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THE CARDINAL x NA. f x Publlshed By Annual Staff Triad H I gh School XXX!! .vf x if , - vffxygl . -X , X 1' - ,JN u .1 1 Dedication To our Mothers and Fathers--whose interests have been in the improvement of our lives-- whose love and encouragement have been inspi- rational--and whose never ending sacrifices have made possible these four years of high school--- we respectfully dedicate "The Cardinal" of 1957. The Yearbook Staff I ' z Superintendent Serb 11 x A f JOHN P STEELE School Board Seated L to R Raymond hamper, Max Coates, Charles McCarty, Helen Pratt Clerk Carl Dagger Not plctured Charles English wg, A, Qi Vzf, 5'5" , I VA: al, 9 s ' 'I ' - I f o X e 1 xr' 4, .K- Principals TRIAD HI GH SCHOOL M NDELL EEATTIE HlStOPy XX 14 Q l A552 Q 1,15 PRINCIPAL OF woonsrocx SCHOOLS PRINCIPAL OF CABLE SCHOOLS CHARLES DUGAN HELEN PRATT School Secretary Clerk of Board of Education -diff EZEKIEL GIBSON Faculty MILDRED PALM R Sen1or Adviser Engllsh World Plstory LEVA JOHNSON Sophomore Adv1ser Business Education H ROGER RYMER Junior Adviser Coach Biology BERNICE HIDY Freshmen Adviser English Latin 5x 114 7flx GLADYS HUFFHAN Sophomore Adviser Business Education PAUL KEERAN Freshmen Adviser Science 5 Faculty ANN CAWOOD Physical Education R. R. MORROW Mathematics ROERT MC KEE Instrumental Music MARGARET BJRTON Mathematics L w TWH, , . , , ., --:Ht ,A -" Q "' J ' 5 , ' jx bi AVLL 2 li k-lf 1 LW as gif IV' T! . JANE SQUIRES Vocal Music E. R. BRELSFORD Vocational Agriculture ERNEST ECKNELL Civics KATHERINE RIGBY Vocational Home Economics div ELDEN BAILS Music. . . Band . . . F.F.A. . . President Reporter Class Play Class Pres KC' 1-2 1-2 1-2-3-A A 3 3-A 3-A JERRY ARTHUR FsFsAoo Q e e e o1'2'3'lO ROERT BRU G! V. Pres. . . . . 3 Class Play . . . . 3 Pres. . . . . .1 F.F.A. . . . .1-2-3-L Music. . . . . 1 Music. . . . 1-2-3-L Band . . . . . 1-2-3-L F.T.A. . . . . 2 F.H.A. . . . . . . 2-3 WILLIAM COATES A h 3-L h .1-2-3-L 1 3-L 1 - h 3-L CHARLOTTE CORBETT Music. . . . . . . 1-2-3-b 3 M A L Advertising Chairman Class Play . . . . 3 in .7960 1? BARBARA DELANEY Music ....... 1-2 G.A.A. ...... 1-2-3-L Basketball . . . 2- A Softball .... 2 Class Play . . . 3-A Class Officer V. President . . 3 RICHARD HILDRETH Basketball. . . .1 LARRY H NRY 1. ' ' 1 x ', Basketball ..... 1-2 fa Baseball. . . . .1-2 Music ....... l-2 Class Officer Treas. .... . 2 V. Pres. . . . 2 Class Play . . SHIRLEY H NRY Music. . . . . . .l-2 Class Play . . . . 3-L G.A.A. . . . . .l-2-3-A Basketball. . . 2 MARY EBRIGHT Music. . . . . 1 Library. . . A ,n".'Q t V ' Y ' flfbaz . ,s N, VJ! REBECCA HOLYCROSS Music. . . . . . .1-2-3-L Orchestra. . . . .1 Class Play . . . . 3 L Editor ..... School Paper G.A.A ....... h F.T.A ....... 1 Class Play Prompter. . h JAN T HUFFMAN Music. . . . . . .1-2 G.A.A. . . . . .1-2-3-L Class Play . . . 3 LARRY JOHNSON Class Play. . . . . 3 ' ROGER JOHNSON Class Play. . . . F.F.A. . . . 3 L PAUL MCKENZIE Music ....... 1-2 F.F.A ....... 1-2-3-A Class Play .... 3 V. Pres. fClassJ . 2 Baseball ..... 1 -'41 gi.. ,,.M-ff'-if N. .1 fr , V ' ..,,. - , .45 ep. - ' K "W v , 4 1 -. K. 73' ?Q" 1...-fr, -f',zf,g.,.. . h lx , . ,',.:" :ff I , .f-45' ,f i L' Pg Jw 4 f' . E 7 1 ,nv . ,:.,., ,f4'00 ' xiii . H ROBERT MILLER KENNETH MULLIN Class Play . . ceo Basketball. . . . .1 Baseball. . . . .1 Track. . . Football. . CHARLENE ORGAN G.A.A....... 3-L 1- 2-3 1+ 1-243-is Basketball . . . 2 Softball. . Music . . . . Class Play. . BILLIE Music. . . . F.F.A. . . . Class Play . . . l-2 2 . 3 OUTRAM . . .1-2 . . .l-2-3-I4 c o c V. Pres. . . . .l L President. . . . 2 SANDRA OYER Music sfnfnun 1-2 GQAQAQ U Q e o e President . . . I. Secretary . . 3 Cheerleader. . . . 2-3-L, Class Officer. . . Secretary . . . . 2-3-1. Treasury. . . . .1-2 Class Phy . . . 3-I. 4 - 1- ETTY PRESTON Music .... Claes F.T.A .... G.A.A. . . . Basketball Play . . . 2 . . 3-L . 2 . . . 1-2-3-L . . . I4 OSCAR RICE Yearbook bueineee manager Football Music Class Play SHARON RI CHARDSON Music Class Play F H A Yearbook Staff Reporter School Paper Pep Squad Quartette HIVEELY Class Music G A A G A A F H A Band Cheerleader Quartette Play Treae TAYLOR 1 2 3 L MARION TAYLOR Music Stage Manager Claes Play Basketball 2 3-I4 ,-. .. 4. ,1 ,, A 1, , 4 1 .L q-.-QQ! --if -. :.xf.:.,. -. L 2' N. YV . is . . . . . L .. ..... 1-2 C U l I+ 1 -'ijt q a e n o a .1-2 :ff- .....:::f2 ,f e e lb - - I+ 4 E . . . . 1. 5' . . . I, I Secretary- .... 2-3 . . . . 3 . . I I I I . ' I 1. e e e no o I+ . ...... . 3 . . . . . . .1-2 . . . . lo O U I L D O I I 0 I el . . . . . 3-lo . . . .1- - A IYAJ 'A 9' GERALD TROUT Basketball. . . . .l-2-3 Baseball. . . . . .1-2-3 Music . . . . Class Play. . JERRY ...l-2 .. 3 TROUT F.F.A. . . . . . . 1-2-3-L V. Pres. . . L Basketball . . . l-2-3-L, Football . . . A Class Play . . 3 n EDDIE TUSSING bf Class Play. . . . . A f-9 F'.F.A. . . . .1-2-3-I+ - Music. . . . . l LOLA WARD Music . . . . . . 1 Glee Club . . . . 3-L Y-Teens. . . . . .2-3 Class Play . . . . 3 RODERICK YOCOM F.F.A. . . . . . . 1-2-3-A Tx-sas. . . . L4 Basketball . . . . 1-2-3-L Baseball .. s . l Music ......l-2- 1+ Class Pres. . . . l 3 0 Class Play. . . . 3-L ,xl P Class Will We, the Senior Class of l957, the school of Triad, County of Champaign and state of Ohio, being of sound mind and body after these four years of l High School, do hereby make public and declare this to be our last will and testament: hereby revoking all former wills, bequests and devices, of what- soever nature or form, heretofore made by us. I I , Jerry Arthur, will W ability to always get away with kidding the girls to Wayne Lininger, who needs the practice. I, Elden Bailes, will my ability to go with only one girl at a time to Ted Arick. I, Robert Brugh, will W inclination and ability to skip school to Max Orahood. I, Ellen Bxmp, will W love of all boys to Ilo Perry. William Coates, will W ability to keep alert in class but still not know where or what the class is doing to Charles Ferguson Charlotte Corbett will W membership in the Dick Hildreth fan club fnGrandpa Elvisn to Sam Sewers Barbara Delaney, will W hair cut and figure to Barbara Salyers Mary Ebright, will W quietness and my ability to get along with people to Faye Boyd, who needs the practice Larry Henry, will my ability to keep talking in English Class, Cabout anything but Englishl to Bert Travis Shirley Henry, will W temper and W slogan "Never take nothin off nobody," to Beverly Cantrell Dick Hildreth, will my "Elvis" hair cut to Earl Nance Rebecca Holycross, wall my ability to get along with Mr Beattie and Mrs Huffman, to Nancy Highmiller Janet Huffman, will my quiet and sensible manner C999D to Patty Furrow Larry Johnson, will my quiet-stay-aff-home manner to Cal Lawson, who may not know how to use it Roger Johnson, will W ability to get along with Urbana girls to Bill Barnes Paul McKenzie, will W ability to drive safely to Steve Smith Robert Hiller, will W quietness and W ability to miss school on test days to Norman Kennedy Kenneth Mullin, will my wit, W shyness, and the ability to keep W mouth shut to Eddie Bean to Beverly Coon Billie Outram, will W ability to fix and paint cars on school time to Tom Chamberlain Sandra Oyer, will W art of acquiring and keeping boy friends with new cars to Linda Bahan K , tl fs 35-keg 525' JM , I, . . I, S . . . , I, ' . I, . . . I, -. . . I, I, . . . . I, . i . . . . . 