Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY)

 - Class of 1961

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Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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C f , 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 I X l f 1 1 ,f ff I' If H1 I f' ' ff 1 1 I 1 J? f 1 1 I UW f H 11 11 41 Y1 , 'J V 1 I ,,.-V--,T---'L '1 V- -V , I gjjg, W zen -i-- ,xxx Hi W nga xr,-ff!" -"X 21 ' 17 ,M i hx"'x--. , 2 , f g, V 51-1 X , ,--'ff' , 4 M ,,- fl fM ,, 11, 'N X wx 1: Q K X 1 Rib I , XJ S iv 1 t ,.N", ' 1 N gsw W Az: N KQN, 1 Q1 .JR S1 .,-,,V VL Ill rJ.3.,.h Il -SM III III III I W RWM N,..,,, V ' !'TT'5"": gi 'iq j X I : 32 H .- .-4 . , 3 ,N .V,, I ' K. .,g1'L,g:,L, az Vx P-. ,L I fliifsw' i' 1 - fx., W I x , 4 X fu L X X X 1 , NOHd S961 - VLLZ 3 fb 'N 'AREHIT '.lS .lflNlS3HD OSI- f -- ,. ...d-.-WV 'X -Q NX X Se ZX 2 Q? I X X XE smHAMsvm.1z,Nsw vena RALSC ,K , E+' 'Z ul LJ 52" un H1 Ha E5 5 Foreword "Ursa Magna '61" will try to repre- sent the cross-currents of life at Tri-Valley Central School. The glimpses of the past included in this yearbook are silent memori- als to the part played by the commu- nity in the history of our nation. We hope these efforts will please you . y Dedication Dear Mrs. Adams, As a small token of esteem, we have dedicated our yearbook, "Ursa Magna '61" to you. We feel that we are joined by the very many students who have been in your care over the past twenty-six years, in wishing you a continued career of devoted service to chil- dren. From the many, through a few, we say, "May God bless you in all your days." The Seniors Princzpalps Message There have been hundreds of books written on the theme of how to become successful in life. In each of these books, one cannot find any ONE magic formula for securing suc- cess. If you cull the words, the paragraphs and the chapters of any of these books, you come to one conclusion: The basic ingredient for success is WORK. Those of our past graduates, who have been considered as successful in life, are those who applied them- selves diligently, to the very best of their ability, to their studies and, later on, to their work - who have tried steadily to improve themselves in every possible way. They have been respecters of work, realizing there is no development without effort, and effort means WORK. In one respect, this may sound discouraging to those about to enter upon adult life. Have all the prizes been won? Is it any use to tty? Fear not. Life never runs out of oppor- tunitiesg it only runs out of persons to recognize and accept them. At this very moment, some determined unknown is rising "from rags to riches." The voices that will be recog- nized and revered tomorrow are now struggling to be heard. A saint is being canonized by his or her deeds, though not yet known to the world. The successful person looks forward to a challenging career, and accomplishing what he sets out to do, and then sticking with it until it is completed. He learns to cut his cloth to suit his purse, to live within his income. He sticks to the job until he has it mastered, no matter what discouragements arise in the course of going ahead. There are certain traits common to