Trident Junior High School - Dolphin Yearbook (Anaheim, CA)

 - Class of 1969

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Trident Junior High School - Dolphin Yearbook (Anaheim, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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we MSXX X n XX Q R I l QW QM!! vp ' jeep! A if S if wwf? NY Q09 pfflkVW MQW 5 A E25 . N 1, 4, N s ,X as J.. NJ 'T KX VE fa X. , .2 1 U ,NW , Q Q TC"-,, " ,j Q' 1,1 T f 'xt I wx A L, V J, xfi gf .' P 1 04 ,f E is v Q wif Q, K Elk if D XD in Q My l D X ' - Q V jw f fsi Q PWM 0 sob My C2231 Q C N500 J . Qc fa-'Pb one X X00 xorxb fb' Q50 ' 56,91 age? Cab . X0 .Xe 5 UDQJ P xv Q06 L 460 ,,-H' ,wb ' QOUD x X wg , . 0 Y!! RN ,sx X - ' . QQ 555' 00 Q fi ' 50 L30 Q, 9 a 59 ' - 206 X 2? U X906 'C QU Sa 6 D f Qi 3 UDB Xi' 1? -"' U . BQ, v l Q N9 Wu, A A V A Q A . 5 3 Q m fn up E . , KC ki ixbx xx QQ: X74 X .BLM . h P 'J Fx V 5,3 3 Li! , ALJ? . Nj ,LB H 51.111 11.11. " --11. - At. wifi 11 11 1 . .1n1f519f3S-ff? 1l31"1 veil- '11 171zJfE'f',f1f'3f 'W' , ' 1 151, ggi, ,1-51. " H . 1 L1 1 1 A7 4, f 4 11,1 ,',l1F-1'-4.,.gQj',113:. ,, 11. . 11'i111f1iQ?i51'F.ilf11.g1Q.1. .1 11"-1411511 1-1 1115111.55 1,, W' -,f 1-::1:11111g: 51,1111 11 21111-11. 1, 1. 11111 1 ,.. ,. 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M., ,, wx Z 931, 1 1, if fix ,sw ,asv N - ii '5 X SSX 52 X3 X X X X X N X Q, 2 SS S s S , , ,Q 1 SX N ig if -2 X F sg , wfzs X XXX XXX X X X NRXXX SX NX X XX 3 Student Body Offlcers Mike Lombardo Student Body President 'NME Craig Wheeler Brian Wels Vice-President Treasurer Marla Liefeld Secretary Student Councll 4 Arlene Levenson Publicity Chairman David Sonosky Parliamentarian Doug Nelson Paula Hoffman Sergeant at Arms Honor Officer 5 Board of Trustees Mr. Marten Mr. Hartnell Mr. Almand Mr. Pickler Mr. Barton President Clerk 4L',. , sz. , .Q .X fin fic' uperintendent Mr. Paul W. Cook was once again superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District. 'ir l E Administration It has been a real pleasure to have been associated with such fine students, parents, and staff members this year. You have excelled in many areas and I am very proud. Whether you go to senior high school or return to Trident next year, you will continue to grow in knowledge and social graces. You havehelped me and I sincerely hope that in some way I have helped you. It is hoped that our friendship will be a lasting one. J Principal Mr. Phipps 0 0 0 0 Q g N Boy's Vice-Principal G1rl's Vice-Principal Mr. Keys Mrs. Mylius E. .5 Counselors Mr. Merrill, head of the counseling department, was counselor for eighth graders. N Mr. S. Adams was ninth-grade counselor. Mrs. Anfinson, seventh grade counselor. M- Mrs. Nicholas, school nurse. fw3,,fUNOxSN9ffxL5JX3.v5-M:ffQ7T S3015 JXQfcekM9xx,off.C5.l,s. 32 Qrv-vx2,e7X ff-fcJNN"-'lfs'o.JCX66- . Qmp'!G,,rSl l . JMB: Qfygealllwlfoiioqil-ffl-JN Y-5Q,QQ,A-JL 5 1 , S Q X .Q 1 P6 X S X Q B x X X ,X X 5 ' N - XX NSN rf xg ii 8? X qvawxfs xv fy Q Nw Betsy Mullen, editorfin-chief Ellen