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'ri' 5 f 4 . N , 3 gg, 31 if 1 "EQ 1 L- Xxx Q a N "Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans--born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heri- ta ge-- and unwilling to witness or per- mit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to whichwe are committed today at home and around the world." John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address January 20, 1961 URSA MAGNA TRI-VALLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL GRAHAMSVILLE, NEW YORK Dedication "The greatest object in the universe, says a certain philosopher, is a good man struggling for adversity: yet there is astill greater, which is the good man that comes to relieve it." QOliver Goldsmithj The senior year of high school is not exactly adversity, but at times it comes close. There are so many things to do--the play, the trip, the yearbook--and when the pressure mounts with all the rest of things that make up school, the situation looks pretty depressing. Then suddenly some- one drops an encouraging word, some advice, or just plain pitches in, and everything smoothes out. Such has been our experience with Mr. Owen Davis this year. Because of all he has done for us, un- tiringly supporting us, working with us, helping us irnmeasureably, we felt we had to say, "Thank you." When we think of all that he has done for us, this simple thanks seems inadequate. But, we could find no other way to say it so that it would be, to a certain degree, lasting. And so, Mr. Davis, believe us when we sincerely say-- I 'I : I'-I ADMINISTRATION igggiifiixl is "X ig I A 2 ' 2 ire sri? Dear Graduates, Your school extends its best wishes to you on the eve of graduation. The years you have spent at Tri-Valley. are drawing to a close. As a final note we would like you to consider what education has meant and what it can continue to mean. The essence of American education is that you are taught to be yourself and to free yourself. Your ability to discern truth, to apply knowledge, and to exercise judge- ment will measure the freedom you attain, the life you will enjoy, and the person you will become. Our hope is that you have had an education which will sustain you. Our prayer is that you will demonstrate through self-regulation the manifest gift of freedom, and be prudent in preserving this heritage for yourself and all others. Best wishes for enduring success and happiness. Sincerely, Edward T. Condon Supervising Principal SECONDARY COORDINATOR Mr . Parrow GUIDANCE DIRECTOR Mr . McDonald ELEMENTARY COORDINATOR Mr . Arielly A Board of Education George Spann Vincent Zanetti John Marshalek Oland Erath Edward T. Cqndon Max Rubenzahl Evelyn I-Iuntsberger 'Andrew Lent John Lawrence Charles Neilson Clarence Roosa John Donelli President - - - - MAX RUBENZAHL Vice-President ---- - VINCENT ZANETTI District Superintendent - - - - - HENRY PAUL Supervising Principal - - - - EDWARD CONDON Attorney - - - - - - - ANDREW LENT District Clerk - - - - EVELYN HUNTSBERGER -jf? I--1---A HARRY BARKLEY DEEDRICK BERTHOLF DENNIS AKERLEY JOANNE BARRETT CA THLEEN BRA UN S USAN CRUM HAROLD BROWN S USA N CY PERT C ATHY DEAGLE C ARL De WIRE G EORGE DEAN MARY DIXON IRA DRYER PETER DUNN JOHN DONELLI LILLIAN DUNN NANCY EVERETT MELVIN ECK EILEEN FRA LEY KA T HLEEN F ULLER LINDA GRIDLEY LUTHER HITT MAURICE HILL RICHARD HOTCHKIN EILEEN HUFFMAN MARILYN KALISHOCK SHARON KORTRIG HT BARBARA LAWRENCE BRENT LAWRENCE ' MARY LUTTINGER GRANT MCKENNA IUDITH MENTNECH CARL RA TNER DANIEL RUDERMAN HERBERT MULLINEX ROBERT ROBINSON ALAN