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Jlmf ,,...L?6,.f...-. Lv' 'C- , ,x at f -s , ug, f"sf"" ,.. 1 ' 1 ' Wllvlz' 2' . 5,9 I y, Q A .4 1 ,ew . ' xv Q? Y'f'Q,Li" , isa if A' uf, wif" ,U , 1 U, .fg,'4m Q 'u,'ff5."w' ' m ,'+5.'b1.m x ni gr -,nv ' "A spin: ,, V12 , 1, ,SQL a. .x . ., ,rf I. n., :sm uv, , .A , V ,,+,w., -W 1 --M .1 . Je-mg A?" he f,E,,t..4 Vs? , f3'fff1??bz:fQ1 i 2535 A-9x3j:f,'.-9:35, ., . w 4 ., Lv M Jr -V., -J Mg.. , sw, Ja. Y ,WM ,I V I , l nv , , H AHL. x' 'fi':i5i5'F' 1 ' " xv e US", v e 'w9:'f'3 ,,:.,, as-f ,H A QM, M 2:5 " I Ffa 'W rv fvj kgg, Qi -,M ' WNY? . --51 'Q YJNS' X -4 .Q ' F ff m , , , 19.2 VL' V. 38 - LF 5',.Afx:.' ,fy ,-. 1 " ' - , . - , Mya, pf R., 2 vi 4 x V?.f51.'f'sxgE:,ef' :A if 1 f 5- 11,55 '77, 5.17 ky ,, y. 2 Qb8'v1+b9bFb9b1'b PbfbfbibfbfbibifbifbiibPbfbfbvbif THE TRI ELPI-IIAN Published by Triadelphia High School Wheeling West Virginia Volume XX 3 ffbvbtfbiiblfbifbffbfibffbibffbfilvilbiilvifbtfbfllzafllvfflrlfbfibflt 4 loamssassmfbvwwvwfbvbfbsewbwwwww To Stephano Ceo we dedicate this annual. in appreciation of his eight years of untiring and successful effort to make instrumental music a vital part of this school: and in grateful recogni- tion of the honors he has helped us win in the world of music. 5 1fHlvt3b4fb8+bfFlvFb44bffbHbfflr1ib14bf?bdb5bf?bib?lfFb14bfiQ 1934 THE TRIADELPI-IIAN 1934 Prelude We invite you, Oh, stately seniors, jaunty juniors. sophisticated sophomores, and frolic- some freshmen: kind, long-suffering faculty and countless, interested friends to drop all worldly, prosaic cares, and enjoy with us a musical tour through the pages of this, our Annual for 1934. Enjoy with us the record of our past year in- terpreted in terms of song, art, and musical notes: and, we beg of you, allow the melody of these pages to creep into your hearts and impress upon them an indelible memory of our achieve- ments and pleasures of the past year, and of our hopes and aspirations for the years to come. . 6 Cbilwflbebfibifbfbtfbtl lrPlrf'lrfln'b1'bfFWlv14bf'b1'b1'bf'b14 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Program INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION Board of Education Superintendents Faculty CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ACTIVITIES Calendar Organizations Sports 7 I ' ffbi'btfWb4fb49bFb+fb+fbNb44'vf4bf4bf5b49b6b14bHb+fbFbffbfIQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 W i ull-lll'UllfLl3 four long wars williin llw lmllx 'Mill scrum wc luvc -u wull. XVL' scclx llic Dlllll of kiiowlcclgc. And nlislmnor do repel." O llw Rvd .mil lllaclx. lhv livcl .incl llmlnuli. il i'i.1ilulpl1i.i lor mc. ililw lrivmls wc nmlw, llw lxmvwlcnligc gl.llllk'kl. XXX' own' ilicm .ill in llicuf' 8 Cbffbffb4ibf4b9b1'b?'lv9l1Pl'13lv1fln'l:15b14b44lf14l1flbilbflbtfbfl 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 hi.......... "XVc'll win athletic vici'rics And no spirit shall wc lack NVhilc lighting for Trindclphia 'Ncalh colors Rcd and l5l.iclm." "O crowned with lame thy standards high, And spirit always true, 'l'ri.ulclphi.x, wc sing thy pmisc Our lwaris laclong to you." 9 t?HbHb+fb0fbFlb6lMbf+b++WbHb44bf3lvf+bfflvf?b+?WlvFbfllvf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 The Curriculums of Triadelphia High School Triadelphia High school, with an enrollment this year of 784 students, and a faculty of 37 teachers, offers its pupils five curricula: college preparatory, commercial, industrial arts, home economics, and agriculture arts. The college preparatory course has the largest number of students enrolled, having 350 this year, the commercial course ranks second with 287. In the language department the college preparatory course offers Latin. French, and Spanish, besides English. A certain amount of academic work is also required in all other courses. A thorough training in typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, business arith- metic. salesmanship, and commercial law is given in the commercial curriculum. thus fitting those with business ability for responsible positions in the business world. The industrial arts curriculum, although chiefly vocational, provides the preparation necessary for college entrance. Mechanical drawing and woodwork- ing are a part of the course. Mathematics, including algebra I and II, plane and solid geometry and trigonometry, is emphasized. Those interested in foods, clothing, or home decoration follow the home economics curriculum. The agricultural arts curriculum. although related to the industrial arts curriculum, enables its graduates to enter and to carry out successfully, special- ized agricultural pursuits. The sciences have not been neglected: general science, biology. chemistry. and physics are taught. In the social sciences classes are held in modern world history, American history, social science, economics, and sociology. Besides the required subjects, additional courses in advertising, art, Bible, journalism, instrumental and vocal music are offered. For two semesters' work in advertising and journalism three-fifths of J unit is given: for art, Bible, and vocal music, two-fifths. and for instrumental music, one unit is given for four years' work. Classes in required subjects have the largest number of students attending. However, the size of the average class ranges from twenty-five to thirty students. The day, which is divided into six class periods and a lunch period from 1.2 to 1, begins at 9:03 and continues until 3:40. 10 CbfbdbiibffbflbifbPbfbibfbfbfbifbifblibibfflvtfbifbiibff Fbfbdb14b4fb+'b6b44b+4bHlvd'b+4HfbFPbf9b9bf? bFlv4flrPb14lvf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPI-IIAN 1934 J. P. Mtllenry, Assistant Su erintendent: Zach S rin er. Count' Su erintendent: S. S, Jacob P P R l P Assistant Superintendent The New School System During this time of change and uncertainty, we, the schools. have not been exempted from feeling modern conditions. Our West Virginia school system has undergone a complete metamorphosis. We can. in fact. compare ourselves with those amazing little creatures of the insect world-the locust. the dragon fly, the grasshopper, or any ofthe countless others who "cast their skins" and mQoy a wbnth, Yes Hwy do mUoy dwh Uandonnadons ahhough M Grst they are weak and spent. unable to fly because their wings are damp and unformed: but slowly they gather strength. Their crumpled wings straighten and gleam in the sun. and at last they soar away, glad in their freedom and beauty. 12 Qlvtflwflb9lsPlvt'b1'lvf'lvl'l:t5l'1'lr1'l:+'l:15l2'rflvt4b1ll: fllvflbtlbfflzff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Under the new county unit plan, West Virginia schools have just immerged from the chrysalis stage in their development, and still dazed and uncertain and somewhat alarmed with the big new world confronting them. This new school system has been inaugurated by our State Legislators in an effort to give better equality of educational opportunities to all pupils within the state. All small independent school districts or units have been merged into larger administrative or county units. These county units are under the supervision and control of county Super- intendents, their assistant Superintendents and boards of education, consisting of Hve members each. Where there were formerly four hundred school boards. there are now only fifty-Jive. Our uncertainty has been largely due to financial difficulties arising from taz limitation amendments on the part of the Legislators, and tax delinquencies on the part of the taxpayers. School budgets have been reduced. With lesls money than in other years, the schools have had to care for more children. The abolition of child labor in industry by the N. R. A. accounts for this in- creased enrollment all over the country. House Bill Num-ber 278, passed by the Legislature this February providing for the state to pay basic teacher's salaries for eight months, m'ade it possible for the schools to continue for their full terms. Slowly we will take courage and try our delicate new wings. We will soar away and find our places in this new world of larger responsibilities. And here the comparison ends. We will not live the transient life of the delicate insect. We will endure and go on down through the years, continuing to be the "corner stone of the nation", training boys and girls for happy, efficient lives. 13 HflrWbHHHbGb4?b6bFbflb14lr+flff'b14b14Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Board of Education TOM B. FOULK President of the Board W P M. I.. TUSTIN Cl-IAS. E. SEABRIGHT R. T. MCCOY C. C. PARSONS 14 Cbfbdbvbibibfb f'bFbffbf'b1'b+'b15b++WI79bFbvwbvbv 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 l P. KING Principal MARY ORR GUY P. ROl-I.INS XVcst Virginia University, XVest Virginia University, Dean of Girls: American B.S.: Dean of Boys, History. Mathematics. VIRGINIA BRAND M. AGNES ANDERSON University of Cincinnati, XVcst Liberty State Teach- B.S. Vocal Music. er's College, A.B. Art. I5 ln4lrfVvf'b4?b44b1+bFlbdbffbf4b44lv+flrf'bf4bf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Ni CARRIE KATHRYN l3l.liMlNG West Virginia University, A.B.g Columbia Univer- sity, A.M.: English. MARY AGNES ERSKINE Muskingum College, AB.: English. MARY A. HERVEY t Virginia University, A. : Columbia Univer- sity, .M.: English. Jourf nalis . EFFIE K. ANDERSON West Virginia University, A.B.: English. J. VINCENT GIFFEN West Virginia University: Biology, Agriculture. J. KENNETH SHAVER T West Virginia Wesleyan: B,S.g Chemistry, Physics. 16 Clvifbvb14lsFb9b1'bPbibflfilbfbfblfbfiblibifbf'l:f'bf'b1'l11f INDIA Kll,l.lAN Elizabeth College. AB. English. l.Ell.A GRACE CONAWAY VVest Virginia University AB4 Biology. 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 BIERNICIE BRIENNAN West Virginia University: A,B., A.M.: Social Science. KATHISRINIZ M. MIETZNER Gouclier Colle e, A.I5.: I.at1n, History. 4 1 V. H. BIXLLR "' Bethany College, A.B.g Ilistorv. Social Science. N CHARLES E. PETTY University of Illinois, B.S.g Economics, Soci- ology. SARAH E. WHITE Muskingum College: A.B.: Social Science. VIRGINIA PRICKETT Marshall College, A.B.: University of Wisconsin, A.M.: Latin, History. MARTHA MARGARET MOORE West Virginia University, AB.: Spanish. RUTH LEE ROBERTS Lynchburg College, AB.: French. English. 1 7 Fbifbffbffbtflriflvffbfflvffbtlbfllvtibflbtllvlfbtflvfllviflbifl1F'lw14lv14Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN IW4 U. D. WALKER Indiana State Teachers College: Woodworking. KATHERINE BARNARD Miss Niel's School: Short- handg Commercial Arith- metic. ADDA I.. DUNLAP Hood College, B.S.g Gal- laudet College, A.M.: Ifoods, English. M, MARGARET McCI-ANNAI-IAN Carnegiclnstirute of Tech- nology, B.S.: Clothing, Commercial Arithmetic. CATHERINE EBELING HESS Russell Sage College, B.S.C Bliss College, B.S.: Book- keeping, Commercial Law. FLORENCE MCKEE West: Virginia University, B.S.g Librarian. hmm,mustmbswwtwswmswbffwwww M. M. ROKOS West Virginia University BS.: Mechanical Draw ingg Algebra. RUBY STEWART Ohio State University Typewriting. 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 ROMAINIS BELL Bethany College, A.B.: Algebra. DESSIE B. COX Bethany College, A.B., Boys' Study Hall. J. E. NICHOLSON Muskingum College, B.S.: Physicsg Plane Geometry. MARY B. WINTERS West Virginia University. A.B., A.M.: Algebra. DALE ROSS Bethany College, Ph.B.: Girls' Study Hall. MRS. ETHEL CLARK LEWIS Moody Bible Institute: Bible. MARGARET H. NEWTON Ohio Northern Univer- sity, B.S.: Girls' Physical Education. JOHN A. FRUM Salem College, A.B.: Athletic Director. 1 9 1fb5bf3b+4b++b44'bd'wflv++bHb44'v44b14bfllvibtflvfllrfbftWbflbflQ ff u wx, , .A f, 1 mftn my ms-Q , SM: ., A "1 ,, " I 1 A , 'A 1 . NR W Y ':, ' 3 ,.,,x.1 A A' A T fy 'A H .' ,. .. ,f 1 A . A . , . - -1 ., ,A rv' f f",4 ,H pf 'A an ,JW , A ' - v I -fr-1:--Y: .1 --51 4 A 1 . 4,4 5. -',, .. . 1.5 ,Ar . .5 . . .,' J , W , V. , Q., . - n,i .J 'A V- , A A riff: L.. .3 wig. g . Q--1 ,q,. Af,v,.11 ,A Q ,vw :vw . wg f wud , ,r Q., . N" . ,Wil "1 2 f. ' v . , "1 -, ,A My ,t .v Y Va., r. .534 ,A ir., -i ,A :M K A, .. ,,iik,: 1 nl.: ,A .Q ' A u . ,M , Y T 1 Q rv' A -. , . Y. . M, ..x.. A f .wx ,sv .Y ex , W nv. 15 -.1 'ri . my - -4, :V ,,,' ',.4.. ...,'W3,'z,.p' . ,JA . A r 9 , . . , -A, A . A ilx 'iv A11'-' ,, ,A . ' -,vu ' 3' . . ,. Q.. w. Q5 K ',, ff 'i - - 'f f , 3, , . , .,v ,.. w,.k,' ,. 5 F i A mil ,-.'fQ..'.u. iff ., ff ve! -1 ,,4.f,.,V4' 'WK f . , - ,Aw 3 pw A ,: J' M , .. ,. .v Q . .. f-nf . s, 3 ,z-,. v j. f A- "::Y5fg,,-S7 . T my -fdij -,V ., ' . . rug 1 ,LS TW4, ,LLM I . , A "-- ,g A My ., -, -1 : 1 ,.,jLs,,-, 2, A ..