Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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Trimble Technical High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Fort Worth, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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' ' 44. ,, . 15 A',, . 1,1 F5 'Wh - f We, 1, J. xx? ,J , gf? 'QM -f fx E , , I I, 'H' 3 U hi, . 1 q Qflwff Q, fx wr., ua. ' Q, W W fx.. X .fx , 5-fil'iQf-N ff: W e . by? f 5 X-J' wlgy: .5 I I Y X Q N? VX,-5 Z 7 1 7' V 1 :'1 5 svfl: 7, ',3V.f'! D, NQV -iff iz' 3 wa 'A 4 '. H - Q Q4 ' A Q , , xx Mx. Q nf, I X7 K.k, t Rrffa V -"- N-.A M L Q '. fy ii'5Mf '9 5655- ' 1' L ll fs?QxQu 6332 fi! V -A 9 04-,I MN' M' df . 1- . fav? lg' f v WML 5 ff qi' ,I B-'S' ' f2'ff if NE R f ,f ..' I I , ' B wg Q lm 'fl ' w . ,fe gf tg? El' QA 'SR 'XX ,P 2 Q' Q 'X :nur Y "x P Y J Ig. NX 'wt i fr Q, ig ,fx Vx Q14 ,l V3 of g ,I Q' 15 0 LU Ig gm u M if J VQ x l !. 5 kk Wk' Q R 3 X' X l j X' - . X W m 5 , , , . Im 1 x 'At J X ga ff -fl? ., ' Wag, 'lf W' VX' y " ' U 4' ' Q ' . 4 1... . - v X iw yy W .if 2, ML Q QW B , sq JJ N X 'i A 'ifwo ' ' ' Q ' 'c 1? Q f V ' Nm vb SJ - J Qu, ff fr xl X f . I ' ' ' ,Vo E, T' 4 X X xv, L. J I I A' XH- L L U Rf " I . 0 W3 M Xffx, YL ' Lx! X J . X' ' J N jg 99 X, . VT DL-jx' VXQ' K fr., .1 X 'x. ,h . YWVBAKXQ A' N ' Qu- - E51 g 9s": 'X 15 0 'res , ,N 3 C-'T ,hs S way: J Q i W 2 F ' X, A rg Q ww K5 ' In WL ' W WX A - x v . . , 1 . v 1 ,F xx' . , K 13 A X A ,, E ,sxv J . . N . X . nr J Q' . I s , 1' v N . xxx?-c'Xq1 , ' Mm xi YVMJE C' fl'- O 'O - 1 xN M ' . " , A , , . , Fr XX. if Z , 'X Q ' X c -' Il f v f ' x 0 J xm NN xx ! N X 31513 1 ' 1 Q P SE' ' MM -1' . I t K , "if Q' vfD ' '- J .J Sinclair won the Wm nizes i WHTS P 'K ki d. i e If raft D. QQ- 7 " n- 1. l id I 'fvil 'l J E I 11 4 5 K c min Jnsor 1 U ll L - ed a high 3 been x r the , K, if-I ,. that -x 1 ixxx N P ,, ', . , MJ 1, ld and . 1 . 1 V , . 'N ' If-1 1, 7- H , 'i N efore. - , 'sf . -I ' A xx I ' My " - - ,' ome ' ' L- , - Q 1 r l- i r - ' 'A l - ,. , J - A If she - I , J , I 1 W i , 'S 5 A Q' , .-. v tc? L ' ' ' e sold. ave been nuals still gander at ls are tq you can ha . n h has not es' i beer. at Tech efore. 2: books sug- I contc z Sf: md , al Y defied The members of this year's lure your place, Howard Dudley. Ident- Inew planned forjannual staff areg Eddie Mapp, outside the ification Contestsg Second How- the Allied Youth Conference. art editorg Marlin Franklin, ed- book covers ard Dudley. i Th b 1 ct d J itor Cgraduated at mid-termlg show Individual vuinners in 9 mem ers e e e esse orxes of ' . the . . Auto Shop chapters are: Skill- BSU, President? Eddie M399 THE BULLDO '53 Martha Maldonado, associate editor: Madelon Mathews and draw or uuu culdbl lll16S. ' fbecfwalwn 714ml gk Zn nd 721 mmf Mwcfamiancf WLQXWL Wfgpale mkaiefwaiwmfcf maliozffz M, Me kdflflbfwli fel ae mmf CZMCQZLC044 of 704412 hm e GHZ! za wgygci and hae of fha many mfmifeffpii kwa Zfze 94486 pained? eww km! cena, mfzcfwdlafmf ng Zke JZQM deaf Cale he 795 fgwffdq 1 . . . I M L if ,- X . , . X I M fd I Q ' ' -- CL Q wham ke Am camfcwiecf wzcf czzcfecf. 701 . U 1 . I 4 . 7 Z -- bm? ff Z Z .52 'Q AQ 1. H my 42:8 X-15.1. ' Trme for announcemenfs iv 3 -ar' X if 'Time for counselmg Z 'Him Time for refreshments. ' 1 -. V ' 4,-v Q 1 A ll I IK HL 1' H ETC li Yi 1 SW 'Wx L QQ Jbfff Algfffuwadflancvw wmiohfwiw Wad! ifrLm4cZoX,wdU THESE ARE THE if A PEOPLE CF TECH 2 -Q I 2, g ' - 44 E Q X wx-V3 A X ' A ,a I A 4. dk? 2 Yew ' -leg 0 , - vmkkgxx ,nu Q.. 'lr 3,4 asain xl: CT 'V t 'X f of wff VX 1, .s K X. M . l? 3 x v ' A f N - . , qbgfjdl FR-,75 X KITQ A . Q QSC, Z5 on ' 'QQQX aofvf ,E , FSAX X A if xx? L -L- ' 2 AW WmW m xx, CONTENTS Admlnustrahon Faculty Sensors Juniors Sophomores Band-Majorettes Vocational Depa rtmenfs gfwfwi I NNN., in X,L zo--:rw-am-z-zur 5 Mr Joe P Moore Fort Worfh Public Schools Mr Elden Busby Asslsfonf Supennfendenf Suoerinfendenf L? Fix hw-nail! as" ARD OF EDUC ION Mrs J A Gooch Mr Ray Finney Supt Joe P Moore Mr Wlllnam S Potts Mr George Conner Mr O C Armstrong Mass Jean Elder Mr Leon Stewart Mr Stewart Lydack Mr W A Meacham Assistant Superintendent Hfgh Schools glib Mr B C Shulkey Assistant Superintendent Elementary Schools MR G B TRIMBLE Dlrecfor of Vocoffonol Educoflon Prmclpol of Te-chmcol Hlgh School X' MISS HARRIET GRIFFIN Dean of Girls MR A B OCONNOR Co ordmafor of lnsfruchon MR W C PATE Vice principal A-7-K Mass Wlllle Moe Jenkins Registrar Mrs Eliza beth Cone nt Secretary Ofhce Staff Mrs Ma ry Bishop Secrefarv -1 'fzrff ,f 212.2 wb ., 5-vc' 4 .Z .s-gxN'5 'ff' Q. Y 1 QE Q 1 T 'S -1 'E 'E' Cf .EL ' V 'il' Adflw Nino- -rg. ' J A Mr H C Beczrden Printing Mr. Jock Bentley Science Student Council Sponsor Science Club Sponsor Miss Bert Boring English Sophomore Sponsor Mr J W Anderson Hrstroy Sophomore Sponsor B W Baker Busmess Mrs E W Barrett Cosmetology -1'lW"'ks Mr Joe Bothe Scrence Sclence Club Sponsor Hlsfory Mrs Inez Cortwrlght Girls PE A C Sponsor p-wiv '!'.9'-- can og,-1 7' .gno- 'QW' XX A-FX Mr George Chollor Aufomohles Mrs Buena Dole Business Mrs Bess D1 Gnovonnu Math . 1 gt, Ax X . "' ' or '- A 1 K. W- nl A NL' .4 'if' - XT gf 5 , ff ' 1 fy, s f 1 I I . TN u V, V QQ Mr. Theron Byrd Lv ' . , . .. - lf J' if M ,-,f I Y 1 I in ' 1 X fi 4 v Q t 5 ,gan ,ju ff Sgf. J. W. Fousf ROTC Mrs. Mary Lynn Fousf Salesmanship Commercial Law ROTC Sponsor Mrs. Iris Gates Librarian Mrs Helen Drake English Maih FTA Sponsor Mrs Clara Belle Eastman English Cheerleader Sponsor Mrs Elizabeth Elder English if Wra- ,, Qs, 'QW' Mrs Dolores Grnfhfh English Mr Robert Goode Aeronautics Mrs Neva Jewell Guess English Mr C S Greothouse Sludenf Council Sponsor Mr Harold Green Mafh Jumor Sponsor Mrs Jucmlta Greer School Nurse Mrs Nell Harry Busmess ROTC Sponsor Green Jackef Sponsor Mr C L Herring English Counselor Mrs. Louise Holland Hisfory Mass Nona Hallclrcln Hlsfory Mr Orton Homby Photography M R J Ha s Mofh -'Q Mr J E Johnson Fngmeerlng Drafhng Mr James B Johnson Business Sophomore Sponsor Mr Roy C Johnson Boys PE ia- 'TT Mrs Mortho Lee Jones Business Semor Sponsor Sgt E D Keene ROTC Mr Harry Kingsbury Aufomohves Rodeo Club Sponsor ...X fy-W' NY' 'hw 'wa-. Fha ,ff 1 y? wi V , 5 fl gf I givin-Q R M McAbee Prmhng Mrs Joyce McGee Cosmefology .lumor Sponsor Mr A C McGinnis Radio Mr Wesley La ne Aeronauhcs Mr Lowe Leach Math Mr B J Moy Aeronautics if er ee 4 in 11 uzxn ,of f 6 3 . Q .ffm ' f' r T 5 f Mr. Mr B J McPherson Hasiory Boys PE Muss Lucy McRoberts Business Mr Harry Mullms Hlsfory Boys PE 'Q N 'i-H if Mrs Velma Parker Business Mass Frankie Plckens Busmess Mr Earl B Pnerce Aeronauhcs xi' alias hr' X s Elsue Roach Grrls PE Rea Cross Sponsor G A C Sponsor W F Roork Hlsfory Boys PE g J R ROTC Mr George Prtts Woodworking Square Dance Club Sponsor Mr Jay B Plongmon Commercial Arf Mr Alfred Rvley Bond Chorus .mm ,550- "-wav 'WN Mr Burton Sanders Senior Sponsor Machinery Mr Bull Scogglns Speech R R Se y Journalism The Tech Bulldog Sponsor 'ir' -GF' AJC Y? mais if Mlss Cora Mae Sloan English Counselor Mrs Catherine Thomas English Yearbook Sponsor ag Q fl Mrs Ruth Thompson Z1 . kk Ti'- Q as A , f 0' ,, ' . Y Y V 'V , A' f -.,, W- ' if 7 V -thaw-f ' ig .Z . J T Jive ' T as R , .wr -'T' A ' 5 T 0 n 'Q T ' -"' T x T f it i 1 ' V . 5 ' u , A 3 ll l sy i 1, A . 2 ,, 1 'ii .T sf r,,. i f ' " 5,5 Q ' K W 1' . - R je - 5 an . . MH- M Y rf Mr. . . el ,. , XV Q ,, HS ,I i ,z . . '--H ' 4 V N ijw? Mr K M Wefzel Woodworking Alfred Youfh Sponsor Mrs Bess Voughon Business Allred Youfh Sponsor Mr O S Wrnght Elecfromcs Amt we cute" Mr Clark Wotherspoon History Counselor NIMH: 53 Z QM Lffilfffg 'df Y 211,441 Q' g 'K 3, MZ Qu ffvf Students fund maternal nn encyclopedlas very helpful for theme wrutlng and oral reports L ,ff- .-9'5" Y... x Many boys and gurls luke the atmosphere ot the lnbrary tor study and wrntnng LIBRARY Mrs. Iris Gates is kept busy all day checking books in and out. '9 . . 4 . . . ' X A l X l I u- C l i:s,.- Nxt 1 f f 1 I , . , 1.,x-gr ,Alf-'ff X S , fl -f 'J .""f il z- x , ,F :Z P A 1 Q, If if X K ' l . ext ,fi V R ,f V , 1, Q gl: R A N C H F A V O R I T E S Shirley Gee Jimmy Harris RANCH DAY Betty Matheus Shirley Gee Yvonne Young Polly Goodger Ranch Day at Tech Hugh IS the time when all the gurls and boys dress up In their best Westren atture sang cowboy songs and enloy cowboy musuc and square dancung The highlight of the day IS the selectlng of the Ranch Foreman and Ranch Queen by applause from the student body The boys and gurls ptctured on thus page were the final :sts Hats oft to Mr Klngbury for a good time on Ranch Day Charles Horton Jimmy Horns Joe Juran Johnny Bortmas 1 1 I V - H 11 - ' f-lm VIC CLUB 'Q-.., Charles Sunclaur State President won the Harry W Sears Leadershlp Trophy for be :ng the most outstandung VIC leader at the annual State Conventlon at the San Antonio Vocational and Technical Hugh School Other Tech students won prizes for Individual and chapter achnevements Cosmetology was the hlghest awarded chapter an Tech Thus department received the plaque that Mrs Joyce McGee Dlstrnct Sponsor us presentmg to Allce Alanis for hovnng the most pomts nn Dustrlct Two Tech ns very proud of thus department because thus was their second year to wan such an honor Congratulatnons to Mrs McGee the sponsor and the gurls in Bobbie Pearson VIC CLUB STATE SWEETHEART if wmv-'Milf H6510 nail VIC Convention Prnze Wnnners Many students from Technical Hugh won prnzes and awards at the VIC Convention held at San Antonlo Vocatlonal and Technucal Hugh School Wunners from the Cosmetology Department an clude Sue Day Bobble Pearson Syble Read Evelyn Wnlluams and Aluce Alanis Wlnners from the Woodworking Department In clude Joe Jorden Larry Lannmgham and Vurgul Hutchnnson Wmners from Radno and Electrnc Department nn clude Jean Dobknns Joe Juran and Bully Wallace Winners from Aeronautucs Department nnclude Prather Owens Alfred Cook Harold Northcutt Eddle Thomas Ronald Guthrne Bob Preston and Gene Dobkxns lNnnner from Prlntmg Department was Howard Dudley l.A , , ' , K p L ' A X , .lj I X l ' as P ' ,, A 45' l f , xl' 3 or .1 if .l 'ZF T ' , l f L B 'lt H ,y ef a .Ty y 9W"'4,. gift N' . I I . ' . ' - I I I I I I . I ' I I i' ! -NM- .wg ,. ' IZ '13 4 i Y 5? 