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Triadelphia High School - Triadelphian Yearbook (Wheeling, WV) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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""""'X S , K J xg fm? V1 Enix X ww Q? X :Lx K5 C KN V X fi , Jw: t To help every Trlod to remember wuthm these doors onol outside them the stoft presents The Triad For l911A Volume XXX elw re Ros oi Kennen Editor John Welty Stoll Photogro pher 1 Trloclelphlo Hugh School Wheeling West Vnrgmlo In The Years To Come We may laugh at ourselves for Losang our voaces at football games for bow taes and stooge haarcuts for short skarts and sloppy sweaters aatterbugglng and runnang to the cafeterla for that farst tray For our funny haar dos and splashy taes lwhen the boys could be made to wear theml For washang that every assembly could be longer so classes would be cut all the more For max ups an classes when we forgot our homework for crazy antacs marked up to our beang aust kads For the aokes we told and the way the Iattle moron made has debut for those sassy lookang glasses that made us all look lake Chanese We may laugh at ourselves but we had fun We will remember That farst breath of sprang that made human beangs an our halls turn from tared old fogaes to happy young sprates We wall remember assemblaes where young boys turned suddenly anto wase men stood before us and told how they receaved the Purple Heart We wall remember claamang to be the best pactures an classes the tame the sound track broke and the actors carraed l-lusky laughs comang from male throats slowly changang to a lower key Frank Sanatra and the voace that drove some of us anto a pank laned cloud falled wath saghs and swoons And we remember that one teacher we laked best of all We may envy ourselves for l-lavang completed whether we know at or not some of the best days we ll ever know For beang carefree and alave full of that old Amerucan state called freedom for that old gang there II never be another lake t For the way we could change our mands every few manutes af we wanted to for the fraends we made Lavang for the sheer aoy of at and to make each day better than the last For lookang at lafe as af at were a shammerang bubble yet knowang that any day at could break anto a mallaon paeces whach we would have to put together agaan But more than anythang else we wall envy our selves for beang young -l a . I . ,, aa a I - az 11 -- - - I I , ' l I ll ll - 4 I 2 - . . 4 I l , . l I class ever, we'll remember our prom, our dances, our baby day. The moving on. ' ' , , . 1 ' ' l , A- a , I ' 1 We ll Always Remember The crowded buses that brought as to school On your mark get set ready go we eat How we looked up to our football heroes How we trotted gavly back to week end dances 7 Visits to the deans, preferably not by invitation SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS left to rght Floyd Buff ngton teasurer Juan ta Barker ecretary Don Buck ce presudent and B II Mull pres dent Plenty of Trladelphla Spmt backed the Rev James G Potter who gave the class sermon on May 21 un the audutoruum to an array of capped and gowned senuors and beamung parents recallung the days of hus own graduatuon as a commencement speaker un 1923 Spurut because Mr Potter helped wear the hollows un our steps captauned the 1923 track team and stamp d dramatu cally up and down the stage on the debatung team As orator he won a gold medal un a Knughts of Pythuas contest He us now the munuster of the Presbyteruan church of Brudqevulle Pa Dngmhed Sensors Slt some tearfully some gleefully lustenung to four outwardly composed classmates who duscuss Our Allues Thus year much confronts the youth who wull be the adults of tomorrow Floyd Buffung ton Jocelyn Cooper Jack Gallagher and Ruth Hofreuter carry through the theme The gurls chorus sungs the gray gowned senuors takung theur places for the last tume Mr Kung recounts the year s achuevements pruzes are awarded and long lunes of gray clad fugures fule across the stage brungung away wuth them the hard earned duplomas The beneductuon and dugnuty falls away as each graduate hastens to turn un cap and gown s over' 6 We Funush the Year A Gally Decorated Pune Room greeted froluckung uunuors and senuors who had turned out for the dance of theur school lufe the prom Graceful gurls gazed de votedly unto clean shaven faces and un turn eyes fulled wuth awe devoured the vusuons the gurls made The even ung passed quuckly too quuckly ut seemed for all The senuor class play The Fughtung Luttles by Booth Tar kungton a fast and furuous comedy was guven May 5 under the durectuon of Muss Bernese Bennett A spuruted youth a grown up daughter a worrued mother and a muxed up father were only a few of the hughlughts of thus productuon Making Thelr Last Appearance as freshmen un the flower bedecked audutoruum wuth even the boys most unventuve un muschuef subdued by formaluty the class of 1947 lustens to Nancue Cornell Nancy Olsen Jessue Zunn Thomas Dauley James Davus and Davud Quunn tell of the foundatuons for luvung they are layung here Mothers fathers susters and baby nephews come to watch young Jane or Joe advance unto three years of uoy or heart break Lught dresses and clean collars even necktues adorn the class Smules are the style as nunth grade certufucates are receuved They ve 0 lot to look forward to ask the senuors they know' .I o o Roig . . - - I . - I I 1 1 ' ' ll ' ' ' II I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I - l : i , - , r I , u A , S , , vu - , . u , u - . . . . ' 1 1 - 1 ' 1 Q '- , -.. . I ' . . . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 Il 11 11 11 - 1 ' 1 . . . , 1 1 ' . . . . . I I I I ' fl ' ll ' 1 1 1 . , . ' 1 - I . , . . ' 1 I - I - - 1 ' , lt' Well Alw CWS Reme mber Those m Au rhonry , 1 1 - 7 X K X 'V To most of us, the city Board of Education is a group of men and women who meet every third Thursday of the month. However, the board plays an important role in the student's daily life. The books he reads are bought by the board. The teachers who tutor him are chosen by the board. The school he goes to was built by authorization of a school board. Fred E. Cowl is president, J. P, McHenry, superintendent of schools, acts as secretary. Mrs.. Lottie Albinger, John H4 Clark, William J, Garden and Howard D. Matthews complete the board. A vote of thanks should be given to these people who uphold our schools fine curricula to these who are not Bored of Education but Board of Education Levering Bonar AB MA J P McHenry BSEd MEd C B Mont gomery AB MA superintendents Hired or fired promoted or transferred a teacher is placed by the superintendents When our furnace broke down and the school bus was in an accident the superintendents tore theirhair An added worry this year has been getting enough teachers because of wartime conditions Text books library books repairs and financial matters are supervised by them lf school buildings are in a run down state the superintendents look after them J P McHenry B S Ed M Ed is superintendent of Ohio county schools and also secretary of the board of education His assistants are l. C Bonar A B M A in charge of junior high and high schools and C B Montgomery A B M A first to sixth grades Mr Bonar is familiar to us through fre quent visits here and Mr Montgomery is often connected with the American Legion oratorical contest To act at all times in the best interests of educational demands sums up the superintendents work S 1 - - 11 1 V 11 11 - 11 , . , . ,, . ., , . , . . ,, . ., . . - , . ., . ., 1 1 4 1 , . ' 1 1 r . . . , . . ., , ., . . . , . ., . ,, r ' ' 1 ' 'I . .I . . ' . , . , i 1 E. King, AB., A.M. Principal P. Rollins, BS., M. Dean of Boys Dale Ross, Ph.B., M.Litt. Dean of Girls Six Capable Hands and three wise heads are the chief commanders of this mass of human- ity that is Triadelphia High school. Mr. King wears a complacent look lwith a flicker of won- der behind itl, Miss Ross dons her favorite smile Cwith a "What will they do next?" atti- tudei, and Mr. Rollins appears in his schoolday best-that gleam that says, "Come on, boys -you can't fool mel" Mr. King's grandson brought a smile to all and added to Mr. King that proud grandfather look. We've been waiting for the young gen- tleman to pay us a visit, Being a principal is no small job. Keeping the halls cleared, an- nouncing assemblies, greeting visiting par- ents, planning the war with ex-Triads now in service, and answering millions of questions which just seem to tumble from student mouths. Miss Ross, dashing back and forth from her office to economics classes with a jingle of keys, has her hands full trying to help girls decide whether it's the Nurse corps or the Waves for their future haven. A girls' vo- cation and subjects are Miss Ross's tirst con- cern. Mr. Rollins is a six-day wonder in all that he does. First, there are his classes, his never- ending statistics, his fitting boys to jobs, his inquiring "And just where were you last Fri- day morning?" And he plays on the alumni basketball squad, plus, mind you, being the dean of boys. Pi June Ander on Rev C G Aurand Katherine Barnard Bernese Bennett H Blx Martha Bradbury Vurglnna Brand Bern ce Brennan C Bula Stefano Ceo lohn W Cochran De sue Cox Adda Dun OD E F Du ke Cathernne Ebert W T Emb on Carrre K Flc-mxng Ruth Gallagher June Anderso1 teaches physmcal educatlon and Amerlcan hlstory sponsors GAA The Rev Charles G Aurand A D D teaches Buble sponsors Shorthand club Bernese Bennett B S of d teaches Englnsh and socral scrence sponsors Gurl Reserves and coached sensor POV V H Blx er AB M teaches world htstory Martha Bradbury rs school secretary Vnrgmla Brand B Sc an Muslc Educataon teaches choral musrc sponsors mnxed chorus Bermce Brennan supervlses qtrl study hall sponsors Junuar Red Cross J C Bullard teaches buology Stefano R Ceo dlrects band and orchestra John W Cochran A B M Ed teaches Amencan hastory and comrnercual aruthmetrc co sponsors COH Dessae B Cox supervuses boys study hall sponsors Student councrl Adda L Dunlap B S M A teaches Englrsh and home economrcs sponsors Plng Pong club and Horne Eco nomrcs club E F Dupke teaches Engltsh coaches basketball and football sponsors H Y on leave uf absence rnrlucted unto the Navy March l4 Catherine M Ebert B S M Ed teaches cornmer ctal law salesmanshlp and bookkeepnng sponsors Staff Asslstance corps Wllllarn T Emblen A B M A teaches Arnerlcan hlstory and physucal educatuon and coach s track assusts coachmg football and basketball sponsors l-lr Y and Var stty club Carrue Kathryn Flemnng M teaches Englrsh Ruth L Gallagher teaches socnal clence and French sponsors French club and Swlmmlng club Not Puctured Agnes Anderson te-ache art sponsors Art club Mrs Phllup Bergner teaches socral scaence Engllsh and socrology began second semester Lester Haager teaches electracrty C C Kraus AB MA teaches socral scnence coaches football and basketball A R Mullu an teaches physlcs busmess anthmettc aeronautucs sponsors CAPC and IS un charge of school rnovtes M M Rokos teaches rnechanucal drawlng as faculty manager of athletucs and property custoclvan Cornelua Strunger as school nurse lll rl 4' 5 ct' " 4 g Q , C l V f A ATT' A 1. ,t 'xi I l f , hu-llsf s , , . V, . Ier a J l rd ' 4 s l . p f ' ' . , . . A.B ..., ' - ' . . . , , ., . , . . . - I . . . 4 , B., . . . . . L Katherine E. Barnard . . , A.B ..,, teaches shorthand I n L A -I I l A A, I in " ' '.,,A.B.,A,.,.. I , . . 'l ..,A. .,.,. I brlptlglul, - 5' ' ' ' . . , AB . As . , . ' . . . AB., AAM .... . n V I . " . . . AB, , , . ' , . . . . . BS .,.. ' I ' - ' - ' . . . , AB .... ' ' ' A ' . . , . . ' 'g . , . AB. . . . ' , ' n VB .. ,t.B,s.,M,E.... . . . . . AB. . . ' ' ' . , I' . , ' ' . . R N . og V GI Mrs Earl Grubb Mary Hervey A Indra Kullxan Kathleen Lnpscomla Mrs Roy Luster Bernuce McCroy Katherlne Metzner Mrs Arch Metzner Margaret Moore Harry Mornson Rath Olclharn Luella Ross Estella Scharf Mabel Scherlch Ethel Snyder Ruby Stewart Sarah Whlte Mary Wlnters J V Guffm teaches bnology sponsors Mrs Arch L Metzner If teaches Latin and Nara,-9 Club Amerrcan hnstory sponsors Sodalntas Latlna Junior Red Cross COH and Classlcal club Mary A Hervey A B M Ieoches Ioumohsm M Margaret Moore A B MA teaches Spanush and I and Englrsh and dlrects The Trnadelphlan and The Trlad E"'9l'Sh Sponsors Spcmsh C vb Sponsors QUIII and SUOII Somew Harry Morrison teaches woodworking sponsors Swummlng club and stage crew Mrs Earl Grubb teaches geometry and physncol educatlon and assnsted rn coachlng football I I II I R d d V I I b Imnsf I d IO Woodsd I II OI mncs soclo ogy and Eng lS sponsors Gtr eserves an Sponsore ms' Y C U e re oe SC O French club on leave of absence second semester at OS p"'nC'pOl Unlversrty of Alabama 'Mila Kllllfln T90Cl'195 E'WQl'Sl"' Luella Ross IS supervlslng school nurse Kafhleen I-'P5C0mb f90Ch95 CIOYIWIHQ Gnd Estella Scharf A B M Ed teaches Engllsh foods sponsors Home Ecanomlcs club and Red Cross Mabel Sd-,ench feogheg Olgebrc SSWWQ Ethel Vlrgmla Snyder teaches English and Mrs C ROY LlSfer A B M Ed TQGCHQS Cl'16rT1ISl'ry Speech 5p0n50r5 Mqgquerg SDOVWSOVS G"'l Reserves Ruby E Stewart teaches typlng sponsors Typnng Bernice McCroy A B A B nn Commerce M A C Ub teaches typrng cornrnerclal law and salesrnanshrp spon Sarah F Whyte hbfor, n sors Rldung club sponsors lnbrary counselors Katherlne M Metzner B A M A teaches Latln Mary B Wmters A teaches algebra and Engllsh sponsors Classncal club and .lunlor Red Cross and geometry sponsors war stamp and bond sales ll 2 '- . ij, f , Q l W.. A l 's I A f J 5 .. sv I I it J. , 'ffin . A f D. .Hale ' .."...A.B .... .A. ' .... A.B....I I' . . . . B.S. . . . I I I . . . . . ,, A. .,,. ' ' I' ' ' j A 'f ' ' D' A' Hue ' ' ' .A'B" A'M'.' ' 1 taught .Amerlcon history Ruth M. Oldham . . . AB ,... teaches French, econo' "' ...A.B.... ' " ' .MAB .--, ' - I - ' ' . . . AB, . . , ..... 1 ' I I ' , , - . - - . I' . . . AB., BS. in L.S. . , . is ' 'a I' . ..... A .' ...A,B.,.M,... Next to the 4 oclock dnsmlssal bell the one that rnngs for assemblies as the most welc me to the crtuzens of Trladelphna Classes are short because of the program and the s ud nts certalnly don t object to that' ln spate of restlessness rn the early fall be cause of the heat coughznq and sneeznng un the wnnter and sprung fever In the sprung per farmers speakers and players manage to gave their all ln the course of events vibrant chords of musnc have streamed forth from our own band and orchestra and from the Manhattan Singers football plays have been demon strated under E F Dupke s dnrectnon by the flrst and second strung teams football bas lqetball and musac letters have been handed out to blushung and blase alnke and money has been turned over from clubs home rooms students and teachers to dnfferent organnzatlons Varnous pond assemblles have demonstrated theur arts and handnwork before awed and appreclatlve faces And the slats and plays show Tnadelphuas talent on the march Speakers well remember especrally the ex Trnads now flghtung to uphold Amerucan un stltutlons luke assemblaes And after remembering the mann events we won t forget the tall letter studded boys who wlth monstrous vouces on the campus here meekly announce club meetangs and then clump to thesr seats contentedly chewung the forbidden frunt of speakers gum We ll Always Remember T X 'IH he Friends We Mode EILEEN ADAMS MARION ALBERT NELLO ANTONUCCI ROBERTA ATKINSON SUZANNE BACORN JUANITA BARKER WANDA BARON CARROLL BELL ALVERNA BERISFORD JEFFERSON BERISFORD ALMA BESCO BETTY LOU BIPPUS PAULINE BOGARD WENDELL BOLDEN CALDERWOOD BOYD CHANDLER BROWN PHILIP BRUHN JAMES BUCHANAN DONALD BUCK FLOYD BUFFINGTON T S' 7 1- '- S 6 f I G. I K f I L X I , I .. 4 , if W. I A if "P Forever and Ever in Our Memories Sensors EILEEN MARIE ADAMS now 4' ant College preriorftar raar Q a Lat ne 3 etare A Tr arle pnlan staff 3 MARION HENRIETTA ALBERT rw. nr' 'ar e Gert a ree 3 C H 're rv r e retar, Mr Ceo 2 3 r e r Q NELLO ANTONUCCI e N 'J College preparatorx fourie n I r I as ne I arches ra an or ef' r nfrma tem Q ROBERTA LUCILLE ATKINSON Commfr a roarsc Orttw :nl 1 tnrfr SUZANNE BACORN cle wnnwan fwfel en General rourse n ere' tr ne tx er' n er l-ltah P ttwreare Trtarlelphtan A 4 a ral 4 ei a 1 r r Q erretar to Mus: Herve JUANITA F BARKER Jaan ta Qtarnp gelltng cn ar secretary Commercial coarse r R eryes r" Q n e ro 5 Shar r 7 ntor Red Cross 2 3 Qtu e aan x war Qtam man ecretary to MISS Stewar een or class secretary seconc semester WANDA LEOTA BARON wrrapte yery car pare General rourc Home Econorntcs club 3 4 Ianlor Red Cross 3 4 CARROLL BELL Carrol Lmele n s hefty est rnyes ar College preparatory coarse ack 2 tumor Rel Cro s vw mmm cam Jam ALVERNA RUTH BERISFORD Pr-rnurc 'une ol ttwr 1' Commevrlal rourse JEFFERSON REED BERISFORD Jett on t ed In u trlal at roar e Swtmrnlna team 2 Wntlwplrew ALMA MAE BESCO Arny Rte 'rovyn c-,es General some e e' rom West Ltlrcrty Hxrglw a scntor an or ml ro Re ery s A choru BETTY LOU BIPPUS I at In College preparatory four c aseucal club 2 ench clat r tr rv Q Janto Re C ILJSIVICQQ comrrtlttee 4 sefretary to Muse Brennan 1 PAULINE LUCILLE BOGARD Raul Lookle lookle here comes cookte Home economtcs course orne Er nomtcs clat 2 reel: en antor ec ross nr Reserves 4 mtxea chorus 4 lIt,rary counselor 4 WENDELL H BOLDEN Crtp Chew na gum announfer Co leae preparatory rourse calltas Latuna I t ark I L f H: Y 2 3 secreta sweat v trea ur 4 Jun or r Crass founcll 3 4 hall Ileputy 3 Studc am nl mar hal 4 secretary o tw ax CO 3 4 mphornore rlasx ynre prealc cn tumor r ai 1 estrtent Stntel prize I HENRY CALDERWOOD BOYD Calcterwfocl Uncle Sams Conststent harker Colleae preparatory course att all nt r r S I hall deputy 4 CHANDLER WILCOX BROWN Chan Brown why are you tv ue? College preDaraTOry roarw alut L I 1 f 3 hall rlCDU rc L rr ssmal Dancenwa r lc-at er R orterl for actwe luty N yy V 5 C-I1 25 Untyer tty ot Rlclwmonrl LIP H BRUHN Ftp Belden twaclow Colleae preparatory roarse Soralttas Lattna I basketball I manager 3 4 ck I 2 3 A tootrwall 4 swnmmrnq team ro captam 4 Jarstty ctatu 4 I-I V -f n P g I tan or Red Crayg 3 A JAMES MEEK BUCHANAN Buck I-low does he do tt? College preparatory coarse Dantsh clrt: 2 Cornera clap 3 COP-I A Wltl-rdrew lan I3 haymg completed the coarse DONALD H BUCK Don r a Donal' Dar CalICQe preparatorw course caltt Q ttna rckt mere fla erretarx treaiar r I tresnrncn cornmenrement speaker l C D x rab 3 Clcvca I 7 Trlaaelphuan Qtaft 2 Camera clan 2 treasur r Masauers 3 ytce prestaent A toys aaarret 3 now chorus 3 track 3 4 Typnng club 4 Pmg Pong club een or Clam wee Lrevdent-1 FLOYD H BUFFINGTON FU Galant anrl good lookzna College prepara tory coarie H 4 enter fav reamrer I xe CTOYLIN iecretarx treasurer 4 Junior Rerl rois 3 wanctl 1 pregmtten from Will Be the Halls We Know So Well O Train 'rw .Ca '-ee ner --C ff - a F ', ' Teo: wtaz I 3 ', HC. I rut, 3 j ' . , IAQ, fn Eno It 1 . J fl ,yy , T rf , er ' coo .. G'rt ref r-ee I 2 '.at,.'e wa Q' T- . Efrpno I- f' .t 's rtwrm 3, 4, 1 to , ' ., 4 gmc RJ Coz. 4 . hella Tn 'van t tn gn tggq , , ,, . Mode flop I, Solal t Lat 3 3 t-It-Y 4' 'intl I, 2 3 4, Model club , t I 2, 3 4 J R . C 023 4 D: Q 1 ' arrtn Ura 4 E35 Eewlttttll an 'urn twrg r' ' 3 rt I Sh Q r ful' I ,L . RCW Crew., 7 A Sac: S f . ' par . .al 'e 3 E t f, f, 43, It 1 F, rl, Y at a '-J: I tal 4, Qutll nrl Sc I' Gtrl Rweryee 4, J no Refi C o S 3 4, 2 4 . y 4 . Gt: ee- 2 3, 4 Stg t Agtetcd' rp' 4, T-iptng clap 3, 4, ttrxavnl elut 3 4, Ju 4, 3 rl nt C cl 4, , p salee 3, 4, S t 3, f E ' I In l , 5 . I ' Ea w a I t . ,.Tf f f,3,4,3t Qt 4,t 12,34 Al , e . . , , . . Secretary to Mr. Rolltnk 3 tn M124 Metzner 4 Jrln.or Red Crt,-12 3 4, Stalt Asslstanfe corps 4 . . . So tr al ue . cl 5 r 3 S . , ' Nov. 22 - , . - 1 , . En- t r I 1 rl ,J I R, C 4, Gtrl A 0 g 4 4 . Etp . 'we as a p s . . Cl ' , , Fr 1 2, 3, pemrlent 4, G t Rese e, 2, 3, 4, r cl ross 2, 3. ,..H lc jM,3,p,1f'4,J RIC '2,3,'4,Gl ' 501 I , r ,2 3 4, he Lamont 1, 2 3, 4, moment 4, l , , ry 4, Cla flat 2, 3, Varstty flutw 3 C4 er , I Rcl , , 5 g nt Co , Q , t M C ' 4, H 3, Q - l t, I Q pr , , 2 4 I Fo it I I 2 3, 4, Ju 0 Re lVCro: 3, 4, Vars ty club 4, Ht-Y A,- . I . Z . Earl. u- at na l tallfeteall I 2 3, toatt all lg tra lc I, 2 5 ty 2 3 4, o he,tra 2 3 A, trawl I 2 3 A Ht-tv' 2, 3 -1, C'a flat: 2, 3, te 1 4 . ep , - 1 tn a f F . , 5 PHI . . I 's s , . k . ,I , ,, ", Q tra , , , , 3, - ' I . I . , I- 4 R Q- on cl,t: A : ' Q I . F' . .V . 4 .... I . . N t , I, lc , . So I C La I i ,a It we S . - . e . 5 Rttl clo I 2 me ea cha ' I 2 C ,et lcarz 2, , ' , Q 3, . I, ff .. V . n - . . CO Q- . l t I wut rl I ' Y . g C . Q 4 lall zleralx 3 , ,r r .1 BONNIE ANNETTE BURGE ISABEL M CARLISLE JOHN ALFRED CAVLR Iv ,www HARRIETT ANN CHANCE I BETTY CHIAZZA 5 I I rw Ie EDITH MAE CLARK If 1 NELDA IR NE CLARK cowxc mmf ELEANOR JEAN CLEVINGER c R I DON CLUTTER prCpr1lUTf'Ir IIII In I-II VIQI ROBERT COFFIELD RC LI Semors 1 f- III, 1 J N CIIIP Of r C Ivwrv riv- I C NIO fI rf- CIVI IVC 'DU VI f' II If, rv, cm mI or I f- A Hofwc I' OVTWIC orkm VK ILA soQre'ory Io Mxss Ktcwort 3 Uoorer mmm ont' CuIwInIII I Iwmnmr Omfc III nxhm III nsi xl: I r II qskf-IIIIII IN KIILHKC WC1fn'IIl'IQ I I C II mor RQI Cr me A II II haircvv N I IO mo! I Into the AIII ANNE LAVERNE COLVIG Amie I I I coulsc Gr Rc erxcs 50cIf'I chonrmcm N III C 1 II IITICVO C UI 3 II C I' S LJIWCI IDLISIVICK mor Icmw KuIcsr1'Ion 7 3 4 Moequem 4 Pmn Pong CIUI ELEANOR MAE COOK O vcrr Im JOCELYN COOPER I A c1IvIc1I IL Gcmvc urn Im 0 x K III s Gem 4 0 IIIJQ I 0 rewaom LI on Cc Im I-.or 1Q.m,, eolcsn on meh cm COH 4 ZONA MAE CRAIG Zeke INIIC YCFINC ef humor II' r Ro cfxce Juncr PHIL CROSBY PQQIQI I1II tc III OOTI QII 'If new C I I I IQ cn cr C-or Iormk 4 IIIIQIII Gym cwi 0 no WANDA MARIE CROSS If HL Inc I DOROTH1 CRUPE NORMA EILEEN DANFORD BYRON V DAVIS ROBERT HENRY DAVIS OHIO ff' IX I C crc mr JH LCIIIIIO sIfoI mm Im C JI u IILLIIIV Comm prcpom ww Peo Com rqurw III CJ mmm NI F III VCIOI DW I I- 1 I I HL That Stampede Io The Cofeterno I 'Nr 'C "N ,II 'E ' ' 3. LAC, C, """' 'I 'I 'f .'I E I I-I VIC- ' l . I PC C' X 2 J 'J I l J UIQ. -1 2. I Q . 