Trident Junior High School - Dolphin Yearbook (Anaheim, CA)

 - Class of 1967

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40x; ,chth X0916: eXoe m Xoofg; 1967 - W Table of Contents Page Dedication ................. 4 Superintendent and Board of Trustees ............. 5 Administration .............. 6 Counselors ................. 7 Student Body Officers .......... 9 Organizations . .............. 10 Faculty ................... 19 Ninth Grade ................ 23 Eighth Grade .............. .37 Seventh Grade .............. 51 Activities ................. 65 Sports Division .............. 75 Shag? - q 11ou 3mm. chNW'J g3 poo." Crocku- l miq $4 All 'ft Iprufloor JQMoglk, jh;fcjl Paw"j BNMJ lug... We of the yearbook staff have t g . eflection of the n66 67 school yea of many lasting memories in the years: Dedication It is with pride and pleasure that the '67 Dolphin staff dedicate this yearbook to Jim Keeline. One of the best known teachers on campus, Mr. Keeline comes to school at 7:45 as a science teacher and doesn't leave until about 6 as a football coach. Always promoting school spirit and loyalty, Mr. Keeline is a charter member of Trident, having come here nine years ago when the school first began. As head of the science department, he has devised a curriculum used not only in this district but in other areas of the U. S. as well. Mr. Keeline has four children, a son and three daughters. He was educated at Orange Coast Junior College and Long Beach State, where he also was an outstanding football player. J im Keeline Superintendent Paul Cook, Superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District, has served for a number of years in this capacity. He is highly regarded as one of Southern California's best educators. Trident is fortunate to be under a man of Mr. Cook's stature. Board of Trustees The Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees tbelom are a civic- minded group of citizens who are the governing body for the school district. They are tfrom ler John Barton, William V. Almand, Royal Marten, L. Kenneth Hueler, and Irving Pickler. Administration Trident students were guided by one of the most efficient and understanding administrations 'the school has ever had. Clayton Wardell was once again principal, as he has been since the school's founding. Mrs. Lethia Mylius served in her second year as girls vice-principal. I. C. Keys, boys vice-principal, was new to the school. He was quickly impressed with Trident as "one of the best junior highs in the district. " Mr. Keys was at Oxford last year and at Oak the year before. Mrs. Lethia Mylius, Girls Vice-Principal Clayton Wardell, Principal I. C. Keys, Boys Vice-Principal Counselors The counseling department at Trident underwent a change this year when Mrs. Bea Wilson took over for John Valder. Mrs. Wilson, seventh-grade coun- selor. was formerly at Savanna High School. Mrs. Mary-Jane Anfinson, department chairman. was eighth-grade counselor, and Mr. Vernon Merrill, ninth-grade counselor. Also appearing on this page is Mrs. Beverly Nicholas, school nurse. Mr. Vernon Merrill Ninth Grade Counselor Mrs. Bea Wilson Seventh Grade Counselor Mrs. Beverly Nicholas School Nurse Mrs. Mary-Iane Anfinson Counseling De- partment Chair- man and Eighth Grade Counselor , 4m Cafeteria Staff L Top: Melba De Velbiss, Pauline Gage, Marie Block and Florence Kneip. Bottom: Grace Muramoto, Thelma Hamilton and Milly Peterson. x Romi Portillo Jean Brown Top: Harry Jordan, Richard Thompson, A1 Garling, and Fred Heart. Bottom: Jim Crum, Ed Kmet, and Buck Buchanan. ' $ Betty Wisby President Robert Thrasher Publicity Chairman Karen Standley Vice President Dawn Adams Secretary Bonnie Caugherty Treasurer Barbara Ginsberg y ;;;2;21. , , W , Mwww W 4, ,4 ,mw oyAz'vwleiHuMy 'W'V ' ' 10118 t a Z .1 n a g r O Student Council Trident students received valuable experience in leadership and self- direction by being on the Student Council, a legislative body made up of senior and junior representatives from each first-period class. Mr. Ed Graham was the adviser. K Pictured above are senior Student Council representatives. Virgil Nix, photographer Business Staff: Patty Sheldon Barbara Beck Mike Wilson Jan Myers Desi Rodriquez. editor-in-chief - The , APTURE A YEAR Dolphin WITH $ANNUAL Jerald Cunningham, advisor, and Herb Van Hunnik, student photographer and photography coordinator. General Staff: aop rowy Mike Donovan, Dan