- ,Q Q: .I 2 . . .A , nv. .:, .A V ' QQQQQ. Q1 , K f., . L, . A V 4, . A, x r' , .1 mum- .,,,. 1 4 C1 Y' A1 4, ,, 3 , fi gg A1 'ilk Y , , ,mf 1 1. L . -A ' 1 1 4 W, A1 ,. 1 i v,, L lfl 1 I .rr 0 2 1 fFb5bt3Wb4+WbFlv+4b+fbHbf+17+4 bdbibdbffbibi W Wl114lvf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Sveninrn JEROME ISRAEL GRAFF "Jerry" Class President 4: Triadelphian Staff 3. Editor 4: Tennis 2, Captain 3: Second Stifel Prize l-2: Third Stifel Prize 31 State Latin Contest, Second Place 1-3, First Place 23 Annual Staff 3, Classical Club 2, President 3-45 Orchestra l-2-3-4: Pro and Con 2-3-4: Ping Pong 4, Jr. High Commencement Speaker. CHARLES COX "Coxie" Class Vice President 4: Football 1-2-31 Track 1-2-3-43 Boys' Glee Club 1-2: Vice President. - C. RAY HAMILTON "Cecil" Class Secretary 4: Varsity Basketball 2-3-4: Track 2-3-43 Tennis 3: Hi-Y 4: Ping Pong 4: Publicity Committee 4. WILLIAM AUSTIN KING "Billy" Class Treasurer 4: Golf 1-Z-3-45 Track 3-43 Varsity Basketball 2-3-4: Ping Pong. Treasurer 4: Publicity Committee 3: Business Staff 4. 22 bbfwhfbibfbfbfbf' b1'lrf'lr1'lvFb1'b14l14fb19bf'bf'bf'bt'b11 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 ANN ACKIIRMANN i'I,ouie" Classical Club Z-3-4: I7rench Club 3: Ping Pong Club 4. JOHN REID ANDERSON "Andy" Band 2-3-4, Student Conductor: Hi-Y 3-4: Classical Club Z-3, Vice President -4: Ping Pong Club 4: Orchestra 4. MARY FRANCES APPERSON "APM" Girl Reserves l-Z-3-4: G. A. A, 3, Tre.1surer 43 French Club 3-4: Volleyball 'S-4: Basketball 4. JEAN WINIFRIED ARCHER "Freddie" Masquers 3-4: Cnlee Club 3-4: Com- merce Club Z-3: G. A. A. 3-4: Volleyball I-3--lg Thespians 4. LOIS KATHLEEN ARCHER "Lois" Entered as a junior from Wheeling I-Iigh School. EDWIN CHRISTY ARKWRIGHT "Eddie" Band l-2-3-43 Orchestra I-2. RICHARD HUBER BAIRD "Dick" Football l-2-3-4: Track 1-2-3-4. HELEN VIRGINIA BARBER "Half-pint" Orchestra 1-2: Girl Reserves 2: Com- merce Club 2-3g Glee Club 2-3: Mas- quers 4: G. A, A. 3-4: Volleyball 3. ffb6h8Wlv3b4flvHf6bHb9b6b8b14bfib9bFbf?b5 lvtibfibfilvflt 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 CHARLES BRAND, JR. "Brandy" Band 2-3-4: Orchestra 3-4: Masquers 43 Commerce Club 3, Secretary 4: State Orchestra 4. PAUL W. BUTLER "Paul" Entered as junior from East High School of Cleveland, Ohio. SARAH GIBSON CALDWELL "Gibson" Orchestra 1: Riding Club I-2-3-4: Classical Club 2-3-4: Latin Contest 3. ISAAC W. P. CAIVIPBELL "Izie" Spanish Club 4. JANE ALIFERI BASLE "Bubbles" Entered as senior from Seton Hill Academy, Greensburg. Pennsylvania: Pro and Con 4: Annual Staff 4: Triadelphian Staff 4. RUTH T. BELTZ "Ruthie" Commercial Club 3. RUTH ELIZABETH BLAKE 'ARuthie" Girl Reserves I-2: Girls' Glce Club 3-45 Commercial Club 3-4. IVIARCELLA MARIE BOYD "Woodie" Home Economics Club I: Basketball Ball l-2-3-4: Volleyball l-2-3-4: G. A. A. 4. I I I I CbiwblbibvbfbFbibfwbfbfbfbffbifbibFbilbfbiibil 1934 THE TR IADELPHIAN 1934 VIRGII. CAMPBELL "Sunnie" Glee Club 2-3, Vice President 4: Home Economics Club l-Z-3, Vice President 4: Mnsquers 4. WILLIAM CARROLL "Bill" IIIIICICLI as .1 senior from St. Clairsville lligh School. GEORGI3 ROBERT CLARKE "Clarliey" Band I-2-3--I: Model Club I-2-3: Senior Ring .md Pin Committee: Bird Club 4. GIENIE CHARLES CLATOR "Red" Band I-Z-3-4: Football I-Z-3-4: Hi-Y 3, Marshall 45 Commercial Club 1. I VIRGINIA LEE CLELLAND l "Ginny" Commerce Club 3-43 Girl Reserves 43 Basketball I-2: Senior Ring and Pin Committee. MARIAN SYLVIA CLOVIS "Clover" GENE COIIITINDAITITIER "Coffey" 'WILMA HUGH COLLIER "Alabama' i Entered as a senior from Huntsville, Alabama. Girl Reserves 4. 25 SfHbflb+'b0fb+'bffb+9b++bRbf?b+'bGb13bFbFb14b+?b+fbFbffbflQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 GEORGE DAVIS "Porgie" Orchestra l-2-3-4: State High School Orchestra 244: Scholarship to W. Va. Wesleyan for Music 4. SARA JOSEPI-IINE DAVIS "Sally" Classical Club l-2: Glee Club 2-3-4: Girl Reserve 243, Vice President 4: Or- chestra l-3. HELENIE DEPTO "Depot" Home Economics Club l. ITRIEDRICK SCHENK DOEPKEN "Fritz" Band 1-Z-3-4: Football 2: Basketball 2-3: Class President 2. CbtfbtibtibffbtfbilbFbfbfbfbfbfbibtfbfbibfibfbfbtibif JOHN LOUIS COI.MAR i'Scoop" Freshman Commencement Speaker: Class Vice President 2: Football 2: Busi- ness Staff 2: Hi-Y Z, Corresponding SCC- retary 3. Secretary 4: Masqucra 'S-4: As- sistant Athletic Manager 3: Triadelphian Staff 3. Sports Editor -lg Annual Staff 35 Quill and Scroll 3. Secretary 4: Thes- pians 4. GEORGE W. COOPER "Goofus' Band l-2-3-4: Orchestra lA2-3-4: Model Club lA2-33 Robot Club 4: Swim- ming 4. STUART I-I. DAGUE "Miler" Model Club 1: Secretary 2, President 3-4: Robot Club 3, President 43 Track I-2-3-4: Constitutional Committee. ALLENE DOROTHY DAVIS "Alley" 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 DAVID A. DRAWNECK W 1 "Dave" Robot Club 4: Stage Crew 4. JOSEPH MAYER DREYFUSS "Samples" Model Club l-2-3, Vice President 4: Pro and Con 3-4: Track 2-3-4: Swim- ming Team 2. Captain 43 Band I-2-3-43 Orchestra 1-2-3-4: State Orchestra 4. LOUIS P. DUFFY ..Lu,. Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 3. MARY LOUISE ETCHISON "Lou" Commerce Club 3-4. MAXINE VIRGINIA GITTINGS "Max" VIRGINIA FOSTER GOODWIN "Dotty" ' Girl Reserves 2, Treasurer 3, President 45 Glee Club 2-3-4: G. A. A. 3-43 Masquers 4. FRANK GOSTYLA "Ghost" DANIEL GRANDSTAFF l.Danu , i Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Football I-2-3. 2 7 GFHbflb+'b9bf'b+fb6bFbRb+lHbflb+lbf'b6bflbHbffbFb14bl4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 MADYLON LOUISE HARRIS "Hare" Girl Reserves 3-4. DAVID F. HENRY "Dave" Band l-2-3-4: Model Club 1-2-3. RALEIGH JACKSON HERBERT "Jack" Entered as a senior from Huntington High School. ARDATH DAVIS HILTON "Artie" Junior High Commencement Speaker: Classical Club 2-3: Snanish Club 2-3: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Pro and Con Club Z, Vice President 3: Masquers 3, Presi- dent 4g Class Vice President 3: Class Bas- ketball 3-43 Ciirl Reserves 2-3: Riding Club 2, Vice President 3: Stifel Prize 1-Z-3: Publicity Committee 3: Thes- pians 4. LEONA R. GRUSE "Bruse" KARL W. HALLER "Mike" Vice President of Class I: Band l-2: Model Club Z: Football Manager Z: Mas- quers -lg Boys' Glee Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Bird Club 4, President 4. WENDAL HOWARD HAND "Windy" Band 1-2-3-4: Orchestra l-2: Hi-Y 3-4. FRANK TAYLOR HARE "Rabbit" Football 3. CbfbvbibibtfbfbFbibfwbfbfbfbtfbfbibf'bt'bf'b1fbff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 FAUI. HOBl.lTZEl.l. "Haredinny" I Model Club l-Z: Robot Club 3--lg Stage Crew 3-4. DOROTHY S. HOFFMAN "Dot" Girl Reserves l-Z: Art Club 2: Com- merce Club Z-3, President 4: Publicity Staff 3, General Chairman 4. EDWIN M. HUNTER "Ned" Football l-Z-3, Captain 4: Basketball 1: Track l-Z-3: Pro and Con 4: Swim- ming Team Z. VlRGlNlA HUPP "HUPpv" Art Club lg Annual Staff 3-4. VIRGINIA E1.1zABt2'1'H Jisrirtatts "Jetty" Girl Reserves l-Z-3-4g Home Eco- nomics 3-4: Glec Club 'S-4. ALFRED THOMAS JEFFERSON "Freddie" Football 1-2-'S-45 Golf Team l-2-3-4g Basketball 3. JANE JOSEPHINE JESKY HJC., Commerce Club 2-3-4. NOVA EVELYN JOHNSTON "Novie" Girl Reserves l-2: Art Club 23 Com merce Club 2-3, Vice President 4. H'lvFbNb++bHbGbt9bt5b5b14bHlv4fbFb4bflQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 l HELEN CAROL LAW 'ADummy" Art Club 4: Home Economics 4: Bas- lietball 4. GEORGE LITTLE "Small" HELEN MARY LYONS "Steinie" Entered from Mount de Chantal in junior year: Pro and Con Club 3-4: Classical Club 3-4: Ping Pong Club 4. MARGUERITE EASTMAN MacGREGOR "Duchess" Riding Club 2-3-4: Classical Club 3-4: G. A. A. 3-4: Art Club 25 Senior Ring and Pin Committee. RUTH KINGLEY "Ruthie" Girl Reserves 2-3: Classical Club 2-31 G. A. A. 3-4: Pro and Con Club 3, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4: Ping Pong Club 4: Class Basketball 3-4: Volleyball 3. ALFRED J. KlTE "Aaron" Model Club 43 Glee Club 4. GEORGE KNISKA "Pal" Band l-2-3-4: Model Club 2, Secre- tary 3, Treasurer 4: Robot Club 3, Vice President 4: Chairman Ring and Pin Committee. ANN LOUISE LAUPP "Vezzie" Junior High Commencement Speaker: Girl Reserves 2, Vice President 31 Pro and Con 2-3: Spanish Club 3: Vice President 4: Classical Club 2-4: Secre- tary-Treasurer 3: Class Secretary-Treas- urer l-2: Class President 33 Class Basket- ball 3-4: Stifcl Prize 3. Qbtfbtfb fbffbtiblllf Fbibvwbibibflaffbdbibf'bt'bf'b+fb1f 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 BARNIETT JONIES "Barney" VIRGINIA GRIVIIITH JONIES "Jinnic" Classical Club Z-'S-4: Girl Reserves Ig G. A. A. 3--I: Riding Club 2-3-4. CHARLES KAYUHA "Chuck" Model Club l-Z: Ifooiball l-2: Track Z-3: Ping Pong 4: I-Ii-Y 4. HOVJARD R. KEISTER "Howard" Ili-Y 3-4. Secretary l-Z-3-4: Tennis 344: Spanish Club 4. ANN KESLER "Katy" Commerce Club 2-3-4: G. A. A. 3-4g Basketball Team I-2-3: Volleyball l- 3-4. DOROTHY KIMMINS "Dot" Home Economics Club I-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club 2-3-4. MARY KIMOSH "Kimmie" Commercial Club 2-3-4. JUANITA KIMPEL "Nita" Entered as a junior from Charleston High. b9Wb0HbHbGb6b5bFbf4b5bFWbf4bHQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 IIRANK O. McCOY "Hank" Band l-2-3-4: Orchestra 2: I-li-Y 2-3, Book Treasurer 4: Masquers 3-4, Vice President 4: Thespians 4. DOLORES McGI.UMPHY "I.olo" Commerce Club 3-4: Girls' Glee Club 3-4. TOM OLIVER MEDIER "Olive" Varsity Basketball 2-3-43 Track Squad 2-3-4: Hi-Y 4. MARJORIE ANN METZNIIR "Marg" Classical Club 2-3-4: Girl Reserves 2-35 Riding Club 4g French Club 3. President 4: Ping Pong Club 41 Pro and Con 4. SARA .JANE MARPLE "Sadie" Girls' Glee Club 2-3-43 Girl Re- serves 4. EVELYN McCI.URE "Hotel" Girl Reserves 2: Home Economics Club 4. MARY LOUISE McCl.USKISY "Petie" Girl Reserves 2-3: Pro and Con Z-3' Glcc Club 2-3: Classical Club 3-4: G. A. A. 3, Secretary 4: Riding Club 2-3-47 Masquers 3-4: Tennis 3: Basket- ball 4. VIRGINIA McCOI.I-OCl-I 'Gegen Girl Reserves 2-3: Home Economics 3. Masquers 3-4: Triadelphian 43 Annual 4. CLFlft+b41b+fl:9lv1'btfblfbewlrifbibfbibfbibPbfbfbtibi 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 ELSIE MOORE A'Punk" G. A. A. 3-4: Basketball l-2-3-4 Volleyball l-3-4. WILDA JANE MOSS "Willie" Orchestra l-2-3-4. CHARLES L. NEIGH "Chuck" lioolbnll 3--l. BENJAMIN J. NEUHARDT "Benny" Entered from Linsly as sophomore. Model Club 2-4, Vice President 3: Robot Club -lg Band Z-3: Drum Major 4. VERA E. NEUHART "Honey" Home Economics Club 4. HUGH WIl.l.lAM NICHOLS, JR. "Junior" Model Club 2-3. HELEN ONISKO "Onico" Home Economics Club l-2: Basketball l-2-3-4: Volleyball l. GEORGE ITREDERICH PADEN "Padie" Hi-Y 2-3-4: Cheerleader 2-35 Mas- quers 4. 3 3 FbwdbvbiwbiwbibdbhdwwbslbibflbiblllvifbfllvflQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 ANNA ELLA RENTCHLER "Ann" Girl Reserves l: Ping Pong 4. ADA RESNICK 'iRcssie" Pro and Con 2. Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4: Annual Staff 33 Quill and Scroll 3-4. Vice President 4: French Club 3: Triadclphia Staff 3. MARJORIE L. RICKEY "Bubbles" Entered as a senior from New Marlins- villc High School. EDWARD YAGER RIDGLEY Ridge" lioomball 1.2-4. 3 4 Cbmfb 445659516 ?b1'l18l'f'lv1'i14'b15b1'Fb9bi9l: Fbilbifbvbff DOROTHY PIENNIZLI. "Dol" Home Economics Club 4, JACK PETERS "Pumpkin Eater" LENORE PETERS A'Pete" Home Economics Club, President LILLIE MAE POSTl.EWAl'I "Lily" Triadelphian Staff 3. 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 MARY IiI,IZAI3IlTH ROBERTS "Betty" Riding Club I-Z-3, President 47 Span- ish Club Z-3: French Club 4. VIRGINIA MAE RODE "Road" SARAH ANN RYDER "sally" Girl Reserves 2-3, Secretary 4: G. A. A. 3--I: Gilrs' Glee Club 2. Marshal 3-45 Classical Club Z-3: French Club 3-4. MARY ELIZABETI-I SANDIFORD "Sandy" Triadelphian Staff 3, Associate Editor 4: Annual Staff 3-4: Commerce Club 4: Quill and Scroll 3, President 4. RUBY SAUNDERS iARUbQ" Home Economics Club I-2-3, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. ELEANOR SHACKELFORD "Shack" Girl Reserves lg Volleyball 2. CHARLES SHAW "Chuck" Football I-2-3-4: Robot Club 45 Stage Crew 4. g ANDREW SIPOS "Andy" 3 5 ffbtfbribffblfbfflvifbfilvibllbtfbiibilbflbibiibtlbtilrfflfffbflbflQ 1934 THE TRIADE LPHIAN 1934 HELEN MARIE TOTH "Cookie" G. A. A. 4: Basketball 3-43 Vollcyf ball 3-4. HANNAH BELLE VARDY "Patches" Glce Club 2-3-45 Spanish Club 4: Girl Reserves I. ALEX VARGO "Alec Smart" BETTY JOYCE VENEMAN "Santy" Riding Club 4: Home Economics Club 4. I 3 6 lv1Mb9bFb8l11'bf'H bibibibfbfbffbfblbfbfbfbibf HELEN E. STEENROD "Kitten" Spanish Club 4: Home Economics Club 4: Bird Club 4. ALLEN H. STOCKER HAI., Commerce Club 3-4: Band Z-3-4. IZRICH HENRY STUMMIZYER "Stummy" Hi-Y 4: Commerce Club 3-4. . CHARLES WILLIAM TINSLEY "Bill" Entered in senior year at TriadcIpIii.i from South High School in Youngstown, Ohio. Band 4. 