Gonce, assistant editorg Joanne Knecht, managing editor Yearbook u Staff .The staff of the 68-69 Dolphin sincerely hopes that this edition of the yearbook brings back many happy memories of your years here at Trident. Betsy Mullen, Editor. Mr. Cunningham, advisor Irene Catineault, layout editor frighty and her assistant, Connie Renken Business staff: Chris Woll, Candi Cain, Gary Beckett, business managerg Robert Hennings, and David Parks IO k.. mmMlo B Mr. Nix, photographer Photography Staff: Ben Mendoza, Terry Mullin, and Mark Oster BGNUQYSU General Staff: Linda Duncan, Yvonne Loiselle, Debbie Musial, Debbie Formby, Chris Henderson, and Dolly Campbell, publicity chairmang Rodger Parks, assistant Raleigh Usher. K D ssss D as D , Neptune's Log Staff Paula Hoffman, editor-in-chief Ian Harvey, assistant editor Y Y Y , , ' , ' Q am.. Mr. Cunningham, advisor Candy McCreary, business managerg and Pauline Swan- son, feature editor Advertising Staff: Mike Viola, Sandy Shrader, Andrea Metz, Sherre Smernoff, and Mark Halverson. Mel Huson, wan WM! sports editor Steve Manheimer and Mark Petruszak, sports writers wfwsfffaa pray 4 Q or :sf al , 5 Reporters: Top Row: Laura Mishima, Robin Humphrey, Jennie Greenfield, Lisa Apodaca, Valerie Taylor, and Pam Starr Bottom Row: Vicky Lindou, Mary Tiemey, Michelle Long, and Cathy Miller I3 Ben Mendoza, presidentg Blaine Thompson, Malcolm Magruder, and Terence Mullin o T4 Tri - Gents Mr. Keys, adviserg Mike Martin, Leonard Outlaw, vice-president, Ed Van Roggen, and Mike Laffoon, secretary T ' I Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Nicholas, advisorsg Diane Sonosky, secretaryg Robin rl Ritter, vice-president, Susan Kiraly, president, and Eva Vargas, treasurer. Top Row: Pamela Hull, Teresa Leach, Christine Gallagher, Bernadett Ryffel, Linda Pratt, Dawn Wilson, Diane Bell, Terre Gilbert, Linda Duncan, Brenda Batstone, Denise Sales, Middle Row: Carol Petras, Barbara Willing, Patricia Horine, Kathy Stanley, Teri Durck, Debra West, Robin Ritter, Ellen Chambers, Debbie Prottas, Corrie Huntley, Diane Sonosky, Paula Hoffman, Bottom Row: Eva Vargas, Mallory Tomchick, Glenda Rollins, Mary Ann Richey, Judy Tengbom, Terry Stagner, Lynna Cayer, Deborah Jordine, Lynette Seymour, Susan Kiraly, Leslie Van Roggen, Kathy Darrington 15 Secretaries Mrs. Hunt Mrs. Holley 3 Cafeteria Staff: TOP Row. M... Hernandez, Mrs. Calef, Mrs. Block, and Mrs. Bryan, Front Row Mrs. Kneip, Mrs. Hardy, and Mrs. Meloni Mrs. BIOWI1 X , 7 Y V r... Mrs. Austin Mrs. Burns Mrs. Cooper Mrs. Canter Mrs. Cuthill Custodians: TON... M Mr. Hart, Mr. Garling, Mr. Jordon, Front 1 Row: Mr. Anderson, Mr. Carillo, and Mr. Buchanan r-ff MM. x1 n-ska...-......1Na,,,. Q , Q-W. .W-.M-...... .N ..-fs ., gk- -- " ' U 'N L s r - so W Q sr ----: E s Q 1: X M 'N 31,-gig Faculty Mr. L. Adams fBoys' P,E,3 Miss Ahrendes C Foreign Languagej Mrs, S. Barker fGir1s' P.E.fMathy Miss T. Barker CForeign Languagej Mrs. Bartholomy fMathJ Miss Bergstrom qScienceJ Mrs. Boice fSocia1 Studiesj Mrs. Bonner qEng1ish!Soc. St.J Miss Brandenburger fEng1ish!ReadingD Mr. Brenton QReadingj Mr. Brewer fMathJ Mrs, Brown CFamily Lifej .sq . 