SCHILDKRAUT i x KENNETH SOSNOWS KI LIN DA SMITH BARRY TSIBUSH LINDA THURM ELAINE VAN VALKENBURG CON NIE VAN WAGNER JOHN WOLFE Lust Will and Testament Dennis Akerley leaves for the 'Rice Paddies. " Harry Barkley-- 'GONE HUNTING. " JoanneBarrett gives her cash register back to Willy. Deedrick Bertholf leaves his pink bomb in the Neversink River. Cathy Braun leaves her physics book to anyone who can understand and appreciate it Harold Brown leaves his hotdogs to Debbie Hotchkin. Susan Crum leaves her lunch, which is unusual! Susan Cypert leaves with a silent "Ha1leluya. " Cathy Deagle leaves with Joe. George Dean is not leaving. Carl DeWire leaves his Honda to Mr. Grund. Mary Dixon leaves her shy personality to Marla Schildkraut. John Donelli leaves Mr. McDonald to run the guidance office alone. Ira Dryer leaves rubber in the parking lot. Lillian Dunn leaves an unfinished dress to Miss White. Peter Dunn leaves his year 's supply of cinnamint gum to Mrs. Adams. Melvin Eck leaves his chewing tobacco to Gary Gorton. Nancy Everett leaves a bottle of Windex to Mr. Braband. Eileen Fraley leaves a year's subscription of Hairdo Magazine to Mr. McLean Kathy Fuller leaves Mr. Mills with a quiet study hall. Linda Gridley leaves her inferiority complex to Candy Dickerman. Maurice Hill leaves his musical ability to Andy Bernstein. Luther Hitt leaves a warm seat in Mr. Condon's office to anyone who wants it. Rick Hotchkin leaves his go-kart to shut down Mr. McLean. Eileen Huffman leaves Mrs. Robinson a box of smelling salts. Marilyn Kalishock leaves her common sense to Sheri Borofsky. Sharon Kelly leaves her shorthand and bookkeeping ability to Kathy Kortright. Holly Lawrence leaves blushing. Brent Lawrence leaves his basketball ability to Howard Petro. Mary Luttinger leaves quietly--for a change. Grant McKenna leaves the light panel jammed. Judi Mentnech leaves her basketball ability to Mickey VanValkenburg. Herb Mullinex leaves his plastic shoulder pads to Harold Hinkledire. Carl Ratner leaves. Bob Robinson leaves his receding hairline to Mr. Mills. Dan Ruderman leaves a shortage of music in the choir files. Alan Schildkraut leaves his Hollywood muffler to Mr. O'Donnell. Linda Smith leaves Mr. Ellison to face boredom. Ken Sosnowski leaves a kielbasa to Willy. Barry TerBush leaves Grahamsville to celebrate Halloween without him. Linda Thurm leaves happily to be with Michael. Elaine VanValkenburg gives room 101 back to Mr. Davis. Connie Vanwagner leaves to be with Tommy. John Wolfe leaves his weird shirts to Gary Levitz. Virtuous Seniors One cube or two? Run Juniors Run! ! Of course Seniors STUDY?? Spaghetti for lunch! ! Who's gonna clean up that mess down there? The Senlor Lounge I told you not to eat those hot dogs! ! What a class! Q1 Q2 Leave us out I think it's FIK E--- of it, , ,g S And we'11 sit under the Palms! ! ! Then you fit the camshaft in. . . ! kwa-K ' 4 K Class Advisors Mr . Davis Mr . Mills SS S S Class Officers 'President ------ ------------------ - - -' SUSAN CYPERT Vice-President - - - - - - KEN SOSNOWSKI Secretary ----- ------- S HARON KELLY Treasurer ---- ------- K ATHY FULLER Sub- Treasurer - - - -' ELAINE VAN VALKENBURG Q WFA 6LJ1.'TY I 5 Mrs. Hill Mrs. Hatch Mrs. Marks Mr. Kantor Mr. Quick Mr . Coombe Mr . Ellison Mr. Dallao, Mrs. Adams, Mr. Manell Mr. Grund, Mr. Racine, Mr. Garcia Art Mr . McLean Music Mr. Visscher Mr. Granger Miss Harris Physical Education Mr. Hall Mrs. Blade Mr. Mattice Home Economics Miss White 5 J fi , 3 cscs S 'is' ' isi E 1 M V!i sii cii I h i . '.1k, 5 1 i F. Q .cg Language Mrs. Hill- Latin Mr. Racine - French