Ripley, Jeri Hajek, , . , Lynn Roberts, and Nick Lombardo. uBottom rowy Gwen Camenson, Publicity Staff: Gail Haser, Pat Long, Linda Stevens and Rita Smith. The '67 Dolphin staff worked very hard to "Capture a Year" with this annual. If, as you leaf through the pages of this book in years to come, it recalls for you many cherished memories and renewed acquaintances, then our book is a success. And we hope that this year will be a spring board for you in years to come. Literary Magazine Staff: Barbara Karcher Pat Baker Jenny Gallaher Carol Averill Jennie LePhew and Debbie Hodge. Kristi Zelt Linda Carrano Mutt Thompson Assistant Editor Editor-in-Chief Feature Editor Neptunehs Log As the Log staff launched an ambitious year, they strove to give Trident its first self-support- ing professionally printed news- paper. This meant selling advertising and doing much other work normally done by the printer as well as their usual reporting and editorial work. Barbara Karcher, tstandingt advertising manager, shows layout to salesmen Tina Rogers, Lonnie Selstad and Bruce Solum. Jim Erickson , A I , Linda Martin Sports Editor , v L Business Manager Karen Standley Publicity Editor Reporters aopx Lois Staudenmayer and Becky Williams. Bottom Cindy Smith. Lynn Pokorney and Audrey Ledesma. Tridette officers shown in the picture above are Jana Raines, treasurer; Dabee Focht, secretary; Karen Van Ark, president; and Sherrie Ripley, vice-president. Mrs. Jesse Grace Tridettes Advisor 1? $ by a4re 93-34? Mrs. Beverly Nicholas Advisor Tri- Gents The Tri-gents is a special service group in our school. They use their organization to help with many out-of-school activities, such as Open House. In past years they have raised funds for a Victory Flag and a football scoreboard. Bob Kim . . . President Mr. Keys 15 servmg as adv1sor. I Bill Ossiginac Fred Van Leuven Martin Levy Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Top row a to 0: Herb VanHunnik, Steven Brenton, Randy Brussow, Doug Highlen, Murt Thompson, John Lazar, Craig Dekker, Rob Beck, Steve Wells, and Robert Thraser. Bottom row: Eric Rieber, Bruce Hollingsworth, Martin Levy, Fred Van Leuven, Bob Kim, Bill Ossiginac, and George Turtle. f g; - King Midas fir and Company. "Batman is dead; long live Me! " "Oh, I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer weiner . . .' I "I use Gleern ! " "We'll get you yet Red Baron! " "Mommy, when do I get my muddersicle?" Adams, LaVar Allen, Bobbe Anderson, Mary Jane Bower, Charles Bowers, Paula Brewer, Bill Brown, Jean Cook, 1. C. Cook, William Cookus, Rod Coover, Marsha Corfman, Nancy Cotte, Geniece Mary Crume. Lynn Culver, Mike Cunningham, Jerald Fisher, Ruby Fulkelson, Maridee Grace, Jessie Graham, Edward Herbert, Margaret Heymers, William Hinman, LeRoy Hitter, Oliver Huetson, Jerald Joseph, Catherine Juarez, Richard Keeline, James Kerr, Georgia Kralik, Sharon Lain, Patsy Long, Dorothy Mallepsy, Alice Martin, Marjorie Moores, Jeanne Nichols, Roy Nix, Virgil Orr, Don Pehrson, Marie Ratzlaff, Verne Schlichting, Phyllis Seidel, Constance Sherman, Janet Smith, James Smith, Thomas SOlem, A1 Tuncer, Mary Van Hunnik, Harry Walker, Barbara Weilder, Frank Switzer, Doris Valverde, Wilma Wakefield, Bonnie Warren, Ray Wilkoff, Ruth Ninth Grade Aase , Randall Abbott, David Adams, Carol Adams, Dawn Ad ams, Terry Agte, C onrad H- Amador, Anthonisen, Bacon, Allen, Tonia Beverly Ted Donna Alpern, Judy Anderson, Atherton, Baker, Steven Donna Bill Andrade, Averill, Baker, Rualdo Michael Patricia Baker, Starla Balderson, Scott Balog, Christine Barkenagen, Mike Barton, Lori Bassoff, Craig Bates, Mary Baumgardn'er, Dane Baxter, Jeff Beaver, Christine Beck, Barbara Beck, Rob Behnke. Jay Behrens, Laura Belote, Betsy Biro, Stephanie Blacketer, Beverly Blamer, Debbie Benoit, Denise Bobbitt, Sharen Brannan, Kathy Breite, Lawrence Brenton, Steven Brewer, Bill Brewer, Russell Broyles, Gary Bojan, Bothw e11, Boyette, Melanie Laurie Vicki Brown, Michael Boldvc, Bounds, Bradshaw , Brown, Steve Linda Valerie Glenice Boren, Boyd , Bradshaw, John Nikki Hollis Brumbaugh, Jan Bruns, Ricky Brussow, Randy Brusuelas, Kathy Buck, Jerry Budd, Jeff Buice, Wallace Bullmaster, Sharon Burke, Coleen Burke, Cora Butcher, John Buxton, Mark Bye, Dorothy Byerly, Willi Caldwell, Becky Campbell, Dalan Canedy, Randy Canfield, Thomas Carley, Chris Caron, Jo Carrano, Linda Casas, Pete C asper, Bonnie Casper, Ricky Chavos , Frank Chmura, Diane