all men who make a success of work. They try to do the job a little better than seems necessary, and they do not count hours, but rather accomplishments. It is this type of person who eventually gains the attention of the employer for promotion. Be not content, Mr. or Miss Senior, just to "get by"---but seek to bring out resources within yourself that can be improved and developed by effort, work and devotion. Regard- less of the occupation you will pursue, you can make a name for yourself IF you are not content merely to do "just a day's work." Success does not come that easily. ltis that EXTRA effort, EXTRA work and EXTRA determination that comprises success, and reaps the joy of achievement. As our parting words to the Class of '61, may we offer the wisdom of this ancient pro- verb: "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hold on!" God bless you in every moment of your future! Sincerely, W. E. Ross WILLIAM J. MORRISSEY Elementary Coordinator Administration DR. W. EUGENE ROSS Supervising Principal Ofjqce Staff Board of Education cmxx- W ki ll' k gSv ' J 5 'w AX cififff xz - ' -A L 3 k 7: -ANT N' 4 Aalifffilfwh J ' - ? 'ff' gglfg L 133 1- -'- DW " - f Cho 1 1 , L j5f'?Qflf:3 ?i,P3n.,Qgff1 , 1' , A K, ' '--f V xx - -:X 'g '1'f'?'3lI',+i"TW'-"X 0 ' I 1 mf . W I ,xmph ,,'f"iie Y - MA- ,Avi Y Wil! ! V. M512 Y g SSE g...,?k j X Nw Q , lg , M- WF -"2-2:2 wa 5, . M . f K lu-I T. I --L,g1,,A LN- F .1 N ffl:-,,:L5""----A ff:-if--'L' 5 A775..'i- gtg'- - ji , f,.,,.,.jl.v 'g i l '. 'ij JN- X-fb 5 I Y . lg. -I 4 . +4 7p,,- N N X , ' I -f ,A ELEE-"N'53'i'12T '-X 'Bali' .5 'X - QQQQQ5: V- +R m f - ,I l - 'Q Uaawmm egg. 'rx 'Y Qtfo 1?'.-14-f My H J K K ",. R ,.,,- X S Mr. Parrow, Mr. Hall, Mr. Strangeway, Mr. Wakefield, Mr. O'Donnel1, Mr. Spiro, Mrs. Anderson, Miss Alia, Mrs. Cerato, Mr. Visscher. Faculty Mr. Altman, Mr. Davis, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Condon, Mr. Matz, Mrs. Hill, M1-5, Lehn Mrs. Allen, Miss White. Mr. Boncek, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Fishman, Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. Doherty, Miss Doetsch, Mrs. Conroy, Mrs. Marshalk, Mrs. West. Faculty Mr. Arielly, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Crispell, Mr. Cerato, Miss Kelly, Mr. Murray, Mrs Horton, Miss Ackerley, Mrs. Adams, Miss Doyle, Mrs. Scully. Cafeteria Staff Custodians I i xi ' 1 4 Zi X N R 1 f I i l 1 N XM I N ' xx x 1 X NI li! RX E N km V X X it Lk. ' ' f ' M I N LV 4 , In , ff M 'R I 'AMN x ' I X Yf , k N. if fl X f NX mi mi , xx v ' 5 X xw I , N h, x xX Hex b X Q xx x X V 'MUN I f X ' ill E 1 X K A I wr I 'NL . ' N5 ,:A . KV I X J X , x b VI I HIV- ' W x X I ' 5 X 1' ,LI N V, 91 ,K W wlf WfffnWVAA, 5 MVAV my A ,Jag fl,Q1,kWffff An! 5 f x K ff N N on fuss Flew wnsm: V' ff 'LN 1' A pl unnizaigcesrnuv C .W XXX xl fl Z ' .phil E x semen-mem S1719 XM 1 fjf V5 3' W fu U" ::z1t.1'::::: 'X N l K -as ' f ,, -w--ww-fm ' N f X V f if ... .,.. .,,,,.. 'ti' I N' , - X ,. 