Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1956

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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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, ML yexwgw MM 1 b , 1 'W GV M-RJ W PQ wif? X 'W ' DWWEQJ aw W ?,f fmf " WA, WS , MQEW5 W W ' mm new tw WMM, ' faww Ry Q X 5 P E QWWWW, gygfdwk ' 4 ,gjwjmf xg ' -JQYX QMMWW 2 Wwilifiw 5 QfiQ may WWA 'f W W WW , QP . 'KN E. .:.wfPM ', ,X E 'if' 7 , 65, L V . ,bg I., 11 ' f' 'H f.,A '- l A of 3 a"' fi 1 1, HWWQ ' , J W ' , a a ' F 3 P Q. . 2,5- Y.. ,,,...? ,suing iOQ77U7 3.3 49' V , r- 'XM 4? L A fgdyf 7 . 44.-,aIcc,.eJ X262 Vw vff-UMW' - S9525 Wdgcfl fm KWAVQLAJ ci: LLQL K Cjf M A411521 l 41 . 15' ff" 61748 3400! of OMF l"e6U'Ylff v 049-Q The l956 yearbook staff propriate for this year's OUR DREAMS." staff presents these o theme more ap- "THE SCH00l 0F now complete and the its doors. As you open the fulfillment of all your fibevbcafion We, the 1956 Annual Staff, are happy to honor a teacher who not only has meant everything to every annual staff in the past but has played a very important role in making every proiect in our school a success. He is the type of person who when asked to do something for you makes you think you are doing him a favor by asking. . We have been closely associated with this gentleman and know that he has done so much for so many in such an unobtrusive manner that we feel he would shudder at the thought of so formal a statement as, "We, the Annual Staff, dedicate . . . ". So we want to follow his example and simply say, "Thank you, J. B., for all the help you have given us and the preceeding staffs. We know that without your guidance this annual would never have been possible." ' I! TABLE OF CONTENTS Forward Dedication Administration Faculty Student Body Seniors Sophomores Juniors Who's Who Favorites Academics Shops Organizations Activities Sports Staff President .g.......,...................- Mr. G. B. Trimble, Director of Vocational Education and Principal of Technical High School, has played a big part in the growth of our new Tech. lt was only through his untiring efforts and enthusiasm that Tech has become the "SCHOOL of OUR DREAMS." ...5- Administration Mr. J. P. Moore Superintendent of Schools Mr. W. A. Meacham Assistant Superintendent ' in charge of high schools .5 V. ,- ..- 5"- 5. : s 5 ni 2 ' WwW:W'W1f+cwaw,smeM4N3l.ZfNfT.i'Wt'WiwmW 70 . -W 3 M ., HM as M- W' " f .W M.....W,,.,., Assistant Superintendent, Mr. W. A. Meachamg Superintendent Mr. J. P. Moorep Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Eldon Busby. .-6- Administration We Qfwfffi s Q W Wlfwiw H, vet' We' Nfl'-feovflnclpal l no' W. pa r or instru Co-ofdlno - 7 .. Orcofi ct-top. Missy Harriet Griffin Dean of Girls The symbol of patience, love, and ability to understand the problems of others is true of Miss Harriet Griffin, Dean of Girls. With his ready smile and excel- lent ability, Mr. W. C. Pate is known to all as a capable Vice Principal and Counsellor. Mr. A. B. O'Connor, our Co-ordi- nator of Instruction, gives not only his time but also his personality to the betterment of Tech. Faculty m. J. 3 .AHJCFJOH History m- .xdvnalrong Coaching History md. gurxice Efrrelf Cosmetology .M gfurclen Print Shop mr. leo, I2 iszfi Machine Shop Red Cross Wh acl Enid ff Chemistry Counseling Student Council Sponsor J. 81106112 EJLOP Cosmetolgy WMA Mrf Karin? English mr. Joe golhe Biology Junior Class Sponsor ma. Kelly gouhon Physical Education Senior Class Sponsor W. jABl'0fl History . geUI'9P W Chollfur Auto Mechanics Gow Aeronautics md. 7Wul'y Cumfrlon Engli h mf? X1 Jourrfalism Bulldog Sponsor S ,ef md. guenfa mdk Bookkeeping W. iluuid F Aeronautics mi. M55 mf Qouunni Math Traffic Safety Club Sponsor mrs. .jlegen Era Le English FTA Sponsor Annual Sponsor mrs. War? jrugia English W w A 1:21.41 gm... Coaching History Faculty 71-. grealhouae Drofing Sluclenl Council Sponsor 7r.4. Jawa! guests English Vida Wana .yuffaran Hisfory yr. Orion cjslamgg Phofogrophy Vr. pagerf .Harris Physics Molh Chess Club Sponsor yrs. Weffkarry Office Machines Typing Wm. Jouiae .JJaf!anJ History Vids wma mae Jenlina Rogisfrar WLM Mme Johnson Secrelory lo Mr. Trimble Wr. golnwn Engineering Draffing WM. mary G johnson Hisfory i7,. W .Q Jane Aeronoulics wr. IOM!! oauch Molh WU- WOFIIIII JLAFIHHII Salesmanship Commercial Law Junior Class Sponsor Wri. fiborofLy Qfoueface Office Clerlc - f4 lower? Allendance Clerk WM. muurine Wumnd Muih Counseling Wi. l?..mff Wufhnl Malh Rodeo Club Sponsor mrs. .szirnzy murphy Physical Education ROTC Faculty Sponsor 2 W 'iflflwdlfg Prinling Senior Class Sponsor 5 gwyz. we Si 3 snow' ..e. ,wg f 41 ,mc 'J new igg' S 55 761 S ., Qin. - , Q-rf' 'gf ' K5 3 FU. if ,, " -2- 55' , x2af:::' :" : -. l V szwim is wi Maw 2 132 gnigglgnwse V - - sgzzziezggzggw ' QSM-:sis . cw .: ...,., MUS , .,.,:. ,,, p 2v,LQ,V,:, w --':': -: :., 1 , wEY'f"Yfw 52351, ' - ji 'S H ,,. ,.,.,, .A F ul., X 1 Q ,.,, lfwff 532 in L NK2wl:'ifg Q s Us Q, QQ, J E f ,gg :Tlx , as Us 3 x. INXS Q V' sf ye -9- Faculty mn A if English . Bowling Club Sponsor m. A C mggem, Radio and T.V. ma. gzie Wckillen Physical Education Cheerleader Sponsor Wir. M!! W7fl9Am.,,. Coaching English my allay mcpolcrld Office Machines C sel' oun ing National Honor Society Spon: - jay! 772111071 English Sophomore Class Sponsor Wm WW Ollffeff Coaching History mrs. .yuan Oujealy Biology - ,lAfh1.HpElI'L2l' Sfenography . FBLA Sponsor Win Kelly palleaon Bookkeeping md jru nLie nctend Bookkeeping FTA Sponsor - JM? E Commercial Art WPA- War, Q 401105 History me ,am lea, and Wm gurlon .S,anJer.4 Machine Shop 4 COFH SADRII English mr. glalwin .sloorza Diesel Wrn. ella jranfeo .gumflerma Bookkeeping m. jlefnzrd Coaching History Wra. pull .7AamfMon Business English Stenog rophy 'aculty Wm jomhnion Electric Shop Wm. georgia jurner Homemaking FHA Sponsor Wm. geaa vau9Aan Sfenography Allied Youfh Sponsor nr. ,Harry wa ICLOMJ Auto Body W1-. wayne mfrox Malh WM mary Jon lflklfon Librarian Skating Club Sponsor mf- gli! ?fMfAll?LaIll English Sphomore Class Sponsor Allied Youih Sponsor Qur office sioff Some of our custodians The school nurse The school maids B MTS' 23211507 ' Rosemary Wallace oullon President Senior Class Officers S MCA bee Bob Ezell Vice-President The Senior Class For two years this senior class dreamed of be- ing the first to graduate from the new Techni- cal High. It makes us proud to know that we led the way into the new school. There will never again be good times like these we've had-there will never be friendships like those we've known here-there will never be another school like Tech. We each hope that we have set an example that will make Tech proud of us. Guerry Leddy Carolyn Jackson Treasurer Reporter - 13 .. Gail Bell Secretary .xx xr wa ' -W 1 ,sa Wy 2445215 4 Xfn :xl 1 f ' V .Szznior . . c,,,f,4MA, ROTC Rifle Team Edfgdra .f4l'll0fJ Cheerleader '55 - '56 greg? .XJVIIOM Football Captain '55 - '56 All - District 2nd Team "Back of the Week" Track '54 - '56 Sophomore Favorite Red Cross '53 - '54 Student Council '53 - '54 Golden Gloves FTA Allied Youth VIC jon? Jdrrezlonclo VIC perry .fdrnqziger Wa rio Jdrfeaga Band jommie .fdgihly QOIIUIJ ROTC Rifle Team VIC Reporter geffg ..!4fcLi5on Secretary TALA '54 - '55 President TALA '55 - '56 crap? .Zdyafa 504 MLW FTA .sznior . . lonna gamllf ROTC Sponsor Sain E6lI'g5Ay VIC President, Chapter 60 Assistant Driving Instructor Band Skating Club Luis Ka,-itigf. Clarks Man Q3 onnu Euihefy Wufgze Mage,-4 Pep Squad FTA Allied Youth gafmff Senior Class Secretary .Iunior Class Secretary Sophomore Class Secretary Allied Youth FTA Pm-L4 Ziff Basketball '53-'56 National Honor Society AII-District '55-'56 Sophomore Class President Junior Favorite, FTA .Anna Emil Junior Class Treasurer, FTA Mggefjidff Skating Club, Red Cross FBLA, AY, Bulldog Staff Senior Class Planning Committee g 3112 Pep Squad, FTA AY, Bop Club RCAUIJ MIAOP VIC Reporter, VIC Chapter 74 Reporter, District VIC Science Who's Who Senior . . Cdlwfgll- EIGCAIYI-OIL Cheerleader 55-56 Allied Youth FTA Red Cross Student Council FBLA Wdlwfyll BKGCLIYIOII FTA Cheerleader 55-56 Allied Youth FBLA Red Cross JUG!! gfdCLWO0J President Skating Club 55-56 Skating Queen 55-56 FTA Librarian of Band 54-55 50559 air VIC Skating Club gfoyol gfakefyi ollouia gfaikefy VIC Skating Club .klllleth gfalltmi VIC Band 9. IQ r2f.,,le, VIC Student Council Aeronautics Who's Who ollnJd goaae VIC gnoci gona, Speech Who's Who IQOMJJ Keegan President, VIC Chapter 88 pill!-All-2 enior . . yfflllllf goyer .xdnn Quinn Bulldog Ediiorio WC! ll cy ETICAQI1 JOAHIW gffltlflll' President VIC Rodeo Club Skafing Club Red Cross ye:-ry gwnaon juanila ETIJYIX 77.1148 Z3-...fu WIHJCI M6200 Sfudenl Council FTA AY ma vial giclged R4 u Aa Z3-own FTA FBLA Mfg I n i a gown we n ala Emwn AY FTA FBLA Rodeo Club Red Cross J f l's Edifor .Senior . . . .szirlay growning FTA FBLA Sfudent Council Bulldog Slaff clzfa Myallf 9. OZ? Myanf VIC FTA gyaine Z?uf!arJ FTA AY Baslcefball Sweeihearf .fdulry gauge Clark, Bu,-li VIC ROTC Officers Club ROTC Drill Team Jamie gurnd Jenna gurl Red Cross jan ia gun!! Annual Represenfafive Sfudenl Council FBLA gd FLCLFCL Ku iii' Skafing Club Square Dance Club FBLA edflll C4 01064 9 ? C K ll Fy CCCIIIIOH, Pep Squad Skating Club AY FTA 54-55 enfor . . .9I'Ul'!l'lll' Ctlllllp i J AY FBLA FTA Pep Squad Jerry Ca MNA' . , W Radio Who s ho I ffhzu Ciulifnz Magazine Chairman Pep Squad Student Council FBLA Bop Club :lilo Culifnn Janna Cause? CAunrv yin: CAl'LlrvJ.1 ROTC Drill Team Student Council Red Cross Flying Bulldogs VIC lzrymoncl aprile no Rodeo Club ROTC Drill Team ROTC Officers Club 91111110110 6LH'L Homecoming Princess FTA OM! CMA CNUITICF COMM!! ll gllftlllll '5 .Simior . . gllfzflrfl Cofnllj ROTC Sponsor 54-55 Student Council Senior Class Planning Committee FTA, AY, FBLA Skating Club M, comm goin colin, j0I'llllly ami!! Skating Club, Vice-President '55-'56 We Conn Student Council, VIC ROTC Officers Club 55-56 ROTC Drill Team .gl In COOL Junior Class President Bop Club, VlC, FTA . Square Dance Club 664101911 COOFPI' Olillffllfl C0171 HIE!! Bulldog Staff, FBLA ,gay Coulgon VIC 196.1 Cox Secretary FBLA FTA, Pep Squad fguie C'caa1fol'J Magazine Representative Skating Club All School VlC Sweetheart Sergeant of Arms, VIC Bop Club Sue Cunninglam FBLA, FTA, AY Pep Squad Sophomore Class Social Committee .sinior . . mlntlfl CMI!!! illgACl HI ml Il tlfl bf! A45 FBLA ,gay me!! magna!! Magazine Represenfafive .Ion ,lciflerg Tech Stage Bond VIC FTA Drum Major '54-'56 Chess Club President CAcu'A1:1 Qbuln Yftifolon fmaniels QOFPIAU llgAlPl'y FTA Ma rla ra ma via FBLA G1 ro! me uid Slcofing Club Bulldog Slaff AY Bop Club an ma yo ma uid 3-ra n n :ba via Jeanie ECIUL1 '55-'56 Snior . . Mu, ibn, JOAIIIW Qepulllfl Football '53 - '56 Most Conscientious Player '55-'56 Senior Favorite Track '54-'55 FTA VlC PTA Representative gouie .micibenaon Pep Squad FBLA AY Red Cross Posure Queen Runner-up '53-'54 Posture Queen '54-55 Student Council 190175 .flboggezf FTA Rodeo Club .szoclonnia ibonafzlaon AY FTA FBLA Skating Club Library Assistant lilllfill move Sa ll L64 mmlllly Pep Squad FTA FBLA AY Bop Club muffin! mydon Jennie gager' Football jeff, fafwoofl AIIMC. fury Cafuin 62406 .S-Ln for . . IPAHIIIP gynoll "Y" Teens AY, FTA ' Slcafing Club Secrefary, Green Wave Band l gil Pi? ll PZ 30f0I'I'O 64,111 I'Zfl FBLA, Pep Squad Band, Bop Club Eugen? g75IPI'J Chard: glllrirlgv Secrelary VIC '54-'55 AY, FTA National Honor Society 504 alle!! . Commercial Art Who's Who Segreani of Arms, All School VIC '54-'55 Secrefary-Treasurer, VIC Chapfer 88 '54-'55 Cheerleader '55 - '56 Presideni Allied Youfh '55 - '56 Senior Class Vice-Presideni Arf Edifor Annual Skating Club, FTA Nafional Honor Sociefy El FLCIFCI 364 UOI' Bulldog sfaff AY, FTA uizgne giedzef Phofography Who's Who Annual Pholographer FTA Jean jifhngame .xdhce jforea euro! joafer' FBLA, Pep Squad Skaling Club, AY Gfarice grancea Chorus Who's Who .sznior . . gay jfeefn-all Rodeo Club, FTA .klthfyn jreelnllll AY, FBLA Skafing Club gafldra jfenfl Cgona jr? AY, Red Cross Ray Garcia jon? Garcia gzuerfy garner FHA Pep Squad Joe garreff Sandra garreff Bop Club FHA Secretary '55-'56 .szerman gfau Foofball '53 - '56 Basketball '53 - '54 Baseball '53 - '56 FTA Treasurer '55 - '56 AY, VIC Sfudenf Council Golden Gloves '54 - '56 Red Cross gfoddup VIC Reporter Red Cross Bop Club Jennie gofclman .Senior . . .xdngie gunman join gonzaga VIC Allied Youth Jaya gornfo Band '53 - '56 Skating Club FTA .14 ff Auf Grd uea Cheerleader '55 - '56 Student Council Red Cross FTA Allied Youth Treasurer, VIC Chapter 74 '55 - '56 Reporter, VIC Chapter 74 '54 - '55 FBLA Allied Youth 'Mala gm, Ute, green larry Greene? Cdlwfyll GUINEA President, Bon Arts P '55 - '56 FTA Bop Club Allied Youth Pep Squad paffi .ilammefl .jJowarel ajwlampfon VIC Skating Club olze .NGFIMOII Ia yers Snior' . . Chfforzl .Nurringfon Skating Club War, Clrlaruey Ouiolu .jJawhin5 FHA olbouuefn .jJayne.4 yimmy .ilayd ROTC Drill Team Vice-President, VIC Chapter' 66 '55-'56 Allied Youth Driving Instructor Annual Representative Square Dance Club Bop Club Skating Club Bowling Club Je., JJ6.,, Jerry .jflazefwooal mite Cllazenuoocl paula JJenLy All-School VlC President '53-'55 President, VlC Chapter 74 Red Cross U Vice-President, District ll VIC' Allied Youth WMP? IMC? .NL'l'I'2I'U Allied Youth Annual Representative Square Dance Club Skating Club gnu Cuoharf Band '53-'55 Pan, ,Al0,l,..,if Annual Representative Allied Youth -I26 .Snior . . 25. ZZ ,Nah AII-School VIC President Best All-Around Boy '55-'56 Vice-President, Student Council '55-'56 Football Captain '55-'56 "Lineman of the Week" '55-'56 V All-District '55-'56 Track, FTA, Red Cross Magazine Drive Chairman 66164 .HOOJEHWA Rodeo Club Secretary Skating Cub Secretary Allied Youth, Pep Squad CNOIJOIIA FTA Secretary '55-'56 Library Assistant Student Council Allied Youth, Pep Squad Qcharol Liloagind Flying Bulldogs, VIC jean .jvloufefh Maforette '53-'56, AY, VIC Rodeo Club, FTA maui! ,Howingfon Sue .HMLOH Band Sweetheart 55-'56 FTA, FBLA Red Cross, Pep Squad ogzreffa ,Humphrey joni .yunfer FHA Treasurer VIC, Bop Club Square Dance Club Magazine Representative Jimmy Mrk, Mme .yudlina Skating Club Student Council FBLA, FTA, Bop Club JJOWMI Jlufuff State Vice-President, VIC District II VIC President Honorary President, VIC Chapter 74 ' Student Council, Bowling Club a enior . . mfer .Nuff large! .JJ aff fl IPO! ll CCCLJOII- ff J' Junior Favorife ROTC Sponsor '55-'56 Homecoming Queen '55-'56 Senior Class Reporfer '55-'56 FTA Historian '55-'56 VIC Allied Youfh LMA, g,,ci,.,n ROTC Officers Club '55-'56 Sfudenf Council Red Cross ROTC Drill Team Prinf Shop Who's Who Chess Club :ral yengina VlC znne vic 'ny JOAHJOI1. Chess Club aerf Jones VIC Ln, jones Wwgie yoned W jonea Lflam .IQW .Siznior . . . QOJWI' ,MFCAHIII Band, FTA Allied Youth Annual Representative Jouiae .jcmlerfy Pep Squad, Skating Club Bowling Club Queen of Senior Hobo Party Waomi .jcnaer History Who's Who gary .Mllg pafay .Mug FBLA Secretary Skating Club, Student wyuonnie .MIMJJOH jommg lair BOL Jam! June epampman FTA gforia ofadfer Maiorette '53 - '56 Senior Favorite FTA, Allied Youth Skating Club, FBLA Rodeo Club, Bop Club Square Dance Club Eu-dy OFHJIBI' .XJIJAHF 4,020 V President, VIC '54 - '55 Football '55 - '56 Vice-President VIC '55 Red Cross Counci - '56 enior . . gueffy Sophomore Class Vice-President Red Cross Secretary '54-'55 FTA Vice-President '55 - '56 FBLA President '55 - '56 Senior Class Treasurer Representative, National AY Convention '55-'56 gannie oadge FTA FBLA Red Cross Bowling Club ibarre!! olhwid Band Captain jerry Qlinzldey muffin ognfon FBLA FTA wunJa latter yuanifa lopez FHA Allied Youth FTA mefuin cpuulwig Elleffg Jlufhel' Senior Favorite, Runner-up Annual Staff Annual Typist Senior Class Planning Committee National Honor Society Committee Chairman, FBLA FTA Allied Youth National Honor Society Treasurer oFd!0Il ofylln Mcfor Wagafaddi VIC President '55-'56 Assistant Driving instructor Band Squad Leader .141-fhur W7afJonaclo Band VIC enior . . pau! WCIILIOIIHCIO Ciarzm manning Bowling Club Band VIC glloria Wa PAM in gba vie! 70061114461 ff Student Council VIC Allied Youth yagn flI'JllCl!! Student Body President '55 54 Senior Favorite Runner up '55-'56 Mr. FTA '55-'56 Allied Youth Engineering Drafting Who's Who VIC Traffic Safety Club an if ma rlin VIC Secretary, VIC Chapte 2:7611 mzll'lil1 .161 ClI'lil'l Bulldog Staff FTA FBLA Allied Youth Annual Representative G1 rmen ml 1-fin ez FHA Rehn rc! Wir:-fin ez Band yuan n e mf rlin ez ,fdlzx ml fa I' Senior . . gardara maughm maria may Skating Club Bulldog Staff FBLA AY Treasurer, High School Press Association Red Cross mach Wcgayer Football '53-'56 Ranch Foreman '55-'56 Track '54-56 Golden Gloves '53-'56 VIC FTA Red Cross AY guinea Wcaory VIC alla Mme Wccufgzugh VIC yew mfgbmfr Barbara Wcmoweff gurfia Well? pal Wcaaozl Judge We Wimn Miss FTA '55-'56 Annual Staff . National Honor Society FTA AY Essay Contest Winner '54-'55 FHA Pep Squad Bonnie We Wea! Ranch Queen '55-'56 Cosmetology Who's Who '55-'56 Vice-President, Speech Club '55-'56 Essay Contest Winner AY Annual Representative Secretary, Chorus '55-'56 .Henry ,mcn.Jez W .sznior . . jlereaa menJez Pep Squad, FBLA .jiniclacl mza VIC Jania Av- Allied Youth mu, mm, wayne Ar VIC Ronnie Wifhman Foolball Manager Baskelball Manager Baseball Manager Sfudenl Council Red Cross, VIC .jcmnefh VIC Vice-Presidenl, VIC '55 - '56 pafricia Wing momingo Wirem Bulldog Edifor Journalism Who's Who Assislanl Driving lnslruclor Wane? Wifcheff Head Cheerleader '54-'56 Football Sweetheart '55 - '56 Homecoming Princess '55 - '56 Allied Youth, FTA FBLA, Pep Squad Speech Club jommy mifcbff VIC, Drill Team, Officers Club '55 - '56 jommy Wifchner Allied Youlh, Color Guard '54 - '55 Rifle Team '54 - '55 .Simior . . . Wanue! magna:- ROTC Rifle Team poderl Wonka joAn moon ALM Wwe Library Assistant FTA, Skafing Club Allied Youth james moore gbarfoffe Woi'i-I5 gonnie Won Bulldog Sfaff jerry Wueml' M mmf, Foofball '53 - '55 Baseball '53-'55 Red Cross VIC Ion Wurray Joe Weadil .llozuarel Wewlerry .Sim for . . 71011011 ll I1 Bowling Club Baslcefball 7761 ll cy WPIUIOII. Ll PP? mf IPI' Skaiing Club Sfudenf Council VIC 5l'0l'Plll' Waffgfui, Bop Club AY Bon-Ari Speech Club .JCVIIIFIA Ogg 311-eraa Quan .juni padcciod Bop Club VIC Presiclenf, Mambo Club '54-'55 Boxing Team Band AY Red Cross gum: ncnnif! Skaiing Club AY FBLA Pep Squad Jobn l9f.rl.,,- .jcennell Pau! Siwl-1. f9,...,lf1f lbefma f9.mwfL .sznior . . . Jdngefa peru! JOAN- peln-PM!! Band Who's Who Secretary, VIC Chapfer H3 gene perlina VIC ROTC Officers Club '55-'56 mmf nw QD? ABI' FTA Annual Represenfafive larry Aufo Who's Who Sfudenl Council Red Cross Slcaiing Club mm, nfl. Physical Education Who's Who FBLA Pep Squad Slcaiing Club Square Dance Club Carofyn prifcheff Cgzle pp-uiff Bulldog Staff .Henry nuiff larry pruiff Tfliznala pruifl FBLA Slrafing Club Bop Club .sznior . . Wurgaref pamdey Square Dance CIub maui!! padgerry FooIboII Raymond pazo grin peer! Jael? peeuea Waruin peger VIC FTA wa ua Qeiaor Bulldog Sfaff Rodeo Club .jcnnelk Qemingfon VIC, Reporter, VIC '55 - '56 geciha Reza Bulldog Sfoff .fglgefl MCA6lI'l40l'l .Amd MCACQITIJOII Secrefary, VIC '55 - '56 Y-Teens Pep Squad Iwuyfle .Snior . . . yo ,ann ml lean glade? VIC ROTC Drill Team ROTC Officers Club gmma pagina .faith EOLBFJOII :Ia mln Qolerfd Pep Squad 'Allied Youlh FBLA FTA Speech Club Bop Club Mffye Qolinaon ssilfu ROWIEFO LFEHZM QOIVIO y Jo R045 FBLA Bop Club Allied Youth Wegfin Ruling .fddlin Rude!! gag lemff .Simior . . QIAPPI 5111102 I 9140111164 31611615 Treasurer, GAC FTA Red Cross FBLA AY Pep Squad .fdmeol Sa ma nigu Bowling Club GNU!! PII .511 IICAPZ Pep Squad Bop Club Wei! .Stl nforcl Reporter, VIC Baskelball '54-'56 Red C ross Quan .Savage VIC Presidenf, TALA '54-'56 Red Cross Pep Squad Bop Club John nie SCAMJIPI' ROTC Sponsor '55-'56 Variefy Show Queen '54-'55 jfffy 3264 UBI' VIC Skaiing Club Bop Club ,lflAfZam .SQWAM Machine Shop Who's Who VIC ROTC Officers Club ROTC Drill Team AVHOKJ -gefrala Treasurer, VIC ROTC 64641145 Shaw .!4urefAa .gzelnlzarcl Senior . . Wdcary .gzirrd 770,-I. SAO,-1 BULL, 5L..A,,. wc fuk. Sfufnm 'MM ..f. .SEM J4,.n.,11p .S7Lz,.,m- 250,-0145, 52.116 FTA j'fUlL .sinifg VIC gfaria .S1ni1A FTA FBLA SIIFIL gym: .SinifA .Sienna .glial FTA AY Red Cross Square Dance Club Pep Squad .Snior . . lflkfham Smoof Wood Shop Who's Who ide! .spnuubman VIC pal .snreegk gefafd .QICIICCF ROTC Officers Club VIC Joe .Spivey Edfldfd EGFHE5 SUHJFH 552019125 jlefeda .9224 muffd 30112 JOAN- SOHC O Wea! .gufl Skaling Club, Red Cross Driving lnsfrucior mound Suiff VIC, ROTC, Red Cross Square Dance Club Snipr . . . gfuine .gummerhn Allied Youfh Library Assisfani Sfudenf Council Skating Club Red Cross FTA puflm Jann Sumraff FTA gun! Sweeney JO 964112 364501 QHCLBHX jam!!! FBLA Allied Youth Wdnfy j26lgu0 FTA gui, if jAClFL'L,el' guefyn jLornfon Allied Youfh OZLOIICIFJ EPIOII GAIIJG 30112, Bowling Club Allied Youfh Pep Squad Secretary, Pep Squad '54 VIC '53-'54 Reporfer, Secretary VIC '53-'56 Jfgerl j0l'l'e5 .sznior . . Rifle! j0l'l'2d Bop Club, Allied Youth Skating Club Reporter, FBLA Jdngie jfefo Bop Club, Allied Youth Skating Club Eff jzmlk Davin! juggdz leforea jurner Bulldog Staff Allied Youth Magazine Representative QOLBIJ lljdugldll Vice-President, VIC Sgt. of Arms, VIC Allied Youth, FTA 6600! wil gg0ll2l' FTA .Zak Waller vlc Ogafry wa ftel' dfrm, waxing Student Council VlC, FBLA Red Cross, FTA QOJBIMGIV Wd-ffdfe Senior Class President '55 - '54 Best All-Round Girl '55 - '56 FTA President '55-'56 Editors, Annual '55 - '56 Math Who's Who '55 - '56 DAR Awards '55 - '56 .lunior Class Vice-Pres. '54 - '51 Track Sweetheart '54 - '55 ROTC Sponsor '53 - '54 Dist. V FTA Treasurer, '54 - '55 marguerife waflino enior . . . arwin maflerman President, VIC Chapter 65 Skating Club Student Council Annual Representative King, Senior Hobo Party Worma President, VIC '55-'56 Speech Club Rodeo Club Cam! 