Clinkenbeard, Condra, Chyz, Jerry Colleen Jimmy Darrel Circle. Bob Claxk, Clower, Conway, Jenny Stanley Kathy Clark, Condra, Cook, Roger Darlene Jane Cooper, Cheryl Copeland, Doug Crowder, Bob Curry, Kathy Cyburt, Marie Darke, Kevin Daraban, Richard Davidson, Nancy Deam, Tom Dean, Gary Deangelo, Ray Dean'ick, Davidr Deavila, David Defore, Pat Dehoog, Theo r Dekay, Bernie Dekker, Craig Delfin, Ernie Deline, Bean'ice Deline, Bernice Dunne, Pete Duranso, Sharon Duvall, Cindy Eagle, Wanda Eaton, Roland Eaton, Vonnie Demery, Des Palmes, Draper Donna Tom Dennis Eckelberry, Warren Denoff, Donaldson, Driscoll, Edelman, Sue Jo Ann Gary Monette Des Palmes, Drake, Dukart, Dean Bradly Bruce Edmiston, James Edwards, Dennis Eggert, Georgia Ely, Dave Emery, Scott Erbst, Leonard Eskew, Sam Esmino, Kathy Esqueda, Virginia Evans, Clyde Ferro, Ramey Fink, Kurt Fisk, Jackie Florance, Ellen Foley, Carol Fotsia, Betty Fowle, Karen Fowle, Sharon Free, Marlean Froman, Bernie Fullner, Lea Gaetjens , Karin Galbraith, Tom Galenu'ne, Richard Gallaher, Jenny Garrett, Jefferey Geldmacher, Gillespie, Garvin, Gary Eddie Bruce Debra Geddie, Lynn Giffin, Gladstone, Gomez, Robin Mariyln Sondra Gilbert, Glendening, Gongloff Dave Gary Marty Gonzales, Louie Goodrich, Doug Gough, Robert Grace, Mary Gravett, Gabriella Green, Neil Greig, Janet Griebel, Craig Griggs, Karen Grove, Jim Guilliams, Judy Guzenske, Raymond Gwaltney, Janice Haag, Dwan Hagel, Bonnie Hagan, Susan Hajek, Jeri Halbrook, Helen Hall, Janet Hallee, Mark 28 WAD? Haser, Gail Hauck, Bonnie Hauser, Thomas Hayden, Tommy Hazan, Steve Heintz, Edward Hallman, Hardcastle, Harrison, Kathryn Nancy Mike Heitzman, Ron Hand, Harkins, Harvey, Hegdahl, Jim Elaine Janice Gary Haney, Harrelson, Harvey, Vicki Larry Hennessy, Brenda Herron, Bruce Hernandez, Marilyn Hill, Carol Hill, Deborah Hill, Robin Hintz, Ken Hodge, Peter Hoffart, Donna Holman, Ron Hornsby, James Hosfelt, Jeffery Howey, Pamela Hoy, B111 Hozduk, Thomas Hunt, Steve Hurford, Albert Hurley, Robert Hutchison, Debbie Hutchison, Steve Huff, Tom Hughes, William Humphrey, Paul Hung, Hao Hao Hunter, Gary Jackson, Kriss Johnson, Jones , Karcher, James, Barbara Gary Deborah Barbara Jensen, Jerry Johnson, Jones, Kazal, John Erick Debbie Johnson, Jones, Kazes, Laura Jerry Danny Kees, Chris Kelley, Paul Kent, Karen Kermeen, Pam Ketcherside, Bobby Keul, Terry Kim, Bob Kindt, Don Kneubuhl, Christine Koczko, Gary Kolstad, Noreen Koontz, Alan Krogsdale, Liz Landine, Doug Laplante, Ray Laughery, Cindy Lazar, Johnny Lektorich, Robby Leming, Teddy Lenn, Diane Lunsford, Todd Lyle, Colette Mader, Martha Magruder, Dawne rte Malinson, Elizabeth Marks, Ronnie Levenson, Lloyd, Long, Nancy Linda Patrick Martin, Linda Levy, Long, Lopez, Martinak, Thomas Martin Alan Richard Lewis, Long. Loy. Janey Frank Pam Mattas, John Matthews, Bill Mayer, Theresa Mayes, Dale McAuley, Gary McCarthy, Marie McCartney, Diane McClung, Torn McCoy, Janet McDaniels, Gary McDonald, Dan McGibbon, Miureen McGinn, Michael McHugh, Richelle McIndoo, Mike McKay, Robin McKinley, Jan McLain, Brenda McLaren, Valerie McLaughlin, Kathy McAuley, Mike 'McNamara, Jackie Meadows, La Cinda Meehan, Bob Megas, Cheryl Melville, Richard Meyle, Mingus, Moore, . Robert Frank Pam Menkm, Gary Miller, Mishima, Moore Metz, Steven Paul Rod ney Penny Mills, Moore, Morris, Steve Jana Diane Morris, Jerry Morse, Steve Moscoe, Mike Mullen, Dan Munn, Steve Munn, Wayne Mun, Wayne Musial. Cynthia Nash, Sandi Neil, Anne Nelson, Michael J l Nicholson, Scott Nims, Annetta Nims, Bill O'Brien, Cheryl Oliver, Richard Oppelt, Scott Orsillo, A1 Osborn, Diana Ossiginac, Bill Packer Palmer, Cynthia Tim Pallas, Parker, Robert Janice Palmer, Paulson, Lorraine Connee Pouliot, Debra Prokop, Cheryl Putnam, Greg Quint, John Ralston, Dena Ramm, Charles Rater, Kris Rehm, Linda Reimer, Debbie Reiss, Mary Ann Revenaugh, Ronald Rinker, Roy Ripley, Sherrie Ritter, Richard Rodriguez, Alice Rodriguez, Desi Rogers, John Rome, Beverly Rowley, Lewy Roy, Candice Petit, Richard Petzold, Dan Phelps, Kipp Pierpont, Margeo Platz, Pam Pobanz, Denise Peffer, Wesley Pekarcik', Debby Pepper, James Pokorney, Karen Porter, Kathleen Ruggiero , Vicki Russell, Robin Sanchez, David Sanders, Caihy Sandstedt, Joyce Sauer, Sue Schroeder, Selstad, Shanholtzer, Sawyer, Terry Becky Lonnie Doug Scarborough, Mike Schuda, SgontZ. Shappell. Danny Rudy Cathy Scott, Shaffer, Sheehan, Charles Cynthia Mike Shepard, Jeri Sherman, Mike