1.1.43 V M 'JM H j , Vs j ii- - K N X Am .1-.'fIKf3Jc.amm ' I 'fin , xi X - m m- :.f,1. f W 11, ,iw ,J g -ggi-x?Q , V . ' 1 ' 1155 In N x I K X I hx 'N I' t 'L 1 If W, . B t tl at w mwwm, wal l W L az e In - n., .xh L X N H lf - VXI . ,ly ,j, , Hfdgh info' ,A sfnui Wand wk J W v Q, 4 S 5 3 'Z Paula Rae Allen as Evelyn Joan Bertholf Carl E, Allison Ross H Bormell Jud1th Marie Bwms Dennis J. Curley Carole May Cypert Robert Clarence Edwards Roger Howard Edwards xxx Darlene Jean Garber Robert Dennis Finch James Lowth Goldsmith rf Andrew R. Gorton Ioan Elizabeth Grey Charles F. Hamilton Janet Rowena Ingram Sandra Mae Holmes Arlene Mary Knight W7 John P. Krom Linda Mae Lowe Steven Messinger Hendrie A. Samyn Iohn R. Nielsen I anice Mary Short Elur- George R. Snann illm, Laurence Van Wagner Cecilia Elizabeth Trimble W 1 3 i Susan Anne Welch 6 I 4 fx Merrill Leona Wilkerson Frances L. Worden Senior Class Omoers Yearbook Staff ,A I 11 jr I .Q ag iw, 4 I 44,1 if 4. "f-2?-:E V Q wi fi 4 7 xi my it f ' 5 Eli " E WA Sag S M 4 Wf11'H?I3!'l wa 'ff gms Xsidflf N il ls ,pw .' E' s 'S V ' E3 L My i, 4 WW'W'J'1'1Ar2MJML iii f f q w - 1:1 'Wjy' fy Nl My W1W'1,f1ff" I W ff MW W? WW 'KW EEU 'MQW Wifi? 7.513.111 NA- is in Claryville Tannery Juniors J. Brooks M. Cheely D. Conklin N. Cross R. Demetry E. Doherty M. DuBois A. Everett E. Furman M. Johnson B. Krum E. Laguex J. Lievre E. Low P. McMahon S. Mickelson L. Rose C. Ross M. Ruef I. Rubenzahl B. Smith K. Teal W. Van Valkenburg L. Van Wagner G. Welch L. Wright C. Wright Sophomores J. Allison R. Benski N. Brackman C. Clark G. Crist N. Cypert A. Dean D. Denman B. Edwards W Graham G. Houghtaling I. Ingram P. Klothe B. Koright B. Little D. Osterhoudt W. Rhodes H. Rode E. Spann D. Van Valkenburg I. Boyes R. Carr P. Curtis M. Cuttler B. Decker B. Dunn W. Graham I. Hoffman I . Kelly L. Knox D. LaPolt K. Luttlnger M. McIntosh C. Merehant S. Regina D. Rianhard S. Shaut G. Smith V. Turner W. Wolcott Freshmen A. Ackerley K. Becker S. Bertholf K. Brown E. Cole L. Crispell M. Curley R. Curry N. Furman R. Goode T. Henderson C. Houghtaling I. McKenna S. Marks J. Porter T. Ross E. Slater S. Van Keuren W. Worden I. Ackerley E. Brown E. Cheeley D. Cole E. Condon M. Currey L. DuBois K. Fuller W. Genres C. Grey B. Houghtaling A. Kennedy J. Lennox I. McGuire R. Mentnech M. Roosa J. Rubenzhal L. Terwilliger L.-Wilczek A. Wright R. Ter Bush T f P 4 Seventh Grades Pncture Not Available Picture M .l,L5 3, n,q,. , sfiiimix ' ,K S W f fsfwze wfsexigqwxgqqgii M 's 'l I 4 -tu 5' ,Is ifgglmg fsjw , 6 JH Q31 , K I s., T13 Mix, Sq R it W! 3 :W if XM ,vzwndsf a . A 35,5756 W W , iegg,Qs',w W: . gf 3355 zsefif fkwfifw .. " lm ..:1v":f 'ii'-","'.'iv':fI E 'if' .f'5":""f,5a2fP2 'i:.': if-055, 6. W QM G r a cl e 5 1 1 i A 5 F 0 LL T z h G j r a l d 6 S i S T I ll V i r cl G 1 r cz cl e 5 K K X X., ,UH Q1 fx , fe QL Eyfy15,,i s gifs si. 5 ' W 1 3i ffif?E75f g ilfzigeiigffisggg -' 532255 ' 2, - wi l 1 5351, 'J -635255 U31'fTf"w - - aailwifi H sis: vs?4e,,f5fsiffw:s M-K rl N 1 4 Y K i 77, d 8 T 3 CL T' t A 8 ll S Chow Time! 1 Elementary Chorus . ' '55, f x 1' ,AX .' 14- f' Q25 x 4 -,ei K NV? X af fa ' 1 x vi X 11 X ,f 41 , 'l lx 1 1451 7'V-22,::z:.5.1!a1if5Z5.:1i1ff" 1 ! fi YI!!! L46 I ! 1' 1 If 1 I ' I1 151 1 1 X11 1 1 'N I1 It 'W N 1 1f 'uf 1 , Q Q 111111 111H !W1'fl' lf , ,,! 1 11 W 1 1 W, X . X, i 1'i, -s . 5 E11 1 ff!! X A 1' . , 1 Q 'wx 0 'riff - ' , 'Xtv I M , 4241 K , -N MM 'f m , , -. ...A , , -a1M11ll7, I Il 1 411 . ff ' 11 v J ,f 1- 12 0 L 1- IM 'Q 1 f ' wa- W "Af 1:31 'LG' 51. M2-'i-,fs G f 5179 N A 4 3?