graphic Arts, Charles Causey, Refrigeration, Allen Brooks, Diesel, Roy Yolanda Torres and Annie Thames, Electric, David Quinton, Commercial Art, Mike Morrison, Engin- Truiillo survey their work. eering Drafting. -1 S8- 189 Academic Business Industrial MILD Empl1aAL91ezlallQPl1a1ieMl ' is 4 . 4- X.. was l . HE . Bulletin boards are reminders of such great artists as Edgar Allen Poe, or the beginning of great dramatic pro- duction such as "Julius Ceasar" produced for the first time in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. This year, more than ever before, the students have been introduced to literature as a storehouse from which they may draw materials to be used in the future, when the stress of worldly affairs threaten to overburden them. Literature is to the mind what food is to the body. Senior Shakespearestudents gather on the steps awaiting the first curtain of "Henry V", Melvin Luttrell, Miss Lilly, Beverly Spurlock, J. T. Thompson, Sara Junkins, Joe Lindsey, Barbara Stout, and Beverly Stovall. 190- 7 Students of Shakespeare attend a formance of Shakespeare's "Henry given by a London's Old Vic Here Beverly Spurlock buys her Blackboards are constant reminders of all phases of literature. To prove that poetry is art, students do artistic interpretations of poems as covers for their poetry notebooks. lnglizilmizi 1wentia,QlmS mangVocatifm ,sn .M 5 'Q if isa L' sr- 72? The first step in learning grammar is to do as Kathy Burriss and Liz Long are shown doing-- iust plain studying the definitions. Students are shown the reason for their intensive training in the mastery of the techniques of speaking and writing. Much time is spent in exercises intended to en- rich the vocabulary- By the time students'l.5e'come"seniors, they prepare reports and check each others papers as Johnny Tucker, Ellen Lollar, and Yvonne Mear are doing. Barbara Hampton reads orally as Martha Ashby, Linda White, and the rest of the class listen. -191 A , 1 fi ! Jesse Wilson and Gloria Yayo show the class how to diagram the ports of a sentence. ms... ' magma' watt mm Who's afraid of a "li'l ole worm"? Not Carolyn Atchison or her friend as they bravely disect this one. The biology students have enjoyed studying the habits of various specimen that have been brought into the lab. These ranged from snakes to baby chicks, hatched in the classroom, The students have been encouraged to do extra activities in this field to gain a better knowledge of the con- tribution of biology to the field of science and modern living. Patsy Chenault and Richard Elliott seem very in- terested as they inspect the bugs in these iars. -,s-"""' Yvonne Ruttan wonders if all her organs are properly located, -192'- -v .. ,i -- 3 .Q , w . .:-':'ff'f Qf fe .071 -r- l 'fi ' '- U'-7-"'1. ' 5 'ii fell T l l JJ' ' A' . ' f .SJ t 5' 1 1... 4 r l gi "Hi, there." James Martin says to a skeleton to prove they aren't so fearful after all. All these belong to the little frog. Howard Jarrell, a senior. Notice the accurate eye of Don Martin as he and Andres Ybarra weigh this piece of metal during an experiment in physics. TwoBa1iiaS' wwdwiulibiqwid ' Receiving instruction here in specific heat from Mr. Bentley is If you are interested in what happens when you mix two chemicals together, or if you want to better understand what makes everything tick as it does-you should sign up for one of Tech's science classes. Mr. Bentley ond Mr. Harris, our science teachers, are well qualified to help you understand more about science. You can receive instruction in Physics and Chemistry, which ever you prefer. Just to prove that everyone was working, we snapped this picture during our tour ofthe science department. Qi tim' sql Keeping watch over this chemistry experiment are Howard Jor- fell, Suzie Sharp, and Henrietta Hamilton. -193-' Math Depantmeut Ollm Tm The attentive expressions on the faces of the students above is an example of the seriousness with which the instruction is taken. Four semesters of algebra, two of plane geometry, and one each of solid geometry and trig are offered in shop math and business math which are corre- lated with the related shops. ! V N. 1k Mary Barley and a fellow-student seem very happy over the explanation Mr. Hampton, their teacher, is giving them. Douglas Talmadge was too in 1 in finding the angle to even look the cameraman. Dolores Whitmire, Paul Hinman, and Gerald Dyson seem preoccupied, too, while, working on a parallelogram. Mr. Wilcox, instructor, explains a problem in shop Bobby Cure. 1 94- moth ' Contests LilaintlwC0auRoom These history students have learned that reading history can be fun, because they have been stimulated by class projects. l s Xi x History comes to life when students have real experiences to share: as in the case of Stephen Allencastre, who came to Tech from Hawaii. Here he shows Betty Sue Jones the passage in the text which refers to his home country. -195 History is brought to life in the classroom by keeping up with current events and those not so current at the same time. By presenting facts in a logical manner, the scholar can more effectively evaluate the statement that "History repeats itself." All students are better and more understand- ing citizens for having completed a thorough study of the Constitution which is included in American History. 'W . wt -1 'I-. 5 K V " A l U ' X 1 ' . .J ix x -v f M .5-,. 7, Y. - -,hh V ' If 5 x 1 ' I 'AQ ggjfi' I X H1 X ,. .f ,N '-in ee? Maps are valuable tools for the inquisitive student who wants to have a mental picture of the rest of his world. -- 'ia uinetl aSpeciaQDip """Qg Eddy Lyne is checking his finished drawing. All students who plan to re- ceive a special diploma in any of the mechanical sub- iects must have one year in drafting. A look into the classroom e x pl a i n s this. Whatever field the worker may be in, he is sure to need the skills he has learned in this course. Not only is the knowledge valuable, but thc student of drafting finds great satisfaction in just sim- ply knowing how to use the tools and make mechanical drawings. Eddy Lyne, Emilio Rodriquez, Jack Fry, George Wakefield, and Don Winfield work, while Joe Lind- sey dreams of Charlea Vedder is proof that girls, also, enjoy this course. Kenneth Miser, above, and Jack Fry, and Joe Lindsey, right, are so hard at work that they do not see the camera- FTICH. 196 carefu www ww ww wwwww KWSN wx-:w www sign mwgsws gwwfwgigiwbixgwimfii wi wvwwwwmww ww wwawiw Thompson and Mary Helen Valesquez know that each of copy for the paper must be carefully typed. Jan Coston, Editor of Yearbook, checks through picture files while Betty Jones and Milton Snow work on copy. www wi Hx .wwwwwmn H: www w' iw,-new i f ina, W, EAQHHE' it if.: -W:ssw.',ifww2fwK1wir 1-ww ,. igw Wyse .wwi w w w W E2 check it. -197- il YW SN w re must be given to the appearance of the front page of , so Linda Autrey, Jackie Womack, and Reatta Finley Iouruwlliim Stuflevwi Lewm bg Doing An important field of study in the school is iournalism. Al- though it is not required and may be taken instead of Eng- lish in the Senior year, it is seldom used as a substitute. The students here are serious and have a definite purpose in mind-to learn the principals of good iournalism. These principals are then put into practice in the school's two pub- lications, the school newspaper and yearbook. Students in this department are proved to have an opportunity to de- velop their creative abilities. sssmsk w. www Thomas Hudson and Morris Daniel are especially proud that they are connected with the print shop by an intercom which saves a long walk down two floors. . , 15:51 w ,. , , ,w . - . G 54. -. N .-.-.-.-.-.- . F w ..'i Q wmwa wgkh x -,-Q -www, -5 -www-ws... H H L s Martha Coomer and David Quinton, Yearbook artists, and Howard Mitchell check the art- work in other annuals prior to planning their division pages. F7 Mrmimll Perlormem Enrich the lim ol, Tech Stwlenm "Music makes the world go 'round'," and so we agree here at Tech. Our music department highlights our academic events and provides entertainment for the student body. In addition to enhancing our Christmas festivities, our chorus and orchestra participate in the Easter program, the All-city Chorus, and Orchestra Festival at Will Rogers Auditorium, and graduation. We all agree that the hours of training and practice have been well spent. S ,W . Chorus Librarians-Barbara Leck and Betty Piercy Chorus Secretary-Margie Hampton and Cor- inne Carden. 198 Orchestra members are, Seated: Charlea Ved- der, Sharon Bennett, Loretta Timmons, Yvonne Ruttan, Anna Brown, Eva Zavala, Mary Avina, Elma Sifuentez, Douglas Snow, Dolores Whit- mire, Pat Stokley, and Sammy Woodward. Standing: Carolyn Stewart and Paula Meisen- heimer. Teclmlflwruul ULGGIUWGGJLGQQ pwiaQO ' ti nw as - . is-Bm ragga sy- M4 ma gf ies: 215.229 ef aff .ist-Eiiiiii izii www .sJ5f,e,,K-Mun, sw.-efeeJecewS.,.,zw A wE'Qsse'3"'4fTv.v4' 'ri' nt is-NW Miva is earn sr i: :-:e-:-:i5i"::f-5- ' sis- H Z1 M M E we-mam .gsm E sis' m S' 'Rims mms, Him ,ff iii is-.vldfiifsiliEiwEEZB.v2LSw if 1ZSEJSNNMFNWZEWH ii meme Q-Baygzg-3 my-gn? Q:-TE wsfgsiygem,-.gggmeigiyggzwm Q13 R it QQ X H - W- H E E M m 'tie - E ,ee me mMfg,5i. 'Xl ii. Q -3. H- L ,msg mm is we -2-me-,V .W -5-mr ig,..w:,i1 W,-Q ,nw -i Y Mm:-at has-1 A g 3 S 1555 We . asf.. M . M . W . -WW gp?-mmiig-t is We os, - W, ,H I . 2, . 3 . mfrggmwz erigxwgl mx-t-iw' new ' - t its mm T1 as sims' we ix ' -H we ' A -I ' EE me :BK Sw F ,Z H Q38 f , A Q Q F Q ,SHT sm mtg mage? use WMS ng , ..,. il If U Qs ivjaf i. :,, E l 15 9 4 l, we is as or The pianists for Chorus are Jo Ann Martin and Delores Hernandez. Members of Chorus: Lynda Allen, Linda Autrey, Joyce Baker, Virginia Barbee, Judith Beerwart, Barbara Bennett, Margaret Bennett, Kay Berg, Tomma Boddie, Becky Brown, Diane Bryant, Barbara Burkleo, Kathy Burris, Faye Carrell, Helen Cates, Betty Causey, Christine Chavez, Patsy Chenault, Linda Clay, Milton Cochran, Linda Cornwell, Charlene Coughran, Verna Covington, Sylvia Dixson, Sarah Dobbins, Alice Mae Dodson,Jean Duckett, Faye Dugger, Sharon Dunlap, Minnie Lee Ever- itt, Dubi Flores, Dolores Garcia, Jannette Geer, Karen Goodman, Jamie Goza, Mary Gray, LaVerne Green, Pat Gurley, Bar- bara Hampton, Margie Hampton, Dolores Hernandez, Janis Hiett, Jimmy Hill, Joleta Hilley, Kitty Hinson, Vivian Hughes, Lin- da Hurn, Drucilla Jacobs, Mary Alice Johnson, Barbara Johnston, Faye Jones, Gale Keller, Beverly Kidd, Ada Jane Kirbo, Corinne Larden, Sandra Lanier, Barbara Leck, Bruce Lela, Judy Lemmon, Ellen Lollar, Elizabeth Long, Ouida Lumbley, Nancy Luther, L0vella Madewell, Pat Manley, Jacqueline Martin, Jo Ann Martin, Ramona Martinez, Nelda Miller, Cheryl Mitchell, Emileo Molleda, Charlene Moore, Dianne Morgan, Barbara Morrow, Sharon McGrath, Rilda Mclnnis, Sue McRim- mon, Brenda O'Baugh, Juanita Payne, Betty Piercy, Margaret Pollard, Darlene Rancher, Rebecca Ramirez, Beverly Ray, Judy Ray, Wynelle Ray, Charlcie Rice, Diane Richardson, Gayla Robbins, Martha Robinson, Linda Roden, Rita Rodriquez, Joseph- ine Sales, Judy Segrest, Lena Mae Shaw, Barbara Shoup, Marie Smith, Deanna Sparks, Ruby Spigener, Peggy Stacy, Thelma Sweeney, Joyce Thomas, Marcie Thomas, Joy Thompson, Opal Trussell, Wesley Trussell, Joy Tucker, Sherry Wagoner, Joyce Williams, Barbara Willman, Carol Wilmon, Jo Ann Wilson, Jo Ann Waldrop, Sondra Wilson, and Patricia Seman. -199-- Speeclt94laM1xuvwoi,FwmamlWMlz One of the most interesting and entertaining