1, ' ' ... I, ' ' . I, . . . I, . . . . . Is . . . . I, l ' I, Charlene Organ, will my ability to skip school to shopping C???J I, . . . . . . I, . . - . . ty ,- 0 Q 4 ., lf' ,Q V, : X I - ' I' iv nk f -l x I n-Il 13 ' 1 -Zi .ry I ,X - 1 a he 'U Vffii ' Class Prophecy I am a secret reporter for a secret newspaper in a secret city, in a secret state but for once, I am breaking the rules and revealing to the world the shocking informs ation I have gathered concerning the class of 1957 of TRIAD HIGH SCHOOL.. The date is 1967 I first received a secret letter from another secret reporter that the members of that particular class had some very peculiar jobs, so I decided to report on them First, I called the Weather Bureau to determine whether the weather would be suit able for driving A familiar voice said 'Rod, Rain or Shine, Yocom reporting N nCould I help you pleasefu I realized then, that it was Rod Yocom with a favora weather forecast, so I started on my way to find the rest of his classmates I picked up a newspaper while I was going through my first town and learned that Ellen Bump was the editor Ellen had the fastest newspaper in town She had it printed and delivered before the ink was dry Gerald Trout is the delivery boy I then journeyed on my way and a short distance from town I saw a sign that said NTake Farming Lessons from Professor Trout ' It seems that Jerry is making tractors with jet engines and you have to take lessons to run them After a short time, I turned on the radio and heard a familiar voice say sweetly and softly NLadies, is your hair straggly and limp due to hot weather or the perman- ent you now have9n HIf so, try some of Dr Mullin's famous fair tonic It is guaranteed to curl or kill your ha1r W I knew it was Kenneth Mullin After an hour or so, I started looking for a place to eat and came to a roadside stand and above it a sign reading nHappy Hildreth's Hamburger Havenn I stopped and most hamburgers I was about to stop for the night when a bright neon sign caught my eye, stating that Sharon Richardson was appearing at the Metropolitan Opera that night She was the leading soprano in the opera 'Crazy Blues' I went to the 'Roaring Dog Hoteln and found Roger Johnson as owner and manager I asked him how the hotel gt 1t's name UOh, shucks' I iust thought it was 'real cool' W The next morning I stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and found Charlotte Corbett as the waitress She said that her job gave her an opportunity to keep up with the town gossip She had formerly been a telephone operator but was fired for listening in on conversations Charlotte told me that Eddie Tussing is living at Sing Sing He picked up little trinkets he found lying on cars and now he wears the cutest black and white striped suits you ever saw I continued on my way to find the other members of the class To help pass the time, I turned on the radio and heard an announcement that the 'Four Singing Bellsn were ready to sing After they were finished, their names were announced as Rebecca Holycross, Lola Ward, Janet Huffman and Mary Ebright It seems that they are trying to earn money to get to Las Vegas, Nevada to try their luck and not at show business, either I was traveling through a small town where there was carnival and learned that arry Johnson and Oscar Rice were owners and Barbara Delaney and Charlene Organ were hula specials in one of the side shows Beverly Taylor and Shirley Henry are chief pretzel twisters at the Salty Snack Shop in New Orleans This shop is owned by Beverly's brother, Marion Taylor D ,LQ f' . u e : ' ' Q - ' ble learned that Dick had gotten his stand by winning a contest to see who could eat the All n a Xgr, as NT,n1, O X lg? ' E ' ax ' e 'Q 14 Class History Our keyboard began in September, l953. The board was divided into two sections which later formed a united unit. Our major task was to work to- gether for a good end result. Our original keyboard which started in September, l9LL and has stayed together through the years consisted of : From Cable-B rbara DeLaney, Richard Hildreth, Paul McKenzie, Mary Charlene Organ, B llie Outram, Eddie Tussing and Roderick Yocomg From Woodstock-Mary Ebright, Robert Miller Kenneth Mullins, Sandra Oyerg From North Lewisburg-William Coates, Charlotte Corbett, Larry Johnson, Oscar Rice, Sharon Richardson, Beverly Taylo Gerald Trout, Jerry Trout. In return for our 12 year typewritter guarantee, we now have a diploma to last forever. Our typewritter keyboard is now completely formed with 31 keys leaving out the question mark because there is no question of the ability of i ra - 5 gi- ! 1' fi s 'f l .7 . Q fu., Happy Reminiscence mmf, no 5 Y ' in f 5 - 'U 'Q 'X aw ch-uae Gomfxcement L 1 Cable Auditor lst Row: B. Jordan, S. Henry, M. King, H. Miller, B. Outram, R. Johnson " 1 E. Moore, P. McKenzie, M. Cauley, N. Cook, E. Tussing M. Ebright, C. Organ, S. Oyeri Mr. Michael , L.,-f' ,Ji ,z5ff'1-.1.'fg2'5'-fit D. Hildreth, M. om, K. Munir., J. Huffman C -- 13'-lg? - :AF juz- El?-fi 3 4' FK! 1, ff, f' Xlxgxix .1 Q9 3: KX Z xx' 9 rp' '09 O fovgg 30 gp! tia 2nd Row' Mr. Kyle, B. DeLaney R. Yocom J. Arthur B. LeFever, C. Cook 3rd Row: E. Turner, P. Smith, J. Deere, P. Randall, B. Smith, J. Wayman, tion iiexxggddb, m Freshman Ini 33 3. tp5 7 0- 1 Voubxkuvefyoo Q- so xl- YK , 5a veg 000 1 Gai ' 50676, BA, Q3 Qc ga O Swjxii lov, aixof 1 0951 QM 0, 139, YK 'Y 09 5- gaowfxifdeg . 5? ,of 1 QW 'ik0"". 9' 956 ees 'Vi Q99 5,9 oi' 5' can 50 9' 1 '2-Vagfovp, W' GQ, Owcoem 'Pet . dia n .356 ea ?5f52k9q?'i'iig59" XX' 8-0 ' Mcoxp Al l lst Row. B R.B,.u' 'Outram w.c 2nd gh! P' MCKen5i3 Oates: R. Johns E. au- ' 3 J. ues, H. Walkelf Trout, 12. Yocoml Mr' Brel Freshman Initiation .I I -h , 1 M 16 , I M' " S If x Q B1 Row. E Tussin on, B, Smith, Sford, .A X15 Barbara Salyers Treasurer Barbara Black Faye Boyd Beverly Cantrell Tom Chamberlin Robert Gravea Pre sident uw opp l I Z"f'i'Q 1 Q64 f ,fx 0 Beverly Coon Patty Fixx-row 56CI'9f'31'Y V. President f, ,.,f"W Class of 1958 - Ted Arick U n Linda Bahan 0 O William Barnes I' S Eddie Bean 17 Joe Dooley Shirley Knox Juniors Teddy Duffy Calloway Lawson Gene Herron Margaret Wilkins Charles Ferguson Larry Lincoln Nancy Highmiller Norman Kennedy fig? 30 5 .I Y 7 9555 ,wlgiinlzgxe . TEE. -yflw... 1 Q Wayne Lininger Tom Moore m Sewers Earl Nance Sa Oreiann Ober Juniors Aaron Thomas Max Orahood Bert Travis Carmen Outland Robert VanHoose 110 Perry Eva Watkins Steve Smith 'X 19 Cora Wells M. Trout P1'e3o 6- 5 A 'vi If i nl sax Q, '66 I 762 .4-4, Nr. J. Perry M. Lincoln B. Knotts V. Pres. Sec. Treas. ff 1? Fa iii sr J 'vw M- Bailey , ,gr ' 'C' f gpm- W. Barker' 'F L g '-yy? ' ff-Q, c. Bolin kv' "gf" .nhn A- x . J. Baughner 'W Ki I B. EOWIDS-H 4' W S I f", I Y 7 - - r - N. Erelsford ,'-,-.s f A . - C. Bump A 1' C. Burton ' . S. Carey 'N' I J he R. Cave - H L. Cummins P Ky' 3 D. craig If N.