Shoemate, Jay Simanson, Shelley Skelton, Mike Smith, Chuck Smith, Cynthia Smithson, Randy Soto, Valerie Spaulding, Cheryl Spencer, Diane Spicer, Jody Spirlong. Jim Standley, Rebecca Stark, Karen Steele, Paul Stevens, Mark Stimson, Lorraine Sullivan, Norban Sundberg, Dean 34 Swett. Tarkoff, Susan Ronnie Symolan, Tarrant, Ron Christine Tanner, Tatman, Bob Barbara Torrey, Lynn Trinajstich, Jaunita Valdez, Daniel Valiant, Roberta Van Ark, Karen Van Leuven, Fred Van Leuven, Nancy Walbrink, Harold Walker, Melissa Walthall, Mike Wangler, Torn Wanser, Keith Watts, Carolyn Webb, Larry Wedeking, Donna Welles, Tom Wells, Clyde Wells, Steve Westlake, Martin Wheeler, Warren Terrana, Sherry Thac ker, Bill Thompson, Mutt Thornhill, Dave Thrasher, Robert Timm, Kathleen Tatom, Ron Taylor. Tober, Mike Don Todd , Linda Tebbetts, Judy 35 White, Debbie Whitlock, Charles Wilcox, Peggy Wilkins, Deborah Williams, Becky Williamson, Deanne Williamson, Loran Wilson, David Wilson, Karen Wilson, Mike Wilson, Steven Winnick, Robert Wise, Bob Witt, Denise Wofford, Grady Woodman, Yates, Wolf, Jeanette Frank Karen Wolverton, Gary Woody, Yniguez, Woodburn, Karyn Eugenia Sam Wright, Young, Linda Daniel Wrobleski, Zank, Kathi Christine Yakel, Zelt, Richard Kristi Babcock, Mike Dumouchel, Larry Granger, Kathie Hall, Mike Mackey, Karen Myers, Janice Peacock, Susan Smith, Jim Truitt, Beth Vollmann, Trish Atherton, Leonard Averill, Carol Baasch, Julie Balen, Bob Balun, Patricia Barth, Brenda Bartlett, John Bartone, Dave Bates, Carol Batstone, Stephen Bauer, Chris Baur, Dan Baumgardner, Holly Beason, Ann Beck, Virginia Beckett, Dona Adams, Anderson, Larry John Alvillar, Anderson, Blazer, Bonclzeit, Billy Michele Amato, Anderson Bocanegra, Bonham, James Steve Roberta Lita Ambrose , Armstrong , Bodnar, Bonsack, Steven Carol Donald Dale Bell, Joy Bencivengo, Thomas Bender, Joyce Berman, Julie Berry, Larry Beyer, James Beyers, Sharon Bishop, Mark Bjonk, Kenny Sydney Holgar ? w Borg, Dennis Bouckhout, Lori Boyd, Dennis Boyles, Dan Brennan, Penny Bretz, George Brink, Garry Bristol, Marianne Brooks, Eugene Bruce, Gail Brown, Cheryl Brownie, Arlene Brownie, Sandra Brumble, Sheri Brussow, Judy Brusuelas, Betty Bryan, Burns , Mary Colleen Buchanan, Bylund, Debra Scott Camenson, Casper, Gwen Alonzo Canter, Castleberry, Mitchell Sandy Carlson, Caugherty, Bev erly Bonnie Budd, Byrne, Vicki Gary Burch, Byrnes, Joey Robert Childs, Darci Christensen, Edward Christian, Nancy Chudzicki, James Chudzicki, Mike Clair, Robin Clark, Anna Mae Clark, Dan Clark, Kevin Collins, Teresa Conger, Carl Conway, Irene Conway, Judy Conway, Judy Cooney, Sean Cooper, Gary Cooper, Steven Cornell, Joyce Cosgrove, Rodger Cox, Sue Crocker, Curt Crocker, Doug Cummings, Beverly Cummings, Janet Cyburt, Debbie Clark, Cochran, Sara Sus an Cliff, Cockrum, Dailey, Davis, Bennie Adrienne Debi Stephen Clinkenbeard, Cohen, Davis , Dedrick, Terri Murray ' James Nancy Davis, DeHoog, Lois Holly Deley, Marc Dennis, Debbie Dennis, Judy Dietmeirer, Rodney Donovan, Mike Dotson, Timothy Doublin, Cindy Douglas, Don Dourte, Jim Downs, Pam Doyle, Debra Duffer, Linda Dumouchel, Robert Dunne, IoAnne Duranso, Denice Durck, Craig Earls, Lewana Eckenboy, Debbie Eckert, James Eckholm, Scott Edgell, Gary Edwards, David Elder, Tim Elias, Barbara Elkins, Steve Emery, ' Enright. 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Dennis Huston, Jeff Hutchison, Ben Hutchison, Elain Iben, Ricky Ingram, Peggy - Irby, David Jones, Lynn Joseph, Robin Kallman, Cleo Kaminski, John Kay, Tom Keating, Debra Keith, Barbara Kelley, Charles Kelley, Michael Kelley, Nola Kelly, Nancy Ketcherside, Dena King. Carol Kirishian, Keith Kneubuhl, Edward Korstick, Gary Laughery, LeBrun, Janie Dana Leader, Ledesma , Rock Audrey LeBla nc , Lee, Mary Lora Koss, Donna Kruse, Linda Kussman, David Kyte, Martin Lackiusa, Mike Lammers, Deborah Landry, Robert Lansdowne, Vicky Laplante, Richard Leeper, Pam Lemons, Rodney Leonardo, Torn Leoni, Elena Le Phew. Jennie Lesslie, Sharon Letoumeau, Dana Levine, Michael Lewis, David Lindgren, Karen Lindstrom, Jill Linke, Bob Linneen. Jack Lombardo, Nick Lords, Sharon Lovejoy. 