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 PAUI. RICHARD VOSSIEN "Gink" I5aslietb.1ll Z-3--lg Ifootball I--I: Traclx 3 4. JOHN Vt'II.I.IAM NVADDIZII. "Waddle" Classical Club I-Z: Spanish Club 3, President -I: Iixchange Manager Triadel- phian -I. At.tCt3 MARY WADSWORTH "Tippv" Ping Pong Club -I. I'IISI.IfN MARY WAGNIER "Tommy" Girl Reserves I-Z-3--l: Glee Club 3-4 Ifrench Club 4. v I DAVID JOHN WATERMAN, JR. "Dave" Band I-Z-3-4: Cheerleader I-2: Class President I: Hi-Y 2-3, President 4: Mas- quers 3-4: Pro and Con 2-4, President 31 Publicity Committee 3: Thezpians 4. President Student Council 4. I.UCII-E LEE WHITE "Cei1" G. A. A. Z, Vice President 3, President 43 Basketball I-2-3-43 Volleyball I-2- 3-4: Ctirl Reserves 3: Home Economics 2-3: Annual Staff 3, Editor 43 Triadel- phian Staff 3. JAMES HAMILTON WILSON "Jimmie" Band I-2-3-45 Orchestra 2-33 Hi-Y 3, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Ring and Pin Committee. IVIE MAE WOOD Wim "Ivy" 3 7 I ffbtfbtfbtfbtflvftlvtfbvfbffbtfbflbffbffbiilvtfbtfbfllvfibiibtfbttlvflQ l9Hf 'THE'TRIADE LPHIAN IM4 DORIS MILLER ' "Carbide" ROBERT CECIL MUIR "Cowboy" Football l-2-3: Stage Crew 43 Stage Manager 3-4. JAMES RICHARD NELSON "Nelsie" Hi-Y 4: Varsity Basketball 43 Track l-2-3-4. ROBERT W. OLDHAM A'Bob" Football l-3-43 Band 1-2-3-4: Or- chestra l-2: Hi-Y 41 Warwood Speaker 4. 38 Cbifblfb 14bffb1'b1'b14bf'b1'lf!'b1"a4'l:13b+fb4fWbf'bl'bf'b14b14 MARY ELLEN WOOD 'iOyster" Spanish Club 41 Pro and Con 3-43 Girls' Glee Club 3-4: Girl Reserves 2-3 PHILIP JOHN ARBENZ "Soapy" Boys' Glee Club 3-4. JOHN BOBICK "Johnnie" Model Club 2. OLGA ELIZABETH HEDIGER "Frankie" Girl Reserves 1: Commerce Club 2-3 Girls' Glee Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 THOMAS JOSEPH PATTERSON "Pat" lfootlnll Z 3- Tennis 2 3' Swimmin - ' ' ' ' 2 '21 Ping Pong Club -l. JAMES A. PORTER "Jimmie" Band l-2-3-4: Football Z. MABLE MARIE SCHAD "Marie" I.ULU EMMA SCHAFER ..I-U., Volleyball l: Basketball 3. Football l-2-3-43 Basketball l-2-3-45 Track 2-3-4. JAMES EDWARD SEKORAL "Squirrel" THOMAS GEORGE SLIGAR "Slag" Tennis 2-3-41 Model Club 2. EDWARD JOHN VANCE "Ed," Robot Club 3-43 Stage Crew 4. 3 9 l ffbfbdlvilbllbffblfbffbffbllbfllrflbilblibflbffbfllv14bFWl1ffbflQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 1 Y Don Duffy, Robert Ifbeling, Roy Creighton, Charles Dickey. William Hawkins, Wayne Standiford, Edward O'Black, George Tinsley, James Erb, John Kniska, Robert Maury, Dallas McCune. Robert Tidball. Milford Cunningham, John McFadden. John Fitch. John Bailey. Harold lTl'CiS!'l1lIlll. Harry Bartels, Thomas Cunningham. Don Baird, Lee Kloss. Carl Watson, Howard Winters, Robert Cox. Slater Davis, Paul Lunsford. lfmmett Muir, lllmer Johnson, Robert Orr, Brice Supler. Louis Fleming. Thurman Ben- nett, lflmer Tuttle. Morgan Stein, Stuart liranz, Robert Scott, Andrew Harvilla, Paul Bobick, XVilliam Casey. Glen McCoy, Thaddus Moskalski, Bernard Srenger, Earl Hand, Frank Elliott. Artie Lee Kayser, liaubel Dague. Vvlilliam Newland. Joe Davidson, Albert Young, Jack Youngman, Paul Storch, George Schafer. Melvin Creighton, Charles Ross. Rollie Wood, Rodney Perkins, Anthony Rapaswick, Joe liigarelti. Julius Rivlin. Sylvan Ifranklin, Jack Roller, Keith XVinters, Harry Wayt, Donald Snodgrass. Austin Barnhart. Junior Theme Songs Margaret Burger "Dreams, What Are They Made Of?" Ruth Calahan "Blue Hours" William Casey , .. . "Lazy Bones" Robert Cox . . ."When Day Is Done" Charles Dickey "Whatta' Vile Got to Lose?" Kathryn Coffey "Girl Of My Dreams" Betty Wilson .. . , .t .. "Betty Co-Ed" Melvin Creighton , ."Linger Zi Little Longer" Don Baird "We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines" Clara Wilson 'iMeet Me Tonight" Jack Roller , i'l'm 3 Night OWL' Roy Creighton "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" Mary Winters , UMoonlight and Roses" Don Duffy . .. A'Travelin' All Alone" Aldean Wood . 'Laffin' At the Funnies" Margaret Cooke "So At Last It's Come To This" Mary Louise Woodruff "Heat Waye" Ruth Wilson . "All-American Girl" Mary Louise Stauver , f'Sweet and LoyClYi: Dorothy Nw Y "0rchids In the Moonlight 40 Qb4'bftHbFb+fl11'b?'b+'bflrflrfbfbrbiibifbftb f'l:i'b4'b9bfl 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 r Margaret Miller. Margaret Burger, Bertha Brosky. Elsie Lively, Pauline Kries. Helen Miller. Anna Levin. Sara Pcrlow. Virginia Ruth. Helen Richey. Helen Donoghue, Sue Miller, lfrna Rutter. Helen Shively, Mary Louise Stauver, Mary Alice Renninger, Mary Louise Rose. Elizabeth NVilson. Gladys Higgs. Margaret Cook. Norma XVhite. Marie Ann Hirt Beatrice Jones. Betty Porter. Adelaide King, Bertha Brasch. Mary Bormann. Masha Vatz, Hope Victorson. Ruth Robinson. Betty Schafer. Louise Sue. Martha Naumann. Betsy McKee. Irene Slauver, lfrancis Boyer, Wanda Holmes, Clara Wilson. Mary NVinters. Eleanor Vance, lflorence Rockabrand, Kathleen McClaskey, Aldean Wood, Ann Vierheller. Ann Gradwohl, Doris Schuppener. Joan Bieberson. Sarah Hine. Elizabeth lfberle, Jane Kossuth, Shirley Nally, Geraldine Taylor. Margaret Dague. Mary Louise Woodruff. Mary Lee Kimmins. Lucile Marshall. Rosalee White, Amanda Stricltlin. Beatrice Amend. lfleanor Thonen, Lillian Scott. Estella lfckard. Annetta Grabe. Jessie Miller, Viola King. Sara Smith, Marjorie Striclslin, Kathryn Coffey. Ruth Calahan. Clara Virginia Bell, Jane Gilleland. Sally XVahl. Romaine Kimmons, Laura Myers. Florence Mills, Iileanor Johnson. Jane Rogers, Marian Vogler. Marian Waterliotlse, Macie Jane Vvlhitehead. Mary Jo Marlin, Ruth Wilson, lfulalia Gould, Mildred Fisher. Margaret Jane Reed. Margaret XVhiteley. Marian Riemann. Peggy Henry, Nancy Lyons. Gladys Higgs Betty Porter Louis Fleming Annette Grabe Eulalia Gould Anne Gradwohl Robert Fisher Mary Alice Renninger Eleanor Thonen Geraldine Taylor . John Fitch , Louise Sue , Marjorie Stricklin Gomer Jarrett , Marian Riemann Ruth Robinson , Florence Rockabrand ,. ,"Are You Making Any Money? . i'It Don't Mean a Thing" ,,"Who's Afraid Of the Big Bad Wolf?" "Fit As a Fiddle" . . "Sing To Me "Not For All the Rice in China A'What Have We Got To Lose? "In a Park In Paree" "My Wishing Song . , ,"Moon Song "Spring ls In My Heart i'Linger a Little Longer "Baby Be Careful" 'iDriftin' and Dreamin' ."Don't Blame Me "I'm Buckin' the Wind" it if vv v- -1 vv H n rv vu n so . .... . .Wake Up 4 1 fflvifbdbvfblfbfflvtflwflbffbtlbfilvfilvflbtilwffbfflvfilffl l:+fl1Fl114lvflQ 1934 TH E TRIADELPHIAN 1934 John Bailey A A. Betty Amos . ,, v . Eleanor Vance ,oo.Aa.. ., Harry Bartels ..o..., Beatrice Amend ..,,,,. Marian Vogler .,,..A.,,..,o or Milford Cunningham ...,.., Austin Barnhart ...,,r,o.... Anne Vierheller ...........,. Marian Waterhouse ........ Thomas Cunningham Clara Virginia Bell .,...... Willard Bell .,o,,,......... .Ioan Bieberson .....o, Rosalee White ..,......... Thurman Bennett ...oo. Faubel Dague ..,,A.,,.. -vr,r-"I've Got Five Dollars" r,,-------,r-----,,--r--''Thanks" --Lr,"Lyin' In the Hay -,------,-"Play Fiddle Play rr vv n Three Wishes ,r-----,-"It's Time To Go Home --,r-"Somethin's Gotta Happen ,,c,-"I'll Take You Home Again W-"In a Little German Garden Wanta' Be Loved --,,-"Moonlight and Pretzels n n n rv n nr n ------,--------,,,-''Settin' On a Log --r,-"That Little Boy Of Mine" 'Temptation" c,---------,-L,-----,-,,,--.----''Five Foot Two" -------"Me and That Old Gang Of Mine ---------"I'm Bubblin' Over With Glee rr rn Norma White .v..., .r...,,........o,t.,.,.. ' 'Heart Breaker" Paul Bobick .r....... .,... ' 'Louisiana Hay Ride" Mary Bormann ....... ............... ' 'Let's Begin" Joe Davidson ,............. ..........,.r....... ' 'As You Desire Me" Margaret Whiteley ..,...,tt .............,.......r....,,. ' 'She'll Get Bye" Jack Brennan ...........rr r.r.. ' 'Clothes Don't Make the Man" Bertha Brosky ............... - .t,......... "Moonlight and Pretzels" Macie Jane Whitehead ...... ...,. ' 'Doing the Uptown Lowdown" Bertha Brasch ..........,..r.. ..........,.... ' 'One Minute To One" Slater Davis .,.............A ..............,r,.......... ' 'Last Round Up" Bernadine Lauffer .tvr... ..... ' 'I Wanta' Know All About You" John Kniska ...,........ .........A.........,.. ' 'Pettin' In the Park" Anna Levin .......t, Robert Maury ..,...... Juanita Lauffer.. ,,... , Elsie Lively ............. Paul Lunsford ......., Mildred Lydick r.....r Dallas McCune ..... J ...... Lucille Marshall ...,r.... Rodney Perkins ....... Nancy Lyons ......,rr. John McFadden .....,rrr Kathleen McClaskey--. Emmitt Muir .........Y... Betsy McKee .rr..,-,,,. William Newland .....,. Robert Orr ,.....,....... Laura Meyer ....,......... Donald Snodgrass . ....... , Wayne Standiford ..t...... Morgan Stein .............. Bernard Stenger .rr...,, ---------.------"I Wish I Had Wings" ,-----------"Just a Gigalo" I Love Again ,-r---"And So Goodbye n 11 wr 'Stormy Weather rm-, --,.------,,-----------,----,-------------,-''Goodbye Again" - ........ "Nobody Loves Me Like That Dallas Man" As the Day Is Iong" . ,......,.r...,..,,.....,................,.......,.... "Lucille" ---------,--------,-"Beautiful Girl" r-r,---,-r,---,''Forty-second Street" ---------,--r------,--''Let's Make Love" -,r,"Little Cowboy and His Gun Playing With Fire -------,---------,.,''Little Cabin In the Pines r----"Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More rr n H 11 va ----,--------r-----,-.-----''I Wake Up Smiling ,-----,----,--------,----''Puddin'head Jones" Last Year's Girl" ------,---------n-''Stein Song" -------n-,-----------''Goofus'' 42 bfbtfkfbibtfbfbFbfbfbibfbfbibffbtfbilbFbfbfbebff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Sue Miller ..,...,,,,.. Margaret Dague .,.... S Wanda Holmes ..,. , Robert Ebeling ,,,,..... Sara Hine ..,ev..e..,... Helen Donoghue ......, Shirley Nally ......e, Frank Elliott ........ Estella Eckard ....... Francis Boyer ..,,.... Elizabeth Eberle ....... Martha Naumann ......,, Albert Emmerth .,...,. James Erb .......r,...s Mildred Fisher .,.... Jane Gilleland ....... Sara .Perlow ..v.,.. Joe Figaretti .......... Marie Hirt ............... Mary Louise Rose ....,.., William Hawkins ........ Elmer Johnson ......,v. Mary Jo Marlin aa..,.. --L-"Sippin' a Soda With Susie -----"The Day You Came Along .. ....,..,.a........,,,a., Mine -----,-i-------"Music Makes Me ,,r,-"You've Got Everything ------"Heaven Only Knows ,------,-"Anchors Aweigh r---,-,-"Hey Young Fellow ------,----.-----,-,,--''Easter Parade --,,r-"I Hear My Heart Saying ----------------,r-t--W,-- Remember Me Was a Night In June -------"Back In the Old Sunday School -C----------W-"Good Night Sweetheart Only a Paper Moon -----rr--t,-.-----"An Old Fashioned Girl ---,r-"There's An Old Spinning Wheel "You've Gotta Be a Football Hero -----------------------,-''Peanuts and Kisses Fingers ---------------------L-''Falling In Love Again Henry Made a Lady Out Of Lizzie --------------,-rs--e,-LeW-''Sadie Was a Lady Julius Rivlin .........,..... 'How Can I Go On Without You? Eleanor Johnson ......... ....,......................... ' 'Little You Know Beatrice Jones ........... .......................,.. ' 'Sugar Coated Lies Artie Lee Kayser ............ ..................a,.,a,....... ' 'Poor Butterfly Mary Lee Kimmons ........... ....... ' 'Sing a Little Low Down Tune Ralph Krumme ...........eY.....e. .................aa,.sa....... ' 'Smoke Rings Mary Romaine Kimmons e.e...... .............. ' 'Roll Up the Carpet Charles Ross ......................... ....... ' 'Somebody Stole My Gal Viola King ..................... .............. ' 'Hush My Mouth Glen McCoy ............... .........t.....,.. ' 'By a Waterfall Margaret Jane Reed ......., .............................. ' 'I Like Mountain Music Margaret Henry ........... ..............t,....e.t....e.,...........,tt. ' 'I Love a Parade George Schafer ......... ...... ' 'When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain Pauline Kreis ....,.., .r......,.....................t..........,....,.... ' "Till Then Robert Scott ............. ........................,........... ' 'When Day Is Done Doris Schuppener ........ ,.t.. ' 'Are You Thinking Of Me Tonight? Lillian Scott ....,........ ..r.............................,....,r. ' 'Shanghai Lil Helen Shively ........ .,...,.........,,,....,.. ' 'Will You Remember Stewart Franz t,..... ...,.. ' 'I Can't Remember Sara Smith ............... ......................,,,.. ' 'Three Little Words Amanda Stricklin ........ .......................,.... ' 'Look What I've Got Jane Kossuth .......t.... "Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? Adelaide King .......... ....... ...t.................,et. ' ' Three Cornered Moon Sylvan Franklin ....... .....................................,..... ' 'How Deep Is the Ocean Earl Hand ,............ ...,.............................,t.....,.. ' 'That's Me Without You CContinued on Page 831 Fbfbilbifbifbflbfbifbflbibiiblbtlbifbfbfibtibfilriflvifbflbfli 1034 THE TRIADELPI-IIAN l934 Sophomore Cliruncc lx.iltcnh.ich. Ciwrgc C.olvin, lgtlwrirtl lNl.irwhncr. llmwcrs. Richard livcrctt, ll.irultl l'm.irr. Andy ll.1csli.iyltu, ltvm liuclulr, llcrhvrt Crow, Cllmrlcs luirlcv. Maiiriti' .lt'nwn. fllcx lioixh. 'l'licotlorc lfinlr, lfrrinlt Dtischv. Bill Crusc. Andrew llwqott. ll.iri'v l,3lLYllt'l', Sain l'mtirlxli.ilti'i', Anthony litwnnic. linrl King, Ralph lhguc, Riclmitl Maxim, .luhn l.iw, NV.ilti'r Ciicslcr. lrvin Keller, Alan Kant. Antliony Ui lfmnlt. Rtilwcrt liaroii, I utlis l'vi'inlxin.iii, lltmaltl llrirtliclv, Civorgc l'mtti'y. ll.ii't'v Cllviiiciis. lltilwrl Humphrey. louis rlsmrtv. Christ Alhrrt. Dtwn.iltl liutilxiiigli, XVill liuc, l'vill Jolmwn, .Iohn llnllut, Hnrrv Donn. .lim llawliinx Ollic Jenkins, Mack Marlin. l'mry.inl Broscliu, Silas llirrh, ,linimiv llivix, .'Xi'iiultl Copulaiitl, Rt1YlllUI1Ll lziinvr, Stanlcy Kapnvr, Prroiiwcii Ciliilortl. llvnrv Niclwiwtwn. lfmnlx Miller, Riuhnrtl Sonnclmrn, l7am'ct' Millrr, Arthur Nngv, Hill XVi'isgcrlwr, Orvilli' Otto, 'Ibm XVilson. fclnmr SAX. llayriitviitl U'l'nl.iclx. XVillis Rlitmulvs. llill Portvr, llnrrv Mcllhcrsoii, luny Onisko. liugcnc Nlcfftmihs licnnctli Sparks. l'i.iiik Mcdick, lirnnk Slicplwrtl. lfugciic Scnmslxc, llownrtl Urth. lc Siiurc Xlvclr, Cilvtli' Riclinwntl, linrl XV.ill.1cc, Cicurgr Shepherd, .lolin XVhit.1l-wr, ldwnrd Rnnitli. .luv Uslwriiv. Ralph XX'.igiwr. lfrank Smith. Victor Nlosx, Billy illivlor, lwiinitl lklulltvv, Vx' lhompstsn, Cllnrcncc Ricc. 'litwnv Xainhitis. Utiitglas XVynn, lluimltl lNl.inCiri'gi1r, lkvcrc Moore, XVilli.1m NVilson. Carl Sflmnlx, llcginriltl llnrxuns liuiiiivtli l'ciii1ingtmi. 44 QbFWbtibPb14b1'b f'l2?'btfb4'b1'l1f'l113b?b1ib44b flbflbflbffbff 1934 THE TRIADELPI-IIAN 1934 I i Sophomore l'Ieanor Uagne. BCIIY l,axvson, Virginia Gieseler. Mildred Helms. lillen Braden. Bettv Brill. llelen Harris. Alherta Bowman. Roan Darnalwy. I liettv Clarke, Margaret Kinipel. Gwendolyn Casey. Maxine lfisher, lilsie llunter, Anna A nilers lla rnes, ll Psradhii . lleanoi lsalv. levon Ile l5arr. Ann Jackson. l.eila lltisin, l1sther lveliele, Betty lois Kathleen Cfhapinan. elen Kineheloe. Sarah lflanagan. Miriam Doeplleri. Judy Grimes, lilorenee Beherns. Martha rv. Dorothv Bierv. Marv K. Ahrens, Nancy lee Caldwell. Ann l ouise De Koning. Doro thea long. livelvn lewis. Bertha Kayuha. lil ' iv .lane Markell. BCIIC Davis, Betty lou Becker, Alice Ciarllner. Ruth Doewken. Virginia l Ciawtortl. .leanette lfimer, Carmen Hanibricle, lfleanore Cooke. Bernese Bennett. Kathrine llnnler, Ruth Bishop. Marv Hetherington. Alfdilh llall. .Illne Greer. Q A H l'ranees litnian. Xirginia Dullv. Nadine Kendall. Margerv Jewell, Beulah l'reese. l.illian Keller, Pslalxe. Antantla Cirimm. Margaret llainsleacl, lftlna Cragg. Marv lfllen Hile. Betty Jones. liileen .lane Clhapnian. Hester Ann Hare. lflsie Shaw. Helen Reynolds, Doris Nichols, Betty Moore. Sara McClain. Marv Kathrvn XVineinan, leota Nickerson. Milalrell Vv'eelxs, Ruth Peyton, Belly Mull. Margaret Rogers, .lean Roherls. lilla .lane Mllflllsleev. Kitty Meifov. Helen Rohinson. lfvelvn l'riee. Marv lrma Seahrightr Margaret XX'est. Marie Senleheil. XVilnia Marshall, Ruth Rhoatles. Marjorie lennant. Margerv Mitchel l, Marg-:rv XVarne. Dorothy Ritter. A lCfontinued on Page 05p 45 fFb09t9HbWv+Vb6lv++lr1fb9b4lb+Mlbf3bdb6bflbf?b+?b+fbffbf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Freshman .lack Rulwlc, Recd. Charles Ritter. Cicorgc Ncuhardt, Pmrtclcttc lcmmon, Vincent Riclwr, Rudolph Russck. Otto Ruxt. Stnnlcy XVilson, George Nciilmrcl, loin Neal. Donald Nluigcr. llirlcy Short, Daync Millcr. llnrvvy Vilagcncr, XV.iync Millur. Vwlilliain Murphy, XVilhur l.cmmon. Rolwrt XVhitC. l'.iul Ncspcr, .lolin Quinn. .lohn llinto. lliul lnsohilt, Billy ljilillwlntl, Clmrlcs llctcrs, Brntlv Richards. Rolwrt N.iu- nmnn, .lolin l'.iltiwon, M.1i'tin Sax, l'.iul Slxilm. Alfonso Sclxoml. Mcrrilc XVootl. .lohn Snlovcn, l.i Mar Sicg. Alhcrl Slmfcr, Virgil Smith, John lockycr, Vx'illi.ini Rolwrt'vr, Rudy Shustvr, Quinto Vcrccllotti. llugcnc Vicrhcllcr. Artlcn Ncuhart. XVilli.ini X'.inu'. llolv lXlcAninch, Bob 'l'.1ylor, lui Spears, lloward U'Gr.idy. Riclmrtl XVilson, Clmrlcs Scnilingcr. llarry Slmlcr. llownrtl XVliiic, Arthur Schncidcr. Russcl XVcstI'.ill. Swan Rinc, XV. R. 'lf lX"lCllHCl'. llarolti Olsen. XVilson XVcQtl'.1ll. R.ii'niond Ranlw, lfrncst Preston. Arthur linrlcwinc. Stcvc C7mclik, John lloflmnn. Gcorgc Pwlntt. XV.irdcn Kininiins, llnrold Kclvington. lidwarcl Butler, Paul Campbell, Howard Hand. XVm, Doughcrty. Melvin Cflarlx, lcstcr Clark. lfrncst Holler. Arch Bullard, Bill Klctt, XV.iltcr Amniontl. XVm. llawlxins, Arthur Butler. XVilluur Allcn, 'lihonins Cirimni. Phillip licistcr. Rolwrt Cnrlc. lN'l.1yn.ii'al Ainvncl, 'livtltlv lilaniul, Kcrmit lfugntc. Gcorgc Birch. David Hcnrlcrson, Arch llupp, llnrrv lislicr, .less llmlsvll. .Linics l'ilcl1, Harry Bcrisford. Rohcrt liishcr, Allun Burris. tffontinucd on Pagc 953 46 Clvffbifb 1ibffb9l11'b ?bf'btfb1'lw1'Wl113b1+b1ib++b flbffbfbtibff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Freshman Dorothy Donoghue. Mae llannen. l.illian Clarke. Alma Cunningham, Violet Ciocea. Betty liniska. liittv l5eeny. laura l.ittle. Alice Kinsey, Margaret Johnson. Martha Colley. Helen Bow man. A l nia Cork ra n. Charlotte Shingleton. Ruth Cirahe, lialliryn Becker, Olive Ciartlner. Mary l ouise Bttrkliani. lietty llienier, Ruth Qiallager. Marjorie Colvig. Cieneyieye Depto, l.eatha Dolwlis, Virginia Britt. l oitise Butler. Betty .lane lfroseh. llelen liratitlstatl, lzliyaheth Howard. Cathrine Clegg. Martha Davis, Kathryn lirttner. Nina Jackson, Violet Amos, lfranees Bit7er. Halel Blake. lfllen heltl, Caroline lliertsehy. kN'illa Briggs. Matlalyn Baker. 'liheo Blake. Anne Hapalin, lilla Hand. Mary llapatin. Mary l each, l eotta l ashhorn. Phyllis l atitner. Peggy l.at1pp. Dorothy llerhest, Sara Beneke, Martha Cunning ham. lklarjorie lline. Muriel Kirker, l uey Dougherty. Helen Spencer. Marv Vfinters. Dorothy ljointlexter, Betty Nickerson. Dorothy kVinters, .leannette Siniins. Celeste Reinacher. Nancy O'Donnell. Betsy Ross. lfthel Robinson. Margaret Ritl, Mary .lo Vfiesgerlver, latcille Stocker. lfthyl XViles. lflila Phillips. Virginia Slater. Mary Agnes Quinn. Genevieve Spindler. lililaheth Me Donald. Sarah Rirliinond, Nancy Uherman. llhyllis Stewart. llafel Reed. Helen Miller, Mildred Saunders, Anne Saunders, Helen Stewart. Virginia Stein, liranees XVest, Margaret Steele. lirances Matthews. Virginia Markell. Merry Manion. lC:0l1llI1llCd on Page 951 47 bfllrt'lbtlb49lv4'lb1ll:t4lvtfbtfbf?bfll:t?l1+'bt4bflQ 5 r N 49 Fbvbdwbibifbibifbfbhbffbd lvf4b14bf4bFbf?b+fWl1Fbf4lvf41 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Calendar 5 O Wwb14bf'lv49b1'l:1'bl'l1i'lr1'l'1'b4'lv13lv1flv4fl14lbFlwilbfbtfbtl September- l:Vacations Over! 6 Freshies decorated by obliging sophomores. 12 Rabbi Thurman spoke in chapel. October- 'klfrcshies getting used to the rou- tine. 5 Ruth Wilson wins girls tennis tournament. 10 Two hundred students enroll for night school. 21 Goblins and witches, yes you've guessedg it's the Junior-Senior Masque. 26 Hurrahl No school. S. E. A. meeting in Wheeling. November- akhliennirz and swimming champs! 7 Ping Pong club is formed-First snow-look out here comes a snow ball. Armistice day program Mr, E. D. Taylor is speaker. 10 Snowball resolutions made in chapel. 14 21Triadelphia and Warwood ex- change speakers. Virginia Good- win and Bob Oldham go to War- wood. December- "'In the dead of winter. 1 Christmas Parade-No school. 5 Masquers first play-"First Dress Suit." 14 Football Banquet. 21 Santa Claus comes to see us again: it's the Christmas program. Classi- cal club gives a pageant. 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 January- 'This is the rage. Staccata Cstucx auto.j 5 Basketball season opens. Defeated Vtfarwood 26-23. Good luck "Triads." 0 lixamfc end. I8 Student Council. February- " Stage crew. 6 S, S. Jacobs spoke in chapel. lo Mr. King and Jerome Graff attend student council convention in Park- ersburg. Z0 Student council articles read in chapel. March- 'This way home. 8 Student council oflicials elected. Z-3 Sectional tournament champs de- feated Wheeling 28-2-l. Nice work boys. 10 Weirton defeated "Little Reds" 29-Z7-anyway we still have the best team. J. Rivlin, R. Hamilton, and P. Vossen selected on all tour- nament team. April-- 'Vliennis team. 7 Track season opens with Mounds- ville at Triadelphia. l2-I3 Stunt night. Girls start tennis practice. May- "'Editor,1. Graduation. Spring sports, golf, tennis, base- ball, track, are going full swing now. Girls' play clay. Senior class play. Moving up day. Student activities, 25 Commencement. 5 1 ffbifbfibiibtllfiflvlfbfilnfbibfllrdWbfbibfbibdbfwbibi1 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Daily street car rush. The Band marching at Chicago. Get back on the curb. Blanche and Kitty. Rest. George and Gene. A merry group at Chicago. Artie's been swimming. Our cheerleaders. Kathleen. Triadelphian typist. Sweet Miss Mary. Just Pals. Miss Scheufler. The janitors, Allegro. Leaders of Ping Pong and Scribblers. 5 2 QbfbffbQbibfbfbibfbiwbfbfbibffbifbilbFbfbfbifbfl 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 ll. XVayt. R. Orr, D, XX7.1lUFl'l1JI'l, VJ. Standiford. J. Knislia. R. NVhite. J. Davis. B. Clifford, Ci, Boury. H. l:l'ClSl'11llll1. li. Resnick. K. Pennington, XV, lfitch. H. Olsen. li. Doeplten. J. Davidson, I.. S. Meek, H. Orth, H. O'Grady. R. Creighton, J. Hallett, R. Maury. XV. Tinsley, D. Snodgrass. W. Hand. R. Krumme, B. Haw- liins. R, Shafer, J, Hammel, O, Otto, T. Grim. R, lfimer, C. Brand, J, Porter, li. Arliwright, .l, llrroclihardt, D, llenry. S. Birch, K. Kniska. A. l., Kayser. J. lfitch. A, Copeland. T. Oniska, S. liranlilin, G. Tinsley, F. Clator. ll. Keister. A. Stocker, R. Oldham. B. Neuhardt, XV. Klett. l.. McGill. D. Henderson, R. Kruntnie. XV. Vance. G. Clarke. XV. Newland. lf. Johnson, ll. King, G. Cooper, H. Winters. XV. Thompson, R. 'l'idluall. VV. Holecyy, R. O'Blacls, W. Porter, W. Giesler. l.. Kloss, R, Anderson, B. Stenger. J. Dreyfuss, R. Blaisdell. J. Bailey, C. Watson. R. Per- kins, J. Vxlilson. Boys' Band .I Not only has our band won the State Championship title for three con- secutive years. but at the National Contest held at Chicago last summer they placed first in marching and in the second division in concert playing. Seven public concerts were presented during the past year. The admission charged was appropriated to the fund for defraying the expenses of the band to the annual state contes't. Other concerts were given for the students in as- sembly and for the neighboring high schools and colleges. Members of tlie organization who have faithfully given their efforts to the band were placed on the honor roll in the music room and awarded medals at the end of the year. 5 3 t 1fb1'lvdH4btflvf'l1ffbfflv+fb14Wlrf+lviflvfllvtfbftlvttlv9'lvf?b14lv14lvf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 B, Davis, M. J. Nichols, Fa. Bennett, R. Bishop, A, Anders. A. Sarachman. lf. Hunter. M. Weeks, C. Hunter, M. lf. Hile. l.. Marshall, I. Stauver, l,. Nickerson. B. J. liorsch. ll. Boyer. lf. Blake, lf. Vance, .l, liimer, li, Ray, M. J. Reed, M. l.. Burkham, Mr. Ceo, ll. Reed. M. liisher. C. Shingleton. N. O'Donnell, lf. l.. Vvleeks, D. Vklinters, P. Ringer. Girls' Band .I To interest girls in the study of instrumental music and to create a better appreciation of music, a girls' band was organized during the Hrst months of school. The band under the skillful guidance of Stefano Ceo. has progressed rapidly, and it is expected that in a few years it will prove as suc- cessful as the boys' band. The first appearance of the girls' band was with the entire musical force of Triadelphia School which took place during Music Week. 54 Cl,Fb+fb9bPb9b1'bFlv1' b1fl:1'lr1'1v4'l:15b1'fb44b4ll:f'bt'bffb14b14 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 B. Robinson. R, Anderson. B, Stcngcr, J, Fitch, B. Tidball. W. Thompson, H. Winters, Ci. Cooper. J. Hammel, R. Shafer, XV. Tinsley, D. Snodgrass, li. Arlewright, C. Brand, H. VVayt. G. Depto, A. Grabe. XV, Rhodes, O. Jenkins, M. J. Nichols. lf. Dusch. C. McDonald, J. Miller, J. Bailey, J. Dreyfuss, R. Perkins, C. XVatson, J. Ifitch, L. Dougherty, l.. Meyer. H, Barrels, K, McKeen. XV. Moss. J. Qiraflf Ci. Davis, VJ. R. T. Met7ner, B, Porter, li. Mills. Piano1J. Chapman. Mr. Ceo. Orchestra .I Qrchestra concerts were one of the outstanding school functions of the past year. Joint concerts with the Boys' Glee club, the Ciirls' Cilee club, and the Mixed Chorus were presented during various intervals of the year. The orches- tra was honored by having 23 members chosen for the state orchestra which presented a program for the State Educational Association held in Wheeling last November. Under the capable leaders'hip of Mr. Ceo, the orchestra has rendered not only an outstanding service to the school but has provided excel- lent musical entertainment for the entire community. 