18 It Mr. Christensen find. Arts-Woody Mr. LC, Cook fMathJ Mr. W. Cook fMusic!1nstrume ntalj Miss Coover f Music!Voca1J Mrs, Cropper fBusiness Educationj Mrs, Crume CForeign Languagej Mr. Cunningham fEng1iS1'1fI0urna1is1'nj Mrs. Ellis gems' P.E,y Mrs. Kretsinger fEng1ishj Mr. Lee fSocia1 Studiesj Mrs. Long fSpecia1 Ed. - E, HJ Mrs , Malolepsy CHomemakingJ Mr. Nichols qSocia1 Studiesy Mr. Nix 4 Social Studiesj Miss Olivier CAR! Social Studiesj Mr. Orr . fBoys P.E.J Mrs . Fisher fBus. Ed.fHmkg.J Mr. Fox fEng1ish5 Mrs, Gans CANE Mrs, Herbert fSoc. St,!Gen, Mr. Heymers fMath5 Mr. I-Iinman fBoys' P.E,J Miss I-litter CARD Miss Joseph Musicj qDrama!Reading! Speechp Mr. Juarez fMathJ Mr. King fMathfI.A.D Mr. Knapczyk CSpec, Ed, -EMRJ Mr. Kolina fAdapt, Boys P,E,j 1 ,JS X3 4 Mr. Page qSocia1 Studiesy Mrs. Pehrson CLibrarianJ Mr! Ramos fScience3 Mrs, Ridley CReading!Eng1ishj Mrs. Ronsheimer fGir1s P.E.D Mr. Rose fSciencey Mrs, Schlichting fEng1ishJ Mrs. Seidel fEng1ishJ Mrs. Smith CMathJ Mt, Smith fSpecia1 Ed.D Mr, Solem fEng1ishj Mrs. Stanko fEng,!Soc, Studiesj Mrs, Switzer fAdap. P.EJ Mrs. Valverde fl-Toreign Lan.D Mr. van Hunnik Mrs, Walker Mr. Wiedler MIS. Wi1k0ff CSOC. Studiesj CI-Iomemakingb find, Artsj fSoc. SILICUCSD Mrs. Wakefield Mr, Warren Mrs, Weismeyer Mr. Wisniewski CFamily Lifej Und, Artsp 1fFor. Lan.J CMath!ScienceJ Ninth Grade 21 ,MMA,....4.L.J Ada ms , Kimberly Allee Jim Almieri, Ray Alpern, Iodine Anderson Dan Atchue David Bailey , Susan Balakoskr , Joseph Barlow , Douglas Barnes , Grace Barrett , Mike Barrett, Pat Basgall Diane Basom, DeAnne Beard, Tony Bearden, Kim Beavers, Pamela Beckett, Gary Beers, Steve Behrens, Mike Bennett, Bill Benoit, Ronald Berg, Linda Bergschneider, Frank 22 iff 1 - X EA N VNN X X M slxx Bernard , Jean Bickham, Linda Bills, Debbie Binz, Randy Bjork, Therese Black, Patricia Blomquist, Roy Bloomingdale, Rick Boetel, Cindy Bohlin, Sandy Bonnaud, Dan Busch, Steve Buxton, Greg Bye, Claude Cain, Candi Calderwood, Sue Caldwell, Carrie Carnenson, Laura Campanella, Mike Campbell, Dolly Campbell, Iohn Carlson, Jeannine Caron, Sheila Case, -Becky Castro, Eva Catineault, lrene Boyd, Bill Boyd, Lori Bragg, Bradley Brandon, Vicki Brawner, Rick Brown, Jean Brown, Kara Lee Broyles, Terri Brumble, Linda Bryant, Debbie Buchanan, Arlene Buck, Cindy Budd, Craig Buice, Milton Burdick, Pam Burger, Darlene Burger, Gary Burger, Ronny Burgueno, Maria Burns, Debra X x X XXX X ss . 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Jim - McLeod, Vicki McNamara, Mike McNeff, Phil Meadows, Jim Mee, Jackie Mendoza, Ben Meyer, Beth Miller, Charlotte Miller , Jeff Miller , I im Miller, Rick Miller, Steve Mishima, Paula Mix, Regina Nielsen, John Nims, Deborah Nikon, Shari Nordquist, Vicki Olden, Karen Olive, Jim Oliver, Sara Oliverio, Louis Oliverius, Mat Olsen, Cheryl Ornelas 9 Oswald , Outlaw , Padilla Padilla 9 9 Diane Laura Leonard Chris Tina Monce, Jeff