'L -2 N wma. df s 35.242 - ..,1 , K. ,tg 4' 35, 3' A iff Q if T? 1 4' ' -412. Y if Q .W 3 f Z T , f' 1 z f , Iljf' ' g X I Y " 7 A 7 5 i Q 325 M 2 , ' ' 2. 3 w lag , A Q -HA 1 ' ' 1 -1 2 ,af-"""' was 'W-.c January offncers Jackle Sulluvan secretary Marlm Franklnn president Charley Welch vnce president Under the capable leadershlp of Mrs Jones and Mr Sanders the senior class has been able to rnake money through the sale of football ribbons Christ mas cards etc to pay for all the wonderful actlvu hes seniors have had A bug bouquet goes to the officers and sponsors of thus class Mr Burt Sander Mrs Martha Lee Jones June oftncers Carroll Pittman presnclent Shnrley Osborne secretary Gene Pate vlce presldent S it 4 V' Q 1 5 ' 1 I . ,X f 5.7 I rt pf 1 'ml f Z Q u '59 Q V .f b E 2 Q V , 3 r E 5 'R , 4 f . Q 2 ' if - ' r . .ff , 'M M ' x ' SENIOR Marlon Acton Nancy Adams Gladys Anderson l 'Q- Jack Anderson Guadalupe Ayala Gaylord Baker Norma Jean Baker Myrtle Baker Glenn Batchelor Rena h Bea rd Ray Bearden "Wx- Nancy Beaver Dalton Beck David Wayne Belew Jesse Bell y ' h, Y S an , tl ' , XTX, l jx, K fykuskx X 4 X J . of eflllfa . xml Wm -' A M, W lr Q. S 3" ' Y l , ' ll B '4 tl f"'::-WA H5919 ww up-.. im ww-2 MM ,ann Ana fn' www ,rw- V C SENIOR Glenda Bennett Jean Bennett Lando Bishop Barbara Blanr Donna Blackburn 'alt '51 Marne Boose aiu' fw- WM if ni " Ikea 172Y X, f one f :ll lilly YV V Bebe Lou Boggus Salvador Bonrlla Marlon Boutwell Jmmmy Bradley Paul Brazeal Betty Brewer Geneva BFISTOW Lnllnan Bryant Eugene Burke Dorothy Burney Johnny Burns SENIOR Ruta Burt James Burton Walter E Busk Patsy Ruth Byrd James Cabe Abel Castillo Thelma Causey Wanelle Chamberlain Carlene Childs Worth Chollar Jimmy Clardy Esther Coble Lanoy Collins John Compton Ruby Connell Y 'T mx 19 N, L, CE X xhx X xx, N 9 w Ar- IQAV jdg, Q1 y g NX in-.. iv -GW' SENIOR Gary Cooper Carol Courtney Sue Cox Barbara Crabb Palsy Craig Gloria Crow Alvin Daniels Jerry Danlel Alfred Mack Davls Bobby Davxs James Davis Carol Dennis Mary Frances DePuma Shirley Dlllnard Frankue Jo Dobbs Howard Dudley Patsy Edgar Patsy Edwards SENIOR Deverne Ellis Lawrence Elson James Epperson Lonme Espurlcueta Sara Eubanks Carol Evans Joe Event? Hubert Fanclwer Warren Farrrs Helen Florence Joan Fogelun Glenda Forsythe Nora Foster Mcrlln Fronklun Bobby Franks Y.. Jw-r gf 'ip' 199 WG-'K 'rr- X '35 SENIOR 222 Dean Gann Josephine Gallegos Fulemon Garcla Paul Gatewood Lorrame Getze Margie Gllbreatth Mike Gordoa Jr 'CZ' Byron Goulette H, it x X Y? Gene Griffin Helen Guereca Betty Hackler NN' X... Marulyn Haddock X 6 N Laura Ha e Dorothy Haney Larry Hanson Ann Harless Janet Harrison J Mary Hazard SENIOR Phllnp Haugnr Loretta Haney Patsy Hansen Jnmmy Harrls Roma Hart James Hay lames Headrlck Jo Henderson Reba Hendricks Marilyn Henson Carol Mary Jane Henson Carolyn Herring Hlcller James Hull Patsy Hinton -B I Um x X X 46 in fc of rr i1KXN ZW U'- ka to Q ml vs 'qui' UW V-X W' I 'T A SENIOR Jeanette Holland Janlce Hollnman Patncua Holloway Richard Holloway Twyla Herd Wanda Hobbs Johnny Hooper Charles Horton Bully Hughey Robert Houser Magnon Hunter Patsy Ing e Piney Joe Hutchison Bully Jeffery Fred John Earl Jerglns Sam Johns Bermce Johnson SENIOR J E Johnson Jr Joyce Johnston Jone Jordon Joan Jordon Bernice Judkms Don Kennemer Johnny Key Tommy Key 4,1 ' s. o R' '-e . , 1, . 5 +1 J gl A 4-I gp... iii... .l B'- Lonme Kung xg Carol Klngsbury Frc nk Kurosky Geroldme Kutchko Gary Lockllne Lorry Lonmnghczm Poi Lcawdermulk er XX fy 'ii X- ! 2 iff, 176 Kiln W... whim, SENIOR Floyce Lawson Donald Leslle Wade Lewls Franklin Lmehan .lack Little Josephlne Lyons Eddue Mahanay Joe Pat Malone James Malors Paul Mallon Louise Malone Ruth Manmng David Martin Wanda Martin Charles Martin Raymond Martinez Arthur Lee Massey Thomas Alton Massey SENIOR Betty Matheus Joyce Maxwell Tlfela Kathryne May Sue McKonney Maurune Mensenheumer Donald Merchant Allen Melcalf Elouuse Jeon Maller Tommy Mlrlke Vlrglnla Mlfchell Blllue Moore Cary Moore Ronald Moore Shnrley Mosley 'lui Q L 3. wk C' N"s,,f xxx? JULHTMA Q NM 2 M., .Mil .gif yf giix ffl -x'X'iLl Xl ' M ,o r M E lllgi ..m,j A AV I A-5 I Q M E . V Q x R ' 4. f ' 1 Glenda McLemore ' ' I o n ' V all ti- all A T L y Y Q ' ' 1 51 ENN ii' L .. 2 , if- X ln . . -,N ft- k ! , may L. ffm or L' fi l ' 3 r' 4 . F fa- , in ll. M 5,35 lllkx H51 NN 7 x X SENIOR Louie Franklin Moss Jlmmy Muse Joyce Nolan Gerald Nordm Lorena Nowell Sue Odom Slurley Osborn Glenda Owens Glenda Ozmer Deolvm Pacheco Charles Palmer Joyce Glffen Parchman Nora Parker Janet Paul Durwood Pearce Beverly Penmngton Wayne Pfaff Belmont Putt W ' ll, P A A I W' l el W J fl of fl' V4 I lil :fl 1:f ., i , Q- ,. J y J rf ll f FJ Da 1 fl J r,,r 1 L? fx lv A, Q x fit I , 25? J as SENIOR Carrol Pnttman Shnrley Pole Richard Pruitt Charles Purselley Helen Jane Quattleboum Andrew Qumtero Deon Radke Roxle Raffels Beverly Ramwater Garret Ramsey Deborah Randolph Erma Redell Dorothy Reeves Walter Reeves Syble Reid 'h it Evxlx L .Milf x I M l fl MAX 11:1 5 QM f g, ll SENIOR Marvnn Rhodes June Richardson Donald Roberts a Robertson Martha Robertson Johnny Radela Peggy Rodgers Raymond Rogers Nucholas Rokas Floyd Rolfmg Lloyd Rolflng Phlllnp Scarbrough Shlrly Scarbrough Nancy Scott Kathry e Orvulle Sellers Nlta Sewell Don Slffard SENIOR James Simpson Jerry Sims Travis Smith Syble Snider Betty Snipes Torchy Spradlung Wanda Sievenson Chrisilne Stewart Tonmy Shclfles Jerrel Stoclcard Mary Swarez Dian Suitf Charles Sullivan Jackie Sullivan Janelle Swart 4-Z4"1'-2' gf ...ff 7 MSW f vo-" WWFT. 'ei Y 1 i E x Q f i, J, 1 A My SENIOR James Tarter Calvin Taylor Rudolph Theobold Eddie Thomas Barbara Thompson Ba rba ra .lu ne Thompson Gwendolyn Thurman Wondell Tommarson Janyth Turner Albert Uftz Glen Valentine Irene Velasquez Hylma Wagnon Charles E. Wakefield William Wallace Carole Walling Arnold Ward Jack Weatherby simon W Charley Welch Nelda Wells Reggae Wells fungi Paulane Whelclw I Grady Whlte Donald Whntley S- UM, wh Wayne Whlffenburg Donald Wllkxns Wllllams Jr 1 W C Wulson Irene Wood A M45-lf ll Lanelle Wood Leon Worlow Dan Wrnght I , I 4 ' 1 1 16 S l 1 A 1,4 Q 1 - if X I tl ' 2 ' WV . E V ' A Q. W e 'lf Q xr l L , Y, J X, Y ' - .L ' ' , b V 4 . ' 4 X H , l' . ,, V C X . 4 A . ,Q . . ,J , 7 Doris Will X Q" . 'A j f 2 lk! f , fllgfigf ffllizf ,l D. E. l I . l 1' K 6 . x lli . l 4 i.. 21 5- . ll' , 5 xl ' . ' X-ul K Beauiaful Western music for Ranch Day' Raymond Wright lr Alb' Vurglnncn Wright Gene Pate Morthcl Yonf Swing Your Parfner Promenade All , if 9 ' . A I Qi x 1 ' 1 mix K x n'm W' . Q ff? 'iv 'W W W ' Y 1 . is gg 5 . . . . .. if :M G ' 22 il x 'B -h gx Att, it x 254 6 'is JK A "lei x'fa-11-,rf 'bbs 'Q 5 yi QRQMQM 1 'ba- fx-X Nia Q fi? IO-Zcu 'W ...Q wifi Bobbie Pearson Gloria Dyer Edd M ie app Secretary Treasurer Vice President President Jumor Officers And Sponsors The Junior Class is very well organized by two fine sponsors. Our activities include the sales of magazines subscriptions and various dances and parties. Not to be left out is our part in the Junior- Senior Prom. The fine record that will be left by this en- thusiastic group will be a goal for all future classes. Mr, Harold Green Mrs. Joyce McGee Sponsors '-7 vs.. 'Wy l 3 'Y Elonsa Agullar Betty Ames Patsy Ba ker Dorothy Beesley 1' Nm JUNIOR X., Vnrglnla Aguilar Wally Anderson Jer e Baker Shirley Belcher Q... 'Ng .ef fl +9 QNX 'wwf' 'Ur' oe Aguirre Clyde Antwlne Merle Baker Kenneth Be k Ni' s.-1 'N-7-1 Mary Aguirre E le Arthur F red a a Benson 'X XX GP" QQ- Alnce Alanus W Aston Carmen Baltasar Esther Berber H Q-'S' gr.. Joan Allen Phlllp Ayars Evelyn Bardm Don Baggerstaff Qu.- I Ill an Vnmta Allison a Bagley Jeanette Barlow Don Bushop 4 2:44512 Q4 X nv-""f' ll iw AX4 A Everett Blackman Prater Bowen Bo Brown Donald Burke JUNIOR Vfllie We ""!r- "TU .lackue B alr George Bonnn Sue Jeanette Brown Larry Burns ,,.--. Sodona Blanton Eddue Branham Ruby Brown Robert Burns .fer Travns Blasslngame Tommy Bregel Vargu ma Brown Patsy Butler it uw 'Nr Hattle Bagan Claude Brock Lulluan Bryant Shurley Caldwell 'J-'.."f an 'Q' Betty Bonner Judy Brock Hayden Buchanan Roden Campbell if K lil ,,... K a Bowden June Brodne Norma Bunch Don Carlton 'N' Q B fa QAM M U, X K S 3,,,fy C wi-. fs. sy-4 L ,9 QOH N 'sv IXQIY 6b5" if Q... 211 Afhx Marian Corrigan a Cavasos Wnlma Collms Wnlluam Cox JUNIOR Rosle Carroll I ene Chandler Alfred Cook F C Crlbbs 11 S e Carter Jerry Chavez Mary Jo Cooper George Cunnmgham as 'H-7 Ne- Johnny Clark Roberta Clarke Harry Coppmger Edna Curtner 3 Bully Mack Casey Helen Cobb Corley Carol Cushman Arthur Cashlon a Colluns Doms Coulson Barbara Dalrymple 4+ 2'0" 42 Xin 3.441 Kenneth Carpentar Ernest Collins Bn me Cowley .lummy Dalton all 'C " V 1' 4' .' D' 2 Q rg . .ZH R 1 " VA.. . sf- ' wjlx - ,tv rl tx ' ,X I ,F 'No ' -C l "lf JO. Q xl H 7 X ' ' I , 'N C jf ., ' .Q ' ' L 4 . , -5 1 ' LL. kj..