courses in high school is Speech. It contains everything from dramatics, to his- tory, to writing a notebook. Every moment in a speech class is as surprising as a passing grade on your report card. But don't get the wrong idea. There is a large amount of work to be done although it is made pleasant by an interesting class and intelli- gent teacher. The speech students this year have learned what a good course it is, and a. wonderful teacher Mr. Plumlee is. l Really, this isn't a sewing bee or a gossip session. Janis Bell, Ann Young, Patsy Youngblood, and Thelma Sweeney are speech students sewing on their costumes. Research work on speeches is one of the malor dislikes of speeches Thelma Sweeney Patsy Youngblood Jan Bass and Jo Ann Young are industriously working on their speeches www Suuwm Tlvwugh wi Vwaag 04, Auwuum, One of the many things our Speech department did this past year was to present our Tech Variety Show in December. lt was directed by Mr. Plumlee and several members of the cast were speech students. Being in the plays put on by the speech department gives the students an opportunity to overcome their stagefright. Clearity in speech is one of the points stressed in speech. Through our plays Tech gains publicity and finds talented students. All in all this is one of Tech's most outstanding departments. We are proud of our Speech class. Mr. Plumlee holds the fort backstage. Li n d a Barnett sings a t Tech's Variety Show. Broadway experts don't have much on this speech department scenery builders. Gene Cole, Margie Hampton, Judith Beerwart, and Leonard Goodson are painting scenery with rollers. -201- Frank Patino and Mr. Plumlee pantomine the touching scene, "John and Marsha." .pep Physical Education for the girls of Technical High School is not a chore or a "must", but a pleasure. A look into the P. E. rooms shows the reason for this. The entire department had its face lifted before school opened this fall, and is now re-painted with much new equipment added. The girls now have a choice of sports, games, folk dancing, and tap. They are particularly proud of their new shuffleboard. 'S lm Tech's volleyball team won intermural championship this year. The members are: Gloria Sifuentes, Barbara Stout, Karen Clark, Charlott Steinmetz, Shirley Hixon, Mary McClurken, Teresa Esquivel, Pat Ogle, Mary McKandless, Pattie Blissett, Dorothy Owen, Pat Boyd, and Juanita Smoot. -202'- Captain Dorothy Owen is very proud of her team. lle'uaVanietqol,'ltminii1g Tap is one of the new and well-liked courses taught the Tech girls in their P. E. class. Mrs. Murphy, the tap instructor, helps Bettye Hill with her step while the Bettye Hill, Nan White and Patty concentrate on their rest await their turn. routine. Beatrice Phillips and Joy Cheairs know that tennis takes plenty of practice. Bouncing the ball off the wall helps improve coordination and re action. 203- aicall itnwxizialllecwiitq The busy schedule in Technical High School gives very little time for a student to relax and rid him- self of tensions: so the physical education classes become extremely important to every student. It affords a well trained, organized method of reiuvenating ourself so better work can be done in the other classes. P. E. boys build a human pyramid. The straddle hop trains in agility. .,- . ' . 1 x. 1 To insure coordination, the boys use each other as a wheelbarrow. Steady nerves and complete control of muscles is essential for handstands. For pure relaxation and fun, nothing beats the piggyback. -204- INDUSTRIAL Aeronautics Graphic Arts Automotive Electric Business Education Machine and Metals Ceramics Homemaking Commercial Art Radio 81 Television Cosmetology Refrigeration Dental Assistance Welding Distributive Education Woodworking Diesel Photography Engineering Drafting N -205- l'mneFnemFwiAwaqP0awiteAttei11lTeclm 'Students come from far away places to attend Tech's Aeronautical School. Mimi Muldrow, an aeronautics students from Mid- land, Texas, became interested when she saw an annual showing pictures of work being done by aeronautics students. Said Gonzales from Victoria, Mexico, is in his second year in this department. When interviewed, these students state that they are well pleased with their course. They are enthused with the progress they are making in learning the mechanics of all kinds of airplane motors, including the new forms of iet motors. 'si Carl Beaver, Winston Carden, Johnny Sims, Glen Boswell, and Bill Brown are busy over-hauling jet engines. Bill Harris and Bobby Spivey. Said Gonzales from Victoria, Mexico, and Mimi Muldrow from MlCll0I'IC-lf TSXGS. GFS fem0Vln9 the Said Gonzales and Mimi Muldrow are now troub accessories from a iet engine. Ie shooting an engine on the test stand. -206- NauSqatamel,Teacl1h1gTl10mqU1Aut0M2ckai1ic'a Howard Mitchell, Tommy Whitley, and Raymond Reyero are reaming out valve guides. Raymond Lopez, Gary Muney, and Joe Mata are using a peaning hammer to straighten a fender. A system of teaching theory, which is based on the system ot General Motor's Training School, is being used in the Auto and Auto-Body department for the first time this year. The practical application ot this theory is carried on in the modern shop where 51800 worth of new equipment was added this year. Jimmy Sisk and Dwight Miller are disconnecting a transmission from ci clutch. D a r w i n Sanders and Rodney Young are pre- paring metal for lead by putting on tinloy. It cleans metal so the lead will stick. Donald Reed, Glen Russell, and Don Gun- ter are adiusting a carburator. H207- TtwinLngi.itl1eGoallol,B ' clwoi 'iff VA- 1 '3""ad"' porin-zllvfwf ' 1 n'K""i Donnette Darnaby, Martha Davis, Olivia Balan- dran, Betty Beauman, Joe Brittain, and Sue Bul- lock are just completing their final file in their course in filing. 'HN vi. ,y Ax Lynda Allen and Barbara Sanders have the devoted honor of being first to try out new electric typewriters even be- fore the tag has been removed. 208 ik y A diploma from this department means immediate em- ploymentg for the graduate has been trained in Book- keepping, Stenography, and can operate intricate cal- culating machines of all kinds. The students have elec- tric typewriters and all the newest equipment to work with. llfigikyyx - .. -C There is always something to learn and no time to waste in studying shorthand, so the stu d ents assist each other as Jo Ann Martin, Dolores Whitmire, and Kathy Funderburk show. Martha Walraven demonstrates a very well-liked way of writing shorthand. uta0Ql7lta1ie1xel,Bu.wuuui he use of an adding machine saves time in check- g legers tor Nickie Kemp, Archie Veal, and Pat ft ss an m ss - , L- M W! M, . ,VQ Q: ,M F, N 41:3 After Corrine Carden, Carolyn Johnson, Sandy Ingram, Kathy Fun- derburk, Judy Segrest, and Peggv Stacy have taken dictation, they must achieve speed in transcribing it. alt. 5-is. Study, Practice, Drill, Test-then starting over will pay off in accur- acy for operators of all office machines by Melvin, Luttrell, Tomma Boddie, and Johnnie Lou Cain. f -209- i I i i .X "'E: ,fr .,,., , ln the picture above Peggy Pruitt, Linda Simmons, Beverly Cardwell, Vicki Spencer, and Linda Thomas drill on their machines. A new, two-year course has been added to Tech's curriculum. The first semester's work includes such things as pinchpots, progressing thru slab building, drape molding and coil - building. Second semester includes concentration on wheel throwing, sculp- ture, and simple mold making. The second year allows a student to develop fur- ther skills with experimentation in glazemaking, mosaics, and practice in various forms of decora- tion. Methods used by commercial firms in the fab- ricating of clay products is an important part of .1 Ceramics IV. 'Il l Judy Marshall is shown here pouring clay in a mold. Teak Acqwiiuaa a New Couruie in Cffuu Bradley Erb and Betty Pond are loadng a kiln. Marcy Nelson and Mrs. Alford, our new Cera- mic's teacher, are turning on the potter's wheel. -210- A Jeanette Whitt glazes pottery. N.. MQ Diziplag Mt Wfmlz lm Suppiied by Alu: Dep Tech students had striking and unusual posters made for them this year by the art students. Homecoming ex-students were welcomed by original placards made here All the pep-rallies and programs sponsored by the school were aided by the mechanical techniques and the versatility and originality ot these trained student artists. Tech's art department is also well known all over the city for its posters, sign painting, and fashion drawing. Pantographing a picture of a well- known personality is Kenneth Richardson. Allan Hutfaker uses the air brush to help him illustrate a flower advertisement. Sharon Brewton, Margaret Lyle, and Suzanne Macias touch up drawings. Jerry Pipen and Jerry Russell try their hand at car- Glenda Davis inks in G fashion drawing. tooning. -211- 4 'APP"GlTlwtw F-1 X Cosmetology school had to have an additional room this year due to the growth of the department. This growth is due to the fact that girls realize more and more the benefit of beauty culture by prac- ticing on each other. Technical can truthfully boast of the best groom- ed students because of the facility. Edna Thompson and Margaret Pollard give manicures to Carol Stoorza and Bobbye Alford while their hair is drying. In order to work better as a unit and pro- mote interest in their department, Cosme- tology has a very active VIC club. The VIC officers shown here are Linda Martin, Bar- bara Burkleo, Frances Torres, Kathy Saint John, and Hope Solis. -212- Senior students are allowed to give permanents to patrons outside the school as Mary Hicks is doing. Hair styling is possibly the most satisfying phase of this work. New styles are tried until the most suitable one is found. Here Mary Hicks sets Barbara Fry's hair while Jo Alice Middleton cuts Vivian Hughes' hair. eqicaklo P Appewzenee0l,Stud1av1t- When the seniors have completed their course, they go to Austin and take prac- tical, oral, and written examinations in order to be a licensed beautician. Mar- iorie Yandell, Mary Mcliandless, Phy- llis Palmer, and Jeanette Whitt are shown here as they left for this examination. They are some of this year's newly Ii- censed operators. if K ku 5 if 'Q ge. Qi: ' dw 'S 34 Patience is necessary in the mastery of rolling a good pin curl, so Marjorie Yandell and Mary Smith serve as models for Marcy Nelson and Mazie Shelton. Mazie Shelton, Pat Shaw, Jo Alice Middleton, Sue X! 53 ' x Beth Broach and Mary Smith practice rolling hair -5524.51 ns, XM for ermanents. ' Q 'Qff' . f , P ifiiisliligi 2 -213 .lo Ann Hutcherson and Mariorie Yandell are giving manicures. s rn ' Q Q I I f I :YJ-'+h..4,.,J1' ' Qf-if s I " - f t A .. .. . GMM A .. K . I ., I A 'H i ni ' -I files l'l......' . it The girls in Dental Assistants started this year off right by forming a VIC club then at- tending the district conven- tion at Tyler in October where one of their members, Mary Alice Blood, was elect- ed treasurer of District ll. Ten of the girls entered exhibits at the district convention in Breckenridge, while others entered exhibits in the Science Fair held in Fort Worth. Lynn McDonald is one of the many girls preparing for a career as ci dental assistant. She is shown here placing carpule in a syringe. Putting the X-Ray Cone in position is Grace Singer. -gf' 1 i I Qql I Making appointments is one of the many duties of ci dental assistant. Mary Alice Blood is getting some practice along this line. Miriam Coleman is removing instruments from the sterilizer. if -, J I P Il' Another of Miriam's duties is to change the tip on the air hose. -21 4- Suulevwi Get Gmdezi on llwin Pant Uma Taba Yes, that's right, there are some Tech Students who' receive a grade for the work on their part time iobs. Think of it! ! getting money and a grade for some- thing you would ordinarily receive only your wages. These students are members of our Distributive Ed- ucation class, c course in which students go to .9 uckner shows the latest styles and shades of to a customer. school in the morning and work part time in the at- ternoon. ln the classroom students learn salesmanship, how to make change, and ways to get along with other people. These selected juniors and seniors also re- ceive training and experience in retail, wholesale, and service selling. J....4 Jan Branom shows one of Monnig's fine evening dresses. Tech student, Ann Daunis, displays a beauti- ful duster from Monnig's. -215 is if Barbara Sims finds the right pattern for her cus- tomer. lwp Ttu1uu,Fon imma ' l Billy Edmonson shows that valve work experience is one of the advance stages of automotive work in Diesel Shop. 