'MMA Treasurer, VIC Chapter 65 FTA AY Annual Representative Magazine Representative Wmii, mn, gulf!!-Jilfyll WABBAF AY Bop Club C ri.4feen wer Z? July Wlurn CAME, Wfham, I'?al'2t FTA gforia wmnglam Wargie Pep Squad President FHA Vice-President Skating Club AY FTA Annual Representative Magazine Representative Marnie All .Snior . . 196.1 M4642 Baseball Sweetheart '55-'56 National Honor Society FTA Allied Youth FBLA Pell C2 J , FTA .Ml1n.etA gal! fbauid lflliglt VIC Driving Instructor ROTC 61164 yallel 1e,,4,i y,.,,..Jf lon yorl Rodeo Club President marifyn young gl!! Za fa fe Allied Youth gully Zawaalale President, VIC Nancy Trott Secretary Evert Carter President Bow N01- We so' SP0 ,ho le W. Span 1:4-of bfmqn The Junior Class We're Juniors and aren't we glad. We think the new Tech has more than fulfilled our dreams of what a school should be. Being a senior is very fas- cinating we admit, but for us the best is yet to come. We're convinced that we will be the best class ever to grad- uate from Tech - so, move over, Seniors, here we come! Ella Mae Campau Reporter ..47.. Leilani Spradling Vice-President unior . . Elizabeth Alderson Dean Allen Joe Alvarado Tony Alvarado Cencia Amara Gay Anderson Weldon Anderson Martha Apple Sandra Arnold Sue Arnspiger Nancy Ashby Raymond Averitt Estella Avina Juanita Ayala Dorothy Bagley Fred Baker Jerry Bandy Kenneth Bankston Gary Barclay Velma Bardin Peggy Barefoot Dean Barnes Stanley Baxter Donald Beckman Woody Bedford Margie Bell Wayne Bellows Dalton Bennett Gale Bishop Pat Blair ior. . Bobby Blackman Albert Boozer - Joan Bowden Tommy Bracken James Brantley Pat Brantley leon Braver Carmen Briones Helen Brister Nell Brown Sandra Brown Vera Brown Barbara Bryant' Herman Burcie Doris Byrd Johnnie Byrd Max Byrd Sue Coffey Bubba Cain Jim Calk Ann Calvert Jerry Camp Ella Mae Campau Bill Campbell Joyce Canada David Cantrell ' Sophia Caram Kenneth Carnes Vickie Carrillo Charlie Carroll ior... Leon Carson Charles Carter Everit Carter Roland Carter Edward Castillo Mary Helen Castillo Tony Castillo Pauline Cathey Gertrude Chatham James Chestnut Magdaline Chavez Bill Cleveland Larry Cockfrell Ruby Cohen Patricia Conn La Verne Connell Bobby Cook Sarah Bess Cook William Cooper Unah Coulson Sue Craig Dennis Crockett Jimmy Crowley Janie Cruz Ken Curliss Sue Culpepper Donald Dagnell Carol Daniels Nadine Daniels Earl Davis unior . . . Gerald Davis Martha Davis Velma Davis Loretta Deckard Alice De La Paz Gayle Denham Margaret Dixon Wallace Draper Odell Dodson Howard Dorton Gloria Duarte Jerry Duckett Eddie Duff Eddie Dunnam Elizabeth Dunn Richard Eagan Noland Earwood Gene Eason Elizabeth Edwards Jo Ann Everitt Rosalie Everitt Royce Ezell Bill Farr Sharon Faubion Samuel Fisher Billie Jo Fletcher Alex Fogelin Barbara Franks Barbara Freese lla Faye Fritts ' ark f Y S 2 B at ti v visa w w ' , sf 5' , f Eswffwf r 9, S , A f x' , 2 ,, ' if . .eifgwlkf xfwgv I Q . smwivr, 5' J , :., g,irgg5315g-Q f I ., - fww fi 1' K WP' fl' f 1 .:, I - fx 5 . '. i wifi? , f- ,Qs:'f' rir M Q5 V 2' b y if I . . X S ,W .QNX ur- wr 9 1 X 'S P3 X, l a will nr ff: , i f 9 x r jing, K . f 3- Nw ejzg R ":2.5z S 1 Q 5511,- if fires 1 K' gf x . i 'ff lg Q fi 12 KL 7, 13i' QQtf'7RiQIq?l-'wngfi ' aPSfi5ig'?' X I if? fi 5' ,ms ,. Qi im X, 5 if . M' W iii? . , is 3, MQ. SM 4 2552 , gf::..: s:'?iff2i SAL . if Gb 'Q' Q.,fm Q, , 25555 A ,,. y fi .. W -seb- -51- LLIUOI' Q Q Paul Fuentes Evelyn Funderburk Margaret Gallegos Albert Galvan Richard Garcia Rita Garcia 'Candy Gardner Bobby Garrett Alice Garza ' Elbert Gentry Betty Gilliam Raymond Gomez Judith Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Wes Goodwin Shirley Ann Gordon Jack Greenwood Jimmy Gregory' ' Joy Griffin m Cleveland Griffith, Raymond Gyer La Vada Haddock Jimmy Hall Orville Hall Nancy Hamilton Jerry Hanie Delores Harlow Shirley Harlow Bob Harmon Dennis Hamm unior . . . Hugh Harris Don Hart Douglas Hassinger Ray Hatfield Alan Hearn Lindsey Hefner Donald Heimer Bill Henderson John Hendricks Jesse Hernandez Lupy Hernandez Mary Ruth Hernandez Ray Herrera Robert Hester Johnny Higginbotham Oscar Hilburn Jack Hines Nancy Hinton Tom Hake Curtis Holan Kenneth Holland Clay Hoskins Clete Howard Duane Hudler Bobby Hughie John Hunt Lalita Hurd linda Hutchison Darlene Hutmaker Beverly Ingram fllgfil by ---- ,Q ,Af U , , , s su X +1 5 Q 5 f A 'fig M sz? QE v 7 gif? l 5 M f .g 5 M J W Y. 52? f E fggw if r 1 Y? M iltlsgs 1fL,.f-- I iff' .U-, , xi U1 2.12:- t .- . n '52 jfgilsmzl. 7'E1if5yZ:1'z1::2l , , , gggm':wf 3,,-mjgt . I 4 5 xx wi 5 9 s 2? -ff if 1'5" fi-1 Y. l- ,,fl,Q:.' -.. f f , f -"- N f. A fftg ' .L w a g V - 3, .,. rf ilii Q . " ' A 5?YE 5ffQ i?? i xi !1:5I,Ia:::sE':':Fi -' , . ,fi NE? .. ,ss J . :-- lf .1 ' ' vw ft 3 -- D .,,-sa:-:-1's: W ,Z ,V 34 fi 1 J X? tl ti 6 ' E il W 'S :,- .. ---- I X' A :.f:f... 1f?V s M ns- 7 V m s, -X 1: W l : -.l a w 1 W ,l Q , . - if ,5 ' J W it '2- "ff 4 kgsilbiggig R Q 1' my W iii? gf, K wg 3 f is Q51 fins" A' 5 ffl vi X 1 ... : , . 42,426 ms - J .Q 4 ' ' 1-2 it f . . ,- Z E"iiX,y 5' Ma 'fl H lx S I Eg,r,,l. wi' J 5 fm 5 if Q -:V :W-:1..:fga:-:ac:.:ss:g.s,.ga.g:g tj fswgfgf 11390 55- ' L 1 5 a vmt ff? '5I 'i x '25 R .-1 Fmt? s . . Q Q 'wiv X H351 . if . Wi 55553 3: --'- ' j s sfg E S sr f S3 1 35 i 'W A w Q ggi gy A Q M t 9 be ,A it eg f 2 :gg 1 V U it j si w il t 'f sw ff fi X t J ,sf E -X. 1 -6- i i at 4 e M S it Q W fs 5 W :is Bi X Q 3 sei 2 .W , Q Q f 'N Q fi? at ff? M ., 2. gm, :mi fl as 'i - 5355232 KW iii' v ..,, ,. ,. 451. s 5233 U s - . 1 . fer : .t"t":. -:H s .EEE , ' -:..: : W ' 'r m as 351 Q: ,.., : 1. - A 1,5 M, W "W ,.:g i':i"'i f 4 , gg-'wa ,L I- fav' ' 3 N ,. .- an s f. ' W? if i R me W 'QM wr MK 5 A Hiro-' " f K .W n ,bmgh 6 1 Aww J . Z? A' .sg 1 W2 s, . -- ,W N W' as QW ":gQffm Hass K ow"U.sffQE?:4 dwg 'Z M tvs fm M 5 w.HZW,., S14 BMW www RBD-v W ws' www " sw. I 2052 1 if? W's'Z.zg' ' vw-1 Q x 'fl ai sv s, ,sn ' -53- Wofg i55fsfQ 3 ,552.31 Q, 9 fi J mG,wgg.1 unior . . . Bobby Ingram Donny Ingram Yvonne Ingram Frank Ivy Oveda Jenrette Joe Jimenez Freddie Johnson Herschel Johnson Barbara Jones Carolyn Jones Delores Jones Jo Ann Jones Nancy Joyce Bobby Justice Claudette Karr Jerry Kensley Kenneth Kepple Johnnie Ketchum Danny King Helen King John King Dick Kinsey Royce Ladd Carlene Lambert John Lancaster Louis Land Curtis Lane Wanda Langer Paul Lanham Joe Losseter unior . . Dennis Laster Gwen Lawrence Glenda Layton Dora Lazo James Leverett Rudy Leza Weldon Like Billy Linch Janice Long Ruth Long Jerrell Lowe Bobby Loyd .launita Mabry Delores Maggard Irene Maldonado Lilly Maldonado Barbara Marlow Carole Marrs Jon Marshall Don Martin Sandra Martin Manuel Martinez Tony Martinez Yvonne Martinez Donna Masters Esalata Matthews Rita May Dale McCarthy Bill McChristian Van McCormick QW .itll W a Mx 5.4 1 M Pile fr if 'Sf ails wt' gi ..,, Rjys if W My fl! 55- .L vs, L-A155257 r zz 5, , rio 5-1: ' 'Kew sf f . '.-za: 1 1 ,,,.,, P ,- .,,. 'fr . . 1, :A ' :X r may in X g X35 Q W ' , ON 3 site! al will .. . If" .1 ' Xiu if .li ., Ea s. F ,-" mfr' 4 B, iii 5. QQg Jf . - , ,h,, V its if it it W. ws - .,.. , 1 z.. ,. , jg Q4 3 when MSW-r?ia1L'1rf? Q S , . i. EL.: .... .- . G. ' ' .ff at 3... , 4, -A ,Ex ,, ,K it f .' 12- 3 it . ' M wi 3 5- iii? 5 :mg r if f f -. .. nl W Q, V K 'Q X tar T at m 3 if ' , An2CeiQ-w -- - , 0,1 r W' W 2 if gsgj Q 5, f , K 3 fs? A .,- ., .... - ..,e:f..:.:ef,:5g,,E- is fiffiwi , - - . gg., --:- - ', ' 7 L. 3 t A: 2 Wig, gt 2: L fp. . ff w fi :Sa -' :gm . .,,...,,.:4k .V "2 :I sw . MQ ' iw X Q gr L N QSM f D 52 f ?5K i mtv, M fl sr 52 .,.. ' tx if i CEWYQISI S is W' E Q K Q E5 4' if A rg' 4 S516 E rg 1 s 1 1. Q K , x ,, F fiiiafm . gps -:i iw wi wt fkzsgssef V rt csliii' W - 2 'Q ' - 5' M5252 ' ,: 'iiifll .. ,:,,.. Q L Hs, 1 ' .q ' L V gzg ig' E , 1, .s -l on A r gg- r -P t""i 'Q f A ., f' Q .gl www - KEY. , :Il-flrfiifii ,V s , ,:..,.. -. 1' 2 ei " 42 jj-435: 4' 'i' 521 All 1s,g.bQi,tffW , ,z. 51,0 - :. gg! Zfmig wr- N if My F3121 WF' W' e?SiMd?vm'KWM" EMM iz WSW if Y s 'S Jigs s wi P 7 qi x X swf X 2 Qs if unior . . . Elliott McDaniel Dale McDonald Syble McGee Stanley McGehee Ronald McGloshan Henry Mclain Steve Mendoza Dick Metcalfe Danny Miller James Miller Weldon Mills Dennis Minter Danny Mireles Don Mitchell William Mitchell Norman Mitcherson Bruce Moore Charles Moore Nick Moorman Mary Martha Moncieviez Arthur Mondragon Danny Montes Susie Morales Tony Morales Virginia Moreland Corinne Morgan Ronald Muncy Toni Muro Norma Murphy Betty Muse unior . . Richard Naiera Connie Neal Nina Neal Billye Nelms Jean Newton Jimmy Newton Johnny Ogden Joy Ogle Raymond Oieda Dick Olmstead Felix Ornelas Eilleen Orr Jeane Owen Robert Owensby Raymond Pachelio Neal Pannill Joy Parker Sally Parker George Parrot David Patterson Sandra Paul Lewis Paulk Pat Payne Tony Pearce Deanna Pelton Hector Pena Rudy Perez Cecil Perkins Phyllis Perkins Anita Phillips 5 1,3 in In ig sig? S ,A al 5,391 340' unior . . Don Phillips Geraldine Phoup Emma Pickett Claude Piercy Jacqueline Pierre J. W. Pittman Lloyd Pittman Weldon Pixler David Plumlee Kenneth Plumlee Roger Porter Lamoine Prater Peggy Priddy Bill Pritchett Faye Proctor June Pruitt C. D. Purselley Bert Qualls Richard Quevado Betty Quire Floyd Ralston Mary Ramirez Virginia Ramirez Shirley Rape Ann Rapp Jo Raza Crystal Read Dondon Reagan Douglas Reed Jack Reeves unior . . Linda Read Mike Reiff Barbara Rhine Bobby Rhoden Ann Rhodes Sybil Robbins Darwin Roberts Jerry Roberts Lesley Robinson Mary Lou Robinson Jo Etta Roden Alice Rodriguez Mary Martha Moncevaiz Tony Rodriguez Finlay Rogers Gary Rogers Verna Rotton John Ruelqs Mary Ellen Ruiz Camille Ruttan Linda Solis Mary Ellen Salmeron Paula Sanchez Clifton Saunders James Sounders Roger Scoggins Jimmy Seaton Shelbie Seely Don Self - George Sepulveda unior . . . Cordell Sewell Durwood Sewell Beni Shelton Steven Shoemaker Elaine Short Joan Short Doyle Sifford Polly Sifuentes Dan Sikes Don Simpson Rickey Simpson Wilbert Sims Wilber Sisk Jerry Sloyton Barbara Smith Berry Smith Bobby Smith Bobby Smith Fred Smith John Smith Roberta Smith Starle Smith Wally Sparks Doyle Spigerner Leilani Spradling Ronnie Sprinkle Donold Stack Don Stafford Adele Stark Max Statum nior . . . Benny Stevens Jimmy St. John Don Stogsdill Jeanne Stokely W. J. Stone Marlin Stout Chester Sullivan Charlene Swager Nancy Talbert Orville Taylor Mary Terrell Judy Tigner Ruby Toland Walter Townsend Gloria Trevino Margaret Trevino Faye Trice Nancy Trott Louie Troutman Linda Turney Dennis Turnbull Jo Ann Turnpaugh Lucy Urdiales Jose Valle Tony Vasquez Edward Villegren Evelyn Vinson William Wagner Kathy Waits Nancy Walde unior . . . Richard Walsh Jack Ward Bobby Watson Jim Watson Mary Weatherly Harry Wells Peggy Whatley Carl Whinery Betty White Clay White Ethel White Robert Wilkes Helen Willburn Eldon Williams Jack Willoughby Sandra Wilson Allene Winkleman John Wolfe Linda Wood Melvin Wood Jim Bob Woods Linda Woodward John Worsham Jerry Worshing Nell Worthy Betty Wright Jesse Yarborough Lecil Wyche Willie Young George Zamora unior . . . Martha Zamaripa Joe Zclrate David Zcxmwalt G01 N! oorxegi FA ova' WHOCN TWIN Hgg fill 'l'0Nlf KL ..g,3- BQI' RZELL . 1 Q 1 if 5 a Q ' .1 Lf . MA ,ag 'W 5 Sw m 3 5 l si QQ K , if f ' ",5E5I2.55:i: 2 4 Qs - .x.,.1.-W .. Q v.,.:.g554, 3- .5 -N Q, 1. 3 A Q ,J x xv, EQ mm .hw ,M- x .Www Yv ef 5 E. 'Q Sw' E vm m Glen Wood b xN3Wn9l'o President Mrs' Fo W- so nso' 5,0 yewew SPO 00.70, ,017 Sophomore Class Officers The Sophomore Class no We're Sophomores and we learned humi- lity-the hard way. All the glamour of be- ing important in junior high suddenly vanish- ed on our first day at Tech. We're not so- phisticated like the seniors or witty like the iuniors, but so what! We like us iust the way we are. We love Tech and we'll bo back next year to show everybody what the sophomores can dol David Skinner Vice-President Sallye Hanson Reporter -65- T f .gill H 2 . fi Pat Henderson Secretary-Treasurer it 1 -2: 52 x fw '-t-g g--5 .4 Q, 7 y ,V ,... ' H sw eiiiiww' we Qbqv I if my ,nf ? is QSZPAOINOIV Cecil Abbott Chester Adams Sandra Adams Linda Addington Jackie Adison Sampson Aguilar Mary Alexander Dean Allen Denny Allen Pat Allen Helen Amaro Perry Ames Roy Anderton Jesse Andrade Carolyn Andrews Whitfield Anthony Monte Arledge Verna Armstrong Donna Arnold Sandra Arnold Lyden Arrandondo Carol Ashley Sandy Ault Laverne Autry Betty Baccus Eddie Baggett James Bagwell Robert Bagwell Robert Bailey Bob Baker SV SOPAOhl0l'3 Jo Ann'Baker Loretta Baker Arthur Ball Charles Bowden Pauline Barajas Wanda Barbee Ann Barley Joan Barrow Don Barton Jimmy Basset Barbara Bateman Joyce Bates Tommy Beck Don Bennet Ronny Belcher Jimmy Benton Gene Bernard Rondy Bishop James Blackburn Glen Blackwood Frances Blair Janice Blann . Jimmy Boggs Wilnia Bonner Carol Boswell James Batchelor Patsy Boufford Bob Bowling Adrian Boyd Jimmy Boyd SopLomore Randall Boyd Donie Boyle Harold Bradford Larry Bradford Sue Bradley Johnnie Brady A. J. Branch Charles Branson Joyce Brantley Hope Bravo Brenda Brewer Al Briann Louise Brickwell Ralph Briggs Cynthia Briley Donna Brogdon Cecelia Brown Ruel Brown Wayne Brown Wayne Bryant Jane Bryson Jo Ann Bryson Merredith Buck Pat Buchanan Mary Jo Burgamy Jimmy Burge Norman Burkett Cecil Burnett Benny Burt Douglas Burton SOPLOMOPB Jerry Coddell Carol Cain Ellen Calahan Ann Colcoterra Gilbert Collazo Jimmy Calloway Bill Calvert Mary Campbell Eddie Conner Jo Ann Cannon Jimmy Cantrell Charlie Coram Lucy Coram Betty Lou Carlock Mary Dale Carlton Lane Carpenter Dianne Correll Gloria Carrizales Charlie Carroll Ronnie Carter Pahy Casey Alexander Castillo Edward Castillo Ro Jean Covin Excell Chadwicke Suzie Chance Colvin Chandler louis Chandler Wilton Cherry Charlene Chewing K 2 W Z"?2"4i":2 'ZY!gQSg3 ' 'XI A. 'M r ' 'Ziff , -1. ' wwf ., .il Ii Q QM, , -- 7 . ' W XE A f l Q, , '1 Q jf Y it 4 1- on J " ' Q 'lt' - if , Q 3 in .. K 4 ,.,,,. -t U if K ' "1 at nr' 'H . J . -, f ' ,rw gf-'M -' K 2 it 491 what Q i PM k ., X - -Q V f if J ,K - M A 1 J J of ' me f Q 5 Q r Q 5 4 M ., f We i C i 2 qi J as f , N , , ff ' -A 2 ,Q - Q J, :. ,wwf ' - M Q-if if - :ff QL 1, Q Y 1 fx . - , ., ,gg J ,, W m . W J i' 5 " 0, a .. J J J ' f ' J 'X 2 , as Q W , 522,55 . ,J X . i . 'HP' , 5'-1 gm. .. 2 I , ff' M' J my ' A' Q57 ' 'QV Q O i n A Q . Q SZSQM- -3 f 5 , 1 1 " x ' 3 fi -:fat , ., .. -at , ,mi ,,:, . .. ..,. , W .ln 3 i Sis X S- 2 K - f , .... - A- W 'X ' " 'H So f -70- .SDOIQAOWIOPQ Gail Clements Retha Clinton Bob Cloud Carolyn Cole Johnny Cole Don Collins Glenda Collins Mary Collins Billy Conine Janet Conn Ronald Conn Shirley Connelly Bobby Cook Gloria Cook James Cook Shannon Cooley Lou Cooner Don Cooper Johnnie Cooper Norma Copeland Sue Coppinger Henry Cordova Glenn Cornwell Mel Corpus Annie Cortez Rosalie Cowart Ruth Cox Nancy Crain Gail Crockett Don Cross Sopgomore . . Bobby Croucher Don Crow James Crowder Beverly Crowley Anna Lois Crownover Don Culpepper Joyce Cummins Deanna Dobbs Ronald Dalrymple Pat Davenport Clyde Davis Dorothy Ann Davis Janis Davis Jerry Davis Monroe Davis Spike Davis Stanley Davis Wilbur Davis Theresa Dawkins Chloe Day Joy Day Terene Day Jean Deal Troy Dean Angie De La Cruz Henry De La Paz Raleigh Del Rio Joel Dennis Jesse De Leon Barbara Dickson 5 --:g,.::..3,L,:::.-:m.:.E:a:f5E::.5E. -z:,.f9g:':2:-:f-2 :Vi iiia-P- f rsiisifia, , - '22-:I ls. ?fEf?i":'q' ' i ' 2? mfxiiifgf ,Q - me ' - .,-W, jfiggii i21'.3i?ZQC'27 . Ez 4- A ms 1L51Q35s1gVQi??',' 1' , 3 fa 2 ' W 7 " ii .,., 9 , 2 E ' X s . 32 , X ?hT'Qf5Qi6 . Sfiif -- M M f iscal ' ., 325255 fi iz " . ,ff Ng, Q- me - ' fi2'if?i ss A, 1-,sf - s . 3 -J -f , .vifi .,.r,, VW .- 35? 5. g if 595 . -" fi :gf 513 ' 5 W' woo:-fr liiviegisisi ' " M f A 9 A ' an 1. h"""'-N 3 rt ,.-nf' as We -171 we 'uw 13" ,J A .M-""" 'imma' ,s-o' K ffxliif . , ' ., .-: . :Lx 3 fri' V Hs 2555 'Y L X WM. sk. sf : 1, ws ' me , . .. JM ,. 225 ' - "si 'iii 75. sw fgggw 1- ' V54 ffl: ,- fi - asia If- .. ' X if , 9 , fin: A 1. my zz, A , M ,H .S70I0A0l'n0l'e . Margaret Delworth Margaret Dillworth Joanne Dooley Johnny Doud Wayland Draper Jack Dugan Sharon Duke Pat Dunstan Tommy Earwood Douglas Eddlemon Barbara Edmondson Doris Elkenhans Scarlett Elkins Charles Elliott Gene Ervin Alice Escalante Carroll Evans Jimmy Evans Peggie Ezell Frank Farley Edith Farr Lucille Farr Bill Felts Marietta Ferguson Ann Fite Roger Fitziarrel Wayne Fitzgerald Lupe Flores Odis Flowers Lois Floyd Soplomore Melba Ford Lorraine Franklin Billy Franks Janice Frouder Curtis Frazel Fred Frazier Janice French Linda Frost Barton Fuqua Peggy Fulcher Cecil Funderburk Eula Gallagher Willie Gallagher Joe Galvan Eloise Galvez Elizabeth Garcia Linda Garner Freddy Garrett Glen Garrett John Gay Ollie Gay Thelma Gentry John Gibbs Robert Griffin Judy Giles Joe Goodwin Eddie Gonzales Lupe Gonzales Pedro Gonzales Mary Louise Gomez J 5 A 53,5 K F 353 1 4 1 f ff 1 54 gt N is Y it Q A 9' 'KW x W xi gn- ,1- it K iz iw, ., gi l gin, 3 1, 55' 5 5' r ii ' ' 'wg 122:- 36 wg, S ' 7 A K ..... Zigi: ,. ' A , M Q QM A .45 'YU' if? fit!! 590194001 0l'e Raymond Gomez Robert Gomez Joe Goodson Marjorie Gordon Mike Goff Brenda Gouchie Haroldette Gove Gerald Graham Tommy Gravenmyer Jerry Graves Merle Gray Richard Gray Betty Greeney Jo Ann Greer James Gregory George Grimes Dolly Grisham t 5vfY-lg G-iraz Joe Groves Milton Gullett Pat Haggerty Ann Holbrook Dwayne Holey Harold Hankins John Hanselman Sallye Hanson Jerry Hardman Rubin Harle Danny Harmon Elaine Harp ,gopkomore Wilma Harper Barbara Harris Doyle Harris Fredda Harris Larry Harris Paul Harris Robert Harwell Robert Haney Elroy Hays Delbert Heiliger Stewart Helman Gene Henderson Patricia Henderson Amanda Hendricks Joyce Henry Norman Henry Georgie. Herman Billy Hickey James Hickey Crawford Heitt Arthur Hill Gary Hill Joel Hill Pat Hill Barbara Himes Charles Hixon James Hobbs Claudene Hndges Deloris Hoffman Mike Hogan Y W. was 'Wm s X ' Q K 1? eg J 13 Q B . is F. we' wan: ii. 1 Q , . 'sz wnwswfaayy M""'W" ,- .,..,.. . '- -'V' , . " 1: 55334 A -' .. ,..J'2f -f-' Q- I Egwi -5 L ff Viv Q ,pf Q f zz. X .M .. , ...,.. Mg' if It f it Q A Wg M X Q SX Alf Z' Ji Q 4 ' ri xv Al X 2 li E jg? . Q 62 L 5 7 3 F 3 , V R V41 4 s n. X it ml '95 W F U X fm 7 7' Kixiv wt, D5 N M WW f 0 4 1 5. K V W as ..,. sww fs if gi? S it vi 5 v Q 5? as Q S ,, we ii ,ei A inf' S W 3 mm X yew Us EE as , W ,.,V S , -, we N, , W, 5.255--5- 3. ,ewv:.g.1,, , EE-1 fi: 5 Y' x , ,...,.,,.. .,,, 76 - .SQOIQLDIYLOPIE Q Curtis Holan Sherry Holcomb Travis Holder Judy Holland Bryan Hollingsworth Evelyn Holt Jackie Hooper Jerry Hardman Geraldine Horn Billy Hornbeck Jimmy Horner Lynn Hoselton Dale House Connie Howard James Howie Jame Hoyler Gene Hues Mike Huckabee Joyce Hudgins James Hudson Jean Hudson Denny Hughes James Hughes 'Janis Hughes Lon Hughie Linda Hukell Barbara Hunter Lalita Hurd Thomas lnce Billie Ivy SOFA 0In0l'2 Billy Jackson Carolyn Jarvis William Jeffery Kenneth Jennings Linda Jetton Shirley Jimmerson Edith Johnson Jack Johnson Jerry Johnson Jimmy Johnson Kay Johnson Nadine Johnson Jackie Johnston Bobby Jones Bradford Jones Dorthy Jones Doug Jones Jackie Jones Jeannette Jones Jimmy Jones Joyce Jones La Verne Jones Ray Jones Wayland Jordan Mary Ann Juran Bobby Justice Rita Justice Jean Keeter Sandia Keller Nickie Kemp . im Wk gli K Zawya XS I r 3 ,if . We Y 'Sw in X 'SNES' FWW' 7' .