-. is-Q! fat: 9' i me N" Vkf 6- .31 ' rc , me , va' ' K4-,V ! ' v Q , 4' E X R , ?7 I-' s nf 'C A to ,W . 'Y 1 , . 5 :J sis KA ,mi , " . 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A ' I E ' A ., 1 X EA4 mx! . :NL - l A 972' 7 l l 5 V ' I X f 'I R E ' 9 N ly Ax ll A N 1 N 'r Q s i' ll ,ls x , , so . t " 7 ', r I t , tl V xf ' lf ' fl L i ' Y .1 ,W Q ,X Q I th it 1, N 'Ai , 1 A ' 54 f" , x '-.LI L J I W i , vo L , H V "ll . ,fl , I ', , Y ' f ,xr .JL K' X e , X l . X ' l 1 Q V fm lf ,Q Q . K I i A ,Z l 5- A ss- v--v it si., ,4"'l Alfred Uronga Bobby Vmable Wanda Wallung Sonla Warlow Evelyn Wltxte 555,361 'gl X .Y Jesse Whnte Kelsey Wlley Leona Wnlluams Jimmy Wllson Phyllls Worley Y sv- mm- M ,,-M, New 4 0 'rw Q H tilgllr Lili 441 if Q' -4"':'.. 'i refs 4,1 gb-',,,x if M S" ii Jw, PI? 9 '17 Q- Jo Ann Whnteley Gllbert Wnllburn Robert Wulhcms Betty Wmnett Sharon Wroten SOPHOMORE Charles Whntlock DAnn Wnllord Wanda WIlll0mS Erma Winters Davzcl Wrnght Wanda Whntaker Charlotte Wlese Charloune Wllluams Earl Wlllloms Jummy Wnllns Charles Willoughby Cliff Wolske Charles Womack A J Yeats Irvs Yost Martha Wnldt Evelyn Wnllxoms Gall Wllson Potsy Woodruff Yvonne Young us., I Y? Rf Band front row fleft to rnghtj Wayne Henson Shurley Pole Jo Ann Green Jamce Horns and Carol Evans Second row Cleft to rughtl Robert Rlppetoe Tom Vasquez Joe Arredondo Joyce Parchman Barbara Dalrymple DAnn Wallard Pat Allee Thurd row QL toRD Bull Wallace Joe Krnvanek Cary Moore James Davus Roxte Kelly Patsy Butler Nancy Susk I' 45,19 Fourth row CL to Rl James Hull Archie Dxngman Betty Dodd Don Houston James McGraw Vernon Lowe Frank Palaclo Fntth row CL to RD Harold Straut Duane Teague Don Big gerstaff Roy Yarborough Jerry Wallace Jerry Sprinkle Belmont Putt Alta Maples Loman Reeves Suxth row KL to RJ Warren Farrus Joe Juran Jlm Walker Able Castullo Gerald Stockard BAND Insert Cleftl Alfred Riley Crughtl Bobby Neaves Twurlers Qleft to rnghtl Sara Eubanks Bobble Pearson Jean Skrnner Clara Barnes and Jeanette Mauldm Lower pxcture Back row QL to Rl Belmont Putt Capt Jerry Wallace Second Lt Jum Walker Fnrst Lt Congratulatuons goto Mr Ruley and h s band for the mor velous manner tn whnch they played at pep rallues football games and assernblues We are nndeed proud of the work that has been donc by Mr Rlley work that has smproved our baud tr rw year to year Q fu, 'V Y' lf ' Q l v- ? 1, ' Tv- A X. 1 , ' ig 'r . L ' eff, x H fx 1 Q n I 'I A 1 , 1 , x .. .. , x I ' . 1? ' ' rl ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' - r 1 1 r r l 1 l 1 , . . 1 1 1 I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 , H 'A ' rv V' V , A a V ,D 4- 1, , , U 1 i . . 'l t . 1 , 1 1 A I I 1 -I 1 - . t . I I . . , a 1 ' ' ' , ' . s , ' -1 ' ' I V QA fi 6537-"uv: 13,11 3 09 Q' 1'3" Lett to Right Bobble Pearson Jeanette Mauldm Jean Skinner Clara Barnes Sarah Eubanks Our maiorettes this year have done an excel- lent job by going to all the games to preform beautifully at the half and by helping to cheer the boys on to victory. These girls have worked hard each day to learn fo twirl in unison so that Tech students and faculty could be proud of them in as- sembly and at the games. Congratulations g' ls for a fine iob well done. Time is called for picture taking after much hard drilling. 7 Vis. 1 R 'W a-X '-I Af-f 2:11 f Lv V Tiff? it x , .F R ax' f 2. K N in NN few Y' 23" , r ,ir , ff' . . , an - ' , i 4 , Ev fir?" 5 ,xv J V Y 8 3 I 'f ,W ,X ' , wg Ewa x H ,ff 1 fl-7 f K 'QA in H: ---V- I NME il' f E L A , A- ' A f -2' . 1 A PVVA , ' 1+ 4 , h , V N AA,. ,A.1. , Nh px . Xhx, VM, , ' , fn A .1 N fdnlis Aeronautncs Among the many phases of anrcraft and aircraft engone mechanics there as the tech mcal study Students learn the how and why of aircraft engine operatson They learn lub rlcatnon lgnmon propellers fuel and aces sory systems a a a 4 5' f l 2 fe, ra, , x , ' N., ' X 0 F I 1 1 ' is- If? Department The Aeronautucs department of Technical Hugh School ns licensed by the Clvll Aero nautucs Admlnastratlon Washungton D C Technical IS the only publ1c school an the state of Texas whuch as licensed to teach aircraft and aircraft engine mechamcs Those boys who satnsfactorlly complete the course are entitled to take the Clvnl Aero nautlcs Admm strahon examnnatuon the suc cessful passing of whuch makes them lscensed mechanics In Aircraft and Carb Anrcraft En glne Mechanucs fr ' XTLUAX mx aim Daqjl. A Schwemler l23 hugh performance sculplczne IS bemg repolred Boys Inspect The J3 Piper Cub - f 4. 2 4 , LB' 'Q-. in 'xg . 9 ,W f' ' 1, 4 "Fi 0, r A if X' I Y A L Q 4 Nxr A Q- wx Q . y , 2 Q Y , fy ,ale v f N ff ' 'Wu g KK .1 . K' - , Q 'na- ,f , ,V ,4 . 5 Q3 ik fr' fi JV , 1 i' ' ' 's i s-.-:-- A... v rxl X S J 'F 'r 'X f ,f1- -X xx , x 1 f , ' ,Q xs,x x ' A N 1 X new y ffx 'M' 'zNk ' f ff MITI4--lgzo-'C, .X ,J EJ Automotlves The boys who take the auto mechanucs course learn to completely adlust and over haul an automobile These boys are neces sary workers Important to the easy func tlonmg of our modern lute The advanced group of boys get ex perlence by working on automobiles belong Ing to students and the faculty These boys are tranned from the very beginning t avond accidents and the careful workman funds the mechanucs trade wholly satlstac tory -' , Y ,. vt liislq lk x rllr a . . ' n p O Department Dlfferenf phases of the mechanic work are shown In the rllustrahons Some of the boys work on The dlstrlbu ior machme some on the Sun M F whale some are Installing rocker arms on a chev role? and a head on a dodge Everybody has a 'ob to do and has credit for the course depends upon has complehon of that 'ob an an excellent manner -I wk! ,f "-'Lug """-......4 I---.NM lw-u-.,..h,.-l--h- "1- 'E nv'--...,,MMu-'ms-..-i Bob ss hqhten nq cu bolt so ihczt he may lock up has cor Here the boys have to slqn to heck out iools an outo shop W'-A iii if 2 g""'.,. WN, E? ' ax, I 5 fy V j ' 1 4 - -A-f o x K , 'Q M Q, W F 'L c ' . , ,, oo , f 2? 2 .5 EL Q Q , 2 ,f . jaw 551. I B X U . S L ' N Q S ' E K X D 1 U " C A , T W O ' Q N 1 if fi a Bcity ond June leorn to post on The Remmgfon book keep-mg mochme Imogene cmd Polly post from the lournol to The ledger 49" 3 C6 The bookkeepung class learns io record The balance slwee-1s unto the Iournal as as al lustrared IU the picture ln The offnce rnaclmnes class students learn compfomerer and Burroughs Calculator opercmons 1 s -wg, Q9 " L An unterestmg phase of the business work as Ieormng to use the cxddressogrcph Typnng tudents trxve for speed ond efficiency from year to year Z if 1' I fllllllllllfl lllllllilllll I 1 ' has may lvnp 0 acre! J mmol fhvm 'xrv 4266, ?Y N l O I I I I 4 4 1 4 "I l fl.-Jxis if Lv piv- ,,-Q ,ug x,.f .f " 'in Commerclal Art Commercial art under the supervision of Mr J B Plangman is composed of stu dents who specialize in advertising and poster designs fashions and art layouts. These students use originality and crea- tivness in preparing themselves for their future in newspaper and magazine work. First year students such as Carol Sue learn the method of pencil shading. Junior and senior students are capable of making airbrush drawings such as the one upon which Rosa is putting the finishing touches in the illustration at the bottom, 1 Department ls It not nlce fo be able to make a pro file drawmg of some friend? Donald Carl ton along wlth many other commercial art students thanks so Thls phase of commercnol art as dxfh ult for mary students because they fund It hard to adlust the pantograph However ce thus t as mastered wonderful because any pucture can be cop d exactly any-M f"i !f'S sw X ,J R fk M31 S' Part of the tronmng recelved In art durmg the school year Includes posters whlch ad vertnze all our school actuvutles ln the nllustratlon at the left Salvador as makmg a showcard poster as Marlun and Eddne observe hrs movements hoping to be able to master the art sn the near future Marlm too lnkes to do alr brush drawmgs Here he IS puttmg the tmvshlng touches on a drawing that vs admired by Jer: All these Illustrations are only a sample of the work that can be accomplushed un a commernal art class t N S .. 3 Ilvlv A A - B 'X A ' M , A ,st ff' t 21 s A .M I , e s '3- ,ww t .1 ' N "" 'QS W JET 'W 5 Ewa if :QQ X X f ff 'ix ' f QR Q29 x N' Q 1 , 356 , Q V? If Q LJLL 5 gf' R f f rpg!!-, 35 N 5 Nb-ff can-ff l """""--n Cosmetology The cosmetology gurls of Technucal Hugh School are the couffure artusts and models un the style show Thus hugh school course provudes traunung un the varuous fuelds of a beautucucun s work For example furst year gurls are taught the art of rollung curls by the proper method as ullustrated Junuor and senuor gurls learn permanent wavung by the usung each other as guunea pugs In the ullustratuon Jeanette Holland and Aluce Alanus practuce blockung for permanent wavung on Carol Wallung All gurls are guven both practucal work and theory They keep up wuth the latest modes un haur stylung color and general good .qs-fr" Department The Tech beautlclans also learn the baslc steps un glvlng good shampoos Mrckey practices the art of proper scalp mas sagmg In shampoolng on Esther Coble Flrst year gurls enloy learning to gave manlcures by working on each other These gurls gather around the manicure table ln numbers as nllustrated to be taught the proper steps for the process Perhaps one of the most dlfflcult arts for the gurls to learn IS that of finger waving whsle the most enloyable art us that of guv mg facnals because the process as so re laxlng Fungcr wavung requlres much prac :ce Along wuth all the arts In the beautuclan s world that are learned by these students ns the art of courtesy The illustration on page 104 demonstrates thus fact ln receiving all thus tralmng these gurls are establushmg themselves to take a lead ang part an thenr chosen professnon .f""' 's... Nix 5 LN., Fmger wcvmg FGCIGIS Courtesy I' . ' - " , ,,,, If M A 47 K f KP :Hgh -JG QI!" X , 1 I e X f X i I I 'xi We . Q X. 1 1 YS ,' X W . x, Q , X' X I fr hkifs'.f ' -7 ! 