-' , 3 J. Dagger "J ' "" l". L Davis ' 1 '-ff -f, L If , Y 4 T. Davisson 2 s W f 1 M , e X . du J 'N X uv : N Y A ,Q -in C, Delaney x- ' 5 " 'G D. Dewitt ' -- -4- J. Dooley 1:7 - 'TN 'Q L. Evans . . . , O. Fhrrow I , ' I 9 J NX Y l J 1 J. Gibbs ', ,M 7, Q r L.RGr.-Sham - "' ' . raves f'av x ""' N ' M E. Gregg E. Harper F.. Hildreth 'W J. Hitchcock M an B. Huffman -v- V. Huffman -who R. Hilliard of l959 ar' 'F , J 520. Z sp X v.-X , if R. Knox ' " f"'3 D. LaPorte V ' f' P. Lee V H V D , .af 3 I JK fu if I- J 6 R. Leopard tg, gf - J v. McCarty 1 .- . . y C. McComb - -. ff- ,,- R. Millice Xt? , X' ,Q 1--1 J -fe W. Nance H ? , . if A. Ober ,Q i, A Q 1 M. Outland -7 5' 'H D ' ' r, A 6, L. Oyez' .X h ,,- -J ' .,,, T. P3ge lr.-I, """ ': . -us. B.. Rboades .F " ' I C. Hogan , A. Ross .X - J. Siders HQ. so L.. ,...,, D. Simmons ' 5' A " D. Spain 'W 5 A 'Rl "'1 P. Spears J. Trout D. VanHoose F- 1 J. Walker . 7 R. Wilkins -J ,,. , x ' h 'I 4 I .I I 1, l. - H. Wilmeth J. Williams fs L. Wingo ,, D. Woodruff :ff J. wr-ight L 'O ew., 1 -.-. ' -nz ri-.CH 6 Q' .-5 -,Q M., 4 "A '3 4. 'lim it 1 I X . ouuand H- Clark J. Forsythe Pres. V' Pres- Sec. - Treas. .- - B. Brugh ' J. Brown T. Boggs ' fy. S. Beltz -v -Q.. 'W , 432 v. Amlin .4 fy-4 in '-' 49 4 L 'X L " f O. Chamberlain G. Case 3. .w,,,, 1 " had X X 19 Q '5 'D' 3? 'U' 1.-3 ' f g T' 'EI' A -ev J R. Burroughs M. Bumgarner 1 H. Brust A 1 M. Davis Q S. Damewood . C. Corbett V E. Coleman Q, C M. Coates C. Freshwater B. Evans sg M. Eaggleston V. Dunham . S. Duffey J 'fu J. Henry R. Heizer V C. Hacl-cley 'X . B. Goings -A J. Givens Kmrivjms D. Horn 1 .A 'tar J. Hoffman, T. Holycross T. Higgins C. Hickman W. Jones C. Johnson L. Johnson R. Inskeep P. House H. Lawson L. LaRue -1 N. Koch : P. Kitchen Ck' W. Kerns J Zi' J. Louden 1 , A. Lininger - Qfilwgyz J. Legge gi R. Leopard Q . tix V. Leopard -... ll ' ,wvy 7 A . W' D. Mingus J C. Miller 4 - 2: D. Mccombs ' L J. McCall "' "' T. Louden ' ,L X ' he Ll I 4. D. Poland G. Perdue R. Owen 'V 3 B. Ober 1 ' G. Nance fri J. Riley J. Richardson S. Rutan Q Q6 D. Randall , K'-1: 3 N. Poland Q ' ,.,, L. Knisley J. Simpson G. Shepard , ,- J. Salyers 27 an E M. Russell Y' - B. Ropp -1' - ' ' . X QQ. Vi J. Stewart 5 J. Spain X M. Spain f D. smith , 'X .'- 'f-N' J. Smith " E. short -A J .1 -3.9 ' 4 K .. 'H w 4 ' f f Y. Travis E. Troyer R. Thornhill , R. Taylor R. Stimmel 5, -..- E. Still ,.. - f -' 'xxx ,IIA Y R. Yocom P. Wilkins B. Wheeler I. Wells A H. wankina ' .21 B. Walker "' 3 I " 4 Q , 91' I Q I .' . ,, V, l In lst Row: W. Brugh, C. Burton 2nd Row: C. Hoffman, J. Hufhman, J. Flynn, B. Stultz, R. Corbett, J. Furrow, W. Collins, R. Cook, C. Duffey, S. Instine, C. Wilkins 3rd Row L. Bice, K. Rice, M. Crain, R. Rutan, T. Wells, P. Ross, S. Dunham, R. Huffman, D. Bishop, J. Cummins, W. Russell P. Kiger, R. Coleman ,lst Row: C. Watkins , 2nd Row: W. H. Hunt, M. A. Johnson, B. Boyd, J. B. Preston, Randall, L. Kennedy, R. Markin, J. Eggleston, E Perry, J. Hoffman, K. Young, Richardollar, D. Perry, R. Loveland, Davis, J. DeLong, L. Young. Rogan, B. Connolly, Craig, J. Barker, D. Terrell, C. Oberl Walker, L. Polsley, R. Case. 3rd. Row: Mr. Gibson, Mrs. Alty, J. Troyer, J. Edwards, D. Leiter P. Elkins, R. Hildreth, L. Isaac G Smith, B. Marshall, R. Gregg, Stultz, R. Noel, F. Henry, . Ferguson, D. Buffenbarger, Eighth R. Reed, J. Jones, M. Louden, ya 1 5: S. Taylor, S. Collins, P. Dunham, R. Smith, Miss Squire, Mrs. Cook fflqfu lst Row: E. Daniel, 2nd Row: G. Johnson, R. Heizer, E. Witten K.'Poland, D. McCall Q1 lx -Q ' , a 5 Z0 D. Young, G. Johnson R. Hess, L. Foster, , R. Alty, M. Trout, , Nancy Loveland 3rd Row: J. White, L. Boldmsn, R. Graumsn, R. Owen, C. Hollings D. Shepher, H. Isaac worth , Sue Witten, 5, L. Hamer, R. Rodgers, B. H0011- lst Row: R. Corbett, C. Graves, J. Stanley, J. Nance, R. Hitchcock, J. Kitchen, D. Herron, R. House, L. Lininger 2nd Row: P. Spear, N. Bowman, C. Williams, W. Randall, R. Klamfoth, K. Lincoln, J. Justice, P- Salyers, P. Salyers. Eighth -A Junior High School 7.4 C A BI. E WOODSTOCK I 1. J lst Raw: D. Eaton, M. Clay, J. Louden, R. Impson, M. Scott, M. Dixon, D. Outland, S. Orahood, J. Richardson, D. Kempler, D. Oyer, Mr. Becknell 2nd Row: J. Spain, R. Holycross, C. Lee, Neal Hitchcock, G. Hackett, B. Cantrell, J. Carey, D. Wingo, K. Williams, K. Wibly, J. Hackley, R. Miller 3rd Row: N. Craig, C. Coates, N. Travis, K. Black, M. Willmeth, R. Riley, C. Gregg, R. Burnside, R. Lantz, A. Still, D. Spear, J. Watkins. Seventh ' I :H 4 A lst Row: J. Hitchcock, B I lst Row: J. Leopard, J. Dixon, M. Chamberlain, E. Inskeep, M. Bahan M. Scott, P. Richardson, J. Case 2nd Row: D. Coleman, J. Crain, E. Corbett, J. Bump, R. Coleman, L. Burroughs, W. Crain, R. White, R. Short, T. Reid, S. Hayes. 3rd Row: G. Smith, D. Duffey, J. Smith, M. Watkins, S. Painter, D. Grant, S. Painter, J. McCombs, S. Ward, E. Guy, K. Loveland, C. Bumgarner, J. Arthur, Christine Baker orth Lewlsburg 'UA Y ' A gl J tw V -C F- -..:f 5 ef. . Eaggleston, C. Thornhill J. Oder, J. Marshall, M. Burroughs, W. Connolly, J. Hunt, J. Isaacs, C. Hitchcock, D. Trout, A. Foster, G. Frazier, D. Overfield, M. Cook Mrs. Mary Louden 2nd Row: R. Schearer, A. Hollingsworth, M. Moody G. Grauman, R. Huffman, P. Pennington, P. Page, D. Johnson, S. Trout, J. Furrow, S. Rogers. 3rd Row: T. Navman, S. Wilkins, J. Baumgarner, D. Hoffman, M. Bump, R. Heizer, J. Davis, P. Seay, L. Case D s -I . ll... .- .f" L Y i lst Row: C. Forsythe, W. Duffey, T. Scott, L. Baker, T. Johnson, R. Boggs, P. Eaton, P. Davis 2nd Row: C. Crain, M. DeLong, P. Witten, L. Short, J. Williams, C. Hunt, B. Simpson, R. Frazier, B.Dmmks 3rd Row: E. Boggs, W. Burroughs, J. Taylor, J. McCubbins, B. Jackson, G. Packman, E. Johnson, P. Barker, J. McCombs, L. Spain, J. Stultz, J. McCombs, W. Oder, J. David Miller Le Hunt. Mrs. Bertha Willis 1 lst Row: D. Fadely, T. Slay, D. Johnson, J. Williams, E. Leiter, J. Grauman, R. Simmons, M. Louden, J. Scott 2nd. Row: J. Reid, J. Overfield, J. Johnson, S. Borst, J. White, P. Brugh, L. Loveland, D. Schearer, S. Connolly, J. Dixon 3rd Row: M. izurrougns, M. Overfield, P. Downs, J. Westfall, B. Holycross, P.Louden, M. Davis, R. Yohey, D. Hollingsworth, S. Polsley, L. Ward, M. Case, C. Hitchcock, J. Hoffman, L. Fischer Mrs. Gladys Thomas Grades T ' 1- 4- 'Q - Arr Second CN .