Mr, Quick - Spanish Business Education Mr. Davis Mr. Mills Agriculture and Industrial Arts Mr. Strangeway Mr. Murray Mr. Mulvey READING SPECIALIST Mrs . Cerato NURSE Mrs . Robinson LIBRARIAN Mr. O'Donne11 PSYCHOLOGIST Mr . Harris ELEMENTARY LIBRARIAN Mrs . Allen Teachers' Aides Mrs. Kennedy Mrs. Allison Mrs. Furman Elementary Secretary Mrs. Towne Secretaries Mrs . Shader Mrs . Zauetti Mrs . Strangeway Mrs . McKeon - , X M , ,, X X Q x .... - 3 LLLL A Mrs. Houghtaling Mrs. Clark Mrs. Vanwagner Mrs. Schulte Mr. Schulte Custodial Staff Cafeteria Staff Braband DuBois Kuis Soss S PORTS I in Tri-Valley Football 1966 1966 will be remembered as the year of the big switch: the change being from eight man to eleven man football in the Western Sullivan League. lt seems that good football has become an institution at Tri-Valley, and that played by the 1966 team was no exception. Eleven outstand- ing seniors formed a nucleus for Coach Hall's 1966 fighting Bears. After two undefeated seasons, this year's team found itself under a great pressure to keep the winning streak alive. They were able to carry the streak to 15, but finally lost to Delaware Val- ley - the only loss of the season. Delaware Valley finished their season in first place with a 3- 0-1 record and Tri-Valley completed a 4-1-0 season in second place. lst ROW: M Rubenzahl, G. Eltz, R. Hotchkin, B. Lawrence, H. Mullinex, G. Dean, A, Schildkraut, K. Sosnowski, R. Robinson, M, Eck. L. Hitt, P. Dunn, B, TerBush, F. Hyzer, M. Dean. 2nd ROW: Coach Mattice, G. Hill, J. Semo, M. Condon, W. Zanetti, L. Guntlow, J. Allison, M. Gunt- low, E. Hotchkin, Trainer - I. Dryer, Coach Hall. 3rd ROW: G. Morton, A, Dean, C. Irwin, J. Higgins, P. Sheley, E. Braun, T. Nash, M. Sosnowski, Coach Lyle, 4th ROW: B. Erath, S. Carey, A. Welch, P. Demetry, S, Schick, B. Bertholf, J. Houghtaling, M. Higgins H. Hinkledire. Seniors lst ROW: Rick Hotchkin, Bob Robinson, Melvin Eck, Pete Dunn, Ken Sosnowski, Herb Mullinex, Coach Hall. 2nd ROW: Barry TerBush, Luther Hitt, Alan Schildkraut, Brent Lawrence, George Dean. Starting Eleven BACKFIELD: George Dean, Herb Mullinex, Ken Sosnowski, Brent Lawrence. LINE: Bob Robinson, Ed Hotchkin, Jim Allison, Pete Dunn, Larry Guntlow, Rick I-Iotchkin, Barry TerBush L i END Barry TAC KLE Mel TACKLE Rick EN D Bob G UA RD Luther GUARD Alan "D011'f fight I'11 take it. Where'd ya leave the other foot?" "Don't touch him he's mine. " "I knew we could do it! First Down for Big Red! Paul carries "Are you ready, Bi11?" 'Excuse me! Varsity Basketball 1st ROW: K. Johnson, D. Kortright, W. Zanetti, B. Lawrence, D. Erland, G. Dean, B. Houghtaling. 2nd ROW: P. Bertrum, M. Condon, D. Ruderman, D. Bertholf, B. Robinson, M. Guntlow, B. TerBush Coach John Mattice J.V. Basketball lst ROW: R. Garber, F. Vanwagner, L. Botsford, B. Bertholf, H. Knight, I. Higgins, H. McIntosh, H. Petro. 2nd ROW: Coach A. Hall, J. Houghtaling, W. Crum, T. Nash, M. Sosnowski, A. Welch, P. Carlson, P. Demetry, C. Irwin, D. Bieling CENTER Bob Robinson GUARD Brent Lawrence FORWARD Barry TerBush GUARD George Dean FORWARD Dau Ruderman CENTER Dick Bertholf George drives downcourt Fingertip control record-breaking Bob lofts a long one Brent drives for 50 and 51 "And I was going to dunk it! " Two points for Wayne Tommy shoots again. John in a squeeze. Two more Big man for two Varsity Cheerleaders G. Clark, B. Sosnowski, D. TerBush, L. Harris, K. Fuller, M. Dixon, M. Luttinger 5 5 S x .l.V. Cheerleaders V. Harris J. Neilson K. Messinger N. Johnson C. Dickerman S. Robinson M. Asthalter Baseball With Senior pitcher Greg Parrow making a