5 5 t ffbfbdwbtflrffbibfibffbffbdbffbt-lbmviibftbflbffbff bf'bt4lr51 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 C. Cox. C. XVoods. Pa. Slenger. J, Roller. G. Botiry. 'lf Onislao, K, Haller, S. Birth. .l, XV. lilch. Miss l'ar.intl. adviser. B, lirosche. A. Kite. .l, Hawkins. C, Xvinters. Pm. Clifford, D, Mc Gregor. D. Kir,indsl.ill', ll. Otto. ll. XViI1ll'fS. XV, Kimmins. lf. Medick. A. l.. Kayser. R. llimer. A. llufl. D. llen- derson. P. A rbenz. Boys' Glee Club .I The Boys' Glee club under the direction of Miss Virginia Brand has completed a very successful season. The boys gave a program in chapel during the hrst part of the year and also presented a joint concert with the Girls' Glee club and orchestra. Ofiicers Dan Grandstaff President Charles Cox Vice President lirank Medick Secretary-Treasurer 56 CLFwb14bflL19b1'b Pbihdbflffbfbfbfbffwlb ffbtibfwfbfl 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 J. Rogers. C. V. Bell. J. Kossuth. B. Jeffers, V. Goodwin, V. Brand, adviser, S. J. Davis, S. A. Ryder, M. K. Wineman, H, B. Vardy. J. Bieberson, D. McGlumphy. R. Doepken, B. Laws-on, M, lf. Wood, I.. Marshall, O. Hediger, A. de Koning, I.. Nick- erson. M. Henry, R. Valatkins. H. M. Wagner, li. Gould, R, Blake, D, Kimmins. S, Miller. S. J, Marple. H. Barber, S. Rehm, V. Campbell. J. Archer, B. Steenrod, 12. Pitcher. M. l.. Kimrnins. H. Meyer, S. Flanagan. R. Bishop, B, Bennett, li. Cooke, M. l.. W00dfllil. D. long, K. Coffey, B. Amos, M. Riemann. Girls' Glee Club .I This year the Ciirls' Glee club, directed by Miss Virginia Brand, sang in chapel several times: they also sang at the concert given by the orchestra in March and at the State Educational asociation convention held in Wheeling October 25, 26, 27. New uniforms, black jumpers and white sport waists made by the girls themselves, were officially adopted this year. Oflicers Sarah Jo Davis... , . President Virgil Campbell Vice President Olga Hediger , . Secretary-Treasurer Sarah Ann Ryder Marshal 57 iFbi'btflv+'lwfl'b4i'lvffb14bHlw14lvfll:+'llv4ll:f?lvffbfVb14bfllvifldfbfilvflt 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 B. Clifford, B. Brosche, li. Mcdick. I.. Gruse, M. Winters, li. Dague, D, Grandstaff. H, Winters, B. Supler, Miss Brand. J. Rivlin, A. Gardner, S. Rehm, D. McGinley, D. Long, l.. Marshall, M, Jewell, H. Nau- mann, B. Steenrod, R. Doepken, B. Kayuhn, S. Birch. Mixed Chorus .I The Mixed Chorus has had an outstanding year. The members gave 3 program in chapel, broadcasted over WWVA during the Christmas holidays, sang at the Kruger Street School for the Parent-Teachers' Association. gave a back stage musical performance for the Christmas program and sang at an orchestra concert. This group, directed by Miss Virginia Brand. was composed of iifteen girls and ten boys. 5 8 CBFWL144b+fbt3b1'b?lvf'btfl1f'H'v+'l115lv?ib4fb14l: Fbrbfbffbi 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 J. Kossuth, J. Wilson, J. Rivlin, J. Archer, F. McCoy, J. Erb, S. Hine, M. L. McClus'key, M. Henry, M. Whitely, D. Schuppener, D, Waterman, F. Hare, H. Barber. A. Hilton. C. Brand, J. Colmar, V. Goodwin, V. McColloch, M. L. Woodruff, G. Paden, J. Rogers, K. Hallcr. M asquers .I The First Dress Suit. The Sleeping Car, and Jumpin' the Broome were presented by the Masquers in assembly programs during the past year. The club was composed of twenty-five members, only juniors and seniors being eligible. Officers Ardath Hilton ....... - ,.......,., t ................. President Frank McCoy-. e......e............ Vice President James Wilson .... . .....Secretary-Treasurer 59 Fb4'bflWblfb4'bfFb6b14bHb4fb8b1fbffbf'bffbf?bfllrffbFb14bflQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 J. llrb, S. Smith, J. Hawkins, D. l,ong, J. Pattison, C. McDonald. B. Miller, D. Sehupp- ener. R. Maury. M. K. Ahrens. H., M. Hine, J. Kossuth, N. White. B. J. XVallerstein. B. Jones, M. Phillips M. Phillips. J. Patterson, M. Riemann, Miss Agnes Anderson. M. Paulovics. li. Hunter, C. Hunter, M. Kimmins, M. Hile. B. Brasch, A. King. K. Coffey, J. Rogers, M. Henry. Art Club .I Much was accomplished by the Art club during the past year. The club was composed of twenty-five members and met every other Thursday. Work was done in water colors, crayons, and oils, although craft work-which included painting of boxes, letterholders and telephone screens--was the main work of the year. Adelaide King . President Jane Rogers . . Vice President Marian Riemann . Secretary-Treasurer 60 CbfbdbibffbtfbfbflbfbflzflrflfibibitlnfbibFlafbffbtfbff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 H. Meyer. A. I-. Laupp, P. MacGregor, C. Caldwell, A. Ackermann, M. 1.. McCluskey. Miss Prickctt, J. Gilleland. Miss Metzner, B. Kayuha, B. Moore, E. Hunter. A. King, M. Paulo- vics. S. Kapner, A. Copeland. M. Kimpcl, H. Lyons, V. Jones. R. Anderson. Caesar, Cicero. J. Graff. V. Duffyf. K. Coffey, M. A. Mctzner. Il. J. McCluskcy, S. Miller, M. J. Whitehead. H. A. Hare, S. Rehm, S. Flanagan. Others-D. Ritter. D. Long, C. McDonald, M. Bradbury. Classical Club .I The Classical club has been one of the most active organizations of the school this past year. A Christmas party and pageant, a joint meeting with the French and Spanish clubs held in January. and a Roman banquet held in April were some of the outstanding social functions of the club. The purpose of the club is,to disseminate the knowledge of the classics and to study the life of the Romans. Jerome Graff . . ..... ...President Reid Anderson . . .--Vice President Jane Gilleland . . .Secretary 61 lwfWbHb4fb44bGb+9bdbFb14b14lwffl1Fbflbi4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 R. Orr, li. Clator, J, Nelson, XV. Hand. G. Paden. R. Hamilton. T. Meder. D. Baird. l.. S. Meek. H. Nickerson, H. Dean. XV. Hawkins, R. Anderson, l., McCoy, li. Stummeyer, lf. Mediclx, .l. Bailey, B. Miller, J. llalleil, H. Blower, M. Marlin. B. Brosche. J. vKll1llAlxCl', B. Supler, B. Stenger, l.. Kloss, J. Davidson, C, Vwlatson. H. B.'lI'lClS, R. Maury. R. Oldham, XV. Porter. J. Davis. J, Frlu. J, XVilson. H. Keister. D. XVaterman. lf. McCoy. J. Colmar. H. liriesmuih. Cf. Kayuha, Mr. Shaver. Hi-Y Club .I Among the important activities ofthe Hi-Y were its bi-weekly banquets. church attendance campaigns and the distribution of food to the poor at Christ- mas. Two dances were given: Cnc with the G. A. A. in December. and the other with the Home Economics club called "The Spring Frolic" in early April. Officers David Waterman President Harold Freismuth Vice President John Colmar, Howard Keister Secretaries James XVilson. Frank McCoy .Treasurers 62 Cbfbifb9bPl:9b4'b+'lv1il11flrf'lr1Flf+'l:Plv+fl11ilf14bflbtfbffbftbft 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 E. Hunter, N. O'Donnell. A. King, R. Callahan, M. K. Ahrcns, D. Biery, V. Slater, M. Cunningham, C. Shingleton, M. Neigh, R. Darnaby. Miss Hess. XV. Collier, R. Doepkcn, E. Cragg, P. Lautner, M. E. Mobley, M. L. Seabright, Il. Cooke, B. Bennett, D. Ritter, D. Long, M. Bradbury, E. Potts, Miss Conaway. M. Dague, H. Vkfagner. H. Stewart, S. Beneke, N. Oberman, D. Herbest, M. L. Burkham. J. Ifimer. K. Bruner, S. J. Davis, H. Meyer, J. Patterson, H. A. Hare. C. Hunter, A. Hapatin, F. I.itman, E. Howard, E. Blake, D. Madden, S. Flanagan, A. I.. De Koning, P. Ringer, M. Vogler. B. Kayuha, B. Moore, K. Coffey, M. Henry, M. J. Whitehead, M. F. Apperson, S. A. Ryder, V. Goodwin, J. Gilleland, M. Riemann, M. Whiteley, B. Jeffers, T. Blake. Girl Reserve Cabinet Virginia Goodwin . - . . .. ...--.President Sarah J. Davis . Sarah Ann Ryder .. Macie Jane Whiteliead.-. Margaret Whiteley . Kathryn Coffey .Vice President ............... .Secretary .. .. ......... -Treasurer .Program Chairman .Social Chairman Jane Ciillcland. . , . . .. .Service Chairman Marian Riemann . . . .. . .. Publicity Chairman Mary Frances Apperson -- ...... Inter-Club Chairman Peggy Henry . .. . .... -- .... .Council Member Miss Conaway, Miss Hess. ..... .. -. .... .Advisers .I Practically all of the cabinet members earned rings for achievement in club activities this year: the three other members who received rings were Roan Darnaby, Bertha Kayuha, .and Marian Vogler. 63 bffb1fbHbdbflb44bt4b6bFbfibf?b+?l1Fbf4b+4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 if "W I I T G. Clarlt. Ii. Hand, C. Ross, M. Blotler. R. Tidball, M. Marlin. I'. I.antner. P. I.aupp, M. Hine. S. Hine. B. Brasch. K. Coffey. A, King. IE. King, H. Win- ters. I.. S. Meek, H. Crow. B. Robinson. IS. Clarke. R. Callahan, D. Poindexter, H. Robinson, M. Clemens. P. Ringer, H, Stecnrod, B. Pell, N. I.. Caldwell, M. I. Seabright, Ii. Cooke, C. Hunter, S. McI.ain, B. Amos. A. Grimm. M. Iiisher, Ii. Rockabrand, M. J. Nichols, E. Cragg. S. Flanagan, R. Docplxen, K. Haller, B. Britt, H. White, W. Holeczy, H. Olson, C. Winters. Bird Club .I "Let's learn to sing like the birdies sing" is the theme song of the newly formed Bird club. The club members took bird walks during the year and also studied the habits and calls of many different birds. The club was founded by Karl Hallcr. Oficers Karl Haller . . President Sarah Hine .Secretary-Treasurer 64 Cl,Fl:++bBbFI:9Ir1'b fbi' I1tflfPWvFl113bfFb4llnIl:f'I:13bf'b4fbff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 J. Graff. Miss ifrskine. adviser. J. Basel, N. Hunter. M. A. Metlner. M. J. Marlin. D. Baird, D. Vfaterman. J. Dreyfuss. M. lf, XVood, H. Lyons, R. liingley, If. Hunter, A. Resnick. A. King. M. Riemann B, Brasch, J. Kossuth, K. Cofliey, A. Copeland. S. Kapner. ff. Resnick. Pro and Con Club .I To learn the art of convincing is the purpose of the Pro and Con club. By actual practice in debating the theories of correct speech are put into use. Once a month a modern debate proposition was argued. At the conclusion participants were criticized on their arguments and presentation. Oiicers Ada Resnick President Ruth Kingley Secretary-Treasurer 6 5 ffbffbHIv+4btfb14b14lvffb+fbf+bffbHbibfibfbibfbdbtfl1Fbf3b14Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 V. Neuhardt, E. McClure, H. Law, B. Veneman, M. Rogers, K. McCoy, M. Hetherington, B. Jeffers, I-. Peters, R. Saunders, E. Eberle, M, J. Marlin, D. Kimmins, M. Henry, H. Sreenrod, V. Mahan. D. Pennell, J. Eimer, J. Bieberson. V. Campbell, E. Gould, C. Wilson, C. Hamhrick, F. Bitzcr, M. West. Home Economics Club .I Outstanding in the social calendar of the school year was the A'Spring Frolic" which was given by the Home Economics club in collaboration with the Hi-Y on April 5. Two banquets were held during the year at which mem- bers spoke on the various phases of etiquette. Social meetings were held once a month. I Officers Lenore Peters. .. .. .... . ....... . . .... .President Virgil Campbella... . . -. . . .-..