- -'+A 51. sl I lst Row: W. Hunp, J. Ove:-field, L. Isaacs, S. Crain, D. Cook, M. Vance, R. Coleman 2nd Row: B. Birt, P. Davis, D. Woodruff, K. Hollingsworth, P. Organ, L. Thornhill, E. Johnson, B. Scott, R. Ewing 3rd Row: K. Graham, S. Hoffman, D. Lee, Beltz, G. Boughman, Hunt, R. Phelps, J. Marshall, L. McCombs, M. Ward, L. Isaacs, Duffy, Hazel Hoffman T. E. R. Mrs. Tessie Kemper ,J-flliwl Q-J-4 3- lst Row: D. Stokes, J. Thornhill R. Painter, P. Ewing, P. Thornhill, D. Hoffman, R. Baker, R. DeLong, 2nd Row: V. Hunt, S. Reams, J. Dubbs, R. Arthur, P. Louden, R. Keeran, M. Westfall, B. Hitchock, B. Watkings, E. McCubbins, R. Lame 3rd Row: D. Chamberlain, R. Eubanks, C. Stewart, D. Kerns, B. Cole, G. McCombs, L. Grauman, D. Short, J. Davis, D. Boughner, C. Spain, S. Wiant D. Johnson, Mrs. Woodruff , x WW q' , x-fv 'VW 'f 2 3' lst Row: L. Bahan, N. Perry, W. Wynn, R. Markin, S. Owen, T. Brown 2nd Row: R. Craig, C. Edwards, B. Dav is, F. Flynn, M. Smith, S. Terrell, L. Blu J. Legge, R. Evans Mrs. Billie Dugan es lst Row: B. Shepard, J. Tussing, B. Erwin, R. Perry, S. Harper, M. Middleton, S. Wynn 2nd Row: P. Smith, J. Huffman, B. Hildreth, S. Huffman, J. Duff, L. Randall, J. Black, J. Morrow, M. Knisley 3rd Row: D. Troyer, C. Bolin, S. Millice, R. Huffman, I. Rogan, E. Wells, C. Grauman, C. Davis, M. Markin, J. Bumgarner, L. Burton, Gypsy Chandler Cable - Q. 11-3 + 4 A , Y 'T' '. '. -Q I 1 1 --U lst Row: G. Bahan, E. Young, J. Evans, J. Johnson, W. Instine, J. Linville, C. Hess, M. Middleto D. Knight, Y. Williams, S. Perry J. Call 2nd Row: M. VanHoose, L. Owens, C. Bush, D. Anderson, H. Wells, R. Dunham, L. DeLaney, R. Knight, D. Bishop, J. Troyer, N. Cbrien lst Row: D. Burton, C. Grauman, P. Wright, S. Knight, D. McCall, L. Lowry, J. Anderson, G. Thomas, L. Ropp, D. McCall, H. Huffman, J. Cushman, D. Huffman 2nd Row: P. Legge, E. Huffman, D. Runkle, M. Dunham, J. Flynn, G. Moore, L. Rogan, J. Troyer, K. Mathias, W. Parker, J. Black, Miss King Grades ,snr 4 ' 'Y " x, a1-K- f'1' Q' :J lst Row: A. Ropp, D. Flynn, A. VanHoose, R. Shepard, E. Wells , J. Evans, D. Perry, B. Hammond 2nd Row: A. Williams, D. Dill, N. Gregg, B . McColly, S. Knisley, P. B ah, J. Dunham, W. Russell, K. McCauley, A. Euack, C. Merriman, J. Middleton, L. Huffman, V. Evans, Mrs. Hecox A x 2? lst Row: K. Harper, S. Cushman, J. Jeter, S. Linville, R. McCol1y D. Mingus, B. Crowder, T. English, J. Call, C. O'Erien, R. Parker 2nd Row: C. Bumgarner, S. Litreal, M. Outram, G. Hess, G. Fowler, S. Morrow, D. Dill, S. Craig, H. Knisley, Mrs. Morrow fi L -L 'ggfy lst Row: S. Wood, D. House, M. McNicol, B. Herron, C. Cornell, J. Clay, I. Hackley 2nd Row: B. Halterman, J. Morrissey, S. Kemper, S. Salyers, N. Forsythe, G. Marra, R. Travis, V. Mullin, P. Cantrell. Mrs. Margarety Byerly Woodstock i I I A 4-if 4 V -f If L1-A lst Row J. Ober, J. Logsdon, P. James, P. Smith 2nd How: M. Sthnnel, J. Cave, G. Herron, H. Edley, M. Nance, J. Brake, C. Cantrell, J. Gibbs, V. Neer, Mrs. Chappell 3rd Row: D. Carey, H. Holt , L. Brake, C. McNicols, S. Obeidier, J. Zeigler, D. Riley, C. Owens, B. Salyers lst Row: C. Clay, D. Travis, S. Hitchcock, L. Graves, V. Scott, R. Wilkins 2nd Row: C. Wampler, J. Craig, B. Travis, T. Nance, S. James, L. Hxrr, J. Elack, J. Black, L. Inskeep, Hrs. Lincoln 3rd Row: R. McNico1, D. Hattox, D. Graham, D. Forsythe, J. Nance, A. Steele, P. Phelps, C. Clark, D. Edwards Grades 1' 1.4 V 5 vdx. S c -.l -AH.. L 1:5 :: In . lst Row: J. Inskeep, J. Hackley, F. Zeigler, T. Cushman, W. Blazer, S. Wallace, S. Hahn, Mrs. Howard 2nd Row: S. Shaw, J. Williams, J. Kemper, D. Dunham, E. Cauley, L. Zeigler, T. Carey, E. Reisinger, D. Neer, M. Salyers is-1 -5 if Fi "f FQ- jx lst Row: D. Moss, L. Brake, M. Nance, M. Moore, C. Rose, R. Travis 2nd Rod: J. James, D. Dunham, D. Zeigler, D. Picklesimer, R. Kitchen, B. Edley, D. Wampler, D. Moore, A. Hickman 3rd Row: R. Smith, J. Black, T. Deere, P. Edinger, D. Lininger, S. Reisinger, K. Cantrell, R. Moss E. Cornell, Hrs. Brown N 3 AN . ,6.'v PAQ' D 1 2 . - . 1-iw? , , Q IS '42 In n N I 'SJ I 9 Q T lf, + 5 -3 ,' if if ' Us I f-QQ' .NW , if sf E 'Q 3 . 1 Z' -1 'v an an 34+ ' r ff. I if 'sf' . 5-wif. ,-an Y Q 4 4 H 1 4' f -, A lg - A r ,Im Q . - YQ ' , .' 5 1 9 5 2 Q L9-5 2 I. 3 3 1 'iff 252' 'iii if - f 1- 1 :lf . . IJw:1 ip, I I Ir fb ff' sn' 4 t f 1 R Q , A L, as ef' 4, 4. , ...W v has -, .. .5 g I, M A U!" fed I V- 11 2 n . H as Q lf. , is V my it 1' f 'S .L A A I ' 'nk l .gn v ' N x 1 . 1 "' r 'O ' U, Q , ,U ' l-Q ' . .A K ' Vw., F' Q ,lvl K , , N 1' ,, 'ff r A A '......!.n 0 1 , ,- 'L-rf' ' .M ,L 1 ,gr-ant-. .,k! Share Senior Members '7 Rich S Richardson, B Preston, E Delaney, C Organ aI'dsor O Rice, R Yocom, B Outram, Mrs Johnson, Adviser Annual Staff Paste-Up Editors Senior - Barbara Delaney Junior - Eva Watkins Business Managers Senior - Oscar Rice Junior - Robert Graves Advertising - Roderick Yocom Bill Outram Ted Arick or Members Edito Rebecca li -Q45 1 gc' gg xx x I vi. 'I I X 1 ,Z 'hcl ,ap .,1,-, X ., , 1 ff. Ir? iight If 1 67 Amg- Mn" , ha. vfyb? .x""x fl 41' u 11' 1.,.1. F uolycross Tom Chamberlin M1me0ST3ph in! F. Boyu, P. Furrow, I. Perry, B. Taylor, B. Salyers, B. Coon, E. Watkins, S. Knox, C. Wells, S. Richardson, R. Holycross, Mrs. Huffman, Adviser Newspaper Editor Rebecca Holycross Sport News Shirley Knox Eva Watkins Patty Furrow Staff Grade School News Barbara Salyers Cora wells Ilo Perry High School News Faye Boyd Beverly Coon Beverly Taylor Sharon Richardson ,GLN fi 92 --"". 'VA A W- g!!Eb ,I Tkfac, x XNQWS 35 fi I w First Row: I. Perry, O. Ober, S. Knox, F. Boyd, P. House Second Row: B. Knotts, D. Mingus, B. Evans, J. Spain, E. Boggs, J. Huffman, S. Rutan, S. Damewood, O. Furrow, C. Rogan. Third Row: T. Higgins, J. McCall, V. Travis, J. Salyers, J. Brown, M. Knox, D. Poland, M. B mgarner, B. Brugh, E. Troyer, M. Eaggleston. Fourth Row: V. Leopard, V. Dunham, P. Kitchen, J. Smith, L. LaRue, N. Koch, M. Spain, R. Nance, B. Walker, B. Goings, M. Davis Future Homemakers of America Mi ss Kathebi H9 gQy 1 A dpjser TRIAD - NORTH LENISEURG F.H.A. - Ilo Perry President Vice Pres. Barbara Knotts - Donna Simmons - Winnie Barker Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian - Luella Cummins Historian - Barbara Huffman 91 5 Qi TRIAD - NOODSTOCK F.H.A. President - Rebecca Sti mel Vice Pres. - Barbara Goings Secretary - June McCall Treasurer - Jacquline Salyer Parliamentarian - Judy Brown Historian - Rachel Heizer S lst Row: J. Richardson, G. Coleman, V. Amlin, D. Randall, L. Cyer, G. Herron, J. Trout, R. Graves, M. Coates, S. Duffy, A. Lininger, R. Leopard, R. Hickman, E. Tussing, 2nd Row: W. Jones, D. Craig, J. Walker, E. Bailes, J. Simpson, G. Harper, P. McKenzie, M. Graham, D. Spain, N. Brelsford, C. B rton, R. Riley, W. Barnes, T. Rodgers, M. Russell, R. Wilkins, Row 3: J. Legge, R. Knotts, T. Davisson, L. Legge, R. VanHoose, L. Lincoln, D. McComb, R. Graves, J. Dooley, T. Arick, R. Yocom, J. Arthur, W. Coates, N. Pullin, D. VanHoose, E. Bean, W. Lininger, B . Outram, R. Brugh, C. Bolin, R. Yocom, H. Erust, Mr. Brelsford Future Farmers of America Honors 2nd District Livestock Judging Lth State Livestock Judging lst State Tamworth Judging Silver Award - Parlimentary Procedure Had the Champion in the Poland China, Spotted Poland China, Yorkshire, Hampshire, and Landrace breeds of hogs at the fair. Member of the State F.F.A. Band CRaymond Leopard? WE Elden Eailes Jerry Trout william Coate: Roderick Yocom Robert Graves Larry Lincoln Mr. E. R. Brelsford Officers President V. President Secretary -ggggire Treasurer Iii Reporter ,gff fx Sentinel , 4,713 Adviser 1 -L 13.5-g'9 r Vp 41 'I J 9, Glee Clubs E4 I P Vo :V N 5 53 il-I Director First Row: C. DeWitt, C. Corbett, N. Highmiller, L. Cummins, B. Taylor, B. Salyers, D. Woodruff, B. Coon, 1. Perry Second Row: S. Richardson, W. Barker, T. Duffy, B. Cantrell, L. WiH20, J. Dooley, M. Lincoln, M. Outland, S. Carey, V. McCarty, J. Trout Third Row: C. Wells, E. Bump, S. Knox, B. Knotts, C. Bump, C. McComb R. Holycross, A. Ross, B. Black, P. Lee First Row: Miss Squires, C. DeWitt, C. Corbett, L. Cummins, B. Taylor, D. Woodruff, B. Coon, I. Perry Second Row: W. Barker, T. Duffy, B. Cantrell, L. Wingo, J. Dooley, M. Lincoln, M. Outland, S. Carey, V. McCarty, J. Trout, S. Richardson Third Row: C. Wells, E. Bump, S. Knox, E. Knotts, C. E mp, C. McComb, B. Salyers, R. Holycross, A. Ross, N. Highmiller, E. Black, P. Lee Fourth Row: R. Graves, R. Knotts, M. Graham, R. Millice R. Yocom Miss Jane Squires R. Graves, N. Brelsford, J. Boughner , , for f J' Choir fl G: I A d 'S 'iw llln0SQff Graves, Barbara Black, Shirley Knox, Richard Graves P V Mixed lr Quartette QM 44, if M na 5A ul? w M. Lincoln, M. Wilkins, STRIN3 QUARTETTE Members of the Choir GX V. McCarty, N. Highmiller Ellen Bump, Beverly Taylor, Charlotte Corbett, Sharon Richardson . , 'alt ia M: a s K yguim - 2l:i?i ...f Q53 ge Yee 4 if Seniors Quartette 's Q Pep Squad N. Highmiller, B. Ober, B. Huffman, C. Bump, C. McComb, L. Wingo V. McCarty, B. Wheeler, D. LaPorte, J. Dooley P. Lee, B. Coon, A. Ober, L. Evans S. Richardson, S. Carey, M. Lincoln, A. Ross, L. Cummins PROGRESS IS THE WORD-- 0 f n .. L- 1 4- a. 