5' Z . f fi f , v g J v 5 f ' gn, , Egan ' . Y p r ZW , ,A 14-."' . i 2? 5 , 1 in ,, I V 1 1'-f:1dvl . 1 fm, ' L , K 7 :gm H70 an , 'mm U 'yt -YQ' Q' A - ' ' Jl?P::i:g ' Wx 3-z , Rodlo Electric The boys In the electrical course are trained IN all basrc operatlons and practices ot the electrical lndustry The purpose of this trannnng as to gave them the background for entrance unto any phase of electrn :ty either as a salesmen or telephone electrncuans or general electrlclans Thus the boys are taught to re-wand mo tors check motor wundung and to work on Bell wvrnng as shown un the lllustratuons L. f A, Vi 1, ,hff N . V ' H N fl f U l 'V KMNN QQ my -ii, '5 Department The radlo department has many tleluls recetver servuctng public address and sound equlprnent broadcastlng communications and televtsuon The Tech students can learn 3 great deal about any of thes branches througt their trcnnlng at Tech Thes students learn much practtcal work by workung on the drxll press and the radio tester as shown tn the ullustrottons ,J -:QM ,. Y fc' 'C 'xc T ' tx g -, K V at A V , ' lcv f W. R K K ' 1- ' - T T ,f ' A t T' 3- f l X 1? TR 'Q . - "" it ul ,g, - - A - N 1 ' 1 5 Boys nn rcdlo shop fund work on The signal generator Yes? lntereshng Clifford cmd Ronald ore worl-:mg on cz direct current generator ,ff ---..,,,,w-M -5 W' 'S 'N r hm'rww,,,, . K +45 ZH .,MMw. 4"'r-X .5 N ' A wgsx-hx"-M, ' 3 3 A , .eh ' ' H ll .H V if r sq 7 NN, s fared: Ifmrr G Q A, ,.,,: ' ,, gr . M., .I 'J ' uw , ,V fm f Y x ,j X V ?' lil Mfr? 4 ax' 1 X m""1rM Englneerlng Drafting The enguneerung drottung course ot Tech nucol Hngh sends out some very well trcuned drcxftsmen ond engnneers under the expert supervusnon ot Mr J E Johnson The drottsrnen must learn to draw oc curotely and legnbly and they must get some enguneerung proctuces whnch they may obtcun mechclnucol drawing lettering dlmenslonlng orthogrophuc prolectuon rmssung lane and other vorued sublects Lyndell Sommy and Betty begun their work lov studying the lsometrlc views of cl lock while Trcnvus Smnth checks out supplues needed to begun has work V I . . . by learning such things os elementary gx li Department Draftlng s graphuc language an the lndustrlal world of enguneers and designers and It records the Ideas and formatlon nec essary for the buuldsng of machlnes struc tures and burldmgs When a student completes thus draftmg course he rs fntted to fund employment as a draftsman If he so desures If he goes to an engineering school he will have a great advantage an hns knowledge of thus subgect .lumor and sensor students such as J C explam nsometnc drawings to new students Lettering which as most umportant to new students ns bemg mastered by Jnmmy Thus classroom scene IS nndlcatlve of the tact that everybody has work to do In eng: neerung drafting i wifi Q. g...FfV ,f' .xxx ,,...A- wats-,X ik if , , 1.4, ', 'ff-f3Z'74??f"' UVA f v fi .W ,,v : A MQH Students in Engineering Drafting at work -it Wm' wmv Q5 WW Cjyxy jf MZ-Inv! '42 If I A. I Klnwx F -' XR ' ' E-5 X X 'J' Metal Trades The boys In machine shop learn slcullful work which wall be benetlcual to them an the near future In the lllustratuon above Eugene demonstrates the use of the lathe machme whale some of the other boys take ttme out from theur work to watch the camera Another protect that the machlne shop boys learn IS that of operatlng the mullmg machme as as Illustrated nn the pucture 'E t W 'X L41 N Department The boys In mochnne shop ore lought To use o series of moclnlne fool operoflons n bench work grundnng dusmontlnng ond os semhlnnq Pczr of lhese mochnne tool operohons ore shown an the sllustrohons os we see boys working on The drrll press ond The mulling mochnne Boys un The mochlne shop spend mcxny hou s complehng Vheur prolects In lhe obove feelds ,Af UN .,,,. 1 N 5 L ,,, , cluding drilling, welding, hem? treating, an l v . . r . . . . ,as A-1 My www ,yy QW 5-W rr .f ' t . jail, V y H f 2 t ia ,fm ff A W2 'W C2 The proper method of brczzmg IS shown This student prepares for work as he turns on the lothe umm. will 3 Q , W Mm 'W "' V, . -1 I may f K T " , ' W , fr. 4 I ' 1' I I5 M XM fi XXL Photography The photography department ot Tech nrcal Hugh has made rapid progress In Its two year period of existence Thus depart ment has been supplned wuth the fnnest and most expensive equipment graphic field as at IS Illustrated I0 the plc tures shown Bobby IS drynng prints ID a commercnal type dryer whsle Lonnue rs preparxng to make a Contact ornnt ' J 1 l Students learn every phase of the photo- Department Another phase of the photographic work IS the hanging of negatives an the temper ature controlled drymg cablnet as ullustrated by Bettle and Effie Beginning students enloy learning to take a portrcut wlth a reflex type camera Last year seven national awards were won by different students In the photog raphy department Thus was more than was won by any other hugh s hool un the Unnted States Thus fact slgnllues the able leadershnp of Mr Hamby to produce photographers of excellent quality Mr Hamby shows a new student the operation of a vlew camera Raymond welqhs chemicals for two specual photographic developers 3 '-'Q Q 4 27 4' CZ." -,I .:::.....:.'?"' Q7 'H""-Q..--f gba? fy QQ- 1?-'ww ffl? GZ--IZ Bobby Davrs and Edward Owsley on the camera Three strrppers 'X Prmtmg The prnntmg department of Techmcal Hugh School offers traumng nn a numbe of fuelds The shop us dnvrded unto four mayor drvnsuons press room compos ng room offset department and bnndery The students are In charge of prmtmg the school paper the school yearbook offnce supplnes and various other mater' als for the school The Instructors Mr H C Bearden and Mr R M McAbee work rn close cooperation wrth prmt shops tn Fort Worth and In the past years all grad uates have been employed I2- 'NV Makmg up the School Newspaper Department The prnntnng students start early nn the school year on the school yearbook The hrst part of the year as used prnmarnly for trannung where each student learns some of all the basnc processes Later th students are speclallzed occordnng to theur Interests and abnlutles Some stu dents have more to do than others on the annual but before the year us over most everyone has had some part un pro duclng the only student prnnted hugh school annual rn the Southwest Our Whos Who ot the Lunotype . ,J y 'Be - X. 5 4 X "' l c , l X 1 , M Q 4 f 4 A . 6 l I 6 The Horns offset press n operohon These boys ore foldmg o sectuon of the Tech Hugh Yearbook the Bulldog 'Uni 4 x.. 1' 'S 1 , I . Qs f , . fy X,,, , X 9' f' 4 f rg mf., ' -A-'P Z9 Qf 'V . if I QU JJ- 55 A nz-7120020002 Bench assembly an Important operation Nr N.. 'XX -.J 'qw "N-.. Woodworkmg The method of planning a 'ob makes lt ready for varnous operations of1olntmaklng glumg sanding carvmg and hmshlng I the ullustratuon the boys are mall surfacing with productlon methods Another phase of woodworking is pattern makung as shown In the Illustration The boys check the varnous patterns that have been made wuth admlratton for the abllnty that has gone unto the making of these desngns The woodworking department offers spe cial ITISTTUCTIOH to students malorlng In other departments such as woodworkung for architectural drafting pattern makmg for machinists and carpentry for electru clans milf' W rf Cutting to thickness with the planer Department The woodworkung department offers structuon nn the use and care of hand tools and machme tools Many full slzed Industrial machines are available Rough lumber IS processed Into flmshed lumber Wood l:ll"1ISl'1lf1Q panntlng and mlllwrnght work are taught as a port of thus course It IS interesting to see what these boys can do wsth gust a piece of wood l the I lustrotnon at the top the boys are at work on bench assembly whale Larry and Jerry are setting sprmgs for upholstery ., ZF xjk. fd! THESE ARE THE 7"'S'9- ACTIVITIES IN TECH T.. fn ...pug 'K 1 7 ,Y I ' ' 4 Nz. ' b Y F9 , ' .ff , 4 41 - 'bf -J V if ' 4 A Q my .X V ' f f- A wx 1: K4 'gf w e 'E A , 1 Q 2 L AV ' 3 I 4 ' 2 ,, X -" 7 ., 'I . n my K . ..:Q pb I it ' Y ,N..ll 'l J ' s 7 f -f 4' , f- ' A ' , ,K ew. . ' , I , "' 5 if ,QW A ,f , Tw '35 G 'WAV' A. .l,-,,.,,il" ,, CONTENTS Favorites Features Sports R O T C 'I 'W ,ffxxjf if ' , mpfw ?eAUQ7"fW M6055 f 52' W , If I I QQ' VH"-I-N043 4 ,y JW-V use 'fs my ff.aa Man-h "saw Jesse Bell Betty Mcmheus ov . ax 1 W " 5 , . W .lj E 4 Q3 ji fi.. , ,M :fy , 3' Lzffty ,VI ,P ff ,. , ,af , , ,f-if , V121 x X NE 4 H I ft, , , A I A ' ' Tw 4, , , au. W, 2 . , 2 N A7 A 1-.P , jg 3 .,, if W ' 1 , f 1 if, .2 M, 1 9 5 .4 I Haj, ,. ' V Ig yj .Rib ' "N , 4' .,' ' F A .-W. fi 'Q M-52, 7 ,yah ..