-Vice President Ruby Saunders . .. ..Secretary-Treasurer 66 Qlvflnfb 4l:Fl:1'b1'b 'FH lw1'b1'Ir1'H'l113b14b4fb14l:9'l:1'bf'b14b1f 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 B. Neuhnrdr. A. Young. l.. Drawneck. M. Cunningham. G. Cooper. J. Kniska. Mr. Rokos. J, Cairns. P. Hoblitzel. E. Vance S. Dague, W. Newland. C. Shaw. H. Bartels. P. Storch. J. Youngman. T. Bennett. R. Orr. J. Fitch. Robot Club .I The Robot club is open to all boys who are interested in mechanical activities. Meetings were held bi-weekly at which club members gave talks on subjects dealing with the mechanical World. At Christmas time baskets were distributed to those in need. At our basketball games the members sold candy and the proceeds were used to buy milk in the cafeteria for our needy students. Officers Stuart Dague . . . .... .... . -President George Kniska . . . .. . Vice President William Newland. . . .... .Secretary-Treasurer 67 1fbMib+fb6+bf'b14ir+flvf?bHb1fl:44b14b14lvfibibflbff Hi' Wbfllvfif 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 H. Iiranssen. Miss Hervey, D. Baird, T. Cunningham. E. Cooke. J, Davidson. S. Kapner, B. Supler. D. Ritter, M. Borman. M. l.. Rose. A. Vierheller, Ci. Casey, V. McColloch. H. A. Hare, M. Bartels, B. Tidball. S. Burkhalter. M. 1. Seabright, M. J. Marlin. J. Baslc, B. Moore, J. Cirafl. M. Sandiford. J. Colmar, J. Erh. Triad elphian S tal? .I History is being made here. The staff is counting the votes from the election on the adoption of a Student Council. held by the Triadelphian bi- weekly on January 18. The three editors are members of Quill and Scroll, inter- national honorary society. I Heads Of Staff Jerome Graff , , . . Editor Mary Sandiford Associate Editor John Colmar Sports Editor 68 Cbfvfib 14bFb9b1'b Pb? b6H'lr1'i14'b13b?Fb1fWbf'b1'bf'b+fb1f 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 D. Baird, M. J. Marlin, S. Burkhalter. J. Basle, M. Bartels. S. Kapncr, H. A. Harc. G. Casey, V. Hupp. D. Ritter, B. Moore. Annual Staff .I Witli the purpose of producing the best Annual Triadelphia has ever put out the Annual staff began its work in early October and continued throughout the months until the book went to press, April l. Much leisure time had to be sacrificed and persistent effort was required to succeed in accomplishing our purpose. Editors I.ucile Wliite Editor Virginia McColloch , Class Editor Jane Basle Activities Editor Ruth Vkfilson , Sport Editor Mary Sandiford School Editor 69 ifbifbdbifblfwbibvilz+flvdWlr8lv14bt3lvFbFbf4bfflvif l1Flzt4lvP1 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 F. Hare, D. Sonneborn, J. Waddell, G. Paden, B. King, D. McCune, lf. Resnick. A. Hupp. J. Roller, M. Stricklin, Mr. C. li. Petty, M. Rogers, W. Johnson. Business Staff .I The Business Staff secured, despite "former hard times," many new advertisers and collected many old bills. Through their efforts enough money was raised to publish a four page paper every two weeks. with a six page edition at Christmas, and to iinance the Annual. Oflicers Jack Roller . . . . . Business Manager Frank Hare ,e e .e C Sales Manager Margaret Rogers . .. .Copy Manager Dallas McCune.e, . ....... .Collection Manager William King . -. . ,Circulation Manager John Waddell Exchange Manager 70 CH'b++l1PbFb9b1'b FH b?lr1'lr1'ln'l:13b+?b4flff9l:l'bf'b+'btfbf4 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 ll. Boyer. M. Bormann. M. T. Renninger, A. Levin. E. Stummeyer. V. L. Clelland. NV. Slandiford, M. I.. Rose, R. Cox, R. Blake, M. Sandiforcl. D. Hoffmann. A. Kesler, S. Perlow, J. Jcsky, M. Kimosh. H. Toth, M. Johnston, C. Hall, M. I.. lflehison. Commerce Club .I Visiting various business organizations took up much of the time of the Commerce club. Several of the concerns visited were the Bell Telephone plant. the Dollar Savings Bank, and the Wheeling News plant. The club was also active socially. Among the many social events of the year were a theatre party, a skating party. and a St. Patrick's Day party. Oflicers Dorothy Hoffmann President Nova Johnston , Vice President Charles Brand , . Secretary Wayne Standiford ..Treasurer 7 1 A Fbibdbffbibibibfibtfbdbdbibtfbfllvibtflvfl lvfTl1f?b1fl114lv-fit 1 , wh, , High . ,, L, , T a-.-. H fw, ,V , 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 TRIDEL by Jeanette Folmar Fight! Fight! boys we're with you: Let's all unite in one big sound. Let's sing and praise our colors Red and Black: They'll never touch the ground. Chorus: Tridel, we're for you: Tridel, we're with you. You represent our school so true Go in fight, boys, with all your might, boys. We'll wave our colors o'er our heads And ne'er,feel blue. Rah! Tridel, we're for you: Tridel, we're with you. You'll defend our colors Red and Black. Come on you Triads! Let's give a yell, lads! You'll find that pep we never lack. 7 3 FHWMMBHWBWWBFHWHBWFLFBHWWHWQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Football Team J. Shinsky, K. Winters, E. Wallace, P. Bobick, E. Marschner, D. Ackerman, J. Cuffaro, W. Wallace. A. Bonnie, W. Symansic, J. Hawkins, assistant manager. J. E. Nicholson, assistant coach, S. Burkhalter, C. Shaw. G. McCoy, J. Figarerti, R. Oldham, S. Gregorsky, J. Sekoral, A. Jefferson, L. Fleming, A. Hacskaylo. E. Ridgley. R. Baird, E. Muir, N. Hunter, captain. G. Clator. li. Hand, R. Muir. A. Rapaswich, P. Vossen, John Frum, coach. Sept. Triad.-Central , . 8- 6 Sept. Triad -Wellsburg O-13 Oct. Triad.-Weirton ..... - 7-31 Oct. Triad.-Moundsville - 7- 6 Cct. Triad. Open I Oct. Triad -Martinsville . 13-13 Nov Triad -Wheeling -. ..... . . 0-12 Nov. Triad -Linsly., .... 6- 7 Nov Triad -Sistersville . .Cancelled Novi. Triad.-Warwood. .... , 0- 7 CbFb+4b8bFl:9b1'b'f'b1'l11flfF'lr1'b+'l115b14b+fb14l:Fbfibff btfbff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Basketball Team Mr. l fly, A. Hacsknylo, P. Storch, J. 1VlcFadden, W. Cruse, T. Meder, W. Vance, E. McCombs, A. Bycott. A. Rapaswick, Manager H. Friesmuth, Coach J. Frum. Je V J. Nelson, R. Hamilton. P. Vossen, B. King, J. Rivlin, J. Sekoral, J. Figaretti. 22 5 6 12 13 19 20 26 27 2 3 9 10 16 17 23 24 -West Liberty Warwood Weirton Linsly Central Bethany -Union -Bellaire -Warwood -Linsly -Union -Moundsville -Wellsburg -Open -Wheeling -Central -Martins Ferry Home . .53 18 Away 3 , ...,.. .26 23 Home . .. 41 34 Home 3 3340 25 Away33 3 333.60 17 Home 3 3 48 13 Away B , , 331 19 Away3, 3 . ,340 27 Home 3 .331 9 Away3,3 3 3 3 45 12 Home.. . 3 352 . 45 Away , 3 3339 22 Home- 3 3 .338 26 Home 3 37 28 Home 3 40 35 Away3.3 3 .345 16 75 WMMFWBHHBWBNBWHb14bf1lvffb5bflb+?lv+flvFbf4bflQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 T. Zambito. B. Maury, lf, Resnick, G. Clator, li. Stummeyer, R. Scott. Romanoski. U. Semaske, Coach C. Petty. J, Hawkins, A, Rapaswick. J. Roller. J. Herbert, C. Kayuha. J. Rivlin. C. Shaw, J, Dreyfuss, H, Crow, A. Young. Manager H. liriesmuth, A. Bycott, S. Dague, R. Oldham, VJ. King, T. Meder. C. Cox. A. Bowers. J. Shinsky. P. Vossen, N. Hunter, li. Bobick, J. Sekoral, J. Nelson, R. Hamilton, R, Baird, J, lfigaretti, lf. McCombs. Track Team The Red and Black trackmen captained by Tim McCombs, had a very successful season, losing only the state meet. Valley records established in I933 were: August Castilow, unbeaten in the broad jump, now liolds the O. V. A. A. record at 20 feet 3 inches and the Intelligencer record at 20 feet 9 inches: Paul Miller tied the low hurdle record at 27.3 seconds in the Intelligencer meet: in the state sectional meet., Captain IVlcCombs tied the high hurdle mark at l6.4 secondsk a record of 6916 points per team total was established in the sectional meets. Other new school records established by Triads are: Fred Herman, shot put 43 feet 592 inches: Tim McCombs', the high jump, 6 feet: August Castilow, broad jump, 20 feet 9 inches. The freshmen relay QTim McCombs, Buczek, Sparks, and Bowersj l.25.5. Bill King was undefeated in the high jump and won the State cham- pionship at Morgantown. Captain lVlcCombs won the State championship in the high hurdles, and Paul Miller did likewise in the low hurdles. These three would have been eligible to the all-state team, had one been chosen. Fred Herman was undefeated in the valley meets in the shot put and lost only once in the discus. The 1933 schedule and results are as follows: On April 8, Triadelphia won with 85 points: Moundsville, second with 52 points: Linsly, third with 36 points. On April l Triadelphia won with 88 points: Bellaire, second with 76 points: St. Johns, third with 4 points. The O. V. A. A. meet, held on April 22, was won by the Triads for the second year in succession. For the third consecutive year the Red and Black trackmen won the Intelligencer meet that was held on April 30. The State sectional meet was won for the third consecutive year by Triadelphia on May 6. 76. CLFWEJbibibfbfbihibflrfbfblibtfbtfbilbfilafbffbtibff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 On May 12-13 the West Virginia State meet was held at Morgantown and was won by Charleston, the Triads placed fourth. -Those who qualified for the State meet were: Captain Tim McCombs, August Castilow, William Maury, Ray Hamilton, Charles Cox, John Shinsky. Harold Ciieseler, Edward Mossberg. Fred Herman, Bill King. Although injured for two meets, Captain McCombs was high point man with 72 273 points: August Castilow. second, with 53 points: Fred Herman, third, with 48 points: Paul Miller, fourth, with 36 points: and Charles Cox. fifth with 34 points. Those who returned for track this year were: Ray Hamilton, Dick Baird, Charles Cox, Jim Nelson. Stuart Dague, John Shinsky, James Sekoral, Frank Bobick, Eugene McCombs, Allen Bowers, Bill King, Paul Vossen. All of whom were 1933 point winners. Those who graduated last year were: Captain McCombs, August Casti- low, Edward Patrick, Robert Cox, Paul Miller, Adolph Meder, Robert Joquay, Harold Ciieseler, Edward Mossberg, Homer Sharpenburg, and Fred Herman. The Triads have lost only two valley meets in the past three years: the O. V. A. A. in 1931, and a dual meet with Linsly in 1933. ' Boys' Swimming Team Swimming, after a rest of several years, has been reorganized and several meets planned for this spring. The team secured as sponsor Mr. Dan Hile of the Woodsdale Jr. High. There were twenty boys out for the swimming team of which the best were chosen to compete in the following events. Four swim- mers were entered in the 100 yd. free style relay, a 50 yd. back stroke, a 75 yd. medlay including back, breast. and free style strokes, 50 yd. breast stroke, 100 yd. free style along with the diving contest. The schools of the valley were met at different times during the spring. Wheeling was the Iirst, to which we dropped our contest on January 25, 45-21. The Y. M. C. A. team was the next victor over Triadelphia as they won on February 8 by a score of 48-18. On February 22, they came up against War- wood again to be beaten 32-21. On March 8 they met Bellaire again on the little end of the score 22-40. Central was victor on March 22, the score was 37-29. We met the Linsly cadets on March 29 for the last event of the year, the score was 42-28 in favor of the cadets. 77 b01WbHb+fHH1b44bdb1fb6bdb+fbi'btibf1Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Girls' Basketball Team M. Soloway, V. Ciocca, I. Sharady, O. Gardner, R. Rivlin, P. Laupp captain M L Nickerson, M. Hannen, M. L. Burkham, S. Beneke. H. A. Hare, E. J. McCluskey, M. Helms, H. Harris, R, Peyton, captain J Greer G Cases D. Biery, B. Bennett, C. Hunter. A. King, M. J. Marlin, E. Gould, M. L. Kimmins, R. Wilson, captain, E Rutter B Jones S. Nally, M. L. Woodruff, M. Stricklin. A. L. Laupp, A. Kesler, S. A. Ryder, L. White, captain, E. Moore M F Apperson H. Law, M. Boyd. R. Kingley, M. L. McCluskcy, A. Hilton. The girls' basketball this year was conducted under a new plan Each team had a student coach. Sarah Ann Ryder was for the seniors Elsie Moore for the juniors, Lucile White for the sophomores, and Ruth Wilson for the freshmen. The results were: Feb. l--Juniors Feb. 6-Seniors Feb. 8-Seniors Feb. 1 3-Sophomores Feb. 15-Juniors Feb. 20-Seniors Feb. 22+Seniors Mar. 1-Seniors Sophomores Freshmen -.-Juniors ------.Freshmen Freshmen -------Juniors -..----Sophomores ,,-,--.Juniors The seniors won the championship and received the cup for the second year in succession, for they also received it during their junior year .WWE9lvl'lb13l11'l:fll7l'l11'lr'l'lr?'l:?'l11'7lv1'llv5HllJ f'bPbf'b1fbf? 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 G. A. A. V. Goodwin, V. Jones, J, Archer, M. J. Marlin, Miss Robinson, A. Kesler, H. Barber, H. Toth, R. Kingley. H. Harris, S. Nally, IE. Rutter, E. Gould, G. Taylor, M. I.. Woodruff, P. MacGregor M. Boyd. M. F. Appcrson, IZ. Moore, l-. White, M. L. McCluskey, S. A. Ryder. Others-Ruth Wilson. To promote good sportsmanship for the girls of this school is the aim of the G. A. A. In order to be a member of this club, 200 points are required. These points are obtained by participating in tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other sports. An extra 100 points is required to receive a club emblem. The activities of the club were as follows: October ..... . ,........... .,............. .-Steak Roast November . -Swimming Meet December . . ., ...,.. G. A. A.-Hi-Y Dance February , , .New Members Dinner March . s ,Theatre Party and Dinner April . s. . ,...s,...