Monteith, Jeffrey Moore, Lloyd Morales, Jerry Morales, Tom Mott, April Mullarky, Mike Mullay, Debbie Mullen, Betsy Murray, Denise Murray, Dirk Musial, William Musik, Paula Myers, Kim Myers, Orville Nakamura, Jeff Nelson, Alice Nelson, Doug Nelson, Sandy Newell, Steve L, i. ,,, , Palmer, Bill Palmer, Pam Park, Danny Parker, Barbara Parks, David Parks, Rodger Parmenter, Lee Perez, Maria Perez, Pat Perez, Sylvia Perry, Wayne Peters, Robert Petras, Carol Petruszak, Mark Piatt, Wendy Pierson, Pat Pittman, Mark Pope, Carol Porter, Bill Prokop, Cindy xx ws M is f NSS X1 . 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Bowman, Rob Boyce, Cindy Boyd, Vicki Bradford, Debbie Bray, Tom Brennan, Thomas Brenton, Eric Breska, Debbie Brink, Terry Bronder, Deborah Bronder, Diane Browers, Steven Brown, Julie Christensen, Eric Christian, Janet Christopher, Lenora Clark, Dan Clayson, Valerie Clinton, Tim Collard, Bob Collins, Patricia Colson, Sally Conlin, Karen Constantino, Vic Cook, Lee Ann Cook, Nancy Cooney, Earl Cordova, Rebecca Cordova, Rosa Correa, Laura Cossid, Cindy Cothrell, Jack Crespi, Julia X XXXw Km X ' X Y X X X fs s x N Sirk gm ,f .I .,., xc -A A X ' i-,:- A " WX- X TX ,XX -,XXX-X SX X ..., X - is: XXX N XE ,X 2 9 is X XS SXX X QQ X is XE ww X Qxwsi Ni NXX X-as S XX 4, :,,,s. .:, , r 'XY Q X K W,,,,X ..., XENA X XX Xin 1 W Q 4 S X r Q J is aw, is r . ,,.-, ,Q - ks , A SE X R XX Xl vg,5,,X,XXs . X , .vhs Xjs N 'Ns rx ., """4'wif"lTir QNX fsfiis .. .. ,.,., ' fiff- XXX Emi X XX S X A X 1 X . 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N NX S .N st, ss 1. tw KN' New-v' Smith, Susan' Snyder, Ron Soars, Michael Sohn, Carol Soto, Ruben Spangler, Ronald Spaulding, Debbie Specht, George Spires, Jeanette Spirlong, Patricia Spurgeon, Carol Stamp, James Standley, Susan Stapler, Jan Staudenmayer, Do Sternfeld, Ed Stevens, Kathryn Stevenson, Craig Stewart, Cheryl Stiles, Debbie Ilfla .ml X X X Nix ss we ax in xX W sw, X 2 X, X X X s sd X X X 3 s X K , X S x Q X Q x Y xy if WW ss f - XV' mm ',,, x" R, X 5 X ss X , saw M S 'N L -. E J ,l YV 'VR X X -N h , M, . Xa seas vs -,it -1 xx X X - R ,, X ,oi - i n XX X Ss, x xx O N Xxx NX , , ,.k. , .X XX X X X as Y '-x- 'Uh-'WST :PENN-.N 'I ' t 3 Q, . ba :f-S Qfkgzzz,-qg,,gq::g-:::.-:::-N. X ss, 64 Treats, Cathy Triglia, Ruth T Tynes, Susie Varley, Frank Vickerman, Jill Viola, JoAnn Vonachen, Lisa Vonderloch, Dann Vondriska, Roman Voorhees, Renee Wachtel, Carol Walker, Michaele Wallace, Gary Walthall, Pat Ward, Martha Watkins. Jan Watkins, Karen Watts, Carla Watts, Paula Welty, Kathy -msn Y .N wil I 31 ij W 1 K ,E ,k , - is E-' Xigkfk sa.. X W W' X six: Xiifif Nwwmpvx " X1-2 ,,.- X 1 X ma WX 4 X- spgfi V X TRS XX. , ' E1 M 551315 A ' fs ff. . 'N-5, fs -ws-, wx - X X if ,.- R .f . . :qi kw a A N k Q1 s . 433 'Wir-+V L vw! . t- I xx N 2 ' -af K X X Q X X K - 1 , . E K Xa x as Vw! 'FZYJP ,N g si, x ser, x-s.. W- ,x , X , Nw -V' 5' Mimi, as xvswa YN X Qs, Ntwv N14 -aww., . X .V s ,,-f -X ' , K' S Nm., ' X 1 xx awww , 55 'J X -.