strong showing in his first year pitching, Tri- Valley finished the 1966 Baseball Season in fourth place with a 5-5 record, Most players on the 1966 squad were underclassmen, thus the promise is high for 1967. Truck In a highly contested Western Sullivan League Meet, the Tri-Valley team came in a very close second, losing only to Ieffersonville 24-23, Senior Dick Bidlack, being the top point scorer, won the 100 yard dash in 11, 0, 1966 was surely one of Tri-Val1ey's best and most balanced track teams, Minor Sports In 1966 Tri-Valley won its fourth Minor Sports Championship in a row, With points scored in all events except volleyball, the Tri-Valley team swept past the remainder of the W. S. L. teams in fine style. TEAM STANDINGS Baseball Track Minor Sports Narrowsburg Jeff -Youngsville Tri-Valley Jeff-Youngsville Tri-Valley Narrowsburg Delaware Valley Narrowsburg Delaware Valley Tri-Valley Delaware Valley Jeff-Youngsville Livingston Manor Livingston Manor Livingston Manor Eldred Roscoe Roscoe Roscoe Eldred Eldred Truck I966 lst ROW: B, TerBush, K. Sosnowski, R. VanVa1kenburg, G. Sosnowski, D, Bidlack, B, Robinson, P. Cur- rey, E. Hotchkin, 2nd ROW: Coach Hall, M. Sosnowski, E, Braun, J. Higgins, I-I, Mullinex, C. DeWire, B, Lawrence, F. Hitchcock, T. Nash, D, Bertholf, 3rd ROW: C. Irwin, M, Condon, A. Bernstein, D, Erland, W. Zanetti, D, Kortright, P. Sheley, F, Hyzer Baseball 1966 lst ROW: Coach Bilbao, J, Higgins, M, VanVa1kenburg, C, Irwin, P. Sheley, B. Mcintosh, M, Sosnowski, P, Bertram, 2nd ROW: Dr. Singer, D, Kortright, H, McIntosh, A. Alberti, H. Schick, D. Curry, A, Bernstein, 3rd ROW: K, Sosnowski, J. Wolfe, H, Mullinex, D. Ruderman, G. Parrow, D, Erland. 4th ROW: D. Bidlack, B, TerBush, B. Robinson, G, Parrow, G, Sosnowski ' .up K Dan loses his head over Ping Pong! "I knew this was Candid Camera. . . !" What me wor1y?'? K C The Hot Line. . . ! Just hangin' around!! 'Uh - Hello Mr. Condon. . Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! T' G. I. F. V QQ? ACWQVITIES The results are amazing . Don't just stand there, give us a line. Inherit The Wind sw Thanks to Maybeline . I wonder what this would do At last I'm a star ! to my hair. RACHEL BROWN - - - MEEKER -------- EERTRAM GATES - - - MRS. GOODFELLOW - - MRS. KREBS ------- REV. JEREMIAH BROWN BOLLINGER -------- BANNTSTER - - - MELINDA - - - HOWARD ----- MRS. LOOMIS - - - HOT DOG MAN - - - MRS. MCLAIN - - - MRS. BLAIR -- - ELUAH -------- E. K. HORNBECK ---- HURDY GURDY MAN - - - SUNNY ----------- MAYOR -------------- MATTHEW HARRISON BRADY - - MRS. BRADY ------- TOM DAVENPORT - - - HENRY DRUMMOND - - JUDGE ---------- DUNLAP - - - SILLERS - - PHIL ------------- NEWSPAPER MAN ---- HARRY Y. ESTERBOOK - -' CAST - - Catherine Deagle - - - Herbert Mullinex - - - George Dean - Kathleen Fuller - - Linda Gridley - - Deedrick Bertholf - - Richard Hotchkin - - - Brent Lawrence - - -Mary Luttinger - - - - Ira Dryer - - Susan Cypert - - Harold Brown - - - - Eileen Huffman Elaine Van Valkenburg - - - - - - - Maurice Hill - ' - - John Donelli - - Richard Hotchkin - - Barbara Lawrence - - - - - Luther Hitt - - Kenneth Sosnowski - - - - - Mary Dixon - - - Dan Ruderman - - - John Wolfe - - - Peter Dunn - - Robert Robinson - - - Carl DeWire - - - - - Melvin Eck - - - Alan Schildkraut - - - - Barry TerBush TOWSNPEOPLE, JURORS and SPECTATORS: -------------------------- - Dennis Akerley, Harry Barkley, Joanne Barrett, Cathy Braun, Susan Crum, Lillian Dunn, Nancy Everett, Eileen Fraley, Marilyn Kalishock, Judi Mentnech, Carl Rat- ner, and Linda Thurm PRODUCTION STAFF DIRECTOR ----- - - - Pauline