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II - .1 I IIIIIgI II, NI Cm 1 .2 '.g IIg -2 'EI' I, ', .1 .II:I I I, I II - .1 0 BONNIE BURGE ISABEL CARLISLE ALFRED CAVER HARRIET CHANCE BETTY CHIAZZA EDITH CLARK NELDA CLARK ELEANOR CLEVINGER DON CLUTTER ROBERT COEFIELD ANNE COLVIG ELEANOR COOK JOCELYN COCPER ZONA MAE CRAIG PHIL CROSBY WANDA CROSS DOROTHY CRUPE NORMA DANFORD BYRON DAVIS ROBERT DAVIS new if E The Buses That Bumped Us Io School, ROSALIA DICESARE WILLIAM DINWIDDIE BETTY DIXON MARIAN DONNELLY SHIRLEY DOUBLEDAY VIVIAN DOUGLASS ELAINE DYE EILENE DYE WANDA DYTKO RUSSELL ELLIOTT HELEN ESKEY DOROTHY ETCHISON WILLIAM FARMER KATHERINE FISCHER ROBERT FRANZ JERRY GAA JACK GALLAGHER CATHERINE GARTNER MARGARET GIDEON The Thrill of Wearing ca Senior Rmg Seniors SAMUEL ULLUM DAYTON fam rms ' r the memory t :am lndustrlal rts cf-Ur Q trt ,Oper callectron Wlthrlrew Feb 7 ftrattecl lnto the Arm ROSALIA DI CESARE R all athtul 9 ne orchestr Commercual course Marching clue 2 orchestra Jun or Ref Cr ss 3 4 Typrng club 3 4 secretar to Mlss Stewart 3 to Mr Rolllns A FRANK WILLIAM DINWIDDIE l hghtmg the Ctyrl war College pre paratory course Entered from R E Lee Hugh School Lynchburg Va as sophomore band 2 3 4 Junlor Rerl Cross 2 4 trst alrl 3 Comer club 3 Nature clot 3 secretary treasurer 4 Treadlephlan staff 3 locker oeputy 4 BETTY JEAN DIXON Dzxle Dreamy ewes Commerclal course un lor Rea Cross 2 3 4 norrhanct 3 4 hall fleputy 4 secretary to Mr Ro Ilns MARIAN CAROLINE DONNELLY Donny Southpaw Commercial course ralxtas Latvna I Art rlah r m n c o r s f' f 2 ha I dep v I 2 Girls Swlmmlng club e e G 4 sh Jnrl f 3 secretary trcustrer 4 Junior Red Cr s 2 3 4 Nature club 4 Typlnq clulx 4 Staff Asslstance corps 4 secretary to Mlss Dunlap 4 SHIRLEY ANN DOUBLEDAY Swulrl Ch totvtorrow Home econormcs course lr eserves l Hom Ee n mics c u vice pres: en Na ure u vu president 4 Rrcl ng club 4 Art clulu 3 se retary 4 Junior Recl Cross 2 3 4 VIVIAN MAXINE DOUGLAS Doug Alyerna and Mary Anns triplet H OTTIC economics course Home Economlcs club 4 Qu ll 8 Scroll 4 Junlor Recl Cross 4 ELAINE DELL DYE E a ne C l lt ElIC'I'IC7 Co' eee Preparatory course Entererl tram VVulllarnsport P Hlgh scnlor Glrl Rese yes 4 Junior Red C O 4 EILENE DAWN DYE Ellene 5 lt Elann WANDA JEANNINA DYTKO Wanda Golng to Commercial Cour e Typ na club 2 3 preslclent 4 Gnrl Re Cross 4 Staff Assrstance Co D 4 secretary to Mlss K ll an 3 to RUSSELL REED ELLIOT ll E lott Man of tew clel club l ack r lep wOrcls skirt 3 HELEN ESKEY Swlngs and sways In her swinging gray club l cheerleader l Grl Reserves 2 3 4 Juntor Rea Cross DOROTHY LOUISE ETCHISON Etchle na eqahlllty Glrl Reserves 2 3 4 Junior Red Cross 3 4 Home Economuc club 4 hall deputy CHARLES WILLIAM FARMER Junior Recl Cross 4 Stooge hanr cut Wlth lrew March 9 enllsterl In the Army Co ege preparatory cour e he somebody s capable stenog eryes 4 Crorrhcnd club 3 4 Junnor Mass Scherlch 4 Red General course Cornrnerctal course General course Industrial arts course KATHERINE FISCHER Kntty Pcrsonalrty p us Gen ral course Junuor Red Crass 4 secretary to Mlss Stewart 3 chorus 2 3 4 ROBERT PAUL FRANZ Bo: Here and there an'1 eyerywher Commercral course deputy 2 3 4 Junlor et oss 3 erretars to Mass Cox JERRY GAA Jerry aan to Nam Genera coure Junior Rec Cross 3 4 IfVlthclrew March 3 vo'untarll drafted into the Navy JACK HARRIS GALLAGHER Jack Y and handsome College preparatory course S alltas Latlna l Classtcal club 2 I-lu Y 2 treasurer 3 presuclent 4 Plng Pong club 4 oancl 2 3 drum mayor 4 orchestra 3 Junlcr Red Cross councll 3 4 Var :ty cluo 4 COI-I 4 sophomore ss preslaent lunlor c a s ecrctart ra kethall ack CATHERINE ELIZABETH GARTNER Kate u tnat aropoln ou Com mercxal course Junror Recl Cross 2 3 4 Shorthan clua 3 preslaent 4 GAA 4 Stott Asslstance 4 secretary to Mlss Ros MARGARET ANN GIDEON Pena e ,len tent F r Commercual course Grrl Reserves 2 3 4 Junlar Rea Cross 3 4 GAA 4 Tr adelph an repo ter 4 llbrary counselor 4 secretary to Mr Ceo 4 The Mud Dash lo Beal That Bell 0 3 Tc Q ,e , Q o ' . . a 3 S farmer Re'f Criss 3, 4 heaxl at ls 'K ' 4 . , . . , , '31 C F 1 t t' 5 ,. , 7 ',2,3,4,' l ,1"o 2, ,g ,Q y Erll Stll ' . - E , l , G , ' 3 , I - Q I I I I , A . . . . .I - , ' , S' , . j I 3 Sol , 5 ,I , l' feih al h rui' Gt t 'ego .lun 3 l ut, , gl ' I, 2, 3 4, Gtrl R 3 r-es l 2 Z, 4, AA 2 3 ' ortn: iuz ', - , o s ,..GlR ,2,3,4, eoo lD2,3, V 614, 1 Cubase , I l I , 1 I I , , . 1 5 n g I L I . ur f- . ' , . a, as 9 g r , r ss , . . . Or I e9 . . . 'I s . . . Entered from Vtfllllamsport, Pa., I-ltgh as sen Or: Glrl Reserves 4, Junior Recl Crazs 4 I 4 If 3 I I I I , Y J V I I ' .... ll , . . 5 . . . Mo , tr I 2 4, Jun or Red C ois 4' hall 1 uty 3 4 Art I . . . g ! V 2 I 4 . . . . . . . , . F I ' . . . . , , , 5 , 5 3 1 4 , Blll . . , . , , l c 9 . , . . Hall . , , R4 Cr r ,4, s Q A . , G. the 2 ' . C ' 2 . . . , . . , . , Ht- , , . . . act g , g - , . 5 A 5 ela " , S 4 l,2,34,fr l,i,3,1 ' ' , , C t ' s ' T . A corps g I I s 4 I I M A I I I , ual. R sn 1' ln, t Sensors SIDNEY GOOD ur ur ulnex E Go College p eparatory four e Spent second and port ot thurd year at Culver Mulutarv academy Jun o Red Cross 3 4 Nature lub Pung Pong club 4 JULIA GOODIM u Rushun thus wav Cornmercual cour e GAA l 2 3 4 Shorthand club 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 ecretarx to Muss Dunlap 3 lubrary coun elor 3 4 chorus l 2 CHARLES A GOUDY Charles Tease at noon lndustrual arts course T I Junuor Red Cross 3 4 RUTH BETTY GRANDSTAFF Ruthue Makes use of study hall General course Gurl Reserves 4 Home Economucs club 4 Quull and Scroll 4 Truadelphuan Statt 4 JEANNE GRIMES Dopey Pretty clothes General course Sodalutas Latuna l Junuor Red Crass 3 4 secretary to Mr Rolluns 3 Home Econornucs club 4 MORLEY LOU GROPPE l-lot toot Twunklung eyes Commercual course Junuor Red Cross 3 4 Shorthand club 3 secretary to Mr Ceo 3 NINA HADDEN Nuno She Hadden flown yet Entered as uunuor from Warren G Hardung Hugh Warren O Spanush club 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Junuor Red Cross knuttung 3 busuness group 4 war stamp salesman 4 MARY ELLEN HALL Mary Ellen Tuny and sweet College preparatory course alutas Latuna l Grl R ves l 2 3 treshma ch r l uor R d Cross 2 3 uty l 2 3 Gurls Gee club 2 3 4 Spanush club 4 lubrary counse'or MARLYS JEAN HAMILTON Marlys Perfectly groomed College preparatory course S aluta lat na l r Reserves l 2 3 4 Junuor Red Cros 3 4 Art club 4 Na club 4 ROY C HARMON Pusa ry haur t h lets ut gr w College preparatory course otball 2 3 4 basketball 2 3 4 Var yt b 4 H Y 3 4 Student Co ncul 4 deputy 3 4 .lunuor Red Cro s 3 4 BARBARA HAST Barbara Gee' A A spo tswoman College preparatory course GAA 2 3 presudent 4 Swummung c ul 2 3 4 Rudung cuub 3 vuce presudent 4 Pung Pong club treasurer 4 Art club 2 3 Classucal club 2 3 Gurl Reserves 2 3 Junuor Red Cross 3 4 war stamp salesman 4 WILMA VIRGINIA HERCULES Wullue Tall and dugnufued Commercual course nuor Red Cro s 2 3 GAA Staff A ustance Co JAMES HETHERINGTON ll m Rhxthm un dancung a well as un swummung eral course Football l swummung team 3 co captaun 4 Varsuty club 4 Swummung club 4 Junuor Red Cross 3 4 MARTHA LEE HILDEBRAND Marty College preparatory course Agreeably stlmulatung alutas Latuna l G I YJ s Art club 4 Nature club 4 Stud Councul assustant 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 war stamp salesman 3 Home room chaurrnan 3 MARILEE HILL Pootsue Shurley s chum un econornucs class College preparatory tourse un or Rea Cro 2 3 4 Nature r ut 4 Art cuub 4 Pung Pong club 4 Truadelphuan staff 3 Student Councul assustont 3 Home Economucs club 4 Gurl Reserves 4 MARJORIE HILL Morgue Cute luttle chatterer Commercual course Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 secretary ta Mr Ceo 4 Gurl Re erve 3 4 Shorthand club 3 4 Art club 4 Staff Assustanee corps 4 RUTH HELEN HOFREUTER Ruth Senuor Quuz Kurt College preparatory course r Reserves 2 3 4 Classucal club 2 3 war stomp alesntan 2 chaurrnan 3 4 COH 4 Junuor Red Cross busuness group 2 3 chaurman 4 DOROTHY LOUISE HOHMAN Dotty A luvely charm Commerrual course r Reserves l 2 C re tu uutltanrl :lLl A Student Councul assustant 4 secretary Mr Dupke 3 4 to Red C o s GRACE VIRGINIA HUNTER Grace L ue es ant lla nty ur General course Gurl Reserves 2 4 Marchung club l Typung club 3 4 serretary to Muss Lupscomlu 4 Truadelphuan H 4 Junuor Rell C oss 3 MARY ISABELLE JONES zzy Her c cs retlett her pleasung ltusposutuon General Course r Reservesl 2 un S rl u u rhoru Fruclay Noons and the Truaclelphucuns 0 '. S 1 S f. f acl , r ' I , u r , , c li . . J I . . ' ' A , 5 , . . , , , , , , g s f 1 3 . I TC I . ,i . , . . . , . . , . . . Sod I I gb u eser ,I ,I ,I 4, n o us ,I Jun e , , 4, hall GCD , , z ' ' , , : . ' J - 4 . . . od s. .I IgIGuI I I , , IsI,I, 5 ture . . , . , , . Cul u e o . . . . . . Fo , , , , , , sit elu g u- , Q u g hall t I 3 , . , .Ju s , , 453 I I2, 3: S I ss rps 4 I I I '. . J. . . . H . , . , Sod I I I 5 ur Rese-e l, 2 3, 4, 5 I I I g ent V A ,V , . Q . v. . E N A I I F , , . I , . . Gu I , , I, I I I 4' ' s I, I , , Q GI I , 3, TT l 2 Ma l ng :lull 2, Shc , uu , , , , I to , lun r r 4 2 3 4 li ey t u a . . stOI I, rI I 4 I I I I l .Y .4 , , Gu l , , 3 4, J uor Red Cross 2 3 4 -a..aI tas Lat na lq s 3 4 g c 0 5- 5, IDNEY GOOD ULIA GOODIM HARLES GOUOY UTI-I BETTY GRANOSTAFF Q EAN GRIMES ORLEY GROPPE 'fd' INA I-IADDEN ARY ELLEN HALL pm ARLYS HAMILTON OY HARMON ARBARA HAST ILMA HERCULES MES HETHERINGTON ARTHA HILDEBRAND ARILEE HILL ARJORIE HILL TH HOFREUTER ROTHY HOHNIAN ACE HUNTER ABELLE JONES -9251 '- .f ' T ,.,, . 1 A ,. . B 'P . I' H' If ,.. ' 4 'R f I Q Q '- , . . Noon Dancing WIII1 All Its Jive MARJORIE KELLER GRACE KENDALL 4' ROSE MARIE KENNEN MELVIN KETTLER Q I ROXANA KIMMINS Lois KIMPEL ROSS KLEIN 'H' BAIRD moss DOROTHY KLUG WILLIAM KOEHNLINE MARGARET KOTA LEOLA KUHENS EMILY KUMMERS ROBERT LAUE CATHERINE LAUFFER JEAN LAUPP N. JOSEPH LINTON NORMAN MOCKNIGHT .IEFFERS MAGUIRE ELEANOR MANION Those Special Dances Our Clubs Gave J -A LEII . I I f Q fjlf f'L1fL' I t A 5 ,iv ' A , 1 A I ' I fag L I X 1 I ,. I Senlors MARJORIE JEANNE KELLER Marae all trades College preparatory foursc d Ita LOTIDO I ssIca ces rent ccuncII I rl e rves I Masaaer 3 pres dent 4 Orche tra V I Spa s u 3 4 Jurnor Red Cr S Max 'I cha 4 CO GRACE KENDALL G acc n c skat g Commercual course ,Umar R93 Cross 2 3 4 GAA 3 4 Shorthant cluty 3 4 GIrI Reser e 4 mIxed chorus 4 Staff AssIstance rp 4 locker room deputy 4 secretary to Mr RollIns ROSE MARIE KENNEN Ro e Mane EnthusIa tIc ed tor CommercIal course rl orus I A 3 A nor ea Cross 2 3 Qu I and Sc a elph an stat' 3 repcr cr 4 ecretar t M ss I-leryey 3 Shorthand clup MELVIN WILLIAM KETTLER e A twmkle shnnlng through Comme-rcIal four c c ul, 3 Jun R o I ROXANA JANE KIMMINS Rome Knows her own mIncl Commerv:Ial course unlar Re ras 2 mxe ch r Glrl Reserv s secretary to Mlss Stewart 3 LOIS MARIE KIMPEL SkImp BOOQIE woogIe aueen College preparatory course GIrl Reserves 2 3 4 Camera club 2 3 TTC 2 FTIIXCCI chorus 2 4 Junlor Red Cross 3 4 T cl lelphIan reporter 4 locker room deputy 4 ROSS M KLEIN Buzzy Defmltely on the upgrade lndustrlal arts course Rltle r ul 2 Trlacle phlan reporter 4 Iunror Red Cross A BAIRD C KLOSS Balrd Tndels Harry James College preparatory course Soda'Ita Lat na p esIdent I freshman commen ement p aker C'assIcal cluln 2 Rltle club 2 'band I 2 3 student conductor 4 orchestra I 2 3 4 Camera club I 2 presldent 3 Student Councnl I 2 vIce presIderIt 3 presIdent 4 I-II Y 2 3 reporter 4 Junnar Red Cross treasurer 2 3 4 Nature club 4 DOROTHY MARIE KLUG Dot A pensIve look CorrImercIaI course Ent red tram West Lxberty I-lIgh school as sophomore JunIor Red Cross 3 4 WILLIAM ANGUS KOEHNLINE Says as much ID sIx words as some In IOO College preparatory course allta LatIna I St fel rIze ssu u u Scroll 3 4 TrIadelphIarI t ff' 2 f t page ctItar 3 feature wr ter 4 Jumor Red Cross 2 3 Nature cluh I 2 4 presndent 3 senIor class secretary tlrst semester Masquers 4 WIthdrew Feb 25 to enter Navy V I2 tralnmq at Unlverslty ot North Carollna MARGARET KOTA Margaret CommercIaI coarc Pretty hanr over one eye WIthclrew Jan 6 LEOLA JUNE KUHENS Leola WarmIng smIle College preparatory course Marchmg c ub I Home Economncs clutn 4 OuIll and Scroll 4 JunIar Red Cross 4 TYICICICIDIWIOD staff 4 EMILY FREDA KUMMFRS EmIly rnrg or-I tl e Army Home Economrcs four c me Erc onmcs c up 2 3 4 I r ROBERT MARSHALL LAUE Bob M P s thought he was GI Instead of CAP College preparatory course Model cluD I football I secretar to Mlss Cox 3 Junior Red Cross 3 4 proIectIon crew 4 Art club 4 CATHERINE RUTH LAUFFER Cathern Soft spoken and sweet Commerclal course JunIor Red Cross 4 JEAN CAROLYN LAUFP Jeannrc c Inc hcrc to talk for ae College pre puratory course f lallta Latunu I freshman r orus I G Re rves 4 Class: a c A I c I r 4 Iunlor Rerl Cross Duslm aup 9 4 w mp ale man 2 3 urqma crcssm 3 Ma quer ccr ary 4 Sp nI h club 4 JOSEPH LEE LINTON oe acncra caure r s vunn 'J m e c hm ou or scrapes JunIor Real Cross NORMAN OTTO MacKnlght Moc nt make up hI ml about gIr s College preparatory course Sand I noon danc ng orclne tra I 2 I-II Student CouncIl 2 hall deputy 3 Masouers 4 GEORGE WILLIAM JEFFER5 MAGUIRE Jett Perfect scare on avxatnon test General course mera club I 2 Dall track I 2 Boys SwIrnrnIng c u Nature club 4 Art club 4 ELEANOR MANION Eleanor Protagonrst Conege preparatory course Ir Reserves 2 3 vI e resI ent 4 GAA I nr Sw mmrn rut: 2 3 presIcet 'vtasauers 3 treasurer 4 JunIor Red Cross 2 3 4 The Unlforms We GIooIIy Welcome 0 , ,I , IIII of I e . c Q io al s I Cay I . I 2 Stal g GI R se I, cab net 2, 3, 45 s , o Ia s I 2 3 4 Ou ll cnr: Scroll 3 4, rI,h cl rs , os 2, 3 4 PIng-Pong clul, 4' ec rus 3, ' H 4 r . PGSEIO for In . , . , ' ' , ' c , ' v s , I co 2 ,I , I ' 4 , . GI .n' ch I 2' G rl Reserves 2 3 4' GA , Ju I' R I I , ,'4' Il roll 4, Tr' :I ' - 3 t- ' Trlaj stat? 55,1 ter 4 s X. o I I A . . 5'e pv . ' sl Art I 4 ,ar ed Cross 3 4 hall decurv I 2 3 4 J L' C S 33 4 GAA 2 3 V4' chorus 2 3 4' I d ous 4-, e 2, 4, . , , q A , 5 I I A In I , Q rl - . I l, , . V - . . , g A . . A . T .v . . r .F 9. .A ,V E I . . . Bill . . . ' . . . , . . Sod s ' ,Q , I D I, 2, Cla cal cl b 2 3, 45 Q Ill and , Q s a , Irs e , I , ' , , 4, - . , A . tr . X ith , ' se . Ho 1 I . , , q Jun o Rid Cross 3 4 t I' V -. -, . . . ,I x. I Y A J . . . H , I a 1 - - I J . - " . Sat s Q X I1 , Irl se I, 2, 3, g c I lub X, 3, GA 2 3 4 Cams-ra 'oh 2' Pmq-Pont rlulf 2 'tis or Q 3, , ar -.ta s s 4 1 'fl I 1 r Qs g s 3 9 et 5 a s J . C2 ' I f , I ,n K I' Q ts , t L , 4 ' . , . Ca ' s nd I . , . I , . , . , 2, 3, 4, - . . s , , 3, 4, -Y 2, 3, 4, , I Ca ,' ,Roof I, 2, 3g' , , ' I II 2,' 3,2 4, G I f E-5 tl e ' LI- soo in nctff 3 '4,'GkII,' q ,I ', 1654, 0 Seniors SYLVIA ALMA MARTIN y c r Cornmercral tour C lor Rel Cross 3 rc or H r le ROBERT MASTELLER ne wth he van General course Junrer Red Cross 4 ererl tr A a l-lla as ent Wlthdrew Jon l8 JESSIE EILEEN McCLEMENT Techntcotor xlslon College preparatory course r Reseryes2 3 4 JL R r s Home Economuc club 4 Trlaclelphtan staff 3 LOIS MAY McCLOY Eland e TrtcJelphlo outhern Pelle College preparatory course Entered tront Maduson Jun or Hlgh as Qphomorg Qlfl RQQQHQ 2 3 4 Jumor Red Cf Q 4 war starn sa esrran MARY ANN MCCOMBS Mary Ann Always wrth Vlxran and Alxerna College preparatory oursc Sotlortas Latn unlor Red Cross 4 ary o ss oss deputy 4 ROBERT WAYNE McCORD Bot: Toltacco pockrn papa lndustrral arts course Junnar Red Cross 3 4 ARTHUR RAY McFARLAND Moc Hallway Cosanoyo College preparatory course nror Red Cross 4 hall deputy l 2 3 AUDREY McGREGOR Moc Spruce ond trtm College preparatory course ralrtas Latrna l Gurl Reserves l fl 4 Junnor Red Cross 2 3 ousrness grou ROSEMARY McINTIRE Rosemary Always merry Commercnol course Art clutx l Junror Red Cross 4 Trradelphran reporter 4 JOHN LYNN McKAIN Jack Grea e McKarnrc at Esso stotron General course band 2 3 French club 3 4 DOROTHY RUTH McNABB Dotty Whrz at boakkeeprng Commerclal course Grl Reserves l 4 Junlor Red Cross 3 4 Trradelphron reporter 4 lnorary counselor 4 Student VIRGINIA MAY MENDRICK flrgrn Homemaker n the makrng Home Economrcs course C mera club l 2 Jun or Red Cross 2 3 4 GAA 2 3 4 Home Econamrcs club 2 3 secretary treasurer 4 Student Councrl assrstant 4 HELEN ESTHER MIRANDY Helen Merry andy Commercral course Jun or Red Cross 3 4 Shorthand club 3 4 Grrl Rerseryes 4 Staff Asslstonce corps 4 secretory to Mass Stewart 3 BETTY JEAN MOORE Peanuts lnclepenlent and pretty General course Grl Reserves 2 3 4 freshman chorus Home Econornlcs cl 3 4 Junrar Red Cross 3 4 chorus ROBERT RUSSELL MOORE o Bachelor Bob General course lta Ina Ont A l t JOHN LINTON MORROW gr Johnny Ltttlc Jam College preparatory course tk u 2 C uno ro sl urc rlult 4 WILLIAM HENRY MULL Hep to the rye Commercral course t ounrtl 2 3 4 basketball mon 2 3 4 ncsll deputy 4 Juntor Red Cr 3 4 Varsrty clut 4 presrdent of sentor c CARL SHAD MYERS Carl Al alone and lonely rn En lush lV r ss lmlustrsal rrur J ncl l FRANK HESS NELSON Frank Dlxlnq champ Grncral course Junlor ross 3 4 Art Clul. 4 Boys Swrmmtna team HOWARD NESPER Nappy trur C l'cqc pretoratory coure IWILV C I LA Those Super Assemblies We Pul Over n :yt l- En: 1:01 kgpin s . , . Jun . f C 4' sec 'ft ', to t'l in-1, n 3 . Eor, , Go t ' .1 . . . . . l , ,, Ent gm X'-est fe- 'ngter h ' s cr . . , . , Tlllre , s . , . , Gt I ' rnwor ecl C os. 3 45 s ' . t fr . I s S Q . . . . . . 1 ' s , s s , j as. 2 3 , ' , p , I sr 2 3, Art clut: 4 c ' . , ' ' .o l, J- , setret t Mnl I 45 hall , A . Ju ' 5 , , , 4 ' ' I V S01 . ,J . -. . X 3' I , . .I V D 4 X I . , . V, I. I , . . I Councll assistant 4 . . . l lO . . . I ' . , . , . a , l , , j , , 5 . . I , A I , ' uls Q A I A , g , 2 3 B It . . , . SO- .lcl s Lat l, lv 1 l Zj Rltle clttg 24 Jun or Rel Cross l, 2, 3, 4 'I I 1' p s tra l Rrtle cl lt amera cluls 2 J t r Ret? C ss 2, .5 -1 l ot A . Bull , . I . . . . Staten C l, 3, track l, , , j aqer l, , j ' , ass 3 43 Ht-N' 2 1 5 lass , . I f Q lo arts J ' se l'a , 2 3 RQCIC .. I ' I 4 I I I Gout toy rn t ch -3 rl 1 J s Ju r R tl C os: 3 4, Art cl t, 4 SYLVIA MARTIN ROBERT MASTELLER JESSIE MCCLEMENT LOIS MAY MCCLOY MARY ANN MCCOMBS ROBERT MCCORD ARTHUR MCFARLAND AUDREY MCGREGOR ROSEMARY MCINTIRE JOHN MCKAIN DOROTHY MCNABB VIRGINIA MENDRICK HELEN MIRANDY BETTY JEAN MOORE ROBERT MOORE JOHN MORROW WILLIAM MULL CARL MYERS FRANK NELSON HOWARD NESPER Iliff . I 'fig Those Noondcay Strolls on the Campus g ,Lffds ,, , JOANNE NEUHART ELWOOD NORMAN HAZEL O'CONNER BETTY ORNER MARY ORR ELMA ORTH GEORGIA OWENS JACK PARSONS MARIE PINTO PHYLLIS PORTER WILLIAM POSEY JOSEPH PRAGER INEZ RAUSCHER ESTHER REED DWIGHT RHOADES GLEN RINGER DOROTHY RINKES VERIA RIVLIN JOHN RADOSEVIC ALICE ROGERS nfs 3 Discussing Our Plans for the Future Seniors JOANNE LOUISE NEUHART Jeanne re ep ru, the e 'u lornun General rourse So alutas Lotlno I r em Tu u 3 Tru sta ll ant Scra Junuor Red Cross 4 JAMES ELWOOD NORMAN Woody Luyes o tootqall fo lege preparatory eoarse rsuty Q ab 3 4 Jonuor Red Cross 4 HAZEL MARIE OCONNER Georguas rught han pal Commercual course So aluta Latunal JanuorRe Cro 4 sefre r Mt w r turst eme te BETTY ELAINE ORNER Fetts The lrenette un he corner Home economlc coarse o aluta Latlna I G e rye r Jan or Red rass MARY ADELE ORR Mary Entho uastuc tyotst for the staff Commercual course Entered from Sherrard I-llgh School as senuor Jurwor Red Cross 4 Trladelphuaru tyonst 4 ELMA LOUISE ORTH y Brothers grl Home economucs course TTC 2 Marahung club 2 Home Economzcs club 4 orchestra 3 Jun r Red Cross 2 3 4 GEORGIA LEE OWENS Re Natural curls Commerc al four e Short h nd club 3 4 Janlor Red Cross 2 3 4 Staff Assu tance corps 4 JACK EDWARD PARSONS Jack Regular fellow General course chestra I 2 Januar Rel Cross 3 4 foatnall MARIE LOUISE PINTO Mausue Twlns ant Baroaras pal College preparatory course alutas Latuna I G I R s I r A Q I an Se Junuor Red Cross 3 4 COI-I 4 PHYLLIS PORTER Peach 'ondest of the blondes Commercual course Januor Red Cross 2 3 4 WILLIAM D POSEY Pers he man lnclustrual arts roar e Var club 4 all paty 4 amor Red Cross 3 4 othall 3 Da tball 2 JOSEPH SPENCER PRAGER oe Self confuclence plus General course Track 2 Rifle club 2 Januar Red Cross 4 Wuthclrew Nov 2O drafted unto Army INEZ ANN RAUSCHER Tom She lukes to play In the G A General course Marchung club 2 Januor Red Cross 4 Staff Assu tance corps 4 GAA 3 treasurer 4 are estra I 2 3 4 secretary to Mr Buxler 3 ESTHER MARGARET REED Rex Toot Toot' here comes F ther In her fluvyer Home econorruucs course Home Economucs club 4 Soanu h clatv 4 Jun or Red Cross 3 4 HAROLD DWIGHT RHOADES Nnp Reads Dlqest un eranornar lndustrual ar Lourse ramurol basketball I 2 Juno R C GLEN H RINGER Lltte Moe Hurruorut lravl General moore nal 2 onuor e DOROTHY FRANCES RINKES Dotte Morale boulder General course Marchlng club I Camera club 2 Truadelohlan staff 4 Januar Red Cross 2 3 4 VERIA RIVLIN Verua Basketball forwar and award COIICQC preparatory course alutas Latuna I GAA I 2 ur y 4 Muxcl chorus JOHN RADOSEVIC John Good football player and artust lndostrual arts coarse rsuty lub 4 footlaall 2 ck 3 untramar D s ALICE LOUISE ROGERS Butch Jackctlng for Lunsly General course me Econornucs clot 4 G lReeyes2 3 4 It tCo ula utat4 JrlorRe1Cros2 Baby Day Wuuh Bottles and Bonnels o . ' S - 2 Ke -u o horn res , Q . , d ' ' Gul Ref es I 2 3 rallelph an staff , ad ft 4 Qu: 1 Il 4, , . ' n n 1 C l , . . Va Q . , I-luif 4 Football I 2 3 4 u ' . Sus , . " - C , CI s , ' f' is 2 3 ta y to ss