-r Ng. X- ,X , X r,.k X K xk.h , ,E 5 X Eg ,M 5 Ewstfmv ix Strawn, Peggy Strong, Vickie Sturgeon, Daniel Sturgeon, Margaret Summers, Dora Swanson, Bill Talavera, Kim Taras, Pamela Taylor, Kevin Thacker, Deborah Thayer, David Thompson, Arlene Thompson, Cynthia Thrasher, Joseph Tiemann, Melony Tod, Rodney Todd, Randy Tolly, Richard Townsend, Mary Traywick, Mike 1fSX if XS ' . X E-'r . 'xiii ., X 1 ' 5 ' s V Xi gg X. 1 Q ' Xi - QR, - iff -s ffrffix-,X X as N X s- 2' 2 , X ' X X .S - ' W' - S Q ' '-SSXN , Nikki ' T siii Qi N .,.,, p gt ,K f X D X-.. WS' W wut X X X S - , Q ai 'M-4 M4 dm X . -i Qliwiss X was Q .X sb, ,X 1. -G X All X W x . o X 'ss a X S xx X Xxx 2 X ss s SQQE ' X SK Xi ,Ss Q KX X is G Q, wwf' kgs ,,, is M N sf r N Westell, William White, Doug White, Mark Wiener, Richard Wilcox, Elizabeth Wiles, Kelli Wilkinson, Lisa Williamson, Kerri Willis. Mark Wilson. James Wilson, Kent Wilson, Terry QE Winkler, Anthony Wisniewiski, Jean Woodman, John Woodman, Mike Woods, Karen Wright, Margaret Wright, Rhonda Wyckoff, Peter Wynne, Virginia Youker, Brian Young, Robert Young, Steve Yurick, Linda Zimmer, Bert Zimmer, Jim Acti ities M-""""',. 'Nqr N0 xx F, 66 4 ..v""" -XX X x B NYE ' S' R sy . X f it '15,,.a- ,M 'if I, ME., , - A ysfi, Q P A few students model for Hat - Clash - Shoe Day. sf, N? 1 Slave Day: Richard Handel, master with slave Arlene Levensong slave Vicki Lee First lunch pie-eating contest winners: Tom Muth, Nancy Rib- acchi, and Craig Shoemate. School Wee pirit Second lunch pie- eating contest win- ners: Debbie Cole, Debbie Breska, and Steve Wayman. , 1125 5 'S W if R- 1 , an Orchestra This year Trident was faced with a tragedy. Mr. Bill Cook, music teacher at Trident for nine years, died. Every one shared the grief of his death. Under Mr. Cook's leader- ship, Trident had one of the most successful instrumental music departments in the state. The Trident band and or- chestra won many awards and trophies every year. Band Trident's band once again participated in many parades and activities and represented Trident well, bringing home many awards. Mike Masters and Sherry Hill hold trophy won at Santa Claus Parade ,ms r. fm- Choral Groups Beginning Girls Glee Intermediate Girls Glee Advanced Girls Glee LIBRARY CLUB Top: Mrs. Pehrson, Rick Reimer, Jim Dorris, and Andy Fagan. Bottom: Richard Handel, David Reimer, Mike Gaskins, and Bruce Martz. JAs1oU1 Top: Ruthann Scott, Mike Laffoon, Ron Ferguson, Henry Bartle, and John Fueger. Bottom: Dan Scott, Mark Kolbo. and Eric Brenton. N . i SERVICE GENTS Top: Clarence Mallinson, Steve Schwenn, Dave Leo- pold, Rick Charest, Randy Lowe, Doug Nelson, Pete Rachunok, and Coach Orr. Middle: Scott Hodge, Howard Rosenbloom, Dwight Witt, Dirk Murray, Dan Hudson, Leonard Townsend, and Kevin Sands. Bottom: Craig Reverditto, Casper Cor- dova, Kevin Russell, Chris Padilla, and Robert Rot- tiers ROCKET CLUB - Top: Alan Mello, Bruce Hunter, Mike Traywick, Mike Martin, Ron Ferguson, Bob Lafey, and Mr Rose. Bottom: Alvin Mello, Lipnel Ashby, Jay Badgley, David -Parks, Jim Long, Bruce' Miller, and Tom Berg- schneider. lubs HOMEMAKING CLUB - Top: Mrs. Kingsberry, Suzanne Dourte, Sheila Schroeder, Becky Eckblad, Charlotte Miller, Charlene Ruppe, Kim Adams, Miss Marstal, and Mrs. Fisher. Bottom: Peggy Davis, Jennifer Mc- Callum, Diane Slockbower, Leesa Phipps, Susan Slockbower, and Suzanne Fournier. 