- f ,J i, ,M MJ: vi A ' . W- ': -i -un-lf? , .4-at 2'i'!v-,fs Wa 7, gi - . ,JH ' W 1 fu f avg ,,.' ,M mx 1 'H , . W " i - 4' EW' --Jia? , ' H " 'V - - em 4 'Vin Don Wilkins Pofsy Craig . -4 5,5 ,W . . ig., Larry Livingston 4-iff' 1. PM 'fy 1. rw ,Nw I A' sf, 'QL' ff.. 37 -f ,L wi- t 1 ig' X9 H71 4 ,gf ,if X, 9 I , .ali 'f by , v-ar 4' ' 4 .f f X11 A-.p 4 59 'C xi' U ,Q gf Barbara Reynolds 'I-A iw-r,f.l,:Q if Q i -fr 'iw Polly Goodger N x N. XX A X ' X 1 , X J X 5 X U is Q' 11 Yiw' Bennie Davis 'B 'yr Q I .ef F 0 0 T B A L L Q u E E N GI D er 4 ww Q4 xg' ,sk 1 1 '3 JD-"""" 6-5 I Shirley Osborn i ' I ww W W, W M ff:-ry , LQ? , 4 W X o 'Q f AX, f T- A' : 3 1. . , V 1 xmm-La 1,y, . .A Q , , 'YQ ,q, w. 44 mf 4 HIBy Eddie Mapp Commercial Ari Leon Kruse Prinfing Mo ry Suarez Speech Worth Chollor Aufomofives Carl Nelson Mafh fs" ' ' . eaifjfgw fl' , A ,,.- ' .4-.. sr 4-6' +35 avg 151-. X X14 XX K Nunn rbi I X ,I eg, t ik!Vl ' 1 W WX Glenda Ozmer Cosmefology Billie Moore Business Billy Jeffrey Engineering-Draffing Don Carlton History Sue McKinney Girls' PE 'T , 5' fJg f'f ' Y' A V20If OIf . -.u J. Hylma Wagnon Photography Bill Greenvall English Cary Moore Band Larry Johnson Boys' PE Hayden Buchanan Electric .yr tl x 1 'gi kb 42: ,eb v us 1,1 I, ,4 4' 1 sr- t' 'D 'nr 1 r No ,xv IR' IW' 111 W N15 'dc if 'THQ Nw: fi x X X X 1 9 M. X f-Y 1 Scene of mass hysfena Even the Arr Force helps out Oh my aching feet' Bob which English course IS a snap? he n , V ' , . 1 of ' ,, ff- N 4 , ,, , V 'SS K j 1'm V - vw., ' , :PR R. O. T. C. -PEP RALLIES Cufe prize winners! Sponsors receive fheir commissions! Whirling around! Fighf! Fighf! Fighf! Up-sey, Beffy! i , x...-an-1. 3' 5UGf+ ff HOMECOMING Room for one more? An Ex school teacher Mo Campbell Queen Osborne and her courf Scene from fhe slaughfer house' JIDPY ua: fv WWI! A 900157 IWW! PUIMI1 UMIMIM 4556 li LL Ik ll' 'I QW. fi K A A '1 2 A 3 . Q wap., yrd' f5. ,.,L' 1" , . y, 4 W q c A , , , "' f, " .e-V 595 3 . E X, 4 -.gk . V: iff FA ' LJ :Mi i , A f l 1 , X , , -s . N. H K - xx L I x'-. 9 A . 'X ,Y N, , . J 2,2 ' egg j I 4 ,i 4 - f I 3 , .g.p...b-A-..w..c w'.x....., CIAL Lef s mambo' Mr Trimble enjoys dancing too' Let s all dance' Mr Rlley presenfs the Chrrsfmas Western songburds entertaun Program - ' ky 9'FW'1"'vv XA .-L. ..-'lv ,gi-. -83 ,X 4'--ng if Allied Youth ALLIED YOUTH Allred Youth IS an organuzatnon that brnngs facts about alcohol out unto the open where the student can look at them from all stdes It as an organization to prove that the student can have real fun socially without drinking A number ot our students wrll attend the 4 day conference at Camp Carter thus year There wall be students there from posts all over Texas and surroundlng states There are T50 mem bers Thns us a popular and growung club Mrs Vaughn 'WH A Sponsors Srl" 'v ,J M . . . .r l I l 1 - l 1 I T -Q' 4 W T f , l Q Mr. Wetzel Pep Squad Mnss Roach and Mrs Cartwright deserve a lot of thanks for the orgamzatnon of Tech s Pep Squad thus year The real purpose of thus organ: E zatuon us to boost the morale and spmt of both the football team and the Sponsors UQ' lst row Angel Alanls Ann Fouler Martha Yant Ccouncnl memberj Ruby Brown lcouncll memberl Jeanelle Swart fcouncul member? Francns Longovla Ccouncrl memberj Mnnyon Hunter fcouncul memberl Bermce Judklns lsecre taryj Bebe Lou Boggus fvuce presrdentj Sue McKmney fpresxdentj Patsy Henson 2nd row Gaul Porter Jannce Cox Delores Leddy Pat Benson Margne Gulbreoth Gladys Hood Evelyn Wnlllams Betty Muller Louns Malone Joyce Nolan Miss Elsie Roach whole school and certamly the members have been successful In domg thus Hats off to the Pep Squad Mass Elsle Roach Mrs Inez Cartwright Jrd row Mary Jo Cooper Benme Bulls Vrrgnnua Brown Wanda Hamm Patsy Lewus Gwendolyn Thurman Betty Hackler Ina Ray Stapp Ath row Helen Gunter Carolyn Herrmg Shnrley Caussey Cathnne Smlth Wanda Stevenson Ruby Reddon Londo Henkuns Harrnett Cateham 5th row Janet Sanderson Esmond Grlmore Judy Burns Delores Murdock Shrrley Huddelston Paulme Martmez Betty Wood Esther Rodriguez 6th row Mary Jane Henson Sylvia Stout Shurley Jackson Wanelle Chamberlonn Evelyn Davns Jane Lawyer Yvonne Matthews Munme Torres Susie Urquldl 7th row Betty Sam Charlene Huff Johnne Mercer Carol Courtney Shirley Martnn Freda Gumpert Norma Bunch Mane Kendrxck Nancy Ruchardson Sth row Ethel Bobo Debby Randolph Sandra Russel Jo Ann Whutely Sue Sweeney Evelyn Bardun Left post Joyce Seely Dorothy Merka Effie Arthur Mary Lou Garcia Rnght post Rox' Kelly Zoma Hall Cathrme Hall Clotozell Stovall A Q' . . , - ' '. li? S V . . . . , ' I . t - t . ' l I r 1 I 4 ' : r 1 1 I ' Z 1 1 1 I ' : 1 1 1 . . . , , f 1 ' ' r 1 I ' ' ' , , 4 . . . . - , 1 , - 3 r 1 1 1 - 1 . , , , . . 1 1 r 1 1 I I I ' . , , - - , . , - Seoied Cnrnshne Stewart fypfsf Mrs lnomos sponsor Mcldelon Mofhleu class edrfor Mor lm Fronklun edlfor Mortho Maldonado as socrofe edffor Annual T -gf- 'N-to Stcndlng Sue Silll class editor Eddie Mopp arf edlfor Vlrgmlc Wrnght fyplsf Morhn Fronklm edffor ,Z 'ira- .X lm Morthcl Maldonado Assoclafe edlfor Lonme ESPGFICUETG photographer James Burton prmflng edllor Sta ff Chorley Welch prmhng edrfor Jimmy Horns prrnfmg edrfor Fred John prmhng edlfor Henry Powell photographer ix . V 5 X 1 4.1 , Ll, ' fl l X. .,,' l 1 l e N , u. .. , A - .. r i T . I, .J ' , , r. w A . I Y I E ' ,. . aja- -vt 1' Jackie Hogge Kathryn May Shirley Huddleston Carole Cush man 3rd row Bebe Boggus Janelle Swart Dian Suitt Loretta Nowell- Molene Ford- Martha Goodger- June Brodie- 4th. row: Sue Welch- Raxie Kelly- Wanda Parker- Norma Wright- Anita Locker- Barbara Franks- Yvonne Young- Eugene Burke- 5th. row: Helen Berry- Merle Estes- J n Skinner- Ruthy Allen- Marie Kendrick- Nancy Richardson- Debby Randolph- Gloria Dyer- Roberta Clark- 6th. row: Bun y Crabb- Wanda Walling- Mary Ruth Leonard- Phyllis Worley- Jimmy Owen- Bobbie Pearson- Syble Reid- Jeanette Mauldin- Roberta Clark- Sponsors Mrs. Drake- Miss Pickins- Shirley Gee- Kenneth Dick- David Martin- Don Christian- Jimmy Harris- Charley Welch Marlin Franklin- J. T. Parrish- J. T. Corley- Jimmy Pruitt. FTA Believing that the future of mankind is in the youth of today, we offer in our FTA Club an op- portunity for students to improve themselves and look forward to useful careers in the greatest of all occupations-teaching. Our aim is to interest the best young men and women in education as a life- long career. Once we have aroused this interest, we aid students in gaining information that will be of assistance to them in selecting their field of teaching and their college to attend. Calvin Taylor president Barbara Reynolds vice president Eddie Mapp secretary lst row Bobble Hopper Sue McK1n ney Delores Leddy: Polly Goodger- Beverly Rainwater- Peggy Lewis- Glenda Owens- Barbara Reynolds- Calvin Taylor- Ed- die Mapp- 2nd row: Charles Horton Wanda Kirkpatrick- , y vo' M' rn lg. 1 N K 4 s ff!! y 4 2 J T- J 4- , 71 , Ak,- 4, A,-1-1' f , Q V ? ,y ,451 H A 5 Miss Frankie Pickens f L , ' Mrs. Helen Drake '-f Sponsors is W -s Mrs Harry Sponsor lst Row Mrs Harry sponsor Leona Wnlluams Gladys Hood Peggy Lewis Betty Matheus president Blllae Martin 2nd Row Carol Kmgsbury Helen Hackney Evelyn Davls Joan Fogelln Jean Reeves Bonny Hobbs Hilda Slfuetes 3rd Row Mmanon Hunter Martha Sanford Sue Eason DAnn Willard Bebe Lou Boggus Gracne Guerrero Mary Perez MASH Green Jackets The Green Jackets ns a servace orgamza hon of gurls whose grades are good enough to permlt them to glve up one perlod of 'hear school day to work for others 4th Row Charlotte Wles Debby Randolp Janet Cottrell Betty Edwards Rella Scag uns Dorothy Merlca Shirley Muller Delores Davns 5th Row Barbara Tanner Judy Haley Barbara Owsley Nora Foster Barbara Hall 6th Row Patsy Duke Ina Ray Stapp Jacquelme Hall Delores Hlgguns Nadlne Moore Sue Welch Betty Jo Ray Wanda Driver 'fm me .-4' 'V - - ' I . - ' 1 1 2 - - 1 ' ' 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 - 1 - ' 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 - 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 V , .,1- f ' , iff'-' J 'W 4 . ' f"'- -r , an N ,J - s . 1 . k - .za 1: .Q X .. -. ' W -w ' it fl 21 , .1 Sly 4 - wi - ' 1 X N J L . 1 14" . , 2 2. Q' X :ff 5 y If V V er T- " " W -J 14. Q3 4 4' -4 F.- V Q, 1 4 "'- -wg, f' I 1 e, .141 , V 1 ag rf T hu 'V ' sg Q E ' A , K, 1 , , L., - 1 1 ' we - , ,FX 3 1 ' l J A W l 0 37 4 ' 4 M Q b iv I I Y lj. 