'C One-cylinder power plant represents one of the many types of engines that are worked upon by Diesel students, Wayne Hans- ford and Eugene Gideon. f ' I! l l . t . ..- ..,v". . Gppfnlpmf ' J -J 4,- Leon Smith and Jerry Sustala ad- iusting the fuel rack. Full Diesel application of mechanics is experienced by Mike Haggard and Robert Burns as they work on the horizontal Witte Diesel Engine. Diesel Shop attains a high standard of mechanical ap- plication and work experience. ln their course of train- ing, the students start out by working on a simple one- cylinder gasoline engine, which has only one and a a half horse power, and finish their course of training on diesel engines that have over one-hundred horse power. Graduates from the Diesel school are assured employment because the training they have received is so broad that it covers many fields of industry. -216- Diaiei V.ll.C.l'neatm Sndowuie At the beginning of the year new members are initiated and take a membership oath. Carol Stoorza Diesel sweet heart, says farewell to Coach McPherson as Allan Brooks and Mr. Trimble look on. Officers of VIC and sweetheart are: James Odle, Carol Stoorza, Allan Brooks, Douglas Shad, Larry Blackwood, Cal- vin Stover, and Leon Smith. VIC Chapter 143 is a lively and active organization that proves work and play do mix when the "Play" is well organ- ized. Under the direction of Diesel in- structor, Mr. Stoorza, the club members have taken part in just about every activity around the school. New members, George Pendergrass and David Steelman, Carol Stoorza, and Allan Gary Green, wonder what is in store for Brooks take time out from their regular school them at initiation. routine to play ping-pong. -21 7- Ff1aH1ww1aUfwlUMP'wPww4lv10f41wae 5 , fx i Don Martain and Jerry Carlson are shown doing architectural drawing. Most of the graduates in Engineering Drafting will maior some field of Engineering in College. X , X Nh 15, ff, -. X Q Q. iw X I l ,. , Q- Studying surface development are Richard Elliott, Gerald Gre- gory, and Robert Chenault. -218 ' xx ,G I 'K Engineering Drafting is a highly technical course requiring precision on the part of the student. Those who have taken three years in this shop are better prepared for college. ln addition to this, these graduates derive much satisfaction from the general knowledge they have acquired. This knowledge applicable to everyday life. iw' - ffd .r.?."Q , ,f :- .4-"fig Guns? k 'I Sid Howard and Billy Scruggs are machine drafting. mint Sllwp la Centex el, lczclfzi Publicitq Carey Beck is shown at the i X - , " N Wally Harper, James Ferguson, and Billy Fagan demonstrate the use of slide rules. Tech's Graphic Arts Department, better known as Print Shop, has been one of our main means of publicity for many years. Print Shop prints our school paper and yearbook, for which we are all proud. The programs for our many plays, Social functions, and special assemblies are printed in this shop, also. Our "Meet Techite", "T-ing off at Tech" and other bulletins printed here are sent to iunior high and platen press. A other senior high schools all over the city. In this shop the students have to do much hard work, but the praise they receive from others is very rewarding. Stripping pictures are Ben Yarborough, Raymond 1 New, and Bill Gage. One of the many machines seen in print shop is the linotype. Operating this machine are Bruce Kirtley and Carey Beck. -2.19 Johnny Sisk displays his talents at the Meihle Vertical Automatic Press. " 9sAMajenS'.ul3jmt Electricity is one of the most common things known to modern man, but no one can actually tell what it is. Yet, we use it every day in our lights, inclustry, com- munications, transportation, etc. ln order to use it, we must learn to control it-to a reasonable degree. Controlling, producing, and conducting electricity is a iob for an expert technician. We at Tech feel lucky that we have an electric shop. Mr. R. R. Tomlinson gives instructions on a shop study lg questionaire to Paul Filmore and Don Britt. Robert Leonard is checking an electrical circuit tor shorts, grounds, or a break. x.-., bf ,gt ,,,fW1! Paul Filmore and his buddy, Michael, cut insulation for a stator before winding it. Glen Wright and Robert Leonard do a simple lathe machine operation. -220- I R James Adams assembles a machine after adding wash- ers to decrease its end play. - Don Britt takes care of the tool room. ' Slwp tim Rutus Cahill is chucking up work in a lathe machine. lm 'ww Most American industries are made up ot machines. To run these mil- lions ot kinds ot mechanical de- vices, trained and experienced men are needed. Tech recognized that fact years ago and felt that a shop where students could receive train- ing and instruction on machinery would be a good advancement in its high school curriculum. To teach this course Tech needed some very good and experienced mechanical instructors. As always, we came through with flying colors and ac- quired two very good men for the job: Mr. Leroy Beck and Mr. Bur- ton Sanders. ga-Q-M Tommy Nunn is cutting a gear on the milling machine. Jackie Womack is cutting acme threads in a lathe machine. mill cutters. -221- , . Jerry Rushing and Darrell Ball are sharpening r l l Look at this delicious pie prepared by ace cooks, Jeanie Martin and Karen Clark. gUl.llEllUL Do mm Wm Wwe They Lewin li x I .3- Ellen Lollar makes a last min- ute check before the guests Viola Hollaway fits her dress pat- are sawed tern to model .loneen McCorkle. Sewing has become a money-making project for Lois Everitt pins her way through her pattern problem some of the homemalcing students. By doing out- side sewing for friends and neighbors, the girls have been able to make much needed money for their Senior year. 'KX 2 Threading a needle can be a ticklish job unless you get experience like Sharon Stewart does here. -222'- ' Gwen Luvmlwen tw Ftwtllt AW Wil Perhaps one of the most important things to each of us is the way our meals are prepared. Another important thing is the way our clothes are made. To be able to cook and make clothes well is something that everyone cannot do. A great amount of training is required to at- tain these qualities and that is where our homemaking department comes in. Under the excellent supervision and guidance of Mrs. Geor- gia Turner, the students in this class become well prepared to take over any household. Here Mr. Pate, Mr. Meacham, Gen. Brown, and Supt. Moore are enioying a luncheon served by Armida Ruiz of Tech'5 homemalcing class. -22.3- Margie Lambert and Barbara Whitsel enjoy the aroma of the taste treat they are cooking up Teclim tiepafietllott mwigenciet with im um Radio lwp One of the most popular and useful things in the daily life of a teenager is his radio or television set. lf one of these breaks down or becomes faulty, it leaves him without anything to do but his homework. That is good, but not always so pleasant, so-as aIwaysfTech is prepared with its own repair shop. The boys that like this course are really in line for some work, but it pays off in a good vocation and possibly a good paying iob. They are instructed in the field of electronics, sound waves, and the principles of radio. You can see that this could be a hard course to teach, but Tech is lucky in that it has two very experienced teachers for this shop. They are Mr. A. C. McGinnis and Mr. C. C. Gorsuch. Freddie Crawford tests his tubes free, too, with shop tube tester. -2 Johnny Bateman demonstrates his ability ' to use the oscilloscope to check wave forms in televisions. Robbie Kimbrell uses a signal generator to test his amplifier as Douglas McKinney, Lupe Mosquedo, and Vasquez studv their proiects. In checking this car radio, Ralph Staff and Kenny Umstead use a battery eliminator to replace the car battery while making voltage checks with a voltmeter. 24 ' Teak' RQl'ligl?Jl0.l,lML quipmant m8 Ted Perez, Jr., Ike Gilmore, Cecil Lawson, and Danny Castillo are checking one at the ther- mostatic expansion valves on a five-ton heat pump. 35 .. .e. mlms HH .. . frm, sms,-sf -we L as .W :I -M ls ig F 2 'W rits- M 1 .sw B gt. as W um tx me .mae ,.:,, ,g was H , E -mem .r is is tm 2-yy ss tt 0 Q WY nz ss Sheldon Cooper and Eugene Skiles are doing some repair on an ice flake machine that is -ss sw ti we 5 M - ,GEEK ss WSSESEE-.....m is ss is was S1 SMT .witmmgtnmng is is Tommy Harper and Charlie Causey are prepared to add Freon to a Hermetic refrigeration system used in domestic refrigerators. -225- Just as school opened, a thousand pound ice maker, which provides the cafeteria with ice, broke down, but it was quickly repaired by the refrigeration stclents. These students han- dle such equipment as o tive-ton, year-round air-conditioner, which is very complicated be- cause it is automatically controlled. The ma- chinery pictured here shows some of the new equipment that was put into use this year. lf --NE... XE L 5 n 35 T - it 'aw-M n is used in the school system cafeteria. Cecil Lawson, Ffeddt' Nombmncf GUVY Barton' and Joe Swiger are rebuilding an ice machine that is used in the school cafeteria. ,1?- ' Q 5 H . J aiding Slwp Jehu Vic Ongani ation eat IS! Pu-ics fantasy Q MADEBYMURRISUHNIH i Morris Daniel demonstrates the blow torch met' id of cutting oft o table leg. Welding takes practice like everything else. Shown practicing are Carl Hopkins, Leon Reasnor, Gary O'Neil, and Ralph Young. in the corner picture Morris Daniel, VIC president, is the proud owner of the winning progress board of Welding Shop. This year's Welding Shop has organized a VIC chap- ter which is headed by Morris Daniel as President. Any boy interested in welding would enioy being in this class. Robert Wood, Leroy Self, and Roger Stewart. 