Hill SET DESIGNER ---- - - - Robert McLean STAGE MANAGER ---- - - Grant McKenna STUDENT DIRECTOR - - - - - - Linda Smith STAGE CREW --------------------------------------- Melvin Eck , Richard Hotchkin, Herbert Mullinex, Dennis Akerley, Harry Barkley, Harold Brown MAKE- UP --------------------------------------- Eileen Fraley, Linda Gridley, Marilyn Kalishock, Sharon Kelly, Judi Mentnech COSTUMES -------------------------------------- Susan Cypert, Susan Crum, Mary Luttinger, Eileen Huffman, Linda Thurm, Connie Van Wagner PROPS ------------------------------------------- Cathy Braun, Peter Dunn, Barry TerBuSh, Richard Hotchkin, Kathy Fuller TICKETS ------------------------------------ - - Brent Lawrence, Herbert Mullinex CLASSES M. Dixon, E. Fraley, K. Fuller S P O R T S CANDIDS B. TerBush, I. Wolfe LAST WILL J. Donelli, I. Dryer, ACTIVITIES A. Schildkraut, J. Wolfe. M. Dkon, S. Cypert, L. Smith, M. Luttinger B. Lawrence li. EDITOR-IN- CHIEF D. Bertholf BUSINESS Yearbook Staff SUBSCRIPTIONS R. Robinson, C. Braun PHOTOGRAPHY I. Dryer, A. Schildkraut PRODUCTION STAFF L. Smith, J. Mentnech, E. Huffman, S. Kelly E. VanVa1kenburg J. Meutnech, S. Kelly, E. Van Valkenburg ART R. Hotchkin Senior Star Senior Star is an enrichment program for seniors which affords the participants an opportunity toqbecome acquainted with seniors from other county schools while being provided with a worthwhile educational experience. The program included lectures on such subjects as: 'What to Expect in College, " 'You and the Law, " and "Drug Addiction and the Daytop Approach, " and was highlighted by a trip to Stratford, Connecticut to see Julius Caesar. Scholorship Winners f r alifflw i tgp s o 2 Q i' f ihr. SA . i Q9 , Pictured are Cathy Braun, Linda Gridley, Susan Cypert, and Dan Ruderman, the four seniors who were awarded New York State Regents Scholarships in 1967. Ken Sosnowski, not pictured, was named an alternate scholarship winner. These scholarships are based on need and cover four years of college study. Dan, Susan, and Linda were also awarded Letters of Commendation for per- formance on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. National Honor Society lst ROW: Mr. McDonald, D. Ruderman, J. Wolfe, C. Braun, K. Sosnowsiki, K. Fuller, H. Lawrence, L. Gridley. 2nd ROW: M. Higgins, M. Asthalter, L. Harris, D. Bertholf, I. Dryer, S. Cypert, M. Kalishock, E. Hotchkin. 3rd ROW: P. Costigan, N. Millestein, P. Osterhout, B. Ulrich, N. DeWire, L. Kracht, H. Schick, A Alberti . Student Council lst ROW: M. Condon, R. Robinson, B. TerBush, G. Dean, P. Dunn, M. Sosnowski. 2nd ROW: Mr. Parrow, R. Kortright, M. Wolfe, S. Currey, W. Zanetti, C. Dickerman, K. Ulrich, M. Condon, T. Martorana, N. DeWire Our Junior Prom "Oriental Gardens" The Royal Court i Loretta Youmans Linda Smith Peter Dunn Nancy Self Deborah TerBush Richard Bicllack Linda Harris Barry TerBush Louise Henderson Thomas Henderson Kathleen Fuller John Wglfe Mr. McDonald F.H.A. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA wQ,MAkf'ks S'-"0 'P x NEW Hog' 'bo of 44' ' 'Y Q' 9 U m 61.9 2 au ' Y 'B 0 Us 44 " Q' 4 O 0 x The F. H. A. Club of Tri-Valley Central School was hostess to the Southeastern District B, F, H. A, , in October 1966. The theme for the program was "Bridges To The Future. " Schools attending were Suffern Sr. , Sufferu Jr. , Eldred, Narrows- burg, Newburgh, Fallsburgh Sr. . Fallsburgh Jr. , and Brewster. In March 1967 the Tri-Valley F. H, A, traveled to Narrowsburg for the District Rally. President - - Vice-President Secretary - - Treasurer - - Historian - - Advisor - - F. H. A. Officers are as follows: CATHY DEAGLE - - MARY DIXON NANCY EVERETT " - LINDA THURM - - SUSAN CRUM - - MISS WHITE Senior Band L s Carolyn Luttinger Shelly Granger Kathy Eidel Chris Guntlow Eileen Bertholf Susan Ulrich Teresa Martorana Eileen Fuller Noreen Ward Junior Band Director Mr. Visscher Russell Kortright Lynn Stratton Martha DeWire Jo Ann Asthalter Mark Hill Alfred Currey Mike Wolfe Raymond Van Wagner Gary Robinson Steven Fuller Bill Edison Paul Corbett Steve Currey JoE11en Murray Jim Donelli Glenn Eltz Tim Kortright Dan Serna That wasn't in the Guidepost vibmo I 9 I2 ,nf 77 xl WI? Q 0 T" Lx 'lyk You mean I even get change? 53 NW Ronech Press lst: B. Yager, S. Cypert, C. Braun, L. Gridley, A. Bernstein, J. Higgins, A. Trimble. 2nd ROW: D. Millstein, R. VanWagner, l. Towne, M. Wolfe, J. Jones, G. Clark, B. Ulrich P Osterhout, I. Murray, M. lhlbenzahl, W. Hitchcock. The Ronech Press was established with an eye to improving communication at Tri-Valley. We have started with high hopes, little knowledge, much enthusiasm It is our hope that the press will become an important part of Tri-Valley life and will gain the prestige that it could not have this year. We've been following a demanding fevery other week, publication schedule which calls for close cooperation on the part of editors, reporters, the publicity committee and the production staff. Alternate Monday nights the editors meet to put copy in its final form. Tuesday and Wednesday are spent typing the paper and putting on headlines. Thursday is the day of publication. Plans for this year included a creative writing supplement and an elementary supplement. Linda Gridley Susan Cypert John Higgins Andy Bernstein Cathy Braun FN I 1 ,A KR 2 J 7 1 Editor-in-chief Feature Editor Managing Editor Sports Editor Activities Editor Chapter Meeting Team L l ' in ROW ONE - G. Dean, B. TerBush, D. Currey, A. Bernstein, ROW TWO - W. Davis, M. Condon, P. Sheley, D. Kortright, T. Nash, E. l-lotchkin. The FFA takes an important part in the study of agriculture at Tri-Valley. Its training in leader ship has produced award winning teams in contests as well as many leaders in non-agricultural activ- ities around the school. The Speaking Contest, the Chapter Meeting Contest and the Agricultural Forum are three leader ship contests in which our chapter participates ongroup, district and state levels. This year Andy Bernstein and Mark Condon are taking part in the Speaking Contest which could lead to a S6250 prize in the national contest in Kansas City. The Chapter Meeting Team has placed first in group contests the last three yearsg one year getting as far as the state contest. Five members discuss a topic for 10 to 15 minutes and answer questions in the Agricultural Forum Contest. For two years the Agricultural Forum team has placed second on the state level. In the past five years the chapter has had at least one member on a Poul- try Iudging team that has judged either regional, sectional or national level, representing New York State. Last year Maurice Hill and Ed Hotchkin were on the poultry judging team which placed third at Kansas City. Leadership development is illustrated outside of the FFA by members. This year all four candi- dates for president and vice-president of the Student Council were FFA membersg and the year before three were candidates. F.F.A. 1st ROW: Mr. Strangeway, M. Condon, B. TerBush, D. Currey, E. Hotchkin, T. Nash 2nd ROW: W. Davis, A. Welch, H. McIntosh, H. Barrett, H. Knight, A. Bernstein, G. Dean, L. Hitt, 3rd ROW: G. Levitz, G. Hill, M. Hill, H. Brown, W. Bertholf, D. Kortright, P. Sheley, 4th ROW: N. Edwards, D. Akerley, R. McIntosh, C. Ratner, G. Slater, T. Osterhout, H. Petro, W. Crum. - 692' O98 6385 Q13 ffl .si cs . .N so Q59 GGG, AF S-Wy Ma, Q1 M-M vi- 'L-.A!"x of I oF'H'PIv O XX fl Fe u,, 'ES'-i J' Poultry Judging 3 1 1 Forum L CIl!A-SSES-M ,ffl . any Q 12 a QQ X X N L' X fa.. .SQ R I ws. in ., am ,L ,wg f sf ff' Q ' L . .12 4 - 3 N 'R K N' 'Y 1 Q fn If .3 F. X 5 ' xi? w is , N ix , - -P ,K 5. J 'X' fs we X , ' , .N S ' gr K ,Q S 3 ggi- Q SK' 'Q' NK X 5' i 5 'Sf , M a x X X wi ii?