7 SERVE ANNS - Top: Ruth Trears, Donna Choplin, Terri Broyles, Mrs. Cropper, Mrs. Bonner, Susan Calderwood, Elaine Hermann, and June DuDash. Bottom: Debbie Turner, Maria Burgueno, Barbara Marquardt, Denise Murray, Beth Quertermous, Toni Gibson, and Tania Taras. DOLPHIN DEBS - Top: Miss Barker, Mrs. Ellis, Georgia Hunter, Sandi Fournier, Debbie Huffman, Betty Purpura, Shelli Beyers, Julie Ardery, and Mrs. Ronsheimer. Bottom: Tami Clinton, Debbie Anderson, Carol Wachtel, Pam Kennard, Jennifer McCallum, and Debbie Cole. , is EQUESTRIANS - Top: Miss Ahrendes, Vaness a Discoe, Brooke Allman, Karen Clark, Sheryl Burkhart, Jim Lister, Betty Purpura, Susan Standley, Tim Donahoe, Dan Clark, Jackie Mee, Donna Siegel, and Diane Sonosky. Middle: Jill Vickerman, Tere Flanagan, Mike Ledesma, Pam Taras, Lisa DeDapper, Debbie Huffman, Paulette Rothberg, Jana Bourgeault, Lori Baumgardner, Cindy Canedy, Carol Query, and Miss Brandenberger. Bottom: Cathy Maness, Mary Melville, Kim Adams, Earl Pennell, Sandy McLeod, Cherry Burger, Debra Rubin, Catherine Wims, Cathy Donahoe, Debbie Grace, Corrie Huntley, and Sandra Fournier. g CREATIVE CRUISE - Top: Nancy Stowe, Debbie Rubin, Mrs. Wakefield, Terry Lanford, and Arlene Leven son. Bottom: Pat Black, Darlene Burger, Melissa Parsley, Sara Oliver, Cathy Mack,- and Rick Darrington. Varsity Speakers S eeeh nd Drama Top Row: Grant Underwood, Mike Lombardo, Mike Riley, Eugene Spala, Jim A11ee, and Jeff Davis. Bottom Row: Lori Boyd, Cindy Chiana, Sherry Hill, Sara Oliver, Betsy Mullen, and Diane Basgall. Speech Team me Q N ri x wwf .silk Honor Society inth Grade Eighth Grade Seventh Grade we --W: Y., A. e im.: ii ii. 'iff z 1:1-w. sw ex Xe X Q im z Q -- -- lf giizui.: E Q is Q sissrzw me ' X X--:xx .. M x , N: by Ne . . .egg r "'N ' X x-if ' xr . 9 x IW W,-, ne' J V. ff! f 1 , 'i 5: X 2 5 y , f 1 f' ff X V JW 142 j fx 5-,gf f 1 ff ' Ziff j' f X e Carol Petras Jane Henneman Debbie Bills Vickie Lee Karen Olden C eerleaders Q X Ri L l Xi f iw ' . , - if? . . - S 5 S M X ' ' x , " r i N Q OX X f B 6 f 3I'Slif- X , k NNE . X Y V R X 5 ix XX x .Xu X X r 25 fxsswsf 00t 3 s bs sg KXF lm Top Row: David Cooper, Dave Hardy, Steve Busch, Steve Mayer, Doug v Nelson, Mike Masters, James Miller, and Jim McLain. Second Row: if Don Puzin, Mike Riley, Abe Locker, Andy Hallman, Randy Lowe, Pres- N ton Williams, Joe Gravett, and Doug Lumley. Bottom Row: Wayne , , .j Shepard, Matt Shealey, Mark Petruszak, Doug Barlow, David Lister, Robert Lengyel, Gary Devian, Dan Gordon, and Russell Frank. 