Ste a t s s r 3 ., . I , T , 5 S d s url R se I 2 3 4' Gu ls' Glee Qlelt, 2 3 4 . C 2 3 4 , EII . . ' I . . . ' . . I I I , I9 u u . LI , , . u S , . - a , , , j s Or , , 4 , If I -4 I I . , , . . ' L ' . . , . Sod , lr eserye , 2, 3, treasure 4, GA 2, 3, 4, uil d roll 4, Truadelphuan staff 4, Home Economucs club 4, chorus I, 2, 3, hall rleaaty 2, 3, secretary to Muss Ross 4q . . . . Bull . . . " - . , . , 2 . . . - slty g I'1 de ' J , Q fo 4, ske , 3, 4 . , . . A , . , , . , E 2, 3, C S A 5 2, , 3 I1 , u , I I . f . , 5 s , , : . . Int ' 3, 4, u r ed ross 3 -I . . , I S . o . t I. . . S . , Ba , 3 4j J R .I Cross 3 4 . , if f ' . , Sod ' , 3 4, G I Reser es I, 22 , I - 2 . , . Va I C I A I 3, 4: tra 5 al asketbcll 2, 3' 4' Ho ' 5 ' ur- vs r I lj Ste len unc ss s n 4, la I ' . s 3, I4 I I 0 Senaors ELEANOR OLGA ROLLER Eleanor es ust wald about Harry College preparatory course Sodalatas Latana I Garl Reserves I 2 3 freshman commencement speaker maxed chorus 3 Traadelphaan staff 3 Traad staff 4 Quall and Scroll 4 Spanash club 4 Junaor Red Cross 2 3 4 senaor gaft commattee LEWIS KENNETH ROSS Lewas Maan prop at Twelfth Street garage lndustraal arts course Junaor Red Cross 3 4 J ALFRED RUSMISEL Pooner Scenery setter General course Track I H Y 3 4 proaectaon crew 2 3 Student Counral 3 Traadelphaan staff 4 Junaor Red Cross 3 4 stage crew 2 3 4 basketball I antramural 2 3 4 MARY ALICE RUSSELL Russ A bountuful qualaty General course Sodalatas Latana I Marchang club I 2 Grl Reserves 3 4 Traadelphaan staff fourth page edator 4 Spanash club 4 Quall and Scroll 4 hall deputy 4 war tamp salesman 2 Junaor Red Cross surgacal dress angs 3 student defense group 2 3 NANCY LOU SCHANER Nancy Slam and wallowy Comrraercaal course Junaor Red Cross 2 3 4 EARL SCHAUB Red Bag powerful tackle Industrial arts course Varsafy club 4 track 3 4 football I 4 .lunaor Red Cross 3 4 DOROTHY R NELL SEABRIGHT Skapper Entrancang look Commercaol course Garl Reserves I 2 3 Nature club 2 TTC 2 Camera club 3 Junlor Red Cross 2 3 4 GAA 3 4 secretary to Mass Ross 4 NANCY JANE SEABRIGHT Nan Dresden chana lady College preparatory course o alatas Latana I N ture clul: 4 At Garl Re erve 3 4 Junaar Red Cr ss 2 3 4 secretary to Mr Rokos 4 comrraen ement announcement commattee choarman RUTH EVELYN SHAFER Ruth A Mona Lasa smale Commercaal course Junior Red Cross 2 3 4 DOROTHY SHINSKY She says It an a hurry College preparatory course Sodalatas Latana I freshman commencement speaker Student Councal 2 Classacal club 2 hall deputy 3 GAA 2 3 Home Econornacs club 4 Junaor Red Cross 3 4 CATHERINE SHORTS Katty She presades over the features newspaper we mean Glee club 2 Traadelphaan staff 3 second page edator 4 secretary to Mass Metzner 4 Junaor Red Cross 3 4 MARGARET ELIZABETH SINN Margae Locker guard and a good one College preparatory course Sodalatas Latana I Classacal club 2 Spanash club 4 Junaor Red Cross 4 student defense group 2 3 surgacal dressmgs 3 locker room deputy ANGUS WILLIAM SMITH Kaller Aarplanes he loves m lndustraal arts course Junaor Red Cross 2 3 4 DONALD WARDEN SMITH Smatty Has specaalty brothers an the armed forces lndustraal arts course Junaor Red Cross 3 4 football I 2 Traadelphaan reporter 4 antramural basketball 4 MARY JANE SMITH Smatty Mass Latan superb College preparatory course Garl Reserves 2 3 4 Classacal club 2 3 presadent 4 maxed chorus 2 3 presadent 4 Garls Glee un I 2 3 4 garls sextette 4 Traadelphaan repor 4 Junaor Red C BARBARA ANN SPRUNGER Eolatasy She s not trom Georgaa but she s a peach College preparatory course Entered from Maraan Ind Hagh as senaor Garl Reserve 4 Traodel phaan staff 4 Home Ecanontacs club 4 maxed chorus 4 Ouall and Scroll 4 VERNA MAE STEELE Red ate sweet ll all re t Commercaal coure Garl Reserves I Shorthand club 3 secretary to Mr Ceo 4 Junaor Red Cross 3 4 LOIS CATHERINE STEGNER Anchors why are you aweagh9 College preparatory course Sodaltas Latana I Student Councal I Classacal club 2 Garl Reserves 3 4 ure clut 3 4 an sh clue 3 A u Junaor Re ss 2 JOE BAIRD STEIN oe Tall dark and handsome College preparatory course alttas Latana I Rte 3 4 basketball 3 Nature club 4 Student Cou a BEVERLY ANN STEWART e Star gazang look College preparatory course Entered from Butler Pa Hagh as sophomore garls chorus 2 maxed chorus 2 Garl Reserves 2 3 4 Junaor Red Cross 2 3 tusaness group 4 war stamp sale man 4 Classacal club 2 3 Our Ambataon lo Act an the Senaor Play o . - . , . Sh ' I . , . I I' I I - A U a I U - - I A l U I A - , - I I , . . I 1 ,I .W I I . . . I . . F. . . . S d I I 5' a ' I -5 r rlub 45 s b ', 5 o I. . , Da . . . A A . , , ' I - A - I n I I I I I . . . Commercial course . . Glrl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 TTC I5 Nature club 25 Shorthand club 3, 45 cl 1 , , 5 ' ' f ' I I I ter 5 I ross 3, I I . , . I Y Y 5 S V . J , . . . Pet , , we e , . . s , Lo . . , . . , . Nat 3 , , Sp' a I 4' nrt cl I: 45' d Cro ,I 3 4 I I I , , J , , . . . . Sod - a,l clot: 2 H:-Y 2 , , ncl 4 . E t . - , . . J a I a K I a I a , , , - 0 0 0 o ELEANOR ROLLER LEWIS ROSS ALFRED RUSMISEL MARY-ALICE RUSSELL NANCY SCHANER EARL SCHAUB DOROTHY SEABRIGHT NANCY SEABRIGHT RUTH SCHAFER DOROTHY SHINSKY CATHERINE SHORTS MARGARET SINN ANGUS SMITH DONALD SMITH MARY JANE SMITH BARBARA SPRUNGER VERNA MAE STEELE LOIS STEGNER JOE STEIN BEVERLY STEWART .N IMA The Tears Shed Over Our Class Song RICHARD STITT EDNA STRAUB ALMA STRICKLIN WILMA THOMANN VERA THORNBURG ALICE TOMINACK ERNA TRAUTMAN NABLE TYRAS PALMER ULMAN MAUDE VILLEE JAMES VIOLA RICHARD VOGEL JANE WALKER PEGGY WATENPOOL LOIS WEAR SARA CATHERINE WEEKS SIDNEY WEISSMAN WILSON WELKER WANDA WEST CLAIRE WHEELER S 'Y Erik I' 534 I ND' FN 'YK Q Excitement ot New White Dresses, I I. 15. 6 VO Q,f ti I ggi! ga I A , F . M x V 1 tv 5 IN . I -:gif I JI i 12 1 -Q ' , TI I 3 Q i , , I "N I A at J -fi' 'if I iimf' 345 , ' t td Q' , , I f gs ' s. y - Seniors RICHARD P STITT Dlrlf re rn nn r e e pre ratJr course o"os t 'e A Junlor Cass 3 4 EDNA STRAUB crm Loved n e General CPL rse Swlrn tn, h 1, o ure elul AA e 3 v ce p eslden Wlthorew Oc 29 ALMA ELIZABETH STRICKLIN m treperotor rour odalrtas Lat no 're sop nmere ass serretart treas rer Iasslco c ul Ir Reserves 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 3 e I c n cu College neon rammenrernent p oker St vel pr ze I 2 3 anlsh Q u 3 pre ldent A Student Councl h WILMA THOMANN Vx llte Spec nor ed Cross 4 Short ann clun o aunt ol corn rs Commerclol cour e VERA MAE THORNBURG Dutch Roc wont red hour General course ure club 2 3 lrl Reserve secretor to Mlss Stev-or 3 Horne Economlcs cub 4 Junlor oss 2 3 ALICE ELLEN TOMINACK Tommy Motter ot tact manner Commercnal course Shorthand cluln 3 4 Stott Asslstance corps 4 GAA 4 Junnor Red Cross 2 3 4 ERNA TRAUTMAN Pot B'0nde shorthand wxzord Commercial course mor Red Cro s 2 3 I es 3 4 Shortha MABLE C TYRAS ue Lukes Washlnoton ID CI Commercuol course Glrl Reserves I 2 3 4 Shorthand club 3 vlce presldent 4 Stott Assnstance corps 4 Junuor Red Cross 4 PALMER RAY ULMAN Porn wav, on the QC College preparatory roursr o I r C ro s 4 hall deputy 4 Trlodclphlan sta MAUDE M VILLEE Maude In o l'JLASlHSSSlIllC tashuon College preparatory course Gxrl Reserves l cohlnet 2 3 secretory 4 Soclolttos Lotnno I Clas ol lub 2 3 secre tory treo urer A sponl h clut 3 secretory treasurer 4 Qulll and Scroll 3 4 Truodclphuan staff 2 3 adver tlslng rhOnOQCr 4 JAMES JOSEPH VIOLA James An orlglnol ad College preparatory course Junlor Red Cross 4 Typlng elup 4 RICHARD EDWARD VOGEL If Red ve and let I ottltucle College Lreporatorv course r ck l 4 Jun r r Crossl 2 3 4 CAP JANE MARGUERITE WALKER Jane Blonde ond turomy College preparatory :ourse :alxtos Lotlno I osslcol c u ro e um I s club 2 Student Councu 2 holl deputy 4 Junlor Red Cross 2 4 surgucal dressings 3 war stomp salesman 3 4 Rldmg club 4 Qulll and Scroll Trvoclelphlan staff 3 tlrst' page cdutor 4 Sponlsh club 4 PEGGY MAXINE WATENPOOL Peg A alrl to tell tour troubles to Cornmercval rourse Morchuno cluh 2 Shorthand cluh 3 4 GAA 3 4 Juno Rel C oss 2 3 4 secretory to M RoIlnns4 LOIS JUNE WEAR Lou Motchlng pertectnon College preparatory course Sodolutos Lotlno I Junlor Red Cross 3 4 ousvness group 2 Clossucol club 2 4 Trladelphlon statt 2 reporter 4 SARA CATHERINE WEEKS Scweeks We need more Ilke her College pre poratory course nr serves I a ur uv 4 Soco nt L In Jun: r Red Cross 3 4 Typunq clulu 4 GAA 4 Student Councul osslstont 3 4 SIDNEY WEISSMAN I Suspender :oy General course Ar uv 4 Ju r Red Cross 2 WILSON WALLACE WELKER Wllson Sports outhornty College preparatory course uno Pen Cro s ac wall ceputy 3 pro ectlon crew WANDA WEST Wanda Qulet and unaffected Home Ecanomlcs course unlor Red Cross 3 CLAIRE ANN WHEELER Cur 'auoh and tne world laughs wvth you o lege preparatory course autos L tna c slc c u 3 wee p eslden 4 Nature c I n s o 4 nlsw I es A Jumor Rel Cr s Juslness group 3 4 vvor rnp le rnan 2 3 The Solemn Faces ot the Class Sermon I n . 2 , N. a e s , Coll a pc f I' ' , Sod I Lo .no I RII' rlutp 2' HI-Y 3, , Red r , Et If- . . as o d I 5' us 3 1 ' . . - rn o f or. 2 3, "3" .H out 2, K t t 3, GI 2 fecr tort. ' -I A r f t4 . I T A -, Th lieaut ful Str: kll rls I 1 3 AI' ze 2 1 I I J . , s e ly I , sh. cl ,. - 'u C . I I2 3 4, So I ta 3 ,. I4 G I ' , 4 , , 'I I 'ls r ' 1, I' Ie . , s , Jo I R " 2 3 , , h l L, 3 4 Not , , ' G s 25 y t g I I 5 Red Cr 4 Ju E ', 4, G rl' Resefv Ll, 2 nd from 3, '4 ' ' , . AI I' , tooth 'I 2 2 3' track l 2 Juno Rel C 3 2, 3, Q Q tt 3, Nature club l, 2, 4, Art club 4 .. V I , , I 1, ., g V ' Vg sic c , , - " . . . , . I . . , '. I . , . . "Ln uve" . . . 'z . . . t o , j no Rel , , , Q C 4 . , Sol cl 'l II 2, 3, Come 1 I, 2, on Reserve' 1, 2, 3, 4, Art I I. W. I . I Y I E ,J I r C V V I .I V, , ,GlRe.v ,2,3,4,N1ecll1,2,3,, ll-os blot, on , Stl . , . " ' l A . . ' . t cl I , nlo , 3 4 . . J I r 3 tr R 7 ll- r I ' 9 - 1 I . .4 . . . . , . 'l Q - ' . ' I ' . ' C l- ' Sod ar I Cl s al l ln 2, , - r t , I' lub 3 45 Qulll and Scroll 4- Tnodelphc ,t 'I 4' Spa I clue 3 4, Glrl Reserv , I, 2 3, I c o s 1 I sto so s , 4 I u BERTHA WHITE JERRALD WHITE ALLEN WICKHAM MARY JANE WILLIAMS HELEN WITSBERGER LILA WITSBERGER JESSE WOOLLENWEBER ANNA WUCETIC ESTELLA YOSS ANN ZOECKLER JOAN ZOECKLER BERTHA MAE WHITE Punky Shunung curls puled hugh Cornmercual course Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 JERRALD PRITCHARD WHITE Jerry Urged to study he blames the goats College preparatory course nd I 2 3 4 Junuor Red Cr ALLEN LOY WICKHAM Bud Takes ut easy College preparatory course Sodculutas Latuna I Junuor Red Cross 3 4 band I 2 3 4 orchestra 2 stage crew 2 3 4 Typung club 4 COH 4 MARY JANE WILLIAMS Joney The our of a Gaunsborough lady College preparatory course Freshman chorus 2 gurls chorus 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Home Economucs club 4 Junuor Red Cross 4 HELEN DOROTHY WITSBERGER Wutzy Talkatuve Iuttle lass Commercual course Gurls swummunq club 2 GAA 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves 2 secretary to Muss Snvder 3 4 Staff Assustance corps 4 Junuor Red Cross 3 4 Shorthand club 3 4 gurls chorus I 2 3 4 orchestra I LILA ELIZABETH WITSBERGER Come huther eyes Commercual course Hall deputy I Shorthand club 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 Rufle club 2 Junuor Red Cross 3 4 ANNA WUCETIC Anne Pleasungly modest Home economucs course Camera club I 2 Home Economucs club 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 3 4 ESTELLA YOSS Estella Muss Dunlap s saleswoman Commercual course Entered from Sherrard Hugh as sensor Junuor Red Cross 4 gurls chorus 4 ANN ELIZABETH ZOECKLER Gert Coouettush smule Commercual course Sodalutos Latuna I Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 muxed chorus 3 4 secretary to Mr Rolluns 3 The Truad bookkeeper 4 Gurl Reserves I 2 3 4 MARGARET JOAN ZOECKLER Joan Knows eyery one College preparatory course Gurl Reserves I 2 3 4 Sodalutas Latuna I Classucal club 2 3 Spanush club 3 4 GAA 3 4 Camera club 3 Pung Pong club 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 councul 3 4 NOT PICTURED SHELDON JAMES BEATTY Sonny Workung mon lndustrual arts course Junuor Red Cross 4 football 3 4 Wuthdrew Jan I4 CLARENCE BLAKE Crusty Ask the oohomore lntu tr OI orts cou e Junuor Red Cross 4 PAUL W McGlNNlS Wanted two books to 'ea c one at nom General course Rutle club 2 3 Camera club 2 3 Student Councul 2 3 Junuor Red Cross 3 4 Wuthdrew Sept 22 youned the Navy ALAN R ROBINSON Pleasant talkctuve chap General course Band 2 French club 3 4 Junuor Red Cross 2 3 4 secretary to Mr Dupke 3 JOHN STEYLE Jack lnvusuble lndustrual arts course Junuor Red Crass 4 Vuluthdrcw Oct 7 VICTOR WILLIAM THOMAS Reecho Smooth aan er lndustrual arts course oss county I football 2 3 4 track I 2 ann 4 ketball l C Hu 4 Varsuty club 3 presuaent furst semester 4 Wuthdrew Jan 3 Iouned the Merchant Morune Lookung Forward to The Nughl. . Q1 "fe SIL., ,- X A ' x ff., I 1 ti A K ,4 Y . .JJBQJ OSSSJA JESSECWOOLLENWEBER . . . Jess .I .l. Reluctant smule, . lndustruol arts course . . . I . ,I I - . 5. " f1,r" . '. . rs . ' Al . . . . . . Cr 5 . 5 I, 3' co-capt gsbas E , 2, 3g OH 3, 49 '-Y o ll ll . Juniors Furst row Class offlcers left to rught Tom Clem ens presndent Jnm McGunn:s secretary treasurer Wnllnam Albers Betty Louise Allcock Second row Frances Allnson Chrustlne Ap Ruchard Andre Thsrd row Joseph Annon Pamela Archer Howard Atknnson Wunston Bachmann Kathernne Baker Mntzn Bales Fourth row Carl Baller Earl Bauer Vlrgunma Ben ner Calvrn Bennett Elleen Black Wanda Boyd Flfth row Charles Brandfass Eleanor Brosh Me darne Buderman James Bufflngton Betty Burger Robert Burns Thomas Clemens Gerald Coleman Nancy Lee Cooper Seventh row Dorothy Cox Eluzabeth Crawford Mary Jean Crlswell Betty Lee Davus Esther Davis James DeCarlo Elghth row Paullne Delbrugge Wulluam Dougherty Jack Dowlung Mary Aluce Doyle Martha Drowneck Barbara Earp Ninth row Vnrqlnza Edgar Lucllle Evlerman Doris Elluott Donald Robert Ernst Marne Farmer Flora Fenton Tenth row Patncua Ferguson Rose Flgarettr Robert Fuscher Donald Fusher James Fntz Valjean Flouhouse Eleventh row Mary Lee Freeman Janet Gulleland Kltty Gray Larry Greenwald Norman Greig Paulune Greskevltch I 1 ' , ' ' 1 ers, Sixth row: Robert Carle, Lillian Chipkar, John Clark, O Q We Climb 'ro the Top llhlrcl Floor , Juniors First row: Norma Ann Griffith Edward Guenther Elizabeth Hanson Marie Haught Betty Louise Hart- Iieb Irene Havrileck Second row Vlrgunla Heusel Loss Harkheumer John Huff James Hunter Paul Allen lsenberg Madelyn Jackson Third row Pat Kanser Arthur Kennen Russell Ken nen Helen Kepner Vurglnua Kessler Edward Ketchka Fourth row Kenneth Keyser Jett Kldd Evelyn Kitchen Enamae Klttle Mary Ann Knznmunsku Ruth Klein Flfth row Ann Koush Anne Kuhn Eileen Kummers Enleen Ledergerber Elalne Levin Gerald Levun Snxth row Martha Lewus Thomas Lenore Wulllam Luller Audrey Lupp Mary Margaret Loborcc Betty Lucas Seventh row Roy Lucas Merle Lyduck Barbara MacDonald Roberta Moyesky Florence Marks Edward Marshall Elghth row Betty Lee Marshall James Maxwell Harry Mays George McConnell Jean McCulloch Eulanne McCutcheon Nnnth row Lawrence McGnll James McGlnnus Mary Beth McKay Paul McKeen Betty Lou Melntel Thomas Mendel Tenth row Kathryn Metz Jacquelune Muchel John Mlller junuors highest on honor roll rear Maman Muller Lucnlle Erlerman Chnsnne Alpers front Mutzr Bales Marilyn Dunger Eleventh row Marlon Muller Rlchard Muller Charles Moss 3 We Order Gur Rmgs and Go t Juniors Flrst row Mary Lou Myers Patrucla Myers Loss Jean Nagy Barbara Nay Howard Oberman Mary Patos Second row Mary Jean Paul Betty Punto Ruth Ann Poe David Pracht Jean Prager Robert Pruckett Thlrd row Eleanor Prlce Phullap Radosevnc Carl Rauschenberg George Robunson Michael Rose Blame Sampson Fourth row Norma June Sands Joseph Savarnno Eluzabeth Schafer Enleen Ruth Schank Edward Scherlch Sally Schleucher Fufth row Mary Katherine Schrock Ralph Schrader Charles Schwinn Glorua Seudel Irene Smlth Loulse Smith Sixth row Raymond Smith Armand Smlth Jean Audrey Spear Tommy Steele Albert Stern Mary Lee Strawn Seventh row Wanda Sutton Elisabeth Thomann Adda Thornburg Maxune Tracewell Zola Mae Van Camp Wanda Veronus Eighth row Josephune Vlola Jack Wagner Howard Walter Mary Ann Watenpoal Mary Fauth Waterman Ann Wenmer Nnnth row Stanley Welnsteln Jack Welsenborn Bullue Jean Wells John Welty Nancy Westwood Phlllp Wharton Tenth row Peggylou White Phlllp White Marlon Wnckham Harry Wuedetz Marlon Wledetz Jean Wnesner Eleventh row Lucllle Wllllams Ann Wood Wulluam Wood Wulllam Wylle Nancy Yochem Jane Young NOT PICTURED Arden Anderson Shannon Brown Mlldred Cut taro Beatrice Cusslgh Marulyn Dnnger Ruth Hall Chandler Hess Ethel Jewell Herbert Lnppuncott Ruth Maxwell Lorraune McLaughlun Dorothy Ann Orr Edwm Rzepka John Schepp Joan Smuth Eleanora Supler e Prom, We Are Upperclossmen Now! Sophomores Fnrst row Lols Ann Ackard Jane Amuck Bob Anderson Ruth Jane Anderson Loss Atlcunson Harry Atzenhoter Betty Bachmann Second row Murnam Jean Barley Ann Baldwin Alfred Carl Ball Dorothy Bauer Wullard Becker Jean Bell Cyrll Bennett Thnrd row Sophra Bernard Carol Bner Harold Black Mar tha Lee Back Gllbert Bolden He'en Bonar Charles Brader Fourth row Robert Brntt Mary Ellen Brown Barbara Buchanan Hope Burgess Nancy Bushon Ruth Ann Buzzard Jean Callahan Futth row Harlan Carter Dorothy Clark Betty Coll Evelyn Conner Phyllns Conner Eduth Cooper Kathleen or ne Slxth row Jean Cottrell Lewms Cross Eileen Crupe Shlrley Anne Dague Vera Lee Davls Grace Ann Dayton Patrlcuo DeVenney Seventh row Jack DsCcsare Paul DnChnazza Walter Dut trnch Katherlne Draaovuch Leona Duffv Roberta Eaton Den Eughth row Nancy Etz June Evan Lois Falck Roselyn Femberg Helen Ferrell Leonora Fischer Paul Fuscher Nnnth vow Mable Fusher Emma Lou Futch Wulluam Floto Audrey Foo e Sam Forte Juanuta Fournner Henru Front Tenth row June Gamble Robert Gebhordt Loss Lee Gch ranger Catherlne Gideon Vlvnan Gnlmore Lydua Goodnm Ann Goodwin Eleventh row Leola Grotke Betty Hoglock Marne Hand John Hand an Eve yn Hes Walter Hoftrna ter Phoebe Hughes Twelfth row Mary Ann Hugus Dorothy Hunter Lots Hutzell Ruth Jack sophomores hughest on honor roll rear Gus Rose Gregory Von Camp Harold Black tront Kathleen Cornell Elaune Knttle Thurteenth row Elnzabeth Josephxne Jacobs Cathernne letters Theodore Jones Wmlfred Jones Well Remember How Joyfully Sophomores Fnrst row Gertrude Kalbfleusch Eugene Kennen Juluus Kerekes Dorothy Knmmuns class officers Gulbert Bolden presxdent Duck Zubak vuce presldent Norma Jean Pryor secretary treasurer Second row John Kmney Elaane Kuttle Vxrgunua Knzu mnnsku Helen Klug Thnra row Joseph Knaprk Som Kovac Betty Lou Kreglo Eleanor Jean Kuhens George Ann Kummers Arthur Lan cate Wullnam Laupp Fourth row Donalda Layton Beverly Lupp Carl Luca Robert Magunre Wnllnam Mann Lawrence Marshall Marlon Marshall Fufth row Thelma Martun Elmer McAlIsster Clyde Mc Cord Mnldred McCoy Sarah McCulley Donald McCutcheon Mary Lourse McDonald Snxth row Dorothy Ann Meek Elnzabeth Metz Robert Metz Patsy Muller Gene Mnllxken Kung Monroe Sherman Mozlngo Naumann Paul Neuhann James Nlchols Ida Lee Nolte Charles Norman Enghth row Ann Olach Jack Olsen Audra Jean rr Rnchara Orr Phyllis Otto Martha Owens lvan Povnlack Nlnth row Myrna Penn Ruth Peters John Pettunato Charles Pxke Cecul Porter John Posey Willard Postlewalt Tenth row Norma Jean Pryor Rudolph Raduk Alberta Rado evnc Clara Mae Ram ey Jo Ann Reeder Jean Rey nolds Jeanne Rnce Eleventh row Earth Rudgely Robert Rokos Gus Rose Sally Sauers Barbara Schafer John Schafer Anno Mae Sells Twelfth raw Agnes Settle Samuel Snmms Wnlladean Sknllcorn Mary Lou Slater Harvey Smnth Robert Smith Isabell Soltesz Thnrteenth row Joann Steger Wulluam Steunmetz Bar bara Stephens June Ann Stoops Emuly Straub Jack Sydnor Mary Jean Taylor e Took Downstairs Seats In Assembly .lg Sophomores Fnrst row Ruth Thueroff Evelvn Thomann Martha Thomas Evelyn Thompson Violet Thompson Peggy Treweek Donald Tubough Second row Gregory Van Comp Grace Vance John Vergus John Vvsnauskas Dona'd Vogel ana Elmer Vossen Dorothy Wagner Thnrd row Ruthlea Walters Betty Lou Watknns Kathryn Watson Paul Watson Marilyn Wensenborn Lloyd Welsner Robert Wentz Fourth row Margorne West Robert Wharton Ruth Wues ner Jean Wnldern Keith Wulluams Dora Bell Wrlson Quarrxer Walson Frfth row Mary Wlnesburg Mary Ann Wutsberger Al bert Wolf Paul Yates Ann Louise Yeater Robert Yertzell Duck Zubak N. NOT PICTURED Joe Brozovrch Irene Clubley Mary Frances Curtns Emma Lu Driscoll Samuel Russell Evans Dorothy Flaccus Lee Franz Vlctor Gebhart Ruth Gorrell Russell Grandstatf Thomas Hahn Robert Hobbs Cora Mae Kluskeef Frank Kosem Elsie Magdlch Danuel Naranch Paul Nelson Sherldan Orum Roger Porter Robert Sox Raymond Schneuder Carl Schnelle Richard James Spurlln Stover Stephens Jane Ann Stoops Waldo Wllluams And Now - We're Nearly Juniors' '48 ' 4 A4 2 4 -3 ,9 J A 1' ,X A - F' . 1 . , ,IQ a 'V 3 - L V , ' 1 Q 1 ' l E 1 I 1 ml . -x x ' 5 W 4 4 3 Q I Z l A A V J' A 2 ' , , - 4 - J, a , Q - - .ire 3 It . f f I ., 5 J J , ' Q ' .. Q ' 9 ' ,. 'I 3 V , , l' , I , L ' J . 