-- . We V " , if Vg w i H 4.-Q agile ig HE' 5 ipuw-W 5' J ,K ' ...., .. K J 1 ., fi 5 . , i. A we gr 1 :QM 'gl' S R ' . , f ,- F .5 4" ,f , ,V 254 ,ani A N 5, JW' J A Q . ,52Tf..,,. ' 3' fc, N .W S 4 , . 'I V, -,gym-, ,Q 'sh ff fyftf-3 'fin - I, ,553 ' 'IQ ,L ..,.. f 45 5-'5 fel' .,: r. 1..:E:'i: 72 " 'Twin he ' ""-' 2 ffgjiii? U ' . H ,iiiir 1, ' "iI5:2ix64'E iikufifliifligl X "'i ' ' B i wwf? H? 44 H x ..,. i ,Jax . V Q is , .Q . we fi WWE il ' vga. " . - rf: '12-ga g:. :.,s: Q .,.. ss" 'iigifg ,X M Vgf Cla? F-fx Q iz me 243 we was wi' iv S wi ws i "' Q, Jr ft, JDK f ,vp if X f 5 Al 'll it 4 i slr it If xi' his Q X 3 xlf :ir A l if Q, 2 N 9 8 lfe ' Miz' 3 'K ff' 1, ffgig gfywsgi .-1 - :.:: gwiggwgij , Q. s ff F N SX J W 3 wi A f fi 2 S I f 3 5fg3f5il15fiXiQE'?ff"7'9Qi1g4jl4 vgQfJxSWMfT:,' f 'g' 4. , - f r 1 mg: 1 Ns. it f M45 4 l SS ,S ,gg , g eel 4'-fl Q RS is el as S KE qi gi ? 5 Q G rise Wg T 2 9' will Q W: as i 736 ,len if e G LQ B lr was if Y V' r if-Q 1 ix if Q x X Q 4 f it l 'i I gt 5. s, ,Wi f s l T Q fe: B B 'z E ' g gfikgamzifk mag fiiz V 1 - A H-: H I 5 f 3'Q:i,gakjgwpQgX5 ,ig, f S 4 , 1 -' i 5'2Q,?'!5'x??Efgf5I? A ef -N' . V Z5 Q2 ,- V 4 av W 0 mm J, H W 4- . QQ - H3 K ,..' V 2 ,5,w-hm HU? M J 4 Rf bl HJ J 'ZX 1 If .. it 1 e g 4 , is: M - X 6 V . 1 151 8 Y, ll' E 1 1 I 2 X P V 1 Z 2 1 .. I i 3153515 5 -. B , 3 z' sysg, S Q J. x Maw' , I s e 3 .." R x is if J E' so-+ 4.4. W 4 wh 4 LU , YJA w I - z"J,,f If J, ,rx X 'abil v,, rw., Ny mm Npfffi I f 71.51 . SOFLDDIOPB Betty Key Jerry Kincaid Bill King Bobby Kirby Maudie Kirby Bobby Kirkland Sandra Knight Frances Kucker Dorothy Lackey Mike Lancaster Phillip Langford Bobbie Sue Larkir Bill Lasater Charles Law James Lawson Laverne Lawson Martha Layland Deryl Layton Nina Ledbetter James Ledford Brenda Lee Shirley Lemon Darrell Leslie Patricia Like Joe Lindsay Carl Logan Tommie Lopez Bobby Lucas Melvin Luther Victor Magance .SJOIJAOIYIOFQ Juanita Mabry Marjorie Marcom .lerry Marr Mary Marr Loyd Marshall David Martin Margie Martin Ray Martin Erlinda Martinez Kothrine Martinez Lorenzo Martinez Rachel Martinez Vema Mayfield Jerry Maynard Sybil McAlister Robert McAIister Elsie McBee Darrell McBrayer Perry McCarthy Richard McCarty Annette McCraw Charles McElyea Billy McGee Letha McKenzie Patsy McKinney Neal McLaughlin Marvin Mclendon Ronnie McMichael Wayne McMurry James McNeil SOFA 0lYl0l'e David McQueen iGwyndolyn McRimmon Ester Medina James Medlin Joe Medrano Lupe Medina Mary Lou Medrano Frances Meggs Carlos Mendez Claudia Mercer June Merrill Donna Merry Lynda Miller Pat Miller Houston Milligan Janice Mills Buddy Milstead Laurel Mink Virginia Minter Joe Minton Helen Mireles John Mireles Barbara Miser Arthur Mitchell David Mitchell Geraldine Mitchell Melton Monasco Johnny Moncrief Danny Montez Joe Montez .SDOPLOIMOPQ . . Jo Ann Montgomery Betty Jo Moore Doug Moore Elaine Moore Alice Morales OcieXMorgan Barbara Morris David Morris Jackie Morrison Marvin Mosley Marie Moxon Leta Mulkey Barbara Murray Bill Muse Josie Novais Donald Newberry Jimmy Newton Leon Nichols Nick Nicholson Johnny Nobles Pat O'Connor Frank O'Donnelly Virginia Odum Tommy Oliver Ann Orr Janis Orr Patricia Orr Lucy Ortega Pete Ortega Bobby Osburn W ,.x::. V ., W '61 S K' X i.. so 1 ., '13 .2 if A ,r --"' J M mm. L f ,, ng . . Y Q ,K it ,Z my 5 N f X Q X i Q 2 ga 3 gg s .5 WSG' X K 9 is N QW wi rx Q my is , fi ic il J' 4 , A if y r 5 .K but Sopkomore . John Pachers Jerry Paddock Ann Palmer Joe Papraskar James Parker Wayne Parks Michael Parrent Collier Pate Billie Peck La Wanda Peggram Carmen Perez Joe Perez Virginia Perez Paul Perkins Allen Peters Donald Peters Lee Peters Bill Phillips Kenneth Phillips Donald Pickett Troy Piland Terry Pinkston Shirley Pirkle Zan Pitt Phoeba Pittman David Plumlee Leon Plunk Tollie Pope Shirley Popham Linda Porter Sopkomore Melva Porter Jimmy Potter Barbara Prather Carol Priddy Jo Ann Prindle Linda Pritchett Richard Pruitt David Purcell Laynette Rainey Mary Rains Raymond Rains Woody Rains Floyd Ralston Walter Ralston Rubin Ramerez Isabel Ramos Eddie Raney Patty Randles Glenda Ratcliff Doris Rawlings Georgia Record Neal Redfearn Shirley Reed George Reese Sharon Reeves Betty Reid John Reitz Pat Reynolds Sheron Reynolds Rose Mary Rhea sS70l9L0l'll0l'e . . Glenda Richardson Johnny Richardson La Queita Richardson Wayne Richardson J. M. Riddle Mike Riely Jimmy Riley Cecelia Rios Frank Ripple Raymond Rivera Barbara Robbins Kay Robbins Jimmy Roberson Phyllis Roberson Irene Roberts Mark Roberts Barbara Robinson Melba Robinson Robert Rocha Mary Rodriquez Mary Ellen Rodriquez Diane Rogers Pat Rogers Patsy Rogers Will Rogers Lynda Rooks Nicki Rosalez Don Ross Wanda Sue Ross Fernando Rozano SOPAOMOFQ Guillerno Ruiz Lernel Runkel Charles Russel Mary Russell Paul Ruyes Alfonso Salinas Johnny Salinas Mary Ann Solorio Patsy Savage Darlene Saylors Jerry Schell Ronald Schuster Jereane Scott Wayland Seals Virginia Sealy Velda Self Gary Self Alton Sembera La Vern Servall Brenda Shaffer Sharon Sharrock Nancy Shannon Jimmy Shefield Carl Shelton lone Shelton Miachael Sheppard Joan Shepphard Vincient Shilling Troyce Shockey Billy Shutters Vw QA? it K2 Sis QR . A , rw, Y U '- Hi: , ,.,,.,,., " 'Y-"N N H fy 4: . - N si mmf, , W it 5212? fe N -'gb .tr ' gas? r , Q x 3? Q f W N Ex Y 4 , 9' ,ga if i ' HQIP' We Q45 3 gs A H max? " 0 ay s 1 M: t ' f- 71 4 3 if Z ff: 5 aayc ft l ,Q as :MM Ah .W fi, ,f R L Q - - , ,ff'JfI'J . J 3:5 I R 5 H:':f'v1.f,E:'f-: A 'j gg wh in ..3g, wg :sig N .?:fZii,. +L' ,Q-, 75-g:,,i,., A , . ,wnx rr!! H ,ini my fan it '1""" .vm -Wi 69' 'f"""'9 W, S Xl , X x f . .-st-7 ire: ' QEFEEF1. v ffm r ' R. " ' X is Fw? 4 A , K ,. We 5 W3 v in A were KX in by ...uf V' 2 P fix r QQ Q Q ff it 5 1 353135 fm. Q 3 , N3 anti Q ami? E sqm. V' if gi .. .: - M gf Q K 1 A W ,ew ,Q t 51,1 if ' , T' f 2 Q . i is it .:V.. if . . H 'W 3 4 :gi -, gf , 3 R in ,r Mk, if 94 , , :we pp ww- , f my sg S . gi -36- 51 'P . K NS? OIJA OH1 OP? Todd Sigman Lynda Simmons Beryl Simpson Leroy Simpson Mike Sims W. C. Sims Malcolm Sinclair Reba Sinclair David Skinner Joan Skinner Sue Skinner Betty Small Barbara Smith Barbara Smith Jimmy Smith Jo Ann Smith Judy Smith Monte Smith Patricia Smith Randal Smith Suzette Smith Alan Smoot Ronald Soll Ronald Sours Phillip Speir Don Spencer Pat Stacy Robert Stafford Robert Stafford Carol St. Clair .g0l0A0l'I'LOI'e Ronnie Steele Gene Stegell Wanda Stephens Beverly Stephenson June Stevens Raymond Steves Gloria Stevenson Glenda Stewart Janice Stillings Carol St. John Dial Stone Edna Stout Joetta Stratton Wayne Straughn Bob Strong Barbara Stubblefield Oneta Stuck Darrell Stude Bubba Sullivan Mike Swain Earl Swindell Nancy Talbert Eddie Tallor Jo Ann Tanier Foy Taylor Jack Taylor Janice Tedraw Lenora Temple louella Terrell Faye Ann Terry f? e WWWTWS1 FHM. K ' Si Sag? . tg in 1 f ,gs 4 6 o :gg .i ...,..,.. .,c A., m It K. - -' 1 s,f,.,N ,, ifnwwk :f 5 if :yy P :., Wg C new , on '3 sez lille . . Q i? , ..., V, , 125155, 5:5 A. " ,WW .is ll ll viii! fi, ,V i 3 T, f fff - R 3535 ,, ' ,f r ' Sopgomore . . . Frankie Terry Patsy Terry Mechaella Thorpe Hulene Thomas Judy Thompson Leon Thompson Louise Thompson Charles Ronald Thorn Chaales Thorne Jacky Tidwell Judy Tigner Deanna Tiller Cathy Totten Donald Tower Eddie Trammell Robert Trevino Vicky Trimble Jerry Trotter Maurice Truitt Gloria Trujillo Rufino Truiillo Joe Tubbs Charles Tucker Fred Tucker Rebecca Tucker Calvin Turnage Dennis Turnbnll Nancy Turner Iberta Turney Jean Turnpaugh ,S70l0L0l'll0l'e Elaine Underwood Teresa Valle Tom Vargas Helen Vasquez David Vega Josie Velasquez Larry Velasquez Billy Waddell Tommy Waddle Gayle Wade Steve Walker James Wallace Jerry Ward Donna Warren Barbara Watson Gale Watson Jim Weatherby Jack Webb Wesley Webb Richard Weeks Jesse West John West Raymond Whatley Ann Wheeler Betty White Bobby White Preston White Ruth White Jerry Whitley Harry Widener W?"55?w?'i:2 5 Y Z3 Skis A if 'iq if? i I at -I PZ rfzjgf-L A52 5 :'-+-'- was Lv A3i:ggQ?5 : if Q A1533 A , ,I .5 n Pggwf . ' - 1- Q u?1:, :L , ' , ' f , W H' ffw A . V. M . .tw ,. fm, ,, fy . ., . J Nw, , 1 " ', I 1: X Wa wi ,waffle 533, ri fig 5' 1' W 'B i W i 2 ff- :E-,:,. h , :s,g3,?,32,Si Q. gym ,nf , ' 4 ms, '5,.L'm, s f : KIM' B JSE ff' i L .l is HM' T Vii siiiryiiffwiiiiiiis 21553 ii ' if , , B 55: i f ,sf-2 iff? , Q 4 is ,. fx- Jw V X in we i as K 1 Q? ' ' 4 , f Ag" ge Q W' It hi Yer' k 2.4, 5 5555! . A . W, . XV 2 g if A -rf 5 1' shi .E ly z. .,,,., ,.,,, .5 . ,.., WW, L V 2 I , ,.,. z ' wr?" z, vi- ,:5.' , M ,ilk W is-we ,i 5 i " p i Q B, Q. My - 'did r ' -V9 my rf: ' glilh 650,164 as 'R 45 im 5 img is 2 s 1 1 1 if -S20,9AOH'l0l'e . . . Pat Wiley Priscilla Wilkerson Richard Wilderson Buck Wilkins Ann Willett Betty Ann Williams Don Williams Robert Williams Tommy Williams Mary Williamson Wayne Willingham Myrna Willis Evelyn Wilson Sharon Wilson Shirley Wilson Virginia Wilson Gail Winfield Sandra Walcott Joy Dell Womack Bob Wood Eddie Wood Glenn Wood Lawrence Wood Lavina Woodruff Barbara Woods Jim Bob Woods Barbara Wren Joyce Wright lloyd Wyatt Frieda Wyche Sophomore J. T. Wylie Wendell Wyly Betty Yancey Behy Yancy Ramona Yantz Dale Young Loye Young Mary Zavala Gregg Zimmerman 1 1' QET lull-o Y XWEY Zgmhpfwfly 1 . .. A , Y f in grfggv, S M ,bly Q kV,,: , ,, 5 an ' ' an 5. 1 27 . F12-an ff' I U' l!"l,M . "1 Y V -..: , lvl 2, 3 '46 Vg ln ,321 gb? 1f:E3Ei,22?3'n' UQ X ,. sur J ' ff vt n iii ef , - -::" 1 ,Q3 Q r 3 1 ' Y Y , xx mf' I K! V lg .. N J 2 2 we A r ryg ff . N ,ff f ,,, I gg X QS, it I? 41 5, byg V. S-KX 66,56 . ..,4 A gx zvy A vb X i? K W Q Y 4, Y gr Yr SR 4 YY Y a x 69 'l f Y' Q - 4 EQAE VE in . 4 gi if - 5 1 X T56 5 V, M Y .,... ' Z K Q z' ' V ' f WN-3. xx fi X :lb nr ' f rm? ggi? " Bleu. 'f L 'V Y HAND 5 OF-F A mf' av K "' ,MSBEQ A of f V vB?-UE 0 UEOE Suogsf od' 41 941: 'A .fl 'W ,ang X 'K .J C, . W "4-0-o-onmv n x .. You .fm 00" 4 ,ne ep- oo f F 295 J T59 3 J AM?! -- 93- . ,W , it in tiii , 1 9 40" 1 0 1.. . 3 M n 5 if iff' '22 - .H .1,?i'f Q 'Lil . W f :?iM::::::::::::::g1J'iMii V in 0 -, g 5:5 at t ,R Q if , Y X555 f Q l . d I. . 4 ii ! ,Q ax E3 1 Q g A o.. c A ft, 5 N ggi ,X Q 0041.565 eusmffss Drafting Engineering-Drafting Journalism Speech Math English History Science Physical Education Chorus Band pos JM of film 95 Aeronautics 96 Automotives 96 Machine 97 Commercial Art 97 Photography 98 Business 98 Cosmetology Wood 99 Print 1 00 Radio 1 01 Electric id ..94.. Hi I . 1 5 A if S U 4 R W ,3 I iwi w i i - W il i ' Q " U M U 'K Q Wa if .............. . . 'N 14005 71? Y 101 101 102 102 103 103 104 104 105 105 106 106 Don Dahlberg stores up much Drafting knowledge In preparation for future years in college. John Marshall is Engineering Drafting Who'a Who: We know he will succeed in anything he shall do! Domingo Mireles was a cinch for Journalism Who's whc They say he's a whiz in Print Shop, too. Enoch Bond seems to be outstanding in Speechl With all this ability, any goal he should reach. EJ S is x, ' Y f 15 4 fi i 5 gli ' 21 Q J I : A J fif f g wr' rf S595 ai 1 Mi' Q J- ,ff:f:1f?wlf' t'f:eu,:'4i Wg V Q f sf-141' f Naomi Kinser is the best we have in History! She's an outstanding Techite . . . we all agree. Richard Bishop, you know, has a scientific mindy For Science Who's Who he's the best you will find. Physical Education is for the energetic few. That's why Phyllis Pitts was chosen Who's Who! Whether it be looting, cheerleading, or on the tennis courts, Billy Arnold knows what it means to be a good sport! Clorice Francis con sing ............ she's talented, too Just the right girl for chorus Who's Who. John Pempsell, they say, is a music fonl That could be why he's outstanding in Bond. Betty Ansley is smart, she's sweet and polite, For Business Who's Who, they have chosen just right. J. R. Blocker is Aeronautics Who's Who, Anything about planes he will gladly tell you Larry Pillow takes the honors in Auto Shopp Keep up the good work, Larry! You'lI reach the top William Sellers excells as Machine Shop Who's Who. He's well liked by the students-and teachers, too! F53 WWW For Tech Bob Ezell has done his art 1 P 1 He's the best they've got in Commercial Art. If you want a photographer, Wayne Fieszel is your man Can he take pictures? You bet he con! The school yecr is ended the battle us won Print Shop has done it with Charles Jackson William Smoot was chosen Who's Who in Wood Shop On our "nicest people" list, he's definitely on top. Jerry Carwile is known as Tech's "wittiest boy"! To fix your Radio and T. V. is his greatest joy. Darwin Weatherman has been selected as Electric Who's Who. Electrons and Neutrons are his specialties too! fwvdbm ,A J' X -107- RW M ww I y ge, en ior auorif e ln his quiet and friendly way, Johnny De Puma has won the hearts of all Tech seniors- and the election for senior favorite. On the football field, in the classroom, or wher ever he may be, Johnny is truly an outstanding senior. -'l1'l- fs' x W Xa Q 3 Mila? 2 Nh-,N-ug w wr: ,S7oIaLomore a uori f e Sallye Hanson's smile seems to make even the dreariest days seem bright, This is one of the many nice things about Sallye that have made the Sophomores claim her as their favorite girl. She is also a Sophomore class officer. -'I'I4H Sophomore cworife The Sophomores all agree that Glen Wood is tops in their class. They have elected him as their class president and sophomore favorite. Glen also ranks high on the list of scholars. i i -115- flaw. .Q Wg. as X in 1 4 1 saga , v W ,gl , .W A, ff .iw-, V 1,5 Wim, sm 0 Q-M .X k fi f-AYBW SQ if L":5izsj '1 sg , i 2 'fx ' Af 5 x ? xiii M YT- V1 y 'fM X'?'frfn ' 35332 fi ni 'SEQ E rlifgknfjmw Li' gg - W if H W ? K ww may 3 'SEE 3 .2 f.: ' Q iiigfg :ivy A-nggzigwf kmwf K ,,i.g5i4: N., ,WW . x jauorife pun M new- la No ngw, 1 1' On Nike 5' WS 'x J 'K om Wake SN on 699' PX 4 Om S :www bak History Science Math Drafting English Journalism Library Chorus Band Speech TABLE OF CONTENTS Physical Education ROTC History After much complaining, Tech students will agree that History is one of their most enioyable classes. Studying the history of our country always gives us a feeling of great pride for it is one that we can be very proud of. -121- Science The various branches of science are con sidered among the most important and beneficial subiects at Tech. Skilled instructors teach Biology, Chemis- try, and Physics, to which the students react with great in- terest. in Mathematics The different math courses offered here are very intriguing to many of Tech's students. Algebra, geometry, and trigonometry give high school stu- dents iust the background they need for entering college. Draftinu Mr. Greathouse's drafting classes are al ways a favorite at Tech. Under his gui- dance students study every phase of this course and become skilled in handling the diferent drafting tools. -124- Tech's English Department is fully equipped to teach students the funda- mentals of grammar and the fasci- nating history of literature. Our teachers, though varied in per- sonality and methods of M teaching, all do a wonder- ful job in helping stu- dents over the difficult phases of English. -125- Mrs. Jessie Turner came to Tech at midterm to sponsor the Bulldog. We all agree that Mrs. Turner has done a mar- velous job in making our school paper one of the best. Bulldog Editors of the Bulldog are Sarah Smith, Domingo Mireles, and Pat Hodnett, We l These energetic people are the ones responsible tor a very interesting and entertaining Bulldog every six weeks. They are Bonnie Moss, Patsy Hodnett, Domingo Mireles, Sarah Smith, Barbara Favor, Marvin Reger, Theresa Mendez, Carmen Sanchez and Wava Reisor. - T26 - U ,.,,,J-,W Mr.,-' af W-ex --WJ., ., rwxwr , - --af 1' M.. .I----J"--P' -.-.--v'...,.,,vm.-4' 2 m""!+v 9 l 9 Qggeigg 5 9 'ivv 9999 1 9 'W' W Chorus Ch os ionist is Bcrboro BlQQe" Appearing with Tech's orus P staff. Mr. Alfred Riley band dire t wifh ,he Chorus' C Of, also does o wonderful job -128- Wm i Band Sweetheart The 1956 Green Wave Band elected Miss Sue Hudson as their sweet- heart. Sue's wonderful disposition and sweet smile make her loved by all those who know her. This pretty senior is maioring in Business Educa- tion. - 129 - Green Wave Band Z f The ioNowing have served os bond o icers thks year. DorreH Lewis Ks Bond Cuptcnn. Jock Word is Fkrst Lleutanunt. d Francis Noir is Second Lieutenant. Red cssisionk Drum ff 'K ee l 1, Donny King was eXec K Moxor. ,NK K Q4 ' I x. 2 ,A 'x . 1 f-f-f" zzu Z Z.. 'X Dfum M . led Techzlog, Don Dahlia Tears. Don ijnd for ,he has oi' Enter ,he Sn-Senior cmd 'NVQ er Qfdduoti We'si'Y of 'Fans 0Ph0ne, on' He plays theexlls Sox. XNWKG Mary Ann Juron Q Moe C SGW' I 007100 Our majorettes this year have performed beautifully at all our games and helped to cheer our boys on to victory. They worked in an effort to make students and faculty proud of Tech. Glorsa Carnzales YN 0 1 660118 9 05-orer -132- ll Speech Speech us one of the most interesting sub iects offered to Tech students. They learn the art of public speaking as well as poise which is so important to the person preparing to be- gin his career. This depart- ment is responsible for one of the highlights of our school year--our sen- ior play! -133- Variety Slrqvr Jubiwhqs T Gchg, sfo The 9e band f Sweetheart of the Variety Show is Mrs. Mary Franklin, speech teacher. fe ang amsik Dx student x e T Reco Qqfmer xx Gie""' X50 Phill fp Her fe ing Zigi-1fe0f3 the Xfeen Tbnsrfhow sin X ke: wo? prSs . 'heed' Poi xfocziff. She is Tech's Variety Show wouldn't be com- of iyvzgzr 'he band ' butt Swee O bot 0 rd Davis. plete without the voice of Carolyn Her e earfs I In fl-,e B05e esented by Gem Jackson. scan is Ds sue Hudpomde P' fted Ur S SSCO A 1 ,IQA fell Lew:-on. 9 Senior Play Casts Cast in the senior play, "Dear Ruth", are Wayne Fieszel, Billy Newman, Sherman Glass, J. R. Blocker, Lorene Northcutt, Bonnie McNew, Carolyn Gunnels, Nancy Mitchell, and Gloria Lasater. Members of the fifth period speech class who also appear in "Dear Ruth" are Darwin Weatherman, Ray Ames, Johnny DePuma, Bill Trimble, Delane Elliot, Carolyn Jackson, Mary Jo Ross, LaRita Roberts, and Dorthy Smith. -'135 - Girls P.E. Physical Education classes are especially essential in teaching the girls leader- ship and developing agility. The students always enjoy participat- ing in the Square Dance Fes- tivals and volley ball and tennis tournaments. Of all the classes at Tech, everyone agrees that Physical Education is the most fun of all. -136- Boys P.E. Boys taking Physical Education are taught to know the meaning of sport- manship and to practice it. Students particularly enjoy these classes and become skilled in every different type of sport. -137- i M-sgi. H. M. Caldwell N Sgt. H. L. Wood Honorary Col. Shirley' Murphy' Reserve Officers Training Corps Captain Robert E. Brown Color Guard Ned Mclaughling Ronald Muncyf Charles Moorep Jack Johnston -138- Headquarters Company Capt. Michael Conn lst. Lt. Norman Brock lst. Lt. James Sullivan Honorary Cadet Major Sue Caffey rr'- "5""" Y 'Y TAO A Company Major Charles Jackson lst. Lf. Ronald Ashley lst. Lt. Clarence Wood 2nd. Lt. Tommy Lair Honorary Cadet Major Gay Anderson 10" -IM- Honorary Ca B Company Capt. Raymond Cipriano 'lst Lt. Dean Richey lst. Lt. David Andrews 'lst Lt. Gene Perkins et Major Pat Blair d wan-my C Company 'Q.""'