'Wtii ff "' gl' 1 P 0 N 1 ll I' IIETIII I .N I 'lla 'i'- 7 l Majorettes JNNWME 1 2 3 5 Ei 3 . L50 UQVNQ sl UAJIIIIGL Diane Woodrux f Carolyn Dewitt Susan Beltz 40 Melanie Outland CLeaderl Carolyn Ck-aves Director Band Robert Leopard Jerry Louden Betty Connelly Barbara Black Lois Polsley Eddie Steel Carolyn Miller Ronnie Watkins Bobby Hitchcock Judy Trout Rachel Heizer Grant Johnson Russell House 1' 4 X ::a? J' '::::x Personalities Cheryl Crowder Phillip Wilkins Carol Ann Freshwater Ricky Klamforth Winnie Barker Kelly Loveland Ruth Grauman Ellen Bump Nancy Loveland Eugene Harper Margaret Wilkins John Louden Raymond Leopard Kent Lincoln Larry Bahan Roger Alty Nancy Highmiller Ralph Coleman Chuck Randall Rosemary Heizer Band Mr. Robert McKee Mike Chamberlain Richard Rhoades Feel Brelsford 41 Front Row B. Black, C. Coon, C. Organ, B. Delaney, S. Henry, S. Oyer, B. Ober, T Duff O Furrow, B. Bowman, M. Lincoln, L. Davis, J. Perry. Middle Row: S. Carey, M. Outland, D. Woodruff, E. B mp, B. Knotts, C, wells, J Trout I Perry, S. Knox, C. DeWitt, V. McCarty Back Row B . Taylor, J. Dooley, R. Holycross, B. Preston, J. Huffman, L. Wingo, B Salyers, N Highmiller, Miss Cawood, C. Corbett, L. Cummins, L. Evans, B. Cantrell, O Ober, F Boyd P. Furrow, M. Wilkins Girls' Athletic Association The Girl's Athletic Association is open to any girl who is interested in sports. Although the girls do not participate in sports they do have an active intramural program. Intramurals include, softball, volleyball and basketball. In volleyball, competition is being held between Cable, Woodstock and North Lewisburg. Medals will be awarded to the winning team. In basketball the girls will play Salem, Urbana and Mechanicsburg. Each girl will receive a pin at the end of the year for her participation in G.A. A. We have had a lot of fun working together G. A. A. Officers A iii 4 l-iff A A .M .N A X' fflfqffff ' "i SGCPGUBYY President Eva Watkins E- B-WP 5- OIG? 42 .., , wi . P . F z H 1 ,LL if 'f .mwli ' as f'-5 F W 4- S' A 'mu I.. if 'H Q 5 ' R ,H 'E 1 A Z' , fa A 1,34 r ,Iii . V , ,, ,. Q. , 5 1 La, t KY WZ' fn 9 'Q M614 3 'f??' if fa 0 'Uni Cho 9 uf' ln' 5 , A, x ,i Q9 . 5 g.i,,. 'Y Cheerleaders C. Wells P Furrow, b Oyer, B Taylor, F Boyd E Whtkinl ., X fe X I B. Taylor, P. Furrow, S. Oyer, O. Ober, C. Z 5g0 Tag-XO? 9 B 016' ' 46997 78 B54 If? H QF BZ 1 E 'Sea i 9 iff 9- 917 1' N-e lst Row: T. Louden, R. Graves, J. Simpson, L. Oyer, C. Johnson, R. Wilkins, J. Trout, S. Smith, T. Davisson, K. Mullin 2nd Row: N. Kennedy, W. Barnes, G. Herron, N. Brelsford, J. Walker, P. Wilkins, R. Knotts, R. Rhoades, R. Riley, C. Lawson 3rd Row: Coach Rymer, A. Thomas, E. Nance, D. Vanhoose, D. Randall, R. Millice, O Rice, T. Arick, C. Ferguson, M. Graham, S. R. Graves, E. Bean, Coach Beattie Tnsert W W. Coates Triad High School Football Squad Sowers, Triad Fielded its first football team in the fall of l956. Thirty-three boys reported for C0-Captains, Robert Graves practice and 33 finished the season. The boys Cal Lawson showed a fine spirit and should be congratulated for their fine performance as a first year team MOST VALUABLE PLAYER T in 5 we-. ,.,. Q 'wi' . K, JTFLOUT I I x xx, jn- I R GRAVES .d"'x BEAN C LAWSON I S. SMITH R. GRAVES YI 9' Q ,., if rrp' . 'Y ,.. R. RHOAIIES Gi' ZS COATES 3' Y. H.BARNE S G. HERRON N. KENNEDY Homecoming Queen Triad High Schocl's first Homecoming was held November 2, 1956. Sandra Oyer was crowned the first Homecoming Queen. Her attendants were: Shirley Henry, Grelann Ober, Melanie Outland, Sharon Rutan. A heartbreaking losing game with Jonathan Alter followed the Coronation. Sandra Oy er 'lv ROBERT GRAVES - SANDRA OYER - CAL LAWSON 18 Queen's Attendants SHARON RUTAN HEILANIE OUTLAND ORELANN OHIR SHIRLEY HENRY F S f C' 1. f4' .49 0 AIM ef, 'GIF'- :Qi s J. WAI 'gn y A - ll '37, an ' s ,J I 7 w ' 4 1 Q B 'G' Y Lx in ' J ijqltlrf- E141 ix QSM V Q" Wi 1 'r. DAv1ssoN s. sow:-:ns C- FERGISON .1 29 Varsity First Row: T. Louden, J. Trout, R. Millice, E. Bean, R. Graves Second Row: R. Knotts, R. Graves, R. Yocom, M. Taylor, L. Henry, Wf' 'Fi Rhoades, C. Lawson, Coach Rymer ,V ' 'N 0 0 IQ Triad Hu School 525 RT NWS aan an mm S EYFXEM N A ' IXUVQI I gg First Row: R. Graves, G. Case, J. Trout Second Row: D. Van!-loose, T. Louden, M. Graham, M. Coates, W. Kerns, J. Dooley, Coach Rymer, M. Trout, R. Rhoades, R. Knotts, R. Millice R. Wilkins, L. Oyer Basketball Squads -.ii .---- C a t-'-fl lalaqq 59' lr X -' N 3, L ' . msn ---- -h Qsss xxx -lr I 1 -, NNNN -'J W 1 ' ' 1' X. ' I' ,- I T T 1 ., I V ,f-,Q 4 "lar-frrvf' Q' ' , ' F' 53 M fa 5 if as-w5w1 'QQ ff? iff si? YS TRUJT H TAYLOR A 2 if-1 'Sis' A xi' K. vm. '15t"'?9fX785s?G-'- ,WRX A Li l"""l" x,, x .9 E f 'M- Z W I Q WK 'M K 1-.,,. ,QF W fm, ,,,,,, -an--1 Q . MU Games Varsity ST. PARIS MECHANICSBIRG C. JACKSON MADISON SOUTH ST. MARYS MILFORD CENTER CONCORD BYHALIA YORK MT. VICTORY SALEM URBANA LOCAL WESTVILLE MECHANICSHIRG ROSEWOOD NORTHWESTERN PERRY ZANE Played WE THEY 1.0 1+9 39 59 57 51 141+ 1.1 59 59 59 66 51+ 58 61. 149 CONCORD C. JACKSON COUNTY TOURAMENT THE 81 1.2 57 1.6 Reserves ST. PARIS MECHANICSBJRG C.-JACKSON MADISON SUIT!