-LQ" " ' bc' o 'Q' 'E X AV! 4 . www' l X Zu. 'io g f i , ww in ,0,4,,?f- ?v , M ' f' ff 0 A fu Q, Halls 11 s T1 ge f V QW ,f Joan and Bob Barb and Bob Susie and Bill Gloria and Dennis Senior S110-Ball Janice and Jim A11 the Gang Betty and Chuck Ive and John YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU By Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Cast Penelope Sycamore - Carole Cypert Paul Sycamore - Carl Allison Mr. DePinna - Dennis Curley Martin Vanderhor' - Charles Hamilton Boris Kolenkhov - George Spann Gay Wellington - Susan Welch Mrs. Kirby - Sandra Holmes Tony Kirby - John Nielsen Three G Men - Hendrie Samyn, Laurence VanWagner, Steve Messinger Student Director - Merrill Wilkerson Business Manager - Linda Lowe Advertising - Hendrie Samyn, Cecilia Trimble Makeup ' Janet Ingram, Arlene Knight, Franes Worden Props - Judy Bivins, Evelyn Bertholf Stage Crew - Ross Bonnell, Roger Edwards, Andy Gorton, Bill Decker Director - Mrs. Pauline Hill March 24 and 25, 1961 Essie - Paula Allen Rheba - Joan Grey Ed - James Goldsmith Donald - Robert Edwards Alice - Darlene Garber Henderson - John Krom Mr. Kirby - Robert Finch Stay-right where you are everybody! The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina! What's my line? No, sir, not with my money! Who says I can't walk in a straight line? 10-9-8-7-'6"5-' Scholarships unlimited Best Sellers The following is a whimsical list of books which the Seniors might endorse as their favorite reading Paula - "Tina the Ballerina" Carl - "Bu11dozer" Evelyn - "Off to the Navy" Judy - "Please Don 't Eat the Daisies" Ross - 'The Big Book of Trucks" Dennis - "The Call of the Wi1d" Carole - "Star for a Night" Bill - "The Good Spirit of Laurel Ridge" Robert - "Lone Cowboy" Roger - "The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin" Bob - "An Amateur Gentleman" Darlene - "To Have and to Hold" Jim - "Life With Father" Andy - "Laughing Boy" Chuck - "Look Homeward Ange1" Sandy - "Across the River and into the Trees" Janet - "Lady With a Spear" Arlene - "The Egg and I" John K. - "I Led Three Lives" Linda - "Is This My LoVe?" Steve - "So Big" Joan - "Gone With the Wind" John N. - "Pitch Dark and No Moon" Hendrie - "The Twelve Pound Look' Janice - "Through the Looking Glass" George - "Prince of P1ayers" Ceil - "This I Remember" Laurence - "The Deers1ayer" Merrill - "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" Frances - "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Susan - "Imperial Woman" Mrs. Hill - qafter Junej "Exodus!" A 5. ?,'f,,f- J 1- 4 Q AA'- ff v-'ZP,,An21n ,, U1 If NiIlf9:"f'A'lz NST if I fr,'Xxl1phi7q 1 f 555'-'lx' , G-'Zip' ff 53ml 33. f-PRX V X Z.. '23- ig-i:WIfa,': .1 '-N"-i CJK, hc F"'X rx'fq" J g M2349 P. -QF LA"'X,,7?-ip!-5 1 , 1 N ' . m-,.- , D. ,, M - :gf - N A: 'YM IZ 4 A' iff X W' . ii?-'i,N"Yxf3sj! - rfg'Xw,fgw X 1-1 -,411-.: -. - , ' i ,.-'?.fi'31:4.,!JM f f kf 'rw mn jf , 1.2-: 9.2 fl: -I ' - - -- 1 ' ' . QQ.-ff? "ff-'Z-Z-"' ' 17 5.327 W L9fW'4" Y' W'i'5?f 5 lx - ' ' 41 : ,- H wif li UD 51 f . V f-.T" ffff I MM' 1 Q J . W f, .4 J! ,d V1 N , A 1 , Ak- Q A 1 J ,lf , Z Jifblnl , Y : 'f ,- JL , i Y L if H v w s-g,q U -..:..::.,,4 I .