--..,Swimming Meet After Miss Robinson's marriage to Mr. Frederick Scharf in February, Miss Newton became the club adviser. The officers of the club were: Lucile White . . .,..... .... . ,, . .. President Ruth Wilson s,,e,,..,,.. D ,, .,,.,, Vice President Mary Louise McCluskey... ., .. .-...,--...Secretary Mary Frances Appersonn, .,., ,, , ,.,,,. -Treasurer Jean Archer. ..... Recording Secretary 7 9 b0flr1fbHb44b44b19bt3bd'b9b14bf?l144lfFbf4bf4Q 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Twenty-one Straight Victories This year the Little Reds set up a record that will be very hard to equal in future years. They won 21 games during the season and were beaten by Weirton in the regional by two points. Here are just a few highlights of our successful team: Jimmy Sekoral was appointed captain by Coach Frum. Although he was the shortest man on the team he was one of the best defensive and offensive players in the valley. He scored in practically every game and was in there working every minute of play. His drives to the basket for short shots were hard to stop. Julius "Caesar" Rivlin was considered by fans and critics one of the most versatile players ever in the school. He and Sekoral formed a guard combination that was probably the best in the valley. He was a good shot and passer and on defensive playing repeatedly broke up opponents dribbles' and short shots. In the Central game he made three baskets to put us ahead in the last two minutes of play. I-Ie made the all-Valley and all-Regional teams. Billy King, although having an attack of flu, was next to the highest with 237 points scored. He was exceptionally good on his fast breaks and shots along the foul line. He scored 12 field goals and one foul during the Bellaire game to give him the highest number of points scored in any game by the Little Reds. He was noted for his pivot shot. Paul "C1ink" Vossen was high point man on the team with the score of 242 points because of his accuracy in making baskets. He was forced to work hard due to the opponents knowledge of his scoring ability, for with any open- ing, he would be sure to come through. He was selected on the All-Valley and All-Regional teams. Ray Hamilton was like a blocking halfback in football, playing a great floor and passing game. He was one of the best defensive players on the team. It was his passing and floor work that made the scoring of others possible. Ray was considered by some as the most valuable man on the team. Under his opponents basket he was a great defensive man. He was chosen on the All- Regional team. Joe "Fig" Figaretti was a substitute guard or forward and was capable of filling any position when the opportunity presented itself. Next year he will be a very valuable player for the team. Jimmy Nelson was a substitute forward and a fighter who could be relied upon to fill either forward position. Tom Meder is one of the tallest men on the team and proved a great aid in substituting for Bill King during his illness. 80 Owbffb1ibPb49b1'bf'b8b14b1'b1'HbFb4+b+fb44bfibiibfbvfbff 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 After going through the season without a defeat, the boys won the Ohio- Marshall County Sectional played at Warwood, March 2, 3. The Little Reds were a seeded team and drew Moundsville for the first round whom they de- feated 27-19, in the semi-final they put the Green and White of Warwood down in defeat 37-29. The finals presented a more difficult battle. being with Wheel- ing which was defeated 28-24. For the first time Triadelphia won a Sectional tournament. ' They went with high hope to the Regional tournament played at Madison gym. Magnolia present themselves first and were beaten 41-21. In the final Triadelphia took their first defeat of the year at the hand of Weirton 37-39. Intra Mural With members of the varsity basketball team as coaches the class and club teams went into action. The first half was won by the sophomores and faculty, both winning five games and dropping one. The juniors came third by being able to win four out of six attempts. Two teams tied for fourth by winning only half of their six games, namely the freshman and seniors. The Hi-Y came sixth by winning one out of six games while the Robot club was left with six losses to their credit. The second half was won by the faculty and seniors who lost only one out of six games. By winning four out of six games the sophomores and juniors tied for third place. The Hi-Y captured fifth place by winning two out of six games and in sixth place are the freshman, unable to win more than one game out of six starts. Seventh place is held by the Robot club who was again not able to win any of the six games. The faculty declined to play in the tournament between the winner of the first and second half so therefore the seniors played the sophomores only to be beaten 28-21. M ushbal I Mushball. newly introduceed, has been started in the Ohio valley this year as a spring sport. Mr. Rokos is coaching the Triads team which will play seven other schools in the valley on a schedule beginning April 10 and ending May 15. On April 10 Triadelphia plays the Linsly Cadets at Wheeling, April 17 the Triads journey to Bellaire, while they play at home on April 20 against Central Catholic. Union is played on April 24 at Union. May 1 sees the Triad against Warwood on home grounds. Wheeling is played away on May 8 and the last game of the season is with Moundsville at Triadelphia, May 15. 81 Ofbfbdbffbtfbffbffbfibffbdbdbfilvt4lv9lvibFbffb5lv+FlvFl1FbffQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Golf Golf this year has only two of last year's squad back, Bill King and Fred Jefferson. The Triadelphia squad has never been defeated by a high school. which is a pretty good record for four years of this sport, although Kiski Prep School beat them once. The team will again participate in the Fidelity Invest- ment tournament which is an 18 round match between the five city high schools. They hope to play several of the schools in the neighboring vicinity if tfhev should have teams. The Triad team won the Fidelity Investment Trophy for 1933. Those which were on the team were: Homer Sharpenburg, Kirk Jackson, Captain Bill King, Jim Mumper, Bill Spindler, Charles McPherson, Fred Jefferson, and Donald Rodes. This is Bill King's second year as captain. Tennis A winning team was produced in 1933 as all games were won with the exception of a tie. Several boys of the team graduated last year leaving Jerome Graff, William Johnson, Howard Keister, and Boyce Miller to build up the team for this year. The team played a series of five meets during the spring of which Central was the first played and beaten 4-1. The Linsly Cadets were the next victims of the Triad netmen 5-0. Washington, Pa., was played twice and beaten once 5-2, a 4-4- tie being the result of the other battle. Wellsburg was the last to see defeat at the hands of the netmen of Triadelphia. Mr. Shaver acts as sponsor and coach for the tennis team. Last fall a tournament was started but either the bad weather or the late start hindered it being finished. Ping Pong The newly organized Ping Pong club was one of the most popular clubs in school with forty-four members, each alloted a certain day a week to play. Miss Katherine Metzner, Miss Romaine Bell, Miss Virginia Prickett, Mr. V. H. Bixler, and Mr. M. M. Rokos sponsored the group one day each week. The officers were: Arnold Copeland, president: Boyce Miller, vice president: Bill King, secretary and treasurer. The team elected to compete with other high schools included Bill King, Ray Hamilton, Bill Johnson, Jerome Graff, and Boyce Miller. The team played the Central team and lost three of the four matches played. Bill Johnson won from George Altmeyer, Jerome Graff lost to Martin Fahey, Ray Hamilton lost to Edward Carenbauer. and in the doubles Bill King and Ray Hamilton lost to Martin Fahey and Edward Carenbauer. 82 ifbalbfflvfllvilbfbi'biwlvfbfbifbffbffbifbfbfbifbfbf 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 Carl Watson ,, Harry Wayt .....,. Jack Youngman, a.a,. , Albert Young .....,,. Were the Best of Friends" Be or Not To Be" e,,L-"Highways Are Happy Ways" Future Just Passed" n rv Margaret Miller ,....,., ......... Y .sr,.. . Bring a Song" Rollie Woods Vff..-... ,..,.r,...v,,....... "Seven Come Eleven" Keith Winters a... v,,,-"I'll Never Have To Dream Again Florence Mills .eee.e ,... E .,.,,.aaaa.a "At the Baby Parade" Howard WinterS-c e.... Y ,,.,......,... , -. .....aarraar "Learn To Croon" Hope Victorsonr av.... . .........,.......,.,,.t. "As You Desire Me Thaddus Moskalski. Little Street Where Old Friends Meet Vernell Mahon taat v,.t. Elmer Tuttle s.,e . .,ar, Helen Richey .a,r..,aa n "There's a Little Dutch Mill" --,.-"The Touch Of Your Hand n vv Masha Vatz cccc...... ,.,...c,c........ . -i--"My Fraternity Pin" Mary McGregor .r.. . .ccc c.......,.cc, ' 'I Don't Know Why I Just Do Harold Freismuth ...cccc ....... ' 'The Boy With the Little Red Drum Betty Schaferm ......,... Erna Rutter ....,,. Jane Rogers ,.rerv,a,r Andrew Harvilla ...... Virginia Ruth-, Paul Storch .,,i,r Helen Miller ,...... Brice Supler .......,i,i Robert Tidball .v,..... George Tinsley ,..,....v Lee Kloss .aa..taa,.,ii,aa Anthony Rapaswick .,,,.., Betty Speidel, ..,.,,ta..,... Irene Stauver .....t,a, ,.,...,.. "Roll Out Of Bed With a Smile" . ...,. ....,.. "Jimmie Had a Nickel" -,,,-"Give Me Liberty Or Love" ------."Sweet Bunch Of Daisies" i-L,-"In the Valley Of the Moon" a.,"Yesterday ,-.,,,-"I Envy the Moon" ,--,,v--"Turkey In the Straw" -,-,,--------,,------,,,--''Close Your Eyes" ---,-"When the One You Love Is Gone" ,.....,,,....... "Good Night Ladies" Time To Go Home" ,-,,,Y-,,,,-'iHe'll Have Plenty Of Dough" ,,,--"In the Shade Of the Old Apple Tree" '83 1 ffbfbdbibibffbibibibibibiibfbflbibfbiBHIHFWBFWQ 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 School Day Musical A - , ,..,.A ,. , T. H. S. Student My musical school day began as I entered the spacious lower hall of Triadelphia one morning and conceived the idea that our school, with its con- fused bustle and air of suppressed excitement and expectancy, resembled a huge orchestra "tuning up." According to this fanciful idea, English class became an exquisitely dainty Nocturne under the influence of which I studied lyric poetry. Stringed instru- ments told, sometimes liltingly, sometimes pensively, of its fragrance, grace and tender melancholy beauty. In sharp contrast, a vigorous chord, sounded in the brass, introduced the martial theme of history class. I saw, through the muflled beat of drums and the playing of fifes, soldiers march to battle. I heard the shrill whistle of bullets, the roll of cannons, and the moans of dying men. Then came the slow exalted strains of peace won with a mighty price. Finally, during the playing of long rolling chords, I saw a mighty nation moving steadily forward to a time when war will be no more. The slow-moving dreamy tempo of the Romance which followed fitted readily into my lazy mood in Study I-Iall. No thoughts of lessons unprepared entered my peaceful soul as I closed my eyes and gave myself up to dreams found in the harmony of beautiful sounds. Intermission flunch hourb passed swiftly, and soon all was harmonious sound again. Spanish class was an Intermezzo of sheer romance and merriment-all color and rhythm. I heard the castanets of the street dancers, saw the flash of white teeth between smiling lips, the gleam of soft dark eyes, and felt the enchantment of that land of dark-skinned senors and senoritas. As I entered the library, I was greeted by a Medley. Incongruous passages scarcely distinguishable fell upon my ears. Among them I recognized the love themes of the novels: the romance and adventure of the travel books: the rhyme and meter of the poetry: the dignity of the biographies: and, running through it all, the persistent, monotonous undertone of reference books. Soon after entering Algebra class, I found myself thinking in terms of the Fugue. Figures kept time with the flight of melodies. At times I became hopelessly lost in the maze of sounds and then again I clearly saw the main theme, and was able to distinguish it from its counterpoints. The final cadence left me still slightly puzzled but intrigued nevertheless. ' 84 Wit4lb4'l:1'b1'b1'b1'b1fl4'lv1'lv4'l:19bfFb1fWbf'b1'bf'bf'b1f Qillllllg M684 K N E E. I: El E 'E 29 as ZA! I A X fm dfzx vwvuvanvuvuvuvvwwwwwwwvuvlwwwwwwwvuvvwwvuvuwwvuvuwwwwvuwwvuvuwwwwwwwvlwwuuwwwwwwwvv THE WHEELING BANKS RE AS SOLID DAMA x Your Money Is Safe in Your Community Bank Put lt there when you have xt and You w111 smlle when you need 1t. A4 The one who saves some money every day Is the one who lets the sunshme make hxs hay He IS w1se The 1934 Declaratlon of Independence Are you looklng forward? Do you ever expect to own property? Are you gomg to college? Do you want your dreams to come true? If your answer to any of these questrons IS Yes make your Declaratlon of Independence now by startlng to save your money regularly and habltually John Hancock srgned hls name to the 1776 Declaratlon of Independence You make your 1934 Declarat1on of Independence and you wnll soon be able to rea11ze your amb1t1on by s1gn1ng your John Han cock to checks . . , , . - ' ' u fy 1 . 