-SX R 6 is X 0 ,E 3 S R fm., X " -ww MN- iii, civgg-fb: -- . y-.Y ky, . ""' -...A--.1 A Q- . v X X 'E' X 5 x wi X ww' w S, Q x K u ' FS ' ' - ' fx. .-"i ,JY , H . - 'X 5 4 . 4 if is ly 'wr-gg , A ijv s X X rf . 3 Bm ii L J ,X .. . X X S g : X Q E 3 2 5 if 4 ak ,C . .1 1,- 55 . fx . 52 A gs 5 .. Q , 4 wx Q ' 1' E, w , 1. R . ., f . N 'g ' in . Sw- QQ "L Q X s Q X . . . ,sf NX x X 5 1 gg ik S .nr Zi' :" fffp-52" :Z S , .' el 5.5! J, 35 X 'am ?f:.".."' 9, K S fx fi , . . , Q , , we f 5 Q X-5.58 ,- L ,f X. . .fix L A 75 f Q 3 9' 4 ' E Q XE .yn H Sk if .. :AA 5 'Q' ' mv B 42 'Af n - Ly mx R N L " 5 9 W f wx al S 'rg 2 mp, .-if fx f 5n 2?e!.1eE4 L Q ' ,g g 2 1 Tjf ' " W 7 J M kkkk ! K k k :" V Rr- Q, 5 .X k 1'- 1: 'Q F X lb Y gk if , QM xr Ri xx S i ,, N ., M '- X RF is 1 X , l S QQQ Qxwf vw - k f zgx : i f m,qJv,gLxwN ' 'SA ' YA ' ag iigf 3 x . N f x jgpi. . if --T P:-'ff w , , 4 Swsmig -:ffl , :gt ,: W .gg K f K N il iii ' N , , 5 5- ,M .3 Qtggsil 5 x -'fii' X.- .1 , at X ix 3 SQ K N x X X ., x X X .. . Y Q , X 4 , S ' -Q yy viw X X X it ES X' .fix an S, . 9 as 55 , X 20" X X lx X , X 2 x X 1- S Q A X Q ,. ,lm J vii' 4 f 1 Q X N X 5 X 3 Q .. 3 w-. S 2 Q, 9 F ?fv?H X ,QR . . .f xg 25 . G I' CI d e I Mrs. Baughman Mrs. Gridley Mrs. Scully ADVERTISERS V5 I - 1- ij TOWN 8. COUNTRY Compliments of Sports wear for men 8: boys l North Main Liberty, New York 2924565 BONNELL'S E DAIRY FARM Complinients of SAM KESSLER 84 SONS Grahamsville, New Yor Woodridge, New York Compliments of MR. 81 MRS. GEORGE HOTCHKIN RUTH 81 WILSON VAN WAGNER Best wishes to the class of '67 Compliments of KORTRIGHT Licensed Real Estate Salesman RADFORD M. MOORE 8. CO. Claryville, New York CLINTON P. TOMPKINS JOHN DEERE Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Dodge Cars and Trucks North Main Dodge Phone 292-8800 Liberty, New York Sales 8: Service Congratulations to the graduating class of '67 HARDWARE Hardware, Paints, 8: Plumbing BERGER 8. SOLOMON INC. Ellenville , New York Phone 985-2501 C ompliments of CONNIE VAN WAGNER 8. TOM MATTHEWS C g t 1 txons T th C1 ss of 1967 TH RUBENZAHL'S Sh p Ity MARTIN HOOPS B toflul From WILLIAM DEAGLE Class of '66 C omplime nts o FALLSBURG PRINTING CO. Fallsburg, New Congratulations and Good wishes to the graduating Class of '67 KAISER 8: MURRAY Compliments of ART'S GARAGE Repairs -Wheel Alignment Balancing Woodbourne, New York Compliments of FINCH'S RESTAURANT Crrahamsville, New York THOMPSON'S PHARMACY 45 N. Main Liberty, New York Tel. 2.92-4131 C pl ts of FRANK PORTER I Cut, AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR B st wishes to the class of 1967 MR. 8. MRS. JOHN McKENNA Ford L GEROW Mercury Liberty, N. Y Courtesy of the For LEURENKILL INTERIORS KNIT SHOPPES 'NC 117 Canal Street E11envi11e, N. Y. Tel. 09141292-4260 Lib ty N Y in Compliments of DR. 8: MRS. NATHAN MEADOW E Compliments of MOTHER GOOSE KIDDIE SHOP l ll Canal St. llenville 647- 7740 Mg WOOLWORTH'S Liberty, N. Y. Compliments of 1' . BILL HENNEBERGER Compliments of ROBERT BASSETT C omplime nts of TEEN'S 'N DEAN PHIPPS QUEEN'S ty, N, Y, i 