? Capt. Otis Green lst. Lt.. Tony Johnson 2nd, Lt. Bobby Smith 2nd. Lt. Bobby Watson Honorary Cadet Maior Glenda Layton -143- D Company Capt. Gerald Spencer lst. Lt. William Sellers lst. Lt. Tommy Mitchell Honorary Cadet Major Ann Barley E Company it . -ui'-' Capt. Wayne Fieszel Capt. Melvin Ludwig lst. Lt. Bob White 2nd. L1. Jimmy St. John Honorary Cadet Maior Carol Ashley -145- 47 Table of Contents Engineering Drafting Aeronautics Automotives Auto Body Business Education Commercial Art Cosmetology Diesel Electric Home Economics Machine Photography Print Radio Refrigeration Welding Wood Aeronautics The purpose of teaching Aeronautics at Technical High School is to graduate students as licensed air- craft mechancis. In order to work on airplanes to be used for commercial use, the mechanics must have a license. Aeronautics maiors are capable of tearing down a plane that is damaged to any extent and rebuilding it good as new. The aeronautics de- partment has its own plane which gives the boys experience in flying. -l49- Aeronautics We feel that Aeronautics, being Tech's largest shop, cannot be fully illustrated with only one page. Therefore, we have devoted another page in showing you this shop to its best advantage. The boys taking this course are proud of the fact that they are able to completely re- build an airplane. -150- Automatives Boys taking Auto Shop are able to an swer any of your difficult questions concerning the automobile. They be- come familiar, as well as experi- enced, with all the mechanics of X a car. Upon graduation they are capable of holding the iob of a first rate me chanic. -151- Auto Body Tech boys taking this shop age acquaint ed with every inch of the body of a car. They remove dents, repaint the bodies, and repair the interior of the automobile. This shop is a new edition to Tech and has proved very beneficial to boys interested in paint and body work. -152- Business Education Business Education is one of the most popular shops with Tech girls. It gives you training in bookkeeping, stef nography, office machines and bther courses essential in the business Ilield. A Tech grad- uate- who has recieved a Business Education di- ploma is capable of holding a iob -in any business of- . fice. -153- Wil se X Commercial Art The Commercial Art department offers vast opportunities to students who have a natural flair for drawing and painting. They study advertising, layout, designing, illustrating and lettering. They provide posters and decorations for all school activities. -154- Cosmetology Under the supervision of Mrs. Eunice Bar rett and Mrs. Emaline Bishop, students in this department learn to give permanents, manicures, tints, and facials. The girls also study the art of styling and good grooming. They get ex- perience in both theory and practical work. -l55- Diesel engine repair is a new class for Technical High School siudenis. It offers training in repairing bofh gasoline and diesel engines, with maior emphasis on diesel mechanics. The shop is equipped with all types of diesel engines. -156- Machine Shop A modern shop, equipped with modern machinery is the delight of Tech Ma- chinists. Upon graduation the stu- dents are trained in milling, plan- ing, drilling, welding, bench work, grinding, dismantling and assembling. -157W Engineering Drafting Under the supervision of Mr. J. E. John son, Tech students maioring in Engi- neering-Drafting, are training them- selves to enter a highly specializ- ed field. The fundamental prin- ciples commcfn to all branch- es of Engineering are tonight in this subject. Upon completion of this course students become qualifi- ed droftsmen -158- Homemaking l-lomemaking, a new shop opened at Tech this year, attracted the interest of many girls. The Homemaking de- partment has recently been re- decorated with modern furni ture. Besides learning to cook and sew, the girls study manners, poise, health and fashions -159- Electric Shop Under the direction of Mr. R. R. Tomlin- son, all boys majoring in Electric shop are trained in all necessary basic operations and practices of the electrical industry. The aim of this course is to train the Q boys for entrance into any ii field of electricity fl -160- Photography Mr. Orton Hamby teaches his students everything there is to know about Photography and then a little bit more. There is always someone from this shop on the iob at all school activities. They make pictures for the news- paper, the annual, and portraits for the stu- dents. -161- Print Shop Of all the departments at Tech we could say that Print Shop is the most essen- tial. Our annual, school paper, stu- dent directory, and just any thing from programs to place cards are printed in this shop. Under the leader- ship of Mr. Bearden and Mr. McAbee print shop boys do a fine ser- vice for the school. -162- 'N-A Radio Students who are interested in the field of radio are taught all phases of struc- ture and repair of radios. They be- come familiar with even the small- est ports needed in the opera- tion of the mechanism. -163- Refrigeration Refrigeration was offered for the first time in Technical High School this year and offers training to the student in both commercial and home refrig- eration installation and repair- ing -164- Welding Technicol High School offered welding to the day classes for the first time this year. The course offers training in both electric and gcs welding. All types of welding and cutting are taught in this class. -165- Woodworking In Technical's new Woodworkmg De partment, students transform a simple block of wood into a beautiful piece of furniture. The department of- fers capable instruction on the use of modern tools and ma- chinery. Boys maioring in this course may fit them- ft selves for careers in cabinet making, carpentry, pat tern making and finish- ing -166- 0 -167- 1' V nf f . "'t'.S-P" 'I' ffw K Sel f, 0 'N J. ,,,. gi ' JZ 'Qin 6 F , -gf' - 4'-in 5 ,h.,.- f Q., :alfa ZLL of Confenfd Future Teachers of America Allied Youth Future Business Leaders of America Vocational Industrial Club Future Homemakers of America National Honor Society Student Council Red Cross ,. ,,:,,.. i c r F, "i l2' H F ' ' F ziz F' r. itll :. I Al 'r rsus te r s 5 -168- Future Teachers of America Sponsors of the Future Teachers of America are Miss Frankie Pickens and Mrs. Helen Drake. The FTA is an organization dedicated to build- ing a better teaching profession. - T69 SX Yxosewovq Nl'xoXXoc.e, Jvc Q46 bevk ok Q02 YeC06xcoX Yixcgv 5Q0ooX coogxes oX WP- ood Kxeosoxex OX Oxskfxa Nl YYP- QQZEZXAGA ok Q06 'xo' sxokoixoo sex-ixg,gf,, 2 4-90 0851 fond' "risen Q o Soeoife, S' C6 G Ss e '72 'L '77 4' 9 Q C7 Cuffs- f ,D J rein 66 lb, S A O 7 Of 1364 1796 of S 'Pu f I 0 Jr 'ol-Obofflvo o f o 5 fe G5 S 1 Futu r e Teacher A s mama 176 6 th o IGKCTYF .1681 . You 6 .nl secvox sfo Bov- Allied Youth Guerry Ledd Son' H3Ce'5 are 59h rrgtghnf and Mrs. Bess f Sem T 'ldro M . al ech Q' th Qffln Hill Fall Convention e.N"'i0n. Us, Pennsyfvanig' Buck Buck Hlll Falls le Moth rd 'defm ow pres! nh and G E1.eXX. resxde rer- ,Aq-':'lp 116050 C I FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FBLA returned home from the state convention with three Business teachers, Mrs. Velma Parker and Mrs. Martha Lee state winners. Jerry Robertson took second place in the Jones, SPOUSOI' TSCl1'S chapter of the Future BUSineSS l.eClCl- spelling contest. Pat Blair was selected State Historian. ers of America. FBLA has a membership of one hundred Ch t S ll' ' ' es er u ivan was presented a trophy after being num- and twenty. This club helps young people to become bet- ed Mr. FBLA for the state of Texas. ter acquainted with the business world which they are pre- paring to enter. 4 -173- ww qw EB' X mme 2 QQ 5, .lgff M M v 'E W ww: 4 'Lili ' Q ' ' 3 5 2 f 52 , ,.,, 5 wl J J f Q V x fb 2 , A 4 Y onsor big we :sf has G lub Q. e . I C Mr Weslellqcholrladusmc . No of WCC vlc Offirers Essie Crawford elected s I Ulf Sfhool VIC sweetheart f T ly 1 weeflweorf of Distric! ll. Q ec I was U so All school V Es ' IC officers ore D. B H sie Crawford reporler. . olf, president, Rowe Henley, vice-president, secretory, Jim Childress, Sgr. of Arms: cmd Wayne Fieszel -175- Automohves VIC COW' Eng-Ifxe er'W9'DI ex OIOQY C I OHKUQ XI C VIC Sweethearts Electric Shop VIC P rlflf Sh W Ogd Op VIC RQCIIO on NX div- we IC comm Aero nourics VIC Xl Sr - odime Shop Photography VIC CIO! Arr VIC -176- Mr S, G Og . 'Ula Turn er. OTH ers ok the Future Homemokers 0? Amerkco ore Frondxs Mak, T BeXX, Donno Beovikekl, Sondra Gorreh, ond Nxovgxe wxxxas Okikc. xer GQKX Hun , Fmn llom emakers of Amerira N .- ..177- m W,-1 3 95' mf - V .si . ., . 3' if 2 M -A h w , 5- . wi W I F' rm Y 'like-PL ww 4 L, ' g ' Q1 wp, W --.1,: , ,.:.: .:.: ., ,.,. I N 51. A xg 3 ,V Sw .mwzggiw x www: Q .... - QE? 5' 4 N, .mam-w 4 I bs v ' X HW 4 .T X .15 1: 45 : lg 3 3 Q ' , . A 1 5 if M ,ze W I Vm . . , Q' ff . 't ' N ,K M ,V ff 'F W af H fa E R M X Ai ff Wg 65' i' . Qt w. y EW EA '3 , 7 ' " """' 2 fs V. X. . ,Q has .g- . .... , V ..... . lx H if I 'X V, " ' A M v .gm ..:,:..5:g. ' K , 5-,J Q 1 A A, 4 Q .,.. : Q. wg wx 3333 M -l r'ie Watkins, 'or Red Cross are Mai r Jim Chiidressg vice- resident, Roy Ohicers ot the Juni secretaryg Virginia Minter, treasure 3 presidentg and Frank Paiacious, reporter. The p Tony Castiiio, is not pictured. Sponsoring this organiiation .- R Beck. The purpose ot the Red Cross is ed cros to promote heaith, happiness, and good S wiii at Tech and in our community. "180- :ix iff CL OWN 9 Homecoming QR -agnx X CQ x r Keg, ptesegks o ' Of H000 b NK- S 59 Members of Senior Class welcome Exes MM 0076 4-4, B0 Eie' q Conn. 4'o,, wiv econqme- 'Ong' "9 617, Quee Hom erfol. '7 'Ts Xe sen' M ,, Anno N. Q c NYY and vkdnofs- Sherman Gloss and Put Wolske wel- "'Hofneff,,"'f2be1f is the 0009 on rn0'e come cl future Techite. ""l7g, qfwqys ofe mf!" U fq E195 Vgrire n PX del' .The . K .them chierga Ing. An- Force ,Urns J MC ex A wh ou' for H ""'9 Mrs. E391 pfeseme omecoln. 590050 ' - 184 - McBrc er we 1 r - KE. Wilw ,. :., - V ,..,.. as - V .,,,.. , ., - 45 ,... , i f m . V, x J f if xingli' x , 5 3 if Q 1' :fr B W A i 1,6 Qt? if ig' 9 ,ar Q ,, f Q ' Q f ' V X, , A 'gtg if " 2 ffhgfu, as Q5-QWIQ an as it 5' HR ' Yi! ages? ,ex y , M ' ,412 Q , ' W7 .,,-, 2 X ' Q ss 'V '2s1:a--2- W .. .X .,:,:..5. :N Q Y 3 K va 9 Q Q K sf 4 4 Q35 5 1,2 Q ,Q US HA Af K ..,. QV , E 5 ' if ya? ,N M5552 J 'sa up J if 35 Q as 5 fili 5 I Mx 6' ax , if Q Q' dis Y?"-i'1"?ffff'm , Iuvlzg i ,1A::,:,, J E A A '- Mig rig. 2. W ww ,Q ww iw W , ,, W q M, ar 4 .-f k ' Q R W 21 ,Q ,Q Rodeo Club D Uh York . rs Presidenf of Tech! s R0deo This group of rugged cowhancls and pretty cowgirls represent Tech's Rodeo Club. They all played a big part in creating a very western atmosphere during Ranch Week. -127 -- l Skating Club officers are Joan Blackwood, president, Larry Nichler, ' vice-president, and Elvo Beagles, secretory. homes H Miss Mary Lou Wilson, Librarian, is o sponsor of Tech's skating club. e ob Civ? efecredbs U and k J Ing Uhdogn Bfqck Ue W en Offhgoxgr have ming Skating Club -188- Q, 1 M ,aff ,Q ff X, , Christmas Week we fu 1 X' ig. 2 I 4x J fy "' 'H' E' L M .,- i,. V .. 4 X jf K ,,Q - ' '. , 1 , 'V ' ',,: 2 "--. "'.A , if It .,.:l 11, -W. ,.... Q if A W ' V - --f---' H 3.1 ., . ' i .1. " x M f 58 'f J ' we IQ' D 4 ig? . W A-Q 5 X f A 1 Q Hi if R Q i H Q S n' t W 4 W F H ' ' V 47 M ' 1 H Q ' M W: W 4 ,,, '- ' 'Ks' U s " X -fw W'Wnv kwa? H , E 5 , "' :5'f2s,. - 2- -9- 'az:,:5l:i::51 1 .2':. s J I B - 3 3 g HV in Y Q2 3 gum ,4 . .,., g,,a,,, "7' i an .5 if E.: ,,M,X:.::,. -- ' Q A is - A 4 i A K - ,, 'I' A , F E- x XM E, . ri 4 f 1 f if HQ ' XY y E Fx wiv? 315 ' ' f 'J 7' , X 3 ' 5 ' X ,iff 5 b f A 5? f we . x y N ,fgff YH 29? '- uf W an XQSQQVG WY? 3 ,Q Q fiQ"P1 , Q . V 1,-is . , X- ,, M ,, 25 Mgrww U .H , ,.. ., ,. Q Q 5 5 5355 " 4, Sf! S 1 '- 55 SA V' ,Q ,ig ff I . 1 is H' 3 1 1: 2,22 : , ..,V ' 1 S Mwk f 1, ,pf -. is Q, , A J Q B, 6 K X -Q 'Qi 91 5 S544 5 5 BY my ' if K ' gs ,x f ' .. ,ff M R' or f X. We 'f 3 2. M , fy Q' L B Wk az ' .r E19-13? ,X- R k fx, , v , ..:.5,,. .Q 3,-.,: . 1- To et'l Xe " . xng 9e?ovx F05 he 5oQ , Q10 hos mgazxgmg Etillxve-Lo is x N osx W XMUSXOS Q 1 B5 ed 6 I . fs- - s ew ef' since .W iS able 0 o Sw C09 fbol x 1- Bo 6 aes" Roxxowl , Ks yreil' Flying Bulldogs Mr. Charles Crow, aeronautics instructor, sponsors the Flying Bulldogs Club. He spends many hours working with these students and helping them to learn the fundamentals of flying. Members of the Flying Bulldog are Clay Hoskins, Albert Jones, Barbara Smith, Dean Allen, Carl Ansley, Rudy Leza, Jack Greenwood, Richard Hoskins, Odell Clark and Efrain Diaz. - 'l9l - wuo'5 525305.-BEM mavs Anwawr AUMIEEE 2 H0505 M 1 Vv'EL.LwL L ,LJ NES 14oc:wK1s2.Uf -192- Richord Bishop seems to be giving Dahlberg, o rough time. Ken ful. the president, Don neth Blanton is just being help- chess f""' Mr. Robert J. Horns, sponsor, is in favor of chess Q being beneficial to the student as well as ing. Mr. Harris, who teaches lnetry, believes th 0 bett entertain- physics and ' of playing er underst ' probl solid geo- chess gives the student Undlng of how to think through Q em. -193- ,191-Y s the title of "Most Over-W0 un Senior". hisgaxx M eC Mock McBroyer hold avi rked 3oY U nderlfed MOS' 'ff T5 fini, Jim.-Q' A 05 Sherman Gloss and Judye McMifllcJ D Nnol Mistreoted" b ' dd-8 fe U and F In ore the "Most oy and girl at Te h X Ggu Be S . U ' S ef'o .56 C'omi'M05' S i S o ws we ' if on ate I1 non t Bfcw -bgefw BDU ,IMOS MTS' The ,-n50rS' msg Most Brow-be - r C c so they think-' at-i-n-g" English professors are M he Semgbeei Willingham and x Mc cafe b r. o Mrs. Helen Drake. tecmhersd W' Bo -194- path 0 K ,wi' ' l 7 ' -195- 145 5: - 'fr " . A . v ' Y .if 1 ' A .,,, 1 V 1 " 1 an rrr9e9r . ,, . 2 A 9 Q E-3 A ,.., f ' 4. l-1-1.2 , N' .-1 wr. V' f'7'1 X C ly. -- - f juli of Cfmfmfd Cheerleaders 197 Pep Squad 198 Football 199 Basketball 205 Track 209 Baseball 21 3 Boxing 217 Action Snaps 218 in K 6 K ,119 y ' X ,. 1 I A J ,Af A . -1' Q '-1,40 . , 9 J, ,V ,K xx 5 5 4 ,. .,,.e, "':l --'-2- .:, ,..x K -196- is 1 i if E 036 Mrs. Elsie Mclieithen Nancy Mitchell 305 E 11 sim "' Snow' Hwd Cheerleader 'eff ,f Y . lt is up to Tech's Cheerleaders to keep up that "Old School Spirit" and MqrOlYn Blodflnon to promote the fun and frolic during football season Though this responsibility requires many, many hours of hord work, our cheer- Q leaders have given us their best - wofre mighty proud of them. C 3 Qrolyn Bfackln A On '-1.3!- ai 1 3 , a - - 'ol R80 Pug . , 1 4 CNY, gm P'99fOm M l 1 r 501.1-Y Groves 9,-ry Pink non ,, - 197 - NXorelcnd,LC1 Sponsoring this group is one of Tech's best M rgie VANS' Vhggixg Mary Ten-ell. loved teochers, Mrs. Shirley Murphy. o 9 1 TQTTY' lm leaders ol me giggle E1.6ll,P0 T 9 ' Rilo RoberYS, Eunoh O Pep Squad Thi y y -- n ye --'n yell. We're mighty proud of them too. s is our Pep Squad! At all of Tech's sports events the ell ' ll - ws -s D. B. Holt Guard Capfain All-District "Lineman of the Week Freddie Arnold Halfback Captain All-Disfricf 2nd Team Woody Bedford Halfbaclc All-District 2nd Team Johnny DePuma Guard "Mosf Consclenhous Player Sherman Glass Fullback Mack McBrayer Halfback Gerald Davis Tackle Alex Fogelin Guard Earl Davis Quarlerback John Ruelas End David Skinner Cenfer Tony Martinez End David Rasberry End Arthur Lazo Halfback Tony Castillo Fullback James Reza Guard Tommy Beck Center Elliott McDaniels Halfbaclr Roy Stapp Tackle Darrell McBrayer Center "B" Team Captain Ray Martin Halfbaclc "B" Team Captain Monroe Davis End Frankie Terry Halfback Joe Medrano Fullback Jesse Andrade Quarferback Sfua rt Hellman End J. M. Riddle End Wendal Wyley Halfback Mark Roberts Tackle James Cook Halfback Jerry Roberts End Raymond Oieda Tackle Phillip Langford Guard Wayne Brown Guard Jerry Whitley Tackle Finley Rodgers Tackle Wedon Pixler End Ronald Darymple End Todd Sigman Guard Hector Pena End Ruel Brown End Don Williams Guard 3rd Row John Worsham End Charlie Bowden Cenfer Dick Metcalfe Guard 'N--. Freddie Arnold and D. B. Holt were elected so c0Ptains by their fellow teammates. Freddie 9emKetcham R , and D. B. are two Year lenermen' 'S Of the teQr?1nn'eMillimQn . , and Rfchor dpope lettered as fhqno This fine looking group of men represents Tech's 1956 coaching staff. They are Quincy Armstrong, Dub Graves, Bill McPherson, W. W. O'FarrelI, and Reginald Thetford. - 204 - dj 9 wx 5 A ,kr s , W, .-A-94? gg Q, 5 5 25 MES Wy' m .si :j if , . , I ' 2 9 ' Q A . alias - -.L bf A 'QAP C ,qi 4 ,:V- Azlz E" Q ' A 1f" 'Q Huw it i3 z ,eh 155 W E4 Phillip Longford Guard Eddie Gonzales Guard James McNeil Forward Bobby l.ucaS Forward James Cook Forward Vincent Shilling Forward Jack Dugan Forward Joel Hilll Guard Joe Tubbs Forward 4 Overton Sullivan Forward Bob Jones Forward 707 Elliot McDoni Freddie Arnol Woody Bedfc Darrell McBrc Tom Hoke Bill McRee James Cook Monroe Davie Tony Martine: John Ruelos Ray Martin Ronald Dalryu Alex Fogelin Tony Alvarad. Rudy Gonzale Robert Gomez Joe Medrano Pat O'Conner Mark Roberts Ronald Conn Raymond Gomez John Worsham Wayne Brown Darrell Layton Tommy Beck John Moncrief Finley Rogers Jerry Roberts Frankie Terry Charles Bowden J. M. Riddle Jerry Whitley John Cooper Don Peiers Bill Track One of Tech's new coaches, Mr. W. W. O'ForreIl, has token A5 man We all ihink that he has done c spendid the fmcsgir, Richard P CYS. 0Pe Claims he dOes more ,Unni H9 than r ihe track team. ove Hob. -212- ami! 'wiQ"" F i . Q, in -N 'QM w.Mi,v1.N I 53 VM., . ,.,, , K , . . . fig? fl, .Hg gk.-, lggjk .V ,ww 4' -M W, wx . ,Q X4 yiififf, eiaigm 1 . Aw Af ,S kg. Vx, 'N i"i,?'Sfi, ,,.ww..M..m, www X, Phillip Longford Cafcher Billy Fronks Pifcher Eddie Gonzales Pitcher Hershell Johnson Pitcher Joe Golvcun Ouffield Ronnie McMichael Oulfield George Porrott Ouffield Louis Blolcley Ouifield Arthur Miichell O-.rtfield www DoYle Slllold Billy Ne W Pitcher fnfjejdman Dolng c wonderful job with our l956 Boseboll team is Coach Dub Groves Ever! . re Y A . the team-tl11S Yeo' G ' Al . Coso Qssmfn Mqnogmfad Charles Corte'- Ccrief on ach Quincg Lice boys 0 -216- msfrong. n the field GOLDEN GLOVES 1956 Tech was well represented in the Golden Gloves for 1956. Shown fighting here ore Mock McBroyer and Tony Castillo. Three of our boys, Sherman Gloss, Freddie Arnoid, and Rudy Perez were finalisfs. 'L I Nl Alma Mater To dear old Technical, With colors true We will remember Our days'with you, With loyal hearts Both stern and true We pledge our tributes, Our love and honor too. So when all our days With you have passed along Hail Alma Mater You live on. Uyne Fieszelp U . hed posliflfb- is his com Bob has .xugk lmlS S Sr0 ,b Prone ' w O,-kin 9 O,-der. l,,,,,,..-1--4" P H cl Bob smile hoppily over Mrs. to be sent to print sho . Droke's should Gwen L o . ing the frgziencef C' lunior who is 'Ugg I e, fdlces over most oflth feclrn ' . e ' ciol womesl mon er cs she Beverly, M r, Bear Rosemary, on gpprov age of copy es the lost p den Work annual S Wifh I P0965 reqiyjfygiegrs in gen' 6 shot Ing the -221- ' to Nike so h .S prepgrirvg Wayne is Sncppei cgi 'leeows new shopS- PXCTUTB me Annual Printers eles .lon Domingo Mir Marshall Wayne McMurray Don er Rirltard ny ng D0 n Helmet Darrell McBroy Martinez Roy Herrera mme, Hudson Raleigh Del Rio Eddie Durmcm Joe Vane .f""-M m Benton Mello Robert Gomez Chcflei Bowden ' M Darrell Layton john Mireles hm Y I1 onasco Stanl . .. Nick Moormqn Ronald A Jimmy St. John Billy Waddell ey Baxter Ruflrw TrupllO Shley ' d Cipriano -lame R Adums Cortez l.eroY Rodriquez Rayman S ez' -222- 9 N 'vw Q at 27:-- 2 8.5 A 7 5 ,,-- , wivif ' .415 '. X fx W s Nxl-,Qwklgie f Q L if Y K i X f. Q Q 52.3 23124 Qi? Va? .2 ggi,-41 1, ,. :ala iQ1vsgQWQz2fii zz,fjLgzfgfzjgg:g qgrggzjef ww .,. -. 'SEPEEETM f wwe xwzr 1 ' ,mg ' - f' ,vm '?'w f'i.2'm 311 5123211 ff SCX , , I W 63 i , SX Y ,M 5, ,' A - A ig 53.1 15.10" nw ww N mmf - , A A 4, .iix-2" 'N' A , 9 1 "f?':ffM Q 3'W1"A.' 5 XZ, 'A kf L4 '355' x A Q ,f ff'3Q5:, Fwy iff 55 ,jg-Mf r s.-f 'Z' L, MQ gig -QNQ CC lil' l'86ll'l'l5 0010 -224- 77 fue l 211: 'Pig f1 4 ,.j 1 1 1 , , 1 .bl fffgi ii? ' ,.,.. -121: .. 1 'L . . 'Y ,M J- 4 .S 2 Ea ,. 15 ll' . it 5 32917 f' 1, 5133 ET' FET 1 , . Q14 5 1494 nu' 351 ifzifl 11' ' viii' .1 wg Q -1 . 1 Q11 ff" 521 'T 11 1- .1 15, 1 1 1 T . JJ..-J gi , 1 ' .7 - ff-1 dl T14 if. . ' .ti I . 113. :I 1 " A 1 V 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 ,Ii 1 I 1 ' 1 . X ' .N 1 , , 1 I i' I T551 -2 .i -.1 11,3 1 '?.."FQ 1., .3 ' 1 . ' , 1 XX - I I , 1 -, 5 1 ii' 5, ' ' 1 1 - 1 ' S 1 ff: , 1 . 5, 1 ' n " 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , I 1 1 1 1 3 1 5 - 1 , A ' 1 :Q 1 W? . u , ,., ef 1 I J I A 1f.,f. ,-'Q A 5 4' 1 , , P- 4 ."1 ' .I 4,8 , A 'X l . 1, if A , i . T I ', "W gp . 4 ' A 4 zz. ' J ' Z M U, rg lf iw ' , 55 ' I if If ' :rf v , 4 .Xi ,Q A.-X1 u -., Cl: " 3 ' . ' . L .. X-132 .A -I Q ,, 4 . - -F - V ,11- . u...:..l.,-.5-.a...- L .mu-:.. i..fL:.u.i z.-- Q- : is ' ' ww: J A 'Y A 'mu ' V vuwrc I i I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 3 I 4 Q i 3 J 1 1 . 1 I I i 3 1 I i I i I i 4 x J I n 1 kS'5AW5is4'i':f'5 , - ,, Yi? 'QE ' , v . " "i?l , , - , 1 I! HILIIQQ 1 9 2 5 F 5 2 E I I L, 4 E r F , S il E c u S J if E 4 Q ia ,i I s 1 5 3 P I I E i 1 ! 