-I ST. PARYS MILFORD CENTER CONCDRD SALEM URBANA IOCAL HESTVILLE MECHANICSHIRG NORTHWESTERN PERIU ZANE WE THEY 21+ 53 23 18 22 314 143 35 2 5 17 29 36 16 28 30 31s 19 103 3 8 LB 52 L8 1.5 1:9 2 5 30 COUNTY CHAMPIONS CONCORD ST. PARIS COUNTY LEACIIE CHAMPIONS ST. PARIS CONCORD First Row: R. Markin, E. Perry, R. Davis, R. Rutan, D. Bishop, W. Rogan, L. Foster, G. Johnson, M. Trout, C. Randall Second Row: W. Russell, J. Thomas, D. Buffenbarper, W. Fergeson, F. Henryy R. Noel, W. Marshall, R. Reed, P. Ross Cheerleaders: Dixie Terrell, Melinda Louden, Lois Polsley, Judy Walker, Janie Barker, Marsha Hunt ale? xeam an N .4 "n .354 fg- Basketball Squad Cable Junior H OPPONENTS WE THEY Urbana Local St. Mary's Harrison-Adams Concord Christiansburg Salem Woodstock St. Paris Westville Milford Center Jackson Lpl M6 28 29 18 53 36 35 18 33 Basketball Squad Woodstock Junior Hi OPPONENTS Salem Harrison-Adams Concord Cable Urbana Local Westville St. Paris Christiansburg-Jackson First Row: D. Outland, D. Wingo, J. Nance, J. Kitchen, N. Hm an Second Row: D. Oyer, J. Louden, R. Corbett, R. Miller, Mgr R. House, P. Salyers, J. Justice, H. Hitchcock. Third Row: J. Stanley, G. Reed, K. Wibley, D. Huffman, B . Randall, K. Lincoln, R. Klamforth. we 12 17 23 29 21 28 2h 21 THEY SO 38 25 2? KM 96 Team I 0 Z5 N'-? Class Will Ia I, 1, Betty Preston, will my Sociology debates, fWhere's a refereel to Barbara Black, and appetite to Eva Watkins. Oscar Rice will my deep voice to Bob VanHoose. Sharon Richardson, will to Teddy Duffy, my place as president of the WTal1 Americansu. I, Beverly Taylor, will Cora Wells my size, in hope that we may someday be evened up. I, Marion Taylor, will my ability to keep my temper to Shirley Knox, and my tallness and basketball position to Bob G aves. I, Gerald Trout, will my ability to shoot holes in water tanks to Aaron Thoms. .::rJL1-WN ' my I, Jerry Trout, will my ability to sleep in class to Carmen Outland, A,N so Carmen won't have to be late every day. 0 I, Eddie Tussing, will my perfect attentance record to Tom Moore, and Egai 'I my ability to consume candy to Joe Dooley. ,VFXST ' I, Lola Ward, will my Mona Lissa smile to Margaret Wilkins. I, Roderick Yocom, will my feet and voice to Larry Lincoln, and my ability to stay away from girls to Gene Herron. We, the Seniors, will our books, old used tablets, and ends of pencils to our underclassmeng........... Our carefree moods to the teachersg......... Our paper wads and used chewing gum to the janitor. Memories Sth Grade Will We, the 8th G ade Class of Wayne School, of the city of Cable, County of Champaign, and the State of Ohio, being of sound bodies and mind do hereby state, decree, proclaim, and insist that this is our last will and testament before leaving the shetterinz arms of Wayne School. I, Sandra Oyer, leaves her sunny disposition to anyone who has the blues. I, Mary Ebright, gives her bashfulness to Anna Belle Lathem. I, Charlene Organ, will my seriousness to Mary Ann Blair. I, Janet Huffman, will my ability to come to school to Phyliss Adams. I, Barbara DeLaney, will m grades to the most deserving 7th grader. I, Shirley Henry, will my temper to Shirley Knox. I, Dick Hildreth, bestowe my quiet manner to Eddie Bean. I, Roderick Yocom, will my big feet to Alvin Bell. I, Robert Miller, will my bashfulness to Orlan Ober. I, Jerry Arthur, will my boldness to Bobby VanHoose. I, Roger Johnson, will my quiet manner in class to Johnny. I, Kenneth Mullin, offer my scholastic ability to any had working 7th grader I, Eddie Tussing, will my ability to listen in class to Gene Herron. I, Paul McKenzie, will my seat in Science class to a lucky 7th grader. I, Billie Outram, surrender my best ability to a promising 7th grader. Class Prophecy I passed an airport-or at least that is what I thought it was-until I stopped and learned that it was a test field for Space Ships and Flying Saucers. Bill Outram and Robert Brugh are the test pilots. They chose this work because they like to live high. I came to a "Road Repair" sign on my way to the next town and saw a familiar looking man painting a yellowline down the middle of the raod. As I came nearer, I recognized Elden Bailes. I cou1dn't tell whether he was painting the road or his clothes but he assured me he looked very nice in yellow. I learned from him that Paul McKenzie owns his own car-painting business in Detroit. When asked if he liked his work he simply said: "Yea man, I make them look real catty" you know--colors like orange and black, pink and purple or red and yellow-real soft colors." I was about to give up hopes of finding the others when I found Betty Preston is the Phys. Ed. Teacher at O.S.U. It seems that a certain red-headed teacher from Triad taught her all she needed to know. She didn't even have to study. I received a report from Hollywood that Jerry Arthur is a chauffeur for Elvis Presley these days. He says it is the best way he knows to have so many Cadilacs, and not have to pay for them. There was a picture of William Coates on the front page of the Outerspace Gazette, saying that William had taken his first trip to the moon. That's his business. He takes people to the moon every Sunday. The fee is 83.00 if he makes it, if not, he pays all expenses. One of the students of 1957 went back to Triad. This brave soul is Robert Miller. He is number one janitor in Champaign County. I was getting pretty close to North Lewisburg when I saw what appeared to be a parade but as I came closer, I recognized Mr. and Mrs. Larry Henry. Mrs. Henry is the former Sandra Oyer, you will recall. After Sandra introduced me to her six daughters, I asked what she intended to do in the future but Larry had an answer for that, he said: "You must have heard the old saying cheaper by the dozen". This was the last name on my list but I decided I would go back to school to see what was new around there. The teachers were the same, but had they changed! Most of the men were bald and the ladies were all gray. The only answer I could think of was that it must have been the after effects of the class of 1957. I agree they can be summed up :Ln two words ...... No More!! Memories 8th Grade Prophecy Several students said when they left the Cable School "Well where do we go from here?" So how it can be told the secrets of what has happened to the 8th grade class of 1953. 1. Sandra Oyer of New York City, an Old Maid. 2. Mary Ebright, a now famous singer on WLW 3. Charlene Organ, author of a new book 'The Old Cable School' I.. Janet Huffman of Washington D.C., a F.B.I. agent . Barbara DeLa.ney CCan you imagine a school teacherl . Shirley Henry, a California model 7. Dick Hildreth, the quiet husband 8. Roderick Yocom, President of the United States 9. Robert Hiller, President of the lst National Bank lg. Jerry Arthur, ie up at the North Pole as an explorer 12 13 ? D . Roger Johnson, U. S. Mail Carrier . Kenneth Mullin. Professor at Ohio University . Eddie Tussing, a Taxi driver. ll.. Paul McKenzie, now a poet without money 15. Billie Outram, Ohio's Clmnvunx B vrmx KI lp XXL. I RBS!! x Unm CITIYPNS 'NIAIIONAI BANK URBANA OHIO IHE PEOPLES SAVINGS PERPETUAL FEDERAL SAVINGS S LOAN ASSOCIATION OF URBANA 62 v ' v D f A A A A A A 4 I . X , 4 2 L 1 r X 1 A l 7 AND LOAN COMPANY Urbana, Ohio Urbana, Ohio CI-IAMPAICN INSURANCE AGY CarroIIS Frantz Agency The Brand Neer Co THEI, 3 BERRY C0 RICHARD FRAWLEY Uhr Haul JH Eg: Agrnrg MC IN TL R F F AGENCY ST PARIS Vnlham Kerns Mscmrucssuao AGENCY Swift auf ROQMJ VAN C ULIN AGENCY bT PARIS B E VIILLIS NORTH LEWISBJRG 63 0 . JACK McKEEVER C. L. BOWERS AGENCY G 1 I ' 1 gundam ,tsp URBANA- H. W. Hegele Co. R. L. Hclnturff Apples Market Hi1ler's Appliance Store WiIL1.nsn's Furniture Ideal Shoe Repair G: Sportshop Conn 81 Craig Quality Shoe Repair Greyhound Bus Station Knights Seed Co Boston Store The Jeanette Shoppe Crosby CThe Drug Haul VEST LIERT! Farmers Sapply Liberty Hardware Ioders Furniture Liberty Variety Cores Market NA: X 'su s 4. Y 'Y' 'nr 2 MARISVILLE- Hi1drsth's Jewelry Store Tot 8: Teen Shop Hedges Shoppe MECHANICSHIRG- Hsffners 5Q to S1 Spang1er's Flouerlsnd Woodstock Furniture Store Vada' s Grocery Hinge A Friend Lyon's Drive In li5SolIiMdl 0095175005 SERVICE ALSO FEATURING THE BIG IURGEI ul-IKNA 64 O V W f 1 V1 ' 'I V 4 Furunme nu: Foons j.w,:qsX,j?14. DICK SPAIN EXCAVATING PHONE 3 2265 BULLDOZING GRADING Sewers Basements Open D1tches Farm Ponds Footers EARTH MOVING IS OUR BUSINESS R D. 3 Clioute 290 - 1 Mile East I' Qrute 681 URBANA 65 JEWELER JACK PHP NORTH LILWISBDRG BANK DEPOSITS INSURED Tha Fadaral Danuslt Insuranca Cameraman , S10 000 po S10 000 66 4 Q Q ff Z 'V 1' l I wAsmNc'roN, o. c. I IAXIIUN INSURINCI " : I FOR EICH DE SITOR I :S BATHROOMS PHONE 9 2561 ELMER KAUFMAN PLUMBING at HEATING PUMPS HEATERS FURN ACES PHONE 9 3452 STOKERS AND OILBURNERS Mxlford Center Ohxo -4OME O Jlo,mzw1zlL Qauul, A Complete Lune of Grade A Dcnry Products vc 'C 1.1 LA dk, 2 WNED AND OPERATED Jddff. fluz, Qlllmumcz BELLEFONTAINE OHIO PHONE 5141 67 I I . . u . ,, ffifxf-Q . 