'n . . I me Muss Elsie Roach Sponsor Red Cross The Red Cross Program consusts of three types local natuonal and International Thus means that the members entertaun at hosputals orphan homes and at old peoples homes Gurls In the physical education courses are taught cer tam aspects of first ard and home nursing The mann oblectlve of the organization IS to provide opportunmes to the teenagers to become aware of needs they can meet ,vnu i vi 4.71, 24 Mr Wotherspoon Mr Anderson Sponsors Bowlmg Club Another of Technical Highs healthful recreatuonal clubs ns the Bowlmg Club Thus clubs bowls once a week The members are duvnd ed unto groups and they play against one another rn the form of a contest The wunners are entertalned by the losers Members of the club can letter by meetung certaln requurements 'lst row Belmont Putt presldent Jlmmy Walker vuce presndent Shurley Pole secretary treasurer Mr Wother spoon Mr Anderson 2nd row Joe Frank Juran Betty Dodd Phyllss Worley Carol Evans Norma Bunch Carol Hanson 3rd row James Cabe Nelson Marsh Charley Glassle Wanda Wallmg Donna Brown Bob Neese Marne Kendrick ,NARA su., Ist row Eddte Mapp president Ann Nelson Secretary Bully Mack Casey vice president Jo Taylor Jeanette Barlow Pat Benson Bebe Lou Boggus Jackte Piland Wanda Martun 3rd row Frank Lunehan Shtrley Pole treasurer John Hobbs Charles Envens W C Graves Vtrgtnta Wrnght Chrtstme Stewart Square Dance Club Perhaps no other club has so much fun as the Square Dance Club lt represents Tech at the Spring Festival at the Fat Stock Show and on Bewley s Best T V Program Students who wrsh to learn ballroom danctng are taught to do thas the same as the square dancing 2nd row Byron Welbron Bobby Whntesnde Rosella Calcat rra Earl Dun agan Janelle Swart Morgue Gllbrcath Thelma Causey Jean Baker Betty Ames 4th row Pattle Pnerce Ella Brndges Ruchard Johnson Betty Edwards Roger Wagftor llene Chandler 5th row Breat Rtchardsort Dolores Htggtns J T Corley Mornlyn Haddock Carol Evans Glen Walker Geraldtne Hamnlton Ray Bearden WWA tm 'Ecu Mr Wally Pttts Sponsor 385. ,W l ,T ,.,. W , AV ,L F v' 6 T' ., W' sf'l J N, A , ii. - . 'fffilf ' ' I . ' e sg, as a A K sy , I ,Q X . if M, X W f ' C J Rf ,K Af' : A Z J I , tl 3 y J A.-" 'il J1els J was-fl Al V-fund Second row Betty Green Rella Scoggins First row Don Sifford vice president Car roll Pittman president Ruby Brown secre Mary France De Puma Joan Fogelm Gay d S M K n Garner Molene Ford Darrell Glenn tary Shirley Burkhea ue c in ey Claudia Moore Alice Alanis fltyx 1 s E , 4 3 ! . t o ' J JA 14-Q Third raw Dan Willis Bobbie Hopper Wan da Marlow Shirley Scarbrough Sue Bolde buck Joyce George Danna Brown Sue Day F o u r t h raw Charles Horton Cloudene Nicholson Nelda White Clotozell Stovall Dorothy Sims Marlin Franklin Carol Dennis Fifth row Tommy Bregel Terry Gallegar Jimmy Harris Byron Welborn Kenneth Dick Charley Welch James Cabe Eddie Brannon Student Council The purposes of the Student Council are to help maintain a form H at school government which encourages pupil -teacher cooperation to faster sentiments of loyalty to and cooperation with the school, and to unity all student organizations under one general control. Our Student Council seeks to promote a friendly atmosphere in ' Technical High School, to promote leadership among its members, ta aid teachers in any way, and to do something that will lustify the existence of a student council. ' in Sponsors: Mr. J. Bentley, Mr. C. Greathouse President, Carroll Pittman 5'15r.:' ez: .1 new uc wfgg FIM' INYDO wmv: wr url evnmfuuruuu wmvrf ffdlll wx UW Seated L to R Pauline Whelchel Frank Kurosky Marnlyn Haddock edntor Don Wulkxns Glenda Owens Standing Frank Burcle Charlie Welch Wanda Stevenson James Hall Don Merchant Bulldog Staff Fall Semester ww sb' Glenda Owens and Paulnne Whelchel Mr Randall Seely Sprung Co Edntors Sponsor as f X Q 1 1 , . X J 'Q 1 o . . I I ' ': 1 1 1 1 , I 1 1 I I - , f f T' Uv- uf' I .f Y N F fs fl., ' V V xr, A FLA I ,V b sfjrfq R gi f f ' fv,vS' Marulyn Haddock Eclrfor Bulldog Staff Sprung Semester These are reporters for the paper Front row Joyce Nolen Betty Snipes Carolyn Herrung Louuse Malone Rvta Burt assistant edntor sprung term Shirley Pole Patsy Edwards Glenda Bennett Back standnng Mary Jane Henson assoclate editor sprung term Gary Locklln assustant editor sprung term Betty Brewer Glen Batchlor Roma Hart associate editor sprung term .lo Taylor Beverly Pennington 1 FTEP5' of " NILIM 'TGPY il? Hd- . 2 1 : ' 1 ' 2 2 : J 2 1 . Z I . . . . I .I . 1 2 1 , - : j . ' ,- ,- ' AJ itz: Nyw ' ' l, 'BYTE "N- , stef? ty,- - 'x '-I "SN,-Q W. s ' gl ll' - v 1 .. Q' 4 X , Sh , i Q! . ,. , .AJ t N' K l s Q 'N ts, . I 'Q in . v' W Q., 4 ' Q N V , K ' ,d Q o , t 4 3 -Q B A' -M .-s1.H.w F 4 , . '1 8 KnG BkHUul M195 Wmfii KWWL!! Wil? IAWZJFK UMW? QQBM ? mtl H417 iq Chollar Paulune Whelchel Bullue lst row Charles Dunn Worth Vloore Joyce Parchman Dorthey Burney Glorua Crow 3rd row Donald Wulkuns Wanda Qteveruson Maruyln Haddock Vurgunua Mitchell Wayne Whuttenberg Martha Yant Bryan Goulette 5th row Beverly Raunwater Charles Horton Gaylord Baker Dan ny Rouse Dalton Beck Q' Joe Bothe Jack Bentley Sponsors f"" 1 4 T7 ff as X. 2nd row Dorus Wull Walter Bush Carol Kungsbury Januce Hol luman Jeanette Mauldun Patsy Edwards 4th row Carol Evans Shurley Pole Jaclcue Mann Mary Suarez Dean Gann Jummy Muse oth row Rudolph Theobold James Hull Mr Bentley Mr Bothe Scuence Club The Tech Hugh bcueruce Club was organuz ed un October T952 Thus club us a member of the Texas Junuor Academy ot Scuence There are about 50 members of thus club We had several members to place exhubuts atT C U on Dec 5 T952 when the Texas Academy of Scuence met there The purpose of thus club us to stumulate unterest un the fueld of scuence and enable boys and gurls to partucupate more un research and to brung them un closer relatuonshup wuth other boys and gurls who have brought honors to theur schools un varuous phases of scuence lf my W ' ' ' ' was ,- ' ' ' '.- q u 0 S. A . A .A - , ya , 2, T .. T Q ?. Q 'T Ts, K ,N Q u ' ' I :2 , ar- , Y fo- L L v .wg T T an -0 V 5' s ... -Y4 f fd . fl , xr. V X 1 , N 1- -: 4- K 9' rj, an v .gn L- v" Q . I ,fa N- I X . K IX l J A Q 5 - Q 2 , I. H ' A' V f 1 ij I 5' .4 , 'tug f ui. W 1 .Ju t 5 , ,V 7 , , .. . ,, 4 I , J : ' ' , .. , ' , : , , I I 1 . I ' I ' ' 1 A I I I - , T U - ... I 1 N ' x 1 - i, . . . . , 9 . . ' . , RODEO CLUB The purpose of the Rodeo Club us to provude an actuvuty for the teenagers un Tech who enloy horse back rudung hayrudung wuener roasts and other such actuvutues On some occasuons they vusut the Shang ru la Guest Ranch Here they have the opportunuty to dance swum and go rudung The members of thus club get enuoyment out of gettung to rude un the pa rade durung the Fat Stock Show A few get to rude un the rodeo ,f Harry Kungsbu ry Rodeo Club 2nd row Jummy Clardy Clem Henderson Bobby Whutehead Troy Cox Evelyn Davus La Nell Mulford lst row Jerry Muller presudent Janelle Swart Glenda Sulluvan Wanda Whutaker secretary Byron Welborn vuce presudent Bebe Lou 3rd row tarl Uunagan Ronnue Allen Kenny Wulson Boggus Pat Benson Morgue Gulbreath Wanda Sonny Swatson Barbara Moorman J T Corley Martun James Martun Travus Blassungame . , , , . 1 1 ' ' ..f", ' k I Q Re. Sponsor , by C, Ugly I l is If - f . I . , I I I I . . I - 2 , ' u , 1 -5 i , ' - 1 . : , ' , I I I . I I I ' ' . , I . A Bunny Crabb presndent Glenda Owens Wanelle Chomberlaun Bernuce Johnson vuce presrdent .loan Fogelln secretary Glenda Owens Bunny Crabb Joan Foge treasurer n Helen Florence Betty Mattheus Nancy Rucheson Janet Marlowe Glenda Bennett G A C CGIYIS Athletic Clubl The purpose of the G A C as to set up the noon tournaments and to select by polnts the sensor gurls to recelve letters Physucal Educatlon Sensors get points by partlcnpatmg In un noon tournaments playlng and ottlclat :ng Letters are awarded to a percentage of the sensors as desugnoted by the coun crl The councll IS run by the students only Sponsors Mrss Roach Mrs Cartwright , ' : , ' : ' : - f : , - : : - . li , : : : Y 33 J I, 4 1 f 1 f 4. 3 5 I O l I I . . .' 5 I AA ,I . I . . m . . V . , g . I - 9, if 'Q H ex' 718. b,s pf 'Uk -J W Q14 'Af' if Mi, , lY! ,,g. ' 71- q V ' 4 i li, , 9 E. ". ". '. - ul ,,-l , .- ,, . . 'V 1.x ,,- . ,vs 3.i,"'.,. l 1' 1 'yu 44. -so. gy '- ' ,D x .- ' G 4 F i 'I x' f' U x -12 l ' 11 b V Q :,v ' , 4 ,gl 1 lf- M 1, fix, ..- ,I M, 5 -1 'l ' 1 . 7 X ' i '- .,: 'A " 4 V E+ N 4. A 'Aw .'. .' 'A G ,- ' tts A I , ,rt .. . X '. -L-Q L' . 4:33 i 4. , , 3 ,' ,Q JJ, Am.-g'f ,,, d",' .f 1, .a .t f . . 1211 M M ' Q H- ,ive J, 1 Ai A , A ":',P,,.' V M K ,-".' 17, "Zi MIK ' Q 4, 6 lg wx PQEQ Q' Y ,V ,F gym Q me A, is , ami R' A .J Q. gy 1 H?-v X' I? fl Aft, ? " 'F , 'iii M: 'T , Lg, 3 -- fix ' 'Q ff ., ' 4 I V 1, -2-Q -.wr vu I ery f - 1 ,,AA A V l Basketball - , K r 1 y ei Q . gt .y 5. ., is 4 ,wi - , ' I ,,f y , M I . N Mp, I--. .1-:.--..' f ., y J '-"' A--.fp y fn 'liQQ,Qm. 2, N Girl s physical education IS lust as lmpor tant to the gurls as any academnc sublect they take In thus course theY learn good sportrnanshup as a team and they recelve much help both mentally and plfyslcallv 7- olleyball ff fu R -n f'S Archery 92521-if f 2'X?Z?2'ftv"m '-0 2 1 fi , lj, :sm in new 3 , 1- 'xg S, fl 1- ff If ., fi , fx . , . . . . . , ,, r -L , - 51. Au HEQQV. u J- -, 1' Ai if Q , ' ' " ' -I ' . Wi . . . Q 'W-v. LA Q Q 7 .W f 2 . A - f . fi 1- - ' F A w xg je, . . x L, ' E' , J 2... rf- ' . 'L F I 'Es' ' 1 1 Ui. ' X 1 , f V ' , 4 9 , f 1 ' s sfgxl' 'V , tl ' Q Yi ' K .B 7 . J x ,NAI .L -4' W. f r A' N5 V , ,gf I, , H f f f f1k,gf,r . A ., f V -- ' ' 342, , ,q4,5,2f W""? r f W '- " Qi . ,.f,.,P . 14. jaw 24 Qv ",-igig' Girls' F.E. it W X :I 1' 'X : f ' .? i 1 N Y, X, ' K fkvfi N A 1 I -R, -S Q -'N 'K In the illustrations showing la s in volle P Y Y' ball the girls are working on their set-up, their net plays, and their serving. In the basketball illustrations they are working the forwards and guards and prac- ticing their skills. Archery is a very enioyable phase of P. E. The girls are adding their score and working on their sighting. Front Row A- , I ,J 4 9 L 4 , Q 1 . . . f w iul QM? V.. Q.. , I '14,-. vw- . 14 .f ' ' '1.,.". i ' ., - , wsgqp f -yi ' - A- AM, .. M '.. X' -' .. V 'W Q . 41.51. Q-Y' ,, . W. ' ' w A '1 Liefma' ig. I 3-"ul-' A A 'Y if W-4.?..,, Q ff-rf,ZWi Y ' gvJm,1f'-. Ui., 3-1- A A if - ' W2 . . L T' ' 45- '-'?f'1:"l' . ,J " ' ' 5' 1 , A .9 K Nw,-a.q.,i, I ! , ' QM. :ggi A wi, .Q ' ' 2- 'pg '11 X W' . y,,f ff, ?,f.ivM:.1fj"-lilies fi X X My f -1' ,A A I' QQ.. - ,Q r . . ,. , ,. ., ' sf., - P, ,1-245' wlnj 5 .'