5 5 E E i 5 5 I 5 4 I 5 L E 4 1 Z E E . ! E I E E s F ? 5 5.. JF' - J, 1 .,. -. dlp Ufx.. 1 ,- L 2. 'V '41 , L! ,VJU f 1' . 1,11 fg- 45.3 1' ' ,731 ' ag 11. ,, , xf an.. lvl . 3, . f , , - -1- FQ, ' f . -. 1 I , J"-.L Z 71' fffgf. 'fu ', 'SQ -EQ . " fl -:,f,.f I .: My g:.'-'75-,'215.!:fl - wif- J ill 'fi 14:-F4-55'--5 2' L- 'f . ff' iziqz,-3,15 Ng., 1-- .QBQJ 1 7 1, ,yi-'af .C?5?'Yi'l5 133' I3 313' 5Ef'i.f:g'L ,-,. n , -,- 54 if JA- in -Im. . I - ' .:,. EQ- ,bf , .. i--,. -,-fu-. -Qr. :X --xx --1' 1.55211-ft Y' - hs A ,L . .. ,s,., ... 41: L... bn -.-,. "fa . ,'.. .. 5, .x 4. Lviggllx 1: 1 Q1 .Li .15 1 .11 i' af-ew:-1 ' 1 fr, Q.. I Vg. .9 5,-L..-..- .m .fu I 1 ... ,W :J , . -1 ...L:.KA .,,s.. -2 .- fn., .- . .. w 1 .SQ ' -A Vi? .11 X51 " If 1. F ..'-14,1 . 1 "-Q 1 ' " ..- fa, iff 'JL S1 J .4 -13- .- . 4-5 -1 -'.'j.A 1 if .Za .' ij' 3 al .L - - A .5 ,V x , A f ' 1 A , 2 - , --4 , . 7, 1 - ,Y -. rf .o-- x '- ,if T1 .fr , ..-J,,, ,A x. -1 '. I , , ,.. ff, . '1 '-V . ,I + '1 iii- -1 2 ... . I sd' iii '-' M? all . ?',g 55 W W ,I V. -, -. 5.13 ., t wr 45, - EXE .Q . ,'?..E. 'i1,i"" ' , 'f Y 1 ' E - 1 :sf 1 I ' . Y is 5-. 'I -f .' ' 2. " ' T-S31 .1 . 3,-.A - - 15 I' N , ,L 551- 1 ' 'H S57 . 'fi ri, 1" 'fi . 3+ Q, 8. E555 'vm 1 r Tu. 1, +2 --.f 3.1. 1 2 v'- 34' , if . 5.:, , gl ' qv-vm. ,Z -5 75 57? i . 1 V1 I. ,VW 1 A Y., . , hr-. qi. f. 1. 5 5.2 I i 1 --4.4 DA' x 4 N 4 J,-. N., . . '.. 5- -ax' ' . '- rg 1- x x -:' .-3 . .. ,. . ,,,., f Q. : , . 5 9. . -- , A J. .. ,, .,., Q Y. .51-.If A, 2 ...'rv, ,.,,!a: .4 K. ,Q "4 ,, ,. 1 . .- ' f. Mu' .v av 55 ' .1 1 . .- . ' 9 ' . ..:gr3,' , . . ff Y. fi: .- -. ,. ., . ,1, . A E' fi. , 7:2 ' ' '-ti' MW Qs R2 " lm ., 4 M .. .Q V ,:....-lx? .-. . Wg W., ,. ,.'. .eg 'V J -L, . 1 x. ,' 'fs '-.Z m . Q .., . ,' 'N . 7 -, . sg. - 391, in s 225 ffl., 2. . " 31 6-"' ' - 11... if . 3 , . 4 :J al Lug!-"f-" .-1 ,' . fi- - 'T-:'.'4,,,' .. ' ' 'L' -, !'.' fs A "-if eg. .. K I V .,.. A . -5.1 T. .fl ,S - .IV ,fi .' . 7, - .5 .z., : . 4 U. ,, A, , -, V L-. r 2-z .' rf .- .f ' ., . Q ' .' 5... .I ,N Y. ,..'. -1 1 J, -4e.'. 3 ', '.g H1132 , ,.,..., H. - 4 g.H .1,.vf. AJR, " ni ' 31256. 4 ' 3:5 v ' 1 'x fa., '. ' W, J'-gi .eg j-f:,' 5, -4 . 'Syn V. . if -F. . '1 , :ii ' F lx hig'az'.:Qf.v -7' - .5 --.-1-7 '...'."-.-fry. 42. . 4 V -. -a4i7"'-few. f ul - I-' - . 'i?.i:fHi'If.f4 115' 71 'mi' . A ' uf, . jg "n . -n'-sg?--4, 35: "1" : -. -fl I "- ., ,:..',f,:-' -.uf 1 - ' Jw. 5. 5 1 3, -. 4,-b g 1Qjj"4 'J,..,:g81g fe.. 's-fg 'lf 'fn .- - . ilephtf ' ...ig fi .s. A Tw, P ' .2 " YQ V ., r, . ,.., J. ...px ,Hi CI-ff .: f. . r 1, ' .I ' Q 'utjj 'Q p er V. '- .3 ' .vi . -F. 2-. 1. Y' .L .5 if . ': - ps? "'. K' 'Q' '-AJ. e- Y . 'gun ' "- H , Xl . ' s'?1.Q Q. . F T5 , iffgqi -1 3. ,- .ff ,JI I- -w, ' . 53 H 1, V Vx.: 13.2 F 4 -f 'QA 1 . ... , '. 1 uf '.. ' ..,r ' W v. X. 3 -. w " -. -. '-1 591' .2 3 ' - H -1 -' . 2 2. . .vii . lf. E 1 T ,A 'Q ' . 1' .L 4. AH ' is rg PIN - ' ' , . 2 ' .2 ' . .g.1'5T.',-.iflj . If . ' , ji ' v Bid - 95.1 5 'mg 1 . - 5 4.11 s 21... 'i f .3 xg , .f ., .QF W . - ' K-,a.: ' .ln . , ,-. -. gg H g L., N .. . . '- Egg-Lf, i ' ' 1 ' ' '. gf , rff i fi A+ . f a. g:ff.'. W1 if ' "4 - -CQ -Q -an f' 1 1 - 1 X.. w , . 4 .j'v.: ., FEM .. JN. H, w " L ' .5 . ' .. . v Q 1. HILIF E Published by The Senior Class of 1925 Kent State High School 6 . TO miss Amp Zirzne ertiff WHOSE HELPFUL INFLUENCE HAS GUIDED OUR FOOTSTEPS FROM THE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TO GRADUATION, WF THE SENIOR CLASS, RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS BOOK. 7 JOHN EDWARD MCGILVREY President. S EMMET C. STOPHER Superintendent. 9 IU ,f Q ' 'l1A INY1'il17 1ll13v1l1'1'11 l,l l.l I 1L1iiIil I 2 QQ f 1 'N pil' gr UQ My , f ff X WK f , ' 'AA1 I0 - 20: , ,I 0 Qif "' - :Us k 1 fqj H ll Mr. C. F. Koehler, Principal. Science, Mathematics, History, Civics Sociology, Economics. Miss Isabelle Hazen English, Latin. Miss Amy I. Herriff History, Mathematics, English. Miss Nora O'Rourke English, Public Speaking. 12 Mr. Henri Boulet French. Miss Eleanor A. Meyer History. Mrs. Edith M. Olson, Jr. High Principal Science, Physiology, Civics. Mr. G. A. Damaan Manual Arts. 13 Mr. C. S. Vim Dcusen Manual Arts. Miss lwyrtie Malice iwnthemntics. History. Miss Ora Bolle Bachmzm Music. Nlr. F. N. Harsh Athletic Coach. 14 f 5 C 5 f X ! 2 E ' I ,JW ky on , 1 x 27- , l' EI!lMllP g S E f 15 Frederick S. Gombert - Class President IV.g Class Playg Football III., IV.g Baseball III., IV.g Trolley League Ora- trical Contest I.g Annual Board. Robert Hays Stopher-Vice-President IV.g Secretary and treasurer III.p Class Playg Football I., IV.g Basketball II., III., IV.g Baseball III., IV.g Track III., IV.g Tennis III., IV.g Basketball Captain IV.g Trolley League Oratorical Con- test IV.g Annual Boardg Winner Inter- class Cross-county Run III. Neva Josephine Skfnner-Secretary and Treasurer IV.g Vice-President II.g Class Playg Annual Boardg T. N. T. Staffg Girls' Friendlyg F. F. F. Edytbe Henrietta Beechy-Class President II.g Class Playg Annual Boardy Girls' Friendlyg F. F. F.g Basketball III., IV. 17 lVIartin C. Daltorio-President III., Class Play, Football II., III., IV., Basket- ball Il., III., IV., Baseball III., IV., Track II, III., IV., Annual Board, T. N. T. Staff. Alice Louise Elgin-Class Play 5 Annual Board, Basketball II., III., IV., Tennis II., III., IV., Basketball Captain III., Girls' Friendly, F. F. F., Trolley I League Reading Contest III. Robert F. Bohecker-Football IV. Gladls Helen Gibson - Basketball III., IV., Captain Basketball IV., Class Play, Girls' Friendly, F. F. F. 19 Joe De Leone-Class Play, Football I, II III., IV., Basketball I., II., III., IV. Baseball III., IV., Track II., III., IV. Captain Football IV., Captain Basket ball III. Jean Isabel Gorham-Class Play, Girls' Friendly, F. F. F. Gilbert E. Griggy+Football I., II., III., IV., Basketball II., III., Baseball III. Virginia VVernecke-Girls' Friendly, F. F. F. 2l Morris S. Metzler-Vice-President III.g Class Playg Basketball II., III., IV. Naomi L. Johnson - Class Play 5 Girls' Friendly 5 F. F. F. Kenneth S. Nash-Class Play 3 Baseball lV.g Secretary and Treasurer I. Vernon Boyd Thomas-Annual Boardg T. N. T. Staffg Football I., II., III., IV.3 Basketball III., IV.g Manager Basket- ball IV.3 Baseball III., IV.g Manager Baseball IV. 23 . ju 'hu-,i Robert O. Hall - Class Play, Annual Board, Football III., IV., Basketball III., IV., Baseball III., IV.g Track III., IV., Tennis IV., Football Man- ager IV. ' Philomena Zappolo-Girls' Friendlyg F. F. F. Herbert N. Woodworth-Class Playg An- nual Boardg Football III., IV., Football Manager III., Track III., IV. Marion Whittington-Girls' Friendlyg F. F. F. 25 Class of '25. Written to "Heidelberg" from "The Prince of Pilsen' Here's to the school we all love so well, And the best in all Ohio. Beaming with happiness, hope and health, f It offers to all who come, But dearer than all is the friendship here, And the hours We spent together. So come let us Work and then we will sing, And he happy regardless of weather. Here's Here's Here's Here's Here's the the the the the REFRAIN school which gave us help, faculty, class of '25, smiling girls, boys so sure and strong, True as the stars above, Here's to our school, oh, Kent State High, Here's to the school we love. Oh, Kent State High, dear, Kent State High The class will ne'er forget That golden haze of High School days ls 'round about us yet. Those days of yore Will come no more. But through The thought Will fill our The thought Will fill our our many years of you, so good, so true, eyes with tears, of you, so good, so true, eyes with tears. 26 iqniors warm ft f V - Top Row-Left, to Right-Russell Brown, Dan Stratton, Carnton Uel,eone, Robert Turk, Frank Dangler, Charles Fish, Paul Apley. Center Row-Lewis Hall, Beatrice Gooch, Helen Herwig, Alice Palmer, Frances Barn- hard, Blair NYhyte. Bottom Row-Rosa Hites. Lucille Sturgill, Anna Tahorsky, Marguerite Burnett, Eunice Smith, Lillian Rhodes, Louise Stokey. Not in Picture-Leo DeLeone, Dwight Bentley. THIC JUNIOR CLASS The Junior class has shown much interest this year in making Kent State High lietter than ever before. Lewis Hall has heen presidentg Dwight Bentley, vice-presi- dent: Russell Brown. secretary and treasurer, and Frank Uanggler, chairman of com- mittees. The boys seemed to he very popular in that they filled all the offices. lVli-'s Hazen was selected as Faculty Advisor. Her hearty co-operation has helped to make all the junior activities a success. The class ranked first in average grades. The juniors have led in scholarship for they have had the greatest numhxr of "A's" during the year. The Juniors had two entries in the oratorical contest and although they did not win first place, a good start was made for next year. In athletics the juniors have been conscientious worker-4. fContinued on Page 321 27 N ,lf SOPE OTHS Top Row- Left to Right-Horace Ensinger, Cranz Walter, Stanley Clough, Neil Conners, John Mullock. Center-Evelyn Hughes, Marjorie Bishop, Catherine Heath, Elanor McCoy, Doris Singley. Bottom Row-Gladys Apley, Constance Bell, Alice Everett, Edna Butcher, Margaret Bourne, Irene Costley. Not in Picture-Paul Meecker, Louis Warner, Burton Stokes, Betty Root. THIS Si JPHOMURE CLASS 'lille one ambition of every student in junior High is to reach Senior High. The parties, athletics, amusements, and clubs have not been organized in junior High as in the Senior High, so with a feeling of happiness, enthusiasm, enjoyment and pleas- ure, we enter Senior High. The moment we entered the assembly room to take up our work for the Sopho- more year, the Juniors and Seniors made us feel at home. We were still attached to the junior High and so we went to our friends and told them about our experi- ences, then, they, in turn, felt that they wanted to enjoy Senior High. Thus it is the same thing over and over. After being in the Assembly Hall for about a month, we felt as if we were a part of State High, and that we must work to uphold its banner and standards, that lContinued on Page 321 28 ll i, if X77 A. G? , - . 'lv f f' ' Q-2 ,'Q' X cZ, ., -f- -2:7-4 '. .' QUT, ' fif 1 x X, ,,, V, 74,4 ,' X f ,. ,XX ' ,Z ' ' .L .Q- ' x 741 If Zi OOO , W vu J 'Q Nx"ELq!H'Q'w 1' Q 4 v f' UE: .I f V 1 , , x xalaimfggziv If g 5 R-rlawaz R u11HlGH 29 - THE JUNIOR HIGH Ever since the Junior High of Kent State was organized, it has flourished as an individual section with its own activities and enterprises. This year we have kept up with the times and have held many events of interest. The teachers of the subjects in the Junior High are: Mrs. Olson, principal, Miss Mabee and Miss O'Rourke. Our classes have been made interesting by fre- quent debates, organizing clubs and giving demonstrations. One of our best activities is our school paper, "The Junior High Echo." It was organized three years ago and has progressed ever since. The material is furnished by the students and is printed by the printing class in the Manual Arts Building. We elect officers twice a year. It has helped us in our composition and is a source of interest every two weeks. . We also have many athletic activities. Mr. Harsh is our athletic instructor. Among our events is the annual basketball tournament. This was won by the ninth grade this year. Other athletic activities are: the annual handball tournament, the cross country run, baseball and track. Among our big entertainments of the year was the Junior High entertainments, one a musical play and one a drama. The musical play, "Way Down South in Dixie," was coached by Miss Bachman. The majority of those taking part in this were "blacked up," and this effect, together with the musical numbers made it tl huge success. The drama was "Grandmother's Rose Jar." This was coached by Miss O'Rourke. Many people attended these entertainments and we netted a sub- stantial profit. Of the social events of the year, the Christmas Charity party was the greatest. We had always been in the habit of having parties for ourselves, but this year we decided to give 11 charity party for the children of the Ravenna Detention Home. We contributed gifts and candy for them, and had a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus. All the guests enjoyed it. This event helped in our Junior Red Cross Work. All students of the Junior High are enrolled in the Jun.or Red Cross. We sent two members from each class to represent us in the spring Red Cross meeting at Ravenna. We have spent an interesting and edugitional three years in the Junior High. -Clay Johnson, 9th. 31 THE JUNIOR CLASS lContinued from Page 275 . Lewis Hall and Frank Dangler received letters in football for the second time. Each played an end position on the team. Carmon IJeLeone and Blair Whyte each received their first letters, Carmon playing center and Blair guard. In basketball, Lewis held the center position as a regular with Carmon DeLeone as a substitute guard. In baseball the Juniors have had Frank Dangler and Lewis Hall playing in the infield, Carmon DeLeone in the outfield and Blair Whyte as catcher. The Junior Track Team showed good work, Lewis Hall, Carmon DeLeone, Frank Dangler, Charles Fish, Blair Whyte and Dwight Bentley being the contestants. The girls also contributed their share to athletics. The basketball team found Eunice Smith playing as guard with Bernice Fisher playing as a regular forward. Helen Herwig was a substitute. Social activities of the class have kept pace with other enterprises. A party was held at the home of Frances Barnhard. Games and contests were enjoyed and then refreshments were served. Upon departing, everyone expressed himself as having had a most enjoyable evening. The customary Junior-Senior Reception was held at Moulton Hall. Many guests were present, forming a merry crowd. Dancing was the chief means of entertainment during the evening. Refreshments were served and the hall was neatly decorated. The Juniors have tr.ed to keep their spirit high and have taken an active part in all school activities. They bought class rings and liave the honor of being the first to have a ring which is to be the standard emblem of Kent State High. May the excellent work of the Juniors continue in their Senior Year. -F. Dangler, '26, -ll' il- il- Q THE SOPHOMORE CLASS CContinued from Page 283 the glory of the school depended as much upon us as on any other class, and that we must cooperate with the school and promote school spirit. We were no more than settled when the Juniors and Seniors decided to try our sportsmanship in an initiation. Many had to go back to childhood days, while others such as Stanley had to propose. He might do it well enough alone but in front of a crowd he was somewhat bashful. In return for the initiation we gave a Christmas dance for the Senior High. We feel sure that we gave a good return party. During the winter months, the ice and snow being so inviting, we Sophomores planned a sleigh ride. The party ended at Betty Root's home where we had games and refreshments. We have held several successful candy sales, the proceeds of which we have used to defray our class expenses. We have been represented in all worth-while activities of State High. Our letter winners were John Mullock, in football, and Margaret Bourne, in basketball. Betty Root, Evelyn Hughes, Gladys Apley and Irene Costley all tried to the best of their ability to have a part in the Literary Contest. We are very proud of their staunch efforts. Next year we hope that with a year's experience in the Senior High we will give even the Seniors a run for their money. Watch our smoke!!! We know that this past year has been a great help to us, both in work and in play. We feel that we have accomplished many things which will aid us in uphold- ing the name of Kent State High School. -Margaret Bourne, '27. 32 ANNUAL BOARD CReading Left to Right, Top and Bottom Rowsy Neva Skinner - Literary Editor Robert Stopher - Editor Alice Elgin - Associate Editor Martin Daltorio - Boys' Athletics Vernon Thomas - Jokes Henrietta Beechy Miss Herriff Robert Hall Frederich Gombert Herbert Woodworth Mr. Stopher Girls' Athletics Literary Advisor Art Director Associate Editor Business Manager Financial Advisor CLASS ORGANIZATION President ......... ...... F rederick Gombert Vice-President ................... ....,,.. R ohert Stopher Secretary and Treasurer ,....,.. ,,,,,,, . Neva Skinner Class C0l0rS ...................... .... ........... ........... G r e en and White Class Motto-"Together we stick, divided we're stuck." in an as in at if me "CLASS HISTORY" The History of the Senior Class of nineteen twenty-five is one which will attract the attention of all who read these pages. There is little to be said about the first eight grades although it might be mentioned that jean Gorham, Alice Elgin and Herbert Woodworth are the only persons in the history of the training school who have completed the full twelve years' work. In our freshman year we introduced self-government for the Junior High School. Our class officers were: Earl Aiken, president, llfladonnzi Kerwin, vice-presidentg Kenneth Nash, secretary and treasurer. Our Sophomore year began with an initiation given us by the Juniors and Seniors. It was during this year that Joe DeLeone first starred in football and made the "All Trolley League" Team. In addition to making it every year since, he has made the "All Trolley League" Team in basketball for two years. Our class officers for this year were Henrietta Beechy, presidentg Neva Skinner, vice-president, Lila Baker, secretary and treasurer. - At last we became Seniors, soon to go to college or to follow the profession of our choice. We, as Seniors feel justified in feeling proud. The parties, Wiener roasts, and hikes have always been attended by most of our class. VVe have produced some of the school's best athletes. Among them are: Joe DeLeone, Vernon Thomas, Mar- tin Daltorio, Morris Metzler, Herbert Woodworth, Frederick Gombert, Robert Bo- hecker, Robert Stopher and Robert Hall. Our class play was an unusual success, thanks to the untiring efforts of Miss Herriff, leaving not a deficit but a credit in Mr. Koehler's books. If every senior does his part in the wide, wide world as well as our class has during the past twelve years, he will surely succeed. Regret enters our hearts when We realize June the sixth is near at hand and that the time has come when we must part, never again to be examples of good conduct in the study hall. -K. S. Nash, '25. 