-..LuwM!N R 1- "T iv ir 'A W,.,..,,,.,u-ML' 'XL"'xil'!gi- + Q f M161-1' M ,. f WW leer ee m ouse .. ZX. Student Courtctl Library Assistants junior High Chorus Senior High Chorus Junior Band Senior Band Grade Eight - Science Club Math Club l Shop Club an- Future Farmers of America SENIOR HIGH Girls 9 Athletic Clubs JUNIOR HIGH Future Homemakers of America Home Nursing ! Science Club Audio- Visual Clu I Chefs Club Activities are an integral part of life at T i- l tell only a part of the story. Student Council, under the guidance of Mr. Telfer, is a unifying force in stu- d X . . ent government, the planning of social and fund-raising events, and general supervision of non-classroom functions. r Va ley. The foregoing pictures The Library and Audio-Visual Clubs gain actual work experience as student assistants to Mr. O'Donnell, our school librarian. The Chorus and Band groups under the direction of Mr Matz and M Vi h . r. ssc er, have sung and played to large audiences at home, in Monticello, and Middletown Individual performers have appeared in Rochester, and most recently our tenor sol 1 C ' ' o st, raig Ross, sang with the All-Eastern Chorus in Washington, D. C. Science clubs led by Mr. Davis and Mr. Cerato h the year on individual projects. The Math Club, headed by Mrs. Horton has built its own analog computer The Future Farmers of America, with the advice of Mr. Strangeway, has con- tinued its active pro ram includin t i convention. Mr. Murray's Shop Club has bee b ing shop practice as well. The school nurse, Miss Al' h d of Red Cross training. ave been working throughout g g a r p to Kansas City for the annual F.F.A. n usy constructing miniature racers and learn- ia, as irected the Home Nursing Club in a course Future Hornemakers of America and The Chef 's Club, with the help of Miss White, complete the activity picture. 5 QW Wy TW M f , N- VM X Lug --15 G jr!! Phfggr QE,-7 A, ,, f ' Q gg, ' PXTRA bf N7, 1-5' ihcidsyf ' S7 ll an w -7 N 5 A fx 13 Z, 5. Qi 7451 Jwfiki? fn X A YQ f , . Ax XM 6 ffxxx Ni 'EC 6.1-NN L ' X iyy I W WN F " .. fd, rx . ,,.. w -Q , f h GTX , 1? fa X X, X X sg' 'N 'l B W W IQWHQV la SSX XX 4' Y gut ,,,.,,,1-7r:1 N ' 1, X .-E C g I V ,H Xu, 13+ Wg Y W f I illfa' '."" " W.15WA l f "WK X f' wif 3 If ll NH --Isl.: ,ui X I f ,, X W A A mea .lllli ix. X! H L . , A 4 J ' ' JM iEEf?iiiiiQi4X REYNOLDS MANSE xx, Varsity Foatball Team Allemaude your partner! Duck for the Oyster! . and kiss him if you dare VARSITY Basketball GO DOWN ELDRED QA Play in Two Actsy Setting: T.V.C.S. Gym Time: Feb. 24, 1961 Characters: Spann f23J Messinger Q75 Allison U43 Ross U05 Samyn Q25 Wright Smith A group of strolling players from Eldred. Plot: Murder! Outcome: Fourth Place Tie Moral: Don't fool with an angry Bear! Producer: Coach Parrow Look for many Repeat Performances. VARSITY Cheerleaders IUNIOR VARSITY I H GRADE SEVEN Junior H igh Basketball GRADE EIGHT GRADE SEVEN funior High Cheerleaders GRADE EIGHT X If ,Z M 1-"ffl, Y' Q A", I uf!! W 5 f' if 4 'f if wwf l : 'E A ' yviafwdl W? ,gif 1 WH 'm u QR, " W U ' L " "l , ,.: M ' ' I 'jif-f g? DE WQTT 1xflQIi1jSxi :: 1 N, 'X xg Congratulations to the "Class of '6l" GRAHAMSVILLE GARAGE JAMES COSTA Body Work Repairs and Service