1 . . . H H . Tum'-nmmmnnvmm an ovumnnnn n mumnnm nmnnnnmnnanmnn nn n mmmmmammnammnnn Mmuvmn una ggngwluuuvvwwwwwwwwwwwwwvuwwwwwwvuww vvwvvwwvvvuuuuuwvvvuwwuvwwvvwu vuwwvvvuwwwvuvuulvvvuw GRIEST CUT RATE 1125 Market Street Wheeling. W. Va. PARKER PENS and PENCILS For the Student Butler Meat Market Fresh from Our Cooler to Your Table Phone 86 Elm Grove Elm Grove, - - - Wheeling, W. Va. Keys Made While You Wait A. Friebertshauser"s Sons 1043 Market Street Wheeling. W. Va. Compliments of G. S. FEENY CO. WHOLESALE CANDY JUST INSTALLED Tennis Racket Restringing Machine and Improves Your Game. Latest in Swim Suits. Willows Sporting Goods Co. 1134 National Road Compliments of SCHARF BROS. Elm Grove, W. Va. Emmerth YS Becker 113 Edgington Lane All Popular Brands of Beverages WE DELIVER Phone Woodsdale 92-J LENOX PHARMACY Prescription Druggists 1136 National Road Wheeling. W. Va. Curb Service B J Neuhardt, Inc Smart Clothing and Accessories for Young Men 1305-O7 Market Street THE ELWIN TEA ROOM Lunches and Dinners Private Parties by Appointment 1118 Chapline St. Phone: Whg. 1469-R FRANK BLAKE Manufacturer of FANCY ICE CREAMS For Church and Social Affairs 93 Sixteenth Street Phone 1746 KINGLEY S 1106 Main Street Congratulate Senior Graduates of 1934 Class W A Wllson 3 Sons 1409 Main Street Paint Headquarters for Three- quarters of a Century DUFFY Florlst Bonded Members F. T. D. Phone 4484 McLure Hotel Bldg. WHEELING W. VA. Compliments of Murry T McClelland Manager f Krogers Complete Food Market at Woodsdale Hoge Davls Drug Co Prescription Specialists Elm Grove W. Va. 4 o o 46 ' YY 1 I 1 O V , . . I ' Q O . . . . 0 Y . llIRINIRIRIRINIAININIRIRINRRINRIKIINKFIIIHIHININIHIHRIRRRIIRIRNAFN IAIIIIRHIRKRRDFRIIIHI HRIIIIIIIIF RRFNINIR Congratulations Triadelphians FIREPROOF STORAGE CO. THOSE OF YOU who are about to enter college are about to embark on a great and happy adventure. By all means resolve to make the most of your opportunity . . . for a college educa- tion is the open door to a richer, more useful and more profitable life. lk lk lk Although the next four years will be the most expensive period of your train- ing, it will not cause Mother and Dad much concern if they have planned in advance with the Fidelity Income Reserve Plan-a safe, simple and systematic plan for accumulating money for future needs. lk lk lk Fidelity not only makes it possible to spread the cost of a college education thin. but it guarantees that the money will be ready when you are. lk lk lk No need to worry because Dad's income has taken it on the chin, or that he has made bad guesses in the stock market . . for the small sums set aside each month under the Income Reserve Plan have made it possible for you to realize your dreams of a college education. lk lk lk Again we say "Congratulations and best wishes." FIDELITY Wheelinq, West Virginia Offices in Principal Cities Main and 20th Streets Wheeling, W. Va. HOUSEHOLD STORAGE PACKING ---l CRATING MOVING Rug Cleaning Mothprooling Compliments of a Friend Continental Baking Co. 2200 Main Street, Wheeling, W. Va. Bakers of WONDER CUT BREAD and HOSTESS CAKE Olmstead Bros. Co. Wrapping Paper, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Napkins, Doilies, Drinking Cups, Crepe Paper, Crepe Streamers, School Supplies. . . . . . . Phones: 1202-1203 1413-1415 Main St. Wheeling. W. Va. Fifa?li?-hnnnnnnommnnnnnnlmn luumnnuc nnmuuumnnnmulnnnnnpnnnnmnnumnnnnmniifinannnMunnnnnnniinffnivfiiiinnmnnnn TO SLIP IS BAD TO FALL IS WORSE TO LACK INSURANCE Brings the Curse STEWART bmw 1 wmehng Sfeel IleCl V Vi X11 I .inches of lnsuj 0.1.11 'A' 4 5 gi F-e e-if Vw ll:...,. 333151: ff-fm-.-- E310 s U 1 The new CROSLEY SHELVADOR Does everything but Hand it to You See Your Crosley Dealer HOTEL BARKLEY CONSOLIDATED BUS TERMINAL 43 Eleventh St Wheelmg W Va Geo T Jefferson Manager FRIESMUTH S BARBER SHOP Register Building Wheeling W 1209 Nat'l Rd East Mkt Auditorium Phone Wds 364 Phone Whg 952 J HELLSTERN'S F L O R I S T Member Florist Telegraph Delivery R E N T C H L E R ' S PRODUCE MARKET Home Grown Vegetables from our own Gar dens, daily. m season Phone E G 133 McCONNELL'S Clothing and Furnishings 34 12th Street WHEELING. W VA Matt L. Kirkland Your Neighborhood Drugglst THE FULTON PHARMACY Phone was 603 MannnnnuumnnuanmanMuummumnnmv-nnnmlnnnnnnnnrmmanv-n n Mm smmmmmmmMnnnmmmmmmmuuvummnnnmmn n mummnnn uni IYUYUYUUYIYUVVUUYUUVVUIUUYIYVVVUVUUUVYUYVVYUVIIYIUIVYYUVYVUUUYUYVVVYUUUYUYIVIYYVUUUVUYUYUVUUIUYIYUUYUUUUVYYYUYIUUUUVUIU :Iffiif H 1 1 125:31 XV iz 'jj I- i , Ll J l : V -' -im If ' . I - :EIEEES ' . I ' E3E5::- Q ,, Al W -'-"'f'f'-"Pg A . f Lf, we' dl 5522556 'Y , I ' ' 6 L, ,J 1 ,N ..,1:....,.,...l5i L . 2535-5 LJ ': L- P' L .' ' - . 55.5 ,zfssfgy VF - gg 'Am I g if,"+tx. A M l -- 'i - "TT"-5-tim. . -fi" ' ' ' " 555552321 . f 5i5E5EgE3:5:,::1:.,M. ' A i -"- l . 'fiil . ' V. I E2' iii 5 .2-w ,ul we 4 fa ' 'il-sul f lt ' : .. 43 ""',,. -' ,- 4 N 5 - -" r 3 , -1. 5 .. ' ' lx .Q i fq 3 m 4 f All Br '- at th' L ' W """"'l "' ' '..,ly,- ' I. U" , 4 - H I Y , , , . . , . V . . a To Remember a Great Season' Opponent Tnad Opp West L1berty Warwood We1rton Lmsly Central C3lllOllC Bethany Un1on Warwood L1nsly Unlon Moundsvllle Wellsburg Wheelmg Central Cathollc Martlns Ferry Bae Mar SCIVICC J P MULI. Mgt Natl Rd REICHART S WHEELING S LEADING FURNITURE STORE lll5 Mann Street Open an Account For Satnsfactory Results Use Johnston's Paints, Varnishes and Enamels W. H. CHAPMAN '25 SONS CO. Kelvlnator Electrlc Refrlgerauon A1 Eli? gl Ill sl lhlny- 1 Mrk P15111 I i UQ, "T"'+i -lg!-'J i EARLE ROGERS CO Wheelmg W Va UNITED DAIRY The Fmest Mllk From The Fmest Farms Flowers and Plants For Every Place and Purpose FUNERAL DESIGNING POTTED PLANTS CUT FLOWERS ,Q-4, MM. Telephone 85 Elm Grove ' ssssss 253 18 22 ssssrs 26 23 1 . dup -Wwvwrd-H743 Nz- N ' rrrr rrscrr 2 rrr,,,v 4 0 25 .ff A 7 ,,.w I, ' 2 22222 60 17 5 . 2222 2 ,ff--48 13 - ' 22222 222222230 19 j Bellaire 2 2.22222 2 2222. . 22240 27 -Hin 221,222,231 9 ' 4 4 4 4 A ee-eeeeeeeeee 4 5 1 2 ' 22 2222 2222 2 2222222222 5 2 45 ' 2 22,22 39 22 1 "1 ,2222222, 2238 26 ' 2222222 2 28 ' 2 25222240 35 , ' ,22222 2-245 16 A 'X : Q nmMannnmumvmmuummnnuunmmnnmnmmmmmmuuun:umnmAmmn n uumnmmmmnvmnnnmmrmmnnnnannnnnnnnnnnmv-an lmnnrvum vuwvvvvvvmwvvvvuvuwwnumvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwwwuuvuvvvl wwvwvlvvwwwvuvuvuvvwwwvlwwvuw Monarch Foods I have been thc choice of dis- criminating buyers for 80 years................ Reid, Murdock '55 Co. Chicago. Ill. Have You Ever Considered A Pension Plan for Yourself A Plan to Guarantee College Education A Thrift Plan A Remembrance Plan A Family Emergency Fund Clyde O. Law, Gen. Agt. and Associates GRUNOW--Radios. Refrigerators Electric Appliance Company 28 Eleventh Street Quality Fashions for Women and Misses Geo. R. Taylor Co. Phones: 44l7-4418 Wheeling, W. vi. Emblished 1847 Jos. D. Kammer YS Sons Compliments Distributors of of 2' Diamond T Motor Trucks Friend Nat'l Road, Woodsdale Wheeling. W. Va. LAWN SEED GARDEN TOOLS LAWN FERTILIZER LAWN MOWERS 1Power and Handj HARDWARE KITCHEN UTENSILS DOG. BIRD. AND RABBIT FOODS B E C K E R , n c . 4 Y S I WE 1054 MARKET STREET Phone DELIVER Wheeling, W. Va. 450 Mnnnnnnnnannnnnn omnnluumn 'mamma nnnnnnvmnmm Maniamnumnnmmnmmmanmnmn umvmnnumrmnn nn nmmuuum vnnlvvvvwwwvvvvswvlvvvvvlvv A vvwvuwwwwwwwwvuvvv wvvwwwwwnvuw Uuvuvuvvvwvvvvvuvuvuvvvwuuv vuwvuruwvunwnvvuw 'uvuvuuvwwwvvvvvvvv YOUR BEST GUARANTEE IS the REPUTATION of your iii- l-i JEWELER The LUKENS Company 13 l 4 Market Street JEWELER Wheelmg The First National H Kalbitzer 25 Son Bank and Trust Co Elm Grove W Va Stronger Than Ever Under Government Supervlslon Stoves Hardware and House Furnishing Goods 1050 1052 Market Street Wheeling W Va V1s1t Our Specxallzed Shops For Students IR Hub CHocoLA1'Es Chas Carroll 3 Sons 2010 Main St Phone Whg 2476 Compllments o a JohnO TUCKER INSURANCE H40 Chaphne Street Tel Wheeling 1382 O O Y 45 VY KW, ", I . Z Y "VV f ww? O O Frlendly Baker RH DlllllnllIIHIIIRRIIIHRRIIIIIRRFIIIFRI FQAIIRII Rl lllllllb D IIIRRDRDRRIDIDIIKRIRI IRRIIRRRDRRRFIHFRINIR I lllllilbl gwrgrnfvvuuuluuvuuwvwgggyuygpiivgqivuuglvwwwwwuiywwvuwwwwwwvuwwyuwwvvwwwwwwvuwwwwwvuwwwwvuwvuwlvvuwvxt E 5 5 Q . 5 5 Q . Q 4 1 . r m 5 5 K . 5 5 KOSSUTH ENJOYED Q 5 Q . PHOTOGRAPHING THE E I. r BQYS AND GIRLS E 5 5 FROM TRIADELPHIA 2 Q 4 1 1 HIGH SCHOOL 5 THIS YEARl . 2 . 1 5 5 1 . ANY SERVICE WE CAN RENDER IN ANY WAY THE COMING YEARS WILL GIVE US PLEASURE The Kossuth Studlo . F . K . Q . Q . T . . . K . E K . ' 5 K . K . F . 5 S . i S . ' r d ! . 1 5 K . . i.. , If . 5 1... 5 Q . .T 5 Q . Q . Q . S . K , 5 Q . 'T . S . . 5 S '..,.s.s.i.1....-.M..aa.i .......,.21..x. ,m- ...iniao. M.7...,..i.iM .'a' MM..M....MM.f-m'nM,.3r5i,......., . Mr-a ...::..,5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvuwwwwwnwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvuvuvvwwaruwvuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlfv WWWWWWWWWWW RluuuulMMMMMMMMMMMMMlmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM This Publication produced In Its entirety by if WHEELING NEW ART LITHOGRAPIIIIIG COLORWORK P O I T E R .f BOOK L E TJ' PU BLICATIONJ' LABELI etc PRINTING LITHOGRAPH C0 BIN DI NG pll0Il95480 X,XX-1-I Autngraphn MM ummm MMMMMMMMMMMMM MIR!! 5 5 E E 5 E E 5 2 5 E E E E 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 E S 5 5 5 YV VI z I E E Q m 0 E z ' 5 0 ' 2 7 5 2 Br 5 I X 4 E I "' . E 2 ' ' I I I I I 0 0 . s I I I I I s I . 5 I I I - 5 I I I I I I 5 I I I f I 5 I I I Y I 5 I I I I I I ' 5 I I I ' I Y , I I .N E I I I I 'if I ! Q I I II I I' I I I I II IIIIIIII I E ' I I III 2 III If II II IIIIIIIII 2 I I I I I I IIIIIIIII 2 I I I I I I I III III I -I IIIIIIII. g I I I I I I I III III IIIIIIIIII s I I I I I IIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIII IIII II II ' : I I I I I I I I IIIII1f:IIIIIII'I 2 I I I I I I I I ' 5 I I I I I III I III 2 I I I I I I I I s I I I I 2 I I I 0 2 ' I I I 5 I I 1 I I I I I ' E I I I I I U. 5 I I I I Q 2 I I I I I 5 I I I I E. E I I I S 5 I I I 2 I I I 0 I I I E I I W O E I I I I ' 5 I I I s AIIRRRIRFJIIIRIRIIIIIRRIIDRIIRIRIIIIIDRIIIIRlhllkllblRRRlJIl8l8lDRI!ll.RRAARlRlRlRRlRlllRlJllllIlRlR II Illllhllhlhllhli lvllvlMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMuMMMmnnMM 1934 THE TRIADELPHIAN 1934 CContinued from Page 451 Mary Evelyn Mobley. Sara Rehm, Dorothy McColloch, Eleanor Ray, Elizabeth Miller. Ellen Pitcher, Jane Patterson, Helen Meyer, Eileen Potts, Bernice Pell, Mary E. Nichols, Sara Jane Schmidt. Rachel Watkins, Hazel Sivert, Margaret Paulovics, Hannah Naumann, Ann Sarachman. Elizabeth Niehaus, Alberta Schneider, Wilma Wilson, Marietta Nemeih, Alberta Minch. Kathleen McKeen, Betty Wallerstein, Mary Jane Nichols, Christie McDonald, Blanche Steenrod. CContinuecl from Page 461 Albert Hanson, Faris Bell, Ben Honecker, Tom Foose, Raymond Castilow, John Gregosky, Joe Cuffaro, Angleo Chiazza, Walter Ackerman, Paul Mosa, Jack Hays. John Grimes, John Hammel, Earl Frances, John Broskey, Harry Creighton, Alfred Genther, Robert Cook, Emmett Garlitz. George Brozovich, John Koish, John Brockhardt, Rayburn Benson. - CContinued from Page 473 Esther Weeks, Bertha Watson, Mary Louise Minch, Martha Soloway, Irene Sharady, Ruth Rivlin. Dorothy Madden. Mary Lou Nickerson, Lorena McGlumphy, Dorothy Perkins. Martha Phillips, Mary Waddell, Mary Phillips. H'v3b0HHb14b0bib5bffbHWld'b8bffQ E 2 1 s 'XYZ 4-Q., Lx . ,f 1 Ei-9433252 T519 ,, AMGEIFQA, 'F' o EEST it .5 4. - W , Q, ,rv if? 'TQ' 33' 5, . gm... I ,V 5 ,, 34 f. 1 '37 win' , r..1" . if fy 52.52-i 4 .V.. rg WL L4 6253 X. H3559 KF .. F525 M: - :av - .sf ef v L ,.. w yr, ' ' LMA. ' ' wif. 5 'A A, A . "L" ' if W 'Q nb Nz-1 fr f:3'1',.-' 4 f P. .rg 4- :9 , . i n A v .'4 .,' -, 'f' f. W , ' 1 ' -- A ' ff , 1 - . A 'Q ? . "' o Y Ya Q' 'Q . .- I' 1 1 Y 'Y ' Ex J I M' 1 We 'lk 13 if W- .2 jf ,Wyse N if . 5 ,5.' 1 ' , 4 1 1 v V e r 'S 4-N . i fl," A

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