34 DATE OF ENTRY OF OUR SENIORS 1913-Jean Gorham Alice Elgin Herbert Woodworth 1915-Henrietta Beechy Joe DeLeone 1916-Naomi Johnson lVIartin Daltorio Robert Stopher I9 l 8--Frederick Gombert Gilbert Griggy Vernon Thomas Philomena Zappolo 1920-Gladys Gibson lvlorris Metzler Kenneth Nash Neva Skinner 1923-Robert Hall Marion Whittington 1924-Robert Bohecker Virginia Wernecke 35 I' Home 45 6- da c-9, 'Q H-:MW Jflevnvmo Hen. PG GiBe.svm LIT ARY X 37 Class Poem. Now here's to the class of twenty-five As busy as bees in Herbert's bee hive. We sometimes work, and we sometimes play, But all is well if we have our way. We have a class of twenty strong, The boys in the majority. Though the girls have the heads And do the most work, They are in the minority. Now we come to the end of Z1 perfect day, And we know the time's over for us to play. So with joy and sorrow intermingled as one, We thank Kent State High for the life we've 38 begun Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1925. We, the Class of 1925 of Kent State High School, although realizing that the High School will probably never completely recover from losing us, do sorrowfully bequeath our place by the windows, our unparalleled athletic skill and our equally unparalleled egotism to the unworthy Class of 1926. I, Henrietta Beechy, do solemnly bequeath my roamin' nose to Duke Bentley and my maidenly horse-laugh to Blair Whyte, with the stipulation that he does not abuse it. I, Robert Bohecker, do solemnly bequeath my .sleepiness to Gladys Apley, and my red tie to Stanley Clough. I, Martin Daltorio, do solemnly bequeath my extravagance to Paul Meeker, and my stand-in with Mr. Boulet to Antonio DeGregio, who needs it, and needs it badly. I, Joe DeLeone, do solemnly bequeath my complacency to Horace Ensinger and my way with the women to Clay Johnson, who may, or may not, need it sometime. I, Alice Elgin, do solemnly bequeath my length to Paul Apley, and my long tresscs to Alice Everett. I, Gladys Gibson, do solemnly bequeath my "line" to Dermot Nolan and my col- lection of sheiks to Lena McGowan. I, Frederick Gombert, do solemnly bequeath some of my many injuries to Alex Ludick, who can probably stand a few. I shall take the rest with me so that I may have something to talk about in the future. I, Jean Gorham, do solemnly bequeath my artistic ability to Cranz Walter, and my many decorated text-books to Lucille Sturgill. I, Robert Hall, do solemnly bequeath my undivided attention to questions oi inquisitive Sophomores to Frank Dangler. I, Gilbert Griggy, do solemnly bequeath my "canary" to Burton Stokes. I, Naomi Johnson, do solemnly bequeath my policy of being seen and not heard to Margaret Bourne. P I, Morris Metzler, do solemnly bequeath my "skin you love to touch" to Carmon DeLeone. I, Neva Skinner, do solemnly bequeath my love for the "wee sma' hours" to Evelyn Hughes, who is always in bed by 8:15. I, Vernon Thomas, do solemnly bequeath my unlimited energy to Leo DeLeonc, and my blush to Eunice Smith. I, Robert Stopher, do solemnly bequeath my ability in getting out of classes on one pretext or another to Dan Stratton, and my next to the best seat in the assembly room to the Junior who is lucky enough to get it. 39 I, Herbert Woodworth, do solemnly bequeath my policy of looking before leap- ing to Louis Warner, who leaps first. I, Marion Whittington, do solemnly bequeath my shyness and anything else l may have, except my heart, which is given elsewhere, to Bernice Fisher. I, Virginia Wernecke, do solemnly bequeath my pleasing personality to Robert Peacock. I, Philomena Zappolo, do solemnly bequeath my way with the men and my excess of vivacity to Betty Root. I, Kenneth Nash, do solemnly bequeath my strict attention to my own affairs to Robert Brothers, who no doubt will be able to use this exceptional quality to good advantage. We, the undersigned, being in our right minds and not under the influence of intoxicating liquor, do solemnly witness the signing of this legal document. Mr. Lloyd Hamilton, 7734 Hippopotamus Avenue, Podunk, New Mexico. Mr. Benjamin Turpin, 202 East Dillpickle Road, Brimfield, Utah. Q'n'1 ll 'L Ml' 153. 40 42' X- W ,laik , f . A ' . V f ' Mg Q A M '54F1ill1 sEu f 1.47Q555?5Ei g ulq' "59EF'ui!!!lIIII"7- All lllzgggix E15 'I' Wlllllh, .m.,:L5:,f W "!?liiili1L:4 'ff X.,,1L fn p ,Y ug- A 'Y 1, -X " '- ' 'si STUDENT ACTIVITIE 4 Top Row-Left to Right-Zappolo, Elgin, Whittington, Skinner Bottom Rowgwernecke, Johnson, Gibson, Gorham, Beechy The I". l". I". Club is a social organization to which each Senior girl belongs. Nleetings, hikes, and parties arc' held at various intervals. Each year, the name of thc club changes to the next letter in the alphabet. Hail to the G. G. Gfsl QGawky, Giddy, 'n Gapxj 42 Girls' Friendly Club. livery girl in High School helongs to the Girls' Friendly. The cluh has many enjoyable social functions, among these are innumerable hikes Qwe always ride hack ll parties, and dances. The cluh is divided into committees for the different months, to have charge of the entertainment. The officers are Neva Skinner, presidcntg Hen- rietta Beechy, vice-president, and lllarguerite Burnett, secretary and treasurer. 43 v The Senior Class Play. On March 19, 1925, Booth Tarkington's famous play, "Seventeen," was pre- sented by the Senior Class. It scored a huge success. It was judged by several com- petent critics to be the best amateur play that has ever been put on in the city of Kent. The cast was chosen by Miss Herriff, and each person was very well suited to his part. A great deal of credit of the play's success goes to Miss Herriff, for through her un- tiring effort the play "went over big." The proceeds were larger than in any other class play in the history of the school, over two hundred fifty dollars was cleared. The Senior Class felt that they must work very hard to keep up the good standard that the former plays had set. The cast of the play in order of appearance is as follows: Mr. Baxter .,.,... Jane Baxter ....,,. Mrs. Baxter ,.,.... Willie Baxter ....... Genesis ........,...... May Parcher ...,.... Lola Pratt ......... Hall ..,.....Jean Gorham ............Alice Elgin ......,,Robert Stopher ........Joe DeLeone .......Naomi Johnson .......,Henrietta Beechy Joe Bullitt .......,,... .....,... M artin Daltorio Johnnie Watson ....... ..... Mr. Parcher ..... ...Frederick Gombert Herbert Woodworth George Crooper ....... .......... M orris Metzler Ethel Boke ......... Wallie Banks .... Mary Brooks ....,......................................... ..,,.,..Neva Skinner ......Kenneth Nash .........,Gladys Gibson The play was directed by Miss Amy Irene Herriff. The property manager w is Marion Whittington. The stage settings were taken care of by Philomena Zappola and Virginia Wernecke. The electrician also was one of the Seniors, he was Gilbert Griggy. The business was successfully taken care of by Vernon Thomas, assisted by Robert Bohecker. Splendid music was provided by the Elgin Trio. 4+ fExterior and Interior View of Auditoriumj 45 Society. I'm in as much trouble as George Eliot was when she said with the drop on the end of her pen, she had to tell the story of a man. With the little piece of lead in my squeaky pencil I have to bring to mind all the colors and emotions of the many good times We have had during the past year. When one reaches the society section of an annual, he thinks to himself, "now here's a good place to skip, for this stuff is all alike." You may think so now, but when you're old and gray and look through this book, the little reminders of this page will bring back all the parties and good times. -lil'-ll-ll Senior Class Play. After that remarkable performance of "Seventeen," the Seniors had to tell each other "all about it," so We Were invited to Mrs. Gorham's to talk it over. I believe every one accepted. If we had been farther away from police protection and made as much noise the neighbors would have murdered us. Ask Mr. Boulet how much sleep he gotl Well, the first thing we wanted to do was eat, but before We were through with half they gave us, we were ready to stop. Never before was there such a feast and the bakers in Heaven couldn't make angel-food cake like We had. Then came dancing and games, and even Miss Herriff couldn't cool our exhilira- tion when she promised her new umbrella wouldn't ever be allowed to get Wet. This agfair will always be a shining spot to the Seniors even if some of them did meet the milk man going home. I--Fifi!!!-W F. F. F. Parties. The girls were too busy this year to have very many parties, but there was time for a few. There was the steak supper at Jean's where each tried to prove her ability as a cook, but it was finally decided if anyone wanted anything fit to eat, we would have to let Mrs. Gorham fix it. Then there was the card party at Alice's, Where each had a different excuse for the lowness of her score. There was also the Bunco party at Heinie's, the dance at Naomi's, and the April Fool party at Gladysf. Of course. there were more, but it would take forever to tell of them. Just remember that F. F. F. doesn't mean "foolish, flippant, flappers," but "fun, fun, fun." 46 Initiation Party. We welcomed the Sophomores to the Senior High with open arms and an in- itiation party. The poor kids were scared half to death, but we have to admit they were game. Nearly all came and they looked too "sweet" for anything in their crisp, ruffled dresses and newly acquired long trousers. They did what we told them to so well, that we let them off very easily. Their list of dead and wounded was com- paratively small. The party was in the hands of a committee and everyone was very much pleased. Everything was lovely-the decorations, refreshments, orchestra, and entertainment. Q -It 'lb It it -It il' Sophomore Return Party. . The Sophomores had such a good time that they decided to do the usual thing and return the party. They were more accustomed to the ways of the social world by this time and gave a splendid affair. The Seniors usually think they're pretty "much," and it takes a great deal to please them, but they liked this party. Everyone danced until the orchestra burst forth into the strains of "Home Sweet Home." ik ik HE -Bit it 'lit -ll- Girls' Friendly Party. The Girls' Friendly entertained the High School boys and a few guests early in February. This party had been looked forward to all year because of the reputation the one last year had made. There was a good crowd present, including some we hadn't expected. One member of the orchestra had lumbago or malaria, or something else, and he didn't come, but no one would have known it if we had kept still. From somewhere-other than the Girls' Friendly scanty treasury-came confetti. It was a very successful party and the boys apparently enjoyed it-some of them even stayed to help clean up. They weren't so anxious to assist when they found that six boys were waiting for two girls. 47 Boys' Return Party. The boys don't deserve to have very murh said about this party because it took so many hints to get it. Of course, they wanted to give it for us-Oh, Yes! but they just neglected to start. So next time, boys, don't be so slow, and you'll get more space. xaieeiearmesx Commencement Week. The week of commencement was surely filled with many happy times, and thu period was well represented in memory books by programs and souvenirs. Such a whirl of excitement, a flash of gay colors, a medley of happy times and then the sobriety and the quiet dignity of graduation. ' The baccalaureate sermon was an impressive ceremony in our auditorium, and the Seniors will long remember the sermon. Our girls looked the day in their blue and white sport dresses and sport slippers. Class Day Exercises were at night and in a moderate way we tried to return the Junior-Senior. After the program there was a dance for those who cared to stay. The whole thing was worthy of being remembered as the last contribution of the Class of '25 to the social life of Kent State High. Xjlfiizg 51 .o-53,511 Q I 48 " z ox em Burk Bulletin AMERICA'S LEADING NEWSPAPER 102ND YEAR , TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1940 ISSUE 47 MOVIE ST R S S "4 Y BEE" NOTED DANCER NAMED MOVIE STAR SUES BEAUTY PARLOR PROPRIETOR AS CORESPONDENT Miss jean Gorham, world famed movie star, is bringing suit for 525,000 against the "Busy Bee" beauty parlors, of which Miss Gladys Gibson is proprietor. In, the divorce suit of Mrs. Morris Metzler against her husband, M. Samuel Metzler, the noted shoe dealer and lec- turer, the plaintiff has named the notori- ous Edythe H. Beechy fformerly Mrs. Horace N.J,Waggonj as the sole cause of her marital difficulties. Metzler is the ninth millionaire to fall a victim to the all-powerful eye of the noted Follies beauty. It is hoped that Miss Beechy will soon cultivate a taste for foreign nobles as husbands, if not, there will be few happy families left in our own U. S. A. CONFIQDENT AS BIG GAME APPROACHES p The popular Kent State High coach, "Puggy" Thomas, says that his team is sure tos defeat the "Roosters" in their annual clash upon the gridiron, while Prof. Deleone, Roosevelt coach and French instructor, is sure that his team will triumph. State High, having a long string of victories to its credit, is an overwhelming favorite, but Deleone may have something up his sleeve which he has not heretofore disclosed. If the Red and White comes out on top in this game it will be the first time a Roosevelt team has defeated a State High' team since the last basketball game of the 19244 season. Coach Thomas is well known for his work on the local gridiron during hishigh school career and his work for Akron University. Coach Deleone is famous for his work at State during the same years as Thomas. The coaches have prepared their teams along about the same lines, but Thomas having a larger squad to pick from is pretty sure to be the victor. Miss Gorham alleged that one month ago while having a facial massage, she was burned. Her charge is supported by a prominent New York doctor who tes- tifies that Miss Gorham's face is per- manently scarred. It is thought that the case may be carried to a higher court. It has been impossible to secure Miss Gibson's version of the matter. Some of her friends have said, however, that she is perfectly able to pay Miss Gorham for her injuries, and they .think perhaps she will not fight the case. It might be of interest to note that Miss Gorham and'M.iss Gibson were at one- time good friends, as both were members of the class of '25 at Kent State High SchooL MILLIONAIRE OIL MAGNATE PROUD OF SON Mr. F. Gombert, well known oil dealer of New York City, learned to-daxy of the fine achievements of his only son, Frederick, Jr., who has been honored with the "Praxis Medal" at Culver Mili- tary Academy where he has been in at- tendance for two years. Mr. Gombert, when asked how he ac- counted for the success of his son, said that he had tried to teach junior since he was a small boy that hard work, con- centration, and regularity in attendance at school were very necessary to attain success. He also said Junior had been brought up in a cheerful home and had learned not to complain. Mr. Gombert closed by saying that by practicing these principles lseffhimself, had become suc- cessful: ' 1 1 w , f . PAGE TWO ' NEW YORK BULLETIN JUNE 2 OPENING OF MUCH NEEDED NURSERY. Miss Neva J. Skinner announces the opening of a day nursery. This is a very much needed institution as many women are employed during working hours and they must find a suitable and safe place for their children. New York has many such places, but there has been great need of another as these nurseries are filled to capacity every day. Miss Skin- ner comes here from Chicago where she has been the manager of a similar insti- tutzion. She is said to have an unusual way with children and has a great liking for them. Her home and nursery are located across from Lincoln Park. It can be reached very easily by the working women. Miss Skinner says that this will be a safe and comfortable place for the children, and that the rates will be as low as possible. Special appointments made for dogs and cats. iiiii- MULTIMILLIONAIRE TO SAIL ' TOMORROW Mr. H. N. Woodworth's friends will be glad to hear that he has recently pur- chased the Silver Fox Farms of Prince Edward Islandsg but they will regret to hear that he is sailing tomorrow to the Island where he will undertake the supervision of this immense enterprise. These fox farms are by far the largest and most valuable farms of their kind in the world. Mr. Woodworth has been in- terested in silver foxes for over Efteen years. As a high school student at Kent State, he was employed at the fox farm in that city. Mr. Woodworth is taking his family with him. They expect to re- main on the Island at least two years. MR. ROBERT O. HALL STARS IN LATEST RICTURE The last word in 'stage productions, "Eighteen," has just become a finished product. Its first showing took place last evening at the Hippodrome. This most extraordinary production is expected to run throughout the entire season in New York City. Mr. Robert O. Hall is entirely respon- sible for the success of this production as he is owner of the producing company, has been sole director and also the star. Many were turned away from the Hippodrome last evening, but those who were fortunate enough to secure a seat or standing room say that "Eighteen" was a "scream from beginning to end." It is also said that Mr. Hall should be con- gratulated on his wonderful ability to produce comedy. Mr. Hall was formerly of Kent State High where he states that he received his first training as an actor. - NOTED DOCTOR MARRIES . KENT STATE GRADUATE '..., Mrs. Zappolo announces the marriage of her daughter, Philomena, to Dr. Stanley Keats, of Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Zappolo and her daughter have been residents of New York for about ten years. They.were formerly of Kent, Ohio, where Philomena attended the State High School and College. Philomena is well known as a Parisian dress designer. Dr. Keats is one of the "coming" young doctors of Cleveland. Dr. and Mrs. Keats will make their home in Cleveland, where Dr. Keats has been located for eight years. Their many friends wish to congratulate them. MR. K. NASH CONGRESSMAN FROM 14TH DISTRICT In the 1940 election Mr.-Kenneth S. Nash was named as Congressman from the 14th district of Ohio. Mr. Nash is a prominent lawyer of Akron, Ohio. He has been interested in politics for the last ten years, his first political office being mayor of Kent, Ohio in 1935. He has been advancing in the political world ever since. Mr. Nash is well qualified for this position as he has given much study to the needs of the people and is interested in their welfare. His many friends congratulate him upon his suc- cess. ' ' JUNE 2 NEW YORK BULLETIN PAGE THREE MRS. NAOMI DAVEY NEW EDITOR OF "HEART SECRETS" PAGE Mrs. Naomi Davey, fomerly -Miss Naomi Johnson, has been chosen to suc- ceed Miss Marion Whittington as editor of the "Hearts Secrets" page which Miss VVhittington has made famous. Miss Whittington is leaving New York to be- come the supervisor of English in the Ann Arbor High School. The young people will welcome Mrs. Davey as their new adviser. It is ru- mored that she "knows what she is talk- ing about." She comes here from Palm Beach, Florida where she has won fame as the editor of the "Heart and Home" page in the Palm Beach News. She has one daughter whom she says she is bringing up according to the prin- ciples that she herself was brought up by. Some of these were,-home every even- ing at eight excepting Saturday evening, no gentleman associates until the age of sixteen, and at all times, possess a clear conscience. - We are sure Mrs. Davey will become a favorite among the young people who seek her advice in regard to their heart troubles and their domestic difficulties. MR. MORRIS METZLER TO LECTURE TO BUSINESS WOMEN'S CLUBS The Brooklyn, New York Business Women's Club is to be honored at their meeting today by having Mr. Morris Metzler as their speaker. The subject of his talk will be "The Shoe for the Busi- ness Woman." , . Mr. Metzler is a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, 'and at the present time is a very popular speaker on the Coit Lyceum .Bureau. Mr. Metzler has had much ex- perience as a shoe dealer. He said his first experience as a shoe clerk was in the store of Greene and Kertscher in Kent, Ohio. He also states that this ex- perience was of great value to him. Mr. Metzler is thirty-two years of age, good looking and has an admirable per- sonality. These qualities have helped in his rise to success. He has been making a coast to coast lecture tour. At each city he has been received with great en- thusiasm. The Brooklyn Business' Woman's Club expect a large attendance at their meeting to greet Mr. Metzler. STUDENT OF COLUMBIA NAMED ON KENT STATE FACULTY Miss Virginia Wernecke, a student of Columbia University, has been appointed as the director of dramatics at Kent State Teacher's College. This college is one of the largest State Colleges in the United States. Miss Wernecke has been studying for three years at Columbia where she has gained recognition among the faculty and student body. She is a promising young woman and her Columbia friends feel that she will be very successful in her new position. B LL TOD Y CHICAGO vs GIANTS 3 P. M. Polo Grounds X PAGE FOUR NEW YORK BULLETIN JUNE 2 MR. G. E. GRIGGY TOAST- MASTER AT AUTOMOBILE DEALERS BANQUET 1.1 Mr. G. E. Griggy well known auto- mobile' dealer of Philadelphia served as toastmaster at the banquet of the Nationa-I Convention of Automobile Dealers. This convention has been in session for three days. The banquet was the closing event of the convention. The convention feels that it has been very fortunate in having Mr. Griggy at the banquet, as he is a most remarkable man for his age. li...