1 . . ' Freshmen Fnrst row Jacauelune Allen Frank Andre Beatrrce An tonuccl Joanne Arrnbrecht Molly Clarre Arrnbrecht Helen Artsberger Ruth Atklnson Second row Arthur Auher Maude Aurand Josuah Bolrd Edna Baker Jo Anne Balke Marne Boller Robert Baltz Thlrd row Peggy Barrett A E Bates Colleen Bovrn Mullrcent Bavun Claure Belanger Phyllus Beneke Beatrnce Bernard Bernardnn Wrllnam Blatt Dorothy Jane Boyd Ruth Brobeck Ruth Fourth row James Bott Dona'd Bowman Bradford Fnfth row Eleanor Brandfass Lo Verdo May Brasch Loss Mae Brnese Jrmmre Brrll Helen Marne Brock Helen Ann Brosky Potty Brown Suxth row Murnel Brunnng Dorothy Buffrngton Reuben Bullard Vlrgnnra Burgess Donald Butler Gera'd Butler Joan Coldwell Seventh row Con Paul Callahan Betty Lee Carnahan Warren Carroll Betty Castnlow Roxne Catlett Dorns Cham bers Sarah Chase Clemens Madelyn Colvng Wrllnam Copeland Nancle Cornell Ted Cox Nrnth row Nancy Crow Tommy Darley Jock Darrah Earl Davns Jam Davus James DeMoss Joan Dreckmann Tenth row Darl Dnllon James Dixon Donad Dorff John Drowneck Bertha Dudor Suzanne Dumas Wnlllarn Duvall Eleventh row Edwrn Dytko Lynetta Eaton John Enkey Leona Sue Ellrott Ruth Ann Elluott Joyce Errnngton Su zanna Ewrng Twelfth row Phyllis Ann Fans Harold Former Dorothea Fee Emmett Ferrell Joseph Fugarettu Archer Funk Mary Etta Flemnng Thrrteenth row Kenneth Flouhouse Robert Fonner Rrchard Frntsche Sngmund Front Mary Jo Frum Edward Gellner Edward Gaughan The Teachers Founcl Thelr Little Lamlos Eighth row: James Clark, ,John Howard Clemens, Phyllis . - I . - l J , ,V W o o Freshmen Fnrst row June Glttlngs Jane Goodwln Jean Gordon Walter Go tvlo Charles Green B ron Gross Peggy Guenther Second raw Vvllluarn Guzel Howard Haglock Martha Hallett Rnchard Honcl Rat,ert Hand Robert Hare Maryorle Harris Thnrd row Robert Hosklns Rnchord Heller Wallace Henderson Lawrence Hess Pattu Hess Mabel Huxenbaugh Robert Huxenbough Fourth row Holman Betty Ethel Ice Futth row lermeyer Lee Betty Kepner Slxth row Dolores Hohrnon Marulyn Holderrnan George Howard l-laroll Huft Mary Jan Hunley Dorothy Jack Thelma Jackson Robert Kel Kelvlngton Marllyn Kender Evelyn Kent Donald Klger Lucllle Klmpel Carl Knrker Lots Koeh' Kent Lacey Helen Larlmer Jacky Lehrnan Seventh row Elmer Lennex Paulme Leshuk Barbara Lewellyn Sophlo Bernard Bernard Lucas Betty Jane Lucas Dolores Mace Eighth row Myrtle Mann Ronald Mann Peggy Morchal Howard Marsh Clarence Mortln Sara Lou Maskrey Dolores Mays Nnnth row John McCord Patrnclo McCulough Betty Ann Mclntlre Joann McKee Marllyn McKeen Jack McNabb Jean McNabb Tenth row Norma Melntel Harry Mendrlfk Carolyn Metcalf Phllup Muller Ernlly Munch Catherlne Muner Mor garet Mlrandy Eleventh row Joan Moore Albert Morgan Helen Mox Clarabel Munson Dorothy Murphy Lester Myers Paul Myers Twelfth row Tornmy Naegele Rudy Naranch Evelyn Nash Helen Nelson Betty Nerno Ola Nester Vlrglnlu Nxchols Thlrteenth row Opal Nuckcrson Nancy Olsen Wallace ret Jack Oraan L ulsc Otto Frances Paneplnto John Patterson 1 The Sensors -lll VIBE! Scored Us lo Death Q A 3 -6 I L 4 I '1 3 Q f I '. V I .- f f I V l I I X Q O ' 3 a sc ' w - V .I Q 1, . . 7 - f ' 1 I. 1 I 4 . I 2' ' bag, ' l, , Z I ' Q ' , -f z 'Q , 4 .z ' . ' 4 3 f f J A if ., , ' , ' , ' f s . Y v - 4 I 1 ' - , . I f , , g V V , , 1 A J J .z " Q Q 1 4 " ' ' ' - I ,L , I F. 5 l x l 44 ' X, .- J LL, cs. -, ' . . J l ul- 0 H 3 f ' f -a 7 " ' ff' ' 4 l f l I 1 ,V . , A ,sa , . A L- 1 I 4 I ' I I ' I ' I . -0 -v ' ' ' . 1 . . A , 1 C MX J J J J .A A . 3 , Q . ' , - C ' 1 t ' x 3 l I l ' I q' Q A QL 1 . - . X, . V I I at r Q' J 'A A' l ' , 4 1' M A I f O 3 I I I . I V- Q I Freshmen Frrst row Ann Paul Raymond Paul Ruta Pearlsfem Irene Petrr Mary Jane Petroch John Punto Wllllam Popo ynch Second row Rlchard Eugene Porter Loss Lynn Posm Albert Prager Jannce Prager Dawe Qulnn Paul Radclnffe Howard Rlnkes Thnrd row Jacquelrne Russell Mary Elrzabeth Russell Davnd Ream Betty Lou Rlnger Fntzue Roblnson Srdney Roger on Muldred Salter Fourth row Mar1orle Sampson Ralph Sampson Barry Sauers Peggy Saunders Jrmmy Savarlno Ru-:hard Schaub Ruth Ann Sheruch Flfth row Wrlllam Schnender Esther Schultz Paul Schweizer Jam Senq Do ores Shackelford Jean Sharady Wl lnam Shaw Srxth row Carol She-Dara Robert Sherman Emma Shrout Wrlllam Sreber Alberta Srvert Bull Sllgar Eugene Sllgar Seventh row Betty Lou Smnth Gene Smith James Smuth Loss Smlth Robert Smnth Dean Snedeker Roy Sp:nd'er Delores Stoehr Dorothy Supler Jack Teater Nancy Ann Tebay Nlnth row Sue Anne Threroff Albert Thomas Bull UI nch Robert Vanaman Mary Martha Van Dyne Edrth Ver cellottr Joanne Vldlc Tenth row Wnlluam Vrnall Jackre Vogel Thoma Vogel Joan Walker Johannah Ward Eselyn Wear Icy Ma Wheeler Eleventh row Mary Louuse Vtrupkey Harry Whrte Mar tha Whnte Henry Whltecotton lourse Whrtecotton Dorothy Wlldern Wnlford Wlllrg Twelfth row Luke Wll an Frank Wmeman Gerald Wm nlngs Anne Wnnters Rlchard Winters Martha Wrtzberger Charles Wood Thlrteenth row Phoebe Yarlmg Rrchard Yost John Hess Young Dorothy Zanolll Charles Zarnlts Wllllam Zimmerman Jessue Zmn he View from the Shell Was Curs Alone 42 We ll Always Re member PM!!! WEE The Cl ubs We Joined 43 We Choose Them-They Guide U l l Top ro Ted Cox Joe Steln Char es Moss Jul us Kerekes Klng Mon oe Kelth VV ll ams Bo' F schcr Second row Ronny Mann Byron Dc s Don Clutter Juan ta B rker Moran M ller Altert Stern Roy Harmon Wallace Henderson Front o h ma rc an o ne Drk M ller Eaurt Kloss Wendell Bol ten Barbara Nay Agnes Settle M s Desse ox Al sent Mary Fa th Nvaterrnan Student Councll By Balrd C Kloss Truadelphua s Student councul was sugnally honored thus year when at the State Co Government assocla tnon meetung at Charleston Rnchard Muller was elected presudent tor next year Thus as the turst time that a presudent has come from the northern sectlon of the state Plans are complete tor next tall s meetnng when Truadelphua wall be host to state schools at Jackson s Mlll Student council meetings have been held twuce a month Banrd Kloss was presudent Ruchard Muller vnce presudent and Wendell Bolden marshal Marx Falth Waterman was elected secretary treasurer by the councul and Mass Dessne Cox was sponsor When school began councul members ushered freshmen and new students to theur rooms and dlstrlb uted guude sheets to all Pnmary project ot the year was the clean up campaugn Various clubs volunteered tor one month each to keep the bunldnngs and grounds clean The councnl sponsored noon dancnng backed tw o scrop paper dnves durected the trattuc squad hall deputues and locker guards and kept up the lost and found satetx assembly and buuldlng and grounds commuttees headed by Barbara Nav Byron Davzs Joe Stern and Wen dell Bolden respectuvely The tnnale ot the year s actuvutues came an Apnl when ottncers tor the ensunng year were elected These ottlcers were Installed at the banquet early In May -l-l 1 W I l r l I t l xl ' r O , r l , J r w Eoi, Fmt Al Stn kl.n N .le C r ll l . . lc , ls I C lr I . . . , . , . - , , . . , . . . . , . 1 1 - f 1 ' ,V . X - I ! I I I ,ll I I , 1 ' ! A . , . . . . . f Student Council Assistants QHEZQ, A T 'TWT' F ,L-'Cf-' r fn. By Baird C. Kloss Student council assistants may be volunteers or may be drafted because of their dependable lead- ership, Each floor is provided with two hall deputies who wel- come and escort visitors, check students' destinations, and keep order Our locker rooms are guarded by assistants who check those entering and leaving. By this system, thefts during school sessions have been cut to o minif FTIUVTW The cafeteria is manned by hosts and hostesses to reduce con- fusion and see that it is left in order, To speed bewildered fresh- men on their way and to indoc- trinate them with rules of co-op- eration is another duty of the as sistants Noon dancing is almost entire iy in the assistants hands Thanks are due here especially to Paul lsenberg and John Clemens and to the popular Dancemasters Wendell Bolden marshal is officially head of assistants and deputies serve gave added impetus to council activities and strengthened our cause ff 'X-W ,r sfwe, A :SVA pay. ,Cpu l"'.',' EZ' 'fC'Z cr Erzwr- he : I-Nan cz Sw V 'cr 1 Coon r l n The assistants willingness to to serve and not to be served Qi' ay gp' I iffy? FH rf Clerren Eil Qteinmetz John Visnaus w r' rn nr iltert B en ssell tt re ick r r wr rice Vlcsill David Pracht or vis i N row rn Bily NM io lomucl Simm Lee Franz Graco on erc Dorothy M Nat Margie Kinn Marv Alice Russell ,lane NVaIker Palmer Ulman cnt Nlonc UL x cs rol or u n ru cw Myrn o o E wi on Joe Ann Ulcer C X: s c NA ww Edward vl C O J Mem Ain 'vtg eww r ini P n loco Schcrich irc RL, Mgrthc Hilc Cbraml V' PL i r V i i I I ' ff :rg ' Vlf 054 r 7 K. , vfwgiivagift ' is M . D x . , X 1 , so Tc: rc W ston Each a . G- Qld Ru Ellie Mel Lwc Pcs' A en se :erg Jo i s I -, - Kgs Chg log E UYYQSOSS La C ' B 3 Da Phl '-'horton Sctcnd f 'ro tcp i ' , ' s K gall D tm Hcriirn , - ' l C i V g a Ac driilf lyn r it , t 1 ,f , Y , 1 T's'.l "ix lronrt Doroth Cv Ca Ei pu ' C G ' R' i'ch Vczrilco Hill Bvio Qi n Lois Kinsjcl Al N 'hors r 7 I Nam'-. -'-eswoofi C Penn Cc' tnl. Lsuisc Yi' s on fist r:-s aff Ee' olncwcsd Em: rlorzld E ozk "J, Ros own Ke"i r R :Cr' iran: A "srl Eol Ccn Er ist Eifl Mull Bill nsci Arms -+5 Girl Reserves By Mary Faith Waterman The first project was the selling of magazine subscriptions to obtain money to be used for charitable purposes. This fund enabled the club to donate generously to the Red Cross and the China's Children collections. Aiding in the National lnfantile Paralysis drive, 75 girls participated in the local "Tag day," collecting over seven hundred dollars, a record amount. ln keeping with an annual custom, a Christmas party for young children was given at the Chambers Memorial Community house in Elm Grove. For the second consecutive year a freshman cabinet of nine was elected to assist mem- 3'I O bers of the regular cabinet. Their project was the making of scrapbooks to be distributed to government hospitals and USO centers. These freshmen also planned the spring dance hon- oring the senior club members. , The educational programs consisted of a WAC recruiter, a travel talk, and two book Glrls reviews. The annual Christmas banquet, a style show, and three dances were part of the social activities. The semi-formal dance held in February was one of the main attractions of the year with the music furnished by Niles Carp's orchestra. Devotaonal emphasas was placed on the programs for the Thanksgiving Christmas, n and Easter meetings The offacers for the year were Mary Faith Waterman president Eleanor Manaon, vice president Maude Vallee, secretary and Marae Panto treasurer The cabanet members were gn Maraorae Keller program chairman Anne Colvag, social chairman Nancy Westwood ser vice chairman Juanita Barker finance chaarraran Elaine Kattle music chairman Christine Alpers membership chaarman Kathleen Cornell, publicity chairman Mary Jean Taylor devotional chairman and Marian Maller Inter Club council representative Ve They were advised by Miss Bernese Bennett Mass Ruth Oldham and Mrs Roy Lister Their est Too row Jackie Allen Harriett Ann Chance Betty Orner Shirley Doubleday Betty Louise Allcock Mary Alice Russell Catherine Shorts Erna Trautman Mary Ellen Hall Mitzi Bales Joan Caldwell Dorothy Hunter Evelyn Conner Myrna Penn Second row from top Grace Kendall Peggy Gideon Dorothy McNabb Betty Lou Bappus Beverly Stewart Edith Clark Jessie McClement Roxana Kammans Varganaa Kessler Louise Smith Betty Lou Meantel Nancy Seabraght Marilyn Danger Mary Etta Fleming Beatruce Antonucci Molly Claire Armbrecht June Gamble Jo Anne Balke Jessie Zinn Joanne Vaaac Pat Lenore Tnard row from top Dorothy Etchason Ruth Grandstatt Alace Rogers Ann Zoeckler Ruth Bradford Ann Faris Dottie Flaccus Mary Potos Medaane Buderman Jackie Lehman Dorothy Cox Barbara Lewellyn Lucille Kamoel Joan Daeckmann Sue Anne Thaeroft Martha Hallett Marilyn Kender Janice Prager Fourth row from to Isabelle Jones Patricia DeVenne Eleanor Price Ruth Gorrell Eleanor Brandfass Jane Walker Helen Kepner Mary Lee Yarlang Ola Jane Nester Jean Gordon Lois McCloy Maraorae Hill Barbara Nay Fifth row from top Ruth Klein Martha Drawneck Pauline Delbrugge Jean Spears Claire Belanger Nancy Cooper Doras Elliott Kitty Gray Ann Weamer Jean Waldern Lois Ackard Quarraer Wilson Betty Metz Emily Straub Varganaa Benner Pat McCullough Ruth Ann Buzzard Marie Hand Sixth row from top Wanda Boyd Barbara Earp Peggylou White Janet Galleland Mary Beth McKay Audrey Lipp Ealene Dye Barbara Sprunger Elaane Dye Grace Hunter Mary Jane Wallaams Lois Falck Maxane Tracewell Gloria Youngman Catherine Dragovach Martha Owens Ruth Peters Joyce Errangton Enamae Kattle Pam Archer Seventh row from top Mary Jean Paul Bobbie Maaesky Pat Myers Ruth Ann Poe Patracaa Ferguson Marie Haught Loas Koehl Dotty Zan alla Joann Steger Betty Coal Helen Ann Brosky Helen Jean Box Maldred McCoy Mary Ellen Brown Jane Amack Anna Mae Sells Jeanne Race Leola Grotke Bonnie Burge Eighth row from top Jean Waesner Lucalle Williams Jane Young Kay Metz Maraam Jean Baaaey Wanltred Jones Edath Cooper Loas Posan Ruta Pearlstean Roselyn Feinberg Agnes Settle Audrey Foose Mary Lou McDonald Leonora Fascher Roberta Eaton Nalladean Skallcorn Vera Lee Davas Alberta Radosevac Ann Louase Yeater Grace Vance Maude Aurand Ninth row from top Jo Ann Reeder Betty Lou Watkins Betty Lou Ringer Peggy Jean Saunders Alberta Morgan Carolyn Metcalf Sarah Lou Maskrey Peggy Guenther Dolores Shackeltord Jackie Russell Joie Ward Carol Baer Ruth Waesner Evelyn Kent Ann Winters Helen Artzberger Patti Hess Hope Burgess Kitty Baker Marian Donnelly Tenth row from top Virginia Burgess Maraorie Harris Nancy Yochem Ann Wood Maraan Steele Nancle Cornell Phyllis Beneke Jane Goodwin Lois Hutzell Jean Bell Nancy Etz Phoebe Hughes Lois Horkheamer Joan Walker Betty Lou Smith Jean Callahan Leona Dutly Kitty Gadeon Mable Fisher Betty Howard Eleventh row from top Sue Dumas Marv Louise Whapkey Mary Martha Nan Dyno Patty Brown Loas Eraese Marion Marshall Sarah McCulley Jean McNabt Sharlev Anne DOQUC Nana Hadden Ruth Hotreuter Murael Brunang Betty Kreglo Joan Zoeckler Maralyn Hamalton Peggy Marchal Ann Paul Nancy Olsen Ruth Ann Ellaott Dorothea Fee Nancy Lau Crow Twelfth row from top Ruth Atklnson Mary Jo Frum Joan Moore Sharlev Mae Stead Dorothy Waldern Ida Lee Nolte Betty Jean Nemo Betty Ann Mclntare Ann Goodwin Beverly Lapo Jean Cottrell Lois Gehranger Claare Wheeler Rose Marae Kenraen Martha Hildebrand Jean Laupp Betty Jo Jacobs Dorothy Buffangton Nancy Ann Tebay La Verda Brosch Ruth Brobeck Kneeling Marian Malller Juanita Barker Anne Colvag Marie Pinto Eleanor Manaon Mary Jean Taylor Maude Vallee Mass Bernec Bennett Mary Falth Waterman Mrs Ray Luster Kathleen Cornell Nancy Westwood Elaine Kattle Christine Alpers Absent Fatty one members The Girl Reserves preferred to use space for the club write up rather than the names ot those absent F' d A C ' ' J I I , , 1 - I I , - , I I , ' l D 1 ' 1 I I F I I 1 1 I - I ' b I I ' ' I l D3 a Q I Ya , f a a f Freeman, Anne Kuhn, Mary Meder, Dorothy Ann Meek, Jean Reynolds,Norma Jean Pryor, Cathy Jeffers, Peggy Treweek, Pat Kaiser, Phoebe Ellen Top row Gus Ro e G bert Bolden Nello AHTOHUCCI Norman Maclinnght Dck St tt Joe Sten Phl Crosby El ood Nor rn B d Ob rn n Jim McGinnis Alf d R rn I an u er a re us se Second row W T Emblen Chandler Brown Colder ood Boyd Byron Dayns Wlnston Bachmann Roy Harmon Jul Kerekes Budd Smrth Edaue Marshall Bob Metz Front row Phnlnp Bruhn Ball Mull Baird Kloss Don Clutter Bob Frscher Jack Gallagher Nendell Bolden John Ed ard Wagner Tam Clemens Merle Lydlck Absent Norman Greig Dan Fischer HI Y By Jack Gallagher The purpose of the l-ll Y IS to create mountain and extend throughout the school and communrty standards of Chrustran chora ter The ottlcers ot the club thus year are Jack Gallagher presrdent Robert Fvscher vuce president Wendell Bolden secretary Don Clutter treasurer Barrd Kloss reporter Byron Davrs sergeant at arms We had aurte a trme gettrng a sponsor thus year Mr Emblen came to our rescue and offered to help us out At Chrtstmas season we contributed to the Chvna s Chrldren fund and In the sprung to the Red Cross War fund We took app rcatlons tor all boys wlshnng to joan our club and the tollowung boys were accepted Phrllp Bruhn Nello Antonuccl Calderwood Boyd Elwood Norman Merle Lydlck Tom Clemens Wrnston Bachmann Jack Wagner Jlm McGunnrs Julrus Kerekes Bob Metz Gulbert Bolden and Gus Rose Our unrtratlon consustecl ot aurzzung the new members on therr vrews ot certarn matters about school Our club took the month of Apnl as Its month to assist the Student Councrl In nts compargn to keep the campus clean Chandler Brown one of our members left dunng the year to go unto the servuce The Drstrlct H1 Y councrl had sts annual conference Aprrl 29 at Oglebay Pork lt was a one day conference because of wartum condutrons We had our annual dance to whuch each member asked a buddy on Apnl l The treasury stood all expenses ln late spnnq we conducted a Courtesy week to help students In Tl-lS to brush up on their manners and trarnlng Hr Y cl and Handsome 2 ,V 2 2 I 3, ll , ', , i I , 1 , I , w - 1 , r l 1 , . , , w I V' I , :us I 1 1 A 1 I 1 1 1 1 X 1 W . , . ,, . . ' 1 1 " v ' ' II ,- .. , 1 1 ' - 1 1 .' 1 1 -' 1 .1 I ' - . ' . . . , , ' 1 ' I I I ' I I I I I I I . . . , . . ,, . . ,, , , . . I - - . Q . . G . ' II Il 4 .' I ' ' II II 4 . 1 ' 7 1 -v Junior Cornells and Lunts - K ' Top lstandungl Norman Maclimght Wnnston Bachmann Nancy Wet ood Jerry Co eman Larrv Grecnwad B ll Koehnllnc Bob Davus Mnss Ethel V Snyder Seated Anne Colvlg Mary Jean Paul Pat Kaiser Marian Mllcr Pat Myer Albert Stern Ruth Ann Poe Mary Beth McKay Barbara Earp Front tstandlngl Don Buck Marlare Kcllcr Jean Laupp Eleanor Manton Duck M Ilcr Absent Nonc Masquers By Marjorie Keller On stage lnghts actnon curtaun A rehearsal of the Masauer club IS on T learn more about dramatvcs through club programs and actual productuon of several plays for the enjoyment of the student body IS the goal which the 2l members have strlven for during the year Something a little different was tried during the flrst semester Several of the club members wrote and produced a l5 minute radlo sknt for the Junnor Red Cross over WWVA on Nov I8 The best dance of all rs the Coronation ball was rldlculed when the luke box broke down during the dance but the Masquers made a comeback with the Rebound Ball featurnng a no charge angle for the attendants of the former dance The second semester started off wrth a bang when the fnrst play of the year was gnven ductuon Jazz and Mlnuet which took place ln the present and sn the early l7OO s Pat Kauser had the lead But speak to any member and ask hum what the maln project of the year was and he ll say without hesltatnon Gonng on Seventeen Thus three act comedy was produced on March 28 for the benefnt of the Junior Red Cross the actors were auute pleased when they were asked to repeat thelr performance on Aprnl l9 at Trnadelphua Masquers takang part were Norman MacKnught Jean Laupp Pat Myers Duck Muller Marjorue Keller Elea nor Manson Barbara Earp Larry Greenwald Jerry Coleman Albert Stern Bob Davus Pat Kaiser Ruth Ann Poe and Mary Beth McKay During rehearsals of the three act play Fnve For Bad Luck was also guven wnth Ruth Ann Poe an the lead Feb 22 was patrnotucally observed by a George Washungton cakewalk grven by the members Offscers for thus year were Margorue Keller presndent Don Buck vuce presndent Jean Laupp secretary and Eleanor Manson treasurer All plays and programs were under the sponsorshnp of Mass Ethel Snyder -lN I ' : , ' , 5 w , f , I , I , 'I ' V V , I . I V S' V V l f , l , , 1 l II i- 4 1 r ' .Il r V O ,, l l . . ,, . . . ' ' Ill Il I I I entitled "Luncheon for Six." The comedy was followed on Feb. lo by a fantasy. ln this pro- - ll - I1 - V - 1 V I I I 1 - - A 11 r 11 r I I I. . I - . J 1 1 1 1 - I I I I I I I I ' ' ll ' ll ' - - 1 . Wizards ol the Wings Stage Crew By Jack Wagner The stage crew IS very serious about tts work on the stage The boys do most ot the work durnng thevr study hall periods however there as stall a great deal to do before and after school The stage crew has a llmlted number of members who are selected by the manager and sponsor H L Mornson from the entire student body The crew then votes to make the fnnal decusuon Not only ts It an honor to become a member of the stage crew but one can also gaun very practucal expernence The group has many duties One of the mlnor ones ns worknng at club dances the most important ts getttng the stage ready for assembly programs once a week Settlng the stage for plays put on by the Masquers and sensor class ns very Important The crew IS made up of eught members and they each have a specuflc yob Jack Wagner ns stage manager and Tom Mendel as has assustant They operate the lnghts Allen Wtckham ns the property man Alfred Rusmusel and Bull Steunmetz hrs assnstants are the electrucnans Theur method as tear lt apart and tux at Shannon Brown takes care ot the projectuon room and spotlughts Gene Mllllken and Bob Maguare are the curtaln men To watch for the cue and to pull the curtann as theur job Mtss Llpscomb has her sewtng classes do any necessary sewlng The new members taken on thus year were Brown Mal ltken Stetnmetz and Magunre The stage crew s mann atm as to please as much as posslble and to keep on pleasung Too row Torn Mendel Bull Stennmetz Front row Allen Wlckharn Alfred Rusmlsel, Gene Mlllnkcn Jack Wagner Absent Shannon Brown Robert Magulre 49 O O 1 I , . . , . - 1 ' I I . I ' I I ' , . . . . . They Learn To Play-a o ra or e s Don Na anch Jock Xfergs Carroll Bell B ll Lll c Bo N entz Bob Metz ab arle Charles Mo s B ll Rob Second ro from top WIllIam SchneIder Kenneth Flouhause She mon Mozmgo Henry Vvh tc-cotton Jack DCcsae John Schafer Bo d Kloss Jock Organ Denzl Elk ns Vctar Gebhart Albert Thomas Donald Vogelsang Norman MocKnIght Th rcl ro from top RIchad Orr Edward Gaughan Reuben Bullard James DeMoss BIII Papo ch Paul Neuhann Robert Puckett Donald Fsher Gle RInger Harold Lee Huff Robert Fonner Joe Brozov1ch John Sonda Fourth row from tap Allen W ckharn Don McCutcheon B ll Laupp J rnrne Arnato Paul Allen Isenberg Rchard M lle Jack Gallogne Charles een Ronny Mann Bll Dn Idde Dnck Zubak rant o Cha de Bro n Bob Ande son Paul Sch ezer Bob Sa Bob Fscher Ncllo Anton IccI ThIs musIcal orgonIzatIon founded by ITS dIrector has completed the eIghteenth year of successful playIng of mIlItary concert and symphonIc musIc lt has the dIstInctIon all over the publIc schools ofthe valley of beIng the only band composed of all boys SInce the begInnIng of thIs war It has been a dIffIcult task for the dlrector to maIntaIn a fully symphonIc InstrumentatIon made up of players from hIgh school age because a large number of the partIcIpants have IoIned the SGVVICG before graduatIon Dunng the football season the band presented sIx dIfferent fIeld shows fIttIng the occasIon for each game wIth specIal musIc Four publIc concerts were played durIng thIs season consIstIng of a ChrIstmas concert and three durIng the sprIng These concerts were dedIcated to the boys who graduated or at tended TrIadelphIa Hugh school wIth the exceptIon of the S S Jacob Memornal concert The reason for traInInq thIs musIcal organIzatIan for boys only IS to QIVG those musIcally InclIned grounded preparatIon for mIlItary traInIng through marchIng and professIonal traInIng through the playIng of not less than SOO or more selectIans durIng the term of four years The boys who are partIcIpatIng for mere fun acquIre durIng the four year term of band partIcIpatIon the learnIng of ployIng theIr chosen Instruments and apprecIatIon of all types of musIc These wIll be the lIsteners of our future audIences for all types of concerts and be able to Iudge for themselves the rendItIan of all musIc The repertoIre of the band thIs year has been as follows Bach SuIte l.Ittle Prelude arranged by Clark Prelude and Fugue In B flat mInor Bach Barber of SevIlle Overture RossInI arranged by Lake PaganInI Overture Mohaupt Jolly Robbers Overture von Suppe arranged by ZamecnIk Phedre Overture Massenet arranged by Safranek Overture DublIn HolIday Buchtel SIr Galahad Overture HIldreth Lust spIel Overture Bela RaInbaw Overture Buys Zampa Overture Herald Marche Slave TschaIkowsky Master MelodIes Panella The Dance of the Serpents BaccalarI Two Movements from the SIxth Symphony Beethoven CaucasIan Sketches lwanaw A ChIldhood Fantasy l.Illya A Chnstmas Fantasy l.Illya In a Chmese Temple Garden Ketelby Blue Danube Waltz Strauss Andante R9lIQIOSO Thome arranged by Safranek D1vertIssement Espagnol Desormes arranged by Safranek WeddIng of the WInds Waltz Hall RobIn Hood FantasIe Brockton arranged by Lake Larghetto Beethoven arranged by Lake Porgy and Bess GershwIn arranged by Bennett Oklahoma Rodgers arranged by l.eIdzen The Stars and Stnpes For ever Sousa French lNlotIonal DefIle March Turlet arranged by Seredy Manhattan Beach Sousa Semper FIdelIs March Sousa The ChImes of LIberty Goldman ln the SprIngtIme Goldman March Dunlap Com manderv Hall Sfl T p w B ry Sau r , r , ' I , I rI h, b 'v' , B C , 2, I Inson w 1 , , r ' I , I r , , Ir , , I I , I , , , ' I W I Y 1 1 1 I ' VI 1 , , l 1 VT 1 1 1 I I I , , I , I I , I I 1 ' r Gr , , I I w I , F r w n l r w , r w I , x, I L 1 1 I I ' , . I . . 