226 Dalton Monson, Jerry Sprawls, andtDwoyne Richard- son are also getting a little practice. llwl Fwmitww Bq Shop Students Desks belonging to the school are refinished by the wood shop students. By the skillful use of power tools-desks, chests, beds, and other pieces of furniture are made according to speci- fications for teachers and friends. Some furniture was made for churches by the students. Ray Ennis and Art Holland. Homer Sheppard and Billy White serve the church as they put the finishing touches to the pulpit they made in wood shop. Charlie Richardson displays his talents for us as he works at the planer. Albert Carter gives an example of the service to the community presented by wood shop by sanding the desk built in wood shop. Plwtu Students Puminnm Wtak afwiw Students of this department have been a great asset to Tech by taking pictures for all publications for the school. This year they have learned how to make movie strips. These amateur photographers get a grade by taking orders for pictures of relatives and friends. This year the photo department featured per- sonalized Christmas cards with individual pictures on them. This proiect was very well-liked by stuhents, teachers, and outsiders. A student in this shop learns how to operate movie projectors and repair equipment as well as taking photographs and developing. A . .. A l, ,Q Mm, ,, 'fa Q... ' ' f fi :Q Z2 V -Jgtglmm ,, 4 ' 'ivmg sf' :-:--.-, " ' -Ginza-rx 1 H ji ss: .. H,I,' ' " - ,..., .1 i i -5 - -:::1.,.', ' lt takes cooperation to use this equipment as shown by Jo Ann Toephers's opening a shutter so Tommy Rhoads can focus the cam- era. ion Sclwoll Here Tommy Rhoads is very care- ful with his prints as he removes them from the fixer- I Mr Hamby, photo instructor, demonstrates to Linda Pirkle the importance of proper lighting for portraits. -228- , ,J -4 gl? - at 1' I' ,I W .s..x X .mm . dx. v. ' Rx e g , Ni: .lack Fisher knows that he must be extremely accurate in mixing chem- icals for developing solution in or- der to get the best result. I I I Registration Yearbook Ranch Day Paper Library Printers Y-Teens Allied Youth Open House Red Cross Faculty Snaps Dental Assistants Prom King and Queen Safe Teens 229 ,fi Eddy Lyne models the calender girl's Easter rabbit ears. Tlwwi Suumui Make lip tliegdwoll Naumpapm Stall, Ramona Perez, Asst. Editor 1 if . 4 P1--01-Q ff, " - . 'H -,,, -7' V: " Y- .,. ,.. ., 5 N L -Q., ,.,. gi ,., A i.: in - Fifth Period Journalism Class Fourfh Period Journalism Class -230' , , f"U -X jv I Mrs. Lillian Mobley, Sponsor Fall Co-Editors Lindo Autrey, Reaettci Finley ,Z Tn, X Joy Cheoirs, Spring Editor-in-Chief Tmttymmiwrsuumv ' he yearbook is done by students from the first plan- ing to the final printing. The staff working under the irection of their advisor, Mrs. Helen Drake, makes he initial plans: and then serve as co-ordinator for he other departments responsible for the final pro- uction. The commercial art department furnishes he artists, all photography-with the exception of ndividual class pictures-is done by the photography epartment, and the actual printing-with the ex- eption of four process color-is done in the print hop. All lay-outs, copy, and the collection of pictures ogether with the many meniol tasks involved is done y this group of staff members working only two eriods each day. The juniors work one year for no redit and the seniors get credit for only one per- od's work in their senior year. Despite the fact that his iob is done in which the credit is measured only n hard work, the students love working on the annual. Mrs. Helen Drake, advisor and Mr. J. F. Anderson, Business Manager. 231 Q? ef ti 3 Raja 5 ANNUAL STAFF: Back row: Theta Welty, Pictures Martha Coomer, Sr- Art, David Quinton, Sr. Art, Mil ton Snow, Lay-out. Second row: Billy Hamm, Copy, Virginia Barbee, Jr Art, Tommy Rhoads, Jr. Photographer. Third row: Howard Mitchell, Layout, Jo Ann Couch Copy, James Herring, Athletic Editor. Fourth row: Robert Pendergrass, Photography Editor Betty Janes, Copy Editor, Jan Coston, Editor-in-Chief Velda Riley, Copy: David Stevens, Jr. Photographer Bill Wright, Business Editor. r William Fagan and Carey Beck check proofs for errors. U ET' , lt! f Bruce Kirtley sets annual copy on the linotype. Two of our annual pressmen,'Bill Gage and Frank Patino. -232 James Ferguson and Ronny Wyatt get the Re- production Camera ready for an annual pic- ture. fl Y k-E-,Ei vfxHi'-q4'4uvL- -- ""'f-r f, 1 rw 11- "V"L , ' I- TX-A 'lx X 1 U CA ..., V-v -all - .L 'SX ' M I .P 5.-., ax--E " Y .ly V N it V9 V I. J If I Mil-V . W' ft s"' ' 7 J , . - ,Amar wr. if- 4 F4 -' '- f- - 3 I' '. , QL "'1' W 'll'-, ..,,:T , . M , itlgfwi' LA-lv' Q ffgi- The morning platemaking crew, James Ham, Ray Armand Douglas Akins and Raymond New. ,Pin Boyd Boler and Danny King scale annual pictures to correct size. C. G. Wyles and Stanley Gertz set the folder up for the annual. The printing of the Tech Bulldog is a training project for the Graphic Arts students in the school. The printers take the copy prepared by the annual staff and photography department and reproduce it into book form by printing, folding, and gathering the annual each year. Ml areas of training in the Graphic Arts department are represented in the production of the school annual. Roger Talley at the Composing saw. Gary Turner and Emilio Rodriquez pull proofs 233 on the annual for reproduction. Futw1eBigl.e11gueM lwwllmifc ' f ,ka Bill 'Wright is on his woy. T. Wright scores a strike os Robert Pendergrass poises over ball in the backgroiund- -...-15-' 4 tam? P ' gepp h 5223: tcgtsgtss and Jimmy check out S ces Kenneth Jenkins and Louis Coulson are off to o good stort. -234- .-..... Teclm Studem believe in ' Ralph Sfapp, Bernice Esters, , Johnnie Weems, and Mary Reese. Another night-an- ' H M oiher bruise? Q5 I .M i ly. Even "old ladies" give it a try. Mrs. Batey and Miss Lil- Bill D010 and John Lqmbery Johnnie Weems and Ralph Stapp-Ralph Oops! Pardon me! Q takes The president for a round. -235- AY president and sponsors are pictured with Bobby Morrow, athlete from Abilene Christian College. Mr. Morrow spoke at the fall semester kick-off for membership. Left to right they are Mr. Bob Willingham, Melba Hiser, Mr. Morrow, Mrs. Bess Vaughan, and Mr. Wayne Wilcox. iq Enroute to Buckhill. Falls Mr. Willingha'm C"Uncle. Bob"D, Duejean Clements, Larry Wyatt, International President of Allied Youth Alumni, and Melba Hiser enjoy a snack while 'they chat. ' ill it- ,.--y'-v - ... 'l"'4--STL-'. ' " - A b'-. A -f' te .- Z- ' .-1fZ,f5'1v,3- J, T .A Jw. JM... LJ' ' ' . ."' ff " "fi r A-" yi5'P:t-Q If I It 4'-,I l 'fc-152-, ' ,?..x'yfl : gferg' ,A ' .i 9 . .- .35 , A - A w N Q f'-' . ... 4 :ff Allied Youth otficers are Cleft to right, Melba Hiser, president, Cameron, Jones, vice-president in charge of socials, Theta Welty, vice-president in charge of publicity, Janie Lee, vice-president in charge of finances, ' and Linda Autrey, historian. Not pictured is Leslie Robinson, vice- president in charge of membership. -236- '- The Myron'Everts Pen, awarded to international presidents, is by Mr. Myron D. Evert, a Jeweler. It is a gold pen with a "Y", The "A" has seven diamonds is valued at 5500. .Wh 6 rl- -if ' ss- - -c ' " A, n - ,, . . '.. an 2 Delegates to the National Buckhill Falls Conference are ftop to bottomi Dueiean Clements, Melba Hiser, Ida Jean Kunschick, Cameron Jones, Janie Lee, Donita Myers, and Linda Autrey. Leslie Robinson was elected interna- tional president of AY at the Buckhill Falls conference. AY believes teenfagers can have fun without alcohol. These pictures, taken at a spring barbeque at Rockwood Park, prove it. Horseshoe pitching, washers, dancing, singing, good wholesome fellowship, and plenty to-eat characterize the social side of AY. V Ngrm su gm in 0 Qooa W U Ie ye'-1 olh mom me some QCA On xlwlgtw. off7o, d Ken M . he 90 S6560 Herb io' X es' Je'7K'1l1 s Theta Welty seems to be quiet for a change. Pcvltl Holbrook loflks U5 though he For some reason Kenneth doesn't want IS telling Mack Jenkins a thing or two. 10 turn ground- -2.3 7- Rmowttiittpnuagoftplm 1 Red Cross Officers, Anna Ruth Denton, Secretary-Treasurer, Sharon Denton, Reporter, Mrs. Rhodes, Sponsor, Linda Autrey, President, Don Leeper, Vice-President, prepare their annual gift boxes. tnng, Lyn -'V'Vsf"- in L 3 ,Q ' ' 1 if., II 4 -I we A group of Red Cross representatives take time out from their work to pose for a picture. Back row: Howard Jarrell, Dale Wilson, Wayne Lay, Morris Daniel, Don Leeper, Emilio Rodriquez, James Green, Francis Rodriquez. Second row: Lenora Rogers, Judy Cole, Peggy Young, Ruth Ann Vedder, Patsy Wood, Charlotte Steinmetz, Doris DeVoe. Front row: Jane Pate, Dorothy Owens, Betty Ford, Linda Autrey, Anna Ruth Denton, Mary King, Sharon Denton. :ILA Mary King and Lenora Rogers box. Homeroom representatives gather in the library to pack their Red Cross boxes. -238- Amgwm Nlll Saietg Pageant Onganigecl by Saga- Team as-1 Students take final instructions for Road-E-O. ..--1-""'m 1 is 5, l, is 1 vf fy' .li T' 4! N3 4 N i Display charts for safe driving are explained Kathy Schenck and AI Boozer. ,A IRI Mike Lobb and Kathy Schenck on tloat which they rode on in the United Fund parade. -r...-uf-.. Making plans for school evacuation for Civil Defense are: Bob- bie Ca s Joan Pittman Jeanette Donawho Barbara Lobb, pp I I I Kathy Schenck, Mike Lobb, Al Boozer, and Lenora Rogers. Sponsors and officers: Left to right: Mr. J. G. Bennett, Sarah Gilbert, Al Boozer, Kathy Schenclw- Mike Lobb, Lenora Rogers, Barbara Lobb, John Gorrell, am Mrs. Bess DiGiovanni. The object of this organization is to foster and en- courage a sense of individual obligation and re- sponsibility among the teen-age group in the pre- vention of traffic accidents on the streets and high- ways, and in all public places. l It is the aim of this organization, through educational channels and in public, to promote and publicize the facts regarding the problems of traffic safety and ' to seek their solution. 240- lines of would-be mathematicians waiting up for their chosen algebra class. eggs his sea of faces represents the sophomores who just been given instructions on where to Tlwiwn Believe it or not there is a counselor in the cen- ter of this heap--the library is the scene of all the frenzy when a student wishes to take an ir- regular course. Ann, Yvonne, and Marie 1 X .' 3 if have a snug smile because they are seniors and have everything under control. Miss Sloan is always good to ease tension with a humorous remark even on registration day. Mr. McElroy always has writer's cramp after I Some find it difficult to make out their sched- slgnlng hls nalfle to the cords of all-the ones ule because of having entered late. The teach- who register with him. -241 ers work for days in the library assisting them. Teak Cefebnam Stuck Show ...i m1 Dale Dalhberg, Deanna Short, Linda Autrey. Okay, Dale and Linda, Deanna says to -hit the trail! Eddy Lyne, Martha Coomer. These are the winners. Marrs, Johnny Mosley, Eddy Lyne, Three musketeers, Jimmy, Johnny, and Eddy. 242 Hopefuls for Ranch Day. Queen. Hey, boys, how would yovl like o be foreman of thi crew? Ranch Day King contestants. Stargazing, Eddy? Pat Stokely, Mary Miller. English in those clothes, Pat and Mary? WQMQW N MY' gzzmw- H M1355 S 135' Z5 MZ' ix W ms 5, . ,I-'Ewfwf . ,QQ .Q I 2Q L. 1 1 . H r v ., by u x jwau .1 ,. 