292-62 l Compliments of Compliments of BENTON Bkos. C- E- HAI-L INC. 8- COMPANY 155 South Main St. Liberty, N, Y. Liberty, N, Y. C ornplirnents of POMEROY'S Auto 8: Radiator Repairs Neversink, New York Compliments of C ompliments of THE WOLFE JESSIE BAILEY FAMILY JACOBS WAREHOUSE OUTLET YAUN COMPANY Liberty, New York KATE BRODSKY Dresses - Hosiery Sports Wear - Lingerie 150 Canal Street Ellenville, N. Y, 240 Chestnut Street Liberty, New York C mpliments of C mpliments of WRlGHT'S SERVICE LIBERTY STATION REGISTER Route 209 N p h New York L b ty N W Yorl Co g t 1 t d Best Wishes t th Class of '67 MR. 81 MRS. JOSEPH RAFFA C Best of luck to all students FUN-FARE ROLLER RINK Route 17 Harris, N. Y. Tel. 292-9613 Compliments of GRAHAMSVILLE GARAGE BANTA'S MILL B uilding Mate rial, Millwork Phone 985-2571 Grahamsville, N. Y. Compliments of LEE 8. RAY KRUM Buy Sr Sell Antiques HORSESHOE BARN CAROL JONES 985-2452 G1-ahamsville, N, Y. C ompl ime nts of NEVERSINK FIRE DEPARTMENT BEST WISI-IES FOR THE FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF '67 FROM THE BOARD OF EDUCATION John Donelli Oland Erath John Lawrence John Marshalek Max Rubenzahl, Pres ide nt Charles Nielson Clarence Roosa George Spann Vincent Zanetti Vice President C omplime nts of SOLOMON SHOES 37 No. Main Street Liberty, N. Y. APPLIANCES 8. FURNITURE, INC. Phone 292-6020 1995 So. Main Street 292-5490 Liberty, New York Cornplirnents of 1 NEwMAN's '-EBED 5 LADIES' APPAREL Pharmacy Main Street Woodbourne Liberty, New York New York C ompliine nts of SULLIVAN'S OF LIBERTY Rt. 17 and 52 Liberty, New York IRVING and SIDNEY SHA PIR O 5H'U-ER F. E. HARDIE s. soN PHARMACY Wholesale Plumbing and I-Ieati omplete Pharmacy Service 44 Lake Street Liberty, New YOI'k Liberty, New York 292-4114 292-8161 NEwMAN's LADIES Compliments APPAREL H ELLENVILLE Llbefty' New York DRUG ASSOCIATION "We only look expe Ellenville, New York RUSSELL'S GARAGE Ford Sales and Service Loch Sheldrake, New York C omplime nts of CLARYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Braband Cele's Sportswear Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cypert Dill's Hardware Dorothy Deagle Mrs. Dohe rty Mr. and Mrs. John Donelli James Durland Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs C. E. Hall 81 Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Korn Shoes Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Eugene Fuller Abe Godlin Vernon Gridley Co. Jewelers Herman Huffman Paul Kelly Milton Kortright Preston Kortright John Lawrence Gordon LeRoy McAuliffe Market Robert T. McLean Poleys Shoe Store R. 8: H, Banner Market Swicks Stationary Co. Mr. Ralph Van Valkenburg Mr. Zolchonock lb w M M DWWWN W QFMQKJ 34 0 ww V xg' M ,A lwfiwisyi wfwgygj was ix Wfwfs QYWTQYQM Yyxww E 'QW Q A Wfkww 2733? gif W giiinffgi 32 .fb af X229 S 75121110 'MW Wm Q AUTGGRAPHS TAYLQRW 'CQAQPANY 435,236 3 3555 "sassy-f v X vjfsg-sz, . ,I gi: Cru 'N z, V' 1-,xx 5 Ig . r1.4-+1--,1s?.,p . N 'I-fxifiiuz' ,xl :,-qq.f'-an X ' 1.2. I , ' ggi- . --.Q . 1 ?f'ff'E'51 . Eff? W 1.5.5 L- ffl-gsj , ' Y ' 5- m .5.Q3:x..s. .. jig I :Nr . X .--4.ff.f,,,-zlifgh-3 m T-Q-'ifig'f'2E1i'fQ3i7' .f gp , i. f 5"'b?'fg,:- - E-'ss X, X A ,Mu :U A- 4- .. 1 Yrs 'az-,M qw My 41? F.-'Z' ,,,,i, Q ,Q

Suggestions in the Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) collection:

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 9

1967, pg 9

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 101

1967, pg 101

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 85

1967, pg 85

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