1 - 2 , .. . 35' :x " -' I , ne itifung-If . , . N xf' OUR cow T 41' SIAFF IS I M TWAINTAD TO ACCWPT TW f Q SPONSIWILITE OF' S DIXIG w V QV FAWTLV Q DIR TFT S FURIWV 'VY CO I V IS DRL U' QS IN 'UT US OV BURVAV FVWT DonA Neff Funeral Home AW B VLA 'W' S Q JIM? 703 S Mum S? Urbana Ohio Phono 3-4227 68 I XX, 1 Ks M fr nu! H A I . .' .4 1.4 VE .Hz .' ,, ' EJ . TO Y uve. - ,.- A .Ez ' ifcfprm. W WE FEELING OF at L- rv -, Tw ., 4 A uA.41.l.1 L.A.Ah A 4 H . .,. .J 1.331 . I I V 1,1 js v I I O I ALFX XXULR A f0Vl'kVi i mm m K-Q WW W Engl ASHLAND OIL PRODUCTQ M1lfOTd Ay enue M GOODRICH TUBELESS TIRES B F Goodrich rmsr un Runnin PHONE 8191 Marx SX 1116 iiiv 'I no' ATIONWIDE ,as urn lusunulcl COMPANY 'T' 4'5" ,gi F RE Auto ,M Robert Graves 11915 N MAIN ST LIRBANA OHIO Ray Penhorwood URBANA WOODSTOCK PHONE 3 1696 PHONE 6 3571+ 69 41 ini! X Gif, , , .re .'- A V E T X - -' ,wi 'W , X . 'i ' Q ,Q E A ff X ' I an .K 4' 1 "gf , N I , 1,19 -' ' ' ' qty-1 I O 0, gi vm ,X Vu V :V , , 5'Q I LIFE is fi Vj:- ' ' W T M 30 x' I W . .. , if f Humphrey's 81 Son Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS URBANA OHIO ESTABLISHED 1873 318 NORTH MAIN STREET BIG FOUR STOCKYARDS CHRIS DILLON 3 3701 URBANA OHIO 70 Phones: 3-3700 PAUL I SHEA INSURANCE PHONE' 23 51 MILFORD CENTER HQRN GH. CCMPANY CAS FUEL OIL ACESSORIES LUBRICATION TANK TRUCK S RJICR SERVICE STATION PHONE 9 3121 EIRESTCNE PRODUCTS MILFORD CENTER MILFORD CENTER o HANNA Phone 9 2421 PAINT Your Helpful Handy Hardware Store featuring Leadlng Brands The Ohio Gram Company C'-r-f dc U1L SERVING FARMERS AND FEEDERS SINCE 1913 71 E ' ,. '- , I N H 9 Woodstock Mechanicsburg 1 coco GIA! EW Milfor enter, Ohio Nor ewisburg NEWIDEA farm Cqwpmewt repay' SeI'V1C6 61-:Qi I Q-if GEO THIERGARTNER IMP MILFORD CENTER ol-no RMCHE DI STRI HJ TOR SERVICE FOR HARVESTOHE SILOS FOX HARVESTERS GOODYEAR TIRES DUPONT PAINTS Football R E C O ' SPORTING Gooos ALI KINDS OF ATHLE1 II EQUIPMENT Golf Bak lhdll T. -- - GYMNASIUM OUTFITTERS for BOYS and GIRLS TEIIIIIS SPRINGFI1-:LD OHIO 72 . . co. I al le fi!" .fi Q WJ if? ll! zszgf, "M or fi'Hl"'U HIMUIM ww I! 7 ' I '. 0 ' 1 ' THE C I. BOWERS AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE O 3 2553 G 8. S HEATING SERVICE EXTERMITAL TERMITE SERVICE Hi T A 3 SI03 3 5I03 TEIMITE SERVICE W A ff 3 5103 3 W LIGHT EVANS GROCERY IHOMSUN INSURANCE REAL ILSTATE Drlve ln OEEICC REAR 211 LAFAYETTE AVE URBANA 73 13 Effiami SE. Phone - URBANA OHIO Y CALL C ll - mfliiihl Il - sauce me .+""""'f FREE INSPECTION I' . GUARANTEE BACKED "...,,,,,-J" ,f s oo TRUST F I X CALL ara a gfeefl- I. Hui. HI 72 . f 1 T '1 u g 9 ' . UNION IMPLEMENT C0 10" 'nh John Deere Quahty Farm Equlpment 'VIarysv111e UNION COUNTYS LARGEST STORE: HOWARD SUPPLY CO DISTRIBUTORS PENNZOIL DELCO BATT R 0 H R WHOLESA LE EQUIPMENT AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND SUPPLIES 122 E th PH Marysv1lle CHI ONE 5111 -o 1 l MARYSVILLE ARMSTRONG TILE WALL COVERING PHONE 2 1958 Curly H111 LEE FURNITURE STORE FLOOR COVERINGS VALYEAR PAINT BIRCH KITCHEN 129 S. Main St. CABINETS MOHAWK WALL TO WALL CARPETING WALLPAPER AND SUPPLIES Roy Andrews 74 ,- l UUIIIYY KIRK' EOUIPMINY . - - , 0 5 ' - Kaufman's Food Market Quality Home Dressed G Cured Meats MILFORD CENTER, OHIO The Farmers 81 Merchants Bank Co. MILFORD CENTER OHIO Sunbeam Mechamcsburg O COMPLIMENTS OF MAIN HAR DWARF 75 ' e ' PHONE 1,-1,105 THE CHAMPAIGN COUNTY FUR W Burnhart Good Inc AUTOMOBMDEALERS H P rouno morons mc 3 Urbana Motor Soles, Inc TRENOR MOTORS 'NC les """" Mom Buick Co , Inc V C9 3' WM' Km Cheymlef, lm Frost Motor Sales, Inc Ph MIL L E R S EXCAVATING SERVICE NIIXVSIT VHTIFR o Sewers 0 0 Open Ditches 0 o Bulldozers 0 0 Crushed Gravel 0 Basements Farm Ponds Air Compressors Footers 0 Complete Installutlon Of Septlc Tcmks and Disposal Systems ROUTE 36 EAST 2 BLOCKS FROM CITY LIMITS '3 4323 R D 1, URBANA, O 76 p 9,2 . Q5 Pg Wormvh , 'Ei' gig I T 'f- - 1' ,.' ' - ,' ' Ztggh REX PONN 5, TB 1 o :QUT Y I .1 I 9 I 0 0 A Qs If - .. 0 0 -Hr . .. , HundK BARGAIN CENTER scu P OF UABANA ON RCUTE 68 NEW AND USED FURNITURE, APPLIANCES WE BUY, SELL AND TRADE PARRY W KERNS OWNER PHONE 3 A621 JACK E LATHAM, MGR YOUR DEALER FOR KELVINATOR ROWE SIEGLER SEALY HEYWOOD WAKEFIELD Free Prompt IT'S A PLEASURE TO SERVE Cfedl Terms Dellvery YOU To Sult You -I 1 43231 Ph J 3544 1 915 s Ma Low FURNITURE HAYES runurruas 1 Seaver s Market U rbana Oh1o PHONE 3 Blhb Sexton am Natlonal Wholes ale Grocers P o Box 1531 INDIANAPOLIS 6, IND 77 A O , 1 U l f I I QUALITY -X S , PRICES Y . 2 ff HILL S BOOK and GIFT SHOP HOBBY SHOP TOYS Mechamcsburg Oh1O JOE B HERVEY STAN DARD ,snnmno ssnvlcf MARYSVILLE OHIO STODDARD MII LFR S Insurance Agency General Insurance RES PHONE OFFICE L 3521 PHONE Yfazllfzq 620:14 ,Ulm DIAL FA 3 333I I+-1601 L+-3375 36 N. Foumam AVE. MECHANICSBURG, O. SPRINGFIELD, OHIO CARDS 9 -OI' l 78 BUTLERS INC 2I7 I9 N MAIN L APPLIANCE STORF RX S PI-IILCO FRIGIDAIRE SALES 8 SERVICE TAPPAN BENDH EASTMAN POLAROID FOUNTAIN SERVICE URBANA OHIO CONES IVIALTS SHAKES SUNDAES NORTH MAIN STREET URBANA OHIO MADAUNE and ELTON 'THE CLEANEST SPOT IN URBANA N MAIN d CHURCH PHONE 3 3485 HE Ho Mink fhe mm In DRY annum D O Connors Son 79 IIIIIRY QUEEN Z7 BASIL SP AN Pure 011 Service OHIO JOHN DEFRE S. Quallty Farm Equipment KRTS SLRNII Y R M PATRICK I HON I' NORTH IIN ISIN Rl OHIO OHIO I RAIN COMPANY NORTH IFINISI I RC OHIO XX I QIPALLS QALI BARN III Lsroc R Al CTION EX uw Immv I Ione 6 3413 WOOIJSTUCK ITHIO 80 A 1 J ,+uunraQ , . o"'Anv.0"y L P. . - .' f I-. . . A ' .' 1 255l NORTH l.EIVISIll'RC'. Unnplinmcnls oi Y . J , , , . , . . , , .. 1 r 1 1 9 v 4 4 Jk A - J v I , 1 V Y I v Y 3 A ' . I A . I u -I . 1' 1 9 YODER IMPLEMENT COMPANY FARMALL TRACTORS M CORMICK FARM MACHINES WEST LIBERTY or-no PHONE 'N East Wishes ,gwfwfa Seniors EHAIHS DUAL YIHII I H ELEVATIIII HIE You LL READ IT IN URBANA DAILY CITIZEN CHAMPAIGN COUNTY S HOME NEWSPAPER SERVING OVER 20,000 READERS 81 I I I C I "mu - I : 27 .?"I - .. ' ' ' 213. I I X if:gf1'f,Q I , IIgUI'! I Milam I I I 'I 1 I I gb ' x ry lo IYY Of TNI COCIJZOLI CONFlN' I lb I ..... 