'U Q ' SN 3,4 ' LK- gr W1 5 x ? nz , an Mn , an 1, 9 'K ' ML, sus ., MARTHA COOMER and EDDY LYNE -243- X Nancy Hall, Viola Holloway, Eva Zavala, and Josie Zamora repair the damages. Our library is a place of importance around Tech, and Mrs. Batey and her competent staff help make it so. Whether you're gathering material for a re- search theme or simply brousing in search of a good novel, Mrs. Batey and her assistants have iust the right advice and are always willing to assist you. Susan Watchous, Kathy Keating, Sarah Dobbins, Eunice Reitz, and Mary Williams are still shelving! ! l uh . Fm Tech Shalom 244- Mary Williams, Eunice Reitz, Sarah Dobbins, Kathy Keating, and Susan Watchous are trying to get the books back on the shelves. Sandy England, Linda Jackson, Sandra Hutson, and Betty Harris have to pay-even if they are library assistants! Open lime Lwmgeat Lee won first place. students entered models in a hair styling contest. During the week of March 2-6, Tech was busy with preparation for the big night of Open House. All the shops and classes were open to display their work. On l Machine shop welcomes open house visitors to in- spect the work of their shop. Mrs. Dorothy Lentz is a new member of the faculty. She ioined us at mid-term, and, there- fore, could not be included in the faculty sec- tion. But this did not keep her from presenting a lovely display at Open House. Mrs. Grace and Distributive Education students offer scrapbook for inspection by visitors. -245f H-Twui .W i "Tv ss ,, f W fl, l A. 1 ' r-.1 r 331 W l' - s f' ' 1: .. gig 4. 4,54-' The officers of Y-Teen are: Pat Stokley, President, Ramona Perez, Vice-president, Adeline Uranga, Secretary, Lynn McDonald, Trea- surer, Johnnie Lou Cain, I. C. C. Representative, and Sue Leddy, Miss No,-mg Griffin, Sponsor, Reporter. The Y-Teens are a Social-Service Organization affiliated with the Y. W. C. A. Their activities involve monthly meet- ings and service projects each month. Two camping trips to the Fort Worth Y. W. C. A. camp YO-WO-Chi-A, a facul- ty-Y-Teen volleyball game, and o semi-formal Valentine dance were their outstanding activities of the year. Their service proiects included a variety program for Tarrant County Old Folks Home, collecting magazines for the Home, gathering food for two families at Thanksgiving, participating in the United Fund and March of Dimes. V x My ....-M., QM - 11 Q l Jn Q 9' ' . P A 4 fl .Q 4 Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Amos, Mrs. Bledsoe, and Mrs. Ouiesky participate in the faculty volleyball. game. The committee Chairmen are Velia Lopez, Donna Pierce, Pat 1 Cruse, Frances Rodriquez, Clara Martin, and Goodwin Hopkins. Q -246- U. Mr. Greathouse and Mr. Wilson must have told a good one from the reaction of other teachers-MrMs. Murphy, Mrs. Reed, Mrs- Holland, Mr. Byrd, and Mr. Willingham. W fe-N-,xg : Y , 144,33 ? M"-ig., uf N-. L As a farewell to Coach McPherson, fellow teachers autograph ra momento for him. omg No gathering is a success without M. C. Dub Graves with his improvised mike. Faculty I Miss McRoberts seems to be in a little trouble with her fourth period typing -247 Mr. Plangman presentes a certificate of service to Coach. L I lGngamlQuemof,Jw1im- Seam Prwm KJ! ROBERT PENDERGRASS AND .IO ANN IRVING -248- 'xY.. .. Abbott, Wayne, 89 Adams, Anita, 22 Adams, Bert, 22, 187 Adams , James, 22, 179 Adkinson, Jack, Aishmann, Loyd, 63 Ake, Glenda, 22 Akins, Douglas, 89, 175, 232 Aquilar, Joe, 63, 139 Alejandre, Frank, 89 Alexander, Larry, 63, 141 Alexander, Sharon, 89 Alford, Bobbye June, 63, 181. 172 Alford, Charles, 22, 212, 57, 88, 169 Alford, Mary Lee, 210, 12 Alibizo, Tony. 89 Allen, Ann, 89 Allen, Jean, 63 Allen, Lynda, 63, 198, 209 Allen Ronnie, 161 Allencastre, Steven, 63, 195 Allison, Dianne, 63 Alvarado, Johnny, 89, 175 Alvare z, Maria, 89 Amaro, Joe, 89 Amo, Mrs. Virginia, 12, 246 Anderson, George, 89 Anderson, J. F. fMr.J, 12, 231 Anderson, Rita, 89 Angeles, Maximo, 63, 171 Aquilar, Yolanda, 63 Aquirre, Jesse, 22, 136, 139 Araujo, Juanita, 63, 179, 181 Arellano, Beltran, 89 Armand, Ray, 89, 232 Arnspiger, Cliff, 63, 149, 157 Arredondo, Daniel, 63 Arrington, Marquetta, 89 Arteaga, Sally, 89 Ashbrook, Aaron, 22 Ashby, Charles, 89 Ashby, Martha, 89, 191 Aston, Auttie, 89 Atchison, Carolyn, 22, 192 Atchison, Wayne, 89 Athey, Wayne, 63 Auld, Phillis, 89 Autrey, Linda, 22, 197. 198, 236 Avant, Maxine, 63, 184 Avina, Mary, 89 ,199 Ayala, Florence, 89 Ayala, Jesse, 22, 174 Ayala, Ayala Johnnie, 89, 141 Mary, 23 Ayala: Mary Helen, 89 242, 238. Ayala, Raymond, 101, 170 Ayala, Tony, 23, 136 Ayer, LaNel1, 12, 239 Ayers, Frankin L., Babbitt, Louise, 63 Baird, Howard, 90, 170 Baker, Johnny, 90 Baker, Joyce, 63, 198, 181 Baker, Katherine, 90 Balandran, Olivia, 63, 209 Ball, Darrell, 23, 221 Ball, Richard, 90 Ballew, Danny, 90, 150, 162 Baltierra, Hector, 90, 170 Bankston, Verna, Barbee, Virginia, 63, 198, 62, 181, 231 Barger, Larry, 63, 174, 173 Barker, Lonny, 171 Barker, Mary, 90 Barker Ruth, 90 Barley, Mary, 90, 99, 194, 182, 88, 172, 188 Barnard, Gene, 23 Barnard, Nancy. 63. 172, 176 Barnett. Jackie. 63, 170 Barnes, Mary, 90 Barnes, Ronald, 90, 174 Barns, Larry, 90 Barrett, Mrs. Eunice, 12 Barrow. Johnny, 63 Barton, Charlotte, 90, 147 Barton. Gary, 225 Bartosh, Ernest, 63 Bass, Clcttus. 23 Bass, Jan, 23 Batchelor, Brenda, 64 Batchelor, Charles, 90 Bateman. Johnny, 23, 224 Bateman, Sue, 90 Batey, Gloria, 12, 235 Batson, Carolyn Jo, 23, 57 Battenfield, Clarence, 64 Battenfield, Murl Jo, 64 Baugus, Barbara. 90 Baugus, Raymond, 90 Bauman, Betty, 64, 184, 185 Baumharclt, David, 23 Beans, Joyce, 23 Bearden, Herbert C., 12 Beachamp. Brenda, 90 Beauchamp, Melva, 90 Beauchamp. Wanda, 64 Bcauman, Betty, 209 Beavers, Carl, 23, 206, 139 Beavers, Jay, 64, 152, 181, 188 Beck, Carey, 64, 219 Beck, Nancy, 64, 179, 152 Beck, Roy, 12 Beerwart, Judith, 23, 198 Behrens, Ralph, 24 Belcher, George, 90, 175 Bell, Brenda, 90 Bell, Janice, 24 Bell, Maurice, 90 Bell. Richard, 90 Bellows, Charles, 91, 90, 173 Bellows, Earl, 64, 174 Belows, Wendel, 175 Benne, Don, 64 Bennett, Barbara, 24, 198 Bennett, Betty, 91 Bennett, Jesse, 12, 240 Bennett, Judy Ann, 91 Bennett, Kenneth, 91 Bennett, Margaret, 91 Bennett, Sharon, 91, 199 Benson, Jack, 64 Bentley, Jack C.fMr.l, 178, 12 Berber, Raymond, 64 Berg, Kay, 64, 198 Berhrens, Ralph, Berry, David, 91 Berry, David, 64 Berry, James, 64, 171 Bigler, Michael E. CMr.D, 12 Billingsley, Patricia, 302, 91 Black, Jan, 91 Blackburn, Judith, 64 -249- Blackwood, Larry, 64, 152 Blankenship, Freddy, 64 Bledsoe, Mrs. Betty, 21, 12, 246 Blessing, Jeanne, 91 Blissett, Pattie, 91, 202, 147 Blood, Mary Alice, 24, 214, 188 Blubough, Arlene, 64, 210 Blumenthal, Albert, 64, 170 Boddie, Tomma, 24, 198, 208 Boler, Boyd, 64, 233 Bolton, Claude W., 12 Bonner, Wilnia, 24 Boone, Mrs. Frances, 12 Booth, Armon, 64, 141 ' Booth, Suzy, 91, 93, 179, 88 Boozer. Al, 24, 144, 240, 188 Boswell, Glen, 24, 206, 136 Boustead, Carl, 24 Bowen, James, 64, 175 Bowler, Lois, 64 Boyd, Gloria, 24 Boyd, Johnnie, 24 Boyd, Pat, 91, 202 Braford. Ronnie, 91, 140 Branch, James, 169 Branch, Wayne, 91, 174 Brandt, Don, 65 Brannan, Jesse, 65 Bransom, Jan, 215 Brant, Geraldine, 147 Brantley, Linda, 65 Braswell, Margaret, 65 Brandaway, Janie, 91 Brazzil, Wynette, 91 Breton, Linda, 91, 88, 172 Breton, Patsy, 65 Brewer, Robert, 91, 166, 173 Brewton, Sharon, 91, 211 Brian, J. C., 65, 174 Bridges, Lee, 91 Briones, Thrine, 91 Brister, Earnest, 121 Britt, Don, 91, 171 Brittian, Joe, 65, 209 Britton, Dale, 91 Britton, Robert, 91, 152 Broach, Sue, 213 Brooks, Allen, 65, 188 Brothers, Royce, 24 Brown, Brown Anna, 25, 198 Becky, 25, 198 Brown Bill, 25, 206, 164 Brown Billy, 92 Brown Ethel Marie,, 25 Brown Sandra, 65 Brown Sandy, 65 Brown Wayne, Bruce, Fern, 25, 57, 239 Bruce, Leta, 92 Bruce, Thomas, 92 Brussow, Freddie, 25 Bryant, Dian, 65, 198 Buckner, Ann, 25, 215, 187 Bullock, Billy, 65, 175 Bullock, Sue, 65, 209 Burdick, Barbara, 92 Burger, Deanna, 25 Burk, Donnie, 92 Burkart, Sam, 92 Burke, John, 92 Burkleo, Barbara, 65, 198, 212, 179 Burks, Leslie, 65, 144, 146, 121, 124 Burnett, David, 65 Burnett, Gussie, 21 l t Cantrell, Orville, 65, 175 Burnett, James, 65 Burns, Gaylord, 65, 152 Burney, Priscilla, 92 Burns, Robert, 92 Burris, Kathy, 92, 191, 198 Burt, Billy, 92, 173, 166 Burton, Gary, 92, 171 Bussell, Dianne, 92 Buzbee, Ida Dolores, 92, 152 Buzbee, Clifford, 92, 152 Byrd, Betty, 92 Byrd, Janet, 65 Byrd, Theron CMr.l, 247, 12 Cahill, Rufus, 25, 221, 174, 173 Cain, Johnnie, 25, 208, 57, 246 Calahan, Jean, 92 Caldwell, Donn, 65, 169 Caldwell, H. M., 12, 166 Caldwell, 25, 194, 57, 133, 188 Clkins, Louis, 25 Campau, Pat, 92, 88 Campbell, Charles, 92, 171 Campbell, Darlene, 92, 179, 164 Clark, Karen, 66, 222, 223, 202, 186 Clark, Kitty, 27 Clark, Patricia, 66 Clark, Sheila, 93 Clark, Shirley, Clay, Jerrell, 27, 129 Clay, Linda, 27, 198 Clements, Anita, 93 Clements, Duejean, 27, 57, 236 Clinton, Lunora, 27, 239 Cochran, Milton, 66, 198 Cockerham, Frances, 93 Cockerham, Larry, 93 Cockrell, Steve, 66 Coggins, Glenn, 93, 170 Cole, Gene, 27 Cole, Judy, 93, 238 Cole, Vernon, 27, 175 Cole, CMrs.D Willa, 12 Coleman, Miriam, 27, 214 Collins, Don, 93, 174, 169 Collins, Harold, 66 Colvin, Eugene, 93 Conine, Benny, 66 Connally, Jim, 27, 175 147,62, Crowell, Nancy, 67 Cruse, Pat, 102, 246 Cruz, Jesse R, 67, 173 Culhbertson, Wanda, 28 Culps, Weldon, 94 Cummings, Danny, 94, 152 Cunninghamm, Nelda, 94, 147 Cupit, Johnny, 94, 174, 173 Cure, Bobby, 67, 194 Curlee, Al, 94, 152, 88 Dagnell, Betty, 67 Dahlberg, Dale, 67, 154, 152, 155, 142 Dailey, Forest, 94 Dale, Mrs, Buena, 13 Daniel, Mrs. Beth, 13 Daniel, James, 94 Daniel, Kern, 67 Daniel, Morris, 29, 226, 179, 148, 238 188, 134 Daniels, Frank, 67 Daniels, Linda, 29 Daniels, Patricia, 29, 239 Darnaby, Donnette, 67, 209 Darnell, Dennie, 94, 141, Ronnie Canup, Leonard, 25, 170 Capps, Bobbie, 92, 240 Caram, Abdalla, 92 Caram, Oscar, 92 Carden, Corinne, 65, 198, 208, 199 Carden, Sue, 26 Carden, Winston, 26, 206 Cardwell, Beverly, 208 Cardwell, Terry, 26, 186, 164 Carney, Sandra, 26, Carrell, Fay, 65, 198 Carter, Albert, 227, 26 Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Castillo Billie Jean, 26 Clyde, 93, 170 Connie, 26 Dolores, 65 Sharon, 93 Thomas, 93 Danny, 26, 225, Castillo: Edward, 26 Castillo Castillo Castillo Castillo Castillo I 7 , Gloria, 66 Gloria, 66 Manuel, 93, 170 Mary, 26 I Ramon, 93, 141 Castro, Val, 66 Cate, Cheryl, 93 136, 139. 188 121, 126 Conner, Clara Nell, 94, 98, 182 Contretas, Pete, 66, 141 Cook, Barbara, 28 Cook, Billy, Cook,, Fulton, 66, 174 Coomer, Martha, 28, 197, 20, 242, 88, 231 188 Cooper, Sheldon, 94, 225 Coots, Judy, 66 Corbell, Johnny, 66, 175 Corbin, Billy B., Cordova, Virginia, 94 Cornelius, Bernay, 94, 174 Cornwell, Carolyn, 66 Cornwell, Linda, 66, 108, 179, 185 Corpus, Johnny, 94 Cortez, Sam, 94, 175 Coston, Jan, 281, 197, 57, 182, 180, 183, 231, 118 Cottrell, Frances, 66 Couch, JoAnn, 66, 65, 182, 181, 231 Couch, CMrs.l Mary, 12 Coughlin, Donald, Coughoan, Charlene, 66, 198 Coulson, Louis, 234 Coursey, Janice, 28 Courtney, Robert, 174, 173 Dato, Bill, 94, 235 Daunis, Ann, 29, 215 Davenport, Ann, 29 Davis, Gloria, 94, 181, Davis Dayla, 29 Davis Doris, 67 Davis Glenda, 29, 211 Davis Janice, 29 Davis, Larry, 29, 136 Davis Martha, 67, 209 Davis Pat, 29, 187 Davis Robert, 13 Davis, , 67 Davis, Wanda, 67 Day, Donald, 94, 152 Day, Susie, 67 Dean, Donald, 150 Dean, Tommy, 94 Deason, David, ' Deets, Judy, - Delacruz, Lydia, 67 Delarosa, Alonzo, Delgadillo, Ruben, 94, 152 Deleach, Kathryn, 95 Del Toro, Adelina, 67 Dennard, Loretta, 30 Dent, Gerry, 67 Cates, Helen, 26, 198 Causey, Betty, 93 198 Causey, Charles, 26, 225, 188 Causey, Ila, May, 27 Cenvantz, Edward, 221 Chairez, Jesse, 93 Chance, Ella Jo, 93 - Chandler, Bobby, 66, 152 Chavez, Christive, 93, 198 179, 136, 139, cheans,Joy,27,57,2o3,147,2o,131 Chairez, Jesse, 161, Chenault, Patsy, 27, 189, 179, 182, 180, 88, 184, 185, 183, Chenault, Robert, 93, 182 Childs, Lester, ,93 57, 192, 121, 126 Chokas, Mike, 93, 179, 146, 246 Chollar, George W., 12 Cisneros, Mary, 93 Cisneros, Robert, Clark, Douglas, 93, Covington, Verna, 66, 198, 179 Cox, Alvis, 66, 174 Cox, Ive Lee, 66 Cox, James, 105, 171 Craig, Kenneth, 