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Nancy O'Neil, Paul O'Neill, Richard 46 Peerboom, Donna Pence, Ann Pepper, Patrick Perez, Tony Perry, Kathy Petersen, Debbie Petit, Pamela Pfeifer, John Pokorney, Lynn Prendergast, Tom Preston, Kathleen Price, Gwen Priest. Denise Query, Dana Rachunok, Greg Raines, Jana Ramer. Reed, Peggy Suzanne Reynolds, Rieber, Ravalli, Reed, Gregory Eric Christine Virginia Rials, Rindskopf, Reddick, Reiss, Ricky Iefferey . Chris Harry Richmond, Rinker, Reed, Renken, Steve Roberta Karen Cynthia Ripley, Dan Robbins, Sherry Roberts, Lynn Robertson, Dale Rochambeau, Robert Rockwell, Brenda Rodgers. David Rodman, Edmon Rogers, Tina Rubin, Gary Rutherford. Carol Salvesen, Kristine Samuel, Pete Sanchez, Terri Sanders, Kent Sapp, Steve Sauer, Roseanna Scarborough. Joyce Scharping, Kathy Schmidt, Bob Schenau, Kathleen Schultz, Cathy Schultze, David Scott. John Secof, Howard Rodman, Rosenhamer, Linda Aleta Rollins, Roska, Shoup, Smeroff, Donna Barry Reggi Larry Rome, Rotunda, Sigerseth, Smith. Mark Marie Nancy Mike Romero , Roy, Si mas , Smith , Eddie Suzanne Rick Rita Seeley, Rick Seifert, Lory Sellheim, Mark Seufer, Sharon Sqontz, VictOria Shealeyr, Thomas Sheldon, Pat Sherman, Susan Sherr, Debi 48 Snodgrass, Sandy Snowbeck, Sharon Sohl, Gerald Sollars, Deborah Solum, Bruce Soto, Brenda Souza, Rick Sowa, Sandy Spousta, Larry Standley, Karen Standenmayer, Lois Stemler, Marianne Stevens, Linda Stevenson, Debbie Stoddard, Lesli Stow, Gail Stracner, Such, Leeane Pat Tang, Terrack, Stukey, Swett, Steve Jame Douglas Richard Taylor, Thomas, Stulz, Switzer, Bill Kenneth Ted Ron Taylor, Thomas, Such, Tacket, Charles Tom Margaret Mark Thompson, Dane Thompson, Debbie Timberlake, Jeff Toman, Debbie Tracchia. Glenn Travers, Yvette Travalio, Patty Trotter, Melissa Truitt, Ellen Tucci, Joe Turner. Terri Urfer, Janine Valdez, Louis Van Ark, Beryl Van Hunnik, Herbert Villa, Patti Vona. Debbie Vonderloh, Hank Wadell, Bob Wagoner, Barbara Wall, Kathleen Wangler, Edward Weisz, Jan Wells, Debbie Wels, Mark West, Linda Wettengel, Lee Wheeler, Nancy Whitlock, Paul Wiebe, Ricky Wightman, Babbette Wilcox, Monica Wilkins, Suzanne Williams, Dana Wills, Jenny Wilson, John Wittman, Beverly Wolf, Anita Wright, Joanne Wright, Linda Wright, Teresa Wyckoff, Mary Yniquez, Orie Yoshizaki. Michael Youker, Bill Young, Tina Zimmer, Ian Abbascia, Mary Adams, Kimberly Allee, Jim Almieri, Ray Alpern, Iodine Amato, Vince Anderson, Daniel Anderson, Debby Anderson, James Anderson, Roy April, Mike Atchue, David Atwood, Susan Baker, Gwen Balakoski, Joseph Balen, Mark Ballentine, James Balster, Debra. Barkenhagen, Timothea Barlow, Douglas Barnes, Grace Barrett, Michael Barrett, Pat Beard, Tony Beavers, Pamela. Beckett, Gary Beers, Steven Bell, Judy Bennett, Bill Berg, Linda Bergschneider. Frank Bickham, Linda Bills, Deborah Binz, Randy Birnbaum, Terri Black, Patricia Blain, Eva Boetel, Cindy Bohlin, Sandy 52 Bonnaud, Danny Boyd, Lori Boyd, William Brandon, Vicki Brawner, Ricky Brown, Jean Brown, Kara 'Brown, Vicki Brownie, Dale Broyles, Terri Brumble, Linda Bryant, Debbie Buck, Cindy Buice, Milton Burger, Ronny Burgueno, Maria Burns, Debra Bye, Claude Cain, Candi Calderwood, Susan Caldwell, Carrie Cambell, John Camenson, Laura Campanellag Mike Carlson, Jeannine Caron, Sheila Casas, Dina Catineault, Irene Cayer, Lynna Chaddock, Connie Chamberland, Kelly Chambers, Ellen Chiana, Cynthia Choplin, Donna Christensen. Ralph Chyz, Duane Cihlar, Laurie Cockrum, Rebecca Connell, Robert 53 Darrington, Rick Davis, Dolores Deam, Richard Dean, Cindy Deatrick, Steve de Avila, Paul Defusco, Robert Degowin, Debra Dekker, Donell Delfin, Adeline Delfin. Theresa Deturk, Tim Dibrell, Diane Dilullo, Mathew Donahoe, Tim Donaldson, Cheryl Donaldson, Gordon Doriguzzi, Debra Dourte, Suzanne Doyle, Merle Dreyer, Debbie Duet, Roxanne Duncan, Linda Dunne, Stephen Conger, Sally Connery, Mike Cooper, David Copeland, Anne Cornell. Troyce Cortez, Victor Corvese, Debbie Cosgrove, Daniel Copser, Raymond Crespi, Debbie Crocker, Karen Culliton, Pete Cummings, Lyle Dalton, Darlene Dalton, Diane Dufault, Keith Earle, David Eckblad, Becky Eckes, Teresa Edelman, Jay Edes, Debra Edwards, Joseph Edwards, Kathleen Edwards, Pat Edwards, Ron Elvik, Arlen Emery, David Erbst, Malcolm Erdmann, Pat Erickson, Deborah Eskridge, Warren Evans, Jolene Evans, Nancy Fagan, Andrew Faulkner, Mitchell Finch, Patricia Fink, Shelly Fishel, Steve Fisk, Edward Flack, Steve Flint, Kathy Fortune, Steve Frank, Russell Funk, David Gagnier, Marcel Gaudio, Louis Gardner, Nanette Garrison, Debra Gaskins, Michael Gemmil, Mark Gerlach, Karl Germain, Curtis Gerringer, Jeri Gerstkemper, Janet Handel, Richard Hanson, Curtis Hardy, David Hardy, Larry