Call 24-I-Iour Towing Service S8:I-I Green Stamps Phone XT 5-2523 APPLIANCES 8. FURNITURE, INC. The Largest and Finest Furniture Store in Sullivan County 199 South Main Street Liberty, N. Y. CHARLES J. BARBUTI - Manager Phone Llberty 2100 SABLOFF'S Carpeting - Paints - Hardware Liberty, New York Compliments of FRANKEL HARDWARE 21 South Main Street Liberty, New York Phone 5 80 Compliments of WVOS "TI-IE VOICE OF SULLIVAN" Compliments of LA NEWMAN'S NIFTY GIFT SI-IOP Liberty, New York Compliments of BENTON BROS. Frigidaire Sales and Service Re s taur ant F ountain BOWL-0-MAT Air Conditioned AMF Automatic Pinspotters Proprietors . ETTER AND WINGAR Llberty' New York Rr. 209 Eiienviiie, N. Y. Phone 1229 Tel. 2209 Congratulatmns to the "CIass of '6l" RUBENZAHL BROS. Compliments of S ELLENVILLE SAVINGS BANK Member FED I C Compliments MR. 8. MRS. GRANT FINCH Compliments CONCORD FARMS Compliments of CASTON DAIRY For All Your Dairy Products ROEDON CONSTRUCTION CO. Concreting and Landscaping Mixer Rentals - Trench Digger House Construction Blacktop Paving Grahamsville, N. Y. DONALD W. TERBUSH TRI-VALLEY GARAGE Auto and Body Repairing Winch and Wrecker Service Official New York State Inspection Station Curry, N. Y. Phone XT 5-2202 XT 5 -25 66 Compliments of LIBERTY KNIT SHOPPE CHANNEL MASTER CORPORATION CLARK KRUM 81 SONS Feeds Liberty, New Phone 81 Farm Supplie s York BERNER'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Liberty, New York 3-B DRY CLEANERS, INC . Quality Dry Cleaning 412 N. Main St. Liberty, New York ROBERT EICHENAUER BERNARD HARRIS Phone 1019 Appliances - Office Equipment Resort and Home Furniture JACOBS WAREHOUSE OUTLET 120 Mill Street Liberty, New York "The HOME IMPROVEMENT LIBERTY COOP. G.L.F. SERVICE, INC. Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Lawn and Garden Suppliers CENTER" Building Material - Millwork Liberty, New -York Roofing h 666 Phone 1469 P one L Best Wishes to "Class of '61" CHARLES C. KLCTHE U u Grahamsville, N. Y. Phone XT 5-2.469 RAY BLACK FORD-MERCURY .LFQBU Qt Main and Canal Streets Ellenville, New York Try Our Shakes Sodas Sundaes DAIRY QUEEN Liberty, New York I QA Compliments of RAY AND LEE KRUM Graham sville , New York Best Wishes to the "Class of '6l" HARRY C. RESNICK ATTORNEY AT LAW South Fallsburg, New York FACTORY OUTLET 23 Market Street F' W' Phone 2-660 Ellenville' N' Y' 143 Canal Street Sold at Discount Prices Only Ellenville, New York Money Back Guarantee EDDIE'S COUNTY FAIR BALOTIN FAMILY Ellenville, New York The Store Devoted to YOU TH AND PROGRESS SOUTH FALLSBURG NATIONAL BANK South GROSSMAN'S TIRE SERVICE Recapping Vulcanizing Liberty, New York Compliments of BECK AND LEVY INSURANCE Liberty, New York Compliments of COREY'S RESTAURANT Liberty, New York C. E. HALL AND CO. .TEWELER Liberty, New York ORSECK Pontiac Cadillac Buick Liber ty, New York SCHWARTZ MOTOR SALES 144 Mill Street Phone Lib. 2222 Liberty, New York Anything in Foreign and Domestic Cars Compliments of AMBERS Everything for the Sewer! Your Good Pattern Liberty, New York Compliments of THE LIBERTY REGISTER Liberty, New York Compliments Compliments of the of SU'-'-'VAN COUNTY suLuvAN SURPLUS NATIONAL BANK of Liberty and Roscoe New York Liberty' New York THE NATIONAL BANK OF LIBERTY "Look for the Big Time and Temperature Clock- The Sign of Modern Progressive Banking. " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CHARLES H. CURRY HARDWARE Grahamsville, New York COMPLETE GRADUATION SERVICE 0 Class Rings 0 Commencemeni Announcements wi, f Caps and Gowns I Don, Gus and Jim being welcome by "Mr, O Medals and Awards Yearbook" himself, Tom Murray at the Q Diplomas Seminar in Dallas. 