28 wford Andy 67 Cra , , Crawford, Freddie, 28, 224, 179, Creacy, Charles, 94 Creacy, Jerry, 67 Creamer, Don, 28 Crews, William, 67, 174 Crocker, Jimmy, 94, 90, 175 Crocker, Lester, 28, 170 Crockett, Jack, 28, 20, 136 Cross, Kenneth, 28 Crouch, Dwight, 67 Crouch, Furman, 94 Crouch, Larry, 28, 171 Crow, Charles H., 13 Crow. Frank, 94 Crowell, David, 94, 152 -250- 132 Denton, Anna, Ruth. 30, 179, 58, 238 172, 121, 126 Denton, Sharon, 95, 146, 238, 188, 121 126 DeVoe, Doris, 67, 181, 238 Diaz, Johnny, 95 DiGiovanni, Mrs. Bess, 13, 240 Dillon, Forrest, 95, 152 Dilworth, Buddy, 95, 152 Divie, Gloria, 116 Dixon, Dwain, 30 Dixon, George. Dixson, Sylvia, 67, 198 Dobbins, Sarah, 95, 112, 198, 244 Dodson, Alice, 67, 198 Dodson, Ulis, 95, 171 Dollahite, Linda, 67 Donowho, Bill, 30 Donawho, Jeannett, 95, 240 Donoho, Odis, 95, 171, Dooley, Mike, 175 oppler, Roger, 95 orris, Bobby, 95 orris, Lewis, 68 orsett, Edward, 30, 172, 176 orsett, James, 951 175 owell, Charles, 20, 149, 160 ozier, Paul, 95 rake, Mrs. Helen, 62, 12, 231, 118 rennan, Yvonne, 95 rew, Elizabeth, 68 rury, Dorothy,68 uckett, Jeannie, 95, 198 Duff, Bonnie, 68, 184 ugger, Faye, 112, 198 uke, Juanita, 30 unaway, Shirley, 68, 184 Duncan, Ramona, 68 Dunham, Judy, 68 Dunklin, Randell, 95 Dunlap, Sharon, 95, 111, 198 N Dunlap, Warren, 170 Duran, Gary, 95, 174 Dyer, Eldon, 68, 152 Dyess, Jean, Dyson, Bill, 68 Dyson, Gerald, 68, 194, 171 Early, Wanda, 68, 152 Earwood, Herman, 95, 174 Eason, Billy, 95 Eastlake, Patsy, 30 Eaton, Carolyn, 95 Edmonson, Billy, 95 Edson, Virgil, 68, 152, 172, 176 Edward, Dorsett. Egenbacher, Paula, 30 Elizondo, Rudy, 68, 170 Elkins, Tim, 95, 170 Elliott, Joe, 30 Elliott, Judy, 95 Elliott, Peggy, 68 Elliott, Richard, 68, 192, 149, 158 Elliott, Sandra, 68 Ellis, Byod, 96, 171 Ellis, Terry, 68, 78 Elser, Elizabeth, 96 Elser, Judy, 30 Emlich, Larry, 68 Emmons, Patricia, 96 England Sandra, 96, 147, 244 Ennis, Ray, 68, 227, 140, 149, 157 Enos. Mike, 96, 152 Erb. Bradley, 96, 210 Escalante, Silver, 68, 141, 118 Espiricueto, Sammy, 68, 174, 173 Esquivel, Teresa, 30, 202 Esters, Bernice, 68, 147, 235 Evanos, Richard, 68 Everitt, Curtis, 69, 170 Felton, Don, 69, 136, 139, 140, 157 Felts, Hoit, 31, 170 Ferguson, James, 96, 219, 232 Ferro, Victor, 69 Ferro, Victor, 69 Fequa, Cecil, 96, 152 Fieno, Ray, 96 Fife, Oscar William, Fillmore, Paul, 69 Findley, Robert, 31 Finley, Reatta, 13 Fischer, Frederic, 96 Fisher, Jack, 96 Fleming, Barbara, 31 Flenner, Lora, 31 Flores, Dubi, 96, 198 Foran, Harrell, 31, 171 Ford, Betty, 31, 238 Ford, Don M.. 145, 13, 156 Ford, Nola, 96 Forrest, Lonna, 96 Fouts, Karen, 96 Francis, Larry, Franco, Alex, 69 Franco, Beckie, 31 Franco, Raymond, 96 Franklin, Lionel, 96 Franks, Larry, 69, 152 Frausto, Gloria, 96 Frazier, Nita, 69, 179 Frazier, Ray, 97, Freeman, Darold, 69, 175 Frisbie, Ronald, 97, 174 Frisbey, Ronnie, 69, 173 Frost, Edna, 97 Fry, Jack, 31, 196 Frye, Barbara, 69, 212 Frye, Naomi, 69 Fuentes, Jesse, 31, 136, 139 Fuller, June, 69, 152 Funderburk, Kathy, 69, 208, 209, 179 184 Funderburgh, Wanda, 97 Fuqua, Cecil, Furugo, Cecil, 73 Furr, Shirley, 32 .q. Gage, William, 69, 219, 171, 232 Gaige, Barbara, 69 Goines, Carl, Gaither, Sandra, 32 Galdiano, Rachel, 69 Gallegos, Rosemary, 69 Galvez, Mary Helen, 69 Everitt, Lois, 96,223 Everitt, Minnie, 31, 198, 246 Everman, David, 96 Evridge, Jon, 30 Fagan, Billy, 219 Fagan, William, 31, 232 Faith, Kaye, 96 Farr, Wanda, 96 Fauhion, Norma, Featherkile, Wayne Feozell, Brooxie, 69, Felan, Gloria, 69 69 Gamel 9 John, Ganoe, John, 97 Ganoe, Mary, 32 Garcia Abel, 97 Garcia, Anita, 32 Garcia, Dolores, 32, 198 Garcia, Elizabeth, 69 Garcia Enedina, 69 Garcia, Erminia, 69 Garcia, Felix, 97 Garcia, Helen, 70 Garcia, Isaac, 97 Garcia, Joe, 70, 141 Garcia, Joe, 70 Garcia, Linora, 97 Garcia, Lupe, 96, 97 Garcia, Mike, 96, 97, Garica, Alga, 32, 58 Garland, Giddens, 32 -251 Garner, Johnny, 97 Garner, Peggy, 70 Gauna, Jose, 70 Geer, Jannette, 32, 198 Genador, Rebecca, 70 Genador, Doyle, 97 Gentray, Lugene, 97 Gentry, J. W., 70 George, Jeannie 97 George, Loydette, 152 George, Sandra, 70 Gerty, Stanley, 100, 171, 233 Gibbs, Pauline, 70, 147 Gibson, Dawatha, 97 Gibson, Judy, 70, 62, 182, 183 Gideons, Gene, 70 Gilbert, Saran, 97, 147, 240 Giles, Phillip, 97, 140 Gill, Charles, 97 Gill, Derwood, 70 Gill, Raymond, 70, 171 Gillaspie, Minnie, 97 Gilley, Eugene, 97, 225 Gilley Eugene, 97, 152 Gilliam, John, 70 Gilliland, Nancy, 32 Gilmore, I ke, 97, 225 Glazner, Sondra, 97 Goad, Loma, 32, 144, 182, 143 Godfrey, Robert, 97 Goforth, Jane, 70 Goines, Carle, 98 Golden, Russell, 98 Gomel, Joan, 98, Gonzales, Clara, 98 Gonzalez, David V. Jr., 70 Gonzalez, Jessie, 32 Gonzales, Julie, 98 Gonzales, Martha, 98 Gonzalez, Mary, 70 Gonzales, Rebecca, 98 Gonzales, Rudy, 70 Gonzales, Said, 206 Gonzalez, Salvador, 70, 171, 181 Goodman, Karen, 98, 112, 198 Goodson, Leonard, 32, 133 Gordon, Linda, 98 Gorrell, John, 70, 171 ,240 Gorsuch, Culver C., 12 Gossett, Joyce, 70, 18, 183 Gott, Sharon, 98, 147 Goza, Jamie, 98, 198 Grace, Mrs. Evelyn, 246, 13 Graham, Jack, 70 Granado, Juan, 175 Graves, Dossie, 98 Graves, W. A. CDubD, 145, 247, 13 136 160, 118 Gray, Mary,198 Greathouse, Charles S., 178, 247 13 Green, Eddie, 70 Green, Gary, 70, 170, 169 Green, James, 71, 150, 238 Green, Lavern, 115, 198 Green, Lonnie, 98, 140 Greenwood. Billy, 98 Greenwood, James. 33, 164 Greenlee, Charles, 33, 154, 152 Greer, Juanita, 13 Greer, Mike, 33, 132 Gregory, Brenda, 71, Gregory, Charles, 71, 141 Gregory, Gerald, 33, Gregory, Jim, 33 Gregory, Jimmie, 33 Griffin, Harriet, 11 Griffin, Judy, 33 Griffin, Margaret Griffin, Norma Sue, 13, 246 Griffin, Allen, 98 Grimes Joycelyn, 71 Grimesi Judy, Grisham, Charles, 71 Groze, Lynda, 98 Guerrero, Martha, 98 Gunter, Don, 71, 207 Gurley, Pat, 198 Gregory, Suzanne, 98 Griffin, Johnnie, 71 Griffith, Ima Jean, Haack, Jo Ann, 33 Hackney, Diana, 98, 188 Hadad, Lyla, 98 Hafele, Robert Glenn, 98, 140 Haggard, Michael, 98 Hall, Arlen, 71 Hall, Joyce, 98 Hall, Nancy, 33, 244 Hall, Nelda, 98, 179, 147 Hallaran, Nona, 13 Ham, James, 99, 171, 232 Haman, James Noel, 71, 175 Hamby, Orton, 13, 228 Hamilton, Herxetta, 33, 193, 239 Hamilton, Joyce, 71 Hamilton, Lavere, 99 Hamilton, Linda, 33 Hamilton, Tommy, 34, 136, 139 Hamm, Billy, 71, 179, 62, 231, 164 Hampton, Barbara, 99. 198, 191, Hampton Margie, 34, 198, 199 Hampton, Riley, 194, 13 Hancock, Don, 99, 175 Hancock, RoseMary, 71 Hankins, Sonia, 71 Hansford, Wayne, 99, 175 Harder, Mary, Alice, 99, 152 Hardie, Robert, 13, 145, 148 Hardisty, Ted, 157 Hargrove, Carol, 34 Hargrove, Catherine,99 Harley, Charles, 171 Harper, Jud 99 Y, Harper, Tommy, 99, 225, 140 Harper, Wally, 71, 219, 136 Harper, Wally, 71, 219, 136, 138 Harrell, Tim, 71 Betty, 34, 20, 244, iss Harris, Harris, Bill, 206 Harris, Jacque, 71 Harris, Robert, 13 Harry, Mrs, Nell, 13 Harville, Janice, 71 Harwood, Joyce, 71 Hashins, Gary, 99 Hay, Tommy, 71, 175 Heyley, Dvane, Hays, Margaret, Hearne, Donna, 99 Heaslet, Frances, 99 Heath, Gary, 99 Heffington, Danny, 34 Hellman, Stewart, Helms, Edna, 99 Henderson, Delores. 99 Henderson, Frances, 34, 179 8 Henderson, Gerald, 34 Henderson, Joe, 99 Henderson, Marilyn, 99 Hennigi, Patsy, 99 Henry, David, 99 Hernandez, Albert, 99, 170 Henandez, Dolores, 71, 198 Hernandez, Lena, 18, 34 Hermandez, Francis, 18, 34 Hermandez, Heken, 99 Herrera, Lupe, 71 Herring, Charles Herring, James, 62, 84, 182, 181, 231 126 Hickey, Donna, 71 Hicks, Alan, 99 Hicks, Linda, 34 Hicks, Mary, 34, 212 Hiett, Janis, 34, 198, 88 Higdon, Leonard, 34 Higdon, Sue, 95, 99 Hilburn, Charles, 100, 174, 173 Hill, Betty, 71, 203 Hill, Jimmy, 100, 198 Hill, Kenneth, 100, 170, 169 Hill, Naoma, 71 Hill, Ray, 100, 179 Hill, Richard Huff, Melvin, 100, 174, 173 Huffaker, Allan, 72, 211, 171 Hughes, Jackie 100 Hughes, Jerry, 100 Hughes, Vivian, 100, 198, 212, 181 Hundertmark, Deanna, 100, 147 Hungerford, Annette, 72 Hungerford, Richard, 101, 88, 136, 150, 158, 121, 125 Hunt, Burt, 35 Hunt, Gladys, 36 Hunter, Billy, 101, 175 Hurn, Linda, 36, 198 Hust, Barbara, 36 Hutcherson, Jo, 71, 213 Hutchison, Della, 36 Hutchison, Jimmy, 101, 170 Hutsell, Bobby, 36 Hutson, Sandra Kaye, 101, 244 Hutt, Patricia Ann, 36, 184, 185 Ingram, Sandy, 72, 208, 184, 185 Irving, Jo Ann, 36, 148, 188 Ivy, Bobby, 101 1 Hilley, Joleta, 35, 198, 147 Hines, Alvin, 100 Hinman, Pual, 72, 194, 62, 146, 182, 171 183 Hinson, Kitty, 198 Hinze, Bob, 100, 174 Hiser, Melba, 35, 58, 152, 132, 236 Hixon, Shirley, 72, 202 Hoerig, Lester, 100, 171, 172, 176 Hoerig, Ray, 72, 152, 172, 176 Holbrook, David, 19, 35 Holder, Robie, 35 Jackson, Barbara, 101 Jackson, Earl H.. Jackson, Linda, 101, 182, 181 Jackson, Linda Lee, 101, 244 Jackson Pete, 36, 136, 179 Holland, Art, 227 Holland Don, 72 Holland, Jane, 114 Holland, Mrs. Ada Louise, 62, 247, 14 Jackson, Sarah, 101 Jackson, Sherry, 101 Jackson, Thomas, 101 Jacobs, Drucilla, 72, 198 Jacobs ,George, 72 Jahn, Mrs. Annice M., 14 James, Howard, 100 James, Lloyd, 14 Jameson, David, 36, 152 Jara, John, 36 Jarrell, Howard, 36, 198, 58, 171, 238 Jarrett, Linda, 101 Holland, Janet, 100 Hollaway, Viola, 35, 223, 133, 244 Hollingsworth, Diann, 100, 181 Halloway, Bob, 100 Holmes, David, 100 Holt, Mrs. Agnes, 14 Holt,, Jimmy, 35, 222, 186 Holt, Pat, 72, 208 Holtzclaw, Freddy ,72 Hood, Thomas, 100 Hooks, Billy, 72, 171 Hooks, Lonny, 100 Hooper, Bonnie, 72 Hopkins, Carl, 72, 226 Hopkins, Goodwyn, 35, 246 Horton, Tom R., 72, 170 Hoselton, Gary, 100 Hoselton, James, 100 Houston, Charlotte, 35 Howard, Cecil, 100 Howard, Dolores, 72 Howard, Pat, 72 Howard, Sid, 72, 175 Hoyle, Sandra, 35 Hudgins, Arlen, 72 Hudson, Benny, 100 Hudson, Brenda, 100 Hudson, Thomas, 35, 197, 20, 178, 148, 121, 123 Huff, Lee Ann, 35, 239 -252- Jarrett, Sue, 72 Jenkins, Benny, 101, 174 Jenkins, Bert, 101 Jenkins, Kenneth, 36, 234, 134 Jenkins, Mack, 94 Jenkins, Willie Mae, 14 Jenkins, William, 173 Jimenez, Esther, 101 Johns, Virgil, 101 Johnson, Carolyn, 101, 208 Johnson, Miss, Billie, 14 Johnson, Mrs. Emaline, 14 Johnson, Glenn, Johnson, James B., 14 Johnson, James E. 14 Johnson, Jane, 101 Johnson, Jimmy, 72, 187 Johnson, Linda, 37 Johnson, Lindell, 101, 141 Johnson, Mary, 72 Johnson, Mary, 72 Johnson, Mary Ada, 37 Johnson, Mary Alyce, 37, 198 Johnson, Pete, Johnson, Sharon, 37, 239 Johnson, Woody, 101 Johnston, Barbara, 72, 198 Johnston, Fred, 101 Johnston Keith, 101, 170 J ohnstonj Kenneth, 73 Jones, Arthur, 73 Jones, Betty Sue, 73, 117,- 18 1, 185, 19, 197, 231 4.'118 Jones, Jones, Cameron, 37, 236 Clarence, 37, 174 Jones Dorene 1RayD, 73 Jones, Faye, 37, 198 Jones HarryLeroy, Jones, James, 73, 152 Jones Jeaneatha, 101 Jones, Jerry, 37, 172, 176 Jones, Jimmy, 37 Jones, Joyceann, 101 Jones, Larry, 102 Jones Mrs. Martha Lee, 14, 184, 185 Jones Pat 102 Jordan ,Donald CPatJ, 37 Jordan, R. L., 102, 175 Joyce, Brenda, 102 Joyner, Rose, 73 Joyner, Stephern, 102 Junkins, Sarah, 37, 190 Kachel, Ray, 73 Kavanaugh, Charlene, 37 Keating, Kathy, 102, 244 Keller, Gale, 73, 198 Kelly, Aubrey, 37, 136, 139 Kemp, Nickie, 38, 208, 182 Kempa, Ann, 38 Kinard, Marie, 38 Kent, Joe, 73 , Kepple, Ray. 7 3 Kerbow, Barbara, 73 Ketcham, Larry, 102 Key, Bradley, 73 Keep, Dewayne, 152 Keys, Olan, 102 Kidd, Beverly, 38, 198 Koes, Jimmy, 102 Killough, Jimmy, 38 Kimbrell, Robbie, 73, 224 Kinard, Allen, 102 Kinard, Martha, -102 Kinard, Marie, 73 Kincaid, Allen, 102 Kincheloe, Marie, 102 King, Billy, 102, 233 King, Danny, 102, 233 King, Larry, 73, 170 King, Mary, 102, 238 Kingsbury, 21, 14 Kinsor, Clifford, 102 Kirbo, Ada, Jane, 102, 198 Kirby, Bobby, 38 Kirk, Joyce, 73, 182 