4 S 3 , 4 E1 5 R 7, 1 Top Row: Ralph Finch, Dwight Witt, Dana Fay, Curtis Hanson, Dirk Murray Coach Orr ' Steve Eastridge, Mike McNamara, and Lee Zimmer. Second Row: Mike Kelly, Herb Watanabe, Leonard Townsend, Kevin Russell, Greg Scott, Roy Blomquist, David Harrison, and Steve Fishel. Bottom Row: Steve Schwenn, Reynaldo Cordova, David Leopold, Jim Allee, Vic Cortez, Mike Young, Joe Edwards, Don Symolon, and Aaron Gooman TEAM CAPTAINS Randy Lowe Dan Gordon Preston Williams -fx x 'T pf I, A - If J at Last year's tennis team, coached by Mr. Ramos, was the first Trident team in any sport to win a Dis- ,' . trict championship. The team was undefeated and J was never seriously challenged in any contest. Top Row: Steve Frelly, John Pfeifer, John Greenwood, Dave Kussman, Mike Harvey, Mark Sellheim, and Coach Ramos. Bottom Row: Dave Faber, Jim Erickson, Ken Malley, Dave Irby, Mike Murphy, and Steve Tang. a V .yr Varsity Junior Football Coach Adams Coach Wisniewski Top Row: Mark Kolbo, David Foster, Gary Armstrong, Steve Driscoll, Roy Pompa, Mike Greer, Robert Holgate, Gary Stewart, Eddie Eatherly, Craig Shoemate, I Eric Johnson, and Vince Paretti. Second Row: David Minerd, Mgr., John Kennelly, Randy Nicholson, Jay Badgley, David Eckes, Peter Osberg, Dan Hudson, James Hamilton, Steve Manheimer, Terry Brink, Wayne Wolfe, and L. Adams, Coach. Third Row: John Martinez, Jim Long, David Focht David Stapp, Mark Etchegoyen, Bob Timm, Bruce Manhart, Mike McCord, Bob Rogers, Dan Scott, and Steve Alex- ander, Mgr. Fourth Row: Dan Clark, Charles Choate, Mike I-Iolato, Jim Wadell, Dave Wood, Craig Brussow, Mike Pokorney, Lawrence Olsen, Bill Stark, and Max Derseweh. 81 Trident's Track Teams ' 1 I 1 4 9th Team: Top: Rick Charesr, Paul de Avila, Milton Buice, Steve Newell, Mike Masters, Dwight Witt, Dirk Murray, Bryan Shoemate, Jim McLain, Curtis Hanson, Dana Fay, Dave Cooper, David Tucker, and Mark Petruszak. Middle: Kevin Sands, Mike Young, Ricky Vil- n legas, Tom Morales, Greg McClinton, Mike Kelly, Rodger Parks, Bill Johnson, Russell Frank, Bob DeFusco, Abe Locker, Robert Cordova, Clarence Mallinson, and Coach Orr. Bottom: Martin VanLoon, Danny Szasz,Pete Rachunok, Bill Musial, Jim Allee, Gary Devian, Ralph Finch, Dan Gordon, Preston Williams, and Paul Shepherd. Varsity Results Trident 49 Ball 46 42 1X2 South 52 1!2 1 64 Sycamore 31 49 112 Brookhursr 46 112 l 67 Dale 28 59 Fremont 36 The varsity tied for first under Coach Orr, and the 7th and Sth grade teams both won their divi- sions under Coaches Adams and - Kolina. Clarence Mallinson winning the 220 -yard dash for Trident s varsity track team Rob Bowman coming in first for Trident 's eighth-grade track team. Eighth Grade Track Team James Stamp comes in first for seventh-grade track team Seventh Grade Track Team Top Row Clay Westlake Bryan Shoemate, Bob Lafferty, Jim McLain, Mark Sherman, Steve Eastridge Steve Busch Bottom Row Joe Edwards Tom Watkrns Gary Roberts, Pete Rachunok, Mark Petruszak, Dennis Gough Mrke Ram Trrdent 43 44 "'3 7 2 '7 '43 '55 Steve Eastridge fires a shot against Ball. arsit Basketball Ball South Brookhurst Fremont Sycamore Dale Coach Heymers 9 Season s Results Trident gi Zilth Jump ball between Wayne Zavis and a Brookhurst player. 