Harp, Florence Harrison, David Hart, Robert Harvey, Janet Harvey, Mike Hatch, Robert Hatchell, Mike Hauser, Bruce Hayden, Phillip Headlee, Kevin Heinrich, Ricky Heintz, Roy Hemingway, Jo Ann Hendricks, Robert Hendry, Ian Henneman, Jane Hennings, Robert Hepp, Madeline Hermann, Elaine Hernandez, Dawna 56 Gibson, Toni Gilbert, Terre Godfrey, Guy Gonzales, Mary Goodman, Neal Goodrich, Branda Gooman, Aaron Gordon, Robin Gough, Dennis Gravett, Joe Green, Cathy Hall, Janet Hallford, Candy Hallman, Andrew Halstead, Bill Hicks, Martin Hill, Greg Hill, Martha Hill, Sherry Hinkson, Kent Hinnard, Debora Hodge, Scott Hoffman, Merle Hoffman, Paula Hogan, Anne Holato, Philip Hollister, Linda Hoy, Greg Huffman, Deborah Hughes, Peter Hughey, Heidi Humphrey, Robin Hunt, Roger Hunter, Jerry Huson, Melvin Iben, Sheryl Jackson, Kevin Jebousek, Peggy Johnson, Bill Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Glenda Jolley', Nita Jones, Felix Jones, Mike Karp, Kevin Kees, Jeff Kelley, Terry Kent, Melodie Kentner, Garry Kersey, Patty Kessler, Melody Keul, Jim Kilbane, John Kindt, Gary 57 Leopold, David Levenson, Arlene Lewis, Mary Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Norman Lewis, Roberta Liefeld, Marlene Liem, Becky Lister, David Lloyd, Lon Lombardo, Michael Long, Barbara Long, Eddie Long, Steve Lowe, Randy Luke, Linda Lumley, Doug 'Mack, Chuck Macrum, Jeri Mallinson, Clarence Mandernach, Mark Manier, Cherisse Marquardt, Barbara Nixon, Shari 58 King, Mary Kiraly, Susan Knecht, Joanne Koczko, Debbie Kutscher, Anthony Land, Mark Landin, Barbara Langstaff, Bonita Larson, Monetha Latstetter, Robert Laughery, Connie Lazar, Jerry Lebeau, Larry Lee, Vicki Lengyel, Bob Marten, Allen Martz, Bruce Massaro, Judy Massie, Iva Io Masters, Mike Mc Clinton, Greg Mc Closkey, Jim Mc Cready, Don MC Creary, Candace Mc Lain, James Mc Mahon, Nancy Mc Namara, Mike Mc Neff, Philip Mee, Jacquelin Melton, Kim Mendoza, Benjamin Mentzer, Garry Meyer, Beth Miller, Charlotte Miller, Jim Miller, Steven Mishima, Paula Mix, Regina Monce, Jeff Monteith, Jeffery Morales, Jerry Morales, Thomas Morell, Linda Mott, April Mullarkey, Mike Mullen, Betsy Musial, Bill Musick, Paula Myers, Kim Nak Amura, Jeff Nelson, Alice Nelson, Doug Nelson, Sandra Nims, Debra 59 60 Peters, Robert Peuas, Carol Petruszak, Mark Pierpont, Yvonne Pierson, Patricia Pittman, Mark Plecher, Linda Porter, B111 Prindall, Lynn Prakop, Cynthia Prottas, Debbie Purpura, Elizabeth Puzin, Donald Rachunok, Pete Ratliff, Judy Reaney, Jim Reimer, Rickey Reverditto, Craig Reynolds, Gary Rhodes, Diane Rials, Debra Ritter, Robin Rivas, Maria Roberts, Gary : Oates, Pam Olden, Karen Olive, Jim Olsen, Cheryl Ornelas, Diana Outlaw, Leonard Padilla, Chris Palmer, Bill Palmer, Pam Park, Danny Parker, Barbara Parks, David Parmenter, Lee Perez, Maria Perez, Sylvia Roberts, Marc Robin, Janet Robinson, Hal Rodriguiz, Alita Rofkahr, Vanessa Romig, Terry Roseberry, Mike Rosenbloom, Howard Rottiers, Robert Rotvik, Greg Rousselle, Robin Rubin, Debra Ruppe, Charlene Russell, Kevin Ryan, David Ryan, Rick Saavedra, Randy Sales, Gary Samual, Linda Sands, Kevin Sauvey, Dirk Sawyer, Sally Shaefer, Pamela Scheffer, Louis Schnabel, Francine Schroeder, Jacquelyn Schroeder, Sheila Schwenn, Steve Scott, Carolyn Scuncio, Janice Serrao, Christina Seyler, Cristy Shaffer, Jennifer Shealey, Mathew Shepard, Claude Sherman, Lauralee Sherman, Mark Shoemate, Bryan Shurtliff, Linda 61 Sheward, Robert Simons, Millie Smith, Charlotte Smith, Donna Smith, Mark Smith, Susan Sonosky, David Soto, Michele Spala, Eugene Spala, Jerry Spindler, Alden Stanley; Ronda Stern, Megan Stevens, Cynthia Stevenson, Patricia Stone, Marjorie Stowe, Nancy Strickland, Bill Sturgis, Steve Sundberg, Frederick Swanson, Pauline Symolon, Don Szasz, Daniel Talbert, Paula Talburt, Tanis Tang, David Taras, Tania Tarkoff, Kenneth Taylor. Doug Thacker, Bob Thompson, Blaine Thompson, Greg Tober, Doreen Todd, Gary Townsend, Leonard Trujillo, David Tucker. David Turner, Debra Tynes, Mike Underwood, Grant Urfer, Johnny Van Ark, Gregory Vanderwoude, Merrill Van Roggen, Edward Ventura, Francine Voelp, Linda Vontroban, Stephanie Wagner, Ervin Walker, Mary Walter, Richard Washburn, Steve Watanabe, Herbert Watts, Barbara Webb, Jeannine Wegner, Jesse Weikel, Scott Welcome, Janet Wheeler, Craig White, Debbie Whitlock, Theresa Whittaker, Jerry Wildvank, Jack Williams, Preston Wilson, Karen Wilson, Kevin Wilson, Leslie Wilson, Mark Wims, Cathy Winkler, Debbie Witt, Dwight W011, Christine Wolverton, Luann Wood, Marjorie Woodburn, Kevin Woody, Betsy Woolf, John Wright, Kevin Wright, Ralph Wright, Tim Wright, Virginia Young, Zimmer, Zuder. Mike Lee Miche 1e Wyatt, Georgia Wynne, Conrad 3 . . 