Kirkland, Elizabeth, 102 Kirkland, Tommy, 102 Kirtley, Bruce, 73, 141 Kirtley, Kent, 38 Kitchens, Miltone, 73, 141 Knight, Cecil, 102, 136, 139, Knight, John, 102, 140 Knox, JoAnn, 102 Krohum, Martin, Kuehl, Patricia, 89, 102, 147, Kunscheck, Ida Jean, 38, 58, -l. Lackey, Charles, 103 Ladd, Eugene, 73 LaHood, John, 103 Lair, Galene, 73 161 164 236 182, 184, Lair, Tommy, 103, 175 Lakey, Edna, 38 Lambert, Margie, 38, 222 Lambert, Ronnie, 103, 235 Laminack, Sandra, 38 Landry, Chris, 73 Laney, Barbara Jo, 38 Langer, Elizabeth, 103 Langford, Jerald, 103, 175 Langley, Carl, 64, 73, 149 Lanier, Sandra, 103, 198, 186 Large, Carol, 103 Lasater, William, 38 Law, Wayne, 103, 238 Law, William, 38 LaWater, Sandy, 83 Lawrermilk, Stan, 103 Lawrence, Donnie, 103 Lawrence, Edwin, 103 Lawson, Cecil, 103, 225 Lawson, Curtis, 103 Lazo, Gloria, 191, 199 Leach, Lowe L., 14 Leck, Barbara, 198, 199 Leddy, Sue, 103, 147, 184, 246 Lee, David, 73 Lee, Gloria, 72 Lee, Janie, 2.36 Leeper, David, 60, 131, 161 Leeper, Don, 144, 60, 162, 238 Leggett, Albert, 169 Lela, Bruce, 198 Lemmon, Judy, 73, 198 Lemons, Troy, 174 Lentez, Mrs. Dorothy, 246 Lenz, Walter, 103 Lestie, C. T., 103 Lester, Rena, 103, 181 Lester, Sherry 103 Lifsey, Ronald, 74 Lilly, M. Carol, 190, 14, 235 Lima, Robert, 74, 152, 172, 176 Lina, Marcelina, Lindsey, Barbara, 103 Lindsey, Billlie, 103 Lindsey, Joe, 196, 190 Lira, Marsilano, 136, 139 Little, Peggy, Livingston, David, 74 Livingston, Richard, 74 Lobb, Mike, 74, 171, 240 Lobb. Barbara, 58, 147,, 151, 240, 172 Lockman, Carolyn, 134, 58, Lodd, Eugene, 73 Loftin, Marvin, 103 Logan, Stella, 40 Lollar, Ellen, 40, 198, 222, 223, 191 Long, Elizabeth, 103, 198, 191 Long, Eugene, 103 Long, Jane Ann, 104 Long, Shirley Ann, 104 Lopez, Minnie, 74 Lopez, Raymond, 74, 207 Lopez, Velia, 74, 147,'184, 181, 246 Lorimer, Jim, 74 Lott, Rita, 74 Loveless, Jo Ann, 74, 152 Lowe, Glenda, 104, 113 Lowe, John, 104 Lowery, Mrs. Electa, 14 Lowery, Willie, 104, 170 Ludgate, LeeRoy, 104 Lumley, Ouida, 198 Luther, Nancy, 40, 198 -253- Luttrell, Melvin, 40, 208, 190 Lyle, Margaret, 104, 211 Lynch, Glenda, 40, 239 Lynch, Maurice, Lyne, Eddy, 40, 196, 144, 146, 242, 164 121, 126, 246 Lynes, Martha, 40 McAbee, Robert, 14, 180 MsAdams, James, McCarthy, Martha, 104 McCarthy, Pat, 40 McCasland, Jacqueline CMartinD, 40 McCay, Robert, 104, 174 McClung, Judi, 74 McClure, Maxine, 74, 181 McClurkin, Mary, 40, 202, 152 McCork1e, Joneen, 40, 58, 132, 223 McCoy, Billy, 40 McCoy, Thomas, 104, 109, 152 McCracken, Bill, 74 McCrory, Jerry, 74, 144 McDaniel, Raeba, 74 McDonald, Bobby, 104 McDonald, Charlotte, 104 McDonald, Lynn, 74, 214, 246 McDonnell, Bob, 104 McElroy, A. L., 14, 214 McElworth, Mary, 74, 104 McEntire, Janet, 104, 152 McGinnis, Andrew, 14 McGrath, Sharon, 74, 198 Mclnnis, Rilda, 74, 179, 198 McKand1ess, Mary, 41, 202, 213 McKay, Linda, 104 McKay, Mark, 175 McKee, Howard, 74, 158, 181 McKee, Sherry, 104 McKenzie, Joyce, McKinney, Betty, 186 McKinney, Betty, 186 McKinney, Douglas, 74, 224 McKinght, Dorotha, 187 McKinney, Mararget, 74 McLain, Beverly, 104 McLain, John, 187 McLendon, Charles, 104 McLendon, Jerald, 104 McMahan, Leo, E., McManus, Nickie, McMullins, Jerald, 74 McPherson, Bill J., 14, 136, 145, 247 McQueen, Charlsie, McRimmson, Sue, 74, 198 McRoberts, Lucy, 14, 180, 247 Mabry, Bin, 75 Macias, Suzanne, 75, 211 Maddux, Dwight, 104 Madewell, Lovella, 58, 198 Magana, Dora, 75 Mallory, "Wesel", 136 Maner, Glenda, 75 Manley, Pat, 104, 198 Manson, Dalton, 104 Marlar, Nedra, 75 Marquez, John Jr., 104 Marr, Agnes, 58, 172 Marrs, Jimmy, 152, 242 Marsh, Edna, 105 Marshall, Judy, 75, 210 Martens, Barbara, 42, 179, 182 Martin, Clara, 75, 152, 246 Martin, Don, 42, 58, 168, 173, 193 Martin, Martin, 212 Martin, Martin, Martin, Helen, 75 Linda, 42, 20, 144, , 121, 122 virginia, 105 Micheal, 105 Virginia, 42 Martinez, Martinez, M2 rtinez, Martinez, Martinez, Freddy, 75 Joe, 75, 171 Juanita, 105 Margaret, 105 Ramona, 75, 198 Martinez, Rita, 105 Mata, David, 174 Mata, Joe, 105, 139 Mathis, Kenneth, 75 Matthews, Bobby, 75, 152 Matthews, Marie, 42, 241 Matthews, Richard, 105, 152 Maxey, Cecil, 75 Maxey, Mary, 105 Martin, Jack, 14 Martin, Jacqueline, 198, 40 Martin, James, 42, 131, 198, 192 Martin, Jeanie, 223 Martin, Jerry, 75 Martin, Jo Ann, 42, 198, 209 Mendoza, Helen, 75 Mercado, Josephine, 75 Merrel, Mary, 76 Mertz, Williams, 105, 175 Meza, Delores, 76 Middleton, Jo Alice, 42, 212, 213, 144 Maxey, Richard, 105, 152 May, Betty, 105 May, Tommy, 105, 175 Mayfield, Sharon Kay, 75 Maynard, Skip, 10 Mear, Yvonne, 42, 191 Medford, Ronald, 75 Medina, Angie, 105 Medina, Annie, 75 Medina, Encarnacion Jr,, 75, 175 Medlin, Marie, 75 Mims, Don, 105 Mims, Mickey, 105 Mink, Laurel, 43 Mireles,, Rachel, 106 Miecynski, Joe, 105, 170 Milburn, Cherokee, 105, 125 Miles, Bobbie, 76, Milford, Bob, 76, 136, 139 Penn, Judie, 77 Miller, Delilah, 105 Miller, Dwight, 76, 175, 207 Miller Johnnie, 76 Miller, Luecrecia, 42, 59 Miller, Mary, 242 Miller, Nancy, 105 Meisenheimer, Paula, 105, 182 Melton, Linda, 105 Mendoza, Connie, 42 Mendoza, Ruth, 75, 179 Mitchell, Margaret, 106 Miser, Kenneth, 43, 196 Mitchell, Cheryl, 76, 198 Mitchell, Dorothy, 43 Mitchell, Howard, 76, 68, 168, 174, 173, 197, 231, 207, 4 Mitchell, Larry, 171, 106 Miller, Nelda, 42, 198 Miller, Pat, 43 Miller, Tami, 105 Milliorn, Joe, 105, 171 Mills, Jimmy, 76 Mills, Rose, 105 Mitchell, Sybil, 43 Mitchell, Woody, 106 Mitchusson, Rosie, 43 Mobley, Donna, 76 Mobley, Lilliam, 15 Mock, David, 106, 152 Mocleda, Emileo, 76 Mola, Joe, 207 Molinar, Arthur, 106 Molinar, Mary Ann, 43 Molleda, Emnleo, 198 Monson, Dalton, 226 Montgomery, Carol, 76 Montgomery, John, 106, 175 Mooneyham, Leroy, 106 Moore, Ben, 76 Moore, Charlene, 106, 198 Moore, Tommy, 106 Moose, Ted, 75, 136, 139, 158 Moreland, Shirley, 43, 182 Moreno, Alex, 43, 136, 139 Morgan, Dianne, 43, 198 Morgan, Ray, 15 Morgeson, Eddy, 106, 141 Morris, Janet, 106, 153 Morris, Penny, 106 Morris, Rebecca, 76 Morris, Ron, 76, 174 Morrison, Mike, 76, 140, 188 Morron, Tommy, 106 Morrow, Barbara Jean, 76, Morton, Charlotte, 76, 198 Morton, Tommy, 43 Mowry, Merl, 106, 140 Johnny, 43, 146, , 242, 246 Mosqueda, Joe, 76, 224 Moss, Kenneth, 106 Muga, Luis, 106 Muldrow, Mimi, 76, 164 181, 206 Mums, Mickey, 106 Mullins, Mrs. Maurene, 15 Mullins, Russell, 15 Munn, Charles, 76 Munoz, Richard, 106 Muney, Gary, 114, 207 Murphy, Mrs. Shirlie, 15, 203, 247, 246 Murray, Judy, 76, 181 Myers, Donita, 44, 236 Myers, William, 106, 175 Mosley, 164 1 -N- Neal, Paul, 106 Neconi, Harold, 106 Nedwick, Sheila, 106 Neel, Brenda, 106 Neeper, Sandra, 77 Nelson, Marcy, 77, 210, 213 Nelson, Rosetta, 44 New, Ladena, 77 New, Raymond, 219, 171, 232 Newberry, Donald, 44 Newman, Wanda, 44 Newton, Mrs. Faye, 15 Neyser, Sandra, 77 Nichols, Shari, 77 Nicholson, Carolyn, 44 Nickelson, Norman, 107 Niebuhr, Valerie, 77 Nixon, Loretta, 107 Nombrana, Celia, 107, 302 Nombrana, Freddy, 175, 225' Norman, Bonnie, 77 Norris, Wayne, 70, 77, 174 Nunn, Tommy, 44, 221 O'Baugh, Brenda, 77, 198 O'Connor Albert, 16, 11, 7, 6 Obel, Oscar, 44 Odle, James, 77 Odom, James, 77, 149, 158 O'Farrell, Walter, 15, 136, Ogle, Patricia, 202 O'Gwynn, Melba, 44 Olguin, Mike, 44 Olguin, Ralph, 77 Oliver, Sylvia, 44 O'Neal, Roger, 107, 174 O'Neal, Gary, 107, 226 Ornelas, Elvera, 77 Orte a, Benny, 45 8 Orr, Peggy, 44 Oujesky, Mrs. Helen, 15, 246 Owen, Dorothy, 45, 58, 88, 202, 238 Owens, Jean, 107 Owens, Joyce, 107 Owensby, Freddie, 107 Ozel Olin, 107, 171 .p. Paprskar, John E., 107, 141 Paris, Shirley, 107 Parker, Mrs. Velma, 15, 184, 185 Parks, Kenneth, 45, 128 Parriette, Johnny, 107 Parten, Sue, 45 Pate, W. Collier, 11, 16, 222 Pate, Martha, 107 Pate, Ted, 45, 77 Fernando, 107 Frank, 77, 232, 149 Patino, Patino, Patino, Jesse, 77 Patino, Mary, 45 Patterson, Betty, 77 Patterson, Rickey, 107 Pattit, Michael, 107 Patton, Linda, 77, 198 Payne, Juanita, 77, 198 Peel, Jimmy, 45, 187 Peirman, Lynda, 107 Pelkey, Thomas, 107, 171 Pena, Laura, 107 Pendergrass, George, 92, 107, 170 Pendergrass, Robert L., 45, 4, 128, 188, 231, 234, 248 Penrod, Gerald, Pedue, Betty, 107 Perez, Anita, 108 Perez, Christopher, 108, 141, 179 Perez, Joe, 77, 153 Perez, Martha, 108 Perez, Ramona, 46, 59, 153, 246 Perez, Reuben, 108, 141 Perez, Ted Jr., 108, 153, 225 Perez, Virginia, 46 Perkins, Jo Ann, 46 Perritt, Sharon, 108, 181, Perry, Jo Ann, 108, 146, 121, 125 Peters, Neil, 46, 168 Peterson, Joe, 161 Pettigrew, Ronald, 108 Pettigrew, Tommy, 108 Phelps, Albert, 171 -2.54- Phillips, Beatrice, 46, 203 Phillips, Don, 77 Sharon, 108 Phillips, Pickens, Frankie, 21, 15 Pierce, Dona, 108, 246 Pierce, Ronald, 46, 153, 176, 171 Piercy, Betty, 77, 181, 198, 199 Pigford, Ann, 108, 181 Pike, Jessie, 108 Pirkle, Linda, 77 Pippen, Billy, 108, 181 Pistokache, Morris, 108 Pittman, Joan, 108, 240, Pitts, Toney, 108 Plangman, Jay B, 15, 247 Plumlee, James G., 15 Plumlee, Pat, 46 Poe, Burton, 108 Pollard, Margaret, 46, 198, 212 Pond, Betty, 147, 210 Pond, Judith, 108 Pope, Burton, 108 Pope, Delmer, 46, 136 Posey, Marvin, 77 Poteet, Michael, 108, 170, 176 Powell, Charles, 108, 170 Powers, Jo Ann, 46 Prater, Charles, 108 Pribble, Ann tNe1sonJ, 77, 181 Price, Jean, 108 Price, Roger, 108, 172, 179 Price, Steve, 47 Pruett, Patricia, 78, 62, 181 182, 183 Priddy, Jimmy, 59 Pruiett, Belle, 78, 146, 121 Pruitt, Peggy, 47, 208 Puckett, Brenda, 78 Puckett, Bruce, 109 Pulido, Robert, 78, 181 Putnam, Robert, 109 .Q. Quillin, Jeannie, 78 Quinlivan, Clyde, 78 Quinines, Daniel, 78, 157 Quinones, Emilie, 78 Quintana, Rosita, 109 Quintin, David, 47, 188, 1 1 197, 231 Quirds, Maria, Lina. 78 Ramirez, Mary, 109 Ramiraz, Raymond, 109 Ramariz, Rebecca, 198 Ramsey, Ann, 109 Rancher, Darlene, 47, 198 Rangel, Katherine, 109 Rangel, Senaida, 109 Rattan, Johnny, 109 Ray, Ann, 109 Ray Bertha, 78 Ray, Beverly, 78, 198, 186 Ray, Charna, 109 Ray, Judy, 78, 198 Ray, Rose, 79 Ray, Wynelle, 78, 198 Razo, Angie, 78 Reasones, Leon, 78, 226 Reddell, Eddie, 78, 187 Reebe, Fred, 47 Reed, Donald, 78, 175, 207 Reed, Martha, 109 Roberson, Stewart eese, Jerry, 47, 170, 173 eese, Mary, 47, 235 eeves, Barbara, 78 eid, Doyce, 78 eid, Mrs. Marjorie, 15, 247 eid, Rudy, 109 eid, Wilburn, 109 eitz, Eunice, 110, 244 eger, Linda, 47 emieres, Rebecca, 47 ench, David, 78 Renegar, Richard, 47 Renfroe, Dollie, 78 enetria, Alice, 78 eyero, Ellis, 153 Reyero, Frank, 78, 109, 175 eyero, Raymond, 78, 173, 174, 207 Reyers, Hurbert, 109 Reyna, Della, 109 Rhea, Arthur F., 15 Rhoads, Tommy, 78, 175, 231, 228 Rhoades, Mrs. Mary C., 15 238 Rice, Charles, 109, 198, 222 Rich, Tommy, 79 Richards, Ellen, 79 Richardson, Barbara, 79 Richardson, Bobby, 109 Richardson, Charlie, 79, 162, 227 Richardson, Clifford, 109 Richardson, Diane, 109, 198 Richardson, Kenneth, 79, 211, 181, 160 Richardson, Troy, 79, 175 Richeson, Glenn, 109 Riddle, Jo Ann, 110 Riebe, Fred, 47, 153, 172, 176 Riggs, Joe, 110, 170 Riley, Alfred M., 15 Riley, Kenneth, 110 Riley, Velda, 63, 79, 74, 180, 181, 182, 231 Ritchey, Lewis, 170 Rivera, Dolores, 79 Rivera, Florentino, 110 Rivera, Joe, 110 Rivers, Owanna, 110 Robbins, Gayle, 79 Barnie, 110 Roberson, Roberson, Gayla, 79 Roberson, Joe, 47 Roberson, Peggy, 47 Walter, 110, 175 Roberts, Barbara, 110 . Robertson, Charles, 110 Robinson, Barbara, 79, 179 Robinson, Leslie, 48, 59,-169, 180, 178, 168, 236, 121, 122 Robinson, Martha, 48, 198 Robinson, Ray, 110 Rockwell, Larry, 110 Rodela, William, 110 Roden, Henry, 110 Roden, Linda, 48, 198, 178 Rodgers, Patricia,, 48 Redrequez, Berry, 110 Rodriquez, Carol, 110 Rodriquez, Emilio, 196, 233, 238 Rodriquez, Frances, 79, 