56 Brookhurst 13 47 Fremont 23 53 Sycamore 26 42 Dale 22 B 42 45 . . askethall 41 South 33 53 Brookhurst 25 36 F remont 58 55 Sycamore 30 47 Dale 26 , ' Top Row: Steve Driscoll, Rob Bowman, Bob Murray, Rick Spires, Bob Holgate, Mike Greer, Eric Johnson, Wayne Zavis Tom Lowery and Brian Wels Bottom Row .Tack Cothrell Steve Alexander Albert Centeno John Martinez Randy Nicholson Gary Armstrong Doug French hm Dotterer Joe Daly Larry Olsen and Mark Kolbo manager l 1 nd Top Row: Sterling Bunce, Jim Wilson, Max Delfin, Richard Bonelli, Joe Lynch, Richard Bonnaud, Jeff Faber, a Tom Bonnaud. Bottom Row: Ruben Soto, Mike McNeff, Paul Blaze, Jeff Scott, Keith Brooks, Bill Stevenson, Neil Malley, and Randy Todd. Seventh Grade Basketball Trident R ' 15 34 24 37 24 Season's Results South. - Brookhurst Fremo nt' . Sycamore 1 Dale Trident 22 21 25 3 1 38 Ball South Brookhurst Sycamore Dale 86 Coach, Brewer Jump ball between Richard Bonelli and a Brookhurst player. G,A.A. Officers: Top: Jackie Mee, 9th representa- tivez Jan Harvey, secretary- treasurer: and Betsy Mullen, vice- president. Bottom: Teri Von Achen, 8th representative: Michele Soto, presidentg and Lisa Von' Achen, 'ith representative. X K fx i IN MEMORY OF MR. BILL COOK: His leadership in instrumental music was an inspiration to all of 'Southern l California. Mr. Cook will never be forgotten. h SOUH Gnd Fury Mairrch 1 . 5 N E 1 Worr' "" NMC M N J , rw' 'NN V so X .f HAR Q rf,-on-,X 1 YYY! I ul"1ZIa-mind!! .lui H ma-11118811 y I W W N. V -'.k ,,., QA, Q k.V,, ,Mui .krk,k or H, t.-.-, .. -.,s at ttz trt.. ,rr. i A - N f P .- -' C ""- is r or X V W MQW , .., . s. WM... wswt t.rr. .Q . A . L: t. .,,. Q , ., b X S -r - X L t ,.... -' M A V -4 - K . 2- .,-, :ea ,Q 1. ..,. page-M ,-,- N.-::X,:.s.rf.a i-.-s ss was .5 .X 5 X . trwsw ., , It , M, - C C 1 .... A C . ' . , C N C, Q, , b ., . , .. ,,V,- - sttt sr .sb s t,r--, it . -X .,.Q, .. ,I K A b M - ' r ' C' ' . fgiw' ' I , 5 ' . 'Y Ullman faiFfr3tEiii oote o 1233 n ' -rl'-ass wr""""-N M ra.: i sims S x ' Q ir silIl'1lIm' n D f tg .,.. 'lil' I Il ,.,fX7K ll T 6391 3:1- XQN , . ' s C555 , 'pf IP" me X UI 1. mag Q r fsun1nhfl".., 5 Wifi 33,4 -l::'.:.." r iiMa rch E'n.d'i'h V mn 1 r 'v"l O tit C r , g 'n i ' 1 .23S!2Sa'2lJ..f.1'J?1i' e 'num-3173 s' 1 I I t C. lgl+,,,,,, HYCW., W ,Q..,-,, ..,., k,..,rr,,,a.,,H-,,a4,,-Har..,,,,r,,,,,r,, M K xG vg4j f,3W'vQ4 Cf7f fhpxgwm W CQWQGLMWM-'Qf. wfqmwb WMw,HMA Mx wYW , u 03"pfkEh'Xcjf0f1wM M xiaffp wwf Mwvwwfwwf MQW 3331 QM WM Wf,fw4' ' WW sf , WMM frpfwwgif -f , f FFEN' 0 W N- It x '4 V. wfffwggw EMQJLMM QMWQDQ3? ww ffwifzsim, W k.Qg,ff::W, ,Q 2025593 QAM QNX Gigs? Ay 9 Qegiigw wg 5 WWW MQW fbgifwgw W W W X54 WP ZPWCEMMJW Wx? JR fi '-'fT75Qf5W?MffMf MWJbMMM f W. ?Qg1K453QWWfM Migfjgfw WM ,wwwf nf W WWW W www? f NWQW wwwfjwwi y W?UWiMMQ MW JW Lb WWW 5 Q DUO cu JJMQQML C55-5 Gil iii' J , 02207 ZLQCCLWLQ F4 UJJJUD qgvmrb NQSUVQCL fwmwgmwum CLWUT X U! Qmgmg mm MQ www M WW 1 f... .. . 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