--1 N. Y. BULLETIN'S GREATEST CIRCULATION "This paper has had the largest cir- culation of any paper in the world dur- ing the last two years. The credit for its success can be justly givenb to but one per- son, the Editor, Mr. R. H. Stnpher. It is hardly necessary to mention any- thing about Mr. Stopher as his merits came before the eyes of the public three years ago, when he became assistant editor of this paper. Two years ago, at the death of Mr. Wheeler, former editor, Mr. Stopher was advanced tof editor. He won thisrhonor because of his previous records ini every position he had held, and because of his exceptional college record. Mr. Stopher came to The Bulletin very highly recommended, and he certainly has established a name for himself. It might be said that Mr. Stopher is the youngest newspaper editor in the United States, being only thirty-one years of age. We feel that the reason for the large circulation of this paper is, due to Mr. Stopherls' hard work, and his constant efforts to make the paper of interest to all." VASSAR PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR LISTED 'IN "WHO'S WHO" .7 Miss Alice Louise Elgin, Kent' State High School '25, and Vassar '29, has been named in the 1940 edition of "Who's Who." Miss Elgin is one of the best' known physical education instructors in, 'N 4 X the east. She is thirty-two years of age, and has been at Vassar for the last two years. After he-r graduation from Vas- sar, she studied "Physical: Activities. of Primitive Man" under Dr. I. T'reatum RUE at the Municipal University of Pat- agonia. Miss Elgin. was, in her- more youthful days, quite actively interested in athletics herself. Her famous series of debates by radio with Prof. Parol L. O'Graham of Erin College, Cork, Ire- land, on the subject of "Athletics for Women"'will long be remembered. Miss Elgin, in a vote of Vassar students taken recently, was unanimously selected as their most popular teacher. A RISING YOUNG MAN ACQUIRES GOOD POSITION The many New York friends of Mr. R Bohecker, the rising young hotel man- ager from Ohio, are pleased to learn that Mr. Bohecker has been promoted to the managership of the Castoria Hotel of New York City. He is to,receive an an- nual salary of 532,000 Mr. Bohecker, when interviewed by a reporter, stated that he received his first experience in the hotel business while he was still in high school. He claims that he graduated from the noted high school, Kent State High with the famous class of 1925. This information has not been confirmed but is widely rumored as true. X .L- FAMOUS R. R. MAGNATE GIVES FORMULA FOR SUCCESS Nh. Martin Daltorio, president of the Erie Railroad, in an- address .before the Kant Rotary Club today said, "The way for a. young man to succeed is to save his money. I have risen from a boot- blaclr. to a railroad president in fifteen years, simply through saving my money in my youth. I would advise all young men to save ,their money and not to speculate in stock. I am planning, when my bank account reaches S750,000, to set apart a fund of Sl5,0,000 for my Alma Mater, Kent State High." When Mr. Daltorio amasses a fortune of 31,000,000 he in- tends to marry, having heard that two can live cheaper than one. I Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Hitting the High Spots. 29-Eighty boys and girls are inoculated with the germ of education. 6-Chaos still reigns on the third Hoor of Merrill Hall. 10-Western Reserve Academy was easy, 21 to 0. 15-Our first basketball game will probably be played in the new gym. 17-The Sophomores are just a little weak in the kneesg they have one more day before their punishment will come. Some of them are not used to a saddle, so I imagine the goat will he sans saddle. That's pretty hot isn't it? Sans. Gosh! Oct. at that. 18-Back to the soil movement. Boardman 13, State 0. We were lucky Oct. 25-Falls 32, State 0. Wow! Oct. 29-The boys are playing "sockem" with about a half bushel of well- seasoned buckeyes. fCamphor is a good cure for large bumps on the head.D Nov Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov: l-Lost to Kenmore 7-0. Oh well, we're improving. 6-Mr. Packard spoke in Assembly. 8-Walloped Bedford 29-20. We're some hill climbers. 10-Armistice Day. ll-Everybody looks sleepy thfs morning. Of course, no one went to the big Armistice Ball and the dancing is always stopped at nine thirty. Nov. 15-Good news! Although it is Saturday, everybody knows about it. We smashed Ravenna 21-6, and the outlook is rosy for our battle with Roosevelt, next Saturday. Nov. 22-Who mentioned Roosevelt? Where were they anyway? Score 16-7. Whose favor? Say, Rip, wake up! Nov. 28--State 21, Alumni 7. The "seven" was just plain charity, that's all. Our oldtimers can put on a fine Masquerade Dance though, even if they can't play football. Dec. 5-Davey guys are in town. All the girls are happy. A high school boy has a fat chance now! Dec. 9-Rev. Brown spoke in Assembly. He's always good. Dec. 12-First edition of the T. N. T. Dec. 16-Miss Dunbar spoke in Assembly. Now we won't spoil our books. Girls' Friendly had their Christmas Party. Dec. 19-Indications of approaching Christmas. CPaul Apley reciting the "Night Before Christmas" to himself.J All the girls treating the boys fine. Jan. 2-Some of the students object to walking through the deep snow on the way to school. +9 Jan. 3-Saturday School. Jan. 9--We all went to Kenmore and lost both games. Jan. 15-Bob Hall bent over and got a headache. lt's lucky Lewie had worn his new bathrobe that day. Jan. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. 16-Lost to Bedford. 17-Saturday School. 23-State 28, Falls 21. Girls lost. 24-Saturday School again. 29-Miss Jacobson took us to Alaska this morning in the Assembly period. Cl'm afraid, though, that she dwelt too long on that "lover's lane" she spoke about for now some of the Sophomores are contemplating a trip to A1aska.j Jan. 30-We fell before Ravenna. Jan. 31-Another Saturday 1 Feb. 5-Mr. lvins spoke in Assembly. Feb. 6-What happened to Roosevelt? Mr. Koehler announces that tomorrow is the ketball team doesn't have to come until they Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 33-29, State. Oh boy, what a finish! last day of Saturday School. Boys' bas- get ready. 7-Boys all roll in at 9:30. Girls' Friendly entertain the boys. 13-Lost to Kenmore. Friday, the thirteenth. 17-Lost to Bedford. 19-"Excuse Me." 20-Lost to Falls. We almost won, though, 21-18. 27-Nosed out by Ravenna, 22-19. Mar. 6-Guests of Shafer at Akron Tournament. Mar. 7-Akron again. Beat Western Reserve Academy 22-21. Some game! Mar. 13-Second team lost to some country burg in the Class B tournament in Hubbard. First team takes out our spite on Roosevelt. Next year they will play square. 25-3. Kent State High has forgotten how to lose to Roosevelt. Mar. 19-Seventeen. Mar. 24--Baseball schedule announced. Mar. 30-Baseball practice started. Big gang of visitors. April 2-Seniors invest in a banner for the High School. April 10-Louis Fogg wins reading contest at Bedford. April ll-Lost to Shaw 13-7. April 15-Walloped Streetsboro 18-6. April 17-Lost to Wadsworth 14-4. April 18-First home game. Beat Barberton 7-5. April 22-Beat Western Reserve Academy 15-6. April 24-Junior-Senior. Lost to Falls 10-7. April 29-Beat Newton Falls 12-9. 50 ga A11u.e'rlcs Football Games. Our first football game of the 1924 season was played at home with Western Reserve Academy on October 10. We had only about ten days' practice but we won, 21-O. Western Reserve had a good team but they could not make any plays work. The weather was fineg this gave us an abundance of pep. On October 18 we traveled to Boardman High for our second game. Their field had just been plowed and harrowed and consequently was soft. The weather was exceedingly Warm and the field was very dusty. We lost 13-0. After the game the Boardman fans congratulated us on our good sportsmanshipg also in our being able to hold Boardman to 13 points, as generally they won by a score of about 50 or 60 to 0. Two forward passes netted them their score. TROLLEY LEAGUE Our first Trolley League game was played at Cuyahoga Falls, October 25. Falls Hi had the best team in the Trolley League and therefore took our scalp by a 3240 score. They seemed in perfect condition and played so. Our team easily became convinced that they could not win. This was a drawback as it prohibited playing with pep. Joe seemed the only one to do the playing for us, making many of our gains and most of the tackles. Our second game at home and our second Trolley League game was versus Ken- more, November l. The game attracted a large crowd. Joe did not start the game. because Coach Harsh said we were depending upon him too much. This put Martin in Joe's position. After the we netted some forty yards by downs and ll punt, then Kenmore gained possession of the ball. At this point Joe's absence was felt, Kenmore making several first downs. When they were fifteen yards from our goal Joe was put in. From then on the game was 50-50. ln the third quarter Ken- more started passing. It was their last down and about thirty yards from our goal when both teams lined up. We were expecting a buck or end run, as it was too close to punt and too risky to pass, but a pass was attempted and it succeeded. Puggy 51 played close to the line and he being short was unable to reach the ball as it went over his head and into the hands of a Kenmore player who was over the goal line. Final score 7-0, Kenmore. On November 8, we traveled to Bedford. Their field was built on a hill but we could play there if they could. The chilly weather mad us play fast to keep warm. Bedford had a good team and succeeded in getting twenty points but they were not good enough as we made twenty-nine points. Joe played his usual good game. Robert Stopher showed his speed by eating up the dust on end runs. Martin made good by making two touchdowns. The next trip was to Ravenna on November 15. Ravenna is Bob and Lewie Hall's home town, but this did not affect them a bit as was proved by their spectacular playing. The game was about the best of the season. Ravenna was doped to win by a big score, as they had a fine grid team. "Cocky" Thomas and "Currie" Curtis, two all around athletes, were included in their line-up. At the beginning of the game it seemed as if they would win. Thomas made an end run and a touchdown which gave them a score of 6 to our 0. This only gave us more determination to win and we made a strong comeback and won 21 to 6. joe made a long run of 65 yards for a touchdown that was a feature of the game. Bob Stopher also made a long run to the goal. The referee said it was O. K. but the umpire said he was momentarily stopped, so it did not count. Prof. C. F. Koehler drove several of the boys home, his driving proved he was elated over the winning of the game. ln fact so elated that he barely missed having two accidents before we had gone several blocks. Our next, best and biggest, game was played at home on November 22. State High versus Roosevelt. Roosevelt had won the last three consecutive years and seemed confident of winning this year. This game is always one of the events of the season. Roosevelt invited us to use their field for the game. It would be an ad- vantage, they contended, as it was new and was enclosed by a fence. The boys took a vote on the question and decided it would be better to play on our own field. On the kick-off Joe took the ball and made five yards. joe next made Eve yards, this time on a buck. Next Martin took the ball and made first and ten. Joe received the ball on a buck but Roosevelt stopped him, they were wise o our working bucks, so Puggy, playing quarterback, called Martin on a fake buck. Martin went through the right side as in the rest of the plays, faking that he had the ball, Roosevelt im- mediately piled on him, but by this time Puggy had given Joe the ball, and Joe was tearing down the field, clear through Roosevelt's team for a touchdown. Sixty yards on a buckl It was a great feat, and the crowd showed its appreciation. Roosevelt made a strong comeback and succeeded in making seven points. In the third quarter, Joe made a splendid drop kick from a difficult angle, making the score 7-9 in our favor. The game progressed more excitingly, the Roosevelt fans yelling for an- other touchdown, and our fans the same. Both teams played good defensive until four minutes were left in which to play. Roosevelt had the ball near their own goal when a bad pass by their center caused it to fall over their goal line. We rushed after it but Perry Van Hyning, Roosevelt's star fullback, caught the ball, eluded several State High gridders and managed to gain ten yards on the field. Being so close to our Qtjontinued on Page 65J 52 can-l'?..f'.J? .ww wwf mmw .2 bm., ,Q ...,,y . 3, X-5 . Y' 3 me A4 My 5 'lf 4 5 A M ,,. ,..,u.M,w..,,,. . ,MWMM -1:35 if Athletics 1924-'25 Kent State High has not yet won a Trolley League banner, but we have come close to it several times. Though we have never won a banner, We have never been last in any sport. Considering this fact, we have made an excellent showing in ath- letics. We are the smallest school in the Trolley League, that is, we have the least number of students. i The Class of '25 gave much toward athletics, and with its passing on, it seems to leave many large holes in the field of athletics. We hope though, that the places they leave will be filled. Nineteen twenty-five sees the end of the scholastic careers of such stars as De- Leone, Bohecker, Hall, Stopher, Metzler, 'Thomas, Woodworth, Gombert, Daltorio, and Griggy. All except Griggy have earned a letter in some sport, some earning letters in four sports. To any college these athletes go they will easily make a name for themselves, and we will surely be proud of them. ik if il! -JE -JK Bk -If STATE HIGH VERSUS ROOSEVELT HIGH Within the last two years Kent State High has Won five consecutive athletic events from Roosevelt High, these contests being held beween the boys only. The first two events were Won in baseball in the 1924 season. These games were won from Roosevelt when they had their championship football team. Our third victory was in the 1924 football season. Our next two victories were in basketball. The first was a game that has had no rival during the season for being as the fans say. "good." It was a fight to he end and at the finish the score was a tie, 29 to 29. In the five minutes overtime we outplayed them and won 33-29. The last game was a walk-away for State High. We had improved to the extent of walloping Roosevelt 25 to 3. Roosevelt and Kent State are friendly rivals and naturally, when one rival has some superiority over the other, the tendency is to boast. YVe do not wish to boast, but taking in consideration all the facts, this is a record to be proud of. 54 I i The "S" Association R. Bohecker-Football M. Daltorio-Football, Basketball, Baseball F. Dangler-Football, Baseball, Track C. DeLeone-Football, Baseball l J. DeLeone-Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track L. DeLeone-Football, Track, Baseball F. Gombert-Football L. Hall-Football, Basketball, Baseball R. Hall-Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track C. Johnson-Baseball, Tennis A. Ludick-Baseball P. Meeker-Tennis M. Metzler-Basketball J. Mullock-Football . R. Stopher-Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Tennis V Thomas-Football, Basketball Mgr., Baseball 4 L. Van Deusen-Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track B. Whyte-Football, Baseball H. Woodworth--Football Margaret Bourne-Basketball, Tennis Antonio DeGregio-Basketball Alice Elgin-Basketball, Tennis Bernice Fisher-Basketball, Track Gladys Gibson-Basketball Helen Herwig-Track Eunice Smith-Basketball 56 e DeLeone the greatest scholastic star ever developed at Kent State High takes his leave Wlth the class of 25. The Triple Threat Man or the Four Sports Star" as Joe is sometimes called, deserves these names accredited him. In football Joe was in the limelight in nearly every game. Carry the ball on an end run or buck, p , punt, or drop-kick, Joe could do all equally well. In defense, Joe was the mainstay of the team, always in the play, breaking it up, tackling the man with the ball. Making the "All Trolley League Team" for three consecutive years, in foot- ball, is one of his achievements. This is an honor no other player in the Trolley League has yet attained. Joe was the only letterman to receive four bars on his football letter, the bars denoting years of service. He is also a star in other sports. playing well at any position. ln football Joe's position is fullbackg he has also been captain. In basketball he played guard or forwardg in baseball, pitcher and fielder. Joe may go to John Carroll or to Ohio State after graduating. Individual Write-ups of Lettermen. JO .r , . ,, ,, Martin Daltorio, familiarly known as "hiatt," has been one of the mainstays of Kent State Athletic teams for several seasons. ln football Mart has played guard and halfback regularly for three seasons. His line plunging was a feature of the 1924 football season. Mart is heavy enough for any high school or college team, and he always keeps going. He is not a sensational player but whenever the Blue and White needed a few yards badly, lVIart was usually the man called to make them. This year is his first year on the basketball team but he will be greatly missed on the 1926 squad. He played a steady game at forward or guard. In baseball he is a brilliant performer at second base. He is strong on grounders and is a heavy hitter. He has shown up well in interclass track meets for the last three seasons, especially in throwing the heavy material. He broke the discus record when a Sopho- more. Mart's services will be missed at State High. Ohio State may be his des- tination. Robert Stopher, commonly called "Bob," proved during the last two years to be one of the best athletes at Kent State High. This year was his first year on the football squad. His stellar work made him an outstanding athlete. Bob is a fast runner and he displayed his speed on end runs at Bedford and Ravenna. His ability to run also made him a track star. Running away from everybody has gained him a reputation as a 100-yard dash man. Bob not only runs fast but he also runs long distances. He won the inter-class cross country run with many yards to spare. Bob was our 1925 basketball captain. His good work on the quintet being away above average. He plays well as either guard or forward. His good work and his good eye in the Falls game will not be soon forgotten. Bob is a flash at third base, literally eating up grounders. He is also a dependable hitter. He also earned a letter in tennis, doing good work in the Trolley League Tournament. Bob Stopher is the only man this year to earn five letters, an envied accomplishment. Robert Hall, also called "Bob," came to State High from Ravenna. Bob is thc biggest athlete at Kent State High. He weighs 230 pounds and measures 6 ft. 4 in. in height. ln football Bob was a regular stone wall: plays by opponents never suc- ceeded if they came his way. Bob was virtually a tower of strength to the team. His size made him invaluable as a guard on the basketball teamg his defensive work saved many games. ln track Bob is at his best in throwing the discus and in heaving the shot. Bob has the inter-class record for the discus throw. ln baseball he is a dependable pitcher and a heavy hitter. Bob Hall is a four-letterman. He and Dal- torio are the only Seniors who have not missed a second of a football game during the last two seasons. ' 57 Lewis Hall, "Lewie," rivals Bob in athletic aizhievf-ments. "Lew" is an end on the football team. His specialty is defensive work and grabbing forward passes. He plays center on the basketball team and his ability is of the highest order. Be- sides being a fairly good defensive player, he was high point man on our team. Next 1 ' ' ' ' at ' H years basketball team should be a great success with him as their captain. Lewie is also a capable first baseman. His long reach makes it possible for him to make many seemingly impossible stops and he is also a strong hitter. Vernon Thomas, "Puggy," is one of the smallest athletes at State High, but his ability far exceeds his size. Puggy has been quarterback for three seasons. His quick eye saw many weak spots in the opponent's lineup and so he always called the right play. He has had his collar-bone broken three times for the glory of Kent State, twice in football and once in basketball. In baseball Puggy is a "whiz" behind the bat and a star shortstop. Puggy's gameness is one of his best characteristics. He is a regular little hunk of dynamite. Puggy plans to enter Akron University next fall. Frederick Gombert, "Fritz," has played with the grid team for two seasons. His long suit is speed, which is an important thing in any athletic event. He is also a steady pitcher. Herbert Woodworth, "Butch," played his first year on the football team this year. Butch turned out to be a fighting guard always striving to do his best. He is also a good long distance runner, showing up well in the inter-class track meer. Butch is a better manager than player but his services deserve a great deal of credit. Morris Metzler, "Mo," has served on the basketball squad for three years but he failed to earn a letter until this year. Metzler's spirit is the best whether we are ahead or behind. Morris should be congratulated for his faithfulness in practice. He would run over to the Gym after work, climb into his suit and come down on the Hoor willing to do his best wherever Harsh saw fit to put him. Robert Bohecker, "Bob," came to State High in his Senior year and immediately joined the football squad. Bob played a strong game at left tackle. He was heavy enough to stop nearly everything and he nearly always came across. Blair Whyte, call him "Berskie," he isn't a bit proud, plays football, basketball and baseball. ln all sports he does his best and fights to the last whistle. "Bersk" has yet another year to display his ability and we prophesy splendid results. Frank Dangler, "Frankie," is a Junior and football captain-elect. His ability merits his receiving this honor. Frank is a dash-man, and he certainly displayed his speed in footballg practically always under the ball on a punt. "Frankie" is a four- sports star. He does well, in fact very well, in track. He will probably have a reg- ular berth on the next year's basketball team. In baseball he fields everything at third or short and is a good batter. Not only is Frankie a good athlete but is also a splendid student. He and Lewie Hall have done much to prove that athletes, in our school at least, can make as high grades as anyone. Carmon DeLeone, "Carm," played regularly at center in football, substitute guard in basketball and outfielder in baseball. Lowell Van Deusen, known as "Fat," was the only Freshman to receive a foot- ball letter. Fat has a fine start and will, no doubt, develop into a brilliant player. He was a first-team forward in basketball and a capable outfielder in baseball. Fat is also a good track man and a fairly good tennis player. Clay Johnson is another Freshman to show up well. Clay was sub forward in basketball and a good catcher in baseball and a fine tennis player. Alex Ludick also a "l"reshie" is a regular pitcher on the high school nine. SS Football Squad 1924. Name Position Weight Age Joe DeLeone, CCaptainD Fullback .......... ...... 