238, 246 Rodriquez, Hortensia, 110 Rodriquez, Jerry, 79 Rodriguez, Lupe, 110, 170 Rodriguez, Pete, 110, 170 Rodriguez, Lupe, 48 Rodriguez, Richard, 110 Rodriguez, Rita, 79, 198 Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Serafin, 48, 171 Tony, 79 Virginia, 147 Rogers, Johnny, 48 Rogers, Lenora, 48, 20 147, 188, 238, 240 Romo, Willie, 79 Rosko, Cynthia, 110 Ross, George, 110 Ross Janice, 110 Ross, Mr. J. R., 15 Ross, Judy, 110 Russey, Charles, 79 Rotenberry, Judy, 111 Rucker, Ellen, 111 Rucker, Helen, 79, 182 Ruffner, Bob, 48, 153 Ruffner, Shelton, 111, 153 Ruiz, Armida, 48, 186, 222 Ruiz, Michael, 111 Ruiz, Tony, 79 Rushing, Jerry, 18, 48, 221 Russell, Clara, 79 Russell, Glen, 79, 207 Russell, Jerry, 48, 211, 162 Ruttan, Yvonne, 49, 192, 199, 241 Ryan, Ann, 49, 239 Sadler, Ima Jean, 111 Sager, Judy, 79 Sager, Mary, 111 Sain, Jimmy, 111, 174 Salas, Gloria, 111 Salazar, Maria, 79 Salinas, Albert, 49, 136, 139 Salinas, Connie, 111 Salinas, Salis, Josephine, 111, 198 Samaniego, Ernestine, 80 Sanchez, Ade, 80 Sanchez, Gregory, 80 Sanderlin, Rufus, 80 J uliane, 79 Scurggs, Sue, 80 Seals, Ronny, 170 Sears, Denna, 111 Sears, Roger, 111 Segrest, Judy, 80, 198, 208 Segrest, Kay, 111 Self, Leroy, 111, 226 Sellers, Helen, 111, 186 Sellers, Sammy, 111 Sellers, Virgil, 112, 174, 173 Sefuentes, Gloria, 49, 202 Sells, Wendell, 112 Seman, Patricia, 49 Sepulveda, Eloy, 141 Sepuhada, Mel, 112 Serrano, Faustina, 80, 153 Shanks, Cherokee, 93 Sharp, Albert, 80, 171 Smith, Robert, 81 Smith, Rodney, 81, 136, 139, 156 Smith, Scotty, 81, 171 Smith, Vestal, 112 Smoot, Beverly, 82 Smoot, Juanita, 82, 202 Smyers, Harold, 112 Snow, Douglas, 112, 199, 174, 173 Snow, Jimmie, '50 Snow, Milton, 50, 197, 168, 281, 118, 42, 48 Snow, Ronald, 82, 175 Snyder, Elizabeth, 82 Solano, Frank, 82 Solis, Hope, 82, 212, 153, Sparkman, Dorothy, 50 Sparks, Barbara, 59 Sharp, Henry, 80, 136, 139, 156 Sharp, Sharp, Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, Suzie, 49, 193, 147 Vernon, 112 Lena, 112, 198 Lynda,i80, 179 Pat, 80, 213 Shelton, Mazie, 80, 213 Shedderd, Kayron, 112 Sheppard, Homer, 49, 227, Shields James, 80 Short, Deanna, 80, 82, 83, 146, 178, 242, 181, 164 121, 174, 173 Short, Tifay, 112, 174, 173 Shoults, Billy, 80, 153 Shoup, Barbra, 80, 198 Shriver, Jo, 49, 20 Shugart, Lynne, 49, 59, 184 185 Sides, Martha, 80 Sifuentez, Elma, 81, 199 Sikes, Elanya, 112 Silva, Ben, 81 Simmons, Charles, 171 Simmons, Elaine, 171 Simmons, Linda, 50, 208 Sparks, Deanna, 82, 198 Sparks, Michael, 112 Speegle, Bobbie, 112 Speer, Boyd, 82, 175 Spencer, Robert L., 112 Spencer, Vick, 50, 208 Spigener, Ruby, 82, 198 Spivey, Bobby, 82, 106 Spivey, Charles, 50, 175 Spracio, Joe, 82 Sprawls, Jerry, 113, 226 Sprengel ,JoAnn, 82 Sprinkle, Jean, 51 Sprowl, Bill, 82 Spurlock, Beverly, 51, 190 Squires, Barbara, 82 Stacy, Peggy, 113 Stacy, Tommy, 113 Staiger, Jimmy, 113 Staff, Ralph, 224 Stallcup, James, 82 Stamp, Jimmy, 113, 171 Stapp, Ralph, 51, 235 Starness, Jimmy, 113 Steed, Jim, 113 Steelman, David, 113 Stegall, David, 82, 175 Sanders, Barbara, 49, 209 Sanders, Burton, 15 Sanders, Darwin, 207 Sanders, Glen, 80, 174, 173 Sanders, Imogene, Sanders, Lonnite, 49 Sandres, Louise, 111 Sanders, Morris, 80 Simmons, Simons Bobbie, 112 Simmons, Bonnell, 112 Sims, Barbra, 81, 206, 136 Sinclair, Don, 112 Singer, Grace, 50, 214, 239 Singleton, Billy, 112 Singleton, Thomas, 112 Sinks, Jimmy Jr., 81 Sisk, Jimmy, 81, 207, 174, Vernon, 153 Steinmtez, Charlotte, 51, 202, 59, 238 Stennett, Billy, 82 Stephens, David, 82, 175, 153 Stephens, Jimmy, 82, 136, 139 Stephens, Ronald, 82, 153 Stevens, David, 82, 175, 231 Stevens, Donny, 113 Stephens, Richard, 82 Sanders, Sanford, Don, 111, 170 Santiago, Albert, 141 Santiago, Virginia, 111 Satcher, Jimmy, 80 Savage, Donald, 11, 171 Savinas, Albert, 111 Sauceda, Mary, 111 Schad, Douglas, 111 Scruggs, Barbara, 111 Scruggs, Billy, 80, 170 Scruggs, Sue, 80 Schenck, Kathy, 80, 18, 240 Schooley, H. C., 111 Scott, Minda, 49, 59 Scott, Robert Pat, 80 Seals, Ronny, 170 Seal,s, Denna, 111 Segrest, Judy, 80, 198, 208 Segrest, Kay, 111 Self, Leroy, 111, 226 Sellers, Helen, 111, 186 Sellers, Sammy, 111 Windell, 80 175 Sisk, Johnny, 112, 219 Skaggs, Don, 112 Skaggs, Linda, 81 Skiles, Eigene, 112, 225, 179, 136 Skinner, Billy, 81, 171 Sladovnik, Frank, 81 Slaton, Slyvia, 109, 112 Sloan, Cora Mae, 241, 15 Sloan, Grover, 81 Sloan, Shirley, 81 Smith, Barbra, 81 Smith, Billy, 81 Smith, Donald, 81 Smith, Eugene, 81 Smith, Jimmy, 81, 158 Smith, John M., 50 Smith, Johnny, 50 Smith, Leon, 81, 153 Smith, Marie, 81, 198, 179 Smith, Mary, 50, 213 Smith, Michael, 81, 171, 169 Smith, -255 Pat, 112 Stewart, A. J., 82, 170, 166 Stewart Betty, 113 Stewart, Caroyln,82, 181 Stewart, Don, 113, 172, 176 Stewart, Dorothy, 113 Stewart, James, 113, 171 Stewart, Jimmy, 113 Stewart, Roger, 113, 226 Stewart, Sharon, 223 Jimmie 5 1 Stillwell, Cleddie, az, 181, isa Stipe, Dennis, 102, 113, 153 St. John, Kathy, 83, 212 Stockton, Donald, 51, 153, 172, 176 Stockton, Ken, 83, 170, 169 Stokes, Charles, 113, 169 Stockes, Donnie, 83, 174 Stone, Glenda, 51 Stone, James, 113 Stokley, Pat, 83, 199, 62, 242, 172, 246 Wagoner, Sherry, 84, 198 Wright, Bill, 99, 55, 59, 234, Stoorza, Carol, 113, 212, 188 Stoorza, Edwin, 62, 15 Stout, Carol, 113, 190, 182, Stout, Edward, 304 Stovall, Beverly, 51, 190 Stover, Calvin, 113 Stratton, Charlene, 113 Strickland, Donald, 221 Stroleny, Carolyn, 83 Strong, Linda, 113 Sturat, Sharon, 113 Stubbs, Ronald, 114, 140 157 Sturgot, Larry, 51 Suror, Donald, 83 Sunderman, LaFrances, 16 Sustaita, David, 114 Sustala, Jerry, 114 Sutton, Coydette, 83 Swaim, Billie, 114 Swinney, Mike, 51 Sweeney, Thelma, 51, 198 Swimey, Frances, 114 Swiger, Joe, 114, 225, 140 Sykora, Beverly, 114 Symes, Anita, 83 Taber, Brenda, 114 Tackett, Wayne, 26 Talley, Rodger, 83, 174, 223 Talmage, Douglas, 83, 194 170 Talmage, Douglas, Tanner, Sharon, 114 Tarrant, Nancy, 114 Tate, Larry, 114 Tawater, Sandy, 187 Toepfer, Elizabeth, 114 Tollerson, Ralph R., 16 Torres, Frances, 212 Torres, Jesse, 83 Torres, Yolanda, 84, 188 Torres, Jessie, 84 Torrez, Richard, 115, 153, 172, 176 Tracy, Kim, 97 Trammell, Gail, 84 Trammell, James, 115 Trejo, Mary, 52 Trimble, G. B., 144, 16, 10 Troxeillo, Alicia, 84 Trujillo, Cora, 52 Trujillo, Erlinda, 115 Trujillo, Josie, 115 Trujillo, Raymond, 84, 153 Taylor, Taylor, Teague, Teague, Telford, Douglas, 83 Melton, 114, 170 Eaine, 83 Marilyn, 83 Mary, 114 230 Terr Donald 114 Templeton, Trude Jean, 52, Y, y Thames, Roy, 52, 170, 188 Thedford, Jean, 52, 179, 131, 239 Thigpen, Betty, 114 172, 176 Trussell, Opal, 115, 198. 147 Trussell, Wesley, 52, 187, 128 Tucker, Billye, 53, 60, 182, 183 Tucker, Tommy, 53, 60, 182, 183 Tucker, Paul, 53, 171 Tudor, Paul, 53, 171, Tullos, Margie, 115 Turnage, Elizabeth, 53 Turner, Gary, 115, 150, 223 Turner, Mrs. Georgia, 180, 16, 186 Turner, James, 84, 169 Turnpaugh, Harry, 115 Turpen, Patsy, 53 Turpin, Iva, 53 Tyler, Gerald, 115, 175 Tyler, Mary, 115 Tyree, Jake, 115 Umstead, Kenny, 53, 224, 187 Uranga, Adeline, 53, 246 Utley, Gary, 115, 174 .y. , Marcie, 83, 198 Ybarra, Andres, 56, 183, 59, Joy, 198 Thompson, Vasquez, Thomas, Metty, 46 Thomas Mrs Catherine, 16, 246 Thomas, Joyce, 83, 198 Thomas, Linda, 52, 208 Thomas Thomas , Linda. 52, 239 Thomas, Marcie, 83, 198 Thomas, Norma, 83 ' Thomas, Wade, 114 Thompson, Edna, 114, 212 Thompson, J. T., 83, 190 Thompsan, Mrs. Ruth 144 Valasquez, Joe, 115 Valasquez, Mary Helen, 147 Valdez, Victor, 84 Valle, Dolores, 84 Valle, Thomas, 84 Vallejo, Manuel, 115 Vance, Charlotte, 115 Vance, Lynn, 115 Vandiver, Carlotta, 84 Vandever, Dan, 115, 170 Van Noy, Marion, 53 Vargas, Tom, 140 Christine, 53, 239 Thompson, 184, 185, 121, 123 Thornhill, Robert, 52 Tharsh, Sue, 114 Thrasher, Tommy, 114, 136, 141 Ticknor, Jacqueline, 114, 147 Tiifay, John, 114 Tiller, Janicc, 114 Timmons, Loretta, 83, 199 Tinar, Joyce,, 114 9 Tinar, Honey Sue, 52 Tippens, George Jr., 83, 153, 172, 176 Tischler, JoAnn, 83, 228 Shirley, si, 197,' Vasques, Delores, 53 Vasquez, Gloria, 84 Vasquez, Joe, 84, 224 Vasquez,'John, 115 Vasquez, Manuel, 84 Vasquez, Mary, 54 Vasquez, Mary Helen, 54, 197 Vasquez, Rachel, 115 Vasquez, Rose Marie, 115 Vasquez, Tony, 84 Vaughan, Mrs. Bess, 16, 236 Veal, Archie, 54, 208 Vedder, Charles, 84, 179, 196, 199 Vedder, Ruthie, .84, 115, 238 ' Vega, Elisco, 54 Vaga, Fidel, 54 Velasquez, Rosie, 84 .w. Wadrington, Gloria, 115 Wadsworth, Nancy, 54 Waggoner, Harold, 54, 174, 173 Waits, Carolynj 84 Waits, Wanda, 116 Wakefield, George, 84, 196, 170 Waldrop, JoAnn, 116, 198 Walden, Barbara, 116 Walder, James, 116, 174 Walder, Regina, 54 Wallace, Carol, 54, 239 Walraven, Martha, 84, 209 Walston, Kenneth, 116 Walter, Martha, 84 Walters, Ronald, 116 Walton, Eddie, 116 Ward, Bob, 116 Warren, Joe, 84 Warrenn, Wayne, 86 Watchous, Harry, 16 Watchous, Susan, 116, 153, - 244 Waters, Dorothy, 85, 186 Watkins, Sandra Kaye,116 Watson, Tom, 85, 171 116, 147 Watts, Dorothy, Wedel, Donald, 85 Weeks Tommy, 116 Weems Johnnie, 85, 235 Wilborn, Delton, 54 Welborne, Laverne, 116, 54 Wellington, Gene, 116 Well, Peggy, 116 Welty, Theta, 63, 85, 68, 83, 179, 182, 231, 236 Wenzel, Carolyn, 116 Wetzel, Kellam, 116, 153, 172, 169, 176 Werland, Joel, 85 West, Elva, 85 Westmoreland, Norma, 85 Wetherington, Pat, 54 Wheelington, Carol, 116, 147 Whetsel, Barbara, 227 Whetsel, Barbara, 85, 222 White, Barbara, 541 White, Billy, 227 Williams, Joyce, 116, 198 Williams, Mary, 91, 116, 179, 244 Williams, Peggy, 85 White, Linda, 116, 13, 191 White, Margaret, 116 White, Nan, 85, 203, 144, 146, 142 White, Yvonne, 55 Whitley, James, 85, 181 Whitmire, Dolores, 85, 194, 209, 199, 181 Whitt, Jeanette .55, 210, 213 Whitte, Phillip W., 173 as, 174, Whorton, Terry, 85 Wickersham, Pat, 55 Wilkinson, Tommy, 55, 170 Wilhelm, Mike, 85, 166, 173 Willingham, Robert E., 247, 16, 236 Williams, Bill, 116 -256- Wilcox, Wayne L., 194, 16, 236 Wilcoxson, Bill, 85, 170, 162 Willman, Barbara, 198 Wilmot, Carol, 55 Will, Kenneth, 110 Wills, Linda, 116 Wilson, Carol Anne, 117, 198 Wilson, Dale, 85, 179, 174, 238 188 181, , Wilson, Harry, 247, 16 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Jesse, 117, 191, 170 JoAnn, 55, 198, 147 Murrell, 55, 173 Sandra, 85, 196 Winfield, Clarence, 117 Wippert, Tommy, 117, 170 Wittenburg, Jim, 117 Womack, Jackie, 55, 197, 221, 148 Wood, Bob, 85 Wood, Jimmy, 55 Wood, Joe, 85 Wood, Joe, 85 Wood, Patsy, 86, 238 Wood, Robert, 117, 226 Woods, Frank, 86, 171 Woods, Jimmy, 117 Woods, Larry, 117, 175 Woodson, Sarah Evans, 55 Woodward, Sammy A., 86, 199, 134 Woolley, Karen, 85 Wortham, Ronald, 86 Wright, Alva, 86 Wright, Brenda, 56 Wilson, 167, 231, 169, 172, 4, 181, Wright, Curtis, 171 Wright, Dorothy, 117, 179 Wright, Glenn, 117 Wright, Jane, 56, 239 Wright, Linda, 117 Wirght, T., 141, 2344 Wyatt, Ronnie, 86, 232 Wylie, J. T., 56 Wyuie, Nancy, 117 Wylie, Norma, 56 .y. Yandell, Cecil, 117, 175 Yandell, Marjorie, 56, 213, 179, 59, 128 Yarborough, Ben B., 117, 219 20, 121, 180, 88, 176, 173, 126 Ybarra, Rufus, 117, 174 York, Jim, 117 207, 174, Young, Carolyn, 86, 181 Young, Jo Ann, 56, 187 Young, Juanita, 86 Young, Margaret, 117, 147 Young, Peggy, 117, 238 Young, Ralph, 117, 226 Young, Rodney, 207 Youngblood, Alan, 117 .1. Zamaripa, Jerry, 86, 221, 141, 188 Zamora, Josephine, 117, 179, 153, 155, 244 Zavala, Eva, 86, 199, 244 Zrate, Robert, 117 Zumwalt, Billy, 171 Zamorand, Yolanda, 117 Zamorano, Carmen, 86 www- 'ivvf:'?L:

Suggestions in the Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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