3: Winners of speech awards: Top: Tom Hauser, Susan Sherman, Debbie Keating, Mike Lombardo, Karen Griggs, Vir- ginia Reed, Chris Bauer, and Dave Hecht. Middle: Debbie Jones, Gail Haser, Sharon Duranso, Sharon Bobbitt, Cindy Musial, Beverly Rome, and Donna Wedeking. Bottom: Hao Hung, Cleo Kallman, Debbie Cyburt, Pam Leeper, Joyce Bender, and Roberta Rinker. Activities ;,. army. v ,vau x ,Mvp-fiyakgwaw u.r . ..... ,..AMA Jakam Other speech winners: Grom tom Barbara Ginsberg, and Bob Tanner. Lynn Geddie, Tom Hozduk, and Linda Martin. Nikki Boyd, Dawn Adams, and Karen Pokorney. Speech trophy winners: Craig Bassoff, holding his personal trophy, Miss Joseph, holding the second and third place trophies, and Ralph Infante, holding the fourth place trophy and his personal trophy. 65 Band Pictured at left is Trident's Band. Below is the Orchesura. Under the very capable direc- tion of MI. Bill Cook, Trident's Band and Orchestra had another active and successful year. They won a number of awards and honors. The two musical groups also entertained audiences at many events throughout the year. Trident is happy to be so well represented by these two outstand- ing groups. 67 Bannerettes Sue Hagan Melissa Walker Jo Ann Denoff Cheryl Megas Pam Loy Georgia Eggert Karen Pokorney Drum Major Gary COQper Majorettes Cris Hackett Sally Fitzsimmons Janey Lewis Diane Felix School Spirit Week Pictured on this page are some of the activities Trident had during School Spirit Week. At left Dawn Adams is being sold at the auction on Slave Day. The middle left picture shows the tricycle race and middle right is an example of what was seen on Hat Day. The pie eating contest is shown at the bottom. Beginning Girls Glee e e l G S la r 01; e t an .1 d m r; e t n I irls Glee Advanced G Boys Glee m Mixed Chorus 71 O O Ja'Sl'Oul ---A club that helps studems learn more about the language they are studying. They have had guests from various countries speak as part of their program. ---Trident has had more clubs this year than during any other year. Clubs They provided valuable service by enabling students to be in- volved in special interests. Wl'ltmg Club ---Designed to give members a means of self-expression in a variety of literary forms. Pet Club ---Among their activities are many pet shows. They also meet on a regular basis to dis- cuss the care of their pets. Math Club ---This club is designed for people who wish to further their knowledge in the field of mathematics. Chess Club ---An activity for the people who wish to play chess against other people. It is also for learning how to improve skills in Chess. Top Row: Arlen Elvik, Charlotte Miller, Kristine Salvesen, Carol Averill, Carolyn Hatch, Marc Greenberg, Chris Forster, Ken Ho, and Ellen Chambers. Center Row: Gene Spala, David Sonosky, Daniel B0111':a.1d, Jeff Monteith, Mike Lombardo, Mark Wels, Stephen Anderson, Jim Meyer, Ken Malley, Jim Erickson, Mike Campanella, and Grant Underwood. Bottom Row: Debbie Bills, Darlene D alton, Robin Humphrey, Virginia Wright, Becky Liem, Laurie Cihlar, Sandra Bohlin, Diane Dalton, Patricia Black, and Debra Koczko. Mr. Rod Cookus Mr. J. C. Cook Back row: Wesley Peffer, James Horsby, Warren Wheeler, Paul Steele, Paul Miller, Steven Brenton. Center Row: Darlene Condra, Jane Cook, Diane Morris, Sharon Duranso, Kristine Rater. Bottom Row: Kristy Zelt, Cheryl Prokop, Linda Rehm, and Carolyn Warns. Cheerleaders for 1966-67 were 00m Sharon Duranso, Jane Cook bottom Cindy Meadows, Chris Kneubuhl, and Judy Tebbetts. Cheerleaders 76 Varsity Football Seasonh Results Trident 22 Walker 0 Trident 45 Sycamore 15 Trident 15 Dale '7 Trident 20 Oxford 13 Trident 6 Ball 12 Trident 0 Fremont 45 Trident 26 Brookhurst 14 Trident 20 South 19 Trident 14 Orangeview 6 Standings Coach Hinman Co ach Keeline Fremont 6-0 Ball 5 - 1 Trident 4-2 D ale 2 - 3 - 1 Sycamore 1-4-1 South 1 - 4- 1 Top Row: Mike Harvey 1managen, Craig Dekker, Kurtis McWilliams, Scott Nicholson, Gary Glenden- ing, Rudy Sgontz, Dan Baur, Tom Huff, Bob Hurley, Dennis Draper, Ken Hintz, Chuck Scott, Kurtis Fink, David Ely, and Ted Anthonisen. Middle Row: Coach Don Orr, Coach LeRoy Hinman, Erick Jones1managen, Steve