1 1 COMPLIMENTS OF I3Avs Dowden' HOWARD E BAY Phone 4 2465 Mechamcsburg Ohlo WCHANICSIURU OHIO SMITHS DRUG SFORF 8: APPLIANCES Prescrlphon DFUQQISTS me osrsuomns All wnross fuel. ron FARM Ano susunuu Homes MECHANWSBURG nec:-umcswno OHIO OHIO 82 . n . , . ' y r .1 n . f f P' - ' ' r' 1' 12 - p ' f . L 0 --A--sw . LONGS MUSIC STORE 45 Phonograph Records Record Plan ers Sheet Music NI SICHI lnstrurrcnts and 'XCCCSSOTICS Phone 3 4121 13 South 'Nlam Street L rl ana OhlO FROST MOTOR SALES SALES AND ssnvlce 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE LEMBKE MOTOR SALES Parts Q Service Standard O11 Products We Repair All Makes 24 Hour Wrecker Service Desata l"f Phone 4 2541 Mechamcsburg Ohio THE WEST LIBERTY LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Mnllwork Builders Supplies Pam! Hardware PHONE N0 50 Westlherfy Ohno 83 If rf' ,r 9 5 X J ' . A U I A A . i , y ' 8 CO. Mechanicsburg, O. plqgfuln ' i , ' , THE JEWEL BOX SHAW S SHELL SERVICE HEILL' , hA COMPLETE CAR SERVICE 5 o'a4 'll 126 North Maln St Urbana Oh1o Phone 3 3655 PHONE 3-4593 URBANA OHIO CRIMES CONCRETE PRODUCTS Dual 3 2188 Dual 3-4578 Boforo READY MIXED CONCRETE SAND and GRAVEL 305 N MAIN STREET 8 oo 9 m Urbana Oh1o VVILBUR SOWERS Lwe Pouhrv gg Dressed Poultry NORTH IJOLUST STREET L b n Ohio Ph J 'i-10 84 I f' D by xGXxx X XX A Ile .. Q-ff . xg" -' LV , I " fl ' lg g MAlN AND WARD STU. I 0 O 9 o',o 8 'I Q tl' 'C 0, 0 9 ! Y ' , -E S.. ' ' 'r u a, ' GRAUMAN AUTO SERVICE 74 NORTH LENISRL Rf OHIO Phone NORTH LOVELAIN D LUMBER Lumber Bulldlng Supplies and LEM ISBL RC OHIO Cement Blocks Phone 2451 CHRIS Sz LEE S Restaurant W Short Orders an Home Cooked Nleals NORTH LENS ISRL RK OHIO HI WAY I' COFFEE SHOP Phone 2461 NORTH LENISII 4 HIO 85 , , L+ I , - o59 " A f Z g y d ,' ', 'RCI Meals PHONE 3-9729 Monument Square PARADISE LUNCH .EJ X 'Q Fountam Servlce Urbana Ohlo Phone 3 968A Hutton and Ennghr Urbana Ohlo HEAVY DUTY WRECKER SERVICE "" Au x if l" I ri YQ' COMPLFTF REPAIRS and MOTOR REBUILDING ON ALL MAKES CARS 81 TRUCKS Sale and ber Ice Urbana Ohm AAA vw TRUCKS DlAL33603 LUMBER MILLWORK ROOFING BUILDERS SUPPLIES PHONE 3 3611 URBANA OHIO 86 'N If , .4--- 'P- , INTERNATIONAL E. S. KNULI. COMPANY THE CHAMPAIGN TELEDHQNE COMPANY I S URBANA OHIO i KJ ETHELS FLOWER SHOP Say If wrfh 102 Scioto St Flowers By Ware L rbana Ohlo fer 11iE CHIADIPAJGPJCCOIJNTX TTUXCTWDR ASSIQ 1325 North Wain St YOCOM S Independent Supermarket win M533 PHONE ' 3-3755 Urbana 87 26 cioto Street YS 5 1 f E If 'QQ' :CSCI If KX' , 021871 '- , I ,Qur.n7fx',, - ,E A 15 W, Mg -7 , E 5 emfmn ,ff 554. . :n -" . - ' Wxr ' I X I ll ' u , . ..y K xxvi- v v 3 . I -.- ,5 n .ts ll. ' x BLANKENSHI P POUI TRY HOF. TSP MIAMI ST URBANA omo Phone 3 L+L,2l+ vhuwuwmwa Evert thing for the Farm and Hon e 219 221 MIAMI ST PHONE 3 l0l+03 LRBANA OHIO ur y umber HILL WORK URBANA OHIO URBANA CATTLE COMPANY PEXNSX LX ,nn STOQK x Arms Urbana Ohlo 0 3 2176 88 ' ' eo. . . i ph 0. LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIAL , ' ff' Phone - CORWIN S APPLIANCES URBANASLARGESTAPHJANCESTORE I25 N MAIN ST 7 on s PHONE35525 URBANA OHIO BLACKBURN S Market 81 General Store Nleats Produce Frocerles Dry Goods Ball Band Rubber Footwear NUUIDNTUK Ix OIIIU '-r SPIKES BARBER SHOP NORTH Ll XS ISIII UIIIU R BRAKE HARDWARE D AN 8a BARRY PAINTS KITCHEN WARES GENERAL I-IA RDINA RE Mllford Center phone 9 2251 89 I ll I All 9 Il,-N1 - ML If 'S '4 fn. Q! L , . 1 ' . , ' I A ' Q ' mg, THE FARMERS MECHANICSBURG BANK OHIO MED OTURE MILK Is Always Found In Homes Where Better Thmgs Are Appreciafed Meckamcsburg Creamery mu us-w ALFALFAS CLOYEHS GIIASSES CATS IARLEY SOYIIANS HYBRID SED COIN FARM COMPANY Moebalalnlg. Oh halo 4-4413 A Marathon Products R MURRAY S GARAGE A General Repalr noon 'inn TIRE? Goodyear Txres Phone 63103 YV YODSTOCR OHIO 1 - W . Q I ' lo 7 I l ' , A xxx Ig Xl .xx ,. X K x ff BRENNAN Supermarket 939 North Main sn. URBANA RUQSELL LARUE L l STOM CABINET WORK CABLE OHIO PHONE N URBANA 3 5065 Dovds Afrrlcultural S61 VICCS, Inc -aafun lffanaqanewf Real gufaife Tlph 34141 114SC 1 I lkbxl Oho Neuhauser HATCHERIES INC CHICK HA TCH ER Y UHCK5 CALL32312 rlilv ll-lvl URBANA 91 k I TA. . A , 1 R. R. 0.1 O U T I CF ' LOANS - APPRAISALS - co.v5L'L T.-ITIONS e e one - io 0 S . a a, i .' a '- -K, 3 3 NL M V ' -5 , . e I. x - ' ' -1 ' ,'. , . V , V., ,A v. , ' 1 ' l I - ..:9.MAwwff ,, ...V - .-I . A . T-xr- - 7 1 1 K . AUTHOIII smsur n 1 una un. uyma cm 5. -3 - rf, ny-u- cum. Slum Q. S- bam hyiq, bcuz an uf Hy- '. un p-um. New U. ,mn prod. f.0Ffl'LlNIENTS UF ARTHUR S GROCERY NORTH LEXNISIH Rt OWU J M Freshwater Funeral Home Ambulance SEFVICE Phone 2101 NORTH Lnwlsm RC omo FARM SERVICE Wayne Henry Prop HARDYVARE TIRLSTONII Xl 'IU Sl lll S fl FETWINC C XS A OIL NORTH uiwlsm RC Phone 2891 omo MILLS PHARMACY Nf1RTH LEYN ISB1. Rf Phone 2171 Prescrlptlons mlm 92 9 l O xl . V .V 1 1, , . . A. I .., f 1- i"'1AlE.' IELECTRICAL AP1'L1ANf.E5 -Ili I 1 I X511 20 MONUMENT SQUARE URBANA, OHIO MClAUGHl.lN'5 SAMSONITE LUGGAGE JEWELRY STORE HAMILTON - BULCVA H F 4?fEQQg6' OMEGA - ELGIN WATCHES SHEAFFER G PARKLR PGNS AKQQSL STERLING BY GORHAM AND INTERNATIONAL TLQSSWARE - BY - CANBRIDGE AND SOSQUEHANNA CPINA BY HAJILAND AND PODE JOSSLR ADLER URBANA OHKJ TODDS Book and Gift Shop BOOKS GIFTS CARDS WALL PADER 31, Mom GNT Ddzur UHBANA WOTVN'S AND GHILDHPNS APPARhL 112 NORTP MAIN U15HNA 93 S ' S , . GGLosrm's J ARTHUR DELLINGER READY MIX CONCRETE URBANA OHIO PHONE 3 E360 KELLEY GAS C0 STANDARD GAS LIGHT d TALBOTT PHONE 3 2 531 :K HQJIHJM 4 ,E fff If BAKERY SPRINGFIELD OHIO iw Zfofafelzf H s GOT To Bc Good 94 . . C GAS APPLIANCES 0 SERVEL REFRIGERATORS 0 ROPE!! IR H TER! 0 HAMILTON DRYERS ' A-B P U BI G 5 HEATING E. an I - funn K - .. lnfflhpbdu A ,- . , S? W- ' Enriched ' ,, I ,- I ix 'Y HRLSEF' 5: Xx I X5 X 1 ' ' ,f'... 'T l, 1 U I I I KUNKLES CHUCK WAGON STEAKS k CHOPS CHICKEN-IN-BASKET HOME OF THE CHUCKBURGER NORTH MAIN ST SHORT ORDERS URBANA ROUND BARN STOCK YARDS LOCAL PHONE DAILY HCC MARKET 3 5l+85 SALE EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT URBANA, oulo LONG DISTANCE 5161+ ai' Wie oif',.ua zlum Qbuvfln 6ZuuumA COURTECUS SERVICE FREE DARKING SPACE O North Main St CASH a CARRY RBANA, OHIC Our Only Locatlon 731 E Lawn A e PHONE 3 5251 ELMNN venue U RBANA , OH IO 95 - 3- 'ull J ' ' I l ! 96 . U.. BOTKIN'S FLOVVERS 'S' I MARYSVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION EVANS MOTOR SALES ZUHARS MOTOR SALES H I HUFFMAN AND CO THORPE MOTOR SALES PETERSON MOTOR SALES SPITLER MOTOR SALES RE ALL FARM EQUIPMENT ALLIS CHALMERS NEW HOLLAND DARI-KOOL BULK MILK TANKS KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES NATURALUBE MOTOR OIL AND GREASE Marysvllle PHONE 8 7 5 1 Tom Nuckles SERVING UNION COUNTY GENERAL AGENCY 122 W Fifth St Marysv111e Ohlo L W COOK Realtor MARYSVILLE OFrICE 7781 HAROLD A RAUSCH ASSOCIATE Res Phone 2 2461 INSURANCE IS OUR PROFESSION Marysvlue ' o o INSURANCE MAGNETIC SPRINGS 17-2352 96

Suggestions in the Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) collection:

Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 68

1957, pg 68

Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 53

1957, pg 53

Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 59

1957, pg 59

Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 93

1957, pg 93

Triad High School - Cardinal Yearbook (North Lewisburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 7

1957, pg 7

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