-jf:-'hm Z v,Ef3'f!l42 y "fr Ae -f w f r, 1' r 1, ,i 'fm 35:7 E ff- ,f V , N555 Glr 9 a ,f'f'-f' 'fi-"""""f sm P E throughl dance The newest dance as the Bunny Hop It enloyable as the expressuan lustrates ns most on the gurls faces ll Sue McKmney makes a good I the plate ni fW ning..- 'L ""h4l., ehund y enloy Iearnung to square Girls P E Fir H9r75l175r79'e'4r?fe..7s:- np? 5'-il 'H 6' 'lalfx 7 3a-'rjgx Front Row Manager Jack Skinner Armando Mendoza Joe Castullo Alfred Bruones Jnmmy Owens Bobby Greenslade Jose Coulter Jlmmy Harris 2nd Row Manager Charley Welch David Martm Marlun Franklvn Earl Jerglns Jerry Sums Byron Welborn Bob Mayfield Jack Davus Bobby Davus 3rd Row Coach Roy Johnson Bully Casey Fellx Navelar Jesse Bell Don Christan Jack Mat chell Fred Ball Marvln Rhodes J T Parrish Bobby Franks Calvln Taylor Coach Harry Mullins FOOTBALL "A Team , ' H' 3 -J I 3,3 l'?.,Lh. ei 'i fl by Bla." F4334 E :ii ffm , Jwgfh A 5 542C J: tl y 'J 6 r .Q , f' 4, he N F "A" Team Harry Mullins Roy Johnson Coaches ,. , ,W thin an f .rf a-gy: -I- ND ' Bobby Franks Quarferbock 143535 ""'!' lf! rf' .sf '-'L 42" 'fu ,A-L ., -az as-Q- Q- . . .-- X 'vfml' Alfred Holfba me "' Mr Roy Johnson became head coach an 1952 after Coach Johnny Stovall went to Arlmgton Heughfs Wnth the help of Coach Mullins Roarlc and McPher son he has done much un sports and ID betferung siandards of play and work We apprecuate has spnrlt of co operation and frnendluness Brlones ck Fred Ball Earl Jergms Cenfer Tackle Jah V ., . J uvnlli n We V I I - W 4 f Eh- ! , 'V' 11 C .V L- V .1 Y 7. r ,J . , ,. , 1,2 A " . J' 5 , - if ,, uf , -- 5. fl' V, A3 I 4 . ,W ' 1 f 0 W, .Vx I f 7 1 ,M V . . , 4 " rwwr , . yi , . ,A 3 . 0 1 Q 4 A f I . ,. -,A ,s,,,.,..,-I Q N - l"w'3-if ,6 , , 2 lv 1 A K MA, . I A , ,A W.. N MT N- we N f " ' A ' , ,J h n, , ry b I W., ww .4 'f'4,', -' 1, 1 ,,,M-s :Qin-. 5V,,.1g.,as ' l ... ,- ff -- ' E yn lm 4 ,,,,N- ff...-Q." Y N' ' ' f.. f 3 Y ' . ' 'T ' Q, ., M- ' . 'k-ff aa "' Mk-"' J'- f " ?v,'l'b ' v. -f N f- H f'v'7 J?" NV ' Q." ' 5 1. , -- ,,- ' vb . , ..,' .. ,rf 4561. 5 I ' , MA . , f J, 1 V . W qs -rw C, - h .- '. ,fern-,v uk ,.. - 1.-f',Dx' r .' -,,2,,,5s,, 1 .., .. .- 7"'eW'1',-. BULLDOG FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Jerry Sums Larry Laninghczm ' :ZA-iw A O I FOOTBALL .lock Skmner :ke Penmngfon Chorley Welch Managers ockle Dovus clfback .f "v-9' Fullback Tackle , O' Y ' :'4"f- 7 if " V . ,. ,. . 2 1 gl. Yicvdnrv, , r 1 , , -,VL 'ii 1 :fi - O ,i 4 Af nn, , .V I . I -7 . , a ' -. 'LQ 5Y:"G,?rltT ff. ' .21:wxt1E4'-':.l"'.3'Lf 'f A Team A Team Byron Welborn n JW fix! f ls. a."'me ' V-e fn V4 by it Preparing for a game? These hard worlung offensnve boys run through thenr plays to refresh theur memorues be fore game hme with Crozier Tech Bully Casey Guard Davnd Martin Halfback ,,. 4 I Jesse Bell Halfback i 4 Punt Formcahon These boys prepare to charge the punier during punt return practice Fi' A Team Jnmmy Owens Guard 3' meg?-.-nazi Eddie Mopp Center Morlsn Frcnklm Jummy Horns Quurferback Hczlfback ii A Team .4 ,,, Wm :gl --ue -.gala bww W-Mg A, gwsw, wg ,mam 'wwf 'E +1-H nm' 4, bn? K, 5 We V am K W WVR Joe Cashllo 'J' 5 4-f l W Q 'ur mf Halfback 'Twin-.1 f-,f'Bf',1M K - ,- w 9 'HM' 5-5" J: '3E"f-5,-izalkf W 'fbi view E59 i Marvm Rhodes Quaferback Where us o blocker? Kuck off recenver heads up held oo mg for blockers, bu? all he sees rs 'the enemy Jack Mnchell J T Porrxsh n n MW' 'fb-vue fum' U' 1 , 1 pl 6,-Q ,V 1: ,UL 1-wil L. 'f4'1"':Y'J"': Mini Y E , ,Qrwf E 5 5 ,, -1-1 -- - Q K ff 6 ff 2 ,-'Y' J? , A c"1 J 4, ' 'Fl ,J WAY '1 l ' 2. 5' uf -. V A api f 6 I ' v- Qf 1' rf -ma, 1 1- lw 4 y' ' 4 . ' Mfr A ' 1 f HY lv X , s v :A . .. . , . . 1 'B 0 ..,g.-ra 4 ,' 4,4-GMC ii Fullbock wx' f J' eh.. 'X A Team Armando Mendoza n T 42.1 -:J 3575 'Q J I-mr O ll ll E d f -QV fn., if Q . s j :IQ , -. - L A 5 fd .ff r,f-vw -- . WW It 1 'fu M ,.,f, M" ' . 4 U: x I L- .N Y 'Jil' ' Y I AR A, 1. ' s ' 3 ,zngfl ,lx Y . f' fix A ., , , ' -V H "A" Team A Joey Coulter Halfback T1 V' 1 Boys set blocks for keeper ploy Bull Harvey Tackle wwewm kg. 'X .uhh 9- I Joe Morhnez Halfback ,gm my Jerry Mendez Tackle his ,git S. ff v A76- L. VM S 'Q ,355 I gg grlqitrf if-El' E LLM. A Y P' .r fm swim L. 1 f'4 , r "fm - 7' wifi 'ef'-rQ5'f' Y 1 -an. Bob Mayfield Quarterback """ Don Christian Guard Bobby Greenslade Lvnebacker Bobby Davis Lmebacker Jack Weatherby Haffback L A Burkett Guard Eugene Burke Tackle Jack Lmle Halfback r '1 uv I 0 y-mir Aw W-'D WQQQ-1 'sl 'P X 'fa afgp? X If - ff- ' W 'um W2 'Liu 36-is "'f'f 4 H. M 4 " SMH W is Mijn if M 594 0 2,5 'WL -dak Y Ji? 77 MW 4 I'g1 will wr wg. 4212 Left to Rnght Row 'I Orvllle Dalrymple Elnes Vasquez Pa1Derden Robert Sykes Bobby Brown Davld McBrayer Bobby Guerrero Lester Bramley Row 2 Benme Davls Jasper Leslue Phlllnp Thurman Phullup Lawson John Shlfflett Bull St Clalr Jerry Mmcy Jnmmy Prum Wayne Haney Row 3 Coach McPherson Morns Toney Weldon Irby Jerel Basslnger Bull Hand Leslue Tnce Johnny Stokes Roberi Malors Coach Roark Row 4 Bull Taylor Larry Moore Kenneih Phnllxps Bobby Hicks Granville Anderson Jerry Glass Johnny Mata Charles Essler fp- B Team 1 1 Coach Roark Coach McPherson l fab! w N1 S + . l 'T 7 A M' If 5 I y 4 B' ,A 1- tg., . I Y X f, , Q' ' A ' ' , 3' V, Z ,I I v v I .V ., gi ,. d' -Q V A., 1 23 I 5 M I N Q6 4552? I 4: 'V f . -f'- 0 fe M A A " A Q K .K 1 , ,Jar , v 4 W A X , lv - Q L Q. J. 3 K I ' ' . H - f B J 41 - 0 Q A ' T ' .V K '75 243' ' gr' In W . 4 lm, M, 1 , V I Y ,, L: Q 1 , Q , Q.. ,L 4, 4 Qfuglgv ' 4 ' 5, l ll:L-.fa- Vx' ' pl? 1 M E! I . lr 4 1 6 'fr J- , 4 . " ,. f 1 1 " 5 M' I 4 W ni H who J 1 Q or gms f L A. , fn w Z . A , ' ,ff ,, A '33 I 4 I aff, S 4 -we we 4 J , - da' I f Q, if gm I , , , .fl ' f ',n JN- U . , V JH , ' ,Q ,W v "M " 1 .991 W 'Mg ' - I. -' , il, 1 Q. L N N .- . V 4 X - J . " - ' -V, m ' 'J ' I - X, .I . Lf A X: - . vf ' ' L ' " , f mi - ' . ' -: . ,V 24 ,- X.. - ,. --'- 1. Mr , N .y y 3, ,x 1:3 1 . . . 3 . ' 9 ,. ' ' - . ,Fw 5 , 'Z .e14 ::'.i' ., 1. 'K 3? WWW I ff ,K fly. , f , ' 'M -' I Q M ,Q gh 1 -' ' ' mage ,, J up . M Af-Q nm. .ele N5 fn , r r fr' ' . ' 1 :sis J". 7124 'f?5'5i.,:fwH '5Hf'1PZ?'- nw wwf, ymeffs 2' iiq'-fibsfw-lffffffvsz'afulfif Q ff -eff? 1 ' ' 2 f ' fb 2f1"'2f-',M"?4z,"?'w , J' Q5Qf'f'::f5fQp2, ' -A T, we jf-Afwf W5 W Zf'fff"?T-1 :gf M ' J fx Q eff, wx , ,Z " si? r ', L in 'rf Gif- . by M 4' LA"-f'51,f'?' 'K ' W., H: 1' , J ge if 0 1 ,h,:uiwfIg N, Q71 hlfibpff xl! L? lk Qi, ,Lx A sw Zffosilslqafiwbw Ax xylivbiblwgr SLMLQ , k N XM . , Kg M A 5 1 1 ,AZ K' gif 5 ,J 5 fi. f ff ,L N v M seiimji ffl? he A ,f 3' M. 5 Q.. .. W-1 ,R -., VV --,cf A ,V 1 ' , ' , , , 1 I I I I 5 A A 1 ' - 1 I l t l 1 - - 1 pl V G . . . . . I, N W OIAAII. In I 54 ' ' ' ' ' Q.. , K 1 WA. wg, v 1 I 1 . ' .4 ' 'V A W -4 , ,ff , , - 1' A 1 f ' J . if 1 A . f V. 4 E , 2 1:1 gr t I ll ll 'I pg A gl' zu 'X L Af . Q Q ' xx Sf' A .,., , T , ..V. , F '7 'K ' F , . Q L , g .ri 'F ,b ..+ ' 'Q vs-5914363 I ,wap These promlslng young B teamers learn football fundamentals during thelr scrum mages and conference games They are preparing to erplace the graduating sensors of the A Team The team has been very successful and promlslng thus season by wlnnmg their share of games We are lookmg forward to a very successful year next season since these boys have the snze to them that we have needed so long B Team , . CFM. 731 ff 56' 4-woww-Q-"' Mu,,,L so K sb all mf' Mr Harry Mulluns Coach 'tl'-. L.. Basketball CAGERS HAVE MOST SUCCESSFUL SEASON SINCE 41 Fumshlng thlrd nn season standlngs and fourth In the clty the 1953 Bulldog basketball team wound up with the best record that has been turned IH by a Bulldog roundball team slnce T941 They were also the fnrst basketball team at Tech to beat Paschal The Bulldogs won 'I4 and lost 9 games In theur season record whale wmnlng only 4 out of 9 conference games Coach Harry Mullins announced seven lettermen uncludlng Paul Mallon Torchy Spradlnng Gene Pate Byron Welborn Don Snfford Floyd Gentry Larry Hanson and Don Hanson as Manager Paul Mallon Torchy Spradllng and Gene Pate all are two year lettermen The squadmen of the 53 team elected Torchy Spradllng as thenr team captann Paul Mallon led the Bulldogs to a sucessful season by be Ing the lnduvldual hugh scorer of the clty whsle Torchy Sprad lung also flmshed ln the top fave scorers Paul Mallon hut a total of 378 pomts with T64 pomts per game average In season s play and T54 pomts with T7 l pomts per game average In clty play Torchy Spradlnng hut a total 256 pomts for an average of 13 3 pomts per game un clty play Jerry Sims Torchy Spradling Gene Pate Forward Gucrd Center Center 'N' ws., ,X , :www .F 'Q 9 X ffg WP! ull 1 4 1 K aff, .Q , 4 wa P5 g A Don Hall Don Sltford Paul Mallon Forward Cenlef Guard B Team Ray Baurd guard Thomas Horner for ward Bennue Davis guard Jesse Mack Lee manager Alex Hoover guard Donald Rogers for ward Kenneth Bell guard Leonard Holt center Maitland Muller center David Wrnght center Jerel Bas singer forward -I as Mm? '5 W i , 2 , - : , I , . , i , - : , - , 7 , I , J - , . QV. - K , . S ax -in 1 ' . .55 is A::':QTE 'X ' Ig., , , B A S K E T B A L L S W E E T H E A R T FG 1 i I v-1 it A ,Q E51 Eta' rv Front row Judy Holland Wanda Klrkpatrlclc Back row J T Corley Bunny Crabb Charles Johnston Harold Orrick Betty Matheus Charles Horton Cheerleaders The cheerleaders under the enthusnastuc supervusuon of Mrs Clara Belle Eastman help to shmulate school spurn and promote an at mosphere of :nterest and co operatnon Mrs Clara Belle Eastman K .1 A 1 4 o, 1' 9 'N .