1 1 I I - I I I I I I 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I .' I I ' ,' I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T I I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 , I I I I I I T 1 1 .I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' , 1 A Wlth Mr Ceo The orchestra thus year Iudgung from the varsous comments and from attendance at concerts reflects credIt to the school and the dnrector The dream of the future IS to en large the orchestra untnl It becomes a symphony UNIT ThIs can best be accomplIshed by creatIng Interest In the younger students To forward thIs the orchestra gave speclal con certs In the varIous grade schools of thIs dIstrIct The programs were presented at these schools dunng the regular orchestra perIod Each Instrument was explaIned to the students so that they mIght have a better musIcal understanding Orchestra class not only offers musIcal apprecIatIon and understandIng but also guves good orchestral traInIng The three pIanos In the musIc room are a means of gIvIng val uable expenence I0 orchestral accompanlment The senIor students have the addItIonal honor and responsIbIIIty of beIng student dIrectors The student dIrectors thIs year were RosalIa DICGSOVG and MarIorIe Keller MusIc Included In the orchestra repertolre thls year was overtures Plque Dame by von Suppe Raymond Overture by Thomas LIght Cavalry by von Suppe Scarlet Mask by ZamecnIk Encouragement by Balltger Marltana by Wallace Venetlan Carnlval by Za mecnIk The Black Monk by Schleppeqrell Queen of the North by Schleppegrell Latana by Mahl symphony movements Symphony ID F Mayor by Johnson Haydn SymphonIes Sym phony No l5 by Haydn musIcal comedles RIO RlfO by Tlerney Showboat by Kern Stu dent Prsnce by Romberg My Maryland by Romberg mlscellaneous Gypsy Rondo by l-lay dn Amencan Notuonol AIFS arr by ZamecnIk Tales From VIenna Woods by Strauss Le SecreI by Bautuer l-lunganan Dance No 6 by Brahms Types by Zamecnnk The SleepIng Beauty by TschaIkowsl4y lnvItatIon to the Dance by von Weber VOICE of SprIng by Strauss A ChInese Idol by Zamecmk County Gardens by Grarnger Paupee Valsante by PoldInI Czardas by DelIbes Santa LucIa Neapohtan Folk Song Poem by FIluch Ave Marne by Schubert Top o Joe Brozo ch Robert Fonne Drk Zubak Phylls Beneke Ba rd Koss John Schafer Inez Rauscher E lenc Dye Elo ne Dye Chr stIne Alpers Front ro Paul lsenberg KITty Boker Paul Sch ezer Chandler Brown Bob FIscher Nello AntonuccI May Beth McKay RosalIa DICcsore Elnsabeth Thomann Mary Lou Slater Irene Clublcv Mary Jane Petroch Marjone Keller S1 O C 1 1 ' ' I I I 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 I T I I T - ' 1 1 ' 1 1 Z ' 1 - 1 1 L . . . . 1 ' 1 1 L . , . . . I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 l r wt vI , r I , I , I l , , I I , I W3 I I W ' I I I V I I I I ,I A Mellow Blend of Music p row VN lorf ste t B Pgton Rnchor Muller Hcnr Fron second row Grorc Kendall Poxono Klrnmlns Moxrnc' Troccwcll Poulunc Bogorl Borlaorg Nay Lois Klmpcl Mgrlorlc K llu Mn s Vnrgunro Brontl To 'll l Po, l vault Floyl ut': , rl , l T A V f X 1 f K , , 0 . Front row Womlo Cross, Borlvoro Sprungcr, Dorothy Cox, Morv Juno smith Ann Zocrkler, Ruth Hall, Matz: Bolcs . - 1 il Al sont None The Mlxed Chorus By Vrrglnlo Brand The Mlxed Chorus met one doy o week sn the oudntornum ot the close ot school The moyorrty ofthe members were olso enrolled nn one of the choruses regulorly scheduled In school hours The occomponyung pncture dusploys the or gonlzotuon en tormol regollo tor more serlous moments However thus group of snngers went qulte untormol both an costume ond musnc when they presented theur versron of modern potrlotuc musuc ot the onnuol sprung concert All contrnbuted Irberolly to the Mnxed Chorus fund forthe Red Cross drnve Wait! lt Has To Be Dated Stand ng Dorothy McNabb Jean McNabb Patty McCullough Mss Sarah Wh te Betty Jo Jacobs Betty Davus Seated Pau une Bo fn d Rt h Ann Buzzard Hope Burges K ttv G dean Emma Lou F tch Jul a Good rn Absent Margaret Gudeon Lubrary Counselors By Betty Davus Now that we have token un the other actuvntues let s vusut the lubrary As we walk un at the door we look unquurungly at the two gurls usually standung wuth Muss Whute at the desk It really doesn t take that many people to check out a book does ut? No but that us only one of the many actuvutues of the lubrary counselors Each gurl has a lubrary duty to do and she specualuzes un some work such as shelvung fulung mendung Iacquerung books and she us held responsuble for doung her job The lubrary counselor also helps the students un fundung references As I Iustenung un on a duzzy quuz program Instead of gettung excuted at all the questuons thrown at her the counselor patuently and calmly helps each person fund the unformatuon needed A few of the many auestuons asked each day are Where can I fund about the author of my book? What us the name of the book I took out yesterday? Where us the Reader s Guude 7 Wull you help me to use ut? Where can I fund the Constututuon of the Unnted States? The qualtfucatuons of a lubrary counselor are few but umportant A student must enjoy workung wuth books she must be neat accurate and have reasonably good grades she must be wullung and able to give several study hall peruods a week to lubrary actuvutues The lubrary counselors for thus year are as follows Julua Goodum Mar garet Gudeon Catherune Gudeon Emma Lou Futch Ruth Ann Buzzard Betty Davas Jean McNabb Dorothy McNabb Hope Burgess Patrucua McCullough Betty Jo Jacobs Paulune Bogard fx i 3 , , , u u , , i f' avr , ut. , 5, i u , u , u u , I ' 1 . ' ' l I l l I I I I I listened to a few of the questions, I wondered if I really were in the library or . I . - I I . . 11 - I ' lr lu - . II Il ' 'I I ' I ' . ,, ,, ' . . . f . Il . I I I I I I A I I . I 1 . I . I I I - A I I I . . I I I. I I I , . We ll Never Forget Caesar Top row Betty Lucas Zona Mae Craig Lous Wear Nancy Yochem Christine Alpers Floren e Marks Lorraine McLaugh lun Mary Beth McKay Trudy Kalbfleusch Lous Ackard Quarricr Wilson Mary Anne Hugus Dorotny Hunter Mary Jean Taylor Lous Falck Marilyn Dunger Evelyn Conner Wulladean Skullcorn Gtlbert Bolden Shannon Brown Second row from top Vera Lee Davus Myrna Penn Jean Cottrell Miriam Jean Bailey Dorotny Bauer Kitty Baker Jane Young Roselyn Feinberg Kathleen Cornell Betty Metz Agnes Settle Ruth Ann Buzzard Alma Strucklun Ann Wood Nancy Etz Bobbie Mauesky Mrs Arch Metzner ur Miss Katherine Metzner Thurd row from top Leola Grotke Mutzu Bales Barbara MacDonald Beverly Lupp Norma Jean Pryor Cathy Jeffers Maude Vullee Mary Jane Smith Claure Wheeler Ruth Hofreuter Nancy Westwood Mary Jean Paul Audrey Lupp Elaine Kuttle Front row Wunston Bachmann Bob Anderson Gus Rose Jerry Coleman Duck Zubak Marcus Cucera Publtus Vergtl I S H ld Bl k P I All n lsenber Bull Koehnlune Gerald Levin Juluus Caesar Samue umms aro ac au e g Absent Lous Atkinson Bob Fischer Vuvuan Gulmore Helen Kepner Enamae Kuttle Jean Laupp Pat Myers Marian Muller Jane Walker Joan Zoeckler Classucal Club By Mary Jane Smith and Ruth Hofreuter Meetings of the Classucal club have been held the fourth Tuesday of every month under the sponsorship of Miss Katherine Metzner and Mrs A L Metzner ur lncudentolly thus year s officers are gurls to whom Vergul so appropriately stated Dux Ann Wheeler, secretary treasurer, Maude Vullee, and program chairman Ruth Hofreuter Forsan et haec memunlsse juvablt us Ve rgul s way of tellung us that some day we wull appreciate our hugh school struggles Our club has struven to make uts meetings something to remember and to help each one of us carry away a deeper appreciation of Classucal cul ture Vergul s labor omnua vmclt needs no further explanation Just as Hercules had hus twelve labors to perform the Classucal club has uts nune monthly programs to present whuch have been the followung un September we held our busuness meetung to discuss plans for the year October brought fortune telling by the Delphuc oracle and the readung of mys tery stories, Thanksgiving was celebrated by each person s expressung an Latun those thungs for whuch he was grateful followed by a serues of games We kept the spurut of Chrustmas aluve by a vusut to Wheelung Hugh school and by having a program of our own, consustung of stories, carols, and refreshments The Sugn of the Cross starrung Claudette Colbert and Frederuc March was shown un January lnutuatuon for the new members, un whuch Caesar Cicero, and Vergul receuved their annual bath occurred un the same month In February came parents night on whuch we presented a program to show the value of Latin un every day lufe An unvutatuon to vusut us was accepted by Wheelung Hugh the following month Orson Wells vusuted us un April by means of transcruptuon for we heard hus recordung of Shakespeare s Juluus Caesar As the culmunatuon of the year we dressed un customary Roman garb ate wuth our fungers, beckened Roman slaves and played the usual Roman games at our banquet 54 7 . , , . , . . ,, I I femina facti." The duces are as follows: president, Mary Jane Smith, vice-president, Claire ,, . . . . ,, . . , . . - 1 u - ' - ll - - I I 5 ' ' ' - , A I ' Il ' Il ' . . ' . . . I . . I ' I - - ' - 11 11 - , . ul 1 - 11 - - - - I ll ' ll I Started on the Classucal Path Top row Marue Farrrer Bull Steunmetz Bob Metz Joan Caldwell Eeano Erandfa s Cla re Belanger Joan Dueckmann Jessue Zunn Jean Gordon Pattu Hess Phyllus Beneke Dorothea Fee Betty Lee Marshall Betty Lee Carnahan Mary Jo Frum Joan Moore Ann Paul Do'ores Ann Mace Lous Posuru Helen Artsberger Ann Farus Second row from top Bull Copeland Lawrence Hess Jackue Allen Jackue Lehman Jane Goodwun Nancy Ann Teboy Ruth Ann Scheruch Nancue Cornell Jo Anne Balke Sarah Lou Maskrey Carolyn Metcalf Alberta Morgan Ruth Bradford Ruth Atkun on Martha Hallett Mrs Arch Metzner ur Thurd row from top Muruel Brunung Betty Kepner Pat McCullough Marulyn Kender Januce Prager Molly Claure Arm brecht Maude Aurand Peggy Guenther Dolores Shackelford Dorothy Bott Sue Ann Thuerotf Barbara Lewellyn Dorothy Wuldern Phoebe Ellen Yarlung Luculle Kumpel Tom Dauley Front row from top Jum Davus Bob Hare James Duxon Jum Sprunger Duck Stegner Tom Vogel Emmett Ferrell Robert Cox Bull Zummerman Ab ent Franklun Andre Jum Bernardun Barry Sauers Jum Serug Evelyn Thomp on Vuolet Thompson Bully Wood Sodalltas Latina By Nancle Cornell Sodalutas Latuna us a club organuzed for students who are studyung turst year Latun Any lurst year Latun student us eluguble for membershup Thus year the club had 8l members The purpose of Sodalutas Latuna us to create an unterest un and to develop an apprecuatuon and understandung of Classucal cuvuluzatuon The offucers are as follows presudent Frutzue Robunson vuce presudent Tommy Daul ey secretary treasurer Luculle Kumpel program chaurman Nancue Cornell Mrs Arch L Metzner us the club sponsor The rneetungs are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month An unterestung Chrust mas program was guven at whuch tume the Chrustmas story was read from the Latun Buble talks on Augustus and the Saturnalua were presented and carols were sung un Latun Several tumes durung the year the club met wuth the Classucal club A number of plays and skuts were also guven The actuvutues for the year concluded wuth a pucnuc at Wheelung park S O : ' . , ' ' , , ' ., ' r s , 1 , , Kellerrneyerv, Fritzie Rablnson, Dave'Quunn, Dayid Ream, Con' Callahan, Bill' Sleber, Bud Myers, A. E, Bates, James Smlith, Ted 5 5 u V . , I 4 u 5 u I u V . . Z 1 ' I ' I ' u I u I - - I I , . S Good Neighbors to the South Spanish Club By Alma Strlcklm Slxteen fnrst year Spanish students who achleved a grade of 90 per cent and sux sec A and year students who attained 85 panned wuth the l2 who were members from last year to J form El Club de Espanol thus year S s' The presldent as Alma Strucklm Nancy ,fsf mm' Yochem us vace presudent and Maude Vallee tt IS secretary treasurer The organuzatuon meets on the second Thursday of each month In the room of tts sponsor Mass Margaret Moore During the furst semester the club was comparatnvely unactlve, but the second semester s actuvntles began wuth the successful Paseo de los Pasteles , an whlch two cakes were glven away Several members have wrltten to Spanish speaktng people and have received answers from people nn Mextco, Argentuna Puerto Rico Cuba Boluvna Panama, and others of Latln America Thus correspondence promotes b tter understanding and mutual fruendshlp between the countrnes All members learn the dances ot Spam and Mexl oandtheursongs The Span ash club concluded nts year s actuvltles wlth a drnner ot Spanush dashes Top row Maude Vnllee Dorothy Cox Nancy Yochem Eleanor Manton Ann Wood Enamae Knttle Helen Ke ner Joan Zoeck er Mary Jean Paul Jane Walker Seconl row Vnrgtnta Benner Pat Myers Ruth Kleln Barbara MacDonald Mlss Margaret Moore Marque Snnn Mary Alucc Ru sell Esther Reed Nana Haddon Jean Laupp Lots Stegner Jocelyn Cooper Front row Betty Lucas Florence Marks Mary Ellen Hall Eleanor Roller Alma Stmklun Care Ann Wheeler R th H ll M Ell B A C lv M r Kelle u a ary en rown nne o lg orlo I9 r Absent Roberta Eaton Elaune Leynn Mary Beth McKay S6 0 . ' tl-,V or - f . . , N . . tt - xc Xl qty JL - . . . . ' lu' x 1 .. Y' N sl " X J H 1, . li 'f J 8 ,'-,tlf- ' I. I 1 - - - I- 11 11 - - 4 ' I . J I . I l ' l . I . 3 U . .C . V h 3" .I l 5 i ' l . b 4 . 5 L I 1 I , V , , 4 1 1 l l ' AJ l f I f 1 , EI I Parlez-Vous Francais. We Try Stand ng Albert Thomas Paul Sch ezer Alan Rob nson Jack McKann Edde Marshall Winston Bachmann James De Moss Seated Mitzi Bales Bobbe Maiesky Pam Archer Betty Lou Bippus Mrs Don McKee Barbara Nay Marilyn Dnger Lois Horkhe mer Les Chanteuse de Marselllalse By Betty Lou Blppus The former Les Grenouilles has undergone drastic changes in the past year Beginning the tirst semester with a membership of two we now have an enrollment ot l2 A club that has proven to be small but mighty The first project was to change the name and to rewrite the constitution The new aualitications for membership are l That you be a French student or have had at least one year of French pre viously 2 That you have a passing grade The aim and chief purpose of the French club is to give to the students a bet ter understanding of La Belle France and the customs and traditions ofthe French France s lot since the Nazi invasion At the regular monthly meeting Mitzi Bales furnishes us with many enjoyable games while Marilyn Danger and Winston Bachmann have been in charge ot the ed ucational part ot the programs They would choose a common topic and one would discuss it using ancient France as a background while the other would enlighten us as to the customs of modern France Miss Ruth Oldham was sponsor tor the first semester and a colleges gain was our loss when she left in December Miss Ruth Gallagher ably took over the French class and club for the entire second semester As a substitute during Miss Gallaghers illness Mrs Don McKee lent a helping hand Under the direction of Pam Archer the French club held a suc cesstul cake walk on Jan 25 Le Gateau Promenade presented to several lucky students two luscious cakes and a consolation prize of delicious cookies Translated our appellation means Sinqers ot the Marseillanse Since the initials of the French version are easier to say we have been nicknamed the C D M s To fxx Wi X Betty Lou Bippus served as president Alan Robinson as vice president and Barbara Nay as secretary treasurer QJI Q 2 - ', people. An understanding that will rise above the adverse criticism which has been , A ' ' ' ' ' , ll N A A A A A R 'lf F , , 1 . 7 Q9 Shorthand Club ' By Juanita Barker I Our club was mode up entirely of "dignified" seniors until March, when we took in new members. lt kept the soph- omores and juniors really stepping to meet the require- o ments to join, They had to make o grade of 85 or above n ond they had to be willing to "serve," And l don't mean tea and cokes, This is really o serious matter, our club isn't just a social club ony more. We've changed our constitution and we are now a service club, No, we don't dance with so!- diers and write to sailors but we type and do filing and clerical work for teachers and organizations such as the Red Cross. Twice this year we ve helped the boys and girls ot Woods- HE , V A dale School publish the Woodsdalian. We typed, cut stencils, read proof, and just made ourselves generally useful, We ' were supervised in this, as in everything, by our very capable and beloved sponsor, Miss Kath- erine Barnard, We gave up our meeting nights while the Staff Assistance corps was in training, as many of us were in this organization. For o period of ten weeks we had to go to one lec- ture a week. l know what you're thinking. Lectures, how dulll But they weren't at oll. Miss Catherine Ebert taught the course, and we learned all about the Red Cross. Then we went into Red Cross headquarters and worked ond thot counted as port of "serving" in our Shorthand club. One of our major jobs is being secretaries. Almost every member is a secretory to o teacher. We type, take dictation, ond get "bowled out" just like regular secretaries, ln this way we get valuable experience for the job we hope to get and yet serve the teacher Some of our meetings have been social We have o short business meeting and then get down to what everybody come for the eats' We have a grand time As each girl goes out the door she hands Marian Donnelly treasurer o dime while Catherine Gartner presi dent and Sue Tyros vice president look on to see that all goes well This is the only sad port about the whole thing During the month of Moy the Shorthand ond Typing clubs went together to keep the campus clean We assessed the treasury to buy o bottle of liniment We are really serious about giving service to the school and community By giving our services in this way we also feel thot we re doing our small port to help win the war in Tap c a Tha Peggy Wate Docl A ce To an a ke a crm Ho I i I I ' 1 1 1 1 - 11 ff - - 4 A I I - 1 ' I . . . , . . , . , - W, , , , rev. Lilo wits' rjer Wilm n':nr1 , " n li minack Ju ita E r r C r hmon Erno Traarman sue Tyra- .Nan 'Cl Sitka He-on Nnitszrerger Georgia CW:-ns jimmy mm Mm, in jj, unch. lui a Goof r Catherine Shirt- M ss Katherine Eornauf Hoon Mircgn 1, Mar,r,r.e Hiil Grott- Kiivmlull Cuthurinu Gartner -.r -on Raitt' The Keys We Love To Touch i Top row Bob Davus Sarah Catherune Weeks lrene Clubley Dorothy Bauer Sarah McCuIley Rasalua DCesare Allen Wackham Don Buck Second row Kutty Gray Grace Hunter Maruan Donnelly Juanuta Barker Lou se Smuth Eleanor Brosh Ruth Peters Elusa beth Thomann R Front row Bonnue Burge Maruon Wuckham Mary Lee Freeman Wanda Dytko Luculle Elerman Thelma Martun Jeanne uce Absent Isabel Carlusle James Vuola Muss Ruby Stewart sponsor Typung Club By Wanda Dytko The Typung club us open to sophomore uunuor and senuor boys and gurls To become a member a second year typung student must have a grade of 90 per cent or above for the second sux weeks A furst year student must have a semester average of 90 per cent or above The meetungs are held on the furst and last Thursdays of each month The furst meet ung us a purely busuness meetung whule the other one us a short busuness meetung followed by refreshments and other socual affaurs Bowlung partues seem to be very popular wuth all the members The purpose of the club us to promote greater unterest un typung The club thus year has been sellung statuonery and post cards to uncrease uts treasury Part of thus money has been set asude to help purchase a fulm for future typung classes Thus fulm wull help them gaun better and wuder knowledge and skull un typung The remaunder of the money has been used to contrubute to such worthy organuzatuons as the Chuna s Chuldren Fund Inc and the .lunuor Red Cross The Typung club together wuth the Shorthand club s cooperatung wuth the Student councul by keepung the school 1 campus clean durung May Many of the Typung club mem CP " Q bers also belong to the Staff Assustance corps 2,92 Q The offucers of the club thus year are as follows Wanda K QQQQQQ Dytko presudent Mary Lee Freeman vuce presudent Maruon Wuckham secretary and Luculle Eulerman treasurer Muss Ruby Stewart teacher of Typung I and ll us sponsor S9 I . ,1 5 . - - x' 1 u A 9 tl i af J . J 1 ' 'Q I ', , , , , ' i , , 1' , , ' u ' , i 'u 1 1'- I ' , ' ' 1 , 1 i 1 'u . I I ' X I - I ., . . . ' I' . ' . TL I ,,, 0 ' ' ' ' 2 va. . . C-ux . . O , MT, .CP - - I u . . - 1 1 1 ' 1 xl I I I ' I I ' ,.