1 70 19 Vernon Thomas, Quarterback ......... ...... 1 35 17 Robert Stopher, Right Halfback ......... ...... 1 32 16 Martin Daltorio, Left Halfback ......... ...... 1 65 18 Lewis Hall, Left End ....................... ...... 1 80 16 Robert Bohecker, Left Tackle ............. ...... 1 65 17 Herbert Woodworth, Left Guard ........... ...... 1 30 17 Carmon DeLeone, Center ................. ...... 1 55 18 John Mullock, Right Guard ........ ...... 1 45 18 Robert Hall, Right Tackle ........ ...... 2 15 18 Frank Dangler, Right End ............... ...... 1 35 16 Lowell Van Deusen, Halfback ........... ...... 1 36 15 Frederick Gombert, Tackle .......... ...,.. l 38 16 , Paul Meeker, End ............. ,..... 1 37 17 George Spain, End ......... ...... l 22 17 Blair Whyte, Guard ..,.... ...,.. 1 S5 17 is ek we at an ar we FOOTBALL SCHEDULE-1924 Date Played Score Opponent Score October 10 Here Kent State High ............ 21 VVestern Reserve Acad .,,,, 0 October 18 There Kent State High ............ 0 Boardman High..i ..,......,, 13 October 25 There Kent State High ............ 0 Cuyahoga Falls High ....,, 32 November 1 Here Kent State High 0 Kenmore High .....,,.....,.,, 7 November 8 There Kent State High ............ 29 Bedford High ,...,,. ,,,,,,, 2 0 November 15 There Kent State High ............ 21 Ravenna High .......,,,, .,,. 6 November 22 Here Kent State High ............ 16 Roosevelt High ,..,,..., 7 November Z8 Here Kent State High ..... 21 Alumni ...........,,. ,.,,,,, 7 Total ........................ 108 Total ...,,.., ,,,,,,, 9 2 59 Boys' Basketball Team 1925 Robert Stopher CCaptainj, Guard-Forward Joe DeLeone, Guard-Forward Robert Hall, Guard Vernon Thomas, Guard Carmen DeLeone, Guard Lewis Hall, Center Blair Whyte, Center Martin Daltorio, Guard-Forward Morris Metzler, Forward John Mullock, Forward Lowell Van Deusen, Forward HIE -lk 16 ik ill -ll! if BASKETBALL SCH ED U LE-1 925 ..l. Date Played Score Opponent Score january There Kent State High ............ 28 Hudson High ................ 20 january Here Kent State High ............ 30 Alumni ................. ...... l 2 january There Kent State High .r.......... 15 Kenmore High ............ 25 january There Kent State High ............ 12 Bedford High .............. 2-1- january Here Kent State High ............ 28 Cuyahoga Falls High .... 21 january There Kent State High ............ 16 Ravenna High .............. 25 February Here Kent State High ............ 33 Roosevelt High ............ 29 February Here Kent State High ............ IS Kenmore High ........ .. 35 February Here Kent State High ............ 19 Bedford High .............. 35 February There Kent State High ............ 18 Cuyahoga Falls High .... 21 February Here Kent State High ............ 19 Ravenna High .............. 22. March There Kent State High ............ 21 VVestern Reserve Acad. 20 March There Kent State High ............ 25 Roosevelt High ............ 3 f w l utzll ...,. ......... 2 82 Total ..,. ..... . .290 60 W 1 1 1 Date April ll April 15 April 17 April 18 April 22 April 24 April 29 May l May 'S May 9 May 12 May 15 May 18 May 23 June 3 1925 Baseball Team Name Joe DeLeone Clay Johnson Lewis Hall Martin Daltorio Robert Stopher Robert Hall Carmon DeLeone Alex Ludick Frederick Gombert Blair Whyte Lowell VanDeusen Frank Dangler Vernon Thomas il!-I-Q-I Position Pitcher-Fielder Catcher First Base Second Fielder Pitcher--Fielder Fielder Pitcher Pitcher Catcher Fielder Third Base Shortstop Base BASEBALL SCHEDULE-1925 1 Played There Kent There Kent There Kent Here Kent Here Kent There Kent Here ' Kent Here Kent There Kent There Kent There Kent There Kent Here Kent There Kent Here Kent Score Opponent Score State High ............ 7 Shaw High--Cleveland 13 State High ............ 18 Streetsboro High ,.....,..... 0 State High ............ 4 Wadsworth High .......... 14 State High ............ 7 Barberton High ..........,. 5 State High ............ 15 Western Reserve Acad. 6 State High ............ 7 Cuyahoga Falls High .... 10 State High ............ 12 Newton Falls High ...... 9 State High ............ 9 Medina High ,..........,..., 0 State High ............ 4 Warren High ................ 6 State High ............ 3 Barberton High .............. l State High ............ 5 University School, Clev. 11 State High .......... .... B arberton High ............ .... State High .......... .... C uyahoga Falls High ,,,. ,.,, State High .......... .... O rville High .......,.,..,.,.,. , State High .......... .... 62 VVestern Reserve Acad. . .. K i Girls' Team. Gladys Gibson, Captain Alice Elgin ................. Margaret Bourne ....... Bernice Fisher ......... Eunice Smith ...... Esther Meeker .... Helen Herwig ........ Antonio DeGregio ..... Doris Singley .......... Henrietta Beechy ....... Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. il- it -lk ik- I- -li -li GIRLS' SCHEDULE, 1925 24-C1924J, K. S. H. S., 24-3 Palmyra, 3. 5-There, K. S. H. S., 53 Palmyra, 1. 9-There, K. S. H. S., 7, Kenmore, 15. 17-There, K. S. H. S., 53 South Euclid, 15. 23-Here, K. S. H. S., 15, Falls, 17. 30-There, K. S. H. S., 155 Ravenna, 30. 6-Here, K. S. H. S., 183 Roosevelt, 38. 13-Here, K. S. H. S., 43 Kenmore, 33. 20-There, K. S. H. S., 9g Falls, 22. 27-Here, K. S. H. S., 133 Ravenna, 27. Mar. 13-There, K. S. H. S., 8, Roosevelt, 32. Guard, .. Center Forward Forward Guard, .. Guard Forward, .. Guard Center, .. Guard, i 7 1925 1925 1927 1926 1926 1928 1926 1928 1927 1925 "Kent State always fights." This was at least true of the 1925 Girls' Team. Although suffering many defeats the girls kept up their spirit and continued to do their best for State High throughout the whole season. ' Captain Gladys Gibson, Alice Elgin, and Henrietta Beechy will graduate, but Eunice Smith, Bernice Fisher, Helen Herwig, Antonio DeGregio, Margaret Bourne, With our own gym we should get some good results in 1926. 64 Boys' Tennis Team 1925 The Trolley League Tennis Tournament for 1925 will be held at Cuyahoga Falls on Saturday, May 23. State High will probably be represented by some of.the following players: Robert Stopher, Clay Johnson, Paul Meeker, Dwight Bentley, Lowell Van Deusen and Robert Hall. Stopher and Meeker won letters last year. R SIP ii- it 'X' -JK il Girls' Tennis Team 1925 Last year the girl's tennis team, Alice Elgin and Pearl Warner, made an excellent showing at the Trolley League Tournament. Margaret Bourne will take Pearl Warner's place and this year they should have a much better chance to "cop the cup." Both are good players and have had experience. 'IE -lk' 'll' il- -It ik 'K' TROLLEY LEAGUE. lContinued from Page 521 goal, they were forced to punt. The ball was passed to Van Hyning and as he kicked, Martin managed to get to him and block the ball as it left his foot. The ball bounded over the line again and Martin fell on it, making a touchdown. Joe made the point after touchdown. The ball was kicked-off, and as there was little time left to play, Roosevelt started passing. The whistle blew after their last pass was intercepted. The ball went to the winning team. It will be hung in the new gym as a trophy. 0ur last game was with the Alumni on our field, November 28. The Ex-State High Stars boasted that they would wallop us but they were sadly mistakeng we walloped them 21 to 7. Their touchdown was made by Frank Hallg he literally rolled over our line for a touchdown. None of our players took a chance on stopping the steam-roller. By the way, the touchdown was made overtime and Hall was in motion before the ball was snapped, but what did we care? The Alumni were so happy We couldn't bear to disappoint them. 65 OUR FIRST TROLLEY LEAGUE BANNER EARNED BY KENT STATE HIGH ATHLETES 1925. It was in the midst of a basketball game that-midnight summer morn, When Kent State High won their first Trolley League Baseball banner When a home-run knocked by Joe DeLeone made our opponents' chances forlorn. It was a splendid home-run made in peculiar manner, An eighty yard drop kick from the forty-yard line. Oh! It was a splendid drop kick, a forward pass that tickled the spine. It was a rare sight to see, a long basket was made. It was three-quarters the length of the floor, right under our basket When Mart made the shot, such a shot has not been seen in the last decade. The ball acted crazy, and was drunk, if you don't believe me ask it. Bob Stopher did his part to win that Banner, he made several stupendous shots, He shot the shot-put, oh, so very farg they counted the distance to see, And found to all their surprise that it had traversed across forty lots. And landed in Pug's backyard and broke a cabbage tree. Bob Hall played guard, a great guard he surely is, He prevented them from scoring all that game, they only got 30 points, He was so tired from doing good work that Fritz took him home in his liz. Friz was kind and drove very slow so as not to hurt Bob's joints. He drove very slow, if I am a good judge, I think it was ninety miles an hour or so. Lewie, the little boy, played center in that great game. He caught a center toss and ran 99 yards in ten feet of snow And the game put Kent State High on the map of fame. 66 X I W-. 'Q s '1 I E mm hm ,, S sqm lm M K 4 ,ll. QMQWL X 4 h 'icuii' ' in :JI vw I ' """ Wi.. is 21.149359 J? 5 !!W,wll,Q!g 1, wh!! 9 -,f'Lr faieuuqqia mm f'Qf"?':ng-W''mlm."' Q1 'lx .f1fgmx1xxl-li" 1,3 ,ZW -V -,,..,m 0 W E MN ,L ' 'Elm ' "Q lI!15i!,Wg axlmfgx 54 , i n .llmuar 2? ... li- fl X 5953-1 if SQ 'z'i1's':cnmmmrgc1cgvg ocfzjfbff' O 5' 50753-9,Oc'U3,n9L:-0 UQ---1 'U 5-"":1r-UQ3-Em reno 99,5133 D' D w ,iw'crQ,,U-oPfvof,::- .-,1....m,-1 FB FD GO -4 0: O"1yr'l4 pggggey, :1 :' zz!-.9511 5:13 :,,g5'2' rn Q ' :w'- 153' 4 as Z g?'Zg'QH1,.qQ.rsz.,g E2 E'-342 ff 2 grgzaaagfgmicnm F F,'5 W N 5-HB 93014 -175.3 mggqo D, 2 2 F1-m from Bn -.3 m""' 0 N Ga-,EU E. Hp 3 -."" r-:Som W' HB 9, ...J , F, Q., L., 32N-5: 5? 5? fFEg+EJQgCFQ?:oEEPFE :J-vr-vgggq o- cr :sooo-U':,:':w nga-Q ve Q.2..... W : 5 ND- ,., :lm -'cgi Q ... 5 .1 Q :D S E QSITE! T1 31 Erzfghff'-1Q2:5:Q':Ugff ,.. CFD 53 H- D-' ""' 4-' . :SQ-115, 5 'D -2ia'QiC9.Bff5S5a,-'SEA '-P-'-15','f,'Q- D 'f-r'1 D--'U'-r'U,----3"a og- 5 Q- 5 W0 :-'- :naw -1 C3O Q 3-' 'Q 1495 fb N SD-me-o:t: .1 C 2 Q an A 2: 3 U' 3 3 rn Q- S 2 fe S Qfsgggg.Q2i?:?Q12rfgj5?55EQ??3? "'32"'::r'3:'r'3mv-9-fb f-,jm"fUg2-15"' 5 ,mg Q 2,-...Quo ,,,,,.-.QE -- Q w---U-as - ma--are na Zi "' 02.52, f-f D U24-+4lQ ...m -1 U'5qqg3'CJ FQ' ,-,H IJ Q '4 na ,,, UQ ,. UQ UQUE.UQ"1 b 3 mg' 5 Q 2 . C -.3 'E- n n LU'-I rg S B' cn pr c "1 rr- :cmw-1: 5 r CEZ1Z'.U:2:.:',LLgUELOY.?2'1 05,700 H 2 5'7a'9'U'5'5'O'5'w",9,E-20 HHOOD- 5. 7? g:,nO 774:-Bic: cz.'E,9.5o '1'iQ'f4"N5B942.5-...5'Q..C5 E,:"g5m2 EL 2--UQ :J'3:sF-1U"P4gq5Qn F ,-,-..-.-HD: Q-"1Cgp:.Dh,l.,-N Ha N. 'Q-'3-1, , cn 1"1'x,4p-g'pr'v'4 N.. v--C Y-' 'Q mlm H' fb mC!-lqmgg QC 0 825' S Q-B Q- 9 R gr.. BE 0 N 3 -U51 wg 5+ FF' 3' F y"I mm -. ..z.w 3 O N :s wwf W mzocsmswzdzfwmc :wa S Ofsamso-UESSOHQQE :S-:SDS H Egavgn-swwsweaig --- "" W-"'ru 5? g23:2,e5Meg5'wiEgE. CL.: N Cr Q""' 523 ' - D- UI 5: I-gjgx 'HRW' ,gl-fnl'r15m'b ' " 5 S11 -1 n"1 CU ' :lm G 'U 'T' -- an - FU n:'1I2 S' V2 QT' cm. :AC O :3 O 's U, '4 P59-:SW 5 2' F Q : .9"' fb "' 2 .. Hbrvv - g ,V rn - 2 11 w EL? 5,73- FP 69 'S' CD kde "1 aalfigpad 'S Kenna'-How come every time your cur breaks down you take a look at your driver's license ?" Butch-I do that for encouragement. The license says l'm competent to operate the machine." When all my thinks in vain are thunk: When all my winks in vain are wunkg What saves me from a dreadful flunk? My Pony! Carm and Doris went up the hill, To get a pail of molasses, Carm fell down and broke his crown, And that's why he avoids the 'lasses. Alice-What's your idea of a smart girl? Fritz-One who can make her complexion taste as good as it looks. Kitty-l hear Paul likes only brunettes. Roosevelt Visitor-So they say. l'm dying to meet him. Naomi-You know, l can speak every language but Greek. jean--That so? Translate this: Comment vous portez-vous Naomi-Hum, that's Greek to me. Louis W.-How old are you? Blair-l'm twenty-one. Had the seven years itch three times. Your eyes are shining dearest, Your eyes of azure blue, But darling, l can't fall for you, Your nose is shining too. Slippery ice-very thin, Pretty girl-tumbled in, Saw a boy-on a bank, Gave a. shriek-then she sank, Boy on bank-heard her shout, Jumped right in-helped her out, Now he's her's-very nice, But--she had-to break the ice. Alice had a. little clam, Served upon a shell, She ate the shell and not the clam, So we have no more to tell. A 70 cc matin, m'sieu? Mr. Koehler-Give me the definition of wind. Lewie-Air in a hurry. bliss O'Rourke-Was "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" romantic or clas- sical? Bob Hall--I think it was. IVIr. Koehler-You'll have "to cut out" the slang in here. Vernon-What's the matter with those jokes I sent you? Bob S.-Well, some of them Ilve seen before, the rest I haven't seen yet. Carmon-Say did you ever notice what a lot of muscle a singer has? I wonder why that is? Leo-Oh, they get that reaching for the high notes. Fritz Qto most any girlj-You are the breath of life to me. She-Then suppose you hold your breath. Mr. Koehler-Joe, what pitch is this tuning fork? Joe-It sounds like L to me. Of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, "be in by ten." Naomi Of all glad words of tongue or pen, The gladdest are these, "the Daveys are here again." Miss Bachman-We will now sing "Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep." Morris-What page is that "Locked in the Stable with the Sheep ?" Butch-Did anybody here lose fifty lcents? Mart-Yes, I did. Butch--Well, here's a nickle of it. Fritz-Papa, may I go to a party tonight? Mr. Gombert--No! It hasn't been more than a week since you went down to that wicked pool-room and the week before you went to see a girl. It seems to me you have been running around entirely too much lately. Henrietta in History 15-Dewey took his six ships and Went to Mandalay. 71 A RADIO BUG Here lies the remains of a radio fan, Now mourned by his many relations, He went to a powder-mill smoking his pipe, And was plcked up by 21 stations. . INSEPARABLES 1. Barney and Sparky 2. Neva and Gladys 3. Mutt and Jeff 4. Pork and Beans 5. Lillian and Lucille 6. Altrock and Schact 7. Bob Stopher and Puggy 8. Now and Then 9. Butch and Worry 10. Gallagher and Shean 11. Fritz and his Maxwell 12. Corned Beef and Cabbage 13. Harsh and "Do you see what l mean ?" 14. Leo and sleep 15. Paul Apley and about five books 16. Mr. Boulet and h.s motto, "They shall not pass" 17. Beechy and her loaiing 18. Kent Roosevelt and a losing team 19. Kent State High and good sportsmanship. Lewis H. fbefore he went to State Highj--Do nuts grow on trees? F ather-They do, my son. Lewis H.-Then what tree does the doughnut grow on? Father-The pantry, my son. Mr. Rumold-VVhat can you tell me about nitrates? Martin-Well-er-they're a lot cheaper than day rates. Miss Hazen-Give me the definition of etiquette. Louis Hall-lt's saying "no thank you," when you want to holler 'lgimmeln Fritz-l have a terrific headache and toothache. Kitty-What are you going to do about it? Fritz-l'm going to have the tooth filled, but l don't know what to do about my head. Kitty-Oh, I'd have that filled too. 72 Joe--When will there be twenty-live letters in the alphabet? Dene-When? Joe-When U and I are one. Carmon-They are not going to hang men with wooden legs any more. Duke-Why not? Carmon-They are going to use a rope. Heinie fin Englishj--She kissed hfm once and then pulled the curtain. Bob Hall-Pull the curtain first. Some of the Sophomores are so dumb they think Ma Jongg is the governor of Texas. Miss Bachman-Put more spirit into that song. Now let everyone open his mouth and throw himself into it. Louis H.-Will you hold this fountain pen? Duke-Why? Louis H.-Because it's liable to run. Mr. Koehler-What is steam? Frank Dangler-Steam is water gone crazy with the heat. SEASONS There was a young fellow named Hall, Who fell in the spring in the fallg 'Twould have been a sad thing lf he'd died in the spring, But he didn't-he died in the fall. There was a young person called Marty, Who sent out his cards for a partyg So exclusive and few Were the friends that he knew That no one was present but Marty. Someone was heard to remark that Gladys Gibson has such a large mouth that she can whisper in her own ear. Martin Daltorio-l always wear dull leather shoes, for if I did not, I would have to spend at least ten cents every three weeks for a shine. 73 Miss O'Rourke-ls kiss a common or proper noun? Neva Skinner-It is both common and proper, according to circumstances. Mr. Koehler-What is space? Carmon-I can't think just at present, but I have it in my head. There was a young fellow named Pat Who stopped by a mule for a chatg He Woke up in bed The next day and sa.d, HI sure got a kick out of that." Fritz comes downstairs coughing. Mrs. Gombert-You must be better, Frederick. You cough much more easily this morning. Fritz--Well, I ought to. I've practiced all night. ll. 0 ll-l Autographs 75 0.11. AS-9E'l774yE0.01. M KMA-1-.Q Q Anoka' 1?ev1r9Jm1?aa11z S1111 of-610 1.912-15 l Autographs 77 Y UQ S SM K 5 Sl Uv D ERTISE- MENTS. if , EQ? QHHJ- fm ff ? X! fvfnk K X x f h fl ' ""'1tCf+f" s f , HF?nmiminflna UW -'73 .... -.- -..-- -- .':.':z':s:':. Q 2 - 1 ta . -' ........ l QTL 1 .415 ...... K' ' t ,G if ali i L , inn i I t had " in gf ff .zf Alllm N lk t 0?:E'f?m? , tt t. t49 'i"a f?JN- gp 7 l X 11- ilhwmtniiian e 'H X I X r l T524 K T--. ,,,s..-, M, s W fee I 4x it vu 625 - 3115? t ' Interest Peud on Q3 Savings Deposits IES? gk? 'Z Wt 14 A wt mx I 1 Eg? Safety Depos1t Boxes 35 -232 , -t Q: for Rent I 2 ii 5- I . 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Suggestions in the Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) collection:

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