-I - of 35 6 J 1 5 I T J '. Q 2. - 3 - 1, f -4 J,,' ft QQ? 5. :Pi YA f , -i Track . . lst. row: Thomas Horner, Jessie Belly Jim- my Webster, Charles King, Weldon Irby, Arthur Waldrep 2nd. row: Kenneth Dick, Wayne Pitts, Franklin Cobb, Joe Martinez, James Hoy, "Mickey" Robert Maiors, David Wright Charles Horton 3rd. row: David Belew, Thomas Carlson I Alvin Daniels, Richard Pruitt, Herbert Fancher, Orville Dalrymple, Bill Taylor, Morris Toney Bill Roark Coach 1 Shot and Discus Richard Pruitt, David Track 3 Mile Relay Team l Wright, Mickey Majors Mile - 880 Joe Martinez, Thomas Horner, Arthur Waldrep Jessie Bell, Jimmy Webster, Charles Kang Weldon l Track 3- Sprinfs ' Morris Toney, Wayne Pitts, Orville Dalrymple 440 Sfarf James Hay Hurdles Franklin Cobb Y Baseball Mr. Bill McPherson Coach Left to right, lst. row: Jim Harris, Marvin Rhodes, Wayne Parrish, Gerald Nordin, Bob Franks, 2nd. row: Homer Sepulveda, Eddie Thomas, Nelson Marsh, Alex Hoover, Tom Gonzales, Napa Escalante, Charlie Brown, 3rd, row: Roy Andrews, Ben Davis, Bob May- field, James Cabe, Tom Key, Bob Sykes, 4th, 1 ,. 5 , fa . K .. A , ., , 'vi 'Q gh-N ' 03793 , A L. ." j ' N if veg J, ' 5-I row: Jack Davis, Mgr. Curtis Autry, Mgr. ' Jim Patterson, Joie Coulter. X' :J , . -zf,s:Slnm1ww1,f rv- Wm 1 .8- I-1 me 'Z 4 40" x 1" Q 'I 4 if Baseball Jam Harris 2nd baseman coach can play any poslhon 35423, ,,,,.,.....- 0 if J, lp vV,,Q,'6,f Wu 42:9 'q,-"'g'?"?u""'k""' la if 1911? 7-nr ,ff Bob Franks 3rd baseman eadrng hnffer besf bel for professional ball Wayne Parrish ouffielder good prospect for anofher year. Baseball if Bennie Davis short stop Gerald Nordm outfielder, Tom Gonzales Edie Thomas Homer Sepulveda Bob Mayfield X 14" Ill P' ll ll Ill Qmafisfstfrisvssvwfjsw J ff ii- vs E' id in J Left to right lst row Joe A Jordan Paul James McCullough Walter Reeves Harry Sagers J W Hamilton Joe Jordan Eddie Copplnger David Wilkerson Foy Edwards Prlce Wayne Frye Gilbert Rodrlquez David Charles Whitlock Hurbert Fencher Eual Knrke Lmdul Duke Harroll Earwood Ella Draper Gilbert Wllburn Alfred Cook Paul Vasque James Shepherd Charles Jones Story James Dysart Richard Holloway Dean Radke Left to right 2nd row Larry Llvmgston Left to right 3rd row Phillip Haught Sue Sweaney Wayne Trott Charles Rainey George Harris Ronny Smith Charles Morton Don Zuccaro Larry Burns Joel Harmon John Park Rooert McElyea Roden Campbell Jan Farris George Bemlsih Don Mc Caughan Gurdon Bearer Stephen Ward 'Wk R O T C Company A lt is time for practicing taking rifles apart for the purpose of learning ports and cleaning process. 1 lst row Jessie Ampran Jack Mann Rich ard Cableson Bill Odell William Jones Curtis McKay Stewart Wasser Rodger Waggoner Richard Johnston Jack Beasley Bill Whatley Lee Lawrence Charles Gools by Billy Spokes Harold Haney 2nd row Ray Cavasas Horby Neugent Larry Hilley Gaylord Paschal James Boyer Oliver Burt Dwayne Leverett Johnny Con nell Eugene Ray David Pannull Donald Billmgton Robert Roddy V G Bell 5th row Ralph Ruiz Eddie Burns Carlton Martin Hutzfield Troy Cox R. O. T. C. Marlin Franklin brushes the dust off Colonel Winters' brass B so that it will sparkle. 3rd row Dorothy Hollingsworth Floyd Gentry Clem Henderson Gerald Wingo Maurice Lambert Bobby Juston Edwin Ward James Creecy Donald Brymer John Perez John Hopkins Kelsey Wlley Bob Preston Rudy Herrera Harold Northcutt 4th row Gary Locklm Rex Beavers Ben Ludwig Merrick Davis B Aston Max Bolen Don Glissen Roger Eubanks Robert Wil luams Don Hcll Joe Werner George I' m nn If dvi 5' ? Suttmg Front Row Gaylord Baker Ronald Moore J B Stanley Don Carlton James Spakes Norman Fotzgarrald Clyde Flah James Rohlcder John Gualardo Wulllam Lowe Phnllxp Lawson Gerald Gallagher Walter Busk Boyce Kennedy James Troutman Ken neth Muller Thomas Creamer Rob rt Prmdle Dovnd Slsk Dovnd Carr M A Ames Hay den Buchanan 2nd Row Kneelnng Roman Mercado Kenneth Phlllnps Lowell Gllbreath Louas Barrlgas John Bradford Roger Hudguns Kenneth James Robert Seymour Joe Malone Kenneth Vonderford Jackue Pyland Fred Wnlhams Bob Gllbert Som Roberts Alfred Knrke Wallace Cobb Don Gxles Wayne Ellis Roy Kmght Bob Laney Benny Utter 3rd Row Standmg Tommy Stlckles Betty Dodd Solly Barrmtos Noah Copeland Nelson Marsh Wayne Garner Glen Andrews Milburn Daftern Marvln Walls Johnny Qulntero Truman Bouley Ronald Carter John Hull Bobby Kenny Gene Greer C Brown Robert Cook Clodus Arnold Standnng Last Row John Chandler Robert Hagerty Jimmy Phllllps Glynn Wnlnelm Alfred Davis R V Trammell Charles Hugnlte Robert Glllaland Charles Matheny Jlm Trash Roy Ward George Kerns A Qulntero Orvulle Sellers Charles Gilmore Thomas Kuta Gnlbert Ruuz Howard Morrus Bruce Jones Henry Jenlnns George Galmdo Prater Bowen Don Thompson "Chorus girls" tune up for Christmas program R O T C Company C R. O. T. C. Company D Mr Trrmble presents Roxle fHon Cadet Mayo l bars lst row Gene Lennox Joe Wrught Olen Berry Dale Reynolds Arthur Grist John Hobbs Joel Freeman Clennon Moore Bobby Ward Earl Dunagan Davad Montez 2nd row Sammy Hughey Jannth Turner Bully Hughey Pnulllp Scarbrough James Ander son Jerry Ayars Byron Ethrldge Eugene Luedtke Bully Hackler lganclo Guana Jack Mondragon Curtls Autry Bobby Betts 3rd row James Tarter David Spurgeon LeRoy Homan Lawrance Park A J Yeats Ted West Dan Seaborn Jerry Hawkins Don Oats Harold Arnold Edward Owsley Clarence Pawkett Bull Woods Charles French Gurdon Charles Willoughby 1-Pr W JY Q r. -,vw in Y 0'9- . . . . . r K ' : I I I I I ' I I , , f , - . . .. . ' : I I I I - I I I I I I 1 , - . I , :, , , . . , I I I I ' I I I I , - f I ,Q ill ls f ll 'Q .r . gre , -1 X J C' fi it .ap ' --- ,Q S ' 1 , f V ', ' Q. . f L Q y ,' f "rs ' 971 2 V , ' 5 ., , .- N-.. A ? .P 4 l A . . , y, 1. ,. J. 5. t . 5 " W B , ' 1 , - ev ff . , A X ' 1 V ', A vi - f' '-,W 4 .FSL 5'F!S K fvq. ,if ., ' I- 124 ' jf " i , fl.. 1 K ,al 1 fl . 'yr s t A 'l VV: 17, 4 '. kr- v ,- 'xl W' - A 0 , f l" "lv ff-' A vi 'gl - . s f --I . . . J . , ' . 4 f - 4 eg , v .y.Lfl' , f I IJ. X Ig ,Hex . N J ' ' J """4f-4 B , X ,L ,- -9- rf I. , .. V 11 y I 1- A J' I - 'I , , Q f ' . A' E 'WSL lst row Gene Cornwell Charles Essler Kenneth Hagan Kenneth Brles Buddy Rams Rex Havns Davrd Marsh 2nd row Robert Burns Don Taylor Tommy Rrley Paul Taylor Wllluam Short Gene Stiles Dewayne Toney Arnold Ward 3rd row J L Fuller Phulrp Ayars Myrel Beck Francrs Jones Leroy Snider Bully Grenvall Wrndel Horton Donald Burke Harry Harrrson Offices stanclnng Gary Cooper Polly Goodger Gurdon Durwln Dull R O T C Headquarters Company Sue and Rita Sweeney help to entertain at the R.O.T.C. dance. .qu l? Y-fr R 'Xe sbs :P tb ,v ,D i' ffwgw Mm' ""'-FC'-1 ' r""'r BeMY Dodd Sue Sweeney Dorothy Hollmgsworth .lonyth Turner Shirley Scororough Polly Goodger Rome KeHY MVS HUVVY Mrs Foust Borboro Reynolds Nu? '7 hx!! Gurls' Rnfle Team 9 9 I 'Q X x X -f' " F 4 , 'A r, , ,xv R 5 my' , ,M 1 y-V X' 1 H " X A WA ,S U Wx rf. A V Q ,I 'F L , 1 , Mg ' I, ' .1 ev. 's'l"I ' ' , 'Ari :MLK lj iff, I -41 , f P ew v '- v Y V .1 M 4 5 a .sn . W 4 ' W "3 w ,Jag ' ,rffiju K , 'X f- vo S 1 ' ' f N R J e 1 .V 'A - I . , , ' I I I 'f U 1 , I . . ' I I 2 ata 3 K .Af ,, s V ' K 7 H ' , . , - .. , 3 - A . " .- g is " .im ,V , Q, "' 5 ,V I ,N i JA Mm' V uv V I Q 1 H , , C sw O p " . . , .V Y K K I A Q ' W- W f ww Q ' we ,, ,M r Q We-M H 11 .I I. li-liliij ll nw, uw , Mfg WI! WW! Q 1 I .2 u , f ' Qfffiil, X55 ,. .7955 A , ar S ,lm-fi -. JJJ AJ!! Wi!!! rj M 'f , 7 is ' "W 1 ' up S-gg t ' W . W Q fn '- w. 2 -. ,Aiwa ll 9 A 'n an 5 g te jg - 'Ts X"', K!r5 N i' ' ff' .. , gg,. 3 ,mx I' , zulu Fix lik A 5 0 ,, f -. fa Qi?-d. , 4 JJ X 4' SX J ,pf J 1 V WM Cx MM? 355183 X 1' -:?""' fkw-W 0m iff ff 1- ,W Mfilffl 'NW H WA Q66 K, M gy E EQ' fm K " 1 mxxgk Q Em ' Q We , O N X 1 v 5 'Q ' T, of QL ,:. 'JD J ' , Kr' kg ,ff i I : h ,f ' V Uv YV xl A H LN 5 AH' ' 'I .5 XX 5? s if ' 'x f ' M G 1 x wr 'fl 3' HD . x , . JW J I KGB A .f .gi ,. vw a' , If ,J 1, 'J' tx QW u I 1 Q , il ,, Q A W ,Aj 7 nun-nb 5 .I--.W 1 - -A AN 'S 5" :F ' 'f' ff if 65' M QM AX ' k J ' X 'Q C1 fJ v UV WJ ' M 1 i ,Q . V' A Q Q' SY' i gf! Q 4 A f' I J :W m f - X , A I , 3 .I N 1 A f v- , .7 .7 -X- s 5 Z.-9 Q'-,xl !,. f 4 I A . JK" .1 ' 'I ff' ,a I ' ' V 'rf ' 'Q' ,, 1 fs gif' , ', f',' 'i " W 1 f ' 1 3 I Q X " ' . 'r fra' -1 - - NY ff' If rj ,A 65 tyr - xg, li Mu'-fn I 1 miftiifi . itftff' cfr , C ,QJ U 8 9 AXP QW!! KXFKJ? M! 4,4 ffm' WJ' ,Wim 6 fl! A W zf-J X QIE l 'F'f?t4t'Fc 1' fir , E ' Y ,. , Q , si f This Annual primed and assembled by students of the Print Shop of Technical High School. Covers by American Beauty, Dallas, Photography by: Students of Technical High School Photog- raphy Dept., Mr. L. E. Slawson, School photographer, Skeet Richardson Studios and Monnigs Photo Dept, Art worlc by students ol Technical High School Commercial Art Dept. Planning and layout by Technical High School Annual Staff, Mrs. Catherine Thomas, sponsor. Bound by Worth Binders. . ml - it fQ'Nii'3'Q X NNT W V Q53 Q llp , X Y Z. I A 5 I N S 4, -J U in sJ Q.. ' ,Qu X 2 f 1 wt N 'fr l N J- ., 1 h Eg. fr If f I X B' ' k If f Ny R uf -' 'uGAfif'.'i'1' 4. f,J.s . S 5 'Q 2. 51 new fzfz-in at ' A-5 f-Zi T s l' 'li M I . 1- A I , 5,71 'S

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