-1-q! "',."'.L.....4""'9 ll Top row Dorothy R nkes Muss Mary A Hervey Ruth Ann Poe M tz Ba es V yuan Dougla s Stanley We n te n Second ro Mary Orr Claure Wheeler Grace Hunter Barbara Sprungcr Auc rey Lupp Front row John Welty Alfred Rusm sel Jane Walker Mary Al ce Russell Maude Vullee K tty Gray Leola Kuhens Tommy Lenore Bull Koehnlune Absent Catherune Shorts More Farmer Ruth Betty Grandstaf Ma ue Pnto Tommy Steele Staff of The Truadelphuan By Jane Walker The mad rush of edutors assistants reporters feature wruters and addressers to the Truadelphuan office every day us proof enough that the bu weekly has been un full swung thus year The edutors blessed wuth a competent staff of reporters and the one and only advuser Muss Mary l-lervey have been able to provude the boys un servuce all over the world wuth va treasured by the staff and new addresses are carefully checked The Truadelphuan staff us well acquainted wuth the acute man shortage as ut had Tom my Lenore sports editor and Bull Koehnlune feature wruter snatched from under its very nose The Navy seems to have appeol Tommy enlisted and Bull ts serving un the V l2 program Jane Walker manages the furst page whuch contains almost straight news Cath erune Shorts eduts the edutorual or second page and she really has a uob wrutung edutoruals and trying to fund Truad Trucks that aren t too corny By the end of the year the third page edutor was non exustent but that coveted posutuon was floating among male members of the uournalusm class Last but certainly not least us Mary Alice Russell as fourth page editor Thus job really calls for a good dusposutuon and Mary Aluce has ut as everythung anyone else can t use us flung to her and her best storues are snatched away to full a hole on page one Maude Vullee wuth her usual smule us advertusung manager and spends her time try ung to get the Iud off the paste uar so she can paste her ads Mary Orr and Kutty Gray bang ut out on the typewruter and do a very effucuent uob too They have to have the patuence of a saunt consuderung some of the wrutung they must read Alfred Rusmusel carefully keeps our accounts and pays our bulls and John Welty takes our puctures and develops and prints them with astonushung speed and abuluty A posutuon on the Truadelphuan us work and responsubuluty but at the end of the year I thunk un general the staff can say what Muss Hervey would never let us wrute A good tume was had by all fll ........ ,,,..-- f , V 1' A of . I 1. I. V ' U - Q - A J . 'V ,xl , 2 i , , , , u u l , i ' s, u 5 i wi , ' , , A, 1 I V , u , , - u , , u , , l 1 , u , f, r u , I I I .' . 'I . . . . X l I - ried news of their friends, school, and community. The letters of thanks received are highly , . I . I . , l I . I I V l v 4 . . . , . I . . . . I ' ' ' ll r ' ll I ll ll ' . . . . I . I A 1 . l . T . I , . I ll I Top ro Los V ear Do othv McNabb Ro e Mare Kennen A ma Strnckll F ont ro Alfred Rusrn sel Lawrence MCG-:Il Don Sm th Maude V Ilee Rosemary Mclnt re Mary Jane Sm th Lo s Knmpel Ross Klen Bob Davus Data Desperation Deadline Trladelphlan Reporters By Mary A Hervey Anyone In Mass Mary I-Ierveys Englush IV classes who wants to wrute for the Trnadelphnan has only to say so and he gets an opportunsty to do straight news lntervlewlng or features whsle the journalism class ns busy sellung thlngs advertlslng In the paper and sub scrnptlons to It and masternng the style book and the 5 W s The paper proflts by the tame the reporters spend on It and they protlt by the drull rn the mechanucs of English and a wnder knowledge of the school to say nothung at the llttle salary of one per cent on the sux weeks grade for every unch prnnted A good opportunuty to show unmatnve the teacher thnnks 61 w' 1 vl , r I , i I , I n I' VV: c I I , I , I , 1 , I , I , i, C O I . during the first semester. I-le may be asked . , . , ,, , . ,, . . . I I I lt's All Ours-And Now Yours John Welty e ke Sue Ba o n Rose Ma e e F o t Joa ne Ne hat Eleanor Rolle Absc t Kathleen Co ell Staff of The Triad By Rose Mane Kennen Well we re the people who have made this book Would you like to know how we went about it? checking names typing and getting ads these are but a few of the everyday occupations of the Triad staff during the fifth period and after school This year the staff with Miss Mary A Hervey as adviser presents the book in a more informal fashion with larger type and larger pictures Since there are more pictures and drawings we have been able to place them on the pages in greater variety Teachers and students pictures with drawings to add interest have been used for division pages this year Rose Marie Kennen the editor was in charge of identifying and mounting senior and underclass pictures and of keeping things moving Taking snapshots of informal scenes was John Welty s huge job He even developed them and brought them back the next day Eleanor Roller was in charge of group pictures and write ups and Joanne Neuhart of teachers pictures and records Advertising manager was Henri Front s job He also helped mount pictures Ann Zoeckler was the efficient bookkeeper Kathleen Cornell did the drawings that you see livening up the pages The journalism class helped greatly by writing typing and doing odd jobs We hope you enjoy the book we have made for you 6 ... E. 1 +.4 . Q- li t ., N ' J 5 . , Ann Zo c l r, c r , ri K nnen, Henri r n, n u r, r T1 . fn 1 . U. , 4 Taking, identifying, and pasting pictures, planning lay-outs, writing and reading copy, , 4 , I a . A , , . , . I , . 7 Cream al the Journallstlc Crop ulll and Scroll By Maude Vullee Because there were only three members ln the Qulll and Scroll the first semester the club s actlvltles were practncally nal The three Marlorle Keller Bull Koehnlnne, and Maude Vallee were reduced to two when Blll lolned the Navy V l2 and left school ln May l7 new members were recommended and unltnated unto the club Thus IS the largest number whuch has ever been recommended here at one tame for membership rn ulll and Scroll utll and Scroll as an lnternatlonal honoraly socvety for hugh school journallsts and those persons who are consndered e lgnble to joan are recommended to the lnternatlonal ex ecutlve secretary A Qulll and Scroll member must be a junlor or sensor and must be In the upper thlrd of has class scholastncally l-le must have done outstandlng work ln some fneld of journallsm and he must be recommended by the adviser of the school publlcatlons When his applncatlon IS sent an a record of hrs experience and samples of his work In wrltrng heads and stones are sent nn for the approval of the executive secretary Top row Bull Koehnlnne Marne Punto Vnvlan Douglass Mane Farmer Ruth Ann Poe Leola Kuhens Audrey Llpp Ruth Betty Grandstaff Cathernne Shorts Stanley Welnsteun Front row Mnss Mary Hervey Mntzn Bales Barbara Sprunge Jo nnc txeuhart Ro e Mane Kennen Eleanor Roller Maude Vlllee Clalre Wheeler Jane Walker Mary Allce Russell Absent Marlorne Keller 61 O O Q' 1 ' 1 1 , ' . , . - 1 I v - rc' S , Stutch and Suur Home Economucs Club By Paulme Bogard Home Ec nor u s club u op n to any sophomore uunuor and senuor gurl who us takung euther foods or clothung or both The club belongs to the West Vurgunua Home Econamucs assocuatuon whuch guves the members the pruvulege of attendung the state meetungs ot con trubutung news to the state news letter and of wearung the pun at the assocuatuon Because ot the gasolune sutuatuon reguonal meetungs unstead ot state meetungs were held last fall Our meetung place was St Joseph s academy un Wheelung The ottucers and advusers ot the club attended the luncheon and meetungs The Sprung meetung whuch has been held at Jack son s Mull un the past was held at Oglebay park the last of Aprul A representatuve group from our club attended The club has two monthly meetungs one of whuch us busuness and the other socual At the busuness meetungs thus year subjects such as careers tor home economucs majors con Sumer s buyung and foods un other countrues were duscussed The calendar of thus year s socual attaurs us as follows a pucnuc tor the old members at Wheelung park un September a spaghettu dunner for the new members un the cafeterua un October o bowlung party un November a Chrustmas party un December a theatre party un January the Leap Year froluc un February a buttet dunner prepared and served by the gurls un the home economucs apartment un Aprul and as a farewell to the senuors a wuener roast un May Jean Grumes served as socual chaurman and Betty Burger as chaurman ot the busuness meetungs The club helped durung the month ot December to keep the campus clean Tea bags were sold to pay for the pucture un the yearbook The dues whuch are seven ty tuve cents a year and the money earned on the dance was used to contrubute to the Junuor Red Cross and Chunas Chuldren Fund lnc The offucers were Paulune Bogard presudent and Vurgunua Mendruck secretary treas urer The club advusers were Muss Kathleen Lupscomb and Muss Adda Dunlap Top ro Elecn Kurnmers Mare Fa mer Marlee H ll Jean G R th Betty G arudstatt Leala June Kuhens Esthe Reel Dorothy Sh nsky Second o Mss Kathleen Lps ornb V an Douglass Eduth Clark Vwanla Baron Em ly Ku me lla Lee Nolte Betty E h A W t J M CI t Mll d S lt Eurqcr Do othy Lou c tc son nn ure uc essue L emen rc a er rant r w ss Aclta un ap Marte Pnto ary one VV llams G acc Vance Vrgrto M ntlrck auluu. B an r ley Doubleday E rluara Sprunacr Betty Jean Moore George Anna Kummcrs, Alce Roacrs Al sent Betty Chuazza Bcttx Lauuse Hartlucb Emma Orth Vera Thornburg 64 0 O . uu Q' .7 C ' S I 5 , I I 1 - , ., . , . . 1 . . . . . I T , . . . . .1 - , . 1 1 ' , . . , . , . I I I I I I I I I . I T ' 1 . , . , . 1 I 1 - - ' u u l 1 ' 4 -- -I 6 - 4 a A' - 7? t ,, 4' ' v J -. u , A w: u , u r , u u , runtcs, u r , , I r u u u r wi I u 1 , uvu , , l r , u tn rs l V r us u , , u L F 0 Mu l D I , u M J I u , r u u u C u P I1' ag 1, Shu - t 0 u Top row Marilec Hill Trudy Kalbfleisch Dorothy Hunter Mary Anno Hugus Mary Jean Taylor Elaine Kittie Martha Hildebrand Nancy Seabright Mariorie Hill Lois May McCloy Shackelford Jackie Russell Peggy Guenther Betty Ann Mclntire Peggy Jean Saunders Lois Stegner Shirley Doubleday Frank Nelson Third row from top Lawrence McGill Ann Vteirrer Anne Kuhn Winifred Jone Betty Metz Mildred McCoy Agnes Settle Ann Goodwin Kathleen Cornell Lois l-lutzell Peggy Marchal Mary Kathryn Skiba Sidney Weissman Front row Julius Kerekes Palmer Ulman Bill Sieber A E Bates Bob Laue Jimmie Amato Gene Milliken Howard Nesper Absent Betty Bachmann William Floto Paul Radcliffe Bob Hobbs Bob Maguire Art Club By Ann Goodwin The Art club was organized for all of those interested in art. This year the total enroll- ment was 48 members who were supervised by Miss Agnes Anderson. Officers were as fol- lows: Ann Goodwin president' Kathie Cornell, vice-president' Betty Bachmann secretary' Agnes Settle treasurer. The most interesting activity of the year was the Shamrock shag a spring dance given on March 25. The committees for the dance were as follows: dance chairman Ann Goodwin' decoration Lois McCloy and Margie Hill co-chairmen' tickets Lois Hutzell and Anne Kuhn' refreshments, Bob Maguire. Other interesting activities this year included bowling parties a picnic and hikes for the sketch groups. The work of the club has changed from peace-time creative art to war-time activities. During this school year we have mode the following for the Red Cross: menu covers for the Marines Christmas dinner at Parris Island memorandum pads match covers, nut cups and writing portfolios for the soldiers and sailors convalescing in the government hospitals. The covers for these articles were cleverly decorated with marble and crinkled paper finger painting and smudged crayon. Patriotic posters were made for the Red Cross and placed at different spots around the school for many special occasions. Last spring the Art club of Triadelphia won all three prizes in the high school section of the American Legion poster contest in Ohio county. Agnes Settle won first prize: Kathie Cornell, second' and Kenneth Becker third. This year we had many entries from the club but the judging has not yet taken place. 65 A i' it ii I S i ,Vi 1 S K L ' 4 if ' " . ' U' . ' 1. FIX ' Second row from topi Marlys Hamiltoni, Marilyn Kender, Molly Claire Armbrecht, Jane Amick, Dolores ' I 2 , " - , , S, , I I I I I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Beauty ls Where You Find It On ledge Sharley Mae Stead Ball Laller Paul Neuhann Joe Ste n Bob Bratt Ball Koehnlane Barbara Earp Peggylou Whatc Top row at left Sarah Catherane Weeks Alberta Radosevac Nancae Cornell Sue Dumas d I ft W kh N Ol R th W L G h J C tt ll Secon row at e Maraon ac am ancy sen u aesner oas e ranger ean o re Lower row at left Maraan Donnelly Kathleen Cornell Loas Stegner Marlys Hamalton Martha Haldebrand Nancy Sca braght Ann Goadwan Betty Lee Marshall Jane Amack Maldred McCoy Group to raght J V Gatfan Ball Wylae Sue Klean Claare Wheeler Palmer Ulman Maralee Hall Sharley Doubleday Absent Ball Danwaddae Leonora Fascher Audrey Foose Baard Kloss Jeff Maguare John Morrow Gloraa Seadel Dorothy Nature Club By Blll Wylie The Nature club has been an exastence for about fourteen years and has been under the able guadance of J V Gaffan baology Our regular meetang naghts are the farst and thard Mondays of the month The organazataon as a group of boys and garls banded together to learn more about no ture A person should have a faar knowledge of or at least an anterest an nature or the out of doors before aoanang Wagner At the end of each year offacers for the next year are elected and at the begannang of the next year the presadent appoants a program commattee When the weather as nace enough to permat we go for hakes around the campus down back of the school or an Wheelang park On days when the weather wall not permat these hakes we have an andoor meetang wath a program of nature study presented an some anterestang way The programs range from nature auazzes to poetry wratang The Nature club has a poant system The poants range from two poants for attendang the meetangs to fafty poants for gettang an observataon an the Redstart the paper publashed by the Brooks Bard club There are also poants gaven for nature observataon club hakes and Oglebay bard walks The purpose of the poant system as to gave a competatave sparat to the club The wanner at the end of the school year gets a praze ln past years the prazes have been a scholarshap to the Oglebay Nature camp or a subscraptaon to a magazane lt as customary for the club to have a dance each year an order to raase money for the praze Thas year on March 4 the Nature club sponsored the Moth ball The dance general was a success and the requared money was raased At Mr Gaffan s suggestaon we have been workang out a chart of sprang observataons These anclude the return of bards farst sprang flowers farst ansects seen etc The chart an cludes name of observataon name of observer date observed and locataon The Nature club wall contanue as usual next year 66 1 . . ' . ' . , ' 3 t 1 1 . 1 1 - t - 1 1 1 1 1 ' . 1. '. 2 ' ' ' . ' '. ' , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . - 1 1 . 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . I , , - - 11 11 - , . I ln 1 1 - . . , . . . . . , . 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 ' The Rldmg Club By Janet Gllleland Desplte gas ratuonung which made It dufflcult for the club members to get to Oglebay park a real Interest nn rudung made both old and new members of the Rndung club wullung to do their share toward makung the words carry on meanungful There were l3 members who fulfnlled the requarement of ten rrdes a year headed by Janet Gulleland president Barbara l-last vu e presudent Mary Beth McKay secretary treasurer and Mass Bernice McCroy advnser From the sophomore junuor and sensor classes new members are se lected each year and It us customary for them to entertaun the old members of the club Those who were hostesses on Oct 22 at McKay s farm after an enjoyable hay rnde were Dorothy Hunter Mary Anne Hugus Jane Walker Roberta Majesky Patrrcua Myers Shlrley Doubleday and Myrna Penn Possnbly the hugh spot for the year from among the club s social actlvutles was The Conestoga hop guven on Jan 22 and attended by 80 couples There was no covered wagon to be found amonq the decoratuons but there were other evldences of the Old West such as paunted cactl on the walls a red checked covered refreshment stand gals shootung cap pistols from un der ten gallon hats and a wheelbarrow lno clalm ns made as to the excluslve ness of the last named as It us often seen an the North South or Eastl The Dancemasters dnshed out the jnve' The remaunnng soclal actlyltles of the year conslsted of a dunner at Sen bert s restaurant on Aprnl 2l and a breakfast rude dunng the early part of of May at Oglebay park Lone Rongerettes X .4 anet Gllleland Barbara Hast Mary Beth McKay Claire Wheeler Shnrlev Doubleday Mary Jean Paul Pat Myers Roberta Mapesky Jane Walker Mary Anne Hugus Dorothy Hunter Myrna Penn Muss Bermce McCroy Absent None 67 . . 1 . . . . . . ,, 11 - . . I .F - . I 1 1 1 I V 1 I A I 1 . 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . , . . , . 11 11 - 1 ' 1 11 11 1 - - I - - I - ' 1 1 1 - 11 - -- 11 , . . . I ' . s V f ', I ' :XJ , A ll Q .N . -H V M . ff 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Puck Those Paddles Up Top row Rusty Grandstaft Jay Handlan Budd Smuth Tom Clemens Louse Sm th Jack Gallagher Jean Laupp Wunston Bachmann Marulee Hull Byron Davus Anne Colvug Jaan Zoeckler Janet Gulleland Lous Hutzell Don Clutter Roberta Mauesky Jean Bell Dorothy Flaccus Muss Adda Dunlap Second row Sud Good Nancy Etz Barbara Hast Ann Wood Helen Kepner Mary Beth McKay Lous Gehrunger k I Earl Bauer Jac Dowung Those playlng Phulup Bruhn Enamae Kttle John Ed ard Wagner Dorothy Cox Absent Jane Amuck Don Buck Betty Davus Kutty Gudeon Ann Goodwun Cathy Jeffers Trudy Kalbflesch Maruorue Keller Audrey Lupp Gus Rose My na Penn Peggy Te eek Jane Young Bob Gcbhardt Merle Lydxck Norman MacKnught Bll Mull Edward Schcruch Vurgunua Benner Ping Pong Club By Don Clutter and Roberta Majesky Thus year s Pung Pong club us the reorganuzatuon ot the club from past years It us made up ot a muxed membershup ot students who are Interested and qualutued tor thus sport Thus organuzatuon was under the sponsorshup of D A Hule untul hus promotuon to the pruncupal shup of Woodsdale Grade school Upon hus departure Muss Adda Dunlap was chosen by the members as the new leader The club us unuque un that ut us the only group havung a councul as uts governung body Thus form was determuned best by the tour members reorganuzung the club because It at torded ample opportunuty tor complete duscussuon of all busuness problems The councul members are as follows presudent Don Clutter vuce presudent Whutey Davus secretary Ann Wood treasurer Barbara Hast general chaurman of commuttees Enamae Kuttle tour nament chaurman Wrnston Bachmann and publucuty chaurman Jack Gallagher The major club actuvutues ot the I943 44 school year uncluded a tournament whuch de termuned the unduvudual boy and gurl champuon tor the turst semester The new year was started off wuth a bang by guvung a dance un the school gym The color scheme was carrued out un the tradutuonal colors of green and whute whule the Dancemasters provuded the musuc Thus uncreased the tunancual status and enabled the members to purchase a new pung pong table to contrubute to varuous organuzatuons and to have a surplus for needed umprove ments The club helped un the Keep the Campus Clean campaugn by selectung Febru ary as uts month to supervuse the puckung up of all papers or anythung that muqht detract from the beauty of the grounds One ot the hughlughts of the actuvutues was the receuvung of new members lo un number To determune the boy and gurl champuon tor the second se mester a tournament was held To conclude the club members enjoyed a banquet held un the school cateterua wuth dancung and pung pong attordung the amusement for the remaun der ofthe evenung un the gym 68 l . I T, 1 1: ' Y 'T .Zi . . .T-13,7 4 1 1 1 ' 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 V1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 g I f I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , . . 3 1 I 1 W 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 I 1 I 1 1 r 1 r W 1 1 1 A 1 I i I . I . , Q 1. . , . . . . . . 1 I - ' 1 I - . - l - 1 11 - 11 - l ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . . . . . 1, ,, . . , . 1 1 ' ' ll ll ' ' 1 ' ' ' 1 I - - Top Bob Ande son Bob Met M ss Kather ne Met e Wallace Hende son Floyd B ff ngton Front ro Anne Col g Joan Zaeckle Jocelyn Cooper Nan y Yo hem Absent Gus Rose Jack Gallaghe Joan McKee Lou se Sm th Mary Jea Pa l Junuor Red Cross By Jocelyn Cooper Truadelphua Hugh school was enrolled 100 1 un the Junuor Red Cross durung 1943 44 whuch us a proof of the spurut enthusuasm and support of tea hers and students The Junuor Red Cross Councul us the executuve body of the organuzatuon uncludung the presudent Jocelyn Cooper the secretary Joan Zoeckler and the treasurer Mary Jean Paul At the electuon un January the followung new members were chosen Floyd Buffungton rep resentung the senuor class Louuse Smuth yunuors Bob Anderson sophomores Joan McKee freshmen Nancy Yochem Cuurl Reserves Bob Metz Hu Y Wallace Henderson Student Councul Ann Colvug Gus Rose and Jack Gallagher were members at large The Junuor Red Cross was composed of the busaness and stamp commuttees two sew :ng classes the manual traunung group and the Staff Assustance corps ln December the busuness group by presentung the second annual Clara Barton swung contrubuted S74 81 to the Servuce fund ln March school clubs donated S138 to the War fund That evenung the Mas quers sponsored by the buslness group gave theur play Goung on Seventeen whuch prof uted the Red Cross S458 38 The stamp commuttee strove to sell S15 000 un bonds and stamps to purchase a PT Faurchuld Cornell trauner on whuch Trudel s name and address would be placed Up to Aprul 3 purchases amounted to S10 495 45 The sewung classes completed 259 utuluty bags 111 paurs of felt bedroom slrppers 1 400 buttonholes four watch caps and one chulds slup The manual traunung group made 205 ash trays 10 bed tables two checker boards and parnted 65 metal coat hangers Twenty two gurls completed the Staff Assustance corps course and contrubuted hours of ser vuce at headquarters A specual commuttee prepared tun cans from the cafeterua for salvage In March we collected cleaned and mended 182 games 109 decks of cards 152 uug saw puzzles and 662 coat hangers Councul members and freshman Gurl Reserves prepared Scrapbooks for convalescent solduers The Junuor Red Cross presented two assembly programs Durung the furst a Red Cross flag was presented to the school Edwun Spears chaurman of the Ohuo County chapter of the Amerucan Red Cross spoke at the second On Nov 18 over WWVA the Masquers pre sented a 15 munute program whuch they wrote and produced tellung about Junuor Red Cross actuvutues here Total contrrbuhons of Truadelphua to varuous funds and servuces of Red Cross amounted to S705 67 The Councul wushes to thank the followung commuttee heads for theur splendud coopera tuon Mrs Metzner and Muss Brennan sponsors and Ruth Hofreuter chaurman stamp commuttee Muss Lupscomb sewnng classes Muss Ebert Staff Assustance corps Mr Morruson manual traunung and Betty Lou Allcock chaurman of the tun can commuttee row. r , z, u 1 zn r, ' r , u u wi vu , r, , c c 1 , r, , 1 l , n u . 1 . . . . . ' 1 1 L' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . I I - T . I - 1 1 A ' ' ll ' II ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - . . . , . , , . 1 1 - ' 1 1 1' - 1 . . . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - - I - 1 1 1 1 ' , . ' 1 1 1 , . . - ' 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' Cul-lzens of Honor By Mary Fauth Waterman The purpose of the Cutuzens of Honor us to afford recognutuon for outstandung achueve ment as a good cutuzen of thus school and to encourage and promote better school cutuzenshup Thus honorary organuzatuon sponsored by the Student councxl has placed before all stu dents an obuectuve toward whuch to struve and membershnp In thus club represents the hughest honor that can be obtauned un Truadelphua Hugh school Members are not chosen for theur hugh grades popularuty or posutuons un clubs but are judged by theur actuons speech and thoughts whuch help to make them courteous un speech thoughtful of others obeduent to authoruty dep ndable un places of responsu buluty honest un personal dealungs and suncere un theur class work and conduct COH consuders every student un hugh school eluguble for thus honor whuch can be gauned only through hus own suncere and earnest efforts New members are admutted once each mon h by the unanumous vote ofthe enture mem bershup and remaun as members untul the completuon of theur hugh school course unless by theur actuons words or deeds they prove unworthy of thus great honor Thus the COH helps the students to develop a strong moral character Thus year Mary Fauth Waterman was chaurman of the organuzatuon and Mrs Arch L Metzner ur and J W Cochran were the club sponsors The club members were as follows Chrustune Alpers Kutty Baker Wendell Bolden Floyd Buffungton Jum Buchanan Jocelyn Cooper Marulyn Dunger Jack Gallagher Nuna l-ladden Ruth Hofreuter Maruorue Keller Maruan Muller Marue Punto Alma Strucklun Mary Fauth Waterman John Welty Allan Wuckham Wunston Bachmann Juanuta Barker and Jane Walker tu 0 e .1 1 - 1 I I I 1 . . . Q . .- 1 1 1 V 1 1 - . L . . K . 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 We II Always Reme mber Wye 5 The Gomes We Played Football To o vc Thomas B ll Seber B ll Vnall Dck O of Rudy Raft k Clyde McCord Eugene Kennen Gslpet Bo den Ed IU Mann Gus Rose Ho ard Atk nson Tom Clemens Ca I Rauschenberg John Ekey Gerald W nn ngs M M Roko ass stant coach Ed ard McKee tra ner Wm T Emblen assIstant coach Second o Jack Beatty Te Co Fel B .mo ass sta t John Rada o c Jay l-landlon Ph lp Bruhn Jack Wagner Wendell Bo den Calder ood Boyd Ed ard Scheruch Jack Parsons Elmore Mooe B ll Steunmetz Jul us Kerekes Tom Mendel E F Dopke coa h Front ro Deon Snedeker Gene MIll kn Bob Sm th Ed ard Ketchka Earl Schaub Don Clutter Sheldon Beatty Roy Harmon Jm MCG nrIIs Phul Crosby Budd Sm th EI ood Norman l-lo ard Oberman B ll Posey Byro Daws Carl Baller A football season of lO games resulted In one vIctory one tIe and eIght defeats The tIe came In the tradItIonal ThanksgIvIna game wIth Warwood keepIng even the VICTOVIGS of the two schools for all games played between them The VICTOFY was over SIstersvIl'e 33 O Four of the defeats were by only one touchdown and the hIghest score agaInst the TrIads durIng the season was 2l Returnmg lettermen last fall were PhIl Crosby Elwood Woody Norman and Byron WhItey DOVIS A captaIn was appoInted by Coach E F Dupke before each game The fIrst team lIne up was as follows ends l-loward Bud Oberman Roy l-larmon DavIs fullback PhIl Crosby fClllbOCl4 Armand Budd SmIth wIngback John Radosewc blocker Woody Norman BIll Posey who played later In the season also played wIng back TrIdel s team was set back In the fIrst fIve games Central CatholIc won 2l 7 Carl Baller crossed the goal from a 25 yard trlcky reverse Woody Norman got hIs mouth cut but thIs dIdn t keep a good man down NloundsvIIle s last mInute touchdown gave them the VICTOVY 7 O Carl Baller was out for the season because of a slIght concussIon receIved In thIs game and Jack Parsons because of a dIslocated shoulder receIved dunng scrnmmage BrIdgeport won 7 O Martuns Ferry l8 O and Wells burg l3 O After thIs encounter Earl Schaub l9O pound tackle got a slIght case of rheumatIsm because of the muddy fIeld and wasnt IH the SIstersvIIle game Elmore Moe Moore was out because of a leg Inyury The team gave ASSISTOHY Coach D A l-lIle a nIce send off to hIs new Iob as prIncIpal at Woodsdale wIth a 33 O vIctory over SIstersvIlIe l-loward AtkInson made one score wIth a 65 yard dash Budd SmIth made two tallIes and Phul Crosby and Wendell Bolden each one The most excItIng game of the season was wIth Wheel Ing It was close Wlfh alas a fIghtIng l3 6 VICTOTY for the opponents BIll Posey Intercepted two passes and was good on the defensuve Then came a 7 to O vlctory for LInsly and l9 6 one for MagnolIa At VVarwood Jack Wagner went XE, 'kk I AA- 2O yards for a touchdown and Tom Clemens made a place ment kIck to end the season wuth a tIe 7 7 7 p I w I I I I I I I r I ,I I , I r l I w I w I I r I I I I I I s I , w I I . . I V w I It x Ix VI I rt s yII I II I ' I l I - w I w I r I I I I . , I C. WI I l I I l I W I I I I , I I , I l I W I W I I I V1 I I 7 A - ' 1 ' ' 4 ll ll I I 11 - 11 - - - - I A - I f 'll fl A I ' 1 .I I tackles, Earl Schaub, Jim McGinnis! guards, Sheldon Beatty, Don Clutterg center, "Whitey" , I . I . ,, ,, . I , . I I I I I .' I I 11 ll I - 4 I 1 1 I 1 ' . . , - I, , , 1 - ' I If ll - ' F . . , . 4 s - J x I Q ' I II 1 I ' I W ' , , , I - I ' I srl I x ,ws , - ,'k.A.fI.iiIIL., The followung senuors receuved letters Sheldon Beat ty Wendell Bolden Calderwood Boyd Phulup Bruhn Don Clutter Phulup Crosby Byron Davus Roy Harmon Woody Norman John Radosevuc Earl Schaub and Bull Posey un derclassmen Carl Baller Tom Clemens Ed Ke c'uka Jum McGunnus Bud Oberman Ed Scheruch Budd Smuth Jack Wagner and Howard Atkun on Nex season Trud lus addunga n woppon n S uaen vulle and us droppunq Magnolua and Sustersvulle All games wull be played at nught As the Boys See Themselves Wendell Bolder' uhe butterfly kud walks wuth a lump and a blonde Calderwood Boyd bond and quuet does hus part but certaunly do snt talk about u Phulrp lFlupl Bruhn a mughty mute eats more than anyone else on the team Don Clutter All cuty guard but can t tue a bow tue yet Yet he s ort of tued dawn when ut comes to females Know what I mean? Phullp Crosby Peg leg Henpecked Phully Proud owner of Genueve Byron Davls Thus year s cap taun The pop seller Roy Harmon Fast wuth hus wut and women but Ferry safety men worry hum when he uses hus feet Elwood lWoodyl Norman Runners fear hus tackles we fear hus jokes Boy does he druve that Plymouth' John Radosevlc Shy but fast un football Carl Baller Muss Metzners chuef worry soft head Tom Clemens Hop Easy goung and quuet untul he suts at the wheel of hus pre war lcuvull Ford Ed Ketchka Played so many posutuons he had a hard tume rememberung them Jlm McGunnus Helps Oberman worry Mr Rolluns Doesn t luke Lun sly boys Next year s captaun Howard lBudl Ober man Eternally happy just as eternally un muschuef Wuthout hum Mr Rolluns lufe would be dull undeed Ed Scheruch Seen not heard prospectuve end man Armand lBuddl Smuth Wanders from gal to gal born wuth a bug nose but football made ut bugger Jack Wagner Better known as Gremlun for appar ent reasons Spends most of hus tume playung Romeo or askung Where can I get a gas tucket7 Howard Atkinson Never stull and fast as a whuppet Helps keep the gurls happy Sheldon Beatty Hughly adept at burlesauung speeches of teachers etc Earl Schaub Buggest guy on the team Bull Posey Hes a Free man 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - L l ' 1 1 ' J ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1: , - . " ' Q ' A Q cw Q- Pc' l - u C .., .., ., .C 1 , - -1- . . 'T 1 ' u . . . 1 T Q C .L . . . ,, . . ,, 1. 2 , , . . , . . S . . - 11 4 11 I - 1 1 ' 1 . . ' 1 . , . . ' 1 . . . . Q . , . . 1 . ' , . . . . , . . 1 . . 1 .1 - ' . 1 11 - 11 - 11 ' 11 , . . . . , 1 ' . . , 11 11 Too row Rodv Roduk BIH Dougherty Gene Mulluken Robert Rokos Jzrn McGunms Jock Posey Gus Rose Pour Nelson Second row Juhus Kerekes Wwllord Becker Bud Oberrnon Chor'es Moss Joy Hondlon Kung Monroe BobSmn1h Front row Roy Harmon Budd Smlth VVem1e!I Bold-cn B11 Pcguey Jock Gallagher Corl Boller Phlirp Bruhn monoger Al Bent BMI Muil ussrstonf monoger Boskefboll Em len P-nHCenx n n me Fronr r oo 1 moi! L ore HHN I L Nrm 4 , I , , , , Top, 'ew Jer , , -nx Tp ' .age Ef' '-gre :eo S 1' ke' iq-fer-t 'pw Heom r.f'erQ"uw rnoncge' E ZV'YkV'TWC'fTCV'7 Ztro ' Krcer Te.1Ccx W T l, 19:01 ' ow Er! W 1 I-AA, R,..1c'r'Ye Frxfr- fi ' "X,n Torrrvr. Lo nw Em V 'rv 1- Zg E1 N Lg! uh AI -wr .1 .H Two new basketballs two new baskets In the gym and one returnlng letterman were the start of the basketball season Thus year the Llttle Reds had two full varsuty teams Instead of having a flrst flve and a few substitutes as they dud last year E F Dupke now an the Navy was coach The Reserve squad was under the gundance ofW T Emblen M M Rokos was ln charge ofthe athletnc equipment and tlcket sales Nnne games were played at home and l0 away The Lnttle Reds won two games out of the flrst l0 These vlctorles were over St Clalrsvulle 46 29 and over Cameron 59 l9 The openmg of the season agaznst Central proved a victory for the opponents wnth 53 37 The other seven wlnn rs over the Trrads were Warwood 50 29 Wheellng 56 37 Lln sly 56 40 Brldgeport 49 45 Bellaire 55 37 Sisters vnlle 43 42 and Morgantown 49 45 ln the last half of the season the Trlads captured two out of nlne These were won agannst Mag nolua 33 32 and Wellsburg 57 38 Those lost to the foe were as follows Central 45 29 Moundsvllle 6l 23 Union 69 36 Llnsly 58 55 Bridgeport 62 47 Wheelnng 75 32 and Warwood 63 47 Graduatnng lettermen are Jack Gallagher for Wendell Bolden guard and Pholup Flap Bruhn manager The lettermen to come back are Bud Oberman sub center Budd Smith guard Carl Bal ler sub forward Rudy Radlk sub guard Jullus Ker ekes sub guard and .lay l-landlan sub forward Bull Posey was the captaln and only returning letterman last fall l-le proved hls ablllty by maknng 34 baskets the hlghest number Others In the Var slty and Reserves maklng hugh scores for baskets are as follows Jay l-landlan 33 Carl Baller 32 Jack Gallagher 24 and Budd Smith I8 The Reserves won the last battle agalnst War wood 34 3l They lost to Central 23 l8 Warwood 28 22 Wheelnng 29 20 Llnsly 43 29 Brldgeport 46 32 Bellanre 30 22 St Clanrsvulle 28 26 Cen tral 34 26 Moundsvulle 30 25 Unnon 44 27 Lnnsly 30 25 Bridgeport 30 29 and Wheeling 57 29 The Freshman squad wlth W T Emblen as coach played usually on Frldays after school These plebes had to be less than l6 years of age have passlng grades and not belong to the Varsity or Reserve teams I . . . , , , ' - . ' e . 1 I 4 1 I . I 7 1 7 1 7 1 7 - I - 4 7 1 I 7 1 A 7 1 I 7 1 7 1 7 ' . I 1 ward, Roy Harmon, center, Bill Posey, forward, ' ' ll - II I I I 1 1 I 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 7 I I I ' 1 ' 7 Z I I , , 7 1 7 7 .' 7 7 1 I 7 I 7 I ' 7 I 7 7 I 7 .' 7 I 7 - I 7 I 7 ' , . . , . I I Trcuck Top row John Vusnauskas manager Ray McAlluster Ruchard Vogel Wulluam T Emblen coach C C Kraus assistant coach Joe Knapuk Phil Wharton trauner Franklun Andre Second row from top Jum Davus Bob Vanaman Ruchard Oref John Kunney Budd Smuth Byron Whutey Dayus Don Clut ter Flu Bob Gebh rdt J B h Alf d B ll Ch I B d W C ll ppy a oe rozovuc re o or es ra en arren arro Third row from top Bul Sueber Bob Rokos Jay Handlan Sherman Mozungo Jack Maynard Ted Cox Carroll Bell Don Buck Bob Brutt Eugene Kennen Gulbert Bolden Kent Lacey Ed ard Gellner Fourth row from top Earl Schaub Bob Sm th Charles Moss Tom Clemens Jack Wagner Juluus Kerekes Bud Oberman Bull Mull Phulup Bruhn Jack Gallagher Wunston Bachmann Je ry Coleman Wend ll Bolden Front row Arch Funk Ruchard Schaub Roy Spundler manager Rudy Radk Cyrul Bennett Wulluam Flota Duck Stegner Dave Quinn Emmett Ferrell John Patterson Wundy weather and wunded runners you guessed ut track Over seventy players took to the cunders on March l3 Because of the war there was less track equupmerut and some boys supplued theur own W T Emblen was coach wuth M M Rokos and C C Kraus as assistants Returning lettermen were as follows Wendell Bolden Jack Gal An unterclass meet was held Aprul l2 l3 to fund the partucupants for the meet April l5 against Lunsly and Wheelung Winners of the meet were Howard Atkunson l00 yard dash Jack Wagner 220 yard dash Jack Gallagher 440 yard dash Jay Handlan 880 Eugene Kennen hugh uump Sher man Mozungo mule Bud Oberman 200 yard low hurdles l20 yard hugh hurdles shot put and broad jump Moe Moore duscus Budd Smuth and Flup Bruhn pole vault uunuors fl-low ard Atkunson Budd Smith Charles Moss Bud Obermanl shuttle relay sophomores Uay Handlan Juluus Kerekes Gulbert Bolden Russell Grandstaffl mule relay senuors CAlfred Rusmusel Russell Elliott Bull Mull .lack Gallagher! medley relay The uunuors won wuth 79V2 pounts and the sophomores were next wuth 57 senuors got 53 and freshman 7V2 At a truangular competutuon wuth Lunsly and Wheelung Aprul l5 Wheelung won wuth l l6V2 pounts Lunsly had 78 and Trudel 57V2 Oberman was the Luttle Red star wunnung the l20 yard hurdles the 200 yard low hurdles and comung second as an unduvudual scorer wuth l5 pounts At a dual meet wuth Follansbee on Aprul 22 the Luttle Reds won 74341 to 481A The remaunung schedule was as follows Greater Cuty meet Aprul 29 OVAC meet May 6 Sectional meet May l3 State meet un Charleston May 20 and Freshman meet May 27 6 l ' . ' : ' ,I . ' ' I ' I ' . I I I I I A I I I r 1 W I .A 1 1 I ' u ru f f I u 1 , , , , r , S I A ' ' I V ' I lagher, Bill Mull, Philip Bruhn, seniorsg and Budd Smith and Bud Oberman, juniors. - I . , . . I . 1 ' I .1 7 Q g U , - 2 , 1 H , 2 ' . ' f . ' - . .' - , f ' 1 A I I - , , g , , H 1 4 I I I I ' 1 I ' I A . . . . I , 7 I - 1 . , . A . . r , I , I I Q u I , I 1 Boys Intramurals Boys Intramurals rncluded basketball and a foul shootung and a lay up contest The regular lntramural season an which each team plays each other team started late and was abandoned untunushed when at was tame for track practsce to start however a tour nament was played otf wuth the Varsuty club team as champuons and the Double T s as run ners up ln the furst round of the tournament the Varsuty club beat the Commandos 32 l2 The Freshman Reserves beat the Flatbushers l9 I3 the Double Ts beat the Blackhawks ol 38 and the All Amerucan Aces b at the Rangers 47 36 ln the second round the Var stty club beat the Freshman Reserves 47 3l and the Double T s beat the All Amerucan Aces 24 l2 ln the tsnal game the Varsvty club overcame the DoubleT s36 26 Ed Scheruch Varsnty club was hugh scorer with lOl Runner ups were Moe Moore 87 and Joe Stein 77 Al Amerucan Aces Howard Atkinson 82 and Harry Weldetz 55 Double Ts Dwsght Rhoades 5l Rangers Phnl Bruhn 47 Varsity club Bob Vanaman 42 Earl Schaub 4l and Gus Rose 4l Commandos The foul shootung contest began wlth fnndnng the fave hugh scorers In each gym class From these boys were formed the class teams each boy was allowed 25 shots The Junuors won with scores as follows Budd Smuth Carl Baller and Howard Atkinson l7 each Ed Jchersch l5 and Earl Bauer l3 also run oft each boy benng al lowed as many shots as he could make In one mnnute W T Emblen physlcal educa tlon was ln charq of lntra murals Has assnstants were Eugene Kennen Edward Scherlch Russell Grandstatf Rudy Raduk Tom Clemens and Stanley Weinstein W n e s ty lub Top Don Clutter Ed S her ch e e Ph I p B u El ood N Calde ood Boyd Wen dell Bolden D To o DeCarIo B Il Woods .la k Clo k t Bo F sche No ma G eg Howard Atk nson Jack Wagner, Harry Wuedetz Ed Guenther 77 I ' ' ' ll II 1 1 T . , . , I . - 5 . I - 1 - ' - A o - . , C . . , . . . , . . X' . . , . II II 1 ,' ' - .1 - .I , I . ' . ' ' . .' I ! ' ' I , . 5 , , 1 I ' A Ill ll Oy-UD CONTEST was . . I T V I D - - , h C 1 I l I I I n r , Vorsl C f row. , c i Front row: Tom Cl m ns, nu r hn, w orman, rw , - Runners-up, ouble T's- D r w Jam , I , c r Fron row' b I r, r V1 fl , I 1 Here Are the Volley Champs op o Co Callaha F a k Nelso Ed Ketchka A th La caste Bob Mag re B ll Laupp o d g n Joh d a Wagner k Do e ae ales M ss Ca oll Bell Ted Co l-l css ont Ro ett erre o ert e ermeyer Kent Lacey h l p B uhn J e he o del B I Stcn Wollace l-lende on Boys Swimming Club By Jlm Hetherlngton and Jane Walker Trladelphla s team swam onto vlctory thus year wlnnlng the OVAC meet and the Wheellng Dollar Savnngs and Trust trophy ln thus meet Charles Moss took both events he entered the l00 yard free style and the 220 yard free style Jam l-letherlngton was thlrd nn the furst event and Tommy Mendel fourth ln the second one Frankle Nelson won flrst IH dnvlng and Budd Smlth thlrd The Trlads won the 200 yard free style relay wzth Bob Smith Con Callahan Fllp Bruhn and Jack Wagner swnmmlng the legs Budd Smith was hugh point man wnth ll polnts followed by Moss wlth l0 and Art Lancaster wnth 9 The flnal score was Trladelphla 42 Wheeling 3l Llnsly 25 and Cen trol 6 ln the frrst meet of the season Truadelphsa met Llnsly and the Llttle Reds came through 37 20 ln thus one Charles Moss swept a full second off the local scholastlc 50 yard breast stroke record ln 32 seconds Truadelphua s mermen sunk Wheeling s over confident team In the second meet wnth a close score of 35 3l The fvrsts from Truadelphua were Moss who took the 220 yard free style Lancaster the 50 yard free style Smlth the drvung and Bob Maguire Moss and Smvth the 200 yard medley Closlng the season with a bang we defeated Central Cathollc s squad 42 to 22 Flap Bruhn and Jam l-letherlngton were co captalns wrth l-l L Morrlson sponsorung Ernle Fendt former Truad and swummer for Marshall college coached the squad durlng the four vlctoruous meets Z5 T r w: Bob Smrth, rx n, r n n, , r ur n r, ur , i Sec n row. lrvnn Nan a , n E w rd , Jac wlnng, J rry C I mon, Ch r o , rr , x, Bud Fr w: Emm F ll, R b K ll , , P nr r , urn H t rnngt n, Tam Men , rl r rnetz, YS Absent: Ernuc Fcnrlt, coach, H. L. Morrison, sponsor, Budd Srnnth , . . . . , . . , , I I - . , , - V . If - If - ' I . - l . ' I 1 1 ' , . , A , ,I . . . - 4 I - I f ' I , 2 f 1 I . . I . , 11 - If - - - - - A - 1 I T' -I O -I- CD "1 V0 Y ' "' N 2 . - . , 2 s 3-- -2 v - 1. 