0 Taylor-made Yearbooks L. G. BALFOUR CO. BENTLEY 8: SIMON TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Your Represeniaiive HODGKINS OF BALFOUR "GUS" HODGKINS, BOB GRAY, DON NASH AND JIM GERDING P. O. Box 9, Schenectady, New York, Phone EXpress 3-5374 EXpress 3-8083 Compliments of HILLSIDE GREENHOUSES Flowers for All Occasions W-Q fbi 4 ""12...,,,w" Tel. 621 Liberty, N. Y. SHILLERS PHARMACY 18 So. Main St. Tel. 42 Liberty, New York Compliments of TRIANGLE DINER Liberty, New York SlNICK'S STATIONARY CO. ALBERT SINICK Ellenville , New York KINBURG BROTHERS AUTO PARTS ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT 65 Canal Street Phone 487 and 492 Ellenville, New York Compliments of NEVERSINK GARAGE AND GENERAL STORE JAMES AND HELEN MARKS Compliments Radios - TV - Records of Service - Sound Systems MR. 117 Canal Street Ellenville, N. Y. Tel. 1178 ROGER BANTA INTERCITY BUS LINES Express Bus Service Between New York City and All Mountain Points Main Office and Terminal 276 Broadway Monticello, N. Y. Phone Monti. 955 and 630 -7 Compliments of DENNIS' HAIR STYLISTS 8: BENSON BARBER SHOP South Fallsburg, N. Y. Phone Fallsburg 138 Succe s s to the "Class of '6l" JOSEPH RAFFA ROSE 81 DOUGLAS CO Plunubing, Heating Hardware, Paints, and Oils Electrical Goods, Stoves and Ranges, Mill Supplies Gift Shop Second Floor Phone 143 Ellenville, New York Congratulations to the Class of '61 Quality With Economy D. AND M. FURNITURE EXCHANGE 21 Market Street Phone 1453 Ellenville , New York LUCILLE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Woodbourne Rd. Grahamsville, New York Tel. .XT 5-2581 Compliments of EARL SHEELY 8. SON Fuel Oil Kerosene Cement Building Blocks Grahamsville , New York Compliments of 55' . , , qA,-A, A :E 'b,.- .Qi "1' Q' ,,'., V Isl! R-Q: lug ' Y W: W Member F. D. I. C. T25 '.,- ,Q-f.-3 sw' X ! 1 ,-ijgfj2ijiQI3 ,A:' f1Q-figgggfgfjgljffij'ff,- X if -.,, e Q ilggf A--,,4,m:, 1, .J-ds' Congratulations to the Compliments of Class of '61 cHR1sT1AN's VARIETY STORE MOTHER GOOSE KIDDIE SHOP Ellenville, N. Y. Napanoch, New York Ellenville Miller Pharmacy and ED s. 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Osterhouclt M. McMahon M Regina GRADE SEVEN M. Mentnech R. Robinson M. Ackerley G. Parrow F. Trimble M. Akerley T. Porter R. Van Leuven K. Becker W. Rianhard F. Wright R. Bidlack I. Sherman D. Katz J. Bowers G. Sosnowski R. Ackerley I. Clark W. Van Leuven B. Barrett C. Condon R. Van Valkenburg L. Bertholf L. Cross M. Wilkerson R. Clark D. Curry L. Youmans H. Cross F. Davis C. Dean W. Deagle GRADE SIX S. Doolittle D. Dole I. Barrett D. Gentes F. Du Laff D. Bertholf C. Gorton T. Eidel S. Cypert S. Johnson C. Guntlow C. Deagle P. Kelly E. Hotchkin C. Dean M. LaPolt N. Keator J. Donelli J. Lennox R. Krom P. Dunn R. Magie A. Luttinger I. Dryer K. Mickelson G. Parrow B. Farmer D. Rashevlch A. Petro E. Fraley L. Ruderman D. Pomeroy K. Fuller D. Smith P. Roosa L. Gridley L. Strangeway L. Smith R. Hotchkin L. Turner R. Strangeway M. Kalishock I- Wi1k6rSOI1 R. Van Valkenburg S. Kortright H- Cross R. Van Wagner B. Lawrence D- Bidlaflk L. Whipple G. Mc Kenna E- Bailey M. Viscomi M. North M. 