Wilson, Mike Hull, Mike Tober, Larry Webb, Bob Kim, Jim Smith, Desi Rodriguez, Bill Ossiginac, Jay Behnke, David Jones, Brian Cairney, and Coach Jim Keeline. Bottom Row: Sam Yniquez, Steve Hazan, Russ Fornator, Pete Samuel, Greg Rachunok, Randy Brussow, Steve Elkins, Mark Gomez, Carl Conger, Rick Neil, Chris Kees, and Conrad Agte. 77 Trident player brings down opposing ball carrier as others come to help. A Trident player executes another defensive triumph as the Dolphins stop a Fremont player from making a touchdown. ' First Row: Rick Simas, Ken Hornsby, John Pfeifer, Greg Putnam, Chris Kees, Dave Jones, Tom McClung, Mike Hull, Rick Neil, Carl Conger, Steve Elkin, Steve Morse, A1 Omillo, and Eric Jones. Second Row: Mike Harvey, Ed Kneubuhl, Bob Balen, Steve Hazan, Charles Kelly, Dave Ely, Murray Cohen, Russ Fornator, George Bretz, Randy Brussow, Dale Mayes, and Jay Behnke. Third Row: Kent Sanders, Chris Lyles, Rick Seeley, Mike Barkenhagen, Dan Ripley, Pete Samuels, Richard Swett, Greg Rachunok, Kurt McWilliams, Mark Golden, and Brian Cairney. . . Seasonk Results Junlor VarSIty Football Trident 26 Walker Trident 82 Sycamore Mark Gomez gains yardage behind blocking. Trident 26 Dale Trident 36 Ball Trident 2'7 Oxford Trident 48 South 32 Trident 14 Fremont 6 CDOGSOO Coach Orr Trident Trident Trident Trident Trident Trident Trident Trident Varsity Basketball Standings 42 30 5'7 41 20 31 39 40 Orangeview 88 Sycamore 42 Brookhurst 40 Ball Anaheim B Fremont Dale South Seasonk Results Fremont Sycamore Ball South Dale Trident Brookhurst Wins Losses 6 0 Co ach Ratzlaff First Row: Paul Miller, John Boren, Scott Nickolson, Warren Wheeler, Kurtis Fink, Rudy Sgontz, Dale Hurford, Coach LaVerne Ratzlaff Second Row: Doug Goodrich, Mike Walthall, Bob Wise, Steve Hazan, Gary Wolverton, Larry Webb, Bob Kim, Scott Oppelt, and Jerry Buck. Kneeling, Dale Mayes, and Dave Ely, managers. Rudy Sgontz shooting a free throw. Gary Wolverton attempts a basket. Trident players scramble for varSity in Aetion a rebound against Orangeview. Doug Goodrich goes up for a basket Warren Wheeler shoots a jump shot. for Trident. J unior Varsity Basketball Standings Trident 2 1 Orangeview 38 Trident 18 Syc amore 20 Trident 33 Brookhurst 25 Trident 34 Ball 44 Trident 18 Fremont 22 Trident 33 Dale 84 Trident 27 South 42 Coach Heymers First Row: John Greenwood, Rodney Lemons, Marc Greenberg, Mike Hall, Edmon Rodman, John Pfeifer, Coach Heymers. Second Row: Tony Sandez, Mike Harvey, Ted Stulz, Steve Miller, Mark Wells, Ken Malley, Greg Rachunok, Gary Korstick, George Gasaway, and A1 Orsillo. 01:- m Coach Orr Rudy Sgontz finishes high hurdles and earns points for Trident. Pictured above IS Trldent's 9th grade track team, wh1ch had a very successful year. The Varsity finished third in the district, one point out of second place. Season6s Results Trident Trident Trident Trident Trident 58 Ball 37 68 Brookhurst 2'7 65 Dale 30 '71 NZ Sycamore 16 UZ 6'7 South 28 Standings Fremont Oak Trident Ball Dale Brookhurst South Sycamore Pictured above is Trident's 8th grade track squad, the most successful track team in the school's history. Coach Hinman's crew didn't lose a single meet all season. J unior Varsity Dan Ripley clears the pole vault bar for Trident. Season5s Results Standings Trident '75 Ball 20 Trident Trident '71 HZ Sycamore 19 U2 Fremont Coach Hinman Trident 58 South 3'7 South Trident 59 Fremont 36 Ball Trident 89 Brookhurst 6 Sycamore Brookhurst Pictured below is Trident's 7th grade track team, which had a very successful season under the guidance of Coach Adams. 7 f 555?? MI: 1W e Will the real Tubby Turtle please stand up. Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Mmy,me,que contrary... Mary Poppins strikes again! Ha, ya got me there! I'm the roughtest, toughest kid this side of Tinkertown! Miss America??? Mrs. Lain Ninth Grade Eighth Grade 1 'l i Seventh Grade 7 8 88 In Memory of Mr. Rod Cookus Beyond the sunset 0 blissful morning, When with our Savior Heav'n is begun. Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning; Beyond the sunset, When day is done. XZOSl-IS i425 221-;0 UI 073 ; , 14x25 Ema: youzoox- 13:7'7'52 LUMLA r4 kxvrfc, 7N. YM?UHC k I , WW WW? vf .3 t , , ,..4, "1 -'. ' 11, -ZZaAML l' I I , t4 xH. 494101 ,- I . ..7- x i Q Q- Q LQJZAD VQM 1w 4Wuhc x2 gawk. xL? Q .5 v WLL' cul J ox, Q. eAWw may w a5 aw 9 x .m a. A u. M e w A ,W

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