2 , . S , - x Q o - , s K, c 4 N 1 C D 4 ' W 1 - . -up 2 -- - ' T11 O X, -1- O , N sg - I - I . ' ' 1 w N -1 i x I X U' ,, s U, s sv O I Q N A 3 xr. T A u ' . ' X . N ' s ,N '. . ' C 1,2 ,-L bali wr ' N, Top ro Ed ard Ketchka Jack Wagner Byron Da s Roy Ha mon Earl Schaub Second from top Ed ard Scher ch Phl Wharton Tommy Lenore Jm McGInnIs Charles Moss Jlm Hether ngton B dd Sm th W T Embl u en Th rd ro tom top Tom Clemens Bud Obcrrnan Jack Gallagher Woody Nor an Wendell Boldcn Phl C osby B ll Posey Vh llp Bruhn Front Ho ad Atk nson John Rarosc-yrc Caltlc c Boyd Cal llcr Don Clutter Bll MLI Absent None By Byron Whltey Davls The Varssty club IS made up of 23 lettermen To become a member of the club a boy must earn a varsxty letter In any sport and be elected by a three fourths vote Boys who belleve IU fOIF play and good sportsmanshIp are the ones elected The most Important campaIgn In whIch the club partIcIpated was the safety campaIgn The club also took part In keepsng the campus clean sponsored by the Student councIl for the month of January lt contrabuted to the ChIna S Chuldren fund and the Red Cross War fund lt also helped the school and Itself by sellIng refreshments at the basketball games The club furnushes socIal lIfe holdlng Its maIn dance In May lt was open tothe publIc and called the Sweater dance The club partIcIpated In the Intramural basketball tournament IO whlch ITS team won the school champIonshIp Bruhn Clutter Scherrch Clemens Norman and Boyd were the maIn players W T Emblen track coach was the new sponsor who took D A l-lIle s place Offucers who were elected at the beglnnzng of the year were Byron DayIs presudent Howard Ober man VIC9 presIdent Wendell Bolden secretary treasurer PhIlIp Crosby and Elwood Norman sergeants at arms 1 Who Said the Weaker Sex. Top o Rose Mare Kennen Pam A cher Betty Da us Mary Lee F eeman Grace Kendall Vurgunua Heusel Paul ne Gres kc tch Euleen Kummers Vrg na Kessler Mar on Wckham Betty Lau Me ntel Sarah Cather ne Weeks Second ro Catherune Gartner Aluce Tom nack Peggy Watenpool W Ima Hercules V rg n a Mendruck Do othy Seabrght Betty Burger Helen Kepner Jean Laupp Helen Wutsberger Irene l-lavruleck Joan Zoeckler Betty Lee Marshall Phyllus Beneke Front ro Ro ana K mmuns Julra Goodm Inez Rauscher Enamae Kttle Barbara Host Mar an Muller Nancy West ooi Eleanor Ma Ion Robe ta Maueslry Mary Fa th Waterman Verna Rvlun Absent Mary Jean Crs cll Maran Donnelly Margaret G deon Barbara Nay Marue Punto Jean Prager Gurls Athletuc Assoclatuon By Barbara Host Thus year as always the Gurls Athletuc assocuatuon has embodued the spurut of athletucs and faur play Suxteen gurls were accepted unto the club un January brungung our member shup to 43 These gurls had earned the 200 pounts necessary tor entrance by partucupatung un the gurls Intramurals sponsored by the GAA by beung on wunnung teams un theur gym class tournaments and by such athletuc actuvutues as bucycle rudung hukung and swummung or gaunung the 50 pount reward guven for the Red Cross Junuor Lute Savung certufucate Once a member of the club a gurl can earn an emblem for 300 pounts a letter for 500 and stars tor every addutuonal l50 She can advance her standung by the methods already mentuoned or by actuvutues such as bowllng horseback rudung tennus and skatung actuve members may assust un the management and retereeung ot after school tournaments The club has apprecuated the help ot our new sponsor Muss June Anderson The l943 44 prexy was Barbara l-last assusted by Enamae Kuttle vuce presudent Maruan Muller secretary Inez Rauscher treasurer and Nan yWestwood recordung secretary There were ll letter gurls un school thus year Betty Burger Julua Goodum Barbara l-last Roxana Kum muns Enamae Kuttle Roberta Mayesky Eleanor Manuon Maruan Muller Verua Ruvlun Mary Fauth Waterman and Nancy Westwood Nancy also earned two stars and Barbara one On Oct 7 a playday was held to enable the freshmen to start wunnung pounts and dur ung Chrustmas vacatuon the club unvuted the GAA alumnae back for a basketball playday A hughlught at thus event was a telegram from our former sponsor Cpl Margaret Newton Durung the year the GAA sponsored gurls untramural tournaments referred to on the next page For the furst tume the GAA organuzed lfS own basketball team whuch played the representatuves ot other schools whom we unvuted to our playdays Our team consusted of Enamae Kuttle Helen Kepner Mary Fauth Waterman Betty Davus and Julua Goodum as forwards and Verua Ruvlun Per Freeman Inez Rauscher Nancy Westwood and Barbara l-last as guards The GAA has held several bowlung partues thus year the hughest score was the 227 made by Sarah Catherune Weeks We held a dance on Aprul 29 called the You Name lt a pruze was ottered for the best name suggested A banquet was held un May We close the year wuth the hope that the GAA wull contunue to do as we hope we have done that us to luve up to our pledge to better the athletuc program ot Truadelphua Hugh and at all tumes dusplay hugh udeals ot true good spartsmanshup bll r w, I , r , v , r , , , I A vu , , I I I , I I , I , I W, , I , , I , I I I , I' I , I I I I I I I WZ X I , I , , I , , I , W I n , r , , I , I I l W I l I I I I I . 1 . . u I I I 1 I .I I , . 1 . I I .' I , . - I I ' I I . . , ' I I I '-' I ' ' I I I ' I I I I I I I - I ' . I ' , . . , . , . ' I I I I I A - - II II I I .I I I I ' I II II, ' I I I I , . I TOP LEFT RING TENNIS CHAMPIONS Too row Helen Kepner Nancy Westwood Marlon Mlller Chrxstlnc Alpers Front row Betty Davls Enamae Knttle Barbara Host TOP RIGHT VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Top row Vnrgunla Kessler Ruth Klcsn Paullnc Greskevntch Lulltan Chlpkar M J Cnswell Bohby Matesky Betty Burger Betty Lee Marshall Front row ary ean CENTER LEFT QUALIFIED BASKETBALL REFEREES Top row Phyllts Beneke Betty Davis Eleanor Manlon Enamac Klttle Vcrla Rtyltn Front row Pam Archer Nancy Westwood Mary Jean Crtswell Barbara Hast lulla Goootrn LOWER RIGHT FOUL SHOOTING CHAMPION Eleanor Manton lt B I r Host Front row Mary Forth Waterman Marnan Muller Enamae Klttle Girls' Intramurals By Barbara Hast Dunng the year the GAA has sponsored Intramural tournaments ln whlch any gurl may partlclpate All Th I tr tton IS that that ts necessary IS to hana In the names ot the captaln and members of the team e on y res tc not n-ore than halt of any one team may consist of GAA members Thus ts to promote Interest In athletlcs m all the lrls In school and not only those In the club The games are managed by one GAA member who a ong g has full charge Referees are also members who have auallfled by passlng tests on that sport Each member 5 d h I5 ot a team whtch oartlclpates receuves IO GAA potnts The vlctorlous team wlns 2 an t e runner up In October a rtng tennls tournament wtth I3 teanos was managed by Julla Goodlm The wlnntng team was Enamae Knttle s Iplctured abovel the second Betty Burgers ln a volley ball tourney IU November Betty Bur ger s team was vlctorlous over the other fourteen and Leona Duffy s group was runner up The basketball tournament was played durlng January and February among etght teams Enamae Ktttle s came In tlrst wlth Pam Archer s next The tournament was managed by Eleanor Manton and refereed by those gurls plctured above Slxty seven gurls entered a foul shootlng tournament held In March Eleanor Manton won for the second ear ln a row her score betng I6 out ot 20 Verna Rlvlln and Janne Gaodwln tled for second wlth I3 out of 20 Y Verna also managed the tournament Our ttnal actlvlty was a softball tournament In Aprll managed by Eno mae Klttle A s LOVVER LEFT ABASKETBALL CHAMPIONS fvToE row Helen Kepncr, Barbara MacDona C ar na O , . r - I ' I T . , - Super Sploshers Top row Em ly Straub Wullodean Skullcorn Jean Wuesner Mary Lee Freeman Barbara Nay Enamae Kttle Hee Kep ner Jane Goodwun Phoebe Hughes Betty Lou Kreglo Martha D a neck Paulune Delbrugge E elyn Conner Second row Joan Dueckmann Ann Kuhn Mary Fauth Waterman Nancy West ood Kutty Baker Janet Gulleland Sue Klen Phyllus Beneke Barboo Earp Barbara Hast Wanda Boyd Audrey Lupp Eleanor Brandfass Ann Pars Betty Coul Front row Ma y Jean Paul Pat Mye s Roberta Mauesky Mary Beth McKay Eleanor Manuon No ma Jean P yo Mary Agnes Patos Jean Gordon Dolo es Shackelford Medoune Budermon Girls Swummung Club By Norma Jean Pryor and Eleanor Manson For o sunny day why are so many gurls wearung shower caps? asked an unquurung student Funally someone relueved her curuosuty by tellung her that those gurls were beung unutuated unto the Gurls Swumrnung club Yes our club ot the begunnung of the year took un l2 new members to make on enroll ment of 43 gurls Thus year we had our appluconts swum four lengths usung the mouor strokes crawl breast sude and back Thus elumunoted o few gurls but we thunk we got the cream of the crop Speakung of good choosung we thunk we mode o wuse selectuon when we asked Muss Ruth Gallagher to be our new leader thus year We sponsored the Pugskun promenade the furst dance of the year to celebrate the close of football season Thus dance was the furst ever held by our club and we are hopung to make It on annual affour Our regular meetung us held the second Tuesday of every month ond at thus meetung the gurls determune o date for swummung at the YWCA pool Thus sprung the YW sponsored the annual unter scholostuc meet Our Truodelphua club sent uts representotuves to defend our ownershup of the Fulton ploaue whuch we have held un l939 40 42 and 43 At the Chrustmas assembly program when the dufferent clubs donated money to the Chuna s Chuldren fund our club gave SlO and un March we con trubuted S5 to the Red Cross Our presudent thus year us Eleanor Manuon vuce presudent Bobbue Mauesky and sec retary treasurer Norma Jean Pryor 8 I I , J , , , , I , in - u 1 u u r W u u V I 1 u u W u 1 u l , V u , u u u lu I r , r, , , , r r r, u 1 V u - 1 u - 11 4 - 11 - -- , . I . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ,, ,, . . , . . ' 1 11 - . 11 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - A - 1 1 1 ' . , . . u 1 T , . . , I . . ,, . ,, , 1 ' 1 1 ' . 1 - 1 L Aka Laka Chee Cheerleaders By Dorothy Cox Dear Triad The veteran cheerleaders returnvng for actuve duty In September num bered four head cheerleader Dorothy Cox a tumor Jean Cottrell Wllladean Sknllcorn and Peg Treweek sophomores Former head cheerleader Nor man Barney and Dorothy Ball had graduated Thus left Dorothy Cox to fall Norman s place Try outs were held and faculty judges selected two others Ann Kuhn tumor and Marian Marshall sophomore Uniforms consssted of handsome whste wool sweaters adorned with large red and black T s The skurts were red cut ln clrcular style Our equupment was one black megaphone aplece with a huge T paunted on It In red After some drnllung and practice we assembled our little troop to unvade Central Marchung over wnth the band put us IH lubulant splruts at was as we remember It quute an occasuon The Wheelung Trladelphna game gave us a speclal thrall for our team played a wonderful game The students cheerang was spontaneous lThat s one football memory we cherlshedl The football season traveled on and so dad we Sometlmes ut rained or snowed but we refused to let thus dampen our splrlts Through vlctory or defeat our llttle band wuth student boosters skupped along to guve the yells to encourage our team Durvng basketball season we dnvnded and worked a sort of swung shaft schedule ln assembly we held pep meetlngs to Introduce cheers and boost the school The most popular cheer seemed to be Aka laka chee None of thus year s cheerleaders are graduatnng and we all hope to be back next season The sponsors for l943 4 were Mass June Anderson and M M Rokos Oh my sts gettnng late Trnad so we must stop remunrsclng of the past year and prepare for next Our chnef arm next year vs to cheer Trldel on to vlctory So 45 here we come So long for a whale Cheerleaders Do othy Co K hn Ma on Ma shall Wlladeon Sk llco Peggy T e eek Jean Cottrell Absent No e 83 1 1 I I I I ' II II I I ' I ' 4 I I I ' , . . . . . , . I ' I I , . I - I , , . . . ,, . . ,, . . II ll . , . I . , . . ,, . . . ,, I I I ' I . , , . I r x, Ann u , rl r , n l rn, r w , : n Cur September In the Luttle Red School House days began agaun and we greeted Truadelphua Hugh We were unspured by hearung records of last year s commencement courtesy of WWVA Sux new teachers got acquaunted wuth Trudel along wuth the freshmen We settled down to busuness 924 strong feelung the man shortage to the tune of l46 fewer boys than gurls Excursuons to Kossuth s for senuor puc tures began and class offucers and Student councul representatives were elected by upperclassmen A GR freshman party and style show started actuvutues of the buggest GR club un hustory and the Shorthand club changed to a servuce club .lournalusm students trekked to town for ads Carl Baller the thurd un the famuly donned number ll uer sey for the Central and Moundsvulle games War stamps sales soared October The furst paud assembly brought cartoonust Franklun Caveny the Truadelphuan sold 645 subscruptuons GR had a wuener roast and our sux vuvacuous cheerleaders led us through fuve excutung football games Ruchard Muller became the presudent of the state Co Government as socuatuon the furst from the Northern Panhandle A rung tennus tourney was begun by GAA Our sewung class gurls putched un and helped the war effort by makung lOO utuluty bags Though the State Educatuon assocuatuon annual conventuon gave us no vacatuon thus year ratuonung dud for two days The Corn us Green came to Wheelung wuth Bull Lullers aunt appearung un ut Senuor rungs arruve and freshmen elect offucers Eleanor Manuon and Bobbue Mauesky were crowned queens at the Masquers Coronotuon Ball November Thus publucatuon progressed to the pount where Rose Marue Ken nen became edutor Underclass puctures were taken and the football season neared uts end wuth games wuth Lunsly and Magnolua The Thanksguvung game wuth Warwood really ended football for another toruous campaugn achuevung lOO per cent membershup Masquers gave a l5 munute skut over statuon WWVA un connectuon wuth Junuor Red Cross work The Gurls Swummung club took un l3 new members Exchange speakers from Warwood appeared un assembly and they weren t the only exchange Dan Hule exchanged places wuth W T Emblen to become pruncupal of Woodsdale school Baurd Kloss was elected presudent of the county Student councul A Sadue Hawkuns dance produced pleasant duversuon December The Chrustmas spurut unvaded our hearts to make the contrubutuon to Chuna s Chuldren Fund Inc S395 O2 The tree on the furst floor and The Wondrous Story guven by the Masquers and chorus marked the approach of vacatuon Muss Ruth Oldham left us for the Unuver suty of Alabama Guvung reugned supreme as the GR gave a party at the Chambers Memorual home un Elm Grove and many clubs prepared baskets for the less fortunate In athletucs the GAA gave a play day for alumnae and began a volleyball tourney Bull Posey only re turnung basketball letterman was appounted captaun Captaun Bull Nau thrulled a fascunated auduence un assembly We all swung to the second Clara Barton swung guven by the .lunuor Red Cross Many worked durung vacatuon to relueve the manpower shortage January Every student faced despaur exams' But wuth theur comple tuon the old routune was establushed agaun wuth vows for study thus semester Trudel cropped up wuth one lOO per cent un the Aur Corps test The Masquers presented Luncheon for Sux un assembly and a group of Luncoln Hugh speakers and a chorus came to better racual relatuonshups .lane Walker and Kutty Baker were Women un the News and we all were un the news wuth the hughest attendance record un the county The Shorthand club helped publush the Woodsdaluan un keepung wuth beung a servuce club GR members dud theur but by II ' II ' I l - , . I . . , . . I ' I I - I , . - - - ll - 11 , . . . . . . I . I Il ' II ' I year. The Junior Red Cross had an assembly program after o vic- . , . . . I , I . . . , . . I 'I ' ' II II ' . . l I ' 1 . I ' , . . II ' II ' . - . I , . . . ,, . ,, . . . . U . , I . . . . . ,, . . .,, Year audung un collectung for the paralysus fund Latun students saw The Sugn of the Cross nearly floodung the audutoruum wuth tears Assembly programs for next year were decuded by a commuttee appounted by the councul February We agreed Truadelphua Hugh school would look well on a traunung plane so decuded to support the Buy a Plane cam paugn to rause Sl5 OOO Cupud was welcomed by the GR s at a semu formal dance where breaths were held as the lughts startungly went out' The breakdown of the furnace afforded a welcome vacatuon The arruval of the football jackets made many gurls prepare for theur acauusutuon The Maguc of Scuence assembly found corks explodung among us to the accompanument ofa model aurplane runnung by cold motor Jazz and Munuet was a play guven by Masquers and Latun students not to be outdone gave two plays as well as Infor matuon Please at a program for parents Mr Kung became Grandpa and bought hus grandson a bond at our sales Our boys un unuform were always droppung un and were we glad to see them' March March crowded utself wuth events The Junuor Red Cross sponsored the Masquers un Goung on Seventeen and had Mr Edwun Spears speak un assembly clubs contrubuted Sl38 and to stumulate the Buy a Plane Esther Reed made a beautuful banner Mr Dupke left for the Navy to the senuor gurls dus tress The last year senuors guft a readung stand arruved as our senuor boys gave an unproclaumed guft C95 stooge haur cuts' Mr Kung went to Chucago for a North Central asso cuatuon meetung and when he returned found that he was supposed to have scarlet fever These rumors' Senuors or dered theur commencement announcements markung the nearness of graduatuon The furst band concert was guven and our Charles Moss broke a record to help cop the swum meet Aprll We had a new beluef un the Easter Bunny when ut granted Marue Puntos wush by brungung her two brothers home A duversuon appeared un the form of a bus wreck nothung seruous but enough to cause a luttle excutement Student councul electuon and uunuor rung chouce put everyone to the test of votung The second band concert and the sprung choral concert furnushed musucal entertaunment Assemblues were the Alexander Novelty truo and Too Many Marys a play guven by the Speech ll class We got a treat by a specual assembly on Snow Whute by a noted cartoonust wuth the Walt Dusney studuos An unterclass track meet was held to open the track meet season GR unstalled Maruan Muller as presudent at the mother daughter tea N May Maytume us gay tume and gay we are as puttung off semester work as long as we can we enuoy the lovely atmos phere The band guves uts last concert and the GR has a dance for the senuor members The gurls swum meet and boys track meets complete the athletucs and banquets and pucnucs close club actuvutues Freshmen commencement seems a prevuew of the bug nught to come Don Bolt and Movung Up day funush our assemblues Baby day us an added attractuon The Fughtung Luttles the senuor play and the prom guve the senuors two memorable keepsakes The Reverend James G Potter guves the class sermon and Jocelyn Cooper Floyd Buffungton Jack Gallagher and Ruth Hofreuter com mencement speakers carry out the theme Our Allues The nught of nughts passes and then vacatuonl 11 - 11 - - ' I II ' ' ' II . . 1 Il II I , , . I I . . . . . , 1, . . lj A . ' ' ' II II 11 - 11 - - I II I I . ,, . II ll ' I ' II ' II 1 1 - 11 11 Q . . , . . . , . , . . . ' 1 1 I I . . . 1 . . . 1 1 ' II II 1 11 V 11 - - I I - . . , . 1 . 1 , . 11 - - - 11 - - I I ' 1 1 1 ' 11 - 11 , . Good Luck to the Class o 44 Thrs IS a great year to take your place m the affarrs of the world The opportumty for servrce IS unlrmrted to those of Trladelphra Hrgh School success and admrratron wrll he yours GEC J KCDSSUTH Photographer to Class ot 44 807 Maru Street Wheelmg W V a If you will measure your ideals 0 7 l , . . K vuucl Ava I-IQRNE S Y XNQ5 X Y-Q fr 5 S We ll dye em anycombl ncmon you wlsh look of these wonderful colors' SHOE SALON 11th Sz Ma1n Streets Wheelmg, W Va Congratulatlons and Best WlSh6S to rhr Graduatmg, Class of 1944 WN W orfsi' Congratulat ons to you all on another 1109 1111 Chaplme St year completed Wagners General Store W hedmg W VH Tru 2501 Trladelplua NH ' XXX ' X x . m A ' OX f ' ,gy ' or EE pfg. - - ln -4 . . EW? 7 ' " REU AND WHITE. BRU AND HITE 9 ' BLACK AND WHITE BLUE ANU WHITE 3 f ,' , 1. ' 87 CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1944 - Let us suggest to you Buy XWar Bonds To Have and Hold W. A. DRIEI-IORST CO. Tlu' Model Food Markvl Tel. Wfoods. 1500 1 131 National Road VISII L S GOOD 81 CO New Record Slmop conzplaff szlaafzon 0 popnlm auf flnvmnl mum By V1ctor Blueblrd Columbxa Olaeh Decca THE SUMMER TERM at THE ELLIOTT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS xx ll op n um 5 All r L,Lllll" courses xxnll be ollcr d nn xddltlon to lLlXII1LUi.1 x rlx tm :hos who hug lu LO111111LI'Ll1l lllll1ll1g o ses vm or um rgrlduxua ullur l11lf o lull dn s ssl 1 THE ELLIOTT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Marque Beauty Salon 1150 Natnonal Road Xllfds 637 OLMSTEAD BROS CO PAPER 1413 Mann St Xvlweelmg., W Va I5 st XX xslmcs to ilu Scmor C11 s from H Kalb1tzer 86 Son I-IARDXX ARI DEALER 1050 Xlxrlxu Strut lluon X nclmg XX X1 IL, 1 RNOXXN IOR QL A1111 X13 Sl RXI I FOOTER'S mxms xxu m l1lll1 1 1 1 11110111 xx 11 za 510 mm R1 IMI xc I I I , L O I A - , , ,- ' If - , .. . ' ' Y 7 . , . . ' I L' "I, '. ' 1' h 1 .s 7 1 1 l U , 1 " : ' . . . " S 'I 3 L Vl j, ". '.. XVI S01 5 ', , 4'A.' 'Cf ,i C J . . CA, A - . J . ', L. CQLZ f 1' .' 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Suggestions in the Triadelphia High School - Triadelphian Yearbook (Wheeling, WV) collection:

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