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Decker T. Decker B. Erath R. Fraley S. Fuller V. Harris M Higgins M Jawors M La Hanko P. Liem R McGuire T. Osterhout K. Ulrich K. Van Keuren L. Viscomi I. Wright R. Zanetti GRADE TWO D. Ackerley J. Ashalter E. Bertholf E. Bertholf H. Brown S. Currey M Dean L. Dole M Doolittle I. Dryer K. Eidel G. Eltz I. Everett H. Farmer M Friedman R. Hillson I. Hopkins GRADE TWO Ccont .J D. Horton D. Hotchkin O. Lowitz C . Luttinger D. Millstein S. Ulrich L. Bailey M. Barkley C. Bertram D. Borofsky D. Botsford S. Conklin B. Doolittle R. Dymond A. Hannold I. Holman V. Jones G. Kortright R. Kortright E. Lievre R. Marshalek M. Murphy B. Nadekow M. Nitschke R. Pollard G. Robinson D. Smith K. Van Aken N. Ward B. Wright B. Yager K. Zanetii GRADE ONE L. Barry A. Benski R. Brooks M. Condon D. Cross E. Davis D. Decker R. Decker R. Denman B. Dulaff S. Edwards E. Fuller C. Gildersleeve C. Guntlow M. Iawors I. Jones GRADE ONE fcont. Marshalek Martorana Morgan Murray Osterhout Rashevick Rexford Schmidt Shackelton Smith Towne Van Valkenburg Van Wagner Viscomi Zanetti Ahrens Bertholf Bidlack Botsford Carlsen Charter Currey Doolittle Edison Farmer Finley Garber Hill Hulse Hylander Kortright La Hanko Mickelson Morris Osterhout Owens Pollard Porter Rubenzahl Slater Smith Sosnowski Strangeway Stratton Turner Ward Wolf 7 KINDERGARTEN W. Ackerley A. Bieling L. Boncek L. Brackrnan N. Brown N. Conklin E. Deagle R. Dymond R. Dymond S. Edwards T. Filis V. I-Iannold A. Higgins A. Jones T. Jones I . Lawrence B. Lowe M. Lowitz D. Morton S. Murphy L. Osterhout G. Parrow M. Rubenzahl D. Smith I. Turk K. Van Valkenburg I. Walker R. Yager I. Ahrens A. Ashline L. Cole A. Dyrnond C. Eltz S. Fichtner I . Ganz W. Garigliano C. Hilson S. Horton I. Houghtaling C. Irwin T. Jones D. Kortright I. Lincoln P. Luttinger T . McKenna M. Musso D. Muthig L. Nadekow C. Phelps I . Roosa KINDERGART EN Ccont .5 K. Schmidt K. Shader T. Ter Bush J. Van Keuren D. Wakefield T. Wright Note Due to the large size of some elementary classes in relation to the space available on their pages we have added this directory. Names and pictures are in corre- sponding order. lf there are errors or omissions, we are indeed sorry. The Editors f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" ii f I , ,. f f K-ga, X I 25 X fi I P 1 f I 1 1. 12 If ff 2 , - , , MJ qv, lf' J -A 6. 5, o..,M4:,f-inn ' I 5 jg 'X N KN! n xl K ss fb N xx X f X ,,...,.,' -ff, Fix N X

Suggestions in the Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) collection:

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 15

1961, pg 15

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 45

1961, pg 45

Tri Valley Central High School - Ursa Magna Yearbook (Grahamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 11

1961, pg 11

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